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Incest mom

Kathy Andrews

Kathy Andrews

Incest mom


Susan knelt in front of the teen, her, hands holding his hips, gazing hotly at the bulge of his cock.

This was her second time with the teen, an almost identical repeat of four days before. She loved looking at his cock growing hard, her excitement growing, too, teasing herself before opening his pants and taking his prick in her hand. Seeing a cock, hard and throbbing, outlined inside a teen's pants, sent her emotions whirling, made her cunt wet and quivery.

The reason Susan liked teens was because, at those tender ages, they would do anything she wanted. Teens sexual juices ran very hot, and they loved to stick their lovely cocks into anything, anything that would thrill them and make them come. They were at the age of discovery, with their balls swollen full of come juice, eager to spray the sweetness anywhere.

Unlike men, who thought they already knew it all when it came to fucking a woman, a teen was willing to follow her suggestions and do the things she wanted most. As long as they could come off, they were satisfied. They would rub those sweet cocks against anything, anything that made them feel good. If a woman like Susan touched their cocks, they would melt. They were putty in the hands of an erotic woman, a woman who desired the teen, the cocks that had just discovered the joys of coming, of discharging. Susan was such a woman.

She enjoyed teens more than men because of their freshness, of their quick to respond cocks, of their eagerness to let her do what she wanted with them. She had always loved teens.

Gazing at this teen's throbbing cock with burning eyes, she ran her tongue over her lips. His cock was molded along his left thigh and it pulsated as he looked down at her, his eyes clouded with anticipation. He delivered the newspaper each afternoon, something Susan didn't ever read. It was the teen she wanted.

Now that she had teased herself long enough, she moved a finger along his cock, her tongue moistening her lips again. She traced the outline, then began to tug at his zipper.

"Are you gonna do it like last time?" the teen asked, his voice cracking.

Susan nodded her head. "Do you want it that way again?" she asked, her voice throaty with emotion. "Do you like putting your cock in my mouth?"

The teen nodded as her hand pulled his cock from his pants. He shifted his feet, his legs shaking. Now that she had his cock out, she held his hips again. His cock stood straight out, his prickhead swollen, his piss-hole already wet and waiting for her mouth. Susan slipped the tip of her tongue over his piss-hole, then circled his silky cockhead slowly with it.

"I bet you've never put this in a girl, have you?" she asked. Susan loved it if she could get a guy who had not yet fucked a girl. "I bet you've never fucked a pussy, have you?"

"No!" the teen said, his whole body trembling as he looked down at her.

She smiled at that. She knew, too, the excitement it gave a guy to hear her, a woman old enough to be his mother, using words like that.

"Wouldn't you like to?" she said softly, closing her hot fist about his cock, stroking it, jacking it. "Wouldn't you love to fuck some sweet girl?"

The teen replied in a hoarse voice, nodding his head vigorously.

"You will, someday," she whispered, pressing her lips to his cock, and kissing his pisshole.

The teen could not hold back. He pushed his cock between her lips, gurgling with pleasure, feeling the wet heat as he saw her lips stretch about his prick. Susan moaned softly as his cock filled her mouth, her eyes blazing up at him. She dug her fingers into his hips as the tingling sweetness of his cook split her wet lips. Ecstasy began to bubble between her thighs, her cunt throbbing.

What pleasure it would give her to fuck him, to be his first piece. She knew the teen would love that. But there wasn't time to fuck him. She was not alone in the house and she had to suck him off quickly. But that chance of being seen was part of her excitement, too. The thought of being observed with this cock stuffed into her mouth sent ripples of shivering pleasure through her.

Susan's lips pressed upon the fabric of his open fly, his cock deep in her mouth now. She held him there, working her tongue about his prickshaft, her lips tight against the base. She wanted to lift his balls from those pants, to feel them rubbing at her chin, but there was no time even for that right now.

She wished the teen would hold her head as she sucked him, but he was still quite shy, never touching ha. If only there was time to let him play with her tits, to rub at her hairy cunt, time for bet to fondle his tight ass, to cup his balls and suck them, too.

But she had no time.

Susan began to suck the teen's cock, mewling softly, her lips sliding back and forth from the base to his satiny prickhead, her tongue swirling with wet hunger. She gripped his hips and pulled and pushed at them, causing his cock to fuck her mouth as she sucked hard. The throbbing hardness between her lips sent her mind soaring, her inner thighs slippery now with the seeping juices. Just seeing a cock bulging inside a teen's pants always made her pussy start to seep juices.

The taste of the cock caused her to moan in ecstasy as she sucked fast, her hair bouncing, dancing. She kept looking up at the teen's passion contorted face, watching his eyes become glassy in delight. She swayed her ass gently, pressing her inner thighs together tightly, creating pressure upon her bubbling cunt and throbbing clit. She would come when he did, she knew. Susan always came when she fucked or sucked cock. Sometimes she would have orgasm before the teen came, but most of the time she came as the teen spewed his come juice over her tongue and down her throat.

Feeling the teen's cock throb with increased power, Susan sucked wildly at him, anticipating the spurting of his thick come juice. Her eyes glazed with hunger as her tongue licked in liquid fire about his cock, her lips tight. His cock seemed to increase in size, searing her gobbling lips.

She heard him grunt, then tasted the first gush of his come juice as he came off. Moaning with ecstasy, Susan raced her tongue about his cock, sucking hard. Her eyes rolled in her head as her cunt exploded, her hair-lined pussy lips convulsing with rumbling orgasms. She swallowed in noisy pleasure as she sucked him dry, pulling the jism from his balls and into her mouth. The thick, slippery sweetness on her tongue was so good, she felt faint. Clinging to his cock with her wet lips, she flapped her tongue about his piss-hole, making sure there was not another drop before releasing him.

She felt his cock soften in her mouth and only then did she let him go. Even dangling down, his cock was beautiful to her. She kissed his prick, then tenderly tucked it into his pants. She gave his cock an affectionate pat, then stood up. She smiled at the teen, opening the door for him.

"Maybe we'll have more time one of these days," she said, "and perhaps you can fuck me, if you'd like."

"Hell, yes!" he said.

Although Susan didn't know it, she had been seen. She had been watched from the beginning, before she'd even pulled the teen's cock from his pants and started sucking on it. She had been seen right up to the end, until she had tucked his cock back into his pants.

She had been seen by her daughter, Tracy.

When she saw her mother get to her feet, Tracy fled to her room. Stretched out on her bed, she stared at the ceiling. She had come in the back door, as usual, and had seen her mother with the teen. But she hadn't felt embarrassment or shame – she had felt excited.

Tracy was in her last year of high school. She was a beautiful girl, popular with everyone, a member of almost every school activity she had time for. Slim and rounded, with straining tits and a swelling ass, she cheered at the school's games, prancing in her short skirt and tight sweater, her slender thighs flashing, giving everyone a peek of her tight panties.

She dated often and didn't much care for it. The guys always came on rough and demanding, thinking how macho it was to grab a girl as soon as they parked. Tracy didn't like the rough stuff, and when she was fucked, she seldom experienced an orgasm.

But it was not because she was a cold girl. On the contrary, she was a very hot one. It was the guys who caused the problem. They never waited for her to touch them, to let her play with their cocks. They were selfish and demanding, thinking only of their own satisfaction and forgetting about hers. Sometimes she felt as if her cunt was simply a fist substitute for them.

Gazing up at the ceiling, she continued to see her mother in her mind. She had seen her take the teen's cock into her mouth and suck it, letting him, come off in her mouth. The excitement boiling between her long, slim thighs was about to cause an orgasm. She could hardly stand the tightness of her panties against her cunt and throbbing clit.

Tracy had never given any thought to the sexual nature of her mother. Being without a father, she had never concerned herself with what her mother did for relief. Mothers were just that, all mothers. They had no sexual feelings. But she knew now that her mother not only had such feelings, but was enjoying them, too.

Tracy had never had a cock in her mouth. A couple of teens had tried to force her to, but she had fought them off and refused to date them again. It wasn't that she felt repulsed by such a thing – in fact, Tracy thought it might be enjoyable – but the teens had always tried to force her, and that she refused to accept.

She had no intention of being a plaything for some horny teen, of being used and abused, and then forgotten until they wanted her again. Yet she usually fucked her dates. There was always the possibility of that one guy who would not make any demands, who would fuck her and make her come as she wanted.

Tracy pulled her skirt up, placing two pillows beneath her head so she could look down at her body. Her legs were very long and slim, her skin like satin. The tight crotch of her panties rounded up where her cunt puffed out, the triangle of hair as soft as her flesh. At the moment, her cunt was wet and pulsating from what she had seen, and she moved a finger along her pussyslit, feeling the moisture on her panties.

Tracy finger-fucked herself often at night, mostly after one of those frustrating dates. She was about to stop dating altogether because her finger gave her more satisfaction than the guys she dated.

With a sigh, she stood up and began undressing. Naked, she took her robe and went to the bathroom, thinking a nice bath would calm her down a bit. She soaked for a long time, enjoying the steaming hot water on her flesh.

Hearing her, Susan looked in. "I didn't know you were home, honey."

Tracy looked at her mother. "I've been here a while," she said, not caring if her mother understood. "About an hour I guess."

Susan saw in her daughter's eyes that she had been seen sucking the teen's cock. She didn't see condemnation nor shame nor anything in those eyes. What she saw was a brightness, a glittering sort of glow. She lowered her gaze to her daughter's tits. Tracy's tits were lovely, firm and round with lusciously pink nipples jutting up.

Seeing where her mother's gaze was, Tracy began arching her shoulders back before she knew what she was doing, making her tits stand out more than ever.

"Then you saw me," Susan said in a whispery voice. "You saw me and the guy."

Tracy nodded, feeling her mother's gaze on her naked tits and liking it.

"So?" Susan asked.

"So nothing, Mother," Tracy replied. "That's your business."

A nervous smile spread over Susan's lovely face, then she turned and left her daughter to finish her bath. She was not bothered that her daughter had watched her suck the guy off. And the fact that her daughter had not shown anger made her feel good.

She arrived in the living room just as Bill came in. She greeted her son with a kiss, as usual.

"Tracy home yet?" Bill asked.

"Taking a bath," Susan replied.

Bill almost worshiped his sister, something that pleased Susan. Her children didn't bicker and fight like most, and Bill was always trying to please his sister. And Tracy liked her brother as much as he liked her. Now that Susan thought about it, Bill looked sad and lonely when his sister was out on a date, seemingly not knowing what to do with himself if he wasn't near her.

"I gotta put my books in my room," he said.

Just as Bill entered the hall, Tracy came out of the bathroom. She had not put her robe on, but had wrapped herself in a large towel, still fucking it in at her tits. Bill smiled when he saw his sister, then his gaze moved down to her long, exciting thighs.

"Hi, honey," Tracy said when she saw him.

"Hi," he mumbled back, a faint flush on his face.

Tracy moved down the hall ahead of him and Bill's gaze glowed on the backs of his sister's thighs. He could see the lower moons of her asscheeks and even part of the crack. He ran his lips over his tongue as he stared, feeling his cock swelling. Everytime he looked at his sister his cock would start getting hard. He loved to see her in shorts and he had been trying for some time to see her naked, but so far had not succeeded.

As Tracy started to enter her bedroom, she paused and looked over her shoulder at her brother, catching him staring at her half revealed ass. Bill's face turned red.

Tracy laughed. "Don't worry, sweet thing," she said. "Looking is healthful."


After a late dinner, Bill showered and went to his room to study.

Susan and Tracy sat up, watching an old rerun on television. Susan had searched for a coolness from her daughter, but had found none. Instead, Tracy seemed more animated than usual. They left alone what they both knew, not mentioning the neighbor again.

When Tracy's date called to say he would be late in picking her up, she broke the date quickly and hung up on the guy.

"Asshole!" she said, glancing at her mother. It was the first time she had used such language in front of Susan. But Susan said nothing and simply smiled.

"I know what you mean, Tracy," she said a few minutes later. "I thought most guys were assholes, too, when I was your age."

Susan could see it in her daughter's eyes. Tracy was, she knew, disappointed in guys her own age. She could see the hunger on her daughter's lovely face and there was no doubt in her mind that Tracy was erotic, very, very erotic, and wasn't getting the satisfaction she wanted so desperately. She felt closer to her daughter than ever. Tracy, she thought, suffered from the same thing that most beautiful girls did. Guys wanted to fuck them because of their beauty, but it was an ego trip more than trying to please the girl. If a guy could fuck an exceptionally beautiful girl, it seemed to make him feel good. Susan had never understood such a mentality.

"I just hope Bill isn't as frustrated as we are," Susan said. "Maybe guys are different."

"I don't think so, Mother," Tracy said. "I caught him looking at me after I got out of the bath and he seemed excited."

Tracy wanted to ask her mother many things, but she knew this wasn't the time. She looked at her mother with warm eyes, seeing her as a sexual person, a woman with desires just like her own. Dropping her gaze, she stared at the thrust of her mother's tits, seeing the nipples pressing upon the white blouse she wore. Then her gaze went lower, and she looked at her mother's knees.

Susan's skirt was a few inches past her knees, and seeing the way her daughter looked at her, she pulled her shoulders back and allowed her knees to open a bit. Tracy's eyes became hot and a shiver ran through her. She could see between her mother's thighs, almost to her panties.

There was a tension growing between them. Susan felt her cunt throbbing and had a wild desire to throw her legs wide and let her daughter gaze up her dress. She found herself wanting to look up her daughter's dress, to see her cunt, wondering if Tracy would let her. She wondered what it would feel like to touch her daughter, to feel the bubbly heat of Tracy's pussy and stroke her spongy, pointed tits and swelling ass. It excited her the way Tracy gazed under her skirt, a faint flush of desire on her beautiful fate.

Suddenly Tracy stood up. "I think I'll try it," she said, her voice throaty.

"Try what, honey?" Susan asked, her own voice filled with emotion.

"Bill," Tracy said bluntly, looking at her mother with bold, unashamed eyes.

Susan gasped as she looked at her daughter. "With your brother?"

"He's the only teen here," Tracy said. "If you can suck off the neighbor – and he's no older than Bill – why can't I fuck my brother?"

"Fuck your…" Susan said, the words coming out in a whisper, her eyes gleaming. "Fuck your brother?"

"That's what I said," Tracy replied, wondering if her mother was going to try and stop her. "Fuck Bill."

Susan licked her lips. "You can try," she said in a hoarse voice. "I'm not sure he will, but you can try."

A grin spread over Tracy's face. She stepped up to her mother and leaned down, kissing her on the mouth. She had not kissed her mother on the mouth for years.

Feeling her daughter's moist, hot lips against hers, Susan moaned softly, and as she felt the tip of Tracy's tongue across her lips, her hand moved. Before she could stop it she had curled her fingers about Tracy's tit.

Tracy squealed softly against her mother's mouth when she felt the woman's hand squeeze her tit. Thrusting her tongue past her mother's lips suddenly, she also placed her palm upon one spongy tit. Susan sucked her daughter's tongue for a moment, then pulled away.

Their eyes flashed understanding to each other and Tracy turned and started out of the room. Susan's eyes watched the sensual sway of her daughter's ass, wishing she had the same courage. She wasn't sure how her son would react to his sister, but she thought that he would be delighted.

Tracy entered her brother's room without knocking. He sat on his bed, legs crossed, reading a book on history. He looked up as she walked in, smiling to see her. Tracy sat on the edge of his bed, glancing at his lap. He was already in his pajamas, but she couldn't see his cock. She caressed his smooth, face with a warm hand.

"You saw me, didn't you?" she said softly. "You saw me come out of the bathroom. I caught you looking at me, and it excited you, didn't it, Bill?"

He started to blush.

"No, don't blush, honey," she soothed. "It's all right for you to look at me. Maybe I wanted you to see me that way. Maybe I like it when you look at me."

"You do, Tracy?" he asked, his eyes shining. "You don't mind if I look at you?"

"I like it," she said again. "It makes me feel good when you look at me. I get all tingly and warm and wet."


"You know, down there," she whispered, pointing between her legs.

Bill's eyes bugged out as he saw his sister place one leg on his bed, her skirt spreading and lifting to expose one creamy thigh.

"Look at me, honey," she murmured, sliding her skirt up high. "Look between my legs."

Bill looked and his eyes were enormous. He could see the crotch of his sister's panties now, and his cock began to swell. He could feel it bulging up, wanting to hide it and at the same time let his sister see what she was doing to him. Tracy noticed his cock growing and stroked it with the tip of her finger.

She placed his palm on her thigh, gliding it toward her cunt. At the same time she closed her fingers around his concealed cock and squeezed it, making him groan.

"You don't mind if I feel your cock, do you, Bill?" she whispered. "I'll let you feel me, too. Let me feel your cock and you can fed my cunt."

"Oh, gosh!" Bill grunted, watching his sister pull his hand into her crotch. "Tracy, you feel hot and wet!"

"That's because I want this," she said, squeezing his cock again. "I'd love to have this in me."

"Really?" Bill gasped. "But Tracy, I don't know how."

"It's easy, honey. I'll show you." She kissed her brother, holding his cock hard and tight. She didn't have to keep his hand on her cunt now. Bill was rubbing and feeling her the way she had always wanted her dates to do. She purred softly and ran her hand into his pajamas, taking his cock and sliding her fist along it. She brushed his piss-hole, finding him wet there.

"Want me to take my panties off for you?" she murmured. "You can feel me better that way."

Bill was too excited to reply. Tracy lifted her ass and peeled her panties off with one hand, clinging to his cock with the other. She spread her legs wide. Bill choked as he stared at the pink wetness of his sister's hair-framed cunt. She sat in front of her brother, her knees drawn up and spread wide. Shoving the top of his pajamas down, she lifted his cock.

"Oooh, you have a nice cock, honey!" she cooed, stroking it. "It's beautiful, Bill! And you're so hard! I bet you can't wait to fuck me, can you?"

He shook his head vigorously, gulping as he stared at her pussy.

Understanding his emotions, Tracy pressed him onto his back, leaning over him. She licked and kissed his chest, swirling her wet tongue about his tiny nipples, biting them tenderly. All the time, she kept a tight clutch on his pulsating cock, jerking her fist up and down.

"Shove your hand under my dress and feel me up, honey! Play with my cunt, too!"

"Mother might catch…"

"Hush," Tracy said, "Don't worry about mother. Play with my pussy and we'll have fun. You want to fuck me, don't you?"

"Gosh, yes!"

"Then hush arid do whatever you want with me," she said, sliding her hand to his balls.

She gave them a squeeze, then looked at him. Bill was totally devoid of hair on his cock and balls. But his prick stood up in hardness, his prickhead swollen, and he was dripping from his piss-hole. The fact that her brother was sent shivering excitement through her body, making her cunt contract as he rubbed his palm about it. For the first time, Tracy fully understood her mother's desire for teens.

