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Mom does it all

Kathy Andrews

Kathy Andrews

Mom does it all


Donna Alyn leaned at the washer, loading it with soiled clothing. Behind her, Timmy watched the way her ass moved.

"You forgot my cut-offs again!" he said.

Donna jumped, startled. "I'm sorry, honey," she said.

"Don't forget again, Mom," Timmy replied, tossing his cut-offs to her. "You know I wear them all the time."

Donna clung to his shorts, watching him walk away. She hated herself for being so easily startled every time he spoke to her. She hated herself because she was so passive, so easily dominated. She hated herself because of her fear of men. She couldn't stand up to men. All her, life it had been this way, letting men tell her what to do, when to do it, being a slave to their demands. It had started very early with her father, he was a domineering man who had her mother trembling with fear all the time. Then it was her brother, her husband, and, now, her son.

When her husband had been killed, Donna felt she had finally broken the cycle, but she had also been lost, not knowing what to do, unable to make a decision for herself.

But then her son had become the controlling force in her life. It was only natural, she thought, that Timmy should step into his father's place. He had been conditioned to. It seemed the most natural thing in the world for him to carry on in his father's place, and for her to turn to her son for guidance and instruction.

Why not? That was the way it had been all her life. Men telling and her obeying.

It was a man's place to tell.

Her duty was to obey.

But she was fearful something was going to happen, something between her and Timmy. He had been looking at her with a strange gleam in his young eyes, a gleam she understood very well. It was the same gleam her husband would get when he was horny, she didn't think her son would fuck her, but she couldn't be certain. What would she do if he demanded what men called their natural rights with a woman? She found out that evening.

She was sifting on the couch, wearing her robe, polishing her toenails. Timmy was on the floor, watching her. She placed her foot on the low glass-topped coffee table, tucking her robe between her thighs carefully, but still exposing her thigh. At first she didn't realize her son was watching her that closely. She didn't have to see him looking to feel his eyes on her thigh. She began trembling, afraid to look at him, afraid to see where he was looking.

Somehow, she managed to finish that foot, hiding her nervousness with an effort. But when she started on the other foot she was a little careless. Unknown to her, the robe did not quite conceal her crotch when she switched feet and her panties were exposed. Timmy's eyes had become hot as he stared at the panties. A few dark curls of hair curled teasingly from the tight crotch.

She caught the movement of Timmy's hand as he darted it into his lap. She couldn't see what he was doing because of the coffee table, but it was obvious. He was touching himself as he looked at her.

Donna started to adjust her robe.

"No, Mom," Timmy said, his voice hoarse.

Donna's breath caught in her throat, her hand an inch or so from her robe, unmoving, frozen, with her fingers pointing to her cunt, as if she was getting ready to rub it. She lifted her eyes and saw the gleam in Timmy's. A shudder rippled through her. It was the same gleam her husband used to get, only Timmy's eyes appeared much brighter, more demanding. His arm was moving, and she knew he was playing with his cock while he looked at her. A peek between her thighs told her what he was seeing. A blush crept over her face, and she felt shy, embarrassed. Somehow, though, she felt excitement, too. She had never really been excited when her husband had looked at her that way. He seldom had, anyway. His way was to just grab her and start fucking her, regardless of her feelings. He had never looked at Donna as if he really wanted her, but as a possession. He had looked at her as though she was just a hole for his pleasure.

But Timmy… he was looking at her as if he truly wanted her, found her exciting, lovely to look at. He looked at her as if he not only wanted to fuck her, but to hold her, stroke her, play with her… caress and fondle.

Donna felt her responses toward her son puzzling. Her nipples began to swell, straining out, bulging in tight hardness. Then, too, her cunt was starting to get wet and her clit pressed at the crotch of her panties. She had never felt real desire before, not even for her husband. Now she was surprised to find herself attracted to her son.

She also felt ashamed of her desires, confused and embarrassed. A pink flush burned at her cheeks, and she tried to keep her eyes downcast, but found herself peeking at her son shyly.

Timmy stood up.

"Oh my God!" Donna whispered.

Her sons cock pressed at his shorts, very hard. The tip of his cock was slightly exposed from the stringy fringe. She felt a lurch in her cunt.

Timmy laughed a boyish sound.

"Timmy, please!" Donna whispered, knowing what was on his mind. "You don't know what you're doing."

"I know what I'm doing, Mom," he said. His hips arched forward proudly. The head of his cock slipped into view, swollen, very smooth, about the size of a small, immature plum. Moisture formed on his piss hole.

Donna gasped, shaking, embarrassed to be seeing her son's cock, ashamed of herself for peeking, ashamed because her cunt was responding with increasing wetness. She lowered her eyes, but just as quickly lifted them again, staring at the head of his cock.

Timmy pulled his cut-offs to one side, let his cock stand out, his balls dropping free. Donna couldn't breathe, and she couldn't pull her eyes from them. Timmy stroked his hairless balls a moment, then closed his fist about his cock, stroking back and forth slowly. She listened to his breathing increase and gazed at his cock from her lowered eyes, feeling the heat of her face, the unexpected throbbing of her cunt.

"Timmy, please don't do that," she finally managed to say, her voice coming out in a low whisper.

"I can if I wanna," he replied.

"Timmy, don't!"

"Aw, shut up, Mom," he said, pumping his prick faster. "Don't tell me what I can do or not do." He sounded just like her father, her brother, her husband – every man who had ever dominated her.

"Do it in your room then, please," she said.

"I wanna do it right there," he said. "And I wanna see you, more."

"You want to…" Donna's body jerked.

"Show it to me, Mom!" Timmy demanded. "Lemme see what it looks like."

"See what?" she asked, fearfully, knowing what he was talking about. "Your fucking cunt!" Timmy snapped. "I wanna see your fucking cunt, Mom!"

"Please," Timmy she said, tears forming in her eyes. "You know I'm your mother."

"Show it to me!" he rasped.

Donna's body shook, and she was afraid now, but not that her son would slap her or hit her. He wouldn't do that. No one had ever beaten her. They just made her do what they wanted by words, gestures, and she obeyed. She was afraid her son was going to dominate her just as the others had, and she wouldn't be able to prevent it. She couldn't stop him, she had to do as he said – her way was to obey, just as she had all her life.

Men gave the orders, women obeyed. Men made demands, and women complied. No matter what the man wanted, women had to do it. Donna had been raised that way.

So she did as her son ordered.

She pulled her robe out of her crotch, her fingers shaking.

Her panties were nothing to get excited about. They were standard, the white cotton utility type, not in the least sexy. But her panties weren't what interested Timmy. It was the way her cunt bulged inside the crotch, the strands of curly hair sprouting from the elastic leg.

Timmy pulled the coffee table out of the way, and stood in front of his mother. He shoved her legs apart, staring between them, his cock throbbing in his fist.

When her son told her to shove her ass forward, she did, her shame growing worse. With her ass hanging over the cushions, legs spread, she knew her son could see the wetness of her panties.

He pumped on his cock awhile, then said, "Show it to me now, Mom!"

"Timmy, honey, don't make me do that!" she cried in shame.

"Goddamn it, Mom!"

Her fingers shook so hard, she had trouble trying to pull her panties off. She turned her head to one side in shame, and finally got them from her feet.

Timmy stared with hot eyes at his mother's cunt, seeing the thick hair fanning outward to her hips, curling along the lips of her cunt. When she parted her legs again he saw the pink wetness, the glistening tip of her cunt. Donna's tits rose and fell as she sobbed, humiliated, and unable to do anything about it. When Timmy yanked her robe apart, exposing her tits, she cried harder, her arms hanging loosely at her sides, eyes squeezed shut. Tears seeped from them, making her burning cheeks wet.

Timmy stood between her legs, jacking back and forth on his cock. He had not really expected his mother to obey him, but now that she was, he became bolder. He tested his power over her.

"Hold your cunt!"

"Timmy, dont."

"Hold your fucking cunt, Mom!"

"O God," Donna sobbed, cupping the fingers of her hand about her hairy cunt. She felt the wetness against her palm and she felt heat, too.


"Shut up," Timmy groaned. "Shut up and do what I tell you to do!"

"Yes, Timmy," she said softly, meekly.

"Hold it open," he said. "Hold your fucking cunt open for me."

Donna spread the hairy lips of her cunt. She was bright pink with shame from head to foot. But she was excited, too. She didn't understand her excitement. This shame seemed to create a wild, searing heat inside her. Her cunt was pulsing with heat, her clit straining in hardness. She was becoming aroused.

Timmy bent his knees and brushed the head of his cock against her swollen clit. Donna's hips jerked with the contact, and Timmy smashed her sensitive clit with the head of his cock.

"I'm gonna jack off on your fucking cunt, Mom!" Timmy grunted, jerking his fist back and forth.

Donna felt his fist beating against the puffy lips of her cunt. She groaned and couldn't stop herself from peeking down her naked body, watching him.

"I'm gonna come on your fucking cunt!" Timmy groaned. "I'm gonna come on your pussy, Mom! I want you to say it!"

"Say what, Timmy?" she asked.

"Tell me to jack off on your fucking cunt!" he demanded. "I wanna hear you say it!"

"Jack off," Donna murmured.

"Louder, damn it!"

"Jack off," Donna replied, her voice louder. "Jack off!"

Her cunt began to boil as his cock smashed her cunt. She could not stop herself from lifting her hips to him. And she couldn't stop saying those words.

"Jack off, jack off, jack off!"

Time and again she said them, her voice getting louder and louder until she was almost screaming.

"On my cunt! Jack off on my fucking cunt! Come all over mother's fucking cunt!"

"More!" Timmy demanded, pumping faster on his throbbing prick, holding his piss hole tight at her clit.

"Jack off on me! Jack off on my cunt! Come on my fucking cunt, my pussy, my twat, my hot snatch!"

"Better, Mom!" Timmy groaned.

"Jack off… beat off… come off!"

Donna couldn't stop now. "Come all on my cunt! Spurt it over my fucking cunt, Timmy! Cover my fucking cunt with come juice!"

"Fucking cunt!"

"Yes, yes, yes!" Donna screamed, arching her cunt as high as she could. She clawed the hairy lips of her cunt wide apart with her hands. "Fucking cunt! Fucking cunt!"

"You fucking cunt!" Timmy said.

"Yes, I'm a fucking cunt, darling!"

"Your cunt is mine!"

"My cunt is yours?"

Timmy was gasping, staring with filmy heat at his mother's pussy, watching her cunt grinding. He was about to come, and his balls felt tight at the base of his throbbing cock.

His young passions were rampant now. "Fucking cunt!" he shouted down at her.

"Yes, I'm a fucking cunt!"

"I'm gonna come on your fucking cunt, you bitch!"

"Do it, Timmy!" Donna sobbed with increasing ecstasy. Her climax was close, very close. Her pussy had never felt so good before, never burned so hotly, never before threatened to consume her body, her mind, her very being.

"Do it, do it!"

"Do what, cunt!"

"Ooooo, come on me!" Donna shrieked, jerking her crotch up against his cock. "Come on me… on my cunt! Spurt your come juice all over mother's hot cunt!"

"You want it, bitch?"

"Tell me, slut! Tell me what you want cunt!"

"Come!" Donna shouted. "I want you to come on me, on my pussy!"

"On your fucking cunt?"

"On my fucking cunt!"

"Want me to fuck you?"

"Yes! Ohhhhh, God, yes! Fuck me, Timmy! Fuck my cunt! Fuck mother's cunt!"

"Want my cock in your pussy!"

"Yes! Yes! Stick it in my pussy, Timmy!"

"Want me to fuck you! Mother?"

"Please, please!" Donna gurgled, her head twisting from side to side, tears of shameful ecstasy pouring from her eyes. She held the hairy lips of her cunt as far apart as she could, churning her ass up and down, round and round. "Fuck me! Fuck me! Timmy, fuck my pussy! Fuck mother's cunt!"

Timmy suddenly grunted, his fist pounding frantically on his cock. The thick juice of his balls suddenly spewed, splashing over his mother's cunt. Spunk coated her hands, matted into her pussy hair. Donna squealed as she felt come juice burning on her cunt. The more her son gushed his come juice over her pussy, the better she felt. She could feel his jizz on the lips of her open cunt. She jerked her head forward, eyes blazing, watching her son come all over her crotch, smearing her pussy with boiling, creamy come juice.

"Me too!" she screamed. "Ohhhh, Timmy! I'm going to come too!"

Donna screamed with ecstasy as her cunt contracted, waves of orgasms running through her. She strained her crotch against his cock, her clitoris totally crushed beneath his spurting pisshole. Her cunt was drenched in his come juice.


She didn't know when Timmy left.

Donna remained on the couch, her robe open. Her tits heaved up and down as she struggled to breath. Her cunt was smeared with come juice and her limbs felt like liquid. Her ass hung over the couch, her flesh shivering. The power of her orgasm had been a real surprise.

Donna had come before, of course, but never like this. This orgasm had almost shattered her completely. She ran her hand down her still-trembling stomach, smearing the come juice about the soft hair of her cunt. She brushed the tip of her cunt, and her hips jerked as a soft moan came from her mouth.

Then Donna began to cry.

She cried with shame, with humiliation about what her son had made her do. Even though it was the best orgasm she had ever experienced, it shamed her to know her son had caused it. Tears flowed again from her eyes. She pulled her robe about her nakedness, turning her head to one side and lowering it to the arm of the couch, crying with shame.

But something she couldn't deny, it had been wonderful. It had been perfect, fantastic. And those words her son had demanded of her had helped. Even calling her these names had done something to her emotions, made her excited. She felt worthless, of value only because of what she had between her legs. She felt she was nothing but a piece of shit, something to use. She had ways felt as though she was filth.

She cried for a long time, then struggled to her feet. She stumbled to the bathroom, hardly able to see through her tears. She ran a tub of hot water, as hot as she could stand. Slipping into the water, she leaned back, trying to understand what was wrong with her, why she liked for her son to call her cunt, bitch, asshole.

Why had she come?

Why did those names excite her?

What was wrong with her?

When her father, her brother, and her husband had called her those names, it hadn't excited her, only made her feel all the more worthless. But when her son called her those names she became fiery hot, her cunt literally steaming. She had never felt excitement when they had demanded things of her, but when Timmy demanded, she felt all tingly and warm. But then, her father and brother had not touched her in a sexual way, either. Her husband had called her cunt and bitch and slut and shit and cocksucker, even while fucking her and she had only felt a coolness of passivity.

Donna was aware her cunt was throbbing again, that her clit had become swollen once more. She leaned her head on the rim of the tub, opening her legs and gently exploring her cunt with tender fingers.

"Where the fuck are you, Mom?" she heard her son say.

She started to answer, then remembered where she was.

She never talked like that to her before, not with those words. He had always been demanding, like his father, but never using such words. Now, he spouted them ha if he had been saying them all his life.

Donna felt herself blushing and hated herself for it. There was no reason to blush because he used such words, but she couldn't help it. She knew it was useless to try and stop him from using the words.

"You fucking cunt!" Timmy shouted. "Where are you, you cocksucking asshole?"

She felt a twitching between her legs, a warm sensation of pleasure starting to flow about her cunt. Again she started to answer then clamped her lips tight. She unplugged the drain and stepped out of the tub. She used a huge towel to dry herself.

"So, here you are?" Timmy said, standing in the doorway of the bathroom. His eyes gleamed.

Donna quickly covered herself or tried to. The towel wasn't big enough and one tit remained exposed, some of her cunt hair also revealed. She cowered from her son, watching him warily.

"You're not supposed to see me this way," she said, but couldn't put force behind her words.

"I can see you any fucking way I wanna, Mom," he replied, his eyes taking in her long, slim, smooth thighs, lifting to her exposed tit. "Drop that fucking towel."

For just a moment, Donna clung to the towel, then let it go. She crouched, arm over her tits, one hand shielding her pussy.

"Stand up, Mom," Timmy said. "I wanna see what you look like naked!"

Her conditioning made her stand, arms at her sides. Her face was burning with shame to be naked before her son, her head hanging down shyly. Although she didn't think of herself as a beautiful woman, not even a pretty woman. Her son saw a fantastically beautiful woman.

Donna had rich light-brown hair, feathered back from her face and hanging in soft waves just past her shoulders. Her eyes were a startling blue, shimmering now with the shame she felt. Her tits thrust out in firm roundness, full and shapely. Her nipples, a light-brown color, jutted upward in rubbery peaks. Her stomach was flat, her belly button a becoming dimple. She had a small waist, with rounded hips slopping gracefully to her long, shapely thighs.

Donna was indeed beautiful, despite what she thought.

She was mouth-watering, sensuous. The dark hair between her thighs was thick and soft, in the perfect shape of a triangle. There was a very thin line of hair growing up from the thickness to her bellybutton, making her appear erotic.

Timmy took it all in, his cock staining again inside cut-offs. His eyes burned with hunger.

"Turn around!" he said.

Donna looked at her son, and with a slight shiver, turned. Timmy stared at his mother's ass. Her ass was perfect, the most perfect ass ever. The ass cheeks swelled outward like twin bubbles, enticing with the inviting crack between them. She was a natural beauty, with a perfectly shaped body. With confidence, Donna could have perhaps become a highly paid model or actress. But she had no confidence in herself.

"Nice, Mom!" she heard her son say. "That's a very nice ass."

"Timmy, can I turn around, please?"

"Sure, turn around," he agreed.

When Donna faced her son again, she saw his shorts were hanging just below his hips. His cock strained out in hardness, the prickhead bulging. His balls hung low, exciting her so.

She new it was wrong.

"Come on," Timmy said, and turned from her.

