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Mom without panties

Kathy Andrews

Kathy Andrews

Mom without panties


Richard squirmed in his seat next to his mother, waiting to be seen by the doctor. It was his annual physical, and although he fought against coming, he seemed quite content now.

The pretty receptionist with blonde hair sat at her desk, in no hurry to leave. Richard was the last patient of the day, and the doctor would be calling him in soon. The blonde girl smiled at Richard every so often, giving his mother a glance.

The desk she sat at was open in front, and Richard was enjoying himself as he waited to be seen. In fact, he could have sat there the rest of the night. He felt no shame about peeking at the girl's legs under the desk. It excited him to the point that his cock was now quite hard. He could see her pretty knees, and her short, white dress was high on her thighs. When she moved a certain way – and it seemed to Richard that she moved often – he caught peeks of her creamy thighs above her nylons, and once he saw the crotch of her panties. The view was almost enough to make him come in his pants.

Glancing at his mother sitting beside him, he wondered if she could see under the desk, too. But his mother was thumbing through a magazine. He turned and looked at the girl again, and now his cock jerked. The girl had her legs spread wide under the desk, and the crotch of her pink panties and garterbelt were totally exposed. A moan came from Richard and he couldn't take his eyes off the exciting view. He had his hands in his lap, pressing on his hard cock. The blonde girl seemed to know he had a hard-on; her blue eyes teased him. When the girl began to slowly close and open her knees, Richard was sure she knew what she was doing.

Karen, his mother, saw it all from slitted eyes. At first she was disgusted with the girl, then decided maybe she didn't know she was showing herself. But as she watched, it became obvious that the girl was teasing Richard. She glanced at her son and saw how he was pressing his fists into his lap, then looked back at the girl. She was seeing what he saw. The response that came over Karen surprised her. A twitch between her legs made her jump in surprise.

Karen saw the doctor in the doorway. They smiled and greeted each other as Karen led Richard into the office. Karen had been bringing her son to Dr. Sissy Reed for the past three years. She liked the woman, had a great deal of respect for her medical knowledge, and Sissy was also very good with her son.

Sitting in a comfortable chair, Richard next to her, Karen realized how attractive Sissy was. The doctor perched on a high stool, a clipboard and pen in her hands, braced on her knees. While Sissy questioned Richard about his health, Karen looked the doctor over.

Sissy was an unusually beautiful woman, tall with a very good figure, long dark hair and almond-shaped eyes, her skin was unblemished, very soft and creamy looking. She was the picture Karen would have of a young female doctor. Sissy wore a long lab coat over a becoming silk blouse and cotton skirt.

The long slit on the left side of her skirt drooped to reveal an expanse of well-tanned flesh. Karen wasn't listening to the medical questions directed at her son; she was fascinated by Sissy. After all this time, Karen was seeing the doctor as a very desirable woman.

Karen crossed her legs and noticed a glance from Sissy, but Sissy had glanced at her legs, not her face. Karen felt, or sensed, a definite attraction between them. Used to men and women giving her admiring looks, Karen paid no attention.

"Have you been visiting your father," Karen heard Sissy asking Richard.

"He doesn't much care for his new stepmother," Karen answered for her son.

"I see," Sissy murmured. "I bet Richard is a mother's boy, right?"

"Not in the derogatory sense," Karen went on. "He's all guy, but I think he loves me very much."

Richard looked up at his mother with a smile, then back to the doctor. "I'm always gonna be with my mom. I ain't never gonna leave her, like my dad did."

"Good!" Sissy exclaimed.

While Sissy continued the questions, Karen noticed the doctor's knees were parting. They moved slowly away from each other, as if Sissy was too absorbed to notice. Karen saw the creamy inner softness of the doctor's thighs, then noticed that her son was seeing it, too. Again, his hands were shoved between his thighs, but he was bold, never flinching his eyes from Sissy's slowly parting knees. Karen's breath caught when she saw the tight crotch of Sissy's panties. She wondered if she should let the woman know, since she was so preoccupied with her questions. Richard was answering in grunts now.

Sissy lowered one foot, the creamy smoothness of her thigh becoming more exposed. Then Sissy reached for something on her desk. Her thighs parted wide, and strands of her cunt hair flashed quickly. Karen heard her son make a stifled moan, and saw him press his wrists harder into his crotch.

"Okay, honey," Sissy said, sliding from the stool. "Hop up on the table. You know the routine by this time."

Karen was amused to see her son trying to conceal his bulging cock as he climbed onto the examining table. Usually Sissy asked for her help, but this time she unbuttoned Richard's shirt and removed it herself. Karen thought Sissy was caressing her son's bare chest more than examining it, but knowing nothing of medicine, she wasn't sure. When Sissy began listening to his chest, Karen noticed that the doctor was very slowly and lightly rubbing one of her tits against Richard's upper arm. She knew that was not part of an examination.

"Sounds great," Sissy announced, standing in front of Richard, lifting his arms. She put her hands on his shoulders. "Hold your arms toward me."

Richard shoved his hands out as if reaching for Sissy's swelling tits. Karen watched, more interested than surprised, as Sissy brought Richard's shoulders forward, causing his outstretched hands to cross. Her gaze followed her son's hands, and saw them brush over Sissy's tits. She thought she saw the woman tremble slightly.

"That's good, Richard," Sissy said, her voice suddenly quite low, a throaty sound. "Now, lie back and let's see what's going on in your tummy."

Karen watched Sissy probe her son's stomach in a professional manner. Then when she began to unbuckle Richard's pants he suddenly grabbed them.

"Hey, fella," Sissy grinned. "You're not turning bashful on me now, are you?"

Karen knew why her son grabbed his pants; his cock was still hard and he didn't want to have it exposed. There was a playful tug of war between Sissy and Richard, with Sissy tickling him, making him giggle and squirm.

At the right opportunity, Sissy jerked Richard's pants to his knees. Richard flung an arm over his eyes bashfully as his cock reared up in throbbing hardness.

"You don't have anything to be bashful about, Richard," Sissy said, her voice unmistakably husky.

The woman's long fingers moved up and down his thigh in a caressing manner, and it seemed to Karen that the woman gazed hungrily at his upstanding cock. Karen found that she was becoming aroused, her cuntjuice seeping into the crotch of her panties. Her eyes were glowing as she gazed at her son's hard cock and the way Sissy stroked her hand up and down his thigh. Karen felt heat between her legs, and squeezed them tightly. She was leaning forward slightly, watching the way her son's cock jerked. Sissy was standing on the opposite side of the table, facing Karen. Sissy glanced at Karen, and the two women stared into each other's eyes for a long moment. There was a tense atmosphere in the office.

"This is normal," Sissy said, indicating Richard's beautiful hard-on. "He's of the age now where it will happen quite often." It was an unnecessary explanation, and Karen knew it. "Richard is remarkably well developed. We've got to see if there are any lumps in his bal… testicles."

Karen felt an anticipation come over her, hoping Sissy would touch her son's balls, maybe his cock. She had never felt that way about her son before, and it shook her momentarily. She wanted to touch him, grip his cock and squeeze it, fondle his balls.

When Sissy's fingers moved toward Richard's balls, Karen saw that she moved slowly, caressing, on his inner thigh. Her son's body was trembling, but he still kept his eyes covered with his arm. Karen heard a soft sigh come from Sissy as her fingers gently prodded Richard's balls. It was obvious to Karen that the woman was not feeling for any lumps, but feeling his balls for the sheer pleasure of it.

Richard was moaning softly, trying to keep from twisting on the table. Karen's eyes smoldered now, gazing at every move Sissy's fingers made. Sissy, through lowered lashes, watched the reaction this was having on Karen. She was pleased by what she saw, the way Karen writhed her ass on the chair, her lips open as she gasped quietly, eyes boiling hot.

Karen watched Sissy's fingers lift Richard's balls, cradling them in her palm, giving them gentle squeezes. Each time she squeezed, Richard's cock jerked, and his prick seemed to be dripping more. In fact a drop of fluid had started to run along the smoothly swollen head of his cock. She ran her tongue over her lips as she watched the fluid trickling down his prickshaft.

Sissy slipped her thumb and forefinger to the base of Richard's cock, and Karen wasn't surprised now when the woman pulled upward on it, bringing a glistening bead of juice to his piss hole. All pretense of examination was over. It was now obvious to Karen that her son's doctor was more interested in Richard's cock and balls than continuing with her exam.

Sissy, was trying to make it look professional, but failed at times. Karen thought perhaps Sissy was playing a waiting game, wanting to find out what Karen would do if she simply grasped Richard's cock and jacked it off. She was sure that if she had waited in the outer office, Sissy would have done just that.

Sissy was back at his balls now, squeezing them tenderly, her eyes looking down with an expression that was anything but professional. The way her tits rose and fell under her silk blouse told Karen that the woman was intensely excited, and becoming more so. Karen felt she should say, something, to put a stop to this here and now. Yet she was as excited as the doctor.

While Sissy fondled his balls, Richard gave a moan, and his cock suddenly gushed.

"Ohhhhh!" Sissy moaned.

"Ahhhhhh!" Karen hissed.

Sissy squeezed Richard's balls hard now as she and Karen watched come juice spurt high into the air, then arc over and fall onto Richard's stomach. The creamy come splashed down until his stomach was coated, glistening wetly. Sissy, Karen saw with hot eyes, grasped the base of Richard's cock and squeezed it, her tongue licking her lips. Richard spewed jism for a long time, more than Karen thought possible. His cock jerked wildly as Sissy gripped it at the base, a glob of come almost striking her chin.

"Wonderful," Sissy mewled. Then she pretended to become professional again. "That's the proper reaction for a teen his age, Karen. It was expected. I'd say Richard is very healthy."

She cleaned Richard's stomach with tissue, then wiped the head of his cock. Her voice seemed unusually throaty and Karen understood it. She was afraid to use her own voice, afraid it would betray her excitement. She nodded her head in agreement with Sissy, but her gaze remained on her son's cock. Surprisingly, his prick was still quite hard.

Sissy turned from him. "You can pull your pants up now, honey. I think we're finished for now." She sat at her desk and wrote into his chart for a few moments, then swung her chair around to face Karen, crossing her long legs, the slit of her skirt falling away. Richard had his pants up and was buttoning his shin, his face a bit pink, but there was a shy smile on his face.

"Karen, I'd like to see Richard again next week. I found nothing wrong with him, but there are a few more things I'd like to try."

Karen nodded her head, looking at Sissy's exposed thigh. "If you want," she said, her voice quivering.

"He's such a big teen," Sissy said, smiling at Richard, who was now dressed and sitting on the table. "There's no need for you to come with him. I'm sure there are many things you want to do besides bring your son to a doctor's office."

Their eyes met, and for a moment Karen saw the hungry desire in the woman's eyes. She was sure what Sissy meant: alone with Richard, she could get away with things. Today had been, she thought, accidental. It was obvious to Karen that Sissy wanted to do more with Richard, maybe fuck him.

"I don't mind," she said softly.

"I want my Mom with me," Richard replied.

For a moment Karen thought she saw embarrassment in Sissy's eyes, but that wasn't it at all. It was something else, speculation maybe.

"Well, I guess that's it for this time. And by the way, this exam is on me. You won't get a bill, Karen."

Sissy had a grin on her beautiful face when she saw that his cock still bulged against the front of his pants. With all pretense gone, Sissy ran her palm over him, petting his cock. "Yes, I'd say Richard was very well developed for his age. Now, remember, next week."


The image of her son on the examining table refused to leave her mind.

For the next two days, Karen seemed to be in a constant state of arousal, her tits swollen, her nipples extremely sensitive, her cunt pulsating wetly. She was more excited than she could remember, even more than that long-ago day when she found out she not only loved to fuck, but craved a hard cock the way some girls craved to date the campus hero.

Since visiting Sissy's office, she noticed, too, that Richard stayed in the house more than ever. He had no interest in racing about the neighborhood, playing ball, riding his bike or anything else but being with her. He was, at first, shy when they came from the doctor's office, quiet and seemingly embarrassed that she had seen his cock shoot jism. But before bedtime that night, he was a chatterbox, talking a mile a minute about anything and everything but what had happened earlier.

Karen wasn't about to let him make his next appointment alone. She wanted to see what happened next. She admitted to herself that she wanted to see her son's cock and balls, watch Sissy make him come again. On the other hand, she felt a burning desire to give his balls a squeeze, herself, to feel his cock throbbing in her hand, making him come.

Now, two days later, she was aware that Richard walked about with a hard-on most of the time, not even trying to keep her from seeing it. He seemed proud of his hard cock, glancing at her often to see if she was noticing it. Karen was seeing his prick, all right. She couldn't keep her eyes, off the front of his pants, watching his cock bulge against them, her hands itching to take it, her cunt pulsating for his prickhead, her mouth watering in cocksucking hunger.

It was almost ten in the evening, and she sat on the couch in the living room. Her son sprawled in a chair, his legs stretched out. The front of his pants bulged, as it had been for the past two days. Karen looked at him openly, no longer secretly looking. She enjoyed seeing his cock hard and there was no reason why she should not look.

"Richard," she said, her voice soft. "Did you enjoy your examination?"

"It was the best yet," he said. "You know it was, Mom."

"I thought so," she said, nervously smiling. "Any teen would enjoy being examined that way, I'm sure."

"You wanna examine me, Mom?" he asked, giggling. His hands acted as if he was going to open his pants.

"You wouldn't dare," she said, her eyes blazing with heated desire.

"I would too!"

She saw his eyes sparkling. "I guess you would, wouldn't you?"

"Sure. Why not?"

For a moment Karen made no reply, her tongue licking over her lips.

"That's right… why not?" she whispered, her cunt starting to swell in the tight confines of her panties. "It wouldn't be the first time, would it?"

Richard laughed as his fingers opened his pants. Karen stared hotly at him, watching as he jerked his fly wide, a hand digging inside, then pulling his cock out. She gasped with pleasure as she saw it, long and throbbing, the head so smooth and round.

"Oh, my God!" she hissed, leaning forward, her fingers digging into the cushions of the couch. "Richard!"

"You wanna examine me, Mom?" her son asked, his voice showing excitement. "I don't mind; you can examine me he way the doctor did."

Karen gasped when he stood up, his cock standing out very hard. As he started toward her, his cock pointing the way, she drew back, but her gaze never left his cock. When he stood in front of her, her hand lifted from the couch and started reaching for his cock. She stopped a few inches away. Richard shoved his pants down to his knees, holding his shirt up, his hips arching forward.

Staring at his cock and balls, Karen knew there was no way she could stop herself from touching him. With a moan, she reached out to cup his balls. They felt so good in her palm, her cunt almost convulsed into, orgasm. She squeezed her thighs tightly, and her fingers closed about his balls tenderly. His cock jerked up and down, beaded at his piss hole with seeping pre-cum.

"Ohhhh, baby!" she hissed, fondling his balls. "You're so beautiful! So very beautiful!"

Her other hand gripped his cock. The hot throbbing feel of her son's cock sent rippling shock waves through her. She gave his cock a squeeze, feeling it respond with powerful pulsations, his prickhead becoming more swollen. Her cunt was on fire, her clit swollen almost painfully now. She could not, now that she had his cock in her fist, resist pumping it. She watched her tight fist move, stroking back and forth, his prickhead disappearing and reappearing between her fingers.

"You examine me better than Doctor Reed, Mom," Richard said, his voice husky now. He shoved his hips forward, not at all bashful, fucking into his mother's tight fist.

Karen looked up at him, her eyes smoldering with intense desire. "That's because I'm not examining you, darling," she whispered huskily. "I'm… I'm playing with it."

She gripped her son's cock hard, letting him fuck into her fist, her eyes glazed as she watched his prick dripping, making her palm slippery. Her cunt twitched and burned, her ass writhing against the cushions. She spread her knees to allow her son to stand between them, his legs pushing her dress up. A gasp came from her when Richard placed his palms on her tits, his fingers curling about them.

"I'm gonna examine you, too, Mom!" he said in a high-pitched voice. "If you can examine me, I can do it to you, too."

Karen's tits tingled beneath his fingers, her nipples very hard, pressing into his hands. She wore a sundress, with two flimsy straps holding it up. The elastic about her tits was suddenly pulled away by his hand, and she purred softly when he slid a hand into it, cupping her tit. Her body shivered in pleasure when he squeezed as if he knew exactly how to make her feel good. He kept pumping his cock back and forth, fucking her fist. Karen placed a hand on his hip, moving around to his ass. Clutching his cock in her right hand, she dug the fingers of her left hand into his tight asscheek.

"Are you about to come again, Richard?" she gasped in a hot voice. "The way you did for Sissy?"

"I think so, Mom!" he groaned, thrusting his cock into her hand faster. "Oh, I think I am!"

She felt his cock swelling and throbbing, and without thinking, she suddenly jerked down the top of her sundress, breaking the slender straps. Her straining tits came free, and almost in the same movement, she closed her tits and grasped her son's cock between them just as he came.

"Oooooh!" she moaned, feeling the scalding jism splash between her tits. She threw her head back, eyes closed in ecstasy as she held her tits about his gushing cock. The feel of his hot, creamy come juice on her tits sent a rippling heat from them to her cunt. She squealed as she came, her pussy contracting tightly as her clit throbbed. She held her tits tightly around her son's cock as he grunted and came. "Oh, God! Oh, my God!"

Richard came as much as he had in the doctor's office. The thick jism seared her flesh, sending wave after wave of ecstatic orgasms rumbling through her. She felt his come running slowly down her stomach, making her cunt convulse harder than ever.

