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Two mothers, too hot

Kathy Andrews

Kathy Andrews

Two mothers, too hot


Linda Williams sat and watched as Amy David wiggled from her gown.

With her legs crossed, a cocktail in her hand, she pulled her gaze from the tall, amazingly beautiful woman and glanced at her knees. Her own skirt was halfway up her legs, and the creamy flesh of her thighs was exposed.

When Amy stood with nothing but her bikini panties on, Linda glanced up, and, as she looked at the woman, she felt the familiar tingle starting to burn between her thighs. Every time Amy undressed in front of her, Linda's cunt would start quivering, her clitoris swelling.

The two women had known each other for years, going all the way back to high school. They had always lived close, had always shared secrets. They had consoled each other through a rocky marriage, then a stormy divorce. They had talked of the problems they had with their sons, gossiped about neighbors.

In high school, they had been so close that touching and fondling each other had occurred during overnight stays. But it had never gone any farther than that until a few months ago. Linda did not consider herself a lesbian, and

she knew Amy was not a woman lover, either, They had, after an evening of drinking and talking about the frustrations of being single, suddenly found themselves in bed together. At first it was as it had been in high school. They held each other comfortingly, stroking a firm tit, even kissing few times. It was nothing they had not done as teenagers, and they thought nothing of it.

But it got out of hand.

Before either knew what was happening, they had pressed their mouths into hairy cunts, sucked and licked each other to fantastic orgasms. Their surprise at what happened was not nearly as great as their pleasure however.

After discussing what had happened, they licked each other's cunt again, this time deliberately and with a great deal of enthusiasm.

They laughed and giggled wickedly about it later, talking as though eating pussy was the most natural thing in the world for them, two women without husbands, both having an intense erotic nature.

Now, watching Amy move about in her bikini panties, Linda knew they would suck each other again. She didn't mind; she found it enjoyable. She was bothered though, because it was happening so frequently now.

Amy stood in the middle of the floor, looking

at Linda with glowing eyes. Her moist pink tongue ran over her bottom lip as her gaze settled on the velvety flesh of Linda's exposed thighs. Her hips moved in a gentle sway from side to side, her firm, arching tits jiggling in that tight, exciting way. Her nipples were rigid with desire.

Linda felt herself becoming warm, knowing she would soon be boiling with erotic eagerness. The bikini panties were very tight on Amy's hips, slung low. Curling hair could be seen above the waist band, and the fabric from which they were made was so sheer that the dark shadow of her triangled cunt hair was a teasing mound there.

Amy cupped her naked tits and fondled them, making a soft gurgle of pleasure, her eyes burning on Linda. Her hips moved, and the slow bump and grind caused Linda to gasp with delight. Amy turned, arching her shapely ass, wiggling her ass lewdly. The white flesh of Amy's ass cheeks was an erotic contrast to the golden tan of her thighs. A lurching sensation came to Linda's pussy as she watched that ass writhe.

While still shaking her ass, Amy began to slide her bikini panties down, slowly and tantalizingly. She was looking over her shoulder at Linda, watching the expression on her friend's face. Both of them were trembling

slightly with anticipation."

"It looks like we're going to be eating cunt again," Linda smiled. "Every time you undress when I'm here, Amy, we always end up with our faces against a hairy cunt."

Amy straightened and turned, her panties stretched just above her knees. She cupped the dark hair of her pussy and grinned lewdly at Linda. Linda gazed at the pink moistness of Amy's cunt as the woman parted the strands of hair, seeing the tip of that succulent clit gleaming in the dim light.

"Mmm, we sure do," Amy murmured, stroking her clit with the tip of a finger.

She moved toward Linda, her hips arched out. Linda knew what was expected of her. She placed her drink down and leaned forward as Amy came close. Pressing her lips against Amy's cunt, she kissed wetly, running her hands up the smooth thighs and around, clasping the tightly shaped cheeks of Amy's ass. Her tongue slipped outs and she licked up and down the nub of Amy's clit. As always, once she had her lips and tongue against that wet, hairy pussy, Linda's cunt began to boil with urgent desire. She gripped Amy's ass cheeks tightly as the woman began to press and grind against her face. Soft mewls bubbled from them both. Linda swirled her tongue about the swollen clit, then dived her tongue below to

work as best she could into those slippery hot pussy lips. Fucking her tongue in and out of Amy's cunt, Linda pulled her dress up, shifting her ass until her skirt was about her waist. She spread her knees and wormed her own hand underneath to squeeze her bubbling, twitching pussy.

Amy shoved her face back, leaning down and pressed her lips against Linda's wet cunt lips. Her tongue licked about for a moment, then Amy whispered in a husky voice, "Take your fucking clothes off, Linda."

With Amy's hands helping her, Linda undressed. Naked, she stood and pressed her body against Amy's. Both women were of equal heights, and their tits smashed against each other as they began to kiss and suck on each other's tongue with bubbling heat. They clawed at each other's ass cheeks, their moans growing until they became loud. Amy's panties had dropped to her feet, and the dark curls of her cunt mingled with those of Linda. They squirmed together, grinding hairy pussies into each other.

With unspoken agreement, they sank down to their knees, still sucking hungrily at tongues, their hands feverish now as they felt about each other's naked skin. Linda sat down, then leaned back on the floor. She spread her long thighs wide and stared with liquid

hot eyes as Amy straddled her face; The hairy cunt seemed to be winking an invitation at her as Amy squatted above Linda's face. The pink pussy lips twitched-and. Amy's clit seemed to throb visibly. Linda placed her hands on the smooth curves of Amy's ass when the woman leaned over, and Linda felt that wicked, wet, hot tongue moving about the curls of her own pussy.

Arching her cunt up into Amy's face, Linda shot her tongue out and fucked it into the tight heat of Amy's cunt. Amy closed her hot, creamy thighs about Linda's head, and Linda, lifting her knees, returned the pressure with her thighs against Amy's face. She sighed with pleasure as Amy's hands clutched the cheeks of her ass, drawing her cunt tight against her face. Linda closed her fingers about the spreading cheeks of Amy's ass, fucking her tongue deeply into that seeping cunt above her face. She felt her nose pressing against Amy's asshole, but she didn't mind that at all. It was enjoyable, to be truthful.

Linda yelped in a muffled way as Amy began to lick and suck strongly upon her inflamed clit. She banged her hips up and down, grinding her hairy cunt into Amy's face, her own tongue fucking swiftly and deeply. Thrusting her tongue as deep as she possibly could, Linda swirled it about, tasting the

satiny walls of Amy's cunt. She held her lips very wide, sucking Amy's cunt as her tongue fucked in and out. She felt the lower stomach of Amy crushing against her tits, and even that thrilled her. Her own nipples were burning. Just as she could feel Amy's nipples burn against her flesh. As the excitement increased, Linda began to claw and squeeze Amy's naked ass above her face, her fingers brushing the tightly puckered asshole. When she felt Amy's finger rubbing upon her own asshole, Linda's mouth and tongue went wild.

They thrashed about on the floor, rolling about, not once turning loose of the other's cunt with their mouths. They held each other tightly by the ass, keeping a hairy cunt glued against their faces, slurping and whimpering and trembling. Already Linda's cunt was convulsing, orgasm after orgasm rolling through her. She squealed into Amy's cunt as she came, her tongue fucking in and out of the tightening pussy, her chin pressing the swollen clit. Amy was sucking furiously at her pussy, banging her own cunt harshly into Linda's mouth.

Linda could tell when Amy came. When Amy came, her cunt seemed to become a vise of hot, wet flesh, clamping down upon her tongue, squeezing it with flexing waves. It was a reaction her own cunt seemed to have, from

what Amy told her. When she felt Amy's cunt start that squeezing about her tongue, Linda fucked her tongue in and out as fast as she could, clutching the tightening cheeks of Amy's ass with both hands, holding the spasming cunt against her mouth almost desperately. Linda slammed her own cunt up and down, grinding brutally into Amy's face. She knew Amy loved it when she did this. Sounds of gasping ecstasy filled the room as they thrashed about on the floor. They sucked with wild pleasure, moaning and whimpering into wet, hairy cunts.

Amy finally rolled away from Linda, sprawling on the carpet, her tits heaved up and down as she struggled to breathe. Linda, too, wheezed from the effort. When she finally raised up on her elbow and looked at Amy, seeing the glistening wetness on the woman's mouth, Linda felt this had to end somewhere, somehow.

Yet, she didn't want it to stop. She had no one that could provide so much pleasure for her. Neither of them dated men, neither wanted to. They did not want to become involved with a man, ever again. They had been disappointed in their marriages, and they preferred being single. Yet, each was intensely erotic and needed sex as much as she needed food and sleep.

"We've got to stop this shit." Linda said, running her hand up and down the satiny surface of Amy's thigh. "We're going to end up confirmed cunt lickers if we don't, Amy."

"Mmmm, nothing wrong with that, Linda," Amy murmured tiredly. "We don't have anyone else. And we can't go without it, you know that."

"I know," Linda replied, tracing her finger about the triangle of Amy's cunt hair. "But, damn it, I want to be fucked! I mean with a cock. A nice, hard, beautiful cock. A cock is different than your tongue, Amy, and, as much as I enjoy you tongue fucking me, I still want a hard cock up my cunt."

"Any suggestions, honey?" Amy said, sitting up and lighting a cigarette.

"Thousands," Linda said, "but I'm afraid the men we do know would want more than just a fuck now and then. Aren't there any men let that want a fuck and not some permanent arrangement? What happened to all those horny guys we used to know in school? You know, the guys that wanted you in the back seat of the car, a quick fuck, and then back on the gridiron?"

"Married, drunks, or queer," Amy replied. "Who knows where they all went."

"We're getting old, Amy," Linda said. "Maybe that's the problem."

"Old? Who's getting old? Linda we're only thirty-eight… that isn't old as far as I'm concerned."

Linda caressed Amy's thigh as she frowned with thought. She wanted to bring something up, but wasn't sure what Amy's reaction would be. It was something she had thought about for some time, fantasized about.

"What's the secret?" Amy asked, snuffing her cigarette out. "You look like something is bothering you, and I don't mean us sucking cunts, either. Come on, tell me all about it."

"You'd laugh at me," Linda answered.

"Have I ever laughed at you?" "No, but you would at this." "Try me."

For a moment Linda hesitated, then she spoke in a low, shy voice. "I've been thinking about something. I know I shouldn't, but I can't help it. It's exciting to think about it."

"Don't act so mysterious, Linda. Tell me." "I think my son is jacking off," Linda said, her voice very low.

"Hell, that's nothing," Amy replied. "So is mine. I find the evidence on his sheets every morning. He must be horny as hell."

She saw the expression on Linda's face. "Hey, are you thinking what I think you're thinking?"

A flush crept over Linda's face. She couldn't lift her eyes to look at her, long-time friend. She knew it was all over her face, and she couldn't conceal it.

"Mmmm, you are thinking what I think you're thinking," Amy said, her voice now low and surprisingly thick. "Come on, tell me about these fantasies."

"I said you'd laugh."

"Oh, no! I'm not laughing at you," Amy said quickly. "I have an idea we've been having the same kind of thoughts."

Linda lifted her eyes and saw the gleam of excitement in Amy's. Amy had dark eyes, almost a brown color, and right now they were flashing with more excitement than she had ever seen before.

Amy's gaze was Steady. "You've been dreaming about your son, right, Linda?"

Linda nodded her head, a bare movement, and lowered her eyes.

"What's so terrible about that? So have I." "You.., you've been thinking about my son, too?"


Linda's eyes widened. "Really? Have you

really, Amy?"

"You bet your sweet, hot ass I have," Amy laughed, a low gurgling sound. "I think about him in his bed, jacking that cock: off, coming all over the sheets. Oh, yes! I think about that all the time."


"And what?"

"What else?" Linda asked, becoming excited. "Do you think about… about…"

"Fucking him?" Amy asked, arching her eyebrows. "You better believe it! I think how long it's been since I've had a hard cock up my pussy, and think about Hank with his cock so hard in his room, alone, pulling it off and I want to go in there and grab it and stuff it in my twat so badly. Oh, yes… that's what I think about all the time."

"I… I do, too."

"About my son?"

"You idiot," Linda said, poking at Amy's nipple. "My son, Dan."

"Let's do it!" Amy said, her voice filled with husky excitement. "Let's do it, Linda! Let's fuck those two kids, okay?"

Linda hugged herself tightly, her eyes going dreamy. She could see her son's cock in her mind, long, thick, hard, moving toward her waiting, burning cunt.

"I can see you want to," Amy said.

"I've got.. Amy, we've got to think about this," Linda replied. "They may not do it. They may think we're crazy."

"I'll take a bet on that," Amy said. "I'm almost sure my Hank would fuck me in a second if I flashed my cunt at him."

"You'd do that? You'd show your pussy to him?"

"Under the right circumstances, I would," Amy said.

While she dressed, Linda's mind was whirling. Under the right circumstances, Amy had said. The circumstances could be accidental, as if she wasn't aware of exposing herself. She wondered if Dan would enjoy looking at her cunt, seeing her body. She wondered if his cock would swell up, become delightfully hard, dripping from his piss hole.

At the door, she kissed Amy, then walked to her home next door, her mind reeling with erotic thoughts.


Dan was watching television when Linda entered her home.

As she turned and locked the door, she could not help but let her gaze wander to the front of his pants. She had looked at the front of her son's pants a lot lately, something she had not mentioned to her friend.

So far, she had seen nothing, not even a slight lump there. She greeted her son and received a mutter in reply. She moved down the hall to her bedroom, where she undressed and put on her robe. It was still too early to go to bed, although she didn't want to sit with her son in the living room, either.

Linda had become afraid of the growing desires inside her body, desires that were increasingly difficult to cope with when she was near him.

Yet, she could not, remain in her room. Dan would wonder about her, come to check on her. He was always doing that if she stayed in her bedroom too long. He was a sweet, obedient guy, always thinking about her. She wondered if he thought about her as she had been thinking of him lately. When he jerked his cock off, what did he think about-her? The idea excited her. She

wondered if Dan thought of her naked, her cunt and tits revealed to him, his fist jerking wildly on his hard prick. Despite the force of her orgasm against Amy's mouth, Linda's cunt started to burn again.

She sat on the bed, her legs crossed, trying to still the sudden excitement rumbling through her. She could hear the sounds of the television, but not the sound of her son's footsteps in the hallway.

Linda's robe was parted, almost to her waist. Her long, smooth thighs were fully revealed, as were the curls of her cunt just above where her thighs crossed. One of her nipples was almost exposed, too. She was leaning back with her hands behind her, eyes closed as she dreamily contemplated her son jacking on his cock.

Dan was in the doorway, staring at his mother. His gaze moved about her thighs, then up to the creamy swell of her tit. His cock began to grow, becoming hard inside his pants.

The sound of his breathing was the first sign Linda had that her son was there. She opened her eyes, and she saw, first, the bulging of his pants. Then she lifted her gaze to his face. Dan's face was flushed with deepening color, but it was not a blush. It was the flush of intense desire, and his gaze seemed riveted

to her thighs. Linda looked down and saw what her son was gazing at.

Oddly enough, she did not blush.

A slow smile crept over her lips and her eyes began to burn as she watched the front of his pants. There was no doubt in her mind that he wanted to see more, that he was very excited over what he was seeing now. Without really thinking about it, Linda uncrossed her legs and parted them; not far, but enough so her son could see the curls of her pussy. It was a long time before Dan lifted his eyes to look at her face. His mouth was open and he was gasping, his eyes shining.

"Well, honey?" Linda murmured softly.

"I… I… Dan couldn't say a word. He seemed to be choking, and she was amused at his reaction.

Linda held her arms up. "Come to mother, honey," she whispered. She wondered if she was going out of her mind. The urge steaming through her seemed to have total control. Somehow, after talking to Amy about this, Linda was actually going to seduce her son. "Come here, darling. Come here, please."

Dan came into the room, his gaze going back to her exposed pussy, to those inviting cunt hairs. He seemed shy and hesitant, his body trembling. When he was close enough, Linda reached out and pulled him between her

thighs. She hugged him tightly, pressing her face against his stomach. She wrapped her arms about his waist, fighting to keep her hands above his ass.

She lost the fight.

Her hands moved down. For a moment she tried to keep them up, but then gave in. She moaned softly as her hands moved over the tightness of his ass. She heard her sari gasp as her fingers tightened on each cheek of his ass, then his arms were about her head, holding her tightly against his stomach. She felt her son's flesh shiver, and somehow-she didn't remember how it happened-his shirt was open and she was kissing at his stomach.

She felt her son's hands moving down, slipping under her robe, touching her tits, her nipples. Her nipples swelled until they were almost painful, and she shoved her lips against his shaking stomach as her hands clawed at his tight ass cheeks. She mewled as her son grasped her tits, digging and squeezing them. A low gurgle came from her throat as her hands moved in a feverish haste now. She pulled her face away from his stomach, and, with glassy eyes, watched her fingers opening his pants. They didn't seem to be her fingers at all. She wanted to stop this, yet she didn't want to stop. If Dan didn't want her to do this, he would not be squeezing so eagerly at

her tits, she thought. The desire to see his cock was strong, so strong she was no longer able to resist. She shoved his pants down.

"Ohhhh!" she wailed, watching his cock lurch up and down.

Dan's prick was beautiful, fantastically lovely. His cock was long, much longer than she would have suspected. The head of his prick was smooth and swollen, his piss hole wide and dripping. Tufts of hair was at the base, something else that surprised her. His balls seemed tight beneath the base of his prick, looking so precious to her.

As she stared with hot eyes at Dan's cock and balls, her son pulled her robe apart, freeing her tits.. She listened to his excited, breathing as he looked at them. Linda wanted to take his cock in her hand, stroke his prick, love his cock. She wanted to cradle his precious, sweet balls and twist them gently.

She looked up into his face, his cock thrusting inches from her chin. She gave him a nervous smile, and he returned it. Then Dan took his mother's tits in his hands again.

"Ooo, squeeze them!" she gurgled. "Squeeze them for me, darling!"

She moaned as her son dug his fingers into the spongy mounds of her tits. Her nipples burned into his palms as he rubbed and pressed.

wrapping about his cock. The throbbing hardness thrilled her, and her pulse raced with desire. She felt her son's cock jerk in her fist, tad she began to stroke back and forth, watching the way his piss hole flared, dripping more and more. With a soft sob, Linda suddenly darted her face forward, pressing her mouth against the dripping piss hole of her son's cock, kissing wetly and eagerly.

"Mother! Ohhh, Mother!" Dan groaned.

She kissed his cock once more.

And suddenly her son came. The thick, creamy come juice splashed upon her lips, her chin, her nose. She was as surprised as her son. She was so surprised she couldn't move. Her face was being flooded with his come juice, and her fist was jacking furiously on his gushing cock. Dan was grunting and digging into his mother's tits powerfully, his hips jerking.

As her son stopped coming, she continued to fondle his cock. She ran her tongue out over her lips, tasting the sweetness of his come juice there. A whimper came from her as her cunt convulsed. Again she leaned forward and kissed the slippery wetness on his piss hole.

