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Peeking on the family

Kathy Andrews

Kathy Andrews

Peeking on the family


Cock. Cunt. Fucking.

The words tumbled through Honey King's mind like a roaring fire as she moved slowly along the sidewalk. Her eyes moved constantly, searching for that one window with a light in it.

This desire to watch someone fucking was so powerful in her she could not resist the urge to go out each night, hoping desperately to see it. She did not know when this desire first came to her, built it finally burned so hotly that it became all consuming.

Last night she had found one young boy jacking off.

The boy had been on his bed, stark naked, when she peeked into the window. He had been gazing at the centerfold of a magazine, a picture of a naked, lovely woman. He jacked off furiously. He had been lying on the bed facing the window, and Honey had seen his lovely cock and sweet balls clearly. She had watched him as his fist pumped faster and faster, then all that pearl-white come juice had gushed from his piss hole, splashing on the sheets of his bed. The boy then did something that surprised and excited her tremendously. He had licked up his come juice.

Later, she watched a girl who had not been all that pretty, but was still attractive in a sexual way. She had overly large titties that were tipped by long brown nipples. She had been slightly chubby, and with one of the thickest patches of cunt hair imaginable.

Honey had squatted near the window and watched this girl undress. The girl had undressed as if she were a stripper on a stage, humming to herself. She had paused, still wearing panties, her hips arched forward. Her mouth moved as if she was speaking, but the window was closed and Honey could not hear any words.

The girl had peeled away the crotch of her panties and did an awkward bump and grind, her expression lewd. The she had removed her panties and sat on the edge of her bed, knees wide, and began to finger-fuck herself almost violently.

Honey had watched her own cunt throbbing sweetly, as the girl used both hands. She fucked herself with a finger and rubbed at her clitoris with another. When the girl came, her body had shuddered as if she had had a very fantastic orgasm.

And after that, Honey spied on two teenagers in a living room. After much heavy kissing and hugging, they finally gin down to the nitty-gritty as Honey peeked in at them. The boy's cock was nice and long, with a lovely smooth head, dripping with excitement. The girl had opened his pants and jacked him while he fingered her pussy beneath her skirt. But just as they were getting ready to fuck, a car had pulled into the driveway, frightening them and Honey. Although she was concealed between the window and a thick bush, she had squatted there trembling until she had the chance to slip away quietly.

Tonight, moving slowly along the darkened sidewalk, she moved her eyes from house to house. It was almost midnight now, and if she didn't see something soon she would have to go back to her apartment.

Oh, fuck! she thought. Sweet, sweet fucking. Beautiful hard cock. Fucking sweet wet cunt!

Then she came to the house where, she had seen the young boy jacking off. She paused just out of the light of a street lamp, looking at the house. It was dark. On impulse she moved quietly into the drive way and down the side of the house to the boy's bedroom. But it, too, was dark. Disappointed, she started to turn away and leave, but a glimmer of light in the back yard caught her eye. There was a small wooden gate that she had to pass through. Holding her breath, she opened it and stepped into the yard. The light was coming from sliding glass doors, splashing onto a concrete patio. There were lounge chairs and two round tables with umbrellas in the center of the patio.

At the edge of the sliding doors was a huge bush, and she managed to creep between it and the house. The drapes had been pulled open, and she peered into a family room. A man and woman were sitting there, close to each other. They must be the boy's parents, she thought.

The husband had his arm around his wife's shoulders, and his hand was cupping a round, shapely tit. Honey's breath was hot as she watched, hoping they would fuck she squatted on her heels as she watched them. As the wife turned her face up for his kiss, Honey saw her hand slip between the man's thighs…

He spread his knees, and the woman cupped his cock and balls. Honey almost grunted with pleasure.

The night was warm, and the sliding glass door was open, and Honey could hear them, their words soft but clear. Her cunt began to throb when she heard the wife say: "You're getting a hard-on, darling."

The man grinned and shoved his hand into his wife's blouse. But that was not enough for his wife. She quickly removed her blouse, then her bra. Honey looked at the woman's beautiful titties. They were creamy smooth with luscious brown nipples, nipples that looked hard.

"Suck them," she heard the woman say. "Suck on my tits, darling."

Honey's hand moved between her thighs, and she wished she had worn a dress or skirt this night. Instead, she had chosen to wear a pair of stretch pants. She rubbed her covered cunt with her fingers, her eyes wide and hot as she watched the couple. Take his fucking cock out she screamed in her mind. Go on take his big hard cock out! Let me see his cock, damn you!

The man leaned down and sucked a rubbery nipple into his mouth. The woman opened her husband's pants.

"Oh, God!" Honey whimpered very softly. The man's cock was out, very hard, with a lovely swollen head that made Honey lick her lips hungrily.

The woman began to jack up and down her husband's throbbing prick with tight fingers as he sucked on her nipple.

Don't jack him off, please! Honey's mind begged. Put it in your cunt, damn you! Fuck him, please! Ohhh let me see you fuck him!

Honey watched the man's hand slip under his wife's skirt, shoving it past those long, creamy thighs. Honey saw the woman's panties, lacy and sheer. Honey's tits, round and firm and enticingly shaped, began to swell nicely. Her nipples tingled and her cunt bubbled as she pressed her hand against it.

Suddenly, the woman stripped her skirt from her body and stood before her husband in her panties. Her back was to Honey, and Honey gazed at the sheer beauty of the woman's round, tight ass. The man slipped his hands around his wife's hips and clutched an ass check in each hand. Honey shivered in delight as she watched him pull his wife's crotch toward his face.

Ohh, eat her! she yelled in her mind. Eat her fucking snatch! Go on, you bastard lick her cunt!

Honey was bubbling hotly as the man pulled his wife's crotch toward his face. The woman spread her feet and shoved her pantied cunt directly at her husband's mouth.

"Mmmmm!" she heard the woman whimper. "Ohhh, eat me, darling! Lick my pussy, honey!"

Honey was shaking with pleasure as she watched them, her hand shoved hard against her burning pussy. She squatted with her knees wide, her body trembling, eyes blazing with pleasure. She knew she would come tonight.

The man's hands began peeling his wife's panties down, and Honey stared at the creamy cheeks as they were exposed. It was a lovely ass, she thought. Probably one of the loveliest asses she had ever seen. The cheeks were full, round, smooth. Between the woman's legs she could see the man's cock erecting from his opened pants. When he started licking his wife's cunt, she saw his chin.

Then the woman drew away and dropped to her knees. Honey's breath was searing now as she saw the woman run her tongue up and down her husband's long cock. Her own tongue ran about her lips again. When the woman ovaled her lips and sucked the head of that large cock between them, Honey's mouth opened too. Her cunt was now going through a series of small, but very delicious orgasms.

"Cock sucker!" she heard the husband hiss down at his wife's bobbing head. "Fuck hot cocksucker! Suck it for me, Janet! Suck my fucking cock!"

In Honey's mind, she was urging the woman to suck that large cock, too. Eat him up! Take it all in your cocksucking mouth, you bitch! Make his cock come off in your fucking mouth!

But the woman named Janet had other ideas.

As Honey watched them through the glass door, Janet pulled up from his cock and straddled his legs. Honey stared hotly as the woman took his cock and lowered her pussy to it. She sighed hotly as that large cock was sucked into the woman's cunt. The man clutched at those naked, round ass cheeks as his wife began to bounce up and down, fucking him.

Honey was gasping softly as she watched, her hand running swiftly along the crotch of her stretch pants. The woman's ass bounced up and down, her cheeks flexing, and she listened to the coos and mews of intense pleasure. The man clawed at his wife's ass, pulling her ass cheeks apart, squeezing them together. Now and then Honey saw the woman's tight asshole, as if it were winking an invitation at her. The only thing missing, to Honey, was the fact that man still had his pants on. She wanted to see his balls, watch them press at his wife's round, hot ass as she fucked up and down on his cock.

There was hardly a thought in Honey's burning mind now. All her attention was on that bouncing, naked ass, the hard cock now glistening wetly in the light. She could even hear the soft, liquid sounds of their fucking, sounds that thrilled her, made her cunt bubble.

The man suddenly arched his cock up, deep into the woman's cunt. She heard him grunt, and saw the woman's ass shake. They were coming, she knew.

"Ohhh!" Honey mewled.

Suddenly the woman jerked free of her husband's cock, looking over her shoulder. The man, too, was looking past his wife's body. They were looking directly at Honey.

Startled, frightened of being caught, Honey quickly stood up and began running for the wooden gate. She was out of the yard and racing down the sidewalk, her honey-blonde hair flying behind her. She did not look back to see if she were being chased. All she wanted was to get away. She had never been caught at this before, and she always had that fear in the back of her mind.


Securely inside her apartment, Honey stood with her back against the locked door, breathing from the efforts of running. Her heart pounded hard as she struggled to bring herself under control.

A half hour later, she was stripped and in the tub.

Honey was twenty years old. She had been living alone since she had been eighteen, without a relative in the world. She was an orphan, her parents killed in an auto accident when she was eighteen.

She was fortunate in one respect. They had left her plenty of money and a huge old house that she didn't need. She could live for years without working. Perhaps that was part of it, she often thought. She really had nothing to occupy her mind, except the erotic thoughts that were always with her.

Not wanting to live in the big house alone, she had taken a one-bedroom apartment. The house was set on five acres of wooded land, almost isolated. It wasn't that she was afraid to be alone there, it was because she wanted to be around other people. Besides, she would have to drive the few miles into town when she could not control this overwhelming urge to look into bedroom windows.

Honey loved looking at people fucking or sucking each other. It was a tremendous excitement to her. Not that she did not enjoy participating in sex herself – she most certainly did. But somehow the routine of dating some awkward boy or man who made bumbling passes at her was not what she really wanted. In one way she wasn't sure what she wanted from them. All she knew as that she did not want the routine sex, the quick fucking in the back seat of a car. She wanted her sex to be wilder, more wanton, more… more exciting.

Honey seldom allowed herself to give deep thought to what it was she wanted. A few times she had allowed herself to delve into that dark corner of her mind, and all it had done was drive her almost crazy with desire.

Like now, sitting in the hot tub of water.

She relived what she had seen, and her hand caressed her thighs. Her mind turned from the man and woman she had been fucking, and she began to imagine herself being gang fucked. She struggled, in her mind against it. She didn't want the faceless men to fuck her one after the other, but her body was crying out for it. She did not want this degradation of being stripped naked, legs pulled wide apart, with cock after cock penetrating her boiling cunt, each one gushing, until her cunt was flowing with delicious, sticky come juice.

Honey quickly got out of the tub, dripping water on the floor. She went into the bedroom and began searching for the rubber cock. Her drapes were wide open, as always. But her apartment was on the second floor, and no one could see in. Yet, Honey loved to imagine someone out there watching her.

Finding the rubber cock, she sprawled back on her bed, not caring that her naked body was still dripping wet. She spread her legs wide and plunged the rubber cock into her steaming cunt.

At the foot of her bed was a huge, wall to floor mirror. She could pull a pillow underneath her head and watch the things she did to herself, pretending it was someone else.

Her reflection stared back at her.

Honey's face was sweet and innocent looking, smooth and unblemished. She did not look twenty years old, but more like fourteen or fifteen. Her honey-blonde hair was long and silky, framing huge blue eyes that burned hotly with her inner desires. Her mouth was small, with well-formed lips set in a somewhat petulant cast. Her lips were very sensitive.

She had sweet, firm, flawlessly shaped titties, topped with delicious pink nipples. Even when she was sprawled on her back, as she was now, her titties stood up. Her waist was small, her stomach flat with a dimpled belly button.

Honey's legs and thighs were slender, smooth and very well formed. Her ass swelled out sweetly, the cheeks as smooth as a baby's. Her body was a golden tan, except where a small halter concealed her titties and cunt from the sun.

Between her inviting thighs was a golden mound of thick, curly hair, a perfect triangle of silkiness that flowed along each lip of her puffy cunt and disappeared into the crack of her ass.

Right now, she could see the rubber cock going halfway up her wet, hot cunt, stretching those puffy lips so nicely.

With her honey-blonde hair fanned around her pretty face, her blue eyes glassy with steaming desire, she watched the rubber cock move in and out of her cunt. If only it was a real cock, like the one she had seen over an hour ago.

Hot fucking cunt, she said to herself silently.

Hot ass cunt! Fuck it, you damned old rubber cock! Fuck my hot cunt damn you!

Honey wiggled her naked ass as the delicious sensations began to flow like lava through her. She held the rubber cock with both hands, her eyes staring at her reflection, watching hotly as she fucked herself. She could not get all the rubber cock up her cunt because it was too long. When she had first sent for it through a mail-order house, and then saw it, she wasn't sure it would fit in her pussy. It was very thick, but on her first try, she had managed to shove it in.

Now the rubber cock was moving in and out of her boiling cunt swiftly, and she was panting heavily. She felt a tremendous orgasm ready to blow apart inside her pussy. The rubber cock went faster and faster, and then Honey gave out a long, loud squeal as she came. Her eye closed tightly as her cunt gripped the rubber cock, flexing on it tightly.

When she opened her eyes, the cock was still buried up her cunt. With a soft giggle, she got to her feet, the cock still there in place. She found it awkward to walk, but she went back into the bathroom with the rubber cock shoved up her pussy. There, Honey pulled it out and lifted it. The hard rubber glistened wetly. Watching herself in the mirror, Honey began to lick at the wet rubber, running her tongue over it and tasting the juices of her cunt. Finally she opened her mouth wide and took the well-formed rubber cock-head between her lips. She watched as her lips spread, then she began to move the cock in and out of her mouth. She imagined it to be a real cock, and she sucked at it with her mind going back to the gang fucking.

Honey imagined herself being fucked by a cock and forced to suck another, and suddenly she came again. Her legs turned to water and she slipped down until she was sitting on the floor of the bathroom. The cock was still in her mouth.

After a long time she put the rubber cock back in the drawer of the nightstand next to her bed.

The night was very warm, and she curled up on her bed. She drew her knees up to her sweet titties and cupped a hand between her thighs, holding her cunt. She closed her eyes after turning off the light and tried to blot out the tormenting images of hard, thick cocks, all of them trying to get into her cunt and mouth at the same time.

When morning came, she found it was almost ten o'clock when she woke up. Naked, she went about preparing herself a light breakfast. Honey loved to be naked in her small apartment, with the idea in her mind that someone was peeking at her. She had wanted a downstairs apartment for that very reason, but the upper one was all that had been available at the time.

Not only did Honey love to watch other people, but she burned with the desire to be seen, too. Honey knew she was an exhibitionist long before she became aware of wanting to look.

Ever since junior high school, she had been showing her body off to anyone brave enough to peek at her. She would sit in such a way that men could peek up her dresses, and she would always dress in a manner so that was possible.

Honey was all woman enjoying, the feminine sensation of not only looking like a lady but her actions showed she was a lady, too. No one, looking at her, would suspect the all-consuming fires that burned so hotly within her body and mind.

After breakfast, she washed the dishes and wondered what she would do with herself during the long day. She could not go peeking in windows in daylight, because she would surely be caught. She could hardly wait for darkness to arrive, anticipating the excitement of catching someone fucking or sucking. Sometimes she would go to the park and peer at the bushes, hoping to see some teenagers fucking.

So far she had no luck.

She finally dressed in a pleated skirt and snow-white blouse. After a moment's thought, she removed her bra and looked at herself in the mirror. Her pink nipples protruded against the thin blouse, and the faint shadow of them could be seen. She took her purse and hung the strap over her shoulder, then left her apartment.

With her honey-blonde hair bouncing about her shoulders, she walked the short distance to the park, her pleated skirt swinging and molding to her fine, long thighs.

Entering the park, she strolled about slowly, disappointed that there was hardly anyone there. Of course it was the middle of the week, and the men would be working. But she felt there should be some teenagers there. However, there were only a few and they had a football game going. Now and then she passed a pretty teenage girl.

Walking off the gravel path onto the grass, Honey sat beneath a tree, leaning against the trunk. She closed her eyes and began with her favorite pastime – thinking of sex.

She pulled her knees up to her titties, resting her chin on her knees. She allowed her erotic thoughts to flow freely, and felt her cunt starting to throb. It was such a delicious feeling as she sat there. Her clitoris swelled inside her panties, and she knew she was getting wet.

She felt as if she were being looked at. She opened her eyes. About twenty feet away was a young boy sprawled on his stomach, his chin propped in his hands, looking right at her. With a flush on her pretty face, Honey knew where he was looking. Her pleated skirt had fallen back on her uplifted thighs, and the boy could, she very well knew, see her thighs and very likely the crotch of her panties. A sudden stab of pleasure went through her. Again she placed her cheek on her knees, not letting the boy know she had caught him looking. She remained in that position, letting the boy look all he wanted. Then something came to her. The boy had looked vaguely familiar to her.

Honey looked at him, trying to place the boy. Then it came to her with sudden clarity. He was the boy she had seen jacking off with the centerfold picture. He lived in the house where she had watched his parents fucking.

For a moment she giggled to herself, then amusement turned into excitement as her erotic imagination took over. With the boy gazing steadily at her, Honey shifted her legs, wanting him to have a good look.

The boy was now pretending disinterest, but she saw the slit of his eyes watching her. Honey now made certain he could peek up her dress. Her thighs were half exposed, and the crotch of her panties was obviously seen by him now. Just as the boy was doing, Honey pretended she was unaware of what he could see. She could see his ass moving slightly, and in her mind she saw his cock, throbbingly hard, grinding against the grass.

Just as things were becoming interesting to her, a little girl came up to the boy. The boy reluctantly got to his feet. Honey noticed immediately the bulge in his pants. The boy whispered something to the girl and Honey saw them both glance at her. The girl giggled as she took the boy's hand.

Honey watched them leave. The girl was very pretty, with auburn hair tied in a ponytail. She was wearing a sunsuit and she had long, slender thighs sweetly tanned.