"Oh, baby!" Karen moaned as he finished coming on her tits. "Oh, darling… honey… sweetheart!"

She fell back against the couch, her dress down to her waist, her naked tits, covered with slippery come, heaved up and down. She breathed noisily, her legs pressing tightly against his until her cunt became calm.

By the time she recovered, Richard was sitting on the floor, his pants still around his knees. He gazed excitedly at his mother, his eyes taking in her naked, come-covered tits and dark pink nipples. Karen slumped, her hands at her sides, legs parted. Her dress was almost in her lap, and Richard moved his gaze downward. He stared between his mother's thighs, seeing the smooth creaminess, of the soft inner flesh, the tight crotch of her lacy panties.

Knowing what he was looking at, Karen was in no hurry to close her legs. She could feel his hot eyes looking between them, and her desire for him continued to burn deep inside. His cock was lifting rapidly into hardness again, she saw.

"I don't think we have to keep going to Sissy," she said softly. "I can examine you as well as she can."

Richard giggled. "I like the way you, do it better, Mom," he said. "But I still have that last appointment in a few days."

"Oh, you enjoyed that, did you?" she said, half teasing and half jealous. "Well, I suppose you better keep it, but I'm going to be with you, young man."

"You just wanna watch," he teased her.

"Can I help it if you excite me?" Karen replied. "I can't help my emotions, you know."

Suddenly, Richard rammed his hand between his mother's thighs, against her cunt. When his hand pressed upon her still inflamed cunt, Karen yelped and jerked upright. "You're supposed to be gentle with a girl, not so rough."

"I had to be fast," he laughed.


"You might not let me do it."

"I won't stop you," she grinned, spreading her legs wide. "I'd never stop you from doing that."

Eagerly, Richard moved his hand between his mother's thighs, running his palm along the soft inner flesh. She wiggled her ass when his fingers approached the sensitive stretch of skin near her cunt. When he brushed his fingers into the crotch of her moist panties, Karen purred softly.

"You can take them off if you want," she hissed hotly.

"I can?"

"Take my panties off, Richard, please!"

Karen lifted her ass when he began to pull her panties down. She lifted her feet for him, then slumped back again, legs as wide as they could go. Richard stared at his mother's beautiful cunt. Thick hair grew along each puffy pussy lip, disappearing mysteriously – at least to him – between the cheeks of her ass. He saw her distended clit, and poked a finger at it.

"Oh, God!" Karen whimpered, twisting her cunt about. "Oh, my God!"

She jerked when her son slipped a finger between the lips of her pussy. He wiggled his finger inside his mother's cunt, pressing a knuckle upon her clit. With a gurgling sound of pleasure, Karen lifted her ass and hiked her dress to her waist. Richard's eyes showed the intensity of his excitement.

"Sissy wouldn't do this for you," she whispered. "At least, I don't think she would."

"I don't care," Richard grunted, moving his finger in and out of his mother's boiling cunt, finger-fucking her. "You're prettier, anyway, Mom."

"You say that because I'm letting you feel me up," she replied. "Any girl would be pretty now."

She lifted her ass and twisted it, grinding her cunt onto his finger uninhibitedly. As much as she enjoyed his finger moving in and out of her cunt, Karen knew it was his cock she wanted. They had gone so far now, it didn't matter if she took his cock inside. Her tits still glistened with his come juice, and while her son finger-fucked her, she ran her palms through the jizz, smearing it around and rubbing it into her flesh.

"Stand up!" she hissed suddenly.

Richard pulled his finger out and stood, his cock hard and pointing from his groin. He stood, puzzled why she made him stop.

"Shove it in me!" Karen moaned, twisting her hips, seeking her son's cock. "Shove your cock in me!"

Richard stared at his mother. She seemed to be a different person, one he had not seen before. His cock throbbed up and down, eager to plunge into her warm, wet, inviting cunt, yet he held back.

Running her hands up and down the smooth inner surfaces of her thighs, she waited until her son was ready, giving him time to absorb what was happening between them. Richard gazed hotly at her hands, watching them caress up and down. As she drew her palm along her wet cunt, allowing her clit to poke between her fingers, Karen made excited hissing sounds. Her gaze burned on his strong cock, her tongue licking dry lips, his come still glistening on her naked tits.

"Oooooh! Ahhhhh, it feels good, Richard," she mewled softly. "I'm really hot, you know."

Karen worked a finger deep into her cunt, thrusting it in and out slowly, her eyes searching his face anxiously. Richard watched what she was doing to herself, growing more excited by the moment. He gripped his cock tightly, squeezing it as he gazed with almost glassy eyes at his mother's finger going in and out of her cunt. Now and then she drew her slippery finger up and along the sides of her inflamed clit, gurgling as she wiggled her ass.

She lifted her hips high, agitating her distended clit almost brutally.

"Give it to me, Richard!" she demanded hoarsely. "Please, oh, please… fuck me! Mother needs it so badly! Fuck mother, darling!"

With a cry, Richard lunged forward, the head of his cock penetrating the hairy lips of her cunt. Her sensitive pussylips stretched, and Karen howled, an animalistic howl of pure pleasure. Richard fucked into her so swiftly, she felt as if her cunt had been probed by a huge object. His balls slapped upon the cheeks of her ass. Ripples of shock waves shot through her, making her groan as the ecstasy radiated outward, from her overheated cunt to her head and toes. She grasped her son's hips, holding his cock deep in her cunt, starting to grind hard against him, her clit smashed at the base of his prick.

"Oh… oh… ohhhhh!" she moaned, twisting her head from side to side, eyes closed to savor the pleasure.

Richard held his mother's hips, looking down between their bodies, watching her churn and hump her ass. Her hair-rimmed cunt rode up and down on his cock, and that fascinated him to no end. It felt as if his cock was captured by some soft, yet steel-hard, grip, something so hot and wet, it made his mind whirl. He gritted his teeth, feeling the sensation of coming, his balls tight. He didn't want to come.

"Help me!" Karen cried out. "Help me, Richard! Ooooooh, fuck me… fuck mother! Please, baby, don't make me do all the work! Fuck me, Richard!"

He moved his hips, catching the wild motions of his mother's ass. She banged her cunt up hard and he plunged his cock into it, pulling back as her ass lowered.

Each time Richard rammed his cock into her, Karen grunted in a thick voice. Her clit scraped up and down the throbbing hardness of his cock, her wet cuntlips clutching him in fiery heat. She could feel his prick throbbing inside her, increasing the ecstasy she felt.

"God! Oh, dear God!" Karen wailed, her hips flying up and down. "So good… so fucking good, Richard! Mmmmmm, do you like it, honey?"

"Wow!" Richard moaned, fucking faster and faster.

Karen groaned as the steaming friction on her cuntlips sent tingling fires licking at her nerve endings. She whipped her cunt up and down, churning her ass sideways, giving as much as she got. Her fingers clawed at his hips, her legs lifting to wrap about his waist, arching her cunt onto his fucking cock.

"Oooooh, good!" she whimpered. "So very good! I've never felt it like this before! I'm burning up, darling! Ahhhhh, fuck mother! My pussy… you're going to make mother come, Richard! Harder… faster!"

Karen's overheated cunt was gripping her son's cock with a firmer tightness as her orgasm started ballooning in the pit of her trembling stomach. Her fingernails dug into his hips, her crotch bunching up and down on his hard cock. Ramming her cunt onto him, her hairy pussylips smashed at the base of his prick, his balls tight on her ass, Karen began to grind frantically and sob with intense ecstasy.

When her orgasm struck, she let out a high pitched scream that almost frightened her son. Richard had been close to shooting, and when his mother's cunt began to squeeze and grip and close around his cock, drawing on it, his balls seemed to suddenly explode, sending gushes of come juice into her greedy cunt. He closed his eyes and gritted his teeth as he came, his hands holding her wiggling hips tightly Karen's scream stopped, her eyes popping open as she felt a second orgasm flowing through her. As she came the second time, she felt her son's cock spurting come juice into her cunt. The pulsations of his cock as he came seemed to increase the gripping waves of her cunt. Her tits swelled, her nipples painful, as if they would burst. She started sobbing as her cunt twisted hard on the base of her son's spurting cock. She felt jism seeping from her pussy to run along the crack of her uplifted ass. That, too, had never happened to her before. Her son came so much, her cunt overflowed with the creamy sweetness.

Richard stood on trembling, weak legs, his cock still in his mother's cunt. His chest heaved up and down, his breathing noisy, eyes clouded now. Karen's ass lowered a little, her feet back on the floor. Her naked tits continued to stand up, her nipples rigid, covered by his come juice.

"Oh, God," Karen whimpered softly, bringing her hands to her tits, caressing them tenderly. "Oh, Richard! Baby, darling!"


Richard avoided her eyes the next day, but he hung about the house. She knew he was looking at her when she had her back to him. She could feel his stare on her body. She wondered if it had been as good for him as it had her. If so, why was he being so cool toward her? Well, not exactly cool, but sort of distant. Yet, his eyes glowed when she caught him looking at her. Maybe it was shyness or embarrassment, he felt. He disappeared often during the day, concealing himself in the bathroom. She was sure her son was jacking off. If he wanted to jack off, it was his cock. Still, she was available to him. The problem was to let her son know she was willing for a repeat fuck when he was ready for her.

Richard wanted to fuck her again; she saw that in his eyes and the way he looked at her. Yet as soon as she glanced in his direction, he would lower his eyes and a faint flush would come over his face. Karen, later in the afternoon, dressed in a pair of white, very tight, shorts and a small, thin halter. Her long, creamy smooth legs were exposed by the high cut of the shorts, and the half-moon swells of her ass were exposed, especially when she leaned over. Her nipples protruded against the thin fabric of her halter. The waist of her shorts were tow on her hips, showing her dimpled belly button and flat stomach. She felt very lewd, yet shy at the same time. She had to almost force herself to twitch her tightly clad ass around, inviting her son's stare. She had never acted the wanton before, and it embarrassed her a little.

Still, Richard only looked at her when she wasn't facing him. In a way it amused her, but in another way it made her angry. She was doing everything but grabbing his cock to let him know she wanted very much to fuck him again.

They spent the say in nervous yearning, neither making a move toward the other. In the evening, as they sat before the television set, their eyes caught and locked. Each could see the desire in the other, yet neither said anything. Karen lowered her gaze to her son's crotch. She saw his cock swell inside his pants, and he remained where he sat, making no effort to conceal his hard-on. She sat with her legs wide, sometimes drawing them up, resting her chin on her knees, knowing her son had a very good view of her crotch this way, and although Richard now looked at her with fire in his eyes, he stayed in his chair.

Finally, frustrated, Karen got to her feet. "Shit!" she exclaimed. "I'm going to bed, Richard. Turn off the lights when you finish here, okay?"

In her room, undressed and lying on her bed naked, she stared at the ceiling, wondering what in the hell was wrong with her son. She had given him a very good fucking, yet he seemed afraid to come to her for more. The only thing she could do now was grab his cock and tell him bluntly she wanted more of it. Of course, she would walk around naked, finger-fucking herself. Maybe he would do something then.

It was a long time before she fell asleep.

Richard's appointment was for five in the afternoon. Karen noticed that her son was eager to go, and she could well understand. What bothered her, but only a little, was she knew that what Sissy had done with her son before was most certainly not part of any physical exam she had heard of.

Dressing for the appointment, Karen found herself becoming excited. The thought of watching Dr. Sissy Reed manipulate her son's balls and cock, making him come off again, excited her. Why should she would want to watch another woman fondle her son to climax, Karen wasn't sure. Yet she wanted to see it happen again. Maybe it was some medical, test. Karen knew little or nothing about medicine. But somehow she felt that Sissy Reed enjoyed manipulating her son that way, that it was not some test.

Karen wore a white cotton blouse, her tits naked with her nipples thrusting out, a pale green skirt with a long slit up the left thigh, a pair of thin, frilly panties with nylons and garter belt, and a pair of high-heeled shoes. She appeared mouth-wateringly beautiful. On the way to Richard's appointment, they remained silent in the car, yet there was unmistakable tension.

No one was in the outer office when they arrived, and so they sat and waited. A few minutes after five, the blonde girl came out of the doctor's office, smoothing her hair. Her eyes lit up when she sat Richard. The girl's lips seemed to glisten wetly, and it didn't look like lipstick to Karen.

"Doctor Reed will be with you in a minute," the blonde girl said.

Karen sat with her son, again facing the girl's desk. She now noticed that all the waiting room chairs faced that desk. From any position in the room, one could look up the girl's white dress. The girl shuffled papers about, and it seemed to Karen that the girl was pretending to work. Her knees parted slightly when suddenly the girl dropped a pencil on the floor. When she leaned over to pick it up, one leg went wide. The blonde curls of the girl's cunt were revealed, as well as the pink lips of her pussy. The girl was not wearing panties today.

As the girl straightened, she grinned, a little wickedly, Karen thought. But today, the girl looked at Karen, not Richard. Karen had the distinct impression that the girl had exposed her cunt not to Richard, but to her. She was certain if it when the girl's gaze moved boldly along the expanse of her thigh where the slit exposed her creamy flesh.

"My favorite patient," Sissy Reed murmured from the office door. "Come in, Richard."

Karen followed her son, catching a slight frown from Sissy. Karen felt the doctor would have preferred she wait with the blonde girl. The office had been rearranged since the week before. Now, instead of a chair for Karen to sit on, there was an identical high stool. When Sissy perched on her stool, the only place for Karen was the other one, unless she wanted to stand. Hooking her high heels on the rung, her skirt open at the slit, Sissy glanced at Karen's thighs. With a clipboard on one thigh, Sissy allowed her other leg to be straight, foot on the floor. Karen could peek under the doctor's skirt almost to her panties. Richard, too, was watching the doctor, his eyes bot as he stared openly at her long legs. Karen noticed her son's cock was bulging inside his pants.

A few minutes later, Sissy said, "Okay sweetheart, you just hop onto the table. This won't take long."

Karen watched her son jump onto the table, a grin on his face. "You gonna check me like last time, Doctor Reed?"

"Oh, you enjoyed the physical, did you?"

Sissy grinned at him, paying no attention to Karen. "Yes, I have to try something today."

"It's not serious," she said to Karen. "It's just something I would like to know, that's all." Sissy, standing on the other side of the examining table, facing Karen, opened Richard's pants swiftly. Karen noticed the doctor's tits rising and falling inside her blouse, the expression in her eyes expectant, excited. As Sissy pulled Richard's pants down, his hard cock sprang up immediately. Sissy sucked in a breath, her tongue moving about her lips. None of it was missed by Karen.

As before, Sissy began to fondle Richard's balls, trying to appear professional. But Karen knew that what Sissy's hands were doing had nothing to do with medicine. It was obvious to her that Dr. Reed enjoyed playing with Richard's balls. She saw it not only in the manner of that hand, but in the woman's eyes and the way she breathed.

She was looking at her son's cock and balls, watching Sissy's hand, her own tongue moving about her lips. She glanced up to see Sissy staring at her, as if challenging Karen to question her examination. Karen, with her heels perched on the rung of the tall stool, knew her knees were parted. When Sissy glanced at her knees, still caressing Richard's balls, Karen felt the wildest urge to spread her legs. Before she could think, gazing into Sissy's eyes. Karen parted her knees. She saw the glint in Sissy's eyes.

Sissy, squeezing gently on Richard's balls, looked between Karen's thighs, gazing hotly at the flimsy crotch of the lacy panties Karen knew now that Sissy wanted her, desired her, even as she wanted to feel her son's balls. She felt she knew, too, what was going on between Sissy and her pretty receptionist.

Sissy cupped Richard's balls, giving them a shake, but her eyes burned on Karen's exposed crotch. Karen, running her tongue suggestively over her lips, widened her legs more, lifting her skirt with one hand. A soft gasp came from Sissy, and she lifted her other hand to Richard's cock. Now, it was Karen who gasped, seeing the doctor close her fist about her son's cock and begin jerking it up and down slowly. As Sissy held his balls, jacking on his cock, she kept looking under Karen's dress.

"Everything feels perfect," Sissy whispered. "I don't find anything wrong at all. In fact, it's all very beautiful."

Karen knew what the doctor was talking about. She was talking about Richard's hard cock and balls, about her exposed cunt. The excitement shot through her like wildfire, her pussy seeping against the crotch of her panties.

The game was over now.

Sissy pumped her fist up and down on Richard's cock vigorously, squeezing his balls in her other hand. Karen watched Sissy jacking her son's cock with hot eyes, her cunt bubbling until her panties were soaked. She head her knees wide, her skirt up, letting Sissy look all she wanted.

Richard looked down his body, watching Sissy jacking him, then scooted his hot gaze toward his mother. Karen noticed a smile spread over Sissy's lovely face as she saw Richard look up his mother's dress.

Richard arched his hips up, ramming his cock into the doctor's pumping fist, bringing a mewl of pleasure from Sissy. Sissy held her fist down hard, letting Richard fuck her fist. She kept holding his balls and still peered under Karen's skirt.

"Ohhhhh! Oh!" Richard groaned.

"Oh, my," Sissy murmured. "Oh, yes!"

Her fist jacked up and down his throbbing cock, her fingers tight around it. Sissy was staring at his flaring piss hole, her lips parted as she breathed with excitement. Karen, too, was now gazing at the head of her son's cock.

With a loud grunt, Richard came.