Donna stood still for just a moment, seeing her son holding his shorts in one hand to keep them from falling. His ass was tight, small and hard. She swallowed, then, still naked, followed him passively.

"Get on the bed!" Timmy said as she followed him into her room. "Get on the fucking bed! Mom."

"Timmy," she said, a sob in her voice. "What are you going to do? Don't do what I think you are, please!"

"Just get on the fucking bed like I told you," he said, his voice a bit harsh. He stepped out of his shorts, standing naked before her, his cock jerking up and down with hardness. "On the bed!"

Donna scrambled quickly to the bed. She sat there, on the edge, looking at him, her face already pink with shame. She tried to keep her eyes off his throbbing hard-on, but they kept dropping to his cock anyway.

"Lay back!" he said.

Sliding, Donna lay back on the bed. "Spread your fucking legs, Mom."

Donna parted her knees, covering her eyes with one arm, a means of shielding her shame from his hot eyes. Yet, embarrassed intensely, Donna felt her cunt reacting. Her pussy was becoming wet, the fuck juices glistening in the sunshine that came through the open window. Her clit was swelling hard, tingling, and her ass seemed to clench with anticipation.

Timmy stared at his mother's cunt, her legs hanging over the edge. Moving farther, his cock leading the way, he said, "Wanna get fucked, Mom?"

"Timmy, no," she whispered. "Please! I'm your mother, honey. You're not supposed to…"

"Answer my fucking question!" he snapped. "Wanna get fucked?"

Donna couldn't refuse. She had to obey.

"Yes!" she whispered.

"I didn't hear you, Mom."

"Yes," she said, louder.

"Tell me what you want, Mom."

"I want to ohhh, Timmy!" she sobbed, burning with shame. "Don't make me say it!"

She peeked from under her arm, seeing his cock hard and dripping, balls looking loaded as they hung there.

"Tell me you cunt!"

"Ooooo," Donna groaned, her hips starting to writhe.

"Yes, Timmy!"

"Yes what, bitch?"

"I want to get fucked!" Donna almost screamed. "I want to fuck. I want to get fucked!"

"You want my cock up your hot cunt?"

"Yes, yes!"

Timmy pressed the head of his cock downward, brushing at his mother's pussy. Donna was sobbing but she wasn't sure if it was because of her shame or the desire that was boiling inside her body. The touch of her son's cock against her cunt had set off delicious reactions. She wanted his cock, wanted her son's cock inside her starved cunt badly. She wanted her son to fuck her hard and fast, come off inside her pussy.

"Tell me!"

"Fuck me, Timmy!" Donna cried. "Fuck me, fuck me! Shove your cock in my cunt and fuck me!"

"We understand each other, don't we, Mom?" Timmy said rubbing the swollen head of his cock up and down her cunt slit.

"Yes, darling!" she said, her voice soft now, but with a trembling quality in it. "Yes, baby, we understand each other!"

"You want me to fuck you?"

"Yes! Fuck me!"

"You're always gonna do what I want! Right, Mom?"

"Yes, darling," she cried softly.

"Always! Right, Mom?"

"Ooo, yes, Timmy!"

He rubbed his cock up and down, teasing her with his prickhead, slipping his cock just into her cunt. Donna's hips jerked upward but Timmy pulled away.

"Fuck me, Timmy!" Donna sobbed with desperation. "Ohhh, darling! I'm hot! I'm hot for your cock! Give it to me… to my cunt! Fuck mother, Timmy!"

"That's better, Mom," he said, laughing a little. "I like it when you beg for my cock."

"Put it in me – in my pussy!" Donna moaned, wanting her son's cock more than she ever had her husband's. Timmy, his excitement beyond control now, pressed the head of his cock between the steamy lips of his mother's cunt. Donna sucked in a harsh breath of air as her son's prick penetrated her cunt, spreading the hairy pussy lips. She wanted to thrust her hips up to him, to slide her pussy onto his hard cock quickly, feel it deep inside her. But she couldn't move. She had to wait, to move only when her son told her to. It was a struggle to lie still, her body shaking with hot hungers. She kept her arm over her eyes, her face burning with shame despite the wild sensations of her cunt. She peeked from under her arms, seeing her son's lower body pressing between her legs. The small tuft of hair at the base of his cock mingled with the thick hairs of her cunt as his prick filled her pussy. She could feel her son's cock in her, his balls resting against the cheeks of her ass. She couldn't swallow the moan that came from her, nor could she stop the sudden gripping of her cunt around the base of his cock.

"You like that, Mom?" Timmy asked, his cock stuffed into her cunt completely. He ran his hands about her stomach and hips and thighs. "You like my cock in your cunt?"

"Yes, Timmy," she said quietly.

"Wanna get fucked?"

"Yes, darling."

"Want to fuck me, Mom?"


"Then, God damn it," Timmy said. "What the fuck are you waiting for? Fuck me, Mom! Wiggle your fucking ass! Pump your fucking cunt on my cock! Fuck my hard cock with your hot, wet pussy!"

Donna pumped her hips.

"Yeah, Mom!" Timmy groaned, gazing at her cunt as she began to fuck him. "Fuck that cock!"

Donna was ashamed that she was churning her naked crotch up and down, ashamed that her son had his cock in her cunt, ashamed that she was fucking him so lewdly, and feeling so good. She wanted to pound her cunt violently onto her son's throbbing hard cock.

Donna churned her hips faster. She thrashed wildly, fucking back and forth on her son's cock, moaning as the sensations of ecstasy swelled inside her body. The moist sounds of her cunt riding her son's cock filled her ears. There were tears in her eyes again but this time they were tears of joy, of increasing ecstasy. She was no longer blushing.

Timmy grasped his mother's hips, jerking them upward and fucking his cock deep into her bubbling cunt. Donna began to grind her hips, smashing the hairy lips of her cunt at the base of his prick, his balls smashing her shaking ass.

"Fucking cunt!" Timmy yelped.

"Fuck me, Timmy!"

"I'm gonna fuck you, Mom!" he snorted. "I'm gonna fuck your hot cunt good! I'm gonna fuck you and come in you and you're gonna love it!"

"Yes, baby!" Donna sobbed, grinding hard into him as Timmy fucked his cock back and forth. "Do it to me! Timmy! Fuck mother real hard, darling! Fuck my cunt with your hard cock and come in my pussy!"

Timmy fucked brutally into his mother's clutching cunt.

"Keep talking, cunt!"

"I will!" Donna yelped, flinging her arm from her eyes and digging into the mattress with her fingers. "I'll keep talking! I'll keep fucking you! Mother's cunt will keep fucking your hard cock! Ooooooo, baby, baby! Fuck me!"

"Fuck me, you cunt!"

"Yes! Fuck you!"

"You love it! Don't you, Mom?"

"I love it!"

"You love my cock, don't you?"

"I love your cock!"

"My balls!"

"I love your balls!"

Donna sobbed with joy, her head twisting on the bed, her hair flying. Her eyes opened and closed, her neck taut, she banged her cunt up and down on her son's fucking cock. She lifted her feet, sliding her legs up his body, then her heels behind his neck.

"Grab your tits, Mom!"

Immediately Donna cupped her tits, squeezing them together, the nipples almost touching. She manipulated her tits, stroking them, pulling and twisting on her nipples. She dipped her chin down, shooting her tongue out, reaching for a nipple with it.

"Lick your tit, Mom!" Timmy urged, his balls slapping at the crack of her ass when his cock plunged deep.

Donna touched her nipple with the tip of her tongue, swirling her tongue about. She couldn't get her lips around her nipple to suck it, although she tried. Her eyes burned up at her son's face, her own lovely face contorting with the most amazing ecstasy she had ever felt. Her tongue ran about her lips wetly, her hands digging painfully into her swollen tits.

"I'm about to come, Timmy!" she screamed, her hips twisting in a frenzy, smashing her cunt lips at the base of his cock. "Ooooo, Timmy, you're going to make mother come!"

"Come. Fuck-face!" Timmy grunted. "Come!"

"Come with me!" Donna shrieked. "Please! Timmy, come with me!"

"I'll come, Mom!" he groaned, banging faster into her juicy cunt. "I'm coming in your hot fucking twat."

"Oooo, yes! Come in mother's hot fucking cunt!"

A shrill scream boiled from her throat. Her cunt contracted with wet tightness on her son's cock. The convulsions that struck her almost shattered her body. She lunged her cunt upward, drawing her knees back, crushing her tits with them. She screamed and screamed as she came, her cunt sucking greedily at her son's still plunging prick.

"Come!" Donna shouted. "Come in my cunt, Timmy! Oooo, please! Squirt it up mother's pussy! Come in my cunt, darling!"

Timmy's body shook, then went rigid. He slammed his cock as deep into his mother's gripping exploding cunt as she could, his balls smashing at her grinding, naked ass. His cock throbbed, gushing in her.

Donna screamed again when she felt her son squirting come juice into her. Her cunt seemed to grow tighter yet, the pulsing and squeezing motions sucking and drawing on Timmy's cock.

She held her cunt tight on his cock as he came. She felt each and every squirt, even the splashing of his come juice along the wails of her satiny pussy. Her orgasm wouldn't stop.


Timmy was with her all the time, never letting her out of his sight. Donna never went anywhere unless she first checked with Timmy. If she needed something from the store, she wouldn't ask him to get it. Instead, she would ask him if she could go herself. Timmy enjoyed this change in their relationship. He liked being dominant with his mother, loved to tell her what he wanted, and watch her obey him instantly.

Donna, too, enjoyed being told what to do by her son. In fact, the more he embarrassed her, made her ashamed of herself, the better she liked it. She found it very strange that she found sexual pleasure in being embarrassed, but that was the way she was. She enjoyed her shame, and the more shame she felt, the greater her orgasms.

"Come on, Mom," Timmy said the next afternoon, "Let's sit on the patio."

She stood up from where she had been sitting.

"No, not like that," he said.

"Like what, Timmy?"

She was in shorts and a summer blouse.

"Put on a dress," he said. "You're sexier in a dress. But no bra. I want your titties naked."

She went to her bedroom to change, and, just as she smoothed her dress down, Timmy came in with a pair of panties. He held them up. They were very tiny, with just two small patches of cloth with narrow elastic strips holding them together.

"Where did you get those?" she asked.

"I bought them this morning!" Timmy said. "They're prettier than those other panties you always wear. This is the kind you'll wear from now on, Mom."

She took them when he handed them to her. They were one size too small, she noticed. Her face burned with the idea of wearing something so revealing.

"Put them on!" Timmy said.

"Here, with you watching?"

"That's right." He grinned.

Her face red, Donna lifted her dress and stripped off her plain cotton panties. She stepped into the small ones, and had to stretch the elastic about her hips.

"Lemme see how they fit, Mom."

Donna stood with her dress at her waist, her eyes closed as she burned with shame. The panties hardly covered anything, and the straps were low on her waist. They felt as if she would lose them at any time. The front cupped her cunt tightly, but showed a lot of curly hair. The seat didn't cover her ass at all, but drew into the crack of her ass.

"Perfect!" Timmy said.

She let him take her hand and lead her out the back door. There was a fence, but it was low, and anyone could look over it easily. The wrought-iron patio furniture was padded comfortably, and the round table was shaded by a huge fringed umbrella.

She sat on the lounge where her son pointed, and he sat at the table.

"Pull your leg up!" he said.

Donna shot a glance around the back yard, her face flaming.

"Out here, Timmy?" she asked. "Someone might see me. I'd be full of shame."

"Who cares if someone sees you? I don't!" he said.

Donna looked at him then lifted her right knee slowly. Her dress started to slide along her thigh, but he stopped her. When she paused with her knee bent slightly, thighs showing he told her to bend it all the way back.

Donna knew what he was seeing then. He wanted to see her new panties. Her eyes glanced briefly at the front of his cut-offs, the same pair he had oven her to wash the day before. Cut-offs were all he wore, it seemed. The head of his cock poked from the fringe.

"That's pretty, Mom," Timmy said. "You look real pretty. Those panties fit just right. I can see hair and, oh, yeah, the slit of your fucking cunt, too."

She couldn't stop blushing. Her husband had never made her do anything like this. Yet, the possibility of someone seeing her, seeing those tiny panties, caused her to feel a strange thrill.

"You're really pretty, Mom."

"No! I'm not, Timmy," she said, pleased by his words. "I'm nothing special. Just a woman, that's all."

"My woman," Timmy said, pulling the edge of his shorts to one side, exposing his cock. "You're my cunt."

Donna nodded, embarrassed because he had his cock exposed, because her dress was up. She knew what her responses were supposed to be when her son talked like that. She knew the words she was to use.

"I'm your cunt, darling," she said softly, glancing constantly at the fence, then at his cock.

"My piece of ass."

"Your ass, Timmy," she breathed as she felt her cunt getting wet. "I'm your ass! Your cunt."

Timmy's eyes began to glow as his cock hardened. He stroked his prick, slowly tracing his fingers up and down the stiffening cockshaft.

"You're a fucking cuntface."

"Cuntface!" Donna murmured, her voice turning husky.

"Mom, you ever suck a cock before?"

"Timmy, don't, please."

"Tell me," he insisted. "Do you like to suck cock?"

"Timmy, I don't want to talk about that."

"Tough shit," he said. "You have to tell me anyway."

Donna shivered, knowing she had to tell him. Why she felt this need to obey, she couldn't understand it was not that she was afraid he would hit her, abuse her. He wouldn't do anything like that, so she thought. All her son wanted to do was be in command, tell her what to do. She nodded her head, her face burning with shame as she admitted to her son that she had sucked cock before.


"Your father's," she whispered.

"Did you like a cock in your mouth?"

Donna wondered where her son had learned all this.

"I hated it," she told her son truthfully.


"Because his cock was too big," she said, her voice low as she blushed. "It choked me."

Timmy gazed at his mother's crotch, his cock swelling up in full hardness. He was dripping from his piss hole, his finger smearing pre-come about the smooth swollen head.

"Why are you asking me all this, Timmy?" Donna asked, already aware of his reason.

"Suck my cock, Mom!"

"I will not!" Donna said, with more force in her voice than she thought she had. "I will do no such thing, Timmy!"

"Yes you will," he said, grinning at her.

"You can go to hell, smart-ass!" Donna snapped, shoving her feet off the lounge and smoothing her skirt over her hips and thighs.

"Okay," Timmy said, shoving his cock back into his shorts.

Donna stood near the lounge, afraid now. Where that burst of sudden independence had come from, she didn't know. But seeing her son shove his cock back into his shorts bothered her.

"What do you mean, okay?" she asked.

"Just okay, Mom!" he said.

She gazed at him, her eyes on the fringe of his shorts were his cock had disappeared. Her legs became weak suddenly. She didn't want him to put that cock away. She wanted his prick out, hard, ready to fuck her again.

"Timmy, I'm sorry," she said softly, her voice contrite. "I didn't mean that."

"Show me," Timmy said.

"Show you? How, Timmy?"

He scooted his ass to the edge of the chair, spreading his knees. His cock strained inside his shorts. He pointed at his cock.

"Suck it!"

"I won't…" Donna stopped, licking her lips. She remembered her husband's cock, big and long and so thick she could hardly get her lips about it. She had been very uncomfortable sucking his cock and she hated it when he came in her mouth, but Timmy's cock wasn't, that large. Maybe it wouldn't be too bad.

"Suck my cock, Mom," Timmy said again.

Donna stepped to him, dropping to her knees.

"Pull your dress up," he said, "to your waist."

Donna lifted her dress, feeling the sun on her ass cheeks. She placed her hands on his knees, looking into his face.

"Now, let your tits out."

She pulled her straps off her shoulders, her tits exposed, nipples hard and bulging. Timmy looked down at her. Donna knelt, feeling subservient, and enjoying it. Her cunt pulsated wetly inside the tiny panties.

"Take my cock out," Timmy said.

Donna opened her son's shorts. When she pulled them down, he lifted his ass. She pulled his shorts to his thighs, and his cock leaped upright, throbbing with hardness.

"Jack it," Timmy said.

Donna's cunt almost came as she wrapped her fist about her son's cock. The heat of his prick seemed to burn her palm, and she squeezed tightly as she pumped her fist up and down.

"Hard, huh?"

"It's very hard, Timmy," she said. Her face was pink with embarrassment, and she glanced about the yard, afraid someone was watching her.

"Kiss it, Mom! Kiss my hard cock!"

"Timmy, please…"

"Then turn the fuck loose," he said angrily. "If you don't wanna kiss my cock, you can't play with it."

"I want to!" Donna said quickly. "I want to play with it! I'll kiss your cock, darling! I'll kiss it!"

"Then start kissing, cunt!"

Donna placed her warm lips on the shaft of his cock, kissing his prick.

"Not there, bitch! Kiss the head, kiss my piss hole!"

"But you're all wet there!" Donna protested.

"Kiss it anyway."

Donna, clutching her son's cock tightly, stared into her son's eyes, then, when he said nothing more, lowered her face. With her lips together, she felt his slippery fuck juices smear them. She kissed, and then started to lift but Timmy grabbed the back of her head and pulled, arching his hips at the same time. His cock thrust past her lips, past her teeth, and almost into her throat.

Donna cried but didn't dare try to yank her mouth free. She felt her lips stretching on his cock, felt his prick burning her lips.

"Suck me you fucking cocksucker!" Timmy demanded.

Donna began to cry, ashamed because her mouth was filled with her son's cock. It was a repeat of the things her husband had forced, on her. The only difference was, it was now Timmy instead of him, and Timmy's cock didn't hurt her. Her jaws didn't stretch so wide, and there was still room in her mouth. She tried to just hold his cock, to not move at all.

