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Mom made them do it

Kathy Andrews

Kathy Andrews

Mom made them do it

Susan Meyers was having trouble with the light.

She sat on the tall stool, one heel hooked in the highest rung, the other leg out with her foot flat on the floor. She looked at the canvas before her and frowned. It wasn't the way she wanted it.

On the foot-high platform near the huge window were her models, Tommy and Julie. They were wearing the Roman-like togas she had made specifically for this painting. She looked at her children with the frown still on her face. Tommy was kneeling before his sister on one knee the other knee was up with his hand resting on it. He was facing his sister who sat on a chair a foot higher than the platform.

Susan looked closer and almost gasped.

From the angle of her son's position, she could see his toga skirt was up and she was positive that it was his cock that she was looking at. And if it was his cock, then her son wasn't wearing shorts. His cock was not just dangling there; it was hard. The head of Tommy's prick was holding the hem of the toga up. Susan glanced at her, daughter, wondering if Julie was aware of her brother's hard on. But the girl's face did not show anything. She sat there with a sweet innocent expression, and didn't appear to be breathing at all.

Susan followed her son's eyes, and this time she did gasp.

From the positions of her daughter and son, Susan realized that Tommy was gazing underneath Julie's short toga. It was now for the first time that Susan realized she had made those costumes far too short

To confirm her suspicions Susan got off the high stool and moved toward her children. She stood next to her son and looked at her daughter trying to make her expression thoughtful and critical. She found that with her head close to Tommy's she could look up Julie's toga and see her daughter's cunt. So that explained her son's hard on, she thought, as she went back to the canvas.

Susan wasn't horrified; she felt a strange, pleasant sensation, mostly between her own long, slim, creamy thighs. She smiled to herself as she dabbed paint on the canvas, not interested now in contrast or color. She looked at the way her son's cock held his toga up, and now she could see that it was dripping from his piss hole.

There was a sudden contraction of her cunt, and Susan moaned softly. She felt an excitement bubbling within her body that she had not felt in a long time. There was a flush on her flesh, and her tits swelled. Her nipples became rubber hard. She felt the throbbing pleasure of her cut as she gazed at Tommy's cock. Susan began to wonder what his cock would feel like in her hand, rubbing along her thighs… thrusting into her cunt.

It had been a long, long time since she had been fucked. In fact, ever since her divorce two years ago. She had managed to shove her erotic nature to the back of her mind, expending her sexual energy in her painting. But now it was coming back, and with a force that sent her mind reeling.

"Take a break, kids," she said, her voice unusually thick and low. "We'll get back to this in a few minutes."

Susan left them and went to the kitchen, where she pulled soft drinks from the refrigerator and took them back to her makeshift studio. She found her son sitting on the platform, gazing unabashedly under his sister's toga Susan noted that this time Julie was certainly aware of the exposure. She was sitting in her chair with her knees apart and the bottom of the toga almost in her lap. Tommy's cock was making a tent of his garment. A spot of moisture seeped through the cloth where the prick head pressed. Pretending she was not aware of this, Susan gave her children the soft drinks and sat on the floor near her son. She crossed her legs and the paint-smeared jeans pulled tight. She felt the crotch of her pants pressing against her suddenly steaming cunt and it felt very good.

"We've got perhaps an hour of light left," she told them. "How do you feel?"

"We can stand another hour, Mother," Julie said, tucking her toga between her legs.

Susan looked at her daughter's thighs, seeing how smooth and lovely they were. Julie was two years older than her brother, and exceptionally beautiful, Her dark blonde hair was long and slightly wavy, and her blue eyes flashed with a wicked sparkle. She was forever moistening her lips with the tip of her pink tongue. She was a sexy little bundle, Susan thought. She wondered if Julie was getting fucked, and that made her wonder if her two children were playing around with each other. It was obvious to her that Julie knew very well that her young brother had been gazing at her pussy.

They finished the soft drinks, then Susan went back to her canvas. Her children went into their pose, and she dabbed more paint, still not paying any attention to it. Her eyes searched out her son's cock again. She saw that Julie had her legs apart once more, the toga in her lap. She was amazed that her children could sit there looking that way and keep their expression blank. Her cunt was bubbling hot, and she had to fight hard to keep her expression calm.

Finally, she called it a day.

As Julie stood up and stretched, the toga lifted higher until the creamy curves of her ass were exposed. Tommy's eyes gazed hotly at his sister's ass, his cock pressing his garment out. Susan's cunt throbbed crazily as she put her paints away.

The answer to her silent question came that very night.

Susan had just gotten out of the shower when she heard soft moans and whimpers. She knew without a doubt what those sounds meant, but she felt an overpowering urge to make sure. Slipping into the hall, she went toward the sounds, and found Tommy with his sister in her bedroom.

"Do you think mom noticed?" she heard her son asking.

"Not mother," Julie's voice replied. "She's always so involved in painting; she never pays any attention to what we're doing."

"I like seeing you that way," Tommy, said. "Tomorrow, why don't you hold your legs open farther? I could hardly see your cunt this afternoon, Julie."

"Okay," Julie giggled. "I'll make sure you can see my pussy real good tomorrow. Right now I'm so fucking hot, Tommy! Come on let me jack your cock! You can finger fuck my cunt, too."

Susan's breath was burning in her lungs as she listened to her children. Her tits were quite swollen and her nipples pressed at her gown. Her cunt was twitching hotter than it had in years, and the inside of her legs was becoming slippery. The door to her daughter's bedroom was not closed all the way, so she peeked through the narrow opening.

Julie and Tommy were sitting on the bed. Her daughter was wearing a shorty baby-doll gown, but she was naked beneath it. Tommy was in his pajama bottoms, but his cock was standing out throbbing in hardness. Susan saw her son sprawl back on the bed while Julie got onto her hands and knees.

Julie took hold of her brother's cock and began jacking up and down. Susan saw her son slip his hand between his sister's thighs, and then his finger slithered into the wet, hairy pussy.

"You're sure hard tonight, Tommy!" Julie giggled softly as her fist pumped his prick. "You really get hot when we pose with hardly any clothes on, don't you?"

"You do, too," he said, working his finger in and out of her cunt. "Your cunt was wet, Julie."

"It sure was!" Julie agreed. "I bet mother never knew your cock was hard, either!"

Susan's eyes were almost unfocused as she stared at her children through the slit in the door. She could see her daughter's hand rubbing Tommy's cock, and it sent a thrill of hot pleasure racing up and down her spine. Her steaming pussy began to throb between her thighs, and her clit seemed ready to explode. She turned her eyes to her daughter's round, firm ass waving about in the air. The cheeks were fully revealed because Tommy had shoved the gown up to her waist and Susan could watch his finger plunge in and out of Julie's surprisingly cute pussy. There were moist sounds coming from the room, and Susan pressed the heel of her hand hard against her burning cunt.

"Ooooh, do it faster, Tommy!" Julie squealed, wiggling her naked ass. "Finger fuck me faster, Tommy! Ohhhh, I love it… your finger up my cunt! God, your cock is so hard! I like the way it throbs in my hand! You're gonna come real good tonight, Tommy! I'm gonna make your cock come so good!"

Susan had felt her son was far too young to come, but apparently she had been wrong. Julie certainly knew what she was doing, and it was obvious from the comments this was not the first time she had jacked her brother's cock off.

"I'm gonna make you come, too!" Tommy yelped as his finger stabbed furiously now into his sister's cunt. "Your pussy is so hot, Julie! It seems like your cunt is hotter than ever!"

'Fuck it for me, Tommy!? Julie urged in a thick, excited voice. "Ooooh, fuck it for me! Fuck my cunt, Tommy! Fuck me in my hot cunt with your finger! Ooh, I love it, love it!''

"Jack my cock, Julie!' Tommy grunted, arching his hips from the bed. "Hold my cock real tight and jack me off!"

Susan's emotions went soaring as she pressed her hand hard into her bubbling pussy. There was an almost overpowering urge to go to her children and show them that there was more to sex than jacking off and finger fucking. She wanted to rush in there and stuff her son's cock up her own cunt. She wanted to fuck him and feel his come juice spurting into her burning cunt. And, she wanted to feel that sweet cunt of Julie's, to play with it, to finger it, to

… oh, yes, kiss it!

The thoughts whirling inside her mind had Susan trembling with steaming desire. She was not shocked by the thoughts, but intensely excited. One hand was digging almost cruelly into her firm, shapely tit as she pressed against her quivering cunt with the other.

Julie was shaking her sweet naked ass as Tommy thrust his finger in and out of her cunt. She was moaning and mewling with delight. Her fist held his cock tightly, as she jacked up and down with swift motions. The piss hole was flaring wide, and juice seeped from it smearing her fist. Her lovely innocent face was six inches from his prick and her blue eyes glowed with ecstasy.

"You're gonna really come tonight, Tommy!" she gurgled in a hot voice. "I'm gonna make you spurt so much! Oooh, I love to watch your cock squirting, Tommy!.

Tommy's ass lifted high from the bed, and his finger thrust deep into his sister's cunt.

Susan felt as if she would come at any time just by watching her children. Her hand was moving now against her pussy; her eyes were wide and almost unfocused. She was shaking violently as she watched them, and struggling to keep from going in there and taking her son's cock and stuffing it into her cunt. She wanted to sit on her son's cock, fuck him good and fast, and at the same time shove her tongue up her daughters sweet pussy and lick it off.

"Fuck it, fuck it it, fuck it!" Julie was urging as she wiggled her cute ass. "Fuck my cunt, Tommy! Oooh, I'm gonna be coming, in a fucking minute! Stab your finger up my pussy, Tommy! Oooch, come! Come; Tommy!"

Susan leaned against the door jamb, her eyes burning as she watched. In her mind, she too was urging her son to come.

"There!" Tommy shouted, arching his cock very high; the head of it was only a few inches from his sister's face. "I'm coming, Julie! Jack faster! I'm coming!"

Julie gave a pleased squeal as her brother's come juice spurted in heavy globs that splashed into her face smearing her cheeks, lips and chin.

Her naked ass was now jerking spasmodically.

"Oooh, Tommy! I'm coming, too! Ohhh, you're making me come, Tommy! fuck my cunt… oooh, fuck it good for me!"

Susan watched her children's almost naked bodies shiver and shake. She knew well the pleasure that they were enjoying. When it was over, she saw her daughter take a tissue and wipe her face and hand clean. But Tommy surprised her. He lifted his wet finger to his lips and licked the cunt juice.

"You always do that, Tommy," Julie giggled. "You must like the way my pussy tastes."

"I do," he said sounding happily tired.

Susan slipped quietly back to her bedroom. She was almost out of her mind with desire. She ripped her gown from her body and sprawled on the bed naked. She spread her legs wide apart and thrust a finger deep into her hairy cunt. She had wanted to tell her son the best way to taste his sister's cunt was to kiss it and lick it and stick his tongue into it. She wanted to urge her daughter to suck on Tommy's cock and let him come off in her mouth.

Instead, she lay on her bed, legs spread wide, and finger fucked herself in a frenzy of burning desire. She plunged her finger deep into her cunt and then pulled it out and shoved a finger from the other hand into it while she licked the first finger. The taste of her slippery cunt was always a special delight to her. Susan had never so much as had her face close to another woman's pussy, but for many years she had wanted to lick one. For the past ten years she had been licking her own fingers after sticking them up her cunt. Tasting her hot juices just increased her desire.

Ever since she was a young girl, Susan loved to fuck. She had sucked her first cock off while in junior high school, and, ever since relished the taste of a hard, throbbing cock in her mouth. The taste and feel of a cock squirting down her throat was enough to send her cunt into convulsions. Her husband had not liked being sucked off. She loved it so much that during their marriage she had found herself two men who loved the way she used her mouth and tongue on them. She also craved being licked and tongue fucked. That didn't mean she didn't like being fucked; she certainly did. Susan loved to have a cock up her cunt, and even up her asshole.

As horny as she was, Susan had often used many different objects to fuck herself with. She would shove something up her pussy, and then suck on it, pretending it was a cock. Sometimes she would stick something up her cunt and asshole at the same time, pretending she was being fucked that way. She never failed to experience the most satisfying orgasms when she did that. The only thing missing was having real, hard, hot cocks in her cunt and asshole. Her husband had caught her fucking herself this way once and there had been a horrible, bitter argument after which Susan stormed from the house and, for the first time in her life, deliberately searched for a man. Of course, she found one.

Susan was in her early thirties and extremely attractive. She had no difficulty attracting men. She had found a young man, probably in his early twenties, and she spent the night in a motel fucking and sucking him until the delighted man had been drained. The next morning he was so exhausted he could hardly get out of bed.

It had been shortly after that when she decided the only course of action was to divorce her straight-laced, puritan husband.

After her divorce she had pushed her sensuality into the dark corners of her mind and tried to forget it. She often thought how strange that was. When she was married, she wanted to fuck constantly and felt forced to take two lovers. Now free to go after any man she wanted, Susan had wrapped herself in her painting instead. However, she continued to finger fuck herself frequently.

She was getting very close to coming as her fingers took turns inside her cunt and mouth. She was writhing her naked body about as she became hotter and more excited. She was softly moaning and imagining being with her children and fucking and sucking them. It was wild and totally uninhibited. The mental pictures were making her cunt burn and throb powerfully:

She rolled over onto her stomach and drew her knees beneath her body. Her shapely round ass was thrust high. She inserted one hand between her thighs and shoved a finger up her cunt. Then she put another finger up her tight asshole. She plunged them in, and out and whimpered softly as she began to come in a series of soft, shivering waves of ecstasy.

With fingers up her cunt and asshole, Susan pretended she was being fucked by two beautiful hard cocks. Susan imagined kissing and licking Julie's young, hot cunt while Tommy fucked her. Two cocks and a cunt, it was so exciting to think about. Suddenly she exploded with a tremendous orgasm, moaning softly as she shivered and shook. She plunged her fingers deep into her convulsing cunt and flexing asshole, wishing that Tommy and Julie were watching her. She wanted them to fuck her and eat her and let her suck them both.

But when it was over, her naked body still glowing and shivering slightly, she turned onto her back… and saw that no one was watching her although the door was purposely left open.

She curled up into a ball, both hands between her thighs. She left the light on still hoping Tommy and Julie might peek in at her. She lay with her naked ass toward the door in the bright light and fell asleep.


The following morning was overcast with clouds that threatened a summer rain. Susan could not paint because the light was bad. She didn't know what to do with herself when she couldn't get to the canvas.

She stood at the huge window in the front room, looking out at the countryside. Her house was situated atop a small hill surrounded by tall, thick pine trees. There was not another house within half a mile. She had bought this place after her divorce because of its isolation. In the front yard there was a small pond with a waterfall that contained a statue she had bought a year ago. It was supposed to represent an ancient god, but it was the strangest god she had ever seen. The face looked cruel and had leering eyes and a tongue thrust out of its mouth. It stood in a squatting position, so that one could sit on its lap. That pose was particularly interesting because of the huge cock that stood from the crotch of the statue. It was fashioned like a real cock, and positioned in just the right way for a woman to sit on its lap and have that cock up her cunt at the same time.

When her children first saw it, they made fun of it, but now they accepted it.

Since she couldn't paint, she had let Julie and Tommy walk through the pine forest to visit with the nearest neighbors. A woman of Susan's age and her young son lived nearby and they often visited one another. Susan had been attracted to the woman and felt something had sparked between them immediately. Susan didn't know if Jayne was a widow or divorcee. Her son, Robert, was a nice boy, shy and very good-looking. Robert was Tommy's age, and Susan hadn't been able to understand why Julie preferred spending time with Tommy and Robert instead of boys her own age. That is, she didn't understand until last night.

Now she suspected that Julie was playing with both young boys, jacking them off and letting them feel her up and finger fuck her.

Susan found it quite pleasurable to think that her daughter was a hot assed little girl, and was envious that Julie was getting her hands on two cocks at the same time something that Susan wanted desperately.

It was cloudy and humid. Susan went outside and walked to the statue. She stood and looked at it for a long time. Finally, she reached out and stroked the stone cock, amazed at how realistic it was. The stone balls were enormous, and she loved to run, her hands over them. A few times before Susan had wrapped her fingers around the stone cock and jacked up and down, pretending it was real.

She stood there now running her fist up and down the stone prick, making soft sounds in her throat. Her cunt was again bubbling hotly. She imagined the cock belonged to her son.

Despite the fact that the Statue had been carved in such a tempting position, Susan had never tried it. She had thought of it, though. She wondered what it would be like to sit on that stone cock, fuck it and make herself come. She didn't have the nerve, though. She was afraid that her children might catch her at it.

But now, she wondered why she should be afraid of that happening. After what they had done with each other the night before certainly meant they would have no right to condemn their mother no matter what she did.

After she had gotten out of bed this morning, Susan had put on a skirt and blouse. She seldom wore skins, but there was a tingling thought in the back of her mind, and she gave in to it. Now, as she stroked her fist up and down the stone cock, Susan raised her skirt to her waist and rubbed her pantied cunt. She felt a thrill rumbling through her. She had never exposed herself this way before in the yard. Her children could return at anytime and see what she was doing.

And Susan wished they would!

She heard some rustling in the forest. Despite her wish to be seen by her children stroking this stone cock with her skirt up, she quickly let her skirt drop and jerked her hand from the statue.

''Terrible day, isn't it, Susan?"

Susan saw Jayne Hanson coming through the trees. Her heart banged heavily inside her chest as she watched the woman approach. She was once again struck by Jayne's beauty. The blonde woman was wearing a pair of the most revealing shorts Susan had ever seen. Her tight blouse emphasized her swelling, shapely tits. Susan could actually see the nipples pressing at the blouse.

"Think it will rain, Jayne?" she said, watching the woman approach. Jayne had beautiful, smooth, slender thighs; and the revealing shorts were pulled tight at the crotch; Susan almost gasped loud when she realized that. Jayne's cunt was brazenly outlined. She could actually see the shape of Jayne's cunt lips, and wondered if it could be hair curling out from the crotch. Why, it sure was. She almost blushed as she saw this, but managed to keep herself calm. "I can't see well enough to paint, damn it!" Jayne was near now; a smile was on her lovely face. "You can't paint all the time, Susan."

"Are Tommy and Julie giving you any trouble?" Susan asked.

"Are you kidding?" Jayne laughed in a low, husky chuckle. "Those two kids of yours are so sweet, they couldn't give anyone trouble." Jayne looked at the statue. "When are you going to try that on for size, Susan?"

That was one thing about Jayne; she was sexually blunt. She seemed to enjoy shocking people, and by now Susan had gotten used to it.

She laughed. "One of these days I just might," she replied.

Jayne ran her hand over the stone cock. "If it was mine, I'd give it a try every damned day!"

"You probably would," Susan laughed.

"Why not?" Jayne replied, running her hand over the stone balls. "A cock is a cock, isn't it! My God, Susan, it must be at least a week since I've been fucked."

Susan had heard this many times since she had known Jayne; but so far had considered it talk. Now she wasn't so sure. She knew Jayne seldom went on dates. Maybe she wasn't so sexy, but tried to make people think she was. Susan recalled what she had seen last night, and said suddenly: "Jayne, let's go in the house. I have a problem you might be able to help me with."

