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Tami_s pleasure

Marie Alden

Marie Alden

Tami_s pleasure

Chapter 1

Tami quickly adjusted the front of her red tunic as she hurried to the Express Check Out. Roberta was there, ready to go home, but she couldn't leave until Tami took over the cash register.

"Hi, Bert, sorry I'm late," apologized Tami. Roberta had just finished dusting the counter.

"That's O.K., Tami. See you tomorrow. Oh, and you'd better watch out, Bloom's on the rampage!"

Tami soon learned the truth of these words. Mr. Bloom, the supermarket manager, angrily poked his head out of the manager's booth nearby.

"Look lady-I know prices are high. I have to pay just as much as you do for everything. If you wanna do something, then write a letter to the President or something, will ya? Christ!!!!"

He ducked back into the little manager's booth, still muttering to himself.

An irate customer stalked away to find her overloaded shopping cart. In the meantime, the woman's two kids had dug to the bottom of a pile of groceries, spilling things left and right, while trying to find a box of cookies.

They had almost finished a box of chocolate chips when their mother returned. Her annoyance doubled-she slapped the boy and girl and disappeared down an aisle, wheeling the heavily-laden cart.

Tami had been watching this little episode. She was surprised that Mr. Bloom had been so rude to a customer. It hurt business. Something must be bothering him, she thought.

And the poor woman with all those groceries and two screaming kids. She could still hear them all the way down aisle three.

"All I know is, I never want to get stuck in all that," the girl said to no one in particular. She began idly thinking about all the things she wanted to do with her life. There was Joe, of course, and…

Tami sighed and rang up an order. Before long, Mr. Bloom came over to her register.

"Tami, things are going to hell. The district manager says business in my store is way below the level of the others around here. He says if things don't pick up in two weeks I'm gonna be transferred to another region."

"That's awful!"

Tami realized what it meant to Leo Bloom. He had often confided in her during the long afternoons of preparing invoices and bagging groceries. He had told her of his affair with the wife of a prominent local doctor. And if he was transferred out of state, then what would happen to them?

Tami had been friends with Leo ever since she started working at the supermarket over a year ago. She had immediately liked his deep brown eyes-eyes that indicated a touch of sadness behind their flickering gaze.

After the two had gotten to know each other, he told her of his marriage to a cold, brutish woman and his extreme unhappiness with her. Tami never wanted to pry, hut she gathered that he had been forced into the marriage somehow, against his will.

She knew he was a hot-blooded, passionate man. She could sense this in his supple, catlike movements. He could never stand to be unhappy for too long, so the entrance of a really good lover into his life was like a ray of sunshine to him.

The relationship between Leo and Tami was odd. They discussed their innermost lives, especially enjoying talk about their sexual escapades, but Tami never felt a strong urge to fuck him.

She knew how passionately he and his lover possessed each other, and that in itself excited her. Not that they didn't find each other sexy; Leo often rubbed against Tami's breasts when they were alone in the office together.

He had, in fact, told her that he liked the way the outline of her nipples pressed through her red smock. At first she hadn't known how to react to this, but to cover her embarrassment she asked him laughingly whether he was shoplifting anything since there was such a big bulge in the front of his pants!!! … Eventually they both began to enjoy their little games…

Tami's thoughts turned to Joe. Of all the guys she knew, he turned heron the most. She remembered the first time she heard her friend Sheryl mention a "Fat Joe" back when they were in High School. Such a nickname didn't get her very interested in the prospect of meeting its owner-until one day at lunch she noticed a brown-eyed, slender guy at the next table.

Something about him awakened a feeling in her that she wasn't sure how to handle. Back then (she laughed to herself) she had never been laid. She had struggled to live with her hominess just as she nightly struggled with her homework.

"Sheryl," she had asked, "Who's that guy over there?" nodding toward the next table, from which he was just getting ready to leave.

"Huh?? Who?? Oh, that's Joe Rapuiski. In gym class the guys call him "Fat Joe" because they say he's got SUCH a big dick Sheryl turned back to Steve, her boyfriend, whose hand kept disappearing under her miniskirt.

"St-e-eve," she pouted, "Come on, stop. Not here… " Tami had always been kind of in awe of Sheryl. She always dressed in ways that showed off her great figure-large pointed breasts, slender hips, and a beautifully rounded ass that bounced just right when she walked.

Besides, Sheryl had been to bed with Steve and a lot of other guys and she knew the score concerning sex. Tami was sure it was Sheryl who was subconsciously getting her ready to be a real woman; her friend had helped her pick out clothes that made her look and feel sexy, not quite as hot as Sheryl, maybe, but she wasn't ready for that yet…

Sheryl had turned back to her in the lunchroom and explained.

"Yeah, that guy Joe is supposed to really pack a mean pistol. Steve says he's kinda quiet, though. You know, he doesn't seem to shoot off that much…"

She winked at Tami. "What's the matter, do ya think you're finally ready for it?"

It had been a long-standing joke between the girls that Sheryl would sooner or later make sure that Tami got laid. Their casual joking had slowly built up in Tami's mind and body-her young tits would start to burn at the thought of a hard penis inside her.

But Tami was still a little nervous; for a while she had actually gotten embarrassed when Sheryl would talk about somebody's "huge dick" or "giant cock".

Eventually, though, she decided that it was time for some action of her own.

One day she and Sheryl were sitting around talking about the subject of fucking. Her friend was telling her for the millionth time that although it hurts for awhile.

"You'll get used to it and then it'll start to feel soooooo good that you won't be able to stop…"

"By the way," Sheryl had said later, "Steve and I are going out to The Grove Saturday. We're trying to get some people together to come along. Bring some food and we'll spend the day."

Tami had decided to accept their invitation to the nearly-deserted hunting lodge. Sheryl and Steve often went there for weekends during the off-season-Steve's uncle owned it and since he was away often, the couple decided to put the place to good use.

So far they had avoided having any really big wild parties because Steve's aunt lived in the next town and could easily find out about it. And besides, Louis, the caretaker was sometimes around…

"But," as Sheryl explained when they picked Tami up that weekend, "Steve's aunt and uncle are in Panama, so the place is as good as ours. Louie hasn't been around in months."

She nestled back in the car seat and rested her hand on Steve's crotch. Tami's cunt tightened as she noticed how quickly his dick began to bulge at Sheryl's touch. She squirmed slightly.

"Who else is going?" she wondered, to get her mind off of her rapidly increasing horniness.

"Well, I'm not sure-we're supposed to pick up everybody who wants to come at the Coffee Shop near the crossroads."

They had pulled into the entrance and seen Joe Rapuiski. Within a few moments he was squeezed into the back seat. Tami wondered how much Sheryl had to do with this turn of events. Joe sat on one side of the seat, Tami on the other.

A carton separated them. As they all talked about little things to pass the time, Tami idly flipped open the lid of the carton beside her. She was amazed and perplexed to find it practically full of cans of whipped cream.

"What the fuck are… "

A thought suddenly struck her and she shut up. As images of what they might do with the cans flitted through her mind, she felt her tits start to swell slightly.

Her eyes flicked over Joe's tawny face, down to his hairy chest, visible through his half-unbuttoned blue shirt, down as far as she could see until the carton interrupted her view.

Tami's remembrance leaped ahead. She and Joe were alone in a small room in The Grove.

She had had a feeling that Sheryl had a lot to do with what happened.

They and a few other friends had spent the afternoon and evening drinking and smoking pot. As everyone got quite high people started dancing. Before long, Sheryl had taken off her low-cut halter top, run to the porch, and had returned shortly with two small leaves that she had taped to her tight rounded nipples.

Joe and Tami had been near each other all evening. When Sheryl started to bump and grind for them all, Tami started getting horny and digging her fingernails into Joe's arm to control herself. That had essentially started everything.

"Hey," Now Joe's eyes were on Sheryl's twisting pink boobs. He slowly rubbed his arm along Tami's shoulder until his hand reached her collar. Before she knew it, Joe's hand was cupping her warm tits. The juices in Tami's mouth began to flow.

Sheryl had unzipped the fly of her pants to reveal the top of her dark bush. Her boyfriend Steve was so turned on to all of this that he knocked over the tequila that he was drinking and he moved over on top of' her on the floor. He positioned himself assuredly over her loins. After running down the length of her body, his hand reached her waist and disappeared inside her pants to massage Sheryl's spongy clitoris.

"Ooooohhhhhhh baby… do it!!!!" she moaned as he rhythmically rubbed her sensitive wrinkled jewel.

Other aroused couples shifted to more comfortable positions in chairs and couches and began to feel each other up.

Joe took a puff from a water pipe and passed it to Tami. His eyes were full of smoky passion. As Tami toked she felt Joe's hot, wet lips running down her neck.

He unbuttoned her shirt. One huge tit burst out of its bondage. Tami loved the rush of horny freedom she felt. She glanced down, and turned on by the size of her own breasts, undid the rest of her buttons.

Joe's searching mouth pushed hers open. Hungrily his fat wet tongue played with hers, thrusting its tip into her moist cavity. Tami felt her own raging lust take over. It felt like her tits would explode-she wanted him to suck them soooooo much!!!

She was ready. She wanted to go over the line that separated her from womanhood. Oh, God, how bad she wanted it!!!!

Tami breathed hard as she opened her eyes after Joe's rough French kissing. Across from them, a couple on a couch were starting to fuck really hard. Her eyes rested on the girl's enormous bazongers. They were so big that the guy could push them together with his hands and thrust his hot prick between them.

This drove the girl wild. She moaned and stuck her long pink tongue out, wetting the corners of her luscious lips. He immediately took the cue to thrust his bulging penis in her mouth. The girl gulped and began to suck in feverishly.

Her flexible tongue tickled every inch of his cock, down to its base. Even his fleshy balls were being caressed.

As this was going on, Tami grew so fuckin' horny that she couldn't stand it anymore. She unzipped Joe's pants and felt for his cock. It surged against the material that was holding it in.

She was startled to feel the incredible width of his organ. Fear entered her mind-was it so big that it would tear her body, that it would hurt too much for her to take it? The idea then started to excite her even more…

"Oh baby, you're so fuckin' hard… we've gotta do it!!!

She stretched herself on top of Joe, one hand grasping his pulsing cock. One huge breast dangled in front of his mouth.

"Suck my tit, baby I'm just dying for your hot tongue Suck it hard, baby!!!"

Joe's wide mouth quickly closed around Tami's enticing pink nipple. He sucked with his lips, pulling the skin until it felt as hard as his wang was.

The other nipple grew erect as his tongue moved to it and circled it insistently, rapidly. Tami was so aroused that she moved down Joe's body with her tongue, practically pulling his pants off when she reached below his waist.

"Come on, baby," Joe said, pulling her mouth away.

He got up, taking Tami's moist hand adjusting his pants as he walked. They stepped over undulating couples that were balling for all they were worth.

Passing through the kitchen, Joe took a six-pack of beer froth the refrigerator. Quickly climbing the stairs, they reached a vacant room. It was simply furnished, a bed, chair and table. On the floor a huge bearskin served as a warm covering for the wooden planks.

"Tami, you really turn me on!" Joe and Tami both gulped down a beer, drops of the liquid streaming down their cheeks. They sat on the bearskin rug, still breathing heavily, but slightly calmer than they were when she had begun to fondle his dick.

Laying back on the thick rug, Tami's back tickled. She took off her shirt and rubbed her surging titties. This turned Joe on immensely. His cock head pushed out of the top of his pants.

Silently he laid on top of her, pushing her arms above her head, kissing her arms, armpits, neck. His lips urged more, got more demanding, as he moved.

Reaching her searching mouth, he pressed his snake-like tongue as far as he could into her. Her labored breathing increased.

"Baby," Joe said huskily, "I want to fuck you."

"Joe… pppllleeeaaassseee… " Tami closed her eyes and grunted as Joe began to thrust. The tightness of his pants against his bulging prong made him even hotter.

She felt the animal strength surge beneath the material of his pants. He grabbed a bottle of beer and poured the liquid into Tami's mouth. As she swallowed he licked the remains from her steaming lips and tongue.

Deftly he straddled Tami and swiftly removed her pants. Through her beige bikini underwear her luxurious bush looked so good that he didn't know if he could refrain from eating her out right now. Such a bush-it looked as huge and soft as the rug underneath her ass.

All of Tami's fear was gone by this time.

She only knew she wanted to feel Joe's oversized prick inside her wet cunny. It was driving her crazy. If it hurt, then she wanted to feel the hurt. She wanted it!!!!!

Joe rubbed up against Tami's bush. The contrast of the fabric with her burning skin turned her on so much that she was beginning to feel lightheaded with hominess.

"Oh, Joe," she moaned, rolling her head back. Her tongue outlined the shape of her lips which were as red as Joe's throbbing cock. He brushed up against her one more time, then rapidly removed his pants, his wide penis bouncing out of its cover at last.

"Oh, baby," he said, "You look soooooo good."

At the same time he rubbed his cock with his supple hands.

"I'm gonna show you something really good."

With that he rolled on top of Tami. Her hips were now gyrating hotly and evenly beneath his firm bulk.

The touch of the bearskin beneath her coupled with Joe's animal-like force above her turned Tami on more than she had ever believed possible for the first time she fucked. Joe's hands roamed her body and cupped her huge tits, rolling them, bouncing them from side to side. She spread her legs into a large V, moaning.

"Oh dooooo it doooooo IT" like a hungry animal. But Joe meant this to be a great fuck. He knew he needed the time to get himself and Tami so fuckin' worked up that they would come all over each other.

He poured a few drops of the yellow beer into her shrively navel and licked out the brimming hole. Her pelvis rose and fell against the insanely tickly rug. Joe wanted to be inside that rolling cunt so bad he could barely stop from thrusting it in right now. His hands ruffled her hairy bush, his probing tongue coming closer and closer to that delectable area surrounding her vagina.

Tami's hips were now bouncing up and down, getting into the natural rhythm that she had never used before, yet that she somehow knew would make their fuck so good that they would really come hard.

Joe thought, "Shit how bad she wants it!" He could tell by the rolling of her head, the sharply erect titties, the squirming of the body, and her deep moans, that she wanted his piercing cock, she wanted it now.

She spread her legs wider and Joe dove into that juicy moist cunny. Her clit was pink-pink, wet, and so much on fire that he could practically feel it sizzle beneath his tongue.

With his fingers he spread open her clitoris, enabling him to see the inside of her hole. Wetting his tongue excitedly, he thrust the tip into it, into that tight hole that he was soon going to loosen.

"Oh, baby-I want it… I want to… " Tami cried. Her hands roughly fondled her mounds, fingers twirling on her nipples until the knobs hardened until they were so red they looked like they would bleed.

Carefully he sucked on the lips of her cut, drawing out the fluid that coated them to lubricate and prepare for his prong.

"Uuummmmmmmmmmmm" he loved it and it tasted sooooo gooooooood. He wanted to taste her cum next. The soft hairs cushioned his chin as he furiously whipped his tongue in and out of her hole, stiffening it like a rod, making her undulate more and more.

Widening the entrance slightly with his fingers, he plunged his middle finger into it, slowly massaging and fucking the skin inside her vagina. He thrust it in deeper, circling it, stretching the circle to accommodate what he knew was an enormous penis.

Joe moved up her body again, teasing her by running his cock against the outside of her tunnel. He knew this would drive her wild.

"Kiss me!!!!!!!" she screamed.

He thrust his tongue violently into her mouth the way he had pushed his fucking finger into her sticky canal moments before.


Their tongues met and they wrestled. Tami sucked on his, sucked so hard that if it was his cock, cum would have spurted into her mouth.

She was becoming more aggressive now. Lunging up at his lips, she wanted him more and more.

Her hands worked over every inch of his body. They moved restlessly until they reached the base of his cock. The girl then lightly fingered her cunt, sniffed the delicious sticky juice, and rubbed it all over the base of Joe's rod. She then tongued his cock for awhile, mixing her oral and vaginal fluids into one delectable combination.

Joe was mad with pleasure.

"This one's a real comer," he thought excitedly.

"Yyyeaaaahhhhhh suck me baby!!" he groaned as her hands began to pump his prick. She obediently changed tactics and ran her swollen lips from top to bottom, stimulating and hardening Joe's thick organ even more.

At this point Joe decided to enter that luscious cunt he had been waiting for so long. Tami was ready-the pre-cum fluid had coated her entrance so he could fuck her now. She was ready in other ways, too, panting and groaning in that half-human, half-animal fashion that got Joe fuckin' turned on.

Quickly he positioned himself firmly on his back, settling sexy Tami astride him. At the same time they continued to stimulate each other, tonguing, touching, saying to each other.

"Give it to me!" or "I want it!"

Joe watched the head of his well-built shlong disappear into her cunt. The hairy bush hid it as though it were a huge spear thrown into a dense forest.

Big titted-Tami winced as she felt for the first time a cock enter her. Something changed for her that moment, as she understood the masculine and feminine powers for the first time. Then consciousness began to fade as she turned herself over to the constant giving and taking of the act of fucking.

He was going to deposit his semen into her vagina.

"Oh, give it to me!!!!" she suddenly demanded, delirious from the tip of his wang rubbing against the edges of her hole.

"O.K. baby. if you can take it alll!!!"

He thrust his cock in further. Tami screamed.

"God, it's so big!!!!" She moistened her damp wet lips and grimaced in pain and concentration. She knew she could fit that huge handle all the way in if she could just relax. Tami rocked back and forth, feeling the sides of her canal stretched by his amazingly fat prick.

It felt even better when she sat down on it so it could move it's way up and down her vagina.

Grabbing the rest of the beer, Tami poured it over her huge mammaries. She then bent over, and still rocking his rock-hard penis, dangled the beery boobs in Joe's face. He opened his eyes and was face to face with the swelling hardness of her erect nipples. Slowly he sucked one, then the other, raising up slightly from the sensuous bearskin rug that cushioned his back and tight buttocks.

As Tami approached orgasm, the pink area surrounding her nipples began to harden.

"Joe, baby,when you do it I feel so good!" Tami cooed as if she had been balling for years. As if in answer to this, the stud rotated his thighs, making his prick reach an even wider area of Tami's pussy.

Gradually Tami rocked it harder, rolling her stomach, hips, and pelvis in a version of a bump and grind that Joe dug a lot. They were starting to get in motion. He pulled his cock completely out of her as she continued to ride him, the beautiful prick coated with fluid from Tami's snatch. The sight of his bulging penis made Joe feel alive, ready to FUCK. He ran his hands over its surface, as hard as his other well-toned muscles.

Tami moved up and sat on Joe's face, still rolling her limber ass. She teased him, pushing her musky-scented bush towards him, then pulling it away just as the tip of his tongue reached it.

"Lemme taste it, lover."

Joe wanted to suck her slowly, thoroughly.

Forcefully she came down on him again. He pulled her pussy towards him and sucked, sucked, as hard as he possibly could, up and down, right and left. Tami almost passed out with pleasure. It was like an animal licking her out, but she knew she loved it.

Adeptly Joe pushed her cunny away, sat up, positioned the girl on her back, and mounted her. Plunging and pulling, he worked out inside the writhing pussy.

"I'm gonna fuck you now, baby it's gonna be hard and it's gonna be good!!!!" his words trailed off as he pumped faster and faster. Joe moved so rhythmically-his tight butt and strong hips also taking part in the motion.

The bearskin rug tickled Tami as the force of Joe's thrusts altered her position slightly. She wriggled but couldn't get out of Joe's grasp. He pushed it in, farther, farther…

Chapter 2

"Tami! Tami! The sound of her name being called brought her back to the reality of the supermarket. She forgot her daydream and turned to see Leo Bloom, the manager, coming towards her.

His eyes ranged over her body as he approached. Tami knew that look. She wondered what was wrong between Leo and his lover, the doctor's wife.

"Tami," said Leo, "The district office is after us again over the fact that our business is way, way down. They're going to tighten up the ship."

"What a drag!"

To Tami that meant that she would probably have to take shorter coffee breaks and lunches…

"Yeah, I know."

Leo's eyes again passed over the girl's well built body. Tami had no way of knowing that her nipples were erect from her erotic daydream, and they looked bigger than he had ever seen them before.

"So anyway," Leo continued, "They've said things like ‘checkers can no longer wear pants to work'. For the company image, ya know what they mean."

"I can finish the day like this, though, can't I?" Tami wore tight green pants under her uniform.

"Well, I don't know." Leo hesitated.

