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Sex ahead!

Winifred Avalda

Winifred Avalda

Sex ahead!


It was past eleven and if a stranger had been in Tuttleville that evening he would have assumed that most of the people who lived there went to bed with the chickens. He would have been right, even if they didn't go right to sleep after they got into bed.

Maple Street, which was in one of the town's nicer residential areas, was in darkness, except for the lights that glowed in several upstairs windows. At number 212 which was the Baker residence, a light shined in the upstairs' window that was Mrs. Baker's bedroom. Inside, Dorothy Baker was giggling instead of sleeping. She couldn't help giggling when she was being tickled, and right now she was giggling uncontrollably.

"Oh Mark, stop!" she gasped, trying to catch her breath. "Please, no more… don't."

She was naked and face down on the bed, her head and shoulders resting on the mattress, her beautiful blonde hair in disarray. But she was on her knees, so that her rear end was sticking up in the air. Pressed up close behind her, Mark was sitting between her calves, his legs stretched out on either side of her. He had a firm loving grip on her smooth satiny buns with his face thrust from time to time, into the groove between the round fleshy globes of her ass.

"No more now," said Dorothy. "Take it easy."

"I thought you liked analingus, Mom," said Mark with a laugh.

"My, what a fancy name for running your tongue up and down the crack of your mother's bum, and kissing and licking all over and around her butthole," Dorothy replied, breathing heavily. "You know I like it, or I wouldn't be letting you do it. My God, if our neighbors could see us like this. You'd think that doing naughty things with my son is something I'd be used to by now."

"Gosh, Mom, I thought I'd found all your ticklish spots. I never knew about this one before."

"Well you know about it now. Gimme a break."

"How come I've never found this ticklish spot before, Mom?" asked Mark. "It doesn't bother you when I put my prick up your bumhole. And I've been fucking you in the ass for the past two years. Since…"

"Your eighteenth birthday," Dorothy cut in. "It was your present. I knew you wanted that."

"Yeah," said Mark with a laugh. "Dad had to catch a plane right after supper, and I slept with you that night."

"Like hell you slept with me," said Dorothy. "You didn't sleep at all. But you did lots of other things, you bad boy. I let you get into bed with me because I was lonely there by myself. I expected you to be a gentleman and behave yourself. I should have never let you cuddle me in your arms when you kissed me goodnight. What a shock it was, after, when I realized you wanted to fuck your mother."

Mark laughed. "Who do you think you're kidding, Mom? Do you think I didn't know what you wanted, when you let me get into bed with you? You'd been thinking about that for a long time. You even said that there was nothing wrong with a boy sleeping with his mother, as long as Dad never found out about it. Then when Dad went out of town on that business trip, you told me that was our chance to do it."

A sly smile spread across Dorothy's face. "Isn't that typical? Blame it on your mother, pretend it was all my idea. What did you expect me to do, after you got me all hot and excited? Push you out of bed and make you go back to your own room?"

"What I expected was just what you did. What we did."

"What you did," Dorothy corrected. "Then in the wee hours of the morning, when you had me so pooped out I couldn't do anything about it, you put your thing up my rear end."

"You suggested it, Mom. You said that was my special birthday present, from a loving mother to her son."

Dorothy laughed. "If you say so. Anyway, you've been fascinated with your mother's bum ever since."

"So how come I never discovered this ticklish spot until now?"

"Because it's only recently that you started kissing and licking me back there. Running your tongue up and down the crack like you do, you were bound to slide your tongue over it sooner or later."

"You mean I can't kiss and lick you back here anymore?"

"Heavens, don't even suggest such a terrible thought, darling. I like it when you kiss my asshole and lick all over and around it. And I like it when you run your tongue up and down my crack. Just be careful to avoid my ticklish spot, that's all."

"Okay, Mom. I'll be careful," Mark promised.

Sitting as he was, his long stiff erection was sticking out in front of him and almost poking his mother in the belly. It reached nearly to her tits. Suddenly her hand reached under her and seized it in a firm grip.

"You better believe you'll be careful," she said with a gleeful laugh. "If you touch my ticklish spot again, I'll pull this thing out by the roots."

"Wow! Be careful how you handle that, Mom. It's fully charged," Mark warned her.

But in spite of the warning, the inevitable happened. Mark ran his tongue up and down the crack of his mother's ass and slid right over her sensitive ticklish spot. His mother let out a piercing shriek and pulled on his cock. Mark shot off his load and a torrent of come spurted out beneath her.

"Now look what you've done," she scolded. "You've got your hot gooey stuff all over my belly and my tits, even up under my chin, for heaven's sake."

"Sorry, Mom," Mark panted. "You know how I love the feel of your fingers on my cock. And when you pulled on it like that, while my mouth was in the crack of your ass, it just felt so good."

Dorothy rolled over and slid off the bed. "Well just for that, you can clean it off. Come on. You're taking a shower with me."

That didn't offend her son in the least. He scrambled to his feet, followed her into the bathroom and into the shower stall. As soon as his mother had her shower cap on, so she wouldn't get her hair wet and spend the rest of the night drying it, Mark turned on the water and adjusted it to a comfortable degree of warmth.

"I think you did that on purpose, just so you could take the soap and run your hands all over me," his mother accused.

She really had no cause to complain that he took so much time soaping her tits, her cunt and the crack of her ass, because she then in turn, spent just as much time working a thick lather all over his cock and his balls.

"Do you think Dad ever wonders if we take showers together, Mom?" Mark said, teasing her.

"Funny boy!" Dorothy replied, pulling his foreskin back so she could wash around the head of his cock. "If your father even suspected you were getting into the shower with your mother, he'd throw you out of the house and divorce me!"

"That might not be such a bad idea," said Mark. "The divorce, I mean. Then I could get into bed with you every night, instead of just when Dad is out of town on business. And when we fuck in the afternoon, we wouldn't have to worry about him coming home early and catching us doing it."

"There's small chance I'll ever divorce your father," Dorothy told him, working a thick lather around his balls. "One of the few things I appreciate about your father is that he provides us with a very good income which enables us to live quite comfortably and allows you to stay home with your mother and fuck her everyday, instead of having to get a job. All things considered, we have a good thing going here, and I don't even mind too much that your father has a hot thing going with that secretary of his."

"Yeah, Dad sure can pick 'em," said Mark. "That young cunt of a secretary is sure something. But that hot looking piece of ass has a husband who's built like a Mack truck and if he ever finds out his sexy young wife is being screwed at the office every day by her boss, Dad is going to come home someday with his head shoved up his ass."

"That's his problem, not ours," said Dorothy. "What we have to be concerned about is that he never finds out his horny son is screwing his mother whenever he's alone with her. And pray that he never finds out you're putting your thing up your mother's rear end. That would really drive him up the wall. He thinks anal sex is perverted, depraved and sick."

Mark grinned at her. "Maybe it is, but it sure feels good." Pressing up against her and holding her firmly by her hips, he added, "I know something else that's perverted, depraved and sick."

"You do? Whatever could that be?" asked Dorothy, going along with him.

"Fucking my mother standing up, in the shower!"

With a little laugh, Dorothy replied, "You can't do that as easy as you could two years ago, when we were the same height. You're getting too tall. Doesn't it bother you when you have to keep your knees bent like that?"

"This is what bothers me, Mom," he said, rubbing the head of his tool along the lips of her pussy. "It bothers me so much that I can't stay away from it."

Then his prick went up into her and Dorothy let out a little squeal of delight. Her arms entwined about his neck as he went up in deeper and while she made little mewling sounds of pleasure, his hands reached around behind her and took a firm hold on her ass. When he was in right to his balls, Dorothy was up on her tip-toes and even then it appeared that he might lift her up from the floor. Her son had a strong prick, strong enough that she could be impaled on it. Her open mouth pressed onto his in a lewd and erotic kiss. Her tongue shot in past his lips. When his tongue came out to meet it, she sucked on it, like her pussy was sucking on his solid length of cock, as if she was trying to pull him into her from both ends.

Because her son was pushing against her and had her braced against the wall, and because he had a firm hold on both globes of her butt, Dorothy was able to lift one leg and wrap it around him. That was followed by the other one and she locked her ankles behind his back. Supporting some of her weight with her arms about his neck, she hung on her son's frame like a monkey climbing a palm tree. Mark moved one hand on her butt just enough that he could get a finger all the way up her ass. Now he had his mother almost crazy with lust and passion.

Her ass churned around in his strong grip, moving up and down on his cock. She kissed his face, neck and shoulders, panted and gasped, and babbled incoherently. She was sailing through an orgasm, one that tickled her in all her intimate parts. It was intense, like it always was when she did it with her son in this position. It didn't stop here. Moments later he brought her through a second time, then after that, just as she was getting off a third time, he shot off his load. Dorothy squealed, shrieked and even laughed, which always convinced Mark that his mother loved it when he fucked her standing up.

"You want me to put you down?" he panted sometime later.

"No!" Dorothy replied, still breathless. "Do it to me again. Oh God, you're fabulous! Wouldn't I love to see the look on your father's face, if he could see us like this."

"If Dad were to stick his head in this shower stall right now and see what we're doing, I'd go right down the drainhole," said Mark.

Dorothy laughed. "Shut up and fuck your mother. Oh God, you're splitting me in two, but I love it!"

He did it to her a second time and when he was finally finished with her, Dorothy was ready to let her feet back onto the floor of the shower stall. They were both so hot and steamy, and smelling of sex, they had to turn on the water and shower a second time.

A short while later they were back in the bedroom, drying each other off. When they tossed the towels aside, Dorothy sat on the side of the bed and smiled up at her son.

"You're awfully good to your mother, you know that?" she said. "You're a hot and horny young stud who's cock never stays soft. And you're all mine. You're mother's wonderful young man and she not only loves you with a passion, she also loves your wonderful hard cock!"

She sat with her legs apart, her tits thrust forward with the stiffened nipples like two big wondrous eyes staring at him. He grinned back at her and moved between her legs, saying, "It's easy to be a stud when a guy has a hot and sexy, gorgeous-looking mother like you to inspire him."

She reached out and wrapped the fingers of one hand around his stiffly erect cock and started a slow jerking-off motion. Then she stopped, leaned forward and gave it a loving kiss, right on the bulbous-shaped head. The other hand came up and cupped his balls, while her mouth slipped over the head and she began teasing it with her tongue and sucking it.

Mark's breath caught in his throat as he realized his mother wasn't just fooling around. She was going to suck his cock in earnest, which meant that he was going to get one of her all out, no-holds-barred, fabulous blow jobs. He knew what that was like from past experience and as far as he was concerned, it was ten times better than anything he'd ever had from anyone else.

Several girls at college had sucked his cock and two of the women teachers there sucked him off quite frequently. And right here in his neighborhood, several married women, two of them his mother's very close friends, had sucked his cock. But his mother could put them all to shame. Whenever she blew him, which was pretty often, he knew beyond any doubt that he'd been worked over by the very best.

For her part, Dorothy was as thrilled with her son's cock as he was with what she was doing with it. It always delighted her that no matter if her son had fucked her five times or more and had her cunt swimming in his juices, when she then sucked him off, his gushing charge would hit the back of her throat like it was jet propelled.

Mark managed to hold off for all of five minutes, which was as long as he could keep from succumbing to the delicious sensations his mother was causing to dance around in his groin.

"Watch it, Mom!" he groaned. "You're going to get a mouthful!"

A mouthful was just what his mother was working so hard for, and she got it. As she expected, a spurting torrent flooded her mouth and she had to swallow frantically to keep from choking on it. She managed that quite nicely and while her son looked like he might keel over at any moment, her darting tongue expertly cleaned up his sagging cock.

She reached out her arms to him and said, "Maybe you'd better sit down, before you fall down!"

To which he replied, "I'll kneel down instead. I'm going to do you now!"

With that he went down on his knees between her legs, much to his mother's delight. He kissed her belly, then moved his lips down. He kissed all around her cunt, running his lips through her pussy hair, then along one leg and up the other. His mother fell back onto the bed, spreading her legs wide and exposing her cunt fully to her son. Her hands reached out, grabbed ahold of his hair that was as blonde as hers, and pulled him tightly to her twat. Groaning with pleasure she brought her legs up over his shoulders and trapped him there.

"Oh darling," she cooed. "I love it when you eat me."

She had good reason to love it. He had gone this route with her countless times before, proving to her time and time again how good he was at devouring her cunt. He thrust his nose into it and that thrilled her, because she knew he was inhaling her feminine scent. What woman isn't thrilled to know that her man loves the smell of her cunt? Dorothy knew that her son was delighted with hers. When he had his fill of her heady scent, he went back to licking and kissing her legs.

His mother spread her legs farther still and with the hair drawn aside, he could look in past her separated cunt-lips. It was a tantalizing sight for any young man to see. Then there was no more fooling around. He got right down to the business of kissing, licking and sucking his mother's cunt and before long, he had her popping off every few minutes.

When he had her so that she was no longer sure whether she was here in her bedroom or up on a cloud somewhere, he got to his feet and leaned over her. Supporting his weight on his arms on either side of her, the head of his cock came to her moist opening, touched it, and then began burrowing its way in.

His mother took it with a sigh of delight, brought her legs up over his back again, a motion that brought her clear off the bed and up to his belly. Their mouths came together in a feverish kiss, while he was feeling her jiggling tits with both hands.

In this awkward position her son was in, she found that she had to do most of the work, which she was only too happy to do. She did it fantastically well. Mark shot off his load at the same moment she sailed into her climax, and he fell sideways onto the bed. She clung to him, like she never wanted him to get away from her. Her leg was locked about him so that his cock would stay in her, until it had been drained of every last drop of his juices.

"Oh Mark," she cooed softly sometime later, as she lay snuggled in his arms. "If other mothers knew how happy I am right now and how good I feel, they'd all be getting into bed with their sons!"

"You think maybe they aren't?" Mark chuckled.

Surprised, she looked at him. "You're putting me on."

"Do you think you're the only mother who ever thought of letting her son screw her?"


"This is a new age we're living in, Mom. Everybody is screwing everybody else these days."

"What makes you think that?" Dorothy asked.

"Back at college the dean gets all the pussy he wants," said Mark. "The girls are fucking the male teachers and the guys are fucking the women teachers. Even the janitor has a cot set up behind the furnace, so he can screw whatever hot pussy that finds its way there for a quickie between classes. One girl told me that back home her mother caught her in bed with her father and she was so jealous and made life so unpleasant, she was glad to get back to college. Another girl told me that she and her brother fucked each other for a whole year, before she had to leave for college."

"My God!" Dorothy gasped.

"So what we're doing isn't so far out as you might have thought," said Mark. "It's the most natural thing in the world for a boy to fuck his mother, if she wants him to."

"That might be the way it is at college," Dorothy conceded. "But I'm sure that's not the way it is here in Tuttleville."

"That's what you think," said Mark, grinning at her.

"You know somebody around here who's screwing his mother?" Dorothy challenged.

"Sure. Brian Overton. He's been screwing his mother even longer than I've been making it with you."

His mother looked shocked. "I can't believe that of Mary Anne. She'd never allow her son to take liberties like that."

Mark laughed. "Well, that's good. If she's got you and everyone else fooled with that innocent, respectable look of hers, there's a good chance you've got everyone fooled, too. You look just as respectable and goody-goody as she does. Who would ever suspect that your son is humping you, even getting his prick up your rear end, when Dad isn't around?"

"How come you know about Brian and his mother?" Dorothy asked.

"Well, Brian and I are good buddies," said Mark. "And I went over to see him one afternoon. I went up to the front door and pushed the bell button but I guess it wasn't working. I could hear sounds in there, but I didn't hear the doorbell. Well, instead of knocking, I looked in the front window."

"Shame on you!" said Dorothy.

"Yeah, I don't know what made me do that," Mark agreed. "But what I saw really made me flip."

"What did you see?" asked Dorothy eagerly.

Mark laughed. "See? It's terrible for me to peek in a window, but it's all right for you to be curious about what I saw."

"Oh stop teasing me and tell me what you saw," said Dorothy impatiently.

"I saw Brian and his mother," said Mark. "And they were both naked. I couldn't believe it. They were on that thick white rug they have in front of their couch in the living room. Brian was on his back and his mother was above him, in the sixty-nine position. I couldn't see Brian's face at that point, because he had it buried in his mother's crotch. His arms were around her bare ass, pulling her down onto him. And Mrs. Overton must have liked it, because she was wriggling her ass around like crazy. But she was busy too. She was sprawled out on top of him, those big tits of hers flattened against Brian's chest, and she had his cock in her mouth. Boy, she was sucking on it like you wouldn't believe."

"My God!" Dorothy gasped. "Mary Anne, of all people. I never would have guessed it."

"It got better and better," said Mark. "I guess they brought each other off, because they were wriggling, twisting and sliding all over that rug. Then they finally broke apart and lay there panting and gasping."

"You'd think Mary Anne would be smart enough to draw the shades, if she's going to carry on like that," said Dorothy. "My God, if word of that ever got around, she'd be disgraced."

"Yeah," Mark agreed. "This town isn't ready for the news that a mother sucks her son's cock, and that a guy eats his mother's pussy. I'm sure glad you're careful about drawing the shades, when we're fooling around downstairs."

"Or even up here," said Dorothy. "I was getting dressed the other day and I saw this man looking right in the window at me. He was doing something on the roof of the house next door."

"Well watch out!" said Mark. "I don't want men looking at my mother when she's naked."

Dorothy laughed. "Come on, tell me more about Mary Anne and her son."

"Well, for a long time they lay on that rug, cuddled up in each other's arms, kissing and fondling each other like she was Brian's girlfriend, instead of his mother. Mrs. Overton was playing with his cock and pretty soon it stiffened right up. Then Brian climbed on top of her and fucked her!"

"And you watched?"

"I watched the whole thing," Mark admitted. "They fucked three times that afternoon, first him on top, then her on top of him. Then he did it to her doggy fashion. Finally I thought it best to leave. I didn't think they'd be at it much longer, because by then it was almost time for Mr. Overton to pull into the driveway. I didn't want him catching me on the front porch, staring into the living room window."

"A wise decision," Dorothy agreed.

"Well, seeing that made a big change in my life," Mark told his mother. "That's how I was able to make it with you. I had the hots for you real bad, Mom, but I didn't have the guts to try anything. Then after I found out Brian was screwing his mother, I had the nerve to let you know what I was thinking about."

Dorothy laughed. "I remember how you started sending out signals, grabbing a feel of your mother's tits, patting me on the ass. I couldn't believe it at first. Then I began to realize you wanted to go to bed with me."

"Were you shocked, Mom?"

"I was shocked at myself," said Dorothy. "I was feeling hot and horny for my own son. Then when it became clear that you felt the same way about me, I began asking myself what would be so wrong with us going to bed together, as long as your father never found out about it."

"So don't you think other mothers are thinking the same things about their sons?" asked Mark.

"I suppose you're right. It doesn't seem logical that we're the only one's doing it."

"Us and the Overtons," said Mark.

Dorothy laughed. "Right!"

Mark grinned at her. "This little town of Tuttleville might look like a quiet place on the outside, but inside the houses, while the men are at work, it might be a pretty swinging place."

Dorothy looked at her son and laughed. "It's a swinging place here in the Baker residence right now, while your father is out of town."

It was almost midnight when Brian Overton felt a hand on his cock. Then the fingers gently fondled and caressed it, which caused it to spring swiftly erect. There was nothing like the feel of a loving hand on his prick to wake him up, he thought as he roused himself from sleep and smiled at his mother lying naked beside him.

Only that afternoon he had arrived home from college. His school year was over and college was out for the summer. He hadn't seen his mother since six weeks ago, when she flew up to his college town to visit him. They got a room in a motel, where they fucked each other silly throughout the entire weekend. He had looked forward to being home with her ever since she got on the plane for her trip back. He promised himself that as soon as he got home he would strip his mother's clothes off, get her onto the bed and screw her so many times, both he and his mother would be completely fucked out.

That was just about the way it happened. Their sex session began almost as soon as he dropped his bags on the floor in the hallway and closed the front door. His mother threw herself into his arms and while they kissed, he had one hand on her ass and the other up under her dress, feeling her cunt. Luck was really with him that day. His sister was away at camp, his father had left on a business trip that would keep him out of town for over six weeks, and he had his mother all to himself.

As soon as they were naked on the bed, he didn't try anything fancy. He didn't eat her pussy for an hour, like he usually did before he fucked her. And she didn't suck his cock, just gave it a warm loving kiss. Then she lay back with her legs wide apart so he could mount her. It hadn't taken long, because he wanted to fuck her so bad he was trigger-happy. He shot off his load as soon as his prick was in her, but his mother was right there with him, thrashing about beneath him and crying out with the joyful sensations of her climax.

He couldn't believe she had gotten off that quickly and for some silly reason, he got the idea she was faking it, so as not to make him feel bad about not having brought her off. So he used his finger on her afterward and kept kissing her and sucking on her delectable tits, until he was convinced that her writhing and pitching in his embrace meant she was really getting off. She couldn't get over his consideration. His father, she told him, only worried about his own fun. He didn't seem to care whether she got hers or not. It was her son's consideration, which he showed in so many ways, that caused her to want him to screw her in the first place, a little over two years ago. That was when she conveniently ignored the fact that she was his mother and used her womanly charms to lure him into bed with her, one night when his sister and his father weren't home.

That first time left her absolutely amazed. She couldn't believe anyone could make her feel that good. Her son had fucked her far better than his father, or anyone else, ever had. And from that day on, regardless of the fact that she was his mother and he was her son, she considered herself his woman and he was her man. During that first year while he was a senior in high school, they fucked like two lovers on their honeymoon, whenever they were alone together.

After his arrival home earlier that day, after their first fuck and after he'd fingered her to another climax, Brian and his mother lay together for the longest time, she with her legs wrapped about him and her fingers running through his dark hair, while he buried his face in the cleavage of her soft pillowy tits. After her hand reached for his cock a little later on, she caressed it with her fingers and made it obvious she wanted him to fuck her again.

