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What a hot mom!

Kathy Andrews

Kathy Andrews

What a hot mom!


"Want some pussy, darling?"

Mack's newspapers rattled.

"Do I want some what?" he asked.

"Pussy!" Judy smiled at him, her eyes soft, but hot. "I asked if you wanted some pussy. If you'd take your nose out of that fucking newspaper once in a while, you'd hear clearly what I said.?

“Pussy… " Mack said softly, eyeing his wife. "Since when are you giving out pussy, Judy?"

"Since anytime you want it," she replied.

Mack folded the paper and placed it on a lawn chair next to the patio table. He looked out into the back yard, seeing their daughter and son romping around in the pool. It was some time before he spoke.

"Judy, I don't understand you," he said carefully. "Do you know how long it's been since we fucked?"

"Ages," Judy responded, running her tongue over her lips.

"That wasn't my fault," he reminded her.

"I know, Mack. I know very well it's been me." Judy stroked her bare knee. Her legs were crossed. The tiny bikini enhanced her beauty, the slender beauty of her curvy body. "And I wish you wouldn't say that out loud. They may hear you,?

Anger started in Mack, but he swallowed it. "Would it be so terrible if they did hear the word? My God, Jusy, it wouldn't be right for them to become adults without knowing that word. Fuck, a beautiful word, but you always hated to hear it. Now you're sitting there asking me if I want some pussy. I'd say this is some change coming over you."

Her husband was telling her the truth. She had never wanted to hear him use those words. She thought they were gross, vulgar, and they had turned her off. Mack loved to use them when they were embraced, screwing hard. But as he would mutter them, her passion would cool, and despite the massive discharge he enjoyed, Judy was left frustrated and without release. She had simply turned her body from him, some time ago. She was sure he jacked off for release. She didn't think he found other women because when he wasn't at work, he was at home.

"I've been a bitch, Mack," she said. "I know I've been a bitch with you, and I'm sorry for it. I'm trying, in the only way I know, to make up for it."

Mack looked at her for some time.

Judy was beautiful as the day they had married. Her flesh was still smooth and satiny, unblemished. Her tits, thrusting inside the small halter of her bikini, made his mouth water. They had married when she was seventeen, and her body had not changed in fifteen years. Slim, yet with all the right curves and hollows; he wanted her powerfully.

"Are you talking about right now?" he asked, his voice turned husky.

She nodded, glancing at Jimmy and Susie. "I don't think we'd be disturbed."

"Are you sure, Judy? Are you absolutely sure?"

"Yes, Mack," she whispered. "Please, let's do it now."

"Judy… "

She stood up. "Now, Mack, please!"

He looked again at Susie and Jimmy in the pool, then back at Judy. She stood with her shoulders back, making her luscious tits push at the halter. He lowered his eyes to the front of her bikini, seeing the exciting bulge of her cunt. His cock began to stir and lift inside his trunks. Judy reached for his hand, pulling up. She looked down at his trunks, then smiled at him. "See, you want some pussy, darling."

"Judy… "He whispered softly, squeezing her hand. "I've never heard you say pussy before. "

"So, you hear me say it now." She smiled, a little nervously. "I've got some pussy, Mack, and it's yours… if you want it."

"Want it? Do I want your pussy?" Mack moaned softly. "Judy, I've been wanting your pussy for months!'"

"Come on," she said, pulling him into the house. "I wish I knew what's gotten into you," he said. "You're getting into me!" She grinned, shoving her halter to her waist, twisting it around and untying it. "You're getting into my pussy."

"The bedroom… "Mack grunted, his eyes burning on her firm, thrusting tits, her long nipples, puckered with hardness.

"Here," she said, pulling at the tie strings of her bikini. "I want to right here, Mack."

The flimsy cloth slithered down her thighs, and Judy stood naked before him. His eyes moved from her tits, past her flat stomach, settling on the thick thatch of dark blonde hair that surrounded her cunt. His cock stiffened completely inside his trunks, outlined in hardness.

He swiftly shoved his trunks down, kicking them from his feet.

"Mmmmm, nice and hard," Judy purred as his cock swung free.

Mack stared at his wife, his passion exposed, but he was puzzled. She was acting strangely, and he didn't understand. It had been months since they fucked, and he knew Judy failed to come. He suspected she was becoming frigid, cold to the joys of sex. But this wanton display now, her use of the word pussy confused him.

Judy clutched his cock in her hand, squeezing it tightly, feeling it throb. The head bulged smoothly, his piss-hole opening, already moist for her. She pumped his cock a moment, then pulled him toward the couch. Still clinging to his cock, she sat down, then lay back, her head resting on the arm of the couch. She opened her legs, knees bent.

"God, Judy!" he gasped as he gazed at the pink slit of her cunt. The tip of her clit protruded from the wet folds of delicious flesh. Judy had the longest clit of any woman he had ever seen, and it excited him.

"Take it, Mack," she whispered, squeezing his cock hard. "Take my pussy now… here on the couch."

Mack knelt between Judy's parted thighs. His cock throbbed up and down. He stared between her legs, gazing with passion at her cunt. Judy waited, her tits rising and falling as she breathed. Her green eyes held a new heat in them, a shining that Mack had never seen before.

"Jimmy… Susie… "

"I don't care," Judy hissed. "Do it now, Mack! Come on, put it in me now!?

“You don't care?" he asked, glancing through the double sliding doors, seeing Susie and Jimmy clearly.

"No," she replied. "Just do it now!"

Mack leaned over Judy, the head of his cock brushing the lips of her pussy. Judy darted her hand down, pushing his cock into position. She gasped slightly as she felt his cock slid into her cunt. Her hands then moved to his hips, holding them as he pressed his cock completely into her. Judy smiled as she felt her cunt open and stretch about his hard prick. This time she could feel it very well, feel each ridge and groove of it. She knew why, but she wasn't going to tell Mack.

As Mack settled on her, between her thighs, she lifted her pussy toward him. Mack braced himself by placing his hands on the cushions at her shoulders. He used to hold her tits, or her ass, when they fucked, but Judy had not liked it very well. She had usually lain there without moving, letting him pump and thrust into her until he came.

This time it was different.

As he started stabbing his cock into her cunt, Judy moved with him, meeting his cock with her pussy. She moved her hands off his hips and over his ass. Sliding his cock in and out of her cunt, he looked into her eyes, a question in his.

"Mmmmm, I know," she purred softly. "But do what you like to do with me, Mack. Hold my tits or my ass, the way you always liked."

Still stroking in and out, Mack said: "First pussy, now tits and ass. Judy, I don't know what, you don't make sense, Judy."

"Just do enjoy it, darling," she whispered. "Hold my tits or my ass and fuck me!"

"Oh, God!" Mack moaned.

His hands darted down Judy's sides his chest crushing her firm tits. He closed his hands about the bunching cheeks of her ass, lifting her, driving deeply. Judy thrashed her hips about, up and down and sideways. She wrapped her long legs about him, squeezing and scissoring them up and down his flesh.

"Ooooh, nice, Judy, very nice!" he grunted, feeling her cunt caress his cock, grip it tightly. "Ohhhh, very.nice!"

"Fuck me, darling," Judy murmured into his ear. "Fuck me hard and deep! Ohhh, Mack, it feels so wonderful!"

Mack listened to her, puzzled, but enjoying It tremendously. He wasn't going to ask any questions, not now. Listening to his wife use those words inflamed his emotions, made his balls swell full, his cock throb. He curled his hands into her ass, his fingers slipping into the hot crack. Judy had never allowed him to move his fingers into the split of her ass, never.

But now she said nothing as she felt his fingers very close to her tightly puckered asshole. Her eyes were open, watching over his shoulder seeing Susie and Jimmy at the pool. She felt Mack's finger make a cautious rub at her asshole.

"Mmmmmm," she purred softly.

Mack humped his cock up and down, applying gentle pressure upon Judy's asshole. He heard her soft moan of pleasure, and rubbed at the crinkle with more pressure.

Judy swung her ass up and down, riding his cock faster. Mack squeezed her ass, pulling the cheeks wide. Judy gasped and churned with him. Her eyes were glassy, but she could see Susie and Jimmy clearly.

Mack pushed a stiff finger at her asshole, pausing in his strokes. He lifted his head and looked down at her. Judy gazed up at him, a wanton smile on her lovely face. Mack applied more pressure against her tight asshole, his cock buried deep inside her cunt. When he pushed at the ring of her asshole, he felt Judy's cunt tighten more about his cock.

"Judy?" he moaned.

Judy nodded her head, pulling his face back into her neck. "Fuck me, Mack," she whispered in a tight voice. "Fuck me hard!"

With his face buried into her neck, Judy was watching their daughter and son come toward the patio. She drew her knees upward, sliding them along his sides. Mack rammed into her faster, his naked ass bouncing. She felt his balls slap her each time his cock rammed deeply. She felt his finger pushing firmly against the ring of her asshole. She began to moan softly, her flesh starting to tingle.

Susie and Jimmy were now on the patio, at the table. She could see them talking to each other, but they had not looked into the house. Her eyes moved from her son to her daughter, back again. She gazed at the front of her son's tight trunks, seeing the exciting bulge his cock and balls made. She looked at her daughter, her eyes taking in the curves of her titties, the shape of her compact ass, the long, slim legs. Like Judy, Susie wore a bikini, a very brief bikini. The split of her young ass showed above the top of it, and the lower cheeks were exposed because the bikini had crept into the crack of her sweet little ass.

"Fuck me, Mack," Judy whispered hotly. "Ohhhh, Mack, fuck me hard!"

She had one hand on the back of his head, holding his face buried into her neck, the other gripping the cheek of his pounding ass.

Then it happened.

Just what she wanted to happen.

Susie glanced into the house, her eyes popping big, her mouth dropping open. Judy saw Susie poke at Jimmy, then point into the house. Jimmy, reacting as his sister did, almost jumped. Judy's eyes were slitted, and from where her son and daughter stood, they looked closed. But Judy was watching them closely. They could see her getting fucked by their father, maybe see his cock ramming into her cunt. Her passions soared, and she churned her naked ass wildly, thrusting her cunt up to Mack's cock. She saw her son get a hard-on inside his tight trunks. Both Susie and Jimmy came close to the glass door, looking in at their mother and father with big eyes.

Judy was gasping now, the sensations of her husband's cock filling her cunt, stretching it. Her long clit turned into a hot knot of delicious feelings, scraping at his cock as he pounded up and down. Her pussy burned.and the juices flowed. The muscles of her stomach tightened.

"Ohhhh, Mack, Mack!" she called out. "You're going to make me come this time! Ohhhh, fuck me, Mack!"

Mack grunted in reply, his balls hard. He had never felt his wife's cunt so juicy before, so tight. It was gripping his cock, squeezing it like a fist. The pleasure it gave him was tremendous.

Susie and Jimmy were now pressing their faces against the glass of the doors, eyes enormous. Judy watched them, her vision clouding as her orgasm began to steam inside her pussy.

"Ooooh, Mack! Make me come! Mack, my pussy is on fire and you're so hard! Make me come, Mack!" she sobbed, grinding her crotch powerfully at him, her knees tight into his arm pits. "Make me come, Mack! Ooooh, I can… you're about to make me come, Mack!"

A loud gasp shot from Judy's mouth.

Mack had shoved his finger into her asshole. The shock of it startled Judy, and she thought it would prevent her from coming. Instead, it enhanced the wild, burning, sweetness of her gripping cunt.

The feel of her cunt stuffed by his cock and his finger driven up her asshole, Judy swun_ her crotch up, then began to grind wantonly.

"Ohhhh, Judy!" Mack groaned.

The hot gush of his come-juice spurted into her cunt. The sensation triggered her orgasm, and as her cunt rippled into tight waves of wet orgasm, Judy clawed at his ass, pulling it open. Her eyes closed as she came, the heat of intense pleasure wrapping about her nakedness.

"Oh, yes, Mack!" she cried out as her pussy clutched his spurting cock with squeezing tightness. "Come in me… flood my pussy, Mack!"

Spurt after spurt of creamy juices filled Judy. Her cunt contracted each time the hot squirts entered her, her asshole clutching at his buried finger.

As the orgasm receded, she opened her eyes and saw her daughter and son still pressed at the glass doors. Jimmy's cock was so hard, it appeared as if it would split his swimming trunks. Susie seemed to be writhing her young hips, but Judy wasn't sure. The only thing she was sure about was the awed excitement on those two young faces.

Mack pulled his deflating cock from her cunt and knelt, looking down at Judy, a pleased smile spreading over his face. Judy kept her knees back, her hairy cunt on display. She knew her son and daughter could see her, see her pussy, and their father's wetly glistening cock and big balls. She held herself this way lewdly for a long time, then slowly lowered her legs, sitting up. She cupped her husband's balls and toyed with them for a moment, peeking from the corner of. her eyes at her son and daughter.

Looking up at her husband, she asked softly: "Was it good, Mack?".

"Judy, oh, baby, it was wonderful!"

"Do I have good pussy?" she asked, caressing his empty balls. "Do you really like my pussy, Mack?"

He nodded, pleasantly surprised with this sudden change in his wife.

Judy released his balls and stood up. She felt juices seeping from her cunt and along the insides of her thighs. She spread her knees and cupped her cunt, giggling like a little girl. "You sure filled me up this time, Mack."

She stood facing the glass doors, holding her cunt, but carefully not looking at her son and daughter. She turned, presenting her shapely ass to them as she started from the room. At the door of the hall, she paused and looked back at Mack.

"I've got to bathe now," she said, and then pretended to see Susie and Jimmy for the first time.

"Oh, look!" she squealed, pointing at the doors.

"Oh, shit!" Mack gasped, grabbing for his trunks and holding them before his naked body. Judy giggled, unable to pretend embarrassment.

She did, however, rush down the hall as her husband came running behind her, embarrassed at being caught by Susie and Jimmy.

In the bathroom, Judy ran the tub, testing the water temperature. She heard Mack enter behind her.

"Do you think they saw us?" he asked.

"Oh, they saw that big thing, I'm sure," she said, not looking at him, a smile on her face.

"I mean saw us fucking?"

"I believe they did," Judy answered, slipping into the bathroom.

"Judy, what are we going to tell them?"

"I'm not going to tell them anything," she said. "What could I tell them?"

"We've got to explain, somehow??

“Why?" she asked.

"Because… well, hell, Judy!"


Judy prepared for bed.

Mack had avoided Susie and Jimmy all day hiding out in his den.

Judy found it delicious.

She had been thinking of doing that for some months, but nervousness had prevented her from doing so before. She didn't know herself why she wanted to be caught with Mack's cock inside her cunt by Susie and Jimmy. She didn't know why she spoke to Mack of her pussy or even why she allowed him to thrust his finger up her asshole as he fucked her. All Judy knew was she had been fantasizing about being seen fucking by Susie and Jimmy for some time. She would lie in bed close to Mack, and dream of them watching as they fucked, and become aroused. Twice she had used her fingers on her cunt to orgasm as her husband lay sleeping at her side.

Today, she had done just what she had been fantasizing about, and her orgasm had been overwhelming. It had been so long since she came, and the pent-up explosions had shattered her with ecstasy. It had worked perfectly. She wasn't sure Susie and Jimmy would see them, but she had been hoping… and it had happened.

Best of all, Jimmy had a big hard-on inside his tight trunks, and that told Judy her son had been very excited. She was certain her daughter had gotten a wet cunt as she watched, too.

Just what she intended to do now, or next, Judy wasn't sure at all.

What she was sure of, though, was to get her husband to fuck her again in places where Susie and Jimmy could see and watch them fuck. Being seen had thrilled her more than anything in her life. The sheer wantonness of it had made her come. Having Susie and Jimmy see their father's cock stabbing into her cunt sent shivers up and down her spine, and as she had lain there with her knees up, her cunt on display to them, she had almost come again.

When she came from the bathroom, she saw Mack already in bed. His habit had been to read himself to sleep each night, and as she had expected, he had the recent best seller on his stomach. Judy wore a short, sheer gown, and her tits and pussy-hair were visible through it. As she approached the bed, Mack looked at her over the top of the book.

Judy, with a giggle, jerked the sheet from his body. Mack lay in bed naked, and she giggled as her eyes settled upon his cock and balls.

"No shorts tonight, Mack?" she asked. "That's a switch."

"I thought," he said, "since what we did this afternoon, you might want to do it again."

"You mean pussy?" she asked, arching her eyebrow at him. "You thought you'd get some more of my pussy, Mack?"

"Judy, I don't know what's come over you, but I like it," he said.

"Even getting caught by Susie and Jimmy?"

"Well, that did embarrass me," he admitted. "But hell, pussy is pussy, and we haven't fucked in a long time. That's their problem, I'd say."

"But I thought you said we had to explain to them."

"I doubt if we could explain anything to them," he said. "You know how fast they grow up today. They could probably teach you and me a thing or two."

Judy glanced at the door of their room. It was open, as usual.

"Mack… " she said in a low voice, peeling her sheer gown from her shoulders, then letting it whisper to the floor. "Should I close the door?"

"It's a bit late for that, I'd say." He smiled at her, his eyes taking in the naked beauty.

"They might peek at us," she warned. "We might start making too much noise."

"I doubt that," he replied. "I don't remember you being a noisy fuck at all, Judy."

She grinned at him. "Say that again."

"Say what again?"

"That I've never been a noisy fuck," she said.

"You haven't."

"No, the way you said it first."

"You've never been a noisy fuck."

"Mmmmmm," Judy purred, writhing her slender body. "You'd love it if I were a noisy fuck, wouldn't you?"

He nodded.

Judy stepped a few paces from the bed, bending her knees slightly and parting them. She ran her hands over her shapely tits, down her sides, over her hips to her ass. She cupped her firm ass a moment, then moved her hands through the curls of her pussy. With a lewd expression on her face, she pulled her cunt open, and her long clit showed. She took her clit between a thumb and forefinger, and worked on it.

"I can jack myself the way you can with your… cock," she said.

"Judy, Judy," he moaned. "You're saying those words."

"I know," she giggled softly. "Does it excite you?"

"You know it does," he moaned, watching her push and pull on her clit.