"Do it now, Tracy!" he begged. "Do it like you said!"

Tracy giggled lewdly. "You've got to say it, Bill. Say fuck me, Tracy! Fuck me with your cunt."

"Fuck me, Tracy!" Bill almost shouted. "Fuck me with your cunt!"

"Oooh, I will!" Tracy gurgled, getting to her knees and lifting her skirt to her waist. "I will fuck you, Bill! I'll fuck you with my hot cunt!"

Leaning against the wall outside the open door of her son's bedroom, Susan listened with excitement. She had pulled her skirt up and shoved her hand into her panties, rubbing at her swollen clit, wanting to watch her children as they fucked. Just hearing them sent shivers of pleasure up and down her flesh. It thrilled her until she thought she would come just from listening.

Tracy, holding her skirt high, spread her knees over her brother's thighs. He gazed with unfocused eyes at his sister's cunt, excited to see the wet pinkness he had been trying to see for a long time. It was hard for him to believe that his sister was going to fuck him, and his cock throbbed until he thought he would come before it was inside her.

"Watch, honey!" Tracy mewled. "Look at my cunt suck your cock in!"

She held his cock at the base, rubbing his swollen prickhead back and forth over her fiery cunt. Finally she settled slowly, the head of her brother's cock spreading her hot cunt. Bill gulped when he felt that hot wetness engulf his cock. The hairy lips of his sister's cunt moved down slowly until he could no longer see his cock.

"Is it nice?" Tracy whimpered, the lips of her pussy squeezing his prick. "Am I hot and wet for you, Bill?"

He nodded as his sister sat on him, his cock buried deep. When she started lifting and shoving on his cock, he dug his hands into her thighs, trying to keep from coming too fast.

Tracy understood. "Don't worry, Bill," she whimpered. "If you come, don't worry about it. I'll fuck you again!"

Susan could no longer keep from looking. If they saw her peering around the door, that was too bad. She twisted from the wall and peeked, her hand still inside her panties. She saw her daughter leaning over now, her hands at Bill's shoulders, her exposed ass plunging up and down, her cunt stretching about his cock. From her position, she could see it all. The sight of her daughter's naked ass riding on Bill's cock gave Susan an almost overpowering urge to run to the bed and shove her face down between Bill's legs and lick at his sweet looking balls. She wanted to run her tongue up her daughter's cunt and lick that pretty ass. Instead, she plunged her finger into her cunt.

"You're so hard in me, Bill," Tracy grunted, pounding her cunt up and down on his cock. "Your cock is so hard and I love it in my cunt! Ooooh, I'm going to fuck you good, honey! I'm going to fuck your cock with my hot cunt and make you come! I'm going to make you feel real good. Bill!"

Bill ran his hands up his sister's thighs, clutching at her spreading asscheeks tightly, arching his cock up to meet her down thrusting cunt.

Tracy squealed in ecstasy as her distended clit scraped along her brother's cock. She whipped her ass about in a tight circle, moaning with passion.

Susan worked her middle finger vigorously into her cunt, her legs parted, knees bent slightly. Her eyes glowed with hunger as she watched her daughter's creamy ass flying up and down. She saw her son's balls, tight now, as he fucked in and out of his sister's cunt.

It was a beautiful thing to see, Susan thought. Her daughter and son fucking so eagerly, so wildly, with so much passion. It was surprising that she, their mother, had not once even considered fucking Bill. He was of the age she preferred, and, watching her daughter's rounded, tight, succulent pussy bouncing up and down on his cock now, she wondered how she had overlooked her own son in her search for hard cock.

Bill was holding his sister's grinding ass with tight hands, his cock thrusting deeply into her cunt as she came down on him. Both he and his sister were grunting loudly, gasping and choking as their orgasms raced to the surface. Tracy's face, so beautiful, was now contorted into a grimace of mindless ecstasy. Bill had squeezed his eyes tight, his mouth open as he rammed his cock up and down, fucking into his sister's cunt with energetic thrusts.

Susan, still plunging her finger into her soaking wet cunt, did hot need the scream of intense ecstasy that ripped from Tracy's mouth to tell her of the power of her daughter's orgasm. She could see the tightening of Tracy's pink asshole and the flexing of those pink cuntlips as tremors swept through Tracy's slender, exciting body.

Coming hard, Tracy slammed her cunt down onto her brother's cock, grinding her exposed ass in a frenzy, gulping and gasping as she came.

"Ooooh, shit!" Tracy screamed, her head thrown back as her ass twisted. "Shit, shit! I'm coming, Bill! Ohhh, fuck, I'm coming!"

Susan watched intently, her gaze blazing on her son's balls, anxious to see if he, too, would come – or even if he could come. If Bill could not squirt yet, she would be very disappointed. As much as Susan loved a hard cock, she wanted one that could erupt in that frothy, boiling spurt of come juice. Only once before Susan had sucked the cock of a teen who could not come. Although she had enjoyed it, as did the teen, it was his lack of ability to come that disappointed her. The taste of thick, creamy come juice was the ultimate for Susan. She liked to fuck a teen, but much preferred to suck him off and let him gush into her mouth.

If her son could not yet come, she would still love to have his hard cock in her mouth or even in her cunt. She knew it would excite her especially because Bill was her son. That alone would make her come, whether he could or not.

So, staring intently at his balls now pressed against his sister's ass his cock no longer in sight, Susan watched with a great deal of interest. She had her finger deep inside her cunt, no longer fucking herself with it.

And then Bill came!

She saw his balls starting to writhe, growing tighter yet. The only sound he made was a long, drawn out sigh, but his hands dug tighter into his sister's creamy ass.

"Ooooh, Bill, Bill!" Tracy squealed. "I feel you! I feel your cock squirting in my cunt! Ohhh, honey, give it to me!"

Tracy rolled her ass about in a tight circle, her cunt drawing at his spurting cock with waving, squeezing motions, sucking the jism from him.

Susan's cunt gripped her finger, then convulsed with a fiery orgasm, her knees almost buckling. She could no longer see her children, her eyes having clouded with the strength of her climaxing cunt on her finger. She choked back her scream of ecstasy, her hips jerking back and forth as she pressed hard at her throbbing clit.

When the orgasm receded and her emotions calmed down, Susan's vision returned. She found her son and daughter both looking at her. Tracy still sat on top of Bill, his cock still up her pussy, Bill and Tracy both saw their mother's hand inside her panties and the fire that still lingered in her eyes.

For a long moment, Susan couldn't move because her legs were too weak. Then with a sigh, she pulled her hand out of her panties and smoothed her skirt down. She didn't smile or say anything, just looked at them. Turning, she left her son and daughter.


"She watched us," Bill said, looking up at his sister. "She saw us fucking, Tracy."

"Don't worry about it, Bill," Tracy said, lifting her cunt from, his cock.

"She's gonna be mad," he said fearfully.

"Don't be sure," his sister replied, lying beside him. "You saw where her hand was, didn't you?"

Bill nodded, cuddling close to his sister. "Mother was playing with herself," Tracy said. "She watched us, but she wasn't mad. She wouldn't be playing with herself if she was mad, would she?"

"I don't know."

"I do," Tracy soothed her brother. "And I'm telling you, Bill, don't worry about it."

She felt his small body shivering and wrapped her arms around him. She caressed his back, sliding her hand into his pajamas and stroking the firmness of his tight ass. Holding one of his asscheeks in her hot palm, she whispered to him, "Bill, you can touch me, you know. You don't have to be afraid. Besides, I want you to touch me… all over."

"Really, Tracy?"

She nodded, grinning at him. "Really." Tentatively, as if expecting her to stop him, Bill cupped his sister's tit. He found it firm, yet soft. He gave her tit a light squeeze, making Tracy mewl in delight.

"You can put your hand inside, honey." Nervously, but eagerly, Bill slipped his hand into his sister's blouse and found her tit warm and naked. Her nipple was swollen and he twisted and pulled at it. Tracy opened her blouse for him, and Bill gazed with awe upon her creamy, flawlessly shaped tits, her nipples sugary pink and hard. He gulped with pleasure as he closed both hands around her tits, fondling them gently, but eagerly.

Tracy guided his mouth to one, brushing her nipple along his lips. "Suck it," she whispered. "Suck my titty, Bill. I like to have my nipples sucked."


"Oh, honey, stop saying that," she replied. "Yes, really it makes me red hot and tingly when my titties are sucked."

Bill probed his sister's nipple with his tongue, then swirled it around, finally taking it into his mouth. He gave a soft gurgle of delight and began to suck.

Tracy held her brother's head, holding his mouth tight against her tit, her nipple being licked by his tongue. She felt his cock pressing at her stomach, and shoved her hand into his pajamas again to fondle his ass. She pulled her hand between them, gripping his cock and feeling it swell into hardness once more. She gurgled with pleasure and stroked his cock tenderly. She fondled his balls, rolling them about in her hand.

"Mmmmm, you're getting hard again, Bill," she giggled with delight. "And so soon, too."

She squeezed his cock, making her brother moan around her tit. She giggled again when he tried to fuck at her fist, his swollen prickhead poking at her stomach. She let him rub his cock against her and clutched his ass again. "You want to fuck me again, Bill? Did you like fucking me so much, your cock got hard so fast?"

Bill, his mouth filled with his sister's tit, looked up at her, nodding his head, eyes glowing. No longer nervous, he ran his hand along her side, over her hip, then around to feel her ass. Her skirt had come down a bit, and she lifted it so he could touch her naked flesh. Feeling his sister's round ass, he stroked it, then moved, his palm down to caress her deader thigh, too.

Tracy pulled her skirt up so his cock could touch her bare flesh. She felt his prick smearing juices about her stomach, and adjusted herself so his cockhead was moving through the silky hair of her cunt. She lifted his mouth from her tit and tilted his head, kissing him, darting her tongue into his mouth. Shoving his cock between her thighs, she let her brother fuck through them for a while, holding them tightly about his cock. Holding tightly to her brother's ass, she mewled to the sensation of his hard prick rubbing along the fiery, puffy lips of her wet pussy.

"Hold my ass, Bill," she whimpered, arching her cunt toward him. "Ohhh, hold my ass, baby!"

His mouth was devouring her tits again, going from one to the other, his hips jerking back and forth. Tracy squealed when her brother tightened his hand on her ass, grinding her cunt along the shaft of his cock. One of her hands held his bead, smashing his face against her tits. The sudden orgasm throbbing through Tracy's cunt came as a surprise to her. It bubbled hotly, her clit burning.

"Oooh, I'm coming again!" she yelped, digging at his tight ass. "Oh, Bill, I'm coming again!"

"Me, too!" he yelped, his cock gushing hot, creamy come juice along his sister's thighs and shuddering asscheeks. Spurt after spurt splashed upon her flesh, with Tracy whining in a soft voice, her cunt flexing in searing spasms.

"I didn't mean to make a mess, Tracy," he mumbled shyly. "I didn't know I was… I couldn't help it, Tracy."

"Shhh," she soothed. "That's all right, Bill. It's all okay."

Tracy held her brother for a long time, until she heard his soft breathing. Bill had fallen asleep in his sister's arms, his cock still between her thighs. Gently, so as not to awaken him, Tracy pulled away. Bill moaned once as he flopped onto his back, and Tracy stood near his bed, looking down at his glistening cock, her eyes bright, a smile on her lovely face. She felt his jism dripping along her inner thighs. She curled her fingers into her cunt and leaned down, kissing him lightly on the lips.

Tracy found her mother in the living room.

They sat and looked at each other for a moment, not speaking, yet their eyes passing messages back and forth. Susan sat upright, her hands folded in her lap, shoulders straight. Tracy gazed at the thrust of her mother's tits, at the few inches of smooth, slim thigh that showed below the hem of her skirt.

"I saw," Susan said after a bit. "I watched you, Tracy."

"I know, Mother," Tracy replied in a low voice. "So does Bill."

"Did he… did he say anything about me?" Susan asked. "Anything at all?"

"Na," her daughter said.

Susan's expression became a little sad and disappointed.

"Mother, Bill is shy," Tracy told her. "You can't expect him to say anything about you, knowing you saw us fucking. He's afraid we're in trouble."

"The poor darling," Susan whispered. "I don't know what I should do, Tracy. I mean, to help him understand."

"Understand what, Mother?"

"That he isn't in trouble."

They fell silent again until Tracy spoke. "He's probably better than the neighbor," she said.

Susan's head jerked up. "How do you know?"

"Bill is here, he lives here," Tracy explained. "Bill is available and…"

"I should fuck him, fuck my own son?"

"Why not, Mother?"

"He's my son."

"And my brother," Tracy countered. "You saw me fuck him, you saw how excited he was. Oh, Bill will fuck you too. If you want to fuck him, it's going to be up to you."

She told her daughter of her frustrations until she realized her desire, and this led Tracy to tell her mother about her disappointment with her dates. "But that's finished now," Tracy said. "I've got Bill, and he gives me more satisfaction than any damned date I've had."

Susan looked straight at her daughter. "I didn't know you were frustrated Tracy. I guess we're both in the same boat."

"Not anymore, Mother," Tracy said, giving a smile to her mother. "I intend to fuck my brother from now on. Bill is more than eager, and he's a wonderful fuck."

Susan swallowed, then said in a whispery voice, "Hold me a little, Tracy."

Tracy sat beside her mother, wrapping her arms about her. Susan rested her head on her daughter's tit. They held each other for awhile, then silently, their lips pressed together and they were kissing gently. Drawing back, Susan gazed into her daughter's eyes, and with a small, soft whimper, pressed her lips to Tracy's again, kissing her with passion now. Susan whimpered once more as Tracy tightened her arms about her, holding her tightly, hissing back. Susan slipped a hand over Tracy's tit, and when her daughter failed to protest, she curled her fingers into the girl's spongy tit, squeezing it. Tracy now moaned with rising heat and slipped her tongue past her mother's lips, delving into the wet heat. Susan began to suck at her daughter's tongue hungrily, fondling Tracy's tits, shoving her hand into the girl's blouse.

"Ooooh," Tracy mewled with pleasure as her mother played with her tits. She pulled her hand between them, and when her mother shoved her tongue into Tracy's mouth, Tracy began to squeeze her mother's tits. The women squirmed together, each feeling the bubbling heat swelling about in their stomach, radiating to their inner thighs and their cunts.

Tracy didn't protest when she felt her mother's hand starting to slide up her thigh beneath her skirt. It felt good to her, hot and slightly moist. Neither spoke now, but their breathing was loud, coming in excited gasps as they kissed and licked at the other's mouth and lips.

Susan slowly shoved her hand along the satiny flesh of her daughter's thigh, afraid that Tracy would, at any moment, stop her. The feel of her daughter's thigh was good on her hand, and she inched her fingers higher. Finally she was brushing the soft hairs of Tracy's cunt, making Tracy twist and squirm her ass with pleasure. Tracy opened her legs invitingly, and Susan slipped her fingers between them. She felt the wetness on her daughter's inner thighs, the still warm slippery jism. A shiver of ecstasy rippled through her.

"Bill's come juice?" Susan asked in a thick, throaty voice.

Tracy nodded. "After you left, he fucked me between my legs. We both came again, Mother."

"Ohhh, nice, very nice," Susan moaned, running her fingers in the slippery juices near her daughter's cunt. "Can I… you know, see it?"

Tracy nodded, pulling away from her mother and sliding her skirt up. She lifted her rounded ass and pulled her skirt to her waist, spreading her knees. Susan gazed down, seeing her daughter's cunt, seeing the soft triangle of curling hair, the pink and still wet lips of her pussy. Jism glistened on Tracy's smooth thighs with a drop or two still lingering near her clit.

The curves of Tracy's ass, too, were wet with it.

Tracy saw her mother's expression, saw her eyes gleaming and the way her tongue licked across her lips. Susan ran her fingertip into the jizz, then brought it to her mouth. Tracy watched her mother lick it away. "You like it, Mother?" she asked in a throaty voice, feeling excitement building inside her body. "You like Bill's come juice?"

Susan made no verbal answer, but she plunged her finger into her mouth, stabbing it in and out as though it were a cock. Tracy spread her legs very wide, scooting her ass to the very edge of the couch, letting her asscheeks hang over. She twisted her hips, watching her mother. Susan's gaze moved to her daughter's exposed cunt. She rested one hand halfway up her daughter's thigh, her fingers tight. Tracy wiggled her hips, arching her crotch up and down in a teasing, openly obvious suggestion.

Susan glanced at her daughter, saw the heat steaming in her eyes, saw that Tracy was willing. More than willing, she was eager, wanting it.

"I can't help it!" Susan groaned. "I just can't help myself, Tracy!"

"Do it, Mother," Tracy invited. "I want you to."

Making whimpering sounds, Susan lowered her head, sliding her tongue through the warm come juice on the girl's creamy, sugary sweet thighs. As Tracy watched her mother's tongue lapping and licking at Bill's jism, her clit swelled into hardness, throbbing again as her cunt pulsated. As her mother's tongue came close to her clit to lick away the come juice there, Tracy moaned with increasing passion, writhing her hips. Susan slipped to her knees, then moved between her daughter's thighs. Glancing hotly up at her daughter's face, Susan shoved, her long tongue out and licked the jism away that clung to Tracy's exquisitely creamy asscheeks.

Susan licked it all away, then gently kissed a rounded asscheek. "Thank you, honey," she said softly. "Thank you so much."

Tracy held her mother's face in her hands, looking down at her, seeing the boiling desire in Susan's eyes. The women looked at each other, the tension heavy. Susan's chin rested now at her daughter's cunt, and she could feel the hot wetness of her pussylips, the throb of Tracy's clit. Susan pressed her lips into the girl's cunt hair, kissing her daughter openmouthed. Then she licked her tongue into Tracy's cunt hair.

Tracy gently moved her mother's face, positioning her mouth between her legs and just an inch or so from her cunt. Susan looked again into her daughter's eyes.

"There's more in my pussy, Mother," Tracy whispered. "There's more of Bill's come juice inside my cunt."

A soft whimper came from Susan as her eyes smoldered.

Tracy slowly pulled her mother's mouth against her cunt, and holding her this way, the girl rubbed her hairy cunt up and down, smearing her mother's mouth with the seeping wetness.

Susan slipped her hands along the backs of her daughter's thighs, feeling the smooth heat of her flesh. She cupped her palms against each cheek of Tracy's ass. Tracy wiggled her cunt against her mother's face as they stared at each other, their eyes smoldering with hungry desire.

"Suck me, Mother," Tracy murmured. "Suck me."

"You've been fucked by Bill," Susan whispered, with her lips feeling the searing heat of her daughter's cunt. "You've come, and you're still hot and want more. I understand, that, baby, very much. I've felt that way for years. I can't get enough, either."

"Suck me, Mother," Tracy replied.

