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The family next door

Kathy Andrews

Kathy Andrews

The family next door


Laurie Long watched the boy next door as he ran the power mower back and forth across the green lawn.

She was sitting on the steps of the porch leading into her home. She wore a bikini halter and a pair of yellow shorts. Her long chestnut hair fanned her creamy shoulders as her dark eyes watched the sweat glisten on his chest and arms.

Her gaze followed the naked thighs of the boy, and she caught a glance of his crotch now and then. He was wearing a pair of old swimming trunks, and the liner had been removed. She knew it had been removed, because his cock was outlined by the thin material.

Laurie had seen his cock half an hour ago. He had squatted to pull some clogged grass from the machine, and the head of his cock peeked at her. That quick peek of his prick caused her cunt to quiver in hot wetness, and she anticipated seeing his prick again.

The nipples inside her bikini top were like hard rubber, tingling against the material. Her cunt was encased in the tightness of her yellow shorts, and she pressed her thighs together, creating a delightful pressure on her burning cunt.

She had been watching Ray for the past few weeks. She did not know exactly what it was that drew her to him. She knew she was hot to fuck the boy, but she was usually hot to fuck any boy. There was something about Ray that appealed to her, and perhaps it was because he was a few years younger than she was. Perhaps it was this age difference that made him so appealing.

Ray's brother, Jack, was the same age as Laurie, and he was different. He was bold and often aggressive, and he had made a few passes at her. She liked Jack as much as she liked any boy, but it was Ray that drew her.

Laurie had dated Jack, and when they were at the drive-in movies, she never stopped him when he shoved his hand between her smooth thighs and felt her cunt. He had often thrust his finger into her pussy and fingerfucked her to orgasm, and she had eagerly and hotly jacked his cock off, making him squirt cock-juice into the palm of her hand. But for some reason, they had not yet fucked. They would, she knew, and soon.

Anyway, it better be soon, she thought as she watched the teenaged boy next door. She wanted a cock so bad sometimes, her cunt felt as if it had actually been set on fire. She knew what a cock felt like thrusting into her cunt; she knew what fucking was. Her experience was limited, but she had been fucked by three boys, and she had loved fucking from the first.

Those times Laurie had given Jack a handjob in the drive-in movies, she had closed her eyes and pretended it was Ray's cock in her fist. She had tried to visualize Ray's prick throbbing excitedly in her hot, eager fist, the precum from his piss hole smearing her fingers.

When Jack came, it was Ray's cock that gushed that sweet, thick jism, not Jack's. She dreamed of getting her hot hand on Ray's cock, playing with it and caressing it, feeling his prick sliding into her cunt and fucking her.

She saw Ray pause again to unclog the mower, and her gaze went immediately downward. She gasped with desire when she saw the head of his cock standing up from the leg of his swimming trunks. She drew her knees up to her firm, round tits, hugging them tightly. She knew if he would look her way, he could see the backs of her thighs, the tan of her legs and the white of her ass cheeks, and maybe – just maybe – some stray curls of her dark cunt hair. She was so excited, the crotch of her shorts were moist from the oozing of her twitching cunt.

Then Laurie saw Ray looking at her.

She smiled brightly, lifting one hand in a wave. On a sudden impulse, she dropped one of her knees, keeping the other tight against her tit. She knew now – because she had practiced it – that her curly cunt hair was exposed by the tightness of her shorts.

Ray saw her pussy fur.

He remained there, squatting, pulling at the nonexistent grass that had clogged the mower.

Laurie's gaze remained on the head of his cock, and she gasped when she realized his prick was swelling, becoming hard.

Surely he knows his cock is getting hard, she thought. But he didn't move, and then his cock was standing out of his swim trunks, half of it exposed to her burning eyes.

Laurie deliberately lowered her other knee and sat on the steps with her thighs as wide apart as they would go. Something seemed to be urging her – guiding her – and before she knew what she was doing, she had dropped one hand to her thigh.

The boy stared at her hand. She slipped her palm up and down her smooth flesh, then traced the crotch of her shorts with a fingertip. His cock became harder, and she wondered how he could stand the tightness of his trunks now against it.

Then Ray stood up. His cock bulged in his trunks, and his prick-head was still exposed. The sun was high in the sky, and although no one was on the sidewalk in front of the houses, someone – a woman or a girl – might look out a window and see his cock.

He came toward Laurie, his eyes glassy as he watched her fingers tracing the crotch of her shorts. He stopped a few feet in front of her, and she looked up into his face.

"Laurie, what's… happening?"

"Why don't you have a glass of iced tea with me, Ray?" she asked, her fingertip brushing the exposed curls of her pussy.

"Yeah, sure," he mumbled, sitting down on the steps.

Laurie glanced at the lump of cock in his trunks as she stood up. "Be right back," she said.

She could feel his gaze on her tightly clad ass. She made her ass twitch and sway a bit more than normal, knowing it would excite him more.

She returned with two tall glasses of iced tea. She handed him one. "Let's sit in the garage where it's a bit cooler."

There was a side door to the garage, and they entered through it. The attached garage was heated and air-conditioned along with the house, and it was cool in there. The car her mother had kept from the divorce was parked there.

Laurie opened the door and scooted into the back seat. Ray followed, sitting next to her. She sipped her tea, her eyes almost glazed as she kept looking at the bulge of his cock. She pressed her thigh against his, feeling him tremble.

Ray acted nervous. He would look at Laurie's thigh, but blush and turn away if she glanced up at him. She felt like laughing but didn't want to embarrass him. There was something about him that appealed to her. She waited, but Ray remained quiet. She could hear his breathing, and it was heavy and excited.

"Ray," she said in a soft voice, placing her hand on his thigh. "Want to fuck?"

The boy jumped, looking quickly into her face. "Do I want to… to…"

"Wouldn't you like to fuck me, Ray?" she asked again in a low voice. "You look at me sometimes, and I think you want to fuck me, but then you turn away. Aren't I pretty, Ray? Don't you like me at all?"

"Gosh, Laurie," he gurgled. "I thought you were my brother's girlfriend."

"I'm nobody's girlfriend," she said, sliding her fingers up and down his thigh. "I'd love to be everybody's girlfriend, though – especially your girl."


Laurie's fingers moved over the bulge of Ray's trunks. She felt his cock there, very hard, throbbing. She circled his prick with her fingers, teasing his sensitive cock-head through the thin trunks. She felt his cock lurch, and giggled softly.

"Ooo, your cock is so hard, Ray! Let me see it!"

Laurie did not wait for him to reply. She had been anxious to get her hand on his cock for a long time, and she now had the opportunity. She was not going to let him and his prick get away. She shoved at his trunks, and his hard cock popped free. She mewled as she stared at his prick. Now that his cock was up close, she saw to her surprise that it was almost twice the size of his older brother's.

"Ray! Oh, Ray, your cock is beautiful!" she crooned as her fingers wrapped about it, jerking up and down hotly and tightly. "Oh God, such a big, beautiful, hard cock!"

Ray sat there, not moving, almost as if he were petrified. But he was not in shock. He had finally run his hand up her thigh, finding her flesh hot and smooth. He pressed his fingers against the tightness of her yellow shorts, making her whimper with desire. Her hand beat up and down on his cock swiftly.

"Ray," she murmured in a thick voice, "let me take my shorts off! I want you to stick your cock in my cunt and fuck me! God, I want your big cock in my cunt!"

Laurie lifted her ass and wiggled free of her tight shorts, and Ray stared excitedly at the thick curls of her cunt, his cock lurching about wildly. She dropped her shorts to the floor of the car and leaned back, spreading her thighs wide. He saw the wet pink lips of her cunt and the tip of her throbbing clit. She grabbed his cock again, pulling at it, trying to bring him between her thighs.

It was cramped in the back seat of the car, but Ray got to his knees between Laurie's spread legs. She shoved the crotch of his trunks to one side, exposing the full length of his cock, then his balls. She drew her knees tip, holding them wide apart. Her ass lifted from the seat, and she held his cock, rubbing his dripping, swollen prick-head up and down the wetness of her pussy.

"Ooooo, nice!" she gurgled. "Oh God, Ray, I'm going to give you a fuck you'll never forget!"

She pressed the smooth head of his cock into her fiery cunt, and a loud hiss of ecstasy shot from her mouth. Ray placed his hands on the back of her thighs, and his cock seemed to have been sucked all the way into her tight, hot cunt. His balls slapped at the upturned cheeks of her ass, and then she was grinding her cunt furiously against him.

Ray did not move at first. He stared down at the way Laurie's cunt chewed and sucked at his cock. The dark curls of her pussy parted, revealing her slippery cunt lips and her clit as they scraped along the throbbing hardness of his cock.

It seemed to him that his cock had been swallowed by a tight, velvety wetness that was sending his nerves into a jangling pleasure that had been unknown to him before.

"Come on!" Laurie groaned as she shot her naked ass up and down, her cunt riding his cock. "You have to fuck, too! Fuck me, Ray! Goddamn it – you're supposed to fuck me! I'm doing all the fucking work!"

Her creamy smooth stomach churned as she bounced her ass up and down, and then Ray started thrusting. His cock met her pussy as she came grinding up, and his balls swung to and fro with his efforts. He was panting and gasping now, his eyes burning as he watched his cock appear and disappear, glistening with the slippery wetness of her gripping cunt.

Laurie whipped her naked ass up and down, grinding into his cock and balls furiously. She closed her eyes to savor the ecstatic sensations his cock sent through her body. Her dark hair fanned about her exceptionally pretty face, and the muscles of her flat stomach rippled as she rammed her cunt harder and faster onto his stabbing cock. Gurgles of delight ripped from her constricted throat, and her tongue licked hungrily over her moist, full lips.

The way Ray was gasping excited her almost as much as his cock with its long thickness. She thought his cock was driving up into her trembling stomach. She writhed and twisted her naked ass about in wild pleasure, the soft mewls and whimpers she made becoming louder as an intense orgasm began to boil in her pussy.

"Oooo, Ray," she yelped. "You're going to make me come… soon! Ohhh, fuck it, Ray! Fuck my cunt hard and fast! Oooo, I love your cock, Ray! My pussy loves your hard cock! Fuck me, damn you! Fuck me hard! I'm… Ohhh, I'm coming!"

Laurie's cunt went into powerful spasms around Ray's wildly plunging cock. Through the intensity of her convulsions, she could feel his cock swelling even more, and it was jerking deep inside the velvety hotness of her climaxing cunt. Although she had little experience, she had fucked enough to know that jerking, throbbing, and swelling cock meant that Ray was on the very edge of coming too. She shot her crotch hard against his cock, grinding in a frenzy to draw his thick jizz up and into her greedy cunt.

But just before Ray's cock squirted jizz, he suddenly jerked free of Laurie's tightly holding cunt. His cock shoved along the thick curls of her cunt hair, and her eyes popped open in disappointment. She saw his cock in the hair of her pussy, and a glob of jism spurted from his piss hole, splashing near her belly button.

"Ohhh, shit!" she said, reaching down for his cock.

But he was coming swiftly, the come juice spattering her stomach, a few drops striking the bikini halter covering her tits. She grabbed his cock and began to jack in a frenzy on it as he came, his jizz smearing her flat, still rippling, stomach. Her other hand began to smear the slippery come juice about her flesh, and she made soft moaning sounds, her cunt still pulsating with heat.

"You made a fucking mess on my stomach," she complained as he slumped next to her. "You came all over my Goddamn stomach, Ray. You're supposed to come in my cunt, not outside it. Don't you know any better?"

Ray looked up at her with shy eyes. Laurie knew then that he was embarrassed, and she thought she knew why. Her voice softened and she stroked his hair. "This was the first time you fucked a girl, wasn't it, Ray?"

He nodded shyly. "I wasn't sure I should come in your cunt or not, Laurie."

"Then don't worry about it, Ray," she said. "Next time you know to come in my pussy, right?"

"Next time?" he asked. "You mean you'll let me fuck you again, Laurie?"

"Ray," she laughed, "with that cock, you can fuck me anytime you get a hard-on. You just bring that hard cock to me, and I'll always take care of it for you."

She saw that they had kicked over the two glasses of iced tea, and the carpet on the floor of the car was wet – soaked.

"Oh, shit!" Laurie said. "Now I've got to clean that up before mother finds it."

Ray started to get out of the car, but Laurie stopped him. "Don't go yet," she said in a low voice. "Here, you play with my titties." She pulled her bikini halter off, and Ray stared excitedly at her flawlessly shaped tits.

She had to take his hand and bring it to her tit because he seemed frozen. She curled his fingers about her spongy tit.

"Squeeze my tit and twist on my nipples, Ray," she said. "You won't hurt my tits if you don't squeeze too hard. See?" She showed him by squeezing into the rubbery hardness of her other tit.

Ray fondled and played with her tits, his excitement glowing in his eyes.

"Here," Laurie said in a low, thick voice, "suck on my tits!"

Ray closed his hot, wet mouth around her nipple, sucking and licking his tongue around it. She cooed softly and held the back of his head tight. Her other hand went to his cock, jacking on it. His prick was hard again.

Laurie shifted about until her naked ass was on the seat of the car, her legs spread. Ray positioned himself between her stretched thighs, his cock going directly into her boiling cunt. As his prick slipped up her pussy, she hissed her pleasure again.

"Mmmm, yes!" she cooed, grabbing at his bouncing ass.

Her fingers clawed at the muscular cheeks of his ass while she lifted her hips and ground tightly into his thrusting cock.

"Oooo, so fucking good! I love it when a cock is so fucking hard and fucking the piss out of me! Pour it on, Ray! Fuck me until I piss all over the Goddamn car! Hard and fast, that's how I want you to fuck me!"

Ray's face was level with her naked tits, and he closed his mouth around one rigid nipple, sucking eagerly as his cock stabbed furiously into her cunt again.

Laurie's fingers dug harshly and almost brutally into his flexing ass cheeks as she squealed her ecstasy, rolling and twisting her pussy beneath him. His sucking mouth on her tit was sending sparks of flame through her trembling body – shooting them down to her clasping cock-holding cunt. She tossed her pretty face from side td side, whimpering with erotic delight.

Laurie lifted her feet and closed her thighs around Ray's hips, scissoring them up and down him as she whipped her cunt, banging her naked ass on the seat of the car. She wrapped her arms about his waist, grinding her body tightly as his cock fucked powerfully between the sensitive lips of her steaming cunt. She could feel a second orgasm bubbling away inside her cunt, and it was going to be even more powerful – more shattering – than the first one.

Laurie's mind was reeling with the erotic ecstasy – her hips moving of their own accord – slashing up and down as his cock penetrated her cunt powerfully. The banging of his balls against the smooth walls of her naked ass cheeks sent shivers racing up and down her thighs. She clung to him tightly, her bottom lip caught in her sharp, white teeth. The pleasure grew and swelled until she was out of her mind.

She was making loud yelping sounds, wailing as her orgasm ripped through her. The full length of her body shuddered, and somehow, she felt Ray's cock when his thick cum erupted from his piss hole. The walls of her cunt were so sensitive, even in her orgasm, she felt his hot jizz spattering into her convulsing cunt.

She lay there with Ray slumped on top of her naked body, panting and caressing his heaving back. It was the best fuck she had ever gotten in her limited experience.


While Laurie was in the garage fucking Ray – giving the young boy his first piece of ass – her mother, Janet, had been enjoying one of her favorite pastimes.

While her daughter had sat on the front porch watching Ray mow the lawn, Janet had been in the back yard. She had looked over the wooden fence and saw Jack as he spaded the garden. Jack was a tall young boy, and Janet had been attracted to him from the beginning. She was glad when her daughter began to date him, but she knew it was her way of reliving her own years as a teenager.

Calling Jack to the fence, she chatted with him, flirting outrageously. Jack was pleased by the attentions of this older woman. He had been trying to fuck Laurie since their first date, but somehow all they managed to do was fingerfuck and jack off.

Like Laurie, Jack knew that they would eventually find the right opportunity to fuck, and he sensed Laurie would be a wild piece of ass. He was a boy with an erotic mind, and as he leaned on the fence talking to Janet, he wondered what it would be like to fuck her. She was certainly the prettiest older woman he had ever seen. Like her daughter, she had dark hair, and smoldering, flashing eyes that seemed to hint at erotic delight. She wore tight, revealing clothing, and often he had seen her near the small pool in a tiny, tiny bikini. He felt she did not mind at all that he watched her.

Janet, in fact, loved to be seen. She paraded her tall, slender, but beautifully curvy body for him, posing and posturing to call attention to herself. She was a sensual, erotic woman.

She had gotten rid of a husband who seemed to care little for her hot, hairy cunt. Before, she had been shy in her behavior, concealing the bubbling heat of her body, always faithful to her husband. Now, she had no husband, and therefore, she reasoned, no reason to be circumspect. If she liked a man, she would fuck him. And she liked this boy, Jack.

She had not fucked a teenager since before she was married, and she was drawn to young boys. She was thirty-five years old, with a body that almost screamed the heat boiling within it. Her tits were not overly big, but beautifully shaped – still as firm and springy as her daughter's. Her waist was still small, and her ass swelled and jiggled as she walked.

Janet knew men looked at her, wondering if she would be a good fuck. But she was not interested in just any man. She was after teenager's pricks. She often wondered if her daughter was fucking Jack, because she sensed that the girl was a hot little ass, and instead of being jealous or disgusted, she thought it was exciting to have a daughter with a hot ass on her.

