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Ride, mom, ride!

Kathy Andrews

Kathy Andrews

Ride, mom, ride!


Riding ahead of her son, Donna Winters felt her nylon jogging shorts creeping into the split of her ass again. Ignoring it, she pedaled along the tree-shaded path, her ten-speed gliding smoothly. Ahead of her was a man and his daughter, both of them on ten-speeds, too. There was just something about him that attracted her. It was a sexual attraction, no doubt.

But because of her son, she felt she had to control her hungers, at least as much as she could. What made that difficult to do was her exceptionally long clit.

Donna's clit was almost a full inch long, and as expected, very sensitive. When hard, she could jack on it as if it was a small cock. Her ex-husband had found it repulsive, but she gave him credit for trying. He told her it was like sucking on a tiny cock, and he refused to lick or suck her pussy, something Donna loved dearly.

She was excited now, but not because they were following the man and his exquisite looking, blonde-haired daughter. She had become excited long before she saw them again. The sliding and rubbing on the bicycle seat created heat and wetness in her pussy, her clit bulging until she had already enjoyed a couple of orgasms.

She had seen the man about a month ago while riding with her son, Tommy, and since then she always looked for him. Like her son, he wore old, faded cut-off jeans and a T-shirt. He was dark haired, cleanly shaved.

She watched the blonde ponytail of the man's daughter gleam in the sunlight, and wondered again why the girl never wore shorts, but always had on a skirt or dress. It was much too hot for dresses, and it seemed silly to wear one when riding a bike. She watched the girl's little ass slide from side to side on the ten-speed. She rode beside her father, looking up at him with twinkling eyes, a very happy little girl.

Donna glanced behind her where her son trailed.

She saw the sheen of sweat on his upper lip, and excited expression in his eyes. She knew why he liked to ride behind her. She knew Tommy enjoyed watching the rhythm of her firm ass on the saddle. Like her son and the man ahead of her, she had on a T-shirt, and her tits pushed against it, her nipples two dark circles behind the thin shirt, poking out stiffly.

The man and girl were pedaling faster, and Donna watched them disappear around a bend in the trail. A moment later she and her son came around. The man had stopped his bike about five feet from a drinking fountain, and his daughter was just sliding off her bike for a drink. Her skirt caught on the seat of the bike, and as her slim leg lifted over the center bar, there was a flash of her tight, pretty panties. The girl giggled as she pushed her dress down.

Apparently the man and his daughter had not seen Donna and her son. He held his daughter's bike by the handlebars as he straddled his own, and Donna's breath caught when she saw the man lean over and run his tongue over the seat of his daughter's bike, bringing another deliciously wicked giggle from the girl just before she got a drink of water.

The man saw her then, and a slight flush came over his face. Seeing him blush made Donna more attracted to him than before. That blush showed he was human. She flashed him a bright grin, her sparkling white teeth showing.

"Hi," she said cheerfully as she drew up next to him and stopped, a long leg resting on the ground as she balanced her bike. "I've seen you riding around here before, haven't I?"

The man nodded, his flush fading as he took in Donna's tall, slender figure, her wide-spaced, brown eyes, the shimmering chestnut-colored hair that was slightly mussed about her shoulders. He saw her wide, full, moist lips, then he lowered his gaze to her straining tits, seeing Donna's nipples push boldly out, the rounded, firm shags of them almost revealed under her T-shirt. Then he looked at her hips and her long legs.

"Don't I know you?" he asked.

"You may have seen me," Donna answered. "That is, if you read the woman's magazines. You know, fashion and all that."

The man, snapped his fingers. "Of course! You're a model!"

"Off and on," she replied. "Not as much now."

Donna had graced the covers of many fashion magazines, and inside those magazines, she had modeled the latest fashions, including skimpy panties and bras and gowns designed for fun times in the bedroom.

"I'm getting too old for modeling," she said. "It's the young girls they want today."

"Old?" The man's eyes crinkled. "You're hardly over twenty-five."

Donna smiled, then gestured to her son. "Meet my son, Tommy."

"Hi," the man said to Tommy. "I'm Keith, and that little beauty is mine. Judy, meet our new friends."

The little girl smiled shyly at Donna, then at Tommy.

"Judy is shy," Keith said. "At least when she first meets people. She likes you, though. She only smiles at those she likes, otherwise she pouts."

Tommy and Judy stood looking at each other the way boys and girls will at first, both with shy smiles. Tommy shuffled his sneaker against the ground and Judy folded her hands behind her back.

As they chatted, the man kept looking Donna over, bold and unembarrassed about his appreciation. Donna enjoyed it, too. Her shorts were still caught in the crack of her ass, making them tight at the crotch, and it seemed as if her pussy was exposed through the thin garment. Her long clit throbbed, and she wondered if it was pressing at her shorts like a little hard-on.

Keith invited her and Tommy to join them for a cold drink, and Donna accepted. When they climbed back onto their bikes, Judy lifted her slim thigh over the crossbar, and once more there was a flash of her pretty panties. Donna glanced at her son, and she knew he had seen them.

She rode alongside Keith, with Judy and Tommy behind them.

They stopped at a refreshment stand, and Keith bought them all cold drinks. They sat at a table and cooled off.

"Why doesn't Judy wear shorts in this heat?" Donna asked Keith. "I'd think a dress would make her sweat so more."

Judy smiled. "Daddy likes…"

"Because all he shorts are dirty," Keith interrupted quickly, darting a glance at his daughter, a warning glance, Donna thought.

She told Keith of her divorce and found out he as a widower. She smiled and listened to his talk, her chin cupped in her hand. She crossed her legs under the table, swinging her foot back and forth, making her inner thigh rub at her cunt, shivering a little with the sensation. Finally Keith stopped talking and simply looked at her.

"Bull shit," Donna said, smiling at him.


"Bull shit, Keith," she said. "You don't have any problem with Judy. You don't have to lie to me. I know about single parents, and I know when they have problems; you don't."

He grinned sheepishly. "I thought I was supposed to say those things. Women are supposed to take pity on a single father and take them home and sympathize with them, give them hugs and kisses and pats, and tell him what a great job he's doing with his little daughter."

"It might work with some women." Donna smiled back at him. "Be honest now."

She glanced at Tommy and Judy, who seemed deep in a conversation of their own, heads together. Boys and girls their age never had any trouble becoming friends, she thought.

She looked back at Keith. "What is it you want, Keith. Do you want to fuck me, suck me… or both? Do you want to feel me up and get your nuts off and wham, barn, thank you, ma'am. Or…" her brown eyes sparkled mischievously, "do you want to smell my panties?"

Keith gazed at Donna, a grin on his face. "You're honest, that's for sure. I can't remember when I've met such an outspoken woman."

Donna's grin spread, her eyes taking on a twinkle. "I saw you lap at the seat."

"I thought so," Keith replied. "So, I got caught."

Donna placed her hand over his on the table, looking straight at him. "SO, which is it?"

"Which is that?"

"What I asked you… fuck, suck or smell any panties?"

"What if I said all of the above?" Donna laughed, squeezing his hand. "I'd say you were a man after my own heart… or should I say my ass?"

"That, too," he replied, returning her squeeze. "It's one of the prettiest asses I've seen in along time."

"You haven't seen it yet."

"Why do I have this feeling I'm going to see your ass?"

"Probably because I want you to," Donna answered. "Same wavelength, huh? I like that, being on the same wavelength with a guy. That's fifty percent of it, you know."

"Fifty percent of what?"

"A relationship."

"Are we entering a relationship?" Keith asked, holding her hand, but looking at her out thrust tits.

"It would be nice," Donna responded, lifting her shoulders to make her firm tits push outward. "There's only one thing…"

Keith looked at his daughter and her son. "Them?"

Donna shook her head, her dark hair shimmering with golden highlights. "I doubt they'd be a problem at all. It's this… deformity that I have. That may be the problem?"

Keith grinned widely, taking in her tits again. "I don't see a deformity."

"It's hidden," she said softly. "What is it, a tattoo that says don't enter?" Donna laughed happily. "Now who's bold? No, I don't have a tattoo. What I have is… well, some men are repulsed."

"Not me," he said.

"You don't know until you see what I'm talking about."

"Trust me," he said, squeezing her hand again.

"You know," Donna teased, "we're talking very intimately for two people who just met."

"Lady, you started it," he replied, grinning. "If you want to get fucked, or sucked, you've met your man. Hell, I'll smell your panties, too, if that turns you on."

"And lick your daughter's bicycle seat." Quickly he pulled his hand away from her.

"Hey. It's okay, Keith. I understand, don't worry. Come back to me, guy."

Keith seemed embarrassed. Donna held his hand to keep him from pulling away, and under the concealment of the table, she shoved one sneaker off her foot. She pushed her foot between his knees, up to his crotch, wiggling her toes at his cock and balls, her eyes taking on a heated expression. She felt his cock swell against her toes, and she pressured it, bringing a moan from him.

"I bet you do this to all the guys you meet," he whispered.

"No, not all. Just those I think are worth it," she replied, sliding the sole of her foot up and down his thick hard-on. "And I think you're worth it. Keith."

"Why me?"

"You licked the bicycle seat," she said softly. "That told me what kind of guy you are. I liked that."

"You want me to lick your seat, too?" he running his tongue over his lips asked.

"Which seat?" she teased.

"Both!" he answered.

"See what I mean!" Donna laughed softly.

"You're my kind of guy. I bet you love it when a girl sits in your face."

"Only certain girls," he said. "I have my standards."

"I meet those standards?"

"Absolutely!" he replied, feeling her foot rubbing his balls now.

"That's nice," Donna purred, drawing her foot away and sliding it back into her sneaker. "I think it would be fun to sit in your face, except for this… problem I have."

Keith looked at her for a long time, his cock throbbing inside his cut-offs, his balls becoming achingly hard. "You seem to have a problem with this problem."

"I don't, but you might," she said, getting to her feet. "Tommy, we better start home now, honey!"

Reluctantly, Tommy pulled his bike from the rack, waiting for his mother to get hers.

Keith and Judy sat at the table, watching them.

Donna swung her long leg over the bike, the crotch of her jogging shorts puffing to one side. She grinned at Keith, knowing he had gotten a quick glimpse of her cunt. She could feel Keith watching her as she and her son rode out of sight.

Keith intrigued her very much. He was so outspoken, and she particularly liked the way his cock hardened against her foot. Even now, her clit protruded from the moist slit of her cunt like a tiny hard-on, rubbing at the saddle of her bike. She was slightly ahead of her son, and she used one hand to adjust the crotch of her shorts. But then, with a lewd giggle, she pulled the crotch to one side and let her naked clit rub at the leather saddle seat, her clit sliding against it.

She was flushed with excitement, the rub on her cunt making her more excited. She pumped the pedals, shifting her cunt from side to side on the saddle, feeling an orgasm starting to swell. Her cunt tingled with a greater thrill than earlier, and she decided this was the only way to ride her bike.

It took them half an hour to get home.

She swung her leg off her bike as her son climbed from his. She started to turn away and enter the house when she stopped.

Tommy was looking at the seat of her bike. Wetness glistened on it the juices of her cunt.

A soft gasp came from her when she saw her son suddenly lean down and lick his tongue along the wetness…


Donna bathed, her mind still on what she had seen her son do licking her bicycle seat.

Pulling the drain, letting the bath water run out, she turned and wrapped a towel about her damp head and pulled on a thin, cotton dress that she liked to wear at home.

Tommy sat on the couch with the television flickering, still in his cut-offs and T-shirt. Rubbing her hair with the towel, Donna moved to the huge window. She stood with her feet slightly apart, the sun coming through the window and making her old dress look almost transparent.

Behind her, Tommy was looking unashamedly at his mother's body that was outlined in the thin dress. It wasn't as if he had not seen her body before; he had seen most of her modeling pictures in the catalogues, even those where she wore skimpy panties and bras.

She turned around, still in front of the window, wrapping the towel about her head. "Did you like those people, Tommy?"

"They're nice."

Donna then realized he could see through her thin dress. For a moment she was irritated, but then… Tommy had a hard-on! It was bulging inside his cut-offs, almost poking from the frayed edges. Her eyes fixed upon it, and she stood, trembling slightly, her long clit suddenly becoming very hard and her cunt instantly wet.

Tommy could still see through his mother's dress. He looked without shame, his cock visibly throbbing inside his shorts.

Donna's cunt vibrated as she imagined him leaning over her bike, his tongue lapping at the wetness of her cunt.

"Tommy…" she whispered, her hands moving up and down her hips and legs, her dress sliding up past her knees, then down again.

Tommy grinned at her. "Mom, you wanna sit in my face."

"Tommy!" she gasped.

"Maybe you want me to smell your panties."

"Tommy, what in the world…"

"We heard you and Keith Mom." Tommy giggled naughtily. "And you know what Judy told me?"

"I don't think I want to hear this," Donna said, her hips swaying gently.

She was excited, becoming aroused. Her long clit ached with tightness, hardness, and she felt hot juices starting to slide along her inside thighs.

Tommy stared openly at her body through the dress, making no attempt to hide his hard-on, which was ready to slip from the side of his shorts. He swung one leg off the couch, and Donna's breath stopped when she saw the pink tip of her son's cock.

"Judy sits in her father's face, Mom."

"No!" Donna whispered, her eyes glazed as the round, smooth head of Tommy's cock that pushed outward, his piss-hole wide and moist. "I don't believe I want to hear."

"She said he likes it when she sits in his face, and he likes for her to wear dresses when they ride because he can see her panties and…" Tommy laughed, "Judy said she would sit in my face if I wanna."

Donna couldn't hold it in. She giggled, one hand over her mouth, her eyes staring at the swollen head of his cock.

"Look at you," she said, pointing at his cock. "You're showing, Tommy."

Tommy glanced down, then back up. "So what. You're the only one that sees it, Mom."

A tremor swept through Donna. She remained at the window, staring at her son's cock, and her fingers slowly bunched up her dress, lifting it higher. She stopped just before her cunt came into view, then she smoothed it down swiftly.

Without saying anything more, she walked out of the living room to her bedroom. There, she chose a skimpy pair of lacy panties, blue with white trim, and slipped them on. She had to adjust the crotch as best she could because her cunt was sticking out so hard, rubbing at the soft nylon.

Donna wasn't at all surprised that her son had a hard-on from looking through her thin dress, although part of the reason had to be what Judy told him. With her dress smoothed over her hips and thighs, she returned to the living room.

Tommy had lain back on the couch, his head propped on a comfortable throw pillow, watching television. She was disappointed that his cock wasn't showing.

She paced the room for a while, her mind spinning, erotic images whirling about in her brain. Her cunt throbbed and tingled sweetly, her tits felt swollen, nipples throbbing. What she had seen Keith do, the feel of his hard cock against her foot, their conversation, had Donna in a high state of excitement.

She turned and faced her son. "Would it be our secret?"

Tommy understood her immediately. "Yes, Mom."

Donna breathed heavily, her tits lifting and falling, nipples straining at the fabric, eyes hot.

"With or without?"

"With or without what, Mom?"

"Panties," she whispered. The cheeks of her tight ass bunched as a quiver swept through her cunt.

"Panties?" Tommy asked.

"What you said," Donna replied, barely whispering now. "You know, sit in your face, Tommy."

"You will! You'll do it, Mom!"

Donna nodded, her hands clutching her trembling stomach. She knew she was taking a step from which there would be no return.

"With or without my panties?"

Tommy squirmed on the couch, and she saw his cock pushing at his shorts again. She stared, but the head of his prick didn't come out. Her palms itched, and she licked her full lips nervously.

He was looking at her with very hot eyes, almost glazed. His young body shook, and his hands were balled into fists at his sides. Donna drew her eyes back to his face, and they stared at each other.

"What did I taste like?" she whispered. "My bike seat… what did it taste like, Tommy?"

Tommy made a gurgling sound. "Wet. Very wet."

"Have you done that before… licked a girl's bicycle seat?"

Tommy shook his head. "I didn't even think about it until I saw Judy's father do it, Mom."

