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The mother they shared

Kathy Andrews

Kathy Andrews

The mother they shared


Mandy Todd stretched her long, slender body on the huge towel, the hot sand beneath her. She rested her face on crossed arms, her smoldering eyes hidden behind dark glasses. Her rich auburn hair moved lazily in the slight breeze coming off the ocean.

Sitting at her side, her young son Derick was pouring tanning oil onto her back, rubbing it into her satiny flesh. His hands felt good on her skin, the slow way they moved up and down from her shoulders to her skimpy bikini bottom. She had untied her halter, not wanting to have a tell-tale strip of whiteness on her flesh. It was bad enough she had to wear the bottoms, as it was.

Mandy would have preferred to have been naked, completely naked, to the rays of the midday sun. But she certainly couldn't strip off on the public beach, with so many people around. She didn't like the public beach much, but it was all she had. She didn't like crowds, and the beach was very crowded, especially on weekends like this.

She murmured softly as Derick's hands kept up their movements, massaging her flesh gently, almost too lightly. She shifted her shoulders, finding a more comfortable pressure on her tits. To look at her, one would have thought she was dozing as her son rubbed the oil into her flesh, but Mandy was wide awake, her eyes open behind the dark sunglasses. She was watching the people, her eyes taking in the variety of bodies, the shapes and forms.

One young man especially caught her attention. He was sitting about ten feet away, leaning back, long muscular legs straight out. He wore a very tight, very brief bikini, and the bulge of his cock and balls was very pronounced. She could see a thin line of hair swirling from the swimsuit top, up to his navel. And she was excited by it. There was a tingle between her legs, her cunt moist inside the tight confines of her bikini bottoms.

With a sigh, she shifted her position again, parting her deliciously long legs, digging her toes into the warm sand.

"Your skin is so soft, Mom," she heard Derick say softly.

"Mmmm," she replied lazily.

"I like to feel your skin," he said as he worked his hands up and down her back.

She purred with excitement, gazing at the other young man, her eyes fixed upon the enticing bulge of his swimsuit. She wondered how big the guy's cock was, how big his balls were, if they were full, loaded. Mandy liked full balls, hot balls. She especially liked what they contained.

It had begun when she was very young, not yet a teenager…

She had been introduced to cock by her older brother, whom she had caught jacking off in the garage one afternoon. Fascinated, she had watched him, and felt no fear or embarrassment when he found her peeping at him. Her brother had continued to jack his prick, sliding his fist up and down, knowing she was watching. When he came, it took Mandy's breath away. It had excited her very much, watching his thick, white cum-load spurt high into the air, spattering back onto the garage floor.

The very next day, her brother had taken her, willingly, into his room and jacked off as she stood watching. Again, she felt a hot tingle between her thighs when he came. After that, she watched her brother jack off all the time, eventually exposing her young, pink cunt to him, at his request.

As the weeks went by, Mandy and her big brother would fondle themselves, watching each other, and it was during one of those times when she experienced her first orgasm. She had been sitting on the floor at her brother's feet, as he perched his ass on the edge of his bed, legs spread, pumping his cock and watching Mandy as she rammed her middle finger in and out of her hairless little cunt. When her brother came, his hot jism splashed over her slim thighs, and the feel of his cum on her skin had made her juicy little cunt convulse with orgasm for the first time.

They soon began to make each other come, with her brother playing with her steamy little cunt while she ran her tight fist up and down his hard, throbbing cock. When her brother came, his jism would run over her hand and wrist, and her tight little cunt would grab at his buried fingers, the spasms very intense and beautiful.

Oddly enough, her brother never attempted to fuck Mandy. Perhaps it just never entered their young minds that his cock could slide into her cunt, pump in and out, making them both come that way. What did enter Mandy's mind was to taste her brother's cock cream.

She did not put her mouth on his cock.

What she did was to open her mouth on an impulse as her brother squirted his jizz high. She had suddenly leaned over and caught his cum on her tongue and inside her mouth. The hot, sweet taste of his creamy cum sent her little cunt into contraction after contraction of ecstasy, squeezing his deeply inserted finger hard. Realizing this made her orgasms more intense, Mandy began to take her brother's jism into her mouth every time he came off.

Sometimes she simply leaned over his cock as he gushed cum, but more often than not she would sit on the floor, leaning back with her face tilted, mouth open, and let her big brother jack off into her mouth. Sometimes his aim wasn't very good, and her pretty face would be drenched with his milky cum, but she never minded at all. She no longer had to play with her cunt, nor did her brother, to make her come; the hot squirt of his slimy cum into her mouth was enough to make her pussy pulsate with the most delicious orgasms ever.

Her brother jacked off into her mouth up to the very day he got married. And they took up again where they had left off two years later, just before Mandy married. Then it stopped.

But she had never forgotten the pleasure her brother had given her.

He was the only one to jack off into her mouth. Her husband never did, although she had tried to get him to. He considered it a waste of good pussy, he told her, or a blow-job. And by now, Mandy was very good at sucking cock. She was very good at fucking, too. She was very good at anything erotic…

Gazing at the young man ten feet away on the sand as her son kept rubbing oil into her flesh, she fantasized watching him jack off, his cock big and hard, his balls full. She licked her lips as she saw, in her mind, the hot spurts of cock cream spew from his piss hole… right into her mouth.

She moaned, the cheeks of her ass bunching as a small, but very nice orgasm exploded in her cunt. She felt her son's hands pause on her back as she came.

"Something wrong, Mom?" he asked.

"Mmmm, no darling," she breathed.

"You're shaking."

"I'm fine," she whispered.

Derick, his hands at his mother's lower back, had seen the sudden clutching of her ass, and stared at it, fascinated. The tiny bikini bottoms had drawn up into the split of her ass, exposing the creamy ass cheeks. He watched them ripple and contract. Leaning over, he glanced quickly at his mother's crotch. He saw a few dark cunt hairs curling from the tight band, and also a trace of moisture there.

Feeling his cock stiffen inside his trunks, he sat up straight, his hands now shaking slightly as he continued to rub oil into her flesh. He kept looking at her ass, the backs of her thighs, not realizing his breathing was getting louder.

Mandy knew, though. She listened to her son's breathing, and knew the sounds very well. When she understood her young son had probably seen her ass cheeks bunch and squeeze, she didn't feel embarrassed. On the contrary, she worked her ass some more, knowing her son was gazing at it. She began to wonder if her son was getting a hard-on, wanting to take a peek at him. She flexed her ass cheeks time and again, spreading her long thighs a little wider. She purred softly, her imagination becoming wilder and wilder.

"Aunt Mandy?"

Mandy turned her head to see her niece, her brother's daughter, squatting near her head. Julie squatted like the little girl she was, knees parted. Mandy found herself looking between them, seeing the satiny inner thighs, the tight little crotch of Julie's bikini. She could see the band pulled in tightly, outlining her niece's tender young cunt.

"What is it, honey?" Mandy asked, her voice husky.

"Is it okay if we get some ice cream?"

"Of course," she said, her eyes glazing slightly as she stared, behind the dark sunglasses, at her niece's crotch and tight little ass.

"For all of us?" Julie asked. "Me and Derick and Johnny?"

"Yes, baby, that's fine," she said. "Take the money out of my bag."

She watched Julie rummage about inside the beach bag, finding the money. Julie's back was to her, and the girl was on her knees. Her cute little ass was precious, so tight and bubbly, like tasty apples barely concealed by her little bikini.

How can my brother resist that, Mandy thought, remembering she had looked that way when she first became involved with her older brother.

Maybe he was touching that sweet ass, jacking off as his daughter watched – as he had done with Mandy. The idea excited Mandy.

Mandy and Derick lived close to her brother and sister-in-law, but they saw little of each other. Derick, Johnny, and Julie were not only cousins, but very close friends, too. The three had been almost inseparable for years. Derick and Johnny were the same age. Despite Julie being a few years younger, they were seldom seen without her. Most boys that age wanted nothing to do with a girl, especially one so much younger than they, but Derick and Johnny never minded at all. They seemed to want Julie with them. Mandy wondered if they were perhaps more than very close friends and cousins, if they might not be involved in a little erotic play with each other. She didn't feel any anger about that; she felt good about the possibility.

That her son and nephew were doing what she had done with her brother to the exquisite little creature who was her niece sent a hot, wet kind of fire through Mandy's pussy, causing her clit to bulge excitedly. She tried to visualize her young son and nephew, cocks hard, fists pumping, while little Julie leaned back to catch their cum-loads in her mouth, her slim legs spread open, her sugary pink cunt wet and exposed.

Her ass writhed with the mental pictures, her cunt vibrant. She felt her son's hands caressing oil along the backs of her thighs now, and her breath caught. His hands felt so good on her thighs, so very good. He was moving them slowly, up and down, from her knees to the cheeks of her ass, but never quite touching the swell of her ass. Then his fingers were running up and down the insides of her thighs, and Mandy's cunt was responding with wet heat again.

Forgetting about the crowded beach, she turned and glanced toward her son, seeing that he did have a hard-on. His cock pressed at the front of his trunks, and she could see a small movement as it throbbed. Derick was sliding his hands up and down his mother's satiny thighs, almost panting with excitement. His excitement drove him, and the edge of his hand moved a little too high along the inside of her thigh. Mandy gasped as she felt her son's finger press at the tight crotchband of her bikini, then jerk away quickly.

Mandy's breath was hot as she slipped a hand from under her head and moved it along her side, then onto her son's thigh. She held her breath as she slowly stroked his flesh. Derick was staring at her hand, his resting on her thigh. Mandy couldn't resist. She had to touch her son's hard-on. She didn't even try to resist… the tips of her fingers touched his cock, the shaft of his cock, and Derick gasped loudly, his hands jerking off her thighs. Mandy, too, pulled her hand away.

She lay quietly again, feeling the heat on her body, between her legs, listening to her son's heavy breathing. She wanted to touch him again, feel his cock, but she didn't know what Derick would think about it.

She wouldn't be feeling so fucking horny if her husband was still alive, she tried to tell herself. But then, maybe she would. He wouldn't do some of the things she wanted. He had been very good to her, but he could not match her intense hunger for erotic games.

"This one is yours, Derick," she heard Julie say.

Turning away from her son, Mandy watched as Julie sat on the sand, her legs crossed, licking the ice cream. That pink little tongue excited her, watching it move about the ice cream the way Mandy's moved about a very stiff cock. It was an erotic thing to watch, and her cunt tingled as if she were going to have another orgasm. She didn't see Johnny anywhere, though.

Finishing his ice cream, Derick stood up.

"I gotta take a pee," he said bluntly. The boy walked across the hot sand toward the vending stands and parking lot. But he didn't enter one of the toilets. He kept going to the parking lot. Mandy, curious, suspecting her son wanted to do more than piss, sat up and brushed sand off her body, holding her halter top over her straining tits.

"Tie me up, honey," she said to Julie, who tied her halter. "Wait here for me. I'll be right back."

Mandy walked in the direction her son had gone, her ass swaying, long legs drawing the eyes of men and women alike. She ignored them, and the soft whistles of appreciation from the bolder men. She rounded the concession stands and walked to the parking lot, and then moved toward her car in a roundabout way so her son wouldn't see her.

She found Derick sitting in the car, the door closed. He was leaning back on the seat, eyes closed, and before she came close enough to look in, she knew he was jacking off. His expression told her that even before she was close enough to hear his breathing. Excitement rumbling through her, she slipped quickly to the side of the car and looked into the open window.

Derick had his cock pulled up from the waistband of his trunks, his fist sliding up and down it swiftly. Mandy swallowed as she gazed at her son, watching his fist pumping, seeing the swollen cockhead, his piss hole glistening with seeping pre-cum. The urge to push her hand into the car and grasp his cock was strong, but she resisted. She cupped her cunt as she watched him jacking off, feeling the fiery wetness through the thin cloth of her bikini bottom. She could see her son's balls, and they looked full. Not big, but full. She pressed her hand hard at her cunt, licking her lips hungrily as she watched him.

Derick was gasping heavily, his hips jerking, lifting and falling with his hand. He moaned now and then when he pressed his fist down tight at the base of his cock, the cockhead bulging. Mandy had seen enough cocks ready to come, and it seemed her son was very close to it.

"Uhhhh… ohhhh!" Derick moaned as he jacked off.

Mandy swallowed hard, her eyes blazing as she watched. She was pressing hard at her cunt, her palm moving back and forth slightly as she had done with her brother long ago, only nakedly.

Then, before she expected it, her son came.

The thick cock cream squirted from his piss hole, high into the air.

"Ahhhhhh!" Derick whimpered, gushing hard.

Mandy didn't think, giving in to the strong urge.

Her hand darted through the window, her palm covering the head of her son's cumspewing cock. Derick's eyes flew open.

"Mom!" he gasped.

Mandy giggled, feeling her son's warm cum spurt into her palm as her fingers slid down the hard, throbbing cockshaft.

"Nice, Derick," she murmured huskily. "Very nice, darling."

Derick was startled, frightened, unable to do anything but sit there and flood his mother's palm with his cum-load.

"Ooooh, so hot and wet!" Mandy gurgled, sliding her fingers up and down her son's cock, stroking it as he kept spurting.

She watched the shaft of his cock being coated with his cum as it dripped downward, feeling his cock soften as the final squirt landed on her palm. His balls were glistening with the juice, too. She kept holding his cock this way until it was very soft, then turned it loose, only to give her son's wet balls a gentle squeeze.

"Mom, you…"

"I know, Derick." She smiled at him, a wanton smile, her dark eyes glowing. "I know, baby."

She squeezed his balls once more, then drew her hand from the car window. She smeared her son's cock cream over her flat, tanned stomach, her hips swaying, making little grinding motions as she burbled with pleasure.

Derick watched her, his eyes huge, fascinated by her movements, by what she was doing. Mandy, her eyes slitted with passion, ran her cum-wet hand over the front of her bikini, curling her fingers along the puffy lips of her hidden cunt, and she mewled softly as a small orgasm throbbed through her.

"Mom, what made you…"

"Hush," she whispered, reaching into the car and drawing his trunks up over his cock and balls. "Don't say anything, not now." She started to leave, but turned back. "Wait in the car. I'll get Julie and Johnny. It's time we went home."

Derick sat in the car, watching his mother's bikini-clad ass sway as she crossed the sand, amazement on his young face, and experiencing a feeling of intense excitement he had never felt before.


Mandy dropped Julie and Johnny off at their house, then drove quickly home. She knew her son was curious and excited. He was quiet all the way home, but sneaked looks at her. She had not wrapped her beach robe about her body, but drove in her bikini, letting her son gaze at her thrusting tits in a way he never had before.

She was trembling with need by the time they got home, and she forced herself to help unload the car. She wasn't quite sure what she was going to do with Derick, but she knew she was going to do something. She had to do something, even if only to touch him, his cock, again.

Derick said nothing after they had unloaded the car, but his young eyes followed her everywhere. Mandy was pleased that he didn't seem embarrassed about what she had done at the beach. Perhaps he and Johnny were playing delicious little feely-feely games with Julie after all. She had thought her son would be embarrassed, shy, or maybe ashamed, but there was nothing to indicate that.

If her son had nothing to say, Mandy was at a loss for words, too. She didn't quite know how to go about seducing her son. If he had been another boy, her nephew even, she could have done it very easily. But since he was her son, she was a bit nervous. Still, the need inside her, between her legs, was too powerful to resist.

She took his hand and dragged him into the living room. Derick went without protest, knowing he was about to become involved with his mother in ways he had never dreamed of.

Mandy sat him on the couch, then sat next to him. She wrapped an arm around his shoulders, pulling his head to her tit. She rested her other hand on his thigh, halfway to his crotch. She hugged him, kissing the top of his head.

"Derick…" she whispered softly. "Please try to understand what I've got to say. Please don't be angry with me."

"I'm not gonna be mad, Mom," he said, feeling his mother's tit, so soft, yet firm, against his cheek. He was looking down at her legs, at the skimpy triangle of cloth covering her cunt.

"What you did in the car… what I saw you doing," she said in a throaty voice. "I know why you had to. You got excited touching me, rubbing oil on my body. I know how that could turn you on. So… I understand why you had to, you know, jack off."

Derick trembled when she said that. Mandy hugged his cheek tighter to her tit, caressing his thigh now.

"I want you to know something about me, darling," she said, her fingers at the edge of his trunks. "I like to see a boy do that. I love to see a boy jack off. It excites me. I don't know why, but it does, and it's been so long since I've watched that."

Derick remained silent, feeling his mother's nipple pushing at his cheek through the thin halter. Her fingers burned his flesh, and he couldn't stop his cock from hardening.

"Baby, are you embarrassed?"

Derick shook his head, her nipple close to his lips.

"Please don't be," Mandy soothed, running her fingers along the shaft of his swelling cock. "We could have a lot of fun, as long as you aren't embarrassed. You could jack off, and I could watch you, and maybe…" She paused, taking a deep breath. "Maybe sometime I would let you… watch me."

Derick squirmed on the couch, sliding his arm behind his mother's waist and holding her. He wanted to turn his face and taste her stiff nipple, even through her bikini top. But he was afraid to try that, despite what his mother was saying. His cock was now very hard, bulging at his trunks. Mandy was stroking her fingers up and down it, over the cockhead and back again.

"If you enjoy it, you can watch me do it, too," she went on. "We can do it together, watch each other. It would be okay, honey. It wouldn't be as if we… did anything. You know, like put it in me or anything like that. We could just watch each other… you jacking off, and me putting my fingers inside my… down there?"

"You'd let me look?" he asked, his voice thick and shaky. "You'd really let me see you, Mom?"

"It wouldn't be fair if I didn't, would it?" She hugged him tightly. "I mean, if you let me watch you jack off, it would only be fair to let you watch me, right?"

"Gosh, Mom!" Derick gulped, his young body shaking.

"Do you want to do it with me?"

Derick nodded his head vigorously, rubbing his cheek on her rigid nipple, his arm squeezing her waist.

Mandy closed her fingers about her son's cock, squeezing it inside his trunks with an excited gulp of pleasure.

"Let's do it now!" she said, pushing him away. "Let's do it right now, baby!"

Derick's eyes were hot as he looked at his mother's passion-contorted face. "You really mean it, Mom?"

She nodded. "Push your trunks down, like in the car, and jack off for mother."