Jayne cocked her lovely eyes. "Ah-ha! So you're finally admitting you need it, huh? Well, Susan, it's about time! You want to play little-girl games with me, huh?"

"Oh, Jayne!" Susan blushed now. "You get more horrible every time I see you."

"Bull shit!" Jayne snorted. "I've been this way all my life, and I'm not about to change now. Besides, I like to play with a woman now and then. It's a change of pace from those grabbing, horny men."

They went into the house and Susan poured coffee for them. She was nervous, and didn't know how to start saying this. She wasn't even sure she wanted to mention it to Jayne. Susan was always startled to hear Jayne talk the way she did. She was a beautiful, feminine woman, and when she used those words it seemed exciting. Somehow it didn't sound coarse or vulgar when Jayne said them.

"Well, what's the problem?" Jayne asked. "Are your two kids diddling each other, or what?"

Susan looked sharply at Jayne.

"So they are," Jayne said, observing the look on Susan's face. "I thought that was it. Well, I wouldn't worry about it, Susan. Hell, kids will do that, you know."

"You know?"

"I suspected it," Jayne said. "But, why?"

Jayne stared at Susan. "You can't be that wrapped up in your paints and canvas, can you? Come on, Susan. Don't you know what my son, your son, and Julie are doing with each other?"

Susan shook her head. "I thought.

"Julie is jacking those two boys off," Jayne said, bluntly. "Not only that, but she's letting them stick their fingers up her cunt. I'd be surprised if she hasn't been fucked by them already."

''But, Julie

"Oh, hell, Susan!" Jayne snorted. "Julie is a hot little piece! You can see how hot she is just by looking at her. And those two boys, well, they'd fuck anything, and you damn well know it!"

Jayne sprawled back, her long legs straight out and slightly apart. Susan gazed between her long, shapely thighs. The crotch of Jayne's shorts was very tight, and her blonde cunt hairs curled out on each side. Her cunt lips were fully outlined.

"You like what you see, Susan?" Jayne said bluntly.

Susan blushed, yet she could not take her eyes off Jayne's crotch.

"I'll tell you what, Susan," Jayne said in a throaty voice. "Let's play. I'll show you mine if you show me yours."

"Jayne, that's silly!" Susan blushed.

"It's not as silly as you think." Jayne sat up, but kept her legs wide. She deliberately began to rub her cunt. "We're grown women, Susan. And we're both without a man. Hell, we get hot, don't we? There isn't anything wrong with us having a little fun with each other. Those kids of ours are doing it, so why shouldn't we?"

"But I've never..

"Felt another woman?" Jayne finished for her. "You'll like it, Susan. I certainly enjoy feeling another cunt. Come on, pull your dress up and let's see your pretty pussy."

But Susan could hardly move: She sat rigid, shivering as she gazed at Jayne rubbing her pussy. She was beginning to breathe fast and hot, and her cunt was steaming. Jayne got to her feet and moved to Susan, then dropped to her knees before her. She placed her hands on Susan's knees, and Susan jumped.

"You're a hot one, too," Jayne said in a husky voice. "I can always tell when a woman or man is a hot one. I knew you had a hot ass when we first met, Susan."

Jayne ran her hands underneath Susan's dress, feeling her creamy thighs. Susan shivered but couldn't stop the woman. She didn't want to stop her… she wanted it to continue. She felt the woman's hands moving on her thighs, brushing between them and caressing the soft inner surfaces. The hands shoved her skirt up to her waist.

"Lovely legs," Jayne murmured as she looked at Susan's thighs. "And from what I can see through those panties, you've got one hairy cunt, Susan."

Susan trembled as she looked down, watch Jayne's fingers slipping up and down her thighs, barely touching her pantied cunt. Somehow she wasn't sure if she did it or if Jayne did it her thighs were open, open wide. Her ass was pulled to the edge of the chair, and Jayne was kissing her legs, her moist tongue licking the flesh.

She had suspected Jayne was sexual, but had not suspected she liked women, too. But she was seeing it for the first time, and a thrill rippled through her as that hot, wet tongue licked along her thigh. Jayne had her hands gripping Susan's hips, her eyes blazed with intense heat and desire.

Jayne pushed her face into Susan's crotch, kissing at the moist panties. Then her tongue darted out, and Susan trembled as Jayne licked up and down the crotch of her moist panties.

"Mmmmm!" Jayne murmured softly. "You taste very good, Susan! I knew your cunt would taste sweet! I'd love to lick your pussy, Susan. I'd love to stick my tongue as far up your cunt as I can, and fuck the piss out of you!"

Susan mewled with delight as Jayne's tongue licked up and down the crotch of her tight panties again. She was clutching her tits, not knowing it. She was looking down at Jayne, watching her as she hooked a finger into the crotch of her panties, then pulled it to one side. With her cunt exposed now, Jayne gazed at it for a long, almost breathless moment. Then she shoved her mouth against Susan's cunt and kissed it.

"Oooohh" Susan gurgled, grinding her crotch into Jayne's face.

"You like that huh?'' Jayne chuckled. "I thought you would, Susan."

Jayne lapped her tongue up and down Susan's hairy, wet.cunt, tasting it with soft gurgles of delight. She ran her tongue over Susan's swollen clit; twirling it an then closing her lips on it tightly. She sucked on Susan's cut, making her squirm. Susan arched her pussy into Jayne's face while grinding furiously.

OOh… Ohhhhh!"

Jayne closed her lips tightly about Susan's rigid clit, sucked it hard, then pulled off. "You really like it, do 't you Susan? I bet you've never had a woman suck your cunt before; have you?"

"Well, I'm going to suck it for you!"

Jayne shoved her lovely face into Susan's crotch, her tongue darting into the hot tight pussy. Susan felt her tongue stabbing in and out, and she twisted her ass about in burning pleasure. She tug harshly into he tits, crooning softly.

"Oooh, Jayne' she yelped hotly. "Ooh that's nice, Jayne! I like it… Do it again! Do it… make me come off, Jayne! Lick me! Please, lick me! Make me come, Jayne, make me come!"

Jayne snuggled against Susan's squirming cunt, her tongue licking and her lips sucking. She held the panties to one side, her other hand slipped underneath and cupped the twisting ass. She slammed her tongue in and out of Susan's twitching pussy swiftly, then brought it up to lick furiously on the sensitive, swollen clit.

Susan suddenly grabbed the back of Jayne's blonde head and held the woman's face tight into her burning cunt, grinding in a frenzy. She was gurgling with steamy pleasure, feeling an orgasm boiling deep inside the pit of her stomach. She had dreamed of having her pussy licked by another woman, but it was so much better now that it was really happening. It was different than a cock inside her cunt, different even than a man's mouth and tongue. She loved the feel of Jayne's smooth, pretty face between her thighs.

"Ahhhh, good!" She bubbled with excitement, arching her hips up and pressing her wet cunt against Jayne's face with abandon now. "That's so good, Jayne! Eat me! Oooh, eat me! Tongue me, Jayne! Goddamn, that is good! Fuck my pussy with your tongue, Jayne! Fuck it… fuck it!"

Jayne clutched Susan's tight ass as she pressed her mouth hard into the quivering pussy. Her tongue shot in and out, licking furiously. Her cheeks, chin, and even her nose was becoming smeared with the pussy juice. Her own cunt was bubbling as hotly as Susan's and she wished she could remove her panties and finger herself. But Susan was squeezing her tits. Taking her hand away from Susan's ass, she brought her hand down to her eager pussy.

"Hold your panties aside," she said hotly. "Susan, hold your panties aside so I can suck your cunt! I'm so fucking hot, licking your pussy this way, I've got to finger fuck myself!"

Susan grabbed the crotch of her panties and pulled at it so hard, it ripped. But Jayne had her mouth pressing again on her cunt, licking and sucking, so she didn't care. Jayne made soft sounds as she tongue fucked Susan now that she had her hand free to rub between her thighs. She pressed her hand into her cunt and. rubbed hard and fast as she sucked Susan's pussy. Susan wiggled and twisted her ass when Jayne was again clutching a firm, swelling asscheek.

"Oooh, eat me, eat me, eat me!" Susan yelped as she thrashed about. "Oooh, that's so fucking good, Jayne! Lick my cunt… tongue fuck my pussy! Ohhh, you're going to have me coming in a fucking minute! Suck it lick it.. fuck it… eat it!?'

Susan was on the brink of boiling over. She had never felt so damned hot in her life. Her cunt was tingling hotter than it ever had before. She thought her whole body would explode if Jayne kept up that furious licking of her cunt.

"Ohhh, Jayne, Jayne!" she whimpered. "I love it, I love it! Eat my cunt, Jayne! Eat it for me!"

When she came, it was extremely powerful. Susan's eyes rolled back and she slammed her crotch in a brutal way against Jayne's sucking mouth: She twisted and ground furiously against the woman's lips.

"I'm coming, Jayne!" Susan yelled loudly, mindlessly. "I'm coming! Ohhh, shit, I'm coming! Stick your tongue deep up my cunt! Deep and fast… hard!"

Jayne felt Susan's pussy gripping her tongue as she thrust it in and out, her upper 1ip pressing hard at the throbbing cut. She felt a small explosion in her own cunt, and groaned into Susan's hairy cunt.

Susan slumped when it was over, her legs still wide and her mouth open, gasping harshly. Jayne sat back, looking at her friend with a smile on her smeared face. Susan took her hand off her panties, and since they had been torn, they did not snap back over her pussy. Jayne caressed the still throbbing cunt, touching very lightly at the tingling cut. She pressed her face between the thighs once more, giving Susan's pussy a gentle kiss.

"Your turn next time," she said as she drew back again. "That was to get you started, Susan."

Susan sat up, breathing almost normally now. Her eyes glowed with the pleasure that still burned through her. She looked at Jayne. "I had no idea you were this way," she said. "I thought you were all talk, Jayne."

"Your mistake," Jayne smiled. "This could have been going on for some time, if you'd only loosened up."

"I have a hunch I'll be loose alot from now on," Susan laughed; impulsively, she leaned forward and kissed Jayne's wet cunt lips. Jayne grabbed her shoulders quickly and crushed her lips to Susan's. Her tongue snaked past Susan's lips. She licked inside Susan's mouth, then thrust her tongue back and forth like a small cock. Susan sucked on the tongue, then pulled away.

"Surely you were joking about our kids," she said.

"Not at all" Jayne smiled wickedly, "They've been playing their little games for months. And you did know about Julie and Tommy, didn't you?"

Susan nodded her head. "I caught them last night."

"I wondered when you would catch on, Susan," Jayne said. "Do they know that you know?"

Susan shook her head.

"Well, they know that I know," Jayne replied. "And you want to know something? They don't give a damn, either. Those three kids are so fucking hot, they don't give a fuck how many people know it. It's a good thing we live way out here, away from people."

Jayne's eyes became distant, then she said: "I wonder what Julie's little cunt would taste like?"

"Jayne!" Susan said, shocked. "You wouldn't! She's too young. Besides, my own daughter

"Not only Julie," Jayne said, still grinning wickedly, "but I'd sort of like to see about Tommy's sweet little cock."

"You're horrible!" Susan said, flushing.

"Not so horrible;" Jayne laughed. "Hey, I'll make a deal with you! You fuck my Robert and I'll fuck your Tommy. That way we both can have some cock now and then."

"I thought you preferred pussy," Susan teased.

"I prefer cock and pussy-both! Period!" Jayne laughed. "When one isn't available, the other will do nicely. And if both cock and cunt is available, so much the better!"

"But to fuck our sons!"

"So what?" Jayne said. "You'll be fucking my son, and I'll be fucking your son. Julie can have what's left."

"I don't know about that," Susan said, frowning. "Robert and Tommy are so young.

"Makes it better," Jayne said, getting to her feet. "We can teach them right. Well,I better get back home before those kids have come juice smeared all over the fucking house. You think about what I said, Susan."

Susan watched the beautiful woman, her eyes on the tightly clad ass. There was no doubt Jayne was exceptionally beautiful and desirable. She thought of her son sticking his cock into Jayne's cunt, then thought of Robert's cock fucking her.


It had rained the night before, but when Susan got out of bed, the sun was already climbing high. The air was fresh, and the weather was a bit cooler.

It was also going to be a fine day for painting.

After breakfast, while she was mixing her paints, the incident of the day before came back to her. As long as she had known Jayne, Susan had no idea the beautiful woman was a cunt licker. She tried to search her conscience to see if there was remorse, a guilty feeling. But there was none. On the contrary, Susan had loved it. It had been extremely enjoyable. Jayne certainly knew what she was doing with that wicked tongue of hers.

When her children came in, wearing their togas once more, she was reminded of the proposal Jayne had made to her the day before. She looked at her son. He seemed so young to her for sure not old-enough to fuck, let alone fuck Jane, a woman his mother's age. Looking at her son, Susan imagined what he would look like with his cock stabbing into Jayne's cunt. She wondered if Tommy would like fucking Jayne. Then she thought of something else Jayne had told her Jayne had said all three of the kids; Tommy, Julie, and Robert were fucking with one another.

Susan looked at her daughter as she took her chair on the short platform. Julie didn't look like a girl that would fuck, and certainly not with two boys. But she also remembered watching them the other night fondling each other, Tommy's cock coming off into Julie's face. Appearances could be very deceiving she decided. She wondered if Julie loved being with the two at the same time, and what it would be like. She shivered slightly as she thought of two beautiful, extremely hard cocks going up inside her simultaneously.

Turning her gaze to Tommy, her eyes searched for his cock. He didn't have a hard on now. As she began dabbing at the canvas, she found her mind was on what Jayne had mentioned. She kept looking at her son as she painted. In her mind, she could see his lovely cock thrusting in and out of Jayne's hairy, hot cunt. It made her excited. Her pussy was becoming wet, her cut throbbing.

Within half an hour, Susan was so hot and excited, she could hardly concentrate. She went to the short platform and began to adjust the costumes. First she adjusted the toga her son was wearing, trying to reveal his cock without his knowing it. Then she worked on the toga her daughter was wearing. Susan pushed and pulled at Julie's toga until she had those long, creamy thighs exposed, and then she positioned Julie's knees. Returning to the canvas, she peered at what she had done.

Julie sat with her knees apart, one lower than the other. The toga was nearly in her lap. As Susan studied Julie, she felt there was something different about her today. Then she realized what that difference was and she gasped. Julie was not wearing a bra. Her pink nipples showed through the nearly transparent toga. She had not noticed that her tits could be seen through the cloth before. And Tommy was looking at those sweet tits, too. His cock was- starting to swell, and as it grew, that smooth, delicious cock-head came into Susan's view. His sister's tits weren't all he could see now that Susan had done her handiwork. He could gaze right up her smooth thighs to her cunt.

Susan sat on her high stool, watching her children. It was strange, she thought, that they had not caught on to what she had done with those togas. She didn't know what she was waiting for, but the tremors of pleasant excitement rumbling through her own body told her something would happen soon. It had to happen, she told herself. Her own tits were rubber hard, and her nipples pushed at the blouse she wore. Her cunt was throbbing and twitching hotly inside her paint-smeared jeans, and she wished now that she had worn a dress instead.

Susan called a break, and left the room. She went to her bedroom, her nerves tingling hotly. She found an old housedress and, after removing her blouse and jeans, pulled it over her head. It fit loose on her body, comfortably so. She thought for a moment, then stripped her panties off.

Returning to her studio, Susan came back to her children. Tommy's hand was under his sister's, toga. Julie had scooted down on the chair, her knees spread very wide. She was panting and gasping, her ass writhing. Susan stood there, not letting them know that she was watching. Tommy had his cock in his other hand, jacking on it slowly.

"Ohhh, Tommy!" Julie gasped. "You better stop

… mother will come back and catch you!'

"You're wet, Julie," Susan heard her son say. "You're wet and hot. I'll make you come fast."

"No, she'll catch us!" Julie wailed, but she made no effort to push her brother's hand away from her cunt. "Ooooh, Tommy, that feels good! Aiihh, I like your finger up my cunt, Tommy!"

Susan's pussy throbbed powerfully as she gazed at her children. Her eyes watched with burning desire as her son pumped on his cock. She could see his balls swinging, and there was not a single hair on them that she could see. She wished she could see Julie's cunt, with Tommy's finger stabbing into it. She leaned against the doorjamb as she watched, her legs feeling weak. Her tits became swollen and her nipples burgeoned out like twin peaks.

"Ohhh, you're gonna make me do it, Tommy!" Julie squealed. "Oooh, I'm gonna come!"

Julie's head was thrown back and her hips writhed and twisted excitedly. Susan's eyes blazed with steaming desire as she watched. She felt the strongest urge to let them know she was there, and to go to them and take her son's cock in one hand and her daughter's cunt in the other.

"Oh… oh… ohhhh! Tommy!" Julie shouted. "I'm coming! Ohhh, fuck it for me I'm coming!"

Susan moved out of the door and waited until they had regained their composure, then returned to her canvas. Tommy and Julie were sitting and kneeling there as if nothing had happened between them. Susan smiled, thrilled by what she had seen for the second time.

She sat back on her high stool, bringing one heel up. As she dabbed with her paints, her mind filled with erotic images, and she did hot realize that her son and daughter were peeking at her.

Tommy and Julie tried to hold back their giggles as they peeked at their mother. With that one knee up and spread outward, they could see her hairy cunt. Tony's cock grew even larger. Each time Susan looked at them, they had been quick in averting their eyes. But now Susan saw her son's cock saw how hard it was, with glistening moisture on his piss hole; and her pussy was throbbing and her tits were swollen. She was breathing fast with steamy desire. She sat on the stool, her painting forgotten. She was hardly aware that she was staring at his cock. She only knew that it was a cock and that it was very hard and she was bubbling with intense desire.

She did not even know when her daughter slipped off the chair and left the room. And she hardly knew what she was doing as she started walking slowly, unsteadily, toward her son. Her eyes saw nothing but his cock.

Tommy watched his mother, knowing she was gazing at his prick. He didn't move, and felt no fear whatsoever. He remained in his pose, on one knee, watching her. His cock throbbed, exposed underneath the toga. Susan stopped near him, her eyes down and on his prick. She was breathing hard and fast, and she kept licking her lips.

Suddenly, with a soft wild cry, Susan was on her knees before her kneeling son. She had his cock in one hand and his hairless balls in the other. She was moaning mindlessly as she stroked her fist back and forth on Tommy's cock, squeezing and tugging at his balls gently. Fluids collected at his piss hole, beading up and dripping down. The hard throbbing of his cock sent Susan's cunt into an almost convulsive orgasm.

Totally mesmerized, Susan jacked on her son's cock, slow and then fast. She pulled at his balls and rolled them in her hot palm. Her ass swayed gently in a revolving motion as she caressed and fondled his cock and balls.

Then Susan could stand it no longer. She darted her face toward her son's cock, and burned moist kisses all, over it; She lifted his balls and kissed them, moaning in a throaty, soft way all the time Her tongue darted forth and she licked his cock up and down. She flipped the tip of her tongue over the smooth head, and then over his dripping piss hole. The taste of his juices sent Susan's mind into a wild, reeling turmoil of delight.