"Ohhhh, please, suck my cunt, Mother!"

Tracy arched her pussy, grinding it into her mother's mouth as she held her face with her hands.

Susan opened her lips, then pressed them at the fiery lips of her daughter's cunt. She sucked hard, tasting the juices of Tracy's cunt and her son's come juice at the same time. She moved her tongue along the girl's puffy cuntlips, licking at them, whimpering with pleasure. She swiped her tongue up and twirled it about her daughter's steaming clit, then began to chew gently at it.

"Ohhhh, that's good, Mother!" Tracy squealed, squirming her hips. "Suck me… suck my pussy!"

Susan slipped her mouth down again, her lips wide. Pressing them to her daughter's cunt, she shoved her tongue as deep as she could, swirling it between her sensitive pussylips. Tracy squealed and started churning her hips, banging her cunt against her mother's lips and fucking on her tongue. Susan clung to Tracy's swinging asscheeks, thrusting hard with her tongue.

Tracy twisted wildly against her mother's mouth, squealing and groaning, gripping the back of Susan's head. She pressed her hot thighs on her mother's cheeks, scissoring them as the ecstasy swirled and swelled inside her body. She stared with steamy, clouded eyes. Her mother's face was surrounded by the silky curls of her cunt, her nose almost buried.

"Suck me, suck me! Ohhhh, Mother, suck my cunt!" Tracy wailed mindlessly. "Ahhhh, suck my pussy! Tongue my cunt, Mother! Oooooh, fuck my cunt with your tongue!"

Susan plunged her tongue in swiftly, licking and sucking as hard as she could. The taste of her daughter's sugary cunt juices, mixed with the creamy sweetness of her son's jism, was creating spasms between her thighs, making her come stronger than any time, she could remember. She held Tracy's grinding asscheeks tightly, her fingers almost inside the deep crack. Susan slurped with whimpering ecstasy, sliding one hand off her daughter's ass and up over her trembling stomach. Scooting her hand under Tracy's blouse, she clutched at one firm tit, massaging and squeezing it. Her eyes flashed her hungry desire to her daughter as she squeezed the girl's rounded tit and ass. Her tongue plunged deeply into the fiery heat of Tracy's wet cunt, fucking her in a frenzy as her own cunt exploded time and again.

Tracy clung to her mother's head, banging her wet cunt harshly against Susan's open, sucking mouth. She wailed and moaned and whined with passion, bucking up and down, then making tight circles with her hips.

"Suck!" Tracy screamed down at her mother. "Suck me! Ohhhh, suck my cunt, Mother! Oooooh, shit, I'm about to… to come! Tonguefuck me, Mother! Eat my cunt, fuck it, suck it, eat my pussy!"

Digging her hand into her daughter's tit, the girl's pink nipple searing her palm, her other hand clutching the shaking cheek of Tracy's ass, Susan fucked her daughter's fiery cunt hungrily with her tongue. She sucked hard, drawing the sweet juices into her mouth and swallowing greedily. Feeling her daughter's cunt starting to spasm, Susan sucked and thrust her tongue as fast as she could. The silky haired lips of Tracy's cunt suddenly quivered, clutching at her mother's tongue, gripping it, releasing it… gripping… releasing.

Tracy screamed loudly with tormented ecstasy, her head tossing about as she gasped for air, her body trembling in a violent way as she came. Her legs had shot up, then closed about her mother's head. The hot smoothness of Tracy's inner thighs increased the orgasms rumbling through Susan. Feeling her daughter's cunt starting to calm down, Susan withdrew her tongue and licked gently up and down her pussyslit, along each hair rimmed her cuntlip, then lightly upon the girl's still throbbing clit. Pulling Tracy's clit between her lips, she flicked her tongue from side to side, causing Tracy's hips to jerk upward. Tracy moaned and caressed her mother's hair, her eyes glassy from the intense pleasure of her orgasm.

Slowly, Tracy relaxed her thighs, letting them spread apart as a soft giggle escaped her throat. She smoothed her tangled cunt hair with one hand, stroking her mother's face with the other.

Susan's eyes gleamed as she ran her tongue along the inside of her daughter's thigh, tasting the sweet smoothness of Tracy's flesh. Then, kissing Tracy's cunt one final time, she leaned back, her hands resting on Tracy's legs.

"Now we know about each other, don't we, Tracy?"

Tracy, feeling exhausted, nodded, but her eyes shined with a fiery brightness. "It's a good thing we talked, Mother," she whispered softly, leaning forward and kissing her mother on her mouth. "Maybe neither of us will be frustrated anymore."


Eating her daughter's cunt had thrilled Susan.

It was the second time in her life she had pressed her mouth to a pussy. Tracy's cunt had a lot of hair on it, and it was certainly juicy. Susan decided that she liked it that way.

It was odd, she thought, how much she wanted a cock and strong, without hair, but wanted a cunt with hair. In her own home, she had found both her son and her daughter.

Now that she had fucked her daughter, she wondered whether or not her son would fuck her, his mother.

But surely, if Bill would fuck his sister, why shouldn't he fuck his mother, too, she thought. Brothers and sisters were always fucking, she had heard. If they were that erotic, like Bill and Tracy, Susan could sec no reason why her son wouldn't fuck her, too.

Susan had heard everything from the time Tracy entered Bill's bedroom, then watched them fucking eagerly. Bill had not hesitated, once Tracy had her hot hands on him. Tracy had said Bill was shy, and that he would not wake a pass first. Susan had no qualms about making the first pass; she had done so with the neighbor.

She considered various means of letting her son know she was willing to fuck him, discarding them all. They were so stupid and common. Yet what other way was there? She could cuddle him and stroke him and gradually get her hand on his cock. She could simply walk up to him and grab his cock… and Bill would probably shit his pants! She didn't want to frighten him; she wanted to get his cock in her mouth and suck it off. She could simply lift her skirt and show him her cunt. Guys like Bill were always turned on when they saw a pussy, she thought. But then, if she did that, instead of getting hard, the guy would piss his pants in embarrassment.

Was Bill even aware that a mouth would feel good on his cock? Did he even know about such things? Would he think that having his cock sucked was something horrible and dirty? Would he even like having a wet, hot mouth sucking on his cock? Maybe he wanted his cock inside a cunt, not a mouth. Susan was nervous and anxious. She wanted to feel her son's cock deep inside her mouth so badly, to feel the hardness sliding in and out of her lips. Now she felt more frustrated than before. Sucking her son's cock off was becoming an obsession with her. Before the day was out, Susan was about ready to grab Bill by the cock and tell him exactly where she wanted it, whether it frightened the piss out of him or not.

She was sprawled on the couch in the living room, eyes closed and one arm, over them. One foot rested on the floor and the other on the couch. It was almost time for Bill to come home from school. He came home an hour earlier than Tracy. Her dress was hiked up to her hips, and since she had been caressing her cunt most of the day in frustration as she thought of her son, she wore no panties. Her other hand cupped a concealed tit, her thoughts still tumbling about in her head, her cunt in a constant quivering wetness.

When she heard the door open, her first impulse was to shove her skirt down. She knew it was Bill, and that she was sprawled with her pussy exposed. Susan caught herself just in time. Maybe if he saw her cunt, it would excite him, make his cock become hard, and he wouldn't be shy with her. It was a flimsy pretense, but the opportunity had presented itself and Susan would try to make do as best she could.

With her arm over her eyes, she tried to pretend sleep, not wanting Bill to know she was wide awake and fighting to control the tremors of her slim body.

As Bill closed the door and turned, be saw his mother on the couch. Her feet was toward him, and his gaze moved up between her long legs. He stared at her hairy cunt and while his eyes began to burn, his cock lifted inside his pants. His mother's cunt looked different than his sister's, not a difference he could describe, except maybe there was more hair on his mother's pussy.

Susan could almost feel her son's eyes on her cunt, and she fought hard to keep her breathing normal. But she couldn't stop the twitching of her cunt, knowing her son was gazing at it. She visualized his cock swelling inside his pants, and her mouth began to water.

She sensed her son was coming closer. She managed a quick peek from under her arm. Bill didn't notice; he was absorbed by his mother's exposed cunt. He stood at her leg, looking down. The brief peek Susan had was enough to let her know his cock was very hard. She wanted to jerk her skirt high, rip it open, let her tits become free, thrust her cunt toward her son's face and scream at him: "Let me suck your cock off!"

She felt her son brush against her knee. She peeked once more. Bill was leaning over, peering at her pussy. He had one hand poised as if to touch her cunt, his eyes bright and his mouth open. Susan waited breathlessly, mentally urging her son to touch her cunt, to feel it, to push his fingers into it. She wanted him to become so excited, she could sit up and drag his cock out and stuff it into her mouth.

Suddenly, Bill shoved a finger into his mother's pussy.

It happened so quickly, Susan could not stop the grunt of surprise. Bill had plunged his finger into his mother's cunt swiftly, without really thinking about it. He felt the wet heat of her pussy close about his finger, but her grunt frightened him. Without looking at her, he jerked his finger out and ran from the room, going to his bedroom fast.

You fucked it up, Susan, she told herself as she sat up on the couch. You couldn't wait, could you? The opportunity was there, and you fucked up.

But had she?

Bill was in his room, with a hard-on, probably waiting to be punished for what he had done. Getting up, she went to his room. Bill had closed his door. Susan hesitated, then opened it.

Bill was lying on his back. He had shoved his pants down and was jerking on his cock. When the door opened, he gasped as he saw his mother there. Quickly, he tried to jerk his pants up.

Susan stepped boldly into his room, closing the door behind her. Before her son had his pants up, she was standing by his bed, stopping him. Grabbing his hands, she shoved them away from his pants. His cock, although he was frightened, continued to stand up in beautiful hardness. Susan saw his balls, the moistness of his swollen prickhead, his seeping piss-hole. There was not a single hair to be seen. Her cunt pulsated hotly and she swallowed as her mouth filled with watery hunger.

"You touched me, Bill," she said, her voice trembling.

Bill seemed to shrink, his face red, unable to reply.

"You touched me, honey," she said in a more gentle tone. "You touched me and fair is fair."

Her hand darted out and down, and Bill gasped when he felt his mother's hand close about his cock. He stared at her in a puzzled way, not sure what he should do. Susan, feeling the throbbing hardness of her son's cock, began to stoke up and down, jacking him slowly and mewling with pleasure. She moved her other hand out and cupped his balls. Her gaze smoldered at the sight of his seeping piss-hole, her tongue running over her lips. She knew her hand excited him, yet she could see his shyness.

Releasing his cock and balls, she lifted her dress to her waist, spreading her feet. Holding the dress there, she fumbled with the buttons on top. Pulling her dress apart, she exposed her shapely tits to her son's eyes.

"You wanted to see me," she said in a very low whisper. "You wanted to see my body, Bill? You wanted to sneak up on me and stick your finger in me, didn't you? But, honey, you don't have to sneak up that way. I'll show you what you want to see."

Holding her skirt high, Susan turned slowly, letting her son gaze at her body, see her hairy cunt and shapely tits and firm, swelling ass and long thighs. Facing him again, she gazed at his cock and was pleased to see it throbbing so sweetly.

"You like what you see, don't you, baby?" she asked. "You really like what you see?"

His cock was so beautiful, Susan couldn't wait any longer. At this moment, she didn't care if she frightened her son. She had to have his cock!

Darting a hand out, she began to jack on his prick with a frenzy, pumping her hand with flying speed, gripping it as tight as she could. Bill, with ecstasy burning through his cock, arched his hips up into his mother's hand, groaning. Dropping to her knees at the side of his bed, Susan used both hands on him, pulling and twisting his balls as she beat swiftly on his hard cock. She glanced at his face, saw his excitement.

Susan kissed her son's thigh, then darted her tongue out and licked his flesh. Bill's eyes burned down into hers as she swirled her wet, hot tongue about his leg, working it closer and closer to his throbbing cock. She moaned softly in delight as she released his cock and balls and began to rub her hands feverishly about his hips, his lower stomach, his thighs and underneath to give his ass a squeeze. She parted his legs so she could peer between them, up at his precious balls and upthrusting cock. The view she had sent tremors of desire racing to her cunt.

"You're making me so hot, baby," she whispered, her lips brushing closer to his cock and balls. "Seeing you like this, so hard, makes me wild with desire. Bill… oh, Bill!"

She shoved her face between his thighs and into his crotch, with her hot lips pressing at his balls. She flung her arms about his hips as she nuzzled his balls, kissing them with a fiery wetness, moaning and gurgling in a mindless heat of hungry desire.

Bill began to arch his hips up, pressing toward his mother's kissing face. He balled his hands into fists at his sides and watched her with glowing eyes. Now and then he would groan with ecstasy, but otherwise remained almost passive.

Susan, encouraged by his sudden arching into her mouth, began to lick her long tongue about his balls, slipping it under them and lapping and bouncing them lightly, her hands stroking his hips and thighs hotly. She licked her tongue all around her son's precious balls, then shot to the base of his cock. She ran her tongue quickly up and down his throbbing hard prick, licking at the taut flesh, feeling the heat of it against her tongue. Soft gurgles of intense delight bubbled from Susan as she ran her tongue about her son's cock and back to his balls, then up again. She swirled her tongue around his swollen prickhead, tasting the pre-cum, then licked at his seeping piss-hole, wiping up the juices. Her cunt was burning, twitching with ecstasy. Her shapely tits felt so swollen as they pressed against the bed, she thought that they would burst with pleasure.

"Mmmmmm," she moaned as her tongue flew about his cock and balls. "Mmmmm, sweet, sweet baby!"

Slipping her face once more between his thighs, Susan licked his legs from knee to crotch, whimpering in mindless passion, her tongue fiery and wet. She scrubbed her face into his crotch, feeling his balls rubbing her cheeks, her nose, her chin, her lips. Sliding her hands underneath, him, she cupped her son's tight ass, and with an animal-like growl, closed her lips over the head of his swollen cock. She sucked hard, her tongue flicking back and forth on his sensitive piss-hole.

"Ooooh, baby," she whimpered softly, her lips brushing the head of his cock now. "You're so hard! Your cock is so very hard, and it tastes so sweet in my mouth!"

Bill made an incoherent reply, his eyes burning with anticipation down at his mother.

Susan was sliding over the limits of her tolerance, her hunger for her son's cock controlling her now. She gripped it at the base, jerking up and down as her tongue flicked and swirled about his seeping prickhead. She could no longer see, her eyes clouded in ecstasy, rolling as she licked him.

"I want to suck it," she whispered. "I want to suck your cock, Bill. Mother wants to take your sweet, hard cock in her mouth and suck it! Ohhhh, Bill! I need to suck your sweet cock!"

With a moan, she engulfed her son's cock deeply into her mouth, her lips wet, tight and hot as she bobbed her face up and down with swift, short strokes, sucking him. The hot throbbing of her son's cock in her mouth radiated down her body to her cunt. She was so hot, her pussy dripped down her inner thighs, making them slippery.

With her lips tight, sucking on him, she used her tongue with a constant licking motion. Her son's pre-cum was dripping into her mouth, and the taste of those sweet, slippery juices on her tongue caused her to quiver with an orgasm. She moaned in ecstasy around her son's cock as she came, her hands clutching his tight ass hard. She bobbed her mouth up and down on his cock so fast, her hair danced and swirled. Susan preferred to suck a cock slowly, to savor the hard, hot taste of it, but right now she was much too excited. She was sucking him greedily, devouring his cock like a starved, demented woman, which she was. She twisted her head about, screwing on his cock with her lips twisting. She tried to swallow his prick, his balls tight on her chin.

Bill, his shyness overcome by the pleasure he felt, was moaning and working his cock up and down now, fucking into his mother's sucking mouth. He began to beat his fists on the bed, gritting his teeth as the ecstasy became almost more than he could bear. His balls were becoming tight and he felt the impending spurt of his come juice bubbling about in them. He wasn't sure what to do. He was so close to coming off, there was no way he could stop it. Yet his mother refused to release his cock.

Susan, too, knew her son was close to discharge. She could feel the increased throbbing of his cock, feel his balls tight on her chin. She dug her hands into his ass, holding him to prevent Bill from jerking his cock out when he started to come. She felt him shaking, and she sucked harder and wilder, her tongue fluttering with flying hunger.

"Mother!" he moaned. "Mother, stop! You gotta stop now, Mother!"

But Susan wouldn't stop. She couldn't stop, no matter what. She anticipated the boiling sweetness of her son's jism spurting into her mouth. There was no way he could jerk his cock from her.

"Mother! Ohhhh, Mother!"

Susan felt the spasms go through her son's cock before he came. She closed her lips tightly around his prickhead, her tongue fluttering across his piss-hole. Her mind was reeling, and when she tasted his thick come juice splashing upon her tongue, her cunt erupted into a massive orgasm. She screamed around his cock as she came, her sucking mouth devouring the gushing jism, her throat working to swallow it.

Bill's body thrashed about as he came, his hips jerking. He groaned loudly, beating hard on the bed with his fists. He wasn't trying to pull his spewing cock from his mother's mouth now, but trying to ram it deep into her throat, the urge to push overcoming all else.

"Mother… Mother… Mother!"

Susan came close to fainting as she sucked the jism from her son's cock. The ecstasy rumbling through her, the orgasms that increased and continued sparkling through her cunt were making her weak, but her son was still coming, and she wanted it all. Bill came so much, so very much, filling her mouth until her cheeks ballooned out before she could swallow. Her fingers dug deep into his flexing asscheeks, pulling his hips up as her mouth went down, driving his cock to the back of her throat.

Both were groaning now, loudly, as they came in their different ways.

Finished, Bill slowly relaxed. Susan clung to his cock with her lips, moaning softly now as the shuddering orgasms slowed and finally stopped altogether.

They rested, Bill panting and Susan breathing hard, still clinging to his cock with her lips. The taste of his come juice lingered on her tongue, creating a very pleasant sensation in her body.

Lifting her face, she smiled at her son, caressing his empty balls in a gentle way. She kissed his still shaking stomach, stroked his thighs.

"Was, it good?" she asked, needing his approval.

Bill nodded his head, but didn't say anything.

"Oh, Bill!" she moaned. "Say something!"

"It was good, Mother," he finally said.

"You're being truthful, aren't you? You wouldn't lie to me about this, would you?"

"Mother, it was good," he insisted.

She searched his face, but found only pleasure there. She nuzzled his cock and balls as her hand slid up and down his inner thigh.

"Good enough to let me do it again for you?"

Bill nodded his head, no longer shy. Instead, he ran his hands to his mother's head now and pushed her face against his cock and balls, giving a naughty laugh of pleasure. Susan now laughed with delight, kissing his cock and balls, running her tongue about his crotch.

"That's enough for now," she said, patting his hip as she stood up. "Your sister will be home soon, so I guess you'd better pull your pants up, huh?"

