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More, Mom, more

Kathy Andrews

Kathy Andrews

More, Mom, more


Susan moved down the rows of canned goods in the big supermarket, shoving her partially filled basket. She was aware that her scantily clad body drew the eye of men and women alike, and it sent a tingle of pleasure through her.

Susan was thirty-two, with wavy auburn- colored hair. Her pale blue eyes were unusual in a woman of her olive-skinned complexion. It was also an erotic attraction. Her flawless tits strained against the white of her thin blouse, the nipples making twin buttons, seen by all. The white, very tight shorts outlined her sweetly curving ass, the slightest view of her cheeks on display. From the front, her pussy was delightfully outlined.

It was the way she enjoyed dressing. She enjoyed being looked at, speculated about. It was part of her very strong sexual nature.

Susan had always been a hot-assed female,ever since she had begun high school years ago. She did not deny this part of her; she enjoyed it, was unashamed of it. Dressing in such revealing clothing, having men and women look at her, kept her hairy cunt in a constant state of twitching, pulsating pleasure.

Behind her, lagging along in a sullen pout, was her son, Billy. She paid no attention to him, but she knew her son was disturbed about something. What she did not know was that he hung back deliberately. Billy loved to look at his mother's body, to fantasize about it, to jack off with visions of his mother in his mind.

Stopping at the vegetables, Susan began selecting a few of them for dinner that night. As she leaned over, her curvy ass arching deliciously, she could feel the eyes on her. Excitement bubbled hotly in her body as she reached, lifting one leg and shoving her sweet ass out a little further. As she straightened, she turned her eyes over her shoulder to see the effects this had been on a man down the aisle… and saw her young son gazing at her ass. For just a moment she felt a slight shame, but it evaporated quickly. She noticed the front of his pants, and understood that he enjoyed what he was looking at. His cock was almost hard, his hand inside his pocket trying to conceal it. A fierce, burning sensation ran through her body, roaring between her longthighs, her cunt almost exploding. She stood rigid for a long, breathless moment, looking at his cock and understanding the desire he showed in her body. Excitement filled her stronger than ever. Finally she managed to turn and start down the aisle again, knowing her son was gazing at her ass.

By the time they had gone through the check-out counter and loaded the car, Susan was so agitated with desire she thought she would come. Sliding under the wheel, with her son at her side, she could not resist running a hand along the inside of her creamy thigh. Seeing that Billy saw her do this, she giggled and stuck her tongue out at him.

Billy blushed slightly, but watched his mother's hand move along her thigh, then to the steering wheel.

When they arrived home, Susan knew that Billy had a throbbing hard-on. It was standing against his pants in full outline, and she loved the sight. Even the head of his cock was outlined, and she was surprised to see it was larger than she would have thought.

As they unloaded the car, Susan allowed the back of her hand to brush over his hard-on. She heard him gasp, and looked at him to see what his reaction would be. What she saw was a burning need in his young eyes.

Once things were put away, she opened two frosted cokes, handing him one. She leaned against the sink in the kitchen and stared openly at her son. "Where did Karen go this morning, Billy?" she asked.

"She didn't tell me," he replied, his eyes on her swollen tits.

"Did she say when she would be home?" Susan asked in a low, husky voice.

"No," he replied.

On a sudden impulse, she held her arms out to him. Billy moved against his mother, wrapping his arms about her narrow waist. She hugged his young beardless face against her swelling tits, caressing his cheek. Susan kissed the top of his head, feeling his body tremble.

"You feel it, too?" she murmured into his hair. "You feel the same thing I feel, don't you, Billy?"

His muffled reply came to her. "Yes, Mom."

"Does it make you feel…ashamed?"

"Oh, no! It makes me feel good!"

Susan felt his hard cock pressing against her thigh, burning there, sending tingles of delight up and down her spine. Her cunt boiled, flowed, became very wet. Her hands left his head and moved slowly down his back. Just below his belt she hesitated. Sucking in a deep breath, she ran both of her hands over his tight, little ass, then cupped the cheeks. Her fingers squeezed his ass, drawing him tight against her thigh, his cock throbbing crazily against her.

"Oh, Mom!" he groaned, rubbing his cock there.

Just enjoy it, darling," she whispered, kissing the top of his head again. She moved her thigh, rubbing it about his cock, feeling it pulsate. "Enjoy it all, baby. I'll make you feel good, so very good!"

Billy began to pump against his mother's thigh, his arms tight about her waist, his breath burning at the upper swell of her tits. He began to breathe faster, his hips moving in a frenzy now. Susan clung to his tight ass with both hands, hunching her thigh into his cock.

Then Billy gave a muffled groan.

Susan felt his cock jerking, then the wetness came through his pants and smeared at her thigh. She smiled with sensual delight, knowing he had come, that she had helped her son come against her thigh. She held him for a long time, feeling him, loving him, then let him go.

"I think you better go clean up," she whispered. "You just made a mess in your pants, baby."

He looked up at her, then left to take a shower.

Susan stood at the sink, sipping at her now warm coke, thinking of what she had donewith her son. She was not startled to realize she had enjoyed it, enjoyed it so much she, too, had almost come in her panties.

Climbing the stairs to the upper bedrooms, Susan wondered if this would have happened if she had not divorced her husband two years ago. By the time she arrived at her bedroom, she decided it would have happened no matter what because she knew herself, of her desires, of her intense interest in sex.

She stood in the bedroom, her cunt throbbing furiously. She opened her blouse and cupped her shapely, firm tits, thumbing her sensitive, rubber-hard nipples.

She was standing there, holding her naked tits, when Billy came to the door.

His eyes went wide as he saw her tits, and the towel about his waist suddenly poked out, his cock lurching into hardness again. Susan smiled at her son, offering her tits to him.

"Kiss my tits, darling," she murmured. "Come on in here and kiss mother's tits."

Billy came in, his legs wobbly, his eyes fixed upon his mother's sweetly hard nipples, the creamy flesh of her tits. He stopped a few feet from her, his face level with her naked tits. "Gosh, Mom!" he croaked. "I never saw…just once."

"Me?" she asked. "How did you see my tits, Billy?"

"Not yours, Mom, Karen's."

"You saw your sister's tits? When?"

"A few weeks ago," he said, licking his lips. "She was playing with them like you were doing."

Ripples of delight ran through Susan's body when she heard that, and she reached out with one hand. She pulled the end of the towel, and it fell to the floor. Her son stood there naked, his cock pointed, hard, dripping.

Susan gazed at her son's cock, seeing the head, swollen smooth, dripping from that flaring piss hole. There was not much hair at the base, and his balls were totally hairless. She ran a fingertip along his cock and saw him shiver, his eyes turning glassy.

"That's beautiful, Billy," she murmured, running her fingertip over the wet piss hole. "That's so very beautiful."

Susan closed her hand about her son's cock, her fingers squeezing it. The hardness thrilled her, and she began to jack back and forth on it. Billy stood there, his hands hanging loosely at his sides, trembling with pleasure.

"Touch me, darling," she urged in a throaty voice. "Touch me! Oh, Billy.. touch my tits! Play with mother's tits! Please, feel my tits!''

When his hand came up and closed about a firm tit, Susan almost swooned. The sensation of having her son's hand on her naked tits sent her mind reeling. She clutched at his cock and jacked in a frenzy, whimpering softly, her eyes closing.

But it wasn't enough. She wanted more, much more. She wanted his cock in her, up her cunt, fucking her. Releasing his cock, she pulled at the zipper in back of her shorts. She skinned the tight garment down, kicking them from her feet. As Billy stared in excitement at the thick, bushy hairs of his mother's cunt, she slipped her blouse off. Susan stood naked before her son, shaking in desire.

"Come here," she whispered, taking his hand and pulling him to her bed. She sprawled back, her tits firm and high on her chest, her dark hair swirling about her exceptionally beautiful face. She spread her long, creamy legs, and unashamedly caressed her wet, throbbing cunt as Billy stood there looking, the heat in his eyes quite obvious.

"I want you to lie down with me, darling," she said in a husky voice. "I want you next to me, touching me, and I want to touch you."

Billy lay beside his mother, also on his back. Susan turned onto her side, facing him. She took his cock in her fist and pumped it, leaning down to thrust her tongue deep into his mouth. She was delighted when Billy sucked her tongue, and she stabbed it in and out, jacking on his cock with a tight fist.

"Oooo, darling, darling!" she mewled into his mouth. "I want it so much! Oh, God…I want it!"

She kissed her son wildly, her tongue licking about his lips, one arm around his smaller body, holding him against her swollen tits, the other hand jacking faster and faster on his cock.

Without further hesitation, she threw one creamy thigh over him, and straddled her son, standing on her knees. Her cunt was fully revealed to his hungry eyes, the puffy lips almost covered by long, thin curls of dark hair. Her cunt glistened moistly in the sunlight coming through the window. Susan moved both her hands between her thighs, pulling the lips of her cunt apart. She arched her hips and brushed the wetness of her cunt about the head of her son's hard cock.

"Ohhhh, that's nice!" she murmured. "I like it, Billy! Ohhh, I love the way your hard cock feels against me. there! Oooo, honey, honey!"

Billy gazed hotly at his cock being brushed by his mother's cunt. He had to clench his teeth to keep from coming.

"I want it in me!" Susan squealed. "I want your cock in me… up me!"

Grabbing the base of her son's' cock, sheslowly lowered her pussy down. The head of his cock slipped easily into her cunt, and Susan wailed with ecstasy. Holding the head of his cock with the lips of her cunt, she rolled and twisted her ass, then sank down upon him. His cock buried all the way into her boiling pussy, and she sat there for a long time, sighing and cooing with pleasure.

Cupping her tits with both hands, she began to move her cunt up and down her son's cock, fucking him as she squeezed her tits, twisted and pulled at her sensitive nipples. Her stomach rippled, the subtle muscles in her thighs straining.

"Oooo! Ohhh, Billy, Billy!" she wailed as her cunt moved up and down his cock. "Darling, you're fucking me! Oh yes! You're fucking mother, baby! Your hard cock is up my cunt and you're fucking me! Qhhh, I love it so much!"

Almost awed, Billy lay still, watching his mother bounce her cunt up and down his hard cock. The heat of her pussy was amazing to him, and the way her cunt hair mingled with the scanty hair of his cock thrilled him. He could hardly breathe because he was so excited.

"Billy, darling!" she wailed, her eyes burning down at his young face, her firm tits jiggling in her efforts. "Oh, honey, baby! Fuckme! Fuck me, darling! Give my hot cunt that sweet, hard cock! Please, honey, fuck mother! Fuck mother's hot cunt! Make me come, Billy! Make my pussy come!"

Standing on her knees, her hips still momentarily, she urged him to stab up into her. "You do it, darling! Push your cock up into me! Fuck me, Billy! Fuck my hot cunt, please!"

Billy made a few awkward stabs with his cock into his mother's cunt, then, began to thrust swiftly, banging his prick hard into her. Susan squealed in ecstasy and dug her fingers into his squirming hips. Then she began to fuck in rhythm with him, their bodies slapping together. They were both grunting and breathing noisily. Billy clutched at his mother's thighs, his eyes still fixed between their crotches.

In a frenzy, they began to fuck each other, sounds of ecstasy burbling from Susan's mouth. She could feel her climax roaring inside her quivering stomach. Her cunt tightened about her son's driving cock, then she squealed in a loud voice. Her naked body shook, and she clawed at her son's hips as she came.

"Ooooo, Billy, Billy! I'm coming! Ohhh, shit, you're making me come, darling! Feel it.

Feel my cunt coming around your sweet hard cock! Qoaoo, I'm coming so hard! I loveit, love it, love it! Fuck me, come in me!Squirt that sweet come juice up mother's cunt! Come, come, come!"

"Gosh, Mom!" Billy grunted, and his cock spewed come juice into his mother's hungry cunt. "I'm doing it! Oh, I'm doing it!"

"Oh, baby, baby! You sure are! You're coming in mother's cunt! Fill it, darling! Fill mother's cunt with that sweet juice!"

They shook and trembled together, Billy's cock as deep into her cunt as it could go, splashing come juice as his mother's cunt squeezed and gripped.

When Billy's hips dropped, Susan leaned over him, smearing kisses about his young face, loving him, feeling his cock slip from her cunt. "Ohh, honey, I love you! God do I love you, baby!"

She felt her son's hands move up and down her thighs, finally closing about the cheeks of her shapely, creamy-fleshed ass.

"Oh, that's good, honey!" she mewled. "Hold my ass, just for a while."

A few minutes later she pulled from him, kissed him once again, then said: "Go shower again. We can't let Karen see us this way."


It was later when Karen came bouncing into the house, her blonde ponytails swirling about her sweet, innocent-looking face. She hugged her mother tightly, a gesture that was becoming more and more a sign of her affection.

While Karen fixed herself a sandwich, Susan watched her daughter,s eyes filled with love for the little girl. Karen was almost a miniature of her mother. Still very young, Karen's ftts were delightfully firm, pointed. They were small, of course, but very enticing. Her cute, sweet little ass swelled in twin cheeks that writhed when she walked, and her long legs were very well tanned.

Susan speculated upon her daughter's sensual nature, if it was as bubbling and burning as her own. She did not know if her daughter had been involved with a boy, or even a girl, but usually a girl of that tender age had been at least once, Susan felt. A tingle rippled up herspine as she recalled Billy saying he had seen his sister's tits.

Karen was a year older than Billy, and if she played with her tits, she certainly played with her tender cunt. The image of Karen thrusting a finger into her sweet cunt made Susan's pussy quiver with desire.

She remembered an incident she had been involved in where she had been about the same age as her daughter. It had happened with a friend, a very sexy young friend. They had begun talking about boys, making themselves excited. Before either of them knew it, they were in the garage fingerfucking one another, coming in squealing delight. It had been very exciting to feel another cunt, she remembered, feeling, the heat of a different cunt, the wetness of it. It was also the first time anyone else had touched her cunt. But it had been enough to explode Susan into a fierce, burning sexuality that was difficult to control.

Looking at her daughter, she wondered if Karen had done the same thing with another girl, or perhaps one of the young boys who seemed to be hanging around their home the past few months. Some of the boys were friends of Billy, but Susan knew most were there because of their interest in Karen.

Karen finished her lunch. She wiped milk from her mouth and grinned. "It's going to beanother hot day, mother," she said, looking at the clock above the sink. "And it isn't even noon yet."

"I like hot days," Susan said.

"You're dressed for it." Karen told her mother, looking at the tight shorts and skimpy halter. "In fact, you're hardly dressed at all."

Susan smiled. "Neither are you, baby."

Karen was wearing a pair of extremely tight shorts, her cute, round ass outlined, with an inch or so other sweet ass cheeks exposed. The crotch was so tight the little cunt lips puffed out deliciously. "And I don't think you have any panties on under those tight shorts."

"I don't see any on you, either," Karen shot back, an impish grin on her face, her eyes sparkling. "I don't think you ever wear panties, mother."

"So you noticed, did you?"

"I notice more than you think."

For just a second Susan thought Karen knew about her and Billy, but her daughter's eyes did not show it. Then a new thought came to her; she didn't really give a damn if Karen did know. In fact, it was kind of exciting to think perhaps Karen did know.

As Karen started out the sliding doors to the back yard, she looked over her shoulder at her mother, that impish, somehow-knowing grin was flashed. Then, with a twist of her sweetlittle ass, she went out.

The gesture was inviting, Susan thought.Her daughter didn't look like a sexy kid playing games, teasing, but it was exciting as hell to Susan. There was a powerful, delicious twitch in her cunt, strong enough to make her shiver. She hugged herself tightly.

The front door banged and she turned to see Billy entering the kitchen. "Hi, Mom," he said happily. "Can I have something to eat?"

Susan reached for her son, pulling him close, his face against her arching tits. "You can have any damned thing you want, baby," she teased, grinding her cunt against his stomach. "Anything at all."

She felt his hands clutching at the twin cheeks of her ass, and she mewled with pleasure. The shorts Susan wore buttoned up the side all the way to her waist. She unbuttoned them to her hip, pressing her naked thigh hard against him. She glanced out the window and saw her daughter sitting on the lawn, reading.

Fumbling with the zipper of her son's pants, she opened his fly. Reaching inside, she took his hard cock and pulled it out.

"Oh, baby!" she whimpered, tightening her fist about Billy's prick. "You're so hard, so fucking hard!"

Billy began to nibble at one of her rigid nipplesthrough her halter, soaking the thin fabric. With her other hand, she held the back of his head tightly, forcing her nipple into his mouth, sighing in pleasure. She pumped on his cock slowly, thrilled to have it throbbing against her fingers. She pressed her naked thigh to him, feeling the moisture smearing, burning against her flesh.

"Hold my ass, Billy!" she gurgled, writhing her ass cheeks into his clutching hands. "Oh, it feels so good to have your hands on my ass! Feel my ass, baby! Play with mother's ass!"

Susan gurgled in delight as she rubbed the head of her son's dripping cock about her thigh, moving it along the smooth, inner surface where she was most sensitive. Then she discovered she could bring the head of his swollen cock to the lips of her hairy cunt in this standing position.

"Baby, we can fuck this way!" she gurgled softly to him. "And that's what I'm going to do…fuck you! I'm going to fuck you right here, in the kitchen!"

She spread her knees, bending them slightly so she was in a partial squat. She pulled her son's cock between her thighs, then leaned against the sink with her pussy arched forward.

"Put it in, baby! Hurry and put your cock up my cunt!" she urged in a thick voice."Stick that lovely hard cock up mother's hot, hairy cunt!"

Billy held his mother's ass in one hand and used his other to grip his cock. He looked down with burning eyes as he fitted his prick between those wet, hot cunt lips of his mother. Susan shoved her pussy down a little more, and her son's cock slipped fully into her.

"Oooo, baby, baby!" Susan squealed, her cunt clenching at his hard prick. "It's in me! Your cock is in mother's cunt… again! Fuck me, baby! Oh, fuck me!"

Billy held his mother's hips as she began to pump up and down, her pussy riding his prick slowly. She twisted and bumped back and forth, doing a lewd, delicious dance on her son's throbbing cock. She threw her head back, eyes closed and an expression of ecstasy on her face.

"Golly, Mom!" Billy croaked. "That's good! Oh, you're really hot in there! You're so wet and hot! I love this, Mom."