Donna's cunt was on fire. She felt her pussy lips turn puffy, felt the slippery juices seep out.

"You like the wetness?" she asked in a very low, whispery voice.

Tommy nodded, his cock bulging more than ever inside, his cut-offs.

"Well… with or without panties, honey?"

"You really will, Mom?" Tommy asked, his eagerness showing in his voice. "You'll sit on my face?"

Again Donna nodded in agreement. "Do you have panties on, Mom?"


"Okay, with panties… first," Tommy said, starting to moan. He placed one hand over the bulge in his shorts.

"No, don't cover it up," Donna said with a little whimper.

He pulled his hand away, and she moved toward him. She stopped at the side of the couch, near his shoulder. With her eyes on his bulging cock, she lifted her dress up her thighs this time to her waist. Tommy made a low gurgling sound as he looked.

"They're wet," Donna whispered. "My panties… they're very wet now, Tommy. Are you sure?"

"Mom, I wanna!"

She spread her knees as her son gazed up at her crotch. Her panties were soaked, the front of them pushing outward by the thick mass of her pussy hair and puffy slit.

Tommy pushed against one of her knees, and she began to shake as his hand came up her thigh. When his hand was halfway up her leg, his fingers felt feathery light on her satiny flesh. She gasped when her son's fingers touched the wet crotch of her panties.

"See," she moaned softly. "I told you my panties were very wet."

Tommy's face radiated excitement as he drew the tips of his fingers along his mother's wet panties. "You didn't pee in them, did you, Mom?"

"Of course not. That's just the way girls… the way I get, baby."

"Mom, sit in my face!" Tommy groaned in a husky voice. "I don't care how wet your panties are… please, Mom, sit in my face!"

"I will!" she cried out, lifting one foot over his head, balancing the other on the floor. "See how wet my panties are!"

Tommy stared up at his mother's crotch, her widespread thighs. He licked his lips, seeing dark curls creeping from the taut stretch of her panties. He pushed his palm against the back of her thigh, and Donna slowly lowered her cunt, holding her dress bunched at her waist. She held her head up, eyes closed, lips parted as she sobbed with the anticipation of feeling her son's mouth on her cunt.

When she had her cunt only inches from his face, Tommy couldn't wait for her to lower it any more. He shoved his face into the wetness, twisting, smearing his cheeks, his nose, his chin, against her panties.

Donna gasped with the contact, with the eagerness of his buried face at her cunt. Her hands jerked up to her tits, her skirt falling to cover her sop's head as she began to twist her cunt at his face.

"Oooooh, darling!" she gasped.

Tommy spread his lips and closed them about the crotch of his mother's panties, sucking and licking at them. His hand slid along her thigh until his palm cupped her ass. He pulled the wet nylon of his mother's panties into his mouth, sucking them. His other hand jerked aside his shorts, letting his cock free. He grasped his cock tightly and began to pump it, jacking himself as he sucked the pussy juices from his mother's panties.

Donna twisted her hips, smashing her cunt down at his sucking mouth, squeezing her tits almost brutally, her nipples boring into her palms. She felt the hot breath of her son burn through her thin panties, and she squirmed harder against his mouth. She shoved one hand downward to the back of his head, her skirt over his face. She lifted his head as she pushed her fiery cunt as hard as she could at his mouth.

Through her panties, Tommy had found his mother's long throbbing clitoris, and he closed his lips around it, sucking hard, knowing that this was where most of his mother's pleasure was located.

"Ohhhh, Tommy, yes!" Donna squealed, grinding at his face as he sucked hard at her clit through her panties. "Ohhhh, baby, suck on that! Ahhh, that's wonderful, Tommy! Suck on it as hard as you can!"

She whipped her hips back and forth, feeling as if her son could pull her long clit deep into his mouth. The suction he was applying made her shake and cry out with ecstasy. She wanted to yank her panties to one side and stuff her clit into his mouth without anything between them, but already she was building to a powerful orgasm.

Tommy was holding the check of her ass in his palm, his fingers squeezing at the tight skin. He sucked hard on his mother's cunt, his fist gripping his cock and his hips lurching up to meet the down thrust of his fist. He was making wet sounds under her dress, his breathing coming hot and fast, searing past the thinness of her skimpy panties as if trying to set her pussy hair an fire by the sheer heat of it.

"Ooooh, suck, suck, suck!" Donna cried. "Ohhhh, baby… Tommy, suck me right there! Ahhhh, yes, that's so good! Tommy, oh, Tommy… suck me! Suck Mother… you're about to make me… make me come!"

She rammed her cunt down, grinding into his face as she lifted at the back of his head. She spread her legs wider apart for her son's sucking mouth. She squealed when he sucked very hard on her long cunt.

"Ohhh, I'm going to come, Tommy!" she cried out. "Make me come, baby! Ooooh, please, please, make Mother come!"

Tommy pushed his mouth hard at her pantied cunt sucking on her throbbing clit, his tongue lashing at the tip through her panties, his fist clinging to his cock desperately, his balls feeling hot and tight. His face was smeared with his mother's pussy juice until it was slippery, sliding against her thigh. He stopped jerking on his cock, but held it as tight as he could, the head bulging in roundness.

"Tommy!" Donna shrieked, smashing her cunt very hard against his face.

The rippling power of her orgasm sent steamy tremors up and down her flesh as she began beating her cunt up and down on his face, as if she were fucking him. Both hands now held the back of his head under her skirt, her cries of ecstasy loud.

Tommy slurped her crotch frantically, realizing that his mother was enjoying it. His cock seemed to have a fire in it, and his balls seemed so full and hard. The head of his cock had a tickle as if he had to take a pee badly.

He liked the way his mother was grinding her cunt against his face, her clit pushing at her panties and past his teeth. Hel liked the way her cunt tasted and throbbed inside his lips.

"Oh, my God!" Donna gasped as her orgasm slowed, until there was only a wonderful pulsation left. "My God, that was strong!"

She gently raised her cunt from her son's face. She straddled him as she sat on his stomach. Her lovely face was glowing with gratification as she saw how smeared his young face was.

Tommy felt his mother's fiery cunt against his stomach, feeling hot through her panties and his T-shirt. He grinned at her, his eyes shining, and he ran his tongue over his bruised lips.

"You taste good, Mom. I liked that! It was better than licking the seat of your bike."

"Oh, you!" She giggled, cupping his face in her hands, leaning down and kissing his pussywet lips, tasting her cunt as she ran her tongue around his mouth. "That will teach you to lick my bicycle seat."

"I'll lick it again if it makes you sit in my face, Mom!" He laughed. "You can sit in my face anytime!"

Donna gazed into his eyes, then smashed her mouth against his again, sucking at his lips and tongue. She writhed her hot cunt, and she felt his hard cock touch the cheeks of her ass.

"You have a hard-on!"

"Well, what did you expect, Mom," he said. "I mean, you think you can sit in a guy's face that way and he won't get a hard-on?"

"Do you like to get a hard-on, honey?" Tommy nodded, and she pushed her ass back, arching it up to slide the throbbing shaft of his cock up and down against the crotch of her cunt, feeling it through her panties. She mewled softly as she pressed her cunt at his cock, lifting her ass, then bringing it down again. Only this time the head of his cock almost pushed her panties into her pussy, entering her.

She jerked her ass up before it happened. She shoved her hand behind her and felt his cock, pressing it at her ass and cunt, her eyes starting to sparkle with renewed desire.


"You did promise this would be our secret, right?" she asked.

Tommy nodded, looking up at her and feeling the wet heat of his mother's cunt against the shaft of his cock, her hand holding it there.

"You wouldn't tell Judy, would you?"

"Why should I tell her, Mom?" Tommy said. "I don't even know her."

"But she told you she sits in her father's face."

"I don't believe her."

"I do," Donna replied. "Why would he be licking her bicycle seat if she wasn't, or wear dresses so she can show off her pretty panties? Yes, I think Keith is licking his daughter, Tommy."

"Like I licked you, Mom?"

She nodded, eyes shimmering with the heat in her body. She pressed her son's cock against her cunt again, and her pussy responded with a twitch.

"Mom," Tommy said. "Now… without panties."

Donna gurgled: "You want to do it again without my panties on this time."

He grinned.

"You're a horny guy, aren't you?" She giggled. "Get a taste of a girl's… a girl's pussy and you can't get enough, huh?"

"Yeah, Mom!" He giggled. "I like pussy… your pussy!"

"Tommy, have you ever seen a girl's pussy?"

"Only pictures, Mom, not a real girl." Donna bit her bottom lip. "Maybe, after you see my pussy, you won't like it. Why don't you just suck it through my panties again?"

"Come on, Mom!" he pleaded. "Why not let me see it?"

She felt his cock throbbing so hard against her crotch. She looked down at his face for a long time. She wasn't even sure she wanted to continue this, not with her son. It wasn't that she felt any guilt about it, only that she didn't want him to be repulsed by her extra-long clit. That would devastate her if her son turned away.

"Those pictures," she said softly. "Were the girls open… their legs spread?"

Tommy nodded.

"Then you've seen a pussy, haven't you?"

"Just in pictures, Mom."

"What if… what, if my pussy was, you know, different than the ones you've seen?"

"I don't know how it could be different, Mom. They all looked the same to me. Pink and soft and with hair around it."

Donna knew she couldn't refuse her son. Not after letting him lick her cunt through her panties. It wouldn't be fair to him, and his cock was so hard.

Donna ran her fingers along the shaft of his cock, then over the swollen head.

"Okay," she said, taking a deep breath. "But, Tommy… I'm not like the girls in the pictures."

She lifted off and stood up, unzipping her dress as he lay on his back watching, his cock exposed from the side of his cut-offs, young and hard and long. She dropped her dress, and Tommy gasped with the beauty of her tits. He watched them wobble slightly as she bent over and removed her panties. His eyes followed up her long, slender thighs when she stood, fixing hotly on her cunt. The lush, dark curls were a perfect triangle of beauty, tucking neatly between her thighs and out of sight.

Donna ran her fingers through her cunt hair and slowly pulled the lips of her cunt open. Her clit pushed out, and Tommy's eyes took on a fiery glow. His tongue ran over his lips, and his cock jerked.

Leaning over slightly, still keeping her cunt spread with one hand, Donna grasped her son's cock and gave it a few pumps.

"Ahhh, Mom!" he moaned, arching his hips upward.

His hand darted up her thigh and cupped her cunt. He felt his mother's cunt pressing at his palm as he rubbed her pussy slit, feeling the soft wetness.

Donna squeezed his cock hard, watching the head bulge, his piss-hole open wide with slipped juices on it. To her, he looked more erotic with his cock sticking from the leg of his cut-offs than if he had been naked, like her.

Turning loose of his cock, she stood up once more, spreading her legs and watching his face. She gently pulled his hand away from her cunt and pushed… her hips forward. "See what I mean?"

Tommy gazed at the hardness of his mother's clitoris as it strained from her cunt. He nodded, his tongue moving over his lips. "It does look different, Mom."

"This, baby… this!" she said, then flicked her clitoris. "See how big it is?"

"That's not big, Mom it looks fine to me."

"But, doesn't it look like a cock?" she asked.

"Not to me. It looks like pussy to me, Mom." A shiver swept through her, making her satiny flesh ripple with exquisite pleasure. She was delighted by his comment. Everyone else had told her that her cunt was like a tiny cock.

"Suck it!" she hissed suddenly, grabbing the back of his head and pushing her cunt to his mouth. "Suck it, Tommy!"

Tommy's lips closed about his mother's clit, sucking hard, his tongue flicking.

Donna twisted her ass, smashing her cunt at his face, looking down. The hair of her pussy almost covered his cheek, and the way he was sucking on her long cunt was immediately driving her wild. No one had sucked it this way. No one had actually taken it into their, mouth, and, sucked it. The powerful suction of her son's lips seemed to pull her cunt tighter against his face, and she gasped with the beautiful sensation it gave her.

"Ooooh, baby, that's so good!" she sobbed, grinding at his face, her legs trembling. "Alihh, Tommy, you're sucking it so hard! I love that, love how you suck on it!"

Tommy, turned half sideways, his face buried in his mother's cunt, had to slide an arm around the back of her thighs to hold his position. His hand touched one cheek of her ass, and with a squeal of pleasure, Donna jerked upward until he was cupping her ass. She pressed his hand hard against the firm cheek of her ass, her eyes turning from his face to his cock, watching it dance and shake and jerk. Juices were bubbling out of his piss-hole, running along the smooth head and down the throbbing shaft.

"Wait!" she said feverishly, pulling her cunt away and quickly leaning down to kiss his wet mouth. "Let me do it, too!"

She swung her leg over her son's head, her knees sliding along his arms as she spread her cunt and ass over his face.

Tommy shoved his hands up her smooth thighs and cupped the spreading cheeks of his mother's ass. His eyes were glassy as he stared directly into her crotch. The pink wetness of her pussy excited him, as well as her long cunt pushing out and the crinkle of her hot-looking asshole. The hair of her cunt stopped near her asshole, and the pucker was wrinkled, and looked inviting.

Gripping her son's cock tightly about the base. Donna yanked the crotch of his shorts to one side. She moaned in pleasure as she saw his balls, hot and full and young. Closing her hand on his balls, she darted her tongue out and licked his cock, swirling it around the smooth head, tasting the seeping juices, then lapping up and down the shaft.

Her hot tongue made Tommy grunt, and he rammed his face up, crushing his open mouth over her cunt and sucking it in a frantic manner while squeezing the cheeks of her ass.

Donna felt the heat of her son's balls in her hand, and with a gasp of hunger, she closed her lips about the swollen head of his cock, flicking her tongue against his piss-hole. The juices were slippery and hot on her tongue, and with a soft moan, she slipped her mouth down, trembling in pleasure as she felt his cock slide over her tongue, the, roof of her mouth, and brush at her throat. She squeezed his balls and slipped her hand from the base of his cock and under his ass. She drew one foot upward, her knee high, and she began to squirm and rub her fiery, dripping cunt at his face. As he sucked at her clit, Donna slid her mouth up and down his cock, sucking gleefully. The hardness made her lips tingle.

Tommy, feeling his mother's hot mouth on his cock, began to hump up and down, pushing his cock into her mouth as she came down. He was moaning into her cunt as the wet heat sucked on him. In his excitement, he shoved his tongue into his mother's cunt, fucking deeply, swirling it about and tasting the creamy flesh inside. He lapped hungrily at her hairy cunt lips and sucked at her clit, his ass squirming as his mother gripped it while sucking on his cock vigorously.

Donna smashed her cunt up and down, beating it on her son's sucking mouth in a frenzy. She twisted and slapped his face with her pussy, her head bobbing as she sucked and whimpered in ecstasy. She rammed her lips down to the base of his cock, pulling his balls up to rub them against her nose and lips. The smooth head of his cock against her throat was wonderful. She clamped her hot lips as tight as she could around his cock, pushing her tongue at the shaft, then pulled upward.

Tommy grunted into her cunt, but his lips were drawing on her long clit again, and Donna shook her naked ass wantonly as she felt her orgasm growing inside her quivering body. She strained her cunt into his face, feeling the fiery heat of his breath searing the crinkle of her asshole. When he shoved his mouth as hard as he could over her cunt, the tip of his nose pressed at the pucker of her asshole. She churned lewdly, grinding her spread-open crotch almost violently at her son's mouth, her orgasm growing hotter and more insistent. She sucked at his cock in a frenzy, making many wet sounds as her son did in her cunt.

Her mouth suddenly jerked off his cock.


Her cunt contracted, squeezing against his sucking mouth, her clit throbbing. She squirmed her ass down, smashing so hard at his face that he could hardly breathe. The convulsions whipped through her time and again, and as they started to recede, she lowered her face and swallowed his cock once more, sucking with even more hunger.

Tommy thrashed beneath his mother, pushing her cunt away from his face, placing his lips against her smooth thighs. "Mom, you better watch, out!"

