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Mom_s naughty daughter

Kathy Andrews

Kathy Andrews

Mom_s naughty daughter


Lynn sat inside the pick-up truck, watching the men as they worked in the orange groves. Most of them had their shirts off, the sun glistening on their muscles.

Her tits strained against the man's shirt she wore, her nipples tingling. Her dark eyes held a smoldering expression. Her long legs, encased in tight jeans, felt a weakness and her cunt was bubbling.

It was always like this when she watched them working, the scent of oranges filling her nostrils. The smell of orange blossoms, the fresh fruit, had a heady effect upon her erotic emotions. Lynn didn't understand it she just enjoyed it.

She had inherited the orange grove when her husband passed away two years ago. When they married, he had brought her to this orange ranch right out of the city, and the lovely scents had affected her almost immediately.

For the past year, Lynn had been driving into the grove daily, watching the men work. She was the boss lady so none of the workers ever approached her. Lynn wasn't sure if she would have accepted a pass from any of them but the possibility always there.

For the past month, she had been taking ice water or lemonade out to the workers. She would haul a couple of huge containers in the back of the pick-up. This endeared her to the workers and she knew they would have done anything for the boss lady.

Lynn was also acutely aware that, if she just crooked her finger, anyone of those well muscled men would come running to her. She was not unaware of how attractive she was.

Not only did she have a beautiful face with bedroom eyes, a full mouth, and long, black hair and a small nose. She also had a fantastic body. And she had money. She was a perfect mate for any man.

As she sat in the truck now she ran her hand up and down on tightly clad thigh, her eyes on the men. They had unloaded the coolers and were back at work. She pulled her hand between her tight thighs, pushing her palm between them. A tingle rippled about her cunt as she applied more pressure at the tight crotch of her jeans. She loved to sit in the truck watching the men and fondling her pussy. She often sat for a long time, fantasizing about one, or even more of them, coming to the truck and peeking in at her when her hand was tight between her thighs.

"All those cocks," she whispered softly, rubbing up and down at her cunt. "All those beautiful cocks… sticking out… hard."

She imagined her workers before her, moving up and down the rows of trees, their flies open, all their cocks out and hard. The vision filled her eyes with moist excitement and her hand pressed and rubbed harder. She spread her legs as wide as the truck seat allowed. She could feel her cunt becoming very wet, very hot.

She slumped against the door, her eyes glassy as she watched the men. She had never opened her pants before but today the need seemed more pronounced, more hungry, more eager.

Pulling the zipper down, she opened her pants, running her fingers through the curls of soft cunt hair. She sighed as her excitement increased. The image of the men, their cocks out and throbbing for her cunt filled Lynn's mind as she shoved her hand down into her pants. She ran her fingers into the tight crotch, stroking at her deliciously inflamed clitoris, her ass writhing on the seat of the truck.

Her clitoris was very hot and she rubbed along the side of it then smashed it with the tip of her finger. The immediate response was an orgasm and her eyes turned glassy as she came, the ripples of ecstasy flooding her body and mind.

"Ooooo, nice," she murmured. "So nice."

As the convulsions calmed, she left her hand inside her pants, watching the men again. One orgasm was never enough for Lynn. She often needed more than two. She leaned into the door near the steering wheel, her pants open, and pressed her hand downward until she cupped her cunt.

If just one man would come to the truck and look in at her with her hand in the dark curls of her cunt, Lynn knew she would come very strongly. But she didn't have the nerve to call one of them. She wasn't sure what she would do if a man did actually look in at her.

"Come see my cunt you guys," she whispered, her eyes on the men, her finger fucking her cunt. She loved it when the men bent over, their pants tight on their hard asses. "Come and look at my cunt… see how hot and wet my cunt is. Show me your hard cocks! Let me hold your cocks. Let me feel that lovely hardness in my hands. Oooo, I'd love to jack everyone of you hard-cocked fuckers off! Jack all of you off at the same time!"

Her finger moved faster, her words increasing her passion. The moist, wet sounds in the cab of the pick-up excited her.

"Oooo, play with my cunt you guys," she whispered, driving her middle finger in and out of her gripping cunt. "Play with my hot cunt… make me come! Oh, finger-fuck my pussy… fuck my cunt with those hard, sweet cocks! Oh, God… fill my cunt with come juice!"

Her hand whipped frantically inside the tightness of her jeans, her cunt boiling again. She saw a man lift his hand to wave at her and as she weakly waved back, her cunt exploded into a tremendous orgasm. Her ass twisted against the seat, moans bubbling from her lips.

Her vision cleared and she jumped. The man who had waved at her was walking toward the truck. Lynn pulled her hand from her pants trying to zip them up before he arrived. She managed to conceal her open fly with the tail of her shirt.

"Something wrong, Miss Lynn?" he asked, concerned.

"No," she said, feeling a flush on her pretty face. "Nothing is wrong, Jake."

"I thought I heard you moan," he said, tipping his hat.

"It wasn't me," she said.

"Well, I guess I better get back to work, then. Sure you don't want me to drive you back to the house?" he said, looking at her closely. "You seem a little pale."

"No, l'm just fine," she replied, flashing him a grin. "I'll be okay. Thank you anyway."

She watched him return to work then started the pick-up. As she drove down the narrow, dusty road, she laughed out loud. If Jake had gotten in the truck to drive her to the house, he would have seen her open pants and the dark curls of her cunt. She stopped in front of the house, pulling up the zipper on her jeans then climbed out.

The house was old, but very well kept. It had two floors, and was huge, with three fireplaces. It had been in her husband's family for over a hundred years. The old-fashioned clock on the mantle told her that Carolyn and Bobby would be home from school soon. Lynn had just enough time to get a bath. She felt happy as she soaked in the huge, claw-footed tub.

She had been finger-fucking herself in the pick-up, watching the men, for some time now. It bad been very exciting at first and it was still exciting but it seemed to be losing some of its appeal. She still wasn't certain what her reaction would be if any of them made a pass at her or saw what she was doing.

Maybe Jake…

Jake was about her age and quite good-looking. He didn't talk like the other workers. His speech and mannerisms indicated his intelligence. She was certain he didn't belong in the groves, even though she had made him foreman of the crews.

He had showed up one day when she was desperate for men, and hired him with some misgivings. He was too well dressed, his hands too soft. He didn't give her the impression of a man used to working with his hands. Still, she needed every worker she could get. He proved to be a hard worker and he was good with the other men. He knew how to get more work out of them without making anyone mad.

Within six months. Lynn had offered him the small one-bedroom house used by the previous foreman. Jake never seemed to go any place, although he had access to a pick-up. And he didn't drink or run around the way the other workers did.

Wearing just her robe, Lynn went downstairs. The school bus was stopped on the highway and she smiled as she watched Bobby and Carolyn get off. They started up the driveway as usual, and they seemed to be bickering.

Lynn was proud, of her son and daughter. They were both doing well in high school and despite their constant bickering, they were fine children. Growing up on the ranch had been good for them, forcing them to get along because they were too far out in the country to play with other boys and girls. They always managed to entertain themselves. Carolyn had just received her driver's license and every day she asked when she could start driving to school.

Carolyn began shoving her younger brother as they came up the drive but Bobby was holding his own. Then Carolyn began running away from him, her laughter reaching Lynn. She smiled as Bobby reached for his sister, catching the pocket of her jeans. Lynn heard her daughter screech and jerk away, her pocket flapping down.

Carolyn came running into the house, out of breath, still laughing.

"Look what that little piss-ant son of yours did to my jeans, Mother!" Carolyn said, turning her back to Lynn. "He ripped my damned jeans!"

Bobby came racing into the house, giggling his head off. "Your ass is showing, Carolyn!" he yelped, pointing.

Lynn looked at the rear of her daughter's jeans. The pocket had pulled the tight material completely off one rounded cheek of his sister's ass. One creamy ass cheek showed clearly all the way to the crease where it met Carolyn's thigh. The sudden ripple of her turn surprised Lynn and she lifted the flap of the material covering her daughter's ass. Her fingers brushed the girl's soft, smooth ass flesh, and she gasped softly.

Carolyn glanced over her shoulder at her mother then turned her eyes away swiftly. Bobby had fallen to the floor, rolling about and giggling.

"Your ass is showing… your ass is showing!" he said over and over.

"Your ass is gonna be showing next, you little shit-head!" Carolyn threatened, falling on her brother and wrestling him about.

Lynn stood still, surprised that her cunt had suddenly started steaming. She watched Carolyn and Bobby thrashing on the floor, rolling over and over. Carolyn's pretty ass cheek was showing again and again, and Lynn noticed then that her daughter was struggling to pull Bobby's pants down. He was hanging onto them for life, laughing with pleasure. Carolyn sat on his thighs, jerking his fly open and trying to pull his jeans down. Lynn found herself staring at the white of her son's jockey shorts, knowing she should put a stop to this.

"There! That'll show you!" Carolyn yelped in triumph, jerking her brother's jeans to his thighs.

All sounds stopped suddenly. Bobby was no longer trying to get away from his sister. Carolyn sat on his thighs, her eyes hot. Lynn felt her legs tremble.

Bobby's cock was outlined by his jockey shorts and it throbbed visibly. He had a hard on and the head of his cock was molded by the stretching shorts. A moist spot formed where his piss hole pressed and the crotch of his shorts was filled by his young balls.

Without warning, Carolyn slapped her fingers lightly across Bobby's swollen cock.

"So that's why all those girls at school call you hunk. I can see why!"

Lynn's eyes became glassy and she had to struggle to stop looking at her son.

"That's enough you two," she said, unable to keep the tremor out of her voice. Carolyn lifted up from her bothers thighs, but she still stared at his cock. Bobby got to his feet, holding his jeans in one hand and starting up the stairs.

Lynn looked at her daughter and Carolyn saw the expression in her mother's eyes. A soft, lewd sort of giggle came from her.

"That's kind of nice, huh, Mother?"

"I'm sure I don't know what you mean, Carolyn," Lynn said.

"Come off it, Mother," her daughter said. "You saw that thing, too."

"I don't know what you're talking about," Lynn said, leaving her daughter standing there as she hurried to the kitchen. Carolyn stood looking after her mother. She was sure her mother was shaking.


In her darkened room, Lynn tossed and turned sleeplessly. The drapes were wide open, her window up. It was quite warm and what breeze came in helped same.

The moon was full and bright and she gazed at it. Her mind retained the image of her son's cock, so strong and hard inside his shorts. Bobby seemed to have a bigger cock than she would have suspected.

Lynn sighed and turned onto her back, spreading her legs wide, her arms over her head as she stretched out on top of the sheet. She was aware that her cunt was bubbling beneath her gown and that it was past midnight and she still had not dozed off.

The next day was Saturday. Unlike most people, Lynn hated the weekends. She could not drive into the groves and watch the men working.

With a sigh, she swung her legs over the bed and started down the hall, thinking a glass of milk might help her get to sleep. She felt a strange anxiety as she reached the head of the stairs. Something felt out of place and she paused, wondering. Turning around, she walked back, and realized what was wrong.

Carolyn wasn't in her room.

Suspicious now, remembering the look in her daughter's eyes, Lynn walked to her son's room. The door was cracked open and the light coming through. Almost afraid of what she would find, Lynn shoved the door open. Instantly her hand went to her throat as she swallowed a gasp.

Bobby was stretched out on his bed. He was fully naked, with Carolyn sitting next to him. Bobby's cock stood up in hardness and Carolyn was clinging to it with a tight fist, gurgling with heat.

"It's been so long since I had your cock in my hand, Bobby!" Lynn heard her daughter say. "You didn't have any hair like you do now."

Bobby wiggled his hips, shoving his hand underneath the short skirt of his sister's nightgown.

"You didn't have these titties, either, Carolyn," he said as he cupped one.

Lynn watched her son's hand moving under her daughter's gown. Carolyn's beautiful thighs showed, along with the curls of her cunt. Lynn leaned against the doorjamb, unable to take her eyes from her children. Her son's cock was big and she could see the juices beading at his piss hole as Carolyn began to run her fist up and down his cock shaft.

"Remember how we tried to fuck when we didn't know how?" Carolyn laughed. "You pressed your cock against my cunt and we thought that was real fucking. Remember?"

"Yeah," Bobby said, his voice low, his hand cupping and squeezing his sister's tit.

Their words sent flashes of boiling sensations through Lynn's body. She stared at her son's hard cock, watching unashamedly as her daughter stroked it.

"I bet we know how now." Lynn heard her daughter say. "I bet we both know how to fuck now, Bobby."

"You wanna try?" Bobby whispered.

"Have you ever fucked?" Carolyn asked.

"Yes," he admitted.

"Who?" Carolyn pressed.

"I'm not gonna tell!" he said.

"Would you tell on me?" Carolyn asked. "I mean, if I let you fuck me, would you tell anyone?"

Bobby shook his head, arching his hips up and making his sister's fist tight at the base of his cock.

"If you don't!" he promised. "I won't tell."

"I bet you've never been fucked this way!" Carolyn said spreading her knees about her brother's thighs. She grasped his balls in one hand, his cock in the other. She jacked on his cock a moment, her exposed pussy hovering above the swollen head of her brother's cock.

Lynn couldn't believe it, yet she was standing there watching. If either of them turned their eyes they would have seen her. Her cunt was boiling wetly, her clitoris straining out in throbbing hardness. The nipples of her rounded tits jutted at the front of her gown, the dark circles obvious.

"Oooo!" Carolyn murmured as she fit the head of her brother's swollen cock to her cunt. "Oh! Golly, Bobby! You feel hot as hell! You just be still and let me do this!"

Lynn saw the girl's pink cunt lips spread then stretch as the swollen head of Bobby's cock penetrated them. She saw the tip of Carolyn's clitoris smashing downward as her daughter slowly settled upon Bobby's cock. Carolyn sat there, her shoulders back, her firm tits thrusting forward against, her thin nightgown.

"Oh! Golly, Bobby! You feel so good inside my pussy!"

Bobby caressed his sister's thighs, his eyes huge as he stared at her cunt. "You're kinda tight, Carolyn," he groaned. "Are you sure you've had a cock in your cunt?"

"Yes," Carolyn mewled. "Everyone says my cunt is tight!"


"Well, only four guys," she said. "But I think you're gonna be the best!"

Lynn watched her daughter lean over Bobby's face then stretch out on top of him. Carolyn slipped her long, slim thighs along his, smashing her firm tits against her brother's chest. Her gown was at her waist, her curvy ass exposed. Lynn saw Bobby clutch his sister's ass in both his hands, straining his cock up into her cunt.

"Oh, hold my ass, Bobby!" Carolyn gurgled, fucking him. "Hang onto my ass because I'm gonna fuck your cock off!"

Lynn was drawn closer to them. She slipped into the room and stood at their feet watching her daughter's creamy ass bounce up and down. She could see her son's cock being devoured by the pink hairy lips of Carolyn's cunt, his balls looking full. She grasped one of her hot tits, digging into it harshly. Her eyes glazed with wanton hunger, her cunt pulsating almost painfully.

Carolyn's hot cunt seemed to be working up a froth at the base of Bobby's cock. Bobby only had to arch his cock up and let his sister fuck him. The sounds of their heavy breathing told Lynn of the excitement they felt.

"Ahhh, so fucking hard!" Carolyn mewled, smashing her cunt down onto her brother's cock. "Your cock is so fucking hard, Bobby! I can feel it throbbing! Oooo, I hope you have a real big, hot load of come juice in your balls!"

Lynn watched her son pulling at the tight cheeks of her daughter's ass. Carolyn's puckered asshole flashed at her and Lynn licked at her lips, squeezing hard on her tit. Her other hand slid down over her trembling stomach, going toward her fiery cunt.

"I'm coming already!" Carolyn suddenly cried.

"Me, too!" Bobby groaned, arching his cock deeper into his sister's grinding, clutching cunt.

"Oooo! I can feel you coming in my cunt!"

"I can feel your cunt, too, Carolyn!"

Lynn saw her sons balls tighten with the spasms of his cock. She saw her daughter's naked ass twist, the hair-lined lips of her cunt clenching. Quickly and silently, she slipped from the room, pulling the door closed again.

With her legs shaking, Lynn went downstairs. She tried to be angry, but couldn't. It had been beautiful, she thought. Never in her life had she dreamed that Carolyn and Bobby would do such a thing. But there they were, fucking right under her nose.

