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Hot sister all grown up

Kathy Andrews

Kathy Andrews

Hot sister all grown up


Walking angrily into her house, Linda tossed her purse onto the nearby table and sat down. Flopped down, really. Her eyes blazed with anger. She should have known it would happen sooner or later. She knew her brother better than anyone in the world.

She had just gone next door to see if he needed anything from the supermarket. She had a few things to purchase and felt she could save him a trip. She never did ask him, never got into his house. She wasn't sure if her anger was over what she saw, or if it was because he had left the door open deliberately.

Brett had been sitting on the floor, leaning back on one elbow, his legs straight out in front of him. His pants had been open and he had his big cock in his hand, pumping it. That in itself had not bothered her. Since they had been small children, her brother had often played with his cock in front of her, taunting her with it, teasing her until Linda would squirm as she stared at it. She had seen him come off the first time and spurt out his creamy jism, splashing it onto the ground as she stared in fascination.

But that was long ago, and they were adults now. Both of them had been married and divorced. She had Frank, a beautiful son, and he had Peggy, a beautiful daughter. She had rented Brett the house next door over six months ago. It was one of a pair she had received in her divorce settlement. When her brother had needed a place to stay after his divorce, she had rented it to him, cheap. And now this!

She didn't know if Brett had seen her standing in the doorway, but she didn't think he had. She wasn't so much surprised to see her brother jacking on his cock as she had been by Frank and Peggy. Her son and niece were on the couch, and Frank had had his hand under his cousin's dress. Even that didn't really make her angry. Frank was growing up, and he had an interest in girls. She wasn't really angry to see Peggy's small hand on the front of Frank's pants. She wasn't angry to see that her son had a hard-on, although it was still inside his pants. She wasn't angry to see Peggy rubbing Frank's cock, nor was she really angry because her brother was there on the floor, watching them, his cock fully exposed.

So why was she angry?

Linda knew why.

She wasn't getting any herself.

And she wanted it, badly. All her life she had been deeply erotic, but had had to keep it bottled up inside her. Her ex-husband had had little interest in her, or any other woman that she knew of. He was satisfied to wham-bam, then turn over and start sleeping. She had never, not once, had an orgasm except that provided by her own fingers.

She had married as a virgin, even though she had grown up watching her brother jack off and had exposed herself to him many times for his pleasure. They had watched each other develop, pleased hair grew on his cock and balls and her tits had developed. Brett had touched her, but that came in high school. He had touched her tits, played with her nipples, and a number of times, felt her up. She had held his cock and cupped his balls as he jerked off, but they had never fucked. They just felt each other, and Brett would jack off, come, and that was it until the next time. It happened with them four and five times a week, and they had never been caught.

And now Brett was tip to his old tricks with his daughter and her son. What was she going to do about it?

Linda wasn't going to do anything about it. If Frank was enjoying himself – and obviously he was – she wasn't going to stop him. She wasn't even going to let him know she had seen them. She wasn't even going to let him know she knew anything at all about what was going on.

But she wasn't going to keep herself lonely, doing without a hard cock any longer. As she sat there, mad, she considered going back to her brother's house and telling him – no, demanding – that he take care of her, that after all these years, it was time he fucked her with that big cock. But Linda wouldn't do that. She wouldn't do it because her son was still there, her niece was still there.

She could catch Brett alone, when Peggy and Frank were at school, tear his pants away and fuck him whether he wanted it or not, rape his big cock, that's what she could do.

But Linda wouldn't do that, either. She would sit and think about it, torment herself, become more and more frustrated, and then she would whip her cunt into a juicy froth with her fingers until she came a hundred thousand times.

She felt her cunt responding with heat, and squeezed her thighs. A rippling thrill moved into her stomach, her mind seeing them in that house next door again. She wondered if her niece had Frank's cock out of his pants yet, running her small hand up and down it, jacking her son off while Brett sprawled on the floor, watching them, his cock about to go off.

"Fuck!" she hissed, jumping to her feet and stomping into her room.

She stood before the mirror, looking at herself. She was a lovely woman, tall and slim, with rich chestnut hair and big eyes, slightly almond-shaped. Her lips were full and moist, her neck slender. Her flesh was satiny and unblemished. Her tits thrust out with highschool girl firmness, almost pointed. Her waist was small, hips rounded. Her ass jutted out in shapely curves, and her thighs and legs were very long and straight.

She pulled her blouse off, watching her tits. Her nipples were light-tan in color, stiff and peaked, pointing upward in desire. She caressed her tits for a moment, circling her sensitive nipples with the tip of her finger, watching them respond with a greater hardness.

Without her knowing, Frank had come home. He stood now watching her, his eyes enormous. The angle of the mirror prevented Linda from seeing him behind her, but her son could see her naked tits clearly. His cock bulged inside his pants, outlined in throbbing hardness. He watched his mother cup her tits, squeeze her fingers into them, making her succulent nipples stand out firmly.

Thinking she was alone, Linda gazed at her reflected tits, licking her wet tongue back and forth over her lips. Lifting one tit, she lowered her chin, her tongue came out, very long, and she caressed her nipple with it, a soft moan of pleasure bubbling from her. Her ass swayed with a subtle movement, and she clenched her asscheeks tightly as her tongue moved slowly about her rigid nipple, her eyes watching herself.

Frank fought to keep his breathing down, panting as quietly as he could, staring at his mother. He was so excited, his balls hurt.

Linda released her tits, slipping her hands to the small of her back, pulling the zipper of her skirt. When her skirt pooled at her high-heeled feet, she stood almost naked. Her black garter belt was snapped to her flesh-colored nylons, and the tiny panties, also black, hardly concealed her ass.

Frank almost strangled as he swallowed convulsively. He stared at his mother's back hotly, seeing the swell of her ass inside the tight panties, her lower asscheeks showing where they met her thighs. He stared long and hard at his mother's ass, then as if remembering, glanced into the mirror.

Linda was running her hands up and down her flat stomach, tracing the tiny triangle of her panties. The bushy hair of her cunt mounded her panties out deliciously, and she stiffened one finger, sliding it toward the slit of her cunt. She moaned softly as she rubbed her finger up and down, feeling the slit of her cunt with light touches. Her ass twisted and clenched, and her eyes became glassy as she stimulated her cunt.

Frank's cock pushed in painful hardness at his pants, his balls very tight. He tried to place his palm on his hidden balls, but the touch on them only caused a more throbbing pain. He could feel his cock dripping against his shorts, and he wanted to yank it out and pound it swiftly as he watched his mother, but he was afraid the slightest noise would make her stop.

Linda slipped her hand into her panties, running her fingers through her soft, silky pussy hair. She felt the bulge of her hardened clit, and a soft mewl came from her as her hips twitched. She had never been so aroused in her life. It felt as if every part of her body was about to explode, every inch of her aching and straining for a huge orgasm.

With a soft cry of urgency, she shoved her panties down. They went to her feet and stayed there. She stared at her reflection, her eyes hot and glued.

Frank was trying so hard to keep quiet, he was moaning. He stared at his mother's naked ass, seeing the inviting crack of her creamy ass cheeks. In the mirror he saw the lush hair that covered her cunt, and he wondered if he was going to come off inside his pants. His pants were much too tight on his cock and balls, and he feverishly opened his fly. He lifted his hard cock and hot, full balls from it, feeling relief from the pressure. His cock jutted upright, his cockhead almost on his belt. He closed his fingers about his cock, squeezing it as hard as he could.

Linda, still watching her reflection, bent and parted her knees. She ran her fingers again through the soft hair of her cunt, spreading it from her pink, glistening pussy-lips, making her clit stand out with throbbing hardness. She agitated her clit with two fingers, little cries of pleasure escaping her throat.

Frank watched his mother touching her cunt, and the piss-hole of his cock flared and dripped juices over his grasping fingers. He was excited to see the lovely cheeks of his mother's ass clench and relax, see the fan-shape of her pussy hair, see the wet lips of her cunt, and her little clit-bud that stood out so hard. It excited him to see his mother playing with her cunt, touching it, rubbing it.

Linda pushed a stiff finger down and under, sliding it into her cunt. She pressed it deeply, her knuckles stopping it as they smashed at the swollen lips of her pussy. Her body shivered, and with a soft cry, she began to stab her finger in and out of her cunt. Soft wet sounds came to Frank's ears, his eyes on fire as he watched his mother's frontal reflection, watching her fingerfucking herself vigorously.

"Ohhhh!" Frank couldn't stop the groan. Linda whirled around, jerking her finger out of her hairy cunt.

"Frank!" she gasped, and tried to cover her naked tits and cunt, stumbling slightly because her panties hobbled her feet.

Frank darted away, running to his room. Linda stood frozen, one arm over her tits, the palm and fingers of her other hand spreading over her hairy cunt protectively. She had turned around swiftly, and seen her son standing there. But, fast as he ran away, she had seen his cock sticking from his fly, his balls beneath it.

She began to tremble. Then she came.

"Oooooh?" she moaned, curling her fingers into her cunt, her legs shaking with the unexpected orgasm.

After the spasms ended, she pulled her hands away from her body, turning to face the mirror again. She held her arms out, palms forward, and looked at herself. A grin spread over her face, and her eyes started to sparkle.

"So, you like what you saw, do you, Frank?" she said to her reflection. "It made your little cock hard, didn't it? Can Peggy make your young cock as hard as I just did?"

The thought suddenly flared inside her mind. Without trying to consider her actions, she whirled, stepping out of her panties. She walked to the door of her bedroom, and paused. She took a deep breath, and wearing only her garter belt, nylons, and high heels, she walked with determination to her son's room. Linda was not going to have a replay of her teenage years with her brother. She was not going to have her son see her naked, then run, off to jack his young cock off in privacy.