Sighing, Honey got up and left the park, walking slowly back to her apartment. She developed a mental picture of the boy and girl, and she became intensely aroused. By the time she arrived home, her cunt was pulsating wildly and her titties seemed very swollen.

Honey stripped naked and moved about the room, feeling her pussy as the erotic pictures flowed in her mind. She could hardly wait for night, for the darkness that would allow her to go out and peek in windows.

The rest of the day was spent in erotic suspense, and when she felt it was dark enough to venture onto the sidewalk, she dressed again. Tonight Honey did something different. Feeling very wicked and deliciously excited, she went out of her apartment in a dress, totally naked underneath.

She strolled about the quiet neighborhood, a slight cooling breeze beneath her skirt, but not at all cooling the heat of her bubbling cunt.

Fuck… fuck…fuck. The word tumbled through her mind as she moved along the dark sidewalk. She had her destination picked out already, and when she arrived, she saw the light in the bedroom window. But when she peeked in, the room was empty. Again she saw the light coming from the patio glass doors, and once more she slipped between the bush and the house.

The boy was there, and so was the girl she had seen with him in the park. Now, looking closer at them, she realized they were brother and sister. She wondered if the parents were home.

The boy moved close to his sister and took her hand, placing it directly on his crotch. Honey almost gasped with excitement. Incest! A sudden tremor of pleasure shot through her as she sat on her heels, peeking in at them.

The girl must have giggled. Honey was disappointed she could not hear. The doors were closed and the soft hum of an air conditioner could be heard. But she didn't really need to hear to know what this brother and sister were doing.

The girl pulled at her brother's pants as he stood there. Honey watched with burning eyes when the girl began to jack on her brother's hard cock. The girl was perhaps a year younger than the boy, and that made it more exciting to Honey. Her cunt was boiling as she watched, finding this more exciting than anything she had so far seen.

Suck his cock! Honey's mind screamed at the little girl. Take that big cock in your mouth and suck it! Please, suck your brother's cock… make him come! Make his cock come in your hot little mouth!

But apparently the little girl had different ideas. She released her brother's cock and stripped her sunsuit away, then her little panties. Honey stared at the girl, seeing almost tiny titties, fragile almost, with sweet nipples erect. She looked at the girl's cunt, and somehow it thrilled her because the girl had no hair on it.

With her hand beneath her dress, a finger moving in and out of her cunt, Honey watched as the girl sprawled back on the couch. The boy slipped between his sister's wide spread thighs and the girl eagerly took hold of his cock, bringing it to her cunt. They were positioned in such a way that Honey saw the boy's hard cock enter his sister's sweet, hairless pussy. Her own cunt gripped tightly at her finger as Honey watched them starting to fuck.

Further little cunt, Honey urged them with her reeling brain. Fuck her pretty little cunt! Ohhh, fuck her! Honey's finger stabbed back and forth, delving deep into her own steamy twat. Her blue eyes were glassy as she watched them, her excitement rippling like wild fire through her body.

The little girl wrapped her slender thighs around her brother's bouncing ass, her arms clutching him tightly. She writhed and twisted and wiggled her small ass and the expression on her face was pure ecstasy.

The little girl arched her naked ass up, her legs drawing high. Honey could see the boy's cock thrusting in and out of his sister's hairless cunt. It sent wild, hot shivers of pleasure up and down Honey's flesh. Already, Honey was coming in a shuddering way her cunt sucking at her finger as she stabbed it in and out swiftly.

The boy's naked ass was bobbing up and down quickly now, and she already knew he was getting very close to coming off. Honey wanted desperately to see his cock squirt, but that was not going to be. The boy stabbed furiously into his sister's tight cunt, the little girl twisting her sweet little body about in a frenzy. Honey knew they whining and whimpering with ecstasy, and she missed hearing those sweet sounds.

Come in her cunt! her mind screamed at them. Fill her hot little cunt! Oooooh, that's so fucking sweet! I love it, kids! Fuck, damn you two, fuck!

The boy suddenly pressed his cock hard and deep into his sister's cunt, then he went stiff. The girl slammed her cunt hard against her brother's cock, his balls against her creamy little ass. Honey saw the girl shudder, and she knew they were coming together.

Quickly, Honey pulled her finger free of her dripping snatch and pinched her clitoris between a thumb and forefinger. She bubbled into a shattering orgasm her body shaking as wildly as those two kids inside. She had to cover her mouth with her other hand to stifle the threatened scream of ecstasy.

A moment later the boy pulled his cock from his sister's cunt. His prick glistened in the light, moist from that sweet, hairless cunt. The girl stroked her brother's cock lovingly, smiling up at him. She saw the girl's lips move as she said something to him. Then both the boy and girl gathered up their discarded clothing and turned out the light as they left the room.

Honey stood up on shaking legs, then moved cautiously back to the sidewalk. For the first time she noticed the garage was open, and a car was inside. So, she thought, the parents must be home, but in bed.

On impulse, Honey scribbled a note and placed it beneath the wiper blade of the car. It said: Do you know your children are fucking each other?


The next day, Honey regretted leaving the note.

Perhaps, she thought, the drapes will be drawn from now on. I won't be able to see any thing again.

Honey was right.

That night she found every drape in the house drawn tightly, not even a sliver to peek through. Lights were on in the house, but she couldn't see in. She walked the neighborhood, the only person out that late. She found nothing else of interest, and finally returned home disappointed. It had been a mistake, she felt, to have left that insane note. She had gotten the boy and girl into serious trouble, and she had lost an exciting house to peek into at the same time.

The next day she went to the park, hoping to see them, but they weren't there. Honey was starting to feel very bad about the note now. She had not wanted to get those sweet kids into trouble, and especially to lose the most exciting scenes she had ever come upon. It had been idiotic to leave that damned note on the car.

Again, when it was almost midnight, Honey prowled the darkened neighborhood. Nothing was going on, and she passed the home that had been so exciting to her before. Again there was no place to peek in. Indeed, the house was dark. But the garage was open, and the car was parked inside. Before she knew it, she was in the garage ready to leave another note.

Instead she found one under the wiper blade. It said: If you don't like it, you don't have to look!

Honey read it again and again. Didn't those people care if their children were fucking each other? Apparently they did not, she decided. And why would they leave a note, for her? Back on the sidewalk, puzzled, Honey walked slowly home. Something didn't make sense to her. They knew she had seen them, but they didn't seem to give a damn.

The next night, as always, Honey was ready to prowl. She wore a blouse and skirt, and once again was naked beneath them. She was drawn to the house immediately, compulsively.

Believing it impossible to peek into the house, she entered the garage again, intending to leave another note, an erotic note this time.

Once again she found a note. It said: You should have been around at one in the morning!

Honey felt her heart beating as she read the note. Were they trying to tell her something? It didn't make sense. Were they waiting for her to peek at them? Didn't they really care? Then a thought came to her. I like to watch, and I also get excited when someone peeks at me. There must be others the same way.

Blocking out letters, she placed her own note under the blade: Leave a drape drawn and I will watch.

She could hardly wait for nightfall the next day. Honey was nervous with anxiety, pacing her apartment and feeling her tits and cunt and ass. She brought herself to orgasm five times, and yet she still wanted more.

Then finally darkness.

Honey almost ran to the house. But there was no note. She was disappointed, believing things had gone too far and they had become frightened.

But as she started to leave, she saw the dim light once more on the patio. She crept through the gate with a heart beating wildly. The drapes, she noticed, were drawn. Then she saw about four inches of space had been left. With quickening pulse, she peeked into the room.

"Oh!" she gasped softly.

The boy was there, and so was his mother. Honey trembled as she peeked in. The boy was actually playing with his mother's naked titties! Honey could not believe this; but she was seeing it. Impossible!

The boy's cock was out of his pants, standing up very hard. But his mother was not touching it. She was kissing her son, kissing him hotly. As Honey watched, the woman's hand finally brushed down her son's body and took hold of his cock. She stroked her son's cock, jacking him, as he twisted and pulled at his mother's nipples.

Honey's cunt began to throb hotly as she peeked in. She was standing uptight, but her legs were wobbly. She was transfixed, rooted there unable to move. She could not even squat down as she usually did. Her excitement was so great all she could do was stare.

"Suck my titties, honey!"

Honey jumped at the sound. It had been unexpected. For the first time she noticed that the glass doors were open, and she could hear them clearly. Her excitement raced through her slender body by leaps and bounds. Her ass cheeks clenched tightly as she saw the boy lean over and start sucking on his mother's tits. He went from one nipple to the other, squeezing at a tit as he sucked the other. His cock throbbed, and Honey was sure it was dripping at the piss hole.

Both her hands were cupping and squeezing at her own tits as she stood staring, her eyes hot and glassy. Her cunt twitched and burned, but she didn't lower a hand to feel it. She was unaware that her hips were moving, grinding as though she were being fucked.

Now the boy was moving a hand under his mother's dress, shoving it up her long, slim thighs. Honey watched, almost breathless. The woman was not wearing panties, and again she saw the thick bush of her cunt hair. The woman spread her knees, and the puffy pinkness of her hairy cunt was revealed.

The boy ran a finger up and down his mother's wet pussy, and she wiggled her ass with a soft gurgle of delight that echoed in Honey's ears.

"Ooooh, baby, baby!" the woman whimpered, arching her hairy cunt against his hand. "Feel Mother's cunt! I love it when you play with Mother's hot, wet cunt, baby!"

This simply could not be happening, Honey thought wildly. Surely, this woman, this mother, was not going to let her son fuck her? But the boy had fucked his sister. Maybe he was getting his cock into both his sister and mother.

Ooooh, fuck your mother! Go on, fuck her hairy cunt! Fuck her with your hard cock! Please, fuck her in that hot pussy!

The boy pulled his mouth off his mother's nipple. The woman clung to his cock with a tight fist, beating up and down swiftly.

"Baby, you're going to stick this cock in me! Now, baby! Ooooh, you've got me so fucking hot, baby! I want your sweet cock in me now!"

Honey's breath caught in her throat. She was squeezing her shapely tits so hard, there was a sharp pain in them, but she could not turn them loose. Her pussy was quivering hotly, twitching and itching until she thought it would melt. She pressed her thighs together, creating pressure upon his swollen clitoris, making very soft mewls of ecstasy.

She watched the woman twist about, getting onto her hands and knees on the floor. The woman pulled her skirt to her waist, waggling her firm, round ass at her son. The woman looked over her shoulder at him.

"Come on, baby!" she cried out in a hot sounding voice. "Put your cock in me! You know to fuck me the way I love it best! Come on, Freddie! Fuck Mother… fuck Mother's hot ass!"

Honey saw the woman's cunt, puffy and hairy, hooch past her slender, creamy thighs. The puffy lips glistened wetly as her son dropped to his knees behind her uplifted, smooth ass. Freddie ran his hands over his mother's lovely, naked and shivering ass. Honey saw the woman's light-brown asshole pucker tightly. Her tongue ran over her dry lips as excitement burned through her shaking body.

Freddie shoved his cock to his mother's cunt, and Honey heard her sigh as it went deep. Their soft, hot gurgles came clearly to Honey. She saw the ecstatic expression on the boy's face as his cock went into that boiling pussy of his mother's, and the woman was turned toward the patio doors, too. Her dark eyes seemed to be rolling in her head, and her mouth was open.

Freddie plunged his hard cock in and our of his mother's clinging cunt, his hands on her hips. Honey could even see his balls swinging back and forth. The woman lay her cheek down on the carpet, still facing the doors, her arms stretched above her head. Dark hair fanned about her beautiful face, and she moved her ass in a rhythm with her son's thrusting cock.

"Mmmm, darling!" the woman yelped softly. "That's very good! Oh God, baby, fuck my cunt! Fuck your mother's hot cunt with that beautiful, hard cock! Ram it to me, darling, ram it hard!"

Honey was shaking badly now, her excitement running hotly through her body. Her fingers dug brutally into her tender, shapely tits. She was almost gasping with pleasure, fighting hard to be quiet. Her cunt was pulsating, and then a series of orgasms began rippling through it. Each orgasm was better than the preceding one, and Honey felt the last one if she had a last one would literally blow her body apart. Her hips were jerking back and forth, grinding as if Freddie's cock was pounding into her cunt.

Then the woman suddenly pulled her ass away.

"Now!" she shouted at her son.

Then Honey's eyes popped wide.

Freddie brought his glistening cock up slightly, and the woman rammed her ass back. Freddie's cock went into his mother's asshole with total ease!

Instinctively, Honey felt her own asshole clench in a protective measure, I don't believe this! she thought I just don't believe this is happening. It can't be, I'm dreaming, that's what I'm doing… I'll wake up in a minute and… incest! The whole fucking family is fucking each other! Up the fucking asshole!

Believe it or not, Honey could not take her eyes from the scene on the floor. Freddie had his cock up his mother's ass, fucking her tight asshole! He was gripping her hips, and yet it seemed to Honey that his mother was doing most of the fucking. All Freddie had to do was stand there on his knees. The woman was moving her ass back and forth, taking her son's cock all the way up her ass, and whimpering and mewling with absolute ecstasy.

Honey felt as if she could feel the boy's cock up her own asshole. It was that strong of a sensation. One of her hands left a firm tit, and she clawed at one swelling, tight ass cheek. The feeling was so strong to her that she was hardly aware that she had pulled her skirt up in back and was actually rubbing a fingertip about her own tightly clenched asshole. It just couldn't be!

"Oh, Mother!" the boy wailed as his cock thrust in and out of his mother's asshole. "You're gonna make me come! I just gotta come, Mother!"

"Oh, yes!" the woman yelped, grinding her ass in a frenzy on her son's cock. "Come on, darling! Let it come! I want it, baby! Come, Freddie, come!"

Honey's legs felt like jello. Her knees wobbled dangerously, and she had to lean against the glass door. Her finger was pressing at her own asshole, and the sensation felt so fantastic. She was amazed that she had not thought of touching herself there before.

Then the boy yanked his cock free of his mother's asshole, and Honey saw him gushing pearl-white come juice over her shaking ass and along her bowed back. His balls were pressed between his mother's ass cheeks as he came globs of come juice flying a few inches into the air, only to splash down upon her shivering flesh.

"Ohhh, good, darling!" the woman wailed. "That feels so fucking good, baby! I'm cummiing, too! Ohhhh, come all over my fucking ass, Freddie! Come on me… come all over my hot, fucking ass!"

Honey remained where she was, leaning against the patio door, unable to move, her finger up her own asshole. There had been such an explosion in her cunt when she saw Freddie come off on his mother's naked ass she had almost fallen. Her eyes had closed for a minute or so, and when she opened them again, the room was empty.

Keeping a hand on the wall of the house, Honey began creeping away. She became disoriented in her excitement. She was going in the opposite directly of how she had entered the back yard.

She found herself at another window of the house.

The drapes were not pulled at all here, and she could not resist peeking.

Honey almost fell as she looked in.

The pretty little girl, Freddie's sister, was in the room. It must be the girl's room, she thought. The room was frilly, with a feminine bed, canopy and all. The room was decorated in pink and white, with a lot of frills and lace.

Honey gasped. What she was seeing was that pretty little girl and her father. The man was sitting on the girl's bed, absolutely naked. His cock was up, throbbing and noticeably dripping from his piss hole. And the girl was on her knees in front of him, his cock in one small fist, jacking up and down, and his hairy balls in her other hand.

The girl was wearing only a pair of scanty panties, nothing else. Her tits were small but firm. And she had sweet little nipples almost a quarter of an inch long. The girl's auburn hair was pulled into twin ponytails now, and her sweet, innocent-looking face expressed total concentration on her father's cock and balls.

Impossible! Honey thought. This isn't true at all! They are fucking each other! The whole damned family is fucking, kids and all! Ohhh, shit… sweet, sweet fuck!

The man and his daughter were talking, but Honey couldn't hear them. Unlike the patio doors, the window here was closed tightly. But right now that didn't matter to Honey.

As long as she had been peeking into darkened houses, she had never came across anything this wild, this exciting. Her nerves were taut with ecstasy as she watched. She had not fully recovered from her terrific orgasm from watching Freddie fuck his mother up the ass, and now she was seeing even more.

Then the girl was leaning between her father's thighs. Honey's own eyes were hot as she saw the little tongue dart from that girl's sweet mouth. The girl licked up the underside of her father's very thick, very hard, cock. Honey's mouth opened into an oval as if she were getting ready to take his beautiful, hard-on into her own mouth.

The little girl ran her tongue from the base of her father's cock, over the dripping tip, circled the smoothly swollen head, then began to lick slowly up and down. She licked every inch of hers father's cock, not missing a spot. Then she lapped almost daintily at his dripping piss hole, finally closing her lips about the very tip, kissing it with a suctioning motion. The little girl looked up at her father and giggled.

He said something to her and caressed the side of her sweet face, then the little girl once more took the head of her father's cock between her lips.

Honey was almost out of her mind with ecstasy as she peered in. She had trouble focusing her eyes because the pleasure rumbling through her was enough to make her reel. She had seen the boy, Freddie, fuck his sister, then she had just watched him fuck his mother up her asshole, and now she was watching his sweet, pretty little girl suck her father's cock.

The little girl seemed to be struggling with that long, thick cock of her father's. Her small mouth stretched widely, and Honey thought for sure the corners would split. His cock was just too large for her young, small mouth, she felt. But still, the girl was doing quite a good job on the swollen head of her father's prick.

Honey could see now that the girl was not making any real effort to take more than just the swollen cock head into her mouth. Her lips were just past the crown, sucking up and down. Now and then she would suck up, run her tongue about the smooth head, then giggle and go back to sucking. Honey couldn't understand why the little girl's jaw didn't become dislocated as she swallowed that big cock head.

Again and again the little girl sucked up and down her father's cock, but only taking the round head between her lips. Honey knew she could take all of that long, thick cock into her own mouth, or at least most of it. Her mouth watered with a desire to taste it, to feel it moving over her tongue and the roof of her mouth. She wanted to take the little girl's place, push her aside, then gobble furiously on the beautiful cock. She wanted it to come off inside her own mouth, flood her and burn down into her throat.