The second time, to make it last longer, she had laid with her ass on a pillow at the edge of the bed. She had her legs high and her feet resting on her son's shoulders, and he moved up between her thighs and pushed his prick into her, as he leaned over her. Being an awkward position for him, it had taken longer than a more normal position would have, but that pleased his mother all the more.

Mary Anne Overton was as thrilled with her son's cock as he was with her hot pussy. Between kisses she whispered words of love and affection and didn't hesitate in telling him how much she loved having his cock in her, how she loved its enormous length, it's bigness, and enjoyed the feeling of it sliding back and forth in her. She even liked the way his big hairy balls touched and tickled her bumhole, when he had his prick in her as far as it would go. And she liked being crushed, her legs up over his shoulders, as they climaxed together and ended up rolling all over the bed in a heated frenzy.

They had to rest after that one and he had fallen asleep with his arms around her ass and his face pushed in between her warm soft tits. Mary Anne, with her legs about her son and her hands holding his head tightly to her boobs, dropped off to sleep, too.

But they weren't asleep now. Mary Anne awakened and while she lay comfortably beside her son, she began playing with his cock. Soon she felt it stiffen and then she discovered his eyes were open and he was smiling at her.

"I didn't mean to waken you, darling," she said in a soft sensuous voice. "It's just that I find it very difficult to keep my hands off your cock, after you've been so good to me and used it so beautifully. You go back to sleep now, dear. You must be exhausted, after all the naughty things you've been doing to your mother."

Brian grinned at her as his cock stiffened in her hand. "It's too late now, Mom. You think I can go back to sleep now, with this boner?"

Playfully she ran her hand through his hair that was as dark as hers, and kissed him. "You aren't going to be mean to your mother and make her take care of this erection all over again, are you?" she teased.

"You're the reason it gets hard all the time, so you're the one who should soothe and comfort it," Brian said firmly.

She pressed her big soft tits up against his chest. Their mouths came together and she wriggled her warm pussy up against his now solid cock. She raised one leg and brought it up over him and when she did that, the head of his prick touched her open cunt and began pushing its way up into her. She wriggled and squirmed against him until she had his entire shaft up in her. Then using lewd and lascivious words to express her feelings, feelings a mother shouldn't have had for her son, she told him again, as she had many times before, how much she loved being fucked by her own adorable son.

He began fucking her slow and easy, the way his mother liked it most of the time. At other times she liked it hard and fast, and almost violent. But right now she liked the slow steady pace, moving in harmony with his prick sliding back and forth inside her.

Lying on her side facing him, pressed up tightly against him with his shaft up in her, she covered his face, neck and shoulder with loving kisses. He moved her shoulder back a little so he could get his hand onto one of her beautiful tits. He began rubbing it gently, tickling the stiffened nipple with his fingers. Moving his mouth close to it, he pushed her tit up and started licking and kissing it. When he sucked on her nipple, his mother was fit to be tied. If she could have taken his prick in any deeper, she would have. Her hot pussy, with his cock imbedded in it, pushed hard against his groin. She moaned a little and caressed his head with her hands.

He rolled her over onto her back, keeping his cock in her to the hilt and moved his mouth so that he could give her other tit equal time and attention. His mother groaned again and brought her legs up around his back. His balls rested in the crack of her ass and he thought for a moment she was trying to take them in too, the way she was wriggling her round shapely ass.

When she pulled his head up, which caused her tit to flop down again, she brought her mouth to his for more moist, tongue-probing kisses. Her legs moved down past his buttocks, rubbing along the backs of his legs, and she was spread out beautifully.

Brian was already in his mother's cunt as deep as he could be and from the ecstatic expression on her lovely face, she was having the time of her life. Her hands reached around him and down, and rubbed his buttocks. She reached down from there, got hold of his balls and played with them. When she let them go she rubbed the insides of his legs, running her fingers right up to the base of his shaft. Her movements pressed her warm tits more firmly against his chest. She brought her hands up and ran them along his body, from his arms down to his hips, and Brian moaned. He loved it when his mother was feeling him all over. He had enjoyed doing the same thing to her, and to other women, and it felt good now, having her do it to him. Then she grabbed his buttocks and made several humping movements with her cunt, which told him she was reaching her peak and was ready for him to drive her over the edge.

But he could tell there was something else she wanted, as she slowly raised her lower body up to him. Realizing what it was, he thrust his hands between her and the mattress, got a good grip on the cheeks of her ass, pulled her tight against him and rolled her over. She was on top of him, her belly on his, her tits lying on his chest, her mouth pressed onto his in another hot searing kiss. Her legs were outside his and she began to move her hips slowly up and down.

She pulled her pussy up until just the head of his cock was left in, then she slowly eased it down. Almost as if she wanted to see how much of his cock she could let free without losing it, she moved her cunt up and down, up and down. It nearly drove Brian out of his mind. Each time the lips of her twat came up to the rim of the head of his cock, he felt a new thrill. He could sense that his mother was doing everything she could to please him. But at the same time, she was getting a charge out of it, too. Anyway, she pulled her cunt up until it was almost free of his cock, then she did the up and down thing faster and faster.

When she felt her son getting close to shooting off his load, she went down all the way, taking his prick up into her right to his balls. Then she started moving her body with full seriousness, bringing herself to a climax at the same time. Brian was working with her and when he flooded her cunt with his hot gushing charge, there was no doubt in his mind that his hot and sexy mother got off at the same time he did. A joyful shriek, making her intense pleasure known, came from her lips. Then she sprawled out on top of him, her full round ass quivering and shaking.

Some time later, each one was lying back, stretched out close to the other. Brian had a hand on one of her tits, while his mother was holding on to his cock. Their breathing had returned to normal and both looked quite pleased at what they had just done.

"Oh, I feel so wicked," said his mother with a satisfied grin.

"Why?" asked Brian, smiling back at her.

"Because of what we're doing, of course," she said. "My God, how shocked our friends and neighbors would be if they could see us now. Or worse yet, if they could have seen us a few minutes ago."

Brian laughed. "It's a good thing for us that they can't."

"I shouldn't be doing this, you know. Not with my own son."

Brian chuckled. "I don't think you're too worried about it, are you, Mom? There wouldn't be much point to it, since I've been fucking you for the past two years. That first year, while I was still in high school, was really great. We'd do it every afternoon as soon as I got home from school. We had two whole hours alone together, before Dad got home from the office. And there were those times when Dad was out of town on business and I slept with you while he was gone. When school was out for the summer, then we really got into it. Instead of getting a job, I stayed home with you."

Mary Anne laughed. "I was sure you were going to wear your mother out. You scared me at first, you were so obsessed with sex. As soon as your father was out of the house in the morning, you wanted it, and more often than not we were still going at it when his car pulled into the driveway at six the same evening. Who could blame him for being pissed off at me because supper wasn't even started?"

Brian grinned at her. "Well, you had plenty of time to rest up after I went off to college. But I sure enjoyed it when you flew up a couple of times a month to be with me. I'll never forget those wonderful weekends alone with you in a motel room!"

"Neither will I," said Mary Anne. "We were like two lovers, instead of mother and son."

"So it's a little late to be telling yourself that we shouldn't be doing this," said Brian.

"I know, but I have to keep reminding myself, because it all seems so normal," Mary Anne explained. "It feels like the most natural thing in the world for you and me to be having sex together. And if I start thinking that it is, I might let something slip to your father or someone else, that I don't want known."

Brian laughed and replied, "You're right. That could be a problem. I can just picture you and Dad sitting together in the living room some night, and he tells you something humorous that happened at the office. Then you say, 'A funny thing took place this afternoon, while I was upstairs in my room and my son was fucking me.'"

"Smart ass!" said Mary Anne, pulling his hair playfully.

"So much for thinking we shouldn't be doing what we're doing," said Brian.

"Well nevertheless," Mary Anne replied, "of all the mothers I know, not one of them would dream of doing with their sons, what I just did with you."

Brian raised up on one elbow and grinned at her. "You think you're the only mother in this town who's letting her son fuck her?"

"I'm sure of it."

"What makes you so sure?"

"Why, you only have to look at the mothers I know, to see how highly moral and respectable they are," said Mary Anne. "Not one of them would ever have a sexy thought concerning her son, I'm certain."

"Appearances don't mean a thing, Mom," Brian told her. "There isn't a woman in this town who looks more innocent and respectable than you do. And yet you've been having a grand time, doing all kinds of naughty things with your son. You can't tell what goes on behind closed doors. Anyone passing this house would never dream that you and I are lying here naked, in the same bed."

"You mean it's possible that…?"

"Well, if a mother and her son are screwing, they aren't going to tell anyone about it. They'll keep it a secret, naturally, just like we're doing. And the mother will look just as innocent and respectable as you do, won't she?"

Mary Anne looked at her son with a mischievous smile. "All right, smarty. Of all the boys around here who are your age and whom you know quite well, which one do you think is screwing his mother?"

Brian thought for a moment. "Well, I remember back when I was in high school, Mark Baker and I were walking home from high school and we were talking about cunt, like guys do. Then he let it slip that he was hot for his mother. He'd seen her coming out of the shower bare-assed naked and the sight of her really turned him on. He thought of letting her know that he wanted to fuck her, but he was afraid she might get all shook up and tell his father. Then he realized he'd told me too much and he tried to make me believe that he'd only been pulling my leg."

Mary Anne sat up in bed and looked thoughtfully at her son. "Well, that doesn't mean anything. Boys have fantasies. They fantasize about having sex with certain girls, even their mothers. It's quite natural for a boy to want to fuck his mother, if she's good-looking and has a nice figure. And Dorothy Baker is a knockout. A marble statue would get a hard-on if she walked past it. That doesn't mean her son is screwing her."

"Yeah, but the thing is," said Brian, "Mark always hung out with the guys after school. Then a short time after he told me that, he stopped hanging around. As soon as school was out, he headed straight home. And nobody saw him again until the next day at school. He'd go right home and be alone with his mother for two hours or more, before his old man got home from the office."

"Like you did with me," Mary Anne reminded him.


Mary Anne looked like she was deep in thought for a moment. "Hmmm, that's interesting. Dorothy is a good friend of mine. She told me in strict confidence one time that Stanley didn't make it all that good for her in bed, for one thing, and he didn't do it as often as she needed it, for another. Women talk about sex, too, you know."

"Yeah, I know," said Brian with a big grin. "You should hear how the girls in high school talk about cocks, whether this guy has a big one, or whether that guy knows how to use it, and which one is doing it to who."

"Well, anyway," said Mary Anne, not letting her son get her off the subject, "Shortly after that, I noticed that Dorothy no longer looked frustrated. She looked happy, satisfied and content, like she was getting all she needed. Yet, there was never a rumor going around that she was having an affair, that she was getting something on the side. She wasn't meeting a man somewhere, while her husband was at work!"

"She didn't need to," said Brian. "Her son Mark was taking care of her pussy every afternoon when he got home from schools."

"I wonder…"

"Well, what does it add up to? It means that Mark started screwing his mother, about the same time that I began making it with you."

"It's hard to believe," said Mary Anne. "Dorothy looks like the type who would never dream of doing anything like that. Not with her own son!"

"Didn't you say earlier today, shortly after I got home, that Dad and Stanley Baker went on this business trip together?" asked Brian.

"Yes. Why?"

"That means that Mark Baker and his mother are alone in their house together, just like we are. And right now, this very minute, in the middle of the night, is Mark asleep in his own room, or in bed with his mother?"

Mary Anne laughed. "Like you're here in bed with your mother?"


Mary Anne looked at her son with a lewd smile. "If Dorothy's son is in bed with her, what do you suppose they are doing right now?"

"Well, they're probably both naked, like we are," said Brian. "And maybe he's got his arms around her like this… and maybe he's getting on top of her… like this!"

Mary Anne giggled as she reached for her son's cock. "And maybe Dorothy has a hold of her son's dong, like this, and guiding it for him, so he can shove it into her…"

"Like this!" Brian gasped, as his quivering erection went up into his mother's cunt.


All the big publishing houses are not located in New York City. One of the biggest, Findley House, has its offices in a much smaller city, Denton, because its founder and chief stockholder, Paul T. Findley, wanted to be able to get off to the mountains or the seashore, without spending all his time traveling. As the company became more successful, due to the fact that it printed a good many books of a sexual and erotic nature, Findley House soon took over the entire sixth floor of the Palmer Building in downtown Denton.

In Paul Findley's spacious and luxurious office, best-selling books were born. Usually a book began as a germ of an idea in the sexually obsessed mind of Findley himself. The privacy he needed to come up with such ideas was assured by his secretary, sexy and attractive Mrs. Walters – Margo, who guarded his door like it was the entrance to Fort Knox. The only way anyone could get past her and into Findley's sanctuary, was by invitation from the great man himself.

When the idea for a book sprang from Findley's mind, it was carefully nurtured, or as some of his staff inelegantly put it, kicked around to see what it would do. When the idea was proven sound, which meant that Findley decided to do it, research was begun. Then a writer was selected to put it all together.

Not all ideas came from Findley. Of his stable of writers, one of them, Laura Stevens, was unique. She didn't need to have Findley hand her a project. She had a lot of sexy ideas herself. These she presented to Findley and was always successful in getting him to let her go ahead with them. Her previous four books, all best-sellers, were proof to Findley and everyone else, that her ideas were sound.

Needless to say that whenever Laura called on Paul Findley, his secretary Margo Walters, understood that her employer's invitation, as far as Laura was concerned, was a standing one.

So on this particular summer morning that was already filled with warm sunshine, Brian Overton and his mother were still in bed furiously fucking, after which she would get up and start making breakfast. Two blocks over, at the Baker residence, Dorothy Baker was having difficulty preparing breakfast for her and her son. She was naked and young Mark was playfully chasing his mother around the kitchen, grabbing her tits and feeling her cunt. While that was going on, four hundred miles from there in the city of Denton, Paul Findley, looking fit and handsome for a man of his years, smoothed back his grey hair and pulled in his paunch, as his secretary ushered in a very attractive young woman and said, "Mrs. Stevens, sir."

"Won't you sit down, Mrs. Stevens? The couch here is the most comfortable," said Findley, smiling like a man who was contemplating getting into her panties.

The young woman seated herself on the couch and when the secretary departed, closing the door behind her, she smiled up at him and said, "Really, Paul, must you be so formal? I know it's for your secretary's benefit, but she's nobody's fool. If she was, you wouldn't have her working for you, even if she is a good lay. I'm sure she realizes that I know as well as she does, how comfortable this couch is. You've had me sprawled out on it often enough, with my panties on the floor and my dress up around my neck. And her too, I'm sure."

Findley grinned at her and seated himself beside her. His arms went around her and he kissed her fully on the mouth. The young woman's arms entwined about his neck and when one of Findley's hands moved up between her legs, she opened them wide. The gesture wasn't ladylike, but one that Findley appreciated.

"You don't have any panties on, Laura," he said in a near whisper.

"Panties only get in the way when I come to see you to discuss business," Laura replied.

"Your panties never get in my way," said Findley. "How do you find married life?"

"I'm not sure I ever did find it, thanks to you," said Laura with a mischievous smile. "I'm married to one of your valued photographers, whom you keep sending out on assignments that keeps him away for weeks, even months at a time, so that I'm alone in bed every night. But I'm never alone in bed, am I, you horny old devil? When I am alone in bed, you crawl into it with me, which is why you keep sending my husband off to Madagascar or some such place. In the three years I've been married, you've fucked me more than my husband has – a lot more!"

Findley grinned at her. "How can you say that? I haven't seen you in a whole month. Where in the hell have you been?"

"I told you, when I phoned."

"You told me you had a good idea for another book, that when you had it finished it would be another fabulous best-seller and make even more money than the previous one did. Does that have something to do with why you haven't been home, and I haven't seen you for a whole month?"

"Exactly," said Laura. "I've been looking into things, and I've come up with some great facts."

"Your last book had some pretty good facts," said Findley, looking quite pleased. "It's a good thing you were able to prove everything you said, with all those women's groups raising so much hell. I can't blame them though, the way you exposed their secrets. After everyone read the book, they had the feeling that every wife is getting laid when her husband isn't home."

"Well, why shouldn't they be getting laid?" asked Laura. "They're only doing the same thing their husbands are doing. Their husbands don't pass up any pussy that comes their way. Why shouldn't a wife enjoy a stiff cock whenever she gets the chance?"

"It's supposed to be her husband's stiff cock she's enjoying," said Findley.

"That's just the trouble," Laura replied. "Quite often her husband's cock isn't stiff, when she wants it. And after they've been married for some years, it's hardly ever stiff. It gets hard quick enough for some other man's wife, but not for her!"

"I know. I read your book. There aren't many wives who are being faithful to their husbands, are there?"

"And there aren't any husbands who are being faithful to their wives," Laura told him. "That's what equal rights for women is all about. A woman has as much right to fuck other guys, as her husband has to fuck other women."

"And it works out great for us," said Findley. "We sold tons of books to men who wanted to find out what their wives are doing while they are at work, and tons more to women who wanted to find out what you told about them."

"This next book will cause an even bigger stir," Laura assured him. "It's another expose."

"On what?"


Findley looked at her intently. "You're kidding."

"Why would I be kidding?"

"Well hell, what's so fabulous about that? Incest isn't a shocker anymore," said Findley. "Everyone knows there's some of that going on, and has been all along."

"I didn't say it was something people just started doing," Laura informed him. "That's what the book will be about, letting people know there's a lot of it going on, and that it's been going on for ages. Not everybody realizes that. How did you find out it's been going on for a long time?"

Findley grinned. "Well, as a matter of fact, my first piece of ass was with one of my sisters. We fucked every chance we got, until one day my other sisters caught us doing it and they wanted in on it too. So from then on I was fucking all four of them and I was sure kept busy. As we got older we all got married, but that didn't stop the girls from letting their brother throw a fuck into them, whenever their husbands and my wife weren't around. And I'm fifty-eight, so you know how far back that goes!"

"And you think that wouldn't make a terrific book?" Laura gasped.

Findley shrugged. "Well, maybe it would!"

"Damned right it would," said Laura. "What if our research proves that one out of every five women got her first piece of ass at home with her brother?"

"Yeah. That would do it!"

"But brother and sister sex is only a part of it. What I plan to do is a series of books, sex between brother and sister, niece and uncle, nephew and aunt, and between teenage girls and their fathers. But the first book I want to do in the series, is about young men having sex with their mothers. You wouldn't believe how much of that is going on."

"You think so?"

"I know so," said Laura with enthusiasm, "and I've found a place, a small town, where mothers are really into it with their sons."

Findley looked interested. "Go on."

"The town is Tuttleville," said Laura, "and the women there seem like the most pure-minded, upright, righteous, high-principled, decent and moral people you could ever imagine. Like they never had an impure thought in their minds. You'd think there wasn't any extramarital sex going on at all, because these women, those between the ages of thirty-five and forty-five I mean, don't fool around with other men. A woman there doesn't have some guy sneaking into her house and giving her a little while hubby is at work, like women in other places do."

"Sounds great," said Findley. "But where's the material for a book?"

"I'm coming to that," said Laura, "and believe me, I'm not imagining it. I've seen some things while I was there, enough to know that the facts are there and I can get them."

"You've seen what things?" asked Findley.

"I've seen boys in that town, at least half of those in their senior year of high school, go straight home as soon as school is out in the afternoon," said Laura. "Each of those young men is fucking his mother for a good two hours, until she has to get up and get supper started, before her husband gets home from work. Those boys are fucking their mothers more than their fathers are. And now that school is out for the summer, each boy and his mother must be fucking like crazy, from the time the kid's father goes to work, until he gets back home at night. Is it any wonder that not one of these women is sneaking off with some guy to get laid? Why should she? She's getting all the cock she wants, right in her own home. And who would ever suspect that she has a hot thing going with her own son?"

"How'd you get on to this?" asked Findley.

"I was staying in a motel one night," said Laura, "and I met this traveling salesman in the bar. We went back to my room and he spent the night with me. We fucked and talked, then talked and fucked. The one thing we didn't do that night was sleep. And during one of the times when we were talking, instead of fucking, this salesman said something that really got me to thinking. A salesman always finds plenty of cunt when he's on the road, and so did this one. But not in Tuttleville. In that town he couldn't find a piece of ass to save his soul. In other places he could always search out some bored and lonely housewife who was hot and ready to screw, but not there. All the good-looking women in Tuttleville seemed to be well taken care of, were so satisfied they weren't about to make it with a stranger passing through town."

"Well, I'll be damned!" said Findley.

"You think that wouldn't make a good subject for a book?" asked Laura.

"Maybe," said Findley, "Depends on what else you've got."

"There's more," said Laura. "The next morning after the salesman left, I stayed on in that motel for another night, because the one thing I didn't get when that salesman was in bed with me, was sleep."

"Was that in Tuttleville?" asked Findley.

"No. The motel I was staying in was in a college town, about three hundred miles from Tuttleville," said Laura. "I slept until noon and when I was walking past the desk on my way to the restaurant they have there, an attractive dark-haired woman in her middle or late thirties, was checking in. I heard her tell the desk clerk she was from Tuttleville. That rang a bell with me, because of what the salesman had told me about the women in that small town."

"So what happened?" asked Findley.

"Well after she checked in, she came into the restaurant and I made it a point to get acquainted with her. We had lunch together," Laura told him. "She said she was Mrs. Hugo Overton and she asked me to call her Mary Anne. Her husband owns a business in Tuttleville that keeps him on the road a good deal of the time. Her twenty-year-old son Brian was attending college in town. Mary Anne had flown up from Tuttleville to spend the weekend with him."

"Then what?" said Findley.

"We sat there talking until it was around three o'clock," said Laura. "As discreetly as possible I was learning all I could about her, her husband, her son, and about others in Tuttleville. It was Friday and when it was about time for classes to be out, Mary Anne got into her car, a rental she'd got at the airport after she got off the plane, and went to pick up her son."

"Go on," said Findley, "Maybe this story will get interesting. It hasn't, so far."

"I'm coming to the good part," Laura assured him. "And stop being such a grouch, or I'll make you take your hand away from my pussy."