She didn't hesitate at his bedroom door. She turned the knob and threw it open.

"Mom!" Frank yelped, turning his back to her quickly.

But he had not been fast enough to prevent her from seeing his pumping fist on his cock.

She strode quickly toward him and, pulling at his shoulder, forced her son onto his bed. Frank resisted, but not strongly. When she had him on his back, his cock still stood up straight and hard, his balls loaded. She stared at his balls. They reminded her of her brother's balls when he was young.

As she stared down at his cock, it started to wilt.

"Oh no you don't!" she hissed, and grabbed her son's cock tightly, squeezing it hard. She pumped her son's cock a few quick tight strokes. "Seeing me made you hard, huh, Frank? You wanted to do something with this hard-on, didn't you?"

"Aw, Mom, I didn't mean to spy on you," he said, wondering what was going on. He had never seen his mother this way before. He had never seen her naked, nor had he ever seen her looking so strange. Her eyes seemed as if they were on fire, her face was flushed and she was breathing awfully fast so that her naked tits moved up and down. Although he was embarrassed about being caught, about his mother holding his cock so tightly, he couldn't turn his eyes from her naked body, either.

Linda felt her son's cock burning her hand. She pulled upward on it tightly, watching his creamy cockhead bulge, his piss hole open, the wetness that seeped out of it. She ran her tongue over her lips, and her other hand slipped between her thighs again. Frank gulped as he watched his mother rub her fingers back and forth on her cunt, and his cock vibrated with a powerful hardness in her fist.

"So big and hard," Linda moaned, her eyes smoldering as she pumped her fist on his young prick. "So very hard!"

"Mom, what are you gonna do?"

"What am I going to do?" she asked, as if not really hearing him. "I don't know what I'm going to do."

She pulled the fingers between her thighs upward, and Frank watched the pink wetness of his mother's cunt. He thought for sure he was going to come in his mother's hand then and there. His balls became very tight, and he groaned. His hips lifted pushing his cock into her hand as it pressed downward. He wanted to touch his mother's cunt, touch her beautiful tits, feel them. But he wasn't sure what be was supposed to do. He had never seen his mother this way before, and he was almost afraid. What she was doing with his cock felt very good, better than ever before, and he didn't want her to stop.

"SO hard and hot!" Linda whispered, excitement dripping from her voice. "Damn, Frank, your cock is so hard!"

Frank wanted to giggle when he heard his mother say that, but the sound was more like a choke than anything.

Linda let out a squeal, and pounded her tight fist up and down on her son's young cock vigorously, the edge of her hand slapping downward, her palm covering his smoothly swollen prickhead on the upstroke. The seeping juices of his cock smeared her palm, making her fist slippery. She raced her fist up and down, gurgling with hot hunger, her eyes blurring. Her lips were parted and her tongue licked them feverishly.

"You want to come, don't you, Frank?" she purred in a throaty voice. "You need to come, don't you? Do your balls hurt, Frank? Does your cock feel like it's going to burst?"

"Mom!" he gasped, arching his hips upward. "Ohhhh, Mom, that feels so good!"

"Peek at me, will you? Sneak in and watch me undress, will you? You like to see girls, Frank? Do you like to watch girls without their clothes on?"

"Mom, I didn't…"

"Shut up!" she hissed, pounding at his hard cock almost frantically. "Shut up! Don't say anything else, Frank!"

Frank fell silent, his breath coming out in soft, snorting sounds. He wanted to watch his mother's fist on his cock, but he wanted to look at her hairy cunt more. He wanted to touch it, feel it, but wasn't sure she would let him. Just because she was jacking his cock didn't mean she would let him feel her cunt. His mother acted strange sometimes.

"Ahhhhhh! Ohhhhhhh!" Linda moaned, ramming her fist up and down very fast, from the base of her son's cock to the head. "Oooooh, nice and hard! So hot and hard!"

Frank couldn't stop the words.

"Are you gonna jack me off, Mom?"


Linda jerked her hand from his cock.

She saw her son's contorted face, saw his hungry desire in his young eyes.

"No, I am not going to jack you off," she said.

Linda had had enough jacking off. She had watched her brother jack off all those years, had watched him squirt come juice every place but where she wanted it. She had shown Brett her cunt all those times for his pleasure as he pounded on his cock.

If only her brother could see her now, she thought. Maybe he would be sorry for all those wasted years, those years when he could have fucked her instead of jacking off.

"Want to fuck me again, darling?" she mewled.

"Really, Mom?" Frank gasped. "I mean, I can really do it again?"

Linda chuckled, a very lewd sound. "If your cock is hard, I'd love to have it in my cunt again."

Frank got to his knees, his cock straining outward. "See, Mom! It's hard again! Let me put it back in you, Mom!"

"Take your pants off," she murmured throatily. "Take them off and it will be better."

She watched her son tearing at his pants feverishly. She spread her knees wide for him, her hairy cunt fully exposed. Frank stared into it as he hurried out of his jeans, tossing them to the floor.

Linda giggled. "You still have your sneakers on."

With a faint blush, Frank jerked his shoes off and they flew across the room.

"Now, Mom?"

"Your T-shirt," she purred, fondling her tits. "I want everything off, darling! I want you naked, beautifully naked, this time."

She sat there, and her hands lowered from her swollen tits. She rested her palms on her thighs, looking down into her son's startled face.

"No, I'm not going to jack you off," she said in a low voice. "I'm going to fuck you!"

"Mom, really!" Frank gasped.

"You just watch me!"

Leaning over, her tits dangling almost in her son's face, bracing her upper body by placing her hands on each side of his shoulders, Linda began fucking him furiously.

Her ass lifted and lowered, the searing lips of her cunt riding up and down her son's throbbing cock. She felt the sensation of stretching, as if her pussy had not been filled in years and years. She cried out with pleasure, her clit again swollen and very sensitive, scraped along the intensely hard shaft of her son's cock.

"Ohhhhh, God, it's wonderful!" she hissed, twisting her ass wantonly, ramming her cunt up and down. "So fucking good, Frank! Ahhhh, I'm going to fuck you and fuck you and fuck you! I'm… I'm on fire, Frank! I need this! I need this so much! I need a hard cock… me! Oohhh, Frank, fuck me! Please, fuck me!"

Frank couldn't believe this was happening. His mother's naked tits were almost in his face, her nipples very tight and hard, and she was bouncing her ass up and down, fucking his cock with her juicy cunt. It was better than when Peggy jacked his cock, so much better. He banged his fists onto the bed at his mother's knees, gritting his teeth.

Linda pounded faster and faster, her cunt rubbing on his cock. Her eyes rolled and closed, opened and bulged. Her lips remained parted and her wet tongue slipped over them. She gasped and cried out as she rammed downward, taking her son's cock very deep into the satiny heat of her inflamed cunt. She hardly felt the open fly of his pants on the tender tissues of her hair-lined cunt. All she felt was the intense ecstasy of his hard cock inside her hungry cunt. She could feel her son's cock throb, feel his rounded cockhead sliding along the soft tightness of her cunt.

She slowed her wild bouncing and tried to fuck slowly, but the sensations drove her on. She swung her ass about, grinding as hard as she could onto his cock, mewling and sobbing as the rapture increased, intensifying until it seemed as if every inch at her naked body was on fire. She swung her head about, her rich auburn hair flying around her contorting face. Her pussy clasped her son's cock tightly, nibbling at it as she stabbed herself with it.

"Ohhhh, God, Frank? Ohhhh, my God! It's so good, baby! It's been so long since I've had a cock… a decent fuck! Ahhh, fuck me, Frank! Fuck Mother! I want it, need it!"

Frank grabbed his mother's thighs, his fingers digging into her satiny flesh. He arched his hips up, meeting the downward thrust of her cunt. His balls felt as if her ass was pounding, smashing, then. He wanted to come badly now, yet something was holding it back.

"Mom, I think… I might…"

"Yes!" Linda screamed. "Oh, God, yes!" Frank didn't know what she meant. He was about to come and didn't know what to do about it. He was afraid his mother would be mad at him if he came, especially inside her pussy. Someone had told him a guy shouldn't ever come in a girl's cunt, but Frank didn't learn the reason for that. But the way his cock felt right now, whoever had told him that was full of shit.

Linda's cunt was vibrating, swelling, her clit so distended, it ached. She was approaching her second orgasm very quickly, and this time it came along slowly, allowing her to enjoy that most beautiful feeling in the world.

She rammed her cunt down onto her son's cock, smashing there, whipping her ass about in a feverish frenzy. She cried out as the feeling grew until it was all she felt, nothing else.

With a scream, she began to grind on her son's cock, her hip movements lewd and frantic.

"I'm going to come!" she screamed. "Ohhhh, God! I'm going to come… come so fucking hard!"

Frank gripped his mother's thighs, his balls churning, so full he had to do something, and soon.

Then he did do something.

He came, right inside his mother's squeezing cunt.

"Ohhh, shoot it to me!" Linda yelled when she felt her son's cock unleash the hot squirt of his come-juice. "Give it all to me! Come in me! Give Mother's cunt your sweet, hot come juice! Oooooh, spurt it, baby, spurt it!"

Linda's cunt pulled at her son's gushing cock, her hairy pussy lips gripping and flexing, squeezing the juices from big boiling young balls. She sat upright again, jerking her cunt back and forth as she dug into her firm tits again, her nipples bulging from between her fingers. She lifted her head to the ceiling, and screamed out the intensity of her ecstasy.

