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Teacher_s little helpers

Kathy Andrews

Kathy Andrews

Teacher_s little helpers


Karen Shone leaned against the rough trunk of the tall tree, gazing at the clear water of the lake. The sun was overhead, sending heat against her body.

It was August, and she had two more weeks of her vacation left, then it would be back to the city, back to the school, back to the students.

Karen was a very good teacher, but her interest was not as deep as it should be. All her life she had wanted to be a teacher, and now she was. Yet something was missing. She knew what it was, but there was nothing she could do about it.

She was lonely.

Lonely for a sexual relationship. There was no doubt that she could establish such a relationship with any number of men, married or single. Many had made passes at her, but she rebuffed them. Karen had a peculiar desire, a desire that burned like molten fire in the depths of her stomach. Her pussy throbbed and quivered constantly, her clit sensitive and hard.

She had long ago found it impossible to keep her eyes off the crotches of male pants. She was delighted the times that she could see the delicious outlines of a cock, especially if that cock was hard. She could hardly talk to a young man without her eyes straying down in search of that wonderful sight.

A tall, unusually attractive woman, Karen lived in a state of frustration because of her odd sexual desires. Of course that desire was not odd to her, but it could be extremely dangerous if anyone should ever find out. Even more so if she were caught indulging herself.

But it had been so long since she had managed to feed her desire, almost four years ago. She was twenty-seven now, and the last time had been four long, miserable years ago.

Karen shivered with pleasure as she remembered it.

She had just graduated from college, with her certificate of competency, feeling very smart and ready to educate the little ones. She had been home, visiting with her parents when it happened.

The little boy who lived next door to her parents had been awed by her. She couldn't remember now what grade he had been in, but she certainly remembered his age. Drawing her knees up, hugging them to her spongy tits, she placed her chin on them, remembering how good it had been.

She had been alone that day, weeding her mother's flower beds when the little guy came over to say hello to her. She had knew the boy for probably five years, watching him grow taller. On this particular day, she had been wearing a pair of very tight white shorts, with a halter covering her shapely tits. Her long dark hair had been pulled into a tight pony tail, and her face was devoid of makeup.

She had felt, more than heard, the boy come up to her. When she turned to him, Karen noticed that his eyes were riveted on her firm, swelling ass. He was standing perhaps ten feet behind her, and she saw the sparkling interest in his eyes. She had no idea the boy was interested in girls at his age, and certainly not in her.

Her body grew warm with pleasure as he gazed at her ass, and she shivered as a delicious feeling swept through her. Karen's interest in young ones had been there for years, although she had never actually done much about it.

The boy stared at her for quite some time without speaking. She kept her head turned toward him, smiling at him. Her eyes, as always, swept over the front of his pants and she had been delighted to see his cock growing.

"Hi, Tommy," she said in a low, whispery voice.

The boy blushed and looked away from her ass. He came closer to her, dropping to his knees near her. Karen had forgotten what they talked about, but she had not forgotten later events. She would never forget them.

Just how things happened, she wasn't at all sure. Yet, kneeling there in the flower bed, she had taken the boy's hand and placed it on her tit, and, as he stared with huge eyes, she had fondled his cock through his pants. It had been such an exciting thing for the boy, he had come off inside his pants from her manipulating hand. Karen had laughed softly at this, telling the boy he had no reason to blush. Then she stood up and, looking around to make sure no one was strolling along the sidewalk, had taken his hand and led him to the back yard. There was a gazebo there, concealed by wildly growing grape vines.

They had entered the gazebo and sat on the benches, and Karen had hugged and kissed the little boy, thrusting her tongue into his mouth, teaching him how to suck on it.

She had opened her halter and let him look at her thrusting tits, with those large, rubbery nipples. She had shown him how to caress her tits, how to lick and suck them. Then she had opened his pants and taken his cock out, her fingers wrapped tightly about it, jacking him.

His cock had been beautiful. It was not a large one, of course, but it was so firm and sweet in her hand. She loved the throbbing of it, the way the head swelled and dripped.

She remembered how excited the boy had been, and thrilled to think of it. She hugged her knees tighter against her tits, feeling the heat of the midday sun on her body. In the water a few yards ahead of her, boys and girls were splashing and yelling. A few parents sat near the water's edge, watching their children.

Karen had dropped to her knees before the little boy in the gazebo and taken his hard cock into her hot, wet mouth. The boy, at first, had been surprised and thought she was going to bite his cock off. She had to reassure him that all she would do was kiss it and suck on it. She had told him it would feel very good to him, that he would love it.

The boy, still somewhat apprehensive, had watched her with big eyes as she licked up and down his cock, then pulled it into her mouth. Karen had sucked up and down his prick, licking slowly, letting her own passions explode between her long, tanned thighs.

Karen had sucked on his cock for a long time, her mind reeling with the intensity of her pleasure. The hot feeling of his prick between her lips was heaven, the dripping juices nectar.

The young boy had finally gotten over his fear, and leaned back, enjoying having his cock sucked off by her.

Karen sucked gently and lovingly, not wanting to suck him in a frenzy, afraid it would frighten him. She could get every inch of his hard cock into her mouth, and she had pulled his pants open so her lips could go all the way to the base.

Karen closed her eyes as she rested her chin on her knees, reliving the erotic incident. There was a smile on her full lips, and she hugged her knees tighter yet against her sensitive tits.

She had sucked the young boy's cock until he had begun squirming about, groaning. Karen knew he was getting very close to coming, and she pulled up on his cock until she held just the round, smooth head between her hot lips, her tongue gliding wetly over his dripping piss hole. She held his hips as she sucked this way, and the boy gave a loud grunt as he came, arching up from the bench and trying to force his cock deep into her mouth. It had been an involuntary urge on his part as he came. But Karen kept only the head between her lips, wanting to lick at his piss hole as he gushed all that delicious young cum into her mouth.

She had gurgled with delight as he filled her mouth, the thick cum splashing against her tongue. Her body had shook, and her thighs pressed together, and she came almost when he did. Her tongue licked at his piss-hole until he could come no more, then she had sucked up and down his cock a few more times, then released him. She sat on her heels, her naked tits exposed, and smiled as he recovered.

The boy had been delighted by the blow job, and he came to her daily after that until she had to leave for her first teaching position. Karen had sucked his cock off every day. Since her parents were usually around the house, she would take the young boy on drives with her, and park in lonely, isolated places. She had undressed for him so he could see her body, and had been delighted with his eagerness to explore her tits, her ass, her aunt. Oddly enough, he had not expressed an interest in fucking her.

Karen had not minded that. She preferred to suck on his cock anyway. Usually that was the way it happened. They would fondle each other, with the boy fingerfucking her and sucking on her tits, and she would caress his cock and balls, then suck him off.

By this time, Karen was quite warm with her memory. Her tits tingled against her knees and her pussy was pulsating nicely. She could hear the laughter of the children in the water, and she opened her eyes to look at them.

A few feet in front of her was a boy, a boy as young as the one four years ago. He was lying on his stomach, chin propped in his hands, and he was looking at her. Karen lifted her head and smiled at him.

"Hello," she said. "What's your name?"

"Devon," he replied.

"Taking a vacation before school, Devon?" she asked.

"Yeah," he replied.

Karen noticed his body squirming, his ass moving in a subtle way. Then she realized where he was staring so intently. She was wearing a skirt and blouse, and with her knees drawn up this way, her skirt had slipped halfway down her creamy thighs. Sitting in this position, she knew what he was looking at.

Devon was gazing with interest at the backs of her smooth thighs, and he could see her panties, with the slight pooching of her cunt. Karen shivered with a sudden excitement, enjoying his interest.

"Are you enjoying yourself?" she asked in a low voice. "Your vacation, I mean."

"Yeah," he mumbled, not lifting his eyes once from her crotch. "I'm enjoying it. There's a lot of things to see here."

Karen caught the double meaning of his words and looked into his eyes. He was very young, his face smooth without evidence of an approaching beard. He was very good-looking young boy, she thought. He didn't seem to have, any hesitation about letting her know where he was looking, and he certainly wasn't bashful about it. Karen had never known a boy as young as this one to be so bold, so sure of himself.

Precocious, she thought. As young as he is, he's ready for sex. Some boys this age are, she knew. She began to wonder if maybe, just maybe, she could play with him. There was no doubt he was interested, otherwise he would not be peaking under her skirt so baldly.

"Are your parents around, Devon?" she asked, her voice trembling with excitement.

"No," he replied. "They took the car and went to the store."

"When will they be back?"

"I don't know. Maybe an hour or so."

She let her eyes wander over his ass, cupped in a pair of swimming trunks, the boxer type. She could see his little ass flex, and knew without a doubt he had a hard-on.

"Are you camping out?" she asked.

"I guess," he replied. "If you can call a motor home camping out."

"Why, I'm here in a motor home, too," she said. "It's small, but I'm not with anyone. I'm by myself."

"Ours is a real big one," he said.

Karen looked at his eyes before she spoke again, want to be sure. His eyes remained on her revealed panties and thighs, gleaming hotly. There would be no danger here, she thought, smiling at the boy. "Would you like to see my motor home?"

"That'd be neat," he said, sitting up.

Karen saw his cock bulging against his swim trunks. Slowly she stood up, holding her hand out to him. He took her hand and she helped him up. As they walked to where she had parked her motor home, she saw she was a good foot taller than he, and that his cock thrust out against his swim trunks deliciously. He gave no sign of embarrassment, and she was pleased, knowing there would be no difficulty now.

She unlocked the door of the motor home, and stepped inside. It was a small one, but it had a tiny galley and a double bed that could serve as a couch, too. The boy looked around. "It is small," he said. "Ours is thirty two feet long."

"That's a rolling house," Karen said, opening the tiny refrigerator and handing him a Coke. "But I don't need a big one."

The boy was looking at her again, and Karen sat on the bed she had not made up yet. Deliberately she placed her right heel on the edge of the bed and drew her knee to her chest. This brought her skirt up, and the boy gazed directly at her revealed crotch. Karen saw his cock jerk in his swim trunks, and gave a soft, low giggle.

"I bet you have a lot of girl friends," she said teasingly.

"No," he replied, openly looking under her dress as he leaned against the small stove. "I don't need any girl friends."

Karen accepted that as meaning he enjoyed other things than girls at the time.

"Don't you like girls?" she asked.

"Sure, it's just that I don't need any right now."

"Don't you ever want to… you know, play with a girl once in a while?"

"Sure, but you know how girls can be," he said.

Karen knew very well how little girls his age could be. Some of them would scream murder if a boy so much as touched one of their little tits. But she also knew there were enough little girls who wanted to play with a boy as much as the boy wanted to play with them.

"Would you like to play with me?" Karen asked, almost breathlessly.

The boy gazed at her crotch, his cock thrusting hard against his trunks. "Yes," he said, his voice huskier now. "I'd like that."

Karen gave a throaty laugh and peeled her blouse off. She reached behind herself and unhooked her bra, dropping it on the bed. Her tits arched out, beautifully shaped, her nipples long and throbbing in desire. She cupped them in her hands, watching him as she rubbed her nipples. "Take your trunks off," she whispered in an excited voice.

Setting his Coke down, Devon peeled his tight trunks off, his cock jerking upward. Karen stared at his cock and balls, hardly breathing as her excitement increased. His prick was about four inches long, and he had a very lovely pair of balls. There was not much hair around them, and this was the way she loved a cock and balls best.

"Ohhh, that's beautiful," she murmured hotly. "Ohhhh, come here, darling, and let me feel it."

Devon came to her, dropping his trunks to the floor. He stood before her, his prick arching upward, jerking as it throbbed. Karen stared at it with hot eyes, then reached up with her right hand to cup his balls. She squeezed his balls gently, tugging at them. Her left hand closed about his prick, and she jacked it. She was pleased when he reached out and began to play with her tits.

"You're so hard, darling!" she gurgled as she stroked his prick. "I love it when a cock is hard this way."

Karen slipped off the bed and knelt before him, her face inches away from his prick. She ran her hands up and down his thighs, around to feel his hard little ass, then back to his cock and balls again. She looked up at him, her dark eyes hot and misty. "Have you ever been sucked off, Devon?" she asked. "Has a girl ever put this lovely cock in her mouth and sucked it, and made you come in her mouth?"

"Sure, lots of times," he said.

She was sure he was bragging like all boys of that age, but she didn't tease him about it. "Do you like having your cock sucked off?"

"I love it!" he grunted. "I like to fuck and get sucked all the time."

"You've fucked a little girl?"

"Sure, lots of times."

Karen laughed at his bragging. She slipped her hands around to his ass again, cupping the cheeks in her hot palms and squeezing them. She pressed her face to his cock and balls lovingly, caressing her cheeks with them. She kissed his balls, then opened her lips and thrust her tongue up and down the hardness of his prick. She felt him tremble with excitement as he looked down at her, his eyes hot and gleaming with excitement.

She opened her lips and sucked in his balls, both of them at the same time. She sucked on his balls for a long moment, then released them. "Oh, they feel so full!" she murmured hotly. "I bet you're going to come a lot, darling."

"You want me to come in your mouth?" he asked.

"Mmnunm, I sure do! Will you come in my mouth?"

"Sure," he replied, standing before her, his arms hanging loosely at his sides.

"Good!" Karen opened her mouth and sucked his hard little cock into it. She glided her hot lips down his cock until her chin rested against his balls, her lips tight against the base. She nibbled at his prick this way, her tongue moving wetly. She sucked up off his prick and whispered, "Put your hands on my head."

He did so.

"No," she said. "Put them on the back of my head and hold my mouth against your cock."

He did as she wanted, and Karen began to suck his prick, her ass swaying as she felt her pussy bubbling in a fantastic manner. She brushed hot nipples against his thighs as she sucked him. Her fingers clawed at his tight ass, digging into the crack and brushing at his tight little asshole. Her emotions whirled madly inside her brain, her breath hot and fast. She began to make him pump in and out of her mouth, and whimpered with hot excitement as she sucked harder and faster on his throbbing cock.

"Mmmmmm!" she gurgled, her dark eyes flashing up at him.

She loved the way he held her head, fucking into her mouth this way. Her flesh tingled, and his tight little ass just fit into the palms of her hands. When Karen had a young cock like this one in her mouth, she was happiest.

"Ohhhh," Devon grunted, grimacing. "Ohhhh, I like this! It feels so good! Ohhhh, wow! It's nice!"

Karen sucked faster, her lips holding his prick tight, her tongue racing about it, fluttering against his dripping piss hole. With each forward motion of his hips, she thrust her mouth against him. She was squeezing her thighs together, putting pressure on her pulsating cunt, knowing that she, too, would come. She always came when she sucked a little cock like this, although she had not man aged to get that many. It was due to fear of discovery, she knew, yet the compulsion for young cock was strong.

It had been four years, four long years, and now she had a young, hard cock in her mouth again.

She felt his little cock swelling, growing even large than before. He was dripping more, and he was grunting and moaning with pleasure, thrusting his cock faster and faster into her hot, wet mouth. He banged his balls against her chin, and Karen sucked furiously, making soft, growling sounds in her throat.

Then the young boy thrust into her mouth, holding her face tight against his crotch, grinding there. Karen dug her fingers into his tight ass, one finger almost entering his asshole. She tasted the first spurt of his cum on her tongue, and she gulped, swallowing. She raced her tongue about his cock, holding it tightly with her lips at the base, letting him flood her mouth.

She squealed with pleasure as her pussy twitched, then she, too, came.

And, after he came, she held his cock tightly in her hot mouth, loving it, not wanting to let it go. Devon continued to hold her head in his hands, breathing hard, his legs trembling now. Finally, Karen slipped her mouth off his prick and sat up on the edge of the bed, smiling as she licked at her lips.

"Was it good, Devon?" she asked. "Did it make you feel good?"

"I loved it," he said, sitting on the floor, his cock still throbbing warmly. He caressed his own cock and balls with one hand. "I always like getting sucked off."

"That's nice," she murmured, running her hands about her naked tits. "I love to suck a cock off. Maybe we can do this again tomorrow." Then she thought of something. "How long will you be here, Devon?"

"I think a few more weeks," he said. "I'm not sure, but Dad doesn't have to go back to work until September."

Karen smiled happily. "That's nice. Then we can find time for more of this, can't we?"

"I'd like that," he said. "You never told me your name, though."

"Karen," she said. "Karen what?"

"Just Karen." She smiled at him. "Just Karen for now."

He reached for his trunks. "My parents will be back soon." He pulled his trunks on, and stopped at the door of the motor home, looking back at her. "Karen, is that all you do? I mean, just suck cocks?" he laughed. "Isn't it enough?"

"Well, sure," he replied. "But you're awfully pretty. I like you sucking me, but I'd kinda like to fuck you."

She laughed again. "You want some pussy, huh?" she teased. Deliberately she lifted her dress and pulled the crotch of her panties to one side. She spread her legs and shoved her ass to the edge of the bed, revealing her cunt to him.

What Devon saw was a lovely cunt. Karen's pussy was hairy, with a fluffy triangle of dark curls. The lips were puffy and pronounced, and the tip of her clit glistened. She ran a fingertip up and down her cunt, watching him.

"Can I?" he asked. "Can I fuck you sometime?"

"Of course." She grinned lewdly at him. "You can stick that hard little cock up my pussy and fuck me. Maybe you can fuck me tomorrow."

He ran off, full of youthful energy. Karen looked out the tiny window at him, smiling. She hugged her naked tits, licking her lips, twirling about in the small space.

She closed the door to the motor home and arranged the tiny shower. Undressing completely, she showered and dressed in fresh clothing, choosing a pair of shorts that revealed more than they concealed. They hugged her sweet, shapely ass, exposed her long thighs deliciously. The curving cheeks of her ass could be seen below the legs, and Karen loved to dress in such a revealing manner. She seldom had the chance during the school months, always acting so proper.

Karen was an exhibitionist, and loved to dress in a way that brought attention to her exceptionally curvy body. She enjoyed pretending innocence as portions of her body were exposed to tease and tantalize, to excite those who looked at her.


It was dusk, and Karen sat outside her small motor home, enjoying a cold beer. She felt happy about what had happened that after noon. She could still feel Devon's delicious, hard cock in her mouth.

