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Let_s do mom!

Kathy Andrews

Kathy Andrews

Let_s do mom!


Look at me, baby, Jennifer was saying to herself, watching Johnny from the corner of her eyes.

She had noticed her son watching her discreetly for some time now. Not just watching what she did, but how she moved, sat or walked. And he was usually looking at the thrust of her shapely tits, the swells of her ass, or a teasing glimpse of her thighs.

Obviously Johnny was having some wicked thoughts about her, erotic thoughts. Instead of turning her off, Jennifer found herself being turned on.

Jennifer enjoyed being looked at. She was tall and beautiful, with dark-blonde hair and a lovely, honey-colored complexion. She could well be coiled willowy, in the style of a high-fashion model. The only real difference in those reed thin models and her, however, was the shape of her firm, thrusting tits. And unlike those models, her ass was not flat, but rounded and shapely.

Jennifer believed in exposing her beauty as much as possible, but seldom had she shared her body with anyone. It wasn't that she lacked sexual emotion; she had plenty to spare. But she was proud of her body, and rightly so, and she refused to share it with just anyone.

Once, as a high-school student, she had been promiscuous for a time.

As the head cheerleader, she was in demand for dates, and she dated every member of the football squad, half those on the baseball team, and four from the swimming team. Each and every one of those boys had fucked Jennifer.

Now, at thirty-eight, she could stand beside her high-school photos and no one could tell if she had aged or not. She still fit into her old cheerleader tights and sweaters. The apartment was filled with photos of her from those days.

A few of the pictures had been taken without her knowledge, and could have been quite embarrassing to her if they had been shown around. A few had caught her in high kicks, with her long legs flashing, the tight crotch of her tights exposed, bulging slightly with her clit.

Some boy had caught her sitting on the bleaches in a pensive mood, her knees drawn up with her chin resting on them. Her crotch showed, and when looked at closely, curly cunt hairs showed along the edges of her tights. Mother showed her getting out of a car, her legs parted, skirt drawn up her ass… and her blonde-haired cunt was showing.

The first time Jennifer noticed her son looking at her, they had been shopping, and she was in tight shorts. Squatting to select a can on the very bottom shelf, Jennifer had looked up to see Johnny looking at her, almost mesmerized. His gaze was focused between her slightly parted knees, trying to see her crotch.

Before she stood up, she noticed the beginning of a bulge in his jeans. After that, she began to watch her son closer, and she caught him gazing at her even at home. He would turn away when she looked at him, quickly, with a slight flush in his young face, and try to conceal what she knew was a hard-on. She found her son trying to look up her skirts all the time, and he was constantly behind her when she was bending over, seeing the exposure of her slim thighs as her dress lifted.

Jennifer began to feel the stirrings of exhibitionism within her body and mind. She began to wonder if it would feel good to show her body off to her son. Not just her body, but her pussy and ass and titties. The idea of Johnny looking at her in strange and unusual places, seeing her tits, her ass, or her cunt, started hot little tingles between her legs.

With school out for the summer, Johnny was home most of the time. But to flash her cunt inside the house seemed so tame, so trite, to her. Jennifer wanted to do it in some public place, with the possibility of someone else seeing her, too. Exactly why this public exhibitionism attracted her so much, she couldn't say, only that she was excited by the thought of doing it.

Selecting her skimpiest panties, Jennifer stepped into them, adjusting the lacy crotch about her cunt but making sure that her dark blonde curls showed along the edges. Her mirror told her that the moist pink flesh of her cunt could be seen through the gauzy crotch of her panties.

By the time she pulled on a tight skirt and sweater, her nylons and garter belt in place, she was almost trembling with what she was going to do with her son. Sliding her feet into high heels, she checked herself in the mirror a final time, and found a gorgeous blonde staring back at her.

"Johnny, go to the store with me," she said as she came into the living room.

Her son looked up, grinning at her. "You look good, Mom."

"You're sweet to say that." She trailed her hand over his head to his shoulder. She leaned down and kissed the top of his head. "Want to go shopping with me?"

Johnny stood, eager to go.

As she drove to the shopping center, Jennifer began to feel nervous. But excitement rumbled through her, and there was no way she would not go through with it. Her tight skirt lifted along her slender thighs, halfway to her lap, and instead of tugging it down as she usually did.

She left it there. She knew her son was glancing slyly at her legs. He could almost see the creamy flesh of her thighs above the tops of her nylons.

When she parked, she pretended to have trouble opening her door. "I think it's stuck."

"I'll open it, Mom," Johnny replied and ran around to open her door. It came open without a bit of trouble, and Jennifer, pretending to push at it with her knee, let her foot fall out.

Johnny seemed to tremble as he looked right up his mother's skirt. He saw her gauzy panties, the shadow of her pussy hair inside them, the silky strands showing along the side. Jennifer didn't step out, but reached across the seat for her purse, her foot outside the car lifting, knees parted.

She heard a soft moan come from her son.

Johnny had seen the tight stretch of his mother's panties.

As she got out of the car, Jennifer saw her son's cock bulging at the front of his pants, his hand stuffed into his pocket to hide it. She didn't have to hide the puffy bubbling of her cunt. The hot, moist tingle of her pussy made her shiver slightly as she took her son's hand and they entered the supermarket together. There was nothing she really needed to buy, her mind wasn't on food at the time. She was amazed at the sudden heat of her cunt, of the wetness forming against the tight crotch. All because she had flashed her pussy at her son.

While Johnny pushed the shopping cart, she walked in front of him, pretending to study the display of cans and bottles. When she saw him looking at her, she squatted down to check cans on the bottom shelf. She let her knees part until she was sure her son could peck up between her thighs. She looked up secretly at him from her lowered lashes and saw his expression of pleasure. He was looking past her knees and under the tight skirt, and Jennifer hoped she had her legs spread wide enough so he could see bet panties. She wanted to spread them more, but it would be too obvious.

Going through the vegetable area, Jennifer leaned and stretched high as though to select fresh vegetables, and her skirt would lift to mid thigh while her son stood behind her, looking hotly. The more she showed of herself, the more exciting it became for her. When they wen in the dairy department. Jennifer felt her cunt become very hot and wet.

This is fun, she thought, searching the cheeses and yogurts and cold cuts. She noticed a sharp edge to one shelf, and an idea came to her. Without her son seeing, she hooked the hem of her skirt on it, then reached high. When she lowered her hand, the skirt was hiked halfway up her legs. She started to move away, and her skirt caught.

With a flick of her wrist, she unhooked the skirt, but in doing so, she lifted it high for a moment. She heard the sharp intake of her son's breath – she had just shown her tightly pantied ass to her son.

"Is there anything special you want, honey?" she asked.

By now Johnny was pushing the cart with one hand, his other hand stuffed into his pocket to bide his bulging hard-on. She let her eyes linger on the front of his jeans for a moment, then when he said he didn't want anything, they went to check out what small items she had selected.

As she stood waiting for the purchases to be rung up, Johnny slipped past her from behind to help bag the items. Jennifer felt the hardness of her son's cock brush over her ass, and her breath caught.

Johnny loaded the grocery bags into the trunk of the car, and Jennifer could not resist one more exposure. While her son was busy, she hooked the hem of her skirt to the edge of the trunk, and when Johnny closed it, her tight skirt was held high.

"I'm caught, Johnny," she said, trying to keep enough skirt over her legs. She handed him the key. "You have to open the trunk for me."

While he fumbled with the keys, Johnny was looking at his mother. She was sideways to him, and he was seeing the swell of her lacy panties, the curves of her mouth-watering ass. Just a little more and Jennifer's skirt would be around her waist.

When she was in the car, her skirt was again high, and this time she made sure the creamy flesh above the tops of her nylons showed.

Johnny had a very hard cock all the way home.

While her son put away the purchases, she went to her room and sat on her bed, hands folded in her lap. She was excited, very excited. There was no doubt that Johnny was looking up her dress every chance he had. And getting a hard-on, too.

She pressed her legs tightly together, and felt a tingle of her clitoris. She heard her son's footsteps in the hall, and then the sound of his bedroom door closing.

Jennifer removed her clothing, entering her bathroom and filling the tub with hot water, pouring in her fragrant bath bubbles. As she soaked in the tub, her head leaning on the rim, she wondered if her son was steamed up enough to be playing with his cock. The more she pictured her son with his cock hard, in his fist, jacking off, the more excited she became.

Her hands ran about her body, cupping and fondling her tits. She pulled and twisted her pink nipples, eyes closed as her breathing came in little hot gasps of self-induced pleasure. She ran her fingers through the silky hair of her cunt beneath the water, feeling the tip of her knotted clit. She rubbed at her clitoris lightly, her ass beginning to writhe gently.

She mewled as a finger moved along the fiery slit of her cunt, and before she knew it, her fingers was inside her pussy, stabbing in and out slowly. She arched her hips in the tub, parting her legs and bending her knees. Moaning softly, envisioning her son jacking off his young, hard cock, Jennifer began to fuck herself vigorously, her finger darting and plunging, sloshing water over the side of the tub.

"Oooooohhhhh!" she gasped, her cunt squeezing on her buried finger. Her clit stood out, feeling inflamed. "Ahhhh… ohhhh good!"

Stiffening her middle finger, she plunged it in and out of her slippery cunt swiftly, like a cock.

"Mmmmmm, nice! Very nice!"

In her excitement, Jennifer got to her knees, her legs spread, her fingers and hands agitating her cunt darting around to squeeze at her ass, rubbing the edge of her hand into the split and touching the fiery crinkle of her pink asshole. She dug almost harshly at her cunt while her other hand slid and rubbed between the cheeks of her ass. Her hips jerked and swung about, the water sloshing.

Her body turned stiff as her eyes closed tightly. Her full lips parted, and a soft, strangling whimper came from her. Her cunt convulsed, and she felt the tight, waving, flexing grip of the soft, hairy lips close and squeeze. Her asshole was in spasms, too, and she pressed her fingers against it, enhancing her orgasm.

Then, with the glow of gratification on her flesh, Jennifer finished her bath. When she was through, she toweled herself.

Nakedly, she went into her bedroom and pulled out a short, thigh-high robe, wrapping it around her and tying it with a narrow belt. As she left her room, she saw Johnny's door open, and she looked in. It was empty, and his bed was slightly mussed as if he had been lying on it. Then she saw the pictures.

Curiously, she entered her son's room and looked down at the photos of her as a teenager, in her cheerleader's costume, legs kicking high, her tights showing. And, there was the one of her getting out of the car, her blonde cunt displayed so blatantly.

She gathered them up and walked to the living room. Not only was her son peeking up her skins, but he had found those pictures of her!

Johnny was sitting in the wall-hugger chair, reared back and watching television. She noticed it was a news program, and he never watched the news. He was still wearing his jeans and white T-shirt.

Jennifer's gaze dropped to the front of his pants, but of course he didn't have a hard-on; he had jacked off, she was sure.

Making sure that her son saw the photos in her hand, she placed them on the table at the end of the couch, leaning over to let the back of her short robe lift. She remained leaning for a long moment, knowing that the lower cheeks of her naked ass showed, and that her son was looking at them. She turned and sat down on the couch, the flap of her short robe opening slightly.

She pretended to watch the newscaster with interest, but a glance down told her the hair of her cunt was showing. She lifted her legs and propped her feet on the coffee table, and at the same time giving her son an exciting peek at her ass. She glanced slyly at him and saw his cock bulging once more inside his pants. She was amused at his efforts not to let her catch him peeking.

"Are you hungry, Johnny?" she asked when the news program ended.

"No, Mom."

"I'm not, either," she said. "How about we go pot-luck, eat what we can find?"

"Okay by me," he answered, doing his best not to look when she lifted her feet from the coffee table again.

When she left for the kitchen, she saw that her son's cock was outlined along one side of his jeans, appearing very hard.

Fixing the light dinner, Jennifer began smiling.


The idea of doing it came to her while getting ready for bed.

Her son wanted her, wanted her body, there was no doubt in her mind. He had her pictures, and was jacking off to them. Whether or not her son had ever felt a soft, hot, wet cunt on his cock or not, she had no idea.

She stood naked at the side of her bed, one knee on it in preparation to climb in when the urge came over her. Her flesh was on fire and her cunt was becoming very steamy as she wondered what her son's reaction would be.

But the compulsion was strong, and she couldn't resist it.

Jennifer slipped on a pair of skimpy bikini panties, hooked her garter belt around her hips, then pulled on flesh-colored nylons. She pulled her short robe about her body and went to her son's room.

"Are you sleeping yet?" she called into his room softly.

Johnny, startled, began stuffing something under his pillow. His bedside light was on when she had walked in. Her tits pressed in twin points against the front of her short robe.

"What have you got there, honey?" she asked as he pulled his hand from beneath his pillow.

"N-nothing, Mom," he said, a flush on his young face.

"You're hiding something from me, Johnny."

"No, Mom!" He tried not to look at her lone legs or straining tits.

Jennifer shoved her hand under his pillow and pulled out the photos that she had left on the table near the couch. She looked at them, as if seeing them for the first time.

"Where did you find these?" she asked. "I thought they had disappeared years ago."

Johnny had the sheet pulled up to his waist, but his cock was sticking up with hardness beneath it. Placing her photos on his night table, Jennifer stared at the way his cock stuck up. Her palm itched to feel it, to take it in her hand and squeeze that hardness.

"Do you like those pictures of me, honey," she said softly, standing at the side of his bed, her eyes burning on the concealed hardness of her son's cock. "I was a teenager then, you know."

She saw him blush. She ran the tips of her fingers over his forehead. Then she trailed them down his chest to the edge of the sheet. She felt his body trembling, but best of all, she saw his cock jerk beneath the sheet.

The urge burned through her, and Jennifer lifted one foot and placed it on his bed, knee up.

"Johnny," she whispered throatily, "look at me."

He looked, then jerked his eyes away.

He had seen the smooth inside flesh of his mother's thigh, all the way to her crotch, he had seen the creamy skin past the top of the nylons and the way her panties pooched with her cunt, the blonde hair showing along the edges of her panties.

"No, baby," she whispered. "Look at me… don't turn away!"

Johnny looked again, and this time he stared openly.

Jennifer swung her uplifted knee farther apart, her panties stretched aver her cunt. She drew her fingers up the nylon and caressed the smooth skin above them slowly, teasingly, her eyes never leaving the thrust of her son's cock under the sheet.

"Want to watch me?" she whispered, her fingers very close to her cunt now. "Want to watch mother do… you know?"

Her fingertips touched her panties.

"Mom…" Johnny swallowed. "Are you sure?"

"Oh, I'm sure, honey," she said firmly, cupping her pantied cunt. "I know you've been looking at me, and my pictures. Yes, I'm sure."

"Oh, Mom!" he gulped, his eyes on fire as he stared between her legs. His hand moved under the sheet and gripped his cock.

"Look at mother," she mewled, rubbing her sissy. "Watch me, baby. It's fun, and you know it is. But it would be more fun to watch me instead of looking at my pictures and doing it by yourself."

Jennifer had not really intended to go so far, but now her hand was moving into the waistband of her panties, through the hair of her cunt. The crotch stretched over her hand, and the blonde hairs became more visible to Johnny. He was shaking, but his gaze never left her crotch. She saw his fist move under the sheet, and a stab of fiery passion caused the cheeks of her ass to bunch when her fingers touched her swollen clit.

She pulled her other hand up, untying her short robe. Then while her robe hung open, she hooked a finger into her panties and pulled the crotch to one side.

Johnny groaned, staring at his mother's cunt. The lips were very wet, pink, and hot looking. He saw her fingers rubbing her distended clit, and he gripped his cock very hard.

"Ooooooh, baby!" Jennifer purred as her hand, still inside hot panties, pushed lower.

Johnny gulped wetly as he watched his mother slide a finger into her cunt, and his fist jerked upward on his cock.

"That's it, baby!" she moaned. "Play with it! Play with it and watch mother play with hers, too!"

But seeing his hand moving under the sheet wasn't giving her the view she wanted of him. She turned her panties loose, still working a finger in and out of her cunt, and she pulled the sheet away. Her eyes filmed over with lust as she saw her son was naked in bed, the head of his cock bulging up from his tightly gripping fist. His balls looked very full and hot. Johnny didn't attempt to draw the sheet back up, but stared hard at his mother's crotch as he pumped on his cock.

"Ohhhh, it's a big one, baby!" she cooed. "It's a big, beautiful cock!"