"I'm… I'm sorry, Mother," Dan said. "Don't be, darling," she whispered. "Don't be sorry. You couldn't help it, and I shouldn't

have touched you in this way in the first place." He started to bend over and pull his pants up, but she stopped him.

"It's too late to do that now, Dan. Let me look at you. Let mother look at this sweet thing."

He straightened up. Her tits were fully revealed now, and his hands moved about them again. Linda stroked his cock and balls. She was no longer hesitant now. The come juice still coated her face, and she was thrilled to have it there. She fondled his balls and cock, pleased to see his prick swelling again into that beautiful hardness.

"You're getting hard again, Dan," she murmured in a husky voice, her fingers squeezing his cock. "You're getting so hard again."

He arched his hips forward, urging his mother to move her fist back and forth. He twisted her sensitive nipples, sending ripples of pleasure up and down her spine. For a moment she thought about stopping this right now before it went any further, but she couldn't. The erotic desire was too strong.

She stared at his prick, now fully hard again.

"Ohh, I want.., oh, darling!"

She leaned back on the bed as her son stood between her knees. The erotic sensations were

taking full control of her now. Flat on her back, she lifted her cunt up and framed her pussy with both hands.

"Do it to me, Dan!" she urged ma hot, thick voice. "Do it to mother?"

Her son stared down, watching her hands part the thick curls, seeing the pink, slippery cunt lips, her clit throbbing from between them. His cock jerked up and down.

"Do it! Oh, God.., do it to me, Dan!" She grabbed his hand, then began to pull her son. He fell atop her, and she felt his hard cock pressing at her stomach. She wrapped her arms about him, holding him tightly against her tits, crushing them almost flat. She was writhing and twisting her hips beneath him, breathing hard with sweet, hot desire. She ran her hands down and clutched at his naked, tight ass, trying to find his cock with her boiling cunt.

"Put it in!" she screamed mindlessly. "Put it in me, please! Ohhh, Dan, stick it in me!"

Dan fumbled about, his cock poking. Finally, Linda shoved a hand between them, grasped her son's cock at the base, and guided that swollen prick to her. As the head slipped into her cunt, she wailed with ecstasy. She shot her hips up, and her son's cock fucked deep. She felt his balls bang against her upturned ass, then she grasped the cheeks of his

ass, grinding her cunt against him, gasping loudly with delight.

Finally, she felt her son starting to move with her. He began fucking, his movements jerky for a moment, then smoothing out. She felt his hot breath on her tits as he fucked in and out. She lifted her thighs and wrapped them about his bouncing ass, scissoring them hotly up and down. She cooed and mewled and whimpered as his cock fucked into her cunt. She churned up and down, the muscles of her stomach clenching with her efforts. She felt his hands move around her back until he was hugging her tightly. She arched her back, then swung her crotch in wild circles, grinding in an erotic motion, her cunt drawing her son's cock in. Her hair-lined cunt lips flexed tightly and hotly about his cock, as if trying to prevent him from drawing up.

"Ahhhh, so good, Dan," she mewled against the top of his head. "So good! Give it to me, baby! Give mother every inch of your sweet, hard cock! Bang me… ram me! stuff me! Oooo, Dan, fuck me! Ohhhh, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!"

She was screaming incoherently, not knowing what she was saying, nor caring. The heat of her orgasm was swelling again, like a balloon deep inside her body. She was shaking with the erotic excitement of having her son's

cock fucking her, the way she had dreamed. It was now a reality, and she was churning furiously with him.

Her son's cock fucked in and out of her clinging cunt, going deep, then. pulling back. She banged her crotch up and down with a fury she had never used with her now-divorced husband. She had never felt so eager, so insatiable.

Her orgasm began. It started someplace in the deep recesses of her body, swelling outward with searing heat. As it gripped her cunt, she screamed again. The convulsions that shot through her almost blew her apart. She shuddered violently under her son's fucking, stabbing, thrusting cock. Her cunt began to suck and squeeze his prick as she came time and again. The waves of her many orgasms crashed through her until she was sure they would never stop. She didn't want them to stop… she wanted them to continue until she melted.

Through the spasms of her orgasms, she still felt her son's cock throbbing away between the sensitive lips of her cunt. She was sure she could feel that swollen prick as he fucked in and out, and the satiny walls of her pussy closed upon his cock, holding and wanting his prick. She didn't ever want to let her son's cock go, never.

His bouncing ass was jerky as he grunted,

holding her tightly with his arms around her. She could feel his face pressed upon her tingling tits, his breath hot against her skin. She was sure his cock was swelling, growing harder.

The gush of his come juice was not a surprise this time.

She screamed with ecstasy as she felt his cock squirt, sending the sweetness of his come juice far up her pussy, filling her cunt with its precious heat. Another orgasm almost smothered her.

She moved her hands up and down his back as he heaved and groaned, finally becoming still. His weight did not bother her, and she let him rest there. She ran her hands about his still-trembling ass cheeks, feeling his cock finally slip free of her gripping cunt.

Dan rolled to one side of his mother, still gasping. Linda lifted her, head up, resting on an elbow. She looked at his face, pleased that she had finally gone through with this, finally fucked her son.

His cock gleamed in the light, wet with the juices of her cunt. She ran her hand down and caressed his cock and balls, leaning over to kiss his mouth.

"Did you like that, baby?" she asked in a whispery voice.

"Wow, Mother," he said, laughing in a nervous way.

She cupped his cock and balls in her hand. "You've never done that before with a girl, have you?"

"How did you know?" he asked. "Oh, mothers can tell," she teased. "Did I do it right, Mother?" he asked anxiously.

"You did it perfectly, Dan," she answered. "Are you ashamed that you fu-did that to me?"

Dan laughed. "You almost said it again." "Said what again?" Linda was puzzled. "That word, Mother," he laughed, almost a giggle.

"That word…" she flushed. "I said it before?"

He nodded. "When we were doing it, you said it a lot."

"I did?" Linda had no remembrance of saying it. "Oh, my God!" She covered her face with both hands. "I did not, Dan! I did not say such a word!"

"You did, Mother," he insisted. "You said fuck. You said fuck, fuck, fuck!"

She turned her back to him, still trying to hide her face. "I didn't!" she insisted.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck…" Dan chanted, laughing in a naughty way.


Linda was having coffee the next morning with Amy.

"I don't believe it," Amy replied when Linda told her about what she had done the night before.

"It's true." Linda smiled, feeling good, rested. She still glowed from the amazing fucking she and Dan had enjoyed the night before. Her cunt still tingled deliciously, and she could hardly cross her legs. The pressure against her pussy and clit was almost too fantastic. "You know, Amy, I really don't care if you believe me or not. It was your idea, remember?"

"I was making a funny," Amy said. "I had no idea that you would actually fuck your son. If anything, I meant we could fuck each other's son."

"Oh come on, Amy," Linda said in disgust. "You're so full of shit. I know what you meant."

Amy's eyes were glowing. She leaned forward, peering at Linda. "Was it good, Linda? Tell me all about it. What's his cock like is it big? Tell me!"

"Why don't you check out Hank?"

Amy hugged herself, shivering, a faraway

expression in her eyes. "Oh, I'd love to! God, would I love to. But I don't think I have your nerve, Linda."

"It didn't take nerve," Linda said. "It was an accident. Coincidental since you had mentioned it, but it was still an accident."

Amy's eyes were gleaming with a bright light. She was crossing and uncrossing her legs, her skirt working higher and higher. Linda watched her friend, amused to see Amy so excited. She watched Amy mold her fingers about her own tits, digging into the springy flesh and sighing heavily. It was creating anticipation within her, watching Amy. They had been feeling each other up for so long, licking each other's hairy, wet cunt, Linda could not resist the excitement.

She moved to Amy and dropped to her knees. Placing her hands on the woman's knees, she caressed them slowly. Amy looked hotly at Linda, her mouth parted, eyes smoldering. As Linda ran her hands up the slender, smooth thighs, Any cupped the round hills of Linda's tits. Linda mewled with pleasure as Amy squeezed, and her hands moved more insistently on the golden thighs.

"Dan fucked you," Amy whispered. "You've had your son's cock up your cunt, Linda! Ooo, that's so wonderful! Did it feel good, Dan's cock? Did he come in your

pussy? Did he make you come?"

"Yes, yes, and yes," Linda laughed, a low, lewd sound. Her hands were at the hem of. Amy's hiked-up dress, the flesh of Amy's thighs very warm, almost hot.

"Oooo, I'd love to fuck Dan!"

"Fuck Hank, you hot-cunted bitch," Linda laughed as she moved her hand between the woman's smooth thighs. As Amy parted her knees, Linda traced her finger about the tight crotch of those lacy bikini panties. She felt moisture there, and the throb of Amy's cunt. She moved the tip of her finger up and down, gently caressing Amy's pussy. "If you want to fuck someone, then fuck your own son."

"I might," Amy cooed. "I just might do that."

Linda pressed her finger against Amy's pussy, shoving the cloth of the panties between the cunt lips. Amy mewled and shoved her ass forward, trying to bring Linda's palm against her cunt. But Linda leaned back, sitting on her heels. She gazed between-Amy's thighs, seeing the beauty of them again, the creamy tan flesh, sweet inner thigh flesh. She saw the tight crotch, moist from oozing cunt juice. The shadow of dark cunt hair could be seen through the thin panties. Running her tongue about her lips, Linda felt the strong desire to lick Amy's cunt again. The desire was stronger

than ever before.

Amy was leaning back now, her ass hanging over the cushions, and she was writhing hotly. Her eyes pleading silently, slitted, glowed down at Linda. Lifting her hips, she twisted her crotch about, moaning.

"I'm hot, Linda," Amy mewled. "I'm so fucking hot! Thinking about Dan fucking you has my cunt so damned hot! Eat me, Linda, please! Ohhh, Linda, eat my cunt!"

Amy took Linda's face between her hands, urging her between her thighs. Linda did not resist. Her cunt was burning as if Dan had his cock inside again, her clitoris swollen. She placed her hands on Amy's hips, then tugged the crotch band away from that hairy, bubbling, hot pussy. She gazed at the hairy cunt lips, the pink tip of Amy's clit peeking at her in such a provocative manner. She licked her lips, breathing deeply. Leaning forward, she opened her mouth wide, then glued her lips to the hair-lined cunt tightly. She scraped her tongue up and down, tasting the slippery fuck juices that seeped forth. Twirling her tongue about the sensitive clit there, she heard Amy groan as Amy lifted her crotch up and began to grind into Linda's face.

Amy began to hump up and down, banging her pussy into Linda's face. Linda shoved Amy's skin high, exposing the belly button.

Amy's eyes, still slitted, burned down at her, while Amy was gasping with delight as Linda's tongue raced up and down the sensitive cunt lips, over that explosive clit, then down again; When Linda fucked her tongue as deep into Amy's cunt as she could, Amy wailed in ecstasy, grinding hard and powerfully.

Now clutching Amy's twisting, compact ass, Linda sucked and licked in a frenzy of desire. She wanted to suck Amy's cunt off more than ever before. Her tongue fucked in and out thrilling to the tightness of those wet, hot pussy lips that flexed around it. She dug her fingers into the bunching cheeks of Amy's ass, holding tightly, squeezing. With sobbing murmurs, Linda lapped her tongue up and down the velvety lips of Amy's cunt, tasting and swallowing, then darting her tongue deep once more. She fucked her tongue in and out, fucking the squirming woman swiftly, then slowing. She swirled her tongue up and down, around and around.

Amy was whimpering as her orgasm began to swell inside her churning pussy. She released Linda's face and was now digging harshly into her own tits, squeezing her hot, satiny thighs about Linda's head. She lifted her legs and draped her knees over Linda's shoulders, her heels locked against her back. Grunts of pleasure came from Amy as she banged her

cunt up and down, grinding against Linda's sucking, tongue fucking mouth. The whimpers grew in strength, and soon Amy was almost screaming with ecstasy.

Linda felt one of her own heels pressing into the cheeks of her ass, and her own cunt was on fire. She could feel the lips of her pussy twitching, and she knew she was extremely wet. The insides of her thighs were slippery, and she pressed them tightly together as her tongue fucked in and out of Amy's flexing cunt.

"Fuck… fuck me!" she heard Amy sobbing, her head twisting on the back of the couch. "Oh, fuck me good, Linda! I love your tongue in my cunt, fucking it! God, I wish it was a cock, a big, long, thick cock! Fuck me, eat me, suck me!"

The words grew louder, and her cunt banged harder, almost brutally, into Linda's face. She was writhing and twisting so much, Linda was having some trouble keeping her mouth pressed there, her tongue fucking in and out. She gripped the tight cheeks of Amy's ass with her fingers, shoving her open mouth hard into the hair-lined cunt, her tongue deep and wiggling about. The slippery fuck juices flowing into her mouth made her swallow often, and she kept her blazing eyes trained on Amy's contorting face. Amy released one tit and was twisting and pulling at the brown nipple.

Linda had one finger shoved into the crack of Amy's ass cheeks, pressing the panties inward. She could feel the tightening pucker of Amy's asshole, and shoved her fingertip hard against it. The added stimulus sent Amy into a shattering orgasm. She screamed loudly and banged her cunt hard into Linda's face.

Linda, her tongue deep, felt the convulsions that erupted within Amy's cunt, and fucked her tongue back and forth hard and fast, her upper lip writhing upon the distended clit.

She released Amy only when the woman became still, only a few shudders making her tremble. Sitting back, Linda worked her heel against her cunt as she watched Amy slowly recover from the fantastic orgasm.

"What about me?" Linda asked, her voice soft, but thick with desire.

"You have Dan's cock, don't you?" Amy said, sitting up and leaving her skirt high and one tit exposed. "What would you want with my lips and tongue now?"

"You're a good cunt licker, Amy;" Linda said, running her hands over the smooth thighs. "Just because I can get fucked now doesn't mean I want to give this up."

"I thought you were worried about it?"

"No, hot really," Linda said. "I've thought a lot about us, Amy, and I don't see any danger in becoming a lesbian. After all, isn't

the object of all this is pleasure? The grandest kind of pleasure a woman-and guy-can have?"

"I suppose you're right," Amy said. "I wasn't worried about it in the first place.

Linda lifted herself to her knees, pulling her dress to her waist. She was not wearing panties, and she arched her hips forward, framing her hairy cunt with both hands. Amy gazed down at the pussy, licking her lips.

"What if Dan came in?" Amy murmured.

"Would that matter to you?" Linda asked, running her fingers up and down her cunt. "I thought you'd like Dan fucking you?"

Linda worked a finger into her cunt, fucked it in and out a few times, then withdrew. She lifted her glistening finger to Amy, who immediately began to lick at it, taking the finger into her mouth and sucking it. Her eyes rolled with pleasure as the taste of Linda's cunt filled her mouth. Linda withdrew her finger, then shoved it into her own mouth.

"Well, don't you want to eat me, Amy?" she murmured softly. "Didn't that taste good… my pussy on my finger?"

"But Dan might."

"You weren't concerned when I licked you, Amy," Linda said, her voice seductive. "You didn't care if my son came in and saw me

tongue fucking you. Is there a difference? Or have you been teasing, bull shitting, all along about our sons?"

"Linda, you don't care if Dan catches us? Have you told him what we're doing with each other?"

Linda shook her head. "No, of course not."

"You don't mind if your son sees you eating-my cunt?"

"Not at all." Linda smiled wickedly. "I think Dan would find it exciting. Perhaps you'd get fucked by him… the way you want. That is, unless you're all talk, Amy."

Linda could see indecision written on Amy's face. She was sure that Amy had been all talk, that she found it exciting to talk about fucking their sons, though she wouldn't do it at all.

Dropping her skirt, she stood up.

"Well, I guess it's time to prepare lunch for Dan." She smoothed her skirt over her hips. "He should be home in a bit. Plenty of time to lick my cunt, though." She turned her back to Amy and lifted her dress, revealing the creamy swells of her inviting ass. Shaking her ass at Amy, she started to let the skirt fall down. Amy shot her hand out and held the skirt at her waist. Linda looked over her shoulder at her friend.

Amy pressed her lips against the heat of Linda's ass cheek, kissing wantonly and running

her tongue out, tasting the sweetness of the round ass.

"Change your mind?" Linda asked writhing her ass into Amy's face.

"I.. I don't know, Linda," Amy murmured.

"Let me know if you have," Linda said shoving her skirt down. "In the mean time I've got lunch to fix. Why don't you have lunch with us? Maybe call Hank over?"

Linda was amused at the problem Amy seemed to be having. She twitched her ass into the kitchen where she began fixing sandwiches. Amy came in, standing in the doorway, leaning her shoulder there and regarding Linda with questioning eyes. Linda paid no attention to Amy; the decision would have to be hers and hers alone.

They heard the door slam and in came Dan.

Linda watched Amy's reaction as her son came in and kissed her. Then he sat at the breakfast nook to eat. Amy's gaze moved about Dan, looking him up and down. Dan wore cut-off jeans, with frayed legs. He looked very handsome sitting there, yet Linda could see the appeal her son held for Amy. She saw a rippling shudder go through Amy. She smiled and moved to stand at her son's side, her arm over his shoulders and her hip leaning

against him.

Dan glanced at his mother, then at Amy. Deliberately, Linda took her son's hand and drew it about her waist, then shoved his palm down until it rested upon the cheek of her ass. Dan wasn't at all embarrassed.

With a few mumbled words, Amy left. Linda leaned against her son's shoulder, caressing his cheek as he fondled her ass. "What do you think of her, honey?" she asked. "Isn't Amy beautiful?"

"Sure is, Mother," he replied, running his hand under her skirt to feel her naked ass. "Would she let me fuck her, too?"

Linda laughed. "'You'd like that, wouldn't you?"

He nodded. "But she probably wouldn't," he said, squeezing his mother's ass. "What would she want with a guy like me?"

"The same thing I want with a guy like you-that sweet cock!"

Dan laughed.

"Are you finished eating? If you are, I have something hot for you."

"Is it really hot, Mother?" he asked, playing the game.

"Boiling." "And hairy?" "Very hairy." "When can I have it?"

"Right now."


"Why not?" she murmured, lifting her dress.

Dan stared at his mother's cunt, his excitement bubbling in his eyes. She lowered her glance to the front of his cutoffs. His cock was bulging.

"You won't have to take them off, darling," she whispered. "Just shove your cock out and fuck me."

She leaned over the table as her son stood up, pulling his cock from the frayed edges of his cut-offs. She whimpered with eagerness as she saw it, her skirt at her waist and her creamy, smooth ass writhing, inviting her son to hurry and fuck his beautiful hard-on up her pussy. She felt him running his hands over the creamy flesh of her ass, bolder now and. without so much hesitation as the night before.

As the head of his cock brushed against the back of her thigh, leaving a searing wetness on her skin, Linda almost came then and there. She mewled ecstatically as he lifted his cock and rubbed his prick up and down the slit of her steaming cunt. As her son began to press the swollen head of his prick into her pussy, she rolled her hips.

"Ooooo!" she hissed as his prick thrust deep. She slipped a hand between her thighs

and clasped his balls, twisting them gently, bringing a gasp of delight from her son. "That's nice, baby, so nice! I love it when you shove your cock in my pussy! Fuck me, Dan! Oh, God… fuck mother! I'm so hot for you… my cunt is so hot for your cock!"