She sat in a lawn chair, her long legs crossed, swinging her foot. Dawn near the water she could see one or two small camp files. Families chatted and enjoyed being together for a few peaceful evenings before going back to the city and driving into the rat race for another year.

There were a few tents scattered about, and four or five motor homes. The largest motor home was about twenty yards from hers, and it belonged to Devon's parents, she knew.

She looked in that direction and saw Devon sitting near a small fire. Karen could see his parents as they came in and out of the large motor home, preparing to cook over the small fire. The distance was too far for her to make out any characteristics of his parents, but she could see they were attractive people. His mother, Karen noticed, wore shorts and a halter. She was a slim, long-legged woman.

His father, from what she could tell from this distance, was tall and broad-shouldered, wearing a pair of cut-offs.

Also, she could see the small figure of a little girl running about and laughing. She gazed hard at the small girl, startled. It looked almost as if the child were naked. But Karen knew that couldn't be. She looked very hard to be certain, but could not tell.

She sat and watched the family, sipping her beer, wishing there were some way she could join them without appearing pushy. She warned to be near Devon, to wink at him and look at the front of his shorts. She knew it would be a dangerous game with his parents there, but she enjoyed the young boy… or any young boy for that matter.

She was thinking of going inside the motor home and fixing herself a sandwich when she noticed Devon coming toward her.

"Hi, Karen," he said as he came close. "Wanna come over and have a beer with my folks?"

"I don't know, Devon," she said. "They may not want an outsider joining in the family meal."

"They asked me to come over here," he said. "Mom and Dad would like you to have a beer with them."

"They did?"

"Sure," he took her hand. "Come on and meet them. They're swell."

"Well, if they asked," she replied, setting her bottle down on the step of the motor home.

Devon kept hold of her hand they walked the distance.

His father stood up as they approached. He held out his hand to her, smiling. "HI, I'm Stan Holmes. This is my wife, Susan. Over there is Pamie, our daughter. And of course you know Devon."

"I'm Karen Shone," she said, taking his hand. It was a strong hand. "Hello, all. It's very nice of you to ask me to join you."

"Would you like a cold beer, Karen?" Susan asked. "Or would you prefer something stronger?"

"I'm not much of a drinker," Karen replied, sitting in a lawn chair Stan provided. "A beer would be fine."

She watched as Susan entered the motor home, seeing the woman was indeed very attractive. She didn't look old enough to have two children. She turned and looked at Stan, and found he was boldly looking her over. She shivered beneath his gaze, and actually trembled as she saw his eyes rake over her long thighs and thrusting tits. There was interest in his eyes, she noted. And, surprisingly, Karen found herself attracted to the man.

Not sexually, but attracted just the same. She knew that if her sexual preferences were for adult men, he would be a fine choice. Susan returned with a cold beer for her and then sat in her chair. Karen found herself being examined by the lovely woman, and again she shivered. There was some strange tension surrounding her and this group, something she could not define. It was a sexual tension, she felt, a warm feeling of exciting sex. Some people radiated sexual sparks, she knew, but this was the first time she felt it with an entire family.

Now that she was with them, she saw that the little girl, Pamie, was not naked as it had appeared, but that she was wearing a very tiny bikini of flesh-colored material. The girl was a beauty. A year younger than her brother, Devon, she had impish eyes and sparkling white teeth. Her body was slender, with extraordinary long legs. She had very small tits, not yet fully grown, and her little ass was her most attractive feature. It was molded beautifully to the skimpy bikini bottom, with those enticing little cheeks exposed by the way the bikini bottom pulled into the crack of her ass. Also, Karen noted, her little cunt seemed to bulge against the tightness of the suit. Pamie had blonde hair, like her mother, worn now in twin pony tails. Pamie was pure sweetness, and Karen was drawn to her immediately.

Despite the inocence of Pamie's tender age, there was an exciting sexual aspect about her, just as there was about every member of this family.

Karen felt a throb in her cunt as she looked at the little girl. She had not been attracted to a girl before, only boys, but now she felt a deep, tingling sensation, a feeling of need for this girl. She wanted to run her hands over that sweet, young body, to feel that sweetly curved ass and puffy little cunt, to squeeze those tender, small tits. A sudden thought jolted her. She wanted to lick that sweet, young cunt!

During this period of looking the little girl over, Karen had been chatting with Stan and Susan. She had revealed herself as a teacher, and learned that Stan was an engineer, and that Susan had once been a secretary, but now devoted her time to her children and family life.

"What school do you teach at?" Susan asked.

Karen told her, adding that she taught the ninth grade.

"Then you'll have Devon next month," Susan said.

"Devon?" Karen asked, blankly.

"Why yes," Susan said. "He attends that school, as does Pamie. She's in the eighth this year."

Oh, God, Karen thought. What a coincidence. She wasn't sure about this now. That was getting too close to home for comfort.

"I should thank you for watching Devon while we were gone," Stan said, gazing openly at Karen's long legs. "We were running out of food."

Karen noticed the small, compact car parked at the rear of the huge motor home. That explained Devon's comment about using a car. Karen shot Devon a quick glance, trying read in his eyes if he had said anything dangerous about them. But all she saw was his friendly face and gleaming eyes.

Pamie came up and sat near Karen, crossing her feet, knees wide apart, and looked up at Karen. "You're awfully pretty," the little girl said.

"Why, thank you," Karen said. "I think you're about the prettiest little girl I've ever seen."

Karen looked down, trying to keep her eyes on the sweet face, but found she had to glance at the crotch. Her breath caught in her throat as she saw a few curling hairs standing from the tightness there. Also, the bikini had pulled into the crack of her young cunt.

The camp fire cast its flickering light about, and Karen wondered if her imagination was playing tricks on her. When she looked Susan, she saw the woman slumped in the lawn chair, her knees wide. Glancing at Stan, she was certain she could see the very tip of his cock sticking from the leg of his cut-offs. There was a strange, sexual feeling being with this family, and Karen couldn't understand it. She was sure it was only her overactive sex thoughts.

They chatted away, as if Karen had been a long-time friend of theirs. The two children took to her immediately, and before it became late, Pamie had actually moved to sit closer to her, resting one warm little hand on Karen's thigh.

"It's getting late," Karen said.

"Devon," Stan said to his son, "why don't you walk Karen back to her motor home?"

"Sure, Dad," he said, getting to his feet and holding out his hand.

As though it were the most natural thing in the world, Karen got up and, holding his hand in hers, they walked back to her motor home.

"You have a wonderful family, Devon," she told him.

"I know," he said, following her into the motor home without being asked. "He didn't tell you he was chairman of the school board, did he?"

Karen felt her heart skip a beat. That could be very bad, she thought. His position meant he had a tight hold not only on her job, but her career as well. If he found out she was sucking his son's cock off, it would be the end for her.

But Devon was too precious to let go. She wanted his little prick too much to worry about being caught. Being with his family, feeling that sexual sensation, seeing his pretty little sister, Karen was excited intensely now. She didn't want to wait until the next day.

"You don't have to go back right away, do you?" she asked him.


She smiled and pulled him close to her body, hugging his face into her tits. She ran her hands about his ass, squeezing the cheeks. "Want to fuck me now?" she whispered.

She felt his hands moving about her body, feeling her naked thighs, going over her ass. She felt his cock swelling against her thighs, and pulled away so she could slip her hand between them. She had to lean over to grasp his cock.

She opened his shorts and let them drop to his feet. While he stepped out of them, Karen removed her own shorts. She got onto her bed and lay back, spreading her thighs wide. She caressed her cunt as he gazed hotly at her. "You've got more hair than my…"

"Come here, darling," she interrupted him, holding her arms up. "Get on the bed with me. I want you to fuck me with that sweet cock."

Devon lay beside her, nuzzling at her tits as he felt her hairy twat. He worked a finger into her pussy and fingerfucked her as she pumped on his hard prick. Karen felt this was not the first time the young boy had gotten his finger inside a wet, hot pussy. He was thrusting it in and out of her with far more knowledge than a boy his age.

Perhaps he had not, lied about it before, she thought as she held his head against her tits, his lips sucking as his tongue licked. She wiggled her naked ass up and down to meet his finger, her fist pumping his cock.

"Get between my legs, Devon," she whispered.

The boy knelt between her widely spread thighs, looking at her wet pussy. His cock throbbed, jerking up and down, his balls tight. "It's pretty," he said. "You really have a pretty cunt, Karen."

"Thank you," she said. "And you have a beautiful little cock. Ohhhh, I love you, Devon!" she gurgled softly, twisting her naked ass about. "Please baby, put your sweet cock in my cunt! Fuck me, darling! Come on and fuck me!"

"Yeah!" he grunted, lying down on her.

Karen reached down and grasped his prick in her hand, holding him off so she could rub that swollen cockhead against her throbbing clit for a few moments. She rubbed the head of his prick around the puffy, wet lips of her snatch, cooing softly.

"You're hot," he said, holding himself up with his hands on each side of her, looking down at what she was doing. "Hot and wet."

"Because I want you, baby," she cooed. "I want your delicious hard cock in my cunt! Ohhhhh, I want you in me, fucking me! Put it in me now, Devon! Ohhh, put your cock in my pussy before I burn up!"

But it was she who pulled his prick into her pussy. Karen lifted her hips high off the bed, her legs wide, and stuffed the head of his prick into her cunt. "Oooooooo!" she whimpered as his cock filled her cunt.

"You are hot!" he exclaimed as his cock entered her all the way, his balls against the cheeks other ass. "Hot and wet! Golly, you're gonna be a good fuck, Karen!"

"You better believe I am!" she squealed as she began bouncing her ass up and down, fucking his cock as he held himself up on his hands and knees. "I'm going to be the best Goddamn fuck you're ever going to get! I'm going to fuck that hard little cock right off, baby!"

Devon lay atop her, and she discovered that the top of his head was just beneath her chin. She loved that, him being so much smaller. She wrapped her arms around him, and felt his eager mouth sucking at a nipple. She lifted her long legs and wrapped them about his now pumping ass, holding him tightly.

"Wonderful!" she gurgled, kissing the top of his head as he fucked her. "Such a hard cock… such a lovely cock! Ohhh, baby, give it to me! Give my hot cunt that beautiful hard cock! Ohhhh, I love hard, young cock like yours! Fuck my pussy, Devon! Fuck my cunt… fuck my twat… fuck my snatch! Ohhh, you little hot bastard… fuck the piss out of my hungry pussy!"

"Hot bitch! Hot bitch!" she heard him grunt around her nipple. "Hot fucking teacher bitch! I'm gonna fuck the teacher's hot fucking bitch cunt! I'm gonna come in her bitch teacher pussy!"

"Yes, yes, yes!" she squealed, humping swiftly with him, her hands racing down his back to claw at his tight ass. "More, more, more! Ohhhh, give my pussy more cock! Ohhhh, I love it… love that teenage cock! Fuck my teacher ass… fuck my teacher cunt… screw me, screw me, screw me!"

"Teacher cunt… teacher cunt… teacher cunt!" he chanted, thrusting his cock deeply into her. "Teacher pussy… teacher pussy… teacher ass… teacher ass… teacher ass!"

"Ooooo yes!" Karen dug her fingers into his hard ass. "Teacher cunt, baby! I'm your teacher cunt!"

They thrashed about on the bed, making the small motor home, rock on its springs. Karen was overwhelmed by his sexual ability, by his tender age, by his lovely cock that was filling her cunt. She had dreamed for a long time of finding a young boy with just this type of sexuality, a boy so young, yet so uninhibited. She wanted a boy like him, a young teenager that would do these things to her, with her, without any feelings of shame or guilt. Being called teacher pussy sent her emotions soaring, making her hotter and ever so much more receptive.

"Just a minute!" she cried out, stopping him. "Let me get on my hand and knees, darling. Fuck me from in back… like a dog."

Devon pulled his cock from her clinging cunt and sat on his heels, watching her twist about on the bed. Karen got on her hands and knees, presenting her shapely, naked ass to him. She bowed her back, making her pussy pooch between her creamy thighs. Devon gazed at her rounded ass cheeks, at her hairy cunt, at the crinkle of her asshole. There were a few dark hairs around her asshole he saw, and just to be playful, he poked his finger against her tight shitter.

"Uhhhh!" Karen yelped, wiggling her ass at him. She looked over her shoulder, her eyes smoldering with desire. "Come on, put that cock back in my cunt. Leave my asshole alone. I want you to fuck my pussy, baby!"

Devon got on his knees, and Karen reached between her thighs to take hold of his cock once more. She pulled it to her pussy, and whimpered happily as she felt it slide into her. She grasped his balls and caressed them as he began to fuck her, his hands on her hips. She could hear him grunting as his cock stabbed in and out of her wet pussy. Then he lowered himself on her back, reaching under to cup and pull at her tits as he fucked her.

"Ohhhh, yes, yes!" she gurgled, wiggling her ass for him. "I love it… love it! Fuck me, Devon! Ohhhh, God, fuck me! I'm so fucking hot for that cock! Fuck me… fill my teacher cunt with your teenage cock!"

"Fucking teacher!" she heard him whimpering against her back. "Goddamn, hot pussy fucking teacher cunt! Hot ass teacher… hot ass… ass… cunt!"

"Fuck my teacher cunt," she whimpered, dropping her head to the bed, waggling her ass inn frenzy now. "Fuck my teacher cunt and come in it!"

Karen could feel his cock plunging in and out of her gripping snatch. She thought she could feel every ridge and groove of his prick. Her body shivered and shook with the intensity of her pleasure. She had dreamed for years of being with a teenage boy his age like this, with a boy who would fuck her, do this with her, and not be bashful about it.

"Give teacher some cock!" she moaned, feeling her orgasm swell inside her pussy. "Give teacher's hot cunt some cock! Fuck my teacher pussy! Ooohhh, fuck it, baby! Make my teacher pussy come!"

"Fuck teacher! Fuck teacher! Fuck teacher's ass. Fuck teacher's cunt. Fuck the cocksucking teacher's hot fucking pussy!"

"You're making me… making me… ohhhh, darling, I'm going to come!" Karen yelped, banging her naked ass against him.

"Yeah, me too!" he grunted.

"Squeeze my tits, baby! Squeeze my tits!"

But Devon had turned her tits loose and was on his knees at her ass now, clutching her hips as he banged wildly. "I'm gonna come!"

"Yes, yes!" she whimpered. "Me, too!"

Karen's cunt convulsed, and she came strongly, her pussy clutching at his cock in a tight slippery grip. But while she was still coming, Devon pulled his prick free and spurted his cum against the checks of her ass, over her back. He used his hands to smear his jism over her creamy smooth ass cheeks, even against her asshole. For some odd reason, this made Karen come again. She yelped and waved her ass about in a shameless frenzy.

She slumped to the bed, rolling onto her back and looking at him with misty eyes. She was smiling, very satisfied. But Devon moved toward her face, his cock slippery with his come clinging to it.

"Lick me," he said. "Lick my cock off, Karen."

"Ooooo, yes!" Karen lifted her head and shot her tongue out, licking at his smeared prick with hungry delight. She sucked his cock between her teeth and sucked it, licking him gently and lovingly. Then she lay back again, her face and eyes glowing.

"It was beautiful," she said, still breathing a bit hard. "I just knew you'd be this way, Devon."

"What way?" he asked.

"So… so eager! Ohhh, I just love you! You're not at all bashful about fucking me, and I like that!"

"Why be bashful?" he said. "I love to fuck. I thought everybody liked to fuck."

"Silly." She lifted herself up and kissed his young mouth. "But we know one thing, don't we?"

"What's that?"

"You and I are going to have a fine school year," she said. "I hope you don't mind staying after school once in a while. I believe my pussy is going to need a great deal of extra homework."

He laughed, petting her damp cunt. "I don't mind at all."

"You better get your shorts on," she said sadly. "Your mother or father might come after you. You've been here quite some time, you know."

After he had gone, Karen lay on her bed, feeling his cum still warm on her ass. She writhed deliciously as she thought of her coming school year. What luck, she thought, to find one of my own students here. I've always wanted to fuck one of my students. She giggled as the thought came to her, the thought she had often visualized in her mind.

Karen had dreamed of being naked before her students, her shapely tits revealed, her swelling ass and hairy cunt exposed. She wanted to excite the whole classroom, make the boys get nice and hard, the girls get hot, wet little cunts. She would dream of seeing her class engaged in fucking, sucking, while she took on one boy after the other, two at the same time. Those erotic visions usually sent her into a sexual frenzy until she would finger fuck herself long and hard, coming as much as five and six times.

She went to sleep on her bed without turning off the light, her body relaxed, her dreams filled with young boys and girls fucking and sucking each other in her classroom. She dreamed of taking a teenage cock into her twat, and a hard one in her mouth, all at the same time…


When Karen woke up the next morning, it was to a day of bright sunshine. She could hear birds chirping in the trees, and already there were children screaming and laughing.

After her eyes were open, she lay in the bed, stretching and yawning. She felt very good, better than she had in a long time. Smiling, she wondered what Devon was doing this morning. She hoped he would visit her today. He was such a precious little child, she thought, slipping her legs over the edge of the bed.

Standing, still naked, she lifted her arms above her head and stretched again. Her tall, slim, curvy body felt vitally alive, every nerve vibrant. She went to the tiny stove and put coffee on, then showered in the small, cramped shower. There was a satisfied throbbing in her cunt, and her tits still tingled. As she moved about the tiny motor home, she caressed herself, humming with happiness.

Since Karen had discovered this strong desire for young boys, this was the first time she had been completely satisfied with one. Always before the boy had been shy, bashful to the point that he was almost passive. She wanted a boy like Devon – young, not much hair on his balls, yet with a desire as strong as hers, and uninhibited. Devon was certainly that, she thought, with a smile of affection.

She dressed in a bikini, planning to swim a bit before noon. She sat in the small dining area and drank coffee, smoking her cigarette. Karen allowed herself one cigarette a day, and that was when she had coffee in the morning. As she smoked, she recalled the things Devon had said last night. "Teacher cunt," he had called her. Karen giggled like a naughty child.

"Yes," she said aloud, "I am a teacher cunt, aren't I?"

A shiver of delight ran through her. She could imagine the joy and happiness Devon must have felt fucking her, having her suck his cock off. Most boys, Karen felt, had erotic fantasies of fucking one of their teachers at some time or other. She just hoped he wouldn't brag to his little friends about it.