Johnny glanced at her face.

"Oh, yes, baby, that's a big cock!"

She yanked the crotch of her panties to one side again, letting her son watch her finger thrust in and out of her cunt. She twisted her ass, mewling holly.

"Watch mother, Johnny!" she urged hotly. "Watch mother play with it! See me… see mother's pussy, baby! You don't have to sneak looks up my dress, darling. Mother will show her pussy to you! Watch me play with my pussy you, Johnny… piece, darling, play with your cock! Show me how you jack off! Let mother see you jack off!"

Her words inflamed him. His fist began to pound up and down, making slapping sounds.

Jennifer rammed her finger in and out of her cunt swiftly, gurgling as she watched him. The juicy sounds of her pussy seemed as loud as his fist slapping against the base of his cock. Her cunt was so hot that creamy wetness beaded the blonde hair that grew along the puffy lips.

"Ooooooh, baby! Jack it off for mother!" she moaned, her hips pumping back and forth, her finger darting into her cunt wickedly. "Jack that big, beautiful cock off! Ahhhh, baby, baby!"

Jennifer swung her knee wider, her hips pushing forward, her eyes burning on her son's hand as it pumped faster on his cock. She glanced at his face, seeing him staring up at her cunt. Her middle finger dipped and plunged, making juicy sounds. She pulled her finger out and up, rubbing at her inflamed clit, hearing her son's gasps of pleasure. Her pussy tingled with wet heat, more than it had in a long time.

As her orgasm swelled inside, the thought came to her: What would Johnny do if I shoved my cunt into his face? Would he suck me… lick my cunt off?

The urge to do that was strong, but she resisted. It would be too fast for him. He might not like it.

Her clit bulged and vibrated as she jammed her middle finger into her cunt deeply.

Johnny's eyes were fixed upon his mother's blonde-haired cunt. It was the most exciting thing he had ever seen – his mother's cunt. After all this time of trying to peek at it, he was watching her with her finger in it now, and his young balls felt so hot, so full, and his cock throbbing in his hand more than it ever had when he jacked off to her pictures.

Johnny's hips began to jerk up and down as his fist pounded almost frantically. He could smell the heady scent of his mother's juicy cunt, a scent that made his young emotions whirl wildly. It was a clean smell, a fresh smell, an intensely exciting smell.

Jennifer, whimpering softly as she felt her orgasm building, pushed her hips a little more forward. She slipped her toes against her son's cheek, holding her uplifted knee very wide, the full expanse of her cunt exposed to him as she finger-fucked herself vigorously. Wet sounds came from between her thighs, and juices seemed to drip out of her heated cunt, run slowly along her inner thigh while her finger darted and plunged swiftly.

"… ahhhh, yes!" Jennifer cried out. "Oh, baby! Oooooh, yes, yes, baby!"

The fingers of one hand spread the hairy pink lips of her cunt while she brutally fucked herself with the other hand, her ass bunching as her body began to shake.

Johnny was staring up at her pussy, which was now almost over his face. He could see her cunt-flesh glisten wetly. He pushed his hips upward while his fist smashed down hard on the base of his cock. Jennifer stared at the rounded head of his cock, so swollen, his piss-hole wide open. He began to groan loudly, shaking.

"Ohhhhh, Johnny, yes!" she sobbed. "Please, baby… oooooh, my God, this is… is so…"

A squeal came from her.

Thick, white spurts of juice flew from her son's cock, flying upward at least a foot. Before that squirt fell back to his stomach, another was leaving his piss-hole. Jennifer cried out softly as she watched her son's cock spew, the head of his cock jerking as he squeezed hard at the base, his balls writhing in spasms.

Jennifer was so delighted to see her son come that she smashed her finger up her cunt, holding it there. She could hardly believe how much her son came. The juice was covering his stomach now, his fist coated with it. And he was still coming, although not as hard as at first. She stared as a final spurt oozed from his cock, running over the smooth head down to his fingers. When he finished, his body relaxed, his ass slumping to the bed, fingers turning loose of his cock.

That was when Jennifer came.

The spasms of her cunt started with a strong, hard grip on her finger, making her cry out in ecstasy. Then the rippling waves of her orgasm pulled and clenched at her buried finger. She cried out as her orgasm boiled about her cunt, tightening, loosening, tightening again.

Her one leg was all that held her upright, and it was giving way. She turned slightly as her knee buckled, and she sat on the edge of her son's bed, coming very hard. She flung her knees wide open, but Johnny could no longer see her cunt in this position. He lifted his head and moved to his mother's thigh, watching but seeing very little now. Her hips jerked, and it looked as if his mother was holding her cunt in her cupped hand. His chin touched her nyloned thigh.

"Ohhhh, Johnny!" she gasped, her free hand on his head.

When she stopped coming, she relaxed, leaning back, one hand behind her with the other on his head. She held her knees wide apart and let him gaze at her cunt for as long as he wanted.

After a minute or so, Johnny lifted his head and stared at his mother's naked titties, her pink nipples still jutting up with hardness, the flesh firm, rounded. She pulled her hand off his head to his shoulder, a nervous smile curling her lips, her face flushed.

For a long time neither of them spoke. Then they did at the same time.



Jennifer giggled. She ran her warm hand down her son's back, watching his face as he gazed at her succulent tits. She heard her son swallow wetly, saw his tongue move over his lips. Sliding her hand up to his head again, Jennifer slowly pulled his face toward her tits, arching her back to make them strain outward.

Without saying a word, Johnny closed his hot lips about one of his mother's pink nipples, taking it deeply into his mouth, his tongue licking.

Jennifer made a deep-throated purring sound as she looked down at his tight lips puffing on her tit, his eyes closed. She held the back of his head, smashing her tit into his mouth, feeling the suction of his lips and the twisting of his tongue. She moaned softly, feeling the pleasure of having her tit sucked.

Without taking his mouth off her tit, Johnny shifted in bed, sitting up and facing her, sucking greedily.

Jennifer held his face tight against her tit, then lifted one of his hands, curling his fingers about her other tit. Immediately her son began to fondle and squeeze, feeling the firm shape of her tit, making wet sounds as he sucked hungrily on the other.

Jennifer shivered with pleasure, mewling softly, urging him to suck her tit hard. Her cunt responded to the strong suction on her tit, and she pressed the back of his hand tightly on her other tit. She moved her hand along his stomach, feeling the jizz juices. She smeared her fingers about in his come juice, then lowered her son's hand down her body.

Johnny, sucking hotly at his mother's tit, moaned when he felt the soft, curly hair of her cunt brushing against his fingers.

Jennifer pushed his hand lower, holding her breath.

Again Johnny moaned around her tit. He felt the wet heat of his mother's cunt, the satiny flesh of the pussy lips and her clit. She held his hand cupped about her cunt for a long, breathless moment, then worked one of his fingers into it.

"Ohhhhh, Johnny!" Jennifer gasped softly, feeling his finger push into her cunt. "Oooooh, baby!"

Johnny opened his mouth, taking more of his mother's hot tit inside, then he moved his finger inside her cunt, feeling the satiny walls, the wetness of it. His hot breath burned on her tit, and Jennifer purred softly, her ass writhing on the edge of his bed. Now that she had his finger up her cunt as he sucked her tit, she pushed her hand back along his stomach, down toward his cock. She heard her son give out a muffled grunt when the tips of her fingers touched his cock.

"Johnny!" Jennifer cried out, dosing her hot hand around her son's cock, squeezing it, pulling on it. "Ohhhhh, Johnny!"

Then, suddenly, as if just now realizing what she was doing, Jennifer jerked her hand off his cock, pushing him gently away from her. His lips came off her tit with a smacking sound, his finger pulling out of her cunt wetly. She pushed him back onto the bed, and stood up, her legs trembling.

"Oh, baby, I'm… this is crazy, darling!" She turned, her short robe swirling about her pantied ass, and left him.


Jennifer tried to avoid her son for the next few days, but that was impossible to do in their small apartment.

She made sure she kept her skirts down, and she wore loose sweaters to conceal her tits. She knew he still had her photos and was jacking off to them. And it hurt her to see the way he would look at her, his eyes showing the hot yearning, confused because she was avoiding him.

She wasn't sure why she was, only that what she had done with him was crazy. Johnny was her son, not her lover. Still, she would stare at his back, and feel her cunt become moist and tingling, her nipples stiff. The feel of his cock seemed to stay in her hand, and the way he had pushed his finger into her cunt… she had almost come again just thinking about it.

Jennifer was angry with herself. She knew Johnny wanted more, even if only to watch her fingerfuck her cunt while he jacked off. Mutual masturbation could be a fun thing, she knew, but Johnny was her son. He was jacking off alone in his room, and at night Jennifer would finger-fuck herself to orgasm after orgasm, envisioning his young cock and balls.

After a time, she decided that what they had done was not wrong, could not be wrong. There had been so much pleasure in it, for both of them. How could pleasure be wrong? Who were they harming? Who could ever know?

No, she decided, it was not right to have her son suffer, be frustrated.

With her mind made up, Jennifer decided she would still show herself off for him in public, and in that way give him some gratification, and satisfy her own desires to expose herself.

Jennifer had decided to take her son to the post office to check her mail. But that was not her real purpose. She would flash herself in the post office, for her son, and if anyone else was there, give them a nice peek, too.

She searched her closet and found a short skirt, a miniskirt that was coming back into fashion. She then selected a pair of very skimpy bikini panties, hardly two pieces of lacy cloth with elastic to hold them on her hips. They were flimsy, and almost transparent. The pale-blue color matched the blue of her skirt and her powder-blue lightweight sweater.

When she was dressed, she looked at herself in the mirror. If her skirt was an inch shorter, she might as well have been in her panties only. She turned her back to the mirror and leaned over a little, and saw her panties.

A wicked grin spread over her face, thinking why not go all the way and remove her panties. She stripped them off, and she felt excitement starting to rumble through her already. Now she would really give a show of her body. The sweater hugged her tits, her nipples pressing out and outlined.

"Honey, come with me to the post office," she said to her son who was curled up on the couch reading. He was in an old pair of faded jeans, hacked off at the thighs, the summer uniform for most boys.

Johnny looked up at his mother, his eyes slowly lifting along her slender thighs, her short skirt, then her jutting tits.

Jennifer smiled at him. "Do I look okay?" Johnny nodded, and she saw the hot hunger in his young eyes, and the disappointment, too. She knew her son still wanted to see her cunt, suck her titties, maybe feel her up some more and jack off.

A shiver swept through Jennifer's slender body, and her clit swelled. She wanted to grab her son's cock and jack him off, see him squirt again, have his hand on her cunt. She wanted to fuck him!

She took a step closer, but then he swung his feet off the couch and stood. The spell was broken, and she waked from the apartment on weak legs, feeling her cunt throb and bubble wetly.

She climbed into the car. As she drove the short distance, she could feel his hot eyes on her thighs, the thrust of her tits.

The post office had about ten steps up to the door, and Jennifer, with her pulses pounding, walked ahead of her son, Johnny stared at her long legs, and he began to breathe hard when he caught a glimpse of her naked ass under the short skirt. When she reached the top of the steps, Jennifer stopped there and waited for him to catch up with her, knowing he had seen her naked ass. Even if she had not known it, the evidence of his cock pushing out inside his cut-offs told her that he did.

Pushing open the double doors of the post office, Jennifer entered, followed by her son.

There was one other person checking mail, a woman a few years older than Jennifer. She was wearing tight jeans and a T-shirt, and she noticed her son give the woman's shapely ass a good look.

Jennifer moved to her postal box, which was low down in a long row of boxes. With her back to her son and the woman, she leaned over, her legs straight, twisting the combination lock. Her short skirt lifted upward, the creamy sweetness of her ass exposed.

She heard a gasp, and she glanced over her shoulder. The woman in jeans was staring at her ass. Jennifer went about her business of opening the lock, pretending to have trouble with it, her ass still showing.

When the woman turned to leave, Jennifer giggled.

Johnny was behind his mother, staring at her naked ass, his cock pushing hard at the front of his cut-offs.

"Fucking lock," Jennifer muttered loud enough for her son to hear. "Fucking thing won't open."

She heard her son suck in his breath. She had never said such words before, except that night when they enjoyed their mutual jack-off session together. Twisting at the lock, she swayed her exposed ass, spreading her feet further apart. Johnny saw now only his mother's satiny ass, but he also saw the blonde hairs of her cunt.

It was too much for him.

He pulled his cock from the frayed leg of his cut-offs, gripping it in his fist.

When Jennifer glanced over her shoulder at him, it was her turn to gasp.

"Johnny…" she murmured, staring hotly at his cock.

She leaned over a bit more, and almost all of her ass showed now. If anyone came into the post office, they would see quite a sight. They would see what her son was seeing – a very beautiful naked ass.

Johnny, gazing at his mother, took a step closer.

Jennifer's breath caught in her throat as her son stepped right up to her ass. She felt him rub the hot head of his cock against her thigh, lifting it to rub along the cheek of her ass, then the other side. Her cunt sucked inward with pleasure. Her elk knotted, juices seeping from the lips.


"Mom, you don't know what you're doing to me!" he moaned, sliding the hot head of his cock along the back of one thigh now.

Jennifer felt the wetness of his piss-hole smearing her flesh, and her cunt seemed to burst into flame. She swayed her ass, leaning over, her hands braced on the row of mail boxes.

"Johnny," she said, a whispery sound of passion.

Johnny, staring down at the split of his mother's naked ass, pulled his cock upward, and Jennifer gasped again, feeling him rub it along the juicy slit of her cunt from behind.

"Johnny!" she squealed.

Her son had pushed the swollen head of his cock into her cunt!

"Ohhhhh, Mom!"

"Johnny, Johnny… baby!" she whimpered, her ass moving back, her cunt sliding over her son's cock.

Jennifer closed her eyes as his cock filled her pussy, spreading the sensitive lips over it. Her body trembled, causing her ass to shake. She felt the roughness of his cut-off jeans on her naked ass now, pressed tightly against her, his cock buried completely into her cunt. Her fiery pussy clung to his cock, vibrating wetly, flexing on it. Jennifer felt weak. Her son's cock was inside her cunt as she leaned over. She spread her feet wider on the floor, pressing her ass tightly against him.

With his cock in his mother's cunt, Johnny placed his hands on her hips, under her skirt.

Jennifer felt him trembling, his cock throbbing hotly up her cunt.

"Johnny, please…"

"Mom, I gotta do – oh, Mom, please!"

"God, yes!" Jennifer cried out. "Yes, baby, yes!"

She felt him dig his fingers into her hips, and his cock pulling back. She felt the head almost slide out of her cunt, and she held her breath, not wanting him to take it out now.

But Johnny only paused, looking down between the split of her ass to see his cock glistening with the wetness of his mother's cunt.

Then he pushed it back in, a little harder.

"Ohhhh!" Jennifer grunted, ramming her ass back at him as he thrust into her pussy. "Oooooooh, baby!"

She heard him breathing hard, and she wagged her ass to entice him. Johnny, overwhelmed by the wet heat of his mother's cunt gripping his cock, began to fuck in and out faster, fucking her deeply.

Jennifer squealed and cried out with each plunge of her son's cock into her cunt. She thought her pussy was on fire, actually blazing. His cock fucked into her pussy, feeling bigger than it actually was, spreading her open, filling her with it. She could feel the throbbing, the ridges and grooves with the highly sensitive lips of her cunt. Like her son, she was overwhelmed to find his cock up her cunt, fucking her. Her mind reeled, her passion intense. She humped her ass with him, grinding against him almost in a frenzy.

She no longer thought about where she was, about someone coming into the post office and seeing her with her son's cock ramming up her cunt frantically. The wily thing she was concerned about at this moment was the deeply satisfying thrust of his cock.

Each time her son rammed up her cunt, her sweatered tits swayed and bobbled, her nipples rubbing against the material, creating a greater inflammation in her pussy. The hot, wet friction of her son's cock was about to make her come soon, and the lips of her cunt were grabbing at his prick each time he pulled back, holding it tightly, her clit knotted ever so deliciously. His cock made wet, squishy sounds in her cunt.

"Fuck me!" she screamed.

Johnny's reply was a grunt and a thrust, so hard and deep that her head banged against the row of mail boxes, but Jennifer didn't even know it.

"Fuck me!" she cried out again, louder, swinging her ass against him. "Fuck me, Johnny!"

