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Making Mom Suck

Kathy Andrews

Kathy Andrews

Making Mom Suck

Chapter 1

Judy glanced at her son as she wheeled the heavy car along the stretch of highway. It was after noon and they'd had lunch about fifteen miles back. There were still over a hundred miles to go. She had picked him up where he had been staying with her ex-husband three hours ago. As usual, there had been an argument between her and her ex. This time, thank God, it had been mild.

On each side of the highway, as far as the eye could see, there was nothing but desert – sand, sage brush, yucca and Joshua trees. It was desolate country, hot and dry.

But it suited Judy.

No one bothered her. She lived alone in a fifty-year-old house with her son, Johnny, when he wasn't staying with his father. He stayed with his father two weeks each year, and usually there was an argument between Judy and her son when it was time for him to go. Johnny didn't want to visit with his father, he wanted to stay home with her. Judy was not the one forcing him to go, it was the courts and her ex-husband.

Make me do it, please!

Force me! Tell me to do what you would like!

The words tumbled through her mind, almost incoherent in her need. There were other ways to do it, certainly, lots of easier ways. But Judy needed to be told, forced, made to do things like a small child.

Judy had seldom enjoyed sex, fucking, except for when she was made to do it, forced into it. If she was forced into fucking, she went wild with desire, a burning, consuming passion that could create almost the ultimate in erotic pleasure for her and her partner.

But force was the key.

Force was the way to get into her panties.

Judy would not give in willingly to anyone.

If she did, it was no good for her. She would not feel anything, not enjoy it, and never came.

She had to feel she was forced into it, forced to fuck, forced to be a cock-sucker, forced into erotic ecstasy.

When she was forced, it was good. When she was forced, it was wonderful. When she was forced, it was fantastic. Then, and only then, could she come. And when Judy came, she came in spinning, bursting screams of ecstasy. When Judy was forced, she would do anything her partner wanted of her. Perversion? Not when she was forced. When she was forced, where was no such thing as perversion. Deviant? When Judy was forced, she had never heard of the word.

Judy would fuck anything and everything… when she was forced. If someone forced her, she would become a veritable dynamo of sexual perversions, loving every fucking second of it. When forced, Judy would take on a football team, gang-bang them all when they thought they were gang-banging her.

Judy would fuck anytime, anyplace, in any way and position… if she was forced.

She had accepted this quirk of her personality long ago, accepted it and enjoyed it. The fact it caused her marriage to break up really had had nothing to do with her. Her husband had failed to see her particular needs and wanted out, calling her crazy, a nut, a mental basket case.

And Judy was in love with her son.

Not the way a mother should love her son, but the way a woman loved a man. She had known this for some time, and after getting over her initial shock, realizing there wasn't much she could do about her feelings, she accepted this, too.

Johnny was young, so very young. She was eighteen years older than him. If she were forty, the age difference wouldn't be so bad. But she wasn't forty.

There had been times when she thought Johnny knew, that he understood her true feelings for him. Sometimes it seemed their minds worked on the same wavelength. It seemed as if he knew her particular quirk. In any event, he had, in the past year, become more demanding of her, almost dominating. He seldom asked her anything now, but told her. Judy did not care to be dominated in that way, but she had gone along with Johnny, waiting, watching for signs. She didn't want domination unless it was sexual.

This time, on the long trip home, Johnny had been unusually quiet. She caught him sneaking peeks at her, his eyes almost bold on her body. He had never looked at her like this before, and it made her blood boil, caused her rounded, firm tits to tingle, her sensitive nipples to burn against the cotton blouse. His bold, sensual eyes on her body caused a bubbling wetness between her thighs.

Her cunt was fiery now, twitching as she drove. She was wet between her thighs, her cunt seeping so much, soaking the crotch of her bikini panties.

Force me to do it, Johnny! Her mind screamed at her son. Come on, darling… make me do it! Tell mother what you want… what would turn you on! Tell mother what excites you, Johnny. Mother will do it, whatever you want mother to do. Tell me, baby, tell mother what would make your beautiful, sweet cock get hard and drippy.

So hard was she concentrating on her mental messages to her son, she failed to hear him at first.

"… them out," was all she heard.

"I'm sorry, darling," she glanced at him. "I didn't hear what you said."

His eyes were hot and he was looking hungrily at her tits. Judy's cunt throbbed and she moved her shoulders back a bit, throwing her shapely tits out farther against her thin blouse. His eyes… could she believe it?

Johnny didn't repeat what he said for a while. But he kept his hot, greedy gaze on her tits. Judy hoped desperately he was understanding her frantic thoughts.

"Take them out," he said.

"Take what out, baby?" she asked, her voice barely controlled. She writhed her ass on the seat, hope gleaming in her dark, smoldering eyes. "What do you want me to take out, honey?"

"Take your tits out, Mother."


The car lurched to the side but she corrected it quickly. Her face was flushed with excitement, her cunt almost on the brink of an orgasm. Her knuckles turned white as she gripped the wheel.

"I'd like to…" Johnny paused.

Judy saw he was unsure, his confusion obvious in his eyes. Something had happened at his father's home, something had been said. But now Johnny seemed confused.

"Tell me that again, Johnny," Judy said in a soft voice, trying to let him know she understood, trying to help him. "Please, darling, say that again."

"Mother, dad told me… he said you…"

"I know what he told you, Johnny," she replied softly, breaking in when he seemed to have trouble finding the words. "And I know why you told me to take my… my tits, out."

"He said you'd do…"

For a moment Judy was silent, trying to took at her son and still watch where she was driving. Finally she said, "He's right, Johnny. What your father told you is the truth. I don't know why he would tell you that, but he didn't lie."

A spark of interest came into his eyes, and Judy gave her son a brilliant smile, a tantalizing smile, a smile that told him to tell her what he wanted, to force her into anything he wanted, anything that would excite him, anything that would make his precious cock deliciously hard, throb, drip.

In a soft, but hot voice, she said, "Tell me that again, Johnny."

"I want you to take your… take your tits out, Mother."

She saw his face redden.

"Oh, Johnny!" she said quickly. "Don't be ashamed, don't be bashful. You want me to take my tits out, I'll take my tits out."

"You will! You really will, Mother!" Now her son was very excited, she saw. Her cunt went through a mild orgasm as she pulled her hand from the wheel, toying with the top button of her blouse.

"If you tell me, I will," she whispered huskily.

"Oh, wow!" Johnny groaned, his eyes burning almost through her blouse now. "Oh, Mother! Hey, yeah! Dad was right, wasn't he?"

"Yes," she said in a low, sultry sound. "Your dad was right, darling."

"Take your tits out, Mother!"

She opened the top button, pausing.

"Take them out! Come on, Mother… take your tits out and let me see them!"

Her fingers shook with excitement as she went down the row of buttons, opening each in turn. It seemed to her that those firm tits were tighter, more swollen, her nipples ready to burst. Her blouse was open now, open all the way to her skirt where it tucked into the waist. She was not wearing a bra.

The car was moving a bare twenty-five miles an hour now. But that didn't matter. There was not another car in sight on the desert highway.

"Take your tits out," Johnny said again, his eyes on the expanse of creamy flesh between those shapely mounds.

Judy glanced at him, her eyes lowering to his crotch slowly and hotly, letting her son know she was excited, as excited as he was. She pulled her open blouse to one side and a beautiful, creamy, shapely tit came into view. Her nipple, light-brown, stood tilted in hardness. Judy's cunt almost exploded with pleasure and she wiggled her ass into the seat of the car again.

She shoved the other side of her blouse away and both succulent tits were revealed to her son's blazing, hungry eyes. She saw the bulge in his pants, a wanton smile going over her face as she licked her lips.

"Like this?" she whispered throatily.

"Yeah! Oh, yeah, Mother!"

She drove that way for a while, her tits free, her son staring at them. She saw him tremble with desire.

"Would you take… Mother, would you take your blouse off for me?"

That wasn't what she wanted. Judy did not want to be asked when it came sex, she wanted to be told! But right now, she knew her son needed some help. She would help him until he became used to telling her what he wanted in sex, forcing her to his desires – and her own.

Driving with one hand, she shoved her blouse from her shoulders. The heat of the sun burned onto her flesh despite the air conditioning in the car. The blouse settled at her waist, her tits arching out in beautiful, springy mounds of creamy flesh, the light-brown nipples tilted upward, rubbery in hardness. Naked to the waist, she smiled at her son, a smile of abandonment, of wanton desire, her eyes smoldering with the juicy heat that boiled in her cunt.

"Better?" she whispered huskily.

"Oh, Mother! They're nice… beautiful!"

She knew, without being told, that the only naked tits Johnny had ever seen were in magazines. His eyes were melting with heat, and the bulge in his pants was very pronounced. She could see the outlines of his cock, even the swollen head. Her hand itched to take it, to feel it, to squeeze that sweet, precious hardness. From where she sat behind the wheel, seeing that thick outline, Johnny's cock was priceless to her.

Judy's cunt had gone through a couple of orgasms by this time, just from having her son stare at her shapely tits. She could not resist wiggling her ass against the seat in an obvious manner. She dropped her hand to her thigh, watching the shimmering highway with erotically fogged eyes. Heat waves came from the road, heat that seemed to reach out and flick between her thighs, burn her inflamed clitoris and fan the smoldering sparks of her cunt, making it fiery hot.

Running her palm up and down her thigh, she was conscious of pulling the hem of her skirt up, exposing her knees and a few inches of smooth, sugary thigh flesh. She urged her son with her mind to tell her more, to tell her to pull her skirt higher, to her waist, to show her cunt to him. She wanted her son to pull that sweet hard-on from his pants, to let it stand up in throbbing beauty for her hungry gaze.

Johnny scooted over the seat, his eyes never leaving his mother's naked tits. She felt his thigh press against hers, and she turned her head with an encouraging smile on her full, moist lips.

Johnny slipped his arm over his mother's shoulders and she felt him trembling with nervous anticipation. He draped his arm over her shoulder, his fingertips resting an inch above her throbbing nipple. His other hand moved, burning at her naked stomach, sliding up… up

… and when his hand cupped her tit, Judy gasped.

A low moan escaped her constricted throat when her son pressed his hand into her spongy tit, her nipples searing his palm. When Johnny dug his fingers into her tit, she moaned again, louder this time.

Johnny was gurgling, breathing hotly, as he began to feel her tit, testing the softness of it, hefting the weight. When he took her nipple between his forefinger and thumb, twisting it lightly and pulling at it, Judy squealed as an orgasm rushed through her distended clitoris and fiery cunt.

"Did I hurt you, Mother?" Johnny asked, starting to take his hand off her tit.

Judy quickly placed her own hand over his, pressing his hand tight onto it, trying to flatten it. "God, no, baby! I came! That's all… Mother came."

"You did?"

She nodded, smiling at him.

"You came off, Mother?"

"Very nicely, too," she said in a low voice.

"Just because I touched you… touched your tit, your nipple?"

She nodded again, wiggling her ass against the seat.

"I want to… Mother, I'd like to see…"

Judy dropped her hand on his thigh, squeezing it. The car drifted, slowing more. "Johnny, what your father told you… that's the way it has to be, darling. I can't… I just can't do it… do anything, unless it's the way your father told you."

He didn't say anything.

"That's just the way I am, baby," she went on, digging her fingers into his thigh. "It's no good for me, unless I'm… it wouldn't be any good for you, either."

"Dad said…"

"Tell me what he said," she urged, her fingers sinking into the flesh of his thigh. "Tell me!"

"He said… Dad said you had to be forced, Mother. He said you were like ice unless you were made to do it. He said, when you're made to do it, when you're touched then, you can't stop… can't stop yourself or anyone else touching you."

Judy licked her lips. "He's right. Oh, God… he's right, Johnny!"

"You want me to…" Johnny couldn't say it.

"Yes, baby," she told him. "I want you to tell me, to make me do what you'd like." The words tumbled from her, telling him how she was, and before she could stop herself, she was confessing her unusual love for him.

"So you understand, darling," she concluded. "You have to tell me what to do, how to do it, when to do it… then I'll be very cooperative with you!"

Chapter 2

"If I told you, Mother, that I wanted to… you know, wanted to do it… you'd let me if I told you?"

Judy's hand moved on her son's thigh, sliding up to where the head of his cock was outlined. She pulled her eyes from the road and nodded to him, her smile radiant, her eyes glowing with her inner heat.

"Anything," she said in a throaty voice. "Anything you want me to do… if you just tell me, make me, do it."

"But what if you refuse, Mother, turn me down?"

"Try me," she murmured, licking her lips.

Johnny still looked as if he didn't believe this.

"You won't know until you try me, darling," she said in a soft voice. Her fingernails were very close to the head of his cock now. She thought she could feel the heat of it. "I promise I will not refuse, no matter what you want me to do… with you, with myself, with both of us, with…" she let the rest trail away.

His body was shaking close to hers, his hand cupping her naked tit tightly, his eyes down on the few inches of creamy thigh flesh.

"Anything, baby," she moaned. "Even with your… friends, your best of friends… anyone, anything, anytime… if you make me do it."

"Stop the car!" he said, his voice suddenly firm and in control. "Stop the car now, Mother!"

Judy pulled to the side of the highway, stopping on the shoulder. She waited for him to continue.

"Pull up your skirt, Mother."

Eagerly Judy lifted her skirt, but kept her hand on his thigh, using her left hand.

"All the way!" Johnny said. "Pull your skirt all the way up… past your hips."

She lifted her ass and raised her skirt to her waist.

Her son gazed at her long, slender thighs, the flimsy lace of her bikini panties. His breath was coming in short, hot gasps.

"I have to tell you, Mother?"

"Yes, darling. If you don't tell me, I won't do it."

"If I tell you, anything, you'd do it, Mother?"

Her dark eyes blazed as she looked at him. "Just tell me and see, baby! Ohhhh, honey, tell me what you want!"

"Take my cock out, Mother!"

"Oh, yes!"

She eagerly fumbled with the zipper of his fly, slipping it down quickly. She snaked her hand into his pants, found his throbbing hot cock and lifted it out. She saw the thick length of it, her eyes rolling with bubbling desire.

"Take it in your hand, Mother," Johnny groaned.

He was still feeling his way through this, she knew. Her son was still unsure of this power he had over her sexual nature, but she would help him, help him to understand she wanted his power over her this way.

She wrapped her fingers about her son's cock, holding it tightly, unmoving.

"Mother, you have to move your hand," Johnny croaked thickly. "You've got to pump up and down on my cock!" Her hot fist moved, stroking up and down the full length of his cock, feeling it throb so sweetly, amazed by the hardness of it. Her cunt was about to convulse with orgasm again.

She shivered when one hand left her naked tit and came down on her thigh. Her eyes followed her son's hand as he felt up and down, sliding his palm from her knee to almost the crotch of her panties. She squeezed his cock as she jacked up and down, her pulse racing wildly.

"Open your legs, Mother," he gasped, his hand working between them.

"Oh, yes, darling," she whimpered, spreading her knees as far as she could in the confines of the car. "Yes, yes! Anything! Just make me do it, Johnny!"

"I'm going to play with your… your cunt, Mother!"

Judy's hips jerked eagerly. "Do it! Oh, God… do it, baby!"

She felt his hand cup the crotch of her panties, pressing against the swollen lips of her cunt, the inflamed heat of her knotted clitoris. Her eyes rolled with ecstasy and she melted completely to his desires. Her fist jerked up and down on his beautiful, hard cock, her ass scooting forward on the seat until her knees were against the dashboard. She twisted her ass as he began to make tight, hot circles with his palm against her boiling cunt. She was gasping hotly now, as though she couldn't breathe.

"Ooooooo… ohhhh, baby!"

"Hold your panties away, Mother!" he demanded now. "Hold your panties away so I can feel your cunt!"

Judy quickly grabbed the crotch of her lacy panties when he moved his hand. She pulled so fast and hard, the tearing sound was loud in the car.

"There, darling!" she gasped. "I've done what you said! I pulled my panties away for you. Just tell me and I'll do it!"

Johnny was telling her now. Judy's inner heat became like steam as he finally knew he could do anything he wanted with her. He became bolder now with that knowledge.

"Tell me where to touch you, Mother! Tell me exactly where you want me to touch you!"

"Touch my… oh, touch mother's pussy! Ohhhh, touch mother's cunt!"

His hand burned on her pussy, and as a finger slipped into the steamy slit, Judy came. The orgasms whipped through her body like an erupting volcano. She shook, gritting her teeth, almost squeezing his cock off. When her son began to thrust his finger in and out of her burning cunt, Judy was gone, lost in the passion of her desire.

As he lowered his face to her tit, she cried out in passion, her fist pumping frantically now. As her son sucked at her fiery nipple, his finger plunging quickly into her spasming cunt, Judy thought she would faint from the intense pleasure he gave her.

A sudden flood of hot, slippery come juice boiled out of his cock, flying into the air and falling back onto her jacking fist. Judy cried out again, a combination of delight and disappointment.

"Oh, no!" she cried, gripping his cock as tight as she could, her eyes glazed as she stared at the white come juice spurting from the piss hole. "Oh, no! Please, not yet!"

But it was happening and there was nothing either could do about it. The creamy come juice bubbled out of his cock and flowed about her hand and fingers, coating them. The head was almost bright pink from the tightness of her fingers. Johnny, at the moment of his discharge, had stopped sucking at her tit, but his hand was still pressing at her hairy cunt.

Her eyes were still glassy when he finished. She watched a final bubble of come juice bead the slit of his piss hole.

"I… I didn't want that to happen, Mother," Johnny gasped, ashamed.

"Don't worry, baby," she soothed. "There'll be other times. Plenty of times… don't worry, darling."

She caressed him, flexing her fingers on his cock, squeezing and relaxing. The come juice felt good on her hand, his cock delicious. Her cunt, despite the series of orgasms that had burned through her, was still pulsating in need. She squirmed her ass on the seat, feeling the hot sun on her flesh through the windshield. Her skirt was at her waist, the torn panties nothing but shreds of lacy fabric. The fuzzy patch of her cunt hair glinted with coppery high lights as the sun stroked it.