He tried to push her face off his cock, but Donna clung to it with a desperate hunger.

"Mom, what's ohhh, Mom!"

Tommy's cock gushed, sending scalding squirts of thick, sweet come juice into her mouth. The sweetness splashed over her tongue and against the back of her throat.

Donna went wild again, sucking hard and swallowing in a wet sound, sliding her lips down on her son's spewing cock. She gulped and whimpered, taking the full load of her son's juices with a mindless hunger, feeling his balls writhe in her hand as they emptied down her throat.

Tommy was still coming when he managed to push her mouth away from his cock. Donna cried out and tried to close her mouth over it, but she couldn't. The rest of his come juice spattered her face, dripping hotly.

"Ohhh, baby, why!" she moaned as she lifted up, swinging her long leg over his face and standing up. "Why did you make me stop?"

Tommy looked at her dripping face. "I didn't know what was happening, Mom. I never felt it like that before!"

"Oh, my baby!" she gurgled, dropping to her knees and puffing his surprised face to her tits. "Your first discharge! The first time you come, and I get it! Ohhh, that's so beautiful! But, Tommy, you should never push a girl's face away when you're coming. Let her have it in her mouth. She wouldn't be sucking on your cock if she didn't want you to come in her mouth, baby."

Tommy nuzzled into her hot tits, wrapping his arms around her back.

Donna caressed his cock, feeling how wet it was, but to her surprise, it was hard. She jacked him up and down, then fondled his balls, twisting her upper body until she pushed a nipple into his mouth.

Tommy sucked at her tit, licking the stiff nipple. He felt good, his body still trembling slightly. He liked the way his mother caressed his cock and balls felt better than his hand.

He pulled off her tit, his eyes glowing as he looked up at her still-dripping face. "Was that a blow job, Mom?"

"Was that a blow job!" She giggled lewdly. "Darling, that was a blow job! I gave you a blow job and got the juice! Ahhhh, Tommy, it was so sweet! Yes, honey… your mother is a cocksucker! I love to suck a hard cock… I love to have it squirt in my mouth… and you, you wonderful darling, can suck cunt so good! My cunt!"

She squeezed his cock hard, making the head bulge again. Her eyes took on a wild gleam. She looked down at him. Her tongue flicked away a drop of come juice from the corner of her lips.

"Tommy… do you want to fuck?"

His eyes glowed as he nodded. "Oh, Mom, yes!"

"Our secret, right?"

"Oh, yes, Mom! I wouldn't tell anyone!" His hand moved down to her cunt, feeling her up eagerly. "You mean I can really fuck you, Mom?"

"God, yes!" she moaned, getting to her feet. She spread her legs so he could feel her pussy. "If I can suck you off, I guess I can fuck you, too."

Tommy started to sit up, but she pushed him back down.

"Let me on top," she whispered huskily. "I like to be on top sometimes. I can move better."

Tommy lay back, his grin glowing.

"In fact, you don't have to move if you don't want to, baby." She grinned wickedly at him. "Mother will do all the wiggling and moving."

She swung her foot over him and lifted the other until she was standing on the couch over his cock.

Tommy stared up her long, long thighs, at her bushy wet cunt, the curve of her ass and the thrust of her tits.

"What you see is what you're going to get!" She giggled, then squatted.

She pushed at his cock, and when, the head touched the fiery lips of her cunt, she slowly lowered her ass. She moaned as she felt her son's cock slide into her cunt, spreading it.

Tommy stared excitedly as his cock started disappearing into his mother's pussy. He began to shake, but it was with an intense ecstasy as the wet heat of her cunt closed around the head of his cock.

"Ohhhh, yes!" Donna gurgled, sliding down onto him slowly, feeling the throb of her son's cock against the sensitive walls of her cunt.

Her cunt strained outward with vibrating hardness, then it was scraping against his cock as she moved down on it. When she had her son's cock buried completely inside her searing cunt, her dft was crushed at the base of his prick.

She sat on her son, impaled on his cock, and she shivered with rapture, her tits wobbling slightly. Her eyes closed as she savored the beautiful feeling of having a hard cock up her cunt. She cupped her naked tits, smashing them, squeezing them, her son watching her with his young, excited eyes.

"You're so hard, Tommy," she moaned. "So very hard! Ahhhhh, it feels so good in Mother's cunt! I want to fuck you, fuck your hard cock, baby! I want to fuck it and suck it and fuck it and oooooh!"

She lifted her ass, dragging the clinging lips of her cunt up his cock to the head. She stopped, then twisted her ass in a tight circle while her cunt held his prick. Then, squealing, she rammed down hard, making a wet slapping sound as her cunt lips struck the base of his cock.

"Ahhhh, that's fucking good!" she yelped, then began to bounce up and down, riding his cock, her knees bent and flung wide apart. "So fucking good! Mother loves it, Tommy! Mother loves a hard cock in her cunt! Mother loves to fuck… fuck you! Watch me, Tommy! Watch Mother fuck you… watch me ram my cunt on your cock!"

Tommy was watching, his eyes huge. He had his hands on her thighs just above her knees as if holding them spread open, watching her hairy cunt slide up and down on his cock. He lifted his hips, straining to get his prick into her deeper.

She wiggled and squirmed, grinding against the base of his prick, then jerking her cunt up and down, squealing and crying out with the burning sweetness. She slammed down hard, grinding her ass, then making it jerk back and forth, then once again she bounced up and down, the wet sounds increasing her passion.

"Can you see it, Tommy? Can you see Mother's cunt fucking on your hard cock!" she gasped breathlessly. "Watch my pussy fuck you! Can you see how deep your sweet cock goes in Mother's hot cunt!"

Tommy gasped a reply.

His cut-offs felt rough against the tender flesh of her crotch, but there was no way she was going to stop now to make him remove them. Her pussy was clamping body around his prick, her clit throbbing once more. The stretched lips of her cunt were clasping his cock, as if squeezing and sucking on him.

"Mom, what if I come again?" he gasped hotly.

"You're supposed to come in my cunt," she groaned. "I want you to come in Mother's cunt! I want to feel your cock spurt that hot juice inside my cunt! Ahhh, fuck my cunt, baby! Fuck Mother's cunt! Mother's cunt is so fucking hot and it wants your cock and your juice!"

Tommy dug his fingers into his mother's soft inner thighs as he watched her sliding her cunt up and down his cock. His balls felt hard and full again, and the burning tingle was starting once more.

"Faster, Mom!" he grunted.

"Oh, I'll try!" she hissed. "I'm going so fast now… fucking you as fast as I can! Are you about to come, Tommy?"

"I-I think so, Mom!"

"Oh, God, gush it in me! Squirt it up my cunt!" she squealed. "Give that hot juice to me… give Mother's cunt your sweet, sweet come juice!"

She smashed down onto his cock, her cunt grinding, her orgasm ready to burst. She lifted her head and screamed when it happened. The lips of her pussy clamped tightly about his cock as the contractions erupted.

Tommy yelped, ramming his cock upward, his balls at the crack of his mother's hot ass. "Now, Mom!"

Before Donna could scream out a reply, she felt his cock shooting rapid spurts of juice into her cunt. She screamed loudly as his come juice triggered another, more powerful, orgasm in her. Each time his cock spewed into her cunt, her pussy gripped in spasms. Her long clit was bulging as it throbbed spastically around the base of his cock.

With a cry, Donna fell forward, her tits covering her son's face. But she kept her cunt on his cock. She slowly came down from the ecstatic high, and she shoved her feet down, spreading her legs around his, feeling his cock sliding out of her cunt.

She moaned a soft protest as his cock pulled free.

She lay heavily on top of him until she had enough strength to slide off. She dropped to the floor and lay on her back, arms and legs flung wide, breathing deeply, grinning happily up at him as he leaned over the couch to look at her.

"You look prettier than the pictures, Mom. Even prettier than those of you in the catalogues and magazines."

"Without my clothes on, you mean?" She winked at him. "You think I'm prettier naked?"

He grinned and nodded. "Mom, I'd lick your seat anytime."

"Which seat?" she asked teasingly. "My bike seat or this seat?"

"Either one!" Her son laughed softly.


Donna came awake with her son's arms wrapped about her. She was on her side, and he was pressed at her back, spoon fashion. The sun was streaming through her bedroom window, and she gently pushed her ass tighter against him, smiling as she opened her eyes. The feel of her son's cock resting against her ass made her feel good.

She remembered everything about the day before, and she felt her pulses pick up. She slipped a hand down to her cunt and found the soft hairs matted with juices, hers and his. The insides of her creamy thighs were sticky, too. When she touched her cheek, she realized she had not even washed her face last night after her son had finished coming off into it.

Tommy had amazed her.

After she had sucked his cock off and fucked him, he couldn't get enough of her. He was energetic and eager, undressing and climbing into her bed with her.

She lifted one knee and gently felt her cunt. There was a slight soreness on the hairy lips, but she grinned. Tommy had fucked her twice after climbing into bed with her, making her come over and over. He had become a little rough in his eagerness, fucking into her cunt with frantic thrusts, bruising her cunt lips and long clit, but it had been heaven for her, absolute heaven. Her son had found her long cunt a pleasure to play with.

She gently touched her clit and felt it respond with a delicious pulsation. She pushed her ass back against him, feeling his cock resting in the crack. Her asshole puckered from the touch of it. She flexed her asshole and gently squeezed his cock with the cheeks of her ass.

She felt her son's cock reacting. Closing her eyes, she let the images of the night before excite her. She felt her son's cock growing hard between the cheeks of her ass, and then his hand moved up her stomach to close on one of her tits.

"Tommy, are you waking up?" she whispered, bunching her ass, feeling the head of his cock swelling against her asshole.

"Mmmmm," he moaned, squeezing her tits. "Are you getting a hard-on?" she murmured, flexing her ass again. "Is that what I feel back there, a hard-on?"


"My cunt is sore, honey," she said softly. "I don't know if I can fuck now."

Tommy kissed her back, pushing his hardening cock against her ass.

"I could suck you," she said. "My mouth isn't sore, but my cunt sure is. You fucked me so much, baby! So wonderfully much last night. Want me to suck you off? I will. It'll be my breakfast." She giggled.

Tommy began pushing his cock back and forth, the head clamped between the cheeks of her ass.

Donna shivered as she felt the head of his cock brush against her crinkled asshole. Her cunt turned long and hard again, and the slightly bruised lips of her cunt pulsated, and she was getting wet between her thighs.

Tommy lapped his tongue up and down his mother's spine, fondling her tits tenderly, pushing his cock tighter at her asshole.

Donna was twisting her ass for him, purring with pleasure, liking the feel of his cock against the tight crinkle of her shifter. Her asshole began to tingle as she pushed back, feeling the pressure. She mewled softly, grinding against the head of his cock against her asshole.

"Can you feel that, darling?"

"Yes, Mom!" her gasped.

Her asshole squeezed the head of his cock, over and over, and she moaned as a good sensation flooded her body and made her cunt twitch. The pressure against her asshole surprised her with how good it felt. She had never felt a cock brushing against her asshole.

Suddenly her eyes opened. "Tommy, what are you doing!"

Tommy giggled.

"Baby, that's my ass!" Donna protested. "Are you trying to stick your cock in Mother's ass?"

Tommy pushed a little harder, holding her tit tight in his hand.

"Tommy, please, baby… that's Mother's asshole! Push down a little and it will go in my cunt!"

But her son pushed harder against her asshole.

Donna's breath came in a gasp, then caught in her throat. She felt the head of her son's cock pushing hard now, trying to enter her asshole. She drew her knees up higher, and found herself responding to this unusual, but exquisite, pleasure.

"Tommy… baby, you're about to push your cock up Mother's ass, do you know that?"

Tommy answered by taking a long, slow lick up her spine to her neck, and squeezing her tit. He applied more pressure against her asshole.

"Ooooh, honey!" she purred, and pushed back at him. "This is… well, crazy! I've never done this before, Tommy. I've only sucked cock and used my cunt, never in my asshole!"

Tommy pushed.

"Ahhh…" Donna cried, feeling her asshole open as the head of his cock slipped past the fiery tight ring. "Tommy! Your cock is… oooooh!"

Tommy pulled his hand off her tit and down to her hip, pulling her ass back, sliding his cock up his mother's asshole.

Donna couldn't breathe. Her asshole felt wide open, stretching around his hard cock. It was a tight fit, but he was pushing deeper and deeper into her asshole. She was pleased that he was sliding his cock in slowly. She knew she couldn't have handled it if he had just rammed it into her swiftly. This way, her asshole stretched slowly until she was sure it couldn't stretch any further.

But then, his cock was all the way up her ass, and she felt his balls against her cunt. The ring of her asshole throbbed and flexed around his cock, squeezing it. It felt very strange to have his cock inside her ass, and his prick seemed to penetrate her asshole much deeper than if he had fucked her mouth or cunt.

She moved her hips slowly.

"Mmmmm, not bad, Tommy," she sighed. "Not bad at all! Want to fuck Mother's ass now? Be gentle… fuck my ass slowly until I get used to it, okay?"

"I will, Mom," he replied, licking at her spine and shoulder blades again. "I'll fuck you real slow."

When he moved his cock back and forth, Donna hoped she wouldn't make a mess. It felt as if she was going to shit any time. She tried to rein her asshole, but it kept tightening up as he pumped his cock in and out. The stretching, burning feel excited her, and she began to move her hips with him.

"This isn't bad at all," she murmured. "In fact, I could learn to really enjoy it!"

Tommy pushed his hand through the thick hair of his mother's cunt, and he began to agitate her long clit while he fucked her asshole.

Donna began to gasp and wiggle more, the feeling becoming better and better. She lifted her leg and tried to see his cock sliding in and out of her asshole. She panted softly, grinding her ass back at him. Sliding her hand past his, she felt her pussy lips pulsating. She felt his hot balls sliding along her palm, and, as he pushed deep into her asshole, she rubbed his balls against her cunt.

"Mmmm, this is getting better and better!" she gasped. "Try it a little faster, baby!"

Tommy speeded up, ramming his cock in and out quickly.

"Oh, my God!" Donna cried out, the friction against her asshole making her tremble in surprising ecstasy. "Oh, God, yes! Faster, Tommy! Fuck me faster! Fuck Mother's asshole faster! It's making my cunt throb, darling!"

Tommy fucked fast.

Donna pushed back. "Wait, let me…"

Suddenly she yanked her asshole off his cock, turning onto her stomach and pushing her ass high into the air, her knees spread out very wide.

"Fuck me this way! You can go deeper, darling!"

Tommy scrambled behind his mother's jutting ass, his cock jerking about. He saw his mother's asshole puckering, and he pushed his cock in, making his mother cry out with hot rapture.

The depth of her son's cock inside her had surprised and delighted her. Donna had never felt such sensations. It was almost as good as having her long cunt sucked. The friction of his cock along the gasping ring of her asshole sent steamy tremors through her body. She shoved her hands above her head, closing her fists on the headboard, and strained her ass to him. Her back bowed as she jutted her ass high, knees spread to open herself up to him.

"Oh, God, Tommy!" she sobbed hotly. "Oh, baby, yes!"

Each time her son plunged his cock into her ass, he made a fleshy sound. His balls swung back and forth, slapping wetly against her fiery cunt. The bruised lips of her pussy didn't feel sore now. Her asshole felt so open that she wondered if it would ever close again, yet she enjoyed being fucked in her ass, there was no way she wanted it to stop.

Tommy rammed hard, making the bed shake, making his mother cry out with ecstasy. It excited him to see the light-brown tissues of her asshole cling to his cock as he pulled out, then sink in when he thrust forward. The tight heat was terrific, searing his cock.

"God, God!" Donna cried. "Oh, Tommy, it's so good! Ahhhh, you feel so big in me, so big in my ass! Fuck Mother, baby! Ooooh, fuck Mother up the ass! Yes, hard, Tommy! Fuck Mother up the ass hard! My cunt is on fire… my cunt is burning up!"