Bill pulled his pants up, then buttoned them. Susan leaned over and kissed his lips lightly. But Bill surprised her. He grabbed her still exposed tits and squeezed them. Susan giggled in pleasure and let him fondle her tits a while.

"Later," she whispered. "Later you can play with mother's titties and ass and cunt all you want."


Tracy came bouncing into the house, still wearing her short cheerleading costume.

She saw immediately that her mother was glowing about something. She grinned. "You look quite happy." Tracy said.

"Your brother." Susan replied.

Tracy gave a squeal and jumped into the air, her short skirt flying about her slender thighs, showing off her tight panties. "Really? Did you fuck him, Mother? Did you fuck Bill? Is that why you look so happy?"

"No, I didn't fuck him," Susan said, watching her daughter jump about happily.

"You sucked him off?" Tracy said.

Susan nodded, grinning widely.

Tracy ran to her mother and bugged her tightly, excited about it. She kissed her mother's mouth and darted her wicked tongue as deep as she could, clutching at her mother's ass with both hands. Susan felt her tits smashed against her daughter's, as she sucked on Tracy's tongue. They held each other tightly, pressing their hips together and leaning back, gazing happily at each other.

"Was it as good as you thought it would be?" Tracy asked.

"Better, Tracy," Susan gurgled. "Bill comes a lot, and I thought he was going to drown me with it. He's better than the neighbor, you know?"

"No, I don't know," Tracy said. "I've never fucked the neighbor, nor sucked Bill's cock, either."

"Well, I know," Susan said, grinding her pelvis against her daughter's.

Tracy slipped her mother's dress up behind, feeling naked flesh. "You're not wearing panties."

"Bill wanted to see my pussy, so I showed it to him," Susan said. "That made his cock stand up, believe me."

"Where's he at now?"

"In his room," Susan replied. "I think I drained his sweet balls. He was tired when I left him."

"In that case," Tracy giggled, slipping to her knees.

She ran her hands up her mother's thighs, feeling the creamy smoothness, Susan looked down at her daughter with eyes that were starting to boil. "What are you going to do, Tracy?"

Tracy gazed up, her hands now clutching the cheeks of her mother's naked ass. "Tonguefuck you."

"Honey, you don't have to do that," Susan said. "Just because I licked your cunt doesn't mean you have to do it to me. Besides, I came when Bill did."

"Mother, I want to lick your cunt, and you know you can always come," Tracy said. "I've been thinking about this all day at school, and I want to tonguefuck you."

Pulling her mother's dress over her head, Tracy held her mother's ass and pressed her face into the woman's bushy cunt. Susan spread her knees, arching her pussy toward her daughter's face. She pulled her skirt away and held it at her waist, looking down at the beautiful face buried in her cunt. She shuddered when she felt her daughter's tongue reach far back, then lick along the pulsating slit of her pussy. Tracy licked at her mother's cunt this way for a few times, then dipped her face lower and glued her mouth against the heat of her mother's steamy cunt. Her tongue darted out, stabbing into fiery wetness, thrusting in and out. She sucked at her mother's rigid clit as her tongue licked, making Susan tremble and shake. Susan rolled her ass, grinding her cunt against Tracy's mouth as she held the back of her daughter's head. She inched her feet forward, spreading her legs until she was straddling Tracy. If Tracy had not been clutching her mother's ass and Susan not been holding her head, Tracy would have fallen to her back.

Grinding against her daughter's mouth, Susan began to whimper with passion. "Oooooh, Tracy, Tracy! That's so good! Oh, baby, lick me! Your tongue is so long, it feels like a cock fucking me! Mmmmmmm, suck me… lick me!"

Tracy sucked at the juices of her mother's cunt, finding it enjoyable. She wondered what it would feel like to have all that hair against her cheeks, her tongue sliding in and out. Now, tongue-fucking her mother, she found it very pleasant indeed. She swirled her tongue about in the boiling tightness of her mother's pussy, fucking it in and out, then sucking her swollen clit.

Susan moaned, whimpered and thrust her cunt back and forth, grinding into Tracy's mouth. "Hold my ass, Tracy! Hold my hot ass!"

Susan suddenly screamed as she came. Tracy, feeling her mother's pussy squeezing her tongue, licked frantically, digging into the woman's smooth, round ass with both hands, bringing Susan to a shattering orgasm. Then, giggling, Tracy pulled her face from between her mother's shaking thighs. Susan slumped down, sitting on her heels, gasping and laughing as they fell into each other's arms.

Susan licked at her daughter's smeared face happily, tasting her own cunt juices. They clutched at one another and rolled around the floor, laughing like two excited children.

Bill tad heard the commotion, but remained in his room for awhile. Finally hearing his sister and mother laughing loudly, he left it to see what was so funny. He came upon them as they rolled about and laughed. The flashing of his mother's thighs and those of his sister caused his eyes to gleam. They had not seen him yet, and Bill stood watching. Once he caught a brief peek of his mother's bushy cunt, but the peek wasn't long enough. His sister's short skirt had swirled up about her hips and her tight panties excited him. His cock began to swell again.

Tracy and Susan broke apart, gasping and giggling. They sprawled to their backs, and then saw Bill looking at them.

"Hi, honey," Tracy said, smiling widely at her brother.

Susan simply looked at him, her expression showing heat as her gaze searched along the front of his pants, seeing the throbbing outline of his cock. "Miss me?"

Bill nodded his head. He was gazing at his mother, seeing her legs, but her skirt had fallen between them, concealing her cunt. It was his sister that drew his interest. During the rolling around, her tight panties had pulled into her crotch, and curls of hair could be seen at each side of the band. Her cuntslit was molded, and it looked as if her panties were wet.

Tracy, too, saw his cock straining at his pants. Her eyes, shining with a bubbling heat, were transfixed by the bulge of his pants. Her legs were wide, but she stretched them wider, grinning lewdly at her brother. The sweet curves of her ass were exposed by the way her panties had drawn into the crack. Tracy lifted her hips and writhed them.

"Want something, Bill," she asked in a throaty voice. "See something you'd like to have, honey?"

Bill shot a glance at his mother, who was simply lying there and staring at his cock, licking her lips. He tried to see her cunt again, but her dress had not moved. Looking back at his sister, Bill nodded his head, a faint flush warming his smooth cheeks.

Tracy gurgled warmly, lifting her arms to her brother.

Again, Bill glanced at his mother, but she was still gazing at his cock. He took a short step toward his sister, but Tracy stopped him.

"Take it out, baby," she whispered. "Take your cock out now. Let us see your cock before you come any closer."

Bill was much too excited to refuse. Seeing his sister and mother together, their long legs revealed, Tracy's cunt hair and mast of his mother's pussy, he had lost his shyness. He fumbled with his pants, and his cock leaped out, throbbing hard, pointing toward the ceiling.

Tracy's eyes became moist with desire as she saw it, and Susan's mouth watered heavily, her tongue flicking about her lips.

Tracy lifted her hips and peeled her panties away, throwing them onto the couch. She jerked her short skirt to her waist, spread her legs as wide as possible and held her arms to her brother again. Susan lowered her gaze to her daughter's glistening wet cunt, then to her son's cock again. Her pulses were racing with erotic emotion, eager to watch them fucking again.

Bill, his eyes straining hotly at his sister's cunt, stepped between her spread legs, his cock lurching up and down, dripping from the pisshole.

"Honey," Susan said in a throaty voice, "take your pants down. We want to see you naked, see everything naked."

Bill opened the waist of his pants and shoved them down, kicking them from his feet. Susan lifted herself to one elbow, taking her son's hard cock in her hand and stroking it as her daughter gazed up with hot eyes, her hips twisting. Bill watched his mother's hand on his cock, tried to see her cunt again, and finally stared down at his sister's hair-trimmed pussy. Tracy rubbed lightly at her swollen clit as she watched their mother slowly fondle Bill's cock and cup his balls.

"Ooooooh, be careful, Mother!" Tracy gurgled hotly. "He's so hard, you might make him come before he gets his cock in me! Be careful!"

Susan giggled softly, squeezed her son's cock and released him. "Fuck her, Bill," she said in a husky voice. "Fuck your sister, baby! Ohhhh, put your sweet cock in her cunt and fuck her! Fuck her, fuck her!"

"Yes, Bill!" Tracy hissed, rolling her hips as she shoved her cunt into the air. "Fuck me! Oooooh, fuck me, honey!"

Bill went to his knees, starting to plunge his cock into his sister's wet and fiery cunt. But Susan placed her hand on his lower stomach, and he sat on his heels, looking at her, puzzled.

"Let me watch your cock when you put it in Tracy," Susan mewled, taking the base of his cock in a forefinger and thumb.

Tracy squirmed her cunt forward, her legs sliding past his hips as she scooted her creamy ass up on his thighs. Susan pressed her son's cock down, sitting up to watch Tracy's wet cuntlips stretch around the head of her son's cock. She moaned softly, watching with erotic interest as Tracy's cunt slipped slowly onto Bill's prick, the lips spreading, her tiny clit inflamed and throbbing. Tracy's cunt hair brushed against Susan's fingers, then the girl's searing and stretched pussylips touched Susan's hand.

"Ooooooh, sweet," she whimpered, leaning over to look closely at her son's cock stabbing into his sister's boiling cunt. "Oh, God! That's so fucking sweet! Fuck, both of you! Please, I want to see you fuck each other! Oooooh it makes me so… so hot, seeing your beautiful cock in that hairy, wet cunt, Bill! Fuck her pussy, baby! Fuck your sister's hungry cunt!"

Susan, still holding the base of her son's cock with her thumb and forefinger, brought her other hand to Tracy's trembling stomach, sliding it through the silky hairs and shoving two fingers along her puffy, stretching cuntlips. Tracy mewled in pleasure, her hips grinding, her cunt filled by her brother's throbbing cock. Bill, still sitting on his heels, gazed at his mother's hands and sister's cunt. He watched in delight as his sister began fucking him this way, jerking her hips up and down, riding his cock with wet heavy, banging against his mother's fingers, which were still on the base of his prick. This position did not allow Tracy's clit to rub and scrape on the shaft of his cock, but Susan was making up for that. She was rubbing swiftly at the girl's tiny, swollen clit with two fingers, almost sobbing in voyeuristic ecstasy.

Tracy clawed at her swollen tits, her head rolling and twisting on the floor, her hips beating wildly now on her brother's cock. "Fuck me! Ohhhh, Bill, fuck me! I love it, baby! You're so fucking hard… I love your hard cock! Fuck my cunt, honey! Oooooh, fuck me deep!"

Bill slipped his palms up and down his sister's slender thighs, his eyes huge and hot as he watched her tight, sweet cunt fucking his cock. The fact that his mother was there watching, actually helping and urging him to fuck Tracy, made it all the more intense and pleasurable for him. Bill knew how good it felt to be watched as he fucked his sister, but it felt even better because it was his mother watching them. Running his hands up and down his sister's thighs, his right hand brushed his mother's knee. With a sudden squeal of delight, Susan grabbed his wrist and she pulled her son's hand between her legs, curling his fingers into her steamy cunt.

"Feel me, honey!" she groaned. "Bill, feel my cunt! Play with mother's cunt and fuck your sister's cunt and feel me up and fuck Tracy and…"

Bill, felt the heat of his mother's cunt against his palm, the slippery wetness seeping from her puffy pussylips. Still sitting on his heels, watching his sister's cunt fucking in a frenzy on his throbbing cock, he rubbed his mother's pussy hard, shoving two fingers into it and thrust them up and down. Susan rose to her knees, spreading them wide so her son could plunge his fingers into her cunt. She pushed Tracy's hands away from the girl's firm tits and, with a quick movement, shoved the light sweater to Tracy's neck. Since her daughter was not wearing a bra, her succulent tits were beautifully naked, the tips standing rigid.

Bill was so excited, his gaze darted from his sister's pussy, fucking on his cock, to his mother's hand as she began to feel and fondle and squeeze Tracy's tits. His two fingers banged deep and hard up his mother's bubbling cunt, fingerfucking her with excitement. His hips shook and be started to fuck with his sister, driving his cock into her as she wiggled down onto, him. Her ass felt so good on his balls, rubbing and brushing them, and her cunt was so hot and wet and tight, gripping the head of hiss cock hungrily, as if afraid he would pull it free.

Tracy, once more gripping a tit, flung her hips about in a wild manner, squealing loudly as her mother squeezed and twisted the nipple of her other tit. Bill's mind was reeling with ecstasy, the pleasure of fucking his sister with his cock and fingerfucking his mother at the same time an intense experience.

Then Tracy became even more erotic. She lifted her legs high in the air, grabbing behind her knees and pulling them to her tits. This caused her ass to go high in the air, and Bill had to pull his hand out of his mother's cunt to lift himself up. Otherwise his cock would come out Tracy's cunt.

With his sister's ass high, her knees against her shoulders, he had to almost stand up to fuck her. Susan moved quickly behind her son, shoving her face close, watching his cock fuck Tracy's pussy this way. She saw the girl's hairy cuntlips clutching at Bill's stabbing cock, the wink of her daughter's tight asshole. Bill was fucking his sister energetically now, his sweet balls bouncing up and down.

The moist sounds of them sent tremors of erotic ecstasy through Susan's heated body, making her cunt pulsate. If only she could get her son's cock inside her mouth now while all that delicious cunt juice was smeared over it, she would suck her son's cock off frantically. Her cunt exploding as she sucked up her daughter's pussy juice as the thick sweetness of her son's come at the same time.

She shoved her hands beneath her daughter's lifted ass, helping to brace Tracy, her eyes gleaming as she watched her son's balls beat upon her daughter's puckered asshole. She held her hand beneath his balls, feeling them slap into her palm. She sobbed with intense pleasure, licking her lips as she started to twist and tug on Bill's balls.

"Go deep, Bill!" Tracy squealed, shaking her ass about lewdly. "Fuck me real deep, baby! Ooooooh, what a cock! So fucking hard… so hot, and you're about to make my cunt really come off! God, do I love to fuck you, Bill!"

"Give it to her hot cunt, Bill!" Susan urged hotly, pulling her hand off Tracy's creamy ass and starting to squeeze her son's ass, while still clinging to his balls. "Fuck your sister! Fuck Tracy's hot, wet cunt with your sweet cock! Oooooh, darling, shoot it to her… come in her fucking cunt! Squirt that sweet, sweet come in your sister's hungry pussy!"

The words they used inflamed Bill's mind even more, as Susan knew they would. She kept telling him to fuck his sister in her wet cunt with his cock, over and over, telling him to come in her, to fill her hungry cunt with his come juice. She pulled at his balls tenderly, twisting them, staring at his cock as it penetrated the hairy lips of her daughter's so eager cunt. She saw Tracy's asshole drawing inward, then pooching. It was obvious to Susan that her daughter was coming before Tracy even started screaming in ecstasy. Her own cunt was quivering, and Susan knew that she would come just by watching. She leaned closer, turning loose of her son's balls, wanting to watch them writhe as he came, as his cock squirted sweet come into his sister's greedy cunt.

Bill, with his sister's cunt squeezing hard on, his cock, rammed into her, holding his body stiff. He made a growling sound, then his cock erupted with a spurting flow of come juice. The sensation, of her brother squirting into her bubbling cunt creaked a final, more powerful orgasm inside Tracy's cunt. Her naked ass shot hard against him, grinding as she screeched her pleasure, the hair-rimmed lips of her cunt visibly clutching his cock.

Susan saw it all, saw her son's balls draw up and writhe as he came, saw her daughter's cunt grip him with squeezing tightness. There was nothing she wanted more in the world at that moment than to pull her son's cock from her daughter's cunt and start sucking greedily at the flow of his spurting thick jism. Her cunt was twitching with orgasm, her clit intensely distended. She placed her hands on her son's naked and trembling ass, trying to push his discharging cock deeper into Tracy's cunt. Then, unable to keep watching, she smashed her lips to her son's ass, kissing with open lips, sucking and licking at the smooth freshness of his ass, still coming. She moaned loudly, almost as loud as the screeches of her daughter. Impulsively, Susan slipped her tongue across her son's ass and did something that she had never done before; she shot her long tongue into the crack of his ass, probing against his asshole.

With a yelp of surprise, Bill jerked, his cock slipping out of Tracy's cunt. He flopped to the floor, looking at his mother in surprise.


Bill had lost his shyness.

With a sister and mother that seemed to want his cock constantly, there was no reason to be shy. He looked at them openly without blushing, and enjoyed it when they looked at him now. He was not embarrassed when his cock became hard, which it seemed to do all the time.

He had sat on the floor looking at his mother in surprise when she darted her tongue against his asshole, but realized that was what she wanted to do. It had not been accidental.

His face spread in a grin.

"You better be careful doing something like that, Mother," he said bluntly, his eyes glowing.

"Why honey?" she asked, sitting on her heels, her skirt halfway up her slim thighs. Tracy's ass was back an the floor, but her legs were wide and her tits heaving.

"What happened?" Tracy asked.

"Mother licked my asshole," Bill giggled without the faintest sign of shyness.

"What's wrong with that?" Susan asked. She glanced at her daughter's cunt. Her pink pussylips were wet, and come juice was seeping from them and over the rounded curves of her ass to the floor.

"I might… I could have, you know, shit," Bill giggled, finding delight in talking this way. He used such words with his friends, but this was the first time with his mother and sister.

Susan smiled wickedly. "So what?"

Bill's eyes widened. "Ahhhhh, you'd probably like it if I did."

"Maybe," Susan said. "Maybe I would."

"That's right," Tracy giggled, caressing her naked tits. "You never know until you try it. Right now, though," she said getting up and cupping her hand between her dripping thighs and holding her cunt, "I have to piss, and I don't want to mess up the carpets."

A shiver of unexpected pleasure rippled through Susan as she looked at Tracy. "I think I'll go along and watch you."

"Then you better hurry, Mother," Tracy said, going to the bathroom quickly.

Susan got to her feet, reaching to pull her son up. "Let's watch, Bill," she said, her voice strangely husky, "Let's, go watch your sister piss."

Holding his hand, she pulled him along with her. They reached the bathroom just as Tracy was starting to sit down. She held her short skirt about her small waist, her cunt gleaming wetly.

"That way," Susan said. "Don't sit down, Tracy. We won't be able to watch if you sit on the toilet."

Tracy spread her legs around the bowl, stepping back so that she would be sure to piss into it. Her ass touched the cold water tank, and she giggled.

"Well," Susan said, squatting in front of her daughter, her eyes bright with perverse anticipation. "Go ahead and piss, honey."

She clung to her son's cock now as he dropped to his knees so he could see, too. Like his mother, his eyes, were glowing with eager pleasure, straining on his sister's cunt. Tracy's pink cuntlips could be seen, as could the tip of her clit.

