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Two naughty mothers

Kathy Andrews

Kathy Andrews

Two naughty mothers


Susan Holcomb leaned back on the redwood lounge chair, enjoying the way the sun burned down on her bare thighs. On the small table next to her was a frosted bottle of imported beer. She was not much of a drinker, but on days as hot as this, she enjoyed a beer.

On the soft grass was her son, Robert. He was wrestling with his friend from next door. Robert was not yet in high school. He would be starting this coming fall. His friend, Tom, had just completed his first year in high school. Susan thought it strange that they should be such good friends. Although there was only a year difference in their ages, the social structure of teenagers usually prevented one from associating with someone in a lower class.

Susan shifted her position on the lounge chair, and her skirt slipped higher on her long, creamy thighs. She watched the boys with half-closed eyes, feeling dreamy and lazy. The sun was at its peak, and the afternoon was going to be even hotter. She could feel sweat at her armpits and between her thighs. Unknowingly, she spread her feet farther apart. Closing her eyes to the rays of the sun, she let her mind drift. She began thinking about sex, something she thought about a lot.

Susan was an extremely sensual woman. She enjoyed and loved sex for sex's sake. It was something she could easily separate from love.

Although she had remained faithful to her husband until the divorce, it had not prevented her from imagining all sorts of erotic situations, with herself the center of attention.

Even now she could feel her tits swelling inside her thin blouse, her nipples tingling with sensation. There was a throb of anticipation between her thighs, inside her cunt. Her pussy twitched and quivered, the hairy lips puffing up. Her clit burned with the need to be touched, and she considered going into the house and fingering her cunt to an orgasm.

She did not notice when Karen Mason entered the yard.

Karen was Tom's mother, a year older than Susan's thirty-two. Karen was an extremely beautiful woman, tall and slender, with deliciously shaped curves. Karen's tits arched and swelled out in perfection, and her ass was a delight to look upon. It was tight and curvy, and flexed when she walked. Karen was as sensual as Susan, if not more so. She knew she was attractive, and dressed to show off her inviting body. She wore a halter over her tits, and the nipples were outlined clearly. She also wore a pair of very brief shorts, with slits up each side almost to her waist.

"My, my," Karen said quietly.

Susan opened her eyes. "Oh, hello, Karen."

"You want to know something, Susan?" Karen said, sitting in a padded chair. "You're giving those boys of ours quite a nice show."

"What do you mean?" Susan said, sipping at her beer, which had become warm.

Karen pointed a finger. Robert and Tom were sitting on the grass facing the women, their eyes wide and hot looking.

"I still don't understand," Susan said.

"Look at your skirt, honey."

Susan looked, and saw that her skirt had come almost to her hips. "Oh, God!" she cried, quickly closing her thighs and smoothing her skirt down.

"It's too late, baby," Karen laughed softly.

"They were sitting there staring at your panties. I saw it when I came through the gate. Did you know there's hair sticking out at the crotch?"

Susan's face flushed. She sat up quickly, placing her feet firmly on the patio.

Karen laughed again. "They sure got themselves an eyeful, Susan. Me too, for that matter."

"Stop it, Karen," Susan said, but she wasn't angry.

"I'm sure those two boys of ours have delicious hard-ons about now."

"Oh, Karen!" Susan sighed. "Must you always talk like that?"

"Why not?" Karen replied. "A hard-on is a hard-on, you know. I simply love a cock when it gets up so hard, don't you?"

Susan blushed again, and she knew it would only encourage Karen. Still, despite her shyness, she found it very enjoyable to listen to Karen. It excited her in a way that she didn't fully understand. She looked at Karen. The woman was sitting in the chair, her knees apart. Susan swallowed when she noticed the dark curls of cunt hair along the crotch band of the tight, very brief shorts. Then it dawned on her that the shorts were white, thin, and the shadow of Karen's pussy hair was plainly visible through them.

"I just bought them," Karen said, realizing what Susan was thinking. "Do you like them?"

"They show everything, Karen," Susan said in a low voice. "I could never wear anything like that. I'd die with embarrassment."

"Not me," Karen laughed. "I've got to attract a man somehow. If I don't get fucked pretty soon, I'll go out of my mind."

"You attract every man around here," Susan said.

"I know, and every one of them with some little wife lurking about, keeping her eye on her man." She made a face. "No, baby, I don't want any of these married guys. That's trouble."

"Then look someplace else," Susan suggested.

"I have."

"Oh?" Susan looked at her friend. "Have you settled on any particular man?"

"I sure have," Karen laughed, her tone throaty and suggestive.

Excitement bubbled up in Susan. "Who is it? Do I know him? Come on, Karen, tell me!"

Karen pointed a finger. Susan gasped. "You're joking!"

"Why would I joke about that?"

Susan glanced at her son, who was still sitting on the grass. He was whispering to Tom.

Looking back at Karen, she couldn't tell by her expression if she was fooling around or not. "You can't be serious. Why, Robert isn't even old enough to know about that. Come on, Karen!"

"He's old enough," Karen said. "You just haven't been paying attention."

"But Karen," Susan said, "that would be like fucking your own son. You've known Robert and me for five years. Shame on you."

"What's so shameful about it?" Karen replied, taking one of Susan's cigarettes. "I've considered Tom, too. I mean, look at that kid. He's getting pretty big, and you can bet he's got a nice cock on him."

"You're horrible!"

"Not at all, baby," Karen said, blowing smoke. "Why go hunting when I can have it tight in my own house?"

"You wouldn't," Susan whispered.

"I've certainly thought about it," Karen said, looking at her son. "I saw him just the other day in the shower, and his cock sure looked good to inc. No, I'm not kidding at all… I don't think."

Susan made no reply. She lit a cigarette, noticing her fingers were shaking. Surely Karen wouldn't fuck her own son. But she might fuck Robert. Susan drew a mental picture of her son, his cock very hard, stabbing it into Karen's dark haired cunt. She was surprised at the sudden boiling sensation between her thighs.

She quickly changed the subject. Karen was gazing at her with her dark eyes, eyes that held a strange expression in them. They looked hot, excited, and… Susan wasn't sure. She stood there, holding the unopened bottle of beer, gazing back with her own blue eyes. She felt a shiver ripple through her body, a shiver of anticipation, of desire.

She watched Karen's face come closer, and she felt frozen to the floor. Her legs started to tremble and she felt weak.

Then Karen had her moist, warm lips against hers. Susan whimpered as the woman kissed her, and her eyes closed. She felt Karen's hands caressing up and down her bare arms, and then she fell Karen's arching, pointed tits pressing against her own.

Karen drew back. "Oh, baby, baby!" she murmured softly, looking directly into Susan's eyes. "I've never done anything like this in my life, but somehow I…" And again she closed her lips against Susan's mouth.

Susan felt the tip of Karen's tongue move about her lips, and she moaned when she found her lips parting to accept the moist tongue. As Karen thrust herb tongue into Susan's mouth, Susan found herself sucking at it. Then she felt Karen's arms go about her and draw her tightly, her tits flattened against Karen's tits. She felt the hot hands of the woman move down her back, then they were clutching at her swelling ass. Karen was grinding her hips against Susan's, and shivers raced up and down her body.

When Karen pulled her tongue free of Susan's wet mouth, Susan looked again into those dark, excited eyes. "Oh, Karen, we shouldn't be… we better stop."

But Karen's fingers were digging into Susan's firm, springy asscheeks, and Susan thought she would fall because her legs had become rubbery. She felt her skirt being inched up, then those inquisitive hands were on her panties, the smooth backs of her thighs, and again Karen was cupping the cheeks of Karen's ass tightly.

"Baby, baby," Karen whimpered, her hands fondling Susan's ass. "I don't know what it is, but you turned me on this afternoon. I saw your legs spread so wide, the way the boys were staring at your crotch. Oohhh, it made me so damned hot!"

"I've never done anything like this before either," Susan said in a shaking voice. "I've never even touched another girl."

"Then we both have a new experience, don't we?" Karen said, bringing one hand up to caress one of Susan's swelling, round tits. "I've thought how it would be, what it would be like."

[missing text] into Karen's dark-haired cunt. She was surprised at the sudden boiling sensation between her thighs.

She quickly changed the subject. Karen spent an hour or so with her, then left, taking Tom with her. The rest of the afternoon Susan watched her son. She was seeing him in a new way now. She found herself glancing at the front of his cut-off jeans. She didn't see anything there. Maybe his cock was still small, she thought. She was haunted all afternoon by the image of Karen fucking her son. The things Karen had said earlier burned in her mind until she was almost beside herself with horniness.

After dinner, she settled in the family room with the television on, but she was not really watching it. Her mind continued to dwell upon the things Karen had said. She heard the phone ring, then Robert's voice as he talked.

"Mom," he said after hanging up. "I'm gonna go over to Tom's house for a while. He's got this new…"

"Go ahead," she said absently.

He had been gone perhaps fifteen minutes when the front door opened. Susan thought it was Robert returning, but it was Karen.

"Oh! What brings you over this time of evening?" Susan said. "Want a beer or something?"

"No," Karen said, sitting on the couch and stretching her legs out. She still had on her halter and shorts. "I just thought I'd come over while the boys are messing around with some new game Tom bought."

Susan saw the curls of dark hair around the crotch of Karen's tight shorts again. She wished she had the nerve to wear something like that.

"I thought you'd be seducing your son by this time," Susan teased, wondering how she had the gall to say such a thing.

"I certainly thought about it," Karen said seriously. "I've been looking at that kid's pants all afternoon. You know, I bet he has a cock on him that would match any man's."

Susan started to reply, but closed her mouth. Then she said: "At least Tom would have a bigger cock than Robert."

"I'm not so sure about that."

Susan suddenly became nervous. She had brought this up, and it wasn't like her. She got to her feet and went to the kitchen. She reached into the refrigerator and pulled out a beer, although she didn't want it. She had to do something to settle her nerves. When she straightened up, she found Karen close to her.

Susan placed her beer on the counter near the sink, leaning back weakly. She allowed Karen to lift her skirt and feel about her thighs because she knew of no way to stop it. She felt Karen's fingers tracing about the crotch of her panties, then between her thighs to move up and down the suddenly wet slit of her cunt. When Karen's finger increased the pressure against her stiff clit, Susan mewled with pleasure.

"Oh, you're wet, honey!" Karen laughed huskily. "So am I. Feel."

She did not wait for Susan to feel her pussy. She took Susan's wrist and brought her hand up between her creamy smooth thighs and cupped Susan's fingers about her cunt.

"Ooooo, nice!" Karen gurgled as she twisted her ass to press her pussy against Susan's palm. "Ohhhh, I like it! Feel me, baby! Feel my cunt!"

To her surprise, Susan found she was moving her hand and fingers against the crotch of those tight shorts, feeling Karen's cunt. She moaned with growing pleasure when Karen began to feel her up again. When Karen slipped a finger inside her panties and began to thrust the finger in and out of Susan's cunt, Susan thought she would faint with the sensation.

Karen dropped to her knees before Susan.

She held Susan's skirt at her waist, gazing steadily at the tight, bikini panties. When Karen began to strip her panties down, Susan found she was giving all the help she could. Then she was standing there, leaning against the counter, her hips arched out, her cunt fully exposed to Karen's hot eyes. She spread her legs, and looked down as Karen ran her fingers through the golden curls of her pussy.

"My God, baby!" Karen hissed hotly. "You've got a beautiful cunt! I had no idea a pussy could be so damned pretty! I rove that blonde hair on your twat, Susan. And I love the way it's so puffy! Ooooo, look at that delicious little clit! It's so wet!"

Karen suddenly moved her face close and began to kiss hotly at Susan's thighs, running her tongue up and down the smooth, tanned flesh. Susan trembled. She was holding her skirt up herself, arching her hips forward, watching with unfocused eyes as Karen licked and kissed all over her thighs. Her cunt was in turmoil of anticipation, and she writhed her hips.

Karen placed her hands on Susan's hips, gazing at the blonde-haired cunt hotly, her face inches from it flow. Then she shoved her face forward, and planted her lips directly upon Susan's snatch. She kissed it moistly, then with a low gurgle, began to lick at the sensitive clit with her hot, wet tongue.

"Ooooo, Karen!" Susan moaned, twisting her hips excitedly. "Ohhhh!"

Karen drew back, looking at Susan's pleasure-twisted face. "Do you like it, honey?" she whispered in a thick voice. "Does it feel good to you?"

"Oh yes!" Susan mewled, placing her hand on Karen's head. "Oh, it's been so long! So very long!"

"Mmmmm," Karen murmured, and kissed Susan's wet, puffy cunt again. "It's delicious! I had no idea…" She thrust her tongue into Susan's cunt, lapping at it, her mouth wide open, lips pressed against the puffy cuntlips, the curling blonde hairs on each side of her mouth. She stabbed her tongue back and forth, then licked vigorously at the steaming clit again, making Susan shudder with ecstasy.

"Ohhh, Karen, Karen!" Susan whimpered, grinding her pussy hard against the thrusting tongue. "I love it! Oh, God… it's so good! Do it more… harder… faster!"

Karen's tongue licked furiously in and out, tasting the flowing juices. The feel of Susan's puffy, wet pussy gripping her buried tongue sent chills of delight up and down her spine. She felt her own cunt boiling away, and it quivered as if she would come at any time. She swayed her tightly clad ass as she lapped Susan's twat, her hands around her hips and clutching that smooth, swelling ass tightly, her fingers almost between the cheeks. She pressed her mouth tightly against Susan's dripping, steaming cunt and sucked hard, her mind reeling with the exquisite ecstasy. She made soft whimpering sounds as she licked the woman's snatch.

Susan clung to Karen's head, holding her friend's face between her hot, smooth thighs, grinding her cunt harshly at those sucking lips. She cooed loudly, her body shaking violently as she approached orgasm.

Suddenly she yelped. "Oh! Oh… ohhh!" And she began to come strongly. Her pussy clenched about the stabbing tongue, flexing around it. She shot her hips forward and ground them brutally against Karen's face.

Then she could no longer stand. She slumped, her knees bending. She was vaguely aware that Karen had drawn her face back, and then she was sitting on the tile of the kitchen floor, her naked ass cooling. She sat with her knees up, wide apart, her throbbing cunt exposed. She slumped her blonde head to one side, breathing heavily, almost gasping for air.

Karen sat back, her eyes gazing brightly at the loveliness of Susan, her hairy twat revealed, the creamy thighs showing, the blonde pussy hair beaded with drops of juice. It was one of the most exciting sights she had ever seen, and it made her own pussy throb with need. She ran her hand between her thighs and began to rub furiously, staring hotly at Susan's twat.

"Ohhhhh," she groaned loudly, her body suddenly shaking as she came. "Oh, God! Oh, God… I'm coming! I'm coming!"

Susan, with blurred vision, watched her friend rub her convulsing cunt. Her own breathing had almost returned to normal, but now it increased once more as she watched. She had never seen anyone, man or woman, masturbate, and she found it thrilling. Once more her pussy began to pulsate in a burning way, and she ran her hand down to fondle it.

But as Karen finished coming, Susan pulled her hand off her pussy and shoved her skirt between her thighs. A flush came over her face, and she couldn't look Karen in the eye.

Karen reached out and gently stroked the side of Susan's face. "Don't worry about it, Susan," she said softly. "Don't worry about it."

Susan watched Karen stand up, and watched her as she left, her eyes seeing the tight roundness of that lovely, swelling ass. Then she began to cry.


Susan was troubled the next day.

There was no doubt in her mind that she had enjoyed having her cunt sucked by Karen. What troubled her was the fact that she had known Karen for years and not once suspected her to be that kind of woman. That kind of woman, she thought. What kind was that? And hadn't Susan allowed it? Didn't that make her the same as Karen?

She prepared breakfast for her son and sat with her coffee, watching him eat. He was certainly a healthy young boy, but she wished he would slow down eating. He almost gulped his food down, begrudging the time spent on eating when he could be outside horsing around. She searched his face for a sign of approaching beard, but there was none.

She remembered what Karen had said the day before, how she had been considering her own son as a sex partner. Susan looked at Robert, trying to picture him in bed with her. She tried to visualize her son naked beside her, his cock very hard, the head swollen with little beads of moisture collecting at the piss hole. She tried to imagine what his balls would look like, if they would be hairy or hairless. She knew his thighs were still as smooth as a baby's, and his cheeks were the same. Still, she thought, he was old enough to have hair at the base of his cock, certainly.

Susan felt her pussy tingle as she thought of those things. Sitting in her chair, she pressed her thighs together and felt the response in her cunt. The sensation was strong enough to make her moan softly.

"Anything wrong, Mom?" Robert asked, not looking up from his plate.

"No, baby," she said in a soft voice. There was a slight flush on her face, a flush of embarrassment.

Later, while Robert was out, Susan showered and after drying her body, she looked at herself in the mirror. She was quite good looking. Her blonde hair was just past her shoulders, and she had clear, light-blue eyes that sparkled. Her lips were full and moist, sensual. She didn't look tote in her early thirties; many people had told her that her flesh was creamy smooth, without a blemish.

She gazed at her tits. They were nice tits, she thought. Shapely, round, firm. They were springy to the touch, and her pink nipples were quite rubbery. Her stomach was still as flat as any teenage girl. Her hips, though slim, rounded out deliciously, flowing in perfect grace to long, slender thighs and curvy legs.

Susan's eyes fixed on the triangle of blonde curls covering her cunt. She ran her hands through the hairs and parted them. The lips of her cunt were puffy. Gently she parted the moist lips of her pussy and peered for a long time at the glistening, tip of her clitoris. She thought she could see it throb, but it was only her imagination.

As she turned from the mirror to dress, she glanced over her shoulder and saw her ass. She paused to examine it. There was nothing at all wrong with her ass, she noted. It was round and firm, very shapely. The cheeks swelled out and flexed when she walked, drawing the eye.

With disgust, she left the mirror and began dressing. Since it was going to be another warm day, she found a sunsuit to wear. It was bright yellow, with two thin straps over her shoulders, the bodice low enough to reveal the creamy separation of her thrusting tits. The pant legs were wide, and for a moment she considered not wearing it. It was about five years old anyway. Then she shrugged her shoulders, deciding it didn't matter. She wasn't leaving the house.

Susan spent the morning cleaning house, but there was not much to do. Robert was neat and always picked up after himself. With just the two of them living there, the house never became very messy.