As her son gazed at her, she leaned back on the couch, spreading her legs wide, the narrow band of her bikini stretching over her cunt, her tits lifting sharply. She gazed back at him with slitted, burning eyes. One of her hands came up to curl about a tit. She shoved her fingertip into the halter, and slowly pulled it downward. Her nipple came into view, and Derick groaned as he looked at it. But Mandy covered her nipple, sliding her hand down her stomach to the edge of her bikini. She pushed at the fabric and exposed a soft line of thick pussyhair to her son's eyes. Sliding her finger down the front of her bikini, she traced the slit of her cunt, then very slowly pulled the crotch to one side, giving her son a very brief glimpse of her cunt.

"Now…" she purred. "You know I mean it, honey. Shove your trunks down and jack off for mother!"

Derick was so excited to get that quick peek at his mother's stiff nipple and cunt, his cock was ready to burst from his trunks. He stood up, pushing them to his knees. His cock jerked upright, making a slapping sound against his stomach. Mandy gurgled in delight as she gazed at him, her eyes hot on his young balls and very stiff cock. She saw a small mat of wiry hair at the base of his cock, but his balls were hairless. They weren't really big balls, but looked deliciously full.

"Ohhh, God, baby!" she moaned. "Jack it off for mother! Grab it and pump it, Derick! Ohhh, baby, jack that beautiful thing off and squirt it for me… show me how hard you can come, darling!"

She leaned back on the couch, legs spread wide, gazing at him as he closed his fist about his cock and began to stroke up and down, his hips thrust forward, trunks caught at his knees. His gasps and panting breath excited her just as much as what he was doing for her. Her cunt bubbled wetly, throbbing inside her bikini. She clutched her tits with both hands, squeezing them as she stared with fiery hunger at her son's cock. The juices seeping out of his piss hole made her mouth water, and she swallowed noisily, writhing her ass on the edge of the cushions, opening and closing her long, shapely thighs.

Derick stared at her bikini-clad body, ramming his fist up and down on his cock frantically.

"Beautiful!" Mandy hissed. "So beautiful, Derick! You have such a nice one… long and swollen and hard! Come a lot for mother, baby! Squirt it way out for mother! I love to see a boy come… come hard and come a lot!"

As he jacked off, Derick watched his mother open her legs wide, and begin to hump her ass up and down, fucking at the air. The soft hairs of her pussy showed from the edges of her bikini, exciting him further.

"You're making me so wet!" Mandy gasped.

It was true, he saw. Glistening wetness seemed to be on her inner thighs where the crotchband hid her pussy. Derick licked at his lips as his fist pounded up and down, his hips jerking in a matching rhythm.

"I think… Mom, I'm about to do it!"

"Yes, baby!" she squealed. "Come! Squirt it out! Splash that hot jizz for mother!"

"Ahhhh… uhhhh!" Derick groaned, then his cock gushed cum.

"Ooooooh!" Mandy breathed as she saw the kid's thick jism spurt high into the air. It arched and landed on her thigh, making her squeal with pleasure. Time and again, Derick spewed his creamy cum, his balls writhing as his fist kept pounding up and down. "Ahhhh, lovely, so lovely!"

Finished, Derick squeezed his cock and pulled up on it, bringing the last of his cum to his piss hole. Mandy watched it run over his gripping fingers and down onto his balls.

Derick stood there, his young chest heaving up and down as he struggled to breathe, still gripping his cock. Mandy's eyes smoldered with moist heat as she rubbed his warm cum into the flesh of her thigh.

"Was it good, Derick?" she asked in a whispery voice. "Wasn't that better than jacking off alone?"

"It sure was, Mom!" he panted.

"Do you still want to watch me do it, too?" she asked in a low, husky voice.

"Yeah!" Derick gurgled, his eyes glazed.

Mandy slipped her fingers into the elastic ribbons of her bikini at her hips, and pushed downward. She stopped when the soft curls of her pussy hair showed, and twisted her hips for her son's delight. She raised her ass, easing the bikini bottoms past it, and to her knees. Derick was hardly breathing as he gazed at his mother, his eyes fixed upon the thick triangle of her cunt hair. Mandy lifted her feet to let her bikini bottoms fall away, then slowly spread her long legs.

"Ahhhh!" Derick moaned as he saw the pink slit of his mother's wet cunt, framed by the soft dark hair. He saw her clit push up from the slit, watching it vibrate with heat.

Showing her cunt to her son sent wild, shivery excitement through Mandy. She held her legs wide open, caressing her thighs with her hands as she saw his cock starting to become hard again. She opened her pussy with her fingertips, lifting her ass, grinding slowly. Derick stared at his mother's cunt as she began to slowly rub at her swollen clit.

"Oooh, this feels so good!" Mandy purred, twisting her clit between a finger and thumb. "This is how mother jacks off… only it isn't jacking off for a girl. This is how I make myself come, baby."

She pulled and twisted her clit, then slowly eased her middle finger into her cunt. Derick's eyes widened as he watched her finger disappear, then pull outward coated with her hot, slippery pussy juices. He was gripping his cock hard again, the cockhead swollen once more. He began to stroke his cock, his balls still covered with his jism from minutes ago.

"Are you going to jack off again?" she asked, pleased that he was responding so quickly and eagerly. "So soon?"

"I gotta, Mom!" he groaned. "Seeing you… watching you play with your… yourself… I gotta jack off again!"

"Do it, baby!" she hissed, fucking her middle finger in and out of her hairy cunt fast, making wet sounds. The fingers of her other hand were rubbing her inflamed clit, crushing it, pulling and twisting it. Her hips thrashed about, her legs swinging so wide apart it seemed impossible. "Jack it off… jack off for me! Watch mother and jack it off, darling!"

This time as he pounded his cock, his boyish balls swung back and forth. Mandy gazed at them, stabbing herself in the cunt with two fingers now, squealing with intense excitement. Her hips jerked up and down, fucking her cunt onto her thrusting fingers. She jerked her free hand to her tits, and clawed away her bikini top, her firm, round tits jutting up with throbbing nipples. Her eyes remained slitted with intense passion as she watched her son jerking on his cock in a frantic motion again. Her pussy burned and dripped, hot juices sliding over the curvy cheeks of her ass to the couch.

"Watch me!" she squealed, stuffing all four of her fingers up her cunt, stretching the hairy pussylips wide. "I can use all my fingers, baby! See me… see me do it with all my fingers!"

"Ohhh, Mom!" Derick groaned, pounding on his cock and making slapping sounds, his balls swaying.

"I'm so wet!" she cried out. "Listen to that wet sound, baby! See how wet and hot mother is! Oooh, my fingers feel so good in there… moving in and out! Ahhhh, I'm going to make myself come hard, baby! Watch mother come… look between my legs… my fingers… watch me fuck myself!"

Derick gasped, squeezing his throbbing cock very hard. He giggled, half nervous and half shy.

"Well, I am!" Mandy groaned. "I am fucking myself! I'm fucking myself hard and I'm going to come hard! Oooh, so good… so fucking good! Ahhh, my pussy!"

Derick giggled shyly again, pumping his fist up and down his cock.

"Mother's pussy!" Mandy almost shouted, straining her crotch up to her buried fingers. "Mother's pussy is ready… mother's cunt is ready to come!"

With a cry, Mandy thrust her ass up, her fingers digging deep into her cunt, churning. She cried out again when the orgasm exploded, making her hips jerk, the lips of her cunt gripping her fingers tightly, her clit bursting with her ecstasy.

"I'm coming! See me come! Watch mother's cunt come!"

Derick couldn't contain himself any longer.

"Mom!" he gasped, squirting boiling jism out of his cock.

"Come!" Mandy shouted, jerking her fingers out of her cunt and lifting her upper body forward, her eyes glazed as she saw her son gush his creamy cum-load. "Derick… baby, I want… I have to… I need…"

Mandy opened her mouth wide, holding her face a few inches above the cum-spurting head of her son's cock. The splash of his delicious cock cream over her tongue sent her cunt into wild, ecstatic orgasms again, over and over. Derick jacked his cock hard, spurting his jism into his mother's mouth. Mandy held her mouth open, her tongue thrust out, tasting his salty cum but unable to swallow it. Cum dripped out of her mouth as fast as it entered, but that wasn't important to her right now. What was important to her was her son was coming off into her mouth… the way her brother used to do.

When he stopped squirting cum, Mandy gave in to the impulse, and ran her tongue over the head of her son's cock, tasting his dripping juices and the smooth cockflesh, working the tip of her tongue on his piss hole.

"Mom!" Derick gasped. "Ahhh, Mom!"

Mandy raised her face, running her tongue over her lips, licking up the cum clinging to them. Her cunt burned with a heat she had not felt in years. Sitting on the edge of the couch, knees still spread as wide as possible, she shoved her hands to her tits, cupping and lifting them, her nipples very stiff. Her halter top was around her waist, making an erotic addition to her otherwise naked body. She lifted her shoulders, looking up at her son's face.

"Derick," she purred throatily, "I know we didn't intend to go so far, but I couldn't help myself, darling."

"It's okay, Mom," he said, his voice cracking with excitement. "It's okay."

She stared into his eyes for a long time, still sitting upright and cupping her tits. Then she lowered her eyes to his dangling cock and balls.

"Beautiful," she sighed, sliding her hands around her son's hips, cupping the naked cheeks of his ass. "You're so beautiful, Derick… and you have such a beautiful cock and balls."

Derick giggled nervously.

Mandy glanced up at him, a wanton smile on her face. "Is it funny to hear me say that?"

"Well, you're my mom," he said.

"Moms get hot, too, you know," she smiled, squeezing his ass cheeks. "Moms get just as hot as anyone else. What's wrong with saying cock and balls?"

"Nothing. It just sounds funny when you say it, Mom."

"Just funny?" she teased. "Doesn't it make you… well, just a little excited to hear me talk that way?"

"It sure does!"

She pulled him between her knees, her fingers gripping his ass cheeks. She felt his cock and balls on her tits as she kissed his stomach, then tickled his belly button with her tongue. Derick gasped, grasping the back of her head and pulling her face against his stomach.

Mandy gurgled in pleasure, licking at his flesh, drawing his skin between her lips and teeth, nibbling delicately as she squeezed his ass, her fingers sliding into the crack.

Gently pushing him away, she looked up at his glowing face.

"Derick," she said in a very low, very throaty voice. "Want some pussy?"


Derick gasped.

"Do I want some… Mom!"

Mandy kneaded her son's ass, looking up at him. "Well, do you?"

"You mean you'd… Mom, are you talking about letting me, you know, do it to you?"

Mandy laughed with pleasure. "Do it to me? That's so juvenile… do it to me! Fuck me, baby! Would you like to fuck your mother?"

"Gosh, Mom!"

She dug her fingers into his naked ass. "Well, yes or no?"

"I thought you just wanted to see me jack off."

Mandy drew one hand to her son's balls, cradling them gently. "It started out that way, but… darling, I want more than that. Don't you?"

"I don't know what to…"

Mandy dipped her head, her tongue snaking out and licking at his cock.

Derick jerked back.

Mandy caught the head of her son's cock with her lips, pulling it past her teeth as she tilted her head up to look at him. Her tongue swirled around the head of his cock, tasting the remaining juice on it. She pulled at his young balls and squeezed his ass while her mouth sucked his cock, her dark eyes blazing up at him.

She let his cock go, then giggled softly.

"I'm very good, honey," she whispered. "I'm very, very good, and I can do other things for you, too. I mean, exciting things, nice hot things."

She nuzzled at his cock and balls with her chin.

"Yeah, Mom!"

"You want to fuck me?"

"Oh, yeah, Mom!"

With a little cry of pleasure, Mandy stood up, hugging her son tightly against her naked body. She was still slippery with the tanning oil he had rubbed on her at the beach. She pulled her son's face between her tits and held it there, running her hands up and down his back, from his ass to his shoulders, pressing her thighs at his cock. She cupped his face and held it up, then smashed her lips onto his, kissing him hotly and hungrily. She pushed at his hands until she had them on her ass, cupping it, then she writhed, grinding at his body. Shoving her tongue past his lips, she cooed softly when her son sucked it eagerly.

"Mmmm, this is getting better and better," she mewled as her tongue pulled out of his mouth. "I can feel your cock getting hard again, Derick."

Derick giggled at her words again.

With her arm about him, they walked down the short hall to her room. There, she had him sit on her bed as she removed the halter from her waist, posing and posturing to show her body off to him.

"Can you wait just a little longer for me to wash this oil off?" she asked her son.

Derick nodded, sitting in the center of her big bed, his legs crossed, his cock half hard again. He enjoyed seeing his mother naked, her lovely tits pushing out with firm nipples, her exquisitely long legs and rounded, tight ass, but most of all he liked seeing her bushy cunt. And Mandy enjoyed his eyes on her body.

She entered the bathroom and showered quickly, soaping the oil from her flesh, then drying herself with a huge towel. She could hardly wait to fuck her son, to feel his wonderful young cock sliding into her greedy cunt, plunging wildly.

She dropped the towel and returned to the bedroom to see her son lying on his back, his cock jutting up with fresh hardness. Grinning lewdly, she climbed onto the bed, standing upright, her feet parted, straddling his lower legs. She caressed her naked body, running her hands up and down to her tits and cunt and ass and thighs, eyes blazing with anticipation.

"Have you fucked Julie?" she asked.

"Julie?" Derick gasped. "Mom, we don't…"

"If you haven't fucked her, have you been feeling her little cunt up?"

A slow flush crept over Derick's face, giving her the answer. She grinned down at him, her fingers spreading her cunt open, the pink wetness gleaming hotly.

"I thought so," she gurgled. "And you said we… does that mean you and Johnny are both playing with her?"

"Aw, Mom," he muttered.

"You have!" she said in delight. "I knew you were. The three of you are always together, so close. I just knew it!"

Derick, despite his flush, stared up between his mother's thighs at her cunt. She was working the hairy pussylips open and closed, squeezing her throbbing clit.

"What do the three of you do together?" Mandy insisted. "I mean, if you're not fucking her, what are you doing with each other?"

"Just… like you and me, Mom."

"Oh, jacking off, huh? Does Julie let you see her pretty little cunt? And does she use her fingers in it, too?"

Derick nodded, licking his lips. His mother's juicy cunt was so appealing, he was ready to confess to anything she wanted to hear, truth or not.

Bending her knees slightly, Mandy spread her cunt wide open with her fingers. "You want to fuck this cunt, Derick? Do you want to put your sweet cock in mother's cunt and fuck it?"

He nodded vigorously.

"Remember what I said in the living room, that I would do nice, hot things with you?"

Again he nodded.

"Would you do them to mother, too?"

Derick agreed with a moan, not caring what it was. His cock jerked about with hardness as he gripped the base, gazing hotly up between his mother's thighs at her lovely, wet, slitted cunt.

"Would you… kiss me, right here?"

Without hesitation, Derick jerked his head up and down.

"Oooh, I bet you would, too!" Mandy squealed. She moved her feet along his side until she was standing directly above her son's face, feeling his eyes burn up her satiny thighs at her hair-lined cunt. "I love it when I'm kissed on my cunt. You want to kiss mother's cunt, Derick?"

"Yeah, Mom!"

"Ahhh! I'd love it so much!" she said as she began to squat down.

Derick watched her crotch spread, the firm cheeks of her ass parting to reveal the pucker of her dark-pink asshole. The furry lips of her cunt seemed to open, too, her clit straining toward his lips. When she was squatting in her son's face, Mandy writhed her ass for him. A drop of her pussy juice landed on his bottom up, and Derick licked it away, finding the taste enjoyable.

Mandy slipped her hands behind her son's head, and slowly lifted his face to her cunt. "Kiss it, darling!"

Derick smashed his closed lips to his mother's cunt, feeling the wet heat sear his face.

"Open your mouth, baby," she hissed. "You kiss cunt with your mouth open!"

Derick parted his lips, and tasted his mother's juicy cunt.

"Suck it!" Mandy groaned. "Suck mother's cunt!"

Derick sucked, drawing the delicious wetness of her pussy into his mouth. When his mother urged him to push his tongue up her cunt, he did so eagerly.

"Ahhhh, yes, baby!" she squealed, clutching the back of his head and grinding her cunt on his mouth. "Fuck it for me! Fuck my pussy with your beautiful tongue!"

Derick fucked his tongue in and out of his mother's cunt, stabbing it deeply. He opened his mouth very wide, sucking at her hairy, swollen pussy lips, swallowing as his mouth filled with her juices. He had released the grip on his cock and now cupped his mother's spreading ass with his palms, holding her up off his face so she couldn't smash down and smother him.

"Ohhh, God!" Mandy cried out. "I'm about to come – so soon!"

Her ass whipped back and forth, sliding her cunt about her son's mouth and lapping tongue. She sat upright, gripping his head tightly, her knees thrown wide. Her cunt pulsated with searing wetness against Derick's mouth and tongue.

"I'm about to come, baby!"

Derick felt his mother's cunt grab at his thrusting tongue, then he felt the contractions of her orgasm. He lapped and sucked hard, his cock ready to burst, jutting in the air. Mandy cried with ecstasy as her orgasm burned through her, with the exquisite sensation of her young son's tongue fucking in and out of her contracting cunt.

"Ahhhh, good, so fucking good! I love it, Derick! Mother loves to come!"

Even his palms on his mother's ass couldn't prevent her from smashing her cunt hard into his face. Mandy shrieked with ecstasy, grinding at her son's mouth with frantic, jerky motions, her cunt contracting very hard. Derick had his tongue jammed far past the gripping, hairy pussylips, feeling her cunt convulse, squeezing at his tongue. His face was slippery with her juices, and he swallowed and swallowed, struggling to breathe.

Finally, after what seemed a long time, Mandy's shaking stopped.

"Oh, baby," she breathed as her ass lifted out of his face. She slipped her legs along his body until she was lying on top of him, her tits on his young chest. "I didn't know I was smothering you."

She cupped his face and smeared it with hot, wet kisses, her tongue sliding about his cheeks and chin, finally probing into his mouth. As she kissed her son, she squirmed her cunt downward, feeling his hard cock throb against the still-juicy cunt slit. She rubbed her pussy slit up and down the shaft of his cock, working her hips with little pumping motions as her tongue moved inside his mouth.

"Mmmm, you feel so hard down there," she purred softly as she pulled her tongue from his mouth. "Your cock feels wonderful, pushing against mother's hot cunt."

She lifted her ass, feeling the swollen head of his cock brushing the sensitive split of her cunt.

Wiggling her ass, she hissed: "Stick it in me, Derick!"

Derick ran a hand over his mother's back and across her ass to his cock, pushing at the cockhead. Mandy's breath sucked inward as she felt her son's cock sliding into her cunt, spreading it, filling it.

"Hold still," she breathed.

Derick stiffened, the head of his cock inside his mother's cunt, his hands cupping her rounded ass cheeks, her hot thighs wrapped about his. He looked up into his mother's radiant face.