"Mack, I think my pussy is getting hot again," she whispered. She released her clit and slipped her middle finger down and under, pushing it into her cunt. "I feel wet, Mack. My pussy… cunt! Oh, yes, Mack, my cunt feels so wet and hot!"

His cock jerked up very fast.

Judy made her voice a bit louder. "You're getting hard, Mack. Your cock is getting so hard."

Mack gripped his big balls, staring at his wife as she fingered her cunt. He had never seen her do anything like this before. He had never seen her display such passion; such open, uninhibited desire.

Judy was feeling more erotic than she had this afternoon. Her emotions were swirling about inside her head like a sensual storm that refused to calm down. Her cunt was dripping along her inner thighs, and her ass-cheeks bunched as she probed her cunt with her middle finger, gazing at her husband with fiery eyes.

“Want some pussy, Mack?" she asked, her voice oddly high.

Mack nodded, his cock jerking about.

"Aren't you afraid Jimmy and Susie will see us again?" she asked, her voice loud. Mack squeezed his balls. "I don't give a fuck who sees us! Judy, you're making me so fucking hot for it!?

“Want me on top?" she asked, again loudly. "Want me to sit on that big, hard cock?"

"You've never… "

"This is now, Mack," she cut in. "Want me to sit on your hard cock, take it in my hot cunt, fuck you that way??

“Judy… God, Judy!"

She stepped toward the bed again, not looking at the open door. She wanted her son and daughter to hear her, to come and watch as she sat on their father's cock and fucked him, watch her naked tits bounce as she plunged her cunt up and down on his stiff prick.

"We might get caught again, Mack."

"I don't care!" he growled. "Judy, look at my cock! I need you, Judy. I need your pussy now!"

"Mmmmm, and you're going to get some pussy, too," she said, climbing on the bed, sliding her knees over his legs. She lowered her crotch and rubbed her wet cunt on his thigh, smearing it with the slippery fluids of her fiery cunt. She took hold of his cock and stroked it as she rubbed her pussy on his flesh, making soft sounds of delight as she watched the head of his cock swell.

With her husband's eyes gazing at her hairy cunt, Judy glanced toward the door.

Her pulses pounded with excitement as she saw Susie and Jimmy peering around the door, eyes as big as they had been that afternoon. She made sure they didn't know she was aware they were there. She lifted her cunt, rubbing his cock along the slit of her pussy, mewling in voyeuristic ecstasy. She hoped her son and daughter could see everything, see her ass, her cunt, their father's balls and cock. She wanted them to see his cock slide into her cunt as she sat down on it.

Drawing her feet up until she was squatting, she hovered her pussy above Mack's prick. She fit the swollen head into her cunt and slowly lowered her ass. She cooed softly as she felt the thick prick spread the lips of her cunt. She sat down slowly, wanting to see if Susie and Jimmy could see, but afraid that if she looked that way, they would run off.

Smashing her cunt onto the base of Mack's cock she rocked back and forth, breathing deeply. Mack began to caress Judy's slim thighs, his eyes still fixed between her thighs at her cunt gripping his cock.

Susie and Jimmy stared openly, both with huge eyes. They could see their mother's naked ass, see the crack of it. Each time their mother pounded down onto their father's cock, her flesh rippled. Even from this distance, they had a very good view of their father's hairy balls and his thick cock, and were able to see their mother's cunt gripping tightly as Judy thrashed up and down.

Jimmy had a hard-on. It was pressing against his pajamas, the head threatening to burst through. At his side, Susie was making soft moaning sounds. Her pussy tingled and she could feel the wetness soaking into the crotch of her panties. She had her hands balled into fists, pressed at her hips.

Judy rammed her naked ass up and down, stabbing himself in her cunt with Mack's deliciously hard cock. She groaned and squealed, twisting her head about with passion that increased with each thrust of her cunt. Mack was running his hands up and down Judy's thighs, feeling the satiny flesh, running the tips of his fingers through her soft pussy hair, staring at the way Judy bounced up and down…

"Fuck… fuck… " she sobbed. "Ohhhh, Mack, fuck me! It's so good in my cunt! I love to feel your hard cock in my pussy! Ahhhh, Mack, I want to fuck you so hard!"

Even in her passion, Judy spoke loud, wanting her son and daughter to hear every word, see every move. Knowing they were stating at her, seeing her fuck their father, sent chills of the most delightful sensation through her. Her cunt grabbed Mack's cock with each upward pull, expanding as she rammed downward. Her long clit was being scraped by the throbbing hardness. Jamming her cunt down, she twisted and rubbed back and forth, her hand shooting behind her ass to capture his balls. She pressed his balls to the hot crack of her ass while she writhed her hips.

"Oooooh, Mack, isn't it good? Don't you love to feel my hot, wet cunt around your beautiful hard cock?" she cried out. "I love it, Mack! Ohhhhhh, it's so wonderful inside my cunt! I want to fuck and fuck and never stop fucking!"

Mack was panting as he stared at his wife's crotch. The heat of her cunt was unlike any he had ever felt before. As Judy lifted her ass, doing a screwing motion, he slid his palms underneath, cupping the spread of her ass. Pulling at her ass-cheeks, Judy whimpered softly. Mack cupped her ass while she bounced happily up and down on his cock again. The moist slapping of her hairy cunt against the base of his cock sounded loud.

Susie crept her hand into her brother's as they stared. Jimmy squeezed his sister's hand. When Susie made a small sound, he shushed her quickly.

"Judy! Oh, shit, Judy!" Mack gurgled.

"It's fuck, Mack!" she hissed. "Fuck! Sweet, hot, wet fuck!"

"God, you're so different!" he moaned, watching the tight, hair-lined flesh of her cunt sliding up and down his cock. "I love you this way, Judy!"

"You love my hot cunt, that's what you love!" Judy panted. "You love hot pussy, Mack!"

"I do!" he agreed. "I surely do!"

"Use it, darling!" Judy sobbed. "Ohhhh, use my cunt! Use my wet, hot cunt! Fuck my wet, hot cunt! Ram that hard cock up my fucking cunt! "

Mack was lifting his hips now, striving to press his cock as deep as he could into her grasping pussy. His balls were hard and full, aching for release.

"I'll come, Judy!" he warned. "You'll make me come!"

Judy pounded her cunt up and down as fast as she could, fucking him in a frenzy. Her hair fanned about her face. She twisted her ass, screwing up and down, almost losing his cock a few times. Mack pushed upward, and each time Judy came down, she drove his ass back to the bed.

"Oooooh, look!" Susie gasped.

"Shhhhh!" Jimmy warned, squeezing his sister's hand hard. "They'll hear us."

Susie was twisting her tight little ass, her cunt on fire. The tips of her hard little tits pressed at the cotton nightgown. She had seen her brother's cock pushing at his pajamas, but she didn't tell him.

"Judy, you’re going to make me come!" Mack shouted, gritting his teeth.

"Ohhhh, yes!" his wife responded in a tight voice. "Come, Mack! Squirt it to me! Spurt that hot stuff up my cunt! Fill my pussy with it! Oooooh, I want it, Mack! Give it to me! Please… give me your hot come-juice… right in my fucking cunt!"

Mack had his hands on her upper thighs now, squeezing hard as his balls got ready to explode. Judy's cunt seemed to squeeze him more than ever before.

With a scream of ecstasy, Judy rammed her cunt down onto his cock as hard and tight as she could. The rippling, waving flesh inside her cunt sucked at him, her clit throbbing.

"Ohhhhh, Mack!" she gasped. "I'm going to come!"

With a soft scream, Judy's pussy convulsed.

She pressed hard onto his prick, her clit throbbing powerfully with hot quick spasms. The hairy slit of her cunt drew on his cock, sucking him as if it were her mouth, her tongue, her lips and teeth. The cheeks of her ass shivered, and her tits seemed to arch and peak toward the ceiling, her nipples flulshed.

"Judy!" Mack shouted. "Your cunt… ohhhh, your cunt!"

Judy was mindless with orgasm. Her pussy came and came, a never-ending series of orgasms that shook and surprised her. She hoped it would never stop.

As she came in wave after wave of hot pleasure, Judy began to slide her cunt back and forth, feeling her husband's balls rubbing at her ass. The force of her orgasms seemed to grow until she could hardly stand any more.

With a grunt, Mack's cock gushed.

The hot streams of his thick come-juice spewed along the velvety walls of her fiery, contracting pussy. He sprayed into her cunt with a force that surprised both of them. Even while she was coming so hard, Judy could feel the rapid squirts.

"Mack!" she screamed. "Ohhhh, Mack! More, Mack! Give it all to me! Fill me, Mack! Fill my cunt!"

As the furor of their orgasms ended, Mack's ass relaxed. But Judy remained sitting on him, feeling his cock soften inside her pussy. She grinned wantonly down at him, leaning forward to stroke his cheek. Mack cupped her tits, fondling them gently, thumbing her nipples. He grinned back up at her.

"Well, what do you think of your wife now, Mack?" Judy asked, pleased with her performance. "Am I still such a cold fuck?"

"Judy, I don't have any idea what brought all this on," he said, tweaking her nipples, "but I sure hope it stays."

Judy giggled softly, sitting upright again. She slipped her hand behind her and fondled his emptied balls tenderly. "I've felt you come so much. You needed this fuck, didn't you?"

"I've needed your fucking for months, Judy," he replied. "You're not going to turn it off now that you've got it going, are you?"

"Oh, never!" She breathed deeply, hearing the soft steps as her son and daughter left the doorway. "I want to fuck this way all the time."

"You mean on top of me?"

"On top of you, beneath you, hands and." knees, anyway we can get It In me.

"Hands and knees?" he asked. "Judy, that's one position you've never allowed. I thought you said it made you feel like some cow or something."

"Maybe at one time, but never again." She smiled down at him. "You can twist me into any shape and position you want from now on."

She lifted her cunt from his cock, feeling the hot juices running along the insides of her smooth thighs. Standing up on the bed, she cupped her cunt as she had that afternoon.

"You rest," she whispered as she stepped off the bed. "I've got to go bathe again."

She started toward the hall.

"Judy, you're naked," he called.

"Susie and Jimmy are sleeping," she said. "And I have to use the hall bath because those faucets in ours are leaking badly." With that fib, she stepped boldly into the hallway, while her husband turned onto his side and began drifting off to sleep.


Judy did not go to the bathroom.

She sneaked down the hallway until she came to her son's room. There was a light coming from his doorway, and that was where she expected to find both Susie and Jimmy.

She was not disappointed.

Realizing from their voices they would not be looking toward the door, Judy peeked inside. A smile curled her lips.

Susie and Jimmy were sitting side by side, whispering softly but with excitement in those young voices.

"Did you see Mother's ass bouncing?" Jimmy asked his sister.

Susie nodded her head, eyes gleaming. "I saw Daddy's big balls, too, and his big prick."

"It sure gave me a hard-on, Susie," Jimmy said a catch in his voice.

"I saw it," Susie confessed. "You're still hard, too, Jimmy."

Her eyes glanced down significantly to where his cock was pushing up at his pajama bottoms.

"You wanna see it up close, susie.

Judy's eyes burned, mentally urging her daughter to take her son's cock out and play with it. Susie hardly breathed as she leaned over and looked at the outline of her brother's cock.

"Do you think we should, Jimmy?" she asked in a soft, but excited voice.

"Mom and Dad were doing it, weren't they?" he replied. "They seemed to really enjoy it. Why can't we, if they do?"

"But we're too little," Susie protested, but her eyes were hot on the rounded head of his cock as it pushed at his pajamas.

"Does my cock look too little?" Jimmy asked. "If I can get a hard-on, I guess we should do it, too.?

"Does it hurt?" Susie asked.

"I don't know, Susie. I've never done it before, either."

"Well… we don't have to really do it, do we?" Susie asked. "We can just sort of playa little."

"I can see your pussy, too?"

Susie lifted her sweet face and looked into her brother's eyes for a breathless moment. Judy was waiting for her daughter to reply, urging her agreement.

Susie nodded, licking her lips, her eyes going back down to her brother's lap.

"Take it out, Susie," Jimmy urged, his young voice husky. "Take it out and look."

Judy stared, still cupping her dripping cunt. She stood with her body behind the door, but peeking around it at them. She felt her clit starting to throb again, swell into a hard knot against her pressing palm. She didn't know what Mack would say if he saw this, but Judy didn't really give a damn. This was what she wanted; to have her son and daughter see her body, see her tits and coot and ass and legs, and to watch her fuck their father. They had watched, and now the other thing she wanted was about to happen. She would face Mack, if and when he discovered what she was up to.

Susie's small hand moved toward her brother's cock. Her eyes were big and hot, half glazed, lips parted. She touched Jimmy's cock through his pajamas with the tip of her fingers, and jerked her hand back.

"Ohhhh, Jimmy, it's hot!"

"That's because it's so hard, Susie," he explained. "Go on… just wrap your hand around it and squeeze."

"I thought you. wanted me to take it out of your pajamas?" Susie said, her voice throaty. "Don't you want me to take it out and look at it?"

"Yeah!" Jimmy moaned, leaning back on his hands, spreading his knees and offering.his crotch to his sister. "Take it out and look at It."

Judy held her breath as she watched Susie's small hand move slowly to Jimmy's cock again. This time as she touched his cock through his pajamas, she didn't jerk away. Her eyes became larger as she ran her fingertip along the concealed shaft, from the head to his balls. Jimmy writhed his hips, grinning at his sister.

"Oooooh, it feels so hard and hot?" Susie giggled. "I'm gonna take it out now, Jimmy. I wanna see it."

Her small hand sneaked into the fly of his pajamas, and she pulled his cock out, making a purring sound of pleasure as she looked at It. Judy, too, gazed at her son's cock. Not as long or thick as Mack's, he had a lovely, swollen head on it. Even from the doorway she could see his piss-hole glistening wetly. She ran her tongue over her lips, pushing her palm tighter against her puffy cunt, feeling her clit strain at the heel of her hand.

Susie didn't need her brother to tell her what to do. She closed her small fist about his cock, flexing her fingers, gasping as she saw the head bulge, juices seeping from his piss-hole. She flexed her fingers time after time, watching the head of his cock.

"Move your fist up and down, Susie," Jimmy urged, lifting his hips up. "Pump it with your fist."

"Like this?" Susie asked in a soft voice, jacking her fist up and down, sliding her hand from the base to the head. "Oooooh, you're getting my hand wet!"

"I bet your pussy is getting wet, too," Jimmy groaned.

Susie giggled and pounded her hand up and down his cock fast and hard a few times, then slowed again. "My pussy was wet watching Mother fucking Daddy!"

Judy's pulses raced as she watched and listened. That her son and daughter were saying those words surprised her. Perhaps they knew more about this than she had suspected. But then, words didn't mean they knew how to fuck. Most boys and girls used those words lately, she realized.

"It was?" Jimmy asked. "Why didn't you tell me, Susie?"

"I couldn't," she said, squeezing his cock. "You shushed me, remember?"

"Well, they're asleep now, so I won't shush you anymore." Judy worked her middle finger into her juicy coot and felt her pussy close about it. She moved her finger in and out, still pressing at her hard cut with the heel of her hand, watching them.

"My panties are soaked." Susie giggled softly, shyly at her confession. "I've been wet before, but this time I was drenched down there."

"Let me see," Jimmy said.

"You really wanna see?" Susie replied, pulling her hand off his cock reluctantly. "Have you ever seen a girl before, Jimmy?"

"Sure," he admitted. "I peeked one time when you were in the shower."

"Jimmy! You didn't!" Susie squealed. "Well, you didn't see much, anyway.?

“No, not too much," he said. "I saw your tit, but it was so fast, I wasn't sure, and your ass.?

“Really? You really peeked at me?"

He nodded.

"You're naughty." Susie giggled.

"Yeah, I know." Her brother grinned. "Isn't that nice?"

"Well… sure," Susie agreed.

"Come on, show it to me now, Susie."

"Okay, I will." She giggled softly.

Susie pulled her feet up onto her brother's bed, lifting her little ass to jerk her gown away. Judy was watching Susie as excitedly, as Jimmy was, her finger stuffed deeply inside her cunt, moving it around.

Susie spread her slim legs and bent them at her knees slightly. She pulled her gown to her waist, showing the crotch of her tight panties. Even from the doorway, Judy could see Susie's panties were wet. Instead of pulling the crotch away, Susie shoved the elastic waist downward opening her legs wider. She leaned back on one hand, holding her panties down with the other.

Jimmy made a gulping sound as he stared.

Judy wasn't breathing.

Susie's young cunt was pink and sweet looking. The slit was fine, with puffy little lips. The soft hair was sparse, not hiding the succulent slit of her cunt at all. She watched her brother's face with glassy eyes, a slight flush on her face that could be shyness or desire.

"You are wet, Susie," Jimmy said in a husky voice. I can see you're really wet."

"Sometimes I play with it," Susie confessed. "It makes me feel good when I rub on it, and you know what… I can put my finger inside, too."

"Show me!" Jimmy groaned, turning on the bed so he faced his sister, his legs crossed, his cock standing up with jerking hardness. "Show me how you put your finger in it, Susie!"

"I'm embarrassed." Susie giggled, but sat up and rubbed at the slit of her cunt a few times, then slowly eased her middle finger into it.

"Yeah!" Jimmy moaned, leaning forward and watching closely.

Judy was panting now, thrusting her finger in and out of her cunt, making wet sounds, but not hearing them because she was so excited by what she was watching.

"Can I do it, Susie?" Jimmy asked, sliding his hand up his sister's inner thigh. "Let me stick my finger in you!"

"You gotta do it slow," Susie said. "I like it slow, then go real fast when it starts feeling good."

Susie pulled her finger out of her cunt, staring down between her thighs and watching her brother's finger slip into it. She gurgled softly.

"Ohhhhhhhh, it feels better when you do it, Jimmy."

Jimmy probed his sister's cunt with his fingers, pushing and pulling it. His eyes burned as he, too, watched. Judy twisted and tightened her naked ass as she gazed around the door. She now had two fingers up her cunt, feeling as if she were about to come again.

Susie twisted her little ass on the mattress, spreading her bent knees wider, her heels almost together. "Now do it faster, Jimmy! It's starting to feel good."