Findley laughed. "You're so hot and wet between your legs, you won't make me do that."

"It's not your hand that's turning me on," Laura assured him. "I'm remembering what I saw that day. That would make any woman hot!"

"Well tell me what you saw, for God's sake," Findley replied.

"Mary Anne picked up her son at college and brought him back to the motel," said Laura. "I saw them get out of the car and go into her room together. That was around four o'clock. They didn't come out until after eight that night. They had supper in the restaurant, and it was dark outside when they finally got up and went back to the room."

Findley sighed. "Are we getting to the good part now?"

"Damned right we are," said Laura. "I went around to the back of the motel, hoping I could look in their window. Luck was with me, because they hadn't closed the drapes on the back window. I suppose they knew there wasn't anything back there but trees, or maybe it was because they were so interested in each other when they came in, they didn't think of it."

"Go on," Findley urged.

"The first thing I saw were two double beds," said Laura, "and that was very interesting. It gave me some idea what the boy and his mother had been doing together, when they were alone in there for four hours, before they came out for supper. Only one bed was messed up, the bedspread and cover pulled back, I mean. The other bed was still neatly made up and Mary Anne's open suitcase was sitting on it."

"That doesn't mean anything," said Findley. "Maybe Momma took a nap, while the boy spent his time reading or watching TV."

Laura gave him a contemptuous look and laughed. "I didn't waste any time getting around to the back of that motel," she told him. "I started back there while they were still in the restaurant, paying for their meal. I was watching through the window when they came through the door. The boy, Brian, closed and locked it. The window facing onto the parking lot had the drapes drawn across it, but luckily for me they didn't even glance at the rear window, the one I was looking through, or they might have thought to close those drapes too. But they had other things on their minds. Brian had an obvious hardon. The front of his slacks was sticking out like a tent. His mother looked at it and smiled. I couldn't hear what she said to him, but she put her hand on her son's bulge and caressed it. Then they were in each other's arms, hugging and kissing, and Mary Anne rubbing her cunt all over her son's bulge."

"Wow!" said Findley, now convinced that Laura was on to something.

"When they broke apart, Brian unzipped the back of his mother's dress and took it off for her," said Laura. "She kicked off her shoes and while she stood there in just her bra and panties, her son stripped off his clothes. You wouldn't believe the cock that kid had on him, Paul. I thought you had a big one, but this kid's hammer would put yours to shame!"

"That's no way to talk to your boss," said Findley. "Get on with your story. What happened?"

"Mary Anne was as thrilled with the sight of her son's cock as I was," said Laura, "even though she'd seen it before and I hadn't. She'd probably seen a lot of it during those four hours they'd been in that room alone together. More than just seen it. She likely had it up between her legs too. Maybe in her mouth as well."

"Stop speculating," said Findley. "Tell me what you saw."

"Well what I saw was Mary Anne grab hold of her son's pecker and play with it. I thought she was going to jerk him off. It was sticking straight up like a bar of steel. God, what a beautiful sight! Then her son pulled her into his arms and laid a hot passionate kiss on her. When they finally came up for air, he took off her bra and kissed both her tits. Then he pulled down her panties and kissed her right on her cunt."

"Affectionate sort of a kid, wasn't he?" said Findley.

"They stood there with their arms about each other, then the kid's hands moved down until he had a hold of his mother by the ass and he pulled her tight against him. Mary Anne wriggled her hips and rubbed her cunt all over her son's stiffly erect cock. It was something to see, believe me."

"Then what?" Findley asked anxiously.

"I didn't have long to wait, for the action to begin," said Laura. "Mary Anne got onto the bed, lay on her back and spread her legs wide apart. Her son got onto the bed and crawled up between her thighs, and I could see his enormous cock aimed right at her crotch. He didn't have any trouble finding the right place to go in, probably because he'd been in there so many times before. He worked his cock right up into her, all the way to his big hairy balls. I'm ashamed to say this, but I had to come and soaked the crotch of my panties, just watching them. Here was a twenty-year-old kid, fucking his mother!"

"My God!" Findley breathed.

"And I mean he was really fucking her," Laura said excitedly. "His mother brought her legs up and locked them around him. With her arms entwined about his neck, she pulled him down to her and kissed his face all over. Brian was pounding it to her like it was the greatest thing that ever happened to him, while his mother wriggled around beneath him like she was going crazy. You should have seen the ecstatic look on her face, like she'd never had it this good with anyone else."

"It's a great story," said Findley. "It's a shame you can't prove it."

"You think I can't?" said Laura, grinning at him. "I had my camera slung over my shoulder, because I never go anywhere without it. And it was loaded with special film, so I can take pictures at night without a flash. I started clicking away, and Brian and his mother never knew a thing about it."

Findley looked delighted.

"I've got pictures of Brian on top of his mother," Laura told him. "Then of her on top of him, moving her ass up and down on her son's cock. Then of them doing it doggy fashion. And two positions in which they're lying on their sides, one with them facing each other, and one with him pressed up close behind her. God, that kid and his mother knew more ways in which to fuck!"

"Splendid!" Findley said, beaming. "Are they clear shots?"

Laura looked like she'd been insulted. "Clear as crystal," she said indignantly. "Every shot I take is clear and sharp. You know that."

"Okay, okay. Don't get huffy. I wasn't casting any aspersions on your photographic expertise," Findley assured her.

"Your apology is accepted," said Laura. "But wait'll you see the pictures I took after that. You wouldn't believe what they did, before they finally settled down to sleep, about three in the morning."

"Well, tell me!" said Findley impatiently.

"Mary Anne got onto her knees by the side of the bed, with her head and shoulders resting on the mattress and her ass sticking out at her son. He took a moment to smear a lubricant all over his cock, and then dabbed a little into the crack of his mother's ass. Then he got onto his knees behind her, positioned his cock, took a firm grip on her hips – and went up her bumhole! I couldn't believe how much his mother was getting off on it. Even I got off, just watching them, watching this kid fucking his mother in the ass!"

"And you got pictures of that?" said Findley breathlessly.

"I've got a picture of every inch he went up her ass," said Laura. "And pictures of every ecstatic expression on his mother's face."

"And pictures of everything else they did?"

"I've got pictures coming out my ears," said Laura. "Thirty-six shots to a roll, and six rolls. A roll of film for every position in which that kid fucked his mother."

"Where are they?"

"Locked up in a very safe place. Don't worry about me leaving stuff like that lying around."

"Okay, I'm convinced," said Findley. "I want you to run with this. What will you need to get into it?"

Laura smiled. She knew she would talk Findley into it. "I need a generous expense account," she said. "And I need an advance, to cover the time I'm on research and then writing the book. Just like last time."

"Okay. You've got it," said Findley. "But I don't want idle speculation. I want proof of everything you claim in your book, to protect us from the lawsuits that are going to come at us."

"You'll get it," Laura promised him. "Wait'll you see those pictures. You won't worry about anything after you've seen them. That kid put on a superb performance."

Findley chuckled. "He reminds me of myself, when I was his age."

"Wh-what do you mean?"

"One night my old man was out to his lodge meeting. My four sisters were at summer camp and my mother went to bed early. I don't know how in hell I ever got up the nerve, but I tip-toed into her bedroom, bare-assed naked, and got into bed with her. She was sound asleep. I lifted up her nightie, crawled up between her legs and started pushing my hard cock into her pussy. Mom must have figured in her sleep that the old man had come home and was trying to get a little. She moved around, wriggled this way and that, and I went right up in there. She didn't wake up until I had it in as far as I could go."

"Good heavens!" said Laura. "What did she do?"

"What could she do? I was in her too deep for her to uncunt me. And I had a firm hold on the cheeks of her ass. Besides, it was already too late. I was in her. And I suppose Mom realized it was feeling pretty good. So the only thing she could do then, or wanted to do, was make the most of it. Her legs came up and she wrapped them around me. She put her arms about my neck and pulled me down so that my chest was almost flattening those luscious boobs of hers. She got her mouth onto mine and laid a kiss on me like I'd never had before. Her tongue went up into my mouth and did a little dance in there."

"No wonder you're a dirty old man," said Laura with a laugh. "You started out as a dirty young man. You enjoyed screwing your mother, didn't you?"

"Did I! That was the greatest thing that ever happened to me," Findley told her. "I thought I'd been having a good time screwing my sisters, but fucking my mother that night was sensational. Damn, we fucked for over two hours, until we heard the old man's car pulling into the driveway. Then Mom leaped out of bed, grabbed up her nightie and beat it into the bathroom. She had to wash up, I suppose. God knows her cunt was full. I'd shot off my load four times and had my come all over her pussy, her legs and her belly. I was back in my own room before the old man came in the front door."

"Was that the only time you were naughty with your mother?" Laura asked.

Findley gave her a big grin. "She let me think it was going to be, for almost a week. Maybe she figured if she really worked me over that night, I'd get her out of my system and behave myself after. But it didn't work out that way. I wanted her more than ever, and the funny thing is, she wanted more of me too."

"That's not surprising," said Laura.

"She had a way of letting me know when she was in the mood for it, by the way she'd smile at me, and by being loving and affectionate. Just like my sisters did."

"God, what a time you had around home," said Laura. "Five hot females after your cock."

"Somehow I managed to keep them happy," said Findley with a far off look in his eyes. "But you know, my sisters never did find out I was fucking Mom. And my mother never realized I was screwing my sisters."

Laura laughed. "I guess that was good training, for your later business deals. You keep everybody happy, without one knowing about the other. And you always get what you want."

He pulled her back into his arms. "And there's something I want right now!"

"Not here," said Laura, taking his hand from between her legs. "It makes me nervous fucking on this couch, with your secretary right outside that door. Let's go to my place."

"You sure? I've been to your house so many times. Won't your neighbors wonder about you having a guy there when your husband isn't home?"

Laura laughed. "Thanks to you, my husband is away so much, my neighbors think you are my husband!"


There was no doubt about it, Jamie Henderson had special privileges. If anyone could have seen what he was doing at that moment, they would have agreed that no other eighteen-year-old boy could have gotten away with such a thing like that. But that might not have been quite true. In fact, there may have been quite a few teenage boys doing the same thing. But anyway, he did have special privileges. That was evident when he crawled into bed with his mother, lifted up her nightie and put his hand on her cunt.

What's more, his mother didn't even object. You would have expected this very attractive, red-haired young woman (she was only thirty-six) to behave like any other mother would have (well, some of them anyway), that she would have awakened and on seeing that her son was in bed with her and was fingering her pussy, have raised absolute hell. She did awaken, but what she did after that was to turn over on her side facing him, give him a warm loving smile and reach for his fully erect cock, while their mouths came together in a hot passionate kiss.

Mrs. Frank (Jennifer) Henderson wasn't at all worried that they would be caught doing what they were doing. Her husband had already left for his business, a book store on the main street of Tuttleville, and she and her son had the house all to themselves. She knew her son would never get into bed with her until he had seen his father back his car out of the driveway. Then he would lock the doors, so that it would be safe for him to get into bed with his mother and go after her pussy.

Jennifer moaned softly as she felt her son's finger ease its way into her already moist twat. Their lips parted and she looked at him with an endearing smile.

"You really take over, don't you, as soon as your father is out of the house," she teased.

"Wouldn't Dad flip if he could see us now?" said Jamie, grinning at her. "He thinks that now that school is out for the summer, I sleep until noon every day."

"That's because he doesn't really know his son very well, has no idea what a bundle of energy you are, an absolute ball of fire, when you're in bed with your mother," said Jennifer. "I should be ashamed to admit this, but I like having my son in bed with me."

"That's nothing to be ashamed of, Mom, since nobody knows about it but you and me," Jamie told her. "Besides, it's all Dad's fault anyway. He shouldn't leave for the store every morning without taking care of you before he leaves. He should know you well enough by now to realize how hot and horny you are during the day, especially in the morning."

"I'm afraid your father couldn't do much about it anyway, even if he did know," said Jennifer. "He's so out of it in the morning, he's doing well just to get dressed, get into his car and make it to the store. Even then he can't function until he's downed a pot of coffee."

"Well, that's okay by me," said Jamie. "It made things just that much easier. That first time I crawled into bed with you, you hardly put up any struggle at all."

Jennifer laughed. "Who are you kidding? I gave you all kinds of hints that Mother wouldn't mind you getting into bed with her. If you hadn't come into my room when you did, I'd have gone into yours and got into bed with you."

She sat up, pulled her nightie up over her head and tossed it aside. "There, that better?" she asked, leaning over him and dragging one of her soft fleshy tits across his face. "You like being in bed with your mother when she's bare naked, don't you, you bad boy."

Jamie laughed and wrapped his arms around her, one hand on her back and the other on her ass, then rolled her onto her back. Looking down at her, he caressed her legs, fondled her pussy and teased it again with his finger. Moisture was oozing from her snatch, telling him she was hot and ready. Both his hands went up over her belly to her tits and he played with them. He kissed her face, her neck, her shoulders, then sucked on both her tits. After he gave them a good going over, he kissed her mouth again. He climbed on top of her and the head of his cock prodded the lips of her pussy. He felt her legs come up over his hips, pulling him tighter against her. He had not even begun to slip his cock into her, yet he was already feeling pleasure just from being on top of her. He was sure his mother felt the same way.

"Come on, darling. Push it into me," she said in a lewd whisper. "I want it. Oh, I want it so very much. I love these mornings when you're in bed with me. I don't know what I'll ever do, when you go off to college this fall."

"No problem, Mom. I'm enrolling at Amhurst, just fifteen miles away and I can live at home, instead of campus. I'll have plenty of time to make love to you after Dad is gone and I have to leave. I'm going to be in bed with you every morning for years to come."

"Oh sweetheart, that's so wonderful to hear," Jennifer said breathlessly. "You don't know how it turns me on to hear you say that. I think I'm going to stay here in bed and be good to you all day long."

She let out a little cry of delight as her son's enormous cock pushed its way into her. In it went, inch by inch, pushing in a ways, then drawing back, then going in deeper. By the time several inches of his shaft was in her, her ass was moving in an erotic motion, harmonizing with the movements his prick was making as it went in deeper and deeper.

"Oh Lord, you're big," she cooed, with a note of satisfaction in her voice. "It makes me feel so deliciously wicked, to have my son's big solid cock in my pussy."

Her words filled him with lust and made his cock quiver in its urgent need. Their lips met again as he moved into her a little at a time. He could feel her pussy hugging his shaft. It was a tight fit and he had to let her get it all, before they really went into action. He didn't mind the time it took. The sensation of going into her a little at a time, was exciting and it felt good. Everything about his lovely red-haired mother felt good.

Finally he had his entire shaft in her. He could feel his balls wedged in the crack of her ass. His mother groaned, then sighed. Then her arms tightened around his neck and she kissed him again.

"Now comes the really good part," she breathed, "when you stop teasing your mother. Fuck me!"

He started moving it in and out, in long slow strokes. Her slippery cuntal juices oozing out of her pussy were doing the job of making it easier and added to the pleasure they were both feeling. His cock began to slide like a smooth piston, in and out, in and out, and with such a tight feeling as his mother's cunt was providing, the feeling for him was out of this world. Her legs moved. Her feet were on the backs of his legs, then up higher. He could tell that she liked what she was getting so much, she couldn't help squirming around beneath him. Her legs were up over his back now, and her body was working with his. And when he shot off his load in a passionate fury and thrust forward as far as he could go, she cried out with joy and took him all the way. He could feel her getting off when he did and her cunt was gripping his cock, like she wanted him to keep pumping the way he was.

He collapsed on top of her and after a while her legs fell off his back, to the bed. They lay there breathing heavily against each other. Thinking that he might be too heavy for her, he made an effort to roll off of her but she stopped him, bringing her arms around his back and holding him.

"Don't you dare," she whispered. "I love the feeling of you on top of me."

"But I'm heavy…"

"Not too heavy. I like it."

"Okay by me. You feel very comfortable."

"I'm built for comfort," she said with a little laugh. "Think back to those times before you started being naughty with your mother, and how you longed to get on top of me. Now you are. Isn't it nice?"

"I can't think of anything nicer."

A short time later, he slipped his hands under his mother's ass, got a firm grip on both her fleshy round globes, then rolled over onto his back, taking her with him. Now he could feel her against him along the full length of their bodies, without worrying that he might crush her. He could feel her warm moist pussy against his cock that was already stiffening up again. He felt her tits against his chest, and his hands were free to explore her sexy ass, to rub between her legs and send thrills through her that made her cunt pulsate against his cock. He knew what his mother liked and how she appreciated him giving it to her.

He'd had plenty of opportunity to learn all the little things that drove his mother wild. He knew the positions she liked to be in most, although it seemed she liked any position he wanted to get her into. As long as she had her son's cock inside her, as far as it would go, she was happy. Up to now he'd fucked her every afternoon when he got home from school. But now that school was out for the summer, he began fucking her in the morning too, right after his father left for work. Sometimes they stayed in bed most of the day, fucking. They didn't do that often, though. She had housework to do, and shopping to be done. And the laundry. Jamie helped her with all of that, giving her more time to do naughty things with him. It was nice to be able to fuck her throughout the day, right up until his father came home from work.

He brought his hands up along her sides, caressing her full round tits with his palms. He felt her passion growing, as it was growing with him. He felt her legs spreading wide, causing her pussy to open so that the head of his cock was poking between the lips. Then raising her hips, his mother reached down between them, held his steel-like cock so that it was pointing upward and she lowered her pussy onto it. Just the head went in, as her mouth pressed onto his in a kiss of increasing passion. As they kissed she moved her pussy up and down, never taking more than the head, and it sent thrills all through him that made him want to stay in bed with his mother forever.

Then she began slowly taking more of his cock into her each time, and he could feel his load growing. It swelled out the vein and made all the nerve endings more sensitive. His mother was running the show this time and that was fine with him. She never failed to make it good for him – and herself. That slow slide her pussy made down his cock, right to his groin, caused his mother to let out a little cry of delight. She raised herself up slowly, then slid down his cock again. She was sitting on him now. Her cries of pleasure became more intense. The fourth time she did it, he was moaning with her and he had his hands on both her tits, squeezing them gently and running his hands over the stiffened nipples. She gave him a long pleasurable fucking, with her cunt doing most of the work. Their breathing became heavier. She came down on top of him, flattening her tits against his chest. She straightened out her legs so that they were stretched out behind her, alongside his. Then her mouth pressed onto his, her lips hot and demanding, her tongue darting forth in search of his.

She couldn't go slow now. Her ass began gyrating faster and faster. He felt his leg muscles going tight. That ticklish sensation began in his cock and his balls, and he pushed clear off the mattress, taking his mother with him. The way she was writhing on top of him and telling him how good it was, he knew she was right there at the peak of sensation, about to plunge into her orgasm. Half suspended in mid-air as she was, he shot his load into her and both of them humped and jerked as they came off together. Finally he collapsed and she came down with him.

He could have stayed there forever, especially when his mother told him that she could too. With her on top of him, his prick still in her, they rested – and then went at it again.

Two hours later, his mother, nestled in his arms, inhaled deeply and wrinkled her nose. "Good heavens, we both reek of sex. And your come is all over me, my hips, my belly and even my tits."

Jamie laughed. "Sorry, Mom, but pushing my cock back and forth between your tits felt so good, I couldn't help shooting off. My come is all over your neck and chin too."

His mother laughed with him. "You might have warned me. Then I could have put my mouth over your cock before you shot off. It's a shame to waste it."

"Don't worry, Mom. There's plenty more where that came from."

"I can believe that easy enough."

He gave his mother a loving kiss. "I love the way you smell after we've fucked. And I like the smell of your pussy, when it's hot and aroused."

"Your male scent is a turn-on for me, too," she replied. "That's why we go at it again and again, I guess."

His mother was grateful for his attention – not to mention his big hard cock – and she showed it in so many lewd, obscene and loving ways that Jamie didn't show much interest in screwing the teenage girls in his neighborhood.

Not that he passed up any good looking pussy that came his way. He surely didn't. He had something that really turned the girls on, and in this day and age a girl wasn't at all shy about seeking him out and offering it to him. He already had quite a few virgins to his credit. He enjoyed collecting virgins, being the first guy to crawl up between a girl's legs and show her how good it felt to have a solid cock moving up into her untried but eager cunt. He was quite secretive about his conquests and nobody knew a thing about it, except his mother. He told his mother everything, because she loved to hear about the naughty things her son did. After he related all the details of how he had given a girl her first fuck, his mother would be so hot and horny she would climb all over him. She'd grab hold of his steel-like cock and stuff it into her snatch, then go to work on him like she was intent on showing him once again that a teenage girl couldn't love him up half as good as she could.

To Jamie, being able to fuck his mother whenever he wanted to, as often as he wanted, was the greatest thing that ever happened to him. His lovely mother was the hottest, wildest and most sensuous piece of ass a guy could ever wish to have. And he fucked her like he could never get enough of her.

She was all his, too. She didn't fool around with other men, even though there were plenty of them around, some of them his father's good buddies, who wanted to get into her panties. But she didn't give them the time of day. She got all the extramarital sex she needed from her own son. They had a good thing going and they were good for each other. Since they fucked in the privacy of their own home, there was little chance they'd ever be caught doing it. The possibility of his father finding out he was screwing his mother, was pretty remote. So he and his mother had little to worry about and they fucked each other silly.

Jennifer gave her son a warm loving kiss, then said, "Come on. Let's go into the bathroom and get cleaned up."

While his mother stopped in the bathroom to put a plastic shower cap on her head and tuck her shoulder length red hair up under it so it wouldn't get wet, Jamie stepped into the shower stall and turned on the warm water. As soon as she got in with him and closed the sliding glass door behind her, she took the soap and started in on him. She lathered his arms, neck and shoulders, then went all over his chest and stomach like she was really enjoying herself. She leaned over and lathered his cock, giving it and his balls very attentive and loving treatment. Jamie sighed because it felt so good. His idea of happiness was his mother showing how much she admired his cock, whether it was by the way she looked at it, or the way she caressed it with her hands, or when she took it in her mouth, her cunt or in her ass. Or if she simply whispered in his ear, as she often did, telling him how much she loved his cock, the look and feel of it, and how much she loved having sex with her strong, virile, handsome looking son.

