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Naughty like Mom

Kathy Andrews

Kathy Andrews

Naughty like Mom


Sandy Robbins lounged on the couch, doing her nails.

Richard lay on the floor, chin cupped in hands, watching television.

She looked at her son, her eyes roaming over the seat of his jeans. She liked her son's ass. It was small and tight and lovely to look at. The sight made her nipples tingle with hardness, sent a wet heat racing about her cunt. She wore panties, a bra, and a very thin, very short wrapper.

She was fresh from her bath and smelled delicious.

Being dressed in this revealing manner was nothing new. She often went about the house this way, especially in the evenings when she and Richard were alone.

It had been going on for two months now, ever since she had discovered Richard trying to look under her dress. At first Sandy was horrified, then excited. She went out of her way to let her son peek, always pretending she was unaware.

In the beginning, she was puzzled by her reaction. She had never been a particularly passionate woman. She had enjoyed fucking her now long divorced husband, but sex had not been sensational. But letting her son peek under her dress was better than fucking, she thought. Sandy had never thought of herself as an exhibitionist, and she was not – not really.

After almost two months of letting her son peek up her skirt, she had, just last week, come from the bathroom in her panties and bra, nothing else, knowing her son would see her. He did, and his eyes grew enormous.

He had a hard-on.

A beautiful, throbbing, visibly outlined hard-on.

He had gazed at her for a long minute as she stood in the doorway. Her bra emphasized the shape and uplift of her tits, her nipples almost revealed. Her panties were very brief. The triangle of cloth barely covered the thick, lush curls of her cunt. Two narrow elastic straps clung to her rounded hips, with a larger triangle of cloth hugging the swelling shape of her beautiful ass.

Then she had walked past him to the dining room and out into the kitchen. When she returned with a glass of iced tea, her son was on his back, waiting for her.

That was when she saw his cock straining inside his jeans.

With her eyes riveted there, she sat on the couch and sipped at her tea. Richard, looking dumbfounded, couldn't take his eyes from his mother. She allowed her knees to part just a little, almost afraid to open them. She could feel her cunt pulsing hotly, and she finally pulled her eyes from his hard-on. She looked into her son's eyes for what seemed hours, licking the rim of her tea glass.

Something had passed between them then.

They never had a talk about it, each seemingly shy, but not exactly embarrassed. Sandy realized what she was doing could lead them into other things. She felt mixed emotions about it. On one hand, she wanted to pull her son between her thighs and feel his young cock probe deep into her cunt. But, on the other hand, she was a little frightened of fucking him.

After so many years of dormant passion, she was afraid she would go wild, would become insatiable for Richard's cock.

But she knew, too, that her son loved seeing her about the house in bra and panties, and she was acutely aware of her own pleasure. If that were as far as they went, it would be okay. She could allow her son the delights of looking at her, probably jacking off during the night, and she could enjoy her own wild fantasies.

And Sandy's fantasies were getting wilder and wilder. She fantasized about things that could not possibly happen, always concerning her son, but lately other people were intruding upon her fantasies.

So absorbed was she in thought, it was some time before she noticed her son was squirming against the carpet. Through lowered lashes, she watched him. She saw her son turn and glance at her, then dart his eyes back to the television. A slow heat came over her face when she realized she had opened her legs quite wide.

Her son could look upon the tight crotch band of her panties.

Curls of dark hair swirled about the edges, and she was wet there.

No wonder Richard was squirming about, she thought. It was the most he had ever seen of her, and his cock was so hard he couldn't help but rub against the carpet.

Sandy felt a lurching sensation in her cunt, and her clit burned. She felt the inward sucking of her cunt, and then a soft whimper came from her. The orgasm that rumbled through her was unexpected. Nothing like that had ever happened to her before. It wasn't a strong orgasm, but it created a sweet, deliciously hot sensation throughout her slender body.

She placed her nail file down and leaned back on the couch, drawing her legs up. The glow between them felt hot enough to sear her flesh. Her mind was turning over swiftly with thoughts. Her son was squirming more now, and she could see the cheeks of his ass clenching. Her hand moved down her flat stomach, and she stroked along the slight bulge of her panties. Her tongue licked over her lips, and she knew the time had finally come.

"Richard?" Sandy whispered softly, a tremor in her voice. "Look at me."

He turned his head toward her.

Sandy, her eyes glazing with heat, slowly spread her legs, dropping her right foot to the floor, the other bent at the knee, pressing at the back of the couch, her hand resting lightly on the bulge of her panties. Richard's eyes opened very wide, and he appeared mesmerized, staring right at her cunt.

Sandy, feeling a blush on her cheeks, moved her fingers downward, stroking the tip of one finger along the hidden slit of her cunt. Her eyes smoldered and her lips were open. Richard had turned onto his side, and his cock seemed to be so large inside his pants. She ran her tongue over her lips as she gazed.

"Come here, darling," she whispered, not moving her eyes from her son's bulging cock. "Please, darling… come here for a minute."

Richard stood up, surprised and excited. His cock strained out as he moved toward his mother. When he stood at the edge of the couch, he seemed to be trying to look inside her panties. Sandy pulled her fingertip back up the crotch, then slipped her hand into the waist of her panties.

"Mom, I want to… oh, Mom!"

He dropped to his knees at her side, and Sandy wrapped her arm about him. His face rested on her stomach, and she felt his panting breaths through her thin wrapper.

"Don't say it, Richard," she whispered. "Don't say anything."

Her arm slipped dawn his back, nervously. She placed her hand on his ass, very lightly. She heard her son moan ever so softly. She knew he wanted to touch her, to feel her.

She squeezed his ass momentarily, and, removing her hand from her panties, she fumbled about until she found one of his hands. She drew it up and over, shoving it between her thighs. She curled her son's fingers into her cunt, and pressed.

A sob of delight broke from Richard, and he lifted his face to look at his mother.

Sandy smiled at him, her eyes still smoldering, a gleam flashing in them. She lifted her hips a bit, pressing her cunt into his hand. Dragging her hand off his ass, she slipped it in front of his body and grasped his hard cock, squeezing tightly. Richard groaned and his hand pressed hard into his mother's cunt.

"Take your pants off, baby," she whispered, the words husky. "Take them off, Richard."

He had to stand to drop his pants, and his cock swung free. Sandy gasped. His cock arched out, long and very hard. His prick wasn't all that thick, but the head was sweetly swollen, his piss hole flaring. Beads of clear fuck juices clung to his piss bole. His balls dangled below, and the only hair he had was at the base of his cock. Sandy had never been this excited about seeing a cock, and her body shivered with a strange heat.

She ached to take his cock in her hand, to feel the hardness, to squeeze and jack his prick. Somehow, she kept her hands off him.

"Take my panties off," she whispered, the words thick.

Standing with his cock straining out, Richard gazed down at his mother. She was writhing her hips.

"Really, Mom?"

"Oh, God, really!"

She felt his nervous fingers pulling at her panties, and, when they slid down her thighs, she opened her thin wrapper, her body now almost naked.

As Richard pulled his mother's panties off, he stared at the bushy cunt he had exposed, his breath coming out hot and loud. He dropped her panties to the floor, standing there and eating his mother's cunt up with his eyes. Again Sandy parted her legs, and the pink wetness of her pussy made Richard's breath catch in his throat.

"Do it, baby," she said softly.

"Do it?" he asked, unable to take his eyes off his mother's juicy cunt.

"Yes, do it!" she hissed, lifting her hips. "Put it in me!"

Still, he stood rigid.

"Richard, fuck me!"

"Fuck you, Mom?"

"Yes!" she hissed passionately, lifting her arms to him. "Fuck me! Oh, God, please, darling!"

Eagerly, Richard climbed over the arm of the couch between his mother's long, slim thighs. His cock scraped along the inner flesh of one thigh, and Sandy felt the hot, slippery trail of fuck juices there and her cunt started twitching with anticipation.

As the rounded head of her son's cock touched at her cunt, she gave a small yelp and lifted her hips. Her son's cock slithered into her cunt without help. She felt the swollen prick head part the lips of her fiery pussy. She could feel his cock throbbing between her sensitive cunt lips, and, to her surprise, her pussy seemed to clamp around her son's cock. That had never happened to her before. She didn't know why or how it happened, but the more her cunt squeezed at her son's cock, the better she felt. She mewled softly as his weight rested on top of her. Neither moved, both barely breathing.

They seemed afraid to move, both surprised at what was happening. Richard's face rested on one of his mother's tits, his hands at her side.

With a sob of sudden ecstasy, she flung her arms about her son and moved her ass. The pumping motion caused her cunt to slide back and forth on his prick. Richard still had not moved. He had never felt anything so good in his young life. His mother's cunt was wet and hot, and gripped his cock like his fist never had.

"Help me, Richard!" she hissed. "Don't make me do all the work, honey."

Her hips revolved, swinging about as she pumped her cunt back and forth.

"Help me," she moaned. "Fuck me, too! Ohhhhh, God, Richard, fuck me! It's so good, so fucking good! Fuck me with your hard cock! Please, help me fuck!"

Richard lifted his head, bracing himself upright with stiff arms. He looked into his mother's face, seeing her eyes filling with tears, seeing her expression of ecstasy. Then he looked down between their bodies and saw his mother squirming her hairy cunt up and down on his cock.

Instinctively, he began to fuck her.

"Oooooo, yes, yes!" Sandy wailed, her arms now above her head, gripping the arm of the couch. Her body moved from her hips down, her cunt churning with the movements of her son's cock. "Fuck me… fuck me… fuck me!"

Her son's cock seemed to go deep, very, very deep. Her ex-husband's cock had never penetrated the depths her son's prick was now reaching. Her ex-husband's cock had been short and thick, and couldn't reach those exciting places Richard's cock probed.

His balls – those sweet, young balls, slapped at her uplifting ass, sending more tingling pleasure through her. She strained her cunt up against him, holding still and letting her son pound against her puffy pussy lips. Each time he banged them, her breath spurted out hotly. The top of her head was pressing against the arm of the couch, and she spread her legs as wide as possible, only to close them about his hips again.

The fire inside her cunt burned and seared, creating such intense ecstasy she was sure her cunt would burst into a roaring flame. Fucking had never been this good, never felt so wonderful. She could actually feel her son's cock throbbing, feel the ridges and grooves of his beautifully hard cock.

As the sensation of orgasm swelled inside her, Sandy began to squirm and grind her cunt on his plunging cock. The steaming sensation, the most beautiful in the world, caused her mind to reel with ecstasy. Her hips began to move faster as she felt herself getting close to orgasm. She churned up and down, meeting her son's cock with soft slapping sounds. His balls banged faster against her twisting ass. Then, before she came, she ripped her flimsy bra off, tearing it into pieces. Her tits thrust out, wide spaced and swollen painfully, her nipples ready to burst with hardness.

"Suck them!" she shouted. "Suck my tits, Richard! Ooooo, baby, baby, suck mother's tits now!"

She grasped his face and pulled him down, stuffing a rigid nipple deep into his mouth.

Richard sucked at his mother's tit, clinging to the other now with a tight hand. His tongue swirled and licked, his lips tight about the nipple. His cock plunged faster and faster, fucking insanely into the heat of her bouncing cunt.

"I'm going to… I'm going…" Sandy gasped in a strangling voice. "Ohhhhh, you're going to make me come, Richard!"

Her naked ass churned frantically, twisting in every direction possible.

A screech boiled from her throat as she came, her cunt convulsing and gripping her son's cock tightly, only to loosen, then grip again. Her orgasm was intense, blotting every thing from her whirling mind. She shrieked again as her orgasm became more powerful, bright lights exploding inside her head.

As her orgasm receded, her ass began to drop.

But Richard was still pounding into her cunt, his cock still throbbing, his balls still beating at her ass.

"Oh, God, you're not finished?" she groaned.

Richard didn't reply. He was grunting and sucking at her tit with powerful lips, his cock ramming hard and deep.

Sandy's ex-husband had been a quick-triggered man, always coming almost as soon as his cock entered her cunt. She was usually left high and dry, and that was probably the reason she hadn't really enjoyed fucking so much.

But her son…

His cock was still fucking, fucking fast and hard and very deep.

"Ohhhhh, wonderful!" she moaned, and she began to hump her cunt up and down his cock again. "Keep going, baby! Don't stop. Keep going!"

But Richard lifted his mouth from her tits, his face twisted into an agonized grimace. His cock felt larger in her cunt, and that was the signal to him that he was about to explode.

He started to pull free.

"No!" Sandy yelled, grabbing the cheeks of his tight ass and closing her thighs about him. "Don't take it out!"

"But, Mom, I gotta…"

"In me!" she urged, grinding her cunt hard against him. "Do it in me!"

"But, Mom…"

"Come in me!" she shouted.

Richard was held tight by his mother's hands gripping his ass, by the squeezing of her smooth thighs. He could not pull out.

"Ahhhhh, shit!" he moaned, and his cock flooded his mother's cunt. Spurt after spurt flashed along the satiny walls of her pussy. She felt his balls writhing against her naked ass, felt the machine-gun spurts of his come juice striking her cunt walls, and with a soft squeal, came again.

She lowered her ass and opened her legs when he was finished. Richard, exhausted, rested against her naked tits. Sandy stroked his body, her hands feeling the shape of his young ass and backs of his thighs. She let her thighs spread wide, her cunt becoming a cradle for him while he rested.


Richard pulled his cock from his mother's cunt slowly, sitting back at the end of the couch.

He stared at his mother's hairy cunt, his expression indicating surprise and happiness. The pink pussy lips seemed to twitch, and the tip of her clit looked as if it were throbbing.

Sandy lifted her head to the arm of the couch, looking down her body at her son, a smile spread over her face. His cock glistened in wetness, and his balls didn't look so full now. A delicious glow seemed to warm her body, and she giggled, hugging herself.

Richard smiled shyly at her.

The surprising thing to Sandy was that neither of them seemed embarrassed or ashamed of what they had done.

After all the peeking the past two months, it was bound to end up this way, she thought, and she wasn't the least bit sorry. Neither was her son, according to his expression. She hugged herself again, giggled softly, and opened and closed her thighs slowly, totally unashamed.

"Was it good, honey?" she asked.

"Sure beats jacking off, Mom," he replied, grinning from ear to ear, watching her cunt as she opened and closed her legs.

"I know." She giggled again, bringing her feet to the couch, knees bent, still opening and closing them. "Do you like looking at me this way?"

Richard nodded his head enthusiastically.

"You know, don't you, darling," she said slowly and carefully, "that this is supposed to be wrong?"

"I don't care, Mom," he said, still grinning. "Who said so, anyway?"

"I agree, darling," Sandy replied, cupping her tits with both hands, squeezing them as she opened and closed her legs. "And why don't you just say it the way you did before?"


"When you started to come."

"What did I say?" he asked.

"Shit," Sandy giggled. "Just say you don't give a shit."

"Well, I don't give a shit," he laughed.

She sat up, moving a hand up his thigh. Richard looked down as his mother fondled his cock. She closed her fingers about the slippery wetness and pulled, then slipped her hand down and cradled his balls.

"It's beautiful, Richard," she murmured, squeezing his balls gently. "It's a beautiful cock and your balls are so precious."

Richard blushed at what his mother said.

"What's wrong, honey?" she asked when his face turned pink.

"I've never heard you say those things before, Mom," he answered.

"Well, you will from now on." She laughed in a throaty way. "I've just found out something about myself, and you, too. I'm not going to be so quiet about it from now on. I'm going to say what I want, do what I want, all with you."

She pressed her mouth against his, kissing him wetly, slipping her tongue into his mouth. Richard tasted his mother's tongue, felt her hand feeling his cock and balls. He began to get hard again.

He started to suck at his mother's tongue.

"Mmmmm, where did you learn that?" she asked, puffing her tongue out and looking into his eyes.

"From Julie," he grinned.

"Julie? You mean Tommy's sister?"

He nodded.

"But, Julie is hardly old enough to know things like that, Richard."

"You'd be surprised at what Julie knows, Mom," he said.

"Tell me," Sandy said.

"Well, there's not much to tell," he said. "She always gets me and Tommy someplace, like the garage, and kisses us and takes her panties down and lets us see her, you know."

"See what?" Sandy wanted to know, though knowing already. The flutter of her heart sent a steamy sort of sensation through her body. She had never suspected such a thing with Julie. Not sweet, innocent little Julie, of all girls.

"You know what she shows us, Mom," Richard said. "We're not supposed to tell on her."

"Her pussy?" Sandy whispered.

"Well, yes," her son replied.

Sandy felt a thrill bubble through her body, and she squeezed her son's cock. His prick was swollen again, long and hard. She pulled, then pressed her fist at the base, watching the prick head bulge, the piss hole flare.

"I won't tell a soul," she promised. "Do you fuck her, you and her brother both?"

"Naw," Richard said.

"But you could?"

"She asks us all the time."

"Then why don't you, honey?"

"I don't know, Mom," he answered. "I guess I was afraid to. I don't know why Tommy didn't."

"Would you be afraid to fuck her now?"