Jimmy stabbed into his sister's cunt fast, making wet sounds as his knuckles smashed the sugary lips. Susie leaned back on her hands, lifting her cunt to him, her eyes closed as she mewled and cried out with growing ecstasy. Her cunt was very slippery and wet, with the juices seeping out and over the creamy curves of her compact ass. She lifted her hips, pushing her cunt to her brother's finger.

"Oooooh, Jimmy!" she sobbed. "Faster, please! It's gonna happen!"

Jimmy rammed as fast as he could, leaning down close, his eyes blazing on her pussy.

"Now, Jimmy! Ohhhh, yes, now!"

Judy gasped with excitement as she watched her daughter's hips jerk upward, her body stiffening. Susie tried to muffle the sounds of her rapture, but they came gurgling out anyway.

Jimmy was panting, feeling his sister's cunt grabbing at his finger. He was awed by the action, seeing those pink lips of her cunt squeeze and flex. He could see the tip of her small clit throbbing. He thrust his finger into her cunt, holding it there, and feeling the waving ripples of the soft, satiny flesh of her cunt grip him.

Susie's small body shuddered, then with a long sigh, she relaxed, her ass lowering back to the bed. Her face was flushed and her eyes shone as she smiled at her brother.

"You can take your finger out now, Jimmy," she said, breathing heavily. "You made me do it."

Jimmy pulled his finger out of his sister's cunt, looking at her face. "I made you come, didn't I, Susie?"

"Ooooh, yes," Susie sighed. "You made me come better than I do it for myself.?

"You wanna make me come now.

"You're really hard, aren't you?" Susie said, seeing his cock jerking from the fly of his pajamas. "I bet you'd come real fast."

"I'm almost afraid for you to touch my cock," he said. "I might come right then.?Susie didn't touch his cock. She stared at it, then her eyes gleamed.

"You wanna try and put it in me?"

"You mean it, Susie?" Jimmy asked. "You really mean I can put it in there?"

"Mother did, and I can do it, too," Susie said softly. "I've been wanting to try it for a long time. You can put it in me if you go real slow and take it easy."

"I will," Jimmy promised.

Judy moaned softly as she watched her daughter strip her panties off and lie back on the bed. Susie pulled her gown to her waist, spreading her slim legs wide.

"Do I just push it in, Susie?" Jimmy asked.

"How do I know?" his sister replied. "I think that's what you do. Try it and let's see."

Judy was disappointed that her son did not remove his pajamas. She wanted to see his cock, his balls, his young ass. But Jimmy, with his cock sticking through his pajamas, leaned over his sister's body. He held his cock in one hand, and pushed the swollen head to her cunt.

"It's hot, Susie," he moaned.

"Of course it is, silly." Susie giggled. "It's hot and wet. You heard what Mother said about her cunt, didn't you? My pussy isn't any different; I just don't have as much hair, that's all. Go on, push it in and let's see."

Jimmy pushed.

The head of his cock entered his sister's cunt.

Susie's eyes widened.

Judy could barely see the way the head of her son's cock was shoved between her daughter's cunt-lips. It wasn't much of a view, but enough to send a trembling orgasm through her own finger-stuffed cunt.

They both paused, holding their breath.

Then, with a grunt, Susie cried out: "All the way, Jimmy! Push it in me all the way!" Jimmy pushed, his cock sinking completely into his sister's boiling cunt.

"Ohhhh, Jimmy!" Susie cried out, her arms around his waist and her legs squeezing his hips. "Ohhhhh, that's good!"

Judy's eyes were burning with passion as she watched them. Her orgasm was finished now, but she kept her finger inside her pussy. The inner flesh of her thighs was slippery from her cunt to her knees now, partly with her husband's come-juice and partly with her pussy-juice. She gazed at her son and daughter.

Susie lay beneath her brother, trembling as she felt his cock throb inside her cunt. Her eyes were moist and her face was flushed with ecstasy. Jimmy seemed stiff as he lay atop his sister, fascinated by the sensation of her cunt around his cock.

"Can we do it now, Susie?" Jimmy asked. "If we don't do it now, I think I'm gonna come before we start."

"Do it!" Susie cried out softly, holding him tightly around the waist, straining her cunt to him. "I think I'm about to come again, too!"

In her mind, Judy was agreeing with them. Her cunt was clasping her fingers again, and she felt another orgasm growing.

"Do it, Jimmy!"

"I will, Susie!"

His ass began to bob up and down, his cock darting back and forth into his sister's cunt. Susie sobbed as she twisted her small ass, humping with him. Jimmy wrapped his arms about his sister's shoulders, hugging her tightly. Their heavy breathing was loud. Judy watched her son fucking almost frantically into her daughter's cunt as Susie's young hips churned and thrashed, eager to have his cock up her pussy.

"Oooooh, do it fast, Jimmy!" Susie cried, her hips pounding up and down. "I'm gonna come, Jimmy! Ohhhh, I can feel it, and it's gonna tear me apart!"

"I'm about to come, too, Susie!" Jimmy groaned.

"Let's do it, Jimmy! Let's come, Jimmy!"

With a rapid plunge, Jimmy buried his cock into his sister's scalding cunt as far as he could. He lifted his head, his face contorted. Then a loud grunt came from him as his cock sprayed into Susie's young, deliciously tight cunt.

Susie cried out in ecstasy, feeling her brother coming in her, her pussy grabbing at his cock, pulling on it, the velvety walls squeezing with contractions. They strained hard against each other, gasping and sobbing.

Judy moaned, the sound sliding from her throat before she could stop it. Her cunt exploded about her two fingers.

At the sound of their mother's moan, both Susie and Jimmy jerked their heads toward the door, and froze, his cock still deep inside his sister's cunt.

"Mom!" Jimmy gasped.

"Mother, you're… oh, Mother, go away!" Susie cried.

But Judy didn't go away right then.

With her face grinning wantonly, she stepped into the doorway, pulling her finger out of her bushy cunt. She parted the hairy lips of her pussy, thrust her crotch forward, and stuck her tongue out at her son and daughter. Her long clit gleamed as Susie and Jimmy stared, open-mouthed.

"Sleep good, my darlings," Judy said softly, then left.


Judy noticed that neither Susie nor Jimmy seemed embarrassed the next morning.

They had slept late, long after their father had gone off to work. She had looked in on them, disappointed to find Susie back in her own bed. She had been hoping to see them wrapped up in each other's arms, naked and beautiful.

She wore tight shorts and a white t-shirt. The tight shorts and t-shirt had been in her dresser for some time, since she had lost desire of her husband's cock. But now that desire was back full-blown, and not just for Mack's cock, either. She was naked beneath the shorts and t-shirt, with her sharp nipples protruding.

Her ass was hugged by the light yellow shorts, the crack of her ass defined as was her puffy cunt. The thick hair of her pussy made the crotch of the shorts mound outward. Her long legs were smooth and tanned, showing to perfection. The bottom part of her rounded, tight ass showed, but only when she leaned over. Her cunt was so hairy, though, strands showed along the tight leg of the shorts.

She had breakfast ready for them when they came to the kitchen. Susie came in rubbing at her sleepy eyes, and Jimmy was still in his pajama bottoms, without the top.

"Go wash up," Judy said affectionately. "I've got your breakfast ready."

Jimmy gazed at his mother, seeing her as he had the night before, naked, her hips jutting forward as she spread the hairy lips of her cunt. Susie sat down at the table, still sleepy. Judy hugged her daughter, but she was looking at her son.

"Go wash and wake up, Susie," she said, kissing the top of Susie's head.

Susie left, still sleepy.

Judy gazed meaningfully at the front of Jimmy's pants, and as she had done the night before, jutted her hips toward him, the fingers of her right hand framing her crotch, her left hand cupping one of her t-shirted tits. She smiled at him.

"Gosh, Mom," Jimmy said. "About last night… "

"You got fucked, I'd say." Judy grinned at her son. "And very well fucked."

A flush crept over his face, but he nodded, his eyes watching her hands. "How did you know that, Mom?"

Judy gave her son a wanton grin, dragging the tip of her finger along the tight crotch of her shorts, her other hand squeezing her tit to make her nipple stand out hard.

"Mothers have a way of knowing things," she whispered. "Besides, I peeked."

"Aw, Mom." Jimmy flushed deeper.

"It's only fair," Judy replied, tapping the tip of her middle finger against her shorts where her clit was located. "You peeked at us, didn't you?"

"You knew that, too?" Jimmy asked, his eyes following her finger.

"Of course,?Judy cooed softly, pulling her hand up from her crotch and cupping both her tits. Jimmy's eyes followed, wide and excited as her nipples protruded plainly. Judy swiveled her hips in a slow, tight circle.

"Mother, what are you doing?" Susie asked, coming back after washing her face.

"Teasing your brother," Judy answered, removing her hands from her tits and putting plates on the table. "It's fun. You should try it, honey."

Susie saw her brother's cock pushing at his pajamas, and giggled, her hand over her mouth. Jimmy quickly sat down at the table, still blushing, but his eyes followed his mother's hips. Susie slipped her hand beneath the table and grabbed Jimmy's cock. Jimmy gasped, trying to pull away.

"Party pooper." His sister giggled, turning him loose.

While they ate, Judy leaned against the counter sipping coffee. She watched them over the rim of her cup, affection in her eyes. Finishing her coffee, she began to load the dishwasher, bending over to place cups and plates into it. Susie and Jimmy gazed at her ass. The creamy white cheeks showed as she leaned over, a striking contrast to the tan of her thighs. The curls of her cunt hair showed, too, at the tightness of the crotch.

Humming softly as she loaded the dishwasher Judy waggled her ass in time to her humming. She knew they were looking at her.

Jimmy's cock was very hard, and there was a nice ache in his young balls. They had finished eating by the time Judy finished, and again she leaned against the counter, facing them.

"Shouldn't you take your bath and change out of that gown now, Susie?" she said softly.

"What if I miss something, Mother," Susie asked, her eyes twinkling brightly.

"What would you miss?" Judy asked.

"I don't know," her daughter answered, "but I have this funny feeling I will."

"Go take your bath, Little Miss." Judy smiled.

"Oh, poot, Mother!" Susie complained, but got to her feet and started toward the door.

"Poot?" Judy laughed. "I haven't heard that expression in years."

Susie turned. "Maybe I should just say, Oh, fuck??

“Why not? It sounds better than poot." Judy smiled.

"Okay." Susie giggled. "Fuck!"

After his sister had gone, Jimmy said: "I guess I better take a shower."

He didn't move.

"Well, aren't you going to get up?" Judy asked. She had her feet slightly parted on the floor, her ass leaning against the counter.

"I can't," he said.

"Why not?"

"Because I've got… aw, you know, Mom."

"A hard-on?" she asked.

He nodded.

Judy's eyes glowed as she looked at him for a long moment. Then she began to clear away their soiled dishes. Placing them in the dishwasher, she leaned over more than was necessary, waggling her ass slowly. Jimmy stared at the tightly clad ass of his mother, seeing the seam pulled into the crack, the soft curls of her pussy-hair along the edge of the crotch. His cock pushed from the fly of his pajamas.

Starting the dishwasher, Judy leaned against the sink once more, only this time her fingers were toying with the front zipper and clasp. Jimmy's eyes burned as he watched, and he swallowed. Unclasping the waist of her shorts, Judy drew her hand up, sliding her t-shirt with it. Her creamy smooth stomach showed, then the lower curve of one tit. She paused a moment, watching her son's reactions. Pleased with his expression, she pushed the t-shirt above one flawless tit, her nipple exposed and arching up in hardness. She thumbed it a few times, and when she lowered her hand, the t-shirt remained above her tit.

Jimmy began to breath faster as he watched her tugging the zipper of her shorts down. He saw the curls of her pussy-hair as his mother spread the fly of her tight shorts. His hand moved below the table, his fingers wrapping about his cock.

Judy smiled wantonly, knowing what he was doing. She pulled the zipper all the way down, then pushed her fingers into her shorts. She wiggled her ass to get the tight shorts down. As her cunt was exposed, she spread her feet a bit more on the floor, stretching the shorts just below her crotch. Her fingers toyed with the thick hair of her pussy, then her middle finger slipped up and down her long clit. Using two fingers, she parted the puffy lips of her cunt and showed her son the hard knot of her clit. It was glistening with wetness.

"Are you still hard, baby?" she whispered.

Jimmy nodded. He was squeezing his cock as hard as he could, afraid he would come all over the place.

"Wonderful," Judy breathed, and pushed her shorts to her feet, stepping out of them. "Would you like to… " She moved toward the table. "Would you like to do something with it, Jimmy? You know, put it inside a nice wet, very hot, place?"

Jimmy nodded, moaning as his cock throbbed in his fist.

Judy propped her naked ass on the table, swinging her legs around until she was sitting there before his face. She spread her knees wide, placing her feet on each side of his head and resting her ankles on the back of his chair. Jimmy gasped as he stared into his mother's cunt.

She was wet, very wet. The puffy lips of her cunt sparkled with her juices, and they seeped along the curves of her ass and into the crack. Her clit stood in hardness, throbbing visibly. Using muscle control, Judy made her cunt-lips open and close.

"Oh, Mom!" Jimmy groaned.

"Do you like that?" she whispered. Jimmy nodded, his throat rough and dry. He could not take his eyes from his mother's cunt. The thick, soft hair seemed to frame the pink lips beautifully, then tuck neatly into the crack of her ass. It fanned out toward her hip bones at the top, then ran in a straight line below her belly button.

Judy scooted her ass toward the edge of the table, hooking her feet on the back of his chair, her knees bending. She closed her knees about her son's head, caressing his cheeks with them. Jimmy licked his lips as he gazed at her cunt. The curves of her shapely ass hung just over the edge of the table.

"Kiss it," Judy whispered throatily. "Give it a kiss, baby."

Jimmy breathed deeply, taking in the exciting scent of his mother's naked cunt. He ran his tongue over his lips again. Hooking one leg behind her son's head, Judy drew his face between her thighs, urging him to put his mouth on her cunt.

Jimmy felt the satiny surface of his mother's inner thigh sliding along his cheek, and he thought he would come then and there.

He could feel the wet heat of his mother's cunt before his lips touched it. He was hardly breathing by the time his lips were against her cunt.

As he felt his mother's cunt on his lips, Jimmy moaned and pushed his mouth against it hard. He kissed her cunt, but didn't pull back. Instead, he parted his lips and ran his tongue tentatively into the wet slit.

"Oooooh, baby!" Judy whimpered, her eyes glazing.

Jimmy opened his mouth wider, and ran the tip of his tongue along the slit of his mother's cunt, tasting her sweet juices. His nose buried into the soft hair as he began to lick faster, darting his tongue instinctively into her Clint. One of his hands rested on the table at her naked hip, the other still gripping his cock fiercely. He flicked his tongue about her long clit, causing his mother's hips to jerk upward. Jimmy closed his lips about his mother's clit, sucking at it, his tongue flipping the tip.

"Ohhh, Jimmy!" Judy squealed, squeezing his face between her thighs. "Oh, yes, baby, suck it for me! Ahhhh, suck it real hard!"

But Jimmy had found pleasure. He shoved his face down, his upper lip smashing her throbbing clit as he drove his tongue in and out of his mother's cunt, fucking her swiftly. The juices dripped across his tongue and filled his mouth. He twisted his sucking mouth into her cunt, her pussy-lips surrounding his mouth. He pounded his tongue in and out wildly. Judy cried out and pushed her cunt as hard as she could into her son's mouth, grinding at his face.

"Ahhhh, suck it, Jimmy!" she urged in a tight voice. "Suck Mother’s cunt! Ohhhh, baby, my pussy is so wet, and you tongue it so sweetly! Keep it up, darling, and you'll have me coming… hard!?

Flinging her knees wide apart, she lifted her cunt to her son's sucking mouth, grinding wantonly, gasping and squealing. Jimmy moved his hand at her hip, and as his mother lifted her ass, he cupped a smooth cheek of it and kept gripping his cock with his other hand. He sucked and licked with wet, hungry sounds, his eyes closed.

"Ohhhh, God, Jimmy! Ohhh, my baby… eat me! Eat Mother!" Judy gasped as her ass twisted lewdly. "Eat that hot, wet cunt, Jimmy! Ahhhh, suck it and lick it and eat it! Ooooooh, it's so fucking good! Your tongue is like a little cock, baby! A little cock fucking me!"

Jimmy's eyes fluttered open, looked up at his mother's contorting face. He stared at her, seeing her naked tit, her t-shirt high. He gripped her churning ass, thrusting his tongue into her cunt and then licking about her clit, stabbing at her pussy again, then her clit. Over and over, his tongue fucked her pussy, then lapped her throbbing clit, turn after turn.

Judy began to buck and sob as ecstasy boiled through her. She swung her knees open and closed, squeezing his head. She hooked her feet on the back of his chair and began to hump her cunt up and down, smashing it into her son's mouth with frantic movements. Tears began to stream from her eyes, tears of wild, unbelievable rapture.

"I'm getting there!?she gurgled. "My cunt… oh, Jimmy, my cunt is on fire! I'm about to come, darling! Ahhh, suck hard… lick hard! I'm going to come, Jimmy! I'm going to come on your fucking mouth!"

Jimmy buried his face as hard and deep as he could into his mother's fiery, wet pussy. His tongue snapped in and out.

"Now!" Judy screamed, slamming her cunt hard into his mouth. "I'm doing it, Jimmy! I'm coming! Ooooooh, yes! You're making mother come! "

Jimmy felt his mother's cunt grab at his tongue. He pressed it deeply, holding it there, feeling those satiny pussy-lips squeeze. He dug his fingers into her tight ass, his cock feeling as if it were going to spew all over the place.

Judy's orgasm slowly faded. She lowered her ass gently to the edge of the table, her eyes shining as she smiled at Jimmy. Jimmy drew his face a few inches from her cunt, caressing his cheek along her inner thigh. His mouth and chin shone, with the wetness of his mother's pussy. He looked very satisfied with himself, grinning back -at her. He licked at his slightly bruised lips.

"You've been licking someone's cunt," Judy said in a soft voice. "Have you been licking your sister's cunt, Jimmy?"

"Oh, no, Mom," he said. "I've never done that before."

"For a young guy, you licked me so damn good."