"God, I do too, darling! Fuck it for me, baby! Fuck mother's hot cunt for her! Fuck it good! Make mother's hairy pussy come! Ooooooo! ahhhh, honey, baby, darling…fuck the shit out of mother's hairy cunt!"

Billy watched between them, his eyes wide, filled with pleasure, seeing his mother's hairypussy sliding on his slippery, glistening cock. He began to pant and puff hard, his body shaking. "Mom, oh Mom! It feels so good!"

"Does it feel fucking good, Billy?" she gurgled in her passion-filled voice. "Does it feel fucking good?"

"Yes!" he grunted.

"Tell me!" she demanded, her own voice thick, her cunt sliding faster and faster on his cock. "Tell me it feels fucking good!"

"Yes!" he panted. "It feels fu.. fucking good!"

"Ooooo, yes!" Susan wiggled against him, grinding her curly cunt hair against the base of his cock. "Fucking good! So fucking good!"

They breathed loudly, moist sounds coming from their bodies as she slapped her pussy against his cock. Susan felt her stomach quivering, felt the roaring sensation rumbling inside her body, whirling toward her cunt. Her clitoris became so hard it was almost painful to her, yet so tingly with pleasure it was driving her out of her mind.

Susan yelped as her cunt convulsed about her son's cock. "Ohhhh, Billy, Billy! I'm coming! Oh, your hard cock is making me come! Feel my pussy, darling! Can you feet mother's cunt coming!"

Billy grunted a reply, unable to speak. His cock was lurching about inside his mother'scunt powerfully, his balls drawing up tight.

"I gotta come, Mom!" he yelped. "I just gotta come!"

"Do it!" she urged in a thick, excited voice. "Come in my cunt! Come in my pussy! Fill mother's hot cunt with your sweet come juice!"

She reached down and grabbed his hips, pulling his cock as deep into her cunt as she could, holding him there. When she felt her son spurt come juice into her, felt it splashing the walls of her spasming pussy, Susan gave a wail of sheer ecstasy. She came a second time, her legs trembling so much she felt she would fall to the floor.

Billy clung to his mother's hips weakly as she leaned against the sink, his eyes closed, panting. Susan leaned to him, kissing his lips warmly, tracing them with the tip of her tongue. "That was fantastic, darling, just beautiful."

The sound of the sliding glass doors in the dining room startled her. Susan quickly pulled her pussy from her son's cock, stuffed it into his pants and pulled her shorts closed. By the time Karen entered the kitchen, both she and Billy were proper, although each still breathed a little fast. Susan's face was flushed with the glow of her come, and both she and Billy had shining eyes.

Karen looked at them, her eyes questioning. Susan kept her expression clear, hoping it wouldn't show. Billy had a flush on his face, and glanced at his sister from the corners of his eyes. When he glanced at his mother, neither of them could hold back the wicked grin.

Susan was certain her daughter suspected something. It seemed to show in her young eyes when she looked at her or her brother. She considered for a moment if it really mattered if Karen knew, if her daughter thought badly of her. Then she decided it did not matter to her at all if Karen felt she and Billy were involved sexually.

Throughout the rest of the day, her children remained at home, in the house. Her son's eyes followed her wherever she was, what she was doing. Now and then she caught Karen glance at her brother. It was early afternoon when she realized she hadn't rebuttoned her shorts all the way, and that her thighs flashed all the way to her hip as she moved about the house, dusting, cleaning. Once she realized it, she did nothing about it. Being seen was a thrill to her, and she found it exciting to know that both her son and daughter kept watching her thighs and hip.

That evening, when it was time for bed, Susan showered as usual, putting on a clinging gown. The gown was almost transparent, and her nipples could clearly be seen. The thick patch of dark cunt hair was shadowed, too, and she knew very well the curvy cheeks of her ass could be seen.

She went down the stairs and into the family room where Karen and Billy were watching television. She stood in the doorway, one knee out. "Don't you think it's time for bed, you two?"

Karen and Billy looked at her, and Billy licked at his lips when he saw her. Karen's eyes opened, and Susan was sure there was a sparkle of excitement in them.

"Okay, mother," Karen said, turning off the television. "Come on, Billy. Time for bed…like mother said."

Susan walked ahead of her children, feeling their eyes on her exposed ass. She could not help but wiggle a bit for them. She heard a soft giggle from one of them, and a flush of excitement bubbled through her body, tingling and hotly.

Susan entered her own bedroom as the children went to theirs. She remained in her room for half an hour, waiting for Billy to come to her. But after a while she could wait no longer. She went into the hallway and toward his room. She found him in his bed, the sheets kicked to the floor. He was naked, his cock hard. His fist pumped on it.

"Why didn't you come to me, darling?" she asked, stepping close to his bed. "I waited."

"What about Karen?" he questioned.

Susan reached down and fondled her son's balls as he continued to stroke his cock. "1 have a feeling…"she said, then paused. "I have this strange feeling she already knows what we're doing."

She sat on the side of her son's bed, tugging and squeezing gently at his balls, her eyes burning down as she watched him stroking his cock. "I love to see you playing with your cock, baby," she whispered.

He arched his hips up, squeezing his cock hard. "Don't hurt it, Billy," she warned.

"That don't hurt, Morn," he replied. "It feels good when I squeeze it."

"Don't come, though. When you come, I want it in me."

She stretched out at his side, thrusting her tongue into his eager mouth. Billy sucked at her tongue hungrily. When she pulled away, she smiled down at him. "You're learning fast for a kid your age, you horny little shit."

"I'm horny for your cunt, Mom," he laughed huskily.

"And you're learning fast about how to talk to your mother, too," she laughed with pleasure. They fondled each other, and she was thrilled when Billy pulled her gown to her waist without urging. He ran his fingers through her cunt hair, then up and down the puffy, wet lips. She cooed with delight, wiggling for him and spreading her legs wide. Billy slowly pressed a finger into his mother's cunt.

"Ooooo, baby, that's it! Finger me, Billy! Finger mother's cunt! God, I love a good finger fucking! Fuck mother's cunt with your finger, baby!"

"I'd rather fuck your cunt with my cock, mother," he said hoarsely. "I'd rather have my cock up your cunt than my finger."

"Then what are you waiting for?" she said wickedly.

Billy rolled on top of his mother, fitting himself between her thighs. Susan ran her hand down and gripped his cock, pulling it to her uplifted pussy. As the swollen head of her son's prick entered her steaming cunt, she gurgled softly. "I'll never get enough of your sweet cock, Billy! I want it all the time. I want you fuckinh me all the time…making my cunt come and come and come!"

She took hold of his tight, muscular ass, her fingers digging into the flesh. She ground her cunt against him as he pulled her tits free. His face was level with her shapely, upstanding tits, and he began to suck vigorously on a hard nipple as his cock thrust in and out of her cunt.Susan whimpered with ecstasy, twisting and rolling and pumping her cunt with him.

"Oh, honey," she mewled. "I can feel your cock in me, feel how hard it is; the way it throbs! Oh God…I love your sweet cock up my cunt, fucking it! Fuck me, Billy! Ohhhh, I love you, darling, love you so fucking much! Fuck it good for me! Rip my hot fucking cunt apart! Fuck it and come in it and fuck me hard and fast!"

Billy chewed and sucked and licked at her tits as he fucked his mother, making her gurgle and mewl and whimper as her mind reeled with absolute ecstasy. Susan had never felt it this way before, with any man, including her ex- husband. Her son, her young son, was making her feel better than any man had ever done. She loved the way his cock fit her cunt more than any other cock. Being fucked by her son was the peak of ecstasy to her, the most blissful sensation in the world.

"Mmmmmm, I love your tits, Mom," Billy said, running his tongue from one nipple to the other. "I could suck on them all night."

She clung to his ass, banging her hairy cunt in a near frenzy against his stabbing cock. "You just may have to suck on them all night, hot-ass kid!"

"Hot-ass mother!" he retorted.

"Hard cock little shit!" "Hot cunt mother!" Horny punk!"

"I am not!" he protested, slamming hard into her pussy.

"Not what?" "A punk."

"Why aren't you?" she teased, digging her fingers into the crack of his ass and rubbing at his tight asshole.

"A punk takes it up the ass."

Susan laughed. "How do you know about things like that?"

"Oh, talking, the guys.

"Would I be a punk?" she giggled, rubbing his tight asshole in a teasing way.

"You're a girl," he said. "Girls aren't punks. Only guys."

"Suppose I wanted your cock up my ass?" "Girls can do that, but not a guy," he said, sucking hard on a nipple once more. He began pumping furiously in her clinging cunt now, his balls swelling.

"Ohhhh, baby!" she squealed in pleasure. "I think you're about to come! I feel your cock getting harder in me!"

"I'm gonna come, Mom!"

"Squirt it, darling!" she urged, grinding in a frenzy against him. "Squirt it all up mother's cunt! Ohhh, my pussy wants it! My hot cunt is hungry for your come juice!"

Susan's pussy convulsed powerfully, milking at her son's throbbing cock. Billy slammed hard into her pussy, holding himself tightly into her, one nipple sucked deep into his mouth. Susan rubbed at his tight asshole and felt it clench as his hot come juice spurted against the walls of her sensitive cunt.

"Ooooo, yes, yes!" she gurgled, writhing on his spewing prick. "Oooo, I feel it! I feel your come juice…inside my pussy! Flood my cunt with your come juice! Give it all to me…all of it!"

They slumped when it was over, Billy resting on her firm fits, his hot breath feeling wonderful against her flesh. She held his ass gently now, caressing the cheeks fondly, feeling his cock still clutched by the tightness of her cunt.

A few minutes later, she rolled him from her and stood up. She looked down at her exhausted son, feeling a deep love for him. His cock glistened with the cunt juice and his come juice. On an impulse, she leaned down and kissed the wet head of his cock.

"Mmmm!" Billy murmured, shoving his cock against his mother's lips.

She squeezed his cock and balls gently. "You liked that, did you?"

"I sure did, Mom!"

"Go to sleep now, Billy," she said, going to the door. "Have some good dreams about us, because those dreams just might come true for you.


The following afternoon Susan was disappointed that Billy wanted to go play baseball with his friends. She had been looking forward to being alone with him, hoping that Karen would find something to do with her own friends. She had wanted to kiss her son's cock again, lick on his hairless balls and feel his cock become hard between her lips.

She had dressed deliberately in a pair of extremely short cut-off jeans, with frayed legs. She had spent an hour that morning cutting them short, so the cheeks of her ass showed. They were very tight on her, and the lips of her cunt were beautifully outlined, and she loved the way the seam fit so nicely against her cunt, making it tingle. A few stray curls of cunt hair stuck from the crotch, and she knew how exciting that would be if anyone should see her. But she was not going outside in them; they were to be worn only to excite her son.Besides, although she enjoyed being looked at, the shorts were so extreme she knew it wouldn't do to be seen in public wearing them.

She spent her time cleaning the house again. The house stayed clean because she was very good at it, but she had nothing else to do and she went about dusting places that didn't really need it. Her thoughts were on her son, on his cock and how it felt inside her cunt. She recalled how it had felt against her lips the night before, the sweet taste of their juices.

She rubbed at her pussy as she went about with her dust cloth. Once, she slipped her finger into her cunt and pressed it against her throbbing clit, then, with some effort, managed to wiggle her finger into her pussy. When she pulled it out, her finger was moist. On a sudden impulse she licked at her finger, and there was an immediate response between her legs. It was so strong she thought she would come.

A little later she picked up a small box of things she had been intending to store in the garage. Just as she started to open the door to the garage off the family room, she heard the giggles. Opening the door a crack, she looked into the dim garage. On one side was an old mattress that had been leaning, against the wall. It was now on the floor, and Karen was there. She was not alone, but had the boy who lived down the street with her.

Karen had the boy's cock out of his pants and was playing with it. When she saw it, Susan's pussy almost went wild. Seeing her daughter fondling that cock sent her erotic emotions high, and she cupped her own cunt tightly as she watched. The boy was about the same age as Karen, and his cock was very hard. He was lying on the mattress, and Karen sat cross-legged at his side, leaning over as her hands felt his hardness.

"You really get hard, Robert," Susan heard her daughter say.

Susan had no idea that her sweet, innocent- looking daughter was this way, but now that she knew, her excitement increased significantly. Wild thoughts and ideas ran through her mind as she, pressed her hand hard into her pulsating pussy.

Although it was dim in the garage, it was still light enough so that Susan could see the boy's cock very well. When she saw Karen pulling the boy's jeans down, her excitement soared until she thought she would come. The head of Robert's cock glistened, and Susan could see beads of liquid forming on his piss hole.

"Want me to jack it off for you?" Susan heard her daughter say, her soft voice filled with pleasure. "Want me to make you come?"

Karen had on a skirt, but it was bunched in her lap, the crotch of her tight panties revealed. Susan was delighted when her daughter, still pumping on Robert's cock, began to run her fingers up and down the tight crotch of her panties, not at all embarrassed to feel herself up.

An idea came to Susan, and she closed the door silently. She went outside to the outer garage door. She made a lot of noise before she opened that door. By the time she entered the garage, both Karen and Robert were sitting on the mattress perfectly proper, with Robert's jeans back up and Karen's skirt down.

"Oh, I didn't know anyone was in here," Susan said. "I wondered where you went to, Karen.''

She turned her back to them and stretched high to place the small box on a shelf. She knew the cheeks of her ass were exposed to their young, already excited eyes. As she dropped back to her feet, she deliberately leaned over so that her ass was shoved back, the creamy cheeks fully revealed to them.

Finally she turned to face her daughter and Robert, leaning against the shelves, her cunt arched forward, knowing the curls of her cunt hair were exposed. She smiled at them, her expression lewd. "Well, what are you two up to out here in the garage all alone?", she said. "I know what you and Karen were doing out here," she said in a soft, sensuous voice. "I saw you earlier. There isn't anything to be afraid of. That is, if you can keep it secret. You wouldn't tell anyone, would you?"

Karen looked at her mother closely. "Mother!"

Susan laughed, low and husky. "Don't act so shocked, honey. You're just like me, and you know it. You had Robert's cock in your hot little hand, jacking it."

Karen flushed deeply, looking down shyly. Susan laughed again. "Play with it again, honey," she urged. "I want to watch you play with Robert's cock."

Karen gazed at her mother, her eyes wide, filled with pleased excitement. "You want to…watch?"

"I might even play with his cock, too," Susan replied. "But only if Robert can keep a secret."

"1 can!" Robert yelped in his childish voice. "I can keep a secret real good!"

"I thought you could," Susan laughed, swinging one knee back and forth.

"Are you sure, mother?" Karen asked, doubtful.

"Play with his cock and see, baby," she laughed throatily. "Take his cock out of his pants and see if I don't like it."

She watched her daughter open Robert's pants, and her breathing increased when she saw his cock again. Now that Karen understood, she gleefully clutched at Robert's cock with her hot, tight little fist, pumping on it.

"Take his jeans down," Susan said. "The way you did before. Let's see his balls, too, Karen."

"Golly, yes!" Karen squealed as she tugged at Robert's jeans.

Susan trembled with excitement and bubbling desire as she watched her daughter lower Robert's jeans, his still hard cock coming into view. She held her breath as Karen wrapped her fingers about it, pumping slowly. Karen, jacking on Robert's cock, kept her glowing eyes on her mother. She saw the way her mother's tits strained at the thin blouse, her nipples sweetly outlined. Lowering her eyes, she saw the tightness of the crotch on her mother's cut-off jeans, the curling dark hairs that were exposed.

Susan licked her lips in hunger as she watched Karen's small, eager fist jack on the cock, her cunt bubbling wetly. Moving on trembling legs, she walked to the young boy and girl, running her fingers between their thighs unashamedly. She stood close to them, her legs apart, cupping her own cunt as she watched, her breath fast and hot.

"That's a lovely cock," she whispered softly, huskily. "Such a lovely, hard cock."

Karen giggled, her excitement bubbling forth. "It feels good, mother. It's so hard! Wanna touch his cock, mother? You play with Robert's cock, mother!"

"Oh God, yes!" Susan mewled, dropping to her knees and taking hold of the boy's prick. She squeezed it gently, then harder, moving her tight fist up and down, watching the swollen head drip from the flaring piss hole.

Karen fondled Robert's balls; her eyes burning on her mother's hand moving up and down the rigid cock. "Oooo, mother! This is fun!"

"It sure is, baby," Susan panted. "It sure as hell is fun!"

"It makes me hot," Karen giggled. "It makes me feel awfully hot!"

"Take your panties off, darling," Susan urged. "Take your panties off and…" She paused and looked at her daughter, holding Robert's cock. "Would you like to fuck Robert, baby?"

"Ooooh, yes!" Karen squealed.

"Then take your panties off," Susan laughed in a lewd manner. "Take them off and we'll get Robert's hard cock in your hot little cunt!"

Karen squirmed about, pulling her skirt up and shoving her panties down. She kicked them away eagerly. Susan and Robert gazed between her creamy, slender thighs. Karen's cunt was almost hairless, the pink lips sweetly moist. The very tip of her cunt could be seen, and Susan was sure her daughter's pussy lips were quivering.

"Get on your hands and knees, honey," Susan urged. "Stick your little ass in the air and Robert will get behind you."

Karen quickly moved onto her hands and knees. Susan lifted her daughter's skirt to her waist, revealing the small, compact ass. Karen's creamy ass looked sugar sweet, and Susan could not resist caressing it for a moment. She ran her hands about her daughter's smooth ass, feeling every inch of it, moved down her sweet thighs, then up between them. She cupped her daughter's cunt gently, squeezing it.

"Oh, baby!" she murmured with delight. "Your little cunt is so warm, so wet! Come on, Robert! Get on your knees behind her!"

Karen wiggled her cute ass in invitation, giggling softly as she peered over her shoulder.

Susan took Robert's cock and brushed it up and down her daughter's twitching pussy, making Karen mewl with excitement, Using her other hand, Susan parted the delicate cunt lips as she brought Robert's cock between them. "Shove it in her, Robert. Go on, stick your cock right in her cunt!"

Susan's eyes burned hotly as she watched Robert's cock slowly slip into her daughter's pussy. She felt the hard sides of it as it disappeared between her fingers. When Robert was fully inside Karen, Susan began to stroke his naked ass, reaching between his legs to fondle his balls as the boy began to fuck into her daughter's pussy.