Frank, who had been shoving his cock upward, his ass lifted from the bed, slumped, gasping heavily, feeling his mother's cunt still grabbing at his cock. His balls weren't full now, and didn't hurt anymore. He wasn't sure what he was supposed to do. He lay there, his young body tingling, to see what his mother would do or say. He was half afraid she would blame him for it.

Linda sat on her son for some time, her body slowly calming down. She felt his cock softening inside her cunt, and her hairy pussy lips squeezed it just before she lifted herself. She sat on his bed, leaning against the headboard. She drew her knees up, resting her chin on them, gazing down at his cock. The way his cock and balls hung out of his open fly excited her. She could see the wetness of her cunt on the cloth of his fly, and smiled to herself. She felt the need for more, satisfied but not satisfied. Fucking her son, coming so hard for the first time in her life without using her own fingers, it was like a door swinging wide-open, inviting her to enter into the world she knew was there, but had never found.

Frank lay on his back, staring up. He wondered if he should stuff his cock and balls back into his pants, or leave them out this way. He just didn't know what his mother wanted him to do. He felt almost ashamed of lying there with his cock soft. He wouldn't feel ashamed if it was hard, he felt. But what could a guy do with a soft cock besides take a piss? Girls liked cocks that wore hard, he figured. And his mother was a girl, wasn't she? Didn't she just fuck him? He wanted to talk to her, ask if he could fuck her again. But he lay still, his young body shaking.

Linda gazed at her son. He wore a T-shirt, but it was halfway up his chest now. She saw his belly button just above the waist of his jeans. But she gazed at his cock and balls more than anything else. His prick was wet with the juices of her cunt, and his balls, looking so small right now, were wet, too. Her palms tingled with the urge to caress them, to feel them. She resisted the urge, understanding her son's sudden shyness.

"Frank," she said, her voice a low whisper. "Did I frighten you?"

For a moment he didn't reply, then he nodded his head. "A little, Mom."

"Are you still frightened?"

"Not very much," he said.

"Do you want to know what made me do that?"

"If you want to tell me," he replied.

"I saw you earlier," Linda told him. "I saw what you and Peggy were doing. I saw your Uncle Brett on the floor, too, watching you."

Frank trembled.

"I… well, gosh. Mom. I mean… Uncle Brett said it was okay."

"I know all about your Uncle Brett," Linda said. "I should have known what he would do."

Frank wanted to ask his mother about that, but he didn't know how.

"Honey," Linda said, her voice soft now. "I don't really care what you do with your cousin. I understand about those things. If Peggy wants you to touch her, feel her up, I don't mind."

"Nothing happened, really, Mom," he said. "I just put my hands inside her panties and touched it, and she rubbed me. Uncle Frank told us we could do it, so I thought…"

"I know, baby," she whispered. "It's okay, I said. I'm sorry I frightened you, though."

They were quiet for a minute or so. "Frank… have you seen Peggy? I mean, with her panties off?"

Frank shook his head. "Just her panties, Mom."

"And you liked it, didn't you?"

"Oh, yeah!"

"But… you liked seeing me better?" Frank swallowed.

"When you came home, and saw me in my room," Linda said. "You really liked seeing me best of all, didn't you?"

"Well, gosh… Mom, you're so beautiful!"

Linda laughed, a low, husky sound. "At your age, any girl, any naked girl, is beautiful. Especially if she fucks you."

Frank turned onto his stomach, and found his face at his mother's feet. Linda spread them apart, and Frank's eyes glazed over as he stared at his mother's cunt. Linda ran her fingers through her soft pussy hair, up and down. With two fingers, she spread the lips of her pussy open, and Frank swallowed hard, his eyes bulging out.

"Do you like it?" she whispered, touching her clit tenderly. "Do you like to see a pussy, see Mother's cunt?"

"Wow, Mom!" he gasped, his cock tingling and starting to get hard again.

"Makes your little cock hard, huh, baby?" she purred, seeing his ass tighten inside his jeans. "Does this make your cock tingle and want to get very hard?"

"Oh, does it, Mom! It's very pretty!"

"Oh, is it?" she purred, sliding her finger along her clit. "Is it really pretty?"

"Gosh, yes!" Frank grunted, his eyes glazed. "I like that hair and how wet it is and how it's so hot on me!"

"Hot on your cock, right?"

"Oh, boy, is it!"

Linda spread her cunt open for him, watching his face, smiling in a wanton way.

All she could remember was him jacking off, denying her the pleasure of having his hard-on. She remembered the years of sexual frustration as she grew, of how eager she was to get married. She remembered how her ex-husband had looked at her that first night, his disgust at her greedy appetites on his face. She remembered the torment of her years of marriage. She was not going to be denied her desires again.

She didn't say anything.

She jumped onto her son's bed, straddling his hips. While her son gasped in surprise, Linda rammed her juicy cunt down onto his cock hard and fast. As his prick penetrated her boiling cunt, her eyes closed and a soft cry came out of her throat. To her surprise, she began to come immediately.

Gasping with delight, she smashed the burning lips of her cunt against the roughness of her son's pants, her cunt clasping his cock with wild tremors of orgasm. Her clit exploded, throbbing hotly, and she clutched her tits as she sat upright, impaled on her son's cock. Her almost naked body shivered as she dug harshly into her tits, a soft scream boiling from her throat. Her orgasm was so swift, so hot and tight, she almost didn't enjoy it. Then, as fast as she came, it receded. Her cunt pulsated about his cock as Frank ripped his T-shirt as he hurried to peel it over his head, and it landed someplace on the floor.

"Mmmmm, much better," Linda purred as her eyes moved up and down her son's body. His cock strained out, aimed at her, jerking slightly. She moved toward him, cupping her tits and offering them to his face. "Want to suck these, honey?"

"Ohhh, Mom!" Frank moaned, and rammed his mouth to one of his mother's offered tits. He closed his lips about it, sucking very hard, his tongue lapping greedily.

"Ahhhh, baby, that's nice," Linda purred, feeling the strong suction of his hot, wet mouth. "Mmmmm, suck hard, Frank! Suck Mother's tits real hard! Oooooh, you know what that does to me? It makes my cunt hot and wet and feel good!"

She held his face tight into her tit. Frank tried to pull every inch of his mother's satiny tit into his mouth, trying to swallow it. He moaned with pleasure, his hot breath searing her flesh. Linda gurgled and ran her hands about his body, feeling him, cupping the cheeks of his ass and squeezing, then holding his cock and balls with both hands. She listened to her son's hungry, wet sounds on her tit, and felt him trembling. She released his cock and balls, grasped his right wrist and slid his hand down to her cunt. She curled her son's fingers into her burning cunt, pressing at the back of his hand, making it tight on her pussy.

"Ohhhh, Frank, suck Mother's tits, darling!" she breathed hotly. "Feel Mother up! Feel Mother's cunt and suck her tits! Ahhhh, baby, play with my pussy… touch it and squeeze it and… ooooooh, this is making me so fucking hot for your cock again, Frank!"

Frank pulled his mouth from his mother's tit. He looked into her twisted face. They were standing on their knees in the middle of his bed, and he had his hand on her cunt and it was so wet and hot, his cock and balls were ready.

"Do you like it?" Linda whispered. "Do you like to feel Mother's cunt?"

"Yes, Mom! Oh, gosh, yes!"

"Want to fuck it again?"

"Yes, Mom!"

"Mmmmmm, kiss me, darling!"

She crushed her mouth to his, her hot lips writhing as her tongue darted into his mouth. She was delighted when Frank sucked on it, and rubbed at her cunt. She clutched his cock tightly in one hand, the other holding a cheek of his naked ass. She rubbed the wet head of his prick over the flesh of her thigh, her hip, and slipped it against the soft hair of her pussy.

"You're so hard and dripping," she murmured against his mouth. "I love it when a cock is hard and dripping, Frank."

"Mom, are you really gonna let me do it again?"

"A hard cock, a dripping cock, belongs in a cunt, darling," she mewled with a thick voice. "A hard cock should always be inside a hot, wet cunt, don't you think?"

"Oh, yes, Mom!"

Linda pulled back from her son and looked down at his prick. She squeezed, making his cockhead swell more, watching juices drip out of his small piss hole. She rubbed his cock-juice on her thigh, shivering at the slippery feel of it.

"Mmmm, that's nice and hot," she purred.

"Mom, let me do it again, please! Please, Mom, I wanna put my cock in you and do it again!"

"Do what again?" she prompted.

"Fuck you, Mom!" he shouted.

"Oh yes, baby! That's what I want you to do with me… fuck me!"


Linda lay back on her son's bed, leaving him on his knees. She flung her arms out, and opened her legs very wide, exposing her glistening cunt to his hot eyes.

"Fuck me," she hissed. "Fuck me now, Frank!"

Frank gulped, fascinated by his mother's cunt. Her black garter belt and nylons seemed to enhance her exotic beauty. Her high-heels, somehow, had fallen from her feet. One of them was at the foot of the bed, the other on the floor. Her rich auburn hair fanned around her face, her eyes sparkling and glazed with passion again. The lips of her cunt were swollen with readiness, her clit pulsating in hardness.

She lifted her arms to her son, bending her knees, but holding them wide-open. The whole expanse of her crotch was showing, the wet pink of her cunt and the sweet curves of her ass, Frank's cock jerked, and a string of fuck-juice dropped onto the patch of dark pussy-hair.

"Come on, Frank," she urged in a hoarse whisper. "Fuck Mother. Mother has such a hot cunt and it needs some hard cock, baby! Fuck me, Frank!"