With a shudder, Johnny sat upright, still close to her. Judy looked into his lap, watching the head of his cock as she squeezed it. Her naked thigh was against his covered one, but the heat generated between them seared her flesh. Spots of come juice were on his pants, but most of it was on her hand. Lifting her eyes, she saw her son was staring at her thighs and the curls of her pussy. She stroked his cock gently, pushing down hard to make it stand up, then pulling upwards, stretching it.

She wanted to stretch out, to spread her long thighs and expose her cunt to his hot eyes. But Judy had never done anything unless she was told. That is, nothing that truly excited her. Exposing herself, fucking, sucking, she enjoyed it all. But the enjoyment was only good when she was forced to do it. Then it was great, fantastic, and it would make her body glow with a hot-pink ecstasy. She could, when told to show her pussy off, come with amazing force and ecstasy, even before she was touched.

"Honey," she murmured softly, her lips close to his ear, delighted that he was gazing so keenly at her revealed cunt. "You'll get hard again, soon. Mother knows your cock will be very hard again soon."

She felt her young son's body shudder against her, and she pulled her hand from his cock and wrapped her arm about him, holding him tightly, her chin resting on his shoulder.

She lifted her hand behind his head and looked at the glistening come juice coating it. As if mesmerized, Judy brought her hand to her face and began to lick the come juice from it. She made soft, wet lapping sounds, tasting the come juice that had come from her son's sweet, young balls.

The viscous come juice was like some impossibly sweet nectar to Judy. It tasted so exotic, so amazing, she would never get enough of it. Judy knew she was come-crazy, as they say. She had heard of some women who got off on just the taste of come juice.

Judy also loved the searing heat of a beautiful, throbbing hard cock between her sensitive lips and deep in her hungry, wet mouth.

Yet, Judy had tried sucking a cock off on her own accord. As enjoyable as it had been, she found her ecstasy was increased a thousand-fold when she was forced to suck a cock, being told to suck it, called vile, but oh so delicious names as she struggled to make the cock squirt.

She would do anything when told and forced. Judy would do it no matter what it was, and sob with senseless ecstasy all the time, her cunt exploding and exploding.

She moved her hand down her son's shaking body and grasped his cock again. She was delightfully surprised to find her son's cock rigid, as hard as it had been a few minutes earlier!

Closing her fingers about her son's prick, she knew he still needed assistance from her. Johnny, despite what they had just shared, was still uncertain as to what his mother had to have to enjoy sex. She would give him all the help he needed and make him understand what she wanted, had to have. Then, once he knew for sure, it would be glorious.

She used her other hand to hold his face up, gazing into his eyes. "Honey, I need you," she whispered. "Mother needs you very much. You've got to understand me, darling. If you don't understand me, what I have to have, none of this will be any good for me. You, though, will have the time of your life, be the envy of every boy your age. I'll enjoy it, too. Mother can be very good at this, very good. I promise you won't ever be disappointed with me. But, Johnny, in return you've got to help me."

"I will, Mother," he promised. "Anything you want."

"Are you sure?"

He nodded his head.

"I don't know what all your father told you about me," she said softly, still holding his hard cock, "but I'm sure he didn't lie to you. He couldn't take me that way. I hope you can, and will."

When he nodded again, Judy told her son everything about herself. She told him she had to have those vile names shouted at her, be forced to do his will, to do the things he wanted of her. She told him that that was the only way it was any good for her, the only way she could really enjoy fucking and sucking.

"If you force me," she said, "there's nothing I wouldn't do, darling. And I'll love every second of it. It won't matter what you make me do, where you make me do it. If you are willing to force, I'll be the fuckingest, suckingest, hottest cunt you or anyone else could ever dream of!"

"I think I understand, Mother," he said.

They were parked on the side of the desert highway, the sun still burning into the air-conditioned car. Judy sat with her skirt about her waist, her torn panties useless, her blouse open and her perky, shapely tits exposed, the nipples up in erotic offering.

"Then tell me," she whispered. "Tell me what you want from me, darling."

Johnny cupped one of his mother's tits, caressing it gently. His hand did not quite cover it. She squeezed his cock hard, making her son groan with pleasure. She kept looking into his eyes, searching.

Johnny sucked in a deep breath. "Mother, this is so new, so different to me. You're my mother and I love you so very much."

"And I love you, baby," she murmured. "We'll love each other even stronger if you… if we…"

A glow flared in Johnny's eyes. "Suck it," he whispered.

"What, baby?"

His voice became firmer. "I said to suck my cock, Mother. I want you to suck my cock!"

"Where in the world did you…"

"Goddamn it!" Johnny said, taking his mother's head with both hands and shoving her face downward. "I said for you to suck my goddamn cock, Mother!"

"Ooooo," Judy whispered, her cunt burning as her son pressed her face close to his upstanding prick.

Johnny shoved at the back of his mother's head until her lips brushed the rounded, smooth head of his prick. The contact sent an electrifying jolt through her, starting at her lips and sparking down to her pussy. An orgasm shot through her pussy when her lips pressed at the wet piss hole.

"Suck me!" Johnny urged.

"Mmmmmm," Judy whined, opening her lips.

As her lips closed about the smooth, sweet head of her son's cock, Johnny pressed at the back of it, forcing his mother's mouth down until his cock was in deep. She felt the round head probe her throat and still Johnny pushed. Her lips stretched wide, burning and tingling with ecstasy as her tongue rolled along the thick, throbbing hardness. She did not protest as the head of his cock slipped into her eager throat, and her lips were pressed at the open fly of his pants. Her cunt was in spasms, her ass twisting as Judy's mind reeled with hungry pleasure.

"Suck me, suck me!" Johnny was demanding. "Suck my cock, Mother! Suck my prick with your wet mouth! Oh, wow… your mouth is so fucking hot on my cock, Mother! Take my hard cock deep in your mouth… real deep!"

Judy's senses soared with ecstasy with his words, with the pressure of his hands on the back of her head, forcing that sweet, precious, hard cock as deep as he could into her hungry mouth. When Johnny held her head there and began fucking up and down, driving his cock in and out of her greedily sucking mouth. Judy's cunt went into a series of orgasms that sent shivers about her creamy flesh.

"Cock-sucker!" Johnny shouted at her, banging away into her mouth. "Fucking cock-sucker! Mother, you're a fucking cock-sucker and you're sucking my cock and you love it! You're a fucking cock-sucker… cocksucker… cock-sucker!"

It seemed with each "cock-sucker," Judy's cunt spasmed harder. She was moaning in ecstasy around his driving cock, her tongue licking swiftly, her lips sucking powerfully. He drove his cock in and out of her mouth almost brutally, his pants scraping her stretched lips. Her left hand rested on his thigh, her fingers digging into it. Her right hand was behind his back, down on his humping ass. Johnny was holding her head up so he could pump his cock up and down, fucking her in her hot, wet, so greedy mouth.

Judy could feel her son's cock throbbing hotly inside her mouth, feel it fucking her lips and tongue and entering her burning throat. The words he used, what he called her, sent the shivering thrills racing about her almost naked body, her cunt exploding as she writhed and twisted her ass, squeezing her thighs tightly together.

"Cock-sucker, cock-sucker, cock-sucker!" Johnny was groaning. "Cock-sucking mother! I'm gonna fuck your cock-sucking mouth with my hard cock… I'm gonna come off in your fucking, hot, wet, cock-sucking mouth, Mother! Eat my fucking prick, you cunt! Yes, you're a cunt! You're a cock-sucking cunt… a fucking, cock-sucking, hot-assed, hairy cunt, Mother! And you're gonna suck my come right out of my fucking balls and swallow it! Suck it, cunt bitch! Bitch cunt… cock-sucking cunt!"

Judy was almost out of her mind with ecstasy listening to her son. She was groaning around his stabbing prick as the orgasms of her cunt became so intense, she wasn't sure she would be able to take much more of this mind-reeling pleasure.

"I'm gonna come, you cock-sucking cunt!" Johnny yelled loudly, fucking his mother's hot mouth faster and deeper. "I'm gonna shoot off in your fucking mouth, Mother!"

Judy squealed happily around his swollen cock.

Johnny rammed his prick deep, and she felt the pulsating spurts of his come juice. The hot, thick fluid flowed into her throat and Judy's eyes rolled back in her head, her pussy almost blowing apart with a final orgasm.

"Suck it up, bitch!" Johnny shouted at her as he came. "Eat my come juice, cock-sucker! Take my come juice in your fucking hot mouth, cunt bitch!"

Judy clung to her son's cock when he finished coming off, her tongue twisting slowly about it, enjoying the smoothness of the taut flesh. She writhed her lips against it as Johnny slumped his ass back to the seat, gasping and struggling for breath. She held his cock in her mouth a while longer, then sat up, looking at his happy young face.

Her lips felt puffy from the violence of his mouth-fuck, but they tingled so nicely, too. She ran her tongue over her lips, then leaned to her son's face, kissing his mouth tenderly. She patted his cock, then sucked it into his pants and tried to button the fly.

"Oh, the hell with it," she giggled when she couldn't get him buttoned up. "We'll just leave this pretty cock out, that's what we'll do."

She had not turned the engine off when she pulled onto the shoulder, but had set the parking brake and taken the car out of gear. Now, she put it in gear and pulled back onto the highway, driving even more slowly than before. They still had many miles to go before they arrived home, but she wasn't in a hurry now.

Chapter 3

She drove with her skirt at her waist and her torn panties still hanging about her waist in shreds. Her tits were still naked, the nipples remaining uptilted. Her son's cock dangled from the open fly of his pants.

"You really did mean it, didn't you, Mother?"

"Mean what, darling?" she asked, glancing at his sweet cock.

"About being told, forced, and being called those names," he said.

"I told you, didn't I?" she laughed, a low, lewd sound. "I didn't lie to you, baby."

"When I called you that name, cock-sucker, and cunt bitch, I thought you were gonna suck my fucking teeth right out through my prick."

"Your mother is a very good cock-sucker, honey," she laughed again, throatily. "You probably will never find a cock-sucker as good as your mother."

Johnny laughed a bit nervously. "We never used to say those words, Mother, not to each other."

"But we can do anything we want now, say anything we want," she assured him. "Now that you know what I need, what kind of woman I am, we are going to really have a ball."

"You sure enjoy being forced," he said.

"Mmmmmm, I love it!"

"Don't they call that domination, Mother?"

"They can call it anything they want, I just know what I like. When it comes to sex, a hard cock and your mother's wet cunt, anything goes."

Ahead, in the wavering haze of heat they saw a small, almost rundown cafe with a single gas pump. Judy glanced at the fuel register and saw they didn't need gas. She was going to drive past, but Johnny stopped her.

"Let's get something cold to drink, Mother."

She slowed the car, pulling into the crunching gravel at the corner of the weather-beaten building. After turning off the engine, she buttoned her blouse, then looked at her torn panties.

"Leave them that way," Johnny said, buttoning his pants after shoving his cock into the fly. "No one will know but us."

She hesitated, looking at her young son.

"Leave them on," he said in a firm voice, trying out his knowledge of her. "I kinda like the idea."

She grinned at him. "You're learning fast, aren't you?"

They stepped out into the heat and entered the tiny cafe. A lone man was sitting behind the counter, reading a paper. He looked up as they sat on stools at the counter.

"Something very cold, please," Judy said, feeling her son's thigh against hers.

The man set soft drinks before them, the bottles frosted and very cold. He mumbled about not making any money this way and went back to his paper.

Sipping from the bottles, Judy felt her son's hand resting on her thigh. When he inched her skirt up, she flashed her hot eyes at him, smiling. It was exciting to sit here with that man at the other end of the counter, her son feeling her thigh. She opened her legs for him as he pulled her skirt high. Johnny ran his hands between his mother's thighs, feeling the creamy softness near her hairy pussy. When he ran his fingers through the soft hair of her cunt and down toward her clitoris, she was not at all surprised to feel a mild orgasm bubble through her cunt.

As they drank, her son felt her up, and Judy didn't care if the man saw or knew. It was more exciting to be felt up this way when this strange man was so close and could maybe see what was going on if he tried. Dropping her hand to his lap she found her son's cock was hard and throbbing sweetly. She rubbed it while he felt her up as they finished the cold drinks.

Johnny leaned close to her ear. "Flash something at that guy, Mother."

She looked her son in the eye boldly, a smile playing around her lips. "You want me to show him something, honey?"

"It would make his day," Johnny whispered back.

"What do you want me to show?"

Johnny thought a moment, then grinned. She felt his hand pulling at her skirt in back then he was tucking it into the waist of her shredded panties. Judy giggled softly.

"You asshole," she whispered to him. "You've got a nasty mind -like me."

Johnny laughed and Judy gave his cock a squeeze. Finished with the drinks, she placed money on the counter and they stood up. "Shake your ass, Mother," Johnny whispered.

Judy walked ahead of her son, her skirt tucked into the waist of her torn panties. She heard the man's gasp of surprise, and shook her ass lewdly as she went out the door.

When they got into the car, they both were laughing hilariously, and she had trouble starting the car. They saw the man looking at them, his mouth still open. Judy gave him a cheerful wave as they drove off.

"What did he see?" she asked once she stopped laughing.

"He saw your legs and torn panties, Mother," Johnny said. "He could see one cheek of your ass too, and I saw it, too! I didn't try to hide my hard-on. He saw it."

Judy and her son had enjoyed it very much, and she knew the lewd display reinforced Johnny's ability to make her do what he wanted. It was a confirmation that he could make her do things, delicious lewd things. It also made him see that she had been truthful that she enjoyed being forced into such wicked, lewd actions.

Johnny released his cock as his mother drove and told her to take her tits out again.

He sat close to her, fondling and playing with her tits, neither of them speaking, but enjoying this newfound pleasure with each other. She stroked his cock occasionally, and when she saw a huge truck approaching, she started to cover her tits, but Johnny told her to keep naked.

The truck went past with a blast of its horn and they laughed about that, too.

"You've probably made two guys come off in their fucking pants today, Mother."

"And you twice," she giggled, taking his cock in her fist again, jacking him slowly and with a great deal of pleasure. "Once in my hand and once in my mouth."

"And if you keep jacking on my cock," he said, "I'm gonna come off again on your hand."

"Oh, baby," she gurgled, squeezing his prick. "I love it when you come!" She held his cock tight and jacked up and down it quickly.

"Let's stop again, Mother," Johnny said in a thick voice. "I just gotta put this someplace."

Judy let the car drift to the side of the highway, then saw a small off-road trail leading into the desert. She wheeled along it until they were perhaps a hundred yards from the highway, still visible, but not too easily seen.

They got out of the car, feeling the hot sun beating down on them. Judy's tits were still exposed, as was her ass since her skirt was still tucked into her panties. Johnny's cock thrust out beautifully from his gaping fly.

She shivered when he unbelted his pants and let them fall to his ankles. She stared in excitement at her son's cock, watching it seep at the piss hole. His balls looked so mouth-wateringly full, she licked her lips with anticipation.

"You want this cock, Mother?" Johnny said, gripping it with a tight fist and stroking back and forth. "You want my hard cock, Mother?"

"Oh, yes!" she squealed.

"You gotta take your skirt off," he said.

"I will, baby! Mother will take it off. Mother will do anything you say."

She stepped out of her skirt, not caring that it fell to the hot sand. She stood with her blouse open, tits naked, nipples lifting to the sun. Her torn panties dangled at her hips. Johnny gazed at his mother's body, seeing those creamy, long thighs and the tantalizing shadow of her cunt hair past the shredded crotch of her panties.

"Take your panties off," he growled hotly.

Judy stripped her panties away, standing Lip in proud loveliness. Johnny stared with hot eyes at the triangle of her cunt hair, seeing the coppery glints the sun made in the long strands.

"Show it to me, Mother," Johnny grunted, squeezing at his cock. "Show me your cunt! I wanna see your hot cunt, Mother!"

"Yes, baby, yes!"

Judy shoved her hands down, both going between her legs. She spread her feet on the sand and arched her pelvis forward, pulling the hair and the wet lips of her cunt far apart, her clitoris tingling wetly and protruding outward. She shivered with pleasure as she watched him stroking his cock, hoping he wasn't going to just stand there and look at her naked tits and cunt and beat his cock until he came.

She would do it if he demanded, she knew. Judy would do whatever her son asked of her as she had told him. She would enjoy it, but she wanted to be touched and stroked along with it, but she wasn't going to ask for that, she did just as her son wanted. If his desire was to look at her naked body and jack off, she would do it. But it wouldn't be as much fun for her.

Maybe Johnny understood what she was thinking. He moved to her and took her hand, then pulled her toward the car. He had her sit in her seat with her feet out.

"Open your legs, Mother," he said.

She spread her knees.

Johnny moved between her thighs, and Judy thought he was going to tell her to suck his cock off again, something she was more than eager to do. Instead he shoved his cock to one tit.

She looked down and watched him rub the head of his cock about her nipple, smearing it with the seeping juices. It made her tit and nipple tingle so good! He slipped his cock to her other tit, doing the same there.

"Close your tits around my cock, Mother!"

Judy pressed her tits about his prick as he shoved it between them. She watched his cock as he began to work it about the heat of her tits, seeing the head come up between them and touch at her chin.

"I'm gonna fuck your tits, Mother!" Johnny grunted. "I'm gonna fuck your hot tits with my cock!"

Judy found his hard cock sliding between her tits good. She loved the hardness of it, the hot throbbing and the way his piss hole brushed her chin. She tucked her chin down and let the head of his cock brush her lips, then she shoved her tongue out to lick the piss hole as he moved his cock up and down. She pressed her tits hard about his prick, enjoying the way his full balls rubbed beneath them.

"Are you going to come this way, Johnny?" she asked, looking up at his young, excited face, her eyes smoldering with passion. "Are you going to fuck mother's tits and come all over them?"

"I'll come where I want, Mother," he panted. "If I wanna come on your fucking tits, I will. If I wanna come in your cock-sucking face, I will! I'll come where I wanna come! I'll fuck your hairy cunt if I wanna fuck it!"