She pulled her head back a few inches, gazed with hot eyes at his prick. "Ohhhhh!" She now had her son's cock in her mouth.

Tommy shivered as his mother closed her hot, wet lips around his throbbing cock. He was now on both knees, and his mother was on hers. He was on the short platform, so her face was level with his cock. He looked down at her, seeing her beautiful face pressing into his crotch.

Susan began to suck furiously on her son's throbbing, dripping prick. She growled softly and devoured him hungrily. One hand still pulled at his balls, the other slipped up and around to clutch at a small, muscular ass cheek. She held him tightly by his ass, pushing and pulling as she sucked. Her mouth was thrilled by his hot hardness, her tongue raced mindlessly over it. She sucked swiftly and greedily, mewling and whimpering. The taste of her son's cock was the most delicious thing she had ever had inside her mouth.

Susan now had her son's ass in both hands, pushing his cock deep into her hungry mouth. She pushed and pulled on his ass cheeks, making him fuck her in her hot mouth. Her cunt was boiling, ready to explode, and she was squealing softly as she sucked in a frenzy of ecstasy.

She was not even aware that Tommy was grunting and shaking in her hands. All she was aware of was his cock-his throbbing, ever so hard, sweetly dripping cock. Her mouth devoured him hungrily as her tongue swirled and licked. She loved the way the smooth head slipped against her throat, the hard, hot prick between her tightly clinging lips.

He was dripping a lot by now and Susan had to swallow frequently. She loved the taste of his juice as it ran over her tongue, filling her mouth. It had been so long since she had sucked a cock that her senses were blazing with desire. She wanted her son to shoot his thick slippery come juice into her mouth and over her licking tongue. She wanted to taste his come juice, wanted to swallow it.

Clutching at his tight ass with both hands, her fingers dug into his flesh, as She sucked furiously, thirstily on his throbbing prick. "Mmmmm" She was whimpering softly in boiling desire. "Mmmmm!"

Her lips twisted around his cock, sucking strongly as her tongue lapped in a frenzy; She shoved her face forward until her nose was against his lower stomach, his sweet balls at her chin. She closed her lips tighter as she sucked backward. She had just the smooth, swollen head between her lips, with her tongue licking his piss hole when Tommy came off.

The first spurt of his come juice coated her tongue and Susan wailed with ecstasy. She swallowed quickly and began racing her lips back and forth on his spewing cock, drinking the come juice as it squirted into her mouth, and ran down her throat. She squealed, whimpered, and groaned with delight. She clung to his cock until there was not another drop of come juice. She licked softly and gently at his piss hole, then pulled her lips away.

Without looking at her son Susan got to her feet and went back to her canvas. Slid once again onto the high stool, and them Julie returned. Susan's mind was working once again, and she realized with a slight shock that sucking her son's cock had only taken her a minute or less.

As Julie resumed her pose, Susan finally looked at her son. He was acting as if nothing had happened, and this amused her. As she began once more to dab with paint, she hooked her heel on the stool, allowing her knee to swing wide. When she had sucked her son's cock off, she hardly knew what she was doing, being led only by an overwhelming urge, but she was totally aware now. She could find no remorse in her mind. She had enjoyed it, loved sucking Tommy's cock off.

Now, when her son or daughter glanced her way, Susan knew they could see up her housedress and see that she was not wearing panties. It thrilled her to know her children could peek up her dress and see her naked, hairy cunt. She was still hot from sucking Tommy off and her hairy pussy was throbbing away. Delicious, pleasant ripples of pleasure ran through her.

Finally she called it a day.

"That's enough for now, kids," she said, her voice unusually low.

Tommy and Julie relaxed. Susan put her paints away and made a big pretense of ignoring them. Once, when she looked at her son, she winked at him, receiving a wide grin in reply.

"You can change," Susan told them, "if you want."

She watched them leave, and saw that Julie had done something to her toga. It was very high now, much higher than the length Susan had made it. The curves of her daughter's ass were revealed. Susan stared at her daughter's back, seeing her smooth, inviting thighs and the lower curves of her sweet ass cheeks. My God, she thought, my children are actually beautiful! And those bodies. Mmmmm! Susan realized, without feeling shocked, that she would enjoy licking on her daughter's body, too.

She went down the hall to her room, intending to shower again. She had paint on her hands, and sometimes had trouble getting it off.

The door to Tommy's room was closed, but Julie's door was wide open. From behind the closed door she could hear them.

"She did, too!" Tommy said.

"I don't believe you, Tommy," Julie replied. "I wasn't gone long enough for mother to suck you off."

"But she did," Tommy insisted. "It didn't take long because I was so fucking hot and she really sucked me fast! She let me come in her mouth, even!"

"You tell so many fucking lies, Tommy Meyers," Julie's voice came to Susan. "I never know when you're telling the truth anymore. Mother wouldn't suck your cock off. Jack it off for you, maybe, but not suck on it!"

"Why don't you suck it and see if you like it, Julie?" Tommy asked his sister.

"Not me!" Julie replied. "You piss with that thing. I wouldn't ever put a cock in my mouth! People don't do that, Tommy. That's why a girl has a cunt and a boy has a cock, to stick it in a girl's pussy… not her fucking mouth!"

"Aw, what do you know," Tommy exclaimed. "All you ever do is jack it off. You haven't ever got a cock in your cunt, even!"

"You're full of shit, Tommy Meyers!" Susan heard her daughter say in anger. "That's all you know. Robert fucked me a week ago, and he did it again yesterday."

"No kidding, Julie!"

"I don't tell lies like you, Tommy," Julie said. Then Susan heard her giggle. "It was fun, his cock inside my cunt. I like to fuck better than jack cocks off."

"Gosh, Julie," Tommy said. "Did Robert come in your pussy? Did you let him come off in your cunt, Julie?"

"Of course, silly," Julie laughed. "That's the way it's supposed to be. What sense is it to fuck if a guy don't squirt in a girl's cunt?"

"I'd like to try that, Julie," Tommy said. "Can I put my cock in your cunt?"

"I'm your sister, silly," Julie giggled. "Brothers don't go around fucking their sisters."

"Why not?' Tommy wanted to know.

"They just don't, that's all."

"But mother sucked my cock off… why can't I fuck you?"

"Tommy Meyers, Julie said, sounding disgusted, "if you don't stop telling those fucking lies, I won't ever jack you off again. And I won't let you play with my pussy anymore, either."

"I'm not telling a lie!" Tommy shouted. "Just go ask her, Julie. Ask mother!"

"Did you see her cunt?" Julie asked, changing the subject quickly "Did you see mother sitting there with her legs wide? She sure has a hairy pussy, don't she?"

"I saw it." Tommy laughed like a small, naughty boy. "I'd sure like to fuck her cunt! I bet mother would let me put my cock in her pussy and fuck her, even if you won't."

"You're dreaming, Tommy," Julie laughed. "Mother wouldn't even jack you off like I do, let alone fuck you."

"I'm gonna ask her," Tommy said.

"You do, you nut, and mother will slap you tight on your ass!"

Susan smiled. That's what you think, Julie, she said to herself. That's just what you think. I'd never slap Tommy on his ass for asking that. I'd fuck him in a goddamn second.

The thought startled Susan, and she left the closed door and went to her room. She wondered if she would do it. If her son asked to fuck her, would she really do it? The idea appealed to her, and she felt that Jayne knew more about her than she knew herself.

As she showered and scrubbed the paint from her hands, Susan decided to have another talk with Jayne. The idea was becoming exciting to her. As she rinsed the soap from her sensuous body, she thought of Robert fucking her. She wondered if his young cock would taste any different than her son's prick. They would taste the same, she thought.

Both were delightfully young, and both quite good looking boys. Yes, she would consider Jayne's proposal, consider it strongly.


It was late afternoon, and Susan sat in the living room of Jayne Hanson's house. Their children were off tramping about the tall pine forest.

"Probably jerking each other off," Jayne had laughed when Susan questioned their whereabouts. "I told you how much they jacked off, didn't I?"

Susan had smiled, nodding her head in agreement.

Jayne was especially attractive this afternoon, Susan thought. She was wearing a becoming sun suit, with a tight top and loose legs. Most of Jayne's clothing, Susan knew, was designed to emphasize her body. And it was a beautiful body. Susan had not really paid much attention to Jayne's body before the other day. She knew Jayne was sensuous and extremely attractive, but since Jayne had licked her cunt, Susan found her even more attractive.

Even now, looking at the woman's long legs Susan felt herself becoming excited. She could see all the way to Jayne's round hip and a part of her ass.

She was wondering if Jayne would suck her cunt again, and the more she thought about it the more excited she became. Soon, she was squirming on the chair, her skirt starting to ride high on her thighs.

Jayne smiled at Susan, watching her writhe. "What's wrong, Susan? You're twisting your ass around as if you've got something tickling your cunt."

Susan smiled a soft and almost mysterious smile. "I've been feeling strange the past day or so," she said. "No, I'm not getting ill. I'm sure you know what I mean, Jayne. If anyone would know, it would surely be you."

"I believe I do know," Jayne smiled back. "You're a hot-assed woman Susan. You re probably hotter than even you suspect?

"Don't bet on that," Susan grinned wickedly, licking her tongue over her lips. "I've discovered something about myself in the past few days..and you started it; damn you!"

"We're two of a kind, you know that, Susan?" Jayne replied, stretching. Her tits arched and swelled, and she shoved her long legs out, spreading them.!'Both just a couple of hot-cunt females without a man to, fuck us."

Susan stared at those long, creamy thighs, gazing up between them. She 1gouLd sea the blonde cunt hairs curling along one side of Jaynes cant. -Her own pussy responded with a wild throb of desire.

When Jayne lowered her hands, she brushed them under her tits, cupping them for a brief moment. She looked straight at Susan as she caressed her body, then her thighs, and finally placed both her hands on her cunt. She pulled the wide leg of her sun suit to one side, brazenly revealing her blonde-haired cunt. She began to stroke her cut slowly, her eyes burning.

"How would you like to fuck, Susan?" Jayne asked in a low, husky voice.

"I'd love to," Susan replied, watching Jayne feel herself up. "But we seem to be fresh out of hard cock."

Jayne laughed. "That's more like it, Susan! It's time you broke out of your cocoon and admitted you're a hot-assed woman. But we don't need a hard cock to fuck, you know."

"We don't?" Susan asked, puzzled.

Jayne stood up. "Come with me. I'll show you.

Susan followed Jayne's curvy, swelling ass and bare thighs to her bedroom. Once inside, Jayne turned to Susan, holding her arms out. Without hesitation, Susan went to Jayne. They hugged tightly, their tits pressing against each other. Their lips met in a long, hot, wet kiss. Susan shoved her tongue into Jayne's mouth, and the woman gurgled with delight as she began sucking on it. Jayne's hands moved down Susan's back. Then she cupped her tight ass cheeks, pulling her cunt hard into her own, grinding into Susan. Susan returned the pressure, whimpering into Jayne's mouth. She dropped her hands unhesitatingly to feel Jayne's curvy ass. Her fingers dug into her resilient flesh as she wiggled her cunt against Jayne's.

"Ooob, baby!" Jayne gurgled as she slipped Susan's skirt up in back. "You're so fucking hot! It's about time you loosened up, Susan! My God, you'd be fantastic if you'd just let yourself go and have fun."

Susan looked at the woman. They were of equal height, both extremely beautiful. "What do you think I'm doing now, Jayne?"

"You're more likable this way," Jayne laughed, shoving her hands down the back of Susan's panties and squeezing her firm ass cheeks.

Jayne's eyes opened wide as Susan raised her hands and placed them upon her tits. She looked down at Susan's hands, watching them move about her shapely fits. ''Mmmm, nice,'' Jayne murmured, caressing Susan's ass inside her panties. "I'm glad you aren't bashful, baby. I love it when a girl is a bit more aggressive.

Susan laughed and loosened the straps of the sun suit, Jetting it drop down. She looked at Jayne's shapely tits, and her brown-pink nipples. She twisted the nipples gently, then lowered her mouth to them. She sucked on Jayne's tits, running her tongue about the sensitive, throbbing nipples. When she lifted her face, Jayne started working on her clothing.

"It's better if both girls are naked," Jayne said in a throaty voice. ''It's much, much better naked,"

Susan allowed Jayne to strip her, starting with the blouse. Jayne was delighted to find Susan was not wearing a bra. She quickly sucked on the brown nipples, squeezing a tit in each hand. Susan shivered with pleasure as the wet tongue ran over the tip of her nipple, and cooed in delight at the strong suction Jayne applied to her tit. She fondled Jayne's naked tits as the woman sucked and licked hers.

Then Jayne started working on Susan's skirt. When it lay in a pool at her feet, Susan stepped from it. Jayne dropped to her knees, kissing and licking Susan's quivering, naked stomach, her hands running up and down her hips and over her thighs, while cupping the cheeks of her ass. Susan looked down at the blonde, pretty woman as her stomach became moist from her tongue. Jayne then began tugging at Susan's tight panties, drawing them down. Her lips and tongue followed them, and soon she was poking her tongue through the thick, dark curls that framed Susan's bubbling cunt.

"Mmmmmm!" Susan murmured as the wicked, wet tongue flicked about the tip of her clit. She arched her hips forward, spreading her legs when the panties were off. She took hold of Jayne's head and pumped her pussy against the woman's mouth. "Mnmmm! Oh, Jayne, you kiss my cunt so good! I love the way you kiss my pussy, Jayne!"

But Jayne stood up. "That first time was for you, baby," she said, peeling her sunsuit off and standing naked and beautiful. "Today, we're going to fuck! I need that as much as you, you know."

"Oh, let's do it!" Susan squealed. "Let's get it going now! Ohhh, Jayne, I'm so fucking hot!"

Jayne sat on the bed, motioning for Susan to get on it, too. Susan climbed onto the bed on her hands and knees and gave a soft yelp of pleasure when she felt Jayne suddenly kiss the cheek of her ass. She sprawled on the bed, lying on her back with her legs wide apart. Her hairy cunt was throbbing and fully revealed. Jayne leaned over and licked her tongue up and down Susan's trembling thighs, working her face into the hairy pussy. For a few moments, Jayne licked Susan's cunt, then crawled up beside her. She sucked on Susan's tits nibbling the sensitive nipples.

"Okay, baby," Jayne said in a hoarse voice. "I'm so fucking hot right now! We're going to fuck, baby!"

Susan didn't see how this could be, but she felt Jayne working a leg between hers, then they were foot to face. Jayne gripped Susan's thigh in one hand and her curvy ass in the other, then she began to squirm and press her pussy into Susan's.

"This is how we fuck, Susan!" Jayne said in a thick voice. "Come on, Susan! Rub your hot, wet, hairy cunt against mine! We can rub. cunts and say we're fucking! Come on, rub that sweet pussy against my cunt!"

Susan grabbed for Jayne's thigh and her ass at the same time. She pulled at Jayne's ass, grinding her cunt furiously into the blonde haired pussy of the woman. She could feel those puffy lips pressing at her own, and she could also feel the slippery moisture mingling with hers.

"Oooh, Jayne, Jayne!" Susan gurgled with delight. "This is good! This is as good as getting my cunt sucked! I feel your cunt, Jayne, feel it against mine! Ohhh, I really like rubbing cunts!"

"Fuck me, Susan!" Jayne grunted as she banged her pussy into Susan's. "Aaahhh, fuck my cunt with your hot, hairy pussy! Oh God, I love to rub my cunt against another hot, wet cunt! Fuck it, baby! Fuck it for me! Ohhhh, I love it, too! Grind your sweet ass, Susan! Grind your sweet ass… bang my cunt! Press harder! That's it… rub my cunt! We're fucking, baby! We're fucking our cunts together!"

"Ohh, yes! Ohhhh, yes!" Susan whimpered in a thick, excited voice. "We're fucking cunts! Cunt fucking… cunt fucking! Ohhh, our cunts are fucking and I love it! I'm on fire and your pussy is so fucking hairy and so cocksucking wet… I'm going to come and .. Ohhhhh!"

"Fuck it for me, Susan!" Jayne wailed, grinding hard and fast. "Oooh, that's a sweet cunt, Susan! I love it! Fuck my pussy with your hairy, wet cunt! Grab my ass and squeeze it, Susan Squeeze my ass and bang my fucking pussy good and hard! Ram it to me, baby.. ram my cunt! Ohhhh, shit, shit, shit!"

Susan was almost out of her mind with ecstasy, and she didn't think she could take much more of this steaming stimulation. But when she felt Jayne's finger rubbing between the cheeks of her squirming ass, brushing at her asshole, she yelped with hot delight.

"Oh, yes, yes!" she shouted, twisting her ass wildly, pressing in a frenzy against Jayne's gripping cunt. "Do that! Do that to me, Jayne! Ohhh, rub my asshole! I love it, love it! Qooh, you're going to have me coming… in a fucking second! Ohhh, Jayne, stick it up my ass! Stick your finger up my asshole! Fuck my asshole, Jayne!"

'I will, I will!" Jayne shouted loudly, shoving her finger into the tightness of Susan's asshole. She plunged it in and out swiftly as she rubbed her hairy cunt against Susan's twitching cunt. "I'm going to finger fuck you up your sweet asshole,. Susan! I'm going to fingerfuck the slut out of your asshole and fuck your hot, hairy cunt with my pussy and make you come! And I'm going to come, too! Oh God, am I ever going to come! Rub me, baby! Rub that delicious cunt all over my hot pussy!"

Susan was trembling violently as her orgasm flowed like liquid fire through her naked body. She was making noises of intense ecstasy as her cunt approached the explosive point of no return.

"Cunt fuck! Cunt fuck!" she shouted. "Ohhh, fucking cunts! I want to suck cocks and fuck cunts and kiss assholes and lick pussy and… Oh! Ohhh, there! I'm coming, Jayne! I'm coming!"

''I am, too!''

Susan's pussy convulsed against Jayne's cunt with great force. She shook and shuddered as she held Jayne's ass, pulling the thick, blonde-haired cunt hard against her own. Every fiber in her beautiful, slender, curvy body felt as though it was blowing apart. She yelped and wailed in sheer ecstasy. She was so high with pleasure she did not hear the sighs and gurgles Jayne made as they both came off at the same time.

Later, after they had cooled off, they lay on the bed, still naked. They kissed and caressed each other tenderly and gently.

"You're a wild fuck, Susan," Jayne said, pleased. "You're one hot piece, you know that is!"

"I know it now!" Susan replied; grinning at her friend. "I knew it before, too, but I was.. 'well, should I say inhibited?''

"Maybe you were," Jayne agreed, running her hand through Susan's thick cunt hair. "But that's passed now, baby. We can have a hell of a lot of fun now.

"What do you mean?" Susan asked. "Of course we can have fun." – "I mean what I mentioned the other day. You know, about Tommy and Robert?"

Susan laughed suddenly. "I'm one up on you, Jayne," she said, and then told her about sucking her son's cock off. "And I loved it, Jayne! His cock was so sweet, so hard; and he came off in my mouth, and I went wild for it!"