But Timmy didn't let her get away with that. He held her cheeks in his palms, and began to fuck up and down into her mouth. She turned her eyes up to him. They were filled with tears, tears of humiliation, pleading with him not to fuck her in the mouth. But Timmy ignored the tears. He grinned wickedly at her, fucking his cock in and out. Donna didn't think to open her mouth. She kept her lips closed tightly about his cock, tasting the dripping cock juices as he seeped them over her tongue.

Then Timmy held his hips still, working her face up and down on his cock. He was making her fuck his cock with her mouth and Donna cried silently, her knees hurting against the cement but her cunt was pulsating wildly. The sun burned at her skimpily covered ass. She kept staring up into her son's face with tear-filled, eyes, swallowing when her mouth filled with the drippings of his cock.

"You suck good, Mom," he grunted. "You're a pretty good cocksucker!"

Hearing herself being called a cocksucker created a perverse thrill in Donna. She began to press her tongue against his cock, feeling his prick slide along her tongue and the roof of her mouth. She tasted the heat of her son's prick, and found she could take his cock quite easily when the swollen prickhead brushed at her throat. Her son's cock was different than her husband's, and she found his wasn't nearly as bad to suck on. In fact, she found enjoyment with her son's cock in her mouth. She started sucking of her own free will, making her son laugh.

"I knew you were a cocksucker," he said. "Mom, you love to suck a hard cock! You don't shit me, not anymore! Suck my cock! Suck it hard! You sure have a wet, hot mouth, Mom! Eat me… eat my hard cock!"

Donna, her emotions on fire, began to suck her son's cock vigorously, racing her lips up and down, her tongue swirling. She whimpered softly, twisting her mouth about his prick. She held his hips, bobbing her face up and down, her lips sucking in a suddenly greedy way.

"Someone's watching you, Mom," Timmy said.

Donna jerked from her son's cock, her face flaming with shame, her eyes darting about.

Timmy laughed.

She saw no one. "Timmy, don't do that!"

"Just wanted to see what you'd do, that's all." He laughed at her embarrassment.

"Let's go in the house, darling," she said. "I'll suck you real good in the house. Come on, baby… let's go where no one can see me."

"We're staying right here, and you're gonna suck my cock until I come, Mom."

"Timmy, please?"

He grabbed her head, twisting his fingers into her hair, pulling her mouth to his throbbing cock.

"Suck me, Goddamn you! Suck my cock off, you fucking cunt, and suck it off right now!"

Donna began crying again, but took his cock into her mouth and sucked.

It didn't take much longer.

She felt his cock swelling even harder as she sucked. It seemed his cock was dripping more, too and she had to swallow more often. She felt as if someone was watching her, staring at her as she sucked on her son's cock, seeing her ass cupped in those tight, skimpy panties. She sucked furiously, wanting to make her son come before someone actually did see what she was doing. The wet heat that burned at her cunt gave her added energy.

She made wet sounds as she sucked hard, struggling to make her son come quickly, wanting to get into the house. As the heat grew greater inside the tight panties, she began to writhe her ass, pressing a heel into her cunt. She felt as if she were going to come, hardly realizing it was because of where she was, what she was doing. Her exposure, with the chance of anyone peeking over the fence and watching her sucking her son's cock, sent a feeling of ecstasy rumbling through her body, her cunt started convulsing. She squealed about her son's cock, sucking as hard and fast as she could. Her ass twisted, her mouth bobbing. She grabbed her son's balls in one hand, twisting them in mindless ecstasy.

"Suck it up, Mom!" Timmy groaned. "Suck that hard cock, you fucking cocksucker! Eat my cock… lick my prick! Suck harder, cunt! I'm gonna come in your fucking cocksucking mouth, Mom!"

Donna heard him, but nothing registered in her mind. She was sucking wildly, her cunt clenching. Juices soaked through the thin panties, smearing her heel. Her almost-naked body shook with amazing ecstasy. She gobbled hungrily on his cock, drawing up on it powerfully, keeping her tongue tight to make it rub the roof of her mouth.

"Here it comes, cocksucker!"

Donna's mouth filled with the come juice of her son's balls. Her eyes widened as she tasted the boiling thick fuck juices. It was nothing like her husband's come juice. Timmy's come juice tasted sweet, creamy. When she made her first swallow of it, her cunt went into spasms that almost blew her mind apart. She squealed wetly and sucked as hard as she could on Timmy's gushing cock. She twisted his balls, urging him to come and keep coming. Her eyes rolled back with in intense ecstasy.

She didn't want to pull her mouth from his cock when he finished coming. She held it, licking her tongue around about it, swiping at his piss hole.

"You can stop now, you cock-hungry bitch!" Timmy said.

Donna pulled up, his cock flopping out of her mouth. She pressed her face down into his crotch, unable to resist kissing his balls.

"Mmmmm, Timmy," she murmured. "I didn't know cocksucking could be so good."

"Nice huh, Mom?" He grinned.

"Delicious, darling," she said, getting to her feet, her knees hurting. She gazed down at him, a smile on her face. She lifted her dress to her waist, her tits already showing. She parted her legs, arching her hips out. "Look how wet I am. I came, too! God, did I come!"

"I guess that means you like to suck my cock, huh?"

"Timmy," Donna said, hugging her naked tits, "You're delicious! I'll suck that cock of yours anytime you ask."

"Go rest awhile, Mom," he said, pointing to the lounge. "Did I really scare you when I said someone was watching?"

"I almost shit." She grinned at him.

"I don't care if someone watches you suck me," he said. "You're just a fucking cunt anyway."

"Yes, I am!" Donna heard herself reply. "I'm just a cunt, that's all I am."

"You're just shit, Mom," Timmy said. "Just plain old shit."

"Yes! Baby!"

"Piss on you," he said, getting to his feet, his cock and balls dangling along the side of his cut-offs. "In fact, that's what I think I'll do."

A sudden fear came in Donna's eyes. "Do what, honey?"

"Piss on you."

"Timmy, that… that isn't nice," she said.

"Who gives a fuck if it's nice or not?" Timmy replied, coming toward her. "I can piss on you if I wanna piss on you."

Donna looked at him, worried. He held his cock in his hand, standing next to her. He waved his cock at her wickedly.

"You wouldn't really piss on me, would you? You're just teasing me, aren't you, Timmy?"

"I'm gonna piss on you," he said. "Open your fucking legs, Mom. Im gonna piss on your fucking cunt!"

"Timmy, please don't piss on me."

"Open your legs!"

Donna parted her legs, lifting her dress to her waist, the tight crotch of the too-small panties stretching about her cunt. She eyed the head of his cock warily still not believing her son would actually piss on her.

But Timmy did.

He shot a strong golden stream of hot piss directly between her thighs, right on her cunt.

"Ohhhh, Timmy!"

"Ahhhh, what a relief," he said, watching his piss splash against the crotch of her panties.

"Timmy!" Donna screeched, knowing she couldn't move.

She looked at her crotch with huge eyes, feeling his piss burning through her panties, soaking than, and searing her cunt beneath. He moved his cock, spraying her thighs, then across her stomach. When the hot piss started splashing about her naked tits, Donna closed her eyes. Despite the feeling of degradation of being pissed on by her son, she could not deny the sudden lurching of her cunt, the quivering of her pussy lips and the sudden explosion of her clit. She choked back the moans of ecstasy as she came, not wanting her son to know he could make her come by pissing on her. Her cunt was drenched in his piss, her tits dripping with it, her inner thighs smeared. Her skimpy panties were soaked, and even her ass was wet with piss.

Timmy laughed, shaking the final few drops of his piss off.

Donna was drenched in piss from her tits to her cunt, and she had a time concealing the tremors of delight from her son.


Donna stretched luxuriously in bed, looking out the window to the sun-drenched yard. She had slept quite late, later than usual.

She smiled, curling up with her knees drawn to her tits, hands beneath her chin. If only Timmy knew how good she had felt the day before! She had enjoyed sucking his cock off. She didn't find it strange that she had hated her husband's cock but found great pleasure sucking on her son's delicious prick. She giggled softly, imagining she could still taste his come juice, feel his hot, lovely piss splashing onto her cunt, tingling on the hardness of her nipples.

She felt her cunt throbbing already, and ran a hand between her thighs, touching lightly. Immediately she moaned with pleasure. She had surprised herself the day before, standing up to her son. It was the first time she had stood up any male. Once she realized what she had done, she became contrite and submissive quickly. Still, that one brief flare of independence had felt good.

Swinging her legs off the bed, she stood, looking down at her slender body, grinning impishly. Maybe Timmy would piss on her again today. She shivered with anticipation. Come on, she told herself. Who are you trying to kid? You know you want it this way. You like being submissive, don't you? She agreed with herself, adding she loved allowing her son to dominate her. This was much different than the way she had been dominated before. Timmy dominated her sexually, where the others had dominated mentally.

As she showered, she realized that sexual domination was the key. Only during sex did she want – need – that domination.

She had just turned the shower off when Timmy entered the bathroom.

"Good morning, darling." She smiled.

"Fuck you, cunt," Timmy replied.

"My, what a grouch you are," she teased, stepping from the shower stall and drying herself. Timmy grinned at her as he aimed his cock into the toilet.

"Not really! Mom," he said.

Donna dropped the towel, moving close to him. She rubbed her fuzzy cunt against his hip, stroking one hand down his back, the other his chest. She kissed his cheek as her fingers played with the tuft of hair at the base of his cock.

"You can fuck me, baby," she whispered, watching the golden stream of piss splashing into the bowl. "You know that."

He son grinned at her, and Donna kissed his lips. Her hand cupped a cheek of his ass, squeezing lightly, her eyes gazing down at his cock, watching his piss.

"Want me to hold your cock?" she asked softly. "Mother will hold your cock while you piss, if you'd like."

Timmy moved his hand, and she held his prick. But she couldn't resist caressing it with her fingers, either. It cut the flow of piss. Donna giggled.

"Come on, Mom," Timmy said. "I gotta piss."

She lowered her hand and cupped his balls, watching his piss flow again. She squeezed the cheek of his ass squealing softly. She moved her hand off his balls and into the stream.

"Mmmmnun, warm," she gurgled. "You really like piss, Mom?"

"Oooo, yes, baby!"

"Then wash your fucking face in my piss!"

"Timmy. I don't know about that."

"Mom, wash your cocksucking face in my piss!"

Donna felt a tingle throbbing at her cunt, an itching sensation that scratching wouldn't help. Her clit had started to swell, and there was a deep pulsing feeling in her cunt lips. Her hand was still cupped a few inches from his cock, but Timmy had stopped the stream of pee. Her palm was wet with piss.

"Wash your face!" he said again.

Donna's eyes flared, fiery and her knees began to shake. With her eyes lowered, she brought her hand to her face and smeared his piss on her cheek.

"More!" Timmy said.

He pissed into her hand again, and Donna once again washed her face.

"Both hands, cunt!"

Donna cupped her hands as Timmy pissed in them then washed her face in the warm piss. She made a soft sob of unexpected pleasure, her knees buckling. She slowly went to her knees, and, while Timmy pissed, she washed her face with pee.

She sat on her heels, her face glistening with piss, looking up at her son, her face pink with shame, but her cunt was throbbing, and very wet.

Timmy turned to face her, and shook his cock. A few remaining drops of piss landed on her face. A whimper came from her throat as Timmy rubbed the head of his cock across her lips slowly. She tasted his piss when one last drop somehow entered her lips.

"Ooooo, God!" she moaned, clutching her stomach. "I'm coming, Timmy!"

Timmy's eyes lit up, and he laughed. It wasn't a sarcastic or nasty sound, but one of pleasure. He pressed his cock past his mother's lips, and Donna, groaning with orgasm, accepted his prick. She ran her tongue across his piss hole, trying to taste more. She sucked at his cock, trying to draw his prick into her mouth, but Timmy pulled back.

"Later, Mom," he said. "Later you can suck my cock all you want. Right now I'm hungry."

Donna stood up, grinning impishly at him, holding his cock and balls in her hand. "I'll fix you something, to eat, darling. Is it alright if I wash my face? In water, not piss?"

Timmy laughed, slapping his mother on her naked ass in a playful way. She watched him leave, a smile of fondness on her lovely face.

After washing her face, she brushed her rich, thick hair and then, nakedly, went to prepare a late breakfast for her son. She hummed and sang as she prepared his food, her ass swaying to the rhythm. She felt so happy, so very happy.

Timmy sat watching his mother, his cock swollen into a hardness that made his prick bulge. She flashed him a grin over her shoulder, winking and flicking her tongue across her lips. Donna watched her son stroking his hard cock, her eyes turning glassy. She arched her ass out at him, one hand pulling a firm, shapely cheek apart then winked lewdly at him.

She placed his food before him and sat in a chair close enough so she could fondle his cock and balls as he ate. Her pussy ached with desire.

"Timmy, I'm getting hot!" she murmured, squeezing his cock. "My pussy is getting very wet."

"So play with it, Mom," he said. "Fingerfuck it if you're so damned hot."

"Yes," she whispered, spreading her knees and moving her hand between her thighs. She gripped his cock, jacking up and down and rubbing her swollen clit at the same time.

Timmy finished, shoving his plate away.

"Suck me," he said, leaning back in the chair. Donna slipped from her chair, on her knees, leaning her face into his cock.

"Under the table," Timmy hissed, feeling his mother's tongue scrape along his throbbing prick shaft. "Crawl under the fucking table and suck my cock!"

"Yes, darling!" she murmured, crawling beneath the table. Timmy spread his legs, and Donna began licking up them immediately, her tongue swirled wetly along the inner surface of his young thighs. His flesh tasted so sweet to her, she nipped passionately. Her lips kissed his balls, the tip of her tongue swirling. She ran her tongue up his cock, and across his piss hole. She began to purr as her lips closed about his smooth, hot prickhead. Timmy shoved his hands under the table, on top of his mother's head, pushing downward. Donna gave a small, dainty choke as the smooth head of her son's cock brushed her throat.

"Suck my cock, cuntface!"

"Mmmmm," Donna whimpered.

"Fucking cocksucker!" Timmy said. "Hot, cock-hungry fucking bitch cunt!"

Donna's body shivered, her cunt dripping hot fuck juices along the inner surfaces of her thighs. Her pulse was racing with searing heat, her clit throbbing. Her lips tingled with the hardness of her son's prick, burned with hungry rapture. She twisted her head about as she sucked up and down, the low whimpering sound constant in her throat.

"Okay," Timmy said, "you can turn loose now, Mom."

Donna didn't want to turn loose. She wanted to cling to his young, sweet cock, taste that hard heat, lick away the seeping sweetness that beaded on his piss hole.

"I said stop, you crazy cocksucker!"

Donna came from under the table, her eyes blazing as she smiled wantonly at him.

"Why didn't you come, baby?" she asked in a husky voice. "I wanted you to come in my mouth. That would be a wonderful breakfast far me."

"I'll come when and where I wanna, Mom," Timmy replied.

"Yes, darling, you're right."

She cleared away his dishes, stacking them into the dishwasher. Timmy watched his mother leaning over, her ass so pretty, so firm and shapely.

"I want your ass, Mom," he said.

Donna waggled her ass invitingly. "Then take it, Timmy. My ass is your ass."

Timmy stood up, his cock jerking with hardness. He moved up behind his mother, and Donna remained bent over when he rubbed the head of his prick about the cheeks of her ass, along the backs of her thighs.

"That feels wonderful, Timmy," Donna cooed, wiggling her ass to increase his excitement. "Your cock is so hard and hot! Rub it all over mother's ass!"

Timmy pumped on his cock as he smeared her flesh with the dripping fuck fluids. He pressed his balls against the hot crack and rubbed his cock along her spine. Donna mewled, feeling his balls against her asshole, his cock throbbing on her flesh.

Then Timmy drew back, and she felt his cock touch the pucker of her asshole. She squealed, and jerked upright.

"No, Timmy, not there…" she said.

"Why the fuck not, Mom?"

"It's… you're too big, darling," she said, stroking his chest and smiling at him. "You have an awfully big cock, and my asshole is so small. It would hurt me honey."

"Then get on your knees," he said.

"That's better," Donna hissed with excitement.

She dropped down before him, settling her naked ass on her heels. She ran her hands up his thighs, her eyes burning on his cock. Timmy held his prick tightly. His piss hole flared. Donna cupped her son's ass, pulling him forward. When his cock touched her lips, she started to draw his prick into her mouth, but Timmy wouldn't put his cock in.

"Not yet," he said.

He jacked his cock, before brushing her lips. Donna kept her lips closed, letting her son jerk his prick and rub his piss hole from one corner of her mouth to the other. His balls swung back and forth. She held his ass with both hands, her eyes sparkling up at him.

"Lick it!"

Donna shot her tongue out, licking it around the swollen cockhead, flicking the fuck juices from his piss hole. While her tongue swirled against the head of his cock, Timmy kept pumping his fist, watching his kneeling mother with hot, almost glazed eyes.

"Suck it!"

With a whine, Donna closed her lips around her son's cock but he refused to allow her to suck his prick deeply. She clung to his ass cheeks, her eyes blazing into his. Timmy kept jacking on his cock, smashing his fist on her lips. His balls were swinging but were not quite touching her chin. She dug her fingers into his ass, trying to pull his cock deep into her mouth, but Timmy held back, letting her suck just his prickhead.

Donna's cunt was boiling and wet. Her eyes pleaded with him, letting him know she wanted to suck all his hard cock, every inch. But Timmy refused. When she tried to pull his cock deeper he resisted. Donna felt tears in her eyes, tears of desire and frustration.

