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Mom_s on the make

Kathy Andrews

Kathy Andrews

Mom_s on the make


Sitting in the car waiting for her son as he bought a soft drink at the drive-in window, Misty had the most powerful urge to expose herself.

There was a group of teenagers, boys and girls, sifting about twenty feet away at a small table, sipping soft drinks. There was no one else around, and the urge to flash her legs, her crotch, at the boys and girls was almost overpowering.

She looked at her son as he stood leaning into the window. He wore jogging shorts, bright red with a yellow strip up the sides, and was bare chested. His body looked good to her. It was not the first time she had admired his body. She had been admiring it since he had been very little, and more now that he was a teenager. It wasn't that Misty was turned on by teenagers, she was just one hell of a hot woman, a very erotic woman.

This desire to expose herself was something new.

She had never thought of doing it before, although she knew the boys in school would get turned on by her high kicks, and the truth be known, so had she.

As she resisted the urge to expose her crotch to the teenagers, watching her son's back, she cursed her husband, her dead husband. If he had only been more careful in that new sports car, maybe she wouldn't be having these crazy urges, wanting to expose herself, eyeing her son as if she wanted to devour his body. If he was still alive, he would take care of this almost uncontrollable heat between her slim thighs.

But he was dead. Almost a year dead now. She looked down at her body. She wore a sleeveless sweater, and if she held her arms just right, the creamy curves of her naked tits could be seen, maybe even her nipples. The white, pleated skirt was above her knees as she sat under the wheel of the car, her nyloned legs parted just a little. She wondered what the reaction would be from the group of boys and girls if she opened the door and spread her legs wide apart. They wouldn't see much, really. She had on a pair of white bikini panties, but they were very sheer. All they would see would be the darkened outline of her pussy hair, her legs. It wouldn't be as if she was actually showing her cunt to them, she thought.

She turned her attention back to her son, who was scratching at his upper thigh. As she watched him, he lifted his shorts just enough so the cheek of his ass showed, and scratched briefly. It had been enough to tell her that Billy wasn't wearing underwear beneath his shorts, and the idea sent a gentle pulsation through her pussy.

She wondered what Billy would say if she opened the door and spread her legs as he came back to the car. She wondered if he would look at her, or turn his eyes away, blushing because he had seen his mother's panties.

The urge was stronger, and she tried to think of something else, anything not erotic.

Billy, carrying his soft drink, turned from the window. He started toward the car, but stopped when one of the teenagers called out to him. He waved, then turned toward his waiting mother again. Misty watched the front of his shorts, and then, before she could stop herself, opened the door of the car, swinging her left foot out, leaving the right inside. Her white skirt slipped along her thighs, high.

"Billy, get me one, too," she called.

Billy looked at her and almost dropped his cup.

His mother had that leg out, wide, and he could look up her dress, see the creamy softness of her thighs above her nylons, and the white crotch of her tight panties. For a moment he seemed stunned, unable to move. Misty held her leg wide, then drew it into the car, shutting the door.

As he watched her son turn back to the window, she wondered why she didn't feel ashamed of herself, or even embarrassed. What she felt instead, was delicious burning between her thighs, a tingling in and around her cunt as if she was on the verge of coming off.

He saw me, she thought. He saw my panties. When Billy came to the car, carrying the two paper cups of soft drinks, Misty reached across and opened the door for him, her skirt sliding high on her slender thighs, above the tops of her nylons, exposing her white flesh. She left it there as her son sat beside her, handing her the cup, his eyes feverish as he stared at her legs.

"Mmmmm, nice," she purred as she sipped the icy drink. "God, but it's so hot today, isn't it, baby?"

Billy nodded, unable to trust his voice.

He had, of course, seen his mother in tight shorts often, but this was different. Very different. He was excited, and trying hard to keep his cock soft. He finally pulled his eyes from her legs and looked at the group of teenagers. One pretty girl was standing, a slim leg bent as she rested her foot on the bench. The creamy cheek of her tight ass showed, and that was where he stared.

And his cock swelled inside his red shorts. "Pretty, isn't she?" Misty said. "Do you know her?"

Billy shook his head, trying to keep from looking at his mother's legs, hoping she wouldn't notice that his cock was hard.

But Misty did notice.

There was no way she could help but notice. It stuck up, a spot of wetness forming where the head was. She trembled, almost spilling her drink as she turned away.

"Here, hold this for me," she said, handing him her cup.

She started the car and pulled from the drive-in smoothly. Once on the street, she took her cup from him, sipping as she drove. She knew her son was trying to look at her legs and keep her from noticing. She pushed her left knee outward against the door, spreading the hem of her high skirt. The creamy flesh just above her nylons showed.

Misty could hardly believe she was doing this. Not exposing her legs this way, but to her own son. The desire to expose herself had been there for some time, but not to her son. Yet, she could not deny the certain lewd thrill she was getting by it. Billy would look – all boys would look, but she didn't think he would try anything with her, like feeling her or anything.

She sat behind the wheel as her son climbed out. She watched him trying to walk so his cock wouldn't show, and was amused. He wasn't shy, he just didn't want her, his mother, to know she had given him a hard-on, she thought.

Before he opened the door leading into the house, she opened her side of the car and started to step out and spilled her soft drink on her white skirt.

"Shit!" she said, getting out of the car, flapping her dress up and down. "I've spilled it all over my skirt."

Billy had turned when she heard her say shit, and now watched as she flapped her skirt up and down. He was seeing his mother's long legs, above her nylons, even her panties, and his cock almost came out of the leg of his jogging shorts. He wanted to stop staring, but couldn't.

Misty held her dress high, frowning, pretending she didn't know her son could see her panties.

"Now I've got to send it to the cleaners, and I just got it out."

When she lifted her eyes, she saw the head of her son's cock pushing just under the leg of his red shorts. Billy quickly turned, entering the house fast.

Misty sat back on the seat of the car, the door opened, her legs outside. She wondered about what she had done. She knew she had done it without thinking, but she had done it in front of her son. Obviously, it turned him on. His cock was so hard. The heat between her legs was tormenting her, and without pressing the button to lower the garage door, she parted her legs and began to fondle the insides of them, working her hands up to her panties, to her cunt. She looked out the lifted door at the quiet, well-kept street and the lawn across the way. She couldn't stop feeling herself, and finally she slipped her hand into her panties and began to stroke her cunt, sliding her fingers along the juicy slit, rubbing her swollen clit.

At the moment she didn't care if someone saw her. She wanted someone to watch her, to see her play with her hot cunt and stroke it and rub it. She wanted someone to see how hot she was, how lewd, how wanton, she felt. She wanted to act on a stage, naked, playing with her slender, but curvy body as men and women watched, getting turned on by her.

She rubbed and twisted at her clit, her hands inside her panties, working a finger of her other hand into her cunt. She bunched her ass on the seat of the car, moaning softly in her self-induced ecstasy. She wanted her son to come back and watch her to see her as she made herself come, to stare at her finger darting in and out of her pussy, watch his cock harden with excitement.

The sudden orgasm exploded around her fingers and she sighed, biting her bottom lip to hold back the scream of rapture.

When her orgasm was over, she stood up weakly, and smoothed the stained skirt over her legs. Slamming the car door, she entered the house. She was disappointed that no one had seen her. Still, it had been exciting to sit there finger-fucking herself, with the possibility of someone walking by and looking at her, or better yet, her son coming back and catching her at it.

Billy was watching television, and a quick glance at the front of his shorts told her he no longer had a hard-on. She stood there at the door between the living room and the kitchen, watching her son.

He confirmed that he knew she was there when he said, not looking up at her but staring at the television, "You're very pretty, too, Mom."

"Too?" she asked. "I don't understand."

"That girl," he said, his voice sounding funny. "You know, where we got the drinks. You're even prettier than she is."

Misty felt a tingle grow across her flesh. "Oh, that girl. Am I, really?"

He nodded, still not looking at her. She saw his young body tremble.

"What's wrong, Billy?"

"Mom, why did you do that?"

"Do what, honey?"

"You know," he said, a hoarse whisper. "Your dress."

Misty had not moved from the doorway. "My dress? Oh, I didn't spill the drink on purpose, honey."

"I mean… at the drive-in, and… in the garage."

"I don't know," she finally whispered. "I just… did it."

Billy looked at her, a very quick look, then at the television again.

"Do it again," she heard him say, his voice thick.

"Do it again?" she whispered, feeling the heat flow through her. "Do it again… for you?"

He nodded.

"But… you're not looking at me, darling," she replied, her voice very low and throaty.

"Would you if I looked, Mom?"

"I… I'm not sure," she said, then quickly, "Yes, I will."

Billy turned to look at her. Misty stared boldly into his eyes, seeing his desire, his hunger to see her lift her skirt. The idea of raising her skirt for her son, exposing herself to his young eyes, sent a wild tremor of liquid excitement through her.

"You really want me to?" she asked, a shake in her voice. He nodded, his eyes bright.

Misty's fingers fumbled with her skirt at her thighs. That she was about to lift her skirt for her son excited her very much. That her son had asked her to lift it excited her very much. She began to itch the pleated white skirt up her legs. She watched his face, seeing it glow with delight, his lips parted as he began to breathe faster. She paused when the hem of her skirt was at the tops of her nylons.

"More?" she asked in a whispery voice, her cunt pulsating wetly.

He nodded.

"My panties."

Again Billy nodded.

"Billy," she breathed, her eyes moving off his face to his shorts. His cock was hardening, she saw. "Baby, do you really want mother to… do you want me lift it higher… my panties… my…"

Billy's head jerked up and down, his tongue moving over his lips. He could just see the creamy flesh of her thighs above her nylons, and his balls began to ache.

"In the… I… Billy, are you sure?"

He nodded, eager.

"What will happen, honey?" she asked nervously.

"Nothing, Mom," he said, his voice thick. "I just wanna see your… you know, panties."

"You wouldn't try to… I mean, you'd stay there in the chair, won't you?"

"I promise, Mom."

"Well, if you promise."

Misty slowly lifted her white skirt. The crotch of her panties showed, and Billy stared hard at them, his cock pushing up against his red jogging shorts. Misty held her skirt just below the elastic of her bikini panties, her tits swollen and her cunt throbbing.

"More?" she moaned.

He nodded.

Misty lifted her skirt to her waist, her dimpled belly button displayed above her tight, white, lacy panties. She stood staring at his cock pushing at his shorts, feeling as if she was about to come in her panties.

The head of her son's cock slipped from his shorts.

Billy had not moved, but there it was, round and smooth.

"Oh, Billy!" Misty breathed, the cheeks of her ass tightening as her cunt began to quiver wetly. "Billy! Baby!"

Billy suddenly grunted, his cock spewing thick juice high into the air, splashing back down on his thigh. His eyes half closed as he kept looking at his mother's exposure, coining hard and rapidly, coating his thigh and front of his red shorts.

His come juice spewed high, very high.

"Billy…" Misty gasped, watching.

Then, without thinking about what she was doing, Misty ran toward her son, her skirt around her waist.

She dropped to her knees, and her long tongue snaked out, sliding up his thigh, licking away the hot come juice. Billy gasped loudly as he watched her, her tongue swirling through the come juice and moving higher on his leg. Misty lapped hungrily at his leg, tasting his sweet come juice, pulling it into her mouth and swallowing it. Her cunt burned, swelled until it seemed her panties were too tight on it. Her tongue moved through the juice on the front of his shorts, and then touched his piss-hole. It was a quick touch, and then she drew her tongue back into her mouth.

When she lifted her face to his, her eyes swimming in liquid heat, her cunt convulsed with a fiery orgasm, making her ass shake and bunch.

"I'm coming!" she cried softly, her tongue licking at her lips, lips that glistened with his come juice. "I'm coming off, too, baby!"

She clutched her son's thigh, on her knees, staring into his eyes as she came and came, wave after wave of intense orgasm.


Misty sat wrapped in her robe, fresh from her bath, feeling very good about herself.

Billy had hushed happily after what happened between them, then ran off to his room, showered, and was now taking a nap.

She stretched, lifting her arms above her heed, long legs pushed out. Her robe parted and a creamy, full tit shown, her nipple pebbled. Site glanced at it, giggling softly to herself. Billy would probably love to see it, she thought. And she would love to show it to him. Maybe show him both of her tits, do a slow strip for him until she stood naked, letting his hot young eyes drink in her slender beauty. She had never seen a guy come so hard, so much, without his cock being touched.

She parted her robe and looked down her body. The soft curls of her cunt were soft, silky, just thick enough to conceal the sensitive silt of her pussy, unless she parted her legs a little. When she did that, the pink sweetness showed, and if she was excited, the tip of her clit would stick forward slightly. She parted her legs wide, then lifted them into the air, pulling them toward her shoulders, giggling lewdly, wondering if her son would squirt now, seeing crotch, her cunt and the spreading of her rounded asscheeks. The lewd, inviting position would certainly make his young cock hard again, that was for sure.

After a while, she stood and went to her room, letting the robe fall from her shoulders. Naked, Misty was a dream, a real hard-on-producing dream. Total nakedness often was not inviting as certain articles of clothing, she knew, but absolute nakedness was delicious, too. She selected a pair of skimpy bikini panties, white, with tiny red hearts on them. They were cut high on her hips, cupping her tight ass perfectly. The crotch puffed outward with her cunt and the lush curls.

She then fit a bra on her tits, a bra that lifted, but kept her tits exposed. She pulled a pink sweater on, and was pleased with the effect. Her nipples pushed at the sweater, molded, pointed. She frowned as she looked through her collection of shorts, and decided on a short skirt. Short skirts were coming back into fashion, and that delighted her. She was the type of woman who could wear short skirts very well, with her exquisitely long legs and lovely body. After putting the skirt on, she slipped her feet into soft leather, knee-high boots with high heels. Her dark hair swirled about her shoulders as she examined herself in a long mirror.

When she returned to the living room, Billy was there. He looked at her, a light starting in his eyes. He had slipped into fresh shorts, with a white T-shirt, and was bare-footed.

"Are you going someplace, Mom?" he asked. "I wasn't thinking about it," she replied, standing at his side and running her hand through his hair.

"Then why dress up?"

"Dress up? Honey, this isn't dressed up," she laughed softly.

"You sure look pretty," he said, looking at her thighs, then at the way her tits pushed out. Misty stepped back, one hand on her hip, and cocked a knee. "Do you really think so?"

"Yeah," he said, his voice lowering as his eyes moved up and down her body.

She moved to a chair, sitting down, crossing her long legs. Billy's eyes followed her, and he kept staring at her thighs.

"Billy," she asked softly, "do you like looking at girls? I mean, in those really short shorts?"

Billy had no reason to deny it, or be nervous about it, not now. He nodded his head, still gazing at his mother's thighs.

"And… under their dresses?"

Again he nodded.

A tingle rippled through Misty, and her cunt seemed to start a low, slow throbbing.

"Do you look at them often?"

"As often as I can, Mom," he said, and made no effort to hide the growing hardness of his cock in his shorts.

"Do you see many? I mean many girls with their dresses up?"

"Not as many as I'd like to see." The more she heard from her son, the more interested she became. Being a voyeur herself, and now an exhibitionist, too, knowing her son enjoyed looking made it easier for her.

She uncrossed her legs, and as her son stared, she slowly spread them open. She watched his pleasure flood his young face.

Billy gazed unabashedly up between his mother's thighs, seeing the satiny insides, the stretched band of her panties, a few stray cunt hairs curling along the edges. His cock lurched up into a full hardness, pushing at his shorts, and he shivered slightly, running his tongue over his lips. His balls had a fullness in them that was almost painful, but felt good, too.

Misty remained with her legs wide, leaning back on the chair, hands folded on her flat stomach, letting her son look all he wanted. Her pussy was steaming, and she knew wetness was forming on her panties and wondered if her son could see that.

Misty's pussy pulsated with wet heat, and she wondered if her son could see it twitch in her panties. As he looked up her legs, she looked steadily at his cock making a tent in his shorts.

"Billy, have you ever had a piece of ass?"

"A piece of…" He giggled. "No, Mom." She smiled, satisfied with his reply.

"It must be miserable for you," she said softly. "All those delicious girls, showing those pretty little asses and legs, and not being able to get one, huh?"

Billy nodded, making a wet sound as he swallowed.

Misty was swinging her legs open and closed now, making soft fleshy sounds as her thighs met the band of her panties flashed, then disappeared, flashed again. She kept her eyes on his hard-on, her fingers curling tightly together on her stomach.

"Am I exciting you, darling?" she purred throatily.

Billy nodded his head vigorously.

"Do you wish you could see girls do this?" Again he nodded, licking his lips again, his eyes burning with desire.

Misty flung her legs wide, and lifted her ass, pushing her pantied cunt into the air, then made grinding motions as if she were fucking. Her eyes smoldered. Her hands moved down her hips, caressing her thighs as Billy gulped softly, mesmerized by her. Dragging a finger up her inner thigh, Misty teased by sliding it into the crotch of her panties, lifting them slightly. She mewled as the heat increased in her body. Suddenly, she jerked the crotch of her panties to one side, giving her son a brief peek at her cunt. It was fast, but Billy had seen the wet slit of her pussy.

"Mom, don't do that!" he gasped.

"I thought you would like it," she purred. "I do, Mom! But… you're gonna make me come again!"

"Mmmmm, that would be wonderful," she murmured with a thick voice.

