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Show me more, mom!

Kathy Andrews

Kathy Andrews

Show me more, mom!


Hearing the shower running brought back the old memories Wendy still enjoyed thinking about.

It reminded her of cock… a big, beautiful, hard cock.

Her father's cock.

The first time she had seen her father's cock, she had been inside the shower, the curtains drawn. Exactly why her father had come into the bathroom knowing she was there, Wendy didn't know. He had never given any indication he desired her, wanted her sweet, nubile body.

Wendy, in those days, had a body that turned heads. Even now, in her mid-thirties, heads turned as she walked, admiring the subtle sway of her rounded, compact ass and long legs. Those same heads watched her approach, some leering at the thrust and shape of her firm, wide spaced tits. She had enjoyed the eyes then, and she enjoyed them now.

Tall, honey-blonde, blue-eyed, with flesh like satin, Wendy had an inner glow that showed the world she was proud of her beauty, but not vain. She knew men lusted after her, and even sonic women. She didn't mind; she enjoyed it. Although she had never been promiscuous, she was very selective in her sexual partners. In this day and age when bed was the nearest place for a first-time date, Wendy was still somewhat of an oddity. Many women her age had a different lover each year, but Wendy had not.

It was not because she had no interest in sex; she had a very deep, very powerful, interest in sex. She was a hot-blooded woman, a very hot blooded woman. Her cunt bubbled often, drenching her panties to the point where she had to change them two or three times a day.

Her last lover had also been her husband. He was the only man she had fucked for years, and had been thoroughly satisfied with him. But she no longer had him. It had been one of those silly, stupid mistakes on a rainy night on a lonely, slick road, and she was an instant widow. A widow with a young boy to raise, a son that looked so much like his father, it was unbelievable.

When her father entered the bathroom as she showered those many years ago, Wendy discovered what that fire inside her body meant. It had been there for some time tormenting her, but she had no idea what to do about it, didn't have an idea what it meant.

Until her father came into the bathroom.

Through the hiss of the shower, she had heard his pin tinkling into the toilet, and immediately became excited. The fire between her young legs increased immediately, and her young pussy pulsated like it never had before. Wendy had touched and caressed her hairless little pussy often, finding the feel of her fingers on it very delicious. She suspected there was a great deal more to her cunt than what her fingers created for it. As she listened to her father pissing, her little pussy turned very hot and wet. She stood in the shower stall trembling, eyes closed, listening as her cunt streamed and throbbed. Her almost non-existent tits felt painfully swollen, her small nipples stiff as iron.

Before she understood what she was doing, or even the consequences of her actions, Wendy had yanked the shower curtain aside, and stared at her father's cock. He had been holding it at the base with a finger and thumb, and the golden piss spewed from the tip in a hot stream. Her eyes blazed, transfixed on her father's cock. With a low moan, she had parted her lithe legs and begun to rub her cunt with both hand, her eyes burning on his prick. Her father turned to watch her, saying nothing, still pissing. Wendy had parted the succulent lips of her smooth, hairless cunt and exposed her straining cunt, agitating it almost painfully with the tip of her middle finger, her other hand peeling the sugary lips open.

She slipped a finger into her pussy and stabbed it in and out, her hips pushed forward wantonly, and finger-fucked herself as she gazed at her father's thick cock. Her father had stood there, watching her, and then his cock grew, swelled, became longer and thicker until it looked to Wendy like a very thick, very long, sausage. A sausage with a rounded head on it, a small slit that glistened. She was fascinated by his cock, by the way it swelled and turned so had before her eyes.

"Daddy…" she had whispered in a soft, low voice, making wet sounds with her finger moving in and out of her cunt. Her flesh was flushed to a rosy glow, and she breathed hard.


She had said nothing else, only that one word. Her father had not spoken at all. He simply watched her finger-fucking her sugary young cunt while his cock lifted and swayed in hardness.

Wendy experienced her very first orgasm.

It came swiftly, without warning.

Her finger was buried inside her cunt, and the spasms made her naked little body tremble violently. Her eyes turned glassy, but never once moved away from his cock as she came, her cunt squeezing and sucking at her inserted finger, her clit throbbing against the fingers of her other hand. Her knees bent and turned weak, but she managed to stay upright.

As the convulsion faded, she kept on stabbing her finger into her cunt, delighted with the sensation she had just experienced, wanting to make it happen again. Her finger increased speed, and her hips jerked back and forth as the shower rained onto her small back.

Then her father closed his fist about his cock and began to stroke it, making the smooth head bulge even more. Wendy saw juices seeping from the small slit on the head, and watched his fist pound back and forth as she stood there, finger-fucking herself.

Her father had pushed his cock close to her small body, and Wendy seemed to move toward it at the same time. Her breath caught in her throat when her father touched the wet head of his cock against her stomach, the juices like liquid fire on her flesh. She had moaned softly when her father rubbed his cock about her trembling stomach, making it slippery. Her finger in her cunt worked faster and deeper. She had lifted her eyes once or twice to look into her father's face, and his expression of pleasure made her feel so good. She was making her father happy, and he was making her happy.

She felt that tingling sensation between her thighs again, and her flying finger seemed to burn the sensitive flesh of her cunt. She stared down at her father's cock, watching in awe as he jacked off. He had pulled his cock back a ways, about six inches, and his fist seemed to fly back and forth on it, covering the head, then, smashing at his open fly, jerking outward again. Wendy's little ass bunched tightly as she rammed a second finger into her cunt, thrusting wilder and wilder.

Then her father came.

The explosion of hot juice came out of the small slit of his cock so fast, Wendy didn't see it at first. But she felt it. The hot spurt splattered her stomach, just above her belly button. By the time she realized what had happened, her father had come all over her stomach, the creamy juices running down her flesh in steamy rivers to her thighs, even on her hands between her legs. She stared as her father finished coming, squeezing his cock and pulling toward the head. When a bubble of juice formed on it, he rubbed it across Wendy's stomach, and then, with a soft cry of ecstasy, Wendy's cunt grabbed at her buried fingers, and she came again, her second orgasm.

This one was more powerful, more explosive, then the first. Her knees bent and she almost fell. Her small ass jerked as she came, and her eyes remained wide open on her father's softening cock. That was all she saw as she came in throbbing wave after wave.

Without a word, her father had watched her come, and as she finally slumped against the slippery wall of the shower, gasping for breath, he had cleaned his cock and stuffed it into his pants, then zipped them. He left her without saying a single word all that time.

Leaning back on the couch, Wendy listened to the shower, imagining her son there, naked, beautiful, soapy with lather. Tony was such a handsome young boy, tall like his father, with dark hair and flashing brown eyes. He was strong, and played football in school. He was a good student, but she had to make him study at times.

She rested a hand on her tit, gently massaging it. She had taken a long bath earlier, and she was naked under her robe. Closing her eyes, she tried to see her son in the shower, to see his young, hard ass, his cock and balls. She could only fantasize about them; she had not seen her son naked for many, many years. Sliding her hand into her robe, she fingered a stiff nipple, making it tingle deliciously. With a soft moan, she slipped her other hand into the folds of her robe, sliding her fingers through the soft blonde hair of her cunt. She toyed with the silky curls, pulling at them gently, feeling the lips of her cunt and clit respond.

She wondered if Tony had ever touched a girl, played with a juicy slit, rubbed a knotted clit. She wondered if he enjoyed the feel of a hot, soft pussy with juices seeping from it. She wondered if he had special girl at school, a girl that let him feel her body, play with it, maybe even fuck her. She didn't believe her son had ever fucked a girl, but perhaps he had felt one. There were always pretty girls hanging around the football players, squealing and laughing and flirting. If a boy was as good on the football field as her son was, he had no problem getting an eager girl behind the bleachers or some other private place.

Wendy didn't feel any jealousy about her son playing with a willing girl. She felt more excited by the possibility than anything else. The very idea that her son was getting his cock up some tight, young cunt excited her very much.

She parted her robe and looked down at her body. Her legs were still very long, still very creamy and satiny smooth. The blonde hair on her pussy was a bit darker than her head, forming a lovely triangle, thick toward the center, thinner as it spread toward her hips. Her stomach was just as flat as it had been years ago, her waist narrow. She had a deeply dimpled belly button, a belly button that had been filled with come-juice often by her father after the first incident.

She gazed down her body remembering once more how her father had always come into the bathroom when she was there, never saying a word, but taking his cock out and jacking off before her, while she finger-fucked herself with vigorous strokes. She always came at least twice, often three times, to her father's single discharge.

The second time he had come to her was the following night. Wendy had made sure her father knew where she was going by giving him a hot glance, then a slight twist of her little ass. When he came to her, she was naked and standing in the stall, the curtains open, waiting breathlessly. Her father had entered, closing the door, and looked at her beautiful young nakedness, opening his pants. He had pulled out his cock, and while Wendy stared at its swelling cock, he lowered his pants to his ankles. His heavy, hairy balls fascinated her. She longed to feel them, to cuddle them and squeeze. But she never touched his balls or his cock, not in those first days.

She had opened her legs wantonly and played with her pussy while he stood before her, watching, jacking off as he had the night before. He pushed the wet slit of his cock to her belly button, and worked his fist back and forth. Wendy could see her father's balls swing back and forth as he jerked his cock, and now and then they would brush the bact of her hand as she rammed her fingers into her cunt. Wendy experience two very strong orgasms that night before her father came, holding the slit of his cock into her belly button. The creamy liquids of his cock spurted into her belly button, coming until her stomach was drenched by come juice, and it ran to her pussy. Wendy had peeled the lips of her smooth cunt open as much as possible, feeling her father's come-juice run over her hard, throbbing clit and hand.

She began to moan softly now as she stretched on the couch, spreading her legs a little to run her palm up and down the slit of her hairy cunt, her mind remembering all those exciting times with her father.

Later, he had taken her small hand and placed it around his cock and held her wrist, mow big her fist back and forth. The hard heat of her father's cock burned her palm, and she came without touching her cunt that time. And again her father had come over her small stomach. When it was over, he kissed the top of her head and pulled his pants up, leaving her without a word.

During those little games they played, her father had watched her grow, saw the first silky hairs sprout on her sugary cunt, watched her little titties swell into mouth-watering shapes, with luscious pink nipples. He had watched her fine ass take form that would give a hard-on to many men later on in her life. He had watched Wendy grow from a gangling little girl to a cock stiffening teenager. And never did he fuck her.

He jacked off on her stomach, filling her belly button, more often letting Wendy jack him off. And he never touched her body, not her tits, not her legs, not her ass, not her cunt. Even after Wendy began to date, to take a boy's cock into her cunt in the back seat of a car, her father never fucked her, never touched her, but let her jack him off three and four times a week, something Wendy was more than happy to do for him.

But if her father was satisfied with that, Wendy was not.

She wanted to fuck him, to feel her father's cock inside her cunt, moving in and out. She wanted her father to grab her hot little ass and ram his thick, long cock up her cunt and fuck her silly. She never told him, and he never attempted it. They jacked off in near silence, with the only words coming from Wendy. "Daddy…" Nothing else.

When she finished high school, she was still jacking her father off, always while she was in the shower. But by then, she had enjoyed the attentions of two steady boyfriends, boys who would thrill her and excite her in the back seat of a car, fucking her to orgasm after orgasm. But all the time they were between her long legs, pounding frantically into her eager teenaged cunt, to Wendy it was her father… her father's cock that created that terrific feeling, her father's cock that squirted and flooded her hungry cunt with hot juices, her father's balls that bounced off her twisting, churning little teenaged ass. It was always her father's hands that removed her panda, lifted her dress. It was always her father's mouth that sucked and licked and pulled at her tingling tits.

Then when she married, her fantasies turned toward her husband. She no longer fantasized about her father until her husband had introduced her to cock-sucking. The first time her husband pushed his cock into her mouth, Wendy had not protested; she accepted it just as eagerly as she had accepted jacking off with her father. However, it did make her start to fantasize about her father again, imagining it was his cock she was sucking, and that it was his come-juice that sprayed her throat. The fantasy of sucking on her father's cock worked just as well as it had when she imagined his cock fucking her cunt. She had come hard and long as her husband flooded her mouth, her throat working to swallow the hot, burning juices.

Realizing her husband preferred her wet mouth to her wet cunt, Wendy gladly sucked him off every time he wanted it. But it wasn't his cock she sucked; it was her father's cock. She never told her husband about her fantasies, and when he drove over the cliff that rainy night, he had died, never knowing what was in her mind all those years.

Now her husband was gone, but her father was still living alone in the same house she grown up in. He was a widower, but still able to take care of himself, living in a decent retirement. She called in often, spoke for hours on the phone, concerned if he needed anything. But they never mentioned the things they had done when she was young. Her father had not said anything during those times, and he said nothing about them now. Nor did Wendy. It was something they simply didn't talk about.

She spread her legs wider as she rested her head on the back of the couch, looking down at her nakedness. She ran her fingers through the blonde curls again, wondering why her father never touched her cunt. So many men and boys had wanted to touch her cunt, to feel it, but her father never had. But he knew, surely, that she wanted him to. She didn't understand why he loved to have her hand on his cock, jacking him off over her stomach, but never touching her body at all. Despite the heat she felt, despite the yearning to have her father touch her, fuck her, she was pleased to give him his pleasure by her hands just the same.

Her tits jutted up firmly, her nipples a darker pink now than they had been when she was a teenager. She knew her father would love her tits now. She thought how strange it was that he had stopped playing those delightful games with her when she married. Maybe it was due to her moving out and into a place of her own with her husband, not being as available as before.

She listened to the shower going, thinking of her son again as she fondled the soft hair of her cunt. She was getting quite wet now, and when she touched her pussy with her fingertip, her hips jerked with sensation. She felt the heat start, the same sort of heat she had felt with her father.

Getting to her feet, Wendy pulled her robe about her nakedness, drew in a deep breath, and started for the hall.


She stood outside the closed door of the bathroom, trembling, not trying to turn her wild thoughts away. Her clit was very hard now, and her juices were making her thighs slippery.

She pushed at the door and steam came at her.

She stood looking at the sliding doors of the shower. Her son's body was outlined behind them, but not clearly. She saw him shampooing his hair, and her eyes moved down the vague outline of his body. She could just see a shadowy protrusion that was his cock and balls, the curve of his tight ass and long legs.

She opened the belt of her robe, puffing it aside to show her body. She moved to the shower doors, and with her breath caught in her throat, slowly pushed the door open with the hiss of the shower, Tony did not hear the door move. He had his eyes closed against the shampoo, scrubbing at his hair. Wendy stared at his body, seeing his cock and balls. A tuft of hair grew about the base of her son's cock, and his balls looked full and heavy. She imagined his cock hard, sliding into some young girl's bubbling cunt, and felt a lurch between her thighs.

She pushed her robe behind her, sliding a hand between her thighs as she stared at her son's cock and balls.

Something, maybe the sound of her breathing, or the cool air that came to him with the door open, made Tony's eyes snap open.

"Mom!" he gasped, his hands flying to his crotch, covering his cock and balls. But then he saw her body, her robe parted, her tits jutting out and her hand between her legs, and he saw the way her eyes stared down at him.

Wendy, without speaking, gently pulled her son's hands away from his crotch, Tony didn't resist; he was staring hard at her nakedness now.

While Tony stood with his arms at his sides now Wendy parted her feet on the floor, bending her knees slightly, and using the fingers of both hands, she parted the hairy lips of her cunt, exposing her clit and pink, wet flesh to her son's eyes. She saw his young cock stir, then start to lift and swell. She ran her tongue over her lips as she slowly moved a finger into her cunt. When her son's cock was half hard, she looked into his eyes. She saw desire, hot, wild hunger, in them. She spread her cunt open as much as she could, and while her son stared, she rubbed at her swollen clit. His cock lurched into full hardness.

"Tony," she breathed, puffing up on her pussy, her hips swaying. "Tony… baby."

"Gosh, Mom!" Tony gulped, staring at her hairy cunt, then her tits, back to her cunt again. "Gosh… Mom, what's going on?"

"I need you, Tony," she whispered. "I need you very much."

Tony didn't answer, but his willingness was in his eyes, on his young face, in the hardness of his cock. Wendy shrugged her shoulders, and the robe fell to her feet. She stood naked before her son, and then she turned the shower off. She stepped a few feet back, one hand on a cheek of her ass, the other cupping a full tit, her nipple peeking between her fingers. She gazed with hot eyes at his very hard cock, angled upward, his young, sweet balls drawn up tight at the base. She stared at the small slit of his prick, trying to see if juices bubbled from it, but he was wet from the shower.

"Tony," she breathed, the hand on her ass sliding forward, her fingers curled as she reached for his cock. "Darling… Mother is… Mother needs… wants… ohhh, Tony!"

Her fingers curled about her son's cock, and she felt the heat of it, the powerful throb against her palm and fingers. She squeezed his cock, making Tony groan softly. She pushed and pulled her tight fist on his cock slowly, watching the head bulge. She moved closer to him, and Tony trembled, but not in fear. He shook with anticipation, with excitement. Wendy took hold of her son's wrist, bringing his hand up, then placed it on her tit.

"Hold it, baby," she murmured. "Hold it tight."