Janet had been teasing and flirting with Jack for a number of months now, and she was ready to get her hands on his cock. Since she was a lot older than him, she knew he would not make the first move. He would tease and flirt back, but like all teenaged boys, he would keep his hands to himself until she let him know what she wanted.

"I like those shoulders," Janet said to him across the fence. "I bet you're awfully strong, Jack." Her dark eyes flirted, and he grinned at her.

"In more ways than one," he said, his gaze dropping to her tight, thin blouse. He could see the points of her tits there, and knew she didn't wear a bra.

"Oh?" Janet grinned lewdly at him. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"Why don't you find out, Mrs. Long?"

"Oh, pooh on Mrs. Long," she said, making a crinkly face at him. "Call me Janet. I'm not such an old bitch, am I?"

"You're not old at all – uh, Janet," he said. "I think you're the most beautiful woman around."

"Even more beautiful than my daughter?" she teased, running the tip of her tongue over her lips.

"Well," he said, smiling, "it would be a close contest, Janet. You're both so beautiful – it almost hurts a guy."

"Are you flirting with me?" she arched her eyebrows. "Compliments like that, you know, will get you anything you want."

Now it was Jack's turn to ask: "What's that supposed to mean?"

Janet's body trembled with strong desire. She could not keep this silly game up. Already, her cunt was quivering inside her panties. Her skirt clung to her thighs, outlining them.

"What would you like for it to mean, baby?" she replied in a low, throaty voice.

"Baby, huh?" he said, his own voice thick now.

"Yes, baby," she whispered, draping her arms over the fence.

She glanced down at the front of Jack's pants and giggled to herself when she saw his cock was hard. Deliberately, she swung her hand down over the fence, the back of it brushing against his cock. She heard his breath suck in with surprise.

"Baby," she whispered again, gazing directly into his eyes. She saw the hot desire on his face, and again licked her tongue over her lips. "Baby, baby, baby."

"Damn!" he grunted as she pressed the back of her hand tighter against his cock.

Janet felt Jack's prick jerking against the back of her hand, and her cunt lips swelled, became puffy and seeped with slippery wetness. Her clit seemed too large and swollen – too sensitive inside her panties. Deliberately, she turned her hand and squeezed his cock.

"Damn!" Jack grunted again, his voice so thick, the word was mumbled.

"Your prick's awfully hard, Jack," she whispered, still looking into his eyes. "It feels nice. Why don't you stick your cock through the fence for me?"

"What?" he babbled, looking around to see if they were being observed. His parents weren't home, and there was a high fence on the other side of her back yard. No one could see them. She understood his hesitation. Her hand squeezed his hard cock, making him groan in pleasure.

"Stick your cock through the fence," she urged in an excited voice. "Let's stop this flirting – this screwing around with each other. We both know what we want, don't we, Jack?"

"I know what I want, Janet," he said huskily, arching his cock into her caressing, squeezing hand.

"And I know what I want." She emphasized her words with a tight squeeze. "Now, stick your prick through the fence. No one will see. Stick your cock through the fence, and I'll show you what I want."

Jack fumbled with his pants quickly. His cock came free, and he pushed it through the crack of the wooden fence. Janet looked down at his cock, seeing his huge prick-head, swollen and dripping. She ran her hand over his cock, feeling its throbbing hardness.

Jack was leaning against the fence, looking down at his cock, too. Janet lifted her dress and pulled her panties to one side, revealing her hairy cunt. She arched her hips forward and placed his cock between her hot, smooth thighs. She tried to get his cock into her cunt, but they couldn't seem to manage it in this position.

"I've got to have your prick!" Janet moaned softly, squeezing her thighs against his throbbing hard-on. "Ohhh, I've got to have your cock, Jack!"

Jack's eyes went wide as Janet suddenly dropped down, squatting on her side of the fence. Her face was level with his cock, and he gasped when she shoved her lips against it. The seeping, slippery juices coming from his piss hole burned her moist lips, and she gave a mewl of desire, kissing wildly on the head of his dripping cock.

Jack had never had a blow job before. He had wanted to feel a girl's hot, wet lips around his cock often, but so far had been afraid to ask his dates to suck him off. Now, this older woman was squatting there on her side of the fence, kissing at his cock as if she loved it.

Janet ran her fingers around his hard-on, looking up at him, her eyes glazing in ecstatic desire. "Your prick is so fucking hard, Jack!" she crooned in a throaty voice. "I wish I could get your cock in me! Oh, I'd love to feel your sweet cock inside my cunt!"

Jack surprised himself. "Suck my prick!"

Janet laughed softly, still looking up at him. "Suck your prick? You mean you want me to put your cock in my mouth and suck on it?" She crinkled her nose up.

"Yes!" he grunted. "Please, Janet! You've got my prick so hard, I want to come!"

"You want me to put this cock in my mouth," she said again, teasingly, "suck on it, and let you come? You want me to let you come off inside my mouth? Shame on you, baby – asking a girl to suck your cock off!"

Thinking he might have gone too far, he started to pull his cock back through the fence. She gripped it hard in her hand.

"Oh no you don't!" she said. "I've got your prick now, Jack. You leave your cock right where it is! I'll suck you off! Oh God, will I suck your cock off!" She jacked on his prick. "But what will I get out of that besides a mouth full of hard cock, and then a taste of hot, thick, creamy, delicious come juice!"

"I'll… I'll fuck you!" he almost shouted. "But, baby," she teased, running her tongue along the underside of his hard cock, still gazing hotly up at him. "We tried to fuck through the fence, remember? How do you plan to fuck me?"

"I'll think of something," he replied, pumping his cock back and forth in her tight, wet fist. "Please, Janet, suck me off!"

"I will," she mewled. "Oh, I'll suck your cock! I'll eat your cock until your balls blow up!"

Janet opened her lips and quickly swallowed Jack's hard cock. The throbbing of his prick against her wet, hungry lips sent shivers of pleasure up and down her spine. She squatted there in the sunlight, her mouth filled with his cock, sliding her pretty face back and forth, her lips tight and slippery. Her tongue fluttered and licked as she sucked his cock, making him groan with intense pleasure.

Janet loved the way his swollen, dripping, smooth cock-head probed at the back of her throat. She was thrilled by the delicious taste of his cock. Her excitement at having his prick in her mouth was greater because of the months of desire for him.

She placed her hands against the fence as her mouth rode back and forth on his prick. She held her knees wide apart, her cunt bubbling with so much heat, she had to drop one hand down and rub at her puffy cuntlips through her panties. She didn't know if Jack could see her rubbing her cunt, but she hoped he could. It would make him even more excited, perhaps cause him to come with a huge spurt of jizz.

From the first time Janet had sucked a cock off – even before she began dating as a teenager – she had discovered her hunger for sucking cock. She was thrilled when a cock gushed into her mouth, and she had become, over the years, an accomplished cocksucker. As much as she loved the feel of a cock throbbing hard beneath her lips and deep inside her mouth, she loved it best of all when the cock squirted cum into her mouth.

She was hungry for jism, and sometimes, just the thought of having a prick come off inside her mouth would make her cunt explode into a marvelous orgasm. She thought about sucking cock most of the time. She loved to fuck, of course – but there were times when she would much rather give a blow job to a man. She was such an erotic-minded woman, she usually came if a cock spewed cum into her mouth.

Shoving her pretty face to and fro now, her dark hair fanning about, her eyes closed to relish the sweetness of his prick, Janet sucked Jack's cock hungrily and furiously. The sounds he made sent wild shivers of delight through her, and her tits became even more swollen and sensitive. Her hand rubbed faster at her steaming cunt as she sucked, devouring his prick like a starving animal. Whimpers of her ecstasy mingled with his groans, and he looked down over the fence, watching her stretched lips almost flying back and forth on his cock.

"Oooo, Janet!" he yelled. "You're good. Ohh, shit! You're good! What a hot mouth, Janet! Ohhhh, suck my prick! Suck my cock I'm about to come!"

Janet raced her lips back and forth on his throbbing prick, taking his cock as deep as the fence would allow. She felt his cock throbbing more powerfully, her lips burning and tingling with hunger for his jizz. She was gasping through her nose with intense excitement, her hand rubbing in a blur of motion against her convulsing hairy cunt. Animal-like sounds ripped from her throat as she sucked and licked and nibbled on his jerking cock. Her dark hair was flying now with her swift, hard sucking motions.

The sun beat down upon Janet's body as she squatted against the fence, her pretty face jerking back and forth, her wet, hot, hungry lips sucking in a frenzy on Jack's throbbing cock.

Jack gave a loud grunt and pressed his hips hard against the wooden fence. A flood of thick, sweet jism shot into Janet's greedy mouth. She tasted his come juice as it coated her tongue and ran down her throat. She gave a muffled yelp of intense ecstasy as she swallowed. Her lips gripped his spewing cock tightly and hotly, her mouth still moving back and forth. Moist gulping sounds bubbled from her as she sucked vigorously on his spurting prick, and her fingers were pressing the crotch of her panties into her tight, convulsing cunt.

Jack hung on the fence, his legs becoming weak. He looked over the fence at Janet, his eyes half-closed and his vision blurred. He saw her long, creamy thighs, her skirt bunched at her waist. The last squirt of his cum flew into her mouth. She sucked back on his cock, holding his swollen prick-head tightly between her lips, her tongue fluttering about his piss hole to lick away the last of his jizz.

Turning Jack's cock loose, Janet looked up at the boy, licking her lips slowly, a grin of pure, wicked delight on her beautiful face. Her dark eyes still smoldered with erotic pleasure. She held his cock gently in her hand, caressing it lovingly. She pressed her lips to his prick, kissing the moist head, then stood up.

"Hey, wow!" Jack moaned softly. "That cocksucking was really great, Janet. I've never been sucked off. Damn, that was something!"

Janet leaned toward him, pressing her moist lips to his. He returned her kiss, then pulled his cock from the crack in the fence, tugging it away. He leaned on the fence again, dropping his hands over it and trying to feel her swelling ass. The fence cut into his armpits, and he could not quite reach her ass. He brought his hands up and cupped her spongy tits, his fingers digging into her firm tit-flesh. Her tits were more than a handful for him.

Janet stood in the sunlight letting Jack feel her tits, her cunt still throbbing from her orgasm. He kissed her again, and now he boldly slipped his tongue into her mouth. She sucked at it as she had sucked at his cock, whimpering softly as he squeezed at her sensitive tits.

When Jack pulled his tongue from Janet's mouth, she laughed in a low voice. "I'd still love to fuck you, baby. I'd love to feel your cock in my cunt!"

Jack grinned lewdly at her. "I'd like that, too, Janet."

The sound of Laurie calling made Janet turn her head. The girl came out the back door toward them. "Hi, Jack," she said, waving her hand. "Are we still going to the movie tonight?"

"Why not?" Jack replied, and Janet smiled inwardly as she saw in his eyes that he was comparing her daughter with her. She was amused when she saw his gaze move over Laurie's slim, curvy body.

While her daughter and Jack chatted, Janet caught him looking at her occasionally. She smiled at him, but in her mind, she was wondering how far he and Laurie had gone on their dates. Knowing her daughter as she did, she was certain he was fucking the girl.

Laurie stood close to the fence, shifting her weight from one foot to the other, her sweet little ass cheeks bunching inside her tight shorts. Janet gazed at her daughter's long, golden, tanned thighs and compact ass. If Jack is not fucking her, she thought, then he is a damn fool. My daughter is sexy enough to turn on any man.

The obvious desire in Jack's eyes caught Janet's attention. Despite the fact that she had just sucked his cock off through that silly fence, she felt he could easily jump the fence and fuck both her and her daughter without mud effort.

"I've got work to do," Janet said, turning and heading for the house. She felt Jack staring at her swaying ass and could not resist a teasing wiggle for him.


Laurie bathed and got ready for her date with Jack. Her mother washed her back as they talked. They had no false modesty between them. They were often more like sisters than mother and daughter.

Janet used the toilet as her daughter dried her body with a huge, terry-cloth towel. She saw the sweet swell of Laurie's tits – the dark pink nipples with the pebbled circle of flesh around them. The girl's stomach was flat, and her waist was very small. Her hips were rounding, and she was still getting rid of the baby fat.

Laurie's thighs were long and slender and smooth-textured. The cheeks of her ass curved and swelled in a delightful, tantalizing way, with a deep, inviting crack. Janet gazed at the triangle of dark cunt curls that grew thick and curly at the base of her stomach.

The strands of cunt hair ducked down and under between her creamy thighs, and just the hint of her pink cunt lips could be seen. Janet knew her daughter would easily compare with any magazine center-fold. And, she felt without a trace of ego satisfaction, so would she.

Offering to brush Laurie's hair, she followed the gently swaying nakedness of her daughter to her bedroom. She watched as Laurie pulled on a lacy pair of bikini panties, wondering if Jack would be removing them in the car that night.

As her daughter sat before her dresser, Janet brushed her silky dark hair. Her gaze strayed often to the reflection of her daughter's tits in the mirror. She knew that Jack would love to suck on those mouth-watering tits – if he had not already done so. Laurie pulled on a bright, summery sun dress, and Janet was quick to note she was not wearing a bra. Her two little nipples poked against the thin fabric which was molded in a provocative outline over her tits. A pair of sandals on the girl's feet and she was ready.

Jack met Laurie in the front yard, and Janet watched them as they went to his beat-up old car, holding hands. Jack shot a grin at Janet, and she teasingly licked at her lips in an unmistakable gesture. Behind his back, so Laurie couldn't see, he gave her the finger, but it was a playful gesture, and she was not insulted by it.

Laurie scooted close to Jack in the car, her hand resting on his thigh. Their relationship had progressed to the point that she could feel the head of his cock along his thigh with her fingers. As she did that now, she discovered that he was more appealing to her than he had been. She thought it was because she had finally fucked his younger brother. Ray appealed to her just as much as always, but now Jack appealed to her in the same way, too.

With her fingers moving along the outline of Jack's cock, Laurie began to wonder what it would be like to fuck him now. She wondered if it would be exciting to be able to fuck both the brothers. The idea caused her tight little cunt to pulsate with eager heat. She shifted her compact ass on the seat of the car and shivered with anticipation when he dropped one hand from the steering wheel and shoved her dress up so he could fondle up and down her creamy thigh.

If Laurie had known what Jack was thinking, she would have been so excited she might have come in her panties. The boy had been mentally reliving Janet sucking on his cock through the fence, and now, with his hand moving up and down the hot inside surface of Laurie's thigh, he was wondering what it would be like to fuck both the mother and daughter. He had fantasies, like most boys, about fucking a mother and daughter. It looked as if the possibility existed for him.

After paying at the drive-in, Jack moved the car to the very last row of speakers. They always parked there because they could be alone. Before the film began, Laurie had his cock out of his pants and was stroking it. They started off as always, kissing and hugging and feeling.

Laurie pumped on Jack's cock with a firm, hot fist, but stopped before he came off. He played with her tits through her dress, then eventually shoved his hand under her skirt and felt her cunt, finally moving a finger into the crotch of her panties and rubbing at her hard little clit.

Laurie would squirm and whimper, and, she usually came when he shoved his finger into the tightness of her hairy, slippery cunt. He would then fingerfuck her until she came a second time.

The routine seldom varied during the movie. Usually, Laurie would come three or four times, and she would jack his cock off at least once – sometimes twice.

But this night, the routine changed.

Jack suggested they climb into the back seat, and Laurie eagerly climbed over. Her skirt came up high to reveal her long legs and the lacy edges of her panties. When she was in the back, Jack climbed over and sat next to her. Again they began to kiss and feel each other.

Laurie pumped on Jack's hard cock with a hot, eager fist, and this time, as Jack began to pull her panties down, she lifted her ass to help him. With her panties on the front seat, he shoved her dress to her waist. It was dark, but still he could see her dark cunt hair as she sprawled back, one leg up on the seat, the other on the floor, her cunt exposed in its sweet, moist beauty.

As Jack shoved his pants to his knees, Laurie squirmed and twisted her naked ass in hot eagerness, watching him. This was the first time they had undressed this far, and they were going to fuck at last.

She reached for his cock and pulled it td her burning pussy. She stopped him from plunging into her pussy. "Wait a minute," she mewled, "I want to rub the head of your cock up and down my cunt for a minute."

The feel of his swollen prick-head moving up and down the pulsating, wet lips of her cunt made her shiver with anticipation.

"Now!" she urged, lifting her tight, naked ass up from the seat. "Stick your cock in me now, Jack!"

His cock thrust into her cunt. He felt the wet heat of her cunt close around his throbbing cock. She made a hissing sound of ecstasy as his cock stretched the sensitive lips of her cunt, filling her pussy with its length.

Jack's cock was not as large as his younger brother's, but Laurie felt no real difference between them. His cock went just as deep, and it seemed to stretch her pussy just as far as Ray's.

"OOOO," Laurie gurgled as Jack's cock stabbed all the way up her writhing pussy. "I love that, Jack! Ohhh, I love the way your cock feels in my pussy! Fuck me now! Fuck me now, Jack!"

Laurie moved her naked ass up, squirming her cunt against Jack as he thrust his cock in and out of her cunt's fiery tightness. She felt his balls slapping at the smooth, uplifted cheeks of her ass. She wrapped her arms around his back, holding his chest down tight against her tits, thrilling to the sensation of having her tits flattened. She lifted one leg and wrapped it around his naked, plunging ass. Her heel banged against him as she squealed loudly, her ecstasy sending ripples of goose bumps up and down her spine.