"I'd he glad to go home earlier," laughed Tami.

"Look, Tam, you're the only checker on until 4:30. And I was supposed to tell you about the pants rule last week hut I forgot."

Tami listened silently.

"The problem is that the district managers'll probably be around today or tomorrow to check up on us."

"Well, I can't go around naked."

"Hmmmmmmmm. Wait a minute. Tami, give me your register key. I'll put Mabel on in your place. Come with me."

Mabel was a fill-in checker and the store's bookkeeper. She opened Tami's register as Leo led the girl away. They entered the stock room and proceeded up a set of stairs to the employees' lounge.

"Well, Leo?"

Tami's curiosity was increasing and it was tinged with sexual excitement aroused in her by thinking about the first time she and Joe had ever fucked.

"Tami, how about taking off your pants and just working in your smock? If you wore a skirt I'm sure it would be shorter than this anyway."

He motioned toward the bottom of the smock. It was several inches above her knees.

She got the message.

"Sure, Leo."

Tami hesitated.

"Go ahead, Tam."

The girl felt her tits start to get warmer. Sitting down, she slowly removed her shoes. Red painted toenails peeked out from under the cuffs of her pants.

"Tami, you're a fine girl," smiled Leo as he leaned against the doorway on the watch for other people that might come up the stairs leading to the lounge. She smiled back. She moistened her lips. Calmly unzipping her fly, she stepped out of her pants.

"Let's see how it looks."

Leo regarded her shapely legs.

"It's O.K."

Tami bent over slightly and on an impulse stepped out of her flowered and very skimpy bikini underwear. Leo swallowed.

"Baby, you…"

Tami turned to put on her shoes. With one foot lifted on a chair to arrange a buckle, her smock rose up to reveal the tight pink mounds of her ass. Leo quietly moved to her and caressed the firm, bouncy cheeks of her bottom.

"God, would I ever like to put it to you right this minute!"

Leo's mature hands lightly skimmed the cracks between her buttocks, then fingered her quivering asshole and came to rest on her flaring bush. He starred to tickle her clit.

The sound of footsteps cut him short.

"Somebody's coming!"

Tami grabbed her pants and ducked into the adjoining bathroom, locking the door behind that delicious ass of hers.

"Mr. Bloom, telephone for you," called one of the stockboys. "I think it's the district manager."

"Shit. Oh, alright."

Leo hurried downstairs, hoping his enormous erection wouldn't show. Knowing it probably would, he took a red stockboy's apron and put it on quickly. At least I'll look busy dressed this way, he thought, hurrying to the phone call.

Chapter 3

After work Sheryl invited Tami and Joe to The Grove. It seemed very strange that tonight they would be going to the very same place that Tami had daydreamed about only hours before. A lot had happened since that day of her first fuck.

Sheryl had gone to work as a dancer in a nearby City. She looked better than ever, and men were always after her ass.Not that she minded, though.

Tami and Joe were still a constant couple. Their hominess for each other was incredible. And Sheryl's suggestion of ‘having a little extra fun tonight' sounded enticing. Maybe they would all switch around and fuck someone else… a change like that would be interesting-Joe and Tami had been in orgies, but it had been at least four or five months since the last one.

"I'm sure we can think of something to do."

Since the days when Tami had gotten so horny and let her sexiness go it's natural way, she and Sheryl had become especially good friends. Sheryl liked to remember the days when Tami had never been fucked-how nervous she was until she finally got laid. Sheryl was as proud of Tami as a mother hen. After the first time, Tami's sexual appetite increased constantly-fucking and sucking became very important to her and she wanted to get it on all the time.

After picking up Steve, they proceeded out to the desolate long driveway of The Grove. The rhythmical windshield wipers matched Tami's throbbing pulse as she imagined what might lie ahead. The side entrance to the lodge was unlocked when they arrived.

"Shit. This might mean Louie's here."

Louis was the caretaker who came to check The Grove every now and then.

"I really don't know what he'd say to having us here," muttered Steve.

"Let me see if he's around."

Steve tiptoed down a dark hallway.

Waiting on the porch, Joe began to feel up Tami, his large hands probing and squeezing her butt, back, and succulent breasts. Sheryl moved closer to where they were standing.

"Hey, you two, come on now, you're turning me on too much!" she laughed.

"Uuuummmmmmmm" purred Tami.

As Joe kissed her she wondered how he would feel making it with Sheryl. Her tits were even bigger than Tami's, and they looked so tasty.

Steve eventually returned from the depths of the house.

"You've gotta see this. Follow me and be quiet!"

He led the way down a dusky corridor. Soon Joe, Tami, Sheryl, and Steve halted at a partially opened door.

"Take a look," urged Steve, pointing into the room.

Inside, at the far end, was Louie the caretaker.

In front of him was a movie projector and a small screen. He was busy watching a porno film that featured a huge hulk of a black man roughly sucking out a young girl's cunt. Behind them two girls with at least 10-inch tits were tonguing each other's nipples. Lowe was incredibly aroused, moaning, ‘yeah baby, oh yeah' as he slowly masturbated while sitting on a couch.

Sheryl giggled.

"Let's give him some of the real thing."

Tami thought this was a far-out idea that sounded like fun.

"Wait," Steve cautioned. "He might get uptight or something and throw us out…

"Your uncle owns the place, doesn't he?"

"Well, yeah."

"I'll tell you what. I'll go in there and get him turned on, if he isn't already, and then suggest that he join our little club… "

Sheryl laughed and shook her boobs. They bounced enticingly.

Steve led the others down the hail. Soon they went up some stairs to the same little room where Tami and Joe had first fucked. The bearskin rug was still there, a little less fluffy than it was when they had put it to good use. The three of them sat down on it and opened another bottle of wine.

Downstairs, Sheryl entered the room quietly. She unbuttoned her blouse down to her navel, took a long drink from the bottle she carried, and confidently strode up to Louie.

Reaching the couch, she kneeled behind it so Louie wouldn't be aware of her presence. He was so wrapped up in the movie that he wouldn't have noticed much of anything else. Sheryl planted a juicy kiss on the back of his neck. In his state of excitement it didn't seem out of the ordinary to him to feel hot, wet lips on the back of his neck. Suddenly it registered in his brain.

"What the fuck."

He spun around.

"Shhhhhhhhh, it's O.K., baby."

Sheryl calmly stood up to reveal her gorgeous boobs peeking out from the opening in her shirt.

"I'm here with a few friends. We come here sometimes to, you know, have a good time."

She nodded to the movie screen.

"I can tell you know what I mean."

She nodded invitingly. Louie offered no argument. He was fairly drunk and the sight of a living babe looking as if she had stepped right out of the skin flick had silenced him into appreciation.

Sheryl sat down beside him. He looked to be about 4Oish, very tan, starting to grey a little around the temples. Louis was a man who had spent most of his life doing muscular work and had the physique to prove if.

"Ya know, somebody mentioned ‘Louie the Caretaker' and I imagined that you'd be some kind of jerk or something."

"How'd you find out about this place?"

"You'd be surprised."

Sheryl offered him the bottle.

"You know the Purdys?"

"Sure, Mr. Purdy owns The Grove."

"Well, his nephew Steve is in on things." Before he could think too hard, Sheryl slid her hand over on his prick. It was average in size, but it looked quite powerful when it was erect, as it was now.

Louie's eyes hovered hungrily over the girl's voluptuous body. She gazed at the screen, starting to get warmed up from the wine.

In the movie a man was shoving his stiff rod slowly up the small asshole of a girl. At the same time she was eating out another babe. The writhing blonde chick wore a black lace cutout bra that made her wiggly titties stick straight out and seem even bigger than they were. She shook from side to side and rocked her hot thighs back and forth as he slurped and sucked her out. His long tongue flicked like a snake into the deep wet hole of her pussy.

Sheryl's blood always began to boil when she saw or was involved in group sex. All those tits and cocks everywhere you touched were enough to get her so excited that it would take her hours to cool down. Just watching this movie got her quivering. She looked over at Louie, then began to stroke his prick. The idea of an older man excited her immensely. He had been balling for years and maybe he could teach her a few things she didn't know.

"Louie, baby… "

She rubbed his prick harder as she moved closer. On the screen two adolescent girls had entered the group and were masturbating while the others watched.

Louie stretched out on the couch, his cock about to burst because he had been almost ready to jerk off when Sheryl had surprised him, and in the interval more semen was collecting inside his organ.

Sheryl expertly massaged his dick, first with her long fingers, then with her mouth.

She went down on him, gulping as his prick tickled the back of her throat. She thrust it in and out of her orifice as though it were her vagina and she were guiding his fuck with her hands.

Sliding into another position to get a view of the movie, Louie arched his tight buttocks slightly so Sheryl could suck him especially hard. He had the skin flick in front of him, a bottle of wine beside him, and a sexy broad on top of him who was about to give him a great blow job. What more could a man want? He vaguely pondered this thought but soon lost all ability to think rationally as Sheryl's sucking and teasing started to bring him off.

"Baby, let me suck those juicy tits!!!!"

Sheryl leaned forward so he could reach those fantastic melons. He sucked and molded them, squeezing them until they were red.

"Hey, baby, easy now…"

Sheryl moved back.

"Mister, I'm gonna make you come so hard…"

Her head was bent down so he could only see her mass of frosted hair furiously shaking up and down as she blew him. In his drunken ecstasy, Louie could see that the same thing was going on in the porno movie in front of him. A luscious babe was sucking a guy's cock and both of them were rolling and tumbling around on a giant round bed.

"Suck it, baby ohhhhhhhh… it's yours… He jolted back and stiffened up as he was about to come. Sheryl kept with him, busily pumping and drawing the juice closer to the entrance of his bulging prick.

One, two more strong sucks and the thick semen began to spurt out. Sheryl's mouth closed tightly around the head, tasting every precious drop of the hot CUM. She had never tasted it before from an older man and somehow it seemed mellower, more flavorful, like some special wines.

Louie lay back, breathing heavily, moaning in satisfaction. Her young blood had made him shoot it harder than he had in the last five or ten years. He felt rejuvenated. Sheryl French kissed him insistently, giving him a little sample of his own cum. He licked his lips and swallowed his semen, thinking it would taste even better washed down with wine. He reached for the bottle and took a drink.

"Honey, you sure know how to blow a guy!"

He passed her the bottle. Sheryl was pleased that an older, more experienced man had liked her sex. But where was everybody else?

Chapter 4

… Upstairs, in the bedroom, that's where. Tami took another drink from the bottle and passed it to Steve. She eyed the sinewy muscles of his upper arm as he received the liquor.

"Thanks, ‘Tam," he said, lounging back comfortably against an overstuffed pillow that was lying on the floor.

"If I keep this up, I won't be able to control myself much longer…"

"Neither will I!" added Joe.

Things around him were beginning to appear warmly fuzzy as the alcohol reached his brain.

He glanced at Tami. In the soft-focus gaze of drunkenness, the girl's bulging titty-globes looked incredibly luscious.

Joe felt the warmth start to develop into a full-fledged heat. He noticed how Tami's pointy nipples pushed through the fabric of her blouse, just as Leo Bloom had been excited by the same sight when he had seen her in the supermarket wearing her red smock.

"They must be having a good time downstairs…"

Tami laughed, thinking of Sheryl's interest in turning Louie on to her tasty body.

"In the meantime," she said, "How can I pass up two studs like you when you're right here, in the same room?"

While Tami spoke these words, Joe regarded Tami's well-proportioned body more closely. As he did so, his cock hardened-slowly at first, then developing into a full-fledged hard-on. When he heard her even hint at the idea of sex with Steve in the room, begot extremely horny.

"Good idea."

He slid over the floor towards Tami, rubbing his arm over her supple legs as he drew nearer.

His hand ran up and down her thighs, hips, waist, and moved higher up her glossy body until he reached her face. Roughly he guided her lips to his, his large wet tongue scrubbing over her delicate red mouth. This touch of Tami's moisture drove him on feverishly.

The strength of Joe's advance pushed Tami back against a large pillow. She opened her mouth, allowing him to push his stiff tongue in it even further.

"Baby… You drive me crazy!"

He continued probing the girl's orifice.

"I want to put it in deeper…"

Tami choked slightly as Joe's flexible tongue tickled every inch of her delectable mouth.

She thought, he can really use his tongue… He frenched her with wet, sensuous thrusts.

"It's almost as good as having a cock in my mouth," she mused, "But not quite."

Meantime, Joe's flicking tongue worked up and down her neck. It darted in and out of her ears, the juicy sloshing sound magnified immensely by having its source inside her ear cavity.


This had always delighted Tami, in addition to making her start to melt in the way that a good sexual work-up always does.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm baby…"

Tami laid back further against the pillow and began to gyrate her hips in time to Joe's volatile caresses.

He moved expertly, kissing her, kneading her soft pliant skin with his hands, petting and sucking her velvet body.

Joe reached Tami's tits and started to suck on her nipples through her shirt. This really turned her on-it was as if she had made him so hot to undress her that he couldn't even wait.

She moaned and rolled.

"That's right, lover, take them. They're yours."

"Suck them, baby!!!!"

Tami's chest heaved as Joe continued sucking her burning breasts. Slowly the girl unbuttoned her blouse and Joe slipped his hand under it.

His fingers twirled the knobs of her knockers-which were, bright red from the furious sucking Joe's strong lips had given them.

The friction between her nipples and Joe's fingers made her points burn as if they were ablaze with her increasing passion.

Joe continued to suck and soon he was ready to mount the girl. He ground his muscular thighs into her heaving hips, his iron-like prick aching to get down to the business at hand.

Tami loved to grind with her clothes on. The feeling of bondage, of not quite being able to let everything happen, built up her own level of hominess immensely.

She could feel Joe's iron-hard hammer pushed up against the zipper of her pants. He rolled over so Tami could straddle him.

Quickly she removed her blouse. She was wearing only a tight velvet choker around her neck and her tight pants were starting to get damp in the crotch from the sticky pre-cum lubrication that she was releasing.

She looked so foxy like that-with low-cut pants fitting down around her thighs. And the top was only a teasing inch or two above her pubic hair.

Tami breathed faster.

"Oh, Lover…" she purred, her voice low and sexy, sounding like she didn't want to waste any time.

While rocking back and forth on his rising rod, she leaned forward. Her gigantic boobs dangled tantalizingly in his face.

Hungrily he lunged at those fuckin' juicy lobs. Besides, he knew it made her extremely hot, the same way it turned him on to have his cock fondled and sucked.

She alternately pulled away and pushed her boobs into his mouth. With his tongue working them over feverishly, her hard pink knobs stretched to almost twice their normal size.

Joe chewed on them until they looked and tasted as delicious as the top of a baby's nursing bottle.

"Suuuuuuuuuuck, you stud!!!!! You make me so fuckin' horny!!!!!"

Tami grimaced as the pleasurable pain of having her tits sucked that, hard coursed through her body. She pulled them out of his mouth, leaned back and pulled in her chest.

This gesture made her stomach look flat and pushed her fantastic breasts out even further. She felt good, she felt sexy, and she felt hot.

Slowly she moistened her middle finger and rolled it over her nipples, moaning in sexual delight. Then she cupped her hands under her tits and rolled them around and back and forth so they bounced like ripe melons.

Joe was so turned on by the sight of his sexy baby playing with her breasts that his erect prong really began to burn.

"Take your hands off those big knockers and use them to take off my clothes," he commanded.

Still undulating, rocking, Tami removed Joe's pants.

"Shit, you've got a fuckin big hard on." Before he could reply, Tami's head was suspended over his spring-like penis. She studied it, flicking her dripping tongue now and then over the surface that was studded with bulging blood vessels.

"Uuuuuuuummmmmmmmm it looks so goooooooodd!. Wonder how it tastes???"

She pouted so sexily that he wanted to ram his cock in her mouth right now!

"Try it baby suck my cock!!!!!!"

Joe rolled his hips and arched his back. At the first touch of the girl's lips around his stick, Joe thought he would come. She pulled her cheeks in so that the width of the penis would rub against the side of her mouth.

Then she moved her mouth up and down, massaging Joe's organ with her lips and teeth, taking it as far down her throat as she could.

Quickly she pulled her mouth away so that Joe's prick popped up straight like a jack-in-the-box. Wordlessly Tami positioned herself on him to take his cock. She wanted to fuck.

The juice of her wet hole squelched against Joe's rod as she began to mount him. Her vaginal muscles surged around his cock as she moved up, pushing it down as she descended. With each fall of her hips, Joe plunged it up her hole.

"Oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh baby… you fuck so good!"

Tami looked so boss to Joe, rocking hard on his prick, her hair tossled and falling in front of her face.

"Gimme your tits."

Obediently she leaned forward, offering her sumptuous knockers to him to do with as he pleased. What pleased him was to fondle their firmness, to shake them, and to bite and suck their tips.

"Honey, you're making me coooooooooommmme."

As she said this, her mouth pursed into a sexy kittenish position.


She jerked slightly. Tami closed her eyes and rocked harder. Joe wanted her to come now. He pushed his cob in time to the rhythm of her body.

The girl's hominess was rapidly approaching the point where she could take it no more. A hard prick inside her, rubbing against the sides of her channel of pleasure got her tremendously excited.

"Just a little more, come on baby…"

She begged him to rock a little harder- Joe wanted Tami to come several times. He knew her sexual appetite was incredible, and he wanted to satisfy her as well as getting his own steaming rocks off.

With her pointy breasts burning like hot embers, Tami felt herself start to come.

"Uuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh," she moaned as the delicious pain took hold of her body. She gyrated so hard on his cock that Joe thought she would stretch it in her frenzy.

"Sssoooooooooo goooooooood-It feels so damn good!"

Suddenly she let out a low, deep growl and her body went wild. The electricity flowed through her veins as sticky juice flowed thickly over mighty Joe's dong.

Deftly Joe rolled her over and began to push his cock slowly up and down inside her oozy cunt. Each thrust squeezed more out of Tami's innermost regions.

Closing her eyes to relish the intense pleasure of having Joe's prong inside her, Tami was suddenly surprised by the unmistakable taste of a cock pushed into her mouth.

"That's right, baby, I want you to suck me real good."

It was Steve. Tami and Joe were so busy fucking that they forgot all about Steve, who had meanwhile finished off another bottle of wine and gotten incredibly horny watching them suck and fuck each other.

Tami immediately licked his cock from tip to base. It wasn't as wide as Joe's; of course she had never sucked one as thick as that, but she was sure he knew how to use it just the same.

All three of them were SO high on liquor and sex that it didn't even enter Tami's mind that Joe might care about her sucking and fondling Steve's prick.

He never minded before when an orgy sprang up. And what a spring this rod has, she thought.

Steve's cock was as hard as a fleshy cucumber.

Tami shot a quick glance at Joe. His half-closed eyes revealed acceptance of the situation. His "why-not-share-a-good-thing?" attitude showed in the sexy smile on his lips. Arching his supple thighs, he repeatedly thrust his penis slightly into the opening of Tami's red hot vagina.

She felt great. Two big studs: one with his cock in her cunt, the other in her mouth-terrific!

Steve dangled his delicious prick in front of her.

"Tam, baby, we sure can make you feel real good!!!"

The girl admired the hard fleshiness of his penis. Unable to control her desire, she flicked her tongue rapidly over its pink tip.

"Uuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmm" breathed Steve, rolling his hips so his cock would move as she sucked it.

"Now, baby, I want you to come down as far as you can on it."

Tami took Steve's throbbing penis all the way into her mouth. It tasted so good, rubbing against the moist sides of her throat. At the same time Joe started to thrust rhythmically, pushing his nob into her.

"Oh, I'm sooooooo horny!!"

Tami could barely contain the sexual energy that was building up inside her.

It felt good to have two hot men working her over at the same time.

"Uuuuuuugggggghhhhhhhh" she moaned, as Steve and Joe both thrust at the same time. Sensations were bombarding her; she felt her nipples harden and burn from excitement.

"I'm getting so fuckin' hot!!!!"

Both men were getting extremely turned on by the sight of Tami writhing between them, as well as the sight of their own muscular, vibrant bodies.

All three of them rocked and got hornier and hornier.

"Ooooohhhhhhhhhh… I'm cooooommmmmiiiinnnngggg."

Tami gritted her teeth as she felt her pleasure juices start to flow. She continued licking Steve's pecker.