As her son's fingers dug into her firm tit, she stroked his cock a little faster. She arched her hips, and ran the swollen head through the soft hair of her cunt. She dipped her head to see, and moved the head of his cock about her pussy hair, still moving her hand back and forth slowly, but firmly.


The single word exploded from his mouth as his cock exploded against the hair of her cunt.

The hot gush of her son's come-juice spurted through the blonde hair of her cunt, and Wendy mewled softly. She pumped at her son's cock faster as he came, turning the head about, smearing the juices into the hair of her cunt. Her lips were parted and she gasped with pleasure. As he came, Tony clung to his mother's naked tit almost in desperation.

"I didn't mean to do that, Mom," Tony gasped as he pulled from her.

Wendy kept her fingers about his cock, looking into his face now, she said softly. "God, I needed you, Tony, how I've needed this! Please, darling, don't be angry with me."

"I'm not mad, Mom," he said, looking up and down her body. "Surprised but not mad. I don't understand this, but if you want to jack me off, I'm willing."

Wendy let out a nervous giggle.

"Are you? Really?"

He nodded, trying to grin, but still unsure of her actions.

She stepped into the tub with him, pulling the doer closed. She turned on the shower again, and used his soap, although it was harsh on her delicate skin. She scrubbed at her cunt until the blonde hair was clean of his come-juice. Then she pushed him under the spray and washed him. Tony stood still for a short time, but when she faced him, his arms went around her waist and pulled her close. Wendy looked into his glowing face, and wrapped her arms about him, puckering her lips.

"Kiss me, Tony," she mewled, and pushed her mouth onto his. She gasped at the fury of her son's lips crushing against hers. She squeezed his shoulders as he pulled her naked body tight against his, his cock resting on the mat of pussy-hair. Her son's tongue slipped past her teeth, and Wendy purred as she began to suck on it. Her hands moved down from his shoulders, around his waist, and cupped his tight ass. She pulled his cock as tight as she could into her pussy-hair, squirming against it.

When Tony pulled his tongue out of her mouth, she gazed into his eyes, searching them for reluctance. All she saw was eager anticipation.

She opened her legs slightly, and when his cock was between them, cloned them again. She squeezed his cock with her thighs, feeling the heat of it. She smiled, a nervous, tentative smile.

"Nice, Mom," her son said softly.

She flexed her thighs on his cock, and felt it harden.

"I'd say it's very nice," she replied in a whispery voice, digging her fingers into his ass hard.

She held him tight, kissing him again.

"Tony," she purred as weakness flooded her. "Let's… baby. Mother needs you so very much. I… please, Tony?"

Without another word passing between them, they stepped from the shower, forgetting to turn it off, and left a trail of water from the bathroom to her bedroom.

Wendy, her eyes glowing with hungry fire, lay back on her bed, ignoring her wet body. She let her legs hang over the edge, and opened her legs while her son stood watching her. She spread her legs wide open, the pink of her cunt exposed, framed by the soft blonde hair. Her tits, even though she was on her back, seemed to stand up firmly, her nipples rigid with desire.

She kept gazing into her son's face, knowing his cock was lifting hard, sticking out with the same kind of need her cunt felt. She lay with her arms along her sides, her legs opened wide, her cunt pulsating as she waited for her son to come to her.

Tony gazed at his mother's nakedness, awed by her beauty. He had seen one girl naked before, but this was better. He had seen that girl in the dim light of a full moon. He was seeing his mother in the bright light of day. He wanted to tell her how beautiful she was, how much he wanted her, her cunt. But like her, he was afraid to say anything at the moment. Words might break the spell, make them both stop right now. And neither one wanted to stop. Wendy's cunt was boiling, her body overheated, longing for her son's cock to ram into her cunt, to fuck her. Tony, too, wanted to jump on her body, thrust his cock deep and fast up that hairy, wet slit she was blatantly showing him.

Wendy lifted her hips.

Tony took a step forward…

"Yes!" Wendy finally broke the heavy silence. "Do it, Tony!"

Tony stepped between his mother's parted legs.

"Now, Tony!"

Tony, his hands lightly touching his mother's hips, pushed the head of his cock toward her cunt. As she felt it, Wendy gasped, then held her breath, staring almost vacantly up at her son's face. The head of his cock rested on the fiery lips of her pussy, and a slight movement of her hips upward would bring his cock inside her. They stared at each other, both seemingly unsure now.

"Ohhhh, Tony," Wendy sobbed, her fingers balling up tightly at her hips. "Mom," he moaned.

The head of his cock slowly moved forward. Wendy held her breath, feeling her pussy open for him. The hairy lips parted, and the tip of his cock entered her cunt, where it stopped. Her cunt reacted by pulsating about the tip, closing and opening. She felt his cock throb, and her lips parted with a sharp intake of air.

Very slowly. Tony pushed his cock into his mother's cunt.

Wendy held her breath as she felt it slide into her, her pussy spreading open for him, yet clinging to his cock. She felt her cunt fill with the hot hardness of her son's cock, and her body began to tingle from head to toe. Her tits seemed to become harder, her nipples feeling as if they would burst like ripe grapes. She pushed her fists into the bed, lifting her cunt to his slowly penetrating prick.

Then his balls were smashed upon her ass, his cock deeply buried into her cunt now. She felt his cock jerk and throb, her cunt caressing it as her clit was crushed at the base, against the wiry tuft of hair. Her cunt squeezed, and Tony groaned, his eyes half closing with the sensation of ecstasy that gripped his cock.

Tony stood still, almost rigid.

Wendy wanted him to ram in and out.

Her hips shook, then she lowered them. Her cunt slid along her son's cock, almost losing it, then she jerked upward, sliding her cunt back to the base of his cock, still staring into her son's ecstatic face.

She moved her cunt up and down his cock, fucking him with almost agonizing slowness, feeling the hard friction fill her pussy. She felt her son's fingers dig at her hips, and began to move faster, sliding her cunt up and down his cock. Tony stared down, watching his mother's hairy cunt ride on his prick, seeing the curling hairs, the wet pink of her pussy-lip. He saw the juices his mother's pussy left on his cock as she moved it up and down. Wendy closed her hot against his hips, squeezing him, then thighs flinging them wide apart, and began to churn her ass, fucking him fast, her cunt sliding up and down wetly and hotly. She moaned and whimpered twisting her head about, bringing her hands to her naked tits and digging at them brutally.

"Help me!" she wailed. "Oh, Tony… please, help me!"

Her naked hips twisted and whipped up and down, straining onto his cock as she cried out with desperate need.

"Please baby, help me! I want it… need it!"

Tony's fingers curled against her hip bones, and his ass lunged back and forth, his cock pounding into her fiery cunt swiftly. The sound of hot liquid was loud as his cock thrust, his balls slapping upon his mother's grinding, naked ass.

"Ohhh, yes, Tony!" Wendy cried out with rapture, feeling his strong, hard cock sliding deep into her cunt. "Yes, yes, yes! Ahhhh, that's wonderful, baby! Give it to me! Give it to Mother hard!"

Churning her ass in a grinding motion, Wendy whipped her cunt up and down on her son's cock. His prick seemed to reach delicious depths, probing areas that sent tremors of ecstasy throughout her body. She pushed her hands against the bed, getting leverage to strain her burning cunt onto his throbbing cock. The sensitive lips of her pussy tingled as the friction excited it, her cunt scraping along the hard shaft. She could feel the rounded head of his cock, feel the ridge, he pumped almost frantically into her.

Wendy's vision was fogged as she stared up at her son's face, seeing it contort with beautiful feelings. His eyes were half closed, his mouth gaping. She heard him breathe in quick, hot gasps each time his cock lunged up her cunt. She stared down her body, seeing her stomach ripple with excited muscles, the thick blonde curls of her pussy-hair. She felt his balls smash against her tightening ass. Every part of her naked was being teased toward an explosive organism by his sweet young, hard cock.

"Faster, Tony!" she pleaded in a sobbing voice. "Oh, baby, you're going to make me come so good! Faster, darling! Harder and faster and deeper! Oooooh, yes, baby, yes!"

Dipping his head, Tony gazed hot-eyed at the way his mother's crotch jerked and squirmed and twisted onto his prick. The wet heat of her cunt scared the flesh of his cock, the tightness fantastic. A beam of afternoon sunlight came through the bedroom window, draping a warm glow over her naked body, causing her up thrusting tits to glisten with moisture. Her nipples protruded like twin cocks, very tiny cocks, in tingling hardness. Sweat gleamed on her naked flesh. He saw all of that, but only in a fleeting glance. His intense pleasure prevented him from truly appreciating his mother's nakedness at the moment.

"Mom," he groaned softly, then louder, "Ohhhhh, Mom!"

"Listen," she breathed hotly. "Listen to that wet mound. Ahhhh, music, Tony! That's sweet, sweet music!"

The squishy sounds his cock made stabbing into her cunt came with rhythmic regularity. He could see the way her hairy cunt-lips pulled on his cock as he pulled back, then sink in when he thrust. He could feet her ass smash at his loaded, burning balls each time she lunged upward to meet him.

Wendy had tears of joy in her eyes, wiggling her hips up, straining onto her son's cock. She sobbed with ecstasy, her cunt filled and stretched by his intense hardness. She felt his cock throb against the sensitive lips of her cunt, felt the delicious filling. She began to tremble as an orgasm swelled deep inside her pussy, the ripples of her flesh along her stomach out of her control.

Her mind began to spin with ecstasy, her hips frantic with motion. She whipped her ass sideways, then up and down, seemingly at the same time. Her cunt burned with a fiery hunger as the lips began to throb and grip in a series of spasms, her orgasm approaching quickly now.

"Oh, God!" she cried out. "Ohhhhh, yes! Please, Tony… please…"

Tony, his balls full to bursting, clawed at her dancing hips as his cock plunged back and forth with quick, short strokes. He lifted his head to the ceiling, eyes shut, mouth open. He let out a moan, a long drawn-out sound.

"Do it, Tony!" Wendy gasped, slamming her cunt hard onto his cock, the hairy lips crushed at the base, his balls on the split of her hot ass. "Do it now! Let it go… right in my cunt!"

With a growl, Tony came, his cock gushing rapidly into his mother's cunt. The sensation of his cock flooding her pussy triggered her long overdue orgasm. Wendy screamed, her cunt clenching, with convulsions around her son's gushing cock, squeezing the hot juices from his balls. Time and again his cock squirted, and each time her cunt responded with a strong contraction.

"Come!" Wendy sobbed, her head twisting about on the bed. "Come hard, Tony! Ahhh, fill Mother up… come in Mother's cunt! Oooooh, so good, baby! So sweet and good and… ahhhh, I'm coming again!"

Her second orgasm came right on top of her first, stronger and more fiery. Her pussy sucked in rippling waves along the shaft of her son's cock, as if demanding more of his creamy juices. But Tony as finished and his cock was softening slowly. Still her hairy cunt pulled at it, as if it refused to let it go.

"Ooooh I can't stop! I can't stop!" Wendy cried. "I don't want to stop… ohhhh, Tony, baby, darling!"

Her cunt slowly squeezed his cock out, and Wendy gave a soft moan as it drooped, resting on the soft mat of her cunt-hair. She held her hips up, her hot thighs pressing against his. She felt the urge to laugh with joy, and to cry with gratification. She wanted to grab her son and pull him on top of her body, hug him with love.

But Tony was stepping back, his face flushed, avoiding looking directly at her.


Alone, still resting on her bed in the same position Tony had left her in, Wendy wanted to comfort her son. She knew, once the ecstasy was over, her son felt embarrassed.

She hoped it wasn't shame.

Sitting up weakly, she closed her legs in an effort to keep that wonderful juice inside her cunt. Her nipples still thrust out, her tits still hard, but not as hard as they were only moments ago. As her cunt pulsated, it made her asshole pucker in a nice manner.

When she felt strong enough, she stood and moved toward her dresser, pulling a pair of pale blue bikini panties from a drawer, and slipping them on. She adjusted the crotch of the nylon panties about her cunt, hoping they would hold her son's come-juice inside her. Ignoring a bra, she slipped on a white t-shirt. Her tits molded against it, her nipples making two dark circles there. Next she pulled on a pair of tight designer jeans, zipping them up. Sliding her feet into a pair of low-heeled shoes, she ran a brush through her soft hair, then entered the bathroom adjoining her bedroom, where she sat at the small vanity. She washed her face, after which she applied her makeup. Wendy wore very little makeup, usually a blusher and lipstick, along with light eye shadow.

Wendy was a peaches-and-cream type of blonde, the sort of blonde associated with Southern California beauty. She was fortunate to have such a creamy complexion, a delicate skin that tanned lightly instead of burning in the sun. She still looked like an older teenager. Many people thought she was a teenager, especially when she wore her blonde hair in a pony tail. Wendy enjoyed her appearance, but she didn't particularly like being mistaken for a young girl.

Leaving her room, she found Tony watching some silly afternoon program on the color television. That alone told her he was bothered about fucking her, Tony seldom watched television, even in the evening. He preferred to work on his models.

She went to the kitchen and brewed herself a cup of coffee, then carried it to the living room, sitting next to her son on the huge couch. She leaned back and sipped her coffee, watching him from the corners of her blue eyes.

Tony had slipped on his jeans and a red t-shirt, but his feet were still bare. His hair was still damp from his earlier shower, but combed neatly now. She set her coffee cup on the table at the end of the couch and ran her hand over his neck.

"You're getting shaggy, honey," she said. "When was the last time you had your hair cut?"

"I don't remember," he mumbled.

She felt him tremble under her fingers, and began to manage his neck gently.

"What's bothering you?" she asked softly, kneading the muscles of his shoulders.

"Ah, Mom," he mumbled.

"Come on," she said softly. "Let's talk about it."

"I don't want to," he said.

"I do," she insisted, her fingers working at the tease muscles. "I think we should."

Tony remained silent, and she glanced at the front of his pants. She saw only a slight bulge where his cock and balls were. She had the urge to touch him there, to cup his cock and balls, feel them. But she was afraid that would be the wrong thing to do at the moment.

"Tony, was I good?" she asked in a whispery voice.

Tony's body jerked, but he said nothing.

"Come on," sir urged. "Was I good, darling?"

"Okay, Mom," he said.

"Oh? Just okay?" she giggled. "I thought I was pretty good. I thought I was better than just okay."

"Mom, I…" He flushed. "I don't know about good."

"You mean you don't have a pretty little girl you can compare me to?"

A shudder went through him, and he kept avoiding looking at her. He refused to give her an answer.

"A husky guy like you," she went on softly kneading his muscles. "A football player and all… I'd think you would have your pick, Tony. I've seen those pretty little girls hanging around you guys."

She slipped her arm about him, putting him to her tits. At first he was stiff, resisting. But she urged him to lay his head on her tits, and she cuddled him. Caressing up and down his arm, she leaned her cheek on the back of her son's head. She could see his lap, and her eyes stayed on the slight bulge there.

"Tony, it's okay if you haven't messed with any of those girls hanging around you guys," she said softly. "A guy doesn't have to make a pass at a girl just because she's there, you know. I understand many young studs. They think they have to make every girl they see. That isn't true, baby."

"Mom, I've never made."

She hugged him. "Shhhh, it's okay. You know, you were very good. I was just okay, but you were very, very good."

"Aw, Mom," he protested, his hot breath burning her nipple through the t-shirt. "You know what I meant."

She smiled. "Yes, baby, I know."

She shifted her shoulders, trying to bring her nipple in contact with his lips. If her son had been a virgin, that didn't bother her. It made her feel good to know she had given him his first fuck, his first piece of ass. That first time, she knew, could be a frightening experience, or it could be a wonderful experience. Knowing what to do, how to move, Wendy felt, could be the difference that first time.

She drew him tight, feeling the pressure of his check on the top swells of her tit. She shifted again, and felt one of his lips brush her nipple through the t-shirt. She watched his crotch as she managed to rub her nipple against him. She felt elated when Tony slid his arm behind her back, the other on his thigh. She purred when he gave her a small hug.

She moved, and her tit pushed at his lips.

She squeezed his arm as she felt his mouth loose on her tit, but the lump in his pants was growing.

"Oh, Mom!" Tony suddenly moaned, and closed his lips about her tit, sucking it through her t-shirt.

"Oh, baby!" she replied, pushing her tit hard at his mouth. "That feels good."

Tony sucked hard at her nipple, the t-shirt rough on his tongue. He bit gently, making his mother moan with delight. He hugged her waist, and moved his other hand toward her thigh. Wendy caught it, bringing his hand up to her other tit, closing his fingers around it. Pressing on the back of his hand, she urged him to squeeze and feel and fondle as he sucked through her t-shirt.

As Tony fondled her tit, sucking eagerly on the other, she watched his cock harden inside his jeans. She began to tingle again with the sweet sensations. She pushed his hand dawn from her tit, then brought it up under her t-shirt, placing it on her bare flesh. She groaned as he twisted at her nipple, then began to pinch and pull it.

"Here… let me…" she whispered, pulling her t-shirt to her neck, then placing his mouth back on her naked tit. "That's better, Tony. Oh, that's much better."