"You didn't?" Jayne sat up and looked at Susan, grinning from ear to eat "You really sucked your son's cock off, Susan?"

"I sure did!"

Jayne thought that was wonderful. She lay back down beside Susan, and began telling her she would love to suck on Tommy's cock, too.

"Why don't you suck your son off, Jayne?" Susan asked.

Jayne smiled at Susan, a mysterious smile "I'll tell you what, baby," she said in a thick voice. "You lick my cunt for me and I'll let you in on a secret."

"But I've never licked a cunt before," Susan said. "I've never had much interest in girls."

"Bull shit!" Jayne snorted. "What do you think we just did? And it's for certain we're both girls. At least we have cunts."

"That was different," Susan said.

"No, it wasn't," Jayne replied, shoving Susan down on the bed. "Lick me, baby! I love to get my cunt licked and sucked! Come on, you'll love the taste of my pussy!"

Susan felt herself being shoved downward, and she didn't fight it. When she found herself between the long, smooth legs, her face inches above that blonde-haired cunt, she found herself gazing at an extremely attractive cunt. She looked at the pouting, fat lips, saw the slippery moisture and glistening tip of Jayne's cit. The hair was very thick, curly, and inviting.

She licked her lips, holding herself on her elbows as she looked at Jayne's pussy. Suddenly she found it appealing, and wanted to taste that cunt quite badly. She dropped her face down and kissed, her lips pressed against the moist, pouting pussy lips. The taste of the moisture sent her mind reeling with explosive delight.

Pressing her mouth to Jayne's cunt, she felt Jayne lift her ass, returning the pressure. When her ass-raised off the bed, Susan slipped her hands beneath it and cupped the firm, round ass cheeks. Holding Jayne's ass, she opened her lips and moved her tongue up and down the wet cunt, tasting it. Wrapping her lips about Jayne's throbbing clit, Susan sucked and mewled with pleasure. She flicked her tongue about the tip of the cut, and Jayne groaned with delight, writhing her hips in a tight circle as she shoved her hairy cunt into Susan's face.

"Lap it, baby!" Jayne urged in a tight voice. "Lap that cunt! Ohhh, eat‹my pussy, Susan! Suck my cunt! Ahhhh, suck it for me!"

Susan sucked the cunt lips into her mouth and licked her tongue up and down. She loved the way the curly hair tickled her nose and chin and cheeks. She looked up past the thick hair, at the shapely tits, and then into her blazing blue eyes. Jayne was clawing harshly at her own tits as Susan sucked her pussy.

"Tongue it, Susan!" Jayne urged. "Tongue my cunt! Ohhh, Stick your tongue in my cunt! * Fuck my pussy! Use your tongue like a cock, baby! Ahhh, tongue fuck me in my hot fucking cunt!"

Susan thrust her tongue into Jayne's cunt. She found it hot and wet, surprisingly tight as her tongue went deeper. She shot her tongue in and out, making Jayne wail with pleasure. Her ass wiggled so much that Susan was having a difficult time keeping her tongue up her pussy.

Jayne drew her legs underneath her ass, her knees wide and positioned her cunt high in the air. Susan clutched the round cheeks of her ass and tongue fucked furiously, thrilled at this first taste of a pussy. Her tongue slithered in and out swiftly then up and down the throbbing, hard little cut.

"Up the ass!" Jayne shouted. "Fuck me up my ass the way I did you, Susan! Ohhh, hurry and fingerfuck me in my asshole while you suck my cunt! Hurry damn it… before I start coming all over the fucking place! Fuck me in my asshole with your finger… fuck my cunt with your tongue!"

Susan pressed her finger between the tight cheeks of Jayne's ass, and shoved it straight up her tight asshole.

"Ohhh, yes, yes!" Jayne wailed as the finger went deep into her ass. "That's it, baby! Fingerfuck my hot, tight asshole while you suck my hairy cunt! Eat my pussy… fuck my ass! Ooooh, Susan, Susan! You're good, so fucking good! Ahhh, fuck me in my asshole. Tongue me in my cunt! Fingerfuck… cunt fuck… tongue fuck…asshole fuck…fuck… cunt.. cock… Ohhhh, I'm coming! Eat it, baby! Eat my hot, fucking cunt! I'm coming, coming, coming!"

Susan felt Jayne's body stiffen up, then it shuddered. Her tongue was deep inside the wet pussy when Jayne came. Susan felt the cunt flexing around her tongue, and the tight asshole seemed to be come even tighter. She plunged her finger in and out of Jayne's asshole, working her tongue inside the convulsing cunt at the same time. Her mouth filled with the hot, slippery juices, which she swallowed time and again. Her own cunt was in spasms of delight, and she was amazed that she, too, was coming. She buried her face even harder into Jayne's cunt, her mouth wide open and around those hairy, slippery cunt lips. Her eyes were wide, but she wasn't seeing anything. She couldn't see the way Jayne was clawing brutally into her own tits, nor could she hear the yelps of ecstasy that bubbled from Jayne's mouth.

Susan's naked ass was clenching as she pumped her hips up and down, grinding her cunt against the bed as she came. Her tongue began to dart again into Jayne's gripping cunt. Her finger began once more to fuck in and out of that flexing asshole.

"Ohhh, again, again!" Jayne yelled. "I'm coming off, again! Ohhhh, Susan, suck- it! Suck it! My cunt… It's burning up! Tongue fuck it… suck it… lick it! I'm coming again, Susan! Eat my cunt, you fucking cunt-licker! Suck that hairy pussy, you cocksucking bitch! Eat me… eat me.. eat me!"

Susan's orgasm had passed, and she dipped her tongue back and forth into Jayne's flexing pussy hungrily, sucking at the hairy lips in a greedy way. Her finger was almost flying in and out of her tightly clenched asshole. Susan didn't want to stop. She wanted to keep her mouth against this deliciously sweet cunt forever.

But Jayne was shoving at her head, trying to push her mouth away. "Enough!" Jayne shouted. "I've had enough, Susan! Stop! You're driving me out of my fucking mind! Stop! No more, please! Ohhh, please, take your tongue out of my cunt!"

Reluctantly, Susan pulled her smeared face out of Jayne's crotch. But she didn't lift up until she had placed a firm kiss on it. Jayne trembled and jerked.

"My God, Susan!" she said, her eyes wide with surprise. "When you eat pussy, you really eat it, don't you?"

Susan laughed. "That was my first, Jayne. I've never eaten cunt before! You're right, I love it!"

She sat on the edge of the bed, looking at Jayne as she slowly recovered; She loved her friend's shapely tits. They were as beautiful as her own so firm and they swelled out with sweet, hard nipples.

She ran her tongue over her lips, tasting the lingering moisture on them. Somehow, her thoughts went to her daughter, Julie. Susan wondered what Julie's tender young pussy would taste like, She wondered if Julie would letter kiss and suck her cunt the way Tommy let her suck his cock.

"Oh, the kids are back," she heard Jayne say. "I guess we better get dressed. We don't want to shock the piss out of them right away, do we, Susan?"

Susan laughed, but she dressed, leaving her panties off. She leaned over and kissed Jayne's mouth. "About what you said the other day… I'm ready for it, Jayne." "You are?"

"I sure am," Susan laughed. "AM I'm going to fuck the cock off your son!"

Jayne laughed, kissed Susan quickly, then they went into the living room. When they saw the kids, they glanced knowingly at each other. Julie had bits of dried leaves and twigs in her hair, and all three looked guilty. Jayne smiled at Susan, a smile that said, "I told you so, didn't I?"


It was not until later that Susan remembered Jayne had not told her the big secret she had promised. But it didn't matter at the moment. She wasn't interested in whatever secrets Jayne might have.

It was late by the time she and the two kids were ready for bed. Julie had gone off earlier to her own room, more tired than usual. Susan sat for a moment longer with Tommy.

"Has Julie said anything about feeling ill?" she asked her son. "She's acting as if she's more tired that usual."

"Aw, she's okay, Mother," Tommy replied.

But Susan went to check on Julie just the same. Her daughter was already asleep when she looked in on her. Susan looked at the sweet, innocent face, so beautiful. It was warm in the house, and Julie had not pulled the sheet over her body. She lay on her back, arms and legs sprawled. Susan gazed for a long moment at her daughter, seeing her perky tits. They were such sweet, shapely young tits, with lovely pink nipples. Julie's thighs were shapely, too, long and evenly tanned. The hair that sprouted on her cunt was sparse, but showing promise of becoming long and very thick. The puffy cunt lips could be seen as well as the inviting tip of her clit poking in a provoking way from the moist folds of her pussy.

Susan's body responded to the sight of her beautiful teenage daughter. Her cunt quivered and then began throb softly. She had a strong urge to enter the room and kiss that sugary, moist cunt. Somehow, Susan resisted the urge. She turned away and started back to the living roam, her legs quivering.

Tommy was coming down the hall.

She paused; watching him. Her eyes went immediately to the front of his pants. She was not at all surprised to see his cock bulging out against his pants. It seemed every time she looked at him he had a nice hard on.

"Is Julie okay?" he asked, brushing past his mother and peeking in at his sister. When he turned back to face her, Susan saw that his eyes were gleaming and his hard on seemed to be larger.

"She's fine, honey," Susan said, her voice throaty. She lowered her eyes to his pants, a nervous smile on her face. "But it looks like you have a problem."

Tommy was not embarrassed, nor was he shy. He grinned at her proudly. His smile was a combination of little-boy hesitancy and wickedness. He made no reply… just waited.

Susan knew her son was waiting for her to make the first move, as she had done the day before. She wanted to grab him and pull him into her room, strip him naked, and take his cock up her cunt. As this idea formed in her mind, she held a hand out for him, and Tommy walked up to his mother. Susan, with a low moan, hugged her son tightly against her body, his face pressing into her swelling tits. She felt the hardness of his cock against her thighs, and her cunt twitched so pleasantly, a soft mew bubbled from her.

Now that Susan had her hands on her son, she cohp6497 longer stop herself. She hugged him tightly, her hands moving down his back. She had to lean over a bit; but her hands cupped his small, tight ass cheeks and she pulled him tighter against her thighs.

Tommy slipped a hand into her blouse and held a large, firm tit. Susan gasped, but it was with pleasure. She kissed the top of his head, then began pulling him toward her bedroom.

"Oh, Tommy!' ' she whispered as they stood next to her bed. "Oh, Tommy, Tommy!"

Her son had lifted her tit free of her blouse and was licking and sucking on the nipple. His lips were tight around ii, and his tongue flicked the sensitive tip eagerly. She clutched the cheeks of his ass, squeezing them as she rubbed his thigh near his throbbing hard on. She was breathing fast, and she could hear her son panting as she sucked her tit.

Still without speaking, Susan drew back and looked down into his eyes. They were gleaming with hot desire, staring at her exposed tit. Although her fingers were shaking, Susan began to remove his shirt. When his shirt was gone, she shoved his pants down, and he stood there in beautiful, exciting nakedness, his cock standing up, throbbing sweetly. There wasn't a hair on his cock or balls, and for some reason that delighted Susan. She took his cock in her hand and pumped it, her fingers tight. Moisture smeared the palm of her hand, thrilling her. She cupped his balls and rolled them about in her hand, then went back to his cock, jacking him softly and slowly now.

Tommy slipped his hands under his mother's skirt, sliding them up her trembling thighs and then past her hips. He ran his hands over her naked ass, then fondled and caressed the smooth flesh eagerly.

"Ohhhh, baby!" Susan moaned, jerking on his throbbing cock. "Baby, baby, baby!"

"I know, Mother," he replied in a thick voice. "I know."

"Know what, darling?" she asked, almost breathless.

"I saw you," he said. "I saw you yesterday while you were painting. I saw your cunt, Mother!"

Susan gasped, flushed slightly, but felt elated. "I thought you did, darling," she smiled at her son. "I wasn't sure, but I thought you did."

"I wanna look at it," he said boldly.

Susan began to strip her clothing quickly, snapping buttons off and not caring. When she stood naked before her son, she was delighted by the expression in his eyes. Tommy reached out and she moved his hand to her hairy cunt.

"Touch it, darling!" she urged. "Ohhhh, please, baby, touch me! Feel me, Tommy! Ooooh, I want it so much!"

Tommy rubbed his hand between his mother's hot thighs slowly, feeling her moist cunt. When he darted a finger up into his mother's pussy, Susan cried softly with the sudden pleasure. "Oh! Sweet, sweet baby! Ahhh, darling, that feels so good!"

"You're awfully hot, Mother," Tommy said in a thick voice, stabbing his finger in and out of her slippery, steaming cunt. "You're really hot!"

"Oh God… yes! I am Tommy! Ohhhh, I'm so hot for it!" She grasped his cock as he finger fucked her, and began jerking on it furiously now. "I want it, darling! Mother wants your beautiful, hard cock!"

"Golly, yes, Mother!"

Susan stepped back and her legs touched the bed. She sat down, her eyes on his throbbing cock. With her hand still holding it, she pulled her son between her legs, staring at that deliciously swollen head watching it drip. She leaned forward and kissed the tip of his prick, her hot lips getting smeared by the juice there. She felt her son's body trembling.

"Are you gonna put it in your mouth again, Mother?" he asked. "Are you?"

Susan looked up at him, smiling lewdly now. She jacked slowly on his prick. "I was hoping you'd like to put your cock in me, Tommy. I was hoping you'd like to stick your sweet prick in my cunt and fuck me!"

"Julie won't let us… uh, me fuck her," he said.

"Wouldn't you like to fuck me, baby?" Susan asked, stroking his cock. "Wouldn't you like to put your sweet, hard cock in mother's cunt and fuck it?"

"Can I, Mother?" he asked, eagerly, almost dancing with excitement. "Can I really fuck you, Mother?"

"Oh, yes!" Susan squealed. "Come on, darling! You can fuck me right now! Oooh, I want you to fuck me, Tommy!"

Susan leaned back on the bed, braced by her elbows. She spread her knees as wide as she could, scooting the cheeks of her ass to the edge of the bed. "Fuck it for me, Tommy!" she urged in a quivery, hot voice. "Ohhh, baby, fuck mother's cunt! Fuck me, Tommy, fuck me!"

But Tommy didn't step forward and shove his cock up his mother's pussy. Instead he dropped to his knees and ran his hands up and down her inner thighs. He framed her hairy cunt with his hands, his amp;yes gleaming brightly as he looked at it.

"I wanna kiss it, Mother," he said. "Can I kiss it like you kissed my cock?"

Susan was hot, very, very hot. "Anything! Ohhhh, honey, you can do anything with me! I don't care what you do with me! Kiss me; lick me, fuck me! Oh Tommy, do anything you want with me… but do something! Please! Hurry and do something to me! I'm so fucking hot, darling!"

She could hardly see when her son pushed his face between her widely spread thighs and toward her pussy. Her eyes were misty, nearly unfocused, from bubbling desire. Tommy pressed his lips into his mother's exposed, wet pussy. He kissed it, then he ran his tongue over her burning clitoris. Susan's ass jerked as the thrilling ecstasy shot through her naked body.

"Ohhhhh!" she whined softly, then sucked in her breath in a loud hiss as his tongue began to lick about her puffy, wet pussy lips. "Oh, Tommy, Tommy! Do that to me! Lick me there. lick my clit that way! Ooooh, honey, honey Tommy's tongue licked up and down his mother's cunt, beginning from very close to her asshole to the tip of her clit. He did it slowly at first, then very rapidly. Susan shook as he licked her cunt, her shapely tits swelling into hard half-bowls, her nipples rubbery in their hardness. She writhed her hips, presgng her cunt into his face. She yelped and mewled with delight, pumping her hips up and down now as her son's tongue licked.

"Ahhhh, baby, baby!" she whimpered, wiggling into his face. "Lick me, Tommy! Oh, lick my pussy! Tommy, darling, baby, lick my cunt! Ohhhh, I love this, Tommy! Lick mother's cunt… suck it… fuck it eat me!" Tommy suddenly stabbed his tongue up his mother's blazing, wet cunt.

"Oh!" Susan cried out in ecstasy. "Oh, that's very nice, Tommy! Fuck your mother's cunt! Ohbh, honey, fuck my cunt with your tongue! Fuck it, baby! Suck it… lick mother's hot, hairy pussy! Ohhh, Tommy, Tommy, eat me! Eat my cunt, baby! Ahhhh, suck my hot cunt! Tongue fuck me up my hot, fucking, cocksucking, wet cunt!"

Tommy's tongue darted in and out of her pussy, licking and sucking in a frenzy of erotic desire. He gripped her hips hard as she banged up and down, grinding her hairy cunt into his mouth. He thrust his tongue fast into her cunt feeling it grip him tightly. His upper lip was pressing against her throbbing clit, and he found the taste of his mother's pussy almost intoxicating.

Susan rolled and twisted her hips, shoving her wet cunt harder and harder into her son's face. She was gurgling hotly now, lying back on the bed and clawing at her swollen tits with both hands. She whipped her lower body up and down, then in tight circles as her son thrust his tongue in and out of her steamy pussy.

"Suck me, Tommy!" she wailed loudly. "Ohhh, suck that pussy, baby! Oooh, lick mother's cunt… lick it! So good, Tommy! So fucking good! Ahhh, eat my pussy tongue fuck my cunt… lick my hairy, wet cunt! Ohhh; Ooooh!"

Susan could feel a fantastic orgasm bubbling hotly in her lower stomach, rumbling around like a volcano-about to blow its top off. Her whole naked body was shaking like a leaf in some wind storm. She was flooded with the most delightful ecstasy she had ever felt. She could hear the wet slurping of her son's tongue and lips through the roaring tidal wave that was about to crash down upon her, and the sound sent her into shudders of ecstasy.

"Suck me, suck me. Suck me!" she chanted in a husky voice as she twisted and rolled her cunt into her son's face. "Suck that hot cunt, Tommy! Lick that hairy pussy; baby. Eat that wet cunt! Tongue me, tongue me tongue me! Ohhh, honey, honey, suck mother's cunt! Ooh, I love that fucking tongue you have, Tommy! I love your sweet tongue… fuck me in my cocksucking cunt!"

Tommy's tongue fluttered deeply up his mother's boiling cunt, flicking at the slippery walls. He drew his tongue out and closed his lips about her rigid cut, sucking vigorously on it, his tongue flicking the sensitive tip.

"Ohhh, you're going to make me come, baby!" Susan squealed. "Ooooh, honey you're going to make mother come! Lick that cunt, darling! Ahhhh, baby, baby! Oooo, I'm going to come! I'm going to come in your cunt sucking mouth, Tommy!"

His tongue shot back into his mother's flexing pussy, fucking in and out swiftly, as his hands dug into her grinding hips. He felt his mother's cunt gripping his tongue harder.

"I'm coming!" Susan yelled ecstatically. "Ohhh, Tommy, you're making mother come! Fuck that cunt, baby! Ooh, tongue fuck my hot, coming cunt! I'm coming, coming! Eat it for me! Suck my cunt,.. I'm coming!"