She sucked from his prick, nuzzling her cheek against his cock. "Fuck me, Timmy! Please," she moaned. "At least let me suck it all! Fuck my mouth, darling! Fuck mother's mouth! You know my mouth is hot and wet. Let me suck your cock off… taste you coming in my hot mouth, baby! Please, Timmy! Please!"

"I thought you didn't like to suck cock, Mom?" her son said. "That's what you said yesterday."

"I lied, Timmy," she whimpered. "I love to suck your cock! Let me have it in my mouth, darling! Please let mother suck you off."

She placed one hand over his, and, rubbed his cock about her face, her nose, her eyes. She groaned with frustrated hunger, her tongue licking eagerly about the head. Her hand, still clutching his ass, squeezed, a finger close to his asshole. Timmy shifted his ass, and Donna felt the heat of his asshole.

"Rub my ass, Mom!" he said. "That's right, rub your finger on my asshole!"

She held her face up as her son kept jacking on his cock, rubbing at his tight asshole. Her tongue licked at her lips as Timmy rubbed the dripping head of his cock about them, her eyes glassy with boiling passion. She became so passionate the first knuckle of her finger slipped into her son's asshole. Timmy yelped when he felt it.

"Take your fucking finger out of my asshole, Mom!" he said, jerking forward. The head of his cock penetrated her lips and was sucked swiftly before he could yank back. She pulled her finger from his tightly gripping asshole, and squeezed the cheek of his ass hard as she tried to swallow his cock. But Timmy backed off again.

"Suck your fucking finger, Mom!" he said. "I wanna see you sucking that finger you had in my asshole!"

"Oh, no!" Donna sobbed. "Timmy, you know I couldn't do that!"

"You can do anything I tell you to do!" he said. "Suck your finger, Mom!"

Donna felt a flash of heat creep aver her face. She didn't want to lick that finger, not after it had been up her son's ass!

"Please, Timmy."

"You'd better suck that finger," he said, "or you don't suck my cock, Mom." He started to turn away.

"I will!" Donna cried. "Don't leave me now, Timmy! I'll do it!"

"Show me, then," he demanded.

With tears of shame in her eyes, Donna held her finger up. Already she could smell it, and the smell became stronger as she pulled her finger toward her lips. Timmy grasped her wrist, and plunged her finger into her mouth. Donna gagged.

"Suck it!"

Feeling humiliated. Donna sucked at her finger. The taste made her gag again, but she sucked anyway. And then she came.

"Ooooo!" she moaned around her finger, her eyes hazy and unseeing.

"You love it, Mom," Timmy laughed gleefully. "You see, it's making your fucking cunt come!"

Donna couldn't understand how this vile thing could excite her to the point of orgasm. Yet it did, and she was coming very strongly. The harder she came, the more she sucked at her finger, and the more she sobbed.

Timmy was pumping his cock again, his eyes blazing with pleasure at what he had forced his mother to do. Donna continued to sit on her heals but her finger was out of her mouth now. She was clinging to her son's tight ass, keeping her fingers out of the crack now.

"I'm gonna come in your fucking face!" Timmy gasped, jerking faster.

"Yes," Donna whispered.

Her eyes glazed with a sense of humiliated delight. She wanted her son to come in her face, to spurt his come juice all over her face. Once again her cunt was pulsing with wet heat, her clit painfully erect.

Her son didn't stop her when she licked at the head of his cock, tasting the juices that seeped from his piss hole. His fist kept jerking back and forth, and Donna swirled her tongue wildly and wetly on the bulging prickhead.

"I'm almost ready, Mom!"

"Mmmm, come!" Donna squealed, digging her hands into the cheeks of his ass. "Come in my face, baby! Oooo, darling, squirt it in mother's fucking face!"

Timmy grunted, and sent a hot splash of come juice into her face. It landed on her chin and Donna squealed, opening her mouth wide. Timmy's fist jerked hard, sending thick spurts of come juice across his mother's tongue. Donna sobbed with pleasure, feeling a deliciously thick splash against the back of her throat. The wet, slippery cum juice splashed all over her face, dripping from her cheeks, her forehead, nose and tongue. Most of it landed on her face, not in her mouth, but her son's jizz caused her cunt to convulse with strong orgasmic spasms.


Timmy dressed, wearing his usual cut-offs. It was the only pair he had, and they were faded, starting to become thin. When Donna suggested he cut another pair of jeans, he refused. It seemed that faded, worn cut-offs were the uniform for boys his age.

He chose what she should wear.

First, he had her put on the panties he had bought for her, then a bright, fresh house dress. The articles didn't surprise her because they were what she usually wore now.

The dress fit tightly over her rounded tits and, without a bra her nipples protruded, outlined. Thin straps held the dress up, and it hugged her small waist tightly, the skirt flaring out to her knees.

"You're a show-off," she said, looking at him as he sat on the couch. His cock and balls were exposed. He had pulled the crotch of his cut-offs to one side. "But I love it, Timmy."

Donna loved to see her son with his cock and balls showing, walking that way around the house. There was an appealing quality in seeing his cock swinging.

"That's why I do it, Mom!" Timmy replied. "I like seeing you, too. I've got some shorts being made up for you to wear."

Donna didn't ask who was making the shorts. But she knew she would wear them. She would wear anything her son wanted her to put on. She lowered herself to his feet, resting her chin on his knee, looking at his cock and balls. Come juice was still smeared on her face. Timmy would not let her wash it off, and Donna found it sort of nice anyway. She caressed his cock and balls. She wanted to feel them all the time, keep them in her hands.

She wiggled his cock, shaking his prick about, watching with glowing eyes.

Timmy started to piss.

"Oh!" she yelped, jerking back.

Timmy laughed. "Why jump, Mom?" he asked. "You like my piss."

"You just surprised me," she said. "I didn't expect you to do that."

"Want some more?"

Donna nodded, smiling.

Timmy held his cock at the base, and let go.

The yellow stream arched into the air. Donna squealed and moved her face, letting her son piss at her. She closed her eyes, moaning softly, smiling as the hot piss splashed about her face, dripping down her neck and over her covered tits. Timmy cut the stream, getting to his feet. He stood over his mother's uplifted face, and began to piss again.

"Open your cocksucking mouth!" he demanded. Donna complied.

Timmy laughed as he pissed into her mouth. Donna tasted his pee, closing her throat. Piss ran from her lips and down to her chin, dropping to her tits. Her cunt boiled, the hairy lips closing and squeezing.

"Drink it, you cunt!" Timmy urged. "Drink my piss, Mom!" Donna began to swallow.

But Timmy waved his cock around, pissing into her face as often as he did her mouth. Donna closed her eyes, feeling her cunt puffy, her clit throbbing. She slipped the thin straps off her shoulders, exposing her tits. Cupping them, she lifted, offering her shapely tits to his piss. The yellow stream splashed upon them, stinging her sensitive nipples.

"Oooo, Timmy!" she gurgled, her eyes slitted with heat, watching him piss on her tits. "It feels good, honey! It feels wonderful, so wonderful!"

He lifted his cock, sending hot piss into her face again. Donna mewled and lifted her face to the steam, gripping her piss-wet tits, squeezing them. His piss stung her lips, and she opened them again, letting him piss across her teeth. Her cunt was throbbing between her thighs, her clitoris about to explode. As the sensation of ecstasy grew she slowly moved her mouth toward her son's cock. Timmy didn't pull away. He watched his mother open her mouth, then close her lips about the head of his pissing prick. She drank, sliding her tongue slowly on his cock. Her eyes closed again, her face expressing perverse rapture.

Just as Timmy finished pissing into her mouth, her cunt convulsed into a tremendous orgasm. Donna squealed around her son's cock, quickly sucking his prick deep into her mouth. She held his cock tightly with her lips, her tongue pressing on it, sucking hard with the muscles of her throat. She came with powerful waves of wet heat.

When the spasms faded, Donna pulled from his cock, licking her wet lips and smiling at him, her face lifted.

"Timmy," she said in a low voice, "you know just what to do to make me came so hard, don't you?"

He nodded, rubbing the head of his cock about her face. With his hand on the back of his mother's head, he pulled her mouth to his balls.

"Suck my balls awhile," he said. Donna quickly sucked her son's balls into her mouth, sucking and licking, purring like a kitten. She shoved her hands up the backs of his thighs, clutching at his ass, wishing he had dropped his shorts. She mouthed his balls hungrily, feeling them writhe. His cock pressed against her nose, growing, swelling into hardness.

"Pull my shorts down," Timmy said.

With fumbling fingers, Donna opened her son's shorts and pulled them to his knees. She retained her grip on his balls with her lips, and then grabbed his naked ass once more. She dug her fingers into the crack of Timmy's ass, his ass cheeks filling her palms.

Twisting his fingers into her hair, Timmy pulled her mouth off his balls. Donna whimpered, trying to keep them in her mouth but Timmy pushed his cock down. With a greedy sob, Donna sucked his prick deep. Holding his mother's hair in his fingers, Timmy jerked her face back and forth, making her fuck his cock with her mouth. Donna jerked at his ass, helping him fuck his hard prick in and out between her wet, hot lips. She sucked vigorously, making wet sounds of ecstasy, her eyes rolling.

But then Timmy pulled his cock from, her mouth again.

"I've got something else I want you to do, Mom!" he said, his eyes gleaming with wickedness. "Something you'll really go for."

"Anything darling!" Donna sobbed, her passion soaring. Almost out of her mind with desire for Timmy, she wouldn't resist anything he wanted of her. "Ooo, God, anything, Timmy!"

"Suck my ass!" he grunted.

"Ohhhh!" Donna whimpered, staring at her son's tight, young ass. "Oh, baby!"

She shoved her face forward, kissing with wet, hot lips, sliding them from cheek to cheek. Her tongue fluttered out and ran up and down the backs of his thighs, racing over the young flesh of his ass. She breathed heavily with excitement. Timmy took her right hand and drew it in front of him, wrapping her fist about his throbbing cock. Immediately, Donna grasped his prick and began to jack him frantically, while her lips and tongue were probing and licking every inch of his ass.

Timmy leaned over a little.

"Lick my ass!" he yelped. "Lick your fucking tongue in my ass, Mom!"

Donna groaned, running her tongue up and down the crack of his ass, tasting the heat, the smoothness. She clung to his hip with her left hand her right fist pounding hard on his cock. Timmy arched his ass into her face, forcing Donna's head back a bit. She shot her tongue up and down the hot crack, breathing hotly with excitement.

"My ass!" Timmy shouted. "My asshole, Mom!"

Donna whimpered, tears of humiliation and perverse joy flooding her eyes. Her tongue rapped across the tight pucker of her son's asshole. She licked wetly, feeling his asshole clenching. His balls between his thighs swung against her chin as she pumped furiously on his cock.

Timmy pressed his ass tighter into her face, twisting as she rolled and licked.

"Suck my ass, you fucking cunt!"

Donna sobbed, unsure if she felt ecstasy or shame. She closed her lips against her son's asshole, sucking very hard. Her mind was reeling, but not so much she couldn't taste her son's asshole. It almost seemed that the heat of his asshole blistered her tongue, searing her lips. She sucked hard and pounded on his asshole with the tip of her tongue, while jerking his cock wildly. She ran her tongue up and down his asshole, licking and moaning with rumbling ecstasy. She placed the tip of her tongue at the tightness, and pushed as hard, as she could.

"Ohhhh, that's it, Mom!" Timmy yelped.

Donna's tongue penetrated his asshole, going in about an inch. The tightness closing about her tongue sent wild tremors up and down her flesh. She fucked her tongue in and out, her lips constantly sucking. Her fingers dug harshly into his hip, her right hand still jacking back and forth on his cock.

"Tongue my asshole!" Timmy urged, his young body shaking. "Tongue me up my asshole, Mom! Eat my ass, suck my asshole!"

"Mmmm!" Donna wailed into his ass, his ass cheeks closing against her face.

Her tongue seemed to go deeper and deeper. She thrust her tongue in and out, still sucking as hard as she could. Timmy's cock was intensely hard in her fist, and she realized her son would be coming very soon.

Without warning her, Timmy suddenly jerked upright, turning to face her swiftly. His cock swung to her face just as the first hot gush of come juice erupted from his piss hole. He fucked his cock into her mouth quickly. Donna wailed with delight, her cunt contracted with orgasm along with his prick. The hot come juice burned into her throat as she cupped the checks of his ass again. She sucked frantically, swallowing hungrily, her eyes blazing with rapture.

Timmy held the back of his mother's head, his cock pressed deep into her wet, hot mouth, his legs trembling.

"Ahhhh, that was real good, Mom," he moaned softly, his chest heaving up and down. "You're getting real good!"

"It's all for you, Timmy," she murmured when he lifted his cock free. She leaned back on her hands. She was wet with piss, from her forehead all the way to her tits. Timmy's piss glistened on her shapely tits. The top of her dress was soaked.

Timmy spread his legs over her shoulders, rubbing his cock and balls into her face. Donna purred as she moved her tongue from her mouth, licking at his balls, slipping her tongue into the crack of his ass. She licked every place at her son's crotch as he rubbed back and forth.

Then he pulled away. He sat on the couch, grinning at her.

"You look like shit, Mom," he said.

"It's your fault," she said.

"Maybe, but you sure enjoy it."

Donna grinned at her son, a wicked yet shy grin. Still leaning back on her hands, sitting on her knees, she looked at him with slightly unfocused eyes. Her skirt was halfway up her thighs, her tits completely exposed. From her waist up, she was drenched in his piss. There was a warm glow inside her, a feeling of deliciousness. He remained standing above her, his shorts at his knees. A glistening drop of come juice beaded on his piss hole. With a soft purring sound, she leaned forward and swiped the tip of her tongue over it.

"Mmmmmmmmmm, so sweet, Timmy," she whispered, looking up at him and pressing her chin into his cock and balls. "I love it when you come in my mouth."

"I thought you didn't like to suck cock, Mom," he replied. "I thought that was what you said."

"I hated it before," Donna answered. "But I love to suck your cock. I don't know, Timmy. You just taste so good to me! So hard, throbbing, and when you come, it makes me shiver, and I come, too. My cunt really goes off when you do."

"Fucking cocksucker," he mumbled.

"Your cocksucker," she giggled, poking a finger into the crack of his ass playfully. "Your anything!"

Timmy sat back on the couch, his shorts at his knees. "Mom, why don't you piss?"

Donna gazed at her son, feeling a flush come over her face.

"I wanna see!" Timmy said. "I wanna watch you piss."

"Honey, that would…"

"In your panties," he interrupted.

"In my panties?"

Timmy nodded.

Her face burned with shame. "Timmy, please. That's sort of personal for a woman, and in my panties? That's crazy."

"Who cares, fuckface?" he replied. "I wanna see you piss in your fucking panties, Mom."

Donna trembled, feeling her son was deliberately trying to shame her, humiliate her. She wanted to comply with his request, but it would be horrible, letting him watch her piss, and in her panties.

"Get on the table," he said.

Donna saw his cock was stirring, starting to lift. She ran her tongue across her lips, the taste of his come juice and piss lingering in her mouth. She stood up and moved to the other side of the table, putting one foot on it. Facing her son, she hesitated; Timmy watched, seeing the inside of her thigh, the crotch of her panties.

Donna tested the table by pushing down on it with her foot. The glass was heavy and would easily hold her weight. She stepped onto it, still facing her son. There was a pink flame on her pretty face, but she felt she had to piss. She stood with her feet apart, drawing her dress up her long thighs. She kept her eyes on his cock, shyly glancing at his face. His cock was becoming harder.

Holding her dress bunched at her waist, she felt her legs shaking.

"Squat down, Mom," Timmy grunted, his eyes burning hotter as he stared at her crotch. "Just squat on the table and piss."

Donna squatted, going along with what her son wanted despite – or because off – her deep sense of humiliation. The crotch of her panties stretched over her cunt, and curling hair stuck from the edges. Timmy's eyes lingered there, his cock lifting into hardness again. She saw him move his tongue across his lips.

"Piss, Mom!" His voice broke into her thoughts. "Come on, start pissing in your fucking panties!"

Timmy now gripped his cock tightly.

Donna blushed, her knees spread, her ass resting on the heels of her feet. She looked down, seeing her panties, her blatantly erotic exposure. She tried to piss, but it wouldn't come.

"Piss, damn it!"

A small dribble of piss moistened the crotch of her panties, and she moaned softly.

"You call that pissing? Come on, Mom! Piss a strong stream in your panties! I wanna see you really piss!"

Donna exerted pressure. She began to piss. The crotch of her panties became wet, piss seeping through them and falling onto the glass top of the coffee table. She closed her eyes with shyness. A long forceful stream began to flow from her cunt. She felt wetness on her thighs as pee sprayed from the crotch of her panties. She felt like crying with humiliation but on the other hand, she also felt an excitement of wanton delight.

"Stop!" her son commanded.

Startled by Timmy's voice, Donna stopped pissing, glancing at him from lowered lashes. Timmy crawled beneath the glass-topped coffee table, lying on his back, gazing up at her crotch. His cock stood up in hardness, his balls tight at the base. With her son looking at her this way, right up her crotch, Donna felt very ashamed of herself and that very shame created an erotic sensation within her that was stronger than ever.

Timmy looked at his mother's crotch, seeing the tight way her panties held her creamy ass, the crotch of them soaked with her piss. He gripped his cock hard, licking at his lips with excitement.

Donna began to piss again.

Once more, pee sprayed from the edges of her already-soaked panties. The piss was warm as it sprayed along her inner thighs. She began to tremble with perverse excitement.

Now that her panties were thoroughly drenched with hot piss, Timmy said, his voice husky, his fingers moving slowly up and down his cock, "Pull your fucking panties to one side, Mom! Show me your pretty cunt! I wanna see piss spurting out of your fucking hairy cunt!"