"No," he grinned. "I want to now."

Sandy jerked gently on her son's cock, trying to visualize her son, with Tommy, in the garage with Julie. She tried to imagine what Julie's cunt would look like, knowing the girl had hardly any titties to speak of. She probably didn't have a single hair on her little cunt, either. But kids surprised a person sometimes.

She had not thought her son would have hair on his cock, but he had nice bits of fuzz at the base.

"Next time, fuck her," Sandy said, once more playing with her son's balls.

"You wouldn't be mad, Mom?"

"Never," she gurgled softly. "I'd love to know you had this beautiful cock in her little twat, Richard."

Her son's cock was throbbing and dripping again and her fist tightened.

"Twat," Richard laughed.

"Like twat as in cunt," Sandy giggled.

"Pussy as in twat."

"Cunt as in snatch."

They laughed, using the words they would never have said in front of each other only an hour ago.

"Dick," Sandy said. "That's your name. I think it's very appropriate that you're named Richard. I can call you Dick and no one would ever know what I mean."

"Dick as in cock, Mom?"

"Dick as in cock and prick and prong and… oh, there must be a zillion names for a cock and cunt."

"Like titties and boobs."

"Like ass and buns."

"Like fuck and screw." Richard laughed with his mother.

"Ohhhh, absolutely," she giggled.

Her fist squeezed his cock hard, watching his prick head head with clear fuck juices. Her hand was slippery with the juices from her cunt and his come juice, sliding up and down his hard cock easily.

Richard shoved his hand between his mother's thighs, feeling her hairy cunt. He worked a finger in, causing his mother to sigh happily.

"Would you like another piece?" she asked, her voice going husky.

"Piece of what?" Richard asked.

"Don't you know anything, darling." She smiled at him. "A piece of ass, that's what. For instance, would you like to have another piece of your mother's ass?"

"Why do you call it ass, Mom?" he asked. "It's your cunt that I fucked, not your ass."

"I've often wondered why they say that, too, but they do. Anyway, would you like to fuck me again… right now?"

"I can?"

"Ooooo, sweetheart!" she cooed, grabbing him around his shoulders and pulling him tightly against her naked tits, kissing his cheeks, the tip of her tongue licking lightly at his face. "You can fuck me anytime now! Anytime you want me, my cunt is ready for you!"

"I'm ready!" he said.

"Ooooo, and so am I!" she squealed. "Your cock is hard and my cunt is wet!"

She pulled back, turning and drawing her knees upon the couch, facing the back, her ass hanging over, arching back.

"This way," she said. "Fuck me from behind."

She wiggled her ass for him.

Richard stood behind his mother, gazing at her rounded ass. Hers was the most beautiful ass ever, he thought. Her ass cheeks were round and smooth, parted in the middle. His cock jerked up and down as he looked. Sandy lifted to her knees, putting her hands on the cheeks of her ass. She arched up, pulling the ass cheeks apart. Richard leaned down, seeing his mother's cunt pooching back at him, looking at the tight pink pucker of her asshole just above.

Sandy felt so lewd, so very lewd and delighted with what she was doing. Her excitement rose as her son locked at her cunt, at her ass. She rolled her ass for his pleasure, and felt her pussy quiver.

"Oh, baby, shove it to me!" Sandy squealed. "Give me your cock! Oooo, mother's cunt is so hot and hungry, so fucking wet… it wants your sweet cock, darling! Fuck me, Richard! Oh, God, fuck that cunt now!"

Richard rubbed the head of his cock along the creamy surface of his mother's ass cheek.

Sandy gurgled and twisted her ass, searching with her cunt for his prick. Richard pressed his cock down, and she felt his prick sear the slit of her pussy. She arched her ass, and the head of his cock slipped into the hot wetness.

"Oooooo, so fucking good!" Sandy purred, feeling her son's cock move deeply into her pussy again. "Ahhhhh, Richard, I just love your cock! Mother's cunt loves your cock! Fuck it, baby! Ohhhh, yes… fuck mother now!"

She rocked her ass about, shoving back against him. Richard clutched his mother's hips, looking down at her wriggling ass. He could see his cock, just barely, with the hairy lips of his mother's cunt clutching. Her asshole puckered in and out as he began to fuck her.

"Do you like it, Richard?" she groaned. "Do you like how it feels? Is mother's cunt nice and tight and wet for your hard cock? Do you really like to fuck me?"

"It's fantastic, Mom!" he grunted, fucking into her pussy hard, his lower stomach smacking at her smooth ass. "I could fuck you all night!"

"Ohhhh, I wish!" she gurgled, wiggling.

She ran a hand between her thighs, grabbing his swinging balls. She twisted them, pressing them against her body as his cock went deep. She held her hand so his balls could rub along her palm. Her tits smashed at the back of the couch as she tried to shove her ass back more. Her cunt clawed at her son's cock, the hairy pussy lips gripping and opening. She gurgled as sensation after sensation spread through her body. If only she didn't have the wrapper still on, she thought, her son could see her totally naked. She managed to squirm her arms from it, and tossed it onto the couch.

"I'm naked!" she squealed. "I'm all naked for you, Richard!"

He grunted and leaned over, sliding his hands beneath her body, grabbing his mother's tits. He dug into the firm, yet spongy masses, feeling her nipples burn into the palms of his hands. His hips banged swiftly against her ass. Sandy loved the power of his fucking, loved the way each lunge caused her breath to hiss out of her lungs.

"Talk to me, Richard!" she begged, swinging her ass to and fro. "Talk to me, please!"

"How, Mom?" he gasped.

"Dirty!" she shouted. "Talk to me real dirty!"

"But I don't know what to say," he gasped, lunging his cock back and forth.

"Anything! Ohhhhh, anything you want to say!"

"Fuck," he said, his breath burning at her back. "Fuck and cock and cunt and… your pussy is so fucking hot!"

"Yes, that's it!"

"I'm gonna fuck your cunt, Mom! I'm gonna fuck my cock in your cunt and I'm gonna come in your pussy, and then I'm going to fuck it again! Your cunt is wet and hairy and tight!"

"Yes, it is!"

"I'm gonna come in your fucking hot cunt, Mom!"

"Fuck me!" she screeched as she slammed her ass back at him. "Fuck mother's hot cunt with your beautiful hard cock! Ooooo, such a sweet, young cock! Fuck mother's cunt with your hard cock and make my cunt come!"

Richard's excitement increased with the words his mother said, with the words he said. Her hand was still clinging to his balls, squeezing them. He felt no pain, just more pleasure. The wet sounds her cunt made sent his excitement higher yet.

"Oooooo, so fucking good!" Sandy hissed. "Ram it to me, Richard! Oh, God, what a fuck!"

Her cunt seemed to tighten up on his cock, and he dug his fingers into her tits almost brutally. The harder he squeezed her tits, the more his mother seemed to enjoy it. Her ass swung about, but always with humping motions as he fucked her. Sometimes his cock almost left her burning pussy, their fuck was so furious.

"I'm coming, baby!" she shrieked. "I'm coming so soon! More, Richard! Ohhhh, give me more and more!"

As her cunt contracted, Sandy slammed her ass back against him, trying hard to get his cock deep, wanting to feel his prick in her stomach. She lifted her head, twisting from side to side in frenzy, her dark hair flying in wildness.

For the first time in her life, Sandy was experiencing a series of burning, crazy orgasms. They came one after the other. The lips of her cunt squeezed hard around her son's cock. She had never felt anything like this and thought she would go out of her mind with the intensity of her ecstasy.

"Oh, God, hurry!" she urged her son. "Hurry and come before I go insane!"

"I am, Mom!" he shouted.

He plunged his cock deep and hard. Sandy squeezed his balls. The come juice erupted from his cock, searing far up her cunt. She felt his balls pulsating as he gushed into her, and her cunt exploded with a final overwhelming orgasm that almost shattered her body to pieces.

Richard slumped over his mother's body, gasping, struggling to breathe.

Sandy rested her head on the back of the couch, panting. Her body still burned with that delicious feeling and her cunt seemed to retain its grip on his slowly softening cock.

After awhile, she murmured. "Take it out now, darling. Let's go to bed now… together."


It was almost noon, and Sandy stood on the highest part of the ladder. She was scraping at paint on the garage, getting the building ready for fresh painting.

She wore a dress, deliberately, because her son stood at the base of the ladder, looking up. She wished she had not worn panties because Richard loved to see her cunt, her rounded ass. But she knew that he also liked seeing her in panties. They had gone to bed the night before and spent half of it fucking once again.

It had been decided between them that since neither felt shame, that they had found each other erotic, there would be many ways in which they could excite each other.

It was one of the reasons Sandy was on the ladder now instead of her son. She stood with her feet about half a foot apart, letting him just see the lacy crotch of her panties. Her cunt pulsated, and her mind certainly wasn't on scraping paint. She looked down at her son, grinning, noticing his cock pressing at his jeans.

"You like the view, huh?" she asked.

"It's beautiful, Mom."

"If that bulge in your pants is any indication," she replied, "you can always look under my dress."

She arched her ass back a bit, giving her son a nice look.

"You're getting my panties wet," she giggled. "Can you see?"

He nodded, his eyes bright. "Just getting back at you for making my cock hard," he said.

"Why don't you climb up here and do something about it?"

"We'd break our ass, that's why," he laughed, stroking her lower leg. "Why don't you come down here and do something, Mom?"

"Mmmmmm, that's a thought," she said. "What do you have in mind?"

"Fucking you!" he giggled.

Sandy had started to come down the ladder when Julie rounded the corner.

"Oh, shit," Sandy whispered.

Julie, with her beautiful blonde pony tails, her huge blue eyes, and sweet face, was dressed in a lovely little dress. She greeted Sandy, then said to Richard, "Wanna ride bikes?"

"Well, I was gonna help Mom," he said, looking up at his mother, trying to conceal his hard-on from Julie.

Sandy had closed her legs, looking down at Julie. She saw a sparkle in those blue eyes she had sat seen, nor noticed before. But alter what Richard had said about the girl, Sandy realized those eyes indicated afire of erotic lust.

"Go on, honey," she said. "I can manage alone."

Richard looked up with a protest on his lips, but his mother winked at him. Sandy shoved her ass back from the ladder, giving her son one final peek at her lacy panties. He grinned at her, then walked into the garage to get his bike. She remained on the ladder and watched him wheel it beside Julie, then follow her back to her house to get her bike.

She began to scrape at the old paint again, her mind going over the things Richard had said about the girl. Perhaps, she thought with a smile, he would fuck Julie today. She wanted to hear all the juicy details if he did, and she was sure they would fuck.

"Have you seen my sister?"

Sandy jumped. She had been deep in thought about her son fucking Julie, and, when Tommy came up and spoke, she damn near pissed in her panties.

"Oh!" she said. "Tommy, you frightened me."

"I'm sorry, Sandy," the boy said.

He was standing at the base of the ladder, trying hard not to look up. That one brief peek had shown him this lovely woman's thighs and panties, and now he was embarrassed.

Sandy smiled, knowing what he had seen. Recalling that Tommy, too, had come close to being seduced by his sister, Sandy made certain her skirt swung out in case he peeked again.

"Julie went off bike riding with Richard," she said. "Didn't they invite you, Tommy?"

"Julie is always doing this to me," he said.

"Well, why don't you stay here and wait for them to come back? You can help me scrape paint."

"I guess so, Sandy," he said, looking at his feet. "What do you want me to do?"

"I'm getting tired," she replied, coming down the ladder. "Why don't you scrape awhile."

"Okay," he agreed.

Sandy looked at his pants and grinned. He had gotten enough of a peek under her dress to make his cock hard. She handed him the scraper, hoping that what she had in mind wouldn't shock the shit out of him. But if he was messing with his sister, too, he needed what she was ready to give him – her hot cunt!

Tommy went up the ladder, and Sandy stood at the base looking up at him. He wore jogging shorts, and his thighs were smooth and hairless. When he started scraping, her eyes fixed upon his small ass and Sandy pressed her hand against her cunt.

She stepped up on the two bottom rungs of the ladder and placed her hands on his thighs. She felt Tommy tremble but he didn't look down at her. He began to scrape paint furiously. Sandy knew she could do it now.

Tommy wouldn't make a sound.

She stroked his thighs, moving her fingers to the edges of his shorts. Her eyes blazed with hunger as she placed her palms on the cheeks of his ass, outside his shorts. She began to feel his ass, squeezing his ass checks. Tommy gasped, but remained still, trembling as her hands fondled him. She slipped one hand underneath his shorts, finding the leg of his jockey shorts.

"Sandy, what are you doing?"

"Hush, baby," she whispered, digging her fingers into the flesh of his ass. "Just hush and enjoy it."

She felt his ass tighten, and squeezed it.

"Nice," she whispered. "Very nice, Tommy!"

She leaned in, kissing the back of his leg, darting the tip of her tongue against his flesh. When she started licking his thigh, she slipped her other hand in front of him, feeling his cock.

"Golly, Sandy," he grunted, dropping the scraper and leaning against the ladder.

She squeezed his cock and ass.

"You like what I'm doing, Tommy?" she whispered, running her tongue near the edge of his shorts.

"Yes, I like it, Sandy, but…"

"Then hush and enjoy it."

She shoved the leg of his shorts up, seeing the crease of his ass crack blending with his thigh. At the same time, she shoved her other hand into his shorts, trying to get his cock free.

"Help me, Tommy," she hissed.

With his help, she got his cock out of the side of his shorts. Gripping his prick tightly, she began to pump, to jack his cock. She dug her fingers into his ass cheek as she jerked his prick, her tongue flicking at his thigh, licking at the crease.

"Such a big hard-on," she murmured. "I love it when a boy has a hard-on, Tommy. It feels so good, touching a cock when it's so hard. Can you come, Tommy? I'd love to make you come."

Holding his cock tight, jacking back and forth, she felt her cunt start to bubbling with juicy heat. She knew neighbors could see them but she didn't care. She felt driven to jack Tommy off. She never felt this way before yesterday, would never in the world do such a thing, but after fucking her son, Sandy knew what she wanted and she was going for it.

Her fist pumped at his cock, her hands at his ass shoving his shorts as far away as she could. She stared at the exposed cheek of his ass, then began to kiss and lick feverishly, jerking swiftly on his pulsating prick.

Tommy was hanging onto the ladder, his legs shaking, not understanding but not wanting to stop.

"We've got to hurry before someone sees us," Sandy said, breathing hotly against the exposed cheek of his ass. "We've got to make you come quickly, baby."

She pounded hard and fast on his cock, wishing he was naked, wanting to watch his young balls swing, to see and lick at his young ass. Never had she done such a thing as kiss an ass, or even considered doing so, but that was before. She was different now, a changed woman – an erotic woman.

"Oh… oooh," she heard Tommy pant.

His cock jerked in her pumping fist. Sandy whimpered with excitement, jacking as fast as she could, her arm around his hip. She saw his exposed ass cheek tighten as he pressed into her jerking fist. His cock throbbed powerfully, so hard she was amazed. She darted her tongue out to lick the flat surface about the smooth flesh of his ass cheek, her breath hot. Her cunt was pulsing wetly, and she wondered if perhaps she, too, would come.

Tommy was groaning loudly now, clinging to the ladder with his arms wrapped about it. Pressing her face against the cheek of his trembling ass, Sandy kissed, opening her lips and sucking at his fevered ass cheek. His cock was close to eruption now, very close. She jacked him so hard that her fist made a smacking sound.

"I'm… gonna… oh, Sandy!"

She felt the deep pulsation as his cock squirted.

"Mmmmmm, beautiful," she whispered against his ass, her lips kissing in a feverish way, the tip of her tongue licking in frenzy. She felt some of his hot come juice on her hand as it gushed from his cock to fly downward. She cupped the head of his cock, letting him came into her palm. Her cunt seemed to expand, and then she was in a fantastic orgasm of her own. Jacking on his cock once more, her fist slippery with come juice, she kept it up until his balls were empty. Even then she didn't want to turn him loose, but his cock was softening, becoming small. The spasms her cunt had gone through made her weak, so weak she had to lean into the ladder and wait for strength to return to her legs before she attempted to step down.

She gave his cock a pat, then stepped to the ground. Her first instinct was to glance about quickly, wondering if anyone had seen what she had done to Tommy. No one was about, but she blushed faintly, yet she felt good. She looked up at the boy who still clung to the ladder.

"Come down, Tommy," she said softly.

Her eyes blazed at the one ass cheek as Tommy climbed down the ladder. When he turned toward her, he looked down at the ground shyly. His cock was still out, and she saw his prick glistening wetly in the sun. A glob of come juice was on his thigh near one knee. She stooped and wiped it away, wiping her finger on her dress.

She tucked a finger under his chin, lifting his face. Although there was a flush on his face, his eyes sparkled. She smiled down at him and suddenly pressed her lips to his, kissing the startled boy.

"Don't act so embarrassed, Tommy," she said softly. "I wanted to jerk you off, and don't tell me you didn't like it."

"I won't," Tommy said, his voice low.