"I don't know if I can piss standing up," she said. "I've never tried before, nor with anyone watching."

"You can do it, Tracy," Susan urged, running her hand up her daughter's thigh and holding her hip. "You can piss, baby. Strain a little. Come on, Tracy, piss for us!"

Excitement filled Susan like never before. Wanting to see Tracy piss was a strong, erotic desire within her, something she had not considered before. Her gaze riveted upon her daughter's cunt, waiting to see the golden stream flow. She clutched her son's cock tightly, gripping Tracy's hip with her other hand.

A spurt of piss came from Tracy's cunt.

"Ooooh, there it is!" Susan moaned, feeling a rippling stab of unusual ecstasy flood her body.

A second spurt came out, and Susan gulped, running her tongue over her lips. Bill, his cock starting to become hard as he watched his sister's cunt, found himself as excited as his mother to see Tracy's piss. Tracy, too, felt a strange pleasure in having them watch her, and she began to piss, making it tinkle into the water of the toilet. As she kept pining, the stream became stronger, arching out until it splashed on the rim of the toilet set.

Susan's eyes glowed hotly and she jerked on her son's swelling cock. "That makes your cock hard, Bill," she hissed to her son, but she kept watching her daughter's cunt and the stream of golden piss. "That's what will make your cock hard, baby! Piss, Tracy… Ooooh, keep pissing. That's a beautiful sight! Ooooh, I love seeing you piss! Don't you like it, too, Billy?"

Bill was too absorbed in seeing his sister piss to answer. His cock was now in full hardness as his mother jacked him with a tight, hot fist. The golden stream of his sister's piss excited him, and he could see where it came from. He moved a hand to her hip, then around to hold one cheek of her lovely tight ass.

Susan, pumping with excitement on her son's throbbing cock, brought her hand from Tracy's hip and moved it into the stream, cupping her palm. Tracy, looking down, as she held her short skirt at her small waist, giggled to see the piss flow from her mother's hand.

Tracy's piss felt warm and exciting in her palm, and Susan's cunt began to burn again. Her fist beat frantically on Bill's cock. Bill clutched at his sister's ass while gazing with more excitement than he thought possible. He had seen many teens pissing, but that had done nothing for him. But seeing his sister pissing was making him so hot, he wondered if his mother's jacking fist would make him come off.

Then Susan couldn't help what she did next. To the amazement of her son and daughter, Susan shoved her long tongue way out, and slipped it into the stream of piss. Piss splashed on the tip of her tongue, and tasting it made Susan moan, her eyes dosing as a fantastic shiver of ecstasy went front her head to her toes.

"Oooooh!" she moaned, sliding her tongue farther into the stream, thrilled with the perverse thing she was doing. Her long tongue began to flap up and down, tasting the golden piss flowing from her daughter's cunt. She jerked hard on her son's cock, and then released him quickly. She shoved his hand under her skirt and between her thighs. Drawing her mouth back, she hissed huskily, "Fingerfuck me, Bill! Ohhhh, fingerfuck my cunt! I'm about to come!"

Bill thrust his fingers into his mother's soaking wet cunt and fucked her fast, gazing at her as she shoved her tongue out again into the stream of Tracy's piss. He could feel his mother's cunt squeezing his hand, and his cock throbbed up and down as his excitement grew. Tracy darted her eyes from her brother's jerking cock to her mother's face, so excited by what they were doing that she was certain she would come while pissing. She darted her hand down to her cunt and pulled her hairy pussylips apart, causing the stream to fly higher. Tracy was now pissing directly into her wide-open mouth. But she wasn't swallowing it. The piss streaming into her open mouth filled it and overflowed, running down her chin and soaking her blouse and tits.

She moaned deep in her throat, and started coming around her son's darting fingers. Her pussy squeezed at his fingers so hard, Bill was having a problem fucking her with them. She wailed and pulled her mouth away from the still streaming piss, falling back on her ass while her cunt spasmed in those powerful waves of ecstasy.

Tracy grabbed her brother's head and she jerked his face into her piss, giggling lewdly. Bill, finding her pissing into his face, yelped, gripping his cock hard.

"Drink, Bill!" Tracy urged. "Drink my piss!"

Before he could think about it, Bill opened his mouth and tasted the warm piss. His mouth filled and ran over his chin the way it had his mother's, and he started jerking on his cock in a frenzy. As he felt his come juice boiling inside his balls, Bill began to swallow his sister's piss. The idea of drinking her piss sent his body into shivering pleasure. Tracy, seeing his ecstatic expression, pulled her brother's face into her cunt, his lips against her hairy pussy mouth. She was now pissing directly into Bill's mouth, and he was swallowing swiftly.

Holding his breath, he pressed his mouth against her cunt and thrust his tongue deeply, licking and fucking her, Tracy's piss streaming about his nose and cheeks now.

Susan, leaning against the wall weakly, watched her son shave his lips into Tracy's cunt and swallow her piss, his fist beating frantically on his cock. Her eyes, glazed from the intensity of her orgasm, focused sharply. Her dress, at least the top, was soaked with Tracy's piss, clinging to her tits and outlining them. As lovely as the sight was, neither Tracy nor Bill saw it. Bill had his mouth pressed hard against his sister's cunt, thrusting his tongue into it and jacking off frantically. Tracy, holding her brother's head with both hands, had closed her eyes with the pleasure.

Bill moved so that he had his back to his mother, making it easier for him to fuck his sister with his tongue. Susan watched his sweet, tight ass, and moved forward to shove her hands between his thighs. She cupped his balls as he jerked on his cock, then moved her hand to his prickhead, cupping it. His cock was dripping a lot now and it seared her palm.

"Come, darling!" she urged, kissing his back. "Come in my hand! Spurt your sweet come in mother's hand! Eat Tracy's cunt and jack off in mother's hand! Ooooh, do it, do it!"

Bill thrust his tongue deep into his sister's cunt, his head back and neck stretched. The feel of her silky cunt hair on his cheeks, the wetness of her sugar sweet cunt in his mouth and on his tongue, sent his cock into spasms. He squirted time and again into his mother's hand, feeling his sister's pussy grip his tongue. Tracy squealed as she came against her brother's mouth, grinding her cunt brutally against his face.

When Bill finished coming, Susan withdrew her hand and she began to lick hungrily at his come juice. She lapped her tongue into her palm, swirling it into the bubbling jism and lapping it into her mouth, swallowing with a whimper of erotic desire, she smeared the come juice about her face, then licked her hand clean.

Bill pulled his wet face out of his sister's cunt and sat on the floor, leaning against the cabinets of the sink. Tracy slumped onto the toilet, breathing hard, her knees wide. Susan, still smearing her son's jism about her mouth and licking her palm, was giggling lewdly, her eyes gleaming as she looked from Bill's cock to her daughter's cunt.

There was nothing said among them. It was as if they understood that something had transpired that would from now on change the relationships they had so recently established with one another. It was a change for the better, considering the erotic nature of all three.

After a while Tracy took some tissue and she cleaned her cunt, dropping it into the toilet, then flushing it. Bill struggled to his feet, his cock dangling with his balls. Susan, too, got up, her dress drenched in Tracy's piss.

"I'm a fucking mess," Susan said with a soft laugh. She opened her blouse, then removed it, letting her tits free. Bill gazed at them, finding his mother's tits as beautiful as his sister's, only a bit larger and with longer nipples. Susan saw his gaze, and she offered him a tit. "Want to suck mother's tit, baby?" she asked in a whisper. "There's piss all over them, but I bet you would like that."

Eagerly Bill shoved his mouth to his mother's piss wet tit. He closed his lips about her nipple and sucked hard, making his mother moan with delight. He ran his tongue across the creamy softness, going from one tit to the other. The piss on them seemed to add to his pleasure as he licked it away, sucking his mother's nipples in pleasure.

Tracy pressed against her brother from behind, lifting her short skirt to feel her cunt against his naked ass. She ran one hand down to his cock and balls, caressing them as she grabbed the cheeks of her mother's ass with the other. Bill, shorter than either of them, felt good this way. Above his head, Susan and Tracy began to kiss each other, and Tracy tasted the lingering sweetness of her brother's come juice on her mother's mouth. There was also the exotic taste of her piss, too.

"My God," Susan moaned as she pulled her mouth from Tracy's. "We better slow down. We're going to fuck each other to death the way we're going."

Tracy squirmed her hairy cunt against her brother's back and ass, stroking his cock for a moment, then turned him around. "I doubt that will happen, Mother," she giggled. "It feels too good to stop, anyway."

"God, I know what you mean, Tracy," Susan said. "I don't think I could stop for anything, not now."

"I won't get fucked to death," Bill said. "I only get to fuck Tracy."

"Do I hear you complaining?" Tracy asked. Bill shook his head vigorously and swiftly. He didn't want his sister to get mad. She might stop fucking him, or so he thought. He wasn't aware that his sister was teasing.

"I think he wants to stick his cock in me," Susan said. "Is that right, honey?"

"Mother, I haven't even fucked your cunt. I've been fingerfucking you all the time."

"Well, I suppose we can remedy that," Susan said. "But what are we standing in the fucking bathroom for? We don't have any room in here for anything."

"Why don't we leave, then," Tracy said. "Unless anyone else has to piss, that is." Her eyes were glowing as if she hoped her mother or brother would piss for her.

But they didn't.

They all left and, instead of going to the living room, turned to Susan's bedroom, the largest one in the house. Susan sat in the center of her bed, her legs crossed. Tracy propped herself at the foot, and Bill stood waiting, looking. He still wore a t-shirt, but was naked from the waist down. He could see his sister's cunt under her short skin, but it was his mother's cunt he wanted to see right now. Tracy pulled her light sweater off, and Bill watched her sweet, shapely tits arch and lift in movement. Now his sister and mother sat with their tits naked, nipples firm and very hard.

"Show me, Mother," Bill said in a low, excited voice. "I wanna see your cunt."

Susan lifted her skin, shoved it to her waist, then twisted it so it would stay high. Bill's eyes glowed as he saw his mother's hairy pussy. Susan lifted her ass off the bed, standing on her knees, spreading them and arching her hips. She pulled her hairy pussylips apart to let him see the pink wetness. Immediately Bill's cock began to lift with hardness as he stared excitedly.

Tracy watched them, moving a hand between her thighs.

Susan, knowing of the teen's voyeuristic desires, began to thrust a finger into her cunt, letting her son watch. She moved her finger in and out, and Bill saw it gleaming with her cunt juices. He licked his lips, taking his cock in his hand.

"Let me," Tracy said, scooting toward her brother. "Let me take care of that sweet cock, honey."

"Suck him, Tracy," Susan moaned. "I want to see you suck your brother's cock."

"Mmmmm, my pleasure," Tracy said, lapping her tongue about Bill's prick, tasting the jism that still lingered on the tip. She closed her lips around Bill's cock and began to suck hard, taking it deep into her throat. She clung to her brother's hips as she devoured his prick with hungry delight, squealing softly.

"That's beautiful!" Susan mewled, fucking herself with a rigid finger, her hand slapping wetly into her cunt. Bill began to dance about with excitement, watching his mother fucking herself, his sister gobbling at his cock greedily.

"Watch me, Bill!" Susan gurgled. "Watch me fuck myself! Isn't it nice, seeing mother finger her hot, wet cunt? Does it make your cock get real hard, with Tracy sucking it? Come in your sister's mouth, honey! Come in her cocksucking hot mouth! If you do, I'll let you fuck me! Come in Tracy's hungry cocksucking mouth and you can fuck my cunt, baby!"

Bill grabbed his sister by the back of her head, plunging his cock into her mouth, fucking her as much as she was sucking him. Tracy gurgled and sucked wickedly, her tongue licking, her throat closing about his swollen, smooth prickhead as it went deep.

With a growl, Tracy sucked off his cock, looking up at him with blazing eyes. "Come in my mouth, baby," she pleaded. "I want you to come in my mouth, Bill! You'll be the first to squirt in my mouth, and I want it so much!"

As she gobbled his cock back into her hot mouth, she flung her arms around his hips and clung to his tight ass, jerking his cock deep into her mouth.

Susan squealed, her fingers slapping against the wetness of her hairy cunt. "She wants it, Bill! Your cocksucking sister wants you to come in her fucking mouth! Give it to her! Stuff her hot mouth with your hard cock and come down her cunt-lapping throat!"

Tracy moaned hotly as she sucked in a frenzy. The image of all the guys that had tried to get their hard cocks into her mouth flashed through her mind. If only they had not been so rough and demanding with her, she knew she would probably have sucked them all off. Her tits smashed her brother's thighs as she sucked with all her strength, her lips tight and her tongue a flame of fire. The hard throbbing of Bill's cock sent shivers of ecstasy through her smooth flesh. Her cunt was bubbling once more, and she knew she would come.

With her gaze burning on her daughter's stretching, cock filled mouth, Susan fingerfucked herself in a frantic manner, her palm slapping into her cunt wetly, two fingers driving into her cunt. Bill watched her, his eyes gleaming with delight, holding his sister's head and pumping swiftly into her mouth.

"I'm gonna come!" he shouted.

"Come now!" Susan cried. "Come in her cocksucking mouth!"

A glob of jism burst from his piss-hole, striking the back of Tracy's throat. She gagged but recovered, pulling her lips back until she held only his prickhead. Her tongue pressed at his gushing piss-hole so the thick come juice would not splash into her throat. Her mouth filled quickly with the hot sweetness, and her tongue flapped about his piss-hole. She moaned with pleasure, tasting her brother's jism, loving it, swallowing now.

The wet sounds of her daughter's sucking sent Susan's cunt into spasms. She wailed as she came, sprawling back on the bed, legs wide, cunt in the air. Bill, even as he came, could see his mother's hairy cunt twitch in orgasm.

Tracy gulped and licked and sucked, draining his balls of every precious drop of come juice, then pulled her lips away. She stood up, grabbed her brother about his shoulders and smashed her lips to his. Susan, her cunt calming now, watched them kissing with pleasure, seeing her son slide his hands under Tracy's short skirt and holding her ass. She smiled as she thought of her son's cock sliding into her cunt.

Susan would rather suck his precious cock off, but he wanted to fuck her, so she would. She would do anything for him and Tracy, as long as she could suck his cock off and lick Tracy's sugar-sweet cunt.


Tracy sprawled on her stomach, turned with her feet toward the head of the bed, watching, her eyes gleaming with interest.

Susan, on her back with her head propped on a couple of pillows, was gazing down her now naked body, gently massaging her tits and fingering her nipples. Between her legs, Bill knelt, caressing his mother's smooth, slim thighs, his eyes hot as he gazed at her cunt. He seemed to be nervous as he ran his hands up and down her creamy flesh, but Susan knew he wasn't. The trembling of his hands was due to the excitement he felt by seeing her cunt.

Aware of her son's interest in her body, mostly because she was his mother, Susan let her son look between her legs for as long as he wanted. She enjoyed his hands running up and down her thighs, hips and her lower stomach. When he moved his fingers through the curls of her cunt, she moaned in pleasure, her hips writhing sensuously.

Bill ran his hands between her thighs, caressing her cunt lightly, feeling her puffy pussy lips and prodding her again rigid clit. For a moment, he watched his mother's cunt close upon his finger. As good as her pussy felt around his fingers, so hot and wet, he had fingerfucked her already. His excitement was growing because his cock would be in his mother's cunt very soon.

Tracy cupped her chin in one hand, watching her brother feel Susan up. She, too, had removed the rest of her clothing, and her cute ass twisted occasionally, her asscheeks bunching up, tightening. She rested her other hand on her mother's flat stomach, feeling the heat radiating up her arm and down to her sweet cunt. Susan released her tit and started to stroke her daughter's creamy, swelling ass and the backs of her thighs. Seeing this increased Bill's desire, and his cock swelled until it was standing very hard.

"Me you going to play with mother's cunt or fuck it, Bill?" Tracy asked, wiggling her ass when her mother squeezed one cheek. "If you're not, then I'm going to fuck that hard-on."

"He's going to fuck me," Susan replied. "I promised he could fuck me, and he's going to? Right, Bill?"

"Yes!" he gasped, pulling his fingers out of his mother's cunt, looking at the glistening wetness on them. Susan and Tracy giggled when he plunged the wet finger into his mouth, sucking at the juices.

"Come on, honey," Susan said, twisting her hips lewdly. "It looks like you better get your cock in me. We don't want you coming off and wasting that precious come, you know."

Bill's cock jerked back and forth, and for a moment he gripped it hard, licking his lips. Tracy grabbed her brother's balls, making a purring sound as she squeezed them lightly. "My God, your balls feel full again!" she exclaimed with surprise. "You've been coming off so much, and I swear your balls are filled to bursting already!"

"Fuck me now, Bill," Susan whined, arching her hips with invitation. "Come on and put your cock in me! Fuck mother, darling!"

Bill leaned over, his hands on each side of his mother's body, looking down as his sister rubbed the swollen head of his cock up and down his mother's hot, slippery pussyslit. Tracy pressed his dripping cock upon her mother's clit, smashing it almost flat. Susan gurgled and pressed against her son's cock, digging her hand into Tracy's lovely, naked ass. She was holding her breath with eager anticipation of her son's cock sliding into her cunt. Her eyes glowed brightly and her tongue moved across her lips.

Tracy pressed her brother's cock down, and made a hissing sound when she watched the hairy lips of her mother's cunt spread to take his rounded prickhead. Susan, feeling her cunt stretch for her son's prick, gasped, then began to hiss hotly with delight.

"More!" she yelped. "I want more cock, Bill! Shove your cock all the way! Don't go slow… don't be gentle! Ram it to me, baby! Ram your cock right into mother's boiling cunt – now!"

Bill, feeling the wet heat of his mother's cunt surrounding the head of his cock, gritted his teeth. His mother's cunt seemed to grip his cock tight. Tracy had pulled her hand away now. With Bill's eyes looking down, seeing the head of his cock inside his mother's cunt, he plunged hard. His cock fucked all the way into her, a wet smacking sound coming as he banged into her cunt, his balls almost smashing on her shivering ass.

"Ooooooh!" Susan gurgled, gripping her son's shoulders now as her crotch began to grind against him. "You're in! You're in me! Your cock is in mother's cunt, Bill! You're fucking me now… fucking your mother! Ohhh, baby, give it to me!"

Susan's hips began bucking up and down, with Bill working with them. His cock plunging hard and deep, the wet sounds of their fucking loud. Susan lifted her long legs and she wrapped them about her son's hips, her heels on his pounding ass. She clutched his shoulders with her fingers, gasping and panting as his cock fucked wildly, so hard that it drove the breath out of her.