Then a thought shook her. Devon had said his father was the chairman of the school board. That could be very bad for her, she thought, if Stan Holmes should ever hear what she was doing with his son. For a moment she considered dropping the whole thing, packing up and leaving the campground. She thought of never seeing Devon again, having him transferred from her class if possible. Stan had said Devon would be one of her students come September, hadn't he? God, that could become sticky!

Going outside, she looked at the water and saw a number of children already in it. Glancing toward the Holmes' motor home, she saw the family sitting at a table, having breakfast. Susan waved, and Karen lifted her hand in greeting. Stan motioned for her to join them.

"Good morning," she said as she approached. She noticed that Stan was looking at her almost naked body with unconcealed admiration.

"That's a lovely suit," Susan said. "You look good in white, Karen. Your dark hair sets it off perfectly."

"Thank you," Karen replied, accepting a cup of coffee from Stan.

Pamie scooted over on a bench to make room for her, and she sat down. They chatted like old friends as they had coffee. It was not long before Karen felt the warm thigh of Pamie pressing against hers. It could easily have been accidental, but Karen didn't think it was. She kept her eyes averted from the sweet little thing, but her body was shivering. She recalled the bikini Pamie was wearing the night before, how it revealed her precious little body.

Today, Pamie was wearing a bright-red bikini. It was not much bigger then the one last eight. A sideways glance at those delicious little tits told Karen they would be fantastic to touch, kiss, and maybe suck on.

She felt the thigh exerting pressure against hers, and before she knew what she was doing, Karen returned the pressure. She continued talking with Susan and Stan as though nothing was happening, yet her cunt was bubbling crazily. The warmth of that smooth, creamy thigh against hers was making her mind reel.

Suddenly Karen's breath stuck in her throat. Pamie had placed her palm halfway up Karen's thigh.

Karen shot a sideways glance at the little girl, who didn't so much as look up at her. She sat there in innocence, her eyes sparkling, but otherwise pretending as though nothing were happening. Karen felt the hand move on her thigh, caressing it. The palm was hot, excitingly so. The hand moved higher on her thigh, and Karen considered getting up and leaving. Just as she made up her mind, those inquisitive little fingers crawled high on her thigh, slipped between Karen's legs and began to boldly explore along the crotch of her bikini.

Karen wanted to leave immediately, but she knew if she stood up, her legs would be like rubber. She was afraid she would fall… afraid to get up and go… afraid to sit there.

With her face so innocent, Pamie stroked her fingertips along Karen's crotch. Karen could hardly breathe. She felt her face grow warm, and wondered if she were blushing.

The hand forced its way between her thighs, and Karen resisted at first. But the feeling was so good, so beautiful, her thighs opened slowly. She felt the hot little hand cup her cunt, pressing, squeezing. Her pussy throbbed madly, and Karen was certain she would come at any moment if Pamie kept it up.

Her coffee forgotten, Karen tried hard to listen to what Susan and Stan were saying. She thought they were telling her about their home, but words were lost. She was smiling, but it was a forced smile. She had her chin cupped in one hand, trying had to be interested in what was said. But all she was conscious of was that hot little hand on her twat. She could feel the wetness of her pussy, soaking the crotch of her bikini. She hoped desperately it would not show when she stood up if she could stand up.

Now and then, despite all her efforts to remain still, Karen's ass writhed against the bench. She heard a soft giggle come from Pamie, and shot a quick glance at the girl. But Pamie was paying no visible attention to her. She sat there with her warm thigh pressed against Karen's, her right hand cupping her cunt, as she toyed with her ponytail with her left. Karen's heart was pounding, and she wondered what would happen if she came. She knew she would moan at the least. Sometimes when she came, she cried out. She hoped this would not be one of those times.

She did not get a chance to find out.

As suddenly as that little hand had begun to touch her, it was gone. Karen had a sudden empty sensation between her thighs. Her pussy was still pulsating nicely, the lips swollen and her clit quite enlarged. She managed to relax a bit, and when Pamie got up and began to race off to the water, she watched, feeling relief, but also a bit sad, too.

She watched Pamie's tight, compact ass bunch and flex as she trotted away, her slim thighs flashing in the sun. "You have a beautiful daughter," Karen said, her voice husky, but controlled.

"She is beautiful, isn't she?" Susan replied, looking after her daughter. "Both our children are the sweetest any parents could ask for. No trouble out of those two. However, they are a bit unusual."

Karen looked at Susan. "Unusual?"

"Well, maybe not unusual," Stan said. "They seem to have certain, welt, characteristics that are lacking in other children their ages."

"I haven't noticed," Karen said. "They seem quite bright."

"Bright they are!" Susan laughed. "Geniuses, really."

"Who's a genius?" Devon asked, coming from the motor home. He had slept late, and Karen knew why. She saw he was wearing a pair of cut-offs like his father, his young muscles rippling.

"Certainly not you, lazy bones," Susan laughed. "I don't see how you can sleep so late."

"Well," Karen said, getting to her feet while she still had some strength. "I left a sink of dirty dishes."

"Oh, don't go," Susan said. "After all, we're camping. A few dirty dishes won't matter here."

"I can't stand dirty dishes," Karen said. "Not that I'm obsessive. I just like things to be clean and neat."

As she left, she could feel Stan's eyes on her ass. Karen's walk had a natural sway to her hips, but she found herself unable to make her hips swing a bit more with Stan looking at her. She knew she had a good ass, a downright lovely ass, and she enjoyed being looked at. But this was the first time she had enjoyed a grown man looking at her, and Karen wondered if her sexual inclinations were starting to change toward grown men after all these years.

Her cunt continued to throb as she washed up the few dishes. She had never met such a bold little child in her life. But then she remembered how bold she had been at that age. Only difference was, Karen had been bold with boys. This was the first time a girl bad ever touched her pussy, and Karen found it enjoyable. She remembered what she had felt the night before, looking at Pamie. She also had felt that strange sexual sensation this morning with the Holmes family.

Just as she finished the dishes, there was a soft knock on her door. Karen opened it to find Pamie standing there. For a moment Karen couldn't speak. Pamie, standing on the ground, was looking up, directly between Karen's thighs at her crotch.

"You're nice, Karen," Pamie said. "I thought I'd come visit with you."

"That's sweet of you, Pamie," Karen said, trembling as she stepped back to let the little girl enter.

Pamie brushed past Karen, and again Karen shivered with desire. She looked at the little girl. Pamie was shorter than her brother, making her head level with Karen's tits. As Pamie walked toward the front of the motor home, Karen gazed at the fine, swelling ass. The bikini, as last night, had been pulled into the crack, and both those caressable ass cheeks were exposed. The white flesh was an erotic contrast to the creamy tan of her slender thighs, and Karen felt her cunt twitch.

Pamie sat in the seat next to the driver's chair. She swiveled it around, slumped her little ass forward, and spread her thighs wide. She looked at Karen with huge, impish eyes. Karen stared between those slim thighs, and was startled to see golden, curly hairs sticking from the tight crotch.

"Did you like what I did, Karen?" Pamie asked in a soft voice.

"Like what?" Karen asked, knowing what Pamie was referring to.

"When I felt you up."

Karen gasped, one hand at her throat. She stared at Pamie, surprised at the bluntness.

Pamie giggled. "Sure you liked it! Otherwise you would have made me stop."

"Pamie, I don't think…"

"You're hot," Pamie giggled again. She ran her small hand down her flat little stomach and unabashedly began to rub at her crotch. "I could tell. You got real wet when I felt you up."

"Pamie, I'm not going to…"

"Want me to tell?"

Fear clutched Karen. "Tell? Tell what?"

"You know."

"I have no idea what you're talking about, Pamie," Karen said, her voice shaky. "I think you should leave. What if your parents knew of this?"

"What if they knew about you and Devon?" Pamie countered, sliding a finger under her crotchband.

More golden curls were revealed, as well as one sweet cuntlip. Karen's legs trembled, and she felt her own pussy responding to this display of open masturbation.

"What about me and Devon?" Karen asked, her face blushing hotly. "There isn't anything…"

"You fucked him," Pamie said. "You fucked my brother and you don't want anyone to know about it."

"I did not fu…" Karen's face was bright red now. She wondered how Pamie could know about that. She stumbled to the bed and dropped upon it weakly.

"You did too!" Pamie insisted. "I know."

Karen had been caught, and she knew it. Even if Pamie had no firsthand knowledge, she could make trouble for her if she said such a thing. Karen thought frantically, wondering how she had gotten herself into this predicament.

"You gotta do it with me," Pamie was saying. "If you don't, well…"

"Pamie, please," Karen pleaded. But her eyes were fixed upon what Pamie was doing. The little girl had pulled the crotch of her bikini to one side, revealing her little snatch without embarrassment. Karen saw the sparse, golden curls, and her tongue licked over her lips. She could see the glistening tip of Pamie's tiny clit, and her own became rigid with desire.

"Do you like my pussy, Karen?" Pamie asked, her voice lower. "I've been told I have a pretty little pussy."

"Who told you that?"

"Oh, just people," Pamie replied mysteriously.

She was rubbing at her clit with one finger, her other hand moving up and down the inside of one thigh. Karen realized Pamie was very pretty, very cuddly, very innocent-looking. And that innocent appearance, along with playing with her cunt, was what made the little girl so downright appealing.

Watching Pamie, Karen became so aroused she forgot her fear, forgot the threat of exposure. Her dark eyes gleamed hotly as she looked at Pamie. Her tongue moved about her lips suggestively. She had not known one of her hands was cupping a tit until she squeezed it. Pamie smiled knowlingly at Karen, then stood up. She came to Karen and moved between Karen's knees. She took Karen's face in her hands, then kissed her on the mouth. And then, with a soft moan, Karen had her arms about the small girl, holding her tightly against her trembling body.

When Pamie removed the top of her bikini, exposing her tits, Karen could only sit there and wait, breathlessly. She was being seduced by a child barely in her teens, and all she could do was sit there and allow it to happen. It was the way she had been at that age, only Karen had seduced boys.

Pamie leaned back to look at Karen's tits, and made mewling sounds of delight. "Oh, you have nice big tits, Karen! I love big tits."

Her small, hot hands fondled Karen's tits, and Karen began to moan and make small whimpering sounds. She could not stop the child, could do nothing but sit there and let Pamie do as she wanted with her.

Pamie leaned down and, while Karen sat there trembling, began to suck on one hard nipple, playing with the other tit. Karen's mind reeled and her body grew hotter by the second. The little mouth on her tit was hot and wet, and it was obvious to Karen that this precocious little beauty had sucked on a tit many times before. Pamie sucked Karen's tits not so much with an expert manner, but more in a wanton, eager, hungry way.

Karen's hands moved around the small girl, and they slipped down that smooth back, down to caress over the small, tantalizing swell of her pretty ass. Pamie moaned as Karen's hands squeezed her little ass, and she began to sway as she sucked on a nipple, her tongue fluttering to and fro.

Pamie's ass was hot in Karen's hands, and each cheek just filled her palms perfectly. She squeezed and kneaded Pamie's ass, breathing hard as the girl sucked her nipples, going from one to the other. Finally Pamie pulled her hot mouth away. She dropped to her knees before Karen, and untied the strings at her hips. The bikini fell away, exposing Karen's hairy cunt.

"Ooooo, Karen!" Pamie squealed with delight. "You're so hairy! Ohhh, I love it when a cunt is this hairy! One of these days I'll have a lot of hair on my pussy, too."

Pamie ran her hands along the insides of Karen's thighs, moved her fingertips into the soft hair. She played with the dark curls for a while, then slipped one hand down to rub Karen's swollen, clit. Karen writhed her ass on the bed, staring with hot eyes down at what the girl was doing to her.

Pamie worked a finger into Karen's cunt, and began to thrust it in and out. "Did you like fucking my brother?" Pamie asked as she fingerfucked Karen. "He's a hot little bastard, isn't he?"

Karen was continually surprised by Pamie. She was very much like her brother, using the same language, haring the same erotic desires.

"Did you suck his cock off?" Pamie asked, her finger stabbing faster into Karen's cunt. "Did you like having his hard cock in your cunt and mouth, Karen?"

Karen realized Pamie did know about her and Devon, and wondered if Pamie had managed to peek in the motor home last night. As Pamie fingerfucked her, Karen's ass was writhing hotly on the bed, her legs wide apart. She scooted her ass to the very edge, and Pamie sat down on the floor beteen her stretched legs, her face close to that hairy cunt as she plunged her finger in and out.

Karen was again surprised when she watched Pamie begin to lick at the soft, sensitive inside of one thigh. Pamie shoved her free hand beneath Karen's ass and cupped a cheek, clutching it tightly as she ran her tongue up and down the shivering thigh.

"I wanna lick your cunt, Karen," Pamie said in an excited voice. "I wanna taste your pussy. It's so hairy and wet and hot! Ooooo, I love to lick a hairy cunt!"

Karen wanted to reply, but words wouldn't come. She watched as Pamie ran her tongue up her thigh, swirled it into her cunt hair, then began to lick at her exposed clit in a delightful manner. Karen could feel Pamie's hot breath against her pussy, and she trembled again. She was leaning back now, braced by her elbows, staring hotly down her naked body, watching this little child suck and lick her twat.

"Oh, God!" she mumbled thickly. "Oh… oh, Pamie! Pamie… please, be…"

Pamie giggled as she licked at the puffy lips of Karen's match. Then she shoved her little face hard into Karen's crotch, her tongue deep inside her slippery twat. Pamie stabbed her tongue in and out, licking, closing her lips about Karen's throbbing pussy. Both her hands cupped Karen's ass now, squeezing as she licked and sucked. Her bright-blue eyes flashed hotly up past Karen's quivering tits. Pamie's eyes twinkled with mischievous, erotic delight.

"Ohhhh, baby!" Karen groaned, humping her crotch up and down now. "Ohh, sweet, sweet, baby!"

Pamie pulled her mouth an inch or so away. "Do you like this?" she asked.

"Oh, baby. I love it!" Karen gasped. "I love it very much!"

"I can make you come this way," Pamie giggled. "I wanna make you come. You taste good, and I love to lick a pussy as hairy as yours."

"Eat me, darling," Karen whispered, no longer frightened. Her passion had overcome her fear by now. "Eat my pussy, Pamie! Oh, you sweet darling! Lick my cunt for me, baby! I want to come… come badly!"

"Want me to tonguefuck you?"

"Yes, yes!" Karen groaned. "God, yes!"

Pamie giggled again as she pressed her mouth against Karen's wet, slipery twat. Karen began to grind her pussy furiously into the little face, holding the back of Pamie's head as if she might pull away again.

"Oooooh, eat me!" Karen whimpered, thrashing her hips about. "Suck my cunt, baby! Ohhhh, what a wonderful tongue you have! Fuck me, Pamie! Fuck my cunt with your tongue!"

Pamie's eyes sparkled up at her as she licked in a frenzy now. She had her lips over the whole of Karen's pussy, sucking even as her tongue flew everywhere. Her hot little hands dug harshly into Karen's naked ass, her fingers digging between the cheeks.

Pamie's tongue darted in and out of Karen's slippery snatch, tasting and licking. Her lips nibbled and sucked, and Karen felt her orgasm building into a gigantic explosion somewhere deep inside her pussy. The feeling was fantastic, and her hips flew in tight circles as she rubbed and pound her pussy into Pamie's face. That delicious little tongue felt like a tiny cock fucking her, Karen thought, her eyes smoldering and unfocused as she looked down her naked body into the hot eyes of the girl.

"Ooooo, sweet, sweet!" Karen whimpered, thrashing about insanely. "Ohhh, baby, baby! You're so sweet, so fucking sweet! Eat me… suck my cunt! Oooo, darling! What a cunt licker you are! Fuck my pussy! Tongue-fuck me hot cunt!"

Pamie giggled against Karen's bushy twat, stabbing her tongue furiously, sensing that Karen was on the very brink of a shattering orgasm.

"Ohhh! There! There!" Karen wailed, humping her pussy hard against Pamie's face. "I'm coming! Oh, God… you're making me come, darling!"

Pamie's tongue stabbed harder into the spasming pussy, her lips tight against it. Then Karen slumped her ass down, exhausted, her naked tits heaving as she struggled for air. She lay with her ass over the edge of the bed, legs still wide apart. Pamie sat there, gazing at the visibly throbbing cuntlips, licking at her smeared lips.

"My turn!" she squealed, jumping to her feet excitedly. "You gotta lick my pussy now, Karen!"

Karen turned her head and saw Pamie climb onto the bed next to her. She rolled over and stroked those sweet little tits. Pamie pulled her halter to her neck, baring her tits. Karen gazed at them, seeing the small mounds with tiny, pink nipples, rigid in desire. She dropped her mouth to one, sucking in the whole tit. Pamie squirmed beneath her face, wiggling and squealing with delight.

Somehow, Pamie managed to get on her hands and knees, her lovely little ass in the air, waving sweetly. Karen was behind the little girl, gazing at that smooth ass. The bikini was still captured between the cheeks, and Karen's hot, eager lips pressed against them. She kissed and licked Pamie's delicious little ass for a long time, caressing her hands up and down those slim thighs. Karen's mind was tumbling crazily at what she was doing. Never had she kissed another girl on the ass before. But then, she had never been sucked by another girl, either. She found Pamie's flesh sweet and smooth, lovable. Her tongue licked every inch of Pamie's little ass, and when Pamie shoved her bikini bottom down, Karen helped her get it over her feet. Again Pamie was on her hands and knees, that sweet, pretty ass wiggling tan tantalizingly into the air.

Karen saw the way her pretty pussy, with that sparse golden hair, pooched between her thighs, and suddenly she wanted to lick that cunt more than anything in the world.

"God, baby," she breathed hotly, feeling Pamie's wet snatch. "It is a pretty little cunt! So sweet… so beautiful!"

"Taste it, Karen," Pamie urged, wiggling her ass in unashamed invitation. "Taste my cunt!"

"Oh, I will!" Karen grunted.

She shoved her face down, kissing the backs of Pamie's smooth thighs, running her tongue up and down the flesh as Pamie had done to her. She licked Pamie's ass, circling that pooching cunt. Finally, taking a deep breath, Karen ran the flat surface of her tongue up and down the puffy little pussylips. She thought she would burst with the exquisite thrills that shot through her as she tasted the sweetness of this little pussy. She had gone wild sucking Devon's young cock off, and she was going just as wild with her mouth pressed against this wet, tight cunt.