"Ohhhhh!" Sissy whimpered as the creamy come juice squirted high, her fist jacking wildly. A splash of jism spattered Sissy's blouse, right where a nipple protruded. Her fist beat frantically on his cock, making Richard squirt copiously until, as before, his stomach was coated with it. Sissy's fist, too, was smeared by his come.

Karen almost came, herself, as she watched her son spewing jism. She didn't know if Sissy did or not, but the woman was shaking.

Handing Richard tissue to clean himself, Sissy again perched on her high stool. She wrote something on her clipboard, but her knees were again wide. This time Karen could see all the way up the doctor's dress. She saw the woman's fuzzy pussy now, and when Richard had pulled his pants up and stood next to her, she knew he, too, was staring at Dr. Reed's cunt. More, she knew Sissy was aware of where mother and son were looking.

Sissy smiled at them and placed her clipboard on her desk. "Richard is a very healthy young man, Karen," she said, her voice throaty. "However, I'd like to see him at least once a week for a while."

Karen could see why. It was not for medical reasons at all. The next thing Sissy said confirmed it.

"Of course, you won't be billed for these extra sessions."

Sliding off her stool, her skirt riding up momentarily, Sissy pulled Richard against her body, her hands holding his face.

"You're a very good patient, Richard," she said. Looking directly into Karen's eyes, she placed Richard's lips on her tit. "Now, if you will, Karen, I'd like to speak with you later, in confidence."

"Of course," Karen replied, unable to keep the quiver from her voice. "I'm available anytime."

Sissy smiled and turned Richard around. Karen knew Sissy had turned him so he could see under her green skirt. It seemed to tell Sissy what she wanted to know, Karen thought.

"How about now?" Sissy asked. "I don't have anymore patients for the day." Without waiting for Karen to reply, she turned to Richard. "You can wait out there, honey."

Richard left, not at all reluctantly. Karen knew he would enjoy himself, looking at the pretty blonde girl. After he closed the door, she looked at Sissy.

"You're divorced, right, Karen?" Sissy asked.

Karen nodded.

"Richard is very good-looking," the doctor said, her gaze drifting between Karen's legs again. "He's very healthy and… virile."

"I'd say horny," Karen grinned.

"Yes, that, too." Sissy replied. "You know why I wanted to be alone with you?"

"I think so," Karen whispered.

Sissy stood before her, placing her hands on Karen's shoulders. Slowly she pulled Karen toward her, pursing her lips. When the woman's soft, warm lips pressed against hers, Karen felt a sensation unlike any she felt before. She enjoyed the feel of the doctor's lips on hers, and she began to kiss back. A moan came from Sissy, and she flung her arms about Karen, holding her close as her wet tongue slithered past Karen's lips.

"You're so beautiful," Sissy whispered, moving a hand between Karen's hot thighs. "So very beautiful Karen."

Karen shivered, feeling the woman's hand caressing along her inner thigh, the fingers now at the top of her nylons. She stared into Sissy's eyes, her gaze hazy with bubbling desire. When she felt Sissy's fingers rubbing lightly up and down the crotch of her wet panties, she almost came. Sissy, knowing it, smiled lewdly cupping Karen's cunt and squeezing it hard.

"You're quite hot, aren't you, Karen? Seeing me jack your son's cock off made your cunt very wet."

Karen squirmed her ass, on the stool, mewling softly. She was holding Sissy's waist, waiting, eager and willing for whatever Sissy wanted. Sissy kissed Karen once more, then stepped back, perching her round ass on the examining table. She lifted her skirt and parted her legs, showing her bushy cunt.

"Kiss my cunt, Karen," Sissy said softly.

Karen gazed at the woman's hairy cunt, licking her lips. She could almost taste that wet cunt, but she held back.

"Kiss my pussy, Karen!" Sissy said firmly. "Suck it! I want you to suck and tonguefuck my cunt!"

"No," Karen said in a shaking voice. "I've never done that before. I don't want to do it now."

"Oh, but I'm sure you do," Sissy said in a low, seductive voice, rubbing at her pussy. "There's always a first time, darling, and my cunt is perfect for that first time. Ask Diana. She loves to eat me."

Karen gazed at Sissy's wet, pink pussylips, her swollen clit, her exciting, creamy thighs. Sissy's cunt glistened wetly, and she moaned softly when Sissy began to finger-fuck herself with abandonment, unashamedly.

"This feels wonderful," Sissy whispered, "but your sweet lips sucking me would feel better. Your tongue up my cunt would feel better than my finger, Karen. You want to suck my cunt, I can see it in your eyes. You want to lick my pussylips and suck on my clit. You want to shove your tongue up my hairy, hot cunt and fuck me, don't you, Karen?"

"No," Karen protested in whisper, but her eyes stared hotly, seeing the woman's cuntlips spread around Sissy's finger, watching it go deep, then up to rub her inflamed clit, only to thrust once more inside. "No, I don't."

"Richard has a beautiful cock, don't you think, Karen," Sissy said as she finger-fucked herself. "His cock is so beautiful, hard or soft, it's beautiful. Do you get excited when I play with his balls, jack his cock off? Doesn't that make you want to fuck your son's cock, Karen?"

Karen couldn't answer.

"I bet Diana is showing Richard a good time," Sissy said. "She's a very exciting girl to have around. Why should your son enjoy himself out there with Diana, and you have no fun? Kiss my cunt, darling. You'll love it, I promise."

Karen's mouth watered up. She wanted to do what Sissy asked, yet she held back. She could imagine the way the pretty blonde receptionist was entertaining her son, showing her cunt to him, maybe even fucking him on her small desk. She thought if she went out there right now, she could catch the girl fucking her son furiously.

Karen watched the doctor plunging two of her fingers swiftly into her cunt now. The woman's body began to shake, and her head was thrown back, her mouth open in an oval of sheer ecstasy. The soft, bubbling squeal that Sissy, made was enough to tell Karen that Sissy, was coming.

She watched until Sissy finished, then Karen slipped from her stool. She touched Sissy's knee lightly. "Sissy," she said in a husky voice, her gaze on the woman's hairy cunt.

With a groan, Karen leaned down, shoving her head between Sissy's thighs. As the doctor pulled her finger from her cunt, Karen pressed her lips against the wet heat, feeling Sissy's curly cunt hairs on her cheeks. She kissed the woman's seeping cunt, her lips parted slightly. She kissed Sissy's cunt again, then nervously pressed the tip of her tongue against her inflamed clit.

"Oh, yes!" Sissy murmured. She grabbed the back of Karen's head, pulling her face tightly into her cunt. "Ohhh, suck it, Karen!"

But Karen jerked her face out of Sissy's hairy cunt. She stared at Sissy as she stood upright. "No!" she said, turning to run from the room. "No, never!"


Karen felt her arm grabbed before she made it to the door. Sissy jerked her back, holding her shoulders and looking into her face. Karen trembled, but not with fear.

"Karen, stop it," Sissy said, her voice gentle. "Why are you denying yourself?"

"I'm not denying myself," Karen said, her voice a very low whisper. "I just don't want to do what you ask, Sissy."

"I think you do," Sissy replied. "Why did you kiss my cunt if you didn't want to. You weren't forced, were you? And you watched me, twice, make Richard come. No, Karen, you want this badly. It's obvious, Karen."

"Please," Karen pleaded softly, tears in her eyes. "You don't understand. It's… oh, God!"

Sissy wrapped her arms about Karen, holding her tightly, smoothing her hair, crooning softly to her. "I understand, Karen," she murmured. "It's all right, darling. I know what you're feeling."

Karen huddled close to Sissy, sobbing softly in misery. Yet through her torment, she could feel Sissy's firm tits pressing against hers, and that soothing hand on her back was going downward. She shivered, her cunt pulsating as hotly as ever. She felt Sissy lifting her skirt, inching it up her legs. The taste of the woman's cunt lingered on her lips, making them tingle. Sissy kept murmuring softly as she inched Karen's skirt up. When she had it high enough, her warm fingers played about the naked flesh above Karen's nylons, stroking softly, light as a feather. Her fingers thrilled Karen, sent hot sparks throughout her body. She wrapped her arms around Dr. Reed's waist, clutching her tightly, hardly hearing the whispered words in her ear.

Sissy now cupped the pantied cheeks of Karen's rounded ass, squeezing lightly, pressing her hips close. Karen kept sobbing, but she hugged Sissy tightly. Feeling Sissy's hips moving, sliding and pressing against hers, Karen responded in kind. Sissy dug her fingers harder into Karen's ass, pulling her forward. Karen lifted her head to say something, and found Sissy's moist lips against hers. As Sissy shoved the tip of her tongue into Karen's mouth, Karen gurgled and began to suck frantically on it.

Encouraged, Sissy shoved her hands into Karen's panties, caressing and fondling her naked ass, dragging a finger up and down her hot asscrack, then sliding it between Karen's thighs from behind. When the finger slowly stroked the wet slit of her cunt, Karen began to whimper, trying to swallow Sissy's tongue. She held the back of Sissy's head now, pulling the woman's lips as tight as she could against hers.

Karen had not known she was being maneuvered until her ass was against the examining table. Still, she clung desperately to Sissy, sucking hungrily on Sissy's now-darting tongue. She was turned around, and when Sissy withdrew her tongue, Karen watched the doctor once more perch on the table. Sissy pulled her dress up and spread her legs, giving Karen an inviting smile. When Sissy put her hand on the back of her head, pulling it downward, Karen lowered her face willingly this time. The creamy inner flesh of Sissy's thighs beckoned her, and Karen, after swallowing loudly, pressed her lips to a warm thigh. She kissed it, darting her tongue to lick the sweet softness, bringing her face closer to the woman's hair lined, puffy, very wet cunt.

Karen felt the hot wetness as she lightly placed her lips upon Sissy's cunt. Sliding her hands along Sissy's slender thighs, she gripped the woman's hips, smashing her mouth into Sissy's steamy cunt. With a whimper, Karen snaked her tongue out and began licking, swirling it about Sissy's inflamed clit.

"Ohhhhh, yes!" Sissy moaned, leaning back on one arm, still holding Karen's head with the other hand. "See how good it is, Karen? You like it, don't you? I knew you'd love it, darling! Oh, lick me, lick me!"

She shoved her hands beneath Sissy's ass, cupping an asscheek in each palm, spreading her lips wide, engulfing the hole of Sissy's seeping, hairy cunt with them. Her tongue raced about, lapping at the woman's puffy cuntlips, then her throbbing clit. Her breath came in gasping pleasure, her throat swallowing often. The taste of Sissy's hairy cunt was exciting to Karen, and her own cunt was boiling hotter than ever. She had to lean over to get her face between Sissy's hot thighs, but she wasn't in the least uncomfortable. Her ass swayed from side to side as she sucked and licked, now darting her tongue between Sissy's pussylips, finding her cunt even hotter on the inside. She swirled her tongue, thrust it in and out of Sissy's fiery tight pussylips, her upper lip smashing the woman's sensitive, throbbing clit, her chin resting, it seemed, upon the tight pucker of Sissy's asshole.

Karen pressed her open mouth hard into Sissy's cunt, wanting to get inside it. Her tongue raced in and out, fucking as if it were a cock. Sissy squirmed her ass into Karen's hands, mewling and groaning and whimpering with ecstasy.

"So good, darling!" Sissy hissed down at the sucking, licking Karen. "You're so good at sucking cunt! I was right! I knew you'd eat my hot cunt! Ohhhh, your tongue is so beautiful! Fuck me with your tongue, Karen! God, you go so fucking deep!"

Karen felt Sissy drape her legs over her shoulders, the woman's hot inner thighs pressing against her face. She sucked hard, enjoying the feel of those creamy thighs about her head. She could feel the throbbing responses of Sissy's cunt around her tongue, feel the flexing heat of it. She knew the woman was close to orgasm, and that excited her so much, she began to tonguefuck Sissy with a wildness she had not felt in a long time. The juices seemed to increase, flooding her mouth until she thought she would choke or strangle. But she tonguefucked the woman's tasty cunt with more enthusiasm than ever, wanting to make Sissy come.

"You're good, Karen!" Sissy squealed. "God, you're good! Suck my cunt… eat my hot pussy! Ooooooh, I'm going to come! Make me come! Ohhhh, yes, yes!"

Sissy was thrashing about on the narrow table dangerously, churning her cunt into Karen's face violently. Karen clung to the woman's ass tightly, her fingers digging into Sissy's firm asscheeks, her mouth wide and her tongue plunging eagerly. Sissy's thighs squeezed her head, and then she felt Sissy's cunt convulsing around her tongue. The hot tightness, then the relaxing, of Sissy's cunt sent Karen's pussy into burning spasms. She moaned hungrily as she came, her own thighs tight. She rammed her tongue back and forth, then drew it up to suck hard on Sissy's contracting clit, bringing yelps of ecstasy from Sissy. Karen kept her mouth pressed into Sissy's quivering cunt as the woman came down from the soaring heights of pure pleasure. After Sissy's body was calm, Karen licked up and down each hairy cuntlip, then along the inner sweetness of one thigh. When she stood up, her lips were glistening wetly, her eyes bright and shining.

"Oh, God!" Sissy moaned, sitting upon the table, her legs dangling down. "And you didn't want to eat my cunt, huh? Karen, you are a fantastic cunt-eater!"

The compliment pleased Karen, making her flash a smile at the doctor. "I try to please," she said softly.

Sissy climbed from the table, smoothing her skirt over her thighs. She pressed her lips against Karen's, running her tongue over them, tasting her own cunt there. She patted Karen on the ass. "We better see if Diana has eaten Richard up. Sometimes she just can't keep her hands off my patients."

They found Richard sitting quietly, but with his eyes transfixed on the pretty blonde girl. Diana, the receptionist, smiled sweetly at Sissy and Karen. Her eyes, though, seemed to tell Karen that she knew what had gone on in the office. Richard, Karen saw, had an enormous hard-on, and it was obvious he had been getting some very good peeks under Diana's desk.

He stood up as his mother and Sissy approached, unashamed of his cock bulging inside his pants. He waved to Diana, then stood proudly as Sissy ran her hand over his hard-on, with his mother grinning about it.

On the way home, Richard wanted to know what the doctor said about him, but Karen countered with: "What were you doing out there, honey?" She glanced at his still throbbing hard-on.

"Just looking at the girl, Mom," he said, a wide grin on his face. "Like before."

"That's obvious," she laughed.

"You should have seen her, Mom," Richard said excitedly. "She had her dress up and she played with herself. You know, put her fingers in and everything!"

"You mean in her cunt?"

"Yeah, her cunt!" Richard laughed. "Right up her cunt, Mom! She shoved them in and fucked herself! Boy, did that make me hard!"

Gone was the feeling of shyness between them now. In one stroke, all hesitancy was gone. Karen was pleased that they were comfortable with each other now, happy that her son was so excited by the pretty girl.

"I think you're right, honey," Karen said, hugging him against her body. "Do you mind?"

"Not me!" Richard gurgled. "She can play with my cock anytime she wants."

"What about me?" Karen whispered. "Can't your mother touch it sometimes?"

"You can fuck it again, if you want to, Mom," he replied in a low voice. "I like it better that way. You know, inside your cunt."

"How about as soon as we get home, darling?" she asked in a trembling voice.


As they entered the house, Richard was pulling his cock from his pants, still as hard as ever. Karen gazed at it, seeing his beautiful prickhead, and her cunt responded by twitching with readiness.

"Oh, that's nice," she murmured, taking it in her hand and stroking it. "You have such a beautiful cock, darling. Especially when it's so hard! Mmmmm, I could just love it to pieces!"

Richard lifted her skirt, his hands shaking with eagerness.

"Why don't you just take the damn thing off, honey?" Karen said throatily. "It would only be in our way."

Gurgling happily, Richard found the zipper, tugging it down. Her skirt pooled on the floor. Richard gazed at his mother, her lacy bikini panties exciting him very much. She held his cock as he ran his hands along the crotch of her panties, feeling her up. His hand seemed very hot as it cupped her pussy, pressing into it, then rubbing back and forth. Karen wiggled her ass in pleasure, feeling his cock throb in her fist.

While Richard ran his hands over her, she opened the fly of his pants, shoving them down swiftly. She cupped his balls in one hand, his cock in the other, making soft sounds of delight deep in her throat.

"I don't know if I can wait much longer, Richard," she groaned. "I'm very hot, you know."

"I don't wanna wait, either, Mom!"

He was dancing from foot to foot as he rubbed between her thighs, his fingers pressing the crotch of her panties into her wet cunt.

"Then we better hurry!"

Karen went to her hands and knees, offering her smoothly spreading ass to him. She waggled her naked ass, looking at him over her shoulder, her eyes gleaming with searing passion. "Hurry, darling! Fuck me now! Oh, God, baby, fuck mother now! I feel like I'm going to come before you get your sweet cock in my cunt!"

Richard, his cock jerking up and down, dropped to his knees behind his mother's wiggling ass. He saw her hairy cuntlips pooching between her slim thighs, the tightness of her pink asshole.

Karen rested her shoulders and head on the carpet, raising her naked ass higher for him. She ran a hand between her thighs to grasp her son's cock, pulling it close. She rubbed the seeping, round head of his cock up and down the slit of her fiery cunt a moment, then fitted his prickhead between the hair-lined lips.

"Ooooh, I feel it now!" she moaned. "Give that cock to me, Richard! Oh, God… ram it up mother's cunt – now!"

Richard looked down, seeing the head of his cock just inside his mother's cunt. The wet heat of her pussy caused his balls to become tight. He placed his hands on her hips, and with a single thrust, drove his cock deep.