She felt his hands gripping her hips and then he was fucking in and out, his cock stretched her hairy pussy, sending delicious rippling thrills through her. Her firm tits were smashed almost flat against the table, but it felt good, very good. She moaned and whimpered, her eyes closed to savor the sweetness his cock sent through her cunt. She whimpered and moaned, cooed and mewled as her son fucked powerfully and eagerly up her slippery cunt. She, wiggled her naked ass for him, twisting and grinding, the lips of her pussy sucking at his cock in flexing waves. The harsh grunts he made excited her as much as his prick did.

"Ohhh, darling, darling!" she sobbed, her mind reeling with increasing pleasure. "Shove it to me, Dan! Ram your cock up mother's hot, wet, hairy cunt! Ohhh, baby, fuck me! Fuck mother! Ahhh, I love it so! I love your cock, Dan, love it in my cunt!"

The powerful force with which her son fucked into her pussy caused her tits to scrape on the table, and she enjoyed it. The soft slaps

of his hips against her twitching, hot ass sent gurgling delight bubbling from her. With each of his strong lunges, his cock fucking very deep, Linda grunted. There seemed to be a scaring blaze inside her pussy as her cunt sipped his prick in wet tightness. There seemed to be a fire, starting to roar out of control, consuming her and her son at the same time.

Through all the ecstasy in her cunt, she could still feel the throbbing of Dan's cock. She could feel the ridge of the swollen prick head, the powerful pulsations of his cock. Her cunt was flexing in that delightful way, squeezing and sucking on his cock as if her pussy were her mouth. The pucker of her asshole became tighter than ever, and she wailed with ecstasy as an orgasm of tremendous power swelled in the pit of her stomach. Her legs, feet touching the floor, were shaking and weak, and, if she had not been leaning over the table, she was sure she would have fallen to the floor. Her son continued to dig his fingers into her grinding hips as his cock fucked back and forth. She pulled at his balls, rubbing them upon her knotted clit with each thrust of his cock.

"Oooo, darling, darling!" she wailed. "You're going to have me coming, coming! Oh, God, Dan, fuck me harder and faster!

I'm about to come! My cunts going to explode, darling! Hurry! Ohhh, please hurry and come with me!"

Dan fucked his mother harder, his breath coming out in short gasps. His hips drove back and forth, his cock swelling intensely deep inside her hair-lined cunt. The squeezing and sucking sensations his-mother's cunt made on his prick urged him on.

"Mother!" he yelped in a tight voice. "Mother, I'm gonna come!"

"Deeper, baby!" she screamed. "Shove your cock as deep as you can when you come!"

Linda's pussy exploded just as she felt the first gushing sweetness of her son's come juice. The thick come juice splashed into her pussy like a flood, filling her cunt, heating her body to an even higher degree. She wailed mindlessly as her naked ass churned about, her cunt sucking hard with convulsive orgasm on his spurting prick.

Dan, breathing hotly with exhaustion, slumped over his mother's back, his cock sliding free, dangling along her ass. Linda felt his prick still throbbing against her flesh as he rested, and she lay still for a long time.

Finally, she stirred.

"You've got to get off me, Dan," she whispered. "You're getting heavy."

As her son moved away from her, she stood up, her legs wobbly. Her gaze moved to his exposed prick, seeing his cock glisten wetly. She took his prick, in her hand and caressed him, pressing her lips against his. As she felt her son's tongue slide into her mouth, she sucked lovingly.

"Don't you have anything to do this afternoon?" she murmured as she hugged him.

"I'd rather stay here with you, Mother," he said, molding one of her tits through her dress. "I might get a hard-on again.

"Mmmmm, lovely," she whispered. "But you're going to have to leave me alone for awhile. I never finished straightening the house before Amy came over."

"I like her ass," Dan said, moving from her. "I bet she's got a hot cunt."

Linda looked at her son, amusement on her face. "That's just like a guy, see a round ass and right away, want to fuck it."

"Why not?" he teased.

"Sure, why not?" she replied, slapping his ass playfully. "But I think I've got enough ass for you. I can take care of any naughty needs you have."

"I'd still like to see Amy's cunt," he said, skipping from the kitchen.

She watched him leave the room.

What he said made sense to her. Peeking

was exciting to guys, and to her, Voyeurism was exciting, and, if done right, could lead to something very enjoyable.


As Linda went about the little housework she had, her son was never far away, and never out of her sight.

She was getting excited again, bending and posturing as Dan watched. The head of his cock stuck from the frayed edges of his cutoffs, and that appealed to her. The insides of her thighs were still slippery with the seeping of his come juice, creating a warmth there that was pleasing to feel.

While dusting, she did not squat as usual to reach those hard-to-get-at low places, With her back to her son, she would lean over, making certain her dress lifted in the rear, flashing her long thighs for his pleasure.

Dan watched his mother constantly, his eyes glowing with bright excitement. Linda enjoyed watching him run his hand over his cock, caressing the prickhead that protruded from the frayed edges of his cut-offs. She wondered if he was doing that for the saint reason she was deliberately teasing him. The way he would run his finger over the tip of his exposed cock as he gazed at her was most definitely inviting.

Underneath her dress, her tits were swollen, and her nipples tingled as they pressed and

brushed the fabric. Despite the intensity of her orgasm in the kitchen earlier, her cunt was throbbing with desire again. Now and then, as she worked about the house, she would pause, facing her son with her eyes glassy as she watched him stroke his cock. They each knew what they were doing, if Dan didn't know the purpose. Their relationship had, in just this short time, changed. They were no longer nervous or awkward with each other any longer. Desires were open, hungers obvious.

Dan's cock had again become very hard, sticking halfway from the edges of his cutoffs. The smoothness of his cock head was tantalizing to Linda. She was gazing at his prick with hot eyes and began to squat down before she was aware of her movement. Spreading her knees in the squat, she moved her hand along her soft inner thigh to her cunt. She watched her son's gaze follow her hand, and knew he could see her hairy pussy clearly. She fingered her clit, gazing at his prick all the time. She saw his cock jerk, and the piss hole was dripping. His piss hole was always dripping, she thought as she ran her finger into her cunt. Her cunt was wet, slippery. She was burning again between her thighs.

She stood and moved toward her son, holding her dress up to her waist, her hips swaying with a gentle invitation, a smile of

steamy urgency on her beautiful face. She was thinking, in a vague way, of sucking Amy's cunt early that morning. The thought had formed in her mind that her son, Dan, might enjoy eating her cunt.

Her knees touched his, and she arched her hairy pussy toward him. She held her dress with one hand and fondled her cunt with the other, eyes blazing down at his face.

"Kiss it for me," she whispered in a thick voice. "Kiss mother's cunt, Dan. Please, baby, give mother's hot cunt a nice, wet kiss."

Dan glanced up at his mother. She didn't see his expression change a bit. Perhaps there was a brighter flare in his eyes, but nothing else. She spread her feet on the floor and shoved her cunt toward his face. Dan moved his hand along the outside of his mother's thighs, his gaze captured by the thick curls a few inches from him.

Linda trembled as his hands moved up and down her thighs, from her hips to her knees. The cheeks of her ass were clenched as she held her cunt-thrusting posture before him. She was starting to breathe heavily, her tongue moving about her lower lip as the excitement rumbled through her.

Still gazing at his mother's cunt, Dan began to slide his ass forward on the couch. She watched him with steamy eyes. Dan

slipped to the floor between his mother's legs, his head turned up to peer at her cunt. As he rested his head on the cushions, Linda climbed up until she was on her knees, one on each side of her son's face. She writhed her hips, the hair-lined lips of her cunt winking erotically for him. Bracing herself by placing her hands on the back of the couch, Linda began to move her wet cunt downward.

Dan moved his hands up the backs of his mother's thighs, over the trembling cheeks of her ass. Linda shivered with desperate desire as his hot hands moved and cupped her ass. She lowered her cunt more, and felt his mouth against her pussy. She held her cunt there, not smashing down and grinding the way she wanted. The moan that came from Dan was enough to tell her he enjoyed the feel of her soft, wet, hairy cunt against his mouth.

"Ooooo, kiss my pussy, darling," she murmured. "Kiss mother's cunt, Dan. Ahhh, your mouth, your lips, feel so good on my twat, baby! Mmmmm, give mother's hot cunt a nice kiss!"

She felt him purse his lips, felt the tentative kiss.

"Taste me, Dan!" she whimpered, squirming her cunt about his face gently and lightly. "Taste mother's cunt, darling! Ohhh, taste me, taste me!"

Her cunt lips tingled when she felt his tongue slide against them, licking slowly and experimentally. The soft moans that came from Dainty, the way he closed his eyes, let Linda know he was loving this. She moved her pussy back and forth on his mouth and tongue.

Dan's tongue suddenly fucked into her pussy.

"Oooooo!" Linda wailed with delight.

She trembled as her son's tongue began to fuck in and out, lapping over her, rigid clit, only to penetrate deeply into her boiling cunt again. Linda wiggled her ass and pressed her pussy harder into her son's face, mewing as the heat of erotic ecstasy began to flow through her veins. The way her son held the cheeks of her ass, his fingers curled, thrilled her, too. She felt his tongue fuck in and out like a small, eager cock, and she whimpered with pleasure.

"Oh, eat me, baby!" she whispered throatily, writhing her pussy against his mouth lightly. "Ahhhh, Dan, I love the way you fuck my cunt with that sweet tongue! Tonguefuck mother, darling, tongue fuck mother's hot, hairy cunt!"

She tried to look behind her to see if his cock was out of his cut-offs, to see if his prick was deliciously hard with excitement. But she

couldn't see, and she couldn't twist diet body far enough and still keep her cunt in his face. She placed her head on the back of the couch and gently began to grind her hips in rhythm with his tongue. Her dress got in the way of her vision now and then, and she was about to rip it apart when she felt her cunt on the brink of orgasm.

"Oooo, baby, baby!" she whimpered, sliding her pussy back and forth, rubbing at his open mouth. "Suck me, suck my cunt! Oh, darling, you're going to make mother come in a minute! Fuck my pussy, my twat, my snatch, my cunt! Lick it… eat it… suck it!"

Her clit was intensely swollen, the slippery lips of her cunt tightening around his fucking tongue. She felt his chin pressing upon the sensitive pucker of her asshole, and this increased the boiling ecstasy she felt. The orgasm grew and grew. Linda closed her eyes again to savor the sensation of impending orgasm. Her mouth was open and she gasped and panted, her fingers clawing at the back of the couch as her ass whirled about her son's mouth. That sweet, hot, ecstatic feeling of orgasm seemed to take forever to erupt.

But when she finally came, it was powerful.

She smashed her hairy cunt into her son's face as the explosion burst within her, grinding hard and wailing loudly. The convulsions that

ripped through her pussy seemed to have no end. As quickly as one convulsion stopped, another began, until she was going through the most delicious multiple orgasms ever.

It seemed as if her whole body had become nothing but a quivering mass of melting flesh. Gasps came from her like an overheated puppy as she moved her cunt in tight-circles against her sons face.

When the tremendous orgasm finally ended, she was not aware that she was resting her weight against Dan's face, her hairy cunt almost smothering him. She felt him pushing at the cheeks of her ass, and she finally lifted up, turning to sit on the couch. She sprawled back with her ass almost over the edge, legs wide apart. She looked at her son with hazy, but glowing, eyes. A smile of satisfaction on her beautiful face.

Dan sat back on the couch, and she saw that his cock was indeed hard. His prick seemed harder than ever, thicker and much longer. His cock wasn't, of course, but it seemed that way to her right now. Her dress was still bunched about her waist, her hairy cunt exposed. Her clit tingled still, and the moist, hair-lined pussy lips pulsated gently, warming her body.

Dan leaned back with his head on the arm of the couch, his cock standing up from the

frayed edges of his cut-offs, throbbing in hardness. She watched him grip his prick with his fist and began to jack up and down. She could just see his precious balls past the frayed edges. She slipped her finger up his thigh and underneath the cut-offs, tickling his balls in an erotic way.

"You sucked my pussy very good honey," she murmured, her eyes watching his fist jerk on his cock. "Are you hiding something from me?"

"I never tongued a cunt before, Mother," he said, "if that's what you mean."

She gurgled softly. "You certainly did a fine job with mine.

"I liked doing it," he replied. "And when I like doing something, I really do it good."

"Mmmmmm, you sure do!" she gurgled and shoved his fist away from his cock, wrapping her own fingers about his prick. She squeezed her son's cock and jacked up and down with a very tight fist.

She leaned over and kissed the head of his dripping cock, causing her son to moan with pleasure. She looked up at him with once again burning eyes. As she gazed into his expectant face, she ran the tip of her tongue over the creamy smoothness of his cock head. She slipped her tongue back and forth on the dripping

of his piss hole, tasting those delicious fuck juices. With a small gasp, Linda closed her lips about the head of her son's cock and held his prick there for a while, her eyes still blazing up at his face. While she held the head of his swollen cock between her wet lips, she ran the flat surface of her tongue about it, feeling the velvety surface; tasting the seeping fuck fluids.

"I bet you've never been sucked off," she murmured as her mouth pulled away. "I bet this sweet cock of yours has never been sucked at all."

He shook his head, waiting, yearning for his mother to wrap her lips about his cock again. Linda shoved herself off the couch and knelt there. She opened his cut-offs and pulled them down and off his feet. As he removed them, her gaze never left her son's throbbing cock and balls. Already her mouth was watering with hunger.

On her knees, she hovered over his upstanding cock, caressing his precious balls gently. Dan spread his legs to give her all the room she waited. Linda licked her lips, a soft moan of expectant desire coming from her throat. She moved her mouth down to his cock once more, taking that velvety prickhead between her hot, moist lips. She closed her lips just past the ridge of his prick, holding his cock tightly inside her hot mouth. She moved her tongue

back and forth slowly on the smooth cock head, over the dripping piss hole. She created a strong suction as she drew her lips up and off again. But she didn't stop. She darted her tongue out and licked up the throbbing prick shaft with the flat surface of her tongue, tickled the tip over his piss hole, and licked down the other side.

She ran her tongue to his balls, moving slowly. She lapped at her son's balls, holding them in her palm. She opened her mouth and gently sucked both his balls into her hot mouth. Linda mewled with the pleasure she felt. His balls seemed to writhe against her tongue, against the roof of her mouth. The sensation was exciting to her. As she sucked gently on his balls, she stroked his throbbing cock, holding his prick against her cheek, enjoying the touch of his cock flesh.

She felt her son move his hand toward her, and she whimpered as he closed his fingers about one tit. She loved the way he squeezed her tit as she sucked at his balls. Still stroking his cock against her cheek and sucking on his balls, she caressed his thighs with her other hand, touching lightly but erotically.

Releasing his balls, she lapped her tongue back up his cock, mewling with pleasure. She felt her son's cock throb against her tongue as she licked up to the prick head. She lapped

swiftly about his piss hole and felt his cock jerk, hearing Dan groan with delight.

"Are you gonna suck me, Mother?" to asked in a husky voice. "Are you gonna suck my cock?"

"Mmmmm, I want to suck it very much, darling," she whispered to him, her lips closer to that swollen prick head. "I want to suck your sweet cock… feel it between my lips in my mouth. I want to take it as deep as I can in my wet mouth and suck on it, make you come. Would you do that for me, Dan. Would you come in mother's mouth?"

"You want me to, Mother?"

"Ooooo, I'd love to taste you squirting your sweet come juice gushing over my tongue, filling my mouth! Will you come in my mouth, honey?"

"Really, Mother?"

"Please, Dan," she murmured, nuzzling his cock. "Please come in my mouth."

Linda pulled her son's cock into her mouth. She held his prick between her lips as before, just past the cockhead. Her tongue lapped about the dripping piss hole, and she felt her son tremble with excitement. His eyes burned down at her as she watched his face.

Slowly, she pulled more of his cock into her mouth, teasing herself this way. She felt the smooth prick head slide across her pressing

tongue, over the roof of her mouth. Down she went until she felt the creamy cock head probe her throat. She found it very easy to take the full length of his prick into her mouth, and the tingling stretching of her lips was somewhat similar to the way his cock filled her cunt. Her lips were tickled by the sparse tufts of hair at the base of his prick, and that was added ecstasy for her.

She held his cock deep, her lips writhing at the base as her throat muscles worked on the creamy prick head. She tugged gently at his balls and began sucking upwards. She created a powerful, wet suction on his cock. She sucked up and off, smacking her lips.

"Mmmmm!" she moaned and. went down on him again.

For a while, Linda tantalized herself, and her son, by sucking up and down slowly, but with hot, tight lips, her tongue in constant motion. When her son began to squirm beneath her face, arching his cock up and down, fucking into her mouth; Linda could no longer suck him slowly.

She began to bob her face up and down swiftly, muffled moans of pleasure coming from her. She slid her hand underneath his balls and gripped one tight ass cheek, her fingers digging in as she sucked vigorously and hungrily. Wet sounds bubbled from her throat

now and then.

She held her face still, letting her son fuck up and down into her mouth, almost fucking into her constricted throat. She pressed her finger into the crack of his ass without realizing it, and was rubbing his tightly clenched asshole. She pressed her tongue hard again the side of his cock, making his prick rub the roof of her mouth. His cock was slippery now as he fucked between her lips. Wails of ecstasy bubbled from her mouth as her cunt began to twitch as if jealous of her mouth. She knew she would come again just by sucking on her son's cock. His hand squeezing at her tit was all that was being touched of her body, but she was going to come again.

She placed a hand on his stomach, stopping his wild mouth-fucking. Then she raced her lips up and down his cock in a desperate hunger. She twisted her lips about his prick as she sucked, mewling with expectant ecstasy. She rubbed harder against his tight asshole, knowing this increased his pleasure.

Her lips moved up and down his cock greedily, her tongue lapping, her throat anxious for the flood of his precious come juice.

Dan's cock was throbbing powerfully, and he groaned while his ass moved from side to side. He could not stop from lifting his ass

tip; wanting to fuck his prick deep into his mother's hot, wet mouth. Linda twisted her lips about his prick as she sucked, her tongue swirling like a hot flame. The piss hole was dripping an awful lot, and she found it necessary to swallow frequently. The taste was only a promise of what she was to have soon, very soon.

Linda was moaning with hot desire, her lips racing frantically up and down her son's cock. Dan was making wild grunts as his growing discharge burned Within his writhing, tightening balls. Linda knew his orgasm was close now. She could feel the increased throbbing of his cock, and she sucked desperately, wanting his come juice to spurt.

She pulled her mouth from his cock and jacked on his prick hard and fast, her eyes gazing at the flaring piss hole. "Come!" she begged huskily. "Ohhhh, come, darling! Let I this beautiful hard cock come! Don't try to stop it… I want it! I want it squirting into my hot mouth! Come, Dan, come!"

And her mouth raced up and down his cock again, her tongue feverish as she licked wantonly.

She had his cock deep in her mouth when she felt him shoot his come juice.