Pamie wiggled her pussy and ass against Karen's face, mewling with delight. "Lick it, Karen! Lick my twat for me! Oooo, I love being sucked and licked this way!"

Karen's tongue lapped up and down the tight snatch, and before she knew what she was doing, she was running her tongue from the clit up over the lips and over that puckered little asshole. She held Pamie's hips as she kissed and sucked, her mouth pushed into that delicious wetness. Pamie had placed her head on the mattress, her hands clawing at the sheets, with her ass high in the air. She was whimpering and moaning with the intensity of what Karen was doing. The sounds fueled Karen's actions, sent her mind soaring with passion.

"Stick your tongue up my cunt, Karen!" Pamie wailed in passion. "Stick your tongue up my pussy and fuck me with it! Please, hurry and fuck me! Tongue-fuck my pussy, please! Ohhh, it feels like I'm gonna come!"

Karen's tongue slithered into Pamie's tight pussy. She was surprised at the beat, at the wetness, at the sheer loveliness of it. She had expected Pamie's young twat to be tight, and it was. It clung to her tongue like a wet vise.

"I'm gonna… gonna come!" Pamie squealed, thrusting her ass against Karen's face. "Ohhh, there! Feel me… feel my pussy coming!"

Karen could feel her coming. The little cunt tightened and flexed around her tongue, almost as though it were sucking on it. Karen had her nose pressed against the tight asshole, and she could hardly breathe but she didn't want to pull away while Pamie was coming. She could feel the sweetness of the pussy sucking at her tongue, and it made her own cunt convulse. Pamie squealed and thrashed about, but Karen kept her mouth pressed to that hot pussy. Pamie came strongly, and as soon as that one was over, she entered into another equally strong orgasm. Karen realized the little girl was having one come after the other, and she thrust her tongue in and out furiously until Pamie slumped to the bed, her naked little ass quivering.

"Ooohhh, Karen!" Pamie murmured, her eyes closed, a smile of delighted-satisfaction on her lovely young face. "That was soooo Goddamn good! Oh, you suck my pussy so good! Golly, it's gonna be fun knowing you!"

Karen got up and went to the small refrigerator and removed two soft drinks. As Pamie sat cross-legged on the bed, with Karen on the edge, they sipped at the drinks. Karen gazed at the exquisite beauty of the little girl, at her small, but surprisingly well-shaped tits. Pamie's nipples, she noted, were so pale pink in color, they almost faded into the whiteness of her flesh. She lowered her eyes to the young pussy, and saw the golden hairs might as well not have been there. They were so sparse, they were almost insignificant. It was almost like looking at a shaved cunt.

"What did you mean," Karen said slowly, "about me and your brother, Pamie? What do you know about us?"

"I know you fucked him," she giggled. "I know you sucked his cock off, too."

"But how?" Karen insisted. "Did you peek at us?"

"I'm not gonna tell," Pamie said, giggling again. "I just know you did, that's all."

Karen felt some of her fear returning now that the heat of passion had been abated. If Pamie knew, then someone else could know it, too. Did they make make that much noise? she wondered. Anyone could have been outside her motor home, listening to them. Was that how Pamie found out?

They finished the soft drinks, and she watched as Pamie put her bikini back on. Her eyes widened a bit as she saw Pamie pull the back of the bikini into the crack of her ass, the way it had been before. Pamie did it without being conscious of it, as though she did it all the time, wanting the cheeks of her little ass exposed. She's a little tease, Karen thought. But no, she wasn't a tease at all. She might show her little body off, tease with it, but she would come across, too. Then Karen laughed to herself. She knew she was the same way, and had no right passing judgment on Pamie for exposing her body this way. They could have been cut from the same mold when it came to sex, she realized.

"You wanna go swimming with us?" Pamie asked after she had her bikini on.


"Me and Devon," Pamie said, her blue eyes flashing.

For a moment Karen was ready, then she changed her mind, "Maybe this afternoon, Pamie."

"We'll count on you," Pamie said, then left Karen in the motor home.

Karen found her thoughts confusing. She had managed to seduce Devon with no trouble at all. He had turned out to be what she had been searching for in a young boy all her life. Then, this morning, his sister came along and seduced her.

It was strange, very strange.


Karen had a small snack for lunch, staying close to her motor home. She was almost afraid to go out of it, afraid Susan and Stan would ask her to join them again. After what she had done with their children, what Pamie had known about her and Devon, her fear had become steadily greater, until it gnawed like cold claws at her stomach.

She could see Susan and Stan across the way. Stan wore his usual cut-offs, and Susan was dressed in a very becoming bikini. She was a very attractive woman, Karen saw, with long legs and large tits. Her ass was rounded, shapely, and swelled to perfection. Stan was muscular, with bronzed body as if he spent a great deal of time in the sun.

Karen was relieved when she saw them get into the small compact car and drive away. She went outside then and saw Devon and Pamie near the water. They were with another boy of perhaps Devon's age. She thought of walking down there and joining them, but after what Pamie had said, she wasn't sure it would be a good idea.

She watched them for awhile, then shrugged. The pull of those young bodies was too much for her. She walked slowly toward the water, her eyes on the teenagers.

"Hi, Karen," Devon said as she approached.

"Hello, Devon," she replied in a nervous voice. "How's the water?"

"Nice and warm," Pamie said, her eyes sparkling as she looked at Karen.

"This is my friend, Tommy," Devon said, introducing the boy. "They're from out of state."

"Hello, Tommy," Karen said.

"Karen is my teacher in school," Devon said, sounding proud of the fact. "That is, she will be when school starts next month."

The boy looked at Karen. "I never had a teacher that looked like that," he said.

Karen was pleased, and she felt a warm flush on her face. The boy was taller than Devon, but skinny. He looked as if he never got enough to eat.

"All my teachers are old, or ugly, or fat," Tommy said. "I hate school."

"I used to," Devon said, grinning, "but I think I'll like it now."

Karen shot a warning glance at him, but Devon ignored it. Pamie turned toward the water and began to walk toward it. There were not many boys and girls in it now. Karen saw Tommy's eyes on Pamie's body, gazing at the exposed ass cheeks. A quick glance at the front of his trunks told her he had a hard-on. Well, I can't blame him, she thought. Pamie is one sexy little girl.

She started following Pamie. "I think I'll have a little swim with Pamie," she called over her shoulder. "By the way, I saw your parents drive off, Devon."

"They ran out of beer," Devon replied. "They won't be gone long."

Pamie splashed into the water, turning and seeing Karen wading toward her. She stood, waist deep, her blue eyes flashing with happy impishness. "Feels good, don't it?"

"It sure does," Karen replied, walking out until her tits were just above it. "I love water."

"We have a nice big pool at home," Pamie said. "You can come over sometimes and use it."

"Your parents might have something to say about that," Karen said.

"They won't mind," Pamie said, splashing water. "They like you."

"How do you know that?"

"I just know, that's all."

"You seem to know quite a bit, young lady," Karen said. "I'm not so sure that's good for me."

Pamie giggled and came toward her. Before Karen knew what was happening, the little girl had slipped her hand between her thighs and squeezed her pussy.

"Hey!" Karen yelped, jerking her hips backwards. "None of that. Not out here, anyway."

"Why not?" Pamie giggled, making a grab again, but Karen evaded her hot little hand.

"Someone will see us," Karen said, indicating the two boys on the beach. "Them, for example."

"Devon's already seen all of you, hasn't he?"

"But not the other boy."

"Gotcha!" Pamie yelped in glee. "Then you admit you let Devon fuck you?"

"I admit no such thing!" Karen protested.

"But you said…"

"Pamie, please!"

"Party pooper," Pamie pouted.

"We've got to be careful," Karen warned. "After all, I am a teacher, you know."

"I bet you'd be a good teacher on how to fuck and suck cock," Pamie laughed. "You could give a special course on how to lick a hot little cunt, too."

"That's enough, Pamie," Karen said, now angry. "Someone will hear you."

"Fuck 'em all!" Pamie yelled.

Karen blushed, then heard Devon call out: "You say something, Pamie?"

Pamie laughed, arching her middle finger at her brother.

"Pamie!" Karen gasped.

Pamie laughed again. She moved around Karen and Karen felt those little hands on her ass. She wanted to move away, but it would be too obvious the boys were looking in their direction. She felt her bikini bottom pulled into the crack of her ass.

"Stop that, Pamie!" she hissed.

"You gotta wear it this way," Pamie said, pinching Karen's ass lightly. "You gotta wear it so your ass shows."

"I do not!"

"Yes you do!" Pamie said, feeling about to make sure Karen's ass cheeks were fully revealed. "If you don't, I'll tell on you."

"That's… that's blackmail, Pamie!" Karen gasped, feeling the fear creep over her again.

"I don't care," the little girl said. "I'll tell on you if you don't leave your bikini alone. Don't you like guys looking at you? I do."

"But… I can't do this, Pamie," Karen protested, but she did not try to pull her bikini over her ass cheeks.

"Why not? I do all the time."

"But I'm a woman!"

"That makes a difference?" Pamie asked. "The boys love to see a woman like this. Ask Devon."

Karen had the strange feeling she was being controlled, manipulated in a sexual way by Pamie. She had felt some control with Devon, but now that she thought of it, he was the one who controlled the situation. And now his sister was doing it. She shuddered at the thought of being under the domination of these two children, this brother and sister. For the first time, she began to worry.

She wanted to pull her bikini out of the crack of her ass, but Pamie had warned her. There was nothing else to do but leave it there. Maybe, she thought, she could stay in the water until Pamie left. But Pamie must have known what she was thinking, because she stayed right with her.

"We should get out now," Pamie said, taking Karen's hand. "Let's go where the boys are."

"Pamie, I can't!" Karen protested again, knowing it would do her no good. "I'd die of shame."

"No you won't," Pamie said. "Seeing your ass this way will make their cocks get nice and hard."

Trembling with embarrassment, Karen walked out of the water with Pamie, clutching the little hand tightly. The two boys watched them come, and Devon had a big grin plastered on his face.

Pamie made sure that Karen turned so the boys could see her ass cheeks. Despite the feeling of embarrassment, Karen could not help the delicious thrill that went through her. When she faced the boys again, she could see by their expressions they had enjoyed seeing her ass. Both of their cocks was thrusting against their trunks. Karen stood, quiet, not knowing what to say.

"I gotta pee," Pamie said, and began to run toward the huge motor home.

Karen watched the boys, seeing how their eyes glazed over as they saw Pamie's little ass, those white cheeks revealed. The skinny Tommy looked back at her, and Karen saw speculation written in his eyes. A glance at Devon told her he must have said something to the boy. A deep flush came over her, and she looked at the ground shyly.

Devon took her hand. "Come with us, Karen," he said.

"Where?" she asked, pulling back.

"Just come with us," he insisted, pulling at her hand.

The look he gave her told Karen she didn't have much choice in the matter. Wit a sinking heart, she found herself pulled toward the thick trees. She looked around to see if anyone was watching. There was hardly anyone around, and she was relieved. She had an idea why Devon was taking her into the trees, and she had mixed feelings about it. On one hand, it frightened her, but, on the other, she was very excited.

Devon led the way, still gripping her hand, with Tommy trailing behind her. She could feel his eyes on the exposed cheeks of her ass, and she knew for certain why Devon was taking her into the woods when she felt Tommy's hand suddenly dart out and feel her ass.

Karen yelped softly and tried to jerk away, but Tommy snickered and goosed her.

"Devon, this isn't…"

"Come on and don't say anything, Karen," he said. "You'll like it, I promise you that."

They came to a small clearing, with a soft mat of grass. They were surrounded by tall trees, thick enough to conceal them. Karen stood there, trembling, her hands clasped behind her back, watching the two boys with wary eyes. She could feel her heart racing, and there was that good feeling between her thighs. Her tits swelled and her nipples poked against her halter.

"You sure she'll do it, Devon?" Tommy asked, looking up and down Karen's curvy, beautiful body. "I mean, she's a teacher. Teachers don't do those things, do they?"

"This teacher does," Devon replied. "Go on, take your cock out. You'll see."

"Devon, please," Karen whimpered.

But he ignored her. He dropped his trunks to his feet, his cock springing up, hard and throbbing, already dripping from his piss hole. Karen involuntarily licked her lips as she gazed at it. Devon closed his fist about his cock and slowly jacked it.

"Take your bikini off, Karen," he said. "Show my friend your teacher cunt."

"Devon, don't make me do this! Please!" she begged. "I thought we… that you and I…"

"Take it off!"

Afraid to obey him, and at the same time afraid not to, she began to remove her bikini with shaking hands. Her tits came free, and she heard Tommy suck in his breath. She opened the tie strings of her bikini bottom, and it fell to her feet. She stood there, naked, trembling with fear. But she was excited, too. She watched as Tommy removed his trunks. His cock, hard as Devon's, was not as long nor as thick, but quite lovely just the same. He had more hair than Devon, and his balls were much larger.

Again, Karen wondered how she had come to be in this position. She shivered with a deep fear, but that fear was mixed with excitement, too, an excitement she had been looking for a long time. This was dangerous, very dangerous, but she could not help what she felt. She gazed longingly at both those teenage cocks, her pussy throbbing hotly. She loved the way both boys looked at her. This was what she wanted, despite the inner fear.

Tommy walked all around her, looking at her, touching her tits, feeling her ass, caressing her cunt. She stood still, her legs slightly apart, and Tommy stabbed a finger in and out of her cunt for a few moments.

"You gotta suck us off," Devon said. "That's what we want, Karen. We want you to suck our cocks off."

"Does she really suck cock?" Tommy asked in an excited voice. "I've never had my cock sucked before."

"She's a good cocksucker," Devon said proudly. "She's a real good teacher cunt cocksucker."

Karen was overwhelmed with passion, listening to them. She was so aroused, she cupped her tits in both hands and played with her nipples. "Yes," she whispered.

"What?" Tommy asked, not hearing her. "What did you say, Karen?"

"Go ahead, tell him," Devon urged.

"I'm a good cocksucker," Karen whispered. "I'm a good teacher cunt cocksucker."

"Hey, this is great!" Tommy said. "I wish I had a teacher like this."

Karen, now so aroused it overcame her feeling of fear, reached out with both hands and wrapped her fingers around those two wonderfully hard pricks. She stroked them as the boys felt her body, running their hands over her tits, her ass, her cunt. She stood, shivering, as each boy sucked a nipple into his mouth and began to suck it. She beat rapidly on their throbbing cocks, pulled at their balls, and felt her legs wobble like rubber. They pressed against her, smearing her thighs with the dripping heads of their cocks.

Then Karen sank to the soft grass, sitting there with her legs spread out wide. She retained her grip on those two pricks, jacking them. She turned her head from side to side, gazing with desire.

"You gotta suck us off," Devon repeated, shoving his cock against her cheek.

Karen pulled Tommy's prick against her other cheek, caressing those dripping piss holes about her face. She licked her lips, her eyes smoldering with intense passion. She twisted her face toward Tommy's cock, ran her lips over the head, then repeated this with Devon's prick. The taste was similar, and she loved it. Thrusting her tongue out, she licked at the piss hole of Devon's prick, then did the same to Tommy's.

"Ohhhhh," she mewled, writhing her naked ass against the grass as she licked at the cocks in turn. "I love them! I love these two wonderful cocks!"

"You gonna suck us off?" Tommy grunted in a husky voice.

"Oh, yes!" Karen mewled. "I'm going to suck you off! I'm going to suck both these beautiful, hard cocks right off!"

"You gonna let us come in your mouth?" Tommy asked, not believing this.

"That's what she wants," Devon replied. "Karen loves to have a cock coming off in her mouth. Don't you, Karen?"

"Yes! God, yes!" she whimpered. She turned her face toward Devon, opening her lips and taking his cock into her mouth. She continued to jack on Tommy's prick as she sucked Devon. She swallowed the length of Devon's cock, and Tommy's eyes went big.

"Golly! She took it all in her mouth!"

"She's a good cocksucker, I told you," Devon replied.

Karen sucked back and forth on Devon's cock, then pulled away, turning toward Tommy. She smiled at his dripping prick, then pulled it into her mouth, her lips pressing at the base. She took hold of his balls as she bobbed her lovely face to and fro.

"She's got it all in her fucking mouth!" he said, as if he couldn't believe what he was seeing.

Karen sucked a while on his cock, then released it and returned to Devon's. She sucked first one, then the other, taking turns. Her pussy was going wild, becoming wetter than it ever had before. Her clit, was so swollen, it was almost painful to her. Her emotions were reeling with pleasure as she took turns sucking those wonderfully hard, teenage cocks.

"Suck me!" Devon urged when her mouth turned toward him again. "Suck my cock all the way down your cocksucking, teacher cunt throat!"

Karen sucked his prick fast and furious, her tongue flying, and her fist beat on Tommy's. She twisted about from time to time, eager and hungry to suck both. She was making soft, gurgling sounds of intense pleasure as she sucked them, and soon her face was turning swiftly from one to the other.

She ran her hands between their thighs and cupped their ass cheeks, squeezing them as she sucked. Then Karen wanted even more than she was getting.

Grasping their cocks in her hands, she looked up at them with burning eyes, "Please, let me suck both at the same time! I want both cocks in my mouth together!"

"Can you do that?" Devon asked.

"I'm going to fucking well try!" Karen almost shouted.

Both boys stood side by side, the heads of their cocks together. Karen licked her lips, then opened her mouth as wide as she could. She slipped her lips over both cockheads, and could take no more. Her lips were stretched to their limits, and all she could do was use her tongue now to lick the flaring, dripping piss holes.

Her tongue flew about them, her eyes glassy as she stared up at them. She gripped both sets of balls in her hands, twisting and tugging them as she licked, her lips just past the ridge of their cocks. The hot throbbing feel of two cocks inside her mouth at the same time sent her passions skyrocketing. Her pussy was convulsing into powerful orgasms, one after the other.

"Suck!" Devon grunted, holding the back of her head with one hand, his other hand on Tommy's shoulder. "Suck us! Suck our cocks!"

Tommy was too overwhelmed by what was happening to say anything. All he could do was stare down at Karen's stuffed mouth, his own hanging open in pleasure.