Tami panted, her cunt starting to quiver. With a sudden jerk of her body the cum began to gush thickly. At the same moment Joe pushed extra hard so Tami could feel him way up inside her, his cock pushing against the muscles of her vagina that were now flexed into spasms of her second orgasm.

When she came this time, Tami lost all control over herself. A painful bite on Steve's penis made him wince with stimulating annoyance and pleasure.

As Tami calmed down from the orgasm, Joe started to get very hot.

"Well, baby, did you like that?"

As he questioned he stroked her with his big rod.

"Uuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmm" she nodded, in between catching his breath and licking Steve's juicy cane.

"Honey, now I'm gonna let you feel my cum!"

"Oh, yeah," purred Tami.

"You just keep suckin' me off like that," Steve added, "And you'll get a mouthful…"

She bent over to continue the blow job.

"A mouthful of something that's fuckin tasty!"

To emphasize the word ‘tasty', he expertly drove his gun into her moist, receptive mouth.

Joe worked out now, pumping for all he was worth, breathing hard, like a highly sexed animal. Beads of sweat glistened on his hairy chest. Five or so more thrusts and he told the girl.

"Get ready, baby. Tighten those muscles."

He stroked again, knowingly, his eyes on Tami. She continued to lick Steve's cock and the sight turned Joe on past the point of no return.


Losing any capability of control, a spout of warm cum shot up into Tami.

The sound and sight of another man having a violent orgasm delighted Steve.

"Lick me, baby. Work out on it."

Obediently Tami swallowed as much of his dong as she could take, bouncing his firm balls with her hands.

"Oh, that's really nice!"

Steve lay back, images of tits and cocks increasing his level of hominess to an incredible height.

Joe pulled out of Tami, his penis coated with a steamy mixture of their cum.

"Baby, I want you to finish me off now…"

The well-built girl knew how to satisfy a man. Her mouth tightened around Steve's prick, pulling, moistening, and massaging it as she worked him up to a fever.

Finally he could stand it no longer.

"Harder, harder!!!!!!!!" he moaned.

"Suck me!!!!!!!!!"

Twisting and turning, Steve wrestled with Tami. He moaned, tightened up, and grimaced. Hot cum shot into Tami's mouth. Steve was breathing very heavily.

"It tastes so good!!!!!!!! she crooned, smacking her lips. Saving a little of the sex juice, she reached over to Steve and dripped it onto his tongue.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm" they both purred with delight.

All three took a drink of wine and laid back to catch their breath.

Chapter 5

Downstairs, Sheryl and Louie the caretaker were getting increasingly drunker. The porno movie still played behind them as Louie suggested that the girl dance for him.

Backlighted by the screen, Sheryl began to gyrate slowly. Her nude body, full and rosy, moved just right.

She rolled her belly, hips, and thighs like a professional belly dancer. The rhythm was intoxicating. Louie stretched out on the couch in order to enjoy the great live show going on in front of him.

"Go, baby… do it!" he urged, and applauded as Sheryl began to bounce her tremendous boobs with her hands. They rocked up and down like two fleshy apples swaying in a storm.


Sheryl was getting turned on by the feel of her own tits and the knowledge that a virile man was watching her and getting horny from what he saw.

She spun around and saw on the movie screen a girl busily sucking off a guy while at the same time giving another man a good hard hand job.

Sheryl bent over, still watching the action on the screen. She wiggled her cushiony ass in Louie's direction, moving in a circular motion with her shoulders as she danced.

Having been a dancer in a large discotheque, she readily plugged herself right in to any form of sensual movement. To her, some kinds of dancing were almost guaranteed to get you horny. Fast, energetic rock made the blood flow faster, got your excitement level up. Slow, undulating dancing was a lot like balling. In fact, it often served as a good beginning for a fuck.

Thinking this, she glanced at Louie, deciding that she would definitely like to sit on his cock.

A strapping black stud was expertly jerking himself off in the movie. Sheryl timed her dancing movements to those of the man.

"Oh baby that sure looks good!!!!"

As Sheryl's firm buttocks came closer, the man reached out to touch her bouncy cheeks. Gently he fingered them, running his mature hands over their soft surface, down into that delicious taunting crack between them.

Still dancing, Sheryl bent over. Louie pulled her ass towards him, persistently running a finger down the channel that held her little asshole. This touch excited the girl, and her breathing became more rapid.

A young girl who looked to be about fifteen years old was obviously enjoying being fucked by two men at once on the screen. One guy gave it to her up the ass while the other fucked her in a more conventional way.

Louie squeezed Sheryl's bottom.

"Ouch!! Hey, that hurts!!"

Sheryl winced and pouted in pain.

"Oh, come on, you know you like it. Besides, it hurts the same way a big cock hurts when you're getting it… And that doesn't feel too bad, does it?"

As if in answer the girl positioned herself so she was grinding into Louie's face and she could watch the movie. She felt a wet tongue tickle her buttocks.


She closed her eyes, enjoying the sensation. She opened them to see more sex on the screen in front of her.

Making his tongue hard, Louie guided it over the surface of her ass and rapidly ran it up and down the tantalizing crack. He loved asses just about as much as he did tits, and that was quite a bit!

When his tongue made contact with her hole, the edges quivered slightly. Inner muscles contracted, and Sheryl felt the urge to gyrate even harder. Louie followed her motions with his tongue firmly circling the asshole.

"Oooooohhhhhhhhh, that feels good!!"

Sheryl twisted her nipples as she danced to heighten her excitement. Down below, Louie twisted his tongue to a point and carefully entered her hole. Initially, Sheryl gasped with pleasure as she felt her asshole moisten in order to receive his gift.

"Put it in farther," she begged, humping her back closer to the man. Following her instructions, Louie admitted more of his tongue, feeling the hotness of the canal, An in and out motion served to tighten her butt.

"RELAX!" barked Louie.

With that he withdrew his tongue and quickly replaced it with a finger.

"If you don't relax those muscles you won't be able to take this all, and you wouldn't want that… "

"But I… "

She closed her eyes. Louie's knuckle was past the fleshy ring of the opening. A sharp pain coursed through Sheryl's body but she rolled with it. Strangely enough the sensation began to take on a pleasurable aspect. She replaced a cry with a sexy, low moan of enjoyment.

Louie thoroughly liked seeing her get off on anal sex. Too many women he knew complained that it was dirty or that it hurt too much. And here was a nice YOUNG one that didn't mind a bit…

Taking his other hand, Louie reached up to fondle her tits. In the position she assumed, they hung down enticingly, huge, ripe to he tweeked and twisted.

With each bounce of her breasts, Louie's penis seemed to grow harder. He was proud of the fact that he was just as virile as most men much younger than he, PLUS, he felt, they have so little appreciation for fine bodies like hers.

"Ya know, it's not every day that I get to fuck a nice babe like you."

Sheryl smiled. She really liked Louie, and was especially turned on by the fact that he was older than a lot of the men she knew.

"Well, it's not too often that a guy as obviously experienced as you will he available to fuck."

"Flattery will get you everywhere."

They both laughed.

"So, baby, give me a little nip out of that bottle."

A drink was just what he needed to tone him up for that little extra exertion needed with this young nymph. She felt relaxedly excited as she took a drink and felt the warmth reach her brain.

One look at Sheryl's tits and Louie remembered exactly where they were and what they were doing. Refreshments forgotten, he began to firmly stroke her back and buttocks.

He unsnapped the top of his already unzipped pants and dropped them to his knees. Bending over the girl, putting her in the right position, he wet the entrance of her ass with his tongue. She braced herself for what she knew was coming.

Louie looked down at his hard cock. It throbbed and bounced slightly, as if in anticipation of her juicy body.

"O.K., baby, get ready now, relax."

These words turned Sheryl on. He spoke so authoritatively, so assuredly, that she knew she had no choice except to comply.

"I'm gonna fuck you up the ass now, baby."

He sounded so frighteningly exciting when he said this. Animal instincts were rising in his body and he moved evenly, directing his long shaft towards its target.

The head of the penis poked slowly into the membrane. It stretched the shrively opening, which then closed around it to accommodate the cock. Sheryl acutely felt this eating up of the rod by her ass canal, and she moaned as the sensation reached her nerves.

Lubrication was starting, which made the insertion less painful. The truth was that she had only been lucked up the ass once before, and that had proved to be quite unpleasant for her. She had been unready and the cock brutally tore into her, causing extreme pain. Her lover had stopped as she cried out, and did not continue past the point where pain transformed into pleasure.

But she would surely like to have a good assfuck, and it seemed like this might be the opportunity she had been waiting for.

"Oh, yeah, you're so tight, baby."

Louie was moving his cock slowly up and down inside her ass. As Sheryl relaxed her anal muscles, she felt it slip in further, rubbing against the sides of her body, sending delicious throbs of feeling through her. It wasn't so bad at all, as long as you had somebody who knew what he was doing to fuck you this way, she decided.

The heat of his rod was increasing. The girl felt her nipples burn and she automatically started to rock in time to his lunges, Louie was getting so worked up that she knew he would come soon.

"Feels good. feels good," moaned Louie as he forced semen closer to the head of his prick by his movements and his intense hominess.

As the pressure and excitement increased, the girl felt Louie's strong cock push still deeper up into her body. It was driving her crazy, it felt so fine.

"O.K., honey I'm gonna come now… "

Louie had positioned her butt so he would have the best leverage to be able to shoot his load completely into Sheryl's lovely behind. The young woman looked so sexy like that, kneeling in front of him, her supple breasts hanging down bouncing every time he advanced his cock deeper into her body.

Louie's lunging got faster and faster. Just a little more and he would be able to work out all that energy and passion.

"Aaaaaaaaaaggggghhhhh yyeeeaaahh!!!" His jets of sticky cum spurted out of his penis like a fountain into the tunnel of her ass. She felt him give seed, as the thick liquid hit the walls of her anus and oozed into the folds of the membrane.

It had been a long time since Louie could recall such a complete orgasm. Her extra tight walls had made it feel so damn good to come.

"Oh, baby, was that ever great!!"

The hairs glistened on the man's chest. His breath was coming more regularly now, for it had taken much exertion as he pumped and grinded his springy cock.

Likewise, the bristles on his penis sparkled with traces of the fluid he had left inside Sheryl's body. Not forgetting the closeness of Sheryl's juicy tits, he reached up and pulled on her breasts as if he was milking a cow. It tickled her when he did that, stroking the sensitive tips of her knockers until they hardened.

Just as she was settling down to enjoy this treat, they heard the sound of doors closing and people talking nearby. A timid tap sounded at the door, and Steve, Tami, and Joe entered.

"Hi, how's everything going?"

Tami offered a drink of wine to Louie. She winked at Sheryl.

"Oh, just fine," replied her friend. We've been discussing the weather."

"Yeah, we noticed how hot it was in here just a while ago," chimed in Louie.

Everyone laughed. They were all pretty spaced out from so much drinking and fucking.

Sheryl cuddled up to the caretaker.

"Now, Louie, you're not going to let Mr. Purdy know that anything out of the ordinary happened, are you?"

"Who me? And spoil this? Not on your life!"

"That's the spirit. Hey, where did you come up with the idea of these?" asked Steve, pointing to the continuous porno film being projected in front of them.

"Well, I'll tell you. It gets kind of lonely out here, especially when your uncle asks me to check the place over for a week or so at a time…"

"Why would he want you here for so long at a stretch?"

"Mostly to keep people like you from coming here and doing things like this," he laughed.

"Anyway, it keeps my head tuned into the finer things while I'm here…"

"They sure are fine," nodded Joe in appreciation as he pinched Tami's ass.

"Ouch!!!!!!" she cried, "Open up!!!" And in retaliation she poured fragrant red wine down his throat.

"O.K., that's enough," spurted Joe, "I've had so much to drink that I don't think I can handle too much more."

"Sure, sure, that's what they all say…"

Tami herself took another long swallow.

"Look at this," said Sheryl, pointing to the movie screen. It showed an orgy in progress at a lavishly decorated swimming pool-patio area. Couples were jumping into the water nude, fucking on the diving board, and two were even doing it on a floating raft.

"All I know is-one false move and you're…" As she said this, the couple fell off into the water. At poolside, tables were overflowing with food and wine. Sexy chicks in incredibly skimpy bikinis sipped drinks and danced around invitingly.

"They'd look better if they took it all off," commented Steve.

"Na, I don't think so," replied Louie, "It's part of all the excitement to wonder what the part's like that you can't see. Look at that cleavage!"

A voluptuous blonde was strutting her stuff in a tiny black shiny bra and panty. The crack between her tits was so deep that it made her big bazongers look even more hefty.

"Yeah, that looks great, but I'd much rather get to what's underneath."

"O.K., that's enough."

Tami settled down on the couch to watch the rest of the movie.

"Can't we just relax and enjoy what's here instead of talking about it?"

"Good idea," they all agreed, and sat back to watch the show.

Chapter 6

Monday morning came, as it always must, and Tami found herself back at the supermarket. She was still a bit hung over from the weekend-the party at the Grove had continued for hours and hours. After viewing the porno movie for less than twenty minutes, the group had begun to feel horny again, and well, one thing just led to another, and…

Leo was stocking shelves with pantyhose when Tami walked up to greet him.

"Hi, Leo, how was your weekend?"

"Huh? Oh, Hi, Tami. It was just fine."

A peculiar glint came into his eye. Tami knew that meant he had been able to sneak away with his lover, the doctor's wife.

"Good, mine too."

Their unspoken language of communication made it clear that they both enjoyed a lot of sex. Leo scanned Tami's body quickly and she felt self-conscious. She wondered whether he could tell by her walk that she was sore from being fucked so much. A customer soon took her mind off the subject.

At lunchtime Leo invited her out to a nearby coffee shop. Tami was glad to get out into the fresh air for a while and she gladly accepted.

"Now, Leo, let's be sure this is lunch and only lunch… " warned Tami.

"Why, Tami," smiled her boss, "What else could it mean?"

They smiled at each other.

Driving to the eatery, they discussed the store. Leo complained that business hadn't yet picked up enough to please the district manager.

"Don't worry, Leo. Something'll work out."

"I certainly hope so, Tami."

She hadn't heard him sound so serious in a long time.

They pulled into the coffee shop parking lot, only to find that it was closed for alterations.

Tami suggested they go to a restaurant that was just a bit further down the road.

"No, I know the owner, it'd be too… " He lowered his voice so she couldn't quite make out what he was saying.

"Never mind, I know a good place."

Leo proceeded to a small hotel five or six miles out of town.

"They have great soup and sandwiches here."

Absently Tami ordered a meal. Fatigue was creeping up on her. After eating, however, she perked up enough to notice what seemed to her like strange goings on in the hotel.

The barmaid was a flimsily-attired girl who kept talking to customers in a low voice and then leaving the room. She would soon return and the men would exit through a door near the back.

It had all the earmarks of a house of prostitution. Tami asked Leo if that was, indeed, what went on behind the door.

"Gee, Tami, I don't rightly know."

He winked.

Her mind started to jump to all sorts of conclusions. Did Leo expect her to…? Actually, the idea didn't seem so bad on further consideration.

As if he knew exactly what she was thinking, Leo began to explain his plan.

"Look, Tami, the thing that happened the other day at work really got me thinking… "

The ‘thing' was their little confrontation in the employee's lounge when they got very close to balling until a stockboy interrupted them.

"You really knocked me out-you've got a great body. Plus, well, Anna and I have lately started to get involved in some, well, let's just say ‘very swinging' sex scenes."

This surprised Tami, since she couldn't imagine Leo's lover Anna being interested in such things. The girl had seen her once in the supermarket and she seemed to be surrounded by an air of mysterious dignity-not at all the characteristics of a wild swinger.

"So," he continued, "What I mean to say is that I've gotten a lot more tolerant of all sorts of things."

Tami wished he would stop, excuse the expression, beating around the bush.

"Well, the other slay, it struck me that you would be just what they need."

He nodded in the direction of the green door behind the bar.

"I know that you know the score."

He smiled knowingly.

"The way you moved around the other day, there was no doubt in my mind that you're an experienced chick."

Tami smiled at this compliment. It seemed that the friendly sexual joking between them had suddenly become much more than that.

"So, what did you have in mind..?" she asked softly.

Tam, a few of our customers have remarked to me that they thought you were an exceptionally fine girl."

He emphasized ‘fine' to mean a lot more than just polite.

"They were men, of course," he added, a trace of nervousness creeping into his voice.

"Would you like another drink?"

She agreed, partly to make Leo feel a little more comfortable. She was actually getting excited about knowing the rest of his plan. Leo cleared his throat.

"So, I thought that it would be a clever idea to set you up in business at the supermarket… "

"What d'ya mean?"

"Well, I wouldn't let the word out-only to a few guys that I know aren't freaks or anything… "

He knew that she was aware of just what he meant.

"And-only if you're willing, of course, we could arranged for them to come to your checkout to let you know if they're interested…

Tami began to laugh uncontrollably. This upset Leo, who wasn't quite sure how she would take the idea.

"Tami, what's the matter?"

"That's funny… I can just picture some guy buying a popsicle to indicate he wants a blow job and a couple of doughnuts to show that he wants to fuck!"

"A great idea!"

It relieved Leo immensely to see that Tami thought the idea was at least possible. Before telling her, he had had a moment of serious doubt, thinking even that she might regard him as perverted or sick.

But the scene in the employee's lounge floated back to him, and he knew she would never react in such a fashion. She was as hip as he had always thought she was.

Tami thought about this proposition as she took a long drink. Being a hooker-or whatever the equivalent was in this situation- struck her as being pretty exciting.

Sheryl told her that she had sometimes turned a few tricks, that it was really satisfying if you were sure the guy would treat you well …

She remembered stories Sheryl had told about the nice gifts men would give her, the nice restaurants they would go to… But what about Joe? What would he think if he ever found out?

Another sip and she had decided. He didn't have to find out, unless she felt she wanted to tell him.

Leo was silent, apparently to give her a chance to think things over.

He turned expectantly towards her.

"I think it's a great idea."

He sighed with relief.


Buying her another drink, he explained.

"Tami, I hope you realize that this will probably save my job. With the extra business we'll get, the district manager'll have nothing to complain about."

Suddenly Tami remembered work.

"Leo! I'm twenty-five minutes late from lunch! I'll be… "

"Forget it, Tam. From now on, you're on a special schedule. I explained, I mean I will explain, to everyone else that you're in training for some kind of upcoming position in another aspect of the business. That'll be vague enough to please ‘em."

Leo thought of everything.

Returning to her job, Tami spent the remainder of the day doing her usual duties so as not to attract attention.

"Tami, I'd like you to stay a little later today, so we can discuss the details of your position."

"Of course."

She returned to help a little boy who was crying because his penny was stuck in a gumball machine.

As the store closed for the evening, Leo finished various office chores and then led her to the lounge.

"You, of course, keep any and all money that you make from your new… position."

Tami daydreamed about the trip to Trinidad she had always wanted to take. Her head was full of visions of white beaches and cool sea breezes as he sat her down.

"I've made arrangements with some of the interested clients. Now, I will be announcing that this room will be no longer used as a lounge…"

"But, Leo, that's not fair. There's no other place for everybody to go. I refuse to make them suffer just because I'm doing something crazy like this."

"You're right."

He pondered for a moment.

"I've got it. The meat locker we no longer use anymore. It's next to the little staff room where we're supposed to meet with the higher-ups when they come to inspect. Not that they bother anymore, though. They just send their assistants."

"That sounds like a strange place to…"

"No, it'll be perfect. It's down at the end of the corridor-so it's isolated. Yet anyone seen there has a valid reason to be there-the file cabinets are in that room, and some of the electrical generators are just past the door, so it would look like a guy would be interested in either checking the files or the machinery."

He clapped his hands in satisfaction.

"Plus, for your added security, the door can be locked from the inside only."

"Hmmmmmmmm. That is helpful."

Leo went off to find some pieces of furniture that might have been cast off from the employee's lounge. He dragged an extra vinyl sofa into the locker.

"This'll be O.K., after we put a nice soft shag cover on it. Maybe black, to offset the color of your skin…"

He suddenly looked at Tami, his eyes following every curve in her young body.

To get his mind off her, he changed the subject.

"Ya know, I even suggested this to Anna, to see how she felt about the idea of you doing this."

"Really, what did she say?"

"Oh, she thought it was a very good idea. She remarked that you looked like you'd do very well, with a body like yours."

This puzzled Tami, for she had only seen Anna once or maybe twice.