Tommy was pleased at the way his mother's pussy flexed about his tongue. His cock was jerking up and down in nearly painful hardness now, and his balls were very tight at the base. He wanted to grab his cock and jack it off furiously, but he wanted to hang onto his mother's churning hips, too.

Then Susan's ass slumped, her hands falling from her tits. She was panting and gasping, her naked body shaking with the bubbling, glowing ecstasy that rumbled through her even now. Tommy pulled his smeared face out of her bushy cunt and looked at it,

"Ohh, come here!" Susan gasped, holding her arms up to him, her legs still wide apart. "Come here and stick that hard cock up my pussy, Tommy! Fuck me now! Ohhh, hurry and fuck mother's cunt now I" 'P

Tommy scrambled to his feet, his cock jutting out in quivery hardness, dripping from the piss hole. Susan looked at it then she grabbed it in her hand, pulling it to her cunt. "Inside, baby! Shove that cock inside my cunt! Ooh, I want your cock up my cunt! Fuck me, Tommy! Fuck mother's hot cunt now!"

Tommy was standing between his mother's thighs, his cock level with her pussy. He looked down as his mother brought the swollen head to her hairy pussy, then it was inside her.

"Oh, Mother!" he grunted. "You're hot in there!"

"Oh, you fucking well better believe mother's cunt is hot in there! Fuck it, baby! Oh… fuck the piss out of mother's hot cunt!"

Tommy saw his cock disappear all the way into his mother's pussy, the thick, curly hair concealing his cock and balls. Once again Susan was violently squeezing her naked tits, rolling and churning her hips. Tommy felt so much pleasure on his cock that all he could do for a moment was stand there. His eyes were wide with awe as he watched her wiggle, fucking his cock.

"Move, Tommy!" Susan shouted. "Move your ass, baby! Don't make me do all the fucking work! Fuck me, damn you! Oh, darling, fuck me! Pump your naked ass, baby! Fuck mother's hot cunt!"

Tommy began to stab his cock in and out of his mother's clinging pussy, his hands on her hips again. "I am, Mother!" he yelped. "I'm am fucking you! Ohh, Mother, it's so hot… so good! Your cunt is so fucking wet! I'm fucking you good, Mother! I'm fucking your cunt with my cock!"

"Go to it, baby!" Susan moaned. "Go to it! Fuck that cunt all you want! Fuck it fast and hard! Oooh, honey I love your sweet, hard cock! Fuck me, Tommy, fuck mother's cunt! I'm so fucking hot for a fucking!"

"Pretty cunt," Tommy grunted. "You sure have a pretty cunt, Mother! I like it better than Julie's pussy! I like fucking your cunt, Mother!"

"Oh God, yes! Fuck me, Tommy! Fuck mother's hot wet cunt! Fuck the piss out of my pussy, boy!"

Susan's ass writhed in a mindless motion, jerking up and down then in tight circles. She could feel every groove and ridge of her son's cook within the wet, hot walls of her cunt. She could even feel the throbbing of it with her cunt lips. She loved the way it scraped and smashed against her rubbery cut as he thrust inward. She was almost certain she could feel that swollen cock-head, too.

Once again she felt an orgasm steaming to a swelling explosion in her stomach. She clawed at her tits, twisting the nipples brutally, panting and gasping with ecstasy. Her hips pumped and churned swiftly as her son fucked faster and harder into her pussy. She was sure his cock was becoming larger inside her. His face was drawn up tightly, almost as if he were in pain. But she knew it was the ecstatic sensations her cunt was giving his prick.

"I might come, Mother!" he grunted in a tight voice. "I think I might come!"

"Oh, honey, me too!" Susan replied in a thick voice, slamming her cunt up and down swiftly on his prick. "I'm going to come again, too! Fuck me faster, baby! Ohhhh, shove that sweet cock faster up my cunt! Fuck mother's cunt hard and fast and come in it. Ohhh, baby, come in mother's dint! I want to feel your cock squirting up my pussy! Come in me, Tommy! Come in mother's hot cunt!"

"I'm gonna come, Mother!" he shouted suddenly, slamming his cock deep into her cunt. His body went stiff, and his fingers dug brutally into her churning hips. "I'm coming, Mother! Ohhh, I'm coming!"

"I feel it, Tommy!" she replied in a high voice. "I feel your cock squirting in me! Ohhh, do I feel it! Spurt your come juice to me, darling! Ooohh, fill my fucking cunt with your come juice! I'm coming, too! Ohh, I'm coming even better than before! Ooooh Oh. yes, yes"

Tommy felt his mother's cunt squeezing on his spewing cock. It seemed to draw his come juice right out of his tight balls. He was grunting with ecstasy as he came, filling his mother's pussy.

Susan was shaking, squealing and mewling with intense pleasure. Her pussy was gripping her son's cock tightly as it rippled and throbbed, gushing came juice into her, splashing at her slippery, hot cunt walls. Her cunt was having spasms that threatened to send her reeling. She kept coming and coming and she thought it would never stop.

Even when her son's cock had slipped free of her clinging cunt, Susan's body still shook. She was glowing with pleasure as he crawled upon the bed and lay beside her, one hand cupping her tit. Susan turned and faced him, pressing her lips to his. She kissed her son as a well-satisfied lover might. Her tongue licked over his lips then she petted his cock and balls gently.

"Did you enjoy that, Tommy?" "Oh, wow!"

"I never fucked before," he confessed, "All Julie lets me do is fingerfuck her, Mother. This is the first time I ever had my cock in a cunt."

Susan hugged him tightly. "So how did you like it?''

"It was great, Mother!"

''Then you'd like to fuck me again… sometime?"

"Oh yes! I love to fuck you, Mother," he said. "I just wish Julie would let me fuck her, too.''

Susan sat up slowly, then leaned over and pressed her lips to his cock, kissing him lovingly. "I just might be able to help you with that, honey.

"How?" he asked, interested.

"Leave it to me, okay?" she smiled down at him, stretching, her tits swelling out.

"You know what Julie did?" he said, watching his mother's shapely tits jiggle. "She sat on that damned old statue out there. She put that cock up her cunt and fucked it until she came!"

"She did?" Susan asked, pleased. "Did you see her do that, Tommy, or are you making it up?"

"I watched her fuck that statue, Mom," he said. "She wanted me to see her fuck it, but she wouldn't let me put my cock in her cunt. She let Robert fuck her, though. She said I was too young, but Robert's only a few months older than I am."

"You watch your sister fuck Robert?"

"Sure, all the time." Tommy reached out and caressed his mother's smooth thigh. "Robert fucks her and she jacks me off."

"At the same time?" Susan asked.


"Hmmm," Susan murmured. "That sort of helps things a little." She lay up on the bed, pulling her son up beside her. "Sleep with me tonight, baby. I'll see what I can do about your sister. I'm sure she'll let you fuck her."

Tommy snuggled up against his mother's naked tits, closing his eyes. Susan nestled her nipple close to his mouth, and soon they both were sleeping.


The next morning Susan slowly awakened.

The first thing she noticed was that Tommy was not beside her. The second thing she noticed was that she was lying on her stomach and someone was kissing and licking the cheeks of her ass.

"Mmmm," she murmured at the pleasant sensation. "That's nice. Susan writhed her naked ass as the lips and tongue moved about her asscheeks. She enjoyed the way the mouth sucked on her flesh, and then the way that wet tongue licked it. She shoved her hands underneath her pillow, closing her eyes again and let the sweet feeling flow through her naked body. The soft breathing sounds she heard increased her pleasure, as did the hot breath fanning the flesh of her curvy, swelling ass cheeks.

The tongue ran up and down each cheek in turn, then along the backs of her thighs, sending ripples of shivers along her spine. Hands felt and touched her as the tongue licked and Susan spread her legs. A hand slipped between her smooth thighs, fingertips rubbing and probing at her moist pussy. Susan wiggled her ass against the hot, kissing mouth, mewling softly.

"Mmmm, what a nice way to wake up," she mewled as she wiggled her ass up. "Such a nice way to wake

The wet tongue lapped almost delicately at the curve where her ass creased her thigh. Susan began to bubble with desire, shaking her ass lewdly as the lips and tongue kissed and licked. She felt the cheeks of her ass being pulled apart, and she waited breathlessly. Susan loved a finger up her asshole, but she had never felt a tongue there. Now, as her ass cheeks were pulled apart, she felt that wicked, hot tongue licking along the inside of them, very close to her twitching asshole.

Susan lifted her ass cooing as the tongue suddenly brushed her tight asshole. "Ooooh, Good!"

Drawing her knees underneath, her ass now thrust into the air, she felt that wet tongue licking up and down her asshole. Her cunt was becoming very wet again, throbbing so pleasantly.

The tongue thrilled her tremendously as it began to lap faster against her asshole. She shook her naked ass into the face, mewling softly as the pleasure increased until she was bubbling with excitement.

"Mmmm, lick my asshole, darling," she whimpered in a soft, thick voice, "Ohhh, lick my asshole! That feels so fucking good darling! So fucking good!"

The tongue pressed against her asshole, as if it were trying to enter it. Susan gurgled hotly when it began to lick again. Hands held her hips tightly. Now the tongue began licking at her wet, throbbing cunt. Susan shoved her cunt backwards, bowing her back to make it pooch past her creamy thighs. The tongue licked at the lips of her hairy cunt then lapped up and down. She felt it, licking from her rubbery clit along the puffy lips of her cunt, then over her asshole. Time and again the tongue did this, and Susan was shaking in the heat of her ecstasy.

Again and again, the tongue licked up from her cunt and over her tight asshole, sending waves of pleasure bubbling through Susan. She made soft yipping sounds as the feelings increased. Then the tongue slipped into her cunt, thrusting in and out slowly, teasingly. The hot, wet lips closed around the puffy lips of her pussy, sucking on them as the tongue delved and licked. Susan felt an orgasm growing inside her body and orgasm that was going to be very strong, and very powerful.

The tongue slipped out of her clinging cunt and began to lap again from her clit to her asshole. She was getting her cunt licked and her asshole licked and Susan was shivering and almost beside herself with this early morning ecstasy. This had never been done to her before, not even when Jayne Hanson licked her cunt off. This sensation was one of the best she had ever experienced.

"Mmmnun, baby," she cooed," Lick it for me! Lick my cunt! Lick my asshole! Ohhh, honey, that's so sweet, so fucking good! I love it, darling! I love you licking my cunt and my asshole!"

The hot breath was fanning at her asshole when the tongue was in her pussy, fucking back and forth, then a chin was tight against her cunt when the tongue was lapping at her asshole. – With her eyes dosed, Susan wiggled her ass into the face, feeling the tongue pressing at her asshole. "Oooh, yes!' she gurgled hotly. "Shove your tongue up my asshole! Stick your tongue in my ass and fuck it!"

But the tongue pulled away, and then Susan felt a finger against her asshole. The wet lips were kissing and sucking the cheek of her ass when the finger pressed into her asshole. Susan moaned with pleasure when another finger slipped into her cunt.

"Ooh, that's so fucking good!" she murmured hotly. "Fingerfuck my cunt and asshole! Oh, I love a finger up my pussy and asshole at the same time! Ah, fuck me, baby fuck me! Fuck my cunt and fuck my asshole at the same fucking time!"

The fingers pushed and pulled, thrust and withdrew, and Susan was getting closer and closer to orgasm. She clawed at her pillow mindlessly. Then the fingers were removed and once more the tongue was stabbing at her tight asshole. A finger slithered back into her gripping cunt, stabbing in and out as the tongue probed her asshole.

"Oh, Oh God!" Susan wailed. She withdrew her hands from her pillow and brought them down to her ass. She pulled at the cheeks of her ass, spreading them wide. "Inside! Ohhh, please, stick your tongue up my asshole! Fuck my asshole with your sweet wet tongue! I want it! I want you to fingerfuck my cunt and tongue fuck my asshole!" The tongue pressed harder, and the finger plunged in and out. Then Susan gave a loud yelp of ecstasy as the tongue shot up her asshole. "Ooah, yes!" Susan grunted. "That's it, baby! Fuck it now; fuck your tongue up my hot asshole! Ohhh, honey give it to me! Fuck my cunt with your finger and fuck me in my asshole with your tongue!… ohhhh, so fucking sweet! So fucking good!"

The tongue plunged in and out, the finger stabbing like a rigid, small cock into her cunt. Susan shivered and trembled, writhing and twisting her ass, but not so fast as to lose that wicked, wonderful, sweet tongue. She dug her fingers into the checks of her smooth, beautiful ass, holding them as wide apart as she could. The tongue seemed to go so deep up her ass; it was surprising at how deep it seemed to go. Susan had never in her wildest erotic dreams thought a tongue could penetrate her asshole so fucking deep! It was so far up her ass it seemed to be in her stomach. The finger was moving in and out of her cunt swiftly now, the tongue keeping time with it. She was getting finger fucked in her hairy, steaming cunt and tongue fucked up her tight, hot asshole.

'I'm going to come, baby!?' she grunted, shoving her ass hard into the face, "You're going to make me come. .. with your finger fucking and tongue fucking! Ohhhh, honey, 'my cunt is going to come and my asshole is going to come and I'm going to… Oh! OhHhh, there! I'm coming! Oh God am. I coming! Fuck it, baby! Fuck that cunt… tongue that hot asshole! Fuck me with your tongue up my fucking asshole! I'm coming, coming!'

Her cunt flexed on the deeply plunging finger, and her asshole became extremely tight on the stabbing tongue. Susan wailed and gurgled with ecstasy as she came off. Her naked body shook, and her uplifted ass shivered. It was a fantastic orgasm, and she felt as if both her pussy and asshole each had come, separately and distinctly from each other.

Slowly she lowered her ass, sprawling out on the bed. Her naked, beautiful ass was still shivering as the warm pleasure continued to flood her body. Her lips were open. As she breathed heavily, her eyes still closed. Then, very slowly she rolled onto her back, and opened her eyes.


Her daughter sat on the bed, giggling like a naughty little girl. "Good morning, Mother," she said between giggles.

"What in the world!" Susan sputtered, autotomatically drawing a sheet around her nakedness.

"Don't act so shocked, Mother," Julie said when she stopped giggling. "I know you sucked Tommy's cock off. He told me you did."

"And you called him a liar," Susan reminded her daughter.

"Yes, I did, didn't I?" Julie smiled. "But Jayne told me about you and her last night, and this morning when Tommy said he fucked you, well, I knew it had to be true."

"So you sneak in here and… do this?"

"Sure," Julie said her eyes bright. "Why not? Me and Jayne sucks each other all the time."

"You and… Jayne'!" Susan asked, hardly believing it. "You mean that Jayne and you do.

"Oh, Mother," Julie said. "You act so innocent some times! You know all about me and Tommy and you know about Robert, too. You might as well stop pretending, don't you think?"

"I never..

"Mother," Julie said, drawing her knees up to her shapely tits and hugging them. "Don't you think I know how you look at Tommy, and me, too, when you're painting us? I've seen you look at Tommy's cock, and you know damned good and well I sit there so he can look at my cunt! Why do you think his cock is hard all the time we're posing for you? And you can't pretend you didn't show us that hairy pussy of yours the other day, either. That was deliberate, Mother, and you fucking well know it!''

Susan blushed slightly, but she could not hold back the smile. "You're right, Julie."

Her daughter tugged the sheet from her mother's body. "Don't cover all those goodies up, Mother," she said. "You have a beautiful body; and I like to see it. Your tits are big, and I like big tits on a girl. One of these days I'll have big tits too, and I'll let everyone play with them!"

Susan looked at her daughter as she hugged her knees against her small, shapely tits. Her gown was up, and she could see the backs, of her daughter's creamy smooth thighs, as well as the lips of her sweet cunt and the scant fuzz around it. She reached out a hand and traced her fingertips along the back of Julie's thigh. She brought the fingertips down and along the inner surface, then brushed the moist lips of her daughter's cant.

Julie trembled. "Did you like it when I sucked your cunt, Mother?" Her voice was low and anxious. "Did I suck it as good as Jayne does?"

"You were very good, honey," Susan replied. "I loved it. Especially when you shoved your tongue up my asshole. That was the first time anyone did that to me."

Julie giggled wickedly. "I wanted to. Jayne told me you like a finger in your ass, Mother, so I thought you'd like a tongue even better."

"My God, I did!" Susan laughed. "I sure did, Julie."

She probed her daughter's cunt with the tip of her finger, and Julie spread her knees apart. Susan shoved her finger into her daughter's cunt, wiggled it a few times, then caressed her rubber-like clit, making Julie shiver with delight.

"Do it to me, Mother," Julie asked in a husky voice. "Do me with your finger! I got so fucking hot licking you, and now I wanna come off, too! Stick your finger in my pussy and do me!"

Susan sat up and leaned toward her daughter. She lifted her gown, and as she drew it over Julie's head, her daughter began to caress her tits. She sat there and let Julie caress and play with her tits for awhile, then she leaned forward and began to kiss and suck Julie's rigid, sweet nipples. They were perky, sugary nipples. She drew one into her mouth and sucked it, while feeling her daughter tease and pull at her nipples.

"Ooh, Mother." Julie sighed hotly. "I like myths being sucked! Oh, your mouth is so wet and hot' on my titties! Suck my titties, Mother!'

Susan was lying on her back again, and her daughter was at her head, leaning over. Susan sucked on one of those dangling tits, and felt her daughter sucking on hers. Each had a tit in their hot, eager mouths, and they were squeezing and fondling the other tit. They made sucking sounds as their wet and hungry tongues flicked the sensitive nipples between muffled squeals of pleasure. One of Julie's hands was down past Susan's stomach, fingers playing in the thick curls of her cunt. Susan brushed her hand along her daughter's side and felt the curve of her hip. She reached her hand around back and squeezed the small, firm ass cheek, then shoved her fingers between her hot thighs and rubbed Julie's cunt. It was wet against her fingers, and she shoved one finger into the hot tightness of her daughter's cunt. Susan began to fingerfuck her daughter as. she sucked the nipple, and felt Julie doing the same to her.

Then Julie's licking tongue was off her tit, working down her shivering stomach. As she moved-her lips and tongue down her mother's body, she spread her thighs on each side of Susan's head. Susan found herself looking up into the slightly hairy cunt of her daughter. It was so sweet looking, she thought, just like a sugar cookie. The puffy lips glistened in the morning sunlight that streamed through the open window, and Julie's enticing cut seemed to swell and throb right before her eyes. Susan slipped her hands around her daughter's hip and clutched those smooth, delicious ass cheeks in her palms.

"Ohhh, Julie!" she whimpered, her mouth close to that sweet cunt. "I'm going to suck your cunt, baby! Mother is going to taste your sweet, sweet cunt! I'm going to suck it for you, lick it and make you come, darling! I'm going to fuck your pretty pussy with my tongue!" "Yes, yes, Mother!" she heard her daughter gurgle with eagerness, as her face hovered above her hairy cunt. "Lick my pussy.. and I'll lick yours again! Ohhh, Mother, I want to suck your hot, hairy cunt, too!"

"Eat my pussy, baby!" Susan mewled as she placed her lips against her daughter's wet cunt. "Eat mother's hot cunt while I eat yours! Ooooh, Julie, let's eat cunts! Let's tongue fuck cunts… lick cunts!"