"Mmmmm!" she gurgled, sucking up swiftly with her hot lips until she held only the

cockhead between them. She raced-her tongue about his piss hole as his come juice bubbled forth, flooding her mouth with the thick sweetness. At the taste of her son's come juice filling her hungry mouth, her cunt seemed to burst. She came in a powerful wave, her stomach clenching from the force of her orgasm. She ran her tongue about his gushing piss hole, not wanting to miss any of it, not wanting to miss the taste of it. She had to swallow once before he finished coming, or she would have had come juice dribbling from the stretched corners of her mouth.

At the instant Dan started to come, he had dug his fingers harshly into his mother's tit. But she felt no pain, only pleasure.

The thick sweetness that flooded her mouth sent her mind reeling into an erotic orbit. She whimpered as his cock kept squirting, filling her mouth, burning down her throat as she began to swallow his sweet come juice again.

She was disappointed when he finished squirting.

Holding his cock in her mouth, she ran her tongue about the piss hole until she was certain he had no more come juice to give her. Licking up, she drew her lips from his prick with a soft, moist sound.

She rested her cheek upon his cock, looking up his body and into his eyes. "Was it good,

Dan?" He nodded, too weak to reply. "You like being sucked off, honey?" Again he nodded.

"That's wonderful, darling," she murmured, nuzzling his cock and balls with her cheek, "because I want to suck your cock off time and again!"

She had turned her lips toward his prick, opening them to take his cock back inside her mouth, when the knocking on the front door stopped her.



Linda stood up quickly, smoothing her dress, Dan jerked his cut-offs on and sat up, trying to appear as if he had been sitting there all morning, bored and with nothing to do.

Linda, irritated, answered the door.

"Oh, hello, Hank," she said to Amy's son. "I guess you're looking for Dan."

She opened the door wide to admit the teen. Her gaze moved over his body, seeing a similarity between him and her son. She wondered if Amy had really been just talking about fucking Hank, just exciting herself the way some people do by talking about such things.

She sat across from the two teens, who were on the couch, and watched them. Dan had recovered enough so that his nervousness was not obvious to Hank. They were about the same size, and only a few months apart in age. Linda wasn't hearing anything they talked about; she was watching Hank with eyes which held speculation. Like her son, he wore frayed cut-offs. It seemed to be the uniform of teens and girls during hot weather. Like her son, Hank was tanned nicely. He seemed to have more hair on his thighs than Dan, and

Linda wondered if his cock and ball were already deliciously hairy.

Thinking of cock and balls was becoming an obsession with her, she realized. Like now, she was looking at the front of Hank's cut-offs, trying to see if his cock could be seen. Some cut-offs were so short, she wondered how the guys and girls could wear them without something showing part of the time.

Linda was not surprised to find herself desiring to fuck Hank.

Now that she had fucked her son and sucked his cock off, she found Hank appealing as Dan was. As she remembered that conversation with Amy, her cunt pulsated gently between her thighs. She was sure Amy had not fucked her son. She was even more certain that Amy had been full of shit when she had mentioned fucking the two guys. Amy was all talk, she thought. Maybe Amy preferred licking her hairy cunt, and only talked about fucking the guys just to keep Linda in a high state of excited heat.

Linda thought that must be it.

Amy, with her strong desire to suck pussy, used such talk with her because she knew it worked to keep Linda's cunt in that intense state of bubbling heat. Maybe Amy didn't enjoy fucking, or enjoy the feel of a hard, throbbing cock. Maybe Amy preferred the soft, wet,

furry lips of a hot cunt against her face.

The more Linda thought Amy was like that, the more she looked at Hank. It would serve Amy right, she thought. It would serve her right if I fucked Hank. I could fuck her son and tell her about it, let her know that I know what she's been doing with me all this time.

But Linda did not want to provoke anger in Amy. They had been friends much too long now.

Dan stood up, saying something about going to the bathroom. Linda watched her son leave, feeling it would be nice to go with him, to hold his cock as he pissed. But Hank was there, and she wanted to gaze at his cut-offs right now, perhaps getting a glimpse of his cock. She lifted one leg and crossed her knees, knowing her creamy thigh flashed at the teen. She knew he saw, too, by the way his eyes lit up. Then he glanced away. Linda had never felt so bold in her life. She felt in the mood to tease, to see if she could arouse sexual interest in Hank, could make his cock hard. She felt very wicked with such thoughts.

A warm glow came over her as she noticed Hank peeking at her legs. She swung her foot to and fro, inching her skirt up as if by accident. The teen licked his lips as he tried to look at Linda without her knowing. There was a perceptible bulging in his cut-offs, and she felt

her cunt respond to this with a deep, burning throb.

Then Dan returned, and Linda was disappointed that the two teens were going to leave the house. She looked at Hank as he stood up, seeing the way his cock thrust against those cut-offs. She lifted her eyes to his and ran her tongue over her lips, letting him know in a not so-subtle way that she knew he had a hard-on. Hank gazed at her openly now, then turned and left the house with Dan.

"Oh, you're a hot fucker!" she whispered after the teens had gone. "You're as hot and horny as Dan."

She became impatient in the house alone. She paced about, her mind working a mile a minute. She knew what she was going to do now. That one quick, bold look from Hank was all she needed to know.

"You want to fuck me, Hank," she said out loud, hugging herself tightly. "Oh, you want to fuck me, all right! And, you sweet thing, you're going to get the fucking of your life!"

Linda was not sure how she would go about seducing Hank, but she knew there would be no difficulty. He was ready and anxious, of that she had no doubt.

As it turned out, Linda had no need to worry about how to seduce the teen.

An hour later she found Hank at the door alone.

"Where's Dan?" she asked, unable to keep a quiver of excitement out of her voice.

"Down there." Hank pointed up the street.

Linda stood in the door, looking at Hank, no longer concealing the desire she felt for him. "Will he be there long?"

Hank nodded, and she watched his gaze move about the swell of her tits. "May I have some water?" Hank asked.

She stepped aside so he could enter the house.

She shivered as his body brushed against hers. But Hank did not go to the kitchen for a drink of water. He stopped in the living room and faced Linda, his eyes bold, hot. She closed the door and leaned against it, watching him. This was no shy teen, she realized. She had known him for years, yet had never seen such heat and desire in his eyes. She was looking at a very erotic-minded teen, she knew. His eyes were undressing her, she felt. It was a nice, pleasant feeling to have him look at her this way. There didn't seem to be any reason for subtle passes, word play, teasing.

As she leaned against the door, she saw his hands move, and then he lifted one side of his cut-offs. His cock protruded, swelling into hardness immediately. Linda sucked in a harsh gasp of air as she stared at his cock. There was

a responding clenching off her cunt as she stared at his prick.

"What are you doing, Hank?" she asked, her voice low pitched, her gaze riveted upon his hard-on.

"Showing you my cock," he said, stroking his prick with his hand. "You want to see it, don't you?"

"How did you know?"

But he didn't answer.

"Do you want to fuck me?" Linda asked. "Is that why you're showing me that cock? Do you want to fuck me or do you go around flashing all women this way? Is that how you get your kicks, Hank?"

"You want to fuck?" he asked, not at all nervous.

Linda gazed at the teen, thinking of Amy. She felt like laughing. It was Amy who had suggested fucking their sons in the first place, then had tried to say it was just talk. She wondered if Amy knew her son was here, doing this, and, if so, what she would say.

But then she didn't care what Amy would say.

Seeing Hank's strong cock jutting out that way was creating an intense excitement within her body. Her cunt, already wet, was pulsating fiercely. Still gazing at him, she lifted her dress, moving it up slowly. She held

it at her waist for a moment, pleased by Hank's expression as he stared at her bushy cunt. Then she pulled the dress over her head. She stood there, beautifully naked, her tits arching out, nipples hard. She moved toward Hank, her hips swaying, licking her lips with expectation.

Close to him, she took his cock in her hand, squeezing his prick hard, making him moan. He was no taller than her son, and his face was level with her swelling tits. She pressed the back of his head as she pumped on his cock, pulling his face to her tits.

"Suck them, Hank," she murmured throatily. "Suck my tits. You want to fuck me, you have to suck on my tits first."

She sighed as his hot, wet mouth drew in a tingling, sensitive nipple. She twisted her body, filling his eager mouth with as much of her tit as she could. Taking his hand, she pulled it about her waist, then down onto a firm cheek of her ass.

"Feel that ass, Hank? You like my ass, honey?" She rubbed her hairy cunt against him, moving the dripping head of his cock along her burning thigh. "Suck my tit and feel my ass, baby! Suck and feel… feel and suck!"

His mouth and hand sent ripples of ecstasy burning through her, making her moan with

hot desire. She wiggled her ass as he squeezed the asscheek, still holding his mouth tight against her inflamed tit.

"That's enough," she gurgled, pushing him back. "We've got to take these things off." She opened his cut-offs and shoved them down. Seeing his cock and balls naked, she sucked in a harsh breath of air. He did have more hair than her son, although he was not very hairy. She hefted his balls in one hand and stroked, his cock with the other.

Hank slid his hand to her cunt, between her thighs, feeling and rubbing. He was no bashful teen, she felt. He was hot and anxious to fuck her, if the hard throb of his cock and the way he felt her cunt was any indication.

"Come over here," she murmured, leading him to the couch by his cock.

She sprawled back, one foot on the floor, the other on the cushions, her legs wide. Hank stared at her crotch, his cock jerking up and down with eagerness. She, lifted her arms to him.

"Come on, climb on, Hank," she whispered. "Climb on and shove that cock


With no hesitation at all, Hank climbed between her thighs, holding his cock as he stared hotly at her hair-rimmed cunt. As he leaned

down, Linda lifted her crotch to meet his swollen prick. She sighed happily when the smooth cockhead slipped into the wetness of her velvety cunt.

As his cock went deep into her pussy, she pulled the teen down, gurgling as his mouth began to suck on her nipple and his hips began to move. Clutching his tight ass with both hands, Linda started humping up and down, fucking him eagerly.

"Ahhh, that's it, Hank!" she gurgled hotly, churning with grinding hips. "That's it, baby! Fuck that cunt, Hank! Fuck it good and hard! Ohhh, you have such a hard, sweet cock! Ram it to me… hard and fast!"

The fact that she was being fucked by a different cock this day was exciting to Linda. Never in her wildest desires had she thought such a thing would ever happen to her. She had fucked her son this morning, sucked his lovely cock off and swallowed his precious come juice, and now she was fucking the son of her best friend. It was more exciting than she would have imagined.

She detected no difference between her son's cock and Hank's. They both were exciting, stretching her burning cunt in that delicious way, filling her pussy and giving her that fantastic stuffed sensation between her hot thighs.

Hank now held one cheek of her churning

ass, still sucking at her nipple, his fingers digging into the creamy firm ass cheek. Linda was clawing at his bunching ass as her cunt raced up and down his fucking cock. Her clit was being scraped and smashed and rubbed until she was almost out of her mind with ecstasy. She was wailing against the top of his head, the sounds rebounding about the living room. Her pussy was convulsing before she knew it, her orgasm whipping through her body like an out-of-control wildfire.

Hank's balls slapped against her ass as she raised up, grinding and pumping. She felt his cock throbbing deep inside her hungry, boiling cunt. She knew the excitement of fucking her for the first time would take its toll on his writhing balls soon. Her cunt was gripping his fucking cock in waves of squeezing spasms, increasing the urgency for him to come.

Hank was no longer sucking her tit. He lifted his head, snapped it back, his face contorted with the agony of the almost-painful ecstasy of impending discharge. His cock was deep inside her gripping cunt, and suddenly there was a throbbing, lurch.

Linda wailed with delight as she felt his cock gushing the sweetness of his come juice into her cunt. It caused those hair-lined pussy lips to suck and squeeze all the more.

"Come… come… come!" she chanted

hoarsely. "Ahhh, come in my hot curt! Fill my hairy pussy with your come juice, Hank! I love it… love it when a cock comes in my cunt!"

With a loud, final grunt, Hank Nicked into her pussy again, then she felt his body shivering as his cock slipped from her curt. She felt his prick, wet and hot, move against her inner thigh. She held his head tightly against her tits, running her hands up and down his back until he calmed down.

Pushing at his shoulders, she whispered. "Well, are you satisfied now that you've fucked me?"

She heard Hank mumble something.

"What? I didn't hear you, Hank," she said.

Linda was surprised by his answer. He had fucked her vigorously, and, when he came, it was powerful. How could he not be satisfied?

"What's wrong?" she asked.

"I want more," came his reply, his breath hot on her tits.

She had her arms about his waist, and she felt him move. His cock, resting along her thigh, near her cunt, was beginning to swell once again. She felt his cock move, pressing along the hairy lips of her damp pussy. When Hank twisted his hips, his cock pressed upon her clit, and Linda whimpered as a stab of

pleasure flowed through her; going from her cunt to her head.

She writhed beneath him, stroking his back with warm hands again. She ran her palms downward, over the curve of his ass cheeks. When she felt his hands moving under her ass, she lifted slightly so he could clutch an ass cheek in each palm. The uplifting movement created pressure upon her clit by his cock, and Linda thought she was about to come again, the sensation was so great.

She murmured happily when he squeezed the cheeks of her ass, his cock becoming deliciously hard once more, still pressuring her hairy pussy. She ran her fingertips up and down the warm crack of his ass, making the teen shiver with a good feeling.

Hank lifted up, sitting back on his heels between her widely spread thighs. He gazed hotly at her cunt as his hands moved about the silky hairs. Linda's body trembled as he felt the puffy lips of her cunt, stroking up and down the moist pussy slit. With sleepy but hot eyes, she saw his cock lifting up, pointing toward her tits. His expression told her of his pleasure to look upon her hairy cunt, to feel her pussy.

Drawing her knees up and back, Linda wrapped her arms behind them. The position lifted her ass, her cunt pooching between her satiny thighs. She gazed with slitted eyes, eyes

that were again steamy with desire, while Hank rubbed the smooth head of his cock up and down the hair-rimmed lips of her cunt. Then he began pressing his cock into her pussy again.

"Ooooo," Linda whimpered, sucking in her breath as his cock stretched those sensitive cunt lips. "That feels so good, Hank! Oh, you have a wonderful cock, baby."

She lifted her ass higher, gurgling softly as his cock penetrated her pussy. The deeper his prick went, the better it felt to her. Hank fucked into her slowly, his eyes glazed as he watched the hairy cunt close upon his cock. Then his balls were on her creamy ass again.

Linda's body shuddered, and her ass wiggled.

Hank placed his hands on the backs of her drawn-up thighs, and began to fuck her in this position.

"Oh, yes!" Linda sobbed, humping her ass up and down. Her knees were smashing her firm tits as she held them there. "Oh, God… yes, yes!"

Hank was grunting again as he fucked Linda's pussy, her ass lifted high now until he was almost on his knees. He slammed back and forth, the moist sound of his cock fucking in and out of her gripping cunt filling the room. She loved the almost brutal, painful

way his pelvis banged her cunt. It felt so good she didn't care if he bruised her tender cunt lips. She wanted him to continue fucking her hard and fast this way. She drew her legs higher and tighter, her eyes closed, her face glowing with intense ecstasy. Soft, short gasps bubbled from her, her ass twisting about, arching up to draw as much of his fucking cock as she could into her again-boiling cunt.

His balls swung to and fro, slapping upon the pucker of her asshole with each powerful thrust. Again she felt the throbbing of his cock against the heated, sensitive walls of her pussy, the base of his prick crushing her swollen clit as he fucked in.

Linda arched her head back, her neck taut, low wails of ecstasy bubbling from her. She shook her ass the way a dog will to shed water, then slammed up and down to meet his fucking cock. She was on the verge of orgasm again. Her climax swelled up in the pit of her stomach, making her muscles tight. She felt the overpowering desire to have him drive his cock deep.

Hank moved his hands from her thighs and was now clinging to her tits with both hands, digging into them. She had to open her knees for this, but she didn't mind. She felt the top of her head hitting something, but there was no pain. All she felt was absolute and complete


She felt him fucking faster and harder, grunts erupting from him. Opening her eyes, she saw his face contorting with the tortured ecstasy that was rumbling through him. Aware that Hank was close to gushing into her cunt, she rocked her ass swiftly, her pussy flexing about his prick, tightening, relaxing, tightening…

With a low shout, Hank fucked his cock deep into her greedy cunt, holding himself there, his balls pressed against the puckering of her asshole. She felt his cock swell, then lurch. Finally there was a hot squirting of his come juice. Linda wailed with pleasure and her cunt exploded around his spurting prick.

As the spasms subsided, Linda lowered her thighs, spreading them around the teen's legs. Hank's cock slipped out of her cunt as he sat back, puffing from the wild fucking. Linda felt drowsy, very much satisfied… for the moment.

After a while, she swung her legs over the cushions of the couch, cupped a hand between her thighs, and giggled like a small child. "I've got come dripping out of my cunt," she laughed, turning and skipping toward the hall, knowing Hank was staring at her naked, bouncing ass.


"I'm going to murder Hank."

Amy sat with Linda, coffee before them on the small coffee table in the living room. She did not say that with anger, Linda noticed.

"Why, Amy?"

"That horny shit is trying to look up my dress now, can you believe it?"

Linda laughed. "I believe it," she said. Then, with her eyes sparkling wickedly, said, "He tries to peek up my dress, too."

"But that's you," Amy protested. "I'm his fucking mother!"

"He probably has a good, hard one for you." Linda grinned at her friend. "Remember, you mentioned something about fucking those two teens."

"You've got more nerve than I have," Amy said. "How did it feel, when you fucked Dan?"

"The best!" Linda replied. "You wouldn't believe how good it was, Amy. Peeling his cock move in and out of my cunt was the greatest ever. I'm telling you, you should fuck Hank. Or are you still talking shit?"

"My God, Linda. It's one thing to dream about fucking your son, but a different thing

all together to do it! I mean everybody fantasizes, don't they?"

"I don't know about that." Linda sipped at her coffee. "But I do know you're a hot piece, and you're missing out on a hell of a good time. Came on, be courageous, adventurous… give Hank some pussy, Amy."

"You give Hank some pussy," Amy said. "Linda, you've changed a great deal in the past few days." Amy was regarding her with inquisitive eyes. "You never used to talk about fucking as much. It was always me doing that. Has fucking Dan turned you into a new woman?"

"A better woman, and certainly not a frustrated one."

"I like you better this way, you know that." Amy leaned back, slipping her skin to her thighs, opening them. Her eyes became slitted, and Linda could see the smoldering heat there. She was aware of what Amy was trying to do. Always before, the briefest flash of those golden thighs had been enough to set Linda to trembling with desire. Now, although still exciting, they failed to create the crackling heat they used to.

"Would you be mad if I did fuck Hank, Amy?"

"Of course not," Amy replied, sliding a hand along her inner thigh. Linda watched her

friend as the hand moved up and down. Amy writhed her ass as her hand moved up to cup her crotch. She rubbed her palm up and down, making soft mewling sounds. "Fuck him all you want."

"I have," Linda said.

Amy jerked her hand from her cunt and sat up, her eyes wide, staring at Linda. "You have? When? Was he a good fuck, Linda! Did you come…"

Linda burst out laughing. "I thought you weren't interested, Amy?"