"Anna's very aware of that sort of thing. Ya know, it's just been recently that we both became close enough-and honest enough- to admit that we get off on all sorts of different kinds of sex… "

He fell silent, thinking about his lover.

"It's a lot freer now, that we openly groove on the kinds of things that maybe we once just fantasized about."

Tami didn't know if he wanted to go on talking about it or not. But he countered her doubt by continuing.

"Just this weekend we had another couple over and all got pretty high. One thing led to another, and pretty soon we were all making it with each other. It was quite a gas."

He looked at Tami as if to see if she approved.

"What about you? Do you get off on group sex?"

Here she was, about to turn tricks. There was absolutely no reason to conceal the truth.

"Well, sure. In fact, this weekend we had a little action, got loaded and fucked around…"

Tami noticed that Leo was starting to get a hard-on.

"Yeah? What was it like?"

He sat down on the sofa and motioned her to do likewise.

"Well, it all started out that three of my friends and I, Joe included, went to this place where we sometimes spend weekends. We had a lot of wine and it was a rainy day, and we were all horny, so we started getting it on."

"Describe it, what was it like?"

"My friend went downstairs to get it on with a guy who was a sort of a caretaker… and Steve and Joe and I stayed upstairs."

Leo began to squirm slightly. He placed his hands over his zipper and started to rub the area slowly.

"Go on, I love to hear you tell me all about it."

Tami herself was starting to feel a little hot. It turned her on to talk about sex, especially detailed descriptions of fucking.

"Joe and I started to kiss… "

"How? What did you do?"

"Well, he sort of pulled me to him, he's built very muscularly, and he frenched me…"

"Did he tongue you all over? Was his tongue hard and wet?"

"Oh, yeah."

Tami swallowed. Her titties burned and her loins twitched slightly.

Then he started feeling me up. Rubbing my tits."

"Show me how, Tam."

She self-consciously massaged the outside of her red smock with circular motions.

"How did it feel, Tami?"

"Ummmmmmmmmmmmm, it feels good… "

The girl relaxed and forgot her self-awareness as the thrilling feeling increased in her hot breasts.

"Then what?"

Leo quietly unzipped his fly and fondled his long cock as she spoke.

"Then I undressed and he sucked my tits."

As if she knew he would then ask her to take off her smock, she pulled the front of it open and unbuttoned her blouse. She wore no bra, and her nipples stood out, already erect.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh," the sight of her firm knockers increased Leo's erection.

"Did he do it like this?"

Gently he cupped her mounds in his hands and rocked them close to his face. His tongue nimbly stretched to meet her nipples. Wet with anticipation, his mouth closed around the pointy end and he sucked and tongued until the reddness of her knobs deepened almost to purple.


Tami was already high from the tasty feel of his mouth on her tits.

"Is that it?"

He continued, sucking harder and harder, causing the tips to extend at least an inch from her curving mounds.

"Did he do it like that?"

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yyyeeeaaahhhh! Do it some more!!!!!!!!"

She threw her head back and he moved his slurpy kisses up to her neck. Running the tongue up and down the incredibly soft skin of her neck, he paused and chewed harder, giving her a maddeningly ticklish hickey.

From there he proceeded to her ear, inching the wet feeler into her audial canal. This drove her to a frenzy, for it was the one zone of her body that was exceptionally sensitive. The sound of his slishing tongue was amplified, and it aroused her passion rapidly and completely. She loved these sounds of lovemaking.

"Then what, Tami? What did he do then?"

The persistence of his voice made her horny. It was as if he wanted to draw it out of her, like an orgasm.

She was so turned on she could only speak in panting breaths.

"He took out his cock.., and he started…

She paused for a moment. Leo fully exposed his lengthy organ, which bounced and throbbed in readiness.

Slithering out of his pants, he guided Tami to a semi-reclining position on the sofa. With one firm hand he coursed over her expectant boobs, kneading them, sensitizing them as he worked…

His other hands flitted beneath the bottom of her smock. As he pushed the center opening aside, he realized she was nude underneath. She had not worn any panties since Leo had begun to luck her the other day at work.

Her curly pubic hair was dense. It allowed only a glimpse of her red clitoris visible through the bush. The pinkness of her lithe thighs contrasted with this dark jungle of delight. Quickly his mouth sought out her fleshy mound. As he licked and tantalized her cut, she felt herself approaching orgasm.

"Baby, I want you to come. When you come I want to taste it."

She couldn't refuse this request. He was so expert at eating her out-he knew just what to do to make her come quickly. She was surprised at being so horny since she had come so many times during the weekend orgy that she was afraid it would take her a week or two to recover her energy.

But Leo was going strong, and his excitement was contagious. As he sucked her cunt, he moaned in satisfaction. Each chew of her flesh, each taste of pre-cum juice seemed to get him hornier.

His mouth drew her to him, she felt a surrender to his demanding lips. An agony of delight-a spasm in her vagina-told her she was ready.


She choked as her body gave in to violent waves of muscular contraction. She felt her wet cum surge down her vagina and into his eager mouth. Hungrily he slurped up the luscious juice, his tongue probing deeply into her cunt to get the last delicious drops.

This working up turned the man on so much that while she was still heaving and panting from her orgasm, he swung his lean body around into position to enter her with his penis.

Swiftly the rod pushed aside the still quivering lips and entered. He maneuvered his cock so that Tami could feel it push against the walls of her vagina as he thrust it in and out. The excess moisture of her coming had made it tremendously simple for him to get it up a great distance.

In fact, Tami could feel the head of the man's tool push against the uppermost part of her vaginal canal. The friction brought on the onset of another orgasm. As he pumped and stroked furiously, grunting and moaning "Oh yeah, it's so good!!" the girl also began working it out, so they would both come at the same time.

Leo raised himself up over Tami and watched the action of his prick entering and leaving her writhing body. He stroked evenly, so that her gyrations would meet his as he entered her cunt.

The slapping of their genitals produced a luscious shlopping sound that furthered their enjoyment of themselves.

"O.K., baby. Get ready. I'm gonna coommmeee!!!"

His thrusts took off, and in seconds he was moaning in the painful pleasure that equals sex. Shots of cum sailed into her body. As the first ones released, Tami began to come again, violently, clawing and scratching at Leo's still-moving back.

"Aaaaaaaggggggghhhhhhh" she screamed, coming even harder than she had all weekend.

"Ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh" he moaned, the final drops flying into her cunt.

Both of them rolled and rocked as their bodies gave each other huge amounts of sexual energy. They sweated and sighed for several minutes until they could sufficiently calm down. His cock and her cunt were coated with sticky cum.

Leo guided Tami's mouth to his penis. He wanted her to suck the last bit of sexual sensitivity out of it. She lingered at the head, touching it lightly with her tongue, then swallowing it completely into her mouth. She rubbed it against the back of her throat, then massaged it against her gums and slightly nipped it with her teeth. Her hands and mouth worked down towards the base of his cock, fingering the sides and back as she went.

When Tami reached the base of his cock, she put her fingers completely around the place where it joins the trunk of his body. Carefully she pulled, forcing the blood to flow upwards to the tip of his prick. She then circled her mouth around his organ, sucking it in until it disappeared all the way into her mouth.

She withdrew it and started sucking slowly on his balls, which bounced and flowed in and out of her mouth as she took them with her teeth. Tickling the little hairs around his cock, she bent her head down and swished her long hair around the base of his prick.

This made it start to rise, as the sensitive nerves were aroused. She gently stroked the length of his penis in order to calm it. Leo rested, feeling all of this in the afterglow of a good, hard fuck.

"Baby, there's no doubt about it. You're gonna do just fine in the business."

Chapter 7

The next morning when Tami arrived at the supermarket she noticed two new checkers at work. Leo explained that they were hired so that she could leave her cash register anytime that ‘business came up.'

Tami began working as usual. About 10:30, a man of about thirty-five, with nicely graying temples and a sexy smile, came to her register.

"Hi, babe," he said, as he placed a cucumber and a package of donuts down on the counter.

Thinking this was a normal order, she began to ring it up, when suddenly she realized what he had purchased. She burst out laughing.

"Oh, now I see…"

The man was turned on by her innocence and her bright smile.

"You get the message, baby?"

"Sure, sure. Hmmmmmmm, the cucumbers seem to be especially firm today, don't they?"

"You can say that again."

And he disappeared back into the aisles to apparently look for something he had forgotten.

Tami was unsure what she should do. A moment later Leo approached and told her that the man was waiting in the ‘lounge'. All she had to do was to close her register and meet him there. She locked the cash register and noticed that he had forgotten his groceries.

"That's O.K., I don't really think he'll be needing them."

Leo winked and walked away to help a woman whose child had broken a bottle of maple syrup on the floor.

Tami walked unobtrusively to the back of the store. She looked behind her, feeling vaguely guilty, and satisfied that she looked quite at home where she was, she entered the secret room.

She gasped at first sight of what Leo had done. A beautiful shag rug was covering the floor, and a similar shag lay over the sofa. One of the file cabinets contained a stereo set and a bar. "She figured this out because her first ‘customer' was relaxing with a big drink in his hand, and there was no obvious source of the liquor except one open drawer.

"Hi, baby, my name's John."

"Hi, I'm Tami. She went over and poured herself a not-too-strong drink.

"Ya know, baby, every time I used to come into this place, I would check you out. When Leo hinted to me that you were available, I couldn't believe it."

"Oh, you know Leo?"

"Sure, for quite a few years."

"Commere, sweetie, let me take a look at you."

Tami moved over beside him. She quickly finished her drink. Its warmth already began to affect her. She felt relaxed and ready to go.

John, horny as a bastard, already had a stiff erection. He kissed her hard, telling her that he was going to give her a fuck like she had never felt before.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, sounds good," she crooned as he hotly rubbed her tits. The points practically burned through her uniform. Roughly the man pushed her smock apart, revealing her bulging tits.

Hungrily he sucked, his head going back from one to the other, ceaselessly.

"Oh, baby, ya got great knockers."

He twisted and pulled them. Tami loved it. She felt his slight whiskers rub hard against the softness of her boobs. They began to redden to skin and hurt a little.

"Hey, take it easy, that hurts."

"Oh, no, baby, the more it hurts, the better it is."

He was so dominant in his desires that she could do nothing but comply to his wishes. He continued to suck her nipples until they became ice-hard and burned so much that she could hardly stand it.

She was about to cry out in pain as he stopped and freed his long pecker from the bondage of his pants. It was extremely long, bursting with blood vessels, and throbbing like a heartbeat.

Rapidly he straddled the girl. Pushing her tits together, he inserted his instrument in between them and began to rock. The sight of his own powerful cock working out with those huge globes of flesh surrounding it turned him on so much that he wanted to come right away.

But he took his time, slowly down until his penis moved slowly in and out like a wavelet. He moved down her soft body, kissing and tonguing every inch.

Reaching her cunt, he was ready. She was moist with juicy lubrication, and he promptly entered her. His cock extended all the way up her vagina, and each time he inserted it, she was just about ready to come. In and out he rocked and thrust, getting hot and horny so he could squirt his cum into this lovely young chick's hole.

"Here it comes, baby-take it now!!!!!"

He pushed like a wildman, grunting with primal passion as he took the girl. Rivers of cum poured into her, and she felt the hotness drip down her body as he came like an animal inside her.

The force of his thrusts made Tami's tender body tingle-as he slowed down she was aware of the soreness he had caused in her vagina with his enormous rod.

"Hey, baby, you're pretty good."

John's fingers danced lightly over Tami's naked back.

"What can I say?" she laughed. "I like to get laid!"

"Yeah, it's easy enough to tell that-you move so nice and easy-it really makes a man feel good to come inside somebody like you!"

"Thanks. Care for another drink?"

As they rested and sipped scotch on the rocks, John reached into his pocket and brought forth a little gift-wrapped package. He offered it to the girl.

"For me?"

It was exciting to receive a present as well as a good fuck.

"Sure, open it."

Inside was a bottle of expensive French perfume and some cash.

"Oh, thanks so much!"

Tami's eyes glistened with happiness.

"Look, honey, if you can make me come like that every time I visit you, nothing will ever be enough to repay you…

"What d'ya mean?"

"Well, it's been several months since I've been able to have an orgasm. I even went to a doctor. He told me it was all in my head."

"Are you married?"

"Yeah. My wife and I don't get along too well. Plus, I used to work the night shift and she'd work days, so we hardly ever got to spend the night in bed together. And when we did, she was either ‘too tired tonight' or else she had her fuckin' period."

"That sounds like a drag."

"You're telling me. So, I even tried getting some sex on the side. We have this neighbor who's always on the make. She tries to fuck the mailman, delivery boys, anybody. One day I started getting very friendly with her, and within a week we were in bed. The fuckin' thing was, that I couldn't get off No matter what I tried. Later I tried a few other chicks. Nothing. I don't know. You must've given me the magic touch or something!"

Tami felt great to know that for some reason she was able to help this guy out and make him feel like a virile man again.

"I don't know! I think those things just happen once in a while, It's a phase. You just have to let it pass."

"Oh, it sure did pass, alright-I feel terrific!!! Look, I'd better go now, hope to see you again!"

"Don't worry, baby. You will."

John adjusted his clothing and slipped down the back corridor.

Tami applied fresh makeup and combed her hair, meantime thinking about what had happened. So far it seems like a fantastic way to make money and have a good time, too.

It was satisfying to get fucked by different men because they all had their own unique ways of doing things and could teach her a lot about sex. She knew that they liked her young body and her big tits and her free-loving attitude. And she liked their masculinity and their powerfulness-and their cocks, of course.

Spraying a little of her new perfume, she took a whiff and started to the front of the store.

Leo was arguing with a salesman who asserted that the manager had purposely hidden his company's brand of deodorant behind others so that no one could see them on the shelf.

"Look," said Leo, "What probably happened is that some stock boy couldn't find any place to put it, so he shoved it in the only space he could find, which happened to be behind another brand."

"Yes!!!!!!!" screamed the salesman. "That's it! And we lose money because of things like that!"

Leo thought the salesman was about to have a nervous breakdown.

To appease the man he called a stockboy over and made a big show of seriously telling him that this particular brand of deodorant must always be prominently displayed. Seemingly satisfied, the salesman stalked away to another store where he would probably go through the same routine again.

"Christ, these people… " Leo muttered as he went back to the office to do some paperwork.

He caught sight of Tami back at her register.

"Hey, how did everything go? Or should I say ‘come'?"

"Oh, just fine, just fine."

She couldn't talk because a customer began to unload her carriage at Tami's checkout.

A couple of hours later a man walked up to her check station and bought a loaf of Italian bread. He looked insistently at her, so she assumed this was a signal that he wanted to do business with her.

"How much?" he looked at her. The loaf was plainly marked.

"Uh, twenty," she said impulsively.

"O.K. Oh, and how much for the bread?"

He paid and disappeared into the back of the market. Suddenly her checkout became quite busy, and Tami couldn't get away for several minutes.

Finally she had to signal to Leo in the office to have another checker come to the front.

"Do you have an appointment, Tami?"

"Yes, Leo, in fact I do."

"Oh, in that case, go right ahead. Somebody can take over anytime you must leave. After all, business is business, you know!"

Hurrying to the back room, Tami adjusted her smock and smoothed out her hair. She opened the door. The same dark, strapping man who had been at her register was now laying on the couch, listening to music and smoking marijuana. The pungent odor of the grass filled the room. Tami was afraid someone outside would smell it, too.

"Don't worry ‘bout this," he said, gesturing towards the joint. "This room has a steel door and the ventilation goes out on the roof where nobody will ever be able to trace it."

She smiled and moved over to get herself a drink.

"Besides, who would ever suspect anything like this was going on here?"

He looked around the room at all the comforts. His eyes settled on the best treat of them all.

Tami ran her fingers up and down her hips and thighs. She knew that would start to turn him on to the shape of her body. He took another hit and offered her some.

"No, thanks, not while I'm working."

She sat down beside him and ruffled his black hair. He smiled and began feeling her up, his hands probing her back, hips, stomach, legs. He caressed her expertly, applying gentle pressure at some points, being sexily brutal at other places.

His tongue mopped all over her neck and shoulders. Its wetness drove Tami to instant hominess, as it continued to seek out new territories to touch. He kissed fast and well, at all times having control of what he wanted his body to do. Soon she found her own body responding in just the way he wanted it to; she would bend at the slightest hint of pressure from the man's strong arms.

He laid her down on the couch and pushed open her smock. In between customers she had put on a bra, a black lace push-up that made her exquisite tits seem to bulge out of the tops of their holders.

Gently he placed her hands on her boobs and began to massage them, telling her with motions what he wanted her to do. Withdrawing his hands, she continued rubbing her tits while he watched.

"Good, very good. I like to watch you play with your titties. They're very large, you know."

She fondled and pinched her breasts until he told her to remove her bra. Tami unhooked the latch and her knockers cascaded out to freedom. He kissed her long and hard, pressing deeply into her mouth with his.

"Now, lover, I want you to rub those nipples for me. Nice and hard, now."

With the tips of her fingers, Tami twirled and pulled the ends of her breasts until they stood totally erect.

"How does it feel? Does it burn?"

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, yeah, it's so gooooooooooood."

Beginning to forget what she was doing, she fondled herself more and more, her fingers pulling more insistently at her nipples.


"Listen!!!!! Don't come yet, do you hear me?"

"Mmmmmmmmm… no, I won't."

She slowed down her touching so that she would have a chance to cool off.

"I want you to work over your whole body before you get hot enough to come."

He bent down and wetly kissed the girl's tits. He nipped and bit at her pointed tips until she wanted to cry out with passion.

"Now, you continue with it," he ordered.

She roamed further down her body, stopping to touch her silky hips and run her fingers over the tightly stretched skin. She could feel the supporting bone beneath. Losing sense of whether it was her body or someone else's that she was experiencing, Tami let go with the great sensations that she was beginning to feel building up inside herself. He watched her obviously enjoying the session, and felt himself start to harden up.

As usual Tami wore no underwear. Her partner urged his fingers to explore her most delicious region. The girl skimmed the edges of her bushy pubic area, twirling some of the curly hairs as she passed over them.

Giving a wet kiss to her clitoris, he moistened the area in preparation for her to continue.

"Baby, I want you to enjoy yourself. Get down in there and get hot. Let me know when you're good and ready."

He rubbed her tits lightly while she began to masturbate. Pulling aside the fleshy lobes, her fingers twiddled with the entrance to her cunny. The sensitive skin reacted to her touch and her breath came faster.

Moisture already coated her pink cut, partly from the man's kiss, and also from her increasing sexual excitement. The soft shag couch covering tickled her back, to increase her hominess immensely.

A soft moan reached his ears.

"You're not ready yet, I hope?"

He kneaded the tips of her breasts faster and harder as he spoke.


Tami had begun to feel sticky ooze on her fingers. She plunged the middle one into her vagina, reaching up as far as she could.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, that's nice. Now take the other fingers and stretch it. That's right."

She pulled the opening to her cunt wider with the other fingers. This increased the sensation as she finger-fucked herself. The heat increased in her body as well, and she was feeling lightheaded.

Sticking two and then three fingers up herself felt almost as good as a hard penis. Rocking them back and forth and up and down was much like the action of a cock. Soon it brought equally wonderful results.

"Uuuuuuugggggg" squealed Tami as she started to come.

"Are you ready??????????" demanded the man.

"YyyyyyeeeeeeessssS" she choked. Her body was in spasms of orgasm as he lowered his head down between her knees.

"Spread!!" he commanded.

Tami writhed and rolled. His fantastic tongue sucked into her like a gigantic suction machine. She screamed in pleasure. He was drawing every drop of cum out of her vagina with his powerful mouth.


The final spasms were remitting now. Her lower abdomen was still a-twitch with the exquisite sense of release afforded by her orgasm.

Loudly he sucked the last drops of cum from his lips. That was damn good, she thought.

"Hey babe, you taste fuckin' good."

As Tami put her head back against a silken pillow the man began to tug at a large bump in his pants. His erection was becoming painfully restricted by his tight clothing.

"Now I'm going to take it out and feel it."

Unzipping his pants, he removed his cock and cupped his hands around it's base. It shot up in the air so that the tip was parallel to his body.

Its pink tip bobbed eagerly.

"Do you like my prick?" he asked Tami.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Let me lick it a little."

Tami took the head of the penis in her mouth and gently twisted her tongue around it. It pulled with the pressure of her lips.

"I like that baby, do it some more."