Karen licked her tongue about those piss holes, her lips unable to take any more cock inside. Her whole body was shuddering with intense pleasure, and she thought her pussy would never stop coming. She was having orgasm after orgasm, each one better than the last. She had never known so much pleasure, so many thrills.

"I'm about to come!" Tommy finally panted.

"Me too!" Devon yelped.

Karen heard them, but it was as if their voices were far away. Her tongue licked wildly and frantically at the two cocks, licking away the seeping juices, her throat working. She could feel the cocks throbbing more powerfully, feel them becoming harder.

She tasted cum splash over her tongue, and she almost fainted with sheer ecstasy. She wasn't sure which cock was coming first, but she did know they both were. Both those cocks were flooding her greedy mouth with thick, slippery cum, and she moaned as her pussy exploded into one long, last orgasm. Some of the cum dripped to her chin, then down onto her tits. She gurgled and gulped, her brain reeling as they came into her mouth.

Finally there was no more, and the two cocks were pulled from her mouth. Karen licked her lips, and then she licked at each cock, dropping her face a bit to lick Tommy's hairy balls, then Devon's. The expression on her face was one of intense ecstasy. She sat back, braced with her hands behind her, her naked tits arching up, nipples still hard.

"Was that good?" she asked them, smiling lewdly. "Did I suck you good?"

"Goddamn!" Tommy grunted, still hardly believing what had happened.

"Now do you believe me?" Devon asked him. "I told you my teacher was a cocksucker, didn't I?"

"Goddamn!" Tommy said again, awed.

They pulled on their trunks, and Karen felt a reluctance to see those cocks disappear. Despite all those fantastic orgasms she had experienced, she was still highly aroused. She wanted to lie there, naked, concealed by the trees, with the two boys. She wanted them to fuck her, take turns fucking her cunt. She wanted to suck them again, suck one cock and have one fucking her pussy.

"Devon! Karen!"

Karen's heart lurched. It was Pamie, searching for them. She scrambled about, trying to get back into her bikini before the little girl found them.

"Oh, God!" she wailed, stuffing her tits into the halter.

Devon laughed, and Tommy snickered.


"I hope those kids weren't too much for you today," Susan said.

It was evening, and the fire was blazing before them. Karen had been invited to eat the evening meal with the Holmes'. She sat, still in her bikini, sipping on a beer. Stan, in his cut-offs, poked at the fire with a long stick. Susan, also skimpily dressed, sat next to Karen.

"They are wonderful children," Karen replied. "Of course they aren't too much. You forget I'm a teacher."

"I don't forget," Susan laughed. "I would think you'd want to stay as far away from children as you can get during summer vacation."

"Not me," Karen replied. "I love children, especially in the ages of Devon and Pamie. They're still filled with awe about the world around them. It's the best age to teach as far as I'm concerned."

"Well, I'm sure you won't find Devon one of those trouble-makers," Stan said. "You've got that kid eating out of your hand already."

"All he talks about is you," Susan put in, flashing a bright smile at Karen. "He thinks you're the most beautiful woman in the world."

Karen had the grace to blush, and returned Susan's smile.

"No one would ever think of you as a teacher, Karen," Stan said. "As you know, all the others at the school are kind of dowdy."

"I guess I'm not very well dressed," Karen said. "For a teacher, I mean."

"You're on vacation," Stan said. "You have every right to dress any way you want on vacation."

"That's nice, coming from you, Stan. I mean, with your membership on the school board…"

Stan laughed. "I'm human, you know. Besides, look at how I'm dressed."

Karen looked. He had stopped playing with the fire and was now slumped in his lawn chair. His knees were apart, and her breath sucked in. She could just see the head of his cock peeking past the frayed edges of his jeans. She glanced at Susan to see if she had noticed this. Apparently Susan had not.

Pamie and Devon were sitting on the other side of the fire, whispering and giggling like any youngsters. Karen looked at them, but they were involved in whatever secrets they had. Karen hoped desperately they weren't telling each other what they had done with her. That had been a close call in the trees today. She had barely gotten her bikini back on before Pamie came skipping up to them, breathless from her search.

She smiled to herself, remembering how good it had been, with those two young cocks inside her mouth, coming, spewing over her tongue. Remembering it, her body shivered and her pussy tingled.

Finally it was time for her to go to her own motor home. It was late and she was a bit tired. After saying goodnight, she started toward her motor home. She had not gone far when Pamie came racing after her.

Karen waited, and when Pamie caught up with her, she slipped her small hand into Karen's.

"I get to stay the night with you, Karen," Pamie said in her soft voice. "That's if you don't mind."

Karen looked down at the little girl, then back at the Holmes. Stan lifted his arm in agreement with Pamie.

"That will be fine," she called back to them.

Holding hands tightly, they walked to Karen's motor home. She had left the lights burning, including the small outside one. As she was unlocking the door, she felt Pamie's warm little palm caressing the cheek other ass. She shot a glance down at the girl, then over her shoulder toward the Holmes. No one was looking in their direction, so she didn't say anything to Pamie.

Opening the door, she let Pamie enter first, and her eyes fixed upon that tight, small ass. The white cheeks, as always, were exposed by the way her bikini bottom was pulled into the crack. Pamie's ass was almost an a level with her tits, and Karen could not resist the sudden urge to lean over and kiss one creamy, sweet cheek. Pamie giggled and paused, wiggling her cute little ass against Karen's lips.

Then Karen shoved her gently into the motor home and stepped in herself, closing the door behind her. Immediately with the door closed, Karen wrapped her arms about the warm little body and hugged it tight against hers. Pamie's face buried into Karen's tits as she wrapped her arms about Karen's waist. Karen kissed the top of Pamie's head, sliding her hand down to fondle that tight ass. Pamie writhed against Karen, opening her knees and pressing her hot little cunt hard against Karen's thigh.

"God, baby," Karen sighed, squeezing Pamie's ass. "You're so fucking hot! Do you stay hot like this all the time?"

"Yes, don't you?"

"I think I do," Karen laughed. "We make a fine pair, don't we? Both with hot cunts… it's beautiful!"

Karen removed Pamie's bikini, then stepped back to look at her. "You have such sweet little tits," she murmured softly, her voice warming with passion. "Your nipples as so tiny, but delicious. And your pussy hair is so scant, I can see that scrumptious cunt easily."

"Take yours off," Pamie mewled, playing wit her own tits. "Let me see you naked, too."

Karen hurriedly undressed, and stood tall and proud in her beauty.

Pamie reached out and fondled Karen's shapely tits, traced her fingertips down into the thick, curly hair that covered Karen's twat.

Then the door opened.

"Oh God!" Karen wailed, covering her cunt with one hand and her tits with the other arm, her eyes wide with fright. "I forgot to lock the door!"

Pamie turned, not at all surprised.

"Hi!" Devon grinned, peeking in at them.

"Devon!" Karen yelped. "Close the door! Some one will see us! Hurry!"

But Devon took his time climbing in and closing the door. In the meantime, Karen had thrown a robe about Pamie's naked body. Pamie giggled and didn't seem at all concerned about being naked.

"Devon, we were just getting ready for bed," Karen said, her voice quivering. "Don't you know how to knock?"

Then Karen noticed he was carrying something. "What's that?" she asked, suspiciously.

"Tape recorder," he said, nonchalantly. He held it out and showed it to her. "Wanna hear what I picked up on it?"

Suspicion grew in Karen's mind as she watched him press the rewind, then stop it. And then she heard her own voice saying: "…with hot cunts… it's beautiful!"

"Devon!" she yelped. "Don't you realize what that could do to me? Please, erase it!"

"Oh no," he teased. "I like to listen to things like this."

In her fear, Karen had not noticed Pamie had removed the robe, and was now standing naked before her brother. Karen had pulled a sheet from the bed and draped it around her body, her eyes huge as she stared at Devon.

"Don't worry about that," Pamie said. "Devon isn't going to let anyone else hear it."

Karen glanced at Pamie, then back at Devon, who was stripping his cut-offs from his body. She saw his cock lurch upright, and that Pamie was watching him, too.

"Oh no," she whimpered. "That's far enough, kids. No more. Get your clothes on and go back to your own motor home."

Devon paused with one leg in his cut-offs. He looked at Karen, then at his sister. "Okay, Pamie," he said. "I guess we gotta do what the teacher says."

Pamie picked up her bikini, but instead of putting it on, she balled it up and started toward the door.

"Wait!" Karen called in panic. "You can't go outside naked! Put your bikini on, Pamie."

"But why?" Pamie turned and looked at Karen.

"She don't have to," Devon said. "Mom and Dad will be hearing my tape, anyway."

"No, Devon!" Karen's voice came out filled with feat. "I'll lose my job! Please, don't do this to me. Please, please!"

"Do we have to go, then?" Pamie asked. Karen had sat on the edge of the bed, fear filling her body. She had her face in her hands, tears stinging her eyes. She looked up at them, and saw that Pamie was standing next to her brother, slowly stroking his hard cock. What have I gotten myself into? she wondered. What kind of kids are these, anyway?

Slumping in defeat, she shook her head. "No," she whispered. "You don't have to go."

She watched with tear-filled eyes while Pamie caressed her brother's cock, and the sheet she had hastily wrapped about her nakedness fell away. Despite her fear, she was becoming intensely aroused by watching them, her pussy bubbling and her tits swelling.

"Wanna see Devon fuck me?" Pamie giggled.

"This isn't the first time?" Karen asked.

"No, silly," Pamie giggled, squeezing her brother's cock. "We been fucking ever since we were little kids."

You're still little kids, Karen thought.

"Tommy's fucked her too," Devon said, placing the tape recorder on a table. "He fucked her yesterday. He was gonna fuck her today, but they left this afternoon."

"You mean…" Karen could hardly believe this.

"They took turns fucking me," Pamie giggled. "I like being fucked by two at the same time."

"The same time?" Karen asked, her mind still numb by what had happened, what was still happening.

"Well, not really," Devon said. "We fucked her one after the other."

"Gang bang," Pamie laughed.

They came close to Karen, and Devon reached out and fondled one tit. Pamie played with the other, still gripping her brother's cock.

"Lie back and spread your legs, teacher," he said, his voice thick now. "I wanna fuck you again, Karen."

"But what about Pamie?" Karen asked, lying back. "Not with her here, surely."

"What's the difference?" Devon asked. "You been eating her cunt, haven't you?"

"How do you know that?" Karen asked, knowing before the answer came.

"It's on tape."

"And you fucking Devon," Pamie giggled. "It sounds like you were fucking him to death!"

Karen's heart sank. These two kids had enough evidence to keep her out of any school in the country. They had her securely in their hot little grasp, and there was nothing she could do about it. She knew that no matter what they wanted of her, she could not resist. Not as long as those tapes were in existence.

She watched through her hazy eyes as both Devon and Pamie dropped to their knees, spreading her legs wide. The two children gazed between her long, creamy thighs, looking at her bushy snatch. She felt their hands moving up and down the inner surface of her thighs, teasing her. The sensation was enough to make Karen writhe her naked ass against the mattress. Her cunt was steaming now, and she let her head fall back. Despite the tears, despite the fear in her heart, she was responding to their tantalizing, stroking hands. She could not just lie there and be still, no matter the threat of blackmail, no matter what the future held. She was simply too hot for them, too aroused by those teenage hands and bodies.

Pamie crawled up on the bed with her, and Karen felt that hot little mouth kissing one tit. She ran her hand down Pamie's smooth back, cupped one hot ass cheek as Pamie lifted her ass into the air. Then Devon was on the other side of her, licking at her other tit.

"Oooooo," Karen whimpered, feeling those hot little teenage mouths sucking at her nipples. "That's good… very good."

She moved her other hand down until she was able to grasp Devon's cock, and she began to jack on it. Jacking his prick, she slipped the fingers of her other hand past Pamie's wiggling ass, through her hot little thighs, and began to feel the almost hairless cunt.

"So good," she murmured. "Suck them… suck my nipples! Ohhhh, you two suck my tits so good! Bite me! Bite my fucking tits!"

Both Pamie and Devon nibbled at her sensitive tits, and she felt their hands down on her thighs, then playing with her steaming cunt.

Both those hands were feeling her pussy, and Karen was beside herself with emotion. She writhed about, moaning as her passion grew, swelling until it filled her whole body.

One of them, she didn't know who, was rubbing at her swollen clit, and the other was working a finger in and out of her slippery twat. Then the fingers switched places, and continued to change back and forth as they sucked and licked at her burning tits.

"You gonna fuck her?" she heard Pamie ask her brother.

"You're fucking right!" Devon grunted in reply.

Karen lifted her head and pulled a pillow underneath it, wanting to watch as he got between her widely spread thighs. His cock was jutting out, throbbing in hardness, dripping from the piss hole. She wanted to have it in her mouth, but then she wanted to feel it stretching her cunt, too. She watched as Pamie took hold of her brother's cock and helped him press it into her hairy cunt.

"Ooohhhh!" Karen wailed softly as his cock entered her twat. "Ohhh, yes, yes! Fuck me, Devon! Fuck my hot cunt with your sweet, hard cock!"

Pamie giggled, and as Devon began to pump in and out of Karen's pussy, she rubbed her clit with two fingers. Karen thrashed about on the bed, feeling Devon's hard prick plunging in and out of her steaming snatch, and Pamie's fingers on her clit served to intensify her feelings.

"Teacher cunt!" Devon gasped, gripping Karen's hips as he plunged in and out of her twat. "Fucking teacher cunt! I'm fucking my teacher's cunt!"

"Fuck her good, Devon!" Pamie squealed, pinching at Karen's swollen clit. "Fuck her teacher cunt good! Make her cunt come… make her teacher pussy come!"

The words rang in Karen's brain, making her respond with even more furious motions of her ass. Pamie had twisted about on the bed, her knees drawn up beneath her, and Karen was stabbing a finger into that sweet, young, tight pussy, her motions matching that of Devon's cock thrusting into her own cunt. Pamie was wiggling her cute ass about, and Karen saw the young, lovely face slip past her stomach.

"I'm gonna lick her cunt," Pamie said. "I'm gonna lick her cunt while you fuck her, Devon!"

Karen, her eyes hazy with passion, saw the little girl lick her tongue into those dark, curling hairs, then she felt the hot lips sucking at her clit. She couldn't understand how this was possible with Devon's cock up her snatch. But they were managing quite well. Her clit being sucked at the same time as she was getting a cock in her pussy was a new experience for Karen. It sent her emotions soaring, and she yelped and whimpered as the sensations flooded her body, making her nerves tingle like never before.

"Eat her pussy!" Devon grunted, holding the back of his sister's head down with one hand, and still gripping Karen's hip with the other. "Eat her fucking teacher cunt! Suck her twat… snatch… pussy… cunt!"

Karen felt the hot breath of the little girl on her pussy, felt those eager lips nibbling her clit, the wet tongue fluttering.

"Oh, yes!" she yelped, writhing her ass wildly now. "Eat me… eat my teacher cunt! Fuck me. Devon! Suck me, Pamie! Ooooohh, beautiful! Fuck… suck!"

Karen could feel her orgasm bubbling like an overflowing kettle. She moaned and whimpered, her head twisting about, eyes closed now. Her finger dove time and again into the heat of Pamie's slippery little cunt, making the girl gurgle as she twisted her little ass about in the air. Karen's cunt was flexing tightly about Devon's pounding cock, drawing on it. She wanted to lift her legs high in the air, to make it easer for him to go deeper, but if she did that, Pamie would not be able to suck on her throbbing clit.

"Fuck me, Devon!" she called out. "Fuck me… fuck the piss out of my hot cunt! Suck me, Pamie! Suck my pussy with your hot cunt licking little mouth! Fuck me! Eat me! Ohhhh, I'm going to… to come!"

When she said that, both Devon and Pamie renewed their vigorous motions. Devon drove his cock into her burning pussy harder and faster, and Pamie sucked quite hard on her clit. Karen lifted her ass, grinding it against Devon's thrusting cock and Pamie's mouth, gurgling loudly. She had pulled her finger out of Pamie's cunt and was now gripping the check of her ass tightly, her fingers digging into the firm, creamy, hot flesh. Suddenly, Karen's body burst into a fantastic orgasm. She shivered, then shuddered, and a loud groan came from her tightly clamped lips. Her pussy gripped Devon's cock like a soft, slippery vise. The pressure caused Devon to groan, and he slammed his prick hard into her, buried deeply, and began to come in powerful spurts. Karen felt him splashing into her pussy, and it sent her into another convulsive orgasm.

Pamie sucked hard while Karen came and came, tasting her brother's cum as it seeped around his cock. She whimpered softly, then pulled her face away and sat back on her heels.

Devon pulled his prick free of Karen's clinging pussy, then crawled onto the bed next to her. Karen lay on her back, her legs wide, gulping in air, her naked tits heaving up and down.

"Did you like that, Karen?" Pamie asked after a bit. "Was it fun?"

Karen pulled herself up, sitting with her legs still wide and leaned against the side of the motor home. She looked at the brother and sister, her expression showing how much she had enjoyed what they did to her.

"I don't know about you two," she said, but there was a smile on her face. "I just don't know how to take this. I've never done anything like it before."

"You did too!" Pamie laughed. "You even sucked Tommy and Devon off this morning."

"How did you know about that?" Karen asked.

"Devon told me."

Karen shot a look at Devon. "Isn't anything secret between you two?"

"Not much," Devon replied.

It was then that Karen noticed the tape recorder was running. "Oh, God! Turn that fucking thing off!"

"Why?" Pamie asked.

Karen started to get up and turn it off herself. "I'll erase that…"

"Won't do any good," Devon said. "We still have the tape of you and me." Karen slumped back, defeated.

Devon laughed, throwing a leg over her chest, his cock brushing over her throbbing nipples. She gazed at his prick, licking her lips. Pamie reached out and took her brother's prick in her little fist, pumping on it.

"Suck his cock, Karen," she said, pulling at her brother's cock until it was close to Karen's face. "Suck him off. Devon likes to be sucked off."

Karen had no choice – there was nothing else she could do. That tape was damning evidence, evidence that could bar her from ever teaching again. These two hot-assed little kids had a firm grip on her now, and there was no way she could get out of it.

When Pamie brought her brother's cock up and brushed the dripping head over her lips, Karen sighed and ran her tongue out, tasting him. "Ooooo," she whimpered and opened her lips. She closed her mouth around the dripping head of his prick and ran her tongue over the piss hole.