"Oh, does that look good!" Susan gurgled. "Seeing his cock fucking you, baby! Oh, it looks so fucking good!"

Karen wiggled her little ass in delight as Robert stabbed his cock faster and faster into her tight, gripping cunt. She mewled and whimpered with ecstasy, shaking her ass when the pleasure continued to grow hotly inside her small, shapely body.

"Ooooo, mother, mother! Oh, it feels so good! It really feels good in me! I love it, mother! I really love it!"

"I love it, too," Susan laughed throatily, watching Robert's cock moving in and out of her daughter's cunt, seeing the small, pink pucker of her asshole clenching. With one hand squeezing and caressing Robert's naked, plunging ass, she began to feel her daughter's tight ass, moving her hand about the hot, shivering flesh. She reached beneath herdaughter's stomach and rubbed at the tiny clitoris, making her daughter squeal even louder. "Do you like this, too, Karen? Do you like it when I rub you this way while Robert fucks you?" "Oh, yes, mother!"

Susan ran her hand up her daughter's stomach, to the small, firm, shapely tits. She closed her fingers about one tit of Karen, manipulating it, squeezing it, twisting at the small nipples. She played with Karen's tits, alternating with a feel now and then of her stretched cunt. Her own cunt was burning with need, dripping until the insides of her thighs were smeared.

"So beautiful," Susan murmured. "So beautiful, seeing this hard cock fucking your little cunt, baby! It makes me so damned hot, watching you being fucked!"

"Oooo, mother! I love it, love it!"

"Fuck her, Robert!" Susan mewled in excitement. "Fuck her little cunt! Fuck her!"

"Golly!" Karen wailed, wiggling her ass in a frenzy. "Ooo, fuck me, Robert! Fuck me good! Ahhh, it feels so big in my cunt! Fuck it, Robert, fuck it!"

"I think…I think I might…come!" Robert grunted loudly, pumping his hips furiously, his eyes closed and teeth clenched. He had his hands on Karen's naked, twisting ass, his fingers digging into the firm, creamy flesh. "I think I'm gonna come!"

Susan tugged at his balls, squeezing one firm tit of her daughter. "Come! Let it come, Robert! Came inside her cunt!"

"Ooooo, me too!" Karen wailed in delight. "I'm gonna come too! Oh, yes I am!"

Susan felt her daughter's body shuddering, heard her loud wail as Karen came. She stared in fascination at the twinkling asshole. She felt Robert's balls become tight, then she felt the spasms in them as he gushed his come juice in to her daughter's cunt.

"Oohhh, you two are coming! You're coming together! Fuck her… fuck her! Fuck her hot little pussy, Robert! Fuck her…come in her cunt! Feel him coming in your pussy, baby? Feel all that come juice filling your little cunt?"

"Yes, yes!"

Robert sat back on his heels, his cock dripping. He was breathing hard, but there was a big smile on his face. Karen sprawled face down on the mattress, her legs apart, her small, tight ass twitching. Susan could see the thick come juice seeping from the tight, pink cunt lips, and she ran her hand down between her daughter's thighs, feeling that soaked cunt gently.

"I never did that before," Robert panted.

"I never screwed a girl before."

"Oh?" Susan laughed wickedly. "That was your first piece of ass, Robert?"

"Yeah," he gasped. "All Karen ever did was jack me off before."Fucking is better than jacking off," Karen murmured tiredly.

Susan sat on the mattress as the two calmed down, leaning against the wall, her legs apart and stroking up and down her cunt and inner thighs. She was steaming more than ever, wanting to get Robert's cock inside her cunt. She wanted to get fucked badly. With one hand, she took his cock and fondled it, making it hard again. Karen rolled over onto her side, holding her head in one hand and stroking her little, almost hairless cunt with the other, watching.

"Do I get to fuck you, too?" Robert asked Susan.

"You sure do, Robert," Susan laughed, jacking on his slippery cock. "You sure do get to fuck me!"

Susan peeled her tight shorts off, then removed her blouse. She lay back on the mattress, spreading her thighs wide.

"You have a lot of hair," Robert said. "I never saw an older woman naked before. You're beautiful!"

Susan was pleased. "You're seeing a grownwoman now, Robert. You're seeing a grown woman with a hot cunt on her and wants it fucked! Come on, get on top of me and stick that sweet hard cock up my cunt and fuck me!"

Robert scrambled between her thighs, his cock jerking. Susan started to reach for it.

"Let me, mother!" Karen yelped, sitting up. "Let me stick his cock in you! I wanna put his cock in your cunt, mother!"

"Go ahead, baby," Susan said happily. "You just take his cock and stick it right in my hairy cunt!"

She lifted her hips, arching her hairy, wet cunt in the air to make it easier for him. She felt her daughter sticking Robert's cock into her cunt, and she mewled as it filled her pussy. "Ooooo, that is one good, hard cock, Robert! Put it all in my pussy! Stick it all the way up my wet, hot cunt, baby! Fuck it for me, Robert!"

Karen ran her hands through the cunt hair of her mother as Robert began plunging his cock in and out. She watched her mother get ting fucked with huge, excited eyes. She could see the pink wet lips cling to his cock as it came outward, then as it went in. She leaned over and began to play with her mother's shapely, upstanding tits. She twisted and pulled Susan's sensitive nipples, making hermother groan in delight.

"Suck my tits, Karen!" She urged in a thick voice. "Suck mother's tits while I get fucked!"

Karen lowered her small, young face without hesitation, mewling with excitement. She kissed hungrily at one of her mother's tits, opening her lips and sucking a rigid, rubber-like nipple between her lips. She sucked hard on her mother's tit, squeezing at the other. Susan gurgled in ecstasy, wanting her hands on someone. She reached between her daughter's hot thighs and began to fondle her cunt, finally working a finger into the hot tightness.

"I'm going to finger fuck your little cunt, baby!" Susan groaned. "I'm going to finger fuck your hot little pussy while Robert fucks mine! Suck my tits, baby, and I'll finger fuck you…make you come again!"

She loved the hot, wet mouth on her tit. She held the back of her daughter's head, smashing her tit into Karen's mouth, squirming her hips as Robert pumped happily into her cunt. She loved the way the young boy held her hips, the way it felt to have his hips brushing the insides of her thighs so excitedly.

"Fuck me, Robert!" she yelled, smashing her cunt against him, grinding furiously, feeling his balls against the cheeks of her up-tilted ass. Fuck me with that hard cock! Suck my tits, Karen! Ooohhh, you two hot little shits!God, do I love this! Being fucked by a hard cock, my tits being sucked by a hot mouth! Ooooo, give it to me, give it all to me!"

Susan's mind reeled with sensual delight, her naked body being fucked and sucked and touched and felt of by these two young ones. The fact that one of them was her daughter made it all the more erotic to her. She had dreamed of this for months, not specifically with her own daughter, but dreamed of being with two hot, horny people at the same time. And since it was now happening to her, and with her sweet, young daughter instead of someone else, made it all the more exciting to her.

"Oh, you two hot little shits!" she wailed in ecstasy. "Fuck me…suck me! Ooohhh, I'm gonna be coming off in a second! God, am I going to come! Fuck me, Robert! Fuck me good! Fuck my hot, hairy cunt! Suck my tits, Karen! Oh, suck them hard for me!"

She plunged her finger in and out of her daughter's bubbling cunt, finger fucking her vigorously, loving the wet tightness of it, the slippery heat. She loved the ecstatic whimpers and groans Karen made, the way the tight little ass jerked in pleasure.

"Baby, oh Karen, baby!" Susan groaned thickly. "Your cunt is so fucking tight on my finger! I love the way your little pussy feels,gripping my finger! Oh, baby, mother is going to make you come, too!"

Susan felt Robert slam hard into her cunt, holding himself there tightly, heard his grunt. "Come in my cunt, Robert!" she shouted at him, grinding away, her pussy in convulsions now. "I'm coming, goddamn it! I'm coming! Come in me, you little hard bastard! Come in my fucking cunt!"

As Susan came strongly, she felt the boy's cock spewing come juice into her pussy, and then as she felt her daughter's cunt squeezing at her finger, heard the muffled mewls, she knew that Karen, too, was coming. Her finger stabbed in a frenzy to make her daughter come, and was delighted to discover that Karen was coming time and again without pause between the spasms.

When Robert slumped away, his cock pulling from her clinging cunt, Susan kept her finger moving inside her daughter's cunt, feeling the tight clenching of it. She enjoyed the way Karen's teeth sunk gently into her nipple as she came, loved the ecstatic squeals that erupted from her. She smashed at Karen's hard cunt with her thumb, increasing the pleasure for her daughter. But then Karen could take no more for the time.

She pulled from her mother's hand, her sweet face contorted in pleasure, whimperingsoftly as her body twitched and jerked. Her face glowed with delight as she lay next to her mother's naked body.

Susan placed an arm under her head, drawing her close and caressing her until she finally became calm. Then she kissed Karen's warm cheek.


Despite the delicious feelings she had, Susan could not help but wonder if such things could be inherited, passed from parents to children. Susan didn't know about things like that, but she wondered.

It pleased her that they showed no shame or guilt about it. Like her, both Karen and Billy had enjoyed it all, perhaps because of the newness of it, perhaps because of the naughty excitement, but she hoped most of their excite ment was because she, their mother, was not just involved but providing encouragement.

Susan's mind was filled with erotic visions, with thoughts concerning the three of them, She shivered with bubbling delight every time she recalled the activities. It made her tits swell, caused her nipples to stay hard, created such an intense tingle about the lips of her hairy cunt and very sensitive clit. A simple clenching of her ass cheeks sent a ripple ofpleasure to her cunt, keeping her on the very brink of coming, no matter what she was doing about the house.

Although her relationship with Billy and Karen had always been close, they were now much closer than ever before. Open affection between her and the children increased, and there was an obvious interest going on between Karen and her brother.

Karen was becoming a tease with her brother, something she had not been before. She was deliberately careless in her posture and dress when Billy was around. Susan was quick to notice her daughter would sit in positions that would allow her to expose her inviting, slim 4:34 AMthighs, her enticing body. It was an open invitation for Billy, Susan knew, and it thrilled her. It was very obvious to Susan that her daughter was trying to develop something between her and her brother.

She found it exciting to watch her slim, ever-so-innocent-looking daughter tempt her brother sexually. There was no reason to tease or tempt him, because Susan would have given them all the help and encouragement they needed, but the fun would be gone from it. Susan loved to tease and it appeared that Karen did too.

On this morning, Karen did not dress after getting up. She wore her short baby doll gown,with just a pair of matching bikini panties underneath, nothing else. Her small, luscious tits were revealed through the thin, gauzy fabric, the pink nipples showing plainly. She bounced happily about the kitchen, preparing herself a late breakfast. Susan watched, amused and excited, as Billy looked at his sister's body, her flashing slender thighs and the sweet swell of her tight, little ass.

Billy was wearing a pair of swim trunks with loose legs, and Susan found it a pleasure to see his cock straining against the material. The head was deliciously outlined and there was no effort to hide it. Karen also saw her brother's hard-on, and she gazed at it, pretending shyness. This shy expression simply made Karen all the more delectable,After eating, Karen cleaned up the kitchen for her mother. Then, with the sun high in the sky, she and Billy went out into the back yard. The yard was not huge, but well fenced away from prying eyes. They took a blanket out with a few books, and Susan watched them as they lay next to each other. She went out and sat in a lawn chair a few feet from them, her skirt riding high on her uplifted knee.

Billy scooted close to his sister, his naked thigh pressed against hers, and she saw Karen wiggle her hips, returning pressure. They giggled and whispered together, now and thenglancing over their shoulder at their mother. Susan knew her thighs were exposed, and possibly her panties. It would serve to let them know of her eagerness, she felt, if they could peek under her skirt, their own excitement would grow and perhaps feed their youthful, erotic feelings.

Their feet were toward Susan, and she watched in pleasure at the way Karen would spread her legs, then close them, pressing her little cunt against the blanket. The tight crotch of her bikini panties was exciting to Susan, making her own cunt steam and bubble wetly.

Billy said something to his sister, making her giggle. She stuck her tongue out at him, and Billy slapped her playfully on the ass. That started them wrestling about, and Billy pinned his sister down, his hips between her spread thighs."Give up?" Billy asked her, holding her hands above her head.

"I give," Susan heard her daughter say in a soft, low voice. 'I give, Billy."

"You do?" he asked. "Give what?"

"Anything you want," she said, sticking her tongue out at him again.

Susan laughed softly as she watched her son start to pump his hips against his sister's pussy. Karen lifted her thighs and pressed them about her brother's hips, squirming herown ass on the blanket. Billy released his sister's arms and immediately Karen wrapped them around him, holding him between her thighs tightly, cooing softly.

"If you're going to do it, do it right," Susan urged them, her voice husky, her eyes burning with excited desire.

They looked at her, and Susan deliberately swung her knee wide, revealing the puffy crotch of her own panties. The two giggled in a naughty way, and Karen's hand went between their bodies. Billy lifted himself, and Susan watched her daughter grope for his cock.

"Take it out and play with it, Karen," Susan urged her daughter.

Karen quickly shoved aside Billy's trunks, revealing his throbbing hard cock. Susan whimpered in passion as her daughter stroked his cock. Karen was burning for it, and without glancing at her mother, quickly stripped her panties off and pulled her brother between her thighs once again.

"Fuck me, Billy!" Karen's bubbling voice said. "Fuck me!"

Susan watched her son slip his cock to those sweet, almost hairless cunt lips of his sister. She ran a hand down her thigh and caressed her cunt as she watched. Billy's cock went into his sister's cunt slowly, then Karen grabbed him by his ass and pulled him in deep, squealing with intense pleasure.

"You're in me, Billy!" Karen mewled. "Oooo, you've got it in me, Billy! I love it…love your cock in me! fuck me now, Billy! Oh, please, fuck me now!"

"Fuck her, Billy," Susan encouraged, pulling the crotch of her panties to one side and rubbing at her stiff cunt. "Fuck your sister, baby! Give her that hard cock! Feed her hot little cunt! Fuck her, Billy, fuck her!"

Billy began pounding into his sister's cunt, bracing himself with his hands, his hips banging away. Karen held her brother's ass with both small hands, squealing and mewling as she writhed and bounced beneath him, her legs wrapped about his, feet locked inside his legs.

Susan couldn't see his cock in her cunt, but watching them fuck was enough to send her emotions into a turmoil of sexual delight. She began to finger fuck herself vigorously as she watched them, rocking her ass about on the lawn chair.

"Golly, Karen," Billy grunted. "You're good, real good! You're sure hot in there! Real hot and wet!"

"And you're so hard in me, Billy!" Karen replied in a strangled voice. "So hard! I love it hard…going in and out of me! Do it faster, Billy! Fuck me faster!"

They were in a frenzy with one another,Susan saw. They writhed and banged and squirmed as the excitement grew, as their young passions soared. Karen was still except for her ass, which moved in a furious, grinding motion, then bouncing up and down.

"Fuck that little cunt!" Susan yelped as her finger ripped in and out of her steaming cunt. "Fuck your sister's little hot cunt!"

"Yeah, yeah!" Billy grunted harshly, banging harder and faster into his sister's dripping pussy.

Karen's gown was around her waist, her long naked legs scissoring abouthis hips, her own twisting in mindless passion. She made soft, excited soundsas she whipped her tight ass up and down with him. Her eyes were closed and there was a big smile on her sweet face as she fucked him. Susan felt the thrill of her approaching climax, and her finger stabbed in and out swifter, her thumb smashing at her distended clitoris. She had her own legs wide apart now, her cunt fully exposed, breathing hard and deep as she stared excitedly at her son and daughter.

"You're gonna make me come, Billy!" Karen wailed with delight. "Oooooo! you're gonna make me come!"

"Ohhhh!" Susan gurgled softly, her eyes straining through misty pleasure to watch her children in the clutches of coming together."Make her come, Billy! Make your sister come! Ohh, yes, you come, too, baby! Both of you come…Fuck and come! Fuck and come!"

She saw her son ram his cock hard into his sister's cunt, his body stiff, her face contorted. She saw her daughter's half-naked body shake, then shudder almost violently. The grunts and squeals that came from them were of such in-tense pleasure, Susan felt as if she were bound to them at the same time, coming with them.

"Ohhh, Billy, Billy!" Karen whimpered loudly. "I feel you coming! Oooo, I feel you coming inside me! I love it! Oh, do I love it…your cock squirting inside my cunt! More! Come some more!"

Susan was not stabbing at her soaked cunt now, but squeezing it tightly with her hand, mewling as she came, her body shivering with ecstasy. Her eyes never left her son and daughter, her pleasure partly in watching them as their come juices mingled.

Billy pulled his prick from his sister's pussy and lay back on the blanket, tired. His cock gleamed in the sunlight. Karen sat up, looking down at her brother, her expression one of love and awed delight. She ran her fingers over his glistening cock. "That was really good, Billy. You sure know how to fuck a girl."

Both looked at their mother, who was still inthe lawn chair, her legs still wide apart. She was sensuously caressing the insides of her smooth thighs, smiling almost wickedly at them. Her bushy cunt was fully revealed to their young eyes. Susan looked about the yard, seeing the tall fence that held prying eyes away. She stood up, stretching in the sun. Slowly she opened her blouse, letting it fall to the lawn. Her shapely tits glowed, her nipples still hard. She caressed her tits, watching her children's reaction to this blatant display of sex. She twisted lightly at her nipples. Finally she unzipped her skirt and let it slither to her feet, standing there in her panties. While Karen and Billy gazed at her with excited eyes, she wiggled her ass, shoving her panties down.

For a moment she stood there, her panties held in front of her body. Then they fluttered to the ground and she was naked before them. Susan started toward her children, her tits jiggling slightly, her hips writhing in sensual pleasure. She stroked her body as she approached them, her fingers touching lightly at her tits, the thick curls of her cunt, her smooth hips. She stopped at the edge of the blanket and spread her feet.

Karen and Billy stared up between their mother's thighs, at the hair-lined cunt and moist pink lips. Susan's cunt peeked back at them, teasingly. She brushed the tip of her cuntwith the tip of one finger, then pulled her puffy cunt lips apart.

"I like to fuck too," Susan murmured hotly. "Your mother loves to fuck, you know."