"We'll make each other come with our tongues, Mother!" Julie squealed. "We'll make our cunts come with our mouths and tongues and lips and.. Oh, I'm gonna tongue fuck your hairy cunt good, Mother!"

"Yes!" Susan yelled just before she pressed her mouth into Julie's seeping cunt. She clawed her daughter's ass with her hands as she shot her tongue as deep as she could into Julie's slippery cunt. Her nose pressed against the tight pucker of Julie's asshole, and she stabbed her tongue in and out swiftly. She was elated to have her face into her daughter's crotch, and her mind was reeling as she sucked and flicked her tongue in and out. She lifted her ass as Julie shoved her tongue up her cunt, and mewled as her daughter clutched at her uplifted ass cheeks.

She loved the sweetness of her daughter's mint against her mouth, the beautiful, round ass above her face, and her nose against her tight asshole. She ran her hands around the creamy flesh, feeling Julie's thighs and ass as the inner surfaces closed tightly about her face.

Julie's tongue flew in and out of her mother's cunt. She sucked vigorously on Susan's cut, her fingers tight between her ass cheeks. They made muffled sounds of intense pleasure as they licked and sucked each other. Julie's smaller body was shivering, and Susan lifted her crotch and pressed it tightly against her daughter's face, grinding just as Julie was doing. Julie's quivering stomach was smashing her tits, and she loved the way her daughter's. tits rubbed on her lower stomach.

She gave a small yelp of pleasure when she felt her daughter stick her finger up her asshole. It increased the hot ecstasy that was swelling like a balloon inside her naked body.

Suddenly Julie lifted her mouth from her mother's hairy pussy, shouting in a hot voice: "Do me, Mother! Stick a finger up my asshole, too!"

Susan moved her lips an inch away from Julie's pussy. "Are you sure, baby? Are you sure?"

"Fuck my asshole, Mother!" Julie yelled. "Stick a finger in my asshole and fuck it, too!"

When Susan felt her daughter's tongue stabbing back into her cunt, and her finger plunging in and out of her own asshole, she rubbed the tip of her finger about Julie's tight pucker. She ran her tongue up and down the wet lips of her daughter's cunt, inflaming her more and more as she pressed her finger gently into Julie's tight asshole. She was very careful, despite the feelings of eagerness they both felt.

Julie gave a soft yelp as Susan's finger slipped up her asshole, her body jerked. Susan held her finger still for a moment, but her tongue was still licking and fluttering furiously. When she felt her daughter relax a bit, she began to fingerfuck her asshole and suck her cunt at the same time, just as Julie was doing to her. The tightness of her daughter's asshole surprised her. She loved the way it closed around her finger as she thrust it in and out. Her tongue licked more vigorously at Julie's sugary cunt, lapping up and down the sparsely haired cunt lips hungrily. Her lips sucked at the throbbing cunt. She felt Julie shivering and shaking against her naked body, as she was grinding her ass down into Susan's face in a frantic effort to get more tongue in her dripping cunt and more finger into her burning asshole.

Julie, being intensely hot from licking her mother's cunt and asshole, could not contain herself. She gave a muffled squeal and began to come. Susan felt her daughter's cunt close around her tongue, and her little asshole flexed. She knew her daughter was coming and she sucked and licked fast, her finger flicking furiously. She writhed her own pussy into her daughter's face in a frantic attempt to come at the same time. When she finally exploded, it was so powerful that her whole body shook, and she banged her ass up and down, grinding her hairy cunt hard into Julie's sucking mouth.

Julie tumbled from her mother's body, sprawling at her side. One slim leg was over Susan's stomach, the other alongside her head. Susan looked between them, watching her daughter's cunt twitch and quiver. She ran her hand up and down Julie's thigh while the young girl gasped heavily.

"Oh, Mother!" Julie panted. "That was really something! Oh, I love that, Mother!"

"I kind of enjoyed it, too, Susan laughed softly as she petted Julie's wet cunt gently. "You have the sweetest little pussy!"

"You suck my cunt better than Jayne," Julie said with a small giggle.

"You were just hot for it, that's all," Susan said, but she was pleased just the same.

"Of course I was hot for it. But you still eat my pussy better, Mother."

Susan slapped her daughter playfully on her hip. "We better get some breakfast. All this cunt licking and cocksucking makes a girl hungry, doesn't it, baby?"

"It sure as fuck does!" Julie laughed.


Just before noon, Susan was in her studio. The light was very good, and she was making progress with her canvas. Julie and Tommy were not complaining about their motionless positions. Susan had finished all the background, and now she had the figures blocked. The only thing left to do was to paint the costumes. But once more she found something wrong with them. Somehow the togas weren't tight as if they didn't really belong on the figures.

She looked at her background critically, and with sudden inspiration knew her painting would be far superior if the figures were nude. Everything she had done so far to the canvas pointed to nude figures.

She was on her high stool, with her heel cocked as usual on the high rung. The only difference was she was wearing a dress again, and naked beneath it. She knew very well Tommy and Julie could see under her dress up her creamy thighs, and see the hairy curls of her pussy. She knew, too, that Julie was naked beneath her toga. Her pink nipples were sweetly revealed by the thin material and now that she looked closer, the dim shadow of Julie's cunt hair could be seen. Tommy had a beautiful hard on that poked at his toga, making it stand out. He had a moist spot on his piss hole of his prick.

"Take off those togas," Susan said.

Julie and Tommy looked at their mother, questions in their eyes. Julie shrugged, and pulled the toga off her body. She sat on her chair naked, looking so deliciously innocent. Her sugary tits were perfectly shaped, with saucy nipples standing up high. Tommy removed his toga, and smiled shyly as his mother and sister looked at his upstanding cock.

"Well," he said, "what's a guy suppose to do, Mother, when he had to kneel here for hours and look at Julie's cunt?"

"Is that what you've been doing all this time, baby?" Susan asked him. "I thought it was mine your were peeking at."

Tommy laughed. "Yours, too. At least today."

Susan stuck her tongue out at her son and spread her knee wide, flashing her pussy at him. Julie grinned at the teasing and thumbed her nipples. 'When are we going to stop Mother? I'm getting a little tired,"

"In a few more minutes," Susan said, turning back to her canvas, slapping paint on swiftly now. With her children naked, everything was falling into place perfectly. She knew this painting would be the best one she had ever done.

Within an hour, she had the painting just the way she wanted it. Climbing down from the stool, she stretched, arching her tits against the thin dress. "Okay, kids," she said. "All finished."

Julie and Tommy relaxed. Julie slumped on her chair, exhaling loudly. She spread her knees as Tommy sat on the low platform. His cock was standing up beautifully. Susan grinned. "I'm going to have to find poses so you won't have to stare into Julie's cunt all day, Tommy.

"Hey, I like it!" he said. "If I didn't have her pussy to look at, this would be boring, Mother."

There was a small sink near the far corner. Susan wet to it and cleaned her hands. "Tommy told me you thought he was too young to fuck you, Julie," she said.

Julie flushed slightly. "He is, Mother."

"But he's just a few months younger than Robert, darling," Susan replied. "You've been fucking Robert, and there isn't that much difference in their ages." She walked' to the platform. "Your brother has been staring at your sweet cunt for a long time, his cock is so hard. He wants to fuck you so much, honey."

"Like I fucked mother," Tommy said in a high voice.

"That's right, honey," Susan said, caressing his cheek fondly. "And he's certainly much younger than I am, Julie. Don't you know age makes no difference by this time? A cock is a cock, as they say."

Julie looked at her brother's hard cock. "But I thought Tommy liked being jacked off."

"I never said that!" Tommy protested. "That was all your idea, Julie. You started playing with my cock and just never let me put it in you.'' "No bickering," Susan said. She sat down next to her son and took his cock in her hand, stroking it slowly. "If Julie don't want this lovely hard on, you know mother does."

He grinned and grabbed one of his mother's tits, squeezing it happily. Susan brought her other hand toward her daughter, sliding it up the inside of one creamy thigh and fondled Julie's cunt, rubbing at her clit. Julie wiggled her ass and opened her thighs as wide as she could. Susan loved being able to feel her children up openly now, loved to be sitting between them and touch his sweet cock and hp6497 Page 103 her delightful cunt.

"You don't have to be out in the woods anymore, kids," Susan said in a thickening voice. "No more leaves and twigs in your hair or dirt on your bodies. Jayne and I have talked about this and decided you kids can do your fucking in the house."

"But, Mother," Julie said writhing her ass as Susan slipped a finger into her tight, tender cunt. "It's fun to fuck outside in the sun and wind and… Ohhh, you better stop finger fucking me, or you'll make me come, Mother!"

"So come," Susan said, thrusting her finger into her daughter's cunt faster. "That's the idea, isn't it?"

"Make Julie let me fuck her, Mother!" Tommy pleaded as she pumped on his throbbing cock. "Make her let me put my cock in her cunt and fuck her!"

"You aren't supposed to make anyone fuck when they don't want to, Tommy," Susan said. "If your sister doesn't want you to fuck her, that's her business. But you can always fuck me, baby!"

Susan lay back on the platform, removing her finger from Julie's clinging pussy. She lifted her shapely ass and pulled her dress to her waist, spreading her long, smooth legs. "Come and fuck me, Tommy," she said in a voice that was getting breathless. "Stick that sweet cock up mother's cunt and fuck her!"

Tommy scrambled about swiftly and got between his mother's thighs, his cock pressing at her hairy cunt. Susan lifted her crotch for him and gasped in pleasure as his prick stabbed deep into her cunt.

Julie watched them as she panted with desire, fingering her cunt by herself now. She saw her brother's naked ass start to bob up and down.

"Ahhh, baby," Susan gurgled as she clutched at Tommy's tight ass checks. 'Fuck me, Tommy! Ohhh, your cock feels so good up my cunt! Fuck mother's cunt, honey! Fuck it for me! Fuck it, fuck it!"

Susan twisted and bounced her ass while Tommy plunged excitedly into her gripping cunt. She clawed at his small, tight ass cheeks, panting as her excitement increased. Julie gazed at them with bright, hot eyes, her finger plunging in and out of her cunt swiftly now. Her little tits had become very swollen and her pink nipples rubber-like. She could hardly stand any more of just watching them fuck she wanted to be involved have something done to her anything!

"Mother! Ooh, Mother! I'm so fucking hot, watching Tommy fuck you!"

Susan looked up at her daughter seeing the finger plunging in and out of the soaking cunt. She grinned. "We can't let you fuck that pretty pussy, can we, baby? Come on down here and I'll take care of that sweet cunt while Tommy fucks the piss out of me!"

Julie scrambled down. Tommy turned his head and watched his sister, his cock still stabbing into his mother's hairy cunt. Julie squatted over her mother's head and Susan ran her hand along her curvy ass cheeks, then cupped her daughter's cunt and squeezed it.

"You Just sit down on my face, baby!" Susan gurgled hotly. "Just sit that wet, hot cunt right on my face and I'll suck it while Tommy fucks me! Come on, Julie; let me lick your pussy! I want to tongue fuck you! Fuck my hot, hairy cunt, Tommy! I'm going to lick and suck Julie's cunt while you fuck my ass good!"

Tommy's eyes were huge as he watched his sister throw one leg over his mother's face. His own face was level with Susan's tits, so Julie had all the room she needed. Susan arched her head backward as Julie lowered her dripping cunt over her mouth. Tommy's eyes gazed in delight as he saw his mother's tongue move in and out and lap at his sister's cunt. His cock throbbed and he thought he was going to come off watching them.

"Ooh, Mother!" Julie mewled as she writhed her pussy against her mother's open mouth. "Suck it for me! Ohhh, I love a tongue in my hot cunt! Fuck me with your tongue, Mother!"

Tommy's eyes burned as he looked at his mother's mouth sucking greedily on Julie's pussy. He could see Julie's tight asshole, and he was surprised when his mother's tongue lapped at that, too. The cheeks of his sister's ass were so small, but creamy and smooth and so lovable, he thought.

"Suck her, Mother!" he shouted in a hoarse voice, banging his cock as deep as he could into his mother clinging cunt. "Suck her fucking cunt! Fucking bitch, won't Let me fuck that pussy! Eat her fucking cunt off, Mother!"

"Ooooh, so nice!" Julie whimpered as she shook her naked ass. "I love being sucked, Mother! I love your tongue going up my cunt, fucking it! Oooooh, fuck it Mother!"

Tommy couldn't take his eyes off his sister's round ass as it shivered and trembled a few inches above his face. He could see his mother's tongue lap and lick from her asshole to the tip of Julie's cut. His cock was swel1ing harder yet in his mother's cunt, and he banged up and down furiously. Susan was clutching his ass hard; her fingers digging as she writhed and bounced her ass, her smooth thighs scissoring about his hips and legs.

Stretching his neck, Tommy ran his tongue about his sister's creamy ass cheeks, his cock not missing a thrust in his mother's boiling, tight pussy. His sister's ass tasted so sweet on his tongue.

"Ooooh, good!" Julie wailed when she felt her brother's tongue licking her ass. "Mother, Tommy is licking my ass! Oh. that's really good! Lick my ass, Tommy! Suck my cunt, Mother! Ooooh, two wet tongues licking me… my ass, my cunt! Oh, that's so fucking good!"

Tommy shot his tongue between her spreading cheeks, then licked furiously at her asshole. Julie trembled wildly. Tommy plunged his cock in and out of his mother's cunt now in a frenzy as he licked Julie's asshole. Susan swung her hips around for him, fucking up and down on his stabbing prick. Now and then her tongue would touch her son's, and they licked each other, and then they would go back to Julie's cunt and asshole. The heavy breathing seemed to fill the room, as the heat of erotic enjoyment clutched all there of them. Their bodies shivered and shook as orgasms swelled.

"Ooh, fuck my cunt!" Julie groaned as she writhed her pussy into her mother's sucking mouth. "Suck my cunt… flack my pussy! Oh, Tommy, lick my ass.. my asshole! I'm gonna come… soon! I'm gonna come fucking soon!"

Tommy grunted against his sister's asshole, his lips opened and around it as he probed with his tongue, his cock almost ready to spurt thick come juice into his mother's bubbling, flexing cunt.

Susan gave a loud, muffled wail as she came. Her hips shot up against her son, the lips of her pussy drawing on his thrusting cock in a powerful way. Tommy felt the way his mother's cunt gripped him, then relaxed, only to grip again. He could not take it any longer… his cock squirted. And as he came off into his mother's cunt, his tongue stabbed into his sister's asshole.

"Oh!" Julie yelped with sudden delight. "Ooh, up my ass! Tommy, you've got your tongue inside my fucking hot asshole! Oooh, fuck it, fuck it! Mother tongue fuck my cunt! Tommy is fucking me in my goddamn asshole with his fucking tongue… and you're fucking my cunt with your tongue and I'm coming and I can't stop and I love it and so Oooooh, I'm coming, coming! Fuck, fuck, fuck it!"

Susan thrust her tongue hard and fast into her daughter's convulsing cunt, gripping her small ass in one hand, and her son's shaking ass in the other. She tasted the hot fluids of her daughter's cunt seeping into her mouth and she swallowed. She rammed her tongue vigorously in and out of the clinging cunt as her daughter came. Her pussy was drawing and sucking on Tommy's cock as he spurted come juice far into her burning pussy. She was coming off with soft, muffled squeals of pure ecstasy.

They sprawled on the low platform, heaving and gasping, unable to move

"Oh, my God!" Susan said, still panting. Julie was sprawled on her stomach, her legs apart, her sweet ass trembling. Tommy was on his back, his chest moving up and down swiftly. "That was just about the fucking best I've ever had, kids!"

Later that afternoon, after they had had a light lunch, Susan showed them the finished painting, they laughed. Julie had been painted with her legs wide apart, and the details of her cunt were perfect. And Tommy, his sweet cock was so hard above his hairless balls.

"Where could you ever hang that one, Mother?" Julie laughed. "Certainly not in the living room where everyone could see it. Why, they'd know it was Tommy and me!"

"That one goes over my bed," she said.

A few minutes late they were outside, walking near the statue. Susan ran her hand over the statue's stone cock. "Tommy told me you fucked this statue, Julie. Is that right?"

Julie giggled. "I was hot, Mother" she said, as if that was all the explanation required. "My cunt was really hot and that was the only thing handy at the time."

"Tommy was with you," Susan reminded her. "When are you going to let him fuck you, baby?"

Julie looked at her brother. "I don't care," she said. "After seeing him fuck you, Mother, I guess he isn't so young after all."

But Tommy had other ideas right now. He pulled his cock out of his pants and pumped on it, making it swell into hardness. "I wanna get sucked off," he said. "I already had a piece of ass today; now I want my cock sucked off."

Susan laughed and wrap her palm over the head of his dripping cock, then brought her hand to her, mouth. She licked the fluids off. "I'll suck that cock off in a second, baby," she said.

"I want Julie to suck it, Mother," Tommy replied, his cock throbbing deliciously now. "Make Julie suck my cock off, Mother!"

"I told you, Tommy," Susan said. "You don't make any one suck or fuck if they don't want to."

Julie was gazing at her brother's cock with hot eyes. "But if a girl wants to suck your cock, that's okay, Tommy," she said. "You have to ask them, you know."

"Will you suck my cock off, Julie?" Tommy pleaded.

"I'd love to, Tommy," Julie grinned, then giggled in a naughty way. "I thought you'd never ask!"

"Right here?" Tommy said, excited. "Right out here in. daylight?"

"Why not?" Susan laughed. "You, two have been with Robert right in daylight, haven't you?"

"But that was in the woods," Tommy said. "Why should you care, Tommy?" Julie spoke up. I'm the one that's gonna be sucking your cock."

She didn't wait for her brother to protest anymore. She got to her knees in front of him. She shoved his hand away from his cock and pumped it with her own. She pressed her lips to the dripping tip and kissed it. Susan stood next to them, watching, her eyes shining with excited pleasure.

"Suck it, Julie," she said in a thick voice. "Suck your brother's cock! Make him come in your cocksucking little mouth! Take that pretty prick in your mouth, honey, and suck the piss out of it!"

"I don't wanna suck the piss out of his cock, Mother," Julie giggled. "I wanna suck his come juice out of it!"

She opened her lips and gulped her brother's cock between them. Holding Tommy by his hips, Julie began to suck vigorously on his prick, mewling softly. She was wearing tight jeans, and her cute little ass swayed in erotic delight.

Susan watched her daughter with blazing eyes, excited to see Tommy's cock stretching those young lips. She was not at all surprised to see that Julie sucked every inch of that hard cock into her hungry mouth. Surely Julie had been sucking cock for some time, probably Robert's she thought, since there was no other boy within miles. She was very pleased that Julie seemed to enjoy a cock in her mouth.

"Suck that hard cock, Julie!" she urged in a hot voice. "Suck your brother's hard cock! Make him come off in your cocksucking mouth, baby! Ohhh that's, sweet, seeing you suck him this way!"