"Yes!" Judy whimpered, squeezing her tits tighter about his cock. "Oh, yes! You will, darling! Do anything you want with me, with my tits, my cunt, my face… my whole body! Just make me do it, Johnny!"

He pulled his cock away, but rubbed the head about his mother's nipples again. Then he lifted the wet, seeping head. "Kiss it, Mother! Give my cock a kiss… right there where it's nice and wet!"

"Ooooooh, yes!"

Judy pressed her lips against her son's piss hole, kissing it eagerly. The taste of his dripping juices inflamed her mind and her cunt began to convulse once more. She kissed his cock again and again, running her lips about the smooth head, the tip of her tongue just barely touching it. She shoved the tip of her tongue against his piss hole, as if trying to enter it.

"That's enough kissing, Mother," he said, stepping back a ways. "I wanna see your cunt."

Judy's eyes were hazy with lewd desire as she spread her legs as far as she could.

"Lean back and pull your knees up, Mother."

Judy leaned back on the seat, drawing her knees to her tits, wrapping her arms around them. The position lifted her naked ass and she watched her son through her legs.

Johnny gazed at his mother's cunt, the lips pooching outward, lined by silky dark hair. He saw the spreading of her rounded ass cheeks, the tight star-shaped pucker of her asshole.

"I'm gonna fuck you, Mother!"

"Oh, yes!" Judy squealed, arching her ass higher yet.

"I'm gonna fuck you," he said again.


"You're gonna let me fuck you, Mother."

"Yes, yes, Johnny!"

Judy lifted her head so she could look at her son, staring between her knees with almost vacant, but very hot eyes. His cock was rigid, the head so round, so smooth, dripping that delicious juice. Johnny came close and the wet head of his prick brushed the cheek of her ass. Judy moaned when she felt it, her tongue licking her lips as she anticipated the beautiful thrust of his lovely cock into her cunt.

"Tell me to do it, Mother," Johnny said, his voice thick and bold now. "Tell me what you want me to do."

The head of his cock brushed about the creamy smoothness of her ass, but he wouldn't bring it to her boiling pussy.

"I'll tell you!" she screamed heatedly at him. "I'll tell you anything you want!"

"Say it, Mother," he pressed.

"Yes, I will!" She twisted her naked ass about, trying to find his cock with her fiery cunt, but he kept it from her. "I want you to fuck me, Johnny! I want you to put your beautiful cock in my cunt and fuck me!"

Johnny moved his prick to the puffy lips of his mother's pussy. Judy felt it sear her sensitive flesh. She moaned with eagerness.

"You want it, Mother?"

"I want it!" she screamed.

"Tell me!"

"I want your cock in my cunt!" Judy babbled, twirling her ass and trying to get his prick into her greedy cunt. "I want your big cock in my cunt, fucking me! Fuck my pussy, darling! Ohhhh, fuck mother's hot, wet cunt!"

The round head of his cock slipped between the hairy lips of her pussy. Judy sucked in air, her eyes blazing with wanton heat, unseeing. The swollen head of her son's cock spread the puffy, now quite soggy, lips of her cunt as it entered. She hissed again then held her breath as her son shoved more of that wonderful hardness into her steamy pussy.

Johnny held his cock half inside his mother's cunt. She wiggled, whimpering to have it filling her all the way. He placed his hands on the backs of her folded-back thighs, gazing down at the way his mother's hair-lined pussy held his throbbing cock.

But then he could wait no longer. He slammed his cock into her cunt, driving it in all the way.

"Ooohhh!" Judy wailed, feeling her pussy stretch deliciously as her son's cock stuffed it. "Oh, God, God!"

She shook as his balls banged upon the split of her ass cheeks, his cock deep as it could possibly go. She pulled at her knees, trying to lift her ass higher, wanting his cock as far as she could take it into her fiery, slippery pussy.

Standing in the sand, leaning in through the open door of the car, his mother spread out wantonly on the seat, arching her naked cunt to him, Johnny began to plunge his cock in and out, watching it, seeing the slippery wetness cling to the shaft, her tight, hairy cunt lips closing around him. His balls beat at the crack of her ass, banging against her tightly puckered asshole, sending greater ecstasy through her.

"You love it, don't you, Mother?" Johnny grunted as he thrust hard into her boiling pussy. "You really love a hard fuck, don't you?"

"Yes, baby, yes!" she screamed up at him, churning her ass about, arching and straining. "I do! Oh, darling I do love to fuck!"

"You love my cock, Mother?"

"Oh, darling… I love your cock!"

"Want more?"

"I want it all!" Judy yelled, twisting her ass about as she pulled it upwards into his prick. "I want your hard cock… forever! Fucking me… fucking me…"

It had never felt this good, never been this good before. Her cunt was deliciously stretched, so wonderfully filled. The orgasms ripping through her caused her wet cunt to clamp around her son's cock with the wet heat, squeezing and drawing on it. The sobs tearing from her throat were the sounds of a woman experiencing the ultimate of ecstasy. Each throbbing ridge seemed like rippling waves inside her velvety pussy. The length of his cock seemed to reach into places she had never been aware of, deliciously sensitive areas deep in her cunt that had never been probed before.

Judy was coming and coming and her son was still hard and banging her. His sweet balls rained hotly upon her shaking ass cheeks, striking the tight pucker of her asshole, sending sparks of crackling orgasms rushing about her convulsing cunt. Her mind was reeling with the frantic pleasure she seldom found.

So great was her ecstasy, she was hardly aware when her son slammed deep and hard into her hairy cunt, his body stiffening, holding his cock deep. She was vaguely aware of the increase in his throbbing, but her orgasms were so powerful, she wasn't certain. She heard her son grunt twice, then it seemed as if a dam had fractured, then broke open far inside her greedy pussy.

Thick come juice boiled from her son's cock and splashed against the satiny walls of her pussy in a drenching rain of lewd ecstasy.

The rapid spurts of his come juice sent shudders of mind-warping orgasms bursting throughout her almost naked body. Judy was screaming loudly, although she didn't know it. The hair-rimmed lips of her cunt were gripping her son's spewing cock in flexing waves, as if it were sucking him off with wild delight. Through her orgiastic mist Judy could feel her son's balls writhing against her asshole as the spasms of them sent his come juice flying from his piss hole.

Her orgasms ceased when his did, and Johnny kept his cock pressed deep into his mother's cunt, gasping harshly as he rested, his hands still on the backs of her thighs. But Judy lowered her uplifted ass to the seat, and as she did, his cock came free with an audible moist sound. She felt her son's cock drag up the slit of her cunt and brush her nervy clitoris. She moaned softly as it passed and left a wet, slimy trail along her inner thigh and thick patch of cunt hair.

As Johnny pulled his pants up, she noticed he was suddenly unusually quiet. She stepped from the car and smoothed her skirt over her hips, watching him from the corners of her eyes, wondering what was bothering him. She buttoned her blouse and climbed behind the wheel of the car. She sat and waited while her son gazed out into the desert. Then he opened his pants and pulled his cock out again. She watched him piss, but her eyes were on his face, not his cock.

He didn't look troubled, she thought. He just looked as if he had a lot to think about.

Well, sure he has, Judy thought. In one afternoon his own mother had jacked him off, sucked his prick until he came in her mouth, and now he had just fucked her. Any boy his age would have had some thinking to do.

Chapter 4

The rest of the drive home was very quiet.

Judy did not try to break in on her son's thoughts. If he had to sort all this out in his mind, if he needed any help or explanations from her, he would ask. And until he asked, she would not interfere.

The one thing she hoped, desperately, was that he was not ashamed of fucking her. That would destroy her, she felt. If her son hated her or was disgusted by her and turned away now that she had revealed her innermost desires to him, it would destroy her completely.

This desire to be forced into sex was something not many people knew about. Once her ex-husband had learned of it, he had been unable to cope and so she was no longer married. Judy would not have told Johnny if his father had not tried to turn him from her. She would have gone on being in love with her own son and suffered in total silence.

Was this wild, raging desire to be abused and degraded and forced to perform those deviant sexual things about to turn Johnny from her, too? Why did she have to be forced into doing those things? Why couldn't she be like other women, like other mothers? Why couldn't she be turned on in the so-called proper way? What was this driving need to be made to do those things? Judy knew that if she wasn't forced, wasn't told to do them, sex was no fun for her.

Judy drove into the long lane leading up to their old, weatherbeaten clap-board house. Old, but very well taken care, the home had been in her family for generations. It was now hers, and she had moved into it after her divorce. Johnny loved the place. It was out in the open, at the edge of the desert. It was hot, but the heat was dry, easy to take. The ground was fertile and she had plenty of water. Tall, graceful trees surrounded the house, helping to cool it. There was a wide expanse of lawn with a grape arbor. The arbor had been constructed with a sprinkling system throughout, and Judy loved being inside it on very hot days, the cooling mist keeping her body cool and comfortable.

Behind the house was a small but thriving garden of vegetables. There were also a couple of fruit trees, old but still productive and very beautiful.

She parked at the side of the house beneath an ancient oak. Johnny was out of the car before she had time to set the brake, and she watched him disappear into the house before she had closed her car door.

Troubled, she entered behind him. The door led through a huge, farm-sized kitchen and into a living room. At one wall was a stone fireplace huge enough for a man to stand inside of. The furniture was modern and comfortable.

Her room was off the living room, and she went into it and removed her clothing. She stood naked, the door of her bedroom left open with her son in the house for the first time. She lifted her shapely tits in her hands, looking down at them, seeing the shape was as good as any saucy-titted young girl's. Her waist was still narrow, her stomach still flat. Her hips were rounded, but still like a teenaged girl's hips.

Her legs were long, tantalizingly smooth, and very well tanned. Her ass jutted out in a teasing way, the cheeks rippling tightly when she walked. The dark patch of hair at the base of her stomach was curly and very thick. The lips of her cunt were not fat, but they weren't slim, either. They were puffy, always puffy, swelling with the heat that tormented her. Judy's cunt was tight, very tight.

She was fortunate, she thought, to have such a tight cunt. It could clamp hard on a slim cock or a thick one, and each prick could excite and thrill her equally. The size of a cock meant nothing to her, she loved all sizes. Her clitoris was long and extremely sensitive. A touch, even a very light touch, would send her cunt into steamy desire and throw her mind into an eager, lewd willingness to do anything her partner wanted of her – if he told her to do it.

But it was important that he tell her, make her, force her.

She found her shorts and halter and cupped her tits into the halter and tied it between her shoulder blades. Then she stepped into the shorts, zipping them up in back. The shorts were cut high on her hips, exposing more thigh than most shorts and making her legs look even longer. Sliding her feet into a pair of thongs, she left her room and passed through the living area and into the kitchen. She found a frosted beer in the refrigerator and uncapped it. She leaned against the huge, oak table and sipped it, wondering what was wrong with her son.

His shuffling feet made her lift her head. Johnny came in wearing his usual faded cutoff jeans. Seeing his mother sipping a beer, he opened one for himself. He had never drunk beer in front of her before, but she knew he had had one or two on very hot days.

She looked at him, seeing his handsome face, his hair curling at his neck. He was as tanned as she was, his flesh brown from the sun.

When half his beer was gone, he set the bottle on the counter near the sink and faced her, his arms crossed over his broadening chest. He looked at her unflinchingly.

"You really meant it, didn't you, Mother?"

"Mean what, Johnny?"

"About being made… you know, forced, to do those things we did on the way home."

"I was truthful with you, honey."

"But why, Mother?" he asked. "Why me?"

"Because… because…" she paused as she kept her gaze steady on his eyes. "Johnny, the most important thing about it is that I… I love you."

"I know that, Mother."

"I mean, like a man, not just as if you were my son," she said. "I love you the way a woman would – should – love a man. I love you in every way a woman is supposed to love her man, and I want you for my man."

He looked at her for a long time. Then he said, "But I have to force you and make you do it?"

"That's the only way I enjoy it, Johnny."

"The only way?"

She nodded, finishing her beer. Johnny reached out and took the bottle from her, setting it next to his unfinished one.

"You'll do anything… as long as I make you do it? Anything at all, no matter what it is?"

"That's right."

"And you'll enjoy it?"

"I'll love it, love every second of it," she admitted again to him.

"You mean rape?"

She shook her head, her hair dancing. "No, that's too violent. No, never use rape on me, baby. Just touch me… here," she cupped her tits. "Or here." She ran a hand between her thighs. "Then I'll do anything for you. All you have to do is tell me to do it, and I'll go wild with desire."

"You mean, if I say 'Mother, kiss my ass,' you will?"

She nodded again, her eyes growing hot. "That's what I mean."

He looked at her for a long time. "All I have to do is say kiss my ass and you get hot?"

"So hot I come sometimes," she said without shame.

"Did you now?"

"No, but my cunt started tingling."

"Why didn't you come?"

"Because we're just talking about it," she responded. "If you meant it – if I knew you meant it – I'd be coming by now, and so wild with the desire to kiss your ass, you couldn't get your cut-offs down fast enough for me."

Johnny fell silent, and she perched her rounded ass on the edge of the oak table, swinging a slender foot gently back and forth, watching him… waiting.

"Then, Mother, we could have a hell of a ball, couldn't we?" he said, grinning at her. "I mean, I can have everything I want, can't I? I can make you do anything? You'll do what I tell you to do?"

"And love it, darling," she murmured, her pulse racing again with anticipation.

He had come off three times this afternoon, and she wondered if he had the strength to come once more. He was young – very young – and boys his age, because it was so new and exciting and erotic, managed to maintain a beautiful hard-on for a long time and come and come and come!

"Yes, I'd love to do what you tell me. I'll be your fuck-slave, Johnny. I'll be the dream you and every kid your age dreams of… the kind of woman you visualize when you jack off, but can never find. I'll be your whore, your cunt, your cock-sucker. I'll be anything you want me to be… but remember, you have to make me do it."

Johnny grinned at his mother and she glanced at his cut-offs. His cock was lifting, starting to bulge out again.

"What if you changed your mind, Mother? I mean, what if I told you to do something you didn't want to do?"

"There's nothing I don't want to do… just as long as you make me do it," she replied, her eyes fascinated as she watched his cock lift inside his cut-offs. "I want to do everything you want me to do."

"What about your reputation?" he asked.

"What reputation?" she laughed. "I don't care what anyone thinks of me. I own this place and live here with you. I can do what I want here. No one lives within two miles and we can't even really be seen from the road. I know no one I care about, and there is no one to concern themselves with me and what I do."

She saw that her son was thinking deeply about something, and she shivered with a vague feeling of impending disaster. She knew he had a lot of friends in the small community, his school friends. She had also heard some whispered stories about wild teenaged sex games out in the desert.

"Okay, Mother," he said, grinning at her. "From now on, you'll be my fuck-slave, right? I'll be in control of the fucking department. You can still be in control of everything else. I'll still be your son to everyone, but here at home you're my fuck-slave, right?"

She nodded, her eyes glistening with delight.

"And anything I say goes… about fucking?"

"Yes, baby," she murmured.

"Don't forget, anything."


"You remember you said you'd do it and do it happily, right?"

"Oh, yes!"

She saw him open his cut-offs, his cock thrusting up and out as they dropped. "Since I have my own fuck-slave, Mother, why don't you prove to me you mean it."

"All you have to do is tell me, Johnny."

"Kiss my fucking ass!"

A lurch throbbed through Judy's cunt as she watched her son turn his back to her, throwing his tight, muscular ass in her direction.

"Come on, kiss my fucking ass, Mother!"

Judy moaned as she went to her knees behind her son's naked ass. She placed her hands on his hips and began to burn eager, wet kisses all over his ass cheeks.

"Use your fucking tongue!" Johnny groaned. "Lick my ass, Mother!"

Judy shot her long tongue out quickly and began racing the flat surface of it up and down the cheeks of his ass. Johnny wiggled his ass into her face as she ran one hand in front of him, grasping the throbbing hardness of his cock, pumping her tight fist back and forth on it. Her tongue licked almost frantically about his ass cheeks, and when Johnny wiggled about and her tongue raked along the split, the tip entered the crack and probed his asshole. Her pussy was convulsing inside her shorts as she whimpered in delight, her breathing hot as it fanned her son's flesh. The tip of her tongue lapped deep, tasting his tight asshole, his balls resting against her chin as he arched backwards. She jerked on his cock in a frenzy as she licked wetly about his asshole.

"Jack on my prick, Mother!" Johnny was groaning. "Oh, lick my hot asshole, Mother! Suck my ass… jack my cock! Ahhh, this is so fucking good, Mother! You're gonna jack my cock off, make me come, and lick my asshole good!"

Judy gripped her son's hip with one hand, the other flying back and forth on his hard cock. Her tongue ran against his asshole, then down to lick his balls, only to race back to his asshole once more. The inner cheeks of his ass pressed hotly against her face, her lips now rounded on his asshole, her tongue probing as she sucked with furious passion. Her cunt was convulsing in tight waves of hot, liquid orgasms, her tits tight now as they pressed the backs of his thighs.

She felt his prick throbbing in her fist. She didn't want him to come off, to spurt his come juice against the cupboard. But if he did she would lick it from the wood hungrily.

Judy whimpered into her son's asshole, her tongue pressing until the tip passed the tight ring.

"Ahhh, do it, Mother!" Johnny urged in a tight voice. "Fuck my ass with your cock-sucking tongue! That's good, good, Mother! Suck my asshole… fuck it with your tongue!"

Judy stabbed her tongue in and out of her son's asshole, trying to thrust it deep. This was new to her, she had never done anything like it before. But it was good, very good. She loved the hot tightness of his asshole around her tongue as she fucked it. She loved the way his precious balls were resting on her chin, the way his cock seemed so hard and throbbing in her pumping fist.