Lewd and obscene actions such as these, by his own mother, always set him on fire. It resulted in him fucking her like mad and was the kind of loving attention she enjoyed getting from him.

He surely loved what she was doing to him now. She was pushing the foreskin of his cock back as far as it would go, and washing the head with a loving gentle touch. Then she ran her fingers up and down its entire length.

Although he had fucked his mother five times since his father had left the house that morning, and she had sucked him off twice, which would have left most young men his age, even in his superb physical condition, exhausted – here he was in the shower with his mother and his cock was standing up and it couldn't have been any harder, if it had been made out of marble.

When she finished playing with his cock, she soaped his balls again, lathered his ass, got plenty of suds in the crack and then eased a finger all the way into his bumhole.

"You'd better let me wash you now, Mom," he gasped. "You're the one who complained of smelling sexy."

With a little chuckle she handed him the bar of soap and he began moving it over her body, which she obviously liked. He worked on her tits like they were precious objects of art that had to be washed and polished over and over again. He worked on them so long and so lovingly that she let her head fall back a little, her eyes closed, then her hand reached for his cock and played with it. He worked his way down, soaping her belly and her back, then concentrated on getting a thick soapy lather all over her cunt. With that done, she turned her back to him and he did the same to her rear end. When he had the cheeks of her ass and the crack between all lathered up, she stood with her legs apart and suddenly bent over. Jamie just as quickly eased first one finger, then two more, up his mother's asshole.

She sighed with pleasure and pushed her rear end back against him. He'd been up her back route often enough that she'd learned to relax her anal muscles and she felt no discomfort at having her bumhole stretched. The very idea of having his fingers up his mother's backside thrilled him so that he shivered with excitement and his hard cock quivered.

His mother reached back and pushed his fingers out of her asshole, then seized his cock and guided the head of it to the same place. He had no trouble figuring out what she wanted. He pressed forward, easing his prick into her ass.

He wrapped his arms around her waist as he leaned over her, pulled her tightly to him and began ass-fucking her. His mother let out a cry of delight as her passion soared, and that made him want to give it to her all the more. His hands beneath her seized her dangling tits and he hung onto them, squeezing the nipples gently between his fingers.

"Oh God, Mom," he groaned. "I sure am glad you like being fucked in the ass."

"You're the one who taught your mother to like it, you bad boy," she panted. "Nobody else has been up there. Not even your father!"

One of his hands left her tit and moved lower. He fondled her cunt, then slipped a finger inside, giving his mother pleasure at both openings. That always brought her off in a hurry. Pleased even more by his mother's obvious excitement, he fucked her ass vigorously. He could feel himself building up to a climax. He pounded his cock up his mother's bumhole and shot off his load, flooding the depths of her ass.

"Oh wow!" his mother panted, trying to catch her breath. "Wouldn't our friends and neighbors have something to talk about if they could see the position we're in right now, and what you just did to your mother."

Slowly he pulled his cock out of his mother's ass and she straightened up, turned around and began washing it for him.

"This poor thing takes such a beating," she cooed as she rubbed a thick lather of soap all over it and rinsed it off. "I honestly can't understand how it stands up to all this punishment."

Jamie grinned at her as he squeezed her tits. "My cock doesn't think of it as punishment."

After she finished cleaning up his cock, Jamie returned the favor and washed the crack of his mother's ass once again. Then they stepped from the shower and dried each other off.

"Shall we dress for lunch, or shall we go informal?" his mother asked with a girlish giggle.

"If you mean naked," said Jamie, grinning at her. "Let's go that way."

That night at the supper table was like any other night at the Henderson household. Frank Henderson sat at the head of the table, his wife Jennifer on his right and his son Jamie on his left. He talked as usual about how things went that day at the book store, the biggest and most prosperous one for miles around. It was remarkable that the small community of Tuttleville could support a book store of that size, but people came from miles around to do business there.

Frank was a clever businessman and he devoted a great deal of time to it. And he had connections, various clubs he belonged to, several community projects he was active in. This took up a good deal of his spare time, time which he should have been spending with his wife, he supposed, but it paid off. His business was thriving. He was sure Jennifer understood. Besides, with school out for the summer, she had their son Jamie for company. Jamie took her wherever she wanted to go in the evenings, when he had to go back to the store. Jamie took her to the movies and to social events, which was really his husbandly duty to do so and which he wasn't attending to. But his wife and their son got along well together and they didn't seem to mind. Jennifer didn't complain that it was her son who took her places, instead of her husband. And Jamie didn't object to taking his mother wherever she wanted to go, when he could have been out with some teenage girl.

It made Frank feel more at ease, knowing his wife was with their son, when he couldn't be with her. His dear Jennifer was a faithful, respectable wife and having an extramarital affair was the farthest thing from her mind, he was sure. Yet by the very way she was put together, a beautiful face, a superb figure and a warm personality, was a temptation to men. He knew all too well that even his good buddies, supposedly his loyal friends, wanted to get into her panties, and would, if she gave any one of them the least bit of encouragement. His wife had something about her that seemed to broadcast sex, like she was a transmitter sending out signals. It was all too apparent that she had a hot, sexy nature, even if she herself was unaware of it. It was so easy to get her aroused, that if he spent less time at the store and more time with her, she'd likely burn him out in a month. When they were in bed together, he couldn't begin to match her passionate demands. A woman like that would at times, he knew, be tempted to get a little on the side, like several other women in this town were doing.

But with his son accompanying his mother nearly everywhere she went, he felt secure. Even if the boy didn't realize it, he was looking after his father's interests. His presence with his mother was a discouragement to men who wanted to make a try for her. For that reason he didn't press too hard when Jamie didn't show any interest in spending the summer months working as a clerk in the book store, learning the business, but seemed to prefer to just hang around the house and do nothing. If his mother didn't mind him being underfoot all the time, it was all right with him. She had someone to talk to all day and that would keep her mind off sex.

It was when a woman was alone in the house all day that she was apt to be tempted, he thought. His friend Cecil was having marital problems because of that very thing. He came home during the day when he wasn't expected and found his wife having sex with the teenage boy who mowed their lawn every week. Yes, Frank Henderson was very pleased that his son was home with his mother all day, making that kind of nonsense impossible.

While his father was having his secret thoughts, Jamie glanced across at his mother, and smiled a furtive little smile. His mother could have been an actress. She deserved an academy award. Right now she was being the quiet natured, highly moral, respectable wife and mother, who never had an immoral thought in her life. She looked so innocent that if someone said fuck in front of her, she'd faint dead away. Who would ever suspect that she had been naked most of the day, romping around the house with her son? There wasn't a thing about her to indicate she'd had her son's prick in her mouth, in her cunt and up her ass. It wasn't written on her forehead in red letters. It didn't show. How many other mothers in town, Jamie wondered, were putting on a similar convincing act of innocence?

"It's a strange thing, the way the book business has been going over the past several years," Frank Henderson said, unknowingly cutting in on his son's lewd thoughts about his mother.

"In what way, dear?" asked Jennifer.

"Sex has become far and away the best-seller," said Frank. "The public is obsessed with immorality, even in their reading. Sex is the all important thing. If they aren't doing it, they watch it on TV or in the movies."

"I think that's terrible," said Jennifer, glancing at her son and thinking of the X-rated movie he took her to the other night in another town.

"And if they aren't watching it," Frank went on, "they want to read about it. If the books we sell weren't about sex, the store would go broke. If you go to a hardware store to buy a socket wrench, it's fastened by plastic to a cardboard backing that has a picture of a naked woman on it. Nothing, it seems, can be sold without sex."

"It's the age we're living in, I guess," said Jennifer with a deep sigh, as she passed the dish of mashed potatoes across to her son.

"You wouldn't believe what they're planning for a book they intend to bring out," said Frank.

"What kind of book, Dad?" asked Jamie.

"Another Kinsey type thing," said Frank. "A study on incest."

That got Jamie and his mother's attention. They both glanced at each other and looked startled.

"Incest?" said Jennifer.

"Yes. I received a notice about it from the publisher," said Frank. "It was a questionnaire, really. They want to know how I think it will sell. They send this questionnaire to all the bookstores around the country and if it looks like it will sell well, they'll go ahead with the research on it and write it."

"Incest seems to be a popular subject lately," said Jennifer cautiously. "It's being written about in newspapers and magazines, and they've even made several movies with that as the subject!"

"Yeah, there's a movie out now where the hero and the heroine are brother and sister," said Jamie. "And they do it to each other all through the picture."

Jennifer gave her son a warning glance. At the same time she made a mental note that she wanted him to take her to see that movie, when it was showing at their favorite out-of-town theater.

"It's disgraceful," said Frank. "Sexologists claim there's a lot of it going on, sex between brother and sister, father and daughter, niece and uncle, nephew and aunt, and between mother and son."

"How shocking!" Jennifer gasped.

"What's more," Frank went on, "this information I received claims they've found a particular town where a good many people are doing it. Mostly between mothers and sons, but a lot of it between brothers and sisters too. They plan to send investigators to this place and get the goods on these women who are fooling around with their sons. Then the information they gather will go into the book. There'll be several volumes, the first dealing with sex between a mother and her son."

"What's this world coming to?" asked Jennifer, looking a little uneasy.

Jamie tried to shrug it off. "It sounds pretty far out, Dad. I doubt if anything will come of it."

"Not if I can help it," said Frank. "I wrote them back and told them the whole idea was disgusting and sick. I also told them that whoever thought up that idea, should be put away."

"Good for you, dear. If there were more people like you, looking after the community and family life, it would be a better world."

Frank look pleased and smiled at her. "Thank you, dear. I'm glad you understand about these things. Keeping watch over the way society is going, does involve a lot of time. And it pleases me that you've never complained about the time I've spent with these community organizations, when I could have been home with you!"

Jennifer glanced at her son again, then concentrated on the food on her plate.


With the coffee pot in her hand, Dorothy Baker went over to the kitchen table where her two good friends, Mary Anne Overton and Jennifer Henderson were sitting.

"More coffee, girls?" she asked.

"Not for me, thanks," said Mary Anne. "Hadn't we better be going? When there's a sale on, the store might be crowded."

"We have time. It's still early," Dorothy replied. "How about you, Jennifer?"

"Yes, I will," said Jennifer. "Say, why don't we give Irma Thatcher a call and see if she'd like to go with us? We can pick her up on the way."

"That's a good idea," said Dorothy. "Okay with you, Mary Anne?"

"Of course," replied Mary Anne, smiling up at her. "I should have thought of it myself. Irma is always a lot of fun."

"The more the merrier," said Dorothy, picking up the kitchen phone and dialing.

She stood listening to it ring and counting them. When she counted twelve, she put the receiver back.

"Nobody home?" asked Mary Anne.

"I guess not," Dorothy shrugged. "I suppose she and her son Richard are out someplace."

"Maybe she heard about the sale too," said Jennifer, "and is already on her way there!"

"Maybe we'll meet her there," said Mary Anne. "Let's go."

"I'm ready," said Jennifer, getting up from the table. "And if Irma isn't there, well, she just missed out on a good sale, that's all."

Three blocks over, at the Thatcher residence, it did appear that no one was home, but that was only the way it appeared to anyone passing by. Upstairs in Irma's bedroom, young Richard glanced at the phone on the bedside table.

"It's stopped ringing," he said.

"Good," said Irma. "It couldn't have been anything important. Not as important as what we're doing now."

"Right…" said Richard, before he gave his mother a long sexy, tongue probing kiss.

"Ummm, darling, it feels so good when you have your hand there, and your finger… But I can think of something else that would feel even better in there."

Irma Thatcher's words were a soft whisper in the ear of her eighteen-year-old son, as her legs spread apart so he would get the idea. While they lay side by side on her bed, both of them naked and with their arms about each other, his hand stroked up and down the soft inner-flesh of her thigh, getting her aroused to the point that she was going to get off without him, if he didn't hurry up and shove his prick into her.

From time to time Irma had been fucked by other eighteen-year-old boys throughout her years of marriage, but not one of them had spent any time on foreplay. Each had the same thought, to get his prick into her and fuck, whether she was ready for it or not. Because of that, she wasn't too impressed with teenage cock, except that her son was remarkably different. He made sure he had her ready and eager for his prick before he fucked her. He spent a lot of time on foreplay, more than he ever needed to, so that he was a terrible tease. It seemed to delight him that often her first climax hit her just from him sucking on her boobs, and her second from him kissing her cunt, or tickling it with his fingers.

God, the very idea that her son had his head between her legs was enough to get her off. She would grab hold of his head, her fingers tangling in his hair and pull his mouth tight against her snatch, while she wriggled her ass all over the bed. She'd climax again and again, like she was trying to drown him in her orgasmic juices.

While she kissed him full on the mouth, her tongue probing for his, Irma reached down to take a firm grip on the solid shaft of her son's cock. Quickly she guided it to her open snatch. She wanted to feel this wonderful, throbbing alive cock in her pussy. This was their first fuck that morning. There would be a second and of course a third. Once was never enough, not when she had her son all to herself, while his father was at the office. She loved to feel his prick inside her stroking back and forth, slowly at first and then with increasing speed. Her son's cock never failed to set her on fire. Often she lay there, letting her son fuck her all day long. When she was feeling that horny, she simply said to hell with the housework.

There was that time when her husband, George, came home from the office shortly after five, expecting his supper to be ready and she and her son were still in bed, fucking. They broke some kind of a record getting their clothes on, when they heard his car in the driveway. Luckily for them George stopped to talk to his neighbor for a while, which gave them time to change the come-stained sheets and make the bed, and for her to comb her hair.

Irma knew all too well what the penalty would be if she and her son were ever caught. If her husband ever found out that right after he left the house in the morning, his son got into bed with her and fucked her hour after hour, her marriage would be a disaster area. And if he ever found out she let her son fuck her in the ass, when she wouldn't let him do that to her, it would freak him right out.

But Irma had good reasons for that, she often told herself. She was sure her husband would be too rough when he did it to her that way, whereas her son was always so gentle. And besides, her adorable, loving son was so thoughtful and considerate of her, he could talk her into anything.

She smiled lewdly as she rubbed the bulbous-shaped head of her son's cock along the warm slippery lips of her pussy.

"You like that, don't you darling?" she whispered. "Doesn't that feel nice when your big hard woman pleaser touches your mother's hot pussy?"

Richard grinned at her. "You're really hot for it, aren't you Mom? Didn't I give you enough yesterday?"

"You were very good to your mother yesterday, darling," she said throatily. "But that was yesterday. God, what would I ever do if I had to go a whole week without you?"

Tugging gently at her son's cock, she tossed her head to fling a wave of chestnut colored hair from her eyes and she gazed at him lustfully. He gave her a pleased grin as he eased her onto her back and climbed between her widely parted legs.

"Now that's more like it," she sighed. "I look forward to these mornings so much, having you in bed with me."

She lay with her legs open obscenely, waiting for him to ease the head of his prick into her eagerly awaiting cunt. When he didn't do it, she pulled more insistently on his cock.

"Come on, Richard. What are you waiting for?"

"I just want to look at you first, Mom," he replied. "God, I must be the luckiest guy around, having such an attractive and sexy looking mother, and being able to fuck her."

With his ass resting on his heels, his eyes took in her sleek, naked thighs spread open and pressed on either side of his body. Running his hand along them made his mother shiver with desire. He thrilled to the feel of her stroking his cock faster and faster. He had excellent control. She could play with his cock without him having to worry that he would shoot his load all over her belly, like some teenage kid getting his first piece of ass. Even though her gorgeous naked body was a sight to behold, he knew it was even nicer when he was in her seething hot pussy right up to his balls.

He enjoyed looking at his naked mother. Her triangle of pussy hair was already wet with her cuntal secretions. He could see her cunt-lips, pink and open in obscene invitation to his prick. Soon, very soon he would have his cock up in there, right up past her belly button. She loved it when he went in deep, then deeper still. Deeper, she had told him than his father, or anyone else, had ever been. But he wanted to savor the sight of her heaving belly, her inviting navel, her luscious tits, for one moment more.

Those gorgeous boobs. He could almost shoot off his load every time he sucked on them. They were creamy white, satiny smooth, full and round, yet incredibly soft. Her nipples were stiff, pulsating with desire.

He was pleased that he had the control necessary to crouch between her legs and just look at her. Mrs. Hallahan – Gloria – down the street, had taught him all about control. She had taught him everything. Her husband was out of town on business a good deal of the time and Richard would sneak into her house by the back door, whenever he wasn't there. When Gloria found out he was a virgin, she was only too happy to be his teacher. She let him suck on her tits, which thrilled him so much he shot off his load in his undershorts. She was sweet and understanding about it. She stripped him naked, washed his cock and rinsed out his undershorts. When he finally left that day, they were dry.

After she hung up his undershorts, she took him into her bedroom, showed him her pussy and invited him to give it a kiss. It delighted her as much as it did him when he discovered he liked the taste and smell of it. Soon he was eating her and bringing her off, again and again, tickling her with his tongue in all the little places she pointed out to him.

But the biggest thrill of all was when he eased his long, thick and very hard cock up into her incredibly soft and warm cuntal passage. Day after day they fucked in every conceivable position. She taught him how to fuck a woman in the ass without hurting her, but instead, giving her and himself fantastic pleasure.

When she had taught him all about fucking, she then taught him all the many things that made women vulnerable to his charms. She told him of various approaches that a woman couldn't resist. He was a stud when she finished with him. He had a fabulous storehouse of knowledge.

And one night when his father was out of town on business, he used that knowledge to seduce his own mother!

He was so smooth in his approach and the things he did, that his mother didn't fully realize the significance of what had taken place between her and her son until after he had fucked her all night long. By then she didn't care. She'd never had it that good in her life, and it didn't bother her in the least that what she and her son were doing was incest. She didn't care that her friends and neighbors would be very shocked if they knew they were doing it. She made up her mind right then and there that nobody was ever going to find out about it, especially her husband. From that time on, she was ready and willing, whenever her son wanted her. The fact that he wanted her every afternoon as soon as he got home from school, only increased her happiness. Then school was out for the summer and the breakfast dishes and the housework didn't get done until after she and her son fucked.

He bent over his mother and sucked on one of her boobs. He heard her sigh and felt her tense all over. She arched her back and thrust her tits up at him, like she wanted to get her entire mound of flesh into his mouth. Richard licked and sucked and used his tongue to drive her frantic. After a while his mouth slid down the snowy white slope of her tit until his nose was in the valley between her mounds.

While he nipped and licked at her soft flesh, his mother thrashed around beneath him. In spite of her torment, she liked these moments almost as much as when she felt her son's prick in her and her hot, wet, tight cunt was clamping around it. But not quite. Nothing could take the place of her son pushing his prick into her and fucking her. She didn't mind that he was in control, because he was causing her as well as himself to feel intense pleasure.

"Don't be such a tease, Richard," she pleaded. "How much more of this do you think your mother can take? Do it to me now. I want you in me!"

He smiled at her, then she felt his hot wet tongue swirling about on one of her tits. He traced out the entire mound, then slowly, wetly and enticingly, licked up toward the hollow of her throat. She felt her heart beating faster and faster. Her boobs throbbed, her cunt throbbed, and even her asshole was beginning to get a ticklish feeling in it.

"Come on, darling," she coaxed. "Fuck your mother."

"In a minute, Mom."

Realizing what she had said and how it must have sounded, she wailed, "My God, how shameless can I get? Here I am begging my son to fuck me. I'll bet I'm the only mother in town who's ever said a thing like that."

"Maybe not, Mom," Richard said softly. "Maybe other guys around here are fucking their mothers. And they keep it a secret, just like we are!"

"Don't get started on that again," Irma said. "I just can't believe other mothers are behaving as outrageously as I am with you."

"What's so outrageous about a guy screwing his mother?" Richard asked softly. "Just because society says it's wrong, doesn't mean that it is. It's just a matter of opinion. If it's so wrong for a guy to fuck his mother, how come it feels so good?"

"Ummm, and it does feel good," Irma admitted.

"For me too. It feels great," he told her. "It's better with you than with anyone else I've done it to. It feels so good when I'm with you like this, Mom, that I'm going to go right on fucking you every chance I get."

"It gives me such a thrill to hear you say that, darling," said Irma, between kisses. "But much as I enjoy it, I can't help but feel that what we're doing isn't right. This isn't the proper way for a mother to raise her son."

Richard grinned at her. "You've already raised me, Mom. That's over and done with. Now you can just lie back and enjoy it. Isn't that what Dad did, when he built that patio at the back of the house? He spent several weekends working on it, now when he's home, he just sits out there and enjoys it. And that's what you're doing too, Mom. You spent a lot of time and effort, raising me to manhood. And now that I'm a man, why shouldn't you have me in bed with you, giving you pleasure?"

Irma chuckled. "You're going to make a wonderful lawyer. The way you talk, you make everything come out just the way you want it. But that doesn't change anything, doesn't change what your father would do, if he caught you in bed with me."

"That's true," said Richard easily. "That's just the way Dad is. I can understand him getting sore when one of his so-called friends makes a pass at you, letting you know he wants to fuck you. But with me it's different. I'm part of the family. Dad doesn't mind me taking the car when he's not using it. Why should he object to me fucking you, when he's not around to do it himself? When I have the car, he knows I'm taking care of it. Well, I'm taking care of you too, Mom, because Dad doesn't give you nearly as much cock as you need."

"What makes you think that?"

"If he was really looking after you, he'd give you a long passionate fuck every morning before he leaves for the office. That's when you're really hot for it. But he doesn't do it. He must know by now that's when you need it the most."

"You're very observant, aren't you?"

"Another thing Dad should do, is come home during lunch hour and give your pussy a going over, to keep you satisfied until he gets home at night to really look after you."

Irma sighed. "He used to do that, the first year we were married. Then he got involved in his business!"

"Well, the business I want to be involved in, is right here between my mother's legs," Richard said with a lewd grin.