"I just like it, Mom," he replied. "You know what Dad told me; if you like something, then do the best you know how."

"Good advice." She smiled. "At least when it comes to sucking mother's cunt." She started to swing her legs away, then stopped. "Did you come, baby?"

Jimmy shook his head. "But I sure feel like I'm gonna come."

"Want to fuck me?"

"Oh, can I, Mom?" he asked eagerly.

"You better," she said. "I can't stand a hard cock around. When I know there's a hard-on close by, I just have to have it. Of course you can fuck me, darling. In fact, I want you to fuck me. I want you to fuck mother very much."

Jimmy stood up, but he wasn't quite tall enough for his cock to reach her cunt. Judy sat up, looking down at his prick. It stood out from his open fly, jerking up and down the way his father's cock did when he was intensely hard. Judy ran her finger over the smooth head, then gripped the shaft, stroking back and forth a time or two. She rubbed her fingertip over his dripping piss-hole, then lifted her finger to her face. With her eyes blazing with hunger, she licked her son's juices from her finger.

"Mmmmm, tastes very good," she mewled.

"I've gotta hurry, Mom, " he said anxiously.

"So I see," she purred. "Shove your pajamas down."

Judy inched her ass over the edge of the table, placing her feet in his chair. His cock was level with her cunt now, and Judy held her breath as she anticipated her son's cock plunging up her cunt.

"Now, baby," she urged. "Ohhhh, God, shove it to me! Shove your cock up mother's cunt now, Jimmy! Ohhhh fuck me! Hurry and fuck mother!"

Jimmy couldn't wait.

He placed his hands on his mother's hips, and with the tip of his tongue between his teeth, he rammed his cock up her cunt, smashing the hairy lips and crushing his young balls against the crack of her ass.

"Ohhhhh, God, yes!" Judy cried.

Jimmy tilted his face up. He could feel his mother's cunt gripping his cock, the wet heat of it feeling like velvet as the rippling waves worked on him. Judy twisted her ass, arching up and down, her cunt sliding back and forth on her son's cock. Jimmy groaned and dug his fingers into his mother's hips, and began to thrust his cock in and out, meeting her cunt.

"Oooooh, give it to me hard, baby!" Judy gasped. "Hard and deep! Ahhh, such a hard cock, Jimmy! Fuck me, baby! Fuck mother up that hot, wet, hairy cunt!"

"I am, Mom!" he groaned. "Ohhhh, I am fucking you in your wet cunt! It's so good, Mom! You're so wet and so tight on my cock! Can I come in your cunt, Mom! Can I? Can I come in your cunt!"

"Yes!" she panted, churning her ass to his cock. "Yes, yes, yes!"

Jimmy pounded his cock into his mother's cunt as hard as he could, driving deeply. Judy's tits jiggled from the force of his inward stabs, her nipples peaked stiffly. She braced herself with her hands behind her on the table, her feet on his chair. Thrashing her cunt about with wild ecstasy, she sobbed softly, feeling the ridges and grooves of her son's hard, young cock sliding back and forth. Her clit rubbed and scraped along the shaft, tingling.

"Ohhhh, feel that, Jimmy!?she wailed. "Feel mother's cunt! I'm coming, baby! You… you and your wonderful hard cock are making mother's cunt come! Ohhhh, God! Give me more… give my cunt more cock!"

Jimmy was gasping as he felt his mother's cunt contracting with orgasm around his cock. His balls drew up very tight, sensitive to the pressure against her hot, naked ass. His cock felt bigger than ever.

"Oooooh, so fucking hard! I'm coming so fucking hard, Jimmy! God, does it feel good! Oh, I could come and come forever!"

Jimmy was struggling. He was about to come too, but he wanted the feeling to last as long as possible. The wet, tight heat of his mother's hungry cunt was winning, though.

"Mom, I gotta come!" he shouted.

"Come, Jimmy!" she cried. "Oh, yes, baby, come! I want it… my cunt wants your come juice! Spurt it to mother's cunt, darling! Ahhh, squirt it up my fucking hot cunt!"

Jimmy rammed hard and deep into his mother's convulsing cunt, his young body going stiff. He grunted loudly as the thick juices spurted rapidly from his cock, gushing into his mother's orgasming cunt with boiling force.

Time and again he squirted into her, making Judy squeal as her orgasm increased in power. The hairy lips of her cunt contracted tightly around the base of his cock, the rippling action of the soft flesh inside drawing greedily along the shaft, pulling the thick juices from his hot balls.

With the final squirt of his come-juice, Jimmy's knees became weak. His cock pulled free of his mother's cunt as he pushed her feet off his chair and sat down heavily, gasping for breath. Judy, also weak, remained on the table, lying back with her arms spread out, her ass and legs hanging over the table, her toes not quite on the floor. Her tits rose and fell with labored breathing, her eyes closed, her face radiant with gratification.

A few moments later, she stirred, swinging her leg around and getting to her feet. Her legs felt rubbery, but she leaned down and kissed the top of her son's head.

"That was a lovely fuck, darling,?she whispered. "But you sure filled mother’s cunt with juice. I’ve got to get into the tub again. Maybe I’ll even get in with your sister.?

Jimmy grinned, watching his mother's naked ass as she walked away.


Judy didn’t get into the tub with her daughter.

She found Susie in her bedroom, searching for something to put on. A damp towel was tossed carelessly on her bed, and Susie was naked. She looked up when her mother stood at her door. She saw the hairy pussy and naked titt and smiled knowingly.

"I guess you did it, huh, Mother??

"Did what??Judy asked, playfully innocent.

"Fucked Jimmy?"

"Would you mind?" Judy asked.

"It's none of my business, Mother," Susie said, placing a fragile pair of panties on her bed, then pulling a skirt and blouse from her closet.

"Oh, but it is, Susie," Judy said, entering the room.

Susie looked at her mother. Judy ran her eyes up and down her daughter's naked body. Susie was sweet, very sweet. Her tits were very small, tipped with candied pink nipples. Although she was not yet rounding out, her body was extremely attractive. The fuzz on her succulent slit was almost non-existent.

"Are you gonna stay naked all day, Mother??

"Why? It feels good."

"If you do, I am too."

"I don't mind at all," her mother replied. "But I don't know what your father would think."

Susie giggled. "He sure has a big one, doesn't he, Mother?"

"Very big." Judy smiled. "It feels wonderful inside me."

"I wonder if Daddy would… " Susie paused, staring at her mother's face.

"Would what, honey?" Judy prompted.

"You know, stick it in me. The way he did you last night."

Judy smiled, pleased to hear her daughter say that. "He might. He just might stick it in you. Why don't we find out?"

"How? I'm not gonna ask him to fuck me, that's for sure.?

“Oh, there's ways, don't worry. You're sure you'd like to get his cock in you?"

"Oh, yes!" Susie squealed.

"Then we'll see about it." Judy's eyes glowed as she watched her daughter wiggle excitedly.

She stepped close to Susie, and ran her hand over a tight little tit, feeling the nipple pucker. She fondled her daughter's tits, playing with them for a moment. Susie stood and enjoyed it, looking up at her mother. As Judy ran her hands down her naked little body, feeling one hand along her tight ass and the other at her cunt Susie wiggled in pleasure.

Judy squeezed her daughter's tight ass, cupping her other hand between those slender thighs and rubbing slowly at the candled slit of her cunt. She pressed her hairy pussy against Susie's hip twisting and rubbing it there.

“The hair tickles, Mother," Susie gurgled.

"My finger can tickle something, too," Judy purred and rubbed at the tiny clit of her daughter. As she rubbed Susie's clit, she pushed her fingers into the hot crack of the small ass, feeling Susie's little asshole crinkle against the tip. "See what I mean, baby?"

"Ooooh, it feels good, Mother."

"Let's try this," Judy whispered, and slipped her middle finger into her daughter's cunt. "Mmmmmm, very tight. And very hot, too."

"Ohhhhh, Mother!" Susie gasped.

Judy felt the sudden orgasm burst inside her daughter's cunt. The succulent pussy squeezed her finger with hard, wet contractions. Susie's eyes half-closed as she whimpered, her orgasm burning around her mother's buried finger. She felt another finger pushing at her little asshole, and somehow that seemed to increase the strength of her orgasm.

Judy held her finger deep inside her daughter's cunt until the spasms finished, then she pulled it out.

"My, that was a fast one," she said softly. "Do you always come so fast, Susie?"

Susie shook her head, her young face glowing. "Sometimes, but not always."

Judy pulled her wet finger free, and lifted her other hand of the sweet cheek of Susie's ass. She cupped her daughter's little tit and lapped at her cunt-wet finger.

"Mother!" Susie squealed. "That isn't nice."

"Why isn't it?" Judy asked. "It certainly tastes good."

"Oh, Mother." Susie flushed, but her eyes sparkled.

"You get dressed," Judy said. "I was on my way to the tub when I saw your pretty little ass in here."

She left her daughter, entering her room and filling the tub. She smiled and sang softly as she bathed. Mack was in for a hell of a surprise, she thought. She had no doubt he would fuck Susie. Although she had gone through a period of not wanting anything to do with fucking, her husband seemed to want it more and more. If he was willing, she told herself, he was going to be getting more pussy than he bargained for.

After bathing, she slipped into a tight dress, one that molded her flawless, shapely tits and held her hips nicely. The dress was so tight, she would have been unable to walk if it weren't for the long slit along the left thigh. It went almost to her hip, her smooth leg flashing as she walked. Underneath it, she was naked.

Jimmy had showered and was wearing jogging shorts. Judy found them both in the living room, watching silly cartoons on the television. They looked up as she entered the room, both young faces watching her thigh flash as she moved to the couch. Sitting down, Judy crossed her legs, and allowed her thigh to show.

"That's a nice dress, Mom," Jimmy said. "I like it."

Susie giggled softly. "You can see everything, Mother. I bet that turns Daddy on."

"Anything turns your father on,?Judy smiled at them. "Guess what I’m wearing underneath it."

"Panties,?Susie said.

"Yeah, real sexy panties, Mom."

"What would you say if I said nothing?"

"You're naked!?Jimmy asked, his eyes lighting up.

Judy nodded, smiling lewdly. "Totally naked."

"I don't believe it, Mother." Susie giggled. "Show me."

Very slowly and deliberately, Judy uncrossed her legs and parted her knees. Jimmy gulped and his sister giggled as her hairy cunt flashed into view.

"Yeah, you are, Mom," Jimmy said in a thick voice.

"It's nice," Susie whispered. "And I put panties on, damn it!"

"Why?" Judy asked. "You didn't have to, you know."

“Well, I thought… if I knew you were gonna be that way, Mother, I wouldn't have put my panties on, either."

Judy sat with her knees open, caressing her naked thigh slowly, eyes smoldering with pleasure. Showing her cunt to both Jimmy and Susie together was fun. It was a lot of fun! She moved her dress up her thigh, wanting to be fully revealed to them. She understood the desire many people had to flash; it was naughty, deliciously naughty. Stroking her inner thighs, teasing not only to them, but her self as well, Judy felt her cunt throb, felt the wetness increase. Her clit bulged.

"Do you like it?" Judy purred.

"Ooooh, I love it, Mom!" Jimmy breathed, running his tongue across his lips, remembering how soft and hot and wet his mother's cunt had felt against them earlier.

Susie nodded her head, eyes glowing between their mother's satiny, long thighs.

"Pink and wet," she said softly, but with an element of excitement in her young voice. "It's very pretty, Mother."

"Pretty pussy?" Judy giggled.

"Beautiful pussy, Mom," Jimmy said.

His cock rose inside his jogging shorts, the head looking as if it were trying to find a way past the leg. Judy's eyes slitted as she watched it. Susie, at her brother's side, crossed her legs, watching her mother's fingers move up and down her thighs, toy with the silken hair of her pussy, then up over her flat stomach. When Judy turned her attention to her daughter, she saw the tight crotch of her fragile panties, and her breath caught with excitement.

"Touch yourself, Susie," she whispered. "I want to see you play with your little cunt."

Susie didn't hesitate. Her hand moved up her thigh and she ran a finger up and down the slit of her cunt, feeling it through her thin panties. Her other hand sneaked to her brother's lap, where she squeezed his cock through his shorts. Both Jimmy and Susie watched their mother closely, their young eyes on fire. Gazing at her son and daughter, watching Susie rub at her succulent cunt and fondle Jimmy's cock, Judy began to slowly push a finger in and out of her cunt, dragging it up over her clit, making it gleam with wetness.

Suddenly, with a soft cry, Susie twisted her body about until she could push her face into her brother's lap. She pulled Jimmy's cock from the leg of his shorts, and Judy made a gasp of pleasure when her daughter began to run her wet tongue about the swollen head of her brother's cock. Susie closed her eyes as she licked, running her tongue up and down the hard shaft, then swirling it eagerly about the smooth head, tapping the tip into his piss-hole. As she licked her brother's hot cock, Susie shoved her hand into her panties, smashing at her knotted clit, stabbing a finger into her cunt. She held one leg high, knee bent, exposed lewdly.

"Suck it!" Judy hissed. "Oh, Susie suck his cock! I want to watch you wrap those pretty lips around your brother's cock and suck him! Ahhh, darling, take it in your hot little mouth!"

Squealing eagerly, Susie opened her mouth and closed her soft lips about Jimmy's cock, sinking her face down. Her finger plunged even faster into her pussy as she tasted the hard heat. Her lips spread and stretched as her mouth filled.

"Oh, God, yes!" Judy whimpered, ramming two fingers up her coot in a sudden frenzy. "Eat it, Susie! Ohhh, baby, eat his hard cock!"

Susie bobbed her sweet face up and down, sucking on Jimmy's throbbing prick with hunger. Her wet tongue swished and twisted. She alternated her speed, sucking fast a number of times, then slowly as she purred with delight.

Judy could hardly stand watching. She twisted her ass, thrashing her cunt up onto her fingers.

"Take his fucking shorts off" she groaned. "Pull those fucking shorts off his ass and suck that cock, Susie!"

Susie lifted her mouth and tugged at her brother's shorts. Jimmy lay back, his face expressing his ecstasy. His cock stood up stiffly as his sister removed his shorts. Then, at his side, Susie leaned over and began to suck his cock again, cupping his young, hot balls in her hand. Susie pushed her mouth down on his cock as far as she could, cooing in ecstasy.

Judy slipped to her knees, still working at her cunt with her fingers, eyes fixed upon her daughter's lips sucking her son's hot cock. She spread her son's feet and stretched out on the floor, still writhing her cunt. She darted her tongue out and began to lick up the inner surfaces of her son's thighs, eyes never moving from her daughter's mouth.

She pushed her face into her son's crotch, nuzzling at his hot balls, kissing them, licking them, gazing at his cock inside Susie's mouth.

"Ohhh, sweet, sweet little cock-sucker!" Judy moaned, then pulled her son's hot balls into her mouth, sucking and licking hungrily.

"Ohhhh, Mom!" Jimmy grunted as he felt her sucking his balls. "Oooooh, that's so good, Mom! My balls… oh, suck my balls, Mom! Susie, Mom is sucking my balls! Eat my prick, Susie! Suck my balls and suck my cock!"

Judy's eyes twinkled into those of her daughter as they both sucked, and Judy couldn't keep her hands off Susie. She moved her arm across her son's thigh and her hand under her daughter's skirt, feeling the velvety flesh of a slender thigh. She caressed her daughter's tight little ass through her thin panties, squeezing the cheeks as they sucked.

Susie wiggled her ass to her mother's hand, mewling softly about her brother's cock. Turning her body, she opened her legs wide. She lay on her side, her mouth stuffed with her brother's hard cock, a small hand pulling at her mother's until Judy cupped her sugary pussy. But Judy was finished feeling her daughter up through her panties. She jerked at the flimsy panties, tearing them about the crotch. She rubbed at the steamy slit as she sucked at her son's balls.

Susie jerked her mouth from Jimmy's cock.

"Fuck me, Mother!" she cried out. "With a finger! With anything! Oh, please, fuck me!"

Judy shoved two of her fingers into her daughter's cunt and began to plunge them in and out, moaning with her mouth full of hot, young balls. Now that her cunt was being stimulated, Susie began to suck wildly on her brother's cock.

"Ohhhh, go to it, Susie!" Jimmy gasped. "Suck it hard! Oh, Mom, eat my balls… eat my balls and eat my cock!"

Judy sucked hard on his balls, watching her daughter's tight little mouth bob up and down, listening to the greedy wet sounds Susie made. She drove her fingers faster and deeper into the gripping cunt of her daughter and Susie churned her hips with the motion.

Whimpering, Judy let her son's balls drop from her mouth. She ran her tongue about them, then licked up the base of his cock, her tongue touching the stretched lips of her daughter. Susie pulled her mouth from Jimmy's prick and, with a cry of eagerness, Judy filled her mouth with it. She sank down completely, her lips at the base, writhing, the swollen head trying to push into her throat. Jimmy's ass lifted as he grunted in rapture. Susie gazed at her mother's mouth as Judy sucked up and down, and as her mother lifted off Jimmy's cock, Susie gulped it into her mouth.

"Ohhhh, that's fantastic!" Jimmy gurgled. "Both of you, suck me!"

Judy and her daughter giggled, and began to take turns sucking on Jimmy's prick. They each sucked a few times, then both played with his balls. When one sucked his cock, one squeezed his balls, the other digging fingers into his ass.

"Stick a finger up his ass, Mother!" Susie gasped as she watched the hungry way Judy sucked on Jimmy's cock. "Ohhhh, do that to him! But don't stop finger-fucking me!"

Jimmy had his ass lifted from the floor, urging his mother to swallow his cock. Judy darted a stiff finger into the crack of his ass and rubbed the crinkle of his asshole. She exerted pressure, and her finger slipped deep into the tight ring of his asshole. Jimmy yelped, but otherwise made no protest. On the contrary, it almost made him come.

"I wanna suck it!" Susie cried.

Judy lifted her mouth, and watched as her daughter greedily spread her lips about his cock. But the heat was increasing in the three of them. Judy didn't find it all that difficult to pump her finger into her son's asshole and her daughter's cunt at the same time, and still manage to lick at his cock and balls while her daughter sucked the swollen head.