At noon Robert asked to visit a friend down the block, and Susan consented. He had been out of the house perhaps fifteen minutes when Karen dropped by.

Susan was glad Karen made no reference to what happened the evening before. She was nervous around Karen now. But Karen was bubbly and gay, chattering away. Susan's mind wandered, and she found herself remembering the night before. She was acutely aware that heir cunt was boiling, that it was moist.

"You aren't yourself today, Susan," she heard Karen say. "What's wrong with you?"

"Nothing is wrong with me," Susan replied, but her voice was shaking.

"You're as nervous as hell, baby," Karen said, slipping close to Susan. "Come on, is it because of last night? I thought you had fun."

Susan shivered when she felt Karen's hand run along her bare arm. The hand felt hot to her, but she was sure it was only her vivid imagination.

When Susan remained silent, Karen went on. "You remember what I said last night, honey? About Tom?" she laughed huskily. "I think he's more than interested. I think he's interested in a bit of fucking with his mother."

Susan trembled. It reminded her of what she thought concerning her own son that morning. "How… how do you know that?" she stammered, her face bright.

"Oh, I played a little game with him last night," Karen laughed throatily. "I gave him a peek into the future, you might say."

Suddenly Susan was pulled into Karen's arms. She gasped as her tits flattened against those of Karen's, and she gasped again when those moist, hot lips closed against hers. She trembled, but did not resist, when she tasted the wet tip of Karen's tongue penetrating her lips. When that eager tongue darted past her teeth, Susan moaned and sagged against Karen, her hands on the woman's hips to brace herself.

She felt Karen's hands move up and down her back as her tongue snaked in and out, stabbing wantonly. Susan tried to resist, but felt herself overwhelmed by the sensuality of the woman. She groaned when Karen's hands ran over her asscheeks, pausing long enough to cup them for a brief squeeze, then they went down the backs of her thighs, caressing, fondling, arousing. Susan's body trembled again, and she began to writhe her hips against Karen's.

"Ohhh, baby," Karen crooned as she pulled her lips away. "You're a hot one all right."

"Don't, Karen," Susan whimpered. "Please, I don't want that to happen again."

"I think you do," Karen replied, cupping Susan's ass in one hand, bringing her other up to close around a firm, springy tit. "I think you want it to happen again and again. God, baby, you were like a fucking firecracker last night! You need it as badly as I do, and don't try to deny it."

Susan felt Karen's hand work up inside one of the wide legs of her shorts, the fingers moving along the curve of her ass. Although she could say it out loud that she did not want this, she knew damned good and well she did. Susan pressed her hips against Karen's and began to grind slowly, moaning softly, her eyes closed.

"See what I mean?" Karen whispered thickly as she curled her fingers about an asscheek. "You've got a hot little ass on you, Susan. And I mean hot!"

"Ooohh," Susan whimpered, her own hands now clutching the shorts-clad ass of Karen, her fingers digging into the tight flesh. "Oh, God! I don't know any more! I don't know anything… any more!"

Karen drew back and lowered the thin top of Susan's sunsuit. Susan knew her tits were exposed, and was certain of it when she felt Karen's wet, hot mouth kissing near one nipple.

"You have beautiful tits, baby," Karen murmured, her tongue licking lightly at the rubbery tip. "You're skin is so creamy, so smooth. God, I could lick you all over!"

Karen wore a thin, tight halter that concealed her tits, but just barely. Before Susan realized what she was doing, she had untied Karen's halter and let it drop to the floor. As she did this, she felt her sunsuit slither down her body to the floor, and she stood there wearing only a pair of bikini panties.

She was fondling Karen's naked tits of her own free will now, cupping them, molding them, gazing hotly at them. Karen's nipples were brown, with large circles around them. Her nipples were succulent and hard. Susan's pussy was boiling as her desire grew strongly.

And then the front door slammed.

"Oh, God!" Susan yelped, pulling away from Karen quickly.

But it was too late.

Tom stood looking at them, his eyes huge. Susan covered her naked tits with an arm, the hand of her other arm over her pantied pussy. She stood with legs tight together, staring at the boy.

Karen turned and saw her son, and laughed in her throaty way. Deliberately, she cupped her naked tits and ran her thumbs over the sensitive nipples, not at all ashamed that her son was looking at her.

"Join the party, Tom," she said in a low voice, her dark eyes gleaming.

"Oh, God, Karen!" Susan blurted, bending to get her sunsuit and holding it before her. "How… Oh!" And she ran from the room.

Susan stayed in her bedroom, very embarrassed. She could hear Karen talking to her son, but the words weren't clear. Now and then there was a mumbled reply from Tom. Getting into her sunsuit again, she peeked into the hallway. Then she walked back to the living room. She stopped in the doorway, her eyes wide.

Karen was sitting on the couch with her son, and she had taken his cock out of his cut-off jeans. Susan saw Karen was stroking her son's prick, and that Tom was entering into this with enthusiasm. He was playing with his mother's naked tits, his mouth open and his tongue licking at his lips. His cock was very hard in Karen's hand, Susan saw. Despite her first reaction of shamed anger, Susan felt herself becoming intensely aroused. She could not take her eyes from Tom's young prick, or the way Karen was stroking her fist up and down the throbbing shaft.

Although Susan stood in the doorway, neither Karen nor Tom saw her, or if they did, they paid no attention to her.

"Your cock is so hard, darling," she heard Karen tell her son. "God, is it ever hard! And such a pretty one, too. I bet you can do all sorts of things with this lovely, hard cock."

Karen began opening her son's shorts; then she pulled them off so her son sat naked on the couch. Susan's eyes strained at the sight of his prick and balls. Her cunt throbbed in a delicious manner, and she swallowed hard as she gazed at the horny couple.

While Karen once again began to fondle and pump on her son's prick, Susan noticed that Tom was trying to get one hand inside his mother's shorts, trying to get at her cunt.

Karen gurgled and said: "Just a minute, darling. Let me take them off."

Karen stood up and wiggled out of her tight shorts, her back toward Susan. Susan saw Karen's curvy ass revealed, the whiteness of her asscheeks contrasting against the tan of her thighs. Then Karen sat down again next to her son. She took his throbbing cock in her hand again.

"Now you can play with my pussy," she said in a husky voice.

Karen spread her thighs wide, and Tom began to feel about his mother's cunt. Susan could hardly breath as she watched. She was so excited she could hardly stand.

"Oh, baby," Karen gurgled as her son slipped a finger up and down her hairy twat. "Feel me up! God, it's good, your hand on my cunt this way! Mmmmmm, and your cock is really anxious! I can feel it pound in my fist!"

"You're really wet, Mom," Tom said. "You're really wet!"

"Of course I am, darling," Karen laughed. "That's because I'm hot, hot as hell!"

"Like last night?" Susan heard Tom say.

"That's right, Tom. Like last night."

"That was fun, Mom," Tom said.

Karen laughed again and pulled his head down to her tits. "Suck them, Tom. Suck my tits! I love it when my tits are sucked on."

Susan watched, horrified, yet excited by what she saw. There was no doubt that her cunt was twitching. When Tom closed his lips around one brown nipple, Susan almost came.

Karen held the back of her son's head as he began to suck vigorously on her nipple, his hand moving up and down between her thighs. Karen gripped her son's cock tightly, pumping furiously, now. She made soft, animal-like sounds in her throat, writhing her naked ass on the cushions of the couch.

Tom pulled his face away from her tit, looking up into his mother's shining face. "Are you gonna jack me off like last night, Mom?" he asked.

So that was what Karen had meant about giving her son a peek into the future, Susan thought. She had jacked her son's cock off.

"I've got a better idea," Susan heard Karen say. "I know where it would feel better."

"Do you mean it, Mom?" Tom asked, excitement filling his voice. "Are you gonna let me…"

Karen laughed sexily. "That's right, Tom. I'm going to let you fuck me."

"Oh, wow!" Tom yelped with excitement. "Come on, Mom! We better go home fast."

"What's wrong with right here?"

"But… Susan, or Robert."

"Don't worry about it," Karen said, and laughed again, taking his balls in her hand and twisting them lightly.

Susan watched in fascination as Karen pressed her son onto the couch, his cock standing straight up in the air. She held her breath when Karen straddled him, and then settled her crotch upon his waving cock. Their position was perfect for Susan to see it all, and she saw Tom's cock enter his mother's hair-lined cunt with ease.

"Ooohhhh, nice!" Karen gurgled as she lowered her ass. "Ohhh, baby, that's one hard cock you have! Oh, I'm going to fuck the piss out of you, Tom! I'm going to fuck that hard cock of yours with my hot, wet cunt until you can't walk! Ohhhh, what a cock!"

Susan listened, watching, her pussy bubbling hotter with each passing second. She saw the way Karen's round, creamy ass spread, caught a glimpse of Karen's tight asshole, then Karen spread her long legs out on each side of her son's, her tits dropping to his chest. Oddly enough, Susan saw that Tom's face was just above his mother's tits. She hadn't realized he was that much shorter than his mother.

She watched as Karen's ass began to move, writhing from side to side, then pumping up and down. Susan could see the way Tom's cock penetrated his mother's hairy, slippery snatch, watch the pink lips cling to the sides of his prick. She could see Tom's balls draw up in reflex as he slid his hands over his mother's bouncing hips and asscheeks, groaning with pleasure.

"Oooo, Mom, Mom!" Tom moaned. "Oh, it's so hot! You feel so hot and wet!"

"You're damn right I'm hot and wet, Tom!" Karen replied, her hips bouncing furiously now, her cunt sliding up and down her son's pricks. "I'm hot for your cock, baby! My pussy is hot for that hard prick! I'm going to give you the best fuck you'll ever get!"

Susan gazed hotly at the way Karen's naked ass pumped up and down, the cheeks flexing. She watched the dark hairs cling to Tom's prick. It was the most exciting thing she had ever seen, and she stood there, firmly rooted to the floor, unable to turn her head away. She was breathing hard and fast, and she felt as if she would come just by watching. Her pussy was quivering insanely, and the insides of her thighs were moist. Her hips swayed gently, and she was gripping one of her tits as she watched. It was fascinating to her, intensely exciting.

Karen slowed her hip movements, then stopped. She sat up on her son, her cunt still around his cock.

"Don't stop now, Mom!" Tom protested. "Don't stop now!"

Karen laughed. "I'm not going to stop, baby," she said. "I'm just getting started."

She sat on him, her ass spreading. Susan saw Karen manipulate her own nipples, the expression on her face twisted in ecstasy. Susan gazed with unfocused eyes at Karen sitting on her son. Although her vision was blurry, she saw in detail the way Tom's young balls seemed to writhe, the base of his cock being gripped by his mother's wet cunt.

Then Karen began to bounce her ass again, bracing herself with her hands on each side of her son, her naked tits jiggling. Susan watched Karen's ass rise and fall slowly at first, then the movement increased in speed. Karen was mewling loudly, her head thrown back and eyes closed as she bounced up and down on Tom's cock. Tom was grunting, his fingers digging into his mother's thighs up close to her hips. His lips were clenched tightly.

"Ohhh, baby, baby!" Karen whimpered in a tight voice. "I'm going to come, baby! Oh, God… I'm going to come!"

Her ass began to grind in a frenzy against her son's deeply buried prick, and then she yelled. The sound came out in painful ecstasy, her naked body shuddering. Susan saw Tom arch his cock upward, and then his balls drew tight against the base. Susan saw his balls flex tightly.

"Mom, I'm coming!" Tom shouted. "I'm coming, Mom!"

"Oh yes! You're coming, baby!" Karen replied in a voice that sounded strangled. "I feel you coming! I feel your cock… coming! You're coming in Mother's cunt… come in my pussy! Oooo… oh, baby, baby! Come in me! Flood my hot fucking cunt! Spurt it into my wet pussy!"

As suddenly as they had come, both mother and son slurped with exhaustion.

Susan watched Karen sprawl atop her son, her ass twitching in the glow of ecstasy. Then she watched as Karen slowly got to her feet. Tom's cock glistened wetly.

Then Karen turned and saw Susan standing in the doorway.

"Beautiful!" Karen said, going toward Susan. "That was absolutely beautiful, Susan. I told you I was going to fuck my son, and I did. God, was it good!"

Susan was frozen there. She couldn't even move when Karen touched her arm. All she could do was stand there, staring at Tom's cock and balls.

Karen noticed this. She laughed in her low way. "Isn't that a beautiful cock, Susan? Doesn't it make your pussy twitch?"

Finally Susan found her voice. She turned and stared at Karen. "How could you?" she asked, her voice barely audible. "How could you do that with… with your own son?"

"Damned easy," Karen said. "It was the easiest thing ever. I told you I thought he was interested, didn't I?"

"But… he's your son, Karen!"

"And that makes it all the more exciting, dummy," Karen said. "Don't tell me you didn't get all nice and wet watching. Come on, Susan!"

Tom pulled his cut-offs on, and he didn't look at Susan as he slipped past them, leaving through the front door.


Karen spent two hours talking to Susan.

Susan, although excited by seeing Karen fuck her son so enthusiastically, still felt shame. She shook her head vigorously every time Karen asked her a question about becoming aroused, denying it, but it was so shallow a gesture Karen could see through the lie.

Susan sat on the couch, the same couch that Karen had fucked Tom on. Karen sat next to her, still naked, not bothering to slip into her shorts and halter. She spoke in a low, aggressive voice to Susan, urging her to consider their sons as sex partners.

"You aren't the kind of woman who would climb into bed with just any man who happened to have a hard-on, and neither am I, Susan," Karen told her. "But on the other hand we're a couple of hot-assed women who want fucking on a regular basis."

"I won't!" Susan said loudly. "I won't do it, Karen."

"Then don't do it," Karen said in exasperation. "Be stubborn about it. Go through the rest of your life playing with yourself. But that isn't what I'm going to do. You just saw what I plan on doing. Now that I know without a doubt that my son is eager to fuck me, that's what I'm going to keep right on doing – fucking him."

Susan leaned over, her face in her hands.

"And something else, Susan," Karen said, putting her arm around Susan's shoulders. "I'm taking a good look at Robert."

Susan sat upright. She turned and stared at Karen. "Robert oh, no!"

"I have a strong hunch that boy is just as eager to get a little pussy as my son was," Karen said. "I've seen him look at you, and me too, for that matter. I believe Tom and Robert are thinking the same things. I know they do a lot of talking about girls, about fucking. I've listened in on some of the things they talk about, and let me tell you, your own son is just as horny as mine."

"Karen, you won't!" Susan gasped, her eyes wide. "Robert isn't old enough for that."

"He's old enough, Susan," Karen went on, pulling Susan against her. "Listen, doll I've broken the ice for us. I can have all the cock I want now with my son. You can fuck him, too, and I'd love that. But you've got to go along with it or it won't be any good."

"But they're so young," Susan protested.

"Youth has nothing to do with it." Karen argued. "Besides, they'll be good for us. Where else could a couple of hot-assed girls like us get all the fucking we want with a couple of horny teenagers?"

"It's incest, Karen."

"So what?" Karen continued. "Who would ever know except the four of us? We wouldn't have to keep on using our fingers every night. We could have a ball, Susan!"

At the end of the two hours, Susan was worn down. What Karen said made a great deal of sense to her. She had been on the verge of going out, finding herself some man. But that could lead to problems, she felt.

"But I won't do it with Robert," she insisted. "I refuse to let my son fuck me, Karen."

Karen laughed. "But Tom?"

Susan's face flushed as she nodded slightly, taking a deep breath. "I'll think about that."

Karen hugged her tightly, kissing her lips. "You'll see, honey," she said. "You'll see how much fun we can have."

"But not with Robert," Susan insisted.

Karen made no reply. She stood up and began to get into her shorts and halter. Susan sat on the couch, watching, troubled. After she was dressed, Karen leaned over and held Susan's face up, her fingertip at Susan's chin. She looked into Susan's clouded eyes. Then she kissed her again.

"I'll come over in an hour or so, with Tom," she said.

Susan watched her friend leave, noticing Karen's ass seemed to sway in a more pronounced manner. Alone in the house, Susan wondered what had made her agree to such an insane idea. She tried to analyze her feelings, and the vision of Karen fucking her son came to her again. She could not deny the excitement she had felt at the time. She remembered how hard Tom's cock had been, how beautiful it had looked sliding into Karen's hairy cunt. She tried to imagine what it would feel like to have his cock inside her cunt and she felt a burning twitch of eagerness between her thighs.

What was it Karen had said just before she left? That she would be back in about an hour… with her son. Susan shivered. She had watched Tom grow these past five years, saw him as just another growing boy. But now she realized he was not a little boy any longer. Young, of course, but that cock of his was something else.

Then the thought came to her: Robert.

He would be returning home sometime soon. She became frightened, and started to reach for the phone to call Karen, to tell her she couldn't bring her son over. But she pulled her hand back from the telephone. She thought, fleetingly, of some way to keep her own son out of the house, at least for a few hours.

Did that mean she was going to do this crazy thing? Susan didn't know; she was confused. If she wanted to keep Robert away from home, that meant she was willing to do this thing with Karen and her son, didn't it?

Susan shivered, hugging herself tightly. She leaned back on the couch, her eyes closed, her mind in a turmoil. How had she gotten involved? she wondered. Why had she allowed Karen to talk her into this? But had she? No, she had only said she would think about it. And she was thinking about it… and getting hotter by the fucking minute!

She was startled by the sound of the front door opening. She looked up to see her son coming in. Instantly Susan began trying to think of some way to send him away for a while. But Robert solved her problem.

"Mom, I'm gonna go down to the school gym for a while," he said. "Shoot a few baskets. What time should I be home?"

Susan knew her face was warm and slightly flushed, but there was nothing she could do about it. Her eyes ran over his slim body, and then she looked directly at the front of his pants. She didn't know if it was due to a suddenly vivid imagination or not, but she was certain there was a lump there, the bulge of his cock and balls. She shook herself and lifted her eyes to his young, beardless face.

"Be home for dinner, darling," she said, her voice hardly under control. "About six, perhaps seven."

She glanced at the clock. It was now two in the afternoon. At least four hours, she thought. Four hours, alone with Karen and Tom…

Robert raced from the house, and she was alone again. But not for long. Robert had been gone hardly fifteen minutes when Karen came walking in without knocking, as usual. She had changed from her shorts to a becoming skirt and blouse. Behind her was Tom, still in his cut-off jeans. The legs were frayed, and quite short, shorter than she had seen before. Then Susan realized that he had put on a different pair of cut-offs.