Digging his fingers into his mother's hip, Johnny yanked her exposed ass back as he plunged forward. He was biting at his bottom lip, staring down at his mother's twisting ass. The wet heat closed about his cock was making his balls hard. He could see the crinkling tightness of his mother's asshole as he withdrew.

Jennifer, sobbing with boiling ecstasy, lifted her head, pressing her cheek against the mail boxes, eyes tight. Her cunt was swelling, yet holding his cock very tightly. She was about to come, and the thrilling rapture filled her from head to toe.

When her cunt exploded, the lips squeezing her son's cock, she let out a sharp, quick scream.


She rammed her ass against her son, wanting him deeper as she came, but his cock was already as deep as it could go. While her cunt convulsed, Jennifer darted one hand between her thighs. She pulled her son's hot, hard balls out of the leg of his cut-offs, twisting and pulling on them as she came. The spasms of her pussy created another scream of ecstasy.

"I'm coming, Johnny!"

Johnny was gritting his teeth as he felt his mother's cunt grab and hold his cock, her rippling orgasm puffing on it. The way his mother was holding his balls, tugging and twisting them, was about to make him come, too.

When the contractions of her cunt stopped, Jennifer found her son's cock still very hard, sliding in and out of her cunt once more. She twisted her ass vigorously, still holding his balls, but not as tightly.

"Ohhhh, baby, you're still hard!" she gasped. "Oooooh, more, Johnny! Fuck me some more! Ahhhhh, God, baby, fuck mother again!"

Gripping her hips hard, Johnny began to rock back and forth, still watching her naked ass twist and grind. Each time he ran his cock up his mother's cunt, her head struck the row of mailboxes, but still Jennifer did not feel it.

She breathed harshly, her lips parted, eyes still closed. She could tell she was going to come again, her cunt bubbling and seeping while her clit throbbed with hardness.

"Oooooh, yes, yes!" she sobbed. "Ooooh, give it to me, Johnny! Ram mother good and hard and deep! Fuck me, baby, fuck me! Ahhhh, your cock is so hard in my cunt… fucking me! Fuck mother… fuck mother hard! Oooooh, I think I'm going to come again, Johnny!"

She lifted her head, her neck straining, clutching the mailboxes desperately to keep from falling. Her knees were bending, her legs shaking with weakness.

Johnny was leaning over her grinding ass, his hands sliding up from her hips, causing her skirt to bunch around her waist, then he was cupping his mother's tits, his cock ramming faster and faster, and his grunts louder than ever. He was squeezing her tits hard, but it only made Jennifer squeal in ecstasy, not pain.

"Ahhhhh!" she yelled.

Her second orgasm burst in her cunt, creating an exquisite wet tightness around her son's cock.

This time, as she came, Johnny couldn't hold back any longer.

"Mom, I gotta – ohhh, I gotta come, Mom!"

"Yes!" Jennifer screamed, the spasms in her cunt making her voice thick and hoarse.

She felt her son press hard against her naked ass, then his cock seemed to jump deep inside her cunt.

"Ooooooh, Johnny!" she cried when she felt the hot, strong spurts of her son's come juice splattering along the satiny tissues of her fiery cunt, filling her. "Ahhhh, yes, baby!"

Straining hard, Johnny squirted over and over into his mother's cunt, and again Jennifer remembered how much he had come that night watching him jack off. Each searing spurt of his cock sent her cunt into stronger convulsions. She came so hard, she could hardly stand it.

When the flood of his come juice stopped, Johnny pulled his hands off his mother's tits sliding them to her hips. He held her naked hips a moment as he slowly regained strength. Then while his cock softened, he pulled it from her pussy.

Jennifer, struggling to breathe, remained bent over, only her hands on the row of mailboxes preventing her from sliding to the floor. She was so weak she couldn't close her legs, and she rested there with her short skirt at her waist, her ass exposed, her cunt dripping the juices of her son's hot balls down her inner thighs.

When she felt strong enough, she stood up, turning around, still breathing hard. She pushed her hand under her skirt and cupped her cunt, feeling his juices seep from it. She giggled shyly. She suddenly felt bashful, an emotion she had not felt in years.

She used her other hand to gently fuck her son's cock and balls back into the leg of his frayed cut-offs while he sucked in air.

The sound of the outer doors opening caused her to jump, jerking her hand from beneath her skirt. It was coated with their juices.

A man entered, glancing at them, then going to the other end of the mailboxes. Then he looked back at Jennifer again, his eyes widening. Her short skirt was folded up slightly, and the man saw her blonde pussy hairs.

Jennifer grabbed her son's hand, and almost ran from the post office. She was giggling by the time they were in the car.

"I guess we did it, huh, Johnny?" Johnny grinned at his mother proudly, nodding his head.

Jennifer wrapped her arm about his shoulders, pulling him to her lips, kissing him hard, the tip of her tongue licking across his lips.

"Well, it looks like I got fucked," she said, giggling shyly.

"So did I, Mom!"


Strangely enough, when they got home, Jennifer felt shy with her son again.

She had not intended to have him fuck her at the post office, there in public. But it had happened, and she was not sorry about it.

Johnny showered and went off to bed, and as she got ready for bed, Jennifer found herself wondering if it had been so good because Johnny was her son, or if it was because they fucked in a public place, where anyone could have watched them. The one thing she knew far sure, her orgasms had been stronger and more satisfying than any of her life.

She was starting to climb into bed when she suddenly turned and walked out her door, naked.

Johnny's bedroom door was closed, but a light came from underneath it.

She turned the handle and looked in.

Johnny was stretched out on his back, naked, holding one of her pictures in his hand, looking at it.

Jennifer gave her son a nervous smile, pushing his door wide open, standing there naked.

Johnny's face was flushed, but not with embarrassment. His eyes opened wide as she looked at her, his tongue moving over his lips. Jennifer stepped into his room.

"Want to fuck mother again?" she whispered, her voice sounding anxious.

Johnny stared at his mother with gaping mouth and fiery eyes.

Jennifer stood in the doorway, her feet apart on the floor, one hand framing the blonde hair of her pussy, the other hand cupping and lifting a perfectly shaped tit, a nervous smile on her lovely face. She gazed directly at her son's cock and balls, her pulses beating hotly.

"Oh, Mom!" Johnny moaned, gripping his cock hard.

Jennifer sat on the side of his bed, facing him. She pushed his hand off his cock and closed her own around it. When she squeezed, he gasped. Drawing her knee up on his bed, she deliberately spread her legs so he could see her cunt. She watched his face closely as she slowly pumped his hard cock.

Johnny stared at his mother's bushy cunt, his naked body trembling from what her hand was doing.

"Touch it," Jennifer whispered. "Touch mother there, Johnny."

His hand closed around her knee, then moved up the inside of her satiny thigh, slowly and lightly, his eyes on his fingers now.

Jennifer shivered, remembering how good it had felt when a boy first shoved his hand under her skirt when she was in school.

Johnny stopped when his fingers touched the silky blonde hairs of her cunt. Jennifer squirmed inward and held her breath as his fingers lightly ado contact with a swollen pussy-lip, both of them looking down between her thighs. She clasped her son's cock very hard.

"Inside," she whispered throatily. "Feel inside my pussy."

Johnny's finger slipped into the fiery wetness. "Ohhhh, Mom!" he gasped, then began to work his finger in and out as he had seen her do before.

"Yes, Johnny!" she panted, jacking his cock fast, feeling the heat of the swollen head. "Ohhhh, yes, baby!"

Johnny gazed at her cunt, watching how slick and wet it was.

"Wait!" she panted softly, sliding her cunt away from his hand. "I want you in me, Johnny. I want this in me!"

She squeezed his cock to show what she wanted in her.

Pushing her son until he was on his back, Jennifer climbed onto the bed with him, swinging one leg across his. On her knees, she held his cock at the base with one hand, two fingers spreading her pussy-lips apart. She lowered her self and made a soft squeal when her cunt touched the big head of his cock. Her body shivered as she rubbed her cunt along the head of her son's prick, then she slowly settled on it.

She held her breath and watched his face while she slipped her cunt down over the throbbing hardness of his cock. Johnny was watching between his mother's legs, seeing the pinkness of her cunt spreading about his cock.

Jennifer settled on her son, the fiery lips of her cunt crushed against the base of his cock. Her cunt rippled, flexed about his prick, and she felt his answering throbs. Her ass came up, the satiny wetness of her cunt pulling on his prick.

"Ohhhh, Johnny!" she whimpered, cupping her tits.

She began to whip her ass up and down, stabbing her cunt on his cock with rapture. Soft wet sounds came from between them, and Johnny, his face screwing up with the sensation, gripped his mother's sleek thighs, arching his ass, pushing up as she came down.

"Ahhhh, baby, it's so good! Ooooo yes, so good!"

Jennifer's eyes blazed in passion as she humped up and down, fucking her son, playing with her tits, squeezing them, pulling at her stiff, pink nipples. She cried out softly, then squealed in ecstasy as she whipped down, grinding on his cock.

"Baby, baby, I love it!"

"Oooooh, Mom!"

"Watch it, Johnny! Watch mother's cunt fuck you!" she sobbed, digging into her tits, her nipples straining between her fingers. "Can you see mother's hot cunt, darling? Can you see my pussy eating up your hard cock!"

"Yeah, Mom, yeah!"

Ramming down onto his cock hard, she jerked her hips back and forth with his cock buried deeply, feeling his hot, hard balls sliding into the split of her ass. She closed her knees against his sides and gyrated her ass wildly. With a cry of ecstasy, she leaned forward, her tits in his face. Holding herself up with her hands just above his head, she began to pound her cunt up and down on his cock.

Johnny greedily pulled a pink nipple into his mouth, his hands sliding up her thighs and closing about the rounded sweetness of her ass. Jennifer held her ass up, arching to his cock.

"Fuck me!" she gasped. "Fuck me, baby! Ram your cock in and out! Ooooh, fuck me hard! Johnny, please, please, fuck me!"

Johnny thrust his ass up and down, clutching his mother's ass and plunging his cock into her cunt with wet sounds.

Jennifer whimpered her delight, shaking her ass, pushing her tit deep into his sucking mouth.

"Mom!" he shouted, puffing off her tit, straining his cock into her from below. "Ohhhh, Mom, I'm gonna let it go! Ahhh, I gotta let it go, Mom!"

Jennifer screamed, feeling her son's cock pulsate so hotly. She plunged her cunt down hard, grinding on the base, feeling his prick throb. Her clit was smashed against the base of his cock, and her eyes began to roll about, choking sounds coming from her.

"Johnny!" she shrieked, her hips whipping about.

Her orgasm exploded around her son's cock just as he unleashed a boiling gush of come juice into her.

Each squirt of his cock sent orgasm into stronger convulsions, until her cunt was literally sucking his cock off. The rippling waves began with the squeezing lips of her cunt, then seemed to go up inside and along the soft, exquisite walls. She could feel his cock-juice splashing into her pussy, feel the desperate grip he had on her naked ass.

Slowly, tremblingly, Jennifer came down. She slumped on top of her son, her tits in his face, her knees lax and spreading wider, his cock caught inside her cunt. His hands dropped from her ass, sliding down her thighs to fall onto the bed near her knees. They breathed hard, gasping for a long time.

When Jennifer lifted up and gazed at his face, Johnny was grinning from ear to ear, his eyes shining.

"Wanna fuck again, Mom?"

With a laugh, Jennifer hugged her son tightly, smearing his face with moist hot kisses, her tongue licking at his cheeks, his ears, his nose, chin and mouth. She sat on him, wiggling her hips, looking down at his delighted face. His cock had slipped out of her cunt, but she rubbed her cunt back and forth on its length.

"I'd love to get fucked again," she said, turning to swing her legs off him. "But first…"

She stood up and moved to the door, where she paused and looked back at him. Johnny was watching her body, her fluid walk, her naked ass.

She grinned at him. "I'll be right back."

Jennifer went into the hall bathroom and washed herself. She felt very good, her flesh glowing. It had been good, very good, but, it had been better at the post office.

Returning to her son, she sat on the side of his bed and fondled his cock and balls. Johnny was not as hesitant as before, and she parted her thighs so he could feel her up. She closed her hand about his cock and balls, feeling the heat of them.

Gazing down, she examined his cock and balls closely delighted to feel them. Her son seemed to know instinctively where to touch her cunt, what felt the best to her, and soon her pussy was bubbling wetly once more, her clit pushing outward, beginning to throb again.

With her eyes on fire, Jennifer had his cock in a tight grip, the head bulging smoothly. Her son's cock fascinated her. She squeezed his cock hard, making the head bulge more, leaning closer and closer, as if mesmerized by the smooth head, the widening of his piss-hole. A bead of fluid gleamed on his piss-hole, and she ran her thumb over it, smearing the head. Her breathing increased until she was gasping softly.

Johnny, his palm cupped into her fiery cunt, was watching her, wondering what his mother was up to.

Jennifer's face was so close to the head of his cock now that her eyes were slightly crossed. She ran her tongue over her lips, her breath hot on his cock.

Very slowly, almost hesitantly, Jennifer kissed the tip of her son's cock.

Johnny gasped, his prick jerking with a delicious throb in her tight grip.

Still staring at his cock, her lips only an inch away, Jennifer sighed. "Johnny…"

Her tongue snaked out, touched the smooth flesh of the head of his cock, quickly, once then again.

Jennifer stopped breathing and kissed his prick once more, this time parting her lips and touching it with the tip of her tongue. What many boys in high school had tried to get her to do, she was now doing for her son, of her own free will. She felt a compulsion to kiss her son's cock, taste it.

She placed her parted lips on the head of his cock, near his piss-hole. With her tongue pushing just past her lips, she moved toward his piss-hole. When she had her lips around his cockhead, she held her tongue inside her mouth. For a moment she froze, then she gave his pisshole a little suck. The juice oozing from his piss hole was slippery on her lips, and she could feel his cock become very hard and hot in her squeezing fist.

She tongued his piss-hole. The taste of his juices surprised her. There was an exotic taste, unlike any she had ever experienced. Carefully, she slipped her lips downward, then stopped. Her tongue was pushed back into her mouth, but she moved it around the hot, smooth surface of his cock slowly.

Johnny moaned, his hips twisting.

Jennifer, too, made a low moaning sound, and she pushed her lips down a little more, the head of his cock now between her lips. She found the hot smoothness in her mouth exciting, and her tongue brushed back and forth, licking his cockflesh, moving across his piss-hole.

Jennifer pulled her mouth off his cock, stared at it, then glanced up at his blushed face.

"Johnny…" she whispered in a passion thick voice. "Oh, Johnny. I want… God, that tasted good, darling!"

Her eyes swung back to his cock, and she closed her wet, hot lips around it again. Her tongue fluttered faster this time, and her body trembled, her cunt sucking inward wetly, the hairy lips swollen in his palm. A low whimper came from her, and she pushed her mouth down. The tingling stretch of her lips excited her, and the more of his cock she pulled into her mouth, the better it tasted to her. The hardness of it sent her pulses racing. Her cunt was twitching wetly against her son's hand, her clit straining.

Jennifer's eyes opened, and her hips jerked.

She was coming!

She had her son's cock inside her mouth, halfway to her throat, and she was coming! Jennifer couldn't believe it!

She pushed her cunt against her son's hand hard, her pussy-lips gripping his cock. While her cunt convulsed, she began to lick at her son's cock with fiery motions. As her orgasm faded, she made a low, muffled sob, and thrust her mouth down, the head of his cock brushing the, back of her throat, her lips smashed against the base. Her hand cupped his balls, lifting them, rubbing them.

She sucked up, her lips tight.

"Ohhhh, my God, Johnny!" she gasped when her lips popped off his prick. She stared at his cock. "Ohhhhh, baby!"

With a frantic motion, she swallowed her son's cock again, and this time she bobbed her mouth up and down, sucking hard.

Johnny let out a gasp of ecstasy as he watched his mother sucking up and down his prick.

He began to pull at her thighs, trying to get his body closer to hers while she sucked him.

Jennifer made soft wet sounds, surprised to find so much pleasure in sucking a hard cock… her son's hard cock! He was dripping very much, and she swallowed his juices.

Johnny was pulling at her leg; she didn't know what he wanted, but she refused to take his cock out of her mouth to ask.