"Let me," she mewled. "Let me slide down on your cock."

She lowered her hips, feeling the rigid hotness of her son's cock burning the opening of her pussy. She made a low gurgling sound as her cunt moved down slowly, then his cock was buried completely inside her pussy. Mandy breathed deeply, feeling his cock jerk in her cunt, her hairy lips smashed at the base. A tremor went through her, her eyes glazed.

"Oh, my God!"

Derick squeezed his mother's naked ass, groaning loudly, the feel of her searing tightness gripping his cock almost causing him to spurt, to come quickly.

"Don't come!" Mandy gasped, understanding his problem. "Don't come! Not yet! Please… I want to… I need… I have to fuck you, Derick! Don't come now… let me fuck you! Ooooh, such a big hard-on! I love it in my pussy, baby!"

A shudder went through her, and she gripped her son's shoulders, pressing her lips to his again, tasting her own cunt there. At the same time, she lifted her ass, pulling her cunt along his cock. With her ass jutting, she gyrated it, the head of his cock inside her cunt. Then, with a squeal into his mouth, she rammed down, and began to hump, up and down. She fucked her son wildly, swinging her ass about, grinding and churning and crying out her rapture. She lifted her mouth off his, her face contorted with agonizing ecstasy, lips parted and eyes squeezed shut. Her ass pounded and thrust, her cunt sliding up and down her son's cock with almost-frantic movements.

Derick arched his hips up, his cock rock-hard. He held his mother's bunching ass with his fingers, gritting his teeth with the overwhelming sensations.

"Fuck… fuck me!" Mandy hissed. "Oh, God, fuck me! Derick, baby, it's so good! Ooooh, mother's cunt, mother's pussy… it's on fire and so fucking wet! I can feel your hard cock deep in my pussy, fucking me! I love it, baby! I love a hard cock so very much!"

"Uh… uh…" Derick grunted. The pounding of his mother's cunt was beating his ass into the mattress, his cock blistered by the wet heat and wild friction. The soft slapping sounds of her cunt banging onto his cock sounded like shots in the bedroom. "Uhhh… uhhh! Mom! Ohhh, Mom!"

"Yes, yes, baby!"

"Mom, you're going so fast!"

"I know!" she sobbed, fucking hard. "I can't help it – I want it fast now! Ooooh, I'm going to come again, too! My pussy is so hot, and it's going to eat your cock up, darling!"

Derick squirmed beneath her writhing, humping body, clawing at the shapely cheeks of her ass, his balls very tight and full, burning for release. His cock felt as if it had been plunged into a boiling vat of oil, gripped so wonderfully by his mother's hairy cunt.

Up and down her ass went, swinging sideways, making screwing motions as her cunt rode his cock. She dug into his shoulders, crying out with the friction. Her clit smashed and rubbed along the hard shaft of his cock.

Mandy had never been so aroused, so wet, so steaming hot. Even in those long-ago days with her brother, she had not been this aroused. It seemed that taking her son's cock into her cunt was the most delicious, most wicked thing in the world. Fucking her son was intensely exciting, making her cunt ripple with fiery hunger.

"Fuck that pussy, baby!" she cried out, arching her ass up. "Ram your cock up mother's hot pussy hard! You fuck me now, Derick! Come on, baby, jam your sweet cock up mother's juicy hot slit!"

As Mandy held her ass up, Derick clung to the cheeks of her ass and began to thrust his cock up and down, fucking his mother with quick, wild stabs, his balls writhing. Mandy's breath was driven out of her lungs by the powerful plunges of her son's cock into her cunt, forcing the air from her tight throat. She lifted her upper body, bracing herself with her hands and stiff, shaking arms. Each thrust of Derick's cock into her cunt from below sent her tits into jiggling motion above his face.

Staring at her tits, his hands holding her uplifted ass tightly, Derick stabbed his cock hard and deep, swiftly, grunting with the effort.

"Oh… oh, yes!" Mandy sobbed loudly. "Bang me… bang the piss out of mother's juicy cunt! That's it, baby, fuck that cunt, fuck that pussy!"

"Ahhh, Mom!" Derick grunted. "It's so good, Mom! You feel… your cunt feels so good! I wanna come in your cunt, Mom!"

"I want you to come in my cunt!" she squealed. "I want you to fill my cunt up with sweet, hot jizz! Ooooh, baby, squirt it to mother's cunt!"

"I am, Mom!"

Mandy arched her neck, a scream building deep in her throat as she felt orgasm growing like a ball of fire inside her stomach. She shook her ass hard, drawing her knees up, spreading her legs about her son's hips, spreading her crotch open to the fantastic delights of his pounding cock.

"My cunt… Derick, you're making mother come again!"

"Mom, me too!"

The hot gush of her son's cum-load splashing into her pussy triggered an intense orgasm in her pussy. Mandy screamed, her cunt working on the cum-spurting shaft of her son's cock. Her orgasm sent tight ripples along the satiny wetness of her cunt, causing it to suck at Derick's cock like her mouth had a while earlier.

She strained her convulsing cunt hard onto his gushing cock, taking the rapid squirts of cum greedily up her pussy. Derick squeezed his mother's spreading ass cheeks as he fucked his cock as deep as he could into her spasming cunt, his expression showing tormented ecstasy. His young body shook violently as he sprayed her pussy over and over.

Slowly, Derick's ass slumped, and her cunt, still holding his deflating cock, followed. As he went limp beneath her, his hand sliding off her quivering naked ass, Mandy rested her weight on him.

She made a soft mewl as his cum-slimed cock was pushed from her pussy, dropping between his legs. She slowly rolled to one side, splayed out lewdly as her tits heaved up and down.

After a while, Derick turned onto his side, raising his head and looking at her. Mandy's exquisite legs were parted, and he could see the juice of his balls seeping from her cunt, the pussy hair matted.

"Did I do okay, Mom?" he asked.

"You fucked me wonderfully," she purred, giving him a smile, her eyes moist with gratification. "Very, very wonderfully."

Derick ran his fingers through the curly hair of his mother's cunt. "Julie isn't like this."

"But she is," Mandy smiled. "She has a pussy, just like mine."

"But she doesn't have hair on it like you," Derick said. "I like your cunt best, Mom. I like this soft hair."


Mandy imagined her niece, Julie, as she had seen her at the beach, squatting there with her slim knees open.

She had not been surprised by a desire to kiss that pretty little pussy. Mandy had often considered licking a cunt, even as a high school girl. She had not, but only because the opportunity had never come up. Being so oral, loving a hard cock in her mouth, and having it squirt that sweet, burning jism into her throat, she was certain the soft taste of a hot, wet cunt against her mouth would be just as good, as exciting, as sucking a cock.

She thought of what her son had told her, what he and Johnny did with Julie. It sent steamy ripples through her cunt as she tried to visualize them together. It seemed strange that she didn't really want to be involved with her brother anymore. Yet, she did want involvement with her son, Derick. Was it his youth? She didn't know, nor care.

It was, she knew very well, the wicked excitement of fucking her own son that turned her on more than anything else. What kind of mother would fuck her son, and when he was so young? It was so deliciously depraved!

She danced about the house, whispering almost in awe: "I fucked my son… I fucked my own son!"

Derick had gone off with Julie and Johnny. She had not wanted him to go, but there was no way she could stop him. He had to enjoy his cousins, his closest friends. He was still a boy, after all, with a young boy's interests. She didn't care to think that he was doing things with Julie, now that she had fucked him. She would give her son all the hot, wet pussy he could possibly want, she told herself. It wasn't jealousy, but that he was taking away what she was now thinking belonged to her… his hot, thick, sweet cum.

She bathed and changed her clothing twice, not satisfied with what she wore. She pulled on a pair of very tight, very short, shorts and a T-shirt, but wasn't satisfied with that. It showed her tits to perfection, her ass beautifully, but it wasn't exactly what she wanted. She selected a short wrap-around skirt, and a midi blouse that barely covered her full tits. This was better, she decided, because the short skirt parted to reveal her creamy thighs when she moved or sat and crossed them. It was peek-a-boo, always more exciting than blunt exposure. She wore a pair of very skimpy bikini panties, the dark curls of her pussy hair a dark shadow puffing them outward. And she wore leather sandals, her scarlet-painted toenails showing.

Mandy was more horny that ever now.

She sat on the couch, reliving everything she and her son had done, in the afternoon and early evening. She had come so much, so hard, she wondered how she had taken it. And Derick… his cock, his beautiful young cock… never seemed to tire.

She crossed her legs, sitting there on the couch, wishing Derick was home, because her cunt was hungry again.

As if in answer to her wish, the door opened and he came in, wearing a pair of faded old jeans cut raggedly off at his ass cheeks. Behind him, Johnny and Julie entered.

Mandy, usually pleased to have her niece and nephew around, was disappointed that they had come home with Derick this time.

Derick came to her, leaning over and kissing her cheek. She looked up at him, wonderment in her moist, soft eyes. He had never done that before. He had kissed her, of course, but never after being out during the day.

He was bare-chested, with scuffed sneakers on his feet. Johnny, too, was dressed in the same manner. Julie wore shorts and a blouse, her cute little ass round and tight. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail, giving her exquisitely sweet face a more youthful look than ever.

Julie sat on the couch next to her, hands folded in her lap, shy as usual. Mandy felt the heat of her niece's thigh against hers, and glanced at Julie. Julie was obviously pressuring her slender thigh against hers. But Julie didn't look at her, but at Johnny and Derick. The two boys sat on the floor, facing Mandy and Julie, legs crossed, elbows on their knees and chins cupped in their hands, looking at her.

"What's going on now?" Mandy asked, finding their behavior puzzling.

"Nothing, Mom," her son answered.

"Something is," she insisted, feeling Julie's thigh press a little harder against hers.

Johnny and Derick were staring openly at Mandy's knees, at the few inches of her satiny thighs showing from the hem of her short wraparound.

"Oh, I think I see," Mandy said softly.

She looked at her son's crotch, seeing the white of his jockey shorts there, then at her nephew's crotch. And her breath caught. She could see one of Johnny's balls, naked and exposed, sweet and hairless. Her eyes started to glaze as she stared, and she felt the pressure increase on her thigh.

Mandy began to tremble, but there was a wet heat filling her cunt, too.

"You told them about us," she said simply, her voice low.

Derick nodded. "I told you about them, too," he said, as if that justified his confession to his cousins.

"Why, Derick?" Mandy asked, her fingers clutched together at her lap. "It was supposed to be for us, just you and I."

"Mom, you don't know Johnny and Julie," Derick giggled softly.

Mandy wasn't sure she wanted to, either, despite her earlier fantasies. She felt a little angry at her son for telling them, but refused to let it show.

"They wanna see," Derick said.

"See what?"

"Us, Mom," Derick replied. "They wanna watch us, you know, do it."

"Derick! I will not!" Mandy snapped, jerking her thigh from Julie's, which followed hers. "I think you two should leave Derick and I alone. I have a few things to say to my son."

But Julie and Johnny remained where they were.

Derick, however, stood up. He came to the edge of the couch at his mother's side. Mandy looked up at his face, wondering why she was shivering and unable to move. When her son leaned over, placing his hands on her tits, Mandy gasped, her own hands flying up to shove his hands away. But instead, she found herself placing them on top of his, pressing his palms into her tits hard, moaning softly, her eyes turning glassy.

Derick began to fondle her tits through the midi blouse, and Mandy whimpered with passion and helplessness. She leaned her head back on the couch, staring into her son's face as he lifted her blouse, exposing her tits to Johnny and Julie.

"I told you guys my mom had pretty titties," Derick said. "See for yourself!"

Mandy didn't look at her niece or nephew, feeling their hot eyes on her revealed tits, her nipples stiff and tingling. She couldn't move to cover them, and could only mewl softly as her son fondled them, twisting and pulling at her nipples. She would never have expected her son to do this, not in front of anyone, but he was, and what startled her most of all was she was liking, enjoying it.

"Derick, please… don't," she protested, but her hands stayed on top of his, not pushing them off her tits.

"It's okay, Mom," her son assured her. "They're not gonna tell anyone."

A quick peek at her nephew still sitting on the floor at her feet told her Johnny had a hard-on. It was bulging inside his cut-off shorts. She could hear Julie's hot breathing at her side, and the girl's smooth little thigh was pressing at hers again.

"You guys wanna see her cunt?" she heard her son say.

"No, Derick!" Mandy rasped.

But her son ignored her plea. He was now pulling apart her wrap-around skirt. Mandy was leaning back on the couch, her tits exposed with hard nipples, her eyes still watching her son's face. She was breathing heavily, her tits lifting and falling. Derick parted her skirt, showing her skimpy panties to Johnny and Julie, who were also breathing hard now. When her son began to uncross her legs, Mandy resisted briefly, but it was a weak effort. She felt him open her knees, and didn't have the strength to close them. Her cunt was burning with wet heat now, drenching the thin crotch of her panties.

The way her son was exposing her to his cousins was affecting Mandy, making her become almost immediately aroused.

She felt Johnny's hot eyes staring up between her parted thighs, and a shock went through her when she felt Julie's young, soft hand rest on her thigh, dangerously close to her cunt.

"You can see her cunt through her panties," Derick said. "And she's wet, huh?"

"Yeah, I see," Johnny said.

Mandy kept her blazing eyes on her son's face as he stood at the edge of the couch now, feeling Johnny's and Julie's young eyes devour her exposure. To her astonishment, Mandy realized she didn't want to close her legs, cover her tits. She wanted the kids to see her, look at her body, wanted them to become as excited as she was now.

Derick pulled the side of his shorts away, and his cock pushed outward. Mandy still stared up at his face, even when she felt him rub the swollen head of his cock against her cheek. She felt wetness as he brushed his cockhead toward her lips.

"Suck me, Mom," Derick said, his voice low and thick. "Show them you like to suck my cock."

"Derick, please…" Mandy protested. But as she opened her mouth to speak, her son's cock slipped past her lips. Mandy's eyes slitted as she felt and tasted the head of her son's cock in her mouth, and the tip of her tongue flicked at his dripping piss hole, a low moan coming from her.

"Wow!" she heard her nephew gasp. "You sure didn't lie, Derick!"

"Oooh," she heard Julie mewl close to her ear. "Does it taste good, Aunt Mandy? Do you like to have it in your mouth?"

Derick was pushing his cock deeper into her mouth, and Mandy felt a strange sensation come over her. Suddenly, she wanted them to watch her suck her son's cock, see how wanton she was, how much she loved to suck hard cock. Her hand shot up between her son's thighs, and she pulled his cock deep into her mouth, her lips pressing at the cock base and his shorts. She heard Johnny and Julie gasp as she swallowed her son's cock all the way. As her cunt steamed inside her panties, Mandy began to suck hungrily on her son's cock, her eyes closing now with exhibitionistic rapture. She slipped her hand into his shorts from behind and held his ass while he began to fuck her mouth.

She didn't protest when a small, hot hand covered one of her tits and began to feel. She moaned around her son's cock as Julie twisted and pulled at her nipples, her ass starting to writhe at the soft cushions of the couch. Mandy swung her knees wider now, her other hand sliding into her tight panties and rubbing at her cunt. Being seen with her son's cock in her mouth and playing with her cunt sent the wildest, most delicious ecstasy through her body she had ever felt.

Derick's cock dripped hot pre-cum on her tongue, and Mandy swallowed the tasty slime, sucking at his cock with soft moans of delight. She agitated her swollen clit, then pushed a finger into her cunt, ramming it in and out, stretching her panties, soft cunt curls showing around the drenched band.

Johnny had slipped closer, his head almost between Mandy's knees, staring at her panties being stretched by her thrusting fingers. Mandy felt her nephew's breath, hot and searing, on her inner thigh. As she sucked wetly on her son's cock, she pulled her hand out of her panties, and hooking a finger at the wet crotch, yanked them to one side, revealing the wet, pink, hairy cunt slit to her nephew's wide, burning eyes.

"Oooh, nice," she heard her nephew gasp.

Julie was running her tongue over Mandy's nipple, fondling her other tit, gazing at her brother's excited face and her aunt's exposed cunt. Mandy, with a whimper of passion, pulled her hand from her son's ass and pressed Julie's face hard onto her tit, feeling the wet little mouth suck on her nipple eagerly.

Derick, fucking his cock in and out of his mother's tight, sucking mouth, groaned. "Feel her cunt, Johnny!"

Suddenly, as if just now realizing what she was doing, Mandy jerked her mouth off her son's cock, pushing Julie away from her tit, and clamping her legs together, almost catching her nephew's head between them.

"No!" she snapped, jerking her midi blouse over her tits. "This is crazy!"

"Aw, Mom!" Derick protested. "They're not gonna say anything. Come on, Mom… I'm hot!"

Mandy's eyes flashed with anger, but her anger disappeared just as swiftly. When she had pushed Julie off her tit, the girl had sprawled back on the couch, her legs opening. Julie was now rubbing at her cunt through her tight shorts, her little ass thrashing as she moaned and whimpered.

"My God!" she whispered as she watched her niece rubbing almost brutally at her tightly clad cunt.

Johnny giggled. "Julie can't help herself, Aunt Mandy. She can't keep her hands off her pussy. She's always playing with it."

"My God!" Mandy said again, her voice showing her amazement. "I've never seen… I had no idea Julie was this way."

"She gets wilder sometimes, Mom," Derick said.

Mandy didn't see how the little girl could become much wilder.

Julie swung her slim thighs wide, humping her tight little ass up and down, smashing her cunt on her rubbing fingers, sobbing in ecstasy. The crotch of her shorts worked, pulling, stretching, flashing a deliciously pink little pussy lip now and then, smooth and hairless.

With a lurch of her young hips, Julie sobbed, coming hard, her small body shaking.

When Julie calmed down, lying on her back with her legs spread wide, her small hand cupping her cunt, Mandy looked at her nephew, who was on his knees, his cock out and throbbing with hardness. At her side, her son still stood with his cock out, pointing at her face.

"Does my brother know about this?" Mandy asked in a thick voice.

"They don't know anything," Johnny said, gripping his cock.

Mandy wondered what her brother would say if he knew his daughter was such a hot little cunt, if he would fuck her, or jack off into her mouth as he had done when she was a young girl that age. But her brother had changed over the years, seldom seeing her – as if he were ashamed of what they had done with each other as little ones. What a shame, she thought, to have such a hot little cunt for a daughter, and not be able to enjoy it.

Mandy looked at her nephew's cock, then at her niece, who was still cupping her cunt, but loosely now, her young eyes still blazing with passion.