Susan was standing next to the statue, and she had a tight grip on its stone cock. With her eyes still on her children, she turned and placed her lips around the cock of the statue and sucked up and down on it. She was wearing the same dress she had worn while finishing her painting, and she raised it up to fingerfuck her cunt. Her eyes were wide and hot as she watched her children and sucked up and down on the stone cock with delight. Now and then she would pause at sucking to urge her daughter on.

"Oh, Julie. Julie!" Tommy was grunting as his sister sucked hard on his prick. "Suck it, Julie! Suck my cock off! Hove a hot mouth sucking my cock! Ohhhh, you're real good at cocksucking, Julie '

"Mmmm!" Julie responded, her lips flying back and forth on his prick. Her tongue wiggled about the cock, licking away the juices as they dripped onto her tongue.

Susan, with her finger plunging in and out of her wet, bushy cunt, took her lips from the statue's cock and shouted in a tight voice: "Suck that cock, baby! Suck the piss out of your brother's cock! Lick his prick, Julie! Make that sweet cock come off in your cocksucking, hot little mouth!"

"I'm gonna come!" Tommy groaned, straining his cock into his sister's greedy mouth. "I'm gonna come in your fucking mouth, Julie! Oh, am I ever gonna come in your cocksucking, wet mouth!"

"Mmmmmm!" Julie whimpered, bobbing her pretty face swiftly, her lips sucking hard on his prick. Her tongue flew all over his swollen cock-head, her little ass jerking as if she would come, too. She gripped her brother's hips tightly now, pushing and pulling his cock in and out, fucking herself in the mouth with his throbbing cock "Mmrnmmm!"

"Come, baby!" Susan urged, thrusting a finger deep into her burning cunt. She was holding her dress at her waist and squatting now, her knees wide apart. Her swelling ass and cunt were exposed to the sun and Tommy's hot eyes. She licked up and down the stone cock, talking urgently to Julie. "Suck it, baby! Suck that big cock! Take it right down your cocksucking throat! Swallow his hot, thick come juice, Julie!"

Tommy gave a loud grunt, and his cock spewed. Julie's eyes opened wide when she tasted her brother's cum juice splashing on her tongue and filling her mouth. She gurgled with ecstasy as her lips clung tightly to his squirting prick.

Susan's tongue ran swiftly up and down the stone cock, circling the detailed head hungrily. She lapped at the chiseled piss hole, her finger plunging in a frantic effort up her throbbing cunt. She had one finger pressed at her tight asshole, but she was so close to coming, she failed to shove it into her ass.

"Suck me, suck me!" Tommy yelped in a strangled voice. "I'm coming in your mouth, Julie! I'm squirting my come juice in your cocksucking mouth! Take it, Julie! Eat my coming, fucking cock! Swallow my come juice, Julie! Ohhhh, you're good… such a good fucking cock sucker! Lick my prick! Suck it dry, Julie!"

Julie was gurgling and gulping in ecstatic mewls as her brother flooded her mouth with his come juice. Susan continued to lick the stone cock, flicking her mint vigorously with her finger. Looking past her son and daughter, Susan saw Robert standing about thirty feet away, watching them with glowing eyes.


"Well, look who came to visit!" Susan said, still squatting with her finger up her cunt. Julie took her lips off her brother's cock and looked at Robert, giggling. Tommy's cock dripped before her face, and she lapped at his piss hole. Then she stood up and motioned for Robert to come toward them.

"It's okay, Robert," Julie said. "Mother knows all about us."

Robert walked to them, grinning widely. "I know," he said. "Mother told me." 'Jayne told you?" Susan said, finally getting to her feet and smoothing her dress down. "What, did she tell you, Robert?"

"She said you wanted me to come over here and fuck you," the boy smiled, not at all embarrassed. "I guess she knew what she was talking about."

Susan laughed. "I guess she did," she said.

"If you fuck my mother," Tommy said almost belligerent, "then I get to fuck yours.

"Hell," Robert said. "Fuck my mother all you want, Tommy. She's a hot-ass anyway. She loves a hard cock, and she told me your mother loves one, too."

"Listen, you two," Susan said, softly laughing at their rivalry. "This is a fucking family, not a fighting one. There's no place for jealousy when it comes to fucking!"

She kissed her son's cheek and ran her hand over his exposed cock. She squeezed her son's prick. "No matter who fucks me, Tommy, you'll always have a piece of my ass when you want it.''

Tommy smiled at his mother, happy now.

Susan stood close to Robert. He was about the same size as her son, and his head came only to her tits. She had to lean down to run her hand over the front of his pants, to feel his cock. 'Baby, you're hard already, Robert."

"Who wouldn't be after seeing Julie suck on a cock and you playing with your cunt and licking that damned old statue's stone cock!"

"I guess it did look a little crazy, didn't it?" Susan laughed, not a bit ashamed. "But what's a girl to do when there's just one cock and two cunts?"

"All sorts of things," Robert said. "Mother knows all kinds of things to do with one cock and two cunts. You ask her."

"I don't have to ask her; I know she does," Susan laughed.

"Come on,'' Susan said, taking Robert's hand. "Let's go in the house and check this hard on out."

Julie and Tommy followed their mother and Robert. Tommy's cock dangled from his pants, and Julie was holding it. About halfway to the door, Susan lifted her dress to her waist, exposing her creamy, shapely ass and thighs from behind.

"That's a beautiful ass our mother has," Julie said, gigg1ing. "A real beautiful ass!"

I'm gonna fuck it," Tommy bragged. "I'm gonna fuck mother's ass one of these days. You just wait and see."

"You probably will," Julie agreed, pulling at her brother's cock. "You probably will."

When they entered the house, Susan didn't wait for them to go to the bedroom. She was still boiling from watching Julie suck her son's cock, and she had not come by using her finger. She began to remove her dress immediately, urging Robert to strip. "Take everything off, Robert. I want to fuck you naked! I love to fuck naked!"

Robert stripped watching with huge eyes as Susan stood naked. She was squeezing one of her large, shapely tits and running her other hand between her thighs. She stood with her feet apart, her hips arched forward in a lewd, inviting posture. Susan's eyes were burning hot as she saw Robert's cock spring free. She noticed that it was about the same size as her son's cock, and that pleased her. She didn't want Tommy to become jealous seeing a larger prick.

"Lovely," she murmured, reaching for Robert's cock. "You have a lovely cock, Robert. I can see why your mother enjoys fucking you."

She pumped his cock a few times, then dropped to the carpet, spreading her legs and lifting her hairy cunt into the air. "Come on, Robert!" she grunted. "There's a hot hairy cunt waiting for that hard cock! Come on, Robert, and stick that sweet cock up my cunt and fuck the shit out of me!"

Robert moved eagerly between her thighs, and when his prick slipped into her pussy, Susan sighed with pleasure. She grabbed the young boy by his naked ass and pulled him tight into her crotch, his balls slapping against her uplifted ass.

"Oooh," Julie cooed as she saw Robert's cock enter her mother's cunt. "That sure looks good, don't it, Tommy? That looks so good Robert's cock in mother's cunt!"

"Yeah," Tommy grunted, running his hand over his sister's tightly clad ass. "I wanna fuck, too, damn it!"

"Fuck him Julie!" Susan urged from beneath Robert's banging body "Fuck your brother! Come on, honey, give your brother some of that hot, pretty pussy!"

Robert was sucking on one of Susan's tits, his lips drawing hard on her rubbery nipple, his tongue flicking at the sensitive tip. His eager cock plunged in and out of Susan's writhing crotch.

Julie looked at her mother's naked ass bouncing up and down, and at Robert sucking her tit. She began to remove her clothing, snapping a button from her shirt as she did so. Her sweet, saucy tits came into view, and Tommy could not keep his hands off them. He massaged his sister's hard little tits as she struggled out of her tight jeans.

Naked, Julie stood before her brother, her eyes still watching her mother being fucked by Robert. Tommy squeezed his sister's tits and found his cock throbbing upright in hardness again. Julie took his cock in her hot little fist and began to jack on it.

"I gotta get my clothes off, too!" Tommy yelled in a high, excited voice. "I gotta get my clothes off, too!"

"I'll do it, Tommy," Julie said. "You just play with my tits! I'll take your clothes off."

Julie was eager as she began stripping her brother. She had no difficulty with his clothing, and soon had him just as naked as everyone else. "You want me to suck your cock again, Tommy?" she asked in a husky voice.

"Aw, no, Julie," he said. "I wanna fuck you! I wanna get my cock in your cunt and fuck you!"

"Do it, Julie!" Susan urged from the floor. "Fuck your goddamn brother! Can't you see his cock is hard for you! The poor guy has been wanting some of your cute ass for so long! Fuck him, damn it!"

Julie was no longer reluctant. She pulled on her brother's cock hard, making him yelp. "Come on, Tommy," she said. "You're old enough to fuck mother, so you're old enough to fuck me, too!"

Julie dropped to her hands and knees, wiggling her cute, shapely ass in the air. "Come on, fuck it for me, Tommy! I've got a hot, wet cunt that's ready for some hard cock! Give it to me, Tommy! Fuck me… while mother fucks Robert! Hurry up… fuck me, Tommy!"

Tommy dropped to his knees behind his sister's waving ass. He ran his hands over the smooth cheeks, feeling her shiver. Susan watched with hot, excited eyes. Her ass pumped swiftly as Robert plunged his cock in and out of her hot pussy.

"Kiss her naked ass, Tommy!" Susan shouted at her son. "Kiss your sister's cute, naked ass! Lick your sister's sweet, round, naked ass!"

Tommy laughed softly and put his lips against Julie's shivering ass. He kissed her smooth asscheeks, then began to lick at her flesh. Julie wailed and gurgled with pleasure, swaying her ass in his face.

"My asshole!" Julie groaned. "Lick my asshole, Tommy! Ohhh, lick my hot fucking asshole! I love my asshole licked! Lick it kiss my hot fucking asshole!"

Tommy giggled as his tongue shot against his sister's tight asshole. He lapped up and down, gripping his hard cock in one hand and sticking his finger up her cunt at the same time.

Susan laughed in a husky, excited voice, watching her son licking Julie's asshole. "Shove your tongue up Julie's ass, Tommy," she urged. "Tongue fuck your sister up her hot asshole! She loves it!"

Tommy tried to stick his tongue into his sister's asshole, but it wouldn't go in. He licked and pushed, but even, with Julie shoved back into his mouth, his tongue would not go inside her ass.

'Fuck me" Julie yelped. "Fuck me with your goddamn cock, Tommy! I want your cock in me… fucking me! Come on, Tommy! Hurry up and fuck me… before I start coming by myself! I want your hard prick fucking me now, damn it!"

Tommy pulled his mouth away from her twitching asshole. He lifted up holding his cock, and moved the swollen, dripping prick head up and down his sister's wet, pulsating pussy. Julie shoved her ass backwards, and Tommy's cock penetrated her hot, wet, tight pussy.

"Ooooh, there!" Julie shouted; her head turned to watch her mother, as Robert fucked her. "Your cock is in my cunt now, Tommy! Fuck my pussy.. fuck the piss out of my cunt! Ohhh, Mother, Tommy is fucking me now! Golly, it's so fucking good! Fuck my mother, Robert! fuck my mother's hairy cunt while my brother fucks the piss out of my pussy!"

Tommy held his sister's twisting hips as he banged his cock in and out of her tight cunt. Julie arched her back and pushed her cunt against her brother, yelping with ecstasy as he pounded furiously into her. Susan was breathing heavily, and shouting in pleasure next to her daughter. She reached out and cupped her small, firm tit, squeezing it as her hips bounced on the floor. Robert sucked hard on Susan's tits, his cock stabbing in a frenzy, thrilled to have his prick in her hot cunt.

"Ohhh, fuck me, Robert!" Susan grunted as she arched her cunt high. "Fuck my pussy! Feed that hot, hairy cunt of mine! Fuck your sister, Tommy! Fuck her little cunt.. . make her piss all over herself! Fuck the shit out of her little hot cunt! Make her come and come and come, Tommy!"

"Yes, yes!" Julie yelped, shaking her round little ass in a frantic attempt to come. "fuck the piss out of my hot cunt, Tommy! Your goddamn cock is so hard… so fucking hard, in my pussy! Fuck me… make me come! Make me piss and come and fuck me and Oh!"

Tommy's cock slipped out of her cunt. He had been banging her so fast and hard, and she had been shaking her ass so violently, his cock slipped out. When he banged forward again, his prick went right up his sister's asshole.

"Hey!" Julie shouted in surprise. "That's my asshole, Tommy! You got your cock in the wrong fucking hole!"

"Fuck her ass!' Susan moaned hotly. "Fuck Julie up her fucking asshole, Tommy! Push that hard cock in her, hot little asshole!"

"Oh, yes!" Julie squealed. The sudden penetration of her asshole had surprised her, but there was no pain. In fact, it felt so good to her that she almost came then and there. "Fuck me this way, Tommy! Fuck me in my ass! Ohhhh, it feels good, Mother! It feels so fucking good, a hard cock in my asshole! Come on, Tommy.! Fuck me up my ass! Oooh, wow! I like this! Fuck my ass.. fuck my hot fucking asshole I"

Tommy's cock stretched his sister's asshole as he plunged it all the way in. "It's tight, Julie!" he grunted. "Your asshole is tighter than your cunt! Damn, I like this, too! I'm gonna fuck you in your ass, Julie! I'm gonna fuck you in your asshole! I'm gonna come up your hot asshole!"

"Do it! Do it!" Julie yelled, shaking her stuffed ass wildly. She shot a hand between her thighs and grabbed her brother's balls, pressing them against her throbbing cunt. "Oh, fuck my ass! Fuck my asshole and come off in it! Tommy, fuck me up my ass hard and fast!"

Susan's excitement leaped as Robert sucked on her burning tit and stabbed his hard cock swiftly into her boiling cunt. She watched her son banging his prick into his sister's asshole. She was not at all surprised to feel her own asshole clench up tightly. She squeezed almost brutally at her daughter's firm little tit.

"I'm going to come, Robert!" she shouted loudly. Her hand clawed at his tight ass cheek. "Your hard cock in my cunt is going to make me come! Ooooh, there it is! I'm coming! Ohhh, I'm coming so good!"

"I'm about to come, too!" Tommy grunted as he drove his cock in and out of his sister's clenching asshole. "I'm gonna come too!"

Julie whipped her naked ass about in a wild manner. "Yes, Tommy!" she shouted. "Do it! Come up my ass! Oooh, I wanna feel your cock squirting up my asshole! Fuck my ass. Come in my ass! Ohhh, fuck me up my ass .. Fill my asshole with come juice, Tommy!" Robert's cock was squirting into Susan's convulsing cunt, and she was coming so violently, her entire body was shaking. Tommy shoved his cock as deep as he could up his sister's tight, gripping asshole, and spewed come juice into her. Julie, with her hand now digging at her bubbling pussy, was squealing in delight as she came off. "I love it! I love it!" Julie was shouting excitedly. "I love it, Tommy! Coming up my ass! Ohhh, good, so fucking good! I love being fucked up the ass… your cock coming in my asshole!"

Tommy dropped away from his sister, exhausted. He sat on the floor, leaning against the couch, gasping hard. Susan caressed Robert as he rested atop her naked body panting. Julie had lowered her face to the carpet, her little ass still high in the air, shivering in the hot glow of ecstasy.


Susan and Jayne sat in the makeshift studio. The painting was in front of them, and Jayne was looking at it.

"The best you've ever done, Susan," Jayne said. "The detail of Julie's cunt and Tommy's cock is perfect."

Susan smiled with pleasure. "I think so, too, Jayne," she said. She was wearing a lovely light blue terry cloth slip-over dress that had slits on each side that went up to her hips. Jayne, as usual, in her tight, revealing shorts and a thin blouse.

"You may not spin the art world with it," Jayne said, "but you just might become famous as the best erotic painter ever.

"Infamous, you mean," Susan laughed. "Especially if word got out that my models were my children."

"Artists are known to be kinky, Susan," Jayne grinned.. "Why should you be different?"

"I'm getting kinkier each day," Susan replied. Her eyes were glowing. "I just wish I had not tried to bottle it up for so long."

"How was my son yesterday, by the way?" Jayne asked. "Did you enjoy his cock? Speaking for myself, I find it exhilarating to fuck that kid. I don't think he ever gets tired of fucking. I know that cute cock of his stays hard most of the time.''

Susan laughed. "Like my Tommy's cock."

"Where are those kids, anyway?"

"Who knows?" Susan smiled. "Probably off in the woods fucking. Julie has found it more fun than she thought, fucking two cocks at the same time. She's become a very eager little hot ass, you know. And she loves to suck cock, the darling!"

"Pussy, too?" Jayne asked, arching her eyebrows in question.

"God, yes!''

"You know, Susan," Jayne said, "your daughter was never one bit hesitant about licking my cunt. She went to it like a starving kid."

"That was your big secret, Jayne?" Susan asked. "My daughter was eating your cunt?"

Jayne laughed, a low, husky sound. "That's it, Susan. I sucked her little pussy two years ago, and she's been licking mine ever since. I didn't get my hands on your son until a few months ago, though."

"So you've been doing this with my children for some time, have you?" Susan was not angry; she was pleased.

"I taught them how to jack each other off," Jayne laughed.

Susan gazed at her friend. Jayne's long, creamy legs were enticing her with their smoothness, their shapeliness. And as always, Jayne's cunt was outlined by her tight shorts. There were blonde strands of cunt hair poking from the tight legs, and her nipples poked at the thin material of her blouse. Her blonde hair gleamed, and her eyes were burning with her constant sexuality.

"Jayne," Susan said softly, "what I don't understand about all this is our oral thing. It seems all of us, you, me, and the kids, suck more than we fuck."

"Why try to understand it, Susan?" Jayne chuckled. "Some people prefer fucking and others would rather use their mouths. We just happened to enjoy mouth fucking, that's all there is to it."

"What I mean is that everyone of us would rather mouth fuck than cunt fuck."

"Well, it makes for better compatibility," Jayne laughed again, low and throaty. "No arguments that way. I

"You're right, I supposes"

Jayne was looking at Susan now, her eyes taking in the straining tits beneath the strapless dress; and the way her creamy thighs showed through the splits of the dress almost to her curvy ass. She licked her, full, moist lips with anticipation. "Speaking of mouth fucking…" She scooted close to Susan, wrapping her arm around her bare shoulders… She dropped her hand in front and cupped a swelling tit, squeezing it affectionately.

Susan turned her face to Jayne, and their lips met in a long, warm kiss. While Jayne sucked gently on Susan's darting tongue, her other hand slipped slowly down to Susan's knees. She caressed her knee, then began to run her hand-up her smooth thigh, pushing the dress up as she went.

Susan unbuttoned Jayne's blouse, reaching inside to cup a firm, shapely tit. They began to moan and writhe with, bubbling heat. Twisting lightly at Jayne's rubbery nipple, Susan darted her tongue in and out of her wet, sucking mouth with pleasure.

Jayne's hand slipped between Susan's warm thighs, and Susan spread them apart. When Jayne's inquisitive fingers probed the thick curls of her cunt, Susan whimpered. Her ass squirmed on the couch. "Mmmm, nice," she murmured into Jayne's mouth.