Pamie jerked on Devon's cock, her fist striking Karen's lips. "I'll jack him off into your mouth, Karen," she giggled.

But instead, she released her brother's cock and went to the edge of the bed. Karen, with her mouth filled with hard, throbbing cock, felt the little girl's hot tongue licking up her thighs, her lips kissing. Then the wet mouth was pressed against her quivering pussy, and the eager little tongue was darting in and out, licking up over her clit now and then. She lifted her ass when she felt Pamie trying to slide her hands underneath, and, as the girl gripped her ass cheeks, she began to suck and lick ad Devon's cock in a vigorous manner.

Devon began fucking back and forth, driving his cock all the way into Karen's mouth, his balls hitting against her chin. Karen gurgled around his prick, her eyes open, but seeing nothing. Her mind was whirling as her emotions began to climb again. She lifted her cunt and began to grind it hard into Pamie's sucking, licking mouth. She could feel Pamie's hot little hands clutching at her ass, and it increased her pleasure.

"Suck my cock, teacher cunt!" Devon growled in a thick voice down at her, holding the back of her head as she stabbed hard and fast. "Suck my cock, cocksucker! Suck it and make me come… swallow my cum, you teacher cunt!"

Karen's mouth and lips and tongue sucked and licked furiously as Pamie's mouth pressed into her steaming pussy. She was getting something she had dreamed of – two young kids working on her body. It had not been dreams of a boy and girl, but it was just as good.

She felt Pamie's hungry little tongue dart deeply into her twat, fucking in and out, and she sucked Devon's throbbing, dripping prick with total abandonment. His ass brushed at her tits, sending her into further ecstasy. She ran her hands around his hips and clutched at his ass cheeks, and when one nipple began to rub at his tight asshole, Karen went almost out of her mind with pleasure.

Karen began to shudder with a series of orgasms, her whole body exploding. She felt Devon's cock swell inside her gripping mouth, and her tongue went wild against his pin hole. When he came, it splashed against her tongue and cheeks. The taste sent Karen's cunt into more powerful convulsions, and she banged her pussy hard into the little girl's mouth, not caring if she bruised those sweet, tender lips or not. All that mattered to her was that teenage cock spurting delicious cum into her hungry mouth.


The next thing Karen knew light was coming in on her naked body. The second thing was her sudden awareness of two warm bodies pressing close to her naked one.

"Oh, my God!" she groaned, realizing it was day and that both Pamie and Devon had spent the night with her. She gently removed two arms that had been across her body and sat up. Moving carefully, she got out of bed, and stood looking down at the boy and girl.

Devon lay on his side, his cock dangling on one thigh, his balls captured between his legs. Pamie was sprawled on her stomach, legs wide apart. Karen gazed for a moment at the sweet swell of that pretty ass, the curling golden hairs only slightly visible, the lovely lips of the young cunt.

There was an immediate response between her own thighs, but she fought it off. Again the fear had returned to her, and she looked at the tape recorder. For a moment she considered erasing it, but what good would it do? There was still that other tape condemning her.

Looking out the window, she glanced at the Holmes' motor home. She didn't see anyone outside. A glance at her watch told her it was not yet nine in the morning. Maybe Susan and Stan were still asleep, she thought. But surely they knew their children were here with her. That made her tremble with fear. What would they say? Did they suspect her of doing things with Pamie and Devon? But how could they? Karen knew she had not given anything away while visiting with them. She had acted proper and correct, not saying anything out of line to the children.

Taking a robe, she slipped it on and set about brewing coffee on the two-burner stove. Waiting for the coffee to brew, she sat down and looked across narrow space at the two kids. There was no doubt they were beautiful, just what she had always wanted. Pamie was a puzzle to her. Karen had never felt a desire for a girl before, but this lovable kitten was exerting a pull on her that was simply too strong to fight. She knew, in her mind, that she had enjoyed eating that almost hairless little cunt, and she certainly enjoyed Pamie licking hers.

They were not novices at sex, Karen knew. They had far too much experience, knew far too much. She wondered bow long they had been screwing each other, screwing others. Both of them were certainly sex oriented, precocious in the most ultimate sense.

She saw Pamie turn on her side, drawing one knee up to her chest in sleep. The position emphasized the beauty of her sweet ass, the suculent cunt. The tip of Pamie's glistening clit could be seen, and Karen licked her lips as she gazed at it. Pamie had dropped her head down on her brother's cock, and it began to stir to life by the touch.

Karen saw Devon move his hand out and feel his sister's cunt. She watched as they began to fondle each other, coming out of their sleep. Without speaking, Devon started to get on top of his sister, but Pamie turned her back to him. With their feet toward Karen, she saw Pamie's tender young pussy revealed to Devon's prick. Then Devon shoved his cock into his sister's pussy.

Karen's breath began to come in harsh gasps. She saw Pamie draw one leg up, giving her a fantastic view of Devon's cock sliding in and out of that tight twat. She saw those sweet pussylips grip his cock, and without realizing it, Karen had opened her robe and was rubbing her own bubbling pussy.

Devon moved a hand around his sister and cupped one of those sweet, little tits as he stabbed his cock almost lazily into his sister's twat. Karen slipped a finger into her own cunt and began to fingerfuck herself in a languid way, her eyes wide with pleasure. She thought there was nothing more beautiful than seeing this young brother fuck his younger sister. The way that sweet pussy gripped his prick, the way those moist lips clung to his cock, was the most beautiful sight in the world, Karen thought, rubbing her swollen clit.

But just watching was not enough for her. Karen stood up, turned the coffee off, and slipped out of her robe. She moved to the youngsters, running her hands over their bodies as they fucked. Then she leaned down, and began to lick at Devon's hips, working her tongue about one cheek of his ass. Then she licked at Pamie's thigh, her hands going between their bodies to cradle Devon's balls, then to rub lightly at Pamie's glistening clit. Her lips kissed their thighs and as much ass as she could reach.

She heard Devon grunt, and he pressed his cock hard into his sister's pussy. Karen pushed her face down, pulling his balls into her mouth as he came. She felt his balls grow tight between her lips as he squirted into his sister's spasming pussy. Karen suddenly pulled his prick free of Pamie's clinging cunt and managed to get the wet head of it into her mouth just as the last gush came. She ran her tongue about his cockhead, then released it to run her tongue up and down Pamie's dripping pussy.

Standing up, she smiled down at the youngsters as they rolled onto their backs and looked up at her.

"Good morning," Pamie said with a bright smile.

"Good morning, you two," Karen replied. "Don't you think it's time to get up?"

Pamie yawned and stretched: "I'd rather stay in bed and fuck all day."

"That's a good idea," Karen said, "but you two have been here all night. I'm afraid there's going to be some difficult questions from your parents."

Devon and Pamie crawled out of bed. Karen told them to dress, and as they did she pulled on a pair of shorts and thin blouse, first making sure she wore a bra. No sooner were they dressed and presentable than there was a knock on the door of the motor home.

Immediately Karen's heart began to flutter with fear, but Pamie and Devon showed no concern at all.

Karen opened the door to face Stan.

"Are there a couple of loose kids in here?" he asked.

Karen searched his face for anger, but all she saw was that same friendly smile. "It seems they fell asleep," she lied, "and I didn't have the heart to wake them up. I hope you don't mind. I took very good care of them."

Stan's eyes were on a level with Karen's cunt, and she realized how tight her shorts were. In fact, they were so tight they outlined the lips of her cunt and the mound of dark hair. She blushed and moved away.

"I'm sure you did," Stan said with a smile that could be interpreted as knowing very well what she had done with them.

"Hi, Daddy," Pamie said in her cheerful way.

"You two better hot-foot it home," he said. "Your mother wants to take you into town with her."

"Aw, do we have to?" Devon asked. "I'd rather stay here with Karen."

"I'm sure you would," Stan said. "Just the same, you're going with her. I've got a few things to talk about with Karen, and I don't want little ears around to listen. Now, scoot, both of you."

Karen watched Stan swat his daughter on her little ass playfully as they raced off. With a sinking feeling, she invited Stan into her motor home.

"Coffee?" she asked.

"Fine," Stan replied, sitting at the small table across from Karen.

She poured coffee, feeling his eyes on her. They weren't just on her, but gazing in a fixed manner at the way her ass swelled out, her naked thighs, and her thrusting tits.

She sat across from him. Nervously, she avoided direct contact with his eyes, and drummed her fingers on the table, waiting, afraid to hear what he was going to say.

"You're getting along great with Pamie and Devon," Stan said. "That's nice."

"I… I like children," she replied.

"So I've noticed." Stan sipped at his coffee. "That's a prerequisite to being a good teacher."

She waited, but all he did was sit there, drinking his coffee, and looking at her. Or rather, he was looking at the way her tits arched up and out, pressing against the thin material of her blouse. She felt nervous, and lighted a cigarette. She tried to keep her fingers from shaking, but was unable to do so.

"Why are you nervous, Karen?" he asked, amused.

"Well…" she stammered. "After all, Pamie and Devon stayed here last night. I'm afraid you might draw the wrong conclusions and I don't want…"

He laughed. "Well, don't be so nervous. There isn't anything wrong with that, is there? I mean, them staying here?"

"Oh, no," she said quickly. "They're angtes."

"Then you don't have to be so nervous, do you?"

They fell silent, and Karen's mind whirled, fear racing through her body. Then, without speaking, Stan leaned across the small table and kissed her.

Karen jerked back, her eyes big. "Please, don't!"

He laughed easily, and rose to his feet. He took her hand and pulled her up, bringing her close to him. She trembled as his arms went about her, holding her tight. Again he kissed her, and Karen tried to pull away. But he held her tightly, and then she gasped when his tongue slipped into her mouth. As he stabbed his tongue into her wet mouth, she felt his hands cupping her ass, digging into the firm flesh. She could also feel his cock pressing at her lower stomach, and he had a hard-on.

When he, released her, she tried to draw away, but he held her ass firmly, slowly grinding his cock against her.

"Stan, you can't do this, please," she whimpered. "Susan… she'll…"

"I can do this if I want," he said. "Karen, you are so beautiful, and you radiate sex. Didn't you know that? Sex oozes from every pore of your body, and my cock gets hard just looking at you."

"But… but Susan…"

"Don't worry about Susan," he said, nuzziing at her neck as he felt her tight ass. "I knew you were a hot ass as soon as I saw you. I have this instinct – I can tell a girl with a hot pussy every time. You love to fuck, Karen, love to fuck all the time."

"Ohhh," she moaned, her cunt throbbing against his thigh now. "I don't want… please, leave me alone!"

"You don't mean that," he said, unzipping her shorts and shoving them down. "You want this as much as I do, Karen. I know that, and you know it."

She felt her shorts fall to her feet, then she felt his naked cock brush her cunt, and she shivered. Her arms lifted and went about his neck, passion flooding her, shoving away all other thoughts.

As he felt her naked ass, his cock leaving a hot, moist trail along her cunt, Karen kissed him eagerly. She pressed her crotch hard against him, thrilled to have his hard prick against her. Her tongue shot into his mouth and he sucked at it.

Before she knew what he was doing, she was on her bed again, only with her legs drawn up beneath her, her naked ass waving tantalizingly in the air, her head down on the mattress. He was behind her, caressing the creamy cheeks of her ass, rubbing the backs of her thighs.

"You have a beautiful ass, Karen," he murmured in a thick voice. "You have one of the most beautiful asses I've ever seen. I'm an ass man, you know. There isn't anything better to me than a nice, round, smooth tight ass!"

"Fuck me, Stan!" she whimpered, waving her naked ass in the air, no longer concerned about anything except feeling his cock inside her pussy. "Please, fuck me!"

"I intend to fuck you, Karen," he said, squeezing the cheeks of her ass. "I intended to fuck you from the first time I saw you."

"Ohhhh, hurry!" Karen moaned, squirming her naked ass back against his throbbing hard cock. "I want your cock in me! I want your cock fucking me!"

She felt his hands leave her ass and slide up her back, shoving her blouse high. He opened her bra and it fell away from her dangling tits. He reached around her and fondled them. "I like big tits, too," he said, digging his fingers into her shapely tits, thumbing her rigid, sensitive nipples. "I love big tits and a nice, smooth, tight ass."

His words meant nothing to her at first, but they soon came home to her when she felt the huge head of his cock pressing not at her pussy, but at the tightness of her asshole.

"Oh no!" she wailed when she finally understood what he meant. "Not there! Please, not in my asshole! God, your cock is too big for me! Don't, Stan… don't stick it up my asshole!"

"I like ass," he said, pressing his cock against the tightness of her asshole. "I love to fuck an asshole. An asshole is so much tighter than a cunt, isn't it?"

"Please, Stan!" she begged. "I have a tight pussy! Fuck my pussy, please! You'll see my cunt is tighter than my asshole! Please, don't fuck me in my ass!"

"You really have no choice, Karen," he said from behind her.

Karen felt his cock pressing harder against her asshole, and she steeled herself for the searing pain she knew would come. Hot tears filled her eyes and her hands clawed at the sheets. She tried to close her asshole against his entrance, but it did her no good. Stan knew just how to overcome such resistance.

He pulled his cock away, and then she felt his finger pressing at her asshole. She felt her asshole give, and then his finger was inside her.

"Oooo," she whimpered as he began to move it in and out of her ass. "That hurts! Please, take it out! Don't do that to me! Fuck my cunt… please, fuck me in my pussy! I'm hot, Stan! You were right about me… I'm a hot woman, but I want it in my cunt!"

She felt his finger pull from her asshole, and she sighed with relief. But it was a short-lived relief. She again felt the head of his cock against her asshole, and this time he pushed harder, gripping her hips to prevent her from pulling away.

Then his cock entered her asshole, and Karen gave a muffled scream. She thrust her knuckles into her mouth to stiffle the sound, not wanting anyone to hear. "Oh… oh," she groaned as the searing pain filled her asshole. "Oh God! It hurts… take it out! Please, take it out, Stan! No more… please, no more!"

But he ignored her pleas. Gripping her ass with both hands, he worked his cock farther and farther up her tight asshole. Karen held her breath against the burning pain as his prick entered her, and then it was all the way up her ass. She could feel his hairy balls pressed against the lips of her cunt. Stan held his prick inside her for a while, then just as Karen was becoming accustomed to it, he began to pull it out slowly.

And Karen felt the sudden transformation. Instantly the pain was gone, and in its place was nothing but one of the most ecstatic sensations she had ever felt. Her asshole was no longer on fire with pain, but was now on fire with one of the strongest desires she had ever known.

"Oooooo," she mewled, wiggling her naked ass back against him. "You're… it's good, Stan! God, I had no idea how Goddamn good this could be! Ahhhhh, yes!"

"I knew you'd love it," he said, waning his hands about her ass, up and don her thighs. "I knew you'd love being fucked in this beautiful ass of yours, Karen. I told you, I can always tell when a girl has a hot ass."

"Do it, Stan!" she murmured, waving her naked ass at him. "Fuck me in my asshole!"

Karen's asshole was so tight around his throbbing prick, she could feel it beat, feel each groove of it. The feeling was totally unlike any she had experienced before, but it was just as good, if not better, than all other thrills. She began to work her ass back and forth on his cock, and she knew Stan was standing still behind her, watching her lewd motions, and she didn't care. She enjoyed having him watch her erotic movements, have him watching hey fuck him with her tight asshole.

"Oh God, oh God!" Karen whimpered as she relied and thrashed her ass back against him, his cock entering her ass deeply, his balls at her dripping pussy. "It's good, so fucking good! Ooooo, fuck me, Stan! Fuck my ass! Drive your big, hard cock up my hot, fucking asshole!"

Stan dug his hands into her hips and began to plunge his cock in and out of her dinging asshole, fucking her in a frenzy as she began to thrash about, whimpering and calling out for him to fuck her hard and fast.

She felt his prick jerking inside her asshole, and she pushed a hand between her thighs to grasp his swinging balls. She pressed them against her twat, trying to stuff them into her pussy as she felt him start to come. The thick, warm jism spurting from his cock filled her asshole, splashing around there, and Karen shuddered into an almost violent orgasm as he flooded her asshole.

When it ended, she slumped to the bed, too exhausted to move, breathing hard. Stan stood there looking down at her smooth, swelling, quivering ass. Then he leaned over and kissed first one cheek, then the other.

Karen stirred and turned over, looking up at him. "I've never been fucked in my ass before," she said. "But I sure enjoyed it. I think I like it, to be honest about it."

"Is it as good as sucking a cock off, Karen?" he asked, sitting beside her and caressing her tits.

For a moment she didn't reply, then she said, "How do you know I like to suck a cock off? How do you know so much about me, anyway?"

"I told you," he said. "I have this instinct about girls."

She looked at him, not knowing what to say. He had pegged her, that was for sure. Now that he knew about her, what was she to do? He was, in effect, her boss.

Stan, with one hand cupped around one of her tits, said, "I think you're going to fit right in, Karen."

"Fit right in?" she asked. "What do you mean?"

"We'll go into that later," he said. "It's enough to know you're such a hot piece right now. Of course, this is between us. I wouldn't mention it to anyone, if I were you."

"How could I possibly say anything?" she said, almost bitterly. "You're married, on the school board, and I'm just a teacher. That would be like hanging myself, wouldn't it?"

"There isn't as much danger as you think," he said, getting to his feet. "It's just best that no one ever learns about this, that's all."

She watched him light a cigarette. "You really do like kids, don't you, Karen?"

"I told you I did."

"They can be a real joy. I know," he said. "Some of them, I should say. But most of them I won't have anything to do with at all. You have to be able to tell which ones are the right ones, if you know what I mean."

The cryptic conversation was giving Karen a nervous reaction again. But Stan didn't seem to know anything concerning his own children and her. Maybe he was referring to something else, anyway.

"I guess I better get back," he said, zipping up his cut-offs. "Susan and the kids will be back soon. We're leaving in the morning. Vacation is over for me. I won't see much of you at school, Karen, but that doesn't mean you have to be a stranger."

"I don't know where you live," she said.

"You will before we leave," he turned to go, then stopped and looked back at her. "I guess I should tell you that Pamie and Devon give you high marks."

Then he was gone before she could ask what he meant by that statement.