Mandy looked back at her son. "You said they wanted to see us do it, didn't you, Derick?"

He nodded his head.

Mandy looked at her nephew, then Julie. "Is that right? You want to see me and Derick do it… fuck?"

Both Julie and Johnny nodded vigorously, eyes glowing.

Mandy made up her mind.

"Okay," she said. "You can watch."

She peeled her midi blouse over her head, bringing appreciative gasps from her niece and nephew. Standing up, she opened her wraparound skirt, dropping it to the floor, then skimmed out of her fragile panties. She stood with her legs apart, shoulders back, feeling very excited to be looked at by those young, hungry eyes. She pulled at her son, pushing him to the floor on his back. She stepped over him, facing his feet, and squatted.

Julie and her brother moved closer to Derick's feet, hot eyes big and watching. Mandy, squatting above her son's cock, ran her hands down to her cunt, opening the juicy cuntlips wide, her clit straining out with vibrant hardness. She rubbed her cunt over the head of her son's cock, feeling his hands gripping the spreading cheeks of her ass.

"Watch!" she breathed with excitement. "I'm going to sit down on my son's cock… take it in my cunt!"

Both Julie and Johnny gasped as they watched their aunt's cunt stretch around Derick's prick. Slowly, Mandy sat down, sliding her cunt to the base of Derick's cock, where she squirmed her ass. She lifted her son's balls and rubbed them at her clit, then slowly began to bounce up and down, her knees spread wide, the full expanse of her cunt exposed as she rode her son's cock. Johnny and Julie were making low gasping sounds as they watched Mandy fucking Derick.

"Watch me fuck him!" Mandy moaned, leaning backward, holding her ass up. "Derick, ram it to me this way! Fuck mother, baby! Fuck that hard cock up into mother's cunt! Fuck that wet pussy, baby!"

Derick began to ram up and down, making juicy sounds as his cock fucked into his mother's cunt. Mandy cried out with pleasure, finding it was very exciting to be watched while her son fucked her. She was so excited, she didn't protest when Johnny began to caress the inside of her thigh, his eyes watching her cunt spread about Derick's cock. She didn't say anything when her niece began to lick at her other knee.

She held her ass up, taking the wild fuckthrusts of her son's cock with delight, her tits jiggling from the power of his lunges. The wet fucking sounds were loud, and she sobbed and cried with ecstasy. She saw Julie's small hand take her brother's cock tightly, and stroke it. Seeing the youngster's small hand jacking Johnny's cock thrilled her.

"Jack his cock, Julie!" she cried out. "Ohhh, yes, honey, jack your brother's hard cock! Watch Derick fuck my cunt… see us fucking! Isn't it exciting? Does it make your little cunt wet and hot, Julie?"

"Oooh, yes, Aunt Mandy!" Julie squealed, jerking her brother's cock fast, her cheek resting on the inside of Mandy's trembling knee, her eyes staring at Derick's cock pounding in his mother's pussy.

"Derick, baby!" Mandy groaned. "Give it to me hard! Fuck mother, baby! Ahhhh, watch us fuck… I'm about to come! My cunt is on fire and my son is fucking me and I'm going to come!"

Mandy could not hold her ass up for her son to ram his cock into her pussy any longer. With a screech of ecstasy, she rammed down, pushing his ass to the floor. Her cunt exploded, gripping her son's cock with spasms that almost made her faint with rapture.

"Oooh," Julie purred as she and her brother watched their aunt's cunt squeeze Derick's cock. "Oooh, you're coming hard, Aunt Mandy!"

"Ahhh, fuck… sweet fuck!" Mandy sobbed, grinding her naked ass hard on her son's cock. "Shoot it to me, Derick! Come in mother's pussy, fill my cunt up with hot jizz!"

With a grunt, Derick came, splashing cum hotly into his mother's cunt, filling her until the cum seeped past her tight pussy lips and ran onto his hairless balls.

Mandy remained sitting on her son's cock, feeling it soften deep inside her. She looked down between her legs at his slippery balls, and gently fondled them.

"Wow!" Johnny gasped softly, resting his ass on his heels, his sister still gripping his cock tightly. "That was something, huh, Julie?"

"Golly, it sure was!" Julie breathed, sitting on the floor, her legs stretched out straight, one behind her brother, the other in front of him. "I'm gonna make you come now, Johnny."

Mandy suddenly giggled wickedly. "Is that all you ever do for them, Julie? Jack them off?"

Julie nodded, crinkling her pretty nose as her eyes flashed. "I like to jack them off and watch them come," she said, shaking her brother's cock.

"Don't you want to feel it in you?"

"Some day," Julie replied. "But I'm very young yet."

Mandy watched her tight little fist pumping Johnny's cock as she sat on her son's prick.

"You're never too young, honey," she whispered. "Not with a hot little cunt like you have."

"Come on, Julie!" Johnny grunted. "Shut up and make me come!"

With a giggle, Julie began to pound hard and fast on her brother's cock, her young eyes on fire. Mandy watched, feeling as much excitement as Julie felt. Her cunt flexed about her son's cock, squeezing it. Watching her niece jack off her nephew as she held her son's cock inside her cunt was taking her breath away.

"Beat it!" she urged hoarsely. "Jack his cock… make him come all over the fucking floor, Julie!"

Julie pounded, making her brother's balls swing.

"Now!" Johnny yelped, and he squirted his cum-load.

"Ahhhh, beautiful!" Mandy moaned as her nephew's boiling cock cream spattered her inner thigh.

She rubbed his jism into her flesh, watching with delight as Julie lifted her cum-drenched fingers to her mouth and licked her brother's jizz from them, her eyes rolling dreamily…


"You're not mad because I told Julie and Johnny, Mom?" Derick asked.

Mandy gave her son a smile, caressing his cheek tenderly. "No, not anymore," she said softly. "After what I saw them do, I'm glad you did."

She and her young son were in her bed, sprawled nakedly. She had been playing with his cock and balls as they discussed Julie and Johnny, the excitement she had felt letting her niece and nephew watch them fuck. The only disappointment she had was that they had left for home almost immediately afterward. She had wanted to look at them, their bodies, touch them, maybe.

Lifting her upper body from the bed, Mandy shook her son's cock, then leaned down to run her tongue over the smooth cockhead. She grinned up at him, rubbing his cock along her neck and chin.

"Are you sure Julie never sucked either of you off? She sure licked her cummy fingers."

"Never, Mom," Derick said. "I guess she was just hot, huh?"

"Hot isn't the word for it, baby," Mandy cooed, leaning down to kiss his precious balls. "She was out of her mind with heat."

She sucked his balls into her mouth, her eyes looking at him. Running her tongue about his balls, she sucked hard, making her son moan in pleasure.

"I bet Julie has a sweet little cunt," she said, lifting her mouth. "Is it pretty? Does she have a pretty little cunt, Derick?"

"It's like your pussy, Mom, only no hair," he replied. "Yeah, I guess you could say she has a pretty cunt."

"Mmmm!" Mandy purred, nuzzling his cock at her cheek. "You'd like to fuck it, wouldn't you?"

"I would now," Derick giggled.

"Well… maybe…" Mandy whispered, turning on the bed, lifting a knee and straddling her son's face, still gripping his cock. "Maybe you'll be able to soon."

Derick slipped his hands up his mother's satiny thighs to her ass, gazing up into her bushy cunt, watching the pink wetness, her throbbing clit. He closed his fingers about her round ass, parting the ass cheeks and watching the tight crinkle of her asshole wink.

Mandy jacked his cock, kissing his piss hole, her fingers brushing her lips. She spread her knees about her son's head, her cunt vulnerable to him. Taking his cock into her mouth, she slowly sucked it, gliding her lips up and down from cockhead to base, fondling his hot young balls in one hand, his ass with the other.

Derick licked at the inside of his mother's thigh, the soft hairs of her cunt tickling the tip of his tongue. He kneaded the flesh of her ass while he dragged his tongue about her swollen clit. Mandy squealed happily and sucked more vigorously on his cock. Sliding both hands under his ass, she clutched it tightly, her face bobbing up and down, twisting like a dog playing with a bone, mewling deep in her throat.

Derick lapped back and forth on his mother's juicy pussy slit, tasting the pussy juices eagerly. Mandy wriggled her ass, pushing her hairy cunt into his mouth and making little grinding motions. She moaned softly as she sucked on his cock, and gasped with pleasure when his tongue pushed deeply into her cunt, then fucked in and out a number of times, only to swirl about her stiff clit again. She shook her ass playfully, dipping her mouth to pull the head of his cock into her throat. Pressing her cunt down, she rubbed it into her son's face, something she knew he loved.

"Darling," she breathed as she raised up. "Suck me good. Suck mother's cunt good. I'll fuck you with my face… and make you come and come so much!"

Derick pulled her cunt hard into his mouth, his hands holding her satiny ass tightly. His tongue lapped at the juicy cunt slit, the cunt hair framing his open mouth. He drew his tongue from his mother's throbbing clit, along the fiery slit, and suddenly touched it to her puckered asshole.

"Ohhh!" Mandy gasped, jerking her mouth off his cock. "Baby, what the fuck are you…"

Derick giggled, and probed the hotness of his mother's asshole with the tip of his tongue, keeping the cheeks of her ass spread wide.

"Derick! Oh. God… that feels wonderful!"

Mandy had never felt anything like it before. Her son's wet tongue touching the crinkle of her asshole sent tremors of erotic sensations running about her body. She had no idea her asshole could feel this way, get such a thrill. Gripping his cock now in one hand and his ass in the other, she pushed her ass to his face. His tongue wiggled and flicked on the pucker of her asshole, and she mewled loudly as a delicious shiver swept through her.

"Oh, my God! Oh, yes, Derick!"

Derick giggled into her ass, probing the tip of his tongue hard at the hot tightness.

"Baby, what are you trying to do? Are you trying to stick your tongue up my ass?"

Derick mumbled a reply, pushing his tongue hard, his lips surrounding his mother's asshole.

"Oh, that's my fucking asshole, darling! That's not my cunt!"

Derick held her ass tightly, pushing his mouth hard around her asshole, trying to stab his tongue past the assring. Mandy was holding her breath, feeling the erotic ecstasy there. She squeezed his cock hard, and lowered her face and began to suck in frantic up-and-down motions while her son licked wetly at her asshole. She strained her ass to his face, and felt his tongue push inward slightly. Again, she took her mouth off his cock to squeal.

"Ahhhh, you're doing it, you little fucker!" she gasped.

Derick moved his tongue as far into his mother's asshole as he could, feeling it pucker and grip. He sucked at his mother's asshole with his tongue deeply buried, feeling her wet cunt writhing on his chin. Mandy gushed with pleasure, and swallowed his cock again. As she sucked wildly, Derick began to plunge his tongue in and out of his mother's asshole, fucking her as she sucked hungrily on his cock.

Mandy sobbed with strange ecstasy, feeling his tongue fuck very deep, surprisingly deep. The sensations were so different than being tongue-fucked in her cunt. She liked it, liked it very much. She began to squirm her ass into his face and suck greedily at his cock. She pushed her knees outward, straining to spread them wider to give her son more access to her burning, sensitive asshole.

Derick plunged his tongue in and out, fucking her ass hard and fast, clawing at her satiny ass cheeks. He felt her pussy juices dripping past his chin, which was inside her cunt gash, running over his neck. He wrapped his arms about her hips, holding her ass in his face, the hot ass cheeks closing around his face. He fucked his tongue in and out, the flexing tightness exciting him.

Mandy squealed and sucked hard on his prick as she took his tongue up her asshole, grinding at his face, but in a way that helped him tongue fuck her asshole. She felt her cunt tingling hotly. There was no doubt this was going to make her come very hard. The wet sounds of his assfucking tongue mingled with the sucking sounds of her cock-sucking mouth. She shook her ass into her son's face, groaning as she gobbled with intense greed on his hot, throbbing prick. His tongue felt big in her asshole, stretching it, yet going deep. She loved the way he stabbed in and out, his tongue coming all the way out of her asshole, then plunging inward.

Mandy jerked her head up, her mouth pulling from his cock.

"Derick, you're going to make me come," she squealed. "Oh, God, you're going to make mother come!"

Derick began to fuck his tongue faster in her asshole.

Mandy wailed, shaking her ass at his face.

"Make me come! Make mother come!"

She was almost sitting up on his face now, straining into his sucking mouth. The rippling beat of orgasm swelled, and it felt as if her orgasm was going to be in her asshole instead of her cunt.

"Ohhh, God! Now!"

Derick felt his mother's asshole grab at his buried tongue, and the contractions started. He pushed his tongue as deep as he could, feeling her wet, hairy cunt writhe with orgasm on his chin while her asshole seemed to pull and squeeze and suck on his tongue. Mandy trembled almost violently with orgasm, her crotch from her clit to her asshole exploding with fantastic sensations. Although his cock was stiff, she wasn't holding it now. She was clawing at her swollen tits and rigid nipples, screeching as one of the most powerful orgasms she had ever experienced burned through her.

"Ahhhhh! Ohhhh, yes!" she cried out. "Fuck my ass! Push your tongue up mother's asshole! Ohhh, baby, I'm coming so hard, so fucking hard!"

Her orgasm went on and on, and Mandy couldn't determine if it was one enormous orgasm or a series of them. All she knew was, when it was over, she was shaking, the ecstasy unbelievable. She was still on her knees, her thighs spread around her son's face, but her crotch lifted. As she trembled, Derick caressed her thighs and ass, licking and kissing her smooth flesh, tasting the sweet juices that seeped out of her cunt to his open mouth.

Carefully, feeling weak, she turned around to face him, sitting on his stomach. Her cunt rubbed wetly at his flesh as she laughed down at him, her hands stroking his chest.

"What made you do that, honey?"

"Well, it's like they say, Mom… it was there."

He grinned up at her, his cock throbbing against the cheeks of her ass. He ran his hands up her thighs and toyed with the soft hair of her cunt, then spread the lips of her cunt to feel the inner wet heat of it on his stomach.

Mandy's eyes glowed. "It's going to be there again, too," she said, her voice husky.

"Be where?" he teased.

"In your face… my ass is going to be in your face again," she giggled.

"Okay with me," he laughed, pulling the curly hair of her cunt just hard enough to make her yelp.

Her eyes glowed dreamily as she rubbed her cunt on his stomach, feeling his hard-on against her flesh. She squeezed him with her thighs, and scooted backward, lifting her ass. Feeling his cock rub along the crack of her ass, she paused when the cockhead touched her asshole.

"Want to fuck me in my asshole with that big thing?" She grinned down at him, her expression wanton.

"Really?" Derick asked.

She nodded. "Really."

"Let's do it, Mom!"

Giggling like a wicked little girl, Mandy drew her feet back, squatting over her son's upright cock. She slipped her hand under her ass and rubbed the swollen prickhead about the crinkle. She spread her knees wide, leaning back, and Derick stared hotly at her hairy cunt slit and the way she rubbed his cock on her wet asshole.

"Ooooh," she purred softly as she lowered her weight, feeling the smooth head of her son's cock pushing at her asshole. "I hope this works. It feels good so far… I just hope your cock isn't too big for me." She turned his cock loose, and gripped the cheeks of her ass, spreading them wide open. "You push up, baby!"

Derick lifted his ass, the head of his cock pushing at his mother's searing asshole. Mandy held her breath, her eyes slitted with passion. The sensation of her asshole opening up for her son's cock became more intense, and she returned the pressure. Her cunt was on fire again, dripping slippery juices.

"Oh!" she gasped, feeling the head of his cock pop past the ring of her asshole. "Is it all in me?"

"It's in a little, Mom," he groaned. "Wow! Is it tight!"

"Be still, now," she groaned. "Let me do it now."

While her son held himself rigid, watching as she slowly pushed her asshole over his cock, Mandy felt her ass ring being spread open. She didn't know her asshole could be stretched so much. The searing heat as her son's cock filled her asshole excited her, and her cunt was quivering, her clit protruding in hardness from the cuntal folds again.

Very slowly, she slithered her asshole down until she had it deep, pressing at the base of his cock. She sat there, knees up and spread wide. She wiggled, then giggled.

"God, I'm full of hard cock! Derick, you feel so big in my ass! Can you feel this?"

She squeezed his cock with her asshole, making her son grunt with delight. He nodded his head.

"Ooooh, can you see your cock in my asshole?"

He nodded again.

"You can see me fuck you then, with my asshole?"

"Yeah, Mom!"

Gurgling with the strange but wonderful feeling, Mandy raised her ass, feeling his cock slide inside the gripping assring. She held the head of his cock inside her asshole and twisted, grinding, once again lowering herself slowly. She began to finger her cunt as she fucked him, bouncing up and down slowly, stabbing herself in the ass. She twisted and rubbed and pulled her rigid clit, making hot hissing sounds of ecstasy. Pushing her fingers into her cunt, she fucked herself that way, too.

"Can you feel my fingers?" she gasped.


"I'm going to finger-fuck my cunt with my hand and fuck your sweet cock with my asshole!"

Derick stared hotly at his mother's spread crotch as she rammed her fingers in and out, juicily, lifting and lowering her ass faster.

Mandy squealed and whipped her ass about with delicious excitement, the friction of her son's cock in her asshole sending wild, hot rapture through her flesh.

"Oh, God!" she whimpered, and she bounced fast, fucking up and down on his cock as hard as she could. "I love it! Ohhh, my ass… my asshole is on fire! Fuck it, baby! Fuck mother up the hot asshole!"

Derick tried, but she was bouncing too fast and hard for him. His body was pushed into the mattress by the power of her thrusts. He gripped her knees, gazing with excitement at her hairy cunt as she fucked her fingers in and out of it, riding his cock with her fiery asshole. Her full tits jiggled beautifully, her head thrown back, eyes shut to savor the intensity of her feelings.

"Mom, it's great!"

"Yes, baby!"

"Fuck me, Mom! Fuck my cock… oooh, your asshole is so tight and hot, Mom!"

"Mmmmmm! Uhhhhhh!"

Mandy was almost frantic with ecstasy. She shook her ass in an uncoordinated way, grinding up and down on her son's cock. She rubbed brutally at her extremely sensitive clit, pulling and twisting it in a way that, under other circumstances, would have been very painful.

"Fuck me! Fuck me!" she screeched.

Derick's body was going stiff, his cock swelling and jerking inside his mother's asshole. His balls were full and tight at the base. His lower stomach was coated with the juices dripping out of her hairy cunt. The strain became overwhelming, and he raised his head up off the bed, sliding his hands past his mother's grinding hips and clutching her ass.

"I'm gonna come, Mom!"