Donna's ass swayed as she pushed against him. She gripped the headboard as tightly as she could, her neck straining, eyes closed. She gasped and panted, the stabs of her son's cock into her asshole forcing her breath from her lungs.

Her clit was huge now, so very big and hard, throbbing. She wanted to grab it and twist and pull, but her fists held the headboard, more to keep her head from being batted against it than anything else. Her asshole squeezed her son's cock, gripping it with flexing waves of ecstasy.

She was about to come, and come hard.

"Tommy, Tommy… make me come! Oh, darling, make Mother come! I feel it… in my cunt, and I'm getting ready to come! Faster, Tommy! Fuck my asshole faster! I'm going to come!"

Tommy was already fucking as fast as he could, gritting his teeth as his balls tightened, his cock tingling.

With a screech, Donna came.

The strong convulsions of her cunt sent rippling squeezes of her asshole around his cock.

Tommy fucked in as far as he could, holding himself there while his mother came. The tightness of her asshole and the gripping way it clutched his cock make his mind spin with rapture. Each spasm of her orgasm caused her asshole to squeeze the base of his cock, and he could feel her juicy cunt vibrating against his smashed balls.

"Ohhhhh! Ooooo God!" Donna sobbed as she came.

Tommy was getting weak. He leaned over his mother's jutting ass and slid his hands beneath her naked body, cupping her tits, squeezing them, massaging them as she came hard.

When her orgasm faded, Donna whimpered softly, her asshole relaxing. His cock kept throbbing in hardness, his balls on fire.

When his mother finished coming, he began to fuck in and out of her ass again, holding her tits tightly.

"Now you!" she gasped. "It's your turn to come, baby!"

As his cock throbbed and tingled, he gave a final, deep thrust, and held himself there. He clung to her tits, moaning against his back.

"Now, Tommy!"

Tommy let it go, sending rapid squirts of boiling come juice up his mother's asshole.

Donna felt the spurts of his juices against the tender flesh of her asshole, flooding her bowels. She felt the deep, powerful throbs of his cock in her ass and the hot writhing of his balls against her cunt. Once more her asshole began to squeeze his cock, tightening and relaxing, squeezing his thick juice from it, taking his hot load into her ass.

"Ooooh, yes, Tommy!" she moaned as the spurting ended. "You've filled my ass!"

Tommy, breathing heavily, leaned his weight on her back and ass, his hands letting go of her tits as his cock softened.

Donna remained with her ass propped high until her son recovered and began to pull his cock out.

"Watch!" She giggled, and closed her asshole as tight as she could around the head of his cock.

Tommy looked, seeing his prick stretch as he pulled it out.

He laughed, slapping his mother's ass affectionately when she released the pressure for his cock to come free. As his cock dropped out of her asshole, Donna slowly relaxed until she was lying flat on the bed, feeling fantastic.

"Now give my ass a little kiss," she suggested. Tommy eagerly leaned over and kissed first one creamy asscheek, then the other. Donna wiggled and purred softly as his lips and tongue moved along the backs of her thighs, to her knees, then up again. When he rested his lips on the flesh of her ass again, he sucked at it.

Donna, laughing with pleasure, rolled over onto her back. His lips and tongue licked over her hips and into her pussy hair.

"You learn fast about what a girl likes, don't you?" she murmured.

"I didn't know you like it in your ass, Mom."

"Neither did I until you pushed that cock in it!" She grinned at him. "I think I better take a bath. I've got come juice all over me from last night."

"And your asshole is full of it, too," he reminded her.

"Ooooh, you think I don't know that?" She giggled as she swung her long legs over the side of the bed and stood up, stretching and arching her back.

Tommy looked at her, thinking she had to be the most beautiful woman in the entire world.

Her tits stood out so nicely, her ass so rounded, her legs so slender and long, and her cunt… such a hot, juicy cunt.

Donna went into the bathroom, and Tommy rested on the bed, watching her through the doorway. Donna leaned over the tub, turning it on, knowing her son was watching. She felt shivery and wonderful. Leaning over this way, her cunt and asshole exposed to Tommy, she stayed there so he could have a good, long look at her.

Oddly enough, she found herself thinking of Keith and his exquisite-looking daughter. She wondered if they, would be out on their ten speeds this afternoon.

"Tommy, want to go riding today?"


Wearing a short, white tennis skirt and T-shirt, Donna was very much aware of her appearance. Her dark hair shined in the sunlight, bouncing gently on her shoulders. Her tanned thighs gleamed as she pedaled ahead of Tommy.

They had started out side by side, but seeing her son watching her more than where they were going, she pulled ahead so he wouldn't have to keep turning his head sideways. Her ass moved sweetly as she pumped her bike slowly, and Tommy filled his eyes with his mother's body.

Donna watched for Keith and Judy, her tits naked beneath her T-shirt, her nipples hard. Then she lifted her ass and pulled one cheek aside, so her asshole brushed the saddle of the bike.

Tommy saw what his mother did, and he laughed loud enough for her to hear.

"You should take your panties off, Mom!" he called out. "If you wanna feel your ass and cunt on the bike seat, why don't you just take your panties off and really feel it?"

She looked over her shoulder at him, her smile bright. She rubbed her ass from side to side on the seat with exaggeration. "If I knew we wouldn't meet anyone on this trail, I would."

He giggled, watching his mother lift the back of her tennis skirt to flash her pantied ass at him playfully. Tommy wore jogging shorts today, white with red racing strips up the sides. His cock and balls were loose in them, and occasionally the head of his cock peeked from the side.

He pedaled up beside his mom, patting her ass. Donna smiled at him, lifting from the saddle. Tommy squeezed his mother's ass, sliding his palm along her creamy thigh.

"Keep it up," she murmured, "and you're going to get it."

"Get what?" he teased, pinching her ass gently.

"Whatever you want," Donna replied, rolling her eyes. "Anything you want."

She saw the head of his cock poking from his shorts. She grabbed it, squeezing him. Tommy's prick began to throb and harden, so she kept it in her hand as they rode. She moved her fist up and down his cock.

"I don't think I've ever jacked a cock off while riding a bike," she said softly. "I bet if I made you come, you'd fall off."

"Wanna try it?"

Donna pumped his cock swiftly a few times, then released him. Her cunt had been steamy before they left the house, and now it was practically on fire, very wet, her long clit tormenting her with its hardness. She pressed it against the seat of her bike, moaning softly with the delicious sensation it produced.

"Mmmrn, I could come, too," she purred, squeezing his cock as she wiggled her cunt on the seat. "This is almost as good as your cock, Tommy."

"Mom…" he moaned as she gripped his cock. "I think we better stop."

She understood what he meant, and they pulled to the side of the narrow bike trail. As she slid from her bike, her short skirt lifted, and her son got a beautiful peek of her pantied cunt. His cock stood straight out from the side of his shorts. Donna closed her fist about it as she looked up and down the trail.

"We have to do it fast!" she gasped, stroking his cock as she kissed his mouth. "It would be embarrassing if someone came along and saw me with my mouth full of your cock."

"You're gonna blow me, Mom?"

"For now," she said, sliding downward until she was squatting before her son, her knees spread around his legs. She pulled his shorts away so his balls dangled out. Cupping them, she nuzzled her face against his balls, purring, as his cock rubbed along her check and neck. Holding his balls in her hand, she kissed them, then lapped her tongue around them, swirling slowly but hungrily. "Mmmm, your balls taste hot, Tommy. Very hot. I hope you have a big, hot load of come juice for Mother."

Tommy placed his hand on the top of her head, watching her with glassy eyes. "Big enough! Come on, suck me, Mom! Suck my cock now!"

Donna rubbed her moist lips along the shaft of his cock to the head of his prick. Her tongue swirled over the smooth head as she held his balls in one hand, sliding the other hand into his shorts and cupping his ass. She breathed deeply, softly, and moved her hot lips over his cock, pulling it deeply. When her lips were on the base, she writhed them, her tongue swishing against the hardness, the head of his cock brushing her throat. Her cunt bubbled wetly inside her panties, her cunt pushing hard at the nylon.

Tommy held her face, watching, when she began to suck, sliding her lips back and forth on his cock. Her eyes flashed up at him, seeing his ecstasy. She made a low, hungry sound and sucked swiftly. She squeezed his ass, her fingers moving into the crack and touching lightly at his tight asshole. She pulled his cock as deep into her mouth as she could and pressed his balls on her chin. She twisted her ass as she squatted before her son, her cunt undergoing clenching spasms her clit straining into her panties.

"Ohhh, Mom!" Tommy gasped. "You mouth is so fucking hot! Lick with your tongue, Mom! Suck and lick my cock!"

Donna glanced up at his contorting face with hot eyes, rubbing a fingertip against this hot little asshole. She twisted and squeezed his loaded balls, touching them to her chin when she pushed her lips down onto his prick. She felt her son shaking as he stood there.

Making Tommy feel good delighted her. She knew by now that she would come when her son gushed his sweet juices into her mouth. The hot feel of his cock made her lips tingle sweetly. She pressed her tongue against his cock, pushing it tight to the roof of her mouth. She sucked back and forth quickly.

Her tits swelled, her nipples burning against her T-shirt. She wanted to rub her cunt, rub it furiously, but she wanted to hold her son's balls and ass even more.

Caressing his cock on her cheeks, she looked up at her son with fiery eyes. "Darling, hold my face and fuck it! Hold Mother's face and fuck my mouth!"

Tommy tightened his palms against her cheeks when she took his cock back inside. Her cunt vibrated more and more as her son began to fuck her mouth, using it like her cunt. She had to touch her cunt, squeeze it, rub it.

She pulled her hand off his ass, but kept a tight grip on his hot balls. Shoving her hand down, she began to press at her pussy, feeling the wetness in the crotch of her panties. Jerking her panty crotch aside as her son rammed his cock back and forth, fucking her mouth, she gripped her long clit between a finger and thumb and began to jack on it as if it was a cock.

"Play with your cunt, Mom!" Tommy gasped, thrusting his cock back and forth swiftly. "Finger your hot cunt… fuck your cunt with your finger! Suck my cock and fuck yourself!"

Donna, her mind spinning with ecstasy, felt her throat burn with eagerness, her mouth becoming very wet and hot. She held her lips as tight as she could around her son's hard, fucking cock. She loved the feel of it sliding over her tongue and thereof of her mouth.

"Mom, I'm about to come!" Tommy moaned, humping his ass, pounding his cock into her hungry mouth faster and faster.

Donna felt his cock pulsate, become even harder in her mouth. She closed her eyes, letting her son fuck hard and fast. She pulled at her rigid clitoris, twisting it, then just as her son gushed a hot spurt of thick come juice across her tongue, she plunged her fingers into her cunt, her own orgasm gripping as it swirled about her nerves. She gulped her son's juices down greedily, swallowing, as he spewed into her throat. Her cunt grabbed her buried fingers tightly.

Moaning ecstatically, Donna held his cock in her mouth until it was soft. Then she slipped her lips off it and touched his piss-hole with the tip of her tongue, pulling her fingers out of her cunt. Her fingers were dripping with pussy juices, and Tommy giggled as she thrust her long, pink tongue out and lapped her own wetness from them.

Standing, she tried to adjust her panties over her cunt, but they were drenched.

"What am I going to do?" she asked. "My panties are so fucking wet!"

"Take them off and throw them any, Mom."

"Oh, sure… and everyone will see my ass, not to mention my cunt."

"Who will see it? So far we're the only ones here."

"That doesn't mean it will stay that way," she said. "It's only noon. Most people ride in the afternoon."

"We won't be here then."

"Don't be too sure about that," Donna said softly, then peeled her panties off her long legs, removing them from her feet and draping them over a bush. "That will give people a few things to think about."

Back on their bikes, Donna tried to keep her short tennis skirt over her ass, but it did feel better with her naked cunt rubbing against the seat.

"Tommy, if you want to lick the seat off my bike, it's going to be very wet!" She laughed softly, lifting her ass so he could see the wetness of her cunt gleaming on the saddle.

"I'll like anything you show me, Mom!" He giggled.

They came to the small refreshment stop. As they sat sipping from soft drinks, Keith and his daughter rode up.

Donna was delighted to see them, and she felt good vibrations from Keith as he brought soft drinks to her table, where Judy was already sitting beside Tommy, chattering away. Keith was in his cut-off shorts again, bare-chested, wearing a funny little hat. Judy was in a dress.

"Hi," Keith said, grinning as he sat across from her. "Looks like our two are getting along fine."

Donna looked at her son and Judy, nodding her head.

"Want to feel me up with your foot again?" Keith said, eyes crinkling in pleasure.

Donna gazed back at him, then smiled. "Why don't you try me, today, Keith?"

Keith gazed boldly back at her, sliding one of his running shoes from his foot. When Donna felt his foot slip up her leg, she spread her knees. She shivered as his toes rubbed lightly on her knees, then slowly came up the inside of her thigh. She let his foot push her thighs open.

Keith stopped when his toes were an inch or so from her cunt.

"Why stop now?" Donna whispered.

Keith smiled, then pushed his toes into her cunt. His eyes widened and the smile grew.

"Interesting, huh?" Donna grinned wantonly, running her tongue around the edge of her soft-drink can suggestively.

"Very," Keith said, rubbing at her cunt with his toes.

Donna gasped softly when his foot pressed against her tit, then slid downward into the slit of her pussy. She held her breath when Keith slowly pushed his big toe into her cunt.

"Nice," Keith said softly. "Very nice, Donna."

"Mmmmm," she purred, her eyes half closed with pleasure as the hairy lips, of her cunt squeezed his toe. She kept gazing into his eyes as he wiggled his toe back and forth, toe-fucking her. "Keep that up and it's going to be nicer… for me."

Keith began to thrust his toe in and out of her cunt, and Donna made little whimpering sounds, eyes slitted with blazing ecstasy, twisting her ass on the bench. She must have made a loud sound.

"Mom, did you say something to me?" Tommy asked, turning to look at her.

Donna froze, feeling Keith's toe in her cunt.

"No, darling," she said, her voice trembling.

Keith pulled his toe out of her cunt, giving Tommy a glance, then back at Donna's glowing face. Leaning close to her, he whispered, "You were about to come."

"I know," she replied in a breathless voice. "And no panties under that tennis skirt." He smiled. "Either you're a flasher, or you forgot to put them on."

"Neither," Donna said. "They're hanging on a bush along the trail."

"Those were your panties?" he asked.

Donna nodded.

"How did you do that with Tommy along?" Donna smiled mysteriously, watching understanding come into his eves.

"You're not saying…"

Donna nodded. "And so are you… with your daughter. A father doesn't lick the seat of his daughter's bike while she's watching, unless there's something going on."

"And a mother doesn't take her panties off and hang them on a bush with her son unless something is going on," he countered.

"Maybe there is," she replied.

Keith looked at her for a long time, his grin spreading over his face. "I don't suppose you would… you know, get involved?"

"With you and," she nodded her head toward Judy, "the four of us? That's wicked." Donna giggled. "I don't know. I've never done anything like that, Keith. I've always been one on one. And there's this, uh, problem I have that you still don't know about."

"Whatever it is, if it doesn't bother you, it won't bother me."

"Maybe, but I have, to think about it…"

"Let me know when you're ready," Keith replied, standing up.

Her eyes moved over the front of his cut-offs, seeing the big bulge of his cock and balls, in them. He stood for her to see, hips jutting slightly forward.

Donna glanced at her son and Judy, seeing their backs turned as they held their heads together, whispering.

She pushed her hand across the table, and Keith pushed his hips toward her. Donna felt his cock and balls inside his cut-offs, her eyes taking on a slightly glazed expression. Keith pulled the frayed leg aside, and Donna's eyes burned as she saw his cock. She grabbed it and squeezed hard, pumping it a few times, then pulled her hand away.

"I might be ready real soon," she whispered hotly as she watched him cover his cock up again. "Real, real soon!"

Keith called to his daughter, and Judy came to his side, looking shyly at Donna.

"Think about it and let me know," Keith said, handing her a small card with his phone and address on it. "Let both of us know."