Laurie's clit felt painfully swollen as it scraped along the shaft of Jack's throbbing, hard cock. Her cunt lips closed around his prick as he fucked her, and she felt the ridges and grooves of his cock as it went in and out of her clutching pussy. She bounced her naked ass up and down on the seat of the car, her hips churning energetically. She bit into the side of his neck as she mewled with delight.

Jack moved his hands down and under, gripping Laurie's writhing ass cheeks in both hands, his fingers curling between them in her hot ass crack.

"Fuck me!" Laurie gurgled against his neck. "Fuck me!Oooo, fuck the piss out of my hot cunt, Jack! Oh, ram your cock in me! Give my cunt your hard cock! I love to fuck you! Love your prick! Ohhhh… ahhhh, shit! Shit, shit! Your cock's so fucking hard and you're fucking me… and my cunt is so hot… and I love to be fucked!"

Laurie had always been verbal when a cock was thrusting into her pussy. The ecstasy felt so good, she could not resist screaming out her pleasure. Already, she was going through a series of orgasms, hot, wet and gripping. She always came off easily, but this was the first time she seemed to come time after time.

She thrust her hands down to grip the bunching cheeks of Jack's ass, grinding her convulsing cunt hard and furiously against his driving, penetrating, fucking prick. The words dripped from her mouth, urging him to fuck faster and harder. She wanted him to fuck into her cunt until her tender pussy lips were bruised – to fuck her until she could barely walk. She wanted his cock to continue fucking her until her cunt was raw, tender, sore and painful.

Laurie's cunt gripped Jack's cock tightly. He was surprised – it felt to him as if her pussy was sucking his cock the way her mother had done that afternoon through the fence. Her cunt seemed to have the ability to suck like a mouth on his cock. It rippled in wave after wave along the length of his throbbing prick-shaft.

Jack had fucked a few girls before Laurie, but none of those girls had a cunt that seemed to chew and nibble and suck on his cock like this. Laurie's cunt seemed to be a hot, boiling inferno as he stabbed his cock back and forth, searing her cunt-flesh. Her ass twisted and ground against him as though she was out of her mind with ecstasy. He was grunting loudly with the intensity of pleasure.

All Laurie's feelings were now centered between her creamy thighs. Her ass writhed and bounced with happy abandon, the sounds she made sometimes soft, sometimes loud. Her hips revolved tightly as he plunged his cock in and out of her flexing cunt. Through the mist of her exquisite pleasure, she hoped that he would not yank his cock from her cunt when he came as his younger brother had. To make certain that he came into her greedy cunt, she clawed at his ass cheeks with both hands, holding her leg tightly about him. She felt his cock jerking wildly inside her cunt, and she grabbed him tighter yet, making sure he could not pull from her spasming pussy.

"In me!" she screamed. "Come in me! I want to feel your jizz squirting up my cunt, Jack! Don't take your prick out – squirt your sweet jizz up my cunt!"

She felt him press hard against her pussy, his prick deep inside her cunt-hole. There was a final lurch of his cock, and his balls pressed at her ass cheeks. She heard him grunt, then felt the gushing of his come juice splashing into the depths of her pussy. She squealed happily, her cunt exploding in a final, muscle-tightening orgasm.

Jack lay slumped on top of her, and she slid her hand from his ass cheeks, under his shirt and over his back. With the ecstasy still glowing inside her beautiful body, she was finding that it was tremendously exciting to fuck the two brothers.

After awhile, Jack pulled his cock free of Laurie's clinging cunt and sat up. He looked down in the darkness, wishing it was light enough to really see her cunt. He loved to look at pussy, but so far, he had only seen a girl without her panties on in the seat of his car at the drive-in movies.

He could barely make out the shadow of Laurie's cunt hair, contrasting with the whiteness of her flesh. He left his pants at his knees, and when she sat up next to him, she began to fondle his cock again.

Jack lowered the straps of Laurie's sun dress, exposing her tits. She trembled with excitement. This was their first fuck, and now they were going much farther than ever before. They were both almost undressed in the back seat of the car, and her excitement became even greater.

"Suck on my tits, Jack," she whispered softly as her hand dipped down to cradle his hairy balls. "I like my tits sucked – you know that."

Jack lowered his mouth and kissed first one of her creamy, spongy tits, then the other. When he sucked a sensitive nipple into his mouth, she crooned softly and twisted and tugged gently at his balls.

Again, Laurie's cunt was steaming with desire, still moist and pulsating. She felt Jack's cock becoming hard again, and she stroked his prick with her fist. Turning on the seat, she managed to get both her hands on his cock and balls, at the same time, keeping his mouth down on her tits.

After a few minutes, they both leaned back on the seat, breathing hard again. Jack's cock was very hard in Laurie's hand, and he massaged her tits and twisted at her sensitive nipples.

"Want to kiss it?" Jack mumbled.

"Kiss what?" Laurie asked, feeling good.

"Kiss my cock," he said.

She jerked her head upright, looking at him. She saw the hot gleaming in his eyes, and with a faint flush on her cheeks, she said: "Kiss your cock?"

"Don't you want to kiss my prick, Laurie? I mean, haven't you ever wondered what it would be like to suck a guy's cock off?"

She shook her head. "Are you kidding, Jack? I never thought of…" She stopped, and to her surprise, found the idea of feeling a hard cock inside her mouth very appealing. Her mouth began to water, and that surprised her. "Do you mean it, Jack? You really want me to put your cock in my mouth?"

"I asked, didn't I?"

"Well… I don't know," she hesitated.

"Come on, Laurie," he pleaded, trying to shove her head into his lap. "You'll like cock-sucking, I promise. You'll get turned on by sucking my cock."

"I get turned on by touching your prick," she said. "I get turned on by fucking it. Why should I put your cock in my mouth? Do other girls do that for you?"

"Sure," he lied smoothly. "All the time."

Laurie moved her fist up and down Jack's cock, considering his request. What if he comes? she wondered. Sucking his cock wouldn't be so bad, but suppose he comes off in my mouth? All that jizz squirting in my mouth… filling it. Would I have to swallow his cum?

"You won't come, will you?" she asked in a nervous voice. "Promise you won't come in my mouth, and I'll suck on your cock for a little while. But only for a little while."

"I won't come," Jack promised with some disappointment. Janet had sucked his prick like a starving animal, and she loved it when his cock squirted jism into her mouth.

Laurie lowered her face to his stiff cock. She held his prick in her fist at the base. Tentatively, cautiously, she probed his dripping prickhead with her lips. Very slowly, she opened them, letting the tip of her tongue probe gingerly against his piss hole.

Jack's cock felt hot and wet against Laurie's lips, and the slippery taste of his cum caused something to happen to her. Her body trembled almost violently as her tongue moved experimentally across his dripping piss hole. There was a sudden spasm in and around her cunt, and she was amazed that she was coming.

"Mmmmmm!" she squealed as her cunt convulsed. She opened her lips wider, and then she had the round, smooth, swollen head of Jack's cock between them. Her lips were stretched, but not painfully. Her tongue had no room to move, and she licked it around the piss hole of his prick. She sucked on the swollen head of his cock, hesitant to take more prick-meat into her mouth. She was not afraid to now, but she didn't want to lose the delicious, sweet taste that dripped from his cock.

Laurie mewled and gurgled with unexpected ecstasy, and she felt an overwhelming desire to suck Jack's cock now. With a forceful movement, she moved her pretty face down, his cock filling her mouth and going back to her throat. She held his cock there, feeling the wiry hairs at the base tickle her lips and chin.

Her mind reeled with the unexpected excitement and taste of his cock. Her throat worked, her cheeks sinking inward as her lips nibbled at his cock. Wave after wave of orgasms were shooting through her body, making her glow with delight. She was coming more than she ever had in her entire life, and all because she had a cock in her mouth.

With a muffled gurgle of pleasure, Laurie suddenly began to race her tight, hot, wet mouth up and down the throbbing hardness of Jack's cock. She began to eat on his prick like a starving animal, making soft sounds in her throat.

Jack had been surprised at how quickly Laurie had began to suck his cock. Actually, she wasn't sucking so much as fucking him with her mouth.

Laurie raced her mouth up and down Jack's cock, her mind boiling with the sudden, unexpected delight of having a hard cock inside her mouth, between her lips, dripping in a delicious, sweet way. She had to swallow frequently, and the idea of swallowing sent her cunt into more powerful spasms.

Her lips raced up and down Jack's cock. She wondered why she didn't choke when his prick went into her throat. But she didn't wonder for long. Cocksucking was just too exciting, too good, too delicious for her to wonder. Her mouth moved swiftly as her tongue raced about.

The hot hardness of Jack's cock thrilled her, and she had the strange sensation that her mouth was a hot, hungry cunt fucking his cock. As she bobbed her pretty face up and down his cock, she twisted eagerly at his balls, pressing them against her cheek and moaning softly. She felt a word burn into her mind – cocksucker.

That was the word -cocksucker. I'm a cocksucker, she thought as her mouth devoured Jack's throbbing cock. I'm a cocksucker, and I love it, and I'm going to suck his cock off, and when he comes, I'm going to keep my mouth on his prick and drink his come juice and swallow it and suck his cock and eat his cock and lick his cock and…

She felt his cock lurch between her lips, and then he was trying to shove her head away.

"Move, Laurie!" he was grunting. "I'm going to come! You better stop – now!"

But Laurie gripped his cock with her lips, her tongue pressing against his flaring piss hole. She wasn't going to move; she was going to taste his come juice as it bubbled up into her mouth.

Then it happened.

Laurie felt his cock jerk, then her mouth became filled with thick come juice. For a brief moment, she was surprised at the volume of it, and her mouth filled with jizz before she could swallow. Then she did swallow, and more come juice splashed over her tongue and into her mouth.

His thick come juice coated her tongue, tasting sweet and delicious. She slid her lips down on his gushing cock until her mouth had it all inside, his spurting cock-head deep in her throat. Then she sucked up strongly, making his cock spurt again.

She held Jack's cock between her lips until she was sure there would be no more come juice. Her cunt was still convulsing when she lifted her mouth from his cock. She slumped back on the seat of the car, her hips moving and naked tits heaving.

Laurie's mouth glistened wetly from sucking Jack's cock off, and she began to move her fingers up and down her spasming cunt. Her sun dress was bunched at her small waist, and she was naked from the waist down and from there up, but she didn't care.

She had discovered that sucking a cock off was fantastic, and she wondered if she would rather suck a cock than fuck it.


Janet was still up when Laurie came home. The first thing she noticed about her daughter was her wrinkled dress. The second thing she noticed was the way her dark eyes sparkled.

Laurie said goodnight to her mother, her voice lazy and dreamy. Janet watched the girl go from the room, seeing the gentle sway of her small, curvy ass. She was not at all jealous. She wished, though, that she could have gotten fucked by Jack that afternoon at the fence.

As she prepared for bed, Janet wondered how Jack felt about being sucked off by her that afternoon and then fucking her daughter that night. She was sure it was exciting to him. After all, he was a teenaged boy, and most teenaged boys were so fucking horny, they would fuck at the drop of a hat. He certainly had not protested when she sucked him off through the fence.

She crawled beneath the sheets and lay with her eyes open, thinking about Laurie taking his cock into her cunt – the same cock she had sucked off. What would Laurie think about it? she wondered. Does she suck cock, too, or did she only fuck?

It would be very interesting to know, Janet thought, sliding her hands down under the sheet and moving her fingers through the softness of her cunt hair. Her pussy was bubbling – had been bubbling ever since she had sucked Jack's cock off.

Trying to picture Jack's cock thrusting into Laurie's hot little cunt, she worked a finger into her pussy. She fingerfucked herself slowly, letting the image of her daughter fucking burn through her mind, exciting her.

She heard her daughter moving in the hallway, through the darkness. Janet threw the sheet from her nakedness and went from the room. The light was on in Laurie's bedroom, and she went into it. She sat on the bed, waiting for the girl to come from the bathroom.

Janet was feeling erotic, her nipples rubbery hard. There was a twitching, burning sensation in and around her hairy cunt, and her asshole seemed to flex and tighten.

"I thought you were asleep, Mother," Laurie said as she came through the door. She was not surprised to see her mother naked; both of them slept that way, and they had seen each other without clothes on too often to be embarrassed or shocked.

"I can't seem to sleep, honey," Janet said, gazing at the flawless tits of her daughter. "Is that a bruise I see?"

"Where?" Laurie asked, looking down at her tits. She cupped a tit and looked, then giggled. "I guess it is."

She climbed onto her bed and sat cross-legged. "I had a wonderful time, Mother," she said. "I kind of like Jack."

Janet looked at her daughter, her gaze moving down to the bushy cunt hair that covered her cunt. "I think you got yourself fucked, baby."

Laurie's eyes went wide and she stared at her mother. "What did you say, Mother?"

"You got yourself fucked good tonight, didn't you?" Janet said again. "Oh, no sense in pretending you didn't, Laurie. I've known about your hot little ass for a long time. Every time you've been fucked, you come home with stars in your eyes."

"You mean it shows?" Laurie asked, blushing.

"Oh, stop it, Laurie," Janet laughed. "You don't have to be ashamed of it. I was fucking my ass off when I was younger than you. I like to fuck, and any girl I know worth being a girl loves to fuck. You're a girl, I'm a girl… we both love to fuck, so stop blushing."

Laurie stared at her mother, then suddenly burst into giggles. "I guess so," she said.

Janet reached out and teasingly pinched her daughter's rigid nipple. Laurie giggled again, and they soon began wrestling about the bed. Their arms and legs went everywhere. They laughed and giggled like children.

Then, when Janet had her daughter pinned to the bed with her arms stretched above her head, both stopped at the same time. They stared into each other's eyes. The slightest motion of either body seemed to create a tingle of intense desire in both their naked bodies. Janet felt her tits smashing flat against those of her daughter, their nipples touching.

The giggles were gone, and in their place, were soft moans of pleasure. Janet writhed on top of her daughter and felt the girl's response. She twisted her hips, and Laurie returned the pressure.

Janet felt the curls of her daughter's cunt against her own, and she pressed downward with her pussy. Laurie made a soft whimpering sound, and her hips lifted, pressing back against her mother's cunt. A few slight adjustments, and the woman felt her daughter's moist little clit probing at the tip of her own.

Still gazing into each other's eyes, without a word passing between them, they began to squirm and writhe their cunts together.

Mother and daughter, pressing and grinding their cunts together, felt the seeping slipperiness against their bodies. Janet began to grind harder and faster, her smoldering gaze never flinching from Laurie's. Their nipples brushed and tingled.

Janet lifted her hips and then began to pound her ass up and down, her clit smacking against the steamy knob of her daughter's clit. Turning Laurie's arms loose, Janet wrapped her own arms around the girl's hot, writhing body. She hugged her daughter tightly against her and gurgled when she felt the girl clasp her. Their hips banged and squirmed, their cunts rubbed and ground together.

Laurie's hands moved down her mother's back and over the swell of her creamy ass cheeks. She clutched Janet's ass hard and moaned.

Janet moved her hands down past her daughter's twisting, curvy hips. She slid her hands underneath her lifting ass, digging her fingers into the firm sweetness of the girl's tight, tantalizing ass cheeks. They gasped and moaned, fucking cunt against cunt, thrilling each other until both became trembling, squirming masses of excited naked flesh.

Janet slipped her leg between her daughter's, sliding her hip against her daughter's wet cunt.

Laurie felt her mother's hairy cunt rubbing excitedly against her thigh, and her hands tightened on her round, flexing ass cheeks.

Laurie felt her mother's fingers clawing at her tight ass, her finger rubbing around the crinkle of her asshole. The sensation of being touched on her asshole sent Laurie into a rippling, roaring, mind-shattering orgasm. She whipped her slippery, quivering cunt hard and fast against her mother's thigh. Through the ecstasy of her orgasm, she felt her mother's cunt rubbing harder than ever along her smooth thigh. The gurgling sounds that bubbled from her throat were soft, with an increasing loudness.

Janet's breathing came harsh and hot, and she crushed her lips down onto Laurie's. Her tongue snaked out, plunging wildly into her daughter's mouth.

Laurie gasped with pleasure and began to suck at her mother's tongue in a frenzy. Her cunt convulsed in tight spasms, and her mother kept grinding furiously against her. She mewled with the intensity of her ecstasy as she sucked furiously at her mother's tongue. The ripples of exquisite convulsions started to recede, but she suddenly bubbled into an even stronger orgasm. A loud wail tore from her throat as she slammed her pussy up hard. When the first convulsion gripped her cunt, her mother thrust a finger quickly into her asshole.

Laurie screamed loudly.

It was a scream of excruciating ecstasy.

Laurie's cunt went wild, and her asshole flexed tightly around her mother's stabbing finger. That finger went so deep, that the young girl was tossing her naked ass around with mindless, frantic pleasure.

Janet's finger stabbed swiftly in and out of Laurie's tight asshole, her hairy cunt sliding and grinding on her thigh. Laurie's fingers gripped the creamy swells of her mother's rounded ass tightly.

Somehow, through all the sensations of ecstasy, Laurie felt her mother's cunt as it spasmed. Her hands dug harder into her mother's curvy ass as she pressed her thigh into her hairy, slippery, boiling cunt.

Janet's finger kept up a relentless thrusting motion in Laurie's asshole, making her come and come until she was almost mindless with the shuddering pleasure.

Janet lay atop her daughter's quivering body for a long time. Laurie held her mother in her arms. Then, slowly, Janet rolled to one side. Both were quiet, gazing up at the ceiling.

"What happened, Mother?" Laurie asked in a shaking voice.

"God, baby," Janet whispered. "J don't know. I just don't know what happened."