Occasionally, the girl would lift her mouth and look up at her father, then say something. He would respond with a smile and caress of her cheek or hair. The girl's pantied ass moved gently when she was sucking. The panties were very tiny, with a lot of lace on them, Honey thought the girl was too young for such erotic looking panties.

The man leaned back on the bed now, bracing himself with his hands watching as his daughter sucked his cock. To Honey it seemed as if the little girl was enjoying her cock sucking very much. She sucked and licked, on her father's prick as if it were the most delicious thing she had ever tasted.

The word cocksucker began to burn in Honey's mind. Honey loved to suck on a hard throbbing cock. But somehow this little girl did not look the cocksucker type, whatever that was. She looked as though she should still be playing with dolls, and perhaps she did. But sucking her father's cock apparently was one of her greatest joys, too.

Honey watched the girl as she handled her father's heavy, hairy balls. She tugged and twisted at his balls as she sucked the round head of his cock. Then her mouth was pulled from his prick, and with a giggle, the girl began running her tongue about his balls, holding them up in her small hand.

The man said something, and Honey watched in delight when the little girl began sucking on his balls. She took first one, then the other, into her hot, wet little mouth, jacking on his cock at the same time. Honey noticed the girl's hand was so small that it almost didn't go around that thick cock.

Again the girl licked up the underside of his cock, closing her lips about the swollen head. Honey could see the girl's cheeks sink inward as she sucked, and her own mouth began a sucking motion.

The father began twisting his naked ass on the bed, and apparently he said something to the girl. Honey saw the girl lift her mouth from his cock, and her fist began to jack his prick swiftly. The little girl's mouth was wide open, as wide as she could make it go, only an inch above his piss hole.

Then it happened.

Honey saw the huge globs of pearl-white come juice spurt from his cock. He came off directly into his daughter's wide-open mouth. But since she was above him, most of it dripped out again, coating his cock and balls. Her little fist jacked his spewing cock furiously, her eyes closed, the expression on her sweet face showing her ecstasy.

By the time he finished coming, the girl's chin and cheeks were smeared by his come juice, as were his prick and balls. But then Honey saw, just as she started to turn away, the little girl started licking up the come juice on her father's cock and balls. She lapped it up, swallowing with pleasure.

Honey couldn't stand there any longer. Her cunt was steaming. Even her asshole felt as if it had drawn into her body, and her tongue seemed swollen in her mouth.

She had no idea how she managed it, but somehow she found her way back to her apartment.


It was a sleepless night for Honey.

The scenes burned in her mind, keeping her excitement intense. She had fucked herself furiously with her rubber cock. When morning came, her cunt was slightly painful.

Sometime around noon the following day, Honey had to go out and shop for food. But her mind refused to stay on such mundane things as food. Now and then she would pause in the super market, shiver slightly as one of last night's scenes flared in her brain.

Something else disturbed her, too. Although Honey was very much accustomed to being looked at by men, she felt as if she were being watched constantly. The feeling was very strong. Yet, when she looked around, she saw no one, other than a housewife shopping. Even as she walked back to her apartment, the feeling of being stared at, followed, was strong.

But no one was behind her at all.

Calm down, Honey King, she told herself as she entered the apartment. You're getting jittery, that's all. Who could be following you? What would they want with you?

But the sensation remained with her all day. She did not go out the rest of the day, but cleaned her apartment from top to bottom. Her sexual thoughts had been so intense that she tried to work them out of her mind. She was exhausted by the time she finished the apartment.

And the scenes still burned just as brightly. She stood at the window and looked down on the few people using the pool. Her eyes would not stay away from the crotches of the men, or the women. She imagined all of them naked, hard cocks and wet cunts blatantly revealed to her hot eyes. She developed, in her mind, a scene of those people fucking, of hard pricks going in and out of wet, hairy pussies, of women sucking delicious cocks and men licking hairy, wet cunts.

None of this, of course, did anything for her already tingling desires. With deliberate motions, Honey stood at the window after it was dark, her lights out, and slowly removed her clothing. A couple was at the pool, drinking beer and talking. As she undressed, she imagined them watching her, getting excited as she did when she peeked into windows. Her reverie even had the man and woman so excited that they began to fuck right there on the deck of the pool.

Finally, about eleven o'clock, Honey considered going out, but a fear came to her. She was almost afraid to return to that particular house, but she didn't know why. Fear and excitement tugged at her. When fear won out, she bathed and went to bed.

Yet the excitement burned so hot between her long, slender thighs, she once again removed her rubber cock from its drawer. She lay back on her bed, stroking the rubber cock between her thighs, probing lightly at her cunt. She rubbed it up and down her throbbing clitoris, trembling. Her eyes closed and her mind reeled with mental pictures of being fucked, licked.

Again she felt the sensation of being looked at. But when she opened her eyes and looked toward the window, no one was there. The drapes, as always, were wide open. But she was on the second floor, so who could get up there and peek in her window?

But the feeling would not go away.

And then, Honey found herself wishing someone was actually watching her. Her excitement increased until she thought her body was on fire. Closing her eyes, she lifted her curvy, sweet ass, spreading her legs wide. The rubber cock teased her swollen clitoris until she was writhing and churning her hips wildly.

Using two fingers of her other hand, she parted her blonde-haired cunt lips and worked the huge head of her rubber, cock into it. She inserted it slowly, sighing with the pleasure that bubbled away inside her. With the rubber cock up her cunt, Honey began to fondle and squeeze at one sweet, shapely tit while fucking herself slowly. Her hips moved up and down on the rubber cock.

"Ohhh, fuck," Honey murmured as she thrust the rubber cock in and out of her stretched cunt. "Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck! I love it so much!"

She stretched her legs wide, very wide, her eyes once again open, watching herself in the mirror. She loved to see the rubber cock up her cunt, the creamy curves of her ass cheeks and the way her legs were spread wide. The rubber cock was good, but she still preferred a real cock to this piece of rubber.

Cock, cock, cock! I want a cock, a real cock! I want to get fucked, fucked hard! Ohh, fuck me, someone, anyone… fuck me! My cunt is so hot and wet! I need cock, hard cock, fucking me! I want a cock to fuck my cunt… fuck my mouth! Oooo, yes!

Honey thrust the rubber cock into her cunt, then quickly brought it to her mouth. She would suck on it a few times, then plunge it deep into her burning pussy again. Her ass lifted high from the bed, her hips churning as she held the rubber cock motionless. She felt the hot rumblings of an orgasm steaming away, and when she came, a soft yelp of delight came from her. When she had finished coming, she pulled the cock out of her clinging cunt and licked it. Finally she placed the cock on the pillow next to her face, closing her eyes and trying to sleep.

A sound startled her.

Honey sat up in bed, facing the window, her eyes huge. Her knees were open, cunt exposed. A sound came to her again, like a muffled grunt.

Feeling foolish, Honey stood up and went to the window and looked out. No one was there not even near the pool. Then, something caught her eye, and she leaned closer. The glass was open, and there was a moist glob of something on the screen. Honey touched it with her finger, then sniffed. Finally she put her tongue to it.

"Oh!" she gasped.

She had tasted semen.

But how? Someone had watched her but how?

Then she remembered the narrow ledge that ran around the building, perhaps two feet wide. Someone had found a way to get up there and peek into her window. Honey flushed with the realization that somebody, some man, had been watching her fuck herself with the rubber cock. But her embarrassment did not last long.

With a smile on her pretty face, Honey left the drapes open and crawled back to her bed. She turned her back to the window, her naked ass round and enticing. She drew one knee up and closed her eyes.

Let them look at me. I don't care! Ohhh, whoever it was jacked off and came against the screen. Well I hope it was as good for him as it was for me.

The next day was another restless one. Somehow she had managed to get a good night's sleep. She tried to keep busy, but there was hardly anything to do. She considered the park again, but decided against it.

Honey seldom missed a night trying to find something interesting to peek at. She enjoyed watching others. That one house drew her mind constantly. She found it terrifically exciting to know about that family. She knew something about them that no one else did.

She had watched them fucking and sucking each other, and she wondered how many other houses concealed such delicious secrets.

When night came, she was to get out of the apartment. Pulling on a tight sweater that molded and clung to her shapely, thrusting tits, then a wrap-around skirt that was held in place by only one button at the waist, she left the apartment. As she walked along the darkened streets, the wrap-around skirt would part and reveal most of her creamy smooth thighs. She wore no bra or panties, thinking it was becoming a habit now, a deliciously wicked habit.

She stayed clear of that one house, but found nothing interesting in the others. In the only open window she found was a man reading nothing else. Then she found herself on the same street with the incestuous family's house. She stood on the sidewalk, her heart beating wildly. Lights were on, and she wondered if they were fucking and sucking again.

The garage door was open and the car was inside. Compulsively, she entered the garage and looked immediately at the windshield. She found another note. It said: Where were you last night? We missed you.

Honey's heart raced. She began to breathe harshly with excitement. It was one thing to secretly peer into windows, but something else entirely if those people knew they were being watched. And that was her fear: they knew about her.

They want to be watched, she thought. They really want me to watch them fucking!

Before Honey knew it she was creeping silently to the rear of the house. Every window, including the patio door, had light shining from them. The first window she came to, she found the mother there with her children. At least she had one name to match a face. Freddie – the young son. She wished she had a name for all of them.

The little girl, that sweet little girl she had seen so lovingly sucking her father's cock, lapping daintily but delightedly, at her father's come juice, was wearing only a pair of panties. Freddie, Honey was delighted to see, was naked. His cock was hard, beautifully hard. The mother was wearing a bra that was well filled and also a pair of panties. The panties did nothing to conceal the lush growth of her dark cunt hair.

The three were not doing anything except sitting there, and Honey was somewhat disappointed. She wondered where the father was maybe he was working late. For a long moment Honey looked in at the family, almost deciding to leave since they weren't doing anything exciting. But finally she squatted down, deciding to watch and see if they would do something soon. If they were anything like her, they would not be able to look at each other undressed that way very long without touching or kissing or fucking.

She stared at Freddie's cock, watching it throb, wondering why he sat there with it so hard and not doing something to his mother or sister. Honey could not understand how that lovely mother or the very pretty sister could sit in the same room with that little boy, his cock standing so firm and beautiful. If she were in the room, her hands would be grabbing his cock quickly.

Even though they weren't fucking, Honey's cunt was throbbing as she looked at them. The little girl was extremely pretty in her panties, her hair in a long ponytail. The woman, too, was beautiful.

Suddenly a hand was on her shoulder.

"Oh!" she gasped, whirling about.

She found herself looking up into the face of the husband and father. Fear filled her pretty face and she looked for a way to escape. But there was no way out. The hand on her shoulder gripped tightly, almost painfully. It held her in her squatting position.

"Well, well," the man said. "We finally caught you, didn't we?"

"Please… I don't…" Honey's voice came out in a cracked sound. "I didn't mean anything, Mister!"

He ignored her plea. "Get up," he said. His hand on her shoulder slipped to her upper arm, gripping her tightly so she couldn't get away.

Honey found herself being pulled into the house. Her legs trembled with fear. Her heart was pounding hard, and she breathed with fearful gasps.

"Look what we caught," the man said.

"She's beautiful, Herb," Honey heard his wife say. Then the woman said to Honey: "Exciting, isn't it?"

"Please," Honey whimpered cringing. "I didn't mean anything by it! I won't do it again if… if you'll let me go! I promise, I won't do it again!"

The boy and girl gazed at Honey, not embarrassed by their nakedness.

"She's the girl in the park," the little girl said. "Mother, she's the girl we told you about in the park."

Honey could not control the jerking of her body, the fear growing inside her. She looked at them with frightened eyes. The man did not turn her loose as he stood looking down at her. She glanced up at him quickly, and saw the interest on his face.

"Let's fuck her, Dad," Freddie said. "I been wanting to fuck her since the park."

"Oh, you'll get a chance to fuck her," the man said with a chuckle. "We're all going to fuck her, don't worry about that."

"No, please," Honey whimpered. "I won't say anything! Please believe me!"

"Don't act so innocent," Herb said, but his voice was not harsh. "We've known almost from the beginning that someone was watching us, but not who until the other night."

"You… knew?"

"We've known," he said. "And we also know you're a little hot-ass. Freddie turned the tables on you last night."

Honey looked at the boy.

Freddie's eyes gleamed and he grinned at her. "I saw you fucking yourself with that rubber cock."

Honey blushed.

"I followed you to the store and found out where you lived," he said. "It was easy."

"Oh, God!" Honey whimpered tears in her eyes now. "Don't tell! Please, don't tell on me!"

The man laughed and the woman smiled. The little girl giggled. "We might and we might not," the little girl said. "That depends."

"I… I don't understand," Honey said. The man still held her arm. "I've checked you out," he said. "You live alone, no relatives. There really isn't anyone important to you for us to tell. But that makes it easier for us."

"Easier?" Honey looked at him with fearful eyes. "I don't understand."

"You don't have to understand," he said, still in quiet voice. "Do you have any friends, close friends?"

Honey shook her head. It was true; she didn't know hardly anyone. She had always teen pretty much of a loner, keeping to herself, growing up in that isolated little house without even a brother or sister. There was no one in the world she knew well enough to be concerned about her.

"You do now," the woman said.

Honey looked at her, confused.

"We are going to be your friends," the woman said: "We are going to be your friends, your very good friends. In fact, I think we may consider you a member of put family."

Honey stared at the woman. She trembled as she saw the wicked gleam in those dark eyes.


Herb moved behind Honey, still holding her in case she made a dart for the door. She felt him pressing against her back. She trembled, afraid to make a move.

The mother and her children sat on the couch, looking at her with hot, interested eyes. Honey lowered her gaze shyly, a warm flush of her pretty face. Herb put his arms around her, and she felt him cupping her tits through her tight sweater.

"No, don't, please!" she whimpered.

But his hands cupped her tits, squeezing lightly, not hurting her at all. Despite the fear Honey felt her nipples responding to his touch. They swelled into rigid peaks against his palm.

"No bra," Herb said, and Honey didn't know if he was talking to her or his family. "Nice nipples… firm tits. Nice and shapely."

Honey felt his cock growing against her, swelling until it was pressing at her ass. Then his hands were lifting her sweater. It came up and over her arching tits, exposing them to the excited threesome on the couch. The flush on her face became hotter. Oddly enough, Honey did not feel embarrassed, only shy. She stood trembling, her tits thrusting out deliciously, with hard nipples, and those three gazed with hot interest at them. Herb fondled her tits for a moment, then ran his hands down. He gripped Honey's hips and pulled her swelling ass against his hard cock.

Then he parted her wrap-around skirt. Honey knew she was fully revealed now. He held the skirt wide apart, with Honey's lacey thighs showing, and the blonde, hair of her pussy was seen, too. In fact, even her belly button was revealed to the mother and her children.

"Nice," the woman said in soft voice. "She looks very beautiful, Herb. I'm sure we can enjoy her."

Honey felt a jerking sensation in her chest, as if she could hardly get her breath. She was afraid now to look at the woman. Enjoy me? she thought. Enjoy me how?

"Take her clothes off, Dad," Freddie said, jacking on his cock. "Let's see her naked! I wanna look at her ass, Dad!"

Herb chuckled, and Honey felt his hands lifting her sweater, then it was over her head. Honey shivered, naked from her waist up. Then the large button that held her skirt on was undone. The skirt fell, and Honey trembled in nakedness before them. She wanted to cover her cunt and tits, but all she could do was stand there with her hands at her sides, eyes cast down shyly. Somewhat embarrassed, she could not deny the pleasure that was starting to build inside her body. Her cunt was throbbing again, becoming very wet. Her tits stood out on her chest, nipples pointing almost to the ceiling. Her ass shook as she breathed in gasping excitement.

Somehow she felt they would not harm her. They only wanted to have fun with her. It was something she had thought about, dreamed of. It was like a fantasy coming true. Many times she dreamed of watching people fuck then being caught and invited to participate with them. And now it was happening.

Herb wasn't holding her now, and she had no thought of running, of trying to getaway. She felt him moving behind her, then she gasped when she felt his naked cock rubbing about her creamy ass cheeks. His prick left a hot trail of moisture on her smooth ass, almost searing her flesh.

Freddie, the young boy, got to his feet and came to her. He was almost a head shorter then Honey. He looked at her tits, then cupped one of them in his hands. When he caressed it, squeezing gently, Honey's cunt twitched hotly. His father was running the head of his dripping cock all over her curvy ass and the boy was feeling and playing with her tits, and Honey was shaking visibly. But it was not with fear now; it was with increasing excitement.

"Let's fuck her, Dad!" the boy said, his voice showing his excitement. "Come on, Dad, let's fuck the piss out of her."

"That's what we're going to do," Honey heard the man say behind her. Then he began to press her down, his hands on her shoulders. "But I'd like a kiss, first."

Honey found herself on her knees between them. Her face was level with Herb's cock. He and his son stood side by side, their cocks hard, standing out. Freddie reached for her hand and brought it to his cock, wrapping her fingers around it. Then her other hand was on his father's cock. She didn't know how it got there, but it was curled around his thick prick, becoming tighter. She gazed from one cock to the other, shivering with anticipation.

"Kiss my cock," Herb said, his voice not at all demanding. "Kiss it, baby. Kiss my cock, then kiss Freddie's cock."

Honey wanted to kiss those pricks very much. She could already taste them in her mouth. Each was dripping pre-cum, and she licked her lips with eager anticipation. Holding Herb's cock tightly in her fist, she turned toward Freddie. Placing her lips against his dripping piss hole, she kissed it. Then, with her lips tingling and burning, she turned and kissed Herb's prick. She tasted their combined fluids, her mind reeling.

With her lips against Freddie's cock, Honey glanced at the mother and her daughter. They were looking at her with blazing, excited eyes. A ripple of intense pleasure flowed through Honey's naked body. Being forced to kiss the two pricks while this lovely mother and her pretty daughter watched made Honey so excited she literally shook with pleasure.