His tongue made its way slowly upward. He licked and kissed her earlobe for a moment, which made Irma wiggle her ass frantically. Whenever he stuck his tongue in her ear she always thought she could come, just from him doing that. Her hand worked faster up and down on her son's cock. That mighty pillar of prick was going to feel like heaven to her. She could hardly believe now that she had that thick solid shaft in her only yesterday. Right now it seemed like she hadn't had it in a month.

Every second that her son delayed, carried her that much closer to coming. The sexual tension she felt in her belly and in her cunt was near its peak. Any second now she could pop.

She brought her legs up and locked her heels behind her son's back, in an attempt to get the head of his prick into her snatch.

"Come on, damn it. You've kept your mother waiting long enough. Screw me! Do it to me!"

Richard laughed and kissed her full on the mouth, thrusting his tongue in as far as it would go. Irma enjoyed the feel of his tongue pressing onto hers so erotically, in a way that a boy isn't supposed to kiss his mother. But she liked what was going on between her legs even more. She felt him move his hips forward, and the blunted head of his prick brushed along the sensitive moist lips of her cunt.

"Ummm! Oh lover!" she murmured, burying her face in her son's shoulder. "That's what mother wants. Give Mommy all that big long cock!"

He grinned at her and began tormenting her with his pecker. He moved it back and forth along her slippery gash and she felt her love oils oozing out to meet it, dribbling down the insides of her thighs and going between the cheeks of her ass. Her son's prick was slickly wet with it.

"You like this, don't you, Mom?" he teased, as he dragged his cock up and down in the trough formed by the lips of her twat. "Tell me how much you love it!"

"You know how much I love it," she said in a controlled whisper. "Would I be lying here, letting you torment me, if I didn't love that hard cock of yours? If it was the other way around and I was teasing you, you wouldn't take it for two minutes. You'd be out the door and screwing Helen Doberly next door. One of these days John Doberly is going to catch you fucking his wife. Then he'll send you back to your mother with your cock tied in a knot."

"No he won't, Mom," said Richard, "because I'm not fucking her anymore. Not since I started doing it with you. Helen's a great lay and it sure feels nice when I have my prick in her, but good as she is, she can't be compared with you. I'd rather fuck you than anyone in this whole town."

Hearing her son's words of loving praise, Irma could barely contain the heated emotions churning through her. Her sexual need for her son's cock was almost more than she could stand. She had been horny this morning while her son and his father sat with her at the breakfast table. Now her fire was raging. She was frantic with her need for him.

"Doesn't that feel good, Mom?" said Richard, brushing his cock over her pussy.

"You think you're king of the hill, don't you? Now that you have a good thing going with your mother, you think you're really somebody. Well mark my words, young man. As much as Mother loves having you in bed with her, she's going to take the wind out of your sails one of these days."

Suddenly she felt the bulbous-shaped head of his prick push its way in past her cunt-lips and bury itself a good two inches in her twat. It almost took her breath away. She cried out gleefully and gripped her son's arms for support. She felt like she was taking a fence post up her cunt. Her juices seeped around her son's thick shaft and lubricated it even more, for the rest of the trip up into her cunt.

"Oh darling! That's more like it!" she moaned. "Now fuck me!"

She was nearly out of her mind. He didn't ram it into her like a piledriver, as most young men would have done. She wouldn't have wanted that, not the way her son was hung. She liked it slow and easy, just the way she was getting it. Her son's prick was enormously long, but she could take it all, if he was careful about how he eased it into her. She didn't really mind that he tormented her with the slowness of his entry into her. She felt and enjoyed every single inch as it burrowed its way deeper and deeper into her.

"Ummm, more. Give me more."

"I will, Mom, I've got plenty more to go in."

He didn't hasten his entry into her slick-walled pussy. Instead, he carefully shoved inch after inch into her tight opening until his entire length was in her, hidden from sight but not unfelt. His mother thrashed around beneath him in the throes of sheer ecstasy.

Irma cooed with happiness. This was the best time of the whole day, as far as she was concerned, having her son in bed with her and feeling his enormous cock all the way up in her. She thrilled to the feel of his big hairy balls brushing against the sensitive ring of her bumhole. Once again her son's balls were where they belonged, nestled in the crack of her ass. And his pecker was up in her. Every single inch of his magnificent prick was hers to savor and enjoy.

She tensed her cunt walls, causing them to clamp around the thick shaft of her son's hefty cock. The sensitive nerve endings in her cuntal passage could define every contour of that mighty prick.

It felt like a pump handle inside her. She moaned with delight and began massaging the pillar of moving cock by sending small surges of muscular power to her cuntal walls. She could feel the plump knob as well as the thick vein on the underside of his shaft, pulsing against her tender pussy flesh. Every single vein and ridge on her son's fabulous tool thrilled her more than she thought was possible.

"Ohhh, you feel so good inside your mother's pussy," she moaned happily. "I'm so glad I'm your mother and entitled to first chance at your cock!"

"Sure, Mom. You're entitled," Richard agreed. "A guy's family comes first. Whoever wrote that a boy's best friend is his mother, really meant that a boy's best fuck is his mother. But he didn't dare put that down on paper. You come first with me, Mom. What I'm finding though, is that when I finally have you soothed and satisfied, I'm not much interested in doing it with anyone else."

"That's good," said Irma, giving him a loving kiss. "Then I won't have to worry about some teenage girl around here claiming you got her pregnant."

"What if I get you pregnant, Mom?"

Irma laughed. "That will never happen. Your mother isn't some dumb teenage twat, who doesn't know how to take care of herself, who thinks that protection means making you wear a rubber."

A look of distaste spread across Richard's face. "I can't stand those things. Monica Davis down the street, made me put on one of those things, before I fucked her. I hated it."

"Well don't you worry, darling," Irma soothed. "You'll never have to wear one of those nasty raincoats, while you're being good to your mother."

Her son was a master at stringing her out sexually. He could get her all worked up and then hold off on fucking her until she was nearly frantic. He was a terrible tease, yet she loved him for it, because it always moved her up to new heights of passion. Then he gave her a little taste of what was to come. Just a little. And he teased and tormented her until she could hardly speak coherently. Just when she was positive she couldn't take it anymore, she discovered that she could. And she enjoyed it all the more.

Her son had to be one in a million and she was so happy she had first claim on him. She wouldn't always, maybe for six years at the most. Then he'd be twenty-four and likely have himself a wife. But in the meantime she was going to get all she could out of this forbidden and outrageous relationship she had going with him.

And maybe, just maybe, the fact that he had a wife, wouldn't mean that he would stop slipping it to her. At forty-two, she might still be just as attractive as she was now, and her son would come to see her a couple of times a week. Then they would go into her room, get onto the bed naked and he would fuck her like he had always done. Her son was quite capable of looking after both his wife and his mother. He wouldn't neglect either of them. Even now he was screwing three married women in the neighborhood, besides her. He didn't realize she knew about that, the horny devil. As if he could keep anything like that from his mother.

She groaned and moaned and sighed, in response to the feel of his cock moving back and forth inside her. She clawed at his naked back and pulled her cunt up so that she could wriggle it around on her son's impaling shaft.

"Now you're really doing it, you bad, bad boy!" she gasped. "You're being so good to your mother!"

He pulled back from her cunt, almost to the head of his cock. She cried out and writhed about, trying to get it back in her pussy again.

He didn't allow it. With the head of his prick coming to the mouth of her cunt, there was a lewd sucking sound that was so obscene, that Irma almost came. It turned her on even more, if such a thing was possible. But then, everything her son did to her turned her on.

Slowly he went all the way back in, then used short, quick strokes to build up friction. Sexual sensations shot up from her cunt and through her belly. He lit her fuse and it only took a second for the explosion to occur.

Irma climaxed.

She lifted her ass up from the bed, so that even more of his cock surged into her convulsing cunt. She cried and screamed and thrashed around. Her son's cock never ceased its breakneck pace in her hot, demanding pussy.

She came and came and came. When she did slowly drift down from her sexual high, she found to her delight her son was far from being finished with her. If anything, he was stirring feelings in her that were now more intense than before she had gotten off.

Her darling son was up to the task. He changed his fucking from the short, quick strokes to longer, more powerful ones. He reamed her out the way she always liked it. Each time he went in up to his balls, he pressed his groin against her twat.

Fiery sensations shot all through her as his groin rubbed over her sensitive clitoris. The tender organ, having raised its head as if to see what was happening, received full stimulation. Irma nearly went out of her mind.

She shrieked, squealed and thrashed about and climaxed again. This time her son joined her. She felt it as he fucked hard and fast and as deep as he could. She pulled her knees up and opened her legs as far as possible, so that he could bury himself in her fiery pit of love and passion.

Hot and excited, beside herself with lust, she came and came, and then she felt the gushing flow of her son's hot spurting charge. Bucking and jerking, her son's fabulous cock sent spurt after spurt of his manseed into her still convulsing pussy.

Irma's mind was reeling so that she was only vaguely aware that it was finished. She clung weakly to her son as she felt the warm glow of a good fucking flow all through her. His prick was still in her and she gave a contented sigh as she pulled him closer so that his chest flattened her tits. Together they lay with their arms and legs about each other, whispering sweet nothings to one another, between tender loving kisses, as they basked in the afterglow of their passion.

Sometime later, she felt his cock inside her returning to its usual state of steel-like hardness and she acknowledged it with her mouth pressed onto his in a long and loving tongue-probing kiss.

"I don't know what you can possibly do now for an encore, after a fabulous performance like that," she cooed.

Richard grinned. "I'll bet you do!"

"What can Mother do for you now, darling, to show how much I appreciate what you just did?"

"You know what I always like, Mom, after we come this far. I want to fuck my mother in the ass!"

Young Michael Bradner was so hot and horny he couldn't get to sleep. He turned over on his bed to lie on his stomach and hugging the pillow, he made humping movements with his hips, as if he had a woman beneath him and he was fucking her. But when the friction against his stiffly erect cock increased the fever in his body, he stopped himself. It wasn't any use. He wanted the real thing. He wanted the joyful sensation of shoving his prick into a warm moist pussy. The feel of his cock rubbing against the mattress just wouldn't do.

It wasn't unusual for him to be horny and to have an erection that was so solid and immense, that any woman or girl would be thrilled to feel it between her legs. He was that way most of the time. But back home there was always a teenage girl who would let him fuck her, again and again, until they were both satisfied and temporarily exhausted.

In fact, he had quite a record of achievement, where teenage girls were concerned. At the Tuttleville High School, there weren't many girls who hadn't let him have what he wanted. Even two of the teachers frequently had sex with him. One of them, Mrs. Tait, would keep him there after she dismissed the class for the afternoon, then she would lock the door and let him fuck her on top of her desk. Mrs. Tait loved all kinds of sex. Not only did she suck his cock, she would stand with her legs apart, lean over her desk and invite him to fuck her in the ass. That was an invitation Michael never refused. He dearly enjoyed going into Mrs. Tait's bumhole.

The other teacher, Mrs. Pearson, wasn't that brave that she would let him do it to her at school. Instead, two afternoons a week she would take him home with her, after school was out, and there in her bedroom, both of them naked, for almost two hours they would fuck like crazy, until it was time for her husband to come home from work.

After a workout like that, Michael could sleep peacefully all night long. But when he awoke in the morning, refreshed and restored, he would start thinking about cunt all over again.

Unfortunately right now he wasn't home, where he could get his hands on some of that pussy. He was up at the lake, in their summer cottage, alone with his mother. Every year at this time, he and his mother came up here to open up the cottage and get it ready for summertime living. As in past summers, he would spend this summer here with his mother, while his father would stay in town because he had to work, and Dad would come up on weekends.

He thought of what his father would be up to, now that he was alone in the house back in town. He'd be having himself a ball, screwing that good looking, hot-assed Mrs. Halsey next door, and a couple of other married women who lived just down the street. For the old man (he was forty), extramarital sex was his favorite pastime. He looked after the hot and neglected pussy of every attractive woman he could find, whenever the lady's husband wasn't around. It seemed to Michael however, that his mother's pussy was being neglected in the meantime.

The old man did all right for himself. There was plenty of hot pussy in the neighborhood and it was a joy to fuck it, especially Mrs. Halsey next door. Michael knew that for a fact, because he had fucked her and some of the others himself. His lovely next door neighbor even told him his wonderful tool was longer, thicker, harder and more enjoyable than his father's, not to mention her husband's.

It amazed him how those quiet, respectable ladies, most of them in their mid-thirties, loved making it with an eighteen-year-old youth. Like most of the others, Mrs. Halsey showed her appreciation by letting him have what he wanted, whenever he wanted it. And she took it in her mouth, in her cunt and quite frequently in her ass. Michael loved putting it up her rear end. There was something about fucking a woman in the ass that made him feel like a king. There she was in front of him on her hands and knees, with him holding her by her hips, having her completely in his power. Once he had her ass impaled on his cock, there was no way she could get away from him. She had to remain there until he was finished with her. Not that any female ever tried to get away, once it had gone that far. With Mrs. Halsey it was a question of, once he had his prick in her ass, whether or not she'd ever let him have it back.

How he wished Mrs. Halsey was with him right now, that he had his arms around her instead of his pillow. Mrs. Halsey was the same age as his mother (thirty-six) and almost as good-looking. Her gorgeous figure was as nice as Mom's. That made it easy, when he was on top of her with his eyes closed, to pretend that he was fucking his mother, that it was Mom who was squealing with delight and telling him how good he was making her feel.

He got out of bed and with the room bathed in bright moonlight, he was able to see the clock on the dresser. It was two in the morning. What could he do to appease his fever? He slipped quietly out of the cottage, naked, and walked along the beach. It was a small lake, with the beach extending about ten feet back from the water's edge. Tall trees and shrubbery grew right up to the edge of the beach, giving plenty of privacy. The moon shone unhindered by any clouds in the sky. It reflected off the calm water and it was so bright he could almost see to the other side. Theirs was the only cottage on the lake. It was like having their own private lake, their own personal paradise.

He and his mother enjoyed being up here in the summer, though for him it wasn't as easy to find a hot and willing pussy as it was back in town. Last year though, he had a good thing going with Mrs. Jones, whose husband owned the general store eight miles down the road. While Mr. Jones and his two daughters were busy in the store, his wife would sneak Michael into their house which was just up the road. There, undisturbed in her bedroom, they would fuck for hours, their only concern being that one of the girls might leave the store and come to the house unexpectedly.

Then one day a crisis arose. Mrs. Jones who had been working in the store that day, came home and found him fucking her older daughter, who was the same age as he. The horrified mother went right up the wall and Michael thought the world had come to an end. But she didn't tell her husband and a few days later, her pussy began to itch and send lewd signals to her brain, which prompted her to let him know that all had been forgiven. Then for the remainder of the summer, he joyfully fucked both the mother and the daughter.

But that didn't help his situation now. He couldn't very well tramp eight miles down the road and knock on Mrs. Jones' door in the wee hours of the morning. Not when her husband was there in bed with her.

Suddenly he saw something ahead of him on the beach he couldn't believe. She was too far away for him to see who she was, but in the light of the moon he could tell she was a gorgeous looking creature – and she was naked.

When she stepped into the lake and waded out until the water was up around her tits, he hurried along the beach to where she had been standing, then splashed into the water. He came closer to her and she let him. He could see her clearly now.

"What's the matter, Mom?" he said with a pleased grin. "Couldn't you sleep, either?"

"What are you doing running around without anything on?" his mother scolded. "Shame on you."

He laughed. "You don't have anything on either. I saw you before you got into the water."

"I didn't expect my own son to go nosing around," she said. "I thought you'd be in bed and asleep."

"Who did you expect to be nosing around?" Michael teased.

"Don't get smart with your mother, young man," she replied sternly.

Michael wasn't worried. The way she smiled at him told him she was glad he was there with her.

His mother floated on her back and suddenly he swam deftly and gracefully over her body, touching it, brushing his hard cock across her thighs as he passed over her. She continued to swim and he repeated his passage over her several times.

"I'm not at all sure it's safe to be out here alone with you," she said.

"Why, Mom?" he asked innocently.

"You know very well why. Your thing is as hard as a bone. You brushed it against me each time you went over me!"

"Don't worry about it, Mom. It gets that way a lot. What do you expect from a normal, healthy eighteen year old guy?"

"From you – nothing, since you're my own son. So if you want to play around out here in the water with me, just don't forget that I'm your mother!"

"I could never forget that, Mom," he said, giving her a lewd grin. "That's why my cock is sticking up like it is. I don't see anything wrong with a guy being hot for his own mother, as long as nobody knows about it. You're such a good looking woman, Mom. You look so hot and sexy – especially when you're naked!"

"It must be the full moon that's doing it," said his mother.

"Doing what?"

"You know what they say about people behaving strangely when the moon is full."

His mother stood up, the water sloshing around her nipples and he dived down and passed between her legs. They laughed when he surfaced and he dived again. She stood with her legs apart, letting him pass between them, again and again.

"Hey!" she exclaimed, the ninth time he came up for air. "That was sneaky."

"What do you mean, Mom?"

"As if you didn't know. You grabbed yourself a feel that last time you went between my legs."

Michael laughed. "I couldn't resist the urge. I've always wanted to do that."

"I'm sure you have, but that doesn't mean that you're entitled to. What right have you got, to be the only boy who's ever felt his own mother's pussy?"

"You think I'm the only guy who's ever done that to his mother?"

"You mean you aren't?"

"I could name you three guys who do all kinds of things with their mothers, when their fathers aren't around."

"Name one, smarty."

"Jamie Henderson. I called for him one day and instead of ringing his doorbell, I figured I'd look in his living room window and make a face at him. It was a dumb thing to think of, I guess. I didn't stop to think how he and his mother would feel about a guy looking in their window."

"You're right, it was dumb," Mrs. Bradner – Norma – told her son indignantly. "I wouldn't have a very high opinion of any boy, if I caught him looking in my window."

"Well lucky for me I didn't get caught," said Michael. "I looked in their window and was struck speechless at what I saw."

"What did you see," Norma asked, her curiosity quite obvious.

"Jamie and his mother were cuddled up on the couch together, hugging and kissing," said Michael. "Her dress was up around her thighs and her panties were on the floor. She had her legs wide apart and Jamie was fingering her cunt."

"You're kidding!" Norma gasped.

"And while that was going on, Jamie's cock was sticking out of his pants and his mother was playing with it," Michael added.

"Jennifer Henderson? I don't believe it," said Norma, in a tone of voice that indicated she might believe it after all. "Jennifer is too strait-laced, highly moral, open and aboveboard, pure in mind and thought, and faithful to her husband. She wouldn't even let her son see her panties, much less let him drag them off her and take liberties with her cunt."

"Wouldn't she, Mom?"

"Well, maybe she would. I've seen the way she looks at her son sometimes."

"The way you look at me, Mom?"

His mother laughed and they both moved easily in the water. After they swam for a while, she stood up again, the water up around her tits.

"Who were the others?"

"What others?"

"You said you could name three boys who were fooling around with their mothers," Norma reminded her son. "Who were the other two?"

"Oh. Well, Richard Bradner. It's easy to tell he and his mother are making out together. They can't seem to keep their hands off each other. When they think no one is around to watch them, Richard has his hands all over his mother's tits and her ass. And she doesn't seem to mind a bit. Sometimes if she thinks someone might see them, she'll push his hand away. Then she'll look all around, to make sure no one saw him."

"My God," said Norma. "Irma Thatcher too? I never would have thought it of her."

"And Brian Overton," said Michael. Then he laughed. "You wouldn't believe what I saw him and his mother doing one night."

"You spied on them?" Norma asked, with disapproval in her voice.

"I didn't mean to," Michael explained. "I was coming home kinda late one night. I was walking along Morgan Street, a block over from where the Overtons live. I had to pee, so I went behind some bushes on this front lawn. It's dark there, with the leaves on the trees blocking out the light from the streetlamp. Then I saw Brian and his mother coming along. They were taking a walk. I guess the old man was home in front of the TV and this was the only way they could be alone together, and do what they wanted to do!"

"Do what?" asked Norma.

"Well, they stopped, right there where it was dark and nobody could see them. Only I could see them, because I was there in the shadows with them. They weren't more than five feet away from me, and me with my cock hanging out. But they couldn't see me, standing close to the bushes!"

"Well what happened?" asked Norma anxiously.

"Brian pulled up his mother's dress, up to her waist and while she held it for him, he pulled her panties down to her ankles, and she stepped out of them. Then he got onto his knees in front of her, on the grass, and started licking her pussy."

"Oh really now, Michael," Norma scoffed.

"I'm not kidding you, Mom. He did! I saw it! God, there he was with his hands on his mother's bare ass and his face in her crotch. And his mother had a hold of his head, pulling him in tight against her, while he ate her pussy. That was sure something to see. She must have really liked it, because she didn't get off just once. I could hear the sounds she was making. I could have reached out and touched her. She came off three times, before she finally let Brian come up for air. Then she returned the favor."

"She what?"

"She undid his pants and hauled out his cock," said Michael. "He had a real boner. Then she went down on her knees in front of him and took it in her mouth. She was there quite a while. She blew him twice."

"My God!" Norma gasped.

"I was hoping he'd fuck her after that, there on the grass," Michael told her. "I wanted to see that. I think that's what they were going to do too, but some guy a few houses down, came out to walk his dog, and they thought better of it. Mrs. Overton put her panties back on and smoothed out her dress, while Brian put his cock back in his pants and did up his zipper. Then they went back the way they came, their arms about each other and giggling like they were lovers, instead of mother and son."

"Well, you certainly know some things about my friends that I didn't know," said Norma. "Up to now, that is."

She swam again, moving leisurely through the water. Brian was deeply excited and he was wondering if his mother was too. She seemed calm enough, but it occurred to him that she might be doing her best to appear that way. He swam with his cock sticking out like a bar of steel. Then they approached each other with a crouching motion, as if for a battle. He grabbed her and brought her body against his, so that she couldn't help but feel the tautness of his hard cock.