Tracy watched as best she could, but was unable to see her brother's cock fucking their mother. She shoved a hand beneath her mother's ass, holding it tightly, feeling her brother's balls bang against her fingers. She twisted her own ass against her mother's hand. One of her fingers brushed over her mother's asshole, and she began to rub at it hotly, feeling the woman's shitter pucker. Trying to kiss her mother's thigh and churning hip, and trying to keep her lips from being bruised by the gyrating motion, she pressed her finger into the heat of her mother's asshole.

Susan yelped as her daughter's finger slipped past her ass pucker. She clenched her asshole, but not in any effort to prevent her daughter from going deeper. Her asshole drenched because of the ecstasy she felt by being penetrated this way. She began to slide her hand up and down the track of her daughter's hot, small ass, feeling the heat, moving her fingers between the girl's slender thighs, rubbing Tracy's, dripping cunt, then back into the crack of her succulent ass. Tracy drew her knees under her body, sending her ass high, knees spread. She fucked her mother in the asshole with her finger, feeling her brother's cock through the very thin wall, feeling it as he drove deep and eagerly. Site was plunging the full length of her finger now into her mother's receptive ass.

Susan pulled at her daughter's hips, moving the girl's uplifted ass so she could see between her slim thighs, see her daughter's sugary cunt. The lips of Tracy's pussy were twitching, hot juices running along her inner thighs, the hair becoming matted with wetness. But it wasn't really Tracy's cunt that held her attention right now. It was the small pink pucker of her asshole. There was something definitely appealing about it, something Susan couldn't understand, nor wanted to. It was enough to find it exciting to look at, to touch and caress and probe. She was a cocksucker, a cocksucker of cocks, but cocks that could squirt sweet come juice. She had never been truly interested in assholes, until now.

With her son's cock plunging into her cunt and her daughter's finger fucking in her ass, Susan became more and more excited. Half of her excitement came from seeing Tracy's asshole so close to her face, the other half because her son was fucking her cunt so vigorously.

"Fuck me," she murmured, her hips churning in time to her son's cock. "Fuck mother, Bill! Fuck mother's hot cunt with your sweet, hard cock! Ooooh, Tracy, ram your finger in me… ram it up my fucking ass!"

Tracy wiggled her uplifted hips as her mother rubbed at her suddenly burning asshole. She arched her ass against her mother's hand, purring like a kitten, still trying to lick the flesh of her mother's squirming hips and thigh.

"In my ass, Mother!" Tracy squealed excitedly. "Shove your finger in my ass!"

"Oh, I will, baby!" Susan gurgled, throwing her cunt hard into her son's banging cock. "I'll fuck you in your hot ass!"

Tracy yelled when her mother suddenly thrust her finger past the tight ring of her asshole. It had been a quick thrust, and the woman's finger went as deep as possible immediately. Tracy's eyes closed in pleasure, her finger deep inside her mother's asshole but not moving now. She waggled her creamy asscheeks when her mother started fingerfucking in her ass, squealing her pleasure.

"Come on, Tracy!" Susan groaned. "Don't stop now! Fuck me in the ass, too! Fuck me in my ass while Bill fucks my hairy cunt! Do it, Tracy, please!"

Tracy raced her finger in and out of her mother's asshole and felt her own shiner clinging to her mother's finger. Bill rammed his cock hard and deep into his mother's cunt, seeing what his mother was doing to his sister. The excitement swelled inside him, making his cock thicker and longer, his balls aching. The liquid sounds of fucking seemed very loud in the bedroom, mingling with the ecstatic grunts and moans and whimpers of all three. Words bubbled forth, but they made no sense. Their erotic emotions prevented any real talk between them. Tracy had scooted closer to her mother, and Bill now placed his head on her ass, his face close so he could see his mother's finger beating in and out of his sister's gripping asshole. He darted his tongue out and licked at the smooth, sweet flesh of his sister's ass while he fucked harder into his mother's cunt.

Susan began to shout loudly as she shot her crotch up and down. When she fucked upward on Bill's cock, she felt her daughter's finger come almost free of her asshole, but as she drew back, the finger went deep and her son's cock came almost free of her cunt. She was, in effect, fucking Bill's cock and Tracy's finger by the thrusting of her hips. She had never been fucked this way before, and the sensations boiling through her created such a storm of ecstasy, her cunt began to convulse tightly about her son's cock, sucking on it. Her asshole squeezed around Tracy's finger as she came. Susan screamed with mindless ecstasy as her orgasms flawed through her, seeming to swell in the pit of her stomach, then shoot out like some electrical storm to every part of her naked body. The ecstasy was so powerful, she thought she would faint if it continued.

"I'm gonna come, Mother!" Bill shouted, his voice seeming to come from a distance. "I'm gonna come in your fucking cunt, Mother!"

Even as Susan was screaming for her son to spurt into her, his cock was gushing. She could feel his come juice splashing against the satiny, hot walls of her cunt, feel the throbbing of his cock as he came off. Her pussy seemed to be flooded with her son's come juice. But as good as it felt to her, Susan would have rather he came off in her mouth.

Exhausted, her ass dropped to the bed and her legs, around his hips, relaxed. Bill's cock slipped out of his mother's cunt with a soft, wet sound as he sat, slumping and panting. Tracy groaned when her mother pulled her finger free of her clutching asshole. She was disappointed because she had not come. She was very close to it when her mother end brother came, but the orgasm eluded her.

On her knees, she looked at her brother, seeing that he was tired. She looked at her mother and saw the same expression. She would either have to fingerfuck herself or… her gaze rested on her mother's tits, the woman's nipples still hard and arching up. Quickly she straddled her mother's chest, holding one tit to make the nipple stand tall. With mewling sounds, Tracy pressed her mother's tit between the lips of her cunt, but it would not go deep enough. She settled for rubbing her mother's nipple about her swollen clit.

Susan felt her daughter rubbing her hot, wet cunt about her tit, and still panting, caressed her sweet ass and let Tracy do what she wanted. She was very familiar with the frustration of needing to conic and had no way except her own fingers. If Tracy wanted to come by rubbing her sugary cunt on her tits, then Susan didn't mind at all.

Tracy was sitting on her mother's tits with her face toward Susan's feet. There was a large window on the far wall, and the drapes had not been pulled. It was now dark, but they had every light on in the bedroom. At first Tracy wasn't sure, but looking again she saw the face of the neighbor peering in at them. The window was closed, and their voices did not carry through it, but Tracy whispered anyway.

"We're being watched," she said, not stopping her hips. "The neighbor is watching through the window, Mother."

Bill's head jerked up, but before he could swivel around to look, Tracy stopped him. "Let him watch, Bill. Don't let him know we see him. It makes it better for me."

From behind Tracy's squirming ass, Susan agreed. "Yes, let him see us."

She spread her legs as wide as she could, knowing the neighbor could see her hairy cunt this way. He had wanted to see her cunt since she started sucking him off, but Susan had always turned the guy down. Now it excited her to be seen with her son and daughter, fucking so wildly. Her cunt began to pulsate hotly again as she worked her hands between Tracy's legs. She molded her tit and said: "Try to take my tit in your cunt, baby."

Tracy pulled the lips of her cunt wide, and Susan managed to get her hard nipple and part of her tit into Tracy's pussy.

"Now fuck my tit, honey," Susan said.

Bill was watching his mother and sister. He wasn't at all interested in the neighbor. He didn't care if the guy watched or not. If being seen excited his mother and sister, then it was fine with him. He stood up on the bed, offer ing his cock to his sister's mouth. "Lick me, Tracy," he said. "Lick my cock."

Tracy looked at her brother's cock, seeing it glisten with the wetness of their mother's cunt, his balls sweet as they dangled below. Squirming her cunt on her mother's tit, fucking on it, but mostly rubbing her wet pussyslit and her swollen clit against it, Tracy shoved her face into her brother's crotch, her lips wide. Tracy tasted her mother's cunt juices and the lingering jism. She lapped at his cock and balls, still holding her cunt wide open with both hands. Bill held his sister's head and started grinding his cock and balls against her face. Susan could watch, too, and she began to writhe and twist her naked ass on the bed, opening and closing her long legs. She could almost feel the neighbor's eyes on her cunt, and the thought created a steamy heat there.

Tracy widened her lips, opening her mouth as wide as she could. Bill giggled as his sister drew not only his wet cock into her mouth, but his balls as well. Tracy moaned softly, excited to have her brother's balls and cock in hr mouth at the same time. She whipped her cunt faster on her mother's tit, sucking hard on Bill's cock and balls. If Bill's cock started hardening in her mouth, she would have to turn one of them loose, but in the meantime she sucked and licked them both.

"I bet his cock is hard as a fucking rock," Susan laughed behind Tracy's squirming ass, "I bet he has it out and is jacking off like crazy, seeing us doing this."

She lifted her head and began to lick hotly at her daughter's ass, dragging her tongue along the deep, exciting crack while Tracy kept rubbing her cunt back and forth on her nipple. Tracy's head was turned sideways to suck on Bill, and she could look up and watch.

Bill had released his sister's head, and was squeezing at her firm tits with both hands now, leaning over slightly. His cock was hardening inside his sister's wet mouth. Tracy, feeling his prick become hard, had to let his balls go. But she gulped his prick quickly back into her mouth and began to suck with vigorous motions, her hair dancing. Occasionally, Susan's tongue reached her daughter's asshole, and she lapped against it until Tracy's hips jerked forward. Smearing her cunt this way on her mother's tit, cunt juices smeared the girl's puckered asshole. Susan could lick it up, taste her daughter's cunt and asshole at the same time.

Tracy's hot mouth, gobbling at his cock, made Bill's prick very hard again. It throbbed between her gliding lips. When Bill began to fuck her in the mouth, Tracy held her head still. But that wasn't satisfying enough to her. She began to thrust her mouth onto his cock as he plunged forward, then draw back with her lips as tight as she could make than as Bill prepared another thrust.

Susan moaned hotly into her daughter's ass, still scissoring her long legs. She was not holding her tit now, but was gripping Tracy's hips, pulling her ass backwards, making her daughter squirm her cunt into her mouth. Susan's tongue delved hungrily, tasting and swirling into her daughter's cunt, her nose pressing into the girl's puckered asshole.

Tracy rubbed her crotch about, smearing her mother's face with the seeping fluids, rubbing her cunt into Susan's mouth, then pressing her asshole against it. She sucked with a greedy hunger on her brother's cock, holding his hips and making him fuck hard into her mouth.

Bill was groaning again, fucking his sister's mouth swiftly in short, quick strokes. Tracy sucked powerfully, her tongue swirling about the throbbing heat, tasting his pre-cum dripping onto her tongue. She felt her mother's lips sucking at her asshole, trying to thrust her tongue into it. Tracy relaxed her asshole and squealed about her brother's cock when Susan's tongue stabbed into her ass. The spasms began in Tracy's cunt, the orgasms making her sweet, naked body shake in a violent way. As she came, her asshole seemed to suck on her mother's tongue, and she began sucking as hard as she could on Bill's cock.

Bill was very excited, and he plunged swiftly. His cock suddenly pulled from his sister's mouth just as he came. The bubbling, creamy come juice spurted from his piss-hole and splashed onto her face. Tracy opened her mouth wide, catching some of it with her tongue, but most flew against her face and even into her hair.

Susan, feeling her daughter's asshole spasm around her plunging tongue, erupted into an orgasm that sent her hips arching into the air.

Finished, Tracy sat on her mother's face, her head hanging down, come juice dripping down onto her tits and nipples, and onto her mother's tits. Bill sat down, and now he could not resist looking toward the window. He saw the wide-eyed neighbor clearly, and then the face was gone.

"He ran away," he panted. "He saw me looking at him and took off."

"I bet he was jerking off," Tracy giggled. "I know I would if I saw what we did."

"Let's go see," Susan said, swinging her legs over the bed. She started to take her robe from the closet, then said, "Fuck it; it's dark outside."

Feeling delightfully wicked, all three went out naked into the back yard. Bill carried a flashlight, but had not turned it on yet. They went to the bedroom window, and when he switched the light on, they saw come juice gleaming against the wooden wall of the house.

"He came off!" Tracy whispered. "He came off on the house."

Susan dropped to her knees on the grass, and to Tracy's and Bill's astonishment, began to lick at the warm come juice with her long tongue, moaning with perverse pleasure.

"Mother," Bill giggled, "you're crazy."

"Mmmm, a crazy cunt," Tracy added. "I am," Susan mewled. "I'm a cocksucking, come-hungry, crazy cunt for sure."


Susan felt hot all day.

She could not rid her mind of the image of the neighbor peeking at them the night before. She had not realized how exciting it could be to have someone watch her with Tracy and Bill. Being seen fucking and sucking with her son and daughter had created such a perverse pleasure, her cunt had been pulsating and wet since she got up that morning.

She wondered if the teen had peeked in at her before, when she would lie naked on her bed with the lights on, fondling herself. Perhaps that was why he had been so willing to let her suck his cock off in the first place. Maybe he had been peeking at her for a long time before she sucked him. The thought sent shivers racing up and down her body.

She had bathed for a long time that morning after Bill and Tracy had gone off to school. Her cunt tingled and even her asshole flexed.

Now that she had become involved with her son and daughter, she wanted them with her twenty-four hours a day. She wanted to suck on Bill's cock constantly, eat her daughter's sugary cunt. She enjoyed having Bill fuck her, but she preferred to have his cock in her mouth. Some women would rather suck a cock than fuck it, she knew, and she was one of those kind of females. There was something that excited her about the taste of a cock throbbing between her lips and gushing jism down her throat, something that seemed so much more exciting than being fucked in her hairy cunt.

Maybe something had been turned around in her, she thought. Maybe something had happened to make her mouth more erotic than her cunt. Whatever the cause, Susan loved sucking cocks, cocks that could come a gallon. She loved to watch a guy in his tight jeans, see his sweet and the bulge of his cock and balls. It made her cunt pulsate when she saw them, but it made her mouth water in hunger even more. One of her more exciting fantasies was to have a dozen guys lined up, their pants down, beautiful cocks hard and straight, with her going down the line on her knees, sucking them all off in turn, swallowing the sweetness that spewed from those precious balls.

It was a fantasy that would never come true, she knew, but it was exciting to dream of it happening some day.

At noon, she had not been prepared to hear the knocking on the door. She walked to it, wearing tight shorts and a frilly blouse. Her tits were braless and her nipples strained against the tight fabric, outlined beautifully. She knew how exciting she looked, and was pleased with her appearance.

The neighbor stood there, eyes bright.

"Aren't you supposed to be in school?" she asked, her eyes gazing over the front of his pants.

"I left," he said. "I'm playing hooky."

Susan took his hand and she pulled him into the house. "Won't you get into trouble?"

"I don't care if I do," he said, looking at her body. He had never really seen Susan's body except through the window the night before. Her legs excited him, as did her tit, straining against her blouse.

There was no need for preliminaries. Susan knew why he was there as well as the teen did. She ran her hand over the front of his pants, feeling his cock swell. She kissed the teen as she pulled his prick free stroking his cock with her hot fist, she whispered, "You shouldn't go around peeking into windows, baby."

"You know?" he asked, caressing her tits.

"We knew," she said. "You jacked off against the house."

The teen blushed. Susan laughed at him. "It's okay," she soothed, caressing his hair as she stroked his prick. "We don't mind. Besides, it was fun, wasn't it?"

Susan went to her knees in front of him. His cock was very hard, his prickhead swollen and dripping, his piss-hole flaring widely. "Did you come here for me to suck you off?"

He nodded, locking down at her. "You suck your daughter's cunt all the time?"

Susan laughed and nodded her head. "Just because I'm a cocksucker doesn't mean I do it all the time. I enjoy eating Tracy's cunt. You should suck her one of these days."

"Suck Tracy's cunt?" His eyes became huge. "Why would she let me do that? She has all the guys she wants."

"Ask her and find out," Susan said, swirling her tongue about the smoothness of his cock, tasting the seeping fluids with the tip of her tongue. "She might even let you fuck her, if you asked her nicely."

Susan pulled the teen's cock back her mouth, sucking him in a loving manner, slowly, so she could enjoy the throbbing hardness longer. As much she loved the taste of come juice, she could take her time with a hard cock too. Sometimes a slow blow job excited the teen more. Then when he came in her mouth, there was so much jism, it seemed he had stored it up for weeks before coming.

Wrapping her arms about his hips, she clutched at his trembling ass, sucking his prick wetly, mewling in pleasure as she took his cock deep into her mouth, her lips pressing at his open pants. She swayed her tightly clad ass, knowing the teen was peering over the top of her head to see it. Her mouth sucked with an increasing hunger, and finally she was diving her face back and forth. She was unable to suck him slowly, not with the lust boiling through her body since she got out of bed. She wanted his thick come juice badly, and she didn't want to waste any time right now. Later, if there was time, she would suck him more slowly. The heat of his cock burned her tight lips, sending thrills to her cunt. She could feel the crotch of her tight shorts becoming wet as juices boiled from the hairy pussylips. She didn't mind in the least; it felt good to her.

Susan cupped the teen's asscheeks in her palms, rubbing and stroking them as her lovely face bobbed back and forth, fucking his cock with her mouth, her tongue swirling and licking. She made soft whimpers of ecstasy, her eyes open, but rolling about, out of focus. The way his swollen cock slipped into her throat was a delight for her. Each time she sucked back, the seeping fluids coated her tongues making her body tremble in pleasure. Her tongue would swirl about his piss-hole a few times before she tried to swallow his cock again.

The teen was dancing about on his feet with pleasure as she slipped her lips back and forth. He was making choking sounds as if trying to keep from coming. But Susan knew that would be impossible. She had confidence that, with her cocksucking ability, no guy could resist for long.

Taking her mouth off of his cock, she looked up at him. "If you come real fast for me, I'll let you do something exciting."

"What? Are you gonna let me fuck you?"

"I'd rather suck cock, you know that," she purred, caressing his ass and pressing her cheek against his hard-on. "But I'll let you do something really exciting, though. You'll enjoy it, I think. But I won't do it unless you come fast in my mouth."

The teen, as she very well knew, was much too excited to hold back for long. His cock throbbed against her cheek, and she knew be could not stop from coming soon. She hoped he would do what she wanted after he came off. She was sure he would.

"Promise you'll come real fast for me?" she asked in a whispery voice. "Come in my mouth fast and you'll have some fun with me. I'll let you do something most girls won't."

"I promise," the teen said, eager to promise anything as long as he could climax. "I promise!"

Mewling happily, Susan sucked his cock deep, gliding her lips swiftly and hotly back and forth, her tongue licking in a frenzy now. She fucked him with her mouth hard and fast, gurgling with hungry delight. She wanted to open his pants so his balls could swing and beat on her chin, but she was starving for his come juice.

The teen danced about, thrusting his hips back and forth, watching his cock sink into her stretching lips.

"I'm ready!" he shouted. "I'm ready to come!"

"Mmmmm!" Susan moaned, sucking harder yet.