Deep in thought, her cunt still throbbing, Lynn left the house through the back door. She walked outside into the warm night wearing only her thin gown. She had had to exert a great deal of will power while in Bobby's room. She had wanted to reach out, to touch her son's balls, to stroke her daughter's creamy, naked ass. It had frightened her at first and if they had not stopped fucking when they had, Lynn knew she might have done it.

She sat in a cane lawn chair, thinking deeply. Soon, she became aware that Jake was outside his small house. Sitting in shadows, she could observe him without being seen. Already excited from watching her son and daughter fucking, she became further aroused as she watched Jake. The moonlight was quite bright and he was bare-chested, wearing only a pair of shorts.

Feeling like a voyeur again, Lynn slipped through the silent yard wanting to see his body as close as she could. She looked up at Bobby's window and saw the light was still on. Creeping around the small house, she saw Jake. He had come to the side of the house and it looked to Lynn as if he was playing with his balls. Again her hand went to her throat as she watched the man. She was well hidden behind a big, ancient oak tree, and he was directly in the moonlight.

She gasped softly when he pulled the front of his shorts to one side. Not only did his cock come free, but his balls tumbled out as well. Lynn's eyes turned glassy, steamy, as she saw Jake's long cock and hairy balls. She heard the soft moan of his self-induced pleasure, but it was only for the moment. He held his cock, arching his hips slightly and a long stream of piss gushed forth, hissing against the grass in the moonlight.

Lynn was fascinated. She had never watched a man pissing before. The strong stream seemed to go on forever, and the sound of it splashing on the ground increased her delight. Lynn felt her cunt tingling hotly, her nipples pressing against her gown. She began to tremble as she watched him, the urge to run to him and fill her hands with his hot piss very strong. As he finished pissing, she watched him shaking his cock. She watched Jake pull on his cock, then give it a few jerks. When he stuffed his cock and balls back into his shorts, she felt a distinct disappointment. Her eyes burned on his ass as he moved away, going back into his house.

She walked on shaking legs, entering her kitchen through the back door. Without turning on the light, she sat at the kitchen table for a long time, trying to sort out the things she had seen this night, trying to get her whirling emotions under control. The heat within her beautiful, perfectly proportioned body was consuming her, eating at her tits, nipples and cunt. Lynn had never felt so aroused in her life. Her cunt throbbed as if it were going to explode.

Lynn rested her head on her arms, tears of frustration seeping from her eyes. She had never felt so miserable in her whole life. The tormenting hungers inside her gnawed like some giant beast and she fought off the over-whelming desire to ram her fingers up her cunt and finger-fuck herself to exhaustion.

When she finally started up the stairs, her face was tear-streaked, her eyes red. Her face showed the intensity of her sexual torment. Her flesh felt feverish and she could feel the burning juices of her cunt smearing the inner smoothness of her thighs. Her clitoris throbbed without relief.

She heard the splashing in the hall bathroom and she froze. A lurching ache shot through her cunt and without thinking she pushed the bathroom door open and slipped inside. The tiny room was as dark as a deep tunnel.

"Carolyn?" came Bobby's sleepy voice.

"Mmm." Lynn answered, not daring to say anything.

She slipped toward her son, feeling for him in the darkness.

"That made me so sleepy, Carolyn," Bobby murmured. "But I had to piss."

Lynn felt her son's arm and her own body began to shake. Lynn pressed her tits and stomach against his back and moaned with mindless desire. She wrapped her arms about her son, sliding her hot palms downward. She touched the sparse hair at the base of her son's cock and she gasped with hunger.

Bobby's hands were at his side and Lynn's breath was hot on his shoulder as she took the base of his cock between finger and thumb. Her cunt was close to shattering as she ran her other hand down and felt her son's hot piss. She shook deliriously from head to toe. His piss was so hot, so wet, in her palm. Before he finished pissing, Lynn closed her fist about his prick and began to gently jack on it.

"That feels good, Carolyn," Bobby whispered, leaning his head back.

"Mmmmmmm," his mother responded, her voice disguised by the throatiness.

She squeezed his cock, cutting off the stream of piss. Lynn pressed her tits flat against his shoulders, rubbing her lower stomach back and forth, pressing her fiery cunt against him, trying to make her cunt convulse with orgasm. Bobby's cock hardened inside her jacking fist. Lynn ran her hand swiftly back and forth, lowering her other hand to squeeze his balls.

"Not so hard, Carolyn," he said. "You sure are jacking my cock fast. You want some more?"

Lynn moaned, licking at her son's shoulder. She bit it gently with her white teeth, pumping almost frantically on her son's cock in the darkness. She began to make soft, high pitched squeals of ecstasy, jerking faster and faster, squeezing and twisting at his young balls.

Lynn couldn't stand it any longer.

Her son thinking she was Carolyn created the most agonized desires ever within Lynn's body and mind. With sudden clarity, she realized that she could do anything with her son, anything at all, and he would never know it was his mother. He would always think it had been his sister.

With a soft, urgent cry, Lynn fell to her knees behind him. Keeping a powerful grip on his cock and balls, she shot her face forward and began to kiss and lick wetly and hotly at his young ass. Bobby gave a startled yelp, but stood in trembling pleasure. Driven almost out of her mind with lust, Lynn scraped her tongue up and down her son's ass.

Sobbing with joy, Lynn twisted her son around quickly, his hard cock slapping at her face as he turned. Feverishly, Lynn began to kiss the sides of his young cock, running the flat surface of her tongue hungrily up and down his prick shaft.

"Are you gonna suck my cock, Carolyn?" Bobby asked, his voice breaking with pleasure. "Are you going to put my cock in your mouth?"

"Mmmm," Lynn moaned in reply, shoving her face into her son's crotch.

Her long tongue was beneath his balls and she licked at them in a frenzy, her lips open wide. With his cock throbbing against her cheek, Lynn clutched his tight ass with both hands, pulling his crotch tight into her face. She whimpered then swallowed a scream as her cunt suddenly contracted, wet waves of heat boiling through her body as she came.

Crying out in passion, she shoved her face upward and gulped her son's cock into her mouth. She heard Bobby gasp. The feel and taste of his young cock between her wet lips, the hardness of it on her tongue, the swollen, dripping head pressing into her throat made her cunt burst with shattering orgasms time and again.

She held his ass tightly, her lips smashed upon the base of his cock. Lynn began to sob with ecstasy, digging her fingers into the cheeks of her son's ass. She sucked hard and fast on his cock, her throat ready to accept the load of his creamy juice. Her head bobbed and her cunt wouldn't stop coming. Each convulsion was stronger than the last and she went after his cock like a starving woman.

"I'm gonna…" Bobby gurgled, almost strangling on his words. His body was trembling violently and the more he trembled, the harder and faster his mother sucked. "Carolyn, you're gonna make me come!"

"Ooommmm," his mother moaned in ecstasy.

Lynn felt his cock swell inside her wet, hot mouth. It had been so long since she had given a blow-jab. She felt her son's body shake, then become stiff.

"I'm… ohhh!"

The eruption of his hot come juice squirted over her tongue. With the initial taste Lynn's cunt almost blew to pieces. She wailed around her son's cock then rammed her lips down against the base, drawing the honey-tasting come juice from his balls. She swallowed his come juice with wet, gulping, ecstatic sounds.

"In your mouth!" Bobby gurgled. "I'm coming off into your mouth, Carolyn! Oh, you're letting me come in your mouth! I like this, Carolyn! Coming in your mouth!"

Lynn heard her son. She was drinking down his thick, ever-so-sweet come juice, her cunt going through incredible orgasms. She was close to fainting with sheer bliss. It seemed as if her son came and came too.

She held her son's cock in her mouth when he finished coming, running her tongue over his piss hole and caressing the cheeks of his ass. Weakness came over her and she slumped toward the rim of the bath tub, her eyes glazed, her legs spreading wide, her arms loose at her sides.

"Carolyn?" Bobby asked. "Are you all right, Carolyn?"

"Mmmm," Lynn mewled.

"I'm gonna go back to bed, Carolyn," he said sleepily.

He glanced back at the opened door. There was hardly any light from the hallway but he saw one long thigh stretched out, a brush of cunt hair at the top.


When Lynn woke up late the next morning, she stretched, feeling very good. The lingering taste of her son's come juice was still in her mouth and there was a pleasant tingle between her thighs. She had come a lot the night before. As she bathed, she couldn't believe she had actually sucked off Bobby. She couldn't have done it if he had known who she was, she was sure. But with him believing she was Carolyn, she had felt more at ease. She could watch for him from now on. Maybe she would get his cock in her cunt next time. Putting on her robe, she walked downstairs and started for the kitchen. But the voices of her son and daughter brought her up short.

"Are you sure you didn't come into the bathroom with me last night, Carolyn?" Bobby asked.

"I didn't," Carolyn replied. "Then who was it?"

"You probably had a dream!" Carolyn said.

"If it was a dream, it sure was real," Bobby said. "I've never been sucked so hard in my life."

"Have you ever keen sucked off?" Carolyn teased.

"Well, not until last night."

Lynn heard her daughter laugh.

"I doubt that, Bobby! Mother isn't a cock-sucker, I don't think. If I had, been her you'd have gotten fucked, not sucked."

"Not Mom!" Bobby said.

"You don't think Mother fucks?" Carolyn replied. "You see how she dresses, those tight jeans and all. I bet she's fucking half the men on this ranch."

"Just because that's what you'd like to do doesn't mean that's what Mom's doing, Carolyn."

"I don't want to fuck half the guys here," Carolyn giggled. "I just wanna fuck Jake. That guy really turns me on."

Lynn gasped. So she wasn't the only one who wanted to fuck the foreman. She wondered if Carolyn had made any passes at Jake. She didn't feel any anger or jealousy toward her daughter. In fact, Lynn was pleased that the girl had such good taste in men.

She coughed delicately as she entered the kitchen. She stood near the sink and poured herself a cup of coffee. She felt their eyes on her, but they turned away as she sat down at the table with them. Glancing at her son, Lynn felt her lips tingle as if his cock was still between them.

"You two are sure quiet this morning!" she said. "By this time you're usually squabbling. You're not getting sick are you?"

In her mind she saw Carolyn's pretty, naked ass bouncing up and down on her brother's cock, her sugary cunt stretching around it.

"Anyone interested in a picnic today?" she asked. "It's a beautiful day for it."

"I don't have anything else to do." Bobby said.

Lynn noticed him glancing at her mouth and she ran the tip of her tongue across lips. Bobby jerked his eyes away, a faint blush on his face.

Carolyn was looking at her mother strangely and Lynn knew what was going on behind her daughter's lovely eyes. She resisted a wink, drinking her coffee. Lynn glanced down and saw that her robe had parted and her tits were almost exposed. Lynn glanced back at her daughter and their eyes locked for a moment. Then, slowly, Lynn covered her tits, still looking into her daughter's eyes. There was a growing tension between them as they prepared for the picnic. Lynn was aware of her son and daughter glancing at her speculatively.

"Why wear a dress on a picnic, Mother?" Carolyn asked.

"Because I seldom wear one," Lynn said.

"I think you're pretty, Mom!" Bobby said. "You should wear a dress more often."

"I might do that," Lynn said, smiling at her son.

There was a grassy place on the other side of an orange grove that they used as picnic grounds. The ancient trees shaded the place nicely. Spreading out the blanket, Carolyn and Bobby unloaded the food. Lynn sat on the grass leaning against the trunk of a tree, watching them.

Lynn drew one knee up, resting her chin on it. She closed her eyes, remembering the taste of her son's cock. His come juice had been especially sweet running so hotly down her throat.

With the pick-up unloaded, Bobby and Carolyn sat on the blanket. Lynn didn't know they were gazing at her exposed thigh, seeing the crotch of her panties. As she thought about sucking her son's cock, remembering her excitement at seeing Jake piss, Lynn became aroused again. She wasn't even aware that she was slowly caressing the back of her thigh.

Bobby's cock thrust against his pants and Carolyn placed her hand on it, rubbing. Carolyn saw the gleam in her brother's eyes and she leaned to his ear.

"You want to fuck her, Bobby?" she whispered. "Wouldn't you like to stick your cock in Mother's cunt? I bet you'd love to feel her hairy cunt on your prick, wouldn't you? You know it was Mother who sucked you off last night. Yes, it was Mother who gave you that blow-job."

"Quiet it, Carolyn," he hissed at her.

Carolyn was wearing a sun-suit made out of a stretchy material and she slipped a finger into the crotch, pulling it to one side.

"Look at this," she whispered lewdly into his ear. "This is a hot cunt too, Bobby. Would you like to fuck this cunt again?"

Lynn heard their whispering and peeked at them through slitted eyes. She saw her daughter pulling the crotch of her sun-suit wide, showing the hairiness of her young cunt. She saw, too, her son's cock harder with Carolyn caressing it. Lynn's foot moved, the light sound startling Carolyn. The girl quickly pulled the crotch of her sun-suit back and jerked her hand off her brother's cock.

"Let's eat," Carolyn said nervously. She knew her mother had seen what she was doing.

Suddenly Bobby grabbed his sister and shoved her over, climbing up on top of her and trying to pin her arms.

"Stop it, Bobby!" Carolyn squealed.

But he refused to stop. Carolyn began wrestling with him, squealing with pleasure. They rolled and thrashed about, twisting into Lynn. She started to get up but Carolyn grabbed her, pulling her into the wrestling match. Lynn began to laugh with them, both her son and daughter turning on her. They tickled her, making her shriek with laughter and kick her legs wildly. Her skirt hiked about her waist, her long legs and pantied hips exposed. Lynn gasped when her daughter poked at her cunt playfully.

Bobby left the fray, sitting back and watching, his eyes hot. He saw his sister make a playful grab for their mother's crotch and as Lynn scrambled to get away, her dress went almost to her tits. He saw the dark curls of her cunt hair swirling beneath her panties. His cock was throbbing.

"I thought I heard someone here," a man said.

Carolyn jumped to her knees. Lynn gasped, trying to shove her skirt down as Jake came out of the brush grinning. Lynn looked at the man, her face feeling very warm. She knew he had seen them wrestling, seen her flimsy panties.

He squatted on the edge of the blanket. Lynn's eyes dropped between his knees to the lump of his cock and she swallowed nervously.

"I'm always running people off," he said easily. "If they'd clean up after their picnics it wouldn't be bad, but I've always got to pick up their trash."

Carolyn saw the way her mother was looking. The girl stood up and motioned to her brother and they slipped away quietly. But the teenagers didn't go far. They concealed themselves in thick bushes near-by, turning to watch.

"I knew you were there last night, Miss Lynn," Jake said bluntly.

Lynn felt a shudder go through her and she stared at Jake.

"I guess you got a little excited," Jake went on. "I saw you sitting outside, Miss Lynn. And I heard you breathing and watched you go back into your house."

Lynn felt mesmerized by him. When he pulled her into his arms, she didn't resist. His mouth came down onto hers in a burning kiss.

In the bushes, Bobby stifled a giggle. Carolyn poked him, shushing him.

"I wanna see it," Bobby giggled. "I bet Mom is gonna get fucked!"

"I hope so," Carolyn murmured, opening her brother's pants and taking his cock out.

They watched their mother and Jake as Carolyn jacked on Bobby's cock. Kissing Lynn, Jake ran his hand up her thighs, shoving her dress up. Lynn moaned into his mouth as his fingers stroked the wet crotch of her panties.

"Ohhh, please, Jake," Lynn whimpered, trying to push his hand away. "Don't. Please don't. You don't know what you're doing to me."

"You want it, Lynn," Jake said. "You want to get fucked so badly. I know you watched me take a piss last night and I saw you wrestling with Carolyn and Bobby just now."

"I don't!" Lynn groaned then made a grab for his cock. "Oh, Jake, Jake!"

Carolyn and Bobby giggled softly as they saw Jake pull their mother to her feet, pressing her against his body. He lifted the back of her dress and cupped her pantied ass, squeezing the cheeks. They saw their mother rubbing against him, clinging to his neck.

"Let's get your panties off, Lynn."

Jake went to his knees and Lynn held her dress at her waist. Jake peeled her panties off and Lynn willingly stepped out of them. Bobby groaned as he saw his mothers bushy cunt.

"That's a nice pussy. Huh, Bobby?" Carolyn whispered.