Tony sucked at her nipple, his tongue flicking in hot, wet circles, his hand fondling the other one. Wendy sighed in pleasure, the suction exciting her. She saw his cock swell along his thigh, inside his jeans. She gazed at the long outline with desire. Her hand burned to feel it, to touch it, squeeze it. Her cunt pulsated inside her own tight jeans. She strained her nipple to her son's mouth, and purred as he gulped as much as he could inside. The strong suction sent tremors of pleasure down her body to her cunt, making it twitch wetly.

"Tony, I want… honey, I have to…"

She shoved her hand toward his crotch. Reaching as far as she could and still giving him room to suck on her tit, she managed to feel the hardness inside his pants. She rubbed and pressed at it, making her son grunt. For a moment, he didn't respond, then lifted his hips, pushing his cock to her hand.

"Let me…" she said, tugging at his zipper. "Honey, let Mother get your pants open."

Tony shifted his hips, and she pulled at his zipper. Getting his fly open, she darted her hand into his pants, pulling his cock free. She moaned in pleasure as she saw it, standing up, jerking with hardness. The head was smooth, very swollen and the little slit at the end was dripping a slippery juice. She clutched her son's cock with a soft cry. The feel of it burned all the way up her arm. As she squeezed his cock, she felt him suck harder on her nipple. She moved her tight fist, upward, watching the juices bubble from the small silt. She pushed her fist down, arid then began to pump his cock, jacking him. She moved her fist slowly but firmly, testing the hardness. Tony moaned around her swollen nipple, his hand clutching the other tit. Wendy squirmed her ass on the cushions as her cunt bubbled in responding heat.

She wanted to take time to shove his pants down, or at least get his young balls free. But if she paused now, she was afraid her son would feel embarrassed again and stop her. She gripped his cock and pumped her fist up and down while he sucked her tit. She wanted to bring his hand down off the other, and curl his fingers into her crotch, but felt even that would make her son pull away. He held her tight about the waist with his other arm, squeezing and hugging her.

Her cunt felt so juicy inside her tight jeans. The seam of the crotch pressed upon her clit giving her a beautiful feeling. She twisted her ass against the couch, and began to pump a little faster on her son's throbbing hard-on. The head was very swollen, smooth, and she gazed at the slit, watching his juices bubble out. Her palms was slippery with the juices, sliding up and down his cock easily, from the head to the base.

"That feels so good, Tony," she purred against his head. "Suck it hard, baby! Ohhh, yes, suck my nipple as hard as you can."

Tony began to hump his hips up and down in time to her fist, his breath burning the naked flesh of her tit. He moaned softly as he sucked, his tongue twirling wetly. She loved the way his teeth nipped her nipples tenderly. She wanted very much to push her jeans and panties down, then sit on her son's cock, feel it again deep inside her greedy pussy. But still she did nothing but jack his cock, letting him suck on her nipple.

The last time she had jacked a cock off, she had been a young girl and it was in the front seat of a boy's car. All the boy had done was lean back and let her jerk him off, not touching her at all. As much fun as it was to jack on a hard cock, Wendy wanted to touch it, too.

Squeezing his cock as her fist went up and down, she hugged, her son to her naked tits.

"Ohhhh, you suck so good, darling!" she purred, encouraging her son. "I love to have my tits sucked, Tony! Your mouth is so hot and wet! Suck real hard! You won't hurt me. Hurt my tits!"

Tony moaned and squeezed her, tit very hard with his hand, trying to swallow the other. He lifted his hips, pushing his cock into her tight fist. Then, on his own, he released her tit and slipped his hand downward. As it brushed along her stomach, Wendy spread her legs. When his hand was between them, she pushed her cunt up, but Tony didn't return the pressure, not then. She twisted and pushed her crotch at his palm, yanking hard on his throbbing cock.

Then he pressed his palm at her pussy.

"Oooooh, baby!" she moaned. "Ahhhh, feel it for me! Feel Mother up, Tony! Oh, yes, rub your hand up and down! That's it… rub up and down!"

Tony rubbed hard at her crotch, feeling the heat of her cunt through the tight crotch of her jeans. The harder he rubbed, the more she squealed with pleasure.

"Tony, this will make me come," she gurgled. "Ohhhh, I love to come, baby! Rub Mother real hard right there! Rub as hard as you can, and I'll come in my panties!"

While he rubbed at her crotch, his hips were pumping to her fist, fucking at her fist as much as she was jacking him. She listened to his soft, muffled moans, and darted her hand past his cock to cup his confined balls, giving them a squeeze, then rushing her fist back to his cock. He was dripping very much, and his prick was slippery from the head to the base. Her fist slipped up and down easily, no matter how tight she held his cock. The way his prick throbbed, she knew she could have him coming almost anytime she wanted. Slowing her motions, wanting to make it last a while longer, she closed her thighs, capturing his hand between them against her cunt. She whimpered as her clit strained with hardness. She felt as if her cunt was so wet, her panties and jeans could be soaked with her juices.

"Mmmmmm, suck my tit!" she moaned. "Suck Mother's tit hard! Ahhhh, push your hand right at my cunt!" She flung her legs wide apart again, pushing her hips up. "You're so hard, Tony! Ohhhh, baby, your cock is so very hard! Make Mother come, honey! I want to come again… rub me and make me come!"

She twisted her hips as she humped her ass up and down, grinding at his hand.

"I'm so hot!" she moaned. "Mother is so very hot there! Feel it, Tony? Can you feel how hot I am through my jeans?"

Tony answered with a grunt, his lips puffing hungrily at her nipple. His cock was straining and his balls ached inside the tightness of his pants. He could feel, or thought he could, wetness in his mother's pants.

"Are you going to come, honey?" she moaned. "It feels like your cock is going to come! I can make you come with my fist… Mother can make you squirt… really squirt with my fist."

She leaned her head back on the couch, pounding on his cock almost furiously, the throbbing heat exciting her. She whipped her hips up and down, and her son rubbed very hard at her cunt. She began to moan, then whimper. She was so close to orgasm, so very close.

"Ahhh, hard, baby, hard!" she gasped. "My cunt… my pussy… oh, Tony!"

With a cry, she strained into his hand. Her cunt convulsed tightly, the orgasm shooting through her like lightning. She cried out, straining her cunt as hard as she could into her son's hand. Tony, feeling his mother's cunt in spasms through her tight jeans, had lifted his mouth from her tit, looking down at her crotch. He groaned as her fist clamped even harder around his prick as she came.

"Ohhhh, baby, baby!" Wendy sobbed, almost crazy with ecstasy. "Abhhh, it's so good… so wonderful!"

As the convulsions faded, she felt her son starting to draw away.

"Wait!" she gasped. "Stay with me."

When she shuddered to a finish, her hips slumped to the couch, her legs loose now, wide open. She still had hold of his prick, and as Tony started to pull away once more, she gripped his cock tighter.

"Your turn," she said hotly, and began to pound on his cock in a frenzy of movement.

Tony leaned back, watching his mother's hand race up and down his cock. Wendy made soft hissing sounds as she pumped hard and fast, her eyes watching the swollen head, the slit of his piss-hole.

"Ohhh, so hard, Tony!" she squealed. "Ohhhh, I want to make you come, too! Don't hold, back, baby! Let Mother see you come!"

Tony began to squirm, her fist pounding frantically on his cock.

The moans he made told her he was close. Her fist made muffled slapping sounds on his open fly.

"Now, baby!" she urged.

With a grunt, Tony came.

The creamy juice spurted from the slit of his cock, flying high, then spattering back down her fist. With a gasp of delight, Wendy jacked on his gushing cock as fast as she could, feeling the scalding wetness coat her hand. As the quick spurts slowed, she squeezed his cock at the base, drawing upward, bringing a final head of come juice to the slit. Then she ran her palm over it, enjoying the hot wetness.

A few minutes later, while Tony leaned back, his cock limp but still out of his open fly, he began to make shy giggling sounds.

"Is something funny?" Wendy asked. Her t-shirt had slipped down from her neck, but caught above her nipples.

"You said…" He glanced at her shyly. "You were saying some nasty things, Mom."

"I was?" she asked, genuinely puzzled. "What things…? When?"

"While we were… you know, touching each other."

"What things?" she said again. "You know," Tony said. "Ahhhh," she smiled. "You mean cock and cunt!"

He nodded.

"Well, I was hot," she said, and stood up. "So hot, I've got to take another shower."


Wendy had hoped Tony would come with her, but he didn't.

At least, she thought, he wasn't as embarrassed as he had been when he fucked her. Or she had fucked him, she thought with a smile. Ether way, his cock had been in her cunt and that was what counted.

In her room, she stripped her t-shirt off, then her jeans. Shoving her panties down, they turned inside out. She lifted them and stared. The crotch was very wet, most of it the juices of her son's balls that had seeped from her cunt.

She held, them up, looking toward her open bedroom door, then feeling slightly embarrassed herself, she brought the wet crotch of her panties to her lips, kissing them. The wetness smeared her lips, and the tip of her tongue poked at it. She tasted her son's juices on her, panties, and with a soft moan, began to lick them. Swishing her tongue at the wetness, she ran her hand between her legs, feeling her pussy. Sucking the crotch of her panties into her mouth, she savored the taste of her son's juices, sucking them from the crotch of her panties with breathless excitement.

"Oh, shit, Wendy!" she snapped at herself, flinging her panties onto her bed. She walked naked into her bathroom and stood under the spray of water so hot it turned her flesh a bright pink. Wendy loved water as hot as she could stand it.

She kept hoping Tony would come in, but by the time she finished her shower, she was still alone. She hoped he wasn't brooding and feeling embarrassed again. She considered going to him naked, but that wouldn't do if he was embarrassed. She thought about wrapping a towel about her body and going to him, but that would be almost the same as being naked. She didn't want to dress, but it was necessary she had dinner to prepare for them, and her son might not like seeing her naked in the kitchen especially if he was feeling embarrassed.

Stepping into a fresh pair of bikini panties, this time a pink pair with dark-pink rose buds, she began to feel she could teach her son what she liked best when it came to sex. If, that is, he wasn't too embarrassed about fucking his mother. When it came to a hot, wet cunt and beautiful hard cock, Wendy didn't find anything to be embarrassed about.

She slipped her arms into a house dress, tying the slender belt at her waist. As before, she left her tits free and naked. Her tits strained out and up, as firm as they had been when she was a teenager. She enjoyed the gentle brush of her nipples against the cloth. When she moved, her tits swayed and bounced provocatively.

Before she left her room, she saw her discarded panties on her bed. Picking them up, she balled her t-shirt and jeans into her other hand, and carried them down the ball. Tony was still on the couch, but the television had been turned off. And, she was quick to notice, he had stuffed his cock back into his pants. She had to walk in front of him on her way to the kitchen and laundry room.

As she passed him, she tossed her worn panties at him, laughing softly as they draped over his head.

"Want to get into my panties?" she teased, waggling her ass as she entered the kitchen. Tossing her jeans and t-shirt into the hamper, she turned to prepare their dinner, taking out a lovely steak for them to share.

As she placed the steak in the oven, her son came in.

She saw he still had her panties, but they were in his hand now. He sat at the small work table in the kitchen, glancing at her as he played with the skimpy panties. Wendy searched her son's face for evidence of embarrassment, but failed to see any. Elated, she moved toward him and hugged his head into her stomach, stroking his hair.

"Did you have fun, honey?" she asked softly.

Tony nodded his head against her stomach.

"Well, you could let me know," she teased. "Come on, put your arms around me and give Mother a hug."

When he squeezed her, he lifted his face to look up at her. He gave her a nervous grin.

She grinned down at him, and pulled bin tight.

"You're not embarrassed anymore?"

He shook his head, but a faint flush came to his cheeks.

With a soft giggle, she pulled back, leaning down, and kissing his mouth as she cupped his face. The tip of her tongue played along his lips, then she stood up again.

She pushed his hands down to the cheeks of her ass, holding them there. "If you had fun, you could at least show me by touching me."

Tony gave his mother's ass a tentative squeeze.

"That's better," she laughed softly, then wrinkled her nose at him. "I'd love to stand here and have you play with my ass, but I think I smell something burning."

She checked the steak, turning it over. "I guess that was me burning, not the steak," she giggled. "Either me or you."

"Both, Mom?" he ventured.

"Probably," she agreed, lifting her shoulders to make her tits stand out against her dress. "Tony, it is okay, isn't it?"

Knowing what she meant, he nodded, quickly.

She gazed at him for a long time, then went back to him. She pulled his head into her stomach again, holding the back of his head. She ran her hand through his hair, and then cupped his face, pressing him tight into her stomach. This time he placed his hands on his mother's ass without her helping him. She purred with happiness when he dug his fingers into the soft cheeks of her ass, squeezing them.

"Ohhh, baby," she purred hotly. "If you had a hard-on tight now, I'd do it again."

Tony pulled his face from her stomach, holding the cheeks of her ass and glancing down at his lap. Wendy, too, looked, and let out a delighted cry.

"Ohhh, you do have a hard-on!" She was very delighted to see his cock strain inside his pants. The most her husband managed to fuck her was two times in a single day.

She leaned over, and feverishly opened her son's pants, pulling his cock free. Tony leaned back as she stroked his cock, purring softly as if it were a baby she was caressing.

Then, to her son's surprise, she leaned down and kissed the tip of his cock.

She looked into his face and laughed softly. "I just had to give your cock a little kin, Tony." She opened the waist of his pants, spreading them open. "I want them down, baby."

She squatted at her son's feet, her eyes blazing at his upstanding cock as she pulled his pants down to his ankles. She stared at him, seeing the tuft of hair at the base, is cock long and thick. His balls, so young but so full, seemed to ache for a caress. Her warm fingers touched the tip of his cock, them ran down the shaft lightly to his balls. She made a soft purring sound as she felt her son's balls. They felt hot and just as full as though he had not come twice already.

Cradling his balls in her hand, she gently fondled them, her other hand stroking his hard cock slowly.

"You have a wonderful cock, Tony," she whispered. "You have wonderful balls, too. They feel so nice in my hand."

Tony giggled nervously as she felt him. "Did I say something funny?" she asked. "No, Mom," he said. "It's what you're saying."

"You mean cock and balls?"

He nodded.

"Well, that's what they are," she said. "You don't expect me to call them a penis and testes, do you? Those words sound horrible."

"I guess not," he said.

"What would you call my… you know, vagina?" she asked. "Vagina sounds like a state to visit."

"Cunt!" Tony said, almost explosively. Wendy giggled wickedly. "Right! It's my cunt… Mother's cunt, Mother's twat, pussy, snatch! But it sure isn't a state called vagina!"

They giggled like two naughty children, saying the words over and over as she squatted there, playing with his cock and balls. Her cunt bubbled inside her pink panties, and she knew she had to get her son's cock inside her pussy again.

She stood up, flushed from the laughter, shivering with anticipation. She untied the narrow belt of her dress, opening it for her son's eyes. He gazed hotly at her bikini panties, seeing the shadow of her blonde curls through the thin nylon.

"Want some pussy?" she teased, swaying her hips. "Want some of this hot, hot, wet, wet, pussy?"

"Gosh, Mom!" He swallowed, making a wet sound, nodding his head.

Wendy hooked a finger into the crotch of her panties, puffing them to one side, exposing her hairy cunt to her son's eager eyes. She spread her legs around his, moving to his lap. Tony slipped his hands past his mother's hips and cupped the cheeks of her ass outside her panties. Bending her knees, she felt the head of her son's cock touch the slit of her fiery cunt, and sucked in air with a loud hiss.

"I've never done this ma chair before," she said, her voice thick. "I mean in this."

"Me, neither, Mom," he said, gazing at his cock as she slowly lowered herself onto it.

Wendy held her breath as the swollen head of her son's cock slipped into her cunt. She paused, holding it that way, her pussy clutching at the smooth head. She felt as if she was about to come already.

"Oooooh," she purred, sliding her cunt down on his cock. When the hairy lips crushed at the base, she shivered in delight, her tits swaying before his face. "God, that's so good!"

Sitting on his cock facing him, she picked up her panties he had placed on the table and ran them about his face. She rubbed the soft nylon up and down his checks, feeling his cock throb so hard inside her cunt. The lips of her pussy gripped his cock in flexing tightness, and she pushed her other hand behind her ass, puffing his ball against her panties.

"Honey, shove your hands inside my panties," she mewled. "Hold my ass in my panties, because… ohh, baby, Mother is going to fuck the piss out of you!"

With those words, she began to bang up and down, stabbing herself in the cunt on his cock, her knees bending, then straightening, the subtle muscles of her slender thighs working, rippling.

When he pushed his hands into the waist of her bikini panties, she paused so he could get a grip on her ass, then began to ride up and down his cock once more. She squealed and gasped, her tongue running back and forth on her lips. She cried out with pleasure when her son squeezed her naked ass, his fingers sliding into the crack near her asshole.

With her feet flat on the floor, straddling her son's lap, facing him, Wendy bounced her ass up and down, making soft gurgles of ecstasy. Her son's cock filled her cunt sweetly, and with his hands pushed into her panties from behind, it held her robe apart. Her flawlessly shaped tits bounced and swayed in front of his face. Wendy had her hands an her son's shoulders, watching the expression on his young face, seeing his rapture as her cunt rode up and, down his cock.

She pushed her tits forward and rubbed them about his face, giggling softly at his delight. Soft wet sounds came from her cunt as she pumped up and down.