"I am interested-if you fuck him," Amy said, flushing. "Come on, tell me all the juicy details."

"Juicy is right," Linda said. "He filled my cunt with so much come juice, I thought I'd drown before he finished."

Amy's eyes gleamed with wicked delight, her tongue moving over her lips hungrily. "What's his cock like? Is it a big one? Was it very hard, really hard? How about his balls; are they full? Tell me everything, Linda!"

"Find out for yourself," Linda teased. "You're his mother, so you find out."

"Mmmmm," Amy murmured, her hand back under her skirt, rubbing at her suddenly twitching cunt. "Maybe I'll fuck Dan," she whispered. "Fair is fair, right?"

"That's entirely up to you and my son,

Amy. I certainly don't tell Dan who he can fuck, you know."

"Maybe I will," Amy murmured, her eyes dreamy as she rubbed at her cunt. "Maybe I'll fuck that sweet guy. Linda, send him to me this afternoon, will you? I'll chase Hank out of the house… maybe tell him to stay with you."

"I'm not going to send Dan anywhere, Amy. If you want to fuck my son, you let him know."

"Linda, you're horrible, disgustingly horrible," Amy said. "The least you could do for a friend is help her out."

"Like licking your cunt, right?"

"Well, for starters." Amy smiled seductively. "Then you can send your son to me."

"Speaking of my son," Linda said, turning toward the door as it opened, "Here he is."

Dan entered the house, greeting Amy and going to his mother, leaning over to kiss her cheek. He stood with his arm draped over Linda's shoulder. Amy had quickly jerked her hand from under her skirt, but had not had time to shove her skirt down. Dan had come in so suddenly, she was still sitting there with her skirt up and her knees parted.

Dan was gazing with interest at the creamy tan of Amy's thighs, and Amy knew it. Her gaze moved to the front of his jeans, and

she saw his cock bulging up. Seeing Dan's cock turning hard, she left her knees open, knowing he could see the crotch of her panties.

Linda, amused by Amy's reaction, took her son's wrist and pulled his hand down to her swelling tit, cupping his palm about it, hearing the low gasp from Amy. Amy's eyes grew very hot as she saw Dan working his fingers, squeezing his mother's tit. Linda kept her eyes trained on Amy, a smile on her face. Amy was leaning forward, one hand clutching her stomach as she watched Dan fondle his mother's tit.

"I don't think I'll have to send Dan anyplace," Linda whispered. "In fact, I think you're about to come right now, Amy."

Dan giggled naughtily, digging his hand into his mother's firm tit. His eyes glowed as he peered at the trembling thighs of Amy, seeing the lacy crotch of her panties. Linda glanced up at her son, smiling lewdly. "Is that pretty, darling? Do you find Amy attractive?"

Dan, his eyes hot, nodded his head. With the boldness of youth, and the consent of his mother, he said, "I'd like to see her cunt, Mother.

Linda turned to Amy; "What more invitation do you need, Amy?"

She kept watching Amy as she lifted her hand and began to work on the zipper of

Dan's jeans. She tugged it down and shoved her hand into his pants, then withdrew his cock. Amy's eyes seemed to roll in her head, and there was a low gasp of pleasure. Linda wrapped her fist about her son's cock and began to stroke his prick.

Amy, intensely aroused and excited, dropped from the couch to her knees. She walked on her knees toward Dan, her eyes fixed upon his firm prick. As she knelt close, Linda pulled her hand from her son's cock.

"You want to play with his cock, go ahead," she said.

"Oooo, that's beautiful!" Amy gurgled, taking Dan's cock in her hot hand and jerking back and forth swiftly and eagerly. "Oh, you've got such a hard cock, Dan!"

Linda shivered with a growing excitement as she watched Amy jacking her son's prick. Her cunt was starting to steam again, and she pressed her thighs tightly together. As Amy stroked Dan's cock, she was pulling her dress from her shoulders, exposing her firm, shapely tits. Dan was almost dancing with joy as he took one of Amy's tits in his free hand. Amy gurgled hotly, her eyes gleaming, gazing at the swollen head of Dan's dripping cock.

Amy arched her tits forward, rubbing that

dripping prickhead about them. She pressed a nipple against his piss hole, smashing inward. She crooned with delight. Linda watched, shoving her hand under her own skirt to rub her bubbling cunt. She wrapped her other arm behind her son, pressing at his ass, forcing his cock harder against Amy's tit.

Then, with a growl of desperate hunger, Amy lifted Dan's cock and swirled her tongue about the, smooth prickhead. Linda's eyes burned. Dan grunted with delight. Watching Amy's eager tongue swirl about Dan's cock, licking away the dripping fuck juices, Linda almost came. She had never seen anyone fucking before, not to mention a cock being licked. There was something to this voyeurism bit, she thought.

Amy ran her tongue all over the smooth swollen head of Dan's cock, soft sounds of ecstasy bubbling from her. Then she pulled the prickhead between her hot lips and sucked, her tongue lapping like liquid fire.

Jerking her mouth off his prick, she said with a heated voice, "Take them off! Oh, God.. I want these fucking pants out of my way! I want to see everything!"

Linda watched as Amy's feverish hands opened Dan's jeans, sliding them down with eager excitement. Once his pants were at his feet, Amy began to caress her hot hands about

his balls and cock, nuzzling her mouth into them.

"I thought you wanted to fuck my son, not eat him up," Linda said, her voice shaking with pleasure.

"I do! Oh, I do want to fuck him!" Amy squealed. "I want that beautiful cock in me badly!"

Linda, her own cunt steaming, watched Amy strip her dress completely off, peeling her flimsy panties away in her urgency. She lay back on the floor, spreading her thighs wide, arching her hairy cunt up. She writhed her hips as Dan moved between her legs, his cock jerking up and down.

"In… in!" Amy squealed. "Oh, hurry and stick that cock in me… before I come! Just seeing your cock, Dan, makes me want to come! Hurry… fuck me!"

Linda dropped from her chair as her son lifted Amy's ass to meet his cock. She leaned forward to watch his prick slide with ease into the slippery, bubbling pussy. As soon as his cock was inside Amy's cunt, Amy began to jerk and thrust her hips up and down, fucking Dan as he gazed down with excited eyes, seeing the hairy cunt consume his throbbing hard cock. Amy whimpered and gurgled, twisting her ass about, moving from side to side, then up and down. She was clawing at her

naked, swollen tits as she fucked her cunt back and forth on Dan's cock.

Linda ran her hand behind her son and fondled his ass cheeks as she watched him fucking her friend. She ran her other hand down to move her fingers through the soft, thick hair that all but concealed Amy's boiling pussy. She was breathing hotly, her hissing breath mingling with the grunts of her son and sobs of Amy. She felt a hand moving up the back of her thigh and glanced at Amy. Amy clutched at Linda's naked ass, her fingers digging into the flesh, sending quivers of delight rippling through Linda.

Linda's eyes blazed as she stared at her son's cock fucking into that cunt she had licked, and sucked so often. It was thrilling to her.

Sliding her hand down and pushing it between her son's thighs from behind, she gripped his swinging balls, holding them as he fucked into Amy's cunt. She felt the hot moisture seeping from Amy's pussy, wetting her hand and Dan's balls as she banged back and forth. On an impulse, she ran her hand down farther, working a finger along the crack of Amy's ass. She rubbed upon Amy's asshole, bringing gurgles of ecstasy from the woman.

"Amy," Linda moaned hotly. "Amy, fuck Dan! Ohhh, it's so beautiful, watching his

cock fucking you! I'm going to stick my finger up your ass, Amy! I'm going to fingerfuck you in the asshole… while my son fucks your cunt!"

"Yes, Linda, yes!" Amy wailed. "Fingerfuck me in my asshole! Fuck my cunt, Dan! Cock up my pussy… finger up my ass! Ooooo, do it, do it!"

Linda shoved her finger, and it entered Amy's tight, hot asshole without hardly any effort. She felt Amy's asshole squeeze her finger, and was surprised that she could feel her son's cock, too. Linda fucked her finger in and out, fucking Amy up her ass, panting with pleasure.

"Oh, God! Oh, God!" Amy wailed, the most intense of all ecstatic feelings flowing through her body like a boiling torrent. She was moving her ass up and down with a frenzy, fucking Dan's cock and Linda's finger. The twin penetration of her cunt and asshole was sending her into a reeling state of mindless ecstasy. "Oh, God… ohhhh, God!"

With a powerful thrust of her ass, Amy slammed her cunt up onto Dan's cock, the hair-lined lips flexing like a searing vise about his prick. She screamed with her orgasm as her pussy began milking his cock. Dan, feeling the way her cunt drew on his prick, fucked

deeply, his body going stiff. He yelled as his prick gushed the thick come juice. Linda, her finger buried in Amy's asshole, felt her son's cock pulsating as he came. Her own pussy seemed ready to convulse, and her moans of delight mingled with theirs.

Dan fell from Amy, sprawling on his side as he gasped hotly. Amy's ass slumped as Linda withdrew her finger, her naked body shuddering as if she were suddenly and unexpectedly chilled. However, the flush on her smooth body belied being cold. Her nipples were pebbled, her stomach trembling.

Sitting on the carpet and crossing her legs, Linda rested with them, her gaze moving from the thick cunt hair of her friend to her son's glistening cock.

After a period of time, Dan climbed to his feet and bounced from the room. While he was gone, Amy recovered and sat up, grinning from ear to ear. "That guy can fuck," she whispered huskily. "Either he's been at this for years, or you're a damn good fucking instructor, Linda."

Linda laughed, a lewd, low sound. "He's just good at it, Amy. I haven't taught him anything."

"Is Hank as good?" Amy wanted to know, her eyes gleaming with some distant thought. "Is my son as good with his cock as Dan


"You'll have to find that out for yourself," Linda replied as her son came back into the room. "It wouldn't be fair for me to talk about Hank."

She gazed at her son's cock and balls as he returned, and Amy, too, watched Dan. As Dan started to sit on the floor next to her, Linda stopped him. She pulled her son around until he was standing in front of her. As she sat on her ass, her face was level with his cock. She ran her hand over his balls and prick, feeling the slippery wetness left there by Amy's cunt. "Mmmm," she murmured throatily, pressing her lips to his prick, kissing his cock tenderly.

Amy, her eyes glowing with erotic desire again, leaned forward. "Take his cock in your mouth, Linda. Let me see you suck your son's prick! Ohhh, this is so damned exciting!"

Linda agreed with Amy. It was intensely exciting to have her very best friend watch her take her son's cock into her mouth… the cock that had just been fucking into Amy's inflamed pussy.

Drawing her son's cunt-wet cock into her mouth, she twisted her eyes toward Amy. Amy's face was only a few inches from hers, eyes smoldering with more heat than Linda had seen in them before. Linda drew her son's

cock deep, into her mouth, feeling it swell. Moving her hand past his hip, she cupped one cheek of his ass, feeling Amy's hand on the other cheek. With her lips pressed into the tufts of hair at the base of his cock, she felt Amy using her free hand, holding her son's balls and rubbing them against her chin.

Linda lapped her tongue about, working it against her son's cock as his prick became deliciously hard between her lips. Her own free hand moved between Amy's silken thighs, sliding upward until she was cupping Amy's searingly hot cunt.

"Oooooo, does that look sweet!" Amy gurgled. "I bet Dan's cock is the best tasting, the sweetest prick you've ever sucked on, Linda."

Linda slipped her lips along Dan's cock until she no longer has his prick in her mouth. "Take a suck, Amy."

Amy, with eager pleasure, quickly sucked Dan's cock into her hot, wet mouth. Unlike Linda, though, she couldn't simply hold the hard-on between her lips and lick with her tongue. She began to bob her lovely face back and forth, her lips tight as she sucked in gurgling ecstasy. Linda, her face an inch or so away, shoved her finger into Amy's cunt and began fingerfucking her. But she had no intention of letting Amy have all the fun.

"Move over!" she hissed hotly. "Don't hog my son's cock! I want to suck it, too!"

Almost before Amy released Dan's cock, Linda was sliding her tongue along the prick shaft. The second Amy's lips were off the now-swollen cock head, she had hers wrapped about her son's prick. Gobbling with desperate hunger, Linda sucked hard and powerfully on Dan's prick, her tongue scraping along the underside, pressing his cock to the roof of her mouth. The tingling stretching of her lips, the sensation of having her son's cock stuffing her wet mouth, made her cunt clench with burning ecstasy. When she felt Amy's finger sliding up her pussy, she sighed around Dan's cock and began to pump and grind her hips. As she and Amy fingerfucked each other, they began to pass his hard cock back and forth. They each took turns sucking his prick, and Dan, staring down with delighted eyes, was shaking with the erotic pleasure of two wet, hot mouths taking turns on his cock.

His balls were tight, writhing as Amy and his mother alternately clasped and twisted them as they sucked. They both had fingers between the cheeks of his ass, and one of the women was rubbing at his asshole. He could tell they were fingerfucking each other, and this intensified his throbbing hard-on.

"Are you playing with my mother's cunt,

Amy?" he grunted. "She's playing with your pussy! You gotta play with her twat, too, Amy!"

"I'm fingerfucking your mother's hot, hairy cunt, Dan!" Amy groaned as she pulled her mouth from his cock so Linda could suck on his prick. "We're fingerfucking each other, baby… and sucking your cock, too!"

Dan was caressing the long, flowing hair of both his mother and Amy as they sucked his cock, his eyes huge and his lips gaping. There was no difference between the mouths, the lips, the tongues, except one belonged to his mother. But, looking down, watching them each take a turn at sucking his cock, Dan knew he would not be long in coming again.

Both Amy and Linda knew this, too.

Dan's cock swelled and jerked as they sucked, and, when one had his cock deep in her mouth, the other would fondle his balls. Neither had difficulty in taking his cock all the way, their lips writhing at the base. Dan's prick dripped copiously into those hot, greedy mouths until they had to swallow frequently. Linda and Amy coped and mewled, whimpered and moaned, sucking hungrily on his strong prick,

"Linda," Amy gurgled as she watched Linda sucking vigorously on her son's cock, "You've sucked him off before! Let me have it

this time! Come on, Linda..let Dan come in my mouth this time! Ooooo, I want to taste his sweet come juice spurting into my mouth! Move, Linda! He's about to come!"

Linda drew her mouth from Dan's cock, Amy's finger plunging into her pussy with eager insistence. She fucked her finger in and out of Amy's cunt as she gazed at Dan's cock fucking into her mouth. But she wasn't going to be denied something between her lips. She lowered her head a bit and opened her mouth wide, sucking her son's precious balls in. Her lips brushed against Amy's as her friend sucked with a hungry desperation on the throbbing cock.. She could feel her son's balls drawing tight, feel him about to come.

She began to whimper about Dan's balls as her cunt twitched with impending convulsions. She felt Amy's pussy closing and opening about her fucking finger, knowing Amy, too, was going to come.

Dan grunted loudly.

Amy gurgled happily as the thick sweetness flooded into her mouth in spasms. Linda wailed as her son's balls became tight in her mouth, wishing that sweet prick was spurting into her greedy mouth instead.

Dan was pressing the back of his mother's head, holding her mouth to his balls, doing the same with Amy's head. His body shook, and

his ass cheeks clenched. The moist gurgling sounds of Amy seemed loud in the room. All three were panting with erotic ecstasy, shaking as Dan filled Amy's mouth. Two hairy cunts felt powerful convulsions of spasming orgasms.

When they was finished, both Linda and Amy hugged Dan tightly against their bodies, burning wet kisses about his hips, his thighs, his cock and balls and up his stomach.

Dan slowly and gently pushed their heads away, sitting on the couch, his legs shaking badly. Amy and Linda looked at the exhausted teen, then at each other.

They started laughing with pleasure.


Dan slept with Linda that night.

She was amused by his excitement. He chattered excitedly about Amy. He bragged to his mother about having two women to fuck now. As Linda lay on her stomach, her arms cradling her head, Dan caressed her thighs and naked swelling ass cheeks, massaging and squeezing them.

She was in a dreamy, drowsy state, enjoying her son's hands on her body. She had enjoyed herself this day with her son and Amy, too and already she was wondering how to bring both Dan and Hank into a threesome with her. She didn't think Dan would be jealous.

Wiggling her naked ass against his hands, she began to draw mental pictures of what it would be like to have both those teens fucking her, taking turns with her bubbling hairy cunt. She wondered how it would feel to have a cock gush sweet, thick come juice into her cunt, then immediately have the other cock come into her body. It was quite exciting to consider.

She felt her son's lips kissing at the backs of her knees. The warmth of his mouth created a tremor of pleasure within her body. "Mmmmm, darling," she cooed sleepily,

"lick my legs, Dan. Ahhhh, that feels so nice!"

She felt her son's tongue moving about the backs of her thighs, leaving, exciting wetness there on her flesh. He worked his tongue up her thighs, making searing circles with the tip. As he licked at her flesh, he caressed her legs with his hands.

Her erotic mind flared as she continued thinking about fucking both her son and Hank at the same time. The wet heat of her son's tongue and lips added to the mental pictures she formed. She wiggled her swelling ass as Dan licked his tongue high on her thighs. She loved the panting heat of his breath against her skin. She began to writhe her hips about, feeling the pressure of the mattress upon her inflamed clit. She felt her son's tongue lapping very near the cheeks of her ass now, and she shivered with a sudden flare of delicious ecstasy. She squeezed the cheeks of her rounded, fantastically smooth ass together. She moaned again as his tongue probed the crease where her ass crack fucked sweetly into her thigh.

"Damn, Dan," she mewled. "You're an erotic shit, you know that?"

She heard a gurgling reply from her son. She moved her hand from her head and down her side, finding his cock as he leaned over licking

at her thighs. She closed her fingers about her son's prick and began to slowly jack on his cock, squeezing with hot fingers.

Dan's tongue was moving up the curve of her ass cheek now, swirling with moist heat. Linda whimpered with pleasure. She had never felt anything so good. His tongue moved about the cheek of her ass, and she realized that her ass flesh was quite sensitive to his tongue and lips. She wiggled her ass when he licked across to her other cheek, tracing down to the crease there. He moved his tongue back and forth on her thigh, near her ass, then across the trembling cheek again. She wasn't in the least surprised when her son began to move his tongue up and down the crack of her ass.

"Ooooo, baby, what are you doing to me?" she whispered in a thick voice. "I love it!"

"I'm licking your ass, Mother," she heard him say. "I'm gonna lick all over your pretty ass.

"You wouldn't!" she giggled, twisting her naked ass about eagerly. "You wouldn't really lick my ass, would you, darling?"

For an answer, she felt her son dart his tongue along her spine, near the tailbone. Then his tongue was moving rapidly up and down the hot ass crack. Linda shivered with ecstasy and relaxed the muscles there.

Dan slipped his tongue deeper, probing. As he licked at her ass, he kept his hands moving about her thighs. Then he was pulling the ass cheeks apart. Linda whimpered and arched her ass into the air, her back bowed.

"Ooohhh!" she yelped.

Dan stabbed the tip of his tongue upon the crinkle of his mother's sensitive asshole.

"Oh, you've got your tongue against my asshole, baby!"