She didn't say anything as they came into the living room. Tom sat in a chair, slumped with his ass almost over the cushions, legs apart. He was looking at Susan with interest.

Karen sat beside Susan. "Well, here we are, honey," she said. "Just as I said."

Susan swallowed hard, glancing at Tom quickly and then lowering her eyes bashfully. She had seen him gazing steadily at her thighs, and she crossed them hurriedly.

"Don't be bashful, baby," Karen murmured, putting her arm around Susan's trembling shoulders. "Tom knows that I sucked your pussy last night. I told him all about it."

"Karen, you didn't!" Susan groaned, her face turning red. "Oh, God! Why did you…"

"I wanted to tell him," Karen replied. "My son is just like me, Susan. He thought it was great."

Susan felt Karen's lips brushing her cheek, and she tried to pull away, but not very successfully. She felt and saw Karen's hand moving up and down her thigh, and when Karen urged her to uncross her legs, she allowed it to happen. She glanced at Tom sitting across from her. He was watching with interest, and Susan saw that his cock was getting hard. His cut-offs were bulging up now, and when she looked closely, she realized she could see his pubic hair around the frayed edges. She strained her eyes and realized she could see one of his balls, too.

As Karen began to caress her thigh, Susan's cunt swelled and her clit enlarged. She was not aware that she was writhing her ass on the couch. She made no protest when Karen slipped a thin strap from her shoulder, and one of her tits became exposed to Tom. She shivered as Karen began to fondle it gently, twisting and pinching lightly at her rubbery nipple.

Susan saw Tom adjust his shorts, then the head of his cock was visible. Susan's breath caught in her lungs as she watched his cock grow, swell smoothly. Tom pulled his shorts to one side, and his cock stood up straight, one ball exposed.

Karen dropped her hand to Susan's lap, and involuntarily Susan spread her knees until her legs were stretched out. She felt Karen's hand on the leg of her shorts, then at the crotch. She looked down and saw Karen pulling the crotch to one side. She knew Tom could see the crotch band of her panties now.

"Karen," she whimpered. "Please, don't!"

"It's too late, baby," Karen said. "Don't you know Tom and Robert have been peeking under your dress for quite some time? Both of them have already seen your panties plenty of times."

"Please, I don't want…"

"Bullshit!" Karen snorted, her fingers pulling at the crotch of Susan's panties. "Let my son have a look at your hot cunt."

Karen pulled the crotch of Susan's shorts and panties to one side, and Susan blushed furiously. She couldn't stop this. She couldn't move her hands. They lay limply at her sides, and she leaned against the couch and shivered.

Tom was looking directly at Susan's cunt now as his mother held the crotch wide.

"Isn't that a pretty cunt, Tom? Look at all that blonde hair on it. I bet Susan's cunt is as tight as mine… and you're going to love fucking her."

Tom grinned. His cock was now in his fist. He was not jacking it, but simply holding it tightly.

Karen rubbed and fondled Susan's cunt as her son watched with hot excitement. "You're going to love fucking this hot pussy, Tom," Susan heard Karen saying. "I know how hot it is."

Susan wanted to stop it, but didn't know how. She was trembling, but it was not with fear or disgust. She was more excited than ever.

Tom stood up and slipped out of his shorts, his cock throbbing very hard, the head swollen and beaded with moisture at the piss hole. Susan looked at him now, no longer with downcast eyes. Her desire had become so intense it overwhelmed her, and she couldn't feel shame. Her tits were swollen and throbbing, and her clit felt as if it would burst.

"Bring that hard cock here, Tom," Karen said.

As Tom started forward, Karen managed somehow to get Susan's sunsuit down and off.

Tom stepped between Susan's spread thighs, his cock jerking. Then he dropped to his knees. Karen pulled the crotch of Susan's panties to one side, and said to her son. "Stick it up her twat, darling. Put your cock in her cunt and fuck her."

"Golly, Mom," Tom gurgled with delight, "I never thought I'd get to fuck Susan!"

Karen laughed. "You didn't think you'd ever fuck me either, did you? You probably never realized that I always found some way for you to peek under my dress, just waiting for you to get interested in me. Now you can fuck both of us. What boy your age has it so good?"

Susan could not resist watching. She looked down her slumped body, watching as Tom brought his long cock to her exposed cunt. She then saw Karen take her son's prick at the base and begin to rub the swollen head up and down her hairy pussy. She, felt the head of Tom's cock scrape at her swollen clit, and she trembled again.

"Feels good, doesn't it, Susan?" Karen murmured as she aimed her son's prick between the slippery lips of Susan's snatch. "You can't tell me that it doesn't feel good."

With mixed emotions, Susan watched Tom's cock slip into her pussy. As her cuntlips stretched, she mewled softly with delight. Tom thrust forward, and his cock entered her cunt all the way.

"Ohhhhh!" Susan moaned. "Oh, God! Ohhhh…"

"Beautiful!" Karen gurgled as she watched her son's prick thrust into Susan's cunt. "That is beautiful! Fuck her, Tom! Fuck her!"

"Golly, Mom… Susan is hot!" he said. "She's really hot in there… and so wet!"

"Fuck her, baby! Fuck her wet, hot cunt! Susan loves it!" his mother encouraged him.

Susan could not hold still. She moved her hips, and as Tom began to stab into her burning cunt, she writhed about. Before she knew it, she was jerking her hips up and down in time to his stabbing motions. Her cunt clung to his throbbing cock almost in desperation. She was mewling softly, her eyes wide, but she wasn't seeing much. Her body shivered and shook as she raised and lowered her ass, her thighs pressing against his hips. Moist sounds came to her, wet sounds of his cock slipping in and out of her gripping cunt.

"That's beautiful!" Karen murmured as she watched her son's cock plunge in and out of the hairy twat. "That's really beautiful! Fuck her cunt, baby! Fuck Susan's hairy pussy!"

"Ohhhh!" Susan mewled. "Oh, God! Ohhhh… I don't… ohhhh, it's good!"

Karen laughed. "It sure is good, honey!"

"I like it!" Tom grunted. "I like her cunt, Mom!"

"Of course you do, baby," Karen laughed. "You like any cunt as long as you have your cock in it! Fuck the piss out of her! Fuck her good, darling!"

Karen had her fingers down there, spread on each side of her son's cock as it moved back and forth. The heel of her hand was pressing at Susan's sensitive clit. Susan felt as though she would explode. Every nerve of her body was tingling, burning. Her mind was reeling with erotic pleasure.

"Ohhhh, good!" she whimpered. "So good! Ahhhh… I love it! I love it!"

"Sure you do, honey," Karen encouraged. "I told you it would be good."

She brought her hand away from between Susan's thighs and began to fondle one of Susan's tits, pulling at the nipple and twisting it, increasing the pleasure that threatened to dissolve Susan into a mass of quivering flesh.

"Suck me!" Susan suddenly blurted. "Suck my tit! Ohhh, please, suck my tit! Fuck me, Tom! Fuck me! Ohhhh, yes, yes! Suck my tit, Karen! Suck it while Tom fucks me!"

"That's more like it, baby," Karen replied in a low voice. "Now you're understanding better."

She dropped her mouth to Susan's stiff nipple. She ran her tongue around it, then lapped at the springy flesh. She turned her head so she could watch her son's cock fuck into Susan's hairy twat, still holding the crotch of her panties to one side for her son. Then she began to suck the nipple, her, mouth hot and wet.

"Ohhhhhh!" Susan gurgled, twisting her head about as she humped her ass up and down. "Ohhhh, this is so fucking good! Suck my tit… fuck me, Tom! Qoooo, fuck me good… harder! Oh, God… fuck my cunt harder!"

She heard the soft whimper of Karen, listened to the grunting sounds of Tom. Her hips rolled and twisted vigorously her mind soaring with the deliciousness of what she was feeling.

When she came, it was totally unexpected. The pleasure had been building, but she was surprised when she came. It was quick and violent.

"Ohhhhhh!" she wailed, her hips thrashing wildly, jerking in spasms up and down as Tom plunged his cock in and out. "I'm coming! Oh, God, I'm coming!"

Her pussy flexed tightly about the stabbing cock, clamping hard.

"Ooohh, golly!" Tom yelled. "She's tight on my cock! Ohhh, I gotta come, too! Her cunt is holding me… really hanging on, and I gotta come!"

Karen lifted her mouth from Susan's tit. "Shoot it to her, baby! Fill her hot pussy with it! Come up her cunt! Flood her hot, fucking pussy! Let it go, Tom!"

Susan felt Tom's cum gush into her burning, convulsing snatch. It felt as if he would never stop coming, and she was surprised to find herself having another orgasm, a stronger one.

"Oh, again!" she screamed. "I'm coming again! Oohhh, I've never come twice like this before! Ohhhhh, it's so… so… fucking good! Oh… oh… oh!"

Susan could not keep her hips moving. She was totally exhausted. She let her ass slump down, and Tom's cock pulled free. He was still coming, and a glob of his cum splashed along the inside of her right thigh, very close to her cunt. Tom sat back on the floor, puffing and snorting. Susan, her legs spread wide, head resting on the back of the couch, sighed as she felt her body slowly relax.

After she had recovered sufficiently to sit up, she saw that Tom was sprawled on his back on the floor, his cock looking lovely, glistening with the clinging moisture from her pussy. Karen had settled on the couch, leaning on the arm, watching with amused delight. She had one leg up on the couch, the other on the floor. Her skirt was bunched in her lap, and Susan saw the curls of dark hair surrounding her cunt.

"You aren't wearing panties," Susan said.

"Why should I?" Karen laughed. "They only get in the way when I want to fuck."

There was no talk for a few minutes, then Susan sat upright. Her panties were back in place, her pussy no longer exposed. She ran her fingers through the blob of cum on her thigh, smearing it around on the creamy flesh.

"Well, I guess I did it," she said.

"You sure did, honey," Karen laughed. "And you did a damn fine job of it, too. Look at my son. He looks as if he's never had a fuck so good in his life."

"How many has he had?" Susan wanted to know.

"Two!" Karen laughed. "Me this afternoon and now you. But he's going to be getting plenty of pussy from now on, I'm sure."

Suddenly Susan laughed. "This is crazy, Karen. Fucking your son! But, oh it was good!"

"Let me get us a beer and we can talk about it," Karen said. She pulled two beers from Susan's refrigerator and returned to the living room.


Out of shyness, Susan covered her lap with her sunsuit. Her tits were still naked, round and beautiful, smooth and inviting. Tom continued to lounge on the carpet, totally unashamed of his nakedness before Susan and his mother.

Karen sat back on the couch, one leg lifted to the cushions, knee up. Her skirt slipped down her thigh and since her other foot was on the floor, her hairy cunt was revealed. She and Susan sipped at the cold beer. Karen watched Susan, and Susan could feel her eyes on her. Being stared at this way made her blush prettily.

"Well, Susan?" Karen asked.

"Well what?"

"Did you enjoy it?"

Susan lifted her eyes and looked at Karen, then at Tom. Her eyes fell immediately to his cock, which was growing hard again. She watched his prick, fascinated by the way it swelled, stiffening. He was looking, she saw, at his mother's revealed cunt.

"I told you, Karen," Susan said softly. "I loved it."

"You're sure?"

"Of course I'm sure. It's been a long time for me. You know that."

"Then what about our agreement?"

"Agreement?" Susan looked puzzled. "What agreement?"

"Fucking our sons."

"Oh," Susan replied in a low voice. "But I never agreed to that. I only said I'd think about it."

"Tom just fucked you," Karen reminded her.

Susan's mind whirled. She had certainly enjoyed that teenage cock, of that she had no doubts. But Robert? Robert was a year younger than Tom. Susan still considered her son a baby. He wasn't a baby, of course. But he was her only child, and she had babied him for all these years.

"It's only fair, you know," Karen urged.


"Listen, Susan," Karen said in a low, husky voice. "I've been keeping my eye on these boys of ours. Like you, I've seen them grow up. They're interested in girls. You just found out how interested Tom is. Well, so is Robert. If you and I don't give them some pussy, they're going to be trying to get into the panties of every little girl they find. Now tell me, do you want that?"

"Oh, God… Of course not."

"Then it's up to you and me, right?"

"But… my son?" Susan shuddered. "I'm not sure – I could do such a thing."

"You saw me fuck Tom," Karen replied. "It hasn't changed me in any way, except to make me feel better."

Susan felt Karen was not simply suggesting they fuck each other's sons. She was afraid Karen was suggesting they all four get together and fuck.

As those thoughts whirled through her mind, she became aware that Tom was sitting up now, and he was caressing the smooth inner surface of his mother's thigh, his cock powerfully hard again. She looked at his hand as it went between Karen's thighs to stroke lightly at her hairy twat. Karen grabbed her son's hand and placed it directly on her cunt, pressing it there.

"Ooohhh, nice," Karen murmured, writhing her ass on the couch.

Susan was not surprised to find herself responding to what she was seeing. She watched as Karen shoved one of her son's fingers into her moist cunt, then began to stroke it in and out, holding his wrist.

When Tom's other hand began to slide up Susan's thigh, she shivered. Although she had so recently fucked him, she still felt shy. With downcast eyes, she watched his hand fondle the sensitive inside surface of her creamy thigh, and felt her pussy responding with quivering desire. When Tom shoved her sunsuit from her lap, she sat still, hardly breathing, waiting.

"Play with Susan's cunt, too," she heard Karen say in a thickening voice. "Play with Susan's cunt, Tom. Play with mine, too. Play with both of us… feel both of us up, darling."

Tom's fingers brushed through the golden curls of Susan's snatch, and she could not resist opening her thighs wide.

"That's it, Susan!" Karen gurgled with pleasure as she wiggled her hips against her son's fingers. "Open your legs nice and wide so he can feel your pussy. Ohhh, this is good, darling! Fuck me with your finger, baby! Fingerfuck me, fingerfuck me!"

Tom was young enough, and curious enough, to feel all over both of them. He looked fascinated, his eyes darting from Susan's exposed cunt to the hairy one of his mother. He ran his hands all over them, rubbing the glistening clit of each, then stabbing a finger into both cunts. Susan and Karen whimpered and writhed as the teenage boy plunged his fingers in and out of their juicy cunts.

"Ooooooo," Susan gurgled softly, her eyes moving from her crotch to Karen's. "Ohhhh! Ahhhhh, that's good, Tom! That's so good!"

"Fuck her, darling!" Karen urged, leaning back and humping her cunt up and down to her son's stabbing finger. "Fuck her pretty pussy… fuck my pretty pussy! Ohhhh, baby, baby, baby!"

Tom's eyes glittered as he swiveled his head to and fro, looking at his mother's dark-haired twat, then at Susan's blonde-haired one. His cock was straining again, dripping juice from the swollen head.

Susan's ass twisted until she was hanging her asscheeks over the edge of the cushions, her blonde head on the back of the couch. She kept her knees wide apart, and was humping her crotch up and down with erotic desire. Karen, too, was rolling her ass about as her son fingerfucked her, whimpering as pleasure flowed through her almost naked body.

Then Karen pulled her son's finger out of her cunt. She leaned over and kissed her son on the mouth, then pulled away with a wicked laugh. "Kiss it for me, baby," she said in a husky voice. "Kiss Mother's cunt, darling."

Susan looked at Karen, watched as she scooted her ass to the edge of the cushions, legs wide. Karen tossed her right leg over Susan's left, and the contact of smooth flesh sent sparks of erotic feeling through Susan.

"Come on, Tom," Karen urged. "Kiss Mother's pussy! I love having my cunt kissed! Come on, darling, kiss it for me!"

Tom was eager to experiment, and he slipped his head between his mother's warm, inviting thighs. Karen mewled with pleasure as she grabbed the back of her son's head, bringing his face into her crotch. Susan watched Karen wiggle her hairy, moist cunt against Tom's face, and it sent a wild tremor of desire racing through her own naked body. As Tom began kissing his mother's pussy, Karen reached over and stroked Susan's naked tits, twisted the rubbery nipples gently, making Susan moan softly. Then Karen was caressing her fingers through Susan's pussy hair, and finally she began to fingerfuck Susan as her son kissed her twat.

"Lick it, baby," Karen urged. "Use your tongue on my hot cunt! I want you to lick my pussy, Tom! Ohhhh, lick it for me, baby! Oooooo, yes, that's it! Lick all over my hot, hairy snatch!"

Susan's eyes were wide and misty with erotic desire as she watched Tom sucking on his mother's cunt. Karen's finger stabbing into her pussy helped, too. She wiggled her ass about with wild abandon, mewling along with Karen.

"Lick Susan!" Karen suddenly said. "Lick all over Susan's pussy, too, Tom!"

With a grin and a cunt-juice-smeared face, Tom moved his head to Susan. The women were side by side and he didn't have to move far. Susan felt his beardless face press against her boiling pussy, and she shot her hips up, grinding her cunt against his face.

"Ohhhhhh!" she yelped softly. "Oh, God lick me, Tom! Lick my cunt! Kiss it lick it… suck it!"

She heard Karen laugh. "You're a real hot ass once you get going, Susan!"

"Ooooooo!" Susan gurgled, clawing at the cushions as she twisted her cunt into the boy's face. "He's got his tongue in me! Oh, God… he's fucking me with his tongue!"

"Eat her, Tom!" Karen urged. "Eat her hot little twat! Suck the piss out of her hairy cunt, baby! Tonguefuck the shit out of her pussy!"

Karen was squeezing Susan's tits as she urged her son on. She began to kiss Susan's tits, her tongue licking about the sensitive nipples, and with Tom licking at her steaming cunt, Susan's mind reeled with erotic sensation. She was going through a series of tiny orgasms. She wailed softly as she banged her hairy crotch into Tom's face, murmuring almost incoherently. She held the back of his head, holding his face tightly to her burning, wet pussy.

She was on the edge of a tremendous orgasm, but Tom suddenly pulled his face away. She wailed at the loss, and tried to pull his face back. But Tom shoved his mouth hard into his mother's cunt and began to stab his tongue in and out. As he tonguefucked his mother, he fingerfucked Susan.

Then he switched again, returning to Susan's burning pussy. This time as he shot his tongue deeply into the gripping tightness of Susan's cunt, she came.