"Ooohhhhh, do it! Come in me… shoot it up my fucking hot ass… up my asshole! Come in my ass! My cunt… ohhh, baby, mother's cunt is… oh! There… I'm coming, too!"

The contractions of her orgasm sent her asshole into squeezing spasms that sucked hard on his throbbing cock.

"Mom!" he yelled.

His prick spurted, sending fiery sprays of thick cum along the walls of her burning asshole. Mandy screamed when she felt her son coming off in her ass, her cunt going into even tighter convulsions. She slammed her ass down hard on his cock, making sure it was very deep, taking the spurting jism up her ass with intense ecstasy. The hairy lips of her cunt seemed to nibble at his lower stomach as she came time and again.

Feeling her son's cock soften inside her asshole, she slumped, still sitting on him. Her features lost the tightness and became soft, her eyes moist, sparkling. Her asshole spasmed around his cock, and she giggled.

"Well, you can't say you've never had a piece of your mother's ass, can you? And I do mean ass."

Derick laughed up at her, cupping her tits and playing with them.

"You know, Mom, I think I like your asshole as good as I do your cunt and mouth."

Mandy giggled in pleasure, leaning her tits into his face, swinging them back and forth. "You like it all, don't you?"

"You better believe it, Mom."

"Well, so do I," she said.

She drew back to smear his pussy-wet face with hot kisses. She felt his cock slide out of her asshole, and she spread her naked body along his, wrapping her creamy legs around him as she hugged him tightly.

Their tongues touched and licked, then she was sucking at his mouth gently. Derick wrapped his arms around his mother's naked body, hugging her tight.

"I think we need to sleep now," she said, rolling off him.

She wrapped an arm behind his head, drawing his face to her tit comfortably. Her asshole clenched, holding his cum inside as she drifted to sleep.


The beach was not crowded since it was in the middle of the week.

Mandy lay on her huge beach towel, as she had the day her son rubbed the oil onto her body and accidentally – was it accidental? – touched her cunt. Her string bikini concealed nothing, which was the way she wanted it. The smooth globes of her tight ass were warmed by the sun, and she parted her long legs to catch the soothing rays on the narrow crotch of her bikini bottom.

"You're going to get a sunburn on your cunt, Aunt Mandy."

Mandy looked at Julie, who had sat down on the sand near her. She smiled lazily.

"That wouldn't do, would it?" she said softly. "How could Derick fuck a sunburned cunt, huh?"

Julie giggled childishly.

"Julie, why haven't you let the boys fuck you?" Mandy asked.

"I'm too young," Julie said.

"You're never too young, honey. I know they want to fuck you, and from what I saw, you want it, too."

"You're right, Aunt Mandy. I do want to fuck," Julie said. "It's more Johnny's fault than me, though. He's the one that says I'm too young. He said a girl is supposed to have hair on her pussy before she fucks."

"Your brother doesn't know what he's talking about."

"That's what I tell him," Julie said.

Mandy gazed longingly at the youngster's slender thighs, the skimpy bikini. Julie wore a halter, but it was not necessary. Her chest was as flat as Derick's.

"Are you sure your parents don't know what you're doing with Johnny and Derick?"

"They'd kill us," Julie answered.

"Then why take such a chance?"

"Because it's fun," Julie giggled. "It makes me feel good down there, my pussy, you know."

Mandy pushed her hand out and stroked Julie's knee. She couldn't resist caressing the inner thigh flesh, feeling how satiny it was. She was becoming aroused by her cute little niece, and didn't care if anyone saw her caressing that creamy, kissable thigh.

"Do you wanna feel me up, Aunt Mandy?" Julie asked, excitement in her voice.

"I'd love to feel you up, honey," Mandy said, her voice husky.

Julie scooted along the sand, toward her aunt's hand. Mandy ran her palm along the girl's inner thigh, her fingers touching the crotch of the bikini bottom. Julie leaned back on her hands, lifting her ass slightly from the sand, her young eyes looking dreamy as she spread her legs.

Mandy ran her fingertips up and down the bikini crotch, feeling the slit of her niece's cunt through the thin cloth.

"Mmmmm, you feel a little warm here, Julie," she purred.

"I stay warm there," Julie giggled softly. She lifted her ass an inch off the sand. "Feel inside my bikini, Aunt Mandy."

Mandy took a quick glance around, seeing no one was paying any attention to them. She slipped a finger into Julie's bikini crotch and pushed it to one side. She stared at the kid's sweet, hairless cunt, licking her lips. She ran her fingertip up and down the exposed slit of Julie's cunt, then very gently inserted it, finding the girl's little cunt to be as tight as it looked. And it was very hot. She felt Julie's cunt grab at her finger as she heard the soft moan of pleasure.

She fucked her finger in and out of the youngster's sugary cunt, fucking it slowly as Julie twisted her ass. Pulling her finger out of the girl's tight pussy, she rubbed and agitated her small clit.

"Will you make me come, Aunt Mandy?" Julie asked, a low pleading sound in her voice. "Please, make me come."

Mandy's own cunt was on fire as she fondled Julie's juicy little pussy, understanding she wanted to play with it as much as she did her son's cock. The little cunt slit was soft and hot, very tight. She probed into Julie's pussy, watching those sweet cunt lips part.

The sounds of people on the beach were all around them, but neither Mandy nor her niece cared. Mandy was working her hips at her beach towel, watching her finger fucking in and out of Julie's cunt. Julie was arching her ass up and twisting her hips as her eyes blazed at her aunt's face.

"Ooooh, it's good, Aunt Mandy! You do it better than Johnny and Derick! I bet you can make me come better, too."

"I can try," Mandy whispered, plunging her finger a little faster.

"Let me taste it, Aunt Mandy," Julie said, her small voice husky with emotion. "I wanna taste your finger."

Mandy pulled her drenched finger from the kid's pussy and held it up. Julie took her wrist and licked at the slimy finger, taking it into her mouth, her tongue swirling.

"Mmmmm," Julie purred.

"You like it?" Mandy asked softly.

"I love it, Aunt Mandy," Julie said, pushing the hand back to her crotch and sliding her aunt's finger into her cunt slowly. "I love to taste my own pussy! Oooh, make me come now!"

Mandy rammed her finger into the tightness, breathing hard with excitement. There was a low squishy sound as she finger-fucked her niece. Julie was gasping hotly, twisting her ass swiftly.

What she was doing, feeling, seeing, overwhelmed Mandy. She didn't care where she was, who could see. She suddenly pulled her finger out of her niece's cunt.

"Scoot close to my face, baby! I want to taste your sweet cunt!"

With hot squeals, Julie scooted forward. Mandy shoved her face into the steamy wetness of her niece's cunt, licking madly. The soft wet heat on her mouth made her cunt dribble inside the bottoms of her bikini. She swirled her tongue swiftly about the girl's cunt slit, then sucked at her small clit, making Julie cry out in delight. She thrust her tongue past the creamy, succulent pussy lips and into Julie's cunt, stabbing in and out.

"Ooooh, it's gonna happen!" Julie gasped.

Her small hand jerked up to cover her mouth, holding back a soft scream as her cunt convulsed against Mandy's sucking mouth and darting tongue. Feeling her niece coming, Mandy jammed her tongue as deep as she could, her chin resting on the sand. She felt the kid's sugary pussy grip her tongue with orgasm, and her own pussy experienced a small, but delicious orgasm, too.

"Oooohhh, that was good!" Julie breathed as she settled her little ass to the sand.

Mandy adjusted the crotch of Julie's bikini, licking her lips. The taste of that young cunt was better than she had expected it to be. The warm wetness on her mouth was very exciting. She knew she wanted to suck her niece's cunt again, and soon.

Julie shifted until she was lying alongside her aunt, their bodies touching, one hand over her eyes. Mandy rolled onto her back, covering her eyes with an arm, too, and savored the taste of her niece's cunt in her mouth, her own pussy still pulsating in the tight confines of her string bikini.

"They're not asleep," she heard her son say.

"Then why is Julie's hand resting on your mother's cunt?" she heard Johnny said. "Julie wouldn't feel anyone up here on the beach."

"My mom might," Derick laughed softly.

Mandy pulled her arm off her eyes, grinning up at them.

"You're right, I would," she said, her eyes dancing with erotic enjoyment as her gaze swept over the front of the boys' shorts. "I'd do a little more than that, too."

A low giggle came from Julie as she removed her arm from her face. "Aunt Mandy licked my pussy," she said.

Johnny's eyes widened, but Derick only laughed knowingly.

"Right here?" Johnny asked. "Anyone could have watched."

"Ooooh, that would have been exciting," Mandy purred. "You know I love to be watched doing wicked things."

Derick and Johnny squatted at their feet, and Mandy and Julie both stared at the boys' crotches.

"It looks like they're going to get hard-ons, Julie," Mandy said, opening her legs, curls of dark pussy hair showing around the crotch of her bikini. "Take a look, guys, and let those cocks turn real hard."

"Mom, stop teasing us," Derick said. "You two might be able to get hot out here and no one would ever know, but they'd sure as fuck see us with hard-ons."

"I wouldn't care if they did," Mandy said softly.

Johnny was staring with hot eyes up between his aunt's spread thighs at her covered cunt. He licked his lips, a gesture Mandy saw.

"Johnny, want to kiss my pussy?"

"Right here?" Johnny asked, flushing a little.

Julie giggled. "Aunt Mandy licked my cunt right here."

"Yeah, but…"

Mandy quickly raised one foot, hooking it behind her nephew's head and jerking his face down. Before Johnny could react, his mouth was pressed at her covered cunt. Mandy held his face tight into her cunt with her leg, laughing in pleasure.

"Kiss it and I'll let you go," she said.

Johnny's hands pushed at her ass as he tried to draw back, but his sister was sitting up and pushing at the back of his head, giggling wickedly.

"Kiss it for her," Julie giggled. "Kiss Aunt Mandy's cunt and we'll let you up."

Johnny didn't have any choice. He kissed at the wet crotch of his aunt's bikini. Then Mandy and Julie released him. Derick was laughing loudly at his cousin's embarrassment.

Johnny sat back, wiping at his mouth as he looked at his aunt. "That wasn't fair," he said.

"I don't care," Mandy laughed. "At least you kissed my pussy."

Julie watched her brother wipe his lips. "I don't think he likes the taste of pussy," he said.

"I do, too!" her brother hissed back. "I do too like the taste of pussy."

"How do you know?" his sister said. "You never tasted one before."

"I still like it," Johnny pouted.

"Then why haven't you tasted mine, like Aunt Mandy?"

"You're too fucking young, Julie. I've told you that."

"I am not!" Julie retorted. "I can jack you off, can't I? If I can do that, I can do anything else, too, and that means get fucked!"

"Stop bickering," Mandy said.

Julie and her brother fell silent, but pouted at each other. Mandy laughed at them, sitting up with her legs open. Derick was still amused at his cousin's bashfulness.

"I think you're both right," Mandy said. "I'm sure you like to lick pussy, Johnny, and I'm sure Julie is plenty old enough to get fucked."

Derick looked at his cousin with a gleam in his eye, and Julie giggled as she sat up straight, trying to thrust her nonexistent titties outward. Mandy shivered with the thought of watching a hard cock fuck into her niece's sugary little pussy. Both her son and nephew had hard-ons, cocks that strained at the front of their trunks. Ignoring others on the beach, Mandy used her hands to stroke both cock-bulges, causing Johnny to look around guiltily. But her son pressed his cock to her palm.

Fortunately no one was very close by, and they saw nothing. Mandy wouldn't have cared if they were seen. Her cunt was bubbling from what had happened on the beach, and she was eager for either of the two cocks.

"Anybody ready to go home?" she whispered throatily, drawing her hands away from her son and Johnny.

There was giggling as they collected the towels and ice chest, and Mandy led them across the sand to the parking lot. Her string bikini showed her satiny ass cheeks to perfection, and her hips swayed invitingly on the way to the car.

Julie and Johnny climbed back in, with Derick getting in the front seat with his mother. Immediately, Julie had her brother's cock out of his shorts and was stroking it with soft squeals of pleasure. Mandy looked back with a grin, then pulled the car from the parking lot. As she drove home, she fondled her son's cock, listening to the sighs and grunts of pleasure behind her.

Pulling into the driveway, Mandy couldn't resist leaning down and swiping her wet tongue across her son's cock before they got out. Holding the door for her niece and nephew, she was delighted to see Julie had removed her bikini bottoms, and her pretty little pussy flashed as she stepped out of the car. With a dash, Julie was in the house. Mandy trembled with eagerness as she followed her son and Johnny inside.

Julie yanked the trunks off both boys, going to her knees and gripping their cocks in tight fists, making the cock heads bulge out. She mewled with pleasure as her hands jerked them, one boy standing on each side of her. Mandy watched, removing her bikini. The two boys watched her tits spill out, then the triangle of soft cunt hair as she stepped from the bikini bottoms. Both Derick and Johnny were thrusting their hips forward to Julie's eagerly pumping little fists.

"Keep it up, honey," Mandy purred, running her hands about her tits and through the hair of her cunt, "and you'll make them come off."

"Right in my face!" Julie squealed, jerking faster.

Mandy watched their balls swing as she rubbed at her swollen clit, licking her lips.

"What a waste," she murmured. "You could have them come off someplace else."

"In my cunt," Julie gurgled, "or my mouth!"

"That's right, baby," Mandy agreed, kneeling before her niece and grabbing the boys' swinging balls in each hand, squeezing them.

She leaned forward and ran her tongue over her son's piss hole, licking up the seeping precum, then she turned to lick her nephew's cock. Julie had stopped jacking them to watch, her young eyes on fire. Turning their balls loose, Mandy released the tie of Julie's small halter, pulling it from her. The girl's tiny nipples were stiff and pink, and Mandy lowered her mouth to one, sucking and licking it when Julie started jacking the boys' pricks again. Running her hand between her niece's hot little thighs, she felt of her fiery fuck-slit, working a finger into it. Julie squealed and spread her knees on the floor, pushing her cunt to Mandy's hand.

Both Derick and Johnny squeezed Mandy's tits as Julie pumped their cocks. Mandy raised her face from Julie's tiny nipples and kissed the tips of each cock again, fucking her finger in and out of Julie's succulent, tight little pussy. Julie squealed, her eyes glassy, hips moving in time with her aunt's finger. Her fists pounded back and forth as her glazed eyes watched Mandy licking the rounded heads of the two cocks.

"You lick them," Mandy offered in a thick voice.

Julie quickly darted her wet little tongue out and swiped it over Derick's piss hole, then her brother's cock. Her pretty face was flushed with excitement as she licked from one cock to the other.

"Ooooh, Aunt Mandy!" she cried out. "You're gonna make me come if you keep doing that to me!"

"Then come, baby!" Mandy urged. "You'll come over and over."

Whimpering as passion seared her sweet little body, Julie closed her lips over Derick's cock, sucking the cock head as her tongue flicked, her fist jerking wildly. Mandy drew in a hiss of air as she watched, her finger darting deep and fast. Julie turned and sucked the head of her brother's cock into her mouth, rubbing Derick's prick on her face.

"I'm gonna come, too!" Johnny groaned.

"Yeah!" Derick gasped as his cousin turned and sucked at the head of his cock.

"Ooooh, come, Julie!" Mandy hissed, stabbing her finger hard into the girl's deliciously tight little cunt. "Shake your pretty little ass, baby!"

Julie, her eyes filming over, jerked her hips back and forth, fucking onto her aunt's finger almost frantically, jacking with quick, hard strokes on the two cocks near her face.

"Ohhhh, now, Aunt Mandy!" she cried out, shudders going through her.

Julie squeezed the two cocks hard as her cunt exploded, gripping Mandy's finger.

Cum gushed out of both cocks at the same time, spattering over her cheeks, her lips and nose, her chin.

Julie sobbed in mindless ecstasy as her aunt's finger kept fucking in her contracting cunt, the hot spray of cum drenching each side of her face.

Mandy darted her tongue about the two cocks, licking at the piss holes. Pulling her finger out of Julie's cunt, she grabbed her niece by the back of her head, and began licking up the cum from her cute face, then licking Julie's lips, plunging her tongue into the kid's sweet little mouth, only to lick at her face again.

Julie, still shaking from her orgasm, grabbed her aunt's naked ass, and fell backward. Mandy fell atop her niece, and their legs spread wide.

Derick and Johnny looked down at them, seeing Mandy's juicy, hairy cunt just above the young girl's smooth, pink hairless cunt, and the boys grinned at each other.


"That wasn't the way it was going to be," Mandy laughed as she sat in the middle of the floor, legs open. "I guess we got carried away."

Julie was still lying on her back, her eyes bright with pleasure. Derick and Johnny had sat on the couch, looking at them.

"It was fun," Julie purred, running her small hands up and down her body, scissoring her slim legs, her lovely little cunt flashing. "I really love to jack them off, Aunt Mandy."

"I can understand that," Mandy said, remembering her involvement with her own brother again. "I used to enjoy it more than anything, but then I become older and… well, you know."

"Who did you jack off, Mom?" Derick asked.

"Oh, lots of guys," she said, mysteriously, not really eager to tell them about her big brother.

Julie slipped her hand between Mandy's slender thighs, fingering the still wet slit of her aunt's cunt. Seeing this caused Derick and Johnny to become aroused again. Mandy parted her legs wide, lifting her rounded ass from the floor when Julie slipped a finger up her juicy pussy.

"Julie wants to get fucked," Mandy said. "And I agree with her that it's time she did. The only question now is, which of you two is going to fuck her first?"

Julie answered: "Derick!"

"Hey, what's wrong with me being first?" her brother asked.

"You've been mean to me," Julie said, poking her tongue out at him. "So Derick is first."

Johnny pouted and watched Derick drop off the couch and feel his sister up. Mandy ignored her nephew, knowing he wouldn't be pouting much longer. She wiggled her uplifted hips as her niece worked her finger in and out of her cunt, watching Derick finger-fuck Julie's hot little pussy. Derick's cock was raging with hardness again, and Mandy didn't want to wait any longer to see his cock stretch that young cunt.

She pulled from Julie, and her niece didn't resist when she turned her over onto her stomach, then lifted her cute tight ass in the air, spreading her knees at the same time. Julie rested her head and shoulders on the floor, giggling wantonly, with her naked ass in the air. Bending down, Mandy dragged her tongue up the hot slit of Julie's cunt, then probed at the tiny pucker of her pink asshole.

"Ooooh, Aunt Mandy!" Julie squealed, twisting her ass, pushing it into her aunt's face. "That's my asshole, not my cunt!"

"Mmmm, and a sweet little asshole it is, too," Mandy purred as she licked a hot, wet circle about the crinkle. "A real hot, sweet little asshole!"