"I know," she heard him grunt.

Linda murmured hotly as her son swirled his tongue about the pucker of her asshole, licking slowly, tentatively, but with increasing desire. The way he tickled her asshole with his tongue caused her cunt to flex with ecstasy. She was gripping his cock very hard, but not jacking on his prick. She was savoring the delight of having him lick her asshole. She felt so much pleasure, she was not aware that she drew her knees up and under her body, scooting her ass high, knees wide. Dan had moved until he was behind his mother. He gazed for a moment or so at her. He could see the hair lined lips of her wet, puffy cunt, and could see the tightening of her asshole just above.

Shoving his face forward, his hands holding her hips, Dan scrape the flat surface of his tongue along his mother's quivering cunt lips, through the slit, and then over her asshole.

Linda rocked and wiggled her uplifted ass for him, mewling. The sensation of having his tongue licking from her cunt to her asshole sent sparks of delicious sensation through her naked body. Her tits still pressed the sheets, bet nipples almost too sensitive to touch. She could no longer cling to his sweet cock, but at this moment it didn't matter. She murmured into the pillow, her arms up past her head, fingers now clawing into the headboard as her son lapped hungrily at her cunt and asshole. She loved the way he moved his tongue from her distended clit, along the seeping slit of her cunt, past her pussy and then over her puckered asshole.

Linda had not realized how goods it would feel to have a tongue moving about her asshole. She knew her asshole was almost as sensitive as her cunt, and she had always enjoyed being touched there with a finger. But a tongue.., the wetness, the heat, was about to drive her out of her mind with ecstasy. She felt her cunt clutch with thrilling delight, and she wiggled her upturned ass lewdly into her son's face, gurgling in a hot, low voice. Her naked body was becoming hotter, as though she were about to burst into flames from spontaneous combustion. The way her son lapped up her cunt, then brushed his tongue about her asshole, even pressing against her asshole,

Linda knew that if he kept up much longer, she would explode with frantic orgasm.

Dan fucked his tongue into his mother's cunt, fucking it back and forth. She whimpered as those hairy, greedy lips sucked on his tongue. She felt his nose against her asshole, and she wiggled with intense delight.

His tongue moved again, licking back to her asshole, pressing hard.

"Ooooo, lick mother's ass, darling!" she murmured with steamy desire. "Lick mother's asshole! Ahhhh that feels so fucking good… tongue on my asshole! Lick it, Dan! Ohhhh, lick my fucking hot asshole!"

There was a huge Orgasm ballooning deep inside the pit of her trembling Stomach. Linda arched her ass higher into her son's face, yearning to feel more of his tongue in her asshole. She could not stop her asshole from flexing, clenching as he licked around, then against her ass pucker. The sensations were wild and very erotic, causing goose bumps to shiver across her naked flesh. The orgasm swelled and grew hot inside her. She began to wail loudly as Dan lapped faster and with more eagerness upon her asshole. Apparently he knew his mother was very close to having a fantastic orgasm. He swirled his tongue about it, tapped it against her asshole. Then he curled his tongue tightly, pushing hard at the

pucker. Linda knew what he was trying to do, and she gave him all the help she could. She relaxed her asshole as best she could under the circumstances. She screamed with delight when she felt his tongue fucking into her ass. Then, when Dan was able to vigorously fuck his tongue in and out of her asshole, Linda writhed with ecstasy, her cunt suddenly going into tight convulsions. She came with a shuddering roar, the orgasm shooting through her like an out-of-control bonfire. Her clit was melting, her cunt lips sucking amazingly hard. Her asshole, with her son's tongue fucked deeply up it, became so tight as she came that he found it difficult to move.

Although exhausted by the tremendous orgasm, Linda could not sprawl out. She remained as she was, her creamy, shapely hot ass in the air, knees still beneath her body. She was shaking and gasping, and Dan, his face no longer shoved into her ass, ran his hands about those smooth, delicious ass cheeks and her long thighs. His cock was throbbing with an intense hard-on, the prick head swollen and dripping.

Linda was unaware that her son was staring at her asshole with a gleam in his eyes. She was still feeling the sweetness of her furious orgasm, her ass gently writhing again.

Dan was fascinated by this unusual and

very erotic view of his mother's cunt and ass, He gripped his cock hard with one hand, sliding his fingers about that hot, smooth ass crack, feeling gently. Linda enjoyed the touch of his hand there and didn't know what he was up to until she felt him moving. She lifted her shoulders and peered past her dangling tits and between her thighs. She saw his cock, very hard, held in his fist as he raised to his knees.

"Mmmmm, are you going to fuck me now, darling?" she asked throatily. "Licking mother's asshole got you ready to fuck, didn't it, baby?"

Her son grunted a reply as he brought the head of his cock up, pressing his prick to her cunt. She felt him rub the smooth, cock head against her pussy lips, smashing her clit. She sighed with anxious anticipation, her face resting again on the pillow.

But Dan drew the dripping head of his cock up those hairy cunt lips, along the crack of her ass. Linda felt him pressing the head of his cock against her asshole and once mote lifted her head, turning to look at him over her shoulder.

"What are you going to do with me, darling?" she asked. "That isn't my cunt.. it's my asshole!"

"I know, Mother," came his hot reply. "I know it's your asshole. I wanna put my cock in it."

Linda started to protest, but the idea was suddenly exciting to her. She wondered what it would feel like to have his hard cock fucking in and out of her tight asshole, fucking her. She wiggled her ass, saying in a tight voice, "Try it, Dan. Let's see if you can fuck my ass!"

Dan gripped his mother's hips with both hands, pressing his cock forward. Linda, with a soft whimper of expectancy, reached between her thighs. She grasped her son's cock at the base, making sure that sweetly swollen prick head didn't skid off target.

She mewled as he pressed against her. She felt an inward sinking of her asshole, a pressure that was surprisingly good. She shoved her uplifted ass back, helping him.

"Push harder, Dan!" she urged. "Push your cock hard against my asshole! Oooo, I want to see how it feels up my ass! You're the first, baby, the first to fuck me up my asshole! Push… push hard!"

Dan pressed with all his strength, and Linda felt her son's cock penetrate. For just a moment it felt as if her ass had been punctured with a burning steel rod. But the sensation was momentary. It was immediately replaced with one of the most glorious feelings she had ever experienced. She could feel the ridge of his cock head just inside the tightness of her

asshole, and his prick seemed to stuff her asshole more than his cock ever had her cunt or mouth. His prick was much different than a finger, bigger and longer.

"Oooooo, your cock is up my ass, darling!" she whimpered, holding her body still. "You've got that sweet prick in mother's asshole now, Dan! Ohhhh, shove more cock into it! Is my asshole nice and tight, hot enough for your precious cock?"

Dan was feeling too much ecstasy to reply. He slowly began to press his cock into his mother's asshole, amazed at how tight and hot her ass was. He felt as though he was fucking his cock into a fiery volcano, but there was pleasure instead of pain. He moved more and more of his cock into Linda's asshole and the stretching stuffing sensation increased.

Linda was amazed at the pleasure she felt. Never in her wildest erotic dreams had she thought the ecstasy would be this good. She could feel every throb of her son's cock as he fucked deeper into her asshole. She could not stop her asshole from clenching around his cock.

Then Dan's cock was fully buried up her ass, his balls resting against her hairy cunt.

He didn't move for some time, nor did Linda. They remained this way for a while, his cock deep inside her asshole. Linda whimpered

with the burning, ecstatic sensation of having her ass thoroughly stuffed by her son's hard cock.

With a wiggle of her ass, she indicated to her son that she wanted him to start fucking her.

Dan, still gripping his mother's hips, began to fuck in and out, moving slowly at first. Linda gurgled with the amazing pleasure she felt. She rocked her upturned ass in a lewd way for her son, urging him to fuck his cock faster and harder.

"Oooooh, so good, darling," she murmured as he speeded up, fucking his cock in and out, stretching her asshole more and more. "I love it, Dan! I love the way your cock feels in my ass! Oh, God… this is… fantastic! You've got to fuck mother's asshole again… sometime! Oh, baby, fuck that hot ass… pound mother's asshole! Ream my ass, baby, ream it!"

She began to shudder as her son fucked hard into her ass, his stomach slapping at the creamy mounds of her ass cheeks, his precious balls beating upon her hairy, hot cunt. She swung her naked ass about in an erotic way as she whimpered while the heat grew until it was almost consuming her. She was sure her asshole would be forever stretched by his cock, but she didn't want him to take his prick out… not now. She wanted to experience

the sensation of feeling his come juice gushing into her asshole, knowing she would love being fucked there as much as she loved being fucked in her cunt or mouth.

The bed was actually shaking with the motion of Dan fucking his mother. She was grunting into the pillow with the intensity of her delight, her asshole clinging to his fucking cock with desperate heat. Linda's mind was reeling with this lewd thing she was doing with her son. It was more perverse than using her cunt on his cock, or sucking him off to discharge into her mouth. It was, to her, more perverse than both she and Amy sucking Dan's cock off. But the sheer perversity of being fucked in the asshole by him was creating such tremendous ecstasy that she knew this would not be the last time she felt her son's cock in her hot asshole.

"Fuck me, fuck me!" she wailed as a powerful orgasm steamed through her body. "Oh, baby, fuck mother's hot asshole! Make mother's asshole burn with that sweet cock! I want you to come in my ass, Dan! Ooooo, please come in my fucking hot asshole!"

Dan fucked with all his power, fucking his cock as deep into his mother's tight asshole as he could. Linda was clawing at his balls now, twisting them with mindless pleasure. She shook and twisted her ass against him, the

thrills almost more than she could bear.

When Dan banged hard against her ass cheeks, fucking his cock deep into her asshole, Linda held her breath. She felt the hot throbs of his prick increasing. She closed her asshole as tight as she possibly could around his cock and created a steamy vise of flesh. Dan grunted, and then Linda felt his prick squirt.

The foamy gush of his precious come juice squirted with spasmic jerks up her ass. She thought she could feel his come juice splashing about the smooth walls of her asshole. Whether she really could or not didn't matter; as long as she thought she felt it, that was enough.

Her cunt burst into a mind-shattering orgasm, sending blinding colored lights of ecstasy through her mind. As her cunt came, the convulsions caused her asshole to tighten and suck on her son's cock, drawing more and more of that hot, sweet come juice in.

She felt her son lean over her, resting his weight on her creamy, naked body, his cock still inside her asshole. She listened to his panting breath, felt his hands moving up and down her thighs with a loving tenderness.

She WSS reluctant to have him remove his cock, and, when he began to pull free, she closed the muscles of her asshole tightly, making a moan of protest.

But his cock came out, and then she sprawled onto the bed, her legs wide apart. She felt as if her asshole still tingled from the wild fucking he had given her.

She felt him swing a thigh over onto her ass cheeks and press his cock against her hips, one arm over her back.

Linda felt good, very good.

She was quite drowsy, and again her thoughts were on the possibility of getting her son and Hank with her, feeling them fuck her one after the other.

She was drawing up mental images of what she would do with them. She would kneel between them, sucking first one cock and then the other. She would thrust her naked ass into the air for them, feel first one cock then the other fucking into her cunt. She writhed gently as the fantasy grew, sliding a hand between her and Dan, taking his cock in her fist to hold his prick as he slept.

Hank, she knew, would be no problem whatsoever. It was her son that worried her, but only a little. He was so erotic and had been so eager with her and Amy, surely he would not be jealous of his friend.

Linda wasn't sure how Dan would feel about her, his mother, taking on both of them.


Linda had, as it turned out, no reason to worry.

Since she had begun fucking her son, it seemed that she was becoming insatiable. Her cunt constantly throbbed, always wet and ready. Her clit continued to tingle, and the feeling increased when she was near her son, and the few times she had been close to Hank since fucking him.

Instead of being bothered by this, Linda took pleasure with it. She enjoyed the steamy feeling between her thighs and the way her tits burned, her nipples pressing and rubbing at her dresses, her blouses, her sweaters.

Dan, too, seemed to be in a happier mood. He had always been happy, but was more so than ever since she had fucked him. Linda loved him dearly, so she was pleased that he felt no remorse or guilt about fucking her. He talked a great deal about fucking her and Amy, and wanted to fuck both women together again.

She was enjoying the afternoon with Dan.

There was no work to be done about the house, and it was another one of those warm days. It was not as humid as it had been, and she had the windows open for the early summer

breeze. Wearing white tight shorts and a tiny halter, she looked delicious. Her long, creamy thighs were inviting, as was the thrust of her tits. The shorts pulled into her cunt until the puffy pussy lips were outlined, and strands of hair peeked provocatively from the tight legs. This, she knew, teased her son in a playful way. Her ass cheeks were molded by the white material, like a second skin.

Dan wore jogging shorts without anything underneath them. Now and then Linda would catch a brief glimpse of his cock, mostly that sweetly smooth prick head, sometimes one of his balls. Needless to say, this kept both her and her son in a high state of expectant ecstasy.

Drinking a cold bottle of imported beer, she watched her son with warm eyes. He had a tall glass of lemonade with him, and he was sprawled on the floor of the living room with books scattered about.. He was on his stomach, chin cupped in one hand as he turned the pages of the book with the other. The flap of his jogging shorts had turned up, and she gazed upon the cheek of his ass that had become exposed.

Lifting one foot to the cushions of the couch, Linda sipped her beer and idly fondled her crotch, looking at her son, letting a horny feeling grow within her body. She rubbed at

the tight crotch of hen shorts almost absents mindedly, toying with the hair sticking out. When she saw her son flexing the cheeks of his ass, pressing his cock against the carpet, she knew what he was feeling.

Placing her bottle of beer on the end table, she moved to her, knees and walked on her knees toward him. Sitting back on her heels she ran her hand up his thigh and smiled softly when he turned to look at her. "I can't resist touching this ass any longer," she whispered. "I've been sitting there looking at you long enough."

She ran her hand under the flap of the shorts, caressing her hot palm over the smooth skin of his ass cheek. She ran her fingers into the crack of her son's ass and squeezed hard, hearing a soft, low grunt of pleasure come from Dan. Touching him this way caused the heat in her cunt to burn with a fierce flame. She shoved her other hand between her thighs and rubbed at her pussy as she fondled his ass. Sliding her fingers down and under, she tickled his balls for a moment, then moved her hand underneath him.

Just as she had thought, his cock was hard. She took his prick in her fist when he lifted his hips. Holding his cock tightly, she jerked his prick a bit, then drew her hand back to his ass. "Honey, if you would turn over, I'd suck

your cock."

Dan was quick to flip onto his back. His cock made a becoming bulge there, and she eagerly pulled his cock free of the jogging shorts. A soft mewl of pleasure bubbled from her lips as she gazed upon her son's cock. She never tired of looking at his prick. Shoving the crotch of his shorts to one side, she revealed his balls.

Leaning forward, she brushed her hot, wet lips across the head of her son's cock, shivering as she felt the smoothness against her lips. Darting her tongue forth, she scraped it over his piss hole. She began lapping at his piss hole, short urgent taps with the tip. The taste of his cock, of that dripping fuck juice, sent a sparkling need rushing to her cunt.

As she opened, her mouth and sucked the head of her son's cock deep into her mouth, she felt him moving a hand along her inner thigh, sliding it up to her cunt. She mewled with delight as he cupped her pussy, and her tongue swirled about the swollen sweetness of his cock as she sucked.

"I wanna lick you, too, Mother," he gurgled. "Come on and let me lick your cunt, Mother!"

With a giggle of pleasure, she left his cock long enough to unzip her shorts, then to peel them off with some difficulty. Naked, except

for her tight halter, she swung her thigh over her son's face, pressing her hot thighs against his head as she leaned over his cock. Tugging the crotch of his shorts far to one side, she began to lap her wet tongue about the throbbing prick shaft, down to his balls. She licked at Dan's balls and wiggled her naked ass when she felt his tongue sliding along her thigh, moving toward her now-blazing cunt.

She slid her tongue past his balls, her hands underneath his ass, pulling the ass cheeks wide and lifting him. She darted her tongue against his tight asshole just as her son thrust his tongue into her hairy, twitching cunt. Linda lapped greedily and happily at her son's asshole, pleased at the way his balls felt against her chin, his cock throbbing beautifully against her neck. His tongue fluttered along the sensitive walls of her cunt, then she felt her clit clamped between his lips. Dan sucked upon his mothers s inflamed clit as he ran his tongue over the tip. He was clutching her naked ass with both hands, caressing now and then, but mostly squeezing those shapely ass cheeks.

With her lips wide open, she drew her tongue out of his asshole and worked it about his balls, then she licked up the hard cock shaft to the smooth, dripping prick head again. Using the flat surface of her tongue, she licked

up the fuck juices there, moaning with increasing ecstasy. She wiggled her ass when. Dan began fucking his tongue in and out of her wet, creamy cunt. Closing her lips tightly about his cock, she went down. Pressing her lips against the base of his prick, she gurgled as the cock head probed at her constricted throat. She gnawed at his cock, then sucked up with a strong motion. She loved the way his cock jerked and throbbed between her lips, against her tongue. His tongue was going quite deep into her cunt, wiggling energetically. Linda, gliding her hot lips up and down on his prick, began to writhe her crotch into her son's mouth, grinding slowly but with intense pleasure. Soon she was fucking her hairy cunt up and down on his mouth, fucking his tongue. She could hear the liquid sounds he made while licking at her steamy cunt, and she moaned as her lips began to race faster and faster on his delicious hard cock.

She was not the only one humping up and down. Dan was groaning from the ecstasy his mother's hot, wet mouth gave his cock, and he began to fuck up and down. Linda clung to his ass cheeks, holding her head still and letting him fuck her in the mouth. He fucked deep with each lunge, and she wanted him deeper yet. Her lips held his prick tightly and her tongue kept moving as he fucked her

mouth. She made a very tight sheath for her son's beautiful cock, her lips burning with intense desire. The bottom lip of her son was crushing her distended clit, his upper lip tantalizingly near her asshole, his nose snorting hot air against her ass. They were both shaking as she felt her orgasm swelling like a fire within her cunt, as Dan felt his balls becoming very tight, and his cock was swelling even more as his discharge boiled about in his body.

Linda twisted and ground her cunt into her son's mouth and sucked up on his cock as he, withdrew, moaning as he fucked back in. Her fingers dug harshly into the tight cheeks of his ass, her hair swirling about her face. Sounds of intense ecstasy bubbled from them both as they struggled to bring the other off. Churning her ass about as though she had a cock inside her cunt instead of a tongue, Linda began to sob as her ecstasy became almost unbearable. Her orgasm was so close, yet it tormented her by fading and glowing alternately. Her son's cock in her mouth was throbbing more and more, and he seemed to be dripping more fuck juice into her mouth. She was aware that he was on the verge of discharge, too. She sucked powerfully and hungrily on Dan's rigid prick, her tongue swirling and licking like a flame. She was desperate to have his cock juice

squirting over her tongue, against the inner cheeks of her mouth, down her throat. She was almost mindless with desire to feel her cunt convulse with those intensely ecstatic spasms. Her son was rubbing hard at the crinkle of her asshole now, his tongue plunging and licking with frantic, hunger. She slipped one of her fingers to his asshole and quickly thrust it up her ass. She felt a stretching of her asshole as Dan began to fingerfuck her ass as his tongue fucked her cunt. Her climax was close, so very close.