He placed it between he legs. She reached down and took hold of it as she closed her thighs on it, holding it a prisoner. Then her arms encircled his neck as she kissed him, not at all the way a mother is supposed to kiss her son, but with eagerness, excitement and passion. His hands searched her nakedness and caressed her everywhere. He felt all over her luscious rear end, his fingers exploring the crack of her wriggling ass.

Then she moved away, and he had to swim to catch her. Again he placed his hard prick between her legs and she gently closed her thigh on it. They kissed again, and with his hands holding her by the cheeks of her ass, he sought to penetrate her. She broke loose and ran out of the water, to where she had a large beach towel spread out on the hard sand. Dripping, shining, laughing, he ran after her. As she stretched out on the towel, he lowered himself down on top of her.

Then at the exact moment when he thought he had her, when his desire for her was at its peak, his power suddenly failed him. She lay beneath him, waiting for him, smiling her willingness for him to go ahead and take her, her cunt moist and open – and his prick wilted.

He was baffled. Was it the idea that she was his mother? Had the thought of screwing his own mother overwhelmed his urgent lust for her? He had wanted to fuck her for as far back as he could remember. All that day his only thought was that he would get his prick into her and he would screw her like she'd never been screwed before, if she gave him even a little bit of encouragement. Now he was on top of her and she was beneath him with her legs wide apart, hot and excited and ready for him to take her, eager for him to do it – and he couldn't. He was deeply humiliated.

To his surprise and relief, his mother's voice was tender. "Don't get all uptight about it, darling," she soothed. "There is plenty of time. Don't get off me. It feels so good having you on top of me!"

Her warmth passed through him and he thrilled to the feel of her naked body touching his, but his desire didn't return. His cock didn't harden. But it was sweet to be on top of her, to feel her. He lay on her, his belly against hers, her sexual hair mingled with his, her full firm tits almost flattened from the weight of his chest pressing on her. Her arms were about his neck and her mouth was glued to his.

Then slowly he slipped off of her to look at her, her beautiful legs, her cunt hair, her pale glowing skin, her mouth-watering tits, so full and round and inviting, the stiffened nipples evidence of her heated arousal. Her warm smile told him better than words could have, that she was now fully convinced there was nothing wrong with lying here on a beach towel, expecting to be fucked by her own eighteen year old son.

He was sitting close to her. She turned onto her side facing him, then leaned over and took his semi-erect cock in her mouth. She licked it softly, tenderly, lingering over the tip of it. His prick quivered.

He looked down at her and was thrilled by the sight of his most fantastic fantasy having become reality. His mother's sensuous mouth was beautifully curved around his cock. His own mother was kissing, licking and gently sucking on his prick. With one hand she played with his big hairy balls which she seemed to think were so wonderful. With the other she held the shaft of his cock, her fingers entwined lovingly about it, while she slipped her mouth again over the bulbous-shaped head, enclosing it and pulling on it gently.

She sucked him for the longest time, until Michael was sure he was in heaven. Then she had him lie down beside her, facing her. She took hold of his cock again and guided it between her legs. She rubbed his cock gently against her clitoris, over and over again. Michael watched her hand, thinking how beautiful it looked, holding his prick. It stirred but it did not harden sufficiently to enter her.

He could see at the opening of her cunt the moisture of her desire appearing, glistening on her cunt hair. She continued to rub. Their two bodies, equally beautiful, moved in harmony with her rubbing motion, his prick feeling the touch of her skin, the warm tender flesh of her cunt, enjoying the friction.

"Give me your tongue," she said in a lewd whisper. Without interrupting the rubbing of his cock against her cunt, she took his tongue into her mouth and touched the tip of it with her own. Each time his prick touched her clitoris, her tongue touched the tip of his. And Michael felt a warmth running between his tongue and his cock, running back and forth.

In a husky voice his mother said, "Stick your tongue out, out, out…"

He obeyed her. She again said huskily, "Out, out, out…" obsessively, and when he did so he felt a stirring in his body, as if his prick were extending toward her, wanting to reach into her.

She kept her mouth open, her fingers closed around his cock, her legs parted expectantly.

Michael felt himself in a turmoil, the blood running through his body and down to his prick. It hardened.

His mother waited. She did not take his prick in at once. She let him now and then thrust his tongue into her mouth. She let him pant like a dog in heat, open his being, stretch toward her. He glanced at the red mouth of her cunt, open and waiting, and suddenly the violence of his lust shook him, completed the hardening of his cock, making it once again like a bar of steel. He flung himself on top of her, his tongue inside her mouth, and his prick pushing its way up into her.

It was glorious, such a snug fit, like she was a teenage virgin who had never had a cock up there until now that she was feeling his. She squirmed beneath him, wriggled her hips sensuously, brought her legs up over his back and helped him all she could. His hands took a firm grip on her shoulders, for leverage, and he went in deeper. His mother responded like she'd never had anything that good in her whole life.

"Ummm, that feels so nice. It's beautiful. Oh darling, you're making your mother feel so good!"

He took his time, making it so good for her she could hardly stand it. Each time he advanced, he pulled back slowly until only the head of his cock was in her. Then he went back into her, a little deeper each time until she had it in her as far as he could go. His mother had it all, and she could feel his big hairy balls resting against her asshole.

She looked up at him with a warm loving smile and teased him. "Oh what a bad boy you are. What a terrible thing to be doing – fucking your own mother!"

He laughed, then pulled back and jabbed her. His mother's response was to tighten her cunt muscles around the base of his cock, making him moan with delight. Then he went to work on her, using all that he had learned from fucking all those teenage girls in high school and the several married women in his neighborhood. Two of those married women were his mother's close friends and they had taught him plenty. Holding his mother by the cheeks of her gorgeous ass, he drove her into the most sensational climax she'd ever experienced. She babbled incoherently as she sailed off into ecstasy, crying out how good he was and how much better it was with him than with his father.

With his mother lying beneath him, panting and gasping, trying to catch her breath which her sensational orgasm had taken from her, Michael couldn't help but be pleased with himself. She was his now. She loved what he was giving her. She loved his cock and the way he was using it. He knew that from now on he could have her whenever he wanted her, as often as he wanted her. He would fuck her silly all summer long, and even after that.

And wouldn't it be great? Who would ever suspect him of fucking his own mother? They would keep it a secret, of course, a much better secret than the three women and their sons that he had told his mother about. No one would ever know. It would be wonderful for his mother too. She needed his cock. She had made it quite obvious from the way she had responded to him, that she hadn't been getting enough from the old man, not as much as a hot, sexy woman like her should be getting. He knew why she hadn't taken a lover, hadn't been getting a little on the side. It was too risky. Having some man slip around to see her while hubby was at work, could happen only a few times before the neighbors would catch on and start gossiping. Mom had her unblemished reputation to think of, her social standing in the community to protect. But she had the ideal solution now. Who would ever dream she was getting all the cock she wanted, by getting into bed with her own son?

His cock was still hard, as solid as bone, and he hardly gave her time to catch her breath before he went at her again. After all, he had waited a long time for this moment, to get his prick into her, and now that he was actually fucking her, he was going to make the most of it. He pounded away at her until she finally got into harmony with his movements and gave back as good as she was getting. Then he brought her off a second time. Sometime later, he got her off a third time and then he discovered that he could not come. He had sent his mother sailing through three hot fiery climaxes, but he couldn't get off himself. She was thrilled at his staying power but enough was enough. He wanted to send his hot boiling juices gushing up into her twat, just as she was getting off and really send her into orbit.

He fucked his delighted mother until she was breathless, while her orgasmic juices soaked his balls and his crotch. They rolled together for a long time. He got her off two more times, then he stood up and helped her to her feet.

They walked along the beach, their arms about each other. Michael's cock was stretched and taut, and his mother delighted in the sight. Farther along they dropped to the ground and he fucked her again, bringing her off three times, before they again got to their feet. Part way around the small lake as they walked, she in front of him, he encircled her in his arms and pulled her to the ground so that they were like dogs coupling, on their hands and knees. His immense cock was all the way in her as it quivered, shook and gyrated inside her. His mother cried out with pleasure and her shapely ass wriggled and undulated in a lewd and obscene fashion against his groin. She climaxed twice, in response to her son humping her, leaning over her and kissing her, holding her tits in his eager hands.

"Do you like it, Mom?" he panted. "Do you really like it?"

"Oh yes! Oh do I ever!" she gasped. "But make it last. Do not come. I love it like this, over and over and over."

She was so moist and feverish as they walked some more. All the time she waited for the moment he would pull her to the ground and fuck her like he was obsessed. Then with her mind still spinning from her third and sometimes fourth climax, he would pull her to her feet and they would trudge on again, their arms about each other. Each time he fucked her, she felt anew his hands all over her body, the warm sand on her back, his caressing mouth on hers and his wonderful cock deep inside her cunt.

As they walked, she held his fully erect prick in her hand. Then she stopped him and dropped to her knees before him and took it into her mouth. He stood towering over her, his hands on her head, his fingers tangling in her golden hair, his belly moving slightly forward.

As they were nearly around the lake, she again dropped to her knees in front of him. This time she pressed his upright cock between her tits, making a cushion for it, holding it and letting it glide between this soft embrace. Dizzy, palpitating, vibrating from these caresses, they walked on drunkenly.

They returned to the cottage and once more he put her down on the ground. He wanted to come, to fill her hot pussy full of his copious fluids, and would not let up on her until he did. She was so hotly aroused, so delighted that her son had fucked her over and over again without letup. She moaned with delight as she felt his enormous cock push its way up into her. As she entwined her legs about him, he took a firm hold on her ass, then doubled over so that he could get his mouth onto one of her tits. Her nipple slipped in past his lips and he began sucking. In this way he fucked her for the longest time, bringing her through one orgasm after another.

Suddenly he began shaking all over. Even his cock inside her was shaking. And then he came with a violence. Huge spurts of boiling come gushed into her pussy, flooding her snug and tender passage and sending her into another climax along with him. She half climbed over his body in the extreme joy of reaching her own fulfillment. They laughed and cried together.

Lying side by side, pressed tightly together, their arms and legs about each other, they dozed off. With the dawn coming upon them they felt too cool and Michael awoke to find his mother tenderly and lovingly kissing him all over, her hands fluttering across his thighs, touching his cock and his balls.

"Do you know what I think we should do now?" she said in a soft whisper.


"I think we should go into the cottage, take a warm shower together, then get into bed – together."

On their feet once more, they walked with their arms about each other to the cottage. Just inside the door, he hugged her to him and said, "This is Tuesday. Isn't that nice?"

"Why?" she asked.

"We have four days and three nights to be alone together, before Dad arrives for the weekend."


The way young Manley got started fooling around with Patricia Preston wasn't all that different from the way any local eighteen-year-old boy made out with an attractive thirty-six-year-old woman. If you lived in Tuttleville, you'd know there was a lot of that going on. A stranger however, would never realize it.

The women of Tuttleville – and the teenage girls too – were rather clanish. They didn't take to strangers. Men from out of town, business men, traveling salesmen and the like, came away with the impression that the ladies who lived there, were pure-minded, well behaved women who didn't stand for any fooling around and only had sex with their husbands.

Nothing could have been farther from the truth, as most of the boys in their senior year at Tuttleville High School knew only too well. Their favorite sport wasn't football or basketball. It was crawling between the legs of all those married women who loved making it with a horny teenage stud. More than just a few neglected wives were getting a little on the side from some teenage kid, who lived just down the street or over on the next block. Young Manley was getting his full share of that kind of action. He was fucking Mrs. Carpenter over on the next street, and Mrs. Tamerlin who was his next door neighbor. What made it different with him and Mrs. Preston, was that they weren't neighbors. Patricia Preston was his mother.

Maybe that's what made it so easy. They lived in the same house and they were alone together a lot. Manley was hot and horny for his mother and it helped considerably when he became aware that she had the hots for him too, even if she wouldn't admit it, even to herself.

Their intimacy came about in easy stages, with Manley making a little more progress each time. He came home from school one day to find his mother applying lotion to her body, because she had been out in the backyard on a beach towel, sunning herself. When Manley came into her room, she let him take over the job and he did so eagerly. He spread the oil slowly and gently over her neck and shoulders, and then all over her back. The upper part of her bikini was lying on the bed where she had tossed it, and Manley began to apply the lotion all around and over her luscious round tits. He was having himself a grand time when his mother realized she hadn't got any sun on her boobs, so it wasn't necessary to put any lotion there.

Unperturbed, Manley then massaged the lotion into her legs, from her ankles right up to the crotch of her bikini. His mother let him, even though he spent a lot of time rubbing between her thighs, while he kissed her with his tongue probing deep into her mouth in search of hers. She was breathing quite heavily when she whispered, "That's not the way a young man should be kissing his mother."

She didn't seem to notice, or pretended not to, the way he was feeling between her legs.

Whenever Manley's father was out for the evening, back to the office or to a lodge meeting, Manley would take his mother out, to dinner or to a movie. In the movie he would sit with his arm around her, while he took her hand in his and in the dark they would neck like two teenage lovers. Once, when he freed his hand from his mother's, he eased it up under her skirt, up between her legs, all the way to the crotch of her panties. He had succeeded in getting his fingers in around the legband and was feeling her cunt. When he got that far, she took his hand away and scolded him in a whisper, saying, "Now that's not for you, because I'm your mother."

One evening when Manley and his mother were alone together, they were sitting cuddled up together on the couch in the living room, talking about sex.

His mother said, "I find it very hard to talk to anyone about sex, except to you."

She had no trouble at all discussing sex with her son, and they made some startling confessions to each other. Manley even confessed that his first piece of ass was with Mrs. John Bentley (Sally), an attractive woman about his mother's age and his mother's very dear friend.

Before long she told him, "I wasn't a virgin when I married your father and I made the mistake, later on, of telling him."

When she saw how interested her son was in hearing about her sexual indiscretions when she was his age, she went on.

"I wasn't really in love with your father. I married him because I was already pregnant – with you. During the first two years of my marriage, I told him all sorts of stories about myself that I should have kept quiet about. I told him about the seventeen boys who fucked me during my senior year in high school. They're grown up now of course, and several of them work with your father and one of them is his boss."

"Wow, Mom. That must have really surprised him," said Manley. "What else did you tell him?"

"I told him how my parents always went away somewhere for the weekend and while they were gone, I slept with my brother and he'd fuck me nearly all night long. But I was really foolish to tell him about Mr. Davis, the druggist, who would fuck me in the back of his store, up to the time his wife came in one day and caught us at it. By then of course, Mr. Davis had planted his seed and I was pregnant. Your father never recovered from those stories. They awakened his jealousy and doubts. And our life together, at times, has been almost intolerable."

After his mother told him all this, Manley was so hot and horny he could hardly sit still. He wanted to fuck his mother more than he'd ever wanted anything in his whole life. And he knew she wanted that just as much as he did, if she could only just let herself go and allow it to happen. The reason she told him what she did, he knew, was because it got her sexually hot and excited letting him know about it.

He tried his best to fuck her that night and his mother was so aroused, so hot and willing, he was certain now he was going to make it. They were snuggled up in one another's arms kissing like lovers, rather than mother and son. He had her dress up around her waist and her panties were on the floor. He had a finger in her cunt as he kissed her, and his mother's ass was wriggling about on the couch. He unzipped his pants, hauled out his bone hard pecker and let his mother feast her eyes on it. He placed her hand on it and she left it there, her fingers curled around the sturdy shaft.

He kissed her again while he played with her pussy some more, and she began to move her hand up and down on his cock. When he had her so worked up he knew she wouldn't refuse him anything, he stretched her out on the couch. One of her legs was up on the back of the couch, her other on the floor. Her thighs were wide apart and the lips of her cunt flowered open, ready to receive him. With the speed of light he tugged off his shoes, socks, shirt, pants and undershorts and got onto the couch between her legs. He leaned over her, his weight on his arms. The head of his cock was less than an inch from touching the warm slick lips of her cunt, when he heard his father's car pull into the driveway.

Frantically his mother leaped off the couch, grabbed up her panties from the floor, dashed upstairs and into the bathroom. Quickly he gathered up his clothes and raced up the stairs after her, then turned into his own room and closed the door. Sweating because of his close escape, he was putting on his undershorts when he heard his father come through the front door downstairs.

One night shortly after that when his father wasn't home, his mother came into his room and Manley's cock sprang to attention inside his pajama bottoms. He loved the way his mother gazed at his bare chest, like she was really turned on. She was such a gorgeous creature, all curves and softness. Her mouth was sensuous, her hair dark and luxuriant. She looked like she was ready and eager to get laid, and Manley was sure he wouldn't have any trouble fucking her now. After all, she came into his room, didn't she?

Aside from the fact that they loved each other as mother and son, there was a strong current of attraction between them that was highly physical. They were always on the verge of getting into bed together, but never quite making it. This was because his mother somehow managed to fend him off, or because his father was close by and he didn't dare try anything. Yet when they were alone together, she looked like she was hot and ready for him to take her.

She sat on the side of the bed and kicked off her shoes. She looked at her legs and said, "I think they are too thick!"

Manley replied, "They are not, Mom. They're perfect. I adore them. I'm crazy about your legs."

"Do you like my new stockings?" she asked, and raised her skirt right up to her thighs to show him.

His mother never owned pantyhose. She despised them. Her stockings were not ordinary nylons either. They were expensive and had an interesting design running all through them. Yet Manley felt his mother was using them only as an excuse to show him her legs, her exposed thighs and her brief panties.

She decided she would take a shower and told him she wouldn't be long. In a short while she was back in his room, wearing a dressing gown that was so thin he could see through it. He could certainly tell that she had nothing on underneath it. As if that weren't enough, she let the dressing gown come open as she stood with her legs a little apart. She looked to Manley like she was close to an orgasm, and that the touch of his hand on her tits or her cunt would do it. His mother made no attempt to close the dressing gown when she sat on the side of the bed to put her stockings on.

Manley couldn't hold back any longer. He dropped to his knees, in front of her and put his hand on the soft humid hair between her legs. He stroked it gently, saying, "It's so lovely, so soft and beautiful. It's a shame to keep it out of sight, Mom. Especially from me, when I appreciate it so. Oh Mom, I can't believe how beautiful you are between your legs."

She seemed ready and willing for whatever he wanted to do, the way her flesh looked, her cunt open like a flower, the way her legs were spread. The lips of her pussy were so wet and inviting. His mother spread her legs wider to let him look at it. He touched it gently and spread the lips, thrilled at how moist they were. She smelled fresh and clean after her shower, yet there was the distinct exciting scent that comes from a woman's cunt when she is hotly aroused.

She felt it when he touched her clitoris and let out a little moan of delight. He could hardly wait until she felt the bigger pleasure, the one she would feel when his long hard cock went up into her.

He kissed her clitoris, wet now from her arousal. Her cunt tasted like a seashell, a wonderful fresh salty seashell.

"Oh Mom!" he moaned, kissing, licking and probing with his tongue. She fell back onto the bed, presenting her exposed cunt to him, warm and moist, like a camelia, like rose petals, like velvet satin. It was hotly aroused and she was offering it to him.

Her legs hung over the side of the bed, her cunt open. He pressed his nose into it, kissed it, inserted his tongue. She did not move to stop him. She didn't move at all, except for a gentle wriggling of her ass.

Her clitoris stiffened like a nipple. His head between her legs was caught in the most delicious vise of satiny smooth flesh.

His hand traveled upward to her full round tits and caressed them. His mother sighed, letting him know she liked that. She moaned as he began kissing, licking and sucking her cunt with increasing urgency. Her hands traveled down and joined his mouth in fondling her cunt. It was apparent she liked to be touched at the mouth of her snatch. She touched the places with him, like she was pointing out the spots that would really set her off. He licked around the opening where he wanted so much to shove in his prick and move it around until he made her scream with pleasure. He would do that, very soon now. His mother wasn't refusing him anything. He pushed his tongue into her opening as far as it would go. He took her bare ass in his two hands and while he was eating her, his fingers pressed into the soft flesh of her bum, traveled around its firmness into its curve, and his finger touched the sensitive mouth of her asshole and pushed into it gently.

Suddenly his mother gave a start, as if he had touched off an electric spark. She moved her ass to get more of his finger. He shoved it in farther, all the while licking and sucking on her cunt. His mother moaned and began to undulate.

When she sank downward, she felt his probing finger, and when she rose upward she met his kissing, licking, sucking mouth and his darting tongue. With every move he felt his mother's quickening rhythm, until she let out a little cry, had a long sustained spasm, then cooed like a pigeon. With his finger in her ass and his mouth on her cunt, he brought her off once, twice, and then a third time.

While she sailed through her last orgasm, Manley tugged at the strings holding up his pajama bottoms and impatiently rid himself of the garment.

His mother fell over, panting and gasping, and pulled Manley onto the bed with her, so that he was lying on his side facing her.

"Oh Manley, what have you done to me? What have you done to your mother?" She kissed him long and passionately, tasting the juices of her cunt on his mouth. "Oh you naughty boy! You made it so wonderful for your mother!"

Her arms flailed about as she struggled out of her dressing robe. Then she pressed her naked body up tightly against his, one leg coming up over him, locking him to her. They kissed again.

While their arms were about each other and his hand was on her shapely ass, the head of his cock was positioned right at the entrance to her cunt. It touched her moist pussy lips and set him on fire. He couldn't miss this time. He made a humping movement with his hips and the head of his cock, followed by two inches of thick solid shaft, went up into her.

"No, darling!" his mother gasped. "Not now! There isn't time. Your father will be home any minute!"

He didn't believe her. She wasn't stalling him anymore. He had his prick in her, part of it anyway, and she was now going to get it all. He rolled her onto her back and he came up over her. He had a firm grip on her ass and he pushed for all he was worth. So well lubricated was his mother's cunt that he went in all the way. Regardless of the fact that her cuntal passage was a tight fit and his hard cock was enormous, he was in her right up to his balls.

"Darling, stop!" she called in a fierce whisper. "I hear your father's car in the driveway!"

That wouldn't work this time, he thought. He whispered back, as if there was someone there who might overhear what he was saying to her. "I'm in you, Mom. I'm fucking you at last. I'm going to fuck you until I make you feel so good, you'll come back to me for more, again and again."