"Mom, you're so beautiful!" he moaned.

"Look at me later," she sobbed softly. "You can look at me all over, anyplace you want to look. But fuck me right now, Frank! Ohhhh, God, hurry and ram your cock up my cunt!"

Frank leaned forward, and Linda grasped his cock, shoving it downward. She gasped as his swollen cockhead scraped along her clit and then her breath caught in her throat as his cock penetrated the searing lips, of her cunt once more. She lifted her hips as her son came down, and the breath came out of her with an ecstatic kiss.

"Ohhhh, baby, baby!" she moaned, wrapping her arms about him and crushing his face to her tits.

She scissored her hot thighs up and down his hips and legs, her ass bouncing.

"God, you feel so good to me! Your cock is so hard and fills my cunt! Ahhhh, Frank, you're going to have to fuck Mother real hard! I want it hard! Bruise my cunt, baby! Beat my cunt with your lovely hard-on!"

Frank began to stab his cock up and down, driving it into his mother's boiling pussy in a frenzy. The friction made Linda scream out with delight, her hips thrashing to meet his frantic lunges. She raced her hands down his back, clutching the cheeks of his ass, squeezing them, straining her cunt up and down, listening to the exciting wet slapping sounds.

Gasping and twisting, Linda clung to her son's ass, her hands very tight. Her hips thrust and squirmed as she took his pounding cock. Thrashing and squealing, she urged him to fuck hard and fast. The feel of his hard cock driving into her gripping, juicy cunt sent tremors of rapture through her. She dug her fingers into her son's bouncing ass, the tips feeling the heat of his young asshole. Linda humped her crotch in a frenzy.

"Ohhhh, ram it, darling!" she groaned. "Ram it hard! Oooooh, so good, Frank! So damned good."

Frank was choking and grunting as he thrust his cock in and out of his mother's cunt. His face rested on her firm tits, his breath snorting out of his nose and open mouth. He had his hands on his mother's shoulders, pulling at them as he stabbed his cock inward, wanting to be very deep into her boiling tight cunt. His balls throbbed, heavy with jism. The way his mother clawed at his ass enhanced the sensations that were overpowering his young mind and body. Despite his heated fucking, he trembled between his mother's nyloned thighs. He dug his toes into the mattress, and lunged his cock brutally into her juicy cunt. The harder he stabbed his mother's pussy, the louder she squealed and the better she wanted it.

"Mom!" he groaned. "Ohhh, Mom!"

Linda, feeling her cunt grabbing at his cock, the wild heat of a ballooning orgasm deep in her cunt, suddenly began to buck up and down frantically, grinding harder.

"Now!" she screamed. "Do it now! Shoot it to me! Squirt it, Frank! Ahhh, squirt it right now!"

Her cunt squeezed Frank's cock as she came. Frank let out a grunt. It was almost painful, but so good his mind spun. Linda clutched his ass as hard as she could, straining her convulsive cunt tightly onto his prick. Her screams mingled with his grunts as they almost fainted from the sheer rapture of orgasm.

Although her orgasm took almost all her strength away, Linda managed to hold him, her arms about his waist, her long, nyloned thighs wrapped around his. Her body shuddered a number of times as her cunt pulsated wetly. His cock started to slip out of her pussy, but it triggered a spasm of squeezing motions, catching his cockhead and holding it inside.

"I don't want to let you go," she said, breathless. "I don't ever want to let you go, Frank. I want to keep you in me forever."

Frank lay limply in the cradle of his mother's thighs, breathing deeply. Her tits made a lovely pillow for his head. When his mother caressed up and down his back, he felt very good. It had been a long time since he had been held this way, and he liked it. Linda understood. She had wanted to hold her son this way for a long time but, afraid of her own emotions, had resisted. Now, she could hold him to her heart's content. If his cock swelled into hardness inside her cunt again, so much the better. He could fuck her again, and again, and again.

"I'm thirsty," Frank said, puffing from his mother. For a moment he didn't seem to know what to do. He avoided looking at her, a slight flush on his young face. As he walked from the room, Linda's eyes followed him, seeing his tight, young ass, wondering how she had managed to keep her hands off it for so long, how she had allowed her brother, Brett, to initiate her son. She had not seen the signs of her son's sexual awakening, had not paid attention to what was happening. At least, she told herself, rolling onto her back and allowing her legs to remain open, she had caught it just as it was starting. She was certain that Brett would have had Frank fucking his daughter for his voyeuristic desires soon. It wasn't that she was against Frank fucking his cousin. She had never considered it in the first place, but knowing what she did now, she thought it would be amusing, maybe quite enjoyable, for her son to fuck Peggy. Although she had no voyeuristic tendencies that she knew of, she wouldn't mind seeing her son's cock sliding into that young, creamy, ever-so-pretty little cunt of her niece.

She heard Frank getting a drink of water in… the bathroom, and wiggled deliciously on his bed. Her body felt alive, vibrant, in a way she had not felt before. Her cunt felt filled with his come-juice. She could feel it dripping, oozing out of her hairy cunt lips. She writhed her ass in pleasure, her inner thighs wet and slippery. She fondled her firm tits as she gazed at the ceiling. Her beautiful face was radiant with satisfaction.

Hearing him come back into the room, she turned to watch him. His cock and balls excited her so much, so very much. His cock still glistened with their juices. His balls, so very hard earlier, dangled loosely now, and she liked the way they looked. One, the left side, she noticed curiously, was a little lower than the right. That was strange, she thought. She had not noticed that on her brother those many years ago, nor her husband. She noticed, toot that Frank had apparently lost his shyness, because he stood at the side of his bed and looked down at her boldly, his eyes moving over her tits, her flat stomach, the fan-shape of her luxurious, silky cunt-hair. His eyes moved up and down slowly, pausing on her nipples, then her cunt. Linda parted her legs for him, and the pink lips of her pussy glistened. The tip of her clit, no longer straining in desire, peeked up at him.

"Well, what do you think?" she asked softly. "Nice," Frank replied just as softly. "Very nice, Mom."


"Just like a center-fold," Frank said.

That pleased Linda very much. She knew how men – and boys – loved to look at those beautiful, naked women in magazines, and to be compared to them by her son, at that, delighted her very, very much. Some of those women were absolutely beautiful. She didn't ask her son where he had seen such centerfolds. Her brother was certain to have had them around.

Sliding her hands down her body, Linda lifted her ass. She pulled at the soft hair of her cunt with her fingers, spreading her pussy for her son. She watched his face, seeing his features go through various changes as he stared between her legs. Linda squeezed her cunt closed, then opened it again, as wide as she could, and rolled her hips wantonly.

Frank giggled.

"Oh, you think my cunt is funny?"

"Oh, no, Mom!" he said quickly. "I think it's beautiful. I just never saw a woman do that before."

"This?" she purred, and writhed her hips in a lewd motion.

Frank stared hotly as she wiggled and danced her naked ass while she lay on her back, legs wide.

"Touch me," she whispered. "Honey, you can touch me… feel me, anyplace. Look at me, touch me, see what I'm like."

Eagerly, Frank began to feel of his mother's body, touching and molding her tits, her nipples. He ran his hands about her smooth flesh, over her legs. Linda especially enjoyed the touch of his hands on her inner thighs where they were most sensitive. He touched her hot cunt, cupped it and pressed, squeezing it. He slipped his hands beneath her body, cupping and testing the firmness of her ass, interested in the crack between her round cheeks.

"What do you think?" she asked as his hands moved about her flesh.

"Nice, Mom," he whispered, awed.

"Is it exciting to touch me, to feel me this way?"

Frank nodded his head, his eyes shining. "I don't think Peggy has hair on her pussy the way you do, Mom."

"But, honey, you felt her up, didn't you?"

Again he nodded. "But I didn't feel very much hair. I think I like your pussy best, Mom."

"Mmmmm," she mewled, pushing her cunt up when he cupped it again. "Is that pussy hot, baby? Is Mother's cunt hot and wet?"

"Yeah," Frank gasped, feeling the lips of his mother's cunt throb against his palm.

Linda held her breath as her son probed her cunt with his fingers. She lifted higher for him, looking past her tits, watching his hand. Frank stuffed all four of his fingers into his mother's cunt and moved them back and forth.

Although he had a small hand, his four fingers seemed to fill and stretch her cunt wide. He could get his whole hand inside, up to his wrist, if he tried, but Frank wasn't trying. He ran his fingers back and forth, watching his mother's cunt stretch about them.

Pulling his fingers out of her cunt, he asked hesitantly, "Would you turn over, Mom?"

With a soft giggle, Linda turned and lay on her stomach. She shoved her hands past her head and lay still. Frank gazed down at her naked ass, her nylons and garter belt seeming to emphasize her nakedness. He stared at his mother's creamy ass, thinking it was more beautiful than any he had seen his uncle's magazines.

Linda breathed hotly as she felt her son's hands on her ass, feeling the shape of her asscheeks, down the backs of her thighs to the tops of her nylons. A shiver rippled through her body, but it certainly wasn't from a chill. She didn't resist when she felt her son pulling at her asscheeks, opening them up.

Frank peered down into the crack of his mother's ass, seeing the pucker of her asshole, a few strands of dark hair near her assring. He could see her cunt, so very close to her asshole.

"You can touch that, too," she said softly.

Frank probed a fingertip lightly at his mother's crinkled asshole. Linda's breath caught as she felt his light touch. Her asshole squeezed as if afraid he was going to slip his finger into it. But Frank was not going to penetrate her asshole with his finger. He was thrilled to see, touch it. A woman's asshole fascinated him more than her cunt did for some reason. He held her ass wide-apart and leaned down very close, seeing her assring pulsate. Linda felt her son's breath on her ass, and she moaned softly. Her hips lifted, but not because of any conscious thought on her part. They lifted by themselves.