"Ohhh! Ahhhh, darling!" Karen gurgled, grinding her ass against him with wanton hunger. Her hand cupped his balls as he fucked deep, rubbing them at her inflamed clit. She squeezed her son's balls, and as he started fucking her, she let his balls slide along her palm, her finger moving and rubbing his tight asshole as he came forward. "Oh, give it to me! I love it, baby! I just love your hard cock! Ooooooh, fuck mother, Richard!"

Her uplifted, naked ass danced lewdly for him, the fingers of her other hand clawing into the carpet. She could feel each ridge of his prick, feel his swollen cockhead, the hot way it flexed. She rubbed his balls with her palm, squeezing them, then rubbing his puckered asshole.

"Mom! Oh, Mom!" he grunted. "You're so hot! Your cunt feels so wet and hot!"

The slaps of his lower stomach and hips against her ass sent Karen's mind into a dizzy, whirling ecstasy, his cock going deeper and deeper. Her stomach churned and rippled as she waggled and shook and twisted her lovely naked ass for him. She clutched her son's tight balls as he fucked his cock back and forth. Her cunt squeezed his cock like, a hot, eager fist, flexing on it in hot, steaming waves of pleasure.

Richard was digging his fingers into his mother's swinging hips, jerking her ass backwards as he thrust forward. His gaze glowed down, watching her asshole contract, seeing his glistening cock as it came back, only to fuck forward again into her fiery, burning cunt. He made grunting sounds as he fucked his mother, driving his hips back and forth with powerful effort. Sometimes she clawed at his balls almost painfully, but he felt nothing but intense ecstasy.

Karen moaned and whimpered as her son beat against her ass, fucking his cock into her with a power she had not expected. He beat at her ass so hard, she was being scooted along the carpet. She drew her knees under her body, banging her ass up and down in a matching rhythm to his fucking cock. She rubbed frantically at his tight asshole, going so far as to try and penetrate it with her finger, but the position would not allow that. Her own asshole seemed to be on fire as her cunt clutched at his cock wetly.

"Ohhhh, give it to me!" she wailed. "Fuck me, darling, fuck me! Ooooh, my cunt… your cock! I can't get enough of your cock, Richard! Uh… uhhhhh!"

His cock seemed to be expanding inside her cunt, swelling and stretching longer than ever. His balls felt hard and full in her hand. Wanting his sweet, creamy come juice desperately, Karen squeezed them as if she could pump the juice out that way. Her cunt closed around his cock, the thrilling sensation of an impending orgasm swirling about inside her lower body. The flesh of her inner thighs tingled, her cuntlips closing and opening as he fucked faster and faster. She didn't need to hear his wild gasping to know her son was quickly reaching the point of discharge.

"Come!" she screamed, squeezing his balls. "Shoot it to me! Squirt come up my fucking hot cunt, Richard! Oh, God come in mother's cunt!"

Richard gave a loud grunt, driving his cock as deep as he could. Karen felt it throb, then the spasms as he came. His thick come juice struck the hot walls of her pussy, triggering her orgasm. With a loud screech of pure ecstasy, Karen began coming. Her cunt convulsed hotly around his spewing cock, milking it with sucking waves. She clutched his balls desperately, as if that would bring more jism into her pussy. He filled her cunt until it flowed out, making her wrist slippery, burning on her creamy soft inner thighs. She wagged her ass as she came, shaking it from side to side, yelping with a mindless pleasure.

Richard slumped against her ass, sucking in air noisily, his cock giving one last spurt to her already drenched cunt. Karen's ass became still as she panted, her body glowing. After a few moments, she lowered her body, stretching her legs along the floor. Richard rested on top of her, his cock between her thighs and against her twitching cunt.

"Oh, baby, that was so good!" Karen murmured sleepily. "You're better than anyone I've ever known. And do you come a lot! Like that most of all… how you come."

Richard rolled from her, sprawling on his back. Karen raised her shoulders and head, brushing her lips against his. "You haven't asked me what Doctor Reed wanted to talk to me about."

"Why should I?" he said. "I know there's nothing wrong with me, Mom. Doctor Reed just wanted to play with my cock."

"And you're right," she smiled down at him. "What girl could keep her hot hands off your lovely cock?"

She cupped his cock and balls, jiggling them. He was still wet with her cuntjuices and his come. She gazed down at him, enjoying the beauty of his cock and balls.

With a lewd giggle, she shoved her head down and pressed her lips to them, kissing his cock first, then his balls. Richard squirmed his crotch up into her lips, pressing the back of her head and laughing naughtily.

"No you don't," she said, bringing her head up. "You're just too damned horny for your own good, you little asshole."

"I can't help it, Mom," he laughed, trying to get her face back down.

She jerked away, slapping playfully at his cock. "That's enough of that. Come on, let's see if we can both fit in the shower."


Wearing a sheer, see-through nightgown, Karen stepped into the hall and went to Richard's room. He was lying on his bed, wearing jockey shorts. His cock was out, the shorts pulled to one side, exposing his balls, too. She looked at him, watching his hand caress his balls.

"You don't have to do that, honey," she said, grinning at him. "Not when mother is here."

She stood at the side of his bed, taking his cock in her hand and stroking up and down. "You stay hard all the time, don't you?"

"I can't help it, Mom," he said, laughing and arching his hips up.

"I know!" She grinned lewdly. "And I'm damned glad you stay hard."

"Are we gonna fuck again?" he asked eagerly, reaching for his mother's thigh. "I sure would like to, Mom."

"Then that's what we're going to do," she laughed in a throaty voice. "We're going to fuck ourselves silly, okay?"

She felt his hand sliding under her nightgown, stroking along the outside of her thigh. She tingled at the touch of his hand, and her body shivered as he cupped a cheek of her naked ass. She leaned over him, pressing down on his cock to make his prickhead swell more. Her lips pressed against them, and she held his throbbing cock against her cheek. His piss slit was starting to drip again, and the liquid seemed hot on her flesh. With a low mewl, she pulled his balls into her mouth, sucking them as her tongue swirled, her hand pressing his cock hard against her cheek. Richard arched his hips up, his fingers digging into the cheek other ass.

Her son's balls felt so good inside her mouth, soft yet sweetly firm. She had them both in her mouth, sucking at them and feeling her cunt throb. With a soft cry of hunger, she released his balls and ran the flat surface of her tongue along his cock. Reaching his prickhead she began to kiss hotly, tasting the juices seeping from him. She looked up at her son as she ran her tongue around the swollen head of his cock, seeing his eyes blazing with ecstasy.

"You gonna suck me off, Mom?" he asked. "You like to suck a cock, Mom? Come on, Mom… give me a blowjob!"

Jacking on his prick, she asked, "Where did you learn about blowjobs?"

"Diana said she'd love to blow me," he answered. "When she was shoving her finger into her cunt, she said she sure did want to suck on my cock."

"Oh, she did, did she?" Karen said, but there was no anger or jealousy in her words. "Why didn't she, if she was so fucking hot for it?"

"She was afraid you'd catch us," Richard said.

"I doubt that," Karen replied, remembering how the girl's lips had glistened when she came out of the inner office and the things Sissy had told her. "You want a blowjob, huh?"

"Yeah!" Richard yelled.

Karen sat on the side of the bed, twisting so she could look at his cock. Richard had lifted her long gown, and he was stroking her hip and thigh. She grasped his cock, pumping it a few times, watching the juices deep from his piss hole. She ran her tongue over her lips, feeling excited to have his cock inside her mouth.

Karen enjoyed the feel of his cock, hard and throbbing in her mouth, making, her lips tingle, sliding over her tongue. Yet the idea of allowing it to spurt that thick jizz into her mouth and down her throat had always disgusted her. She leaned forward and licked her tongue about the swollen head of her son's cock, skirting his seeping piss hole. She didn't mind that amount of juice on her tongue; it was the sudden squirting of thick come juice she didn't want. She held her son's balls as she swirled her tongue about the head of his cock, then licked up and down his hard prickshaft. The hot taste of Richard's cock excited her, causing her cunt to pulsate, the tight pucker of her asshole drawing inward. Whimpers of delight came from her as she closed her hot, wet lips around his piss hole, sucking up on it as if his cock were a straw. She flapped her tongue back and forth, tickling his piss hole and tasting the juices.

"You like that?" she asked, lifting her hips an inch or so from his cock and jacking on it with her fist.

"I love it, Mom!" he gurgled. "Come on, put it in your mouth and suck it!"

"Eager, aren't you?" she laughed softly, running her tongue along his piss hole again.

She felt her son trying to shove his hand under her ass, so she lifted up, giving him room. When he moved a finger into her cunt, she wrapped her lips about the head of his cock with a soft gurgle, then slipped them down until she had it all inside her mouth, her lips at the base. She flexed her throat as she pressed his cock against the roof of her mouth, her lips writhing. She cupped his balls in one hand, shoving her other under his ass to hold one tight cheek. She held her ass up off the bed so her son could have room to move his hand and finger. She sucked up on his cock, her tongue swirling as her lips held him tight. Ecstasy flowed through her body as she began to dip her face up and down, fucking his cock with her lips.

"Your mouth sure is hot and wet, Mom!" Richard exclaimed. "I think I like this! Oh, wow! You sure are sucking hard! You like my cock, Mom?"

"Mmmmmm!" Karen squealed around his cock, not wanting to take her mouth off to reply. Her eyes were rolling about, closing in a dreamy way as she sucked vigorously.

Her son's cock was perfect, fitting her mouth nicely. She could take it all into her mouth until the head was at her throat, her lips pressing against her nose as she sucked, her flesh tingling with goose bumps of pleasure.

Gripping his cock with her lips, she brought her knees to the bed, kneeling over her son. He shoved her gown to her waist, and caressed every inch of her hairy crotch, feeling her up as he writhed his ass beneath her bobbing face. Richard, feeling the ecstasy of his mother's mouth and tongue sucking on his cock, gazed at her parted asscheeks, the pink tightness of her asshole, the hairy wetness of her cunt. He began to pull at her leg.

"I wanna try it, Mom!" he groaned. "Let me taste you, too! I wanna kiss your cunt… maybe suck on it! Come on, Mom, let me do something, too!"

With her mind already reeling with cocksucking ecstasy, Karen swung one leg over her son's shoulders, her cunt and ass hovering above his excited face. She arched her back, feeling Richard's hand slide up her legs to grip the cheeks of her ass. She felt him pulling her cunt downward to his face. She continued sucking enthusiastically on his throbbing cock. But when she felt his mouth on her fiery cunt, she lifted her mouth and squealed in delight.

"Ohhhhh, baby!" she hissed, pumping her fist on his cock below her face. "Oh, God! Kiss your mother again! Kiss my cunt again… that almost made me come!"

Her ass shook when Richard licked his tongue up and down her hairy slit. With another squeal, a sound that was cut off when she dived her mouth back onto his hard cock, she began to suck hungrily, grinding her cunt down in her son's face. She felt his hands pulling hard at her ass, holding her dripping cunt tightly in his open mouth. His tongue swirled and dipped and licked as if he had been sucking cunt for years.

Karen jerked her lips up and down his cock, moaning softly and wiggling her cunt into her son's face. She loved it when his tongue darted into her pussy, fucking in and out, but she loved it just as much when he sucked on her inflamed clit. She mouthed his prick with swift up and down motions, sucking wildly, her hair flying about, eyes rolling with intense sensation. She felt one of his fingers near her asshole, and she twisted and squirmed to make it touch there. She squeezed the cheek of his ass, holding his balls tightly with her other hand. She felt an enormous orgasm already building inside her cunt. She rammed her pussy up and down, smearing it in her son's sucking and licking mouth. Her own tongue licked in a frantic, thirsty way at his cock as her lips began to make noisy sucking sounds. The slippery juices in her throat seemed to burn the tissues, but it was a very pleasant burning sensation.

With a grunt, she rammed her cunt hard into her son's mouth, holding it there, his tongue deep inside her pussy. Another muffled grunt came from her as she came. Her cunt convulsed about her son's buried tongue, squeezing at it with tight contractions. She sucked harder and faster then ever on his cock as she came. She wiggled and slammed her cunt into his face tightly, then when the orgasm was over, she stretched her legs along his head. She felt him close his hands into the cheeks of her ass, and she pressed her inner thighs tight, capturing his mouth on her pussy. As he thrust his tongue in and out of her cunt again, fucking her with it in a frenzy, she began to suck his throbbing cock as hard as she could, her face bouncing up and down. She pulled his balls up into her face.

Richard, tongue fucking his mother eagerly, lifted his ass, driving his cock into her mouth as she came down. Karen felt the change in his balls, felt them becoming tighter, harder. She knew he was about to come, and she prepared herself to jerk away at the last moment. She was grinding her cunt into his face as another orgasm swelled hotly inside her pussy. Richard clawed at the cheeks of her ass in excitement as he got ready to come. She could feel him breathing hotly against her tight asshole. This increased her mindless ecstasy, and she sucked on his cock as hard as she could.

She gave a soft yelp as she began to come again. She whipped her cunt hard into her son's face. Her orgasm was so powerful, so good, she failed to realize that Richard, too, had started coming. She felt the hot splash of his jism against the back of her throat, but for a moment it didn't register in her mind. Then, knowing he was coming into her mouth, Karen found she had no choice but to swallow. She choked, then gasped, and took his come juice down her throat. The second gush of his jizz splashed about her tongue, coating it. To her surprise, it was good, sweet and delicious, not at all like she had suspected it would be.

Karen went wild with desire.

She sucked so hungrily at her son's spurting cock, she almost got his balls into her mouth, too. Her cunt was exploding time and again, convulsing with multiple orgasms that seared every part of her body. She drank greedily, as her son's cock squirted come juice into her mouth. She ran her tongue swiftly about his piss hole, then, pulled his prickhead into her throat. She was making wild, animalistic sounds of ecstasy as she swallowed the creamy sweetness coming from his balls.

When it was over, she rested on top of him, her lips still wrapped about his cock. She was surprised at the way she had gone after his jism, surprised to find she loved the thick, creamy taste of it. Richard caressed her trembling, naked ass and kissed gently at her pulsating cunt, running his tongue along the cheeks of her ass.

"Oh, my God!" Karen whimpered as she sat up. "I had no idea it would taste so good, darliiig."

His face was glistening with the wetness of her cunt, and his eyes were bright, a grin on his face. He lowered the top of her nightgown, freeing bet shapely, spongy tits. He twisted her nipple tenderly. "I sort of liked the taste of you, too, Mom I bet I could learn to love licking your cunt." He laughed. "I think I got some hair in my mouth, though."

She closed his fingers about her tit. "If you suck a cunt, you have to expect that once in a while, darling."

"I sure don't mind," he said, playing with her tit. "I thought you would drown me a few times, but I wasn't gonna stop sucking and licking for anything."

"I know what you mean," she laughed happily. "When you came in my mouth, it almost choked me. I'll be prepared for it next time."


Karen laid her head on Richard's stomach, watching his cock and balls. Her nails tickled his inner thighs, moving up and down. Richard stroked his mother's back, running his fingers through her hair. When he dragged his fingertips along her spine, Karen shivered with pleasure. Cupping his balls, she lifted them tight against his cock, his piss hole pointed at her face. She watched it flare open, becoming wet again. Holding his balls against his cock, she stroked up and down slowly, running her tongue over her lips.

The image of his cock letting go with a stream of piss into her face shocked her. Karen felt an immediate sense of masochistic pleasure. It tingled all the way, to her cunt. It didn't make sense to her, she had never felt the desire to humiliated before. She never thought she was one of them. Yet the picture in her mind of her son turning a stream of piss directly into her face as they lay this way, jolted her almost into an orgasm.

She squeezed big cock hard, watching the head swell, his piss hole opening more. Her son's hand was moving toward her ass, and his breathing was heavy and swift again. She wanted to tell him her feelings, what had come into her mind so suddenly, but was afraid. What would he think of her, that his mother was degraded, a vile, perverted bitch with such strange thoughts and hungers?

She remained quiet.

Stroking his cock, her gaze burning on his piss hole, Karen could not shake the image. Her mind whirled with insane desire, tormenting her. She wanted him to piss in her face as she lay with her head on his stomach, and at the same time she didn't. Such thoughts had never occurred to her before. But then, she had never had her face between some woman's legs, eating a hairy cunt before, nor had she allowed a cock to gush into her mouth.

Things were happening much too fast for her to put into proper order.

Richard now had her ass in his hand, squeezing her asscheek as if to tell her something. She gripped his cock hard at the base, bringing a bead of liquid to his piss hole. Her cunt was burning with hunger, flexing to have his cock in there, fucking her again and again, making her come so much, even her bones would ache.

Without speaking, she sat up, swung a leg over him and squatted above his cock. Richard watched her with excitement. Karen, grinning lewdly down at her son, caressed her upthrust tits, twisting her fingers, sliding her hands down and into the thick curls of her cunt hair. She spread the strands, exposing the pink, puffy lips of her pussy. Karen rubbed at her cunt, watching her son's reaction, seeing the heated desire in his eyes as he gazed at her pussy. She slipped a finger into herself, slowly finger-fucking, his cock just below her fiery cunt. Taking her slippery finger from her pussy, she drew a wet design on his lower stomach, making soft hissing sounds of pleasure.

Pulling his cock upward, Karen rubbed his swollen prickhead back and forth, brushing her cunt. She smashed her clit against it, then pushed his cock along the puffy lips slowly. When she brushed it along the tight heat of her asshole, Richard gasped. She felt her son's cock throb powerfully.