She placed her hand on his wet cock, giving him a gentle squeeze, and his flush burned deeper.

Sandy laughed with delight and pulled at his prick.

"Come on, Tommy," she said. "Stop blushing."

"I can't help it," he replied.

"Here, look at this," Sandy said, and she lifted her skirt in front. Tommy gulped as he stared at her thighs, at her lacy panties. "Now, is that anything to blush about? Tommy, this is for fun!"

She ran her hand down between her thighs, feeling the wetness of her panties. Looking about almost guiltily, she took his wrist and pressed his palm into her cunt, rubbing his hand back and forth.

"See how wet that made me, Tommy?" she murmured. "Let's go inside. Wouldn't you like to be alone with me, someplace where I could let you see what you want?"

He nodded, his eyes blazing at the little bulge of her panties. His cock started swelling as he looked.

"We can do a lot of things with your cock, Tommy. Come on, let's go inside the house."

She turned and went to the back door, but Tommy's feet seemed rooted to the ground, his eyes riveted upon the sway of Sandy's beautifully shaped ass. She turned and looked at him over her shoulder, seeing his hesitation. Sandy flipped the back of her dress up, wiggling her pantied ass teasingly at him.

"Well, are you going to come in with me?" she whispered.

Tommy nodded, gazing at her rounded ass.

When she saw him moving toward her, Sandy entered the house. When Tommy came in, his cock was sticking straight out, pointing the way for him. They stood in the kitchen, and Sandy knew how nervous Tommy was. She lifted her dress and tucked it into the waist of her panties, then unbuttoned the top. The bra hooked in front and she opened it. Tom my gasped loudly when her lovely tits lifted free. Sandy cupped her tits, stroking them as she looked at him with smoldering eyes. His cock strained out, very hard again, still wet with come juice.

A thought came to Sandy quickly as she stared at his young cock. She had sucked her ex-husband once before, and although he had loved it, Sandy had found it distasteful and refused to do it again. But now… Tommy's cock looked so delicious, so suckable. She ran her tongue over her lips.

Still caressing her tits, she moved toward him. Placing her hand on his cock, she squeezed hard enough to make the boy moan, to make his eyes half close with pleasure. He tried to say something, but the words came out garbled. Placing her hand at the back of his head, she pulled his mouth to her titties, rubbing a hard nipple back and forth on his lips.

"Suck it, Tommy," she urged with a husky whisper. "Suck my titty. It's all right, Tommy, I want you to suck my tit."

Sandy closed her eyes and tilted her head up when she felt the wet heat of his mouth close about her sensitive nipple. He sucked, but still seemed shy. She pulled her tit from his mouth, and Tommy had a pink color on his face.

"You just stand still, Tommy," she whispered, sinking to her knees. "You stand still and don't say anything."

She grasped his hips, staring at his cock as she knelt before him. Hooking a finger into the crotch of his jogging and jockey shorts, she pulled them to one side, and his lovely young balls slipped out. Sandy sucked in an excited hiss of air and opened her lips. The head of his cock went into her mouth. Her face turned up slightly, her eyes blazing into Tommy's shocked eyes. She tasted the come juice that smeared the head of his cock, and the flavor seemed so different from her ex-husband's.

She rolled her tongue about the smooth cock head, licking.

Then, with a muffled cry, Sandy started sucking at Tommy's cock frantically, her fingers digging into his hips, her face jerking back and forth. She closed her lips as tight as she could about his throbbing cock, taking his prick deeply. The prick head smashed at the back of her throat, but she didn't choke or gag. She could take every beautiful inch of his young cock into her mouth, her lips pressing at the base where a few hairs sprouted. His balls pressed at her chin as she held his cock deep, her lips writhing as her tongue licked.

"Mmmmmm," she whimpered and began sucking back and forth again. Her eyes were open, still looking up at the surprised boy, but they rolled around as her pleasure swelled. His cock was hot and hard and tasted so good. Even the come juice smeared on the prick shaft tasted good on her tongue. "Mmmmmm!"

Tommy was shaking again. He had never felt anything so wonderful in his life. Sandy's mouth was very wet, and her lips gripped his cock tightly. Her tongue seemed to be in constant movement as she pulled and shoved her mouth on his cock.

Sandy shoved her hands from his hips, underneath his shorts.

She clutched at his tight young ass with feverish hunger, sucking wildly now. Her hair flew in disarray about her shoulders, and she gurgled and panted and mewled. The throbbing heat of his cock burned at her tight lips, making them tingle like burning fire.

Her cunt was a raging storm once again. The hairy pussy lips puffed out inside her wet panties, and her clitoris seemed to be straining more then ever. Her emotions seemed out of whack, and she became desperate to have Tommy's cock spurting his young come juice into her mouth. She didn't understand why she wanted to suck Tommy's cock off, especially since she had hated it with her ex-husband.

The cheeks of her ass clenched as she sucked with a wild, burning greed. She moaned and whimpered with soaring pleasure, her lips gobbling at his cock as fast as they could move. She felt an insane desire to swallow his hard cock, swallow his balls.

Tommy was trying to pull his cock from her mouth now, dancing about frantically. He was grunting loudly, trying to shove her head back, to jerk his cock from her hot, wet mouth. But Sandy was equally determined to make him come off in her mouth.

And she did.

The hot, creamy come juice splashed about her tongue, striking at the back of her throat with force.

She gurgled wetly, and began to swallow hungrily as his cock sent squirt after squirt into her mouth. The thick, hot came juice surprised her. It was sweet… hot and sweet on her tongue. She moaned, swallowing in gulping hunger, as her pussy suddenly convulsed with a fiery orgasm. That was an added delight, and, while Tommy kept shooting that sweet come juice into her mouth, her throat working to take every drop, she dug her hands into the cheeks of his ass and jerked his crotch forward. Her lips smashed at the base, the head of his spraying cock against her throat.

Tommy was no longer fighting to shove her mouth off his cock. He stood on shaking legs, staring down into her lovely face, his cock sniffed deep into her mouth. His expression was that of a boy enduring more ecstasy than he thought possible, but one of fear, too. He didn't know what Sandy would have to say about his coming off into her mouth.

Sandy clung to his cock with her hot, tight lips until her cunt became calm and he wasn't coming any longer. She pulled her head back, sucking tightly at his cock, flicking her tongue along his piss-hole, making sure there was no more creamy come juice.

Sitting on her heels, she grinned wickedly up at the astonished boy, still cupping the cheeks of his ass, but lightly now. Tommy stared down at her, seeing her wet lips and long legs.

"Gosh!" he grunted.

"Nice, wasn't it?"

"I… gosh."

Sandy pressed her face to his soft cock, kissing gently. "I promised you could see what you want, Tommy."

She stood up, pulling her skirt out of her panties and holding it high. She shaved her panties down almost to her knees, arching her hips forward and opening her legs, stretching the panties.

Tommy gulped as he looked at her hairy cunt.

"Now," Sandy said softly, pulling her panties back up and smoothing her dress. "You saw my cunt. Come back later and you can fuck it, baby."

Tommy straightened his shorts, then ran from the house.


Time had been kind to Sandy. She could easily pass for a woman of twenty-five or so. She was of medium height, with a slender build that some considered the ideal shape for bikinis. Her hair was a dark brown, flowing past her shoulders. She had gray eyes with a straight, small nose, full moist lips, and a creamy complexion. Her tits, although not overly large, were beautifully shaped, her nipples straining upward.

Long, slim thighs and curvy legs blended into the flowing form of her body. The soft inner flesh of her thighs was highly sensitive to touch. The bush of her cunt hair was thick and dark, growing along the sides of her cunt lips to tuck neatly together as it disappeared between the crack of her ass. The lips of her cunt were slightly puffy, just enough to make the crotch of her panties bulge gently. Her clit was a raging bit of flesh that demanded growing attention. Her ass was rounded and firm and shapely. She was proud of her body, very proud.

Wrapping a towel about her nakedness, her flesh scented delicately, she left her room and found her son having a glass of milk in the kitchen.

He looked up at her, wiping milk off his lip. A grin spread over his face as he saw her, his gaze going hot as they moved to her thighs. He wasn't sure but he thought he could see dark hair where the towel stopped.

"Well, honey?" Sandy asked.

"Great," Richard replied. "You make my cock hard, Mom."

"Show me," she asked.

He turned and she saw his cock was indeed bulging in his pants. Sandy licked her lips.

"That's nice, but it wasn't what I meant. How did it go with Julie today?"

"About the same," Richard replied.

"You didn't fuck her?" Sandy teased. "I thought after yesterday you'd do it."

"She let me feel, but when it got right down to it, she backed out."

"But you said…"

"I know, and I thought that was what she wanted, but she just wouldn't let me fuck her, Mom. She wanted to jack me off, but I've got something better than that now."

Sandy laughed – a low, sensual sound. "You bet your ass you do." She unwrapped the towel, letting it fall to the floor. "Did you tell Julie that?"

Richard shook his head. "I couldn't say who I fucked, Mom. I just told her there were better things than jacking off."

"Oh, but you're wrong, honey," Sandy said. "Jacking off is a lot of fun, when you have a girl with you. Jacking off alone isn't fun, I agree."

She stepped to, him, jiggling her tits in his face. Richard opened his mouth and pulled one rigid nipple in, his lips spreading wide as he started sucking. Sandy purred softly and held his head with both hands, her hips twisting as his tongue shot a fantastic sensation from her tit straight to her cunt.

"You suck mother's titties good, baby," she murmured. "It feels like you're trying to pull my nipple off, and I love them being sucked that strongly."

Richard wrapped his arms about his mother's waist, hugging her tightly, sucking faster on her tit. His cock, already hard inside his pants, seemed to become more so, straining powerfully enough to rip the seams. He guided his hands to his mother's naked ass, cupping the firm cheeks and squeezing.

"Ooooo, that's nice, Richard," she murmured, twisting in his hands. "Touch my cunt!"

Gripping a cheek of his mother's ass, Richard shoved the other hand between her thighs from behind. He rubbed at the hairy cunt, feeling the pussy lips, smooth and moist. The more he rubbed, the wetter his mother's cunt became. Sandy mewled with pleasure, arching her ass back, writhing into his hands, holding his face tightly against her swollen tit.

"Mmmmmmm, you play with my cunt good, honey," she purred softly, her eyes closed to the growing pleasure. "Feel how wet you make mother's pussy? Why don't you put a finger in there? Ohhhh, yes, fuck me with your finger, baby!"

Richard slipped a finger into the wet heat of his mother's cunt, and felt her pussy muscles immediately grip him. His tongue swirled at her rigid nipple, his lips pulling hard. He thrust his finger as deep as he could, feeling the velvety smoothness of her pussy walls.

Sandy became so wet, the fuck juices dripped from her and smeared his hand. She wiggled and churned as he finger fucked her, moaning louder. The hand digging into her ass cheek squeezed very hard, and she felt one of his fingers very near her tight asshole.

Pulling from him, she looked down into his young face, her eyes sparkling with an erotic light. Dropping quickly to her knees, she fumbled almost frantically at his pants. Jerking his cock out, she gazed at his prick. Then, before her son knew what she was going to do, she had his cock deep inside her mouth.

"Mom!" he grunted, his eyes huge. "Ohhhhh, that feels good, Mom! As good as your cunt feels. Ooooo, I like it, Mom!"

Sandy sucked her tight hot lips from his prick, brushing the wet cock head along her neck and chin as she looked up at him.

"I gave Tommy a blow job today," she said.

For a moment Richard couldn't reply. Then he gasped and started to giggle.

"Something funny?" Sandy asked, stroking her hand up and down his cock.

"No, it's just that he said that was what he wanted his sister to do."

"And she wouldn't, of course," Sandy giggled softly.

"Na, she wouldn't."

"That little girl has a lot to learn." Sandy whispered to her son's cock, her lips brushing back and forth over the seeping piss hole. "It's obvious she wants to fuck you guys, but something is holding her back."

"Probably," Richard said.

"We're going to have to help her, it seems," Sandy said. "Want me to suck your cock off, Richard?"

"Would you, Mom?" he asked excitedly. "I'd sure like that."

"Anytime," Sandy murmured, closing her lips about his cock again.

She slowly pulled his prick into her mouth, her tongue pressing and sliding. When she had the head of his cock in her throat, she opened her lips slightly, took a deep breath, and swallowed the head of his cock. Her hands on his hips, she felt her son shaking with ecstasy. His prick was hot and hard, stretching her lips more than Tommy's cock had.

"Wow, Mom!" Richard groaned.

"Mmmmmm," she replied.

Her fingers dug into his hips and she began to pound her head up and down, sucking in frenzy at his prick. Her tongue swirled at the rigid cock shaft, wrapping about the smoothly swollen prick head. She created a powerful suction on his cock, making Richard moan as the fire of ecstasy flowed through his young body.

Sandy felt her son's cock throb tightly inside her wet mouth. She lifted her lips until she held just the head of his cock between them. Her tongue fluttered about, tapping against his piss hole. Tasting the sweet, slippery fuck juices that bubbled up, she moaned with pleasure, her eyes rolling. Richard gripped his mother's shoulders, arching his cock up, wanting his prick deep inside her hot mouth again. But Sandy lifted her head as he pushed, not letting him shove more than the head of his cock into her mouth, teasing him playfully. Her cunt was boiling as when she had sucked Tommy off.

"Stand up," she said as her lips pulled away from his cock. "Stand up and let me get these fucking pants off!"

Richard stood, and his mother jerked and yanked at his jeans until they were at his feet. His cock lurched up and down, smearing her forehead as he lifted his feet, one at a time, for her to remove his pants. Her face was level with his cock, and she gazed at his prick and dangling balls with a hunger that was new and strange to her. His balls appeared full with the fuck juices she was learning to crave. Although she felt she could come by sucking him off, she wanted more than just that. She wanted a connection to her cunt, too. She wanted to feel hands and mouth on her pussy at the same time.

"Lay back on the floor, honey," she instructed in a deep, husky voice.

Richard leaned back, his cock jutting toward the ceiling. Sandy stood on her knees at his head. She spread them.

"Have you ever wanted to lick a cunt, darling?" she whispered.

Richard was staring up between his mother's thighs. Her hairy cunt was very wet, and he looked doubtfully at her. He wasn't sure he wanted his face there. But Sandy wasn't going to give up. She inched her thighs forward until she was straddling her son's head. A drop of cunt juice dripped onto his chin.

"Eat my pussy, Richard," she said in a pleading voice. "Please, honey, suck on mother's turn! Oh, God… you make me so fucking hot, Richard! Looking at your beautiful hard cock makes my cunt so fucking hot!"

She leaned over him, pumping at his cock, grabbing his balls, then moving back to his cock again. She jerked at his cock and squeezed his balls feverishly, gasping heavily.

Richard stared between her thighs, seeing the wet pink of his mother's cunt, seeing her clit poking out of the folds. Her cunt glistened and pulsated.

"Lick mother's pussy, darling!" she urged. "Oh, please lick my hot cunt! I'll suck your cock, Richard! I'll suck your cock and make you come in my mouth, but tongue-fuck me, too!"

Sandy leaned over and gobbled her son's cock, her face bouncing up and down, her lips smashing against the base. She wiggled her ass, slowly lowering her cunt to her son's mouth.

Richard felt the tickle of cunt hair on his face, and then his mother started rubbing her wet pussy back and forth on his lips. She worked her hands underneath his ass, gripping his ass checks hard as she sucked in a frenzy. Squirming her cunt about her son's face, she gave a low yelp of delight when she felt his tongue come out.

Richard ran his hands up his mother's thighs to her ass, holding the ass cheeks. He carefully opened his lips and moved his tongue out and, going by instinct, licked at the boiling wetness. He lapped along the puffy lips of her cunt, then licked up and down her pussy slit. He found her clit and ran his tongue in circles on it, smashing it. His mother wiggled and squirmed, almost burying her son's face with her bushy cunt. With him licking at her pussy, she sucked frantically at his cock, moaning and digging her hands into his ass cheeks.

Richard found his mother's cunt quite tasty. He dug his hands into her creamy ass, pulling her cunt tighter against his mouth. He opened his mouth as wide as he could, trying to draw her cunt in. His mother gave a muffled yelp of pleasure, and smashed downward, grinding. She sucked even harder on his cock, lifting his hips up as she came down on him.

The cheeks of her ass spread as she drew her knees up along her son's side. Richard found his nose pressing into the crinkle of her asshole, but by now his erotic senses were whirling, and he didn't care where his nose was. He pulled at his mother's ass, spreading the cheeks even wider. His tongue scraped along her cunt, and then on an impulse, he ran it up along her asshole.

Sandy gave a yip of surprise, but her mouth clung hotly to his cock. She began to bang her crotch up and down, smashing her cunt into his face when his tongue slipped between the hairy lips, plunging in and out, fucking her.

Her lips were being bruised by the fury of her sucking, but Sandy felt only ecstasy.