Jimmy twisted his ass about, gasping as his balls hardened and throbbed. He was dripping juices from his piss-hole, and when his sister lifted her mouth, it ran down the shaft of his cock. But his mother and sister, with soft murmurs, began to lick up and down, one on each side of his cock. Their tongues met at his pisshole, and Jimmy stared at the way they licked at each other's mouth and his cock. Susie was squeezing and twisting his balls while his mother fingered his asshole. He was about to go out of his mind with ecstasy.

"I'm about to come!" he shouted. "Somebody suck me! Ohhhh, my balls are on fire and my cock is gonna really spurt!"

Both Judy and Susie gave little gasps as their tongues moved faster on his cock. When Jimmy came, mother and daughter had their tongues about the head. Both squealed as Jimmy came, spewing creamy come-juice over their tongues. A splash struck his mother's lips, one spattering into his sister's mouth. Then, as he spewed hotly, rapidly, mother and daughter flicked and licked at his piss-hole, each tasting his juices. Some ran down the shaft of his cock, but Judy and Susie kept licking around his piss-hole as he came.

"Ohhhhh, that was so fucking good!" Jimmy moaned softly as his cock deflated. "I sure came!"

Judy and Susie giggled again, and both licked at the juices clinging to his softening prick. With a little cry, Susie pushed her cunt onto her mother's fingers, and came. Judy felt the tight little pussy clutch her fingers, and pumped them in and out until the spasm ended.


The erotic air in the house remained.

Judy couldn't get enough of looking at her son and daughter, and it pleased her that they wanted to look at her. Both Jimmy and Susie had never really seen a grown woman naked before. They took delight in exploring and feeling their mother's body. Judy was just as eager to let them touch and caress her.

She had removed her dress, and sprawled naked on the floor, lying on her back so they could do what they wanted with her flesh. With her son on one side of her, her daughter on the other, she squirmed in pleasure as their young hands fondled. She enjoyed it very well as they both sucked at her firm, rounded tits, watching them pull up on her stiff nipples, stretching them, lips and teeth making them tingle. She spread her long legs wide, and they took turns feeling her hairy cunt and playing with her long clit.

They licked at her skin, lapping from her tits to her knees, through the soft hair of her cunt. Susie enjoyed licking her mother's flesh as much as Jimmy did. Susie was just as fascinated with her cunt as her brother, and both pushed fingers into the tight heat.

"Why don't you both finger my cunt?" Judy suggested. "I mean, at the same time. That would feel wonderful."

Sitting on each side of her, Susie and Jimmy moved a finger into their mother's pussy. Judy purred and spread her legs very wide, feeling a finger from each move in and out of her cunt.

"Ohhh, keep it up and I'll come," Judy gurgled, twisting her naked ass lewdly. "Those fingers… both fucking my pussy! Ahhhh, it's so nice to have you both finger-fuck mother's hot pussy!"

Arching her cunt to them, she twisted wantonly.

Susie and her brother giggled lewdly as they pounded their fingers in and out of their mother's cunt. The wetness increased until the hairs along the puffy lips were drenched, juices seeping into the crack of Judy's bunching, thrashing ass. Judy darted her hand for her son's cock, gripping it tightly and pounding up and down. Her other hand buried into her daughter's crotch, rubbing and penetrating the tight young pussy. Her ass lifted high from the floor, twirling with unashamed ecstasy. Susie and Jimmy were squeezing their mother's tits as they finger-fucked her, leaning down to watch how her hairy cunt grabbed them.

"Faster!" Judy cried. "Ohhh, please, faster! Oooooh, stab real deep! Ahhh, God, I love a good, hard, fast finger-fucking!"

Twirling her hips, Judy sobbed with ecstasy.

Jimmy and Susie gasped as they stabbed, together, into their mother's fiery cunt.

"Fuck it, fuck it!" Judy screamed in a tight sounding voice. "Ohhh, yes, fuck that cunt! Beat my cunt… ram my fucking hot cunt! Rub mother's cunt and fuck mother's cunt and… ohhhhh!?

“Let's make her come, Jimmy!" Susie groaned. "Let's make mother's cunt really come!"

"You are!" Judy cried. "You're about to make my cunt… my cunt… my cunt… ohhhh, there! There!"

Fascinated, Susie and Jimmy leaned close, watching their mother's cunt grip about their buried fingers, the hairy lips squeezing, loosening, squeezing again. Her long clit stood knotted, vibrating as Judy screamed in ecstasy. As she came, Judy clutched her son's cock tightly, pressing fingers into her daughter's pussy. She twisted her head about, her lovely face contorted with rapture. The orgasm went on and on, not really one, but a whole series of them.

At last, Judy's ass slumped to the floor, her body trembling with the glow that ran through it. As her cunt stopped pulsating, Susie and Jimmy pulled their fingers out. Wetness clung to them. When Jimmy plunged his pussy-wet finger into his mouth and sucked it, Susie giggled, and did the same.

"You can taste my cunt better than that," Judy suggested.

"I already have, Mom," Jimmy said, proudly.

"I wanna taste it," Susie whispered, staring at her mother's wet pussy.

Judy slipped her fingers from her daughter's cunt and lifted her hand, showing the juices dripping from them. Jimmy took his mother's wrist and lapped at her wet fingers, tasting his sister's cunt-juices.

"Mmmm, not bad," he said, rolling his eyes. "Sweet, like your cunt, Mom."

Susie was leaning closer to her mother's cunt, eyes burning. She pushed her tongue out, and made a tentative lick at the clit.

"Mmmm, nice, baby," Judy purred, sliding her fingers along the edges of her cunt and spreading it open for her daughter. "Tickle my pussy with your tongue, darling."

After that first quick lick, Susie moaned softly and closed her lips around her mother's cunt, licking at the wet lips, darting into the slit and lapping up and down. Judy lifted her ass again, making it easy for her daughter to lick every inch of her cunt.

Jimmy leaned down to watch his sister, and again his mother was holding his cock. He was hard again, and wanted to stick it into something hot and wet. Since his sister was on her hands and knees, her skirt at her waist and her panties shredded, he moved to Susie's tight, sweet ass. Judy watched her son, writhing her cunt into her daughter's mouth. Jimmy fondled his sister's ass, running a hand between her thighs and over her fuzzy little cunt. Then, almost as if on impulse, he buried his face into his sister's cunt from behind. He drove his tongue up her tight snatch swiftly, making Susie cry out.

Susie waggled her ass, pushing back into her brother's face. As he had done with his mother that morning, Jimmy probed and licked at his sister's cunt, tasting the sugary sweetness of it. He pulled his tongue from her pussy and lapped up, sliding the tip of his tongue along the crack of Susie's hot ass. When he probed at her puckered asshole, Susie squealed into her mother's cunt.

Lifting her face, she gasped. "Jimmy, that's not my cunt, silly! You're licking my asshole!"

Jimmy giggled into his sister's ass, pushing his tongue at the tight crinkle.

"Eat her hot little ass, Jimmy!" Judy urged. "Oh, baby, suck your sister's hot fucking asshole!?

Jimmy thrust his tongue past the tight ring of Susie's asshole, going as deep as he could. His lips circled her asshole, sucking even as he drove his tongue in and out. At the same time, he pushed a finger into Susie's cunt, and Susie almost went wild. Her pretty ass vibrated as she pushed into his face, and once again she was sucking and lapping in a frenzy at their mother's juicy cunt.

"Ooooh, Jimmy, suck her asshole, baby! Ohhh, that's wonderful… suck her ass! Susie, tongue-fuck mother… tongue-fuck me in my hot cunt, baby! Shove your finger up my ass… ohhh, yes, hurry! Fuck me up the asshole and fuck me up the cunt!"

Susie, her young flesh tingling with wild ecstasy, thrust a finger into her mother's asshole, ramming in and out while her tongue plunged into the juicy pussy. At her ass, her brother was sucking and fucking with his tongue, a finger darting into her gripping pussy. Susie's asshole squeezed at his tongue, her cunt sucking at his finger.

Judy arched and twisted her hairy pussy frantically into her daughter's mouth, a hand pushing at the back of Susie's head. Knowing that her son had his tongue up her daughter's tight asshole excited her as much as the eager tongue that was inside her juicy pussy.

"Suck her ass, Jimmy!" she called out. "Ohhh, suck her hot little asshole! Eat her ass, baby!"

The tingling ecstasy built inside Susie's asshole and cunt. She began to strain into her brother's face, sobbing as she slurped into her mother's cunt. Closing her lips about her mother's long clit, she started sucking it the way she had her brother's cock, driving her finger up the clutching tightness of her mother's asshole.

"I'm about to come!" Judy screamed. "Ohhh, Susie, suck harder! My cunt is on fire and you're about to make me come so fucking hard!"

Susie gasped as she felt the sudden convulsions of her mother's cunt against her mouth. The juices seemed to flood her tongue, dripping down her chin. With a throaty grunt, her cunt contracted about her brother's buried finger. Jimmy felt his sister's asshole grab at his tongue, as if trying to suck it deeper, the spasms squeezing. Judy flailed her ass about as she came, screaming her ecstasy, smashing her hairy cunt brutally into her daughter's face.

"Ohhh, my God!" Judy sobbed as she relaxed. "I've never been sucked so good in my entire life! Susie, you sure know how to suck a cunt."

Susie lifted her head, grinning proudly. From her nose to her chin, her flesh glistened with the juices of her mother's cunt. She ran her tongue about her mouth, her lips, exaggerating the taste. Jimmy sat back, his cock straining up from his crotch.

"I ate your fucking asshole, Susie," he said, sounding surprised at himself. "I really sucked out your asshole!"

Susie slipped a small hand beneath her ass, giggling as she ran a finger along the crinkled ring. "I know, Jimmy. I felt it all the way to my throat."

Judy grabbed her son's cock, stroking it with tight fingers. Her eyes gleamed with wanton pleasure. She writhed her ass about on the floor, opening and closing her long legs.

"Jimmy, give this to mother," she moaned softly. "My cunt is still on fire, and it needs something in it… in it real deep, honey."

Susie, gazing at the hairy cunt she had just licked, breathed deeply, her small, tight tits pushing outward inside her blouse.

"Let me see, Jimmy," she said. "I wanna see you fuck Mother!"

"Watch!" Judy whimpered, pulling at her son's cock. "Oh, watch him fuck me all you want! Come on, Jimmy… ram it to me! Give mother's hot, wet cunt some of your young, hard cock!"

Jimmy didn't need much urging. His cock was intensely hard, his balls aching with fullness. He moved swiftly between his mother's spread thighs. Judy lifted her knees, drawing them back toward her shoulders, spreading her cunt out for him, her ass lifting from the floor. Jimmy, and Susie, watched their mother's cunt and ass spread out. Her long clit bulged up, tingling and knotted. With her hands behind her knees, Judy spread her legs wide.

"There it is, Jimmy," she purred. "There is mother's hot cunt. See how wet it is, baby? See how much mother's cunt wants your beautiful cock?"

The hair-lined lips of her pussy flexed, moving, sucking. Jimmy grinned and moved his cock toward her pussy. Susie gasped in delight as she watched her brother rub the swollen head of his cock up and down the slit of their mother's coot, pushing it tightly against her long clit, rubbing about. Her eyes glowed as she saw Jimmy push his cock down, shove the rounded head into her cunt for a moment, then pull back and push it down a bit farther.

"Mmmmm, there," Judy urged as she felt her son rub his cock about her puckered asshole. "Ohhh, God, does that feel good!"

Jimmy moved his cock back to his mother's cunt. This time he shoved it inside, all the way, smashing at the hairy lips, his balls burning upon her asshole. Judy cooed with the sensation, shivering as the heat grew inside her. Susie could not keep her hands off. She darted them to her mother's cunt and spread the juicy, hairy lips, peering at her brother's cock.

Jimmy knelt, and with his hands resting on the back of his mother's spreading thighs, pushed and pulled his cock into her cunt a number of times. Susie gurgled as she watched, spreading their mother's cunt with her fingers.

"Ooooh, look how her cunt holds your cock, Jimmy!" Susie gasped softly. "Does my cunt hold your cock that way, too?"

"Yeah!" Jimmy moaned, running his cock back and forth, the head drawing free, then stabbing back in.

Each thrust of his cock made his mother cry out with delight. Her eyes were slitted with passion, gazing up at his young face. Her tongue moved about her lips, her nipples rigid.

"Jimmy," Judy said in a throaty voice, humping her ass up and down with her son. "How would you like to put it in mother's ass?"

Jimmy's stroking stopped as he looked down at her. "In your ass, Mother? You want me to fuck you in your ass'?"

"Yes!" Judy gasped.

Susie giggled, pulling her hands from her mother's cunt. "Oh, Mother, that's naughty!"

"Naughty but nice," Judy whispered lewdly. "Do it to mother that way, Jimmy. Please, baby, I'd love to get fucked up my ass by your cock."

Jimmy pulled his glistening wet cock from his mother's cunt, pushing the swollen head down to her puckered asshole. Susie leaned over close, watching intently. Impulsively, she kissed her mother's clit, her eyes staring at the way her brother's cock was pushing inward.

"Ohhhhh," Judy cried softly as she felt the pressure against her asshole. "Ooooh, shove it up my asshole, Jimmy!"

Jimmy pushed, and his cock slithered into the hot tightness of his mother's asshole. Judy gave a sob of pleasure as she felt her asshole stretch about his hardness. Jimmy made a few tentative, slow stabs, but that wasn't the way Judy wanted it.

"Fast, baby!" she urged. "Oh, yes, fuck my ass fast! Fuck mother in the ass fast!"

Jimmy rammed his cock back and forth his hips pumping. Both he and his sister watched his cock sliding in and out, seeing the ring of their mother's asshole gripping his prick. Judy twisted her ass about, shaking it, thrusting up and down with him.

The burning, sweet feel of her son's hard cock filling her asshole made Judy sob softly. She felt the throbbing of his cock with the sensitive ring of her asshole, felt the depth he went. Her cunt puckered and twitched, the lips sucking at air her cunt vibrating.

Susie's cunt boiled. She held her skirt up and rubbed furiously at her cunt. Judy saw her daughter, understanding.

"Sit in my face, Susie!" she urged. "Sit in mother's face and I’ll suck your sweet cunt! Ohhh, yes I will! Hurry, darling, let me suck your sweet, hot cunt!"

With squeals of delight, Susie straddled her mother's face, on her knees. She sat facing her brother, her skirt high. A whimper of ecstasy came from her as she felt her mother run her tongue into her juicy cunt, flicking and darting.

Grasping her mother's knees, she held them open and wide apart so she could see her brother's cock fucking into their mother’s asshole, see the hairy cunt. Jimmy plunged his cock in and out of his mother's asshole the way she wanted it.

Judy cupped her daughter's sweet little ass in her palms, lapping at the hairy slit hungrily. Tasting her daughter's cunt as her son fucked her up the ass made her wild. She could hear Jimmy and Susie gasping with ecstasy, the sounds feeding her wanton hungers. Her tongue plunged deeply into the tight wetness of Susie s cunt her lips wide around it, sucking greedily. Her nose pushed against the tight ring of her daughter's asshole.

Susie cried out as her mother's tongue went deep into her cunt, and she humped her pretty ass back and forth, smearing pussy-juices about her mother's willing face.

Jimmy moved his hands to his sister's blouse, ripping it open, buttons flying everywhere.

"Ohhh, Jimmy, squeeze my titties!" Susie yelped. "Play with my titties while you fuck mother in her asshole! Ooooh, Mother, eat my cunt! Suck my pussy, Mother!"

Jimmy pushed his face forward, and began to suck at one of his sister's pink, hard tits. His cock pounded in and out of his mother's asshole, juicy sounds coming from her crotch.

Holding her mother's legs wide, Susie bounced and squirmed her cunt into her mother's face, squealing. Her brother was sucking hard at her tit, and she could no longer see his cock ramming into the tight heat of her mother's asshole.

Judy twisted with rapture, sliding her tongue from her daughter's coot to the crinkled asshole. She felt an orgasm swelling inside her, and she cried softly into her daughter's crotch. It seemed that her son's cock was growing, becoming thicker and longer up her asshole. She could feel it jerking about, and that signaled that he, too, was about to come.

Susie danced and squirmed her seeping cunt into her mother's face. "Mother! Ohhhhh, Mother! Your tongue, your lips… you're about to make my cunt… ohhhhh, Mother, I'm gonna come!"

Judy rammed her tongue into her daughter's cunt, sucking hard on the pink pussy-lips. She swallowed the sugary juices that filled her mouth, her cunt expanding as her son plunged faster into her asshole.

Hearing his sister's hot, wild squeals of orgasm, Jimmy pulled his mouth from her tit. He used swift, short strokes to fuck his mother's asshole. He stared down at her hairy cunt, and he didn't have to hear the moans of his mother to know she was coming. He could actually see the contractions of her cunt as she came in hot waves of rapture. Then, too, he felt her asshole gripping tighter than before. His balls drew up tight, and with a grunt, gushed hot come-juice into his mother's receptive asshole.

Judy screamed into her daughter's rippling, exploding cunt, feeling each burning squirt of her son's juices filling her ass…


Mack smiled as he watched Judy prepare dinner.

He didn't know what had brought on this change in her, but he was very pleased.

He was sitting at the small kitchen table as Judy moved from stove to sink to refrigerator. He watched the movement of her hips inside the tight dress. Now and then Judy would bunch the cheeks of her ass for him, knowing he was watching her. She hoped he had a hard-on. Her cunt throbbed inside her panties, the crotch drenched with juices.

She wondered what he would say if he knew she had been eating cunt and fucking most of the day. It amused her to know this, a secret from him. Long ago, when they were first married, he had asked her many questions about her sexual desires, and one question had been if she ever wanted to lick a cunt. Then she had denied the desire, and the answer had been true. But it was no longer true. She knew her husband would be turned on to watch her with her face buried into a sweet, juicy cunt.

She had found pictures some time ago he had hidden, of girls sucking pussy and assholes. She suspected her husband would look at them, fantasize, and jack off. She didn't know that for certain, but she suspected it. She suspected he had desires to fuck more than one girl at a time; most men did, she knew.