Tami sucked harder, going down on his organ so that only the part where it connected to his body was not in her mouth. She hardened her tongue so it felt like a prick, and surged around the man's stiff cock, colliding and bumping up against it.

Then she let her tongue fall flaccid, slurping up to the head again, washing it in all directions with her juicy saliva. The marijuana he had smoked heightened his pleasure. Eyes closed, he laid back and allowed her to suck him to even greater levels of enjoyment.

Taking his cock into his own hands, the man pumped it from base to head while Tami French kissed him as hard as she could.

"I'm almost ready to come… I want you to take my cum into your mouth when I give it to you… "

The girl bent over his loins and prepared for him to jerk himself off. As he worked his cock she licked the base, providing constant lubrication for him.

Arching his hips up off the couch, she knew that he was going to have a violent orgasm; for his teeth were already clenched in concentration as he pumped.


His hands were coated with the first squirts of come. Jamming the wand into her mouth, he commanded Tami to suck him.

Cum shot forth as she managed to get the head into her mouth just in time to receive the rest of his fluid, it tasted quite bitter. She had to swallow several times in order to get it all down without coughing. Never had she seen and tasted this much semen! Waves of it rolled into her sticky mouth.

The man was breathing like a trying to catch his breath from all the exertion. Odors of his sweat, mingled with traces of marijuana in the air. Tami laid her head on his stomach, still swallowing the remains of his love juice.

"Whew, man, that was something," she murmured.

He still hadn't regained his breath.

"God, do you ever come hard!"

She stroked a piece of loose hair from his perspiring forehead.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm," he breathed, his body glistening like an athletes' after a tough game.

Tami mixed a cool drink and poured it down his throat as he propped his head on a pillow.

"This is the life!"

"By the way, what's your name? I don't believe I ever got it."

"It doesn't matter, baby. Just remember me by my cum."

He licked the last bit off the side of her lips.

After searching around, she found her lacy bra and slipped into it. Unable to hook the back, she asked for his assistance.

"The trouble with this is that you've got too much goods for the container!"

He finally managed to get her firmly latched.

After having a cigarette, he adjusted his clothes and slipped a twenty dollar bill into her bra.

"You'd better make sure your smock is tightly closed," he said. "People would have a rough time trying to concentrate on buying canned lima beans and light bulbs if they see you walking around like that!"

Tami's black bra poked out of one side of her loosely tied smock.

"Oh, yeah, thanks. You're right, I guess."

She bent over to retrieve an earring from the couch and the man got a final view of her delicate ass, the cheeks lightly bouncing as she moved.

"So long, baby."

"So long."

Tami returned to her register. It was almost closing time. Her first day in her ‘new job' had gone really well. Two good customers and no problems-it looked like the plan was going to work out just fine.

Leo came up to her.

"Everything O.K.?"

"You bet."

"Well, so far everything is moving along wonderfully. And you know, it seems like business is picking up, too."

"Just so long lines don't start forming all at once, it's fine with me," laughed Tami,

"Don't worry, I screen all customers first-you know, I make sure they're O.K. for you…"

"Great, Leo, look, I've got to go now, I have to meet somebody after work…"

"Sure, see you tomorrow, babe."

Chapter 8

That evening Tami went to see Sheryl where she was working in a club as a dancer. It was a hip bar-always full of people that liked to drink and dance and have a good time.

Tami wanted to dance, so she wore a short skirt and a low-cut halter top, to make sure she had all the room she wanted to move around in.

She considered inviting Joe but decided she'd rather make it girl's night.

About nine-fifteen she pulled up into the already-crowded parking lot. Sounds of music floated out-Sheryl was still probably working. No matter, she could have a drink and relax.

The place was pretty full. Tami found a table beside some acquaintances of hers, and they all talked and listened to the band. They were playing rock, and dancers were moving wildly around on the dance floor in front of the musicians. On either side of the bandstand were elevated platforms for the go-go girls.

Sheryl performed on the left side-a thin black girl danced across from her. They both looked great, wearing very skimpy bikinis that made their boobs practically fall out each time they did a deep dip.

They moved their asses perfectly in time to the music. As they danced they watched the crowd below or sometimes smiled at one of the band members. Eventually Sheryl caught sight of Tami and waved, incorporating her welcome into the dance.

After the final two numbers of the set, everyone, musicians, dancers, and audience alike, were sweaty and ready for a break. Sheryl jumped off her perch and signaled Tami that she would he back in a second.

Shortly after she reappeared, attired in a black mini-dress with the front slit almost to her waist. She looked boss like that. Several people turned around to admire her.

"Hi, Tami!"

Sheryl sat down. "Glad to see you!"

"Sheryl, you looked great up there!"

"Thanks, Tam. I love to dance. It's great exercise. And a good way to meet lots of people."

She winked at her friend.

"The band is new this week. The second night I started to hang out with the bass player between sets. He sure can play, and I mean more than a guitar!"

"So how's your job, Tam?"

As she started to explain Leo's new set-up to her friends, she had to pause several times to keep from laughing with excitement. The whole thing sounded too far-fetched to be believable.

"Are you kidding?" Sheryl thought she was joking.

"No, honestly. And Leo set up a secret little room that's all decorated and has a bar…

"Shit, that sounds great to me."

"Today I had a couple of terrific customers… "

Sheryl sobered. "You've gotta be careful about who you mess around with."

She had had a few instances of offering to fuck guys who turned out to be creeps and tried all kinds of weird things with her.

"Believe me, it was no fun."

"Oh, it's O.K. Leo checks them out to make sure he either knows the guy or that they're reputable and know friends of his."


After a few more drinks, talk got around to Joe and Steve.

Tami wondered if Steve knew all about what Sheryl did at the bar where she danced.

"Pretty much. He knows that being a dancer means a lot of people get turned on to you. And we both do just about what we want to do. Shit, he's been balling a fourteen-year-old girl lately."

"Oh, yeah?"

"She's built out to here."

She stretched out her arms twelve or so inches from her chest.

"I can see why he digs her."

The girls had several more drinks and were beginning to feel pretty high when the black dancer that worked alongside Sheryl came up to them.

"Hi, Eb, have a seat."

Her partner sat down briefly.

"Tami, this is Betty. She goes by the name of Ebony when she's working."

"Listen, there's gonna be a quiet little party over at my place in a little while. You're both welcome to come over."

"Thanks, sounds good."

She departed to seek out more friends and the two girls finished their drinks.

They walked out to the parking lot and decided to buy a six-pack of beer to tide them over. After a stop at a liquor store and another bottle, Sheryl suggested that they forget the party.

"Well, it's up to you. It sounded pretty good though."

"Oh, I'm sure it will be. But I'm in the mood for something a little quieter."

They sat in Tami's car, considering what they wanted to do.

"Let's just go back to my apartment," suggested Sheryl.

"That sounds O.K. to me," agreed Tami, and off they drove.

In a few minutes they arrived at Sheryl's. Her apartment was lavishly, sensually decorated. Everywhere you looked there were soft rugs, throw pillows, and mirrors. In fact, her sofa was composed of three enormously cushiony pillows.

"Hey, you've really fixed up the place since the last time we were here," remarked Tami.

"When was that?"

Sheryl went into the next room to change. "Don't you remember? The first time we all switched…"

"Oh, yeah, sure, now I remember."

It had been the first time that the two girls and their boyfriends had agreed to switch sex partners. At first they were rather hesitant, afraid that it might somehow upset their friendship. But as soon as everyone had gotten superhorny, they delighted in discovering each other's bodies and had a wonderful time fucking each other.

Sheryl entered, clad in a flimsy oriental-type lounging robe that was patterned in elaborate flowers. The profile of her body was visible through the thin material. Her supple legs looked as good now as they had when fully exposed on the dance floor at the bar.

"Remember how up-tight we all were that night?"

"Yeah." They both laughed.

"I knew that I had been itching to do it for a long time, but I didn't dare mention it to Steve. I thought he'd think I was a weirdo or something."

"Me too," agreed Tami. "When I suggested it to Joe he thought it was a great idea, but he seemed to take his time saying ‘yes' because he thought I would get angry."

That evening they had all been out drinking and come back to Sheryl's to listen to some music. Someone put on a smoky blues number and the girls got up and started a drunken dance. This had turned the men on a lot, and they urged them to continue.

One thing led to another, and pretty soon talk got around to having an orgy. In their inebriated state, their inhibitions were down, and it was decided upon that they would swap partners.

Everyone fucked together on the floor. That way nobody would wonder what was going on in the other room, or have any jealousy. Both girls really got down to hominess seeing their boyfriends' cocks enter another woman. The men felt already substantial erections increase when, each time they looked around, there was a luscious tit or ass close at hand.

All in all they had a wonderful time, and it proved to be the first of many orgies to follow.

Sheryl sat back next to Tami. She thought of the first few times that Tami had gotten laid. It had taken Sheryl months to convince her friend of the pleasures of sex. Being more experienced herself, she naturally took it upon herself to indoctrinate Tami into the ways of womanhood.

And now Tami was on her own. And doing quite well, apparently! Sheryl felt a big-sisterly pride in Tami for having developed into such a sexy chick. Her pride blossomed into something more as her eyes lighted on Tami's well-proportioned legs that peeked out from under her friend's revealingly short skirt.

"Tami, you know… there's all kinds of things that you should know now that you're gonna be fucking a lot more."

"Like what?"

"Well, I told you about watching out for creeps that try to abuse you instead of enjoying the good time you're giving them…"


"And, well, there's all kinds of sex that you should be well versed in. You can't leave a man unsatisfied. You can't show him that you don't know what to do when the time comes…"

"Oh, I think you're absolutely right," said Tami, sipping a beer.

"But the way I see it is, as time goes on I'll obviously get more experienced. I surely learned a lot today," she laughed.

Sheryl noticed how Tami's eyes glowed at the mere mention of her sexual encounters. She tucked her legs up underneath her to get more comfortable.

"Tam, well, there's still a lot for you to learn."

Sheryl played with her glass, continuing, "For instance, some men really get turned on by watching women make it together. What would you do if some men, a customer, asked for a swinging group scene?"

"It would be impossible in the supermarket. I'm the only ‘quickie' girl there is. I guess it was a good idea to put me in the Express Lane."

Tami laughed as the warmth of the beer tingled her body.

"Still, I think it would be a good idea if you practiced. Making love is the same as anything else, the more you keep at it, the better you'll be… "

"You're right, but how can I go about doing it, unless I had people to ‘practice' with? It sounds kinda silly to make it so unnatural…"

"Baby, there's nothing unnatural about wanting to get close to a nice body like yours… "

With that she leaned over to Tami and whispered, "We could practice together, know what I mean?"

Suddenly it dawned on Tami that Sheryl was getting high and horny for her. The idea delighted Tami in an odd way. She had never made it with a girl unless it was part of an orgy, and even those times had not lasted too long before a guy would come along and take one or another of the girls for himself.

"Why, Sheryl… "

Tami didn't know what to say. Sheryl had turned her on to all sorts of other great things, there was no reason why this should be any less exciting…

As if reading her thoughts Sheryl explained.

"Oh, you'll really get off on this. Remember Ebony, at the bar? Well, she's the one that got me started."

They took another drink and looked at each other expectantly.

Soon her friend put her delicate hand on Tami's shoulder, saying softly, "Come closer, it's all right."

The girl slid over as Sheryl caressed her soft hair. Massaging her scalp, she slid her nimble fingers down to stroke the deer-like softness of the neck. Tingles raced through Tami's body like little icicles. Her friend's touch was so expert-she imagined how men must feel having Sheryl doing this to them.

Sheryl's huge eyes drew up to Tami's, and before she knew it, her partner passionately began to French kiss her. Wet tongues intermingled and trysted as chills of excitement coursed down Tami's spine.

"Feels good, doesn't it?" murmured Sheryl in between long juicy kisses.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm, yeah…"

"Just relax, you'll like it even more."

At this agitation Tami decided that she should just submit to whatever feeling took over. And so far they were very good.

Her little gusts of breath signaled to her that she was, indeed, getting very worked up under Sheryl's experienced hand. They continued to make out, grabbing at each others' mouths with more and more insistence. Tami felt a wandering hand on her shoulder, her back, and soon it came to rest on her breasts.

Sheryl opened her eyes. Her luscious deep red lips were coated with the fluid of Tami's mouth.

"Tami, please take off your blouse now."

She did as commanded as her friend watched.

Since Tami had been wearing a low-cut halter top to dance in, she had no bra on. Her tits stuck out as if they were gesturing to Sheryl to come and touch them. That's exactly what she did. Tami knew that another girl sucking her nipples would drive her absolutely insane with pleasure, and she was right.

"Tami, they're so firm and round," said Sheryl through a mouthful of tit. She twirled the nip with her long tongue. Then she went to work sucking so hard that Tami could feel them stretch. She released the hard nipples and focused on the rest of her friend's swaying mounds. She seized both breasts and juggled them furiously, smiling in satisfaction.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh, Sheryl," moaned Tami. It felt exquisite to have this done to her. But she couldn't remain passive. Too much sexual energy was accumulating throughout her body to lie still.

"I want to feel you too…"

"Go ahead, and do it, baby," urged Sheryl. Awkwardly Tami pushed aside the opening of the lounging jacket. Two huge boobs came forth. Tami wanted to kiss them more than anything else in the world. Her fingers sought the nipples like a child, and she immediately started sucking them as hard as she could.

"Take them, that's right."

Putting a mouth around her buxom tits, one girl launched the other into a higher level of sexual ecstasy. To put those already erect nubbins in her moist cavity was to make them even more sensitive, and to do that was to increase her pleasure immeasurably.

Tami, too, was exploding with delight. She felt like both a man and a woman when she was getting it on with another girl, and Sheryl seemed to be the right choice for either sex to enjoy.

Departing the nipples, which had grown to the size of dark thimbles, Tami continued to explore more southern regions of Sheryl's mountainous terrain. She was surprised at her own lack of hesitation once she got started. It seemed like the easiest thing in the world to make love to such a voluptuous woman.

Running her hands over Sheryl's slightly rounded hourglass figure, she was amazed at the firm softness of her glowing skin. The navel was like a wrinkled crater on an otherwise perfect landscape. Eagerly she tongued out the belly button as her friend sighed with satisfaction.

It was now Sheryl's time to get worked up. Such lavish attention as Tami was bestowing on her body just couldn't go unanswered. Besides, Tami's figure was SO perfectly proportioned that she couldn't wait to explore every inch.

Even though Sheryl's tits were bigger than Tami's, the other's were utterly pliant and juicy, feeling like ripe red plums to the touch. She stimulated these hanging fruit with every device she knew of-her tongue, her fingers, even her own breasts Tami loved to feel Sheryl press her warm titties into hers. They surged and rolled into one another so excitingly. Such large breasts as Sheryl's filled her with lust-she wanted to play with them continuously.

Meanwhile, the more experienced girl licked Tami's ears with slurpy laps. This felt as pleasant as being savored by an affectionate puppy dog.

"Ummmmmnimmm, it feels so good."

Kneading her silken thighs, Sheryl was drawn to the soft curves of Tami's body which drew her ever closer to the most delicious part of all. Coasting her hands down, down, she finally came upon a hint of pubic hair. Tami writhed as she knew that soon she would he feeling bountiful delight.

Barely touching the surface of her hairy triangle, her friend twirled in and around the upper layers of luscious pubies. Then her fingers found solid landing and began to caress the area underneath her bush.

It was so fine to have someone know precisely where to touch her for the deepest sensual response.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh. yeah that's it."

Just inches below, Tami's hone sweet valley loomed enticingly. Sheryl sought it out hungrily. The lips of the girl's vagina hung so temptingly, calling out to be tasted and enjoyed. Sheryl was unable to refuse their message.

"O.K., now I'm going to eat your sweet cunt." Sheryl rolled her thighs around in that special circular motion that meant she was horny and was working herself into a sexual frenzy. Watching the girl do this assisted Tami in getting especially worked up herself. Such a fine partner…

At the first sensation of Sheryl's lips touching her labia, she felt pangs of passion well up inside her energetic young body. Drops of moisture were starting to coat the wrinkled flaps of her little rosebuds. This drove Sheryl on to sample the delicious feminine nectar.

"Yeah, go ahead, I loooooooove it…"

Tami threw her head back and swooned in ecstasy. As her tongue kept up its assault, Sheryl probed into the hidden recesses of Tami's canal. The first flicks led the way for more complete exploration of her friend's cunny.

Holding it firm as if it were a small cock, she thrust her fleshy oral blade into the quivering vagina. Waves of tension built up in Tami's lower extremities from such passionate advances.

"Oh, yeah, it feels as good as a hard cock!"

"Honey, lean make it feel so good you won't believe what's happening…"

With that, she began to grind her cushiony thighs into the girl's willing loins. Tami could not help but get into the rhythm of her friend's surging, quavering motion. Soon their bodies flailed against each other like animals in heat.

Tami's fingers sought out the sanctuary of the other girl's fleshy lobes. By now the nipples were little erect rods in wait for the extra thrill of orgasm.

"Oh, you do it sooooooo good!!!!!!"

As sexual heat overcame her rationality, Tami craved more and more of Sheryl's caresses. But her friend knew exactly where to stop before her hotness became uncontrollable.

"Hey, what are you doing?"

Sheryl had gotten up and disappeared into the bathroom.

"Nothing to worry about, I just had an idea… "

Shortly she returned with something in her hand.

"Just relax, I want to do something to make you even a better fuck…"

Tami closed her eyes and felt a cool sensation on her bush. She peeked to see Sheryl squirting menthol shaving crиme all over her pubic region.

"What are you doing?"

"Look, Tami, I'm gonna shave your twat. It'll be easier to put it to you that way… and besides, then we can see what's going on without anything to block the view."

It seemed like a good idea to Tami.

She carefully adjusted the razor to the right height for Tami's hairy lawn. Spreading her legs as far apart as she could, she quietly laid in wait for Sheryl's tonsorial attempt.

Slowly her pubic hair disappeared under the shaver, revealing bare white cunny flesh. Sheryl left a small patch right near the vaginal entrance which she shaped into a small heart.

"There-lest anybody forget the treat they're getting!!!!"

Tami liked the feel of a smooth crotch. Sheryl brought forth a little bottle of baby oil to smooth over the tender exposed portion of skin. Gently she poured it over Tami. It felt fantastic soaking into her skin, leaving a little tingle of coolness in its path.

"That's really nice. Can you do it some more?"

"Sure, Tam, anything you say."

Her friend then proceeded to rub a more extravagant quantity of lotion around the girl's thighs and genitals. As she greased the area, Sheryl found that any friction developing from their two bodies touching had disappeared. Nothing but pleasurable sensations remained.

Tami was in the throes of absolute enjoyment from this lavish application of moisture. In fact, she realized, moisture was what lovemaking was all about, sweat, wet kisses, lubrication, and cum all made sex so incredible worthwhile to her.


She couldn't withhold her feelings from Sheryl.

"Feels good, eh?"

Sheryl took a long drink of beer and carried on with her massage. She turned Tami over on her stomach and proceeded to fondle her back.

"Oh, yeah, Sheryl, I loooooooovvveee it!"

Silently she drank and applied her special touch to Tami. Her hands roamed toward the girl's two spongy buns, which she took a long time massaging. The gentle rubbing of her butt turned Tami on a lot.

Then Sheryl bent over and began to tongue Tami's asshole with extra care. At first Tami winced, since this was an especially sensitive area to her, but she soon relaxed and let Sheryl do what she wanted.

Before long Tami felt a finger inserted up her asshole. It passed the fleshy ring and traveled up her tunnel, all the time bouncing into the muscular walls of her rectum. In order to keep her damp, Sheryl put a drop or two of lotion on her finger before she jammed it up the girl's ass, it's subtle odor merging with the pungent she-smell of Tami's vibrant body.

"Tami, tighten your muscles."

Instinctively she knew that Sheryl meant her buttocks. She pulled in her bottom and was surprised at how much more she could feel the fucking finger in her ass.

"That's right, if you do that when you have a cock up you, it feels just great… "

"Ummmmmmmm I'll bet it would…"

"Tami, would you like a cock?"

"Sure, but I also like what you're doing…"

"But, Tami, there's a way to have both."

She smoothly departed and returned in a second with a huge dildo in her hand.

"Have you ever gotten off on one of these?"

"Why, no… not really."

"Would you like to?"

"Sure, I guess so…"

She took another drink to relax her. The artificial cock looked awfully BIG to her drunken eyes.