For a breathless moment, she exerted a gentle pressure on the head of his cock with her asshole. The sensation felt good to her, and for a moment she wondered what it would be like to have his cock in there. His prick would stretch her asshole, she knew, and sometimes even a finger caused a mild pain. It would be almost impossible for her to take his cock in her asshole with out pain, she knew, but the flare of desire was hot, searing her mind.

Richard watched what she was doing, hardly breathing with anticipation. He could see the expanse of his mother's cunt, the dripping lips, her clit throbbing. Karen held the head of his cock against her asshole, jerking on his swollen prickshaft with her fist, twisting her ass about. She considered jacking him off, to feel the thick, white come juice splash against her ass. But that wasn't really what she wanted: she wanted his cock up her ass!

"Darling, baby," she whispered huskily. "Oh, Richard! This feels good, your cock against my asshole! I bet I could make you come against my hot asshole… jack you and make your sweet come spurt all over my hot ass!"

"Do it, Mom!" he urged. "Do it!"

"But I want… want…" She couldn't finish. Despite their recent openness with each other, Karen found it hard to tell him she wanted his cock in her ass. She exerted a bit more pressure, feeling his swollen cockhead press her asshole inward. The sensation became better, the burning delightful. Her cunt pulsated with yearning. Holding the base of his cock, her eyes burning into his, her bottom lip caught between her white teeth, Karen pressed down a little more.

"Ohhhh," she moaned. "Oh, my God!"

"You like it, Mom?" Richard asked, his voice husky.

"Oh, God, yes!"

"Shove my cock in your ass, Mom!" The head of his cock pressed against her tight asshole, making it stretch and tingle. The more pressure she felt, the greater the sensations, the pleasure. She gritted her teeth, not with pain, but with ecstasy. The head of his cock was almost inside her asshole. She twisted her ass in a tight circle on his cock, jerking at it with her hand. If she made him conic now, that thick jism would certainly spurt into her asshole. But, with half his swollen cockhead inside her asshole, Karen wanted more, wanted it all the way up her ass.

"It's almost in your ass, Mom!" Richard cried out, seeing half of his cockhead inside her. "Just a little more, Mom! A little more!"

Karen sucked in a deep breath, holding it. She moved her ass down gently, but firmly. The head of her son's cock popped past the tight ring of her asshole.

"Ohhh, my God!" Karen wailed, her eyes enormous as the ecstasy flooded her. She held her ass up, with the head of his cock inside. She could feel the ridge past the head of his cock with her asshole, the throbbing of it. Her asshole clenched, squeezing him. "Ohhh, baby, baby! I want… oh, I need… oh, shit!"

Her asshole felt as if she had stuffed some huge, rounded object into it. She had never felt such stretching in her life, but the burning, tingling, fiery sensations thrilled her. This was good, very good.

Slowly, she lowered her ass down, taking her son's cock into her asshole gingerly, feeling it stretch, becoming full. The more she took up her ass, the better it felt. She paused with half his cock inside her. She was pulling at the cheeks of her ass, as if trying to spread them wider. Her eyes blazed in a perverse heat, her lips twisted up into an agonized grin of intense pleasure.

"Oh, this is…" Karen hissed. Pulling at her asscheeks with strong fingers, she shoved her ass down, taking the full length of her son's cock deep into her asshole. She felt his balls on her, her cunt resting on his body just at the base of his cock. Her asshole clutched his cock tightly. "Oh, darling! My ass… is so fucking full! So fucking stretched! God, does your cock feel good in my ass!"

Richard was gritting his teeth now, his hands gripped his mothers's widely spread knees. He was looking at her hairy cunt, feeling her asshole squeeze his cock. His balls felt very hard against her ass.

Karen could almost feel her son's cock deep inside her stomach, as if his swollen prickhead was reaching for her throat. It was new pleasure to her, like sucking his come from his balls had been. She wiggled experimentally, but all she felt was that searing ecstasy.

Richard watched, seeing his mother's asshole draw on his cock, then sink in as she came down. Her cunt appeared to become much wetter as she fucked him with her ass. The dripping juices of her pussy made his lower stomach slippery. He held her knees tightly as she bounced slowly up and down. The more she fucked him with her asshole, the better it felt.

The friction of Richard's cock penetrating her asshole sent ripples of pleasure through her body, causing her nipples to throb with intense hardness. She pulled at them almost brutally, pinching with finger and thumb.

"Ohhh, God!" she whined softly, twisting and bouncing her ass. "Oh, God, darling! You're so big in my ass! So fucking big and long and hard and… I love it!"

Richard's eyes were glassy with perverse pleasure, his finger squeezing her knees. "Fuck me, Mom! Ooooh, fuck me with your hot ass! Your hot, hot asshole!"

Karen's thighs were straining, the muscles tiring, but she bounced, happily on his cock. She slapped down, grinding frantically against the base, her hairy cunt seeping fiery wetness on his lower stomach. Her clit was extended into amazing hardness, and she rammed one hand down. She rubbed furiously at her clit, her ass almost flying up and down on his cock now. An orgasm was steaming hotly inside her body, searing the nerves of her clenching asshole. She rubbed her clit in a frenzy, sometimes jamming fingers into her boiling cunt. She could feel her son's cock through the very thin tissue between her cunt and asshole.

She began to moan, each one louder than the last. She bit hard at her bottom lip, eyes closed now. The ecstasy was growing until she was in agonized torment, wanting to come, yet needing to keep that beautiful sensation as long as she could.

Richard, feeling his mother's asshole squeezing his cock, almost as though sucking on it, felt his balls become tight and very hard at the base. There was a rippling shudder moving from his head to his toes. The fiery tightness of his mother's asshole fucking up and down his cock was driving him crazy.

"Ohhhh, yes!" Karen gurgled mindlessly, feeling her son's cock swell sweetly, the way it always did just before he came. "Do it, darling! Come… come in my fucking hot asshole!"

The gushing, boiling jizz spurted, splashing along the hot walls of her asshole, going deep. She felt his come burning into her ass. She screamed, her cunt exploding as never before. His cock, as it squirted that sweet come up her asshole, seemed to become enormous, stretching her asshole more than ever. Her orgasm jolted her body, making her shake like a leaf in a gale force storm. She clawed at her convulsing cunt with one hand, the other pulling and squeezing at her swollen tit. Her head was back, hair flying, eyes closed, mouth wide open as she screamed her ecstasy time and again, her ass grinding in a mindless frenzy, his cock deep.

Richard, as he came, arched his hips upward, and his mother squatted on his cock, pressing down. The force of his orgasm gave him the strength to ram his cock up into her asshole even though it seemed as if she was trying to beat him down again with her frantic, grinding motions.

Karen's orgasm seemed to draw out, a never-ending convulsion that sucked and squeezed her son's jizz out of his tight, balls. Her cunt clamped about her deeply buried fingers as her asshole sucked on his cock, drawing up every bit of come.

She sat on him, his ass again back on the bed. Her naked body shivered and trembled for some time. Her eyes opened and for a moment seemed vacant, then flickered into life. His chest heaved up and down, his hands caressing along her thighs. A final shiver went up and down her naked body, and she became still.

"My God, Richard," she mewled. "I thought I'd come forever! I've never felt it like that before. So beautiful, so fucking beautiful!"

"Yeah," her son agreed with her, his voice hoarse.

Karen's asshole clenched about his still buried prick, bringing a groan from him.

"Don't do that, Mom," he pleaded.

"I can't help it, Richard," she laughed lewdly. "My asshole won't mind me."

Between her legs, where her cunt now rested on his stomach, she saw his flesh glistening with her wetness. She ran her own hands along her inner thighs, trailing her sharp nails lightly along the sensitive flesh. She grinned wickedly down at her son as the idea came to her. Leaning back, bracing herself with one hand, his cock still up her asshole, Karen parted the hairy lips of her cunt with two fingers, exposing the wet pinkness of her pussy to him.

A stream of piss squirted from her cunt.

"Hey, what the fuck, Mom!" Richard yelped, trying to pull away.

Karen giggled lewdly, squirting a little piss, cutting it off, then squirting again. "Piss on you, you motherfucker!" She laughed.

Richard yelled again, feeling his mother's warm piss drenching his lower body. He tried to push her off him, his cock still up her asshole. But Karen remained where she was, holding her cunt wide, squirting piss in short, quick spurts over his stomach. She laughed with delight, partly playful and partly because of what she was doing made her feel very, very erotic.

"You're fucking up the bed, Mom!" Richard said. "You're fucking up the bed!"

"Who cares, Richard?" she moaned.

"We'll get another fucking bed! I'm pissing on you… for enjoying what Sissy did with you! You're mine, you motherfucker, all mine! We'll get another doctor for you."

Richard stopped struggling. He lay still, watching his mother's cunt, seeing the spurts of piss shoot from it, splashing over his body almost to his small nipples. The heat of it suddenly felt good to him. He lifted a hand and smeared the piss on his flesh.

Karen felt her son's cock starting to grow hard inside her asshole again.

"You like it, you shit!" she shouted happily. "Your cock is getting hard again! I'm going to piss on you and make your cock hard and then I'm going to fuck the shit out of it again!"

But Karen didn't get to fuck her son again.

She was still releasing squirts of piss on him when Richard suddenly groaned. "I'm coming again, Mom!"

"I know!" she yelped happily. "I feel you squirting up my asshole! Oh, give that sweet come to me, Richard! I'm going to piss on you until I get all that come in my ass!"

Richard arched into his mother's asshole as his cock spewed jism. She kept up a stream of piss as he came. Some of her piss reached to his neck, but he didn't seem to mind at all. Karen found it so exciting to piss on her son while she had his cock in her asshole, she felt the sensations of orgasm again. To her surprise, her cunt convulsed even as she pissed. That, she thought, seemed impossible. Yet she was coming and pissing at the same time.

"Oh, God! Oh, God! I don't believe it, Richard! It's impossible, but I'm coming and pissing and I can't stop!"

Her orgasm caused her cunt to piss in spurts, and as she stopped coming, so did the stream of piss. Her son was drenched with it now, and she weakly climbed off him, his cock pulling from her asshole, trying to clamp around it forever. She slumped against the headboard, her flawless tits heaving up and down, nipples arching to the ceiling.

A bit later, she swung her legs off the bed and stood up, feeling weak. "If I can make it, I'm going to get in a hot tub and soak for the rest of the night. My asshole feels raw… like I was fucked in it with sandpaper."

"If it hurt that bad, Mom," Richard asked, "why did you keep fucking?"

"Because I loved it, that's why," she laughed. "I'm a glutton for punishment, maybe." She ran her hands over her swelling asscheeks, wiggling her hips. Cupping her ass, she pumped her cunt toward her son in a lewd gesture. "I'd probably love that cock no matter where it went in me."

She waggled her ass into the bathroom then turned to look at him, "Come to think about it, I don't have any more places to put it, do I?"

She filled the tub with water as hot as she could stand it, then stepped into it, sinking slowly, feeling the water burn her flesh, but soothing it at the same time. Her asshole did feel raw, but there was still a delightful tingle in and around it. She stretched out in the tub, resting her head on the end, her feet toward the faucets. She used a thick cloth to wash her tits, lathering them with her scented soap. Bubbles lifted around her flesh, and when they broke, it felt like the wings of a butterfly kissing her.

She scrubbed her body until her flesh tingled and glowed beautifully. "Richard," she called. "The least you could do is bring your lazy ass in here and wash your mother's back."

Richard came in, dropped to his knees at the tub and took the cloth. Karen sat up, leaning over on her lifted knees and felt his hands and the soapy cloth on her back.

"Want me to wash your ass, Mom?" he asked with a giggle.

"No, you don't!" she said. "You start playing around with my ass and I know I'm going to get fucked again. You keep your hands off my ass, I can wash it myself."

"You'll make yourself hot," he laughed. "I wash it or you wash it, you're still gonna get hot, Mom."

"Maybe so," she answered. "But at least I won't have a cock going in jt."

Finished with her back, Richard sat on the toilet and watched his mother finish. She got on her knees and scrubbed between her thighs, trying not to pay any attention to him. She had never bathed this way while someone was watching her, and she felt strangely shy.

Letting the water out, she climbed from the tub and dried her body with a fluffy towel. Richard watched her with interest as the towel moved about her back, her tits arching. He found it exciting to see the way she dried her tits, almost as if she were shaking them.

Karen sat on the edge of the tub, drying her legs. She ran the towel up and down, her knees parted. She dried her cunt and fluffed the thick hair there while watching her son, pleased by his excitement. It was sort of fun to be watched as she dried herself.

"You better get into the shower," she said. "You've got piss all over you."

She sat with her legs wide, still fluffing her cunt hair. "I'll wash your back, too, baby."

Richard stood up, starting to step into the tub, when he turned swiftly to face his mother.

Before she realized it, he started pissing over her tits, laughing loudly.

"Damn you!" she squealed, shoving her hand into the stream toward the head of his cock. All she succeeded in doing was create a spray of piss that splattered her face and body. She tried to get hold of his cock to make him stop, but Richard moved back out of her reach. He held his cock in his hand, pissing up and down her tits and stomach, even drenching the hair of her pussy. It had happened so fast, Karen still sat with her knees wide. She felt the warm piss running down her body into her cunt hair, over her clit, then dripping to the floor of the bathroom. "Cut it out, Richard! Stop pissing on me! I just bathed, you shit!"

"Like you said, Mom, piss on you!"

Her flesh began to tingle as he kept pissing, the stream splashing and stinging her erect nipples, then her stomach, and finally he was pissing into the hairy curls of her cunt. Karen gasped as her surprise turned to pleasure.

"Ohhh, it is good, darling!" she moaned softly. "I want more! Piss on me… all over my fucking tits… my cunt! Damn, it feels so good! So warm and so… so exciting!"

Her eyes smoldered, watching his piss hole. She found a certain beauty in seeing her son piss, a beauty that was compounded by feeling it splash upon her tits and cunt hair. Her cunt, drenched by his piss, began to pulsate with a heat she was quite familiar with.

"You're going to make me come again!" she groaned, leaning forward. "My cunt… oh, I'm coming, darling! Piss on me, piss all over my fucking body!"

But Richard was finished.

Karen's orgasm had not been as strong as the one she had while pissing on him, but she felt it was because she had come so much this day.

"Now I'm going to have to shower with you," she said, her voice a little thick. "But I don't mind at all. I think we've just learned something else about ourselves, don't you?"

She climbed into the shower with him, hugging her piss-wet body against his for a long time.


Karen had mixed feelings about going back to Dr. Sissy Reed with her son.

She wasn't sure she liked the way the woman violated her medical ethics by jerking her son off, trying to pretend it was part of her examination. At least the first time. Last week, when Sissy had boldly closed her fist about Richard's cock and deliberately jacked him off, watching for Karen's reaction, Karen had to admit it excited her. And, she admitted, she had enjoyed her own involvement with Sissy, Richard, however, wanted to return to Sissy as often as he could. Karen could not fault him. He was like all guys – horny guys – he wanted every cunt he could get his hands on. He would fuck anything with hair around it, or even if there was no hair around it. He would fuck a cunt, a mouth, and lately, a tight asshole.

Karen grinned to herself as she waited for Richard to finish dressing for their appointment. Her asshole was no longer sore. That raw feeling was gone, having been replaced only by ecstasy when he rammed his hard cock up it. She could take his cock easily… and with a great deal of pleasure. In fact, she was eager to take that cock any way he wanted to give it to her, now. Richard didn't seem to have a preference either. He enjoyed fucking her cunt or ass, and equally loved it when she sucked him off.

To her surprise and delight, they enjoyed this new aspect of their sexual relations, pissing on each other. She found it a turn-on to watch her son piss, and he would get glassy eyed and his cock would become hard when he watched her pissing. The simple, everyday act stimulated them to the ultimate degree of pleasure.

Waiting for him now, she allowed herself to see, in her mind, his cock spurting the golden piss. She had held his cock a number of times this past week as he pissed. She could feel his piss as it roared up the tube on the underside of his cock. She loved that feel. She liked to kneel down and hold his cock as he pissed, her face close, maybe a few inches away, watching that yellow stream spew forth.

"What's taking you so long, honey?" she called out. "We're going to be late."

"Just a minute, Mom," he called back.

Karen, dressed in a becoming skirt and blouse, naked beneath it, smiled to herself. Richard was handsome and… horny! She loved that most about him, the horniness.

"Richard, please!"

"I gotta piss first, Mom," he said.

A tingle shot through her cunt. "Wait!" she called back at him. Jumping to her feet, she almost ran to his room, catching him just as he started into the bathroom. "Don't you dare piss without me around," she said. "You know I love holding your cock, watching you piss."

"I thought you were in a hurry!" he said.

"Fuck Doctor Reed!" Karen hissed, opening her son's pants and fishing his cock out. "This is more important."

Dropping to her knees at his side, she held his cock over the toilet, her eyes bright, her tongue running over her lips. "Piss, darling," she whispered throatily. "Spurt that beautiful piss!"

Richard rested his hand on top of his mother's head as he started to piss. Karen moaned softly, her other hand resting on his tight ass. The golden stream splashed into the water of the toilet, tingling with a sound that now always excited her. She swallowed with a dry throat, her finger and thumb massaging his cock gently. His piss hole flared out as he pissed, and her cunt became steamy.