Donna slipped a finger into her wet crotch, peeling the material from her pussy. The pink cunt lips glistened, the tip of her clit standing out. Again, she began to piss, spraying the glass top of the coffee table until pee ran over the sides.

Donna watched her son's face grimace with pleasure, and again wondered if her, son would ask her to piss into his face. She wondered if she would be able to, and decided she would.

Timmy's eyes were wide with pleasure as he watched his mother pissing through the glass, his cock burning. He licked his lips again, and suddenly his cock gushed, spraying come juice across his stomach. Donna's cunt dribbled to a finish, and she remained atop the table until she was certain she would not piss anymore. The rich mass of her cunt hair was matted to her flesh.

"You gotta lick this mess off my stomach now, Mom!" Timmy said, scooting from beneath the table.


Donna scrambled off the table, getting to her hands and knees. She ran her tongue through the come juice on her son's stomach, licking the come juice, tasting it. Her inner thighs were wet with piss, her panties drenched.

She swirled her tongue about his stomach until she had licked every bit of come juice from it then she lifted his cock and licked at his piss hole, taking his cockhead into her mouth, making sure there was no more come juice left.

She showered later, soaping away the piss that covered her body.

She felt good, very good.

Her imagination was running wild, imagining impossible things she and her son could do with each other. One thing she wanted to do was piss on him, piss on his cock and balls, piss on his chest… in his face.

If her son enjoyed watching her piss so much, as he had seemed beneath the table, perhaps he would enjoy it better if she pissed directly on him. When Donna finished with the shower, she found Timmy had left the house.

Disappointed, not liking being alone now, she paced the floor, naked. Her mind was going swiftly over other perverse things she and her son could do. They knew more about each other now, what each liked best. She knew Timmy enjoyed fucking her, loved it when she sucked him off, and he became excited when he pissed on her. Yet she knew hardly anything other than that about his erotic hungers.

He returned about an hour later, handing her a small package. "Your new shorts, Mom," he said.

Donna opened the box and lifted the shorts from the package. Her eyes widened and she looked at him. "I have to wear these?"

"Put them on now," he said.

Donna slipped the shorts on, blushing.

They fit her tightly, seeming like any pair of shorts, but with exceptions. The crotch was cut out and replaced with some see-through material. The hair of her cunt was perfectly visible. And, in back, both her ass cheeks were exposed.

"I feel silly wearing these," she said.

"You look good in them!" Timmy said, walking around his mother, looking at her. "No bra, of course. I like to see your tits naked. But, those shorts make my cock hard."

Donna went about the house wearing the shorts, blushing most of the time. Timmy's eyes followed her, his cock always up and throbbing. He enjoyed watching the rippling, twisting movement of her ass through the cut-off shorts.

Once she was startled by the door bell, and crouched nakedly in hiding as her son sent a salesman away. Timmy laughed at her embarrassment.

"You have to answer the door next time, Mom," he said.

"Not like this, Timmy!"

"Sure, why not?" He grinned wickedly at her. "Give some poor asshole a thrill."

"Timmy, please don't ask me to do something like that," she whispered. "Please, not naked!"

"We'll see," he said, then forgot about the matter. He was looking at her long legs, at the mat of cunt hair through the transparent material of her shorts.

"You can take them off now," he said after a moment.

Donna peeled the lewd shorts off, wiggling her ass to get out of them. They were very tight. Her wiggles sent Timmy's cock into a throbbing hardness, his eyes bright. He had his mother stand with her legs parted, her hips arched toward him. Donna, at his say-so, pulled the hairy lips of her cunt open for him. Timmy dropped down in front of her, sitting on the floor with his lower body between her thighs. He looked up into his mother's cunt. The hairy lips and wetness of it fascinated him, his eyes glowing.

"I'm gonna give your hairy cunt a big, juicy kiss! Mom," he said.

Donna's naked flesh shivered. She had wanted her son to kiss her cunt before, but was afraid to ask. He had done just about everything to her except kiss her pussy.

She stood with her feet an each side of him, her fingers holding her cunt open, looking down into his glassy eyes.

Timmy turned his face to one side, kissing just above his mother's knee. Donna mewled when his lips touched her flesh and began to purr as he licked. Her legs trembled with excitement as his tongue climbed higher on her inner thigh. She stared hotly down at him, gasping softly, her tits lifting and falling, nipples bursting hard. She pulled at the puffy lips of her cunt, opening her pussy as far she could.

Timmy ran the tip of his tongue along the inside of one cunt lip, making his mother's body shake. He licked her other cunt lip, then dragged his tongue across her inflamed cunt.

"Oooo good, darling!"

Timmy dipped his tongue into his mother's cunt, tasting the slippery fuck juices.

"Oooo yes, baby!" Donna cried softly. "Yes, yes!"

Timmy thrust his tongue into his mothers cunt, feeling the soft wetness, tasting her pussy juices. Placing his lips on her fiery cunt, he kissed. Donna's ass shook, her knees bending slightly.

"Ohhh baby, that's so good!"

Timmy ran his hands up the backs of his mother's thighs, feeling her creamy flesh. He cupped the tight checks of her ass, squeezing them. While his tongue darted and probed, his hands were in constant movement, feeling her thighs, her ass cheeks.

Donna released her hold on the lips of her cunt, grabbing the back of his head to hold his face tight at her pussy. She wiggled her crotch into his face, feeling his tongue fuck deeper into her juicy cunt. Her clit was ready to burst already, but she didn't want to come so soon. She was afraid that if she came now Timmy would stop licking her, and it felt so good, she wanted it to last for a long time.

"Lick me, darling!" she cooed. "Oh, Timmy, suck mother's cunt! I love it, baby! Fuck my pussy with your sweet tongue! Oooo, shove it deep! Tongue fuck my cunt! Eat my pussy… suck my cunt, darling! Ohhhh, fuck it, fuck it! Suck… suck the piss out of mother's cunt, baby!"

Timmy clutched the grinding cheeks of his mother's grinding ass tightly, pressing his mouth as hard as he could into her fiery cunt. He licked his tongue about her juicy pussy lips, darting his tongue inside, tasting the wet heat, the slippery juices. He closed his lips and sucked, drawing more juice from her pussy and into his mouth, swallowing greedily.

Donna knew his cock had to be very hard, although she could not see. She tried to look over her shoulder, but could see only as far as his knees. The desire to twist about and fall upon her son, her cunt smashing into his sucking mouth, and pulling his cock into her mouth was strong. She wanted to devour his cock while he sucked her cunt, consume his prick until his balls exploded that sweet, thick, boiling come juice down her throat. But she remained above Timmy, twisting her crotch about in a screwing motion, holding the back of his head.

"Go deep, Timmy!" she gasped. "Ohhh, stick your tongue deep! Fuck me real deep, baby! Ahhhh, suck mother's cunt! Darling, darling… you suck so fucking good!"

Timmy clawed at his mother's grinding ass, his eyes glassy as he stared up at her jiggling tits. The hair of her cunt almost covered his young face, his nose buried, his breathing searing her flesh.

The more he sucked, the juicier Donna's cunt became. Her cunt was throbbing in that sweet way of approaching orgasm, but she fought the feeling. She didn't want to come yet. She wanted her son to suck and lick and fuck his tongue into her pussy for as long as he could. She wanted to drag the feeling, that beautiful feeling, out as long as she could.

Her eyes opened and closed with increasing ecstasy. Her lips parted as she whimpered. Her creamy flesh was rippling with goose bumps. Her ass was grinding faster and faster. She knew she was going to come. It was going to be a powerful orgasm, she felt, a very powerful orgasm.

Timmy made wet sounds as his tongue slurped along the steaming slit of his mother's cunt his tongue dipping and twirling.

"Obhh, Timmy, almost!" she cried. "I'm about to come, baby! Ohhhh, God! I'm going to come! Suck me, eat my cunt! Make me come, honey! Ohhh, please, make mother's cunt come!"

Donna felt if she didn't come soon, her legs would give way and she would sprawl across the floor. The sensation increased until she felt she would go mad if she didn't come. Her cunt was throbbing, pulsing, dripping creamy fuck jukes all over her son's face, into his mouth.

"Tongue me!" she screeched. "Tongue my fucking cunt! Oh, lick my pussy with that lovely tongue!"

A shriek erupted from her.

The orgasm burst inside her pussy and Donna thrashed her cunt brutally into her son's face. Every inch of her naked body shuddered, her legs feeling like liquid. She held his head tightly with both hands, smashing her cunt into his sucking mouth harshly, tears of ecstasy streaming out of her eyes.

Then she felt something else.

"Oh, no!" she cried.

But it was too late.

Donna began to piss.

Timmy's eyes opened wide as he tasted the warm piss of his mother flow into his mouth. He started to pull his face out of her crotch, but Donna was clinging to his head tightly, holding him there. The piss gushed, filling his open mouth, splashing across her inner thighs and his face, dripping down his shoulders and chest.

Donna tried to stop pissing, but it was impossible. She sobbed, partly with delight, partly with shame. She didn't know what her son was going to say about this, but there was nothing she could do. She kept pissing into his mouth, wondering why Timmy didn't close his lips. Instead, she felt his tongue licking at her pussy as she pissed.

"Oh, you like, Timmy?" she groaned.

Timmy grunted, swallowing the hot piss of his mother. He had his tongue across her cunt slit, feeling and tasting her piss. His cock thrust upright in throbbing hardness, his balls tight at the base. He felt as if his cock was going to squirt, send geysers of come juice as far as the ceiling. He clung to his mother's ass cheeks tightly, squeezing hard. His face was drenched in hot piss, his mouth filling. He tried to swallow it all, but his mother pissed so much he couldn't keep up with it.

Donna moaned as she slowed, her piss starting to dribble now. She squirted the last few drops, and Timmy licked at the piss greedily. Donna managed to lift her cunt slightly from his face. She was blushing furiously.

"I'm sorry, Timmy. I couldn't stop it."

"My cock, Mom! My cock is… hurry, suck my fucking cock!"

Donna twisted swiftly and stepped from his face. His cock was intensely swollen, the piss hole smeared with wetness. Donna went to her knees as quick as she could move. She grasped her son's cock at the base, and just as she opened her mouth to take his swollen prickhead in, Timmy gushed.

Donna moaned, catching the come juice in her mouth. She closed her lips tightly around the head of his cock, sucking hard, jacking his prick up and down a tight fist, jerking him off into her mouth, her throat burning hungrily as she swallowed.

Timmy twisted with sweet agony, grabbing a cheek of his mother's naked ass, digging hard. He felt the tight pucker of her asshole, and thrust his finger in without thinking. Donna, swallowing with hunger, yelped about his cock as his finger plunged deep into her ass. The ring of her asshole clenched at his finger, sucking, trying to pull his finger deeper into the searing heat. Her mouth sucked hard at his spewing cock, and her asshole tried to suck on his finger. Her cunt suddenly swelled again, her clitoris exploding with intense, wild orgasms, one after the other.

She growled about his cock, taking it deep into her mouth, two fingers about the base. She smashed her lips at her fingers, the spurting head of his cock in her throat. Her other hand squeezed his balls then she slipped a finger to the crack of his ass. She rubbed the tight pucker a moment then shoved the finger up her son's asshole. Timmy yelped, his body almost doubling up as the force of his discharge increased. Donna plunged her finger in and out of his flexing asshole, creating more come juice to spew down her greedy throat. She waggled her ass, wanting her son to finger-fuck her asshole, but he was too caught up by the intensity of his discharge to think of anything else.

Her tongue flicked wildly about his piss hole, tasting the hot sweetness of his young balls. Her cunt burned and pulsed and erupted with beautiful waves of orgasm again and again. She sucked as hard as she could, wanting her son to come into her mouth time and again.

"Oh, come more!" she wailed. "Come a lot in my hot mouth, Timmy! Ohhh, baby, I want to drink your come juice for hours and hours!"

"I can't, Mom," Timmy replied in a tight voice, his finger still deep inside her asshole, being squeezed by the orgasms that flowed through her. "I can't come anymore!"

"Piss, then!" she yelled. "I want you to piss in my cocksucking mouth! Come in my mouth, piss in my mouth! I want it, baby! Oh, God, I want you to piss in my fucking mouth!"

But Timmy couldn't piss either. Donna shook her ass, humping into his finger, her asshole clutching it. She sucked and licked at his deflating cock and hairless balls, worming her finger as deep into his asshole as she could. Then, insanely, she jerked her finger from her son's asshole and plunged it into her mouth. She sucked and licked at it, finally pulling her ass from his hand. She grabbed at his wrist, jerking his hand to her mouth. She pulled the finger he had shoved into her ass past her teeth, sucking and licking at it. She took turns sucking each finger then pulled her finger and his into her mouth.

Timmy watched his mother sucking the fingers, grinning wickedly.

"You like that, Mom?" he asked.

"Ohhh, you make me so fucking hot, Timmy!" Donna gurgled. "I'd lick the shit out of your ass if you sked me! I'd suck your shit, be your fucking toilet! God, you make me hot, darling!"

She was sitting up, one leg straight out, the other bent with her heel, pressing at her hairy cunt. She licked her fingers, cupped her tits, her tongue swirling about a nipple. Then she ran her palm between her legs, moving her heel slightly. She rubbed at her wet cunt and lifted her smeared hand to her mouth. Her eyes twinkled with erotic pleasure as she licked the juices of her cunt. She dipped her hand down again, pushing two fingers into her cunt, and licked them off, sucking at the fuck juices.

Timmy's eyes lit up with pleasure.

"Well," she said, "if you can't come anymore and won't piss in my mouth, I'll just eat my own cunt." She began to shove the fingers of both hands into her pussy, taking alternate sucks. "At least my cunt juice."


Donna lay across her bed, naked. She was naked most of the time now. Timmy wanted her that way and she was eager to please her son. She opened her legs and stroked her cunt gently, thinking of the pleasures Timmy had given her. He took pleasure in forcing her into the wildest, most exciting things. He enjoyed asking her to fuck herself with her fingers so he could watch, then lick her fingers. He would become very hard when she finger fucked and sucked the juices from her hand. He took a special pleasure in watching her finger-fuck herself up the ass then suck that finger. Rubbing at her cunt, she wished he would hurry home.

Lifting her body by her shoulders and heels, she cupped the cheeks of her ass and squeezed, moaning in pleasure. She dragged a finger along the crack of her ass then parted the cheeks. She rubbed at her asshole, bringing her finger to her tongue to lick and taste. Excitement grew inside her lovely body.

She squatted in the center of her bed, finger-fucking herself in the cunt, pressing the finger of her other hand into her asshole. Across the room she watched her reflection in the mirror. She stroked into her asshole and cunt then pulled the finger out of her cunt and licked it. When she pushed that finger back into her pussy she withdrew the finger from her asshole and sucked it. Her eyes turned glassy as she experienced this self-induced pleasure.

She knew she had meant it when she told her son she would suck the shit out of his asshole. She meant everything she had told him. Most of her pleasure came from the asshole attitude of her son, his way of forcing her into these delicious erotic actions. She loved to be made ashamed of herself, to wallow in the humiliation and degradation her son forced upon her.

She fucked herself in the ass and cunt, sucking at her fingers. She was hot, boiling to come, yet orgasm eluded her. She wiggled and thrashed about the bed, digging, in a brutal way, into her fiery cunt and asshole. She tried to make herself come, tried hard. But she couldn't.

Tears of frustration filled her eyes. She wanted her son, wanted his cock. She wanted that lovely hard-on fucking her hot pussy, fucking her hungry mouth. She wanted it up her ass. She wanted his cock!

Jumping from the bed, she paced about the house, searching for any object she could shove into her cunt, her mouth, her hole. Anything that she could pretend was her son's cock.

She found nothing.

"Oh, Timmy, Timmy!" she sobbed, standing in the middle of the living room, naked, stroking her tits and ass and cunt feverishly. "Come home, darling! Oh, God, hurry home! Fuck me, fuck me! Timmy! Fuck mother, baby! Piss on mother! Shit on mother! Shit in my cocksucking mouth, but just come home!"

She heard the sound of the door, and, for a moment, crouched fearfully, covering her tits and cunt as best she could. She wanted to run and hide, but it was too late.

Timmy came in, grinning when he saw his mother standing there naked, shielding herself ineffectively.

"See, didn't I tell you?"

A boy about her son's age stood behind Timmy, looking over her son's shoulder with huge eyes.

"Timmy, don't…" Donna said, knowing what her son was up to.

"Fuck you, Mom," he said, pulling the boy in and shutting the door.

The boy stared at Donna unashamedly. His cock was already stiff inside his pants, bulging but Donna felt herself blush from head to toe.

"You still wanna fuck my mom?" Timmy asked the boy.

The boy nodded eagerly, grinning from ear to ear, staring at Donna.

"Go ahead!" Timmy said.

"Timmy, no!" Donna yelped. She turned and started to run down the hall.

"Don't leave!" Timmy said quickly. Donna froze, darting her hands to her ass, cupping her ass cheeks as a means of hiding.

"Turn around," Timmy said. "You gotta show Joey what he's gonna fuck."

Bashfully, Donna turned. She hung her head, her face burning with shame. She held her hands at her hips, balled into fists. She didn't know what to say, but her cunt was pulsating so hot, she felt as if she would come then and there. She felt the strange boy's eyes burning on her tits, her legs, her cunt. A shiver rippled up and down her back. She couldn't stop the wild throbbing of her cunt, the swelling of her clit. She began to seep fuck juices, felt them on her inner thighs.