Being well-versed in the manipulation of this rubber dong, Sheryl started right away to introduce Tami to it's inestimable pleasures.

The rocket-like head of the contraption slid easily into the folds of Tami's asshole. She clenched her teeth momentarily as a spark of pain raced through her nervous system.

"Relax, Tami. You've got to relax those muscles or it's going to be painful… unless you like pain…?"

Tami didn't answer. She was too busy trying to calm herself to accept the size of the rubber cock that was being forced into her small hole.

Gradually the pain subsided as she became more accustomed to the feel of such a large object inside her oozy ass.

"Now I'm going to push it up a little higher…" The matter-of-fact tone of Sheryl's voice made it easier for the girl to convince herself that pain was surely very similar to intense pleasure.

The artificial dong penetrated deeper. Tami felt an excitement akin to the thrill of orgasm start to take hold of her. Sheryl now began thrusting it in her in regular penetrations which brought Tami closer to a state of complete frenzy.

"Hmmmmmmmmmm, you really like getting fucked up the ass, don't you?"

"Oh yeah, please don't stop!!!" panted Tami.

"But I think I must.., a cock also feels tremendous up your cunt, my dear…"

Sheryl's little games seemed enticingly frustrating to Tami in her haze of hominess. Just when she was about to let loose and totally absorb herself into a particular feeling, say, having her tits sucked, or being buggered by the dildo, Sheryl would stop and try another form of bodily pleasure.

After cleaning off the synthetic prick and quickly lubricating it with lotion, Sheryl began to probe Tami's cunny with the bullet of fun.

She waggled it around the entrance to her vagina, tickling her clit until it filled with excitement and rose to meet the stimulating machine which drew it forth like a pied piper.

Without much further ado, Sheryl admitted the dildo to Tami's inner region. Such exquisite sensations caused the girl being fucked to buck and roll like a hot-blooded filly. She thrashed on the couch, turning her head from side to side in an attempt to contain the fiery passion that erupted inside her.

This pleased Sheryl immensely. To really see Tami at the heights of sexual enjoyment was to her extremely stimulating. She felt her own loins twitch while merely guiding the dildo to it's destination.

She wanted more of the girl so she sought out the other's damp lips. Tami alternately bit them and rubbed her tongue across their swollen surface, according to whether the discomfort or the intoxicating gratification of the sex machine was more prevalent at any one moment. Right now, it seemed, Tami was engrossed in relishing the sensation of the massive dildo.

By this time Sheryl sensed that Tami should be given a chance to come, since she seemed on the continuous brink of a ferocious orgasm.

"O.K., honey, now I want you to feel it, to let yourself go…"

As she oscillated the prong in Tami's wet passageway, she likewise tickled the girl's clit. Since she knew just the right places to rub, Tami immediately zoomed towards a climax. Her eyes rolled up into her head as Tami's friend stimulated her little cunny more and more.

"Ooooohhhhhhhh yeah… I'm gonna come… " spurted Tami as her breath came to her in gulps.

Her hands grabbed at the couch for support as a rocket-like blast of electricity coursed through her body.

"Aaaaaaghhhhhhhhhhh," she screamed as the sex juices began to discharge.

She squirmed in a ravishing furor. Sheryl removed the dildo and put her hungry tongue in position to suck up the savory cum that was now practically spouting from Tami's cunt.

"Uuuuummmmmmmmmmm," approved Sheryl, tasting of Tami's thick and pungent body fluid. She made sure to suck up every last mouthful. Each time her friend drew out more of the honeyish cum, Tami writhed in ecstasy, for she could feel it being taken from her slippery vagina.

Tami fell back onto a pillow in a warm dream-like glow. She drifted into sleep without knowing exactly when consciousness left her. Although Sheryl would have liked for Tami to eat her out for a while, she reasoned that there would be plenty of other times for that. She could wait in pleasant anticipation for that day to come. Looking over Tami's satisfied face, she was filled with contentment for what she had taught Tami that evening.

Chapter 9

Inventory week at the supermarket! Tami always dreaded when it came, for it meant that she would have to spend virtually all day counting individual items in the store. There was no way around it, it had to be done. She thought that perhaps since she was involved in her ‘special' activity Leo would excuse her from the tedious chore. But she was wrong.

"Look, Tami, you know that nobody can stand doing inventory, but there's no way around it. We don't have enough people as it is. You'll just have to help."

So the sexy young checker had to temporarily stop being available to fuck in order to help out Leo and the supermarket.

"If it's any consolation," said Leo later that morning, "One of the district chiefs stopped by a couple of nights ago to tell me that it looks like things are picking up. Those were the exact words he used. I agreed one hundred percent that they sure are "picking up."

They both laughed.

"Since business is better, I'll be able to stay here with Anna."

His eyes always glistened with a mysterious masculine glow when he mentioned his lover's name.

"Oh, that reminds me, Anna asked me to invite you to her apartment for after-dinner drinks… when was it? I think she said tomorrow…"

"Too bad, I'd love to, but I've got to go somewhere tomorrow evening."

"Hm, well how about tonight then?"

"Sure, that's fine."

"I'll call to make sure it's O.K. She has to be careful about her husband. She'll stay at his house for dinner and then drop over later…"

"I see. She keeps the apartment just for…

"She tells her husband it's so she can get away and meditate and be alone sometimes. He probably knows what's going on, but they haven't had the happiest marriage…"

It seemed that he wanted to drop the subject, so Tami pressed it no further.

After countless sortings and recordings of cans of deodorant, soap pads, and candy bars, the girl was ready to call it a day.

"Don't forget, stop by about 8:30."

He reminded her of the address as she walked out the door.

Arriving home, Tami called Joe to confirm their plans to go to the movies the next night. He informed her that he was meeting a couple of his friends from work and they were all going to a discotheque in a little while, so she felt no guilt about not inviting him to go along to Anna's. Besides, Joe would probably prefer not going with her in case he ran into a hot number during the evening. Both of them left each other plenty of leeway to do as they pleased.

Tami dressed in a long print dress with a fairly low neckline and a slit up one side. She arranged her hair and gave herself a final once over before leaving.

Reaching her destination ten minutes later, she rang the doorbell of a rather expensive looking apartment. A blonde woman peeked through the opening of the door, and burst into a radiant smile when she saw Tami.

"Hi, Tami? I'm Anna. Come in."

The girl entered a nicely decorated apartment, full of lavish houseplants and thick carpeting. Leo came forth to greet her. Her boss looked so comfortable, so content, he was certainly proud of Anna.

"Glad you could make it, Tami. Care for a drink?"

"Sure, why anything'll be fine. She glanced around the room, admiring Anna's good taste in interior decoration. Everything seemed to be in the only place that would be right for it-tables, lamps, chairs, all reflected something of their owner's grace and charm.

Almost immediately after tasting the drink that Leo had concocted, Tami noticed that she was slightly dizzy.

"Leo, you certainly mixed up a stiff one for me," the girl commented.

"Aha, the better to take advantage of you."

He smiled mysteriously. Tami thought back to the day when Leo had described one of his and Anna's swinging parties. Maybe tonight they would all get it on… But she said nothing.

Anna had left the room for a moment. When she returned, Tami tried to imagine her in an orgy. The woman was beautifully shaped, with large breasts that looked as though they would be extremely full if allowed out of the bra that held them in.

The tightly fitting leotard that Anna wore accentuated each line of her bust. Her slender legs and slightly plump behind were clothed in beige pants. Tami's curiosity mounted as she wondered what it was like to make love to a mature, older woman like Anna. Leo certainly knew, and he liked it a lot.

The three of them shared several more drinks and talked about themselves and anything else that came up. They got along quite well together, which pleased Leo tremendously. Ever since the day in the market when he had been able to relish Tami's youthful body, he had fantasized having his lover Anna, who was incredibly good in bed, and Tami, who was exceptionally sexy, both make love to him at the same time.

Anna brought the subject around to Tami's little ‘arrangement' at the supermarket. She asked the girl how she liked it. Tami was loosened up enough from a few drinks not to hesitate expressing her feelings. She explained that she had realized that she had an enormous sexual appetite. Originally she worked out her hominess exclusively with her boyfriend Joe.

But since they were both allowed to go out with anyone they chose, often she wanted even more than one man could offer. So when Leo suggested that she pick up a few dollars by fucking some customers, and even set her up in a little bedroom, she was very happy.

Listening to this fascinated Leo and Anna. Their imaginations created scenes in which Tami sucked and balled all sorts of horny men. Anna began to get physically stimulated from picturing her jerking off and kissing men. She offered another round of drinks and the other two gladly accepted. Leo brought out some hashish and suggested that they try it. A friend had just returned from abroad and brought him back a sample. The drug was rumored to be exceptionally pure, and therefore extremely potent.

After one round of smoking the validity of it's supposed strength was certainly established. Tami was woozy-her head spun into mirages of color and sound whenever she looked around or heard a voice. Anna and Leo both sat down on the thick carpeting and closed their eyes in a blissful stupor, occasionally speaking or laughing.

Leo managed to get up long enough to choose a record and put it on. The sounds seemed to melt in the air and Tami was sure she could feel each note reach her ears and cascade onto the rest of her body. A blues number began and Anna started to moan quietly as if she were responding with physical enjoyment to the music. Slowly her hips swayed with each sensual beat.

As she swayed to the sound, Leo reached to her and rubbed his hand over one of her bare feet. A rush of pleasure swept through her as the touch of another person took on a new dimension thanks to the drug. She demanded more guiding his fingers further up her lithesome leg.

She stimulated the man on through her pulsating movements. He stroked harder as his own sex drives commenced to take him over. Soon his previously limp cock was an erect ramrod. He pulled himself over partially atop Anna and roamed her hips and thighs with his feverish hands.

Tami awoke from a smoky daydream of color and vague light when she heard the sound of a sexually excited woman. Unsure of whether she was imagining the whole thing, she opened her eyes to make sure it was real. The unmistakable short cries and pants still seemed to becoming from somewhere nearby, she thought to herself. Focusing unsteadily, she deciphered the figures of Anna and Leo locked in an ardorous embrace.

He lay above the woman, rolling his hips into her thighs as he solidly massaged her back with frenzied fingers. This episode tantalized Tami and she felt her breaths quicken. Engrossed in each other, they were oblivious to all but the touch of their partner.

To gain their attention, Tami slid down from the couch and slid up beside them. She leisurely extended an arm to lightly graze Anna's leg. The additional stimulation rendered from her touch appeared so delightfully natural to the woman that she gently purred her approval.

"Ohhhhhhh, I like that," her champagne voice cooed.

Both Leo and Tami revved up their sexual motors due to the urgings of Anna's powerful femininity. The man ran his dense tongue harshly across her neck, causing the tiny hairs covering it to stand on end in their unique form of erection. Each lick of his tongue transformed her more and more from a composed, graceful woman to a crazed animal motivated by primal lust.

Tami noticed this change in Anna and found it terrifically thrilling. The mystery and charisma of Leo's lover increased tremendously for her-she wanted to be nearer, to kiss the sultry vixen.

Leo, too, was driven to agitation while watching Anna. He smoothly removed his pants and unsnapped her leotard, all the while fingering her tits and outlining the hillocks of her thighs with his hands.

Tami moved to the other side of the contorting woman. She assisted Leo in disrobing Anna, pulling off the clingy leotard. After stripping her, her hair was mussed so that she looked quite the part of the wild temptress.

Leo knelt over her and unrestrainedly French kissed her. Tami loved to observe how their lips, no, their entire mouths, attempted to eat and consume each other. Unable to merely watch, she ran her thin fingers up and down first Anna's, then Leo's legs and thighs.

"Oh, I feel great… I want you both to go on," begged Anna. At her mention of them, the man arid the girl seemed to suddenly recognize each other's magnetic presence. It occurred to Leo that here, finally, he would be able to revel in the sexiness and energy of two outrageous women. Tami also in a flash appreciated having a potent man and a well endowed woman who were both as horny as hell and quite stoned.

"Um, Tami," he intoned, "let me help you take your clothes off." She gladly submitted to his order, and started to take off her dress. He helped her unzip and pull off the garment, feeling her up and down as he did so. She shivered at the hot touch of his learned hands so firmly did they go about their business.

"Leo, you're getting me so turned un."

At these words Anna seemed to become possessed by a sexual demon. She turned to Tami, sighing.

"And you get me so horny that I hardly know what to do."

Tami felt the combined attention of Leo and Anna focus on her seductive frame. Tb both began to claw and finger her so that a bombardment of sensual reactions practically threw her into a fit. Leo kissed her while Anna played see-saw with her breasts.

Their energies and lusts flowed freely between all three horny people. At a momentary pause in feeling up one, another would take over the job of kissing or arousing the other, so that everyone would sink into a pool of unending eroticism.

"Kiss me?" Leo requested desperately. "I want to taste your wet mouth."

Since both females were nearby, they were equally available to fulfill this alluring job. Anna got there first, so she undertook the task, while Tami sought out the rapidly building bulge in the man's pants. Running her hand over the material that covered his prick forced an even stiffer erection; she thought the material would tear if it were stretched even one more inch in any direction.

So, to alleviate any problem, Tami decided to ease the situation and the stress by removing Leo's pants. Exposing his cock caused it to throb, as if in gratitude for achieving its freedom at last.

"Tami, doesn't Leo have a wonderful cock?" asked Anna in between slurpy wet French kisses.

"Ummmmmmm, it's so long and hard."

"Tami, why don't you take it in your mouth and lick it?" suggested the woman.

The girl's tits started to smolder at this idea. She knew that both partners would be excessively turned on if Tami agreed to suck him off as she watched. She, too, dug knowing that Anna could touch her and fancy how it felt to suck his extended dong.

She grasped the fleshy wand and gently directed it toward her dewy lips. Flirting with the pink head she tested its size and shape with her funneled tongue. Leo moaned long, masculine sighs as she frolicked with his pecker.

"How does it taste, Tami?" questioned Anna. She dangled her rounded tits in Leo's face and he lunged for them as if they were choice apples suspended on a fertile tree.

"Ummmmmmm, it tastes so good," she replied, enjoying such sexy talk immensely.

Inserting the rod further into her oral cavity gave her the feeling that she was snacking on a delicious and exquisite treat.

"Take it, Tami. Lick it and swallow it."

She persisted in manipulating his organ in and out of her mouth. Anna was flow permitting Leo to pull and suck on her teats in order to enhance his pleasure. Within a minute or two the man was worked up to the point where he didn't know how he could wait any longer. He was going to come, and he was going to do it in Tami's mouth.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yeah, oh you're both so damn good!!!!!"

He adored having two hot women doing it to him. It was unbelievably good…

Tami felt the head of his long cock start to tighten and quaver from the force of the liquid building up inside of it. Licking more insistently, she drew it up closer to the opening from which it would soon gush.

"Now, Tami," explained Anna, "I want you to suck him off very thoroughly… And please save a drop or two for me to taste… "

The girl obeyed, beating her tongue all around his rigid pole. Anna pushed one of her highly curvaceous titties into his damp mouth so that he could enjoy their flavor while Tami brought him off.

He lapped and sucked Anna's point, drawing it out closer to him, stretching and biting on it's dainty hardness. Each chew corresponded to one of Tami's chomps on his cock.

Soon it was evident that Leo would be unable to keep from exploding his load of sperm into the young lady's yearning mouth. Tami maintained her assault on his cock-all the time knawing and provoking it until she felt the first trickle of cum.

"Gggggggrrrraaaagggjj," he grunted, feeling his river begin to seethe without restraint. Yellowish fragrant fluid began to flow into Tami's mouth. She relished its thickness and intensity as she swallowed several times. It seemed that Leo's extreme maturity and masculinity were, to a certain extent, contained in his delicious semen.

"Oh, Leo…"

Tami's consciousness spiraled into realms of appreciative pleasure. She loved sucking Leo, loved the curve of his prick and the way little droplets of cum would soak into his curly dark region of pubic hair. And-she knew that the man enjoyed every moment of the sex game that Anna and Tami played with him.

He looked up to see his lover's lips stretched into a wide smile. Then Tami deposited within it a gob of Leo's tasty cum. Anna smacked her lips as she savored the flavor.

"Leo," she asked in a smoky voice, "How did you like it? Did it feel good to have Tami suck your cock?"

"Ummmmmmmmm," was all he could muster up to reply.

"And what would you like us to do now?"

Without hesitating, he answered, "I want to see you and Tami get it on with each other."

Both women looked at one another. Their eyes locked in a scintillating embrace. It was only a matter of time until they would enjoy what they had previously only speculated upon.

Leo had an idea. He struggled to sit up, still in a warm dazed glow from his hard orgasm. Stumbling to his feet, he headed into another room while Tami fixed a stiff drink for all three of them. Deliberately, carefully, Anna stroked Tami's sensitive neck. Little quivers of excitement sprinted through the girl, for it was one spot, that when touched, that was unconditionally guaranteed to set the girl ablaze with hominess. She sidled up closer to the girl, curious to know just how she would make love to a hot female like herself.

Shortly Leo returned bearing a camera. It was the type that developed exposures seconds after they were taken. He grinned as he loaded the apparatus.

"Know what we're gonna do with this?" he queried.

Tami could guess. Her boyfriend Joe had frequently asked her if she would pose for some sexy photographs in the nude if he bought such a camera. At first-hack then in the days when she was relatively inhibited-she had refused, thinking that only exhibitionistic people would do such a thing.

Eventually, though, she decided it sounded like fun, and the couple continued to shortly acquire a suitable camera.

"Sure, I have a vague idea…" giggled Tami To illustrate her savvy, she stood up, pouting and cupping one of her tits in her hand, like a magazine pin-up girl.

‘Good, wonderful… Now let's see what you can do. Annna?"

She likewise arose and turned around so her tight ample tit faced both viewers. Jiggling her sumptuous cheeks, while turning her head around, she lustily protruded a saucy wet tongue to the audience. She humped and twisted, licking her lips in an obvious sexual come-on.

Tami took this opportunity to approach Anna's ass and caress the curvy lines of her rear-end. Leo jockied for position like a fashion photographer trying to discover the most inventive angle for an important shot. But these models were attired only in their sugary birthday suits, which fitted them just fine.

Leo's adrenalin began to bubble as he watched the girls go at each other. He felt like a voyeur behind the lens-regarding two catlike creatures touch and dance over each other's bodies.

"Tami-I'd, I'd like it if you would massage me all over…"

Anna suggested this so she could avoid wasting any time in getting down to what would eventually happen anyway.

The woman was pleased that she could now voice her desires without feeling uncomfortable. In the past, she had been afraid push herself forth to the outermost regions of her sexuality. Her husband, for instance, was extremely conservative in that respect.

He believed that sex should be little more than a ritual reserved exclusively for the purpose of bringing children into the world. Never did he impetuously desire to take his wife. Not once did he wish to fuck in the middle of the day, or in an unusual place like the living room floor or the bathroom. The idea never occurred to him to share some pornography with his wife, either.

Virtually married to his profession he usually worked unreasonably long hours for weeks at a time. His goal was always no amass more money-more and more of the green paper which she never saw because he invested it in "stocks" that she never heard about. So, although her spouse purportedly made a highly respectable income, Anna grew to despise both his money and his way of life.

To keep from worrying about her unfulfilling marriage, she had thrown herself into at least having a pleasant home for herself. She spent long hours sewing and cooking-developing quite a skill as both seamstress and gourmet chef… and that was how she had met Leo-one day while shopping for groceries at his market, she had been searching for an obscure tropical fruit for a meal she was concocting. She asked the manager if the store carried it and subsequently struck up a conversation with Leo. Roth people had been aware of an instant magnetism that served to pull them instinctively closer to each other.

Within a few weeks Anna had invited Leo to sample her desserts of another kind. She had taken on the apartment that she used as a ‘retreat' for their rendezvous, and the couple began to see each other frequently. They learned that both of them suffered from an unfulfilling sex life-Leo had been divorced for several years and he never desired to marry again.

Although he had since slept with several women, he had soon tired of them and grew increasingly despondent about his chances of ever finding a suitable companion and lover. In addition, his job struck him during this period as desperately boring. Therefore, when he met Anna, his outlook brightened for the first time in a very long while.

They found that they both secretly desired a sex life full of experimentation and stimulation. Little by little they tried various aphrodisiacs such as smoking pot, going to pornographic movies, as well as acting out their urges and fantasies on each other.