Richard drove his tongue in and out of his mother's boiling cunt, pulling at her ass, finding her hairy, wet cunt in his mouth a real delight. He licked and sucked with frenzy, arching his cock into his mother's mouth, trying to fuck her that way. But she was squeezing the cheeks of his ass powerfully, holding him, sucking up and down hungrily, wet sounds coming from both.

Sandy pulled a hand from his ass, grabbing his balls tightly. She fondled her son's balls, tugging and twisting them, increasing his ecstasy two-fold. His cock was dripping more than Tommy's had, and Sandy had to swallow frequently. The taste of those slippery juices excited her, but the sweetest was yet to come. Grinding her cunt into his face, Sandy began to whimper around his throbbing cock. She felt the orgasm steaming in and around her cunt. Richard had his tongue buried deep in side her wet pussy when she came. She gave a muffled wail and began to bounce and grind her convulsing cunt harder into his mouth. All Richard could do was to keep his tongue out, letting his mother fuck it.

His cock swelled and then he came.

Sandy squealed wetly as her mouth filled with the sweet come juice spraying her mouth. Her throat started working frantically, swallowing in gulping, wet sounds. She squeezed his writhing balls, dug the fingers of her other hand almost painfully into his tight ass. She choked momentarily, the volume of his come juice surprising her. When he came in her cunt, she hadn't realized how much he came. Now her mouth filled time and again and her throat had trouble keeping up with it. Her mind soared as her son filled her mouth with the creamy sweetness, her cunt bursting with intense spasms around his tongue.

Her cunt became calm about the same time Richard finished coming off. She relaxed, her weight pressing upon him. She held his softening cock in her mouth, breathing hard, her titties flattened at his lower stomach. Richard shifted his face, getting his nose away from her asshole so he could suck in needed air, his arms flung outward.

Finally Sandy lifted off her son. She sat on the floor, drawing her knees to her tits, giggling lewdly when she saw his face smeared with her cunt juices.

"Richard," she said softly, "I think you and I are turning into sex fiends."

"We sure are, Mom." He grinned up at her. Sandy leaned down and kissed him, tasting the juices of her cunt on his lips. She licked at his lips slowly, making a moaning sound.

"I don't taste bad at all," she laughed.

Crawling toward his feet, Sandy spread her son's legs and shoved them back and up.

"What are you gonna do, Mom?" he asked, looking down at her.

"Tickle your little asshole," she giggled. "That's what you did to mine, isn't it?"

"That was an accident, Mom," he replied. But he pulled his knees back just the same.

"Well, I'm going to tickle your little ass now and it sure won't be any accident! I want to."

"You're crazy," he laughed.

Sandy shaved her lips to his balls, kissing them almost tenderly, yet feverishly.

"You bet your little ass I'm crazy," she laughed. "Crazy for you… crazy for your young cock!"

She ran her long tongue about his balls, then up the shaft of his once-again hard cock. She swirled her tongue about the prick head, tried to slide the tip into his piss hole, then licked down again. Her tongue moved past his lovely balls and Richard giggled when his mother's tongue flicked at his puckered asshole.

Sandy's eyes shined up past his cock, watching his expression. She lapped her wet tongue along the inner cheeks of his ass, swirling and cooing softly. Then she licked directly upon his asshole, her tongue feeling very hot to Richard.

Pressing her face into his ass, she tightened her tongue, and shot it up her son's asshole. Richard yelped, his ass jerking. But Sandy had her tongue up his asshole now and that was where it was going to stay until she pulled it out. Her eyes gleamed erotically when she started thrusting her tongue in and out, fucking his ass with it. She was on her knees, her naked ass swaying in the air. Richard's cock lurched into a full hardness and he gripped it tightly with one fist.

Sandy pulled her tongue out of his asshole, her eyes boiling as she looked at him.

"Ohhhh, beautiful!" she murmured. "Fuck me with that cock, darling!"

She turned and shoved her ass toward him, her hairy cunt pooching from between her thighs.


Every light blazed in the bedroom. Sandy had her son on the bed, his knees drawn underneath his body, his feet hanging aver the edge. His cock throbbed below, his balls writhing tightly. The cheeks of his ass were spread wide. She was on her knees behind him, running her tongue up and down the cheeks of his ass, stroking her cunt and clitoris with her own fingers.

Her mind was a mass of erotic thoughts, of fantastic things she wanted to do with her son. Her naked body was feverish, slightly pink, and so aroused there was nothing she wouldn't do for her son at that moment. She had never in her life before felt such intense desire, such strong erotic feelings. She found, during the afternoon and evening, that she could come just by touching his cock, his balls, or caressing his ass. Her cunt was so sensitive she had come a dozen times before they finally went to her bedroom. There was a dull ache in her cunt, but a pleasant ache. She was almost exhausted from the many orgasms, yet her cunt demanded more and more.

Leaning back, she peered at her son. With his ass lifted up, his cock and balls below, his asshole winking, her son's position was so lewd, so exciting, every nerve of her naked body seemed to throb, sparking those heavenly responses between her thighs.

"You have such a sweet, tasty asshole, baby," she whispered as she gazed at her son, rubbing lightly at her clitoris. "I love to kiss it, feel your asshole in my mouth, your hot ass cheeks in my face. I wonder, Richard…"

She paused, a faint flush creeping over her pretty face.

"Wonder what, Mom?"

"Never mind," she said.

Her tongue moved along the hot inner surface of his ass, swirled about his tight asshole to the ocher cheek. She licked lightly, finally pressing her lips to his asshole and kissing it. She sucked slightly on his asshole. There was a faint taste of shit, and to her delight, she found that increased her growing perversity.

Drawing her face out of his ass, she lifted up, cupping one tit. She pressed the nipple to his asshole, looking down, watching. She was breathing hard and her nipple tingled sweetly. Rubbing her nipple about her son's asshole, she laughed, a low, throaty laugh.

"Want mother to fuck you in the asshole with her titty?" she teased. "Would you like to feel mother's titty in your tight ass, Richard?"

"That's impossible. Mom," he grunted as she rubbed her nipple about his asshole.

"Want to bet?"

"With you?" he laughed. "No way!"

"You'd lose," Sandy giggled.

She pressed her nipple hard against his asshole, trying to shove it inside.

"You have to help," she said.

Richard pressed his ass back as his mother pressed her nipple forward. She had to hold her tit with both hands, making it as firm as she could.

She made a soft hissing sound when she saw her nipple move inward, then it was inside her son's asshole. "Oooo, your asshole is hot on my nipple, Richard! Can you feel my nipple in your ass?"

"Yeah!" Richard grunted.

"Squeeze it," Sandy said. "Squeeze my nipple with your asshole!"

Richard clenched his ass, tightening it around her nipple, making his mother coo. She tried to fuck her nipple back and forth, but was unable to. Her nipple wasn't long enough to fuck him. She pulled it from his asshole and rubbed up and down, feeling the heat of his ass searing the tender, nipple.

"Mmmmm, I'm going to eat your ass, baby," she moaned. "I'm going to eat your sweet little asshole good! I'm going to put my tongue up your ass and fuck it – and I'm going to lick it and kiss it and eat it!"

"I might… shit," he warned.

"Ooooo," Sandy mewled. "So what?"

"But, Mom!"

"I'm just teasing, baby. But if you do, you do. You can't help it, I know. I wouldn't be mad if it happened."

She shoved her mouth against his asshole, wiggling it inward. Her tongue was long, perhaps two inches and every bit went in deep, her lips open about it. With her tongue plunged into her son's asshole, Sandy sucked as she worked it in and out. The taste of shit was stronger now, but it seemed to create a flaring, insane ecstasy within her naked body.

As she sucked and tongued his ass, she moved a hand between his legs and grasped his cock and began to beat it. With her eyes closed, her ass swaying, she fucked her son's asshole slowly at first, then faster and faster.

"Mom!" Richard groaned, arching his ass into her face. "Are you trying to make me come!"

She pulled her tongue out. "Always," she laughed. "I'm always trying to make you come, baby. Now just hush and let me tongue fuck your sweet asshole."

Her tongue entered easily now, and she darted it back and forth, sometimes pulling it completely out and sucking powerfully with her lips. Her fist squeezed and jerked at his cock. She made soft mewling sounds from deep in her throat, her cunt bubbling with a greater heat.

"I'm gonna do it, Mom!" Richard groaned.

Sandy wasn't sure what he meant. Was he going to come, or shit in her face? Either way, she found herself anticipating whatever he decided. She raced her tongue back into his asshole, her fist banging frantically on his cock.

Richard came, spewing come juice all over the bed.

Sandy felt his asshole clenching at her plunging tongue, feeling his come juice smear her fist. She moaned, wondering if she was disappointed that he did not shit. She kept tongue-fucking him in the ass until his cock stopped gushing.

Pulling her face out of his ass, she saw the gleaming puddle of creamy come juice on the bed. She shoved her son away and he lay on his side, looking at her. Sandy brought her come smeared fingers to her mouth and licked and sucked the juice from them. Then, to Richard's surprise, his mother shoved her face into the puddle of come juice, whipping from side to side until her face was covered with it. Then she licked the come juice from the sheets.

"Oooo, I love, that!" she purred. "I just love the taste of your come juice, baby!"

"You've got it all over your fucking face, Mom!" Richard laughed.

"Mmmm, I know," Sandy grinned. "You better wash your face."

"You wash my face, Richard," she said.

"Lazy cunt," he said, starting to get off the bed.

She pressed him back. "Not with a cloth – with piss."

Richard stared at her. "With piss?"

"Please! Wash my face with your piss."

"That's crazy, Mom," Richard said nervously.

"I know it is, Richard, but that's what I want!"

"Are you sure?"

"Honey, I've never been more sure of anything in my life!" Sandy said. "Please, wash my cock sucking face with piss!"

"Oh, shit!"

"That, too, if you want."

"We're crazy!" Richard said.

But he crawled off the bed as his mother sat on her heels, her come-wet face lifting upward for him.

"That's what makes this so much fun," she said. "Now, piss in my face, Richard. Piss long and hard!"

Richard stood before her, his hips arching forward. He held his cock at the base and strained, but he couldn't piss.

"Oh, let me hold your cock," she said. "Now, just relax."

Doing as his mother said, Richard started to piss. He dribbled a little and it fell to the floor.

Sandy shoved her face chose, her eyes vacant but smoldering with perverse eagerness.

"Piss on me!" she urged. "I want you to piss on me, Richard! Come on, baby, piss in mother's face, wash mother's face with your hot piss!"

Richard started to piss. It came out slowly at first, then stronger. The golden stream spurted outward, first on Sandy's swollen tits, then up her neck, and over her chin. She moaned in delight as she felt the hotness of his piss on her body. Holding the base of his cock, she lifted it, and then the hot piss was splashing about her face.

Sandy turned her face from side to side, feeling his piss splash over her checks, her nose and lips. She closed her eyes and moved her head a little, taking his hot piss over her forehead, then shoved her head beneath the golden stream.

Richard watched, his eyes huge. His mother made his cock move around, pissing into her hair until it hung wetly, then brought her face back into the stream.

"Mmmm, so hot!" Sandy whispered. "So fucking hot and I love it. Oooo, piss in my cock-sucking, fucking face!"

Richard gasped when he saw his mother open her lips slightly. His piss streamed between them, splashing at her teeth. Then, with a wild whimper, Sandy opened her mouth as wide as she could. Richard's piss streamed into her mouth, splashing at her throat and on her tongue. The taste of his hot piss in her mouth sent her cunt into a tight gripping orgasm, and her hand flew to her pussy. She spread her knees on the floor and began to whip her palm frantically at her contracting cunt.

"You're coming, Mom?" Richard asked, amazed.

"OOOO, you fucking better believe I'm coming!" she wailed, piss dripping from her mouth.

His cock dribbled, and then stopped.

Sandy opened her eyes and they shone with a heat Richard had never seen before. Her face dripped with piss, her hair plastered against her head and shoulders.

She closed her lips about the head of his cock, just as he reflexively shot a final spurt of piss. Sandy let it flow across her tongue, then down her throat. She held the head of his cock with her lips for a long moment, her eyes closed in ecstasy.

Releasing him, she stared giggling.

"I've never done that before," she said. "I never even thought about getting pissed on, especially in the face and mouth. Richard, there's something about you that makes me want to try it all, try everything."

"Sure, like me shitting in your face," he giggled.

"We just might try that, too," she laughed. "But I don't think we should let anyone else know about it."

"Like who?"

"Like Tommy and his sister."

"Why Julie? She plays a lot but when it comes down to it, she backs away. Tommy, I can understand. You've sucked him off, but I think we can forget about Julie, Mom."

"Don't be so quick to write her off," Sandy replied.

"What do you mean?"

"I think I'm going to help you get your cock up her pretty little cunt, that's what I mean."

They lay on the bed together. Richard didn't mind the wetness of his mother's body, of her face and hair. On the contrary, he found it pleasant. He didn't know what his mother was going to do to help him fuck Julie, but whatever she was up to he would go along with it. Julie had such a sweet little body and she was always showing off and saying things. It was time she had a cock in her pussy.

"Taste my tit now, Richard," she said, cup ping one and lifting it.

"You have piss all over it," he reminded her.

"You'll like it, I bet."

Richard hesitated, looking at her wet tit.

"Would you suck my pissy nipple, honey," she said in a low voice, "you can fuck me in my ass!"

"Fuck you in the ass?"

"Wouldn't you like to try it? My asshole has never been fucked before. It's nice and tight and you'd really like it, honey."

"You sure have changed. Mom," he said.

She nodded her head. "And I'll probably keep changing until I try everything, too. Now, come on… suck mother's titty and taste your piss."

Richard lowered his face to her nipple and paused.

"I can really fuck you up the ass, Mom?"

"I don't lie about things like that," she said.

"You can fuck my asshole raw, but you have to lick the piss off my tit first."

Richard darted his tongue out.

The taste of his piss wasn't as bad as he had expected. Closing his lips about his mother's nipple, he sucked and swirled his tongue. His cock started getting hard, pressing at her hip.

"You see? It's nice, isn't it?"

Richard lifted his face, grinning at her. "It's okay."

"Give my cunt a little lick," she murmured, spreading her thighs. "Just a quick licking, then you can shove your hard cock up my asshole."

Richard pressed his face into his mother's hairy cunt. Sandy closed her hot thighs about his face, her hands at the back of his head. He opened his lips to suck the hairy wetness, his tongue licking at her clitoris. Sandy looked between her tits at him, her eyes glowing. Locking her heels behind his head and holding him tightly against her cunt, she suddenly squirted into his mouth.

"Mmmmphhhhh!" Richard yelled, trying to pull away.

Sandy laughed and pissed, holding him tightly with her thighs and hands.

Richard closed his lips as tight as he could but his mother had already pissed into his mouth and he had no choice but to swallow. She kept pissing, with the hot golden piss now spraying over his face and her thighs. Richard tried frantically to get his face away, but she held him too tightly.

"I'm pissing in your cunt-sucking face now, Richard!" she laughed wickedly.

Richard couldn't move away. He had to remain with his face in his mother's pissing cunt while she laughed with lewd delight. He couldn't breathe because her piss was in his nose.

Sandy didn't release her son until she had finished pissing and to Richard it seemed like hours. He lifted his dripping face and looked accusingly at his mother.

"I wanted you to feel what it was like, too," she laughed. Her cunt was wet with piss, the curling dark hairs matted to her pussy. "Don't you like it, honey?"

"You fucking cunt!" Richard said, but there was no real anger in his voice.

"That's right, I am a fucking cunt," Sandy laughed. "I'm your fucking cunt, Richard. I'm your fucking cunt and your fucking cock-sucker and your fucking asshole. You can do anything with me, with my body, with any part of my hot, fucking body, anytime you want."

"I know," he suddenly grinned.

"And I can do things with your body, too," she replied, her eyes starting to take on that smoldering expression again. "I can suck your cock and your balls and asshole and anything I want, right?"

"Right, Mom."

"Do you still want to fuck me in the ass?"

He grasped his cock, showing her how hard he had become. "You see it? It's hard, and I'm going to shove it up your hot asshole and fuck you so fast you're gonna shit!"

"Oooo, do it!"

"But first!"

Richard shoved his face to his mother's cunt again, lapping the piss from it. He swirled his tongue into her piss-wet cunt hairs, licking and rubbing his mouth into it.

Sandy arched up, writhing into his face. "Turn over and stick your ass in the air, Mom," he said, giving her hip a playful slap.

"Oh, I'm ready for it!" Sandy yelped, turning on the bed and drawing her knees up.

With her shoulders and tits flat on the bed, she grabbed the cheeks of her ass. She pulled them as wide apart as she could, her asshole pooching out and ready for his cock.


Richard gazed at his mother.

She was posing in the most lewd position he had ever seen. His cock lurched, jerking up and down as he stared at her.

Sandy spread the creamy cheeks of her lovely ass wide – as wide as she could. The wrinkled asshole seemed to pooch toward him. Just below was her hairy cunt, glistening wetly, their lips somewhat puffy with desire. As much as he enjoyed having his cock inside the steaming cauldron of his mother's cunt, his interest was now focused upon her tight asshole.