"Go on and feel her up!" Timmy said. "Mom likes to be felt up. Play with her tits, her cunt. Shit, Joey, you can shove your finger up her asshole if you wanna!"

"Timmy." Donna's voice was faint now. "Please, don't."

Timmy ignored her. He stepped out of his cut-offs, his cock standing straight up. The boy looked at Timmy, saw his hard-on then looked back at Donna. He pulled his t-shirt off then removed his pants hurriedly.

Donna couldn't resist peeking at him from lowered eyes. His cock stood out in hardness, about the same size as her son's. His balls hung low, looking full. Donna swallowed, her cunt lurching with a fiery heat. She wasn't surprised when a mild orgasm burst inside her pussy.

Timmy and Joey came to her.

"I can do anything to her?" Joey asked, his eyes huge, staring at Donna's full, round tits, at her elongated nipples. "Anything I want?"

"Hell, piss on her if you wanna," Timmy said, cupping one of her tits. "My mom loves to get pissed on, don't you, Mom?"

Donna shot her son an embarrassed look, feeling Joey clasp her other tit, feeling and squeezing the spongy texture, pulling at her nipples.

"Tell him how much you love piss, Mom."

"I… Timmy, this is…"

"Tell him!"

"Oh God!" Donna sobbed, unable to stop the burning hunger in her body. "I like to be pissed on."

Joey, not in the least bashful, began to suck on her tit. He held it cupped, and his other hand was roaming about her back, going lower. Timmy drew his mothers other tit into his mouth, cupping her cunt, rubbing at the wet heat. Joey's hand clasped a cheek of her ass, testing the firmness. This boy, Donna thought, had fucked girls before, he seemed quite familiar around a woman's body.

"Hold his cock, Mom," Timmy said as he pulled from her tit. "Jack on his fucking cock!"

Donna's fist opened, then closed about the hard prick of Joey, feeling his cock throb. She squeezed, her hand now moving on its own. She had been intensely aroused before her son came home, and this unknown boy was making her even hotter. The fact she had never seen him before, that her son was forcing her to fuck him, seemed to make her emotions melt. She moved her fist on his cock. She felt the cockhead brush her hip, leaving a wet, scalding smear of fuck juice on her flesh. She began to shake with mindless, erotic hungers.

"Bend over, Mom," Timmy said. "Bend over so Joey can fuck you."

Donna trembled, grasping Joey's cock very hard. She looked at his prick, seeing the cockhead bulge, smooth and wet. She leaned over, arching her ass back. Joey pulled his cock from her hand, and she felt him rubbing his prick across the cheeks of her ass. She placed her hands on her knees, bracing herself. Her dark hair hung down, and Donna closed her eyes. She felt ashamed of herself, letting Timmy make her fuck this unknown boy. But there was no denying the sensations of erotic pleasure she felt. Her cunt throbbed, already drenched with fuck juices. Peeking from the corners of her eyes, she saw her son standing there, watching, his cock jerking about in hardness.

Her hand moved from a knee, and she grasped Timmy's cock, unable to keep from doing it. At the same time, she felt her son put his hands on her ass, spreading her ass cheeks wide. Her asshole clenched quickly. A low moan came from her as Joey rubbed the swollen head of his cock up and down the slit of her steamy cunt.

"You can stick your finger up her asshole if you wanna, Joey," Donna heard Timmy say.

"Timmy, this is…"

But Timmy ignored her. He was excited from watching Joey press his cock into her hairy cunt. His prick throbbed much harder in Donna's hand. She could tell her son's excitement by the throbbing of his cock. If her son was excited by having this boy fuck her, then she, too, was excited.

She slowly moved her ass back, feeling the smooth head of the boy's cock penetrate her cunt. Joey entered her pussy slowly, his hands holding her hips. Donna made a gurgling sound as she felt the rounded prickhead fuck deeper into her pussy.

"Give it to her! Joey!" Timmy urged, his cock bulging in his mother's hand. "Fuck her good!"

Donna couldn't help but dance her ass about. The feeling of Joey's cock created tremors of desire in her. Her naked ass cheeks twisted as she mewled, and they gave a lunge. His cock fucked in as far as he could go, bringing a soft wail from Donna. She felt his balls smash her cunt and her ass began to churn instantly.

Joey laughed, digging his fingers into her hips, yanking her ass back as he fucked into her. Joey moved his hands off Donna's ass and shoved them beneath her, squeezing her jiggling tits. Braced with one hand on her knees, Donna started sobbing and jerking her fist on her son's cock. Moist slaps sounded each time Joey fucked his cock into her cunt, his balls swinging back and forth, banging at her swollen clit.

"Ooooo!" Donna cried softly, her tits swinging with each thrust of Joey's cock. "Oh, God!"

"Fuck her, Joey!" Timmy was saying, his cock intensely hard in his mother's hand. "Fuck her real hard! My mom loves to take a cock hard!"

Donna tried to jack on her son's cock but she couldn't get herself coordinated. Joey was fucking her so hard she was being inched forward, taking a short step to keep her balance. She worked her ass with him, twisting it, ramming it back as he came forward.

Her knees began to shake with excitement, and they started collapsing. She couldn't help it, and her body slowly dropped to the floor. Her knees held her ass high as Joey went down with her, his cock fucking into her cunt swiftly. She held herself on her hands and knees, head hanging, squealing with soft, hot sounds, wiggling her ass around.

Timmy stood watching, his eyes gleaming. He could see his mother's hairy cunt stretching about Joey's cock, could see her asshole clench and flex.

"Ohhh!" Donna groaned, arching her back to lift her ass to Joey. "Oooo yes! God yes!"

Timmy dropped to his knees, clutching one of his mother's swaying tits, running the other hand about her shivering, hot ass. His cock brushed her arm, and somehow she captured his prick in her armpit. Timmy immediately began to fuck her armpit, smearing slippery fuck juices on her flesh. Donna pressed her arm tight for him, feeling the strange sensation of his cock throbbing there.

The erotic pleasure whirling inside Donna's mind was about to drive her crazy. She humped and thrashed her naked ass wildly as Joey pounded her cunt hard. Timmy fucked at her armpit, still managing to cup her tit, squeeze and pull at her rubbery hard nipples.

"Oh, please, please!" Donna sobbed, she moved her ass frantically. "Please, please, please!"

"Please, what! Mom?"

"Fuck me!" she screamed, the sound bouncing off the walls of the living room. "Fuck me, fuck me!"

Timmy gripped his mother's ass cheeks again, spreading them wide. She stared down as Joey hunched, fucking his cock into Donna's hairy cunt faster and faster. Her asshole puckered inward. Timmy kept his cock moving back and forth at his mother's armpit, but he wanted more than that. He turned loose of her ass and pulled his cock from her armpit. The juices of his cock seemed to scald her flesh.

"Suck it, Mom!" he grunted, twisting his hand into her hair and jerking her face. "Suck my cock! Take my hard cock in your fucking mouth and blow me! Suck my cock… while Joey fucks your wet pussy!"

"Mmmmm," Donna moaned as her son rubbed the dripping head of his cock across her lips, from corner to corner of her mouth.

She slipped the tip of her tongue out, tasting the fuck juices seeping from his piss hole. Her eyes rolled with dreamy rapture. She let her son slide his cock between her lips, pressing the hot head of his cock past her teeth. She gurgled as her mouth filled. The feel of her son's cock sliding across her tongue, the roof of her mouth, with Joey fucking her in the cunt with wild, brutal plunges, made Donna shake, her mind burning with perverse ecstasy.

Timmy, gripping his mother's hair, jerked her face back and forth, making her fuck his cock with her mouth. Donna grunted and cried softly with delight. It was somewhat difficult to suck on his cock sideways, but she didn't want to take time to make any adjustments. A cock fucking into her cunt while she was fucking another with her greedy mouth sent her soaring.

Her cunt seemed to close tighter around Joey's cock, sucking his prick inward. The hairy lips gripped his throbbing cock with such wet tightness, the boy was grunting hoarsely. He dug his hands tightly into Donna's whirling, shaking hips, fucking harder and faster, his balls swinging to and fro. Donna gave up trying to ram her ass back and forth with him, and simply held herself still, her ass trembling as her rapture grew.

Her son's cock was brushing at her throat, sending boiling wetness over it. Timmy kept jerking her head back and forth, and Donna closed her lips as tight as she could, her tongue pressing his cock against the roof of her mouth. Her son yanked her head forward until her lips were in the tuft of hair at the base, his balls smashing on her cheek. There were tears in Donna's tightly closed eyes, but they were tears of embarrassed joy. Her flesh was tinged with pale pink, but it was the hue of a woman experiencing an intense, erotic episode with two very young, very eager, hard-cocked boys.

"Suck me! Suck my cock!" Timmy began to yell. He jerked her face into his crotch brutally. The swollen head of his prick entered her throat, causing Donna to whimper in delight. "Suck my fucking cock, Mom! Lick it… fuck me with your cocksucking mouth!"

"Shake your hot ass for Joey, Mom!" Timmy yelped. "Shake your fucking ass! Make your hot, juicy cunt squeeze his cock! Suck his come juice out of his balls with your hairy pussy!"

Donna had no control over her cunt, but she did her mouth. Her fiery cunt squeezed and gripped and sucked on a cock all by itself, without any effort from her. But her mouth sucked because she wanted to. She squeezed her son's cock hard with her wet, scalding lips, making her mouth as tight as she could for her son. She could feel both cocks throbbing inside her body. She could feel them filling her cunt and mouth, feel the boiling ecstasy they created in her naked ass and hot, hungry mouth. Her clit was swollen, throbbing painfully as she felt that sweet boiling sensation of orgasm bubbling in her pussy.

She rammed her ass back hard onto Joey's cock, her arms, which held her up, trembling and becoming weak. Her son's fingers twisted into her hair, jerking her mouth back and forth on his cock. Her son's cock dripped copiously across her tongue, filling her mouth with the juices until she had to swallow, not wanting them to escape her tight lips. She swallowed with wet sounds as her son kept jerking her face into his crotch. Donna felt as if she would collapse at anytime. Her arms were very weak and shaking.

She wailed around her son's cock as her cunt finally exploded. The rippling, waving ecstasy erupted throughout her naked body, her cunt flexing and gripping in orgasm around Joey's cock. Tears of ecstasy streamed down her eyes, and she began to struggle on her son's cock, sucking frantically as he jerked her mouth back and forth. She wanted Timmy's cock to spew spunk down her hot throat.

Joey fucked his cock deep, smashing his balls at her throbbing cunt. The rush of hot come juice seemed to boil all the way into her stomach. Donna squealed about her son's cock as she felt Joey's prick spewing into her greedy cunt. She groaned with hunger as her cunt sucked hotly on his gushing cock, her greedy mouth still on Timmy's prick.

She heard her son make a sound, a deep-husky sound, and then his cock sent boiling thick come juice spraying along her tongue, the inside cheeks of her mouth. Spunk burst wetly against the back of her throat and Donna began to swallow in a frenzy, her cunt going through spasm after spasm of intense orgasm.

She was so weak that the only reason she forced herself to stay on her hands and knees was because of her son and Joey. She was still connected to them, Joey's cock in her cunt, Timmy's in her mouth. Shudder after shudder burned through her. When Timmy released her head, Donna's shoulders and head slumped to the floor. She was still on her knees, her naked, lovely ass uplifted, and her ass remained there even after Joey withdrew his glistening cock from her thoroughly fucked cunt.

The two boys sat in the middle of the floor, gasping, watching Donna's beautiful, creamy ass swaying gently as she sucked harshly for air.

"You sure have a hot mom," Joey said.

"I told you," Timmy laughed. "My mom can't get enough cock, Joey. I need your help."


Donna rested for a while.

She had turned onto her side, on the floor, facing the two boys. They now sat on the couch, looking at her, talking about her. She listened to what they said and felt embarrassed because her son was talking this way to Joey.

She hoped desperately her son wouldn't involve Joey in pissing on her. That would be going too far. She loved to piss for her son, loved to have him piss on her, but despite the joy of feeling hot piss spraying into her face, over her tits and cunt, Donna wanted no one else to share that particular excitement with them. That was for her and her son, no one else.

She rested her head on her hand, her elbow bent. She gazed at them, both boys sitting with their legs stretched out wide. The view of their young cocks and balls thrilled her. She could look at them this way all day, she thought. There was nothing more beautiful than young, hard cocks, but Timmy and Joey didn't have hard-ons right now. Still, those pricks were the most exciting things in the world, as far as Donna was concerned. She lifted her knee so her pussy was on display. The dark, fan-shaped pussy hair framed the wet, puffy lips of her cunt. Her clit protruded from her pussy folds in an inviting, teasing way. She stroked her cunt as she gazed at those cocks and balls, her eyes moist with pleasure.

"Your mom is a damn good fuck, Timmy!" Joey said, eyeing Donna as she gently prodded her clit.

"I told you she was the best piece of ass you'd ever get, didn't I?" Timmy bragged. "My mom would rather fuck than eat!" He looked at his mother, grinning. "Right, Mom?"

"If you say so, darling," she murmured shyly. "I'm whatever you say I am, Timmy!"

"I say you're a great fuck and the best cocksucker in the whole fucking world!" Timmy laughed. "Don't you think so now, Joey?"

Joey nodded, his cock twitching again.

Donna worked her finger into the lips of her pussy, slowly finger-fucking herself, the boys watching. She wanted those cocks hard again, wanted them to swell and bulge, to drip with eagerness for her cunt. She splayed her legs as wide as she could, turning onto her back. She pulled the hairy lips of her cunt open. While she stroked her cunt, she toyed with her tits, twisting her nipples, pulling and stretching them.

Her cunt still tingled with the orgasms from earlier but she wasn't satisfied. The craving for a hard cock was growing. She knew she would do anything to get a hard cock in her body, anywhere in her body Donna didn't care if she were shamed or experienced humiliation. All that mattered was cock, hard cock…

"Pleases get hard," she whispered.

Timmy laughed. "See what I mean, Joey?"

Joey nodded, stroking his cock, his eyes burned on Donna's wicked display of erotic need.

Donna didn't rush as she spoke. "I want more cock, Timmy. I want both those cocks at the same time again. I want all the cock you two can give me, all the sweet come juice your balls can hold."

Donna lifted her ass from the floor, fucking her middle finger in and out of her juicy cunt. She dug almost painfully into her swollen tits, stretching her nipple to its limits, her eyes smoldering lustfully. She twisted her ass, making fucking motions. She slipped her finger from her cunt, rubbed the wetness up her stomach to her lips. She wiped her wet finger across her lips then licked at the cunt juice there. She sucked her finger into her mouth, fucking it in and out with wicked pleasure.

Timmy's cock lifted, swelling along his stomach. Joey's hand moved up and down his hard cock, watching everything Donna did with herself, awed in a young boys way. Timmy didn't hold his cock but watched his mother, too.

Donna moved her finger back to her cunt. She rubbed it along the side of her clitoris, dipped it down into her pussy again. She fucked it in and out a few times then smeared cunt juice along her thigh, the cheeks of her ass. She knew the boys loved watching her do this, and she lifted her tit, licking her nipples as she began to finger-fuck herself once more. She twisted her crotch lewdly, then pulled the finger back to her mouth, sucking up the slippery, hot juices. This time, shoving her hand down between her legs, she bypassed her cunt. She moved the finger along the puffy pussy lips, then to the crack of her ass. With her eyes shining in perverse heat, she rubbed her asshole, gently working her middle finger into it.

"Oooo," she purred as her finger penetrated her asshole. "Oh, it feels so good."

Joey's eyes bulged in his head, and he gripped his cock so hard, the prickhead looked ready to burst open. His piss hole flared as clear fuck juices dripped from it. The swollen cockhead glistened with the wetness, and Donna ran her tongue over her lips with hunger. She arched her ass higher, drawing one knee to her shoulder, letting the boys see her asshole gripping her finger. With her finger deep inside her asshole, Donna pressed her thumb into her cunt.

"Oooo, wonderful!" she purred, writhing on the floor as she thrust her finger into her asshole, her thumb into her cunt. "It's so fucking good! Mmm. I could fuck myself like this all day if there wasn't a nice hard cock around."

"You've got cock here, Mom!" Timmy said. "Two of them!"

"Ooo, I see," Donna whimpered. "Two beautiful cocks, too."

She pulled her finger and thumb from her cunt and asshole, moaning. She brought them to her mouth, licking them, tasting herself, tasting her cunt and hole.

"Someone, please," she whimpered. "Sit on my face, Joey. Do you want to sit on my face? While I lick your balls, suck your cock… your asshole! Ohhh, please, do something to me, to my hot fucking cunt, my mouth!"

"Go on and sit on her cocksucking face," Timmy said. "My mom will suck your asshole so hard, you're gonna think you'll shit in her fucking mouth."

Joey stood, his cock arching out straight and hard. He knelt at the side of Donna's head. Donna stared at his long, throbbing cock then kissed the dripping pisshole. With a whimper of hunger she sucked it into her mouth, deep. Her lips pressed at the base, writhing as her cheeks sucked hard on his cock.

Timmy watched a moment, then knelt at the other side of his mother's head. He rubbed his cock about her cheek, watching her sucking Joey's cock.

"Mmmm, lovely," Donna purred and turned her face to take her son's cock into her mouth.

She whimpered as she pulled her son's cock deep into her mouth, her eyes closed as she savored the hard, hot, sweet taste. She brought her hand up and stroked Joey's cock as she sucked Timmy. She turned her head from side to side, taking each in turn. She grasped both cocks in her fists, pumping them and pressing the wet piss holes at her face. She purred softly and looked up at them with blazing eyes. Twisting her face to Joey's crotch, she lapped her tongue around his low hung balls, feeling the heat of them, knowing they were loaded again, loaded with the sweetest substance in the world.