"Come on, baby," she purred hotly. "Suck one of Mother's titties! Suck a nipple, baby, while I fuck you so good!"

Tony's hot lips curled about a rigid nipple, and his tongue flicked the tip. Wendy moaned in pleasure and rammed up and down faster. Tony went from one tingling tit to the other, licking and sucking as he held his mother's grinding ass in his palms. The wet sucking sounds of his mouth mixed with the wet sounds of her cunt. Tremors of scalding rapture flowed through Wendy's body, making her mind spin. She tilted her face up, mouth open, eyes closed to accept the filling hardness of his cock. She gasped and made little whimpering sounds while she stabbed her searing cunt up and down his very rigid prick.

"Ohhh, Tony, baby!" she wailed. "Suck Mother's titties… squeeze Mother's ass! Ahhh, so good, darling! Suck… oooooh, this makes my cunt so hot and wet! Tony, you're hard, so very hard!"

The hair-lined lips of her cunt clasped lovingly around his throbbing cock, feeling him pulsate deeply inside. Her clit scraped and tingled on the hot shaft. She felt his fingers claw at her ass, stretching her bikini panties. His fingers were almost touching the crinkled pucker of her asshole. She dug her fingers into his shoulders, humping wildly on his cock.

"Ohhh… my God, it's wonderful!" she breathed. "Oh, baby, this is so wonderful! Give it to me! Give Mother's hot cunt your hard cock! Ahhh, Tony, fuck me! Fuck Mother! Fuck Mother hard and fast and deep!"

Tony had trouble keeping her tit in his mouth. She was bouncing and squirming so fast, he kept losing them. Finally he settled on feeling them rub and slap at his face, looking up at his mother's tilted head. He clutched her ass tightly, but not to hold her still.

"Mom!" he moaned. "Ohhh, Mom, it is good! My cock… my cock is up your cunt!"

"Fuck my cunt, Tony!"

"Yeah!" Tony moaned. "I'll fuck your cunt, Mom! I'll fuck your wet cunt and come in it and… ohhhh, pump faster! I think I'm about to come, Mom!"

"You'll come," she mewled in a thick voice. "Mother's cunt will make sure of that! Ohhh, that hard cock of yours will come right up my hungry cunt!"

The exchange of words sent hot thrills about her flesh. It was the first time her son had openly used them, and they, excited her tremendously.

Her cunt clutched his cock as she bounce, sucking it, squeezing it. Her tits bounced in his face, and she gripped his shoulders with strong fingers. Her pussy was bubbling, her clit throbbing. She was on the brink of a powerful orgasm, herself.

She shook her ass wildly, still plunging up and down.

"Shake it, Mom!"

She slammed down hard onto his cock, the hairy lips of her cunt smashed at the base. She twisted and whipped about on his prick, grinding in a tight circular motion, rubbing her cunt as hard as she could on his cock.

"Your cunt…" Tony gasped. "Mom, your cunt is… ohhhh, your cunt is burning my cock, Mom! Your cunt is going to blister my fucking cock!"

"It will!" she hissed. "Mother's cunt will burn blisters on your beautiful cock? Mother's cunt will make your cock squirt!"

Squeezing her ass, one of his fingers touched the pucker of Wendy's asshole. Her eyes snapped open with the contact.

"Ohhh, baby!" she moaned. "Push it up in my pussy! Push you cock up into Mother's cunt! I'm about to came, Tony!"

The finger touching her asshole was sensational. Her cunt closed as tight as it could around his cock when his finger touched her asshole, and the hairy lips sucked hard as she jerked upward, then rammed dawn, smashing onto the base.

"Tony, Tony!" she cried out, grinding hard, his cock deep. "Baby, I'm going to come!"

With a wail, her cunt convulsed, sending wild shudders through her body. She lifted her head and screamed her ecstasy. The spasms rippling through her cunt transmitted to her son's cock, caressing it as if the inside tissues of her cunt were stroking the shaft.

"I'm coming!" she cried. "Ohhh, my cunt… I'm coming, Tony!"

Tony could only gasp. Her pussy was squeezing his cock hard. He gripped his mother's ass tightly, lifting his hips in an effort to push his cock deeper yet into her pussy. His balls became very tight and felt hot. He gritted his teeth, then let out an explosive sound as his cock went off.

The hot spray of his come-juice into her cunt sent Wendy into stronger contractions. She sobbed with the almost mindless rapture, every part of her body responding to his gushing cock. He pulled hard on her ass while his cock flooded her pussy, grunting with each gush of come-Juice.

Wendy cried out, feeling her cunt fill with the creamy spurts, her clit throbbing with one orgasm after another, her cunt drawing the fluids from his young balls. She began to weaken. As her orgasm slowed, she slumped on her son's lap, leaning her head on one of his shoulders, her body shaking. Her legs trembled as she tried to squeeze them tight against his hips. She felt his cock soften inside her cunt, and his gripping fingers loosened on the cheeks of her ass. They breathed raggedly for a while and then Wendy lifted her head, her eyes shining as she smiled at her son.

"God, that was the best yet, Tony," she said in a low, soft voice.

"I know," he responded.

"Want to bet it gets better?" she grinned, wrinkling her nose cutely at him.

"I don't know if I could stand it any better, Mom," he replied, smiling at her. He pulled his hands from her panties, brought them to her tits, cupping them. He kissed first one nipple, then the other.

"Oh, you can stand it," she promised.

She lifted her ass, her cunt pulling from his cock. She scooted back until she could stand. The crotch of her bikini panties was caught to one side of her pussy, and Tony gazed at it. Wendy ran her fingers dawn and stroked the exposed lip of her pussy. "You like that cunt, honey?"

"I love that cunt, Mom," he grinned.

"You love to fuck this cunt?" He nodded.

"Then, you'll love this, too," she said.

She dropped to her knees, pushing his open. His feet, caught inside his pants, didn't widen far. She placed her hands on his upper thighs, gazing at his cock. It was wet with their juices his balls glistening. She saw the small slit in the head of his cock, a drop of his come-juice clinging to it.

Pushing her face forward, she ran the tip of her tongue along his wet cock-shaft, into the tuft of wiry hair. Tony gasped, and she felt him shiver beneath her face.

Drawing her tongue along his cock to the head, she lifted it whit the tip, and closed her lips around it. Tony moaned as his mother pulling his cock into her mouth.

Wendy glanced up at his face, her mouth full of his cock. She worked her tongue about it, tasting the juices of her cunt and his balls. She licked the drop of come-juice from the slit of his piss-hole, swallowing it, then sucked at his prick a moment longer. When she pulled he mouth from it, she lapped gently about his young, now empty, balls. She ran her tongue along each side of her son's balls, swirled it about the base of his cock and through the wiry hair once more. Then she kissed the head of his prick.

"There, how was that?" she asked in whispery voice.

"Nice, Mom," he grinned.

"Oh?" she said, getting to her feet. "Is that all, just nice?"

"Well, more than nice."

She gave him a playful slap on his thigh. "Listen you, it had better be more than nice. It had better be fantastic."


After dinner, Wendy cleaned and straightened the kitchen while her son sat and watched.

It gave her a good feeling, as if she had a husband to care for again. She glanced at her son often, feeling her affection strong for him. He looked so much like his father, she could almost believe he was still with them.

She worked with her robe still on, but open. Every time she turned, her son was treated to a view of her naked tits and tight bikini panties, of her long, sleek thighs. She had pulled the crotch of her panties over her cunt in an effort to contain the juices of his balls inside it. She thought she could feel his come-juice, still hot, on the walls of her pussy.

Getting the dishwasher started… she turned and leaned against the counter of the sink, facing her son. She pushed her robe past her body and parted her feet on the floor. Cupping her thrusting tits, she made her nipples protrude from her fingers. Her eyes were starting to shine with desire again.

"Honey," she said in low voice, "Do you have one more in you?"

"One more what?" he asked.

"Hard-on, silly," she giggled. "What else would I be talking about?"

She had made her son come three times already, and she wasn't sure he could it again. He had already surpassed his father's ability.

When her son didn't respond, she said, fondling her tits, "I bet I can get your cock hard again. Even if I can't, I know a way I can have fun with it."

Tony stood up. He had not pulled his pants up yet.

Wendy let out a small squeal of pleasure as she saw his cock sticking straight out, jerking slightly with hardness.

"Oooo, did I do that?" she asked, pretending innocence. "Was it me that made you hard?"

"Mom, I've been sitting here watching you," he said. "I'm only human. Seeing your tits, your legs, wearing those panties… yeah, I guess you can say you gave me this hard-on."

Wendy moved to him, taking his cock in her fist and feeling it, squeezing it, testing the hardness. "Tony, if I took a shower, would this still be hard when I finished?"

"Probably," he replied. "I know it would if I was in there with you, Mom."

"Come on," she said, pulling his cock. "You can wash my back, and anything else you find interesting."

She took her son to her room, dropping her robe to the floor. She gazed at him as she rolled her panties down, stepping from them. Tossing them onto her robe, she turned her back and walked slowly, swaying her naked ass, into her bathroom. Tony gazed at his mother's body, watching the tight bunching of her shapely asscheeks, the glint of her creamy thighs. At the door of the bathroom, Wendy jutted her ass at him, waggled it, then stepped inside.

She had the water going and adjusted by the time her son entered behind her, his cock up and throbbing. She climbed into the shower, motioning for her son to get in with her. She handed him her scented soap, and squirmed as he soaped her body. When her ran the soap over her tits, she caught his hands and crushed his palms on them, pursing her lips for a kiss. When her son thrust his tongue into her mouth, she sucked it, hard, her own tongue playing with it. His cock probed against her stomach, and she moved it so the smooth head touched her belly button, making her remember the times her father had come against it. Drawing his soapy hands down her body, she placed them on her ass, them wrapped her arms about him and squeezed his ass. Sucking on his tongue, she strained her soapy body against his, and worked her fingers into the crack of his ass. She touched his asshole, rubbing it tenderly, making his cock jerk and throb against her stomach.

She shivered as her son poked his finger into the split of her ass, rubbing her asshole, too. She moaned around his tongue, and gave it a hard suck before letting it go.

"Mmmmm, nice," she purred, grinding against him. She squeezed his ass hard, her finger still rubbing his crinkled asshole.

Tony responded by rubbing her asshole, then pushing his other hand down and between her thighs from behind. He rubbed at her hairy cunt with his fingers while probing the tightness of her asshole. His cock was between them, and she felt his balls on her flesh.

"You feel so good, Tony," she purred.

"So do you, Mom," he answered.

She pushed her finger at his asshole, making her son grunt. She felt resistance, then it became loose. She slipped her finger slightly inside her son's asshole, and pushed her own back to his hand. Tony got the idea, and gently worked his finger into his mother's asshole. Wendy gave a soft whimper as she felt her asshole grip his finger, and she made a little movement, a back-and-forth movement. Her son's finger slipped in and out of her asshole, only the first knuckle, but it made her tingle with pleasure.

"Ohhhh, baby," she mewled. "Put it in deeper!"

She held the tip of her finger just inside her son's asshole, arching her ass to his hand. She held her breath as Tony slowly pushed his finger into her ass. She breathed with a panting sound as she felt his finger slide all the way into her. She experienced a new sensation now. She had no idea why she wanted his finger up her asshole, but she did, and it excited her.

"Tony… baby," she breathed. "Push it in and out. Slowly… push your finger in and out of me."

She made a soft gurgling sound as his finger slid back and forth. Her asshole squeezed at his finger, and her cunt pulsated with a perverse ecstasy.

She leaned back, looking into his face.

"I had no idea…" she said. "Tony, it feels wonderful. I didn't know that it could feel so good."

Tony grinned and stabbed his finger in and out of her asshole. Wendy wiggled and twisted her hips, the friction of his finger along the ring of her tight asshole making her tremble with surprising sensations. Her asshole clutched at his finger without any effort from her. The tip of her finger was still inside his asshole, and she began to push it deeper, slow but sure. Tony's breath caught and her stiffened, but didn't ask her to take it out.

"Ohhh, baby!" Wendy purred, pulling her finger from his asshole, only to push it back in. "Finger Mother right there! Ahhhh, it feels like you're fucking me in my ass. Ohhhh, Tony, do it a little faster!"

As he moved his finger swiftly in and out of her asshole, Wendy penetrated his, pushing and pulling her rigid linger along the gripping tightness, feeling his cock jerk and throb against her stomach. She felt as if she was about to come, her cunt bubbling as his finger fucked into her asshole. The sensations were strange since no one had ever penetrated her in the ass before. They were beautiful sensations, wild feelings of perverse ecstasy.

"Tony, it feels like I'm going to come!" she gasped.

He kissed her.

"Do you like this, honey?" she murmured against his mouth.

He moaned his reply.

"Do it faster!" she urged. "Oh, God… I know I'll come!"

Tony rammed his finger in and out of his mother's hot asshole, fast and deep. Wendy thrust her finger as far up his ass as she could, holding it there, her cunt on fire as he finger fucked her asshole. There was a slight burning feeling because of the soap, but even that was pleasant right now. Her clit bulged with hardness, and the hairy lips of her cunt pulsated, as if they were opening and closing. She clung to her son, her legs trembling as she felt an orgasm rumbling inside her body. She felt his asshole grip and flex around her buried finger.

"I'm… Tony, I'm going to come!" she cried out.

The spasms struck hard, her body shaking. Wendy wasn't sure if she was experiencing an orgasm with her cunt, or if her asshole was having the orgasm. While her cunt pulsated with the delicious spasms, her asshole clutched and sucked at his finger. She pulled him tight against her body, but arched her ass to his still-plunging finger as she came. When the convulsions were over, she hung onto her son weakly, shivering from toe to head. Her asshole throbbed, and grabbed at his finger as he slowly pulled it out.

"My God, I did come that way!" she breathed in wonder. She felt her son's asshole squeeze her finger, and she slowly moved it in and out, his cock jerking on her stomach. "Ohhhh you're so hard, Tony! I can feel you cock push against me, feel it throb!"

She pulled her finger from his asshole, and caressed her hands along his hips until she held his cock in one hand, his balls in the other.

She gripped them hard, looking into her son's eyes with moist, fiery eyes. "Tony, let's see if you can get your cock in my ass."

"My cock is bigger than my finger, Mom," he replied, but grinned eagerly. "It might hurt."

"I don't care if it does," she moaned. "I want to see if we can get it in my asshole."

She gave his cock and balls a quick squeeze, then released them, turning her back to her son. She leaned against the wall of the shower, jutting her lovely, shapely ass toward him, spreading her feet to lower it for his cock. The wall was slippery, and her hands slid on it; she couldn't brace herself well.

Tony looked down at his mother's ass. It was round and firm, with a deep split. He cupped the checks, fondling them, his cock probing at the crack, sliding up and down the inner flesh. Wendy made a soft whimper as she felt the heat of his cock between the checks, and her asshole puckered inward with readiness. When she tried to adjust her ass to the level of his cock, her feet and hands slipped.

"This isn't going to work," she said. "I'll fall in here."

She turned and stepped from the tub.

"Come out here," she said, dropping to her knees. As her son climbed out, she leaned forward, resting her forehead on the rim of the cool tub, her fingers gripping it. She spread her knees wide, lifting her ass when her son dropped to his knees behind her.

Tony gazed at the spreading cheeks of his mother's ass, seeing the tight pucker of her asshole, the curling wetness of her pussy-hair just below. He ran his hands over her ass, sliding the edge of one up and down the crack, feeling the searing heat. Wendy twisted her ass, moaning softly with the touch of his hand. She shifted her ass when she felt his finger probe the ring. She held her breath as her son slipped his finger up her asshole again. Immediately her cunt reacted with a fiery throb. Tony fucked his finger back and forth, watching the flesh of her asshole grip it.

"Your cock, baby!" Wendy hissed. "Please, let's see if you can put your cock up by ass!"

Tony pulled his finger free, watching her asshole close. He held his cock at the base, stuffing the swollen head to the pucker. Wendy let out a soft sigh, then held her breath, her eyes closed, waiting for his cock to penetrate.

Tony pushed the swollen head of his cock against the ring of his mother's asshole. Wendy felt the pressure, but no pain. She held still, letting her son push against her. She braced herself, anticipating the pain. Tony stared at his cock as it pushed at her asshole, hardly breathing. When he felt he could turn loose of his cock, he placed his hands on his mother's wet hips, and began to exert more pressure.

"Ohhhh," Wendy moaned as the pressure increased.

Tony paused.

"No, please!" she begged. "It's okay, Tony! It doesn't hurt… push more!"

He pushed, and suddenly the head of his cock was past the pucker of her asshole. Wendy gasped. It felt enormous inside her asshole, stretching her impossibly. But she felt no pain. There was a stretching, burning sensation, but no pain at all.

"More!" Wendy cried out.

Slowly, Tony pushed his cock into her asshole, watching it sink inward. Wendy was holding her breath again, her eyes squeezed tight. She felt her asshole filling with her son's hard cock, and the more it filled her, the better it felt. The stinging sensation was gone, replaced by a very delicious feeling. Her cunt throbbed and bubbled, and she felt her juices flowing, running down her inner thighs. She had never been so juicy.