"I don't wanna come that way," he protested.

"Oh? How do you want to come, honey?"

"You know," he said. "Mom, you know!" Misty ran her tongue over her lips slowly, suggestively, her eyes slitted with bubbling hunger.

"You know what mother would do if you did, don't you?"

"Like before?"

"Just like before."

"Ohhhh, Mom."

Misty had pulled her panties part way to one side again, exposing the soft hair at the edge of her pussy. She was running a finger up and down it, very slowly twisting her ass.

"What's the matter, baby?" she purred.

"You're gonna make me come!" he protested, and now gripped his cock through his shorts, making the head swell even more. A wet spot where his piss-hole was grew outward.

"I'd love for you to come, Billy," she purred hotly, pulling her panties all the way to the side, her bushy cunt showing. Wetness glistened on the slit and the soft hairs. The crease of her ass could be seen by him, too. "I love to show myself… to you, baby. Don't you like looking at mother this way? Seeing between my legs… my panties, my…" she breathed deeply, then finished it. "My pussy?"

"Mom, don't!"

His fist squeezed his cock as he stared at her cunt. Misty could see his prick throb from this short distance. The wet spot spread wide. Holding her panties to one side, she lifted her ass off the chair again, legs as wide as she could get them. She churned her ass, pumping up and down as though her pussy was sliding along a hard cock. Then she spread her pussy open with two fingers, her clit bulging out with vibrating hardness, the satiny flesh of her cunt exposed to her son's boiling eyes.

"Mom, I'm…"

Billy began to jerk on his cock frantically, holding it inside his shorts. After a few strokes, he grunted, and came, in his shorts.

"Ahhh, nice, baby," Misty purred. "That's very nice."

Billy slumped, sucking in air, but still staring between his mother's thighs.

"Now look at me, Mom. I've made a mess in my shorts."

"You couldn't help it, baby," she whispered. "Mother was only doing what you wanted to see a pretty girl do."

Billy, now that the edge of his passion was over, grinned at her.

Misty grinned back, adjusted her panties and sat up with her legs together. Then she stuck her tongue out, waggling it suggestively at him.

"Well, aren't you going to give me what I want, now?" she asked.

"I don't know what you want, Mom."

"Like before, baby," she reminded him. "I did what you wanted to see me do, and now you've got to let me lave what I want. Take your shorts off."

"Here? You mean with you here, Mom?"

"Why not? I saw it earlier, didn't I?" Billy showed a slight bashfulness as he removed his shorts, handing them to his mother when she reached outward. He stood up, his cock dangling, wet with his come juice. Misty gazed at him with steady eyes. He looked so delicious, standing there wearing only his T-shirt. She saw fuzz around the base of her son's cock, his preciously young balls dangling. As she looked at him, she turned his shorts inside out, and ran her tongue through the come juice on them. Billy watched, excited.

"Do you like that, Mom?" he asked. "I mean, the taste of come juice?"

"Mmmmm, I love it!" she answered honestly. She swirled her tongue through the wetness, then sucked at his shorts. "I've loved the taste since I was a little girl. I used to love it very much with your father. I don't know how to explain it, but the hot juice from a guy's balls really turns me on, darling."

"Showing yourself does, too," he giggled.

"Yes, it does," she said.

Finished with his shorts, she dropped them on the floor. Her hand lifted for him, and Billy came toward her. Sitting upright on the chair, Misty cupped her son's balls, feeling them tenderly.

"These feel so nice in my hand, so soft and hot." She gave his young balls a gentle squeeze, looking up at him. "Is it okay if mother feels your balls, baby?"

"Yeah," Billy grunted, trembling as his mother manipulated his balls gently.

"Billy, did you really like what I did today? I mean at the drive-in, and then after we got home? I have to know that."

"It kind of shook meat first, Mom," he said.

"I mean, I turn around and see you with your legs open, in those nylons, and your panties, I almost dropped the Cokes."

She giggled softly, twisting his balls. "I know you did. But it was fun, wasn't it?"

He nodded, his cock starting to lift with hardness again.

"Would you like me to do that more often?"

"You mean outside?"

"Yes, outside."

"What if someone else saw you, too?"

"I'd probably come… the way you did," she giggled. "Ooooh, that would be very nice if I did!"

Billy trembled, partly because his mother was feeling his balls, her other hand on his hip, and partly because he could see, in his mind, his mother showing her panties outside the house, and coming.

"Can I watch you do it, Mom?" he asked, his voice shaking with excitement. "Can I watch you do that?"

Misty squeezed his balls just hard enough to make him moan in pleasure. "I'd like it if you did, Billy."

His cock was up hard, straight out. Misty kept fondling her son's balls, gazing at the smoothly swollen head of his cock, his piss-hole seeping a clear liquid that dropped onto her lower arm.

"You'd sure give guys a hard-on, Mom," he groaned.

"I'd love that," she murmured softly, twisting his balls and watching his cock jerk up and down. "Making all those cocks hard… ooooh, very nice! Sticking out in pants, coming off in their pants… looking up my dress, seeing my pussy…"

Billy was trembling more, his legs weak. He shuffled his feet, looking down at her. He could see his mother's nipples pushing at her sweater, her long thighs below. Her hand was hot on his balls, and he wished she would stroke his cock, but was afraid to ask her.

Instead, he said, his voice hoarse, "You wanna show your pussy to guys, Mom? You really wanna show your pussy to them and see if they get hot… and come in their pants?"

"It would make me come, too, baby. I'm sure it would make mother come, too. I did, you know. I came with you this afternoon…"

"Sure, but… look what you did with me, Mom. Are you gonna lick it up on other guys, too?"

The idea appealed to Misty, but she shook her head. "No, honey… just you. I'd love to show my pussy to people, make them come, but I want to lick only you."

"You wanna lick me?" he asked. "Not just my come."

Misty sobbed softly, her lips brushing across the head of her son's cock. Her lips tingled and she darted her tongue around his dripping pisshole.

"Mom!" Billy gasped.

"Mmmmm, sweet," she murmured, running her tongue over the smooth head of her son's cock. "Very sweet and so hot… mmmmnnn, delicious!"

She kissed his cock, her lips barely covering his piss-hole. She created suction, and drew his juices into her mouth, her hand gripping his hot young balls.

"Mom, you better not do that!" Billy cried out, but couldn't pull away. He was rigid, shaking, but rigid.

Misty drew back, looking up at her son. "Why not? Doesn't it feel good, darling. It sure tastes good."

"Because… Mom, because… ohhh!" His cock gushed, spraying his mother in the face. Squirt after squirt splashed over her cheeks, her nose, her chin and forehead.

"Oh, I see," Misty giggled wantonly, taking his come juice into her face with pleasure.

She manipulated his balls as he came, his cock jerking up and down, spewing rapidly. The wetness of his come juice dripped down her face, onto her sweater, and her cunt began to lurch and squeeze, her cunt knotted.

"Oooooh, my pussy!" she gasped, her hand on his hip suddenly jerking downward, her palm cupping her pantied cunt. "Oh, my pussy! I'm coming, too, Billy! Mother's pussy… ohhh, squirt it in my face, darling! Come in mother's face!"

As he finished, Billy's legs were very weak. He couldn't stand, and slumped to the floor, his mother's hand sliding from his balls. He looked between her knees, watching her hand rub up and down swiftly at her cunt. Her panties twisted and moved under her hand, exposing her bushy cunt, then hiding it, showing it again.

As she rubbed her spasming cunt, Misty smeared her son's come juice over her face, licking her hand and moaning softly with ecstasy.


Misty had put on a fresh pair of panties, a pale-blue, bikini cut. Otherwise she still had on what she wore earlier, even her sweater with the spots near her tits.

She and Billy sat outside, underneath a large umbrella, at a small drive-in, fast-food place. They were on a corner, and traffic was heavy, both pedestrian and automobile. She sat facing the sidewalk, her son at her side, sipping soft drinks, the remains of hamburgers on the table. She had her legs crossed beneath it, but anyone passing them could see her legs.

It was dusk, and the street lights were coming on.

Billy was as excited as his mother was. He kept asking when she was going to show her pussy, whispering in her ear so no one could overhear his words.

"I've already opened my legs a few times, baby," she said.

"You didn't tell me, Mom."

"Well, I did, just the same," she grinned. "You should go out to the sidewalk if you want to see me do it. How can you see sitting next to me?"

Billy got up and walked to the sidewalk, turning to face her, leaning against a lamp post. Misty smiled at him, spreading her legs under the table, very wide. She saw his eyes light up as she saw her panties, giving him a lewd wink. She noticed a car had been driving by the same corner often, apparently going around the block. She watched it drive by again, and saw the teen-aged face of a good-looking boy looking at her. She held her legs very wide, and as the boy paused for the traffic light, slipped her hand down and deliberately rubbed her pantied cunt. Billy thought she was doing it for him, not knowing the boy in the car was behind him, looking hard.

As the boy turned the corner, Misty motioned her son back to the table.

"Did you see me?" she asked, grinning lewdly.

He nodded, grinning back.

"So did the guy in the car behind you," she told him. "He's been circling the block to look at me."

"I didn't know that, Mom."

"I told you I was opening my legs."

As they finished the drinks, Misty saw the car pull into the parking area and stop. Suddenly she was nervous. She had not counted on anyone, especially a teen-aged boy, to be so bold after seeing her expose herself.

"Let's go," she said, getting up.

She hurried to the car, her son behind her, watching her long legs flash under the short skirt, the exciting bunching of her ass. She climbed under the wheel of her car as Billy got in on the other side. Before she started the car, she looked out the window and saw the teenaged driver leaning on the fender of his car, about two spaces away.

Misty could not miss the bulging hard-on the guy's jeans. She gripped the steering wheel hard, staring at the boy's hard-on, her cunt vibrating, drenching her panties. This was exactly what she had wanted to do – make a guy get a nice hard-on by pecking at her. But there was something she had not counted on. She was steaming, burning up, her cunt about to explode with an orgasm. That, too, was what she warned to feel. But as she stared at the boy, who was jutting his hips forward to show off his hard-on, Misty swallowed hard, her tongue moving over her lips.

It was a bit darker now, and she began to shake when the teen-aged boy started moving toward her, his cock pushing out so beautifully in his jeans. He came boldly, stopping at the door, leaning down to look in at her. He glanced at Billy, then at Misty's sweatered tits. Billy watched him, wondering what his mother was doing. The boy reached in and cupped one of Misty's tits, causing her to moan softly. She made no effort to push his hand away, but sat there while he felt her tits through her sweater. Her cunt was on fire, about to come, and her ass squirmed on the seat of the car. She felt no fear, only an intense, unbearable excitement. Her son watching this strange teen-aged boy feel her tits made it more exciting, too.

The boy turned her tits loose and stepped back. Misty and her son watched as he unzipped his pants, and pulled out a long, thick cock, a very hard cock. Misty's eyes slitted, and she swallowed wetly, her tongue again moving across her lips as she stared at the big cock.

Then the boy pushed his prick through the window of the car.

Misty made a low, thick gurgling sound, shoving her mouth toward the boy's cock.

"Mom, are you gonna…" Billy gasped. But by then Misty had her lips around the head of the boy's cock, sucking hard, moaning deep in her throat, still gripping the steering wheel. Billy watched his mother sucking the boy's cock. He was so excited to see this that his own cock bulged in his pants.

"Suck it, lady!" the teen-aged boy encouraged Misty, his hands gripping the door of the car. "Suck my cock good!"

Misty made a whimpering sound, pushing her mouth far onto the boy's throbbing cock, feeling it brush her throat, her tongue swirling hungrily. She made wet sounds, bobbing her face back and forth, her lips sliding on the hot cock. Billy, so excited to see his mother sucking a hard cock, slipped close to her, watching with hot eyes. His hand brushed one of his mother's naked thighs, and Misty shivered as she felt it there. One hand came off the steering wheel, grabbing her sons wrist and puffing his hand under her short skirt, clasping his palm on her pantied cunt.

She spread her legs wide open, sucking on the cock. She rubbed her son's palm up and down her drenched panties, rubbing her cunt with it. She moaned and whimpered with passion as the boy standing outside the car began to thrust back and forth, fucking her mouth as she sucked him.

Taking her hand off her son's wrist, she fished blindly at his lap, and found his cock throbbing in his pants. Billy moaned and shoved his hand down the elastic waist of his mother's panties, through the soft hair of her cunt to the wet slit. Misty sobbed, her mouth filled with hard cock, and freed her son's cock from his pants. She gripped Billy's cock hard as she felt her son plunge a finger into her slippery cunt, fucking in and out. Her eyes fluttered, and she saw her son with his face close to hers, watching her mouth gobbling the hard-on. She flung her legs wide, pushing her pussy onto his penetrating finger, and began to jack up and down on her son's cock.

"Suck my cock, lady!" the teen-aged boy urged, reaching into the window and clutching the back of Misty's head. "Eat my hard prick, you cocksucker! Eat my come… I'm going to come in your fucking hot mouth, lady! You want my cock… my come juice… you're going to get it!"

Misty sucked frantically, the friction of her son's finger inside her flexing cunt creating a wildness she wanted. Her fist gripped her son's cock very hard, jerking up and down swiftly. The teen-aged cock in her mouth was so hot, so hard, and she wanted him to squirt, to spew his juices down her throat. Her eyes opened and closed, seeing her son's excitement on his face as she sucked wantonly. His finger pounding in and out of her pussy was driving her as wild as sucking this strange cock was.

The boy outside the car grunted, pushing his cock deep into Misty's mouth. The fiery spurt of his juices splashed into her throat, burning deliciously as she gulped it down. While the boy came in her mouth, her cunt rippled, then exploded. She groaned as her orgasm whipped through her, her pussy clamping about her son's buried finger. She gulped wetly as the spewing juices of the boy's cock, no longer jacking on her son's prick, but clutching it as tightly as she could.

When she had drained the teen-aged boy's balls, he pulled his cock from her mouth, stuffing it into his pants. He leaned down and looked in, seeing Billy's hand inside her panties, her fist gripping his cock. He grinned at Misty.

"That was damn good blow job, cunt!" he said. "I've never had anyone that could suck cock so good. See you around again, maybe."

After the boy drove off, Misty sat there, holding her son's cock tightly, her pussy pulsating about his still-buried finger. Her lips felt bruised and puffy, the taste of the boy's come juice lingering in her mouth.

"My God," she whispered finally. "I didn't expect anything like that. I… Billy, we better get home."

She released his cock and lifted his hand from her panties, adjusting them, smoothing the short skirt down, which didn't cover much of her thighs. She drove quickly home, parking in the drive instead of entering the garage. She turned to her son, who sat there with his cock out of his pants, still very hard.

"You must think I'm a whore," she said. "But, honey, I had no idea anything like that would happen."

"You sucked him, Mom," Billy said accusingly. "He didn't make you do it. You sucked him off because you wanted to."

"Oh, baby!" she cried softly, pulling his head down onto her tits, cuddling him. "You're jealous."

"You didn't do that to me," he pouted. "You just kissed me there."

Misty lifted her sweater, pushing a nipple to her son's mouth.

"Suck mother's tit, darling," she whispered softly. "I'll take care of you, Billy. I know how frustrating it must have been for you. Believe me, I had no idea that would happen. Here, suck mother's tit and I'll…"

She gripped his cock and pumped it slowly, feeling it throb in her hand. The way he eagerly sucked her tit was getting her cunt wet again. She pulled his hand under her short skirt, and pushed it into her panties as it had been while she sucked the cock.

"Feel me up, Billy," she mewled. "It's okay suck mother's tit and feel my pussy. Push your finger up mother's pussy if you want to. I'll play with your hard-on, make it feel good."

They sat in the car in the drive, her sweater at her neck, with Billy sucking and squeezing her tits, finger-fucking her as she stroked his wonderfully hard cock. But it wasn't enough for Misty. She gently pushed him up and off her tits, looking into his eyes. It was dark but not so dark that she couldn't see his expression. "Scoot over a little!" she whispered.

When he did, she leaned down to his lap, and ran her tongue over his cock, finally taking it into her mouth. Billy cried out as the wet heat of his mother's mouth closed about his cock, and he leaned against the door, pushing his hips upward as his mother swallowed his cock.

But Misty didn't keep sucking him.

She lifted her head, her eyes smoldering.

"Billy, mother is going to do something very nice for you."

"You were doing something nice for me, Mom," he gasped, wanting his cock back in her mouth. "I liked that."

"I know you did," she giggled. "But you're going to like what I do next much better."

She adjusted her son so he sat with his feet in the floor, his cock upright. She swung her knee over him, sitting in his lap, facing him. She lifted her short skirt, pulling her panties to one side. Her other hand gripped his cock.

"I'm going to fuck you, Billy," she breathed.

"Ohhh, Mom!"

"Mother is going to fuck you good, darling! I'm going to get your cock inside my cunt and fuck you so good!"

She fit her son's cock to the slit of her fiery cunt, and slowly settled onto it. She held her breath as she felt his cock spread the lips of her hairy cunt, felt it throb as she pushed her pussy onto the base. With his cock in her cunt, she placed her hands on her son's shoulders, sitting there and shaking. She looked into his eyes, the darkness becoming more pronounced.

"Do you like the way mother's cunt feels on your cock, darling?"

"Ooooh, yes, Mom!"