Suddenly Johnny jerked his ass away from her face, turning toward her. Judy was on her knees before her son, her eyes fogged with the intensity of her lust. When he turned, her hand was jacking his prick frantically, watching his balls bang back and forth. Johnny arched his hips toward his mother's face, the piss hole of his cock bubbling wetly. She lifted her other hand and grabbed his balls tightly, her lips parted as she panted with eagerness. Johnny was much too excited to say anything at this moment, but she knew what was going to happen. She would not take his cock into her mouth until he told her to. She was his fuck-slave and she had to wait until he told her what to do.

But Johnny didn't tell her to do anything.

He stood on shaking legs, leaning against the counter, looking down into his mother's passion-twisted face as she beat rapidly and delightfully on his hard cock.

"In your fucking face!" Johnny shouted.

"Ooooo, yes!"

"I'm gonna come in your fucking face, Mother!"

"God, yes!"

His cock throbbed in her pounding fist, her lips parted and her eyes glassy with wanton pleasure.

Thick white come juice flew from the flare of his piss hole. It splashed below her right eye, searing her hot flesh. Judy's cunt contracted as an insane orgasm burst within it. She squealed as the second squirt of creamy come juice splashed on the tip of her nose. The thick, sweet come juice erupted from her son's cock like a spouting geyser. Come juice spattered her forehead, her cheeks, her nose and chin. Some of it clung to her eyebrow and one sweet glob had landed between her parted lips.

She beat his prick with a frenzy as he came, taking the full discharge into her beautiful face hungrily, lustfully.

"Lick the head of my cock," Johnny whispered in a tight voice after he finished coming off. "Lick the head of my prick, Mother."

Judy ran her tongue about his come-wet cock, tasting it, lapping it eagerly. She pressed the tip of her tongue against his piss hole, moving her fist on the shaft. She brought up one last bubble of come juice and moaned as she swallowed it.

"Wipe your face, Mother," he said. "Use your hands and wipe your face."

Judy sat on her heels before her son, smearing his come juice about her face.

"Now lick your hands."

With a cry of pleasure, Judy licked swiftly about her come-juicewet palms, cleaning them.

Johnny held his mother's wet cheeks with his hands, shoving his cock and balls against her face and twisting them about, mewling with pleasure as his mother kissed them. She caressed the cheeks of his ass while he stood and rubbed his cock and balls all over her face, feeling as if she would never stop coming.

Later, she bathed in a tub filled with scented oils, wanting to be fresh and clean for her son. She was at his beck and call now, and she wondered if she would ever be happier.

The sun was sinking, and here in the desert, night came swiftly and darkly.

She dried herself, put on a gauzy robe, then went to the living room where her son sat, the remains of a TV dinner on a tray before him. She had not been hungry. Her excitement about this day was too good to lose by eating.

She sat next to him, caressing his thigh and leaning her face against his shoulder.

"I love you, darling," she murmured.

Johnny wrapped an arm about her shoulders, cupping one firm tit through the gown. "I think we're gonna have a real ball, Mom."

"I love to ball," she giggled.

"If you're told," he said.

"I love to ball only when I'm told," she emphasized, caressing his naked thigh. "I hope you plan to move into my bedroom with me now, Johnny. I'd rather sleep with you from now on. I hate being alone in bed."

"Tomorrow," he said, squeezing her tit. "I'll move everything I have in there tomorrow."

Judy sighed happily and snuggled close to him, cupping his cock and balls tenderly.

Chapter 5

Both slept late.

It was midday and getting hot when they finally got up. Judy ate a very light brunch with her son. She had gotten out of bed excited, feeling that vague sense of something impending, something that she could not define. It was an exciting feeling, one that she enjoyed.

Wearing shorts and a man's shirt that was tight between her tits, her hair brushed, face scrubbed free of make-up, Judy looked only a few years older than her son. Her youthful appearance would easily enable her to blend in with any teenaged crowd. Johnny, as usual, was wearing cut-offs and nothing else.

While Johnny was making up their bed – something that pleased her – she walked outside. As far as she could see, there was desert, a sage-brush-dotted desert that led to distant, naked mountains. The green lawn and huge old trees, the vegetation on her land, were the only cool places around for miles. She walked to the grape arbor and sat on the circular bench, enjoying the day.

An hour later her son joined her.

"I moved everything into our bedroom, Mother," he said, sitting beside her.


"Everything I have. My old room is empty."

She stroked his shoulder, feeling so happy. "You're my man, Johnny," she murmured softly.

He untied her man's shirt. Judy glanced about, toward the road. He noticed. "Expecting someone, Mother?"

"No, of course not."

"You sure looked around quick."

"I've never been naked outside before," she said. "It makes me feel a little strange."

"There's no one around to see but me," he reminded her.

Judy smiled at him as he drew the shirt from her arms. Her tits arched out, the rubbery nipples pointing upwards, stiff already. She sat naked from the waist up, feeling better, enjoying the exposure outside. She glanced at the front of his cut-offs and was rewarded to see his cock bulging there. She wanted to slide her hand up his thigh, shove her fingers under the frayed legs and tickle his balls and touch his cock.

Johnny leaned back, looking at his mother's tits. The fact that his cock was bulging up bothered him not at all. He was proud of his ability to achieve a hard-on swiftly, and so was his mother.

With her tits revealed there in the grape arbor, Judy felt her cunt twitching and swelling in the tight confines of her shorts. It was a good feeling between her thighs, and she writhed her ass on the bench, letting her son know what she was feeling.

"I bet it would be exciting to be totally naked out here, Mother," he said, rubbing the hardness of his cock boldly, spreading his legs out. "Nice and naked and fucking like crazy."

"Whatever you want, darling," she whispered, watching his cock throb through his cut-offs. "Just tell me what you want, that's all it takes."

"I'd like seeing you naked out here," Johnny said. "Why don't you take your shorts off, Mother?"

Judy did not question him. She stood and unzipped her shorts. They were very tight and she had to practically peel them down her hips. She wiggled her hips as she rolled the shorts downward, shoved them past her knees, then placed them on the bench next to him. She stood for a moment so he could look upon her naked beauty, then she sat down next to him again.

Johnny moved his hand up and down her creamy thigh. Judy responded by spreading her legs for him. She looked down her body as he rubbed his hand up and down her hair-lined cunt, pressing lightly upon the puffy pussy. A shiver rippled along her smooth, naked flesh. Her clitoris, already inflamed, knotted as if she were on the brink of orgasm.

Johnny began to whirl his hand.


He whirled his fingers faster and faster on her cunt, and Judy arched her crotch up, groaning with pleasure, twisting her hips to his circling fingers, the pressure of them. The orgasm, when it came, was strong, as were most of them. Judy bit into her bottom lip as her son's whipping fingers flew against her convulsing pussy.

"You come so fucking easy, Mother," Johnny said.

"I do! Oh, I come very easy, baby. I love to come. I could come all day!"

When he pulled his hand from her cunt, his palm was wet and slippery with all her juices. He pulled the frayed leg of his cut-offs to one side and the rounded head of his cock jutted out.

"Kiss it, Mother," Johnny said. "Give my cock a kiss."

With a sob of pleasure, Judy lowered her face to his lap. She placed her warm, moist lips upon the head of her son's cock and kissed it, tasting the seeping fluids bubbling from his flaring piss hole. She wanted to take it into her mouth, but she wanted him to tell her first. Johnny didn't say anything. He gasped when her lips touched the head of his cock, but said nothing about her sucking it.

"Kiss it again," he whispered. "Just the head. Kiss the head of my cock."

Judy kissed his prick again.

"Lick my piss hole with your tongue."

Judy darted the tip of her tongue out, wiggling it about the seeping piss hole, tasting those delicious juices that boiled against it. She circled the smooth head of his prick with her tongue, mewling softly in delight.

"That's enough right now, Mother," Johnny said, and she reluctantly lifted her face. "You're sure good at that, you know, Mother?"

"Maybe it's because I love it," she teased, her eyes sparkling at him. "Maybe I'm so good at it because I just love a cock in my mouth. It makes me come, too."

She was sitting on the bench with her legs open in case he wanted to feel her up again. Johnny lowered his eyes to her bushy pussy. Then he slipped from the bench and sat on the wooden floor of the arbor between his mother's spread legs, looking at her cunt. Pink and wet, with the dark hair around it, the swell of her ass below, her pussy was appealing.

He kissed his mother's thigh just past her knee, causing Judy to moan softly. She looked down at his handsome face as he gazed at her cunt, pleased with his expression.

Then, without a word, Johnny shoved his face into his mother's crotch!

"Ohhh, yes," Judy sobbed.

Johnny's mouth pressed against her puffy cunt, smashing the distended clitoris. He slipped his hands along her thighs, then under them. He pulled gently and Judy pushed her ass forward so he could cup the firm cheeks: His nose was buried into the thick curls of her cunt, his eyes flashing up her body and into her face. When Johnny opened his mouth and pressed his lips about her cunt, Judy's eyes became teary with ecstasy.

"Oh, baby," she murmured as she gazed at him with fiery eyes. "Oh, honey, that's good, so good."

Johnny slipped his tongue from his mouth and licked at the sensitive cunt lips, curling his fingers into his mother's shivering ass cheeks. His tongue moved up and down each pussy lip, then dragged from the bottom, sliding the tip into her pussy, then up and over her steamy clitoris. Judy yelped with ecstasy as he twisted his tongue around her clitoris. Then he had his lips holding it, sucking as his tongue lapped the sensitive tip. Judy held his head with her hot, inner thighs, arching her cunt into his face and twisting it, gasping with the pleasure '

Pushing his face down, Johnny began to lick at his mother's cunt, lapping up and down the way an animal laps up water. His tongue moved from very near her asshole, up the puffy slit, over her clitoris, then down again. He had started licking her cunt slowly, but his tongue began to move faster when his mother started humping her crotch up and down, grinding her pussy into his face. He closed his lips about her clitoris, sucking at it, making his mother squeal with ecstasy.

Finally he slammed his tongue into her pussy, darting it back and forth the way he had his cock. He tongued her boiling, hairy pussy swiftly, tongue-fucking her in a way that sent Judy soaring with orgiastic ecstasy. She grabbed the back of his head and lifted her cunt, grinding hard into his mouth. Her hot inner thighs clamped about his face as she bucked and thrashed, gasping and whimpering.

"Eat me, darling!" she panted. "Oh, eat my cunt, Johnny! I love to have my cunt eaten! Ohhhh, suck it for me! Suck mother's hot pussy, baby! Ahhhhh, tongue-fuck me… tongue-fuck me!"

Johnny's tongue thrust in and out of the slippery heat of her cunt, driving back and forth swiftly. His chin pressed into the crack of her ass, his mouth open and glued to her pussy. Judy whipped her hips up and down, the orgasms rumbling through her like liquid heat.

The convulsions of her cunt clawed at his tongue, clasping it hotly. Johnny shoved his tongue up his mother's cunt as deep as he could, leaving it there. Judy's hairy pussy sucked on it as she came, the lips clamping hard and wet and hot, flexing on that tongue.

"Ooooo," she sighed when her son pulled his face out of her crotch.

Johnny's mouth, his chin and cheeks, were glistening with the wetness of her pussy, his eyes shining brightly. His cock rose up in full hardness, his piss hole dripping. He got to his knees and placed a hand on the back of his mother's head and pulled her face toward his. Judy parted her lips to kiss him, but he just wiped his cunt-smeared face and lips against hers.

"Now you know what your cunt tastes like, Mother," he laughed.

"You're an asshole," she replied, but her laugh told him she wasn't angry. She couldn't be angry no matter what he did or made her do. "And I love you so much!"

Johnny stood up and dropped his cut-offs. Judy's eyes became glassy as she gazed at his magnificent cock. His balls were full and heavy, sweet. He turned and twisted the knob, making the mist start. The coolness of the misting water felt very good on them both. Although her hair became wet and stringy, Judy didn't mind in the least. Soon their bodies were wet, soaked, and she didn't mind that, either. The day had become hotter as they sat there, and she often used the mist to keep cool.

"Lick me for a while, Mother," Johnny said.

Immediately Judy's tits hardened and her cunt began to pulsate again. She went to her knees in front of her son, then she sat down on the floor. Mist swirled about them as she moved her face to his cock and balls. His prick rose from his crotch in beautiful hardness, his balls dangling between his widely spread thighs.

"Lick me all over down there, Mother," he said.

Judy ran her tongue over her lips with hungry anticipation, then moved her face into his lovely cock and balls. She ran her tongue up and down his prick, then about his balls. She lifted his balls on the tip of her tongue and played with them, bouncing them, twisting her tongue around them and back up his cock again.

The feel of his hot cock and balls against her face sent Judy's body into shivering delight. She made soft sobbing sounds of pleasure as her tongue ran up and down, from the crack of his ass, up and around his heavy balls, along the throbbing shaft of his prick, over the dripping head, only to repeat the journey time and again. She licked his cock and balls slowly, savoring it, taking delight in it. She was waiting for him to tell her to start sucking his cock, to take it deep into her hot cock-sucking mouth and down her throat. She wanted it badly. But Johnny leaned back and enjoyed the moving wetness of her tongue on his cock and balls, the inner surface of his thighs, the crack of his ass.

Each time she reached the head of his cock, she was sure there were more juices bubbling up. Each time her tongue scooted about his piss hole, there was more liquid for her. The taste of her son's juices made her mind reel in lewd pleasure, and she loved to run her tongue about that piss hole. She pushed her face into his balls and nuzzled happily, whimpering with the touch. She caressed his balls and cock with her chin and cheeks, her throat. Her face was slippery with the oozing fluids from his piss hole, and she wanted to be covered by it… her tits, her stomach, her thighs, her ass… all over her naked body.

"Suck my balls, Mother," Johnny said in a thick voice, looking down at her. "Take my balls in your mouth and suck them."

With a soft moan of pleasure Judy opened her mouth wide and pulled his balls into it. She managed easily to accommodate both of them, with very little room to lick with her tongue. She sucked on her son's balls, and with burning eyes watched him curl his fingers about his cock and begin to jack it. His pumping hand moved slowly, and as it went upward, it made his balls tight in her mouth, but she sucked greedily and watched him jerk his fist up and down. She hoped he would not jack off and make his cock spurt that delicious come juice while she sucked his balls. If he came, she wanted it either in her cunt or in her hungry mouth. Either place was okay with her.

But Johnny wasn't going to jack off while she sucked his balls. After a while he turned his cock loose and gently pulled his balls out of her mouth. "Now you can suck on my cock a little, Mother."

"Ooo, God, yes!" she whined softly and licked her tongue from the base to the head. She twirled her tongue about the smooth head of his cock for a moment, lapping away the seeping juices. Finally Judy pressed her lips onto her son's cock and slipped it deep into her burning mouth. She moaned as the swollen head probed her throat, then entered it. She writhed her hot lips about the base of his prick, then sucked upwards. Her lips tingled as they stretched, holding his cock tightly on the way up. At the ridge of the swollen head, she held him tightly and licked her tongue about wildly, her eyes rolling in her head with passion.

The misting water made their naked bodies wet, their hair stringy, but neither of them minded.

A car was heard in the distance, but Judy continued to suck up and down on her son's cock. She was not going to let his sweet cock out of her mouth no matter if the car pulled into their drive, no matter who it was… they could stand and watch her suck Johnny's cock off. If they didn't like it they could kiss her hot ass.

But the car continued down the road.

The thick hardness in her mouth intensified Judy's lust, and her cunt was gripped by spasms of orgasm again. She whimpered about her son's prick as she moved her lips up and down, from the swollen head all the way to base, where his wiry hair tickled his nose. She lifted his balls and rubbed them about her neck and chin.

"That's enough for now, Mother," Johnny said in a hoarse voice.

Reluctantly Judy pulled her mouth off his cock.

"I want some pussy, Mother," he said. "I wanna fuck you… in your hot cunt."

"Oh, baby, anywhere!" she squealed, eagerly.

Johnny placed his mother so she could rest her arms on the bench, her ass lifted upward. He got onto his knees behind her creamy, lovely ass, taking her hips in both hands. Judy felt her son's cock probing at her cunt, and then it was inside her fiery pussy.

Johnny moved his throbbing cock into her cunt slowly, watching it. When he had it buried completely, he leaned over her back and cupped her dangling tits in his hands.

"Fuck it, baby!" Judy gurgled, twisting her naked ass against him. "Ohhhh, fuck that hot cunt, darling! Give mother's hairy, wet cunt a fucking I'll never forget! Fuck me, Johnny! Oh, God, fuck me good!"

He pumped, driving his cock in and out of her clinging cunt fast and hard, his balls swinging. The moist slaps of his groin against her naked ass fueled their lust. Judy twisted and thrashed her ass about as he drove his cock back and forth, hard enough to drive her breath out in gasps of delight.

The orgasms bursting inside her cunt caused it to suck and hold his pounding cock. The flexing of her hairy cunt lips closed and relaxed on his prick, like a fist, only her cunt sucked at the same time. The mist, like a light rain, continued to fall upon their heated bodies and Judy wondered why it didn't turn to steam.

"Oh, baby, feel me coming?" she cried out. "Feel mother's cunt squeezing your hard, sweet cock? Can you feel my cunt come, Johnny?"

"Yeah," he grunted, thrusting faster and faster into her gripping pussy, his fingers sinking into the spongy roundness of her tits, those rigid nipples searing his palms. He pounded faster and faster, his balls drawing up against the base of his cock. The slurping sounds of his cock running in and out of her tight cunt inflamed them both and then Johnny rammed his prick in deep, holding it there.

"I'm gonna give it to you, Mother!"

"Come, baby! Ohhh, come up my fucking hot cunt!"

The rapid squirts of thick come juice splashed about the velvety walls of her pussy, bringing screams of ecstasy from Judy. She shook her naked ass against him, her cunt drawing on his gushing cock.

Johnny slumped over his mother's back when he finished coming, his hands still cupping her full tits. Judy rested with her head on her arms across the bench, her knees feeling bruised against the wooden floor of the arbor.

When Johnny sat back on the bench, his chest heaving up and down, Judy turned and sat on the wet floor. Her son's cock was slippery from her cunt, the mist doing nothing to wash it off.

"Lick it, Mother," Johnny said.