Johnny pulled at his mother's hip, and then Jennifer got the idea. Feverish with erotic heat, she lifted and swung her long leg across his face, her knees against his shoulders. She could almost feel her son's eyes staring up into her spread-open cunt and ass.

She sucked up and down his cock frantically, one hand sliding underneath his body to clutch the cheek of his ass, her other hand holding his hot, full balls tightly. She sucked up and down her son's cock from the base to the swollen head, crying out little sounds of rapture.

Johnny saw the wetness of his mother's pink cunt only inches from his face, the soft hair that framed it, the delicate crinkle of her asshole. He woved his hands up her slim thighs to her ass, holding the cheeks in his palms, then he drew his mother's cunt down to his face.

Unlike his mother, Johnny wasn't hesitant at all.

He opened his mouth and sucked his mother's juicy cunt hungrily, his tongue licking at the slit, then at her swollen clit. When he began to stab his tongue in and out of her cunt, Jennifer sucked faster yet on his cock, wiggling her ass, pushing her cunt down hard on his sucking mouth. She gobbled greedily on his prick.

Squealing in ecstasy, Jennifer started beating her juicy pussy up and down, as if she were fucking his cock again. Her hot lips slithered up and down his cock as her tongue flicked and licked and tasted. The harder her lips pulled on his cock, the harder her son sucked at her cunt, his tongue diving deeply into the scalding wetness, sliding up and down the puffy slit, from her clit to her asshole, back down again. The frenzied way he was licking and sucking at her cunt sent Jennifer in a wild hunger. She didn't think about her son coming, of spewing his come juice into her mouth and down her throat. All she thought of was the ecstasy that his lips and tongue were giving her, and the pleasure of having his hot, hard cock in her mouth.

She felt another orgasm burning deeply inside her cunt, and she smashed it down hard onto her son's sucking mouth, groaning about his cock. Johnny's tongue seemed to go deep up her cunt, and he was stabbing it back and forth like a cock, fucking her desperately with it, his lips sucking at her, his mouth filling with hot, slippery, but delicious cunt juices. Her tongue was coated with the juices seeping out of his pisshole, and she found herself swallowing them greedily.

Straining her cunt hard into her son's face, her knees splayed outward to the sides, Jennifer devoured Johnny's cock. Her lips moved up and down rapidly, never pulling from the head before plunging down again. His balls felt hotter and tighter in her hand, and she dug hard at his ass, lifting him upward as she pushed her mouth down.

Jennifer's eyes fluttered open, her mouth half full of his cock, when she began to come again.

The bushy lips of her cunt clutched at her son's delving tongue, squeezing it with contractions. Jennifer twisted her ass, grinding her cunt into her son's face while he sucked and licked her pussy.

At first she didn't realize what was happening.

There was a hot wetness in her mouth, and it surprised her. Then her son squirted again, this time the juice of his balls splashing deep into her throat. The taste was unusual, but not at all unpleasant. On the contrary, with her cunt in rippling orgasms, the taste of her son's come juice seemed to make her come harder.

With a wet moan, Jennifer began to suck hard at her son's gushing cock, taking his hot load of juice into her mouth with frantic desire, swallowing it. Her lips pulled up hard on his cock, and her tongue raced back and forth on his gushing piss-hole, getting the full taste of his come juice this way.

Over and over her son's cock spewed into her mouth, and Jennifer gulped it down with intense greed. Her cunt kept contracting while he came in her mouth, and she whipped it up and down, beating it at her son's mouth hard.

Johnny was pushing his cock upward into his mother's mouth and clutching her naked ass with both hands, digging at her shaking asscheeks as he sucked and licked the flowing wetness of his mother's cunt.

As her orgasm lost force, so did his gushing cock.

Jennifer held the head of his prick between her lips, her tongue sliding back and forth over his piss-hole, her breath snorting hotly as she calmed down. She relaxed, and since her knees were splayed outward, her cunt rested in her son's face. She felt his hands caressing the backs of her thighs. His cock softened inside her mouth, and still she held it there.

When his cock was almost deflated, she sucked hard on the head and pulled one last bit of juice out of it. She swung her body off of him, sitting at his side, feeling weak, the taste of his cock juices still in her mouth. Her lips felt swollen, but they had a very delicious tingle to them.

Johnny's face was smeared and glistening from the wetness of her cunt, his eyes glowing brightly.

She looked down at his soft cock and empty balls, not believing she had just sucked him off. Her face was flushed as she gazed down at him. Johnny parted his legs, and Jennifer squealed softly.

She pushed her face into his crotch, kissing beneath his balls, running her tongue against his flesh. She purred softly as she nuzzled into his crotch.

With a shy giggle, she sat up again.

"I guess that makes me a cocksucker, now," she grinned, feeling bashful.

"And me a cunt-licker, huh, Mom?"


Jennifer thought of the night before with her son.

It had been wild and good, yet when her son had fucked her in the post office, that well lighted, public place, it had been better. There was something wicked, very erotic, about getting fucked in public, something that made her feel more excited and her orgasms stronger.

She had not intended on her son fucking her there at all, but when he rammed his cock into her cunt as she leaned against the row of mail boxes, she realized that was what she had been wanting for a long time, ever since she knew her son was trying to peek at her.

She had wanted her son to fuck her, and he had.

In a public place.

Jennifer wanted more of the same.

Feeling more pleasure than ever, she took him shopping.

Short skirts were what she wanted, the shorter the better. She knew she looked good in short dresses, just as mouth-watering as any beautiful teenaged girl. She found a good selection of very short skirts and dresses, and bought a dozen.

That evening, she took a walk with her son, window-shopping, wearing one of her short skins and a loose blouse. Under her blouse, her straining tits jiggled nakedly. But under her skirt, she had on a pair of skimpy, lacy bikini panties. If she leaned slightly, her panties would show, and Jennifer found every opportunity to lean forward for her son's pleasure, and the pleasure of anyone else who was looking her way.

Inside a pet store, she stopped and looked at some cute puppies. She squatted, facing her son, and pretended to play with the puppies. She parted her knees so her son could see the crotch of her skimpy panties.

Johnny wasn't the only one to see them.

A man was standing about ten or fifteen feet away, openly admiring what he was seeing. Jennifer and Johnny knew the man was looking at her, and she stayed in her squatting position for some time, knees open, as if she was totally unaware of exposing herself.

When she finally stood up, her cunt was throbbing with sweet wetness, her eyes glittering with beat. She took hold of Johnny's hand, and they walked off in the opposite direction of the man, who was still looking at her swaying ass and long legs.

Coming to an alley, Jennifer paused, peering into it. She looked up and down the street, then giggling, pulled her son into the alley.

"Fuck me!" she hissed, pushing him against a brick wall, her hands feverishly opening his pants. "Johnny, fuck me now! Oooooh, that made my cunt so fucking hot… that man looking at me! I want your cock now, baby! Mother needs it up her cunt right now!"

"Somebody might see us, Mom!"

"I don't care!" she cried as she pulled his cock from his pants. "Let them see!"

His cock was very hard, and she lifted the front of her short skirt, yanking the crotch of her panties to one side. She lifted her left leg and wrapped it about her son's waist, her cunt pushing toward his cock.

Standing on one shaking leg, Jennifer gasped as she felt her son's cock slide easily into her cunt. She moaned and whipped her ass forward, his cock going surprisingly deep considering they were standing up.

"Ohhh, grab mother's ass and fuck it off me!" she gurgled, her hips ramming back and forth. "Hold my ass, Johnny! Hold mother by the hot ass and fuck my fucking brains out!"

Johnny, overwhelmed with the feel of the wet heat of his mother's cunt, shoved his hands under her short skirt in back, clutching her bunching asscheeks, humping to meet the wild thrusts of her cunt. She held his shoulders tightly, her lovely head thrown back, eyes closed as she sobbed her ecstasy softly.

Johnny leaned into her, his hips jiggling up and down, his cock penetrating his mother's cunt swiftly. He held her ass tightly, feeling her satiny panties.

Both were so excited, they failed at first to see the man who had stared up her skirt standing at the entrance of the alley, watching them.

When they realized they were being watched, it increased Jennifer's feverish hunger. She turned her head and looked at the man, her cunt pounding on her son's cock. The man stepped into the alley until he was only a few feet away from them, his eyes on her thrusting ass.

Jennifer saw him open his pants and take his big, hard cock out, dosing his fist about it. He stood there jacking off as he watched them fucking, and Jennifer began to sob with mindless ecstasy as she fucked hard at her son. She moaned and cried out. Johnny gasped hotly. The man breathed loudly as he pumped his cock.

Jennifer's cunt was burning, so wet that it made little sloshing sounds as her son's cock plunged in and out of it. She stared hard at the man's cock, watching his fist pounding. Being seen as she fucked her son was fantastic, so thrilling that she could hardly believe it! Her cunt was grabbing at her son's pulsating cock, her clit vibrating easily.

With a yelp, Jennifer came.

She smashed her cunt hard onto her son's cock, the hairy lips of her pussy squeezing. Her eyes filmed over, but she saw the man's cock clearly. She felt her son's fingers tighten on her pantied ass, and then he gasped, his cock squirting hotly into her cunt.

The man made a muffled sound, then spurt after spurt of his come juice spewed from his prick, splashing on the ground a few feet away from Jennifer. As she clung to her son, now more to keep from falling than anything else, she watched the man stuff his cock back into his pants and walk out of the alley.

Slowly she uncurled her leg around her son and stood on trembling legs. She adjusted her panties over her cunt as Johnny put his cock back into his pants, then they looked at each other, both of them bursting into delighted giggles.

"I guess we turned that guy on, darling," she said as they walked out of the alley.

The man was nowhere in sight, and Jennifer was glad. She didn't want to confront him at all. Being watched as she fucked her son was a turn on, but to know they had excited the man to the point of jacking off as he watched was a bigger turn on.

Holding hands, they strolled back toward their apartment. His come juice seeped from her cunt and filled the crotch of her panties, and by the time they arrived home, it was slippery on her inner thighs.

They were elated by what they had done.

Jennifer was still high on it, and Johnny seemed that way, too.

She watched him undress, her eyes twinkling. His cock looked still wet from her cunt. She licked her lips.

"Johnny, let's take a drive."

"I just took my clothes off, Mom!" he replied.

"Put them back on," Jennifer said in a shaky voice. "We can drive to the fast-food store."

Grudgingly Johnny pulled his pants and shirt back on, and followed his mother to the car. He knew she was still aroused, still bubbling with excitement – so whatever she had in mind, he was willing to do.

Jennifer drove to a hamburger joint, parking in a well-lighted place, but they didn't get out of the car. She wrapped her arms about him, pulling him close.

"Play with my tits," she said, probing his ear with her hot, wet tongue. "Open my blouse and play with my tits here."

Johnny pushed her blouse apart so his mother's tits were displayed, and he fondled them, sucking each stiff nipple in turn.

They were right beneath a bright street light. Anyone could have seen them, and this was what Jennifer wanted – to be watched in a public place, her tits naked, her son sucking and playing with them.

She opened his pants and took out his cock, finding it hard already. She stroked his prick, then ran her hand through his hair. While he sucked at her stiff nipples, Johnny pushed his mother's short skirt up, and she lifted her ass for him. Spreading her legs, she jacked his cock while he felt her pantied cunt. She could see a few people inside the cafe, and it excited her very much.

"Let me suck it," she hissed, pushing her son to the other side of the seat, pulling at one of his legs. "I want to suck your cock off right here!"

She opened his belt and dragged his jeans down to his knees. His cock stood up with jerking hardness.

Jennifer climbed onto the seat of the car and made sure her skirt was at her waist, thrusting her ass above the window. Leaning down, she closed her lips about her son's cock and began to suck him. She thrust her pantied ass high, swaying it, mewling with ecstasy. Anyone passing them would see her ass, and if they paused to look into the car, they would see her sucking hungrily on her son's cock.

Johnny leaned his head on the car door, both his hands on the back of his mother's head, pushing his cock up and down to her sucking mouth.

"Oooooh, suck me, Mom!" he gasped. "My cock is so hard so hot, and my balls are full! Suck me off, Mom! I wanna come in your mouth, Mom!"

"Mmmmmm!" Jennifer hummed around his cock, devouring it greedily.

She shoved her ass as high as she could, up past the window. If someone had come out of the cafe, the first sight they would see would be Jennifer's shapely ass, skimpy panties barely covering the smooth flesh. If they should move closer, they would see her face bobbing up and down on her son's cock, sucking at it with wet greed.

Jennifer wanted someone to see her with Johnny's cock in her mouth. She trembled with the idea of being seen. Somehow, it was more been at home.

Juices from her steamy cunt seeped through the thin crotch of hr panties, making her inner thighs slippery. Her cunt bubbled and, tingled, her clit straining against the nylon. She raced her tight lips up and down her son's cock, holding the shaft wetly, her tongue flicking, tasting. She moaned with passion, drawing juices from his piss-hole, swallowing them, eager to have his cock spurt down her throat.

She heard a door open, then slam. In her mind, she saw a man get out of a car, glance at her ass, then sneak up to look in, watching her with a mouth full of hard cock. The image sent her into a frenzy, her mouth becoming very hot and wet. Imagining someone watching her sucking on her son's cock sent her emotions spinning, her cunt throbbing, the lips becoming swollen as her clit vibrated.

"Ahhhh, Mom, suck me!" Johnny moaned, his hands on top of her head. "Suck my cock, Mom!"

Squealing, Jennifer yanked her mouth off him. "Johnny, talk louder!"

Then she was on his prick again.

"Suck me, suck my cock!" Johnny said loudly, knowing his mother wanted someone to hear them. "Eat my cock, Mom! Oooooh, your mouth is so fucking hot and wet and tight! Suck it… harder! Shake your hot ass, Mom! I bet your cunt is hot and wet, so hot and wet, and you want to fuck, huh, Mom!"

Jennifer sobbed with ecstasy about his cock, plunging her lips down to the base, feeling the swollen head at her throat. For someone that had only sucked a cock once before in her life, she was desperate for it, demanding that he shoot his hot juices into her mouth and down her hot throat.

Johnny ran his hand along his mother's back, bunching the short skirt at her waist, her panties fully exposed. He caressed her writhing, uplifted ass, then pulled the panties to one side, revealing a smooth cheek of her ass to anyone passing them.

Jennifer felt herself getting ready to come, and her cunt pooched high in the air. She swallowed her son's cock, holding it deep inside her mouth, and she whimpered as her pussy convulsed with a tight, fiery orgasm. Her ass swayed as she came, her fingers digging into her son's thigh.

Johnny stretched his hand along her ass, a finger touching her vibrating cunt. He slipped his finger into her pussy, feeling it grip in rippling orgasms, listening to her soft moans of rapture. His cock was aching his balls on fire.

"Mom, I'm gonna come!" he shouted, ramming his finger far into her contracting cunt. "I'm gonna come in your fucking mouth, Mom!"

With his cock so deep, she caught the first squirt of his thick, hot come juice in her throat. With a wet squeal, she sucked upward until she held the head of his cock between her lips, tasting him coming hard across her tongue and filling her mouth. Jennifer did not swallow, wanting her mouth full before she did.

"Ohhhh, Mom! Ahhhh, yes, Mom!" Johnny groaned, arching his hips to try and ram his cock into her throat.

But Jennifer held him down, wanting to feel his cock come over her tongue and not so deep in her throat. He spurted so much that some of his juices seeped past her tight lips, oozing along the pulsating shaft of his cock onto his pants. When her mouth was full, she rolled his juices about, then swallowed, her throat burning.

She sucked one last bit of juice from her son's piss hole, then lifted her head, sliding her tongue along the shaft of his cock, licking up the juices that had escaped her lips. She parted the fly of his pants, dipping her tongue to probe his balls. Her cunt was calm now, but still pulsating gently. The orgasm faded, leaving behind a warm, delicious glow in her body.

She sat up, leaving her skirt around her waist. Her long legs gleamed in the light from the lamp outside.

"Did anyone see us?" she asked, looking around.

"I don't know, Mom," he answered. "I forgot to look."

She giggled, wiping at her mouth. "I should hope so. If you had time to look around, then I wouldn't be giving you a very good blow job, would I?"

They sat there in the car a while, and Jennifer lifted her blouse so her tits would show, her nipples feeling very stiff. But no one drove up, and with disappointment, she finally started the car and they drove home. Johnny pressed close to his mother, rubbing at her silky thighs and the wetness of her panties.