The woman was fingering at her pantied cunt, her knees wide, watching Honey kissing those cocks with burning interest. The pretty little girl was watching her with equal interest, her dark eyes flashing. Like her mother, she was rubbing her pussy.

Honey closed her eyes as she turned from one cock to the other, kissing more eagerly.

"Suck it now!" Herb demanded. His hand was on the back of her head, urging her to take his cock into her mouth. "That's enough kissing suck my cock now, baby!"

Honey felt the man's thick prick pressing at her lips, and for just a moment she resisted. But she wanted this as much, if not more, than the man. Her lips opened, and Herb's cock penetrated her tingling lips. Honey felt her mouth filling and her lips stretching. She recalled how the little girl had struggled just to suck on the head of his prick. She also recalled how she had thought her own mouth could have taken it all.

But now, with his thick cock moving deeper into her wet mouth, Honey wasn't so sure. Her lips were stretching, stretching much farther then ever before. But there was no denying her desire to get it all in her mouth.

She lifted her hand and placed it on the man's hips not to shove him away, but as a gesture of her desire. Her other hand continued to grip Freddie's cock, jerking back and forth while his father fed his cock to her wet, burning mouth.

Honey felt Herb's cock now at the back of her throat. She could take no more. Her tongue was pressed down, and there was no more room inside her mouth. A soft gurgle came from her when the man began to slowly, gently, move his prick in and out of her tight, hot mouth. His hand held the back of her head, but he wasn't forcing her now, only making sure she would not pull away.

I'm sucking his cock! she thought excitedly, her eyes closed. No, he's fucking me! Oooooh, he's fucking my mouth! Oh God, it's so good, so fucking good! I love it! His cock is so big, so hard, and so damned hot between my lips!

A soft, muffled whimper erupted from her as the man slowly fucked her mouth. Honey knew there was an inch or so of prick that she couldn't get, but what she did get was making her cunt itch, her sweet, swelling ass rippling, flexing.

"My turn!" Freddie yelped. "Dad, it's my turn! She's gotta suck my cock now!"

The huge cock pulled from her mouth, and Honey clung to it as long as she could with her slippery, hot lips. It came free with a soft plopping sound, and her head was turned by Herb. Honey found Freddie's cock pressing at her lips.

"Ooooooh!" she mewled.

Freddie's cock was thrust into her mouth, and Honey felt it go all the way. The few wiry hairs at the base of his prick tickled her nose and what he had on his balls made her chin itch. Freddie's cock did not fill her mouth the way his father's did, and she could use her tongue to lick as he plunged in and out. Herb still held her head as his son fucked swiftly in and out of her clinging lips. She was gripping Herb's thick cock with strong, tight fingers, squeezing it, but afraid to jack him, afraid she would make him come off. Honey did not want him to spurt his come juice on her hand.

She could not see the mother and daughter now, but she could hear their heavy, excited breathing. Now and then one of them would moan with pleasure as they watched. Honey, too, moaned. She was being forced to suck two cocks and being forced in front of the lovely mother and her pretty daughter sent chills of pleasure through Honey's naked body.

Honey's cunt was steaming hotly, her hair rimmed cunt lips pulsating. She had already come once, an orgasm that caused her sweet ass cheeks to clench. If Herb and Freddie kept this up with her, Honey knew she would come violently.

Her tongue ran about Freddie's throbbing cock as he plunged it in and out of her tight, hot lips. She could taste his pre-cum, and she had to swallow occasionally. Then her head was abruptly pulled away from Freddie's cock.

"Oh, please!" Honey wailed, looking up into the man's face, her eyes pleading. "Please, I want to…"

"You're going to, baby," Herb said. "Don't worry, you're going to!"

Freddie waited for directions from this father; his cock throbbing and gleaming.

Honey glanced at the mother and her daughter, who were still on the couch. They were watching her with burning eyes, their mouths slightly open, panting.

Without a word, Herb positioned Honey on her hands and knees. She knelt there, her head hanging down as if she were ashamed of being naked, of being in this compromising position. Her round ass, naked and exposed, shook slightly. She felt a hand move over one smooth cheek, over the crinkled pucker of her asshole. Then a finger was thrust into her cunt.

"Oh!" Honey yelped in surprise.

"Nice and wet," she heard Herb laugh softly. "Nice and wet and pretty fucking hot! Yeah, she's got a tight, hot cunt."

Honey lifted her head and looked over her shoulder, her long, shimmering blonde hair hanging down. She first saw the hot eyes of the mother and daughter. They were leaning forward with anticipation. Then she saw Herb was on his knees behind her.

"Please!" Honey whimpered. "Oh God, please!"

But the only reply she got was his panting grunts as he brushed his cock up and down her hairy cunt lips.

"Put it in her, Daddy!" the girl cried. "Stick your cock up her cunt and fuck the piss out of her, Daddy!"

The beautiful mother said: "Screw the shit out of her ass, Herb! Make her scream for it, darling!"

Honey trembled as they urged Herb on. She wanted it so much, so very much. Her naked body shivered with glowing anticipation and her ass moved back.

The swollen head of his cock spread her cunt lips, and Honey could not stifle a sudden whimper of tingling pleasure. Then Herb's thick cock was going deeper, stretching her cunt lips so nicely, so hotly.

"Oooooh!" Honey gurgled, her naked ass moving back as Herb's cock entered deeper and deeper, but so slowly that she was almost screaming for him to hurry up. "Ohhhh!"

"She likes it, Dad!" Freddie shouted from her side. "Hey, she really likes your cock! Fuck her, Dad! Fuck her good!"

Oh, yes! Honey's mind screamed. I do want it! Oh God, I want it so fucking bad! Give it to me, you big-cocked mother fucker! Fuck me, damn you! Ram it to me… ram that hard, sweet, cock up my hot cunt! Please, please, fuck my hot pussy!

Then Honey felt his prick plunge deep in her stretched twat. His cock was all the way inside her burning cunt, his balls tight against the blonde curls. She could feel his prick throbbing in her pussy, sending wave after wave of ecstasy through her. Her nipples were painfully swollen, aching. She was now making very soft cooing sounds, unable to control them. Her naked ass trembled, her arms becoming weak. She hung her head, peering between her spread thighs. She could see Herb's heavy, hairy balls.

Honey felt Herb's hand on her ass, feeling, touching her smooth, creamy, unblemished flesh. His hands felt as hot as his cock. Finally, Herb began thrusting his cock in and out of her cunt. But he was fucking her so slowly she thought she would go out of her mind. Her naked ass moved, humping back and forth, trying to make him fuck her faster.

Then Honey found herself facing Freddie's throbbing cock. She had not realized the boy had moved. His cock arched stiff and upright before her eyes. The head of Freddie's cock was smooth and swollen, with beads of fluid clinging to his delicious-looking piss hole.

Honey mewled softly, unable to keep her mouth off Freddie's beautiful prick. She groaned softly as her pink tongue darted toward his piss hole. The tip of her tongue lapped at Freddie's cock, his juices tasting delicious. With a sudden movement and a squeal, Honey opened her mouth and dipped her head swiftly. She gulped Freddie's cock deep, and began to race her lips up and down it.

"Look at her, Mother!" she heard the pretty girl squeal excitedly. "Look at her suck Freddie's cock! She loves it, Mother!"

I do love it! Honey's mind answered, her tongue flying as she her wet lips moved up and down on his throbbing cock. Oh God! I love it so fucking much! Cock up my cunt, cock in my mouth! Oooooh, so fucking good! Fuck me, fuck me! Fuck my pussy… fuck my mouth!

Honey raced her tight wet lips up and down Freddie's throbbing cock furiously, trying to devour it completely. She wanted his prick all the way down her burning throat. Her naked ass began to twist and writhe as Herb fucked her, going faster. He held her hips, his fingers digging into her creamy flesh. Her blonde hair flew about her face as her head bobbed in a frenzy of ecstasy.

She felt her cunt gripping Herb's thick throbbing cock as it stabbed brutally into her. She could feel each throb, each pulsating ridge and groove of his cock. Her clitoris was swollen. As if from a distance, Honey, could hear the mother and pretty daughter urging them on.

Honey felt as if she were being buffeted between the two cocks. When Herb's cock slammed up her cunt, his son thrust his cock deep into her mouth. Her naked body was being banged and buffeted between them, and she was, almost out of her mind with pure ecstasy. Ripples of delight, burned at her nerves, her eyes open but unseeing. Her cunt had never felt so good before, so thoroughly stuffed. Her mouth seemed to be hungrier than it ever had been for cock, for that thick come juice boiling in Freddie's balls. She wanted Herb's cock to spurt up her fiery cunt, and she wanted Freddie to come into her mouth, wanted all this desperately.

She was being fucked so furiously now by both those hard, throbbing cocks, she couldn't move, couldn't even wiggle her shapely ass. Even her head no longer bobbed; Freddie was thrusting his cock into her mouth, holding her face in his hands. She could hear them gasping and panting with pleasure, their grunts becoming louder.

Honey suddenly shuddered.

She was coming powerfully, her cunt contracting tightly about that thick cock stabbing furiously into it now. Muffled wails bubbled from her as her tongue flew on Freddie's prick.

"Oh, Dad!" Freddie yelled. "I'm gonna come!"

"Me, too!" Herb grunted.

Though the misty fog of her ecstasy, Honey felt Herb's cock starting to squirt come juice into her clasping cunt. It seemed to spurt into her pussy with overwhelming power. Each squirt splashed up her pussy, making her tongue fly faster and more greedily around Freddie's cock. Her naked ass was shaking with the intensity of her pleasure. And then Freddie's cock burst with jizz inside her devouring mouth.

Honey wailed as Freddie spewed his come juice into her mouth. She swallowed, working in a frenzy to contain the flood. Freddie's come juice foamed and burned across her licking tongue, filling her mouth, dripping into her throat. Honey had never felt such ecstasy in her life. Her cunt was convulsing time and time again, making her mind, reel with intense thrills.

She was aware of Herb pulling his cock from her gripping cunt, and she felt an immediate sense of loss and emptiness. Then Freddie's cock was out of her mouth. Honey, glowing in the heat of her tremendous orgasm, sprawled slowly onto the floor, her naked ass shivering, the tremors going up her back and over her thighs. Come juice seeped from her still-pulsating cunt, and she was still captured in the aftershock of her orgasm.

Her breath was slowly returning to normal as she lay there her face turned to one side.

Then, weakly, and once more shy, she searched for her blouse, and skirt.

"We aren't finished with you yet," she heard a voice say.


Honey wanted to look up, to question them. But her shyness stopped her. After she had been fucked and forced to suck Freddie's cock, she felt a sense of shame. It puzzled her because after what she had seen this family doing, they were the ones who should feel that way.

She wanted to cover her nakedness, but there was nothing available. Besides, they had already stopped her from reaching her skirt and blouse. She sat up, drawing her knees to her shapely tits, hugging them. From lowered eyes, she peeked. They were talking, but their voices were so low Honey couldn't make out their words. Now and then one of them would gesture toward her.

Honey wondered why she felt no fear of them. All she felt was this vague shyness, this feeling of being forced to do their bidding. She did not mind being forced Honey loved every second of that. But this shyness puzzled her. Another thing that puzzled Honey was the fact that she felt comfortable with them.

If they were going to harm her, surely they would have, done so by this time. Yet all they had done was to strip her body, make her naked, suck those two cocks, finally being fucked by the father while the son fucked her mouth.

She could not, fault them for that. She had been caught peeking in at them, watching them fuck and suck each other. And, Honey knew without a doubt, she wanted what they had done to her.

Many things went through her mind as she sat there, her knees drawn up, and she couldn't find a single thing to be afraid of.

"Open your legs," Freddie said.

Honey lifted her head and looked at him. "I'm talking to you," he said. "Open your legs so we can see your cunt."

A blush moved warmly over her lovely face, but Honey allowed her knees to part. She placed her hands on her thighs, her titties arching and swelling with still-hard nipples pointing upwards. She felt, more than saw, all their eyes on her naked body.

"You two got yours," she heard the woman say, "but what can Julie and I do with her, Herb?"

Herb laughed, but it was not a nasty laugh. "You can do anything you want with her, Janet."

Julie, Janet, Honey thought, Herb, Freddie, Julie and Janet. Now I have names to go with them, finally.

Janet asked: "What's your name, darling?" Honey lifted her eyes and looked at the woman. She searched Janet's beautiful face, but found no anger there. What she saw was interest, and perhaps, friendliness.

"H-Honey," she replied, faltering.

"Honey?" Julie giggled. "What kind of name is that?"

"Hush, baby," Janet said to her daughter.

"She's honey, all right!" Herb laughed. "She's pure honey!"

"Honey what?" Janet asked, her voice gentle.

"H-Honey K-King," she replied, her voice quivering.

Janet looked at her far a long, tense moment. Then she said: "Well, Honey King, what shall we do with you?"

It came to Honey that if they had investigated her, then they must have known her name, yet they asked it. Herb, apparently, understood what she was thinking.

"We just wanted to see if you would be honest with us, Honey, that's all," he said. "It tells us more about you."

They knew everything, apparently, about her, yet she knew nothing about them except they were involved with incest. She didn't know their last name, what Herb did for a living, or anything else. But none of that mattered, at least for the time being.

For the first time since sitting up, Honey noticed that Janet and her daughter Julie were now just as naked as all of them. Honey's eyes gaze settled on the beautiful tits that swelled on Janet's chest. They were larger then her own, with brown nipples. Also, she glanced between Janet's thighs, seeing the thick curls of her cunt. She looked at Julie the sweet, pretty little girl. Her titties were hardly more than two small bumps. She sat on the couch next to her mother, her knees wide, with one leg draped over her Mother's thigh. Honey gazed at Julie's pink cunt, seeing the scant hair.

"I have an idea," Janet said. "Come here, Honey."

Honey hesitated, a shiver moving up and down her spine.

"Come on, Honey," Janet urged, spreading her legs wide and scooting her naked ass to the edge of the cushions. "I want a nice kiss on my cunt."

"But I… please, I've never done that before," Honey pleaded.

"Oh, come on, now," Janet replied, tracing a finger about her hairy twat. "I watched you sucking my son's cock, remember? Any girl that would suck a cock like that, so fucking hungrily, would surely like a nice, wet, hairy cunt!"

"Please, I really haven't done that," Honey protested. "Never! Please, don't make me do that!"

"Come on." Janet motioned with her finger. "I don't see how you can refuse, not now, Honey. Come on, lick it just once. One time, and you might like it."

Honey saw Herb getting to his feet. Thinking she was going to be jerked forward, she quickly moved to Janet. She knelt on her knees, her hands on Janet's knees, staring into the glistening cunt. It was true: Honey had never tasted a cunt before. She didn't want to taste one now, either. But she didn't see what choice she had.

"Give my cunt a nice little lick, Honey," Janet urged, twisting her ass in a rolling motion. "My cunt is very wet and always so hot! Just one lick, Honey."

As if in a trance, Honey lowered her face, moving slowly toward Janet's hairy pussy. She licked her lips nervously. The taste of Freddie's come juice still lingered in her mouth as her hands slipped up the outside of Janet's thighs. Honey was surprised at the smoothness of them, by the silky texture. She paused with her mouth an inch or so from Janet's wet pussy, taking a deep breath.

Before she could lower her face, Janet suddenly lifted her ass, and Honey found herself with a face full of hot, wet, hairy cunt. Her lips were pressed against the slippery pussy, and Janet humped her crotch up, taking the back of Honey's head and pulling her face down so she couldn't jerk-away.

"Mmmmm!" Honey mumbled as the slippery wetness smeared her mouth and nose, even her chin.

Holding Honey's mouth tight against her cunt, Janet began to writhe. Honey's face, especially her lips were pressed directly into the bushy twat, and there was nothing she could do about it. At first she tried to pull her face away, but Janet held her tightly, closing her hot, smooth thighs about Honey's face. The curly hairs tickled her flesh and Honey's nose was shoved into them until she could hardly breathe.

"Lick it!" Janet urged in a thick voice.

"Lick my cunt! Use your tongue, damn it!" Not knowing what else to do, Honey tentatively stuck out her tongue. She tasted the slippery wetness of Janet's cunt gingerly. Then someone she didn't know who put their hands on each side of Honey's ass cheeks. Honey's tongue moved into the heated, velvety pussy. The woman mewled with pleasure as Honey shoved her tongue in as far as she could.

"Oh, that's it!" Janet yelped, grinding her cunt into Honey's face.

Guided by instinct, Honey began to stab her tongue in and out of Janet's steaming cunt, fucking it. At first she thrust her tongue slowly, allowing herself time to get used to this. But within moments, Honey found it was enjoyable. In fact, she found she liked it very well. With her mind spinning with erotic pleasure, Honey began to probe her tongue as deep as she could, fluttering it about inside the gripping cunt lips.

She heard the words of encouragement from the others but they made no sense to her. She was aware of hands moving about her naked, trembling body, but she didn't know whose hands they were, nor did she care.

Honey had been surprised to find she enjoyed having her tongue up this hot, wet cunt. In a way, it wasn't much different than sucking a cock. The taste was different, of course, but it was as good to Honey. Suddenly, Honey wanted to suck and lick on this hairy cunt, to feel it when Janet came, to feel the wet slippery lips grip her tongue in powerful contractions.

She began to stab her tongue furiously. Janet was grinding her ass about swiftly, and Honey's tongue came free often. When it came free, Honey scraped it wildly about the hard knot of Janet's clitoris, even managing to capture the elusive bud with her lips to suck on it. Janet was moaning hotly as she whipped her naked ass up and down, still holding Honey's head with her hands and thighs. Those unseen hands continued caressing and feeling of Honey's body. Someone was cupping and squeezing her tit; another hand was fondling the creamy flesh of her ass; another still was driving a finger into her own flexing twat.