Donna watched as he climbed onto his bike and Judy swung a slender thigh over hers. The pink panties flashed, the crotch tight over her tender, young cunt.

Keith gave his daughter a pat on her cute ass, sending her off ahead of him. He turned to look back at Donna.

Donna glanced at Tommy, who was watching Judy's pretty ass slide from side to side on her bike seat. She stood up quickly as Keith looked at her, placing one foot on the bench, then throwing her knee open.

Keith grinned as he saw her hairy cunt in that brief flash before Donna lowered her foot. She gave him a smile.

He waved and rode off after his daughter.

"I like them, Mom," Tommy said after Keith and Judy were out of sight.

"You just want some of Judy's little cunt." She giggled and stepped to him, pulling his face against her tits. "That's what you want, to push your cock up her pretty little snatch."

Tommy shoved her T-shirt up and began to suck her stiff nipple.

"Oooooo, nice, honey," she purred. "But you know what? I think I want you to fuck me… right here."

"You're not afraid of being seen now, Mom?" he asked, pulling his mouth off her cunt.

"Tommy, I need to be fucked!" she gasped, stepped back and jerking her tennis skirt to her waist.

She sat on the table, leaning back, spreading her long legs wide. Her cunt gleamed wetly in the sunlight, her cunt bulging like a tiny cock, vibrating with strong pulsations. Her head hung over the other side of the table, her hair sweeping across the bench. She drew her knees up, grabbing her ankles and spreading her legs so her cunt and ass gleamed invitingly to her son.

"Fuck that cunt, Tommy! Come on, fuck Mother in that hot cunt flow… if anyone sees us, they'll just have to wait their fucking turn!" Shaking in pleasure, Tommy shoved his running shorts down to his knees, kneeling on the seat of the bench. He aimed his cock down and lunged it straight into his mother's uplifted cunt.

"Ahhhh, yes, that's wonderful!" Donna squealed, her cunt grabbing his cock as he rammed to his balls. "Fuck me, Tommy! Ohhh, baby, fuck Mother's cunt hard! Make me come and come, darling! Fuck me… beat your cock up Mother's cunt, hard as you can!"

Pushing at her legs, Tommy began to fuck deep into his mother's cunt. The wet slaps sounded loud.

With her head dangling over the edge of the table, Donna closed her eyes and humped her ass with him, ramming her cunt up as he came down, her clit rubbing the shaft of his cock, his balls smacking against her puckering asshole. She saw Keith's big cock behind her closed eyes, felt it in her hand again, felt his foot sliding up her legs and his toe entering her cunt, of his delight at finding her panties off.

"Oh, my God, Tommy! Bang me… fuck me… ram me! My cunt is on fire and I want your cock, darling! Fuck me hard and fast! Ram that sweet cock, up Mother's cunt hard!"

Tommy stared at her spreading pussy lips, watching his cock penetrate his mother's gripping cunt. The thick curls of her pussy hair felt good, her hard clit poking at him. It excited him to see his mother's cunt spread so lewdly, taking his cock so eagerly.

"Ohhh, yes, baby! Yes?" Donna cried out. "I'm… oh, I'm going to… my cunt! Oh, Tommy Mother's cunt, pussy… Mother's twat is going to… to come!"

A shriek erupted from her as her orgasm burst, the hairy lips of her cunt sucking on his cock. The squeezing spasms sent Tommy into a frenzy of fucking, his balls beating against his mother's fiery asshole with soft slaps.

"Here it comes, Mom!"

"Yes! Hurry… flood Mother's cunt!" Grunting, Tommy spewed his juices up her pussy, rapidly, filling his mother's cunt, making her orgasm increase in power until it felt as if her pussy was sucking his cock off the way her mouth did.

Slumping on the bench, Tommy leaned forward and rested his face on her soft, quivering stomach.

Donna stroked his head, running her fingers through his hair, her cunt twitching with a delicious glow. "Maybe you will get to fuck Judy, darling. Maybe you will."


That night, after bathing, Donna served sandwiches and milk to her son at the coffee table. She wore a pair of skimpy panties, and nothing else. He was fresh from his shower, his hair still damp, wearing his jockey shorts.

"You didn't have to put those on," she said, sitting beside him and eating a sandwich.

"You didn't have to put panties on, either," he said.

"But you like to suck my cunt through my panties, I thought."

"Oh, I'm gonna suck your cunt, Mom?"

"Don't you want to?"

He nodded and laughed. "Anytime!"

"Did you know Keith gave me his phone number and address?"

"He did?" Tommy asked, delight on his young face.

"He also felt me up with his foot." She giggled.

"What were you and Judy talking about?"

"About fucking."

"Oh, I see," Donna said. "And she touched my cock."

"What did you touch?"

"Her cunt, through her panties," Tommy said. "She wants to fuck."

"Why doesn't she fuck her father?"

"His cock is too big," Tommy replied. "She told me they tried, but he hurt her cunt. I guess she's too little there."

"But not for long," Donna assured her son. "She'll be able to get his cock in, and even bigger ones, soon, I'd bet on it."

"You wanna fuck him, Mom?"

"We talked about it," she admitted to Tommy. "He said something about the four of us."

Tommy's eyes lit up. "You mean so we can watch, Mom?"

"I think that might be what he had in mind."

"I'd like that! Would you let me see him put his cock in your cunt, Mom?"

"If you want to," she said, pulling his hand up her thigh and into the crotch of her panties. "You could watch his big cock pump into my cunt as much as you like."

Tommy rubbed at his mother's pussy, feeling the heat and wetness seeping into the nylon. He leaned over and closed his mouth about one of her shapely tits.

Donna pressed his face into her tit and began to purr, writhing her ass on the couch, pushing her cunt at his palm.

"Eat me!" she whimpered, pushing his mouth off her tit. "Suck my cunt, baby… in my panties!"

Tommy eagerly slipped from the couch to his knees. Donna spread her legs wide for him, scooting her ass to the edge of the couch.

Tommy gazed at her crotch, the panties tightly stretched away from his mother's pussy, puffed out and drenched with wetness.

Donna draped her hot thighs over his shoulders, squeezing his head between them. Tommy breathed in the sweet, fresh scent of his mother's cunt, opened his mouth wide, and closed it tightly against her pantied cunt, his tongue lapping up and down, tasting her pussy juices through the panties. Donna made soft whimpering sounds as she squeezed his head with her legs, lifting her cunt to his mouth.

"Ahhhh, Tommy, that's nice!" she gasped hotly, grinding her cunt against her son's face. "Oooh, suck Mother's panties! Suck the pussy juice out of Mother's hot panties! Oh, darling, that's so fucking good!"

Tommy's hand held his mother's rounded ass tightly. He slurped his tongue up and down the crotch, pushing her panties slightly into her cunt with his tongue.

Donna twisted excitedly, squeezing her hard tits together, trying to lick her stiff nipples. Although she was unable to close her lips about her nipples, she could swirl her wet tongue over them. She arched upward, pressing her cunt hard at her son's sucking mouth.

"Squeeze my ass!" she cried. "Oh, baby, squeeze Mother's hot ass and suck Mother's hot cunt and lick Mother's hot panties!"

Tommy slipped a finger into the crotch of her panties and pulled them away from her fiery cunt. Immediately he plunged his tongue as far as he could into the hot wetness, her clit entering his mouth at the same time.

Donna yelped with ecstasy and clamped her hot, satiny thighs harder about his head. "Fuck me, fuck me! Fuck me with your tongue, Tommy! Ooooh, yes, fuck Mother's wet cunt with your sweet tongue!"

Grinding her hips in a sideways motion, Donna ran her hands off her tits and clutched her son's head, holding his face against her cunt with her thighs. She humped her cunt up and down, sliding it across Tommy's nose, his lips, tongue and chin. She looked with slitted steamy eyes at his face, watching her pussy hair conceal his eyes.

Her son's tongue seemed to lick every place in her crotch, inside her cunt, over her long clit, the puffy lips, and even licking the pucker of her asshole.

In her excitement, she twisted on the couch, her head going over the edge to the floor, but her ass was still on the cushions. Her weight rested on her shoulders, her head bent forward. She flung her legs as wide apart as she could.

Tommy quickly straddled his mother's face, standing up and lapping greedily into her widespread open crotch, still holding her ass.

Donna, gasping and crying out with rapture, shoved her hands up his thighs and fondled his ass inside his jockey shorts, watching his cock bulge inside the tight white fabric. As she squirmed her cunt tight at his face, she pulled his shorts to one side, his cock jerking free, his balls looking hot and full.

Panting with hunger, she pulled at his hips, making her son drop to his knees. Feverishly she held the crotch of his shorts to one side, staring with passion-glazed eyes up at his cock, his balls, his ass. Tommy's tongue was darting in and out of her cunt, then sucking hard at her long cunt, his fingers working the flesh of her tight ass, his breath hot on her crinkled whole.

She pulled him down to her face, her tongue sliding from the dripping head of his cock, along the shaft, to his balls. She swirled her tongue over his hot balls, then let them fall into her mouth. Sucking on his balls, she held his ass in one hand and jerked his cock with the other. Juices dripped out of his piss-hole and spattered her tight, swollen tits. Her nose pressed at the pucker of her son's asshole as she sucked greedily on his young balls.

"Ohhh, Mom!" Tommy moaned into her cunt. "Suck my balls, Mom!"

"Mmmmm!" Donna moaned, sucking hard, his cock throbbing against her tits.

Tommy twisted his ass about, and. Donna turned his balls loose. She took a long, hot, quick swipe of her tongue into his ass, scraping it against his crinkled asshole.

Tommy groaned, pushing his ass into her face. At the same time that his mother began to suck and probe his asshole with her tongue, he spread the creamy flesh of her ass, and without hesitation, pressed his lips to her asshole and sucked it hard, his tongue plunging past the ring.

Donna wailed into her son's ass when she felt him tongue-fucking her ass, his chin pushed against the wet, puffy lips of her cunt. She stiffened her tongue and pushed, sending it deep into her son's asshole.

They clung excitedly to each other, tonguing hot asshole vigorously, in and out, around and around. She liked the way his asshole closed on her tongue, squeezing it, and she wondered if her asshole had done that to his cock.

Feeling her son's tongue dart in and out of her asshole, she thrashed, legs flung wide apart.

Tommy was on his knees, pushing his asshole to her sucking lips, his balls and cock hot on her chin and swollen tits. His chin was drenched in the juices of his mother's cunt, sliding about just inside the hairy opening. His tongue started moving from her asshole to her cunt, sucking both, fucking both.

Donna started shaking all over, her ecstasy becoming intense. She pulled her tongue out of his asshole and his balls slid across her thrusting tongue. When the throbbing cock shaft moved along her tongue, she caught the head of his cock and sucked it, her hands clutching his ass.

Tommy, very excited, began to fuck his mother's mouth, sliding his cock back and forth between her hotly gripping lips. He kept up his relentless tongue-fucking of her cunt and asshole, going from one to the other.

Donna sucked hard on his cock as he fucked her face, straining her cunt to his mouth. The sensation of his tongue sliding into her asshole, then her cunt, increased the wild, erotic fire inside her. The muscles of her stomach were rippling now, and a strong orgasm was bubbling deep inside her cunt.

She held her head still, her lips tight, loving the burning tingle of her son's cock sliding between her lips. She arched and strained her pussy and asshole to his face while swallowing her son's juices.

Tommy licked from his mother's bulging clit, across the very juicy slit of her cunt, then to her asshole again. As he plunged his tongue into her asshole. Donna couldn't hold back.

She let out a muffled scream as her cunt convulsed, the hairy lips trying to suck his chin inside, while her asshole made rippling, squeezing motions about his darting tongue. She flung her uplifted legs very wide, wanting her son's tongue as far up her asshole as she could get it while she came.

Tommy, his tongue sucked by his mother's asshole, fucked with even more vigorous strokes into her mouth. His balls bounced along Donna's eyes and nose. Then, unable to resist the strong urge to push, Tommy went deep into her mouth, the head of his cock against the back of her throat. He came.

The hot gush of Tommy's come juice burned in her throat, and to her surprise, Donna found she could swallow his juices without any problem while upside down. She sucked hard, draining his balls, her fingers massaging his ass as if this would make him come more. He kept his tongue deep in her ass while he came in her mouth, and Donna's cunt contracted time and again in a series of fiery, exploding orgasms, her legs flung as wide apart as possible, so her son could bury his face into the expanse of her cunt.

She held his cock in her mouth until it was soft, then caressed it with her tongue gently. Tommy had pulled his tongue out of her asshole, and was now kissing every inch of her flesh from her spine to her clit, sucking at her flesh tenderly.

After a while, Tommy pulled away from her, standing up and looking down at her. "You're in a very strange position, Mom. How did we get turned around this way?"

"I don't know," she said softly, her ass high and legs still wide open. "Do you like seeing me this way, my ass up and legs spread out so my cunt shows?"

He grinned. "I sure do! You're beautiful from every end, Mom."

She slowly straightened around, sliding her panties from her body and tossing them to him playfully as she sat down on the couch.

"You almost sucked my asshole raw!" She grinned. "Almost as sore as you made my cunt yesterday."

Tommy grinned, proud of himself. "Want me to get you something to drink, Mom?"

Donna ran her tongue wickedly over her lips. "I think I just had a drink… out of your cock."

"I'm thirsty," he said, peeling his shorts off and dropping them on the floor before he left the room.

Donna watched his ass, still licking her lips. Tasting his whole had been a real turn-on for her. As she sat there, she saw the piece of paper Keith had given her earlier. She looked at it, remembering his pleasure at finding her naked under her tennis skirt. She grinned widely, reaching for the telephone.

When she heard his voice, she smiled. "Hi, would you like to fuck me, suck me, or smell my panties?"

A low chuckle came over the phone. "Whatever turns you on, I'm for it."

"Somehow I knew you would," Donna said, fondling her cunt as she spoke to him. "I hope I didn't catch you doing something, like licking your daughter's bicycle seat, Keith."

"What's wrong with that?"

"Not a thing that I know of," she purred. "I just thought a man like you would find something more exciting to lick."

"Oh? Like what?"


"You're blunt if anything, aren't you, Donna?" Keith laughed. "But you're right. There are much nicer things to lick then bicycle seats, like hot-flesh seats."

"Mmmmm, sounds exciting," she purred.

"Maybe I could lick your seat," he suggested.

"Maybe," she mewled softly into the phone. "But I'm a hot woman, Keith. I might want more than just that."

"Tell me about it."

"Oh, I love to have my seat licked," she said, "but I have something very hot, very wet, and quite hairy that loves a nice tongue in it, too."

"You do? What would that be, Donna?"

"My cunt, Keith," she purred. "My hot, wet cunt. It's hot right now, and I'm sitting here feeling it. Wouldn't you love to feel my cunt, maybe suck it, Keith?"

As his eager answer came over the phone, Donna saw her son coming back with his soft drink. Tommy arched his eyes in question, and she pointed to the piece of paper with the phone and address on it. He grinned as sat beside her, leaning over when his mother held the phone so they both could hear.

"What if I already have a cunt to suck?" Keith said.

"I bet you do have a cunt to suck," Donna said softly. "I bet your daughter has a very sweet, soft, hot cunt. Tell me, Keith, is Judy's pussy smooth and very wet?"


"And do you stick your tongue up your daughter's tender little cunt and fuck her, make her come?"

"Judy comes easy and quick," he replied.

"Does she lick your big cock?" Donna asked, reaching for her son's cock and balls. "Does your daughter suck on your big cock and make you squirt?"

"Donna, this conversation is getting nasty," Keith said, with a chuckle.

"Ooooh, I know! Isn't that nice?"

"Where's your son?"

"Right here with me, his cock in my hand," she answered. "Where's your daughter?"

"In the tub."

"And you're not with her? Keith, shame on you."

"I was washing her when I had to answer this dirty phone call."

"Washing her what?"

"Washing her cunt… with my tongue."

"Ooooh, Keith! That's beautiful!"