Immediately Judy began to run her tongue about his prick, tasting the juices of her cunt and not minding it in the least. On the contrary, she liked it.

Their clothing was soaked by the mist, however. After she had licked his cock, she looked at the soggy shorts and shirt, his cutoffs were dripping wet.

"We can't put those back on," she said. "How are we going to get to the house, Johnny?"

"I don't see a problem at all," he said. "We walk back naked."

"Naked? Someone might see us."


She looked around, then back at him, smiling. "You're right. There's no one around to see us. We could dance and run naked all over the place, couldn't we, baby?"

Johnny turned off the mist and, taking his mother's hand, they walked across the lawn slowly. Judy could not resist twitching and swinging her naked ass with pleasure, enjoying this.

"I could get my ass sunburned this way," she giggled. "But I wouldn't mind."

She made a playful grab for his cock, then ran ahead of her son, her naked, beautiful ass flashing tantalizingly at him.

Chapter 6

That evening they sat outside under an ancient oak on padded chairs around a wrought iron table. Judy was having a beer and her son iced tea.

They were both naked.

The sun was setting on top of the barren mountains, and although it was still hot, there was a breeze blowing in from the north, cooling the evening.

Judy sat the way her son asked her.

Her ass was slumped past the padded chair, legs wide open. He sat a few feet in front of her, gazing at her hairy cunt as she twisted and played with her nipples. His cock was hard, his balls looking full again.

At her son's request, Judy ran a hand down her flat stomach, caressing her fingers into the soft, curling hair of her cunt. She rubbed a fingertip along the puffy, slippery wet lips of her pussy, then agitated her clitoris for his visual pleasure. It was for her pleasure, too, because she took pleasure in everything her son asked her to do, as long as it was erotic.

As dusk settled, but still with enough light to see by, Judy wanted his cock in her, fucking her. She wanted it desperately, her cunt burned for it. But Johnny seemed content to sit and watch his mother caress her pussy. The beer and iced tea had been gone for some time, and Judy wanted another.

"I'll be right back," she said, getting up and moving toward the house.

She looked over her shoulder to see her son watching her. But the darkness was settling fast. After getting her beer, she turned on the outside lights, then left the house again. Now her son could see her very well; as she could see him. The place beneath the ancient oak was lit up brightly. She knew they could be seen from the road if someone should drive by. Yet they were still far enough away that, without very sharp eyes, no one could tell they were completely naked.

As she came to the chair, her son stopped her before she sat down.

"Sit on my lap, Mother," he said.

She moved to him, spreading her legs around his. "On your cock, baby?"

"Anywhere else?"

With a sigh of pleasure, Judy moved her cunt to the head of his prick and sank down slowly, facing him. He didn't fuck up and down, but just sat there with his cock filling her hot pussy. Johnny fondled her tits, sucking one and then the other. He cupped a tit, pressing so the nipple was between his fingers, then licked it with his tongue.

"Fuck me, Mother," he said finally.

"Oh, I thought you'd never ask," she squealed.

Judy began to bounce up and down on her son's prick, mewling with pleasure. She put her hands on his shoulders and wiggled and thrust and twisted. Johnny caught a tit with his mouth and sucked on it, his hands moving around her hips to hold her shaking, creamy ass.

The sound of the car on the road was loud, but Judy paid no attention to it. The stuffing of her son's cock was all she was concerned about. She could see the headlights but they were far away. She thrashed her naked ass up and down his prick, fucking him with gurgles of ecstasy, enjoying his hands holding her ass, his lips sucking at her inflamed nipple.

And then the car turned into their drive.

"Oh!" Judy yelped, startled.

"Shit!" Johnny growled, turning to see the car.

Judy jumped from her son's cock quickly and started for the house. "Hurry… they'll see us!" she urged.

As she raced for the house, both her hands holding her naked ass in an effort to hide it, Judy was relieved to find her son right behind her. They rushed into the house and jumped into robes.

"Who could be coming here now?" Judy asked, belting her robe and looking out the door.

"I know who it is," Johnny said.

Judy saw it was friends of her son when they got out of the car. One was a tall young man with dark hair and eyes that had always seemed to undress Judy. The other was a shorter boy, with glasses. The girl was a cute blonde who her son had dated a few times during the past school year.

Johnny, in his robe, stepped out the front door to greet them. Judy hoped he would send them away. Her cunt was still fiery for his cock, still pulsating, her nipples tingling.

But Johnny didn't send them away. He took them to the chairs and table, beneath the still well-lighted oak tree, calling to his mother. "Bring out something to drink, Mother."

Muttering angrily, Judy opened beers for them before she realized what she had done. Soft drinks would have been more appropriate, she felt, since they were all quite young. But the beers were already open, so she put them on a tray and carried them outside.

As she walked, her creamy thighs were flashed as the robe parted, but she didn't care about that. Legs could be seen anywhere. Even the cute blonde had long legs, bare beneath her jogging shorts.

"Hey, this is the way to treat guests," said the tall young boy, his eyes seeming to remove Judy's robe. His name, she knew, was Frank. She had never particularly liked Frank but the only reason she had was the way he looked at her. He was always nice around her.

The short boy she had not seen before. She thought he was cute, with big eyes and a young face. She felt he shouldn't be in high school, but still in elementary. He was the same age as her son, though.

The cute blonde girl's name was Jane, a name that was out of fashion today, but seemed to fit her. With those long, golden tresses, the sparkling clear eyes, the slightly turned up nose, Jane was fresh and pretty, very well tanned and unblemished. Standing next to her son, Judy looked at Jane. The girl had one foot hooked on the seat of the wrought iron chair, and her panties could be seen past the crotch of her jogging shorts.

Johnny was staring at that place without shame. A glance at his lap told Judy her son's cock was hard. She stood next to him, one hand resting lightly on his shoulder.

Suddenly she gasped.

Johnny had run his hand underneath her knee-length robe and was moving it up her thigh. When his hand reached her ass, cupping it with his fingers pressed into the crack and squeezing, she shot him a look, a look that had been meant to be careful, but her eyes were much too hot. Johnny glanced at his mother, grinning as he squeezed her ass.

She could not tell him to stop, his friends would hear and she could not move away because his hand would cause her robe to lift, and they would see she was naked under it!

She had to stand there and let her son play with her naked ass while he talked with his friends. Yet, Judy found it exciting. He was doing what he wanted with her, forcing her to stand there so he could feel her up in front of his friends.

Judy was surprised to find an orgasm boiling through her cunt with such quickness, she moaned softly.

Johnny grinned up at his mother and slipped his fingers between her thighs from behind, feeling how wet her hairy pussy was. When he worked a finger into her cunt and slipped it in and out slowly, she gave him another look, but this time she, too, was grinning.

"Is something wrong?" Jane asked, her huge blue eyes piercing.

Judy shook her head, but she had a hunch Jane knew what had happened to her. She dropped her eyes down to look at the lacy panties still revealed at the girl's crotch, and Jane gave Judy a slow smile, a smile of wanton lust.

Surprised, Judy stared at the girl.

Something was going on, she knew. These three had showed up on purpose! They had never been here at night before. They had been there, of course, to enjoy a barbeque with her son and to wrestle on the green lawns. But they had never been here at this time of night.

She remembered the stories of sex parties out in the desert, and wondered for the first time if any of these were involved, Johnny included. These kids were not the wild ones of the small town, but the more proper, better behaved ones. They would not have been involved in such things.

Johnny's finger kept moving in and out of her cunt, and Judy's legs were shaking, becoming weak. She leaned against her son's shoulder, looking at Jane more than any of the boys. The girl wore a tank-top, cut off just below her perky tits. She had no bra on, Judy thought.

"Well, gang," she heard her son say, "what's going on?"

It was Frank who replied, his eyes gazing hotly at Judy. "Not much, just cruising around, seeing what we can find."

"Not much to find, though," the short boy said.

They know, Judy thought. They know what Johnny is doing! All those eyes seemed to be looking at her, and Frank's as usual seemed to penetrate her robe. She glanced at her son again, and he was grinning almost lewdly. Judy could do nothing. She was afraid to move. If she did, her son would be mad at her, and she was sure, if she moved, they would see where he had his hand. Her legs were shaking badly and those eyes looking at her made the robe transparent. She felt as if she were naked before them, everything exposed.

There was a tension surrounding them all. Judy could feel it, pressing down on her. It was a heavy tension, charged electrically, sexually. It seemed as if they were waiting for Johnny to do something, to start something. Those three pairs of eyes moved from Judy to Johnny, and she noticed Frank lifted his eyebrows in question.

Johnny's finger moved about her cunt, teasing and making her pussy swell, her clitoris rigid with desire. She heard a slight moist sound as he moved his finger in and out of her cunt from behind, wondering if the others heard it, too, knew what the sound was. Judy could not resist letting her eyes move over the front of Frank's pants. She was not surprised to see his cock bulging there. Scooting her eyes to the short boy, she saw that he, too, seemed to have a hard-on.

Then Johnny pulled his finger out of his mother's cunt. He placed his hand about her waist, low on her hip, and pulled at her. She glanced at him, but he wasn't looking up at her. Johnny was staring boldly at Jane. Something in Judy tried to resist as her son pulled her to his lap. One part of her cried "no" and the other part "yes."

She sat on her son's lap, feeling his cock pressing in throbbing hardness against her ass. The robe flapped open to reveal her long, creamy thighs almost to her pussy. She started to close it over her thighs, but her son caught her wrist and stopped her.

She knew, now.

His friends were here because he had invited them, to show them his beautiful mother, to expose her uncontrollable desires when she was touched, told, forced! He must have called them that morning as she was outside in the grape arbor, before he came to join her. It was the only explanation for what was happening.

Judy tried to be angry with Johnny, tried to draw enough strength to get off his lap. But she couldn't. His cock was pressing at her tingling ass, his hands around her waist, holding her there. She sat in frozen expectation, wanting and not wanting this.

She gasped when Johnny brought his hand up and deliberately cupped her tit. He closed his fingers about it, through the robe. Judy saw the gleam in the eyes of those watching, the hot anticipation. She shifted, feeling her cunt burning between her thighs. Her son's hand squeezed her tit and began to rub and press it, making Judy's body respond immediately.

Johnny whispered in her ear. "You're gonna fuck me, Mother."

"No," she hissed back, but kept her eyes on the three.

"Yes, you are," he insisted, squeezing her tit hard.

"Not here, Johnny," she whispered softly. "Not here, in front of them."

"All I have to do is tell you," he reminded his mother. "All I have to do is tell you and you'll do it, remember?"

"But Johnny, this is…"

She didn't finish.

Johnny quickly shoved his hand into her robe and held her naked tit in one hand, drawing the robe away with his other. Judy's face flamed with embarrassment – not shame.

Her tits were revealed in the harsh light, her son holding one. The other was fully exposed, the rigid nipple tilted upward in desire. She saw the heat in the eyes of Frank and Jane and the short boy. All three were staring in open admiration of her naked tits. Judy experienced a burning orgasm with such suddenness, she moaned loud enough for all to hear.

Johnny unbelted her robe, then he pulled it wide. Judy sat on her son's lap, her body revealed, legs pressed close together. She pressed her face onto his shoulder, trying to hide her embarrassment. She heard the gulping sounds coming from the short boy, and the garbled words that made no sense come from Frank. There was a lewd giggle from Jane.

Johnny was moving her, positioning her. She was turned so her back was to his chest, and she closed her eyes, hoping his friends would not see the inflamed passion in them. She was powerless to resist her son. She sat on his lap, facing his friends, her body naked. The robe had been pulled from her shoulders and now lay on the lawn.

She felt her legs being parted around her son's, and her cunt was visible. Judy whimpered with mindless desire and leaned back against Johnny's chest, her legs now wide over his. She felt her son's cock pressing up past her cunt and against the thick pussy hair. She opened her eyes as Johnny reached down and positioned his cock.

"Lift your ass a minute, Mother," he said, no longer whispering.

She lifted.

Then her son's cock entered her cunt!

"Oh, God!" she wailed. It was a sound of ecstasy, not of shame.

She knew his friends could see it all, could all see her son's cock penetrating her wet, hairy cunt. Her legs were spread on either side of his, her crotch open, the pink flesh of her pussy surrounded by dark hair, her clitoris inflamed. It was there for them to see, Johnny's cock deep inside her pussy.

Although her eyes were open, Judy saw only vague outlines of the two boys and girl. Her vision was clouded with the intensity of her lust now.

"Fuck me, Mother," she heard her son say, his voice loud. "Fuck me with your hot cunt, Mother!"

Gasping hotly, Judy found herself lifting and lowering her naked ass, riding her son's cock, straddling it, while his friends watched with steamy excitement. She could not stop. There was no way she could stop fucking her son now. His cock was inside her, stretching her cunt as she bounced up and down on it.

The exquisite sensations flooding her were powerful and her passion now had control once again.

She bounced up and down on her son's cock, mewling, groaning, sighing, sobbing. She held the arms of his wrought iron chair tightly, banging her cunt onto his cock with a total lack of shame or guilt. She knew his friends could see the way her cunt gripped Johnny's prick, his balls below, her triangular shaped cunt hair, the throbbing hardness of her clitoris, her jiggling tits… and Judy's erotic emotions went into high gear.

She plunged her ass up and down, bouncing on her son's cock with gurgles of delight. At the moment, with her son's cock fucking her fiery cunt, Judy felt more excitement growing within her naked body because they were being seen, being watched as she fucked her son insanely, enthusiastically, by his friends.

She twirled her ass in tight circles, grinding powerfully down on his piercing cock, wanting more and more inside her now convulsing cunt. She was sobbing loudly with the ecstasy now, not caring that they all heard her wanton lust. She was on display, on a lewd display, and she was enjoying it right now. Her son was showing his friends the sexual control he had over her and she didn't care.

"I'm coming!" she gurgled. "Oh, God, baby… I'm coming so hard! So fucking hard!"

Through it she heard Jane giggle again. There were words of encouragement coming from Frank and the short boy, but they made no sense to Judy. She was in the clutches of a powerful orgasm, a series of orgasms. Her naked body was melting, seared by the strength of her son's cock.

"Ohhh, Johnny," she wailed, as if they were alone. "Come, Johnny! Please, please come in my hot cunt!"

Again there were giggles from Jane.

Then she heard Frank, clearly.

"Fuck that hot cunt, Johnny boy! Give your mother some hot come juice!"

She felt her son's cock lurch inside her cunt and then he was spraying the walls of her fiery, sensitive cunt with thick come juice, filling her pussy with it until she was drenched. She was aware, vaguely, of the come juice seeping past his cock and her cunt lips, making her legs slippery. Her cunt gnawed on her son's spewing cock, sucking it, draining it. Judy quickly grasped her son's balls, holding them in a hot, tight palm, feeling them writhe as he squirted his come juice into her greedy cunt.

Feeling her son's come juice splashing into her hot cunt created a final, shattering orgasm to rip through Judy's body. She cried out with the intensity of it, then slumped back onto his chest, her legs spread about his, his cock still inside her pussy, her tits tilted up as she struggled to breathe. Slowly, her body relaxed from the tautness of her orgasms.

When she felt strong enough, she slipped from his lap, leaned over and picked up her robe. Flinging it over her shoulder, she stood for a moment facing the three boys and one girl. She posed saucily, arching her hairy cunt outward and her shoulders back, her tits lifting.

"I hope every one of you has been entertained," she said, archly. "Now perhaps you can all enjoy a jerk circle or…" she looked at Jane's glowing face, "or you can all gang-bang that hot little cunt."

With those words, Judy turned and walked away, swinging her ass in a saucy manner, feeling their eyes on her.

Chapter 7

Inside the house, Judy felt like bawling.

She threw her robe over the couch and entered the kitchen, where she got herself a beer from the refrigerator. She knew her son had set this up. It was the only thing that made sense to her. He must have called his friends that morning.

Leaning against the kitchen sink and sipping the beer, Judy tried to find anger against her son, but there was none. It was her fault, not his. She had told him, on the drive home, that she would do anything he told her to do – even with his friends. She remembered saying that clearly now. But she had not really meant that, at least she didn't think she had. She had spoken out of sexual desire and need.

But it had been good, she admitted, fucking her son as they sat watching. Somehow, exposing herself that way to her son's friends had felt good. It had made her very hot, very eager, ready and willing to fuck him.

Taking her beer along, she went into the living room and looked out the window. They were still sitting there, and her son, it seemed was the only one with his cock out. His robe was open, but still on. Those stories about sexual orgies in the desert had to be true, she thought. And her son was involved. She thought she had given him his first fuck, but she obviously was wrong. Her son was as experienced as she was… it was clear now. He had fucked Jane, for certain. Perhaps they all fucked Jane. Perhaps she was the only girl in the desert, taking the guys on one by one or two together or three together or whatever. Maybe there was no other girl, maybe there was no real orgy of teenagers. Perhaps it was just Jane and those three boys!

Maybe Jane was an orgy in herself.

Maybe it was just Jane and any boy that wanted to come along. The stories she had heard were of orgies, but she had never heard how many people were involved. Maybe there was nothing going on at all.

She turned away from the window and went back to the kitchen for another beer. Then, after opening it, decided she didn't want it after all.

She wanted Johnny.


Her and him.

She heard the car start. Curious, she left the kitchen and returned to the living room. Johnny came in, his robe flapping about his body.

She confronted him.

"Well, were your friends sufficiently entertained, Johnny?" she asked, lifting her eyebrows at him. "Was I good enough? Was the show good enough to run a few weeks longer?"

He looked at his mother in surprise. "What's wrong, Mother?" he asked.

"Just that you fucked me right there so they could all see, that's all!"

"But you told me, Mother."

"I know," she admitted, biting her bottom lip. "I didn't know you'd do it, though."

He wrapped his arms about her, his chest smashing at her firm tits. When he kissed her, she found herself melting again. She could not resist it when he touched her, kissed her. The lightest touch of his hands or lips sent flames of heat roaring through her. She closed her arms about his neck and pressed her naked body tight against his, wiggling sensuously.

"You're mad at me," he whispered after the kiss.