Without knowing it, Honey was murmuring and whimpering with pleasure, too. The hands added stimulation to her, and eating this hairy cunt sent her orbiting. Her fingers now gripped Janet's twisting hips tightly, and she was not trying to pull her face away. On the contrary, she was shoving her mouth as tight as she could into that wet, hairy cunt.

Voices called out to her, but the words sounded garbled. She could not understand them, nor did she try to understand. Her tongue was deep inside Janet's cunt, thrusting in a frenzy now. Janet's cunt dripped so much, Honey found she had swallow frequently.

Then, as if the word came from the bottom of a barrel, Honey heard: "I'm coming!"

She was so involved in tongue-fucking this pussy she made no connection immediately. The she felt the cunt lips squeezing and drawing at her tongue, and she realized Janet was coming off. Honey's tongue became a flurry of excited action and motion. Somehow she found her lips tight around Janet's throbbing clitoris, sucking madly, her tongue fluttering wildly against the sensitive tip. Janet banged and twisted her cunt against Honey's face, squealing with a tight voice as she erupted.

Honey next found herself sitting on the floor again, her lovely face smeared with the juices of Janet's cunt. She looked at the four, her eyes smoldering with a bubbling passion.

"I never… I thought…" she stammered.

Someone placed a cold glass in her hand, and she drank thirstily. Her body felt as if she were going to burst into flames any moment. Although all those hands had been feeling her, and one had been fucking at her cunt, Honey had not come. She had been so involved at eating Janet's cunt that she had not really paid much attention to her own boiling need. And now, sitting on the floor, her twat was twitching and bubbling insanely.

Feeling embarrassed, Honey spread her thighs before this family and began to rub her hard clit off. She could not keep from it; she was steaming so hotly.

"Fuck it, baby!" Herb urged, his eyes burning between her long, slender thighs. "Fuck that blonde, hot cunt!"

Honey thrust a finger into her cunt and moved it in and out furiously, twisting her ass against the soft carpet. Her naked titties jutted up, her nipples aimed toward the ceiling. The expression on her beautiful face would have told anyone she was being tortured… if they could not see the rest of her body.

She was close to coming.

"That's enough, baby!" Herb said, leaning aver and yanking her hand from her cunt.

"Please," Honey whimpered. "Please, I've got to do it!"

"You still have one more cunt to take care of, Honey," he said, pointing toward his daughter. "You get yours after you take care of the rest of us. Julie needs some tongue right now."

Honey looked at the little girl, her eyes down. Julie's young, pretty face was glowing hotly. Her eyes went to the hairless cunt, and she licked her lips.

Freddie was on his feet and shoving Honey to her back. She sprawled on the carpet her arms at her sides, shapely tits arching from her chest firmly. Her legs were apart, and her blonde-haired cunt was fully revealed in all its sweetness.

Looking up, she saw Julie standing near her. The girl's long legs looked even longer from her position. Julie spread her feet, arching her cunt forward boldly. The fine little slit almost devoid of hair, looked deliciously beautiful to Honey.

"Isn't that the sweetest cunt?" Herb asked Honey. "Young, tender, hardly a hair on it! And I can state with prior knowledge that it is one tasty cunt!"

Julie giggled as she ran her hand along her pussy. "You'll like licking me," she said, then swung her feet over Honey's head. Julie stood facing Honey's feet, and Honey gazed up between those long thighs. She watched that cute pussy twitch, saw the fine swells of that pretty, saucy ass. Her own cunt boiled in a deliciously tingling way.

Julie began to squat over Honey's face. Honey's eyes became glassy as she gazed into that lovely young crotch. The cheeks of Julie's ass parted, spreading as she bent her knees. Honey found even that puckered little asshole looked tasty. That sweet pussy glistened moistly and the tip of Julie's clitoris seemed to throb.

Now Julie was squatting directly over Honey's face. That saucy ass and young cunt were only inches above her face now; so close that Honey could stick her tongue out and taste it. She brought her hands up, moved them along Julie's creamy, hot thighs, then she was cupping her sweet, round, tight, ass, a cheek in each hand. Julie wiggled her crotch and ass and Honey found that wet cunt against her mouth. Her nose was sweet as those sweet ass cheeks, pressing at the tight pucker of Julie's asshole. Honey could hardly breathe, but she didn't care about that.

Honey's tongue moved. She licked those sweet, hairless cunt lips. She started at the throbbingly rigid clitoris, licked along the puffy lips, then between them. The taste of Julie's tender cunt sent Honey's mind to reeling with erotic ecstasy. Her tongue continued, slowly, along the wet cunt lips, then she swirled it along the inside of each smooth ass cheek, finally twirling the tip against her tiny asshole.

"Ooooooh, you're good!" Julie mewled, wiggling her ass into Honey's face. "YOU have a nice tongue, Honey!"

Honey's tongue began to lick back and forth, lapping eagerly now, moving from the throbbing clitoris, past the cunt, about the tight asshole. Back and forth her tongue went, her fingers squeezing the firm cheeks of Julie's ass. Her own hips were twisting again, her cunt boiling madly. "Wait!" she heard Janet saying. "Wait a minute!"

Since Julie did not lift her cunt up, Honey kept licking. She felt someone at her legs, and she shoved upward a bit so she could look down her naked body. Janet was there, working her legs between Honey's.

"I'm going to fuck Honey," Janet said in a thick voice. "I'm going to fuck her with my cunt while she licks Julie!"

"All right!" Herb urged, "Turn, fucking cunt! Why didn't we think of this before!"

Honey saw Janet squirming her thighs between hers, scissoring them. When Janet's bushy cunt was close to hers, Honey lifted her ass just as Janet pressed against her. Honey felt the silky cunt hairs mingle with hers, then Janet's wet, hot cunt was rubbing into her pussy. Janet gripped Honey's hips tightly, grinding her cunt against Honey's pussy, fucking as if she had a cock.

Hungrily, Honey began sucking and licking furiously at Julie's pussy again, her tongue delving deeply into that hot tight sweetness. She whipped her hips about, rubbing and grinding against Janet's wet cunt.

Julie was squealing with ecstasy as she twisted her tender twat into Honey's face. Honey felt the young girl digging her fingers into berths, twisting and pulling on her rigid nipples. It was a fantastic sensation, a bubbling ecstasy that sent her soaring with the most intense enjoyment she had felt so far. She loved the way Janet was gripping the cheeks of her ass in one hand, the other running through her blonde cunt hair as she rubbed in a furious way. Their cunts were sliding hotly together, each clitoris throbbing powerfully when they touched.

Julie's little cunt was dripping into Honey's mouth, making her swallow often. Her tongue stabbed and licked, now and then lapping at that dainty, youthful asshole. The voices of Herb and his son came now and then through the heavy fog of Honey's ecstasy, but the words made no sense to her. The only reality she was aware of was the intense pleasure flooding her naked body.

"Oh God! Oh God!" Honey heard Janet grunting in a thick voice. "Oh God! So fucking good!"

Honey knew she was mewling hotly into Julie's cunt and asshole. She could not stop the sounds of delight. They came bubbling from her without thought. She opened her lips and closed them tightly about Julie's twitching cunt, her tongue deep. She lapped at the velvety insides of Julie's slippery twat with relish, her nose once more pressing into the tight asshole.

In the pit of her lower stomach, Honey felt a tremendous orgasm bubbling hotly. Her cunt was quivering against Janet's and as she licked and sucked at Julie's cunt, Honey knew she was going to come so hard, it would rip her apart. It was burning like a volcano.

She ground her cunt in a frenzy of mindless delight against Janet's slippery, puffy twat. Her tongue was going deeper and deeper into Julie's snatch. It felt as if her nose was penetrating Julie's sweet asshole. Every nerve of her being was burning, blazing like wildfire. It was becoming so hot, so strong, she could hardly take much more. The knowledge that Janet's husband, Julie's father… and Freddie were watching this display of wild, wanton, abandoned sexuality made it so much better for Honey. It was a wild erotic fantasy come true to her. It was so much better than she had thought. Honey came.

"Mmmmmm!" she groaned into Julie's flexing cunt. "Mmmmmm!" Her cunt shot up, grinding hard against Janet's pussy as she came, her tongue lapping wildly up Julie's cunt. She was only vaguely aware that Julie was coming. She felt the tender cunt close tightly about her tongue, then began to contract in wave after wave of convulsions. Her own pussy was in such strong spasms Honey did not feel Janet's cunt when the woman came off.

Honey didn't know if she had fainted from the intensity of her ecstasy or not. What she did know was that when she opened her eyes, she was still sprawled obscenely on the foot, with Janet lying next to her, facing in the opposite direction. Janet had one long, smooth thigh tossed over Honey's lower body, the hairs of her twat smashed by the creamy flesh. Julie was nowhere to be seen, and neither was Freddie. Herb, however, was sitting on the couch, waiting.

Honey looked at him for a brief moment, then struggled upright. She looked about for her skirt and blouse, but they were nowhere to be seen. She turned her gaze questioningly to Herb.

"Julie took your clothes to her room," he answered her unspoken question.

"But why?"

"You'll find out."

Honey saw his grin, and she shivered. "Please, I've done everything you wanted. May I go home now? Please! I promise I won't do it again."

Herb laughed as Janet sat up. "Do you think we care if you look through our windows, Honey?"

"I won't do it again," she promised, once more shy, embarrassed. "I promise."

"No," he said slowly, frowning slightly.

"Honey, I think we'll keep you with us for a while. I have a hunch you're going to be fun to have around."


The next morning when Honey woke up, she was startled for a moment. She was in a strange room, and she didn't remember how she got there. She was lying on a single bed, still naked, but someone had placed a thin blanket over her.

She sat up and looked around as it came back to her. A flush crept over her lovely cheeks as she remembered what they had forced her to do. But then, she thought, it was my own fault. They caught me peeking at them. What else could they do? Let me go? Hardly.

Honey still had no fear of them, not from physical harm. She was sure they would not harm her in that way. Also Honey knew she could not be harmed mentally. She was honest with herself, and knew she wanted everything they had forced upon her.

She hugged her naked tits with a delicious shiver as she recalled everything that happened the night before. She looked around the room, searching for a bathroom. There were only two doors, and one proved to be a small closet. The other led into the hall.

But directly across from her door was a bathroom. The hall was empty, and she darted quickly across and into the bathroom, closing the door behind her. But she found there was no way to lock the door.

Honey filled the tub with water, trying to keep the sound as quiet as she could. Slipping into the hot water, Honey picked up the small bar of soap and began scrubbing herself. It was only after she finished her bath that she realized there were no towels except a small hand towel.

She dried herself as best she could, then peeked into the hall again. Once more it was deserted, and she dashed back into the room. She sat on the bed, running her fingers through her honey-blonde, long hair. She needed a brush and comb, but there weren't any. She stripped the bed and wrapped a sheet about her nakedness, sitting back on the bed to wait.

She didn't know what she was waiting for, but surely one member of the family would come to her soon.

She was right.

Janet opened the door and stuck her head in.

Honey saw the woman smile, and realized once more how beautiful she was.

"Good morning, Honey," Janet said, stepping into the room. Honey saw her clothes in Janet's hand. "Yes, I've brought your skirt and blouse."

Honey reached for them quickly. She pulled her blouse on, trying to conceal her body with the sheet at the same time. She could see the amusement on Janet's face, but she didn't care. By the time she was dressed, she felt better. Looking at Janet, Honey asked: "When may I go home?"

"In time," Janet smiled.

"What are you going to do with me?" Honey asked, her voice quivering slightly.

"Don't worry your pretty head about it," Janet said. "We won't hurt you, I can promise you that." She took Honey's hand and started pulling her from the room. "Right now, it's time for breakfast."

Honey was relieved to see that everyone was dressed. She could not get over her shyness. She ate silently, hardly listening to the talk between the family. Words like "fuck" and "cock" and "cunt" were tossed about easily. She knew they were discussing her, as if she weren't within hearing range.

Parts of her body were discussed in erotic terms, all of it in glowing admiration. Honey found herself warming to this family, but still shy. They were friendly, nice to her. She was surprised that she was quite hungry. After she finished eating, Honey politely picked up her plate and carried it to the sink. As she rinsed it, she felt a presence behind her. Her skirt was being lifted, then tucked underneath the waist band. Honey shivered as she realized her curvy, swelling ass was fully exposed. She leaned against the sink, knowing they were all looking at her naked ass.

"That's the way you are to dress for the time being, Honey," she heard Herb say. "You're to keep your fine looking ass revealed to us at all times."

Honey wanted to ask questions, but she was not going to do or say anything to antagonize this family until she knew what was going to happen to her.

With her skirt stuffed into the waist band behind her, it caused the split in front to fall open, and the blonde curls of her cunt were exposed.

All that morning Honey tried to sit in some way that would conceal her nakedness, but when she had to move, there was no way possible. And their hands were everywhere. All of them caressed her rounded ass at every opportunity. They continued talking about her. She felt as if she had been turned, suddenly and overnight into their slave.

Voluntarily, Honey helped Janet about the house. It came natural to her, her passive nature and her eagerness to please. Now and then Janet would talk to her, and Honey found herself answering. Somehow it came out that she owned this huge house, the isolated place that her parents had left her. That seemed to delight the family. They began to make plans to visit it soon, all without discussing it with Honey.

Later in the afternoon, Honey found herself in a humiliating situation. Sometime during the day Freddie had left the house, and when he returned, he had Honey's rubber cock with him. Apparently Freddie had entered her apartment and searched for it.

"That's a handy thing," Janet commented as she stroked the rubber cock, almost lovingly. "Nice to have around in an emergency."

Julie took it and fondled the rubber cock as if it were real, giggling with pleasure. "It's bigger than Daddy's cock."

"Let's stick it up Honey's cunt!" Freddie said.

Herb motioned Honey to come to him. Honey stood up, her legs shaking, and walked to him, her pussy exposed. When she was standing before the man, he took the rubber cock from his daughter. "Spread your legs, Honey."

When she did as he said, Honey felt Herb working the rubber cock into her cunt. Her hands hung loosely at her sides, and a sense of degradation came flooding over her. She felt the rubber cock moving deep in her cunt now, and she could not deny the pleasure it gave her.

Then an odd thing happened.

After the rubber cock had been inserted up her cunt, she was left alone. Honey stood shivering, her dress stuffed into the waistband and the rubber cock in her pussy, and they simply sat there looking at her. The rubber cock was a long one, and five or six inches of it hung between her thighs. She felt shy. All the others were fully dressed, which contributed to her feeling of embarrassment.

A few minutes later she started to remove it, but they would not let her. She was told she had to keep it in her twat until one of them took it out.

Honey found it slightly difficult to walk with the rubber cock between her thighs, and she moved only when it was necessary. She wondered when they would let her go home, if they would let her go home. The answer came to her early in the afternoon when Freddie and Julie went out and returned half an hour later.

They had gone to her apartment and gathered up a few clothes for her.

In the small room where she had slept, Honey found they had brought only skirts and sweaters. There were no panties or bras.

The rubber cock was still up her cunt. She didn't dare remove it. Somehow she felt she had to please this family, keep them happy. But Honey also knew that she not only enjoyed being embarrassed this way, she really wanted to please them.

As erotic minded as Honey was, this was so good, so thrilling that she was willing to do as they wanted with her. And she would not protest.

When she returned to the living room she found Freddie and Julie alone. They did not explain the whereabouts of their parents, nor did Honey dare ask. She started to sit down, but the rubber cock prevented that. Instead she stood near a chair, looking down at the floor. She didn't know what to say, what to do. When she lifted her eyes somewhat, she saw that Julie was pulling Freddie's cock from his pants.

Immediately Honey began to breathe excitedly.

Watching the pretty little girl slide her hand up and down her brother's cock, Honey's cunt contracted on the rubber prick in her pussy. The boy and girl seemed to be paying no attention to Honey.

"Wanna fuck me, Freddie?" Julie asked her brother in her little-girl voice.

Freddie grinned at his sister and shoved his hand beneath her dress. Julie threw her knees wide apart and scooted her sweet ass to the edge of the cushion. Honey saw with the dress now bunched about Julie's waist, she was naked beneath it. Her sweet cunt was revealed as Freddie's hand moved about it. Honey was drawn to that cute cunt.

"Let's fuck!" Julie squealed, throwing a leg over her brother's hips and shoving her cunt toward his cock. "I wanna fuck you, Freddie!"

Honey gazed with hot excited eyes as this pretty girl lifted her hips, reaching down to take her brother's cock in her hand. Then Julie sat down on Freddie's throbbing prick, taking it all into her twat. The soft squeals of excitement came to Honey, and she began to tremble. She thought they had actually forgotten she was there, but then Julie turned her face over her shoulder and called out to her.

"Come on, Honey! You gotta do something, too! Play with Freddie's balls while I fuck him! Come on, play with his balls!"

Transfixed by the erotic sight, Honey moved to them carefully, because the rubber cock was still inside her twat. She knelt down and took Freddie's balls in her hand, rolling and twisting them. She stared hotly at the sweet, tight ass bouncing up and down on his prick.

When she bent down a bit, she could see Freddie's cock thrusting in and out of his sister's hot cunt.

Honey could not remain on her knees, simply holding Freddie's balls this way. She wanted more, much more. Her pussy was glowing and twitching around the rubber cock, her tits swelling.

She leaned forward and began to kiss his balls. As she licked and kissed the boy's balls, her cheek was scraped by that sweet little ass of Julie. Impulsively, Honey ran her tongue over Julie's ass.

"Ooooh, yes!" Julie squealed when she felt Honey's tongue on her flesh. "Lick my ass, too! Ohhhh, suck on Freddie's balls! But you gotta lick my ass, too!"

Honey shoved one hand between her legs and grasped the rubber cock, stabbing it in and out of her cunt as her tongue licked first Freddie's balls, then the creamy smoothness of Julie's ass. Julie's little ass was not bouncing swiftly, but it was moving. Now and then Honey's tongue delved between those sweet cheeks and lapped at Julie's tight asshole. When she did that, Julie would squeal happily, shaking her ass with pleasure.