"Yeah!" he grunted.

His sister pumped on his cock faster and Bobby grabbed the seat of her sun-suit. Carolyn wiggled her ass.

"What are you gonna do, Bobby?"

"Fuck you, Carolyn!" he hissed, slipping behind his sister's ass.

Carolyn mewled and braced her hands on her knees. Her eyes blazed at her mother and Jake as Bobby slipped his cock into her cunt.

"Oooo, fuck me, Bobby! Look at Mother! She's naked!"

But Lynn wasn't really naked. She had her dress flipped up at her waist and Jake was caressing her naked ass. With a grunt of pleasure, he shoved his face into Lynn's crotch, licking at her steaming cunt. Lynn yelped and grabbed the back of his head, grinding her hairy cunt into his mouth.

"Lick me, Jake!" she wailed. "Ohhh, lick my pussy! Suck it… shove your tongue up my cunt!"

Carolyn giggled, wiggling her ass while Bobby began to pound into her cunt. "Ohhh, fuck me, Bobby!"

Watching Jake sucking her mother's cunt increased Carolyn's desire. Jake's face was almost buried in her mother's hairy cunt and Lynn was trying to straddle his face. Jake held her naked ass in both hands and Lynn wiggled her hips about as his tongue plunged into the wet heat of her pussy.

Jake's cock was about to burst out of his jeans and Carolyn stared at the bulge with glazed eyes. Her little ass whipped in circles as her brother thrust his hard cock into her cunt.

"Jake, you'll make me come!" Lynn shrieked. "Your tongue… oh, God, your tongue is so long!" A shudder went through her. Lynn's ass tightened and a loud scream boiled from her mouth.

"I'm coming, Jake! Oooo, suck hard… fuck hard! Eat my cunt! Ohhh, so good!"

Carolyn groaned, feeling her brother's cock sliding in and out of her gripping cunt. She shook her naked ass about arching it into his cock.

"I'm gonna come, Carolyn!" Bobby choked, watching his mother's naked ass as Jake sucked at her cunt furiously. "I gotta come!"

His sister groaned as she came suddenly. Her young cunt clawed at his cock, the slippery lips of her pussy sucking him. Bobby rammed hard into Carolyn's pussy and his cock squirted deep into it.

Carolyn stuffed her knuckles into her mouth, holding back the scream of pleasure. Her vision blurred as she came and when she could see again, she saw her mother frantically opening Jake's pants. He had sprawled out on the blanket on his back.

"I want it!" she heard her mother groan. "Oh, Jake, I want this cock! I want to fuck your cock!"

She hauled his prick from his pants then reached in and pulled out his balls with a screech of delight! Lynn shoved her face down, her lips stretching wide as she pulled the head of his cock into her mouth. Carolyn and Bobby, his cock still inside her squeezing cunt, watched wide-eyed as their mother slipped her lips up and down Jake's cock. Lynn's dress was still at her waist and her rounded, naked ass swayed.

"You see?" Carolyn whispered. "It was Mother who sucked you off last night, Bobby!"

"I guess so," he said, awed.

Lynn sucked off Jake's cock, scrambling over on top of him, her ass gleaming in the sunlight. She squatted over Jake's throbbing cock and with a wild hiss of ecstasy she slammed her crotch down. His cock penetrated her cunt quickly and Lynn took it deeply. The lips of her hairy cunt smashed at the base of his cock and then she began to bounce, squealing and gurgling with ecstasy. Carolyn and Bobby, their eyes enormous, watched their mothers ass fucking up and down. Lynn squatted, fucking furiously on Jake's cock, pounding up and down in a frenzy, groaning and gurgling. The moist slaps of her cunt against the base of his long cock sounded loud in the otherwise quiet outdoors.

"She's a hot one," Carolyn whispered.

"I didn't know Mom was so sexy, Carolyn," Bobby gasped, his eyes fixed upon Lynn's naked bouncing ass. "She looks as if she's enjoying it."

"She is!" his sister moaned. "I just gotta try that cock myself!"

Not realizing she was being watched by her son and daughter, Lynn pounded Jake's cock furiously, arching her back, throwing her head up, squealing with ecstasy. Jake, below her, clutched at her tits, squeezing and massaging them. He watched her hairy cunt slamming down on his cock, then lifting up.

"Oooo! Jake, Jake!" Lynn wailed. "So big, so fucking big! My cunt is on fire, Jake! My cunt is melting, burning… oh, God, it's good!"

Lynn slammed down onto his cock, grinding her crotch, feeling the thick cock stretching her cunt. Her clitoris was smashed against the throbbing prick base. Her head twisted as she shrieked in ecstasy, her hair fanning wildly. Jake slipped his hands to her ass, cupping the cheeks.

"Lift up, Miss Lynn!" he growled. "Lynn, lift UP!" he groaned.

She raised her ass. Gripping the creamy checks. Jake held her up, thrusting his cock up and down, driving his prick in deep plunge after plunge. Lynn leaned over him, her hands on the blanket at his shoulders.

Carolyn and Bobby, still in the bushes, watched Jake's cock driving in and out of their mother's cunt, each upward bang making the cheeks of her ass ripple. They watched Jake squeezing her ass, the base of his cock glistening with the wetness of their mother's cunt.

"I'm doing it, Jake!" Lynn screamed. "I'm coming! Jake! Ohhh, God… so fucking good! My cunt… burning… I'm coming!"

As Lynn's cunt gripped his cock in waves of orgasm. Jake lifted her ass, banging his cock into her pussy fast, almost brutally. Lynn wailed louder. Through the tight spasms of her orgasm, she felt his cock throbbing powerfully and then he came. The thick come juice sprayed the satiny walls of her convulsing cunt, triggering a tighter orgasm inside her. She lifted her head, screaming like a banshee, her body rigid. Then, with a sob, Lynn fell, exhausted, on top of Jake.

Carolyn and Bobby remained hidden, watching Jake stroke Lynn's back gently, caressing her shivering ass. His cock slipped from her cunt, glistening wetly in the bright sunlight.

"I wish he'd hurry up and go," Bobby said.

"I hope he never goes," Carolyn said, her eyes bright as she stared at Jake's cock. "Not until I get some of his cock, too."


With dinner over, Carolyn put on her most attractive blouse and skirt.

"Going somewhere?" her mother asked.

"No. I just felt like looking pretty, Mother," Carolyn said. "Maybe I'll take a walk round the groves, I dont know."

Bobby switched channels on the television, going through them all a few times. Lynn felt something, a sort of tension in the house. She thought Bobby and Carolyn wanted to be alone. If that was the case, she would give them privacy now.

She went upstairs and lay down, reliving the day, especially fucking Jake. It had been a surprise when he showed up like that and they had started fucking almost right away. Lynn felt no embarrassment, it wasn't as if Jake were a complete stranger. She still tingled with excitement, even hoping it would happen again.

She heard the door downstairs open, then close.

Carolyn slipped from the house, Bobby watching her go with downcast eyes. He had been expecting to fuck his sister again. He knew where she was going, yet he didn't really mind. He just felt disappointed.

Carolyn walked straight to the small house. Again there was plenty of moonlight. She saw the light in his window and boldly knocked on his door.

"Anything wrong, Carolyn?" Jake asked when he saw the young girl.

"Nothing is wrong, Jake," she replied. "I was just walking around and I saw your light."

Jake looked about nervously.

"Let me come in," she said, her voice whispery, tits thrust forward.

"That wouldn't be a good idea, Carolyn!" Jake said.

"Oh? Why not?"

"Well, you know I'm alone."

"That's fine," Carolyn replied throatily.

"I'm sorry, Carolyn," he said. "It would mean all kinds of trouble. Your mother would…"

"Fuck my mother!" she said sweetly. "In fact, you already fucked her."

Jake gazed into the girl's eyes. Carolyn stared boldly back at him.

"Go home," he said, starting to shut the door.

Carolyn held it open, then stepped boldly into the house. Then, turning to face him, she said, quietly, "Shut the door, Jake."

Jake stared back at her. Carolyn was truly a beautiful girl, but she was too young for him. Carolyn smiled as sexily as she could. She jutted her hip out, licking her lips.

"You wouldn't want me to tell her, would you?" Carolyn said.

"Tell her what?" he challenged.

"I could tell her you tried to rape me," she replied.

"Yes, you could."

"You don't think she'd believe me?"

Carolyn grasped her blouse, yanking on it. It tore from one shoulder, a sugary tit exposed.

"Would she believe me now, Jake?"

He shook his head.

"Then maybe this would," Carolyn said, taking the hem of her skirt and tearing it up to her waist.

"Or this!"

She pinched her naked tit, leaving a red bruise on it. Shoving her thigh from the torn skirt, she pinched the inside of it, making another red bruise.

"Okay, okay!" Jake said. "You don't have to beat yourself up, Carolyn. What do you want?"

"You know what I want," she said, her eyes smoldering at his crotch as she pulled her ripped skirt apart.

Jake found her legs and the succulent, pink, hair-framed young cunt Carolyn revealed very enticing. Despite himself, his cock began to grow inside his jeans. Carolyn moaned softly as she watched his cock expand, her pink tongue licking over her lips.

"Do you know what you're doing, Carolyn?" he asked.

"I know very well what I'm doing!" she said in a husky voice. "If you're afraid I'm a virgin, forget it!"

Jake's cock throbbed painfully in his pants as he watched her playing with the curls of her cunt.

"Jake, I'm very good," Carolyn whispered hotly. "I'm a very good fuck. I'm not like a lot of girls. I'll do anything you want." She stepped closer to him, reaching back to shove the door shut. She was so close to him now he could literally feel the heat of her young, sweet body. His breath sucked in as Carolyn suddenly grasped his cock, her small fingers trying to curl about it.

"Oooo," she puffed, lifting her face to him, her lips pursed.

But Jake didn't kiss her. He gripped her shoulders, twisting Carolyn completely around until her back was toward him.

"Okay, you little bitch," he snarled. "You want to get fucked, then you'll get fucked!"

Jake shoved her to the floor then bent her over on her hands and knees. Carolyn wasn't frightened, only elated. She shivered, hearing him jerking his pants down.

"Oooo yes, Jake!" she gurgled, waggling her ass when he flipped her torn skirt up to her waist. "Fuck me! Oh, fuck me real hard! Give that big cock to me, Jake… ram it up my cunt!"

With his cock jerking in hardness, Jake squeezed her young ass cheeks hard enough to make Carolyn squeal. Then his thumbs pulled at the hair-lined lips of her cunt. Carolyn arched her back, pressing her cunt between her thighs. Jake didn't hesitate. He rammed his hard cock directly into her fiery little cunt with one lunge. Carolyn screamed as his thick cock split her tight cunt, but it wasn't a scream of pain. It was a scream of sudden, ecstatic pleasure and she shoved her ass back against him.

"Oooo, fuck me!" she yelled, shaking her ass. "Fuck me, Jake. Oh, your cock is so big! I love it! Fuck me hard, Jake! Ohhh, please!"

Jake dug his fingers into her slim hips, holding her still. He banged against her hot little ass as hard as he could, making Carolyn grunt. His cock stretched her pussy tightly, thrusting it in deep, his balls swinging back and forth. The harder and deeper he rammed his cock, the better Carolyn loved it. Her arms trembled and she had to lower her head and shoulders. Her cute, naked ass arched high in the air and with each thrust of his thick cock, he scooted her forward.

"Tease me, huh?" Jake grunted, driving his thick cock in and out of her gripping cunt with all the strength he had. "Threaten me with rape, will you? You little hot-assed bitch! You're gonna get raped, and raped good!"

"Ooo, rape me!" Carolyn whimpered. "Rape the piss out of me, Jake! Oh, I love that big cock! Rape me again and again! I love being raped, you big-cocked bastard!"

Carolyn shot her hand between her thighs, grabbing his swinging balls. She pulled on them, squeezing and twisting them. His hard cock seemed to stuff her cunt to capacity and the harder he fucked her, the more she squealed in ecstasy.

"Tight little cunt!" he snorted, fucking her deep. "Tight, wet, hot little cunt!"

"Yes, I am!" Carolyn moaned. "I'm hot… so fucking hot! My little cunt is hot for your big cock, inside!"

"You got it, cunt!" he snarled. "You've got every inch of my fucking cock right up your sweet pussy!"

"Fuck me! Fuck the shit out of me!"

Carolyn's cunt seemed to swell, to expand. She was on the brink of orgasm, ready to come and it was driving her crazy. She shook and twisted her creamy little ass frantically, wailing as the ecstasy grew and grew.

"Oooo, make me come!" she yelled, "Make me come, Jake! Oh, I wanna come and come now!"

His balls became tight in her hand and the throbbing of his cock increased. With a grunt of almost pain, Jake rammed her hard and deep. Come juice spurted powerfully from his cock, flooding the thirsty walls of Carolyn's velvety, clutching cunt. She gave a scream that rattled the windows as her cunt convulsed.

"Yes, yes, yes!" she sobbed.

The more her tight cunt squeezed at his cock, the more Jake came. He was amazed at the way her tight cunt seemed to suck his cock, bringing more and more creamy come juice out of his balls. Carolyn felt the hot come juice seeping past her tightly clenching cunt lips and running along the insides of her smooth thighs.

"Oh, you're filling me up!" she moaned.

"More, Jake! My cunt wants more come juice! Oooo, I have to feel a cock come off in my cunt!"

"Ahhhh!" Jake moaned, his cock going soft inside her gripping cunt.

Carolyn's hand dropped from his balls as she slumped forward. His cock pulled free and Jake sat back on his heels, breathing harshly. Carolyn rested, flat on the floor, her legs spreading about him, her lovely ass shivering.

"I didn't intend to be so rough with you, Carolyn," Jake said. "I'm sorry."

"Oh, no!" she gurgled. "It was fantastic, Jake."

He caressed her trembling ass tenderly, his big hands covering her asscheeks completely.

"Mmmmm, I need more," Carolyn whispered.

Lynn paced the house glancing at Bobby. She felt hot, her cunt throbbing.

"Where did Carolyn go?" she asked. "I don't like her wandering around the groves so late."

"She went to see Jake," Bobby said.

Lynn stopped in mid-stride. "Why would she go see him?"

Bobby stretched out on the floor, looking up at his mother. She stood close and he could see up her dress.

"You don't know why! Mom?" he asked sarcastically.

Lynn trembled, thinking of Jake fucking Carolyn. Oddly, she didn't feel angry. She wondered, instead, if Jake was enjoying it. Seeing his big cock up her daughter's little cunt made Lynn even hotter. The crotch of her panties was already wet and she knew her son was trying to peek up her dress. Shivers of delight ran over her flesh.

"You sucked my cock off, Mom," Bobby said bluntly. "That was you in the bathroom with me. I thought it was Carolyn, but now I know it was you."

Lynn stared down at him, her eyes on the front of his pants seeing the swelling of his cock. Suddenly, she grinned.

"Was I good?" she asked.

"Real good, Mom," Bobby giggled. Then he asked, "Let me see under your dress, Mom."

"Why, Bobby?"

"You don't have to act shy, Mom," he said. "Carolyn and I watched you fucking Jake. I've already seen your cunt and I wanna see it again."

"You saw? You two watched that today?"

Bobby nodded, giggling again.

"Why, you little…"

Lynn laughed and moved closer to her son, stepped over his head. Bobby looked right up between his mother's legs, seeing the smooth, inner flesh and the crotch of her panties. His cock lurched into full hardness.

"You like it, baby?" Lynn asked, her voice barely a whisper.

Having her son looking up between her legs created an intense hunger in Lynn. She licked her lips, looking down at him. She inched her dress up, holding it at her waist.

Bobby moved his hands up his mother's long legs, feeling the creamy flesh. His fingers dug into her ass, squeezing the cheeks. His cock, outlined now, was very hard.

Seeing his mother standing above his face like this was something Bobby had never dreamed about. But now he was very excited. He could see the crotch of her panties, the way it puffed out with her cunt. He slipped one hand down and fumbled with his pants, trying to get his cock out.

"Let me help you, baby," she whispered, squatting above her son's face and freeing his cock. "Oooo, so hard, Bobby!" She wrapped her fist about her son's cock, jacking on it as she pulled his balls out with her other hand. She cupped his balls, jacking with her other hand and watching his piss hole drip.