Derick, his face close, was kissing his cousin's hip. Johnny, no longer pouting, was leaning over to watch Mandy's tongue, gripping his cock tightly. Mandy ran her tongue down to the Julie's cunt again, wiggling it past the tight little pussy lips, tongue-fucking her for a moment or so, then dragging her tongue back to her asshole.

"Mom, let me lick her!" Derick gasped.

Mandy moved and watched her son lick into the split of Julie's pretty ass. He swished his tongue over Julie's asshole, making her squeal and twist wickedly. Lowering his tongue, he lapped at his cousin's cunt, tasting the delicious sweetness of it. His cock jerked and throbbed, and his mother grasped it, stroking his prick while he lapped at Julie's cunt and asshole.

"Put it in her, Derick," Mandy moaned, trying to pull his cock upward. "Put your cock in her hot little cunt! Fuck her now, Derick! I want to see your cock up her pussy!"

Derick drew his face out of Julie's ass, remaining on his knees behind her. As Johnny dropped off the couch to watch, Mandy rubbed Derick's hard prick up and down the girl's pussy slit. Julie gasped and held still, unable to keep a slight tremor out of her uplifted ass.

Derick shoved the swollen head of his cock into his cousin's cunt. Her pink pussy slit stretched about his prick, bringing a moan from Julie.

"Are you okay?" Mandy asked, holding her son's cock to prevent him from lunging forward.

"Ooooh, yes, Aunt Mandy!" came the girl's hot squeal. "I want more!"

Derick eased his cock forward, and Mandy slowly pulled her hand off it. She gazed with fiery eyes as she watched her niece's cunt spread very tightly about her son's cock. Johnny, too, was watching, his breath hot on his sister's lifted ass.

"Does this give you a hard-on, Johnny?" Mandy asked in thick voice.

"Yeah!" her nephew grunted.

Mandy slipped her hand under Julie's stomach and grasped her nephew's cock, squeezing it as Derick slowly began to fuck his cock in and out of Julie's cunt. The kid's tight pussy lips pulled on his prick, sucking it, then sank inward as he pushed forward. Julie gasped and twisted her ass, her fingers clawing at the floor.

"Ooooh, I love it!" Julie gurgled.

Derick moved a little faster, gritting his teeth because Julie's young cunt was so fucking tight, much tighter than his mother's pussy.

Breathing in the erotic scent of Julie's wet cunt as her son fucked it, Mandy stroked Johnny's cock underneath her niece's stomach, and played with her son's balls, her hand shoved between his thighs from behind. Her cunt was on fire, dripping hot juices down the insides of her thighs. As Julie moved her ass back and forth with Derick's cock, Mandy watched her sweet asshole pucker with sensations.

"Nice, Derick?" she asked in a low whisper.

"Tight, Mom!" he grunted.

"God, sometimes I wish I had a cock!" Mandy moaned, leaning down as her son pulled back, licking the pucker of Julie's asshole. "Ooooh, I'd love to feel that hot tight cunt on a cock!"

Julie was crying out her ecstasy, shaking her lifted ass wantonly. The feel of the hardness inside her pussy was fantastic, filling her in a way she had never dreamed of. It was better than a finger, better even, than her aunt's tongue.

"So big in me!" she sobbed. "It feels so big!"

"You like it, baby?"

"Ooooh, Aunt Mandy, I love it!" Julie squealed, waggling her ass as Derick began to fuck faster. "I love it so much! Oooh, what a cock! Fuck me, Derick! Ohhh, fuck me good!"

Mandy glanced at her nephew's face. Johnny was staring down at his sister's ass, watching Derick's cock fucking in and out of her cunt, his cock jerking in his aunt's hand. Mandy pumped his prick faster.

"Are you going to come, Johnny?" she asked him.

"I dunno…" he moaned.

"Don't, not yet," Mandy said. "Here, lick your sister's little asshole when Derick pulls back. Derick, wait a minute so Johnny can have a taste of his sister's hot asshole!"

Derick pulled back, the head of his cock gripped by the tight, stretching squeeze of Julie's cunt. Johnny dipped his head, his tongue swirling about his sister's asshole.

"Ooooh, lick it for me, Johnny!" Julie cried out. "Lick my asshole! Ooooh, see… I told you we could fuck and do things besides me jacking you off all the time!"

Derick, his cock being blistered by his cousin's tight cunt, shoved Johnny's face away and began to fuck Julie with short, quick plunges.

"I can't wait!" he shouted.

Mandy clung to her son's balls, watching his cock fucking into his cousin's cunt, still gripping Johnny's cock underneath Julie's stomach. Julie was sobbing loudly now, whipping her little ass from side to side, straining back at Derick. He raised his head, yelping as he rammed his cock hard.

"Take it, Julie!" Mandy hissed. "He's going to come in your cunt!"

"Ahhhhh!" Julie yelled, her pussy convulsing as she felt the hot spray of thick jism splash up her pussy.

Julie strained her small ass tightly against Derick, her cunt grabbing and squeezing his cum-gushing prick. Mandy gasped, feeling an orgasm rip through her cunt as she knelt, watching. How Johnny kept from coming, she had no idea. Watching her son squirt his cum-load into her niece's cunt was very exciting to her, and she didn't understand why her nephew didn't gush his cum out into her hand.

Julie's trembling slowly stopped, and her ass calmed down. She kept it high in the air, even when Derick's cock pulled out. Mandy watched her son's cock cream seep from the girl's sugary, pulsating pussy, and dipped her face to lap the fuck-slime up, sliding her tongue along the kid's satiny thighs to her pussy and delving into it.

Johnny, his cock raging, was moaning.

"Oh, we've got to take care of that," Mandy said, her lips wet with fuck-slime. "Here, fuck your sister, too."

Johnny was shaking badly as he positioned himself behind his sister's jutting ass. As she had done with her son, Mandy pulled her nephew's cock to her niece's eager pussy, fitting the cock head into the cunt slit.

"Ooooh, Johnny!" Julie gurgled. "Ooooh, that's nice! Fuck me, Johnny! Fuck me hard like Derick fucked me! Ahhhh, I love hard cock in my cunt!"

Johnny gripped his sister's hips, watching as she rammed her ass back and forth, her cunt fucking onto his cock. Mandy breathed deeply as she watched, caressing her hairy, seeping cunt. The sight of Julie's young pussy gripping her brother's cock was even more exciting than seeing Derick fuck her. It had been deliciously wicked to fuck her son, and she had her best orgasms fucking him, but it was equally thrilling to see a brother fuck his sister.

Derick had recovered enough to get to his knees and watch, too.

"Oh, it's so good!" Julie cried, waggling her ass while her brother's cock slithered in and out of her cummy cunt. "I wanted to get fucked before, Johnny! You knew I wanted to get fucked!"

Mandy laughed, caressing the girl's shaking little ass. "You're getting fucked, baby! You're getting fucked twice!"

"Ooooh, I know! I wanna fuck twice more, too!"

"Hot little ass, aren't you?" Mandy laughed, pleased.

"Yes, I am!" Julie moaned. "My ass is hot… my cunt is hot!"

"Want to suck my pussy?" Mandy asked, slipping her finger across Julie's lips. "Want to suck my cunt while your brother fucks your sweet little pussy?"

"Yes!" Julie sobbed. "I wanna suck your cunt, Aunt Mandy!"

"Are you gonna let her, Mom?" Derick asked, his voice thick.

"Why not?" Mandy said, moving to Julie's head. She sat on the floor and spread her long legs on each side of Julie's shoulders.

As Julie raised her head from the floor, Mandy leaned back, pushing her hairy cunt to the kid's eager young mouth. Derick moved to his mother's hips, watching as his cousin's tongue snaked out and lapped up and down his mother's juicy cunt slit. His cock started to rise, coated with jism and the juice from Julie's pussy.

"Mmmm, wet," Julie purred as she closed her mouth over her aunt's hairy cunt, her tongue sliding in.

She moved her hands under Mandy's rounded ass, cupping the ass cheeks, and she began to slurp hungrily, smearing her pretty little face into the woman's pussy.

"Ohhh, nice, Julie!" Mandy moaned, arching and straining her cunt at Julie's sucking mouth. "Ohhh, fuck me baby! Fuck my cunt with your tongue! Suck my juices… lick my pussy juices up!"

Past Julie's lowered head, over her uplifted ass, Mandy watched Johnny ramming his cock back and forth, the thrusts smashing his sister's face into her pussy.

"Fuck her cunt, Johnny!" she cried. "Fuck her hot little cunt! Ram your sister up the pussy! Oooh, Julie, suck me… eat my pussy, baby!"

Mandy squeezed her niece's head between her hot, smooth thighs, holding the back of her head. She slammed her pussy up and down, beating it into Julie's willing mouth.

Derick, watching all this, was pounding on his revived hard-on, making slapping sounds. He watched his cousin's sweet face buried into his mother's hairy cunt, watched Julie twisting her naked little ass while her brother rammed his cock in and out of her cunt. It was more than Derick could stand.

He moved swiftly to his mother's head.

Mandy rested her head on the floor as her son knelt above her face, pushing his cock to her mouth.

Still sucking hot cunt, Julie looked up and watched as Derick crammed his cock into his mother's mouth. Her small tongue dived deep into the fiery wetness of her aunt's pussy, lunging in and out as she squeezed the writhing cheeks of Mandy's ass. The pounding of her brother's cock into her cunt was making a strong orgasm build inside her.

Mandy, taking the thrusts of her son's cock into her mouth, drew her knees up to her tits, lifting her cunt to Julie's mouth. Derick placed his hands behind his mother's knees, pushing them to her shoulders, and he began to fuck her mouth, his balls bouncing off her forehead. With her cunt being sucked so hungrily, and her son's cock fucking her mouth, Mandy felt her mind soar with erotic thrills. Her naked body was a mass of quivering ecstasy, and she didn't want it to ever stop. Her lips gripped her son's cock as it pushed and pulled, up and down, from the cock head to his balls. Her mouth and lips were as sensitive as her cunt was, and she sucked on his cock as her niece tongued her pussy, sucked her clit and squeezed her ass.

Johnny, straining his cock back and forth in his sister's cunt, watched as his aunt used her mouth as a pussy for Derick. Seeing his sister sucking the woman's hairy cunt, too, fueled his passion until he was banging almost brutally into his sister's gripping pussy.

"Eat her cunt, Julie!" he groaned. "Suck her fucking hot cunt! Eat his cock, Aunt Mandy! Ooooh, Julie, your fucking cunt is so hot and wet! I'm gonna fuck it… fuck it and come in it!"

Mandy twisted her ass, grinding her cunt into Julie's face as she felt herself surging toward orgasm. The wet sounds of her son's cock fucking her mouth caused her to suck and lick frantically. She shoved a hand behind her son's ass, jerking him down to take his cock deep into her mouth, her other hand on the back of her niece's head, holding that greedy little mouth on her pussy.

Julie was groaning softly into Mandy's cunt as she strained her cunt onto her brother's fucking cock. Her small clit was about to burst, the sensations unbelievable.

"Julie, I'm gonna come!" Johnny groaned.

A muffled cry came from Julie as her cunt convulsed about her brother's cock. She sucked hard at Mandy's cunt, her lips pulling the woman's hairy pussy into her mouth. Mandy whimpered as she exploded with orgasm against the girl's mouth. She felt her son ram his cock past her lips and squirt his hot cum over her tongue. His cum-load filled her mouth, squirt after squirt.

Johnny, his face lifted with sweet torment, spewed his jism into his sister's cunt, his balls tight against her cunt lips.

All four of them shook wildly as they came.

Mandy gulped her son's cock cream down thirstily.

Julie sucked the slippery sweetness out of her aunt's cunt as her hairless pussy pulled the jizz from her brother's aching balls.

Johnny was holding his sister's uplifted ass tight as he flooded her pussy with his cum.

Derick was moaning as his cum splashed down his mother's throat.

They all tumbled apart, sprawling across the floor.

The only sound for a long time was heavy breathing…


Mandy was in a high state of arousal.

The things she had done with her son, as well as her niece and nephew, had shown her she was very susceptible to incestuous activity. Watching her niece getting fucked, the taste of her sugary little cunt, and the uninhibited way Julie and Johnny had joined her and her son had her hungering for more.

The night after their involvement with Julie and Johnny, Derick had seemed as insatiable as Mandy. He had fucked her until her cunt felt a little raw, but had her body tingling beautifully. The following morning, she slept late, exhausted from the wild thrusts of her son's cock. Normally not a late sleeper, she felt well rested and happy as she prepared breakfast for them.

Entering her room to wake her young son, she gazed at his hard prick, sticking up while he slept. She caressed his cock with her hand, smiling at the pleasure this young cock had given her. She squeezed it gently, watching the prick head bulge and his piss hole open. She licked at her son's piss hole tenderly, thinking it would be a wonderful way to start her day, sucking him off, taking him up that way. Leaning down, closing her hot lips about the head of his cock, sucking lightly, she moved her fist up and down the cock shaft.

"Mmmmm, nice, Mom," Derick murmured as he woke up.

Her eyes flashed up at him, sparkling happily as her lips glided down the throbbing shaft of his cock, taking it deep into her mouth. She shifted her hips toward his shoulder as his hand moved up the back of her naked thigh to her ass, then between her legs to rub lightly at her hairy cunt slit.

"Ahhh, that's nice, Mom," he murmured, pulling at her leg. "I want some, too."

Holding his cock in her mouth, Mandy lifted her knee and swung it over his head, her other foot on the floor, her crotch open to his mouth. As she bobbed her face up and down on his cock, caressing his thighs, she gurgled softly when she felt her son's wet tongue licking along the inside of her leg, his hands feeling about her satiny ass. His tongue moved to her cunt, the tip dragging along the fiery slit gently. Mandy moaned and eased her cunt tighter against her son's face. She sucked strongly on his cock as she felt his tongue dip into her pussy, licking and swirling on the sensitive cunt folds. Sliding a hand under his ass, cupping it, she moved her gripping lips up and down his cock, slowly grinding her cunt at his sucking mouth.

Derick moved a hand up his mother's back to her head, pushing down on it, lifting his cock up at the same time. Mandy accepted it, pleased that he enjoyed her mouth so much. His tongue darted and swished at her pussy, and she began to whimper softly as the ecstasy increased. As the thrilling sensations grew, she wiggled her ass faster, her cunt moving on her son's mouth. She swallowed his cock and rubbed his warm balls about her nose, inhaling the scent of him.

"Mmmmm!" she moaned around his cock.

Wet slurping sounds came from between her thighs as her son sucked and licked. They were not frantic, but taking it slow and enjoying it.

However, since both were so hot, it didn't take long before they were coming. Derick came first, gushing his thick creamy cum into his mother's eager mouth. She had been on the brink of orgasm already, and when she tasted his cum, her cunt contracted with mild spasms at first, then grew stronger until she was smashing her cunt into his sucking mouth, her ass shaking as she made wet sounds, swallowing his sweet jism.

Lifting her pussy out of his face and standing at the side of the bed, she leaned and kissed his pussy-wet mouth, her tongue taking a swipe at his slippery lips.

"Breakfast is probably cold," she said with a smile. "But who cares?"

Laughing, Derick jumped out of bed, going toward her bathroom. "Right! Who cares? I just had a good breakfast."

Mandy listened to the shower start, smiling in happiness as she went back to the kitchen to salvage what she could.

They ate naked, the way her son liked it. He fondled her tits as he ate, and she loved his attention.

"What are you going to do today?" she asked him when they had finished eating.

"You mean what are we gonna do, Mom," he grinned, twisting her nipple.

"Okay, what are we going to do?" she said, pleased to be included in his plans. "Lie around on the beach and look at pretty girls?"

"Who needs them? I've got the prettiest girl of all right here, and she's already naked and ready for me."

She laughed and mussed his hair. "Are you trying to wear that thing out, baby? Or my cunt, maybe? God, I swear I should have blisters on my cunt – you've been fucking the piss out of it."

"You don't like it, Mom?"

"I love it, you nut," she giggled, hugging his face to her tits, kissing the top of his head. "You can fuck mother's ass anytime you want, and fuck it raw, and I'll love every minute of it."

"Speaking of ass…"

"Oh, no!" Mandy laughed, pushing him away. "Not now! I've got to clean up this breakfast mess."

She stood, and he grabbed her, pulling her to his lap. She struggled playfully as his hands moved about her body, feeling his cock harden beneath her squirming bare ass. She hugged him, positioned her ass so his cock throbbed between the ass cheeks, then pushed off his lap.

"Let me do these dishes, at least," she said, pulling on his hard cock playfully. "Then I'll give you a fuck that should last an hour or so at least."

Derick grabbed his mother's hips as she turned and jerked her ass to his face, burying it into her ass crack, kissing her asshole. Mandy squealed and twisted, but more in his face than to pull away. His tongue dipped against her puckered asshole, and Mandy moaned, feeling her legs become weak. She leaned over, arching her ass into his face to feel his tongue. She placed her hands on the cheeks of her ass and pulled them wide open for him. She closed her eyes, gasping softly as his tongue swirled against her asshole, then began to work into it.

"Ahhhh, baby, baby!" she whimpered as her son's tongue slipped up her asshole. "Ooooh, that feels so nice!"

Derick tongued his mother in her asshole for a few moments, then released her. Mandy straightened up and turned to face him, leaning against the sink, sliding her hand to her cunt.

"That made my pussy tingle," she said softly.

"Sit on this," he offered, spreading his legs, with his cock jutting up.

Mandy gave his cock a longing look. "Not until I clean up this kitchen," she said, firmly. "And you leave me alone while I do it. You know I'm a weak woman. Put that thing away and stop tempting me."

As she turned and began working at the sink her son looked at her. Mandy had a beautiful ass, so round and shapely and tight, and exquisitely long legs. He could see her pussy hair between her thighs when she moved, and he sat at the table fondling his balls as she worked.

Mandy enjoyed his eyes on her body, and shifted her feet often, making her buns flex and move for his pleasure. She glanced over her shoulder at him often, her eyes soft but hot as she saw his cock remain hard.

Julie and Johnny would certainly be there later. They had visited often before, and now had more reason to be there. She didn't think they would say anything to her brother and sister-in-law, but Mandy really didn't care if they did. What could her brother say if he knew? She had secrets about him, too. Secrets his sexy wife might not like to know about. The idea that Johnny was doing things with Julie, those jack-off games he had played with her, excited her. She wished she and her brother had fucked back then. But they had not, and now they weren't all the close anymore.

"Mom, do you like licking Julie's cunt?" her son asked.