She lifted her ass, the lips of her cunt gripping his cock as she drew upward. She twisted her ass, the head of her son's cock just inside her cunt, then she slammed down, making her son gasp with ecstasy. Misty's mind soared, and she began to bounce up and down, fucking her son in the car parked in the drive.

Billy, overwhelmed, shoved his hands up his mother's thighs to her ass, grasping the cheeks.

"Ohhh, Billy!" Misty cried out, smashing onto his cock and grinding in a frenzy. "Ohhh, baby! Darling!"

When he tried to speak, his mother would plunge down onto his cock, cutting off his words with an explosion of air. He clung to her bouncing ass with both hands, trying to lift his cock to her wild thrusts. Juicy sounds filled the inside of the car, the scent of hot pussy surrounding them. As Misty ran her cunt down onto her son's cock, it made a squishy sound.

"My God, I'm so wet!" she hissed, her ass moving up and down. "Mother's cunt is so fucking wet, baby! Hear my pussy?"

"Yeah!" Billy managed to gasp.

Misty was digging her fingers into his shoulders painfully, her thighs tight around his. Billy slipped his hands into his mother's panties from behind, feeling the satiny smoothness of her ass. He clawed at her asscheeks, spreading them, pressing them together, not knowing he was doing it. But Misty knew his hands on her ass that way increased the already fiery ecstasy she was experiencing. While she bounced her cunt up and down on his prick, her titties, still exposed, rubbed and caressed his face. Billy tilted his head, and caught one of his mother's stiff nipples with his lips, sucking it deeply.

"Ahhhh, baby, baby!" Misty cried out, one hand at the back of his head to hold his mouth tight on her tit. "Suck it! Suck that fucking tit, baby! Oh, yes, suck mother's tit! Ahhhh, my cunt, Billy, is on fire! God, what a hard-on you have!"

The other hand on his shoulder moved down and behind her. She felt his balls, still inside his pants. Feverishly she pulled them free, and smashed them into the steamy crack of her ass. She gurgled with delight to feel his young balls against her asshole, his cock throbbing so deliciously inside her squeezing cunt.

"Fuck me!" she moaned. "Ohhh, Billy, fuck me!"

Her son moaned around her tit, sucking wetly, lifting his cock up to her cunt. The fiery softness excited him, the satiny flesh inside stroking the shaft of his cock. There was a soft ripping sound as he tried to take a hand out of her panties.

"It's okay!" she breathed. "I don't care if you tear my panties, baby! Tear the fucking things off mother's ass if you want! Just don't take your big, hard cock out of my cunt! God, do I love it, Billy! Ooooh, mother's cunt is eating your cock up! My cunt loves you hard cock, darling!"

Suddenly Misty shrieked, almost scaring Billy.

She slammed down hard on him, his cock buried as deep as it would go. She screamed once more, and the convulsions exploded. The already tight lips of her cunt became tighter around his cock, squeezing and relaxing, squeezing again. Her ass strained on him.

"I'm coming!" she cried out with rapture. "Oooooh, my pussy… Billy, you're making me come! Ahhhh, it's so beautiful!"

Her cunt contracted over and over, gripping her son's cock wetly. Since she was still pressing his young balls into the crack of her ass, he could feel the crinkling motion of her asshole on them. He spread his mouth wider, taking as much of his mother's tit as he could into it, his tongue swirling. He pulled at her ass, opening the cheeks and Misty, squealing as her orgasm went on and on, crushed his hot balls against her puckering asshole. His cock was throbbing and his balls ached with fullness.

The spasms of her cunt slowed, and she felt her son's cock throbbing more than ever. She made a hissing sound, and began to thrust up and down again, fucking him, but without her initial frenzy. She pulled the hot, wet lips of her cunt to the swollen head of his cock, sliding back down, rising her son's prick with soft, delicious squeals.

"You're going to come, Billy," she breathed. "I can feel your cock swell… throbbing. You're about to come, and in mother's cunt!"

Thinking his mother didn't want that, he tried to pull free of her cunt, but she rammed her ass down tightly, grinding in hot circles.

"Oh, no you don't!" she gasped. "You're going to come in me, come right up mother's cunt, Billy! Don't you take it out!"

He was losing control, about to discharge. He almost pulled his mother's nipple into his throat as the irresistible urge to push came over him. He lifted his ass off the seat of the car, and his mother pushed down on him.

"Do it!" she hissed. "Squirt it to me, Billy! Oh, baby, squirt that hot juice up mother's cunt! Don't stop it… come in my pussy!"

A low, throaty grunt came from Billy.

"Now, Billy! Now!"

His cock gushed, spraying the satiny walls of his mother's greedy cunt, filling her with the powerful, rapid spurts. Misty lifted her head, eyes squeezed shut.

"Ohhhh, me, too! I'm coming again, darling!" Her cunt grabbed at his spewing cock, sucking at the base, the hairy lips pulling the juice out of his hot balls. She felt each spurt of her son's juices despite the power of her own orgasm.

When it was over, she slumped, leaning forward with her forehead resting on his shoulder, her arms limp, thighs weak and trembling slightly. She felt his cock going soft inside her pussy, and responded by closing the fiery lips even tighter on it. Billy wrapped his arms about his mother's trembling body, hugging her, caressing her back, sliding his hands over her tight panties, then up her spine again.

"That was so good, Billy," she whispered, cupping his face and kissing his mouth.


Misty had known it would come to this eventually.

She had not made any attempt to stop it. On the contrary, she had encouraged her son. It was the first fuck she had enjoyed since her husband passed away, and she had been looking forward to it since then. Now that it happened, she was elated. Guilt or shame never once reared its head. To her, it was most natural to fuck her son. Both were eager, both were hot for it, and it was no one's business in the first place.

Although they had gone to their separate bedrooms the night before after fucking in the car, Misty had wanted her son to come to bed with her. But thinking her son wanted to be alone in his thoughts, she had bathed and slipped into the bed alone, wondering if Billy was naked in his bed, playing with his cock and balls as he remembered how it felt to have her cunt wrapped around it. She spent half the night awake, feeling deliciously tingly, and then slept soundly until mid-morning.

When she woke up, she showered quickly, wrapping a loose, light robe about her nakedness and found her son in the kitchen. He had already eaten, and it pleased her to see that he had brewed her morning coffee. His hair was still damp from the shower, and he wore a pair of old, faded jeans he had hacked off at the hips for summer shorts and nothing else. He looked up at her, a nervous smile on his face. Misty pulled his head into her stomach and hugged him, leaning down to kiss the top of his head.

Sitting down, she poured herself a cup of coffee, and sipped at it. Billy seemed agitated, as if he had something to say, but didn't know how to begin. She smiled at him, her eyes soft and expressing her love for him.

"Some night, huh?" She grinned at him, holding her cup with both hands.

Billy nodded, his lips curling up in a smile, a soft gleam in his young eyes.

"Did you have fun, honey?"

Again he nodded, his eyes watching the way his mother's tits pushed at the thin robe. Misty sipped at her coffee, watching him look at her tits. He licked his lips, a glow burning hotter in his eyes. Then he stood, moving to the sink behind her.

"Oh!" Misty gasped, suddenly when he unexpectedly dropped his hands over her shoulders from behind and cupped her tits. She almost spilled her coffee. "You startled me! Your father used to catch me off guard and do that, too."

Billy grinned down at her, squeezing her tits outside her robe. He leaned over, and as Misty pursed her lips for his kiss, he ran his tongue over her mouth, from one corner to the other. Then he stood up again, moving back to his chair.

"You know, you're so much like your father," she said softly. "Maybe that's why… well, you know."

"You really miss Dad, don't you, Mom?"

"Very much, baby," she said.

"So do I," Billy responded, but his eyes were back on her tits again.

"Darling, are you trying to see my tits?" she asked, teasing.

He nodded. "You have pretty tits, Mom."

"All you have to do is ask," she said, and holding her cup with one hand, pulled her robe apart, exposing her tits to him.

Misty's tits, although full and firm, were not large. They stood high on her chest, the pink nipples tilted upward, quite long, set in lovely, mouth-watering discs of pebbled flesh. Her skin was creamy white, except for her tan line, which was a light golden color. She lifted her shoulders to make them push out more.

Billy swallowed, his eyes glazing with desire. "Does it make your cock hard?" She smiled, sipping her coffee. "Your father used to have a nice hard-on every morning."

"I woke up with a hard-on, Mom," he said. "Oh, you should have come to me with it," she whispered.

"I looked in, but you were sound asleep."

"No matter. You could have put it in me and woke me up that way," she purred. "It's a beautiful way to wake up, a hard cock sliding into cunt!"


"Yes, baby?"

"About last night," he said. "Didn't you love it?"

"It was great, Mom," he said. "After we got home, it was really great. I mean, at the drive… That guy."

"Oh, that," she said softly.

"I got jealous," he confessed.

"Jealous? Honey you had such a big hard-on!"

"I know I did, Mom, but I kinda wish you wouldn't do that with guys."

"You don't like it, huh?"

He shook his head. "I get really excited when you, you know, show it off, but I didn't like it when you sucked that cock."

Misty understood what he was saying.

"You get turned on when I show myself, but it's look but no touch, right?"

He nodded. "I guess I'm just a little kid and don't understand, Mom, but I don't like to feel jealous."

"Then I won't make you jealous anymore," she promised.

"Not that way," he said. "Just show it to people, but I'd rather you didn't let them touch you, or you touch them."

Misty didn't answer for a moment. She felt her emotions burn with love for her son. Last night she had sucked the teen-aged boy off because of the circumstances, because she had been so damned aroused by what happened.

"Okay, I won't do that again," she promised.

"But you might want to," he said.

"Maybe so, but I won't. I promise." She leaned across the table and offered her lips to him. When he kissed her, she thrust her tongue into his mouth, and they giggled about it. "Now, let me see that hard-on you say you've got under the table."

Billy stood, and his prick was bulging, the head of it just barely showing at the ragged fringe of his shorts. Misty gazed at it, eyes soft and hot. She touched the head of his cock with the tip of one finger, then slipped his prick out. She closed her fist around it, jacking him slowly, squeezing the hardness to make the head swell more, watching his piss-hole flare and drip that clear juice. While she jerked on his cock, she used her other hand to open his shorts, and dragged them to his feet.

"Beautiful," she breathed, cupping his sweet, young balls in one hand, pressing her fist at the base of his cock to make it strain outward.

Misty lowered her face, kissing the head of her son's cock, then moving her tongue over the smooth flesh, finally dipping at his piss-hole to taste the hot juices there.

"Want a blow job?" she asked in a husky voice, her eyes looking up at his glowing face. "Want mother to give you a nice blow job?"

"Like last night… that guy…"

"Better," she purred, dragging the flat surface of her tongue along the underside of her son's cock. "A much better blow job."

Misty slipped out of her chair to the floor. She sat back on her heels, her robe open, long thighs showing, knees together. Billy saw his mother's tits, the silky hair of her cunt as she sat there caressing his full balls and stroking his cock.

She looked up at him.

"Darling, you don't have to stand so stiffly. You can touch me." She pulled one of his hands to her tit, curling his fingers around it. "If a girl is going to suck a guy's cock off, she should let him feel her up, right?"

He grinned, squeezing his mother's tit.

"Mmmm, nice, baby," she purred, running her tongue about the smooth head of his cock, cupping his balls again. "Your cock is so hard and hot, and your balls… I love your young balls, Billy."

She held his balls up, pressing her lips to them, kissing wetly, and rubbing his throbbing cock along her cheek and neck. Still holding his balls, she shoved her other hand off his cock and around his ass, cupping a tight asscheek. Billy drew his hands to his mother's soft hair, running his fingers through it, watching her. Misty rubbed her hot, moist lips along the shaft of his cock, kissing his piss-hole again. She licked through the skimpy hairs at the base, down onto his balls again, then his cock once more. Her eyes burned up at his excited face, wanting to watch his pleasure as she sucked his cock off. Her cunt was steamy, and she writhed her ass on her heels.

She held his eyes as she sucked, her lips tight and slippery on his cock. Billy's cock felt perfect in her mouth. It was not too big, nor too small, but to her, it was a perfect hard-on to suck. It did not enter her throat and choke her, as her husband's cock often did. Even her son's dripping juices tasted different on her tongue than those of her husband. Billy's seeping juices tasted sweet, hot, slippery.

"Mmmmmm!" she moaned as she sucked. "Mmmmmm!"

Billy held her face, his hands cupped over her ears as he watched her mouth with glassy eyes. He trembled as he felt her finger rubbing at his asshole, the other gripping his balls. Very gently, he began to work his cock in her mouth, fucking her lips.

Misty's eyes flashed her pleasure up at him, and she sucked a little more vigorously.

"Ooooh, Mom!" he moaned.

"Mnunmm," she responded with her mouth full of his hard cock.

"Ahhh, your mouth is so hot, Mom! So hot and wet! Oh, suck my cock, Mom! Suck my cock… my cock."

Misty sucked faster, darting her lovely face back and forth, her lips sliding wetly on the hardness, her tongue licking. She was as excited as her son was to taste his cock throbbing in her mouth, and her cunt was rippling as if she was about to come. She would have opened her knees, but her son was straddling them, arching his hips forward, his cock in her mouth. The friction made her lips burn and tingle sweetly.

Lifting her mouth from his cock, she mewled. "God, this is making my cunt so fucking wet, Billy! Ooooh, tasting your hard prick is going to make me come, I think. Honey, you can fuck my face… you can fuck mother's face. You don't have to just stand there."

"I don't wanna choke you, Mom."

"You won't, darling. Come on, fuck my mouth, Billy!"

She gulped his cock back in, jerking at his ass, her finger sliding around his tightly clenched asshole to urge him to stab her mouth with his cock.

Billy held her face, and began to fuck it.

Misty moaned softly in delight. She released his balls and grabbed the other cheek of his ass, spreading them as she pulled his prick deep into her mouth. She feverishly rubbed at his asshole, her eyes on fire as she held his gaze. Billy thrust, pulled back, and thrust again. Misty whimpered with rapture, and held still while he fucked her mouth, his balls bouncing off her chin. She held his cock with tight lips as he shoved it in and out, her tongue pushing it to the roof of her mouth. She swallowed often because his cock dripped so much, the juice sliding down her throat to her stomach.

With a feverish gurgle, Misty pushed the tip of her finger at the crinkle of her son's ass, remembering how her husband liked this. Billy grunted, and rammed his cock even faster into her mouth. In fact, he fucked her face so fast, his cock came out and scooted along her nose to her eyes. With a squeal, she quickly caught it with her mouth again, sucking as hard as she could, demanding, wanting him to come into her mouth. Her finger moved deeper into his asshole, and when her son didn't protest, she began to slide it in and out of the pucker, from the tip to her knuckles.

"Mom, that's… ohhh, Mom!"

Her eyes flashed with encouragement as her son fucked faster and faster into her mouth. She finger-fucked him in his tight little asshole vigorously, his balls slapping off her chin.

"Ahhhh! Mom, my cock… my balls!"

Misty's fingers darted up his asshole deeply, a low, hungry moan coming from her cock-filled mouth. The hard throbs of his cock were more pronounced, and she was ready to gulp down her son's come juice. Billy, so excited he could not slow down, fucked his mother's face faster and faster.

And again it jerked from her mouth.

"Oh!" Misty gasped, opening her mouth wide to catch it greedily.

Billy's balls bounced off her chin again.

And once more his cock jerked from his mother's mouth.

But this time, he squirted.

"Ohhh!" Misty wailed, yanking one hand off his ass and grasping his cock, jacking it swiftly, plunging her finger in and out of his contracting asshole frantically. She tilted her face, lips open, catching the rapid squirts of his come juice in her open mouth.

"Mom… oh, Mom!"

Misty plunged her finger in and out of her son's asshole, jerking on his gushing cock, catching most of his hot come juice in her mouth, but some splashed her face. Billy, his eyes glazed, watched his mother's mouth fill with his come juice until it began to drip from the corners of her mouth. With a final spurt, he sagged. Misty pulled her tight fist up his cock, bringing the last of his creamy juices to his pisshole, where her tongue licked it off.

Then, with a wet, soft strangling sound, she swallowed his juices, jerking her hand from his cock and thrusting it between her thighs, rubbing vigorously at her hairy, bubbling cunt, coming hard. She withdrew her finger from his asshole as Billy staggered back to his chair, breathing hard and watching her as she finger fucked her cunt to orgasm after orgasm, his come juice dripping off her lips, her face glistening with cum that had spattered there. Her tits swelled up, nipples as hard as his cock had been just a moment earlier.

When Misty slumped weakly, Billy removed his shorts from his feet, and leaning forward, tenderly wiped his mother's face.

She looked at him, her eyes soft and warm, her face radiant as she smiled at him.

"Billy, you have the sweetest come juice I've ever had," she whispered softly. "It tastes better than any I've had in my mouth."

"You like to suck cock, huh, Mom?"

"I love to suck cock, baby," she said, leaning her head in his lap and hugging his ass. "I love to suck your cock."


They spent most of the afternoon ramping around the house. Misty felt like a young teenaged girl, wrestling and running from her son, enjoying being chased around the house by him, his hands grabbing at her ass, her cunt, her tits. They laughed and felt wonderful.

Billy had wrestled her to the floor, making her sprawl on her stomach and smashing her tits into the carpet. He straddled her thighs and tickled her, making her kick and squeal until she was out of breath. He sat back and looked at her, seeing her creamy back, the line of her spine, the swell of her lovely ass and thighs. Scooting his ass to her feet so he could look, at his mother's body completely, he began to fondle her ass, squeezing and massaging the beautiful asscheeks.