"Ooooh, so beautiful," she whispered, leaning forward until her face was only inches away. She worked her tongue out, moving closer to his cock. She began to lick the tip of her tongue along the shaft of his prick as he pissed. She swirled her tongue about the head of his cock, circling the stream of piss, never once getting close enough to move her tongue into it. She felt her body shivering, her cunt seeming ready to convulse into orgasm.

When he finished pissing, Karen did not shake his cock as she had before. A small amount of piss clung to his piss hole and before even she knew what she was doing, her tongue licked at it. Tasting the few drops of piss, her eyes closed as her cunt erupted into orgasm. She closed her lips around the head of his cock, flapping her tongue up and down his piss slit, swirling against him. Her cunt clenched in spasms, making her moan softly.

She had forgotten, in her excitement, that after he finished pissing, he always had one last squirt.

Richard let that last spurt go.

"Mmmmmm!" Karen wailed, feeling it coat her tongue and run down her throat before she could prevent it. Her cunt suddenly clamped into an amazing orgasm as she tasted his piss. Hungrily, she gulped his cock all the way into her mouth, rushing her lips back and forth, feeling his cock swell between them. Her eyes glowed up at him as she stuffed her mouth time and again with his now-hard cock. She sucked greedily, making throaty, gurgling sounds, both her hands now clutching at his tight ass. Richard, watching his mother sucking frantically at his cock, held the back of her head, fucking into her mouth as she darted her face forward.

Before she knew it, her son was fucking her mouth swiftly, the way he fucked her cunt or asshole. She clung to his thrusting ass tightly, pulling him forward, driving his cock as deep into her burning throat as she could.

"Suck me, Mom!" Richard yelled. "Suck my fucking cock! Lick it… suck it! I'm gonna fuck your tonsils out, Mom! I'm gonna come juice right out of my balls!"

Karen's lips were wet and slippery, making it very easy for her son to fuck her. She loved it when he fucked her mouth hard and fast. She liked the burning sensation of it throbbing between her gripping lips, the way it moved along her tongue and the roof of her mouth. His swollen cockhead could almost, but not quite, slip into her throat. She dug her hands into his asscheeks, squeezing and mewling and moaning. She could feel his cock throbbing powerfully in her mouth. He was getting ready to come, and when he came, she didn't want his cock in her throat. She couldn't taste the sweetness of his come that way.

Placing her hands on his hips just before he let go, she pushed him back, her lips clamped tightly around the swollen cockhead. The first gush of come juice splashed against her throat, the way it always did unless she had her tongue pressing into his piss slit. She liked it that way, feeling the first thick spurt in her throat, but the rest she wanted over her tongue and filling her mouth until she had to swallow.

"Mmmmm!" she moaned as he came into her mouth. Her tongue whipped around his piss hole, as if she were trying to prevent the eruption. The thick, sweet taste of his come sent her cunt into further convulsions until she was going through a series of orgasms, her ass twisting and jerking.

"Suck it up, Mom!" Richard urged, trying to pull her face into his crotch. "Suck my come juice up! Eat it all… swallow my come! Suck my cock… cocksucker! Cocksucker Mom! Fuck me with your cocksucking mouth!"

Hearing Richard, Karen thought her whole body would explode into pieces. She gulped noisily at his gushing cock until there was no more in his balls. Drawing back, she kissed the tip of his cock tenderly, then stuffed it into his pants and stood up.

"We better go," she said, pressing her moist lips to his for a brief kiss. "I don't know why you want to keep the appointment, though. I can do more for you than Sissy, and better."

Richard patted his mother's ass. "I like the things she does to me, Mom. Besides, I get excited when I see that pretty blonde girl."

"Asshole," she teased. "Come on, before you come off in your fucking pants."

They arrived at the office a few minutes late, but it didn't matter. Karen knew Sissy wanted to see Richard just to handle his cock and balls, not because of any medical reason. She sat next to her son, facing the receptionist's desk. As before, they were the only ones waiting. This was by design, Karen knew. Already Diana was playing her games with Richard, opening her knees under the desk, flashing her creamy thighs and blonde haired cunt. Richard was no longer sneaking peeks at the girl as he had at first. Now he looked openly and boldly under the open-front desk.

Karen, too, looked. It was, she told herself, exciting to peek this way. She wondered how many other people working in offices did this, what went on behind the closed doors behind secretaries' and receptionists' desks.

Although she had recently sucked her son's cock off, she saw that he was hard again. But then, what guy could resist becoming hard when he had someone as pretty as Diana to look at. Her blonde-haired cunt reminded Karen of cotton candy. She could see her pink pussy lips as the girl slumped in her chair, her legs very wide. Crossing her own thighs, she thought of this lovely girl with her pretty face pressed into Sissy's cunt, licking and sucking it hungrily.

It was obvious to Karen that Sissy had talked with Diana, probably told of how Karen had sucked her cunt. The knowledge was in Diana's face when she gazed at her, that moist tongue moving suggestively over those full lips. Did Diana want to lick her cunt? Karen wondered. Probably, she decided.

Although she told her son that they could change doctors. Karen always became excited once they were in the office and waiting. She knew that they would not change doctors, anyway.

Her eyes opened a bit wide when she noticed Diana slip her hands below the desk. The girl was openly, with a lewd sort of smile on her pretty face, touching her cunt. She stroked it slowly, sliding a finger along the pussy slit and smashing her clit gently. Karen became intensely excited, having never really seen a woman play with her own cunt before. Her hand slipped to her son's lap as she stared beneath the desk, and her fingers caressed Richard's swollen cock through his pants. Diana, seeing Karen feel up his cock, made a soft, satisfied moan and thrust a finger into her own cunt, her blue eyes blazing toward Karen.

Karen realized that she was letting this pretty girl know Sissy had told her the truth, but she was so excited that it didn't matter.

She curled her fingers around her son's cock, feeling it throb through his pants. Richard stared under the desk with hot eyes, making soft gurgling sounds as he watched the girl finger-fuck herself in a slow, darting way.

Diana, with her hand cupping her cunt, got out of her chair and walked to the side of her desk, her skirt held up by her arm. Her thighs were long and slender. With her eyes still on Karen and Richard, Diana lifted her dress and revealed a beautifully shaped ass.

With her skirt about her narrow waist, Diana leaned over her desk, writhing her naked ass and staring at Karen and Richard. Karen's hands fumbled with the front of her son's pants, and fished his cock out. Richard was hard as hell, his cock throbbing as she closed her fingers around it. She pumped him as he looked with hot excitement at the uninhibited girl's ass.

"Doctor Reed will be busy for a while longer," Diana said in a very throaty voice, moving her ass from side to side. "I'd love to have a little fun while you're waiting."

Karen felt as if she were in a dream. This wasn't real; it would never happen in real life. But it was happening. Diana was lying across her desk, waggling her naked ass invitingly, saying she wanted to fuck.

Richard glanced at his mother.

"Fuck her," she hissed. "Fuck the hot ass, Richard! Shove your cock up her fucking hot cunt and ram it hard! Fuck the piss out of her blonde cunt, darling!"

"Ooooh, yes!" Diana mewled, arching her ass up and wiggling it lewdly. "Come on, baby! Fuck me!"

Richard moved swiftly, his cock sticking out of his pants and leading the way. Karen gazed with smoldering eyes as Richard dropped his pants. He stood behind the girl's creamy ass, slamming his cock into her pooching cunt. Diana gave a soft hiss as he fucked his cock up her cunt.

He pulled his shirt high, and fucking into Diana's cunt, his stomach made a slapping sound against her ass. Immediately, Diana began to jiggle her ass about, swinging it lewdly and almost dancing as Richard began to fuck her hard.

Diana's head rested on her desk, facing Karen. Although her expression was that of a girl experiencing the utmost in ecstasy. Her blue eyes glowed with erotic delight as she heaved ha creamy ass about, meeting the thrusts of Richard's cock, grinding into him, burbling and cooing.

"Show me some cunt!"

Karen jerked, not sure she heard.

"I want to look at your lovely cunt, Karen," Diana said. "Let me see your sweet, hairy cunt."

Karen found herself lifting her skirt, drawing it to her waist. She lifted her ass to jerk it up, and her legs spread wide. She slumped in her chair, her hair lined cunt exposed to the glowing eyes of the young girl, and to her son. She could see her sea's cock moving in and out, see the glistening wetness on his prickshaft. He was clutching Diana's hips with his fingers, his face contorted with pleasure.

"Up her cunt, Richard!" Karen hissed. "Fuck the piss out of her candy cunt!"

The girl's long legs shook as she tried to lift them from the floor, to wrap them backwards about Richard's body. Diana's blue eyes glazed hotly at Karen, watching intently while Richard fucked her. The white uniform dress created an erotic aspect to the situation. It was exciting enough to see Diana leaning on her desk with her skirt up, Richard's cock pumping frantically into her pussy, but the nurses uniform seemed to add so much more.

With her fingers moving about her swollen clit, Karen's pulses raced in a hot, burning way. Seeing her son fucking the pretty blonde was very exciting. Her hairy cunt was wet with slippery juices, her own thighs trembling as her tits heaved up and down.

"Oh, Richard," she hissed at her son. "Fuck her, fuck her! Oh, baby, give her hot cunt that hard cock! Fuck the piss out of her blonde pussy, darling! Ohhh, that's beautiful!"

"Fuck me, Richard!" Diana groaned. "Fuck my cunt! God, what a sweet, hard cock! Tear my cunt apart with that lovely cock! Rip me… rip my fucking cunt!"

Richard, with his hips thrusting back and forth, his cock plunging deep into the gripping heat of Diana's cunt, looked from his mother's cunt to Diana's gyrating ass. The excitement in his eyes created a smoldering, glazed expression. His mouth hung open as he grunted and snorted.

Karen mewled as if it were her cunt taking his cock, her sensations spinning with erotic pleasure. She shoved her ass forward on the chair, her legs wide. She pumped her hips up and down with the movement of her fingers as she watched her son fucking the pretty receptionist. The soft, wet sounds of his cock smacking into the girl's candy-haired cunt seemed loud in the waiting room.

"Lovely, baby!" Diana was whimpering. "So lovely! You have a beautiful cock, baby! So hard, so deep in my hot twat! Oooooh, your balls… I feel them beating against me! I love cock… hard cock! Beautiful hard cock! Feed my cunt, baby!"

Karen's pussy twitched around her thrusting fingers, her ass twisting and humping up and down. She was fucking her fingers with her cunt instead of the other way around. She felt lewd and ready, eager for anything, anything to satisfy her whirling erotic senses. At this moment, watching her son fuck the pretty girl, Karen would have fucked anything and anybody.

She wanted to touch something besides herself. She wanted to touch her son, feel his full balls, his cock. She wanted to feel the girl's cunt as her son fucked it. She wanted hands on her body, fingers shoving into her cunt, her asshole, cock in her mouth. The desire was consuming her, lapping at her nerves, threatening to destroy her completely. The urge to come was deep inside her body, swelling into an enormous hot ball, yet she couldn't come. The sensation of coming was driving her wild, tormenting her in an almost painful way.

She looked at the girl's mouth, wondering if she could get her cunt there. The desk was very small, not enough room. But that mouth, it was made to eat pussy. Karen's mind spun wildly; that dancing, naked ass beckoned for more than just fucking. It was made to kiss and lick and suck. It was made for cock, yet made for lips and tongues, too.

"Ooooh, you're making me come!"

Diana's cry came loud, jerking Karen from her erotic mind state. The girl was whipping her naked ass around wildly, ramming it back as her son plunged his cock forward. Diana let go with another cry of ecstasy, her body shaking in a spastic way, her ass twirling.

Richard slammed into her gripping, clutching cunt hard, grunting loudly as his cock sent streams of thick, creamy come juice gushing into her satiny pussy.

Karen watched intently as the girl's ass shook with hot orgasm, her son smashed hard against her sweet asscheeks. She could almost feel Richard coming in her cunt when her own hairy pussylips clutched her buried fingers. The orgasm inside her stomach still would not explode. It was so close, yet so far away.

The telephone on the small desk began to ring, the sound loud in the quiet room. Startled, Karen jerked her hand away from her cunt and shoved her skirt down, sitting upright and looking around with wild eyes.

Diana giggled, reaching for the phone. Just as she answered it, Richard pulled his cock from her and jerked his pants up, already moving toward his mother.


"Why don't you come in now?"

Dr. Reed stood in her door. She had on a long white smock, and a stethoscope dangled from her neck. Diana was still spread across her desk, talking into the telephone, her white uniform skirt hiked about her ass. Karen watched as Sissy took it in, seeing the expression on Sissy's face. What she saw was an excited, beautiful woman.

Karen, still intensely aroused, went into the examining room with her son. Sissy closed the door, her gaze moving from Richard to Karen, gleaming hotly. Richard, at a gesture from Sissy, perched on the table.

"You seem tired, Richard," Sissy said, a knowing smile on her lovely face. "You've been up to something, haven't you?"

Richard glanced at his mother, then back at the doctor. His eyes looked shy, which made Sissy laugh. She moved to stand near him, and Karen watched while Sissy slowly and teasingly slid her palm along her son's thigh. When Sissy cupped Richard's cock and balls outside his pants, she said in a thick voice: "You've been using this cock, haven't you, honey?"

Again Richard glanced at his mother. She knows, Karen thought. She knows I fuck my son. She looked steadily back at Sissy, her eyes challenging.

"Would you like to see how I know you've been using your cock?" Sissy asked, but her eyes were on Karen. Sissy stepped to a built-in medicine cabinet, opening the door. "Take a look."

Karen found herself not looking into a medicine cabinet, but a window, a window that looked over the waiting room. Everything was visible, and then she remembered the mirror on the wall of the waiting room, a mirror decorated along the edges with dried flowers.

She saw Diana back at her desk now, sitting with head back, eyes closed, her expression dreamy as she fondled her tits.

"That's how I know what goes on out there," Sissy said. "This makes it easy for me to determine who I can play with and who I can't. Of course, Diana is a big help that way. She allows the guys to see under her skirt, and if they get a nice hard-on, I feel I've got it made."

"Made in more ways than one," Karen murmured, smiling in spite of herself. "Neat trick, Sissy."

"I think so," Sissy said, running her hand down Karen's back to her ass. Karen shivered as the woman stroked her swelling ass, knowing Richard was seeing every move, every feel. Sissy worked Karen's skirt up in back. Sissy had her skirt up now, feeling her naked ass. Karen began to tremble with desire.

"Then you watched the whole show out there?" Karen asked in a shivery voice.

"Oh, yes, darling," Sissy whispered, clutching one of Karen's naked asscheeks. "I saw it all, the way you fingered your cunt and watched your son fucking Diana. I saw, most certainly."

"How… how many other, Sissy?"

"Not as many as you'd think," Sissy said, drawing her finger up and down the hot crack of Karen's ass. "But enough to keep things interesting."

"Does it always work? I mean, no one has become angry?"

"I've never shown this to anyone but you, darling," Sissy replied, caressing Karen's ass tenderly. She kissed Karen's neck, looking at Richard. "I've never wanted to show anyone before. When a mother and her son come in here, they're already hot and wet. I've never had anyone turn me down, so far. I pick and choose very carefully, you know."

Sissy clutched Karen's ass, turning to look at Richard. "Why don't you take your clothes off, darling," she said huskily. "I've got to examine you again soon."

Karen stood still while Sissy's fingers started undressing her. Her body was burning like a steaming kettle on a hot fire, her cunt throbbing with wet desire. Her blouse fell to the floor, her tits arching up in swollen readiness, nipples peaked in rubbery hardness.

"Beautiful tits," Sissy whispered, cupping them and squeezing. "I love to feel tits like yours, Karen. You don't mind if we do this while Richard watches, do you?"

Karen could only shake her head. Richard now sat on the table with his clothing off, his cock standing up in throbbing hardness as he watched his mother and Sissy.

Sissy dipped her head and kissed Karen's tits, her moist, hot lips brushing each tingling nipple, her tongue circling them hotly. As she pulled a rigid nipple into her wet mouth, Sissy opened Karen's skin, and it billowed to the floor. Karen stood naked, her tit deep inside the woman's mouth, sucking it hard while her tongue fluttered and licked. She could not keep from clutching Sissy's head, bringing the brunette's sucking mouth hard onto her tit, smashing it, trying to stuff her round, spongy tit completely into the woman's mouth. Her naked ass twisted as Sissy's hands fondled the cheeks and the backs of her thighs. Karen knew her son was watching everything. She could feel his gaze on her ass when Sissy spread her ass cheeks, exposing the bud of her crinkled asshole.

"Mmmmm, sweet tits," Sissy murmured as she pulled her wet lips from a nipple. "Your tits are as sweet as your son's cock will be, I'll bet."

Karen saw the beat in Sissy's eyes just before the doctor pressed her hot lips against hers. When Sissy slipped her tongue past Karen's lips, she purred like a kitten, sucking at it. She wrapped her arms around Sissy's waist, grinding her naked crotch against the woman.

Richard, seeing them, grasped his cock hard, making a grunting sound. Sissy opened her eyes and saw past Karen's shoulder. Removing her tongue from Karen's mouth, she said, "We're tormenting your son, Karen."

Karen released Sissy and she turned toward Richard. Her eyes were hot already, and seeing him gripping his cock so hard, they burst into a blaze of hungry desire.

"We've got to take care of that lovely hard-on, Karen," Sissy murmured, pulling Sissy toward the table and Richard. "We can't allow the darling to suffer, can we? My, look at that enormous hard-on! I just love a hard cock, don't you, Karen?"

