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Mom wants more

Kevin Sellers

Kevin Sellers

Mom wants more


"Hi, Mrs. King. I'm not late, am I?"

From where he lay watching television on the den floor, Troy heard the voice of Janie Harper, and made a face. Then he heard his mother's reply.

"Not at all, Janie. In fact, you're right on time. I just – oh, there's my date now! You know where everything is, don't you? Troy's in the den, and I've left a number by the phone just in case you need me. Well, I'd better be going. Say goodbye for me, dear, won't you? I'm afraid he hasn't been in a very good mood tonight."

"I will. Bye, Mrs. King."

But that wasn't the real reason he'd been mad at his mom all day, or why he'd shut himself in the den and refused to kiss her goodnight the way she usually insisted.

Frankly, Troy was jealous. Ever since his father's death when he was little, he'd had his mother all to himself. And that had always seemed to satisfy them both, until just recently. She'd been going out more and more often. And worst of all, she'd even started dating men.

Without really understanding why, Troy was just beginning to discover that he didn't like that idea one bit.

His sour thoughts were interrupted as the den door opened and Janie walked in, all smiles.

"Hi, Troy. How's my favorite neighbor?"

"Okay I guess," he answered grumpily, glancing up as she strode lightly across the room and sat down on the nearby divan, primly tucking the hem of her skirt about her knees.

Despite his mood, he couldn't help but admire Janie's well-proportioned body. Two years older than him and one of the most popular girls in the senior class at high school, the attractive eighteen-year-old blonde had a figure that never failed to stiffen his cock until it hurt. Even the modest skirt-and-blouse outfit she had on tonight dildo hide the firm-rounded curves of her long slender legs and the straining thrust of the biggest pair of tits in the whole school.

He could already feel his prick blossoming into uncomfortable hardness, making him squirm against the carpeted floor.

"What are you watching?" she asked politely, aware of his gaze but pretending to ignore it. "Anything good?"

"Nah, nothing special."

He shrugged, wiggling as his prick began to throb. Janie always made him react like that, and she knew it; he'd seen her staring at his crotch lots of times when she didn't think he was looking. She even liked to tease him, sometimes letting her skirt slide way up her thighs or wearing low-cut blouses that revealed the milky cleavage of her enormous tits.

[Missing text] pleasure of watching his prick stiffen.

He went on in a gruff tone: "Anyway, I was just going to take a bath. You can watch anything you want." Then, as he rose from his painful position and stood up, his voice took on a new note of malicious mischief. "Or how about watching me take my bath instead? I'll bet that'd be more fun then any old television show!"

"Troy!" Janie's face took on a pretense of shock. "I thought you promised not to talk like that any more! Remember what I warned you last week. You have to be a good boy, or I'll tell your mother and she'll never let me come over here again!"

He grinned. Janie's gaze flicked down to his swollen crotch, and he saw the speculative twinkle in her blue eyes despite her threat.

Growing bolder, he stood before Janie without attempting to hide his hard-on and spoke in a jeering tone. "What's the matter, Janie? Haven't you ever seen a guy's prick before? I thought lots of guys at school showed you theirs!"

Her blush deepened. They both knew she was too shy in school to have the kind of fun her girlfriends had. It was only at his house, alone with a boy who was like a little brother to her, that she relaxed enough to even joke about it.

"Troy King, you're not being very nice tonight! And your mom wouldn't like hearing you use words like that, either. Now go take your bath like a good boy, before I call her and tell her that her precious little boy is using dirty words!"

Her threat didn't frighten Troy, though it would have if she'd meant it. But Janie's words irked him in a different way. Suddenly the phrase "little boy" rang in his ears like a nasty reminder.

"I'm not a little boy, and I'll say prick all I want, because I'm a man and men have pricks. I don't even mind if you look at mine. Here, I'll prove it."

The words were hardly out of his mouth before he was reaching with trembling hands to unzip her jeans.

"Troy…" Janie's eyes went even wider. She didn't have time to stop him.

There was a slithering sound. Before she could react, his stiffened cock burst out, wagging up bare and hard before her. For a moment the two teenagers froze, both surprised by his action.

It was the first time Troy had shown his prick to any girl before, and he half expected Janie to react with shocked embarrassment.

Instead Janie sat unmoving for a long moment, her eyes fastened on his rigid dick.

It all happened in just an instant, but that was long enough for him to see a strange look cross over her face as she watched his cock bob and stand up even stiffer under her gaze until it pointed straight at her.

"See?" he said in a slightly cracked voice, his heart hammering with fear and excitement. "I told you I was a man. I've got a prick as big as anyone's. Maybe even bigger."

With those bragging words, he unbuttoned his jeans, wiggling out of them and letting them fall in a heap to the floor. Then he stood before her in just his striped tee-shirt.

Janie's lips parted and she gasped at the sight of the huge veined shaft spearing out from a thick nest of curled fur and a sagging fuzz-clad sack of balls almost as big as eggs. She hadn't expected anything like this. And the sudden appearance of a real honest-to-God prick – bigger than any she'd ever seen in pictures – made a familiar tingling well up deep inside her, emanating from her cunt.

Janie was all too familiar with that tingling sensation. She always felt it whenever she looked at Troy's crotch. That was what made her tease him so much. Right now it was worse than ever. She could feel her panties dampening, slickening, as a hot itchy wetness creamed her unfucked pussy and made it ache the way it always did at the end of her babysitting sessions. Only this time she couldn't go home and soothe her pussy with her fingers the way she usually did. This time she still had the whole evening ahead of her. Troy was parading right before her, proudly showing off his cock and making the ache in her cunt even worse.

"You're-you're awful!" she gasped, staring in total fascination at the rippling eight-inch pole of rigid flesh that wagged and nodded its inflamed head at her. "Troy King, you're just a horny little boy with a horny little pecker after all!"

She reached out, slapping lightly at his hard cock.

Her fingers slid across the reddened head of his prick and it bounced up in reaction, making Troy gasp and causing her to giggle impishly.

"Oh yeah?" he said defiantly, ears burning. "I'll bet it's more than you ever saw before! Just because you're older then me, you don't know everything!"

"So you think," she retorted, her breath quickening. Her cunt was creaming harder, drenching her panties and frightening her a little with its intensity. "I happen to know that if your mother walked in right now you'd be in some pretty serious trouble!"

Troy's eyes automatically darted to the closed den door in response. But he wasn't about to be scared off so easily, now that he'd gone this far.

"She won't be back for hours," he replied, licking his lips. "We've got lots of time, and you can look at my prick all you want. I'll even let you touch it again."

Moving onto the divan beside her, he leaned back and let his prick stand straight up like a thick post.

"Oh…" The word escaped Janie's lips as she took in the pink glistening recess of his pisshole and the hard length of his cock. Despite her fear, she couldn't resist his invitation. "Can I?"

Without waiting for his reply, she swooped down, fingers gliding along the smooth-veined shaft and trailing with horny curiosity across his reddened cocktip… "Yeah, that feels real good," he groaned, amazed at her eager reaction. Janie Harper, one of the high school's most popular girls, was actually feeling his prick!

Her fingers dipped down farther, slipping ticklishly over his balls and cupping them, hefting them, until his cock throbbed painfully. She was totally preoccupied in her explorations. Troy gazed at her jutting tits just inches away. Her tits strained at the white material of her blouse like a pair of snow-capped mountains, rising and falling rapidly with her sharp breath. Half-turned toward him, she almost seemed to be pushing those luscious tits right at him.

On impulse Troy reached out and covered one out thrust tit, digging his fingers into her pliant firmness.

That was a mistake. Janie stiffened and pulled away abruptly, withdrawing her hand from his hot cock.

"That's enough," she said sternly, face flushed. "We… we shouldn't be doing this. It isn't right."

"Come on," he pleaded, far from satisfied. "What's wrong with it, anyway? I let you look at me, didn't I? It's not fair if you have all the fun! And-and, besides, how am I supposed to learn about stuff if you don't teach me? Mom won't even let me go on dates!"

"Well…" Janie felt herself giving in, swayed by the hot oozing sensation in her cunt. "Okay then, I'll teach you one little thing tonight, but that's all. Have you ever french-kissed before?"

He shook his head, not knowing exactly what the term meant, but recalling that he'd heard other guys at school mention it before.

Seeing that he didn't understand, she leaned forward. "It's easy. You'll see."

Their lips came together. Troy felt the heat of her face against his. Then he felt something probing between his lips. Janie's tongue slithered into his mouth, wiggling wildly about.

Though taking him by surprise, the sensation was strangely pleasant, and he responded quickly. Before long their tongues were clashing frantically in the longest kiss he'd ever had.

Then, to Troy's delighted amazement, one of her hands slipped down over one of his, capturing it and bringing it up to the big jutting tit she'd snatched away from him only moments ago. But this time, instead of trying to tear her tit from his grip, she was thrusting it forward, mashing its huge cotton-clad softness into his palm.

Overjoyed at this unexpected treat, he automatically began to knead her firm tit, feeling its oversized fullness in his sweaty hand.

All too soon she broke off their kiss with a gasp and pulled back, facing him with a strange hungry expression on her attractive face and not even attempting to push his hand from her captive jug.

"Oh, wow! Are you sure you've never frenched before?"

Pleased, Troy shook his head. His prick was jumping up harder than ever, standing as stiffly as a concrete post and pulsing painfully.

Janie laughed and patted his cock, making his prick throb. "Poor little baby. I… I think you'd better put it back in your pants now, before it does something naughty."

Despite her words, her fingers lingered on his prick in obvious reluctance to release it.

Troy shook his head. "Oh, no. Not until we're even. I showed you my prick, now you've got to show me something. That's fair, isn't it?"

Grinning widely, he gave her tit an extra squeeze. Janie hesitated. She'd never dared to go this far with any boy before. But then, she reminded herself, Troy was like her little brother anyway.

"I know what you want," she laughed again, shrugging her tit from his hand. "All right then, but only if you promise to be nice from now on. Okay?"

Troy nodded, ready to agree to anything.

Feeling a fresh surge of hot cream drench her inner thighs, Janie began to unbutton her blouse, deftly shrugging out of it in a business-like manner.

Troy's mouth went dry when she sat before him with just her bra hiding her gigantic tits. Her bare slender shoulders hardly seemed capable of holding up the creamy weight of her tits – their swelling ripeness spilling in a sharp cleavage from her bra-cups as if on the verge of bursting from them.

"Just one look, that's all you get," she teased, reaching behind her. "We'll he even then, and I don't want to hear another peep from you!"

He heard the faint click of the bra snap, then he saw the white cotton cups sag limply in release.

Her tits bobbled free, straining out as if they'd somehow ballooned ever larger.

Then, as he watched raptly, she shrugged out of the bra.

The bra fell away, and he found himself staring at the most beautiful pair of tits ever. Janie's tits were as huge as he'd imagined, sagging just a bit as they swayed in quivering freedom. What really caught his attention were her nipples. Twin spires of vivid pinkness against her pale creamy flesh, her nipples were bigger than any he'd seen in his friends' magazine pictures. Her areolas were shining mouth-size babes, peaking in inch-long nipples that stabbed out rigidly, each one as thick as the tip of his pinky.

"Yeah," he murmured, hardly aware that he'd spoken out loud. "They're… they're terrific! I'll bet there isn't another girl anywhere that has tits like that!"

"You think so?" Janie's cunt gushed furiously at his appreciation. She raised a hand to cup one ripe tit, pushing it out even farther in a blatant display. "Sometimes I'm afraid they're too big. The way they always bounce when I walk… and they're so sensitive too. See?"

She flicked her thumb across an overlarge nipple, making it spring erect.

Troy couldn't help himself. He had to touch that magnificent tit, no matter what. "Janie, can I… can I feel it? Just a little?"

In spite of her constant warnings, Janie wanted to take full advantage of this evening's boldness, fearful that she might never work up this much nerve again.

"All right," she agreed slowly, still pretending to give in with reluctance. "Since you're being nice, I'll let you. Here."

She leaned toward him. Troy's hands went up, closing on the big soft offering of her tit.

The blonde girl gasped as he fondled her tit, one hand cupping its hugeness and the other rubbing in a circular motion over her nipple. Her nipple erected in Troy's palm, and he looked on in wonder as her nipple seemed to expand even longer, growing red and flaring.

"That's good," she panted, pushing her tit at him with increasing fervor. "It feels good when you touch it like that, ummmnh…"

He flicked her nipple, making her groan, then he caught it between thumb and forefinger and began to squeeze rhythmically, milking it. That seemed to turn her on even more.

"Oh, oh Troy, that feels so – ohhh, don't stop!" Growing more assured by the moment, he chuckled as she wiggled and thrust her tits at him. "Boy, they look so good I'd really like to kiss one. You wouldn't mind that, would you?"

Not giving her time to object, he ducked his head and took the nipple in his mouth, his lips fastening over it.

"Oh, what're you doing?" Janie blurted, making no effort to stop him. "Don't – that… oh yes, that's it!"

Though he'd never done it before in his life, Troy began to suck her big erect nipple, playing the stiff bud over his tongue and lapping it as his cheeks drew in with increased suction.

Janie's response was even better than he'd hoped. Suddenly she was gasping breathlessly, shoving her tit hard against his face and clutching his head to her tits with an intensity that threatened to smother him.

"Yes, yes! Oh, Troy, harder, suck it harder!" she surged on the divan, blasting hot cuntjuice with a fury like nothing she'd ever felt before. All pretense momentarily vanished as lank felt herself building to a climax. She writhed in unleashed joy. "Suck my titty! Suck it good and hard! Oh, baby, baby!"

Troy complied eagerly, taking in as much of her mammoth tit as he could and making wet slurping noises as he greedily gulped at her tit.

"Good, baby, eat it up good and hard! Oh yeah, yeahhh… now Troy, hurry, faster, faster – fasterrrrrr!"

Abruptly, Janie spasmed. Her body trembled in a mingling of groans and shudders. Though he didn't know exactly what was happening, Troy kept sucking furiously, until her shudders subsided and she slumped away, her wet glistening tit plopping from between his lips.

"Ohhhh…" She collapsed against the divan, her eyes unfocused and breath panting.

"Hey, what happened?"

Focusing her eyes once more, she giggled huskily. "That's none of your business. But… well, it was nice, that's all. I told you they were sensitive."

A slow grin of realization spread over Troy's face then. He'd actually made her come! But that didn't solve his own problem. His prick had been stiff for so long that it hurt, and it began to hurt even more when he noticed that Janie's skirt had slipped well up her slender thighs, revealing a vee shaped slash of pale-blue panties. From where he sat, he could see that her panties were stained and wet, the slick material plastered against the crevice of her pussy.

His grin widened confidently. "Now that I made you feel nice, you could do the same for me, couldn't you? That'd be fair."

A giddy surge of delight made her part her legs slightly, giving him a better view of her crotch. "Just what did you have in mind?"

"Well…" he stared straight at her veiled cunt. "How about showing me your pussy? After all, I've shown you my prick!"

Janie had been waiting for that. "Oh, I guess I might as well now that we've gone this far. I suppose I ought to give you a good look at everything, so you'll quit pestering me!"

She hastily shed her skirt, squirming out of it. Troy stared as she lay back once more in just her bikini panties. His breath seemed to be struck in his throat, and his cock seemed to be leaping.

"You have to do the rest," she said throatily, still teasing. "If you want to look at my pussy, you'll just have to take my panties off yourself."

Troy was quick to oblige, he reached down, sliding his fingers under the filmy fabric and pulling it down. She arched up, and Troy stared as he inched her panties off, exposing more and more of the precious curd straining up at turn.

Curls of her pussy popped free, their natural gold tint darkened by wetness. His cock throbbed as he slid her panties farther down, displaying inch after inch of rich curled cuntfur. At last her pussy appeared, a sweet trench of pinkness that was all slick and dewy.

Hungry for a better look, he jerked Janie's panties completely off with one ripping motion and let them drop, his gaze glued to the first real cunt he'd ever seen.

Janie gave a giggling gasp as the flimsy material slid away. Now she was totally nude, stretched out naked on the divan, with Troy's eyes feasting on her drenched pussy slit. With a sigh of acceptance, she drew her legs apart without hesitation, giving him the full view.

"Well? If you're going to stare at my cunt like that, you might at least tell me if you like it!"

Troy nodded slowly, hypnotized by the glistening slit spread before him. Surrounded by matted blonde hair, her cunt seemed to gape at him, puffy fat lips puckered outward, exposing the oozing channel of her fuckhole. Just above that, poking out from its hood of inflamed flesh like a rigid little nipple, stood the taut button, of her clit.

He'd never seen a real cunt before, except in pictures. But there was no doubt in his mind that Janie's was the most beautiful cunt ever. All slippery with juice and pouting open like a sensuous little mouth, it had to be the mast beautiful cunt in the whole world. Or in his high school, at the very least.

He gulped. "Man, it's great! Your cunt's lots better than any old pictures. It's… oh shit…"

Suddenly he ducked down, urged on by the scrumptious-scented cunt before him. Troy didn't take time to think; he knew that he had to taste her pussy, to find out what a real cunt was like. His shoulders forced her legs wider apart, and his tongue fished out.

"Ahhhhhh!" Janie reeled in pure astonishment as his tongue stroked the length of her cunt slit and collected up the floods of cream that burst from her. His move had been so unexpected and delightful that, almost before she knew it, she was grinding her cunt up, shoving her cunt against his face and crying out as fresh blasts of pleasure soared through her.

"Oh, Troy, you're licking me! Keep doing it, keep – ahhh! – yes, that's best of all! Lick me real good there, all over… ahhhhhh! You're eating me – oh, baby, yeah! Eat my clitty too, that's it, more, no – oooohhhh!"

Quickly discovering her reaction to having her clit tortured, he concentrated on licking and sucking her clit until he had her hunching up more eagerly than ever. The purrs and sobs that ripped from Janie's throat urged him on as her pussy humped frantically against his chin, slickening his entire face.

"Eat my clitty, Troy! Suck it hard! Oh, that's right! That's so good! Yes, yes, yessss!"

It didn't take much clit-teasing to have her bouncing on the divan and making sounds that meant she was about to come again. He waited until she was thrashing wildly in total abandon, then he jammed his tongue totally into her.


Janie wailed as Troy's tongue slithered between her cuntlips and filled her pussy in a way that her own fingers had never been able to do. Until this very moment she'd always thought that letting a boy eat her out would be a nasty thing to do, but with Troy's tongue probing into her cunt and stabbing back and forth the way a prick would, she didn't care if it was nasty or not. The first jolt of orgasm blasted through her, an orgasm like nothing she'd ever experienced.

"Fuck me there! Oh, yesss! Fuck me now real hard, aaannnhhh!"

Troy dug his tongue in and out with ramming thrusts. Though Janie didn't know it, he now had an entirely different kind of fucking in mind.

Just when he had her writhing to the very peak of her climax, he pulled back and rose onto his knees, wiggling forward. Her arching ass brushed against his thighs and her pussy hovered just before his weaving cock.