"Ooooh!" she purred suddenly when she felt her son's lips kissing the cheek of her ass. "Oooooh, baby!"

Frank kissed about the cheeks of his mother's ass, sliding his hot lips along her satiny skin, then his tongue was on her flesh. Linda gasped and cried out softly. She had never felt lips, warm and moist, on her ass before, and her emotions seemed to soar. Her ass lifted a little higher, and Frank smashed his lips against the creamy cheek of his mother's ass. He darted his tongue out, and lapped at it, tasting her flesh. He twisted his tongue in hot, wet circles, licking the crease at her thigh.

Linda trembled as her son's tongue licked about her ass. She blew her son was working up the courage to touch his tongue against her asshole. The very idea of his tongue touching her asshole made her cunt suck inward with desire. She had been sucked before. She had felt a tongue inside her cunt, had felt lips sucking at her clit, and had come with a tongue probing her hairy pussy. But no one had ever touched her asshole, even with a finger. What her son was doing to her there created a shivery pleasure.

She lifted her ass, her knees and shoulders supporting her. She felt very lewd with her ass in the air this way, and it was a good feeling. Frank wasn't holding her asscheeks open now. They remained parted. His tongue swirled as he caressed with his hands. She felt the hot moisture of his lips and tongue covering every inch of her ass and the backs of her thighs. When her son licked lightly along the inner softness of her asscheeks, Linda almost came.

"Oooooh, honey, baby!" she cooed, wiggling her ass. "You don't know what that's doing to me! Ooooh, God, Frank! No one has ever kissed my ass before! It feels so good, baby!"

She felt his hot breath burn her flesh as his tongue swished and licked. She moved her naked ass from side to side, making little whimpering sounds. As her cunt began to bubble from this stimulation, she clawed into the sheets of her son's bed. The urge to ram her ass into his face was strong, to jam it upward, feel his tongue on her asshole, inside her asshole, was so powerful, yet she resisted it.

But Frank couldn't resist.

He was licking a hot circle about his mother's asshole, and suddenly he groaned. Then his tongue was on her asshole.

"Ahhh!" Linda purred softly as she felt his tongue pushing against her asshole. The sensation was unlike any she had ever felt, a beautiful, tingling sensation. "Oooooh, Frank! God, baby!"

Frank ran his tongue against his mother's asshole almost in a frenzy. He breathed hard, his fingers once again trying to part her asscheeks farther than possible. He smashed his mouth upon her asshole, his lips around her ass pucker, and sucked hard. Linda groaned and pushed her ass into his face as tightly as she could, her cunt throbbing as her clit suddenly became hard again. Frank stiffened his tongue, and Linda held her breath.

When her son's tongue slipped into her asshole, past her tight wring, Linda's breath came out explosively.

"Ohhhhh, Frank!"

Linda couldn't prevent the swinging, humping motion of her ass. With her son driving his tongue in and out of her asshole now, she strained and twisted, gurgling with the most delicious feeling.

"Baby, baby!" she cried out. "What are you doing to me? Ohhh, Frank, that's so… so strange! But, God, does it feel good! Ooooh, it's making my cunt so wet and hot again, darling!"

Frank's tongue seemed to go deep, but she knew that was impossible. His tongue wasn't very long. But when he darted it in and out, fucking it into her asshole, Linda knew she would come if he kept it up just a little longer. Being driven to orgasm by a tongue up her asshole was something she had never contemplated. It didn't seem possible, but she knew it would happen. She waggled her ass.

"Frank, you're fucking Mother in the ass!" she gasped. "God, you're fucking me in the ass with your tongue! Frank, baby… oooh, you're going to make me come! My pussy… my cunt… is on fire again!"

Frank rammed his tongue in and out of his mother's asshole, his lips crushed about her assring. He held her asscheeks very wide, but still felt the softness of them, the heat of them, against his cheeks.

Linda felt as if her son was trying to reach her throat through her asshole. His tongue, small as it was, seemed to open up her ass bigger than ever. She strained into his face, ha cunt dripping, drops of her fuck-juices landing on the sheet of his bed. She arched and twisted, mewling as her orgasm burned. She was about to come very hard, despite all those other orgasms her son had given her.

"Deeper!" she cried. "Ohhhh, baby, you're about to make me come!"

Frank rammed his tongue in and out, breathing hard. He heard his mother gasping that she was about to come. He darted a hand under her body, clutching one of her swollen tits. He squeezed her cunt, his tongue diving and thrusting into her burning asshole. If he could make her come, that would please him as much as her.

"Now!" Linda screamed.

As her cunt contracted, her asshole grabbed at his tongue. Frank could have pulled his tongue from her ass when it throbbed tightly, but he rammed it as deep as he could, feeling the sucking of it while his mother came in wave after wave of squealing ecstasy. The way his mother's asshole gripped his tongue, Frank wondered what it would feel like around his cock.


Linda was still pissed off at her brother. Not as much as she was, but still quite angry.

If she had not caught Brett up to his old tricks, she would not have fucked Frank, so in one way she was grateful to him. She would have gone on doing without, being frustrated. She would never have gone to her son with such heat, fucked him so frantically, and she would never have known such gratification.

And, she thought with a smile, she would never have known what it felt like to be tonguefucked in her asshole.

The only reason she was still angry with her brother was because he had used her son for his jack-off games. She didn't much care if her niece, Peggy, did such things, but Linda felt it was up to her when it came to Frank. Peggy apparently enjoyed the games with her father, in any event. On one hand, she wanted to talk to her brother about it, but on the other she was afraid it would open up some of their old games, and she was unwilling to allow herself to renew them. She didn't know if she wanted to play those silly games with her brother anymore. After all, they were adults now.

She bathed, using her favorite scents. Linda kept herself scrupulously clean, and often bathed twice a day. She enjoyed keeping her body in excellent shape. She loved to be clean and smell fresh. After bathing, she dressed in a light sweater and wraparound skirt, sliding her feet into leather sandals. She had decided to talk to her brother, to let him know she didn't want Frank used that way.

Seeing his car in the drive, Linda went out the back door and across the strip of lawn separating the two houses. She knocked at his back door, and then entered before her brother could call out. He was sitting at the dining table, drinking coffee. He looked as if he had just gotten out of bed. Linda found a cup and poured herself coffee, then sat across from him.

"You're still as lazy as ever, aren't you?" she said. "How can you sleep until noon?"

"Easy," he chuckled.

"It's not right for Peggy to get herself breakfast and off to school alone. You make a lousy mother, you know."

"Maybe that's because I don't have a cunt," he replied.

He didn't shock Linda. Nothing Brett did shocked her. She was used, to him.

"You're nasty, do you know that?" she said, sipping her coffee. "What does a cunt have to do with being a mother?"

"All mothers have a cunt, don't they?" he said. "Since I don't, I can't be a mother."

"I don't have a pair of balls," she said, "but I'm doing a pretty good job of being a substitute father for Frank."

"You only think you are, Linda," he said. "Maybe you don't know it, but you're trying to grow a pair of balls. Why don't give that kid a little more space?"

Linda arched her eyebrows. "Why? So you can have him over here for your little games?"

"You know about that, huh?" Brett asked, but there was no anger or embarrassment on his face.

"You'll never change, Brett," she replied. "You like your little games too much."

"They're my games, aren't they?" he said. "Who am I hurting?"

Linda didn't say anything for a moment. She sipped her coffee, finishing it. Brett was wearing his robe, and she knew he was naked under it. He was always naked under his robe. For a moment she allowed herself to remember him standing before her, jacking off, spraying her feet with hot come-juice.

"What's the matter, Linda?" Brett asked after a moment. "Are you jealous? Do you want your son for yourself?"

"Like I said, you're nasty."

"Probably." He grinned at her. "Hey, come on, Linda. What the hell? The kids enjoy it. Peggy goes wild for it, and where else would Frank find himself such en eager little girl?"

"What makes you think he wants an eager girl?"

"All boys want an eager girl," he said. "Remember how it was with us?"

"I try to forget," she said, making a face. "Linda, stop pretending," he said. "You used to love the hell out of it. You'd get turned on like crazy, and you can't deny it. It was there, remember? I've seen you so turned-on you'd fuck a Goddamn dog if we'd had one. I know you, Sis. You say you don't want Frank here doing things, but you don't really mind. Look at it this way. Frank gets himself a little pussy, Peggy is satisfied, and I'm happy."

"Then you plan to get them fucking, do you?"

"Sure," he said. "They're ready for it. Linda, you should see how Peggy squirms and twists her little ass when Frank has his hand down her panties. She goes around here wiggling her cute little ass, teasing. She's ready for it."

"Why don't you let nature run its course?"

"Sometimes nature needs a little help."

"With your cock, I suppose?"

"Why the hell not?" he said. "Peggy enjoys watching me as much as you did. She's not bashful about showing it off, either. I can show Peggy my hard-on and her little panties become wet."

"Maybe Peggy wants more than show."

"If she does, Frank can fuck her."

"You're saying you won't fuck her?" Linda asked. "Come on, Brett! You'll fuck her sooner or later. We both know that."

"I didn't fuck you, did I?"