With a scream of mindless ecstasy, Linda slammed her cunt down hard against her son's face, those hairy, slippery pussy lips finally convulsing with a powerful orgasm. Her asshole became very tight around his fucking finger as she came, and his tongue fucked in and out, fucking in a frenzy.

Another muffled scream erupted from her as she felt her son's cock explode, sending burning, gushing globs of sweet come juice flowing over her tongue. Nothing had ever tasted sweeter to her as she gobbled furiously. His cock spewed and gushed until she thought the flood would never end. She swallowed with pleasure, working her tongue about his spurting cock. She pressed the tip of her tongue against his piss hole as if trying to hold back the tide of come juice, but only because she

wanted to experience the full taste of that sweetness.

"Uh… uh… uh!" she heard Dan groaning against her cunt. "Uh, uh, uh!"

"Mmmmmmm!" she replied with a liquid murmur, whipping her spasming cunt against his mouth and tongue.

Dan came so much that some come juice escaped her tight lips and ran down the side of his cock. As soon as she was sure he finished coming, she ran her tongue down his prick quickly to lick it all up.

When she rolled onto her back, her cunt still glowing with pleasure, she ran a finger about his balls to wipe away a glob of come juice she had missed. She brought her finger to her mouth and licked it off.

Dan rolled onto his side and kissed his mother's still-quivering thigh, running his fingers through the thick curls of her pussy.

For a moment, neither of them heard the knock at the front door.

"Oh, my God, Dan!" Linda squealed, sitting up and grabbing for her shorts. "Someone's at the door."

"It sounds like Hank's knock, Mother," he said.

"But it might be a salesman or something." She climbed to her feet. "You answer it, darling… I'll run to the bedroom and put my

shorts back on."

Dan waited as his mother ran down the hall. He watched the jiggle of her shapely ass, his eyes showing his pleasure.

When Linda returned, her shorts on now, she found it was indeed Hank. She greeted the teen and sat down. From the way Hank looked at her, she suspected he had come over with the hopes she would be alone. She grinned wickedly at him in a teasing way, her eyes lowering significantly to the front of his shorts. Like her son, he was wearing joggling shorts. They were quite popular now, she realized. She wished, though, that the guys would go naked under them. That way she might get lucky and see a flash of a cock now and then.

Dan and Hank discussed the comic books, but Linda could see neither teen was interested in such things at this moment. She stretched her long thighs out, scooting her ass to the edge of the cushions. Strands of cunt hair could be seen by the teens, and she watched her son's reaction carefully. But Dan didn't seem to mind that his friend could see his mother's cunt hair or the swell of her succulent pussy lips.

Hank, she noticed, was starting to get a hard-on from glancing at her. Pretending a yawn, she stretched her arms high above her

head, causing her shapely tits to arch out, her nipples probing the fabric of her halter. She bowed her back, then finished her yawn, but she was watching the teens from slitted eyes. They, in turn, were watching her. Dan and Hank both were now looking at her openly, and she could see those eyes burning with erotic desire. Even Dan, who had recently come so strongly into her mouth, was showing signs of a hard-on again.

Getting to her feet, she stood and stretched, but her eyes were trained on the teens. She arched her shapely ass outward, noticing the way their eyes followed her. She started to go from the room, her ass waving in a tantalizing, inviting manner. She paused at the entrance of the hall, looking over her shoulder at them. Both youths were looking at her ass with unconcealed desire. With a silent giggle, she moved down the hall and into her bedroom. There, she undressed and pulled a short, almost-hip-high robe on. She belted it loosely at her waist, then went back into the hall. She stepped into the hall bathroom, wondering how to proceed with this. She couldn't simply walk into the living room and say what she wanted. It might embarrass both Dan and Honk. Maybe they didn't want to fuck her at the same time. Guys could be funny that way, she realized.

As she stood thinking about it; she heard a noise. Turning, she found her son standing there looking at her. She smiled at him as he came in. Turning, she closed her arms about him and hugged him tightly. She came very close to telling her son what she wanted. But his hands had conic up under the bottom of the short robe, holding her ass while she kissed him. There was a sudden and unexpected flare of desire inside her.

Twisting about so her ass was pressing against him, she mewled, "Fuck me, Dan! Oh, fuck me now, please!"

She leaned on the sink, writhing and twisting her ass. She gurgled as she felt her son shove the short robe to her waist, then his cock was moving against her pooching cunt.

"What about Hank, Mother?" he whispered against her back just as his cock slid into her cunt. "He might see us. I didn't shut the door.

"Fuck Hank!" she hissed back at him, her ass moving as Dan's cock went deep. "Let him see us fucking, I don't care!"

She heard a giggle from her son as he began to fuck into her. She twisted her ass, sighing as his cock throbbed between the greedy lips of her cunt. She had told Dan the truth, she didn't care if Hank saw him fucking her..

she wanted to be seen while fucking by anyone

who cared to watch. But especially by Hank because that would created the right atmosphere so she could fuck them both.

"Ohhhh, darling, fuck that hot cunt!" she whimpered in a low voice. "I don't care if Hank catches us fucking. I just don't care!"

"Me, either," her son grunted. "He can watch. Maybe you'll let him have some pussy, huh, Mother?"

A tremor of ecstasy shook her as she heard her son say that. She shot her ass back, humping with him, his cock fucking in and out of her clasping cunt with a great speed now. His balls swung about, sending more delight burning through her.

Already, she was coming. Her cunt was going through wave after wave of gripping orgasm. In her mind, she was fucking them both now, a cock taking turns in her hot, wet cunt. The thought was enough to make her churn her ass furiously as multiple orgasms seared every nerve of her beautiful body. Dan clung to his mother's tits with both hands, his chest pressed against her back, grunting as he fucked his cock in and out.

She became aware that they were trying to control the noise they made, and that seemed foolish to her. If she was going to fuck them both, then Hank should know right now that she was fucking her son. Yet, they continued

trying to be quiet. The door was wide open, and sounds carried in this house. She felt Hank would come in search of Dan, see them fucking in a frenzy there.

With a grunt, she felt her son fucking hard and deep into her spasming cunt, then he was coming. The come juice boiled hotly into her pussy, causing her to shake with a final orgasm.

She felt her son pull his prick free, and, on weak legs, she stood up and faced him. She leaned down and kissed him on his mouth, quickly. "I'm going to get in the tub, darling," she whispered. "If you don't mind, and you mean what you said, I want you and Hank to come in and wash my back, okay?"

Dan's eyes lit up and he grinned happily. "I mean it, Mother. Hank is gonna love fucking you. He thinks you're the prettiest woman on this block."

She laughed with delight, "Don't you two come in here until I call, you hear me?"

As her son left, she turned the faucets and ran the tub full of water. She tossed in bubble soap, and, watching the bubbles form, shivering with anticipation. Removing her robe, she stepped into the tub and sank down. The water and the bubbles came to her nipples, and she leaned back, making her nipples go under the water. She lay there for a while, feeling the

warm water and silky bubbles against her flesh. She rested her head at the end of the tub, lifting a long leg and gazing at it.

Hank had not said anything to Dan about fucking her, if what Dan had said meant anything. Hank was more aggressive than her son, and she hoped Dan would not be too shy with him there.

Lowering her thigh, her whole body concealed in the soapy water, she called out softly, but loud enough so the guys could hear.


"Dan, come wash my back, please."

She waited, her cunt throbbing with expectancy. She wondered how to do this, wondered if she should suck on those sweet cocks. She knew the answers to those questions, but it was thrilling to consider them over and over as she waited.

But no one showed up at the bathroom door.

Puzzled, she called again. "Dan!"

Still there was.no answer.

She hoped they had not left the house. After all, Dan had seemed quite eager for this. She listened, but couldn't hear anything. If they had been talking, even low, she should have been able to hear something, she thought. She was almost irritated with her son and was about to climb out of the tub and go in search of him. But she remained there, thinking of going nakedly and soapily through the house until she found them. She would tell both guys in blunt terms what she wanted of them, and if they wouldn't fuck her… well, Linda didn't know what she would do.

Then she sensed their presence.

Looking up, her eyes went wide.

Both Dan and flank stood in the door of

the bathroom, and they had removed their jogging shorts. Both had very hard cocks, pointing toward her. Dan was grinning with excitement and Hank had a smile plastered al over his face.

"Surprise, Mother!" Dan laughed, arching his cock out proudly.

"I guess it is a surprise," Linda murmured in a throaty voice. "I called, no answer."

"We talked it over," Dan said. "This is what we thought we'd do."

"Mmmm," Linda murmured as her gaze moved from cock to cock. "I think I see a couple of beautiful hard-ons."

"You still want us to wash your back?" Dan asked.

"Among other things," she said.

The guys came to the tub, both dropping to their knees. Dan took the sponge and Hank held a wash cloth. But it was not her back they washed. Linda lifted a creamy thigh from the water, shoving it into the air. She gurgled as she watched their hands moving about her slippery leg. The guys' eyes glowed with hot desire as they did more feeling than washing.

She watched and felt their hands move about her flesh. Linda's cunt began to bubble with steamy heat. She murmured softly when Hank's hands came to her tits. She slid up in the tub, her tits coming out of the bubbles.

Her nipples were hard and tingling as Hank began to pinch and twist at them. Her son, watching what Hank did with her nipples, shoved his hand along her inner thigh and caressed her hairy cunt underneath the water.

"This isn't going to last long," she whimpered as desire flared within her. "I can't take much more of those hands on me."

The guys pulled away, and Linda stood up in the tub. Bubbles clung to her, and she stepped from the water. "You can both dry me," she murmured, her voice sounding sultry.

She wiggled about as they each used a huge towel on her. They spent more time drying her tits and ass and between her thighs than anyplace else. In fact, when they finished, her back was still wet.

But who cared?

When the guys stood, she closed her fingers about each cock, her palms burning with the throbbing hardness. She stood between the guys for a moment, slowly squeezing and jacking them.

"I think we better find someplace with more room, don't you two?"

She walked from the bathroom, the guys behind her. She felt a hand on each of her ass cheeks, and could not resist a teasing wiggle for them. They did not go to her bedroom and the big bed there, Instead Linda led the guys

back to the living room.

With heat glowing hatter and more powerful within her naked body, Linda sank to her knees and rested her head on the couch. She lifted her ass into the air and waggled her ass with open, delicious invitation.

"I want you both to fuck me, take turns with my cunt," she moaned with passion. "Take turns fucking me! First one, then the other! Come on, fuck me!"

Hank was quick to drop to his knees behind her wiggling ass. Linda mewled as his cock entered her cunt without hesitation. She felt him grip her hips with his fingers as he fucked back and forth. Just as she asked, though, he withdrew and let Dan fuck his cock into her cunt. The guys took turns fucking her, and, while one had his cock up her burning cunt, the other would play with her ass and tits, squeezing and pulling her nipples.

Being fucked by two guys, one of them her son, was just as exciting as she had thought it would be. She loved the feel of them changing places behind her waving ass, the quick fuck of one cock, then the other, into her gripping cunt. She moaned hotly and waved her naked ass about as the excitement increased.

She was coming already, and her cunt clutched at the cocks as they changed places.

The guys were breathing with their effort, but it was more with excitement than effort, she thought.

Dan, while Hank was fucking her, shoved his head under his mother's body and sucked on her tits, finding her clit with his fingers as Hank fucked his cock back and forth. Linda was feeling more ecstasy than ever before, and. her cunt continued to explode with shattering orgasms. She thought it would keep on forever and ever, and, at this moment, she hoped it would.

Somehow she had been turned over, and now she was on the couch, her ass hanging off the edge. Her legs were wide and Hank was fucking her vigorously. Her son knelt at her side on the couch, rubbing the wet piss hole of his cock about her tits. Linda clasped her son's balls and fondled them, arching her cunt up and down to the rhythm of Hank's fucking. She sighed and whimpered as they fucked her one after the other, and when her son was fucking her and Hank moved his cock toward her mouth, Linda eagerly-hungrily-sucked his prick between her lips, clawing at his balls with one hand..

Her lips stretched, around Hank's cock just as her cunt stretched about her son's cock. Having two hard cocks fucking her cunt and mouth at the same time sent Linda into

mind reeling orgasms all over again. Her crotch churned furiously up and down as Dan fucked her and her tongue licked hotly on Hank's cock as he fucked his prick in and out of her tight, wet lips.

Then the two guys changed places.

She quickly gobbled her son's cock into her hungry mouth just as Hank fucked his cock into her cunt. Hank reached up and squeezed one tit as he fucked her, and her son was digging his fingers into her other tit as she sucked his prick.

As they switched places again, Linda moaned, "I want to suck… I want to fuck! Ohhh, this is so fucking good-two hard cocks in me! Ah, fuck the piss out of me, both of you! Oooo, give me those sweet, beautiful pricks!"

And her mouth was stuffed again before she could say more. Her naked body writhed and churned with the intense, mindless ecstasy she had been anticipating far some time. Her son fucked into her hairy cunt with all his strength, and Hank was fucking her mouth swiftly, grunting with pleasure. It seemed to Linda that her body was one huge, glorious orgasm, exploding time and again. Every nerve of her hot, wet pussy was burning, melting like butter on a stove. Even her lips and tongue seemed to be having orgasms, and she wondered with a foggy mind if such a thing

was possible.

She didn't know how the two guys could keep on fucking her cunt and mouth so long. If they were as excited as she was, she thought, they would surely be gushing that sweet come juice already.

But she was glad they still fucked her this way.

Her hips churned lewdly up and down, grinding against whichever cock was fucking her at the moment. Her lips sucked either prick that was fucked into her mouth with greedy delight.

As she sucked on her son's cock, she knew he was watching his friend fuck his cock into her cunt. She knew seeing this excited her son, could tell by the harsh grunts of pleasure he made. Also, the fact that Hank not only watched her fucking her son, but was taking part, created more erotic pleasure for her than she thought possible.

Hank had his cock buried deep inside, her cunt when he came. She was mouthing her son's prick with desperate hunger when she felt Hank's cock squirt his thick come juice into her pussy. As his come juice splashed about the satiny walls of her insatiable pussy, she sucked with more power on her son's cock. Her efforts was rewarded.

"I'm gonna come, Mother!" Dan

shouted. "I'm gonna come in your cocksucking mouth!"

And her mouth was suddenly flooded with the sweetness of her son's bubbling come juice.

Linda, ecstatic to have her cunt flooded and her mouth filled with precious, sweet come juice almost simultaneously, came and came and came. Her naked body twisted about, churning and bouncing erotically. The thick taste of her son's come juice coating her tongue and burning down her throat, the squirting of Hank's cock up her boiling cunt, came very close to sending Linda into a faint.

"Oh! Oh, my God, my God!" she whimpered as her son's cock pulled out of her mouth. Her body would not stop shaking; the ecstasy continued to burn. "Ohhh! That was fantastic!"

When she was able to focus her eyes, she saw the-two guys were excited and amused by her response to two cocks. They sat on the floor, looking up at her. She had been unable to draw her ass back up on the couch, and it still hung over with her knees wide. Her cunt still pulsated, and she was sure her nipples would melt away. Every part of her body tingled with the mast fantastic sensations, her body glowing with the aftermath of pleasure.

"You like that, Mother?" Dan asked,

caressing her knee and thigh tenderly. "Did you really like that?"

"Oh, yes, darling!" she murmured in a tired voice. "I loved it! I loved it very much!"

"Let's do it again," Hank said, and she saw that his cock was standing up again.

"I don't believe it," she said, finally sitting upright on the couch. She leaned forward, her hands on her knees, and looked at them. "I just don't believe those cocks can stay so fucking hard."

The guys were quite proud of their ability, and rightly so.

Moving her hands about her body, Linda laughed, a low, husky sound. "I'm so full of come juice… my cunt and mouth." She sighed with happiness and hugged her body tightly, grinning at them. "Both of you came so much, you probably don't have anymore in those precious balls right now.

"I do!" Dan said; caressing his balls. "I always have it for you, Mother."

She arched her eyes at Hank, who responded, "I've got plenty, too, Linda."

"We'll see about that," she said, standing up, feeling strength returning to her legs. "But later. Right now I need something cold to drink. How about you guys?"

She brought them soft drinks and a beer for herself, sitting on the floor with them. The guys thought it adventurous to sit naked with her. She crossed her legs in front of her body, her hairy cunt revealed, her tits hardly drooping. She could not get over the way those cocks remained so hard. Both of them stood up from their sweet balls, throbbing gently as the guys drank their soft drinks.

Amy came to her mind.

Amy, her very best friend, the woman who had suggested this in the first place. But Amy was all talk, she felt. Amy loved to excite herself by saying things like fucking their sons to make her cunt hotter… but Amy was not going to so much as touch her own son's lovely cock. She remembered Amy's enjoyment as Dan had fucked her. She doesn't know what she's missing, Linda thought.

Finished with the drinks, the two guys, after glancing mischievously at each other, suddenly flung themselves upon Linda, wrestling her to the floor. She whooped and laughed as hands moved about her cunt, her ass, her tits. She grabbed for cocks and balls every chance she

had, and the guys laughed with her. They soon became tired of wrestling, though, and Linda lay on the floor between them. She held a hard cock in each hand, jacking them slowly and affectionately. The guys took turns kissing her mouth, thrusting their tongues deep, and each sucked on a fiery nipple, Having her tits sucked by them both was pleasant to Linda, a tingle of warmth coursing up and down her slightly trembling naked body.

As they sucked greedily at her tits, they fondled her quivering stomach, ran their hands through the thick curls of her pussy, and rubbed at her clit. She loved the sensation of a palm moving up the sensitive inner surfaces of her bug thighs, the fingers barely brushing the puffy lips of her pulsating cunt. She squeezed their cocks hard enough to bring grunts of delight from them.

Cradling both Dan's and Hank's balls in her hot hands, Linda was ready for more of those cocks. At the moment, she didn't care where they shoved them-her cunt, her mouth, her asshole… just as long as she put them inside her heated body.

"I'm ready for more," she murmured, arching her crotch up as she spread her thighs wide. "I'm ready for more fucking, you two."

"I wanna get sucked off," Dan said in a thick voice.

"You were just sucked off, darling," she replied. "Don't you love mother's cunt anymore?"

"Sure I do, but I wanna get sucked off now, again."

"You know I'll suck your cock, darling." "I do, too," Hank said. "I like how hot and wet your mouth is on my prick, Linda."

"Well, now. We're going to have us a small problem, aren't we?" she said in a low voice. "I can't suck both of you at the same time. I'll have to suck you one at a time, so you better decide who's first."

"Me!" Dan shouted.

"No, me!" Hank echoed.

"She's my mother," Dan said belligerently. "If you wanna get sucked off, go ask your own mother, Hank."

"Now let's just think about this," Linda intervened. "I can suck both, but we're not going to have any fighting about it, understand?"

"I'm sorry, Linda," Hank said quickly. "I am, too, Mother." "Good." She smiled at them. "Now, let's think how we can do this." She frowned, then said. "I know!"