Her eyes fluttered open in time to see what he was doing. She tried, without conviction, to stop him. "Troy, what do you think – oh, you're not going to put that in me, are you? It's so big… it'll kill me!"

"Don't worry," he said, his voice sounding harsh. "I'm just going to put it in a little, that's all. I want to find out how it feels to really fuck like this!"

Guiding the head of his prick to her drooling pussy entrance, he inched himself forward, then lunged.


Janie groaned as his cockhead pushed between her cuntlips. Hot cream streamed over his prick, and Janie's frightened cry turned into sobs of pure joy as he began to ease his prickhead in and out of the tight vise of her pussy.

The sight of his cock-tip disappearing in that beautiful wet pussy was almost enough to set him off. Troy grunted, feeling the first tingling of explosion surge from his balls. Weaving on his knees and holding tight to Janie's hips, he dipped his cockhead in and out of her delicious sucking hole. Then, with a sudden wrenching spasm, his prick exploded, loosing its pent-up load of jism.


Janie wailed as the first blast of jizz ripped into her cunt, spilling a hot geyser into her. Climaxing in a frenzy, she lurched up for more.

But Troy hadn't been expecting to come so hard and fast, and the twisting of his body caused his prick to slip free of her pussy. The second load of cum spurted violently from his cock, making a white fluid trail up Janie's stomach almost to her tits. The third blast was less violent, spattering her blonde cunt fur with leaking cockcream. The fourth eruption followed suit, and a moment later he was drained.

"Uhhhh…" he groaned, smiling happily. He'd fucked her – Janie Harper, the most popular girl at school.

As if sensing his realization, Janie laughed, still twitching in completion. "Ohhh… oh, that was terrific! But what would your mom say if she caught us now? I'm supposed to be taking care of you, and just look at me!"

She dipped her fingers down to catch the sticky wetness of cum on her stomach, her tone not a bit regretful.

Troy smiled broadly. "She'd probably say that you're taking real good care of me, just like you should. And just like you will from now on, too."

His hand covered her pussy, rubbing in the droplets of jism that clung to her mound.

"Oh, no, I won't!" Forcing herself to ignore the pleasure of having her cunt rubbed, Janie sat up and pushed him away, reaching for her clothes. "That… that was the only time, and it's never going to happen again. Now, go take your bath, while I clean up down here."

"All right." With a shrug Troy stood up and picked up his discarded clothing, "But it won't be the last time, and you know it. Not now that you've had a taste of real cock. You'll see."


"Well, here we are, safe and sound." Daryl Brock shut the car engine off and turned to face his date, grinning. "Now that wasn't so bad, was it?"

Gwen King gave a nervous little laugh as his arm slipped casually about her shoulders.

"Of course, it wasn't," she said quickly, blushing. "Tm – I'm sorry if I gave you that impression. As a matter of fact, this was one of the nicest dates I can remember. I really did enjoy it, even, even if I didn't seem to."

She fell quiet, embarrassed at her admission. Though she'd gone out with several men over the past few weeks, she liked Daryl best. The problem was that she had trouble showing it. Married for ten years and widowed for another eight, she couldn't help feeling like a nervous schoolgirl when it came to dating. It had been too many years since she'd been with a man other than her son. In fact, it was that very realization that had caused her to start going out again in the first place. She had begun to admit to herself that her son was growing into a man, and would soon want a life of his own, away from home.

Realizing what he was up against, Daryl made his voice soothing. "I understand, maybe even better than you think. But after all, this is just our third date together. I don't want you to think for one moment that I intend to give up, no matter how long it takes. You've spent too much time alone, that's all. You need what a man has to offer, and we salesmen are a pretty persistent bunch. You'll see. I'll have you loosening up in no time."

As he talked, the hand on Gwen's shoulder slipped around so that it fell lightly over one of her big jutting tits.

For an instant she was inclined to push his hand away. It had been years since any man had touched her that intimately even if the touch was no more than a brief brush of fingertips against the stretched fabric of her dress.

But something stopped her. A sudden giddy jolt of pleasure made her hesitate. Daryl was an attractive bachelor, and he knew it. The way his grey eyes always twinkled with mischief, and the way his handsome features – enhanced by a rich halo of curly black hair and an athletic figure – never failed to make her glow with an almost unfamiliar warmth. She felt her cunt begin to cream.

"I… I think I'd better go in now."

"Just a minute more, okay?" Daryl's eyes flicked down over her low-cut pale-blue dress. Gwen was the most voluptuous woman he'd ever dated. A tall brunette with long slender legs and flared hips and a pair of tits that were a teenager's daydream, she was one of the most attractive women in town. Though he sensed her hesitation, something in her high-cheeked face and the slight parting of her full sensuous lips encouraged him.

"There's no need to be in such a hurry, is there? After all, it's still early. What you need is to relax more, let yourself go a little bit. I don't bite, you know. At least, not very hard."

He shifted his body, pressing his thigh against hers. Given felt herself wilting as the hand on her tit began to knead, imperceptibly at first, then with growing assurance.

"That's it," Daryl said, his breath hot against her neck. "Just put yourself into my hands, and I'll show you exactly how to relax."

With an effort, she tried to stop what was happening.

"Daryl, please, I don't think mmmmm…"

At that moment his mouth came down to drown her protest, his tongue pushing her lips apart and diving into her moist depths.

Gwen reacted instinctively, her tongue clashing with his. She could feel her nipple erecting in the smothering confines of its bra-cup, straining for his palm. She moaned.

When Daryl pulled back at last, his voice was a husky chuckle. "You see? I told you I knew just how to make you feel better. It's time we really got to know each other, Gwen. Since it looks like we may be dating quite a bit from now on, I want you to get comfortable and relaxed."

He was massaging her tit openly now, hefting its hugeness in the taut restraint of her dress.

Despite the old familiar need boiling up inside her, Gwen tried to fight back. "Please, Daryl, I-I don't think this is the kind of relaxing we ought to do right here in the car like this. Maybe… maybe some other time, when we've gotten more comfortable together."

"Oh, but we are comfortable," he replied, moving his free hand down to cover one of hers. "We've spent our last two dates doing just that. However, there's one detail that's been making me uncomfortable, and it's getting worse every time I'm with you. I've been wanting to get my hands on this luscious body of yours until I can't stand to walk another minute. And, to be honest, you deserve to know just where I've been most uncomfortable of all – like right here."

Before she could object, Daryl guided her hand to his crotch. An instant later, she found herself cupping his enormous swelled prick that strained against his trousers.

She felt her cunt oozing a horny flood of juice. Her fist clenched instinctively over the first cock she'd held in years.

"Ahhh…" Daryl groaned.

She squeezed his cock hard, unable to stop herself.

"AIX, baby, that's it. Get a good long feel of what you've been doing to me from the first time we met. And while you're getting to know me a little better, I think I'll do a bit of the same."

Suddenly he grasped the shoulder strap of her dress and pulled it down.

Shocked by his maneuver, Gwen stiffened. "Daryl, don't!"

She tried to cover herself with one hand as the other held onto his throbbing crotch, rhythmically squeezing his prick as if fearful that it might vanish if she let go.

"This is awful, right here in the car like this – oh, don't!"

But it was too late to stop him, even if she'd really wanted to. With one hand pulling her shoulder strap down, he reached up with the other and jerked the bra cup aside.

Her tit leaped free, its huge milky paleness peaking in the stiff point of one of the biggest, nipples Daryl had ever seen. Her nipple jutted out more than an inch in length, a quivering finger-thick spire.

With a groan, he leaned down, capturing her enormous spiked nipple between his lips and sliding his tongue across its hard roughness.

Gwen moaned softly, taken by complete surprise. The first feel of Daryl's hot engulfing lips was enough to thrust aside any objections she might have. In a moment of luxurious release, she arched her shoulder, pushing her big aching tit to his mouth.

"Oh… oh God, that feels so good…"

Her voice was a purr as he lapped and sucked at her rigid nipple, bringing it to full quivering attention. As if a dam had burst deep in her cunt, Gwen felt a fountain of pussyjuice drench her panties. Her hand on Daryl's sheathed prick began to stroke lovingly along its length, exploring every cramped inch of hardness.

"Mmmmm…" he groaned, fastening his lips on her out thrust nipple and sucking it harshly, milking at the big sweet spire with greedy smacking noises. At the same time his hands were busy, one fumbling at the back of her dress and the other sliding up between her closed legs. His finger brushed the silky wetness between her slim thighs.

Dimly, as the top of her dress fell limp and the hook on her bra loosened with a snap, Gwen knew she should stop what was happening. A little innocent fondling on the third date was one thing, but this was going altogether too far. They weren't a couple of horny teenagers, after all! They were two respectable adults in their mid-thirties – why, she had an almost grown-up son! What if Troy looked out a window right now and peered at the car, saw what was going on…

However, as Daryl's probing fingers located the crevice of her cunt and began to stroke there, all protest drifted from her in a small whimper as she felt her legs slip apart in a gush of horny juice.

Gwen couldn't resist. The touch of his hand against her silk-clad pussy felt like an electric jolt. She could practically hear his muffled chuckle as her thighs separated, letting his fingertips glide along the length of her pantied cunt.

Her hand was busily exploring his cock now, greedily clutching at its stiffness. As if by magic, she felt his zipper slithering down in her fingers. An instant later, his prick soared up, bare and hard and bobbing.

Without hesitation, her hand swooped down, fingers tightening in a fist around his big veined cock and sliding up and down its length. She felt the thick smooth hardness of a prick that had been denied her so long. Her fingertips glided over the sensitive knobbed head of his cock and left a little burning trail of wetness.

Almost before she knew it, Gwen was pumping on his delicious prick as if she'd done it every day of her life.

"Jesus," Daryl hissed. "That's right, baby! Oh, yeah, that's real good! And while we're at it, I'll just make you a little more comfortable too…"

Gwen barely heard him. Within moments her dress was bunched at her waist, and he was grasping her panties and tearing them down as he continued to lap and suck her big tits, making them both slick with his saliva.

"Ahhh, yesss!" she purred, arching as the panties slid off her hips. A second later they glided down her legs and off.

"Ummmmm…" Daryl pulled back from her now-aching tits with a grin. "That's it, honey. Just keep handling my cock like that, while I do some handling of my own – Christ!"

His hand had dipped between her open thighs. Her startled gasp of amazement rose when his fingers entwined in the richest mound of cuntfur he'd ever felt.

Despite the mixture of hunger and embarrassment surging through her, Gwen had to laugh. Her laugh came out husky with need. "Wha… umm, what's the matter, dear? Haven't you ever felt a woman's pussy before?"

He was staring down at the thickest, most luxurious bush of fur he'd ever seen. It covered her cunt completely. His fingers, enmeshed in her soft downy cunt hair, were almost hidden by its fleecy fullness.

"Damn," he muttered, his lips twitching in a pleased grin. "I thought I had, until now. You must have something really worth hiding there – and I'm just the one to find out what."

As he spoke, his fingers plowed through her thick fur, locating the sopping slash of her tingling cunt and sliding across it to discover the hot tightlipped hole that seemed to open to his touch.

"Uhhh…" Gwen sobbed as his finger pushed between her cuntlips and worked into her, reaming out long-unused pussy muscles. She squirmed sensually on the car seat, drawing her legs even wider apart for that first exploring probe.

Daryl chuckled. "Well, it looks as if I've finally discovered the source of your tension. Maybe this'll ease it a bit."

His finger began to ease in and out, making little squishing sounds as her cuntlips clutched at his stiff finger.

"Ahh…" she groaned, quickly losing the last of her inhibitions. "Oh God, that feels so good! Keep doing that! Put your finger all the way inside me… yesss, that's it, now – ohhh! Oh, Daryl, that's so nice, now use your thumb on my clit, tease it, just a little bit – uhhhmmm!"

He pushed his finger completely inside her cunt and rolled the ball of his thumb across her oily hooded clit, flicking the stiff bud until fresh spasms of juice poured over his hand.

Dimly, Gwen realized the picture they made. Sitting parked in front of her own house almost totally nude and letting a man who was virtually a stranger finger-fuck her like this, where almost anyone walking past could see.

However, any reluctance had long since flooded out of her in gush after horny gush of cunt juice, and she felt wave after wave of fresh pussyjuice ooze from her cunt as all the years of loneliness drained away.

Her cunt was careening against his hand, bunching for the finger that now plunged in and out of her pussy like a cock.

"Oh, my God, that's it!" she wailed as he stroked her clit into tortured joy. "Shove it into me! Faster, baby, faster! Make me come! Fuck me hard until I come! Ohhhhh, yes, Daryl, you're doing it! Now, lover, now – aaaaahhhhh!"

Bouncing wildly in the cramped car, she climaxed in blast after blast of pure unleashed frenzy, clinging to his prick and not hearing his groans of mixed pain and pleasure. Her fingers gripped his hard rippling flesh and pumped furiously.

Totally enraptured, at the first freedom she'd allowed herself in years, Gwen shuddered in orgasm after orgasm, her completion an unending chain of oblivion.


At last, satiated and drained, she sank back, gasping and panting on the car seat.

But Daryl hadn't finished with her yet. Sliding his drenched finger from her twat, he entwined his hand in her shoulder-length hair, pushing her gently down.

"Christ, you've really been wanting it bad haven't you?" He laughed, lowering her head to his crotch. "But now it's my turn to give a few directions, hon. And the first direction is for you to show me how much you want my cock. Come on, Gwen, like a nice girl. Just give it a kiss and a lick or two. What's a better way to get to know it?"

At first she didn't understand what was happening. Then she felt his fat prickhead pushing against her lips and by then it was too late. They parted automatically, closing over the reddened cock knob tat slipped into her mouth. Her tongue flicked tentatively over the huge throbbing cockhead, tasting the droplet of tangy cum that had collected on his pisshole.

That taste was enough. It had been a long time since she'd drunk a man's cum, and that promising droplet had her instantly sucking for more. Her head began to move up and clown with familiarity.


Daryl gasped his surprise as she took in more of his prick without the least resistance, her long glossy hair covering his thighs and her tongue darting eagerly over his cock.

"Oh, yeah, that's nice. Move those sweet lips of yours up and down on my prick just as if it was sinking into that delicious pussy you've been keeping from me. Oh, Jesus!"

She gasped, sucking on his hard thrusting prick with all the unrestrained need he'd aroused in her. Lips encompassing his inflamed cockhead and moving in a fucking motion on his shaft, she took in more and more of his jerking meat until her lips pushed against the cold metal of his zipper and her throat was engorged with his rigid prick.

Gwen remembered instinctively how to relax her throat muscles so that his cock filled her completely without gagging her. Sucking hard enough to make her cheeks draw in and form a tight vise around his prick, she bobbed her head up and down with increasing need, moaning and slurping.

"Oh, Jesus, that's good," Daryl managed, hunching up to ram his aching cock between her willing lips. "Faster, babe. Make me come, just like I did you. Eat my prick real nice so I can come in your mouth. That's it! Oh, Christ, yeah, now you're doing it… now baby, now!"

Sensing the eruption that was surging through his shuddering body, Gwen sucked more fiercely than ever, intent now on repaying Daryl's favor fully.

"Yeah, gorgeous, suck – oh, you beautiful bitch! That's it, now. Yeahhh!"

He wrenched up suddenly, his cock exploding in Gwen's mouth.

"Muuufff…" She gulped greedily as he spasmed up in a wrenching motion that drive his prick to its hilt down her throat. The first blast of cock-cream flooded her mouth to overflowing, quickly followed by a second and a third. Hot spurts of cum streamed down her throat, and she found herself sucking hungrily for more until the last drop of jism had been drained from his magnificent prick.

At last, satisfied and smiling with a sheer boldness that was totally unlike her, she raised her head and smiled. "It that what you meant by getting to know each other better?"

Daryl laughed, overjoyed at her sudden change in attitude. "I think we can safely say we're making progress. God, has anyone ever told you that you give the best head in the country?"

Giving his prickhead one last luxurious kiss, she rose and began to adjust her clothing, feeling impishly free and happy. "As a matter of fact, you happen to be the first. But then, I do try to keep it a secret, you know."

He laughed again, then gave her a final crushing kiss before she climbed out of the car and turned to say goodbye.

"That makes me wonder what other secrets you've been keeping," he say slyly, winking at her. "How about tomorrow night? Maybe we can make a few more discoveries – or at least have some fun trying."

Gwen nodded without thinking. "All right. But don't get the idea I do this kind of thing all the time. By tomorrow night I expect to be back to normal. So there."

She playfully stuck out her tongue and Daryl grinned widely.

"We'll see," he said, without a hint of concern. "But I suspect that you may be the one in for a surprise."

As he pulled away and she walked a bit unsteadily up the front walk, Gwen had to admit that he was right. He had only just begun. And from the churning deep in her cunt, the best was yet to come.


As she entered the house, Janie Harper appeared from the den, sleepily rubbing her eyes. "Oh, hi, Mrs. King. How was your date?"

"It was fine," Gwen answered, hoping she didn't look too disheveled and flushed. "How about you kids? I hope Troy didn't give you much trouble, after the mood he was in when I left."

"Oh no, he wasn't any trouble at all." A mysterious little smile flickered over Janie's lips. "In fact, he went to bed early. I guess he was extra tired for some reason. I fell asleep watching TV myself."

"Well, I'm glad everything went smoothly," Gwen said, fishing into her purse and handing the girl her babysitting fee.

Oddly, Janie hesitated in accepting it. "I really hate to take your money just for coming over, Mrs. King. I'd do that anyway for free, if you want me to."

"Now, I won't hear of it," Gwen stated, pushing the money into her hand. "I'm sure you earned it, dear. Oh, and would it be too much trouble for you to drop by tomorrow night too? I have another date, and…"

"Oh sure, I don't mind a bit!" the teenager broke in without hesitation, her smile widening. "Well, I've got to go now. See you tomorrow, Mrs. King!"

Janie scooted for the front door and was gone. Relieved that her rumpled appearance hadn't been noticed, Gwen shut off the lights and went upstairs.

A cool refreshing shower helped to ease the frantic ache in her cunt that Daryl had started, and, by the time she dried herself off and slipped into her nightgown, it had diminished into a dull empty feeling that was just bearable.

As she sat before her vanity, brushing out her long brunette hair, the sharp memory of his big cum-bloated prick had her pussy tingling all over again. As if Daryl had tapped a long-hidden reservoir, she could feel fresh wetness oozing between her thighs, making her squirm. God, what she'd give to have him here right now to jam that teasing cock of his up inside her!

Shuddering at the thought, she squeezed her legs together hard, making her cunt ache even worse. It had been too damned many years since she'd let herself really get good and horny, and now she couldn't turn it off.

With a frustrated a sigh, she set her hairbrush down and untied the bow between her breasts, letting the flimsy sheer material of her nightgown fall open.

Gwen stared at the twin creamy mounds of her tits that jiggled in the reflection of the mirror. Her tits were punctuated by the pink erect spires of her nipples. After a moment's consideration, she cupped her tits, flicking her thumbs over the taut inch long buds and remembering how it had felt to have them sucked and tortured again after all these years.