"Well, no, but…"

Brett stood up, and slowly opened his robe. Linda felt it was time to leave, yet she sat there, watching him, her eyes following his hands. When he opened his robe, she gazed at his cock and balls, remembering them. She ran her tongue over her lips, her breathing quickening. She couldn't take her eyes from them as her brother walked around the table until he stood before her, about two feet away. As she looked, she saw his cock lift slowly. His balls were big, very hairy, and there was a thick patch of wiry hair at the base of his cock. She felt her cunt responding, starting to throb and become moist. She remembered she had not put panties on, and hoped the back of her skirt wouldn't get wet. She ran her tongue over her lips, gazing as her brother's cock swelled, turning stiff. He stood with his robe parted, looking down at her, his eyes glowing.

When Brett slipped her sweater up, exposing her tits, Linda sat still, not protesting, not resisting. She wasn't afraid, but she was beginning to feel excitement. Her nipples throbbed with hardness as he pulled her sweater to her chin.

"You've always had beautiful tits, Linda," he said, "but they're more beautiful now than when you were a teenager."

Brett cupped his sister's tits, and Linda gasped softly. As he manipulated her tits, she remembered he had seldom touched her in those long gone days. His hands were big, but still failed to cup her tits completely. While he fondled her naked tits, Linda's eyes remained on his cock. It was long, very long, and thick. His cockhead was smooth now, quite swollen. She watched his piss-hole, seeing juices dripping from it. She held her breath as her brother moved toward her.

"We never did really play with each other," he said in a soft voice.

"I know," she whispered.

His hips moved toward her. Linda lowered her head, watching the tip of his cock as it brushed one of her tits. Site felt the wetness on her flesh, and a low, very soft, gurgle came from her. She licked her lips as her brother pressed the dripping hole of his cock against her nipple, pushing forward. She watched his cock press her stiff nipple inward, and couldn't stop the low moan that came out of her throat.

"You like it, Linda," he said. "You like seeing my cock so hard, just as always. Want me to fuck your tits, Linda? I used to dream what it would feel like, sliding my cock between your soft tits, coming on them."

Linda squirmed her ass on the chair, feeling her cunt throb. The back of her dress was getting wet from her pussy, and she didn't care now. The head of her brother's cock was pushing at her tit, and then he shifted his hips. His cock moved between her tits, and he slowly worked it up and down. She felt his seeping pisshole brush beneath her chin. Her hands moved slowly, sliding along her brother's naked thighs. The feel of his cock rubbing along her tits caused her to shiver. His cock felt very hot, very hard.

Brett placed his hands on his sister's shoulders, working his cock up and down, rubbing it at her tits. She could feel his heavy, hairy balls brush her flesh. Within a short time, her chin was smeared with his cock-juices. He slipped his hands off her shoulders and to her tits, crushing them about his cock.

"Oh, nice, Linda," he said. "It feels just like I knew it would. I should have fucked your tits a long time ago."

Linda dug her fingers into her brother's hips, looking up at him as the head of his cock bumped against her chin, feeling the hard throb of his cock moving up and down between her tits. Her eyes were moist, her cunt bubbling with heat. Her hands moved to his ass, her palms cupping them. She pulled her brother tight against her tits, moaning softly. Her chin and neck were smeared with his cock-juice now, and she found it pleasant.

After a moment, Brett pulled back. His cock strained out, straight and very hard. Linda, holding him by his naked ass, his robe held away by her arms, stared at it, her eyes glazed in passion. Her brother didn't say or do anything; he just stood there and let her look. But Linda was finished with looking.

She pushed her face forward, his cock sliding along her cheek and toward her ear. She kissed his heavy, hairy balls, and darted her tongue out, lapping them. Her hands dug into his ass, soft sounds of purring pleasure corning from her as she lapped his balls.

"Can't stay away, can you, Linda?" he said.

"Shut up, Brett," she hissed. "All those years, you used me. You made me take my clothes off so you could look at me, make me watch you jack off. You don't know much I wanted to do something, too. Now, you can shut up and leave me alone! I'm not that dumb little girl anymore. I'm a woman, and I have desires and needs, and you can just shut the fuck up! It's my turn now, brother, dear."

Brett laughed. "Sure, it's your turn, Sis." Linda gave a little whimper, and rubbed her moist lips up and down the shaft of her brother's cock, the tip of her tongue tasting his cock-juice. She dipped her tongue back to his balls, under them, lifting them. She enjoyed the fullness of them, the heat that seemed to burn her tongue. She drew a hand from his ass and pressed his hard cock against her cheek as she lapped his balls, her tongue swirling wetly. Brett stood before her, his hand resting on her head, letting her do as she pleased.

The hot taste of her brother's balls, the way his cock throbbed at her cheek, drove Linda into a feverish hunger. Her cunt pulsated against the chair she sat in, but she wasn't ready to take his cock into her cunt yet. She ran her tongue up and down his prick, lapping hungrily from his balls to his swollen cockhead, flicking her tongue at his piss-hole, tasting his seeping fuck juices. She swirled her tongue about the head of his cock, mewling deep in her throat. She closed her lips about the head of her brother's cock and sucked it, her tongue twisting hotly. She pulled the juices from his piss hole, swallowing them. Then, with a low groan, she rammed her mouth onto his cock, swallowing it. His cockhead brushed her throat, and she still had an inch left. She tried, tried hard, but couldn't take his cock completely into her mouth. As it was, her lips felt as if they were about to split at the corners.

"Ahhhh, hot mouth, Sis!" Brett moaned. "Hot and wet! I didn't know you were a cocksucker, Linda. Shit, you should have told me before. You can suck my cock if you're that hungry for it!"

Linda didn't answer him. She clutched the cheek of his ass hard, pulling him forward, her mouth so stuffed she could hardly breathe. But the hot way her brother's cock throbbed on her tongue was ecstasy itself. She held his hot balls with her other hand, rubbing them at her wet chin. She tried to suck and lick his thick cock, but there was hardly any room in her mouth. She pulled back, took a deep breath, and began to bob her lovely face back and forth, her lips sliding and puffing on his cock. She made exciting wet sounds as she sucked. Her cunt was boiling and she twisted her ass on the chair, spreading her knees to pull her brother between them. Her wraparound skirt slipped along her long thighs, exposing them.

Brett placed his palms on his sister's cheeks, staring down at her cocksucking hunger. His balls began to draw up tightly.

"Ohhhh, shit, Linda!" he moaned. "Goddamn, you're good, Sis! Your mouth is so fucking hot and wet… suck it, Linda? Make me come off in your fucking mouth! Eat my cock, Linda! Ahhh, you're good, very good! Suck it up, Sis!"

Linda moaned with a low muffled sound, sucking in a frenzy on her brother's cock. It had been so very long since she had tasted a hard cock in her mouth, she was starving for it. She twisted her head sideways, making little fucking motions as her mouth moved back and forth. Her eyes were closed, her body trembling with desire. She took as much of his thick, long cock as she could into her mouth, struggling for more. She felt his cockhead battering her throat, and didn't care if she was bruised. Wanting to suck his big cock meant more to her than a sore throat at this moment.

Linda was feeling such ecstasy, she wouldn't have known if anyone came into the dining room, stood and watched her sucking his big cock. Her son, her niece, anyone – she wouldn't have cared. She rammed her face back and forth, her lips stretching and tingling. The friction sent wild chills up and down her spine, making her cunt suck and squeeze and throb. She rammed forward, jerking backward.

Brett held her cheeks, watching her, groaning with the sensations his sister produced in his big balls.

"Ohhhhhh, Linda, you keep that up!" he urged. "Just keep sucking my cock that way and you're going to have a mouthful of hot come juice! Make me squirt it in your mouth, Sis. Ahhhh, suck me off! Make me come in your cock-sucking mouth!"

Linda waked, squeezing her thighs about his knees, her cunt feeling as if it was about to explode. She sucked hard, racing her lips back and forth on his cock. She was ready to cry with rapture. She wanted him to gush his creamy jizm over her tongue, wanted to feel it burn her throat. She clung to his balls, twisting them, her other hand digging into his ass. She moaned hotly, bobbing her face back and forth as fast as she could move.

"Now, Linda!" Brett yelped. "I'm going to come in your fucking mouth, now! Ooooohhhh, shit, suck it up, you cocksucking bitch!"

The spurting of his cock choked her. She made a little strangling sounds, but refused to turn his prick loose. She clung to it with her lips, holding his cock tightly just behind his swollen prickhead. Her tongue flapped about his pisshole as he came. The hot spurts splashed at her throat, burning as she gulped wetly. She swallowed fast, and managed to get it all. When he finished gushing into her mouth, she held his cock and licked slowly at his piss-hole, her eyes still closed. Her cunt continued to burn with the need to come, too. She felt her brother's cock softening inside her mouth and released it.

Brett stepped back.

Linda licked her bruised lips.

"How can something so little become so fucking hard?" she asked in a breathless voice.

"Brett, you always had the cutest cock when it was soft, but, God… can it turn big!"

"I bet you've wanted to suck me off for a long time, Linda," he said.

"No, you're wrong," she replied. The taste of his come-juice was still in her mouth. "I didn't think of such a thing back then. I did, though, want you to fuck me."

"Oh, really? Why didn't you say something?"

"It was your game, remember?"

"Well, sure, but if you'd said something, I would have fucked you, Linda."

"I doubt it." She grinned at him. "You were – and still are – into jacking off, especially with a little girl watching."

Brett returned to his chair, cupping his chin in his hand and looking at her. "I would still have fucked you. Why didn't you ever say anything about it, Linda?"

"I just told you, Brett," she replied. She ran her tongue over her lips, feeling a slight puffiness.