Misty writhed beneath his hands, enjoying it. She rested her head on one folded arm, eyes closed, purring like a kitten as his hands moved over her body, up her back, down to her ass and thighs. She mewled in pleasure when he spread her ass open, peering at the pucker of her asshole, seeing the slit of her cunt, the soft hair. She arched her ass upward, writhing it, feeling his hot eyes looking at her.

Billy leaned over, dragging his wet tongue along his mother's spine.

"Oooohh, that feels good, baby," she purred. His cock hardened, pressing at her leg near her knee. He placed his hands on the floor at her hips, and licked his tongue up and down her spine then over each of her asscheeks. Misty squirmed and mewled in delight. Billy licked down the back of his mother's thigh, then up again, his tongue leaving wetness on her flesh. He licked again at the cheeks of her ass, swirling his tongue over the satiny flesh.

"My ass…" she whispered, jutting it upward.

Billy peered at the split of his mother's ass, seeing her asshole crinkle. Dipping his face, he licked into the crack, swishing his tongue at the velvety inner cheeks, but keeping away from her asshole. Misty writhed and pushed her ass up higher, and as her son lifted off her legs, she spread them wide. Billy gazed down at her, seeing her asshole, her hairy, slippery wet cunt, the lips twitching.

"Mother's cunt… darling, mother's cunt is hot."

"I can see," he said, his voice low.

When he lowered his face, Misty shivered as his hot breath fanned the soft hairs of her pussy. She held her breath, wanting to tell her son to kiss, to lick, to suck her cunt, but also wanting him to decide.

Billy didn't hesitate long.

"Mom, I wanna suck your cunt," he said, his voice so husky the words were almost incoherent.

"Suck it!" she gasped, pushing her ass higher in the air. "Suck mother's cunt if you want to, baby."

Leaning close to her pussy, Billy inhaled the most exciting scent in the world. He pressed his lips to the slit of his mother's cunt, kissing it, and his nose pressed to her tightly clenched asshole. Misty whimpered and pushed her ass high into the air for him. Billy buried his face in her cunt as she drew her knees underneath, spreading them so her cunt was open to his excited mouth and tongue.

Lapping at the slit of his mother's cunt, Billy found he enjoyed the taste very much, the hot softness, the silky hairs. He licked at the swollen lips of his mother's pussy, stretching his tongue down and under to touch her knotted clit. Misty whimpered with ecstasy, twisting her uplifted ass, pushing it to his face. Billy slipped his tongue into his mother's cunt from behind, and stabbed in and out, making his mother squeal in rapture. As he licked and sucked at her hairy pussy, he was feeling up and down her thighs, her ass, with feverish hands. Misty pushed her hands beneath her body, cupping her smashed tits, squeezing them as her nipples burned at her palms. Her position was lewd, very much so, and that added more thrills for her. With the checks of her lovely ass spread open, her cunt pushing up to his mouth, she was completely vulnerable, and the sensation was exquisite.

She waggled her ass wantonly, pushing her cunt to Billy's tongue and lips. She gasped softly with ecstasy as he dragged the flat surface of his tongue along the slit of her pussy, from her tingling, bulging clit to her asshole. Swishing his tongue around his mother's tight, fiery asshole, Billy began to lick up and down, tasting her cunt and asshole, his lips kissing and sucking at the same time.

With a lewd giggle, Billy pressed his open lips to his mother's tight asshole, and sucked as hard as he could.

"Oooh, baby!" Misty moaned, "ohhh, I've never felt anything like that before! I like it!"

Billy, with the tip of his tongue pushing at his mother's asshole, sucked hard, making her tremble and grind against his mouth.

"Inside me!" Misty squealed. "Honey, can you push your tongue inside mother's ass… up my asshole?"

Billy clutched the smooth asscheeks, spreading them as wide open as he could, stiffening his tongue and pressing hard at the hot pucker. His tongue slid inward, spreading the ring of his mother's asshole. Misty let out a delighted wail, feeling his wet tongue enter an inch or so into her asshole. Then Billy began to plunge his tongue in and out, tongue-fucking his mother up her ass.

"Ahhhh, God, that's wonderful, baby! Oh, yes, fuck me in my asshole! Tongue mother in the hot ass… suck and fuck and… ooooh, this is making my cunt so fucking wet! I'm dripping, darling! Mother's cunt is dripping hot juice!"

Billy knew that. His chin was pushed into the swollen lips of her pussy, feeling it pulsate. He wrapped his arms around her thighs, and buried his mouth in her asshole with his chin in her cunt. He stroked his tongue in and out, tasting and licking. His cock strained with hardness, his balls fiery and aching.

Misty trembled and mewled, gasping softly as his tongue penetrated deeper than she would have thought possible. Her asshole seemed to expand for his tongue, yet retain that delicious tightness. She squeezed her tits hard, crying out with sweet pain. Her cunt vibrated against her son's chin as his tongue darted in and out of her ass. Her clit seemed harder than ever. She strained her ass high, knees parted. The sounds he made with his tongue excited her, the way he hugged her thighs tightly excited her. But the feel of his tongue up her asshole was the most exciting of all.

"Fuck it, fuck it!" she breathed hotly. "Ohhh, baby, fuck mother up the ass! Fuck my ass!" she cried with ecstasy as he dragged the flat surface of his tongue along the slit of her pussy, from her tingling, bulging clit to her asshole. Swishing his tongue round his mother's tight, fiery asshole, Billy began to lick up and down, tasting her cunt and asshole, his lips kissing and sucking at the same time.

Billy rammed his tongue in and out, sucking hard, his lower face smeared and drenched with pussy juices. His cock jerked, his balls were tight with fullness. He wanted to lift his face and plunge his cock up his mother's juicy cunt, fuck her wildly, but her asshole was starting to clench, pucker about his tongue, a steamy pulsation. She was crying out, shaking her ass while pushing it hard into his face.

"Now, Billy!" she sobbed.

The groan came from her throat as she came, her cunt rippling on his chin with wet spasms, her asshole gripping his tongue as it flexed. She groaned loudly as her orgasm increased, and when she thought it was starting to fade away, she began coming again.

"Oh, Billy, I'm coming again! You're making mother come again!"

Billy plunged his tongue in and out of his mother's asshole as she came, a series of orgasms that almost shattered her. She strained her ass hard and tight into his face, gripping her tits until the pain in them mixed with her ecstasy. As she came, it felt as if her son's tongue penetrated even deeper into the fiery depths of her asshole.

"No!" she squealed suddenly as she felt her son pulling his tongue out of her ass. "No, Billy! Please, don't stop! Don't."

But his tongue was out, and he was staring at her. Misty, with her knees pulled beneath her body, her shoulders and head on the floor, looked so erotic and vulnerable to him. Her ass was arched high, her back bowed low, juicy cunt with those soft hairs and her crinkling asshole displayed to him. Billy gripped his cock hard, and lifting to his knees, pushed the head into his mother's cunt.

"Ahhh, yes!" Misty sobbed as she felt her son's cock slide into her cunt. "Oooh, baby, fuck me now! Fuck mother's hot cunt hard, baby!"

Releasing his cock, Billy rammed it deep, his hands gripping her hips, jerking her back as he thrust forward. The fleshy slap of her ass against his stomach seemed loud. Her cunt, still twitching, clung to his cock as he began to plunge back and forth, fucking into the tight, steamy wetness. His eyes burned down, glazed, but seeing her ass humping and churning with him.

He paused in his movements, but his mother wouldn't stop. Her ass jerked back and forth, her cunt riding his cock frantically. She was gasping and crying with ecstasy, and her ass rippled from the blows against his stomach. He could see the soft lips of her cunt drag on his cock, holding the shaft tightly, then sink inward as she pushed back. It looked almost like her mouth sucking on his cock.

Misty shook her ass deliciously, feeling her son's throbbing hardness in her pussy. She was still holding her tits, but no longer squeezing them. Her orgasms had finally stopped, yet the sensation of more tingled about her pussy. The feeling of being about to come again grew and grew, swelling like the most wonderful knot inside her stomach.

Billy pushed at her ass, holding her so she couldn't ram back onto his cock again. The swollen head was inside her pussy, and he stared down at the crinkling of her asshole. Misty tried to shove back onto his cock, but his hands stopped her.

"Baby, darling… turn loose! I want to fuck you… come again!"

But Billy eased his cock out of his mother's cunt.

"Don't take it out!" she shouted.

But it was already out, glistening wetly. He held her hips as his cock lifted, sliding along the crack of her ass. When the swollen head brushed against the crinkle of her asshole, Misty's breath caught in her throat.

"Billy…" she breathed, a soft warning. The head of his cock was touching the pucker of her asshole, and Misty knew what he was going to do. One side of her didn't want it, but the other side, the erotic side, was screaming to get his cock up her asshole. It was crinkling now, as if puckering to kiss the head of his cock. Billy began to exert pressure, and as she felt it, Misty held her breath. The pressure against her asshole was different, somehow lewdly exciting. She tried to rein, to stop her asshole from puckering, but it kept on doing it. She had never experienced anything bigger than a finger in her asshole before. Her asshole was still almost a virgin, and her son was about to fuck it.

Billy slowly pushed his cock forward, watching her asshole.

Misty let out a soft squeal as the pressure increased.

The head of his cock felt so big, she wasn't sure it would penetrate, but she knew it would. Her asshole stretched, widening.

The head of his cock slipped past the ring.

"Ohhhh, Billy!" she wailed.

Billy paused, watching her asshole flex just behind the head of his cock. The sensation excited him, making his young body shake. He gripped his mother's hips and slowly pushed his cock up her ass.

Misty was not breathing again, feeling the hardness moving along the ring of her asshole. She was surprised there was no pain, only a slight burning, but a burning that felt good to her. Her asshole felt stuffed, full, and her cunt was responding with twitching ecstasy. She closed her eyes, ovaling her lips as a soft sigh cane from her now. The deeper his cock went, the better it felt. Her asshole felt so big, but it was clinging to his cock with fiery tightness. She felt his balls smash against her cunt, and knew he was as deep as he could go. With a soft squeal, she shoved one hand between her thighs to his balls. She pressed her son's young balls hard against the slit of her cunt, trying to push them inside, but they wouldn't enter. The lips of her pussy sucked them, his cock throbbing hotly up her ass.

"Billy…" she said softly, rubbing his balls against her cunt. "Do it… this way. Fuck me like this, darling."

"Mom, it's so tight," he moaned.

"You're the first, baby," she replied, breathless. "You're the first to fuck my ass."

She squeezed the ring of her asshole around his cock, feeling it respond with a beautiful, powerful throb.

Billy, holding her hips, began to slide his cock back and forth, watching her asshole pucker on the shaft. Misty gasped, finding the deep penetration and friction delicious. It felt much different than taking a cock into her cunt, but just as good. She wasn't sure this would make her come, but her cunt was still burning and tingling as if she was about to come at any time.

Feeling as if his cock was about to pull from her asshole, Misty clamped the ring tightly. But Billy wasn't taking it out. He remained still a moment, feeling her asshole grip him, then pushed back in. As his cock moved deeply, her hand rubbed his hairless balls against her juicy, dripping cunt.

"Does it hurt, Mom?" he gasped.

"Now's a hell of a time to ask." She jiggled. "No, it feels wonderful! It feels fantastic! Fuck my ass, darling! Ohhh, fuck it deep?"

Billy pushed and pulled his cock slowly, staring at her ass.

"Faster!" she breathed. "Fuck me faster!"

She wiggled her ass for him.

Billy gripped her hips, and rammed his cock in hard.

"Ohhh, yes!" she gurgled.

Billy began to fuck fast, hard. Her asscheeks rippled from the banging of his body. His balls rubbed along her palm and slapped against her burning cunt. The faster his cock moved, the better she loved it. The hot friction was beautiful, so different than in her cunt, but just as wonderful.

"Ohhh, my ass!" she squealed.

"Tight, Mom, so fucking tight!"

"I know! I know my ass is tight!" she wailed. "Your cock feels like a fucking pole up my ass! Ahhhh, fuck it good, baby!"

Billy thrust swiftly now, his eyes closed as he tilted his head toward the ceiling, the rapture very strong.

Misty's eyes were closed, too. The sensations were driving her wild, and she shook her ass vigorously. She grabbed at his balls each time he lunged up her ass, trying to stuff them into her fiery cunt. She was so wet, his balls were soaked in her pussy juices.

"Ahhhhh… ooooh, so good!" she moaned.

"Hot, Mom! Hot and tight!"

"Fuck it!"

"I am fucking it! Pm gonna fuck your hot asshole raw, Mom!"

"Yes, fuck my asshole raw!"

His cock rammed and stabbed, and Misty began to sob in strange, wild sensations flooded her with ecstasy. Her clit bulged as hard as his cock, tingling and pulsating. When he pulled his cock back, she thrust all four of her fingers into her cunt, fucking herself there with frantic pleasure, his balls beating against them as he rammed into her asshole.

"Mom, I can't hold off!"

"Don't! Squirt, darling! Come up my fucking my ass… fill mother's fucking asshole! Come in my hot asshole, baby!"

Billy groaned loudly as he pressed his cock deep.

Misty cried out as she felt his cock throb, the hot gush of his come juice spurting into her asshole. The rapid squirts sent her cunt into a contraction that caused her asshole to squeeze about his cock. She lifted her head off the floor, screaming wildly as her son spewed into her asshole, her cunt wild with orgasm, her fingers thrust deep inside. His balls, smashed by her fingers, writhed as he emptied them into her receptive asshole.

They came down from the orgasms slowly, his cock deflating inside the ring of her ass. Her cunt slowed and calmed down, and her fingers pulled out, only to close about his empty balls. Her ass was shivering, her asshole holding the head of his now soft cock inside.

"I'm gonna fall back, Mom," he moaned weakly.

Misty mewled softly as his cock came out of her ass. For a moment she remained with her ass high in the air, the ring puckering and pulsating, her inner thighs gleaming with slippery pussy juices. She turned around slowly, sitting facing her son. She saw his cock and balls, so wet with her juices. Leaning into his lap, she licked at his cock and balls, tasting herself. Billy pushed his hands under her and cupped her dangling tits, sighing softly as her tongue lapped him.

Misty lifted and looked into his face, her eyes smoldering. She gently pushed him onto his back, and leaned toward his crotch. She opened her lips and closed them over his cock and balls, sucking them tenderly. She sucked her pussy juice off his balls, then licked at his cock for a long time. The taste of her asshole on it excited her. She held his cock and balls inside her mouth for a long, long time.


Misty relaxed on her huge beach towel, watching her son as he swam in the large public pool. There were not many people at the pool, mostly young bays and girls, with a few mothers and fathers with younger children. Misty seldom went to the pool with Billy. She couldn't swim, and really didn't care for water except to bathe in.

She did enjoy watching the young boys and girls, though. Some of them were beautiful, with slender yet muscular bodies. Billy, though, was the most handsome boy there. She knew he was looking at the prettier girls, his eyes taking in the shape of small tits, the tight little asses and long, satiny thighs. She, too, was getting a good share of looks. Mostly from the young fathers, but some from the teen-aged boys, too.

Her bikini was designed to be looked at, especially when worn by a woman with a figure such as hers. The skimpy top barely concealed her firm tits, and the bottom was even skimpier. The very small triangle in front could be adjusted to show as much as she dared, and the back exposed the naked curves of her pretty ass. Two fragile strings held it together at her hips. It was certainly not designed for swimming.

She lay back, her head on an air pillow, hands on her stomach, her eyes shielded by dark glasses. She had her feet parted, and the puffy crotch of her bikini was showing, along with soft hairs curling around the band and at the upper end of the triangle.

She pretended to be dozing, but watched the boys, and a few girls, walk past her just to look. They all walked past her feet, not past her head. Feeling good and erotic, Misty spread her legs more, letting them all have a nice long look at the crotch of her bikini. One young father stopped and stared openly at her crotch, and she watched his hungry face from behind her dark sunglasses. She deliberately made the lips of her cunt contract, knowing he could see the movement under the thin crotch. He might have stood there forever, looking at her, except a young woman called him away.

"Mom, you're turning all these guys on," her son whispered.

"I know," she whispered back. "Isn't it fun?"

"You're even giving me a hard-on, and I can fuck you anytime I want."

"Does it feel good, to have a nice hard-on?"

"You know it does," he giggled, dragging the tips of his fingers along her upper arm, then starting toward her tit.

"Don't feel me up here," she warned.

"I thought you wanted to be watched."

"I do, but not around so many people."

"Well, we better go, then," he said.

"Don't you want to stay and look at all this young, fresh pussy?" she teased.

"I want to fuck, that's what I want," he said. She turned her face toward him, and saw his cock bulging out inside his tight trunks. "Mmmmm, nice, baby. I guess we better go after all. I hope it's me that gave that beautiful hard-on to you, and not one of these little sweet virgin cunts."

"You know it's you, Mom," he said, watching her stand up.

Misty pretended to adjust her upper top, and a nipple showed for a brief moment, making her son giggle. Then she slipped a finger into the rear of the bottoms, pulling it away to show one asscheek before making her adjustments. She watched a young boy about Billy's age staring at her. Bending from the waist, she picked up her towel and air pillow, giving the boy an exciting peek at her ass and cunt.