"Mmmmmm…" she groaned, thumbs rolling harshly over her nipples until they strummed with life. Then her hands slipped down over a smooth flat stomach and past her navel toward her pussy.

Leaning back, Gwen gave a little groan as her fingers pushed through the thick, glossy dark curls of her cunt to her wet-lipped pussy. On impulse, she adjusted the mirror so that it gave a perfect view of her lush glistening cunt.

Staring hypnotically at her reflection, she watched with a surge of wicked delight as her fingers dipped across her puffy slick cuntlips and pried them apart, showing off her pussy in all its glory.

If she hadn't cut their date short and left, Daryl's cock might at this very moment be filling her pink wet hole with his prick, stabbing in and out with unmerciful abandon and making her come again and again.

"Ahhh…" she moaned, slipping one finger over the stiff hooded bud of her clit and letting it sink knuckle-deep into her aching cunthole. It felt so good to have a finger inside her that in a moment she was squirming, pushing it deeper and… There was a tap on the door. "Mom? You awake?"

Groaning, Gwen plucked her finger wetly free. "Yes, dear. Just a minute."

Hastily she pulled her nightgown closed and was retying the single bow when the door cracked open and Troy peered in, blinking.

"Hi, Mom. I thought I heard you come in."

"I-I'm sorry, darling," she gasped, flustered. "I didn't mean to wake you."

"Oh, that's okay. I couldn't sleep anyway. Can I come in?"

A quick glance in the mirror displayed the lust on her face, and she tried to hide it with a smile.

"Of course you can, darling. Did you have a nice time tonight?"

"It was all right." Troy stepped inside and shut the door, then frowned. There was a faint familiar scent in the air, and it took him a moment to recognize it.

Then he stared at his mother, remembering. It was the same aroma that had drifted up from Janie's pussy when she was really hot, that sweet tangy smell of cuntjuice.

But now it was coming from his mom!

Catching his stare, Gwen rose and went to the bed, taking that moment to sweep the telltale wrinkles from the front of her gown. Then she slid under the sheet and patted a spot beside her. "Now cone here and tell me all about your evening."

Troy, overcoming his initial surprise, sat down on the edge of the bed, the scent of pussy grew almost overpowering. He observed his mother in a strange new way as he blurted out the reason for his visit. "What I really wanted to tell you was well, I'm sorry I got mad today, that's all."

His sincerity gave her a warm glow of appreciation. She patted his bare leg, letting her hand linger there. In just his underwear, Troy was a reminder of the reason she'd started dating again in the first place. His slim athletic body was the perfect mixture of man and boy, broad-shouldered and muscular, with hard thighs and a bulging young crotch that made her blush slightly as she tried to ignore the man-sized cock she knew lurked there. "I understand, honey. We all go through bad moods like that. I'm just glad you're not mad anymore." Without realizing it, she began to stroke his leg. "Besides, to be honest I think I know what's bothering you. You wish we'd spend more time together, don't you? I've been neglectful lately, not paying enough attention to you. That's it, isn't it?"

"Yeah… yeah, I guess so."

Troy's eyes flickered down across his mother's body and came to rest on her cleavage. The bow there hadn't been tied very well. From where he sat, he could see that a gap had opened up, displaying one big creamy tit.

His throat went dry at the sight. His mom had a pair of tits every bit as big as Janie's. Now, staring at the soft milky tit that peeked from beneath her gown, he felt his cock, stir with a strange new excitement.

"Well, I'll see what I can do about that," Gwen was saying, not noticing his stare. "But for tonight we both need our rest, so give me a kiss and scoot on to bed."

Bending dutifully forward, Troy brushed his lips across his mother's warm full mouth and let her pull him to her in a hug.

From that position, with his head resting briefly on her shoulders and his eyes staring down into the gaping cleavage of her nightgown, he got a point-blank view of her entire tit. Her nipple was all stiff and straining in the center of a huge pink areola, just inches from his mouth.

Suddenly he didn't want their hug to end. Snuggling closer, he pressed his cheek against the hollow of her neck and eased a hand up so that it draped over the loose bow of the gown.

"I guess I was just kind of jealous, Mom," Troy said, his fingers toying with the bow in an effort to give him an ever better view of his mom's tits. "You know, with you dating guys now and all…"

Unaware of her son's maneuver, Gwen crushed him to her even tighter in a burst of sympathetic understanding.

"Why, Troy, you don't have a thing to be jealous of! You'll always be the man of this house, no matter what. It's just that sometimes a woman needs a man in a way… well, in a way I don't think you'd understand right now. But someday you will – and that day isn't as far off as you may think, the way you're growing these days."

She laughed and stroked his head.

Heart thumping, Troy eased the bow of his mother's nightgown free. He already knew perfectly well what she was talking about. His mon wanted the same thing as Janie. That was why she'd been going out so much, and that was why even now the sharp scent of her pussy filled the air. She wanted cock.

And right now, his own cock was ripe for the taking. His prick stood up hard and throbbing, stretching his underwear taut. As the bow of her gown slipped apart, he spoke put huskily.

"You said I was a man, didn't you? I can give you whatever you need too, Mom. Just let me prove it!"

Suddenly Gwen's nightgown fell open, and she realized what her son had been up to. At first she was too shocked to react. The nightgown slid from her shoulders and Troy's head ducked, his mouth fastening on her bare hard-nippled tit.

"Troy!" Her voice was a gasp of horror as he began to suck, rolling the stiff bud on his tongue and nibbling hungrily at it. "What – young man, stop it! Don't…"

She moved to push him away, but Troy wasn't about to be put off so easily. He sucked even harder on her swollen nipple, pressing his rigid cock against her thigh with a determination that made her suck in her breath.

In that instant Gwen couldn't help but react. Her cunt, already steaming from her session with Daryl, gushed a fountain of hot juice in response, forcing a groan from her throat.

"Oh, oh, baby, don't… ahhnnnn…"

Somehow, instead of pushing him away, her hands tightened on his muscular arms. She arched her shoulders, mashing her tit to his face.

"Oh God!" she purred, clutching her son and pushing her hot aching tit to his mouth as he noisily gobbled at it. "Honey, that… that feels so good, oh that's… unnhh…"

For a moment Troy had been afraid that she would be mad. Instead, her gasps soon urged him on as he sucked his mom's big stiff nipple. Before long she was groaning in blissful surrender and pulling him to her, fingers entwining in his dark hair.

He began to push down the sheet covering the lower part of his mother's body, his cock aching at the prospect of getting a look at her pussy.

Vaguely Gwen realized what was happening, but she couldn't seem to stop it. Her son's sucking mouth had her drooling cuntjuice. The feel of his hard dick slithering against her was a sensation that, at the moment, she couldn't resist no matter how wrong it was. She'd gone too long without a man's delicious prick, and her date with Daryl had only begun to awaken a hunger that she'd almost forgotten about.

Her nightgown had been forced wide open now. As Troy's moist warm mouth moved from one tit to the other, she could feel the sheet being shoved down, bunching at her navel. Grasping young fingers slid across her exposed rippling stomach. A last motherly impulse made her reach down and grab his hands.

"Darling, don't! This – ah – it isn't right for us to be like this… please…"

But Troy didn't intend to stop now. His cock was practically bursting out of his shorts, and the promise of hungry pussy just inches from his fingers was too great to ignore. He raised his head, releasing a big quivering tit-bud that glistened slickly with his saliva.

"What's wrong, Mom? Isn't this the kind, of need you were talking about? I thought you liked it!"

"That… that's not the point," she replied a bit uncertainly, making an effort to control the lust surging through her. "After all, I'm your mother! What-what would people think? A mother and her own son… it isn't healthy!"

It was a poor argument, but the best she could come up with.

Troy made a face. "It's a lot healthier than, some things! You're not going to make me go to bed like this, are you?"

On impulse, remembering how much Janie had enjoyed fondling his prick, he pushed his mother's hand down to his out thrust cock.

Gwen gasped at the feel of her son's luscious hard prick as it throbbed in its cotton sheath beneath her fingers. Her son's cock has to be even bigger than Daryl's lovely cock. She released a hoarse groan of appreciation: "Oh baby…"

Her fingers began to move, curling over his cockshaft and rubbing across its length with tender, loving strokes.

Grinning at his success, Troy jerked the sheet entirely away, completely exposing his mother's body.

"Jesus!" he gasped, staring with amazement at his mom's thick glossy mound of hair. He'd seen dozens of cunt pictures, but not one of them had a rich carpet of fur like the one before him now. Her pubic hair extended almost up to her bellybutton in a thatch of dark tangle that thickened even more between her thighs, hiding her cunt completely.

Blushing with guilty pleasure at being admired for the second time in one night, Gwen tightened her grip on her son's prick and laughed huskily. "Well, young man, do you like my pussy? That's what you were wanting to see – does it meet with your approval?"

"Oh fuck, yeah!" he answered in blank amazement, noticing the wetness that matted her curls. "It's… it's beautiful!"

Creaming harder than ever beneath his stare, Gwen moved her fist over his cock faster. "You're only saying that because you're so inexperienced. You've never seen a woman's pussy before, have you, dear?"

"Only…" Troy caught himself. "Only in pictures," he finished lamely.

One of his hands slipped out and brushed across her thick pussy mound in frank wonder.

She couldn't stop him. In fact, he was so obviously astonished by the sight of her cunt that she impulsively urged him on. "Go on, honey. Touch it. Now that you've gone this far, we may as well satisfy your curiosity all the way!"

Troy didn't need any more urging than that. His fingers plunged into his mother's soaked bush, plowing through its thickness and gliding to the rim of her pussy.

"Ahh," Gwen groaned, parting her legs slightly in reflex. An instant later his fingertips were coursing along the slick crevice of her sopping slit, dipping into it and quickly locating the erect bud of her clit. "Ah!"

Her legs slid open, and he got his first look at her pink-slitted pussy. Half-hidden beneath all that fur her cunt seemed to wink at him, its slick length all dewy with wetness and drooling even more cream as he traced a finger over her clit, making her purr.

Unlike Janie's tight unfucked cuntlips, his mother's were loose and puffy and jutting, puckering as if awaiting a kiss.

"I'll bet you have the most beautiful cunt in the world," he breathed, examining it closely. "Can I get a better look?"

Before she could answer, he reached out and pulled her cuntlips apart, exposing the wet depths of her hole entirely. Cream oozed out in a gush. He wanted to bend down and lap up his mother's flow of pussy juice the way he had with Janie's. But the pounding throb of his prick demanded other things first. As he stared at her gorgeous pussy, he knew he had to get his cock into it.

With that thought making his pulse thump, Troy managed to make his voice sound innocently curious. "Wow, you have a nicer pussy than anything in those pictures I saw! It's so wet and soft and hot it makes my prick feel funny, kind of like it hurts. Do pussies hurt like that too?"

His thumbs slid up and converged on her pink marble-like clit, rolling and flicking it the way he had with Janie's.

Gwen arched in response, gasping. "Oh yes, baby, it hurts just like pricks do, but in a nice way. If you keep doing that, ummm, faster now, that's it – if you keep that up though, the hurt'll go away soon…"

"Yeah." Troy grinned, torturing her clit with increasing friction and losing any last twinges of fear as his mom's legs slipped way apart and her ass twitched up off the bed in little bouncing undulations. "Maybe it'll make the hurt go away even faster if I do this, Mom."

Suddenly easing forward, he climbed between his mother's widespread legs and placed the purpled tip of his cock against her slit, letting it leap and gouge there like a bucking colt.

"Oh my God – ahhhh!"

Gwen felt the unexpected jabbing of her son's hard prick against her cunt. She pumped up in reaction, making his cock slide slickly along her twat as Troy's weight pressed down on her body.

His chest mashed against her tits, and he began to gyrate his hips, making crude thrusts at her cunt.

"Does that help a little, Mom?"

"Ohhh, yes!" she panted, the last of her inhibitions washing away. One of her hands went down to cup her son's smooth taut asscheeks and the other pushed between them, finding his cream drenched prick. "That – ummm, that helps a lot, but it makes it worse too. Maybe if I just make a slight adjustment… ahhhhh!"

She moaned as she guided Troy's cocktip to the entrance of her pussy. His prick dug between her pouting cuntlips. With a sudden surge, he heaved, shoving his prick halfway into her.

"Oh, babyyyy…"

Gwen wrenched on the bed with a sob as long unused cunt muscles were ripped apart to take in his luscious big dick. In a mixture of pain and bliss, she heaved up, stabbing herself on his prick.

"Oh, honey, get it all the way into me! Your cock feels so lovely, I've just got to have every inch – ohhh, that's it, that's my baby Troy, slide it back and forth until it's all the way in… yessss!"

Grunting, he crashed down with all his might, ramming his cock to her. He hadn't expected his mom's cunt to be so tight. At first his prick didn't seem to fit. He kept bunching, growing a little afraid that he was hurting her. But she didn't complain plain. A moment later something seemed to loosen inside her, and abruptly his cock slipped into her pussy effortlessly.

They lay like that for a moment in gasping success, his prick buried snugly in his mom's snatch.

Then he began to pump back and forth, slowly at first, as he got used to the natural feel of fucking, then with growing eagerness.

"Annhh!" Gwen cried out, blasting pussy juice over her son's pistoning cock as she lurched up to take each frantic stab. "Do it, Troy! Fuck me hard, oh baby – ahh – that's just right, hard and fast! Harder, honey! Oh, lover, give it to me!"

Hands clutching his rippling asscheeks and fingernails digging into his taut flesh, she heaved to meet each thrust of his prick, taking it all the way to the core of her pussy. Troy's heavy young balls slapped against her ass, their bristly fullness tickling the entrance of her asshole and his springy cock fur mingling with her matted cunt mound on each downward lunge.

Before long he was fucking her with almost expert efficiency, drawing his prick back until only the inflamed tip hovered in the vise-like grasp of her cuntlips. Then he drove his meat totally into her with an intensity that slammed the base of his cock against her erect clit.

"Gunnnh!" Gwen cried out hoarsely with each spearing thrust, her whole body surging with every stab of his sweet-filling prick. Unaware of anything but the monster cock drilling into her, she poured put all the need that had been held within her so long.

"Do it!" she shrieked, clawing at his tight young ass and pumping wildly. "Harder! Oh God, harder, Troy! Fuck me, fuck – aaaaaah!"

Reeling up in the first searing jolts of orgasm, she drove herself onto her son's prick with all the force of a woman who'd gone too long without fucking a man. Her cries were wordless wails as she slammed her pussy at his cock in shuddering spasms.


Amazed at his mother's horniness, Troy quickly felt his balls tense in warning eruption.

"Take it, Mom!" he gasped, clutching her big tits and ramming down with all his strength as she bounced frantically. "Fuck my prick! Fuck it real good – oh shit! Oh shit, you're making me come! I'm going to shoot my jizz! Yeah! Yeah!"

Boring down with a burst of energy that made the whole bed quiver, he pumped until she arched up like a bowstring, releasing a shrill scream.


It was at that moment, writhing atop her stiffened body, that Troy drove his prick into her cunt with one last thrust and blasted his load of cum deep inside her.


She took it all in a twisting motion of her hips, soaking up spasm after spasm as a series of explosions drained his balls dry.

"Cuuuuummmmm…" she begged, eyes fluttering as she succumbed completely to her orgasm. "Cum, darling, cum for me, cum!"

Troy blasted again and again until not a drop was left.

At last, satiated and happier than she'd been in more years than she could count, Gwen sank back on the bed and clung to her son's masculine body in a haze of bliss, his shrinking prick still wedged inside her cunt.

As she drifted into a drained, satisfied doze, she heard Troy's little laugh as he snuggled close to her.

"Wow, you're the greatest, Mom. I could fuck you forever!"

Too sated to answer, Gwen merely smiled as she fell into an exhausted sleep.


"Umm, Troy…"

Gwen awoke, smiling because of a delicious horny dream, stretching lazily in the morning sunshine that cascaded over her nude pliant body.

The bedsheets were a rumpled mass at the foot of the bed. She groaned then smiled at the sight of that tangle of sheets. Wow, what a dream she'd been having.

As she drifted awake, the details of the dream came back to her. It had been about Troy. About his young prick, all hard and swollen and pumping into her and making her come and come… she could feel her cunt creaming, just at the thought.

She yawned, blushing in a pang of guilty pleasure. Imagine, having a dream like that about her own son!

The she froze in mid-yawn as memory flooded fully into her.

It hadn't been a dream at all.

It had really happened!

Realization struck her like a blow. In a sudden burst of shame, she twisted around to face the other side of the bed.

Troy was gone. She was alone.

But he'd been there, and that was enough.

Wide awake now, Gwen vividly remembered the entire scene. Her blush deepened to scarlet as every detail returned, as real and clear as if it had only happened a moment ago.

She'd really done it. She'd seduced her own son! Humiliation surged through her, and she slumped back, staring at the ceiling in mortification, feeling tears spring up. "Oh my God, oh no…"

But even as remorse hit her full force, the image of Troy's beautiful prick sent an ache through her cunt. She knew that what had happened was an accident. In trying to make a new life far herself, she'd stirred up too many old emotions, and the appearance of Troy's stiff young pecker had simply been too tantalizing to ignore. He was her son, but for a moment he'd been much more. That was all. And nothing like it would ever happen again. Not ever.

But, as she finally rose and dressed, she couldn't help feeling a twinge of uncertainty at the warm hungry glow deep in her pussy. The feel of Troy's prick was still there, too persistent to deny. As she went about her morning's activities, glad he wasn't home and that she didn't have to face him again just yet, she could feel that cunt-tingling warmth spreading relentlessly through her as if her entire body was still vibrating from the hard thrusts of his cock.

Trying hard to ignore those vibrations, she went downstairs.

The kitchen table was cluttered with breakfast dishes, and she had to smile. Troy was such a typical teenage boy, always leaving a mess wherever he went. More than likely he'd been in a hurry to stop in at one of his friend's homes, and hadn't taken the time to clean up.

As she cleared the table, Gwen smiled. She didn't mind her son's messes. In fact, she enjoyed cleaning up after him. Besides, he was always on the go throughout the weekends. Running in and out unexpectedly, always going to do something with Randy or Phil or… A sudden chill went through her. He wouldn't tell anybody what happened, would he?

In the midst of preparing her own breakfast of toast and coffee, Gwen shuddered. She knew how boys liked to talk, especially when they could brag – "Hey guys, guess who I screwed last night? My own Mom!"

Gad, she could hear it now!

Her face burning with humiliation, she tried to eat her meal as if this were any ordinary Saturday morning.

Forcing down her toast, she had to admit the one awful lesson of last night's experience: it could never, ever happen again! The mere idea of a mother fucking her own son was sick and disgusting, degrading. She couldn't allow it to go further, no matter how horny the thought of his luscious big prick made her.

But… what if Troy didn't want to stop?

The results of her escapade seemed to pile in on her in a jumble of new problems, one building on top of another. And through it all, that deep rich glow in her cunt didn't ease a bit.