"Well, listen," he said. "If you want to fuck me, let's go to my room. I wouldn't mind having a nice piece of your ass. You've always had a pretty ass, Linda. If your cunt is as hot and greedy as your mouth, you're a hell of a fuck."

Linda stood up. "Too bad."

She grinned at him.

"This ass belongs to… well, let's just say you're a little late."

She left her brother at the table, going out the back door.


Linda was anticipating Frank coming home. What she had told her brother was true. Her ass now belonged to Frank, her son. She wouldn't give it to anyone unless Frank agreed to it. Linda didn't really care if she never had another man, as long as her son wanted her. She would be content with him, his cock, for the rest of her life.

By the time Frank was supposed to be home from school, Linda was boiling, boiling all over.

Sucking her brother off had only made her more aware of her hunger, her desires. She had become intensely aroused sucking Brett off, and just as she had suspected, the back of her wraparound skirt was soaking wet. She didn't change though. She had not come when her brother did, and she was almost in misery with need. She could make herself came with her fingers, but her son would be home soon. He would make her come, he would fuck her pussy good and make her come hard, the way he had the night before.

Her orgasms with her son were the strongest she had ever enjoyed in her entire life. It was not something she wanted to give up.

She saw Frank on the sidewalk. Peggy was with him. Since her brother had rented her house next door, the two walked to school together and came home together. They had more in common than most cousins, Linda thought as she watched Peggy start toward her house and Frank turn across the lawn toward her. Linda looked at her son, her eyes at the front of his pants, eager to have him inside. She wanted to strip his young body naked, to get his cock deliciously hard, and then sit on it for hours and hours.

"Hi, Mom!" Frank grinned as he came in. "Waiting for me?"

Linda was still standing at the window.

"Who else would I be waiting for?" she asked.

Frank giggled and moved into her arms. Linda hugged her son tightly against her body, kissing the top of his head. She pressed her tits into his face and worked a thigh at his hip. When Frank lifted his face, Linda kissed his mouth, running her tongue from corner to corner on his lips.

"Can I go over to Peggy's now?" he asked.


"Well, Peggy said Uncle Brett wanted me come over after school, Mom."

"So you can play with her little cunt and she can play with your cock, while he sits on the floor and jacks off, right?"

"Well, not exactly," Frank said. "Peggy kind of hinted that I was gonna get to do more than before. She said Uncle Brett wanted to see us fuck."

"Oh, he does, does he?" Linda said, her hands on her son's shoulders. "What do you want to do?"

"I wanna do it!" Frank said, excitedly.

"You mean let your uncle watch, or you want to fuck Peggy?"

"Fuck Peggy!"

Linda felt as if she was about to be abandoned. She clung to his shoulders, staring down at his excited face. How could she prevent him from having what he wanted? Frank was eager to stick his cock into his cousin's young cunt, very eager there was no way she could resist. If her son wanted to fuck Peggy, he would fuck her sooner or later. Especially with his uncle urging them. Peggy would fuck Frank, Peggy would do anything her father wanted, just as she would do anything her son wanted.

"I was sort of hoping you and I could…"

Frank saw the disappointment in her eyes. He flung his arms about her waist, burying his face into her tits. He hugged her hard.

"I'll stay here with you," he said. "I can always go over there later."

Linda hugged her soft, nuzzling into the top of his head. She felt his cock swelling inside his pants, and she pressured her leg against it.

"Why don't you undress me, honey?" she whispered softly, "Why don't you take all Mother's clothes off right here?"

"Oh, that would be fun, Mom!"

Linda stepped from him. She held her arms out, grinning at him. "Well, do it."

Eagerly, Frank began to undress his mother. He took his time, as if he was unwrapping a precious oft, one that he had not seen before. As he exposed her tits, he stopped, fondling them, kissing them, sucking at her stiff nipples. Linda purred and wiggled with growing excitement, thrilled by the strong suction on her nipples. When he started undressing her again, he seemed unable to figure out her skirt. She had to show him where it buttoned, and when he opened it, holding it wide, he stared at her nakedness, giggling in pleasure.

"You're not wearing panties," he whispered, seeing the thick bush of pussy hair.

"Why should I, honey?" she purred. "This makes it much easier and faster for you."

Her dress dropped, and she stood naked. Somehow, being naked with her son in the living room, with him still fully clothed, was especially exciting for Linda. Her satiny flesh rippled with exciting little bumps as she stood before him. She watched his cock press and throb at the front of his pants while he gazed steadily and hotly at her nakedness. The fact that her son showed so much pleasure by seeing her naked body was almost enough to excite Linda's cunt to orgasm.

"Oh, please…" she whispered hotly, wiggling her hips with eagerness. "Frank, baby… God, hurry!"

Frank wasn't fast enough for her. She stripped his shirt from his young body, leaning to kiss at his chest, her tongue swirling about his tiny nipples, her hands tugging and pulling at his pants. In her eagerness to undress him, she heard something tear, but it didn't matter.

Frank balanced himself as she removed his sneakers and pants. She was on her knees when she finished, and his cock slapped along her face. With a cry, she buried her face against him, hugging him about his ass, inhaling the scent of his youth. The hotness of his cock and balls against her face created a boiling sensation between her creamy thighs. She felt the inner flesh of her legs become slippery as her cunt seeped hot juices. She hugged him tightly, feverishly kissing at his crotch, running her tongue about his lower stomach, past his cock and balls, licking at his thighs and back up again. She made soft sobbing sounds of desire, her breathing fast and harsh.

Frank's hands were on her shoulders, and he looked down at her with delighted surprise on his young face. Linda twisted and turned her face, smearing it at his prick and balls, her lips kissing, tongue licking. The wet, fiery heat of her tongue on the shaft of his cock and balls made Frank tremble, and he dug his fingers into his mother's naked shoulders.

"God, you smell so good, taste so good!" Linda moaned, placing his cock under her chin and looking up at her son. Her eyes were glazed and moist, slightly out of focus with passion. "You taste so fucking good to me! I could eat you up, darling!"

"If you do, I do, Mom!" he groaned.

"You mean you want to… to suck my cunt?" Linda asked, shivering in pleasure.

Frank nodded.

"Ohhhh, you really want to lick Mother's cunt? You really want to suck it and taste it and pat your tongue in it?"

Frank, his eyes sparkling, nodded again.

"Ohhhh, sweet, sweet baby!" she purred softly, drawing her face back a little and kissing the dripping head of her son's cock.

She pulled him down with her, and as she lay flat back out on her back, Frank had to lean over her head. He peered down at her face as his mother suddenly gulped his hard cock into her mouth, her hands tight on his naked ass.

"Oh, Mom!" he gasped when his cock sunk into her hot, wet mouth.

Linda swallowed her son's cock, her lips pressing at the base. She could take it all unlike the big cock of her brother. She still had a little room to move her tongue, and she lapped it, his cockhead pushing at her throat. His young, hot balls rested on her chin, and she made muffled sounds of ecstasy. The taste of her son's cock inside her mouth seemed to do a great deal more to her cunt than her brother's cock did. She smashed her thighs together, squeezing her cunt as her lips worked on his cock. She squealed about his hard-on as her pussy suddenly contracted, a quick orgasm burning through it.

"Let me, too!" Frank gasped, trying to turn around. "Mom, I wanna taste your cunt! Let me turn around, Mom!"

Reluctant to let him move, Linda relaxed her grip on his ass, and Frank twisted about until he was on top of her, his knees on each side of her head. She had not lost his cock as he turned, and again she gripped the cheeks of her son's ass, pulling his cock deeply into her wet mouth. She felt her son push her knees apart, and she let them fall outward limply, her cunt fully revealed to his close face. When she felt him shoving his hands beneath her naked ass, she lifted her hips. She mouthed his cock hungrily as she felt her son squeeze the cheeks of her ass in his hands. The quick recall of her son licking at her asshole came to her, and she thrust her bushy cunt upward.

"Mmmmmm," Frank moaned as his buried his face without hesitation into her mother's crotch.

Linda sobbed around his cock when she felt him sucking at the hairy lips of her cunt. She clutched his ass tightly, trying to take his cock into her throat. The hot throb of it made her lips tingle, and he was making her swallow his cock-juices. She could have remained that way all evening, lying on her back with his cock deep in her mouth. But Frank was licking now, sliding his tongue about her cunt, licking her puffy lips and bulging clit. When he dipped his tongue into her pussy as far as he could, Linda squealed about his cock and jammed her cunt as hard as she could into his mouth. She twisted her ass, grinding at her son's face as he tonguefucked her. His hands held her ass tightly, and his tongue darted and probed in hunger. She drew her feet back, arching her cunt up and swinging her ass.

Frank began to lift and shove his cock into her mouth. Linda clung to his ass, her eyes watching his balls swing as he ran his cock in and out of her mouth. She rested her head on the floor, letting him fuck her face. Her mouth became her cunt, a very hot, very wet, very hungry cunt. Her tongue stayed in constant motion as he fucked her mouth, and her hands gripped his ass, pulling him downward, letting her son know she could take his cock as deep as he wanted to ram it.

While he fucked her face, Frank's lips and tongue made exciting wet sounds in her crotch.

Linda began to swing her thighs open and closed, squeezing his head between them, then loosening her grip. She twisted and churned her ass, feeling his tongue dart in and out of her juicy cunt. She loved the tight way he held her hot ass, the way he devoured her bubbling, juicy cunt. She loved his eagerness to suck her cunt, to lick it, to taste those sweet, hot juices that chipped from it.