Beneath her squatting body, Bobby made a moan of delight. He lifted his head and shoved his face into the crotch of his mother's panties, sucking with his lips. He tasted the juices of her seeping cunt.

"Ohhh, that's sweet, baby!" Lynn cooed, twisting her crotch into his mouth. "You like it, Bobby? Do you like the taste of Mother's cunt?"

Before he could reply, she leaned over him, taking his cock into her mouth. The hard feel of her son's cock sent intense hunger through her body. She held her ass up, resisting the urge to smash her pantied cunt into his face. She rolled her tongue about his cock, tasting it, sucking up and down, twisting his balls gently.

Bobby sucked at his mother's panties, holding tightly to her ass. He arched his hips up, feeling his mother's mouth come down on his cock. The harder she sucked his cock, the more frantic he sucked at her wet panties.

Shaking with pleasure, Lynn slipped her hand between his mouth and her crotch. She pulled her panties to one side and lowered her hairy cunt into his mouth again.

"Ooooooo, suck that pussy, baby!" she gurgled, running her tongue about the smooth head of her son's cock. "Suck Mother's cunt! Stick your tongue in my cunt, Bobby!"

Bobby ran his tongue between the juicy lips of his mother's cunt and Lynn groaned around his cock. She shoved her hands underneath his ass and lifted, trying to swallow his cock. She felt his young balls smashing against her nose. She moved her cunt into her sons face, purring with pleasure as she sucked up and down on his hard cock. She was about to come already, the orgasms growing deep inside her cunt, and she had to exert a great deal of will power to keep from smashing her hairy, wet cunt into his face.

A scream burst from around his cock as she erupted, the convulsions sending her uplifted ass into twisting ecstasy. Bobby thrust his tongue in and out of his mother's cunt, and realizing she was coming, he began to suck and lick at her throbbing clitoris. The orgasm rippled through her until she jerked her mouth from his cock, screaming. She was sitting upright, her cunt pressing into his young face now, her hands clawing at her tits through her dress.

"I'm coming, darling! Ohhh, tongue-fuck my cunt! Fuck Mother's cunt with your tongue! I'm coming… so fucking hard!"

Bobby sucked greedily at her boiling cunt, his cock standing straight up, ready to gush at any time.

Lynn pulled her cunt from his face, sitting on the floor, her legs spread around him, the top of his head touching her pussy. "Oh, don't come, yet!" she said, watching his cock jerking about. "I'm going to fuck you, Bobby! Mother is going to put your cock in her cunt and fuck you good! Come on!"

Lynn held her skirt around her waist as she ran, her son behind her, his cock swinging. He watched her pantied ass and the flash of her long legs. Lynn ran into her room, tearing her dress from her body, and by the time Bobby came in behind her, she was peeling her panties off.

"You, too," Lynn said breathlessly. "I want you naked, too, Bobby."

As he rushed to undress, Lynn sat on the edge of her bed, legs spread wide, eyes riveted on her son's cock and balls. As soon as he was naked, she held out her arms. Bobby moved between his mother's legs, his cock prodding at her naked, swollen tits. Lynn wrapped her arms about his hips, holding his ass tightly and kissing wetly at his stomach.

"Now, Bobby," she yelped, falling onto her back and drawing her knees to her shoulders. "Fuck me now! Oooo, baby, fuck Mother's cunt with that sweet cock!"

Very anxious, Bobby slipped his cock into his mother's uplifted cunt. Lynn shrieked with ecstasy, feeling her son's cock slide easily into the slippery heat of her pussy. She pulled his shoulders down, drawing his mouth to one straining tit.

"Suck my tit, Bobby! Suck Mother's tit and fuck Mother's cunt! Oooo, fuck me, darling!"

Bobby pulled his mother's hard nipple into his mouth, driving his cock back and forth in a frenzy, his cock gripped by the hairy lips of her greedy cunt. He shoved his hands to her ass, lifting her even higher.

Lynn's mind whirled with ecstasy, her ass churning up and down, meeting the vigorous thrusts of her son's cock. She held the back of his head in one hand, the other grabbing his ass tightly.

"Oooo, suck that tit, baby… fuck that cunt!" she wailed. "I love your young cock, Bobby! Mother can fuck you as good as your sister can, darling! And Mother loves you as much as your sister! Ohhhhh, fuck my hot cunt!"

Bobby slurped at his mother's tit, his hips driving back and forth, his cock going in and out of her hairy cunt with swift, short thrusts. His balls beat at her ass, striking between the spread cheeks and onto her hot asshole. Lynn clawed at his ass, desperately trying to pull his cock deeper yet.

"I'm going to come again!" she screeched. "Ohhh, you're going to make me come again! Fuck, oh fuck!"

The searing waves of gripping orgasms burst in her cunt and the hairy pussy lips sucked at her sons cock. Lynn wailed, her head thrown back, her hips pumping wildly as she came.

"Come, Bobby! Oh, please, come in my cunt! I want to feel your cock squirting up my fucking hot cunt Bobby! Come in Mother's cunt! Oh, please, please… shoot that come juice in me!"

Bobby slammed his cock in hard and deep, groaning. His thick, hot juice gushed into her greedy cunt with splattering speed. Feeling it, Lynn's cunt convulsed time and again.

Lynn gurgled as her son reined on top of her. She held his hips tightly between her smooth thighs as he sucked in air, enjoying the feel of his breath against her naked tits.

"That was the most beautiful fuck I've ever had, darling!" she sighed, turning around on the bed and holding Bobby curled up beside her.

Carolyn came in the back door, not even bothering to hold her torn blouse and skirt together. She found the lower part of the house empty and she turned off all the lights before going upstairs. Finding her brother's room empty, she grinned to herself and headed straight for her mother's room.

The door was open, the light blazing.

She saw her mother and brother curled up together, both naked. They were sound asleep. Her mother had one leg resting on Bobby's waist and his face was close to her naked tits. Carolyn saw her brother's cock. Still wet, it rested on Lynn's inner thigh, very near her hairy cunt.

Carolyn stifled a giggle of pleasure as she undressed, leaving her clothing on the floor.

She turned out the light and slipped into bed behind her mother. Pressing her firm little tits against her mother's back and her fuzzy cunt against her mother's naked ass, the girl went to sleep, one hand cupping Lynn's tit lightly.


The first thing Lynn realized when she woke up was that someone else was in bed with her and Bobby. She felt the warm flesh of tits against her back and when it dawned on her that it could only be Carolyn, she almost jumped straight out of bed.

Wiggling her naked body from between her son and daughter, Lynn moved to the foot of the bed. She looked at them, so sweet and young and innocent as they slept. She had not seen her daughter naked for years and now she found herself fascinated by the girl's young, tantalizing body. Carolyn moaned in her sleep, turning onto her back, legs and arms sprawled. Lynn looked at her daughter's saucy tits, firm and round, with perky pink nipples. She saw the flat surface of Carolyn's stomach then fixed her gaze between her daughter's succulent thighs. The fringe of pussy hair looked soft, the lips of Carolyn's cunt pink and sugary, with the tip of her clitoris barely exposed.

The image of Jake putting his big thick cock inside that sweet pussy excited Lynn very much. Carolyn's cunt looked too small to take such a big cock. Turning her eyes to her son, Lynn stared at his cock and balls, thinking about how much pleasure they had given her. Her cunt throbbed as her clitoris began to harden.

She scooted back between her son and daughter, sitting on her heels. She cupped Bobby's cock and balls very lightly, and after a moment she placed her palm between her daughter's legs, feeling the softness of Carolyn's cunt. She wanted to stroke and feel and play, to jack Bobby's cock and finger-fuck her daughter.

The heat from her daughter's cunt and son's cock seemed to burn at her hands. Gripping Bobby's cock, she wasn't surprised to find it beginning to grow hard. She moved a finger up and down the warm slit of Carolyn's cunt a few times and then jerked her hands away from her children as they moaned in their sleep.

Sighing, Lynn went to her bathroom and started filling the tub. She sat on the toilet and pissed, remembering how she had held her son's cock as he pissed the other night. Getting off the toilet, she sprinkled a bubble soap into her bath water. The sounds of her son and daughter waking up came to her and she peeked out at them.

Carolyn was closer to Bobby now, her small hand holding his cock. Carolyn was looking down at his hard-on, her eyes showing no signs of sleepiness. Carolyn looked up and saw her mother peeking at them from the bathroom. She giggled naughtily.

"Mother, you don't have to sneak a look," she said. "You know Bobby and I are fucking."

Lynn nodded her head, then ducked back into the bathroom, sliding into the tub of hot water. It seemed there were no secrets now.

Trying to relax in the hot water, Lynn found the sounds of her son and daughter disturbing. Their soft sighs and gasps caused her cunt to tingle and pulsate. She didn't have to look at them to know that Bobby's cock was inside Carolyn's hot little cunt.

By the time she dried herself and reentered the bedroom, Carolyn was on top of Bobby, her pretty, creamy ass bouncing vigorously on her brother's rigid cock. Lynn stood a moment, her eyes gazing between her son's thighs, watching his cock appear and disappear into Carolyn's fiery pussy. Running her fingers through the damp hair of her own cunt, Lynn watched as the sweet cheeks of Carolyn's ass slapped up and down.

"Oooo, stab my cunt, Bobby!" Carolyn squealed. "Stab my hot cunt with your hard cock!"

"You're doing just fine, Carolyn," Bobby giggled.

"He's right, Carolyn," Lynn had to say. "You're doing very well!"

Carolyn looked over her shoulder at her mother, her eyes blazing with pleasure. She shoved her cunt down hard on Bobby's cock again, grinding to and fro, half sobbing and half giggling.

Carolyn squatted as if ready to piss and Bobby began thrusting his cock up, driving it into his sisters boiling cunt. His balls bounced up and down and with each upward fuck thrust, Carolyn squealed with delight. Lynn could see the way her daughter's hair lined cunt gripped Bobby's cock. The base of her sons cock was very wet from the girl's slippery cunt juices.

"Ohhhh, fuck him good!" Lynn groaned, toying with the hair of her cunt. "Oh, I've never seen anything so beautiful! Fuck her cunt, Bobby! Oooo, fuck your sister!"

Although Bobby was under his sister, he was giving her a fucking. Carolyn held her ass to let him fuck her and his grunts became louder. He was getting close to coming, Lynn knew.

Lynn leaned over, her hands on the bed, her son's feet pressing into her tits. Her eyes were wild with excitement as she stared straight at where his cock was driving into Carolyn's pulsating cunt. Lynn leaned closer and started kissing at her daughter's creamy ass, one hand going to her son's balls.

"Ohhh, hold my balls, Mom!" Bobby groaned, churning his hips furiously. "Hold my fucking balls!"

Carolyn felt the heated wetness of her mother's lips against the cheeks of her ass. She gurgled with the added thrill, leaning over her brother and arching her ass.

"Oooo, Mother!" Carolyn sobbed. "Ohhh, kiss my ass, Mother! Lick my hot ass! Bobby, fuck me… fuck my cunt! Lick my ass and fuck my cunt! Oooo, I can't take it any longer! I'm going to… to come!"

Lynn felt the trembling of her daughter's ass against her lips. She shot her tongue out and as Carolyn convulsed with orgasm, Lynn ran the tip of her tongue rapidly about Carolyn's tight asshole. Her own cunt was pulsating with searing, wet heat, her clitoris throbbing. She clung to her son's balls, feeling them swell and become tight.

Without warning, Lynn suddenly shoved her daughter forward. Bobby's cock jerked from his sister's cunt and as his come juice spurted, Lynn growled hungrily and closed her lips about the head of his prick. The thick come juice gushed and coated her tongue and with the first taste Lynn's cunt exploded, making her squeal around his cock. She sucked hard on his spewing cock, her tongue racing about his piss hole, her throat working to swallow the sweetness gushing from his balls.

"Oh! Mother!" Carolyn wailed. "What are you doing? I was coming – Bobby was coming in my cunt!"

Carolyn rested her contracting cunt on her brother's chest. She looked over her shoulder and watched her mother sucking wildly on Bobby's cock. The girl's cunt kept convulsing as she rubbed it hotly on Bobby's chest.

"I wanted his come juice in my hot cunt, Mother," she whined. "I wanted Bobby to come in my cunt."

Lynn was paying no attention to Carolyn's sobs. She was sucking the sweet, thick come juice from her son's cock and her cunt was going through a fiery rippling orgasm. Lynn made wet sounds as she swallowed. Her eyes were opal, but glazed with passion.

Carolyn rolled off her brothers chest, leaving his flesh slippery with the juices of her cunt. She sat next to him, her legs spread wide. She watched her mother sucking up and down on her son's still spewing prick.

Thinking Bobby was finished, Lynn lifted her lips and caught a final spurt of hot come juice on her chin. She squealed, closing her lips back around his cock. But he really was finished.

Lynn licked her lips, then shoved her tongue to her chin, licking up his come juice.

Carolyn's eyes blazed at her. "That's some tongue, Mother," she said.

Lynn gave a soft sigh. "You like it, honey?"

"I bet you can use that tongue like a cock," Carolyn replied, suggestively leaning back.

"And you want to find out, right?" Lynn giggled.

"Ohhh, would you, Mother?" Carolyn purred, her eyes dreamy and her expression lewd.

"Didn't you just come, Carolyn?" Lynn asked, snaking her tongue back and forth teasingly.

"I could come all day, Mother."

Drained, his cock resting between his legs, Bobby watched his mother and sister teasing each other. He turned onto his side, holding his head up with an elbow. He looked at his sister's cunt, then at his mother's darting tongue.

"Are you gonna lick her cunt, Mom? You mean you're gonna stick your tongue in Carolyn's pussy?"

Lynn laughed and shoved her face down, flipping his cock with the tip of her tongue.

"Who said I was going to suck Carolyn's cunt?" she said.

"Your tongue wants to," Bobby laughed.

Lynn lifted her head and looked at her daughter's juicy cunt.

"Maybe you're right. That is the prettiest cunt I've ever seen." Carolyn spread her legs wide, twisting her ass against the sheets. Her young cunt seemed to twinkle with wet eagerness, the small clitoris swollen.

Lynn slipped between her daughter's thighs, kissing along the inner sweetness, tasting the smooth surface of her daughter's flesh. She swirled her tongue along Carolyn's creamy thigh above her knee.

"Oh. Mother!" the girl mewled softly.

Lynn slipped her hands up and down her daughter's thighs, caressing them as she inched her licking tongue and kissing lips higher. She pawed with her mouth an inch or so from the girl's kissable cunt. Lynn sucked on the sensitive flesh tenderly, her hands stroking her daughter's hips. Carolyn stretched her legs wider, trying to smash her bubbling cunt into her mother's face.

"Mother!" Carolyn begged. "Come on, Mother! Kiss my cunt! Please, Mother I want that long tongue up my fucking cunt!"

Lynn moaned and smashed her mouth hard into her daughters cunt. She opened her lips, drawing those of Carolyn's cunt between them. She sucked hard, the tip of her tongue racing up and dawn the sweet cunt slit. She cupped her daughter's twisting ass in both her hands, lifting the girl's crotch into her mouth.

"Oooo, that's real good, Mother!" Carolyn wailed, grabbing her mother's head and grinding her cunt tightly into Lynn's face in pleasure. "Fuck me with your tongue! Oooo, use your tongue like Bobby's cock!"

Bobby leaned close, watching his mother. Lynn glanced at him, her eyes sparkling as she thrust her tongue into her daughter's cunt. Pulling her face back a little, she let her son see her tongue twist and dart about Carolyn's cunt. The fine, silky hairs of her daughter's pussy tickled Lynn's cheeks, her nose. But the slippery wetness tasted good to her and she dipped her tongue in and out of her daughter's cunt, lapping slowly. Carolyn twisted and writhed, her fingers clawing at the sheets. Her head turned from side to side and she whimpered with delight.

"Suck her, Mom!" Bobby urged, sliding his hand under his mother and gripping one firm tit. "Suck Carolyn's cunt! Tongue-fuck her pussy, Mom!"

"Yes, Mother!" Carolyn yelped, banging her cunt up and down. "Tongue-fuck my cunt!"

Bobby's eyes glazed as he watched, his cheek brushing the churning hip of his sister. He dug into his mother's firm tit cruelly, her nipple burning at his palm. Lynn made wet sucking sounds as her tongue flew in and out of her daughter's searing cunt. The seeping juices filled her mouth time and again and she had to swallow frequently. She loved the way her daughter's cunt clutched at her tongue. It excited Lynn to feel Carolyn slamming her boiling cunt hard into her face.