"No, I'm not," she replied, rubbing her hairy pelvis back and forth against him. "I did tell you that. It's not your fault."

"I wouldn't have done it, Mother," he said.

"I know, darling. Don't worry about it."

But she could sense her son drawing from her. She clung to him desperately. Although he held her in his arms, she felt her son pulling away emotionally.

Disturbed, she released herself from his arms and went for the beer she hadn't wanted earlier. Johnny followed her to the kitchen, belting his robe. She didn't want to see him do that. She wanted to see his cock and balls flapping around. He had not paid any attention to his nakedness until now. She leaned against the sink and sipped the beer, watching him.

Johnny sat at the table, carefully keeping his robe tight. Judy's heart felt like lead. Johnny, she knew, thought she had told him a lie, lied to him completely. She had promised him she would do anything he wanted of her, if he told her to do it, no matter what it was. Now, by her actions through embarrassment, she was turning him away.

She had been embarrassed outside when he fucked her in front of his friends, and that was all. She had not felt ashamed of it, oddly enough. She had acted out of embarrassment only. Judy knew, or thought she knew, that if her son had prepared her, told her what he was going to do, she would not have been embarrassed.

It was the surprise of it, and she tried to explain it this way to Johnny. But he looked at her with those accusing eyes, not believing her.

"I thought we had it going, Mother," he said. "I really believed what you told me. Maybe everything is a lie. Maybe you won't do what I say. Maybe you won't be my fuck-slave, like you promised."

"Darling," she said softly, but with desperation in her voice, "I will! I will be your fuck-slave. I just didn't want that kind of surprise, that's all. You should have warned me what was going to happen."

"It wouldn't have made any difference, Mother," he said. "If I had told you, you would have refused."

"Oh, honey," she said, kneeling at his side and slipping her hand into his robe. She held his cock, working on it, feeling the wetness still there from her cunt. "Try me! Johnny, tell me to do something. You'll see… I'll do it, baby! For you, I'd do anything."

"I know you will," he said. "But only when we're alone. You won't if any one is with us. You won't fuck my friends, Mother."

"Fuck your friends?" she asked. "Is that what you want me to do? Fuck those guys?"

"They're my friends, Mother," he said as if that was all the answer required. "You made me a liar to them."

"How did I do that?"

"I told them they could fuck you," he said.

Judy looked up into his face, stroking his cock up and down, feeling it growing in her fist.

"Do you fuck Jane?" she asked.

Johnny nodded his head. "We all fuck Jane."

"Aren't there any other girls?"

"Sure, there's half a dozen," he replied. "And we fuck all of them, too."

"Then it's true, the things I've heard."

He nodded. "I kind of thought you'd go with me sometime, Mother. After yesterday, I was sure you'd go with me sometime."

She pulled his robe open and lifted his balls in her hand. Leaning down, Judy kissed those precious balls tenderly, then stroked her tongue along his throbbing hard cock. She swiped her tongue about the piss hole, tasting those sweet juices she loved so much. She took her son's cock into her mouth, sucking it slowly, her mouth wet and hot. She sighed softly when she felt his hand on the top of her head, his ass lifting.

Johnny sat without speaking, letting his mother suck on his cock. He wasn't helping her and he wasn't stopping her, but Judy felt he was holding something back from her. He was not as enthusiastic as before.

She lifted her mouth, looking up at him with her cheek resting on his hot, hard cock.

"I want to suck you off, darling." Murmuring softly, she looked into his face. "I want to suck your sweet cock and have you come in my mouth. I'm a cock-sucker, you know. Your mother is a good, hungry cock-sucker, darling. I'll fuck you and suck you and keep you so happy! You can do anything to me you want, darling. Anything."

She lowered her mouth to his cock again, taking it deep. She rolled his balls about her cheek as she writhed her lips at the base, the swollen head of his prick in her tight throat.

With desperation born of desire to have her son believe her, to love her, Judy began to suck frantically on his cock, bobbing her face up and down swiftly, devouring him like a demented, cock-starved woman – which she was.

Liquid sounds came from her as she sucked furiously, her tongue sliding and twisting and rolling. She curled her tongue around his hard cock to make a tight sheath for it, fucking his cock with her hungry mouth and whimpering with burning ecstasy. She wanted his come juice to spurt into her mouth. Perhaps it would show him how much she loved him, and how willing and eager she would do the things he wanted of her.

She would not disappoint her son again – no matter what.

She would be his fuck-slave, as she promised. And didn't a slave obey the master? In everything?

No, Johnny would never again be disappointed in her.

She raced her hot lips up and down his cock with greedy delight, mewling with pleasure, striving to bring his sweet, thick come juice boiling into her mouth. Her tongue was like a liquid flame as it raced about the throbbing hardness of his cock, her mouth a wet cauldron of searing, erotic heat.

Sliding one hand underneath his ass, she clasped a tight cheek. Her other was between his thighs, clinging to his balls. She labored on his prick, but it was a labor of love. Erotic love, but still love.

When she felt his cock jerking inside her mouth, she sucked upwards until she had her lips behind the ridge of the swollen head, her tongue lapping about his piss hole. The thick sweetness of his white come juice came squirting out, coating her tongue, making her sob with ecstasy. She sucked hard on the head of his cock, her hand leaving his balls and gripping his prick at the base. She jacked on his cock as he came into her mouth, holding it tightly. She gurgled wetly, swallowing the nectar of his precious balls as quickly as her mouth filled.

She kissed the head of his prick before she stood. Looking down at him, she whispered, "I'm going to bed now, honey, will you come soon?"

He nodded, but didn't look at her.

Under the cool sheets, Judy was wide awake. She stared at the dark ceiling, waiting for her son, wanting his naked body close to hers. The taste of his come juice lingered in her mouth.

She heard Johnny come into the room. She lay far on one side of the bed, wanting him next to her, close to her, his arms about her, his cock and balls pressing upon her thigh, her hip, anyplace as long as it was next to her.

But he stayed well away from her, keeping his back to her.

Judy felt lonely, very alone.

She wanted to turn to him, to press against his back, to hold his cock and balls as he went to sleep, but she stayed where she was. She felt miserable, her thoughts tormenting her. She had told him the truth about herself, that all it took was a touch, and she would spread her legs and do it quickly. She had told him she would, be his fuck-slave, with him and his friends. She had told him that.

And she did want to be her son's fuck-slave. She wanted to be told by him what to do, when and how to do it.

And she would…


The sun was coming in the window when she woke up. The first thing she noticed as she came awake was the hardness of her son's cock pressed against the cheeks of her ass. Immediately her pulse began to race. She could feel his cock throbbing against her ass. It was very hard! She wiggled gently, feeling it move along the crack of her ass, fitting between the hot cheeks. Johnny had one arm about her, his hand cupping a firm tit. But he was obviously still sleeping.

His cock felt so good there, so hot and hard. She lifted one leg and shoved her hand down, feeling his balls tenderly. She squeezed the cheeks of her ass about his cock, her cunt swelling just from the sensation.

Judy felt her son's hand close tighter on her tit and then she knew he was awake. Johnny twisted her nipple gently, playing with it. She wanted him to tell her what to do, how to take his cock, how he wanted her to fuck him.

As if reading her mind, Johnny said, his voice low and a bit urgent, "I want to fuck you, Mother."

"Oh, yes," she sighed happily, squirming her ass on his cock. "Yes, Johnny! Yes, yes!"

"In the ass."

"In my what?"

"I want to fuck you in the ass, Mother," he said louder, arching his cock along her creamy ass cheeks, pressing at them. "I want to fuck your asshole."

"Do it!" she hissed.

Judy arched her ass back toward her son's cock, wiggling lewdly. She felt the throbbing hardness there and her cunt began to pulsate with that delicious liquid heat. She heard his breathing increase.

"Fuck it, Johnny," she urged. "Fuck my asshole. Shove your beautiful hard-on right up my hot asshole!"

She felt his hands between them, then the swollen head of his cock was pressing the tight, star-shaped pucker. Judy gurgled as she shoved her ass back tight against his cock, feeling the seeping juices from his piss hole lubricating the entrance to her tight asshole.

She clung to his balls between her thighs, lifting one leg and crooking it at the knee. her ass arched better this way, and she was mewling happily as her son exerted pressure against the resisting asshole.

"Get on your knees, Mother," Johnny grunted.

Judy quickly scrambled to her knees, drawing them under her stomach as she rested her head on the mattress. Her naked ass was high in the air, the creamy cheeks spreading for his cock. She whimpered with anticipation as her son stood behind her on his knees. She looked between her spread legs and saw his sweet balls dangling as he brought the swollen head of his cock to her ass once again.

When Johnny pressed the rounded head of his prick against her asshole, Judy shoved backwards, squealing as the pressure sent jolts of electrifying delight through her naked body.

Johnny held her hips tightly, pressing hard.

"Ohhhh!" Judy wailed.

Her son's cock slipped through the tight heat of her asshole, the swollen head stretching it widely. Judy groaned as he shoved more of that thick, throbbing cock into her asshole. Her cunt, as always, erupted into orgasms and the contractions caused her asshole to become tighter than ever. But Johnny thrust and his cock entered his mother's asshole completely. She felt the wiry hairs at the base tickling the soft, sensitive inner cheeks of her ass and his balls were pressed hard against her spasming cunt.

Judy's erotic nature took hold.

"Fuck it, fuck it!" she screamed at Johnny. "Oh, fuck my hot asshole! Ream my asshole… fuck it! Oh, baby, ram your sweet, hard cock up mother's fucking ass! Give that big cock to me… rip my asshole apart! Fuck me, fuck the shit out of me, Johnny!"

He started thrusting, driving his cock in and out of her asshole, the friction searing the sensitive, tender tissues of her ass. He banged hard, causing her tits to scrape back and forth on the bed.

The power of his thrusts and the hardness of his cock seared her asshole, but it was wonderful. She loved it, and rammed her ass back into his pounding prick. His balls slapped upon the fuzzy, puffy lips of her cunt, and even against the tip of her clitoris, making Judy shake with ecstasy. She shoved her hands above her head, her fingers clawing at the sheets, her eyes rolling about as she grunted, his cock driving her breath out in tight gasps.

"Pound my ass!" she screamed, twisting her lifted ass in tight circles. "Pound mother's hot fucking asshole! Stretch my tight asshole with your sweet cock! Rip my asshole apart with your big, hard, beautiful cock, Johnny!"

"Tight ass!" Johnny grunted, his hips flying back and forth. "Tight, hot, deep, fucking asshole!"

"Oh, yes! Mother's asshole is hot and tight for you, for your cock!" she responded, ramming her uplifted ass back onto his throbbing prick with squeals of ecstasy.

Her cunt was exploding in those tight, liquid orgasms, his balls beating against it rapidly. The contractions of her cunt in orgasm caused her asshole to grip and flex and suck on his thick prick. The ecstasy was so intense for Judy that tears of happiness streamed from her blurred eyes now as her asshole accepted her son's hard cock. It was going to be all right, she knew. Everything was going to be just fine with them.

Johnny's cock banged harder, faster, searing her asshole, stuffing it like never before. The swollen head seemed to reach into her stomach, it went so deep. Judy was sobbing loudly now, sobbing with the intense ecstasy her son was giving her. Her body was burning with erotic pleasure, the focus at her asshole. The heat was more intense there at her asshole, but it radiated outward, spreading to encompass her whole being.

She screamed as he slammed hard against her ass cheeks, his balls pressing tight against her convulsing cunt, his cock very, very deep. She could feel it jerking and swelling with the tight ring of her asshole. Then the hot, delicious gushing of his come juice flooded her.

Judy almost fainted from the mind-warping ecstasy that shattered her mind and body. Her ass arched up as she began to grind furiously on his prick. The spurting come juice spattered the interior of her hot asshole, sending floods of it into her body.

"Ohhh, yes!" she hissed when her son stopped coming. "Oh, God, yes!"

Her asshole clung to his cock as he pulled it free, reluctant to let him go. But out it came with a small, suctioning sound. Judy was so weak, she couldn't stretch her legs out to let her ass down. She wavered, her ass high in the air.

She felt the bed sink as her son sat at her side, his hands running over the cheeks of her shivering ass. Then he kissed her ass. His moist lips kissed first one cheek, then the other.

Finally, Judy managed to shove her legs out and let her ass down, but she lay there on her stomach, her naked ass shaking as she panted softly.

Chapter 8

"And we didn't even have breakfast," Johnny laughed as his mother scrubbed him in the shower.

She slapped his ass playfully, saying, "You always get breakfast, asshole."

"Hey, that was good, Mother," he said. "You sure have a tight asshole. And it is so hot, I thought you were gonna burn my cock off."

"I'm always hot for you," she said, dropping to her knees to rinse the soap from his ass. When she finished she began to kiss and lick along the crack of his asshole, running her tongue up and down it.

"You sure like to use your mouth, don't you, Mother?" he said, turning around.

"Mmmm, love to," she murmured and began kissing at his cock and balls, licking about them as the shower sprayed down over her head and face.

After the shower, she cooked breakfast for them both, surprised at her own appetite this morning. She was naked because Johnny asked her to be, but he was back in another pair of cut-offs. She had a small apron tied about her waist, the bottom of which did not conceal the curls of her cunt at all. It had an erotic effect on her son. His cock stood up hard and lovely as he ate, and she held it. Once, playfully, she smeared jelly on the head of his cock and bent to suck it off. His prick stuck out of the frayed legs, but his balls were out of her reach. Still, clinging to his cock as she ate breakfast satisfied her for the time being.

"Are your friends coming back today?" she asked.

Johnny nodded. "I thought maybe I'd call them this morning and say it was off, though."

"No, baby," she said, pumping his cock. "They've seen me fuck you already. I'll keep my promise and do what you want of me. Don't worry, honey. I know what to expect now."

His eyes lit up and he kissed her. "I just knew you wouldn't lie to me, Mother."

As her proof, she asked – not told – him if she could dress before they arrived. "But I'll meet your friends naked if you tell me to," she added.

"Aw, Mother, you can put some clothes on," he grinned, patting her naked ass. "Just make sure it's something I can get into easy."

She chose a skirt and blouse, but no bra or panties. That should be easy enough for her son to get into, she thought.

The day was going to be hot again, but the dry heat was easy to take. She sat with him under the old oak again, both of them waiting for the arrival of his friends. Judy was surprised at her lack of nervousness. On the contrary, she found herself looking forward to this. She didn't know what her son would ask of her, but whatever it was, she was going to do it and eagerly.

The car came up the drive before they heard it.

Judy watched Frank get out, and then Jane. From the rear seat came the short boy whose name she had not learned. They came up to the chairs and table, and Judy greeted them all warmly. Frank's eyes moved boldly over her body, his look hotter than ever before. Judy winked at him.

Jane, she saw, sat promptly on her son's lap, giving him a kiss, her tongue plunging deep into his mouth. She saw her son cup one of Jane's firm, succulent tits and fondle it, and Jane squealed and wiggled her small, tight ass into his lap.

Seeing this, Judy felt her cunt draw inward, but not with distaste. Her cunt drew inward with excitement. She watched the girl squirm on her son's lap, seeing those long thighs again in a fresh pair of jogging shorts.

Turning her eyes from Johnny and Jane, she saw that Frank had pulled his cock from his pants and was stroking it boldly as he looked at her. The short boy, too, had exposed his cock, but was not touching it.

"Show us some ass," Frank said to Judy.

Judy looked at her son, who had one of Jane's perky tits out of her tank top. The tit was white and smooth and round, with a sugary pink nipple.

"Do it, Mother," Johnny said. "Show us some of your beautiful ass."

Trembling with desire, Judy lifted her skirt in back and turned about, exposing her swelling, shapely ass to them all.

"Oh, shit!" Frank grunted. "I'm gonna come off just looking at that sweet ass! I been wanting to see that lovely ass for so fucking long, I think I'm gonna come right now!"

Judy's body shivered with excitement. Whatever her son had in mind, she was going to do it. If he wanted her to fuck Frank and the unnamed boy, she was going to do it, and with pleasure. She tucked her skirt into the waist so her ass would remain exposed, and shook it lewdly as she went to the house for cold drinks. She heard Frank's laughter and found that although she didn't want to fuck that kid, she would do it if Johnny told her to. He was gross and vulgar. She had never really cared for him. He had no feelings for others, only himself.

When she returned with a tray loaded with soft drinks, Frank complained immediately. "I wanted a beer, lady. Go get me a cold beer."

Judy stared at him. "Fuck you!" she said slowly and distinctly.

"Hey, all right!" Frank said, arcing his cock toward her. "Why don't you suck my cock a little to get me in the mood?"

"Why don't you shove it up your ass?" Judy retorted. "I'm not yours to order around."

She saw him glance at Johnny. "Hey, what's happening, Johnny boy? I thought you said she'd do anything you wanted?"

It was Judy who answered him. "I do, for him – not you or anyone else, understand? You don't tell me what to do under any circumstances. You try, and you can just take your fucking cock out of here – now!"

"She's right, Frank," Johnny said quickly, seeing his mother's anger. "You treat her right, hear? She's not a whore."

"What a bummer," Frank complained. "I thought you told me she -"

"Forget what I told you, Frank," Johnny said. "If you can't behave and enjoy the fun here, do what my mother said… haul ass."

"What a buddy," Frank said, but not very loud.

Satisfied that her son would stick up for her, she turned to smile at him. He had removed Jane's jogging shorts and tank top. The lovely blonde sat on his lap naked, and she also saw her son's cock sticking up between the smooth, long thighs.

"Shouldn't we at least go in the house?" Judy asked.

"Not yet, Mother," Johnny said, bending down to suck on one of Jane's pink nipples. "Pretty soon we will."

She was still standing, facing her son and Jane, her back to Frank and the short boy. She watched, fascinated as her son turned and positioned Jane the way he had positioned her last night. Those creamy legs spread about Johnny's, and she gazed at the blonde, fuzzy cunt. Jane's cunt was sugary pink and gleamed wetly, the tip of her clitoris protruding from the lips.