"Something sure did," Laurie said, her voice a bit stronger. "Something happened."

"Are you ashamed?" Janet asked, her voice still a throaty whisper. "Did it make you feel awful, baby?"

Laurie was quiet for a moment, thinking about it. "No," she finally said. "I don't feel ashamed, Mother. It was… nice."

Janet turned and looked at her daughter. "Nice? Was that all it was… nice? Oh, Laurie, that was… was…"

Laurie giggled suddenly, a soft, lewd, wicked sound. "Fantastic, Mother? Terrific!"

"Oh, yes, baby," Janet laughed huskily. "It was fantastic and terrific. I don't have any idea why it happened – what caused it – but yes, it was fantastic!"

"But I don't… Mother, I've been fucked four times today," Laurie confessed. "A person would think that would be enough for a girl. But, it wasn't."

Janet caressed her daughter's spongy tit, twisting the nipple gently. "Not enough? Maybe it's because you're too hot – too erotic, baby. Maybe you need more fucking than that for your hot body."

"But you…"

"I know," Janet said, squeezing her daughter's tit gently. "I'm hot, too. I can't get enough fucking either, Laurie. I've always been this way. But I've never done anything with a girl before. This was the first time for me, and I can't explain why we did it any more than you can."

Janet then leaned over and kissed her daughter's nipple. Laurie mewled and arched her chest up. Janet opened her mouth and sucked the girl's sweet nipple into her lips, her tongue stroking back and forth on it. Laurie brought her hand up and curled her fingers around her mother's large, firm tit. She caressed the creamy tits as her mother sucked her nipple, whimpering again as the passion sparked like electricity through her naked body.

As Janet sucked on the sweetness of her daughter's tit, she ran her hands over the trembling smoothness of her burning flesh.

Laurie lay still, her breathing coming in panting delight as her mother pulled her lips from her tingling nipple.

Janet began kissing and nibbling at Laurie's hot flesh. She darted the tip of her tongue out, lapping along the girl's trembling stomach.

Laurie looked between her upstanding tits, seeing her mother's beautiful face moving about her flesh. She shivered with pleasure as her mother's tongue licked her flat stomach, circling her deeply dimpled belly button. Then the tip of her mother's tongue fluttered in and out of her belly button. She felt her cunt once more pulsating and twitching with anticipation. Her clit tingled into hardness, and her pussy was again seeping.

Laurie had her hands at her sides, her fingers clawing at the sheets as she watched her mother's beautiful face, her kissing lips, her wickedly licking tongue. She sensed where that mouth and tongue were going, and she twisted her naked, compact ass about as a wild desire grew steadily in her cunt.

Janet's mouth moved lower, the tip of her tongue circling the silken hairs that curled about her daughter's cunt. She ran her hot, moist lips along one of Laurie's thighs, licking down to her knee.

Laurie, with a thick, excited mewl, spread her legs wide. Now and then, Janet would glance up into her daughter's eyes, and she could see the wanton, sparkling heat in them.

Laurie lifted one knee, bending it so her foot was flat on the bed. Her mother pressed her lips to her soft inner thigh, halfway to her cunt. She licked her tongue about the girl's sugary flesh.

Laurie's pussy began to tingle hotly. She lifted her head to watch her mother's tongue as it licked closer toward her hot cunt. Her mouth was open, her tongue tip on her top lip, and she gasped with her increasing pleasure.

Janet drew back a bit, gazing at her daughter's pussy. The girl's pink, wet cunt lips looked inviting, the tip of her clit peeking teasingly from between them. Her dark cunt curls framed her cunt beautifully, and Janet knew then that she was going to suck her daughter's cunt.

When she began kissing and licking Laurie's sweet body, she had not thought where it might lead. But she knew now as she looked at the most beautiful pussy in the world. She knew she was going to suck Laurie's cunt and fuck it with her tongue.

Laurie watched her mother's lovely face move closer to her pussy. She lifted her ass from the bed, her legs spread wide. She moved her hands over her trembling stomach, and her fingers pulled at the lips of her cunt.

Janet hovered an inch or so above her daughter's steaming cunt, her dark eyes smoldering, gazing into those of her daughter. She saw willingness in the girl's eyes – eager willingness. She dropped her mouth and placed a wet, sucking kiss upon her daughter's sugary cunt.

"Oooo, Mother!" Laurie mewled thickly.

Laurie pressed her cunt hard into her mother's face, grabbing the back of the woman's head. Then she began to twist and grind her dripping cunt.

Janet's lips opened as Laurie banged her pussy into her mouth. She sucked on her daughter's puffy cunt lips and licked about her wet, hairy cunt, twirling her tongue at her distended clit.

Shoving her hands beneath Laurie's writhing ass, Janet gripped her ass cheeks hard, pressing her mouth tighter into her sugar-sweet cunt. Her tongue darted into her daughter's fuck-hole, and she began to fuck it in and out.

Laurie thrilled to Janet's darting tongue. She closed her hot thighs around her mother's face, then wrapped her legs around her shoulders, locking her heels. She pumped her naked ass up and down, twisting from side to side, gasping and moaning and mewling as the ecstasy began to ripple through her cunt again.

Janet quickly thrust her tongue in and out of Laurie's cunt, then slowed it down. She licked about her throbbing, swollen clit, sucking at it with her lips. She was surprised at how much she loved the taste of her daughter's cunt. Her cunt was different than a cock, of course – much different.

The taste of Laurie's cunt – its velvety sides – its slippery wetness – were ecstasy to Janet. Her own cunt was twitching as she tonguefucked the girl – her own clit was throbbing, ready to explode into a tremendous orgasm very soon.

Janet dug into the springy swells of Laurie's ass, her mouth wide, pressed firmly upon the girl's hairy cunt. Her tongue rolled and stabbed and licked, and she loved the way the girl's cunt flexed so tight around her tongue.

The sounds Laurie made were muffled because she was squeezing her exquisite thighs tightly against her mother's head. But the sounds were a delight to the woman, increasing her bubbling pleasure and desire to make her daughter come with her fucking tongue and sucking lips.

Laurie was gurgling heavily now, banging her cunt violently into Janet's face. Her mother's stabbing tongue was sending flames of fire through her pussy, and her clit burned until she thought she would go out of her mind. Then she erupted. She gave a loud wail of ecstasy as she came, her cunt convulsing, squeezing in rippling waves around her mother's thrusting tongue.

Janet tongue-fucked harder and faster when she felt her daughter coming. Her ass bounced, grinding and banging her cunt against the mattress. She was coming in strong waves just as her daughter was.

Laurie came so much and so strongly, she became weak. Her naked ass dropped to the bed, and her legs sprawled sideways. Her springy tits heaved up and down as she gasped for air.

Janet pulled her tongue from the tight wetness of Laurie's cunt. She licked up and down the girl's twitching pussy lips, then over her throbbing clit. After kissing each side of her hot inner thighs, she sat up on the bed.

"Mad at me, baby?" Janet asked in a low voice.

"Oh, Mother!" Laurie whimpered. "How could I be mad about that?"

"You enjoyed having your cunt sucked?"

"Enjoyed it?" Laurie murmured. "No one has ever sucked my cunt before. Mother, I loved it! Oh, how I loved feeling your tongue inside my cunt! It was like a cock, only different. Oooo, I thought I would never stop coming, Mother!"

Janet climbed off the bed. "You better get some sleep," she said. "Fucked four times today… now this. You must be exhausted, Laurie."

"Oh no, I'm not!" Laurie giggled. "I could come all night, Mother."

Janet laughed – a low, throaty, pleased laugh. "Maybe you could, but you're going to get some rest just the same."


It was a very hot day.

Dressed in shorts and a blouse, Laurie walked along the bank of the narrow, lazy river. She held tightly to Jack's hand.

She found it odd that her desire for his younger brother was not as strong as before. She wanted to fuck the boy still, but that burning eagerness was no longer as hot. She was hot to fuck, naturally, but now she would take any cock – Jack's or Ray's – whichever cock she could get her hands on.

In just one day, she had discovered so much about herself – about her mother! In one day, she had managed to fuck the young boy she desired for so long. Not once, but twice. And she and Jack had finally fucked at the drive-in. And she had sucked his cock off.

Laurie discovered that she loved to suck cock – that a hard prick between her lips was thrilling. She shivered with the throbbing power of a cock against her tongue. And she found that a cock gushing jism into her mouth was fantastic. She wanted to suck cock more and more.

She also discovered that her mother seemed to have a wild desire for fucking, too. What happened the night before between them had been accidental, she knew. But she knew that once it happened, it would not stop. She felt no guilt or shame that her mother had sucked her cunt off. On the contrary, she wanted her cunt sucked again and again.

There was no one else near the river, and as they walked, Jack pulled his hand from hers and placed it on her hip, letting it fall to the swelling curve of her tight ass. She giggled softly and stuck her tongue out at him playfully.

"You like that, don't you, Jack?"

"I'd say you have the prettiest ass I've ever seen," he replied, squeezing her ass cheeks. "And I wonder where or what I can do with this damned hard-on I seem to have."

"I know what you can do with it," she laughed as they paused. "The where is up to you."

They faced each other, and Laurie moved her hand between their bodies, brushing it across the bulging cock in Jack's pants. She rubbed his cock as she looked up into his eyes.

Jack was wearing cut-offs, and Laurie worked her fingers underneath their frayed edges. She probed at his balls, then pulled his cock down so that it was exposed. She gripped his cock with her hot hand and jacked on it as she shoved her tongue up into his mouth. She brushed her fingers over his dripping piss hole, smearing the smooth head of his cock.

They were standing a few feet from the flowing water, with tall bushes surrounding them. Even if someone came strolling by, they could not be seen.

"Jack," Laurie whispered in a low, husky voice. "I'd like to suck your cock off again."

He grinned down at her. "You really went for that, huh, Laurie?"

She squeezed his cock. "I loved it!"

"Suck away," he said.

Laurie, with a mewl of pleasure, dropped to her knees before him. She gazed hotly at his cock standing out from the frayed edges of his pants. She saw the silvery beads of jizz clinging to his piss hole, and her tongue hungrily lapped them away. She held his cock at the base, his pants shoved to one side.

With delight, she began kissing about his prick, running her lips along his hard, throbbing cock-shaft eagerly. She sucked on the very tip of his cock, her lips barely covering his seeping piss hole. Her tongue moved about his piss hole, and she tasted his seeping cock-juice.

Jack stood there, looking down at Laurie's beautiful face as she licked, kissed, and sucked the swollen head of his cock. He arched his hips forward and placed his hands in her hair. She gazed up at him with glassy, hot, excited eyes.

"Mmmmm!" she mewled as she pulled his cock deep into her mouth. Her wet lips stretched around his prick hungrily. "Ooommmm!"

Laurie sucked at Jack's prick slowly, savoring the taste of his cock-meat. She gobbled every inch of his cock deep into her hot, wet mouth. Her lips were tickled by his cock hair, and as she drew back, her lips tight and hot, her tongue licking. Her eyes, open, rolled about in their sockets. The exquisite pleasure she felt from having his cock inside her greedy mouth made her mind reel.

Jack held Laurie's face in his hands now, not letting her move. She looked up at him questioningly, her mouth filled with his hard cock.

"Hold still, Laurie," he said in a hoarse voice. "You hold your head still. I'm going to fuck you in your mouth! I'm going to use your mouth like it was your cunt!"

Laurie trembled with excitement as he held her face and began to thrust his cock back and forth. Her lips burned as he fucked her mouth, her tongue licking as best she could.

She loved the feeling of being fucked in her mouth. She ran her hands around and gripped Jack's bobbing ass cheeks tightly, her eyes closing. She thrilled to the way his hard, throbbing cock fucked back and forth, its smoothly swollen head brushing her throat. Her lips gripped his cock tightly, making a slippery glove for his prick.

On her knees, her legs held tightly together, Laurie pressed her clit. Her shorts were tight, the crotch pulled into the crack of her cunt. The pressure was exciting to her, and she swayed her tight ass as Jack fucked into her mouth.

"Mmmmm!" Laurie mewled around his stabbing cock. Her hands dug into his flexing ass cheeks as he pumped his hips back and forth, filling her mouth and stretching her lips with the hardness of his giant cock.

Laurie's cunt was boiling toward an orgasm, the ripply waves coming and going, crashing and sending shudders of delight through her. Her mouth burned with the need to taste Jack's come juice splashing into it. She had a difficult time holding her head still for him. She wanted to suck furiously and wildly on his cock.

Jack wouldn't let her move. He held her face tight, fucking her mouth faster and faster. His cock went deep into her constricted throat. Her lips sucked as he plunged his prick back and forth. Laurie was inflamed with intense desire. Her cunt was coming and coming as her slim body shook with ecstasy. She loved being fucked in her mouth this way – loved the hard cock that throbbed so sweetly between her greedy lips.

"Ohhh, baby, baby!" Jack groaned, suddenly thrusting his cock so deep into her mouth, his swollen prick-head was in her throat. "I'm coming! Laurie, I'm coming in your cocksucking, motherfucking, hungry mouth! Eat my jizz, Laurie! Eat up my come juice, you sweet little cocksucking cunt!"

Laurie gurgled as his cock spurted thick cum. She fought to pull her head back, wanting to feel his jism splash over her tongue, to taste the sweetness of it.

Jack let her pull away, and she gripped his swollen cock-head between her hot lips, feeling and tasting the boiling come juice filling her mouth with convulsive squirts. Her tongue raced about his gushing piss hole, her slim throat working as she swallowed his creamy fuck-juice. Her cunt was throbbing as if it was on fire, and she was coming powerfully. Her fingers dug into his flexing ass cheeks as she gobbled his spewing cock with intense ecstasy.

When Jack stopped coming, Laurie continued to hold the head of his cock between her lips, her tongue moving slowly over his piss hole. As he gently pulled his prick free, she moaned in disappointment.

She smiled up at him, her eyes still glassy with the exquisite delight she had felt. His cock still dangled from the frayed edges of his pants, and she suddenly pressed her face up to it, rubbing her cheek, nose, chin, and lips against his slick cock-meat. She hugged him, her hands gripping his ass cheeks.

Jack lifted her and looked into her starry eyes. "You really love it, don't you, Laurie? You really love to suck my cock, don't you?"

"Oh, yes, Jack!" she burbled. "I can't get enough of your prick. I'm so glad you asked me to suck you off at the drive-in!"

He looked at her for a long time. "Come on," he said.

Jack took Laurie down the bank of the river. They came to a small grassy spot, and when he turned to her, he dropped his pants immediately.

Laurie, still bubbling with excited desire, felt her tits swell and her cunt quiver. She did not have to be asked to take her clothing off. She dropped her blouse to the grass, her small, shapely tits lifting up to the sun. Her fingers shook as she unzipped her shorts and quickly stepped out of them.

The sun was hot against her naked flesh, and she gazed in a loving way at Jack's cock and balls. Steaming desire welled up within her trembling, beautiful body.

Jack lay back on the grass, his cock standing up strongly, his balls dangling between his thighs. He spread his legs, bending them at the knees, then waited for Laurie to come to him.

But before she came to him, she wanted to look at him. Her eyes gleamed with erotic pleasure as she gazed at his hard cock standing from his mass of cock hair, at his balls hanging at the base.

Dropping to her knees finally, she sat on her heels, staring at his cock and balls. Her cunt was twitching and seeping again, her clit tingling hotly. She ran her hot palm down the inside of his thigh, finally reaching his balls. She slipped her hand under them, hefting them.

She closed her fingers around his nuts and squeezed gently, twisting them about. His cock jerked with the pleasure she was giving him. His prick stood firm, its head swollen and very smooth. Jizz bubbled out of his piss hole, and she watched it glisten in the sunlight.

Her other hand gripped his cock, stroking it lightly up and down, her fingers flexing on it. He grunted with pleasure.

"Do anything you want, Laurie. Have yourself a ball," he said.

Remembering how her mother had licked and kissed along the inside surface of her thighs, Laurie leaned down. She kissed Jack's knee, then slipped her tongue out and began to lick at his thigh. Her eyes were open and hot, the excitement she felt showing in them. As her tongue licked at his flesh. She glanced at his face occasionally, seeing he approved of whatever she wanted to do to his cock and balls.

Laurie sucked at his inner thigh, her lips pulling on his flesh. She kept on jacking at his cock and tugging his balls as she licked and kissed. Finally, with a soft moan of intense desire, she buried her face in his balls. She whimpered with ecstasy as she smeared her nose and cheeks and lips and chin about his cock.

The hairs on Jack's balls tickled and thrilled her. She kissed them wetly, opening her mouth and sucking at his nuts, one at a time. Her wet, eager tongue raced out, and she licked his balls until they were almost soaked.

Laurie spent a long time sucking and licking Jack's balls. The pleasure she felt rumbling inside her beautiful naked body was so intense, she shivered and trembled.

Lifting her head, she looked at Jack's throbbing cock, gripped tightly in her fist. There were so much cum on his piss hole, she could hardly see it now. She pressed her lips down on it, feeling the slipperiness of his cock-head. Her lips tingled with the contact, and her tongue slipped out and licked at the beads of jizz. A soft, low moan of hungry pleasure rippled from her throat. Her mouth opened wide, and then she shoved her lips over his cock, going down on it until her lips were in his thick cock hairs.

Laurie sucked up and down Jack's hard, throbbing cock slowly, loving it. Her beautiful face twisted slightly as she sucked. Her mouth was wet and hot and her lips were tight. Having a cock inside her mouth was such fantastic delight, her cunt was steaming and twitching with a series of small orgasms.