Mandy wiped her hands and turned to face him. "Yes, I do. Why do you ask?"

"Isn't it, well, you know… a little odd for a woman to lick a pussy?"

"Odd? Why should it be odd, honey?"

"Oh, you know…"

"No, it is not odd," she said. "Derick, is something wrong?"

"No, Mom," he said. "I just didn't know you liked to suck cunt."

"I didn't either," she answered, "until I sucked Julie. Derick, does it bother you that I like it?"

Derick was silent for a moment, then shook his head. "No, I like to watch you do it. I guess it's okay."

"If you don't want me to do it anymore, I won't," she said.

"Mom, it's okay," he insisted. "I told you, I like to watch you suck her pussy."

Mandy dropped to her knees before him, sliding her hands up his legs to his cock and balls. "You're afraid I'll like it better than your cock, huh?" she asked.

"No, not that, either," he replied. "I'm afraid you'll want other girls and… well, not want me as much."

"You're silly," she purred, nuzzling at his cock and balls with her face. "I'll always want you, this cock, your hot balls. I don't even want to suck any other cunt but Julie's, either. I promise you, I won't grab any girls, honey."

She closed her mouth over his cock, sucking it deeply into her mouth. Derick moaned in pleasure, lifting his legs and wrapping them about his mother's head and shoulders, lean-ing back to enjoy her hot, wet mouth. Mandy sucked slowly, sliding her lips around and around on his cock, her tongue in constant motion. The hot hardness in her mouth always excited her, and her cunt twitched and became very wet. She squeezed his thighs about her head. Holding his cock deep inside her mouth, feeling the smooth cockhead almost in her throat, she purred with pleasure.

Derick stroked his fingers through his mother's hair, watching her face in his crotch. Loosening his thighs, he let her suck up and down on his prick.

"I like to see my cock in your mouth, Mom," he said. "I like to watch your lips suck it, feel them."

"Mmmmm!" she mewled, her eyes flashing ecstasy up at him. She lifted off his cock and drew his hot, hairless balls into her mouth, sucking them as his cock burned along the side of her face. Dropping his balls, she kissed his stomach. "I love it when you watch me suck your cock."

"And when you fuck Johnny?"

"Oh, yes!" she gurgled. "I guess I'm just a show-off."

She pressed his cock between her tits, closing them around it, and moved up and down, rubbing his cock between them. The prick head pushed at her chin, leaving it wet with his seeping pre-cum. She tucked her chin down and kissed the dripping piss hole.

"Want to fuck mother's titties?" she giggled. "I bet I can make you come this way."

"You can make me come any way," he said, watching his cock slide between her creamy tits. "You can make me come just looking at you, Mom."

"Can I, really? That's nice," she purred, rubbing a stiff nipple at his piss hole until it glistened wetly. Lifting her tit, she swirled her tongue about her nipple, tasting him on it.

"At the beach, in your bikini, I can look at you and get hard and almost come," he said.

"Like when you rubbed the oil on me?"

He nodded.

"Did you touch my cunt that time by accident, or deliberately?"

"Accident, Mom – but I'm sure glad it happened."

"So am I," she replied in a whispery voice, sliding her tits up and down his cock. "This might not be happening if you hadn't touched me."

Giving his cock another kiss, she stood up. Turning her back to him, she leaned over and spread the cheeks of her ass. Derick gazed into his mother's ass, seeing her cunt, so wet and hairy, beneath the light-brown crinkle of her asshole.

"Take your pick, honey," she purred. "Cunt or ass… either one."

Derick leaned forward and lapped at his mother's asshole, then lowered his face to lick at her cunt. Mandy cooed and wiggled her ass with pleasure.

"Mmmmm, hot and wet," he said.

"Fuck me now, honey," Mandy whimpered. "I want to feel your cock in me… anywhere in me! Come on, fuck mother now!"

She leaned forward with her hands gripping the sink, ass jutting back.

Derick stood, his cock straight and hard. He spread his mother's ass cheeks, and pushed the swollen head of his cock to the fiery pucker of her asshole. Mandy gasped with the contact, and eased her ass back. Derick watched as his mother slowly slipped the hot ring of her asshole over his cock, his hands resting lightly on her hips.

"Ooooh, God, that always feels so wonderful when you first go in me!" she moaned.

"Your asshole is so fucking tight and hot, Mom!" Derick panted, feeling the squeeze of her ass ring on the base of his cock.

"Fuck it, darling! Fuck mother up her tight, hot asshole! Ooooh, I love to feel your cock throbbing up my ass… fuck me, baby! Fuck my asshole sore!"

Mandy jiggled her hips, humping back and forth, riding her son's cock with her asshole as he stood and looked down at it. She squealed and waggled her ass, making her ass ring flex and hold his cock tightly. Sliding a hand down between her thighs, she let his balls rub across her palm, feeling them on the slit of her cunt.

"Hold still just a minute," she groaned.

With her son's cock deep inside her ass guts, she pressed his balls inside the lips of her pussy, and gurgled with the sensation.

"Oh, baby, I've got your cock up my ass and your balls in my cunt!"

"I feel it, Mom!"

Her cunt squeezed his balls as her asshole gripped his cock. Mandy closed her eyes to the rapture, wishing she could fuck him this way, fuck his cock with her ass and his balls with her cunt. She made an attempt, but as she pulled her hips forward, his balls came out of her pussy.

"I can't!" she moaned. "Your balls keep coming out!"

Nothing she tried could keep his balls in her cunt.

"We just can't do it, Derick," she said.

"Well, I guess I'm just gonna have to fuck your ass, Mom."

"Oh, baby, yes!"

Arching her ass to him, she rested her forehead on the counter, spreading her feet on the floor. The friction of her son's cock fucking in and out of her asshole made her tremble with erotic sensations, his balls slapping at her juicy cunt. She gasped and panted as he plunged his cock in and out, and the harder he fucked her ass, the better she liked it. Her asshole felt enormous, yet it was exquisitely tight.

"Ahhh, Mom, shake your fucking ass!"

"Yes, I will!" she sobbed, shaking her ass wantonly as her son pounded hard and fast. "I'll shake my fucking ass! Mother will shake it, and you fuck it! Oh, baby, this makes my cunt so hot and wet!"

Leaning forward, Derick wrapped his arms about her, grabbing her tits with both hands, squeezing them hard, driving his cock up her asshole.

"Pull them!" Mandy squealed. "Pull on my tits, baby! Pull my nipples… twist mother's nipples! Ooooh, ram it up my ass, Derick! Oh, God, fuck my hot asshole!"

Mandy danced her naked ass in a frenzy, swaying it as her son fucked his cock in and out. The way he squeezed her tits added to the rapture flooding her body. Her cunt was dripping hot juices down the insides of her thighs and his balls slapped at her pussy slit. Her clit was bulging from the wet slit, tingling, ready to burst. Her spread legs were shaking with weakness, her knees threatening to fold.

"Mom, I'm about to come!" Derick groaned, his breath searing the flesh between her shoulder blades.

"So am I!" she squealed.

Derick rammed his cock as deep as he could, straining it up his mother's asshole. Mandy cried out, her cunt rippling. With a low scream, she came. The convulsions of her orgasm created a powerful suction in her asshole, and Derick found his cock being squeezed in a rippling action. He moaned as his balls tightened against her cunt, and his prick gushed a boiling stream of cum into her ass.

The rapid spurts of his cum-load sent her cunt into wild, frenzied contractions and caused her to scream loudly in unbelievable ecstasy. As soon as her orgasm started to fade, she found herself entering into another orgasm, stronger and lasting much longer than the first. Her legs shook weakly, but she held her ass up until her son finished filling it with his hot cum.

"I can't stand up any longer," she moaned weakly. "I'm going to fall down."

Derick eased his slippery cock out of her asshole, and he braced her as her knees gave way. Mandy squatted, leaning against the doors of the counter, breathing hard, her asshole feeling on fire, puckering gently, her cunt dripping wetness to the floor beneath her…


Julie came into the house with a swirl of her pretty skirt.

"Isn't Johnny with you?" Mandy asked, watching the girl's golden thighs.

"He's gotta mow the lawn," Julie said, cupping Mandy's tits as soon as the door was closed. "He said he'd be here when he finished."

Derick came into the room and saw his cousin playing with his mother's tits. He was wearing jockey shorts, his hair still damp from the shower.

Cupping his crotch, he teased. "Why do you wanna play with Mom's tits when you can play with this, Julie?"

Julie giggled. "I'll play with both," she said, darting one hand for his cock-bulge, still holding her aunt's tit with the other.

Mandy was wearing a skirt and T-shirt, her nipples pressing at the tight whiteness. She caressed her niece's little ass through her skirt as she watched Julie squeeze her son's balls playfully.

"I guess I gotta take care of both, huh?" Derick grinned.

"Think you can do that?" his mother teased. "Think your cock can handle all this hot pussy?"

Julie slipped her hand into the waist of his shorts, pulling his cock out. Dipping her face, she ran the flat surface of her tongue over the head of his prick.

"Mmmmm, and hot mouth, too?" she giggled. "Pussy and mouth…"

Mandy laughed at her niece, lifting the back of her skirt and caressing her pantied little ass. "You're getting to be a cock-hungry little slut. You know that, baby? Can't get enough hard cock now, can you?"

Julie's eyes glowed as she stood up straight. "No, I can't, Aunt Mandy. I could fuck all day."

"You may have to," Mandy said. "I think this son of mine has a permanent hard-on. He's got my cunt so fucking sore and my asshole so raw, and I think I'm getting a sore throat from all this cock-sucking I have to do lately."

"And you're complaining, Aunt Mandy? I just wish I could get fucked as often as you. We have to be real careful at home. Sometimes Johnny sneaks into my room after our parents are asleep, but we have to be so quiet, it isn't much fun there." Julie lifted her aunt's skirt. "You sure have pretty panties." She ran her palm about the front of her aunt's panties, then cupped her cunt, squeezing it. "Ooooh, you're wet already!"

"She stays wet," Derick said. "Just the way I want it – wet cunt!"

Julie lowered to her knees, burying her sweet face into Derick's crotch, and he pushed her hand between her aunt's thighs. Derick shoved his shorts down and kicked them off, watching as his cousin pushed her face between his mother's thighs.

Mandy cooed softly as Julie licked her pink tongue along the wet crotch of her panties, writhing her ass.

"Inside my panties, baby!" Mandy gasped softly. "Stick your tongue inside my panties."

A small finger hooked into the thin band and pulled it aside, then Julie's tongue slithered into her aunt's cunt. Mandy cried out softly with the sensation, grabbing her son's ass tightly. Julie, licking at her cunt, was pumping on Derick's cock.

"So wet, Aunt Mandy," Julie purred as she pulled her dripping lips away. "So very wet. Oooh, I wanna suck this hard cock!"

With wet, slurping sounds, Julie began to suck on Derick's cock, and she worked her fingers into her aunt's pussy. Mandy squirmed and humped, holding Julie's wrist as her eyes blazed down, watching those stretched lips slide up and down the youth's cock. Digging her fingers into her son's ass, she caused him to thrust his cock deep into his cousin's mouth.

"Ooooh, Julie, you should always have a hard cock in your mouth! You look so beautiful, so fucking cock-hungry this way!"

"I am!" Julie moaned as she raised her face. "I am cock-hungry, Aunt Mandy! I wanna get fucked – now!"

Julie tore her clothing off, eyes glazed in passion. Naked, she flung herself onto her back and jutted her sweet little ass into the air, spreading her knees wide and pushing her hairless cunt outward. She shoved a hand to her pussy and rubbed at it almost frantically, waggling her ass wantonly.

"Fuck me, Derick! Please, fuck me now! I'm so hot, so ready for a fuck!"

Derick went to his knees behind her, dragging the swollen, seeping head of his cock across the tight crinkle of Julie's young asshole, then the steamy slit of her pussy. The cock head pushed into the gripping wetness, making Julie cry out with delight. Mandy straddled Julie's back, dipping her crotch down, facing her son. Sliding her hands over the young girl's small, satiny ass, caressing it, she watched her son's cock sliding back and forth, the tight lips of Julie's cunt sucking and holding it. She spread the ass cheeks wider with her fingers, rubbing her wet cunt on the creamy flesh of her niece's back.

Scooting her seeping cunt downward to the back of Julie's head, rubbing it at the girl's soft hair, she licked at the hot flesh of her waggling ass, sliding her tongue into the split as her son pulled his cock back, flicking and tasting the kid's boiling little asshole.

"Ooooh, that's nice, Aunt Mandy!" Julie gasped. "Lick my ass, Aunt Mandy! Oh, lick my ass while Derick fucks my cunt! I like it… I love it!"

Derick pulled his cock out of Julie's squeezing cunt, and his mother's mouth caught it, sucking hard. He pushed his cock deep into his mother's mouth, then he stabbed back and forth, fucking his mother's mouth. He pushed his cock back into Julie's waiting cunt. Making a few thrusts into the youngster's sweet pussy, he again fucked into his mother's willing mouth. Back and forth, from his cousin's cunt to his mother's mouth, his cock went.

"A blow and a fuck!" he laughed.

Mandy's tongue tasted the burning little pucker of Julie's asshole again, and she was still rubbing her juicy cunt at the back of Julie's hair. She watched her son's cock fucking in, and slipped a hand down and under to feel his swinging balls, then back to his lean ass cheeks.

"My mouth, baby!" Mandy moaned. "Fuck my mouth again!"

Derick jerked his dripping cock out of Julie's cunt and rammed it into his mother's mouth. The taste of her son's hard cock with the hot juices of her niece's cunt on it sent Mandy into a mind-reeling ecstasy. She sucked hard on his cock, slurping up the pussy juices clinging to it.

"Now fuck her again!" Mandy gurgled. "Fuck her cunt!"

Again, Derick plunged his cock into his cousin's pussy.

"My mouth!"

His cock slithered into his mother's mouth.

"Julie's cunt!"

Over and over, Derick ran his cock from cunt to mouth, breathing hard as his balls swelled and hardened. There was a subtle difference between Julie's young cunt and his mother's mouth, mostly his mother's tongue, because both were tight, hot, and very wet.

Julie, one hand between her thighs, squeezed his balls, groaning with growing tingles. She shook her ass lewdly as his cock pounded up her cunt.

"I'm about to come!" she screamed loudly. "My cunt… I'm gonna come!"

Derick's cock plunged deep into her tight pussy just as the contractions started. He yelped in ecstasy. "Julie, you're gonna make me come!"

"Squirt it, Derick!" his mother sobbed. "Up her cunt, baby!"

Derick groaned as he fucked his cock up his cousin's satiny, tight cunt. His balls throbbed. The sensation of Julie's cunt squeezing him at the base of his cock was too much. He grunted, sending a boiling gush of creamy cum into Julie's pussy, making her squeal with ecstasy. Mandy, her eyes glazed, pushed at his stomach.

"Let me have some!" she gasped. "Derick, in mother's mouth!"

Derick's cock jerked out of Julie's convulsing cunt, the cock head sliding up along the puckering of her small asshole, squirting hard. Cock cream splashed on Mandy's lips as she opened her mouth, grabbing the head of her son's cock and gulping down the spewing juices of his young balls. Pushing his cock deep into his mother's mouth, he held the back of her head, his other hand rubbing furiously at his cousin's cunt. Julie squirmed her sweet ass into his hand, crying out with rapture.

"Mmmmm, so hot and sweet!" Mandy murmured as her son pulled his cock from her mouth. Her lips glistened wetly, her eyes smoldering. "We both got his cum, Julie – me in my mouth and you in your pretty little cunt."

Julie, breathing hard, had sprawled forward onto her face, her slim legs parted, ass twitching. Mandy caressed her buns, spreading the ass cheeks and peering down, watching her son's juices seep from the kid's hairless pussy slit. She dipped her face and lapped at the girl's little asshole, bringing gurgles from Julie.

Derick, panting, sat back and watched his mother. His balls were wet from the dripping of Julie's pussy, glistening in the light. Mandy, her tongue probing the small pucker of Julie's asshole, took her son's cock in her hand and stroked it. After licking awhile on her niece's ass, she scooted her face to her son's crotch, and lapped his pussy-wet balls.

"You never get enough, do you, Mom?" he said, but his voice was playful.

"Mmmm, never," Mandy purred, licking up his cock, back to his balls, feeling between her niece's thighs. "And aren't you glad?"

Mandy raised up, her lips looking puffy. Her eyes sparkled with passion. Spreading her long legs and leaning back, she slowly manipulated her clit, pulling and twisting it, her hips writhing on the floor. As her son and niece watched, she inserted first one finger, then two, and fucked herself, cooing softly with the sensation. Pushing a third finger into her cunt, she gasped in pleasure. Finally, with all four of her fingers inside her hairy cunt, she fucked them in and out rapidly, arching her cunt up to take them. Derick and Julie watched, fascinated.

"You're juicy," Julie giggled. "Derick, listen to your mother's juicy cunt."

"I hear it all the time," he said, grinning.

"It's making your cock hard," his cousin mewled, stroking his prick as they watched Mandy.

"It's gonna get harder if you keep that up."

"I will," Julie gurgled, jacking him faster. "I think a cock looks better when it's real hard, instead of all floppy."

"You and me, both," Mandy whimpered. "Ooooh, watch me come!"

Her ass lurched up, the hairy lips of her cunt visibly clutching her lunging fingers. Her orgasm seemed long, but really wasn't.

Finished, Mandy pulled her dripping fingers out of her cunt and licked them, sucking them into her mouth, the taste of her own pussy juices exciting her.

Julie leaned her head into Derick's lap, dragging her wet little tongue along the hard shaft of his cock, then taking the swollen cock head between her greedy lips. Her cute face bobbed up and down, the sounds of wet cock-sucking loud in the room. Cradling Derick's balls in a small hand, she pushed them against her cheek as she filled her mouth with his hard, hot cock.

Mandy, rubbing very lightly at her cunt now, watched as her niece sucked.

Julie lay on her stomach with her face in Derick's lap, her head moving up and down. She twitched her little ass, the ass cheeks bunching as she humped at the floor.

The orgasm Mandy had experienced only whetted her appetite for more, as usual.

"I want it up my ass," she whispered huskily. "Derick, fuck mother up the ass."

Mandy spread out on all fours, her knees parted, shaking her rounded ass. Julie giggled lewdly and pulled her mouth off Derick's cock, sitting up and pushing a hand under her aunt's body to fondle her tits. Derick, his cock pulsating with hardness, pushed his face into the crack of his mother's ass, kissing and sucking at her asshole. Mandy whimpered as his tongue scraped along the juicy slit of her cunt, then over her burning asshole.