Karen and Billy giggled naughtily. Susan arched her pelvis forward, offering her hairy cunt to them. "Touch me," she whispered thickly; "Touch mother's cunt! Play with mother's cunt and tits and ass! Qhhh, you two hot-assed kids! Touch me… my cunt, my ass, my tits!"

Susan dropped between them, sprawling on to her back. She threw her legs wide. "Damn it, touch me!''

With her son on one side and her daughter on the other, Susan writhed her naked body in lewd invitation.

Billy began to fondle his mother's thigh with one hand, his other going to a firm, upstanding tit. Immediately Karen joined him, doing the same on the other side. Susan mewled softly as the two pair of hands caressed her. She reached out and took hold of her son's glistening cock, stroking it slowly but urgently. Her other hand went to her daughter, moving along the slim thigh, around to feel a firm ass cheek. Her son's fingers contacted her wet cunt at the same time Karen's did, and Susan shuddered with ecstasy.

A finger went into her cunt, and she moved her hips up and down slowly as it thrust in and out. Then there were two fingers inside her burning pussy.

"Ooooo, nice!" she whimpered in pleasure. "Two fingers fucking my cunt! A finger from each of your hands! Finger my pussy! Fuck my cunt!"

"We are, mother!" Karen giggled, watching hers and Billy's finger sliding in and out of the hairy lips. "We are fucking your cunt, mother!"

"I'm gonna fuck your cunt with my cock, Mom!" Billy yelped, pulling his finger out. "I want to fuck you with my cock!"

"Yes, Billy!" Susan urged, throwing her ass up high into the air. Fuck me, darling! Ohhh, please stick that cock up my cunt and fuck me!"

Karen pulled her finger free and watched as her brother slipped between their mother's widespread thighs. She took hold of her brother's cock as he began to stab it toward Swan's eager cunt.

"Put it in me, Karen!" Susan wailed. "Put your brother's cock in me!"

Susan's hands pulled at the hairy lips of her cunt as she held her ass in the air, feeling her daughter's hand bring Billy's cock to it. Then Billy's cock slipped into the steaming pussy,and Susan mewled in pleasure. "You're in my cunt! Your cock is in mother's cunt now! Fuck me, Billy! Fuck mother's hot cunt!"

Karen's eyes were huge and excited as she saw her brother grip their mother's squirming hips, his cock probing in and out. Juices gleamed on Billy's prick.

"Fuck mother, Billy!" Karen urged in a little-girl voice, an excited voice. "Ooooo, mother! That looks so beautiful…Billy's cock fucking your cunt!"

"It is beautiful, darling," Susan murmured, twisting her hips. "It feels beautiful, too! Ohhh, I love to get fucked! I especially love to get fucked by Billy! Qoooo, baby, baby! Ram that sweet cock in me! Screw my cunt, baby! Screw the hell out of my hot pussy!"

Susan's hand moved up and down her daughter's creamy thigh, slipping between them and cupping the almost hairless cunt. She squeezed at it, rubbing the lips and tiny clitoris, making her daughter wiggle in pleasure. Karen was on her knees at her mother's side, gripping her brother's ass tightly as he thrust into Susan's pussy.

Susan probed delicately at her daughter's cunt, moving a finger into it. "Ooooo, mother!" Karen' gurgled. "Finger fuck me! Fuck me with your finger!"

"Suck my tit, darling!" Susan gurgled inecstasy as her son pounded into her cunt. "Suck on my tits and I'll finger fuck you!"

Karen fell upon a firm, thrusting tit, mouthing it with delight, her tight little ass waving in the hot sunlight as her mother stabbed a finger in and out.

"Qoooo, you two hot little shits!" Susan wailed, mindless and uncaring if neighbors heard at this moment. Her ecstasy was unlimited, and she didn't care if the whole world knew she was flicking her children. "Fuck me, Billy! Suck my tits, Karen! Ohhh, I love it…with you two!"

Grinding his cock into his mother's hungry pussy, Billy could see his sister's creamy ass waving in the air, see his mother's finger moving in and out of her tight cunt. His balls banged against the cheeks of his mother's uplifted ass. It was getting to be too much for him. He gritted his teeth, straining to keep from coming. He wanted the pleasure to grow and build.

"Qhhh, you're making me come, baby!" Susan yelped, grinding her cunt into him. "Qhhh, I'm coming! Faster, Billy! Fuck me faster! I'm coming!"

The way his mother's cunt gripped his throbbing cock, squeezing it, milking on it, caused him to come. With a yelp of ecstasy, he held his cock into her tightly, spurting hiscome juice up her spasming cunt.

"You're coming, Billy!" Susan almost screamed. "I feel you coming in me! Your cock is squirting up my cunt! I'm coming with you, baby! Fill my hot cunt with your sweet come juice! Fill me all the way to my fucking throat!"

Karen sucked powerfully at her mother's nipple, her tongue fluttering about it as she squeezed the other tit in a small, hot hand. She, too, was coming around her mother's deeply buried finger, her little cunt convulsing.

All three fell in a heap upon the blanket, their bodies shivering as they breathed in gasping labor. Susan lay beneath their bodies, holding them tightly to her own, eyes closed, her mind still reeling with the ecstasy they had given her. As she rested, she wondered how far it would go, where it would end.

She felt a quick stab of guilt, but shoved it to the side, knowing there was nothing she could do about this. Her children were just like her, intensely sexual. She knew, also, they would do whatever she wanted of them, anything at all. And Susan s mind was so erotic it frightened her at times.

She was at the point now that the smallest touch of her body would set her off. The briefest peek at her son or daughter in an ex posed manner would send her hands rushing to them. She would be unable to stop anything now, she knew.


In the next few days, Susan found herself becoming more and more erotic in her mind. Some of those erotic ideas were put into action, much to the delight of her son and daughter.

Sometimes she would get out of bed, and still naked, prepare their breakfast for them. There was a lot of touching and caressing then, and she teased them by wiggling her naked ass, thrusting a tit into their faces. Sometimes she would dress in such a manner that excited them, allowing certain parts of her body to be revealed now and then.

Both Billy and Karen were doing the same with her and each other. Occasionally Billy would open his pants and waggle his cock at them, and Susan and Karen would laugh and thrust their hips toward him. All three were of a like mind it seemed, when it came to sex. They talked a great deal about it, usingthe words they liked to hear and say.

It was about four days later when Billy, in a teasing way, called his mother a hot cocksucker.

"What did you call me, baby?" she asked, wandering if she had heard him correctly.

"I said you were a hot cocksucker, Mom."

They were in the family roam, with Karen taking a bath in the upstairs bathroom. Susan looked at her son. "Where did you ever hear such a thing?"

"Oh, guys say it all the time," he replied. "Do you know what a cocksucker is, Billy?"

"Mom, I'm not stupid."

"What is a cocksucker, honey?"

"It's a girl who sucks cocks, Mom," he said grinning at her.

"Has a girl ever sucked your little cock for you?" she wanted to know.

"Not yet. But I might be able to talk this one into sucking it for me."

"Would you like that?"

"I think I would," he replied with a naughty grin.

Susan looked at her son, her eyes sparkling mischievously. "What girl are you talking about?"

"I kinda had two in mind."

"Then what two girls are you talking about?

"I was hoping you'd suck my cock for me," he said, then stuck his tongue out at his mother playfully. "Have you ever sucked a cock before, Mom?"

Susan laughed, low and sexily. "You better believe I have!"

"Did you like it?"

"I loved it!" Susan said. "I loved having a hard cock in my mouth. Who was the other girl? Karen?"

"Yes," he said. "I don't know any other girls that would do it. Hell, Mom, I don't know any girls that would fuck except you and Karen, come to think of it."

"Aren't we enough for you, Billy, or do you need every girl you see?"

He laughed and pulled his cock from his pants. It jutted up hard and throbbing.

"Are you tempting me with that hard cock, baby?" Susan asked, arching her eyebrows teasingly. "Are you trying to tempt me into sucking your cock off? Because if you are, you're certainly succeeding."

She went to him, dropping to her knees. "Stand up, Billy, so I can take your pants off. If I'm going to suck your cock off, I want you naked."

When he stood up, Susan pulled his pants down, exposing her son's cock and balls to herhot, hungry eyes. She fondled them for a moment, then pressed her face against them, wrapping her arms about his hips and holding him tightly. She caressed her cheeks with his cock and balls, making soft sounds of pleasure. She kissed at his balls, moved her hot lips up his cock to the head. Pulling away, she saw he was dripping from his piss hole. With a soft murmur, she placed her hot, moist lips to his piss hole and kissed the head of his cock.

"Mmmmm, that's good, baby!" she mewled, smearing her chin with the head of his cock as she looked up into his excited eyes. "You taste real good! If I suck your cock off, will you come a lot in my mouth?"Gosh, yes, Mom!"

"Promise? I like sucking a cock that comes a lot, Billy! I love the taste of come juice spurting over my tongue."

"Suck me, Mom!" he urged, trying to shove his cock into her mouth. "Suck me! Mom, suck my cock off!"

Susan shoved her mouth to his balls, the head of his cock almost poking her in the eye. She ran her moist lips about her son's balls, then shoved her tongue out to lick lightly at them. Her wet tongue fluttered up and down his balls, then she bounced them gently against her tongue. The tip of her tongue then licked up the side of his throbbing hard cock, swirled over the smooth, swollen head, across his dripping hole and down the other side.

Billy was trembling with excitement as he looked down at his mother's beautiful face, at her tongue licking on his prick. This was something he and his friends spoke of often, but knew none of them had ever been sucked off before. As far as he knew, he would be the first one of his friends to have his cock sucked off, to come into the mouth of a girl. Susan finally opened her lips, gazed for a moment in delight at her son's quivering cock. Then she placed her hot, wet lips about the smooth head of his cock. For a long moment she held him there, letting herself become thrilled and excited by the taste of him. Finally she glided her wet lips down his cock, feeling it scrape at her tongue, the roof of her mouth. Her nose buried into the sparse hair at the base, her chin brushing his balls.

Using one hand, she rubbed his balls about her chin as she held his cock deep inside her hungry mouth. She moved her face from side to side gently, then sucked up on his hard cock. She sucked off the end, looked up at her son's contorted, pleased face.

"Do you like it, baby?" she asked. "Do you like your cock in my mouth?"

"Gosh, yes, Mom! Your mouth is wet and hot!"

"Want me to make you come with my mouth?" she teased, probing the dripping piss ho1e with the tip of her tongue. "Want to fuck mother's mouth and come in it?"

"Yes, yes!" Billy gurgled, trying to shove his cock between her lips. "Suck me, Mom! Suck me off! Come on, stop teasing, Mom! Suck my cock off!"

Susan giggled softly as she opened her lips and pulled her son's cock back into her mouth. She wrapped her arms about his naked hips, an ass cheek clutched tightly in her hands. She gobbled down onto his cock, filling her mouth with it. The way her son's cock stretched her hot lips sent shivers of delight through her, and her cunt became wet and started to twitch. Her knees hurt on the floor, but she didn't mind that; she had her son's cock in her mouth and was sucking on it and that was all that mattered now.

Billy held his mother's head in his hands, gazing in glassy-eyed fascination as she devoured his cock. Susan sucked her son's cock slowly at first, then began to bob her beautiful face back and forth swiftly, her tongue flying as she sucked him. She made gurgling sounds of ecstasy, her eyes just as glassy in ecstasy as his were.

Susan burbled about his cock, her hands squeezing at his ass cheeks. Her tits rested against his thighs, and her nipples burned.

"Oh, Mom! I love it!" Billy yelped. "I love my cock in your mouth! Suck me! Suck my cock, Mom!"

"Mmmmmm!" she replied, hungrily sliding her lips back and forth. She loved the throbbing hardness of his cock inside her greedy mouth, loved the hard feel of him stretching her lips, penetrating deep into her throat. The swollen head was creamy smooth as her tongue swirled and licked at it. The way he dripped into her mouth sent her mind reeling with intense ecstasy. She had to swallow now and then because he dripped so much. But that was the way she wanted it.

Susan clawed at her son's muscular ass cheeks, her fingers digging into the flesh, pulling them apart, pressing them together. She swayed her ass while she hungrily moved her wet, tight lips back and forth. Her cunt was in turmoil, twitching and quivering, and she felt as if she would come simply by sucking on his cock. Soft mewls of delight bubbled time and again from her filled mouth, and she clutched him tighter to her face.

"Suck my cock, Mom!" Billy kept yelping, trying to fuck into her mouth, but she held him so tightly he could hardly move. "Ohhhhh, suck my cock! You're mouth is so fucking hot-so fucking wet! Suck me…suck my cock!"

Susan let out an ecstatic squeal, surprised to find herself coming suddenly. Her cunt went into contractions that were stronger than she had ever felt before. Once she began to come, she couldn't stop. With muffled, excited mewls, she fucked her mouth back and forth on her son's cock, wanting desperately to taste his come juice flowing over her tongue, filling her mouth; going down her throat.

"I'm about to come, Mom!" Billy groaned as if knowing what she was asking for. "I'm about to come! Qoooohhh, I'm gonna come! I can't help it! I'm gonna come, Mom!"

Susan raced her lips back and forth on his cock, drawing hard, her cheeks sinking in as her tongue pressed his prick against the roof of her mouth.

"There! There, Mom!" Billy grunted. "I'm coming! Oh, I'm coming, Mom! I'm coming in your mouth!"

Susan tasted the first glob of his come juice as it squirted over her tongue. She murmured with ecstasy as the taste of him sent her cunt into even tighter and stronger spasms. She sucked hard, her mouth filling with her son's come juice, her throat working swiftly so she wouldn't lose a precious drop of it. She wanted it all in her body, in her stomach.

"Mmmmmmm!" she whimpered with excitement. "Mmmmmm!"

Billy strained hard, his ass tight in her hands. His cock continued spurting, filling his mother's hot, sucking mouth time and again. His knees became weak, trembling until he wasn't sure he could stand it much longer.

One last squirt of his cock filled Susan's mouth, then Billy collapsed back onto the couch, unable to stand any longer. Susan's face followed him, his cock still clamped between her lips. She held him in her mouth until his body stopped shaking.

Bringing her mouth off his cock, she placed her cheek against his balls and looked up at him. His hairless chest moved up and down in labored breathing, his eyes closed.

"Was it that good for you, baby?" she whispered. "Was it really that good of a blow job for you?"

"Oh, Mom!" he gasped. "I never felt anything so good in my life!"

Susan kissed his cock gently, then stood up. She looked down at her naked son, smiling with affection and pleasure. The taste of his come juice lingered inside her mouth. "You've got to have the best tasting cock in the whole fucking world, Billy."

"Did I come the way you wanted, Mom?"

"You sure did!" she laughed. "You came so much in my mouth I wasn't sure I would be able to swallow it all."

"You'll suck me off again, won't you?" he asked, almost anxiously.

"You're fucking well right I will! I'll suck that hard little cock off any time you want it, Billy. God, I love having your cock in my mouth!"

"You're a good cock sucker, Mom."

"I'm a good cock sucker for you, baby," she said, turning to leave him. "I'm probably the best cock sucker you'll ever know."

"I wonder if Karen will…"

Susan laughed. "If I know your sister, she'll be as good a cock sucker as I am. We know she's as hot as I am, don't we?"

"She sure is!"

"Well, when a girl is that hot, Billy, there isn't anything she won't do with a cock."

Susan went up the stairs and found her daughter just getting out of the tub. She stood in the door and watched her use the huge towel on her exquisite, enticing body. She loved Karen's small, firm, shapely tits, the curvy, saucy ass. She loved the scanty-haired tight cunt, and as she watched her dry herself, she gazed at her daughter's pussy.

"You're looking at me funny, mother," Karen said as she ran the towel between her thighs. "Is something wrong with me?"

"There isn't a thing wrong with you," Susan said, "except you're so damned sexy. So fucking desirable, it's a shame."

Karen giggled and arched a hip out in a lewd, inviting posture. "Am I sexy, mother?"

"Just about the sexiest piece in this neighborhood, baby."

Susan entered the bathroom and sat on the toilet, her eyes still on the sparse-haired cunt of her daughter. The taste of her son's come juice was still in her mouth, and she shivered again as the thought burned into her brain.

"Oh, God, baby!" Susan whimpered as she reached for her daughter. "Come here!"

Karen stood close to her mother as Susan ran her hands over her ass, her tits and thighs. "Your cunt is so pretty, Karen! So fucking pretty!"

Susan pressed her lips to the soft curls of her daughter's cunt, kissing her hotly. She moved her wet lips about the flat trembling stomach as her hands felt about the naked body. Then she began to lick at her daughter's flesh, flick ing her tongue into the dimpled belly button.

Getting to her feet, she gently placed Karen on the toilet, then sat on the floor between her thighs. She fondled her daughter's inner thighs as she moved her hot lips about the flesh, licking now and then, tasting the youthful creaminess. Susan licked her tongue along the inside of one thigh, her eyes staring between them.

"You're gonna lick me, aren't you. mother?" Karen asked, knowing the answer. "You're gonna lick my cunt, aren't you?"

"God, yes, Karen! I want to lick it so badly! I want to taste your cunt, lick it with my tongue, kiss it with my lips! Oh, baby, baby, I want to stick my tongue up your tight, hot cunt and fuck it! I'm going to tongue fuck your sweet little cunt, Karen!"

"Yes, mother!" Karen squealed in delight, shoving her naked ass to the edge of the toilet bowl. "Lick it for me! Ooooo, I'd like it! Tongue fuck me, mother! Tongue fuck my pussy for me!"

Susan's tongue ran up the inside of a creamy smooth thigh, her nose probing her daughter's cunt. She whimpered softly as the deliciousness of what she was doing filled her mind. Karen spread her legs as far as she could, gazing down at her mother's face as it pressed into her pussy. Susan lifted Karen's legs and draped them over her shoulders, her face buried into the young pussy.

She licked at the tight, hot pussy of her daughter, tasting it. She ran her tongue about each puffy lip, then flicked at the rigid clit. sending Karen into peals of giggling pleasure. The hot smoothness of Karen's thighs pressing at her face was exciting to her, almost as ex citing as having her lips against the hot pussy. She held her daughter's hips and began to kiss furiously at the seeping pussy. Her tongue raced up and down the lips, tasting the juices. She licked in a frenzy at the hard little clitoris, mewling with delight as she held Karen's thighs against her cheeks.