Pulling Joey's balls into her mouth, she whimpered and twisted her hips about on the floor. She loved the taste of his balls, the way they filled her mouth. She jacked his cock, feeling the dripping fuck juices on her face. She clung to her son's cock and jerked her fist, too. Her cunt was bubbling with wet heat as she sucked from Joey's balls, turning her head to her son's. She gulped his hairless balls into her mouth, pulling Joey's cock to her cheek so she could feel them both dripping on her face.

She made soft sounds of rapture as she sucked their balls, one after the other, her tongue taking long licks at the throbbing cockshafts. She darted her tongue past Timmy's balls, wiggling in as close as she could to his asshole, tasting and probing. When she repeated the same action on Joey, she managed to press the tip of her tongue against his asshole. Joey let out a whoop of pleasure.

"Licking my fucking asshole!" he shouted. "Your mom is licking my asshole, Timmy!"

"I told you she would," Timmy laughed. "There aint nothing my mom wont do," Joey said.

He moved back a ways as Joey straddled Donna's face. She looked up between his thighs, her eyes hot and moist with maddening desire. His balls hung down, his cock lifted in hardness. He drew his feet up until he was squatting over her face. Donna licked her lips as she stared at his tightly puckered asshole. She swallowed then lifted her head, pressing her face into the crack of his hot ass. Her tongue swirled about his asshole, then she pursed her lips and kissed, sucking. Joey's body trembled, his ass in Donna's face. He leaned over, his balls on her chin, his cock burning on one of her full tits.

Donna made hungry sounds as her tongue swirled about his steamy asshole, licking feverishly. She twisted her naked ass on the floor, one hand still gripping her son's cock. She jacked Timmy's prick swiftly, feeling the throbs go up her arm. She purred with soft pleasure and pressed her tongue hard at Joey's asshole. When she felt his asshole give, she shot her tongue into it, wailing in pleasure. She tongue fucked his hole, feeling his balls burn on her chin, his cock throb on her tit.

Her cunt swelled, itched and burned. Her clit poked far out from the wet folds. She felt a hand rubbing at her hairy cunt, but didn't know if it was Joey or her son, and didn't care. She cried softly with increasing rapture as her tongue delved in and out of Joey's gripping asshole. She tasted him and swirled her tongue as deep as she could.

"I've gotta fuck you Mom!" Timmy groaned. "I've gotta stick my cock in your hairy, wet cunt!"

Donna whimpered, but thrust her tongue deeper yet into Joey's asshole. She spread her legs wide, arching her cunt up as she felt her son between her thighs. When she felt her son's cock fuck into her cunt with frantic furry, she sobbed into Joey's asshole, grinding her cunt when her son began to fuck her swiftly. She sucked at Joey's asshole with a frenzy, tears of ecstasy streaming from her eyes. She pulled her tongue from his tight asshole, licking down to his balls. Joey adjusted his squatting position, looking down at her as his balls were drawn deep into her scalding mouth, gripped his cock and began to jack off frantically. But Donna wasn't having any of that. She pulled her mouth from his balls, racing the flat surface of her tongue along the shaft of his cock.

"My mouth," she sobbed. "Joey, fuck my mouth!"

Joey shoved his ass back a ways and Donna caught the swollen head of his cock with her lips. Donna arched her head back, her neck taut. She couldn't suck up and down a Joey's cock, so she shoved her hands past his hips, clasping his ass and forcing him to fuck into her mouth. She flung her legs up to her son's shoulders, hooking her heels behind his head, slamming her cunt onto his cock wildly. Digging her fingers into Joey's trembling ass, she pushed and pulled and then Joey was fucking into her wet, tight mouth, his balls bouncing and sliding across her eyes and nose.

Her hairy cunt pulled at her son's cock greedily, squeezing. Her clitoris was smashed at the base of her sons cock with each plunge he made. His balls slapped her naked ass wetly. Timmy hugged his mother's thighs to his stomach, hunching and groaning as he watched Joey fucking her mouth.

Donna's naked body shivered with a heat that threatened to dissolve her flesh. The throbbing of her son's cock fucking into her cunt was creating a storm of ecstasy, and, now that Joey was fucking her mouth, she felt as if she had been lifted into a wild, soaring, steaming world of hard cock and wet cunt. She thought of nothing but the two hard cocks that fucked into her greedy cunt and hungry mouth. It was all she wanted, all she cared about. Anything else was nothing.

She thrashed on her back, her head turned back as Joey fucked his cock into her sucking mouth, the head touching her throat. He rammed his cock so hard into her mouth, her lips were being bruised, but that didn't matter either. She felt as if the two cocks were beating her, lashing her, pounding her into an erotic ecstasy she had never known before.

The taste of the seeping fuck juices from Joey's cock coated her tongue, and Donna licked each time he pulled back. She swallowed eagerly when she had the chance, enjoying the slippery juices in her throat. Her cunt was beginning to squeeze on her son's cock now, gripping with flexing tightness.

"I'm gonna shoot it up your fucking cunt, Mom!" Timmy yelled, fucking faster and deeper. "I'm gonna come in your fucking hot, wet pussy! I'm gonna come in your fucking cunt so hard, you're gonna taste it in your cocksucking mouth!"

Donna wailed as she felt her son's cock become harder, longer, thicker. Her cunt tightened around his prick as if afraid he would jerk free. At the same time, Joey's cock was swelling inside her mouth. She closed her lips around his cock.

Timmy couldn't hold back any longer. He fucked his mother hard and fast. She felt as if he would almost rip her apart. Her pussy began to explode.

The orgasms didn't stop.

Donna felt her nerves being seared by the intensity of her mindless ecstasy. Her whole body was a mass of quivering, shaking orgasm. She let Joey's cock fill her mouth until come juice almost seeped from her tight lips, then she swallowed, the thick taste burned her throat and her cunt went into a series of orgasms that were so strong, she wondered why her bones weren't shattered.

Donna was hardly aware when Timmy and Joey pulled their cocks from her. The blazing glow of her intense orgasms seemed to keep rumbling through her as she lay naked on the floor. Come juice seeped from her hairy cunt, smearing the cheeks of her ass, the insides of her thighs. Her lips glistened with come juice.

"Oh, God! Oh, my God!" she said over and over.

Timmy and Joey sat on the floor, knees up, chins resting on them, watching her. Donna could feel their eyes but she couldn't yet focus her own.

After what seemed a very long time, she finally managed to clear her vision. She grinned weakly.

"That was the best yet," she whispered.

Her eyes fell on her son's cock, which was wet from her cunt, and she couldn't resist.

"Let me lick it clean, Timmy," she said. "Bring your cock to me and let me lick all that juice from it!"

Timmy knelt at her shoulders, and watched as his mother's tongue swirled about his cunt wet cock. Joey watched too, amazed.

"You like to taste cunt?" Joey asked.

"Mmmm, it's sweet and wonderful," Donna purred as her tongue licked away all the juices of her pussy, tasting his come juice, too.

When she finished, Timmy sat back on his naked ass, stretching one leg above her head. Donna was afraid of what he was about to do, and flashed her eyes at him. She was afraid he was going to piss in her face. If Joey had not been with them, she would have taken it eagerly, but pissing was something she wanted, only for herself and her son, no one else. That was a private thing between them, and Donna didn't think she would enjoy it if anyone else pissed on her.

Timmy grinned at his mother, understanding her thoughts. He pulled away, and Donna breathed in relief. From the corner of her eye, she saw Joey dressing.

"You have to leave?" she asked, disappointed.

Joey nodded, zipping his shorts.

"Did you have fun?" Donna asked. "Was I good?"

Joey grinned, nodding his head again.

"Is it okay if I come back?"

Donna looked at Timmy, who answered Joey.

"It's okay, Joey. But you gotta let us know first. You can't just come anytime you feel like it."

Joey agreed to the terms and Donna watched him leave, still lying on her back, still naked.

"Now, darling!" she said when the door closed. "Now you can piss on me!"

Timmy stood up, arching his hips forward, holding the base of his cock, aiming at his mother's body.

"Oooo, piss on me!" Donna whimpered, clutching her tits with both hands. "Piss all over me, darling!"

The yellow stream spewed from her son's cock, splashing across her flat stomach then stinging the nipples of her tits. Donna began to sob as her cunt started to clutch with a boiling orgasm again. Her son swung his cock up and down her body, drenching her with piss. She spread her legs wide, lifting her ass, and Timmy swung his cock to her cunt. Donna cried softly as she felt his piss burned through the hair of her cunt then sting her protruding clit.

The hot piss filled her pussy, raining over the spreading cheeks of her ass, tingling her sensitive asshole. Her pussy erupted with orgasm. She screamed with ecstasy.

"I'm coming! Ohhhh baby, you're making my cunt come so fucking hard, in my cunt, my ass!"

But Timmy was about finished.

He swung his cock upward and sent the final spurts of piss into his mother's face. When he started to shake his cock, Donna jerked upright.

"In my mouth!" she urged. When Donna thrust her tongue out, Timmy shook the rest of his piss onto her tongue.


The shorts her son had made for her fit very tight on her rounded ass. Donna found it fun and exciting to wear them. Her lovely ass showed beautifully through the transparent material, every detail exposed.

She wore them about the house because her son asked her to, and because she wanted to. Her tits were usually showing, and her nipples stayed hard all the time. They tingled with the most delicious feeling and she and Timmy both tweaked them, pulled them often. It thrilled her when Timmy would sneak up behind her and wrap his arms about her, cup her tits, squeezing them, pressing his cock against her ass.

It pleased her that Timmy couldn't get enough of her, of her hot cunt or hungry mouth. He was always ready to fuck that beautiful hard-on into her, day and night. Although it had begun with her son being the dominant one, Donna was no longer letting him control her as before. She exerted herself, going to him and saying what she wanted. Timmy didn't seem to mind that she had become less shy, less embarrassed. He seemed delighted that his mother would take the first steps now, initiate the things they were doing.

Timmy took particular pleasure in watching her piss in her panties. Donna found it exciting, too. She would piss in her panties as her son watched, then would wander around for some time, wearing her piss-wet panties, her thighs dripping with her own piss. The warm wetness kept her in a high state of arousal, her cunt pulsing.

One of Donna's greatest delights was to have her son sit on her face, so she could tongue fuck him in his tight asshole, while either he jacked his cock off over her tits, or she did it. Then she would lift her tits to her mouth and lick the sweet come juice from her nipples. That always excited her son. He also enjoyed seeing her finger-fuck, then lick her own juices from her finger, or thrust her finger into her own asshole and suck it.

"You really like the taste of your cunt, don't you, Mom?" he asked her the following afternoon. Donna replied with her eyes shining.

"I love it, darling."

"Why don't you get a woman?"

"I don't know any women," she answered.

"I'd like to see you suck a hairy cunt," Timmy laughed, his cock swelling. He was naked and had been fondling his balls as they talked. "I'd kinda like to see you stick your tongue up some girl's wet cunt and fuck it, or suck her asshole."

"Mmmm," Donna purred, reaching for his prick. "That would be wonderful."

"I bet I know a girl," Timmy said, unzipping his mother's shorts as she leaned forward.

Donna was steaming by the time she wiggled from the shorts. Her cunt was bubbling with boiling thick juices. She didn't question her son about this girl but her mind was whirling with the thought. A soft, sweet, extremely wet cunt would feel so good against her lips, her cheeks. A pussy would taste like honey to her, she felt.

She licked her lips with the thought.

Timmy lifted slightly, and Donna slipped her middle finger up his asshole with ease. She began kissing and licking at her son's cock and balls. She kissed slowly, letting the taste bring her erotic, trembling body to a fever pitch.

She ran the flat surface of her tongue up and down the hard shaft of her son's cock, twirling about the smooth prickhead. That teased him, and herself! Timmy stroked his hand up and down her side, her hip, squeezing it. He felt the swell of her ass, slipped the edge of his hand into the hot crack and reached for her amt.

Donna whimpered softly as his finger entered her hairy, fiery pussy and when she felt his thumb moving into her asshole, she whimpered and gobbled his cock deep into her mouth.

"Yes. I think I know a girl!" she heard her son say in his husky voice as he lifted his hips, fucking his cock into her hot mouth.

Donna wiggled her finger in his asshole, wiggling her other hand up to his balls. She moaned softly as her son slowly fucked in and out of her mouth. His asshole flexed and gripped her finger. She hardly heard what he was saying. The taste of his hard, hot cock was all she cared about, as usual.

Timmy fucked his thumb and finger in and out of his mother's cunt and asshole, grunting as she sucked strongly at his cock, twisting his balls. He felt his mother's cunt and asshole holding his finger and thumb, contracting as he pulled back, opening as he went in.

Donna mewled with pleasure as her lips sucked up and down his cock. The more she sucked, the harder and hotter his prick seemed to become. Occasionally, she lifted her mouth and licked at his cock, around his balls. The soft whimpers that came from her throat were those of a woman experiencing a growing wanton desire. She fluttered the tip of her tongue into his belly button, licked swiftly through the tuft of hair at the base of his cock, and, with a sob, swallowed his prick deep again. She arched her ass back into his hand as she leaned into his crotch. Her position was a bit awkward, so she pulled her knees beneath her body, arching her ass in the air.

Timmy shoved his other hand off her head and grasped her tits, playing with them but keeping his finger and thumb fucking into her cunt and asshole.

Donna didn't know – couldn't tell the difference – which was hotter, cunt or asshole. It really made no difference because she was so hot in both places, and if her son kept it up long enough and his cock would spew that sweet juice from his balls into her greedy mouth, she would come. She wondered, before, if a woman could experience orgasm by getting fucked in the ass and she strongly suspected she would. It would be impossible not to come.

"Suck my balls, Mom!" Timmy said.

Donna lifted her mouth off his cock, her eyes looking up at him as she rubbed it about her cheek. She flashed a wanton grin at him then held his balls in her palm, her tongue swirling wetly. The way they throbbed and writhed against her tongue excited her, as if they were alive, separate from his body. The taste of her son's flesh thrilled her. She found Timmy's taste more to her liking than Joey's. Not that she hadn't enjoyed Joey and his young cock, it was just that she preferred Timmy's cock and balls to any other.

"Now my cock, Mom!"

She had felt his cock throbbing with more power against her check and neck, and rushed her wet mouth down. She closed her lips just past the smoothly swollen head, sucking as her tongue licked about his dripping piss hole. Then she sucked up and down swiftly, almost frantically, making wet sounds.

Timmy rammed his finger into her cunt and his thumb up her asshole hard, holding them there, not moving. He arched his hips up, ramming his cock deep. With a loud grunt, he came.

Donna gave a soft squeak and jerked her lips upward, until only the head of his cock was in her mouth. She pressed her tongue hard against his piss hole and sobbed in pleasure when the thick come juice gushed, spraying to the sides of her tongue and filling her mouth. Her throat worked as she swallowed the creamy sweetness of her son's balls, her lips sucking hard.

"Take it, cunt!" Timmy yelped as he flooded his mother's mouth with come juice. "Take it… drink my come juice down your cocksucking throat! Eat it… eat my come juice!"

Donna made exquisite sobbing sounds, her throat burning with his come juice, her cunt clasping his buried finger, her asshole gripping his thumb. She groaned wetly and arched her ass into her son's finger and thumb. An orgasm was rumbling about her crotch tightly and hotly. The taste of his come juice seemed to become sweeter each time he came inside her mouth. She clung to the head of her son's cock when he finished, her tongue licking lightly about his piss hole.

"Mmm, you always taste so fucking good," she giggled as she sat upright. Timmy's finger and thumb remained in her ass and cunt. She wiggled on them, gurgling. "I'll never stop sucking your cock off, Timmy! Never!"

She lifted her ass when he pulled his finger and thumb from her asshole, and eagerly sucked them when he offered them to her mouth. She enjoyed the taste of her wet cunt and asshole, her tongue swirling as she sucked both at the same time. She closed her eyes, cupping his cock and balls, sucking his fingers, and she experienced a second orgasm.

She leaned back on the couch, stretching her legs out, opening them. She looked at her son, eyes hot and wet with ecstasy. Her eyes moved to his prick, and she was delighted to see his prick still standing up.

"Mom," Timmy said, twisting her nipple, "you know what I'm gonna do now?"

"There isn't much telling, darling," she whispered. "It doesn't matter, I suppose, especially if it's with me."

"I'm gonna fuck your ass!" he said.

"My ass?" Donna's eyes glowed. "You mean, in my ass?"

"Right in your fucking hot asshole, Mom!"

Donna's asshole clenched.


He nodded.

Donna gave the matter some thought. Then she nodded her head.

"Why not?" she said. "This cock has been in me every other place. You might as well fuck me up the ass, too."

She scrambled about until she was leaning on the glass-topped coffee table, her tits smashed almost flat on the cool surface. Her ass wiggled with invitation.

Timmy slipped to his knees behind her. He caressed the naked cheeks of his mother's ass a few moments then spread them apart. He peered at his mother's asshole. He ran the tip of his finger across and then buried his face into his mothers ass. He kissed her asshole. Donna gurgled and arched her ass up.

"Oooo, that feels good, Timmy!"

"Don't taste bad at all," Timmy replied, looking at the tightness of her asshole again.

"Fuck me, baby!" Donna pleaded. "I want your cock up my ass, Timmy! Stick that wonderful cock up mother's asshole… fuck me in the hot ass!"

When her son rubbed the head of his cock up and down her ass, pressing the cheeks against the prickhead, Donna began to cry softly. The cry, however, was one of joy, not humiliation. The feel of his cock between the cheeks of her ass was different, strange and pleasant.