"You probably made that guy come in his trunks, Mom," Billy laughed as they walked from the pool.

She giggled. "I hope so."

Their car was parked far off near the end of the lot, and there was one other car parked close by, one space over. As they approached their car, they saw a young boy sitting alone. As they came closer, Misty paused, pointing.

"Look at him," she whispered.

The boy was sitting in the front seat of the car, the door open, one foot out, the other in. His swimming trunks were off, and he was jacking his cock, his fist sliding up and down. His eyes were closed, his expression showing pleasure.

The boy, sensing or hearing them, suddenly opened his eyes and saw them. With a gasp, he tried to hide his cock.

"Oh, please don't stop," Misty said. "Let us watch you."

The boy was one that had been peeking at her very often. Much too young to drive, he was apparently there with his mother, and had come out to the car to jack off after gazing at Misty for so long.

The boy, hearing her, recovered his composure. He glanced at Billy, and kept holding his cock tightly, the head bulging up from his fist.

"Please, let us watch you," Misty said softly, her voice low but encouraging.

The boy began to stroke his cock again, slowly. His lack of shame excited Misty, and she ran her palm over her son's trunks, feeling his cock throb in them. She opened the door of their car, still watching the boy with smoldering eyes.

"You're pretty," the boy, said.

"You really like looking at me?" Misty asked in a teasing voice as she sat on the seat of her car, legs outside, "You were looking at me at the pool, weren't you?"

"Yeah," the boy said, sliding his fist up and down his cock.

"Mmmm, I like that," she purred, and drew her son close, her hand sliding into his trunks to grip his hard-on. "Want to see me jack Billy off?"

"Ohhhh, yeah, lady!"

Billy trembled, as excited as his mother was, but for different reasons.

He didn't protest when his mother pulled his trunks to his knees, and started pumping his cock. As she jacked her son, watching the boy pound on his prick, Misty slipped the crotch of her bikini to one side, showing her hairy cunt to the boy. His eyes lit up, and his fist worked faster.

Misty watched him pound his cock, spreading her legs wide open, and stroked her son's cock. She rubbed at her exposed clit and slipped a finger into her pussy a few more times. She was turned on, very much so, to see this young boy jacking off. It was more of a turn on to her than sucking off that boy at the fast food drive-in.

"Jack it," she purred loud enough for him to hear, sliding her finger in and out of her hairy cunt. "Jack it off… pound your hard cock! Watch me… I'm finger-fucking my pussy! Watch me jack Billy off and finger-fuck my cunt! Oooooh, I bet you come a lot!"

The boy was panting as his fist rammed up and down, his eyes burning on her dipping finger, seeing the first cunt of his young life. Showing her pussy to him excited Misty, knowing he had never seen one, before. Then she got an idea. She looked around to make sure they would not be seen, and untied her bikini bottom. She pushed her son down on the seat of the car.

"Watch us!" she called out hoarsely, spreading her legs over her son's, facing the boy who was pounding on his cock frantically, staring wild-eyed at Misty and Billy. "Watch us, honey!"

Shoving a hand between her thighs, Misty fit her son's cock into her cunt, and eased down onto it. The boy's eyes became even wilder, and his fist pounded so fast and hard that the soft slapping sounds could be heard. Misty felt herself tremble with wanton excitement, her son's cock throbbing inside her cunt as she stared at the boy in the car. Placing her hands on her knees, she began to fuck her son, riding her cunt up and down his hard cock.

"Show me your tits!" the boy gasped.

Quickly, Misty shoved her hands up her body, pushing the top of her bikini to her neck, exposing her straining tits to the boy. His fist moved even faster now as he watched Misty fucking, seeing her hairy cunt sliding on Billy's cock, her tits jiggling in a tight way, her brownish nipples stiff and upright. Misty's body was shaking with intense excitement, letting the boy watch her fuck Billy. Her flesh was burning as if on fire, and her clit bulged like a miniature cock from the wetness of her cunt. Her son's cock felt larger, harder, than before. She seeped pussy juices all over Billy's jiggling balls and her inner thighs. Squealing with erotic ecstasy, she cupped her tits and pulled and squeezed them, her ass bouncing constantly, grinding down onto Billy's cock.

The boy was leaning forward as if to see her pussy better, but it was because he was on the brink of coming. His young face contorted into a mask of lewd rapture, mouth open and tongue hanging out.

"Fuck me, Billy!" she called so the boy could hear. "Fuck my hot cunt, baby! Ooooh, ram that big cock up my fucking hot cunt!"

The boy in the car gasped, and sprayed thick come juice from his cock, squirting it onto the hot tar of the parking lot. Misty cried out with delight as she watched the boy coming, her cunt gripping her son's cock very tightly. The spasms came swiftly, her pussy clutching Billy's cock with wet heat, sucking it.

"I'm coming!" she sobbed, shaking and shuddering as she strained on her son's prick. "Billy, come with me! Come in my pussy! Ohhh, shoot that sweet juice up my hot cunt!"

Billy grunted, his hands digging into his mother's naked hips. His cock began to spew, sending hot, rapid gushes of come juice into his mother's greedy cunt. Misty covered her mouth with one hand, swallowing the scream of ecstasy. Although her vision blurred with the intensity of her orgasm, she still saw the boy as his cock stopped spewing. She shuddered with a final spasm, and went limp astride her son, his cock softening in her cunt. Her vision faded momentarily, and when it cleared, she saw the boy clutching his trunks, his white ass flashing as he struggled to pull them tip. He was no longer looking at her with fiery excitement, but as if he was afraid now. With his trunks on, the boy raced off to the pool.

"That was great, Billy," Misty breathed as she replaced her bikini and sat in the car. Billy had stuffed his glistening cock and balls into his trunks, and giggled as his mother got the car going, driving out of the parking lot and toward home.

"That's something he'll remember forever, Mom," he said, scooting close to her and stroking her satiny thigh. "I know I would."

Misty laughed, a low, pleased sound.

"Me, too," she purred. "And I'm still so hot! I could stop right here and suck you off, I'm still so fucking hot!"

Billy looked around.

"Everyone could see," he said. "There's too many people around."

"I know, and think how shocked they'd be," she grinned.

"I think we better be a little more careful, don't you?"

"A little, but not much more." Billy giggled lewdly, cupping his mother's cunt as she parted her legs. "You're getting terrible, Mom."

"And you love it," she said.

"Yes, I do."

At home, they had a snack, sitting at the small kitchen table, laughing about what they had done, discussing the pretty girls at the pool, the wild-eyed boy jacking off as she fucked him. Misty knew they had taken a chance, but the opportunity had been too good to pass up.

"I'm going to take a bath, baby," she said, running her hand through his hair. "When I'm finished, I want some more of that cock you have in your trunks."

She undressed in the kitchen, dangling her scanty bikini from a fingertip, twirling it as she swayed her creamy naked ass out of the room, her son gazing hotly.

She had been in the tub for a while when Billy came in to watch. Misty flashed a grin at him as she stood on her knees in the tub, spread wide, washing her cunt. Her hands made her pussy tingle, and her eyes took on a hot expression as her son pulled his trunks off, then sat on the toilet to watch. She splashed water over her pussy, rinsing away the soap, then spread the hairy lips to show the exquisite pinkness, her clit pushing up and outward. Billy licked his lips as he watched her play with her pussy, pressing the slit tight, then opening it again.

"Want a taste?" she teased. "Want a taste of mother's, hot pussy, baby?"

Billy's cock lifted with hardness. He parted his knees on the toilet and Misty's eyes smoldered as she gazed at his cock and balls.

She spread her cunt wide with two fingers, using the tip of a finger to stroke her clit gently.

"Let me have your cock, baby," she purred, leaning her upper body forward, still caressing her cunt. She pursed her lips, and Billy stood, arching his cock toward his mother's mouth.

Misty opened her lips and let her son push his cock past them, over her tongue and the roof of her mouth. Billy held his mother's head, sliding his cock back and forth, the friction on her tight lips making her tremble with the desire that was always with her. The taste of her cunt was still on his cock, and she loved that. She loved it that her son fucked her mouth like her cunt, using it as a pussy. She slipped a finger into her curt and worked it up and down, still rubbing her clit with her other fingers. The hot throbbing of her son's cock in her mouth sent wild, wet rapture to her cunt. She held it tightly with her lips, pressing her tongue against it, purring as it moved in and out of her mouth.

"Want me to come in your mouth, Mom?" he asked, his voice husky as he watched her mouth sucking, gripping, his cock.

Misty's eyes flashed hotly up at his young face, and she pulled one hand from between her legs, placing it on his ass. She worked a finger into the split of her son's ass and fingered his puckered asshole. Billy moaned as he felt her fingertip sliding past the hot ring of his asshole, and his cock lurched in her mouth. Misty's eyes danced with erotic pleasure as she watched her son's expression of ecstasy. Each time he thrust forward, his cock slid deeply into her hungry mouth, and when he pulled it back, her finger entered his asshole. She didn't have to answer his question, her eyes told him she wanted to have his cock squirt into her mouth, down her throat.

Her clit bulged, and she twisted it, smashing it, puffing on it, the cheeks of her lovely ass bunching tightly. Her eyes misted over with steamy ecstasy. She began to moan softly as her cunt twitched and squeezed, an orgasm building inside it. She rammed her finger in and out of her son's asshole, and Billy was fucking her mouth faster, with short, jerky lunges, gasping hotly.

His balls became tight, and as he pushed his cock into her mouth, she felt them burn on her chin. The few wiry hairs at the base of his cock tickled her sensitive lips. With her finger deep into his tight asshole, Misty held his cock pressing in her mouth, her eyes on fire as she watched his face contort with agonized rapture.

"Mom!" Billy shouted, and released a torrent of boiling come juice into her mouth.

Misty gulped greedily, sucking and swallowing Billy's juices. She plunged her finger in and out of his tightly squeezing whole, making his cock lurch and spurt down her throat. The hot taste of his come juice and the pulling, twisting way she was manipulating her cunt sent her into a hip-jerking orgasm. She moaned wetly around his cock as she came, her eyes slitting with ecstasy. As Billy came, his asshole puckered and squeezed her finger so tightly that she couldn't thrust it in and out, but left it buried deep inside his ass while he came.

With the final gush of his come juice, she pulled her head out of his hands, his cock dropping from her wet lips. She shuddered, then fell back into the tub, splashing water over the rim, gasping with the glow of delight, her face radiant as she ran her tongue aver her slightly puffy lips, grinning wantonly at her son as he sat back on the toilet, breathing hard.

Billy rested there as she finished her bath, watching with interest the attention she paid to her body, especially her delicious cunt and ass. Misty stood up, taking a huge towel, and began to dry herself, her eyes steamy again. She dragged the towel between her thighs, the friction on her cunt making her shiver and whimper softly.

"You didn't taste mother's cunt, baby," she mewled, stepping out of the tub.

"I know," he said, recovered.

"I love it when you lick my cunt," she purred, taking his hand and puffing him to his feet. "A tongue on my cunt is so nice… licking and pushing inside me, come with me, Billy. I'm going to sit on your sweet facet and rub my cunt all over your mouth!"

They entered her bedroom, where she pushed her son to the bed on his back. Billy stretched out, watching her, ready to put his face between her thighs and kiss her cunt.


Misty climbed onto the bed, keeping her legs open so that her cunt showed. She straddled her son, standing upright on the bed with a foot on either side of him. She pulled up on her pussy as he looked up at her, seeing the silt stretch, the hot split of her. He moved his hand to his cock and balls, fondling them as he stared up between her long legs.

Misty stroked her cunt as she had in the tub, watching her son's face and knowing he loved to see her do things like this. She twisted her hips in a suggestive manner, caressing her ass and cunt with alternate hands. Her pussy became very slippery with wetness again, the juices seeping along her satiny inner thighs.

"Want mother's pussy?" she teased. "Want to kiss mother's hairy cunt, Billy? Want to tongue-fuck mother in the hot cunt?"

Billy, his eyes glowing, nodded his head, thrusting his tongue out and waggling it at her.

"Oooooh, that would be so nice, your sweet tongue in my cunt, fucking it like a cock! Ahhh, Billy, I'm going to sit in your face!"

She squatted, bending her knees but keeping them spread wide. Her crotch, the slit of her cunt and her asshole, was above his face, only an inch or so away. Misty spread her cunt wide with her hands, and rubbed the juicy slit over her son's face. Billy moaned in pleasure as the wetness of his mother's cunt moved from his chin to his forehead, smearing his flesh with her juices. His lips kissed at her cunt, her asshole, making her tremble and gasp. His tongue came out, and Misty slid her pussy and asshole over it, gasping with pleasure, watching his face disappear under her moving ass.

Billy lapped at her cunt, then her asshole, his hands now up on her ass, his cock half-hard once more. Sitting upright in his face, she reached behind her ass and stroked his cock, pulling it upward, stretching it.

"Fuck my cunt, baby!" she hissed. "Tonguefuck mother up the wet pussy! Ooooh, fuck me with your tongue, darling!"

Billy rammed his tongue up his mother's cunt, stabbing in and out, his eyes barely visible under the lush soft curls of her pussy. Misty whipped her crotch over his face, pulling on his cock and squealing with pleasure. Her tight tits jiggled, her nipples peaked upright, stiff and tingling. Billy managed to slide one hand up to grab one of his mother's tits and squeezed it hard. Misty yelped and began to bounce up and down over his face.

"Fuck me!" she sobbed. "Tongue-fuck mother! Ahhhh, baby, mother is going to ride your fucking tongue like it was your hard cock!"

Billy thrust his tongue out as far as he could, and his mother bounced on it, shivering and shaking and squealing. She began to hump her ass, back and forth. His tongue was in her cunt some of the time, licking at her crinkled ass at other times. Either place his tongue was, sent a wild fire through her. She squirmed forward, smashing her ass against his face.

"My ass, baby! Tongue-fuck mother in the ass!"

Billy rammed his tongue up her steamy ass, plunging it in and out. Misty groaned and wiggled, no longer grasping his cock but spreading the lips of her cunt to try and get his nose into it. But Billy couldn't breathe, and she had to stop trying that.

"My cunt now!"

She shifted, and placed her cunt over his open, sucking mouth.

Billy plunged his tongue up her fiery cunt.

"Now my asshole!"

Again she shifted, and began sliding her cunt and asshole over his mouth.

Billy licked and sucked whatever she pressed into his mouth, enjoying both cunt and asshole. His tongue flicked the ring of his mother's hot asshole, then penetrated it, only to move along the slit of her cunt and stab deeply into it. Misty was sobbing and writhing, grinding her crotch at her son's face, tears of lewd rapture streaming down her face.

"Oh, God! Oh, yes, God!"

Billy's hands ran over her spreading ass, her creamy thighs, his eyes blazing up at her jiggling tits. Misty was about to come, and she darted her hands behind her son's head, clutching it and pulling his face up as tightly as she could into her crotch. Right now she didn't care where his tongue was, her cunt or asshole. She was coming.

Screaming wildly, she whipped her ass and cunt into her son's face, not realizing that he couldn't breathe. Her ecstasy was intense, and that was all she cared about. She cried out loudly, her naked body shaking frantically as orgasm after orgasm exploded through her.

"Tongue me!" she shouted mindlessly. "Tongue my cunt… tongue me up the asshole! Eat my fucking cunt… eat my fucking asshole! Billy, baby, mother is coming so fucking hard and good! Eat me… eat me all over!"

Billy struggled to lick and suck at her cunt, swallowing juices hungrily, his tongue dipping into her steamy pussy, then her asshole, with quick, short stabs. Misty was shaking wildly as she sat astride her son's face, her eyes squeezed tightly shut with tears streaming down her cheeks, her mouth open as she sobbed and squealed and screamed.

Then she fell back, off to one side, sprawled half on and half off his naked body. She breathed noisily, shivering, the glow of her many orgasms weakening her. One leg was thrown over his stomach, the other spread wide at his shoulder. Billy gazed with pleasure between his mother's splayed legs, his cock reacting with hardness to the view.

"Mom, if you keep spreading your fucking legs all the time, I'm gonna be coming all over the fucking place," he said, laughing.

Misty purred and writhed her hips, making her cunt wink at him. "I don't care if you come all over. I'd just lick it up."

Billy fondled his mother's thighs and cunt as she recovered, fascinated with the satiny flesh of her inner thighs near her pussy. Misty found his cock with her hand, and played with it as her breathing slowly came under control. She lifted her head and looked at his prick.

"Mmmmmm, a nice hard-on, darling. I've got to take care of it, don't I?"

"I'd say so, Mom," he replied, grunting softly as she squeezed his young balls.

"How do you want it, honey? I've already sucked it off."

"Anyway I can get it," he replied.

Misty giggled as she sat up right, drawing her knees to her chin and gazing at him.

"You have to make the choice, baby," she teased. "You fucked my mouth, so that only leaves two other places. Which do you want? Hot, wet cunt, or a hot, tight asshole?"

"I can't make a choice like that, Mom."

"Why not?"

"Because I like both," he grinned at her.

"Well, then…" She giggled softly. "How about both?"

"Hey, yeah!"

"I thought you'd love that."

She leaned over and dragged her tongue across his dripping piss-hole, then swallowed his cock for a moment.

"Now, a little pussy," she said as she straddled him again, fitting his cock to her cunt.