"Oh… oh… oh!" Susan yelped loudly, grinding her cunt hard into his face. "Ohhhh, I'm coming! Don't move… don't stop! Ohhh, I'm coming! Lick me… suck me… eat me! Ohhh, my cunt… my pussy… I'm coming!"

Tom thrust his tongue swiftly into her convulsing twat, fucking her with it until Susan started down from the shuddering orgasm. As soon as she was finished, he darted his face quickly to his mother's cunt, and began to lick and suck it furiously.

"My turn!" Karen yelled, rubbing the insides of her thighs against his cheeks as she humped her pussy into his face. "My turn to come! Tonguefuck me, baby! Fuck the piss out of me! Eat my twat, Tom! Eat my hot, wet, fucking cunt!"

Then Karen's half-naked body shuddered as violently as Susan had. She let out a long wail of delight as her body stiffened. Then she slumped, exhausted, her tits heaving up and down in her effort to suck in air.

Tom sat back, his cock throbbing. He gripped his prick in his right fist and began to slowly jack off, watching the two women.

Karen watched her son with half-closed eyes, then she slipped to her knees on the floor.

Susan watched as Karen leaned on the couch, lifted her skirt past her ass to her waist, and wiggled her naked ass at her son.

"Fuck me, Tom," she urged. "Stick that sweet cock up my cunt and fuck me. You don't have to jack it off… you have hot pussy to fuck, baby."

Susan saw Tom grin as he got to his knees behind his mother. Karen waggled her naked, curvy ass in pleasure as Tom began to move his prick into her hairy twat. He held his mother's hips as he shoved his cock into her, then began to fuck.

"Qhhh, I love that cock!" Karen mewled. "I love it so much! Fuck Mother's hot cunt, Tom! Fuck it good with your sweet, hard prick!"

"You're hot, Mom," Tom said. "Your cunt is hot as hell!"

"Fuck me, baby! Fuck me! Ohhhh, I love it… a hard cock up my cunt! Oooooooo, darling, darling, fuck my pussy!"

Susan's passions were bubbling again as she watched this. She had always been a passionate woman, but she was surprised to find she was this passionate. Everything that was happening set her on fire. She moved from the couch and positioned herself next to Karen, her curvy, creamy ass wiggling with invitation.

"Fuck me, too!" she wailed. "Fuck me too, Tom!"

Tom hesitated, his cock halfway inside his mother's pussy.

"Go on, baby," Karen said. "Take turns on us. Fuck Susan for a while, then fuck me. Go from one to the other, darling. Have yourself a real ball with us!"

Tom slipped his cock free of his mother's clinging cunt and moved behind Susan. As he had done with his mother, he gripped Susan's curvy hips and plunged his prick, straight up her blonde-haired snatch.

"Ooooooo!" Susan gurgled, waggling her naked ass as he fucked in and out. "Ohhhh!"

As the sensations of pleasure increased, Susan wailed with disappointment as he pulled from her, returning to his mother's waiting pussy. Tom went from one to the other, stabbing three or four times into one gripping cunt, then going to the next one. Both women gurgled and mewled with pleasure, and Tom was laughing and breathing hard. As he fucked one pussy, he fondled the ass of the other woman.

Susan and Karen twisted their faces toward each other and began to kiss and suck on each other's tongues in a wild display of erotic ecstasy as Tom fucked them in turn.

Susan was again having a series of orgasms, each one stronger than the last. She mewled against Karen's mouth when she came, and her cunt flexed about Tom's prick as he fucked her. She was building up to an intense climax, and her whole body shook with anticipation. She thrust her tongue far into Karen's mouth, licking furiously, sucking wildly when Karen stabbed her tongue into her mouth.

Although she was building swiftly to an explosive orgasm, Karen beat her to it.

"Ohhh, I'm coming!" Karen screamed loudly, her body shaking. "Ohhh, I'm really coming!"

Tom was fucking her pussy at the time, and he thrust hard and fast, his hips jerking.

"I can't wait!" he yelled. "I think I'm gonna… gonna come, too!"

"Fuck me!" Susan screamed. "Ohhh, please, fuck me and make me come! I'm so close… almost there! Please, fuck me!"

Tom jerked his cock free of his mother's spasming cunt and started toward Susan's. But he didn't get there.

"Oh, shit!" he grunted.

Susan felt the warm cum spurt onto the cheeks of her ass. At first she groaned with disappointment, then suddenly she came. Tom's cock was spewing warm jism onto her ass, and she felt it splash against her tightly clenched asshole. It was enough to send her into a violent orgasm.

With effort, Karen twisted about and began to smear her son's cum over Susan's creamy ass as he came. "Come on her fucking ass, baby! Come on Susan's naked, hot ass!"

Susan was coming powerfully. There was not a thought in her burning mind. All she was aware of was the ecstasy of her orgasm. She wiggled her ass as the warm cum splashed onto it, arid Karen smeared it around.

Karen cupped her son's balls as he shot his jism from the head of his cock. She squeezed his balls gently as he came, her other hand smearing the cum into Susan's smooth asscheeks.

Then Susan became aware of a different sensation.

Karen was licking her asscheeks, licking up the cum her son had splattered there. She felt Karen's wet tongue lick all over her asscheeks, then she yelped when she felt the hot tongue slide along the crack of her ass. This was a new delight to Susan, and she wiggled her naked ass into Karen's face, mewling with passion. She had never felt anything like this in her life, and to her surprise, she enjoyed having her asscheeks and asshole licked.

It was not enough to make her come, but the sensations were beyond description.

But it had to end.

Tom was worn out from coming. He had come three times in less than three hours. But Susan and Karen were not as tired. Satisfied, yes, but they weren't exhausted.

Lazily, Susan glanced at the clock. She jumped to her feet, gathering up her sunsuit and panties.

"Oh, my God! We've got to dress!"

"Why?" Karen asked.

"My son… Robert will be home in a few minutes," Susan answered in panic. Karen laughed. "So what, Susan?"

"But he can't see us this way!" Susan yelled. "My God, Karen. It would scare the shit out of him!"

"Somehow I doubt that," Karen said.

"Get dressed, damn it!" Susan yelled. "Please, I can't let Robert catch us at this."

"What about our agreement?" Karen reminded her.

"I only said I would think about it, and that's all. I never agreed to anything," Susan replied. "Please, put on your clothes, both of you."

Tom slowly pulled his cut-offs over his nakedness, and Karen, with a sigh, straightened her clothing.

"You're not playing fair, Susan," she said. "What do you mean, fair?"

"Look what we've just been doing with my son," Karen said. "It's okay for me to fuck Tom, but not Robert? I mean, if you can fuck my son, then it's only fair I can fuck your son."

Susan didn't reply. She ran to her bedroom and got into the shower.


It was with relief that Susan found the house empty when she came from her bedroom. Karen and her son had gone next door to their own home. Robert was not home yet, either.

Susan, dressed now in a becoming housedress, paced about nervously. The things Karen had said rumbled about in her mind, throwing her into a turmoil. She had been friends with Karen for many years, and had not realized Karen was such a sexual person. And the fact that she was fucking her son did not make it right for Susan to fuck Robert. She did not feel anger at Karen for fucking Tom. It was none of her business what Karen did, with her own son or anyone else. Nothing would change the friendship between them.

She thought of Tom, and found her feelings toward him had not changed either. He was still the likeable boy next door, the son of her closest friend.

Robert came home just before seven, hungry as usual. She told him to go shower and she would have dinner ready for him by the time he finished. As she prepared dinner for her son, her thoughts continued to revolve around him.

A little later, as they sat at the table, she watched Robert eat. She searched his face, realizing he was a very handsome young boy. She tried to visualize him fucking Karen, but the mental image always seemed to be Tom fucking his mother. She thought again of what Karen had told her, about the boys trying to peek tinder their dresses. The idea excited Susan, and she shivered slightly as pleasure flowed through her body. She decided to find out if it was true, if Robert actually did try to look under her clothes.

After she finished the few dishes, she sat down in the living room. Robert was sprawled on the floor, his chin cupped in his hands, watching television. The dress she wore had slits up each side, halfway up her thighs. When she sat on the couch, her long, creamy thighs were partially exposed. That in itself was nothing new. Robert had seen her thighs this way many times. It was old hat to him, and he seldom looked at them. It was common, and not at all exciting.

Susan slumped on the couch, lying back with her head resting on the arm. She pulled her feet up, then deliberately lifted her knees so that her slit dress fell down them. Both her thighs were fully exposed now, and she was sure that her panties could be seen, the way they hugged her curvy ass, and maybe even the crotch, with loose hairs sticking from around the edges. She lay there, watching the television, but not seeing it. She was waiting to see if her son would attempt to look at her this way, to find out if what Karen said was true. She did not consider the fact that she was tempting her son to look at her.

As she waited, she began to feel horny. Her nipples became rubbery-hard inside her braless dress, and the hairy lips of her cunt seemed to be swelling, becoming puffy with desire. Her clit was hard, and it was tingling in a delightful way. She could not stop the slight writhing of her ass, and it caused her skirt to slide even higher on her thighs. Looking down, she could just see the crotch of her panties, and knew that if her son would only turn his head, he would see them too. She wanted to see his reaction to her display. She could always pretend she was not aware of being so blatantly exposed if his response was unfavorable.

But Robert didn't turn his head.

Susan sighed, loudly, and peeked from lowered lashes at him. Still he seemed absorbed in the program. She thought of ways to get him to look at her, some innocent way, but none of them appealed to her. They were so shallow, and he would certainly see through them. She could not bring herself to try what Karen had with her son. Karen had simply taken Tom's cock and played with it. Susan was far too shy to try anything so bold.

She squirmed on the couch, her dress coming higher and higher until the entire lower part of her bikini panties was revealed. If only Robert looked at her now, he could not miss what she was doing.

And then Robert looked.

He had started to say something to his mother, and when his head turned, his eyes fell immediately on her exposed crotch, and he swallowed what he was going to say. His eyes became huge as he stared. What he saw was his mother's long, creamy thighs, and he could see the way her tight panties hugged the cheeks of her ass, and the bulge of her pussy, strands of blonde cunt hair curling from the crotch band. His mouth hung open with surprise, but his eyes gleamed with deep interest.

Susan kept her eyes glued to the television, pretending she was unaware of how revealed she was. She heard Robert make a soft growl, and with a blush, shoved her feet down and smoothed her skirt over her thighs. She could not look at her on. She felt ashamed of what she had one. But from the corner of her lowered eyes, she saw that he was sitting up now, gazing at her.

Susan became uncomfortable under his eyes, and wished she had not started this crazy game now. But it was too late, she had already shown enough to get him interested. She tried to see if his cock was hard, if there was a bulge in his pants, but she couldn't tell without looking directly at him. And she couldn't make herself do that.

After a bit Robert turned back to the television. Now Susan looked at her son. His ass was nice-looking inside the tight pants, she decided. Then she saw him move. Robert was pressing his cock against the carpet, twisting slightly. Susan was familiar with that. She had done the same thing as a young girl, pressing her pussy against the floor and making herself come. There was no doubt in her mind that Robert had a hard-on now.

She sat up on the couch, swinging her legs off and placing her feet on the floor. She slumped until her ass was almost off the cushions, then she slowly parted her knees. She was not really thinking of what she was doing, only that she was excited by seeing her son rub his cock against the carpet, knowing it was her exposure that had started it. Her skirt stretched tight over her lap as her knees spread wide.

Robert turned his head, and again his eyes went wide. He was gazing directly up his mother's dress, past her creamy lovely thighs. He was seeing the tight band of her panties, the way the crotch bulged with her cunt. He sat up once more, and this time Susan noticed the bulge in his pants. She found it odd that her son was not embarrassed, that he was looking at her openly and without shame.

Then Robert did something that surprised her.

He unabashedly began to rub the front of his pants.

Susan's eyes widened as she saw where his hand was, and she gulped loudly. Her body trembled as she watched him fondling his cock, and her pussy began to twitch with growing desire. Susan was not aware that she was cupping and squeezing her tits now, and that Robert was watching with burning eyes.

"Mom," she heard him whisper in a thick, strange voice.

"Yes, darling?" she replied.

"Oh, Mom!"

Susan didn't reply. She understood what her son was feeling. Without saying anything else, Robert unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. Susan stared at her son's prick, surprised to find his cock was unusually thick and quite long for his age. It was even larger than Tom's cock, she saw. The head was swollen, and he was dripping from the piss hole. Seeing her son's cock caused Susan's cunt to burn with desire. She dug her fingers into her round, firm tits, the nipples pressing against her palms.

Robert did not take his cock in his hand. He simply sat there, with it out of his pants, staring with excitement under her dress, looking at her panties, the hair sticking out the sides.

"Come here, darling," Susan heard herself whispering, patting the side of the couch next to her. "Sit beside me."

Robert got to his feet, his cock standing out in beautiful hardness. He sat down next to his mother, and he watched her fondle her tits, Susan dropped her hand to his cock, and then she closed her fingers around it.

"Ohhhh, so hard!" she murmured, her eyes glazed with desire. "You're so hard, darling! Ohhhh, it feels good in my hand!"

She began to stroke her fist up and down his cock as he sat still. She no longer thought of what she was doing, letting her boiling passions guide her.

She pumped on her son's prick, running a thumb over the smooth, dripping head. "You've got to lower your pants, Robert," she whispered in a voice she didn't recognize. "You've got to take your pants down for me! I want to see you, all of you!"

Robert shoved his pants down eagerly, and then kicked them from his feet. He sat in his shirt, naked from the waist down. Susan gazed at him, then slipped from the couch to sit on the floor. She took his cock in one hand and his hairless balls in the other. She fondled her son's cock and balls, cooing softly. She stroked his prick and twisted on his balls gently, realizing her son had quite large balls. There was hair at the base of his cock, but not much.

"Beautiful," she murmured. "It's so beautiful, darling. And so hard! I had no idea your cock was this big, Robert. My God, you have a… you're as big as a grown man!"

Robert remained silent, watching her, letting her do what she wanted with him. He liked the way his mother handled his cock. His cock throbbed powerfully in her fist, and he dripped more and more hot juice.

Susan was trembling with excitement, too, and she pumped on his cock with one hand and kept hold of his balls with the other. A strong desire came over her, and she gave in to the impulse. She leaned forward and began to kiss his knee as she jacked his cock. Her fingers squeezed his cock hard, then relaxed as she pumped on him. Robert was shaking now, shaking with the pleasure his mother was giving him.

Susan ran her tongue up and down his naked thighs, tasting his flesh, licking almost into his crotch. But she stayed a few inches away. She ran her tongue all over his thighs, particularly the insides of them. She was not thinking of anything except the ecstasy that ran throughout her body.

Her tits were swollen almost painfully inside her dress, and her pussy was quivering and twitching, burning like never before. She felt as if she would actually come simply by jacking on her son's rock-hard cock.

Robert was making gurgling sounds as he watched his mother's fist move up and down. He was wiggling his ass about on the cushions, and now and then he moved his hips up and down with her fist.

"Ohhh, baby, baby!" Susan mewled mindlessly. "You're so hard! I love it this way! I'm going to make you come, Robert… come with my fist! I'm going to jack you off, baby! I'm going to jack you off and make you come!"

Robert grunted, arching his cock up against her pumping fist. Susan's eyes were wide, glassy with desire, riveted to his thick prick. She ran her thumb over the dripping piss hole now and then, wiping away the seeping juices. Her tongue licked about her lips with anticipation of him coming. She began to pump faster and faster, soft squeals bubbling from her throat.

Suddenly Robert gave a loud grunt, arching his cock against her hand.

He came.

"Ooooo!" Susan gurgled with delight as she watched his cum spurt into the air.

She jacked him faster and harder as he came, and soon her hand was smeared with jism. She was panting, but it was not with effort. She was panting with the excitement that burned through her body and reeling brain.

"You're coming! Ohhhh, baby, look at you come! So much… I've never seen so much cum in my life!"

When Robert stopped spurting, she continued to hold his cock, and to her amazement, he remained as hard as before. She had never seen a cock do that before, but then she had not seen all that many cocks, either.

Finally she got to her feet, swaying a bit. She felt dizzy, but only because of the intense desire that burned in her body. She stood before her son, her hips swaying. When Robert reached out and ran his hand under her dress, along the inside of one thigh, she trembled violently. Then he was cupping her cunt, pressing his palm against it, squeezing her there.

"Ohhhhh!" Susan gasped in surprise and delight. "Ohhh, baby!"

She wiggled her hips as his hand continued to press against her pussy, then she began to make a tight circle with her hips, which in turn became a bump-and-grind motion.

"Golly, Mom!" Robert grunted, his eyes big. "Are we going to… I mean, can I…"

Susan slipped his hand from under her dress and leaned over to kiss it. She looked her son in the eye, and slowly nodded her head. "Yes, darling," she whispered. "I think we are."

She pulled him to his feet and hugged him close to her body. He was so short his face was pressed against her tits. Susan hugged her son tightly, then lifted his face and kissed him on his mouth. Robert ran his arms about her hips, and closed his fingers into the flesh of her swelling ass.

"Come on!" Susan said with excitement. "Come on, darling!"


As Susan stood in her bedroom, she observed her son. Robert had removed his shirt and was naked now, and still he did not show any evidence of nervousness.

Susan, however, was trembling with nervousness. She was all fingers and thumbs as she tried to lift her dress over her head. She felt her son helping her, and he didn't appear shaky at all. As she stood in her bikini panties, facing him again, she wrung her hands. Shyness overcame her again and she could not look him in the face. Instead her eyes stared at his cock and balls.

His cock was standing up again, quite hard and ready for her.

"Well…" she mumbled.

"I know, Mom," Robert replied.

But neither made a move, toward the other. Robert looked at his mother's naked tits, seeing how beautiful and round they were. The blonde hair of her cunt was a shadow inside her bikini panties, and golden strands curled from the tightness of the crotch. Her cunt made a becoming bulge there.

Then Robert moved behind his mother, wrapping his arms about her waist, lifting his hands to her tits. Susan shivered when his fingers closed on her smooth tits, and moaned softly as he squeezed them. She could feel his cock pressing the back of her thighs, and she wiggled her swelling ass against him. The movement was instinctive, not planned by her. Susan felt her son's moist, hot lips kissing at her naked shoulders and she gasped as excitement flooded her. Her tits, already swollen, seemed to swell to twice their natural size as her son manipulated them, twisting and pulling at her nipples. His mouth was wet against her shoulders, and she felt his tongue as it began to lick along her creamy flesh. His cock continued to tress and rub at her thighs, leaving a trail of burning moisture from the flaring piss hole.