As she finished washing the last of the breakfast dishes, the back door slammed open and Troy burst in.

"Ah, Mom."

Standing in the center of the kitchen, he was dripping wet and grinning from ear to ear.

Gwen didn't know how to react. Her son's sudden arrival caught her by surprise, and she felt herself blushing all over again.

But his smiling expression and steady gaze beneath soaked plastered hair was without even a flicker of memory at what had happened last night, and she relaxed enough to talk.

"Troy King, what on earth have you been up to?"

Wearing nothing but a pair of sopping cut-off jeans, he shrugged. His broad young shoulders glistened, and beads of water trickled on his chest.

"Oh, nothing much. They filled up the municipal pool yesterday, and some of us guys climbed over the fence and got a free swim! That's why I had to leave early. If you stay too late, they'll catch you."

"Troy!" Gwen's eyes went wide with motherly concern. "You could've been arrested for pulling a stunt like that! And it's not summer yet, young man! With only three weeks of school left, I don't want you catching a cold and – oh, go dry yourself off before… No, I don't want you tracking up the whole house like that. I'll get some towels, and you stand right there. And don't think you've heard the last of this!"

Drying her hands on a damp dishtowel, she hurried through the living room to the bathroom and came back with a couple of towels. She handed one to Troy and took the other herself, sweeping it over his back as he bent to do his legs.

"It's okay, Mom," he said, trying to soothe her. "Nobody was there, and they wouldn't have cared. I could be a lifeguard this summer if I want to, and I could get in lots of swimming and get paid for it!"

"Well," she said, managing to keep her tone from sounding scolding, "that doesn't give you the right to go climbing fences and sneaking onto private property, does it? I… I have half a mind to punish you for this…"

At the moment, punishment was the furthest thing from Gwen's mind. As she guided the towel over her son's smooth skin, that now-familiar vibration was soaring through her more strongly than ever. Despite all her determination, she felt her cunt creaming wildly as the towel rolled with loving care over Troy's back and shoulders.

He grinned. "How'd you sleep, Mom? Good?"

"Never you mind about that," Gwen said sternly, feeling herself wilt. The towel in her hand dropped tentatively over Troy's denim-clad asscheeks. "You… you'd better get out of this wet thing, before you come down with pneumonia. I won't have you getting sick this close to graduation. You heard me, young man. Peel!"

Troy met her gaze, and she felt her face burn in mixed lust and embarrassment as his grin widened. "Okay, Mom. Anything you say."

Unfastening the cut-offs, he squirmed out of them and let them fall in a wet heap on the floor.

Gwen felt juice gush from her cunt at the sight of his taut young asscheeks. Smooth and slender and muscular, his asscheeks rippled as she toweled them dry, paying equal attention to each firm globe.

But, even as she went through those motions, her concentration was fully on Troy's wet limp pecker. Glistening and dangling from its lightly clad nest of fur, his cock bobbled enticingly.

He noticed her stare and casually tossed his own towel aside. "My towel's too wet already," he explained quickly. "You want to finish me?"

"I…" Gwen couldn't seem to make herself say no. The nearness of his thick dripping prick brought back all the hunger she'd sworn not to feel, and her pussy was melting with an insatiable appetite for more. She gave in. "Oh, all right. If that's the only way I can keep you happy."

Moving around to face him, she let the towel drift down between his thighs.

The first touch of his flopping cock sent an electric current through her cunt. Pussy juice oozed forth as she rolled and kneaded the limp dick beneath her fingers. She felt her sop's cock stirring to life.

Gwen gasped, turned on more than ever by the feel of his cock hardening in her hand. But this wasn't just any cock. This was her son's cock, her son's pumping, fucking, cunt-filling prick, the same prick that had driven her to unbelievable bliss just last night.

Giddy with excitement, she abruptly sank to her knees and went to work with both hands, the towel between his thighs and bringing it up to his balls. Practically hairless, his balls looked like a pair of delicate robin's eggs encased in a wrinkled sack. The temptation was suddenly unendurable. She leaned forward, placing her lips lightly to each tender ball, her tongue darting wetly over them.

Delighted, he groaned as his cock leaped up even stiffer, brushing against her cheek.

Breathing heavily, Gwen smiled up at him. "Well, they do say that nothing cures like a mother's kiss, don't they? And we do want to keep you healthy."

Troy gave her a twisted grin of lust. "Yeah, I feel real healthy now. But you don't want to miss the most important part, do you? Kiss me again, Mom. Kiss me where it counts."

His hands dropped to tangle in her hair, and she found herself facing his rigid cock. Drunk with arousal, she laughed. "Why, what on earth do you mean, Troy? Do you mean this?"

Bringing the towel up in her hands, she held his throbbing prick and glided the fluffy material back and forth.

Cunt cream stained the crotch of her slacks. Gwen eased her stretched lips back and forth over her son's prick in a fucking motion, taking it down her throat like a long fat stick of candy. She sucked greedily on his prick, drawing back to glide her tongue over his cockhead and then sliding forward once more until her mouth pressed against his damp mat of cock fur and his sagging balls bumped against her chin.

"Oh fuck…"

Troy groaned, staring delightedly as the whole length of his pecker vanished between his mother's lips and came out slick with her saliva. He could feel his jism building to eruption in his balls. They tingled and tightened warningly, making him blurt out his need in a horse voice.

"Eat it! Eat my cock real good, Mom! Oh shit, that feels great, suck it and make me come in your mouth – yeah, faster, do it faster, uhh, uhh…"

Totally aware of the reaction she was creating, Gwen obeyed his instructions to the letter. Her lips clamped on his sweet prick like a vise. She began to suck voraciously for the load of tangy cream she knew churned within his balls. With one hand clutching his delectable balls and the other holding tight to his ass, she bobbed her head even faster, increasing the friction over his prick and greedily gasping for the nectar that rippled from his shaft.


Troy knew he couldn't hold back another moment. His prick pounded in and out of his mom's mouth, fucking her in short spasmodic jerks as he grasped her long hair and grunted in approaching release.

"Do it faster! Oh, fucking shit faster, that's it! Make me come real hard, so I can shoot all my jizz into your mouth! Suck me! Suck me like – oh, oh fuck, fu-u-u-h-h-h!"

His explosion came in a series of violent shudders. He rammed his prick to its hilt between her tight lips as blast after blast of cum tore from his throbbing cock.

"Ccccuuuummmm…" Globs of hot cream flooded Gwen's mouth, the overflow drooling across her lips. She gulped again and again, taking each surge of gushing fluid and sucking on his reddened prick for more so that not a drop escaped. At last he slumped back with a last trembling twitch and gave a drained happy chuckle.

"Oh shit. Oh fucking shit that was good…"

Pulling back with a gasp and licking her lips to catch the little trail of jism that had slid down her chin, Gwen let his prick slide free.

He collapsed, grinning, into a kitchen chair, his inflamed prick slowly shrinking. "Wow, that was really something! It was… oh shit, it was great! You sure know how to cure anything!"

Pleased at his admiration and unable to stop what she'd begun, Gwen gave a husky laugh and rose. "Well, it's a mother's duty to look after her son, isn't it? Now you're nice and dry, but look how wet you've made me!"

Suddenly she grabbed Troy's hand and shoved it between her greased thighs, letting him feel the wetness that spread there.

He laughed, boldly gliding his fingers along the damp stained crotch of her slacks and enjoying the little hiss of delight that escaped her. "Hey, you really are wet! All hot and oozy… Want me to dry you off too?"

Gasping at the stroking touch of his fingers, she managed a sensuous smile. "I – ahh – I don't think that's possible, with the kind of wetness I've got. But it certainly wouldn't hurt to give it a try, would it? You just might be able to make me feel better, at least!"

Troy nodded as his mother deftly began to unbutton her blouse. He watched avidly, gliding his fingers along her crotch until they were slick and sticky with wetness. She shrugged out of the blouse and quickly discarded her bra.

The sight of his mom's huge quivering tits had his cock instantly tugging with renewed life. His hands shot up to explore her big jutting tits as she stooped to wiggle from the confines of her slacks and panties.

She giggled throatily as he kneaded her oversized tits, cupping their dangling hugeness and tweaking her spiked nipples in an inquisitive milking motion. "Umm, that's good, but I don't think a normal growing boy is supposed to play with his mother's tits, is he?"

Grinning even wider at her teasing tone, Troy watched her enormous nipples stiffen and stand out. "He sure as hell does if his mom's got tits like these, I'll bet! They're not exactly the normal tits you see in pictures either, you know."

Stepping out of her slacks, Gwen sighed as he brought her sensitive nipples to soaring hardness, making them ache. Then, with the last of her clothing discarded in a heap on the floor, she reached down and hurriedly took his flopping prick between thumb and forefinger, testing it with a business-like squeeze.

"Ahhh," she cooed as his cock rose up to her touch, expanding with slow steady determination to full stiffness once more. "I-I suppose it isn't too wicked when a mother has a son with a pecker as abnormal as this! But I'm afraid it isn't quite hard enough yet for what I had in mind. Maybe it would help if I gave you an even better taste of my titties. Like this."

Moving forward so that she straddled him, Gwen lowered herself onto his bulging prick and pushed her tits at him as a blatant offering, pushing her rigid dark-pink nipples at Troy's mouth.

He began to suck on the hard bud, sliding his tongue across her nipple and drawing the whole enormous halo of her nipple into his mouth.

"Oh, baby, yesss!" she urged, pushing her tit at her son's face. Wiggling on Troy's thighs and pushing her dark-matted cunt mound against his downy cock fur in a mingling embrace, she rode in a luxurious humping motion on his stiff cock, making its length slither along her pussy crevice and dig upward for the comforting hot tightness of her fuckhole.

"Mmmmmm…" Troy groaned in approval of her teasing fuck-rhythm, noisily slurping at her big tit and cupping her firm rounded ass to increase her undulations.

"That's my baby," she moaned, completely enmeshed in the horny sensuality that her teenage son aroused in her. "Suck on my titties nice and hard just the way I did your pecker. Make my cunt nice and moist and slippery so I can do justice to this scrumptious big cock of yours. You're just going to have to plug me up, I'm afraid. And to plug me up, you've got to be nice and stiff."

Cooing in anticipation, she gyrated in a circular motion on his prick, purposely torturing herself as his cock stood up in full blossoming stiffness to wedge deep in her pussy cleavage, the veined rigid length throbbing against her clit and driving her to a frothing frenzy.

"Oh, my God, that's so nice!" she panted, surging on his prick with overwhelming need. "Give it to me, darling! Suck my tits until I can't stand it – yes, yes, baby! Eat my titties and make your pecker big and hard so it can fuck me nice… ahhhh!"

Switching from one nipple to the other, Troy groaned deep in his throat and twisted up off the chair, his cock at full attention and painfully thrusting up for the richly-bushed twat that creamed over his prick. His teeth nibbled on her nipples until they hurt in a way that had her reeling with joy. His fingernails dug into her soft ass flesh as he pushed his prick up, trying frantically to bury it in her cunt.

Suddenly Gwen could no longer hold back. Rising tautly before him, she reached down and grabbed his weaving dick with a determined grasp, drawing its purpled head to the entrance of her cunt and lowering herself onto it.


Crying out as his prickhead sank home, she screwed herself down on his magnificent cock until it vanished totally inside her, filling her pussy completely. She was more bloated with cock than she'd ever been in her life. Not even her late husband had had a prick to match Troy's beautiful shaft. As she settled firmly on Troy's lap, she sobbed with the first wrenching pangs of bliss.

"Baby, you're doing it! You're fucking me and making me come! Oh, Troy, that's right! Move it around inside me and fuck me nice! Now, honey, now! Yesssss!"

Troy heaved up, hammering his cock to the hilt in his mom's velvety cunt. She began to bounce up and down, driving herself onto his hard swollen cock in frenzied release as her pussy exploded with orgasm.

"Ahh – ahh – God it's good! Fuck me hard! Oh, your pecker's so sweet, so swee-e-e-et! Come, come, unnnnh!"

Absorbed in her fucking, Gwen bucked with frantic glee on her son's rigid prick. No longer inhibited by even the slightest twinge of remorse, she slammed mercilessly down to take every inch of his huge fucking prick as climax after climax goaded her on. Soon her body shuddered and her tits flopped heedlessly against his face.

"Take it!" he grunted, clutching tightly to her pounding asscheeks and arching up to shove his cock into her cunt. "Fuck my pecker like last night! Oh, fucking shit, your pussy's so good Mom! Make me come in your pussy again! Yeah, yeah!"

Sobbing, Gwen lunged down, her ass smacking loudly against her son's thighs and her cunt sucking with sweet greedy noises at his soaked prick.

Pumping with all her might, she slammed her cunt relentlessly on his lovely fucking cock, reaming her cunt with twisting fury that soon had her cries rising to near-screams. She felt Troy's body tensing under her for the final eruption. He groaned, surging off the chair to meet her plunging pussy until culmination blasted through them both. Gwen screamed as the first geyser of cockjuice spurted into her.


Writhing in ecstasy, she seesawed on Troy's lap, crying out as each load of cream tore into her melting cunt, filling it with new slushy heat.


At last his body sank weakly beneath her and his cock rolled wet and emptied out of her twat.

At last, whimpering joyfully, she collapsed atop him, lolling with drunken bliss against his hard body.

"Oh, Mom…" he croaked, clinging to her. "That was even better than last night. You… you're the best fuck in the world!"

Purring happily into the hollow of his neck, she laughed. "Ummm… that's because I have more to work with than most women! After… uh, after all, I've got the best cock to fuck!"

Grinning proudly, Troy ran his fingers through his mother's hair. "Good. That means we're just right for fucking each other. So we don't ever have to stop, do we?"

Too enraptured at the feel of cum leaking from her cunt, Gwen answered without thinking: "Not ever, dear. Not… umm… ever."

It was only later, as Troy slipped from beneath her and triumphantly went upstairs to shower, that she recalled those ominous words.


The rest of the afternoon Troy spent down the block with a couple of his friends. Gwen had seen the reluctance on his face when he'd come down from his shower to find that the boys had shown up on the doorstep and were waiting for him. It had been obvious that he didn't want to leave her, probably wouldn't have gone at all except for his fear of arousing their curiosity.

She was thinking of that as she stepped dripping from her own shower, and a little shiver of fear went through her at the thought. What if he hadn't gone? What if he'd stayed for more fun instead, preferring to remain home and fuck his mother rather than waste time with his friends? And with the newly-awakened ache in her cunt for just that kind of action, how could she have stopped him?

For that matter, would she have wanted to stop him?

As she changed into the light summer dress she'd chosen for this evening's date, Gwen already knew the answers to those questions. She loved Troy, the way any mother would love her son, but after last night and this morning, she was discovering another kind of love entirely. A very hungry kind, the kind that required a hard pumping cock and floods of spurting cum, all applied liberally and as often as possible for the best results.

God, she was horny for her own son!

The realization struck her with stunning force, filling her mind with numb shock as she went through the motions of preparing supper. However, unlike this morning's reaction, now she couldn't seem to work up the guilt and remorse she knew she should be feeling. It was as if Troy's driving cock had rammed the last bit of morality out of her, leaving her wilted and hungry for more. Even in the midst of her thoughts, the vivid memory of his scrumptious young prick hovered like a taunting reminder.

And that frightened her most of all.

Fortunately Troy was late getting home. As he wolfed down supper, he talked only about the normal events of the day, making no mention of this morning's session.

But even as she sat and carried on conversation, Gwen saw the way his eyes occasionally wandered over her body. She felt herself creaming in response and growing more nervous by the minute.

"Darling, you shouldn't eat so fast."

"Okay, Mom." He looked up at her, his lips twitching in a smile. "You going out tonight?"

She nodded, trying to avoid his gaze. "Yes, yes Daryl's due any minute. But Janie's going to be over this evening to look out for you. You don't mind, do you?"

He shrugged, and his grin widened mysteriously. "No, I guess not. But do you have to go? I kind of thought we could stay home together tonight, kind of have fun… you know, just the two of us."

She blushed, realizing the very same thought had been on her own mind.


That was when Daryl's sharp knock interrupted them.

Taking a quick breath of relief, Gwen rose. "I have to go, dear. Be good tonight, and don't give Janie any trouble. All right?"


Gwen planted a brief kiss on his cheek and swept away. Daryl had just raised his hand to knock again when the door burst open and she fled out, making for his car.

"Hey, hold up a second!" Daryl exclaimed.

He hurried after her, but didn't catch up until she'd already settled into the front seat and was waiting impatiently.

"What's the big rush?" he joked, climbing in. "Don't I even have time to get a kiss and to tell you how gorgeous you look?"

Smiling, Gwen leaned over and brushed her lips against his. That kiss sent a sudden rush of heat burning through her.

"Let's go for a drive," she whispered, shifting up against Daryl's hard body. "How about a nice spot out in the country, where we can have some privacy?"

"A drive?" Daryl looked disappointed. "Well, to tell the truth I was hoping…"

His words were cut short as her hand fell on his crotch and began to rub. His prick reacted instantly, swelling up in her palm, even as he released a light laugh of delighted surprise.

"My God, you are in a hurry! Well, it just happens that I know a perfect spot, nice and secluded. That is, if you can just hold on a bit."

"Don't worry," Gwen said. "I can certainly do that!"

Suppressing a groan as her grasping hand fastened on his cock and began to tug, he started the car and pulled away.

Gwen couldn't recall having felt so horny and uninhibited in years. Even before they were out of town, she had Daryl's slacks unzipped and was gliding her fist up and down his throbbing shaft with insatiable hunger. His prickhead ballooned up red and inflamed above her pumping hand, and with a sudden overwhelming rush of urgency, she slumped on the car seat, her mouth swooping down to engulf his cock.


"Christ!" Daryl grunted, trying his best to keep the car from swerving drunkenly. "You've really done some changing since last night! I'm glad to see you've finally come around to my way of thinking… ahhh…"

His free hand fumbled at the buttons of her dress as she sucked his cockhead into slick throbbing arousal, tonguing and torturing his prick with even greater frenzy as his fingers wormed under the loosened fabric of the dress and began to knead her stiffly pointed tits.

Before she knew it, they had driven outside the city limits and turned onto an old dirt road at the bottom of a slope amongst a copse of trees. That was where he stopped the car.

Gwen drew her head back and looked up at him with a mysterious smile. "Mmm, that was good. But it was just a taste of what you're going to get! Damn you, I'm so horny I could scream – and it's all your fault!"

Daryl grinned. "Well, then, what're we waiting for? I've always been too much a gentleman to keep a lady waiting."

His hands went out, but she scooted away with a laugh and slipped from the car, feeling voluptuously wicked and free in the dimming orange light of dusk. Then, before his startled gaze, she shed her light dress entirely.

"There. Now it's your turn, lover. And you'd better hurry. I'm getting impatient!"

"Damn!" he laughed delightedly, taking in her tits and mat of cunt bush. "I can't believe this! But anything you want…"

He slid out and hastily followed suit with his own clothing, tossing it in a heap on the car seat.