Sandy listened to her son's heavy breathing, her own breath coming somewhat fast. Her fingers dug into the cheeks of her ass, almost touching the sensitive asshole. She waggled her uplifted ass erotically. Her position thrilled her erotic senses, but she was thrilled most by having her son gazing at her from behind. Being looked at in this way created a new type of feeling, a hot, shivery feeling. She was starting to understand the excitement of exhibitionism.

Richard couldn't resist. He moistened his lips and shoved his face down. Sandy shivered as she felt his lips kissing the smooth surface of her ass near her clutching hands. He ran his tongue about the sweetness of his mother's ass, then pressed his lips to her quivering asshole, sucking it.

The tip of his tongue darted, licking. He lapped at the wet, hairy slit of her cunt, then dragged his tongue up and over her asshole. Sandy mewled softly, trying to arch her ass higher yet. The feel of his tongue lapping up and down, from her own to asshole could have made her come but it was his cock she wanted.

"Fuck my ass!" she hissed. "Richard, fuck mother's asshole! Ohhh, baby, I want your cock up my ass so much."

Richard pulled his face beck. His mother's asshole was pulsing, as if inviting his cock to plunge in deeply. He ran his tongue over his lips and pressed a finger against her asshole. The heat was surprising to him and he shaved a bit harder.

"Ohhhh!" Sandy yelped.

Richard had moved the first knuckle of his finger into his mother's asshole. The ring clamped about it. When his mother yelped, he paused.

"Oh, don't stop!" Sandy whimpered. "God, don't stop now!"

With sadistic delight, Richard rammed his finger completely into his mother's asshole. Sandy shrieked, but not too badly. Richard began to move his finger in and out of his mother's asshole, slowly, watching her wiggle and twist, listening to her groans turn into whimpers of pleasure.

"Does it feel good, Mom?" he asked, watching her asshole clutch his finger.

"Ooooo, I like it, darling!" she gurgled. "Your cock will feel even better, though."

"Then cock is what you're gonna get."

Richard pulled his finger free, holding the base of his throbbing, dripping cock. He pressed the swollen tip against his mother's ass and Sandy mewled when he pressed against the highly sensitive pucker.

"Now!" she yelped.

Richard stabbed and the head of his cock slipped in past the resisting ring of ass flesh, stretching it.

"Ohhhhh!" Sandy yelped as the searing pain sliced into her ass.

It felt as if her son's cock was splitting her in two pieces, yet the pain wasn't all that bad. It was a pleasure-pain and she found it delicious. She still clutched the cheeks of her ass, keeping them wide for her son.

Richard placed his hands on the cheeks of her ass near her spine, watching his cock with huge eyes. The heat of his mother's asshole seemed very hot, hotter than her cunt or mouth. And tight, so tight he wondered if he could pull his cock back out. The way her asshole stretched, it seemed to him it would split at any time.

"Don't it hurt, Mom?" he asked, filled with excited concern.

"God, yes!" she groaned. "But it hurts good, so very good! I want it all, darling! I want to feel all of your hard cock up my asshole!"

Richard inched his cock in deeper. Sandy groaned as he pressed inward. Then the cheeks of her ass were at the base of his cock. His balls pressed at her cunt, seared by the wetness oozing from her. Sandy released the cheeks of her ass, bringing her arms past her head. She clawed at the sheets, her face grimacing.

Sandy moved a hand underneath her body, between her thighs, pressing his balls tighter yet at her cunt. She was no longer groaning, but making soft whimpers. She pressed his balls and to her surprise, they slipped into her cunt.

"Ooooo, how about that, baby!" she gurgled. "I got your balls in my fucking cunt! Ohhhh, wonderful… hard cock up my ass, and precious balls in my cunt!"

Richard felt her pussy contract about his balls, and at the same time, her asshole squeezed. "You keep that up, Mom, and you'll make me come too soon!"

"Ooo, we can't have that, can we?"

Reluctantly, she let his balls fall free and Richard began to move his cock back and forth. The friction on her asshole sent waves of delight through her and she began to sob with perverse ecstasy. She clawed at the sheets, making gurgling sounds as her son began to pump his cock back and forth a little faster.

"Ohhh, you go in so deep, Richard!" she grunted. "I love it, baby! Oh, God… fuck my ass! It's wonderful! Fuck mother's asshole! Ram that sweet cock up my hot fucking ass as hard and deep as you can!"

Richard banged, banged faster and harder. His eyes never left his mother's ass. She swung her lifted ass about, making tight circles, then lunged back onto his cock. To Richard, it looked as if she was grinding her asshole onto his cock, making his balls slap wetly against her hairy cunt. He moved his fingers to her hips, digging into the soft flesh. His hips raced back and forth, his cock pounding the tender circle of her tightly gripping asshole.

"Oooo, so fucking good!" Sandy wailed, real tears of ecstasy flooding her eyes. "God, I love it, Richard! I love the way your cock feels in my hot asshole! Oooooo, baby, you're going to have to fuck me this way again!"

"Yeah!" Richard grunted.

With each thrust, his cock went completely into his mother's ass. When he pulled back, he made sure the swollen prick head remained inside. He fucked hard and fast, making the breath hiss from his mother's mouth. His balls were starting to become tight and the urge to climax began to swell inside his young body.

"Mom, I'm gonna come soon!"

"Please, not yet!" she screeched. "I'm about to come, too! Make me come, Richard! Ohhhh, make me come… fuck my asshole and make me come!"

Richard rammed time and again, gritting his teeth as the sweet sensation of coming swelled and swelled.

Suddenly Sandy screamed, her naked body shaking violently. Richard had his cock buried completely up her scalding asshole. As Sandy came, the gripping, clutching sensation began to suck on his cock. He pressed his prick in as deep as he could and gushed into her ass.

"Ohhhh! Oh, I'm coming!" Sandy yelled, her head lifting from the bed, her eyes squeezed tight. "Ohhhh, you're making me come, Richard! Oh, God, it's so good I can't stand it!"

Richard's face was contorted as his cock sent stream after stream of hot, thick, creamy cock juice deep into his mother's gripping asshole. With the power of her orgasmic contractions, Sandy's asshole sucked her son's spurting cock dry.

He pulled his prick from her and collapsed face down on the bed, gasping harshly. Sandy, with her ass still high in the air, sighed deeply. The burning sensation was still there, but she felt so wonderful, she was almost afraid to move. She didn't want the feeling to go away.

Slowly, she lowered her body to the bed, her feet hanging over the edge. The creamy cheeks shivered as she breathed deeply.

"Richard, that was fantastic," she said in a breathless voice. "I had no idea getting fucked up the ass could make me come so strong."

She wrapped an arm about her son, and when he turned onto his side, she kissed his mouth. The tip of her tongue moved back and forth on his lips, then Richard shoved his tongue out. They licked at each other's tongue for a while and Sandy tossed one leg over him.

"Did you like fucking me in the ass?" she whispered, slipping her tongue about his ear.

"You bet, Mom!" he replied enthusiastically. "Then you'll fuck me up the asshole again?"

"Anytime, Mom."

Squealing childishly, Sandy hugged her son, pulling his chest to her tits. She rubbed her hairy cunt along his thigh, kissing him with feverish delight.

"And I'm going to help you fuck that little Julie," she whispered.


"Just leave it to me," she said mysteriously. "But however I do it, you can't get mad, okay?"

"Okay," he agreed, grinning impishly and squeezing one of her tits.

"Roll over on your beck," she said.

Richard did as she asked and she began to kiss and lick along his chest and stomach. Her hand caressed up and down the inside of her son's thigh. His cock stirred, lifting again with swelling hardness. As her tongue darted about his stomach, she closed her fist over his growing cock and beat up and down slowly.

She delved her tongue into her son's belly button, then licked lower. She passed his cock and balls and licked lightly at his thigh, still pumping on his cock. She ran her tongue to his knee, then pulled his thighs wide apart. She licked wetly along the inside of his thigh and as her face came close to his balls, she flicked them with the tip of her tongue.

"Mmmm, you've got cunt juice on your balls," she whispered.

"I should have," Richard laughed. "You stuffed them up your cunt, Mom."

"They taste good," she said, running her tongue about his balls. "They have just the right seasoning now."

She pulled his balls into her hot, wet mouth, sucking gently. She made soft gurgling sounds, still jacking on his cock. Richard watched his mother sucking his balls, her eyes rolling and sparkling.

Releasing his balls, she raced her wet tongue about his inner thighs, purring with delight. Again she flicked her tongue against his balls, then with the flat surface, ran it up his cock to the swollen cock head. She probed at his piss hole, circling the bulging head, then down again to his balls.

"Your cock tastes like shit," she laughed.

"Look where it's been," he replied.

Sandy giggled, licking at the shaft of his cock again. "I don't mind. Do you?"

"You're the one licking, Mom," he answered.

"Let we see your ass," she murmured, shoving his legs back to his chest. "Hold your legs for me."

Richard held his legs up and Sandy peered at her son's asshole, his balls and hard cock. She pressed her lips to his asshole, kissing it, then snapped her tongue out to lick. She wiggled her tongue about his asshole, then up to his balls, from there to his cock. Up and down her tongue moved, lapping almost furiously from his asshole to the head of his cock, her tongue always licking.

His cock seemed to become harder, the head so lightly rounded it was ready to burst. Shoving her mouth into his asshole, her lips wide, she lapped frantically and pounded again on his cock with a tight fist.

"Keep it up, Mom, and I'm gonna come in your fucking face!"

"Mmmmm, no you won't. I can have my lips sucking that cock before you can spurt once."

She sucked and licked his tight asshole, jerking her fist on his cock fast enough to make his precious balls bounce on her nose. She pressed her tongue into the tight asshole, fucking it in and out, jacking faster yet.

Richard wiggled his ass, unable to hold still. The sensations flooded his young body with searing pleasure. He hugged his knees tight to his chest and began to move his ass up and down, smearing it into his mother's face.

The more he wiped his ass about her face, the more Sandy enjoyed it. Her cunt was pulsating with that wild heat again. She felt so erotic, so perverse. If her son had shit then, she would not have cared.

Sandy had had no idea she could feel so wicked. She felt nothing, thought of nothing, except the intensity of her total and complete arousal.

Her tongue went deep into her son's asshole, wiggling about in frenzy. Her fist beat up and down on his very hard cock, his balls banging on her nose. Richard arched his ass into his mother's face as high as he could, trying to see, but all he saw were her glowing, steaming eyes.

"Suck my ass, Mom!" he shouted down at her. "Suck my asshole! Jack my fucking cock? Eat my ass. Lick my ass. Tongue my fucking asshole! Ohhhh, jack my cock, Mom! You're gonna make me come so fucking much!"

Sandy's were smoldering pools of mindless ecstasy and her mind soared on erotic pleasures. Her ass clenched as deep pulsation rippled through her cunt. She plunged her tongue back and forth, fucking her son's asshole with intense delight, ready to grab his cock when he came. Her fist pounded hard, smacking at the base of her son's cock. She sucked, trying to pull the shit from his asshole.

"I'm gonna let it go, Mom!" Richard yelped. "I'm gonna come all over the fucking place!"

Sandy mewled, jerking her tongue from his gripping asshole and racing it about his balls, jacking frantically at his throbbing cook. She raced her tongue up the shaft, pulling her hand away. She gulped the smooth head of his cock between her lips just in time.

The creamy come juice sprayed over her tongue. Sandy's eyes rolled in pleasure. Richard wrapped his thighs about his mother's head, squeezing them as her lips clung to the head of his cock. The gushing come juice filled her mouth, coated her tongue. The taste of his young come juice, as before, sent her pussy into wild contractions of orgasms. She gulped wetly, swallowing her son's delicious young come juice hungrily.

Richard beat at the bed with his fist, his ass twisting with ecstasy, his cock squirting into his mother's hot mouth. He held her head very tightly with his squeezing thighs and Sandy never lost his cock.

The final gush of come juice bubbled into her mouth, and she sucked until there was no more. Still, she held his cock with her lips until his young body went limp. When he opened his thighs, she lifted her head.

"Didn't I tell you I could get my mouth on your cock before you came?" she murmured, nuzzling his balls with her chin.

"I'm so tired," he said sleepily. "I think you fucked and sucked me today more than most guys get in a month, Mom."

"And you don't like it?"

"I didn't say that," he replied.

She climbed up beside him. "Anytime you get tired of my cunt, my mouth, or my asshole, just let me know. Tommy would love it, I'm sure."

"You wouldn't, would you?"

"Wouldn't what?"

"Give it all to Tommy and leave me out?"

"I'm just teasing you, honey," Sandy said, kissing his cheek. "And I meant it when I said I'd help you fuck Julie."

"How?" he asked again.

"Well, since I sucked your cock, and ate your asshole," she said slowly, "I guess maybe I could lick her pretty little pussy, couldn't I?"

Richard turned toward his mother. "You'd really lick her cunt, Mom?"

"If her cunt tastes as good as your cock and asshole, I'd love to have my face in it," Sandy said, giggling naughtily.

Richard considered, then laughed. "You might like it, Mom."

"Like it?" she said. "I'm sure her cunt will taste delicious."

"When are you gonna do it?"

"I'll let you know," Sandy said, snuggling closer to her son and cupping his cock and balls. "Now, let's go to sleep. I'm tired, too."

"You're gonna lick her fucking cunt!" Richard said, still not believing it. "You really are, Mom?"

"If she lets me. Now, hush and go to sleep."


Before Sandy went after Julie, there was something else she wanted first.

She had heard of some women fucking two guys at the same time and now that her erotic nature was in full bloom, she wanted to try it. Just thinking about it sent shivers of eagerness coursing through her body. The only guys she knew well enough to ask were her son and Tommy. Her son would go for it, she knew, but Tommy was the question mark.

The time she had sucked him off, Tommy had run from the house as if he had been ashamed or embarrassed. But, after what her son had told her about Tommy and his sister, that reaction didn't fit. Tommy had not protested when she jerked him off on the ladder, and he had come into the house with her of his own free will. Tommy might feel embarrassed, but he was still eager, she decided.

She talked to her son about it, and found Richard was just as eager as she was to try a three-some. She didn't even have to bribe him by reminding him of her promise to help him fuck Julie.

She bathed and scented her body, then put on a clinging dress with a slit high on the left side that exposed her thigh to her hip. She put on stockings and a garter belt, but no bra or panties. She chose her highest heels, knowing they would emphasize the slender beauty of her legs and ass.

Tommy came over at Richard's invitation. Richard and Sandy sat on the couch, with Tommy sitting nearby. He kept glancing at Sandy nervously. Tommy didn't know if Richard knew what his mother had done with him, and it made him nervous. Besides, he had never seen Sandy dressed his way before. She looked so beautiful to him he was afraid his hard-on would show.

Sandy made certain the slit of her dress exposed her long leg as she sat beside her son. The tops of her stockings and the whiteness of her upper thighs could be seen by Tommy. It was obvious to Tommy that Sandy didn't have panties on because he could see her naked hip, too.

Sandy attempted small talk with Tommy, but all she got in reply were nods, grunts, and shakes of his head.

"Tommy, you're acting embarrassed," she said. "Is it because of my dress?"

The boy gulped, jerking his eyes off her ex posed thigh quickly, his cheeks flushing.

"There's nothing to be embarrassed about, Tommy," she said, pulling her skirt away from her thigh a bit.

In agreement with his mother, Richard wrapped an arm over her shoulders and curled his fingers about one of her concealed tits. Seeing him do that, Tommy felt his breath catch, his eyes big. As Richard cupped his mother's tit, Sandy deliberately rested her palm on his cock, rubbing slowly, a smile on her face.

"Richard is getting hard," she said softly. "I bet you're getting hard, too, Tommy. Don't be shy, let me see."

"Well, gosh," Tommy gasped.

"Come on, let me see your hard-on," Sandy said softly. "Look, Richard isn't embarrassed."

Richard squeezed his mother's tit and Sandy squeezed his cock. She opened her son's pants and pulled his prick free, stroking her fist up and down.

"Does Richard know?" Tommy asked, his voice shaking.

"He knows," Sandy said.

"You wanna fuck my mother?" Richard asked? "You can fuck my mother if you wanna. Julie is always pretending she'll fuck us, Tommy, but she never does. But my mother will fuck."

Using his other hand, Richard pulled his mother's slit skirt apart. Sandy spread her legs and Tommy stared between them. Tommy remembered Sandy had promised him he could fuck her, but he hadn't expected Richard to be with them.

"Tommy, why did you run away the ether day?" Sandy asked, keeping her knees spread wide.

He looked up her long legs, his eyes fixed hotly upon her hairy cunt slit. "I… I didn't know grown women did things like that."

"But you've tried to get your sister to kiss your cock, haven't you?"

"She's a girl," Tommy said. "Girls usually… well, that's what I heard, anyway. I just didn't know grown women suck… did that."

"But now you know, don't you?"

He nodded, seemingly unable to take his eyes off her pussy.