"No panties," Jayne whispered throatily. "I like that, Susan. I never wear panties, and I love it when you go without, too."

Jayne's fingertip rubbed at Susan's swollen cut, bringing groans of delight from Susan. She scooted her ass to the edge of the couch, twisting her hips when Jayne gently probed into the slippery, hot cunt lips.

"You're hot, Susan," Jayne gurgled as she finger fucked the steamy cunt. "Your cunt is so fucking hot and wet!"

"Mmmmm!" Susan whimpered.

She made no protest when her dress was lifted from her body. She leaned forward so Jayne could pull it over her head. Then, she sat there naked, a smile of eager anticipation on her beautiful face. Jayne stood up and wiggled free of her skin-tight shorts then removed her blouse.

There was a workbench in the middle of the room, and Jayne walked to it. Susan watched Jayne's shapely ass, wondering what she was going to do. She rubbed a hand up and down her cunt as she watched, her eyes burning with desire.

Jayne cleared the, bench, then she turned and crooked a finger at Susan. "Come over here," she said in a whisper.

Susan walked to the bench. It was padded, but for the life of her she couldn't remember why. It was hip-high, just wide enough for two people to lie on, if they faced one another. And, that was what Jayne apparently had in mind. She climbed onto the bench and pulled Susan down with her. They were face-to-cunt, legs spread. Susan ran her hands over Jayne's inviting thighs, while feeling Jayne caressing her hot thighs. She ran her hand in back to fondle the swells of Jayne's creamy, smooth ass. She lay her cheek on the inside surface of Jayne's thigh, her face inches from the blonde haired cunt. It was a beautiful cunt, she thought.

She shivered as Jayne's hot hand fondled her naked ass, tracing a finger up and down her crack. She ran her hand down Jayne's ass, then reached from behind to probe the hairy cunt; She watched her finger slip into Jayne's pussy, pleased by the slippery moisture. Jayne's glistening clit was exposed -from her moist, pink, cunt folds, as if inviting a kiss. Susan nibbled lightly at the flesh of Jayne's soft, inner thigh, the tip of her tongue licking almost delicately. She felt Jayne doing the same thing to her thigh, and her hot breath against her naked thighs and burning pussy sent ripples of delight flowing through her body.

"You have such a beautiful cunt, Susan," she heard Jayne saying in a husky voice from between her thighs. "I love all this dark hair on your pussy. And it's such a hot cunt! Your cunt is so sweet and delicious, Susan! I love the taste, and the way it feels when I have my tongue deep inside!"

"Lick me," Susan whimpered, twisting her naked ass and trying to press her throbbing cunt into Jayne's mouth. "Lick me, Jayne! Ohhh, please suck my cunt for me! You make me so fucking hot! Ooohh, tongue fuck me up my cunt, Jayne! Please, suck my pussy!"

She buried her own face into Jayne's blonde-haired cunt, kissing it wildly and hungrily. She opened her lips and sucked her puffy cunt lips into them, tracing her tongue up and down the seeping slit. She clutched Jayne's writhing, naked ass tightly, moaning with burning desire. She felt Jayne's mouth pressing into her crotch, and she closed her thighs around Jayne's face tightly, slamming her cunt back and forth as Jayne kissed hotly. She was thrilled with the way Jayne squeezed the cheeks of her trembling ass, as her own fingers clawed into Jayne's ass cheeks.

Soft sounds of tongues lapping moisture and hot breathing came from them. They had started out licking and kissing slowly, but neither of them could handle it this way for very long. Both were far too hot-blooded, and soon they were eagerly and hungrily sucking and tongue fucking each other in a frenzy.

Susan shoved her tongue very deep up Jayne's cunt, her mouth open and lips pressing tightly against the hairy pussy. Her nose was against Jayne's asshole and she had to pull the cheeks apart so she could breathe. Jayne, too, was thrusting her tongue deep up Susan's cunt, licking frantically. Jayne's tongue lapped out and over Susan's asshole, sending Susan into a frenzy of shaking ecstasy. She was becoming hotter and hotter, and felt as if her whole body would melt. Her nipples were pressed against Jayne's lower stomach, and she could feel the nipples of Jayne's tits smashing against her stomach

"Hey, look at that!"

Both Jayne and Susan pulled away and looked up. Tommy and Robert were standing in the doorway. Julie was peeking over their shoulders, giggling. "They're eating cunts!" Julie squealed excitedly. "Our mothers are eating each other's cunts!"

Jayne and Susan laughed, but they didn't pull apart. Both Tommy's and Robert's cock had swelled into a sudden hardness as they looked at their naked mothers. Julie squeezed past the two boys and went to the bench, looking down at the two women with wide, hot eyes. She began taking her clothing off quickly.

"I gotta get in on this, too!" she yelped in a hot voice.

Tommy and Robert stood closer now, their cocks nearly bursting from their pants. "You don't think we're gonna sit and watch, do you?" Tommy said excitedly.

Susan and Jayne Laughed and shoved their faces back into each other's cunts. They lapped and licked more slowly now, happy that their children had come upon them and were very eager to join in.

Past Jayne's hot thighs Susan saw her naked son. Tommy had his cock and balls in both hands. He seemed to be searching for some place to stick his hard cock.

Susan pulled her mouth an inch or so from Jayne's wet cunt. "Here, darling," she said, clawing the round checks of Jayne's ass apart. "Stick your cock up Jayne's asshole!"

"Hey now!" she heard Jayne say from between her thighs "What the fuck is this, anyway?"

"Oh, be still, Jayne," Susan laughed. "Tommy's got such a beautiful hard on, and I won't give up sucking your cunt. He needs a hole for his prick, Jayne!"

"What do you think my son has in his fucking hand? An ice cream, cone?" Jayne mewled.

Susan wiggled her naked ass. "I've got an asshole, too! Robert, stick your cock up my asshole! Fuck me up the ass, Robert, and your mother can keep on sucking my cunt! Come on, Tommy, fuck Jayne up her hot asshole!"

"Fantastic!" Jayne shouted. She arched her ass back as Tommy rubbed the swollen head of his cock about her tight asshole. She pulled the swelling cheeks of Susan's ass apart. "There it is, Robert! There's Susan's asshole, baby! Fuck it for her! Rick Susan's tight asshole. I'll suck the piss out of her cunt at the same time!"

Susan felt Robert pressing his cock against her asshole. She moved her ass back, helping him. Her eyes were close to her son's cock as he shoved the sweetly swollen prick head between the cheeks of Jayne's ass. Susan held the round cheeks wide, thrilled to watch her son's cock so close as it pressed against Jayne's tightly puckered asshole.

She felt Robert's cock slip up her ass, and yelped with pleasure. "Ooooh, it's in me!" she gurgled. "Robert's cock is up my fucking asshole! Ohhh, so fucking good! Put it all the way in my ass, Robert! Eat my cunt, Jayne! Ahhhh, suck my fucking pussy while your son fucks me up the goddamn asshole!"

Tommy shoved his cock hard, and Susan saw the prick head move into the tightness of Jayne's asshole. She shot her tongue out and began to lick swiftly at Jayne's throbbing, seeping cunt hungrily. Her eyes were glassy as she watched her son fucking Jayne in the ass. She slipped her hands around Tommy's ass, pulling him tight, making the full length of his cock penetrate deep up Jayne's asshole.

With a cock up their assholes, being fucked eagerly by the two young boys, neither woman could move much. Their tongues and lips began to suck and lick greedily again.

Julie stood on shaking legs, naked, playing with her tit in one hand and her cunt in the other. She watched with hot eyes as the two boys fucked the women up the ass listening to the moist sounds they made as they licked and sucked each other's cunts. Her own young pussy was throbbing and boiling. She was looking for a place to get a place where she could put her tender hot cunt. Finally she climbed up onto the bench, straddling Jayne and her mother.

"You gotta lick my cunt," she squealed "Robert, you gotta lick my fucking hot cunt!"

She stood on shaking legs looking down at their two cocks fucking into the tight assholes, hearing the wet sounds of cunt sucking. She pressed her own sparsely haired pussy towards Robert's face.

"Lick my pussy!" she yelped hotly. "Oooh, come on, Robert! Suck my hot cunt!"

Robert turned his head up and began to lick Julie's pussy. Tommy lifted a hand and felt his sister's round, tight little ass. His cock kept up its swift fucking of Jayne's asshole, while his mother's hand gripped his banging ass tightly.

"Up the ass!" Julie shouted. "Fuck me up the ass, too, Tommy! Come on fuck my ass with your finger! Robert is sucking my cunt, and Mother and Jayne are getting fucked up the ass! I wanna get fucked in the asshole, too!"

Tommy shoved a finger up his sister's tight little asshole, plunging it in and out. Julie shook, standing above her mother and Jayne, Robert's tongue lapping at her throbbing cut as Tommy finger fucked her hot, tight asshole.

"Ohhh, I love this!" Julie shouted hotly. "Tongue fuck and ass fuck at the same time! Oooh, give it to me, damn you! Give me tongue and finger.. fuck my cunt… fuck my asshole!"

Tommy stabbed his finger in and out of his sister's gripping asshole swiftly, while banging his cock up Jayne's clutching asshole. Susan's eyes were unfocused as she watched her son fucking Jayne up the ass. Her naked body shuddered as Robert plunged his hard, throbbing cock in and out of her clinging asshole while Jayne lapped and licked and sucked frantically at her cunt. She could hear Jayne whimpering and moaning into her boiling pussy, and the sounds of her daughter urging the two boys on sent her mind reeling with erotic delight. Sparks of intense pleasure rippled through her naked body, making her glow all over. She began coming in soft, erotic waves. She knew that Jayne too was coming. Her blonde-haired cunt twitched and her clit throbbed between Susan's lips convulsively. And Jayne was mewling, the sound growing in volume as the ecstasy grew.

"Ahhh, fuck it… suck it!" Julie was wailing in a thick, excited voice. "Fuck my ass, Tommy! Suck my cunt, Robert! Ohhhh, fuck those assholes… eat those hot cunts! Fuck…suck…cocks…cunts… assholes!" Julie chanted. "Ohhhh, I'm gonna really come.. pretty fucking soon! Tongue my cunt, Robert! Finger fuck my hot asshole, Tommy! Eat Jayne's cunt, Mother! Fuck Jayne's asshole, Tommy! Oooh.. A can't stand much more of this Ohhhh, damn, damn! It's so fucking good! So fucking good!"

Susan heard her daughter's ecstatic yelps, and knew Julie would boil over soon. She sucked vigorously on Jayne's cut, while feeling Jayne doing the same thing to hers. She saw her son's balls banging an inch in front of her eyes and the way Jayne's asshole clenched around Tommy's cock as he fucked her furiously. Her own asshole was burning deliciously as Robert fucked her, and she was shaking as the pleasure became very intense.

Susan gave a loud groan as her cunt boiled over like a steaming kettle. Her naked body shook violently as she came off in her most explosive orgasm yet. She sucked hard at Jayne's clit, hearing the answering groan as the woman came heavily against her mouth.

"Oooh, I'm coming!" Julie shouted. "I'm coming! Oooh, fuck my asshole, Tommy! Fuck it with your finger! I'm coming! Suck my cunt, Robert! Oooh, I'm coming, coming!"

Susan felt the throb of Robert's cock as it plunged swiftly into her asshole, and then his cock was squirting come juice into her shivering body. She felt each spurt of his cock as her asshole was filled. Then Tommy grunted and shoved his cock deeply into Jayne's asshole, yelling that he was coming off.

"Up the ass!" Tommy shouted. "I'm coming up your hot, fucking asshole, Jayne!"

All live shuddered as they came. Julie became so weak, she settled her naked ass and wet cunt down on Jayne 's and her mother's naked bodies. Tommy and Robert pulled their cocks free of the still throbbing assholes of Jayne and Susan. The two women pulled their faces from their hairy cunts.

"Oh, God!" Susan groaned. "I would never have thought it would be so fucking good! I thought I'd never stop coming!"

Julie wiggled her naked little ass against their bodies, then climbed from the bench, her legs still shaking. She seemed to recover faster than the others and before anyone knew it, she had gone and returned with cold drinks for each of them.

"If this keeps up," she said with a naughty giggle, "we're all gonna have to have nourishment."

Susan laughed. "We'll need a lot more than soft drinks, honey."

"Like every fucking vitamin made," Jayne laughed. "Someone should invent something to keep a cock hard forever."

"That's already been invented," Julie said.

"Oh?" Susan looked at her naked daughter. "I didn't know about that. What is it, darling?"

"Hot cunt and wet cocksucking mouths!" Julie laughed.

Susan and Jayne looked at each other, laughing.

"Julie is absolutely right, Susan," Jayne laughed. "Cunts and cocksucking mouths are the best thing in the world to keep a cock up nice and hard!"


Susan sat on her high stool, the canvas in front of her. She wore only a small apron, paint-smeared. Her swelling tits were naked. She had, as usual, one foot cocked up on the top rung of the stool. Her knees were apart as she concentrated on the last details of the painting.

On the low platform, where she and Jayne had placed an armless lounge chair, were her two children. This time Robert and Jayne were posing with them. Despite her concentration on finishing her painting, Susan's cunt was boiling hot. She had been on this canvas for a week, and it was finally almost done.

Julie was on the platform, naked, with her little ass in the air. Tommy was behind her, his cock half inside her sweet cunt. Jayne was on the lounge, her knees drawn up to her tits, and her son, Robert, had his cock half up her asshole. It had been difficult to keep them all in his particular pose. Most of the time before Susan was finished, they would be fucking each other.

Susan's cunt throbbed every day, but she stayed at the canvas until it became too much for her. She would then put the paints down and join them on the platform, where she would fuck and suck.

Fortunately, she didn't need them to be still right now, because Robert was beginning to fuck his mother in her asshole, and Tommy was moving his cock slowly in and out of his sister's shivering, sweet pussy. Susan's cunt was making the inside of her thighs moist and slippery, and every so often she would run her hand down and caress her pussy.

"One advantage about this pose," Jayne was saying as her son fucked her asshole slowly, "is that a girl gets a regular fucking.

Susan smiled as she dabbed paint. "Want a steady job as a model, Jayne?" she asked. "The pay isn't much, but the fringe benefits are the best in the world."

"I'll take it! I'll take it!" she laughed, arching her ass up so her son could fuck her asshole deeper. She reached her hand out and fondled one of Julie's firm tits.

Susan finished with the last detail of the painting. She loved the way her pussy throbbed and tingled. She put away the paints, then covered the canvas so it wouldn't get dust on it. She removed the apron and stood watching for a long moment. It was beautiful, the way Tommy's cock slithered in and out of Julie's cunt, the way Robert fucked his mother's ass.

Tommy began to stab his sister in her cunt, then pull his cock out and penetrate her asshole. One thrust up the pussy… one thrust up the ass. Julie was shaking with delight. She was making soft mewling sounds as she turned her pretty, young face to Jayne and kissed her eagerly.

Susan went to the kitchen, got a cup of coffee, and with a strange smile on her face, left the house. She walked out into the front yard, naked, feeling the high sun heat her already burning body.

Sipping her coffee, she thought of this change in her life. She felt no guilt or remorse. She bad been happier these past few days than she had ever been. She recalled seeing her son and daughter naked, jacking each other off and how good it had been when Jayne first sucked her cunt. She remembered the erotic sensations when she had fucked her son, sucked his cock off, and the first taste of her daughter's sweet pussy. She shivered with delight as she remembered the way she had lapped at Tommy's asshole, and how good it had been when he sucked her ass.

Inside the house, her two children were fucking each other, and Jayne was taking her son's cock up her hot asshole.

She found herself standing by the statue, looking down at the stone cock. Julie had fucked this stone cock, she recalled. Her fingers could hardly go around the stone cock, and it was amazing that her daughter could get it inside her tight cunt. She pictured Julie straddling the statue, fucking it wildly. A smile came over her beautiful face as she pumped the stone prick. Squatting down, Susan began to lick the statue's detailed balls, working her tongue up the cock. She closed her mouth over the huge prick head, tonguing the chiseled piss hole. The sun tad made the stone warm, and she sucked on it until she had ever inch inside her mouth. Her cunt was twitching and her asshole was burning. She loved the way this huge cock filled and stretched her mouth. Robert and Tommy had beautiful cocks, she thought as she sucked the stone prick, but they weren't as large as this one. She enjoyed being fucked by Robert and Tommy, and especially having a cock up her cunt and one up her ass, while she sucked her daughter's pussy.

Susan moved her hand between her thighs, spreading her knees as she sucked on the stone cock. She slipped a finger up her cunt and one up her asshole.

She did not know the others had come outside to search for her. They were now standing about thirty feet away, watching with interest. She mouthed the stone cock and stabbed her cunt and asshole with growing ecstasy.

"You lovely, lovely cock," she murmured to the statue. "If you were alive, I would fuck you to pieces!"

Standing up, she looked at the stone cock for a moment with burning eyes. Then she straddled it, and slowly lowered her cunt down onto the stone cock, sinking until she had every inch of it inside her pussy.

"Oooh, so fucking hard!" she murmured wrapping her arms around the statue. "Such a hard fucking cock! Ohhh, I'm going to fuck you, you dumb ass statue!"

She began to bounce and twist her naked ass and mewled as she fucked the stone cock. The cock stretched her hairy, hot, wet cunt deliciously, and she loved the way it scraped her painfully swollen cut.

Her children, with Jayne and her son, came closer and stood about five feet away now, watching Susan with hot, interested eyes.

Susan hugged the statue, kissing the stone face as she bounced her cunt up and down. "You fucking, dumb ass piece of stone! Why can't you enjoy this hot cunt of mine! Why can't you move your fucking stone ass for me, fuck me the way I fuck you! Ohhh, you shit assed piece of fucking stone… I love your hard, hard cock up my hot cunt! Fucking rock! Fucking piece of hard-cocked rock!"

With a soft squeal, she pulled her pussy off the stone cock, turned, around with her back toward the unseeing face. She straddled, the cock again, and settled her ass upon the stone cockhead. "Up the ass!" she moaned softly. "I'm going to get this stone cock up my hot fucking asshole!"

She saw the four naked people standing there, watching her, for the first time. Her eyes blazed with the intensity of her inner heat. "I'm going to make this dumb-ass statue fuck me in my asshole!" she shouted at them. "I'm going to melt this fucking stone cock with my hot asshole!"

"Go to it, Mother!" Julie urged. Fuck that dumb statue!"

"I am! I am!" Susan shouted, and plunged her ass downward. She screamed in ecstasy as the stone cock went up her ass. "There! It's up my ass! Ohhh, I've got it all the way in my fucking asshole!"

"Fuck it, Mother!" Tommy shouted gleefully. "Fuck that silly thing!"

Jayne came close and leaned down, sucking on one of Susan's jiggling tits. Julie moved to Susan's other side, drawing in one of her mother's rigid nipples. Tommy and Robert both began feeling her cunt, one finger fucking her and the other pinching and twisting her clit. Susan took both hard cocks in her fists, and began to jack on them while her naked ass bounced up and down the stone cock, her asshole stretched and burning.