As he rounded the car for her, she darted away, suddenly wanting to tease him.

"What the hell…?" He flushed in frustration and with an ache in his outstretched prick, Daryl took a quick look around to make sure they were absolutely alone.

Gwen went partway up the grassy slope and turned back with a taunting smile.

"What's the matter?" she called, surprised at her own boldness and pleased at the confusion of lust and embarrassment on his face. "Aren't you man enough to go after what you want? You certainly went after it last night! Or do you just do your molesting in that cramped front seat, where a woman doesn't have room to resist?"

Grinning maliciously, he started up the slope after her. "You horny bitch, you're just aching for trouble now! I've got more than you can resist in a lifetime of screwing, and it's time you began to find that out!"

He rushed forward. She shrieked playfully and darted away.

They were almost at the top of the slope when Gwen purposely slowed, and one of his hands caught her ankle.

Crying out in mock laughing protest, she struggled, and the two of them fell to the ground in a tangled jumble. His rigid prick stabbed into her flesh again and again, burning with its own special heat as it slid against her thigh then pushed into her stomach.

Creaming more wildly than ever, she found herself on top, straddling him. An impish urge soared through her, and she moved up until her knees pinned his shoulders, her pussy hovering inches above his face.

"Now we'll see who's boss," she stated firmly, giving him a perfect view of her spread-open cunt. "This is what you're after, isn't it? Well, Mr. Daryl Brock, you're going to get plenty of it from now on – all you want! But first you have to make sure it's good and ready for that big prick of yours. And the best way to find out is to test it with your tongue. Go on, baby. Lick my pussy up to a good lather for your prick. Eat me!"

She ground her richly furred twat against Daryl's face, blatantly shoving her pussy at him.

"You – ummff – bitch!" he grinned, reaching up to gouge her cunt with his thumbs and pry apart her sloshy wet lips. "It's time you got the tongue lashing you so richly deserve, and I'm just the man who can do – ggguuummm…"

She plastered her pussy down over his mouth. His tongue jabbed out.


Gwen reeled atop him at that first piercing stab of his tongue. Daryl's tongue slithered up between her puffy cuntlips and dug into her like a lunging prick, making her gush horny juice down over his face.

"Yes!" she sobbed, lurching and pushing her cunt down for more. "Fuck me with your tongue, damn you! Eat me up and make me come, so I'll be ready to fuck that big cock of yours! Harder, Daryl, harder!"

He obeyed eagerly, plowing up into her pussy and thumbing her stiff little clit into taut frothing spasms of joy.

Gasping and whimpering as she gyrated hard against his face, Gwen felt the first blast of orgasm rising in her as if a rocket had gone off in her cunt. Within moments she was slamming down and undulating in a frenzy of sensation, clamping her cunt muscles tight onto his jabbing tongue and surging blissfully.

"That's it – ohh, darling, that's good, now you're doing it! Fuck me, lover! Give it all to me! Faster, baby, faster, yesss!"


Sensing her approaching climax, Daryl plunged his tongue up her silky cunt with harsh strokes, drinking in the floods of hot cream that gushed from her cunt. This was a side of Gwen he'd never seen before, and he liked it. The big-titted brunette bounced up and down furiously, and he buried his tongue into her as far as it would go as she shuddered and cried out in release.


Surging and thrusting her hips in rotating luxury, Gwen came on his fucking tongue again and again, her huge tits bobbling and her cunt mashing to his lips for more, until every twinge of satiation had been lapped from her.

Then, sliding happily onto the ground beside him, she reached out and grabbed his prick.

"Now, baby," she purred, tugging his prick with new intensity. "Get it in me now! I've got to have it – please!"

Chuckling huskily, Daryl let himself be pulled between her willing open thighs. The sharp angle of the slope brought his weight down on her with crushing impact, his stiffened cock ramming against her sopping cuntlips with a ferocity that made her gasp.

"Now, bitch," he muttered, smiling down at her lust-filled face. "Now we'll find out who's really the boss around here. If you want my prick, you're going to have to beg for it. Come on, baby. Beg!"

"Damn you!" she panted, jerking on his prick and trying desperately to shove it into her drooling snatch. "Give it to me before I scream! Hurry, Daryl! Oh my God, I need your cock now – please, baby, pleeeeeeease!"

Daryl wanted to play his taunting game longer, but by this time the ache in his prick had become unbearable. With a last grunting laugh, he surged down. "All right, baby. It's all yours. Starting now!"


She wailed as his rigid cockmeat slammed up inside her cunt, wrenching apart tender cuntlips and driving its full length hilt-deep.

For a moment Daryl lay like that, wedging his prick to its base inside the sobbing woman and enjoying her ecstatic writhings as she lurched up for more, making the thick slab of cock twist inside her.

Then, moving with slow determination, he began to move his prick in and out with small hunching motions that pounded his cockbase against her clit.

It didn't take much of that to have Gwen wailing openly with unleashed lust, her fingernails digging into his ass and clawing violently for more.

"Give it – oh, honey, yesss! Fuck me, fuck me lover! Do it nice and hard! That's it, harder, harrrrraaaahhhh! Unh! Unh!"

He began to increase his strokes, pumping the entire length of his prick into her from his slick knobbed head to his slapping wet balls. Each pistoning thrust of his prick made Gwen's body shudder. Soon her legs were wrapped tightly about his waist as she arched up from the damp grass that tickled her ass, reaming herself in utter abandon on his cock.

"I-I'm coming, baby! Fuck me, fuck, fuck! Oh God, give me your cum, shoot it – nowwwww!"

Daryl hissed as she soared up in climax, driving her cunt onto his meat with a violence that threatened to send them both rolling down the slope. Grunting with exertion, he rammed his cock to her even harder, pinning the shrieking brunette to the ground and boring his cock into her cunt.

"Aaannnhhh!" Gwen screamed when the first blast of his jism exploded into her, his hot flood filling her cunt completely. She didn't have time to recover from that first explosion. A second orgasm followed, then a third and a fourth.

He drove his cock into her until not a drop of cum had failed to blast into her gasping pussy. Then, chest heaving for breath, he rose to his knees and straddled her.

"That was just the beginning, Gwen," he said in a hoarse tone, grinning once more. "And now that we've established just who's boss around here, I think it's only fair that you finish what you started a while back. Go on, babe. Clean my dick and do a real good job the way you did last night. Give me some more of that luscious head, doll!"

Bloated with cockcream and still hungry for more, she licked her lips in anticipation of licking his reddened cock and drooping balls, all slippery and glistening with cum and pussy juice.

"Bastard," she laughed, reaching up to fondle his wet cock and draw it to her lips. "You may think you're on top, but we've just started! I've got lots more in mind for you, and we'll see who's boss."

Her small pink tongue dipped out, flicking over his shrinking cock-length and sliding down to lap up the slick fluid that had flowed over his balls.

Unable to withstand the sight of this vivacious beauty licking up the cream of their screwing, Daryl quickly found his prick stirring to new hardness. Gwen worked his balls with loving care, taking each one into her mouth and sucking gently. Then she concentrated on his prick, licking its helmeted head and tiny flared pisshole to collect the small droplet of cum that had blossomed there, then enveloping it between her full wet lips.

True to last night's experience, she gave Daryl the best head he'd ever had. Her head bobbed off the ground, mouth engulfing inch after growing inch of aroused cockshaft as he twitched in response, grinding his balls to her chin.

She pumped her head back and forth over his prick, sucking hungrily for the renewed load of nectar that boiled up in his balls.

Totally absorbed in fucking the mouth of this woman who had switched so suddenly from shy embarrassment to uninhibited demand, he leaned forward on his hands and crouched dog-like over her, driving his cock in and out between her lips and feeling his prickhead slide with ease down her throat. He hunched her greedy vacuum-like mouth and let out a groaning gasp as his cum once more built to bursting eruption.

"Yeah! Oh Christ! Yeah, baby, take it! Suck out my cum, you sweet bitch! Now! Now!"

Gwen's fingers were squeezing his balls as she sucked, and she felt the first trembling tenseness that drew them up. She sucked harder, and within moments the entire length of his prick was stabbing down her mouth, throbbing in harsh jerks as his cum bubbled up.



Daryl slammed down, his jism tearing loose with shuddering geysers. She drank it all, blast after hot oozing blast, and kept on sucking until every steamy drop had dribbled down her throat.

Then, as he finally collapsed to the ground beside her and they clung in mutual satiation, she giggled.

"There, Mister Brock! That's what happens to any man who tries to top me!"

He laughed, reaching down to fondle her soaked cunt and bring it back to tingling life. "So this is what they call the eternal struggle, eh? Well, we'll find out who's boss one of these days, I can guarantee. And in the meantime, we'll just keep struggling. I can't honestly say I mind your tactics, and I have a feeling I'm going to enjoy this particular struggle either way it goes. We've just begun, babe…"

Snuggling in his arms, Gwen couldn't help once more thinking of her son.


It was barely ten o'clock when Gwen arrived home.

She and Daryl had fucked again on the slope, and once more in the back seat of his car halfway back to town. Their newly-formed relationship had left her drained and leaking cum, and she was relieved when he finally dropped her off and drove away.

It was as she trudged tiredly up the walk that she noticed all the lights in the house were off – except for the one in Troy's room.

That struck her as peculiar. Had Janie already gone home, leaving Troy alone? Or had she forgotten to drop by entirely? Surely the girl wasn't sitting downstairs in the dark, was she?

Growing curious, Gwen unlocked the front door and slipped inside.

It didn't take but a moment to determine that Janie wasn't downstairs. That meant that either tonight's babysitting session had slipped the girl's mind, or that she was upstairs with Troy.

Moving up the stairs to the top landing, Gwen felt a twinge of guilt. Sneaking about her own home like a thief, just because the lights were off! She was being ridiculous, and she knew it. Her pace slowed to silent tiptoeing as she approached the stream of light that flooded from her son's room out into the hall.

His door was slightly ajar. But as she raised a fist to knock, the sound of voices stopped her.

"Hit me."

"There. Want another one?"

"I don't know. Let me think."

Inquisitive and feeling a bit foolish at her own suspicions, she peeked in.

Sitting cross-legged before each other on his bed, Troy and Janie were concentrating over a card game. A moment later Gwen realized that the game they were playing was blackjack.

Janie brushed back a strand of blonde hair and nodded. "Okay, give toe another one."

Troy slapped the card down and Janie made a face, tossing her cards on the bed. "Ugh! That makes twenty-three. I'm busted."

Troy chortled. "Hey, I win!"

Smiling at her own silly fears, Gwen started to slip quietly away and leave the kids to their game.

But Troy's next words froze her to the spot. "Okay, now take off your pants while I shuffle, and we'll go again. Man, if my luck keeps up, I'll have you peeled in no time!"

"That's what you think!" Janie pouted huffily, reaching for the snap of her jeans. "I'm pretty lucky at this game too, you know. I may just have you peeled first!"

Grinning, Troy dealt out a fresh hand as Janie slid out of the jeans and resumed her cross-legged position, letting him stare at the dark patch of her cunt beneath sheer bikini panties.

Even from where she stood, Gwen could see that the girl enjoyed being looked at.

Sitting with her knees drawn wide apart, Janie smiled as Troy fumbled with the cards.

"Well? Are you going to spend all night just looking, or do we play for more?"

Troy quickly dealt out a new hand. Stunned, Gwen watched as they went through the motions of the game. Janie won, and this time it was Troy's trousers that came off. Then she won again, and he removed his shirt. After that went Janie's blouse.

Then, in only their underwear, they kept playing.

Astonished horror caught at Gwen's throat when Janie shrugged off her bra, freely exposing a pair of enormous young tits. That was quickly followed by Troy's shorts. Now, totally nude, he made a pretense of hastily shuffling the cards as his prick rose up from his lap like a thick post wagging in a breeze. His cock stood up hard and rigid and inflamed from between his thighs, blooming even more stiffly when Janie lost her panties.

Too shocked to move, Gwen watched as they faced each other with no more clothes to play for.

That was when they began to play for other things.

"Blackjack!" Troy's triumphant cry penetrated Gwen's haze of shock. "Let's see, now what would I like? I know. Yeah. Lean back and spread your legs. I want to see every inch of your pussy."

Without hesitation Janie did as he directed. She lay back, propped on her elbows, and lifted her knees up and apart to give him a complete view of her cunt as he knelt before her, his expression intent.

Gwen sucked in a breath as his prick blossomed out, bobbing and weaving as if in an effort to wiggle forward to the blonde pink-lipped snatch that lay spread open before it. Despite the initial horror of the scene in front of her, Gwen felt her own pussy itching hungrily at the sight of that marvelous young pecker. All the fucking she and Daryl had done tonight hadn't been able to soothe the ache inside her for her own son's beautiful big fuck-shaft. Her cunt began to drool, and she couldn't stop the little hiss that rose from her throat as he reached forward and began to explore Janie's trim little twat.

"Ahhh…" Janie gasped, wiggling as Troy's fingers slid along her cream-slickened crevice and located her love bump. "You – ohh – you said you were just going to look!"

He strummed her clit playfully, delighting in her groans.

Troy laughed. "Didn't you know I always cheat at cards? Anyway, your pussy's too good to just look at. And you don't mind… do you?"

He moved a finger clown to the parted entrance of her gash and slipped it knuckle-deep inside her, moving it in and out like a small pecker.

"No – ohhhh!"

Janie arched up on his finger, forcing even more of it into her as his thumb stroked her stiff clit. Nipples big and rigid on her oversized tits, she hunched on his hand in little spasms of pleasure.

It was plain to see that Troy was enjoying himself thoroughly at her reaction. Letting his finger sink in and out of the girl's clutching twat with prick-like jabs, he teased her clit with torturous expertise, working her to a fever pitch.

Then, as suddenly as he'd begun, he pulled his finger from her cunt with a sloshy plop.

"Not bad. Let's just forget the cards and take turns, okay? Now it's your turn."

"Aaa-all right," Janie answered huskily, still twitching with frustrated need for the finger that had been so rudely plucked from her cunt. "Now, now you lie down, and let me get on top. Since it's my turn, you're going to finish what you started!"

Troy obeyed, squirming onto his back. Immediately Janie hopped up and straddled him, placing her oozing cunt before his face and lowering it.

"Kiss it," she said matter-of-factly, smiling. "Kiss my pussy like you did last night and lick it until I say to stop. Put your tongue inside me and wiggle it and make me come, then you can have your turn again."

Troy's tongue shot out instantly, and Gwen let out a ragged gasp. Her son was going to eat Janie out!

Gwen couldn't have made herself stop what was happening even if she'd wanted to. Almost as if watching a replay of her own session with Daryl, she watched her son's tongue slither up between Janie's cuntlips and gouge her pink frothy hole, disappearing inside her.

"Ahh!" The blonde squirmed, groaning joyfully as she sprawled on Troy's face, grinding her pussy down for more. "That's it! Eat me real nice and play with my clit at the same time… ohh, oh yeah, Troy! That's just right… ahhhhh…"

Troy's hands had come up to pry her slick pussylips apart, his thumbs converging on the little swell that was her clit and jiggling harshly at it as he continued to tongue her cunt with eager strokes.

"Oh – ohhh, yeahhh!" Janie purred, arching. Her young tits bobbed as she rode on his face with increasing rapture, building to the climax his finger had begun. "More, morrrre!"

Practically shrieking out her glee, the teenager bounced up and down until spasms of release rippled through her cunt again and again as Troy's tongue stabbed up eagerly.

Even in the midst of her shock, Gwen felt herself creaming at the scene before her. A small whimpering groan of mutual hunger escaped as she gazed at their antics, feeling her pussy gush with cream and drench her still-slick thighs.

Her hand crept down to her crotch and began to massage there, pushing through the light material of her dress in an attempt to rub the ache away. But that only made it worse, and before long Gwen was rubbing even harder.

At last, gasping and swaying, Janie toppled onto the bed in a satisfied heap, cooing with happy fulfillment.

Then it was Troy's turn.

He rose, licking the pussy juice from his lips, and grinned.

"All right, I did my part. Now it's your turn. Get up on your hands and knees and stick that juicy ass of yours way out so I can get the back view too. I want to see your twat from every angle I can."

Janie obeyed with satiated laziness, drawing her knees beneath her and pushing her ass into the air.

Positioning himself behind her, Troy got the view he'd wanted. The entire crevice of her cunt, from dripping stiff clit and pussy fur, all the way up to her small puckered asshole was exposed. The whole luscious cleavage between her thighs was soaked and gleaming with cream, but what caught his attention most was her slick, tight asshole. He'd never seen a girl's shit chute exhibited so openly before, and the spectacle of Janie's puckered little asshole drew him like a magnet.

On impulse he reached up and prodded a finger along that delicate wet hole, easing its tip into her.

"Oooh, that feels funny…"

Janie gave a delighted giggle and gyrated her hips, blatantly arching back as he teased his finger into the vise of her anus.

Her giggle turned into a gasp when he rose on his knees, at the same time slipping his cocktip up to the entrance of her pussy.

"What're you doing?" she panted, trembling. "You're not going to – oh, you are! You're putting it inside me! Oh Troy, it's too much! You're splitting me in two – a-a-a!"

Janie wailed, sobbing out loud as Troy thrust his cock to her, working his fat knobbed cockhead between her stretched pussylips and forcing inch after inch of his swollen shaft into the writhing girl.


She gave a shrill cry at the first tearing pain of having her cunt filled with hard stabbing cock. Practically the only virgin in her senior class, she'd never before had anything bigger than her own fingers inside her cunt, and the ripping sensation of having her tender young pussy shoved apart by a man's prick had her momentarily sobbing with agony.

But as Troy began to case his prick in and out with small hunching motions, her sobbing took on a new note. The pain vanished almost as quickly as it had come, and soon she was hunching back furiously in response to each lunge of his cock.

"Unnh – oh, oh, Troy! Lean feel it sliding all the way up inside me! It feels so good there, so – ohhh, it more, slide it in and out… guh!"

"Feels better now, doesn't it?" he asked, already knowing the answer in the way her taut ass lurched back at him. By this time his finger was wedged deep in her asshole. He'd taken advantage of Janie's first painful thrashing to work it completely into her asshole. Now, as she pumped herself back on his cock with growing fervor, he began to glide his finger in and out of her anus in perfect rhythm, fucking both her holes at once.

She didn't seem to mind a bit. In fact, each backward hunch ended in a small upward twist that almost made it seem as if she were enjoying his finger as much as his prick.

"Yessss," she gasped in a distant gurgling voice. "So good, so goo-ooood!"

Janie began to undulate faster, driving herself onto his prick with increasing expertise.

Gwen felt her cunt drool with creamy need, staining the crotch of her dress where the heel of her hand pushed in unmercifully. The sight of Troy's prick stabbing in and out of the girl's snatch was an all-too-vivid reminder of what she herself had experienced on two separate occasions already. Each sliding lunge of Troy's prick seemed to slam up her own cunt as well, making her body shudder in rippling response. Unable to tear her gaze from the scene and equally unable to withstand the ache that melted her pussy in horny juice, she snaked the dress up to her hips and gave in to the urge surging through her, shoving both hands down to her gushing cunt.