"Inside, mother!" Karen gurgled, squirming her cunt against her mother's face. "Stick your tongue inside my cunt! Qoooo, I want your tongue up my pussy…my cunt! Tongue fuck it for me, mother! Ohhhhh, please, fuck my cunt with your tongue!"

Susan stabbed her tongue into the slippery heat of her daughter's pussy, thrusting it in and out. The sheer tightness of it, the wetness of it, sent her mind reeling with erotic pleasure. Again she found herself coming by using her mouth, this time on her daughter's cunt.

"Oooooo! Ohhhhh, mother!" Karen wailed, writhing her crotch into her mother's pressing face. "I love it, love it! Lick me, suck me! Ohhh, tongue fuck my cunt, mother! It's so good! So fucking good!"

Susan loved the way her daughter's cunt closed about her thrusting tongue, holding it as though not wanting to ever let it go. She loved the taste of it, the way those slightly hairy lips felt against her mouth and cheeks. Her chin was pressed against the pink, tight little asshole as her tongue flew about, licking, tasting. She had to swallow now and then because the juices oozed into her mouth. The taste of her daughter's cunt was different than her son's cock, but just as good to her.

"Golly, golly! I'm coming, mother!" Karen wailed in a loud, excited voice. "Oooooo, I'm coming!"

That was obvious to Susan, who felt the tight contractions of Karen's cunt around her deeply buried tongue. The juices flowed into her mouth as she kept her tongue flying in and out of the gripping cunt lips. She held those creamy hot thighs pressed tightly against her face, hardly able to breathe. She sucked at the twitching cunt lips, rolling her tongue about the convulsing clitoris of her daughter.

When Karen slumped on the seat, leaning against the water tank, Susan pulled her face away from the hot pussy. She kissed the now limp thighs, running her tongue along the quivering flesh. With a final kiss, she got to her feet.

"I came, too," she said in a soft voice. "I came just by eating your sweet cunt, Karen."

Karen sat up, grabbed her mother about the hips and buried her face into Susan's cunt, holding her tightly by gripping both ass cheeks. "Oh, Mom! It gets better all the time, doesn't it!"

Susan gently disengaged herself from her daughter and left the bathroom without a word, a troubled expression on her face.


Susan continued to be troubled about this new attitude in her, in her children. She could not deny, even to herself, that it was pleasurable and exciting. Of that she had no doubt. It certainly appeared that Billy and Karen were not troubled by it.

In the beginning, Susan had not been troubled by doubts or guilt, and even now she had no real guilt. Yet some doubt was in her mind. The doubt was where they were going together, how far it would go, and if it would affect their relationship as mother and children. Susan knew Karen and Billy were of the impressionable age, that this was new and very exciting to them, and she hoped they would keep that attitude. She did not want them to despise her; she wanted their love.

Both Karen and Billy were becoming even more interested in sex, more preoccupied with it. She had seen them many times the past few days in sex play, touching one another, feeling each other up, all openly. Watching them do these things sent shivers of pleasure racing up and down her spine. Her cunt was in a constant state of agitation, of pulsating, erotic sensation. Susan's pussy throbbed every minute of the day, and many times she would press her hand into it as she worked about the house. She could now come simply by thinking of her son and daughter, the climax so strong she would have to stand still until it was over before she could continue her work.

It was extremely enjoyable to her to see her daughter watching television, her short skirt about her waist, her hand feeling gently about her cunt, or her son slowly jerking on his cock. It was exciting to see the two hug and kiss, their hands playing about between their legs, until they became so excited they began to fuck. It no longer mattered that their mother was present with them; it only increased the pleasure. Susan was seldom left out of this. Most of the time she was involved as much as they were, in the middle of them, or she and Karen giving pleasure to Billy.

After finishing her housework, she went up the stairs to her bedroom. Billy and Karen were in his room, laughing and playing. She undressed and showered, soaping her body and letting the shower wash it away. She then dried herself until her skin glowed. She pulled on a pair of sheer nylons, attaching them with a red garter belt. The auburn triangle of cunt hair was the center of this sensual display, her pink, moist cunt lips quivering as usual. Her nipples were rubbery hard, tingling.

Stepping into the hall, she went to Billy's door and stood there, one knee cocked, her head to one side, an inviting smile on her beautiful face. Karen and Billy looked at her, grinning happily. Karen was wearing a pair of bikini panties that were so tight on her the sweetness of her almost hairless cunt was boldly outlined. Her fine, sugary tits were naked, with pink nipples succulently hard. Billy was in a pair of jockey shorts, with his cock and balls dangling from the leg.

"Can three play this game?" Susan asked in a low, throaty voice.

"It's better with three, mother," Karen giggled, her eyes glowing at the bushy cunt.

"Let's go to my room," Susan replied, turning and waggling her naked ass saucily at them. "There's more room on the bed;"

Karen and Billy followed their mother, watching her curvy, shapely ass wiggle delightfully, the muscles flexing enticingly. Billy, of course, began to get a hard on. By the time they stepped into Susan's bedroom, his cock stood firm and throbbing, the head swollen smoothly. Susan was delighted to see it so hard, happy that the display of her ass and thighs in the nylons and garter belt had made him so excited. Karen had her fist around her brother's hard cock, practically leading him by it.

Susan dropped to her knees before her son, and while Karen gripped Billy's cock, she began to kiss at the smooth head, gurgling with pleasure.

"Qooo, mother, that's lovely!" Karen squealed as she watched her mother kiss Billy's cock.

"Tastes wonderful, too," Susan laughed up at her daughter. She opened her lips and sucked her son's cock deep into her mouth, holding him there and letting her cheeks and tongue caress it. With a powerful sucking motion, she drew off his prick. "Why don't you suck his cock, Karen?"

Karen looked at her brother's cock, a doubtful expression on her lovely, young face. "I'm not sure I can get it in my mouth, mother," she said. "At least not all of it the way you can."

"You'll be surprised how easy it is, baby," Susan encouraged. "Besides, you don't really have to get it all in your mouth, just the head will be enough to make your brother climb the walls.''

Karen dropped to her knees at her mother's side. Susan took her son's balls in her hand as Karen gripped the base of Billy's cock.

"It's dripping," Karen whispered.

"That makes it taste better, honey," Susan replied, flicking the tip of her tongue out to lick away the fluids on his piss hole. "See? Mmmmmm! Karen pumped on her brother's cock while Susan squeezed gently at his balls. The piss hole seeped. Showing some apprehension, Karen gingerly shoved the tip of her tongue out. Susan watched her daughter carefully flick her tongue at the piss hole. When Karen pulled her tongue back into her mouth, her expression changed to amazed pleasure.

"Ooooo, you re right, mother!" she giggled. "It's wonderful. I like it!"

Karen didn't need urging now. She placed her hot lips against the head of her brother's cock and kissed it eagerly. Then her tongue slipped all around the smooth head, licking at it the way she would an ice cream cone. She made soft excited cooing sounds in her throat.

"In your mouth, baby!" Susan urged huskily, her eyes glowing as she watched her daughter closely. "Take his cock in your mouth and suck it! Billy loves to have his cock sucked, honey!"

Karen opened her mouth and slipped the head of her brother's cock between her lips. A soft moan bubbled from her, her eyes wide and sparkling with delight. She looked at her mother for approval as she sucked more and more between her lips. Susan grinned at her daughter. "That's it, Karen. You're doing fine. Take as much of his cock into your mouth as you can."

Karen managed a little over half of her brother's cock before she had to stop. She held it there, her lips stretched around the throbbing shaft. Her eyes burned with ecstasy as she sucked her lips back from it.

"I like it, mother!" she giggled. "I like the way his cock feels in my mouth. Ohhh, it's hot and hard and-Qoooo! I like sucking on Billy's cock!"

"Let's get Billy on the bed," Susan said, getting to her feet.

Billy unquestioningly sprawled on his mother's bed, his cock standing up. Susan pulled his jockey shorts off so he would be naked, then she got on one side of him, Karen on the other.

"We'll both suck his cock," Susan said. "We'll take turns on Billy's cock, okay?"

"Okay!" Karen squealed.

Mother and daughter leaned down, each licking up and down Billy's cock as he lay there, breathing with excitement, enjoying this tremendously. As their tongues licked, up the sides, and over the swollen head, they met, mingling in a tongue-licking kiss. Again they licked, their tongues swirling up and down and around and around.

Finally Karen sucked her brother's cock into her mouth, bobbed a few times, then offered his cock to her mother. Susan sucked it in deeply, her nose pressing into the scant hair at the base. She sucked up and down on her son's cock, her eyes glowing into those of her daughter. When she released Billy's cock, Karen immediately pulled it into her mouth, sucking the way her mother had.

"You suck his cock off, baby," Susan said. "I've done it before. Now it's your turn. Suck his cock and make him come off in your mouth! You'll love it, Karen! Feeling and tasting a cock squirting into your mouth is almost as good as having it in your cunt!"

Karen bobbed her head up and down, her lips stretched around her brother's throbbing hard-on, mewling sounds coming from her. She watched, her mouth filled with hard cock, as her mother began to lick up and down the insides of Billy's thighs, then at his balls.

Susan pulled her son's balls into her mouth and sucked them, her tongue licking, her eyes burning into those of her daughter. Karen filled her mouth with Billy's cock, sucking eagerly and hungrily now. Billy twisted and squirmed beneath their faces, gurgling with ecstasy.

"Suck me!" he yelped excitedly. "Suck on my cock, Karen! Oh, Mom, suck my fucking balls! Gosh, getting my balls and cock sucked at the same time! I'm gonna come like never before! I like this…really like it!"

Susan and Karen sucked hard on his cock and balls, whimpering as their own passion soared in erotic pleasure. Susan reached out a hand and ran it up her daughter's creamy thigh, cupped her little cunt and squeezed it as she sucked her son's balls. Karen wiggled her hips, mewling happily.

Susan loved the way her daughter bobbed her sweet, lovely face up and down, loved the way Billy's cock stretched her lips, the expression of ecstasy on Karen's cock-filled face.

"Oh, suck me suck me, suck me!" Billy yelled loudly, twisting about beneath their devouring faces. "I love it! I love being sucked! Oh, Mom, suck my fucking balls…Karen, suck my hard cock!"

Both Karen and her mother's eyes smiled at each other as they sucked vigorously. They knew what it felt like to Billy, and wanted to provide him with the most pleasure they could at this moment. Their turn would come, they both knew.

Susan pulled from Billy's balls. "When Billy comes, baby, don't pull away! Let him come in your mouth!" And she went back after his hairless balls hungrily.

Karen sucked up and down powerfully, her cheeks sinking, her eyes glowing brightly. Susan swirled her tongue about his balls, both of them inside her mouth; Billy began to writhe with more excitement.

"I'm gonna come!" he shouted. "Oh, shit, am I gonna come!"

Susan felt her son's balls draw tight inside her hot, wet mouth. She watched her daughter's face closely, knowing Billy was ready to squirt come juice. When Karen's eyes flew wide, Susan knew her mouth was being filled with come juice.

Suddenly Karen sucked up and away, her expression startled. Susan quickly released Billy's balls and just as he spurted again, closed her own lips about the head of his cock. As he came, she sucked and licked and swallowed.

Allowing his cock to slip from her mouth, she licked at her lips and then asked: "Why did you stop sucking him, baby? He was coming."

"I thought he…" Karen flushed. "I taught Billy was pissing in my mouth. I didn't know he was coming."

Susan laughed, leaned over and kissed her daughter's come-smeared lips, licking them. "I can see why you thought that, Karen. But now you know."

"It did taste good, though," Karen admitted. "I like the taste of his come juice, mother."

"You're as much a cock sucker as I am, honey," Susan laughed. "Next time, when you suck his cock, take it all and swallow it. You'll love it even better."

"Ooooo, I will!" Karen squealed. "I sure as fuck will swallow his come juice next time!"

Susan pulled her daughter against her naked tits, kissing her. Her shapely tits smashed into those small, sweet firm ones of Karen, and it sent ripples of delight through the both of them. Susan ran her hands over her daughter's creamy body, caressing her thighs, her back, her pantied ass. She was delighted to feel that Karen was doing the same to her. The hot little hands on her thighs and naked ass made her shiver with pleasure.

"I'd love to eat your little cunt again, baby," Susan whispered. "I loved kissing your hot pussy and sticking my tongue into it."

"Let's do it, mother!" Karen squealed in a girlish voice. "Let's both do it! "Susan looked at her daughter. "Are you sure, honey? Are you sure you want to lick my cunt?"

"Oh, yes! I want to lick that hairy cunt, mother! I've thought about it, and now I want to eat it!"

Susan pulled her daughter on top of her as she lay back, spreading her thighs. Billy became interested in what they were doing and sat up to watch. Susan placed her daughter's luscious thighs on each side of her head, that lovely little cunt hovering above her mouth. She ran her tongue up the inside of one her thighs her hands gripping the small ass cheeks, squeezing them, pressing them together. She felt Karen's hands slip underneath her shapely ass, clutching the cheeks the way she was doing. The hot air of her daughter's breathing fanned the silky hairs of her cunt. When she felt Karen's moist lips against the puffy lips of her cunt, Susan lifted her ass from the bed and pressed it into Karen's face. She shot her tongue out and into Karen's tight, wet bubbling cunt, stabbing in and out. She whimpered as she felt her daughter's tongue penetrate her boiling pussy, and they began to squirm together, clutching each other's ass cheeks, pressing their faces hard into the other's steaming cunt.

"Cunt lickers!" Billy yelled in excitement, bending over to peer at his mother's face, seeing her nose against Karen's tight asshole. Fucking cunt eaters! Eat her cunt, Mom! Suck Karen's hot fucking pussy!"

Susan's eyes twinkled up at her son as he began to lick at his sister's shivering ass. She pulled those tight cheeks apart, shifted her face until Billy's tongue came down the crack of Karen's ass cheeks. Billy ran his tongue eagerly about his sister's asshole while his mother tongue fucked her cunt. His cock swelled into hardness again, and he seemed confused as to where to lick. His tongue went all over his sister's creamy smooth ass cheeks, only to return to that tightly puckered asshole.

Karen was stabbing her own tongue in and out of her mother's wet pussy, gurgling with ecstasy to find not only a tongue in her cunt, but her brother's licking at her asshole. It was a new sensation to her, one that she found extremely enjoyable.

Susan felt her orgasm blooming up like hot, melted rock. She writhed and bounced her naked ass up and down, grinding furiously in to her daughter's face. She could feel the way Karen's little pussy closed about her tongue and knew she was on the edge of coming, too.

Karen banged her cunt swiftly into her mother's face, her brother's tongue swirling erotically at her tight asshole. The sensations mingled until she wasn't sure where whose tongue was, and didn't care. Her cheeks were smeared with the juices from her mother's cunt and she loved it, thrilled to it. Her finger probed at her mother's asshole, brushing at it in a frenzy as her tongue stabbed and licked, her lips sucking.

Both mother and daughter began to squeal in muffled sounds as they came. They licked and sucked each other's cunts furiously as they shivered and shuddered with ecstasy. They clutched at each other's bodies tightly.

When it was over, they could hardly move. Their breathing was labored, their tits heaving, smeared faces showing the intensity of the pleasure.


Susan knew that her son and daughter were delighted about this change in their life, this relationship, yet she still felt some doubts. In a few years they would want to start dating, and she was afraid she would be jealous. She would have to let them go someday, she knew, and it was a day she didn't want to think about.

The idea of her daughter letting some date shove his cock into her tight little cunt bothered her, and when she had visions of Karen sucking on some teenage cock, she felt a stab of jealous anger. Somehow, the idea of Billy fucking some young cunt did not bother her as much, and this puzzled her. It was an old-fashioned idea of the girl supposed to be sweet and virginal, she knew, and of the boy getting all the pussy he could. And one thing Susan did not consider herself was old fashioned.

The idea of Karen being fucked while in her presence with her joining in did not bother her at all, somehow. Perhaps she didn't want Karen to enjoy herself alone, perhaps it was fear of being left someday by her children, of them being in love with another person. That was being overly possessive, she knew, yet she could not help her feelings.

Unconsciously, Susan began doing things for her children that she had not done before. She had, at one time, made them pick up after themselves, keep their rooms clean and in order. Now she was doing it for them, It was a way of making them even more dependent on her, but she didn't realize this. Somehow she had slipped into the role of being dominated by her children. Not a forceful domination, and Karen and Billy were probably unaware of it themselves. However, where they had once asked her, they now began to tell her.

Realization came to Susan one evening while they had been relaxing in the family room. She had noticed a slight change in their behavior, but it had been so subtle she missed it.

Susan was in a long floor-length robe, of the type that zipped up the front. It was not by any means a robe designed to attract and invite. She was in the lounge chair, reared back. Billy stepped up to her and pulled his cock out, standing at her side. "Suck my cock, Mom," he said.

"Anytime, honey," she grinned at him, turning her face and taking his cock into her mouth. Karen was on the couch, watching them. Susan sucked on her son's cock for a few moments, feeling it grow between her lips. Once his cock was throbbing, hot and hard in her mouth, he withdrew it and went to his sister, who immediately began to suck on it for him. That in itself did not bother Susan.

But as Karen sucked her brother's cock, Billy looked at his mother and said: "Lift your fucking gown and play with your hairy cunt, Mom." Even that did not bother her, and she did as he asked. She drew her knees to her tits, spreading them wide so they could watch her finger her pussy.

"Put a finger up your asshole," Billy said, and although it was the first time he had asked her to do anything like that, the tone of his voice was more aggressive. It was the tone that made her hesitate.

"Goddamn it, Mom!" Billy growled. "I said to stick a finger up your fucking asshole!"

She saw the expression in his eyes, and although she didn't want to obey his command, she found herself reaching under a naked cheek and pressing a finger at her tight asshole even as she finger fucked her cunt with the other hand. Susan shivered, but it was not with full pleasure now. The shiver was mixed with something else, and she knew suddenly that she would do whatever her children asked of her, no matter what it was.

Susan felt her finger enter her asshole, and to her amazement, found she enjoyed it. Never had anything been shoved up her ass before.