Facing him, watching his young face go through grimaces of ecstasy, Misty settled onto Billy's cock, her hairy cunt spreading about it tight and hot. Her clit bulged outward, vibrating softly. Leaning back, she lifted her ass, watching his eyes follow the movement of her cunt on his cock. Lifting her ass until the head of his cock almost slipped from her pussy, she paused and swung her hips gently, making an exciting corkscrewing motion on the head of his swollen cock, slowly sliding down the throbbing shaft again. Her breath caught as she felt her son's cock fill her cunt again, the hot, wet friction against her sensitive tissues intense. With her cunt pressed hard at the base of Billy's cock, she flexed it, making it squeeze him.

"Ooooh, Mom, that's so fucking good!"

"I know, baby," she gasped, her cunt working on his cock. "It's wonderful. Watch my pussy! Watch mother's cunt fuck your hard cock!"

She lifted and lowered herself a number of times on his prick, hot, slippery juices coating the shaft. The inner flesh of her pussy massaged his cock gently, but urgently.

"Faster, Mom!" Billy gasped, slipping his hands under her ass, cupping the cheeks, staring hotly at her open legs, watching her hairy cunt slide up and down. "Fuck me faster!"

"This fast?" she cried softly, pounding up and down, stabbing herself ecstatically on his cock.

"Oh, yeah!"

"Mmmmmm, God, baby, it's wonderful!" Misty held her knees spread very wide, her hands on her thighs, using the muscles of them to bounce, riding his cock. Her firm tits swayed, her nipples stiff and tingling. Her eyes glazed as she looked down at his happy face.

"My ass!" she groaned, sliding off his cock, one hand grabbing it to fit the swollen head against the crinkle of her asshole. "I want it up my ass for a minute!"

She pressed down on his cock, holding her breath as she felt the pressure spreading the tightness of her asshole. Her eyes filmed over with wanton excitement, cooing as his cock moved into her ass. She slowly pushed her asshole down onto the shaft of her son's cock. Billy stared hotly at her, watching his cock sink into her ass, her cunt slitted and dripping, the soft hair matted with her juices. Misty sat down, her son's cock buried fully up her asshole. She sat and rocked, giggling lewdly as her asshole gripped tightly.

"Oooooh, you're so deep in mother's ass, baby!" she mewled. "I love to feel your cock throbbing away deep in my hot asshole!"

Her hand darted to her cunt, her fingers rubbing up and down the wet slit, agitating her pulsating clit. Billy watched her, breathing hard, mouth parted. Her fingers made juicy sounds at her pussy and she began to fuck him with her asshole, slowly. Cramming her fingers into her cunt, she fucked herself. Her body shuddered wildly, the sexual intensity shaking them both. Her asshole clutched and flexed on his cock and she pushed and pulled, her fingers ramming in and out of her pussy, juices dripping to his stomach. She began to cry softly, gasping with ecstasy. Her asshole burned sweetly, stretched around his cock.

"Oh, cum in my cunt now!" she cried, jerking her ass off his cock and thrusting it into her juicy cunt.

"Ahhhh, up my pussy, up my cunt!"

Misty bounced wildly, almost frantic as her cunt burned and pulsated. She closed her eyes, her tongue licking at her lips. Her ass twisted and whipped up and down. Billy held her ass in his palms, staring at her cunt riding his cock. Misty managed to hold her knees wide open so he could see everything. Her mind was reeling with the delicious sensations, her cunt and asshole on fire. She didn't know where she wanted it when her son came. She wanted his cock in her cunt, spraying her pussy, and she wanted it up her asshole, too, filling her with that hot sweetness.

"Ohhh, I'm getting ready to come!" she cried out.

Jerking off his cock, she rammed it up her asshole, plunged up and down a few times, then stuffed it into her cunt again. She took her son's cock in her cunt, then her asshole, back to her cunt, squealing out her mindless rapture. Billy was groaning loudly, his prick about to spurt, his balls on fire. He dragged his hands off the cheeks of his mother's ass and gripped the sensitive flesh of her inner thighs, his head lifting up from the bed as the force of his threatening discharge became overwhelming.

Misty screamed, her cunt convulsing as she raced it up and down his prick. She jerked her pussy off his cock while she came, and thrust her ass downward, taking his cock deep into the puckered tightness. She screamed again, coming hard, and began to get his cock into her cunt, then her asshole, back to her cunt, her asshole.

"Mom, I'm gonna come hard!"

Misty wailed loudly, and was in the process of moving his cock out of her asshole to her cunt when her son squirted, the scalding juices of his balls splashing over her cunt and asshole. She gasped as she stuffed his gushing cock into her cunt, feeling his come juice spatter the tissues. With another gasp, she jerked her cunt off him and sat her asshole onto it, caking the rest of his come juice up her ass, her cunt squeezing hard as she came. She smashed onto her son's cock, grinding hard. One hand held a tit, the other was stuffed into her pussy. Billy was coming hard, the force making his head pound up and down.

Their moans and cries mingled as they came, and finally Misty slumped forward, head hanging, panting for air. She felt her son's cock soften inside her asshole while her cunt rested on his lower stomach. Her tits lost some of their tightness, her nipples turning wrinkled. Billy lay in loose-limbed relaxation, a big grin on his face.

"God, that was so good," Misty finally sighed, climbing off her son, his cock pulling from her asshole. "I didn't know we could do that, did you? It was almost like fucking two cocks."

She spread out beside him, one arm over his chest, nuzzling at his neck. Her hand moved down his chest to his stomach, then lower, feeling the wetness her cunt had left there. She lifted her head, kissing his chest, then licked at his tiny nipples. Cupping his cock and balls, she ran her tongue down his flesh, to his lower stomach. Her tongue licked at the pussy juices on his flesh, swirling around the wiry hairs at the base of his cock. She lifted his balls, kissing them affectionately, then running her tongue over them. Tenderly, Misty took her son's cock and balls into her mouth, holding them there as her tongue worked slowly.

Billy watched her, shivering often as her tongue swished over his cock and balls. Her mouth was hot and wet, and the feeling was very good for him.

"Mmmmm, I could keep you in my mouth all day," she purred as his cock and balls fell from her lips. She lapped back up his flesh to his chest, biting at his small nipples. "I'd love to suck and fuck you constantly, but we have td eat something besides each other, don't we? Like food, regular food."

"I'm not hungry," he said, fondling his mother's tits.

"Maybe not now, but you will be," she said, pulling his cock playfully. "So let's find us a couple of nice steaks, okay? There are two in the freezer. You get them out and I'll take a shower."

She watched him leave reluctantly, smiling at his back. His ass appealed to her very much. She slipped into the bathroom and adjusted the water temperature, then stood under the invigorating spray, the needles of the water restoring her strength.

As much fun as she was having with her son, Misty wished he would agree to other things. Taking his cock into her asshole and cunt that way had thrilled her, and she wanted to feel two big, hard, lovely cocks pounding into her at the same time. If only Billy would forget about being jealous, realize it was only for fun, for orgasms, they could broaden their experiences. She could only wait and see if he would become aroused enough while she flashed herself to someone. Perhaps, then, she could experience two hard cocks in her at the same time. If she could get her son's balls hot enough, he might do it with her.

Misty trembled with excitement. Maybe she could get him hot enough to fuck a little girl. Maybe find a little girl who was ready for a fuck, a hard cock. But Misty wasn't sure that would work, either. Billy was perfectly content with her, and she was with him, except she wanted to try other things, too.

He loved it when she showed her legs, her panties or her cunt in public, and she was sure he would love it if he saw another girl doing it, too. But how could she accomplish that? Misty didn't know. She had not looked around to see if any other woman was showing herself off. Surely there were others like her. Other women. There were men, because she had seen them.

She toweled her slender body, then slipped into a pair of skimpy panties, panties cut high on her hips to reveal the enticing length of her long legs. She pulled a sleeveless sweater on, her tits molded by the soft garment, nipples protruding. She then slipped into a short skirt, the hem halfway up her thighs. Sliding her feet into leather sandals, she went in search of her son.

Billy had two steaks thawing in the microwave. He was still undressed.

She pressed at his back, cupping his balls in one hand, his cock in the other, kissing his shoulder.

"You take a shower now while I prepare those steaks," she said, slapping him playfully on the ass.

"You're beautiful, Mom," he said at the door, looking at her.

"You're sweet," she smiled at him, pleased to be complimented. "Now, go shower."

She prepared the steaks as she heard the shower turn on, and placed them in the oven to broil. She wrapped two potatoes and set them beside the steaks, then made two slices of herb toast, singing softly to herself as she sat down to wait. She cupped her chin in her hand, eyes closed as she fantasized about two hard cocks pounding into her body, ramming into her asshole and cunt together.


Misty wandered through the racks of clothing, stopping now and then to look at a particular dress or skirt. Behind her, Billy was bored. He hated to go with her when she shopped for clothing.

They were in a huge store, a two-level shop that sold more than clothing, but clothing was all Misty was interested in at the moment. The store was not expensive, nor was it cheap. There was a men's department as well as a women's department, and Misty paused near a display of panties and bras. She felt of the material, asking her son what he thought of the panties, particularly the skimpier style. But Billy was watching a teen-aged girl, a lovely blonde girl wearing a very short jean skirt and white blouse. She had long legs, tanned sweetly, and a pretty little ass that made Misty want to bury her face in it and take a nice bite out of her ass.

She noticed Billy had a hard-on from looking at the girl. She pressed her own ass back against him, rubbing in a subtle way, feeling his cock respond with a throb.

"You like her?" Misty whispered.

Billy's eyes rolled as he nodded his head.

Misty laughed softly, sliding a hand behind and squeezing her son's cock between them. "Don't let her make you come off in your pants, honey," she teased.

"Ahhh, Mom," he protested.

They watched the girl select a dress from the rack, and take it to the dressing rooms. An idea came to Misty, and she pulled a garment from the rack and, taking her son's hand, pulled him with her to the dressing rooms. They entered a small cubicle next to the one the teen-aged girl had taken, and to Misty's delight, found that the thin partition between the cubicles had holes in it. Someone, she thought, had found a way to peek at women and girls trying on clothing. Billy, too, had seen the holes. He leaned down and peered into the next cubicle, and watched the girl remove her short skirt and blouse. At his side, Misty, too, was peeking. The girl had on a tight pair of blue bikini panties with a matching bra. When she peeled her panties off, Billy gasped, but his mother covered his mouth with her hand. Obviously the pretty girl was wanting to do more than just try on a dress.

The cubicles had small stools in them, and the girl, wearing only her bra, sat on it, spreading her legs apart. Billy and his mother stared at the honey-blonde fuzz around the sugary slit of the girl's cunt. Billy's cock swelled when his mother ran her hand over it. The girl leaned back, closing her eyes, opening her legs wide, and began to fondle her pussy. Misty's cunt turned wet as they watched, and her hand gripped her son's cock tightly.

The blonde girl stroked a finger up and down her slit slowly, then parted the lips to reveal delicious, pink wetness, a clit that was throbbing with hardness. Holding her cunt open, the girl used the fingers of her other hand to rub it, twisting and puffing. Her small ass writhed on the stool, but she held her thighs as wide apart as she could. The sound of her breathing reached Misty and Billy.

Slipping a finger into her cunt, the girl let out a muffled squeal.

Misty clutched her son's cock hard, her cunt clamping wetly.

The girl worked her finger in and out of her cunt, finger-fucking herself slowly but deeply. Her face was flushed now, eyes still closed, pouty lips parted with the tip of her tongue flicking them.

Misty stared hotly, wanting to taste the girl's sweet cunt as much as her son did. Watching this wanton display of erotic pleasure made her pussy bubble, her asshole crinkle. She could feel her son's cock throbbing with hardness inside his pants, and she squeezed and stroked it. Billy was struggling to hold his breathing quiet, not wanting to startle the pretty girl. They could see her pretty asscheeks writhe on the stool as she began to swing her legs open and closed, her finger delving deeply into her juicy, pink cunt. Billy ran his hand up the back of his mother's thigh to her pantied ass, clutching an asscheek. Misty waggled her ass for him, and was about to whisper for him to push his hand into her panties when the soft gasps of ecstasy from the girl increased.

"Oooooh… ahhhh!" she moaned.

The girl's fingers flew in and out of her cunt, fucking deeply, her head twisting now. With a long, drawn-out moan, the girl's body shuddered as she came, and Misty and Billy gazed at her juicy cunt squeezing her buried fingers.

The girl, as if ashamed of herself now, pulled her fingers out of her cunt and stepped into her panties. Misty and Billy watched her dress in her jean skirt and blouse, and picking up the dress she had brought into the cubicle with her leave.

"My God, that was beautiful," Misty whispered to her son.

"It sure was, Mom," Billy breathed.

"Fuck me, Billy," Misty moaned, clutching at her son.

But he was leaving the cubicle, following the teen-aged girl, ignoring the fact that his cock was pushing at his pants.

Following her son, Misty watched him trail along behind the girl. The gin moved to the escalators, and they were right behind her. She didn't know what her son was up to but she knew he wouldn't approach the girl directly. The girl was above them on the escalator, and Billy was bending down, peering under the girl's dress, gazing at her pretty ass with hot eyes, Misty was amused, ready to giggle, but didn't want to embarrass him.

On the second floor, the girl looked around the jewelry department, never knowing Misty and Billy were watching her. When the girl wandered to the men's department and looked at the display of jockey shorts, Billy moved up beside her while Misty stood back. She saw her son say something to the girl, who blushed and rushed away quickly.

"Billy, what in the world did you say to her?" Billy grinned. "I asked if she wanted to fuck, Mom."

"Honey, you can't just walk up to a girl and ask that."

"I just found out," he said, sheepishly.

They left the store and strolled along the sidewalk, looking into shop windows. Misty knew her son was horny, hot and ready after watching the girl finger-fuck herself.

"Ready to go home?" she asked.

"I'm ready to go anywhere," he replied, "so long as I can get a piece of ass, Mom."

"Now, you can ask me, but not other girls," she said. "Come on, I'll fuck your brains out!"

They rushed to the car, and Misty drove home fast. Her son had taken his cock out of his pants and stroked it as she drove, and she had a hard time keeping her eyes off it. His response to the pretty teen-aged girl excited her, and she began to think perhaps he would allow her to get fucked by another boy, as lang as he was getting his, too.

Inside the house, Billy was on her before she could undress. He pulled her skirt up and stuffed his cock into her cunt while they stood near the door, humping hard, the crotch of her panties pushed to one side. Misty clung to her son's shoulders, lifting one leg and wrapping it around him.

"Fuck that cunt, Billy!" she urged hotly. "Ohhh, baby, ram it up mother's cunt! Fuck me, darling! God, fuck my cunt hard!"

Billy held his mother's ass, his hands under her skin. He was trying to suck on her tits through her sweater, and Misty yanked it to her chin. Billy clamped his hot mouth on her tit, sucking hard as his cock rammed in and out of her pussy. Misty grunted and clung to him tightly, her ass whipping back and forth to the thrust of his hard cock. That his cock was, so hard and fucking her so fast was caused by the pretty teen-aged girl mattered not at all to Misty. She was excited that it had made her son so damned ready to fuck her.

"Fuck me, fuck me!" she groaned.

Billy pulled one of her tits deep into his mouth, his hands clawing at her pantied ass, his cock stabbing vigorously into her juicy, gripping cunt. Misty whimpered and gasped in delight, her shoulders braced against the door. She was about to come already, and didn't fight it.

"Ooooh, baby, you're so fucking hard and my cunt is so fucking wet and I'm about to come!"

A squeal came out of her mouth when her pussy contracted. The convulsions running through her cunt dragged on Billy's cock, and with a hot grunt, he spewed, sending boiling spurts of come juice into her pussy. The rapid spray increased Misty's orgasm until she was coming over and over, squealing and shaking, about to fall to the floor.

"Oh, my God, Billy!" she breathed when things calmed. She lowered her leg that had been wrapped around him, his cock sliding out of her cunt. "That girl really turned you on, didn't she?"

Billy, gasping, hugged his mother tightly, his hands under her skirt and on her pantied ass, his cock squeezed between her still hot thighs. He buried his face in her tits as she rested. Misty wrapped her arms around him, giggling softly as he nuzzled at her tits. When he didn't answer, she said, "I was turned on, too."

"I know you were, Mom," he said, his face between her tits.

"Oh, you do, do you?"

"You were breathing kind of heavy," Billy said, lifting his face and smiling up at her. "And your cunt was sure wet."

"So what if she did turn me on, too?"

"It was… you know, exciting."

"Yes, it sure was." Misty kissed him, then pushed him away. "Leave me alone for a minute. I don't know what I'm going to do with you. You're more horny than ever. I swear you're going to fuck mother's cunt sore."

Billy grinned, his eyes flashing. "You can take it."

"You bet your sweet little ass I can take it," she said, and moved across the room, undressing as she went. "I can take it anyway you give it to me." She winked lewdly at him, peeling her panties off and dropping them on the floor. "Now, bath time."

She shot him the bird, then turned and ran, her naked ass bouncing sweetly, Billy after her.

They wrestled playfully into her room and the bathroom, where Billy allowed her to run the tub, standing behind her and caressing her creamy ass and thighs, sliding his hand around to cup a tit.

Slipping his cock into the split of her ass, he held her as he leaned over to test the water.

"Mom, if you stay this way for a little longer, I'll slip you the bird." He laughed.