Johnny was holding Jane's small, firm tits with both hands, and Jane lifted her hips and shoved his hard cock down and under. Judy watched her son's cock slide easily into that hot cunt, hearing Jane gurgle with pleasure, her head thrown back and resting on her son's shoulder, legs spread wide.

Judy was standing with her back to Frank and the short boy, watching with excited fascination at the way Jane's young cunt was hungrily taking her son's cock. She saw those glistening wet pussy lips stretch around Johnny's prick and sink down until his balls were all that was left in view. The sounds coming from Jane told Judy of the young girl's ecstasy, and the twisting way she wiggled her little ass only emphasized Jane's delight.

While Jane started fucking on Johnny's cock, Judy felt hands moving about her exposed ass. For a while she paid no attention to it other than the enjoyment. Finally she turned her head to see who was feeling her up.

Seeing it was Frank, she moved from him. She stepped closer to her son and Jane, her eyes again burning on the connection. Getting the message, Frank sat back down, irritated with Judy. The short boy remained in his chair, watching with bright eyes, mostly at Judy. His cock stood from his pants in throbbing hardness.

"Lick her, Mother," she heard Johnny say.

Judy lifted her eyes from that blonde-haired cunt and his cock, seeing her son's eyes glowing over Jane's shoulder.

"Lick her," Johnny said again.

A lurching heat flowed about Judy's cunt. She looked at Jane's succulent, tight, young tits and those sugary nipples.

And she went to her knees beside them.

Judy ran her hand over Jane's trembling, flat stomach, moving downward. As her fingers caressed the blonde cunt hair, she moved her lips to one of those sugary tits. Taking Jane's rubbery hard nipple between her lips, Judy began to suck and lick it, her finger in constant motion through the soft pussy hair. Jane wrapped her arm about Judy's head, bringing her face tighter into her tingling, burning tit.

"Ooooo, suck my tits!" the girl cried out softly. "Ahhh, suck my tits!"

As she sucked at Jane's tasty tits, going from one to the other, her hand still feeling about the blonde fuzz, Judy knew she was helping her son and Jane put on an erotic show for Frank and the short boy. But she didn't care. She was steaming out of her mind!

Her hand moved downward and she felt the swelling, stretching, wet heat of Jane's cunt around her son's cock. She shoved her fingers past her son's cock and felt it when Jane came down with her cunt, the juices smearing her hand. She cupped her son's balls and twisted them tenderly, bringing them up to press against Jane's inflamed clitoris as the girl rammed down, taking Johnny's cock deeply, grinding her crotch. She ran her tongue about the rubbery nipples, sucking back, making them stretch.

She was on her knees, her skirt still tucked into the waist band, and her exposed, shapely ass bunched and twisted erotically. She felt hands on her ass again, squeezing, fondling, but now she didn't mind. She wanted to be touched, felt up. She wanted her flesh caressed as she sucked and licked on Jane's sugary tits and felt her son's balls while the lewd girl fucked him.

The hands on her ass moved about her thighs, sliding between them to fondle her boiling, wet cunt. Judy spread her knees on the lawn, sighing around Jane's tit as a finger whipped in tight circles on her distended clitoris. She was aware of being undressed, but it seemed like a dream. Her blouse was removed and her tits rubbed at Jane's churning hips, her own nipples scraping and burning against that creamy flesh.

Leaving Jane's tits, Judy licked her tongue downward, tasting the fresh sweetness of the girl's flesh. She kissed and sucked gently at her stomach, dipping her tongue into the girl's belly button, bringing squeals of hot pleasure from Jane. She moved her tongue lower still and traced the tip along the pattern of those blonde cunt hairs. Her hands were in constant motion, caressing the girl's heated flesh, touching her tits, cupping and squeezing them, running down her sides and about her plunging hips, along those creamy, smooth thighs.

Judy moved now, sliding between their feet. Johnny opened his legs to allow his mother's body to move between them. Judy held Jane's writhing hips as she sucked at the strands of blonde cunt hair. She lifted her son's balls to her lips, kissing them, her nose brushing the curls of Jane's cunt. The hands on her ass and cunt and thighs continued to excite her, and she wiggled her ass with pleasure. She pulled her son's balls into her mouth, sucking them as Jane bounced her steaming cunt on his cock.

Hands began to fondle and squeeze her full, spongy tits, but there were hands on her ass and cunt, too. She knew that both Frank and the short boy were feeling her up, but at this moment she didn't care. Sucking on her son's balls while Jane fucked up and down on his throbbing hard cock was very exciting to her. She held both his heavy balls in her mouth, her nose being touched occasionally by Jane's cunt. Her son's hands were pulling at those puffy cunt lips, exposing the girl's inflamed clitoris. Judy could see it.

Releasing Johnny's balls, Judy mewled and began to lap at Jane's rigid, small clitoris. Her tongue fluttered up and down and finally she managed to suck the girl's clit into her hot mouth. She could feel her son's balls on her chin as she sucked at Jane's clitoris. The girl, squealing with ecstasy, was no longer moving up and down. She held herself up, though, so Johnny could fuck his cock into her burning pussy.

Judy sucked hard on the sugary clitoris with hot lips, tongue flipping about it, licking eagerly. Judy's fingers dug into the shaking hips, then she shoved her hands around Jane's hips and clasped the small cheeks of her ass, helping hold them up as her son fucked up and down.

Opening her mouth wide, Judy began licking the flat surface of her tongue hotly about the base of her son's cock and stretching Jane's cunt lips. The seeping juices from the girl's overheated cunt coated her tongue, making Judy's pussy convulse with tight, raging orgasms. Her tongue raced about her son's cock as it moved in and out of Jane's gripping cunt. She tasted those hair-lined pussy lips, the inflamed clitoris, her son's throbbing hardness and his heavy balls, seemingly at the same time.

"Lick it, Mother!" she heard her son urging in a hot, tight voice. "Lick my balls… my cock! Suck Jane's cunt, Mother! Lick both of us!"

Judy licked hard. Her lips sucked hungrily. She was whining with ecstasy as her lips and tongue moved about frantically, kissing and licking and sucking at Jane's steamy cunt and her son's cock and balls, trying to get her mouth and tongue on everything at once. A finger was now plunging into her pussy and she arched her naked ass into it, wiggling and twisting erotically. She wanted a cock up her cunt – even Frank's cock now. But she would have to wait until Johnny told her to fuck. Still, the need to be forced was within her.

Jane giggled often, the sound bubbly and lewd. Judy could feel the girl's small hands holding her cheeks, guiding her mouth about hers and Johnny's crotch. Judy wanted to devour this sugary cunt and her son's cock and balls, wanted them both in her mouth. She opened her lips as wide as she could, then pressed her open mouth down. She had her bottom lip at the base of her son's cock, her upper lip on Jane's knotted clitoris, her tongue swirling everywhere as she shoved her naked ass back, twisting it as that finger fucked into her boiling cunt. She could feel her son's cock throbbing. Still holding one of Jane's small, tight ass cheeks, she brought her other hand down to his balls, pulling and twisting them.

The grunt that came from her son was all she had to hear.

Her tongue was at the base of his prick when she felt the spasms of it. Knowing her son was coming, shooting his preciously thick, syrupy sweet, come juice into Jane's greedy cunt, Judy could not resist. She managed to get the blonde-haired cunt off her son's cock and, squealing with delight, closed her lips about the head of Johnny's prick, catching. the final spurts of his come juice with her mouth. She fluttered her tongue about his gushing piss hole, her slim throat working to swallow.

Jane's cunt rested just past her eyes on Johnny's lower stomach. When her son finished squirting into her mouth, Judy released his prick and shoved her open mouth tight into Jane's pussy. Her tongue thrust into the twitching cunt of the girl, fucking in and out. Judy sucked the come juice her son had spurted there, taking it from Jane's cunt with a frenzy of hunger. Jane yelped, arching her pussy into Judy's face. Judy felt those tight lips claw at her tongue, knowing she was making the girl come again. She plunged her tongue in and out swiftly, tongue-fucking Jane until the convulsions stopped.

The hands were no longer on her body and she felt a sense of disappointment. Sucking and licking Johnny's balls and cock, licking at Jane's cunt as they fucked, had created an erotic, mindless., lust within Judy's almost naked body.

She sat back on her heels, her eyes blazing with desire as she looked at her son, trying to let him know what shape she was in.

She glanced at Frank and the short boy.

They were back in their chairs, but both had undressed. They sat there naked, their cocks standing up very hard, sweet-looking balls dangling. Both, she saw, were dripping from those two piss holes. She licked her lips with desire, then looked back at her son. He was kissing Jane again and she could see the way he thrust his tongue into her mouth. Jane sucked and licked on Johnny's tongue and from the way she did, Judy could easily tell that Jane, too, was a cock-sucker that enjoyed a hard prick between her lips.

"Darling," she said in a soft, thick voice, "why can't we go into the house? Please, Johnny, let's all go in the house before someone sees us here."

"Sure, Mother," Johnny said, lifting Jane from his lap. "You want some cock?"

"Oh, God!" she sobbed. "You know I do, honey!"

Chapter 9

Judy was boiling, so hot she would have done anything for a fuck.

Johnny was not deliberately taunting her, she knew. He was just as excited as she was about having his friends with them. Every one of them was naked, but she still had her skirt on, still tucked into the waist so her cunt and ass could be seen. Her tits were exposed, her blouse still outside on the lawn. Frank and the short boy had enormous hard-ons, and Judy's hands itched to touch them, to play with them to take them into her bubbling cunt.

She stood in the center of the floor, looking at the four teenagers. Her eyes smoldered with the heat she felt, and her ass trembled, her cunt twitching.

Jane, she saw, sat between Frank and the short boy, holding a cock in each of her hands, pumping them while the boys sucked at her tits, one on each nipple. The blonde girl's eyes were hazy with passion as she leaned back on the couch, stroking those hard cocks.

There was too much going on, much too much. Watching that cute blonde girl jacking those cocks while the boys sucked her sugary tits, Judy thought her cunt was in constant orgasm. She was holding one of her firm tits with one hand, rubbing her cunt with the other. Johnny, it seemed, was more interested in watching Jane with Frank and the short boy than anything else at the moment.

Then Jane and the two boys began to move. No one had said anything. The room was filled with hot, heavy breathing but no conversation.

Frank and the short boy stood up and Jane dropped to her knees between them. She sat her small, hot ass on her heels, still jacking the cocks. Judy watched the girl brush those dripping cock heads against her cheeks, drawing them along the line of her jaw and then up along her nose. The dripping cocks left trails of moisture on her face as she drew them past her eyes and over her forehead. Then Jane held them both at the corners of her mouth. She shoved her tongue out and flipped it from side to side, tasting each piss hole in turn. Jane sat on her heels with her knees spread and Judy saw her fuzzy young cunt glistening with wetness.

Jane held the cocks at their bases, her fingers tight, and turned her face to Frank's prick. Judy watched with growing hunger as the young girl closed her hot lips about the head of his cock, sucking it. Then she turned and sucked on the short boy's cock. As Jane went from cock to cock, taking turns sucking them, Judy's orgasms flared so hotly, her legs trembled so much she thought she would fall if she didn't sit down.

Sprawling back on the floor, she spread her knees wide and began to agitate her cunt with both hands, unable to take her eyes from the young girl as she sucked one cock after the other into her wet, hot mouth. Jane used her tongue a lot. Judy noticed the way it licked about a dripping piss hole before taking it into her mouth.

Johnny knelt at his mother's side, watching Jane, too. He fondled his mother's tits with both hands, his cock close to her face. Judy rubbed hard at her cunt as she stared at the hungry way Jane sucked those two cocks, wanting her son's cock deep inside her own mouth. But Johnny seemed content at the moment to watch Jane and play with her tits.

Jane alternated with her tongue, lapping the heavy balls of the two boys, then taking them into her mouth, turning them loose to pull a cock between her lips.

It was the most erotic sight Judy had ever seen.

"I'm gonna fuck you, mother."

Judy's naked body shook. "Oh, God, please!" she whimpered. "Fuck me, Johnny! All this has made me so fucking hot, my cunt comes without being touched! I need your cock, darling! Mother needs your beautiful hard cock in her hot cunt! Fuck me, fuck me now!"

She spread her legs wide, arching her crotch up as Johnny slipped between her knees. His cock was strong and hard again, and she grasped it at the base, bringing the swollen head to her hairy, soggy cunt. But even as she pulled her son's cock into her pussy, she kept her eyes on Jane and what she was doing with those two cocks and four heavy balls.

Frank and the short boy watched as Johnny shoved his cock into his mother's cunt. It was obvious Frank wanted to make a comment about it, but he kept quiet. Judy began to churn her cunt up and down on her son's cock as he knelt on his knees between her thighs. He held her ass while Judy fucked him, her cunt riding up and down his throbbing hardness with liquid heat.

Jane was now sucking on Frank's cock, jacking on the short boy's cock. It was fascinating to Judy the way the young girl plunged her tight lips back and forth on Frank's prick. After sucking furiously on Frank's cock, the girl turned to take the cock of the short boy deep into her mouth, still jacking on Frank's prick. Judy wanted to try that, sucking two cocks at the same time, and she knew the opportunity would present itself soon, now that she was a member in this teenaged group that held sex games in the desert.

Johnny gripped his mother's hips hard, watching as Jane sucked from cock to cock. Judy felt the way her son's thick cock stretched her cunt as she banged it back and forth. She was squeezing her own tits as she licked her lips, watching the hungry way Jane sucked first one cock, then the other.

"Ohhh, Johnny," Judy whimpered, breaking the silence in the room. "Oh, baby, fuck my cunt! Fuck mother's hot pussy! I'm so fucking hot for your cock, darling! Look at Jane… sucking… licking… eating those two beautiful pricks!"

"Suck her cunt, Mother!"

"I… I can't reach it," Judy wailed, stretching her hand toward that blonde-haired, bubbling pussy. "I can't reach it!"

Jane heard and moved on her knees toward Judy's head, pulling at the two cocks with her hands, bringing them with her. As she swung her long, slender thighs about Judy's face, she squirmed her cunt downward. She had her ass against Judy's chin and Judy buried her mouth into that sugary cunt hungrily, her tongue thrusting. Her nose was pressed into those blonde hairs, but she could still see Jane sucking the two cocks. The two boys stood on either side of Judy's head and she lifted her hands, closing one about a firm tit of the cute girl, and the other grasped the balls of the short boy.

As she tongue-fucked Jane's succulent pussy, squeezing that tight tit and twisting the short boy's balls, Judy plunged her hips up and down on her son's cock even more frantically.

Her son leaned forward and when she saw him cupping Jane's tits she turned loose and grabbed Frank's balls. She felt the two pairs of balls writhing in her hand. She thrust her tongue deeply into Jane's gripping hot cunt, fucking it faster and faster while Jane managed to wiggle against her mouth and suck those cocks at the same time. The loud grunts and heavy breathing of the three boys filled the room, along with the liquid sounds of Judy's sucking mouth and her clasping cunt on Johnny's cock, the wetness of Jane's mouth as she sucked on cock.

Johnny rammed his prick hard into his mother's clasping cunt, fucking her almost brutally. She could feel his balls banging against her upturned ass. She closed her lips about Jane's syrupy cunt, sucking on the lips and clitoris, then plunging her tongue back into that heated, wet pussy with whimpering ecstasy.

Jane was coming, her cunt flexing about Judy's tongue, grinding down savagely into her mouth. Judy was thrilled to feel the tightness of this steamy pussy around her tongue and against her lips. Her own cunt was gripping in flexing waves of orgasm about her son's ramming prick. She tugged hard on the two pairs of heavy balls above her head, watching Jane frantically suck from one to the other.

Jane, she saw, was sucking on Frank's cock when suddenly the short boy came.

A white glob of come juice spurted from his piss hole and spattered Jane's cheek. With a cry of ecstasy Jane quickly closed her lips about the short boy's cock, taking the rest of his come juice into her mouth. She jacked furiously on Frank's cock at the same time, still keeping up the frenzied grinding of her cunt into Judy's face. Judy felt the balls of the two boys drawing up in her hands and she was anticipating Frank's cock spurting as much as Jane.

She felt, too, her son ramming harder and faster into her cunt, and she screamed into Jane's cunt as her orgasms increased with clutching ecstasy.

"Hurry!" Frank shouted.

Jane released the short boy's cock and raced her open mouth to Frank's. Although her eyes swam with lust, Judy saw Frank's cock squirt before Jane could close her mouth around it. But she did catch that squirt of come juice with her mouth in time. Then Judy saw the slim throat working, swallowing the come juice spewing from his prick.

And she felt her son's cock explode inside her cunt.

Judy screamed into Jane's convulsing cunt, throwing her hips hard onto her son's throbbing cock, taking his come juice far into her boiling pussy. They were all coming almost at the same time, something Judy knew was highly unusual. She turned loose of the balls and shoved her hands to Jane's tight, hot ass, holding the cheeks as her tongue lapped the spasming pussy.

Frank and the short boy slumped away, falling back on the couch, panting heavily. Jane lifted her cunt out of Judy's face and sat on the floor, leaning on the couch with her knees up and legs spread wide. Her blonde-haired cunt seemed to keep on twitching and her tight tits rose and fell with her effort to breath.

Johnny pulled his cock from his mother's gripping pussy and sat back, crossing his legs and resting his elbows on them, his chin in his hands, cock dangling. Judy lowered her naked ass to the floor and, while her body shivered with the rumbling remains of ecstasy, smiled around at them.

She seemed to be the only one not exhausted.

She climbed to her feet, finding she still had her skirt on. She removed it, dropping it on the floor. "I'm thirsty," she announced. "Anyone else?"

No one wanted anything. She walked from them, her naked ass swaying tantalizingly into the kitchen. She pulled a frosted beer from the refrigerator, uncapped it, and started back into the living room, changed her mind and sat at the table.

Sipping the beer, she began to wonder what she had gotten herself into.