The full length of her son's cock was inside her asshole, and she could feel the swollen head reaching high. His balls pushed against her cunt, and when she felt his cock jerk and throb, her clit responded with sweet pulsations.

"Fuck me!" she gasped.

Tony gritted his teeth with the delight of her asshole squeezing his cock.

"Please, Tony, fuck me!" she said again. "Ahhh, fuck Mother there! Fuck Mother up the ass, darling! I want you to fuck me in my ass and squirt that sweet juice in it! Fuck me, baby, fuck me!"

Feeling as if she had lost her second virginity, Wendy began to twist her ass when her son slowly worked his cock back and forth. The motion against her whole was much different than in her cunt, but to her delight, she found it wonderful, delicious. The hardness, excited her as Tony pumped back and forth, gripping her hips with strong fingers. When he began to plunge faster, her dangling tits swayed in a nice way, her nipples bulging with desire.

The faster her son's cock stabbed, the greater it felt to Wendy. The hot friction seated the ring other asshole, making her body tingle. The fast thrust of his cock made the flesh of her ass ripple as he banged into her. His balls, bouncing against her cunt, made the slit vibrate deliciously, her clit straining almost as hard as his cock. She whined and cried out with ecstasy, shaking her ass wantonly. The wet slapping of his body smacking against the cheeks of her spreading ass excited them both.

Tony gazed with glassy eyes at his mother's asshole gripping his cock, feeling her juicy cunt on his balls. Digging his fingers into her hips, he jerked his mother's ass back as he lunged his cock deeply.

"Mom, you're so tight and hot!" he gasped. "Your asshole is so damned tight and hot, Mom!"

"Fuck it, baby, fuck it!" she gasped. "Ohhhh… ahhh, so good, Tony! Ram it deep! Ram it hard!"

"Uhhh, there," Tony grunted, plunging hard. "I am… I'm giving it to you as hard as I can, Mom! Ohhh, this is fantastic, Mom!"

"Oh, yes! Tony, it's wonderful!" Wendy sobbed, waggling her ass. "I love it, baby! I love your hard cock up my ass! It burns and stretches and… ohhhhh, I want it so much! Fuck my ass… fuck Mother in the ass hard, darling! Pound my fucking ass hard!"

Wendy shoved her right hand beneath her body and tried to grab her son's swinging balls. They brushed across her palm, and she felt the slippery wetness of her cunt on them, Tony was fucking her too fast for her to hold his balls, so she held her hand out, letting them rub back and forth. Each time her thrust into her asshole, her its jerked, her nipples swollen like ripe grapes. The heel of her right hand pushed against her throbbing clit, and she felt a stab of sudden rapture.

"Tony, you're going to make me come!" she gasped. "Ohhh, baby, you're really going to make me come… fucking me in the ass! Fill my hot asshole with sweet, hot juice, baby! Spurt it… spurt it up my ass!"

"Just about, Mom!"

"Ohhh, God, my cunt!" she groaned, straining her ass at him. "My cunt is burning and my asshole is burning and I'm going to come so fucking hard! Make me come, darling! Please, make Mother come hard!!"

With a grunt, Tony plunged his cock deeply into the tightness of his mother's asshole, his balls crushed against the hairy, juicy slit of her cunt. Wendy could feel them both pulsating. His cock throbbed deep in her asshole, and his balls seemed to writhe against her cunt.

"Mom, now!"

The hot spurt of her son's come-juice erupted inside her asshole. To Wendy it felt as if a scalding spurt of boiling liquid had been injected into her ass. She lifted her head from the rim of the tub and screamed. Her cunt convulsed against her son's balls, and her clit felt as if it, was exploding from her body. The rippling of her orgasm shot up her stomach to her tits.

She screamed time and again with the intense sensations of her orgasm and each time her cunt contracted, her asshole squeezed her son's cock hard. And each squeeze of her asshole seemed to suck more squirts of hot juice out of is balls.

As Tony weakened, her asshole kept a grip on his cock until it was soft and limp. As he pulled it out, there was a soft plopping sound.


As the days went by, Wendy became more and more satisfied with her son, with his ability to fuck her three and four times a day, sometimes five. His cock seemed tireless, and he wanted her constantly. Wendy made herself available to her son, not just for him, but because she had a growing need to have his cock in her. Also, her father was on her mind more than ever, and she relived her early years with him, able to remember almost every detail of the things they had done with each other. Even now, she could remember what his cock looked like, so long and thick and beautifully hard. She could recall the slit in the head, the great spurts of creamy juice that came from his hairy balls. If only she could return to those days, she told herself, it would be different. She would make sure her father fucked her, take his cock into her cunt and give him better and more satisfying sensations.

But those days were gone, she thought. Now her father lived alone in the house she had grown up in, still very active with work. She knew he did not have a girlfriend, that he wasn't interested in finding himself a new wife. She thought how lonely he must be, rambling about in the house and maybe… she grinned to herself. Maybe he was jerking off all the time, fantasizing about coming on her stomach, or maybe even putting his cock into her cunt and fucking her now.

She had talked to her father on the phone almost each week, and visited with him four, or five times a month. They never mentioned the things they had done when she was young. However, it was there between them.

Wendy was sure her father wanted her, her body. It had been so many years since she last saw or touched his cock.

By the time her son came home, Wendy was in a high state of arousal. The memories of her father, and her fantasies of fucking him, had created a bubbling wetness between her legs and had her clit quivering with feeling. She was ready to push her son onto the floor and straddle him and fuck him wildly, but she held herself in check until he had his afternoon snack. He had been out all afternoon, playing football, and was sweaty and dirt smeared. He ate before taking a shower, but she had insisted he at least wash his hands and face. She watched him eat, her chin cupped in a hand, her face expressing her delight at having him back home.

"How was practice?" she asked.

"Pretty good," he replied. "I think we have a good chance to win our next game."

Wendy wore a soft, fuzzy light-weight sweater, and as she watched him, she toyed with the neck, pulling it downward and then replacing it. Her nipples were outlined against the sweater, and Tony looked at them often while eating. Wendy hooked a finger into the neck of the sweater and pulled it downward, letting one nipple peek at her son.

"Got the hots, Mom?" he teased.

"I've always got the hots, and you know it," she smiled back at him.

Tony finished eating and grinned at her.

"Where are you hottest, Mom?"

"The usual place," she replied, sliding her tit completely free, toying with the rigid nipple. "Between my legs. You know."

"You mean that woolly little slit?"

"I mean that hairy cunt," she emphasized. "Oh? Your pussy!" he said. "That's nice, Mom. A hot pussy is always nice to be around."

"Oh, it is, is it?" She pulled her other tit free, and sat with them both revealed. "And what is so nice about a hot pussy… if you don't do anything with it?"

"Who's not going to do anything with it?" he asked.

"Do you have plans for my cunt?"

"Well, I can think of a few."

"Like what?"

"I could feel it… touch it and play with it. I love to feel how soft and wet and hot your cunt is, Mom."

"Then why are you sitting there and not feeling it?"

Tony laughed and stood up. "Because I need a shower first."

"Who said so?"

"Mom, I'm sweaty."

"I don't mind a little sweat," she purred. Wendy didn't know if she minded sweat or not. She had always been fresh and dean, and so had her son. "You could shower… afterwards."


"After you fuck me."

Tony grinned and cupped his crotch. Wendy's eyes turned smokey as she saw his cock pushing outward in his football pants. "I hope that thing doesn't show when you're playing. I wouldn't be able to get close to you. All those long-legged, tight-assed little girls would be grabbing it." She lifted her hand for him. "Gimme!"

Tony came to her, standing there. Wendy turned in her chair, pulling her skirt to her hips. The pale-green bikini panties showed, as did her tits. She ran her hand over the bulge of her son's cock, feeling the hardness through the pants. She had to pull at the waist to drag them down. And his cock, jerked upward, almost slapping her in the face. She gave the tip of his cock a quick kiss, and Tony grabbed her face in both hands.

When he pulled her face tight against his cock, Wendy mewled in pleasure and wrapped her arms about him, clutching his ass. She inhaled the sweaty scent of her son's cock and balls, and found it exciting. There was also a mild scent of piss, which turned her on. She didn't resist or protest as her son rubbed her face at his cock. The hot hardness against her cheeks and lips sent her cunt to twitching. She spread her knees around him, her palms holding the cheeks of his ass. She kissed at his prick, then his balls, purring in delight.

Drawing her face back, she offered her tits to his cock, and Tony rubbed it from one to the other. He pressed the small slit of his cock to her nipples, smearing them with his seeping juices. Wendy watched, then lifted her face to him. Her eyes blazed and her face was slightly flushed with erotic hunger.

Tony's cock was underneath her chin, her flesh smeared with the juices. She squeezed his ass hard.

"Tony…" she murmured hotly. "Oh, baby, your cock… it's so hard."

Tony, still holding her cheeks, pushed her face back down, his eyes pleading. Wendy smiled up at him, then let him lower her face. The head of his cock brushed upward, over her lips and touched her nose. With his hands holding her cheeks loosely, Wendy rubbed her lips across the head of his prick, then slowly parted them, her eyes staring up at his expectant face. Closing her lips around his piss-hole. She touched it with the tip of her tongue. Her eyes turned a bit glassy as she tasted his juices.

Tony slowly moved his cock past her lips, and Wendy accepted it. The thickness stretched her mouth, and she moaned softly as his cock rubbed across her tongue. When half his prick was in her mouth, she made him stop, and ran her tongue about it, tasting the hard heat of it, caressing it lovingly with her tongue as her lips flexed around it. She pulled her left hand from his ass and to his balls, cupping them, still holding his ass with her right hand. She squeezed his balls gently as she stroked his cock with her tongue. She pulled back, sliding her lips toward the head, her tongue dragging. She licked at the juices seeping out of his piss-hole, swallowing them eagerly. Closing her lips around the head of her son's cock, she created a strong suction as her tongue twisted about the smooth, swollen head.

"You like that, Mom?" he asked, his voice thick.

"Mmmm," she purred, nodding her head without letting his cock go.

Holding her cheeks, Tony pushed his cock back into her mouth, and this time Wendy didn't stop him. She clung to his hot balls and ass and let her son push his cock as deep as he could into her mouth. The head touched her throat, and her lips were tickled by the tuft of wiry hair at the base, and she pressed his young balls to her chin, massaging them, her lips holding the base of his cock tightly, her tongue pushing it to the roof of her mouth. Her eyes, glazed and dreamy, kept staring up at his happy face.

Then Wendy began sucking her son's cock.

She drew her lips back, then darted forward. Each time she sucked to the head, her lips were very tight, her tongue in motion. When she darted her face forward, she loosened her lips and moaned, almost gulping his cock into her mouth. She felt Tony's balls throb in her hand, and she dug her right hand into his ass, her fingers shoved into the crack.

"Mom, keep that up and you'll get a mouthful!" Tony gasped.

"Mmmmm," she purred, sucking from his cock. "I already have a mouthful," she giggled hotly. "A mouthful of hard cock."

"I mean juice," he said. "Keep that up and I'll come in your mouth."

"I'd love it!" she gurgled, dipping her face and licking at his swollen balls, swirling her tongue around them, then along the shaft of his cock. "I'd love to have you come in my mouth."

She pulled his prick back inside her mouth, swallowing it deeply, crushing her lips at the base, holding him there for a long dine, purring softly. Then she sucked, sucked hard, moving her lips back and forth with swift movements. Tony groaned as he watched his mother's mouth devour his cock, the wet heat making his balls writhe. With soft little sucking sounds, Wendy gobbled, her tongue twirling. She sucked hard and fast for a while, then slowed, mewling as her mouth slipped back and forth with excruciating slowness, her eyes sparkling up at him.

Her cunt was on fire, throbbing inside her panties. Wendy twisted her ass on the chair as she mouthed Tony's cock. The taste made her vibrate with wanton pleasure. She twisted her lips around as she sucked back and forth. Tony, moaning in delight, slipped one hand to the back of his mother's head, pulling her tight, his cock almost sliding down her throat. Wendy tried her best to swallow it, but it was not long enough. She didn't care if it choked her; she wanted to have it in her throat. The hot pulsations of it made her lips tingle, and her mouth became watery.

Although he held the back of her head, Tony didn't prevent his mother from any movement. Wendy sucked on her son's cock, enjoying the way he held her head. She squeezed the cheek of his ass, brushing a finger at the pucker of his asshole, feeling it crinkle as she sucked his cock.

Mewling softly, she pulled her lips from it and nuzzled up and down, sliding her moist mouth along the shaft to his balls, her tongue lapping at them, swirling into the tuft of hair, then back up his cock to the head once more. She gasped happily as she filled her mouth with her son's cock again. Tony made a little sob as she sucked hard, drawing up beads of hot, slippery juices. Her throat burned as she swallowed them. Pushing her finger a bit harder at his asshole, she rubbed and sucked fast again.

"Ohhhh, Mom!"


"Ahhh, your mouth is so fucking hot and wet!"

Wendy felt her son's cock throb with more power. She pulled her mouth off him once more.

"Tony, you do it!" she breathed. "Fuck Mother in the mouth! Fuck my mouth… the way you fuck my cunt! I want you to use my mouth like my pussy, baby! Fuck me in my mouth and come!"

Tony, moaning, held the back of her head, his other hand on her check, and as she pulled his cock back into her mouth, he started fucking her. Wendy cried out with pleasure as the friction burned her lips. She accepted the wild plunge of his cock into her mouth with ecstasy.

He drove it back and forth so hard, her lips felt as if they were being bruised against the wiry hair at the base, but she didn't mind at all. "Suck me, Mom!"

"Suck my cock! Ooohhh, suck my cock off!" As her son fucked at her mouth in a frenzy, Wendy sucked and used her tongue, clinging to his hot balls with one hand, his ass with the other. She felt as if she could eat her son up, starting with his cock. Her mouth and throat seemed to bubble the way her cunt was. She was so wet now, the crotch of her skimpy panties was waked with her juices. Her clit bulged hard, jerking with near spasms of orgasm. The hairy lips seemed to be opening and closing, as if she had a hard cock inside it, too.

She pressed her finger against his crinkling asshole, but did not shove it into him. She rubbed at the tightness of it, letting her son fuck hard and fast at her mouth. She listened to his grunts and moans, urging him with hands and fingers and mouth and tongue to squirt, to send that boiling sweetness of his balls down her throat. Her erotic emotions were in high gear, and at that moment, anything her son wanted of her, of her body, she would have been most agreeable to, no matter how wild, how wicked, how perverse. The steamy desires made her mind spin, and her cunt throb. Her tits, still out of her sweater, seemed swollen in a painful my, her nipples so hard they hurt.

With his jersey lifted, his football pants at his knees, Tony rammed his cock back and forth at his mother's sucking mouth, watching her with glazed eyes. His hips jerked back and forth, and he was excited to see his cock sliding in and out of her mouth.

Wendy moaned softly as her son used her mouth like her cunt. She had sucked her husband's cock off, many times, but it was her son that was fucking her mouth, fucking it as if it was inside her greedy cunt. Her pussy was blazing with juicy pleasure, throbbing with intense ecstasy. She moaned as her ass twisted on the chair, squirming as she tried to push her cunt against the seat, wanting the pressure on it. Her mouth filled with juices dripping from the slit of his cock, and she swallowed them thirstily. Her eyes stared up at his face. When she felt the increase of his hardness, of the throbs, she began to dart her mouth onto his cock as he plunged in. She was fucking him with her mouth, fucking him hard and with a mindless hunger. He was close to discharge, and she wanted it to be a good, strong one for her son.

She rubbed hotly at his puckered asshole, her lips as tight as she could get them, her tongue pushing his cock to the roof of her mouth. The sliding of it thrilled her, made her cunt pulsate more.

"Oh, Mom!" Tony groaned. "I'm getting ready… ohhhh, I'm about to come, Mom!"

Wendy moaned softly.

"Ahhhh!" Tony panted.

Wendy's mouth was flooded with hot, slippery juice. Here yes closed as she tasted the boiling liquid of her son's balls spurting across her tongue and to her throat. The burning sensation of his come-juice in her throat sent a wild throb to her cunt, and she made a muffled squealing sound as an orgasm exploded between her legs.

Each squirt of her son's cock into her throat increased the force of her orgasm, making her cunt go tight inside her panties. The come-juice sprayed from her son's cock and into her mouth, and she gulped it down like precious nectar. She pulled at his ass, getting the head of his cock deep into her mouth, pressing his balls to her chin. She gulped wetly as she swallowed the spurts of his thick, creamy juices.

"Take it, Mom!" Tony gasped. "Ohhh, take it all! Suck it up, Mom! Eat my cock… drink my come-juice! Ahhhh, fantastic, Mom!"

Wendy felt her son finish, but she clung to his cock with hot lips, and sucked on it hard, getting a final drop of creamy juice from his balls. She rolled it about inside her mouth as Tony pulled his cock free, making soft sounds of ecstasy. She opened her mouth to show her son his come-juice on her tongue, then swallowed it.

Tony, trembling, laughed with delight. He reached down for his pants, starting to pull them up. "Now can I take a shower, Mom?"

"I'm not through with you," she purred, pulling on his soft cock with a gentle fist. "Besides, I kind of enjoy the sweaty taste and smell of you… of this cock."