He didn't hear his father's car pull into the driveway. He didn't hear his father come in the front door, either. But luck was with them both that night. His father, instead of coming up the stairs, hollered up from the hallway.

"Patricia? You ready yet? Get a move on. We should have been at the Hendersons a half hour ago. I got delayed at the office."

His mother let out a startled cry and uncunted him. He rolled onto his back as she pushed him off her and scrambled off the bed. Grabbing her robe, she shot out the door and into the bathroom. So quick was her exit, she was gone even while Manley's cock was spurting out its heavy charge, all over his belly, his chest and right up to his chin.

It took Manley a while to get over his frustration. He lay there on the bed until he heard his mother and father leave for their dinner date with the Hendersons, then he got up and went into the bathroom. After his shower he began to see the humor in the incident and he thought it was funny. It was also thrilling and exciting. He'd actually had his big hard prick in his mother's cunt! Right up to his balls! Her one and only objection was that they didn't have enough time, before his father was due to arrive home. She didn't raise any fuss about the fact that he was going to screw his mother. Hell, she wanted his cock just as much as he wanted her pussy. And if the old man hadn't come home when he did, he would still be fucking her.

As far as Manley was concerned, he'd really done it. True, he had his prick in his mother's cunt for less than a minute. But he'd had it up there, as far as it would go. That his mother was upset, wasn't because she didn't like it. She liked it all right. She was uptight because she was afraid the old man was going to catch her being fucked by her own son.

The next time it would be different. He wouldn't have any trouble getting his prick into her a second time, he told himself. Now that his mother knew how good it felt to have him in her, she'd be as eager to fuck as he was. She was likely looking forward to the next time they were alone together, as much as he was. She'd been thrilled out of her mind with the way he ate her pussy, and she'd feel the same way about fucking her. He was willing to bet that right now, while his mother was at the Hendersons, her thoughts were still on that moment when she was sprawled out on the bed, with her son on top of her, shoving his prick into her.

After he dried himself off, Manley went back to his room and sat on the side of the bed. His cock was sticking out in front of him like the handle on a pump, just from thinking about those wonderful few moments alone with his mother.

Wouldn't it freak the old man out, he thought, if he knew he'd had his head between Mom's legs and had eaten her pussy? That he had kissed, licked and sucked her cunt, and lapped up her juices while he brought her off three times? It wasn't every day that a guy got a chance to kiss and lick his mother's snatch and swallow her come, while he held her by her bare ass and she wriggled it all around, rubbing her twat all over his face. What would the old man do, if he knew he'd been on top of Mom when she was naked, had touched her cunt with the head of his prick, then pushed it up into her?

Well he had a pretty good idea what the old man would do, and he didn't want to experience it. He didn't ever want the old man to find out about it at all. What he wanted was for his mother to find out how good it could be with his prick in her for an hour or more at a time.

Now that he'd had his prick in her cunt, he considered his mother as much his woman as she was Dad's. Maybe even more so, because his mother was never as loving and affectionate with his father as she was with him. He was her favorite man, he knew that. She was forever hugging and kissing him, and standing close to him with her arms about him. And she didn't seem to mind that he was feeling her tits, and running his hands all over her ass. Once when they were sitting close together on the couch, he slipped his hand up under her dress, up between her legs and she didn't say a thing about it. What thrilled him even more was when she stood with her arms about his neck and rubbed her pussy against the hard bulge in the front of his pants, and didn't object when he grabbed her by both cheeks of her ass and pulled her tightly against him. He was certain she'd had a climax quite often that way, because he frequently shot off his load in his undershorts while he was doing it.

His cock sticking out in front of him was like a bar of steel, except that it quivered and pulsed impatiently. What was he to do? He couldn't stay here all evening thinking about how great it had been fucking his mother – for all of thirty seconds. He needed a hot pussy he could fuck all evening long.

He thought of Mrs. Tamerlin – Agnes – who lived next door. He had a hot thing going with her, because her husband was away a lot and it was so easy to slip into her house through the back door and get into bed with her. Agnes wasn't one to waste time in idle conversation. The moment he came into her kitchen, she led him off to her bedroom, where they took off their clothes and got into the bed. They did take chances though, especially on weekends when her husband was home. Often he would fuck her in just the time it took her husband to drive to the store for cigarettes and come right back. One time he fucked her while her husband was mowing the lawn and once while he was washing the car.

Quickly he put on his clothes, went downstairs and phoned Agnes. The grin that spread across his face indicated she had told him her husband was out for the evening and she was alone. He lost no time in leaping over the low fence that separated her backyard from his. Then he was through the door, into the kitchen and into Agnes' waiting arms.

Manley may have been right. Maybe his mother was eagerly awaiting her next chance to be alone with him, so he could fuck her again. And this time have the opportunity to do it properly, without it ending as soon as it got started. But the trouble was that three days went by without him and his mother having a chance to be alone together. So he still didn't know if his mother was as eager as he was to do it again, or if she had no intention of ever getting into a position like that with her son a second time.

That night the three of them, Mom, Dad and himself, were to go out to dinner, then meet the Emersons at the theater. The Emersons would have their daughter Sheri with them, so for her and Manley, it was a date, arranged by the girl's parents.

The Emersons liked Manley very much. They thought he was a wonderful young man, the kind of boy they wanted their daughter to be dating. They were very protective of her and didn't approve of most young men who tried to take her out. But they did approve of Manley and were forever thinking up discreet ways to bring him and their daughter together. Sheri didn't mind that her parents were interfering. She had more than just a crush on Manley. She had the hots for him and she was grateful to her parents for any help they could give her, in her pursuit of him.

Manley was the only boy the Emersons trusted alone with their daughter. Their belief that he would behave like a gentleman, even when they weren't there to watch him, was a mistaken belief at best. The first time he was alone with Sheri, he fucked her. In fact, from the time the Emersons had left, to the time they returned around midnight, he had fucked her six times.

He hardly deserved full credit for this achievement, however. As soon as her parents' car pulled out of the driveway, the girl practically climbed all over him. She came on so strong that Manley was amazed that up to the very moment when his prick went up into her, she had been a virgin.

He liked Sheri very much and was warmly affectionate toward her. But he was that way with all the other teenage girls he was fucking too. To him, Sheri was just one of several girls he could fuck whenever he wanted to. The girls in the neighborhood put out for him, even though most of them had steady boyfriends and three of them were engaged to be married. Indeed, one girl let him fuck her the night before her wedding. And four girls who were already married, didn't see that as any good reason why Manley shouldn't go right on fucking them whenever he wanted to. They didn't express that idea to their husbands, of course, but a wedding ring on a finger didn't stop a hot cunt from wanting Manley's prick.

Manley took it all in stride. To him it was a normal way of life, to be able to fuck any girl he chose to, at any given time. It didn't impress him all that much. What really excited him was being able to fuck his beautiful, hot and sexy mother, and do it as often as he wanted to. That would really be something!

"I hope your mother isn't going to take all night getting dressed," said Bert Preston to his son. "I have a table reserved at the restaurant, but we don't want to have to hurry through the meal, in order to meet the Emersons at the theater."

"We have plenty of time, Dad," Manley assured him.

They had been watching the news on TV and as usual, Bert had been giving his son his views on politics. He always talked politics, never sex with his son. Manley thought that was humorous. His mother talked sex with him, never politics.

Suddenly his mother called down the stairs to him. "Manly, let your father settle the affairs of the world. Come up her and talk to me."

Manley grinned and obediently went up the stairs to the bathroom where his mother was. He expected she wanted him to do up the zipper on the back of her dress. He liked it when she let him do things like that for her. Often she left her bra unfastened, just so he could have the fun of doing it up. That always involved him adjusting it for her and feeling around her boobs, to make sure he had it so that it was comfortable for her. Maybe some day she'd let him put her panties on for her too. He'd really like that, and most likely she would also.

But when he got to the bathroom, he found his mother standing there completely naked, combing her hair in front of the mirror. Manley's cock stiffened inside his pants and it quivered as he gazed at her. He came up behind her and touched the cheeks of her bare ass with his fingers.

He felt a little nervous. After all, his father was just downstairs in the living room. He moved his hands around his mother and felt her boobs. She sighed and her reflection in the mirror smiled back at him. His hand moved lower and caressed the soft but firm flesh of her belly. He marveled that she was as flat there as a teenage girl. His hand went lower still, until his fingers were in her pussy hair. He kissed her shoulder.

She smiled at him and said, almost in a whisper. "Of all nights for your father to come home on time. I would have liked to have had a little time alone with you, before we went out!"

"He had to come home when he did," Manley explained, also in a low voice. "We're going out to dinner, then meeting the Emersons after."

As he leaned over her shoulder, she turned her head toward him and they kissed. He was so hot for her he couldn't hold back any longer. He had to take a chance. Quickly he unzipped his pants and hauled out his cock, poking her with it in the crack of her ass. He would shove it up under her bum and into her cunt. He would fuck her doggy fashion, as she bent over, with her elbows on the vanity sink. The head of his prick touched the lips of her cunt. It was warm and slick with her moisture. That thrilled him, knowing his mother was hot and ready for him. He pushed, sinking the bulbous-shaped head in past the lips of her cunt. He pushed again and went in deeper. His mother sighed and her ass began to undulate against him. He went in still deeper. Then he heard his father on the stairs.

Frantically he pulled back, stuffed his cock back into his pants and did up his zipper.

Bert came into the bathroom and saw his wife naked. "Patricia! How can you walk around like that, in front of your son? Have you no shame?"

"Darling, what's so terrible about Manley seeing me naked? I'm his mother," said Patricia, making it all sound so innocent. "Do you think he's going to get lewd and lascivious thoughts about me, just because he's free to gaze at my feminine charms?"

"Patricia! Don't talk like that," Bert told her. "Our son should not be seeing you when you're naked."

Patricia looked at her husband, taunting him. "All his life he's seen me naked. When he was born, he came out from between my legs. And for the first two years of his life he sucked on my bare titties. When I bathed him, I got into the tub with him."

"Yes, right up until he was ten, when I insisted that you stop it," said Bert.

Patricia smiled a secret little smile. She could truthfully say that she never got into the tub with her son again, after her husband told her not to. But that was because from that day on, she and her son took showers together. At least for a few years more.

"Now if I were naked in front of somebody else, another woman's eighteen-year-old son, you'd have cause to complain," Patricia argued. "But there's nothing wrong with being naked in front of my own son. Do you think the sight of his naked mother is going to turn him on?"


"If he likes looking at a naked female, if that's what he wants, every teenage girl in this neighborhood would be only too happy to take her clothes off for him," Patricia went on. "What's more, I'm sure a good many of them have. The same goes for the Emersons' daughter Sheri. She'd let our son see anything he wants to see, I'll bet. I've seen the way she looks at him. She's so hot for our son it's all she can do to keep her hands off him, when her parents are there."

"Patricia, this conversation is disgusting," said Bert. He turned to his son and said, "You mustn't mind your mother. She gets this way sometimes. She takes a strange delight in going around without any clothes on." Looking back at his wife, he said, "Go and get dressed, Patricia."

Without another word, she went into her bedroom and slipped into a dress with nothing on underneath. She put on her shoes, grabbed a light coat which she put over her arm and said, "I'm ready."

In the car she sat in the middle, with her husband driving and with her son on the other side of her, with his arm around her shoulders. As they pulled away, she took his other hand so that it was under the coat she was holding on her lap, then guided it into a pocket of her dress. Only it was a false pocket, a slit, and Manley found his hand inside her dress, next to her skin. Then his fingers were in her pussy hair, touching his mother's cunt. Bert drove on toward downtown.

"Turn right up ahead, Bert," said Patricia. "It's such a beautiful moonlight night. We have time. Take a slow drive through the park."

Manley's father wanted to go directly to the restaurant, but he gave in and they drove leisurely along the scenic park road. His father prattled on about something that took place at the office that day, while Manley had his hand on his mother's cunt, and feeling his own excitement becoming so urgent he could hardly talk.

His mother talked, wittily, continuously, and Manley thought to himself, You won't be able to talk in a few more minutes. But she did, all the time that he was fingering her cunt in the dark, beneath her dress and the coat. He could feel her moving upwards to his touch, opening her legs as far as she dared, without his father noticing it. With her legs parted he could fit his entire hand between her thighs, enclosing her warm, wet snatch, one finger deep inside her pussy-lips.

Then she grew tense under his fingers, stretching herself, and Manley knew his mother was getting off. It was contagious. He shot off his load inside his undershorts, without his cock even being touched.

Manley was so wet he was afraid it might leave a noticeable stain on the front of his slacks, and he knew his mother had to be even worse off. She had no panties on to keep her juices from spreading all over her thighs and into the crack of her ass.

When they entered the restaurant he was glad he was wearing his sport jacket, and he noticed that his mother kept her light coat over her arm in front of her. As soon as they were led to their table, his mother excused herself and went to the ladies room, no doubt to clean herself up. He headed for the men's room, leaving his father seated at the table.

It was an elegant restaurant that didn't skimp of the luxury of its rest rooms. He could lock the door behind him and be assured of privacy at the sink. He dropped his pants and wiped himself and his undershorts with paper towels. Then he washed his cock. When he pulled his undershorts back up, they were damp but in a lot better shape than they had been. On returning to the table, his mother gave him a smile of assurance.


Paul T. Findley was deep in thought as he browsed through the mountain of documentation Laura Stevens had dumped on his desk. "You have enough material here for a dozen books," he said, glancing up at the attractive young woman who sat across from him with a satisfied smile on her face.

"I believe in being thorough," she told him. "I've got everything I need to start writing. I have all the facts on Dorothy Baker and her son Mark, Mary Anne Overton and her son Brian, Jennifer Henderson and her son Jamie, Irma Thatcher and her son Michael, and Patricia Preston and her son Manley!"

"So I see," said Findley. "Unbelievable. I don't see how you managed to dig up this stuff all by yourself."

"It wasn't easy," Laura told him. "But I know how."

"That's obvious," said Findley. "Now I suppose you want to get started on putting all or most of this into a book?"

"That's what we agreed on," said Laura.

Findley looked at her and shook his head.

Laura looked puzzled. "What's wrong? Is there something there you have a question about?"

"This Jennifer Henderson and her son Jamie," said Findley, going through a file folder of papers. "Wife and son of Frank Henderson. You know who he is, of course?"

"W-what do you mean?" asked Laura.

"He has a fabulously successful book store in Tuttleville. He does a tremendous business in that whole area. We wholesale a huge volume of books to him. It would be a horrendous loss to this publishing company if he were to cut us off."

"I don't understand," said Laura.

"Well, what do you think he's going to do when we offer him your book, a book which gives the lowdown on his wife having sex with their teenage son?" Findley pointed out.

"Oh…" said Laura.

"He's going to sue us, of course," said Findley. "But whether he wins or loses, he'll never buy another book from us. We can kiss umpteen thousands of dollars goodbye right there."

"I see," said Laura, clearing her throat. "Well, okay. We'll leave them out of the book. God knows we have plenty of others."

Findley shifted in his seat as he looked at her. "There's more. You've been researching the women and their sons. I've had a crew checking out their husbands. They aren't just plain working stiffs, or clerks in a store. These men are pretty powerful cookies. They have clout. Stanley Baker, for instance, has political connections. I don't mean little ones either. I mean he's in with the big boys, like you wouldn't believe, people who would be embarrassed if your book embarrassed Stanley. You get what I mean?"

"So far – yes."

"And this Hugo Overton," Findley went on. "I shudder to think what he could do to us. His company, of which he's a major stockholder, controls the voting stock of Vitmar Enterprises, and that happens to be the controlling stockholder of this publishing company. Get the picture?"

"Oh my God!" Laura gasped.

"Now let's take a look at Charlie Bradner," said Findley. "What you've got written here about his wife Norma and their son Michael, would curl his hair if he was to read about it. It would make him get very nasty. His banking interests finance this publishing company's ventures. The bank in which he has a considerable clout, also holds the mortgage on my home and the lien on my yacht. What do you think of that?"

Laura did not look at all happy. Her air of confidence seemed to evaporate like the morning mist in the heat of the day. In its place was an appearance of obvious anxiety.

"Is there more?" she asked, almost fretfully.

"Just the fact that these women you mention here in your pile of facts and exposes, are all good friends of each other. You hurt one of them and the others will rise up in arms. You damage all of them and with the power and influence their husbands have, you'll pull the roof down around our ears. This book, if we went through with it, would no doubt wreck their homes and marriages, but they in turn would surely wreck us."

"What are you saying then? What's the bottom line?" asked Laura.

"Just what our attorneys have told us – forget it!"

Laura looked stunned. For a moment she sat there and said nothing. Then finally she spoke in a quavering voice, "All that work. All those months!"

"Down the drain," Findley finished for her. He shrugged. "That's the way the ball bounces. You haven't lost anything. You got a paycheck every week, against the royalties on the book. You lived pretty good on an expense account. It's our loss not yours!"

"I feel crushed," said Laura.

Findley grinned at her. "You'll get over it. So will we. It all comes off our income tax."

"What now?" she managed to ask.

"First, this pile of garbage," said Findley, motioning with his hand to the pile of papers she had covered his desk with, "goes into the shredder, along with those pictures and the negatives. They are here, aren't they, somewhere?"

"In that brown envelope…"

He opened the envelope and withdrew the 8 x 10 prints that were in full color. He gazed a long time at the shot of Mary Anne Overton on her hands and knees, with her son Brian crouched behind her, shoving his prick up her ass. "I'd love to keep these, for my personal collection. But I don't dare. I'd be afraid of them. They have to go."

"What do I do now?" asked Laura.

"You mean about work? I'll have another assignment for you, one that won't get this publishing company in hot water. But that's for later. Right now you help me put all this stuff through the shredder. And don't miss anything. And if you have any more stuff, that you haven't brought in – get rid of it. Burn it!"

"I-It's all here. Everything."

Findley grinned. "Good. Then after we've taken care of this stuff, let's go to your place and fool around. Your husband isn't due back for another three days."

What happened after they were at Laura's place, made that evening's TV news and was splattered all over the pages of the newspaper the next morning. When they entered the house, Laura and Findley headed straight up the stairs to her bedroom, took off their clothes and got onto the bed. The last thing they ever suspected was that her husband had arrived home three days early and instead of checking in with Findley's office right away, was sitting in the kitchen having a cup of coffee.

When he heard someone come in, Jerry was about to call out to Laura, then realized there was someone with her – a man. When he heard them go on upstairs and into her bedroom, he began to wonder what in hell was going on. He, too, went up the stairs, making no sound on the thickly carpeted stairs and hall floor. He got to the bedroom door just in time to see his naked wife and her employer – their employer – also naked, get onto the bed together and wrap their arms about each other.

Jerry was in no hurry. He watched while his anger came to a boil, and then just as Findley climbed on top of Laura and sent his long hard pecker up into her waiting pussy, he let out a cry that was that of a madman. He dived for the bed in one mighty lunge, grabbed the underside of it and heaved it upward. Laura and Findley toppled to the floor on the far side, with the bed, mattress and covers spilling on top of them. Laura's screams of fright mingled with Findley's cries of shock and near terror.

Frantically Laura's boss and lover fought his way out from under the covers and the mattress, to be met with a pile driving blow to his middle. He doubled over just as he was coming to his feet. Then a second hefty blow closed one of his eyes and broke his nose.

Laura sprang free of the debris and amid a blur of straining bodies, she was consumed with panic. Fearing she was about to get the same as Findley was getting, she dashed through the bedroom door and down the stairs. Close on her heels was Findley, who wrenched himself free of his attacker. Laura, thinking it was her irate husband breathing down her neck, flung open the front door and raced out into the street. Findley, seeing with his one good eye an avenue of escape, raced after her, both of them oblivious of the fact they were naked. Their headlong dash out the front door carried them down the steps, across the front lawn and almost into the path of a passing police cruiser. Laura's husband, on reaching the front door, slammed it shut and locked it.

A month later his harrowing escapade made him the laughing stock of the city, the brunt of all the barroom jokes, a favorite subject of nightclub comedians, Findley made the news again when his wife kicked off what was soon to be the messiest divorce trial the city had ever known. Reporters had a field day. It went on for months and when it was over, Findley's wife walked off with everything. By then Laura and her husband were also divorced. It had been a messy thing, too, but was overshadowed by the news worthiness of the one her employer went through.

Laura was on her knees, by the foot of the bed. She was naked, except for her brief panties and the ropes which bound her hands behind her back. She looked somewhat pale but that was because of her anxiety. This was the first time her young brother had ever bound her. Her eyes darted nervous glances at him.

Her tits rose and fell with her breathing. She was excited. There was no denying that. She hadn't been home very long before she found that just looking at her teenage brother was enough to get her all worked up.

After her divorce from her irate husband, Jerry, and all the unfavorable publicity she was forced to endure, she had to get away, to hide somewhere. Maybe forever. She packed up and went home to her parents, who lived in a small town a thousand miles from where she had been besieged by thoughtless reporters and inconsiderate photographers. Wasn't that an ironic twist? She'd been pretty thoughtless and inconsiderate herself, hadn't she? Considering what she had planned to do in her blind unreasoning ambition to have a series of best-selling books, she had no room to criticize anyone else for being thoughtless and inconsiderate.

How different things seemed when the shoe was on the other foot, she thought. Her mind dwelt on those women in Tuttleville and what she had found out they were doing with their teenage sons. Now the shoe was indeed on the other foot, for wasn't she doing the same thing, performing the same forbidden acts with her young brother Ron?

It began soon after she moved in, several weeks before, though she had no thoughts whatever of doing anything like that with her own brother – at first. Then, because she had considerable experience and training in observing such things, being able to recognize when it was happening, she soon realized her young brother was screwing his mother, whenever she and her father weren't around. She didn't miss either, the way her young brother looked at her, with lust written all over his handsome grinning face. The horny young devil wasn't content with having his mother's pussy whenever he could get at it. He wanted his sister's too. Well that was all right with her. The thought of her brother and her mother having sex with each other whenever they were alone, touched off a spark within her that flared into passion. Why should her mother have all the fun? Her young brother was a handsome, well built, muscular kid. She'd like nothing better than to have him between her legs.