As his cock exploded in her mouth, Susan sucked back on it until she held just his prickhead. The teen tried to press his spewing cock deep into her mouth, and she placed hr hands on his stomach to stop him. She wanted the pleasure of his come juice splashing onto her tongue and filling her mouth, not spurting down her throat. When a cock came off down her throat, she lost half her pleasure, missing the sweet taste of come.

She let her mouth fill before she swallowed. His cock squirted time and again, her tongue resting on the bottom of his smooth prickhead. She felt it splash against her throat, pushing the back of her tongue tight so it wouldn't go down. As his prick stopped spewing, she lapped her tongue over his piss-hole as she sucked away from him. She rolled his come about in her mouth, mewling with the taste, and then slowly allowed it to run down her throat.

"Mmmm, that's sweet," she purred, licking her lips. "Maybe that's why I love to suck a teen instead of a man. The come is so much sweeter."

"What are we gonna do now?" he asked, still excited by her mysterious promise.

Susan stood, looking down at him, running her hand through his longish hair. She realized that she didn't even know his name. That didn't matter. It was his cock she wanted, not his life-long friendship. The teen was an amusement, nothing more.

"You'd have to take your clothes off," she said. "I mean all of them. I think we have time for that."

"You, too?" he asked eagerly, wanting to see this gorgeous woman naked, see her tits and ass and cunt. "Will you be naked, too?"

Susan nodded, giving him a huge smile.

"Great!" the teen exclaimed, his eyes shining.

Taking his hand, Susan led him into the house, through the living room. When she entered the bathroom, the teen looked puzzled. Susan faced him and started to remove her clothing in a teasing manner, slowly, watching him. His cock still dangled from his pants, and as she revealed first one tit, then the other, his prick started getting hard again. She didn't want his cock to be hard right now, but the poor teen couldn't help it. She stood for a moment, naked above her waist, the teen staring open mouthed at her shapely tits.

His cock was stiff again, standing with its swollen prickhead aimed at the ceiling. Susan removed her skirt, then her bikini panties. The teen gasped and she saw his cock jerk as if he was going to shoot off on the floor. His gaze fixed upon her bushy cunt, his mouth open with excitement.

"You've never seen a cunt before, have you, honey?" she asked softly.

The teen shook his head, his eyes not moving from her hairy pussy. Feeling thrilled to be his first, Susan knew she was going to have to do something about his hard-on before she could get what she wanted. The only thing was to suck him off again. She went to her knees, opening his pants and shoving them down. The teen almost tore his shirt off. Seeing him naked sent Susan's pulses racing. He was slim, with firm legs. He didn't look unlike her son, she noticed.

Leaning forward, Susan took his cock into her mouth and she started sucking. The teen held her shoulders, watching her lips sliding on his cock, moving from his swollen prickhead to the base his balls on her chin. Susan gurgled to have his cock deep in her hot mouth again, with his balls on her chin the way she loved.

"I wanna fuck you," the teen said, his voice like gravel. "I wanna fuck you!"

Susan shook her head, clinging to his cock with her lips, her tongue licking.

She felt him shoving her away, and as his cock came free, she looked up at him. His face was contorted in passion. When the teen pressed her to the floor of the bathroom, Susan protested weakly. She didn't want to fuck him. She didn't know why, but she didn't want to. "Please, let me have it in my mouth again," she begged. "You know I love to suck your cock. You enjoy coming in my mouth! Come on, now… fuck my mouth."

When the teen pulled her legs apart, she didn't resist. She lay on her back, looking up at him. Although she was a strong woman, she did not fight the teen. She could have prevented him from fucking her easily, but she felt maybe she owed this to him.

"Oh, fuck me then," she said.

The teen plunged his cock into her hair-lined cunt swiftly, making Susan grunt. It didn't hurt her because she was already so wet, but he banged in fast, his balls swinging against her ass. She felt his cock throbbing between the wet lips of her cunt as he started fucking her with short, hurried strokes. He gasped and panted as his cock stabbed, his balls beating at her ass. Susan lifted her hips, but otherwise remained still. As he fucked her, his gaze burned down on her tits, watching them jiggle from the power of his thrusting cock. Susan held him by his shoulders, watching his face as his cock fucked into her pussy. The feeling his cock gave her really didn't do much for her. When her son fucked her, it was wild and good and filled her with ecstasy, but this teen's cock only made her cunt tingle in a mild way. His cock was no different than Bill's, yet it didn't feel nearly as good in her pussy.

The teen hardly noticed that Susan's hips weren't working with him. He was intensely excited to have his cock in her cunt, feeling the wet heat of it grab his cock. His hips lifted and plunged straight in, his only desire to fuck her and come in her cunt. Susan moved her hands down his body and she held his hips, spreading her legs wide, feeling him beat against her crotch. She enjoyed the way his balls banged her ass, and the way her cunt stretched around his cock, but that was all. If he had been fucking her in her wet mouth this way, she would have been coming by this time.

Maybe it had been a mistake to undress for him, she thought while he fucked away. Maybe she should not have brought him into the bathroom at all. Her burning desire to have him piss on her body had been too strong to resist, and now it seemed she had given the teen the upper hand over her. Maybe it would be better to make him go when he finished. She should forget the idea of asking him to piss on her. He had already watched as she fucked with her son and daughter, and now this. He knew too much, could force his way into their home if she didn't stop it now.

The teen was grunting hotly now, his cock plunging faster. His eyes had closed and Susan felt the increased throbbing of his cock. She lifted her ass a bit higher for him, and with a wild cry, the teen came. His jism erupted into her cunt in hot spurts, splashing upon the velvet softness of her pussy walls. When her son came inside her cunt, she came too. But as this teen came inside her, her cunt failed to go into spasms.

"Are you finished?" she asked when he became still, his body trembling slightly. "If you're finished, you can take your cock out of me."

The teen lifted himself to his knees, then stood up. He was breathing heavily as he looked down at her. His cock glistened wetly, and Susan would have loved to take it in her mouth now and suck it, but she had to forget that now.

Until today, this teen had been passive with her, letting her suck his cock off without making demands, but now he seemed to become a different person. She didn't like the look on his face, nor the gleam in his eyes. It was not a good expression, but cruel. She remained on her back, her legs still apart, looking up at him.

"I think you can go now," she said.

"I wanna fuck your daughter when she comes home," the teen replied, fondling his cock. "I wanna fuck her pretty ass good. I bet she can suck my cock as good as you can. And you know what? I bet your daughter is a better fuck than you. You didn't move your ass once."

"You won't fuck my daughter," Susan said. "She won't have anything to do with you. Get dressed and go, please."

The teen laughed as he fondled his wet cock, looking down at her, his eyes taking on a gleam she didn't like. He stood between her feet, and she watched as he aimed his cock toward her cunt.

"I've heard about cunts like you," he said, sounding angry now. "I've heard about you cunts. I know why you brought me in the bathroom. You don't like to fuck, but you sure love to suck cock, don't you? I bet you like this, too!"

And he began pissing on her.

Susan gasped, watching the golden stream splash onto her thigh, then climb higher, going toward her cunt. The feel of his warm piss or her sent shivers up and down her spine. There was an immediate response in her cunt as he started pissing directly onto it. Her clit swelled beneath the spraying piss, her cunt hair was matted by it. Her hips moved upward of their own accord, and her hands grabbed for her cunt. She pulled the lips of her pussy wide, sobbing softly as the teen pissed into her cunt. She closed her eyes, not wanting the teen to see her ecstasy in them, but she could hear his lewd laugh as he continued to piss upon her cunt.

She began to come, unable to stop it. Her cunt twitched with orgasm as he drenched it with his warm piss. She bit into her lip to keep from crying out in pleasure. She fought to hold her hips still, not wanting the teen to know how much she liked this.

At last he finished, and he shook his cock, making a final drop strike dear her belly button. The floor beneath her was a mess, and she rested her ass in it. The teen was dressing now as she watched him. She wanted him out of the house as quickly as possible.

"I'm gonna wait until your daughter comes home," he said, buttoning his shirt. "I wanna fuck her cute ass. I bet she's a real good fuck, too."

"No, you're going," Susan said in a firm voice. She stood up, hands on her hips, her tits thrusting out. "You're going to leave and not come back."

The teen's expression changed to sudden fear. He knew that she could do what she threatened. No one would believe this beautiful woman had enticed him. The only thing he could do was hang his head in defeat.

"Now that you've fucked yourself up with me," Susan said sternly, "you can go. And I don't want to see you around here ever again."


Susan had showered and dressed before Tracy and Bill came from school.

If things had been different with the neighbor, it would have been so good, she knew. The way he pissed on her cunt had felt very good. She had come, but not as hard as she wanted. If be had not turned mean on her, her orgasms would have shook her body violently she suspected. If the teen had accepted her as she was, he could have fucked her and perhaps joined in with the three of them. But Susan didn't want anyone making demands of her, or of Tracy. She wanted total cooperation and not force.

Maybe that was why she enjoyed fucking with her son and daughter so much. They enjoyed it with her and there were no demands or force used. They did what they wanted with each other, and it seemed that their minds were always on the same wavelength. Both Bill and Tracy were as erotic as she was, always eager to do different things with one another. They went into their erotic games with delight, accepting and giving. The neighbor would have turned their pleasure into something cruel and filthy.

Bill came in as she was preparing vegetables for a stew. She turned and looked at him over her shoulder. He was sweaty and still in his gym shorts. Beads of sweat ran down his smooth chest. She smiled at him, giving her ass a twist.

Bill grinned and pressed up against her ass, sliding his arms under hers and cupping his mother's tits. She arched her ass against him, offering her lips to him. Feeling his cock swell against her ass, she dropped what she was doing and turned to face him.

"I think I feel something nice and hard down there, baby," she giggled, her hand between their bodies and down inside his gym shorts. "Yes, I definitely feel something hard in your pants."

Bill worked at her blouse, opening it to expose his mother's lovely tits. He sucked on her nipple and rubbed at her ass while she stroked his cock. Bill lifted his mother's dress in back, caressing the tight nylon of her bikini panties with eager hands.

"We better do something about this wonderful hard-on, Billy," she murmured hotly. "Your cock feels like you're going to come any time. Did some girl at school get you started?"

"Only you, Mother," he said, close to her tit. "I got to thinking about you and couldn't wait to get home."

"Mmmmm, you're sweet," she whispered and kissed the top of his head. She went to her knees before him, sliding her hand into the wide leg of his gym shorts. She pulled his cock from inside and kissed his swollen cockhead, tasting the wetness of his piss-hole on her lips. "Nice, honey," she whispered. "So very nice. I love it when you come home with a hard-on for me."

Susan slipped her son's cock into her mouth, her lips gliding along it in soft heat. Shoving the leg of his gym shorts farther away, she lifted his balls out. Holding his cock tightly with her lips, she ran her tongue around and pressed his balls to her chin. There was a distinct sweaty smell on his cock and balls, but it seemed to excite her very much. It was a clean smell of a teen active in school athletics, not the strong locker room sort of scent.

Bill stood before his kneeling mother, holding her shoulders as she sucked on his cock. Susan didn't suck frantically, but in a loving and tender way, her lips holding his prick tightly, her tongue moving. She caressed his balls in a hot hand and stroked his ass with the other. She rubbed her naked nipples about his thighs, feeling them tingle as they brushed his flesh.

Closing her eyes in ecstasy, Susan ran her lips back and forth on her son's cock, her mouth watering as her lips tingled. The hand on his ass cupped a cheek, squeezing him gently. Susan slipped her fingers into the crack of her son's ass and she rubbed lightly about his asshole, making her son shiver in pleasure. The more she rubbed at his tiny asshole, the more excited she became. Susan started sucking faster and harder on her son's cock, making soft whimpering sounds. She pressed a finger hard upon his puckered asshole, bringing a grunt from her son.

Feeling the hot tightness of his asshole gave Susan an idea. She pulled her mouth off his wet cock and looked up at him. "Darling," she whispered throatily, "want to fuck me in my ass?"

"In your ass, Mother?"

She nodded, grinning at him and rubbing the dripping piss-hole of his cock about her chin. "Yes, in my ass."

Bill nodded his agreement, his eyes sparkling with a bright, lewd gleam. "Sure, mother."

Susan, mewling softly, turned and went to her hands and knees, waggling her ass for him. "You have to pull my panties down, baby," she said.

Bill lifted his mother's dress, draping it about her waist. Gripping her tight panties he pulled them to her thighs about half way. The spreading cheeks of her ass looked very enticing to him. The tight pucker of her asshole seemed to wink, and she, could see the dark hairs curling up toward it from her cunt.

"Kiss it, honey," Susan murmured, her head twisted over her shoulder, eyes smoldering. "Kiss mother's ass first, baby. Kiss it real nicely, with your tongue. Kiss mother's ass and lick it with your tongue, baby!"

Bill leaned down, kissing the spreading cheeks of his mother's ass, then swiping his tongue around her smooth, delicious flesh. He scraped his tongue across the crack and licked her other asscheek. Susan wiggled her uplifted ass and sobbed in soft pleasure. Bill slipped his tongue into the crack and swirled the tip about his mother's asshole, feeling the heat against his face.

"Oooooh, that's very nice, Bill!" Susan mewled. "Your tongue is hot and wet! Mmmm, baby, lick my asshole! Tongue my asshole, baby!"

Bill's tongue swirled around and around his mother's asshole as he gripped her hips. He probed his tongue at the tightness, and when his mother relaxed, slipped it into her. Susan squealed and moved her ass back into his face.

"Ohhh, tongue my asshole!" Susan gurgled. "Tongue mother's hot asshole! Oooooh, I love that! Wiggle your tongue around in my ass, darling! God, I bet I could come this way! Tonguefuck me… tonguefuck mother up the fucking ass, Bill!"

With his tongue racing into his mother's gripping asshole, Bill's cock throbbed against one of her heels. Susan could feel his pre-cum dripping against it, and she was afraid he would come too soon. She waggled her ass into his face, enjoying the tongue-fuck into her asshole for a few moments longer.

"Now fuck me!" she squealed, pulling her ass away from his face. "Fuck my ass, Bill! Ram your cock up mother's asshole and fuck me! I want your cock in my ass, baby!"

Bill lifted to his knees, his cock throbbing powerfully. Holding it at the base, he rubbed his smooth, dripping prickhead about his mother's asshole. The heat of it almost made him come.

"Put it in me!" Susan screamed. "Hurry, shove your cock up my fucking ass!"

With the head of his cock against her tight asshole, Susan rammed backwards as his swollen prickhead penetrated the tightness of her ass, Susan screamed. It was the scream of a woman experiencing intense ecstasy, not of pain. Bill saw his mother tam her ass back onto his cock, saw the pink ring part and engulf his cock, then it moved back until his cock was buried as deep as possible. His balls smashed upon the hairy wetness of his mother's cunt, and Susan lifted her head to scream again in pleasure.

"Fuck me!" she screamed. "Ohhh, fuck my asshole, Bill! Give it to mother hard! Fuck me, fuck me up my ass!"

Feeling his mother's whole flexing round his cock, Bill gripped her hips tightly, then began to fuck her vigorously. Susan wailed and dropped her head to the kitchen floor, her naked ass twisting with wild gyrations.

The hard throbbing of her son's cock deep inside her whole sent ripples of shivering ecstasy throughout her body. She rested her head and shoulders on the floor, her arms stretched past her head, her fingers clawing at the tile on the floor. With his pounding cock creating steaming friction inside her tight whole, his balls beating against her seeping, hairy cunt, Susan's orgasms started swiftly. As she came, her asshole gripped his cock with convulsive waves, almost as though it were a tight, hot mouth sucking him.

The harshness of his gym shorts against her sensitive flesh seemed to increase her ecstasy. She would have preferred for him to shove those shorts down, to feel his naked body against her, but she didn't want to stop now that he had his cock driving into her burning ass.

Tracy came in and found them there. A huge grin spread over her lovely face when she saw her brother fucking so energetically into their mother's ass. She came close to them, peering down at her brother's cock as it rammed into her mother's asshole. She ran her hand between her thighs, pressing hard on her quickly bubbling cunt.

"That looks wonderful," she hissed, running her other hand over her mother's shaking ass. "Does that feel good, Mother?"

"Ohhh, God!" Susan moaned. "It's fantastic, Tracy! Bill's cock feels huge in my ass… like a telephone pole! God, I love it in my asshole!"

Bill turned his head to his sister, who immediately pressed her lips to his, her sweet tongue sliding into his mouth. Bill sucked at his sister's tongue as he plunged his cock deeply into his mother's asshole. Tracy slipped her hand beneath her mother's stomach and began to rub at her clit, sending Susan into wilder motion. Her other hand went inside her brother's gym shorts behind, squeezing at his ass. Tracy's cunt boiled with excitement as she pulled her tongue from her brother's mouth and watched his cock stretching their mother's asshole. Her eyes glowed with hot passion. She lowered her face and ran her tongue along one of Susan's creamy asscheeks, then tried to daft it down to lick at the stretching ring, but Bill was fucking so hard that he beat at her face and prevented her from getting her tongue close enough.

"Ooooh, I'm coming hard!" Susan yelled, rocking her uplifted ass. "I'm coming hard! Ohhh, ram it to me, Bill! Shoot your come up mother's asshole! Come in my fucking ass, baby!"

His mother's asshole squeezed his cock very tight, and Bill, already eager to come, plunged as hard as he could, his body shaking. His cock throbbed and the creamy come juice spewed from his balls. Feeling her son coming off in her ass, Susan sobbed with intense ecstasy, her cunt exploding time and again with amazing orgasms.

When those fiery orgasms slowed and finally stopped, Bill slumped over his mother's upraised ass, panting heavily, his cock still buried.

Tracy was breathing hard as she sat on her heels, her cunt boiling. She pulled her pleated skirt up and shoved her hand beneath it, clawing the crotch of her panties to one side. She thrust a finger into her pussy and fucked herself vigorously. Bill, his head turned, watched his sister.

"I'd help you out, Tracy," he said, "but I don't think I can move right now."

"You can later!" Tracy gasped, her cunt boiling into orgasm quickly around her finger. Her body shuddered a few times as she came, then stilled. She pulled her fingers out of her cunt, and they were wet and glistening. When she offered them to her brother, Bill licked them with his tongue, tasting the sugary sweetness of his sister's cunt.

Susan stirred. "Take your cock out of me, Bill," she said. "Go take, a shower so I can finish getting the stew started."

Bill pulled his cock from her gripping asshole and let his shorts slide over it. Susan stood up, her legs shaking, her eyes glowing. "With you around, I have trouble taking care of things… with either of you around," she said and looked at her daughter. "But I don't mind at all."

She stripped her panties off and tossed them on the floor, then turned to finish what she was doing. Tracy picked up her mother's panties, and as Bill left to take a shower, she pulled the crotch of the discarded panties to her face, inhaling the sweet scent of her mother's cunt lingering there.