Sliding from the chair to her knees, Wendy undressed her son, removing his shoes and pants. To her, he looked very erotic standing there wearing his football jersey, naked from his waist down. Then, still on her knees, she lifted her sweater aver her head, running her tits about his cock and balls.

"You can take your jersey off yourself," she said in a soft, but heated voice.

As Tony pulled his jersey off, she unzipped her skirt and let it fall. She stood. She started to roll her panties down, but Tony stopped her.

"Let me take them off, Mom." She stood and watched her son kneel, peeling her panties downward. But Tony didn't remove them yet. He saw the bulge of her cunt in the crotch, saw the wetness there. He ran his hand between her thighs and felt her pussy, then pressured his palm to it.

"Mmmmmmm, that feels so good," she murmured.

Tony said: "This will feel better." He buried his young face into her crotch, kissing at the wetness of her panties, his tongue lapping back and forth. Exerting strength with his tongue, he pushed her panties into the slit of her cunt.

"Ohhh, Tony, not my panties!" she protested. "Your tongue, yes. Oh, yes, your tongue, but not my panties."

She hooked a finger into the crotch and pulled them aside. Immediately her son's tongue was twisting about her knotted clit, licking it, making her shake.

"Ohhhh, Tony! Suck it… lick it!" clutching her ass, Tony buried his face into his mother's crotch, swirling his tongue about as best he could. He had to tilt his face upward, and Wendy had to spread her thighs and arch her cunt forward. She felt his tongue slide about the slit of her cunt, licking the lips, then his mouth seemed to pull her clit inside. She squealed and grabbed for his head, grinding her cunt into his face.

"Eat me, Tony!" she cried. "Ohhhh, God, baby… suck my cunt! Lick Mother's pussy… fuck my cunt with your tongue!"

Clinging to her pantied ass, Tony tried to slide his tongue deep into her cunt, but it was awkward with her standing.

"Mom, I can't get my mouth close enough," he said.

He looked up at her with pleading eyes, eyes that were wet with desire and heat. Wendy lifted her son to his feet, pulling him close and kissing him, sliding the tip of her tongue about his lips. Her hands went to his naked ass, cupping the cheeks as she pulled him tight against her body. Her tits flattened at his chest.

"Let's go to my room," she whispered into his mouth.

Taking his cock in her hand, she pulled her son with her. Tony laughed as she stretched his cock, his hand resting on one cheek of her ass. In her room, she turned to face her son again.

"Baby, take my panties off," she breathed. Tony, once again on his knees, peeled his mother's tight panties off. Wendy placed a hand on his shoulder as she lifted her feet for him, then stood with her legs open, Tony gazing up into her sweet, hot crotch. His hands caressed up and down her smooth thighs, over her hips, fondling the swell of her ass, then her stomach. He shoved his hands up to her tits, cupping them, still looking into her hairy crotch. Wendy held the back of her son's head, and slowly drew his face toward her cunt. Tony made a hot sound in his throat as his mouth covered his mother's pussy. He sucked the lips past his teeth, his tongue lapping. His nose buried into the soft curls of her pussy-hair, his tongue clipping up into her own.

Wendy purred with delight, returning the pressure to his mouth. She held his face tight into her cunt and began to tremble as his tongue darted in and out. She bunched her ass and made grinding motions while Tony clung to her tits, licking into the satiny flesh of her juicy pussy.

"Mmmmmm, sweet, Tony," she breathed, her eyes glassy as she looked down at him. "That's sweet, darling. Ohhhh, lick my cunt! I love to have a tongue on my cunt, hot lips sucking my cunt!"

As Tony mouthed her pussy, his lips sucking as his tongue dipped and tasted, her legs shook weakly. She spread her feet wider, thrusting her knotted clit [missing text].

"Ahhhh, so good!" she purred, one hand behind her to brace her body as she looked down. "That's wonderful, Tony! Ohhhhh, taste Mother's cunt, baby! Taste Mother's wet, hot cunt! Suck it… lick my pussy!"

Tony opened his mouth wide, pushing it over his mother's pussy. He sucked it, hard. Wendy cried out softly as she felt the strong suction of his mouth on her cunt. She pulled her hand from the soft hairs of her cunt and placed her palm on the back of his head, pulling his face as tight as she could into her crotch.

"Oh, yes, Tony!" she urged. "Suck it, baby! Ohhh, you make Mother's cunt so hot! Eat me, baby! Eat Mother's cunt! Chew it… suck it… eat it up!"

She leaned back, bringing one leg up, wrapping it around her son's neck, squeezing him with it. His tongue dipped deeply into her fiery pussy, stabbing in and out wildly. Then he began to suck and lap at her straining cunt. This sent Wendy into a shivering sobbing ecstasy. Her hips pushed upward, making tight circles. Her tits swayed slightly as she tried to beat her cunt up and down at her son's sucking mouth. His tongue made wet, exciting sounds. Tony slipped a hand underneath his mother's naked ass, cupping the cheek and squeezing as his lips around, trying to get his finger up her asshole, but Tony was feeling about her ass feverishly, his tongue plunging in and out of her juicy cunt as his lips sucked. His nose pressed hard into the soft hair of her cunt, his eyes glowing as he looked up her naked body, watching his mother manipulate her tits and nipples. Tony pulled at her ass, trying to get her cunt tighter against his open, sucking mouth. Wendy squeezed his face with her fiery thighs, gasping and sucking air loudly.

"Tony… oh, my God, Tony!" she groaned. "Ohhh, baby, that's so good! So fucking good! I can hear you lick my cunt… feel you lick my cunt! Come up here with me… let me feel you while you suck my cunt! Hurry, baby! Oh, please hurry!"

Tony pulled his face out of her crotch. His cheeks, his lips, his chin, glistened with the juices of her cunt. Wendy twisted on the bed, making room for him. Her eyes burned on his cock and balls as he climbed onto the bed with her. Her cunt was pulsating with a wet heat.

Wendy sat up suddenly and pushed her son onto his back. His cock stood up with quivering hardness. She clutched it and pounded up and down with her fist a few times, moaning softly with desire. She leaned over and kissed his cock, her tongue licking away the dripping hips, his cock sliding along her tits, leaving a searing wetness on them. She gripped his ass and spread the cheeks wide, gazing at his puckering asshole. The subtle scent of sweat, with a mild odor of piss, came to her.

Inhaling her son's fragrance, Wendy rammed her cunt as hard as she could into his face.

At the same time, she lowered her own. She kissed wetly at his balls, her tongue shooting out and tasting them. She swirled her tongue about his balls eagerly, then pulled them into her mouth. She sucked her son's balls gently at first, then harder as the rapture flowed hotter through her. She purred as she sucked his balls deeply, and worked het ass up and down, squirming her cunt at his tongue and lips.

They moaned and whimpered often, making wet sounds with hungry mouths. They squeezed each other's ass-cheeks with eager fingers. Wendy spread her knees outward as far as she could, her cunt in her son's face. She let his balls fall from her mouth, and the tongue lapped about them again. She could feel his cock throbbing against her tits, feel it burn her flesh. She spread his ass wide, and with a moan, shoved her face into the crack. Her lips kissed about his asshole.

Her tongue slipped out of her mouth and slit licked the smoothness of his inner ass, circling his asshole teasingly. She moaned and thrashed on top of him, her cunt squirming at his mouth. She closed her open lips around the crinkle of his asshole and sucked it. Tony gasped into her cunt, and Wendy sucked his asshole as hard as she could. She moved the tip of her tongue about it, her fingers trying to spread his ass wider.

Feverishly, Wendy licked about her son's asshole. She licked from his balls, over his puckered asshole to the base of his spine, then feverishly back again. The taste of him sent wild, wanton heat through her body. With a moan, she began to suck and lick at her son's asshole with hot hunger, thrashing her cunt about his face. She lifted her ass, then plunged it down again, fucking at her son's face. She moaned into his ass with ecstasy. Her hands pulled hard at the cheeks. Burying her mouth as tight as she could into her son's ass, she pressed her tongue at the tight ring. She wiggled it and pushed, and felt his asshole give. With a muffled cry of pleasure, Wendy pushed her tongue as deep as she could into her son's asshole, and began to fuck him that way.

Tony was gasping into her juicy cunt, his hands clutching her ass tightly as he sucked and licked with greedy wet sounds. His cock throbbed between her hot tits, dripping until both of them were slippery where the head was Wendy whimpered as she tongue fucked her son in his asshole, her tongue ramming in and out, her lips sucking. She gave soft cries of wanton delight when she felt his asshole grip her tongue. She humped her ass up and down, fucking her cunt at his mouth and tongue, feeling a tremendous orgasm growing in the pit of her stomach. It excited her to feel her son's hands grip her naked ass, pull her cunt into his face. It excited her to feel his cock throbbing between her tits, but it excited her most of all to have her tongue up his hot, young asshole. His balls were writhing hotly against her neck. She began to strain harder into his mouth as her cunt burned toward orgasm.

Making soft, muffled sobs, Wendy plunged her tongue in and out of her son's asshole, squirming her crotch hard at his face. She moaned as he pulled the cheeks of her ass open, feeling his nose snorting hot air across the crinkle of her asshole. She stretched her long legs back, straight past his head, and humped her hips up and down fucking his tongue as if it were his cock. Hungrily, she pulled her tongue from his asshole and lapped feverishly about it again.

"Ohhh, I'm about to come, Tony!" she cried out. "Make me come! Ohhhh, lick my cunt! Suck Mother's hot pussy and wake me come!" She rammed her tongue beck into his asshole, driving it in and out as she pounded her cunt up and down at his mouth. Her fever was so intense, she never considered she might be bruising her son's mouth. Tony, however, clung to her humping ass tightly, sucking as hard as he could at her cunt. Hot juices rolled past his lips and over his chocks. He tasted the increase of juice in his mother's cunt, and sucked as hard as he could with his tongue buried deeply.

Wendy cried as she thrashed into his face, her tongue pushing and pulling on his asshole. She hugged him upward, tight into her face. With a hot moan, she smashed her cunt down hard, and came.

Tony felt the spasms of his mother's cunt on his tongue, and held it deep while her orgasm roared against his face. His cock was jerking between them, and his asshole was pipping her tongue. His balls swelled up tightly, and suddenly he, too, was coming. He was spraying hot come-juice over his mother's tits and his stomach.

Wendy felt it, but her cunt was contracting so strongly. She smashed even harder into his mouth as she came. Come-juice from his cock drenched them both. She remained with her cunt pressing into his face until the contractions slowed, then stopped. She shivered with pleasure as she relaxed, and pulled her tongue out of his asshole. She ran her tongue up and down the insides of his thighs, then licked at his empty balls.

Finally, she rolled from him, breathing harshly. Then she sat up and looked at the gleaming juices between her tits and on his stomach. Tony was still breathing hard, his smooth chest lifting and falling. His face was coated with her cunt juices, and he was grinning as if he had accomplished something no one else ever had.

Running her hand over her tits, through his come-juice, Wendy licked her palm and fingers. She giggled.

"It tastes so good," she purred. "Even if you did come all over my tits, it tastes as good as if you came in my mouth."

"You're nasty, Mom," Tony laughed.

"Oh, you better believe I am!" She grinned wickedly. "I can be real nasty when I'm in the mood."

She leaned over her son and lapped at the juice on his stomach. His cock had softened by now, and she touched the tip of her tongue to the small piss-hole, making her son jerk.

"We don't need a cloth," she said, running her tongue through the juices on his flesh. "I can use my tongue like a cloth, see?"

She licked up the juices on his stomach, swirling her tongue through them, swallowing. She licked all over his stomach, dipping into his belly button where come-juice had pooled.

"See what I mean?" she laughed wantonly, her lips glistening.

"I see," he laughed with her. "But how are you going to lick your tits clean, Mom?"

"I'm not," she said. "I can't lick my own tits. But I can do this."

She cleaned her tits with her hands, then licked them.

"That's what I mean… you're nasty," Tony laughed.

"I can get much nastier," she purred, fondling his empty balls.


Wendy began to dwell on the things she and her father had done when she was young. The more she thought about it, the more unfair it had seemed to her. She was sure her father had been very frustrated, despite the many times he had jacked off onto her stomach, or the times she had taken his thick, long cock in her little hand and jerked him off.

No man could be satisfied for long with a hand-job, Wendy felt.

There might be a few, but she had no interest in a man that wanted only a hand-job. A cock, hard and ready, belonged inside a hot, wet cunt, or a greedy mouth. She smiled, and added: or a tight asshole.

She bathed for a long time while her son was off at his football practice again. She loved hot water, the feel of a soft, fragrant soap on her skin. Her skin was so smooth and satiny, and she wanted to keep it that way for as long as she could. She knew her son would eventually start looking at the creamy-fleshed young girls soon enough, and she also knew when it happened, she would be unable to compete with those tight, curvy bodies. But until her son lost interest in her body, she was going to keep it as pliable and exciting as she could.

Drying herself, she slipped into a fresh pair of bikini panties, white ones with delicate pink roses along the front. Sliding a tight skirt over her hips, she zipped it then slipped her arms into a lacy blouse. She looked as good as any tight assed teenaged girl, she was pleased to see in her mirror. For the time being, her tits still stood high and firm, and her ass protruded delicious ly. The slit of her skirt showed an expanse of smooth, slim thigh. Stepping into heels, she then applied a faint coat of lipstick, using no other makeup. She brushed her long hair until it gleamed. Wendy didn't think older women were attractive with long hair, but she had a few years to go before she was in that class, she told herself.

Knowing her son would not be home for a couple of hours, she drove to her father's house for a short visit. She had not seen him in a couple of months, and felt guilty about it. Even though still young, he had time on his hands. He had retired too early, he kept complaining, but when Wendy suggested he find work, he refused, saying no one wanted a man his age. Now, he worked in his flower garden behind the house, growing prize-winning roses.

She found her father in the flower garden. He was sitting on his heels, weeding and fertilizing.

"Daddy," she said, leaning down to kiss the top of his head. "I've been worried about you. I had to visit."

"Worried about me?" he asked, his eyes twinkling up at his daughter. "Why worry about me?"

Wendy saw his still-handsome face, and felt love for him. She stood at his side, rubbing her hands through his hair, amazed that there was no sign of gray yet. His hands were dirty from his work, so he didn't touch her.

"Not worried, really," she said. "Just concerned."

"Where's that boy of yours?"

"Where else? Football practice."

"He's getting big, isn't he?" her father said. "You better keep a close eye on him, Wendy. One of those cute little girls is going to grab him one of these days."

"Keep an eye on him?" she teased. "I'd rather let him have fun."


Her father looked up at her, his eyes taking in the thrust of her tits, seeing the dark peaks of her nipples, then down at her flat stomach and rounded hips. His eyes paused on the bit of flesh that was exposed by the slit of her skirt.

"You know how boys are," she said, pleased that he was looking at her body after all this time. "They get horny, Daddy."

"It's not just boys that get horny," he said softly.

"Daddy, why don't you marry again?"

"I don't want to," he replied.

"Then get a girlfriend."

"I don't want a girlfriend, either," he said, turning back to his roses. "Too much trouble. Once you take them out a time or two, the next thing you know, they're moving in with you, and there it is. A man can end up with a wife before he knows what happened."

Wendy squatted at his side. She knew it was a provocative squat, but that was her intention. She didn't keep her knees closed. The skirt fell away from her thigh, almost to her hip. She watched her father trying to avoid looking at her now.

"Daddy," she said softly, "Is there anything… anything at all, that I can do for you?"

She saw his shoulder shake, and placed her hand on it.

"I'll do anything you need, Daddy," she went on softly, a suggestive tone in her voice.

"Maybe you should be the one to marry again, Wendy," he replied after a time. "Maybe you're getting a little horny, yourself."

"No, Daddy." She smiled. "I'm okay."

She caressed his shoulder through his shirt, feeling him tremble.

"Daddy, how do you cope?" she asked. "I mean, I know you're a sensual man. What are you doing for sex?"

Her father shook as his breathing increased, but he poked at the soil and didn't look at her, not answer her.

"You're not… you know, playing with yourself, are you?"

"That was a long time ago, Wendy," he said, his voice very low.

"I know when it was, Daddy," she purred, rubbing his back.

"But to answer your question…" He didn't finish. He had turned to look at her, and saw between her thighs. He saw the crotch of his daughter's panties, saw them puffed out with her cunt. He drew in a deep breath, and stared openly, feeling his cock swell in his pants.

Wendy ran her other hand up her father's thigh, slowly. She stopped before her fingers touched his obviously hard cock. "Daddy… I'm a big girl now."

"I know," he whispered, staring between her thighs.

"And I need more then masturbation now," she went on. "Remember those times you came on my stomach?"

"Wendy, that was a long time…"

"Daddy, it was fun," she said, working her fingers higher on his thigh. "I loved doing those things with you, and you know I did. I never once felt ashamed of it, or of you."


Her fingers touched his cock through his pants, and he stopped breathing. She spread her knees wider.

"See how big I am now, Daddy?" she murmured huskily. "I have hair now, Daddy, and nice tits too. I've got a son and no husband. But I don't want a husband, either. You don't want a girlfriend and I don't want a boyfriend. What are we to do, Daddy? We still get horny, don't we?"