She watched Karen sucking on Billy's cock, keeping her fingers going in and out of her cunt and asshole. She saw that Karen must have been practicing, because she had no trouble taking every inch of his cock into her mouth now, all the way to his balls. Despite a sense of doom, Susan could not resist the ex- citement of seeing it, of fucking herself with her fingers as she watched her.

"Fuck your hot, hairy cunt, Mom!" Billy shouted at her. "Fuck your hot asshole! Fuck them both! Look at our mother, Karen! Look how she shoves a finger up her asshole and cunt! She's a hot-assed bitch!"

Susan began to feel strange, yet it was a good kind of feeling, too. There was something wrong that she couldn't put her finger on, yet she knew there was nothing she could do about it. She felt as if she had lost control of the situation, of her children.

"Oh, shit, shit!" Billy grunted, holding his sister's' face between his hands. "I'm gonna come, Karen! I'm gonna come in your cocksucking mouth!"

Karen gurgled, her eyes wide open, sparkling with ecstasy. Susan saw her daughter's throat begin to work and knew she was swallowing the come juice that spewed from the piss hole of her brother's cock. She whimpered as her cunt closed about her finger in spasms, her asshole gripping her buried finger.

Later that night, for the first time, she did not call her children to bed with her. She went to her room alone, feeling very depressed about what was happening, of not knowing how it happened. She lay awake for a long time, thinking, not finding the answers. She could hear Karen and Billy in one of the rooms, giggling and whispering.

After a long, almost sleepless night, Susan crawled out of bed feeling tired. As she passed her son's room, she peeked in. Karen and Billy were still asleep, wrapped about each other, their naked bodies close. She looked at them for awhile, then went downstairs and brewed coffee. She sat drinking her coffee, still trying to figure out what was going on.

When Karen and Billy came down, they were still naked. "Make breakfast for us, mother," Karen said, sitting at the table.

"Can't you do it, honey?" Susan asked, but her voice was weak.

"You do it," Billy said.

Susan prepared breakfast for them, her movements wooden, her mind jumbled with thoughts, crazy thoughts that would not form a coherent picture of what was happening to her, to her children.

"We're going to the park today," Billy announced as he finished eating. "All three of us."

"But I…" Susan began, then stopped when she caught the expression in her son's eyes.

"The three of us," he said, firmly.

Susan looked down at her lap, feeling strangely shy, embarrassed.

Noon found her in the park with Karen and Billy. There were not many others in the park, a few teenagers, four or five adults sitting on benches. They found a shady spot beneath a huge tree, and Susan leaned against the rough bark, her long legs stretched out before her. her skirt demurely at her knees. Karen and Billy ran about, talking to other boys and girls their ages, horsing around.

About an hour later Billy came to his mother. He looked down at her, a sly grin on his face. "Come with me, mother," he said, reaching for her hand.

Obeying him complacently, she got to her feet, holding his hand. Billy led her into some dense shrubbery, out of sight. On a grassy area, he told her to sit down and wait for him. As she waited, she became filled with anxiety, not knowing the cause. When Billy returned a few minutes later, there was a boy with him. She had never seen this boy before, and it seemed as though Billy did not know the boy well, either.

"There she is," Billy said with a smirk on his face. "Just like I told you."

Susan began to understand, and she looked up at her son, a question starting. But the expression on his young face told her to keep silent. Billy began telling the boy that Susan was hot, needed cock, lots of cock. But it came through to her that he didn't want the boy to know she was his mother.

She lowered her eyes and saw the boy's cock outlined inside his pants, seeing it grow there as Billy talked to him. Then her son said: "Show him what a hairy cunt you have."

Susan trembled with shame, with what she was allowing her son to do with her. Yet, there was a strange sensation of excitement, too. She could not understand this. As though unable to protest, Susan pulled her skirt up, revealing her long smooth thighs.

"Higher." Billy said.

Susan pulled her skirt to her waist, her bushy cunt exposed, a flush on her face. She could not look into the boy's eyes.

"Open your legs," Billy commanded.

Susan spread her legs, her cunt lips glistening wetly. A glance at the front of the boy's pants showed her his cock was fully hard, and she knew she was going to get fucked by him. There wasn't anything she could do about it, she knew.

"Go ahead and fuck her," Billy told the boy. "She needs it kinda bad like I told you."

The boy sensed there would be no opposition from her. He opened his pants and hauled out his cock. Susan's eyes glowed despite her feeling of humiliation. It was. a nice looking cock, and she felt a twitch of desire between her thighs. She lay back, her skirt about her waist, as the boy moved between her legs. Susan looked up at Billy as the boy's cock entered her wet cunt.

"Don't take all day," Billy said to the boy. 'There are a couple of other guys waiting for their turn."

He smirked at his mother before leaving. Susan's hips began to pump automatically as the boy fucked her, but her mind was crying out at this outrage her son was pulling on her. But although she was angry, feeling very humiliated, her erotic nature began to take over.

Susan grabbed the boy's pumping hips and began to furiously grind against him. She made whimpering sounds in her throat, twisting her ass about as pleasure flowed through her slim body.

"Ohhhh, Fuck it," she whispered to the boy. "Fuck it for me! Fuck me, fuck me!"

Susan's cunt burned and convulsed, ecstatic to this excitement of this strange boy, a boy she had never seen in her life, fucking her. She would never see him again, in all probability, and that made it exciting to her. She whipped her naked ass about on the grass, lunging her cunt up and down as he drove his cock into her pussy. She could feel his prick, feeling how hard it was, with the sensitive walls and lips of her pussy.

Then the bay came. Susan mewled as she clutched at his tight ass cheeks, her cunt draining him, clamping tightly about his spewing cock, his come juice splashing deep inside her spasming cunt.

As the boy withdrew, shoved his cock back into his pants, she remained there, sprawled with her legs wide, watching him go. Within a few minutes another bay came to her. He came alone, without Billy. This boy was younger, and he was very excited. He was in a rush, not knowing exactly what to do. Susan almost laughed as she showed him how to get his cock up her cunt. Then, as the boy fucked her with jerky movements, she caressed his back tenderly, realizing this was his first piece of ass. She made it good for him, showing him tenderness, and when he came she closed her thighs about his hips and held him tightly. She kissed his smooth, beardless face.

The boy seemed embarrassed after it was over, and would not look at her. Susan felt pity for the boy, and wished she could say something to ease his shame.

The next boy was large for his age, aggressive and somewhat of a bully. He swaggered, impressed by his own importance. He snickered when he saw Susan sprawled there with her skirt up, cunt revealed.

He pulled out his cock, stroking it as if it were the most precious thing in the world. "How do you like this cock, lady?" he smirked. "Bet you ain't never been fucked by a cock like this."

"Dumb shit," she said.

"Hey, lady," he said, surprised that she was not impressed by his cock, "Don't go calling any names, huh? You wanna fuck, okay, but no name calling."

"Get it over with," she said, lifting her hips to him. "Just put it in and get it over with."

The boy shoved his cock brutally into her come-juice-soaked cunt. He began to ram in and out of her pussy without regard for her. Susan lay still with this boy, letting him fuck her rapidly. Fortunately he came swiftly after a few strokes.

"Bet you ain't never had a fuck like that, huh, lady? One thing about me, I always leave 'em well satisfied."

Susan wanted to tell him he would be better off jacking off, but kept her mouth shut. This boy would be easily angered, and she certainly did not want to be struck by him.

She waited after he had gone, but no one else came to her. Finally she sat up, feeling come juice seeping from her cunt, smearing her thighs. Then Billy came to her.

"We can go now, Mom," he said, helping her to her feet.

At home again, Susan showered long and hard, scrubbing at her flesh until it glowed and tingled. She was angry at Karen and Billy. They had made her fuck those strange boys in the park, and she was angry at herself for letting it happen. She was determined it would not happen again, that her children would not have that much control over her.

She would keep her erotic mind in check, control the bubbling urges that surged through her body. With this determination, she dressed and went downstairs.

Karen and Billy were in the family room, lying on the floor. Billy was on his back, and Karen squatted above him, her naked little ass bouncing happily as she fucked him. Susan sat down, making a point of not looking at them. She glared at the television, but not seeing the program. The mewls of delight could not be shut out, though.

Their sounds sent ripples of pleasure through her and her cunt bubbled hotly, her nipples hard and sensitive. Still she tried to ignore them, but it wasn't doing her much good.

"I'm gonna come, Billy!" Karen yelped in a tight voice. "I'm gonna come!"

"Me, too!"

From the corner of her eyes, Susan saw her son grip his sister's naked, bouncing- ass, his finger-s digging into the tight, creamy cheeks. She saw his cock strain up into Karen's stretched cunt, his balls quivering. Karen's pink asshole clenched, and Susan watched them come at the same time. Her own pussy was dripping, the hairy lips swollen, her clit burning with urgent desire. Despite the fucking in the park, she was hungry for more.

Before she realized it, her determination had gone from her. She was on her feet and beside her children, running her hands over their bodies. She fondled her son's balls and caressed her daughter's shivering, naked ass as they came, cooing throatily, breathing swiftly.

Within minutes Susan was on her back, her tits exposed; her skirt at her waist, her panties ripped from her. Karen shoved her face between her mother's warm, sleek thighs and began to lick at the smooth flesh, working her tongue and lips to the hairy cunt. Susan opened her thighs as wide as she could, lifting her cunt to her daughter's mouth.

"Eat me, eat me!" she urged, rolling her ass about as Karen's tongue licked through the thick cunt hairs. "Eat my cunt, baby! Suck my pussy! Lick my hot cunt hole! Qooo, eat my hot cunt, Karen!"

When Karen's tongue lapped vigorously over her distended clit, Susan's hips shot up hard, grinding into her daughter's face. Karen gripped her mother's uplifted ass cheeks in her little hands, her tongue thrusting into the wet, slippery heat of her mother's pussy, soft sounds coming from her, sounds of intense pleasure.

Billy was on his knees at Susan's side, and she grabbed his slippery cock in her hand, beating back and forth on it as Karen tongue fucked and licked at her steaming cunt.

"Ohhh, suck that pussy, baby!" Susan wailed, tossing her crotch brutally against her daughter's licking mouth. "Suck mother's hot cunt! Lick it…kiss it…tongue it! Ooooo anything you want! Do it all to me, both of you! Fuck me and eat me and…Oooooo!"

Susan pulled at her son's cock. "Straddle me, Billy," she wailed hotly. "Straddle my tits and let me suck your sweet cock! Oh, hurry darling! Sit on my tits and let me have your delicious cock in my cock sucking mouth!"

Billy straddled his: mother's tits, his ass smashing them flat. Susan lifted her face and licked at his balls, running her tongue about the cunt-wet cock, tasting him, mewling as she twisted her cunt into her daughter's face.

"Suck it, Mom!" Billy urged in a thick voice. "Suck my fucking cock!"

"Oooo, yes!" Susan opened her lips and pulled his prick between them. She gobbled his cock deeply into her mouth, loving the feel of his balls on her chin. She gripped his ass cheeks and urged him to fuck her mouth. Billy leaned over, bracing himself with his hands, thrusting his cock into his mother's mouth, fucking her as she sucked greedily.

With her daughter's mouth sucking at her bubbling cunt, her son's cock fucking into her hungry mouth, Susan's earlier determination was nonexistent. All that mattered to her was this beautiful cock of her son's in her mouth, her lovely daughter's tongue and mouth eating her boiling cunt. She knew in this moment she was lost to them- that she would do anything they wanted of her, no matter what it was.

Her cunt exploded into a tremendous come, and as she shuddered, grinding her cunt into her daughter's mouth, Billy began to spew thick come juice into her mouth. Susan sucked and swallowed greedily, thrilled to have his cock squirting into her mouth…and she knew without a doubt they had her where they wanted her, that there was nothing she could do about it.

She was theirs, totally.


For the next few days, Susan was hardly more than a sexual toy for her son and daughter. They were absolutely insatiable, demanding, never tiring. If they weren't fucking or sucking each other, they were doing it to her.

She was glad they did not change their personality while in public, but only in the privacy of their home. It would have been disastrous if they took that sexual appetite outside the home, she knew. However, there was one change in their home that Susan was concerned about.

Teenagers she had never seen before were coming around now. She was always introduced to them; and she had noticed some of the boys giving her body an appraising look. It was because of her sensual manner of dressing, she felt, and since she enjoyed being looked at, thought nothing of it. There were one or two very lovely teenage girls, a few years older than her own children. Susan did not notice any thing unusual in the visits at first.

Robert, the boy she and Karen had screwed that day in the garage was a frequent visitor. Once, while Karen and Billy were downstairs with some of their new friends, Susan had taken Robert to her bedroom and sucked his cock off quickly, then taught the boy how to lick her cunt. When his cock was deliciously hard again, she fucked him, leaving the boy drained and happy.

Later that same evening, with Robert the only one there, Susan found she was still being dominated by her children.

She was not at all inhibited with Robert, and she had been lying on the floor of the family room, wearing only a pair of skimpy panties. Robert and Billy had been playing with Karen until they were both hard, ready to fuck. But it was Susan who got fucked.

The two boys banged her one after the other, tearing her panties from her hips violently. First one then the other fucked her until she thought she would never stop coming. Karen was delighted to watch her mother being treated this way, finger fucking herself unabashedly as her eyes glowed hotly. After each boy had came off in Susan's cunt, they went to Karen, who happily sucked them, licking the glistening juices from their cocks and balls. With her cunt filled with come juice, Susan was surprised to find her daughter licking and sucking her, swallowing in hungry delight. This, of course, made the boy intensely ready again. Karen drew her knees underneath her stomach as she mouthed at her mother's cunt, her sweet, curvy ass swaying in the air. "Fuck her, Robert!" Susan had yelled excitedly. "Fuck her while she sucks my hot cunt!" Robert was quick to comply, getting to his knees behind Karen's lovely smooth ass, fitting his cock into her tight, almost hairless young cunt. Seeing him bang her daughter from behind as Karen tongue fucked her, sent Susan into reeling ecstasy. "Fuck her hot little cunt!" she yelped. "Fuck the shit out of Karen's tight little cunt hole! Eat my pussy baby, eat it! Oooo stick that sweet tongue way up my cunt and lick, fuck, suck it!" Billy's cock had swelled into a throbbing hardness as he watched this. He pumped slowly on it, his eyes burning as he looked at his sister's buried face, his mother's long cunt hair almost concealing her cheeks, at the way Robert's cock plunged in and out of his sister's tight cunt.

Suddenly he straddled his mother's face, rubbing his balls about her mouth. Susan kissed and sucked them, licking with her tongue. Her son's cock rubbed at her forehead, and she shivered in erotic pleasure.

"Lick my asshole, Mom!" he demanded, sliding his ass about her face now. "Lick my asshole!"

Without hesitation, Susan's tongue lapped furiously at her son's tight asshole. His balls were against her nose as she held his thighs tightly. She pressed the tip of her tongue against his puckered asshole, pushed it hard, and felt it give. Her tongue slithered into her son's asshole and she whimpered as she began to stab it in and out. She grabbed his cock and pumped it as she tongue fucked him in his asshole, whipping her cunt faster into her daughter's face. Billy was twisting his ass into her mouth, grunting with this new pleasure.

Susan mewled as she began to come, her cunt going into spasms that almost tore her apart. Her naked body shook with ecstasy as her tongue thrust into Billy's tight asshole, her fist pumping in a frenzy. She felt his cock throb, and then he spewed come juice. Susan tried to move her face, tried to get his cock in to her mouth to swallow his come, but it was too late. Her face became smeared with it, the hot juices splashing about her nose, her cheeks, her eyes and in her hair. She was covered with her son's come juice, her face soaked with it. She began to come again, even stronger than before.

When they pulled from her, Susan lay there, breathing in short, gasping pants, her face soaked with come juice, her cunt still twitching. She must have dozed, because the next thing she knew was seeing Karen squatting on Robert, her naked ass bouncing on his cock. Billy stood above Robert's face, a foot on each side, his cock pumping into his sister's mouth. Karen's small, shapely tits were jiggling tightly, and she was whimpering with ecstasy. Susan knew her feeling, with a cock in her cunt and one in her mouth at the same time.

How long she had dozed she didn't knows but it must have been long enough for the three children to fuck for a while. Their fucking was not furious, but slow and pleasurable. They were pleasing each other now, taking their own pleasure at the same time. It was a give and take, not greedy. It was the fucking and sucking that Susan had wanted them to enjoy.

She watched them, her bright eyes shining with love for all three. Come juice was still on her face, but she didn't mind at all; in fact, she loved it.

"That's so beautiful," she murmured softly.

"Such a beautiful sight, seeing you three fucking and sucking gently this way." She caressed her firm tits as she watched them, seeing her daughter lift and drop her ass upon Robert's cock slowly, her son stabbing his cock into his sister's mouth gently.

Susan felt herself becoming hot, but it was not a frenzied sensation. She was becoming hot slowly, and her pussy pulsated gently, pleasantly. She began to come, a slow, drawn out convulsion that made her mewl softly. It was not a strong climax, but felt so very good to her.

When Robert spurted come juice into Karen's cunt; she hummed softly about her brother's cock, holding her pussy down on the squirting cock, Robert's balls against the cheeks of her creamy tight ass. Then Billy came. He held himself still and let Karen suck his come juice slowly. Some of the thick juice escaped her lips and dribbled onto her chin, a drop of it going to one perky nipple.

Then Karen pulled herself from the two boys, smiled at them. "That was good," she said softly. "That was awfully good."

She went to her mother and knelt down, kissing Susan's come-smeared lips, licking at them. She fondled her mother's tits gently, then sucked at her nipples. Susan lay there, feeling happy, relaxed.

"Robert is staying the night, mother," Karen said as she pulled from a nipple. "It's okay with his parents."

Susan smiled absently, still feeling good.

When she showered and got into bed that night, Susan was feeling better than she had in days. The fact that she still felt dominated by he children didn't matter so much any more. At least they did not injure her, only dominated her sexually, and that was fine with her. But she didn't want anymore of that park shit. That she was determined to stop. She would be anything Karen and Billy wanted, but she would not allow them to bring strange teenagers to her in such a public place. That was finished with, she decided. In their home, she would do anything they wanted, sexually, with who ever was in the house with them.