She smiled. She would give her husband what he wanted, if he was ready for it. He was ready for two girls, but she had to be certain of him first. He might not feel comfortable with the second girl being their daughter. Still, Mack was about as horny as they came, and she didn't think he would reject Susie at all. What man would turn down a nice piece of a young, tight cunted beauty like Susie?

Mack's cock was hard. Watching his wife's ass move and ripple inside the tight dress was getting to him. He could hear Jimmy and Susie out in the yard, and turned to look through the window. They were wrestling about on the lawn, and he watched for a while. His daughter had the longest, slimmest thighs and legs ever, and her cute little ass was a dream. He had often wanted to see his daughter naked, see her perky, tight tits and that saucy ass, but most of all, to see her young pussy. He had never mentioned this to his wife. He wanted to, very much. But as he didn't know what was inside Judy's mind, he kept quiet about that.

Turning back to his wife, he watched her ass cheeks moving.

"Judy, show me your ass," he said softly. A few days ago he would never have asked that, but now, the way she was fucking him, sucking his cock, he couldn't help it.

Judy looked over her shoulder at him, smiling, her eyes bright. "You want to see my ass, darling?"

"Judy, the way you're wiggling it around, you've givin me the damnedest hard-on," he said. "You bet I want to see your pretty ass."

"Here? In the kitchen?" she teased. "My, you're getting awfully horny if you want to see my ass in the kitchen."

"I remember fucking you that way just a few days ago."

"Mmm, so you did," she whispered softly. "And it was a very good fuck you gave me, Mack."

"Show me your ass!"

"Show me your hard-on," she teased.

Mack stood up, and Judy's eyes fixed upon the straining bulge of his cock inside his pants. "My, you do have a hard-on, don't you?"

She inched her dress up slowly, waggling her ass for his benefit. She pulled the tight skirt to her waist her rounded ass clad in a pair of flimsy bikini panties. They were sheer, like glass, and he could see his wife's ass perfectly through them, even the warm, inviting split.

Judy arched her ass back, and he saw her pussy-hair. His cock jerked inside his pants and, hardly breathing, Mack feverishly released his cock.

Judy mewled as she saw his cock, so thick and long, very hard.

Mack came close to her from behind, running his hands over her pantied ass, squeezing the cheeks, sliding a palm between her thighs to cup and press upon her cunt.

"You're sweet, Judy," he moaned. "Your cunt is very wet."

"Aren't you glad?" she purred. "If you're going to fuck me, it's nice that I'm wet and ready, isn't it?"

Shoving her ass to him, she felt his cock throb as he rubbed it about her panties. She slipped a hand between them and grasped it, squeezing and moving the rounded head up and down the crack of her ass, feeling the heat of it through the skimpy panties.

"You want to fuck me right here, Mack?" she asked in a low voice.

"God, yes!" he groaned, pulling the crotch of her panties to one side and feeling her cunt.

"What about Susie and Jimmy?" she asked. "They could see us."

"I don't care!" Mack growled. "Judy, you've got my balls so fucking hot and I need your cunt now!"

"They could come in and catch us!"

"Fuck them!" he said urgently. "If they do, they do. I need your sweet ass now, Judy!"

“You really don't care if they catch us?"

"No! They can fucking well watch for all I care!" Mack grunted. "I need some pussy now! Judy, come on… lean over!"

"You're sure you don't care?"

"Judy, damn it!?

“Mmmmm, you've got it, darling," she purred, gripping his cock hard as she used her other hand to stretch her panties away from her creamy ass. "But, Mack… remember you once asked to put it in my ass?"

"I remember, and you told me to stuff it up my own ass."

"Put it up my ass, darling," she murmured.

"You mean it, Judy?"

With her fingers holding her panties to one side, Judy drew her husband's cock along the hot crack of her ass until she felt the swollen head against the crinkle of her asshole. His cock was dripping, and she rubbed the juices about the pucker. Holding his cock in place, she pushed her ass back to him.

Mack, deliciously surprised, held her hips and leaned back, looking down at her ass shoving onto his cock.

"Ohhh, so big!" Judy whimpered as she felt her ass giving, stretching. "So very big!"

Mack pulled at her hips, hardly believing she was letting him push his cock up her asshole. Judy wiggled her ass, pushing back slowly. She hung her head, eyes closed. She felt a burning pain, but it wasn't bad at all. Mack's cock was so much larger than Jimmy's, and she had taken her son's cock easily into her ass, but Mack's cock was longer, thicker and stretched her asshole more than she thought was possible.

"Ooooh, Mack!" she gasped. "Is it okay, honey?"

"Yes, yes!" she urged. "Push it in me!"

The rounded head of his cock moved past the ring of her asshole. Mack paused, feeling his wife's asshole flex about it.

"You've got to stop doing that, Judy' he groaned. "Are you trying to make me come before I get my cock all the way in?"

"I can't help it!" she cried out. "My ass is doing that by itself!"

"Push back on me," he said.

"Ohhh, I will!"

Judy slipped her ass back, feeling his cock slide deeper and deeper. The more that entered her asshole, the less the burning pain felt. By the time she pressed her ass-cheeks against him, his cock was fully buried up her asshole, and there was no pain. She felt stuffed to capacity by his cock, but the feeling was wild and fantastic. The ring of her asshole gripped and loosened, squeezing the base of his cock.

Now that she didn't have to guide him into her, she brought her hand forward and between her thighs. She cupped his hot, hairy balls, pulling them to her cunt, rubbing them there. With her other hand, she pulled at the cheek of her ass, trying to open up wide for him.

"Ohhh, baby, it's tight!" Mack groaned. "So fucking tight!"

"Fuck me!" Judy whimpered. "Please, Mack, fuck me! Fuck me up my ass… fuck my asshole!"

Mack started out slowly, dragging his cock back, then pushing it forward in a slow movement. Judy gasped and choked softly as she felt his thick cock penetrating her asshole. The more he moved it in and out, the better the feeling. When he paused, his cock throbbing inside her ass, it didn't feel as good. What felt great to her was the friction sliding back and forth along the gripping ring.

"Judy, it's wonderful!" Mack moaned.

"I know, Mack! Ohhh, God, it's wonderful! Fuck me there… I like to feel your big cock inside my asshole! Ooooh, Mack, fuck me and fuck me and fuck me! Come up my asshole… fill my asshole with hot juice!"

Gripping her hips, Mack began to lunge back and forth, driving his cock in and out of Judy's asshole. Judy sobbed and cried out with ecstasy, feeling his hot balls slide along her palm, smacking against her dripping cunt. She tried to push his balls into her pussy, but couldn't accomplish it. He was pumping too fast. If he would thrust deep and hold still, she was sure she could get them into her cunt.

Leaning over with her tits resting on the counter, she used both her hands to grasp the cheeks of her ass, pulling them wide apart for him. It seemed his cock went much deeper this way. She danced her ass about, wiggling and thrashing for him. His balls smacked against her cunt with each inward plunge, exciting her. Her ass rippled with the pounding, and she grunted from the deep stabs of his cock.

"You like it, Judy!" Mack groaned.

"I love it, Mack!" she gasped.

"You want it hard and fast up the ass?"

"As hard and fast as you can fuck!"

Fleshy sounds mingled with the juicy ones as he slammed up her asshole with power. His fingers gripped and held her hips, but Judy managed to squirm and wiggle. Her asshole was expanding, yet still clinging to his cock with tight heat.

"Tell me to fuck your ass, Judy!"

"Fuck my ass, darling!" she replied with a grunt.

"Fuck your ass hard!"

"Fuck my ass hard! Fuck my ass fast!"

Mack lifted his head, his face grimacing with ecstasy. He couldn't believe the tightness of his wife's asshole, the heat it gave off as he pounded his cock in and out.

"Talk to me, Judy!"

"Fuck me! Fuck my ass! Fuck me up the asshole! Ohhh, Mack, I love your big hard cock… fucking me up my asshole!"

Mack's rapture increased as he listened to her. He loved this change in her. She was becoming the type of woman he wanted, a woman that could be as lewd as possible, take his cock anywhere he wanted to put it.

"Faster! Harder" Judy cried out. "You're making my cunt so fucking wet! I'm dripping pussy-juice down my fucking legs, Mack! Ohhh, God, ram it to me! Up my ass… fuck my ass… up the asshole!"

Neither Mack nor Judy were aware that Susie and Jimmy had heard them, and were now standing outside the door, looking in, watching them fucking.

"Mother sure loves it up her ass, doesn't she, Jimmy?" Susie asked breathlessly. "Look how Daddy is ramming it to her!"

Jimmy opened his sister's shorts and pushed his hand down the back of them, squeezing her tight ass. His eyes were big as he watched his father's cock sliding up his mother's asshole. He fingered his sister's small asshole, rubbing it and pressing against it. Susie arched her tight little ass to him, moaning softly.

"Stick your finger in my ass!" Susie whispered.

"Shove it back a little more!"

Susie placed her hands against the glass of the door and shoved her ass back, spreading her feet on the steps. With his hand inside her shorts, he pushed them down a ways, almost exposing her pussy.

“Do it now, Jimmy!?she mewled. “I want your finger up my asshole!?

Jimmy slipped his finger into his sister’s asshole as they watched their father fucking their mother up the ass. Susie wiggled her ass for him as his finger darted in and out. Jimmy slipped another finger into his sister’s fiery cunt, and finger-fucked them both. His cock wasbulging inside his shorts, and Susie managed to keep her balance with one hand on the door as she grabbed it, squeezing and pumping.

“Make me come!?they heard their mother cry out. “ohhh, Mack, make me come! My cunt is on fire… my asshole is burning up! I want to come Mack!?

“You’ll come, Judy!?he groaned. “You’ll come hard!?

“Oh, yes! I love to come, darling! I love to come and come and keep coming!?

Judy was rubbing at her hairy, soaked cunt again, sliding her fingers and palm frantically over her long clit. She could feel his balls once more, and they seemed hotter than before. She plunged a finger up her cunt as her husband drove his cock up her asshole. She squealed loudly with ecstacy.

“Fuck it, fuck it, fuck it!?Judy cried.

"Ohhh, Mack, it’s so good in my ass! I love taking your big cock up my hot asshole! Come in my ass, darling! Ohhh, I want to feel your cock squirt that hot juice up my hot, fucking ass! Fill my asshole up with come-juice! I want so much of that sweet juice in my ass it’s going to drip out for a fucking week!?

“Ooooh,?Susie said, pressing her face to the glass door. “You hear that, Jimmy? Mother wants daddy to come in her ass!?

Jimmy was thrusting his two fingers into his sister, one up her tight little asshole and one up her gripping cunt. He felt his sister jacking on his cock, wishing she would take it out of his shorts and do it the proper way. But he was so excited to see his father stuffing his mother’s asshole with his big cock, all he could do was pant with excitement.

“Be careful, Susie,?he hissed. “You’re gonna to make me come in my fucking shorts!?

“I don’t care,?Susie said. “Ooooh, your going to make me come, aren’t you??

“Yeah,?Jimmy replied, his eyes blazing as he saw his father speed up the stabs of his cock into his mother’s asshole. “Look, Dad’s gonna come in mom’s asshole!?

“Ooooh, I wish it was my asshole!?Susie sobbed, wiggling her ass and feeling the two fingers stabbing her ass and cunt. “I’m gonna get fucked in the ass, too, Jimmy! I wanna get fucked in my cunt and ass and mouth and… oooh, I'm gonna come, Jimmy!"

Susie let out a squeal as her young cunt closed about his finger, her asshole clutching the other.

"Ooooh, don't make me come, Susie!" Jimmy groaned as his sister came.

But Susie was wrapped up in her orgasm, her small fist pounding at her brother's cock. With a moan, Jimmy came, spurting come-juice into his shorts.

Both Susie and Jimmy couldn't see very well as they came. Their eyes blurred, and Susie's knees buckled. She slipped to the steps, her young body shivering with rapture. As his fingers came from her cunt and asshole, Jimmy braced them on the door. Susie saw his come juice running down his thigh, and with a soft whimper, darted her pink, wet tongue out and lapped it up, working her tongue up. She pulled his shorts to one side and licked wherever she found his come-juice, then closed her lips about the head of his cock and sucked on it. She was delighted to draw a quick spurt of come-juice from his piss-hole.

Inside the kitchen, Mack was pounding faster into Judy's ass.

"Judy! Ohhh, fuck, Judy! I'm about to come!"

"Come in my ass!" Judy screamed. "Ohhh, yes, fill my fucking ass! I'm burning up… my pussy, my cunt. Mack, squirt it to me!"

With a powerful lunge, Mack rammed his cock up his wife's ass as hard and deep as he could, his body stiffening. Then a wild yell came from him as he sprayed the walls of Judy's asshole with squirt after squirt.

"Yes, yes!" Judy howled. "Come hard! Come up my asshole! Ooooh, Mack, my cunt is on fire! I'm coming, darling! Ohhh, I'm coming so fucking hard! Give it to me! Give it to my hot ass!" Judy's ass thrashed about as she came, her head resting on the counter now, her legs weak. Mack braced his hands on the couch at Judy's sides, breathing deeply as her asshole sucked and pulled on his softening cock. His legs trembled as he stood there.

"Judy, I've got to take my cock out," he said. "I'm about to fall on my ass."

"Oooh, I want it there forever," she purred, clamping the ring of her asshole around his cock as he began to drag it free.

Mack's cock dropped out of her asshole, and it was then he saw his daughter and son outside the glass door.

"Oh, shit" he gasped. "Judy, we've been caught!"


All through dinner, Mack was sheepish.

Judy was thrilled, and Susie and Jimmy kept looking at each other and giggling. Mack didn't know how to react or what to say.

Once over his shock of being caught, he had stuffed his cock back into his pants and sat down at the table. Judy had smoothed her skirt over her hips and finished cooking, giving Susie and Jimmy a wink now and then. Her asshole kept tingling deliciously, her cunt pulsating.

Dinner was a quiet affair, a change from the usual chatter between Susie and Jimmy. Mack ate hurriedly, trying to avoid looking at his son and daughter. They had seen him with his cock up their mother's asshole, and his cock sticking from his pants before he could recover and stuff it in. And they had seen their mother's ass. He wondered what they were thinking about, but didn't want to ask. Their giggles told him they were naughtily amused, and he was sure they would hide out in a bedroom and discuss what they saw.

He wondered how Judy was going to handle the situation. He knew he couldn't talk to them, not about fucking their mother in the ass.

As soon as they finished dinner, Susie and Jimmy left the table. "Judy," Mack said after they had gone, "what are we going to do about them?"

"What should we do?" she asked, her eyes sparkling.

"I can't talk to them about this, not about seeing me fuck you in your ass.?

“I'll handle it, Mack," she said, sliding her hand over his on the table. "I'll take care of it." Relieved, he smiled at her. "You really love it in your ass? You didn't just say that because you knew I wanted to fuck it??

“Mack, I loved it," she said, squeezing his hand. "I loved taking it in my ass, right here in the kitchen."

Mack cupped one of her tits. "You're getting to be a fantastic fuck, Judy."

"I want to be a fantastic fuck." She smiled at him, leaning over and kissing him quickly. "Now, I'll go see if I can talk to them."

Susie and Jimmy had gone straight to Susie's bedroom after eating. They sat on the bed, talking about what they had seen.

"Jimmy, I want it in my ass," Susie said. "When you put your tongue in my asshole, it felt so good! And when I sat my pussy in mother's face when you fucked her in the ass, she stuck her tongue in my ass, too. She tongued me in my cunt and ass. Now I wanna feel your cock in there."

"Don't you think we better wait until they go to bed?" Jimmy asked. "Dad might catch us, and get mad."

"I don't care if he catches us," Susie said. "We saw him, didn't we? He can't be mad because we do what he does."

"Maybe Mom should-"

"If Mother sees us, she's gonna want in on it too, you know."

Jimmy grinned. "I love to fuck Mom. She sure can wiggle her ass."

Susie peeled her top off, her pink titties looking like candy to Jimmy. Her nipples were a pale pink, so hard and peaked. She slipped her shorts off, tossing them to the floor carelessly. She climbed onto her bed and spread her slender legs wide, playing with her sparsely-haired cunt.

"Come on, Jimmy! Take your shorts off," she said, giggling. "They're a mess anyway."

Jimmy slipped out of his shorts, his cock lifting as he watched his sister's cunt. Susie lifted her legs, bending her knees and spreading them out as if offering her brother her cunt.

"You still want this up your ass, Susie?" he asked.

"Ooooh, you better believe it, Jimmy!"

"Turn over for me." Jimmy climbed onto herbed. "Turn over and stick your ass in the air."

Squealing with eagerness, Susie turned and drew her knees beneath her body, resting her head and shoulders on the bed. Her sweet ass parted, the pink pucker of her asshole crinkling with readiness.

Jimmy leaned over and lapped up and down the crack of his sister's ass, tasting her asshole. Susie gurgled and pushed her ass to his mouth. His tongue slithered up her asshole a few times, then he lowered his face and licked her cunt. Susie waggled her ass wantonly, breathing deeply with the delicious feelings her brother's tongue and lips gave her.

He was still licking her asshole and cunt when Judy came in.

"Ooooh, beautiful,?she said softly when she saw them. She came close to the bed, sliding a hand under her daughter's body and cupping a tight tit, her other hand moving to pump her son's cock. "Can I have a lick, too?"

Jimmy pulled his face from Susie's ass.

"You sure can, Mom." He grinned.

"Kiss my asshole, Mother,?Susie demanded. "Jimmy's gonna fuck my ass in a minute."

"God, I love to watch it,?Judy purred, leaning down and dragging her tongue along the tight crinkle of her daughter's asshole.

Susie wiggled her ass when she felt the hot, wet tongue of her mother lap along the crack of her ass. Judy made a soft purring sound and pressed her tongue lower, sliding it into the tight wetness of the young cunt. She probed Susie's pussy a few times, then drew her tongue back to the pucker of her pink little asshole. With a bit of pressure, Judy's tongue slithered into the tightness, bringing a delighted squeal from her daughter.

"I want Jimmy's cock up my ass!?Susie begged. "Ooooh, Jimmy, shove your cock up my asshole! Fuck my ass, Jimmy!"