Her father started to turn his eyes from her crotch. Wendy caught his chin and held his face toward her. "It's okay to look at me, Daddy. You've been looking at me since I was a young girl. You've been jacking off on my stomach. You've let me jack you of. I haven't changed, Daddy. I don't think you have, either."

Holding his chin in one hand, Wendy slipped her palm over his cock, closing her fingers, feeling it so hard through his pants.

"Look up my skirt, Daddy."

When she released his chin, he didn't turn away, but stared under her skirt at her tight panties. Wendy squeezed her father's cock hard, making him moan. She drew her other hand between her legs, and ran the tip of a finger along the crotch of her panties, pressing them into her pussy so her father could see the outline of it. She stroked his cock as best she could through his pants, and slipped a finger into her panties, then pulled them to one side, showing her hairy cunt to his steaming eyes.

"See, I've grown up a lot," she said in a breathless voice. "I've got a lot of soft hair on my pussy now." She exposed her clit. "You never touched me, Daddy. Not once did you ever touch my cunt. Oh, I wanted you to touch my pussy and feel it and play with it so much, but you never did. Daddy… feel my cunt now."

Her father began to tremble, but his cock seemed to increase with hardness in her hand. Knowing she was going to have to urge him more, she began to open his pants. He didn't resist her, nor protest. He stared up between her legs at her cunt, her panties caught to one side, as she opened his pants and pulled his thick cock out. With a soft moan of remembered pleasure, Wendy clutched her father's cock hard, seeing the head bulge up, his piss-hole leaking juicily. She pumped her fist up and down.

"Daddy, you're just like I remember… so hard, so long, so thick."

"Wendy…" he moaned.

Holding his cock, Wendy grabbed his hand, ignoring the dirt. She drew it up her thigh, smearing her flesh with the dirt.

"Touch me, Daddy," she urged in a hot whisper.

"My hands are dirty, Wendy," he groaned. "I don't care," she answered, pulling his hand to her cunt. "Feel me, Daddy. Feel me up… feel my cunt!"

She pumped his cock as she drew his fingers to her pussy. She pressed his palm into her cunt, her hand covering his to hold it there. "See how hot my cunt is, Daddy? It's always been a hot cunt. God, I wanted you to feel my cunt so many time, and you wouldn't do it. Feel, it now, Daddy. Rub my pussy… play with it. You want to touch my cunt, Daddy. You wanted to touch my cunt a long time ago. Touch it and play with it, feel of it. See how hot and wet my cunt is, Daddy?"

"God, Wendy!" he gasped, pressing his palm into her pussy. "I'm getting you dirty."

"I don't care," she purred, jacking on his throbbing cock. "I can wash later, I just want you to feel me up, to play with my cunt. Please, Daddy, play with my cunt!"

While her father rubbed at her cunt, she stroked his cock, running her palm over the big head, feeling him drip. She breathed with excitement as she stroked his prick, squeezing it.

"Put your hand inside my panties, Daddy," she urged hotly.

His hand shaking, he slipped it into her panties, and ran his fingers through the lush, soft hair, then across her clit.

"Oooohhh, Daddy!" Wendy squealed.

Her cunt immediately went into contractions.

"You're making me come, Daddy!"

He felt his daughter's cunt in spasms, and rubbed at her clit firmly to keep her orgasm going. He stared between her shaking thighs, his cock almost ready to burst into her hand. While she came, Wendy clutched her father's cock tightly, but not moving up and down. Her orgasm was intense, making he weak, her eyes half closed as she squealed.

When the spasms slowed, she looked into her father's face with glowing eyes. "That's the first time you ever touched my cunt, Daddy, and you see what happens? I come!"

He grinned at her. "I should have played with your little pussy long ago, Wendy. I sure wanted to."

"I know you should have, Daddy," she said, and kissed him, stroking his cock again. "Now you have to make up for all those times you didn't."

She squatted with her knees wide, and looked dawn as her father's hand, inside her panties, rubbed at her pussy. She held her breath as he pushed his middle finger into her cunt.

"Oohhh, Daddy, finger-fuck it!"

He stabbed his finger in and out, listening to the juicy sounds. His cock throbbed with hardness as she pumped it.

"Hot little cunt, baby," he said softly. "Such a hot little cunt!"

"It's always been a hot cunt," she answered, "ever since you jacked off on my stomach in the shower."

He looked up at the sun. "We shouldn't be doing this out here," he said. "Let's go in the house, Wendy."

"No!" she hissed. "I don't want to stop. I want to make you come now, Daddy. You made me come, and now it's my turn to make you come."

Her father, still sitting on his heels, panted as she pumped on his cock. He was dripping so much the shaft was slippery with juices, and her fist jerked up and down easily. Wendy gazed at the swollen head, watching his piss-hole flare, gleam in the sunlight.

"Daddy, I want… I'm going to…"

She lowered her face, pushing it to his crotch. Her father tried, weakly, to stop her.

"No, I want to suck it, Daddy," she said, and leaned down, her hot lips kissing the wet piss hole. She ran her lips down the shaft, purring with pleasure, tasting him. It was awkward, squatting and leaning into his lap, but she kissed up and down his cock feverishly.

"I've got to be more comfortable," she whispered, and stretched out on the grass at his side. She jerked her skirt to her hips, her pantied ass exposed. "You always liked to see my ass, Daddy. You always said I had a pretty ass. I hope you still think it's pretty."

"God, Wendy!" he groaned as her lips closed about his cock, taking it deeply into her mouth. "It's still a beautiful little ass!"

Wendy lifted her mouth, her lips against the dripping piss-hole. "Shove my panties down and look at my ass, Daddy. I'm going to make you come now. I'm going to do something with your cock I wanted to do long ago. I'm going to suck you off, Daddy! I'm going to make you come, in my mouth, not on my stomach this time."

With feverish hands, he pushed his daughter's panties past her swelling ass, and gazed at it while Wendy began stuffing her mouth with his cock again.

It was enormous in her mouth, much bigger than her son's. She swallowed as much of it as she could, and found no room to lick with her tongue. Her lips were stretched as wide as possible, and still she could only get three quarters of her father's cock into her mouth. She sucked up and down, moaning softly, the cheeks of her ass bunching, feeling his eyes on them. He dripped a lot, and she found she couldn't swallow with his thick cock in her mouth. She sucked up on his cock and then swallowed.

"Daddy, I couldn't do this when I was little," she murmured. "Your cock is so fucking big, I would never have been able to get it in my mouth back then. But… ohhhh, Daddy, I want you to come in my mouth!"

Her father turned toward her, spreading his knees about her head. While Wendy sucked up and down his cock, she moved her hands under his ass and cupped it, making whimpering sounds as her lips slipped up and down his hard cock. She shivered when she felt her father stretch his hands down her back to cup and fondle her exposed ass. She pushed her naked ass into his hands, gurgling around his cock.

She twisted her lips around, bobbing her head, sucking with a hunger that had been in her for many years. As thrilling as it had been to suck her son's cock that first time, she was even more excited to have her father's cock in her mouth. She thrilled to the fullness, to the way her tingling lips stretched, the way she had to lift up just to swallow the hot fluids that dripped out of his piss-hole.

"Ohhh, Wendy!" he moaned.

"Mmmmm," she replied, sucking harder and faster when she felt his cock begin to throb more powerfully between her lips. She wished she had taken his balls out of his pants to feel on her chin, but right now she didn't want to stop long enough to do so. She hungered for her father's cock, for the creamy, thick juice his heavy balls contained.

"Wendy, are you sure?" he gasped. "God, you're sucking so good, baby! You're so good with your mouth! Honey you're about to make me come!"

Wendy raced her lips up and down her father's cock, greedily sucking, urging him to spurt into her mouth. She cupped her fingers around his as through his pants. Her father was squeezing her ass tightly and she pushed into his hands.

"Ohhh, Wendy!" he moaned, his cock jerking with hardness, between her lips.

The eruption of his juices into her mouth, despite her readiness, almost choked her. She couldn't swallow; his cock was too thick and filled her mouth. She felt the scalding spurts of his come-juice fill her mouth, the taste making her come again. She sucked up and down as he came, unable to prevent his juices from seeping past her lips and running down the shaft of his cock. Still she kept most of his juice inside her mouth until her finally stopped squirting. With a low moan of ecstasy, Wendy sucked up his cock and then pulled her lips from the head. She swallowed, a low moan of pleasure coming from her. She darted her tongue out and licked the juices from the softening shaft of his cock, then rolled onto her back on the grass, her face radiant with happiness.

"God, Daddy, that was good," she breathed. "I knew you'd taste good, and you came so much."

Her father was gazing down at her, her panties stretched about her slender thighs. "Wendy, you have a hairy cunt now."

She giggled. "I'm not a little girl anymore, Daddy. Of course my cunt has hair."

"You're also the best cock-sucker." He grinned at her. "I've never had a blow-job like that before. You're really very good, Wendy."

"I know," she said, wrinkling her nose. "I've been getting a lot of practice lately."

"Tony?" he asked.

She nodded.

"Must run in the family," he replied.


Wendy knew it wouldn't be a good idea to tell her son what she did with her father. Tony loved him, and they spent a lot of time together. Her father had taught Tony how to fish, how to sail his small boat. They were more than grandfather and grandson they were very close friends, too.

She was afraid her son would become jealous, maybe even angry, and not want to see him anymore. The only thing she could do was keep it secret from Tony. She was pleased that her father didn't mind she was fucking Tony.

"A boy his age needs pussy, Wendy," he had told her. "I can't think of a better piece of pussy than yours?"

After sucking her father off, she had used his shower, hoping he would come to her, want to fuck her now. But by the time she finished and looked out at him, he was busy with his roses again, but now he was smiling and whistling happily.

After dressing, she went out to say goodbye to him, and he had grinned up at her. "Wendy, I wish I had."

"It's okay, Daddy," she said, leaning down and kissing his forehead. "What's past is past, and only now counts. I wish you had played with my cunt back then too, but those days are gone and no sense in thinking about what we should have done."

"Honey, give me a peek at your cunt, then get on home to that boy of yours."

She had lifted her dress and pushed her panties down, shoving her pussy forward. Her father had delighted her by slipping his face close and kissing her cunt, but too quickly.

"Now, go on." He grinned at her. "I have to finish this weeding and Tony will be home soon."

Feeling very pleased with herself, she had gone home, where she undressed and slipped into a robe, and then waited for Tony to come in from his football practice. Sucking her father off had excited her very much, and the excitement was still rumbling about in her body when Tony came home.

As soon as he entered the house, she stood up and opened her robe, letting it fall to the floor.

"Tony, strip!" she insisted.

Grinning at her, he undressed swiftly, tossbig his football uniform helter skelter about the living room.

Wendy pulled her son to the floor, spreading him on his back. She sat at his hips, her hand working at his cock and balls. She manipulated her son feverishly, touching and pulling and squeezing. Tony watched her, pleased with her enthusiasm, but wondering what had turned her on so fast.

Wendy worked her son's cock into a quick hardness, and mewled with delight as she pounded her fist up and down, twisting and tugging at his young balls. She leaned over and kissed his cock a number of times, licking at the throbbing shaft, darting her tongue to his balls, licking his thighs and stomach. The thrill she felt at having his cock and balls in her face was incredible, and she inhaled his fragrance eagerly. Since leaving her father, her cunt had been on a slow boil until Tony came home, then it erupted into a full-blown heat. She could still taste her father's cock in her mouth, and hoped it would last for a long time. After all these years, she had finally sucked his cock off, something she had wanted since her husband had introduced her to cock-sucking. She found it only partly understandable that her father had only jacked off on her stomach all those years, when she had been desperately wanting him to do more with her, like push his thick cock into her tender, virginal cunt and fuck her silly.

As much as she wanted to share her afternoon episode with her son, she felt it best to keep it a secret. Her father would never tell Tony what she had done, she knew. He had never told Tony of the games they had played when Wendy was a small girl. Her father was a private person, never talking much about himself or what he did, and certainly not about the things he and Wendy had done.

Leaving over her son, pushing her fist down on his cock to make it bulge up more, she closed her lips just around his piss-hole and sucked, dragging her tongue over the slit to taste the seeping juices. She did not shove her mouth down, but slipped her lips along the side of the shaft to his balls, where she sucked tenderly at them, working a finger into the crack of his ass to probe the crinkle of his ass hole. Her cunt was bubbling and making a wet pool beneath her. She had one leg over his, another across his stomach, leaning over his crotch. Tony watched her face, his hand grabbing one of her tits to fondle.

"Darling, do you want some pussy?" she whispered. "I know where you can get some very hot, very wet, pussy right now."

"I sure do, Mom."

"How about a nice piece of hot ass?"

"Yeah! Or a blow-job?"

"Mom, you know it!"

"How about a little of each?" she teased, tapping the piss-hole of his cock with the tip of her tongue, her eyes burning up at his.

"Yeah, Mom!"

"Mmmmm, I knew I could count on you, honey," she purred and closed her lips around the head of her son's cock. She sucked it a moment, her tongue twisting about the satiny flesh. Slowly she moved her face down, watching his face as she filled her mouth wit his hot, hard cock. As her lips pushed against the base, the wiry hair tickling them, she sucked hard, writhing her lips, feeling his balls in her hand swell. She drew her lips up, keeping them tight, and pulled from his cock. "God, you always taste so fucking good, Tony! I could suck this cock all fucking day!"

"Then suck, Mom," he urged.

"Mmmmm, I will."

She sucked up and down her son's cock swiftly a few times, racing her hot, wet lips, her tongue in motion. Tony squirmed in pleasure as he watched her mouth, clinging to her tit. She loved it when her son watched her with his cock in her mouth. It was thrilling to be seen this way. She wished she could watch his cock fucking her cunt or as shale, but that was impossible without mirrors. She didn't have the type mirrors that would be useful.

"Ohhhhh, suck that cock, Mom!" Tony groaned, arching his hips up, driving his cock into her mouth.

Wendy held her face above him, letting her son fuck up and down into her mouth, the friction of the hardness between her lips tingling deliciously. She shoved her other hand between her thighs, pressing at her fiery cunt. She held his balls with one hand, and hovered her face above him so he could stab his cock in and out of her mouth in a way that pleased them both.

After a moment, she held his hips still and sucked at his cock, bobbing her head wildly, making throaty sounds. Her eyes flashed body at his face, watching his ecstatic expression. Pleasing her son pleased her, just as it had pleased her when her husband was alive. Wendy enjoyed pleasing her men, very much. Although she as not passive, sexually, she was passive to their hungers. There was hardly anything she would refuse her men. But now she had only had two men, her son and her father, and she wanted to keep them apart.

"Ahhh, baby," she breathed, lifting from his cock and licking at her slightly bruised lips. "You taste better every time I suck you. God, you get so fucking hard when I suck it."

"Maybe it's because my cock loves it, Mom," he grinned.

"And maybe it's because I'm so good at it, huh?"

"I'm glad we agree on my cock-sucking abilities," she laughed. "Now let's see what you think of my fucking abilities."

She shifted until she was straddling her son, on her knees, her cunt above his upstanding cock. For a while she teased her son by spreading the soft hair to show the pink wetness of her cunt. Then she opened her pussy so her clit strained out. She touched her cunt lightly to the head of his cock, brushing slowly back and forth on it. Tony gasped and breathed hard as he gazed at her cunt touching the tip of his cock.

"You like that?" she purred.

"Oh, yeah, Mom!"

"How about this?" she said and sank onto the very head of his prick, and no more. She twisted her hips, holding the smooth head of his cock just inside her cunt. Tony didn't answer; he stared hotly at her pussy holding his cock.

"Mmmmm, so nice," Wendy breathed as she slowly slipped her cunt down onto her son's cock. "I love a hard cock in my cunt, baby! Ohhhhh, I can feel your cock spread my cunt… open… feel it throb inside me!"

She pushed down until the lips of her cunt smashed onto the base of his cock. She sat there a moment, enjoying the fullness, then began to squirm back and forth, rolling her ass. She lifted her hands and clutched her naked tits, making her nipples bulge from her fingers. Churning her ass around and around, she pressed hard on his prick. With soft squeals, she darted one hand behind her ass and pulled his balls to the crack, feeling them against her asshole. Her eyes turned glassy and she began to bounce up and down, fucking Tony as he lay there watching with big eyes. Soft, squishy sounds came from her cunt as she thrust. Pressing his balls against her asshole, her cunt full of his hard cock, Wendy purred happily. The thought flashed through her mind how nice it would be if she had her father with them, his cock stuffing into her mouth while she fucked her son. But that would never be, she told herself.

Fantasizing about two beautiful cocks at the same time was new to her. Her husband had never suggested it, her son had never suggested it. She had seen a few pictures of that before, but she had never wondered about it until now. She had no doubt it would be great fun, very enjoyable, but she knew she would never experience it.

"Faster, Mom!" Tony grunted, his fingers digging into her hips. "Fuck me faster!"

"Yes!" she squealed.

Already she was pounding her cunt up and down as fast as she could, but she tried to speed up. Her hips jerked and circled, her tits swaying as she kept his balls pressed at her asshole. Her cunt burned with a wet fire that sent ecstatic sensations through her.

Suddenly, with a cry, she jerked her cunt from her son's cock, making Tony yelp a protest.