Honey moved the rubber cock in and out of her cunt slowly, savoring the pleasure. Her eyes glowed as she watched them fucking, her tongue moving from one to the other. She sucked Freddie's balls into her mouth, feeling them throb hotly. Her free hand seemed undecided where to touch, to caress and fondle. She stroked Freddie's upper thigh, felt his sister's ass. She even spread her fingers around the base of his cock to feel that hairless, wet cunt bang up and down.

Fuck him! Honey's mind was screaming. Fuck his cock! Ooooh, so beautiful! Fuck his hard cock with your sweet little cunt! Ohhh, I want to lick it, suck it!

Honey's cunt was already convulsing, soft waves of pleasure flowing through her. She was whimpering with erotic delight as she lapped her tongue up and down the crack of Julie's sugary sweet ass, tasting her flexing asshole. Her chin was against Freddie's balls, becoming slippery with the juices that Julie's cunt left as it moved up and down.

"Ooooh, I'm about to come!" she heard Julie yelping. "I'm gonna come!"

Honey lapped swiftly at Julie's dainty asshole, pressing her tongue against it, wanting to make this orgasm for Julie good, as good as possible. When Julie came, Honey could feel it by the way her sweet asshole flexed against her tongue.

But then Freddie was grunting. He was ready to come. Honey quickly dropped her mouth down, taking both of his balls into her mouth. She sucked vigorously on them. As Freddie boiled over, gushing come juice up into his sister's gripping cunt, Honey sucked harder yet, feeling his balls pulsate and draw up against her lips.

Julie crawled off her brother, breathing heavily, her dark eyes glowing with the pleasure that still rumbled through her. "Lick me, Honey! Lick my cunt!" Julie urged her legs spread wide on the couch.

Honey looked between those slender thighs. Julie's hairless cunt was puffy, and it was dripping with the come juice her brother had spurted into it. The pearl-white come juice was like a beacon to Honey. She pulled the rubber cock from her twat and moved quickly to kneel between Julie's thighs.

Hungrily, Honey began to lick up and down Julie's still throbbing pussy. She tasted Freddie's come juice mixed with the cunt juice of the little girl. Her mind reeled and her own pussy was exploding with soft contractions. Her tongue lapped furiously, then darted into the tight cunt. Honey fucked her tongue back and forth in a frenzy her hands clawing at Julie's naked little ass.

"Eat it up, cunt!" she heard Freddie saying. "Eat my sister's hot cunt, you cocksucking cunt! Lick her good, Honey!"

Soft, whimpering sounds erupted from Honey as she ovaled her mouth around Julie's dripping cunt. Her tongue went deep, fluttering about, tasting. Then she stabbed it to and fro furiously, fucking Julie's slippery twat. Julie squirmed and twisted about, mewling with the ecstasy Honey's tongue was giving her. Julie's hot inner thighs were pressing against her face, and Honey thrilled to the feeling.

"Well, look at this!"

Honey heard Janet's voice, but she didn't pull her face from Julie's cunt. She clung to the girl's writhing ass cheeks, licking and eating and sucking with a mindless passion. She was only vaguely aware when Julie came again. She felt the tight cunt squeeze at her tongue, felt the increase of juices, but she was so involved in licking this sweet pussy, she didn't stop.

Finally Julie was shoving at her head, trying to make her stop. Reluctantly, Honey drew her face away. Her expression was twisted into tormented desire, and she looked about as if coming out of a trance.

"It seems we caught us one hell of a hot cunt," she heard Herb say. "Just what we always wanted."

Honey sat on the floor, leaning her head against the cushions of the couch. Her knees were up, spread a foot apart. Her thighs and blonde-haired cunt were revealed, as was one shapely tit. She didn't care… she wanted to be exposed in obscene ways, to be looked at, used.

She was so hot her hand went, to her cunt. Her eyes were glassy as she looked at them. Honey worked a finger into her pussy, unashamedly finger fucking herself.

"Ohhh, please!" she whimpered softly. "I want to fuck! Ohhh, please, I'm so fucking hot!"

Herb laughed, but he was getting out of his clothing. Janet gave a small chuckle as she watched Honey finger fucking herself. "There's no doubt her ass is hot, darling," she said. "Go on and fuck her before she starts climbing the walls."

"I've got different ideas," Herb said. He was naked now, his cock throbbing, hairy balls dangling.

Through the misty fog of her passion, Honey could see his cock was dripping, and she lifted one hand out to it. "Fuck me, please!" she wailed. "Please, please fuck me! I'm so hot! I need your cock, Herb! Give it to me – now!"

But Herb positioned Honey on the floor, on her back. Honey breathed with anticipation of feeling his big cock slipping into her cunt, but then Herb squatted above her face. Honey looked up at his balls dangling there and lifted her face. She ran her tongue over his balls, tasting them. Her naked ass writhed on the carpet, and she was still plunging a finger in and out of her clinging cunt.

"You fuck her, Freddie," Honey heard him call to his son. "You fuck her hot cunt!"

Honey felt the boy's cock pressing at her pussy as soon as he was between her spread thighs. She lifted her hips to him. She sighed with delight as his cock penetrated her boiling pussy. Immediately Honey opened her mouth and pulled Herb's hairy balls into it. She ran her hands about his ass and thighs as she sucked at his hairy balls. Her hips bounced up and down on the floor as Freddie pumped into her cunt. She felt Freddie sucking at one of her rigid nipples as he fucked her, sending hot sparks of pleasure through her.

Then Herb moved. His balls popped from her mouth and Honey found her lips against his asshole. Her tongue moved instinctively, licking at his asshole in a frenzy.

"Tongue my ass!" Herb urged in a thick voice. "Lick my asshole, cunt! Fuck her hot cunt, Freddie! Come on, Honey. I want that tongue up my fucking asshole! Stick it up my ass, baby!"

I want to! Honey thought. I want to do that! Oooo, I want to stick my tongue up his ass his asshole! Oh, they're watching me! Janet and Julie are watching me being fucked by Freddie! They see me licking Herb's asshole.

Her tongue pressed hard against his asshole, and Honey was surprised at the ease with which it entered. Her tongue moved perhaps an inch into Herb's asshole, and she began to fuck it back and forth. As she tongue-fucked him in his ass, she managed to get a hand around his cock. She beat up and down on it, loving the way his prick throbbed. Her naked body squirmed with passion and heat, her cunt gripping tight at Freddie's thrusting prick. She rolled and twisted her naked ass, banging up and down, her stomach churning.

Honey's tongue moved deeper into Herb's asshole, her fist jerking on his throbbing cock. His hairy balls rested on her chin, and she was shuddering with ecstasy. Her cunt was, fiery as she churned against Freddie. Her tongue moved swiftly in and out of Herb's asshole. Honey loved the fact that she was being seen by Herb's wife and daughter. That seemed to increase her pleasure.

Suddenly Honey wailed against Herb's ass. She shot her cunt hard against Freddie's driving cock, and her orgasm struck with the force of a hurricane. Her orgasm was so strong she did not feel Freddie's cock gushing come juice into her twat. But she did know when Herb started coming.

Honey felt his ass flex around her tongue, and his cock suddenly jerked. She felt a splash of his hot come juice strike one tit, near her hard nipple. Honey's tongue pulled free of his asshole immediately, and she managed to pull his spewing cock head to her mouth. Her fist beat furiously on it as she opened her mouth, catching the next spurt inside. Then Herb's prick was in her mouth, fucking in and out as he came. Honey swallowed greedily, gurgling as his come juice flooded her hungry mouth. Her hands held his naked ass cheeks tightly as he fucked her mouth her fingers close to his flexing asshole.

When Herb slipped his cock from her gripping mouth, Honey was surprised to find Julie leaning over her, licking at the come juice that had splattered near her nipple.

"Quite a performance," Janet said from where she had sat down to watch. When Honey turned her head toward the woman, she gazed up between Janet's creamy thighs, seeing the crotch of her tight panties. "Now it's my turn, Honey. Come and suck my pussy, since you made it so fucking hot! Come on, suck my cunt!"

Tiredly, Honey crawled on her hands and knees to the woman.


That evening, Herb took them all out to dinner.

Honey thought perhaps they would now let her go back to her apartment. She had done everything they wanted without protest. She didn't really want to leave them; she found this past night and day to be a very happy period for her. She had no one, no relatives in the world. This was a family, and despite being caught peeking at them and then being used, Honey found herself wanting to stay with them.

There was no jealousy here, she discovered during the day. Janet was secure in her love for Herb, and he was secure in hers. The two beautiful children were happy, too. Somehow, Honey thought, they had found true happiness in their family. She wanted to belong, be a part of them.

Honey dressed in a becoming skirt and sweater for the dinner out. Her sweater was soft against her body, molding her shapely, thrusting tits beautifully. Her skirt was a bit short for the fashion of today, but she didn't mind that. She loved for her thighs to be exposed. And since she had no panties, she loved being naked beneath her sweater and skirt.

Feeling very delicious, Honey left her room and walked into the living room. She had brushed her honey-blonde hair until it shone. Her face required no makeup, and she looked about fifteen years old.

As she stepped into the living room, she saw Janet holding the rubber cock. Oh, please don't! Honey thought as she looked at the thing. Janet was bouncing it in her hand. It's so hard to walk with that up my cunt. Please don't make me go out with it in my pussy!

Janet apparently reading what was on Honey's face tossed the rubber cock to one side.

"Oh, don't worry," Janet said. She opened a small box next to her, and Honey saw a small rubber cock. This one was perhaps three inches long and perhaps an inch in diameter. It had a strap attached to the base. "This is what you'll wear tonight, Honey. Come here and let me stick it in you."

Honey went to Janet, and when she was told to turn around, Honey did so. She felt Janet lift her dress in back. "Bend over, honey."

Honey bent, her hands on her knees. But then she jumped. "Oh, not there, please!"

Janet was pressing the small rubber cock against her asshole. "Be quiet," she said.

"I don't want it up my ass! Please, don't stick it in my ass!"

But Janet paid no mind to her pleas. Honey felt the rubber cock pressing at her tight asshole. She gritted her teeth, making a face. Involuntarily, Honey clenched her asshole against the invasion. But it did her no good. Janet pressed harder one hand holding the cheeks of Honey's ass wide apart.

"Oh!" Honey yelped.

The well-formed head of the rubber cock had gone up her asshole. For a moment Honey couldn't breathe, then she began to gasp as Janet worked it farther into her.

"Stand up," Janet said.

Honey straightened upright. The cock was stuffed into her asshole, making it feel stretched. Janet looked at Honey's ass, seeing the cheeks did not quite close.

Janet was satisfied. "Turn around so I can snap the strap."

Honey turned and lifted her skirt. Janet drew a strap up between Honey's thighs, bringing two others about her hips. She snapped them together. The strap between Honey's thighs pulled into the puffy lips of her cunt, pressing on her clitoris. The rubber cock up her ass and the strap against her clitoris gave Honey a strange feeling, but she found to her delight that it was good. When Janet finished and she was allowed to drop her skirt, Honey made a few tentative steps. She was surprised that the rubber cock up her asshole did not hinder her walking. On the contrary, it seemed to increase the erotic sensations that were always bubbling beneath her flesh.

Janet called Herb and her family to look at her work. She lifted Honey's skirt and showed them all. Julie was delighted and giggled about it, saying she would like to try it sometime.

"That stays up your asshole the rest of the evening, Honey," Herb said.

"But, how will I sit down?" Honey ventured.

"Carefully?" Freddie laughed. "Very carefully!"

"You'll love it," Janet said, patting Honey on her rounded ass, then letting the skirt fall.

"It's a good feeling, wearing that in your ass. I've done it many times."

By the time they left the house for dinner, Honey found that Janet had been right. She did like the sensation, of being naked beneath her clothing, with the rubber cock stuffed into her asshole. Honey had never had anything in her asshole except her own finger. She had tried once to stick the rubber cock into her ass, but it was far too large and hurt her.

She had to sit in the rear seat with Julie and her brother, but she didn't mind. Freddie took her hand and placed it over his cock. Honey squeezed his prick as she cupped her fingers over Julie's pantied, hairless cunt. She had to hold them this way as Herb drove.

The restaurant was exclusive and dimly lit.

They were seated at a corner table, away from the flow of traffic. All the tables had long cloths on them, almost banging to the floor. When Honey sat down, she did so slowly.

But she found the sensation exciting as the rubber cock pressed up her ass. Honey looked around at the other diners. She felt a wonderful glow, thinking about sitting there with that thing up her ass and all those people around not knowing it.

Honey was sitting between Herb and Janet. She let Herb order for her, and as they waited for the dinner, they had cocktails. Then she felt Herb's hand take hers and pull it to his lap. She gasped and looked about quickly as he wrapped her fingers about his cock. He had taken his cock from his pants, and now she sat there holding it. A deep, hot flush came over her face, a flush of embarrassment. The flush went even deeper as Janet pulled her other hand between her hot, smooth thighs and pressed it against her pussy. Janet was not wearing panties, either.

When the food arrived, Honey tried to pull her hands away from the cunt and cock, but they held her there. A quick glance told her the tablecloth concealed what she was being forced to do, and she felt relief.

The meal was finished. They had allowed her to turn loose the hairy cunt and now-hard cock long enough to eat.

But then, after she had finished, Herb ordered more drinks, with the two kids sipping iced tea. Her hands were pulled back down under the tablecloth, and Honey sat there with one hand gripping a hard cock, the other cupping a hairy, very hot cunt. She refused another drink, for which she was rewarded with an approving smile from Herb.

"Get under the table," Herb said.

"What?" Honey replied, turning huge eyes at him.

"Slip under the table," he said.

"But I can't do that!" Honey protested. She looked about quickly at the other diners.

"Someone would see me!"

"So what?" Janet smiled. "Even if they do, no one will say anything. Besides, you won't be seen. Come on, Honey… under the table."

Honey looked around, her face burning with shame, but she slipped underneath the table. She sat there, feeling the rubber cock deep in her ass. She saw Herb's cock throbbing hard, concealed by the tablecloth. She saw Janet sitting with her knees apart, her dress up, hairy cunt exposed. Turning, she saw Julie jacking on her brother's cock as he fondled her hairless cunt through the crotch of her panties.

Honey sat there, feeling highly embarrassed, not yet understanding why she had to be under the table.

"Suck my cock," she heard the whisper. Then she saw Herb's finger motioning to her under the cloth. Getting onto her hands and knees, she moved to his cock. He spread his legs, and with a deliciously wicked feeling running through her, Honey began to suck on Herb's prick. As she sucked him, she could hear him talking to Janet, talking as if nothing was happening under the table.

His cock throbbed inside her mouth, and Honey's mind ran wild despite her feeling of embarrassment. She could be seen at any time, she felt. That increased her passion, and she devoured his cock hungrily. Now and then Herb would grunt in pleasure. Honey sucked up and down, her lips holding his cock tightly, hotly, her tongue fluttering about his dripping piss hole. She loved the swollen smoothness of his cock head between her lips, loved the way it tasted.

She was not prepared when he suddenly gushed thick come juice into her mouth. She had his cock deep in her throat, and she made a strangling sound as it squirted. She quickly sucked up so she could lick in a frenzy at the spewing piss hole. She swallowed with soft, ecstatic sounds of pleasure, her ass twisting about, the rubber cock seeming to grow up her ass.

"My cunt now," she heard Janet whisper.

Honey moved between Janet's creamy hot thighs and shoved her mouth against the hairy, wet pussy. Janet had scooted forward to enable Honey to get her mouth and tongue on her twat, and Honey began to lick furiously at it.

The come juice from Herb's cock lingered in her mouth, and her own cunt felt as if it were melting from her body.

Her tongue went in and out of Janet's cunt, then up over that rigid, throbbing knob of her clitoris. She drew the clitoris between her lips and nibbled at it delicately, her tongue fluttering over the tip. She felt Janet shuddering, the hot thighs closing against her cheeks. Honey's fingers dug into Janet's naked hips, her tongue on the clitoris as she sucked hard. She thought she heard Janet make a soft sigh as she came, but she wasn't sure.

"Now go suck Julie's cunt," Janet whispered.

Honey turned and crawled two feet to Julie. She had to remove Freddie's hand from his sister's cunt, and then pull the crotch of Julie's panties to one side. She looked at the tender, hairless cunt, again thinking how lovely it was. She ran her wet lips and tongue up the inside of Julie's thigh, making the little girl shiver. Kissing her way along the creamy thigh, Honey finally shoved her face into Julie's cunt. A soft squeal came from the little girl.

"Shhh," Honey heard her mother caution Julie. "Be very quiet, honey. Pretend nothing is happening."

Honey knew the little girl was having a difficult time doing that. Julie could not help but squirm her little ass on the chair. Honey lifted her legs and draped them along her back, holding the crotch of her panties to one side as she licked. There was a distinct difference between Julie's cunt and that of her mother's, but both were delicious to her in their own way.

Julie had her hands beneath the tablecloth and was holding Honey's head tight into her cunt. She could not keep herself from wiggling excitedly. Honey ran her tongue up and down Julie's bubbling little pussy, tasting it and shivering herself. Her ass wiggled with pleasure, and she even shoved one of her hands behind her ass to press the rubber cock deeper into her asshole.

Already she was anticipating sucking Freddie's cock off. Her tongue went up and down the slit of Julie's puffy cunt, her mind roaring with the wickedness of what she was doing in this restaurant. Although she was hidden by the tablecloth, Honey felt as if she were exposed to the world, sucking cocks off and licking cunts.

Julie gave a long, drawn-out sigh, and Honey felt the pussy contracting against her lips. She lapped her tongue furiously.

When Julie calmed, she turned to Freddie, already reaching for his cock.

Then before she got hold of it, she heard Herb paying the bill, saying: "I guess we better go now."