She sucked on Jack's cock slowly and lovingly, going down on it until she had it all inside her wet, hungry mouth. She held his prick there for awhile, letting her cheeks, lips and throat squeeze and knead it. Then she tightened her lips and drew up on his cock, sucking as hard as she could.

As Laurie sucked upwards, her lips and tongue and mouth made waving, rippling motions. She sucked up until she held just his swollen cock-head between her lips. Her tongue licked rapidly about his sensitive cockhead and piss hole, and she swallowed his clear pre-cum as it dripped out.

"Damn, Laurie," Jack grunted, watching her suck his cock. "You're sure good at sucking cock! Turn around, Laurie! Turn around and let me get my mouth on your hairy little cunt!"

Laurie squealed with pleasure as she twisted about, throwing her legs over Jack's face. He looked up between her creamy, slender thighs, gazing at the pink wetness of her pussy. The sweet swells of her ass cheeks were parted, and he shoved his hands up her thighs and clutched her sugary ass. Her face hovered above his upright cock, and she dug into his ass cheek with one hand while the other clung tightly to his hairy balls.

"Oooo, I love to have my cunt licked, Jack!" she squealed, twisting her ass. "I love a good tongue-fuck! Eat my cunt! Suck my pussy! Lick my clit!"

"Hot little cunt," he mumbled, shoving his face into her hairy, wet pussy.

Laurie whimpered with ecstasy as Jack's tongue licked about the hairy lips of her cunt. She shivered as she gulped his cock into her mouth again, feeling his lips sucking at her swollen, burning clit. She wiggled her pussy against his mouth as she began to suck up and down his cock, more energetic and hungry now. Her dark hair flew about with her movement, fanning over his thighs and stomach. The sensitive nipples of her tits brushed at his flesh as she sucked, increasing her erotic ecstasy.

She gave a muffled wail when Jack's tongue darted into her cunt, thrusting very deeply. He stabbed his tongue back and forth, fucking her pussy with fast strokes. His hands clawed at the smooth creaminess of her sweet ass, his nose pressing against the crinkle of her flexing asshole.

Laurie pulled and twisted at his balls as she began to race her lips up and down his cock. Suctioning sounds came from her mouth, along with muffled mewls of pleasure. She ate at his prick as if she were starving for it – which, indeed, she was. Her naked ass, the sun hot upon it, shivered and shook as he tonguefucked her cunt.

The orgasms Laurie had been having continued, growing hotter and wilder. Her tongue licked at Jack's cock as her wet, hot lips glided up and down his throbbing hard-on. Her cunt sucked at his tongue as he stabbed it in and out.

Laurie particularly loved the way Jack's swollen cock-head fucked into her throat as she sucked up and down it. She wished she could get his balls into her mouth at the same time, but that was impossible. She hardly had enough room inside her mouth to use her tongue as she sucked his prick.

She was now banging her twitching cunt up and down against Jack's face, grinding it furiously as his tongue thrust in time and again. She writhed against his mouth with the slippery lips of her pussy, groaning around his throbbing cock with ecstasy. Her naked body trembled with the intensity of the 69, and she could feel her orgasms becoming stronger and stronger. Her mouth moved up and down his cock in a frenzy of hunger. Her tongue raced about his prick as her head bobbed in a blur of motion.

Laurie felt Jack arching upwards, driving his cock into her mouth as she carne down. The throbbing of his prick was more pronounced, and she gobbled his prick in a hungry frenzy, wanting him to come in her mouth. Her cunt pressed and twisted against his mouth as her orgasm gained strength. Her pussy was closing and opening around his stabbing tongue, and she was walling with the ecstasy that sent her body into shudders. She pulled at his hairy balls and clawed at his ass. Thick jism shot from Jack's piss hole, burning and splashing into her mouth. She yelped in greedy delight, swallowing hard as more and more come juice spattered along her cheeks and over her swiftly licking tongue. The taste of his cum created such intense pleasure for her, her cunt erupted with muscle-shattering spasms. She came close to blacking out. The thing that kept her conscious was the delight she received by drinking thick, slippery sweet cum from his cock.

Laurie held Jack's cock in her mouth for a long time after he came, some of his jizz glistening on her lips and chin where it had escaped the tightness of her mouth.

Finally she pulled herself from his prick.

They dressed, and hand in hand, walked back to Laurie's house. "I don't know what it is," Laurie said softly. "But I love sucking cock, Jack. I want to suck on a cock all the time."

"Just enjoy it, Laurie," he said, squeezing her hand. "Don't try to understand it – just enjoy it."

"I am, I am!" she giggled. "Oh, I am going to enjoy cocksucking!"

He walked with her up the walk, kissed her lightly on the mouth and said he would see her later. She watched him walk to his house next door. She licked her lips, her eyes glowing brightly.


While her daughter had been sucking off Jack and getting her hot little cunt sucked, Janet had invited Ray, the younger brother, into her house.

Like Laurie, Janet had been watching the boy. She was drawn to him the same way she had been drawn to his older brother. But unlike her daughter, she understood her desire. She had never denied her desire for fucking teenagers. Although she loved to suck on a hard, throbbing cock, she loved to feel one inside her cunt, too.

So, her daughter had hardly been gone half an hour before she enticed Ray into the house. It had been easy enough because she had known the two brothers for many months. So, shortly after her daughter had left with Jack, she had Ray in the living room.

Janet was wearing a floor-length robe – a garment made of very thin material that clung to her slender, curvy body, molding around her tits, showing off her pointed nipples. Her thighs were exposed by two long slits that ran to just below her waist. The garment was designed for one thing only – to arouse and tease and tantalize.

Although he was a bit nervous, Ray could not keep his gaze from this tall, slender, exceptionally beautiful woman. Like any teenaged boy, he would stick his cock up anything he could. The fact that Janet was old enough to be his mother didn't bother him in the least. On the contrary, it was exciting to him.

Janet kept glancing at the front of Ray's pants, delighted to see the effect her body had on him. She was happy to note he looked shyly at her big, protruding tits and nipples and her thighs.

She handed him a soft drink, and the front panel of her robe pulled away as she leaned over. She saw him looking at her thighs and half of her hip. She wrinkled her nose at him.

"Like what you see, Ray?"

The boy gulped, but when he saw the expression in her eyes, he nodded. She was pleased that he did not blush. She didn't want to waste time overcoming any inhibitions the young boy might have. She sat next to him on the couch, crossing her long legs. The slit, of course, parted. Her leg and thigh and hip were revealed. She saw the way his cock was swelling inside his pants, bulging out sweetly.

As Janet talked with Ray about unimportant things, she took his hand and pulled it to her lap. The boy almost choked on his soft drink, but did not try to pull his hand back. He thought this older woman was the most beautiful person he had ever seen. The fact that he could see most of her body helped him come to this conclusion.

Janet deliberately placed the back of his hand on her naked thigh and smiled at him. It pleased her to see him gazing at her exposed thigh without embarrassment, and when she looked into his face, he stared steadily back at her.

She pressed her lips against his swiftly, before he knew what she was up to. Her tongue darted into his mouth, then she withdrew, a throaty laugh bubbling from her throat.

"Sweet, Ray," she murmured. "You're such a sweet boy. I bet you have some nice thoughts once in awhile, don't you? About girls, I mean?"

He nodded his head.

"Boys like to think about girls, I know, when they're your age. I bet you think about naked girls, and I bet you play with your cock when you do, right?"

"You sure know a lot, Mrs. Long," he said, giggling slightly.

"Why shouldn't I?" She rubbed the back of his hand along her naked thigh. "I'm a mother, you know…"

For a moment, Ray wondered if she knew that he had fucked Laurie in the garage, but somehow he didn't care if she did.

Janet placed his palm on her thigh and brushed it up and down her creamy, warm flesh. "Do you like touching me, honey?"

"You're smooth, Mrs. Long," he said, watching her move his hand up and down her thigh. "Awfully smooth."

Janet moved his hand higher on her thigh, then it was on her hips. Her cunt was bubbling hotly as she saw his cock lurch visibly inside his pants. She slipped his fingers between her legs, and uncrossing them, moved them very close to her hairy cunt.

She heard Ray breathing heavily. With a smile, she held his hand on her inner thigh, and her other hand moved directly to his cock. She placed her palm on top of his hard-on, moving it softly and lightly. She felt his prick throbbing in her hand.

"Mmmm, nice," she murmured, stroking his cock through his pants. "I bet you have a beautiful cock, Ray. Would you let me see it?"

To emphasize her desire to see his cock, Janet pulled his hand up, cupping his fingers about her hairy, wet cunt. "I'll let you feel me up and look at me if you'll take your cock out, Ray."

She felt his hand press against her puffy cunt, and then she used both of hers to open his pants. He rubbed her pussy as she pulled his throbbing cock from his pants. She gave a delighted squeal when she had his prick out, seeing it was much larger than his brother's.

"Oh, your cock is beautiful!" she gasped, wrapping her fingers around his prick. "Oh God – such a beautiful cock!"

She pumped his prick, and he, breathing hard with excitement, wiggled a finger into her hot, wet pussy. She squirmed on the cushions, leaning forward and running her tongue over his lips.

Then Janet let go of his cock and stood before him. She pulled the front panel of her long robe to one side, exposing her hairy cunt to his huge, excited eyes.

"Do you like my pussy, Ray? Wouldn't you like to do something with my cunt?"

She arched her cunt forward, spreading her legs a bit. Ray gazed hotly at her puffy pink cunt lips – the dark pussy curls framing it. He licked at his lips.

"Do what, Mrs. Long?"

"Well, you could fuck me," she murmured hotly. "I'd love to have your sweet cock fucking me. Come on, Ray, take your clothes off!"

Ray ripped and tore at his clothing until he was naked. Janet looked at his body, her gaze lingering on his upstanding cock and dangling balls. Her cunt twitched and quivered with anticipation.

"Ohhh, Ray!" she squealed as she grabbed his prick and jerked furiously on it. "I've got to have your beautiful, hard cock in my cunt!"

She turned his cock loose and dropped to the floor on her hands and knees. She wagged her naked round ass invitingly at him, looking over her shoulder.

"Come on, Ray! Stick your cock up my cunt! Hurry – oh please, hurry! I want you fucking my cunt so much! Come on – now!"

The boy stared at her creamy ass cheeks. She arched her ass into the air, and he saw her puffy cunt lips peeking between her thighs. He dropped to his knees behind her, his cock jerking about, dripping with eagerness.

Janet felt the smooth head of Ray's prick brush the naked flesh of her ass cheeks and the back of her long thighs, leaving a trail of precum where it touched.

"Stick your cock in me!" she yelped hotly. "Ohhhh, please! Ram your sweet cock up my fucking cunt! I want your prick in me, Ray! I want your cock up my fucking cunt!"

Ray grasped the base of his cock, aimed his swollen prick-head for her hairy cunt, and thrust forward. His prick slipped swiftly into her pussy, and she gave a loud yelp of delight. She arched her ass back against him, grinding away, mewling throatily.

Ray stared down at Janet's naked ass, amazed at the movements she made. He placed his hands on her whipping hips, watching her cunt suck at his prick. Her cunt felt different to his hard cock than Laurie's pussy had, but the difference was very small. Perhaps it was the fact that she was Laurie's mother – an older woman. Whatever it was, he was so excited, he almost came immediately.

Janet swung her naked, uplifted ass about energetically, making soft moaning sounds of pleasure. She lowered her head to the carpet, shoving her squirming ass tightly against him.

"Ohhhh, fuck it, Ray!" she wailed with delight. "Fuck my cunt good for me! Oh God… I love your prick, baby! Give me your hard cock! Ahhh – my cunt wants your hard, sweet cock! Fuck my pussy, Ray! Ram that sweet prick up my fucking hot cunt!"

The things she was saying increased Ray's passion, and his fingers dug into her creamy, round hips. But even as he plunged his cock in and out of her gripping pussy, he could not hold her swinging ass still. She was fucking him more than he was fucking her. His balls were tight at the base of his prick, tingling in a exciting way.

Moist, suctioning sounds came from them as he fucked at her slippery, hot pussy. The moans and words she was grunting loudly increased the steaming heat in both her cunt and his cock. He loved the way her ass cheeks parted so he could see the pucker of her asshole. Her shitter was flexing, he saw, and he was unable to resist a tentative caress of her asshole with his fingertip.

Janet felt his finger rubbing at her tight asshole, and she gave a yelp of intense pleasure. "Ohhh, yes, Ray! Rub my asshole… fuck my cunt! Ooooo, harder, baby! Rub my asshole harder! Fuck my cunt faster – fuck me, darling!"

Janet was thrilled by his throbbing prick fucking so furiously into her steamy cunt. Her tits brushed at the carpet as he fucked forcefully into her upraised cunt. Her fingers clawed at the carpet as she bit at her bottom lip. She loved the feel of his lower stomach smacking against her naked, shivering ass cheeks – the way his finger rubbed at the tightness of her asshole. Her cunt was squeezing and flexing on his thrusting cock, and she could feel the powerful jerking of his cock with the sensitive, tight wetness of her cunt.

"Ooo, oh God!" she yelped. "You're making me come, Ray! Ahhh – feel my pussy coming! Ohhh, your sweet hard cock is making me come! Fuck me, baby! Pour your cum in me! Bruise my fucking hot cunt with your sweet cock! I'm coming! Ohhh, shit!"

Ray felt Janet's cunt squeezing at his cock in hot, rippling waves. He gave a loud grunt and rammed his prick as deep into her pussy as he could, holding his cock-shaft steady. Janet began to grind her hot ass against him as she came. Her cunt was flooded with his sweet jizz.

"Yes, yes!" she mewled in a tight voice. "That's what I want, Ray! Come in my hot cunt! Ohhh, I love feeling a cock squirting jizz up my fucking pussy!"

Janet's cunt seemed to suck at Ray's gushing prick. His balls drew up even tighter, and he gritted his teeth as he came, Janet felt Ray pull his cock from the clinging lips of her glowing cunt and lowered her body to the floor. Ray sat on the carpet, leaning against the couch, heaving. He watched her naked ass tremble, the swelling of her ass cheeks looking beautiful and smooth. Her legs were wide apart, and he could see the curls of her cunt, now moist and glistening. His cock was slippery from the juices of her cunt. But he didn't care. All he cared about was looking at this beautiful ass of this beautiful older woman.

Janet, when she began to breathe slower, rolled onto her back, her legs still widely spread. She pulled the top of her long robe down, exposing her tits. She looked at Ray with glowing, hot eyes and twisted her nipples tenderly.

"I like that, Ray," she said.

"Like what, Mrs. Long?"

"You aren't bashful, or embarrassed," she said. "I love it when a guy isn't bashful. Did you enjoy fucking me, baby?"

"I sure did!" he said. "You're beautiful, Mrs. Long."

"I think you're very sweet, Ray," she murmured. "But why don't you call me Janet now. I mean, it makes me feel so old – especially since we just fucked." Her gaze moved to his cock and balls. "And most especially since we're going to fuck again, and I plan to do so much with your sweet cock in a very short time."

"Like what?" he asked, grinning at her.

"You'll find out," she said, sitting up. "Would you like another Coke?"

"I'd rather have another fuck!"

"That you can have any time you want it." She got to her feet, her firm, pointing tits jiggling slightly. "Want me to take this robe off?"

He nodded, and she slipped it down.

Janet looked at him, posing her naked body to excite him. She lifted one foot and placed it on the cushions of the couch. He was still on the floor, and now he looked up at her as she ran her fingers through the dark curls of her pussy hair, then rubbed lightly at her exposed clit. Slipping a finger into her cunt, she slowly fingerfucked herself, watching his eyes glow with delight.

"I bet you jack your cock off a lot, don't you?" she said. "I like to fingerfuck my cunt, you know. One of these days, I'd love to watch you jack off, Ray. Would you do that for me?"

"I'd do anything for you, Mrs. Long. I mean – Janet," he sighed, watching her finger stab in and out of her cunt.

"I'd love to see you jack off, then come all over your stomach," she said in a low, husky voice. "You know what I would do then?"

He shook his head, unable to take his eyes off her finger moving in and out of her hairy pussy.

"I'd lick all your jism up. I'd stick my tongue in your stomach and lick your cum away. Then I'd take your cock in my hot mouth and suck on it and make you come again."

She watched his glistening cock stand up, very hard and beautiful.

"Would you like me to suck your cock off now, Ray?" she murmured huskily.

He nodded eagerly.

"Sit on the couch, baby," she instructed.

He did so, spreading his legs wide. Janet dropped to her knees before him, then sat down. She placed her hands on his hips and pulled him forward until his ass hung over the edge. Then she shoved his knees back against his hairless chest.

Janet's eyes were hot and almost dreamy as she looked at Ray. She had longed to suck off a young boy in just this position very often. His cock stood up wonderfully hard, and she loved the way his tight asshole was exposed.

With a low, excited mewl, Janet shoved her face into his crotch. Her lips, moist and hot, kissed at his ass cheeks, then his balls, and she finally licked her tongue up and down his cock. She tasted the cum that lingered there, and the juice of her cunt, too. Her mind reeled with the ecstasy of finally getting a teenaged boy in this erotic, vulnerable position.

"OOO, baby!" she crooned. "I'm going to kiss and lick everything! I'm going to kiss and lick and suck on your sweet hard cock and delicious balls! I'm going to kiss and lick on your tight little asshole! Then I'll take your hard cock in my mouth and suck it until you squirt all that sweet jism down my cocksucking throat!"