She could not deny the love she felt for her son. That was real enough. She could not, either, deny her need to be forced into erotic, deviant sex. But she wanted that from Johnny only. She didn't really want to fuck Frank or the short boy, but she knew she would do so if and when Johnny told her to. And she knew, too, that when Johnny told her to fuck anyone, she would do it with a great deal of enthusiasm. But her greatest pleasure came from fucking and sucking her son.

On one hand she wanted to join this mysterious group of teenagers in the desert, but on the other she could do without it. She knew there would be some exciting things going on out there, and she wanted very much to be involved in some of them. But she did not want to be a sex toy for a bunch of horny kids. For her son, by all means! For Johnny she would be a sex toy, and, as she had told him, his sex slave. But being his sex slave meant he could do with her as he wanted. He could trade her cunt for something he wanted. He could make her sell her hot ass on main street of the small town. He could turn her into a whore if that was what he wanted.

But that was not the kind of sex slave she had meant.

She hoped her son understood that.

The beer was almost gone and she found herself wanting another. After getting it and sitting back down, she heard someone coming into the kitchen. It was the short boy, the one she had never been introduced to. He gave her a shy smile and got a glass of water.

Judy looked at his back and down to his tight ass. When he placed the glass on the counter and turned, she saw his cock was standing tall, hard again. It was not as large as her son's cock, nor Frank's. But it was slim, with a beautiful head and piss hole.

"Want to fuck me?" Judy asked, her voice low and whispery.

"Johnny said we could," the boy replied. "He said we could do anything we wanted with you."

"Is that right?" she asked. "He's part right." She lifted her hand to him. "Come here, baby, and let me feel that pretty cock."

The boy came to her, his cock jerking up and down. Judy wrapped her fingers around it, stroking. She was pleased when he fondled her naked tits as he stood in front of her.

"Put it in me," she said thickly. "Put your cock in my cunt and fuck me."

She stood up, then balanced her naked ass on the table, spreading her legs wide. She drew the boy between her legs and fit his cock into her cunt.

"Oooo, that feels so good!" she murmured as his prick slid in deep. "You have a beautiful cock!"

"You sure are hairy," the boy said, looking down as his cock moved back and forth. "Your cunt is hot and tight, too. Jane loves to fuck

… but sometimes she'd rather suck cock than fuck it. I'd rather have my cock in a nice hot cunt. I like to fuck more than get sucked off."

"Then fuck me, baby," she cooed, pulling him against her tits and kissing him wetly. "Fuck my cunt all you want."

As the boy thrust his slim cock in and out of her pussy, Judy realized she was fucking him and her son had nothing to do with it. She had not been told to fuck, she was doing it because she wanted to feel his lovely, slim cock in her cunt.

Judy shoved her hands down his back and clasped his tight ass, mewling with pleasure. She was coming already, her cunt squeezing his cock, gnawing and sucking on it. She pulled him into her crotch tightly, holding him deep and letting her cunt suck and grip him.

"That's good," the boy said. "I like that."

"My cunt can do a lot of tricks," she gurgled, "if it likes the cock. And my cunt loves your cock, honey."

"I don't think I can last very long!"

"You don't have to," she said, clawing at his tight ass. "Just let it go… squirt it up my cunt! Come in my hairy cunt… come all you want!"

The boy gave a grunt and jabbed hard into her convulsing cunt. Judy squealed as she felt his come juice splashing about, filling her fiery pussy until it seeped from her tightly clasping pussy and ran down over her ass, some of it in the hot crack…

Chapter 10

The next day Judy told her son she had fucked the short boy in the kitchen.

"He's a good guy," Johnny said. "He's not really big enough to be in our crowd, though."

"He's cute," she smiled. "He has a cute cock, too."

They were sitting in the grape arbor again. It was afternoon and she could see the distant mountains clearly, barren and lonely. She was naked, as was her son. There didn't seem to be any concern if someone should drive up and watch them now.

"Do you like Jane?" he asked, slowly playing with his cock and balls.

"She's sweet," Judy replied.

"She wants to suck your cunt, Mother."

"Why didn't she do it last night, then?"

Johnny shrugged. "Probably because Frank kept her occupied. He's sort of possessive with the girls."

"I don't like him much, baby," she said. "There's something about him that I can't define, just that I don't care for him."

"We've been thinking of leaving him out of things," Johnny said. "He gets too rough sometimes and the girls are starting to leave him alone."

"Then drop him."

"We will," Johnny said.

"I suppose you're going to ask me to go with you sometime," she waved her hand at the desert.

"Do you want to, Mother?"

"I'm not sure," she answered truthfully. "I'd be the only older woman there. Your group may not go for that."

Johnny laughed. "Mother, you've heard all kinds of things about these sex parties. I told you there were about half a dozen girls. What I didn't tell you was that we also have two other mothers in the group and one father!"

Judy stared at her son.

"Then why go into the desert? Wouldn't you be able to use a house, where it's more comfortable?"

He shook his head. "No, because both mothers are married and live with their husbands who know nothing about it. The mothers come out with their kids, one a boy and the other a girl. The father is there with his daughter. He has a wife who knows nothing about it, either."

"I see," she replied. "Do I know this man, or the two mothers?"

Johnny nodded, laughing. "You sure do, but I won't tell you who they are. Not until we go out there."

Judy thought a moment, then said, "Why not bring them all here?"

"That would be great!" he exclaimed. "Are you sure, Mother?"

"Of course."

Johnny laughed. "You know, those two women and the man are going to love this. Out here in the desert, we all talk about people in town who we'd like to fuck and play around with. Guess who tops the list?"


"You! Everyone wants to fuck you – even the two mothers! They'd both like to get it on with you, to get their hot mouths on your cunt!"


"You'd fit right in, mother."

"Do they all do everything?" she asked. "I mean, do all the girls suck cock, take 'em in their assholes? Do the men eat pussy and all that?"

"We do anything that turns us on, and that's plenty."

"God, I'm ready now," Judy said, one hand digging into her naked tit and the other clawing at her cunt. "Ready to fuck every one of them, eat all those cunts, suck those cocks, take 'em up my ass!"

"You will, Mother," Johnny laughed as he watched her fingerfucking herself almost in a frenzy. "But before I take you with us… I mean, bring the crowd here, I've got something planned that you're gonna love."

"What?" she asked, excitedly. "What is it? Tell me… oh, I'm coming!"

Johnny watched his mother as she pounded her cunt with her fingers, twisting at her spasming clitoris. When it was over, he said, "You'll see us as soon as the kids get here."

"What kids?"

"Those from last night," he said, stroking his cock slowly. "But while we're waiting, why don't you suck my cock off?"

"Oooo, you know I will!"

Judy went to her knees before her son and gobbled at his hard cock hungrily, shaking her naked ass in delight, the sun burning down on it.

Judy sucked her son's cock with wet noises slurping her hot lips up and down, her tongue fluttering and twisting. She sucked his prick into her throat and gurgled with ecstasy, then drew up with a strong suction.

When he came off, it was fast and surprising to her. She had not been expecting him to come so fast and she almost choked as the creamy come juice splashed into her throat. But Judy was a cock-sucker, and she recovered quickly, racing her mouth up and down his cock as he came, using her lips as she would her cunt, fucking him with her mouth.

Johnny held the back of his mother's head, grinding his spewing cock into her wet mouth, grunting with pleasure. When he turned her head loose, Judy looked up at him with shining eyes.

"What's this plan of yours?" she asked, caressing his balls. "Tell me, honey! Don't keep me in suspense. I'll be coming all day just thinking and anticipating."

"You gotta wait until they get here."

"Oh, fuck you, damn it!"

He squeezed her tits. "I have to know if you'll really fit in with us, Mother. All the other girls had to do it before they joined. You have to do it, too."

"Whatever it is, I'll enjoy it."

"You'll love it… I know you, hot-ass!"

She saw the dust rising up behind the car as it approached along the back road behind her house. She became excited, her cunt pulsating as she watched the car approach. Nothing was said about running into the house for clothing so she and her son waited, naked, Judy almost dancing around with anticipation.

The car stopped and Judy saw Frank and the short boy climb out. Behind them came Jane. But then she saw a man about her age get out, too!

"Oh, shit!" Judy squealed, trying to find something to cover her nakedness with. There was nothing, so she flung an arm across her tits and one at her cunt, stooping a bit.

The man was one she saw every week at the bank. He had always been friendly with her, but never forward, never trying to date her. She flushed with embarrassment now as he approached, holding Jane's hand. The man was smiling as he came up, and Judy could not prevent her eyes from shifting to the front of his pants. There was a bulge there, and she knew he had a hard-on already.

He greeted her by name, and Judy found her embarrassment leaving. She stood up, dropping her arms.

"You can kiss her if you want," she heard her son say.

"I want," the man said. "I've wanted to for quite some time, Judy."

She felt his lips smash on hers and his hands were on her ass, pulling her tightly into his cock. She felt it throbbing there, and began to grind into him as his tongue slipped into her mouth.

"I'm surprised," Judy said when the kiss broke. "I would never have thought you would be…"

"I know," he laughed. "And that's the way it has to stay. My daughter, Brenda, is involved too, but not my wife. No one must ever know."

"I understand," she said, and shoved her hand between their bodies and grasped his cock through his pants. "Where is Brenda?"

She knew the girl. A shy, but exquisite creature with hot eyes that seemed to be forever looking at the front of boys' pants.

"Home, but she'll be with us tonight," the man said.

Judy looked at her son, "Tonight?"

Johnny nodded. "If you pass the test, Mother."

Judy felt her cunt draw inward with eagerness as she squeezed and manipulated the man's throbbing cock. "Then let's get this test started before I come all over this fucking arbor!"

Johnny told his mother then what was to happen to her. She looked at him with huge eyes. Her body was trembling and her tits swelled up, nipples rubber hard. There was a searing heat in her cunt and her clitoris was throbbing hotly. She pulled at the man's cock and her fingers fumbled so badly with eagerness, he had to help her get it out.

As she closed her fingers about his prick, she looked around, seeing the short boy, Frank, and Jane, stripping naked quickly.

"Oooo, I can't wait," she whimpered, going to her knees and taking the man's cock into her mouth, sucking hungrily at it. The man pulled his shirt off and let it drop as she licked and sucked on his cock. When he dropped his pants Judy quickly began to lick at his hairy balls, growling with mindless lust.

The man held her head and drew her lips to his cock again, thrusting into her mouth, fucking it while Judy sucked and gazed up with sightless eyes into his face. She wrapped her arms about his plunging hips and clung tightly to his ass while he fucked her mouth. His cock was longer and thicker than the boys', and it filled her mouth completely. She loved it!

The hard throbbing of his cock filled her mouth and stretched her lips deliciously as she knelt there on her knees, gurgling as the man fucked her mouth. The three boys and Jane began to fondle and feel her hot body, their hands everywhere, on her tits, her shaking ass, her thighs, her cunt. Judy's pussy was exploding time and again, making her wail with mindless ecstasy as the thick cock kept fucking into her wet, fiery mouth. It was fast and frantic, and when the man's cock spewed, the come juice was very thick and sweet on her tongue. Judy gurgled wetly as she fought to swallow it, her tongue licking as best it could, the man still driving back and forth. She clawed at his bunching ass cheeks, devouring his cock as he squirted come juice into her hungry, burning throat.

When the man turned her face loose, Judy was steaming like never before. Her lips were puffy from being stretched and banged, and her cunt was searing, melting with the heat of desire. Her tits felt swollen, as if they would burst at any time.

She saw her son was with Jane, rubbing his cock about the creamy tight cheeks of her ass while the girl leaned on her hands and knees.

"You gotta fuck me in the ass, Johnny!" Jane was squealing loudly. "I wanna take your cock up my asshole!"

They were close enough for Judy to see the pink tightness of the girl's asshole, and she watched, fascinated, as her son pressed his cock into that tight, young asshole. Jane squealed, the sound one of ecstasy and not pain as Johnny's prick slammed up her ass. When Johnny started fucking Jane's asshole, Judy stared with heat in her eyes, watching the young girl throw her cute, creamy ass back against him. Her son fucked her in the ass hard and fast, making those sugary little tits jiggle. Jane squealed and whimpered with ecstasy, closing her eyes and holding her head up high, her bottom lip caught between her sparkling white teeth.

Judy could not resist reaching out and cupping one of those tight tits, and shoved her other hand between her son's thighs to twist at his swinging balls.

"That's it, Judy!" the man urged. "Grab your son's balls and squeeze! Fuck Jane's hot little asshole, Johnny!"

Judy glanced at the man and saw that his big cock was raging-hard again. So was Frank's and the short boy's whose name she never did learn.

The man pulled her from her son and Jane. He spread out on the wooden floor of the grape arbor, his cock standing tall in the filtered sunlight. Judy went down on his cock swiftly, gulping it into her greedy mouth for the second time, taking the swollen head into her throat, the wiry hairs at the base tickling her lips. The man allowed her to suck him for a while, watching with hot eyes.

"Climb on top of me and fuck!" he said in a hoarse voice. "I want my cock up your cunt, Judy! I've wanted to fuck that sweet cunt of yours ever since the first time I saw you!"

Judy scrambled up, swinging her slim, smooth thighs over his body. The man held the base of his cock as she settled onto it, finding his cock so thick it stretched her pussy lips deliciously. She whimpered as she sat down on him, his cock all the way inside her clasping cunt. She began to bounce up and down, watching her son as he fucked hard into Jane's tight little asshole. The man cupped her knees, gazing down at the hairy cunt plunging onto his hard cock.

Then he pulled Judy forward, by the tits. Judy sprawled on top of him, her ass banging furiously as her cunt kept fucking frantically. Her tits smashed upon his chest, searing there. She was wailing already with the ecstasy, with the constant convulsions of her cunt. The man's cock was so big, her cunt felt totally stuffed. For a fleeting moment, she wondered how his young daughter, Brenda, managed to take it. She was such a small, sweet young thing, and her cunt must be terribly tight.

"Ohhh, fuck, fuck, fuck!" Judy moaned loudly, her hips flashing as she pounded his cock with her cunt, grinding furiously. "God, what a cock! Fuck me, fuck my cunt with your big cock! Ohhhh, I'm coming so much! I'll never stop coming!"

Despite the intensity – or because of it – she felt a cock probing the crack of her ass. She threw her head over her shoulder and saw the short boy trying to get his cock into her churning asshole.

Judy had to stop fucking.

This was part of the test her son had told her about.

She felt the boy spread the cheeks of her ass, then the swollen head of his cock was against her tight asshole. Her cunt closed tightly about the thick cock inside it as the short boy pressed.

"Ohhh, shove it hard!" Judy screamed as his cock went past the fiery ring of her asshole. "Ohhh, fuck it, fuck it! Ram my asshole… fuck my cunt! Ohhh, so fucking good! Cock in the cunt… cock up the ass! Fuck me… fuck my cunt and fuck my asshole!"

Judy couldn't bounce about now. She was squeezed between the man and the short boy, a cock up both her holes. She felt a fire burning inside her cunt and one inside her asshole as they both began fucking her at the same time.

Judy's emotions reeled with the erotic penetration. She could see her son still pounding his cock into Jane's twisting and churning asshole, only he was holding still now. It was Jane fucking him, sliding her tight asshole back and forth on his cock.

Wails of mindless ecstasy ripped from Judy's tight throat as the boy speared her asshole while the man beneath her plunged his cock into her cunt.

And then the sounds were cut off.

Frank had stepped up and shoved his cock into her mouth!

Frantically she tried to suck him, but she couldn't move. She was being banged in the ass and cunt, captured hotly between the short boy and man. The lower part of her body was being smashed between two thrusting cocks, and her face was being fucked by Frank, his cock driving in and out of her tight, wet, hot mouth, his balls beating at her chin. She could no longer see her son fucking Jane up the ass, but she could hear the grunts and squeals, the moist fucking sounds.

Taking a cock in her cunt and asshole at the same time had sent exquisite excitement through Judy, but when the cock was added to her mouth, she thought she would faint from the sheer ecstasy.

Judy didn't know who came first.

She was in a perpetual orgasm, her cunt and asshole flexing hotly about the two cocks. Her whole naked body was about to burst with the pleasure. She felt a cock coming off, but she wasn't sure if it was in her cunt or up her clasping asshole. It didn't really matter. She knew both cocks were squirting into her body now, one in her cunt and one in her asshole. She could feel them throbbing inside the stretched tissues.

Then Frank, his cock plunging almost violently into her mouth, gushed. Her mouth filled time and again with the creamy sweetness and she gulped wetly as she swallowed before it could drip from her mouth.

Judy had a feeling of unrealness as Frank removed his cock from her sore mouth. As the short boy pulled his slim cock from her asshole, she gently lifted her cunt free of the man's prick.

She was exhausted, breathing hard. She sprawled on her back on the floor of the grape arbor. Someone had turned on the sprinkling mist, and she felt the water cooling her overheated body. Her cunt was still throbbing as she spread her long, smooth thighs.

It felt good to be naked here, with the teenagers and a man who had been wanting to fuck her for so long.

Johnny must have came off up Jane's tight little asshole because he was sitting on the bench and playing with her tight, sugary tits now.

"Have I been tested well enough?" Judy asked Johnny in a thick voice, "or is there more?"

"You passed, Mother," he said.

"Shit!" Judy replied, sitting up, her round tits shaking a bit. "I was hoping there was more."

The man sat next to her, his arm over her shoulder, fondling a tit. "There will be more, don't worry."

"When?" Judy asked eagerly, taking his cock and balls in her hand and playing with them. She didn't even miss Frank or the short boys.

"In about two hours," Johnny said.

"Why two hours?" Judy asked.

"Frank went to gather up the others," the man answered sliding his other hand along her inner thigh, reaching for her hairy cunt.

"To bring them here?" Judy asked.

"Isn't that what you said, Mother?"

Judy pulled on the man's cock. "Two hours! I don't know if I can wait that long."

Johnny stood up and shoved his prick into his mother's face. "You can eat on this until they get here, Mother."

"Ohhh, yes, darling," she murmured, closing her lips about her son's cock as the man began to suck on one of her tits, Jane the other