"Oooo, Mother! You're going to make me come!" Carolyn squealed, thrashing hard. "I'm going to come, Mother! Oooo, suck my cunt… fuck my pussy! I'm about to come right in your face, Mother!"

Lynn plunged her tongue in swiftly, her mouth covering the expanse of her daughter's cunt. Her upper lip smashed at the girl's pulsating clitoris, her bottom lip almost touching Carolyn's tight asshole. Lynn sucked, her tongue darting and twisting.

With a screech of ecstasy, Carolyn came. Her young cunt gripped hard, the hot waves of convulsions against Lynn's mouth. She dug her hands into her daughter's ass powerfully, hanging on. Carolyn sobbed with ecstasy and thrashed about wildly as she came.

Carolyn lowered her ass to the bed, gasping for air. Bobby shoved his face to her tits and began to suck one hard nipple. Lynn licked at the inner smoothness of her daughter's thighs until the girl's body became still.

Getting up, her face smeared by cunt juice, Lynn said, "No more fucking around this morning. Look at the time. You two, have to hurry now if you're going to catch the bus for school."


Lynn bathed again, luxuriating in the hot water. She leaned back in the tub, smiling to herself. Things had certainly happened fast, she thought. It was amazing how someone could go for months, frustrated to the point of near insanity and suddenly have it all right under her own nose.

She wondered about Jake, wondered if he had enjoyed fucking Carolyn the night before. She wondered about his past, where he came from, if he had ever been married, if he had children of his own.

Getting dressed, she pulled on her tight jeans and a loose man's shirt, then her boots. She filled the coolers and tossed in ice cubes. Struggling to load them into the pick-up, she drove out to the grove where the men were working.

She sat in the truck watching them. Jake was nearby, pointing out what he wanted done to a couple of the men. Lynn watched him. His jeans, as usual, were already dusty. He was bare-chested and she was drawn to his muscles as always. She honked the horn and Jake waved the men to the water.

Lynn climbed from the truck and stood to the side as the men drank. She usually stayed in the truck and now she could feel their eyes on her body, looking at her tightly clad ass, her straining tits. They were very exciting to her with their bulging muscles and leering eyes. She could feel her cunt heating as they looked hungrily at her.

Jake sat on the tail gate of the pick-up, talking to her as the men drank. He called her Miss Lynn again, just as the other men did.

"Jake," she said, "you're the boss here. You can call me Lynn."

"Better not, Miss Lynn," he said. "I have better discipline this way."

The men wandered back to work, but she stopped Jake. "Is anything wrong?" she asked.

"No," he said.

"Then what's this 'Miss Lynn' bull shit?" She stood in front of him, her hands resting on his knees. "I thought we were better acquainted."

Jake looked at her for a long time and she saw the seriousness in his eyes.

"It might have worked out, Miss Lynn," he said. "But I don't think so now. I've thought about just moving on."

"Why?" she asked.

"Things happen, Miss Lynn," he said. "A man like me just has to keep going. I find it hard to stay in one place very long."

Lynn pressed against his knees, sliding her hands up his thighs. She circled her fingertips about his cock. She glanced around the truck to make sure all the other men were back.

"I'd like to feel this nice and hard, moving on… right up my cunt, Jake." She pressed her hand into his crotch, feeling his prick start to swell.

"Miss Lynn," Jake said. "I don't think you should be touching me like this. Some of the men might get the wrong idea."

"It wouldn't be the wrong idea. I want this cock, Jake!" she said, her voice serious. "And I don't mean just right now. I'm talking about all the time."

"Look, Miss Lynn," he said, gently moving her hand off his cock. "You're a rich woman and a damned beautiful woman. You fuck like hell and any man would love to stay here with you."

"If I'm all that, why do you want to leave?"

"Because I'm not that kind of man," he said. "I don't look for rich women, beautiful or not. I'm not some fortune hunter."

Lynn searched his eyes but they were telling her just the opposite of his words. He didn't really want to leave, she saw in them. There seemed to be a pain in his eyes.

"Jake, what happened to you?"

"Nothing that concerns you, Miss Lynn," he said.

"You're not a rambler, a fruit worker," she said. "You're well-educated, Jake. What are you? What type of work did you used to do?"

"Believe it or not, I was a farmer," he said.

"Not with those hands," she snorted.

"It's true," Jake insisted. "Oh, I didn't get out and plow and dig and plant! I had hands for that."

"Oh, one of those gentleman farmers?"

"In a way!" he replied.

Lynn had worked a hand back to his cock and she felt it becoming hard beneath her caressing fingertips. But Jake didn't seem to notice. He had a faraway look in his eyes but when she began opening his tight jeans he seemed to come out of it, looking around quickly.

"Not here, Miss Lynn!" he said, starting to shove her hands away.

Lynn resisted him and pulled his cock out of his pants. She gripped it tightly before he could shove her away. "Please," he said quietly.

"Listen to me Mister Jake asshole!" Lynn snarled. "If you think you can wag this cock in here and get a job, let me make you foreman and finally get fucked by you, and then walk off as if nothing has happened, you better think again!"

"Miss Lynn, you can have any of those other guys out there," he said. "Why me? There's two dozen hard cocks just waiting to fuck your tight ass."

Lynn looked him straight in the eye. "You're probably right," she said, her voice whispery. "But I don't love any one of them."

"Love?" he asked, his voice very low.

"Yes, love, you blind asshole," she said. "I think I've been in love with you since the day you showed up." Her eyes became misty. "I love you, Jake!"

For a long time he just looked at her and his pain seemed to become deeper. "Then that's all more reason for me to leave," he finally said.

Lynn squeezed his cock, never wanting to let it go. Suddenly she lowered her head, clasping his cock between her lips and sucking up and down swiftly.

"Stop it, Miss Lynn," he said, pulling her head up. "You want the men to see you?"

"Yes," she hissed. "I want them all to see your cock in my mouth! I want them to watch me suck you off, to know how much I love you! I want you to come in my mouth while they watch, and then you can shove me to my knees right here in the dirt and piss in my fucking face!"

"Are you out of your mind?" he gasped.

"Yes," she snapped, jerking hard on his throbbing cock. "Yes, out of my mind in love with you! Come on! Throw me in the dirt and piss in my face! Piss all over me! They'll all know I'm your woman then!"

She fought free of his hands, diving her face down and closing her hips about his cock. She sucked him furiously, moaning in hunger. She shoved her mouth up and down, banging the swollen head of his cock against her throat. Jake tried once, weakly, to pull her head up again, but then he stopped.

The sun was burning down on them, the other workers only a few yards away. Lynn sucked at his cock frantically, her lips tight, her tongue swirling. The wet, sucking sounds of her mouth seemed loud to him but he couldn't stop her. Lynn sucked desperately, trying to give him the best blow-job ever. She sucked him not only because she loved the feel of a hard cock throbbing between her lips, but because she was desperate. She loved him, and was willing to do anything to keep him on the ranch with her.

Jake caressed her hair, leaning back on one hand, watching as she devoured his cock. Her cheeks sank in as she pulled her lips up his hard cock then ballooned out as she went down again. She was whimpering and gurgling, sucking harder than she ever had. Her fingers dug into his thighs and as Lynn went down, her lips at his jeans, the swollen head of his cock went deep into her throat. His piss hole dripped directly down her throat and then she pulled up, holding the smooth cockhead with her lips, her tongue swirled hotly about his piss hole. She tasted the oozing juices and then slipped her mouth off his cock, looking up into Jake's eyes.

"Call them," she hissed. "Tell them to watch how much I love you, Jake! Let them see me suck your hard cock off! I want everyone to know I'm your woman. Call them!"

She closed her lips about his cock again, sucking in such a frenzy that it felt as if she were trying to take his cock clear into her stomach. She ate his cock furiously, her long hair flying about wildly. She made as much noise as she could as she sucked Jake's cock. But the other men were too far away to hear and none of them looked back.

"Lynn, damn it," Jake said, shoving her mouth down, his cock choking her for a moment. "Oh, shit, Lynn!"

She gurgled, sucking harder yet. Jake lifted his hips, thrusting his cock up as she came down on it. Lynn felt his cock becoming harder, the throbs more powerful. Her lips stretched wide, almost splitting at the corners. But she didn't care. She wanted his hot load of come juice desperately. Whimpers boiled from her, her tongue working with her lips, striving to pull the thick sweetness from his balls.

She sensed he was holding back, trying to keep from coming. She jerked her mouth off his cock, hissing at him almost angrily.

"Come, Goddamn you! I want you to come in my cock-sucking mouth! If you don't let me have it, I'll bite this big cock right off, you hear me?"

Again she gulped his prick deeply.

Jake couldn't resist the fury of her sucking mouth any longer. He groaned and the thick, boiling come juice erupted into her mouth.

Lynn squealed, her mouth filling before she could swallow, and some of it dripped from the corners of her stretched lips. She gulped the hot come juice down, her tongue twisting in greed. The sweet come juice kept spurting from his cock for what seemed like hours. It seeped from her tight lips and ran down the shaft of his cock and she clung to the swollen head, gulping and groaning with delight.

Lynn pulled her lips from his cock tip and ran the flat surface down the shaft of his cock, licking up the come juice that had escaped her mouth. She stood up, tenderly tucking his softening cock into his pants and pulling up the zipper. Her lips were puffy, feeling bruised, and she wiped at her mouth, her eyes blazing in a combination of passion and hurt.

"Now, you son of a bitch," she said. "You're fired! Get your ass off my ranch. I don't want to see you ever again!" She started toward the cab of the pick-up but Jake grabbed her arm. He gripped her shoulders, staring into her eyes. Then he smashed his lips against hers, kissing her hotly.

Lynn jerked away and slapped him hard.

"I said you're fired, you bastard!"

Jake jumped from the tail gate of the pickup and, holding her upper arm tightly, he marched her off into the orange grove, out of sight and hearing of the men. Then he turned her toward him, gripping her shoulders.

"Okay, big man," she said. "Be rough… beat me, I don't care! I don't care about anything especially you."

"Lynn, I maybe a lot of things, but I'd never beat you. Don't you understand? I have to leave."


"Because… oh, shit!"

"Tell me, Jake."

"It's true! I was a farmer," he said, relaxing his grip on her shoulders. "I owned a big farm. Then, about a year and a half ago it burned. My wife and daughter burned in it."

"Oh, Jake!"

"That's not all of it," he said. "You see, there was trouble before that. My wife, she was, I don't know… She could only be satisfied one way when it came to sex. She didn't care about fucking, didn't care about sucking cock. Something happened to her a few years earlier and all she wanted was for me to piss on her. That always made her come. That was all she ever wanted, to get pissed on."

"I see!" Lynn said, not seeing at all.

"So I fucked my daughter," he said miserably.

Lynn sucked in her breath, waiting for him to go on.

"Yes, I fucked my own daughter. She wanted it so I can't take all the blame. My daughter was so cock-crazy she started fucking and sucking any man she could get her hands on. And my wife was the same way. My daughter was fucking and sucking them, and my wife was getting pissed on by them."

Lynn stared at him with wide eyes.

"I could have gone on living if it hadn't been for that!" he said. "You see, my wife knew I was fucking my daughter and my daughter knew what my wife and I were doing. But we could never get together, the three of us. They always refused to do what I wanted, getting their kicks with the hired help and taunting me with it instead. Then, one night they had themselves a real orgy in the house. I had been in town and by the time I got home it was all over. All that was left were the ashes. Their bodies were found with five men."

Lynn reached for him. "I know how much that hurt you, Jake, but what does it have to do with us?"

"Because, Lynn, I love you, too."

"Then why, Jake?"

"Because… Lynn, Carolyn came to me last night."

"I know," Lynn said.

"You know?"

She nodded, smiling at him. "Yes, Jake. I knew when she left the house last night where she going."

"Oh, shit, Lynn!"

"Was she good?" Lynn asked, gently.

"Lynn, how could I stay after fucking your daughter?" he said. "She tried to pull a rape scare on me and she's so… so fucking beautiful! And when she tore her blouse that pretty tit… then her skirt… her cute cunt… Lynn, I had to fuck her!"

"Jake, you can't compare us to your wife and daughter," Lynn said. "They were cruel to you. Carolyn and I aren't that way. We don't want just any man."

"I was hoping…"

"Jake, you say you love me. Okay! I believe that. But I'm not a possessive woman. You can fuck us both! Carolyn and me!"

"You wouldn't mind?" Jake said softly.

Lynn smiled at him, her eyes misty in happiness.

"In the same bed every night if you want us!"

Jake hugged her tightly, kissing her with wet heat.

"Oh, I forgot one thing," Lynn said, looking up into his eyes. "My son."

"What about Bobby? He's a damned good kid."

"You'd have to… do you mind sharing us with him?"

Jake looked at her, then burst out laughing. "So that's how it is?"

Lynn nodded. "Do you mind?"

"Not if you don't," Jake said.

They stood there, pressed tightly against each other. Jake whispered to her about his background, telling Lynn everything. She learned that he had a great deal of money from the sale of his farm, and that he wanted to stay in one place. She told him how frustrated she had been since her husband's death and told him that he was the only man she had fucked since then, except for her son. Then she told him how she had become involved with Carolyn and Bobby.

"It's exactly what I wanted with my wife and daughter!" he said.

"You've got it all right here, darling!" Lynn murmured, nuzzling his neck.

"And two of the honest cunts I've ever found," he said, chuckling.

Lynn slipped from him, falling to her knees, hugging his legs and pressing her face into his crotch. She moved her hands to his fly, opening it again. She pulled his cock out then decided to pull his jeans down. With them at his knees, she nuzzled at his cock and hairy balls, looking up at his face with smoldering, happy eyes.

"Piss on me," she whispered.

"Are you sure, Lynn?"

She nodded, smiling up at him. "I'm sure, Jake."

"You're not doing this because I said it was fun to piss on my wife, are you?"

"Darling, I want to do everything with you!" she said. "Not because of your wife or anyone else. I just want to please you. Please, Jake, piss on me!"

She knelt in the dust, her face held up, her eyes wet with perverse desire.

"Please," she whispered.

Jake took hold of his cock. Lynn slipped her hand up and held his hairy balls, her eyes burning at the head of his cock.

The hot golden stream of piss sprayed down onto Lynn's straining tits. Her shirt became soaked immediately and she whimpered, feeling his hot piss burning against her tits. She jerked the shirt open, tearing the buttons from it and arched her shoulders back, thrusting her naked tits out.

"Mmmmmm, so hot, Jake! Oooo, your piss is so fucking hot! Piss on my tits… my nipples!" She looked into his face, seeing the pleasure burning in his eyes.

"My face!" she wailed. "Piss in my face!" The hot piss splashed about her face, drenching it. It wet her hair and she pulled at his balls, urging him to piss all over her.

"You mouth," Jake groaned. "Open your mouth, Lynn! I want to piss in your mouth!"

She crooned, parting her lips. The hot piss splashed into her mouth and she stuck her tongue out, feeling his piss splash against it. Her mouth filled with his hot piss and it ran from her lips. Some of his piss slipped down her throat but she didn't mind at all. Her cunt began to throb.

Even as he pissed his cock was getting hard.

Lynn gave a loud whimper and pulled his cock into her mouth. Jake let go with a final spurt of piss and her eyes rolled as she swallowed it.

Lynn started to suck on his cock, clawing at her cunt through the tightness of her jeans. "I'm coming!" she screamed. "Oh, God… Jake! I'm coming!"

She rolled about in the dust, her ecstasy intense, her naked tits getting muddy with dirt and piss. Then she was still, looking up at him, gasping, grinning in pleasure.

"Oohhh! You just taught me something new, darling!" she said. "But I think you better bring me some water and let me clean up. What would the hired help think if they saw me this way?"

He left her to get the water. Lynn giggled and hugged herself, very happy.


Lynn wondered if she had done the right thing.

She had a great deal to offer a man. She was quite well-off, owned a nice-sized orange ranch, and she was, she knew, a fantastic fuck. If she and her money weren't enough, her daughter was included in the deal, too. Any man would have jumped at such a bargain. But she didn't want just any man. She wanted Jake.