"Have you thought about meeting us?"

"All the time." Donna grinned at her son, feeling his cock harden in her pumping hand. "Keith, I have to hang up. Tommy's trying to fuck me, and I can't talk on the phone and fuck at the same time."

"Do it, Donna," Keith urged in a thick voice. "Fuck his young cock dry!"

"Mmmmm, I will," she purred. "Bye, Keith."

She turned to Tommy.


It was very hot, and Donna was sweating lightly as she rode her bike. Tommy was behind her, watching her. He enjoyed seeing her firm, high tits beneath her T-shirt, her nipples pushing out in darker colors at the garment. Of course, in her tennis skirts she never wore the tights that came with them, only her panties, and they too were the skimpiest pair possible.

Today she had on a pair of nylon running shorts, slit along each hip, very high.

The elastic of her panties showed at the top of the slit, and Tommy seemed to like that. Unlike most of her shafts that were very tight at the crotch, the ones she wore today were looser, deliberately looser. When she swung her legs onto the bike leaving the house, she had flashed her hairy cunt to her son, getting a big grin of appreciation from him.

They rode slowly, lazily, along the bike path, Donna wondering if they would see Keith and his pretty daughter again. Tommy was absorbed in watching his mother's thighs and twisting ass, his cock already half hard inside his shorts. He wasn't thinking about seeing Judy, only watching his mother.

Donna, remembering her conversation on the phone with Keith, was getting very wet between her thighs. The rub of her cunt on the bike seat helped, and her unusually long clit was vibrating in a delicious tingle. Now and then she glanced back at her son, who would grin and waggle his tongue at her.

Reaching the small rest stop, Donna was disappointed to see it empty. She racked her bike and shoved coins into the soft-drink machine, taking two cans from it.

Tommy sat at one of the benches, wiping his forehead with the back of his hand. She stood at his shoulders, sipping her drink, looking up and down the bike trail.

"You wanna see him again, Mom?"

"Am I that obvious?" She smiled at him.

"I think so," Tommy said, running the cold can over his forehead. "From the way you talked on the phone, it's only a matter of time."

"Time for what?"

"Before you fuck him."

Donna searched her son's expression for signs of jealousy, but saw none. "Would it bother you if I did, honey?"

Tommy shook his head. "If that's what you want, I don't mind, Mom."

She hugged him against her damp T-shirt, leaning down to kiss the top of his head. "He may not want me… if he sees how long my clitoris is."

"Why?" Tommy asked. "I love to play with it."

"Some men are turned off by it, baby."

"Then they're nuts," he said, sliding his hand up her thigh from behind, his fingers sliding into her shorts and rubbing at her cunt tenderly, feeling her long clit respond with little throbs. "They don't know what they're missing."

She purred with pleasure while he rubbed her cunt, looking up and down the trail. "I wonder why there's no one else out today."

"It must be too hot for them," Tommy said.

"Not for me. I love it hot."

"I know, and not just the weather, either, Mom!" Tommy laughed and pushed his finger up her cunt, making her squeal softly.

"Mmmmm, do that to me!" she murmured, spreading her feet.

Tommy fucked his finger in and out of his mother's cunt as she stood there, her hips swaying in passion. The moist sounds of his finger were exciting to both of them.

"Stop!" she said suddenly, pushing his hand out of her shorts. "Someone's coming along the path!"

Tommy pulled his finger out of her pussy and licked it. They could hear the sounds of someone riding slowly just around the bend.

Then Keith came into view, sweat glistening on his bare cheat and thighs. Donna's face lit up as she smiled a greeting to him.

"Hi, gang," Keith said, racking his bike and sitting at the table across from Donna and Tommy. "I wasn't sure you'd be out in this heat, but I took a chance."

"Where's your daughter?" Donna asked. "Is it too hot for her?"

"She's spending the day with her mother," Keith replied, eyeing Donna's thrusting tits, the way her nipples almost showed through the dampness. "Once a week she visits with her mother."

"That's wonderful," Donna said.

"Not so wonderful," Keith replied. "Judy can't stand her mother, but it's an obligation."

Donna was still holding her son's head against one of her tits. She ran her hand through his hair, gazing at Keith.

"You know, Donna, I don't have your phone number."

"Or my address," she remarked. Donna smiled. "Remember the problem I mentioned before?"

Keith nodded.

Tommy knew what his mother was doing, and he pulled his head from her cunt, sipping his soft drink and watching them. Donna stood on the opposite side of the table, her feet still parted slightly.

"Men don't like it," she said slowly. "But Tommy loves it."

"Donna, don't be so mysterious," Keith said. "Whatever your problem is, we can work it out."

"Are you one of those men that will stick it into anything as long as it's wet and tight and hot, Keith?" Donna asked. "If you are, then we won't be seeing each other again."

"I don't have to chase women," he said. "I don't chase women. Why should I? You know my involvement with Judy."

"But you're not fucking her, Keith," Donna said. "Judy and Tommy have already talked, and I know you're not fucking her."

Keith smiled. "But we sure do other things."

"And if you're not getting it into her little twat," Donna went on boldly, "then you could be pussy-deprived."

"And therefore I chase women, right?"

Donna nodded.

"Which means that if you don't like what my problem is, you don't need me, and we can't work it out. You have enough pussy."

Keith glanced at Tommy, then back at Donna. "I'd say you were getting plenty as it is, Donna. Tommy knows what this mysterious problem is, but it doesn't seem to bother him."

"Tommy is my son," she said as if that explained it all.

"Will you ever get around to telling me what it is?" he asked. "Or are you going to keep up the mystery?"

Donna lifted her foot, placing it on the bench. Keith's eyes looked along the satiny flesh of her inner thigh right at her crotch. The crotch of her shorts was pulled slightly to one side, exposing some enticing curls of pussy hair, but not her cunt.

"Maybe you'd prefer to see," she said, sliding her finger along the leg of her shorts.

Keith held his breath, gazing steadily at her finger, not knowing what to expect. Tommy, too, was watching his reaction.

Donna shivered as she toyed with the leg of her shorts. She slowly pulled her shorts aside, exposing the lush curls of her cunt. Keith sucked in his breath, his eyes taking on a gleam of hunger. Holding her shorts to one side, Donna slipped her other hand through the soft hair of her cunt, then slowly parted the moist, pink lips of her pussy.

Keith gasped as be stared at Donna's long clit. "That's the problem," she said softly, making her clit bulge even more by pressing along the sides of it. "Now you know."

"That's a problem?" Keith asked in low voice.

"Isn't it enough?" Donna asked, starting to cover her cunt.

"No, wait!" he said quickly. "Let me look!" Donna jerked her shorts wide, flinging her bent knee outward and jutting her cunt forward. "Then look! Isn't it disgusting?"

"God, no!" Keith gasped. "It's beautiful, Donna!"

"Sure it is, until you find it in your mouth, then you think it's like a cock."

"I get a banana in my mouth, too, but I never thought of it as a cock, Donna. Pussy is pussy, and your pussy is gorgeous."

"Do you mean that?" she asked. "Really mean it?"

Keith glanced at Tommy, then back at Donna. "Want me to show you what I think of it?"

Donna began to tremble. She climbed onto the table, holding her shorts to one side, pushing her cunt toward, him. "Show me! Suck it and show me!"

Keith ran his hands up the backs of Donna's thighs and pushed his face into her cunt, sucking at her long cunt, his tongue darting and licking.

As his hands moved into her shorts to cup her naked ass, Donna gasped loudly, grabbing the back of his head and whipping her cunt back and forth against his sucking mouth.

Tommy watched, his cock becoming very hard.

Keith's tongue made juicy sounds as he lapped Donna's cunt, delving inside. Donna gasped and whimpered with delight, staring down at the top of his head with slitted eyes.

"Ohhhh, Keith!" she wailed, grinding wantonly. "You're going to make me come so soon! Lick me… suck me!"

Keith wrapped his lips about her long clitoris, sucking hard, his tongue whipping back and forth on the tip. Donna yelped as the strong suction on her clit sent a hot jolt of ecstasy through her body.

When Keith dug into her ass tightly, puffing as hard as he could on her clitoris, Donna came. Her cunt contracted so quickly, so powerfully, she was unprepared for it. She screamed, and her knees weakened.

Keith's tongue slid up through the sift hairs of her cunt over her rippling shorts, then as she squatted lewdly on the table, Donna pulled her T-shirt up and outward, over her head. Keith quickly began sucking at one of her stiff nipples, one of his hands still holding her ass, the other at her cunt, rubbing at the hot wetness until she started calming down.

"Oh, that was so good, Keith!" Donna sighed. She cupped his face and smashed her lips against his, kissing him wetly for the first time. "But it was too fast. You made me come too fast."

Keith looked at her, his eyes bright, grinning. "If that's your problem, Donna, I'd say you were one lucky woman."

"You mean that?"

"I mean it," he replied, puffing at her clit gently.

She kissed him again, elated by his comment.

She thrust her tongue deep into his mouth.

Tommy, his cock raging with hardness, watched them. He liked the way his mother was squatting on the table before Keith, because it looked so erotic, so exciting. He pulled his cock from his shorts and began to jack up and down.

Donna glanced at her son, seeing his arm movement. She grinned.

"I think my son has a hard-on," she told Keith.

Keith looked at Tommy. "You've got to take care of it for him, Donna."

"Oh, I will!" Donna gurgled, pulling from him and lying on her back across the table, her legs dangling from one side, her head from the other. She spread her legs around Keith, who found himself gazing at her hairy cunt and at the satiny inside flesh of her long legs. Donna held her shorts stretched as wide as possible. "Fuck me, Keith! Stick your big cock up my cunt and fuck me!"

"But Tommy needs…"

"My son will get his!" she groaned, twisting her ass for him. "Tommy isn't ever left out, believe me!"

Keith stood between the bench and the table, between Donna's spread thighs. He yanked his cock from his shorts, through the frayed leg. Donna gulped with pleasure when she saw the long, thick hardness of it, pre-come dripping from his piss-hole.

"Oh, shove it in me!" she urged, arching her cunt to him. "Push that cock in my cunt and fuck my brains out, Keith!"

Tommy watched with steaming eyes, pounding on his cock.

Keith rubbed the swollen head of his cock up and down Donna's juicy cunt, making her waggle her ass up and down. When he fit the smooth head of his cock just inside Donna's cunt, he shoved her T-shirt over her tits to her neck. Closing his hands about her naked titties, squeezing them, he thrust his cock up her pussy.

"Ooooo, yes!" Donna cried as her cunt was filled by his thick hardness. "Oh, Keith, that's wonderful!"

Leaning over slightly, Keith clung to her tits as he began to lunge in and out of her gripping cunt, making soft slapping sounds. Donna cried and gasped as she tossed her ass about, grinding and humping with him wildly, his balls banging against her hot ass. Her long hair swept the bench on the opposite side of the table, her hands clutching the edge for support, her body jiggling because of his stabbing cock.

"Tommy!" she groaned, turning her head to look at her son, seeing his cock in his fist. "Let me have it, baby! Ooooh, let me have your cock in my face! Fuck Mother's mouth, darling! Both of you guys fuck me together… one in my cunt and the other fuck my mouth!"

Tommy scrambled above his mother's face, his prick swollen very hard. He looked up at Keith's face once, then down at his mother's, who was holding her mouth open to take his cock.

Donna turned loose of the table edge and flung her hands behind her son's ass, puffing him forward. Tommy's cock sank into her mouth, and his balls slapped at her eyes and nose.

Between the two guys, being fucked hard into her cunt by Keith's thick cock, and in her mouth by her son's cock, Donna went wild. Every nerve in her exposed body was tingling, and she wasn't sure she could stand the ecstasy.

When they both lunged into her cunt and mouth at the same time, it almost felt as if they would meet some place in her stomach. She dug into her son's ass, pushing and puffing, urging him to fuck her mouth hard, fast, deep, and at the same time her ass churned and thrashed, her cunt riding greedily on Keith's throbbing cock flying in and out of her bushy cunt.

Keith's hot balls beat against her ass, and her son's young, full balls slipped back and forth on her eyes and nose. Her mouth was as wet as her cunt, and Tommy's cock seemed to be dripping more than ever, making her swallow often. She used her tongue as best she could, but Tommy plunged his cock in and out of her mouth too fast most of the time. She settled for making her lips as tight as she could, her tongue pushing his cock against the roof of her mouth, taking it almost into her throat in this position.

Keith was pushing his thick cock in and out of her cunt swiftly, his hands now on her hips, jerking them up as he banged into her.

Donna's ecstasy was intense, tasting her son's cock while Keith fucked her cunt. The double penetration was so beautiful that she couldn't be sure it was actually happening to her. She moaned and groaned around her son's cock, her cunt on fire and her mouth hungry. Her tits were being smashed and squeezed by her son, and her ass was being jerked up and down by Keith, both of their cocks ramming into her. Her long clit was being smashed each time Keith banged into her cunt, making her flesh tingle with almost unbearable rapture. She tried to close her thighs about Keith's, but already they were trembling as another organ grew to outrageous swelling inside her cunt.

Suddenly, Donna lunged her cunt onto Keith's cock. A wet gurgle came from her throat. She came, the steaming lips of her cunt gripping and squeezing Keith's cock. She felt the sudden gush of Keith's come juice spatter along the walls of her pussy, and then her gurgles were stopped as her son began to spew his come juice into her mouth…


Donna was still sprawled over the table, head on one side, legs and ass the other. She lifted her head and looked around, come juice dripping from her cunt and mouth. She saw her son and Keith sitting at the far end of the table, talking as she recovered. She had heard them talking, but their voices sounded far away.

Slowly, she sat in the middle of the table, drawing her knees up, wrapping her arms around them and resting her chin on them. Her eyes glittered, come juice on the corner of her mouth. She watched them, not really listening to what they were saying. She felt good, wonderful, and her cunt and mouth still tingled deliciously. She flicked the drop of come juice from the corner of her lips with the tip of her tongue, feeling the hot sun on her still-exposed cunt. Slowly, she lifted her arms and stretched, her tits straining out, her T-shirt still above them.

"Now that's what I call a beautiful picture," Keith said.

Flashing him a smile, and then her son, she purred, "You two guys sure know how to make a woman feel great."

"Wanna do it again, Mom?" Tommy asked.

"So soon?" she replied. "You mean I didn't wear those cocks out?"

Tommy stood and showed her his hard-on. She leaned over and looked below the table at Keith, and saw his hard-on sticking from his shorts. She frowned in pretended concern.

"Well now… I'm not sure about this," she said in a whispery voice. "There's only one of me, and two of you."

"What if you two wear me out?" she teased, leaning back with her hands behind her, spreading her knees so they could see her hairy cunt. "You did make my cunt sore once, Tommy."

Tommy grinned proudly. "Yeah, and you loved it, Mom."

"Yes, I did." She looked up and down the bike trail. "It's a wonder we didn't get caught. I've never done anything so brazen in my life getting fucked in the open."

Keith grinned at her. "Nice, isn't it? With the sun and the air and birds and the bees."

"Oh, God!" Donna moaned. "Not the birds and bees bullshot."

She stood up on the table, looking up and down the trail once again.

"Oh, hell!" She giggled, and pushed her shorts down. "It is fun!"

She stood with her T-shirt down again, naked from her waist down, feet spread and hands on hips, looking at them, her eyes flashing ready fire.

"Who gets pussy and who gets face?"

"Tommy should get your cunt this time, Donna," Keith said. "I think I want to see what that hot mouth of yours feels like on my cock."

"You got it!" Donna giggled lewdly.

Keith helped her down from the table, sliding his hands over her naked, curvy ass. Donna turned to him, pressing her body tightly against his as she kissed him, feeling his cock pushing at her stomach.

Donna smiled. "I'm not going to be the only one naked if someone comes along. You guys take those fucking shorts off."

While they removed their shorts, Donna sat down on a soft patch of grass, watching, her anticipation of being fucked by them making her shiver excitedly.