With a growl, Janet shoved her lips and licking tongue forward. She ran her tongue hungrily around the cheeks of Ray's ass, over his hairless balls and up and down his throbbing cock. She pulled his prick into her mouth and sucked for a moment or so, then slid her lips up to his balls. Opening her mouth wide, she drew both of his balls into her hot, wet mouth. Her tongue caressed his nuts as she gripped his cock and jacked on it.

Ray moaned with delight. He placed his hands on his knees to pull his legs tight against his chest, his ass arching up.

Janet released his balls, and her hot lips kissed his ass cheek. Then he gave an excited yelp when she pressed her lips against his asshole, kissing it with a suction mg sound.

Janet pulled her face back, staring with burning eyes at the boy's cock, balls and asshole. Then she growled again, and she began to lick furiously at his asshole, running her tongue up and down and into his balls. She lapped the flat surface of her tongue up from his asshole, over his balls, and to the dripping tip of his cock.

Up and down her hot, hungry tongue went. She probed at Ray's tight asshole with the tip of her tongue, pressing hard. Then she lapped hungrily at his shitter, whimpering.

Janet was doing something she had wanted to do for many years. Her cunt was burning, but she wasn't about to take her hands off Ray's flesh and fingerfuck herself. Her delight was in licking his asshole and balls and cock.

Hungrily and with soft murmurs of delight, she licked her wet tongue from the boy's asshole to his balls and back to his asshole again. Her fist pumped in a frenzy on his throbbing cock. She lapped at his tight asshole as if she were trying to thrust her tongue into it.

Ray was shaking with the intensity of ecstasy. His cock began lurching in Janet's tight, pumping fist. His ass writhed as her tongue flew about his tight asshole, and he groaned in a tight voice.

"Mrs. Long!" he yelped. "Ohhh, Mrs. Long! I can't stand it! I can't hold back! I'm about to come!"

No sooner had Ray said that, than his cock began to gush jism. Janet squealed loudly and put her mouth over the head of his cock. She reached it just in time to feel a glob of cum strike her nose – then her mouth was on his cock.

Holding his prick-head between her lips, she raced her tongue around his gushing piss hole. Her mouth filled with cum as her fist squeezed his prick-shaft.

Janet's eyes rolled with ecstasy as she tasted Ray's jizz. Her slender throat worked and her tongue lapped in a frenzy to get the full taste. When she felt his cock stop spewing, she held it very tight and worked her fist upward on it, getting the very last drop of his cum.

When Ray relaxed, she ran her hot, moist lips all over his cock and balls and asshole, her tongue licking gently and lovingly. Finally, she pulled her face from his crotch, a smile of delight on her face.

"You're so sweet, Ray," she whispered. "God, that was good!"

By the time Laurie entered the house, Ray was dressed and on his way home. Janet, back in her long robe, greeted her with a quick kiss.

Laurie looked at her mother, seeing that familiar glow in her dark eyes and knew that something had happened.


One or the other of the brothers, or both, were now constant visitors in the Long house.

Janet did not mind this, and it was obvious that her daughter was pleased, too. She did notice, however, that her daughter seemed to pay more attention to Ray. She was somewhat amused by this, but pleased, also. As much as she enjoyed Ray, she preferred his older brother. What was important was that Ray and Jack did not seem jealous of each other.

Both Janet and Laurie were not obvious with the boys when they were together. The only flirting they did was if one of them was out of the room or house.

But with both Laurie and her mother with erotic minds, and the two brothers anxious and eager, things could not remain this way long. Janet knew how hot her daughter was, and Laurie now knew her mother's lusty ways.

So fucking together was inevitable.

A few days later, they were with Jack. Janet was wearing her floor-length robe again. She enjoyed wearing it because it was so revealing. Underneath, she was naked. Her tits were visible through the thin, clinging fabric, and this was not missed by either Jack or Laurie. Laurie, as usual, was in her tight shorts and a cotton blouse.

They had been sitting in the living room, playing a monotonous game of cards, and Laurie was bored with it. She saw how her mother's thighs kept flashing all the way to her hips, and she saw the way Jack's gaze settled on them.

Going to her room, Laurie used a pair of scissors on her shorts, cutting up the seams at her hips until there was only a three-inch band holding them on. She pulled her blouse up and tied it underneath her tits. The creamy swells of her flawlessly shaped tits were revealed.

When she returned to the living room, her hips were now exposed, and the curve of her sweet little ass was revealed. The cards had been put away, and she sat in an overstuffed chair, drawing one foot to the cushions.

Jack and her mother sat on the couch – one at each end. Her mother's creamy thighs were exposed, as was most of her hip. A glance at the front of Jack's pants told the girl he had a nice hard-on. She knew, with the work she had done on her shorts, that not only were her hips exposed, but that the curve of her ass could be seen, as well as the curls of her cunt hair.

Janet looked at her, her gaze moving up and down her body. She grinned lewdly.

Laurie grinned back. "This is bull shit games," she said.

Jack looked puzzled. "Bullshit games?"

"I agree with Laurie," Janet said. "Why are we acting so conventional? Jack, I know damned well you've been fucking my daughter."

He shot a glance at her, then looked down almost shyly.

"Oh, stop acting like some virgin kid," Janet laughed. "I know you fuck Laurie. It's time that Laurie knew about us, too."

Laurie looked at her mother. "You, too, Mother?"

"Not exactly," Janet said. "I gave Jack a good blow job through the fence the other day. I did make him a promise, though. Remember it, Jack?"

Laurie was grinning widely. "Mother, you really sucked him off through the fence? Really?"

"I did," Janet said. "And I promised him he could fuck me. Don't you remember that, Jack?"

He nodded his head, but he didn't seem so bashful now. He looked from Laurie to her mother, and his eyes looked anxious and eager.

"Well, what about it?" Janet said in a low voice. She deliberately lifted the front panel of her long robe, exposing her hairy cunt. She slipped one loose sleeve from her shoulder to allow her creamy tit to thrust out.

"You mean with Laurie…" he asked, looking at them both.

"I don't mind if she watches us fuck if you don't," Janet replied softly, her eyes burning with the inner desire filling her. "My daughter might become excited and even join in. Wouldn't you like to fuck two girls, Jack? Fuck both of us – one after the other?"

"Oh, shit!" he groaned, but his smile and eyes showed how eager he was to fuck them both.

Janet stood up. Laurie, becoming excited, watched her mother remove the long robe completely. When the woman stood there naked, she shifted her feet, making the cheeks of her ass writhe erotically.

"You've got to get out of those pants if you want to fuck me, Jack. This is different than getting sucked off through the fence, you know."

Without a sign of shyness, Jack was out of his clothing quickly. His cock throbbed hard, waving in the air. Janet mewled with pleasure as she wrapped her fingers around his prick stroking slowly.

Laurie's cunt bubbled hotly as she watched her mother fondling his cock. She pulled aside the crotch of her shorts and spread her legs as wide as they would go, dangling them over the arms of the chair. She scooted her ass to the edge of the cushion and began to rub at her jingling clit.

"You just lie down on your back," Janet told Jack in a thick voice. "You lie down, and I'll get on top and fuck you. I'm going to fuck your sweet cock until you think I've burned it off!"

Jack lay down eagerly, his cock standing upright, his prick-head swollen and dripping. His balls lay on his thighs. Laurie watched her mother straddle the boy, then squat down. She watched her mother take Jack's cock and move it around her hairy cunt, then she sank down onto it, the full length of his prick deep inside her pussy.

Their crotch hairs mingled, and Janet sat there for a long time, sighing with the pleasure. Then she started moving. Her naked ass moved back and forth, her pointed tits jiggling.

Janet leaned over the boy, then crushed her tits against his chest, spreading her long thighs along his.

"You just lie here and have a ball, Jack," Janet said in a thick voice. "I'm going to fuck the piss out of your wonderful, hard cock!"

Laurie could not remain in her chair. She had to be close to them, touch them, watch them. She slipped from the chair and knelt at their hips. She leaned over and watched Jack's cock move inside her mother's cunt. Her mother then began to bounce her naked ass, fucking back.

Janet's body was still except for her ass, which began to bang up and down in a hot fucking rhythm. Laurie saw Jack's cock being ridden by her mother's hairy cunt, and she reached her hand down and cradled his hairy balls, tugging and twisting on them as her mother slipped her gripping cunt up and down his throbbing prick.

"Oooooo, Mother!" Laurie whimpered, pulling at Jack's balls. "Fuck him, Mother! Ooooo, his cock is so fucking hard! Fuck him with your hot, hairy cunt, Mother!"

Janet was mewling softly as her naked ass twisted and churned, and Jack reached behind her to clutch at her flexing ass cheeks. He plunged his cock up and down, matching the swiftness of her movements. He was grunting hotly.

With one hand caressing Jack's balls, Laurie began running her other hand over her mother's creamy ass. The rounded cheeks of Janet's ass parted and closed as she bounced up and down. Laurie's finger darted into her mother's asshole, and the woman gave a squeal of pleasure when she felt her shitter penetrated.

"Up my ass!" Janet gurgled, pumping up and down on Jack's rigid cock. "Up my fucking asshole, Laurie!"

Jack pulled at Janet's ass cheeks, spreading them wide. Laurie, her mouth open with the excitement rumbling through her trembling body, pressed the tip of her finger harder inside her mother's asshole. She made a hissing sound when her finger slipped farther into the hot tightness of the woman's ass chute.

"Oooooo, yes, yes!" Janet wailed. "Oh God, yes! I love it! Fuck me up the asshole with your finger, Laurie! Ohhh, fuck my ass with your finger… and I'll fuck Jack's hard, sweet cock with my hairy, wet cunt!"

Laurie felt a new excitement as she plunged her finger in and out of her mother's asshole. Her young cunt was throbbing and twitching inside her shorts, and her own little asshole was squeezing as if a finger had been thrust up into it, too. Her eyes were burning and glazed as she leaned over farther, watching her mother's hairy cunt plunge up and down on Jack's cock, her finger matching the fucking motions.

Laurie felt Jack's balls drawing up, becoming tight in her hand. Janet's asshole was gripping her finger in waves of spasms. She didn't have to move her finger now, because her mother's ass was going up and down. As the beautiful woman fucked Jack's cock, she fucked her daughter's finger at the same time. She was shivering with the ecstasy of having a cock in her cunt and a finger in her asshole.

"Ohhhhh! Oooooo! Ahhhhh!" Janet was yipping loudly. "Oh, shit! Oh, piss! I'm going to come! Oh God, I'm going to come! Fingerfuck my asshole, Laurie! Ohhhh, I love this! Fingerfuck and cock fuck!"

Laurie felt and saw Jack's cock ram hard into Janet's cunt, then his prick gushed. Janet wailed as she felt his cock squirting jism into her clinging, boiling pussy, and it triggered a powerful orgasm inside her body.

When Janet shuddered with orgasm, Laurie felt her asshole sucking at her deeply buried finger. Her mother's naked body went stiff, unmoving except for the tremors of her ecstatic orgasm.

The girl thrust her finger in and out of Janet's asshole as she came, squeezing at Jack's balls while he spurted into her mother's fiery cunt. The convulsions of her mother's puffy, wet cunt were visible to her as she leaned over with her face inches from their crotches. Her own cunt felt as if it were going to burn off her body.

"Move, Mother!" Laurie shouted excitedly. "Move your ass, damn it! I want to suck Jack's cock! Ooooo, move your ass, Mother, because I want Jack's cock in my cocksucking hot mouth!"

Janet lifted her cunt from Jack's glistening cock, rolling beside him. She looked on as her daughter quickly and hungrily sucked the boy's cock into her mouth.

"Make him come again, baby!" Janet urged in a thick, throaty voice. "Make his cock squirt jism again! Suck him, Laurie! Suck his cock off… make him come in your fucking mouth!"

Laurie's hot, hungry lips raced up and down Jack's slippery wet cock. She tasted her mother's cunt on his prick and the jizz that clung to his prick-head. Her senses reeled with erotic delight, and she sucked his cock vigorously and greedily. She closed her eyes in ecstasy, getting to her knees.

She felt Jack's hand slide up her thigh and into her shorts. He moved his fingers about her slippery wet cunt, plunging one into her pussy and fingerfucking her for a few moments. Then he pulled his finger free of her cunt and began to work it into the crack of her creamy ass. She felt him rubbing at the crinkle of her asshole, and she squealed around his cock as she wiggled her ass.

Janet saw where Jack's hand was, and she urged: "Up her ass, Jack! Stick your finger up Laurie's ass! She'll love it! Fingerfuck my daughter in her hot asshole!"

Laurie gave a yelp when she felt Jack's finger suddenly slip into her asshole. With her mouth filled with his cock, and his finger thrusting swiftly into her asshole, she unexpectedly started coming. She made loud wails around his cock, her lips racing up and down his prick swiftly, her ass waving. His finger stabbing into her asshole sent ripples of orgasm burning through her body, and she realized she had discovered another aspect of her erotic pleasure.

"Mmmmmm! Oooommmm!" Laurie whimpered as her mouth bobbed up and down on Jack's cock. She wiggled her sweet ass about as his finger kept thrusting into her asshole. She was coming stronger than ever before, and she devoured his cock with a hunger that amazed not only her, but Jack and her mother, too.

Janet moved around behind her daughter's uplifted ass, pulling her shorts aside so she could watch Jack's finger fucking into her daughter's burning, flexing, tight asshole. She lowered her face and began to lick at the girl's creamy, shivering ass cheeks. She ran a finger up her daughter's cunt and began to fingerfuck her furiously.

Laurie, stuffing her hot, eager mouth with Jack's cock, felt her mother's finger moving in and out of her spasming cunt. This, with Jack's finger thrusting back and forth in her asshole, sent her into a mindless erotic ecstasy that almost caused her to faint. The sensations were stronger, wilder, hotter, than anything she ever experienced. She kept coming and coming until her body grew weak.

Laurie became so weak, she could no longer move her mouth up and down on Jack's cock. She lay her head on his stomach, her ass still in the air. Her lips clung to his cock, and when he came, his thick, sweet jism bubbled into her mouth. Some of his thick cum escaped her tight lips, running along her cheek and pooling on his lower belly.

Laurie swallowed his jizz with delight. Her cunt and asshole still convulsed, and finally, her ass fell to one side. The two fingers popped out of her gripping cunt and asshole, and she lay there, with Jack's cock still inside her mouth, shaking violently and whimpering as the pleasure flowed hotly through her.

Later, after Jack had gone, she told her mother what she had experienced. "I like sucking cock better than fucking it, Mother," she said. "I guess my mouth is hotter than my pussy. And, my God! What his finger did up my ass! I must be turned around, Mother."

"Why do you say that, honey?" Janet asked.

"Because I loved that," Laurie confessed. "I liked his finger fucking my asshole so much! Something must be wrong with me."


"Because I'd rather suck a cock off than fuck it with my cunt. And now I want to be fucked up the ass. I want a cock fucking me in my asshole more than I want it in my mouth and cunt."

"There isn't anything wrong with you baby," Janet laughed. "You just have a preference for sucking cock and being assfucked, that's all. A lot of girls are that way. Don't worry about it, just enjoy it."


"You're sure about that, honey?" Janet asked Laurie.

They were in the bedroom, and Laurie was insisting that Ray should be the one to fuck her in the asshole. She was sprawled out on her stomach on her mother's bed, totally naked. Janet, too, was naked. She had just finished licking her daughter's cunt, and the pleasure flowed through them both.

"Ray's cock is much larger than Jack's," Janet was saying. "Maybe you should let Jack fuck you in the ass first. You know – get used to ass-fucking before you try that monster cock of Ray's. For a kid that young, he sure has a horse cock on him!"

The revelation did not surprise Laurie. All afternoon, she and her mother had talked, and she had been pleased that her mother had been fucking the brothers as she was.

Janet ran her hands over her daughter's creamy, swelling ass, gently caressing her sugary ass cheeks.

"I know his cock is huge, Mother," Laurie said, "but I want Ray to fuck me up the ass first. Then Jack can fuck me there next." Her sweet body shivered. "I'd love for them to gang-bang me, but up my ass!"

"You're as hot a cunt as I am. I'm surprised we didn't get involved before this."

Laurie writhed her still excited ass while her mother caressed her ass cheeks. "We've wasted a lot of time, haven't we, Mother?"

"We aren't going to waste any more – I'll tell you that," Janet said, leaning down and kissing the cheek of Laurie's ass. "Hey, baby – how would you like it if I licked your asshole? Think that would make you come?"

"I come if a boy just looks at me," Laurie giggled. "If a boy looks at me, and he has a hard-on, I come in my panties!"

"So do I sometimes!"

Janet leaned over and ran her tongue around the flesh of her daughter's ass. She ran the tip up and down the girl's ass crack, making her tremble with renewed desire. She probed delicately at her daughter's tight asshole with the tip of her tongue and mewled in pleasure when her asshole flexed.

"If you're sure you want Ray to fuck your ass first, then I'll help you," Janet said in a low voice as she spread Laurie's ass cheeks. "But I'm going to make sure you're ready for it."

She slipped down until she was lying between Laurie's stretched thighs, her face hovering above the creamy flesh of her daughter's curvy ass. She placed moist, hot kisses on her ass cheeks, licking until the whole of the girl's ass cheeks were moist. She traced her tongue up and down the backs of her thighs, dipping her face to tickle her cunt lips.

"Ahhhhh," Laurie mewled, shifting her ass, then lifting it up as Janet began to lick from her cunt, up the crack of her ass. "That feels so good, Mother. You keep that up, and I'm going to come again."