But did he want only what she could offer? Then she remembered that he was wealthy in his own right. No, he wasn't concerned with her wealth she decided.

It was almost time for Carolyn and Bobby to come home from school. She rushed to her room and bathed. Carolyn and Bobby would have to be told about Jake. Lynn wasn't worried about Carolyn, but she worried Bobby might feel threatened. But Bobby felt no threat at all.

During the noon break at school, he sought out his sister. "Do you think Jake's gonna move in with us?" he'd asked her.

His sister shrugged. "You know about it as much as I do," she said.

"Would you like it if he did?"

Carolyn hugged herself, remembering Jake's big cock plunging into her cunt. "I wouldn't mind," she whispered.

Other students were all about them. Bobby caught sight of a lovely little girl sitting alone, her knees drawn up. He peeked at the girl's panties and his cock started swelling.

"You liked fucking him, didn't you?" he asked.

Carolyn's eyes sparkled as she nodded.

Her brother was still staring under the dress of the little girl and Carolyn glanced at his crotch. With a soft giggle, she pretended to accidentally brush her hand over Bobby's swelling cock.

"Somebody's gonna see!" he warned.

"I'm getting hot, Bobby," Carolyn murmured. "My cunt is getting wet."

"You're not the only one," he whispered back.

Carolyn looked around, then at her watch. They still had fifteen minutes to go before classes started.

"Want a fast blow-job, Bobby?"

"Where?" he replied eagerly.

"Come on," Carolyn said, getting to her feet. "We'll find a place."

They walked around the school grounds finally finding some tall shrubbery. As soon as they were hidden Carolyn went to her knees, opening her brother's pants quickly. She was already panting, her eyes hot.

Bobby stood before his sister, watching her. His cock was very hard as she pulled it free. Carolyn purred with delight as she closed her fingers around his prick, jacking him for a moment.

"Ooooo, my cunt is so wet. Bobby," she whispered, smearing the piss hole of his cock about her face.

"You're gonna make me come, Carolyn. But what about you?"

"Oh, I'll come, don't worry."

She lapped her tongue along his cock, her fingers pulling his balls free. She licked her brother's balls, the sounds of boys and girls playing filling her ears.

"What if we get caught?" Bobby asked, watching his sister's tongue lick at his balls and cock.

"Mmmmm, they're going to have to wait their turn," she giggled.

"We better hurry," Bobby said.

Carolyn sucked her brother's balls into her mouth, pressing the throbbing hardness of his cock against her cheek. Then she raced her lips to his cock, closing them about the head. She flicked her tongue against his seeping piss hole, tasting his juices. Sliding her hands around his hips, she clutched the cheeks of her brother's ass and with a powerful jerk, pulled his cock deep into her mouth.

Bobby thought he was going to come right then.

Carolyn moaned as her lips sucked back and forth on his cock. Bobby gripped his sister's shoulders, gasping in pleasure, watching her tight lips pulling on his prick. Hearing the boys and girls laughing and talking all around them only made it more exciting for him.

Carolyn, too, was excited by the nearness of others. Being on her knees, her brother's cock stuffed into her mouth, with the possibility of someone catching them, made her cunt pulsate as if it were on fire. Digging her hands into Bobby's ass cheeks, she began pushing and pulling, making his cock fuck into her mouth. She squealed softly as the pressure increased in her cunt, her succulent tits aching with desire.

"Oh, suck it, Carolyn!" Bobby groaned, his body trembling. "Oooooo, you've got a hot mouth! It's almost like fucking your cunt!"

She gobbled his cock deep into her mouth again, her tongue swirling. She bobbed her pretty face back and forth quickly then began jerking his prick, driving his cock into her mouth. Bobby understood what she wanted and grasped the back of her head. He began fucking his sister's mouth vigorously and the more he thrust, the more ecstasy Carolyn felt.

She loved the way his swollen cockhead banged into her throat, the heat of his hard cock burning against her tight lips. She closed her eyes, savoring the taste of his cock but she was fantasizing about Jake's cock. Sucking on her brother's cock while thinking about Jake's prick made her suck his cock harder and sent tremors of feverish hunger racing about her young body. Her clitoris swelled, throbbing. The lips of her cunt were swollen and she was seeping hot, slippery juices.

"Hurry, Carolyn!" Bobby gasped. "Hurry and make me come! That fucking bell is gonna go off… and I'm gonna go off, too!"

Carolyn felt her brother's cock swell and throb, and his dripping juices increased. She had to swallow more and more often, her lips squeezing hotly about his pumping cock. With each fuck-thrust his balls brushed her chin and Carolyn began to moan in passion, her cunt ready to explode.

"I'm gonna come, Carolyn!" Bobby yelped, holding his voice down as best he could. "I'm gonna come in your hot mouth!"

Carolyn moaned, nodding her head.

As the thick come juice splashed into her throat her cunt convulsed. Swaying her ass, she swallowed with greedy, thirsty gulps, her tongue being coated with Bobby's sweet juices. She dug her fingers painfully into the cheeks of his ass, her slim throat working quickly.

Bobby's body shook, his cock pressing down her throat as he came. Then the bell clanged, making them both jump.

"Just in time!" Carolyn laughed, wiping at her mouth. "We better run or we'll be late for class."

Lynn heard the school bus stopping to let her son and daughter off. She looked out the upstairs window, of her room and saw them coming up the drive holding hands.

She stood at the top of the stairs as they came in. Carolyn and Bobby looked up, both of them seeing under their mother's dress. They could see almost see to her crotch.

"It's about time you two got home," Lynn said.

"We always get home at the same time, Mom," Bobby answered. Then he giggled. "Carolyn gave me a blowjob at school!"

"Is that right?" Lynn smiled. "You two better be careful. You'll get caught one of these days."

"Fuck them!" Carolyn said.

Lynn laughed. "You know, it's usually been very lonely here when you two are at school."

"What do you mean, 'been' Mother?"

"Oh, you know," Lynn laughed softly.

"You mean Jake?" Carolyn asked.

Lynn looked at her son, nodding her head.

"He's paid to make those guys work, Mom," Bobby said. "He's not paid to fuck you all the time."

"You don't understand, Bobby," Lynn said, starting down the stairs.

She paused halfway down the stairs, looking at her son. Bobby leaned down to see farther up her dress. Lynn grinned and lifted her skirt.

"Is this what you're trying to look at?" Lynn wore no panties and her hairy cunt excited her son.

"Or is this what you want?" Lynn asked, presenting her curvy ass to them.

Bobby ran up the stairs shoving his face into his mother's ass. Feeling her son kissing at her naked ass, Lynn mewled and shook it for him.

"Mmmmmm, did you miss your mother's ass this much?"

Bobby licked at her creamy asscheeks then shoved his face into the hot crack, trying to reach her asshole with the tip of his tongue. Lynn leaned over more shoving her ass into his face. Bobby's tongue met the tight pucker and he started licking it, holding his mothers hips.

"I don't think Bobby ever cools down, Mother," Carolyn laughed as she came up the stairs. "But he's never licked my ass like that."

"Maybe you never shoved it in his face honey," Lynn whispered, wiggling her ass.

His tongue lapped at her tight asshole, licking up and down. It sent a shudder of delight rippling through her and she grasped the checks of her ass, pulling them wide. Bobby closed his lips around his mother's asshole, sucking at it hard. Carolyn stared into her brother's eyes.

"Does her asshole taste good, Bobby?" she asked, her voice quivering. With his mouth tight against his mother's throbbing asshole, Bobby nodded his head. Carolyn pressed her hand to his cock, feeling it very hard inside his pants. She opened his pants and pulled his cock out. She began to jack on him as he licked at his mother's asshole. Carolyn's other hand stroked up between her mother's thighs, cupping the hairy cunt then working a finger into it.

"Ohhhhh, this is good!" Lynn bubbled. "Suck my ass, Bobby! Ooooo, suck Mother's asshole! Finger me, Carolyn! Fuck me with your finger!"

Carolyn jerked her brother's cock swiftly, plunging her finger into her mother's tight cunt. Lynn rested her hands on the stairs, arching her ass high. With her son's tongue swirling about in her asshole and her daughter's finger up her cunt. Lynn began to wail with pleasure.

"Ahhhhh, Bobby! Lick my asshole! Lick Mother's hot ass, baby!"

Carolyn began to swirl her tongue about her mother's trembling hip, licking at her smooth flesh as she thrust her finger in and out of the hairy cunt. Pumping furiously on her brother's cock, Carolyn's young cunt was so hot she thought she could actually feel it steaming.

"I'm coming!" Lynn shouted suddenly. "So fast! It's too fucking fast! But oh, so good!"

Bobby's tongue licked faster at his mother's pulsating asshole. Carolyn, feeling her mother's cunt convulsing about her finger, fucked Lynn faster yet. Lynn's mind reeled with erotic ecstasy and she screamed loudly, her orgasm strong.

"I'm hot!" Carolyn yelped. "I'm so fucking hot! I wanna fuck!"

"Let me suck you, honey," Lynn moaned, her orgasm starting to calm down. "Let me eat your sweet cunt!"

Carolyn scrambled up the stairs, turning as she sat down. She jerked her skirt to her waist and tore her panties off. She spread her legs wide, arching her succulent cunt toward her mother's face. Bobby lifted his face from his mother's ass, looking around her and watching as she started sucking and licking his sister's cunt. His cock throbbed wildly, and he swiftly dropped his pants.

His mother's ass remained in the air and her cunt pouched invitingly from her thighs. He rubbed the head of his cock up and down the fiery cunt slit, then inched his cock up into her pussy.

"Mmmmmm, fuck me, Bobby," Lynn purred. "Fuck Mother! Ram the piss out of my cunt!"

Bobby drove his cock in deeply, plunging in and out. Lynn shoved her face back into her daughter's cunt, her tongue penetrating the wet sweetness. Carolyn groaned, looking at her brother's contorting face over their mother's back.

"Eat me! Mother!" she urged in a thick voice. "Ooooo, eat my cunt! Suck the piss out of my hot, wet pussy! Fuck her hard, Bobby! Fuck Mother's hairy cunt! Squirt your come up her hot pussy!"

Bobby fucked her powerfully, his lower stomach smacking against the creamy cheeks.

"Come on, Mom!" he shouted. "Eat Carolyn's cunt! I'm gonna fuck the piss out of your hot cunt!"

Carolyn was grinding frantically, her hips twisting and pounding, her cunt smashing into her mother's face. Squealing wildly, she held the back of her mothers head with tight hands. Bobby was beating his cock powerfully into Lynn's cunt, his cock very hard. Lynn was trying to suck and lick her daughter's cunt, but the power of her son's cock often shoved her face too hard into her daughter's pulsating pussy. Still, Carolyn ground her cunt against her mother's lips.

"Ooooo! Mother, Mother!" Carolyn wailed. "I'm going to come! I'm going to come in your fucking mouth!"

Lynn moaned, feeling the wetness of her daughter's cunt increase then the spasms struck. Lynn shot her tongue into her daughter's cunt deep, plunging it in and out, feeling Carolyn's pussy grip in tight waving convulsions. At almost the same moment she felt her son thrust his cock into her boiling cunt and hold it there. Lynn came immediately when her son's cock burst, flooding her hairy cunt with his sweet come juice.


"Are we all crazy?" Lynn laughed, leaning back on the stairs, her dress high, her cunt twinkling. "Fucking on the stairs! I can think of a dozen more comfortable places."

Carolyn sat on the stairs, her elbows on her knees, her chin cupped by both hands. A few steps down, Bobby leaned on the banister, breathing hard and glancing from his mother's cunt to his sister's pussy. His cock dangled, glistening wetly from the heat of his mother's cunt.

"When you gotta fuck, Mom," he panted, "anyplace is just as good as the next!"

Lynn giggled. "You're right about that, baby."

While she prepared them an early dinner Lynn thought about how completely comfortable she was with the change in their lives. Other people would probably have been uncomfortable, even a bit embarrassed, she thought. But she and Carolyn and Bobby seemed to accept their new relationships without question. She didn't know how the kids would accept it when Jake joined them but she knew she would see to it that they accepted him somehow.

Lynn had meant it when she told the man she loved him and now she was sure he loved her, too. He wasn't looking for a woman with money – he had his own. Jake, she felt, was looking for stability in his life. He wanted to settle down and make a new life with a new family.

Upstairs, Carolyn and Bobby were talking. Lynn didn't just know how much her children already knew. Both Carolyn and Bobby knew it was only a matter of time before Jake moved into their house. Carolyn was eager for the man to move in. Bobby really didn't care one way or the other.

"There's plenty of pussy to go around," he told Carolyn when she asked if he minded about Jake.

His sister had bathed, he watched her drying her slim body. He had finished his shower too, and sat on the toilet wearing his jockey shorts. Carolyn loved the way her brother's cock and balls made a tasty lump in his white shorts. Seeing each other in various stages of nakedness kept their excitement high.

"I think I'll just wear my panties for a while," Carolyn said, dropping the towel on the floor. "Want to help me pick out a pair, Bobby?"

They went into her room and she fished out several pairs of panties, holding them up for his approval or disapproval. Bobby finally settled on a tiny, flimsy pair and Carolyn pulled them up her slender thighs, snapping them about her hips. Bobby adjusted the crotch band so her cunt hairs curled out on each side of it.

The panties were very thin and the shadowy triangle of her cunt hair could be seen. Carolyn turned around and Bobby made sure the cheeks of her ass showed by pulling her panties in between her asscheeks. Then, with a giggle, he pressed his face to her ass, kissing each exposed asscheek.

"Ohhhh, you're so fucking horny all the time, Bobby," she purred. "Come on, let's go down stairs before you make me suck your cock."

Bobby dove at her naked tit, laughing as they left her room.

"You're just in time!" Lynn said as they tumbled down the stairs to the dinner table. "I thought I was going to have to come up and drag you two down. Were you fucking again?"

Carolyn shook her head, her eyes gleaming. "Almost, Mother," she said. "I had to make Bobby stop kissing my ass!"

"I wouldn't make him stop!" Lynn said, kissing her son's cheek and cupping the lump in his shorts. "Mmmmm, this feels very nice."

They ate in silence for a while, then Lynn told them what had been happening with Jake. After she told them, she waited anxiously for their replies.

"It wont make any difference between us," Lynn added after a moment. "Especially with you, Bobby."

"I hope not," he said. "I'm getting used to having all this pussy, Mom."

"My pussy will always be ready for you, baby," she said fondly. "That's something you don't ever have to worry about."

"Just as long as I get mine! I don't care."

Lynn wondered if she should tell them about Jake's wife and daughter. She wondered if she would let them know that he had pissed on her in the orange grove at her request. She decided to tell them about those things later.

Bobby remained at the table, watching his mother and sister clean up. His sister's tight ass was so beautiful in those skimpy panties and his naked mother was her equal. He tried to decide which ass he preferred, which ass was more beautiful, but he couldn't make up his mind.

When his mother leaned down below the kitchen sink, he watched her creamy ass spread. The pucker of her asshole flashed at him and a gleam came into his eyes. He pulled the crotch of his shorts to one side, his cock jumping free. His mother leaned on the kitchen counter, her ass jutting toward him, wiggling gently.

Lynn was talking to Carolyn, who was wiping out the sink but Bobby wasn't hearing them. He gazed at his mother's jutting ass, fascinated by its smoothness. He gripped his cock and began to stroke it, the heat in his eyes growing.

Getting to his feet, he stepped up behind his mother, his cock pointing the way. He rubbed the swollen heat of his cock along the crack of her ass and Lynn flashed him a grin, continuing to talk to Carolyn. Bobby smeared the cheeks of his mother's ass with the juices dripping from his piss hole. Lynn gave a soft groan.

Bobby pressed the head of his cock against his mother's asshole and Lynn, still talking to her daughter, pressed her ass back at him. Bobby pulled the cheeks of his mother's ass apart, watching his cock rubbing at the fiery tightness. The harder he pushed, the more Lynn pushed back.

"Ohhhh," Lynn groaned, her eyes becoming dreamy.

Bobby's cock penetrated his mother's asshole. He stood behind her and spread the cheeks of her ass as wide as he could, looking down at the way her asshole stretched about his cock. The searing heat of his mother's asshole almost made Bobby come.

Lynn arched her ass at him, gasping with pleasure when her son pressed his cock in deeper. Carolyn turned around and saw where Bobby had his cock and she gave a squeal of erotic delight. She saw her mother's asshole stretching around the base of her brother's cock.