"Ohhh, Robert!" Susan wailed with excitement. "Oh God, baby! Baby, are you sure?"

"Do you really want to do this to with me?"

"Yes, Mom," she heard his husky reply. "I've warned to touch you like this for months. I've been looking at you, at your tits. They're so pretty, so full and round. I love your tits, Mom!"

Susan twisted in his arms and faced him. She cupped his face in her palms and finally looked him in the eye. All she saw was the intensity of his excitement. There was no evidence of shame or guilt that she could see. Slowly, she pressed her lips to his, kissing him, not like her son, but as she would a man who had aroused her. His lips writhed against hers, moist and eager, and Susan did not prevent his tongue from going into her mouth. She sucked gently at it, and felt his cock rubbing at her thighs. She felt his hands slide down her back, then they were cupping the swelling roundness of her asscheeks. Her naked tits smashed against him, almost engulfing his chin.

Susan shivered as she felt her son's hands slip inside her panties, then he was fondling her naked ass, his palms all over them, his fingers tracing the enticing curves of each cheek.

Susan pulled away from his face, again looking into his eyes. "You're absolutely sure, Robert?" she asked again.

"I'm positive, Mom," he replied.

"Baby, baby," she whispered, and pulled his face to her tits.

She sighed with pleasure as her son drew a rubbery nipple into his mouth, and she sighed once more when he began to suck at it. She looked down at his mouth, and saw his lips spread wide, half of her tit inside. She could feel his tongue lapping, the nipple, fucking about it. Her pussy twitched and her ass swayed.

"Suck them, baby! Suck them all you want!"

Susan captured his straining cock between her hot, creamy thighs. She thrilled to the throbbing hardness of his prick. She felt her son begin to stab between her thighs, fucking at them as he sucked her tit. His hands continued to grasp her tight, flexing ass, and he was making soft moaning sounds.

Robert pulled his mouth from her throbbing tit and looked up at her. "Mom, I'm hot!" he grunted, his eyes shining. "I want to put it in you! Let me put it inside you!"

Susan did not reply. Instead she moved backward until her knees brushed her bed, then she lay back. Robert stood looking down at her, his cock throbbing powerfully. Susan spread her legs wide, and Robert groaned and dropped to his knees before his mother. Susan gasped in surprise when her son began to smear hot, wet kisses about her thighs, his hands racing from her hips to her knees.

"Oooooohh, Robert!" she murmured. "Oh, baby!"

Robert kissed and licked at his mother's creamy-smooth thighs, working his way up them. Susan trembled as she looked between her upstanding tits, watching him, waiting for what he was about to do to her.

With a loud grunt of eagerness, Robert suddenly pressed his face between his mother's thighs, kissing wildly at the moist crotch of her panties. Susan's hips jerked, and she grabbed the back of his head, holding his face tightly into her crotch, grinding her hips about in tight, wanton circles of delight.

Robert began to lick up and down the tight crotch of his mother's panties, lapping at it the way he did an ice cream cone. She could feel his smooth, beardless cheeks on the insides of her thighs, and she drew her legs up, bending them at the knees. Her knees pressed against her tits, wide open. She lifted her head to peer down at Robert. He was licking slowly at the bulging crotch of her panties, his eyes wide but looking vacant. She could feel his hot breath. Then Robert was moving his tongue back and forth from her asshole to her cunt.

"Ohhhhhh, Robert, Robert!" Susan gurgled, her emotions reeling hotly. "Oh, baby, what are you doing to me! I love it… love it!"

Robert held his mother's thighs against her tits, his tongue moving wetly up and down the backs of them, only to return to her pussy. Susan felt one of his hands at the crotch of her panties, felt the crotch band being pulled to one side. She knew Robert was now gazing at her naked blonde-haired snatch. Her body shuddered, but it was with ecstasy, not shame.

"Oh, Mom!" she heard her son groan. "That's pretty! Oh, it's really pretty!"

Then Susan shivered and sighed. Her son had pressed his lips against her pussy, moist cunt and was kissing it eagerly, his breath coming in short, ragged pants. She was holding her knees against her tits, trying to look down at him. She could only see his nose and eyes, but she could certainly feel, his lips and tongue moving about her bubbling cunt. She wiggled her ass when she felt his lips close over her steaming, swollen clit. When Robert began sucking vigorously on her clit, his tongue fucking the tip, Susan squealed loudly.

"Oh, darling! Oh… oh… oh! Do that, baby! Oh, God, that's good! Suck me there, Robert! Lick it for me! Oh yes, yes! That feels so good! Do it harder, Robert! Do that hard and fast!"

Robert had his hands underneath her uplifted ass, holding her crotch to his face as he sucked and licked. He breathed hard with excitement as he ate his mother's cunt, his cock stronger than ever.

Susan felt as if she were melting, melting with the sheer heat that glowed inside her trembling body. Although most of the heat was centered in and around her cunt, it radiated out to the very tips of her fingers and toes. She rolled her head about on the bed, her eyes half closed with ecstasy, and she humped her hips, slamming her cunt into her son's face. She now had one hand behind her hips, holding the crotch of her panties to one side, giving all the access her son needed to her hairy, boiling cunt.

"Oh, darling, darling!" she mewled. "You don't know what you're doing to me! You don't know! Ohhhh, that's so good! I love it, baby! I love the way you suck me… lick me!"

She felt a new sensation. Robert was stabbing his tongue in and out of her clinging pussy now, tongue fucking her swiftly, his nose pressed into the thick blonde curls, his upper lip smashing her clit.

"Fucking… fucking me!" Susan blurted hotly. "Oh, yes! That's what you're doing to me, Robert! You're fucking me… fucking me so good!"

She heard a grunting reply from her son, and her hips jerked up and down in spasms. She felt her orgasm steaming in the pit of her stomach, and Susan began to grind her cunt harshly against her son's sucking, licking mouth.

Susan was almost out of her mind with ecstasy. She hardly knew what she was saying or doing. All that mattered, was that sensational pleasure that flowed through her body, making her mind reel crazily. She was urging her son to even greater efforts.

"Lick it… lick it, darling!" she yelped. "Oh, yes, lick it for me! God, baby… lick my pussy! Ohhhh, stab your tongue up my pussy! Fuck me with your tongue, Robert! Fuck my pussy!"

Robert had his tongue buried deeply inside the slippery snatch of his mother. He was thrusting it in and out swiftly when she came.

"Oh… oh!" Susan squealed. "That's it, baby! You're making me come! Ooooooo, I'm coming… coming… coming! More! Fuck my pussy more, darling! Oh, I'm coming… so fucking… good!"

Susan's cunt convulsed about her son's tongue, gripping it tightly, then relaxing, only to grip tightly again. Her body went rigid, her legs shooting straight out and squeezing at his face. She shuddered and mewled loudly with ecstasy.

For a second or two, Susan lost contact with reality. When she finally returned, Robert was sitting on the edge of the bed, slowly caressing her hairy twat with one hand a creamy tit with the other.

Susan smiled up at him. "Oh, Robert baby. That was wonderful!"

Then it came to her.

Susan lifted herself up, leaning on one elbow and looking at her son. "Robert, how did you know… I mean, you aren't at all nervous about this."

"Should I be, Mom?"

"I suppose not. But… you seemed to know a lot about what to do. I mean, where did you get the idea to kiss me… down there?"

Robert laughed. The sound was almost a giggle, but not quite. "You really want to know, Mom?"

"Robert, stop playing games with me. Where did you get that idea to kiss me that way?"

"From Karen," he said.



Susan lay back down, closing her eyes. Softly, she said. "Tell me about it."

Robert told how Karen had taught him things, how she had been doing those things with him for the past month. He did not explain how it actually started, only that he had been fucking and licking Karen for a month now.

"And she told me about you, Mom," he finished.

Susan's eyes popped wide. "About me? What do you mean, about me?"

"She told me the other day that you wanted me to fuck you, Mom."

"Karen said that?"

"Yes. She said you wanted to fuck me and that if I started it, you wouldn't stop me. At first I didn't believe her, but she told me to just watch you. I did, and every time I looked at you, I could see something. Not much, just your panties, but I thought you were doing it deliberately. I thought you wanted me to fuck you, Mom."

Susan wondered if she had been unconsciously exposing herself to Robert, not knowing what she was doing. It was possible, she thought. Karen had told her the boys looked up her dress every chance they got.

"Did you, Mom?"

"Did I what?"

"Want me to fuck you?"

Susan looked at her son, then at his straining cock. With a faint blush, she nodded her head. "Yes, I guess maybe I did… do."

Robert slipped his middle finger into his mother's slippery cunt. He slowly worked it in and out, watching the way the hairy lips clung to his finger. Susan slowly writhed her hips for him, then she shoved her panties down and off. Again she sprawled back on the bed, her legs hanging over the edge, knees wide.

"Do it, Robert," she whispered in a thick voice. "Come on and to it to me. You're awfully hard, and it must be painful to you. I can't let my baby suffer. Put it in me, darling, and fuck me!"

Robert eagerly slipped from the bed. He moved between his mother's widely spread thighs, his cock jerking with anticipation. Susan reached down with both hands. She pulled the lips of her twat apart for him. The glistening tip of her clit peeked through.

"Fuck me, darling!" she urged. "Fuck me with that big hard-on! Ohhh, stick it up my pussy and fuck me, Robert!"

Robert pressed his cock to his mother's hot, wet pussy. Susan held her cunt apart, and when she felt her son's prick slip into her twat, she almost screamed with pleasure.

"All the way!" she wailed. "Stick it in me… all the way! Yes, yes… fill my pussy with that hard cock, baby! I want it all… every bit of it! Oooo, yes! I feel it, Robert! I feel your cock in my pussy! Fuck me, baby! Fuck Mother's hot, hairy cunt!"

Robert began to work his prick back and forth, looking down. He liked the way his mother's cunt lips clung to his prick, the way they seemed to burn him.

Susan's cunt felt more stuffed than ever before in her life. Her cunt was tight about her son's cock, and it drew on it in a reflex action. She could feel every throb of his cock. The round, swollen head was delicious inside her steamy pussy. Susan held her hips still for a while, savoring the sweet ecstasy of his cock as it stabbed in and out. Then she began to move with him, humping her ass up and down, gyrating for him, grinding against his cock as he thrust into her. She loved the way his nearly hairless balls brushed at the curves of her upturned ass, and she could feel the hardness of his prick scraping at her stiff clit.

She tried to fuck him slowly, to draw the pleasure out as long as she could, but it was simply too good. She bounced her ass furiously now, twisting and squirming and writhing as he fucked her. She closed her hot thighs about his hips, locking her ankles across his lunging ass.

"Oh, Mom!" Robert grunted, his face twisted with pleasure. "You're really hot in there! Ohhh, you're hot in your pussy! I can see my cock fucking your cunt, Mom! I can see it!"

"Yes, yes!" Susan wailed loudly, throwing her crotch up and down. "Look at my pussy… watch it eat up your beautiful, hard cock, Robert! My cunt is eating your prick… sucking on it! Ohhhh, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!"

Susan's mind was whirling with erotic thrills. She closed her eyes tightly, gasping for air. Her ass moved in a frenzy as he stabbed hard into her accepting cunt. Being fucked had never felt so good to her before, never that she could remember.

"Fuck me, fuck me!" she mewled, not knowing what she was saying, guided only by her intense pleasure. "Fuck my hot cunt, baby! Give Mother that hard, lovely, throbbing cock! Oooo, fuck my cunt… fuck my pussy… my twat… my snatch! Oh, fuck! Oh, darling, that's such a beautiful prick! I love it, love it! So big, so hard, and so fucking beautiful! I love your cock up my hot, hairy cunt, baby!"

Robert listened to his mother, watching with blurred vision the way her hairy cunt banged up and down on his thrusting prick. Her words excited him beyond control, and he was fucking her in convulsive movements now. He gripped her round smooth hips with his fingers, plunging his cock deep and hard between her puffy, hot, wet cuntlips.

"Fuck…" he mumbled in a tight, hoarse voice. "Fuck me, Mom! Fuck me with your hairy cunt! Fuck me with your hot pussy! Ohh, golly, golly! Oh, Mom, I love you! I love you and I love your cunt and I love your tits and I love your ass!"

"Fuck me, baby! Oh, fuck the piss out of my pussy!"

Both were beyond thinking now. The intensity of their ecstasy sent them soaring in mindless sensation. Their breathing filled the bedroom, loud and labored.

"I love your ass… pussy… tits."

"I love your cock," Susan responded. "I love your sweet cock and your balls and your ass! Ohhh, baby, I love that big hard-on, love it up my twat! I want it in my hot cunt all the time. Oh, you sweet, sweet motherfucker! Fuck Mother with your sweet, motherfucking cock!"

"Tits, cunt, pussy, ass!" Robert chanted, gasping hard as he fucked his mother. "Snatch, twat, asshole, pussy, cock."

"Yes, baby!" Susan gurgled hotly. "Tits, cunt, asshole, pussy, balls, cock! Fuck, fuck, fuck! Fuck that hot cunt, baby! Fuck Mother's hot, wet, hairy pussy!"

"Mom! Oh, Mom!" Robert yelled, slamming his cock into her gripping cunt brutally. He held his prick deep inside his mother's cunt, his body stiff. "I'm gonna come, Mom! I'm gonna come!"

"Oooo, yes!" Susan squealed loudly, writhing her crotch against him. "I am too! You're making me come with that big hard cock! Come in me, baby! Come in Mother's hairy pussy! Oooo, I want you to come in my cunt!"

She felt her son's prick spurt, and she was sure she could feel the cum splashing against the walls of her clinging pussy. When her orgasm struck, it was with the force of a tornado. Her body shuddered violently as her pussy began to spasm around his spewing cock. She wailed in a long drawn-out cry, her head twisting from side to side as she clenched her teeth. She ground her cunt against him, his balls pressed to the curves of her shivering ass.

Robert fell across his mother, unable to hold himself upright any longer. His cock remained captured in her tight pussy, still squirting. They writhed together, Susan hugging him tightly against her smashed tits. They yelled and groaned and gasped, and then it was over.

Neither could move. Their orgasms had been extremely powerful, and their muscles were like so much Jell-O. They could only lie there, Robert on top of his mother, basking in the glow of the wild fuck. Her legs hung loosely now, but she held him tightly in her arms.

They remained that way for a long time, and when Robert finally rolled from her, Susan had tears in her eyes. But they were not tears of regret.

She turned to her son, kissing him on his cheek in a tender, loving gesture. "I love you, Robert," she murmured softly. "I love you more than ever now. I've always loved you, of course, but more now."

"I love you, too, Mom," he said, idly fondling her naked tit. "You wanna know something? I've wanted to fuck you ever since I was a little kid."

Susan looked at him, then burst out laughing. "Why, you horny little shit! Why didn't you say something about it?"

"Because I was afraid you'd spank me."

Susan hugged him, kissing him wetly. "Oh, you poor, poor baby! I love you so much!"

"I used to jack off," he said, "thinking about you, Mom. I used to jack off in bed and think about fucking you. I saw you naked once," he confessed.

Susan sat up. "You did? When?"

"Oh, about a year ago," he told her. "I came in your room to ask something, but you were in the shower. I saw you when you stepped out. I sure got a hard-on, let me tell you!" Susan giggled girlishly. "Shame on you, spying on your mother that way. Did you like me then?"

"I wanted to fuck you then, Mom," he laughed. "I wanted to come to you and feel your pussy and tits and then fuck you."

"But you jacked off instead, right?"

"I sure did!" he laughed. "I came three times that night, just seeing you all naked that way."

Susan snuggled up to her son, one warm thigh thrown across his cock and balls. She held him in her arms and then they went into an exhausted sleep.


The next day Susan was bubbling and happy. She'd never felt so good before. She was up before her son, and she had stood next to the bed, looking down at him, her eyes bright with love. He slept peacefully, the sheets thrown from his naked body. She stared at his cock and balls, thinking of the pleasure he had given her the night before.

He was so young, she thought, looking at him. But that was not a young cock on him. She couldn't understand how a boy his age could have such a big, beautiful prick.

She hummed and sang as she showered. She hesitated about what to wear, then decided it should be something sexy, something that Robert would love to see her in. She sorted through her things, finally settling upon a short tennis dress she had not worn in a few years. She had given up tennis after her divorce, and the dress had hung in her closet ever since. The skirt was pleated, and the hem hung just past her hips. It was designed to wear with a pair of ruffled panties, but Susan ignored them. Instead she pulled on the sheerest pair of bikini panties she had. They were very tight, and her blonde cunt hair could be easily seen through them, as well as the deep, inviting crack of her ass. That would certainly keep Robert turned on, she thought with a soft giggle.

After dressing, she looked at herself in the mirror. It was perfect, she felt. Her long, creamy thighs were fully exposed, and her tits strained at the thin blouse, her nipples outlined succulently.

Then she prepared breakfast for her son, and woke him up when it was ready.

"You've got to shower before eating," she told him. "And I hope you aren't going to run off and leave me all alone in this house today, darling."

Robert looked at her as he got off the bed. "I'm not going anywhere, Mom."

She giggled and kissed him, then swatted his naked ass. "Use my shower, and hurry before your breakfast is too cold to eat."

"Bossy woman," he grumbled good-naturedly as he headed into her shower.

"Horny kid," she retaliated, laughing.

Robert helped her in the kitchen after breakfast, and then, while she went about straightening up the house, he followed her, his eyes watching every move she made. He could see her long, slim thighs and the sheer panties as she moved and stooped, bent and squatted. His cock became hard as he watched her, and it was not missed by Susan.

"Do you keep a hard-on, darling!" she teased him. "I swear that cock of yours stays hard!"

"That's because of you, Mom," he laughed. "I like looking at you, especially when all those goodies can be seen."

"Goodies, are they!" she replied. "So my tits and my ass and cunt are nothing but goodies to you? That's all I am to you, baby, just a piece of ass when that cock gets all hard and ready?"

Robert stuck his tongue out at her, then laughed as he ran his hand up her thigh to cup her shapely ass. "You know you're more than that to me, Mom."

"I know, darling," she said, kissing him. "And I'm glad I have you. I'll be your piece of ass any time you want it. My ass belongs to you from now on."