Gwen heard Janie's groan. The girl was arching, her back rising and falling and her ass plunging against Troy's hand as she fucked herself with increasing friction on his prick. Prom her vantage point, Gwen could see the girl's glistening red cuntlips sucking at her son's massive dick, stretching tight over its veined shaft and clutching at every slick inch with vise-like greed.

At the same time Gwen's fingers were busily working at her itching twat, plowing through her thick sopping curls and parting her cunt-lips. She groaned as she wedged two fingers into her fuck chute and another strummed her stiff rubbery clit.

Her moan of pleasure went unnoticed by the two panting, heaving teenagers. Troy's face was wrenched with lust, and he was grasping Janie's body with his free hand and pounding his meat to her furiously. Janie responded with whimpering sobs, lurching and shuddering as his finger reamed her asshole out with frantic jabs.

"You're – ugh – you're fucking me so nice!" she cried in pure delight. "I'm going to come if you keep that up! Fuck me and make me come! Oh, Troy, fuck, that's good – uhh!"

Gasping with the intensity of his thrusts, Troy rammed his cock into her even harder.

Hypnotized, Gwen leaned against the door frame and pumped her fingers in and out with a rhythm that matched theirs perfectly. Her fingers made sloshy sounds as they dipped into her pussy. She couldn't have cared less if the kids heard or not. In a sense she was fucking her son just as surely as Janie was. Every gouge of his cock into the girl was a stab up her own hungry cunt. Every dig of his fat inflamed prickhead against Janie's pussy walls made Gwen croak with sympathetic hunger. Gwen's finger-fucking soared with a pistoning action, slamming her to a climax.

"Aaaaaaahhhhhhh!" Janie shrieked, reeling up on all fours and bouncing wildly on the bed.

In that moment Gwen let out her own gasping groan, hunching down on her fingers with blissful twisting surges.

"Come!" Janie sobbed, reeling. "Come in me, Troy, give me your cum… cu-u-u-u-mmmmmm…"

As if her pleading voice was a direct command, Troy bored his cock into her cunt with a violent rotating motion as his jism exploded deep in her tight pussy.

Janie gave a shrill happy cry at the first eruption of hot sticky cockcream in her cunt. A second eruption quickly followed, then a third. She took each one, clamping her flooded pussy onto his jerking prick and pumping on it for more.

Gwen could practically feel that load of thick jetting jizz spurting into her pussy as well. Though it was only her cuntjuice streaming down on her hand, she imagined that it was her son's cum instead. Sighing in utter completion, she slid her slickened fingers in and out to soak up the last dregs of joy as the couple on the bed sank to drained fulfillment.

"Oh shit…" Troy slipped his dripping cock from the girl's twat and pulled his finger free of her flared anus. "How was that, Janie? Better than watching TV, huh?"

"Mmmmmm…" Janie smiled drunkenly, slumping forward once more so that her firm jizz filled cunt jutted in the air.

Troy grinned, staring at her cuntlips and watching his cum slowly seep from between them. "Uh-oh. It looks like I had more cum than your pussy could take! Maybe I'd better plug it so none gets out."

Troy dipped a finger down to her cunt and collected the first drool of cream oozing from her, then he jammed it totally up inside her with one thrusting motion.


Still twitching from her first real fucking ever, Janie cooed and spasmed at his lunging finger, giggling throatily.

"I… uhhmm… I can take all your horny little prick you can give me!" she said, writhing on his stiff probe.

"Oh yeah? Well, maybe we'll just find out. I'll bet I can give more than you can take any old day. And just to prove it, I'll show you."

He abruptly slipped his finger from her cunt, and she gasped in frustration, arching up in the air. Then her eyes flew wide open when she felt the first press of wet meaty prickflesh against her asshole.

"What – ohhh, I didn't mean there! Troy, don't put it – uhhhhh."

Ignoring her outcry, Troy pushed his limp, cream-drenched cockhead against her small slick hole and began to force it in.

Even soft, his prick was big and thick. Its hugeness forced Janie's clenched asslips apart, and she groaned loudly as his cock wedged into her and slid deep, inching its way in.

To her own astonishment, it didn't hurt. In fact, she actually enjoyed the feel of being filled by that soft big cock.

"You – oooh, you're fucking my ass!" she managed to say in a voice between a laugh and a groan. "It feels so… oh fuck, it's nice! Stick it all into me, and I'll show you I can take anything you can give me-eeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhhh!"

His prick began to stiffen inside her, even as the last slippery inches vanished up her clutching anal chute.

Troy had never felt anything so tight in his brief experience. His flaccid prick was stuffed into her asshole like a pimento in an olive, filling her slick pink hole completely. He began to move his cock back and forth with a fucking motion, taking care not to let his prick slip free as it began to grow inside her.

The girl gurgled and thrashed, moaning in mingled pain and hunger as her asshole was stretched by his prick. His pumping increased, growing stronger and more assured. His half-hardened prick already seemed to fill her gripping hole to the bunting point, and Janie's cries rose even louder when his cock continued to grow, building once more to full, stiff hardness.

Gwen saw it happening, her mouth agape.

Spying on the kids when they'd been fucking was one thing, but it was obvious that her son didn't realize what he was doing now. A cock the size of his wasn't meant to be where he had it. God, if she didn't stop them, he was going to kill the girl!

Janie screamed. "Guhhhh! Stop, Troy, it's hurting – oh no, I can't-can't stand it… unnnnnh!"

Suddenly the sight of Troy ass-fucking Janie was too much for Gwen to merely stand by and watch. She plucked her hand from her cunt and pushed her dress once more to its normal smoothness, intending to save the girl from the terrible thing her son was about to do.

Ignoring the twinge of jealousy that surged through her, Gwen took a deep breath and pushed into the room with righteous indignation.

"Just what the hell's going on here?"

Both kids' heads twisted around simultaneously.


They both stared, aghast. "Mom!"

They spoke first, frozen with his now-pulsing cock half buried in Janie's asshole.

The girl wavered, her hazy-looking gaze fastening on the woman who confronted them. "Mrs. King…"

"Well?" Gwen glared, feeding her newly rising anger on the shocked terrified stares of the two teenagers. "Do you have anything to say for yourselves to explain this situation?"

"Uh…" Troy abruptly realized his compromising position and pulled away, drawing his inflamed prick from Janie's anus. His cock flopped free and dangled loosely, shriveling under his mother's wrath as if he had shoved it into a bowl of ice water. "We… were only…"

His voice fell away, unable to finish whatever half-formed defense he'd been about to make.

"Only!" Gwen repeated in a cold tone, trembling now with a motherly rage that was partly the result of the gnawing need inside her. "Only fucking each other like – like a pair of animals! Only screwing…"

"I… I think I'd better go…" Janie interrupted in a fearful voice, crawling across the bed and moving for her clothes.

A piercing stare from the older woman held her in check.

"No, you don't, young lady." Gwen's voice turned freezingly cool. "You're not taking one step until we get this matter cleared up. Now sit down until I say otherwise."

Hastily Janie sat down on the edge of the bed. Gwen could see her son's cum dribbling from the girl's cunt, and the sight of all that precious jism inside another woman's pussy made jealous anger stab through her.

Rut she couldn't seem to work up the motherly ire she knew she ought to be feeling right now.

After all, this whole situation was actually her own fault. She was the one who'd kept Troy tied at home all these years, with almost no chance for a woman's company outside his mother and Janie. It was hardly any wonder that his manhood should sniff out the only two women he knew.

Something in her subtle change of attitude eased Troy's tension, and he smiled. "You're just in time, Mom. Janie and I were just showing each other some of the stuff married people do. We were, uh, kind of practicing."

Trying to retain her mother's image in front of the girl, Gwen snorted scoffingly. "Well, as far as kind of 'practicing' goes, that looked pretty expert to me! What do you think your mother would say, young woman, if I called her right now and told her what her daughter was doing with my son?"

Janie paled, her lower lip trembling and eyes looking frightened. "We didn't mean to do anything wrong, Mrs. King, honest! It just… just sort of happened, that's all. You wouldn't really call Mom, would you? It-it won't happen again, I promise!"

"Well," Gwen said, "I suppose I can be convinced to let you both off just this once. But if you're going to go around practicing like this, you could at least learn to hide the evidence. Just look at how Troy's cum is oozing out of you!"

Suddenly Gwen's fingers glided along the length of Janie's puffy-lipped snatch and scooped up a glob of her son's cream.

Janie gasped, her blue eyes going wide and her body twitching at that brief unexpected touch.

Gwen's pussy renewed its itching in reaction. "We can't let you go home like that, with your cunt dripping my son's cum! We'll have to dispose of the evidence properly, and… and I believe I know just the way."

Giving in to the horny new urge overwhelming her, she shoved her wet hand in front of Janie's face.

"You're the one who made it. Now lick it off. Lick Troy's jism off my fingers, so there won't be any trace, of what you two have been doing."

Taken by surprise at the suggestion, Janie hesitated, staring down at the white filmy fluid covering Gwen's fingers. "I-I don't think I should, Mrs. King. It… it doesn't seem like a very nice thing to…"

"Nice?" Gwen cut her protest off. "You certainly seemed to think it was nice when I walked in! And I still have half a mind to give your mother that call! Now do as I say, or this just may be your very last practice session ever!"

Standing back and grinning now from ear to ear in a way he couldn't hide, Troy watched gleefully as Janie's pink tongue flicked out, collecting the droplets of cum and pussy juice on his mom's fingers.

Strangely excited by the sight of the attractive teenage girl lapping her fingers, Gwen held them out until not a glob of cum remained.

Then she smiled, softening her tone. "There, that's better. Now all we have left to worry about is the load of cum still inside you. And since you've cleaned up your share, I guess it's only right that I do the rest."

She knelt in front of Janie and slid her hands up the girl's warm slender thighs, prying them farther apart.

Janie gave a little groaning gasp, startled by the older woman's action but not daring to resist.

"You… you're not going to call my mom now, are you?" the teenager asked in a quavering voice.

"No, dear," Gwen replied as she stared raptly at the drooling little pussy slit spread before her, its pouting lips wrinkled outward and clit standing like a perky button of pleasure from its inflamed hood. "My goodness, YOU have such a beautiful pussy! So young and perfect… it's a shame that everyone can't see what a luscious cunt you've got!"

Gwen's thumbs moved over the girl's cunt-lips, rolling across their slickness and teasing them open and letting them slide resiliently together again. Pushing them apart to display the dark wet cavern of Janie's fuckhole, Gwen felt the girl trembling at her touch.

"Oh… oh, Mrs. King, I feel all funny down there! I think I'm going to – ahhh…"

Cream gushed over her fingers, and Gwen smiled. "Does it hurt, dear? Or is it more of a tickle?"

Squirming, Janie collapsed slowly backward until she was propped on her elbows, instinctively opening her legs wider. "It – ohh, it's more like an itch. A nice itch…"

"Why, that's only normal, darling." Gwen leaned toward the teenager's cunt, feasting her eyes on it. "You're beginning to cream, and that always itches. In fact, that's the very itch that makes you want to 'practice' some more, isn't it?"

"Oh… yeah…" Janie nodded, her plump young asscheeks hunching upward at Gwen's intimate fingering.

"Well, maybe I can do something about that itch while I'm cleaning the cum from you. There, does that feel better?"

Her thumbs converged on Janie's clit, and the teenager gave a soft moan as she hunched automatically up, pussy juice oozing into Gwen's palms.

"Oh yeah, that – uhh! – that's nice, ahhh…"

"Mmm," Gwen purred. "Now you just relax, dear, and let me do my job. We'll get rid of the evidence. And while we're at it, we'll get rid of that itch as well. Like this."

Gwen swooped down, her tongue stabbing out.

"AHHH!" Janie wailed, writhing as Gwen's tongue plowed into her pussy crease and dipped between its wet-lipped folds, then flicked up to torture her clit with expert care.

Gwen had never tasted pussy before, had never imagined that she might have the slightest urge to eat another woman's cunt. But with the first slurpy wetness of hot cream flooding onto her tongue, she began to lap greedily, stroking the girl's clit until Janie was quivering on the bed, her cunt hunching up and her voice rising to a shrill plea.

"Eat me, Mrs. King! Clean my pussy out good and make the itching stop… oh yeah, suck on my clitty! Yes, yes!"

Janie soared up in wrenching surges, plastering her cunt to Gwen's mouth as the widow teased her clit, nipping and lapping at the rigid little bump. Gwen's lips closed over the bud and she began to suck, still working it with her tongue.

Janie sobbed and arched in luxurious paroxysms of joy, her fear fading fast. After all the things that had happened to her in the brief space of the weekend, being eaten by Troy's mother didn't seem the least bit wrong. She gazed through fluttering eyelids at the beautiful face mashed against her pussy, gasping and giggling as her juices soon streaked that face with horny fluid.

"Oh yeah!" she panted, heaving more furiously than ever. "Eat me like that! Eat me all up and make me come, Mrs. King! More, morrrre!"

"Mmmfff…" Gwen's answer was a muffled gasp of need as she greedily slurped the girl's cunt, alternately concentrating on her clit and sliding her tongue down Janie's pussy slash to collect the drool of cum and cream that poured from it. Then, slithering her tongue between fat wet cuntlips, she gouged for more with the expert licks that only another woman could give. She explored every nook and cranny of Janie's sopping twat, then began to pump her tongue in and out with long leisurely strokes.

The sudden switch to being tongue-fucked had Janie quivering like a bowstring, lunging up in response and crying out.

"Fuck me! Fuck me with your tongue, Mrs. King! Oooh, it's so nice… faster, faster!"

Delighted, Troy watched the whole spectacle. He'd suspected his mom was up to something almost from the very first moment she'd bust in on them, but he hadn't expected to see her actually tongue-fucking Janie the way she was doing now. Her tongue darted in and out of Janie's fuckhole, pink and wet and hungry, as both women groaned and surged in complete oblivion.

Just watching had made his cock rock-hard, throbbing at the spectacle of the two turned-on women. Now, unable to endure just watching, he stepped forward.

"Eat her, Mom! Yeah, eat her pussy out real good! Fuck her with your tongue and drink all my jizz out of her cunt, while I make you more comfortable…"

He began to fumble at the buttons of his mom's dress.

Gwen seemed oblivious to all but the pussy thrashing against her full lips. She didn't protest when the top of her dress was jerked down from her shoulders, didn't seem to mind at all when over stretched seams ripped and tore in Troy's eager fingers. In fact, the only sign of awareness she gave was a helpful twisting of her hips as the shredded garment was forced over them. Her feet willingly slipped out of the heaped remnant on the floor, leaving her as nude as the teenagers.

Troy stepped back, enjoying his handiwork. Now his mother was just as nude as Janie, and the sight of her going at the girl's cunt turned him on even more.

"Now let her eat you out too! I want to see you sixty-nining each other. Come on, Mom! Give Janie a chance to suck your pussy while you're sucking hers. Plant your ass on the bitch's face and let her suck up your juice too!"

Dimly Gwen heard. Though her son didn't know it, that very notion had been seeping into her mind as well. She shifted, moving onto the bed without missing a stroke of her tongue, and settled her knees over Janie's head. Then she lowered her creaming cunt over the girl's face, grinding her tangle of soaked fur to her soft cheeks.

"Ohhhffff…" Janie whimpered as she felt a wet fur-trimmed pussy grinding against her lips. Without quite realizing it was happening, she slipped her own tongue out and lapped at that gushing hot pussy as if it was the most natural thing in the world to do. Juice burst over her chin. She gulped it up and drove her tongue out for more, stabbing into Gwen's cunt without hesitation.

Gwen made a garbled noise and buried her face deeper into the teenager's snatch. She'd felt men's tongues inside her before, but never before the frantic youthful strokes that knew just where every sensitive part of her cunt was. Within moments her ass was bouncing up and down on Janie's face, responding in kind to the girl's upward thrusts. They fucked to a chorus of muffled sobs and groans of sheer bliss.

Troy chortled, thoroughly enjoying the scene. Just watching the pair of gorgeous women go after each other's cunts made him want to pump his aching dick. It would have been fun to jerk himself off on those two writhing bodies, shooting his load all over them. But with that much pussy in the room, it would have been a waste. Instead he waited for a chance to join in, satisfied for the moment to be a spectator.

Gwen and Janie released mutual moans of pure need as they heaved together on the bed, their big tits grinding against each other's thighs, their tongues driving into each other's pussy at a frantic pitch. Both were now on the verge of orgasm, and fingers dug into quivering asscheeks as they writhed in uninhibited abandon, driving themselves to a climax that came abruptly, tearing simultaneously through them both.

Gwen's ass slammed down in a last surging shudder as she exploded. At the same time her tongue rammed as for as it would go into Janie's twat as well. The teenager gave a wild muffled cry and soared off the bed, her tongue driving into the core of Gwen's fuck chute with a frenzy that made the older woman want to shriek with joy into the lithe young pussy beneath her.

Climax burst through them like an endless chain of firecrackers, driving each woman to complete, heaving satiation.

That was the moment Gwen had been waiting for. She'd glimpsed her son standing back and watching, his cock standing out hard and bloated. Now, with Janie's tongue digging frantically into her pussy, she lifted her cream-filmed face and smiled at him.

"Now – uhhhh – now I want you to show this horny little bitch just what she's in for! Get your – annhh – get your prick in her, Troy. Fuck her!"

Surprised, but more than willing, Troy scooted around to the end of the bed. His mom sat up, pussy still grinding on Janie's face, her hands pushing the girl's thighs wide apart to open her young frothing cunt for him.

"Oh shit," he grinned, overwhelmed by the evening's events and feeling his prick leap painfully at the wet gushing twat spread in front of him. "This is going be the best yet! Hold her pussy open just like that, Mom. I know just what to fill it with!"

He placed the purpled head of his cock against the girl's pink slippery cuntmouth and heaved.

"Guhhh!" Still writhing and stabbing her tongue furiously up into the pussy slashing against her lips, Janie gave a shriek of pleasure as his hard prick slid effortlessly into her creaming cunt and began to piston in and out, burying its full length inside her again and again. She lurched up, taking all of his prick into her gushing fuckhole and coming with unbelievable surges of orgasm.

Gwen rose to a squatting position on her hands and knees, hunching on the girl's face and watching in rapt fascination as Troy's big slickened dick drove deep into Janie's precious little twat, pushing its now-engorged thickness totally into her and pumping with an eager intensity that had his sweaty balls slapping loudly against her soaked thighs.

"Yes!" the older woman gasped, squirming deliciously on the girl's face. "Give her all that lovely big cock of yours! Fuck her nice for me, honey, fuck her!"

Completely caught up, she hunched down on Janie's open mouth with increasing spasms of delight, already soaring to orgasm as the teenager plunged her tongue with frantic strokes.

"Yeah! Yeah!"