"Ohhhh, you're up my ass, baby!" Lynn groaned. "Oh, God… you feel so fucking deep in my asshole!"

Lynn writhed her naked ass, leaning on the counter. Bobby was just short enough to fit his cock up her ass without bending his knees. He stood straight and began to plunge his cock in and out.

Carolyn's eyes were huge as she watched her brother thrusting his cock in and out of their mother's ass. Her own sweet ass clenched and she shoved a hand in front of her mother, stroking the thick curls of Lynn's cunt. Then she began to rub at Lynn's swollen clitoris.

"Ahhhhh, shit, shit!" Lynn moaned, feeling the pulsations of her son's hard cock inside the highly sensitive ring of her asshole. "God, this is good, Bobby! Oooooo, your cock feels so fucking good up my ass!"

"It looks good, too! Mother," Carolyn mewled, rubbing vigorously at her mother's distended clitoris, "it looks so damned good! Just watching Bobby's cock fucking your asshole makes mine burn!"

Lynn shook with the assault of her sons cock fucking faster and faster into her asshole. The harsh rubbing of her clitoris by her daughter made her squeal. Her tits swelled painfully, her nipples so hard they ached.

"It is good!" Lynn screeched. "It's so fucking good! Ooooo, baby, fuck Mother's tight asshole! It's been so fucking long since I've… fuck me! Oh, fuck the shit out of my asshole, Bobby!"

Carolyn shot a hand to her brother's ass, her fingers sliding down the elastic waist of his jockey shorts. She moved a finger down the crack of his fucking ass and began to rub the pucker of his asshole. Bobby grunted when he felt his sister pressing her finger up his ass. He shot a glance at her and she grinned lewdly.

"You're gonna get it too, Bobby," she said, and rammed her finger into his ass. Bobby yelped, thrusting his cock hard into his mother's asshole. Carolyn giggled and began ass-fucking Bobby with her finger. Lynn whimpered as her son's cock seemed to go through her body and into her throat with each powerful ass-fucking thrust. She shook her ass, gasping in pleasure.

Carolyn pressed her cunt against her mother's thigh, rubbing it up and down. She pulled and rubbed and pinched her mother's throbbing clitoris. Her finger shot into her brother's ass each time he pulled his cock back out of his mother's squeezing asshole. Lynn felt his cock stretching her asshole while her daughter's boiling little cunt rubbed at her thigh.

"Fuck me, Bobby!" she shrieked. "Ohhhh, fuck my ass! God! Your cock is so hard… deep up my ass! Ooooo, I'm about to come! Oh, darling… ram me hard!"

Holding his mother's hips with strong fingers, Bobby ass-fucked her in a frenzy. His sister kept plunging her finger up his ass, and each time she thrust it in. Bobby rammed his mother's asshole. His balls swung back and forth, beating against Lynn's bubbling, seeping cunt.

Carolyn rubbed her pantied cunt frantically against her mother's feverish thigh, about to come herself. She felt her brother's tight asshole become tighter, then squeeze, with pulsating heat. She rubbed hard on her mother's swollen clitoris.

Bobby rammed hard into his mother's asshole, his balls smashing against her hairy, wet cunt. The gush of come juice spewed along the walls of her ass, sending Lynn into a shrieking orgasm. The harder she came, the more her asshole gripped and sucked at her son's cock. Carolyn wailed as her cunt erupted, her ass shaking in ecstasy.

By the time her orgasm finished, Lynn was draped over the kitchen counter, her legs weak. Carolyn slumped to her knees then settled her ass down on her heels, head banging. Her hand was still inside her brother's shorts. Bobby slumped over his mother's back, his cock still inside her tight asshole.

"Ooooo, it's been so long since I've been fucked up the ass," Lynn cooed softly. "I almost forgot what it felt like."

Bobby stirred, starting to pull his cock free. But Lynn closed her asshole tightly.

"Ooooo, don't take your cock out yet, darling. I love the feel of it in me."

"Okay, Mom, if you say so," Bobby said.

"Oh, I do say so!"

Carolyn lifted her head, looking at them. The crotch of her panties was soaked, as were the insides of her slim thighs. She leaned forward and licked at her mother's thigh, then lapped at her hip.

"Mmmmm, that's nice," Lynn purred.

Bobby giggled suddenly.

Lynn's head shot up, her eyes going wide, her mouth open in surprise.

"Bobby, what are you doing?" she cried.

Bobby giggled again.

"You're… ohhh, you little fucker!" Lynn yelped, laughing.

Carolyn wondered what was happening. She couldn't see anything. Her brother's cock was still in their mother's asshole but that was all she knew.

Bobby was pissing! The head of his cock was clamped inside his mother's asshole and he was pissing hotly into her. Bobby was giggling his head off and Lynn was whimpering with surprise.

"What's going on?" Carolyn asked. "Your brother," Lynn laughed, "your fucking brother is pissing! The little motherfucker is pissing in my Goddamn asshole!"

"Really?" Carolyn asked, not believing it. "Is he really pissing in your asshole, Mother?"

"Oh, is he! God, he's about to drown me!" Lynn mewled.

Carolyn could see the shaft of her brother's cock but that was all. The head of his cock was inside their mother's ass and the gleam in her brother's mischievous eyes told her Lynn was telling the truth. She laughed, licking the flat surface of her tongue about her mother's hip.

Almost finished, Bobby pulled his cock free and Carolyn saw him finish pissing directly upon their mother's clenched asshole. Piss ran down Lynn's thighs and her flesh was shivering.

"That did it!" Lynn said. "Now you've made me want to shit and I think I better hurry!"

She ran from the kitchen, rushing to the downstairs bathroom. She held her naked ass with both hands, laughing all the way. Bobby giggled and pulled his shorts up, looking at his sister.

"Well, I had to piss," he said simply.

Carolyn laughed with him. She poked him in the ribs, making her brother double, over. She kept tickling him until he was rolling on the floor laughing loudly, doubling up and trying to make her stop.

"You little fuck face!" she laughed, getting on top of him and pinning his arms above his head. "You don't know where to draw the line! Do you?"

"I thought it was funny," Bobby said, looking up at his sister's sugary tight tits, her pink nipples rigid with pleasure. "You're gonna get surprised next."

"Oh, is that right?"

"Just wait and see," he giggled. Carolyn held his arms above his head, rubbing her soaked panties about his stomach and chest. She looked down at him, a twinkle in her eyes. Then she started to piss!

"Hey! What the fuck?" Bobby yelped, not laughing now.

The hot piss boiled through the crotch of her thin panties, soaking his chest. Carolyn laughed in delight.

"Feel it, Bobby? I'm pissing in my panties and pissing on you, too!"

Lynn came back into the kitchen and saw her daughter on top of her son. Immediately she saw Carolyn on his chest and she laughed loudly.

"That's it, Carolyn!" she laughed. "Piss on that little mother-fucker!"

Lynn went to her knees at her son's side, dipping her face down, her lips open. Through his shorts, she took his balls into her mouth. She sucked at them wetly, her eyes turned toward her daughter's ass. Carolyn lifted up slightly and Lynn gazed at the piss splashing through those thin panties.

"In his cunt-licking face!" Lynn said. "Carolyn, piss in Bobby's face! We'll show the little fuck-head!"

"Don't you dare, Carolyn!" Bobby warned, twisting his face.

His sister laughed and began inching her cunt toward his face. The hot piss sprayed from the edges of her panties, making her inner thighs as wet as his chest. Bobby yelped, trying to get free and move his face out of the sudden stream. The hot piss burned into Bobby's face and then, without warning, his sister smashed her cunt down. Bobby made a grunt, unable to turn his face away in time, and his sister pressed her pantied cunt against his mouth. He clamped his lips closed as tight as he could as Carolyn's golden piss spewed over his lips and cheeks.

"How do you like it, Bobby?" Carolyn laughed as she finished pissing. "You think it's fun to piss in mother's asshole, do you? Well, how do you like the same thing?"

"That's my face, you little bitch!" Bobby gasped, his sister's cunt hovering just a few inches above him, piss still dripping from her panties.

"Oh! I'm a little bitch, am I?" she teased.

Squeezing her son's cock, Lynn laughed. "Are you going to let him get away with that, Carolyn?"

Carolyn's eyes twinkled down at Bobby.

"Carolyn, don't you dare!" Bobby yelped, struggling to get loose. "Don't you dare, you cunt!"

"Oh, now I'm a cunt, huh?" she giggled. "Okay, you asked for it!"

She slammed her crotch against his mouth again, rubbing her wet panties into his face. Bobby didn't get his lips closed in time and he tasted her hot piss. Carolyn pressed hard into his mouth, smearing the pissy crotch about. She strained, and let go with a final squirt and Bobby had no choice but to swallow it.

"Lick my panties, Bobby!" Carolyn said. "Suck the piss from my panties!"

Excited by this new pleasure, Bobby shot his tongue out and lapped at his sister's piss-wet crotch. He began to suck, trying to get his tongue through her panties and into her cunt. Carolyn twisted and rubbed, laughing in delight. Lynn, too, was laughing lewdly, gripping hard at her son's cock. She was, not at all surprised to feel his prick starting to swell. She slipped his shorts past his balls and lowered her mouth, pulling his growing cock into her mouth. She began sucking him, sliding her hand up his piss-wet chest, her fingers slipping between his mouth and Carolyn's cunt. Lynn hooked a finger into the wet crotch of her daughter's panties, pulling them so one side. She pulled his soft cock deep into her mouth, her eyes turned to watch Carolyn's ass.

Bobby now thrust his tongue into his sisters cunt, sucking and licking, tasting her pussy juices and piss. Carolyn released his arms and Bobby wrapped them about her hips, clutching her tight ass and swirling his tongue into her cunt.

"Ooooo, suck my pussy, Bobby!" Carolyn mewled. "Do you like my cunt all pissy this way? Do you like the taste of my piss, Bobby?"

Bobby groaned, his tongue fucking into his sister's fiery cunt.

Excited by what she was seeing, Lynn sucked in a frenzy on his now thoroughly hard cock, her tongue lapping at his piss hole. She cupped his balls, rubbing them against her check, not minding the shitty taste of his cock at all.

"Oooooo, you lick my cunt so good, Bobby!" Carolyn wailed. "I'm going to have piss on you more often! Tongue-fuck me!" She thrust her cunt into his face, his tongue probing the satiny walls, his fingers digging into her asscheeks. "Ahhhh, faster, Bobby! Oooo, I'm going to come! I'm going to come in your fucking mouth!"

Carolyn screamed in ecstasy, her fiery, juicy cunt convulsing, her ass shaking.

Lynn sucked Bobby's cock hungrily, watching her daughter's ass shake as her son's lips spread wide against Carolyn's sugary cunt. Lynn squeezed Bobby's balls and before she knew it, her mouth was suddenly filling with the sweetness of his balls.


Upstairs, Lynn rested between her son and daughter, the light blazing. She was almost exhausted, drained. For the past two hours her son and daughter had been sucking and fucking her wildly. It seemed as if Bobby's cock would never go soft.

Even now he had a hard-on and he must have come four times since dinner. His shorts had been discarded, as had been Carolyn's piss-wet panties. The children had devoted all their attention to Lynn, not fucking each other just now.

She had let them position her and do whatever they wanted to her body. It had been pure ecstasy for Lynn and she must have come a couple of dozen times. Her cunt felt bruised now, her asshole pulsing with a dull, but delightful ache. She had swallowed so much of Bobby's come she felt full.

Still, Lynn wanted more.

"What we need is Jake," she said, her voice sounding tired.

Carolyn sat up, caressing her mother's cunt. "What's it like to be fucked by two guys at the same time, Mother?" she asked.

"Ooooo, it's wonderful, Carolyn. It's a fantastic feeling. A hard cock in your cunt and one up your asshole it's great!"

"I'd like to get one cock in my pussy and one in my mouth," Carolyn said. "I'd just die if I could have a guy fucking me and another prick between my lips. I'm not so sure about taking a cock in my asshole though. Doesn't that hurt, Mother?"

"God, no!" Lynn gurgled. "It's such a glorious feeling you don't ever want it to ever stop. And, baby, it sure does make you come!"

Carolyn leaned down and ran her tongue through her mother's cunt hair. She cupped a firm tit, stroking it as she shoved her tongue through Lynn's cunt hair, flicking the tip against her mother's clitoris.

Lynn's hips jerked. "Ohhhhh, you're not through with me yet?" she asked.

"Never through with you, Mom!" Bobby said, watching his sister's tongue swirl about his mother's clitoris.

His cock stood in the air and Lynn closed her fingers about it, jacking gently. She spread her legs wide, giving her daughter more room to kiss and lick at her pussy. Then Bobby pressed his lips to his mothers and sucked at her tongue.

"Your cunt tastes like come juice, Mother," Carolyn whispered.

"It should, honey," Lynn laughed. "This hard-cocked little brother of yours has come in it so fucking much!"

Carolyn probed inside her mother's cunt with her tongue, tasting her brother's come juice. She pulled her mother's pussy apart with both hands, trying to fuck her tongue in very deep.

Bobby brought his cock to his mothers face and Lynn quickly parted her lips for it. Although her mouth felt bruised the hot hardness made Lynn's lips tingle. Bobby ran his cock into her mouth, his cockhead brushing her throat, his balls resting on her chin. She moved her ass up, spreading her legs very wide. Again the thrill of orgasm was threatening her.

Bobby reached over his mother as his sister drew her knees underneath her, her creamy, sweet ass lifting into the air. While his mother sucked at his cock, Bobby stroked up and down the crack of his sister's ass, rubbing gently at the pucker of her asshole.

"Ohhhhh!" Carolyn shrieked, her face jerking up from her mother's cunt quickly. Bobby thrust his finger up her asshole.

Carolyn darted a hand behind her, grasping his wrist and trying to pull his finger from her ass.

"Oh, let him do it, Carolyn," Lynn said, slipping her lips from his cock. "You'll find out what I mean about having a cock in your ass."

Carolyn held still, her tight asshole stretched around her brother's finger. It did feel good, she decided. And when Bobby started moving his finger back and forth, fucking her in the ass with it, she began to gurgle and twist.

"It's not too bad," she said softly. "But his cock is bigger."

Lynn pulled at her daughter's thigh. "Here, put your cunt in my face, baby. It will feel better if I'm sucking your cunt." Carolyn tossed one leg over her mother's face, then buried her face back into the woman's hairy cunt. Lynn cupped the cheeks of her daughter's ass, pulling them apart. She watched her son move his finger in and out of the girl's pink asshole, then moved her tongue along Carolyn's succulent pussy slit.

Bobby pulled, his finger free of his sister's asshole, and watched his mother tongue Carolyn's cunt crack up to her ass. He watched his mother swirl her tongue about Carolyn's asshole and shoved his face down.

"Mmmmmm, you lick her ass, baby!" Lynn murmured. "You suck your sisters asshole I'm going to eat her sweet cunt!"

Bobby opened his mouth, pressing his lips around his sister's asshole, his tongue licking at the tight, steaming pucker. Lynn sucked at the puffy lips of her daughter's cunt. Carolyn moaned in pleasure and plunged her tongue deeper into her mother's come-filled cunt, lifting Lynn's crotch into her face.

But suddenly Bobby pulled back. "I'm gonna stick my cock up your asshole, Carolyn!" he declared.

"Oooooo, yes, Bobby!" she squealed, lifting her face from Lynn's pussy and wiggling her ass. "I want you to!"

His mother's eyes glittered in lewd delight at him and she nodded her permission for him to shove his cock up his sister's ass. He shoved his prick forward, rubbing the swollen, dripping head up and down Carolyn's ass crack. The contact of his cock against her boiling asshole made Carolyn whimper into her mother's cunt.

Gazing with glowing eyes up at her son's cock, Lynn swirled her tongue about her daughter's distended clitoris. Lynn shivered with eagerness to see his cock fucking that tiny puckered asshole. She squeezed her daughter's asscheeks with strong fingers, spreading them wide. She had no doubt that Carolyn would enjoy this. Sliding her tongue from Carolyn's juicy cunt, Lynn lapped along the shaft of her son's, prick.

"Ahhhhh, Mother," Bobby moaned. "Suck my balls! Suck on my balls!"