She sat up and decided to shower. After she finished, she pulled on a pair of tight shorts again and hooked a bra over her shapely tits. She pulled on her thin blouse, and looked out the window just as Susan drove up with the kids. She saw Stan kiss his wife. She also saw him run his hand over her ass, and Susan glanced toward Karen's motor home. She saw the lovely woman laugh, and then the family disappeared to the other side of their large camper.


Again that evening Karen was invited to have a final meal with the Holmes family. At first she thought of declining, but Pamie and Devon urged her. She gave a great deal of consideration to this mess she found herself in. Trapped in a web of her own making, she thought.

Deciding she wasn't going to wear anything revealing this time, she chose a full skirt and blouse. It was not what one would wear while camping, but Karen was not going to tempt Stan again with her body. Not that she had not enjoyed having his cock shoved up her asshole – she did. She loved it very much, and it was one more aspect to her intense sexual desires. Fully grown men had never turned her on, but Stan certainly had.

She brushed her long hair out until it gleamed, then applied only a light lipstick. She was a very beautiful woman, and she knew it. Just before dark, she walked the short distance to the huge motor home, her skirt swirling about her long, slender thighs. There was already a campfire blazing, and she was handed a cold beer by Stan. She had been a bit nervous at first, expecting him to make snide comments to her, but he acted as if nothing had happened between them.

Pamie and Devon raced about happily, laughing and wrestling. They did not want to leave the next morning, but didn't show their disappointment. Stan was in his usual cut-offs, and as he lounged about in the lawn chair, Karen saw that the head of his cock was exposed from time to time. She sat in a lawn chair directly across from Susan, and the firelight played tricks on her, she thought.

Susan was in a pair of shorts and halter. The halter clung to her tits like a second skin, with her nipples molded to perfection. Karen realized that Susan's tits were as shapely as her own, upstanding, spaced wide. They rode high on her chest, beautifully shaped. Susan's shorts were not all that tight, but the legs were wide and flaring, and Karen was certain her pussy hair was exposed. Curls of it looked like shadows at first, but Karen knew it wasn't a shadow after a few more glances. And Susan sat in such a manner that her knees were apart most of the time.

Conversation was light and friendly, and Stan never once made a reference to that morning, not even a double-meaning reference Karen began to relax a bit, enjoying herself.

Pamie as usual, wore her skimpy bikini, with the cheeks of her amazingly desirable little ass revealed. Karen thought it strange that neither Susan nor Stan cared. In fact, Karen noticed that Stan watched his daughter a great deal, as Susan watched her son. There was something odd here, Karen thought, but it was fleeting, and she didn't let it bother her.

After dinner, Karen was talked into remaining for a while longer, and since she was enjoying their company, she did so.

"I'll help out with the dishes," Karen said. "No need," Susan replied as she cleared things away. "Most of it is paper plates anyway, and there are only a few things that need washed."

"I want to help," Karen insisted.

She and Susan carried cups and silverware into the motor home. Karen looked about the spacious interior with envy. "I'd love to have one of these some day," she said.

"We've had it about two years," Susan replied. "But with the price of gas today, we may not use it much longer."

"I know what you mean."

Karen stood at the sink washing cups. Someplace behind her Susan was getting things in order. She sensed Susan behind her and turned to look over her shoulder. Susan was about five feet away, gazing at Karen's back.

The expression in Susan's eyes was disturbing to Karen, and she quickly turned to face the sink again. Her body shivered as she tried to hold herself rigid.

Susan had been gazing at Karen's ass.

Again Karen sensed Susan, then before she could turn and look, Susan had stepped up close to her back and wrapped her arms about Karen's body, her hands closing upon Karen's arching tits. Karen gasped, her body stiff.

"Beautiful," Susan murmured softly at her neck. "You're so beautiful, Karen."

Karen felt the moist heat of Susan's lips against her neck, and she trembled again.

"Be quiet," Susan whispered softly as she nuzzled at Karen's ear. "Don't move. Just let me feel your lovely tits. They're so soft, yet firm. I've wanted to feel them since I first saw you."

Karen could hardly believe what she was hearing, what was happening here. She had felt this odd tension from the very beginning while with the Holmes. She thought she knew why since this morning, but apparently she had not. The whole family radiated a sexuality that was frightening, yet intensely exciting.

She felt Susan squeezing her tits, and to her surprise, realized her nipples had swelled and were tingling in a delicious way. She felt Susan press against her ass, grinding slowly but firmly against it. The moist, hot lips kissed about the smooth neck and shoulder, and Karen trembled with a growing desire.

"So sweet, so lovely," Susan murmuring hotly against her neck, her hands holding Karen's tits. "Such shapely tits, so firm, and you have wonderfully hard nipples, darling."

"Oh please," Karen whimpered. Her knees were wobbly and she felt as though her legs would not support her… She was leaning back now, excited beyond her confusion and fear. "You mustn't… don't do that, please!"

"I've got to feel them," Susan murmured, then moved her hands about Karen's body, caressing and fondling. "You have the most beautiful body I've ever seen, Karen. So curvy, so round, so warm."

Karen felt Susan's hands gliding over her hips, then along her thighs. She shivered as the two hands moved over her stomach, then downward to press into her pussy. And all the time those hands were feeling her up, Susan's hot, wet lips were kissing, her tongue licking the creamy flesh of her neck.

"You should not have worn a bra, darling," Susan whispered. "Why don't you remove it?"

"Oh God!" Karen whimpered again, her pulses racing wildly. "Please, Susan, don't…"

"You like it, darling," Susan replied in a hot voice. "You love, my hands on your beautiful body, don't you? You don't really want me to atop, do you?"

Karen felt the hands moving her skirt, pulling at it, bringing it up. Then the hands were on her naked thighs, sliding up and down. Karen's pussy was throbbing deliciously, and she was unable to stop herself from pressing her ass back against Susan's crotch. She could feel Susan's sharp tits against her back, and they burned through her blouse.

She felt Susan's hands playing about her panties, then they moved between their bodies and were cupping and squeezing Karen's ass. One hand slipped around in front of her and began to rub lightly up and down the front of her panties. Karen's cunt was bubbling hotly now, and she moaned softly.

"I've got to feel your pussy," Susan whispered hotly. "I've just got to get my hand on your cunt!"

Karen felt Susan's hand slip inside her panties, her fingers moving through the thick, curly hair, then a fingertip located her swollen, throbbing clit. Susan began to rub at it, pinching lightly, making Karen groan with an intense desire.

Working her finger down, Susan moved it along the hairy, puffy lips of Karen's cunt.

Then she pressed the heel of her hand against Karen's clit as her middle finger slipped into the tight heat of her twat.

"Ooohhh, darling!" Susan moaned. "You're so wet! Your pussy is so wet! Wonderful, Karen! You're excited, aren't you? You like what I'm doing, don't you?"

Karen couldn't answer. Her excitement built with too much intensity. She was weak and trembling, her eyes closed. If she had not been leaning back against Susan, she would have slumped to the floor.

Susan worked her middle finger in and out of Karen's clinging cunt, fingerfucking her slowly but firmly, the heel of her hand moving, agitating that rigid, excitable clit. Karen wiggled her ass against Susan's body, whimpering softly, knowing she could not stop Susan.

She realized that Susan was no longer standing behind her, but was on her knees now. She felt her skirt lifted in back, and once more those warm hands were on the cheeks of her ass.

"Oh, Karen!" Susan murmured. "You have such a beautiful ass!"

Karen felt Susan's lips kissing the backs of her thighs, then the hot, wet tongue was licking them, working up and down. Karen had to lean against the sink to maintain her balance, and it caused her ass to jut backwards. She felt her panties being shoved into the crack of her ass, and the tongue and kissing lips began to move about the creamy flesh of each cheek.

"I love it, baby," Susan was whispering, her breath hot against Karen's naked ass. "I love your ass! God, it's so smooth and round!"

Susan began kissing Karen's ass with vigor now, making soft sounds of pleasure and desire. Her tongue licked about the smooth flesh, curled about the creases where her ass joined her thighs, even probed against the crack a few times. Karen's mind soared with ecstasy, and she was breathing harshly, her eyes still closed, fists bunched tightly.

Susan licked every inch of Karen's ass, leaving it damp and shivery. She ran her tongue up and down Karen's thighs, tasting the sweetness of them. When Susan began to urge Karen to turn around, Karen did so without protest. She turned to face the kneeling woman, her elbows on the counter and her hips arched forward. Susan shoved her skirt to her waist, and gazed into Karen's crotch with gleaming, hot eyes.

"God, you're beautiful!" Susan murmured time and again as she ran her hands about Karen's thighs and hips.

Karen watched as Susan pressed her face into her crotch, caressing her face against the lacy panties. Susan gripped Karen's hips as her lips began kissing at the panty crotch. Susan's eyes sparkled up at Karen's face, eyes that were flooded with passion. Karen spread her feet on the floor, making it easier for Susan to get her face between her thighs. Her panties were soaked at the crotch, but Susan didn't seem to mind this at all.

Susan pressed her mouth into the crotch of Karen's panties, kissing hard and hot. Then she ran her tongue out and began to lick at the moist panties, her tongue touching lightly at the insides of Karen's thighs.

"Oooooo," Karen whimpered, wiggling her hips. "Oh, Susan! Susan!"

"Hush, darling," Susan whispered with her mouth close to Karen's cunt. "Let me make you feel good. I want to kiss your pussy, baby. I want to kiss it and lick it and make you feel so very good."

Susan pulled the crotch of Karen's panties to one side, and sat on her heels gazing at the hairy snatch. She ran her fingers through the silky hair, her tongue licking at her lips hungrily. She pulled Karen's pussy lips apart and exposed the throbbing clit, the tip glistening with moisture.

"I knew it," Susan murmured. "I just knew your cunt would be this beautiful, Karen."

Leaning forward, Susan pressed her lips against Karen's clit, kissing it hotly.

"Ooooooh," Karen mewled, twisting her hips, pressing her pussy into Susan's mouth.

"Mmmmnmm!" Susan replied as her tongue scraped over the sensitive clit. She took the explosive clit between her lips and sucked it, licking at the same time.

Karen trembled and pressed her cunt hard into Susan's face, grinding it there. She could hardly see the woman who was licking and kissing her cunt – her eyes had become unfocused with steaming desire.

Susan's tongue licked about the puffy, hairy lips of Karen's cunt, then probed between them. As her tongue thrust into Karen's pussy, Susan's nose pressed the tiny clit, the pressure sending Karen into convulsions of ecstasy.

Susan thrust her tongue back and forth, fucking into Karen's cunt furiously. Then she slowed down and began to lick and suck lightly, only to return to that vigorous tongue-fucking again. Her hands moved around Karen's hips to her ass, clutching the cheeks tightly. Karen found she was almost straddling Susan's face now, and her own hands were at the back of Susan's head, holding her face tightly into her pussy. Moist, liquid sounds came from Susan's mouth, and her eyes were as unfocused as Karen's.

Susan's tongue was wild as it stabbed into Karen's cunt, fucking her in a frenzy as her hands clawed at the creamy swells of Karen's ass. She seemed unable to make up her mind what she wanted to do most, suck and nibble at Karen's clit, or fuck her tongue up that hot, tight, wet twat. She alternated, going from one to the other, and succeeded in sending Karen into wiggling, squirming ecstasy.

"Oooohhh," Karen whimpered, grinding her pussy hard into Susan's face now. "Lick me! Lick me! Oohhh, use your tongue there… up my cunt! Oh God, suck me! Suck me hard! Your tongue… inside! Tongue-fuck me… fuck my cunt with your tongue!"

Susan's tongue flew rapidly back and forth, tasting the sweetness of Karen's twat. She licked and stabbed, her face pressed tightly into the hairy snatch. She gripped Karen's ass in both hands, her fingers between the cheeks, squeezing hard.

Karen groaned as her pussy bubbled into a fantastic orgasm. Her cunt convulsed powerfully, flexing about the deeply buried tongue. She held Susan's face hard into her crotch as she pound against her mouth, coming time and again. And no sooner had she finished, than Karen went into another body-shuddering come. She was whimpering and shuddering and almost falling, but somehow managed to stay on her feet, her thighs closed about Susan's head, straddling her there on the floor of the motor home.

Finally Susan let her go, and Karen slumped to the floor, exhausted, leaning against the sink cabinet. Her legs were sprawled wide, skirt still at her waist, cunt exposed and throbbing.

Susan wiped her mouth, sitting down, and looking at Karen, smiling happily. "That was delicious, darling," she whispered, running her hand up and down one of Karen's thighs. "I knew your cunt would be delicious. This won't be the last time I suck that pussy, you know."

Karen was too exhausted to ask what Susan meant.

A few moments later, she suddenly jumped to her feet, her eyes filled with fear again. "Suppose… what would… someone could have come in… saw us…"

Susan got to her feet, helping Karen up. "Don't worry about it, baby," she answered. "No one did, did they?"


Karen watched the odd family leave the next morning and felt a sense of loss as they drove away from the campgrounds. She looked at the paper in her hand, seeing the address they had given her, the telephone number. She crumpled it in her hand, and started to toss it away. But then she changed her mind and shoved it into the pocket of the jeans she had put on that morning.

She spent the day alone, thinking of what had happened to her these past few days. She had allowed herself to be caught up in a mess that could be extremely dangerous to her position, her profession. And it came about because of her intense desire for teenage boys. She laughed softly to herself as she corrected that. Her desire for teenage boys and girls, it seemed. Pamie had brought her out, made her discover the joys of eating sweet, young cunt. Then that tape, that damning tape those kids had made. With that still around, she could not get away from them.

Then there had been Stan, who fucked her in her never-before-fucked asshole, and made her love it. He was on the school board, and therefore just as dangerous to her as that tape his children had. But could he really do much to her? It was he who had fucked her, not she fucking him. It would be his word against hers, and most people would take her side, she thought.

And what about Susan? Karen would never under any circumstances consider such a beautiful, proper woman to go for cunt, but she certainly had. But one never knew, did one? she thought. No one knew of her own desires for teenagers, except those teenagers she had been with. No one would ever suspect she was that sort of person, would they?

Karen spent the day in loneliness. She was almost the last person at the campgrounds. There were two couples still there, but they were elderly and she had no interest in them. All the children were gone, she thought with sadness. There was no one to talk to, to be with.

Finally, she gathered up all her things and stored them in the motor home. It was getting dark when she drove from the campgrounds. It was about a two-hour drive to her home, and she drove with the radio on, playing softly. But she wasn't listening to the music she was still thinking of that past few days. It was no surprise to her when she found her pussy throbbing again. It always throbbed, she thought.

With a naughty smile, she opened her jeans and shoved them to her knees, then decided to open her blouse, too. Her tits stood out nicely, nipples hard. She fondled her tits as she drove in the darkness, feeling good. Before long she had her hand between her thighs and was rubbing her pussy, a finger thrust deeply into it. When she came, she almost ran off the road.

She drove the rest of the way home with her tits free and her jeans at her knees, feeling wonderful. Parking in the drive, she glanced about and saw the other homes were dark, no one about. Giggling sensuously, she slipped her jeans off, then got out of the motor home. With her blouse hanging loose, she walked nakedly to her door, fishing the key from the pocket of her jeans that she carried. Inside her house, she removed her blouse and then sat on the couch, one small light burning.

The telephone rang.

"Hello," she said, answering it.

"Karen?" said the familiar voice of Stan. "I thought you'd be home."

"Hot did you get…"

"Your number?" He laughed. "It's in the phone book, right?"

"What made you think I'd be home now?"

"Just a thought," he said. "How's your asshole?"

"How's my…"

She heard him laugh. "Listen, Susan wanted me to call and ask you to dinner at our house tomorrow. You are free, aren't you?"

"Yes, but…"

"We'll expect you, then," he said. "Why don't you come over about six? We can have a drink and eat later."

"Well, I…"

"Fine, see you."

The phone went dead in her hand.

Karen replaced the receiver. She sat there, stunned, knowing she shouldn't accept the invitation. Yet what would it look like if she should refuse an invitation from a member of the school board?

The next day, Karen spent a great deal of time on her body. She showered for half an hour, then perfumed herself until she felt irresistible. She brushed her hair until it gleamed with tiny highlights. She spent two hours preparing herself for dinner. She pulled on a pair of lacy bikini panties, with a matching bra. She chose a skirt that hugged her body, slit up both sides almost to her hips. Her blouse was a see-through, but the lacy bra prevented her tits from being totally naked. For a moment she considered nylons, or pantyhose, then thought against it. Her legs were smooth and well tanned, and she didn't need nylons to emphasize their slender beauty. At five-thirty, she started out the door, then turned back. She had forgotten the paper with the address on it. She searched about but couldn't find it. Almost in panic, she located her jeans in the washroom and found the crumbled paper. Then she left.

It was, she found, only a short walk from her own home, and since the night was warm and beautiful, she walked instead of taking her car. She walked briskly, the slit skirt flapping about her thighs, her hair waving and bouncing.

She found the house without difficulty, and rang the bell.

"You found it, I see," Stan said cheerfully as he opened the door to admit her. "Hey, you're stunning, Karen! I believe you're the most beautiful teacher our school district has."

Karen flushed at his compliment.

"Come on into the family room," Stan said, taking her arm. "Susan has a nice drink ready for you."

Susan, Karen saw, was beautifully dressed in almost the same manner as she. Susan, however, wore a dress instead of skirt and blouse, with along silt up the front. When she walked, the skirt of her dress flapped apart, revealing her creamy thighs a few inches from her crotch.

"I don't see Pamie and Devon," Karen said, looking around.

"We sent them to their room." Susan smiled as she kissed Karen's cheek lightly. "Tonight belongs to us."

Karen looked at Susan, wondering about that remark. She accepted the tall drink Susan handed her, and found it delicious. She sat on the end of the couch, making sure that her skirt did not open to reveal more than half of one thigh when she crossed her legs.

Susan was not as caring, she noticed. The front of her dress parted widely as she sat, and Karen saw the lacy crotch of her panties plainly. Glancing at Stan, she saw that he was eyeing her thigh.

"How about a bit of music or something?" Stan said, slipping a tape into the stereo. "I'm sure you'll like this one, Karen."

Karen froze when she heard her own voice: "You're so hard, Devon! I love it when a cock is hard this way. Has a girl ever put this lovely cock in her mouth and sucked it, made you come in her mouth?" Then there was Devon's voice: "Sure, lots of times…"

There was more, even with her and Pamie. Karen shook with fear. Now it was happening, now she would be fired and blackballed from ever teaching again.