Panic started in Honey's mind. What if they leave me under here? How will I get out… how can I crawl from here without being seen? I'll die! I'll die if anyone sees me!

Then Honey found they had left. She was under the table, alone. She trembled with fear. Almost overcome with panic, she peeked under the tablecloth. Then she slowly crept out, looking around with fear-filled eyes. As she stood up, a couple looked her way.

The woman looking at her suddenly winked at Honey.

With a flaming face, Honey walked quickly to the exit, very conscious of the rubber cock stuffed up her ass. She knew, just knew, that she walked strangely, that every one knew what was up her asshole and what she had done under the table.

By the time she was outside, her shame burned bright on her pretty face. She looked around like a frightened animal and started walking quickly past the parking lot. She really had no idea where she was going, only that she had to get away from all those knowing people inside.

"Get in, Honey."

Honey whirled about sudden relief flooded her as she practically dove into the back seat of the car.

"Why?" she asked fearfully. "Why did you do that to me? Oh, I was so embarrassed!"

"You don't understand yet, do you, Honey?" Janet asked, turning in the front seat to look at Honey.

"What do you want with me?" Honey said, tears in her eyes. "Why did you make me feel so ashamed in there? I don't understand any of it."

"Did you enjoy it?" Janet asked. "Didn't the feeling of embarrassment thrill you? Didn't it make your cunt get nice and hot?"

Honey stared through tears at the woman. Then it came to her clearly. "Yes!" she almost shouted. "Damn you, it made me feel wonderful!"

Janet laughed. "Then you understand?"

Honey shook her head. "No, I don't."

"I'll try to explain," Janet said, facing the back seat. "You love to be forced, Honey. You're a hot cunt, and you know that. You've been a hot piece of little ass probably all your life. We knew that when we discovered you peeking in our windows. We knew it for certain when Freddie watched through your window. He saw you fucking yourself with that rubber cock." She gave a little laugh. "He got so fucking excited, he came off against the screen, remember?"

Honey looked at Janet. She knew all this so far.

"Sometimes we don't know ourselves what we like," Janet went on. "There are times when we have to be shown what really turns us on. You know you love to watch others fucking and sucking, Honey, but you love to be watched, too. You enjoy being forced, to be in situations that could be considered dangerous. You happen to be one of those people. You get more excited when there is the element of being caught added to it."

"And… and you knew this about me?"

"Of course," Janet replied. "If we didn't, we certainly would not have brought you into our home this way."

Honey shivered, knowing what Janet said was true.

"I guess you're right," she said, her voice hardly a loud whisper. "I didn't know. I mean, I suppose I did know, but wouldn't understand it."

"Everyone got sucked off back there except Freddie," Herb said over his shoulder. "I'm sure my son has one hell of a hard-on, Honey. Why don't you take care of it while we drive home?"

There was plenty of traffic, with cars whizzing in the opposite direction, some even passing them. Honey looked out the window, a flush on her face. "But someone could see," she protested weakly.

"Isn't that the idea, Honey?" Janet laughed. "To be seen?"

Honey felt Freddie's hands crawling under her skirt, and her legs opened voluntarily. She was staring out the car windows at the heavy traffic. There were people on the sidewalks, and they could glance in and see what she was doing. And Honey suddenly felt a tremendous thrill of pleasure shoot through her. She grabbed Freddie's cock, finding it already out of his pants.

"You have to drop your pants, Freddie," she said in a husky voice. "If people are going to see my naked ass, they're going to see yours, too!"

Feeling deliciously wicked, Honey pulled her skirt up, flipping it over her ass. She turned to face a window with her ass in the air, her knees on the seat. Without asking, she unsnapped the straps and felt Freddie pulling the rubber cock from her asshole.

Freddie was on his knees behind her naked ass, his sister squeezed into the corner behind him. Honey could see people on the sidewalk as Freddie shoved his cock toward her. But it wasn't going to her cunt.

Honey felt his cock pressing at her asshole. She pulled forward. "Not there!" she yelped. "My cunt! I want you to fuck me in my cunt, Freddie!"

"No," he grunted. "Up your ass!"

Honey heard Julie giggle. "You always like an asshole better than a cunt, Freddie. Sometimes I worry about you."

"Don't worry about me, you little cocksucker," Honey heard him reply. "You'd rather suck cock than fuck. What's the difference?"

Janet, still looking into the back seat, watching her son trying to fuck Honey up the ass, said: "Stop squabbling, you two. Both of you like different things."

Then Honey gave a yelp. Freddie had stuck his cock into her asshole. It felt different than the rubber cock, and Honey knew it was larger. But she was surprised that she felt no pain. Instead she felt elated, excited. Her face was close to the car window, looking right out at the people on the sidewalk, her naked ass in the air, with a cock stuck up it.

Freddie was gripping Honey's hips as he began to fuck her. Honey's sensation of pleasure grew until it began to bubble hotly. She wiggled her ass for him, mewling and squealing. Freddie was grunting as he drove his cock deep into her asshole, his balls slapping at her slippery wet cunt. She felt hands there, and she knew that Julie was fondling her brother's balls as he fucked her ass.

"Ram it to her, Freddie!" Herb laughed.

"That's beautiful!" Honey heard Janet's thick voice. "Fuck her pretty ass, Freddie! Fuck Honey's tight asshole! Fuck her good, Freddie!"

Honey felt his cock burning deep inside her stretched asshole. To her delight she found it wonderful, that she loved to be ass-fucked. It was much better than her finger. Already she could feel herself close to coming, and she humped her naked ass to his driving thrusts. Her mouth was wide open as the pleasure flowed hotly through her.

Somehow, Julie managed to get a finger into Honey's steaming cunt, and was finger fucking her, even as she played with her brother's balls. Honey's ecstasy soared. Her face was now against the window of the car, Freddie banging away in a frenzy up her asshole.

Then Herb had to stop at a stoplight.

For just a moment Honey was beyond reality, then she found herself looking directly into the face of some strange man. She knew he could see what was happening to her, that she was getting thoroughly fucked in the back seat of this car by a young boy.

Her mouth formed an oval of shameful surprise, then she came. "Ohhhh!" she yelled.

Freddie pumped furiously into her asshole, and he started coming just as the car began to move again. Honey's eyes followed the surprised look on that strange man's face until he could no longer be seen. She knew that was what caused her to come so suddenly the strange face peering into the car at her.

Freddie filled her shivering ass with come juice, and when he pulled free, Honey's asshole clenched up as if she wanted to keep his cock there forever.

"Beautiful, Honey!" Janet laughed huskily. "That was simply beautiful!"

Honey flopped onto the seat, suddenly laughing almost insanely. "Did you see that man?" she screamed ecstatically. "Did you see the expression on his face when he looked in and saw me getting fucked!"

"That guy will have wet dreams for the next week," Herb laughed.

The idea sent delicious shivers through Honey's body, and she hugged herself win, pleasure.


Honey walked next to Freddie, his parents and sister behind her. She was showing them about the huge old house and the spacious grounds.

They all seemed delighted with it. Honey could not understand their enthusiasm; she had never liked the place all that well, and especially after her parents had gone.

Although not run down, it was going to seed. The house needed painting and the lawns were overgrown. Honey thought it would take simply too much work to put it into order again, something she was not prepared to do.

Not only did she lack the money, but the energy. However, Janet and Herb bubbled over the potential of the place, and Julie and her brother found the grounds a real delight.

They paused at the edge of the property line, on a low hill that overlooked a narrow, shallow creek. Honey pointed out a natural pool where she used to swim and take baths.

"And the nearest neighbor is half a mile away?" Janet asked.

"That's right," Honey replied.

"Can we buy it, Dad?" Freddie asked. "Let's buy it and live here."

Herb looked at Honey. "Are you sure you'd sell this place. Wouldn't you like to give more thought about it, Honey?"

"I don't want it," Honey replied. "I wouldn't know what to do with it and it's too big for one person."

Inside the house, Freddie and Julie explored every room, calling out some particular delight. There was a half-circular staircase in the entrance hall, with a banister running along the back. There were six bedrooms up there, with an equal number of bathrooms. Downstairs there was a huge living room, a den that was large and comfortable with a natural rock fireplace. A formal dining room was off the main room, with another eating room near a well-equipped kitchen. There were also two bathrooms downstairs.

Other than requiring paint and cleaning, the huge house was exceptionally well kept.

Honey showed them through all the rooms, amused at their pleasure in the place. They had asked to see it that morning, and Honey agreed.

She was wearing a loose sunsuit. It was made of some jersey material that clung to her slender, curvy body. Her tits were naked beneath it, and her nipples pressed in bold relief. The sunsuit tucked in at her small waist and clung to her round, shapely ass. Her long, creamy thighs and legs were bare, and a pair of sandals was on her feet. Her honey-colored hair was pulled into twin ponytails, giving her a young appearance.

She looked up at the second landing and saw Julie peering down at them. The pretty little girl was wearing a skirt, and she stood close to the railing. Honey found she could look up her skirt. She could see Julie's deliciously sweet pussy, and for a moment she wondered if anyone had ever looked up at her this way. Julie was not wearing panties, she noticed immediately. Somehow, seeing Julie up there caused her own cunt to start throbbing.

She noticed that Herb and Janet were looking up at their daughter, too, and the front of Herb's pants bulged with a growing hard-on. "This house has certain attractions about it," Janet murmured as she, too, saw her husband's straining cock. She ran her hand over it, squeezing slightly.

Honey was standing on the other side of Janet, and she felt the woman's other hand moving over her swelling ass cheeks. Her body shivered, but with anticipation now. She smiled at the older woman, and returned the, affectionate caress.

Janet slipped her hand under the wide leg of Honey's sunsuit and cupped a firm ass cheek, squeezing it. Honey made a soft mewl of pleasure, wiggling her ass. But then Janet turned toward her husband and began to open his pants. "We can't let this lovely hard-on be wasted, can we?"

Honey watched with glassy eyes as Janet pulled her husband's cock free. She could never get over how thick and long it was. With Julie looking down, Janet slipped to her knees, not minding the dust. She stroked her husband's cock with her fist, bringing up beads of moisture to the piss hole. Honey's mouth opened as Janet's did. She watched almost jealously as Janet licked away the dripping juices on her husband's cock. Honey was sure Janet was going to suck him off, but instead she offered it to Honey.

"You suck Herb's cock off, Honey," Janet said, getting to her feet. "I'm going to find that son of mine. My asshole is burning up for him."

Honey recalled seeing this woman taking her son's cock up her asshole, and how it had felt fucking her ass in the car. She grinned wickedly at Janet as she took Herb's cock in her hand. She pumped on it, squeezing the hard thickness with pleasure. "I can understand that, Janet," she said. "It's too bad there aren't any beds here."

"Who needs a bed?" Janet laughed, going up the stairs in search of her son.

Honey watched Janet's ass moving as she climbed, seeing more and more creamy thigh. Then she turned to Herb. "If Janet fucks Freddie, what will your poor daughter do? I mean, she's going to be left out."

"Not Julie," Herb chuckled. "If I know her, she'll find a way. Don't worry about them. Right now you've got a hard cock in your hand that needs something."

"Oooo, yes!" Honey gurgled, looking at the swollen head of his prick. "And I love it so!"

Honey leaned forward and kissed the head of his cock, tasting the juices burning against her lips. They were standing in the entrance hall, with Honey on her knees before him, his daughter watching from above. When Honey sucked the smooth head of his cock into her mouth, she opened his pants and pulled them 1/2 to his ankles. Now she could get to his balls and ass easily.

When Honey sucked a cock, she loved to be able to get her hands on everything. She loved to fondle a pair of balls and naked ass while a cock throbbed between her lips.

Licking along his cock as her lips drew in, she cupped his muscular ass cheeks and dug her fingers into the flesh. Herb cupped her pretty face with his huge hands as Honey thrust forward, taking almost every inch of his cock into her mouth.

"Suck his fucking cock!" Honey heard Julie giggling above her. "Suck my daddy's cock, Honey! I wanna see you make him come in your cocksucking mouth!"

"I am!" Honey pulled back and looked up. Julie was holding her dress at her waist and finger-fucking her under cunt wantonly. "I am going to suck his fucking cock off into your mouth, Julie!"

And Honey wrapped her hot, greedy lips back around his long prick. She sucked hungrily, making soft sounds of delight. Herb's cock filled her mouth completely, stretching her lips. It seemed to her that the smooth head of his cock was reaching down her constricted throat, and she wished with, a burning desire she could take it that way.

Herb held, her cheeks in his hands, and he was moving now, thrusting his cock back and forth into her mouth. Honey's hands clenched at his ass, pulling and pushing, helping him. Her pussy was boiling between her thighs, and she dropped one hand to her ass. Honey managed to draw the clinging material into the crack of her ass, exposing the sweetness of her cheeks to Julie, who had been joined now by Janet and Freddie. Honey knew they were all looking down at her as she sucked on Herb's cock. It sent shivers of pleasure up and down her spine. She was trembling with pleasure as he fucked back and forth into her mouth. He was fucking her in the mouth more than she was sucking him.

Honey was burning with excitement now. She remembered when she was younger, how she had wanted desperately to be in this entranceway, naked, being fucked or licked or sucking on a cock. She recalled how she had lain in her bed at night and dreamed of erotic situations where she could watch or be seen doing these things. She had often attempted to watch her parents, but never found a way. She recalled how they used to tell her constantly to keep her knees together, keep her dress down, that good little girls never let anyone peek up their skirts. She remembered, as Herb fucked into her hot, wet mouth, the time she had seen her father's cock pressing against the front of his pants that one time. Although Honey had never seen a cock before then, she knew, somehow, that it was the most exciting thing in the world.

Honey's mother had been so proper and prim it was disgusting. She had always been after Honey about how she sat, how she walked. She had gone on and on about what a lady did. Honey had become sick of it. She didn't want to be a lady; she wanted to be fucked and licked and to suck cock and have all kinds of delicious, sweet things done to her body.

But now… now no one told Honey to act proper. Now she was with people who loved her and loved the same things she loved. They were giving her so much pleasure she was ready to evaporate with heat.

Herb held her cheeks as he fucked his cock in and out of her mouth. Honey gurgled hotly around his prick as he went deep, her lips very tight and slippery wet. Her fingers clawed at his naked ass. The way she had pulled her sunsuit into the crack of her ass made her asshole quiver with delight. She managed to twist sideways. Now she could look up at Julie as Herb fucked into her mouth. Janet had joined her daughter there, and Honey saw Freddie behind his mother. He shoved her dress to her waist, and from his movements Honey knew he was once again fucking his mother up the asshole. The expression on Janet's face was that of a woman experiencing the utmost in erotic pleasure. Julie was clinging to one of her mother's tits. It was out of Janet's blouse, the nipple rigid. Honey watched Julie twist and tease her mother's nipple as she finger-fucked herself, and all of them were gazing down at Honey, watching her being fucked in her hot, wet mouth by Herb.

"Suck me, Honey!" Herb was grunting. "Suck my cock, you little cocksucking cunt! Eat it! Eat it!"

Honey licked and sucked as best she could, but that wasn't good enough for her. She loved being fucked in her hot, hungry mouth, but she loved to suck cock, too. She could not do both at the same time. All she could do when Herb fucked so brutally this way was to lick as best she could and keep her greedy lips very tight in case his cock slipped out.

"Oh, Freddie!" Janet's gurgles came to Honey's ears. "Fuck it good for me! Fuck Mother's ass good, baby! Oh God, you know I love your hard cock fucking me up my hot asshole! Good, fill my asshole, Freddie! Fill my fucking ass with your beautiful, hard cock!"

Julie was too excited to do anything but gasp and pant, her eyes large as she looked down at her father fucking Honey's mouth. Her finger was flying in and out of her young cunt now. Honey felt Herb's cock jerking between her lips, his movements becoming uncoordinated. He was holding the back of her head, now, his other hand cupping her chin, his cock stabbing furiously. Honey felt his hairy balls slap lightly at her chin, and her fingers dug deep into his hard, flexing ass cheeks. She knew Herb was about to come, and her mouth and throat worked hungrily.

Then Herb grunted, grinding his cock deep into Honey's mouth. Honey felt his come juice boiling down her throat. She gurgled wetly as she swallowed her eyes unfocused now. Her ecstasy from taking his spurting come juice into her mouth blurred her vision, and she could only see the fuzzy outlines of those three up there. Honey's cunt went into spasms almost at the same time Herb's cock erupted into her mouth. Her ass shook involuntarily as she gobbled on his spewing prick. She was moaning loudly with the intensity of her pleasure.

Herb pulled his cock from her clinging lips, a string of glistening cum clinging to the piss hole. Honey ran her tongue over it rapidly, then, sat back on her heels, grinning happily. She fondled his hairy balls as she again looked up just in time to see Freddie coming up his mother's asshole.

Janet was squealing with pleasure, her ass grinding against her son's driving cock. Julie was pulling at her mother's tit, but she was no longer fingering her hairless twat.

Honey watched Janet cling to the railing weakly after her son pulled his cock from her tight asshole. Honey remembered her own ecstasy when he had fucked her up the ass in the car. A smile of warm satisfaction spread across her face as she wiped daintily at her bruised lips.

Later, they sat near the natural pool and ate the picnic lunch Janet had prepared that morning. The sun was still high, the weather perfect. At Julie's request, Honey had taken her sunsuit off and was naked. Freddie ran about with his cock dangling from his pants, and his mother and sister teased him by flipping it now and then.

After the meal was over, Honey told them how she had always wanted to be naked here, alone. She told them of her desires, of her erotic nature and how they had made her finally understand herself.

"If we buy this place," Herb said, "you know you would always be welcome here Honey."

"It's such a big place," Janet said. "You could live here with us, you know."

"I've never really liked it," Honey said. She sprawled onto her stomach. Her creamy naked ass was warmed by the sun. "I've probably hated it."

"Maybe that was because you couldn't do what you wanted," Janet said. "You know, run about naked, suck and fuck."