Sissy shoved Richard onto his back, his legs dangling over the table. His cock stood straight up, his balls, for the moment, loose between his thighs. Sissy closed her fingers around his cock and began to stroke it. "So very hard," she whispered. "So hard and long."

Karen, on the opposite side of the table, watching Sissy pump lightly on her son's cock, resting a hand on his thigh, feeling him tremble with anticipation.

"Take his balls, Karen," Sissy urged. "Play with his balls and we'll make him feel so good."

Karen cupped her son's balls, rolling them in her palm, watching Sissy's hand starting to squeeze her son's cock as it pumped up and down, making his prickhead swell more, his piss hole open wide, beaded with fluids.

"I've got to taste him," Sissy purred throatily. "I need a taste of that cock."

Richard arched his hips up as the hand stroked his prick, his mother caressing his balls. Sissy licked her lips, her head dipping down. Karen found herself dipping, too, her eyes boiling.

Sissy kissed the tip of Richard's cock, her tongue barely touching his piss hole. With a throaty moan, Sissy ran her tongue around the head of Richard's cock, Karen leaning to watch. Sissy stared into Karen's eyes as her tongue flicked and probed, then ran up and down Richard's throbbing cockshaft. Karen's hand closed tightly about her son's balls in excitement.

"Sweet," Sissy murmured. "Very sweet."

Her lips opened, then the head of Richard's cock was between them. Karen saw Sissy's cheeks sink in as she sucked hard, drawing juices from his piss hole. Richard squirmed his naked ass on the table, gurgling with pleasure. Sissy placed her hand over Karen's and pressed, making Karen's palm smash her son's balls into his crotch.

"You should taste this sweet cock, Karen," Sissy said as she lifted her glistening lips. "Richard's cock is the sweetest one I've tasted. Go on, Karen, lick your son's cock."

With a soft moan, Karen gulped her son's cock into her mouth, going down, the head throbbing against her throat. She heard Sissy mewl with ecstasy, saw the woman's gaze burning on her stretched lips. Karen sucked hard, her lips twisting around the throbbing hardness, her tongue licking. As her lips reached his swollen prick head again, Sissy darted her tongue out, licking at Karen's stretching lips. As Karen lifted from her son's cock, Sissy darted her mouth onto it, deep-throating Richard, a purring sound coming from her.

Sissy held Richard's cock deep in her mouth for a long time, twisting her lips, moaning with pleasure. Then she sucked up, but before her lips pulled away, she went down again. Karen watched as the woman sucked hungrily, her pretty face bobbing up and down swiftly, from the base to the tip. She squeezed her son's balls, feeling them writhing in her palm. She rested her cheek on his thigh, watching with glassy eyes at the way Sissy sucked on his cock.

When Sissy lifted her mouth for a moment, Karen moved quickly. She shoved her face into her son's crotch, her tongue lapping up and down his cock. Before Sissy could wrap her lips around his prick again, Karen gobbled it into hers mouth. She felt Sissy shoving her hand off his balls, the woman's fingers grabbing them, lifting them to rub against Karen's chin. The hard throbbing of her son's cock in her mouth, while Sissy watched, her face close, increased Karen's wild passion. She had never been seen fucking, or sucking a cock, and she found now that she was as much a voyeur as an exhibitionist. Being seen with her son's cock stuffing her mouth was an intense turn on for Karen.

Sissy pressed her face into Richard's balls, pulling them into her wet, hot mouth, sucking them as Karen whimpered around his cock. With an unspoken agreement, Karen lifted her mouth and relinquished her son's cock to Sissy's mouth. As Sissy began sucking, Karen darted her face between her son's thighs and lapped about his balls, his inner thighs, trying to reach into his asshole with the tip of her tongue.

Richard shivered beneath the dual assault on his cock and balls. The two mouths on his cock and balls were as hot as anything he had ever felt. They were wet and hungry as they sucked at him.

"Mmmm, delicious," Sissy murmured as her tongue swirled around his cock. "Aren't those balls the tastiest ever, Karen? I think I could suck Richard's cock all day!"

Karen nodded her head, unable to speak because she had a mouthful of her son's balls again, her tongue licking, her nose almost against the base of his cock. When Sissy began to suck him again, her lips brushed the tip of Karen's nose. Karen mewled as she sucked his balls. Her eyes almost closed when she felt Sissy's hand moving up her thighs, and she thought she would faint when that hand cupped her cunt, a finger working into it.

She watched, and when Sissy left her son's cock again, Karen rushed her mouth to it. She gurgled as she drew it deep into her mouth. As she sucked up, her stretching lips were followed by Sissy's tongue. The finger in her cunt moved, going in and out, the heel rubbing at her inflamed clit.

As her lips pulled from Richard's cock, she and Sissy both began to lick his prickshaft. When their tongues met and touched, they would moan. While one licked at his cock, the other would lick his balls, but they seemed to prefer licking at his hard cock, especially his smoothly swollen prick head and dripping piss hole.

The repeated licking of two hot, wet tongues became too much for Richard. He was straining to hold back his discharge, trying to keep that growing ecstasy with him. He found it erotic to watch his mother and Sissy, to watch their tongues touch and lick each other on the tip of his cock.

Karen and Sissy mewled with pleasure as their tongues swirled, tasting the dripping juices, the hotness of his throbbing cock. Their hands took turns playing with his balls, between his legs. Richard lifted his ass from the table, arching his cock up, trying to shove it into one of their wet, hungry mouths. He began to grunt, his head lifting as his stomach tightened.

"I gotta…" he choked.

The white, creamy jism gushed out of his cock. Their tongues were twisting around his piss hole when it happened. As the come juice coated their tongues, both Karen and Sissy moaned deep in their throats. The two tongues licked in a frenzy, almost fighting to prevent the other from getting any. Richard's cock squirted time and again, splashing jizz all over their faces, getting into their hair. Yet, Karen and Sissy caught most of it with their tongues and open mouths. Each lapped hungrily at his prick, taking the come juice on their tongue, swirling the tips about his gushing piss hole. Moans and whimpers came from them.

Suddenly, his mother sucked his cock into her mouth, her lips riding up and down with swift, jerky motions, sucking frantically. Richard squirted a few drops of come into her mouth, and her face was pushed away by Sissy, who drew his cock deep into her mouth to catch the rest of his jism, her lips sucking hard and tight. Karen went for her son's balls, whining with heat. She felt his balls writhing and twisting in her mouth as Sissy sucked desperately, trying to bring more come juice into her mouth.

Richard was shaking hard, his cock and balls drained. Sissy sucked at his cock like a woman gone crazy, and his mother's hot mouth on his balls sent his legs over her shoulders, squeezing her head between them.


Karen slumped to the floor, then leaned against Sissy's desk. Her tits moved up and down as she gasped. Her nipples arched up, still hard and tingling. Her son's come juice smeared her face, making it glisten in the harsh light. Her hands rested near her hips, her legs sprawled. Her cunt was twitching, and she knew she had come, a tremendous orgasm.

Sissy leaned against the table where Richard relaxed. Her eyes closed, a smile on her face.

Like Karen, jism gleamed on her cheeks, her lips wet and shiny. Her tits inside the lab coat, seemed to probe against the white material as they rose and fell.

Richard, who seemed in better shape than the two women, was leaning his head on his hand, propped by his elbow, on his side, grinning from ear to ear as he looked at them. His cock was still wet from their mouths.

"My God!" Karen gasped. "Do you know what we did, Sissy?"

"Mmmmm, I sure do!" Sissy answered, opening her eyes. They still sparkled with desire. "We just gave your son a champion blow job, I think."

Karen, feeling her nakedness felt a faint sensation of degradation. She and her son were naked, yet Sissy still had her clothing on. Her eyes darted to the swell of Sissy's tits under the white coat. She ran her tongue over her lips, tasting her son's come juice on them. Richard, hardly surprising Karen, started getting hard again. Sissy's fingers seemed to know just what to do, where to touch, where to stroke. She watched his cock swell.

"Richard would love to fuck you, Sissy," Karen whispered, watching Sissy's fingers close around his cock, jerking him slowly. "He talks about fucking you all the time."

"Well, I could, I suppose," Sissy replied as she pumped her fist on his cock, "but it wouldn't do much for me. I really don't enjoy a cock in my cunt, Karen."

"You don't?" Karen couldn't believe it. The woman was much too erotic.

"I'm a mouth person," Sissy said. "My pleasure is in my mouth and the mouths of others. My cunt, apparently, has very little feeling. That is, except my clit. A tongue can make me blow apart, but a cock inside me doesn't do much at all. My clit and my mouth that's what I'm into."

Seeing Richard's crestfallen expression, Sissy squeezed his cock. "But that doesn't mean you can't fuck, Richard. What do you think Diana is for? She loves a cock in her cunt. We can bring her in here and you can fuck her again."

Richard's eyes lit up.

"Or, why don't you fuck your mother?"

"He fucks me constantly at home," Karen said. "I'm always fucking him. What he wants is something new, a different cunt."

"Fine," Sissy said, petting his halls gently. "I'll call Diana in and we can have a ball together."

Her fingers worked on the buttons of her lab coat. When she opened it, her tits strained up and out, dark nipples rubbery hard. Her waist was small, stomach flat. And she had the bushiest cunt hair Karen had ever seen. It was not only long, but very thick. She had not remembered it that thick the day she had sucked the woman's pussy. Sissy's legs were very long, slender and smooth. Tossing the lab coat onto a hook, Sissy turned her back to Karen and Richard as she went to the door. Her ass was perfectly rounded.

"Maybe up her ass, Richard," Karen murmured, reaching for her son's cock. "Maybe Sissy will take your cock up her asshole."

Sissy, hearing it, wiggled her ass, slapping it lightly. "No, not there, either. I tried and my asshole is like my cunt – hardly any fucking feeling. When I'm doing this, I need and want absolute feeling sensations, and all that is in my mouth and clit, remember?"

She opened the door. "Diana? I think we'd like you in here with us." Sissy left the door open as she came back to the table where Richard was again on his back, his cock standing up very hard. She caressed his balls while Karen pumped on his prick, waiting for the pretty blonde girl. Richard shoved a hand onto his mother's tit, the other hand on Sissy's.

"You can feel my tits all you want, Richard," Sissy said. "I enjoy that. One of these days, I'd love to have you fuck my tits, come all over them. I like that, too."

Diana came into the room, her pretty face glowing with eagerness. She watched them playing with Richard's cock, and began to remove her white uniform. Her blue eyes smoldered with an inner heat, her tongue moving about her lips as her gaze steadied on Richard's cock.

Her tits rose up with candy-pink nipples as her uniform slid from her body. She was young, her flesh creamy and smooth, almost pleading to be caressed. Her hips rounded into beautiful thighs and curvy legs. Naked, she hugged herself, squealing with growing excitement.

"You're hard again, Richard," Diana squealed, hugging her tits. "Ohhhh, you're a wonderful, sweet guy! I just love a hard cock. But you already know that, don't you? My cunt aches for hard cock, and for yours most of all!"

"Now you know why Diana wanted this job," Sissy laughed. "But she surprised me. Before the interview was over, she had her head under my dress and ate my cunt right through my fucking panties! I hired her on the spot when she finished."

"I can understand that," Karen said, feeling excited again as she gazed at the girl. The image of her son fucking Diana from behind as she leaned on her desk sent a hot pulsation through her.

Richard reached for Diana, who came to him with a little skip of eagerness. As Diana grasped his cock, Richard's fingers went straight for her cunt. Karen watched his hand slide between the girl's slim thighs, saw the wiggle of Diana's ass when her son squeezed into her pussy. The soft gurgle of erotic delight came from Diana as she pumped Richard's cock, leaning her mouth to his.

Sissy stood next to Karen, her arm about her waist as they watched Diana and Richard. They were like two eager teenagers, so hot that they couldn't keep their hands off each other. Diana, though, had to be at least twenty, Karen thought. With her arm about Karen's waist, Sissy caressed Diana's waggling ass. "She is exquisite, isn't she, Karen?"

"God, yes!" Karen breathed.

"I can spend hours kissing and licking her ass, and her sweet cunt."

As if to prove her point, Sissy dropped to her knees behind the girl, gripping her hips and shoving her face into Diana's rounded, tight ass, kissing with wet, fiery lips. Karen watched them, her fingers balled into fists. She was so excited, she was almost dancing.

Diana trailed her tongue down Richard's body, swirling the tip about his hard cock as Karen watched, eyes hot. Sissy pulled at Diana's hips, bringing her sweet ass hard into her face, her tongue licking up and down the inviting crack. She couldn't see her son's hand, but she knew he was plunging a finger into the blonde's tight cunt. Diana's lips stretched about Richard's swollen cock, and Karen watched the girl bob her pretty face, sucking strongly with soft, wet whimpers of pleasure. Diana twisted her creamy ass into Sissy's face as she sucked his hard cock. Sissy, too, was making noises of delight, her face pressed between the cheeks of the girl's ass.

Karen felt left out. She wanted in on this very much. She moved toward them, and Sissy, sensing the movement, pulled her face out of Diana's ass. "Rub against me, Karen," she hissed hotly. "Rub your wet, hairy cunt against my head!"

As Sissy shoved her face once more into the girl's hot ass, Karen spread her legs and began to rub her dripping cunt against the back of Sissy's head. The woman's soft hair felt strange on her pussy, but good at the same time. She could still see Diana sucking on her son's cock, and she managed to reach over to take Richard's balls in her hand and keep rubbing her cunt against Sissy's head at the same time. She pressed her pussy hard, forcing Sissy's mouth tighter against Diana's ass. She heard the doctor moan with ecstasy.

"I want to fuck this beautiful cock!" Diana wailed as her mouth came from Richard's prick. "I want it up my fucking hot cunt, deep and hard! Ooooh, I'm going to fuck you, Richard! I'm going to fuck your cock off… up my tight pussy!"

Sissy pulled her mouth out of Diana's ass when Karen moved back. Still squatting on the floor, looking up, she and Karen saw the blonde girl lift one foot. The expanse of her cunt was beautifully revealed as she swung up onto the narrow table with Richard, straddling him, bracing her arms near his shoulders. Her sweet, tight asscheeks parted as she drew her knees up to his waist, her pink asshole clenching with hot readiness.

"Fuck me, Diana!" Richard yelped, his voice cracking on her name. "Fuck me! Fuck my cock!"

"Ooooh, yes!"

Sissy reached up and she held the base of Richard's cock as the pretty girl lifted her crotch and positioned her blonde-haired cunt on his swollen prick head. Karen stood near her son's dangling knees, leaning down to see his cock penetrate Diana's fiery cunt. She was breathing heavily as she watched. Diana moved her pussy down, her sugary pink cunt lips stretching around Richard's cock. It sent thrill after thrill through her. Her cunt pulsated, her inner thighs becoming slippery with the seeping hot juices.

When she had the swollen head of Richard's cock inside the fiery lips of her cunt, Diana squealed like a child, squealed with ecstasy. Her creamy, spreading asscheeks shivered as if a cold chill had come over her. Another squeal came as she slammed her cunt down fast and hard, driving onto Richard's cock. With her blonde cunt hairs tight against the base of his cock, Diana squirmed and began to grind on him, her asshole puckering and winking at Karen.

Sissy pulled her hand back when Diana pressed her cunt down, and was now sliding it up between Karen's thighs. Karen bent her knees a little, semi-squatting, bracing herself with her hands on her son's knees, staring at the way Diana's cunt gripped his cock. Feeling Sissy's hand now in her crotch, Karen mewled and licked her tongue along her son's thigh. She wiggled her naked ass when Sissy pressed a couple of fingers into her soaked cunt.

Sissy began to plunge her fingers in and out of Karen's cunt. Karen waggled her ass, groaning with pleasure. She shoved her face between her son's thighs, her tongue fluttering about his full balls. She had one hand on his hip, the other on Diana's. Her tongue, as it swirled around Richard's balls, probed the girl's stretched cuntlips now and then, tasting the sweet juices that seeped from her.

"Kiss her pretty ass, Karen!" Sissy urged as she worked her body between Karen's feet, looking up at her hairy cunt. "Kiss her sweet ass! Lick that flesh, Karen!"

Karen's body shook with desire, her ass starting to drop lower, her cunt going close to Sissy's face. Her tongue ran in a hot circle across one spreading cheek of Diana's ass. She squatted now, her cunt directly in Sissy's face. Sissy gripped her hips and began to thrust her tongue into Karen's fiery cunt, fucking as if her tongue were a cock. Karen ran the flat surface of her tongue about Diana's ass, licking her even when Diana began to fuck her son, lifting and plunging her cunt up and down. As she squatted onto Sissy's face, her own mouth still stayed on Diana's ass and her son's balls.

She raced her tongue from Diana's grinding ass to her son's balls, then back again. Her hands ran feverishly about the girl's hips and thighs, and her son's thighs. Dipping her head a little, she opened her lips wide and pulled her son's balls into her mouth, her nose rubbing into Diana's crinkling asshole. Wiggling her cunt into Sissy's face, feeling that long tongue delve in and out, Karen sucked hard on her son's balls, finding Diana's tight asshole on her nose exciting. She was understanding Sissy's hunger to use her mouth, but Karen would never give up taking a cock into her mouth. She loved to fuck too much.

Richard and Diana kept talking to each other in hot, excited voices as they fucked, but Karen was too involved in her own feelings to hear much. Her mouth was filled with her son's balls, and her nose pressed against the hot, pink asshole of Diana, and Sissy was fucking her cunt with her long, wicked tongue.