Curling in bed, she smiled to herself. Sleep came quickly to her, and her last thoughts were of the three in Billy's room, having fun and hearing their soft, excited giggles. When she woke up the next morning, the sun was already high. She sat up, stretching, her lovely tits jiggling gently. She became immediately aware of the delicious tingle of her cunt. Her cunt tingled more and more, becoming more pronounced in the past days.

After her shower, she went past Billy's bedroom and peeked in. Karen was between the two boys on the narrow bed, a cock in each hand, sleeping peacefully. Susan smiled and went downstairs. She prepared a good breakfast for the girl and two boys, then called them. They all came down, naked, yawning and rubbing at their eyes. Susan's eyes took in the two cocks and balls, her daughter's sweet tits and the sparsely-haired cunt of her daughter.

"This place is turning into a fucking nudist camp," Susan said, but the smile on her face removed any sting to her words.

"Anything wrong with that, mother?" Karen asked, a shy giggle bubbling from her.

"Oh, of course not," Susan replied. "I enjoy seeing all of you this way."

"Makes you hot, huh, Mom?" Billy grinned as he sat at the table. "You like looking at cocks, don't you?"

"You're damn right!" she said emphatically.

She had coffee as she watched them eat, leaning at the sink. Her short gown was open, her shapely fits and bushy cunt hair revealed. Seeing them this way at the table caused her clitoris to become sweetly distended, the hairy lips of her cunt throb. Her nipples swelled into hardness, and she twisted and pulled on one as she slipped her coffee. She noticed that her daughter was holding her brother's cock, fondling it beneath the table.

Susan became intensely excited, and setting her cup down, walked to the table, and without a word slipped down on her hands and knees, crawled under it, and moved to Robert. She drew his cock into her mouth and sucked on it, thrilled at the way it swelled and hardened between her 1ips. She licked and sucked at his balls for a while, then moved to her son, doing the same to him, but feeling her daughter's fist at the base. She then slipped her face between Karen's thighs and licked gently and lovingly at the sweet, tasty cunt of her daughter.

"Oooo, a cunt suck for breakfast!" Karen squealed as she shoved her round ass to the edge of her chair and spread her legs wide.

Susan licked at the tight, moist pussy of Karen, tracing wetly at the puffy lips, flipping her tongue about the hard little cunt. She ran her hands up and down her daughter's creamy thighs as her tongue slipped into the hot tightness, flicking in and out. As she licked at Karen's cunt, she placed both her fists about the cocks of Billy and Robert, jacking on them. Karen's hands held their balls, squealing and mewling softly as her mother tongue fucked her slowly.

"Ohbhh, fuck it, mother!" Karen urged, twisting her cunt into her mother's face. "Tongue fuck my cunt! Oooo, what a way to wake up in the mornings! Lick my pussy, mother! Eat my cunt for me!"

Susan lapped and probed, tasting the slippery juices of her daughter's young cunt. She ran her tongue as deeply as she could, probed it about, then began to stab back and forth, her upper lip pressing hard at the sensitive clitoris. She felt Karen's hand on the back of her head, holding her face in tight.

"You'll make me come, mother!" Karen yelped, writhing against Susan's face. "Oooo, you're gonna make me come!"

Susan intensified her efforts, feeling her daughter's cunt flex, tighten, about her probing tongue. She jacked up and down on the swollen cocks as she licked, her own excitement boiling between her trembling thighs. Her cunt was soaked. The insides of her thighs were wet and slippery from the oozing. She felt as if she, too, would come. Holding a couple of hard, throbbing cocks in her hot hands, with her mouth hard into the delicious cunt of Karen, sent Susan's mind reeling with erotic pleasure. Her whole body shivered in a sweet manner, her tits very swollen, her pussy lips so puffy she could hardly squeeze her thighs together.

"I'm coming, mother!" Karen squealed in a tight voice, grinding furiously against Susan's mouth. "I'm coming! Oooo, fuck my cunt with your tongue, mother! I'm coming, coming!"

Susan felt her daughter's cunt become very tight on her buried tongue, then relax. The contractions were very strong, and she knew Karen was having a good climax. Her fists pumped in a frenzy on the two cocks, but she didn't want them to come, not yet. She wanted them inside her mouth when they spurted that sweet come juice.

Just as she pulled her smeared face from between Karen's thighs, Robert grunted. Susan quickly placed her mouth over the swollen head of his cock, and just in time. The first glob of come juice splashed over her tongue, and she moaned with ecstasy as her mouth became filled with come juice. She ran her tongue swiftly over the spewing piss hole, tasting it, letting her mouth fill before she swallowed.

Pulling from his cock, she turned to go to her son's pulsating cock. She had just opened her mouth to take it inside when he came. The warm slippery juice splashed at her chin before she could get it into her mouth. She wailed with disappointment as she closed her lips" greedily and noisily, she swallowed the rest.

Crawling from under the table, she went back to the sink and finished her coffee, the smile on her face showing the contentment she felt. Her eyes shone with the inner heat of her body, and she flirted with the three, using her eyes and licking suggestively at her lips.

Billy got to his feet and walked to her. He wrapped his arms about her, hugging her. "That was real nice of you, Mom." He kissed her, thrusting his tongue into her mouth. Susan pulled him tight against her body, her hands on his ass cheeks as she sucked at his tongue.

Billy slipped to his knees, his hands around her hips, clutching her round ass. "I guess I better do something about your hot cunt, huh? You're as hot as hell, Mom."

She looked down at her son as he pressed his face into her bushy cunt. She spread her legs and bent her knees, sort of in a half-squat over his face. His tongue ran about the hairy lips, then entered the wet heat of her pussy. Susan held the back of his head.

"Ohhh, baby, baby! Suck mother's cunt! Oooo, love it, love it, love it! Lick me, Billy! Lick my pussy! Oh God, it feels so fucking good!"

Karen came to her, and standing at her side, began to fondle her tits, sucking at a hard nipple. She wrapped an arm about her daughter, hugging that scanty-haired cunt against her trembling thigh. She felt Karen rubbing her pussy against her as she sucked vigorously at the nipple, squeezing her fingers into the other one.

Robert was not going to be left out. He came to her and dropped to his knees behind Susan. She felt his lips burning kisses upon her swelling ass cheeks. Then his tongue licked about the creamy surfaces. Susan shivered with all this attention, her cunt steaming into her son's face.

"Oh, this is fantastic! You three hot little shits are making me feel so fucking good! Lick my-cunt, Billy! Suck my tits, Karen! Kiss my ass, Robert! Oooooo, yes, yes!" She felt Robert's tongue probe at the crack of her ass, trying to get to her asshole. She bowed her back, arching her ass to him, yet keeping her pussy grinding into her son's mouth. When Robert's tongue licked at the tightness of her asshole, her mind soared with the wicked ecstasy, her blood boiling. She was becoming very weak, and the only thing holding her upright was the three teenagers.

"Eat me, eat me!" she shouted excitedly. "Oh, eat the shit out of me! Lick me lick me! Suck my tits, baby! Tongue my cunt, darling! Lick my asshole, Robert! Ooooohhh! I can't stand it…it's so fucking good! Ahhhh, more! More! I want more, goddamn you all!"

Three mouths went at her body in a frenzy now, one on her swollen tits, one at her hairy cunt, and one at her tight asshole. It was an experience for Susan, one she relished wholeheartedly. The only things missing was a cock or a cunt at her own mouth, she felt.

"Oh! Oh!" she yelped mindlessly. "I can't stop it! I can't hold it back! I'm 'going to come! Ohhh, I'm going to come all over the fucking place!"

Susan's body trembled violently as she came. Every fiber of her being seemed to bubble up, then erupt like she had never exploded before. Her cunt went into spasms that were almost painful, but sweetly so. Her tits felt as though they would burst into her daughter's mouth. Her asshole felt so tight it would never be the same again.

Lights went off behind her eyes, her head reeled in faintness. Her legs shook and she would have fallen if not for the three pairs of hands holding her up. The ecstasy was so intense, so sweet, by the time it was over, Susan had a totally blank mind. She was empty of every thought, every sensation except the hot glow that wrapped her almost naked body. Even her toes had curled with the strength of her climax.

How she wound up sitting on the floor of the kitchen, leaning against the cupboards, she had no recollection. She felt so weak, she thought she would never be able to move a single muscle again in her life. Small goose bumps ran about her naked flesh, and she shivered frequently.

When she finally became aware of her surroundings, she was alone. She looked around, but the teenagers were nowhere about. Getting up weakly, she climbed the stairs to her room and lay on the bed until her strength returned, then she showered, humming happily.


Susan was alone for most of the day, and her thoughts were on her children. She decided that they were not really dominating her, but only exerting themselves because they had found sex so delightful. It was the youthful energy and excitement of something new, she decided.

She went about the light housework happily, wearing a becoming housedress with slits up each side. The slits came almost to her hips, and she was naked underneath it. She sang and danced as she worked, happier than she had been in a long time. Her sexual needs were being taken care of quite well, she felt. Karen and Billy were growing in sexuality, she knew, learning and discovering new things to do with each other and her. Some, of course, she had shown them, but they were erotic in thought, the same as her, and thought up different ways to enjoy each other and her.

Toward dinnertime, Billy and Robert returned, but Karen did not.

"Where's Karen?" she asked. "Who knows?" Billy replied. "Wasn't she with you boys?" "No," Robert said. "I saw her down the block, though."

Susan fed the boys dinner, setting aside something for her daughter. "Won't your parents wonder why you're spending so much time here, Robert?" she asked.

"Not them," he said. "They never ask where I'm at. They don't care what I do."


"They're too busy with their booze," Robert replied. "They stay drunk all the time."

"That's a shame," Susan said.

"I like it better here," he grinned at her. "It's more interesting."

"I know why, too, you horny little shit," Susan laughed and pinched his thigh. "You just like all the good fucking here, that's all."

"I sure do," he answered. "But I like you and Karen and Billy, too. I'd like you even if you didn't let me fuck you and Karen."

"That's bullshit, but nice to hear," she said, pleased.

"I'd just be out jacking off all by myself," Robert laughed. "This is better."

"I should hope so."

Later, in the family room, they watched a program on television. It was a rock program, with scantily-clad dancers that excited the boys.

"I'll be glad when I'm old enough to go to a disco," Robert said. "Look at all that good pussy."

"Me, too," Billy replied, rubbing at his cock. "I bet all those girls fuck. You can tell by the way they dance. Right, Mom?"

"I don't know," Susan answered, grinning at their youthful imagination. "But I would assume they fuck. Dancing makes a person hot to fuck, you know."

"I can see that," Robert replied. "Look at how they move about. Almost like fucking."

Susan turned the television off, then searched through the record collection. She found a good beat, placed it on the stereo. "I can dance that way, too."

As the music started, she began to bump and grind to it. She stood in the center of the floor, swinging her hips about and shaking her rounded tits for their delight. Her thighs flashed from the slits as her ass roiled and twisted. She loved the way their shining eyes watched every move her body made, and she could see they were becoming even more excited by her than the images on television.

Susan had always been a good dancer, and now she put everything into it for them. She made erotic jerks and bumps for them, thrusting her pelvis back and forth and running her hands about her body. She pulled her skirt to her waist and wiggled for them, the bushy cunt revealed. She whirled about and presented her shapely ass, gyrating it to their delight.

As she jerked and swayed about the room, she became more and more excited. Her cunt was boiling and her tits were swollen, her nipples sensitive. She held her dress at her waist, throwing her cunt toward them, watching them as they pulled their throbbing hard-ons free of tight pants and jacking on them as she teased and ground for their pleasure. When the music ended, she stood there, breathing hard from the wild movements, her eyes glowing as they slowly pumped on their cocks. The next music was slow at first, and she stood with her legs apart, her hands caressing up and down the inner surfaces of her satiny thighs, framing her cunt, spreading the curly hairs to expose her puffy cunt lips. Then the beat picked up and she moved with it. Her hips flew in wild circles as she caressed her cunt. Her mouth was open and she ran her tongue in and out as she danced, watching them beat up and down their young cocks.

By the time the record was over, Susan was almost exhausted by her wild, frenzied motions. She stood there, breathing hard, her dress still about her waist. Sweat glistened on her creamy flesh. The two boys were now so excited their own breathing was coming in harsh pants as they looked at her.

Sinking to her knees, she sprawled on her back, her tits heaving. Her cunt was exposed to them, and she stretched her legs wide.

"I told you dancing made a person want to fuck," she whispered to them, her eyes half closed in passion. "Who's going to be first? Why play with those sweet, hard cocks when a hot cunt is available?"

Both boys stood up, stripping their pants off hurriedly. They came to her, and Billy moved between his mother's thighs, shoving his cock up her cunt quickly and thrusting in and out wildly, grunting.

"Come here, Robert," Susan murmured thickly. "Bring that beautiful hard-on here. I'll suck it while my son fucks me."

Robert straddled her face, and Susan began to lick furiously at his balls dangling there. She then pulled his cock to her hungry mouth and began to suck vigorously. But Robert leaned over, bracing himself with his hands above her head. He began to fuck into her mouth, making Susan moan with pleasure. She slammed her ass up and down, meeting the wild, brutal stabs of her son's cock with her cunt. She held her head still, letting Robert fuck her in the mouth as fast and hard as he pleased. Her tongue lapped at the throbbing hardness of it, and she held his tight ass in both her hands.

"Suck my cock!" Robert grunted as he pounded into her mouth, his balls banging at her chin. "Suck my fucking cock!"

"Suck me, Mom!" Billy yelped from somewhere behind Robert's pumping ass. "Suck me with your hot, tight cunt!"

Susan's mind went wild with the fucking and sucking. Her body was again alive with every nerve tingling hotly. She threw her ass up and down as Billy stabbed into her cunt. She tried to bob her mouth on Robert's cock, but he fucked into it so fast, she couldn't move.

She rubbed at Robert's tight asshole, finally pressing a finger into it. She thrust her finger in and out of his asshole, making him grunt and wail with pleasure. Her lips stretched over his throbbing cock, and the way his almost hairless balls lapped at her chin made it even more delightful to her. It was almost as good as this morning, she thought, when all three were eating at her body, her cunt, tits, and asshole.

She began coming strongly again, her cunt flexing about her son's cock, milking at it with those involuntary muscles. She whimpered around Robert's cock as she sucked hard on it. She wanted them both to come at the same time, wanted to feel her son's come juice spurting into her cunt and Robert's splashing into her mouth.

As soon as that climax was over, Susan went into another, stronger yet. It seemed as if she was coming harder and more forcefully than ever before. She was certainly enjoying them more than ever in her life.

Grunts came from the two teenage boys almost at the same time. She felt her son sink his cock as far as he could into her cunt, then he came. Robert had his cock almost into Susan's throat when he spewed come juice, and she swallowed in a frenzy to keep from being choked by it. Her finger ran in and out of his asshole as he came, and she loved the way it tightened up.

She was being filled by come juice at both ends of her body, at the same time, just as she wanted. She shuddered into another strong climax, her cunt milking at her son's cock. Her tongue licked as best she could on Robert's spurting prick.

Then they slumped away from her, breathing hard, but with huge grins on their faces.

Susan got to her feet and found frosty cokes for the exhausted boys. She sat on the floor with them as they sipped, her legs crossed, her dress at her lap. She was delighted that their interest was still high. They could hardly keep their eyes from her revealed pussy.

"Don't you two ever get enough cunt?" she teased. "I don't know if Karen and I can handle you."

"Sure you can, Mom," Billy giggled. "You don't seem to ever get tired of it, either."

"God, how could I get tired of fucking!" she laughed. "I'd rather fuck than eat."

"Unless it's a hard cock, you mean?" Robert laughed. "You sure like to eat cock!"

"You're absolutely right," Susan said. "Eating a beautiful teenage cock is almost as good as fucking one."

It was getting dark outside, and Susan wondered again about her daughter. "If she doesn't come home soon, we'll go look for her," she said. "I don't like it when she's out after dark."

"She's probably getting fucked, Mom," Billy said. "I wouldn't worry about her."

"I don't like the idea of her out with strange boys," Susan frowned. "She should bring her friends here, where it's safe.'"

"You don't mind if we bring our friends here?" Billy asked. "I mean, to fuck?"

"I'd love that," she said. "This big house could be filled with all you teenage kids fucking and sucking. And it's better than the back seat of a car, or out in the bushes someplace."

The boys were getting turned on again, she saw. Their cocks were swelling, the smooth heads dripping. She sat between them, stroking their cocks as they ran their hands about her body, feeling her tits and cunt.

"You know what I'd like to try," Susan said.

"We've tried it all," Billy replied, wiggling a finger inside his mother's cunt.

"No, we haven't, honey. I'd like to see what it's like to get fucked up my cunt and asshole at the same time."

"You would?" Robert asked, eyes wide. "You mean you want a cock in your ass?"

"I sure do!"

"How?" Billy wanted to know.

"Well, let me see," Susan frowned, thinking. "You lie back, Robert." The boy did so, his cock jutting hard, the head round and smooth. Susan climbed atop him, her thighs on each side. She took his cock into her slippery cunt and lay on top of him. His face was level with her tits, and he began to suck on one.

"You stick your cock up my ass, Billy," she instructed with an excited voice. "Stick your sweet cock up my asshole!"

Billy got behind his mother, holding his cock and pressing it against the tightness of her asshole. Susan felt it there, and wanted to ram her ass back onto it, but was afraid she would lose the cock in her cunt. She managed to arch her ass back a bit, and as Billy pushed his cock against her asshole, she felt the pressure.

"Harder!" she shouted. "Push harder, Billy! Your cock will go in! Just push hard and it will slip right up my asshole!"

"Are you sure, Mom?" he asked, doubtfully.

"Yes, I'm sure, damn you!" she shouted at him. "Push hard! Your cock will go in."

Billy pushed, and to his surprise his cock slipped into the tight heat of her asshole.

"Ohhhhh, yes!" Susan squealed, unable to move, penetrated up her ass and cunt at the same time. "God, does that feel good! fuck me, both of you! fuck my cunt and ass at the same time! Ooooo, that is good! Cock up the cunt…cock up the ass! Fuck me, fuck me!"

Robert could not move as well as Billy, but he managed well enough. Susan could feel their cocks very well as they stabbed into her asshole and pussy. The sensation of being fucked this way was almost too much for her. She yelped and squealed with ecstasy, thrilled to have the cocks in her at the same time this way.