"So come," Janet murmured as she spread the cheeks of her daughter's ass. She closed her lips on the girl's hot asshole and sucked, tapping at her shitter with the tip of her tongue. "That's the idea to all this – to come and come and come!"

Laurie arched her ass against her mother's face, her eyes closed as she let the erotic sensations fill her sweet body. She twisted and writhed as her mother licked and sucked at her asshole. Already, her body was rippling with soft, gentle, waves of orgasm.

But licking at Laurie's asshole created a burning heat inside Janet's cunt, and she wanted something there besides a finger. She pulled her face away from her daughter's ass, sitting up.

"Laurie, eat my cunt," she said.

Her daughter turned her head toward her. "I've never eaten a cunt before."

"But you know what a cunt tastes like, baby," Janet pointed out. "You've sucked Jack's cock after he fucked me. You already know what my pussy is like. Come on, honey – eat my pussy."

Laurie was willing to try, and when Janet lay back, she started to get down to her bushy cunt.

"Let's fuck together," Janet said. "I can suck and lick your asshole if you get on top of me."

That caused Laurie to become an eager participant. She lay over Janet's naked body, spreading her legs on either side of her mother's head. Janet's tongue licked up and down the crack of Laurie's ass, and Laurie shoved her mouth against her mother's wet, hairy cunt. Her tongue darted forth, and she flicked it about the woman's throbbing, sensitive clit.

Janet gave a squeal of pleasure and shot her pussy against her daughter's face.

Laurie ran her hands beneath her mother's twisting ass and clutched her smooth ass cheeks, holding them as she sucked and licked her inflamed clit.

When Janet began pressing her tongue against Laurie's tight asshole, the girl thrust her tongue as deep as she could into her mother's hairy, slippery cunt.

To her surprise, Laurie found it extremely pleasurable to have her tongue darting in and out of her mother's cunt. She fucked it back and forth a few times, then closed her lips against the juicy fuckhole, sucking and making moaning sounds.

She shoved her ass back into Janet's face and gave a yelp of delight when she felt her asshole being penetrated by her mother's tongue. She, in turn, began to lick and eat and suck hungrily at the woman's hairy cunt.

It thrilled Laurie to feel the way her mother whipped her pussy into her mouth, grinding and pumping and churning. She wanted to twist her ass, too, but was afraid it might cause her mother's tongue to come free of her gripping shitter. As her tongue slurped in and out of her mother's cunt, she pressed down so her mother could drive her tongue even deeper up her ass.

The pleasure began to increase, and soon they were both whimpering and wailing, rolling about on the bed in a frantic attempt to get each other off. Janet kept her tongue driving in and out of her daughter's fiery asshole, and Laurie tonguefucked her mother's cunt in a frenzy of erotic pleasure.

Laurie felt her mother's cunt convulse around her darting tongue, and she licked furiously, tasting the increase in the flow of sweet cunt fluids. She sucked and licked and swallowed, her body shaking with the heat of erotic delight that soared through her. BY the time her mother finished coming, she had taken her smeared face away and was sitting upright, squirming her ass down into her mother's face brutally.

"Ooooo, tongue my ass, Mother!" she was squealing, twisting her ass into her mother's face hard. "Tongue-fuck my ass, Mother! Ohhhh, run your tongue up my fucking hot asshole! Tongue-fuck me! Ohhh, I love your tongue in my ass, Mother! Asshole fuck. Asshole tongue-fuck!"

Janet could hardly breathe because her daughter was sitting on her face, but she thrust her tongue rapidly in and out of the girl's asshole, gripping her thighs with tight fingers.

When Laurie came, it was a powerful orgasm. She shoved her ass tightly into her mother's face, grinding in a frenzy, yelping and squealing and mewling. Her naked body shivered violently, her beautiful face contorted in an agony of intense ecstasy.

Laurie slumped from her mother, so weak she could no longer sit upright. Her tits smashed flat on the bed, her whole body totally relaxed. She gasped and breathed hard for a long time.

Janet lifted herself up onto one elbow, watching Laurie's sweet ass cheeks quiver. She slid her hand over her sugary ass cheeks gently, helping to calm her down.

"Oh, Mother," Laurie gasped, turning to her side and pressing her lips to Janet's creamy thighs. "That was… was terrific!"

"You sure are sensitive around your asshole, honey," Janet said, her voice low and throaty. "I think you're more sensitive in your ass than in your cunt."

"I told you that," Laurie said, kissing into the thick hairs of her mother's cunt. "I've just got to get a hard cock up my ass! I know it would be a fuck I'd never forget!"

"I don't think it will be very difficult to get Ray to ass-fuck you, Laurie," Janet said. "Both of those boys will do just about anything we want them to do, I think."

Laurie sat up on the bed, touching her mother's pointing tits with one hand, her other hand caressing her through the thick mat of her cunt hair.

"Why shouldn't they?" she replied. "They're getting more pussy than they know what to do with."

Janet laughed in her husky way. "They know, baby. Jack and Ray both know they've got their hands full with you and I. Oh, they'll fuck us the way we want, all right."

Laurie drew her knees underneath her body, spreading them. Arching her ass in the air, she wagged it cutely.

"Stick your finger up my ass, mother," she murmured. "Fuck me up my asshole with your finger."

Janet looked at the creaminess of her daughter's beautiful ass. The white flesh of her ass where the sun seldom touched was an erotic contrast to the golden color of her thighs. Her hairy cunt peeked between her thighs, its pink lips moist, gleaming in the light. The tip of the girl's clit could just be seen, and so could the tight sweetness of her crinkled asshole.

Janet caressed Laurie's ass, fondling her ass cheeks and stroking her smooth thighs – especially the inner surfaces near her hot little cunt. She gazed with growing desire at her daughter's asshole, thinking it looked so little – so very tight.

Yet, Janet knew Laurie's asshole could stretch wide, take Ray's unusually large cock inside it. There might be a bit of pain, but knowing Laurie as she did, that wouldn't last long.

Janet kissed the back of Laurie's thighs, moving her hot, moist lips around her creamy flesh, going up and over one ass cheek. Her tongue licked across to the other ass cheek, then down her thigh. Laurie wiggled her ass and gurgled with pleasure.

Getting to her knees, Janet leaned over her daughter's uplifted ass, stroking with her hands as she licked and kissed her shivering ass cheeks. She lapped her tongue almost daintily at the girl's tight shitter, making her croon with delight.

She ran a finger into the slippery wetness of Laurie's cunt and fingerfucked her pussy slowly as her tongue swirled and probed the crinkle of her asshole.

"My ass, Mother!" Laurie whimpered, shaking her upraised ass. "Finger my asshole! Ohhhh, Mother, please! I want your finger in my ass! Fingerfuck me up my Goddamn hot asshole!"

Janet pulled her finger out of Laurie's gripping cunt, moving it upwards. She pressed gently at her small asshole, teasing her for a moment. As her finger probed, she watched the girl's little asshole flinch as she gurgled with hot desire.

Applying more pressure, Janet slipped her finger into the tight heat of her daughter's asshole.

"Ohhhh, yes, Mother!" Laurie moaned, arching her ass into her mother's finger. "Ohhhh, fingerfuck me! Fuck my ass with your finger, Mother! Ooooo, ram your finger up my hot asshole!"

Janet began to thrust her finger in and out, feeling Laurie's asshole suck and grip it. Her eyes were almost glassy as she watched her finger, seeing the girl's tiny asshole clutch it. Somehow, she found this extremely erotic – seeing her daughter's asshole flexing on her finger. Her cunt began to tingle again, and she could not resist shoving her free hand down between her thighs and fingerfucking her cunt in a frenzy.

As Janet fingerfucked her own cunt and fingerfucked Laurie's hot asshole with her other hand, she saw Laurie shove a hand between her thighs and rub furiously at her swollen clit.

Laurie fingerfucked her cunt wildly, causing her sugary ass to swing about as the ecstasy increased, flowing through her naked body like boiling liquid.

Janet's tongue raced about the girl's trembling ass cheeks as she fingerfucked her in the asshole. What she was doing increased her own passion. She was breathing and gasping just as heavily as Laurie was.

Both of them – mother and daughter – were shaking in delight, moaning and whimpering. Laurie rubbed harshly at her swollen clit, feeling her mother's finger thrusting in and out of her tight asshole. The deeper her mother's finger went up her ass, the better it felt to her.

Laurie turned her head on the mattress, gazing at Janet. Janet was turned in such a way that her thighs and shaking ass were exposed to Laurie's hot eyes. The visual sight caused her body to begin tingling in a hot manner.

Laurie's asshole drew and held her mother's finger as it raced in and out of her asshole now. Her mind was reeling with the sweet ecstasy of the ass-fuck. She kept plunging her finger into her own cunt, stabbing furiously as she twisted her uplifted ass about. Her orgasm was bubbling inside her stomach, and she was mewling with the anticipation of feeling it explode. It became hotter and hotter, until her stomach began to ripple. Then she came.

Her orgasm was not as powerful, nor did it last as long, as when her mother tonguefucked her asshole, but it was strong enough to make her scream with ecstasy.

Her hips dropped to the bed, and she ground her pussy against the mattress, her mother's finger still inside her asshole, still thrusting. She clenched her ass cheeks, then relaxed them, and her mother continued fucking her asshole until she finally became still.


The next afternoon, Laurie was filled with anticipation. She had bathed for a long time, then scented her body with a subtle perfume.

Janet was amused. Her daughter was acting as if she were getting ready for her first date. In a way, she is, Janet realized. It is as though Laurie is losing her cherry all over again.

Janet knew how her daughter felt. The girl may have been fucked in her delightful little cunt and loved to suck a cock off, but this would be her first asshole fucking.

Both Jack and Ray were home; Janet had seen them going in and out of their house. She thought it would be more fun if both brothers could be there at the same time.

When Laurie came from the bathroom, Janet saw she was wearing a pair of lacy, sexy, bikini panties and nothing else. Her saucy tits swelled out, her nipples rigid.

"Is that all you're going to wear, honey?" she asked. "No bra or skirt or anything just panties?"

"Why not, Mother?" Laurie asked. "There isn't any sense in getting dressed when I'll be naked just as soon as we get Ray over here."

"You don't waste any time, do you, baby?" Janet laughed.

Janet had dressed in a Chinese type of sheath, with slits up each side. The bodice hugged her tits tightly, outlining her nipples through the silk fabric.

"I'm prepared, myself," she said, and lifted the front of her dress.

Laurie saw her mother's naked cunt and giggled. "Maybe I should put something else on. That's a turn-on, Mother."

To emphasize her words, Laurie went to her knees in front of her mother and clasped her hands about the woman's swelling ass cheeks, burying her face into her thick bush of cunt hair. She kissed her mother's pussy, then scraped her tongue up and down.

Janet arched forward, spreading her thighs so Laurie could shove her face between them. Laurie licked at her mother's moist, hairy cunt lips, whirling her tongue tip over her distended clit.

Janet shivered and shook and pressed her daughter's face tightly into her pussy. "Mmmmmm, baby! You know I love that! God, I love to have my cunt sucked! Lick my cunt, honey! Eat my pussy!"

Laurie ran her tongue as deep as she could into her mother's slippery cunt, tasting it and fucking it. Her gaze burned up past her thick cunt curls into her mother's smoldering eyes. Her hands clawed at the smooth swells of the woman's ass, and she made wet sounds as her tongue shot in and out of her clinging cunt lips.

"Ohhhh, baby, baby," Janet crooned, grinding her pussy slowly against her daughter's face. "Oh – I love your tongue up my cunt! Fuck me, honey! Fuck my cunt with your cocksucking, cunt-licking tongue!"

Laurie's tongue delved and licked, plunged and twirled into Janet's pussy. Slippery cunt juices coated her cheeks, and she loved the hot, exciting feel of her mother's smooth inner thighs pressing against her face.

Laurie's tongue was long, and she penetrated deeply into her mother's clinging cunt. She whipped it in and out rapidly, moaning with pleasure as she sucked and licked her hairy cunt. Her fingers dug into Janet's firm ass cheeks, pulling her grinding cunt as tight into her face as she could.

Janet was groaning now as her orgasm began to steam through her body. She threw her head back and closed her eyes, arching her hairy hot cunt into Laurie's face.

Laurie felt her mother's pussy quiver and suddenly became tight around her thrusting tongue. Knowing her mother was close to coming, she began to lick and suck in a furious manner. She shot her tongue in and out wildly, her lips opened wide to cover the woman's quivering cunt lips.

When Janet came, Laurie thought for certain her cunt was trying to suck her tongue up. The convulsions of her mother's cunt were powerful – the contractions almost strong enough to hold Laurie's tongue deep inside her bubbling cunt.

But Laurie pulled her tongue free and closed her lips around her mother's swollen clit. Sucking at her clit, she flapped her tongue back and forth, making it more and more excited.

Janet's body shook violently, and she screamed loudly as she came. By the time her orgasm was over, her legs felt so weak, she dropped to the floor, leaning against the wall. Her knees were up, and Laurie looked at her cunt with gleaming eyes. She licked at her smeared lips.

"You don't know how erotic you look right now, Mother," she said, laughing softly. "I don't see how any guy – or girl for that matter – could resist that hairy cunt of yours."

Janet smiled lewdly at Laurie. "L don't think either Ray or Jack will resist my cunt, do you?"

"You know they wouldn't even try, Mother," Laurie said. "And if they don't want any of your hot ass, then I'll sure eat it! I'll eat your cunt any time you want, Mother!"

"I know you will, you little hot ass," Janet laughed in her throaty way. "You're just like me… so fucking hot, you'd fuck almost anything."

"When is Ray coming over?" Laurie asked.

Getting to her feet, Janet replied: "Getting anxious?"

Laurie wiggled her ass. "You know fucking well I'm anxious, Mother."

"Then you'll have to wait about half an hour. I hope you don't mind having an audience, though."

"Audience? What do you mean?"

"I think Jack is coming, too."

"Then I don't mind at all."

Later, Laurie heard the doorbell, and immediately began td tremble with anticipation. Her asshole clutched up and tingled and her cunt began to throb. She left her room and saw her mother with both Ray and Jack. They were in the living room, and her mother was sitting between the two brothers.

Janet had her arm about each of the boys, and Jack was already playing with her tits while Ray was running his hand under her skirt.

Laurie walked in boldly, still wearing only her bikini panties. The boys looked up, wide grins on their faces. They looked her up and down as she stood there, teasingly twisting at her own nipples. Her gaze dropped to their laps, and the bulges in their pants told her how hard their cocks were already.

"Why don't you guys take your cocks out?" she asked. "If you're going to sit there feeling up my mother, the least you could do is let us see your hard cocks."

Both Ray and Jack quickly exposed their hard pricks. Janet gripped a cock in each hand, pumping on them. The boys groaned with delight as her fingers squeezed on their prick-shafts.

Laurie dropped to her knees in front of Ray and began tugging at his pants. As she pulled his pants off, he removed his shirt.

Jack undressed himself, and that left Janet with her dress on, and Laurie in her panties. Janet began to jack on the boys' cocks again, and Laurie knelt at her mother's legs, cradling both sets of hairy balls with her hot hands.

"Why don't you take your dress off, Mother?" Laurie asked as she twisted their balls about. "I bet Ray and Jack would rather see you naked."

"I will later," Janet said. "But right now, this is going to be all for you."

The boys looked from mother to daughter, questions in their eyes.

"This is going to be Laurie's party, fellows," Janet said. "She wants to try something, so I'm going to sit quietly – but very damned hotly – and watch."

"What are you going to try, Laurie?" Jack asked.

Laurie stood up, a lewd grin on her beautiful face. She hooked her fingers into her panties and slid them down, kicking them from her feet. "I'm going to get fucked up the ass!"

"Up the ass?" Jack asked. "Are you sure, Laurie?"

"I'm sure," Laurie giggled wickedly, cupping her ass cheeks with both hands as she turned to present her ass to them. She leaned over slightly, pulling the cheeks of her sugary ass apart, exposing the crinkle of her asshole to all three of them. "I'm damn sure! I want a cock up my asshole, and I'm going to get fucked that way… by Ray!"

"Ray?" Jack asked.

Laurie looked over her shoulder. "Ray is going to fuck me in my ass," she said. "But you get to ass-fuck me next, Jack."

"Oh, yeah!" Jack rasped, his cock throbbing and dripping as he looked at her spreading ass cheeks, seeing her tiny asshole. "Hell yes, I'll fuck you up the ass!"

Laurie went to her knees, then leaned over and braced herself with her hands on the floor. She looked over at Ray, her eyes gleaming with anxious excitement at his thick, long, very hard cock. She shoved her ass backwards and bowed her back.

"Come on, Ray!" she said in a hot voice. "Stick your cock up my fucking ass! I want to get fucked in my asshole – now! Come on, before I have to use my own finger!"

Ray quickly got behind Laurie's upturned ass, his cock throbbing up and down. Janet knelt on one side of her daughter, watching. Jack got on the other side, his cock rubbing at Laurie's thigh, smearing hot pre-cum against her flesh.

Janet placed her hand on one cheek of her daughter's ass, and Jack put his on her other. Together, they pulled her ass cheeks wide, making an easy entrance for Ray's cock.

Ray brushed the swollen head of his prick up and down Laurie's asshole, and the contact sent her into a shivering delight. She shoved her ass backwards, and the pressure of his cock against her asshole almost made her come right then.