Enjoying this new situation to the fullest, Troy obeyed his mother's instructions to the letter. He rammed his meat to Janie with long harsh stabs that tore into her cunt with squishy noises. Janie moaned ecstatically into his mom's pussy and lurched up for every inch, simultaneously tongue fucking Gwen's pussy.

"Ahhh, yesss!" Gwen lolled her head, grinding down hard on Janie's face and climaxing all over again. Her hands slid down to the girl's ripe jiggling young tits and squeezed hard on them, plucking at her nipples and tweaking them with oblivious sharpness as she came. "Yes! Baby, do it, fuck her, harder! Eat my cunt, you bitch, eat me and make me co-oooommmme!"

She wailed, twisting wildly down on Janie's boring tongue.

"Mmmuuuhhh!" the teenager shrieked as Troy came simultaneously, slamming his pecker home and spurting his cum up her prick-swollen chute. Cock juice fountained into her cunt, once again flooding it with sticky heat and splattering precious droplets onto her thighs as his dick fucked in and out.

At last, gasping and drained, both mother and son slumped in weary completion.

Gwen toppled over on the bed, chuckling hoarsely. "God, that was… even better than watching you two from the hallway!"

Licking the cream from her puffy lips, Janie managed a weak giggle. "You… you mean you watched the whole thing? And you didn't stop us?"

"Why should I?" Gwen caught her surprised look, winking mischievously. "A mother shouldn't stop her son from practicing, should she?"

It took Janie a moment to understand. Then she noticed the gleam in Troy's eyes as he pulled his limp prick from her cunt and moved to look between his mom's flung-open legs, feasting on the sight of her gorgeous thick-muffed snatch.

Realization hit her then. This wasn't just a freak, isolated incident after all. Gwen didn't mind being stared at by her son because she was actually enjoying it. Her legs moved wider apart, and the happy satisfied smile on her face widened as he reached out and began to fondle her wet inflamed pussy, fingering it with obvious familiarity.

Somehow that realization made something in Janie's cunt tingle all over again. She suddenly twisted around on the bed and crawled toward Troy, a purposeful expression on her face.

"You tricked me! You almost scared the piss out of me with that threat to nail my mother! Well, I'll show you that two can play at that game! You'll see…"

Before either of them realized what she was up to, Janie scooted off the bed and was kneeling in front of Troy, popping his softened prick in her mouth like a piece of candy.

"Ahhh…" he groaned, slipping a finger into his mom's cunt and gliding it in and out as Janie sucked hard on his prick, drawing it back to life.

Gwen was soon arching up for his finger with new vitality, hunching with little rippling surges that had his finger fucking in and out of her cunt. So much had already happened that now she was more than ready for anything. And it didn't take long to find out what Janie had in mind.

The girl pulled back her head abruptly, exposing Troy's hard dick and swooping a fist down to caress it.

"Now you'll see," she said with a mock scolding tone, tugging harshly at his prick and guiding it forward. "This time it's my turn to watch, so I can get a good look at what we've been practicing for! Go on, Troy. I want to see you fuck your, Mom! Stick it in her just like you did me and fuck her good! Screw her nice and, hard!"

Both Troy and his mom were more than willing to oblige. He grinned as he climbed onto the bed and moved between his mom's drenched thighs. "Okay. That sounds like one of the best damned ideas I've heard all night. What about you, Mom?"

"Why, I think it's just – ahhhh!" Gwen's answer turned into a sob as he jabbed his cock into her cunt. He began to pump instantly, and soon she was clawing his back and wrapping her legs tight about his waist, taking all of his cock and crying out for more.

"Yes! Do it, darling, do it! Give it – give – unnnnnnh!"

His prick pounded with violent need, driving the breath out of her in gasps.

At the same time Janie wasn't about to be left out. Her curt was itching at the spectacle of a mother fucking her own son. She moved around to capture one of Gwen's big flopping tits between her teeth, nibbling and sucking and giving it the same rough-sweet treatment she had received.

Grunting, Troy surged with every ounce of strength left, fucking his Mom with new fury. He'd never fucked anyone so hard in his brief experience, and her whimpers only made him ram his meat to her harder as Janie sucked and moaned and twitched beside him.

Almost as if the electricity of their new-found relationship unexpectedly burst through the threesome in a stroke of lightning, they soared to oblivion immediately. With two fingers reaming her sore cunt and digging in and out with knife-like stabs, Janie climaxed in unbelievable explosions. Her cries mingled with Gwen's as the older woman seesawed up, impaling herself on Troy's cock and coming simultaneously.

"Fuck… darling, fuck meeee! Oh shit, fucking baby, yeah!"

When Troy unleashed his load in his mother's pussy, it was with wild trembling arches that rocked his body like a taut bowstring. He buried his prick to its base inside her pussy.

"Ohhh, Mom…"

Collapsing atop her, he clung in pure abandoned release.

"That… that was so much fun…" Janie groaned, her voice dim and fulfilled and sleepy. "Can… can we do it again sometime? I mean… maybe with summer vacation coming up pretty soon, do you think…"

Absolutely happier than she'd been in a long time, Gwen hugged the two children to her and gave in willingly to the glow of satiation that she never again wanted to lose.

"Yes, honey. That's just what I think. We'll do this lots, you wait and see. Lots and lots…"

Laughing with a soft sigh, Gwen knew now that she meant every word. It was only just beginning.


Tugged awake by delicious spasms of pleasure, Gwen stirred sleepily and opened her eyes in the bright morning sunshine to find Troy's face buried between her thighs, eating her out.

She snapped awake, the memory of last night's events bursting through her.

"Troy, my God what do you… oh, oh honey, yes I…"

Even before she had time to be surprised, she was arching up in automatic response, gasping with surges of joy as Troy's tongue slithered into her, working between slick puffy cuntlips to collect his mother's flowing nectar. His mouth covered her pussy in a hungry kiss, making smacking sounds.

Gwen grabbed handfuls of her son's hair and urged him on. Troy's lunging tongue had her gushing horny juice in a dreamy blast of lust as she hunched her bushy cunt up to him and pleaded for more.

"That – oh God, that's so good! Eat me, darling, eat me!"

"Umm," Troy replied, gouging his tongue deep to collect the flow of hot cream that flooded from her. It had been fun eating her while she was asleep – that had been the first thought on his mind when he found himself in his mother's arms, their nude bodies entwined in a way that had his prick as stiff as ever. But it was even more fun now that she was awake. Her pussy melted and thrashed against his lips, her puckered cunt-lips stretching apart as he slid his tongue in and out until she was groaning and writhing insatiably.

Suddenly Gwen couldn't stand it anymore.

"Oh, baby, fuck me! Now, honey, now! Get your prick into me before I scream!"

He raised his slick face, grinning. "You really want my pecker bad, don't you, Mom?"

"God, yes!" she wailed, reaching down to grasp his swollen cock and pull urgently on it. "Stuff it in me, Troy. Hurry, oh honey, I'm going to explode!"

He laughed, climbing up between her widespread legs and guided his rigid cock straight to her silky cunt. But instead of thrusting it into her, he held back, letting just the tip of his prick slip and gouge against her creamy twat.

"Tell me, Mom. Tell me just how bad you want my pecker. Beg for it real nice, and maybe I'll let you have it."


Panting with need, Gwen lurched up in an attempt to capture his cock. His inflamed cockhead went into her cunthole for a luxurious moment before he purposely pulled back, taunting her.

"Damn you, get it inside me!" she cried, gushing cuntjuice and arching with need. "Oh-oh, baby, stop doing this to your mother! You're killing me!"

But Troy held back, his expression gleeful. "First tell me, Mom… I want to hear how bad you really want my cock in you. Beg!"

"Please!" she cried, writhing. "Oh, fucking cocksucker, I can't stand it! Pleeeease!"

Grinning triumphantly, he gave in. "That's just what I was waiting for. Now you can have it, Mom. All you want – starting now!"

His prick speared hilt-deep in his mother's pussy.

The moment his cock slammed into her, Gwen let out a wail of sheer delight and began to pump, driving herself on her son's magnificent pecker without the least pretense of inhibition.


Climax ripped through her immediately, swelling in wave after wave, as Troy pistoned his prick in and out, filling her cunt with his enormous shaft and gyrating his hips to ream her out at the same time. She was slamming up in delirious orgasm, clutching his ass and taking it all.

"Cummm! Cum in me, damn you! Give me your cream! Oh, baby, fuck me hard and shoot me full of CUUUMMM!"

Troy plowed his cock home with a last ramming surge and let his load of jism erupt inside her, his hot thick syrup flooding her pussy.


She undulated up, taking every drop.

Then, filled with her son's lovely jizz and gasping in completion, she sank back on the bed in a happy heap. "What a way to wake up!"

Troy's reply was a pleased murmur in her ear. "Don't worry, Mom. That was just the beginning. We've got all day, and I'm going to do everything I ever wanted to do. You'll see. We're going to have lots of fun…"

It didn't take long for Gwen to find out that he was right. The rest of the day was just as he'd promised – an orgy of sensation, all between mother and son. She didn't bother to get dressed. Instead she wore a wisp of a sexy nightie she'd been saving for a special occasion, never before daring to put it on because of its sheerness.

Then, feeling sexy and hornier than she'd ever been in her life, she went downstairs to fix them breakfast.

Troy had slipped into a bathrobe. He sat at the kitchen table watching her every move with a gaze that took in each voluptuous sway of her body. Even in the midst of preparing their morning meal, Gwen couldn't help making little motions to turn him on all over again, enjoying the hungry look on his face.

They ate voraciously, hardly able to keep their eyes and hands off each other as they consumed a hasty meal of eggs and toast and coffee.

Then, after he'd helped her clear the dishes away like a good son, he decided to fuck her on the kitchen table.

The idea came to him suddenly, just as she finished washing the last plate.

"Come here, Mom. We're going to try something new!"

"Oh, no we aren't!" she teased, smiling at the lecherous look he gave her as he watched every supple move of her body beneath the nightie. "We've done enough new things already to make normal people blush! Haven't you had enough new things for one weekend?"

But her objection was only a bluff, and they both knew it. Troy got his way simply by coming up behind her and pushing his stiffening prick against her silk-clad ass, letting her get a good feel of the hardness that poked from the folds of his robe. His hands came up from behind to cup her tits, and his voice was a hot breath on the back of her neck. "You want it and we both know it, Mom. Don't we?"

"Umm…" she moaned, shoving her taut ass back against his concrete-hard cock. They both knew, all right. There was no hiding the truth now. Gasping, she couldn't resist as he led her to the table and gently eased her forward until she was bent in position.

Then, shoving her nightie up over her hips, he paused to admire his mother's ass.

Displayed blatantly before him, her ass was even more beautiful than he'd thought. The twin rounded globes of her asscheeks jutted firmly and proudly under his gaze, her darkened crevice flaring open just enough to give him a view of her small pink anus.

"Wow," he gasped, his cock leaping as he palmed her asscheeks and began to caress them. "You've got the most perfect ass ever! I'll bet it's the best ass in town. In fact, it looks good enough to eat."

He slipped to his knees.

Gwen gave a surprised gasp when she felt her son's mouth glide over her ass globes, his tongue leaving hot wet smears on her flesh.

"Oh my God, what're you doing?" she said, gushing a fountain of cunt cream and arching back in response. "Baby, that feels – oh, oh, Troy honey, yes!"

Her initial surprise quickly grew to moans to pleasure as he dipped his probe into her ass cleavage and wormed into the tight little pit of her anus.

His fat wiggling tongue jammed its way between her anal lips and began to stroke in and out with a fucking motion, filling her asschute with wicked lunges.

"Unh – do it!" she sobbed with a delighted laugh, thoroughly enjoying the sensation of having her asshole tongue-fucked. "Stick it to me, Troy, plug my shithole full and fuck me there! Yes, darling, now play with my clit while you're – ohhh, sweet baby, that's it!"

His fingers had come up to strum her sopping pussy and work her rigid clit button expertly while his tongue slid into her anus, plunging deep and squirming inside her.

It didn't take much of this new pleasure to send her blasting into climax once more. She came in frantic surges of joy.


Grinding his face into her ass crevice and slithering his tongue totally into her, Troy drove her quickly to orgasm. By this time his prick was throbbing. He finally withdrew his tongue from her asshole.

"Ahhhhh…" Gwen purred and slumped in her bent-over position on the table, still twitching with pleasure. She barely had time to recover from that ass-licking before she felt his stiff cock lodge against her cuntlips and heave. "Guuuunnnh!"

Troy's prick slid effortlessly into her greased cunt and began to pump.

"How – uh – how does that feel, Mom? You love my pecker, don't you? Say how much you love it."

"I – love – it!" Her words came out in wrenching cries with each drill of his prick as she heaved backward. "Fuck me – fuck me, lover – harder – harder!"

He drove his cock into her, his bristly balls slapping against her clit. Her huge tits mashed against the cool table top and her ass slammed back to receive his cum-bloated shaft of delight. She came again as if her previous chain of climaxes hadn't even paused. She sobbed and begged openly, her please growing to a wordless shriek as he rammed it to her and shot his load into her greedy snatch with a last vicious lunge.


Troy spasmed time and again with each spurt of jism, twisting his prick in her pussy until they were both completely drained. When he finally pulled his cock out, it was limp and reddened. He patted her ass with a happy satisfied gesture.

"Jesus, that was terrific! And we've still got the whole day ahead! Just think of all the stuff we can do!"

"Uhhn…" she replied with a dim smile. For Gwen, it was like a honeymoon. The last of her inhibitions had long since vanished, shoved out of her by the huge ramming presence of Troy's lovely dick. They were mother and son, but they were also man and woman-lovers, in the purest and most complete sense. Troy was her man, the way his father had been. He would never leave ha. She would never be lonely again.

And that was just what she wanted mast. After their session in the kitchen, they lay together on the living room sofa and watched television, clinging and joking and rubbing each other in the restful sensuality of two lovers between screwings.

By the time they wolfed down a brief lunch, Troy was fully recovered and already brimming with new ideas.

"Hey, let's take a shower together, Mom. Come on, it'll be fun! We could use one, and that'll get us ready for some more stuff! Let's do it!"

Gwen let herself be pulled to her feet. Troy guided her upstairs to the bathroom.

In the bathroom they shed robe and nightie and climbed under the cooling spray, giggling like kids.

Troy grabbed the soap and playfully ran it over her body, taking care to reach every crevice and spending extra time an her cunt, enjoying her gasps as he pushed the wet bar teasingly between her pussylips.

Then, when they were both slick and aroused to fever pitch, he had her spread her legs wide, propping one of her feet on the edge of the tub to display her pink frothing pussy openly.

Once she was positioned, he pushed between her soaked thighs and began to work his cock up into her cunt.

It was the first time Gwen had ever been fucked standing up, and she wilted blissfully against the shower wall with spray streaming down her body as his hips twisted, screwing his prick into her until it was entirely immersed in her cunt.

"Oh shit, that feels good!" he said, rotating his hips to slosh his prickshaft around inside her drooling cunthole. "I could go on fucking you forever, Mom! How's this?"

At first Gwen couldn't answer. She was shoving herself down to encompass her son's cock, letting her stretched pussylips suck at it as she hunched up and down for more.

"Tha… ahhh, that's so gooood… suck my tits, baby. Fuck me and suck me now! Do it all and don't ever stop… ohhhhh!"

Shoving one big tit up to his face, she jammed a stiff nipple into his mouth and pushed it at him, melting horny cream on his cock as he sucked her tit hungrily.

For what seemed a blissful eternity they fucked like that, with Troy's mouth fastened on her tit while she rode his cock in the cool shower spray, fucking herself to a frenzy.

They came together, a final series of surges that had her crying out openly as he groaned. He bit down on her nipple and shot his cockcream into her with hard long strokes.


Oblivious to all else, Gwen slanted down to take every drop of cum. Then, when she had it all inside her and his limp shrinking pecker slipped free, she laughed hoarsely.

"Well… ahh… that was certainly the cleanest fun we've had all weekend!"

Laughing together, they stepped from the shower and dried off. Then, scampering to Troy's room, they spent the rest of the afternoon on his bed, alternately napping or fucking or merely lying in each other's arms fondling and kissing in pure contentment.

Gwen knew without question or doubt that she was freely the slave of her son's marvelous cock. She'd never been happier in her life.

"Hey. Mom, you ready for some more action?" There was a glint in his eyes as her tugging fingers worked on his prick…

Gwen giggled. Her cunt was sore from all the fucking they'd done, but as his cock rose to its full height, the soreness disappeared in a burst of cream.

"Am I?" she answered without hesitation, tugging his prick harder. "When haven't I been ready? Let's see now, how can we do it this time?"

She was just about to come up with a suggestion when Troy beat her to it.

"I know. Get on your knees dog-style, while I get behind you. I've got an idea we haven't tried yet."

"But, darling, we've already done it this way! Don't tell me you've forgotten already!"

"Not the way I'm thinking of," Troy assured her, rising on his knees so that his hardened prick loomed out for her spread snatch. "You'll find out what I mean. Just wait and see. First I have to get my prick all nice and slick, then you'll see."

He guided his cock into her dripping cunt. It sank home with effortless ease, making a now perfect fit. Gwen groaned at the first loving strokes of his prick inside her cunt, realizing that he had more in mind than just fucking her from behind again.

Her realization proved correct when he pulled his juice-soaked shaft from her pussy and placed the purpled tip of his cock against her anus.

It was obvious now what he intended, but Gwen was helpless to stop him even as her voice rose in a surprised plea.

"Troy, darling, you can't mean to – please, honey, your cock's too big for me there! It'll tear me in half! Don't, baby, uhhhhhhh!"

Ignoring her cries, he began to push his prickhead into the tight entrance of her asshole, prying her clenched anal lips apart and working it in.

"Just relax and take it, Mom. I've been wanting to fuck your shithole ever since I tasted it, and now I'm going to dolt. Man, is it tight! It's even tighter than Janie's pussy! There… now it's sliding in… yeah, that's it!"

Despite her sobs of pain, Gwen automatically eased her clutching muscles and felt his cock pushing into her ass, inch after rock-hard inch shoving up her ass until she was sobbing and writhing like a hooked fish, caught up in mingled pain and delight.

"It's killing me – oh God, Troy, it hurts so nice I'm going to piss! Fuck me, you bastard! Fuck me in the ass! Yes, yes!"

She wailed as he moved his cock around in her tortured chute. This was no soft probing tongue, but a stiff fat dick that was tearing into her ass now. And not just any dick, but her son's monstrous cockshaft. Moving in and out, slowly at first and then faster, his cock slithered in the grip of her taut anus until its entire length was plunging in and out.

And, as she'd known she would, Gwen loved it. The first incredible pain gave way to a horny new sensation like nothing she'd known. Even being fucked in the ass was a joy, when it was Troy doing the fucking. Before long her pussy was melting with new floods of cream, and her movements had transformed into backward lunges as she stabbed herself on his cock with worshipful need, driving herself to ecstasy.

"Yes! Ohhh baby, dick me! Screw my ass, screw it good – I'm coming! Oh God, Troy, I'm coming harder… harder… harderrrrrrr!"