"As you can hear," Stan said, still looking at her thigh, "that is some pretty damning evidence."

Karen couldn't speak. She couldn't even breathe. She sat there, eyes downcast, her face bright red with embarrassment. She didn't know what to say if she could speak.

"How long have you been this way?" Susan asked.

Karen struggled to bring her voice back, and she stammered, "I… I don't… oh God!" And she buried her face in her hands.

The silence was heavy about her, and she wished she could die. Her shame was great, and she wanted to jump up and flee, get away. But she could not move. All she could do was sit there and tremble in fear.

She felt a weight next to her and lifted her eyes. Through tears she saw Stan had scooted next to her, and he had placed his hand on her thigh. "It seems as if you have a desire for young boys and girls, doesn't it, Karen?"

"God, please, I…"

Stan began moving his palm up and down her thigh, caressing it. Karen glanced at Susan, her eyes pleading for understanding, for help of some sort. But Susan was no help. Karen saw that she was now sitting with her legs apart, the crotch of her panties fully revealed. She was caressing her own thighs, the inner surface of them, and her eyes were hot on Karen.

"You know what that tape means, don't you, Karen?" Stan said, flipping the front flap of her skirt to one side, exposing her thighs. "That tape means you're going to do what we want."

"What do you…" she stammered. "What do you mean?"

"It means you are going to allow me to fuck that pretty, tight asshole again, that's what it means." Stan moved his hand between her thighs, pulling them apart. "It also means that Susan can suck your sweet cunt when she wants."

Karen darted her glance from one to the other.

"Yes, darling," Susan said softly, shoving her hand into her panties and playing with her twat openly. "That is what it means all right. You see, Stan and I have an understanding. He loves to fuck a girl up the ass, any girl. Oh, he likes his cunt, too, don't get me wrong. In fact, he likes pussy just as much as he likes asshole. He knows I love to suck a pussy, just as I love to fuck and suck a nice hard cock, too."

Karen could hardly believe what she was hearing. These two, this man and his wife, were telling her all this. She shivered, wondering, realizing.

"It's so difficult to find a beautiful young woman like you," Susan was saying, "that has the same desires as we do. We consider ourselves lucky to have found you at the campgrounds."

"But I don't…"

"Maybe you don't," Stan said, running his hand up and down her crotch, "but you will. I have this feeling you're exactly like us, that you love sex as much as we do."

Karen didn't know what was going on, but she knew that there wasn't much she could do about it. She sat there, letting Stan feel her up, watching his wife unashamedly fondle her own cunt.

Stan opened his pants and pulled out his cock, taking Karen's hand and wrapping her fingers around it. When she held his prick of her own will, he turned her loose and went to feeling her pussy again. Susan got to her feet and came to Karen, dropping to her knees before her, running her hands up and down Karen's thighs.

"Isn't that a nice cock, Karen?" she asked. "Doesn't it feel good and hard in your hand? Oh, I know it isn't a young boy's cock, but it can be a lot of fun to play with just the same."

Susan slipped the crotch of Karen's panties one side, exposing the hairy lips. She caressed the lips with her fingertips gently, and Karen began to jerk her fist on Stan's cock faster and faster. Despite her misgivings, she could not resist her own desires, the powerful urge to become involved.

"Eat her cunt, Susan," Stan said in a thick voice, taking Karen's hand away and standing up. His cock waved a few inches from Karen's face. "I think Karen would love to suck me off while you lick her wet, hot snatch. Isn't that right, Karen?"

Before she could reply, Stan placed his hand on the back of her head and urged her mouth to his prick. It was dripping from the piss hole, the head smoothly swollen. Karen felt Susan's lips and tongue sliding about her inner thighs, going closer to her cunt, and she opened her lips.

Stan shoved his hard prick between Karen's lips, and she began to suck on it just as Susan's mouth contacted her tingling twat. Susan shoved her hands underneath Karen's ass and pulled her forward on the cushions until it hung over, then she began to tongue-fuck her. Karen could hear the mewling Susan made, and found herself responding by grinding her pussy into the woman's face. She sucked hard on Stan's cock, her tongue fluttering about his dripping piss hole.

"Suck it, baby," he grunted, thrusting his prick back and forth, watching her lips stretch around the thickness. "Suck my cock! Eat her wet twat, Susan! Stick your tongue up her hot pussy and suck it!"

Karen squirmed and twisted her ass about, grinding her pussy hard into Susan's mouth, her emotions whirling crazily. Every nerve in her slender body was alive, attuned to what they were doing with her, to her. Her tits swelled inside her bra until she thought they would burst, and her pussy was already going through a series of explosive orgasms.

Susan was clutching her round ass tightly as she sucked and licked, and Karen thought even her asshole was going through the convulsions of orgasm. Her whole body seemed to be coming apart, the ecstasy whipping through her like a fire out of control. She sucked furiously at Stan's cock, bobbing her lovely face back and forth rapidly as he fucked into her mouth.

Then Stan exploded into her mouth. His cum splashed over her tongue, sending Karen into a more powerful orgasm against Susan's lips and tongue. She whimpered loudly, her body thrashing wildly.

Some of Stan's cum escaped her tight lips and dribbled onto her chin, but she swallowed and gulped as fast as she could. Stan pulled his prick from her clinging lips and Karen's tongue followed it, licking at the still-dripping head. She mewled as she darted her tongue against his cockhead, wanting it back in her mouth desperately. She was still coming, and didn't think she would ever stop.

Susan had shoved her skirt high, past her hips, and she sat there with her panties revealed, the crotch pulled to one side, pussy showing. Susan pulled her mouth away from the hairy twat and looked at it, still caressing Karen's smooth thighs with her hands.

The sudden sounds of giggling broke trough Karen's thoughts. She turned her head toward the sound, and almost fainted.

Pamie and Devon were standing in the door-way leading to the family room. They were watching, giggling.

"Oh God!" Karen groaned with embarrassment.


"It seems we're being watched," Stan said, sounding totally unconcerned.

Karen hurriedly shaved her skirt over her thighs, sitting up straight on the couch. Susan's hand still clung to one round knee, and she didn't seem at all bothered, either.

Pamie was dressed in a baby-doll gown with matching panties, but her sweet little tits were exposed by the gauzy material. Devon was in only the bottom part of his pajamas, but his cock was poking hard against them.

The two skipped into the family room, and Karen saw with surprise that Pamie went straight to her father and took his cock in her hot little hand, stroking it. Devon, she noticed, sat next to his mother, and was eagerly playing with her tits through her dress.

Stan and Susan smiled at Karen.

"You see what we mean?" Susan said. "You and we are just alike."

"I don't… understand," Karen said, confusion racing in her mind. "I don't see… what's going on?"

"We know you like young boys and girls," Stan said, patting his daughter's head as she sat on the floor at his feet, fondling his cock. "Susan and I do, also. We always have. We are very fortunate in having two children with intense sexual desires, too. Sort of all in the family, you might say."

"Yes, but…"

"What better way to have our children?" Susan said. "They're a couple of horny little shits, and Stan and I are horny, too. This way we can exercise our desire for young ones, and our children can have all the fucking and sucking they want."

Devon had opened his mother's dress and exposed her shapely tits. Karen saw his face go to one, and he began to suck a long nipple, cupping her other tit and twisting that nipple. Susan dropped her hand to her son's lap and began to manipulate his cock, squeezing it in her fingers.

"Give Daddy's cock a nice hot kiss, baby," she heard Stan say to his daughter. She turned and watched as Pamie eagerly kissed her father's still-dripping prick.

Karen was becoming aroused again, watching all this. Her pussy was bubbling and steaming and her tits were swollen again. She found herself eager and willing to join in with this unusual family.

"About that tape…" she said.

"Oh, yes," Susan said, shoving her son's pajama bottoms down to take hold of his cock. "Pamie, why don't you take that tape and burn it, darling?"

"It's of no further use," Stan said.

Suddenly Karen laughed. "You're right, it isn't. My God, who would have known it!"

"That is precisely the point," Susan said, stroking her fist up and down her son's prick. "No one knows, and no one ever will."

"You knew," Karen said, "I sensed something when I visited you that first time. I had no idea what it was, of course, but now it's clear to me."

"You sensed it because you're the same as we are," Stan said. "Only another person with strong sexual desires like us could sense such a thing. A person who had no real interest would never know it, never feel it."

Devon had been removing his mother's dress during the exchange, and Susan now was stripped down to her panties. Pamie had stripped her father of his clothing, and Stan sat naked on the couch. Pamie had placed her fine, sweet little ass on his lap and was hugging and kissing her father, holding his cock between her slim thighs.

Karen sat there, her eyes going from one couple to the other, amazed, but growing more and more excited with each passing second. When Devon reached out a hand and shoved her skirt up, she did not protest. She watched him as he began to rub his mater's cunt, slipping his hand inside her panties. His other hand moved between Karen's thighs.

She opened her thighs wide, scooting her ass to the edge of the cushions once again. Devon slipped his finger past her panty crotch and then shoved it up her twat, fingerfucking her as he did the same to his mother's snatch.

"Come on, baby," Susan whispered hotly, pulling her son to the floor with her. "Take my panties off and fuck me. God, I'm so hot after eating Karen's cunt, I could explode before you get that sweet cock in me!"

Karen saw Devon slip his mother's panties off, and Susan sprawled on the floor, legs wide, her ass already gyrating with need. Devon moved between his mother's thighs and Susan grasped his cock and brought it to her cunt. When his cock was up her twat, his ass flexing as he bounced up and down, Susan clutched her son's ass tightly, thrashing up and down, moaning and mewling in ecstasy.

Pamie, she noticed when she looked, had removed her baby-doll gown and was mouthing her father's cock with hungry delight. Pamie could only suck half her father's large cock into her mouth, but that was enough. She bobbed her pretty little face up and down, and Stan caressed his daughter's ballooning cheeks tenderly.

Hardly knowing what she was doing, Karen had pulled her skirt to her waist and was fingerfucking herself vigorously as she watched all this. It was more exciting than anything she had come across yet, and she wanted more of it.

She slipped from her position and knelt beside Susan and Devon. She ran her hand out and slipped it between Devon's thighs, cupping his balls as he fucked his mother. Leaning down, Karen began smearing hot kisses about his flexing ass, her other hand still moving inside her panties.

"Kiss his ass!" Stan grunted from behind her. "Kiss his fucking ass, Karen! Kiss his ass while he fucks the piss out of his mother's cunt!"

"Suck Daddy, Pamie!" Susan yelped, squirming her naked ass furiously beneath her son. "Suck Daddy's cock off! Oh, you sweet little cocksucker, suck Daddy's cock off! Make him come in your fucking hot little cocksucking mouth!"

Karen's mind was reeling with all this, and her tongue raced up and down the crack of Devon's flexing ass, probing, trying to reach his asshole. But his cheeks were too tight for her. She twisted about until she managed to get her face between his thighs, and began to suck hard at his balls, having some trouble keeping them in her mouth as his ass bounced up and down.

"You're going to make me come, Pamie," she heard Stan grunt. She wanted to turn her head and watch, but she didn't want to lose those sweet young balls in her mouth, either. "Daddy is going to come in your sweet little cocksucking mouth! Suck me, baby, suck my cock! Ohhh, what a sweet little cocksucker you are!"

"Fuck me, Devon!" Susan walled, her ass banging up and down to meet her son's thrusting cock. "Fuck my pussy, darling! Fuck mother's hot cunt! Oohhh, what a fucking cock you have, baby! Fuck mother's pussy… fuck mother's cunt… come in mother's hot fucking twat!"

Karen could hardly stand it. She was so in tensely aroused, her body felt as if it were on fire, burning up. Her pussy was convulsing with tiny orgasms as she sucked at Devon's balls, and she didn't even have her hand on her cunt now. She was gripping Susan's hips as she sucked her son's balls, but she was grinding her own cunt against the floor, banging it up and down.

"There it is, baby!" she heard Stan yell. "I'm coming in your cocksucking little mouth!"

Karen heard Pamie gurgle softly.

"Me too!" Susan shouted. "You're making me come, Devon! Fuck me hard… harder! Fuck my hot fucking pussy! I'm coming! Ohhhh, God… flood my hot fucking cunt… fuck mother's pussy and come in it! Come, baby come with me!"

Karen felt Devon's balls draw up inside her hot, wet sucking mouth, then he came. She heard Devon yelp as he came, and he pressed his cock hard into his mother's twat.

Karen pulled from between Devon's thighs when she felt him slump on top of his mother. She sat back and saw Pamie licking at her lips, a grin on her sweet, young face. Heavy breathing filled the room, and Karen's pussy was throbbing like never before.

"I don't believe it," she said, looking about. "I just don't believe it."

Susan struggled up when Devon crawled from her naked body. "What don't you believe?" she asked.

"All this," Karen waved her hand to take them all in. "Who could possibly believe it?"

"You're seeing it, aren't you?" Stan said.

"Yes, but it's difficult to believe." Karen smiled, sitting on the floor with her skirt high, lovely thighs revealed.

"Then don't believe it," Susan grinned at her. "Just enjoy it, have fun, the way we do."

"I'm afraid I'll wake up and it will all be a dream," Karen said. "A good, wonderful, sweet dream, but a dream just the same."

"Aren't you glad you met us?" Devon asked.

"Oh, yes!"

Stan fixed them all a drink, giving sodas to his children. They sat around naked, except for Karen, as if it was the most natural thing in the world. In a way, it was for them.

"You see," Stan said, explaining to Karen, "I was raised in just such an atmosphere. I fucked my mother constantly, and my father and I used to thrill her until she was almost out of her mind. I didn't have a sister or any other brothers, but I'd always wanted a sister. Susan, too, had the same situation. We didn't know, of course, until we had been married a few years."

"That's right," Susan said. "Only I had a brother who used to fuck me silly every time he caught me alone. We were seen one day by our parents, and instead of getting our asses beat off, they decided it was best to join us. I loved fucking my father. My parents taught me how to suck cock and eat pussy, and I've loved doing it ever since."

"What about Pamie and Devon?" Karen asked, sipping her drink. "How did that come about?"

"That was easy," Susan laughed. "Stan and I just got them in bed with us and let them watch us fuck and suck. They took to it right away, of course. They were the most eager kids you've ever seen."

"But, what about…"

"You mean others, don't you?" Stan asked. "Well, we really don't have other youngsters. We did, of course, years ago. Now we have our own – that's better."

Karen found herself detailing some of her own experiences with teenagers, and listened to Susan and Stan tell of theirs. Pamie and Devon listened with interest, putting in a comment now and then.

By the time two drinks were gone, Karen found herself naked and didn't know how it happened. She didn't know if she had undressed herself or if someone else had done it to her. Pamie had sprawled on the floor, her chin cupped in her hands, listening intently. Stan sat next to her playing with her sweet little ass. Devon was sitting between Karen and his mother, running his hands about their bodies, while Karen stroked his cock and Susan fondled his balls.

Devon and Stan were once again hard, their cocks arching up from their groins. Pamie was pumping slowly on her father's cock, and she turned to look at him. "Daddy, fuck me in my asshole," she said softly. "I want your big cock up my asshole now."

Karen watched as Pamie got on her hands and knees, with Stan behind her. She didn't see how the little girl could take that big cock in her tiny little asshole, but to her surprise, it seemed easy enough for Pamie.

Stan shoved his cock up his daughter's asshole and began to fuck her slowly, holding her little hips in his big hands. Pamie sighed and mewled in delight, shaking her pretty ass about.

"Qooo, I love it," she cooed. "I just love being fucked in my asshole! Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck my asshole with your big, hard cock!"

"You know, Karen," Susan said, her eyes bright and shining as she watched her husband fuck their daughter in the ass, "I want to suck your delicious pussy again."

"Oh yes!" Karen gurgled, scooting her pussy toward Susan. "Suck my cunt, Susan."

Susan got to her knees and shoved her face into Karen's wet pussy, her tongue fluttering about the rigid clit her lips sucking at it. Karen still held Devon's cock in her fist, and while Susan sucked at her cunt, she beat up and down on it swiftly, feeling it throb in her palm.

"Wanna suck me off, Karen?" he asked, watching his mother suck Karen's hairy twat.

"Ooohhh, do I!"

Devon stood up, with his legs on each side of her head, his cock level with Karen's mouth. Karen gripped his ass in both her hands and pulled his dripping prick to her mouth.

"Suck me, teacher cunt!" she heard him yell. "Suck my cock, you cocksucking teacher cunt! Eat me… eat my hard prick!"

Karen sucked in a frenzy on his young prick, grinding her ass about, pressing her pussy hard into Susan's face. She could hear Stan grunting as he drove his cock in and out of his daughter's asshole, and she could hear Pamie urge him on.

"Fuck my asshole, Daddy! Fuck my hot little asshole! Ooooo, Daddy, Daddy! I love it… love it! Fuck me, fuck me… fuck my asshole!"

With her mouth stuffed with the teenage cock she loved so much, Karen's mind reeled with ecstasy. She felt Susan's tongue thrusting in and out of her boiling, tight pussy, fucking her in a furious way. When Susan probed between the cheeks of her flexing ass, Karen felt thrilled. She felt even more excited when Susan stabbed her finger up her asshole as she tongued her twat, and the desire to feel Stan's cock up her ass again came strong. She wondered, as she sucked Devon's prick, what it would be like to have this young cock plunging in and out of her asshole, and was determined to give it a try at her earliest opportunity.

From the way things were developing, that opportunity would be just about any day of the week.

"I'm going to come, Pamie!" she heard Stan bark. "I'm going to come in your sweet, tight asshole, baby!"

"Yes, Daddy!" Pamie's reply came. "Come my tight, hot asshole! Come up my fucking ass… come in my asshole!"

Karen's cunt was in strong spasms by this time, convulsing time and again against Susan's licking, sucking mouth. Karen struggled to make Devon's cock spurt, and she was rewarded with a copious flow that filled her mouth. She gulped and swallowed. Gurgling hungrily, happily.

Where it would end, what would happen later, Karen didn't know. Nor did she care. All that mattered at the moment was being with Stan, Susan, and best of all, the teenagers.

Maybe some day she would have her own family, her own fucking family.