The opportunity was there. Both her parents worked, so as soon as her brother got home in the afternoon when school was out, they had over two hours to be alone together, before her parents got home from work.

She didn't waste any time, once she decided to make it with him. As soon as he got home from school one afternoon, she practically climbed all over him. Her young brother was delighted. They went up to her room and got undressed. She got onto the bed and spread her legs. Her brother climbed on top of her and started fucking her. God, was he ever good. Really sensational. And he could talk her into anything. He had that quality about him that made a woman want to do everything she could think of to please him. No wonder he had been able to screw his mother. And now his sister.

This horny young devil had a lot of ideas. They did all kinds of wild things together. And him fucking her in the ass was only one of them.

Then after several weeks of being gloriously fucked by him every afternoon, he started coaxing her into letting him tie her up. And today she let him. Why not? He was a good kid, and he loved her. She could trust him not to do anything too far out. She never would have let Findley or her husband tie her up. Both those bastards had a mean streak in them and she wasn't about to see it in action while she was helpless. But her young brother wasn't like that. And the idea of having her hands tied behind her excited her, even if she was just a little bit nervous about it.

Her tits rose and fell with her breathing. She was hotly aroused and she breathed in quick panting gasps, as though she could not catch her breath. Her rapid breathing caused her full round boobs to bounce and jiggle, which in turn caused her young brother to gaze at them like he wanted to devour them.

Laura was kneeling on the thickly carpeted floor, her lovely legs folded under her. She had a beautiful shape, with flaring hips and well rounded thighs. With her hands bound behind her back, her tits stood out even farther, as though inviting her brother to come and enjoy them. She loved it when he sucked on her boobs. He'd spend an hour on them, kissing, licking and sucking, sending her through one orgasm after another.

Her thin panties were tight across her flesh, the flimsy garment stretched taut across her satiny smooth hips. They were bikini style, low cut and of a material that enabled one to see right through them. Her cunt hair, pressed against the sheer fabric, was clearly visible. They were pulled tight in the crotch, so that the narrow band nestled between her fleshy pussy lips.

Her thighs were smooth and rounded. The cheeks of her shapely ass rested on the backs of her heels. She squirmed restlessly.

Her young brother was bare from the waist up. He was wearing his pajama bottoms, the front of the thin material poking out in front because he obviously had a raging hardon. Laura gazed at it fondly. Then she looked up. Their eyes met and they stared lustfully at each other. Her hair spilled down her back as she tilted her head to look up at him. Her expression was slavishly adoring.

His hand reached out and he caressed her silken hair. It was thick and healthy and there was a lot of it. Waves of it spilled over her tits, partially veiling them.

Laura licked her lips. "Y-you, didn't have to tie me, Ron!"

"Didn't I?"

Color flared in her cheeks. She gazed into his eyes. "You know I'll do anything you want."

"You nervous about being tied?" he teased.

"A-a little."

"Doesn't it give you a thrill to be tied up like that and know you can't stop me from doing whatever I decide to do?"

"You worry me when you talk like that."

"Worrying is part of the turn on," he told her. "I only tied your hands behind your back, because you're still nervous about it. What I really want is to spread you out on the bed, then tie your hands and ankles to the four corners. That really makes you feel helpless."

"My God!" Laura gasped. "I don't know if I'd like that or not."

Her brother laughed. "Mrs. Gordon likes it."

"Who is Mrs. Gordon?"

"My history teacher. I go home with her after school now and then. Her husband doesn't get home until six. We do all kinds of things together. I tie her to the bed face down. Then I fuck her in the ass and she can't do a thing about it. She pretends she doesn't want me to, then hollers and moans when I put my prick up her back route. What really turns her on is that she's so helpless. I could go home and leave her like that, for her husband to find when he came home. When I tell her that's what I'm going to do, it freaks her right out."

"Oh God!" Laura gasped. "You wouldn't actually do that, would you?"

Her brother laughed. "Not hardly. She'd have to tell her husband about her and me. Then he'd come over here and beat the living hell out of me. But while she's tied up, it's easy for her to think that I might, and that gets her really worked up."

"I can understand that," said Laura. "I'm pretty worked up myself!"

He caressed her soft cheek. She turned her head to the side so she could kiss his hand. She pressed her lips against his fingers and made soft little mewling sounds.

"Those ropes that bind you, Sis – are the physical symbol of the way you are totally bound to my will, body and soul."

"Sure," Laura agreed quickly. "But if they are only a symbol, darling, why do you need them at all? You know I'll obey you!"

"Will you? Maybe. This way I know you will. Anyway, the ropes remind you that you belong to me. You're my woman, to do what I want with!"

He hauled his stiff cock out through the gap in the front of his pajama bottoms, and guided it to her mouth. Laura stuck out her tongue and licked it. It slithered over his dick, licking it in a manner she knew he liked. He dropped his pajama bottoms, pulled his feet free of them, then stood with his legs wide apart, while she licked his balls. Then her lips engulfed the head and he shoved it gently into her mouth. Laura opened wider, the corners of her mouth stretching to accommodate her brother's cock. She rubbed against it as it filled her mouth. She could feel his shaft spasm with arousal. She tightened her lips around the head, which was now well oiled with her saliva. As she went at it, her head bobbed back and forth. With both hands on her head, her brother held her gently but firmly as she sucked him.

"Get ready, Sis," he groaned. "You're going to get a mouthful!"

Laura knew that. He fed his cock to her, stuffing it into her mouth. He gasped as she closed her lips on his shaft. Her lips were curled over her teeth, so she wouldn't scratch his tender shaft. Her lips pressed his cock just below the rim of the head, as it pulsed in her mouth. She flicked her tongue against his silky smooth flesh. She rubbed her tongue against the tip of the cockhead, licking its tiny slit. She sucked and slurped on his prick, like she had many times before. Saliva leaked from the corners of her mouth, spilling onto her chin, wetting it.

Her brother caressed her neck and shoulders as she sucked him. He pushed in deeper, rubbing his cockhead against the roof of her mouth. It was all smooth and slippery, as he massaged his heated shaft against it.

Laura pressed her tongue up against the underside of his prick, rubbing it stimulatingly against his throbbing woman pleaser. She heard her brother sigh with erotic pleasure. He didn't try to hide the fact he was enjoying her cocksucking immensely. So she worked even harder for his pleasure.

He eased his prick farther into her mouth. Her lips massaged the shaft as it glided past them, probing for her throat. Laura was eager to please. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked. Her brother pushed in. Her eyes widened as he fed her the heated length of his cock until it was in her throat. She started to choke, so he pulled back a few inches and let her breathe.

His cock twitched on her tongue. He pulled it back farther, withdrawing it until only its knobbed head remained between her lips. The shaft of his prick was red and throbbing. Her saliva made it shine. Laura slithered her tongue around the head, sucking him eagerly.

After enjoying her sliding, stimulating tongue until he was panting like he'd run ten miles, he thrust forward once more, burying his shaft inside her mouth.

He set up a regular rhythm as he thrust back and forth. He increased the pace of his thrusts, so that his cock pumped in and out of her mouth. Although the red length of his shaft continually emerged from her clinging lips, he always kept the head of it planted inside her mouth. Her brother fucked her mouth like it was her pussy.

She moaned and sighed as his prick moved back and forth, each gliding stroke over her lips and tongue increasing the temperature of his erection. She had him panting for breath, his chest rising and falling. He thrust so hard and deep into her mouth that her tits were jiggling from the force of it. Her hair whipped his taut thighs as her head bobbed back and forth.

He was almost there. Between gasps he said, "Keep my cock in your mouth. I'm going to shoot off now. Swallow it!"

She would have laughed, if her mouth hadn't been so stuffed with her brother's hefty shaft. In all the weeks she'd been back home and sucking his cock everyday, she hadn't once backed away from it when it shot off its load. She had swallowed so much of his come, it was now a part of her regular diet.

He put his hands back on her head and held her firmly to his groin as he thrust deep. He holstered his cock in her mouth, and stopped thrusting. It twitched on her tongue for a timeless instant, before he shot off a charge that gushed all the way back to her tonsils.

Laura closed her eyes. Her tongue and jaw muscles flexed as she gulped down the load that spurted fiercely down her pulsing throat. Her brother groaned loudly. He held her head pressed tightly to him with his cock spewing into her mouth. He shuddered and gasped, and his legs trembled as his orgasm hit him.

Presently his shaking stopped. The tremors which rocked his body faded and died away. The stream of semen ebbed to a trickle. He shuddered again. His eyes were glazed with pleasure, his mouth open, his hands clutching jerkily at her head.

"God, Sis, you sure can suck a cock!" he panted.

He fondled her hair, smoothing it down against her scalp. Her lips still pressed his sensitized shaft. Her tongue stirred lazily, as she continued to suck him until she had his shaft as stiffly erect as it had been. She didn't let it out of her mouth until it was like a bar of steel.

Her brother's bone-hard pecker brushed her cheek as he leaned over her. He hooked his hands under her bound arms and said, "Get up, Laura."

Muscles flexed in her thighs as she unfolded her legs and rose to a standing position. He pulled her upward, assisting her. When she was standing, she was about a half a head shorter than he was. He took a good look at her luscious body. Her nipples were stiff. They jutted from the fleshy globes of her tits like pinkish brown nubs of flesh. Her skin was warm and smooth and soft. He moved closer to her, his erection being sandwiched between her body and his. She could feel his hot, semen and saliva covered cock throbbing. Sighing, Laura rested her head on his chest while he embraced her.

Her brother reached for her panties, hooked his thumbs in the waistband and pushed them down over her thighs, down to her knees, then let them drop to her ankles. She stepped out of them daintily and he reached down and picked them up. He brought them to his face and inhaled deeply, taking in the fragrant scent of her snatch. Obviously it stimulated him, making his cock jerk and quiver with new vigor and arousal.

"I used to do this all the time when you were home, before you got married and moved away," he said, grinning at her. "After I was through sniffing them, I'd wrap them around my cock and jerk off, wishing I was shooting off my load into your pussy, instead of into your panties."

"Why you bad, bad boy!" Laura said with a giggle. "I wish I had known that."

"Why?" her brother asked.

She gave him a teasing smile. "Maybe if I'd known my brother had naughty ideas like that, I'd have thought twice before getting married and moving away."

He took her in his arms again and his hands moved down to fondle and squeeze her lushly rounded ass. Bringing his hand around, he pushed his prick down so that the head of it brushed along the moist lips of her pussy. Laura let out an excited squeal. He backed her up against the bed and she fell backward onto it with her legs wide apart. Her brother quickly moved up between them. She let out a little cry of excitement when she felt the head of his cock press into the open lips of her cunt. With a guttural sound he speared her, penetrating her with one long slow and easy movement. She was well lubricated and he went in easily, even though her twat was a snug fit. Her secretions, slick and plentiful, oozed around his invading shaft when he planted it inside her, burying it to his balls.

"You're really hot, Sis," he murmured as he plowed back and forth inside her.

"And so are you, you horny young stud," Laura giggled. She would have liked to wrap her arms about his neck and hold him tightly to her while he fucked her, but she couldn't do that with her hands tied securely behind her. Being bound up that way was supposed to make her feel like she was being viciously assaulted. But how could she feel that way when his thick hefty cock was causing her to have such intense pleasure?

If there was anything she loved better than being fucked, it was being fucked by her young brother, she thought to herself. Feeling his prick inside her was just ten times better than any cock that had ever reamed out her pussy before him. Her intense and passionate feeling for her young brother almost frightened her at times. How lewd and outrageous could a women get? With her own brother! How could she possibly feel this hot and passionate for him? Was this the way those women back in Tuttleville felt about their sons? It had to be. And she understood it – now. And to think she might have wrecked their lives by exposing them, making their forbidden incestuous activities public. And they were nice women too. She had come to know them quite well and they considered her their friend. How would she feel if someone exposed what she was doing now – with her own brother?

Her feeling of contrition quickly passed, because at that moment her brother was fucking the hell out of her. God, this kid brother of hers could make it so good for a woman, she would do anything for him. She wondered briefly who had taught him to fuck as good as he did. Was it her mother, or that history teacher he mentioned? Whoever it was, he sure paid attention to his lessons.

Now that her brother was so gloriously fucking her, her attitude had changed considerably in regard to those women back in Tuttleville who were having sex with their sons. Realizing her thoughts were back on them again, she tried to block it out. She felt ashamed, whenever she thought of it, about what she had almost done to those women. They didn't deserve what she had been planning to do to them, exposing their secret sex with their sons. That was a terrible thing for her to even consider doing. What she deserved was a good sound spanking.

Then there were no more thoughts like that. Her brother was bringing her to the peak of her passion. She let out a joyful shriek and sailed into her orgasm. With her brother she always had such fabulous climaxes, so intense they almost made her toes curl. She bounced around on the bed like she'd gone mad, but her brother had a firm grip on both cheeks of her ass, and he went right on pounding it to her until he brought her off three times. Then he sent his hot load gushing into her.

After they lay there for some time, catching their breath, Laura said quietly, "Are you going to untie me now?"

"No way!" said her brother, grinning at her. "I'm not finished with you yet."

"W-what are you going to do?" she asked, feeling a little nervous again.

"You'll see," he said, still grinning at her. With that, he went into the bathroom and when he came back a moment later, he had a wet hand towel in his hand. It was folded over so that it was a little over a foot long and about three inches wide.

"What are you going to do with that?" she asked, with a note of apprehension in her voice. That seemed to excite her brother even more.

"You know what I'm going to do, Sis, don't you?" said her brother. "Sure you do."

"No, I-I don't. Tell me."

"Don't you remember what you said yesterday? You said you deserved a good spanking. I don't know what it was all about, but that's what you said."

She remembered now. She had been thinking about the book she had done all that research on, about all the spying she had done on those women in Tuttleville. Then without telling her brother what she had been thinking, she said right out loud she deserved a good spanking.

"And you're going to…?"

He nodded his head and grinned.

"No! Forget it! I didn't mean it, honest. It was just a figure of speech. No, Ron. No!"

"If you promise not to yell too much, I won't put a gag in your mouth," he told her. "If you start getting noisy though, I'll have to stuff your panties into your mouth, so the neighbors won't hear you and wonder what the hell is going on in here."

"No, no gag. Please."

"Okay then. We'll try it without a gag. Get into position, Sis. Face down, with your ass in the air."

She tried to argue but she saw it was useless. Her brother was determined to go through with it. Whimpering, she turned over on the bed, her stiff-nippled tits swaying and jiggling. She was on her knees, her face on the mattress.

"Bring your ass closer to the foot of the bed, Sis," her brother told her.

As if she didn't have a will of her own, she awkwardly moved so that she was close to the end of the bed, her ass high, her face and shoulders resting on the bed. Her bound hands made it difficult but her brother was pleased with the position she had placed herself in.

When he switched the radio on and turned it up loud, she grew even more apprehensive. Music blared throughout the room. She knew he didn't have it on because he wanted to listen to music at a time like this. He had it on to lessen the sounds she might be making soon.

"Ron… no!"

Her hair fanned across the bedspread as she struggled feebly. Her rounded ass was raised high in the air, just the way her brother wanted it. She could see he was excited. He was squeezing his cock, as though to relieve some of the tension that was building up in it. She could see his prick throbbing. When he squeezed, a clear drop of seminal fluid leaked from the cockhead. She lay with her head to one side. She was shaking.

Suddenly her brother swung the towel in a wide arc, barely brushing her satiny smooth globes. Laura let out a gasp. She squirmed and moaned when he put his hand on her ass. Her flesh quivered to his touch. Her smooth and warm butt was trembling.

"Get ready now," he said, teasing her some more.

She knew now what she was in for. There was no getting out of it. Her brother wasn't about to change his mind. She squirmed as he felt and fondled the cheeks of her ass. Her lush tits were pressed against the mattress, their soft flesh oozing to the sides. She let out a little whimper when his fingers tickled the soft tissue of her cunt-lips.

Then he let her have it, a stinging slap with the wet towel, right across her ass. Laura gasped, closed her eyes and buried her face in the mattress. He gave it to her then, swat after swat, one stinging blow after another, across both cheeks. Laura let out a shocked cry, sobbed and tried not to scream, as her brother laid it on her. Mercilessly he walloped her across her butt again and again, while she stifled her screams by pressing her face into the mattress. As the wet towel stung her ass over and over, her wriggling, ravaged ass twisted and squirmed. It seemed to her in her pain-racked mind that her brother was getting a little carried away, but that was to be expected. She began to think it would never end, but eventually his arm began to tire. As he dropped the wet towel to the floor, she saw through tear-dimmed eyes his hand was kneading and stroking his bone-hard pecker.

Then she saw him squeezing a lubricant out of a tube and smearing it all over his cock. Seconds later he was on the bed with her. She felt him grabbing her ass, clutching her buttocks with both hands. He pushed her knees apart, spreading her shaking thighs, opening the crack of her ass to his attack.

She sobbed and squirmed, but she couldn't escape. She groaned as his fiery cock prodded her asshole. Then she felt him push, the head of his prick poked it's way in past her sphincter muscle. He went in deeper, and then he was fucking her in the ass.

His hands reached under her and he got a hold of both her tits, squeezing them gently in each hand. Then one hand moved to her cunt.

"I'll play with your pussy, Sis," he panted. "I want you to come off when I do!"

Laura would never admit to him that she already got off twice while he was brutalizing her ass with that wet towel. But he was right. She moaned with delight as he fingered her excited twat, while he drove his cock back and forth in her ass. She didn't want him shooting off his load without her getting hers too.

With a lustful cry she shoved her ass back against his invading pecker, while he diddled her pussy and mauled her excited tits. Her brother panted and gasped each time he drove his cock into her bum. His chest was pressed against her back, or would have been, had it not been for her hands bound behind her. With her tied the way she was, he had to do it all, finger her pussy and tease her nipples, and still keep his mind on moving his prick in and out of her ass with a steady rhythm. But she could still do something. She could shove her ass back at him, thrust her asshole at him each time he drove his cock at her. And she could wriggle her buns like mad, rolling her hips around on his imbedded shaft. There were many things she could do to drive her brother crazy. And in her frenzy she did them all, and forgot all about the whipping he had given her ass.

With his hands clutching her by her cunt and one of her tits, he drove her wild with his cock, pulling it almost out of her ass, then cramming it all back in there, again and again and again. Babbling almost incoherently he told her how much he loved the feel of her asshole, how it felt so smooth and satiny and how it gripped him even tighter than his mother's did, when he had it up her butthole.

She was the best, her brother told her panting and groaning, the very best of everything. He fucked her asshole faster and faster, thrilled by her cries of submission, the feel of her ass pushing against his groin. Each time he plunged fully into her, her bum cheeks spread themselves, two rounded globes of soft satiny flesh rubbing against him.

Her brother was ass-fucking the hell out of her, and that thrilled her right down to her toenails. She was crying tears of pleasure, making noises of nearly unbearable joy, feeling him grinding his hips against her ass, pushing his cock into her butthole as far as he could get it. She was squealing, shrieking and babbling nonsense words, in the throes of a wildly intense orgasm, from his fingers doing outrageous things to her cunt and his cock doing even more outrageous things to her asshole.

Holding her by her cunt and one of her boobs, he fired off his load, shooting her rear passage full of his gushing juices. He was babbling like he was out of his mind, telling her how much he loved her gorgeous ass, loved ass-fucking her, and she laughed joyfully. They rolled onto their sides and lay there, trying to catch their breath, her brother's cock still in her ass.

Sometime later he withdrew his prick from her butthole and untied her. They got off the bed and with their arms about each other, they went into the bathroom and showered. While he coated her tits, cunt and ass with a thick soapy lather, she rubbed sensuously against him, telling him how good it had been. And she forgave him for the spanking he gave her, she told him, because she really had it coming to her, and someday she would tell him why. Grinning at her, her brother promised to always take good care of her ass, either with his cock or a good sound spanking – or both.

By some miracle they managed to dry each other off, get dressed and have supper on the table, just as their parents arrived home from work. No mother and father ever had a son and daughter who looked more innocent than they did, while the four of them sat at the supper table.

Laura's mother was more than just an attractive, highly-sexed woman. She was also intelligent. She was far from being a dummy, about anything. Especially anything that went on in her home. It didn't take long for her to realize her son wasn't only fucking her, he was also screwing his sister. So the first chance they had to be alone together, she and her daughter had a long talk. Since both mother and daughter loved and adored each other, it was no problem for them to come to an agreement regarding Ron.

Mrs. Mitchell's husband had always been a sound sleeper. Once his head hit the pillow, he went out like a light and slept right through until morning. She never had to worry about him getting up in the middle of the night and catching her out of bed. So it had been her custom to lie there until she was certain her husband was sound asleep, then she would slip out of bed, tippy-toe across the hall and spend the night in bed with her son. Her daughter coming back home disrupted that little routine, but now that she and Laura had arrived at an understanding, she was able to resume it. At least every other night. That was the agreement she and Laura came to, that she would sleep with her son one night, and Laura would be in bed with him the next.

It went on like that from that time on, without Laura's father – or anyone else – ever being the wiser. Laura's brother thought he had found heaven, having two hot pussies to fuck as much as he wanted to – his good looking, highly sexed, forty-two-year-old mother and his gorgeous, hot and passionate, twenty-three-year-old sister. Laura too thought she had found heaven. Her young brother fucked the hell out of both her and his mother, without him showing any indication he was ever going to get enough.

Laura settled down to a contented life of living at home with her parents and her brother. She felt happier and more satisfied than she ever had while she was married and had her employer Paul T. Findley screwing her. Within the next two years she wrote three books, all best-sellers. They were sexually explicit. She saw nothing wrong with writing about sex. But the way she presented it was different. She didn't use the information she gathered to hurt anyone. She would never again, she promised herself, be tempted to expose women who had a good thing going with their sons, in the privacy of their homes.

And she hoped no one would ever write a book exposing the sex some women were having with their brothers.