Misty waggled her ass, feeling his cock pressing at the pucker of her asshole. "I've got the nest for it, honey."

"A couple of nests," he said, humping so his cock rubbed up and down the split of her lovely ass.

"You can't stick that thing in me soft," she said, grinding at him as she braced her body by placing her hands on the rim of the tub.

"It's not gonna be soft long," he said, his voice thickening.

"Ooooh, I can feel it won't," Misty purred as she felt her son's cock hardening between the cheeks of her ass. She flexed her ass, squeezing his cock with the cheeks. "Mmmmmm, it feels very nice."

Pressing his swelling cock harder, Billy leaned over his mother's back and fondled her dangling tits, twisting and pulling at her sensitive nipples. Misty mewled as her emotions started steaming, her cunt turning juicy again. But it wasn't her cunt where his cock was going this time, but up her asshole. She spread her feet on the floor, searching her ass up for him. She placed her cheek on the rim of the tub and slipped her, hands to her ass, pulling the asscheeks wide open for him. The crinkle of her asshole flexed, inviting his cock. Billy gazed at it, watching his mother work, the hole.

Lifting his cock in one hand, he placed the now-swollen head against the steamy pucker, making his mother gasp with pleasure. Her fingers pulled at her asscheeks, her ass lifting to his cock.

"Ahhhh, yes, Billy," she whimpered as she felt the pressure against her asshole. "Oooooh, so good, baby!"

Billy pushed, watching the head of his cock spread his mother's asshole open. Then it slipped inside her, making Misty gasp with excitement. Her asshole spread wide, yet was tight around the head of his cock. The hairy lips of her cunt and her bulging clit throbbed sweetly. Now that the head of her son's cock was inside her asshole, she turned the asscheeks loose, slipping one hand between her thighs and rubbing at her cunt, intensifying the thrilling sensations. She slipped two fingers into her cunt as her son gripped her hips, inching his cock deeper into her asshole.

Billy watched his cock sink in, excited to see his mother's hot asshole spread for him. He pressed forward, his cock buried all the way, his lower stomach against the satiny heat of his mother's ass. Misty gave a soft cry and pulled her fingers out of her cunt and cradled his dangling balls, squeezing them gently, feeling his cock throb and jerk inside her asshole. She pulled his balls forward, pressing them to the slit of her steamy pussy, rocking her ass from side to side.

"Ooooh, fuck my ass, baby!" she purred. "Fuck mother's hot ass! Ahhh, your cock feels so hard in my asshole! Fuck my asshole… ram your cock real hard up mother's fucking hot asshole!"

Billy, clutching her hips, pulled backward, then thrust inward, making his mother cry out softly. His balls rubbed along her palm as he stabbed his cock in and out of her asshole with enough force to make her tight tits sway. The friction on her stretched asshole sent Misty into a whimpering rapture, her clit straining from the hairy, juicy folds of her cunt. The speed of her son's cock bounced her body back and forth as she pushed her ass to him. She had one hand back on the rim of the tub, her head lifted, her eyes closed as she gasped in pleasure. The soft slapping of his lower body against the heated cheeks of her velvety ass were loud in the confines of the bathroom.

"Faster, Billy!" she cried. "Ohhh, God, faster! Ram it to me… ram that cock up mother's asshole! Fuck me, baby, fuck me!"

Billy panted behind and above her, his eyes glazed as he watched the pink circle of her asshole pull and clutch his cock. He jerked back until the head was almost free, only to plunge back in vigorously. The harder his cock pounded into her asshole, the more Misty sobbed with ecstasy. The friction was sensational, driving her mind into erotic rapture.

"Ram me, ram me!" she squealed over and over, her cunt dripping juices onto her hand that cupped it. "Ram my ass… fuck my ass! Ooooh, Billy, Billy, fuck mother's hot fucking asshole!"

"You're getting it, Mom?" he yelped. "You're getting my hard cock up your fucking hot asshole! I'm gonna fuck your asshole good… fill your asshole with my hot, hot come juice!"

"Yes, baby, yes!"

Misty squirmed, grinding her ass, taking the wild thrusts of her son's cock into her fiery asshole with ecstatic squeals. Her flesh rippled and steamed, the excitement centered in her asshole and cunt. The feel of her son's cock fucking up her asshole made her cunt so fucking wet and caused her tits to become hard. There was the rumble of an orgasm deep inside the pit of her stomach, and the lips of her hairy cunt were working, opening and closing as if it too had a hard cock ramming in and out. Her clit was ready to burst, tightly swollen and throbbing. She began to squeal louder, her head lifting higher as she strained her ass to him.

"Billy… Billy!" she sobbed. "Oh, my God, baby! It feels like you're going to drive that big cock out of my fucking mouth! Ahhh, give it to me! I want it all… right up my ass! Oooooh, I'm going to come so fucking hard, darling! Make me come… make mother come!"

Billy was stabbing into her asshole as fast as he could, gritting his teeth, his balls hard and full. The tight grip of his mother's asshole on his cock was overwhelming.

"Mom, your ass… your asshole is… ohhh, Mom!"

Billy lunged forward, his cock very deep.

Misty felt his jerk inside her asshole, and cried out as the spasms of her orgasm exploded. The rippling waves of her orgasms created tighter suction on her son's cock, and his juices squirted along the soft walls of her asshole.

"Oh, God! Ohhhh, dear God!" Misty sobbed as she came, the orgasm intense, her cunt burning, her asshole on fire. "Squirt it, baby! Squirt it to me! Squirt that sweet come juice up mother's fucking hot asshole!"

Her ass danced and swayed as her son spewed, sending rapid gushes of juice deep into her ass. Her cunt strained and began to ache with the spasms, her clit painful now.

"No more, Billy!" she sobbed softly. "Please, no more!"

Billy pulled his softening cock out of his mother's ass, and Misty's knees buckled slowly until she was on the floor, resting her head on the rim of the tub, breathing deeply, her tits rising and falling. Billy slumped against the bathroom wall, his chest heaving, cock dangling.

When she recovered some strength, turning to look at her son, she found his cock close to her face. She kissed it, then pulled it into her mouth to suck lovingly, not minding that it had just been inside her asshole.


Misty began to talk to Billy about other men and women. Her interest was not so much on men and women, but boys and girls her son's age. She was pleased when he entered into the erotic conversations with her, talking about the pretty blonde girl they had watched in the dressing room. She admitted to her son that she wouldn't mind tasting a cunt if it was as pretty as that one.

This confession excited Billy, his eyes glowing.

"I get to watch, Mom," he said.

"Hey, we're in this together," she said, pleased by his reply. "You and I are a team. We don't fuck without the other, right?"

"Right!" he agreed, grinning from ear to ear. "A team, Mom."

"And you won't be jealous if I… you know, when the boy stuck his cock into the window of the car?"

"No way," he said. "I know I acted like a kid then, but it still turned me on. Na, I won't be jealous anymore, Mom."

Billy enjoyed seeing her wearing nothing but panties at home, and that was all she wore most of the time. The panties were very skimpy, showing the shadow of her pussy hair, the creamy cheeks of her ass. She enjoyed being looked at this way, too. So it happened one afternoon that she was in a pair of stark white panties, lacy and very scanty, when the doorbell sounded. She had been sitting on the couch with her son fondling her tits, and the sound startled her, making her jump.

"Are you expecting one of your friends, darling?" she asked him.

"Not me, Mom," he replied.

Misty walked to the window and peeked out, seeing a boy about her son's age standing there. She looked at her son, who was sitting on the couch, his cock out of his shorts, up and very hard.

"It's a boy," she said. "Do you want to see what he wants, Billy?"

Billy's eyes suddenly took on a wild gleam. "You see, Mom."

"Toss me my robe," she said.

"Like you are now," he grinned lewdly.

"In my panties?"

"Well, what have we been taking about?" her son said. "You've showed your cunt before, so why not open the door in your panties?"

Misty's eyes glinted, and she grinned.

"Sure, why not?"

She turned the door handle and sucked in her breath, making her naked tits strain outward, nipples jutting up with hardness. She glanced at Billy, and opened the door.

The boy standing there gasped, his eyes bulging as he stared at Misty's body.

"Uh… uh… I… uh…" he stammered, making choking sounds, unable to stop staring at her naked tits.

"You want something?" Misty asked, leaning against the door, her eyes fiery.

"You… do you take the paper?" the boy stammered, his eyes moving downward to where her tight panties puffed out with her cunt.

"Yes, we do," Misty said softly, looking to see if the boy's cock was responding. It was swelling outward with hardness.

"Thank… thank you," he said, turning to leave, but swiveling his head around to keep looking at her.

"Wait," Misty said, grabbing his upper arm. "We could talk about it, couldn't we?"

"Gosh!" the boy gulped, turning back, his eyes devouring her.

Misty ran her hand down his arm, then brushed the back of her hand over the front of his bulging pants.

"Come in, and let's talk about it," she whispered.

She pulled the boy into the house, closing the door. The boy saw Billy sitting on the couch, his cock out, very hard.

"Oh, it's okay," Misty said. "Billy doesn't mind."

The boy couldn't speak. His face was flushed, but it wasn't with embarrassment. He couldn't take his eyes off Misty's body, and he was shaking, his hands balled into fists.

"I've heard about things like this before, but I never figured it would happen tome," he said.

Billy watched his mother, his cock throbbing, come juice seeping from his piss-hole. Misty held the boy by his shoulders, running one hand about the front of his pants, feeling his cock.

"You have a nice one," she purred. "Have you put it in a girl before?"

The boy nodded, staring at her naked tits.

"Once," he said.

"You like pussy?" Misty purred, squeezing his cock and balls. "Do you like hot, wet pussy?"

"Ahhh, yeah!"

"I have one, a real hot, real wet, pussy," Misty purred and pulled the boy's hand to her crotch, curling his fingers between her thighs and pressing his palm hard at her cunt. "Feel how hot it is?"

"Gosh!" the boy groaned.

"Feel me," Misty insisted. "Rub my cunt… you can feel how hot and wet it is."

The boy rubbed, making Misty twist her ass.

Billy sat and watched his mother, excitement in his young eyes, his cock jerking. Misty opened the boy's pants and pulled his cock out, stroking it, cooing over how hard it was.

"I want it," she mewled, squeezing it and watching juices drip from his piss-hole. "I love a nice, hard cock like this. Want to fuck me?"

The boy's head jerked up and down, then he looked at Billy.

"Is he gonna watch?"

"Of course," Misty said. "He's going to fuck me, too. I'm going to fuck both of you."

"Gosh!" the boy groaned.

Billy was grasping his cock as he watched his mother. Misty knelt in front of the boy, opening his pants and dragging them down to his ankles. His cock strained upright, his balls full and low. She caressed his balls with one hand, his cock with the other. She leaned forward and kissed the shaft of the boy's cock, bringing another gasp from him.

"You gonna suck it, too?" the boy asked.

"Do you like being sucked?" she purred, nuzzling his cock against her face. "Billy loves it when I suck his cock."

"Yeah!" the boy moaned.

"Then I may suck it off," Misty said. "That depends on how good a fuck you give me."

She removed the boy's panty, then stood up and removed his shirt. The boy was over his nervousness, his cock ready. As she saw her son slip his shorts off, she peeled her panties down, kicking them free. The boy's cock jerked, and Misty was afraid he would come off too fast, but all it did was jerk about. The boy stared hard at her pussy, watching as Misty spread her legs, her fingers opening her cunt to show the wet pinkness.

The boy's eyes shone with excitement, his tongue running over his lips. Misty leaned forward, her tongue dragging across the boy's piss-hole, licking up the seeping juices, making the boy gasp and twitch. She held her cunt spread open with two fingers, her other hand at the base of his cock. Pressing her lips to the head, she slowly sucked it into her mouth, her eyes watching his expression. Billy was leaning forward, his eyes on fire as he watched his mother's mouth take the boy's cock deeper and deeper.

"I thought you were gonna fuck him, Mom," he said.

"Mom? Is she your mother?" the boy asked. Billy nodded, still watching his mother's lips stretch around the boy's hard-on.

"Hey, wow!" the boy gurgled. "That's a trip!"

Misty drew her fingers along the boy's cock tightly, making his breath catch. Standing upright, still holding her cunt open, she pulled the boy's cock to it, rubbing the swollen head over her rigid clit, purring in pleasure.

"Mmmmm, I need it in me," she whispered huskily. "Real deep in my pussy."

She bent her knees, spreading them, and slipped the boy's cock into her cunt, making a little cry, of delight. With the head of his cock at her pussy, Misty held his hips pulling him close, her eyes glazing as the feel of his cock filled her. Billy was on his knees, gripping his cock hard as he watched his mother take this boy's cock up her cunt. His hand grabbed one of her naked asscheeks, squeezing it.

Misty began to push and pull the boy's hips, stabbing his cock into her cunt. Her bent knees wobbled, and she was close to falling.

She pulled from the boy, dropped to her hands and knees, shooting her naked ass into the air.

"Fuck me!" she moaned. "Ram it to me this way! Fuck me now!"

Misty waggled her ass, shoving her bushy cunt from between her thighs. The boy was quick to drop to his knees behind, his cock jerking up and down. When he lunged forward, his cock slithered into Misty's cunt with perfect aim.

"Ohhh, God, yes!" Misty wailed, straining her ass back at him.

The boy gripped her twisting hips, and began lunging swiftly, driving his cock in and out with juicy sounds. He was gritting his teeth, but his eyes burned on her dancing ass. Billy's fist began to work on his cock, his excitement at watching his mother getting fucked by this boy intense. But Misty, hearing his slapping hand, pulled his fist off his cock and gripped it in her own, jacking him as her head and shoulders rested on the floor, her nipples scraping the carpet as the boy at her ass plunged faster and faster up her fiery cunt.

"Ahhh, fantastic!" she sobbed. "It's wonderful! Oooch, fuck me hard! Fuck me real hard!"

Misty churned her uplifted ass wantonly, the gripping lips of her boiling cunt holding the boy's cock very tightly, the friction increasing her ecstasy. His balls swung and bounced, often slapping at her distended clit. Shudders went through her naked body when the boy's cock went very deep. She was squeezing her son's cock so hard that her fist could hardly move, making the head of Billy's cock bulge.

"Billy," she moaned. "Oh, darling, I want… come here, Billy!"

She pulled at her son's cock until she had him on his knees in front of her head. With her ass arched as high as it would go in the air for the boy behind her, Misty began to gobble hungrily at her son's cock, making wet sucking sounds.

"Oh, wow!" the boy above her ass groaned as he saw her sucking greedily on Billy's cock. "You sure are a hot lady!"

Billy grinned across his mother's back at the boy.

"You're lucky," he said, his voice thick. "My mom doesn't just fuck anyone."

The boy tried to speak, but his throat was constricting. Misty's cunt was grabbing at his cock as he ran it in and out, making his balls swell and turn hard. He could see her asshole winking as he pulled back, watch the hairy lips of her cunt cling to his cock. The sounds of her sucking and the wetness of her cunt was loud in the room.

The hot, hard taste of her son's cock in her mouth while the boy fucked her cunt from behind was working its magic on Misty. Her pussy was expanding and stretching and tightening, the rumbles of orgasm searing the flesh between her thighs. She moaned hotly, struggling to suck the juices out of her son's cock while her cunt demanded the spurts of thick come juice from the boy behind her churning ass.

When her cunt contracted with orgasm, she almost swallowed her son's cock down her throat. She let out a muffled scream as she came, her cunt flexing around the shaft of the boy's throbbing cock. Her lips and tongue were wild on Billy's cock, one of her hands behind him, clutching his ass frantically, her fingers digging between his asscheeks.

The boy above her lifted ass began to pant, his thrust wild. When he slammed up her pussy as hard as he could, straining deeply and not puffing back, Misty wailed with her mouth full of her son's cock, her orgasm increasing in power. The spurting of the boy's hot come juice into her cunt sent her into wild, crazy convulsions. Her pussy flexed and chewed and sucked at his spewing cock, and her mouth devoured her son's cock in a desperate attempt to make him spurt his come juice into it.

With a gasp, Billy came, spraying rapidly down his mother's throat.

Misty gurgled and swallowed with ecstasy, taking come juice up her cunt from the boy, and into her mouth from her son. Having two cocks come off in her body at the same time made her mind reel with delicious rapture, and she came over and over, until the spasms became painful.

She slumped, her face buried into her son's crotch, feeling the boy slide his cock out of her pussy. She moaned as it came free, and her cunt seemed empty as the hairy lips closed. She shivered and sobbed softly as Billy and the boy breathed deeply, their bodies shaking from the intensity of their pleasure.

Slowly, Misty's hips fell to one side, and she lay on her side, one knee drawn up, the other leg straight. Billy and the boy gazed at her rounded ass and revealed cunt, watching her shiver softly.

"Wonderful," Misty cooed. When she opened her eyes, they were sparkling with little bright glints. "That was wonderful. I love taking two cocks at the same time. I don't believe how good it was."

She slowly sat up, her face flushed, eyes bright.

Billy was watching her, a light dancing in his eyes. Misty saw her son had been pleased, too. His pleasure, she realized, was in seeing what she did, watching another boy pound his cock into her cunt. Maybe he enjoyed seeing her get fucked more than fucking her himself, she thought, hoping she was wrong. The still nameless boy looked stunned, but excited at the same time. She knew he had been jolted by his experience, but jolted in a way a young boy dreamed about, but seldom encountered. The boy looked almost shy now that the edge was off his passion. He looked at Misty's tits from lowered eyes, licking his lips.