"You don't need that," Susan said, smiling at her daughter. "You can have the real thing anytime you want it."

"I just like to smell your panties, Mother," Tracy giggled, running her tongue along the inside of her mother's panties. "Crazy, huh?"

"Nothing is crazy, honey," Susan said. "If you enjoy it, be my guest. We don't have anything to be ashamed of. If you like to smell my panties and lick at the crotch, I'll give them ta you everytime I take them off."

"Oh, I'd love that," Tracy said.

Susan finished with the vegetables, got them all in a pot, placed it on the stove and was finished. "We'll have dinner in about three hours," she said.

Tracy took a Coke out of the refrigerator and she went with her mother to the living room. Sitting across from her, Tracy sipped at the Coke, but mostly ran her tongue about the neck of the bottle in a suggestive way, tonguing it the way she tongued her brother's cock or her mother's cunt.

"That makes me hot, Tracy," Susan said in a throaty voice. "Seeing you lick that Goddamn bottle makes my cunt all wet and hot."

Tracy deliberately licked the bottle in a more suggestive manner, her eyes glittering at her mother Susan jerked her dress up and spread her legs, rubbing at her cunt as she watched her daughter teasing her. Holding the bottle to her lips, Tracy worked the tip of her tongue in and out of the opening, using her other hand to pull her skirt up.

"Oh, you hot cunt!" Susan growled, going quickly to her daughter and dropping to her knees. "You sure know how to make my pussy boil!"

Susan ran her tongue up her daughter's smooth thigh, shoving her hands to Tracy's hips. With a soft moan, Susan buried her face into the wet crotch of Tracy's panties, sucking at them, tasting the juices that soaked the flimsy crotch.

But that didn't satisfy Susan. She ripped and tore at her daughter's panties until she had them in shreds, the girl's succulent cunt naked now. "Throw that fucking bottle away and eat my pussy, Tracy?"

Tracy sat the bottle down, going to the floor with her mother. Susan spread her legs wide as she rolled to her back, jerking her skirt high. Tracy straddled her mother's head and dropped her face into the woman's hairy cunt, licking hungrily as her tongue darted about Susan's sensitive pussy lips and inflamed clit. Drawing her knees up, Tracy smashed her own pussy against her mother's face, wiggling and grinding with steamy desire. Susan lifted her legs and closed the hot inner surfaces about Tracy's head, arching her cunt into her daughter's sucking mouth.

Shooting her hands up the girl's slender thighs, Susan rammed her tongue far into the slippery wetness of her daughter's cunt, gripping the tight cheeks of her ass hard. They slurped noisily at each other's cunts, whimpering as passion swelled and swirled in their erotic minds.

Bill found his sister and mother sucking at each other with enthusiasm when he came from the shower, hair wet and almost plastered on his head. He saw his sister's ass in the air, her cunt squirming into his mother's face. Her pleated skirt had been shoved to her waist and his mother's hands clung to the sweet roundness as her tongue, lapped along Tracy's pussyslit and dipped into the wet heat, licking greedily. His cock lifted with hardness, as it always did seeing them suck each other. His sister's round, pink whole flexed just above his mother's nose.

He moved closer, and his mother's eyes opened, seeing him standing there, watching, his cock harden.

"Fuck Tracy in the ass, Bill," she said. "Fuck your sister up the ass! She's so fucking hot, she wouldn't know the difference right now."

"That's what you think," Tracy giggled from between her mother's thighs.

"Let him fuck your ass, Tracy," Susan said, kissing her daughter's wet cunt and sliding a finger about her crinkled asshole.

"I will!" Tracy gurgled. "Fuck my ass, Bill! Fuck me in my ass. But, Mother, you keep sucking my cunt, too!"

"I wouldn't stop for anything, baby," Susan moaned.

Bill lowered himself behind his sister's ass. Susan, her tongue licking and swirling into the sugary wetness of her daughter's cunt, pulled the creamy cheeks of Tracy's ass wide, her eyes hot as she watched Bill rubbing the swollen head of his cock about his sister's puckered asshole. His balls rested on her forehead, exciting her more than ever. She watched her son press his cock into his sister's tight asshole, heard the hot moan that came from Tracy's mouth between her thighs. She felt her daughter's body shake, and as Bill shoved the head of his cock into her asshole, Tracy groaned and rammed her tongue very deep into her mother's cunt.

Susan watched her son fucking into Tracy's asshole, his balls rubbing on her head. She tongued Tracy in the cunt faster, with increasing ecstasy. When her son pressed his cock into Tracy's asshole, his balls were on her eyes, but when he pulled back, she could see Tracy's pink asshole clinging tightly to his prickshaft. Bill listened to his mother and sister's slurping tongues as he drove his cock into the heat of Tracy's very tight asshole. He enjoyed the way his balls rubbed his mother's forehead. He liked it when she shoved one hand behind him and suddenly rammed a finger up his ass. The sensation of his mother fingering him in his asshole, with the gripping heat of his sister's ass on his cock, made his body shiver excitedly. He could feel his balls getting tight, his cock swelling more.

"I think I'm gonna come!" he shouted, plunging swiftly into Tracy's asshole. "I'm gonna shoot off in your hot ass, Tracy!"

The only reply from his sister was a wet, sobbing sound, and the tightening of her asshole. Susan rammed her finger hard into her son's ass, her tongue licking frantically at Tracy's seeping cunt, grinding into her open mouth. She flung her legs into the air, drawing her knees back, arching her cunt tight into Tracy's greedy mouth. Tracy clung to her mother's naked, shaking ass, her tongue delving in a frenzy, lapping the juices from the woman's hairy cunt with a wild hunger. She felt her brothers cock swelling deep in her ass, and her cunt erupted with muscle shattering orgasms. She squealed into her mother's cunt when she felt Susan's hairy pussylips clawing and sucking on her tongue.

Bill grunted, his cock spurting into his sister's flexing asshole. Tracy, feeling her brother coming off inside her ass, sucked with more eagerness at her mother's convulsing cunt.

But Susan, knowing her son's climax was coming, grabbed his hips, jerking his cock from Tracy's asshole. He was releasing come juice swiftly, and Susan very quickly wrapped her lips about the head of his cock, taking the rest of his jism into her mouth as she swallowed with ecstasy, her tongue licking his piss-hole.

As soon as he finished coming, Bill fell back on his naked ass, gasping heavily. Tracy rolled from her mother, complaining. "I only got to feel part of his coming in my ass, Mother. Why did you do that?"

"I wanted him to come in my mouth," Susan said. "But don't be mad, honey. Bill will have many chances to fuck you in the ass, or anyplace you want. I just couldn't resist it this time."


They ate dinner naked, sitting in the living room around the low coffee table.

Susan cleared the coffee table, shaking her naked ass, to the delight of her son and daughter. When Susan came back from the kitchen, Bill was sitting on the couch, with his sister at his feet, fondling his cock and balls.

"You know, I really love to watch you two playing with each other like this," Susan said. "If only we had known how we felt before. God, when I think of the time wasted with you two!"

"I understand what you mean, Mother," Tracy said, stroking her brother's cock slowly. "I've been going out with nothing but assholes, and all the time Bill was here."

"And me?" Susan asked, sitting on the other side of her son's legs, reaching to play with his balls.

Tracy moved her other hand to her mother's firm, shapely tits. "And you, of course. I didn't think eating cunt could be so nice, and I love it… as much as sucking and fucking Bill."

Bill sat with his legs spread, his ass hanging over the edge of the cushions, listening to his mother and sister, his cock stroked by his sister and his balls manipulated by his mother. "If it wasn't for you two, I'd probably still be jacking off."

Susan kissed her son's knee. "And wasting all that sweet come on the sheets."

He watched his sister and mother fondle each other's tits as they played with his cock and balls. Susan knew how much this excited her son. Her son was enjoying everything that most teens were only dreaming about. She was getting what she wanted, a cock that didn't have a single hair on it anywhere, but could gush all that sweet jism into her mouth.

Tracy was being fucked to her satisfaction, and didn't have to wrestle selfish teenaged guys in the back of same car. They could all do just as they wanted, anything that would please their erotic senses. They could do everything without shame.

Bill's cock was very hard again now, and she and Tracy took turns stroking it. One jerked his cock and the other caressed his balls, then they would switch.

Susan stood up on her knees, shoving her lips to the head of her son's cock, kissing sweetly. She darted her tongue out and swiped the tip across his piss-hole. Tracy, watching her mother, slipped her tongue out and ran it up his throbbing prickshaft. Bill's body shook with the pleasure of both hot, wet tongues on his prick. Feeling his mother's tits on one thigh, his sister's on the other, watching them licking at his cock, said, "Are both of you gonna suck me off?"

Susan gave a throaty laugh and Tracy giggled. They looked at each other.

"Why not, Mother?"

"Let's both suck his cock off," Susan arced.

Tracy giggled as she leaned over her brother's upstanding cock to kiss her mother. Bill watched their lips part as they kissed, saw their tongues licking at each other. The tip of his cock brushed their chins, smearing the dripping juices on their flesh. It excited him, to see their tongues swirl against each other. His mother's shapely its smashed against his hip, with his sister's firm ones flattening at his other hip. He placed his hands at the backs of their heads, caressing his fingers through their hair.

"Mmmmm," Susan murmured. "You taste as good as Bill's cock, honey. In fact, you taste good all over."

"You should know, Mother!" Tracy grinned, dipping her head to kiss the piss-hole of her brother's cock. "You've had your tongue on every part of me."

Susan lowered her face, sliding her tongue along her son's cock, tasting the heat of his throbbing prickshaft. Her eyes sparkled lewdly as she watched Tracy's tongue swirling about his smooth prickhead. Flicking it against Bill's balls, she opened her mouth wide and sucked them in. Her mouth was hot and wet, making her son groan and arch his hips up, trying to drive his cock into his sister's mouth.

"Suck my cock, Tracy!" he begged, twisting his hips as his mother sucked, hot and hungry, at his balls. "Come on, suck my cock!"

"You hush and relax," Tracy told him. "Let mother and me take care of this."

Susan ran her tongue about Bill's balls, clutching them with her fiery lips. Her nose pressed at the base of his cock as she slipped a hand underneath him, cupping a cheek of his ass. Tracy, a soft gurgle coming from her, rubbed her brother's cock about her cheek a moment, watching her mother sucking on his balls. Again, she gurgled, lifted her head and opened her lips wide. She flicked her tongue across Bill's piss-hole, tasting the oozing juices for a moment, then engulfed his cock with a moan of hunger.

Bill watched his sister sink downward on his cock, her lips sliding easily. He saw Tracy's mouth meet his mother's, and his cock was in her throat. Like her mother, Tracy gripped a cheek of Bill's ass, her fingers squeezing. He tried to reach and fondle their tits, but they were too far from him. He lay back, watching them, writhing his hips.

Susan mouthed her son's balls in delight, enjoying the way they felt and tasted in her mouth, watching her daughter moving her lips up and down his cock, sucking slowly but with pleasure. She dropped his balls from her mouth, then ran her tongue up her son's cock, swirling the tip along Tracy's lips. When Tracy released him, Susan made a sobbing sound and popped his cock into her mouth. Tracy dipped immediately to his balls. But instead of taking them into her mouth, she whirled her tongue around them swiftly, lapping greedily.

As Tracy and Susan began switching off, trading his cock and balls from mouth to mouth, Bill started moaning. "Somebody is gonna make me come! One of you is gonna get a fucking mouthful of come!"

Susan and Tracy heard him, and their mouths became more eager. Susan sucked up and down his cock once, then gave it to her daughter. Swinging his hard-on from one mouth to the other, they took turns sucking him. Their hands dug into the cheeks of his ass, and somebody was rubbing his asshole, but Bill didn't know who, nor did he care. A hand was cupping his balls and mouth after mouth devoured his throbbing cock. His vision was clouded, but he could clearly see them sucking him. He liked the way their tits smashed against his thigh and hip, he liked to watch them switch his cock from one mouth to the next, he liked the hand squeezing his ass and rubbing his asshole and he liked the hand holding and gently twisting at his balls. But most of all, he liked the way his cock entered a hot, wet mouth and the swirling tongue on his prickhead.

Both Susan and Tracy could feel Bill's cock throbbing in a more urgent manner. The increase of the dripping juices excited them, a message that Bill would soon be squirting thick and creamy come.

Neither his mother nor sister was sucking him now. As if by some unspoken consent, they were now licking the flat surfaces of their flaming wet tongues up and down his cock, from the base to the very tip. Their tongues would meet at his piss-hole then swirl about each other. The moans his mother and sister made sent rippling excitement through his body, and he arched his hips, trying to ram his cock into a mouth, either mouth. His balls were becoming tight, the come juice boiling inside them.

Up and down their tongues went, licking and tasting, probing at his taut cockflesh. A few times mother and daughter would lick at his balls, but then race their fiery tongues back up his pulsating prickshaft to his seeping prickhead. Each of them would run their tongues across his sensitive piss-hole, getting a taste of the slippery juices, then touch tongues briefly, only to repeat the process.

"I'm gonna come!" Bill shouted. "I'm about to come! Somebody better grab it!"

Both Susan and her daughter squealed, racing their tongues to the head of his cock, their foreheads touching as their tongues lapped and licked hotly at the smoothly swollen head of his cock. With a jerk, Bill came.

Thick jism erupted from the tip of his cock, splashing onto the upper lips of their wide open mouths. Again they squealed, each now fighting with swirling tongues to take the sweet come into their mouths.

Bill's cock spewed and squirted and gushed in a never ending stream of creamy sweetness, his balls writhing and his cock jerking. Come flew from the head of his cock, splashing onto their noses and tongues, even into their open mouths. Susan and her daughter kept squealing in ecstasy as they fought to drink up his gushing come. Both tongues licked his spurting piss-hole, now coated with the slippery came.

Bill lowered his ass when he finished, breathing hard. Susan's and Tracy's faces glistened with come. It was on their noses and chins and cheeks, with most dripping from their mouths. They looked at each other, giggled, and started licking the come from each other's face greedily.

Bill's cock softened beneath their chins, and when they stopped licking one another, each kissed his cock, slipping their tongue about his piss-hole to take up any come juice that might be left.

"Mmm," Susan whispered, sucking at her son's thigh. "You're about the luckiest guy around, you know that, Bill?"

"I know, Mother," he panted.

"Oh, I don't know about that," Tracy said. "I'd say all of us are pretty fucking lucky."

"Who needs that asshole neighbor," Susan laughed. "I've got the cock I want right here."

"As long as you share, Mother," Tracy said, her voice low and emotion filled. "As long as you share."

"Isn't that what it's all about, honey?" Susan said, kissing her daughter across her son's thighs. "Sharing, giving each other pleasure?"

"You're so right!"

"And no secrets," Tracy replied. "What about you, Bill?" she asked her son. "Are you going to share with us, too?"

He nodded eagerly, eyes bright. "I won't fuck it up like that guy, you can bet on that, Mother."

She laughed, a low throaty sound. "I wouldn't think you'd fuck it up, baby. You've got too much going for you here, with me and your sister."

Bill became pensive for a moment.

"What's the trouble, Bill?" Susan asked. "You look so deep in thought all of a sudden."

"Mother, I'd like… aw, shit!"

"Come on," she insisted, cupping his balls gently. "No secrets, remember?"

"You'll laugh," he said, "You and Tracy will laugh at me."

"I don't think so," Susan replied. "Tell us what's wrong."

A flush came over his face, but he blurted it out. "Mother, I wanna be… you know, what we did in the bathroom the other day."

For a moment Susan didn't know what he was talking about, then her eyes lit up. "You mean piss?"

Bill nodded his head.

"I think Bill wants to be pissed on," Tracy said, her voice showing excitement. "Is that what you want, Bill? You want me and mother to piss on you?"

Bill nodded again.

"Why, nothing is wrong with that, honey," Susan said, her eyes sparkling. "You saw how much I liked that. I'm not ashamed to say I love being pissed on, so why should you?"

"Come on, brother dear," Tracy said, getting to her feet and pulling him up. "I'll piss on you. Let's find someplace so we don't make a mess, and I'll piss on you. Just point to the spot and I'll piss on it."

"I think Bill wants both of us to piss on him, darling," Susan said. "Is that right, Bill?"

Again he nodded, but not as shyly now.

With his mother and sister holding his hands, they moved quickly to the kitchen. "We can clean it up better here," Susan said. "Now, Bill, you just lie back and watch and have fun."

Bill sprawled on his back, looking up at them. His mother and sister were very excited about this, he saw. Tracy was straddling his head, squatting down until her cunt was a few inches above his face. His mother, too, squatted, but over his cock. As anticipation came over him, his cock started lifting into hardness again.

Facing each other, Susan and Tracy half squatted over Bill, and he stared from one hair-lined cunt to the other, waiting.

Warm piss splashed upon his cock and balls as his mother started. Tracy gave a soft moan, and her cunt released a golden stream that arced from her succulent cunt onto his chin and chest. As they pissed on him, Bill's cock swelled into powerful hardness. He groaned in ecstasy when his sister adjusted her cunt, and began to piss directly into his face. His cock and balls and his face were being drenched in the piss from his mother and sister, and Bill thought he would come off with the sheer pleasure of it.

Susan, watching his face being pissed on, gave a sudden cry and rammed her cunt down. Still pissing, she sunk her cunt onto her son's cock and began to fuck him wildly. She had not thought she could piss and fuck at the same time, but she was doing it, her ass racing up and down, her hairy, pissing cunt riding her son's cock with fiery wet heat.

Tracy, seeing her mother fucking Bill and still pissing at the same time, gave a yelp and slammed her cunt onto her brother's face. Bill clawed at her creamy ass and opened his mouth wide. For a moment he felt his sister piss into his mouth, and he had no choice but to swallow it. Then he started plunging his tongue into his sister's tight, wet cunt. As his mother fucked him, her hot pussy sliding up and down his throbbing cock, Bill tonguefucked his sister with a wild hunger of ecstasy. The taste of her piss on her hairy cunt sent darts of flame through his body.

The excitement was too much, and Bill began gushing into his mother's cunt, sending spurt after spurt of come into her. Susan wailed as her pussy gripped his cock, convulsing powerfully. Tracy began to grind and press against her brother's face, her sugary cunt closing tightly about his tongue as she, too, came in waves of steamy pleasure.

Susan and Tracy slumped as the orgasms stopped, and then fell next to Bill. They began writhing their naked bodies on the piss wet floor, hugging and kissing heatedly.

"I'm next!" Tracy yelped. "I get pissed on next!"

"Whatever you want, you get," Susan laughed, wrapping her arms about her son and daughter, wiggling her naked body sensuously between them. "Anything we want, we get."