Although it was dark in the parking area of the apartment, there was a lighted walkway past the pool area.

Jennifer giggled and removed her panties.

Holding her short skirt around her waist, her ass and cunt on display, she tossed the panties into the pool, watching them float on the surface of the water.

"That will make people wonder!" She laughed mid wrapped her arm about her son's shoulder, drawing his arm about her waist and placing his palm on her naked ass.


Now Jennifer hardly ever wore panties or bra. Instead of her longer dresses, she wore the shorter ones. She found her short skirts much more preferable. She wanted to show more than a nyloned thigh. She found it more exciting to reveal her shapely ass or cunt.

Johnny seemed to like it more this way, too. Once, stopping at a service station, Jennifer had her short skirt very high, the soft curls of her cunt showing. Beside her was her son, and when the attendant, a young boy in his late teens, leaned in to ask her what she needed, he saw her long legs and curly pussy hair, which caused him to gasp.

"Fill it up," Jennifer had said, and the boy had hooked the hose into the gas tank, then went to work on the windshield.

He rubbed and rubbed at the windshield, his eyes staring in at Jennifer.

"Now that's a service you don't get every day anymore." Jennifer smiled at her son.

"You can every day, Mom," Johnny replied, watching the boy look in at his mother.

Jennifer pretended to stretch, lifting her arms to the roof of the car, arching her back but spreading her knees a little. The boy's hand stopped in mid-circle. He was staring at Jennifer's hairy cunt, seeing the pink flesh through the hairs. He began to rub furiously at the windshield when she relaxed.

As she paid the boy with her credit card, she saw that he had a lovely bulge in his pants, and she deliberately hung her hand outside the car and brushed the back of it across his pants when he returned her card. The boy made a loud gasp, and Jennifer and her son laughed in delight as she drove away.

"I've always wanted to do that," she said. "He had such a hard-on, Johnny."

That evening, early, both of them were still excited about the service station attendant, and it was Johnny who made the dare.

Jennifer at first thought it was too dangerous, but then she liked the idea. She undressed and slipped in her short robe, and they drove to the nearby park. There weren't many people there, but the park was well lighted with lamps.

They sat there, looking at the few people, mostly young couples embracing.

"I don't know, honey," she said. "In the alley was different, but I'm going to be naked here, completely naked."

"Yeah," her son smiled. "That's what makes it nice."

She looked at the restrooms about twenty yards away, her goal. She was to run naked from the car to the restrooms, and wait there for Johnny to bring her robe.

"That's a long ways," she said in a low voice. "By the time you reach the restrooms, Mom, you'll be coming!" He laughed.

Jennifer slipped her hand to his crotch, squeezing him.

"You know me too well," she teased.


She slipped her robe from her shoulders and sat naked for a while longer, breathing deeply as she looked at the people. They all seemed so involved with each other that she could probably make it without anyone noticing her, she decided. But the idea was to be seen.

"Okay," she said again, opening the door.

By the time the door shut, Jennifer was running across the grass, her bug legs flashing in the light, her naked ass bunching prettily, her tits bobbing and swaying. Johnny was so excited to see her run nakedly across the park that he didn't see if anyone else saw her.

At the restroom door, Jennifer stopped and turned to face the car, one hand high in the air.

"Johnny, my robe!" she called out loudly, then darted into the restroom.

Johnny saw a couple lying on the grass who had turned to look at Jennifer. The girl was on her back, her arms around the man's shoulders, her knees up and her dress to her hips. They laughed as they saw Jennifer's naked ass just as she entered the restroom, but then they turned to each other.

Johnny got out, carrying her robe, and walked to the restroom. At first he was a bit nervous about entering the women's side, but after a glance around, he slipped into it.

Jennifer was sitting on one of the white sinks, leaning against the mirror, her legs spread wide open, her pussy displayed.

Johnny's cock was straining in his pants already.

"Was I seen?" she asked, breathless from the run, but more because of her excitement.

"I think so," he said, "at least by one couple, Mom."

He was staring up between his mother's thighs at her cunt, her robe now on the floor and his hands opening his pants.

"Ooooh, it's so hard, baby!" she purred as her son lifted his cock from his pants. "Ahhh, shove it to me now, Johnny!"

Johnny stepped between his mother's splayed thighs, dropping his pants to his ankles, his cock jerking up and down. Jennifer spread her legs as far apart as she could, her curvy ass perched on the edge of the white sink. Her hand grabbed his throbbing cock, and then she rammed it up her cunt swiftly, her breath caught in her throat.

"Ahhh, yes, Johnny!" she whimpered, feeling the throbbing hardness deep inside her. "Fuck me, baby! Ooooh, fuck my hot cunt now!"

Johnny held his mother's hips, looking down at his cock darting in and out of her cunt. He could see the pink lips grip his cock, feel the searing wetness stroke the shaft. He shoved his hands to her naked tits, squeezing them, his hips ramming back and forth.

Jennifer cried out in pleasure, her hands digging into his shoulders. Each time her son banged his cock up her cunt, it made a wet sound, sliding her ass on the enamel of the sink. She wrapped her long legs about his naked ass, squeezing him hard, moaning in pleasure.

Over his shoulder, she saw a young man and woman watching them. Her eyes filmed with passion, but she could make out enough details to see that the man had the girl's dress up in back and was probably playing with her ass. His cock was outlined in hardness inside his pants.

"Fuck me!" she gasped, staring at the couple. "Fuck me hard!"

Johnny pumped fast, driving his cock in and out of his mother's cunt, his balls slapping at her fiery ass. Somehow, his mother was wiggling her ass now, her legs wrapped about him. She was crying out with intense ecstasy.

Johnny glanced around and saw the man and girl.

"Hey, guy!" the man said, grinning from ear to car. "You heard the lady. Fuck her hard!"

"I am," Johnny replied, turning back to his mother and squeezing her tits hard, pounding frantically into her cunt now.

The girl with the man mewled softly, and Jennifer saw, through the haze of her passion, her hand move to the front of the man's pants. But that was all she saw for a long moment.

"Ooooh, now!" she squealed, and her cunt grabbed at her son's cock, the spasms tight and hot as she came. "Johnny!"

Johnny, feeling his mother's cunt squeezing his cock, grunted and sent heavy spurts of juice up her searing pussy.

Jennifer's eyes rolled in rapture, her cunt drawing the boiling sweetness out of her son's cock. When her vision cleared, Johnny's cock was softening in her pussy, and she saw the girl had taken the man's cock out, her fist running back and forth on it as they both watched. The girl was pretty, with a slender figure and nice legs, she noticed. The man wasn't a man at all, but a boy in his late teens. She knew they were high-school students then. The boy wore a high school sweater, with two letters on it.

As Jennifer lowered her thighs, Johnny turned toward the couple, stepping to one side so they could see his mother's cunt. He bent down and pulled his pants up, taking his time.

Jennifer slipped off the sink and lazily picked up her robe, wrapping it about her shoulders, but letting it hang open. She stared at the young boy and girl, her face still flushed from her orgasm.

The boy, gazing at Jennifer's naked body, gently urged his girlfriend downward, and the girl knelt eagerly, Jennifer noticed. Holding the boy's cock, the girl began to kiss the swollen head, her eyes flashing at Jennifer and Johnny now and then.

"Are you gonna suck his cock off?" Johnny asked the girl, stepping closer.

"Hey, guy, she's the greatest!" the boy exclaimed, still staring at Jennifer. "My girl would rather suck cock than fuck it."

"My, uh… girl, will do both," Johnny said. "She's crazy for it either way."

Jennifer was shivering with lust. Listening to her son talking about her this way to the boy excited her, especially while the pretty girl was licking about his cock hungrily. The girl had lifted one knee, kneeling on the other. Her skirt was up, and her thigh showed. She opened her mouth and closed it about the head of the boy's cock, her eyes glancing at Jennifer and Johnny.

"Do you like being watched?" Jennifer asked in a soft, low voice.

The girl nodded, and her lips smashed into the open fly of the boy's pants, his cock buried in her throat. She began to suck back and forth on the boy's cock, making little sounds of gurgling pleasure.

The boy held the girl's cheeks in his hands, fucking into her mouth as hard as she was sucking him. He kept his eyes on Jennifer, who pushed her robe wider, exposing her body from proud tits to hairy cunt. She parted her feet on the floor, her hips pushed forward suggestively as she watched the kneeling girl sliding her lips back and forth on the hard cock. Johnny, too, was watching the girl.

The impulse was strong, and Jennifer went closer to the young boy and girl. She glanced at her son, then squatted at the boy's hip, staring as the girl sucked. Sliding her hand underneath the girl's uplifted thigh, Jennifer caressed it to her rounded ass, and to her surprise, slit found the girl had no panties on. She cupped the girl's naked ass, then lifted her skirt up so her son could see it. Her fingers touched the softly haired cunt, and she felt wetness.

An overwhelming desire flooded Jennifer's body, and she slipped two fingers into the girl's cunt, finding it fiery hot, wet and tight. The girl let out a muffled squeal, rocking her ass to Jennifer's darting fingers, sucking with more vigor on the boy's cock.

"Ahhh, shit, baby!" the teenaged boy moaned. He moved a hand from the girl's cheek, and when he closed it about one of Jennifer's tits, Jennifer didn't move away.

Jennifer rammed her fingers into the girl's cunt hard, hearing the girl gasp in delight.

Johnny, his prick still out of his pants, moved toward the girl, kneeling on the other side. He moved his hand under her skirt and began to feel her up with his mother. The girl sobbed, and her hand dropped from the boy's hip, her fingers clutching at Johnny's cock very hard, then she was jacking him as she sucked with hunger on the prick in her mouth.

"Do anything you want with her!" the boy gasped. "She won't complain! She loves it!"

Jennifer thrust her fingers up the girl's cunt, feeling her son's hand near hers. She pulled her soaking fingers out and urged Johnny's fingers into it. Johnny fingerfucked the girl swiftly while his mother caressed her shivering ass, feeling the pucker of the girl's asshole. The girl gobbled hungrily, one hand gripping the boy's hip, the other pounding on Johnny's cock.

The girl was crying softly with ecstasy, her lips sliding back and forth on the throbbing cock, her ass shivering as Johnny and his mother touched and probed and felt from her thighs to her ass and cunt.

Johnny slipped his hand up the girl's sweater and felt her tight, perky tits. He had seen a lot of girls like this at school, dreamed of them, but they never noticed him. He was too young for them. Now he was feeling one of them up and watching her suck this cock.

"I'm ready!" the boy gasped.

The girl immediately pulled her mouth off his cock, tilting her lovely face upward, eyes closed, her lips parted as she breathed deeply. The boy grabbed his cock and began to jack off furiously. The girl was holding Johnny's cock tightly, but no longer jerking it. He had one finger in the girl's cunt, and his mother had one along side of his.

The boy came, spraying thick juices into the girl's face. The girl squealed, her tongue darting out to taste the hot come juice. Her cunt squeezed, then it was rippling in orgasm while the boy sprayed her face with come juice. The creamy liquid spattered the girl's checks, her lips, some of it gushing into her mouth.

Jennifer moaned softly as she watched that pretty face being drenched with come juice, and she fought off the urge to start licking it from those smooth cheeks.

The boy stopped coming, and the girl's pink tongue fluttered about his dripping piss-hole. A whimper came from her as her orgasm faded. When the boy stepped back, the girl remained where she was, and Jennifer and Johnny pulled their fingers out of her cunt.

"She loves to have a cock go off in her fucking face," the boy said. "Right?"

The girl was blushing now, but she nodded her head.

With the heat of passion over, the girl acted very shy, but obedient to the boy.

Jennifer belted her robe about her body. Johnny stood up with his cock upright out of his pants, still watching the girl.

"You like to flash it, huh?" the boy asked Jennifer. "So does she, but I have to make her do it."

"Make her do it?" Jennifer asked. "I have to make her do everything, otherwise she wouldn't," the boy said, grinning. "She loves it, but I have to make her do it. Come on, Susan. Lift your dress and show your cunt."

Susan, her face flushed with shyness, lifted her dress to her waist.

"See what I mean?" the boy said. "She'll do anything I tell her, but it embarrasses her."

The hair on the girl's cunt was sparse and thin, with her puffy pink pussy-slit showing.

"You want to fuck her?" the boy asked Johnny.

Johnny looked at his mother.

"Not now," Jennifer said. "Maybe another time, if we see you again."

"Shit, lady, it don't mean anything to her. I've made Susan take on five guys at once, and she comes like a fucking bitch, I'll tell you. She's crazy for it."

"Another time," Jennifer said, taking her son's hand and leading him from the restroom.

"Why does she let him make her do things like that, Mom?" Johnny asked when they were in the car.

"I think she enjoys it, Johnny," Jennifer replied. "Some people love being dominated that way. But not me."

"I'd never try to get you to do anything you didn't wanna do, Mom," he said, sitting close to her.

"I know, honey," she smiled at him, driving with one hand, the other in his lap.


Although their apartment was on the second floor, Jennifer and Johnny left their drapes wide open at night, with all the rooms lighted. Jennifer enjoyed walking about wearing skimpy panties, or nothing at all.

She positioned a tall kitchen stool near the front window, so that when she sat on it, she could face the window and spread her legs to the passing traffic below. Johnny had seen his mother sit there before, usually dressed, but with her legs showing and parted. Now she was sitting on it naked, fondling her tits, hoping she would be seen. Turning sideways, she spread her legs very wide to her son.

"Want to suck my juicy cunt, baby?" she asked. "Right here… so someone can see us?"

Johnny grinned. "You're getting worse, Mom."

"Worse? I thought I was getting better."

"I mean about showing yourself."

"But I love to, you know that." He moved to her, dropping to his knees, sliding his hands up her creamy thighs. He spread his mother's hairy cunt, gazing at the wet pinkness, her hard clit. He darted his tongue out, lapping at the sweet, wet slit of his mother's cunt.

Jennifer moaned softly and placed a hand on the back of his head, draping one thigh over his shoulder as his tongue pushed up her cunt.

"Ahhh, suck that juicy pussy, baby!" she cooed. "Suck mother's hot cunt, Johnny!"

Johnny closed his lips about the soft, hairy slit, sucking hard, drawing juices from it, swallowing them. He loved to have his face pressed between his mother's thighs, tasting her cunt, feeling the soft hair around his nose and checks.

His cock was swollen hard inside his jockey shorts, his balls on fire. He pushed his shorts down to let his cock out, positioning the elastic waistband beneath his balls.

While he licked and sucked at her cunt, Jennifer watched the traffic on the street below, wishing they had a first-floor apartment so anyone walking by could see her son's face buried in her cunt.

"Suck it, Johnny!" she gasped, her leg tight around his neck. "Give mother a good tongue fuck, and I'll suck your sweet cock off!"

Johnny made wet sounds as he plunged his tongue in and out of her pussy, sucking at her clit. He held her pussy open, trying to get his mouth deep into it.

As his tongue lapped up and down her pussyslit, probing at the pucker of her asshole, then up to her clit, Jennifer began to squirm her naked ass on the stool, sobbing out her ecstasy.

"Ooooh, honey, you'll make mother come so good!" she cried out. "Ahhh, tongue mother's juicy cunt! Suck my pussy, Johnny! Ahhhh, that's wonderful when you push your tongue way up in me! Ahhh, yes, baby, yes! Suck that juice out of mother's wet pussy suck it hard! Eat my hairy cunt, Johnny! Ooooh – ahhhh, I'm getting there!"

Johnny pressed his mouth tightly against her cunt, his tongue licking furiously against her swollen clit, now. The suction he was applying made Jennifer's body shake in rapture, and she cried out as a rippling explosion burst inside her, her orgasm very powerful.

Johnny rammed his tongue up his mother's cunt to feel and taste the gripping waves of her orgasm, his cock jerking up and down in hardness. He tongued her until she shuddered one last time, and then he gently dragged his tongue along the swollen slit of her cunt, pulling back to look up at her, his face glistening wetly.

"You've made my cock so fucking hard, Mom!" he groaned. "Everytime I suck your cunt, I feel like I'm gonna come off all over the place!"

"Then I better do something about it before you come, huh?" She giggled. "I'm not like that girl… I want that juice in me, not on me!"

They changed places, with Johnny sitting on the high stool, his mother kneeling before him. She had removed his jockey shorts, and now she gazed at his crotch with hot eyes, her hands fondling him. Johnny leaned back against the side of the window, drawing his feet up high and placing them on his mother's shoulders. Jennifer gazed at his hard cock, his full, hot balls, and the pucker of his asshole.