"Oh! Hurry!" she begged. "My asshole is so fucking hot, Timmy! Rip my asshole! Tear mothers hot asshole apart with that sweet, hard cock! Fuck me up the ass! Up my ass… up mother's asshole!"

She trembled when he pressed the swollen head of his cock against the sensitive, tight asshole. When he exerted pressure, holding her ass cheeks wide apart, Donna's cunt almost convulsed. She squealed as he applied more pressure. She felt her asshole giving, opening for the head of his cock.

She shoved back, and Timmy pressed in.

The swollen head of her son's cock penetrated her asshole. She felt the stretching of her asshole, the slight pain. For a moment, it felt to Donna as if her asshole was splitting. But as his smooth cockhead popped past her tight ass-ring everything suddenly became rapture to her. The stretching feeling and filling sensation caused her emotions to soar, her cunt to pulsate, her clitoris to swell to bursting. Even her tits seemed to become cushiony beneath her. The glass of the coffee table was no longer cool. She grasped the edge of the coffee table, digging her fingers in until her knuckles turned white. She closed her eyes and gritted her teeth, preparing herself for a final, painful thrust of his cock.

Timmy stared down between the cheeks of his mother's rounded ass, seeing her asshole gripping the head of his cock. He gasped at the erotic sight.

Then he plunged hard.

"Owwww!" Donna screamed.

Her son's cock filled her ass more than she thought possible. His prick stretched her asshole until she was sure she was going to rip apart, tear from her cunt to the base of her spine.

"Ohhh, baby!" she cried. "That's so good! Your cock fills mother's ass deep! Fuck it, Timmy! Oh, God, fuck my asshole!"

Timmy's balls smashed at his mother's cunt. She was seeping so hotly, covering his balls with her fuck juices. He gripped her hips, watching his cock as he began to fuck.

"Ooo, yes! God, yes!" Donna groaned.

"You're tight as shit, Mom!"

"Fuck it! Fuck the shit out of me… out of my hot, fucking ass!"

Timmy began banging, fucking his cock back and forth. Each lunge sent Donna into trembling ecstasy. She felt as if she wanted to shit. As the pleasure increased, the friction of her son's cock burning the tight ring of her asshole, Donna didn't care if she did shit. As long as her son kept ramming that hard cock up her ass, she didn't care about anything. His balls smacked against the swelling lips of her hairy cunt, making moist sounds. Her cunt felt as if it had been set on fire, and her clit seemed longer and harder than ever. She wiggled her ass, humping in a rhythm that matched his fucking motions.

"Deep!" Donna sobbed. "Go deep, Timmy!"

Timmy grunted and fucked his cock as far into his mother's asshole as he could.

"Hammer that cock up my ass!" Donna began to scream. "Pound the shit out of mother's ass! Oooo, Timmy! Timmy! Fuck my ass! Fuck mother's hot asshole! Oooo, it's wonderful! Fuck my hot asshole!"

Timmy fucked faster and faster, his cock throbbing between the ring of his mother's gripping, flexing asshole. His balls became smeared with the oozing juices of her cunt, sounding wet as he slapped them back and forth. He gritted his teeth, feeling his balls swell, his cock tingling. He didn't want to come yet. He wanted to feel the fiery tightness of his mother's asshole around his cock for as long as she could.

"More! Ohhh, give me more!" Donna wailed.

"Uh… uhhhh!" Timmy grunted as he drove his cock in and out fast and hard. Donna lifted her ass, shaking wildly, crying with the intensity of her pleasure-pain.

"My cunt! Ohhh, baby, mother's cunt is so fucking hot! I'm going to come, darling!" she was screaming. "Your cock up my ass is going to make my fucking hot cunt cum!"

"Come, bitch!" Timmy grunted. "Come! Fucking cunt, come!"

"Yes! I will! Ohh, shit, I'm going to come and piss and shit sooooo, hard and fast!"

Timmy was fucking into his mother's asshole with brutal force, driving his cock deep, stretching her asshole wide. Donna screamed, the sound bouncing from the walls of the living room. Her cunt felt as if it had blown apart.

The orgasm Donna had caused her asshole to grip her son's cock so tightly he couldn't pull back. Her asshole squeezed hard, and the waving sensation began to suck his prick.

"Oh, Mom! Mom!"

"Come!" Donna shouted mindlessly, her head up, her hair flying about her face. "Come, damn you! Shoot that come juice up my asshole! Drown me in your sweet, hot cum juice! Flood my fucking ass with delicious come juice!"

Timmy had no choice. His mother's asshole was squeezing at his cock tighter than her fists or mouth ever had. Her ass seemed to suck his cock greedily, the way her mouth sucked.

He grunted again.

Thick come juice gushed, splashing along the soft walls of her asshole. Donna felt it and her orgasm increased in power, causing her asshole to suck and pull on his cock. The rapid squirts sent tremors of mindless ecstasy through Donna's naked body, burning and searing, melting the soft walls of her asshole, her cunt going through orgasm after orgasm. She gripped the edge of the coffee table so hard it was a wonder she didn't crack the glass.

Timmy slumped across his mother's back, gasping and heaving, his breath burning her flesh. Donna could hardly breathe, but not because of her son's weight. Her asshole kept burning and tingling with his cock deflating inside. She trembled with the glowing pleasure, unable to stop the flexing of her asshole.

"Ohhh, darling!" she panted, wiggling her ass into him.

Timmy rested for a moment longer then lifted from her. He parted the cheeks of her ass, watching his cock pull out. He made a giggling sound.

"Was it funny to you?" Donna asked, sliding from the coffee table and sitting gingerly on the floor before him. "I thought it was fantastic."

"It sure was, Mom!" Timmy agreed. "I kind of like fucking you in your asshole."

"You're going to be fucking that asshole quite often, I suspect." She smiled up at him, cupping his cock and balls. "At least I certainly hope you will."

"Suck it, Mom!" he said, arching his hips forward. "Suck my cock a little!"

"But, honey," she said, looking at his cock. "It's been up my asshole. Look, I think I see a little shit."

"Suck it!" he demanded.


Her son clasped her face in his hands and shoved his cock into her face. Donna smelled shit on his cock and when he rubbed his prick into her mouth, Donna parted her lips. Timmy was as bold and dominating as ever. She had only thought things were changing. As she opened her lips to take his shit-tasting cock into her mouth, Donna knew she liked sex best when he forced her.

She closed her lips about his cock, licking at it, tasting his come juice and her own shit. She wasn't surprised when her cunt, once again, exploded with a hot, wet orgasm.


That night, Timmy fucked his mother up the ass again, and this time, when he asked her to lick his cock, Donna went at him with eagerness. She found it exciting to suck his cock after he had fucked her asshole.

It became part of their erotic games, to suck his cock after he had fucked her asshole.

Timmy talked more about the girl he felt would join them, and Donna still didn't question him. It didn't matter who the girl was. If her son wanted a second girl with them, the way he had brought Joey, Donna didn't mind. On the contrary, she found herself becoming more and more eager to suck on and soft, hairy cunt.

Donna would do anything her son wanted her to do.

She had on a pair of panties, very small and very tight. The curly hair of her cunt was exposed by the tiny crotch, and hardly covered her ass. Timmy bought all her underwear now. She had thrown all her conventional panties and bras away. She dressed for her son, dressed to excite and tease him. And, of course herself. Timmy wore jockey shorts. She enjoyed seeing him in shorts better than completely naked. She loved to see his cock and balls lumped out. She liked watching his cock become hard inside, stretching the fabric, watch a moist spot grow where the head of his cock pressed.

One of her favorite things to do was lick at his cock and balls through his shorts, probe at his asshole through them. She enjoyed licking the crotch of his shorts after he had worn them, because it made her cunt tingle so deliciously. She enjoyed exciting Timmy when he wanted her to lick the inside of her panties after she had worn them, getting the crotch juicy with her cunt juices. She liked it when she pissed in her panties and let her son wash her face with them, stuff them into her mouth. She even found it enjoyable when he would shove part of her panties into her asshole and then ask her to suck than.

"I'm gonna bring this girl here this afternoon, Mom," Timmy said. "You're gonna like her I bet. I've never fucked her, but I know she puts out. I bet most of the guys at school have fucked her."

"You're sure about that?" Donna asked.

"Mom, I even watched her take two of the guys on during lunch period," Timmy said.

"And you just watched?" she asked him. "Why didn't you get some cunt too?"

"The fucking bell rang," he said.

"Well, it's okay," Donna said softly. "You know where you can always get fucked."

She placed her hand on top of his cock. He was in his jockey shorts and she ran a fingertip over the moist place where his piss hole pressed. She leaned down and ran her tongue across the wet place. She closed her lips about the head of his cock, sucking through his shorts.

They both went to the floor with Donna climbing on top of her son, her face toward his feet. She spread her knees about his head, running her tongue along the edges of his shorts, tasting the inner surfaces of his thighs, where his shorts covered his crotch. She ran her tongue down to the cheeks of his ass, licking through his shorts at his asshole. She cupped his ass cheeks, lifting his crotch to her face.

Timmy, beneath his mother, stroked her creamy thighs and pantied ass, gazing into the crotch of her panties. Donna's cunt made an exciting bulge in them. He lifted his face and sucked at her panties, his mouth wide. Donna mewled and buried her face between Timmy's legs, kissing with wet heat. She squirmed her cunt into her son's face, twisting and grinding.

"Piss, Timmy!" she squealed, lifting her head a few inches above his cock. "Pies for mother, darling."

"Are you gonna piss, too, Mom?" he asked, his voice muffled between her hot thighs.

"If you want me to," she hissed.

"Piss then," his reply came. "I'll piss if you will, Mom."

Donna, with a soft moan, squirted a few drops of piss into her panties. She heard her son groan and saw his shorts turn wet as he began to piss. She pressed her mouth to the wet place, tasting and feeling the heat of his piss. She sucked his piss through his shorts, and gurgled as her son began sucking the piss from her panties. But, as exciting as she found this, she wanted his cock out, wanted his prick to piss up into her face. She clawed his shorts to one side, exposing his cock and balls. Holding his balls in one hand, a cheek of his ass in the other, she began sucking hard on his cock. As she sucked her son's hot piss out of his cock her hair became drenched in pee. She mewled and whimpered, sliding her tongue up and down his cock, over his pissing cockhead, swallowing some more, then licking him again. Her piss kept gushing in spurts because her cunt was flexing, but her son licked at her cunt, even slipped his tongue into her cunt and around her asshole, feeling his mother's piss spraying his chin and neck.

"God, baby!" Donna whimpered. "Your piss… it's wonderful! I love it, I love it! Piss for me, baby! Piss in my cocksucking face, my mouth!"

But Timmy was finished.

Donna gobbled his cock into her mouth and began sucking furiously. Timmy ran his tongue rapidly into her pussy and Donna couldn't finish pissing. She thrust her cunt into her son's face, grinding into his mouth as she sucked with frantic motions on his cock. When her cunt started to convulse, she sucked with such force on his prick that Timmy arched up sending hot gushes of piss-tasting come juice down her throat.

Rolling to her side. Donna panted, her tits moving up and down. Her face was wet with piss, her hair matted to her head. She spread her thighs, and, while lying on her back, she finished pissing, sending a golden arch a few feet into the air, only to have the pee splatter the floor between her parted feet.

"When are you getting this girl for us?"

"You really want her, huh? I'll take a shower and go find her."

While he was gone, Donna showered and put on a skirt, but no panties. After a moment's thought, she decided not to put on a blouse or bra. If this girl is as hot as her son mentioned, a bra would only be in the way.

Timmy was gone about an hour and Donna was waiting anxiously when he returned.

"Mom, this is Jill," he said, leading a young girl into the house.

Donna smiled at the girl, seeing a tall blonde. Jill wasn't embarrassed to see Donna sitting with her tits out. She seemed to accept Donna's exposure as natural. So natural she immediately undressed, wiggling her ass from the tight, revealing jeans.

"I told her about us, Mom," Timmy said to his mother's questioning look. "Jill is always ready for cock."

Jill stood up straight, letting her blouse fall away. Her tits were big, firm, with large nipples. The blonde hair of her cunt was thick and curly. Her body was that of a twenty year old, but her face was much younger. The girl was only a few years older than Timmy, Donna decided.

"Timmy said you wanted to suck my cunt," Jill said bluntly.

Donna glanced at her son, then back to the girl. She nodded her head slowly, feeling a familiar flush creep over her cheeks.

"Have you ever sucked cunt before?" the girl asked.

Donna shook her head, wishing she wouldn't blush so pinkly.

"It's nice," the girl replied, caressing her body as she stood there. "Sucking cunt is as good as sucking cock. You'll really like it."

"Dwwn on the floor, Mom," Timmy said, removing his clothing. "On your back so Jill can sit her ass in your fucking face."

Donna complied, feeling herself starting to shake. While Timmy stood and watched, playing with his cock and balls, the girl knelt at Donna's body getting her skirt unhooked and dragging it from her hips and legs. Donna jerked when the girl pressed her face down and kissed her pussy. She shook with embarrassed pleasure as the girl swung her legs across her face. Donna gazed up between the smooth thighs, seeing that blonde-haired cunt parting, the lips pink and wet already. She caught a quick flash of the girl's asshole just before her mouth was filled by a hot, wet pussy.

Just as Donna had thought, a cunt was soft against her face. The blonde pussy hair tickled her cheeks and chin, and the fuck juices smearing her lips seemed to blister them. Donna felt the girl wrap her arms beneath her ass, lifting her cunt upward. She jerked as the girl licked her tongue about her clit then dipped the tongue into her pussy. Donna opened her lips and took a few tentative tastes of the blonde cunt. Her eyes went glazed as she tasted the girl's pussy, seeing her son, through a hazy fog, still standing there, rubbing at his swollen cock.

"Eat her cunt, Mom!" Timmy urged. "Suck her fucking cunt! Lick her pussy juice. Tongue fuck her, Mom!"

Donna grasped the cheeks of the girl's ass, pulling her cunt hard into her face. She opened her lips wide, and sucked hard at the hairy cunt, her tongue flicking and entering the steamy wetness.

Donna clutched the girls grinding ass with both hands, her tongue darting into the wet heat, sucking and licking with a more furious pace as her erotic desires swelled. She was no longer blushing, but shivering with hunger. She arched her ass up, ramming her cunt into the girl's face, grinding sideways. She sucked hard at the steamy pussy in her mouth, trying to focus her glassy eyes on her son as he danced about them, his cock protruding with intense hardness, watching them.

Donna was surprised that the girl was coming so soon. She felt the girl's orgasms rippling around, the hairy cunt lips gripping at her tongue with tight contractions. While she came, the girl sucked and licked at Donna's cunt like her son never had. There was a different technique this girl had of sucking pussy but it was as exciting and delicious as that of her son.

Donna fucked her tongue in and out of the girl's contracting cunt, then up across the puckering asshole. Donna found herself wanting this girl to piss, to piss into her face, her mouth.

Donna's cunt was rumbling with powerful orgasms.

She shot her ass up, smashing her cunt into the girl's mouth with a muffled squeal. The girl tightened her hands into Donna's shaking ass as Donna came, her tongue darting swiftly in and out of Donna's juicy cunt. As the girl came, she smeared her convulsing pussy all over Donna's face until Donna's face was wet from forehead to chin. The girl's cunt was very hot, liquid.

"Ohhh, God!" Donna moaned as the girl crawled from her face. "Ohhh, that was… oh, God!"

The girl laughed. "I told you, didn't I?" Her blue eyes flashed down at Donna, her lips glistening wetly. "Eating cunt is as good as sucking a hard cock."

"You're right!" Donna gasped. "You're so fucking right!"

"We have to do something about your son's hard cock, it looks like," Jill said, shoving Timmy's hand off his cock and taking his prick into her own. "I can't stand to see a cock so fucking hard. When I see one like this, I get all tingly and shivery and have to have it!"

The girl leaned over and kissed the dripping piss hole of Timmy's cock. She drew one knee up and began to rub at her still-bubbling cunt, totally unashamed. Donna wondered how the girl could expose herself in such erotic pleasure without at least them getting to know each other. She didn't think she could do that at all. It would kill her with embarrassment, make her so ashamed of herself.

Jill pulled Timmy's cock into her mouth, her free hand cupping his balls. Donna watched the girl working her finger into her cunt, getting it soaked in cunt juices, then bringing the finger to Timmy's cock, smear the head with her own juices, and once again suck his prick back into her mouth. Before she could think, Donna was spreading on the floor and shoving her face into the girl's wet cunt for the second time.

"Suck her hairy cunt, Mom," Timmy urged, watching over the girl's head. "Eat her hot pussy! You wanted to taste cunt, so taste it!"

Donna made a whimpering sound as the girl lifted to her knees, turning and squatting into her face. Jill kept sucking on Timmy's cock as Donna began running the flat surface of her tongue from the hairy, juicy cunt, to the pucker of the girl's asshole. The wet sounds the girl made as she sucked Timmy's cock inflamed Donna even more than earlier. She shoved a hand up and grasped one of the girl's big tits. She was only vaguely aware of her son picking up the telephone.

Jill sucked hungrily on his cock, one of her hands stretching down to rub and fuck at Donna's cunt. Donna sucked hard at the girl's pussy, lifting her crotch so the girl could finger-fuck her. She listened to what her son was saying into the telephone.

"Joey, bring all the guys with you!" she heard her son say. "These two cunts are too much for me to handle." Donna suddenly began to come, anxious for Joey and whoever those other boys were to get there.

She did not feel embarrassed anymore.