"Just your ass?" he teased.

"And everything else," she laughed, dancing away from him as his hand shot between her thighs. "My pussy and tits are yours, too, but not when I'm trying to clean the fucking house."

Robert nonchalantly pulled his cock out of his cut-offs and waggled it at his mother. Susan stopped what she was doing and gazed at it.

"Oh, that's beautiful!" she whispered to him. "That's beautiful, sticking out of your pants that way. Leave your cock out, darling. Leave your cock out of your pants so I can see it."

So Robert went about the house as she cleaned, his prick standing upright from the fly of his pants. Susan made sure her, positions were such that he could see her body, keeping his cock hard all the time.

At noon there was a short knock on the front door.

"Put it away, Robert," Susan hissed at her son. "I'll find out who it is."

Robert tucked his cock back into his pants and Susan opened the door.

"Hi, Susan," Tom said, grinning at her, his eyes moving boldly up and down her body. "Robert home?"

For a moment Susan flushed under his steady gaze. "He's here, Tom. Come in."

Susan considered going to her bedroom and putting on something less revealing since Tom was in the house, at least panties that couldn't be seen through. But there was one last place she had to dust first. It was the top of the bookcase, and she had to stretch to reach it. As she stretched, the pleated tennis skirt came up, revealing the cheeks of her swelling ass.

"Nice," she heard Tom say.

Susan immediately dropped her arms, a flush creeping over her face. She trembled, not turning to face the boys. She knew immediately what they had seen.

She started to leave the room, but could not resist a glance at the boys. She gasped aloud when she saw that both of them had their cocks out. Robert's hung from his fly, hard as before, and Tom's prick was growing visibly. Susan stared at them both, her eyes wide, and there was a throbbing sensation between her thighs.

She felt an irresistible impulse to go to them, to take those two lovely cocks in her hot hands and fondle them. She began moving toward them, her eyes riveted on those hard cocks, then stopped. Suddenly she whirled and fled to her bedroom.

As she turned, her pleated skirt swung about her hips, and the boys had a lovely view of her shapely ass.

She lay on her stomach across her bed, her head cradled in her arms. Robert didn't know about Tom, didn't know about yesterday, she thought. Surely her son was not aware of what she had done with Karen and Tom. As far as she knew, Robert had not seen nor spoken to Tom since last night. There had been no opportunity for him to talk about her. What Susan did not know was that the boys had been discussing her for a long time, and that Karen had been encouraging them to get their horny hands on her.

She became aware that she was not alone in the house. Twisting her head over her shoulder, she saw Tom and Robert standing in the doorway, looking at her with interest. It dawned on her that her short skirt was at her waist, and the bikini panties were in full view to them. They could see the inviting crack of her ass, the swell of her cheeks. Their cocks were still out of their pants, and Susan sucked in her breath as she saw how hard they were.

The boys entered the room, not speaking, but their eyes remained hotly on her ass. Susan shivered unable to say anything. She felt anticipation rumbling through her body, and her pussy began to twitch and burn. Involuntarily she twitched her ass.

The boys crawled onto the bed, one on each side of her, and without a word, began to feel her up. They ran their hands about her thighs and ass, squeezing and caressing. She trembled as they felt her, her heart racing. Susan had never been with two men before. She felt shy with Tom here, excitement mixed with a small sense of shame. The feeling did not last, however, because those young hands on her thighs and ass were sending delicious heat through her body.

She wiggled her ass for them, and when she felt hands pulling at her panties, she lifted her hips so they could pull them down. The panties left her feet, and she was naked from the waist down. The boys caressed her shapely, creamy ass, moving their hands into the crack to rub her asshole. One of the boys, she didn't know which, rubbed her asscheeks and asshole while the other played with her cunt.

Susan loved the sensation, but she couldn't say anything. She wanted to urge them on, to tell them to fuck her, to do anything with her, but she couldn't speak. All she could do was lie there, shivering in delight, as they felt all over her thighs, her ass, and her steaming cunt.

She felt her hips being lifted, her knees pushed under her body. Before she knew it, her ass was up in the air, naked and inviting. She could not resist the impulse to waggle her shapely, pretty ass for them.

Then she felt a hard cock probing at her cunt. Susan turned her head and saw that Tom was shoving his prick up her hot, wet twat. She sighed, wiggling her uplifted ass as his cock went deep. As Tom began to fuck her, his hands holding her hips, she moaned with pleasure. She was no longer shy; the sweetness of that ecstasy wiped all shyness away.

She found her son sitting at the head of her bed, just past her head, and she lifted her face to him. His cock was hard, throbbing, and he was slowly stroking it as he looked at her upraised ass while Tom fucked her.

Staring at her son's cock with glazed eyes, she whimpered, "Fuck me, Tom! Ohhh, fuck me! Fuck me, please!"

"He is fucking you, Mom," Robert said in a thick, excited voice. "He's got his cock all the way in your cunt, fucking you!"

"I feel it!" Susan squealed. "I feel his cock up my cunt!"

"You like it, Mom?" Robert asked, stroking his cock with a tight fist. "You like getting fucked, Mom? Do you love a hard cock in your pussy?"

"Yes, yes!" Susan yelped, swinging her naked, uplifted ass about as Tom fucked into her, his balls swinging. "I love getting fucked! I love hard cock!"

Her eves burned as she watched her son jacking on his throbbing cock. Her face began to inch toward it, and she licked her lips.

"Let me have that, darling!" she gurgled. "Let me have your cock! Give it to me, baby! Give me that big, beautiful cock!"

Robert scooted his ass along the bed, bringing his prick to his mother, Susan grabbed her son by his hips and, while her ass twisted and writhed with Tom's plunging prick, she began to kiss wildly and hotly at her son's dripping cock. She shot her tongue out and licked at it, lapping from the base to the tip, fucking away the oozing juice at his piss hole. She moaned and mewled with delight, her moist lips kissing hungrily at his cockhead.

"Suck it, Susan!" she heard Tom say from behind her. "Suck Robert's cock! Go on… take his cock in your mouth and suck it! Suck your son's prick!"

Susan's mind flared with erotic delight as her tongue flew up and down Robert's prick.

"Yes, yes!" she agreed with an excited voice. "I'll suck it! I'll suck his hard cock! I'll suck it good for him! Let Mother suck your big cock, baby! Let me have that beautiful prick in my hot mouth! I'll suck both of you… suck you off!"

She opened her mouth as Robert scooted to her face. She felt the smooth head of his dripping cock enter her waiting mouth, and Susan almost went out of her mind. She sucked her son's cock all the way into her mouth until her nose and chin pressed at his pants. The throbbing hardness, the hotness of his cock, filled her mouth, making her lips stretch, crowding her tongue. She bobbed her lovely face up and down, her lips tight on his prick, sucking furiously. Her naked ass writhed in a frenzy as Tom licked her, and she had the sensation that their two cocks were meeting somewhere deep inside her body. She was being buffeted between them, one at her pussy and one in her mouth, but she loved it.

She gurgled with ecstasy as she sucked on her son's prick, thrilled at the way he thrust in and out, fucking her mouth as she sucked him. She was being fucked up her cunt and in her mouth at the same time, and her senses were reeling.

"Suck me, Mom!" Robert gurgled in a hot voice. "Suck my cock! Suck me off! Oh, Mom, your mouth is as hot and wet as your cunt! Suck my cock… suck it for me! Oh, Mom, you're a good cocksucker!"

"She's a good fuck, too!" Susan heard Tom grunt from behind her. "Wow, can she wiggle her ass! Tight pussy… hot pussy!"

Susan felt as though she were detached from her body, that she was standing at the side of the bed, watching as the two teenage boys fucked her, a hard cock slamming into her cunt and a hard one stretching her lips, filling her eager mouth. But the erotic sensations were not imagined – they were real.

She wished Tom had taken off his pants. The harshness, of them rubbed at her tender flesh. But she wasn't going to stop all this pleasure just to ask him to take his pants off.

She felt her orgasm steaming away inside her half-naked body. She sucked harder and more vigorously on her son's cock, wiggling her naked ass as Tom fucked her. She wanted them both to come at the same time, to flood her pussy and mouth with cum at the same time. She was already coming in a series of spasms, each orgasm stronger, more powerful than the last. Her pussy was clinging to Tom's throbbing cock, and her mouth held her son's cock with greedy hunger.

"I gotta come!" she heard Tom yell, banging against her naked ass brutally. "I gotta come! Oh, shit… I just gotta come!"

Susan screamed in her mind for him to come, to flood her tingling, bubbling cunt with his cum. She gobbled hungrily at her son's thrusting cock, mentally begging him to come, too.

"Suck me, Mom!" Robert urged hotly. "Suck my fucking cock! Suck me off… suck my cock off, Mom!"

She heard Robert grunt, and he arched his cock into her mouth. Susan mewled around it when she felt his cock swell even more inside her mouth. Then she tasted his jism as it squirted into her hungry mouth.

"Mmmmmm!" she moaned as she began to swallow convulsively. "Mmmmm!"

She sucked at his spurting cock eagerly, her naked ass shaking as Tom came in her cunt. They were coming in her at the same time, just as she had wanted to desperately. Her pussy and mouth were being flooded.

She swallowed hard and fast, sucking crazily at her son's cock, but he came so much, some of the cum escaped her tight lips and dripped down her chin.

She was coming in waves of ecstasy, her pussy burning, tightening up until she thought it would never stop.

But stop it did.

Susan didn't know how long she had lain on her bed, her body trembling from the intensity of the overwhelming pleasure. She felt the boys feeling her again, and that served to make her feel better yet. She was aware of them kissing her, licking her thighs, around the golden hairs of her cunt. Her dress had been opened and her tits were exposed, and both Tom and Robert had a nipple in their mouths, sucking gently but firmly. Both had a hand between her thighs, feeling her cunt, one fingerfucking her and the other massaging her clit.

To her amazement, she found herself yearning for those cocks again. After the powerful, body-shattering orgasm she had, Susan thought she would have to wait at least an hour or so before she wanted another, one. But it wasn't that way. She wanted them again, now.

"Oh, fuck me!" she mewled, grabbing for their cocks.

They had taken their clothing off, she noticed, and she jacked one cock in each hand, squeezing their balls, then jacking them again.

"Fuck me, Goddamn it! Fuck me again! One of you, fuck me! I'm so fucking hot! My cunt is hot… my mouth is hot! I want you to fuck me! Tom… Robert, please fuck me!"

Robert was quick to comply. He slipped between his mother's writhing thighs and thrust his cock into her boiling pussy without hesitation. He began to fuck her swiftly, and Susan pumped her naked ass up and down.

"Ohhhh, yes, baby! That's it! Fuck Mother! Fuck Mother's hot pussy!"

She stroked Tom's cock furiously, her ass bouncing and churning with her son's stabbing prick. She cooed and mewled with intense delight.

"Let me suck your cock, Tom!" she squealed. "Let me suck your sweet cock, while my son fucks me! Ohhh, fuck me, Robert! Fuck Mother's hot-assed cunt! Give me your hard, sweet prick to suck, Tom!"

Tom threw a leg over her head, and his cock dangled above her face. Susan immediately opened her mouth and sucked it in when he came down. She gripped his asscheeks with tight fingers, sucking in delight as he began to fuck her mouth, his balls banging her chin.

Again she was being fucked up the cunt and in her mouth. This time her son was fucking her cunt and Tom was stabbing his cock into her hungry mouth. Susan shivered with erotic pleasure, feeling more alive than ever. She gobbled furiously and lovingly at Tom's prick, grinding her cunt at her son's cock as he fucked her furiously.

She was barely aware when her son began to spun, up her snatch. Tom was erupting into her greedy mouth, and she was swallowing his hot cum to keep from choking. He came as much as her son had, and Susan went wild with the taste, the sheer ecstasy that she felt from having two cocks coming in her body.

She was not aware when they left her.

She had sunk into an exhausted sleep, her partially naked body sprawled across the rumpled bed.


Susan bounced about the house with a sense of freedom, of delicious well being. She was like a teenage girl the day after being crowned Queen of the Prom.

She could not keep her hands off her son. She found all kinds of excuses to be close to him, to touch him, to caress him. It pleased her greatly that Robert enjoyed all this extra attention she gave him. She flirted outrageously with her son, teasing him and taunting him in sensual ways. Her body tingled constantly with sweet pleasure.

The afternoon following her three-way fuck with Tom and her son, she had gone without her panties as she cleaned the house. Robert was sprawled on his back in the floor when she started on the living room. Susan playfully stood above him, a foot on each side of his head.

"What you see is what you get, baby," she laughed.

Robert gazed up her dress, seeing the long, slim thighs. He saw the curves of her swelling ass, and best of all, the hairy cunt so deliciously naked. He saw the pink lips of his mother's cunt, the way those golden hairs framed them.

He ran his hands up her legs, caressing her thighs as he stared hotly up at her twat. Susan shivered with delight, and eagerly pulled her skirt to her waist. She looked down at her son's hot, interested eyes, and slowly began to squat above his face. When she had her bushy pussy a few inches from his face, she whispered: "Give Mother a kiss, baby. Give Mother's hairy cunt a nice, hot kiss!"

She felt his hands against the cheeks of her ass, then watched as he lifted his head. His mouth closed against her cunt, and he kissed it loudly and wetly. Susan giggled and twisted her hairy pussy into his mouth.

"Oooooo, nice!" she cooed softly, writhing her pussy into his face. "Give my pussy a nice lick!"

She closed her eyes when she felt his tongue dart out and lick about the puffy lips, then lap at her distended clit. She shivered, squatting above him, feeling the way his tongue snaked into her tight, wet twat, probing about, then thrusting back and forth.

"Ohhh, darling, darling!" she mewled as ecstasy flowed hotly through her. "Ohhh, I love that tongue of yours, Robert! Oooo, stick it in my pussy! Fuck Mother's hot, hairy cunt, baby! Oh, God… I love it! Tonguefuck Mother's hot pussy!"

His hands moved about her spreading asscheeks as he licked and probed. He rubbed lightly at her puckered asshole, sending Susan into tremors of delight.

"Ohhh, baby, baby! Touch me there! That feels soooo good! Touch my asshole, darling! Tonguefuck my cunt and touch my asshole! Ooooo, the feeling… it's wonderful!"

She felt his tongue stab faster into her cunt and she wiggled her crotch down into his face. She leaned forward and braced herself with her hands, squirming and humping her cunt against her son's face. Her mind blazed with the erotic sensations as he licked her cunt.

"I'm fucking your tongue!" she yelped. "I'm fucking your cunt-licking tongue, darling! Ohhhh, my cunt is fucking your pussy eating tongue! It feels like a cock in me… up my twat, my snatch! Ooooohh you sweet, sweet pussy-licker! I love it… I love you!"

Susan smashed her hairy cunt down into his face, twisting brutally, riding his tongue as if it were his cock. Her body shook as she bounced her ass up and down, her eyes closed tightly as pleasure rippled throughout her steaming body. Every nerve burned like lava, and her cunt was threatening to erupt like a long smoldering volcano.

"Ooooo, baby, baby, baby!" she mewled hotly. "I'm about to… about to come! Eat me, darling! Eat my Mother's hot, hairy cunt! Ohhh, lick my pussy, Robert! Suck Mother's fucking cunt! Oh, I can't stand it! It's driving me out of my cocksucking mind! Tonguefuck me… lick me… suck me!"

Susan's pussy convulsed around the buried tongue of her son. She yipped and yelped loudly, grinding her spasming cunt against his face harshly. Then she slumped forward onto the carpet, breathing heavily, giggling with happiness.

Robert turned over and began kissing his way up her quivering thighs, then ran his tongue over the creamy swells of his mother's sweet, smooth ass. Susan writhed her naked ass at him, inviting him to do anything he wanted with her body.

"You like that ass, Robert?" she asked in a breathless voice. "Is that ass pretty? Do you really love Mother's naked, hot ass?"

"I love it, Mom," she heard him reply from behind her. "I love your ass and your cunt and your tits and every fucking inch of you!"

"Kiss it, darling," she urged. "Kiss Mother's hot, round ass! Oooo, I love it when you lick my ass, baby! Lick Mother's hot ass!"

Robert cupped the cheeks of his mother's ass, squeezing them. He gazed hotly at the cheeks as he caressed the smooth skin. Susan opened her thighs, and he peered at the hairy pussy. She felt her son part her asscheeks, and then she squealed; Robert had poked the wet tip of his tongue against her tight asshole.

"Oh, you nut!" she laughed, twisting her ass. "What are you doing to me?"

She twisted about and they began to wrestle on the carpet. Susan's skirt was about her waist as they rolled on the floor. She playfully grabbed for his cock, and somehow found it close to her face. They were no longer wrestling, and Susan gazed hungrily at her son's prick. It stuck out from the leg of his shorts, and she pressed her lips to the swollen head.

Robert groaned as Susan pulled the head of his cock between her hot lips. She ran her tongue about the dripping piss hole, tasting him. As she sucked at his prick, she opened his cut-offs and pulled them from his body. His prick stood straight up, and she plunged her face to it with a gurgle of delight. Susan sucked her son's prick all the way into her mouth and bobbed her head up and down fast, her tight wet lips gliding on the throbbing hardness.

"Suck me, Mom!" Robert shouted. "Suck my cock!"

But Susan pulled away. She began to smear hot, wet kisses on his hairless balls. Finally she opened her mouth and sucked both of his balls inside. She rolled his balls about in her mouth, sucking gently. Her eyes blazed up at him as he looked down at her. She pumped her fist on his prick as she sucked his balls, bringing beads of juice to the piss hole.

Susan released his balls and flicked her tongue over his piss hole, swallowing, then returning to his balls once again. Somehow Robert was sitting on his mother's face as she had sat on his. Susan found herself with a mouthful of delicious balls, his cock throbbing against her nose and eyes.

She pulled her mouth from his balls and began running her tongue all around his crotch. She slipped downward and lapped at the cheeks of his ass, then probed between them. Her tongue made hot contact with his puckered asshole, and Robert shouted with delight.

"Mmmmm," Susan gurgled as she lapped at his asshole, his balls resting on her nose. She licked furiously at her son's asshole, trying to thrust her tongue up his ass. She clutched one of his asscheeks in one hand, and jerked wildly on his cock with the other.