"You like my cunt, don't you, Tommy?" Sandy said, twisting her ass. "Richard loves it. My son loves to fuck my cunt, and you're going to love it, too." She crooked her finger at him. "Sit here with us, Tommy."

Tommy got to his feet and his cock bulged inside his pants. He went to sit on her other side, his nervousness going away.

"Play with me, Tommy," Sandy murmured, leaning back on the couch. "Touch me. Touch me anywhere you want. Feel me up, squeeze my tits, finger my cunt."

She slipped her hand to his straining cock, rubbing at it. So excited he forgot to be nervous, Tommy ran his hand along her thigh, his fingers combing through the thick tangle of cunt hair.

"Mmmmmm, nice," Sandy murmured as he stroked her cunt with his fingers. "Take your cock out. I want to feel both. Come on, Tommy, let me hold your cock!"

Tommy fumbled to get his pants open and she shoved her hand into them, bringing his cock forth. Gripping Tommy's cock hard, with her son's prick in her other hand, Sandy jacked them both.

"Oooo, two beautiful hard cocks! I'm going to fuck the piss our of you two horny little bastards!"

"Stand up, Mom," Richard said. "I wanna take your dress off."

"By all means," Sandy murmured as she stood up.

Richard stood behind her, dragging the zipper down. Sandy shrugged her shoulders, making the dress fall to her waist. Her tits came free and Tommy's eyes burned on them, his cock throbbing out of his pants.

"Suck my titties, Tommy," Sandy whispered.

Tommy got to his feet and pulled a sweet, hard nipple into his mouth. Sandy grabbed his cock and began pumping it as her son, still behind her, drew her dress over her hips and to her feet.

"Mmmm, kiss my ass, Richard," she mewled, arching her ass into her son's face. "Kiss my ass while Tommy sucks my tits. Ohhh, Tommy, your cock is so hard! I'm going to love it in my cunt!"

Richard licked at his mother's creamy smooth ass, dragging his tongue up and down the hot crack. Sandy jerked hard on Tommy's cock, pulling his face tightly into her tits. Her cunt started pulsating, getting very wet, and her clitoris was swollen. Her legs trembled and she began to sink to the floor between the two boys.

As her lips came close to Tommy's cock, she couldn't resist taking a quick suck on it. Then she lay on the floor, naked except for her garter belt, nylons and high-heeled shoes. Opening her legs very wide, she used her fingers to part the puffy lips of her cunt. She looked up at Tommy with smoldering eyes.

"Take your clothes off, Tommy," she moaned. "When I fuck, I like it skin to skin."

"You're really gonna let me fuck you, Sandy?" Tommy asked, hardly believing it. "With Richard watching?"

"Mmmmm, I sure am, honey," she said, rubbing at her distended clitoris. "Come on… put your cock in my hot cunt!"

Tommy glanced at Richard.

Richard nodded his head. "You better fuck her, Tommy. If you run away this time, you might not get another chance."

Tommy scrambled out of his clothes, so excited he was afraid he would come before he could get his cock into that hairy pussy.

As he knelt between Sandy's spreading thighs, Richard moved off to one side, watching. Sandy grasped Tommy's cock in her hand, pulling it to her eager cunt. She fitted the swollen prick head between the cunt lips, making a slight hissing sound of pleasure.

"Mmmm, now you finish sticking your cock in me," she mewled.

Feeling the wet heat envelop his cock, Tommy plunged in.

"Ohhhh, that's it, darling!" Sandy moan ed. "Ram your cock as hard as you want!"

She understood Tommy's eagerness and the rushing of his cock didn't hurt her. She lifted her hips as his cock came down and in. When it was deep, she scissored her long thighs about his hips.

"Oooo, now fuck me, Tommy!" she urged. "Fuck that hot cunt!"

Tommy began to fuck wildly into Sandy's clutching cunt, his balls beating at her churning ass. Sandy arched and thrashed her ass about, riding his cock as much as he was fucking her.

Sandy grabbed for her son's cock, squeezing it hard as her ass churned wildly beneath Tommy. She jerked and pumped at her son's cock with a tight fist, moaning with increasing ecstasy.

"My mouth," she hissed. "Shove your cock in my mouth, Richard! Oooo, I want to suck your cock while Tommy fucks me! Ahhh, honey, hurry and let me suck your sweet cock!"

Richard moved his cock toward her mouth. Sandy pulled his prick to her lips and kissed feverishly along the throbbing cock shaft, then raced her tongue about his dripping piss hole.

Seeing what she was doing, Tommy fucked faster and harder into her gripping cunt. Sandy, swinging her hips about with wild pleasure, almost screamed.

"Fuck me in my mouth, Richard! Oooo, yes, fuck me in my hot mouth! Tommy, fuck me up my cunt! I want both of you to fuck me together! I'm so hot, so fucking hot!"

Richard leaned over his mother on his hands and knees, shoving his dripping cock into her mouth. Closing her lips around her son's cock, Sandy shoved one hand to Tommy's ass, gripping it as it bounced.

Her hand grabbed her son's balls, squeezing and twisting them when he started thrusting his cock up and down, fucking her mouth.

The sensations of being fucked by the two young cocks rippled through Sandy's body, making her tits swell. Her naked body felt as if it were one mass of almost unbearable ecstasy.

She tried to suck at her son's cock as he fucked between her lips, but found it hard to do. She kept her lips tight around his throbbing cock and let him drive his cock in and out. The prick head brushed at her throat, making her gasp with delight. Her naked ass whipped up and down on Tommy's cock.

Her mind soared with ecstasy and she hoped they would both come at the same time. To have creamy sweet come juice pouring into her cunt and mouth together seemed to be the ultimate of ecstasy to Sandy.

She squeezed at Tommy's tight ass cheek and twisted mindlessly at her son's balls. She gurgled and whimpered, wailed and sobbed. Every part of her flesh was burning, every nerve tingling. She was about to go crazy with ecstasy and her hips churned, her ass bounced, her lips fiery in cock-sucking hunger.

Through the roaring in her ears, she heard them grunting with effort. She twisted and slithered beneath Tommy, her cunt on fire with a swiftly approaching orgasm. When she started coming, the explosion almost ripped her apart. The contractions of her cunt grew painful, yet she seemed to demand more and more.

She heard Tommy cry out, but she didn't actually feel it when his cock sent burning come juice splashing into her cunt. But she did feel it when her son came. He rammed his cock deep into the back of her throat and his creamy come juice seemed to scald it. She swallowed with loud, wet gulps and still come-juice seeped out around her son's cock and dripped hotly around her cheeks.

She tried to cling to Richard's cock as he pulled it free. She felt coolness in her crotch as Tommy pulled his prick from her cunt. Sandy's body turned to liquid, every nerve relaxed. Her face was radiant now that the frenzy of her double-fuck was over. It had been better than she expected, much, much better.

Tommy and Richard sat side by side, leaning against the couch. Sandy's eyes moved from one boy to the other, gazing at their balls and limp cocks. Tommy's prick glistened with the juices of her cunt. She moved her nearest hand from her son's balls to Tommy's fondling them, feeling affection.

"God. That was good!" she finally said, her eyes glowing, come juice dripping on her cheeks.

"Kinda nice, Mom," Richard responded.

"You sure have a hot pussy, Sandy." Tommy grinned at her.

"You're not going to run away this time, honey?"

Tommy shook his head vigorously. "Not after that! I wanna stay around for more."

Sandy squeezed his precious balls tenderly, smiling at him. She nuzzled into his crotch, licking at his balls and wet cock. She gave his cock a suck, then shoved her face to her son's prick, repeating the action.

When her son and Tommy sat up on the couch, she lifted to her knees, taking each cock in her hand and stroking them, feeling them start to swell again.

"When I get you two hard again," she murmured softly, "I want it another way."

Richard knew what she wanted but Tommy just looked puzzled.

She gurgled, squeezing Tommy's cock hard, watching the cock head swell from the pressure.

"I bet both of you would get hard quicker if I sucked you."

"I sure would!" Tommy gasped.

Richard laughed at his friend's eagerness. "Mom could make a fucking statue get a hard on."

"I believe it," Tommy grunted when Sandy squeezed his cock a bit too hard.

She lowered his face, taking his cock between her lips. She flicked her tongue about the swelling prick head, lapping at his piss hole.

She whimpered with pleasure as her lips glided down to the base. As she sucked up, she created a powerful suction. Tommy's cock jerked up in full hardness, smacking at his stomach.

"Beautiful," Sandy murmured, going to her son's cock and swallowing it quickly. "Two beautiful hard cocks! I love to see young cocks when they're so hard." She pulled Richard and Tommy to the floor. "You've had my cunt, Tommy, and I've sucked your cock off. I have one more place for it – my asshole."

Understanding what his mother wanted, Richard lay on the floor, his cock standing straight up. Tommy, on his knees, watched as Sandy fondled her son's cock and balls a moment. Richard's cock was already dripping acid. Sandy leaned down and licked it away, then squatted above Richard.

Tommy slipped around to watch as Sandy rubbed her son's cock along the dripping slit of her cunt. She sighed with pleasure when his cock was inside her hairy cunt. Sandy ground onto her son's cock a moment, then lay across his chest, her knees along Richard's sides.

Clutching the cheeks of her ass and pulling them as wide apart as she could. Sandy said in an urgent voice, "Up my ass, Tommy!"

"You mean together?" Tommy asked.

"Yes! Shove your cock up my asshole!"

Tommy looked doubtful.

"Come on, Tommy!" Sandy urged, wiggling her ass. "Shove that sweet cock up my fucking ass – now!"

Tommy moved into position, his cock lurching up and down as he stared at Sandy's puckering asshole. "You think my cock will go in there?"

"It will!" she moaned. "Just, fuck it in!"

Still doubtful, but eager to try, Tommy pressed the head of his cock upon the searing heat of Sandy's asshole. She moaned in pleasure as he started pressing.

"Fast! Damn it!" she shouted. "Ram your cock up my fucking asshole fast!"

With a plunge, Tommy's cock stabbed deep into her tight asshole.

"Ohhhh!" Sandy wailed.

The hard cock throbbing in her cunt, the other up her ass sent chills and tremors racing about her naked body. She was smashed between her son and Tommy and their throbbing cocks could be felt all the way to her stomach.

"Fuck me!" Sandy wailed ecstatically. "Fuck me, damn you guys!"

Richard, on the bottom and limited in movement, drove his cock in and out of his mother's fiery cunt. Her tits smashed against his chest and he was now holding his mother's ass cheeks, his fingers, spreading them for Tommy.

"Fuck me, Tommy!" Sandy shrieked.

Tommy began to move.

"Ohhh, God!" Sandy groaned, feeling both cocks plunging into her body.

Her cunt and asshole were on fire, both of them stretched. The ring of her asshole felt as if it were splitting, the pain turning quickly into perverse pleasure.

"Ram me! Both of you, fuck me hard! Oooo, fuck my cunt, Richard! Fuck my ass, Tommy!"

The boys grunted in effort, with Tommy fucking her asshole deep as Richard's cock came back. Then they found a mutual rhythm and fucked her together. The dual penetration sent Sandy's emotions soaring. She couldn't move, captured between them this way, but she didn't mind.

Her ass shivered, her asshole squeezing, her cunt clinging wetly to her son's cock. She wasn't in the least surprised to find herself coming so swiftly. The sheer perversity of being fucked in her cunt and asshole at the same time was enough to send tight, boiling orgasms raging through her body. The friction of her son's cock in her cunt, and Tommy's cock in her asshole, seemed to Sandy the sweetest of all ecstasies.

"Oooo, so tight!" Tommy grunted. "So fucking tight, Sandy!"

"Yes, oh yes!" she replied. "My asshole is very, very tight, and very hot, too! Fuck my tight, hot asshole, Tommy!"

His cock was racing now. Sandy thrilled to the greater speed, the better friction.

"Ohhh, Richard, fuck my cunt!" she screeched in passion. "Fuck mother's cunt hard and fast! Oooo, cock up my cunt, cock up my asshole… fuck the piss out of my pussy, Richard! Tommy, oh Tommy… your cock is so hard… ram it hard up my hot asshole! I'm coming so fucking hard! Oooo, fuck fast I'm coming, coming, coming!"

Richard, still clinging to his mother's ass cheeks, drove deep into her cunt.

"I'm gonna come, Mom!" he shouted. "I'm gonna come in your hairy cunt!"

"Yes, yes!"

"Me, too!" Tommy grunted from above her.

"Oh, God… yes! Both of you fill my hot cunt and asshole! Give me that sweet creamy come juice! Drown my cunt and asshole with come juice! Hot, thick, sweet come juice!"

Richard's cock let loose with a streaming gush of come juice, spraying it along the satiny walls of his mother's convulsing pussy. Impaled by them, all she could do was tremble with ecstasy, feeling their powerful squirts. Tommy rammed deep into her clutching asshole, spraying the walls of her ass with the steaming juices of his young balls. With both boys gushing in her body, Sandy experienced tighter, hotter orgasms than ever.

A bit later, sitting on the couch, her legs out and spread wide, her cunt glistening, Sandy said in a tired voice, "I need one more cock around here."

"Why?" Tommy asked.

"To suck, honey," she laughed sexily. "Three cocks would be just right for me."

Richard and Tommy laughed.


Sandy had her chance with Julie a day later. Julie came to the back door, and when Sandy let her in, she was muddy and crying. Even her hair was wet and muddy.

"What happened to you, honey?"

"Some boys down the street pushed me in a mud puddle," Julie sobbed. "And I can't get in my house because the doors are locked and mommy is gone."

"Stop crying, Julie," Sandy soothed. "It's not that bad. You can bathe here and I'll wash your dress for you. Why did they push you in the mud?"

"I was just playing with them, Sandy," Julie said, wiping her eyes. "I didn't do anything bad to them."

"Then why did they push you?"

"Because I was… I was teasing them."

"Teasing them? How, baby?"

Julie blushed, looking shyly at the floor, her hands behind her back, looking sweetly innocent. "They were trying to look up my dress and I got mad. I showed them what they were trying to see but then they wanted to touch me. I told them I wasn't gonna let them and they took their to… their thing out. They tried to make me touch them, and when I wouldn't do it, they pushed me in the puddle."

"Well, you just get out of those muddy clothes and I'll put them in the washer. You can take a bath here," Sandy said.

With total innocence, Julie undressed there in the kitchen. With her dress off, she hesitated only a moment before sliding her cotton panties down, too. Even though she was wet and dirty, her small body had an erotic appeal to Sandy. Those small, but tight tits didn't require a bra yet, and the pink nipples reminded Sandy of cotton candy. They stood out stiff, and Sandy suspected it wasn't because Julie was naked. She had heard enough from her son about Julie to know the girl was probably excited. Her lovely little cunt was barely fuzzy, the kissable pussy slit plainly showing. Her slim thighs were a golden color.

Sandy felt her cunt swelling with wet heat as she looked at the girl. Her mouth watered to taste that sweet, young pussy. She shoved Julie's clothing into the washer, starting it. At the same time, she gazed at Julie's succulent tight ass while the girl remained there, naked.

Taking Julie's hand, they moved down the hall, passing the main bathroom.

"You can use my bath, honey," Sandy said. "I've got all the things you'll need there."

"Is Richard home?" Julie asked.

"No, he's gone someplace with your brother," Sandy said. "Why? Are you afraid he'll see you?"

Julie nodded her head.

In the bathroom, Sandy ran the tub full of water. Julie sat on the toilet and hearing her piss sent ripples of anticipation through Sandy's body. Her cunt was throbbing with hunger, her mouth watery to suck that sugary cunt.

Sandy squatted down in front of Julie, watching her. The tinkle of her pissing seemed loud in the room. Julie, with a very faint flush on her lovely face, was gazing at Sandy. Sandy opened her knees a bit, pretending she wasn't aware that Julie could see her crotch.

Julie's eyes took on a warm expression, her lips parted slightly, and she breathed in short gasps. She finished pissing and when she stood, a few drops dripped from her pussy. Sandy's breath caught and she lifted her hand, starting to touch the girl's cunt. Then she stopped just short of it.

But Julie had seen what Sandy had started to do and she stood with her legs slightly apart, her eyes glowing. With a sudden giggle, Julie jerked her hips forward and Sandy's fingertips touched the beautiful cunt for just a moment. Then Julie jumped in the full tub, giggling.

"Why, you little imp!" Sandy burst into laughter.

Julie kept giggling and Sandy leaned over the rim of the tub, washing the girl. She soaped the small tits and deliberately gave her nipples delicate pinches. When Julie responded with more giggles, Sandy ran her hand down the girl's quivering stomach and cupped Julie's cunt.

Julie wiggled her small ass, pressing her cunt into Sandy's hand, opening her legs beneath the water.

"Why didn't you let those boys feel you, honey? You're letting me do it?" Sandy asked.

"Because they're too rough," Julie said. "I let one of them do it before and he hurt me."

"Am I hurting you?"

"Oh, no, Sandy! You make it feel good."

"How does this feel?" Sandy whispered, working her middle finger into the very tight cunt slowly.