As if she'd been doing it all her life, Gwen heaved and pumped her anus on his pecker as if it were an eager mouth, ass muscles tightening and untightening to suck his prick for its cum.

Overjoyed at her reaction, Troy pistoned his meat to her furiously. "Take it, bitch! Take all my cock, Mom! Fuck me with your ass so I can fill it with cream. Oh fucking – shit yeah! That's it! Oh Mom, you sweet cock-hungry bitch, yeah!"


Gwen reeled. A little trickle of saliva slid from her lips. She pounded back on hands and knees, heedless of anything but the gigantic invader that tore her ass chute apart again and again. She'd never come like this before, and the orgasm that wracked her shuddering body overwhelmed her completely. Whimpering, she weaved under Troy's thrust and gave a last piercing scream when his jism erupted like a volcano in the cock-swollen sleeve of her anus.


Troy moaned loudly as his prick blasted time after time. Cockjuice filled her tortured anus and splattered in dewy droplets on her cunt. He plowed his meat in and out, draining it in the unnatural vise of his mother's shithole.

When he withdrew his cock from her orifice, she collapsed on the bed, so intoxicated by that unanticipated fucking that she was on the verge of unconsciousness.

However, she didn't need much reviving as his hands gently rolled her onto her back. It only took the feel of his shriveled prick against her lips to force awareness back. Her mouth opened, and his shrunken cock slipped in.

"Now lick it clean, Mom. That's right, lick all the juices off my prick so we can have some more fun. Suck my balls, too. Show me just how much you love my dick. Suck it and lick it all clean."

She did as she was told, lapping the cum from his cock and ball sack and making urgent-sounding noises. His cock began to grow hard and long all over again.

Assfucking his mom had affected Troy more than she realized. He'd never imagined any woman taking a dick in all the ways his mother had taken his today, and the added fact that it was his own mom made the day's events even better. His cock swelled in her mouth.

Troy climbed between her legs and propped them limply on his shoulders, pushing forward until her unresisting body was curled into a ball, her drooling cunt hovering beneath his prick. He slipped his cock easily into her cunt and began to rock back and forth, her feet dangling and flopping above his head and her pussy squishing with urgent wet sounds as his pecker fucked her with thorough, luxurious strokes.

"Aah… aah…"

Gwen's fogged mind reacted by pure instinct to her son's endless screwing. Not even on her wedding night had she been fucked so totally. She gurgled in oblivious abandon, not even realizng what she was saying.

"Fuck… me… fuck… fuck!"

Troy kept up his seesawing for a time, then abruptly changed his mind. Shifting both their bodies without dislodging his prick from her pussy, he settled onto his back with Gwen reeling drunkenly atop him, her big gorgeous tits bouncing as she began to ride his pecker with increasing vigor.

"Oh shit," he grunted as she came down on his cock. "I love you, Mom. Fuck me good!"

"Yes, darling," she cooed, teetering worshipfully on the prick that had given her more joy than any other. "Forever, baby. Forever and ever…"

"Ahhhh!" he gasped, hunching up in return.

Streams of cunt cream slickened his taut balls. Within moments they were bucking in frantic fervor, both reaching fresh peaks of completion.

When Gwen climaxed this time, it was with a groan of ecstasy.

"Ahhmmmm… hhmmm… ummmm!" She came, glued to her son's pecker in an eternity of orgasm. Her cries only grew when he gasped in warning. With a last upward heave he shoved his cock all the way into her and blasted his load once more.


She wailed and weaved on his spurting rod, taking all his jizz joyfully.

Then, absolutely fucked into oblivion, she sank on top of him in a happy heap, his soft young pecker still wedged inside her cunt.

Neither of them had noticed the figure standing at the door with a stunned expression.

"What the fucking holy shit is this?"

That was when they saw Daryl Brock standing at the doorway, gaping.


For an instant no one moved. Daryl's mouth dropped open in pure astonishment.

"Jesus Christ, what the hell…?"

Just coming down to reality, Gwen felt humiliation sweeping through her at his stare. Suddenly Troy was wiggling out from under her, his cock sliding from her cunt as he squirmed away and gabbed at a sheet to cover his leaking prick. "Oh shit!"

Daryl looked from Gwen to her son and back again, his stare turning cool. "Now I see why nobody answered the front door. I wouldn't have barged in if I'd known what I was going to find… but maybe it's just as well that I did."

He started forward, and Troy seemed to wilt back as if expecting a sudden burst of outrage.

"It… it isn't what you think, darling," Gwen began trying desperately to push back the fog of her lust and search for a reasonable explanation. However, there was none. She and Troy had been caught by the only other man she cared for. The cold look on his face told her that no amount of explaining could change that fact.

"Oh, isn't it?" he answered, a tight hard smile flicking over his mouth. "It looks exactly like what I think, as a matter of fact. And that's what we're going to talk about."

He turned to Troy, who sat wide-eyed with shock with a bedsheet clutched to hide his reddened young cock.

"You'd better wait outside," Daryl said slowly, calmly. "I want to talk to your mother alone."

At the moment Troy was only too glad to escape. He grabbed up the bundle that was his bathrobe and started out, then took a deep courageous breath and gave Gwen an inquiring look. "Mom?"

Gwen smiled dimly and reached out, patting his arm with a confidence she couldn't feel. "It's all right, dear. Go on. I think… we'll be fine."

With a final hesitation, Troy nodded his relief and scampered past Daryl and out the door.

The moment they were alone in the bedroom, Daryl turned to confront her, his expression bleak. "How long has this been going on?"

Crumpling on the bed in weary surrender, Gwen let the whole story pour out. At first the words came choppy and uncertain, because she'd never stopped to really understand her own behavior. But within a few moments they were flowing from her in a choked flood – the loneliness, her overprotective nature and Troy's growing curiosities, all of it.

At the end she slumped, drained.

Daryl nodded, his face unreadable. "I see." Then he turned and went to the doorway, poking his head out. "Troy, you'd better come in here. I have something to tell you."

The teenager hadn't been very far away. Caught between his childhood fears of being caught doing something wrong and his new-found protective manhood for his mother's safety, he'd been lurking in the hall not quite certain what he should do. He popped into the room immediately, his youthful face contorted by confusion.

"Uh… is everything okay?" he asked, eyes darting from one to the other.

"I think so," Daryl answered seriously, still not showing the slightest hint of emotion. "At least, it soon will be. Troy, your mother and I are getting married."

"What?" Shocked by that statement, Gwen had blurted her amazement just before Troy echoed it.

Daryl looked down at her, a slow grin creeping over his lips. "That is, if you have no objections. Actually, I've been thinking about this for some time. Now I see that I'm not asking a moment too soon."

"I don't understand." Her mind reeling with surprise, she met his eyes with a wondering look. "Marriage? After… after what's happened? You can't mean it!"

He shrugged. "All I know is that you're the woman I love. I've spent our last dates discovering that myself. And this mother-son business isn't good for any of us. At least, not by itself."

Overwhelmed with confusion, Gwen could only stare as he started to unbutton his shirt.

She stared as he removed his shirt and slacks and underwear. Finally he stood before her nude with his big cock rippling and stiffening in anticipation.

"What's the matter?" he grinned, enjoying her astonishment. "Haven't you made up your mind yet? Maybe we can help. How about it, Troy?"

Taken equally by surprise, Troy took a moment to answer. Realization dawned on him slowly, with a growing smile. "Oh shit, I can't believe this! You really want for both of us to…"

"Why not?" Daryl chuckled. "It looks like we've both been having our fun anyway. Since we're going to be one big happy family, we may as well not try to hide the fact. Now, all we have to do is convince your mother. You up to that?"

His initial surprise wearing off, Troy nodded. "I sure am! At least, I'm getting that way!"

Suddenly he jerked his bathrobe off, exposing the fact that his own prick was blossoming once more into luxurious hardness.

"Troy!" Gwen reacted with horrified understanding as her two men started toward her, mutual need etched on their faces. "You… you can't be serious! Daryl, I-I didn't mean for it to be this way! Please…"

"Didn't I tell you I was an understanding guy?" Daryl countered, his prick bobbing as he approached. "And as I recall, I also told you I was persistent. I'm going to get what I want, and that's you. I don't mind sharing."

Stunned, she couldn't form a protest as both men converged on her, their cocks swollen and weaving like a pair of thick fat snakes hungering for her body. Amazingly, she didn't even want to protest. Her cunt, still leaking Troy's cum and sore from all the screwing they'd done, began to itch and burn as if she hadn't had a man's cock for years. As the two peckers she loved most in the world loomed before her, she could only make a small whimpering noise of token resistance.

Then two pairs of hands were reaching out, fingers dipping into her gushing pussy and tweaking her nipples, pushing her back on the bed.

"That's it," Daryl said soothingly, stroking her cuntlips and prying them apart to display her wet depths. "Just relax and think about it, while your son and I make a convincing argument for the kind of honest relationship we could have if we were married. All you really want is to be loved, and that's something we're both more than ready to give. Like this."

Without another word he pushed her thighs wide apart and crawled between them gouging for her cunt with his enormous dick.

"Ahhh!" Gwen let out a cry as her pussy was speared, her wet slippery cavern filled by hard smooth cockflesh.

At the same time Troy bent over and fastened his mouth over a stiff aching nipple, sucking and lapping at it exuberantly as she arched up, shoving it at his face.

"There," Daryl breathed, sinking his prick to its hilt inside her cunt and beginning to pull it out until just the tip dangled between her clinging pussylips. "This is the kind of loving you're really after, isn't it? Admit it, baby."

Gwen groaned, lurching up for his cock and gasping frustration as he withheld it, waiting for her answer.

"Yes!" she screamed, blasting cunt cream over his prickhead and feeling it slide down between her thighs in silky streams. "Yes, damn you! Fuck me, both of you! God, I love your cocks! Do it, do it!"

Surrendering totally to the unexpected situation, she reached out and grabbed Troy's flopping young pecker, clutching it in her fist and making him groan as she undulated up in an effort to capture Daryl's prick in her cunt.

"Now you're getting the idea," he responded with a chuckle, still holding back. "We're going to fuck some sense into you, no matter how long it takes. And we may as well start now."

He shoved his cock hard into her.

Gwen sobbed and bounced on the bed, jerking in harsh spasms on her son's throbbing meat as she succumbed completely to the two peckers.

"Yessss! Fuck me! Harder, oh you bastards, give it to me hard! Faster, faster!"

Daryl began to drive his cock in and out with furious stabs, pinning the brunette's twitching ass to the bed and making her wail with the friction of his fucking. Beneath him, Troy's head bobbed as he milked at her tit and groaned, reacting to her pumping hand.

It had all happened so fast that Gwen's mind was a whirling chaos. One moment her world was crashing down around her and the next she was getting the full attention from the two men she loved. All the fears and hopes and confusions of the past minutes melted into pure sensation as she concentrated only on the hunger emanating from her cunt.

Slamming up to take each thrust of Daryl's cock, she so red to climax with writhing abandon.


Daryl gasped as she bucked under him, taking his prick with an intensity he'd never seen before.

"Jesus, that's pcrfect!" He drove his cock even harder. "Now – unh – now you're getting the message. But we've only just got started…"

"Uhhhmmm…" Gwen smiled up at him, still twitching in orgasm with his prick buried in her snatch. "You… ahhhh, you bet we have! And both of you horny bastards are going to get your fill!"

Abruptly she let go of Troy's dick and twisted around, pushing Daryl back on the bed and sprawling on top of him with his shaft still fucking her pussy. Leaning forward with her big heaving tits mashed to his hairy chest, she reached back and cupped her asscheeks, pushing them apart and facing her son.

"Now… now, I want both of you at once. Come here and get your pecker in me, Troy. You-you know where I want it, don't you? Hurry, please!"

"Shit, yeah!"

Placing the tip of his much-used prick against her cream-slickened entrance, he began to force it in.


She shrieked as her asshole was once again wrenched open to accept a massive intruder. However, this time the pain hardly mattered at all. With one cock surging in her snatch and the other inching into her ass, she crooned in sheer insatiable joy.

"Ahhhh, that's it! Do it, do it, baby! Get your dick all the way in my asshole! Oh get all of it in me so I can fuck you both! More, morrrrrre!"

Surprised at the ease with which his cock, sank inch after inch into her, Troy worked it into her stretched anus.

"Fuck, that's great!" he grunted, gyrating his hips and making her groan. "Oh fucking crap, I can feel your cock in her too! Man, it's really happening! We're fucking her together!"

Equally surprised, Daryl gave a pleased laugh. "Damned if it doesn't look like you two have been practicing more than I suspected! But I don't mind. How do you feel about it, babe?"

"Ahhhmmmm…" Gwen could only moan as she lay sandwiched between them, stuffed full of pecker. She could feel both pricks swelling, could feel them thrashing in her bloated holes and moving in unison, pushing, against each other in her taut inner walls. Unable to do more than thrash helplessly on those luscious cum-filled peckers, she begged for the fucking she needed so urgently.

"Now do it, fuck me good!" she pleaded, her voice cracked and hoarse with hunger. "Make me come like never before! Oh, you beautiful cocksuckers, slide your cocks around inside me and screw me and shoot me full of cum! Fuck me until I can't stand anymore!"

Daryl laughed. "You heard the lady, Son. Now let's show this horny mother of yours just what a happy family can do together. We'll shove the bitch more full of cock than she's ever had in her life!"

"Yeah," Troy answered, working his prick in and out of her tight sucking pit. "Now we'll have a real good time, Mom. Take it!"

His cock slithered back and forth, working Gwen's anal muscles loose and ramming all the way up her flare-rimmed hole, making her bite her lip to keep from screaming.

Daryl arched his hips, driving his cock into her sopping snatch.

Unable to hold back the excruciating pleasure that ripped through her then, she screamed. "GGGGUUUUUHHHHHH!"

Cream poured from her blasting pussy to drench their balls as they plowed their cocks into her snug cunt and ass, quickly picking up their pace.

"So good! Yes, baby, that's just right! Fuck me there – oh, Daryl, screw my pussy! Dick my asshole… uhh… uhh… Troyyy…"

Panting and heaving, they crammed their cocks home in unison, drilling her again and again.

It was Daryl who urged them on.

"Jesus, this is the tightest I ever had your pussy! I could go all night fucking you like this, but I think… ahhhhhh, yeah babe, I'm gonna cuuuummm!"

Stabbing up with all his strength, he pumped his prick to her more furiously than ever.

"Ummmmm…" she whimpered as his cock writhed inside her, unleashing its load of jism in her cunt. Flood after steamy flood exploded from his big lush pecker, glutting her with cum and making her writhe wildly for more.

That was all it took to suck Troy's pent-up jizz as well. He grunted and lunged, spurting his cum up her shithole.

Gwen took it all. Cooing happily, she soaked up every drop of cum both men had to offer and instinctively clamped her cunt and anal muscles down on the two peckers until each tugging surge drained their cocks dry.

"Fuck, that… that was great!" Troy gasped, slumping atop her with his big youthful pecker shrinking and sliding wearily from her ass chute. "Wow, Mom, you're the best! What an ass!"

"Hhhuuuummmm…" Purring in dizzy culmination, she felt hot cream spurt from her anus as his prick slipped free. "Darlings, that was… ahhhhhhhhhh!"

"Glad you liked it," Daryl answered lightly. "But that was only the beginning. Move over, Son. I want to show your mother exactly what she'll be missing if she doesn't accept my proposal."

Daryl rose from beneath her. Gwen made a surprised sound as his cock slid away, already hardening again even as he moved around behind her on his knees, pulling her hips up in a jutting position.

"This party's just started, and it's not going to end until I get an answer. And if you don't get the point in one way, you'll damned sure get it another – like this!"

Unbelievably, his cock was already back to its full original hardness. When he unexpectedly bored its full-length up Gwen's drooling twat, she wailed: "Oh my God, yes! Give it all to me, every bit! Fuck me more!"

She immediately began picking up her frantic screwing motion as if she'd never stopped. In a distant part of her mind, Gwen couldn't help but wonder at her own unquenchable appetite for cock. Daryl was right. They'd only gotten started, in a way he didn't even yet suspect. And it was going to take a whole lifetime to end.

"Yes! Yes, cram it in me! Cram it – uhhmmm!" Hypnotized, Troy watched as Daryl's hips jerked wildly, slamming his meat into his mom's thick-furred pussy with harsh stabs that had little flecks of cunt cream splattering her ass and thighs.

Seeing another man's cock disappearing up his mother's cunt was even better than when he'd watched Janie eat her out. He felt his limp pecker hardening in response.

That made him move onto the bed with purposeful determination, planting himself before Gwen in her dog-like crouch and shoving his slick limp prick at her face.

"Suck it, Mom! Suck my pecker while Daryl fucks you from behind! Lick my dick until it's nice and hard! Show him how much you like eating cock, so we can fuck you on both ends at once! Yeah, yeah!"


Gwen opened her lips to engulf her son's soft wet meat. Swaying back and forth in motion with Daryl's surging cock, she began to suck and bob her head on Troy's lovely sweet shaft as it slowly grew long and hard, pushing its way down her throat.

By this time neither man was very surprised at the ease with which she took both their dicks together, expertly screwing them with her mouth and cunt. Easing forward slightly, Troy managed to reach down and wrap his hands around her big dangling tits and pink fleshy nipples, milking them as he hunched into his mother's soft yielding mouth.


Her motion increased as a climax built up and blasted in wrenching shudders through her, making her slam back and forth even harder.

"I think she'd ready," Daryl gritted, feeling his slapping balls tighten with warning. "Oh Christ, what a piece of ass! I'd be – ahhhh! – a fool to… let you get away… uhhhhhh!"

He spasmed, and cum slammed up her pussy in violent eruptions, again and again.

Troy gasped and shoved his cock home as well, filling her mouth with tangy globs of cream.

The three of them were a heaving, lurching mass of completion. Then, drained and tired and utterly satisfied, they collapsed in a heap on the bed.

That was when Daryl laughed. "I told you it had just begun. And it doesn't have to stop – if you don't want it too. So, now that I've made my argument… what's your answer?"

Gwen smiled sleepily and reached down to fondle his limp cock, using her free hand to give Troy the same treatment. "Don't you know already? Do you think I'd ever give these up now?"

She squeezed their momentarily softened pricks, and the two men grinned at each other.

"That's fine," Daryl sighed, entangling his fingers in her soaked cunt hair and smiling his relief. "In fact, that's more than fine. It's wonderful! And as soon as we've rested up a bit, Troy and I are going to show you just how wonderful! Aren't we, Son?"

"You bet we are!" Troy smiled, pleased.

"Never mind," Gwen retorted, tugging on their dicks. "You'll find out about other things soon enough. But for right now I want you both to concentrate on me. I may need some more convincing in a little while, you know!"

Their limp cock meats began to stir under her fingers. She squirmed happily. They were going to be a family, all right. A husband and a son to love, in all the ways that she wanted most. She would never be lonely again.

What more could a mother ask for?