Susan was enjoying this new activity, but Robert pulled from her. He sat back, looking at his mother. Her skirt was still about her waist, her hairy cunt revealed, and one of her tits was exposed from the opening of her blouse.

"What's wrong, darling?" she asked him. "Don't you like when I lick your asshole?"

"Oh, of course, Mom," he said. "But I just got a good idea."

"What idea?"

"Turn over."

She looked at him for a long moment, then turned onto her stomach. "What do you want to do, baby?"

"Lift your ass up, Mom," he said.

Susan drew her knees beneath her, her naked ass rising in the air. She waggled it playfully at him, her face resting on the carpet.

"Now what?" she asked.

Robert got to his knees behind her. He ran his hands over his mother's creamy asscheeks, caressed the tight hole between them.

"I wanna fuck you up the ass, Mom," he said in a low, excited voice.

"I don't know," Susan replied. "Robert, I've never had a cock up my ass before. I'm not sure I'd enjoy that. Why don't you fuck my cunt, baby?"

"Because I wanna fuck you in the ass," he said simply.

Susan shivered, somewhat afraid. Her asshole was still virgin territory. She had heard of ass-fucking, but no one had ever attempted it with her.

"Well…" she said slowly. "Try your finger first, Robert."

She felt her son probe a finger against her asshole.

"You've got a tight asshole," she heard him say.

"It should be tight," she replied with a soft laugh. "I told you, I've never been fucked in my asshole before."

Robert pushed harder, and Susan yelped as his finger slipped into his mother's tight asshole after slight resistance.

"I've got my finger in, Mom! My finger is in your asshole."

"Move it slow and easy," she said. "Push it in and out slowly. Let me get used to it. It feels sort of nice right now."

She held her ass high in the air, her knees under her body and slightly apart. Her back was bowed, and she writhed slowly. She could feel her son's finger move in and out of her gripping asshole, and she also felt the strange kind of delight it gave her. The sensation was totally new and unlike any she had felt. She tried to analyze the feeling, and decided she liked it.

"Shove it in deeper, baby," she urged, pressing her ass back into his finger. "Deeper! I think… oh yes, I do like it! Oh, my God… it's like a tiny cock fucking my asshole! Oooo, baby, fuck my asshole faster!"

Robert watched his finger move in and out of his mother's asshole. The flesh clung to his finger tightly and hotly. Finally she pulled his finger free of the gripping hole.

"I'm gonna stick my cock up your ass, Mom!"

"Try it!" she urged. "Try to get your sweet cock up my ass, baby! Ooooo, I want that! I want your hard cock in my ass!"

She felt her son's swollen prick pressing at the tight pucker of her asshole. It felt huge, but she wanted it in her ass badly now. She pressed her naked ass back against his pressuring cock. She groaned with a mixture of pain and desire. The pain she felt was almost insignificant, however, when compared to the intense desire to get his cock up her asshole. Right now, with her emotions so high, she would have let her son fuck her in the ass with a telephone pole, which was what his cock felt like at the moment.

"Stick it in me!" she wailed. "Stick your hard cock up my ass! Ohhh, please, Robert! I want your cock in my fucking hot asshole!"

Robert pushed, grunting with the effort. He held the base of his cock with one hand, the other hand gripping one of his mother's hips.

He gave a hard shove, and his swollen cockhead popped into her asshole.

"Ohhhhh!" Susan yelped, almost pulling from him as a searing pain shot through her. "Oh, that hurt, Robert! I don't know… I'm not sure… maybe you better take it out."

But Robert pressed his cock farther, and then he had half of it up her ass. He held still for a while.

Susan found herself becoming accustomed to the fullness stretching her tight asshole, and as she became accustomed to it, she was surprised and delighted to discover the pain was no longer there. In its place was a feeling of pleasure, and it was a very good pleasure.

Tentatively, she wiggled her ass. "I think… I think I like it, baby," she mewled, wiggling her ass again. "Yes, it feels good. Fuck me slow at first, Robert. Let me get used to it, then fuck away, darling."

Robert began thrusting his cock in and out of his mother's tight asshole slowly, pressing more and more into her. Then his cock was all the way in. His balls rested against her hairy, wet cunt.

As the ecstasy grew, Susan slipped a hand between her thighs and grabbed her son's balls. She twisted and pulled at them.

"Is it all the way up my ass, baby?" she asked.

"It's all in, Mom," he replied. "My cock is all the way up your asshole!"

"Fuck me," she hissed. "Fuck me now! Ohhhh, I like it, baby! I think I love having your hard cock up my asshole! Fuck me, fuck my ass! Ohhhhh, honey, darling, baby… fuck my hot ass!"

Robert clawed at his mother's twisting hips, looking down as her asshole seemingly swallowed his throbbing cock.

Susan thought, she could feel her son's cock all the way in her stomach. It filled her asshole, stretching it in a way that thrilled her tremendously. She mewled and grunted as he banged against her ass. She was surprised to find that her cunt was burning hot, and that her clit was swollen painfully. She had, not thought taking a cock up her asshole could be so fucking good!

"Fuck my ass!" she squealed, writhing with him. "Fuck Mother's hot ass, baby! Feed that big, beautiful cock to my hot, fucking ass! Oooo, I love it… love your hard cock up my ass!"

"It's tight, Mom!" he shouted. "Your asshole is really tight! And so fucking hot!"

"Fuck it, fuck it! Oohhhh, fuck that hot, tight ass for me! Fill my hot asshole with that big cock!"

Robert was banging into his mother's asshole so hard and fast, her face was in danger of having carpet burns on it. But Susan wasn't going to stop this for anything in the whole fucking world! It was crazy, she thought with a soaring mind, but she loved it. It was as good as being fucked in her cunt, or her eager cocksucking mouth.

She felt the rumbling of an explosive orgasm deep inside her. Her tits swelled and her nipples became extremely hard. She clawed at her son's balls as he stabbed swiftly into her gripping asshole.

"Ooo, baby, baby!" she gurgled happily. "You're going to make me come! Oh yes! You're going to make me come… by fucking me up my ass! Harder, baby, harder and deeper! Fuck me… fuck my hot asshole!"

"I'm fucking your asshole, Mom!" he shouted, panting hotly. "I'm fucking you in the ass! I'm gonna come in your ass, Mom! Come in your asshole!"

"Yes, yes!" Susan urged, slamming her ass back at her son eagerly. "Oh yes!"

Susan gave a loud wail of ecstasy as she shuddered into orgasm. Her pussy throbbed and she could feel moisture against the inside of her creamy thighs. Her clit seemed to explode, and she yelled again and again. The intensity of her orgasm was blowing her apart, sending her brain into a storm of delight. Through the fog of her own pleasure she heard her son grunt, then yell. And there was a flood of cum pouring up her asshole. Susan could no longer remain with her knees underneath her body, her ass high in the air. She became very weak, and she sprawled forward.

Robert fell with his mother, his cock still inside her clinging, gripping asshole. He pressed tightly against her twitching asscheeks, flooding his mother with cum in powerful spurts.

They lay still, breathing hard, Robert sprawled on top of his mother's half-naked body, his cock still inside her tight asshole. Susan's asshole seemed reluctant to let go, to lose this new-found delight.

Then the sound of clapping came to them.

"Oh!" Susan gasped, turning her head. She saw Karen standing in the doorway, looking at them. "Oh, my God!"

Robert pulled his cock from her clinging asshole and rolled from her. Susan hurriedly shoved her skirt down and sat up, blushing furiously. She could not lift her eyes to Karen. She felt suddenly ashamed, humiliated.

Karen sat down, crossing her long legs and smiling down at Susan. "It's about time, Susan," she said…


Blushing furiously, Susan noticed the way her son looked at Karen. A tingle of jealousy bubbled inside her. She glanced from lowered lids at Karen. Karen sat on the chair, her long, lovely legs crossed, one foot swinging slowly. Her skirt was hiked almost into her lap. It was high enough so that Susan could see her panties.

She didn't want Robert to be interested in Karen. She wanted him to be interested in her. She wished Karen would leave them. She felt odd with the woman sitting there, grinning wickedly down at them.

"That was beautiful," Karen said with a wide, pleased smile. "It's obvious that you've been fucking your son lately, Susan. I mean, it looked to me as if he was fucking you up the ass."

Susan's blush became deeper.

"Yes, Robert definitely had his cock up your asshole, Susan. That usually comes later, after a guy has shoved his cock in the other holes. Shame on you!" Karen laughed. "You been fucking Robert all this time!"

Susan shook her head. "No, no. I haven't… it just [missing text]."

Karen threw back her head and laughed. "Of course it just happened. You didn't plan any of it. I mean, Robert just happened to have a hard-on, you just happened to have had a hot ass, so the two got together."

Susan shivered with embarrassment. From the corner of her eyes she saw Robert's cock standing up again. He wasn't embarrassed. But then there was no reason for him to be. He had been fucking this woman – along with her own son for some time.

While Susan sat there in silence, she noticed that Karen had shoved her knees apart and was openly caressing the tight crotch of her panties. Dark curls stood from each side of the crotch band. Robert was gently fondling his balls as he watched, his eyes gleaming with interest.

Susan's embarrassment and jealousy turned into desire. She could understand why her son was aroused by Karen. She was extremely beautiful, and she had no inhibitions. She turned her eyes from one to the other, watching them. Karen pulled the crotch of her panties to one side, exposing the puffy, hairy lips of her cunt.

"What about that pussy, Robert?" she asked in a husky voice. "You like that cunt, baby? Does it make that beautiful cock hard? How would you like a nice piece of hot cunt, Robert?"

Susan's pussy twitched as she listened to Karen talk this way to her son. Her clit became rubbery and tingled with pleasure.

Karen slipped a finger into her cunt and began to thrust it in and out, her eyes glittering with desire. Robert gazed hotly as her finger plunged to and fro, his hand now gripping his balls tightly. Susan began to caress and squeeze her own tits, her eyes going from one to the other. She writhed her recently fucked ass against the floor as the heat began to build inside her slim body again.

"Want to give this pretty, wet, hairy cunt a nice long kiss, Robert?" Karen mewled softly, shoving her ass to the edge of the chair. "Give my hot pussy a nice wet kiss! You know my pussy loves to be kissed, baby! Ooohhh, kiss it for me! Your mother won't mind, I'm sure. Come on, Robert, give my hot cunt a tonguefuck!"

Susan watched with blurred vision as her son moved between Karen's creamy thighs, licking at them with excitement. He gripped his cock in one hand, not pumping it, but holding tightly. Susan lifted herself to her knees and moved close to watch. She peered down as her son's tongue worked up the inside of Karen's thigh, then he flipped it about the hair-lined pussylips.

Karen used both her hands to pull those puffy cuntlips apart, and Susan's eyes glowed as she saw her son's tongue lick eagerly, at the swollen clit, then at the moist, pink lips. Susan's hand slipped underneath her own skirt and she began to rub at her own burning clit as she watched her son lap at Karen's cunt.

Robert buried his face in Karen's cunt, lapping hungrily, his nose almost hidden by the long, thick hairs. He ran his hands up her thighs and gripped Karen's ass. Susan became so excited she took one of his hands and pulled it down, holding her skirt to her waist. She placed her son's hand on her burning pussy.

"Feel me, baby!" she urged, her eyes riveted to his face pressing into Karen's cunt.

"Feel my pussy, Robert! Ohhh, baby, fingerfuck my cunt! Lick Karen's cunt and fingerfuck my pussy! Eat her, eat her!"

"Oh, yes!" Karen gurgled, holding Robert's head into her twat. "Eat me! Lick me! Suck my pussy! Ohhhh, baby, tongue my hot cunt! Fingerfuck your mother's hairy twat, baby… fingerfuck her cunt and lick my cunt!"

But Susan was becoming too excited for a finger inside her slippery snatch. She pulled her son's hand from under her dress and sat beside Karen. She threw her thighs apart, her skirt at her waist. She writhed her ass about, moaning.

"Ohhhh, eat me, too! Robert, eat me too! Please, darling, lick my cunt!"

Robert pulled his smeared face out of Karen's pussy and looked at his mother. Susan was twisting her steaming ass about, clawing at her own blonde pussy as she pleaded for him to lick her. Susan threw a leg over Karen's, and Robert moved his head to his mother's waiting cunt. He kissed at it greedily, then lapped with his tongue, tasting the seeping nectar and using his lips to tug at her rubbery clit. Susan squealed in delight and shoved her cunt hard against her son's face, grinding her cunt into his mouth.

Through a haze, Susan saw her son plunge his finger into Karen's twat as he licked at hers.

"Fuck her pussy, baby! Fuck the piss out of Karen's hot, hairy cunt! Oooohhh, eat me! Suck Mother's hot cunt! Tongue it… put your tongue up my cunt and fuck it!"

Then Robert moved his face back into Karen's wet snatch. He lapped at her pussy, then went back to his mother's. He went from hot cunt to hot cunt, lapping each, making the two women squirm and whimper with pleasure. Karen had reached over and was squeezing one of Susan's tits, then she lowered her lips to the rigid nipple. Karen sucked at Susan's tit as Robert tonguefucked first one then the other.

Susan's mind was reeling, soaring. The delight that flowed through her body was greater than ever before. She shivered and trembled as her son moved his wet lips back and forth. With Karen sucking hard on her tit, it only increased the intensity, of her desire.

"Ohhh, baby, baby!" Susan whimpered, grinding her pussy. "Eat, that cunt! Eat that pussy! Ooooh, you have such a sweet tongue!"

Karen pulled her lips from Susan's nipple. "You tell him, Susan! God, that kid of yours can sure eat a cunt!"

"Oh yes!" Susan gurgled. "My baby is a fucking good cunt-eater! Oohhh, he's the best pussy-sucker ever! Eat me, baby! Eat my pussy, eat Karen's cunt! Eat both of us! Make us come with your sweet, sweet lips and tongue!"

Robert pulled back long enough to say: "I'll eat your cunts! I'll eat both of those cunts!" And again his mouth was pressed into his mother's pussy. Robert moved from one to the ether, lapping and sucking hungrily. He held his mother's ass in one hand as it hung over the cushion, and he held Karen's ass in the other.

Susan felt her son working a finger into her tight asshole as he sucked at her pussy, and she yelped with delight.

"Oh yes… fuck my asshole! Fingerfuck my hot asshole and suck me! Fuck Karen's asshole, too."

"Yes, yes!" Karen wailed. "Stick a finger up my asshole, too, Robert! Fuck both of us in the ass with your fingers while you suck our cunts!"

Robert stabbed a finger into each of those tight, gripping assholes and began to fuck back and forth as he continued moving his mouth from pussy to pussy. The women were twisting furiously, mindlessly. They began to kiss each other, sucking on each other's tongues as Robert thrilled their tight assholes with his plunging fingers, excited their boiling cunts with his tongue and lips.

Karen suddenly yelled: "Ohhh, don't move away right now, Robert! You're making me come! Tongue my cunt… fuck my pussy! Oooohhh, there! I'm coming, baby! God, am I coming!"

"Eat her, Robert!" Susan whimpered, twisting one of Karen's nipples. "Eat her cunt! Make her come… make her come all over the fucking place!"

She rolled her ass about as her son flicked his finger in and out of her asshole. Then when Karen slumped, Susan grabbed her son's hair and pulled his face into her twat.

"Now me! Now make me come! Oohhhh, I'm ready to come now, Robert! Eat Mother's cunt! Suck my pussy… tonguefuck Mother's hot, hairy twat!"

Robert thrust his tongue deep into his mother's wet, boiling pussy, fucking it back and forth, his lips pressed hard against those hairy, sensitive pussylips. Susan ground hard into his face, his finger up her asshole increasing the ecstasy of her approaching orgasm. She wailed and squealed and yelped, then suddenly shuddered in a violent way. She came powerfully, slamming her crotch up and down into her son's sucking mouth.

Then she, too, slumped, gasping for breath. Robert sat back, his face smeared with the wetness from those two, hairy pussies.

His cock was throbbing in painful hardness. He stroked it as he sat there, looking at his mother and Karen recover. They sat with their asscheeks hanging over the cushions, legs wide apart, pussies sweetly revealed.

After a while, both women sat up, grinning at each other. "Like I said, Susan, it's about time."

Susan grinned back at her friend. "You're right, Karen. God, I've had so much fucking lately, and want more! I want all I can get!"

"You're going to get plenty, I can see," Karen laughed. "You're going to get all the hard, young cock you can ever want. Between your son and mine, we're going to have a ball, believe that!"

"I believe it," Susan said. "What could possibly be better than having two young kids with constantly hard cocks on them? My God I'm not even sure we'll be able to keep up with these horny kids!"

"I'm not either," Karen laughed again. "But I know I'm going to give it one hell of a try."

"Not without me, you don't," Susan laughed. "Not without me!"

They looked at Robert. He sat on the floor, his legs crossed, his cock standing up hard, jerking. There was a bead of moisture collecting on the flare of his piss hole. Robert held his balls in one hand, and his cock in the other. He watched them with hot eyes.

"Which do you want?" Karen asked Susan. "You want his balls or his cock? We can't let the poor little kid sit there with such a beautiful hard-on, can we?"

Susan looked at her son, her eyes burning on his upright cock. A grin came to her lovely face. "Why don't we take turns on him?" she said. "The way he did us."

With unspoken agreement, both Susan and Karen jumped from the couch and rushed at Robert. Robert fell back, giggling with glee. His mother and Karen began snatching at his cock and balls, laughing with him. Karen grabbed Robert's cock first, and holding it tightly, slipped her mouth tight, tongue racing.

Susan made a dive with her mouth to her son's balls, and engulfed both of them into her hot mouth at the same time, sucking them. She watched Karen's tight lips slide up and down her son's cock as she mouthed his balls, then she began to run her tongue up, and she and Karen traded places. Susan began sucking her son's cock with greedy delight, her eyes wide and hot as she watched Karen suck on his balls.

Robert lay back in pleasure. "Suck it, Mom! Suck my hard cock! Oh, that's good, Mom! You sure got a hot mouth! Suck my balls, Karen! Ohhh, you two cocksucking, ball sucking cunts! Suck my cock… suck my balls! Ohhhh, you fucking hot-ass cunts!"

Susan and Karen mewled in delight as they listened to Robert urging them with words. Again they traded places and Susan licked at her son's balls. She ran her tongue down to his asscheeks, licking them. Then with a soft giggle, she shot her tongue between them. She probed at his tight little asshole, stabbing the tip of her tongue there. Robert gurgled in ecstasy.