The endless tantalizing possibilities of sex opened up to them, and they caroused in a splendid understanding of the satisfaction that could be theirs in life.

Recently they had gotten kicks from being involved in group sex parties, it aroused their deepest passions to see one another gratify another fucking partner. They appreciated each other's marvelous sexual ability all the more for their communal encounters.

And now-there they were: Leo relished the sight of graceful Anna and bosomy Tami entwined in an affectionate embrace He knew it helped to have a camera; there was something ultimately invigorating about performing in front of a machine that would record one's actions and present them hack to you for your own viewing pleasure.

Partially it struck a chord in the girls that made them feel as if they were getting hot for a sexy photographer who would get himself turned on as he clicked the shutter. Also, they fantasized that many other studs would also get their rocks off by looking at the erotic photos.

"Oh, Anna, your ‘bod feels so luscious and so tender," admired Tami as she ran her fingers up the woman's pliant arms.

She returned Tami's compliment with a forceful squeeze of the younger's ass.

"And you, you get me awfully excited!" chimed in Anna breathlessly.

They carried on, patting and feeling each other, occasionally meeting lips as they flirted with each other's bodies.

Leo waited for the most provocative moment before he took a picture. He paused until the women had come together, their bodies rubbing, pressing their two sets of hard bosoms against each other. This action set them to moaning like hot lionesses. They started to roll around, rubbing and tugging at each other's neck, back, boobs.

Anna rolled Tami over, on top of her and forced the girl's tits to her mouth. Milking them, she sucked and tittled them until they stood up like erect knobs.

"More, I want more of them… " murmured Anna while drawing a greater percentage of those enormous mammaries to her face.

Leo tempted them to go further with each other by commending and flattering their movements.

"Go on, continue with the tit action," he suggested. Almost before his utterance reached their ears, they switched places and Tami gratefully proceeded to tweak Anna's hard knockers as if they were melons. This put her into a sexual frenzy-she repeatedly sighed and moaned at each suck and twist.

Unable to remain inactive during such a barrage of sensuality, Anna reciprocated by feathering over Tami's cunt with her lithe fingers.

Internal oiling of the girl's cunny was already in progress. Each touch of' Anna's knowledgeable hands introduced more liquid into Tami's slithy vagina.

"Yeah, I like it soooooooooo much," Tami wailed as her senses were transported by Anna's contact. Soon a probing finger sought out that delightful hole surrounded by the girl's furry muff. The long middle finger advanced into the delectable region of Tami's tube, rotating and gyrating with incredible agility.

Tami groaned louder, "Yes, yes, yeesss!!!!" Her voice trailed off as a sensation of pins and needles convulsed her thighs. Anna kept with her, knowing how wonderful it was to come like a steamroller-each movement bringing you closer and closer to the tremendous relief of climax. Without a single wasted motion, Anna urged her along. Leo clicked away, then waited for a minute to withdraw the finished prints from the camera. So wrapped up was he in observing the women, he had hardly a spare moment to glance at the photographs.

"Come, Tami, I want you to come," spoke Anna. Her words helped to draw the young woman into an even loftier level of physical frenzy. Anna poked her finger up Tami's alley until she could no longer reach higher, then she placed two more alongside of' it to facilitate widening of the cunt.

Such ecstasy! Tami understood that within moments she would be squirting thick showers of sticky cum. She knew by the hot pulsing in her brain and her labored breathing that she was ready. She rocked her thighs wildly as Anna helped her along by rapidly stretching and Frenching her fervent rosy lips.

Almost instantly Tami's muscles were consumed in a paroxysm of excitement.

"Oooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," she screeched, knifing her fingernails into Anna's back as pungent cum seeped slowly down her twat. Leo lowered the camera and bent forward to join the action. Noisily licking out her cunt, he savored every pearly drop of vaginal fluid.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm… tastes mighty good!" said Leo happily.

Tami settled back into a tepid warmth of afterglow from the intensity of her orgasm.

Leo returned to his photographs. By that time he had a pile often or twelve shots of the women in several alluring positions. As they rested, he presented the pictures to the girls to get their opinions of them.

"Hey, this looks pretty good!!!!!"

Tami studied a pose illustrating her busily at work on Anna's nipples.

She glanced at the most recent picture-of her face contorted into the enchanted grimace of characteristic carnal delight. Everyone agreed that it was superb-somehow it managed to capture both the beauty and the beastliness of pure sex. Leo promised to get an enlargement made as soon as possible.

Chapter 10

Two days later Tami opened a package that Anna had left for her at the supermarket. She had forgotten Leo's vow, and she was therefore momentarily surprised to remove the wrappings covering a provocative photograph of her in the deep reaches of sexuality.

She quickly covered the photo so that no one else would see it-how could she explain herself looking like an absolute sexpot if some unsuspecting person should come along and glance at what she had in her hand? It certainly couldn't pass for a graduation picture…

She decided that the safest and best place to hang the relic would be on the wall of her little room in the back of the store. So, as soon as coffee-break time rolled around Tami hurried to the hideaway.

Her private ‘business' had been rather slow lately. Apparently, store sales had improved sufficiently to require additional stock, so that most of the employees were engaged in shelving many jars of pickles, packages of frozen bagels and salamis, among other items.

Reaching her sequestered parlor, she unlatched the door and entered, glad to have a few moments to herself. Within seconds, though, she sensed another presence, and turned to see a tall muscular black dude at the portable bar. Upon hearing the door close, he spun around. His eyes sparkled from drink and hominess.

"Hi Babe!!!!" he greeted smoothly.

"Uhh, Hi… " stammered Tami, surprised to find someone in the room.

"Hey, I've been waiting a long time."

Tami didn't know if he meant he'd wanted to get laid for quite a while, or if he'd been sitting in her ‘office' for many minutes.

"Didn't Leo tell you about it?"

She decided he meant the latter.

"No, he's been pretty busy all day. I guess he forgot… "

"Oh, never mind, it's O.K., now that you're here."

"Well, sit down, anyway… have a drink."

Tami mixed a hefty cocktail for herself, she was actually glad to be working, as long as her labor wasn't druggery. And, from the looks of this stud, it would be anything but…

She felt her mouth gradually moisten from the mixture of alcohol and anticipation. Already he had a nice rise outlined in his beige pants.

In order to make up for the time ho wasted while waiting for her, she immediately instigated some action. Rubbing her hands through his curly hair, she massaged his scalp and neck.

Tami looked down to check on the size of the growing protuberance. Yes, his pants had stretched even further to make way for that swaying fleshy tool.

"Mmmmmmmrnmm, Mama, stroke it for me…" he sighed.

She rubbed his cock through the material until it felt as solid as a metal spring.

"Keep going… I feel really hot!!!"

Tami unzipped the buck's pants and released his immense dark prick. She started to stroke it evenly… Suddenly he rolled around, towering over her, and proceeded to give her the most brutal kisses she had ever imagined. Moving like a hammer, his tongue pounded into her mouth, at times almost choking her in it's delirium. It ground her lips, making them burn from the friction.

"Ooooohhhhhhhhhh," she moaned, getting extremely aroused by such manly love-making. She turned on like wild from this customer's fantastic technique.

He stretched out her arms to both sides of her body so that she was immobile. His strength was definitely greater than Tami's, so she let him do with hem as he chose.

"Baby… " he breathed, "I want a little bit of your excitement, now, O.K.?"

This was such a vague thing to say. She wasn't sure how to respond.

"Uhhhhh, well, of course, it's fine…"

He locked her in his grip, so she didn't have much choice in the matter.

"Good." He reached into his pants pocket and drew out two strips of heavy material.

"Now, sweetie, you won't mind if I just tie you up for a little while?"

Tami swallowed hard. She hoped she wouldn't have to do anything too weird. Remembrances of what Sheryl had told her came to mind.

Before she could say anything he had already tied her arms to the decorative arms at one end of the sofa.

Instantly she sensed her nipples burning. She felt extremely horny being kept in one place, unable to move. He removed his long meaty dagger from its sheath and dangled it in front of her mouth.

Since she could barely move, only her head and legs, and had no way of touching it with her fingers, she felt incredibly frustrated and at the same time turned on to his cock.

She licked at it whenever she was able to reach the throbbing nut. The stud expertly rocked it in and out of her reach, panting like a slim animal in heat. His enormously developed muscles wrippled with each thrust of his dark thighs.

"Do you like it?" he asked, banging his penis harder into her famished mouth.

"Yes, yes, but I want to suck on it…"

He smiled.

"You do??? Alright, then, baby…"

Taking his cock in his hands, he directed it into her mouth and held it in place there so Tami could lick it thoroughly.

The sight of him holding his cock for her made the girl's.pussy soaking wet. She wanted him to eat her out, to relieve this tremendous pressure that had built up inside of her from being held in bondage. Tami began to squirm and roll as her temperature shot higher.

After spending several minutes tonguing his knob, cock, and balls, Tami was as hot as a bitch in heat.

"Please, please!!!!" she begged. Body tension was building up to the point where it would be impossible for her to remain rational. Already she had to close her eyes in order to try to keep from exploding from her frenzied need to fuck.

As her moaning increased, she suddenly felt the restraints loosened. He had untied her. She started to bend her arms and sit up, but he prevented any such movement.

"Lay down!" he commanded.

She obeyed. Quickly the man stripped her naked, then took off his own clothes. His huge prick looked almost menacing in its powerfulness. Immediately he tied her up again and continued stimulating hem soft body.

"Sugar," he said, "You get me soooo hot when you roll like that."

She had been gyrating as he lightly kissed her face, neck, and shoulders. Now he settled down to biting her nipples. Each one stood up like a ripe cherry after he was finished with it. Tami, now sizzled with sexual expectation. How fuckin' much she wanted to feel his cock!

He went down on her thighs, kneading, tickling, touching those insanely sensitized areas. Her legs kicked out like a swimmer as she dove into a pool of carnal delight.

This stud is certainly under control, she thought hazily. Any other guy would've shot his cum by now. For it had been long minutes since his erect prick had started to grind and pendulate.

Now he squeezed her milky white boobs together and thrust his cock in between the mountains. This drove both people wild as thrust after thrust became more intense than the last.

"Oh, baby, I want to feel your rod in my pussy." She begged him not to come between her tits. He laughed, "O.K., lover," and whipped his gun down to her cunt hole.

He knew that the sensation of his hard prick stroking her muff would totally fill her with an unrelenting desire for it to be inside her.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh yeaaaaaaaaah, Put in to me!!!"

"Not quite yet, baby."

Teasing her clit by rubbing against it with his pecker produced a stream of gummy lubrication, and she knew she was ready to come.

Pushing her legs apart with his arms, he made a pathway for his rammer to follow. Her hole stretched to accommodate the width of the thrusting organ as it quickly entered her quim.

"Ooohhhhhhhhhhh," Tami hollered.

Totally helpless beneath this hot bull, the girl could only tolerate her sexual arousal by shaking and twisting like a captured animal.

He slid it in deeper. She felt its broadness continually rubbing against the inner membrane of her cunny. Each thrust of his dong brought Tami closer to an ejection of cum. It seemed that he could go on stroking with his stick as long as he wanted to without having an orgasm until he was damn ready to.

Tami's self-control continued to slip. Any form of thought was separate from her now- she could only FEEL-feel the pressure of this stud's fuckin' hot cock in her vagina.

"Yyyyyyyaaaaaggggghhhhhh," she screeched, as her muscles tensed and relaxed, methodically expelling thick waves of sex juice out from the lower reaches of her body. Her partner pumped furiously as his cock was further stimulated by the sticky fluid now starting to cover it.

"Yeeesshh!!!!" Tami swooned from yet another orgasmic convulsion.

On and on he drove his rod. Suddenly he let forth with an unearthly howl, stiffened his thighs and poured steamy cum all over the inside of Tami's cunt.

The girl felt every sexy squirt of his juice as it hit the sides of her love tunnel. Never before had she experienced such a deep climax or as consuming of a lover.

And still he was coining!!!! She tightened her cuntal muscles to keep his meaty wand way up inside of her. This exercise served to draw out the last traces of semen still contained in his prick.

She gasped for breath as gulp after gulp of air failed to fulfill her needs. Shit, she thought, this was like an Olympic workout!

Transparent drops of salty perspiration covered his wide, dark back. He looked like a highly-sexed, primal creature-splendid to behold in his virile nudity.

"Baby, that was great!!" he finally managed to utter.

"And you really get me off, ya know," Tami admitted.

"I've never come as hard as that!"

Weakly she reached over to the side of the couch.

"Want some?"


She dribbled the alcohol carefully into his dry mouth. Replenished by the drink, he regained even more of his strength.

"I'll untie you now."

He undid the bonds, releasing her arms. Tami sat up, rubbing her wrists, which had reddened somewhat from the pressure exerted on them. The man glanced at his watch.

"Shit, I've gotta go… I'm late…"

Up he sprang, rapidly covering the sexy body with garments that only served to enhance his supple frame.

Daintily he placed a rolled bill between her legs. She had been resting, her eyes closed and head back, in an attempt to catch her breath. Her fatigue was so great that she barely felt him stick the money partially up her cunt.

She woke fully to the sound of her door slamming.

Chapter 11

A few days later Tami was counting pennies inside her cash register when she looked up to see a friend of hers approach.

It was Hal, a man who stopped in the market practically every day for various odds and ends. He was at least seventy years old, with greying hair and a slight shuffle in his gait. Tami regarded him as she would an older relative who she could tell her problems to.

Even at his age he was as spry as many younger people, full of talk and laughter to offer to others.

"Hi, Hal," she greeted him.

"How are you, Tami?"

She closed her register.

"Tami, what time do you have lunch?"

"I think I'll be out today about 12:14…"

Looking intently at her, he continued, "Why don't we go out to eat… say, down at the restaurant, maybe?"

Tami thought this was sweet. Hal and she had often planned to do this one day, but somehow had never gotten around to it. Plus, he was a widower and lived alone.

"O.K. Hal."

"And then maybe you can take the afternoon off-we'll go to the movies… or something."

Tami laughed at this suggestion. "Leo won't think too much of that idea."

"Anyway, she said, "There's not much playing that I'd like to see… except maybe "The Wild…"

He cut her off before she could finish.

"Never mind, we won't go to the movies."

"Well, what else is there to do?"

"I dunno. Listen. We'll skip lunch and have dinner together. Then we can go to…"

He paused.

Tami's suspicion started to prickle.

"Go where, Hal?"

"Oh, to a motel, maybe…"


Tami had never suspected him to suggest such a thing. Of all the people she knew, he seemed to be one of the most innocent and easy going of them all.

"It wouldn't be any problem, Tami. You wouldn't have to do much, just…"

"Forget it, Hal."

She turned away to sort out some cigarette coupons.

"Tami," Hal continued, "Remember the car? You want to keep it, don't you?"

When the girl had first begun her job at the supermarket, she had very little money left after her rent and bills were paid. Occasionally she lamented this fact to her friend Hal. At one point, the old car she owned had broken down beyond the point of repair and she had to rely on rides from others to get to work.

Tami had seen a beautiful car for sale at a nearby garage and told Hal how much she would love to own it. He kept promising her that someday she would get it-finally, after several months she saved enough to provide the down payment on the vehicle.

She still paid monthly installments and her savings continued to dwindle. Hal knew that she worried about money, and he had a solution to her problems.

"I remember. What about it?"

Reaching in his pocket, he pulled out a piece of paper and tossed it on the counter. Tami's curiosity got the better of her and she picked it up.

"Hal!!! A thousand dollars!"

"That's right."

"I can't take a check like this!"

Filled with confusion, she handed it hack.

"Tami, I know how much this means to you."

A customer moved up to Tami's register wheeling a cartful of groceries.

"Right here. Ma'am," she said absently as she cleared the counter.

"I'll be back later."

Hal left the store.

As she worked, Tami pondered what Hal had done. Apparently he was totally serious. But-he was like a grandfather to her. He probably wants me to jerk him off or something, she thought to herself.

Just imagining such a scene was enough to make her laugh and shudder simultaneously.

Thirty minutes later he returned. Waiting until her aisle was clear of customers, Hal advanced to the register. As soon as Tami saw him, something clicked in her brain and she knew that she would agree to his scheme. Money wasn't really the important factor-no, she didn't really care about that at all. Hal was so good to her, and besides, he was getting older all the time and deserved whatever pleasure he could obtain.

"Well, Tami… you said you won't take my check. Here's something else instead."

On the counter he placed a wad of green-backs. Tami couldn't believe what was going on-she picked them up-there were seven one hundred dollar bills in her hand.


"Cash on the line, Tami."

She laughed. "What happened to the rest?" She flicked the money as if it were a deck of cards.

"I didn't want to carry around too much cash…"

"Oh, I see."


"Hal, I'll see you at 12:15."

The man's eyes lit up.

When her lunch break arrived, she hurried to the front door. Hal stood there waiting. He carried a box and a paper bag full of groceries.

"Come with me," she whispered.

"But aren't We…?"

"Just follow me."

She led him back into the hallway, checking to make sure no one else was nearby. Opening the door, she directed Hal to enter behind her. He looked in and around confusedly.

"What's all this?"

"Well, Hal, it's a long story. I've got a little room here to relax in. Don't ask questions. Just enjoy."

"Sure, Tami."

She mixed drinks for both of them and sat down beside Hal.

"So what can I do for you?"

He shifted uncomfortably.

"I don't know, just show me what you feel like doing, that's all…"

Inspired by the alcohol, she selected a record to which she could dance. It was a hard rock tune with a heavy under beat. She swayed to get into the rhythm while Hal devoured his drink. Shortly she felt so invigorated by the music that she started to really let loose.

Hal's interest increased as she began to bounce her nymph-like body to and fro. She bobbed and shook freely, her tit-melons springing up like pointy directional signals.

"That's nice, sweetie."

She fluttered on around the room, twisting her torso in time to the beat. As it got more into her blood her movements became more seductive.

Tami undulated and rubbed her hands up and down her thighs. The feeling got her turned on to the flexibility of her arms and legs. She stretched them in a cat-like dance, coming closer to Hal with each movement.

"Closer. Babe."

An alcoholic mist shaded his eyes.

She complied by cavorting in front of Hal. Her hands now moved over her hard breasts, fingering their outline through her smock.

He greatly enjoyed seeing this. In excitement his hands went to his zipper and started to tug. Soon his pud was free, hanging flaccidly outside of its pouch.

Tami parted her uniform, fully exposing her dawn-pink boobs. She leaned over so the red tips of her knockers aimed towards his cavernous mouth.

Like a lizard's, his long tongue flicked out towards its prey. Barely touching the surface of the teat, he drew the muscle back in.

"Oh, Hal, please kiss them."

While placing one hand on his rod and squeezing it in time to the rock music, he sucked on her knob.

This delighted Tami and made her begin to feel horny. It seemed her blood got hotter at the same time that the intensity of the current song built up.

Hal had obviously had many juicy tits in his mouth during his lifetime. It was apparent in the way he took it-chewing with an alternate fever and slackness which titillated the filly enormously.

The hard reddish flesh stretched as he wet its wrinkly surface with his slithery tongue.

"Ummmmmmmm, I like that," murmured Tami as Hal tickled her even more. He grabbed harder at his cock and it seemed to develop more rigidity. He guided her arms around his neck to indicate that she wanted a wet kiss.

Tami planted a damp smacker on the man's pliant red lips. Thus stimulated, he returned a hard French kiss.

The moist tip of Hal's tongue snuck into every corner of Tami's mouth. It reached over the gum, scoured the teeth, and made its way to the head of her throat.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm, yeah," they both sighed together.

Pulling away from Hal's grasp, she began a new dance. Her tits swing assuredly, knowingly, his eyes took in each slight movement of those sumptuous boobs. With each glance he felt his reproductive organ become firmer.

Tami's slender polished fingernails lingered on her pointy nipples. She twirled them until they took on a bloody purplish hue. Her hips and thighs now grinded sexily to the music, as she brought herself higher and higher. Hal also focused on his own body. With cock solidly in hand, he commenced pumping it.

"Yeah, Hal… take your cock.., make it nice and hard!!"

Quickly she pranced closer and slid the prick into her mouth. For a full three minutes at least she pulled and sucked his vibrating beige wanger. Concentrating on the head served to bring it to an erection rapidly. She admired how hard he got in such a short time, especially considering his advanced age.

"You must've been quite a stud in your day," Tami commented as her hands took over the job of jerking him off.