"Beautiful, Johnny!" she breathed. "So beautiful."

She kissed his balls, then his cock, then lowered her face to kiss the crinkle of his asshole. But she didn't pull back this time. Instead, she parted her lips and sucked at the ring of his asshole, the tip of his tongue tasting it. His balls rested in her face, and she closed a hand on his cock. Her tongue licked a fiery ring around his asshole making Johnny gasp in pleasure.

"Mmmmm, I'm going to stick my tongue in there," Jennifer whispered.

She exerted pressure and her tongue slid into her son's asshole.

Johnny gasped loudly, his balls pulsating against his mother's eyes. He drew his legs to his chest, holding them open so she had room to lick at his asshole his balls or his cock.

Jennifer, steaming with erotic desires, lapped her son's asshole, up around his balls, then the heft of his cock to his dripping piss-hole. She licked the juices off his piss-hole, then closed her lips around his cock and sucked it deep. She wrapped her anus about his hips and moved her mouth up and down, her tongue working as she sucked.

"Ahhh Mom!" Johnny groaned.

"Mmmmm!" Jennifer purred.

The friction on her lips sent excited ripples to her pussy. Her tits swelled, her nipples hard. With feverish hunger, Jennifer went from her son's cock to his balls to his asshole, her tongue flicking as her lips sucked. She smeared her face against his crotch, making little sobbing sounds.

"My cock, Mom!"

Jennifer pushed her mouth past his balls, pausing long enough to take them into her mouth to suck a moment, then up his cock to the swollen head. She had just closed her lips about his cock when Johnny came.

"Ahhh, Mom!"

Jennifer made wet gulping sounds, swallowing the thick juices. Her eyes were closed, her hands digging at his thighs. Her cunt seemed to expand, then clench tightly, but she didn't come. Her ass swayed as she pressed her thighs against each other, trying to bring on the orgasm that was so close, yet far away.

Lapping over his gushing pisshole, she felt her son's come juice burn down her throat. Her cunt rippled and tightened, but the orgasm failed to explode. This was unusual and frustrating for Jennifer.

Half sobbing with need, she sucked frantically on Johnny's cock, whimpering desperately. Holding his cock in her mouth, she darted her hands between her legs and clawed at her overheated cunt, twisting and smashing her knotted clit brutally. With tears in her eyes, she jerked her mouth off her son's cock, standing up and facing the window.

"Look up here at me, you motherfuckers!" she shouted, her legs spread and hips pushed forward lewdly, finger fucking herself viciously. "Look up here and see what I'm doing, you cocksucker."

Johnny watched her, amazed at her uncontrolled passion. He watched his mother's hips jerk, listened to the juicy sounds of her cunt. He had not seen his mother so excited, so violent with herself. Staring at the naked checks of her ass bunching, he gripped a cheek hard.

Jennifer cried out wildly as she spread her legs even more, pushing her cunt toward the window, almost screaming at the passing traffic to look at her. Her ass twisted and whipped about. Johnny pushed a finger into the split of his mother's ass, and at the same time, Jennifer was thrusting her ass back.

"Oooohh!" she wailed.

Johnny's finger had penetrated her asshole!

"Johnny!" she yelped, her hips jerking.

The feel of his finger up her asshole sent a hot, sparking sensation through her. Darting her ass back, she ran the fingers of both her hands far up her cunt.

Johnny was surprised to find his finger up the tight ring of his mother's asshole, but when he started to pull it free, Jennifer pushed back, moaning softly. He shoved his finger in deeper.

"Ohhh, Johnny!"

Jennifer stood with her feet spread wide, her fingers buried in her juicy cunt, her head and shoulders up and back, her tits straining outward. Her ass jutted as far as she could push it.

"Fuck me!" Jennifer cried hotly. "Fuck mother right there!"

Johnny, watching curiously, began to pump his finger back and forth, finger-fucking her asshole. Jennifer cried out and thrust her fingers deep into her cunt, the sensation of being filled in her pussy and asshole becoming strangely exciting.

"Ohhh, my cunt!" Jennifer sobbed. "My cunt is on fire… I'm so fucking wet and – ahhh, my asshole, baby? Finger-fuck mother in the asshole! Oooooh, this will make it happen for me! I'll come now, I know I will!"

Johnny rammed his finger in and out of her burning asshole while she fucked herself in the cunt with both hands. Jennifer's slender, naked body was shaking, her tits wobbling as her nipples strained in tingling tightness.

"Watch me, you fucking cocksuckers!" Jennifer yelled out the window again. "Can't you see I'm a hot cunt!"

"Mom, someone might hear you!" Johnny warned.

"I want them to!" she sobbed. "I want everyone to hear and see what a hot cunt I am! Fuck my ass, Johnny! Ahhh, baby, finger-fuck mother in the asshole!"

A shudder went through her, and Jennifer lifted her lovely face, eyes squeezed tight. A low moan started deep in her throat, then it was a scream. Her cunt contracted wetly, gripping the buried fingers between the soft, steaming, hairy lips. The contractions of her orgasm caused her asshole to grip and pull and squeeze at Johnny's finger.

"Ohhh… ohhhh, yes!" Jennifer wailed. The orgasm went through her cunt and ass like a waving heat, making her legs shake, her knees buckling. She slowly sank down until she was squatting obscenely on the floor, knees spread wide, as if she was about to take a piss. The orgasm rumbled through her, and Johnny followed his mother down with his finger still plunged up her asshole.

As she squatted, her fingers slid from her juicy cunt. Johnny pulled his finger out of her hot asshole and sat on the floor, looking at her.

After a while, Johnny turned around to face her son. He looked between her knees at her bushy cunt, seeing the juices glistening on her inner thighs.

"I don't know why you stuck your finger up my ass, baby," she said softly, "but that sure did it for me."

"I didn't stick my finger up your ass, Mom. I was feeling it and you pushed back and it went in. I didn't do it on purpose."

"Hey, it was great!" She cupped his cheeks with her pussy-wet hands and drew his face to hers. She kissed her son gently. "That made me come. I was having a hard time of it, and when your finger went up my ass, well… you felt how hard I came."

"Then it was okay, huh?"

"Okay? Darling… it was wonderful!"

Later, bathed and ready for bed, Jennifer was getting some delicious ideas.

With her short robe over one shoulder, she found her son in his room, and entered it.

Sitting on the side of his bed, she smiled. "Roll aver onto your stomach."

Johnny rolled, always eager to do what his mother wanted.

Jennifer looked down at his young ass. She stroked his ass with her palms, running them along the backs of his legs and between them to touch his balls. Dragging her fingers upward along the split of his ass, she felt the heat between them. She gently pulled the cheeks of her son's ass open, leaning over and peering down at the crinkle of his asshole, the view of his balls adding to her excitement.

"Mom, are you gonna stick a finger in my ass now?" he asked in a shaking voice.

"Not unless you want me to," she whispered, leaning down and running the tip of her tongue over the cheeks of his ass, holding it open with her fingers.

She tickled the base of his spine with her tongue and then moved her tongue toward his asshole. She licked the edge of the pucker, and listened to her son gasp.

"Lift your ass, baby," she whispered. "Lift your ass up for, mother."

Johnny pushed his ass upward, and now she didn't have to hold his asscheeks open. They spread apart, and she gazed down at his asshole, his balls dangling below. She moved a hand underneath his body and gripped his cock, squeezing it as her moist, hot lips kissed the flesh of his ass. Her other hand held his balls, and then her tongue began to lick. She licked every inch of her son's ass, but she teased him by staying away from the crinkling ring of his asshole.

"Ohhh, baby!" she mewled.

Then she kissed his asshole.

Johnny gasped as he felt his mother's hot lips circle the pucker of his asshole, kissing wetly.

As she kissed his asshole, she pumped his cock. His prick swelled in her hand, growing hard. He pushed his ass higher into the air, and Jennifer spread her mouth around her son's asshole and sucked it, her tongue flicking. Pushing her mouth as tight as possible against his asshole, she began to press the tip of her tongue inside the ring.

Johnny moaned shoving his ass into her face. With a little more effort, Jennifer thrust her tongue into her son's asshole. She found it tight and very hot, and the way it clamped and squeezed at her tongue excited her.

"Ooooh, nice, baby!" she purred as we withdrew her tongue, but with her lips brushing against his asshole. "Hot and tight asshole."

She ran the flat surface of her tongue up and down his asshole a few times.

"I'm going to tongue-fuck you in the ass, Johnny!" she moaned.

She closed her lips around the pucker again, her tongue darting back and forth, penetrating his ass easily. Jennifer breathed hotly as she rammed her tongue in and out, pushing it as deep as she could, and sucking with her lips. His cock was very hard in her fist now, the head bulging. She squeezed his balls, making Johnny gasp in delight. He strained his ass up at her face, wiggling it from side to side, his hands pushed above his head and holding a pillow.

"Nice," she murmured when she pulled her tongue out. "Nice and hot asshole, Johnny. Mmmm, your asshole tastes so sweet, so fucking sweet! I bet I can make you come by tongue fucking your tight asshole, darling!"

"Do it, Mom!" he groaned.

Giggling softly, Jennifer plunged her tongue into her son's asshole while pumping his cock from below. The taste of his asshole was surprisingly good to her, and the feel of the ring gripping her tongue sent shivers of ecstasy through her. Her cunt pulsated wetly again. Pushing her tongue very deep, her wet lips sucking hard at his asshole, she wiggled it up his ass, feeling his cock respond with a wild, hot jerking.

Puffing her tongue out again, she drew back and gazed at his asshole, releasing his balls to see them hang down. She shoved her face forward again, licking at his balls a moment.

"Johnny, turn over on your back now," she said, breathless with excitement.

Johnny turned, his legs spread and his cock sticking straight up with throbbing hardness.

Scooting onto his bed and between his legs, she pumped his cock, squealing softly, her eyes glassy with steamy passion. She lowered her mouth and licked away the beads of dripping juices from his piss-hole, then she wrapped her hot mouth around the head of his cock, sucking it hard as her fist pounded on the shaft.

"Mom, I thought you was gonna tonguefuck me in my ass and make me come!" Johnny moaned.

"Mmmmm!" she mewled. "I am, baby! Ohhhh, yes I am!"

She pushed his legs up and back, his knees at his shoulders.

"Hold your knees up," she said.

Johnny wrapped his arms behind his knees, looking between them. His ass was high, spread open, and Jennifer began to kiss wetly at the ring of his asshole. She gripped his cock and jacked him as her tongue licked the fiery crinkle of his asshole.

Plunging her tongue back into his asshole, she began darting it in and out, pounding his cock swiftly. His balls were against her nose, feeling hot and full. Her tongue went deep into her son's asshole, very deep. She pressed her cunt against the mattress of his bed, humping it there, smashing her swollen clit against the sheet.

Looking past her head, Johnny could see his mother's shapely ass bounce and twist. Her tongue felt hard, yet soft, inside his asshole, and it went so deep.

Jennifer breathed hotly as she rammed her tongue back and forth, sucking at his ass hole while tongue-fucking it. She placed her hands on the spreading cheeks of his ass, closing them about her face. She slipped her tongue out of his asshole and licked the soft inside surface near his slitter. Then she plunged her tongue into his asshole again while jacking on his cock swiftly.

Johnny twisted his ass about, gasping and gurgling as he stared down at the top of her head.

"Mom, it's good!" he moaned. "Oooooh, it feels so good, Mom! I bet you'll make me come! Jack my cock, Mom! Ahhhh, suck my asshole… push your tongue real deep in my hot asshole, Mom, and jack my cock!"

Jennifer's tongue rammed back and forth fast, and she was making little sobbing sounds. She loved this as much as her son did, the taste, the heat and tightness of his asshole clutching her lunging tongue. Her fist made soft slapping sounds as it jerked faster on his throbbing cock.

"I'm about to come, Mom!"

Jennifer answered with a low moan, delving her tongue far into his asshole. She gripped his cock as hard as she could, feeling his hot balls writhe against her nose and eyes. The crinkle of his asshole was squeezing her tongue tighter, and Johnny was twisting it and pressing hard against her tongue. "Ooooh, Mom!"

She began to jerk his cock again, tongue fucking his asshole even faster and deeper.

"Mom, I'm gonna come!"

Jennifer, her fist tight on his cock, pushed down at the base, feeling it pulsate with power.

"Now, Mom! I'm gonna come now!" Jennifer yanked her tongue from his ass, and with a squeal, she raced her mouth to the head of his cock. She got her lips around his cock just in time, catching the first squirt across her tongue. With a wet sound, she sucked hard, swallowing the spurting juices of his balls while her fist jacked up and down from the base of his cock to her hungry lips.


Jennifer realized her problem in front of the window had been due to the fact that they were not in some public place. She could have been seen if they had a ground-floor apartment, but since they didn't, no one had seen her. Fingerfucking in front of her undraped window, desperate for someone to see how wanton she was, had excited both her and Johnny, but no one had seen them.

To be seen by the public fucking her son was the excitement she wanted.

To be seen with her son's cock in her cunt and her face was what she wanted most of all.

There were so many public places, but so much danger, too.

No one would ever know it was her son, and she wanted them to know. There was no way she could do that without exposing them both to danger, though.

Gathering up the laundry to take it downstairs to the apartment laundry room, she asked her son to go with her.

Jennifer wore a bright sunsuit, made of terry cloth it hugged her ripe tits nicely, with two small straps over her shoulders. It was tight at the crotch, but the legs were somewhat loose. Underneath, she was naked. Curling soft pussy hair showed from the crotch and on her upper thighs, and the lower swells of her ass were exposed. Johnny looked at his mother with appreciation in his eyes.

"Someone will see your ass, Mom!" He grinned, caressing her ass.

"Isn't that the idea?"

"It's kinda close to home, don't you think?"

"Do you care?" she asked. "I don't?"

With a laugh, he followed her down the stairs, carrying the laundry basket for her. A young couple was at the pool. The girl was wearing a bright red bikini swimsuit, and the man wore trunks. Jennifer and Johnny had never seen them before.

The man smiled, and the girl waved in a friendly gesture.

Jennifer paused to speak, facing them, knowing the hair of her cunt was exposed. The man's eyes took it in, a smile on his face.

"New, aren't you?" Jennifer asked the couple.

"Two days now," the man answered, his eyes never moving from Jennifer's crotch.

"You'll like it here," Jennifer said, letting her gaze linger boldly on his crotch.

Johnny was staring at the pretty blonde. Her bikini was very skimpy, and he could see the outline of her puffy cunt, where it pulled into the slit.

After a moment longer of boldly gazing at the man's crotch, Jennifer moved on toward the laundry room, feeling the man's eyes on her ass. She swayed her hips suggestively, but not in a lewd way. Inside the laundry room, she sorted the clothing and piled them into the washer, then turned it on. When she turned around, her son's cock, hard and inside his pants, pushed against her hand.

"Ohhhh, its hard!" she gasped, gripping it inside his pants. "Did that pretty girl give you a hard-on, Johnny? Did you see how her cunt showed in her bikini?"

Johnny grinned and nodded, working a finger into the leg of his mother's sunsuit to feel the soft hair of her cunt. Jennifer placed her other hand on his shoulder, pushing her hips forward. His hand cupped her cunt, pressing at it.

"You're a little wet, too, Mom." He grinned. "You want his cock?"

"No," she whispered. "But I loved the way he stared at me."

"Let's fuck," Johnny said.

"Here?" She giggled.

"Why not?"

"Yes, indeed," she purred, opening his pants and taking his cock out. "Why not fuck right here?"

With his cock out of his pants, Jennifer turned and leaned over the washing machine, jutting her ass back. She was moaning with readiness by the time she felt her son pull the crotch of her sunsuit away from her pussy and ass. She could look out the laundry-room window at the young couple at the side of the pool. The man had pulled the girl between his legs, her back against him, and he was fondling her tits openly. Jennifer saw the girl's long legs open and close, her eyes shut as her expression indicated pleasure.

Johnny, too, could see them.

The man slipped the top of the girl's bikini down, and a succulent, round tit showed, a luscious nipple standing up in hardness.

"Watch them, honey!" Jennifer purred, waggling her ass. "Let's watch him feel her tits while you fuck me!"