Tommy reached her first, and she couldn't resist tilting her face and lapping at his balls. When Keith was at her other side, she turned and lapped at his balls, drawing her tongue up the hard shaft of his cock to the smooth, swollen head. She licked at the drops of juice on Keith's piss-hole, then turned and licked the juice from her son's piss-hole.

She didn't resist when Keith pushed his cock past her lips, making them stretch more than her son's cock did. She took his prick into her mouth willingly, purring, as it rubbed across her tongue and to her throat. She gripped Keith's hot, full balls with one hand, her son's cock with the other, pumping it. She spread her knees wide so they could look between them to see her hairy cunt as they watched her suck first one cock, then the other.

She pressed both cocks against her face, nuzzling them and purring as her eyes flashed happily up at theirs. She rubbed her hot, wet lips along the shaft of each cock, then sucked on each piss-hole in turn, the slippery hot juices making her cunt twitch with eagerness.

"Mmmm, these are what I need!" she purred. Tommy dropped to his knees as Keith gently pulled Donna onto all fours. She thrust her naked ass up and parted her knees as her son worked his cock into her cunt. Keith was on his knees, his prick pushing into her face. Donna hungrily swallowed it. Penetrated in her cunt by her son this time, with Keith's prick pushing into her throat, Donna closed her eyes as the ecstasy built in her body.

Tommy and Keith fucked her slowly, pushing their cocks in and out of her cunt and mouth gently so Donna could ripple with pleasure. She moaned softly with excitement as she took them both front and back. Her cunt clutched her son's cock and her mouth sucked at Keith's.

"Mom, your cunt is hot as ever." Tommy moaned, holding her hips.

"You give a good blow job, Donna," Keith sighed, his palms holding her cheeks as he gently pushed and pulled, his cock into her mouth. "You're the type of woman a man can't make up his mind about… I mean where to put his cock cunt or mouth. Both are fantastic."

Donna spread her knees a little more for her son to lunge his cock deep into her fiery cunt. She could feel Tommy's cock pulsating between the sensitive lips of her juicy, hairy pussy, and she could taste the hot throbs of Keith's cock in her mouth. Her tits were tight and swollen. Her nipples strained out with throbbing hardness.

When Keith and Tommy speeded up, she moaned hotly about the hard-on in her mouth. The more friction they applied, the greater the sensation in her cunt and on her lips and tongue. She waggled her tilted ass for her son, her arms starting to shake from ecstasy.

"We better let her lie down," Keith gasped.

Donna kept her mouth tight around the head of Keith's cock as they positioned her on her side. Tommy, behind her, pushed his cock into her cunt and lifted one leg, draping it over his shoulder. Keith could watch him fuck his mother, see his cock sliding in and out of her hairy, fiery pussy.

Keith sat down an the grass, and Donna was turned half sideways so she could suck on his thick cock. Bath Keith and Tommy could watch her now. Keith seeing Tommy's cock fucking her cunt and Tommy watching his mother sucking Keith's cock. The only problem in this position was that her long clit didn't rub and scrape on the shaft of her son's cock. But Tommy took care of that by sliding a hand over her hip and agitating his mother's clit with his fingers.

Donna accepted the thrusts of her son's cock into her cunt from behind while he rubbed and squeezed and pulled on her clitoris. She bobbed her mouth up and down on Keith's cock, sucking it with pleasure.

"Donna, you look gorgeous with Tommy's cock fucking your hot cunt!" Keith gasped.

"My mom is beautiful!" Tommy exclaimed. "My mom has the hottest ass, the juiciest cunt ever! Mom, I can watch you suck Keith's cock." She gave her son a smile, stroking Keith's cock with her fist, rubbing the dripping head against her cheeks. "Watch me suck his cock, baby, watch me suck him off… Keith, I want a nice hot load out of your hairy balls, okay?"

"You got it, Donna!" he replied with a sigh as she closed her mouth back over his cock, talcing it deep. "Fuck her cunt, Tommy! Let's both give her a hot load… up her cunt and down her throat!"

Tommy increased the speed of his cock, ramming it into his mother's cunt with juicy sounds.

Donna squealed, her mouth filled with Keith's cock. She clutched Keith's big, hairy balls in her hand, and sucked wildly. Keith was pumping in and out of her mouth, too, enhancing her pleasure. She felt his hot balls writhe in her palm, and she squeezed them, puffing just hard enough to make Keith pant with heat.

Tommy stared at his mother, watching her stretched lips slide up and down on Keith's hard cock. Seeing her sucking Keith's cock further inflamed his senses, and he began to fuck her faster.

Donna was thrilled by the buffeting of her body between her son and Keith. The sliding of the two cocks into her cunt and mouth made her shiver and tingle with erotic enjoyment. Her cunt was spread tightly around her son's cock while her lips clung to the hard meat of Keith's cock. Her long clit bulged outward from her pussy, and her son was manipulating it, rubbing and twisting and pulling it. Keith was squeezing her full, firm tits, rubbing her stiff nipples.

Donna mewled and made soft whimpering sounds of ecstasy, clutching Keith's hot balls as her son held one of her legs high in the air, her crotch spread open for his cock. The sensations were wild, and she feverishly ran her hand down her lifted thigh, pushing her son's hand away from her cunt. She closed her thumb and forefinger on her pulsating clitoris and began to jerk on it, jacking it as if it were a hard cock.

"Way to go, Donna!" Keith urged, pushing his cock into her throat. "Play with that hot cunt… that hairy pussy!"

"She's gonna help herself come!" Tommy panted, thrusting his cock vigorously in and out of his mother's gripping cunt. "She's gonna come hard!"

Donna vigorously pulled on her clitoris, straining her cunt against her son's cock hard, gulping down Keith's cock. Her body trembled, then went rigid. For a second, she was very stiff, then her hips jerked. Her cunt began squeezing her son's cock with contractions of orgasm, and a low, muffled groan came out past Keith's prick.

"Oh, shit!" Keith grunted. "Donna, your fucking mouth… you're going to… ahhh, take it, baby, take it!"

The hot gush of his thick come juice splashed out of his cock and into Donna's throat. The taste of it made her groan, and her orgasm increased with power, causing her cunt to grab hard around her son's cock.

"Mom!" Tommy bellowed, ramming his cock as far into her convulsing cunt as he could, his head lifting as he sent spurt after spurt of his come juice into her pussy.

Donna's mind spun with the sensations of having them both come into her cunt and mouth once again. She could hardly believe the strength of her own orgasms those rippling, steamy contractions that seemed to go on and on without easing off. She felt herself going weak.

She kept clinging to Keith's cock with her lips until it began to soften, then she let it go, resting her cheek on his thigh as he sat breathing hard. She felt her son's cock slip from her cunt.

When she felt Keith and her son move away, she rolled onto her back and stretched, arms above her head, legs spreading again. She grinned as she arched her back, her tits pushing high.

"Like I said before, you two guys sure know how to make a girl feel good," she purred.

Keith and Tommy grinned at each other proudly.

Donna rolled onto her stomach, resting her face on her crossed arms, feeling the hot sun on her naked ass and thighs. It felt good, and she could drift off to sleep right there.

"My mom is a good fuck, huh, Keith?"

"And not a bad cocksucker, either, Tommy," Keith replied. "You must be very happy with her."

"I've got the best Mom in the fucking world!" Tommy bragged.

"I believe you," Keith said as he got some change out of his discarded shorts and fed it into the soft-drink machine. "Want one, Tommy? How about you, Donna?"

Tommy accepted.

Donna wiggled her body sensuously. "I'd just like to take a nice nap right here, thank you."

"And let some riders catch you?" Tommy asked.

"No one has so far," she purred softly. She sat up, brushing at bits of grass on her body. "But you're right. I don't want any to see me this way, that's for sure."

"Except us, huh, Mom?"

"Right!" She grinned. She got to her feet and pulled her shorts on, then adjusted her T-shirt. "Keith, if you like to smell bicycle seats, I think you'd love to take a sniff of mine now."

"Oh, why?"

"Because I kept my shorts to one side." Keith, playing a comic, ran his tongue along her bicycle seat, then rolled his eyes about as if he was in heaven. "You're right. That is cunt I tasted there."

Feeling happy, Donna smashed her body against his as her lips pressed hard on his mouth, kissing him.

Tommy stood back, watching Keith squeeze his mother's ass. He smiled, rubbing at his crotch, thinking he was going to fuck his mother's asshole when they returned home.

"When will we see Judy again, Keith?" Tommy asked.

"Probably tomorrow," Keith said. "She only spends one day with her mother, and hates even that. She'll be home in the morning."

"Can I call you?" Tommy asked.

"Sure," Keith replied. "You don't have to ask me that."

Donna slammed her crotch hard against Keith's, then pulled away. "I think my son would like to do more than call her."

"I know," Keith grinned. "He's all Judy talks about."

Donna gave Keith a squeeze between his legs. "Judy wants it," Keith said. "You don't have any idea how hot that little girl is, Donna. There's nothing she won't try, or do, if she can. I thought she was the hottest girl in the world until you."

"Oh, I see." Donna smiled. "I'm hotter than your daughter?"

"You're both about the same." He grinned. "Tommy, give her call, and see what she wants to do with your cock."

"He will," Donna answered for her son, and then gave Keith her own number and address.


After dinner, Donna saw how anxious her son was to talk to Judy, and she felt herself becoming just as anxious. She had enjoyed their time at the rest stop on the bike trail that afternoon, and after talking to her son, she was delighted that he had, too.

"You're turning into a little voyeur," she teased.

"What's that?" he asked.

"You like to watch me fuck and suck."

He grinned. "I sure did, Mom, but only if I know I'm gonna get some pussy, too."

"We both like that, watching," she replied. "I'd love to see you stick your cock into Judy's young cunt. I bet she doesn't have any hair on her cunt, Tommy."

"I don't care, Mom. Cunt is cunt, and if it's hairy or not, I don't mind."

She hugged him against her naked tits. She smelled fresh from her bath and Tommy nuzzled into the smooth fullness, pressing his face between her tits as he caressed her satiny flesh with both hands. As his mother opened her thighs for him, he shoved his hand over her cunt, feeling it, then he pushed his finger back to her asshole.

"Oh, my!" Donna mewled. "Does that mean you want some ass, darling? I mean ass, as opposed to cunt?"

"Yeah, Mom!" he gasped between her tits as he rubbed at the crinkle of her tight, hot asshole.

"Mmmm, you know you've got it," she murmured and kissed the top of his head. "I wonder if Keith would enjoy that… fucking me in the ass, too?"

"Ask him," her son said, working his finger into her asshole.

Donna gurgled and scooted her ass over the edge of the couch, her legs parted widely so he could finger-fuck her asshole easily. The friction excited her, making her cunt seep and drip sweet juices over his finger. She wiggled her ass, making her asshole grip his finger, her hand pumping on his growing cock, feeling it become hard in her fist.

"How do you want me, honey?" she asked as his cock throbbed in her hand. "Want to turn over?"

Tommy slipped from the couch, standing between her legs without taking his finger from her asshole. Donna lifted her knees, holding them wide apart for him.

"My cunt, too, baby! Finger-fuck Mother in the cunt, too!"

Tommy started to take his finger out of her asshole.

"No, at the same time!" she moaned.

Tommy grinned, looking down at her widely spread crotch, seeing his finger darting in and out of her asshole. He pushed two fingers of his other hand into her juicy cunt, making her sob with ecstasy. As he fucked her in the cunt and asshole at the same time with his fingers, Donna arched and twisted with pleasure, eyes slitted with steamy desire as she watched her son.

Drawing her knees up, holding them spread open, she lifted her ass and pussy high. "Tommy, fuck my ass, baby! Please, fuck Mother in the ass now… and keep feeling my cunt that way, too!"

Tommy slipped his finger out of her asshole, pushing the head of his swollen cock to it. At the contact of his cock against her puckering asshole, Donna almost came. Tommy kept running his fingers in and out of her cunt, making wet sounds, then he pushed the smooth head of his cock past the ring of her fiery asshole.

"Ohhh, yes, Tommy!" Donna gasped. "Fill my ass… fill Mother's hot ass with hard cock!"

Tommy pushed his cock into her asshole slowly.

Donna whimpered as his cock pushed all the way into her asshole.

"Ahhhh, Tommy, fuck Mother right there!" she cried softly. "Fuck Mother up the ass! Ooooh, I love to feel your hard cock up my… asshole!"

Tommy began to pump his cock in and out of the tight ring of her asshole, his fingers plunging into her cunt juicily. Donna twisted and writhed her hips frantically, rapture swirling through her heated body.

And the telephone began to ring.

"Shit, shit, shit!" Donna gasped.

"Answer it, Mom," Tommy said, pausing, but with his cock pressed deep into her asshole. "Get rid of them so we can finish."

Donna almost dropped the phone as she picked it up angrily.

"Fuck off!" she yelled into the phone. "Oh, it's you, Keith. I didn't mean that."

"Sounds like you're occupied?" Keith laughed.

"Occupied?" Donna asked, her mind still swimming with the sensation of her son's throbbing cock stuffed into her asshole. "Oh, yes! I'm occupied, Keith! I'm occupied very nicely."

"Sounds like it," Keith said.

"Tommy is occupying my ass!" she panted, her asshole squeezing her son's cock to let him know to keep fucking her.

"Oh, I see. You mean he's fucking you in your pretty ass, Donna?"

"Is it ever!" Donna said, then she turned to her son. "Fuck my ass deep, Tommy! Ram Mother's hot asshole!"

Grinning, Tommy banged in and out as his mother cried out with passion, the sound carrying to Keith's ear.

"You sound like you love it, Donna?"

"I do! I do love it!" she sobbed into the phone. "His cock is ramming hard and fast up my asshole, and his fingers are rammed into my cunt and he's going to make me come and I'm about to Tommy, fuck me faster!"

Donna screamed as her son pounded his cock and fingers into her cunt and asshole. Tommy was lunging hard into her asshole, his balls tight and burning.

"Mom, I'm gonna come!"

"Come in my ass!" Donna screamed, making Keith let out a whoop of encouragement into her ear. "Shoot that hot, sweet come juice up Mother's fucking hot asshole, Tommy! Give it to me baby! Give Mother's asshole all you've got!"

Tommy's cock spurted.

"Tommy!" Donna screamed, her cunt lurching into orgasm.

She pulled her knees up against her shoulders, almost losing her grip on the telephone.

As her orgasm faded, and Tommy's cock softened inside her asshole, she smiled. "Keith, Tommy just filled my ass with the biggest load of come juice. I wish I had your cock in my cunt at the same time, filling it up, too."

"We could arrange it," Keith said.

"That would be very nice," Donna purred. "Keith, what's that sound I hear?"

"Don't you know the sounds of a guy getting a blow job by now, Donna?" he answered with a panting breath. "You're hearing Judy sucking on my cock."

"Judy? But I thought she was with her mother?"

"She came back early."

"Let us listen to her suck you, Keith."

Tommy leaned aver so he could hear with his mother, and the wet sounds of Judy's young mouth and tongue on her father's cock came through the phone loud and clear.

"Hi, Tommy! Can you hear me sucking Daddy's cock? It's so hard and big and hot… I like to lick his big cock and balls, especially when he comes. I like that best of all. Tommy, wanna come in my mouth, too?"

Tommy gasped.

There was a heavy grunt, then slurping sounds as Judy let out a squeal. The slurping sounds turned to a wet gurgling noise.

"He's coming in her mouth now!" Donna said, her voice thick.

The wet sounds ended.

"Daddy almost choked me, he came so fucking much." There was a shy little giggle. "But I sure like it when he does that. Here's Daddy again."

"Well, did you hear it?" Keith said. "We sure as hell did!" Donna purred. "Hey, I've got an idea. Why don't you and Tommy drive over and we can all go skinny dipping in the pool."

"Oh, just skinny-dip?" Donna teased. "We might think of something else to do."

"Mmmmm, I can think of a number of things," Donna said softly as she watched her son jerking his head up and down. "My son seems to agree with me."