Judy pulled her face away, spreading her fingers on the tight, satiny flesh of her daughter's ass, pulling it open. Jimmy moved the swollen head of his cock toward his sister's asshole, and pushed lightly. Susie made a deep gurgling sound and began to press her uplifted ass back. Leaning down close, Judy watched. When her son began inching his cock into Susie's asshole, Judy licked at the base of Susie's spine.

Susie whimpered as she felt her asshole stretching tightly about the head of her brother's cock. The pressure grew, but she kept pushing back at him.

Jimmy paused when the head of his cock penetrated his sister's asshole.

"Ooooh, hot, Susie!" Jimmy moaned. "You have a real hot asshole!"

"Fuck me!" Susie gasped. "Ohhh, Jimmy, fuck my ass!"

Jimmy pushed his cock in slowly, and Judy shoved the tip of her tongue down, running it about the stretching ring of her daughter's asshole, feeling the hard throb of her son's cock against it.

Drawing her tongue back to the base of Susie's spine, she watched her son feed the rest of his hard cock into her daughter's asshole. When it was deep, Susie shivered, her pretty little ass trembling.

"Ohhh, it's so deep!" she cried out, her fingers clutching the sheet of her bed. "Ohhhh, Jimmy, it's very deep! You're stretching me open, Jimmy! I love it… I love the stuffy feel of your cock up my ass!"

"God, fuck her little asshole!" Judy sobbed softly, still pulling at the creamy fleshed cheeks. "Fuck her, Jimmy! Ohhh, baby, fuck Susie in that hot asshole!"

Jimmy placed his hands on his sister's back, and began to fuck Susie. The friction of his cock sent his sister into gurgling squeals of pleasure. She waggled her ass, humping it to him as he pushed inward. She clawed at the sheets, her ecstasy intense.

"I feel your balls, Jimmy!" she gasped. "I can feel your balls slap my cunt! Ooooh, up the ass, Jimmy! Fuck your cock up my fucking ass and slap the piss out of my cunt with your balls!?

Jimmy rammed hard, making his sister grunt and her ass jiggle from the blows. Judy cried softly with delight, releasing Susie's ass and sliding a hand underneath her body to cup a small, tight tit.

"Ahhh, nice!" Jimmy groaned. "Susie, you're so fucking tight!"

Judy stepped back, her eyes fiery as she stared at her son's cock moving in and out of her daughter's asshole. She jerked her dress to her waist, spreading her feet on the floor. Plunging two fingers into her juicy cunt, she fucked herself vigorously, making wet sounds, her crotch arching, ass-cheeks bunching.

"Ohhh, I have to fuck myself!" she moaned. "Seeing your cock up Susie's asshole is too much, Jimmy! God, you two make me so fucking hot, so fucking wet! Ooooh, I'm going to come already!"

Shoving her fingers deep into her cunt, Judy sobbed. Her hairy pussy grabbed at her fingers, the convulsions searing her flesh.

Jimmy thrust faster and deeper into his sister's asshole, making Susie grunt as her tits were scraped on the sheet. He pounded into her with such force, her head was now bumping against the headboard of her bed, but she didn't feel that. She felt his cock and balls, nothing else. She felt her asshole squeezing his cock, felt his balls slapping against the satiny lips of her cunt. She wiggled her up-tilted ass about lewdly, screwing back on his cock. Her small clit was bulging almost painfully, throbbing so hard.

Wrapping her hands about the rungs of the headboard, she rammed her cute ass almost violently at her brother as he plunged his cock deep. Her asshole burned and tingled, but instead of pain, it was one of the most ecstatic feelings Susie had ever experienced.

Now that her orgasm was finished, Judy was again caressing her daughter’s jiggling ass, leaving trails of pussy-juice on her flesh. She shoved two fingers down, around her son’s hard cock, feeling it slide in and out of her daughter’s asshole.

"Mother, he can't fuck me deep that way!" Susie complained.

Judy pulled her hand up, leaning down to kiss and lick at the wetness of her own cunt-juice on Susie's ass-flesh. Jimmy thrust harder and faster, grunting. His balls were tight, very tight, smashing against his sister's juicy cunt. When Judy moved her hand underneath Susie and caressed along the velvety insides of Susie's thighs, she was delighted to feel the juices of her succulent cunt running along the skin. She pushed her hand to her daughter's cunt, feeling the wet heat, the hardness of her small clit. With the tip of her middle finger, she began to agitate Susie's clit, making her daughter squeal and thrust her naked ass even more.

"Oh, yes, Mother!" Susie cried out. "Rub my cunt! Ohhh, rub my cunt hard! Jimmy, fuck me… fuck my ass! Ooooh, fuck me in my asshole! Mother, finger my pussy! Please, finger my hot cunt while Jimmy fucks me in my asshole! "

Judy plunged a finger into her daughter’s cunt, fucking her vigorously, staring at Jimmy’s cock stretching her little asshole.

"Come in her ass, Jimmy!" Judy gasped. "Oh, baby, shoot that juice up your sister’s hot asshole! Fill her fucking little ass with hot come juice!"

"I will!" Jimmy grunted.

As she plunged her finger into Susie’s squeezing cunt, she could feel her son's balls beating against it. Feeling her daughter's pussy gripping tighter, she squealed. "Ohhh, you're about to come, Susie! I feel your little cunt… you're going to come, baby!"

"Yes, Mother!" Susie sobbed, twisting her ass frantically. "Ohhh, JImmy, III my ass. Please come in my asshole!?

With a wild stab, Jimmy’s body went stiff, his cock all the way up the tight heat of his sister's asshole. Knowing her son was squirting, Judy licked feverishly at Susie's ass, her finger buried deep into the contracting cunt. Jimmy moaned with ecstasy as his cock spewed into the ring of Susie's asshole. Susie squealed, sobbing out her rapture.

"More!" she whined. "Ooooh, give me more!"

Jimmy, his balls empty, slumped, but his cock remained inside the tight clutch of his sister's asshole. He gasped for air as his mother pulled her finger from Susie's dripping pussy. He grinned as he watched his mother lick her finger and palm. Her tight dress was still up around her waist, her hairy cunt displayed. He moved his hand out and caressed his mother's cunt.

Judy kissed her son, running her tongue about his lips.

"Honey, when you take your cock from Susie's asshole, push it into her cunt," she said. "Then I'm going to let your father take a peek at you."

Susie giggled. “He might wanna fuck me."

"I don't think you'd mind so much, you hot little cunt!" Judy smiled and pushed her lips to those of her daughter. Susie returned her mother's kiss.

"I don't think I'd mind, either, Mother," she agreed. "In fact, I'd love to have Daddy's big cock in my cunt."

As Jimmy pulled his cock out Susie's ass, it was still half-hard. Judy lifted it, kissing the head, running her tongue about it. She then pushed it into her daughter's cunt.

"Now, stay that way," she said, going out the door.

Jimmy and Susie watched their mother leave, her skirt about her waist, her rounded ass exposed beautifully.

"You think Dad will really want to fuck you, Susie?" Jimmy asked, stroking her hips and thighs and ass-cheeks.

"I hope so," she replied, her cheek resting on a pillow. She had her knees still drawn underneath her body, her pretty ass high in the air. Jimmy was still on his knees behind her, feeling his sister's cunt squeeze and flex about his cock.

Finding Mack waiting, Judy slipped into the room. He looked at the way her skirt was at her waist, her bushy cunt showing. "Somehow I don't think you talked to Jimmy and Susie at all, Judy," he said.

"They're fucking," she said, simply, watching his reaction.

"You mean, fucking each other?"

"Who else?" she replied. "But they're so young.?

“Jimmy has a hard cock, Susie has a hot cunt, so they're fucking." Judy's eyes went to his lap, looking to see if this information was making his cock hard.

"You saw them fucking, Judy?"

She nodded, her eyes fiery. "Want to see for yourself?"

Mack stood, and she saw his cock was straining outward. Smiling, she stroked it. "Come on and see for yourself, darling."

Judy led him down the hall, where they stopped and looked into Susie's room.

Mack gasped, his eyes hot on his daughter's naked, uplifted ass.

"You're right, Judy," he said, his voice low.


"Well, what?"

"What do you think about our son fucking our daughter?"

"Oh, shit!"

"I don't know about you," she said, gripping his cock and squeezing it, "but seeing them fucking makes me so damned hot for it myself! It makes my cunt so wet, Mack." She squeezed his cock hard. "I'd say it makes you a little hot, too."

"A little hot!" he moaned. "Judy, it makes me want to come right here!"

"She has a sweet ass, doesn't she?"

"Judy, seeing Susie's ass this way makes me want to go in there and pull Jimmy away, and suck her cunt for hours and hours!?

“Not fuck it?"

"God, yes, fuck it!"

Neither Jimmy nor Susie gave any indication they were being watched, but they knew their mother and father were there. Susie's ass shook as she felt her brother's cock throbbing inside her cunt.

"Ohhhh, Jimmy, fuck me hard!" she said, loud enough so her words carried to the door. "Fuck my cunt, Jimmy! My pussy is so hot and wet, and it needs some hard cock!"

"Here it comes, Susie!" Jimmy grunted, and began to fuck his sister, slamming into her cunt hard, making her naked ass jiggle again.

Judy pumped on Mack's cock, then pulled him away.

"Fuck me, Mack," she hissed as they entered their bedroom. "Fuck me hard, the way Jimmy is fucking Susie!"

Mack pushed Judy onto the bed, and as she lifted her ass to him, plunged up her pussy swiftly.

"Ahhhh, sweet!" Judy moaned. "Now, give it to me hard!" Mack did, but in his mind it was his daughter he was fucking.


"You're not going to work today?"

"No," Mack said. "I thought I'd take the day off."

"Some special reason?" Judy asked, smiling knowingly at him.

They had finished breakfast, and Judy noticed the way Mack watched their daughter. She didn't blame him. The yellow sun suit Susie wore was much too small for her body. Her saucy tittles were outlined by the material, and her stiff nipples poked against it. The loose legs showed a great deal of rounded, creamy ass, and the crotch was very tight. Obviously, Susie wasn't wearing panties under the sun suit.

"No, I just thought I'd take the day off," he said.

"Bull shit, darling!" Judy laughed. "After seeing Jimmy fucking Susie, you're wanting to try her little cunt out yourself."

"Judy, you know I'd never do that to our daughter.

"Again, bull shit," she said, glancing meaningfully at his lap. His cock was hard. "Susie gave that hard-on to you, and I know it."

"Okay, so what?"

"So nothing." She grinned, running her hand over his hard-on. "Fuck her, it's okay with me. I'd bet anything Susie wouldn't mind, either. In fact, I'd say if you didn't grab her, she just might grab you."

Mack's eyes lit up. "You really think so?"

"I know it," Judy answered.

Mack looked at her long and hard. "Judy, do you know something I don't?"

"Maybe," she said, mysteriously as she fondled his prick through his pants.

She opened his pants as he sat in the living room chair, pulling his cock out. "If you're not going to work today, and you have this wonderful hard-on, we should put it to use."

Kneeling between his knees, she stroked his hard cock, licking about the smooth head, kissing at his dripping piss-hole. She pulled his hairy balls free and fondled them, dipping her face to kiss and lick at the hot hardness of them.

"You're playing dangerously, Judy," he said, running his hand through her silky hair. "What if we get caught again?"

"I don't mind at all, do you?"

Mack shook his head, looking down at his wife's flushed, excited face. "Caught yesterday with my cock up your ass, and now you're going to get caught with it in your mouth… and you really don't care?"

"Not at all," she purred, sliding her wet lips up and down the shaft of his hard cock, the tip of her tongue tasting. "It could make things very interesting, darling."

Closing her lips about his balls, Judy sucked hard, rubbing his cock about her cheek. Her tongue increased the fire in his hairy balls and his piss-hole smeared her face with seeping juices.

"If we're going to get caught, then let's get caught right," he said, leaning over her head and pulling her dress up. "No panties?"

"Mmmmm, never again will I wear panties," she purred as she left his balls and licked her way up the shaft of his cock to the head. She lapped at the oozing juices, then closed her hot lips around the head of his cock, purring happily as she sucked.

Filing her mouth with his hard cock, she mewled in delight as he held her cheeks, pushing his prick up and down, fucking into her mouth. Wrapping her arms about his hips, she clutched her husband's ass tightly and began to bob her face, making exciting, wet sounds as she sucked and licked at his hard cock.

"Keep it up, Judy, and you're going to get a mouthful of hot come-juice!" he moaned in ecstasy.

"Mmmmm," she purred and lifted her mouth. "Promise?"

"Don't stop now!"

Judy swallowed his cock deeply, the head in her throat. She writhed her lips and gurgled, finally sucking up and down.

That was when Jimmy and Susie entered the room.

Mack looked up, but grinned instead of showing shock.

"Mother!" Susie squealed, her fingers on her mouth and her eyes wide.

Judy lifted her mouth, turning to grin at her son and daughter. "Well, what was I supposed to do with this hard-on? It was you that gave it to him."

"Me? How did I give Daddy a hard-on?"

"By showing your pretty ass in that tight sun suit," Judy replied.

Jimmy and Susie came into the room, both of them showing excitement in their young eyes and on their faces. Jimmy's cock pushed at his shorts as he looked at his mother's naked ass. No matter how often he saw her ass, it made his cock hard. Dropping behind his mother, he caressed the satiny cheeks.

Susie climbed onto the arm of her father's chair, facing him, gazing down at his cock. She spread her knees, hooking a finger into the tight crotch of her sun suit, pulling it to one side to display her sugary, lightly haired cunt.

"Ohhhh, baby!" Mack moaned as he stared at his daughter's cunt. "That's beautiful!"

"Touch it, Daddy," Susie pleaded softly. "Feel my cunt, Daddy. It's so very hot and wet! My pussy is always hot and wet, Daddy!"

Eagerly, Mack felt his daughter's cunt, running a finger into it, making Susie squeal with pleasure.

"Finger me, Daddy!" she begged. "Ohhhh, finger me in my cunt!"

She wiggled her little ass on the arm of the chair, looking down as he plunged his finger up her pussy.

"Ooooh, that's so good!" Susie purred, grabbing her father's long, thick cock and jerking on him. "Make me come, Daddy!?

Judy, still on her knees, watched as her husband plunged his finger into their daughter's cunt. "Mack, Susie has the sweetest little cunt to suck."

"You've been licking Susie's pussy?" he asked, not showing any surprise. "I should have guessed when you suddenly wanted to fuck and suck me off, Judy."

"Wanna eat my cunt, Daddy?" Susie giggled. "Oh, baby, do I?"

Giggling lewdly, Susie stood up, her feet on each side of the chair. She stood precariously as she removed her sun suit, and when naked, pushed her pussy to her father's face. Mack leaned his head back, tilted up into his daughter's sweet cunt. He felt the wet heat of it before Susie smashed her pussy into his mouth. With a groan of ecstasy, Mack closed his big hands onto his daughter's tight little ass and began to suck and lick at her cunt, moaning and making wet sounds.

Looking up, Judy saw her daughter working her ass. She saw her husband's tongue delving into the wet pussy. Lowering her face again, she began to lick at his long prick.

"Jimmy," she purred against Mack's cock.

"Fuck me, honey! Fuck me while I suck your father's cock off, and he eats your sister’s delicious pussy!"

Mack pulled his mouth from Susie’s pussy long enough to say: "Fuck her, Jimmy! Give your mother some of your young cock, boy.?

Jimmy positioned his cock to his mother s cunt as she lifted it and pushed it to him. Judy mewled as she felt her son's cock penetrate her cunt and lowered her hot lips to her husband's hard cock. As she sucked on Mack's prick, taking slow, deep swallows, she gazed up at her daughter's squirming ass. She watched her husband's tongue licking and dipping into Susie’s pussy, her hunger for hard cock in her mouth and cunt increasing.

Mack cupped the bunching cheeks of his daughter's ass, kneading and squeezing them with delight as he lapped the sugary wetness on her cunt. The feel of Susie's young, tight pussy gripping his tongue made his balls swell, and his cock throb very hard inside his wife's mouth.

"Ooooh, Daddy, Daddy!" Susie sobbed as she held the back of his head and pushed her bubbling cunt at his lips and tongue. "Ohhh, that's so good, Daddy! Suck me, Daddy! Suck my cunt, Daddy! Stick your tongue real deep in my cunt! Oooh, I love it, Daddy! My cunt loves it!"

Jimmy pounded into his mother's cunt, plunging deep, causing the naked cheeks of her ass to ripple from the fleshy contact. He, too, was watching his sister's twisting little ass. He saw his father spread those tight, curvy cheeks, watched the crinkle of Susie's asshole puckering. Holding tightly to his mother's hips, he rammed hard, grunting with ecstasy.

“You gonna make Dad come off in your mouth, Mom?" he asked in a growling voice. "Are you gonna suck out his come-juice, Mom?"

"Mmmmm!" Judy purred, taking her husband's cock into her throat, churning her ass into her son's pounding cock. She had a grip on her husband's hot balls, squeezing and twisting them, urging him to gush a hot load into her mouth.

Mack, his face buried happily into his daughter's dripping cunt, looked up at her small, tight tits. Susie's nipples were peaked, a bright pink color. She stared down at his face with burning eyes, making moans and sobs of ecstasy, her tongue running about her moist lips.

Susie whipped her cunt back and forth, thrusting it against her father's sucking mouth and tongue. She squealed with pleasure each time he dug his hands into the curves of her ass.

"I'm gonna come, Daddy!" Susie cried out. "Oooooh, my cunt… I'm gonna come in your cunt-sucking mouth, Daddy! Ahhh, tongue-fuck my pussy, Daddy! Fuck me in my wet cunt with your tongue!"

Susie was doing a wanton, hip-swinging dance into her father's mouth, lifting her pretty face up as she began to strain her cunt at him. Her stomach rippled, her legs trembling. Her clit swelled even more as her pink, fiery pussy expanded.

Mack pulled his daughter's cunt tight into his open mouth, his tongue flicking in and out of the squeezing wetness. With a throaty wail, Susie came, her cunt convulsing about her father's buried tongue with powerful contractions.