Johnny pushed his cock to his mother's cunt, but Jennifer shifted her hips, and the head of his cock brushed against her asshole. Jennifer froze for a moment, then giggled.

"Fuck me there, Johnny!"

"In your ass, Mom?"

"Ooooh, don't you want to fuck my ass, baby? Please."

Johnny giggled, rubbing the smooth, swollen head of his cock up and down the crack of his mother's ass, looking down at it.

"In your ass, huh?"

"Yes, baby!" she purred, jutting her ass back a little more. "Right in my ass!"

Johnny pushed, and Jennifer held her breath. The pressure of his cock against her asshole felt strange, but there was a tingling excitement about it, too. She wanted his cock inside her asshole, wanted to feel that throbbing hardness go deep, very deep.

"Oooh, push your cock up mother's asshole, Johnny!" she sobbed softly, gripping the edge of the washing machine.

Johnny placed the head of his cock against the fiery pucker of his mother's asshole, and slowly pushed forward.

Jennifer held her breath, staring out the window as the young man caressed the girl's exposed tit. The pressure grew and she felt her asshole parting, opening for her son's cock.

"Push!" she urged hotly, pressing her ass back.

Her son's cock penetrated.

"Ohhhh, Johnny!"

Johnny groaned, the tightness of his mother's asshole feeling delicious around the head of his cock. He pushed inward, much easier now. He could see the ring of his mother's asshole spreading, holding his cock. He gritted his teeth when his balls tingled. He held his mother's shivering hips, and pushed his cock all the way into her asshole.

Moaning softly, Jennifer shoved a hand down and between her thighs, grabbing his hot balls and rubbing them against her juicy cunt, the throbbing of his hard cock along the walls of her asshole sending hot waves of ecstasy through her.

"Oooh, Johnny, your cock feels so big!"

"Shhh, Mom!"

"But it is big in me, baby!" she said loudly again. "Ooooh, I love it in me! Fuck me, Johnny!"

She saw the young couple look toward the laundry room, their eyes glazed as the man cupped a naked tit.

"They can hear us!" Johnny gasped, sliding his cock in and out of his mother's asshole.

"I know!" she hissed. "Fuck me hard!"

The girl at the side of the pool drew one leg up, swinging it wide, the tight crotch of her bikini stretching over her cunt. Both Jennifer and Johnny were watching them, while he rammed his cock in and out of his mother's asshole. They saw the man's hand slide down the girl's body and cup her cunt. The girl shoved her hand down, too, and managed to pull the crotch of her bikini to one side, her pink cunt glistening and on display as the man felt it.

"Ooooh, look at them, Johnny!" Jennifer sobbed, rocking her ass. "He's playing with her cunt now!"

"I see!" Johnny moaned, ramming his cock back and forth, fucking his mother in her fiery asshole, the friction making them both dance and shake and wiggle wantonly.

"Fuck my brains out, Johnny!" Jennifer yelled.

The man and girl pulled away from etch other, getting to their feet.

"Mom, they're gonna come over here!" Johnny gasped, ramming hard into her gripping asshole.

Jennifer heard him, but not clearly. His cock was plunging up her ass fast and hard and deep, and the friction sent ripples of intense ecstasy up and down her body. She gripped the edge of the washing machine, her knuckles turning white, eyes closed. She gasped and cried, then sobbed as the rapture increased until she wanted to scream and scream. She jutted her ass back to her son, her feet planted firmly on the concrete floor.

Johnny watched the couple approaching the window of the laundry room, unable to pause.

He dug his fingers into his mother's hips hard, puffing her back as he lunged inward. Her asshole was searing the hard shaft of his prick with the tight heat. His balls were tight and hard.

The couple peered through the window, wide eyed, watching as Johnny pounded up his mother's asshole.

Jennifer's eyes fluttered open, and she saw the couple staring in the window.

"Ohhh, fuck me!" she yelled, staring at the faces. "Fuck me hard, Johnny! Ohhh, my God… I'm going to come, Johnny! Faster… harder!"

Jennifer whipped her ass back and forth, grinding against her son's cock. The full expanse of one asscheek could be seen by the couple, as well as her long leg. Jennifer stared them in the eye with a glazed expression as her orgasm bubbled wetly, making the hairy lips of her cunt clench, her asshole clasp hot and tight around her son's throbbing cock.

The young girl had one tit exposed, her pink nipple rigid, poking upward. The man had his arms around the girl's shoulders, his fingers pinching her nipple as they watched Johnny fucking his mother.

Jennifer stared right at them, twisting and grinding her ass frantically while her son fucked it. Her cunt was juicy, the wetness sliding along her inner thigh, the tight crotch of her sunsuit soaked. She humped her ass up and down, sobbing her ecstasy.

"Johnny!" she screamed.

Her cunt clenched, her clit vibrating wildly. The hot wave of orgasm burst inside her, and Jennifer threw her ass back hard, her son's cock buried deeply. Johnny gasped, then his breath caught. His mother's asshole was holding him so tightly that he could not pull back. The squeezing action of her asshole on the base of his cock brought his balls up very tight.

He grunted.

His cock spewed boiling juices up his mother's asshole.

The rapid spurts of his come juice into her asshole sent Jennifer's cunt into harder, more intense spasms. She screamed over and over as she came, her asshole sucking and squeezing at Johnny's cock, pulling the hot thick juices out of his balls.

"Give it to me!" Jennifer screamed. "I want it all, every fucking squirt, Johnny!"

Johnny's discharge was powerful, and his legs became wobbly. He leaned over his mother's back, gasping weakly, his cock sending the final gush into his mother's burning asshole. His hands slid up her sides, underneath her, cupping her crushed titties. Jennifer remained leaning over the washing machine, breathing hard, her vision clearing somewhat until she could see the features of the young couple in the window. She gave them a lazy smile, and get a big one in return.

She moaned as her asshole started to push her son's cock out. She clamped the ring, wanting to keep his cock inside her for a while. But the gripping action squeezed his cock out, and she mewled softly as his prick dropped downward, resting in the slit of her juicy, hairy cunt. She felt her son's hands holding her titties, listening to his heavy breathing. She began to giggle.

"Get off, honey," she said softly.

Johnny stood, and with the couple watching, he stuffed his cock back into his pants. For, a moment longer, Jennifer remained on the washing machine, then she, too, stood up. Slowly she adjusted the crotch of her sunsuit, facing the couple, letting then, see her hairy cunt.

The couple gave a thumbs-up gesture, and turned from the window. Jennifer and Johnny watched them return to the side of the pool, the cheeks of the girl's pretty ass showing; her bikini bottom had been pulled into the crack.

Jennifer drew her son against her, hugging him tightly and giggling lewdly. "I guess she saw it all, huh?"

"You screamed loud enough. Mom," he replied. "I'm surprised everyone in the building wasn't here watching."

"God, did I come!"

"Me, too." He grinned and sucked at her tongue when she pushed it into his mouth.

The couple was back by the pool, with the girl sitting between the man's thighs, leaning buck against him, her tit still exposed. The man was caressing her creamy tit-flesh. The girl rested her head on his chest, eyes closed with an expression of pleasure, enjoying his fondling of her body.

"I wonder if her cunt is wet," Johnny said.

"I wonder if his cock is hard!" Jennifer giggled.

"If they're not, then something must be wrong with them!" Johnny laughed. "If I had seen someone fucking, taking it up the ass, my cock would be so hard, it would hurt."

"Mmmmmm!" She purred, cupping his crotch.

"And my cunt would be dripping all the way to my toes."

"I bet we can find out," Johnny said, holding his mother's ass.

"You mean take a peek?"

"You can ask them," he suggested.

Jennifer giggled again. "That would be embarrassing, asking a guy if he had a hard-on."

"Embarrassing to who, you or him, Mom?"

"Well… both, maybe."

She was looking out at the man and woman while Johnny fondled her ass. The girl had opened her legs, and the tight crotch of her bikini was fully revealed.

She took Johnny's hand and walked from the laundry room.

They moved to the couple, and stopped, looking down, holding hands tightly. Jennifer stood with her feet apart, and the man and girl gazed deliberately at her crotch, seeing the glistening wetness on her thigh.

"Do you have a hard-on?" Jennifer asked, her voice soft, but bold.

The girl giggled and squirmed her shoulders. "He sure does, and it's pushing on my back!"

The man nodded, his eyes burning into Jennifer's crotch. He slipped his fingers down the girl's stomach to her bikini, then cupped her cunt through it.

"Is your cunt wet?" Jennifer whispered.

"Wet? My cunt is soaked!" the girl mewled throatily.

Johnny smiled. "Show me."

The girl giggled.

The man hooked a finger into the tightness of her bikini, and with some difficulty, drew it to one side, exposing the girl's pussy. Johnny stared at her puffy pink lips, the golden hair around it. He could see her cunt was very wet.

The girl shifted to one side, and her hand slipped inside the man's trunks, and she pulled out his cock, which was hard and throbbing. She closed her fingers around it and boldly jacked up and down while Jennifer and her son stared.

The man glanced around, then placed his hand on the back of the girl's head, pushing her face downward. The girl's eyes glanced at Jennifer and Johnny, then her lashes lowered as her lips brushed the head of the man's swollen cock.

"Suck me, baby!" the man said hoarsely. "Not out here!" the girl protested, starting to lift up.

"I said suck my cock!" the man demanded, harshly, then rammed the girl's face down.

Her mouth filled with his cock, and this time she didn't try to resist.

Jennifer saw something her son didn't. The girl wanted to be forced, to be humiliated, and in public this way.

"Let's go, Johnny," Jennifer said, turning and pulling him with her.


"I wanted to see her suck him off, Mom," Johnny said as they entered the apartment.

"He was making her do it," Jennifer answered.

"But she wanted to, Mom."

"That's how she gets off, honey," Jennifer said. "Being forced gets her off in a way she loves. But you'll never have to force me. I'll do what you want because I get as much out of it as you do."

As the days passed, Jennifer found that fucking her son was not as exciting when they were in the house alone, even if the windows were wide open. What they needed, she thought, was a bottom-floor apartment so anyone passing could look in, see her with her son's cock stuffed in her cunt or mouth, or up her ass.

While they searched the newspapers for a new apartment, Jennifer came across an ad about a carnival in operation near the huge shopping mall. As she looked at the ad, a gleam came into her eye.

"Honey, how would you like to go to this carnival?"

"I don't care for things like that," he said. "You're a strange boy," she replied. "You don't seem to care much for what other boy's your age like. Football, baseball, none of these at all. The only thing you seem interested in is staying home and fucking me."

"Anything wrong with that, Mom?"

"Hey, it's wonderful!" She laughed, hugging him against her tits. "I was only teasing. But how about this carnival? Why don't we go?"

"Okay," he agreed. "When?"

"Why not this afternoon?"

They agreed to go after lunch, and Jennifer bathed while her son had a sandwich and milk. She was much too excited to eat. A carnival would be perfect to expose herself, she was thinking. The rides, with her dress up, the throngs of people seeing her.

She considered shorts, but that wouldn't let her show her pussy very well. She selected a full, linen skirt and a sheer blouse. It wasn't what a woman would wear to a carnival if she intended to participate in the wild rides. She decided not to wear panties or bra, wanting to show her hairy cunt nakedly. The full skirt swirled about her thighs and hips when she twirled, her ass and cunt flashing. She giggled, and picked out a pair of old, ragged cut-off jeans for her son.

Johnny put them on, knowing why his mother had chosen them.

They arrived at the carnival about one in the afternoon, and already it was crowded. They walked about, looking at everything. Johnny picked up on the excitement of the noise, the music, the colored lights.

They were standing in front of a large tent, listening to a man try and talk people into entering, to see the greatest wonders of the world.

The small crowd laughed and a few paid their money to see what was inside the tent, but most didn't. Johnny held his mother's hand, and then gasped, looking up at her. A hand was on his cock, but it wasn't his mother's!

He turned and saw a well-dressed woman in her thirties, wearing designer jeans and a loose sweater, looking expensive from head to toe, with gold earrings and a pearl necklace. The woman wasn't looking at him, but at the man still talking. She squeezed his cock hard, then turned it loose.

"Mom," Johnny whispered to his mother.

"That lady just felt my cock!"

Jennifer looked around, but the woman had moved away. She grinned. "That can happen in a crowd, baby. Just enjoy it."

They walked on and stood before a tall Ferris wheel, watching it go round and round. When it stopped to take on riders, Jennifer urged her son onto it with her. The man placed the safety bar across them, and the ride started. They stopped at the top, the little car swinging gently.

"Watch this," Jennifer said.

She lifted her ass to pull her dress up. She sat with her knees apart, her cunt showing. When the car started again, a few people waiting saw her, causing a ripple of gasps. Jennifer laughed happily, pretending she was unaware of her cunt on display.

"My cunt is wet already, Johnny. Here, feel me."

As the car went down, Johnny pushed his hand to his mother's cunt and felt her up, but he pulled it away just before they were seen. Jennifer mewled in pleasure, and as the car went up, Johnny's hand was between her legs again. She gave his cock a squeeze, and before the car descended, she pulled the head of his cock free, molt would show.

Whether his cock was seen or not, Johnny didn't know. Jennifer was sitting with her knees wide apart, her cunt displayed as she laughed and screamed as if the ride was exciting to her.

By the time the short ride was over, she had her skirt over her thighs, but not all the way up. When the attendant lifted the safety bar, she made sure her skirt lifted as she stepped out, giving him a peek at her pussy. As she moved past the attendant, she brushed the back of her hand across the front of his pants, as if by accident. She heard the man gasp, and then she and Johnny were on the ground.

"I gave him a feel," she whispered to her son as they walked along the booths.

"You gave him a look, too."

"Let's see what that crowd is," she said, pointing. "Maybe I can get felt up."

They squeezed through the jam of people until they were in the center, paying no attention to the barker, who was waving a wand and exhorting the people to enter a tent.

When Jennifer was standing in front of a tall teenaged boy, she held her son's hand tightly and carefully pushed her ass back until she felt it pressing against the boy. She heard the boy gasp when she bunched the cheeks of her ass, writhing it against him. She felt his cock swell inside his pants, and she sneaked her hand between her ass and the boy, feeling his cock, all without turning to look at him. She felt his cock grow hard in her fist through his pants, and she squeezed. She wanted the boy to fondle her ass, but he seemed frozen, unable to move.

The boy finally moved away, and Jennifer glanced over her shoulder at him, seeing his face red as he turned. She giggled. "I felt that boy up. He had a hard-on."

"Mom, you're crazy!" Johnny laughed.

"But fun, huh?"

He nodded as they moved through the crowd toward another ride. This one wasn't as exciting, and Jennifer didn't see how she could expose herself without being too obvious about it. They walked off, searching for some ride that would get her skirt up high.

They came to a parachute fall.

"Let's ride this one," she said, looking up seeing the few girl's in dresses fall down with a big canopy over them. She saw a dress billow upward and the flash of pink panties as the girl screamed.

They boarded the ride and were lifted upward slowly. As they went up, Jennifer saw that a group of young boys positioned themselves so they could look up the dresses of any girl or woman on the ride. She stood with her feet apart, and as the young faces looked up, she pulled her skirt away in front of her body, seeing the grins on the faces below.

"See how excited those guys are?" she said to Johnny. "They can look right up my skirt."

At the top of the tower, they were halted. The tiny car rocked gently, and Jennifer gripped the rail in front of them.

"I hope my skirt goes over my head," she said, excitement in her voice and eyes.

"It will," Johnny replied. "If it doesn't, Mom, I'll yank it up from behind."

The car fell.

Jennifer's lightweight skirt billowed outward, then it was high above her waist. Her cunt and ass showed all the way to the ground. As the small car stopped with a lurch, her skirt fell. She glanced at the group of young boys, all of them with big eyes and mouths gaping at her.

The car went up once more, and Jennifer was so excited that juices from her cunt were sliding along her inside thighs.

"Johnny, this is making me so fucking hot!" she gasped as the car jerked at the top of the ride. "My cunt is on fire, honey!"

Johnny slipped his hand under her skirt as they waited for the drop, feeling his mother's cunt. "You're wet, Mom."

"Oooooh, I know!" she purred.

As the car dropped, Johnny pulled his hand from her pussy. As before, her skirt billowed about her waist, and once again her cunt and ass were showing as they went down swiftly.

As they climbed from the car, the group of young boys stared at Jennifer. Jennifer's cunt was bubbling with wet heat, her fingers digging into her son's hand.