Lynn opened her lips wide and her son's balls fell into her mouth, her tongue licking at them. Bobby rubbed the head of his cock about his sister's asshole, feeling the heat from it.

Carolyn squealed with anxiety, thrusting her tongue into her mother's seeping cunt, sucking Lynn's pussy with her lips. Lynn dug her fingers into her daughter's saucy ass, spreading the cheeks then closing them about the head of her son's cock. A rippling ecstasy shot through his young body and he lifted his crotch, his balls coming out of his mother's mouth.

"Suck my cock, Mom!" he grunted, shoving the head of his cock downward. "Suck on my cock a while!"

Lynn eagerly wrapped her lips about her son's cock and Bobby pressed downward. She lifted her crotch into her daughter's face as she sucked frantically at her son's cock. Her chin was pressed against Carolyn's slippery steaming cunt, and Carolyn rubbed, pressing her cunt down as if trying to get her mother's chin inside her pussy. The girl's mouth rubbed about her mother's hairy cunt, her tongue dipping inside and swirling about Lynn's sensitive, very swollen clitoris. Carolyn lifted her mother's ass higher, feeling the hot inner surface of Lynn's creamy thighs against her face. She stroked her tongue along the delicious slit of her mother's cunt then dipped into the crack of her ass. Carolyn probed her mother's asshole and Lynn squealed around her son's cock, churning her crotch into Carolyn's face.

"Ohhhh, suck it. Mom!" Bobby groaned. "Your mouth is so fucking hot and wet! Suck my cock… suck it hard!" But Lynn shoved her son's prick out of her mouth.

"Your sister wants you to fuck her tight asshole," she panted.

She shoved her son's cock between the cheeks of her daughter's ass, placing his swollen prickhead directly upon the ass pucker. Then she gripped Carolyn's ass again, pulling the cheeks apart. She put her mouth back on the dripping cunt of her daughter, sucking the puffy lips.

Bobby stared at his cock pressing against the twinkling asshole of his sister. Carolyn gave muffled squeal, holding her ass very still. The pressure of her brother's cock at her asshole sent excitement rumbling through her naked body.

Bobby began to push and he saw his cock start to enter Carolyn's asshole. His balls became very tight and he knew that if he didn't get his cock up her ass soon he very well might have come first. He lunged hard.

Carolyn felt a searing, slicing sensation. Her head jerked from her mother's cunt as she screamed. Bobby paused, the head of his cock inside the tight ring of her asshole.

"Ohhhhh, don't stop!" Carolyn screamed. "Oh, Bobby, don't stop now! It hurts, but… ooooo, it hurts so good! Fuck me up my ass, Bobby! Ohhhh, hurry and fuck me in the ass!"

Carolyn plunged her mouth back to her mothers pulsating cunt. Lynn felt her son's balls on her face, rubbing at her nose. Still holding one of her daughter's asscheeks, she stretched her other arm back and grasped one cheek of her son's ass. Bobby moved his cock slowly, watching her ass ring stretching. Then the last inch of his cock disappeared and he was as deep inside her young asshole as he could go. She was so tight and hot, it felt as if her asshole would melt the flesh off his cock.

Then he began to thrust his cock back and forth. At first he fucked her slowly, but Carolyn was wiggling her ass, urging him to fuck her fast and hard. Lynn tongue-fucked her daughter more frantically now, moaning in pleasure, enjoying her son's balls rubbing back and forth in her face.

"So fucking tight!" Bobby grunted. "Carolyn, your asshole is so fucking tight and hot!"

Placing his hands on her hips, Bobby couldn't resist fucking faster. The faster his cock moved in and out of her asshole, the more Carolyn seemed to like it.

"Eat Carolyn's cunt, Mom! Suck her hot little pussy! Ahhhhh, Carolyn… fuck Mom's cunt with your cock-sucking tongue!" the boy cried.

Feeling the friction of her brother's cock sliding in and out of her thoroughly stretched asshole, Carolyn began to come. She screamed into her mother's thrashing pussy, the powerful pulsations of her orgasm driving her. She dug her hands into her mother's bouncing asscheeks, her tongue fucking in and out of the wet and hairy lips of Lynn's inflamed cunt.

Beneath her daughter Lynn could see the puckering stretch of Carolyn's asshole gripping Bobby's cock. She pulled her daughter's contracting clitoris into her mouth, her tongue flicking it as she sucked.

Lynn shoved her cunt into her daughter's face, grinding in tight circles, her own orgasm boiling in the pit of her stomach. She gurgled into Carolyn's convulsing cunt and then she groaned loudly as her orgasm burst like a volcano.

Although she was going through intense orgasms herself, Carolyn felt her mother's cunt clamping about her buried tongue. She grasped the tight cheek of Lynn's ass, pulling her mother's seeping pussy hard into her face. Bobby felt his sister's asshole clutching his cock in waves of rippling tightness. It seemed as if Carolyn's asshole was sucking his cock.

"I'm gonna come!" he shouted, his lower stomach slapping upon her trembling asscheeks. "I'm gonna come… come up your asshole! Ohhhhh… there, there!"

His come juice sprayed the lining of his sister's asshole and Carolyn almost lost her mind with the intensity of her ecstasy. Squirt after squirt of thick come juice flooded into her ass, increasing the force of her own convulsions.

Carolyn rested on top of her mother, her face resting in Lynn's hairy cunt, her legs spread along Lynn's head. Bobby slumped on his stomach, gasping hard. His cock rested on the back of his sisters thigh and Lynn could not resist twisting her head and licking at his dripping pisshole.

"I don't know about you two," Lynn said tiredly, "but that one fucked me out completely. I've got to rest, get some sleep."

Within minutes, still in the same position, all three were sound asleep.


"Why don't you two stay home from school today?"

Bobby and Carolyn looked up at their mother. They were having breakfast and the bus would be coming by in half an hour.

"Why?" Bobby asked. "I'm not sick, and Carolyn sure doesn't look sick, either."

"I think Mother has a good reason," Carolyn said.

"I do," Lynn smiled. "I have a very good reason."

"I'll stay home only if there's fucking involved," Bobby said. "I'm not gonna miss school unless I can have some pussy!"

"You can have all the pussy you want, baby," Lynn smiled at her son. "In fact, you can stay naked all today. All right?"

Carolyn nodded eagerly and immediately stood up and started to take her clothing off. She unbuttoned her blouse and dropped it over the back of her chair. Her perky tits stood up firmly, her succulent nipples already erect. She started to take off her skirt then stopped.

"I don't think I'll undress all the way. If Bobby wants my pussy he can always find it."

Bobby wore only his jockey shorts.

Lynn unbelted her robe, flinging it open so her tits were exposed. She finished her coffee, then rose to clear away the table.

"Want me to take this robe off?" she asked them, her eyes twinkling.

Both her daughter and son nodded and Lynn dropped the robe. The triangle of her cunt hair drew their eyes, as it always did. Lynn turned and carried dishes to the sink and their eyes followed the movement of her swelling ass.

"Let me help you, Mother." Carolyn said, starting get up.

"No, honey, I can handle these." Lynn said.

She stood at the sink, her legs parted. The hair of her cunt could be seen between them and Lynn squeezed her asscheeks together tightly then relaxed. She did this a few times and then, without saying anything, began to piss.

"Oh, Mother!" Carolyn giggled.

"Mom, you're pissing on the fucking floor!"

"Mmmmmm, I know," Lynn murmured, looking at them over her shoulder. She spread her legs wider, the golden piss splashing down. "It's exciting, dont you think?"

Carolyn's eyes glazed over as she watched. Then, with a yelp, she jumped to her feet and ran to her mother. She pressed her cunt against the cheeks of her mother's ass, sliding her hands around Lynn to cup her tit.

Still sitting at the table, Bobby watched his sister twist her cute ass, rubbing her pussy against their mother's ass. He could still see the golden piss spurting from his mother's cunt.

Lynn turned toward her daughter and grasped the girl's rounded asscheeks. Bobby's eyes were wide with excitement as he watched the women facing each other, both holding the other by the ass. Carolyn began pissing, the two golden streams mixing and splashing on the floor.

Finally Bobby got up and moved to them, his cock bulging inside his shorts. Sliding his hand between their legs, he felt their hot piss soak his palm. He lifted his hand and felt both his mother's cunt and sister's pussy at the same time. His cock throbbed and he took it out. Then, with a giggle, he went to his knees, turning around and shoving his face between their pissing cunts.

His mother and sister giggled. Looking down between their bodies they watched Bobby move his face into the stream of golden piss.

"You like that, Bobby?" Lynn asked, giggling. "You like being pissed on by us?"

Bobby didn't reply. He just held his face into the stream of piss, his cock throbbing inside his fist.

"Don't come, Bobby!" his sister gurgled. "Don't come yet!"

Both women finished pissing at the same time. When it was over Bobby shoved his face up, licking from one piss-wet cunt to the other, pounding on his hard cock.

"Now this is what I call good-tasting cunt!" he said, pulling from between their legs. "A little piss on a cunt is just right."

Lynn and her daughter laughed at him. He was still gripping his cock, when he stood up and Carolyn pulled his fist off his hard-on.

"I don't want you to come yet," she said.

She dropped her skirt, which she had held at her waist, then went down to her knees before her brother.

Lynn gripped a cheek of her son's ass, her other hand holding his cock. When Carolyn opened her mouth Lynn stuffed her son's cock between her daughter's lips. Then, after kissing her son, she too, went to her knees, kissing and licking at his hips and thighs.

"You suck my cock, too, Mom," Bobby said.

Carolyn released his cock and watched as her mother sucked it in deeply. She held her brother's balls, her eyes glazed in passion. While her mother held the swollen head of his cock between her lips, Carolyn ran her tongue up and down the boy's cock shaft, making Bobby shake in pleasure.

Lynn and Carolyn passed his throbbing cock back and forth, taking turns sucking him. Both women held a cheek of his ass now.

"Mmmmmmm, tastes good, doesn't it, Carolyn?" Lynn grinned. "Wouldn't you say that was the sweetest-tasting hard-on you've ever sucked?"

Carolyn offered Bobby's cock to her mother's mouth.

"I love to suck a hard cock, Mother! I just love it so much! My cunt gets so hot… I could come just sucking one!"

"Mmmmmm, me too!" Lynn gurgled, feeding her son's cock back to her daughter's waiting mouth. "In fact, I already came once."

"I wish you two cock-suckers wouldn't talk so much!" Bobby said.

As Carolyn sucked his cock, Lynn slipped behind her son and started licking and kissing at his ass. Bobby's cock throbbed deep inside his sister's mouth and Carolyn mewled in passion, sliding her mouth to his balls and sucking them awhile.

His mother ran the flat surface of her hot, wet tongue all over his ass then shoved it between his asscheeks. Lynn could not quite touch his asshole.

Bobby arched his ass backwards and placed his hands on the sink. Carolyn's mouth stayed with his cock even as his mother began licking about his asshole. Lynn moved a hand between her son's thighs, gripping his balls. She slid two fingers around his cock feeling her daughter's lips brushing against them.

"Ohhhhh, suck my cock, Carolyn!" he urged. "Mom, lick my asshole! Ahhhh, this is good!"

Lynn shot the tip of her tongue into her son's asshole, flicking it in and out. Bobby grunted, his eyes closing with pleasure. His cock swelled harder inside his sister's mouth, his balls starting to get very tight.

"I'm about to come!" he yelped.

Immediately Lynn pulled her face out of his ass, rushing around in front of him. Carolyn pulled her mouth off her brother's cock and Bobby gripped it, jacking it in a frenzy. Lynn pressed her cheek against her daughter's, both women holding their mouths wide open.

The hot gush of come juice burst out of Bobby's piss hole, splashing into the faces of his mother and sister. Both women squealed and Bobby jerked his cock from one mouth to the other, sometimes squirting into them, sometimes missing.

By the time he finished their faces were coated with thick come juice. When he stopped spurting, they both licked the head of his cock. Their tongues meeting as they licked up any spilled come juice. Then, turning toward each other, Carolyn and Lynn licked the come juice from one another's face.

"You two are come-crazy," Bobby laughed in delight.

"Oh God!" Lynn whimpered. "Come juice is the sweetest thing in the world! I could suck cock and drink that sweet come juice all day!"

"All day?" Carolyn giggled. "Mother, I could suck cock all day and night!"

"You just might have that chance!" Lynn said.

"What do you mean?"

Lynn looked out the window and saw Jake leaving his small house.

"That's what I mean," she said, pointing. Carolyn looked, gave a squeal and quickly dropped her skirt to the floor. Then she started running for the back door.

"Carolyn! Not naked!" Lynn called.

"Yes naked!" her daughter yelped as she flew out the door.

Lynn watched through the window, seeing her daughter run into Jake's arms. Carolyn kissed the man hungrily, pointing eagerly toward the house.

Jake looked at the window, and saw Lynn smiling out at him. He waved, wrapping an arm about Carolyn's naked waist. Lynn watched then come toward the house then turned to her son.

"Bobby, Jake is coming in. Do you want to put on your pants?"

"Do I get to fuck too?" he asked.

Lynn's eyes went soft with affection. "You'll always get to fuck me and your sister no matter who else does, too."

"Then I'll stay in my shorts."

Carolyn and Jake entered. Already Jake's cock was straining inside his jeans. He had draped his arm around Carolyn's shoulder, cupping one of her perky tits. He saw Lynn was naked and he grinned.

"I hope you don't mind!" Jake said to Bobby. "Carolyn mentioned you needed some help."

Bobby looked at him then said. "Help? You don't know how much help I could use. These two need a fucking squad of men!"

Carolyn began opening Jake's pants and Lynn shoved her hand into her son's shorts, grasping his cock, squeezing and pumping, making it grow again.

"Ooooo, two beautiful cocks, Mother!" Carolyn squealed as she pumped on Jake's cock. "I'm going to fuck and suck day and night!"

Carolyn went to her knees and pulled the head of Jake's cock into her hot little mouth. Jake looked down at Carolyn, then at Lynn.

"You meant it then," he said. "I wasn't sure you told me the truth about both of you fucking me."

"Hey, me too!" Bobby said. "You can't leave me out of this!"

"You'll get all the pussy you want, darling," Lynn said.

"I'm not going to interfere, guy!" Jake said. "It's your mother and sister right?"

Bobby grinned. "That's right," he said. "Show him, Mom. Show him I'm not gonna get left out!"

"My pleasure, baby," Lynn said, jerking Bobby's shorts down and taking his cock into her mouth.

With Carolyn sucking eagerly on his cock, Jake fondled Lynn's ass, watching her sucking hungrily on her son's cock. Very gently, he pulled his cock from Carolyn's mouth and turned her head until Carolyn's face was in her mother's ass. Carolyn made no protest at all. She lapped her tongue into her mother's asshole, then down to her cunt. Jake watched a moment then brought her mouth back to his cock.

"I just wanted to know if you'd suck a cunt, too, Carolyn," he said.

Lynn pulled her mouth off her son's cock.

"Jake. I told you I may be cock-crazy, but I don't lie. I eat a little pussy once in a while myself."

She returned to her son's cock, taking it deep, as Jake, now fucking into Carolyn's mouth, began to rub a finger about Lynn's tight asshole.

"I take it up the asshole, too," Lynn whispered with her lips close to her son's cock. "And so does my daughter. In fact, you name it… we'll do it, and gladly!"

She began sucking hungrily at her son's cock again, wiggling her ass as Jake worked a finger into her asshole. Carolyn began to suck with more greed at his cock. The only sounds being made for a while were heavy pants and the soft, wet slurps of two mouths filled with hard cock.

"Im going to give you a mouthful, Carolyn!" Jake said, ramming his finger into Lynn's squeezing asshole. "I'm going to fill your mouth, sweetheart!"

Carolyn replied with an eager moan and as Jake gushed, she gulped loudly.

"Here it comes, Mom!" Bobby yelped, sending stream after stream of come juice into his mother's mouth. Lynn waggled her ass, her cunt convulsing. Her asshole squeezed around Jake's finger.

"Now, this is what I call a fucking family!" Jake laughed as they sat at the table later, coffee cups full. Like Lynn and her children, he was now naked, too.

"Do you think we can replace your wife and daughter?" Lynn asked.

"Not only replace, but surpass," he said.

"Then let's see if we can all fit on my bed!" Lynn laughed, leading them up the stairs.