Julie shoved her crotch forward. "It feels good," she said. "Are you gonna make me come?"

"Would you like that?"

"Oooo, yes!"

"Then I'll make you come, darling," Sandy gurgled and began to finger-fuck the girl.

The heat of Julie's young cunt burned about her finger and the wetness created a very slippery entrance. Julie stopped giggling and began to whimper as pleasure flowed through her. She twisted her ass about, fucking Sandy's finger.

"Oooo, I feel it!" Julie mewled, her hips arching up. "I think I'm gonna come, Sandy! Ohhh, I know I'm gonna come!"

Julie gasped, her head back, her face screwed up into an expression of ecstasy. She clung to the rim of the tub, her hips churning up a storm under the water. Sandy thrust her finger fast, rubbing at the girl's distended clitoris with her thumb.

"Ohhhh… oh… oh!" Julie gasped. "I'm… Oooooo, that's good, Sandy! Oh, golly… I'm doing it! I'm coming now! Oooooo… oh, oh, ohhhhhh!"

Sandy felt the tight cunt grip her finger, squeezing it hard as Julie came. She, too, was breathing harshly, her breath snorting out. She plunged her finger into Julie's cunt, fucking her as fast as she could. Julie's hips thrashed with ecstasy, churning up the water, slashing it over the rim, soaking Sandy's dress.

Julie moaned as her ass stopped thrashing. She leaned against the back of the tub, her small tits arching up, nipples throbbing. Her pretty face was pink, but now it was with the glow of pleasure.

"That was good, Sandy. You do it to me better than I can myself."

"It's always better when someone else does it for you, darling," Sandy whispered, her voice low with husky hunger. "Now, let me dry you."

Sandy toweled the lovely body, tickling Julie's titties and pinching her sweet ass cheeks. When Julie parted her legs so Sandy could dry her crotch, Sandy couldn't resist kissing that sugary cunt quickly.

Julie giggled. "You like that Sandy?"

"Mmm, I sure do," Sandy whispered, feeling Julie's tight ass.

"Wanna kiss it again?"

Sandy looked up at the girl, smiling. She squeezed a cheek of Julie's ass, hard. Julie's eyes almost closed in pleasure. "Would you like for me to kiss it, Julie?" Julie nodded her head smiling happily.

"Have you had your cunt kissed before?" Julie shook her head. "But Tommy tried to get me to kiss his co… thing."

"You should have, Julie," Sandy murmured, stroking the almost hairless cunt. "Maybe he would have kissed your little pussy."

"You can kiss it," Julie giggled, pressing her cunt into Sandy's fingers. "You can kiss it all you wanna." She frowned slightly. "Have you kissed a co… a thing, Sandy?"

"Of course, baby, and it's a cock, not a thing. I like kissing cocks, but I'd rather suck them."

"Suck a cock?" Julie asked, her eyes huge. "But, Sandy, a cock squirts that stuff."

Sandy laughed. "And having a cock squirt come juice is the best part of sucking it."

"Sandy, can I say those words?"

"Of course you can."

"You won't spank me if I do?"

"Darling, you can say or do anything you want in this house," Sandy assured the girl.

With giggles, Julie playfully shoved her hips forward. "Kiss my… kiss my pussy again, Sandy."

Sandy stood up. "Let's use the bed and I'll kiss your sweet little pussy until you can't come anymore."

Julie skipped eagerly from the bathroom. Sandy watched her small ass, thinking that it all had been easier than she had thought it would be. Julie was a very hot little girl.

When Sandy entered the bedroom, Julie was sprawled in the middle of the bed, her legs spread very wide.

"You gotta take your clothes off, too," Julie said.

Smiling erotically, Sandy undressed. Watching, Julie played with her little cunt unashamedly. The pink lips were glistening with wetness and by the time Sandy shoved her wet panties down, Julie was pounding a finger into her little cunt wildly. Julie's eyes opened wide as she stared at Sandy's naked body.

"Oooo, you have pretty titties, Sandy," Julie gurgled. "They're so big! Golly, your cunt is sure hairy!"

"Your cunt will be hairy too, when you get older," Sandy said, climbing onto the bed.

"Do you finger-fuck your cunt, too, Sandy?"


"Can I see you do it?"

Sandy parted her knees wide and began to rub at her swollen clitoris, Julie's hot eyes watching. Then she thrust her finger into her hairy cunt, fucking it. Julie seemed very interested so Sandy rammed two fingers into her succulent cunt, lifting her hips high.

"Ooooo, Sandy, kiss my cunt again!" Julie begged. "Please, kiss my pussy again!"

Sandy spread out on her stomach, her face moving between Julie's slim thighs. The scent of that young cunt sent her mind reeling with passion. She cupped Julie's hips and began to wipe her face all about the girl's crotch. The heat seared at her flesh and her tongue shot out and began to lick up and down the creamy, wet pussy slit.

Julie gave a giggle of pleasure, arching her cunt up into Sandy's face. Sandy clutched the small cheeks of the girl's ass, squeezing tightly as her tongue fucked the girl's knotted clitoris.

"Ooooo, I like it, Sandy!" Julie cooed. "It's better than a finger! Oh, golly, kiss my cunt real good!" The sweetness of Julie's tender young cunt sent fire up and down Sandy's body and she began to squirm her own cunt into the bed. She dug her hands into Julie's tightening ass and thrust her tongue into the tight heat of her wet cunt. Julie wailed with pleasure, grinding her crotch tightly into Sandy's mouth.

"Oh, what you're doing to me, Sandy! Golly, that's really good!"

Sandy darted her tongue in and out, using it like a small cock, fucking Julie's cunt with it. She licked at the juicy walls, finding them smooth. She lapped her tongue up and down the slit and closed her lips around the throbbing clitoris, sucking it hard.

Julie bucked and thrashed wildly, gurgling and sobbing with ecstasy. She closed her hot thighs around Sandy's head, grinding in tight, steamy circles against Sandy's sucking, tongue-fucking mouth. Her small stomach rippled with motion, and she gasped hotly. Julie's young cunt got wetter, dripping against Sandy's tongue. Sandy sucked the juices into her mouth, swallowing. She moaned as her tongue raced in and out of the tight, hot cunt.

Sandy fucked her own hairy cunt against the bed, whimpering with pleasure, eating the lovely little cunt frantically. She could feel herself ready to come and her ass tightened as she rubbed her pussy harder into the bed. Her fingers clutched Julie's wiggling ass tight, so tight that under different circumstances, it might hurt the girl. But Julie was beyond feeling pain. She was soaring with ecstasy.

"Oh Sandy!" Julie squealed. "You're gonna make me come! I feel it… and it's so good! Make me come, Sandy!"

A sudden wail came from Julie, her cunt smashing hard into Sandy's face. Sandy's tongue darted in and out of the juicy pussy and as Julie boiled into orgasm, she felt the cunt grab at her tongue, trying to suck it in. She struggled to hang onto Julie's revolving, squirming ass, trying to keep her mouth smashed into the contracting cunt.

Suddenly Julie wailed with embarrassment and Sandy tasted hot piss flooding her mouth.

Julie tried to pull away but Sandy clung to her. Piss flooded Sandy's mouth, splashing out along Julie's thighs. The piss was very hot and Sandy began to swallow it. The taste of piss and cunt juice sent frantic signals to Sandy's pussy and she exploded in, a tremendous orgasm.

"I'm sorry," Julie said, shamefaced. "I'm so sorry, Sandy!"

"Don't be," Sandy said soothingly. "I didn't mind it at all. It made me come, too."

"It did?"

"Oh, yes, and very strongly, too. I don't mind piss at all."

"Sometimes," Julie said, her shame going away, "that happens. I just get so excited, I start pissing. I can't help it, Sandy."

"I told you, baby, you can say and do anything here," Sandy replied as she rubbed Julie's piss-wet cunt gently. "Anything at all."

"I really can?" Julie asked, her eyes bright.

"That's what I said."

Julie looked up at Sandy, who was on her knees now, starting to get off the bed. She gazed at the hairy cunt, seeing it glisten with wetness.

"Sandy, does it taste good? You know, cunt?"

"Pussy tastes just as good as a hard cock, honey," Sandy laughed.

"Can I taste your pussy?"

"If you want to," Sandy said. "You can taste my cunt. But…"

"But what? Do you get so excited you piss, too? If you do, I won't mind, Sandy."

Sandy caressed Julie's hair. "No, but what I was going to say is, Richard would love to fuck you, Julie."

"I know," Julie giggled.

"Will you let him?"

Julie pressed her hand into Sandy's hairy cunt, feeling it. She nodded her head.

"Wonderful!" Sandy said. "And I can watch it?"

"Oh, yes!" Julie squealed, thrusting her finger into Sandy's cunt. "Now, can I taste your cunt?"

Sandy opened her legs and Julie twisted around on the bed, shoving her head between Sandy's smooth thighs. Sandy pulled the lips of her cunt apart and began to shake when Julie ran her tongue along the wet, hairy lips, then drove it up her pussy. It seemed to Sandy that Julie had her tongue and lips inside her cunt. She squirmed downward, pressing her hot cunt into the little girl's face.

She let Sandy lick her cunt a while, then said, "That's enough right now, honey. You can tongue-fuck me all you want later. Right now, I want to show you something else."

When Julie pulled her face away, Sandy turned her small body over. Leaning over the girl's succulent ass, she began to lick the smooth cheeks feverishly. She shoved a hand under Julie's body, cupping a small tit, feeling the tiny nipple harden. Her other hand moved up and down the girl's shivery thighs. With a moan of passion, Sandy ran her tongue along the crack of Julie's sweet ass.

"Ooooo, golly!" Julie whimpered. "That's nice, Sandy!"

Sandy's tongue found the tiny asshole and she began licking it furiously. She couldn't quite stick her tongue into it so she settled for licking and sucking and kissing it. She felt Julie's hand between her legs, feeling about her cunt, then the little girl began finger fucking her, squealing and twisting her uplifted ass wildly.

Without warning, Sandy began to come. Her cunt clutched the small finger and she sucked hungrily at the tiny asshole, gasping with ecstasy.

"Oooo, again!" Sandy sobbed. "You're making me come again, Julie! Oh, golly, golly… I'm coming again!"

Sandy pulled her face away from the twisting ass, sitting on Julie's hand. She grasped the girl's wrist, plunging Julie's finger frantically into her own convulsing cunt.


Sandy and Julie were still on the bed, naked, but relaxed, when the back door slammed.

"Oh!" Julie yelped. "My clothes!"

"They're in the washer," Sandy said. "You can cover up with the sheet."

Frantically, Julie pulled the sheet over her body. Her eyes were enormous, almost frightened.

"Mom, I'm home!" Richard called.

"In the bedroom, honey," Sandy called back.

When Richard appeared in the doorway, Julie gasped, tugging the sheet up until only her huge eyes showed. Sandy was uncovered, one knee bent and outward. Since the foot of the bed was toward the door, Richard looked right at his mother's hairy cunt.

"I have a present for you, Richard," Sandy said.

"So I see, Mom," Richard replied, grinning.

Behind him, Tommy peered into the room, too.

"Tommy!" Julie yelped, trying to hide behind Sandy.

"It's okay, Julie," she whispered softly.

"But Tommy will see, too!" Julie protested. "Tommy, go away!"

But Tommy was grinning from ear to ear. And when he stepped past Richard, his cock, too, bulged against his pants.

"Julie, are you naked, too?" he asked.

"None of your business!" Julie shouted. "Just go away!"

Sandy drew herself up to the headboard, leaning against it, keeping her legs wide open. No one said anything for a while, then came a very small voice.

"Sandy, do you do it with Richard?" Julie asked.

"Yes, honey." Sandy replied. "My son fucks me and so does your brother."


"Sometimes," Sandy smiled, squeezing Julie's little tit.

"And you use your mouth?"

"You mean suck their cocks? Of course! One in my cunt and one in my mouth! And sometimes I take them in my pussy and asshole at the same time."

"That would hurt!" Julie whispered, her eyes darting at Richard and her brother.

Sandy started to draw the sheet from her naked body, but Julie clung to it.

"Them first," she said shyly. "Make them show first, Sandy."

Sandy was amused at the way the little girl stared at the hard cocks, so beautifully outlined in their pants.

"Take them out, guys," Sandy said. "Better yet, take everything off."

Both boys undressed eagerly. When they were naked, their cocks jerking up and down, Julie began to whimper softly. Sandy saw Julie move her hand to her cunt under the sheet.

"Now?" she asked Julie.

Julie didn't answer. Her hand rubbed as she stared excitedly at Richard and her brother, her eyes fixed on their throbbing hard-ons.

"Can I show them now, Julie?"

Julie nodded, almost in a daze.

Sandy jerked the sheet away. Julie's hand left her cunt and her legs clamped tightly together.

Tommy and Richard gulped as they looked at her small, sweet, naked body.

"You can open your legs, sweetheart," Sandy urged. "Show them what a sweet little cunt you have."

"They saw it before," Julie said in a small voice, her body trembling.

"Let them see it again," Sandy replied, pulling the slim legs apart.

Julie resisted a moment, then she flung them wide herself.

Both Richard and Tommy stared at Julie's cunt as if they had not seen it before. The sight of her completely naked, in bed next to Sandy, blatantly showing her pussy to them, made their cocks start dripping.

"Who do you want to fuck first, honey?" Sandy asked.

"Not Tommy," Julie whispered.

"But he can fuck you next?" Sandy asked.

Julie nodded her head. "After Richard fucks me," she whispered.

Sandy leaned against the headboard, patting the bed at her side. "Tommy, sit here with me."

Richard and Tommy moved to the bed and Richard went to Julie, who was watching him with wary, but glowing, excited eyes. When Tommy sat beside her, Sandy took his cock in her hand and began to jack on it.

As Richard got between Julie's thighs, Julie looked down at his cock, holding her breath. With Sandy and her brother watching, she felt a faint embarrassment. But Sandy took her hand and squeezed it, giving her courage.

"You're going to love fucking him, Julie," she said, "You'll love that hard cock in your cunt, I promise."

Richard pressed his prick against Julie's sweet, almost hairless pussy. Julie groaned but her hips arched up. She was trying to see his cock enter her cunt, but she couldn't. Richard worked the head of his cock into her pussy slit, making her tight cunt lips stretch. Julie whimpered and squeezed Sandy's hand tight.

Sandy was very excited, seeing her son press his cock into that tender cunt. She began to pump fast on Tommy's cock. His prick throbbed hotly in her fist and she ran a thumb over his piss hole, finding it slippery with seeping juices.

Julie gave a squeal and her hips shot upward, sucking Richard's cock into her cunt until his balls struck the curve of her ass.

"Ooooo, wow!" Julie gurgled. "It's in so deep! I didn't think a cock could go that far in my pussy!"

"Do you like it, Julie?" Sandy asked.

"I love it!" the girl squealed. "Ohhh, golly, Richard! Fuck me!"

Sandy gripped Tommy's excited cock as hard as she could, jacking it swiftly. She watched her son's naked ass start to bounce up and down, driving his cock into Julie's juicy pussy swiftly. She saw the way Julie thrashed her hips up and down, fucking onto Richard's cock with delight. She felt Tommy's cock throbbing very hard in her jerking fist and she stopped jacking him for a moment.

"Don't come, Tommy," she said. "Save it for later."

"I don't know if I can keep from coming, Sandy," he said. "Watching my sister get fucked is making me kinda hot."

"You get to fuck her next," Sandy said.

"Keep your come juice for her pussy."

"Oooo, fuck me, Richard!" Julie was gurgling, clinging to Richard's shoulders with right fingers. "Golly, I like it! My cunt feels so full, so stretched! Oh, push it in and out fast! I like it fast, Richard! Oooo, my cunt never felt so good before! Are you gonna come in me Richard? Are you gonna squirt that stuff in any pussy?"

"You're fucking right!" Richard grunted, banging into Julie's vise-gripping cunt.

His balls beat upon her churning ass and Julie drew her knees back, holding them at her small tits. She began to gurgle and purr and giggle at the same time. She arched her ass up, bouncing with Richard's thrusting cock. Wet slapping sounds seemed loud as Richard's balls swung against her churning ass.

"Ooo, I think you're gonna make me come, Richard!" Julie squealed, banging her ass up and down, her cunt clawing hungrily at his throbbing cock. "Ohhhh, I wanna come, too!"

She shrieked in ecstasy, holding Sandy's hand very tight. Her cunt slammed upward, grinding into Richard's cock. The spasms struck and her whole body began to shake violently. Julie made strangling sounds, her head back, neck taut. Her eyes rolled about blindly.

"Oh, shit!" Richard grunted, banging swiftly into Julie's ripping, scalding cunt.

He was moving fast now and suddenly his cock came free. When he rammed forward again, it missed her cunt, sliding over her convulsing clitoris and went off, squirting creamy come juice all over Julie's trembling stomach. He tried to get his cock back into her cunt, but she was coming in such tight waves, he couldn't get it back inside her pussy.