"Now a little sucking," she replied, scooting her ass along his thighs so she could lean over and take his cock into her mouth. The wetness of her cunt was on it, and she sucked at his prick greedily, enjoying the taste of her own pussy there. The shaft was slippery with her juices, and her mouth slipped up and down it very easily.

Lifting her mouth, eyes on fire, lips glistening, she darted her tongue to his balls, lapping them as she pressed his cock at her cheek. Then she lifted again.

"Now my asshole!"

Scrambling back up her son's body, she drew her knees up, squatting on him. Holding the base of his cock, she fit the swollen head of it to the pucker of her asshole. When she felt it make contact, she held her breath and plunged down swiftly.

"Ohhhhh!" she wailed as her asshole spread around his cock.

"Not so fast, Mom!"

"Oh, yes, real fast!" she gasped, slamming her ass down hard, taking his cock deeply inside her asshole with a single, swift plunge. "I want it hard and fast!"

For a long, breathless moment, she sat on his cock, feeling her asshole burn, feeling his prick pulsate about the gripping ring. She cupped her tits, squeezing them very hard, then pulled at her nipples, looking into her son's glowing face. Tony held her hips again, staring down at her cunt. He could see all of that wet, hairy slit, and barely see his cock penetrating her asshole. "You look nasty, Mom."

"I am nasty," she mewled, flexing her whole tightly about his cock. "I'm real nasty. Don't you love it?"

"Yeah!" he grinned at her.

"Watch how nasty I can be."

She leaned back, one hand on the floor, knees spread wide, and began to fuck her son with her asshole. She jerked her ass up and down, her cunt dripping. Tony stared at her, watching her asshole sliding on his cock, seeing her cunt vibrate. When she had leaned back so he could see his cock in her asshole, his hands slipped-off her hips. One now rested on a smooth thigh, feeling her muscles ripple there. The other hand was on her cunt, rubbing and feeling. He smashed the swollen clit with his thumb and forefinger, making Wendy cry out with rapture. When he pushed a finger into her cunt, she squealed in ecstasy.

"Ohhhh, finger-fuck my cunt!" she wailed hotly. "Fuck Mother in the cunt with your finger… I'm going to fuck your cock with my asshole!"

Tony tried to dart his finger in and out of her cunt, but she whipped her hips up and down so fast, he couldn't keep up with her. So he held his hand still, his finger rigid, and watched his mother fuck it while she fucked with her asshole, too. To Wendy it was almost like having two hard cocks in her at the same time, one in her cunt and one in her asshole. She squealed with pleasure as she humped her hips up and down, shaking her ass. She spread her knees even farther as she strained to take her son's finger and cock deeper into her heated body. The muscles of her stomach were tightening, and she felt her cunt bubble with an impending orgasm. Squealing in ecstasy, she pounded her ass up and down, almost loosing his cock from her asshole a few times.

"Baby, baby!" she sobbed. "Ohhhh, my God, Tony! I think I'm about to come! Ohhhh, my asshole… my cunt… ahhhhh, it's so wonderful!"

With a little cry, her body stiffened, and she came.

Tony felt his mother's cunt grip his finger as her asshole clutched tighter around his cock. Her hips jerked, but otherwise she was still as she came hard. Her tits swelled out more until her nipples seemed straight up. Her face grimaced as if in pain, her eyes gazed, lips parted as she whimpered in orgasm.

"Ooooohhhh, good!" she sobbed. "So fucking good! Tony, I'm coming hard! Can you feel it… feel me coming?"

He nodded, gritting his teeth as her asshole squeezed his cock hotly.

She shuddered for a long time, and then her orgasm faded. Her eyes cleared and she grinned down at him.

"Now it's your turn," she said, and started fucking him with her asshole again.

But she didn't keep it up.

Before Tony realized it, Wendy had pulled her ass from his cock and once more scooted down his legs and gulped his prick into her mouth, sucking at it hungrily, her hot lips moving up and down.

"You like that, Mom?"

"Mmmmmm," she purred, running her tongue about his cock as she sucked. "Love it!"

She lapped into his balls, then swallowed his cock again. It did not bather her that it had just been inside her asshole. On the contrary, it made her feel very nasty, wicked.

"Ahhhh, Mom!" he groaned. "You're going to make me come if you keep sucking so hard!"

Wendy jerked her mouth off his cock. "Wait!" she moaned. "I'm not finished with it!"

She pushed her cunt to his prick and stuffed it into her with her hand, then sat there bouncing up and down, fucking him again as she squeezed at her tits. The sloshy sounds excited her as her pussy rode up and down, and she twisted and made delicious grinding movements on his prick.

Tony was gritting his teeth as his balls throbbed, his cock so very hard and ready to gush.

Wendy knew her son was close to discharge, and she quickly jerked her cunt off him, sliding his cock up her asshole easily. Once more she bounced up and down, taking his cock into her asshole swiftly.

But she didn't keep it there, either.

Squealing, she pulled her asshole off his cock and shoved her cunt down onto it. Tony was gasping with sensation, detecting a difference between his mother's tight asshole and her fiery cunt.

"I can't hold off much longer, Mom!"

"Don't hold off!" she cried out. "Let it go, Tony! Squirt it to me! Come, baby, come!"

Her cunt rode up and down his cock in a frenzy of motion, wet sucking sounds loud now.

With a loud groan, Tony came.

Wendy cried out as she felt the hot spurt of creamy thick juice splashing into her cunt. With a wild cry, she jerked her cunt from his cock, catching a splash of hot come-juice near one hairy lip. Moving swiftly, she pushed his cock to her asshole, and by the time he squirted again, she had his cock up her ass. She felt the scalding juices spurt into her asshole, and once more she cried out, pulling her whole off him, then rushing her face down, grabbing the head of his cock and finishing him by sucking and licking hard, swallowing with rapture.


"I wasn't sure I could do that," she told her son later. "I wanted to find out if I could make you come in my cunt, my asshole, and my mouth, and I did it."

"I wouldn't have thought it possible, either, Mom," he said. "You must really love it."

"Love what, hard cock or come-juice?"

"Both, I'd say," he laughed.

"And I'd say you were right," she giggled.

They had bathed, and Tony wore jockey shorts, while she wore a pair of skimpy panties, very sheer panties, the curls of her cunt exposed through the fabric. Tony enjoyed seeing her in something instead of naked, or fully dressed, and she wanted to keep his interest in her. It felt very pleasant to sit at home this way, knowing her son, his cock, was within reach of her hand anytime she wanted it. What pleased her even more was being always available to her son if he wanted her.

"Any more great ideas, Mom?" he asked, stroking her thigh.

"Why don't you think of some?" she suggested.

"I don't know of any." He turned and kissed her nipple. "You're doing just about everything a guy could dream about."

"You'll think of some if you put your mind to it," she said, stuffing her nipple into his mouth. "Suck it a little, honey."

Tony sucked gently at her nipple, sliding his hand to her crotch. Wendy spread her legs to give him room to feel her up, and her hand lowered to his shorts. She rubbed at his cock, feeling it swell.

Suddenly Tony lifted his mouth. "Oh, fuck, I forgot!"

"Forgot what, baby?"

"We have practice tonight."

"Football practice at night?" she asked. "Since when?"

"Since this afternoon, Mom," he said, pulling from her. "The coach didn't like the plays today, and now we have to practice them tonight. He said we had to get them perfect or we'd be there all night."

"He's an asshole," Wendy said, disappointed. "You can tell him your mother said he was an asshole. I wanted… baby, I wanted you for myself this evening."

"It can't be helped, Mom," he said, leaving far his room to put on his uniform.

She sat fuming on the couch, pissed off at her son and his asshole coach. She wanted her son, wanted his cock. Now that she was deprived of it for the evening, she wanted it even more.

When Tony came back, dressed in his uniform, she said, "Tony, call and say you don't feel well. Stay with me, honey. I need you."

"Mom, he's going to make me captain," Tony said, his helmet in his hand. "Do you know what an honor that is? I can't skip practice now."

"And you want to be captain?" she said, simply.

"I sure do," he replied.

She glared at her son. "Then go, damn it! Go play your silly fucking football. Prance for those tight-assed, giggly little cunts! Go on… don't worry about your mother. I'll do fine… with my fucking fingers!"

After her son had left, she realized how irrational her anger had been. Being captain of the team was an honor as her son said. He would be the big man at school, and his popularity would soar. She could not deny her son this chance, and her anger went away.

But not the heat in her cunt.

She paced about the house, wearing her skimpy panties, feeling sorry for herself. What was the use of walking around in skimpy panties if there was no one to see her, she thought. She considered pulling every drape in the house and moving about, putting on a show for anyone walking past. But that was not her nature. She found herself in her bedroom, standing there with frustration boiling in her body. She touched her cunt, and almost came. The more cock she was getting, the more she wanted, she knew.

And when she wanted it most, her son was off playing his fucking football.

Furious, she began dressing, not caring what she put on. It turned out to be an attractive dress. Before she put her heels on, she stripped her panties off and threw them across the room, then put her heels on.

Taking her purse, she left the house, walking slowly.

Her frustration was deep, her disappointment as great. She felt the cool evening air under her dress and on her thighs and cunt, but it did nothing to cool the bubbling heat of her pussy at all. She walked for a long time in the darkness, her mind churning with erotic images.

Half an hour later, she found herself standing outside her father's house, not remembering walking there. She faced the house, and saw the light was on in the living room. If a light was on, he was still up.

She walked up the walkway, then peeked in the window. Her father sat in his chair, reading, his usual drink resting on a small table next to him. Wendy remembered how her father had always enjoyed a sip of bourbon before going to bed.

She knocked.

"Wendy!" he said, pleasure on his face… "What are you doing here this time of night? Where's Tony?"

She moved past her father into the house. "Football practice," she said, and he saw her disturbed expression.

"Football practice at night?" he asked. "That's unusual, isn't it?"

She told her father what her son had said, and how he was about to become captain of the team. Her father beamed proudly.

"Why, should that make you irritable, honey?" he asked. "I'd think you'd be very proud of him."

"Oh, I am," she said, too quickly.

Her father realized her agitated condition, and pushed her onto the couch, sitting next to her and putting his arm about her shoulders, hugging her. It wasn't like his daughter to be so upset because Tony had to practice, and he felt he knew why, but said nothing.

Wendy, cuddled into his shoulder, dropped her hand on her father's thigh, slowly caressing it. Her father kissed her head, and said nothing as she pulled her hand to his crotch, curling her fingers about his cock and balls through his pants. His cock began to harden immediately, and his hand over her shoulder slipped to her tit.

"Wendy, you're not wearing a bra, are you?" he said softly, twisting her nipple tenderly.

"I'm not wearing panties, either, Daddy," she replied softly.

"Should I believe you or find out for myself?"

"Find out for yourself," she whispered.

His other hand slipped her dress up, and Wendy shifted her ass on the couch. He leaned forward and saw the soft hair of his daughter's cunt.

"I guess you aren't wearing panties, Wendy," he said softly.

Wendy hugged her father with one arm, pressing at his growing cock with her other hand.

"Daddy, fuck me," she whispered.

"Fuck you, honey?"

"Yes, please," she cried softly. "Daddy, I don't want to jack you off anymore… I want to fuck you!"

"Tired of our little game, are you?"

"Oh, no!" she said quickly, unzipping his pants. "I love to jack your cock off, Daddy. It's just that… it's time for you to fuck me, that's all."

Her father's hand slipped up her legs and felt her cunt, finding it very wet and fiery. He slipped a thick finger into it, fucking her slowly but firmly with it. Wendy squealed softly and wiggled on the couch, one leg draped over his, the other thrown wide.

"Baby, your little pussy is as hot as it used to be," he said, thrusting his finger deeply.

"My cunt isn't little anymore, Daddy," she breathed. "It's a big-girl's cunt now, with hair and wetness and… ohhhh Daddy! My cunt is so fucking hot! Fuck me, please!"

She had his cock out of his pants, squeezing it as her hand pumped up and down. She fished his heavy balls out, cradling them, feeling the fullness. Then she giggled.

"Daddy, when you came in my mouth today, I thought I was going to lose all that juice. Your cock is so fucking big! But… if you had it in my cunt, fucking me, and came that way, I bet my cunt could hold it all."

"You're sure you want to fuck, Wendy?"

"Ohhhh, Daddy! I am so fucking sure!"

She scrambled from him, his finger puffing out of her cunt as she slipped from the couch. She pulled his shoes off, then tugged at his pants, removing them and letting them lie on the floor.

She gazed up at his thick cock, his heavy, hairy balls. The hunger within her grew hotter, and she licked her lips, wanting to suck his big cock, lick his loaded balls. But she wanted his cock in her cunt now, fucking her at long last.

Her father leaned back on the couch, his ass pushed forward, his cock standing up with trembling hardness, the head very swollen. She watched a bead of juice seep from hit piss-hole and elide down the shaft of his thick cock. With a moan, Wendy darted her face forward, her tongue out. She caught the drop of juice just before it was on his balls, and lapped her tongue up the shaft, to the head and over his piss-hole.

"Wendy," he breathed, watching her. "God, baby, you're so good at that! You have a fantastic tongue, honey!"

Wendy nuzzled into his cock and balls, purring up at him. "I'm not going to suck you off now, Daddy. This time I want it in my cunt!"

She stood up, pulling her dress to her waist, spreading her legs wide. She arched her pussy forward, and then wrapped her legs about his as she climbed onto the couch. Her knees rested on the cushions as she placed her hands on her father's shoulders.

"Stick it in me, Daddy!" she hissed. "Stick your big cock in my cunt and fuck me! Please, Daddy, fuck me now!"

Eagerly, he shoved at his cock with, his fingers, watching the smooth head being taken into her pussy. The wet heat of his daughter's cunt almost made him come then and there.

"Ohhhh, Wendy!" he moaned.

"Yes, Daddy!"

She lunged down.

Her father moaned and Wendy made a loud, hissing sound as her cunt spread around her father's cock after all these years.

"Ohhhhh, Daddy, it's so big in me!" she gurgled. "Your cock… it fills my cunt, it stretches my pussy so much! Daddy, I love it! Ahhhh, I'm going to fuck you… fuck my daddy!"

With those wild words, her hands clutching his shoulders, Wendy began bouncing up and down, twisting her ass frantically. Her father's cock was very thick, very long, reaching places that excited her tremendously. She humped and churned, jerked her hips back and forth, her cunt sliding up and down swiftly on his cock.

Her father moaned as he shoved his hands to her hips, watching his daughter's lusciously haired cunt fucking him. Wendy's cunt was very tight on his prick, but then his cock was very thick. The thought came to him that he could not have fucked Wendy when this first started. Her cunt had been too young, too little, then. Even now it was intensely tight, but she took it all, right to the base. Wendy's cunt made a sucking sound as she jerked it up and down. She gurgled and squealed loudly, her eyes rolling about.

"Take my titties out, Daddy!" she hissed, not slowing her hips. "Please, take my tits out and play with them, Daddy! They're big-girl's tits now."

Feverishly, her father's hands opened the tap of her dress, spilling her firm, shapely tits free.

"Suck them!" she cried out.

Her father pulled a stiff nipple into his wet, hot mouth.

"Hold my ass, Daddy!!" she sobbed, shaking her ass while her cunt moved up and down his cock. "Hold my ass with your big hands, suck my tit, and let me fuck your wonderful, hard cock, Daddy!"

His hands caught her naked ass, his palms covering completely the smooth, satiny cheeks, his fingers digging into the hot crack. He pushed his hips up to meet her wild lunges, his balls on fire.

"Ooooooh, Daddy, Daddy!" she cried in wanton passion.

"Wendy, baby," he murmured around her stiff tit.

"Ahhhhhhh, Daddy, hold my hot ass! Hold it tight! I'm fucking your big cock and… ohhhhh, Daddy!" she screamed, smashing down onto his cock hard, grinding in a frenzy. "Daddy, I'm coming!"

Her pussy clutched at his cock tightly, squeezing it, making him moan with ecstasy. His prick throbbed, his balls tight. He squeezed at her ass, pulling her cunt as tight onto his prick as he could.

His head drew back, eyes wild. "Wendy… ohhh, honey! Your cunt is… ahhhh, baby, here it comes!"

The great spurts of her father's juices spattered the velvety walls of Wendy's cunt. She screamed as she felt her pussy filling with his come-juice, and it increased the force of her orgasm so much, her cunt seemed to be trying to squeeze his cock off, sucking it… the orgasms making the inner tissues ripple in a waving action.

"Come, Daddy!" she squealed. "Ohhhh, come in my cunt, Daddy! Fuck me and fill me and… ohhhh, I can't stop coming, Daddy!"

Father and daughter strained together, her cunt sucking his juices from his aching balls desperately.

"Wendy, Wendy…" he moaned, squeezing her trembling ass.

"Daddy, I love you!" she whined. "Ohhhh, I love your big cock in my cunt, Daddy! Fill my cunt up… I want your juice in my hot cunt forever!"

Slowly, the wild tremors faded, and Wendy slumped against her father. She felt his cock softening inside her cunt, felt him stroking the cheeks of her naked ass. She kissed at his face, hugging his head to her.

"It's about time, Daddy," she whispered into his ear.

"I guess it was, darling," he answered.