Feeling Susie's pussy trying to pull his tongue deeper, Mack arched his hips, and let go with a boiling-hot load of come-juice into his wife's mouth. Judy gasped as the hot spray splashed along her tongue toward her throat. She sucked with greed, her lips clinging to the rounded head, her tongue licking frantically back and forth on his gushing piss-hole, her throat working, making wet, gulping sounds.

Jimmy plunged his cock far up his mother's hairy cunt, and growled as he sent squirt after steaming squirt of come-juice into it.

Judy, gulping the juices of her husband's balls, felt her son come off inside her pussy. With both cocks flooding her mouth and cunt, she felt her mind spin with sweet ecstasy, her cunt grabbing at her son's cock.

Pulling her mouth from Mack's prick, her lips glistening, Judy watched her daughter sink down, sliding along his chest and stomach. With a lewd giggle, she positioned Mack's cock as Susie's cunt came close to it. Susie gasped as her mother shoved the head of her father's cock into her still-vibrating cunt.

"Oooooh," Susie purred, her pussy spreading around her father's cock as it entered. "Ohhh, I'm gonna come again!"

Her tight little ass thrashed, her father's cock stuffed into her sugary pussy. She sobbed with the intensity of her second orgasm, clinging to her father's shoulders.

Jimmy slipped his cock from his mother's cunt and slumped, watching with blurred vision as his sister's ass clenched, her pussy-lips puckering around their father's prick.

Judy stroked her husband's thighs and balls, making soft whimpering sounds as she, too, gazed at his cock inside her daughter's pussy. It was some time before Susie's grinding hips slowed and finally stilled. She lifted her head, sitting on her father's cock, and began to giggle with pleasure.

"I came twice, Daddy! You made me come two times… in your mouth and with your cock in my cunt! Ahhh, I love to come, Daddy! "


Half an hour later, all four were in the pool. They swam naked, laughing and grabbing for each other. They swam and played in the pool for an hour, finally dragging them selves out.

Mack stretched out on his back, lying on a soft mat placed on the patio. Susie sat at his table, fondling his cock and balls, exclaiming over their size. Jimmy lay back close to his father on another pad, and Judy sat at his side, facing her daughter. Mother and daughter played happily with their cocks and balls, taking turns feeling and pulling and stroking.

Soon, both Jimmy and his father had throbbing hard-ons.

Judy and Susie glanced at each other.

"You want to do it, honey?" Judy asked her daughter.

Susie didn't have to ask what. Her eyes lit up brightly as she nodded.

"Then let's give them a blow-job, darling," Judy said, lowering her mouth to her son's cock, her eyes blazing as she watched her daughter lower her pretty face to her father's cock

"Ohhh, this is gonna be good!" Jimmy moaned, watching his mother and sister.

"You bet it is, Jimmy!" Mack moaned softly as he, too, looked at his wife and daughter. “These two hot cunts are going to suck us off, and I bet they can suck cock good, too. I know your mother is a good cock -sucker, and if Susie is anything like her mother, it's going to be fantastc!"

Judy closed her hot lips about her son's cock, sliding her mouth down slowly, watching as her daughter struggled to swallow the long, thick cock of her father. Susie cupped her father's hairy balls, her mouth taking half of his cock inside. She lifted his hot balls and pressed them lovingly against her cheek, purring softly as she sucked.

Judy bobbed her head up and down, sucking Jimmy's prick and watching how her daughter leaned to suck Mack's cock with ease. This was what she had been wanting from the beginning all of them fucking and sucking with each other. She had wanted to watch, to be watched, and allow her passions to soar.

And it was happening.

"Mmmm, let me have a taste of your Daddy's cock," she purred, leaning over her son, pushing his cock to her rounded tits. Susie lifted her mouth and watched as her mother lapped up and down the hard shaft of her father's cock, then take it into her mouth. She squealed with pleasure as she saw how deep her mother could swallow it.

Judy sucked her husband's cock a few moments, then lifted her head and offered Jimmy's cock to his sister. Eagerly, Susie pushed her father's cock between her tight tits as she mouthed and licked at her brother's cock. Judy moved her hand to her husband's hot balls.

As mother and daughter began sucking cock, they fondled the balls of the opposite person. Susie gurgled and moaned as she sucked on her father's prick, her young eyes blazing with lust as she watched her mother's lips stretching about Jimmy's hard-on.

Sensing they shouldn't switch cocks any more, Judy gobbled at her son's cock and watched Susie sucking her father. Mack and Jimmy both watched them, each of them lifting up to meet the greedy mouths.

"Ohhhh, Mom, you're gonna get a mouthful real soon!" Jimmy groaned. "Ahhh, suck it, Mom!"

He twisted his naked hips, pushing his cock up as his mother took the swollen head down her throat.

"Susie! Ohhh, shit, baby!" Mark grunted.

"You're as good as your mother! Eat it, honey! Ohhh, yes! That's it, Susie! Fuck my cock with your hot, wet mouth!"

Both mother and daughter sucked furiously at the cocks. Their hot mouths glided up and down the throbbing shafts, tongues licking'.

"I can't wait!" Jimmy shouted, shoving his cock as deep as he could into his mother's mouth.

"Ahhhmmm!" Judy cried out, the rapid squirts splashing into her mouth. She swallowed swiftly, sucking hard, her tongue licking in a frenzy. Her hairy cunt puckered, and then convulsed with orgasm.

"Take it, Susie!" Mack yelled, gripping his daughter's smooth thigh with tight fingers. "Here it comes, Susie! Ohhhh, shit, baby!"

Susie's eyes widened as the thick juices of her father's baIls gushed into her mouth. She squealed, her slim throat working to swallow every spurt.

"Swallow it!" Mack urged. "Swallow it all, Susie! "

Judy pulled the last of her son's come-juice into her mouth, then lifted, sliding her tongue back and forth on his piss-hole, watching her daughter finish off her father.

As Susie removed her mouth, she gripped her father's cock, pulling upon it, bringing a last bubble of come-juice. She licked it up with the tip of her tongue, then sat back, grinning proudly.

”I can do it!" she said. "I can suck your big cock, Daddy.

"Did you think you couldn’t??Judy asked.

"I wasn't sure, Mother. It's such a big one!?

"Honey," Mack said, fondling his daughter’s tight tit. "You're going to be as good as your mother with a little more practice.


Judy found her happiness increasing.

No one was interested in dressing, and by evening, everyone was comfortable. Susie, loving to tease, positioned her sweet body in various poses, always in a way to expose her hairless little cunt or asshole to her father. Every time she had to pass him, she would pause and fondle his cock and balls, kiss them, then do what she had started to do in the first place. Judy was delighted that her husband was enjoying this as much as she was.

She wanted to see her husband fuck their daughter, though. He had not really fucked her, just had his cock in her cunt after sucking her pussy off earlier.

"Mack, please, fuck Susie," she said. "I want to see your cock in her tight little cunt."

Susie jumped to her feet, her face radiant.

"Yes, Daddy, fuck me!"

Mack was slumped on the couch, his cock half-hard, legs parted. Judy was sitting at his feet, licking at his thigh now and then and playing with his prick.

"Climb on, baby," he offered.

Almost sobbing with eagerness, Susie climbed onto her father's lap, turning her body about with her back to his face. She placed her feet on his thighs, squatting above his cock, leaning over and peering between her legs. Judy grasped her husband's cock and lifted it, rubbing the swollen head back and forth on the fiery slit of Susie's cunt.

"Sit on it," Judy said in a low voice. "Sit on your father's cock!"

Susie lowered her cunt, squealing as she felt her pussy-lips spread to take it into her. Judy held her breath with excitement, watching Mack's big cock move into Susie's tight, young cunt. Susie's knotted clit almost disappeared as his cock filled her. She paused with half his cock stuffed into her pussy.

"What's the matter?" Judy asked. "Is it too big, honey?"

"Oooooh, no!" Susie whimpered. "It's perfect! I just wanna feel it throb in my pussy a minute."

Finally, with a wiggle of her young ass, Susie pushed down until the stretching lips of her cunt was smashed at the base of her father's cock. She gurgled throatily, eyes closed as she savored the ecstatic fullness of her pussy. She rocked her hips back and forth a few times, then twisted in a grinding motion, making her father gasp.

"Oh, God, fuck him!" Judy cried out. "Fuck your father's hard cock, Susie! Ahhhh, fuck him good, baby!"

Susie lifted, her cunt sucking up on her father's cock. When she held only the head inside her cunt, she suddenly squealed and plunged downward, stabbing herself on to it. Using the muscles of her thighs, Susie began to bounce and dance her hot little ass about, gasping and giggling at the same time with pleasure.

Mack, gritting his teeth, stared at his daughter's tight ass squirming up and down. He could see her little asshole crinkling, as she rode his cock. Placing his palms on the spreading cheeks of her ass, he braced himself, digging his heels into the carpet.

Jimmy came up to kneel beside his mother, watching his sister fucking their father almost frantically. His cock jutted out hard, and Judy closed her fist about it tightly, never taking her eyes from her daughter’s gripping cunt as Susie fucked faster and faster, her hips grinding.

“Oooooh, Daddy, Daddy!?she sobbed. “oh, it’s so fucking big in me! I love it, Daddy! Do you love to fuck my cunt, Daddy??

“Fuck me, Susie!?Mack gasped, hardly believing the wet, hot tighness of his daughter’s cunt. “Ohhh, baby, that’s a hot pussy you have!?

Squeezing her son’s cock, Judy ran her tongue about her husbands thigh, her eyes burning as she stared at Susie’s sweet cunt fucking so vigorously. Juices frothed at the base of her husband’s cock, smearing into his balls. She wanted desperately to run her tongue to it, lick those juices up, but her daughter was fucking so frantically, she couldn’t get her face in close enough. Jimmy grabbed his mother’s naked ass, squeezing the cheeks.

“Ohhhh, Jimmy!?Judy moaned. “Stick a finger up my asshole!?

Jimmy didn’t hesitate, he pushed his middle finger into his mother’s asshole, and plunged it back and forth. Judy cried out with delight and arched her ass to him, sliding her free hand to her husband's balls and gripping them.

"Ohhh, fuck his cock off, Susie!" she hissed. "Fuck your father's cock off! Ooooh, your little cunt is so full of his hard cock, darling!"

Susie couldn't speak. She was flinging her head about as wildly as she was her ass, fucking in a frenzy. Her father's cock seemed to go all the way from her cunt to her throat. Her sugary pussy was twitching and squeezing his cock, her clit scraped by the hard shaft.

Mack drew his hands up from his daughter's bouncing ass and pushed them around in front of her, cupping her tight tits, squeezing them hard.

"Susie! Ohhh. Shit. Susie!" he groaned. "This can't last much longer! Your cunt is too fucking hot and wet and tight! Ohhh, baby, you're about to make me come like a fucking faucet! "

"Shoot it to me, Daddy!" Susie said. "Come in my cunt, Daddy! Ahhhh, my pussy is… ooooh, I'm about to come, too, Daddy!"

Jimmy and his mother stared, his finger ramming in and out of her gripping asshole.

"Now, Susie!" Mack shouted, arching up, plunging his cock as deep as he could into his daughter's cunt. "Take it! Take it all, baby!"

"I am!" Susie sobbed, grinding furiously onto the base of her father's cock. "I want it all, Daddy! Oh, yes, Daddy! Squirt it to me! Squirt it to my hungry cunt, Daddy!"

Seeing Mack's hairy balls tighten, then writhe, Judy moaned, her asshole clutching her son's finger, her cunt convulsing. She came more from the visual pleasure of seeing her husband come inside their daughter's cunt than anything else. Thick juices seeped past the clenching lips of Susie's cunt, smearing his balls. Judy grasped her son's cock very hard, making him grunt.

"Ahhhh," Susie sighed, leaning back against her father, her cunt quivering as his prick dropped from it. "Daddy, that was so good. Your cock almost ripped my cunt, but I didn't care… I wanted it so much!"

Mack, breathing deeply, held his daughter's tit and ran his other hand down her stomach and caressed her sensitive cunt gently with tender fingers.

Jimmy removed his finger from his mother's asshole, and then Judy sat down on the floor, still very excited. She spread her slim legs and rubbed at her wet pussy, using pressure against her long cut.

"I could come again," she mewled.

"With me and Jimmy around, Judy," Mack said, watching his wife, "You don't have to use your fucking fingers ever again."

"Mmmm, it's fun to use my fingers sometimes, darling," Judy whispered. "It's fun to do this to myself with everyone watching me."

"You're a show-off, Mom!" Jimmy laughed.

"I know," she said. "Isn't that nice?"

Judy didn't make herself come. She enjoyed being watched as she fondled her hairy cunt, pulling at her long clit. She placed a finger and thumb on her clit, and pumped them back and forth.

"See, I can jack myself off the way you guys do."

"Mother," Susie said, sliding from her father's lap. "I wanna lick it for you."

Mack sat up. "You mean you lick cunt, too, Susie?"

It was Judy that answered. "And just as good as she sucks cock, Mack."

"Well, now!" Mack grinned. "That's some thing I want to see."

Judy grinned at her husband. "We'll let you watch us later. But right now I've got a good idea for all of us."

Mack and Jimmy waited to hear her idea as Susie slipped to the floor next to her mother, sliding her small hand through the soft hairs of Judy's cunt. She tickled her mother's hard clit while Judy pumped a finger into her own cunt.

"Susie, we'll suck each other," she said.

"But, Mother, my cunt is loaded with Daddy's come-juice right now."

"That's the way a coot should be, loaded with cum-juice." Judy grinned. "If a cock isn't in a cunt, it should have come-juice in it, and then a hungry tongue."

"You wanna suck Daddy's come-juice out of my pussy, Mother?" Susie asked, giggling lewdly.

"Mmmmm, you bet I do," Judy moaned softly.

"Hey, what about us guys, Mom?" Jimmy asked.

"You'll see," Judy said, sprawling onto her back. "Come on, Susie, put that sweet cunt in mother's face."

Susie eagerly spread her knees about her mother's head, her own face hovering above the wet, hairy pussy of Judy. Judy looked up between her daughter's smooth thighs, seeing come-juice drip from the sugary slit of her cunt. Wrapping her arms about her daughter's ass, she pulled the cheeks wide, drawing her own knees back at the same time.

With her eyes peering from her daughter's crotch, she said: "Come on, you two. Jimmy, you fuck me in the ass, and you, Mack, run that big cock up Susie's asshole. We're going to suck cunts and get fucked in the ass at the same time, right, Susie?"

"Ooooh, Mother! That's fantastic!" Susie gurgled, lapping into her mother's cunt with a wet tongue. "Come on, Daddy! If I can take your big cock in my cunt, I can take it up my asshole, too!"

Mack knelt at his daughter's pretty ass, his cock moving up and down the hot crack. Jimmy moved to his mother's ass, and his sister grabbed his cock, and while sucking at her mother's hairy cunt, guided it into the crinkled ring of her mother's asshole. Judy whimpered as she felt her son's cock slide up her ass, and spread her daughter's cheeks wide, watching Susie's pink asshole pucker up sweetly. She opened her lips and pressed them about the dripping cunt, tasting her husband's come-juice. Her eyes were hot as she watched Mack starting to push his cock into their daughter's asshole. She felt Susie pause in sucking her cunt, watched her little ass stiffen.

Mack pushed in gently.

Feeling the head of her father's cock slip into her asshole, Susie lifted her face and screamed.

Mack stopped.

"No, Daddy!" Susie yelled. "It's okay! Ohhh, it's wonderful, Daddy! Shove it all in my ass! Hurry, Daddy! Oooooh, please hurry and shove it all up my asshole!"

Holding Susie's ass wide open, Judy stared as her husband began fucking that. tight ass, and her tongue began dipping into Susie's cunt, licking out the come-juice. She lifted her ass higher as her son began to stab up her ass.

When her husband began pushing his cock in and out of Susie's asshole, his wet balls rubbed and swung into Judy's face.

Jimmy placed his hands on the back of his mother's thighs, pushing them back, humping his cock in and out of her asshole, bumping into the top of his sister's head."

"Ooooh, tight ass!" Mack yelled. Tight, hot ass, baby! Your little asshole is as tight as your little cunt!"

Neither Judy nor Susie could wiggle much. Both were impaled up the ass, and tongues drove deeply into soft, hot cunts. The sensation Judy was getting from this was amazing, and she knew her daughter was feeling the same thing.

Sucking at Susie's cunt, she held the small cheeks wide open, able to see her husband's thick cock penetrating her daughter's ass. The way his wet, hairy balls swung into her face thrilled her. Now and then she pulled her tongue out of her daughter's cunt and lapped at his hot balls, but returned her tongue to the juicy pussy quickly.

The intensity of what they were doing became unbearable to both Mack and Jimmy.

"God, I can't keep it up much longer," Mack groaned. "Susie, your hot little ass is too tight, and I'm about to come!"

"Give it to her ass, Dad!" Jimmy grunted. "I'm gonna flood Mom's asshole!"

With loud grunts, Mack and Jimmy both pushed deep and hard, cocks throbbing. Jimmy unleashed a boiling gush of come-juice up his mother's asshole, triggering her orgasm into Susie's mouth. Almost at the same time, Mack spurted into his daughter's asshole, making Susie give a muffled scream of ecstasy, her cunt contracting about her mother's buried tongue.

"I'm coming!" Mack yelled. "I'm coming in your hot little asshole, Susie!"

"Mom! Ohhh, Mom!" Jimmy gasped.

Judy sucked hard at her daughter's exploding pussy, feeling juices almost squirting into her mouth. Susie trembled as she came, her ass hole squeezing her father's cock, draining his hairy balls, her lips sucking wildly at her mother's long clit.

With loud sighs, they broke apart, cocks pulling from assholes with soft sucking sounds. Susie rolled from her mother, giggling happily, opening and closing her slender thighs, flashing her cunt.

Mack looked at his son. "Well, Jimmy, now that we've got them turned on, what are we going to do with them'?"

"Fuck us, what else'?" Judy laughed, her eyes glowing.

"God, I don't know if we're going to be enough," Mack said.

"Then Susie and I may have to call in help," Judy said, teasingly.

"Bull shit!" Jimmy snorted. "We don't need any help, do we, Dad'?"

"Fuck no!" Mack agreed.

"Show us," Judy said, reaching for both cocks. "Show us you don't need any help."