"Johnny, I want to suck you off now!" she hissed.

"It's too crowded here, Mom!"

"Let's sneak in here," she said, pulling her son between two tents.

They found themselves among huge trailer trucks, with cables running everywhere. There was no one around, but the noise of the crowd came to them. Jennifer went to her knees in front of her son, her hands feverish as she pushed the frayed crotch of his shorts to one side, pulling his cock out.

"Mmmmmmm, delicious!" she purred, licking her tongue along the shaft of his cock. "I'm going to suck this lovely cock off, baby!"

She closed her hot, wet lips about his cock, taking it all the way into her mouth. She sucked greedily, mewling, her hands on his ass, holding his asscheeks. She made soft wet sounds, sliding her lips back and forth, her tongue in constant movement.

She bunched her ass tightly, her cunt feeling fiery and tingling, her clit bulging. Showing her body off on the rides had made her intensely passionate, and she wanted someone to come along and see her with her mouth filled with hard cock. She wanted the group of young boys to come along, to stand in a circle and watch her suck Johnny's cock off, their cocks out, jacking off furiously, lifting her skirt to touch her ass, play with her tits, feel her cunt while she devoured her son's throbbing prick.

But no one came by. No one saw her.

Johnny cupped his mother's face, pushing his cock into her mouth, fucking it, moaning softly in delight.

Jennifer squeezed his ass hard, swallowing his cock into her throat, sucking on it with tight lips. She shoved her hand to his balls, feeling their fullness, the beat of them, wanting a bias load of come juice. She felt the lips of her cunt squeeze and the orgasm that boiled inside it. "Mom! Ohhh, Mom!" Johnny groaned. "Mmmmn."

"Mom, here it comes!"

The hot spurt of creamy come juice exploded in her mouth, splashing into her throat, burning sweetly as she gulped it down.

By the final squirt of his come juice, her cunt was rippling with a delicious orgasm, slippery fluids oozing along her inner thighs. Her knees had grass stains when she stood, and Johnny squatted to brush them off as best he could.

Jennifer giggled, holding her dress up for him. "I don't mind if people see my knees stained, baby. Let them all know I've been on my knees with a big, hard cock in my mouth."

They went back to the midway, strolling around the crowds, taking in the sights. Darkness was descending, and the colored lights came on all over the carnival. More and more people were showing up now.

Jennifer enjoyed herself, packed between bodies, her hands busy, getting a feel of a cock here, a cock there. Sometimes the man or boy she felt would jerk away, move off. But most of them stood still and let her fondle them, and twice she made a cock come off inside the man's pants with her hands.

Once, both Jennifer and Johnny managed to fondle a man and woman together. A man had pressed up against Jennifer's ass while they stood before a tent, a barker shouting out the attractions inside. Jennifer had felt a cock against her ass, and she shoved her hand behind her. The size of the cock surprised her, and she couldn't resist taking it from the man's pants and jacking him off against her dress. When she pushed her other hand back, she found her son was feeling a woman up under her dress. She glanced at Johnny, who grinned at her. Searching with her fingers, she touched the hair of the woman's cunt, and she found her son's finger darting about a moist clit. She pounded the man's cock, holding the head against her dress, pushing into the crack of her ass.

Johnny twisted and rubbed at the woman's clitoris, pushing his finger into her heated cunt. Both Jennifer and her son heard the sighs of the couple as they came almost at the same time. When it was over, the man and woman moved away, and Jennifer noticed they were in their thirties.

They rode more rides, picking those that allowed Jennifer to expose her ass or her cunt.

They rode a ride that went round and round, with a cover that opened and closed on them. As the cover would lift, Jennifer always had her dress at her hips, the hair of her cunt showing, hanging onto the safety bar and laughing loudly, her hair flying. When the ride ended, she left her dress up, and as the teenaged attendant unlocked and lifted the safety bar, he got a very good look at Jennifer's cunt as she swung a long leg wide to climb from the car.

Smiling sweetly, she took Johnny's hand and they walked off, her shapely ass swaying beautifully.

"I need a fuck," she whispered as they strolled about the throngs of people. "My cunt is very hot, baby!"

"With all these people around, we could fuck anywhere and no one would ever notice."

Squeezing his hand, Jennifer began to search for someplace they could use. People were everywhere, young and old, with very little privacy even between the tents. They saw boys and girls pressed together in every available space, holding each other, humping crotches, feeling cocks or tits or asses.

Walking behind the tents among the huge trucks and trailers, they discovered some blankets beneath a big trailer, apparently for the use of a carnival worker to rest now and then.

Looking around carefully, Jennifer pulled her son beneath the trailer, yanking her skirt to her waist and spreading her legs wide for her son.

"Hurry up!" she gasped, arching her hairy pussy to her son as he climbed between her uplifted legs.

Johnny hauled his cock from the leg of his shorts. His prick was already hard and ready to plunge into his mother's cunt.

"What if someone comes, Mom?"

"You and I are going to come, baby!" she hissed. "If you'll hurry up, we'll both come."

"I mean who do these blankets belong to?"

"They'll have to wait their fucking turn!"

Jennifer grabbed her son's cock and stuffed it into her fiery cunt.

"You would, wouldn't you?" She laughed, plunging hard into her wet pussy.

"Every one of them!" Jennifer cried out as her son's cock pumped into her cunt. "I'd take them all on… ooooh, a wonderful gang-fuck in my cunt… mouth… asshole!" With the gay music loud, the laughter and noisy crowds around them, Johnny rammed into his mother's cunt hard and fast, making her come three times before he gushed into her cunt, overfilling it, until his come juice seeped from her hot, swollen cunt-slit to the blankets.


At midnight, Jennifer and Johnny were still going strong at the carnival.

People were packed shoulder to shoulder.

They kept wandering around, feeling strangers up as often as they could, which was very often. Seldom were they pushed away, and a few times, Jennifer was felt up by teenaged boys and men alike.

As they passed a narrow walkway between two tents, they saw a young girl on her knees before a man old enough to be her father, sucking frantically at his cock. The man was leaning against a tent pole, eyes closed, holding the girl's head, moaning softly in pleasure. The girl's face darted back and forth, her eyes closed, too.

Jennifer and Johnny stood in the narrow entrance, watching. Jennifer pulled her son's cock from his shorts and stroked it while they watched. Johnny ran his hand up the front of his mother's dress and felt her hairy cunt. Not once did the man or girl see them.

The man came, grunting, his body shaking. The girl made wet gulping sounds, and they watched the man's come juice seep from her desperately sucking lips and run to her chin.

They moved away before the man and girl knew they had watched them.

In another place, they saw a young boy jacking off furiously. He was beside a tent with skimpily clad dancing girls, peering through a tear in the tent. They didn't stay to watch the boy come, but went along the midway searching, watching everyone.

They saw the young girl, the one who had been giving the man a blow job. She was clinging to the man's hand as they walked a few feet ahead of Jennifer and Johnny. The girl had on a pair of very tight shorts, her pretty ass drawing the eye, her very long, very slim, legs looking smooth and golden. When they got a look at the man's face, they knew it was the same man. The man was a few years older than Jennifer.

"I bet that's his daughter," Jennifer said. "Mom, if that's so, she wouldn't be sucking his cock," Johnny replied.

"Why not? You're sucking my cunt, aren't you?"

"Well… maybe it is, then."

"Want to find out?"

"How? Ask, them?"

"That's one way." Jennifer smiled.

They came close to the man and girl who had stopped to look at the posters on a tent. Jennifer looked at the man, then the girl.

"You have a beautiful daughter," she said to the man.

The man smiled at Jennifer. "Thank you."

"My daddy is the best!" The girl smiled shyly, clinging to his arm. "He's the best daddy in the world!"

The man put his arm about her and hugged her, grinning proudly.

"You and your wife must be very proud of such a lovely daughter," Jennifer said. "I know I am of my son here."

The girl was looking at Johnny with shy, but sparkling eyes, holding her father's upper arm tightly.

"I'm a widower," the man said.

"Me, too," Jennifer replied, a shiver of anticipation flowing through her body. "But Johnny is a dear, no trouble at all."

"Janey isn't, either."

Jennifer saw her son was very attracted to the girl, his eyes all over her slender body. She wore a tight blouse, but there was no sign of titties.

"Would you like to eat something with us?" the man asked, his eyes warm, his smile friendly.

Jennifer looked at her son, who nodded his head without taking his eyes off of Janey.

They found a crowded table and had hot dogs and soft drinks. Jennifer drew the man out, finding out about Tom and his daughter, Janey.

Johnny sat on one side of the table with the girl, watching and listening to his mother, knowing what she was trying to do, and his pleasure showed on his face.

Jennifer let her leg press against Tom's, who kept smiling at her as they ate. When a bit of mustard dripped onto her chin, Tom took a paper napkin and wiped it off. Jennifer gave him a bright smile, her tips pursed slightly, suggestively. She felt Tom return the pressure to her thigh, and she lowered her hand beneath the table and rested it on his, almost in his crotch.

Tom kept smiling at Jennifer, and he dropped his hand to her thigh. His eyes widened slightly when he found that she had her dress up and his hand felt her hot flesh. Jennifer poked her tongue out and wrinkled her nose at him.

"I saw you on the parachute ride," Tom said.

"Is that all you saw?" she asked teasingly, sliding her fingers between his legs and lightly touching the bulge of his balls.

"You don't have anything on under your dress."

Janey's eyes swiveled to Jennifer, bright and hot. "I saw it, too!"

Johnny smiled. "You saw what?"

"Her pussy," Janey whispered, a faint pink coming to her cheeks.

Tom laughed, slipping his hand to Jennifer's cunt.

"You have a hard-on?" Janey said, looking at Johnny.

Jennifer looked at Tom.

Tom laughed easily. "She can smell a hard-on a block away."

"She sucks a good cock too," Jennifer said.

"Oh, you saw us?"

Jennifer nodded, closing her fingers about his cock inside his pants as his fingers rubbed her clit.

"Janey likes it better in public," Tom said. "So do we," Jennifer replied, squeezing his cock, "but we like it at home, too."

"Do you enjoy exposing yourself?"

"Very much," Jennifer said, squeezing his cock again.

"Maybe we should become friends." Tom grinned as his finger found the fiery tightness of Jennifer's cunt.

"I'd say we already are!" Jennifer mewled, spreading her legs for him under the table. "At least my cunt and your cock are friendly now."

Johnny glanced at his mother when Janey pulled his cock from the leg of his shorts beneath the table. He knew what his mother was doing with Tom; he could hear what they said to each other. Janey was pumping on his cock while making little gasping sounds.

"Don't make me come!" he gasped.

"Not this way," Janey whispered. "Want me to get under the table and suck you off?"

Her father laughed again. "I guess Janey has your son's cock out."

"Mmmmmmm, and I have your cock out!" Jennifer purred, leaning against him, "and if you don't stop, you're going to make me come."

"What's wrong with that?" he said, pushing two fingers into Jennifer's cunt.

"Because I want this cock in my pussy!"

"Here… or should we leave?" Tom asked.

"Anywhere you want it!" Jennifer pushed her cunt hard against his hand.

"And my daughter… your son?"

"We're a team," Jennifer answered, sliding his hand away from her skirt.

"So are we," he answered. "Janey, put that cock away for now."

The girl pouted, but she stuffed Johnny's cock back into his shorts.

"Let's leave," Tom said. "We can get to know each other better without all this noise."

They walked to the parking lot, and for a moment tried to decide which car to take, or both.

"Let's come back and get mine later," Tom suggested.

Jennifer climbed into her car, with Johnny and Janey in the back. Tom scooted close to Jennifer as she drove, his hand under her dress and at her cunt all the way to her apartment. In the back seat, Johnny had the girl's shorts off, and she wore only her blouse. He was playing with her steamy cunt all the way home.

The pool area was well lit, but no one was around. When she saw Janey was going to walk naked past the pool area, Jennifer stripped her skirt from her body and, with a suggestive grin at Tom, she took Janey's small hand in hers. Johnny and Tom stood back, watching them walk past the lighted pool.

"Beautiful," Tom sighed.

"Both of them!" Johnny's gaze was on their shapely asses.

At the stairs leading upward, Jennifer paused, still holding Janey's hand. She turned and faced her son and Janey's father. She spread her legs, pushing her cunt forward, and performed a wicked grind for them. Then she and Janey ran up the stairs.

Johnny and Tom followed, both of them eager with throbbing hard-ons.

Inside the apartment, Jennifer turned to Tom. She opened his pants and pulled his cock out.

Johnny was on his knees, running his hands over Janey's wiggling body. The pretty girl giggled and squirmed as he fondled her ass, her legs, her creamy, cunt.

"Kiss my cunt!" Janey giggled, and pushed her pussy into his face.

Jennifer looked down at her son, listening to his slurping tongue sliding up and down the juicy slit.

"Jennifer," Tom said, "I want some pussy. I need to fuck you. Janey can't handle my cock yet with her cunt, but she gives a damn good blow job. But I miss the feel of a hot cunt around it."

"Mmmm, this is a nice one, too!" Jennifer mewled, squeezing his thick cock.

She drew Tom back as she sprawled on the couch, legs spreading with delight. When Tom was on his knees, she rubbed the swollen head of his cock up and down the hairy, fiery slit of her pussy. She wiggled and mewled hotly, watching as her son stood, his mouth glistening with pussy juices.

Janey dropped to her knees and pulled Johnny's shorts down, and as his cock jerked free with hardness, her small hand closed around it, taking it deep into her throat. Janey cupped Johnny's ass, and she darted her mouth back and forth, sucking hungrily at his cock, making soft sounds of ecstasy, her tight ass twisting and bunching.

Tom lunged his cock forward, stretching Jennifer's pussy.

"That's a hard cock!" she squealed, lifting and wrapping her long legs around his hips, shoving her cunt up on the length of his throbbing cock. "Fuck me, Tom! Ohhh, yes, fuck me good!"

Janey pulled her mouth off Johnny's cock, rubbing it along her check as she watched her father's cock sliding in and out of Jennifer's hairy pussy. Her small hand slipped out and her fingers brushed through the soft hair of Jennifer's cunt until her fingertip was rubbing Jennifer's distended clit. Jennifer whipped her ass up hard, squealing loudly as Tom rammed his cock in and out.

"Ooooh, Daddy!" Janey breathed, eyes glittering with passion. "Fuck her cunt, Daddy! Oh, look how your cock fills her hot cunt, Daddy!"

Janey jerked almost frantically on Johnny's cock as she watched her father fucking Jennifer.

Johnny, too, was watching his mother get fucked.

Tom placed his hand on his daughter's head, then turned her face to Johnny's cock. "Suck him off, Janey! Give him one of your best blowjobs, baby!"

"Daddy, I wanna fuck!" Janey cried out. "You said I could! Daddy you told me I could get fucked when me met a nice boy! I wanna fuck Johnny! I don't wanna suck him off yet!"

Tom paused in his strokes. He looked down at Jennifer. Then at his daughter, and at Johnny's cock.

"Johnny," he said. "She's a virgin, so be careful, okay?"

Johnny nodded, watching Janey scramble up on the couch beside his mother, spreading her slender legs wide apart, the creamy, soft slit of her cunt melting into the split of her lovely ass, her clit protruding from the wet, pink folds.

Jennifer and Tom paused, his cock deep inside her cunt, to watch as Johnny slowly pushed his cock into Janey's hairless, exquisitely tight cunt.

Janey's eyes rolled as she squealed in ecstasy, her cunt stretching hotly about Johnny's cock.

"Ohhh, it's so good, Daddy!" Janey cried out. "It's like you said it would be Daddy! Ahhh, I've got a hard cock in my cunt now, Daddy! I'm gonna get fucked!"

Her ass wiggled wildly, lurching up and down as Johnny forgot about being careful, and he plunged his cock back and forth.

Tom grinned, then began to pound into Jennifer's pussy again.

Heavy gasps and cries of ecstasy filled the room, along with the juicy sounds of hard cocks sliding in and out of eager cunts.

"Do you fuck in cars?" Tom asked. "I fuck anyplace!" Jennifer gasped. "Will we see you again?" Tom asked, plunging hard.

"Ahhh, yes!" Jennifer sobbed, grinding hard. "Ooooh, I'm about to come! Fuck me! Make me come!"

With a lurch of her hips, Jennifer came. And the wild cry coming from her son told her he was flooding Janey's cunt.