"Tongue-fuck my asshole!" she shrieked.

Derick's tongue slithered easily into his mother's asshole.

Julie, eyes wide, leaned over to watch. She saw Derick's tongue slide into his mother's asshole, and with a squeal, she pushed his face away and plunged her own tongue into the boiling tightness. Derick got up on his knees, pushing his cock to his mother's hairy cunt. Julie grabbed the head of his cock with her lips before he thrust it into Mandy's cunt. Derick humped his ass, fucking his cousin in her hungry mouth, then he pulled his cock out. Julie pushed his cock down and watched it slide into his mother's cunt. Her small finger worked on the tight bud of Mandy's asshole.

"Oh, God, do it to me!" Mandy wailed. "Both of you, do it to me! Finger my ass and fuck my cunt!"

"Fuck her, Derick!" Julie urged, working her finger up into Mandy's asshole. "Fuck her cunt!"

Mandy squealed as her son's cock and her niece's finger filled her in both openings. She shook her ass, waggling it, arching and straining to them. Lowering her head and shoulders, jutting her ass high, she clawed at the carpet as the ecstasy swirled through her.

But, as good as it felt to have her son's cock in her cunt and Julie's small finger stabbing her in the asshole, she wanted Derick's cock there, stretching her asshole, filling it.

"Please, fuck my ass with your cock, Derick!" Mandy begged.

Julie pulled her finger out and grabbed her cousin's cock, lifting it and rubbing the wet, slippery head of it about Mandy's asshole. Derick pushed, and his cock fucked into his mother's asshole.

"Ohhh, baby, yes!" Mandy sobbed as she felt his cock spread the ring of her ass wide. "God, I love it so much up my hot ass! Fuck mother in the ass, baby!"

Julie, tremors running through her small body, watched as Derick fucked his cock in and out of her aunt's asshole. The stretching of the ass ring excited her very much, and she shoved her hand to her own ass, working a finger into the tight little opening. Finger-fucking herself in the ass and squeezing one of Mandy's tits, Julie found her cunt pulsating with wetness again.

"I want it, too!" Julie cried out.

"Here," Mandy gasped, raising her head and shoulders off the floor. "Squeeze under me, Julie."

Julie pushed herself beneath her aunt, sliding her head between the woman's spreading knees. She looked up at Mandy's hairy cunt slit, dripping juices, and watched her cousin's balls bounce and sway, his cock ramming in and out of Mandy's asshole. She bent her knees, spreading them when Mandy's hands slipped under her ass. As Mandy began to lick furiously at her hairless cunt, Julie ran her hands up Mandy's satiny thighs and closed her fingers around her ass, pulling at the ass cheeks. She raised her face and buried her mouth into Mandy's seeping cunt, licking and sucking as Derick rammed his cock in and out of her asshole. Derick's hot balls rubbed and swung across her young face, exciting her all the more.

With her son fucking his cock up her asshole, Julie sucking wildly on her inflamed cunt, and the taste of the sweet pussy in her own mouth, Mandy was shivering and whimpering with rapture. She squeezed Julie's little ass, lifting the girl's crotch to her mouth, hardly moving her own ass because she was afraid she would lose either that wild tongue on her cunt or her son's cock in her ass.

"Ohhhh, eat her pussy, Julie!" Derick gasped. "Suck my mom's hot cunt! Ahhhh, Mom, your asshole is sucking my cock! Oh, eat those hot cunts! Suck those pussies!"

Mandy was groaning into her niece's little pussy, her tongue dipping deep into the sweetness. She pressed her nose at the small crinkle of Julie's asshole, slurping hungrily. She cried out when Julie closed her hot little lips around her elongated clit and sucked hard, her tongue flicking the tip.

With her asshole filled by her son's cock and the way her niece was sucking her clit, Mandy couldn't hold back the swelling orgasm. Her cunt throbbed, pulsating wetly, her tits swollen as they brushed over the velvety flesh of Julie's stomach below.

With a muffled cry, Mandy came, her cunt contracting, making her asshole grip hard on her son's cock. As she came, her tongue seemed to fuck impossibly deep into the fiery wetness of Julie's little pussy. She groaned again as her niece began to grind her cunt hard at her mouth, and Mandy felt the contractions of Julie's pussy grabbing at her tongue. Almost at the same time, she felt her son's cock throb and jerk inside her asshole, then the boiling spray of his cum gushing along the walls of her ass guts.

Derick was gasping as his cock spewed thick jism into his mother's asshole, his balls writhing in Julie's eyes. Julie, swinging her small ass about as she came against her aunt's sucking mouth, suddenly jerked Derick's cock out of Mandy's asshole and closed her hot lips around the cock head, tasting the hot, thick spurts of his cum-load as it ran into her throat.

As Julie and Derick sprawled on their backs, breathing hard, Mandy, on her hands and knees, began to lick at them, kissing and suck ing her son's cock and balls, then her niece's succulent cunt, back and forth, mewling happily.


Mandy was delighted to have Julie and Johnny visiting so often.

They had, of course, visited often before, but now they stayed in her home more often than ever. She wanted to tell them of the things she had done with her brother as a young girl, but was afraid her brother or sister-in-law would find out.

She did get Johnny to confess a desire to fuck his mother. And Julie, with cute giggles, admitted she would love to fuck her father, suck on his big cock. They talked about this together, the four of them, fantasizing and turning each other on. Mandy loved to fantasize out loud this way with them, and encouraged them all the time. She created very lewd fantasies for them, of how she would love to be the center of attraction at a gang-bang, lie on a floor with a dozen young guys surrounding her, jacking off and coming all over her body, on her tits, thighs, her cunt and in her face. Many of the fantasies were impossible, and would be out of reach no matter what, but they enjoyed talking out the wildest erotic fantasies imaginable.

She not only loved watching her son fuck Julie, but loved to watch the brother and sister fucking, too. She loved being watched by them while being as lewd as she could. Julie called it being nasty, but Mandy called it having a real ball. Julie, though, thought everything they did was nasty, deliciously nasty, and since it was forbidden, it was all the sweeter to them. Both Derick and Johnny drew verbal pictures of girls and teachers at school, the ones they would like to fuck, speculating on which girl would suck cock and who would take it in the ass.

"I would," Julie giggled. "And there are some guys at school that would love to fuck my ass, too."

"Yeah, and I know some of them," Johnny laughed. "But they don't get any, right? Just me and Derick."

"And Aunt Mandy," Julie giggled.

Julie was sitting on the floor between her brother and Derick, a cock in each hand, pumping them. Mandy, on the couch, watched, smiling happily, her legs spread wide so her hairy cunt was exposed to them. The hairless slit of Julie's cunt glistened between her parted legs.

"Julie, fuck them both, why don't you?" Mandy said. "At the same time, honey."

"Ooooh, yes!" Julie squealed. "I wanna take them both at the same time!"

"Then do it, baby."

Julie turned the boys loose, getting on her hands and knees, waggling her pretty ass, pushing her hairless cunt between her slender thighs. Derick rose to his knees behind her and slipped his cock into her bubbling cunt, while Johnny spread his legs and scooted his cock beneath his sister's face.

Mandy fondled her hairy cunt as she watched. Derick fucked his cock into his cousin's cunt, and holding her small ass, began pounding in and out. Julie gasped, clutching her brother's balls as she lowered her face, taking his cock deep into her mouth. As she sucked her brother's cock, the pounding of her cousin's hips smashed her face down. But she swung her ass about, sucking greedily and holding Johnny's balls.

"Oooooh, you look beautiful, all three of you," Mandy moaned, watching her niece being buffeted between the boys. "Ahhh, a cock up your little cunt and a cock in your hot mouth! Fuck her, you guys! Fuck her good!"

Johnny rose to his knees before his sister's face and, holding her head, began to fuck her mouth. Caught between the two, Julie was moaning loudly, her small body penetrated in pussy and mouth. To Mandy, watching, it was almost as good as if she were there between them. Her eyes smoldered as she watched, her face flushed. The wet sounds made her shiver, and she rubbed almost brutally at her own cunt. Drawing her knees up, her feet braced on the cushions of the couch, her ass pushed forward, she began to fuck her cunt with a finger, another finger fucking into her asshole. Watching her son, nephew, and niece fucking so wildly was a dream come true.

Mandy loved watching, as well as being watched, and she wasn't ashamed of it now.

"Suck that cock! Fuck that cunt!" she moaned, twisting her ass. "Ooooh, beautiful, just beautiful!"

Julie was moaning around her brother's cock. Taking the strong thrusts of Derick's cock into her juicy cunt, her mouth filled by her brother's cock, she was getting ready to come fast. Her small, naked body trembled as she arched her little ass high to take the driving fuck-lunges of Derick's prick into her cunt. She couldn't slide her lips back and forth on her brother's cock, caught between them this way. Her arms, holding her upper body up, trembled and were threatening to collapse.

Both Derick and Johnny had strained expressions on their young faces.

Mandy loved to see her son's bare ass pumping, the sight of her nephew's hard young balls as he rammed his cock in and out of his sister's mouth. She pushed her fingers as deep as she could into her cunt and asshole, trying to lick at a bulging nipple of her tit.

"Fill her up!" Mandy cried. "Come in her… come in her hot cunt and hungry mouth! Both of you, come in her!"

Julie was sobbing around her brother's cock, her young cunt exploding with a series of orgasms, one after the other. Her hairless cunt, already tight, became much tighter around Derick's cock, so tight he was having trouble fucking her. When his balls tightened, he fucked hard into her pussy, straining.

"Julie!" he gasped. "I'm gonna come in your pussy!"

Julie squealed around her brother's cock, straining her cunt to Derick.

"Me, too, Julie!" Johnny grunted.

Mandy, watching them come, could almost feel and taste the hot juices in her own cunt and mouth. Watching the kids come, she felt her pussy contract, and her asshole grabbed at her finger. She screamed as the power of her orgasm overwhelmed her, her vision fading…


Later, after a lunch of sandwiches and milk, Mandy performed a very lewd dance for them, something she had wanted to do for years, but she'd had no audience. She was pleased by their reaction as she tossed her naked hips about, making her big tits shake. She danced as erotically as she could, swinging her legs wide, flashing her juicy, hairy cunt. The two boys liked it very much, comparing Mandy's dance to a cheerleader's prancing.

The dancing aroused her, and when she finished, hot pussy juices smeared the insides of her satiny thighs, beading the soft hair of her cunt. Her clit throbbed and tingled.

"God, that made me hot," she giggled softly.

"Cool off then, Mom," Derick said.

"Not that kind of hot, silly," she grinned. "I mean hot between my legs. You know, made my cunt hot and wet."

"Then I guess you better fuck these guys, Aunt Mandy," Julie laughed wickedly.

"Together," Mandy gurgled. "At the same time."

"Like I did before?" Julie asked.

"In a way, but different," Mandy said, pulling her son to the floor and placing him on his back, his cock standing upright. "I'm going to sit on this cock, and then I'm going to…"

She squatted over her son's cock, fitting it into her hairy cunt. She sat on his prick, squirming her ass awhile, enjoying the hard feel of his prick in her cunt. Leaning over, she lifted her ass, letting Julie and Johnny see her cunt ride Derick's stiff fucker.

"Johnny, get behind me," Mandy said, resting her tits on her son's face, raising her ass but keeping the head of his cock inside her pussy. "You can fuck me in the ass."

Johnny dropped to his knees.

Julie squealed: "Let me stick your cock in her ass, Johnny!"

On her knees, Julie grasped her brother's cock, rubbing the swollen cock head up and down the crack of her aunt's hot ass. She placed the head of her brother's cock at the pucker, and made a soft hissing sound as she watched his cock push inward.

"Ohhhh, God!" Mandy whimpered as she felt her nephew's cock stretching her asshole, her son's cock still between the lips of her cunt. "This is so good! Two cocks in me… in my cunt… in my asshole!"

She did get full, filled with the two youths' cocks. She tried to wiggle her ass, but found it hard to do. Being penetrated this way didn't allow her any room to wiggle or churn her ass. But it was wonderful, and she rested her tits in her son's face, feeling him pump his cock up and down at her cunt. And when her nephew began to fuck her asshole, she cried out with the overwhelming sensations.

Julie sat back on her heels, watching with hot eyes. She spread her knees and let Derick play with her little pussy. She couldn't really see much, except her brother's cock fucking in and out of the ring of her aunt's asshole. But it was enough to know Mandy was taking them both in this strange manner. She pushed a small hand to Mandy's tits, playing with one tit while Derick sucked the other tit.

"Ohhhh, God! This is heavenly!" Mandy cried out. "Fucked in the ass and cunt at the same time! I love it… ohhhh! I love it so fucking much! Fuck me, you two hard cocks! Fuck me good! Fuck my cunt and fuck my asshole!"

Mandy's hand moved between her niece's thighs and pushed her son's hand away. She caressed and rubbed at Julie's fiery pussy, working a finger into it. The stretching of her asshole by a hard cock while another was fucking her cunt was the ultimate thrill, she felt. She felt spread open, from cunt to asshole, and everything between her thighs burned and bubbled and felt so good, she could hardly stand it.

"I need those cocks! I need them in me, in my cunt and in my ass and in my mouth! Ooooh, this is going to make me come so fucking hard! Fuck me… fuck me good! Squirt that hot boy-cum in my asshole and in my cunt!"

She shivered as they smashed her between them, fucking her roughly. Her mouth gasped with sobbing sounds of ecstasy. The powerful plunges of the two cocks were unlike anything she had ever felt. She felt as if they were ripping her loins apart, but it was sheer rapture.

"Ahhhh! If only there was another cock for my mouth!" Mandy sobbed.

"How about a cunt, Aunt Mandy?" Julie asked.

"Yes, your cunt, baby!"

Julie jumped up, straddling Derick's head with her knees, leaning back, pushing her succulently wet little pussy to her aunt's face. She felt her cousin's hot breath on her satiny ass, and pushed it to his face. She squealed as Derick began to lick at the crack of her ass, while his mother began to suck and lick at her fiery cunt.

"Ooooh, suck it, Aunt Mandy!" Julie cried out. "Suck my pussy!"

Mandy slurped hungrily, sliding her tongue up and down the girl's wet cunt slit, her tongue touching her son's now and then as Derick worked his tongue at Julie's hot asshole. She gripped Julie's ass cheeks, spreading them wide for her son's tongue. She licked at Derick's tongue as it pushed into her niece's asshole, then plunged her tongue into the kid's steamy cunt. Taking her nephew's cock into her asshole, and her son's cock up her cunt, Mandy tongue-fucked Julie frantically, crying out with ecstasy.

The mass of squirming, hot bodies filled the room with the erotic scent of wet pussy and hard cock. The wet sounds were loud, but none of them really heard. They squirmed and thrashed together, Mandy sucking the sweet juices out of her niece's cunt while her son tongued the girl's fiery little asshole, Mandy still taking both hard cocks up her cunt and ass.

"Eat her pussy, Aunt Mandy!" Johnny was yelping from behind her, each word emphasized by a hard stab of his cock up her ass. "Suck my little sister's hot cunt! Tongue her pussy! I'm gonna fuck your hot asshole sore… come in it… fill your asshole up with my jizz!"

Mandy cried out with her lips surrounding the creamy slit of her niece's cunt, her tongue plunging in and out. She felt her son push his cock hard into her cunt, her chin touching his as he stabbed his tongue in and out of Julie's asshole. Her emotions reeled dizzily. Every inch of her naked flesh burned feverishly.

Impaled in the ass and cunt, with sweet pussy in her mouth, Mandy could not hold back the orgasms. She cried out in Julie's pussy as she started coming. The contractions were hard, making her cunt and asshole grip the cocks of her son and nephew. Her asshole and pussy closed so tightly about their cocks, neither boy could fuck into her.

Mandy's body went tight, her scream exploding into Julie's cunt.

She didn't even know when her son came, spewing his cum-load into her pussy, or did she know when her nephew spurted his jism into her asshole or that Julie was coming hard against her mouth. The only thing she was really aware of was the power of her orgasms, one after the other, tearing her apart with ecstasy.

She whimpered when she felt Johnny pull his cock out of her asshole, and again when her son's cock slipped out of her cunt. As Derick shifted from underneath her, Mandy rolled onto her back, arms and legs flung wide, her face glowing with a burning rapture that sent shivers through her naked body. Julie shifted her ass and sat up next to Derick's head, gasping for air. She saw the cock cream seeping from her aunt's cunt and asshole, and with a soft cry, buried her face between Mandy's thighs, sucking and licking the woman's cunt and asshole, her little tongue pulling the fuck-slime from both openings.

"Oh, God, baby!" Mandy moaned. "I can't take anymore!"

Julie raised her cum-smeared face, grinning cutely.

After she rested a little, Mandy sat up, hugging her knees to her tits, eyes radiant. Her son leaned against the couch, breathing in soft gasping sounds, his cummy cock drooping. Johnny was lying on his back, his legs open, his slimy cock limp. Julie was squatting, with her feet and knees open, feeling of her slippery cunt and asshole, her eyes still blazing with passion.

Mandy couldn't hold back anymore.

She told them about her brother jacking off for her, coming into her mouth when she was young like Julie. She told of her disappointment that her brother had never actually fucked her, and how she had wanted him to fuck her. To her delight, they enjoyed what she said.

When she finished, Julie, in a shy voice, confessed: "I saw my daddy's cock once, but he didn't know about it."

Mandy's eyes lit up. "Did you want to grab it, honey?"

"Ooooh, I sure did! I wanted to suck it!"

"I wonder if…"

Mandy began to talk about her brother, how she still wanted his cock in her cunt, and they began to make plans to seduce him.

"Hey, what about our mom?" Johnny said.

"You want to fuck your mother?" Mandy laughed.

"You bet!"

"Then, maybe we better find out if it can happen," she said. "I can always learn things that way. You know, it just might be possible. If my brother is still as horny as he was when we were kids, this could work out. I wouldn't mind a little taste of your mother's cunt, myself."

"Can I fuck her, too, Mom?" Derick asked, getting excited again.

"That's what we have to find out, don't we?" she said.

Johnny had a sly grin on his face. "I think Mom will, but I don't know about Dad."

"Why do you think she will?" Mandy asked.

"Because…" Johnny gave them a sly look. "I woke up one morning a week ago, and Mom was playing with my cock."

"She was?" Mandy asked, eyes widening. "You're not just making that up?"

"She was!" Johnny insisted.

Mandy got a wild gleam in her eye. "If that's the truth, then this is going to work out just fine."

She began making plans with her son, her nephew, and her niece, to seduce her brother and sister-in-law…