"What are you waiting for?" Keith laughed.

"We're on our way," Donna replied, then hung up.

Tommy was already searching for his cut-offs and sneakers. Donna went to her room, starting to take her bikini out, then left it. She pulled on panties, a short skirt and a T-shirt, then joined her son as he waited in the living room. On the drive over, which was short, Tommy squirmed about, urging his mother to go faster.

"Anxious, aren't you?" she teased, taking pleasure in his urgency.

"I'm gonna see Judy naked, Mom, really naked. I'm gonna see her cunt and her ass and her titties."

Keith's house was lit up, with lights indicating the turn into the driveway. Donna pulled in behind his expensive car and turned off the headlights.

As they stepped from the car, Keith opened the front door, wearing what appeared to be swimming trunks, but as they came closer, she saw they were blue jockey shorts. She gave him an appreciative grin, cupping his cock and balls in greeting. She found them wet.

"We started early." Keith smiled, putting his arm around her waist and kissing her. "Ready, Tommy?"

Tommy, eyes bright, swallowed and nodded.

"Judy is in the pool," he said, then to Donna. "Care for a drink?"

"No, but you might offer me something else." She grinned, reaching far his crotch again.

Keith laughed and pushed his crotch to her hand. "That you can have anytime."

They followed Tommy, who was following the sounds of splashing, through the house. The patio was large and well lit. Comfortable patio furniture was placed near the pool. Swimming back and forth in the blue-tinted water was Judy. Tommy stood near the edge of the pool, looking at Judy's body with open desire, his cock pushing at the front of his cut-offs.

Behind him, Keith and Donna stood with arms about each other's waist, watching them.

Judy saw them and swam to the deck, looking up at Tommy, her eyes shining, her moist lips parted in a pleased smile. She saw the bulge in his cut-offs, and she pulled herself from the pool, sitting on the edge with her feet in the water, still looking at his cock pushing outward. All she had on was a pair of skimpy panties, and they were soaked, making them look transparent. She swung her slim legs back and forth as Tommy looked down at her. He saw her nipples, so sweetly pink and stiff, with small mounds of exquisite flesh.

"Mom, Judy has titties!" he blurted out.

"They're small, Tommy," Keith said, "but fun to play with and taste."

Tommy squatted at Judy's side, who sat shyly with her hands in her lap, watching him. The head of his cock pushed from his cut-offs, and Judy giggled, lifting one hand to cover her mouth.

"Can I touch them, Judy?" Tommy asked. Judy nodded, pushing her hand to the head of his exposed cock. She felt his prick while Tommy gave her small tits a gentle squeeze, then he twisted her pink nipples; Keith and Donna watched them, both becoming excited, too.

Judy stood up, her feet parted slightly, and Tommy stared at her crotch. He could see the pink slit of her cunt through the wet panties, and he began to tremble with desire. He looked up at Judy's face, then down at her pantied cunt again. This time he didn't ask if he could touch her, but ran his fingertips over her hot little cunt.

Judy giggled and pushed her hips forward, glancing at her father and Tommy's mother.

Donna had shoved her hand into Keith's shorts, squeezing his big cock as he lifted her skirt from behind and fondled her ass. Keith removed her skirt, leaving her dressed in a T-shirt and panties. Donna gave him a quick smile, then dove into the pool, followed by Keith. They made a couple of laps across the pool, then climbed out.

Judy and Tommy were eagerly feeling each other up, with Judy's panties dragged to her knees. She had a grip on Tommy's cock, pumping it and making squealing sounds. Tommy was working a finger into her tight cunt, making her wiggle her cute ass.

"I'd say they want to do more than skinnydip," Donna said, standing near the pool, with Keith seeing her tits show through the wet T-shirt, the triangle of her cunt hair revealed by her soaked panties. "Has Judy been fucked, Keith?"

Keith held up his middle finger. "Only with this. It's time she felt a hard cock up her little cunt, I'd say."

"Then you're going to let them fuck?"

"That's up to Judy, not me," he said. "Just because she sucks me off all the time doesn't mean I tell her who to fuck, Donna."

"Bullshit!" Donna grinned. "You've never let anyone fuck her yet."

"Tommy is different," Keith replied. "And so are you."

"How so?"

He placed his hands on her hips, slowly pushing her wet panties down. "Because you're my kind of woman, and Tommy is my kind of guy. I think we can all enjoy this together. Who knows where it might lead?"

"Yes, who knows," Donna purred and pushed his jockey shorts down, his cock lurching up, thick and hard. "But I know where I want to lead this beautiful hard-on right now… up my cunt!"

"You got it, beautiful!" Keith laughed, edging her to a patio chair.

He turned and sat down, spreading Donna's thighs over his knees, puffing her forward by her hips.

Judy and Tommy, gripping each other, watched as Donna's ass hovered above the swollen head of Keith's cock. Both were shaking with eagerness, eyes hot and wide.

"Daddy's gonna' stick his cock in her cunt!" Judy giggled. "I wanna see that! I never watched him fuck any one before."

She pulled Tommy's cock, making him come closer to her father and his mother. They both squatted at Keith's feet and watched the head of his cock slide into Donna's cunt, spreading the wet pinkness wide.

Donna pushed her pussy down, holding her breath. She clung to Keith's shoulders as his thick cock stretched her cunt, then her cunt was smashed onto the base. Keith cupped her ass in both hands, digging into the satiny flesh. His balls dangled, big and hairy. Judy grabbed her father's balls in her hot little hand, squeezing them enough to make her father grunt.

"Ooooh, it sure goes deep!" Judy said, seeing Donna lift her pretty ass, her cunt dragging up on her father's cock. "Look at how her pussy opens up, Tommy!"

Donna couldn't maintain a slow-motion fuck. She began to ram her ass up and down, banging her swollen pussy lips and long, throbbing clit against his cock, gasping hotly. Her cunt made juicy sounds as she rode up and down. Judy clung to her father's balls and she and Tommy leaned close to watch.

"Fuck his cock, Mom!" Tommy urged, sliding his hand underneath Judy's squatting ass and slipping his middle finger into the girl's fiery cunt. "Fuck him off, Mom!"

Donna bounced up and down, making soft sounds of ecstasy, sliding her long, throbbing clit over the shaft of Keith's thick, hard prick. The juicy slaps of her cunt against the base of his cock excited her, as did the fact that her son and Keith's daughter were watching, their faces close to her squirming, bouncing, naked ass.

With a squeal, she smashed her cunt down onto Keith's cock, grinding frantically.

"I'm coming, Keith!" she cried out hotly. "Ohhh, my cunt… my cunt is ahhhh, squirt that sweet juice up my pussy!"

Keith's cock, squirted at the base by her fiery, hairy pussy, sent spurt after hot spurt of juice up Donna's cunt.


Donna slipped off Keith's lap, breathing heavily. She lowered herself to the patio flooring, her legs crossed, cunt dripping his juices. Tommy stroked her tits as she calmed, but both Donna and he were watching Judy.

Judy had pushed her face between her father's thighs and was lapping hungrily at his balls, her pink tongue swirling and swishing, licking away the juices on them, the juice of her father's cock and Donna's cunt. Her small ass twisted as she moaned softly, pushing her face tight into her father's crotch, running her small hand up and down his still wet and slippery cock.

"Lick it up, honey," Keith said, running his fingers through her hair, his legs spread wide apart. "Lick the juice off my balls, baby."

"Mmmm, Daddy!" Judy moaned, licking his hairy balls in a quick burst of frenzied motion.

She pressed his wet cock to her face, then lapped up and down the shaft to the head, swirling the tip of her tongue over his seeping piss hole, swallowing the liquids greedily.

"Mmmm, Daddy, Daddy… your cock tastes so fucking good this way!"

"It's been in Donna's cunt, baby."

"I know," Judy whispered softly, lapping her tongue around and around her father's prick. "It's sweet, so very sweet."

Donna couldn't resist touching the little girl's twitching ass. She ran her hand over Judy's curvy, tight ass, the backs of her satiny thighs, up to her ass once again. She squeezed the cheeks, getting a flashing grin from Judy as the girl closed her mouth about the head of her father's cock.

As she sucked at his piss-hole, Judy held his balls up against her chin. Donna slipped a finger between Judy's thighs and rubbed at her hairless, but swollen cunt.

"I wanna feel her up, Mom," Tommy said, removing his mother's hand and pushing his own there. He pushed a finger into the wet tightness, fucking it in and out, making Judy wiggle her cute ass vigorously as she sucked at her father's prick.

"Judy," Donna said softly, "there's plenty of come juice in my cunt."

Judy jerked her mouth off her father's cock, and her eyes burned in a glazed way as she watched Donna lean back, spreading her knees and lifting her cunt upward. She saw the glistening wetness of Donna's hairy cunt, the juice of her father's balls seeping slowly from the slit. She glanced once at her father, then shoved her face between Donna's hot thighs, and began to make wet sounds as she licked up and down the slit.

"Judy has been wanting to suck a cunt," Keith explained. "You're the first for her, Donna."

Donna writhed. "And she's sucking it as good as Tommy does, too. Judy, if you keep it up, keep pushing your tongue inside my pussy, or suck on my long clitoris, you'll have me coming off pretty fast!"

Eagerly, Judy closed her lips on Donna's long clit, and she began to suck it vigorously, her hands cupping Donna's naked ass. Donna arched her cunt high, balanced on her hands and feet, humping against Judy's young mouth.

Judy was on her knees, leaning into Donna's cunt, and Tommy knelt behind her, feeling her sweet ass and fiery little cunt with both hands. He watched the puckering of her pink asshole, and he rubbed at it, too, making Judy gurgle into his mother's cunt.

With a soft yelp, Donna strained her cunt into Judy's face, those hot little lips sucking very hard on her throbbing clitoris. "Judy, oh baby… that's it! Ahhh, now, Judy! Ooooh, feel it… feel my cunt coming!"

Her long cunt throbbed like a small cock between Judy's lips, and Judy sucked very hard. As Donna's contration slowed, she dipped her tongue down and stabbed it in and out of Donna's hairy cunt a few times. When she lifted her face, it was coated with glistening wetness, and her eyes flashed with impish delight. She wiped daintily at her puffy lips, then grinned proudly.

Tommy's cock was rigid from all he had seen and touched. It stood up in throbbing hardness, his young balls full and tight.

Judy grasped his cock and pumped it vigorously, her eyes glassy as she watched a bead or two of juice form on his piss-hole. Tommy stood up, and Judy turned to face him, sitting on her heels.

"I think Tommy wants you to suck his cock, Judy," Keith said, grinning at his daughter.

Judy, with an eager squeal, opened her mouth and sucked Tommy's hot, hard cock, her hands sliding up his legs to hold his ass. Her pretty face bobbed back and forth, her lips sliding wetly on the hard shaft of Tommy's cock.

Tommy moaned in pleasure, holding Judy's head in his hands.

"You can fuck her mouth," Keith said. "But not very fast."

Tommy worked his cock back and forth, meeting the thrust of Judy's sweet mouth. Judy whimpered and squeezed his ass, jerking his cock to the back of her throat. Her suction was strong very strong.

Judy pulled her mouth off his cock, pressing it against her cheek as she looked at her father, her eyes smoldering dreamily.

"Daddy, I wanna fuck it," she said. "I wanna feel Tommy's cock in my cunt. Can I fuck him, Daddy? You said I could, remember?"

"I remember, honey," her father replied. "Well, Donna, what do you say?"

"Judy's your daughter," Donna said. "I don't mind Tommy fucking her, but that's up to you, Keith."

Keith looked at his anxious daughter. He gave her a nod.

With giggling delight, Judy flung herself onto her back on the patio, spreading her long, slender legs as wide apart as she could, her tender, virgin cunt looking vulnerable, the slit puffy, her small cunt bulging.

Donna smiled. "Tommy, be gentle with her. She has no experience, honey."

"Sure she does," Keith said. "With her mouth, maybe, but she sure has experience."

"I meant her cunt," Donna said as she watched Tommy rubbing the swollen head of his cock along the fiery slit of Judy's succulent cunt.

"I have a hunch Judy won't let him be gentle." Keith grinned.

"Put it in, Tommy!" Judy urged, already grinding her hips. "You won't hurt me! Daddy has his fingers and tongue up there all the time. Come on, push your cock in my cunt!"

Tommy placed the head of his cock against the tight slit of her pussy, then pushed forward.

Judy held her breath, her eyes rolling upward as she felt the pressure against her cunt. She held her hips still, feeling Tommy exert more pressure.

"Now, Tommy!" she squealed, then lunged her ass upward.

Her cunt stretched around the head of his cock. With another squeal, Judy pushed her cunt over the shaft as Tommy stood on his knees, looking down. Keith and Donna saw how Judy's young, pink pussy swallowed Tommy's cock.

"Hold my hips!" Judy moaned, already bouncing.

Tommy gripped her hips and began to fuck at her as Judy swung her cunt up and down in a frenzy.

"Look at that, would you?" Donna gasped, her hand sliding to Keith's cock and balls. "Isn't that lovely? See how her little cunt takes his cock right in?"

"I wish my cock would go right in her little cunt," Keith said, lowering to his knees as he watched Tommy fucking his daughter. "I've tried to get my cock in there, but she's still too small."

"You will," Donna said as she parted her legs for his mouth. "You'll be fucking her soon, Keith."

As she swung her little ass about with ecstasy, riding her cunt on Tommy's cock, Judy saw her father leaning into Donna's pussy. She grabbed his hairy balls, twisting them while he licked at Donna's cunt. Donna draped a leg over Keith's shoulder, watching her son's cock sliding into Judy's very receptive, young pussy.

"Ooooh, Daddy's getting a hard-on again!" Judy exclaimed, pumping on his cock as Tommy banged into her cunt. "Daddy is getting a big hard-on!"

Tommy could see Judy jacking her father's cock. He dug his hands into her small, swinging hips and rammed his cock hard and deep into the fiery grip of her sweet cunt. He could see Keith's tongue lapping at his mother's hairy slit, hear the wet sounds, see his mother's ecstatic expression as she watched him fuck Judy.

"Fuck me, Tommy!" Judy sobbed. "Oh, I love a big hard-on in my cunt, fucking me! It feels so good… as good as Daddy's tongue! Are you gonna come in my pussy, Tommy? I wanna feel it come in my cunt! Daddy comes all over my cunt, but not in me."

"He will, Judy!" Donna whimpered, feeling Keith sucking hard at her long clit. "He'll get his big cock in your tight little cunt and fuck it and come in it, too. He will, I know he will!"

Tommy's eyes were glazed, his body shaking as Judy's tight cunt seemed to become tighter and hotter around his cock.

"Judy, you're gonna make me come!"

"Ooooh, I wanna make you come!" Judy responded breathlessly, jacking her father's cock faster. "I wanna make you come in my cunt and make my Daddy come, too!"

Donna screamed as her cunt convulsed against Keith's mouth. She pressed at the back of his head as she ground hard at his mouth, coming in strong waves of intense pleasure.

Tommy thrust his cock faster and faster, feeling the flexing suction of Judy's cunt as she burst into orgasm. He gritted his teeth and rammed his cock as deep as he could into her contracting pussy, then he sprayed hot come… juice along the velvety walls of her pussy.

Keith, with a grunt, pulled his face out of Donna's hairy cunt, turning on his knees. "Judy, you're going to make me come, baby!"

Donna dropped to her knees and began to lick at the come juice on Judy's face, their tongues meeting and swirling together.

Keith and Tommy watched them.

"Well, Tommy." Keith grinned. "I'd say we now have two hot cunts on our hands. What are we going to do with them?"

"Fuck us!" Judy exclaimed.

Donna smiled. "You don't have to go around smelling bicycle seats anymore, Keith."

"But I like to smell bicycle seats, yours and Judy's!"

"Then you can smell them," Donna said, while Judy nodded in agreement. "But you two will be busy enough smelling these two cunts fucking them, sucking them."

"What do we get in return, Mom?"

"That depends on how well you fuck and suck us." Donna grinned.