Grinding down into Sissy's sucking, licking mouth, Karen was practically sitting in the woman's face. Sissy stroked her thighs, her ass, even managing to reach up and squeeze her tits once in a while, Sissy's long tongue seemed to reach depths Karen knew nothing about. Her own mouth sucked hungrily at her son's balls, Diana's hot tight asshole brushing up and down her nose. Karen moaned in pleasure around her son's balls when she felt Sissy's tongue scrape against the pucker of her asshole, plunge into her cunt, only to return to her asshole to lick frantically.

"Suck my balls, Mom!" she beard her son say clearly. "Suck my balls! Ohhhh, cunt and mouth… fucking and sucking me! I won't be able to last long!"

Diana squealed as she pumped her cunt up and down her pretty ass banging onto Karen's nose as her blonde-haired cunt sank onto Richard's cock. The seeping juices of the pretty girl's cunt smeared Richard's cock, burning on Karen's lips. Turning her son's balls loose, Karen thrust her tongue out as far as she could, licking the base of her son's cock, tasting Diana's sugary cuntlips at the same time. Wiggling her naked crotch into Sissy's face, Karen shoved her mouth against Diana's pounding ass, lips open and tongue moving. She found she could get her lips against the girl's winking asshole, pressing hard. She sucked on Diana's asshole while her tongue raced about it, trying to find an entrance. Shaking her ass into Sissy's sucking mouth, Karen pressed her tongue hard, and suddenly she had it up Diana's tight, hot asshole. She gripped the girl's hips with her fingers, and began to tonguefuck her in the ass furiously, grinding her cunt into Sissy's face as an orgasm began to steam through her crotch.

"Ooooh, fuck my ass!" Diana yelled in ecstasy. "Fuck my hot fucking asshole! Tongue it… lick my ass!"

Richard was pumping his cock up and down, penetrating her creamy blonde-haired cunt with his throbbing cock, his balls beating on his mother's chin. Karen raced her tongue in and out of the boiling tightness of the girl's asshole, slamming her ass into Sissy's sucking face harshly. Their bodies shivered and shook, sobs of ecstasy joining the swift, heavy breathing.

Karen's cunt convulsed around Sissy's plunging tongue, gripping it hard with her hairy pussy lips. She came strongly, her naked ass shuddering, grinding into Sissy's mouth, making the woman whimper happily. Karen rammed her tongue deeply into Diana's tight asshole, and she didn't have to hear the girl scream to know she was coming. Diana's asshole tightened even more about her buried tongue, then began to flex. As Diana came, her cunt started sucking and grasping on Richard's cock, drawing the creamy come juice from his tight balls.

Richard grunted as he strained his gushing cock into the pretty girl's spasming cunt. Karen kept ramming her tongue in and out of Diana's pink asshole as they came, her own pussy going through a series of mind shattering orgasms while Sissy tongue fucked her with more fury than before.

The series of orgasms were too much for Karen. She slumped off Sissy's smeared face, her mouth coming free of Diana's trembling ass. She sprawled against, the desk, panting, her tits heaving. With a fuzzy vision, she watched Diana slip her cunt from Richard's cock. But the girl did not move to one side and sit down to rest. Instead, she squatted immediately onto Sissy's face. Karen heard Sissy's mindless sob just before Diana placed her come-filled cunt directly against Sissy's open, hungry mouth.

"Eat it out, bitch!" Diana hissed down at Sissy. "Suck that hot come out of my fucking cunt! Lick the come out of my pussy, you fucking cunt-licking cocksucker!"

Fascinated, Karen watched Dr. Reed feverishly sucking Richard's come juice from Diana's blonde-haired cunt, her soft hands moving about the girl's ass and thighs. Sissy's long legs scissored wide open, then closed. Sissy's cunt was visibly twitching as she came, her naked ass writhing in ecstasy on the floor.

Karen stood up motioning to her son, who was watching the two naked women with fascinated eyes. She and Richard began to dress. Sissy and Diana were so involved with each other, they failed to notice when Karen and her son slipped from the examining room and left the office.


"They're crazy, Mom," Richard said that evening. "Did you see them going after each other?"

"Don't say that, darling," Karen replied. "They aren't in the least crazy. They find pleasure their own way, just as you do and I do. Some would call us crazy, too, you know."

"I don't feel crazy," Richard said, grinning at his mother. "I like what we do with each other."

"So do I," she replied with a smile. "And I'm certainly not crazy. Maybe just a wee bit warped for that beautiful cock of yours, but I'm not crazy, either."

"They can do what they want, I guess."

"Of course they can. It's no one's business. What you and I do in our own home is our business."

They were sitting in the middle of the living room floor, facing each other. It had been a long time since she had sat on the floor this way, talking to her son. She felt good, very good. Richard wore a pair of white, and very tight, jockey shorts. She could see his cock and balls cupped in them.

Karen wore a skirt, nothing else. Her son, she knew, loved to see her shapely tits naked, and he enjoyed knowing she was naked under her skirts. And one thing she wanted was to make him happy. She drew one knee up, propping her chin on it, the other leg straight out. She noticed his gaze move under her skirt, seeing her hairy cunt. She wondered what it would be like to suck on his cock through his shorts. Could she suck his come juice through them? she wondered. What would it be like to strain that sweet jism through those shorts? Would it change the taste she loved so much?

Richard's cock swelled before her eyes.

Running her tongue over her lips hungrily, she looked at his face. Reaching for him, she pulled the tight crotch of shorts to one side, releasing the pressure on his cock and balls.

"You know, baby," she said in a husky voice as she caressed his cock and balls softly. "We're going to have to find another doctor."

"Make it a woman," Richard grinned lewdly.

"Damn you!" she squealed, jumping him, wrestling her son about the floor. "Woman, huh? I'm not enough for you, am I?"

She got him on his back, straddling him, her long legs pressing his body. Her cunt was hot on his stomach, and she could feel his cock near her ass. Squirming backwards until his throbbing cock was pressing against the crack of her ass, she leaned down and kissed him.

"I could smother you with my cunt, damn you," she teased, writhing her hairy pussy against him. "Woman doctor, indeed! You're getting so much pussy from me, how can you take more?"

"Easy," he giggled. "I could fuck a houseful of girls."

"You know, I bet you could," she murmured, licking the tip of her tongue about his lips. "Sometimes I'd like to shove your cock up your asshole, you motherfucker."

"Why don't you suck it instead, Mom? My asshole, I mean."

"You'd like that, wouldn't you?" She laughed wickedly.

"I'd like anything we do," he replied, his voice becoming hoarse.

She felt his cock throbbing against the crack of her ass, and she scooted back onto it. Wiggling against him, she lowered her tit to his mouth. When his wet lips closed about her nipple, his tongue lapping, Karen gave a soft sob of delight. Reaching behind her ass, she pressed his cock into the crack, feeling it against her asshole, hot and hard. She wanted his cock up her ass, stretching her tight shitter, fucking her. But Richard wanted her to suck his asshole, thrust her tongue into it and fuck him.

Sliding her cunt downward, leaving a wet, fiery trail of pussy juice on his flesh, she leaned and kissed the tip of his cock, working her tongue over his piss hole, tasting the seeping juices. She pulled the rounded head of his cock into her mouth for a moment, sucking it. She ran his cock deep into her throat quickly, then licked at his precious, sensitive balls. Richard spread his legs for her, lifting his crotch into his mother's face. Karen gripped his hips, her tongue swirling all about his crotch, his cock and his balls, the curve of his tight ass, the insides of his thighs. She felt her son shiver beneath her assault. As her lips and tongue moved about his inner thighs, she pumped slowly on his cock, twisting her fingers around it.

Richard drew his knees up and back, lifting his ass. While he held his legs tight, his knees on his chest, Karen licked the backs of his thighs, swirling her tongue around hotly. She ran her tongue along the crack of his ass, teasing him by staying away from his asshole. She lapped lightly at the inner flesh of his asscheeks, up around his balls, then, after the cheeks of his ass were wet from her licking tongue, she stroked it up and down his throbbing cock for a while.

"Suck my ass, Mom!" he cried out, trying to shove his asshole against her mouth. "Come on, suck my fucking asshole!"

"I'll fuck your asshole," she hissed at him. "I'll shove my tongue up your asshole and fuck the piss out of you!"

Karen pressed her open lips around his asshole, the tip of her tongue probing lightly. She felt his asshole pucker inward at the touch of her tongue, and while her lips sucked, she pressured her tongue against it. Richard howled when his mother's tongue darted up his asshole. Her tongue raced back and forth, plunging into his hot, tight shitter, going deep. The tightness of his asshole around her tongue filled Karen with burning, bubbling desire, her cunt pulsating as she pressed it hard against the floor. The cheeks of her rounded ass tightened, clenching as the fire grew between her long legs. She was breathing hard as she tonguefucked her son up his ass, his balls resting on her nose, his cock jerking and throbbing a few inches from her eyes.

"Oooh, I like it, Mom!" Richard groaned. "Oh, tonguefuck my asshole, Mom! My cock is so fucking hard! You could make me come this way!"

Karen didn't want her son coming off on his stomach. If he came, she wanted that sweetness inside her, in her cunt, up her asshole, or in her mouth. Unlike Dr. Sissy Reed, Karen wanted her son's jism directly in her body, and not second-hand. She could imagine the enjoyment Sissy received from sucking the come juice out of Diana's lovely cunt, but that wasn't for her.

Karen pulled her tongue from his asshole. She placed her lips hard upon his asshole and kissed him wetly. "I need that hard cock, darling," she said huskily. "I want that beautiful hard-on inside me, Richard!"

Standing on her knees, she unzipped her skirt, then tossed it to one side. She began to walk on her knees, his thighs between them, her bushy cunt burning. She was gasping by the time she had her cunt near his cock. With a swift adjustment, she sat down on him, his cock going very deep into her cunt. Karen mewled and threw her head back, clutching at her swollen tits. She sat on him for awhile, his cock buried inside her pussy, then she began to move. She rode up and down his cock as he caressed her thighs, her knees almost in his armpits.

"Oooooooh, you're so hard in my cunt, darling!" she sobbed, her head twisting in passion. "Your cock is so fucking hard, and it goes so deep in mother's pussy!"

With a squeal, Karen twisted on him, his cock still in her cunt. She swung her legs around until her back was toward his face. She leaned over, her tits smashing on his knees. Richard sucked in an excited gasp as he saw his cock up his mother's hairy cunt this way, her asscheeks spreading to expose her crinkling asshole. His pulses raced as his mother began to fuck him this way. He stroked her bobbing ass, rubbing the tight heat of her asshole, sending flashing waves of heat through her naked body, making her twist and squirm and bounce on his prick eagerly. When Richard plunged a finger into his mother's asshole, Karen gave a scream of ecstasy. Richard wasn't moving his finger, but letting her fuck him with her bouncing, curvy ass. She fucked his cock with her fiery cunt, and his fingers with her intensely sensitive asshole. It was, she thought, as if two cocks had suddenly penetrated her.

She began to fuck her son wildly, listening to his cries of urgency. Her ass banged up and down in a frenzy of orgiastic hunger, the hair lined lips of her cunt grasping his cock tightly, the ring of her asshole drawing on his buried finger. There were some mild kind of explosions around her cunt, and Karen was so aroused, she wasn't certain if she was coming or not.

"Mom, swing your fucking ass!" Richard yelled. "Fuck my fucking cock… fuck my cock with your hot cunt! Ooooh, you're gonna make me come like a son of a bitch!"

She cried, "No! Please, don't come yet, Richard!"

Sitting upright on him, a scream came from her as the orgasms that had been going off inside her cunt burst with the force of a tornado. She threw her head back and screamed in ecstasy, her cunt squeezing and sucking on his hard cock. His finger was no longer up her asshole, and even though she was coming insanely, she missed it.

With a cry, she jerked her still convulsing cunt off his cock. "In my ass!" she screamed. "I want that hard cock up my fucking asshole!"

Hardly had her cunt left his prick than Karen banged it into her tight asshole. She screamed again with a sudden stab of pain, but the pain shifted to ecstasy as his cock went as deep as possible. Still sitting on her son with her back to him, she clutched at his balls and pressed them hard against her convulsing cunt, her asshole fiery hot around his throbbing cock.

"Now, come in me!" she shouted. "Squirt that sweet come up mother's hot asshole! Ooooh, come in my fucking ass!"

Karen bounced insanely, riding her son's cock with her tight asshole, almost lifting from his swollen cock head before plunging down again. Her cunt refused to stop coming. Her whole body was shaking violently, the ecstasy driving her out of her mind. It seemed to her as if she was one huge orgasm, every inch of her smooth flesh a ball of mindless pleasure. Her naked ass shook wildly as it bounced. Richard gritted his teeth as her asshole created intense friction on his cock. He was holding his mother's jerking hips, his eyes glazed in wicked pleasure, watching her curvy ass fucking his cock. His balls were very tight, but she managed to keep pressing them into her spasming cunt.

"Fuck… fuck… fuck!" Karen wailed over and over in a mindless chant of ecstasy. "Fuck my asshole… come up that asshole, darling! Drown my fucking asshole with your sweet, hot come juice! Fill mother's asshole, Richard! Oh, God, give it to me!"

The pounding of her ass brought grunts from him as she drove his ass onto the floor. Richard wasn't sure he could take much more of the fucking. Already his full balls ached, anxious to release that full load of jism. His cock tingled, especially the swollen head around his piss hole. He tried to shove his cock upward into his mother's asshole, but she was fucking him so wildly, that he couldn't move.

"Let me have it, darling!" Karen groaned, her naked ass shaking frantically. "Let me have your come juice… up my hot fucking asshole. Oh, baby, give it to mother! I'll do anything you want… just squirt it up my asshole!"

Richard could hold back no longer.

His cock throbbed, swelling inside his mother's gripping asshole. His swollen prickhead seemed to expand to the size of an apple. Karen screamed with joy as she felt his cock swell. The boiling come juice was roaring from his piss hole, splashing along the velvet soft walls of her ass. Her cunt erupted into even stronger orgasms, and she was coming more than anytime in her life. Her cunt refused to stop, her hairy cunt lips closing as her asshole began to suck hungrily on his spurting cock.

Richard's eyes had closed, unable to remain open because of the intense discharge. There was an ache in his balls as they unleashed the thick, dreamy come juice. His fingers gripped his mother's grinding hips hard.

"Ooooh, God!" Karen wailed, slumping forward toward his toes, so weak she could not remain upright any longer. As she fell forward, his cock came out of her asshole, giving one final spurt of white, creamy jism that splashed directly upon her puckering asshole.

She sprawled on his legs, sliding her feet along his sides until they were scissored around his shoulders. Now that his balls were empty, Richard's vision came back, and he gazed between his mother's thighs at her hairy cunt and asshole. Her asshole glistened with come juice, her ass cheeks twitching, clamping and relaxing. She moaned softly for a long time, her body shaking as her ecstasy slowly faded away.

Karen was shook by her passion. Never had it began so intense, so strong. She had felt, and still felt, delightfully lewd. The feeling was one she liked. Her cunt, her asshole, and her mouth were becoming insatiable for her son's cock, she knew. Many events had caused this, but the single contributing factor was Dr. Sissy Reed. If she had not seen the woman tickle her son's balls and make him come off, all this might not have happened. But it did happen, and she wasn't in the least sorry.

Recovering a little, she twisted off her son's body and rested her cheek on his thigh, her face near his cock and balls. She stroked them lovingly.

"Darling," she murmured, looking up at his face, "I don't think I'm ever going to let you go. I don't ever want this beautiful cock of yours to get away from me. I'm going to need it constantly, I believe."

"You got it, Mom," he agreed.

She kissed his balls tenderly, then moved her lips along his cock to his prick head. A bead of come juice lingered there, and she flicked her tongue through it. Twisting her tongue around his smooth cock head, she said, "I meant it when I said I'd do anything for you, Richard. I wouldn't care if you wanted me to go naked in the streets, I'd do it."

"I wouldn't ask you to do that, Mom," he said, running his fingers through her hair. "I'd never ask you to do anything embarrassing."

Nuzzling her face into his crotch, Karen wanted to do something truly erotic, something very perverse and very lewd. She felt lewd, and the feeling pleased her. She pressed her face between his legs, caressing his cock tenderly, watching her thumb and forefinger stroke his cock. She lifted her face and gazed at it.

"Piss, honey," she whispered.

"You want me to piss, Mom?"

"Oh, yes!"

"On my back?"

"Now… piss right now!"

She held his cock at the base, her eyes becoming glassy with anticipation. A spurt of golden piss came from his cock, then it stopped. Another spurt came, a little more this time.

"Ohhhh!" she purred. "More! Piss some more!"

A stream came out of his piss hole, a golden stream of piss that arced up and splashed back down on his stomach. With a gurgle of perverse ecstasy, Karen moved her face forward, taking her son's piss into her face. She moaned as the warm piss drenched her face, getting into her hair. She opened, her lips slightly, aiming his pissing cock at them. The warm taste caused her cunt to twitch, but she didn't come. Instead, she was pissing on the carpet. She closed her thighs, and widened her lips, letting her son piss into her mouth. But even that didn't satisfy her.

Richard's eyes widened as he saw his mother lowering her open mouth, and he gasped when she closed her lips about his cock.

Karen wrapped her lips about the head of her son's cock, but his surprise had cut the flow. Her eyes begged him, and when he began to piss into her mouth, Karen's eyes rolled with bliss, her throat working to swallow. Her mouth filled with his warm piss and she drank thirstily, no longer pissing, but clutched with intense orgasms again.