"Hurry!" Laurie urged. "Hurry and stick your cock up my fucking ass! Ooooo, please hurry! I want your prick inside my asshole!"

Janet and Jack stared down with hot, excited eyes when Ray began to push the smooth head of his cock against Laurie's asshole. He pushed hard, and she shoved back at him.

The head of his cock entered her asshole.

"Oooowww!" Laurie yelled. "Ohhhhh!"

Ray started to pull away, but Laurie screamed: "No! It's okay! I want your cock in me! Shove some more cock up my asshole!"

Janet and Jack watched, amazed that such a huge prick could fit into such a tiny asshole. But Ray slowly inched his thick, long cock deeper into Laurie's shitter.

"Tight as hell!" Ray murmured in a thick voice. "So fucking tight!"

Then his cock was deep inside Laurie's burning asshole. She felt his prick there – felt as if her asshole had been forever stretched, filled with hot, hard, throbbing cock. Ecstasy glowed in her body. She loved it. She could feel his cock throbbing deep inside her asshole and it was different than in her cunt. She was sure ass-fucking was much more pleasurable to her. She moved her ass slowly. Ray held himself still, gazing down at Laurie's asshole clutching his prick. Janet and Jack still looked surprised that the girl's asshole had taken every inch of his huge cock.

Laurie was mewling in a thick voice as she moved her ass, sliding it back and forth as Ray stood still. She fucked her asshole back and forth on his hard cock, pulling forward until she held his prick-head only inside her ass. Then she pressed back again, still slowly, taking his cock all the way up her shitter once more. She felt his dangling balls brush at her sensitive cunt, and this increased the fantastic ecstasy she was feeling.

"Fuck me!" she yelped. "Don't make me do it all, Ray! Come on, fuck me up my ass! Oooo, I want to feel your cock shoving in my asshole! Fuck me, damn you! Come on, fuck me up the fucking asshole!"

Ray placed his hands on Laurie's hips, and with Janet and Jack still spreading her ass cheeks, he began fucking her. Her naked body was shuddering with the pleasure his cock sent roaring through her asshole. Ass-fucking was even better than she had imagined it would be. Sparks of intense pleasure shot through her naked body, making her round, springy tits swell and her nipples tingle with desire.

Ray's cock went deep into Laurie's asshole, and she whimpered with excited pleasure. His huge, thick cock filled her asshole, stretching it in a burning, exciting way. Her cunt was bubbling and steaming as his cock thrust in and out of her gripping ass. She loved the way his balls slapped at the puffy, hairy, wet lips of her cunt as he fucked her ass.

"Ooooo, it's so good!" she mewled. "Good, good, good! I love your cock! Oh, I love fucking in the ass! Ram your big, hard cock deep up my hot fucking asshole, Ray! Fuck my hot ass! Ohhhh, fuck my asshole!"

Her rounded, cute ass shivered in the hands of her mother and Jack. Her asshole clung tightly and hotly to Ray's cock as he fucked back and forth, lunging faster and harder now.

Jack's cock was throbbing powerfully, dripping and smearing against Laurie's trembling thigh. He moved to her head, sitting on the floor and spreading his thighs out. "Suck my prick, Laurie!" he yelled excitedly. "Suck my fucking cock while Ray fucks your hot ass! Come on, Laurie, suck my cock!"

Laurie saw Jack's hard cock in front of her face, and although her eyes were filmed over with the ecstasy she felt, she opened her mouth and eagerly and hungrily sucked his cock into her mouth.

The sensation of having a hard cock fucking in and out of her asshole and one between the lips of her wet mouth, sent her into a shivering orgasm. Her asshole flexed tightly around Ray's deeply fucking cock, and her cunt went into spasms that sent her mind reeling.

Through her orgasm, Laurie could still feel the deep penetration of Ray's cock – feel every pulsation his prick made inside her asshole. She could feel him withdraw until only the swollen head of his cock was left, then plunge back into her ass powerfully.

Her lips sucked wetly and hungrily at Jack's cock. She felt his prick slip into her greedy throat, and she bobbed her head up and down in wild desire. She was hungry for the jism in Jack's balls – hungry to taste his thick, sweet cock juice spewing into her mouth. And she was hungry to feel Ray's cock gushing up her ass, flooding her shitter. She wanted both cocks to spurt jizz at the same time, flooding her mouth and her ass with sweet spurting cum.

She felt as if her whole body was coming – as if she was a huge, exploding orgasm. It was the best sensation she had felt so far – one she wanted time and again.

"Beautiful," Janet whispered, sitting back on the floor against the couch, watching her daughter. She spread her legs wide and began to openly fingerfuck her boiling cunt. "So beautiful! Suck Jack's cock, baby! Ohhh, suck his cock and fuck Ray's cock! Fuck Laurie's tight, hot asshole, Ray! Fuck her ass! Suck Jack's cock, Laurie! Ohhhh, that is so beautiful!"

Laurie felt Jack driving his cock in and out of her mouth now, and she had one cock up her asshole, the other in her mouth. She kept coming, each orgasm stronger than the last. Her naked body was trembling hard, her asshole squeezing on Ray's cock, her lips and tongue working furiously on Jack's cock.

"Suck him!" her mother screamed. "Suck his cock, Laurie! Fuck that prick, baby! Ohhh, fucking up the ass and sucking at the same time! Make their cocks come, Laurie! Make their cocks come in your fucking hot asshole and cocksucking little mouth!"

Laurie heard her mother's words as if they came from a great distance. She was soaring on a cloud of intense, erotic ecstasy, her cunt exploding over and over again. She didn't care if she never stopped coming, it was so good.

Somehow, through the power of her orgasm, she felt the throbbing of Jack's cock increase inside her mouth. Her lips closed tighter yet, her tongue licking his prick in a frenzy. Then she felt Ray drive deep into her asshole, holding his balls tightly against her shaking ass cheeks.

Laurie did not know which boy came first. All she knew was that there was a sudden squirting of cocks. Ray's cock spewed jizz time and again into her gripping asshole, filling her ass until it shook with pleasure. Jack's cock squirted thick wads of cum between her sucking lips.

Laurie gurgled and swallowed his jism as his brother came in her asshole. With both cocks gushing into her body, one in the mouth, one in the ass, she erupted into a final, very long, drawn-out orgasm.

She had no idea when Ray pulled his prick from her burning asshole, or when Jack finally removed his cock from her mouth. The next thing she knew, she was lying on her side, sprawled on the carpet, her asshole tingling and jism dripping from the corners of her mouth.

She saw her mother still leaning against the couch, her long legs spread, her bushy cunt revealed. The boys were again on each side of her, sucking her tits.

Slowly, she sat up. Drawing her knees up, she probed a finger at her tender asshole, then giggled.

"Ooooo, that's better than anything I've tried so far! I'm going to fuck that way from now on!"

"What way, baby?" Janet asked, holding the two boys heads against her naked tits.

"With my mouth and asshole, Mother!" Laurie laughed. "I'd rather fuck with my asshole and mouth than fuck with my cunt!"


It was getting into evening.

Janet had prepared them all a light dinner, and they ate in the dining room, naked. She could see that her daughter preferred Ray to Jack, but Jack didn't seem to mind at all.

She was not concerned that Laurie was drawn to the younger boy. After all, she was much older than Jack, and she knew the boy liked her despite this age difference.

They were back in the living room, and Jack and Janet seemed to automatically go toward each other, and Ray to Laurie.

"I don't give a shit what anyone thinks," Laurie said. "I'm going to be Ray's girlfriend from now on."

Ray was pleased. He fondled her perky tits. He would be the envy of every boy his age in the neighborhood. Having an older girlfriend was almost like a status symbol to him. It would mark him as a boy with a steady piece of ass. Laurie thought it would be fun to be considered Ray's steady piece of ass.

Jack felt no need to brag about Janet being his cunt. It would be enough that his friends saw him with her. They would know very well that he was fucking her, because what other reason would a woman of her age want with a boy his age unless it was his hard, young cock?

As for Janet, she didn't give a damn one way or the other. She didn't care if he talked, bragged, or just kept his mouth shut. She wasn't in love with him by any means. She was realistic about it. He would be around to fuck her or get a blow job when he bombed out with some little prick-teaser, and that was enough for her.

"I promised Jack he could fuck me in my asshole next," Laurie said. "You still want to, Jack?"

He looked at Janet. "Have you ever tried that, Janet?" he asked.

"Of course I have," she replied, stroking his hard cock. "And I love a cock up my asshole, but not as much as my daughter. I'd rather use my cunt, than my asshole."

"Or mouth?" Jack grinned.

"Or mouth."

"Want to try it?" he asked.

"I think Laurie has her heart set on getting your cock in her ass, Jack," Janet said. "Why don't you fuck her this time. I'll let you fuck me in the ass later. But right now, ass-fuck the hell out of my daughter! I'll suck Ray's cock off this time."

Everyone was agreeable, and Laurie, with happy giggles, dropped to her hands and knees, presenting her creamy, swelling ass to Jack. He knelt behind her, his cock throbbing hard. She squealed with pleasure as the swollen head of his cock pressed at her tingling asshole. After Ray had fucked her ass, her shitter had been tender, but only slightly – certainly not so tender that she didn't want more cock up her asshole.

Jack gripped her round hips tightly with his hands, and with the swollen head of his cock against her tight asshole, he plunged forward and pulled her ass back toward him at the same time.

"Oooooo!" Laurie squealed as his cock thrust hard and fast into her asshole. "Ohhhh, that's it, you motherfucker! Fuck me hard! Ohhhh, fuck my ass fast and hard!"

Jack began to plunge his cock in and out of Laurie's hole, grunting at the tightness of it. As he fucked her up her ass, he watched Janet lean over his brother's lap. He watched her as she ran her tongue around Ray's dangling balls, sucking them both into her mouth.

Laurie, with her head on the floor and her naked little ass high in the air, watched her mother too. She felt Jack's cock sliding back and forth in her asshole, and although it did not stretch and fill her ass the way Ray's cock did, she loved his prick just as much.

It thrilled her to see the way her mother sucked on Ray's hairless balls. She could see her mother's naked ass and the way her hairy cunt glistened as she sat there on the floor, her legs spread wide, her face shoved into the boy's crotch.

As Janet sucked and licked at Ray's balls, Laurie reached out a hand and caressed the thick curls of her mother's cunt.

Laurie watched her mother run her tongue up the throbbing thickness of Ray's cock, saw her tongue tip twirl around his huge, swollen, dripping cock-head.

When her mother opened her lips and sucked his sweet cock into her mouth, Laurie mewled with erotic pleasure. Seeing her mother sucking Ray's cock and feeling Jack's cock running in and out of her asshole was fantastic. The visual stimulation of watching her mother suck a cock and the physical stimulation she was getting by taking a throbbing cock into her hot, gripping asshole, made her start coming as usual.

When Laurie began to come in rippling waves, her asshole drew and sucked on Jack's cock. Her finger rubbed at Janet's hot cunt lips and then she slipped it into the woman's velvety pussy.

"Fuck her with your finger!" Jack called out from behind her. "Fuck your mother's cunt with your finger, Laurie! I want to see you fingerfuck your mother's hairy pussy!"

"Yes, yes!" Laurie squealed, thrusting her finger in and out of her mother's cunt.

Janet lifted her ass from the floor, twisting her hips up and down hungrily on Ray's thick, long prick. But a finger was not enough for Janet.

"Suck my cunt!" she cried, pulling her mouth off Ray's cock. "Suck my cunt, Laurie! Ohhhhh, baby, tongue-fuck me in my hot, wet pussy while I suck Ray's cock! Tongue my pussy, baby! We'll all come that way! I'll suck Ray's cock, you eat my cunt, and Jack will fuck your hot little asshole!"

Laurie scooted her face between her mother's stretched thighs. Jack followed on his knees, his cock still deep inside her clutching asshole.

The sight of Laurie shoving her face between Janet's thighs and licking and sucking her hairy cunt was exciting to Jack. His cock seemed to become bigger, harder, in the girl's asshole.

Moist sounds filled the room – moist sucking sounds. Janet was racing her lips up and down Ray's cock, and Laurie thrust her tongue into her mother's steamy cunt. There were soft sighs, loud groans, and ecstatic whimpers.

Laurie kissed and licked and sucked at her mother's cunt, feeling Jack's cock throbbing and thrusting into her greedy tight asshole. She was shaking again as the orgasms grew with intensity. Her asshole was gripping and flexing around Jack's cock, and his hairy balls banged against her seeping cunt.

Janet sucked noisily and hungrily at Ray's cock, her eyes closed to savor the pleasure she was getting in her mouth and in her pussy. Having her cunt sucked and tongued while she mouthed a hard, cock was a tremendous thrill to her.

Ray was grunting as he arched his prick up and down, fucking Janet's mouth as much as she was sucking his prick. She held his ass cheek in one hand and his balls in the other, rubbing them around her chin as she gurgled with delight.

Ray, too, was grunting as he drove his cock in and out faster and harder. He stabbed into Laurie's hot, tight asshole furiously, banging his lower stomach against the cheeks of her sweet ass, making them jiggle. He could see the way her asshole clung to his cock.

Laurie rammed her tongue as deep as she could into Janet's boiling cunt. She twirled it about, licking at her mother's slippery, velvety cunt walls. Then she twisted her tongue about the hard knot of her mother's clit, closing her lips tightly.

Sucking on her mother's clit, Laurie lapped her tongue back and forth rapidly. The orgasms rippling through her were becoming stronger and more powerful. She knew her mother, too, was going through a series of orgasms; her hairy pussy was flexing around her tongue, and she was moaning in that way she did every time she came.

"I'm going to come!" Ray suddenly shouted. "Ohhhhh, I'm going to come!"

Janet closed her lips more tightly around his cock, sucking in a wild frenzy now. She felt his big cock jerk, then her mouth was flooded with the sweetness of his cum. Her throat worked as she swallowed, her tongue lapping around his flaring, gushing piss hole. She rammed her hairy cunt hard into her daughter's face, grinding furiously. Her pussy clamped around the girl's tongue, flexing tightly. She moaned very loudly around Ray's squirting cock.

Laurie slammed her tongue in and out of Janet's cunt as she felt it convulse. She felt her own series of orgasms suddenly swell and burst inside her body. She shook violently as everything seemed to explode at the same time. Her flawless tits tingled, and she thought for sure her nipples would burn off. Her cunt and asshole seemed to be one huge orgasm. Her asshole writhed around Jack's thrusting cock. Through the intense ecstasy of orgasm, Laurie felt Jack's cock spew jizz. Thick cum flew up her asshole hotly and swiftly, filling her ass chute. She shook her creamy, sweet ass without a conscious thought. It was involuntarily done on her part, caused by the sheer pleasure she was feeling.

Through her hazy vision, she saw her mother lift her mouth off Ray's cock, then lick his prick-head and flutter her tongue at his dripping piss hole. Then she pulled her cunt away from her daughter's mouth.

Jack held his cock tightly in Laurie's asshole until he stopped coming. Then he slowly pulled his prick free. He sat on the floor, breathing hard.

Laurie rolled onto her back, her tits standing firm with their tingling, swollen nipples. Her long legs were wide apart.

"God, that was good!" Janet murmured.

"You can bet on that!" Jack said. "I'm looking forward to fucking you up the ass next, Janet."

She grinned at him – a lazy, almost tired grin. "If you think you can stay up with my daughter and me, then you can fuck all you want."

Ray sat up and leaned over, fondling Janet's tits with both hands. "No one is ever going to believe this," he said. "It's too fucking wild!"

"What's wild?" Laurie asked.

"Mother and daughter," he laughed. "Two hot assholes fucking side by side. And sucking cocks off, too!"

"You plan on telling about it?" Janet asked him. "I think you should be a bit more discreet."

"Discreet?" Ray frowned. "What's that?"

"It means you don't go around talking about our fuck-sessions – that's what it means," his older brother said. "You don't want the whole fucking neighborhood coming around with their tongues hanging out, do you?"

Janet laughed. "Now that I wouldn't mind at all. Think of all those tongues going up my cunt!"

"I'd rather think of them coming around with hard cocks," Laurie giggled lewdly. "And everyone wanting to fuck my ass!"

"How about this cock going up your ass?" Ray asked taking hold of his prick and shaking it at her.

"Fuck me, lover!" Laurie laughed. "My ass is ready any time your cock is!"

"Cock-crazy cunt," Janet laughed. "Are you ever going to get enough fucking, Laurie?"

"Never!" Laurie giggled. "I don't think I'll ever get enough hard cock – especially in my cocksucking mouth and my hot asshole!"

"I know a few guys that would…" Ray said.

"Well, bring them on!" Laurie laughed, turning onto her stomach and shaking her ass invitingly. "But only if they want blow jobs and ass-fucking!"

"Now you just wait a fucking minute!" Janet said, a mock frown on her face. "I don't mind sucking all those cocks off; hell, that would be a pleasure. But I want a cock in my cunt, too, you know. I'm not an ass-fucker like you, baby."

"Well, I bet they'd go for it either way," Ray said. "They're all about my age, though. Would that be all right?"

"Just right," Laurie said.

"But only if I can chaperon this orgy shit," Janet said. "There won't be any fucking and cocksucking going on in this house unless it's chaperoned. After all, teenagers can get into all sorts of fucking messes if there isn't someone around to watch them."

"Why, you hot-assed cocksucker!" Jack said. "You're going to get fucked in that round ass just for that!"

Janet turned her creamy ass to him, shoving it out tantalizingly. "What are you waiting for?"

As Jack plunged his cock into Janet's asshole, Ray moved to her daughter.