"How, Mother?"

"Both of you stand up, one at each of my shoulders."

The guys did so, and as she sat on the floor between them, she saw their cocks were level with her face. She ran a hand up between Dan's and Hank's thighs, cupped their balls for a moment or so, then slipped her hand between and up. She held a tight ass cheek with both palms, turning her face to her son's cock. She slipped her lips over the swollen prickhead and mewled softly as the taste of his dripping fuck juices coated her tongue. She sucked back and forth on her son's cock for a while, her hot mouth gliding smoothly. Then she turned to Hank, drew his cock deep into her mouth, sucking with pleasure.

Looking up at their delighted faces, she whispered, "I can take turns, just like you two took turns with my cunt and mouth."

Linda swirled her tongue about the throbbing hardness of Hank's cock, then licked at his balls, his prick sliding about her face. She repeated this with her son, then went from one to the other, her eyes open and blazing with erotic enjoyment. Her lips stretched about a hard, delicious cock, and she sucked back and forth while jacking on the other. She drew them as close to her lips as she could, and managed to run her tongue about the swollen cock heads almost at the same time. There was no difference in the taste of them, nor in the slippery juices on her tongue.

"Fuck my mouth," she groaned, stroking both pricks with her fists as she looked excitedly up at them. "Take turns fucking me in my mouth, please!"

Hank fucked his cock into Linda's mouth, fucking his prick deep into her throat. Linda gurgled with delight as his cock burned her stretching lips, sliding over her wet tongue. She let him fuck into her mouth for a while, then turned to accept the throbbing prick of her son. As they fucked her this way, she clutched them each by a tight, bunching ass cheek.

As one fucked her mouth, she could feel the other cock, anxiously awaiting its turn, pressing at her cheek. It was as good to her as it had been when they took turns with her hot cunt. She loved the throbbing hardness of their pricks in her mouth, the dripping piss holes smearing her tongue. She knew sucking cock was as good to her as having them fucking into her cunt or asshole. She enjoyed a cock in every fuckhole her body contained, and would take their pricks wherever the guys wanted to fuck her.

She could feel them trembling, feel their ass cheeks shivering against her palms. Her cunt was pulsating as her pussy always did when she had a cock inside her mouth. Already there was a boiling feeling of an intense orgasm in

the pit of her stomach. There was no doubt that she, too, could come just by sucking them off, thrilling to the hot gush of sweet come juice down her throat.

The guys talked above her head, but what they talked about she didn't hear. She heard words like "cocksucker" and "mouth fucker" and "cunt," but they made no sense to her in her state of mind. The words themselves, coming from her son and Hank, did, however, inflame her to greater efforts, making her swirl her tongue about the cocks as they changed places frequently.

Despite the burning ecstasy, Linda was still thinking of some way to make Amy fuck Hank. She was unable to give all that much thought to it, however, because feeling those hard, throbbing cocks fucking in and out of her mouth in turn created a storm of pleasure within her naked body. A series of orgasms were exploding in a gentle way between her thighs, each becoming progressively stronger. She was mewling and whimpering about the cocks, sucking as hard as she could as they fucked her mouth.

She was so inflamed with desire, with burning passion, she didn't know whose cock was in her mouth as the sweetness of thick come juice spurted into it. All she was aware of was the filling of her mouth, of a throbbing cock

spewing that precious juice down her throat. Hardly had this cock finished spewing than the other prick was plunging excitedly into her mouth. The cock managed to fuck two or three times before the hot flood of come juice came forth.

Her pussy, already going through a series of orgasms, suddenly erupted into a powerful spasm that almost caused her to clutch at her stomach. As it was, she lost the squirting cock for a moment, and come juice was suddenly smearing her face. She hungrily pulled the gushing prickhead back into her mouth and swallowed what was left.


Linda still had not come up with any plan to make Amy back up her words.

She had thought about it for two days, two days in which she was constantly being fucked by her son and Hank. She had sucked so much come juice into her throat, she wondered how her stomach contained it. They had fucked her until her cunt was almost sore-almost, but not quite. Hank had enjoyed feeling his cock inside her tight asshole, and only last night she had been fucked by a cock in her cunt and asshole at the same time.

That had been very good, and the guys enjoyed it, too.

She had found out Hank was quite eager to fuck his mother, but he didn't know any more than Linda about how to go about it. He was surprised, but pleased, when Linda told him his mother had suggested this in the first place. Hank confessed that he had seen his mother naked once, and that she had been on her bed, fingerfucking herself that time.

"So I know my mom has a hot cunt," he had said.

"I'll see what I can do," she had promised Hank.

She sat now, two days later, having coffee

with Amy. Amy, she thought, looked very nice. Dressed in a white pleated skirt that swirled about her tantalizing thighs and a cream-colored blouse that emphasized the hilt roundness of those tits, Amy looked edible.

"Amy," she said slowly, trying to find words to encourage the beautiful woman, "why did you bring up fucking Dan and Hank if you had no intention of doing it in the first place?"

"Because it's exciting to think about, Linda." Amy grinned at her. "It makes me all hot and eager when I talk about Hank, and wonder what it would be like to fuck my own son."

"Believe me," Linda replied, "fucking your son would be great. I love to fuck Dan."

"I love fucking him, too. But somehow, I guess I'm not ready to fuck Hank. I want to. I know that. But Hank would probably never look at me again."

"That's sheer bull shit, Amy."

"You seem so sure."

Amy gazed at Linda, shifting her ass on the chair. Linda watched the pleated skirt ride up a silken thigh.

"Hank said he would like to fuck you," she murmured.

"Hank said that?" Amy's eyes opened.

"My son said he wanted to fuck me? Are sure that's what he said, Linda?"

Linda nodded.

"I'd die with embarrassment."

"You'd die with ecstasy," Linda laughed. "You know, Amy. Hank saw you fingerfucking before."

Amy's face flamed. "He did not!"

"Then he has a very vivid imagination," Linda said. "He described your hairy twat perfectly."

"Oh, that bastard!" Amy said with a hot flush. "I'll whip his ass good. Imagine, spying on me!"

"Not spying, Amy, peeking. There's a difference."

"What else did he say?"

"Oh, many things," Linda replied, stretching the truth as she watched Amy's eyes light up with excitement. "He said he liked your cunt, that he would love to stick his cock in there and fuck you good. He mentioned something about wanting to lick your pussy, I think."

Amy groaned, holding her stomach and bending, over, her eyes shining. "Ohhh, I'm going to come!"

"Go ahead," Linda said. "If you prefer to come just talking about Hank this way, that's your privilege. But you'd come a lot better if

you felt his strong hard cock inside your wet cunt."

Amy's eyes became glassy and she pressed her hand into her skirt and widened her thighs.

"I wonder…" Amy whispered.

"You wonder what?"

"Where Hank is."

Linda's pulse raced. "You want to do it, Amy?"

"God, yes!"

"Leave it to me, then," Linda said. "You stay here with me. The guys will be here soon."

Amy, with her eyes hot and glazed, murmured, "I hope I can do it…God, I hope I won't be too embarrassed."

"You won't be," Linda promised. Linda watched Amy as they waited. Amy was very nervous, but she was also quite anxious. It showed on her lovely face and in her blazing eyes. Linda was becoming anxious, too. She wanted to watch Hank fuck his cock into his mother's cunt, that hairy pussy she had been tongue fucking for some time. She hoped that, if Amy enjoyed fucking her son, it would not end what they had together. She thought of the way she had looked upon sucking Amy's cunt after she had started fucking Dan. For a while she had not wanted to continue with Amy that way, but now she

realized she did want to keep cunt lapping. A pussy was a delicious contrast to a cock, and Amy had such a soft, furry, hot pussy.

No, she would not stop sucking that cunt, and she hoped Amy would want to continue, too.

Her gaze moved to the knees of the woman. The white skirt was halfway up now, and the golden thighs were inviting. Linda could not resist caressing her palm over one knee, trailing her fingers up the smooth inner surface of one thigh.

She had her hand just under the hem of the pleated skirt, her fingers feeling their way to that cunt, when the door opened and they heard the two guys come in.

Amy jumped and immediately tried to shove Linda's hand from her thigh, but Linda refused to move.

That was how the guys found their mothers. Amy could hardly look at her son as they stood there in the doorway, both guys watching Linda's hand under Amy's skirt. She saw the heat that came into the eyes of her son, and, as her gaze drifted to the front of his jeans, sucked in a hiss of air. She saw the rising bulge of his cock.

Dan, with a huge grin, came to stand next to his mother, draping an arm about her shoulders and letting his palm cup her tit. Amy

was holding her breath, unable to pull her gaze from her son's pants. She trembled as Hank moved up at her side, and performed the same maneuver that Dan did. She thought she would come as her son's hand curled about one of her thrusting, spongy tits.

Linda, with hot eyes, saw what Hank did, and she urged Amy, "Let him feel your tit, Amy."

Amy, with a flush on her face, slowly and nervously moved her hand up to place it atop her son's hand. Then she pressed his palm tightly against her tit.

Dan now stood behind his mother, and Linda took his hands and shoved them into her summer sweater, curling his fingers about her tits as she watched Amy. She mewled softly as she saw Amy unbutton her blouse with shaking fingers. As Amy pulled her blouse apart, exposing her tits to her son, Linda, and Dan, Hank sucked in a hot breath and immediately began to squeeze his mother's tits and twist her sensitive nipples.

"See how easy it is; Amy," Linda whispered.

"Ohhh," Amy mewled, and she suddenly darted her hand to her son's crotch. "Oh God!"

Hank, not nearly as nervous as his mother, leaned down and shoved his lips against hers.

Linda laughed with soft pleasure as she saw Amy start to suck on Hank's tongue, her hand working about his concealed cock.

"Take your son's cock out, Amy," she urged in a hot voice. "Take Hank's cock out and stroke it, feel it. You'll love his cock, I promise."

But before Amy could fumble with the zipper of her son's pants, Hank released his mother's tits and unzipped them himself.

Feverish now, Amy shoved her hand boldly into Hank's open pants and withdrew his cock. Her eyes flamed as if she had a roaring fire within her body, and Linda thought the woman would come just from having her fingers wrapped about that cock.

Amy was moaning with intense pleasure and desire as she stroked her son's prick, her eyes watching the piss hole drip.

"Kiss his cock, Amy," Linda encouraged. "Give your son's cock a wet, hot kiss!"

With a wail of ecstasy, Amy shoved her wet lips to the head of her son's cock, kissing moistly. A dreamy expression came over her lovely face, and her lips opened. Suddenly she engulfed Hank's cock with a greedy hunger. Amy began to suck with vigorous pleasure. She made hot sounds deep in her throat as her son's cock stretched her lips.

Linda and Dan watched with excitement.

They saw Hank move his hands to his mother's tits again as she sucked his prick with wet sounds. Amy held her son by his hips, pushing and pulling-him, making him fuck her mouth as much as she sucked his cock. Her skirt had come up higher, and most of her long, inviting thighs were now revealed. Linda reached out and shoved Amy's white skirt high. When Amy lifted her ass a bit, Linda pressed the skirt to her waist; and was delighted to see that Amy was naked underneath it.

She nodded to her son, Dan and he moved from her and dropped to his knees near Amy. He pulled Amy's legs apart and shoved his face between them. Amy, feeling Dan there, left her son's cock long enough to wail, "Lick me, Dan!" And then her mouth wrapped about Hank's cock again, sucking in a frenzy once more.

Linda sat back in her chair, pulling her own skirt high and then placing her heels on the edge of the chair. She parted her legs wide, and began to rub her hairy cunt as she watched Amy fucking Hank's cock and her own son licking that hairy cunt.

The moist sounds of cocksucking and cunt licking filled the room, and Linda rubbed her distended clit and fingerfucked herself at the same time, intensely aroused by what she was

seeing. Amy was devouring her son's cock and twisting her ass about, grinding her cunt into Dan's slurping mouth.

Hank unbuttoned his jeans and they fell to his feet. Amy twisted his previous balls with one hand now, her lips gobbling his cock with a desperate fury, her other hand digging into his tight ass cheeks. She made whimpering sounds as Hank's cock fucked deep into her throat, and her hips churned into Dan's face.

"Make him come, Amy!" Linda shouted, thrusting her finger deep into her own tight pussy. "Make your son come in your hot, cocksucking mouth, Amy! Suck his sweet cock off… drink his thick come juice!"

Amy, with growls of heated desire, sucked very hard, her eyes closed to savor this first taste of her son's prick.

"I think I'm gonna come, Mom!" Hank shouted, his face contorting from the wet heat of his mother's mouth. "I'm gonna come!"

As she heard her son shout those words, Amy's mouth fucked back and forth on his throbbing cock. She was moaning with steaming desire, one of her hands now pressing at the back of Dan's head, holding his face tightly against her hairy pussy.

Linda saw Hank fuck his prick as deep as he could into his mother's mouth, and his body

shook. There was a liquid gurgling coming from Amy, and her throat worked as her son spurted his thick come juice into her mouth. Apparently, Linda thought, Amy was coming, too.. She was grinding her hairy cunt into Dan's face, making low, animal sounds deep in her throat.

When Hank finished coming into her mouth, Amy sucked her lips off his cock, leaning her head back with an expression of pure ecstasy on her beautiful fate. She pushed at Dan's head until she could close her thighs.

"Ohhhh," she moaned, still twisting her ass on the chair. Her lips glistened from sucking her son's cock, and then she sat up, grinning with delight. "I did it! I sucked my son's cock off! Oh, my God, Linda… you're right!"

Linda withdrew her finger from her cunt and offered it to her son. Dan licked at his mother's finger. "Well, Amy, are you ready to fuck your son now?" Linda asked.

Amy looked up at Hank. He was looking down at her with glowing eyes. Turning back to Linda, she said, her voice low but steamy, "Yes!"

But it didn't happen right away.

Linda, pulling her sweater off, poured a cup of coffee for each of them. She sat with her tits naked and Dan standing behind her as before, playing with them. She was pleased to

see that Amy now held her son's hands against her tits, and that she had not pulled her skirt down.

Amy, no longer nervous, toyed with her son's cock behind her head, rubbing his prick into her soft hair as she sipped her coffee. Linda knew Amy was anxious to feel her son's cock fucking into her cunt, so she didn't draw it out any longer.

"Shall we all go to the bedroom?" she asked. "The bed is big enough for all of us. That is, unless you want to fuck Hank privately… first, Amy?"

"Oh, no!" Amy mewled. "Watching and being watched is exciting. You know that, Linda."

"Well, what are we waiting for?" Hank said, squeezing his mother's tits. "I got a hard-on, Mom."

"Mmmm, so I see," Amy murmured, twisting her head about and kissing his cock.

Linda followed Amy and Hank, amused that they held hands like first-time lovers. Amy seemed to be looking at her son differently now, her eyes shining with love and desire.

In the bedroom, Amy was once more hesitant, but not because she didn't want to fuck Hank. "Maybe you think Linda has a prettier body than me, darling," she said to her son, undressing slowly.

"You're as beautiful as Linda, Mom," he assured her, stripping out of his clothing, his eyes trained on her.

Linda undressed herself, as Aid Dan. They were naked before Amy was, and she pulled Dan to the bed with her as Amy finished removing her clothing.

When she was naked, she drew Hank to her, pressing her stomach against his hard cock and drawing his mouth up to hers for a long hot kiss. Hank ran his hands about his mother's shapely ass, feeling the creamy ass cheeks, digging his fingers into the resilient mounds hard enough to make Amy gurgle with pleasure.

"Come on and fuck!" Linda said in a thick voice, jerking on Dan's cock as he felt between her thighs.

With a sudden squeal of pleasure, Amy jumped onto the bed, her thighs and naked ass flashing. She spread out on the bed, opening her thighs wide and arching her hair-lined cunt up into the air, holding her arms out to her son.

"Come on, Hank!" she hissed hotly. "Shove your lovely cock up my cunt! Ohhh, I'm so excited! Hurry, Hank… fuck me!"

Hank dropped between his mother's thighs. Linda reached over and held his cock at the base,

guiding Hank's prick to his mother's waiting pussy.

As his cock slipped into her cunt, Amy sighed with pleasure. She pulled her son down tightly against her rounded tits, holding him with strong arms as her hips began churning in a furious manner. She whimpered loudly as she whipped her cunt up and down on his fucking cock.

"Oh, God! Ooooo, God!" she wailed, writhing with burning passion. "Fuck me, Hank! Ohhh, fuck that sweet, hard cock up my hot cunt! Oh, I can't believe it! I'm fucking my son… and..oooooo, I'm coming! I'm coming already!"

Amy's body shuddered in a violent way, and her hips banged in a frenzy as her son fucked powerfully, fucking his prick as deep as he could into her gripping, convulsing cunt.

Hank lifted himself up, holding his weight with his hands on each side of his mother, fucking his cock in so hard they could all hear the moist slaps. Then Dan moved to one side of Amy and began to suck at her rigid nipple. Linda, shoving her mouth to the other tit, sucked along with her son. Hank was grunting hotly, and then with a loud groan, his body became very stiff.

"Ooooo!" Amy squealed. "You're coming in me, darling! Oh, I feel your cock coming in

my pussy! Come, come…oh, sweet come squirting in my hot cunt!"

A few minutes later, Dan was fucking Linda as Hank and his mother caressed and kissed each other, feeling the other's body feverishly.

Linda gazed at Hank and Amy with the knowledge that they were entering into a new, much more personal relationship than before. No longer would she and Amy lick each other, talk about fucking their sons.

Turning over, Linda drew her knees under her body and arched her rounded ass into the air, telling Dan to kneel behind her and fuck her this way. Amy, seeing this, drew herself into the same position, and Hank began fucking her.

"Let them take turns," Linda gasped. "They should switch those cocks back and forth, don't you think, Amy?"

"Yes, yes!" Amy groaned, scooting her face close to Linda's. She reached out and cupped one of Linda's tits, and Linda moved her hand to dig into Amy's tit. As the two guys began to change places, taking turns fucking each others mother, Linda and Amy kissed and sucked tongues, twisting nipples and squeezing tits. They grunted and mewled with the ecstasy of what they found with their sons.

"We'll turn them on," Linda whispered

against Amy's mouth, "by licking each other. We'll keep our guys excited and with hard cocks, sucking cunt, right, Amy?"

"Yes, oh, yes!" Amy whimpered, twirling hr uplifted ass eagerly as her son fucked into her cunt. "And we'll suck them off… and they can tonguefuck us and…ohhh, Linda, this is so sweet!"

"Want to take Hank's cock up your asshole?" Linda grunted as Dan fucked hard into her swinging, upraised ass. "Want to get fucked up the ass, tad?"

"Yes!" Amy wailed, shaking her ass against her son's fucking cock. "I want to do everything! Everything… with my son, your son, and oh… you, too, Linda!"

They held each other tightly as Hank and Dan fucked their mothers in a frenzy. Linda's cunt clamped upon her son's cock hotly and wetly, and she began to come. As she came, she heard the whimper of Amy coming around Hank's cock. She thrust her tongue into Amy's mouth, knowing there was going to be some ecstatic fucking times between the four of them from now on.