Billy stabbed up his mother's ass brutally, enjoying the unusual tightness. He could feel his friend's cock through the thin tissues, and this increased his pleasure. His mother shuddered with pleasure, and this thrilled him, too.

Susan was coming like never before. Her cunt was convulsing so strongly, she felt as if she would literally fly to pieces. Even her asshole felt as if it were in a powerful orgasm.

"Oooo! Ahhhh! Give it to me! Goddamn you two little bastards, give me those hard cocks! Fuck me! Fuck the shit out of my hot asshole, Billy! Fuck the hell out of my hairy, hot cunt, Robert! Oh, yes, yes! Double fuck…twin fuck! Two lovely hard cocks in my cunt and up my asshole! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me! Fuck me silly!"

Robert sucked furiously at her rigid nipple as he thrust upward, driving his cock in and out of her gripping cunt. Billy clung to his mother's trembling hips as he probed the depths of her tight, flexing asshole. Susan, feeling the two cocks ramming into her body, felt as if it were the most glorious sensation she had ever experienced.

She was being buffeted between them almost violently as their excitement increased, and she loved it. The way her son's cock stretched her asshole sent ripples of delight through her. She loved the feeling of their cocks rubbing together with just that very thin tissue between them. Her whole body was being fucked, Susan thought. The feeling was different, much different, but so good!

"Ohhhh! Oh God!" she squealed in delight. "I'm coming! Ohhh, I'm coming like never before! Pour it to me! Ram those cocks in me! I'm coming, I'm coming!… Ohhhhh! Ahhhh, yes, yes!"

Susan's cunt convulsed again and again as she shuddered with ecstasy. She came time and again, one after the other, until her muscles seemed ready to snap. Wails continued to bubble from her constricted throat, wails of pure delight.

Grunts came from beneath and above her. Through her strong climax and fog-filled brain, Susan felt the two cocks swell even more, seemingly turning harder and bigger. Her cunt seemed filled to absolute capacity, and her asshole felt as if it were forever, stretched, never to be normal again. But none of that mattered at this moment; only the continuous spasms that shook her body, exploded in her erotic brain, that was all that mattered.

"Fill me! Fill me!" she screamed in ecstasy. "Ohhhh, fill me up with your come juice! Flood my hot fucking cunt…flood my hot asshole!"

Both boys gushed, splashing their come juice into Susan's cunt and up her ass, grunting and puffing, gripping her with tight fingers.

Billy pulled his cock from her tight asshole, and Susan's body shivered, as if reluctant to let go. He sprawled on the floor, gasping. Her muscles were so weak she actually rolled from Robert without any effort or conscious thought. She lay there, shuddering slightly, her cunt and asshole still quivering, twitching. Susan was still coming and she thought the tremors would go on forever and ever.

It was late when she woke up, and for a moment Susan was disoriented. She looked around, not knowing where she was. She was alone on the floor, her dress barely on. Struggling to her feet, she noticed damp spots on the carpet, and a soft smile came over her as she remembered being fucked in that unusual manner.

Climbing the stairs slowly, still weak, she could feel the come juice running down her thighs. Her asshole felt almost raw, but it was a good feeling. As she passed her daughter's bedroom, she looked in. Karen was in bed, alone. Susan had no recollection of her coming home. Karen looked so young and sweet in sleep, not at all like a girl with a hot cunt that thrived on cock. She breathed evenly, her lips slightly parted. Such an innocent look, Susan thought. But it made Karen all the more appealing, all the more desirable.

One of Karen's thighs was exposed from the sheet, and Susan thought briefly of going to her and kissing that creamy thigh. But she was very tired, and turned to go to her own room. She needed a shower badly, but felt so ex hausted she fell upon her bed face down.

Her cunt and asshole still throbbed in that delicious way, but at least the spasms had disappeared. If she had kept coming, Susan didn't know if she could have taken it much longer.

As it was, none of her muscles seemed to work; they seemed like liquid to her. Visions of hard cocks floated behind her closed eyes, images of throbbing, hard cocks with dripping piss holes. Dozens of cocks surrounded her, and they were all pointed her direction. The last conscious thought Susan had before falling into an exhausted sleep was of those cocks spewing come juice all over her naked, writhing, hot body.


The following day, Susan woke up late.

She felt refreshed, no longer tired. She sat up in bed, stretching and yawning. She was not sore at all from the buffeting between her son and Robert. Her asshole no longer felt raw, but had a pleasant throb around it. She probed at her asshole gingerly with her finger, and found the touch pleasant.

Carefully, she slipped her finger up her asshole, anticipating a sharp pain. But there was no pain at all. Instead there was a sensation of pleasure that amazed her. Last night was the first time she had ever been fucked in the asshole, and she knew, in this moment, it would not be the last time. She had loved it, feeling Billy's hard cock thrusting in and out of her tight ass, and she knew without a doubt that her asshole would now be fucked as often as her cunt.

Taking her finger from her clinging asshole, Susan crawled out of her bed and pulled her dress off. Naked, she entered the shower and soaped herself. She hummed happily as the water stung her body.

Slipping into a pair of tight bikini panties, she went downstairs for coffee. As it perked, she felt happier than ever. There was evidence on the table that her children had been up and ate breakfast, but they were not in the house. Susan didn't mind. It was close to noon and they did have friends. She could not expect to take up their time completely, After all, they were still children, with the desires of a youthful teenager. They enjoyed being with those of their age, doing the things teenagers did, Susan knew. Besides, no one could fuck and suck twenty-four hours a day, although she wished it were possible.

As much as Billy and Karen loved fucking and sucking, Susan knew they had many other interests, such as riding their bikes, playing ball, gossiping with their friends. At least they liked school and. were good students. They gave no problems in that area. Both her children enjoyed certain sports, and Billy was very good at basketball.

Drinking her coffee, Susan thought over the events of the past days, wondering if she was wrong. Somehow she could not find it wrong, not all that ecstasy. How could anything that felt so good be wrong, she thought. It should be shared with others, make everyone feel great and happy.

After she had a light breakfast, she cleaned the house as she usually did each morning. School would be starting in a few more weeks and she dreaded it. That meant she would be alone all day without her children. But it had to be, she knew.

Susan felt free now. Cleaning the house wearing only a pair of sheer bikini panties was something she had wanted to do for a long time, and last year while Karen and Billy were in school, she did it a few times. But then she had felt slightly embarrassed by it. Now the embarrassment was gone, and it was fun to have her children watch her go about wearing just her panties, her shapely tits free and jiggling. Now and then she would caress her body, squeeze her ass with her hands, or feel her cunt through her panties, or twist and pull at a sensitive nipple.

She was in the living room dusting, when the front door opened suddenly. She was bending over with her back to the door, her panties stretched tight. She looked over her shoulder as Billy and Karen came in. Then she stood upright, a deep blush on her beautiful face.

Behind her children came some more teenagers she had never seen before. She felt rooted to the spot, shame showing on her face as they all looked at her. There were three strange teenage boys and one lovely girl.

"Billy! Karen!" Susan sputtered, embarrassed as she tried to cover her naked tits with an arm and her cunt with a hand. "What are you…"

"Meet our friends, Mom," Billy said, introducing the teenagers to her as though she were fully dressed. Susan heard the names, but they didn't make an impression in her numb mind. All she knew was that she was standing there in a pair of panties that showed her cunt hair, and nothing else, with some strange teenagers looking at her.

"We're gonna have a party, mother," Karen said. "Come on, kids… let's go to the, family room. Mother, bring us cokes, will you?"

Susan stood there, flushing furiously, as she watched them go to the other room. She started for the stairs, wanting to get some clothes on, but Karen caught her arm. "No, mother," she said. "Don't put clothes on."

"But, Karen, I don't know those kids," Susan protested. "You and Billy promised there wouldn't be another incident like the park."

"This is different, mother," Karen said, feeling her mother's rounded ass with a small hand. "We know all these kids.

"But I don't!" Susan repeated.

"You will," Karen giggled. "You'll know them all real well before the party is over."

Susan was pulled into the kitchen by her daughter. "Now bring us cokes, mother," she insisted when he turned Susan's hand loose.

Susan watched her daughter leave the kitchen, her tight little ass waggling saucily in the tight shorts. She stood against the sink, apprehension filling her. Her children were taking over her life, she felt.

As she opened cokes, her hands trembled. She filled glasses with ice cubes, then poured the coke into the glasses. She could hear the murmured conversation of the teenagers in the family room, and someone had started the stereo with some wild disco music. It was much too loud for her. Taking the large tray loaded with cokes, she sucked in a deep breath and went into the family room.

Karen and the blonde girl were dancing with two of the boys. Their movements were more erotic than Susan had seen before, almost as though they were fucking to the music. She set the tray down on a low table and turned to the stereo. She turned the volume down, and the four went on dancing without apparent notice.

Susan could feel the eyes of the boys on her body as she started to leave the room again, and her flush was deeper than ever. Yet she felt the bubbling excitement in the pit of her stomach. Her cunt was twitching and even her asshole puckered. Before she could leave, however, Billy caught her arm and pulled her back into the room.

"Dance with me, Mom," he said, going into a hip-jerking motion. "Come on, dance!"

She looked around and saw the boys dancing with the two girls had hard-ons. She looked down at the front of Billy's pants and saw he was hard, too.

"Okay," Susan said, sucking in air that caused her tits to jut out with hard nipples. "Okay, damn you! If this is what you want, it's what you get!"

Susan went into a wild, hip-revolving dance that was even more erotic than the two girls. She spread her legs and banged her cunt in time to the beat against her son's hip, grinning lewdly at him.

The teenagers clapped encouragement. "That's the way to go!" one of them called out.

"Shake that ass, baby!" another yelled.

"Dry-fuck him!"

"Swing it!"

Susan twisted and turned, shaking and jerking, her hair flying wildly. She ground her hips furiously, making fucking motions that brought more calls of encouragement from the teenagers. When the music ended, Susan's body glistened with sweat and she was breathing hard, but she was excited beyond her wildest fantasy. She was no longer embarrassed.

"If this is what you two want," she said to her son, "then by God, you've got it!"

She grabbed for Billy's cock, squeezing it through his pants. Again there was loud clapping, and when she looked around, Karen was on her hands and knees, pulling one of the boy's cock from his pants. She watched her daughter close her lips about it and begin to suck on it. The blonde girl slipped from her white shorts and peeled her blouse off. The girl was about the same age as Karen, with a delightful body that was made for kissing and fucking. She, too, pulled a cock from a pair of pants and dropped to her knees, sucking on it.

Hands moved on Susan's body, and she shivered as the fingers felt between her thighs and her firm tits and swelling ass. She jacked on her son's cock as the hands stripped her panties away, leaving her naked.

Billy shoved his mother to her knees, then pulled her face to his dripping cock. "Suck me off, Mom! Suck my hard cock off!"

"God, yes!" she whimpered, taking his cock deeply into her mouth.

As she sucked Billy's cock, she felt hands on her creamy ass, and she arched backwards when the head of a cock brushed over the cheeks. Billy sat down on the floor, and she followed him, her mouth devouring his hardness. Her naked ass remained in the air, and a cock slithered up her hairy cunt from behind.

As the boy began to fuck into her pussy swiftly, Susan twisted her ass for him, sucking up and down on her son's cock vigorously. Sounds of her daughter and the other girl sucking on a cock came to her, and filled her with ecstasy.

"Suck it, baby!" one of the boys called, but she didn't know if it was for her or one of the others.

"Tight cunt!" "Cock suckers!" "Hot assed cock suckers!"

"Shut up and fuck!" someone yelled excitedly.

"Shut up and suck, you mean!" Billy shouted, ramming his cock into his mother's greedy mouth.

"Whatever," one of the boys giggled. "Fuck, suck, what's the difference?" Susan's mind reeled. There was no difference, she thought through the ecstasy that rumbled through her body. There isn't any difference; it's all fantastic!

"I'm gonna come in your cock sucking mouth, Karen!"

"I am, too!" the other boy grunted.

Susan's body shuddered when she heard those words, and her cunt exploded around the pounding cock of the teenage boy. She gave a loud, muffled squeal as she came, and then it was cut off. Her son began flooding her mouth with his thick, sweet come juice. She gurgled happily as she swallowed, shaking her naked, arching ass to make the cock up her cunt spurt into her.

And through it all the erotic beat of the disco music filled the room.

Susan sat back on her heels, her knees wide, pussy exposed. She looked around and saw the kids were pulling their clothing off, throwing it about helter-skelter. They were laughing and playing in a naughty way, like kids hiding in the bushes and playing 'Show and Tell' with each other.

Their youthful delight excited her, and she smiled to see so many naked boys and girls at one time. She flged hungrily at the cocks, at those balls dangling below. The fine, shapely tits of her daughter and the other girl were sweet and suckable. The blonde girl had hair so fine on her cunt it was almost nonexistent, and the puffy, pink lips were fully revealed.

The cokes had been forgotten in the sexual atmosphere that seemed so thick in the room. The only thing the teenagers were interested in was each other's naked bodies, in those cocks and cunts and tits and asses.

Susan came into a lot of attention by the boys. She was the first grown woman they had seen naked, and they had to feel her round, shapely tits and hairy cunt. She lay back and let them touch her where they wanted, probing at her pussy and running their hands over her upstanding tits and creamy, smooth thighs.

She was kissed and licked from head to toe, and every inch of her lovely body tingled hotter than ever before. She noticed that Karen and the other girl sat on the couch, watching the boys lick and kiss at her body. She also noticed that 'they finger fucked one another as they watched.

Billy had his face pressed into her bushy cunt, his tongue licking. Another boy was sucking on a nipple, another licking at the other nipple. The remaining boy was kissing her, his tongue deep into her sucking mouth. Her nerves were going wild, her body shivering with all this ecstasy. She was coming again. It seemed it didn't take much to make her come these days. Susan always had come very easily, but now the slightest touch on her body sent her body into convulsions of delight.

She found herself being rolled over on the floor, hands feeling, lips kissing, tongues licking at her flesh. She lay still, shivering with pleasure, letting them do whatever they wanted with her. She looked at her daughter and saw her and the other girl licking each other's cunts. They ate each other furiously, lapping noisily with mewls and yelps of pleasure, their hands squeezing tight little ass cheeks.

The four boys kept up their play with her naked body, not at all interested in what Karen and the other girl did. Susan's mind was blank to everything except the erotic sensations that filled her.

"Oooo, God!" she whimpered. "Anything! Do anything to me! Anything you want…do it to me! Eat me, lick me, fuck me, anything!

"Anything?" one of the boys asked.

"She said it, didn't she?" Billy's voice came to her. "I told you my Mom loved it."

"She's a hot one, all right."

"Fuck me!" Susan screamed mindlessly writhing her naked body under their hands and mouths. "Fuck me, you goddamn bastards! Fuck the shit out of me! I want cock, lots of cock, in every fucking hole I have! Goddamn it, I want to get fucked up my cunt, my asshole, my cock sucking mouth! side of him, his cock stuffed into her cunt. She hugged him tightly as her ass writhed. She was pulled forward, and a cock began to press against her asshole.

"Qhhh, yes!" she yelped ecstatically. "Up my ass! I want a cock up my hot asshole, too! Fuck my cunt and asshole at the same time!"

Somehow the boy behind her managed to get his cock into her tight asshole. Susan whimpered as both cocks began to fuck into her, and she threw her head back, wailing with pleasure. Hands began to squeeze at her tits.

"I want to suck a cock!" she yelped wildly as her asshole and cunt were stretched. "I want a cock fucking my mouth, too!"

A hard cock was presented to her face and Susan didn't know if it was her son's or the other boy. It didn't matter; it was hard and dripping. She closed her hot lips over the swollen, smooth head and began to suck in a frenzy, thrilled at having three hard pricks probing her body. Her hand found another hard cock, and she began to jack at it swiftly. She could hardly move, caught between three cocks and one in her fist.

But she didn't have to move. The ecstasy that filled her naked body was all she needed. The boys did all the moving required. She was being fucked in her hairy cunt, and up her tight asshole and in her hot mouth, and she was jacking at another. hard cock. It was ecstasy to its utmost for Susan, and the sensations boiling through her were strong, so strong she wasn't sure she could stand it.

Her cunt was flexing about the cock inside it, and her asshole was clenching that hard, throbbing cock. Her lips clung to the thick prick filling her mouth, and her fist jerked at the other one.

"Fuck them, mother!" Karen's excited voice came through the erotic fog in her mind. "Fuck those cocks! Suck that cock! Qooo, I'm gonna be next with all those cocks!"

Susan felt her free hand lifted, then her fingers were slipping into a wet, slippery cunt. Whether it was her daughter's or the other girl's, she didn't know at the moment. She began finger fucking the tight pussy energetically.

She felt the cocks growing, becoming harder, swelling inside her hand, her cunt, her mouth, her asshole. It seemed as if she could feel every beat of them with every nerve of her body, and she went wild with sensation.

When the cocks began to spurt come juice into her steaming body, she thought it strange that she could detect each one. The cock up her cunt splashed first, filling her and causing her pussy to convulse again and again. The next cock that squirted was in her gripping ass hole, and it sent her climax into even stronger contractions. The one in her tight fist splashed warm come juice against a naked tit, coating it with the slippery heat. Her mouth sucked hard and furious, then she was rewarded with a gush of come juice that threatened to choke her. The cunt gripping her finger tightened up, and the squeals of the girl told her she, too, was coming.

As the bodies pulled away from Susan, she fell to the carpet, totally exhausted, come juice dripping from her cunt, her asshole and mouth. Her tit was smeared with it, but she was feeling extremely wonderful, better than ever in her life.

When she regained some semblance of reality, she struggled to a sitting position. The boys and girls were now drinking the cokes, laughing and talking about what had just happened to Susan.

She grinned and wiped away a drop of come juice that clung to the corner of her lip.

She felt her previous way of living was gone forever now and the change in her relation ship with her two children would be for the best. Her home, she knew was going to become a meeting place for all the horny teenagers in the neighborhood.

She watched as Karen began to take hard cocks into her sweet, young body as she had just done and moved over to the other little girl, feeling the blonde-haired cunt with eager fingers. "Let's eat each other, honey," she murmured to the pretty girl. "Let's tongue fuck while Karen fucks those cocks. Then it's your turn.

The blonde, little girl squealed her delight and scrambled atop Susan's naked body, burying her young face into Susan's hairy, hot, wet cunt.