"Lick my ass, Mom! Suck my cock, Karen! Ohhh, you two hot cunts! Fucking cunts cocksucking cunts! Eat my asshole, Mom! Ooohhh, shit… piss! Hot ass… hot pussy… hot cocksucking mouths!"

Susan raced her tongue about her son's asscheeks, licking his balls, then up his cock again. Her tongue contacted Karen's stretched lips. She licked around her son's throbbing cock and tasted Karen's lipstick. Again she ran her eager tongue down to lap at his ass, probing between the cheeks to lick his puckered asshole.

Susan and Karen were on each side of Robert, and he slipped a hand up both pairs of thighs, finally gripping an asscheek in each hand. His mother and Karen wiggled their asses for him, and then Robert again thrust a finger into each asshole. He plunged his fingers in and out of those tight, hot assholes as the women hungrily sucked on his throbbing cock and balls.

"Mmmmm, baby," Susan murmured from between his thighs. "Finger my asshole! Ohhh, I love that your finger up my hot asshole! Suck my son's cock, Karen! Suck the piss out of his beautiful, hard cock!"

She ran her tongue up his prick once more, and she and Karen began licking tongues around the swollen smooth head. They took turns licking up the beads of juice that seeped from his piss hole. Their tongues met in moist contact frequently. Now and then Susan and Karen would kiss one another, their tongues licking. But those kisses were brief; their interest was on his cock and balls.

As Susan began to bob her lovely face up and down her son's cock, Karen worked her tongue into the crack of his ass and licked his tight asshole. Robert squirmed about on the floor, thrashing in ecstasy, his fingers buried deeply into their tight assholes. He was grunting and puffing, snorting and yelping with delight.

"Cocksuckers! Cocksuckers! Cocksucking cunts… cocksucking bitches! Mother fucking… son-sucking… cocksuckers! Cunts… assholes… pussies! Suck me… suck my cock, you two hot cunts!"

Susan wiggled her exposed ass, mewling with ecstasy as Karen ran her tongue up her son's cock. They began to lick at the head of his prick as before, and Robert could not hold back any longer.

His mother and Karen both were running their tongues hotly about the sensitive, swollen head of his cock. Robert gave a loud grunt and a glob of thick, white cum flew from his tortured piss hole. The glob struck his mother directly in her mouth. Susan mewled hungrily as she flipped the tip of her tongue over his piss hole again. The second spurt of jism entered Karen's mouth, and she and Susan began working their eager tongues wildly on Robert's spurting cock. Both women whimpered and groaned, shaking their naked asses.

"Suck it up, you fucking cunts!" he growled, arching his hips up toward their licking tongues and open mouths. "Suck my cum up! Lick it… swallow my fucking cum, you two cocksuckers!"

Susan listened with one part of her burning mind, hearing the arousing words her son was saying to them. The other part of her mind was reeling with what she and Karen were doing for him, to him. Robert still had a finger up her tight asshole, but even though it was not moving, Susan's cunt suddenly burst into a marvelous orgasm. She squealed loudly as her tongue raced about his cock, meeting now and then the tongue of Karen.

From somewhere Susan heard Karen groan loudly, and thought that she, too, was coming.

Finally Robert was finished. Susan and Karen reluctantly sat back as he slipped his fingers free of their clutching assholes. They grinned at each other across Robert's naked body.

"Welcome to the orgy," Karen laughed huskily.

"You've been doing this with the boys for some time, haven't you, Karen?"

"Only about a month," Karen replied. "I knew it was only a matter of time before you wised up. All you needed was a tiny little encouragement."

They leaned across Robert and kissed, tongues licking at jism-moist lips.


It was a bright, moonlit night, and Susan was happy as she could be.

She drove the car slowly, her right hand resting lightly, but warmly, on her son's left thigh, near his crotch. In the back seat Karen sat with her son, Tom. All four had just finished a delicious meal at an expensive restaurant. They all considered it to be one of the best dates they had ever had.

Looking into the rearview mirror, Susan saw Karen and her son holding each other tightly, kissing passionately. She could hear the soft moans Karen made, and her body was responding to it. It did not take much to make her cunt tingle and twitch; it had been doing that all day. As she drove, she edged her hand up until she had it placed on top of her son's prick. She cupped his cock and balls. Robert widened his knees and slipped his hand underneath his mother's dress, feeling the warmth of her thigh past the sheer nylons. Susan shot a happy smile at him.

"Like that?" she teased.

"I love it, Mom," he replied, leaning over and kissing her cheek. He moved his hand up a bit farther and made contact with the creamy nakedness of her thigh past the top of her nylon. He stroked the flesh gently.

"I don't have panties, on, baby," she whispered.

"I heard that!" came Tom's voice from the rear.

Susan giggled as she glanced into the mirror. "And I've been listening to you and your mother – so what?"

"But what you don't know," Tom said, "is that my hot-assed mother is jacking my cock."

Robert twisted about in the seat, looking.

"And it's a big cock," Karen replied. "This cock is as hard as a fucking rock!"

"And your cunt is wet as a fucking lake!" Tom retorted playfully.

"And you love it," Susan laughed. "You know you love your mother's cunt wet and hot."

Robert unzipped his pants and pulled his prick out. Susan glanced at his lap and immediately wrapped her fingers around his cock, stroking up and down.

"Feel me up, baby," she urged, opening her thighs as best she could while still driving the car. "Put your hand back under my skirt and play with my pussy."

But Robert began to open the top of her dress instead. He pulled Susan's bodice open, and her naked tits gleamed in the brightness of the full moon. Her nipples rose up in rubbery hardness. Robert placed an arm about his mother's shoulders and closed his lips about one succulent nipple, sucking it.

"Oooo, baby," Susan gurgled, pumping her fist up and down faster. "Suck my nipple! Ohhhh, that feels so fucking good! Suck my tit… suck it for me!"

As he sucked on his mother's tit, Robert slipped his hand back under her skirt. Sliding his palm along the inner surface of her smooth, nyloned-thigh, he brushed his fingers through the curly hair, then rubbed lightly at her swollen clit. Susan gurgled in pleasure, trying to keep her eyes on the road. She writhed her ass into the seat, slumping slightly to give his finger access to her wet pussy.

"Put your finger up my twat, Robert," she murmured hotly. "Oh, baby! Stick your finger up Mother's cunt and fingerfuck it! Suck my tit at the same time!"

From the rear seat she continued to listen to Karen and Tom. Susan was beginning to boil.

"I love this gorgeous cock, Tom," she heard Karen saying to her son. "I love it so fucking much! You can do fantastic things with it… do great things to me with it!"

"You're not so bad yourself, Mom," Tom replied. "You have a cute ass, and one hell of a tight cunt. And best of all you can fuck great… and you just gotta be the best fucking cocksucker in the world!"

"No she isn't," Robert said, pulling from his mother's tit. "My mother can suck cock better than yours."

"Wanna bet?" Tom replied.

"Yeah!" Robert snorted.

Susan and Karen laughed. "Okay, you two," Karen said. "That's enough. We won't put up with any fighting."

"Well," Tom said sulkily, "you are the best cocksucker, Mom."

"That's nice of you to say, darling," Karen replied, "but Susan is just as good as I am. You should know that. She's sucked your cock off plenty of times."

"My mom would rather suck my prick than yours," Robert taunted.

"That's enough!" Susan laughed. "You two stop fighting about who's the best cocksucker. You don't hear me and Karen arguing over which of you licks our cunts best, do you?"

"No more arguing," Karen said. "Tom, if you don't shut that mouth, I'm going to stuff it with hairy cunt!"

"I'm for that!" he laughed.

"You little motherfucker," Karen laughed. "Just for that, I'm going to sit on your lap."

"You do and your pussy is going to get stuffed with hard cock."

"That's what I hope," Karen giggled, climbing onto her son's lap. She straddled him, facing him. Through the rearview mirror Susan saw Karen lift her skirt, and noticed Karen was not wearing panties either. Her creamy-white ass gleamed in the moonlight as she settled her weight onto Tom's lap.

"Ohhh, that cock stretches my cunt so nicely!" Karen mewled. "Ohhh, baby, I love it in my pussy!"

Robert got to his knees, facing into the rear seat. He clutched his mother's naked tit in one hand, and began to play with Karen's revealed ass with the other.

"Ohhhh, Robert!" Karen squealed. "Stick a finger up my asshole! Ohh, yes! I love being fucked up my asshole and pussy at the same time! Fuck it, Robert! Fuck my asshole and pussy at the same time! Fuck it, Robert! Fuck my asshole with your finger! Ooooo, hard cock in my twat… finger up my ass! I love it, love it! If only I had a cock in my mouth, I'd faint with sweet fucking ecstasy!"

"Don't be so greedy," Susan laughed, slowing the car. "How many cocks do you want, anyway?"

"All I can get!" Karen yelped, bouncing her ass up and down. "All the beautiful, hard, sweet pricks I can get!"

Susan was intensely aroused now. Her pussy was boiling, and her son's hand clutching at her naked tit, and the words and groans coming from the rear seat, certainly did nothing to cool her down.

Seeing a wide area at the side of the road, she pulled over and parked. When she turned the headlights off, the full moon continued to supply bright illumination. She turned in the seat and watched Karen's naked, white ass writhing and bouncing on her son's cock, at Robert's hand thrusting a finger into her asshole.

She took hold of her son's cock and began to jack on it, but that wasn't enough for her. She leaned down and began to lick at it. Robert turned sideways so his mother could get her mouth at his prick. Susan gurgled in pleasure as she swallowed almost every inch of his hard cock. She sucked at it slowly, relishing the ecstasy of having it in her mouth. She fondled her own cunt as she sucked him, running her hand between her thighs to probe at her asshole, then back to fingerfuck herself, then to her asshole again. She could feel her son's cock throb against her hot, moist lips and tongue. It was a feeling she thoroughly loved, and she sucked at his prick with loving passion.

"Oohhhh, Mom!" Robert groaned. "Suck my cock! Your mouth is so fucking hot and wet! I love it when you suck me off!"

Susan was bent awkwardly, but she would not have tried to change her position at the moment for anything. She didn't want to waste any time moving. She thrust a finger into the boiling depths of her cunt as she sucked her son's hard prick. But then she began to press another finger into her steamy asshole, too. With a finger inside her clinging cunt and one up her asshole, Susan fucked herself as she gurgled around Robert's cock.

"Ohhhh, this is fantastic!" she heard Karen whimpering in the back seat. "Ohhhh, I love this! Fuck me, baby, fuck me! Ahhhh, shove that sweet, sweet cock up Mother's cunt! Fuck my asshole, Robert! Ohhh, sweet fuck! You two are going to make me come! Do it… fuck me… make me come! Make my cunt come! Make my asshole come!"

Susan heard a long wail bubble from Karen, and knew the two boys were making her come deliciously. Susan sucked harder on her son's prick, and her mouth was flooded with his delicious jism. Her pussy clamped against her delving finger, her asshole became extremely tight, then she boiled over into a shuddering orgasm.

After a while all four sat up, laughing uproariously about what they had done on the side of the road.

"My God," Susan said. "Someone could have come by and seen us. This is crazy!"

"Sure it's crazy," Karen agreed. "But it's one hell of a lot of fun, you can't deny that."

"You're right," Susan agreed. "It's so much fun, I think I'll just take all my clothes off and drive naked."

"That's a good idea," Karen said, scrambling out of her clothing. "Come on, boys, you too!"

All four became naked quickly, laughing and cutting up with wicked delight. Susan left her nylons and garter belt on, but that was all.

"Oooo, the seat's cold against my ass!" Susan giggled.

"Your ass will have it melting soon enough," Robert laughed, playing with his mother's naked tits as she pulled the car back onto the road.

"What are we going to do when we get home?" Tom asked as Susan speeded the car up.

"I don't know about any of you," Susan said in an excited voice, "but I'm going to fuck and suck until I just faint away."

"Care for some company?" Karen asked. "The more the better," Susan responded. Susan pulled the car into the driveway, shutting off the engine and lights. She sat there for just a moment, looking around.

"Somebody might see she cautioned."

"Fuck 'em!" Karen laughed, opening the door. "Give them a good show." She boldly stepped out into the driveway, the full moon lighting her nakedness beautifully. She stood there, posing erotically. "Well, come on."

The others climbed from the car and, laughing in a wicked way, slowly walked to the front door. Once in the house, they all burst into laughter. It had been a dangerous action, but one that they had enjoyed tremendously.

"Well, now what?" Robert asked once the laughter had stopped.

Susan cupped his balls and cock in her warm hand. She kissed her son on his lips, darting her tongue into his mouth briefly. "Now we fuck and suck, as I said. You do want to, don't you?"

"You're damn right!"

Somehow they found themselves on the floor of the living room Robert and Tom were on their hands and knees, and behind them Susan and Karen knelt. Susan was behind the naked, uplifted ass of Tom, and Karen was in the same position with Robert. The two women caressed the naked asses of the bays, jerking at their cocks and twisting lightly on those hairless balls. Susan began to lick at Tom's ass, and from the corner of her eye she saw Karen doing the same to her son.

Susan slipped her tongue downward, ran it about Tom's balls, along his cock, then back up again. She fluttered the tip of her tongue at his asshole, then probed it. She licked at his asshole, her lips wide and pressing against it. She jerked on his cock and played with his balls as she did so.

Karen was performing the same thing with Robert, and the women were becoming intensely aroused again.

After a few more minutes of licking at the boys' asses, Susan and Karen had the two lie back, their cocks standing high.

"Let's fuck the shit out of these two horny motherfuckers," Susan said.

"Let's!" Karen replied, and they straddled the boys, with Susan taking Karen's son and Karen atop Robert. Karen reached over and held her son's cock as Susan settled upon it, then Susan did the same for her.

With a throbbing cock up her twat, Susan began to bounce happily, the muscle of her slim thighs straining. She fondled Karen's tits as she fucked Tom. Karen, with her naked ass grinding down onto Robert's cock, pulled and twisted on Susan's rubbery nipples. The two boys gazed up hotly at them, their eyes reflecting the ecstasy they felt.

"Time to switch!" Susan called out.

The two women changed places, and now they were fucking their own sons. The boys giggled and moaned in pleasure, watching the naked tits bounce and jiggle as their mothers banged up and down on their straining pricks.

Susan and Karen continued to trade off, mewling with the pleasure, the wanton feelings they received. They went from cock to cock, moist sounds filling the room from their fucking.

With a small gurgle of delight, Susan suddenly twisted her body about on her son and straddled his face, her own above Robert's cock. "I'm going to suck you, baby," she said. "And I want to feel that long tongue of yours up my hot cunt! Eat my pussy while I suck your cock, Robert!"

She lowered her face and drew every bit of his throbbing prick into her greedy mouth. As she sucked on him, she wiggled her hairy pussy into his face, and sighed as his tongue slipped into her twat. She began to grind her hairy cunt against her son's face as she sucked him, her lovely head bobbing up and down in hungry delight.

Karen, seeing Susan do this, twisted about and sat on her son's face. "Suck my twat, Tom!" she urged. "Lick my pussy and I'll suck you!"

For a while the only sounds in the room were the heavy breathing, and the wet sounds of sucking and licking. Now and then a squeal of pleasure would erupt.

Susan gave a muffled mewl as she shuddered, then her pussy slammed tightly onto her son's mouth. She came in a violent manner, every nerve exploding at the same time. Weak from the fantastic orgasm, she tumbled from her son, whose cock was still hard and throbbing. Robert grunted in protest, but it did him no good. He turned to his mother.

"Fuck me in my mouth, darling," she murmured. "I'm so weak from that come, I can't move. But you can fuck my mouth. You need to come, baby… fuck me in my mouth!"

Robert straddled his mother's face, bracing himself with his hands above her head. He began to fuck into her mouth as though it was her cunt. His balls banged at her chin, and her lips stretched about his throbbing prick.

Susan managed to lift her hands and grip her son's bouncing, naked ass as he fucked her mouth. She rubbed his puckered asshole, then began to press a finger into it. Robert gave a yelp, but did not attempt to stop her. He continued to pump furiously into her mouth.

As his ass moved, Susan began to thrust her finger back and forth in his asshole, causing Robert to grunt and moan with a new kind of pleasure. She could feel his cock growing and lurching between her lips, and she waited with hungry delight for his cum. Her tongue moved as best it could, and the back of her head felt as if it were being pressed against a cement block. But that didn't matter to her; she was thrilled to have her son fucking her greedy mouth this way.

She listened to the moans and moist sounds of Karen and Tom. They increased her own desire to taste her son spurting into her mouth, and she sucked at Robert's cock in a frenzy as he fucked her mouth. Robert gave a last stab, then held his cock deep inside his mother's mouth. Susan tasted his thick jism as it spewed down her throat. She gurgled with ecstasy, her finger moving in and out of his flexing asshole.

Then Robert pulled free, sprawling on the floor and breathing harshly, a satisfied smile on his face.

Susan sat up weakly, and watched as Karen began to swallow her son's cum. She saw Karen's round, naked ass grinding furiously into her son's face, and from the soft, muffled sounds Karen made, she knew the woman was coming, too.

Fifteen minutes later, with soft drinks in their hands, all four were still naked, still in the living room. They were no longer embarrassed with each other. They now took delight in what they were doing, and began to discuss various ways and means to increase their erotic pleasures. Some of the things they came up with were impossible, but they enjoyed talking about it.

"The only thing is," Karen said, "I'm still not at all sleepy. I feel great."

"None of us are sleepy," Susan said, stroking her son's cock lovingly.

"We've got all night," Tom said.

"All night for what?" his mother asked.

"To fuck," he replied. "I wanna get my cock up your asshole, Mom."

Susan giggled like a naughty child. "That sounds like fun. Karen, let's let the boys take turns fucking us in the ass the way we fucked them."

Karen looked at Susan with amusement. "I'll say this much, Susan. Once you decided to get into this, you went all the way, didn't you?"

"Why not?" Susan replied, dropping to her hands and knees, waving her pretty, naked asshole at them. "I've got a lot of catching up to do."

Robert giggled as he positioned himself at his mother's creamy ass. "So do I," he said, grinning widely.

"Don't start without us!" Karen laughed, positioning her naked body, her ass in the air. "Come on, Tom… Susan and I want to get fucked up the ass!"