Honey looked at the pretty woman. "She could be right, Janet. You probably are right."

She felt Herb's hand move on her thigh. He was caressing the back of her thigh as his wife sat on the other side, watching. Freddie and his sister had taken their clothes off and were splashing about in the water. Honey wiggled her naked ass as Herb's hand cupped one cheek, squeezing it lightly.

"Oh, that feels good, Herb," she murmured.

"I've got something that would feel better," he laughed, slipping his hand between her hot ass cheeks. Honey felt him slipping his finger up and down, sliding easily between her cheeks. She loved the way his finger brushed over her tightly puckered asshole.

Twisting slightly, Honey placed her cheek on Janet's warm, smooth thigh. Janet pulled her dress up, bunching it about her waist. Honey looked at Janet's bushy cunt, seeing the moist lips, the tip of her glistening clitoris. Impulsively, she pushed her face between Janet's thighs and kissed her hair-lined cunt loudly.

"You know," she heard Herb say as he tickled her asshole, "I'd sort of like to fuck this pretty asshole."

Honey looked at him. "You're too big, Herb. That cock of yours would tear me from asshole to belly button."

"Not hardly," Janet laughed. "I've had it up my ass quite a few times, and I'm still intact."

Honey reached for Herb's cock, finding he had already taken it out of his pants. She was delighted to find it deliciously hard. "That's from sitting here looking at that cute ass of yours," he answered her unspoken question.

"Will it hurt me?" Honey asked. She stroked his cock, testing the firmness of it.

"It didn't hurt when Freddie fucked you in the ass, did it?" Janet wanted to know.

"Oh no!" Honey mewled, wiggling her shapely ass as Herb pressed one finger into it. "I loved that!"

She lifted her hips, arching her ass up as Herb stabbed his finger in and out of her asshole. She liked the sensation of his finger moving in and out, but then Herb moved. His finger came out and he was removing his pants. Then he was behind her, between her thighs. Honey felt his cock brush along the cheek of her creamy ass, leaving a trail of moisture that seemed to sear her naked flesh. Her ass came up higher, and she drew her knees up. Her naked ass wagging enticingly at Herb.

"I'm ready!" she squealed. "Oh, God! I'm ready to try it, Herb! Be careful, please! Be gentle with my asshole, but, oh God… fuck me in my ass!" Honey felt the swollen head of Herb's cock pressing at her asshole, and she involuntarily clenched it against the invasion. Yet she wanted it. Even the pressure he was putting against her asshole thrilled hex.

Janet stood on her knees at Honey's side, using her hands to spread the creamy sweetness of Honey's ass cheeks for her husband. Janet increased the delicious feeling as Honey's asshole began to accept the swollen head of his cock.

"Oh!" Honey yelped suddenly. Her ass would have pulled back, but Janet was holding her in such a way that she couldn't. There was a sharp pain at her asshole, but it was quick, then gone. Oh God! Honey thought with a burning, reeling mind. His cock is in my ass now! I can feel it going deeper… deeper! Ooooooh, so different than Freddie's cock! Herb's cock is so fucking big he's going to split me, split me wide apart! Then, suddenly, everything changed.

"Ohhhh! Ooooooh!" Honey yelped, only now it was with excited pleasure. "Ohhhh, God! It's good, Herb! So fucking good! Your cock is going to split me wide open! But don't stop! Oh. God, don't stop! This is… as heavenly! Fuck it, Herb! Fuck my hot sshole!"

Honey felt his cock going as deep as it could, filling her ass like never before. She had the strangest sensation that she was going to embarrass herself by shitting all over him. But it was only a sensation, nothing else. Her asshole stretched wider than it had ever been stretched, taking his thick prick until his balls banged against her hairy, throbbing, wet cunt. Her fingers dug into the soft grass as he plunged in and out of her gripping asshole.

"Bang her ass, darling!" Honey heard Janet urging her husband. "Fuck the shit out of her tight asshole!"

She felt Janet's hand underneath her trembling stomach, her fingers twisting and pinching at her distended clitoris. This added stimulation was about to sent Honey into orbit. Her naked ass writhed and ground against Herb as he thrust his cock in and out of her tightly clutching, steaming asshole.

Honey knew she was going to experience one of her best orgasms. She felt as if someone had suddenly rammed a telephone pole up her asshole, but she loved it. She was not even aware that Herb was gripping her hips, pushing and pulling her, making her fuck his cock with her asshole. Honey's mind was blazing with erotic ecstasy, and soon she was grinding and churning her ass back onto his cock. She could feel his prick throbbing inside her ass. She did not realize she was yipping and moaning with intense pleasure. She was vaguely aware that Janet was feeling of her hot ass and twisting at her clitoris, but her greatest pleasure was that long, thick cock stretching and filling her asshole.

Her eyes were closed tightly, her lips slightly parted. She was gasping loudly as the pleasure built to such intensity that she was almost afraid of it.

"Ooooh, please!" she whimpered, slamming her ass back in a frenzy. "I can't take much more! Oh… Ohhhhh! It's too fucking good… I can't stand it! Oh, fuck me! Fuck me! I can't take much more of it! Ohhh, fuck the shit out of my hot asshole! Oh God, I'm going to come… come all over the fucking place!"

The shudders gripped her. Honey's naked body shook so violently she thought she would pass out from sheer ecstasy. It seemed as if she were going to come, from every pore of her body. Her cunt was not the only part of her that was in powerful orgasm, she felt, but all of her. Her asshole seemed locked to his cock forever.

Then, when she thought things were returning to normal, she felt Herb's cock squirting come juice up her ass. And once again Honey was caught up in a powerful orgasm.

"Oh, again!" she yelped, her naked ass swinging about wildly. "I'm coming – again! Oh, please, I can't take any more! Come in me, Herb! God, oh God… fill my fucking asshole with your come juice! I want it! I want it so fucking badly!"

Honey knew her naked body was still shivering with the hot glow of her ecstasy. She knew someone was caressing her trembling ass cheeks, but when a hand moved between her thighs to stroke her cunt, she turned over.

"Please, don't! Wait a minute, please. My cunt is so sensitive right now."

She saw that Freddie and Julie had come out of the water and was with them, but they sat a few feet away. They were talking excitedly about living here, and Herb was agreeing with them. Janet helped Honey sit up, then kissed Honey's warm cheek. "How was that, Honey?"

"Ooohh, that was beautiful!" Honey squealed. "I want it up my ass again and again and again!"


Six weeks had passed, and Honey had sold the huge home to them. She was surprised at how much they offered her, thinking it was far too much. But Janet and Herb insisted so she had accepted.

Also, it was the first time she learned their last name. She had giggled when she saw it on the forms and trust deed. "Hornie?" she asked.

"Appropriate, huh?" Janet laughed.

Now she was with them in the house. She had her own room, of course. It was the same room she had as a small girl living here. That didn't matter. None of the doors were ever closed. She found the house had taken on a new aspect to her. It was no longer so lonely here, and she loved the place. The Hornies had made the place come alive to her.

The Hornies had paid to have it painted, and it sparkled whitely with blue shutters. The inside had been redone by a professional interior decorator, and looked absolutely beautiful. The grounds had been cleaned, the shrubs trimmed, and the huge lawns were mowed to perfection. It once again looked like an aristocratic Southern plantation.

Most of the time Freddie and Julie went about either totally naked, or simply in panties and shorts. Although Janet and Herb had something on most of the time, they seemed to prefer Honey to be naked, or else wearing some garment that revealed her body to them. Honey had fashioned some of her sweaters so that her tits stuck through holes, and she cut and hemmed a couple of her skirts so that either her ass was exposed or her hairy cunt. Honey loved being dressed in this manner for them, always available to any and all. She became an immediate cocksucker and cunt licker to whoever happened to want her at the time, which was often.

All five of them seemed insatiable, never getting enough. It was a dream come true to Honey, and she luxuriated in it.

She was not a slave, of course. She had total freedom to come and go as she pleased. With her money, she had bought a small car, and she often took drives through the countryside. Most of the time she asked someone to go with her, and during the past six weeks, Honey had been fucked, licked, sucked cock, and taken a hard prick up her constantly tingling ass in some weird places, always with the element of being seen by some stranger, man or woman, or even kids.

One Sunday afternoon, she had taken Janet and Julie with her, and when Janet suggested they all drive naked, Honey was more than eager. They stripped and drove with the top down on the car, the breeze cool against their shapely, thrusting titties. Of course, that led to other things and before long Honey had pulled into a stand of trees where she sucked both the mother and daughter off, tonguing them in turn.

Honey did not consider it unusual that Janet nor her daughter ever licked her cunt. Some people didn't care for it, she knew. However, the pretty little girl would finger-fuck Honey to orgasm. Her mother and father even encouraged Julie to do it. Honey knew that if Julie wanted to suck her pussy, they would encourage that, too. They didn't draw the line at anything. There were no hang ups or accusations in this family.

Honey felt a part of the family, and they did everything they could to let her know they felt the same way. She was a member of this family, like a younger sister to Herb and Janet, or an aunt that had come to live with them. A hot-assed, desirable aunt, Honey felt.

Although the house was huge, she and Janet, with help occasionally from Julie, managed to keep it neat and clean. A few times Janet had mentioned the possibility of getting themselves a maid. "But it would have to be the right person," she said. "With all this fucking and sucking going on around here, it wouldn't do for us to hire some frightened little virgin, that's for sure."

Herb had grinned at his wife. "We could hold interviews. You know, lift up their dresses and have a look at their cunts and asses."

"I'd rather interview house boys, if that's the case." Janet laughed.

"Who would want to work here?" Julie asked. "All the work a maid would have to do is fuck and suck."

"I'm sure there are plenty of girls who would jump at a job of this sort." Herb smiled wickedly.

"Men, you mean," Janet replied, sticking her tongue out at her husband. "Look at all the cunt around this fucking house! We have more cunt than cock, you horny mother fucker!"

"Who's complaining?" Freddie giggled. "I'm not."

Janet turned and wrestled her son, to the floor, teasing him by grabbing his cock. He was naked this day, and it didn't take her long to make his prick stand up hard. Honey sat in a chair, watching as Janet began to suck on her son's prick. As always, her own pussy started throbbing and quivering hotly as she watched Janet's tight lips glide up and down her son's prick.

Today, Honey was wearing one of her skirts that she had cut to expose her pussy. She spread her legs and began to fondle her blonde-haired twat, seeing Julie as she knelt before her father, taking his cock out and licking up and down it.

As long as she had known them, Honey seldom, if ever, started anything herself. She always let them initiate anything that went on between them.

Right now they weren't paying much attention to her. She could have been in another room, she thought. But Herb was watching her feel her cunt, she saw. He was grinning broadly at her as he caressed his daughter's hair, urging her gently to suck his thick cock.

Honey knew they enjoyed looking at her body, her shapely tits and curvy ass, her hair lined cunt. She knew they loved an audience when they sucked and fucked one another, just as she did. It was much more exciting to watch and be watched.

Freddie had twisted about until he pulled his mother on top of him, and was now licking and kissing at her bushy cunt, his hands feeling all over her creamy, smooth ass. Janet spread her legs about her son's head, sucking greedily on his cock, one hand squeezing his balls and the other hand clutching his ass cheeks.

The moist sounds thrilled Honey, her eyes blazing hotly now as she looked from one to the other. Julie had settled beneath her father, and she noticed that Herb did not thrust his cock up and down, but allowed his daughter to suck only what she could get into her small mouth. He buried his face into her hairless cunt and licked it, both his hands cupping her small, tight ass, holding her crotch hard against his face.

Honey loved the way Julie churned her ass about, whipping up and down into her father's face as she sucked on the head of his cock. Her passion started running away with her, and her finger dipped deep into her boiling cunt. She found that watching was not enough; she wanted to participate.

But how? Both cunts and cocks were well taken care of right now.

Honey moved to Julie and her father, kneeling behind his naked ass, peering at Julie's flashing, hot eyes as the little girl sucked that deliciously swollen head. Herb's balls dangled, bouncing slightly. Honey moved her face down and close to his hairy balls. The tip of her tongue came out and she began licking at them. The hairs tickled her lips and tongue, inflaming her even more. She mewled softly as she shoved her face closet, driven by steaming desperation to taste his balls. Her nose probed at his asshole, and before Honey knew it, she was licking in a frenzy at the tight pucker.

"Oh!" she heard Herb groan. "Up my ass, Honey! Tongue-fuck my ass, baby! Oh, yeah… fuck my asshole with your hot, wet, cocksucking tongue!"

Honey's tongue shot, up Herb's ass quickly meeting no resistance. Pressing her lips around his asshole, she stabbed back and forth in a furious attempt to go even deeper. She felt the contractions of his asshole against her tongue, and they seemed to send out strong vibrations like lightning bolts through her body, to spread in a hot glow around her dripping cunt.

She sensed and felt Herb's ejaculation. Her ass was shaking. Honey felt his asshole gripping her tongue, and when it started flexing in powerful waves around her stabbing tongue, she heard Julie wail in muffled delight.

Honey's tongue thrust fast and hard up Herb's asshole, her mind seeing him gush come juice into his daughter's mouth. It sent her own mind soaring with ecstasy, and her cunt was throbbing, burning, as if someone had set it on fire.

Honey pulled her tongue free of his tight asshole. Looking down, she saw Julie's lips smeared with the glistening come juice that she had not been able to swallow. Julie's eyes were gleaming with delight, her pink tongue licking at her lips. The expression on her pretty face told Honey the girl had come, too.

But Honey had not come. Her pussy was so hot, she wanted to claw at it with her fingers, do something to come off. She looked around almost frantically, and saw Janet's creamy ass writhing atop her son's face. She crawled to it, whimpering with desire.

Her nose was inches from Janet's winking asshole, and with a whimper of passion she pressed her lips between those cheeks and began to thrust her tongue at the tightness in a wicked delight. Her tongue went up Janet's asshole, and she fucked it furiously, her lips sucking. Her cunt was twitching and burning until she thought she would go out of her mind.

"Mmmmm!" Honey groaned as she shoved her tongue deep. "Mmmmm!"

Her chin was against Freddie's nose, her face between the fiery cheeks of Janet's ass, her tongue buried as far as she could put it up Janet's asshole. She didn't hear or see anything now. Erotic flames licked at every part of her body, with emphasis on her cunt. Her clitoris felt as if it had swollen to the size of a balloon, throbbing like mad. She wanted something inside her cunt, anything. She wanted a cock, a tongue even a finger.

Cock! Ohhhh sweet, hard cock! her mind screamed. I want to be fucked! I want cock up my cunt, fucking me until I'm crazy! I want my cunt sucked, licked… tongue-fucked! I want to be fucked up the ass! I want to suck cock and lick cunts! Ohhhh. Ooooooh!

Honey was so steamed, she didn't know that Janet had come off, or that her son had flooded her mouth with his come juice. The first she knew of it was when Janet pulled her ass away. Honey whimpered and tried to get her tongue back up Janet's asshole, but Janet sat down, her knees wide.

Honey, her eyes blazing with blind passion, threw herself on the floor, her legs wide and her crotch lifted high into the air. Wickedly she thrust a finger in and out of her cunt in a frenzy, her other hand squeezing brutally at one firm, swelling tit. Her head moved from side to side, her expression showing the tight clutch of her erotic desire.

Janet watched her.

Herb watched her.

The two kids watched her.

Then something passed between those four, and with silent understanding, they converged on the writhing, passionately moaning Honey.

They began ripping her clothing from her body, and Honey's hands went everyplace, grabbing cocks, feeling cunts and firm tits. Her mewls of desire grew louder until she was almost screaming. She was frantic to come.

Now that Honey was naked, the four looked at her once again then Herb leaned over and sucked one of her burning nipples into his mouth.

"Oh, yes!" Honey wailed, stuffing as much of her shapely tit as she could into his sucking mouth. "Suck it! Suck my fucking tits!"

Janet leaned over and began to lick and suck on the other nipple, her hands holding it, molding it so the nipple stood beautifully hard. Honey grabbed Herb and Janet, one hand on his cock, the other between the slippery thighs of his wife, finger-fucking swiftly. Her hips writhed about, her ass churning up and down as if she were being fucked.

Then Honey felt a wet mouth at her cunt, and when she peered past Janet's head, she saw Freddie was there, kissing and licking at her boiling twat.

"Ooooh, lick me!" she wailed, her voice so thick with ecstasy the words sounded slurred.

"Lick my hot cunt, Freddie! Please, please suck my pussy! Suck my tits… tongue-fuck my cunt!"

Honey felt her ass being lifted, her knees being shoved back, held open. Then Julie's tongue was probing at her tight asshole, wet and hot. Honey thought she would go out of her mind with all the ecstasy these four mouths and tongues were giving her. She was held so tightly between the four, she could not move. But her body shook and shuddered in a violent way.

Tongues were pulling at her nipples in strong suction, and her finger up Janet's cunt thrust of its own will. She gripped Herb's cock tight, pumping in a frenzy with strong fingers. Freddie was sucking harshly on her swollen clitoris, his tongue fluttering and flapping at the tip, sending Honey's nerves into tingling, fiery desire, Julie now had her tongue up Honey's asshole, and somehow a finger was moving in and out of Honey's cunt.

"Cunt… cock… fuck, asshole!" Honey was mumbling in ecstasy. "Cocksucker cunt licker… mother fucker! Ahhhh, sweet, fuck! Sweet cock… sweet cunt… sweet assholes! Ooooh, I'm going out of my fucking mind!"

Her orgasm erupted in shattering waves.

Every part of her body, her very being, was one enormous orgasm.

All four tongues and lips brought Honey to the very brink of erotic insantly.

"Pure Honey," she heard. But the voice was someplace so distant she could not identify it. "She is pure honey."

Honey lay on the floor, gasping with the heat of her orgasm. Her flesh shivered as she began to calm down. Her eyes went from one to the other, and she saw their affection for her. She smiled in a soft way.

It's going to be all right, she told herself. Everything is going to be just fine from now on…