Misty made a soft cooing sound and pulled the boy's mouth to her tits.

"Suck," she whispered, stuffing a nipple into his mouth. "Suck my tits all you want."

The boy sucked, cupping her other tit as Billy sat and watched, fingering his cock and balls. Misty kept watching her son's expression. Billy watched with pleasure, and his eyes brightened even more as Misty pushed the boy's hand off her tit and through the soft hairs of her cunt, curling his fingers around it. The boy rubbed and felt her up as he sucked greedily on her tit. Billy's cock was hardening again, and as her hand moved to the boy's, she found his cock standing up very stiff, too. She stroked the boy's cock, and felt his suction on her tit increase as he worked a finger into the satiny tightness of her cunt. Billy stood and moved to his mother, his cock jutting outward.

Misty purred softly and grasped her son's cock in her other hand, jacking them both. The boy drew his mouth off her tit and looked at her hands, then her face. Getting to his feet, standing on the other side of her, the two boys let her stroke and fondle their hard cocks. Misty gripped them tightly, making soft sounds of pleasure as she pumped back and forth, rubbing the dripping piss-holes over her cheeks, her face. She sat with her knees up and parted, so they could see not only her tits but the soft triangle of her pussy hair. Pulling tightly on a cock and bringing up a bead of wetness, Misty lapped her tongue over it, then turned to repeat the gesture on the other cock, tasting them both.

Sliding her lips over her son's cock, she heard the boy gasp. Her eyes glittered up at their faces, her lips sliding back and forth on Billy's cock as she pressed the head of the boy's cock to her cheek. Turning, she swallowed the nameless boy's cock deeply, her lips writhing at the base, his balls hot on her chin.

The boy groaned, pushing his cock deeper into her throat. Misty let him, her tongue swishing about his throbbing shaft. Her hand slipped up between her son's and the boy's thighs, cupping their tight, young asscheeks. She sucked first one cock, then the other, making both boys gasp with pleasure.

"Tastes good," she whispered as she turned to accept her son's cock into her mouth. "Hot and hard, just the way a cock should be."

"Is she gonna suck us off?" the boy asked her son.

"You never know what my mom is gonna do," Billy replied.

"Ohhh, I like it!" the boy moaned.

Misty pulled her mouth off Billy's cock, looking up at them with wet, smoldering eyes.

"Of course you like it," she said softly. "A mouth feels almost like a cunt."

She drew the boy's cock into her mouth, giving a few vigorous sucks.

The boy grunted, the hot, wet pull on his cock making his balls twitch. Misty gurgled deep in her throat as she watched his expression of ecstasy.

Again she turned and closed her lips around her son's cock.

"I've always wanted to do this," she murmured throatily. "Suck two hard cocks at the same time. I wonder if I can make you both come together, in my mouth."

"You can try, Mom," Billy said, his hips jerking as he watched her lips twist and suck on the boy's cock, her hand now squeezing his balls.

"Ooooh, and I am going to try!" she moaned as she turned to suck on Billy's cock.

She sucked hard, going from one to the other. Her cunt was so juicy that the floor was wet and slippery beneath her. Her clit bulged with excited hardness, throbbing the way the two cocks throbbed. Her tits were swollen, her nipples straining upward. Her face was flushed with passion as she sucked first one, then the other, often lapping at their balls before taking a hard prick into her mouth. She purred and whimpered in delight.

"Oh, this might make me come, too!" she squealed, now jerking her face from side to side, sucking once on each cock in turn. "My pussy… my cunt is so fucking wet and hot! Ahhh, two beautiful hard cocks… full, hot balls… mmmmmmm!"

She gripped both by their balls, twisting and pulling on them as her lips devoured their cocks in turn. Her cunt burned, her ass writhing on the floor. The rumbling of orgasm was growing in the pit of her stomach, the puffy lips of her cunt expanding, her clit throbbing.

"Mmmmm!" she moaned, going from one to the other. "Oooohhh… nice! Nice, hard cocks!"

Billy and the boy were dancing now, moaning loudly. They each were leaning over a little to grasp a tit, making Misty's excitement very intense.

"Ohhh, come for me!" she cried out as she shifted to the next cock. "Come for me… for my mouth!"

Both were getting close to discharge.

Misty sucked fast and hard, her head jerking from side to side. She gripped their balls desperately, squirming her cunt on the floor, her knees flung wide apart.

The excitement became too much for the young boy.

He grabbed his cock while Misty was sucking Billy's, and began to pound it frantically, jacking off as he waited for her lips.

"Ohhh, yes!" Misty squealed when she saw him. "Jack it off! Ahhh, jack it off! You, too, Billy! You guys jack off… and come in my face! Squirt that hot sweet come juice in my cocksucking face!"

Billy and the boy jerked their cocks swiftly, hips arching forward. Misty kept her squeezing grip on their balls, her head tilted, eyes burning as she watched their fists move back and forth on their cocks. Her tongue lapped at her lips as she anticipated the hot spurt of come juice in her face.

"I'm gonna come!" the boy shouted. "Me, too!" Billy groaned. "Yes! Hurry!" Misty released a pair of balls and began to vigorously finger-fuck herself.

"Now, Mom!"

The hot spurt of her son's come juice gushed out of his cock.

Then the boy came, too.

Misty opened her mouth wide, and caught the hot squirts of their young come juice into her mouth at the same time. As her mouth filled and the taste sent her emotions reeling, her cunt exploded with a tight, almost painful, orgasm. Her mouth filled until it overflowed, the thick come juice seeping over her chin and running down her neck. She didn't swallow until they were finished, and the load was almost too much for her.


Billy showed no evidence of jealousy, just as he had promised her.

But she wanted Billy to have fun, too. She wanted him to have fun doing and not always just watching her. Billy seemed satisfied, but she knew he wasn't. The problem she had was not knowing any women intimately enough to suggest they allow Billy to fuck them as she watched. Billy talked a lot about the pretty teenaged girl they had watched finger-fucking in the dressing room, and she knew he wanted to try a different pussy.

She also knew it was up to her to find him one, a sweet little cunt that would be agreeable. She talked to him about the girls he knew at school, and realized none of them would be acceptable. They visited the shopping mall, looking over the pretty girls, unable to approach any of them, always on the lookout for another pretty girl finger-fucking. They saw many sweet crotches, tight panties, and even one naked under a skirt, but there was none approachable. They spent time in the nearby park, looking the girls over there, watching closely to see if any showed an erotic interest. They saw a lot of very young girls, tumbling about and flashing their pretty panties, but they wouldn't do, either.

Then, as strange as it may seem, they came across a young boy and a girl sneaking into the shrubbery at the park. Misty knew immediately what they were up to, and motioning for her son to be quiet, they sneaked up and watched the two.

There was no foreplay between them.

The girl rubbed the front of the boy's pants as he lifted her short dress and fondled her cunt. There was no kissing, just feeling. The boy had a nice hard-on when the girl pulled it out of his pants. The girl removed her on panties as the boy stood and stroked his cock, watching her. The girl's cunt was pink and sugary-looking with soft fuzz. She had hardly any tits to speak of, Billy's cock had become hard as he and his mother watched, and Misty squeezed it for him.

The boy lay back, and the little girl straddled him, squatting down. They watched the boy rub the head of his cock against the slit of the girl's cunt, making her squeal and wiggle her tight little ass.

Watching the two young ones made Misty's cunt burn, too. She was wearing a white T-shirt, her tits outlined, nipples straining, and a pair of hot pink, very short shorts. As they watched, moisture spread at the crotch of her shorts.

The girl squatted above the boy, letting him rub the head of his cock back and forth on her sweet, tight-looking slit. Their breathing was ragged and harsh, and Misty wished the girl would hurry and slide her almost-hairless cunt down onto that hard cock and fuck him. But they seemed satisfied with rubbing cock to cunt. The girl held her dress at her waist, peering down at his cock touching her pussy. She didn't move much, bat let the boy do most of the touching and rubbing.

They watched for what seemed a long time, and Misty began to be concerned someone would catch them. The possibilities of the young boy and girl looked good to her, and she stood up, and without letting her son know what she was doing, stepped into the bushes.

The girl gave a cry and jumped up, jerking her dress down. The boy scrambled onto his stomach, hiding his cock. They looked frightened, not startled.

"Don't be afraid," Misty said softly, taking the girl's hand. "It's okay."

Billy had been surprised at his mother's movement, and stood watching her. Misty leaned down and whispered to the girl, still holding her hand. She had turned her ass toward the still prone boy, her legs spread a bit. They boy was looking up between her long thighs at the crotch of her pink shorts.

The girl looked shy, shivering as Misty held her hand.

Billy came close, and the girl tried to jerk away, but Misty clung to her, not letting her move, the girl saw Billy's cock pushing at his pants, and a flush covered her pretty face. Misty, still whispering softly to the girl, stepped over the boy on the ground, straddling him with her back toward his face. As her son watched, she lifted the girl's dress and felt her slim hips and golden thighs, the tight swell of her small ass, and finally slid her palm between the girl's legs and felt her hot little cunt. As she felt the girl up, she bent her knees and began to squat down toward the boy's face. He was gasping and staring with huge eyes directly into her crotch.

Misty spread her crotch above the boy's face, squatting as the little girl had earlier. She held the girl's dress at her waist, and the girl was shaking, but her interest was intense. She even opened her thighs for Misty's caressing fingers. Billy, seeing the girl wasn't going to run off, pulled his cock from his pants, and Misty took the girl's hand.

"Play with it, honey," she urged. "Feel his cock."

The hot little hand gripped Billy's cock, her eyes wide, and she began to pump it. Misty, with a whimper of satisfaction, twisted her ass and lightly pushed her covered cunt to the face beneath it. She felt the boy's hands on her thighs, but not trying to push her cunt out of his face.

She lowered her crotch, rubbing the wet shorts against the boy's face and making the pretty little girl giggled suddenly.

Misty grinned up at her. "You think it tickles?"

"I know it does," she shyly replied.

"It feels very good," Misty said her voice thick.

"How can it feel good when you have your shorts on?" the girl asked.

Billy, feeling a tight, hot cheek of the girl's ass while she held his cock, said, "Anything feels good to my mom."

"Your mom!" the girl gasped. "She's your mother!"

Misty nodded. "Of course I'm his mother." The boy beneath her ass tried to push away, but Misty refused to lift her ass up. On the contrary, she pressed a little tighter on his face.

"You're not lying?" the girl asked, gripping Billy's cock very hard as she looked down into Misty's face. "You're really his mother?"

Misty nodded, smiling, sliding her fingers along the succulent slit of the girl's hairless cunt. She moved the tip of one finger into the wet tightness, making the girl gurgle and open her legs more. Moving her finger up and down slowly, Misty finger-fucked the sugary little cunt.

"Would you like to come home with us and see?" Misty asked, pushing her finger deep, her thumb rubbing at the little swollen clit.

The girl tried to see the boy's face, but Misty had it covered with her crotch.

"Okay," she said. "But Tommy gets to come, too."

"Of course he can," Misty said, and stood up, looking down at the boy as she withdrew her finger from the girl's cunt. "And he can bring that nice hard-on with him."

The boy sat up, giggling and excited. The girl took his hand and pulled him to his feet, and followed Misty and Billy back onto the lawn of the park. There was no conversation as they hurried home, the boy and girl following, holding hands. Excitement bubbled through Misty, her cunt on fire with anticipation.

Inside the house, she turned and faced them, lifting her T-shirt over her head and tossing it to the floor. The boy and girl stared at her shapely tits with open hunger. Misty offered her nipples to them, and without hesitation, both the boy and girl began to suck her tits.

Billy watched, his cock out and hard.

Misty let them suck her tits a while, then gently pushed them back. Their faces were flushed with eagerness as she unzipped her shorts, peeling them down and kicking them off. She stood naked before them, and watched the pleasure on their faces as they stared at her hairy cunt.

"You have to undress, too," Misty said, her voice husky with desire.

The boy and girl scrambled out of their clothing.

Billy undressed, too.

"Is that all you do with each other, rub cock and cunt?" Misty asked.

The girl nodded her head. "But Tommy puts his finger in me sometimes, and he comes on my pussy all the time."

"Wouldn't you like to feel his cock in your little pussy?" Misty asked.

"Ohhh, yes!" the girl squealed. "But he won't do it."

"Why not?" Misty asked the boy. "A guy don't do that to his sister," Tommy answered.

"You're sister and brother?"

They nodded.

"But that would make it better," Misty said. "Billy fucks me all the time, and I'm his mother."

The girl grabbed for Billy's cock. "Can we see you fuck him?"

"Sure," Misty said, dropping to her knees and then to her back, opening her long legs wide, the slit of her cunt showing through the soft hairs with wetness. "Come on, Billy… show them your cock up your mother's cunt."

Billy, his prick raging, dropped between his mother's thighs and fit his cock into her cunt.

The boy and girl gasped, watching intently. Billy pumped his cock up and down, fucking his mother as they stared hot-eyed. Misty spread her legs very wide, thrusting her ass up to meet Billy's cock.

After a moment, she made her son pull his cock out.

"Now, show us," she said.

The girl pulled at her brother's cock. "See, I told you other people were doing it, Tommy. You can fuck me, even if I am your sister."

The boy seemed hesitant, but his cock jerked up and down.

"Listen, why don't you fuck me," Misty said, "and Billy will fuck your sister. By the way, honey, what is your name?"

"Gloria," the girl replied.

"Okay, Billy will fuck you, and your brother can fuck me."

This seemed very agreeable to Tommy, and he offered no resistance when Misty pulled him between her thighs. Gloria watched with hot interest as her brother's cock slithered into Misty's cunt, still gripping Billy's cock. Misty, holding the cheeks of Tommy's ass, began to hump her own up and down sliding the juicy lips of her cunt onto his cock, fucking him as the boy held himself rigid on hands and knees, gasping in delight.

"Fuck her, Billy," Misty urged. "Gloria, you do want Billy to fuck you?"

"Oooooh, yes!" the little girl cried out.

Instead of falling onto her back, she dropped to her hands and knees, waggling her cute ass wantonly.

"I saw a picture like this," she explained. "I wanna fuck this way."

Billy went to his knees behind the pretty little ass, and pushed the head of his swollen cock to the puffy, tight pussy.

"It's not gonna hurt?" Gloria gasped. "You mean…" Misty asked. "Just his fingers," the girl replied. "Sweet," Misty purred. "Your first cock." Billy eased his prick, into the very tight heat of Gloria's cunt slowly, and held his breath as he felt it grip him.

Gloria wiggled her ass, eyes squeezed shut. "Oooooh, it feels so big in my cunt!"

"Are you ready?" Misty asked, jerking Tommy's hips downward, making his cock run deep.

"Oh, yes!" Gloria panted.

Billy held her hips, and began to thrust his cock back and forth.

The more he fucked her, the more Gloria squealed with delight.

Tommy, watching his sister being fucked, started ramming his cock hard and fast into Misty's cunt. Misty moved a hand to Gloria, feeling her very small, very tight tits while her son rammed his cock in and out of her little cunt from behind. She churned her rounded ass up and down, fucking it Tommy vigorously, watching her son's cock sliding in and out of Gloria's pink cunt. It was beautiful, and very exciting.

Gloria twisted her uplifted ass wantonly, and Misty slipped her hand along the rippling flesh of her flat stomach, spreading two fingers alongside her son's cock, feeling it fuck the girl. She let her son's balls rub along her palm, her other hand clutching a cheek of Tommy's ass, urging him to ram as hard and deep as he wanted into her cunt.

"Fuck it, Tommy! Ohhh, fuck my hairy cunt… Billy, fuck her tight little pussy! Oooooh, Gloria, my son will fill your sweet cunt up with hot, sweet come juice!"

"I wanna feel it come in my cunt!" Gloria screamed. "I wanna feel a cock squirt it up my hot cunt, not on it!"

"I'll come in your cunt!" Billy said, gasping as he rammed back and forth, making slapping sounds on her tight, satiny ass.

Tommy was pounding his cock frantically into Misty's pussy, his eyes glazed. Misty knew he was about to come, and she placed both her hands on his humping ass, wrapping her long legs around him.

"Give it to me!" she urged. "Ohhh, my cunt… I'm going to come with you, Tommy!"

Misty exploded at the same instant Tommy's cock spurted thick juices into her greedy, fiery cunt.

A loud, drawn-out groan came from Gloria as her orgasm convulsed her succulent cunt around Billy's cock. The flexing tightness kit like a jacking fist to him, and he grunted, spraying her pussy with rapid spurts of come juice.

As he pulled his cock out weakly, Misty saw her son's come juice bubbling from the quivering pink silt, and as Tommy sat back, she twisted swiftly and buried her face in Gloria's cunt, lapping at her son's juices hungrily, plunging her tongue into the wet tight pussy over and over and swallowing the juices.

Later, still breathing hard, she said to her son. "Now do you want to fuck your sister?"

The boy nodded eagerly.

Misty laughed with pleasure. "And then we'll do some really nasty things with each other, if you two want."

"I do!" Gloria squealed, spreading her slim legs as her brother knelt between them. "All the nasty things we can think to do!"

"We will," Misty answered as she and her son watched this first fuck between brother and sister.