"Oh, I've had my share… " He closed his eyes in sensual transport.

She returned to her snaky dance-moving and humming softly with her purring Voice. In a heat the girl took off her smock. It fell to the floor in a circle around her ankles.

Daintily she stepped out of it and broke into a shaking step. Now her boobs shook in a blur. Hal looked up to see this sexy spectacle. He caressed his pecker at the same time. It was now sufficiently hard for him to he sure he would soon have an orgasm.

Tami's fingers sought out her triangular muff and promptly embarked on an attempt to stimulate it by dart-like pokes of her fingers. Her curly pubes spiraled around each other like a hairy maze which she sought to untangle. Touching the flesh below this forest brought her sensual responses to attention.

Hal licked his lips as he cranked himself some more. He longed to see his yellow cream spurt rapidly from the head of his slightly curving cock.

"Yaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!" he yelled. Sweat formed on his brow from the amount- of exertion necessary to stimulate himself sufficiently to have a strong climax.

Meanwhile Tami's excitement level was also close to the point of eruption. With thumb and forefinger she whipped her cunt flap into a maniacal dither. Each flick and wrench of the delicate pink piece of hanging clitoris further got her greased and ready.

"Mmmmmmmmmm, sugar-I'm getting good and hot," muttered Hal, whose cock now stood almost parallel to his legs. He was quite pleased that he could still get it up like he used to. In his younger days he was known as "The Rammer" from being able to shove his dick further up a cunt than practically anybody else that he knew.

On he pumped, tugging the plump organ so that all his semen would crowd up toward its fat fleshy head.

Tami fingered herself faster now, brutally vibrating the ditty with all her might. She wanted to come at the same time as Hal-and she knew that her time was rapidly approaching.

"Uugggghhhhhhhh," screamed the man as his hands violently assaulted his cock.

After a couple more rough tugs he started to give head.

"Aaaaaaaaaggggghhhhhhh yeeeeeaaaaahhhh!!!!!!"

His face twisted into a purplish contortion from the concentration and intensity of his orgasm.

Instantly the girl felt herself give way to torrents of bodily release. Her steaming vagina started to become saturated by bursts of sticky cum.

"Ooooohhhhhhhhhhh!!!" The sexual gratification she felt was so intense that she couldn't coherently verbalize the sensation.

The little room was filled with the sound of their moans-his deeper masculine growls merged with her higher-pitched feminine gasps.

Eventually they regained their wind, and after a parting drink Tami returned to her register… but not before she had replaced all of Hal's money, except for one bill, in his pocket, when he wasn't looking.

Chapter 12

Within the next several weeks business in the supermarket increased at a substantial pace. Perhaps it was due to Tami's ‘extra service' or mere coincidence, Leo wasn't quite sure. But likewise, nobody complained in the least-except maybe the checkers when they were suddenly deluged with customers all at once on Saturday morning. But all in all, the working environment improved with everyone in such a good mood.

Leo come up to Tami one day while she dusted cans of tuna fish. He looked nervous as he approached.

"Tami, guess what?"

"I haven't got the slightest idea… what?"

"After all the work we've been through the district manager just called about the store…"

"Don't tell me he thinks business still isn't good enough!"

"No, no, it's just the opposite."

"What d'ya mean?"

"Well, the store is doing so well that he wants to transfer me to another one in hopes that I can improve it with my magic touch."

"That's ridiculous."

"I know, but what can we do?"

Leo had worked quite hard to drum up business and run the store smoothly after the district manager had warned him that he would be transferred to another region if the store didn't shape up. Such a relocation threatened to tear him and Anna apart, which would be intolerable to them both. And now it still might happen, this time due to an entirely different reason than the one he had suspected.

"Oh, Leo, isn't there anything we can do?"

"Well," he paused, "Some of the big shots are coming to survey the store tomorrow evening. If there was only some way to win them over.. YOU know, to convince them that I'd he much happier here…"

Tami could think of a way.

An instant later Leo's mind leaped to the same idea.

"Tami! What about if… no, it's not fair to ask such a thing of you."

"Leo, are you considering throwing a party for them? The kind of party I have in the back room?"

"To be honest… that's about the size of it!"


Actually it sounded like fun to the girl. She wanted to have a little time to think it over, though. There were a lot of things to consider. What if, for instance, some of the bosses were fairly straight-laced and thought it disgusting for a girl to be so obviously loose in their presence? But how many men could resist a good time if it came over and tapped them right on the shoulder?

"Leo," she had already made a decision. She went on.

"If you think it's a good idea and they won't take it the wrong way-then I'm game!"

Leo face lit up in a smile.

"We've got nothing to lose."

"Except our jobs."

"That's right-but why not give it a try? And don't worry. I'll invite Anna along, too.

Tami felt much better knowing that her friend and female sex partner would also take part in the festivities. They could divide up the men between them to make sure everybody had an equal piece of the fun.

"How many people'll be there?"

"I don't really know, three or four, probably." She had never taken on that many lovers at once-but, she thought to herself, there's a first time for everything.

A haze of fantasies covered the rest of Tami's quiet work day. Visions of a wild scene, an orgy conducted with normally dignified gentlemen, put a smile on her lips and a twitch in her thighs.

That evening she and Joe went out for a ride. Cool weather made them both feel glad to be outdoors for a change. Driving in the direction of The Grove brought it up as a subject.

"I wonder how Louie's doing," Tami thought idly.

"Louie? Oh, the caretaker… I have no idea, haven't seen him in quite a while…"

He lit up a cigarette and fiddled with the radio dial.

"Ya know, Tami, we had some great times up there at The Grove. Our parties…"

"Oh, yeah, that's for sure," agreed Tami.

"We were a lot different then."

Tami laughed, remembering her fear at the prospect of being balled for the first time.

"That's right, weren't we, though."

"As a matter of fact, though, I'm glad that we all got loose enough to… well… swing with everybody else. Aren't you?"

She considered this question. There was no doubt that she had felt quite sexy and desirable lately-especially since she opened her secret ‘office' in the market. But she hadn't told Steve about it, because, well, there are just some things that are better left unexplained.

It flashed through her mind that perhaps he had somehow found out about her adventures. She glanced at him to see if he looked as though he were leading up to something. Nothing could be detected in his impassive expression. He concentrated on turning a corner.

"Yes," she continued, "I'm glad too, cause it's exciting to know that you're (she nodded toward him) sexy to other women… and it's so nice to watch your body move when you fuck."

Joe smiled through a cloud of cigarette smoke.

"That's pretty much how I feel, too! It's nice to see you turn oh men. It makes me feel hornier for you."

They stopped briefly for a red light.

"Ya know something strange?" He paused, then continued:

"Well, the thought struck me that you'd probably make a terrific hooker."

Tami held her breath. It seemed like he had found out about what she was doing.

Suddenly Joe slammed on the brakes to avoid a truck that stopped short just ahead of them. The subject was forgotten. Throughout the evening Tami thought about this comment. She was amused that Joe considered her fit for her new occupation. Maybe someday she would tell him all about it.

Chapter 13

Crowds of people swarmed throughout the store the following day. The supermarket was conducting one of its biggest sales ever, and shoppers by the score were taking advantage of the bargains. Tami, Roberta, and all of the other checkers were extremely busy.

All day they rang up and bagged groceries, and by afternoon their arms were tired and sore from lifting so many items.

Leo didn't get a chance to speak to Tami until it was time for her shift to end. He rushed up to her, out of breath and red in the face.

"Christ, what a day!!! I've never seen so many fuckin' people!"

"That'll sound good to the district manager!" Tami suggested.

"Oh, yeah… hut it might look too successful!"

She remembered what Leo had told her about tentative plans to transfer him to another store even if business improved, which it certainly had.

"Don't worry about it m sure tonight will be just fine."

"I hope so. Anyway, you deserve a break, so go home and rest awhile… Just be back here around 8:00."

"O.K., Leo."

"Oh, and wear your uniform, please?"

When Tami returned to the store, the district manager had already arrived. Through the plate-glass window she saw the figures of three men surveying a display near the office. She recognized Leo with the two people who would determine his future. One was middle-aged, with greying hair, of medium build. The other was slightly younger, small, with brown wavy hair.

She entered the store and noticed that several other employees were still at work filling the vacant spaces where customers had devoured the stock during their bargain hunting.

One of the stock boys met her at the door and informed her that Leo had left a message for her to "start work in the back". She then headed down the produce aisle towards her private abode. She picked up a few pieces of fruit and disappeared into the back room, an idea brewing in her mind.

After lightly tapping on the door of the room, she heard it open a crack. Anna peeked out.

"Come on in, Tami."

She entered the room and quickly shut the door behind her.

"How are you, Anna?"

"Just fine… here, have a drink."

From the woman's relaxed manner, Tami assumed that she had already had a few drinks to calm her down for the evening ahead. The girl knew she was nervous because the outcome of the next few hours determined whether or not Leo would remain in the locale with her.

Anna looked smashing. Attired in a tight cocktail dress, her bare breasts practically poked out of the deep slit in the bodice. The skirt was quite short, showing off her splendid legs to their best advantage.

"This should be quite a gas," laughed the older woman. "Did you catch a look at the bosses?"

"Just a glimpse. They looked O.K. to me. One seemed to be in his forties, the other a little younger."

"Leo said that they generally have a couple of drinks in his office. He keeps a bottle there for special occasions like this," she added.

"Good, so when they get here they'll be ready for most anything."

"I hope so!"

Tami remembered the plan she had conceived.

"Anna, look at this,"

She held up a ripe banana.

"Yeah… so what?"

"Well, why don't we sort of get involved with our products? We can play around with these, and feed them grapes, and…"

"That's a great idea!"

"It'd be good publicity-it shows we like what we sell!"

They both enthusiastically agreed to find other likely products and decided to go out on a store-wide scavenger hunt to get them.

"Just a minute. I'd better not go. Look at the way I'm dressed."

She motioned at her sexy outfit.

"I don't want to spill the beans too early."

Tami laughed.

"O.K., I'll do it."

Quietly leaving the stockroom, she nonchalantly moved throughout the store picking the necessary items. In a few minutes she returned with a handful of various groceries.

"Shhhhhhhh," Anna warned. "I think they're coming."

Footsteps approached. The door opened. Leo led the way, followed by the other men.

"Oh… um… Hi, there!!! I'd like you to meet Mr. Val, our district manager, and Mr. Stany, our assistant manager. This is Anna and Tami."

Everyone smiled warmly at each other. The men's eyes brimmed with the look of alcohol. They seemed surprised, but certainly not angry, at unexpectedly meeting the two sexy females.

Leo seemed quite relaxed. The interview must've gone well so far, thought Tami. He proceeded to mix drinks for everyone.

"We've already had a few," he explained, dexterously shaking up a cocktail.

"But we hate to see your girls drink alone chimed in Mr. Val.

He got right into the spirit, of things. Tami and Anna looked at each other relievedly. Anna rose and switched on a record. Tami recognized it as one from Anna's little party of a few weeks ago.

The woman sipped her drink and minced over to Mr. Stany. She started to rhumba or him, shaking her fleshy hips in front of his eyes.

"Oh, that's nice o on," he urged.

Obviously he wanted her to break at on jive, so she did so with no more prompting. She shook her tight, bouncy ass that was so pronounced under her dress that the line between her buttocks stood out like a crack in a piece of smooth granite.

Both men settled back to enjoy the show. Anna now turned around and likewise shook her enormous knockers. The dress concealed just her nipples, and the males fantasized about their size and coloring as they watched.

"Come on, Tami, join me!"

She got up and did a slow, sexy version of Anna's dance, rubbing her hands up and down over her firm, succulent thighs. Dancing over to the table she then reached behind a box to where she had hidden some surprises. She pulled out a bunch of juicy green grapes and traced her steps back to the center of the room.

Tami moved over to Mr. Stany, seductively dangling a stem of the fruit over his mouth.

"Go ahead, taste them, they're delicious."

He complied readily. She offered some to Mr. Val, and soon they were both being fed like Greek gods, each morsel being peeled by the women before they were dropped into the men's mouths.

Tami leaned over the man so that her sumptuous breasts fell across Mr. Val's shoulders. She rubbed it against him because it felt so good to do so.

Sensing this, he reached up and slowly ran his hand across the top of her uniform. He paused at her tits, pressed harder, and started to stroke the sugary mounds.

"Mmmmmmmmmm… that's sooo good!" Tami enjoyed the attention he lavished on her. He breathed harder and put down his drink to feel up her boobs. The girl then sat on his lap and hotly kissed the hack of his neck. Tingles raced through him as he felt his prick start to flutter. This wild young babe was really turning him on.

Meanwhile Mr. Stany rose out of his seat and just had to dance. He and Anna moved as one, his arms wrapped tightly around her curvy bottom. He pinched and squeezed her ass and pushed his groin hard against her thighs with each step.

Anna broke free arid quickly unbuttoned the man's shirt and tie. She started to feel his hairy chest, to caress and then suck on his sensitive nipples.

"Oh, that gets me hot!!!!"

Anna kissed him harder, sucked his neck, whipped her wet tongue into his ear. He pulled her to him and passionately suckled on her quivering red tongue. Their wet mouths met again and again in feverish desire.

They sank into a chair in a smooth movement, still clutching at each others horny bodies. He slipped her globe-like titties out of the dress and furiously chewed at the delicate tips. Immediately they stood erect like springtime blossoms.

Tami had drawn open her smock to expose her young, supple bosom. Her partner's erection now threatened to rip out of his pants. She now lay atop him on the sofa as he set his grinding hips in motion against her damp thighs. They kissed insanely, forgetting everything except each other's available and willing bodies. The girl paused to reach over and grab a can of whipped cream that she had taken from the dairy case. Sputtering, sweet, white foam poured from the container. She smeared it in a circle over her tits, leaving the nip bare as if it were a luscious cherry in the center of a delicious dessert.

"Oh, yeah, lemme lick it!"

He devoured the cream, the taste of it merging with the girl's likewise sumptuous skin. This drove him into a frenzy of horniness. Tami loosened his belt and took out the pulsing cock.

She squirted some of the whipped cream along it so that it looked like a fleshy pastry. A scene flashed into her mind-of the day she had first ridden to The Grove with Joe in Sheryl's car, and discovered a mysterious carton of whipped cream in the back seat.

But she was here now, and eagerly she licked and sucked Mr. Val's hard canola. He groaned with pleasure. Taking a break, she fed him some more juicy grapes and recommenced to stimulating his prick. Carefully she removed each drop of whipped cream and then circled the head of his penis with her tongue.

Applying more from the aerosol can, she massaged it slightly into the skin to lubricate, and then took the tube into her mouth. She sucked as hard as her lips and cheeks would allow, pulling the man's cum closer to the outside world and her consuming throat.

His eyes were closed as he grabbed at her boobs. Furiously he pulled them, letting out a loud MOAN of excitement and agony. Hot burning cum cascaded into Tami's mouth; exquisitely blended with traces of whipped cream for a pure culinary delight.

"Shit what a fuckin' good blow job!!!"

He patted her neck as he rested to regain some of the vitality she had taken from him.

Tami glanced over to see Anna and Mr. Stany coupled on the chair. She bounced up and down on his cock, pouring golden salad oil on her boobs so they absolutely glistened in the light.

Anna casually peeled a banana and slowly bit the head off as she rode Mr. Stany's hard rod. The taste and texture of it turned her on, and she suddenly thrashed her hips much harder.

This maneuver drew him to a climax as the friction between his smoldering penis and her vagina brought him off.

"Aaaagggghhhhhhhhh!!!!" he wailed, feeling his long load shoot into the woman's deep cunny. She rocked, each movement being acutely sensitive to the cock inside of her.

Realizing that she hadn't seen Leo in quite a while Tami decided he must've slipped out the door when everyone else was wrapped up in other matters. Most probably he was keeping watch in the hallway for unexpected visitors. Or perhaps the prospect of seeing his favorite chicks make it with the supervisors would get him overly horny; and he had previously decided that he would stay out of the action tonight…

As Mr. Stany huffed and puffed to get his wind, Tami peeled another banana and offered it to Anna. She fed it to the woman, who licked and handled it like it was a fruity penis. Finding the can of whipped cream, the young filly sprayed some of it on Anna's bountiful pink knockers.

The men rapidly came to life. They got very excited just looking at a beautiful nymph like Tami perform such an erotic act on another hot broad. Anna stretched out into a supine position and Tami continued shooting the stream of cream until it reached from Anna's titties to, of course, her ultra-luscious crotch. When the white substance hit her dark muff, it looked like a light covering of snow on a patch of virginal woodsy underbrush.

Tami reached for another specimen from the produce counter. This time she found a fat, slippery cucumber. She smoothly touched it's curved end to Anna's clitoris, then, without delay inserted the large growth into the woman's moist inner canal.

Anna groaned as her muscles parted to take the large object. Mr. Stany and Mr. Val moved closer so they could enjoy seeing the spectacle. Mr. Val took the vegetable from Tami and helped to insert it further up Anna's cunt. Each inch of its movement was deeply felt by her delicate nerves. The pleasure was almost unbearable at times.

The two men bent over Anna and each removed part of the delicious foam with their lusty tongues. An overload of titillating feelings swept through Anna's little frame. The green prick piercing her cunt and the kisses and suckings on her titties drove her mad.

They all worked her over until she was in a hysterical fit of hominess. Frenching her, stroking the fine curves of her thighs, and tickling her pink wrinkled nipples drove her toward the summit of sexual satisfaction.


The grateful woman moaned as rivers of cum flowed forth to saturate the head of the cucumber.

It was withdrawn from her body and Tami and the two men took a lick of her fantastic sex juice from the top of the vegetable.

Taking the whipped cream, Mr. Val aimed the sprayer at Tami's hairy triangle. The girl was in a semi-reclining position straddling Anna's exciting and satisfied body. She jerked up at the first feeling of the cream, then relaxed as its coolness soothed her burning twat.

The focal point of the action shifted to Tami, where several pairs of hands and tongues went into motion. Anna tenderly stroked the young chick's shiny thighs as Mr. Stany started to chew out her cunt. Each taste drove both the eater and the eaten into a fantastically horny state.

Mr. Val rolled Tami's bulb-like breasts, outlining the darker pink aureole with quick taps of his tongue. The first man sought further up her cavity, smacking at the delicate taste in his mouth from her mucousy tunnel and the cream combined.

Probing higher made Tami start to wince. The pre-cum burning of her tits was exceedingly amplified by Mr. Val's attention to her now rock-hard knobs.

"Please, please uuuuummmm" she grunted.

Her admirers worked harder at getting her off. After all, it was her turn to enjoy what the others could do for her.

"I'm gonna coooommmmeeee!!!!" she exploded as the initial gush of thick ooze entered her boiling cunt canal.

Mr. Stany stationed his tongue in place to receive a taste of this desirable juice He got more than he bargained for, because Tami rocked into a series of orgasmic spasms which released more hot cum than he could readily swallow.

Therefore, he motioned for Mr. Val to take over.

Gladly the man shifted places, stuck his mouth up to her hole, and continued to suck Tami off. He, too, was satiated by her plentiful fluids. She went into yet another spasm and Anna helped to relieve her of the excess cum that poured down her vagina.

Long minutes later, Tami's body relaxed as her intensive orgasm abated. A glow of fatigue caught up with her. She wanted nothing more than to relax and enjoy the alter effects of such a great climax. In fact, everyone seemed to feel a mutual satisfaction and need for rest.

For a few moments the room was silent except for the clinking of the glasses as the liquor was being sipped.

Mr. Val broke the lull.

"All I can say is that, this is certainly the most amazing-and best-store survey I've ever taken!"

Everyone laughed.

Mr. Stany agreed completely.

"You know, I've been quite pleased by the… er… reception… that I've received in this particular store."

He sounded very official when he said this.

"And, from all reports, it seems that business has been, if you'll pardon the expression, ladies, ‘picking up' quite wonderfully."

Anna and Tami looked at each other. He was apparently going to bring up the subject of Leo's pending transfer.

"I find Mm. Bloom to be an utterly capable manager… "

He coughed. The women waited anxiously. Mr. Val had no idea that his decision would mean so much to them.

"And… " he went on, "I think we definitely need Leo's continuing guidance here."

A sigh of relief went up from Anna and Tami at the same time.

"A wise decision, Mr. Val," said Anna. They pinched each other in happy excitement. Anna poured a round of drinks while Tami hurried out to find Leo and tell him the good news.