Sandy's eyes glazed as she watched her son's cock gushing over Julie's smooth stomach. Sandy clung to Tommy's cock, gasping with excitement. The creamy come juice kept squirting and squirting, until Julie's stomach and sugary titties were coated by thick creamy juice.

Julie, she noted, couldn't seem to stop either. Her small body squirmed and thrashed, her knees high, her sweet ass twisting in frenzy. Richard finally fell to one side, breath lug harshly, his cock still dripping.

"Ohhh, golly!" Julie whimpered as her naked body finally began to calm down. "Golly, golly, golly!"

Her rounded little ass rested on the bed, her slim legs sprawled wide, her eyes hazy with delight. The come juice glistened on her body and Sandy's impulse to shove her face to it and lick up her son's come juice was impassible to resist. Releasing Tommy's cock, she darted her tongue into the creamy pussy, licking and sucking and kissing until her face was thoroughly smeared with Richard's jizz.

Tommy's cock ached with need as he stared at Sandy while she licked his sister's flesh. Looking between her spread thighs, he saw Julie's cunt still pulsating.

"I'm gonna fuck her!" he shouted, scrambling between his sister's legs.

"Yes, Tommy!" Julie squealed, grabbing at Sandy's shoulders and pulling the woman's face into her own. "Fuck me, Tommy! Oooo, stick your cock in me, fuck my cunt, Tommy!"

Sandy saw Tommy's cock moving toward his sister's cunt. She grasped it, bringing the swollen prick head to Julie's fiery pussy. Stuffing the cock head into Julie's cunt, she urged hotly.

"Fuck her, Tommy! Fuck your sister's hot pussy!"

Sandy pulled her hand away as Tommy thrust into his sister's cunt without hesitation.

Julie screamed in ecstasy, her small hips bouncing as her brother began to fuck her pussy.

Julie pulled Sandy's face back to hers and the little tongue snapped out, wet and eager, licking at Sandy's lips in a frantic, mindless passion. Sandy pulled the girl's tongue into her mouth, sucking it, cupping a small tit and squeezing hard. Julie's ass went wild, thrashing and twisting in tight circles.

Soon Julie's face was glistening with come juice, too. Her small hands grasped at Sandy's larger tits, and Sandy shifted, shoving a tingling nipple into the girl's searching mouth. Richard, still feeling weak, watched them, a huge smile spread over his face.

Tommy, on his knees, gazed down at his sister's almost hairless cunt, pumping on his cock. Her thighs, wrapped about his hips, seemed to hold him tightly. Gripping her churning hips, he lifted her a bit more, stabbing his cock into her cunt furiously. The wet sounds of his cock ramming into Julie's tight cunt filled the room.

Pulling her nipple from Julie's mouth, Sandy sat back on her heels, watching Tommy's cock plunge into his sister's ever-so-hungry cunt. Her pussy was steaming and the juices seeped from it, running down her thighs. Just watching Tommy fucking his hotly eager sister sent Sandy's erotic emotions into high gear.

Julie's arms were above her head, fists tight. Her eyes opened and closed, rolling about. She gasped as her stomach muscles rippled in her efforts, her cunt snapping up as her brother thrust into her. Her small hips twirled crazily, up and down, grinding at her brother's cock.

Richard was cupping one of her tight tits, and Julie placed her hand on top of his, pressing his palm down hard. Sandy began twisting and pinching lightly at the other nipple. The sensations sent Julie's young ass into a frenzy of motion.

"Ooooo, fuck, fuck, fuck me, Tommy!" Julie sobbed with tormented ecstasy. "Oooo, your cock… is so hard! Fuck my pussy, Tommy! Ooooo, golly, I love it… the way it feels! I'm gonna come some more!"

Julie slammed her cunt up, grinding those puffy, hairless lips at the base of her brother's cock, screeching as the fiery convulsions started again. Her whole naked body shook as before, violently, and she choked and gasped, her head twisting from side to side.

Tommy dug his hands into her hips, not wanting her to get away as she had with Richard. His cock swelled and his balls throbbed. His mouth was open, tongue out, eyes shut. He held his cock as deep and tight into his sister's squeezing cunt as he could, his balls on her sweet ass cheeks.

"I'm gonna come!" he yelled.

"In me!" Julie shrieked. "Come in me, Tommy! Come in my cunt! Ooooo, please, I wanna feel…"

Tommy's cock erupted, geyser after geyser of boiling come juices scalding the delicate walls of her young cunt. Julie screamed, her cunt tightening around his spurting prick.

Julie began pissing.

But Tommy, shooting off so swiftly and filled with such intense pleasure, didn't realize it.

However, it excited Sandy and Tommy very much. The golden piss spurted, splashing at the base of Tommy's cock, spraying outward. When his cock stopped spurting and started to soften inside his sister's pussy, Tommy suddenly realized that Julie was pissing on him. Startled for a moment, he began to laugh.

"Oh, I'm so ashamed!" Julie murmured, covering her eyes with a slim arm. "I couldn't help it, Tommy."

"I think it's great," her brother said.

Julie peeked up at him from her arm. "You do?"

"Sure, Julie. If you gotta go, you gotta go."


All four bathed, but Julie and Tommy didn't want to go home. They had called their house only a few minutes earlier, and no one answered the phone.

"Don't worry about it," Sandy said. "Your parents will know you're here."

"Sure, but they might come to get us," Tommy said. "And here we are, all of us naked."

"They'd ring the bell," Richard said. "They wouldn't just walk in."

"We hope," Julie giggled.

Sandy didn't much care if their parents did walk in on them. But that was dangerous thinking, she decided. They would probably get very, very angry and Sandy didn't want any trouble.

Julie's clothing had been washed and dried, but Julie wasn't interested in putting them back on. They were draped on the dryer in the kitchen and she displayed her nakedness in front of the others proudly.

"Damn you, Julie," her brother said. "You shove that cunt in my face once more and I'm gonna… well, I'm just gonna have to eat it!"

Julie giggled, spread her legs, and rammed her sugary cunt into Tommy's face. Tommy immediately leaned back, causing his sister to walk straddle-legged up his body, keeping her cunt in his mouth. Tommy grabbed his sister by the cheeks of her hot, tight ass, and began to suck hungrily on her cunt.

Still giggling, Julie held her brother's head, wiggling her crotch into his mouth.

"You eat pussy good, Tommy," she mewled softly. "Stick your tongue in. You know, fuck my cunt with your tongue."

Tommy darted his tongue into her tight cunt, then remembering, fought his sister away. "Oh, no you don't, Julie. You might start pissing again."

"You can piss in my face, Julie," Richard said. "I won't mind. And I have more experience sucking cunt than Tommy does, too."

"Okay," Julie purred, "then you suck my cunt."

Richard lay back, his cock hard and standing straight up. "Come and sit in my face," he said. "Just squat in my face like you're gonna piss and I'll tongue-fuck your hot pussy. And if you piss, I won't mind at all."

Sandy's eyes blazed as she watched Julie sit her little ass on her son's face. Julie's creamy, succulent ass was on his chin and she squirmed her cunt down at Richard's open, sucking mouth. She bounced up and down slowly, riding Richard's tongue, grinding and giggling.

Sandy was sitting on the couch, one leg on the floor, the other drawn up and stretched wide. She fondled her cunt idly as she watched. Tommy's cock jutted up hard as he saw his sister sitting in Richard's face and he got to his feet and stood near Julie's head.

He offered his cock to his sister. Julie stared at it, watching him seeping from the piss hole. Tommy held his cock a few inches away from her face.

"You wanna suck my cock now, Julie?" he asked.

She felt Richard twisting his tongue into her pink cunt, then licking at her stiff clitoris. She wiggled into his face and leaned her face into her brother's cock. She ran her tongue about the smooth surface, keeping it clear of his piss hole. She held Tommy's cock at the base, making sure he couldn't shove it between her lips. She lapped along the prick shaft, her tongue wet and hot, but wouldn't take it into her mouth.

"Come on, Julie, suck my cock!" Tommy urged.

"You might come in my mouth," she whispered, jacking his prick and looking warily at it.

Richard, with his face buried into her sweet pussy, thrust his tongue in and out, cupping the small checks of her twisting ass. His cock stood in painful hardness, jerking to and fro, his balls tight.

Sandy's eyes were hazy with passion as she watched them, her finger digging into her cunt now, pounding in and out. She clutched one tit, twisting at it.

"Suck his cock, Julie," she urged in a husky voice. "You'll love the hot feel of a hard cock in your mouth. Go on, honey, suck that beautiful hard-on!"

"You won't piss in my mouth, will you, Tommy?" Julie asked fearfully. "You won't piss or come in my mouth?"

"I can't promise," Tommy said, moving his prick close to his sister's wet lips.

Julie gripped his cock at the base, making the prick head swell and the piss hole flare open. Clear liquid clung to it and she ran her tongue over her lips, gazing at it.

She wiggled her hot ass down into Richard's face, feeling his tongue slide deep into her hot, wet pussy. She looked down into Richard's eyes and he nodded for her to suck Tommy's cock.

"Suck it, Julie," Sandy hissed, beating at her hairy cunt with the palm of her hand, her finger stabbing in and out, making wet, slapping sounds. "Take his cock in your mouth."

"Fuck his cock with your mouth, Julie!"

"Don't come, Tommy," Julie said. "I'll suck it if you don't come or piss in my mouth."

"I can't make that promise, Julie," Tommy said.

Staring at his dripping cock, Julie took a deep breath. "Oh, well…"

She opened her mouth and closed her lips about the head of her brother's cock. She was surprised at how hot it was, but she was more surprised to find she liked having his cock in her mouth. She didn't even mind the dripping juices coating her tongue.

Taking her hand off his cock, she shoved her mouth almost all the way down the prick shaft. Clutching the cheeks of Tommy's ass, Julie began to moan with surprised delight. The feel of his cock throbbing inside her mouth, the heat of it, the way it dripped, created an unexpected pleasure within her.

She looked up into her brother's eyes, her lips stretched tightly, her mouth filled by his hard cock. Her eyes glittered with erotic enjoyment as she pulled his cock as deep as she could into her mouth. Then, bobbing her pretty face back and forth, she mewled with delight, twisting her boiling cunt into Richard's mouth.

Sandy watched for a moment, watching Julie sucking wilder and faster on her brother's cocks her sweet little ass twisting into Richard's face.

She could hardly stand to be a passive observer. She jumped from the couch, kneeling over Richard's prick. Quickly, she gobbled it in into her mouth, the head banging at her throat.

She began to suck and Richard moaned into Julie's cunt, arching his prick into his mother's hot, wet mouth. Sandy held her head still, letting her son fuck her mouth, her tongue twirling and twisting. She mewled with cock sucking pleasure, her stiff arms, holding her up, trembled.

Richard sucked hard at Julie's puffy, hairless cunt, his tongue fucking in and out.

Sucking cock for the first time, Julie was bubbling with excitement as she raced her mouth back and forth over her brother's cock. She squeezed at his naked ass, pulling him forward, sucking hungrily, twisting her pretty head about. The more she sucked, the better she loved it. She eagerly swallowed his dripping juices and her delicious little cunt was boiling against Richard's mouth, twitching and squeezing at his darting tongue. Tommy was resting his hands on top of his sister's head, watching her suck his cock.

Sandy gobbled at her son's cock with ecstasy, her eyes turned toward Julie's sweet, twisting ass. She could see the way her son was licking that candied cunt, see the twinkle of Julie's tiny asshole. She rubbed a finger lightly on the ass pucker, making the little girl squeal with increased ecstasy.

Richard bounced his ass on the floor, fucking faster into his mother's fiery, cock-hungry mouth.

He was the first to come.

Sandy squealed about his cock as it sent hot, creamy come juice burning into her mouth. She gulped the come juice down hungrily, her tongue lapping.

Then Julie squealed in a tight, muffled sound. Her hot little cunt quivered, then convulsed with tight heat against Richard's lips and fucking tongue. Her ass twisted with more fury and he had to hold her up with his palms.

Finally, Tommy came.

The gushing of come juice into her mouth startled Julie. At first she thought her brother was pissing in her mouth, then the sweet taste of his come juice came to her. With the understanding that he was coming in her mouth, not pissing, Julie felt her own orgasms increasing. She smashed her cunt into Richard's face, moaning as her brother flooded her mouth with come juice. He pushed hard into her mouth and at first Julie swallowed out of desperation. Then she began sucking and swallowing with pure ecstasy, enjoying it.

Richard, Tommy and Julie sprawled in a tangle on the floor, breathing with excitement. The young, naked bodies were beautiful to Sandy, who was on the couch again. She was the only one who had not come and her hairy cunt was in agony. She wanted to be fucked and fucked swiftly.

"I didn't piss," Julie murmured, sitting up and looking around, half dazed from the frenzy of being sucked and sucked. "You didn't come, did you, Sandy?"

"No, but I want to!" Sandy groaned.

Julie went to her. She kissed Sandy's mouth, her small hand rubbing that hairy slippery wet cunt. Sandy kissed the little girl, running her tongue into Julie's mouth, tasting the lingering come juice from Tommy's cock.

Tommy and Richard sat up, watching Sandy and Julie. It didn't surprise either of them to find their cocks lifting again.

"Let's fuck her," Richard said.

"Fuck who?"

"My mom," Richard replied. "She's so fucking hot, we can do anything we want with her right now. I'm gonna fuck her cock-sucking mouth!"

"I'm gonna fuck her in the ass!" Tommy said.

Sandy heard them and she gurgled with pleasure. Tommy sat up on the couch, his ass hanging over the edge, his cock hard and throbbing again. Sandy grabbed it, jerked a few times, then straddled his legs, her back to his chest.

"My ass, Tommy? Did you say you wanted to fuck me in the asshole?"

Tommy didn't get the chance to reply. Sandy spread the cheeks of her ass and when she felt the swollen head of his cock at her asshole, she rammed down. Giving a soft scream of pleasure, she took his cock deeply into her hot asshole.

Richard and Julie giggled and Julie shoved her hand into Sandy's spreading crouch. She rubbed at Sandy's hairy cunt, poked a finger into it, and then lowered her hand, cupping her brother's balls, watching his cock stretching Sandy's asshole.

Richard climbed onto the couch, offering his mother his cock. Sandy eagerly turned her head to it, opening her mouth wide. Dropping her brother's balls, Julie watched with huge, boiling eyes as Sandy sucked Richard's cock while Tommy's cock fucked her in the ass. Sandy's hairy cunt was spread wide and Tommy had his arms about her hips, his fingers pulling the hairy lips apart. Sandy's rigid clitoris poked up and Julie rubbed it.

Sandy twisted her hips, sucking at her son's cock, feeling the friction of Tommy's cock spreading her hot asshole wide.

Julie shoved her face down, her tongue out as far as she could get it. She licked along one of Sandy's smooth, fleshy thighs.

"Sandy, I'm gonna suck your fucking cunt!"

Sandy whimpered a reply and Julie smashed her mouth into the hairy, fiery, wet pussy, licking hungrily. She found she enjoyed sucking this hairy cunt as much as she had enjoyed sucking her brother's cock. Sandy's cunt tasted different than Tommy's cock and there was also a slight difference in the taste of their juices.

Being fucked in her asshole, Sandy sucked on her son's cock. Feeling little Julie licking and fucking that tongue into her pussy made an erotic heat glow within Sandy until her flesh almost melted with ecstasy.

Twisting her hips as Tommy thrust his cock up, Sandy felt her asshole clutch the throbbing hardness. The ballooning heat of orgasm swirled about her body, centered with the most delicious sensations in her cunt. Julie lapped her tongue up and down the hairy cunt slit, twirling about the rigid clitoris and holding Sandy's hips. Tommy kept Sandy's cunt lips pulled wide open for his sister's tongue.

Richard stabbed his cock faster into his mother's hungry mouth, his balls swinging back and forth. Sandy had her hand between his thighs and when she felt her son's cock swell more, she pulled at his ass, taking his cock deep into her mouth.

"I'm gonna come, Mom!" Richard shouted, just as his cock bubbled over. "Suck it down, you hot cock-sucker! Suck my come out of my fucking balls, Mom!"

Swallowing greedily, Sandy felt Tommy's cock suddenly lunge deep. Then his searing come juice burned the walls of her asshole. Her pussy clenched and the orgasms sent ecstasy roaring from her toes to the top of her head.

The more Sandy came, the hotter and quicker Julie lashed her cunt with that small tongue. When she sprawled lewdly across the couch, come juice dripped from her mouth and asshole, her hairy cunt sloppy wet. Sandy whimpered.

Her son, Tommy and Julie all giggled as they watched Sandy slowly return to her senses. Then she sat up and smiled radiantly. "I love you fucking kids," she murmured, stretching. "And I hope this never stops."

"There's a light on in our house," Tommy said. "I guess our folks are home now."

"Fuck them!" Richard said, rubbing his wet cock along Julie's lips.

"Ooooo," Julie cooed, "I wish we could!" She opened her mouth and sucked Richard's cock into it, and Tommy shoved his mouth in to Sandy's hairy pussy.