Frank, overwhelmed with what his mother was doing to his cock, began to fuck hard and fast, banging his balls on her nose. The faster he fucked, the more Linda squealed and gurgled. She moved the tip of a finger close to the tightness of his asshole, and began to stroke it. Frank wiggled his ass while moaning into her cunt. The feverish excitement controlled them, and when she felt her son probing her asshole with a finger, she didn't try to stop him. On the contrary, when she felt his fingertip pressing at the pucker of her asshole, making it tingle deliciously, she lowered her hips. This caused her son's finger to penetrate her asshole.

The sudden burst of unusual sensation made Linda cry out, and she began to pound her ass up and down, slapping her son in his mouth with her cunt, fucking his finger with her asshole. She could hardly believe the exquisite sensations she felt. With his finger running in and out of her asshole, she swallowed his cock and without warning, plunged her middle finger into his asshole. She heard her son grunt, and felt a hard pulsation of his cock in her mouth.

Now, wildly, they fingerfucked each other in the asshole, both sucking and licking with mindless greet Linda sucked at her son's cock as strongly as she could, her tongue twisting. Frank ran his tongue into his mother's juicy cunt, fucking it, then began to lick and suck at her straining clit with swift darts of his tongue.

At the feel of his finger up her wand his mouth on her cunt, Linda began to twist and thrash with a very sweet feeling between her thighs. She was rushing toward an orgasm, and she gobbled at his plunging cock eagerly, trying to make him come when she did. His cock was very hard between her lips, stretching them, and as he plunged downward, his head would brush the back of her throat. She danced her naked ass wantonly, smashing her clit into his face, then plunging her as down and feeling his finger go deep. She thrust her finger in and out of his asshole, feeling it bend and flex, his cock ready to burst. She banged faster into her son's face, making wet sounds when her cunt smashed at his sucking mouth. She began to groan and ram her finger faster and faster into his crinkling asshole. She whipped her hairy cunt frantically at his face, and then smashed hard. She came with trembling stiffness, her pussy sucking at his mouth.

Frank made a whining sound, and pushed his cock into his mother's mouth. Linda, coming very hard, didn't know her son was gushing until his scalding come-juice spattered against her throat. She felt his ass squeeze her buried finger as he came convulsively. His creamy come-juice spurted out of his cock and into her mouth copiously. She swallowed in a frenzy, jamming her lips to the base of his cock, his balls writhing in heat on her nose.

She drained her son's young balls, her throat burning with the sweet, exquisite taste. Her orgasm lasted for a long time, and her son kept his face buried into her cunt while she came, his tongue everywhere on it, or so it seemed.

Frank slumped on top of his mother, his body limp. Linda pulled his legs past her head, his crotch in her face. She kissed behind his balls as she felt his hot breath fan about her thighs. She pulled her finger out of his asshole, spreading his asscheeks. She lifted her head and planted a hot, wet kiss on the pucker of her son's asshole. She swirled her tongue lightly about his asshole, and released him only when he started to roll from her.

"God, that was fantastic, Frank!" she said softly, lifting to one elbow and looking down at him. She giggled. "Your face is all wet. I must have been juicy, baby."

"You sure were, Mom." He grinned at her. "But juicy cunt is the best cunt, I'd say."

He picked at his teeth.

"Hair," he said.

"I don't have that trouble with you," Linda replied, leaning over and kissing his limp cock.

"I don't mind at all," Frank said. "I like your hairy cunt, Mom."

"You can have more if you want," she said, softly.

Linda knew she was becoming insatiable, but she didn't care. It felt so very good to have her son's cock, she wanted it constantly. If he could stay hard twenty-four hours a day, she would fuck him twenty-four hours a day, or suck him, or… anything he wanted of her.

She fondled his cock as they rested, cupping it and his balls, squeezing them. Frank played with her cunt, as fascinated as the first time. She enjoyed it when he parted her pussy-lips, gazing at her wet pinkness. She felt his cock hardening in her hand, and closed her fist about it, jacking him, helping him become hard.

"Want some more, baby?" she asked in a sultry tone.

Frank grinned at her.

"I thought so," she laughed.

Linda twisted from him, getting on her hands and knees.

"Do it this way," she said. "Get on your knees behind my ass and fuck me like a dog, Frank!"

Frank moved quickly, his cock still extending into hardness. He stood on his knees behind his mother's ass, looking at it. He stroked his cock a while, feeling her cunt and ass with his other hand. He slipped his hand along her side and underneath, cupping one of her tits, rubbing his cock about the slit of her cunt.

"Ohhh, fuck me!" Linda moaned. "Fuck Mother, Frank!"

Although she had just come, and come very hard, her cunt bubbled with heat, demanding more cock. She twisted her ass lewdly, breathing harshly as her son began to press his cock into her cunt. Then, with his cock inside her pussy, he leaned over her back, and clutched both her tits in his hands.

"Oooooh, fuck me!" she howled. "Fuck me hard, Frank! God, ram that cock up my fucking cunt! Fuck Mother in that hot, wet, fucking cunt!"

Frank grasped his mother's naked tits, and began to plunge his cock back and forth. Linda squealed and cried out with delight, feeling his cock penetrate deeply. His balls swinging back and bumping at her swollen clit. She lifted her head and urged him to fuck her hard and fast. She wiggled her ass about, grinding at him.

Her arms trembled as he banged into her. The slapping sound excited her when he rammed against her ass, his cock stretching her burning her pussy. She gasped and moaned, swinging her head back and forth, her hair flying. She could feel her son's cock throb with the sensitive lips of her cunt, feel the ridges as it slipped back and forth.

"So good, Mom!" Frank grunted against her back. "So hot and wet and so fucking good!"

"Good fucking." Linda hissed. "Good fucking! Your cock and mother's cunt is great fucking, baby!"

"Ahhhh, nice and hot!" Frank moaned.

"Nice and hard!" Linda grunted.

"Juicy cunt, Mom!"

"Hot cock, baby!"

Frank drew his hands from her tits, pulling back so he could watch his cock stab into her cunt. He loved the way his mother's creamy ass parted, exposing her crinkling ass hole. He watched her asshole grip and flex with the movement of his cock in her cunt. He took hold of her hips, and drew her ass back as he hinged forward, pushing them away when he withdrew.

Linda couldn't hold herself up, and she lowered her head and shoulders to the floor. Sliding one hand above her bead, her fingers clawing at the carpet, she darted the other beneath her uplifted hips. She grabbed her son by his swinging balls, and smashed them against her clit each time he lunged his cock into her pussy. She grunted and cried out, his thrusting motions driving the air from her lungs.

"Hold my balls, Mom!" Frank yelped. "Ooooh, hold my fucking balls tight! I'm about to come, Mom! I'm gonna come in your fucking hot cunt!"

"Yes! Ohhhh, damn, damn?" Linda sobbed, twisting her ass wantonly. "Give it to me! Squirt it to Mother's cunt! Shoot that hot, sweet juice up my fucking cunt! Ooooh, baby, baby… Mother's cunt wants it, needs it! Come in my pussy!"

Frank's ramming cock was frantic.

Linda began to cry. Her cunt burned and squeezed her son's cock, her clit bulging with tightness. She released his balls, letting them slap at her clit again. She squeezed her eyes shut, and her mouth opened. She began to scream, low at first, then louder. The orgasm shot through her naked body, curling her toes and almost singeing the hair on her head. Her cunt grabbed and sucked at her son's cock, squeezing it with powerful contractions.

"Mom!" Frank yelled. "Ohhhh, slit, Mom!"

"Now! Give it to my fucking cunt now!"

With a brutal thrust, Frank drove his cock into his mother's convulsing cunt, his young body stiff. His prick throbbed once, and then he was gushing thick, hot come-juice into her pussy. The splattering of his come-juice increased the force of her orgasm, making her mind spin in a crazy way. Her naked ass trembled as they came. Her cunt filled with the creamy juices of his young balls, and still it was greedy, demanding more and more.

Linda had no idea when her orgasm stopped. She remained on her knees, her ass high in the air, long after her son had slipped his cock free. Slowly, she became aware of his breathing at her side, and she turned to face him, her cheek resting on the carpet. She saw his cock, looking very small and wrinkled, but so beautiful. His balls hung empty beneath it.

"You get better and better," she whispered. "So do you, Mom," he replied, heaving and panting.


Lying on her bed, fresh and clean again, Linda waited for her son to join her.

She listened to the shower, wondering why she had never really listened to it before. Everything, lately, seemed to be more intimate between her and Frank. Before, she had loved him and cared for him, but that was in the way any mother loved and cared for a young son. Now she loved and cared for him the way a woman did a lover. He was her son, but he was also her lover now.

Frank had said nothing more about visiting his uncle's house, not even after dinner. He had not mentioned Peggy, either. In a way that pleased Linda, but she knew he was interested in his cousin, curious about her little clit, wondering if it would feel any different on his cock than his mother's did. He had told her already that he had shoved his finger into Peggy's cunt, that it felt hot and tight, and that she didn't seem to have any hair on her pussy. Peggy and Frank were about the same age, and Linda found herself wondering what it would be like to see her son fucking Peggy. She tried to picture her niece naked, but all she could remember about how a little girl looked naked was her own body at that age. But Linda had hair on her cunt when she was the age of her niece. Perhaps it was because Peggy was a blonde, and she had dark hair. Maybe the hair on her little clit was just too light to see. Maybe her sweet little pussy-slit had no hair at all.

Linda wiggled, feeling herself growing excited with such thoughts. It would turn the tables on her brother, she felt, as if she saw Frank fucking Peggy first. She grinned at the idea, and wondered if Brett would be mad if she got the jump on him. She didn't care, really. It would serve him right for those years when he had jacked off, forcing her to watch, when what Linda wanted all the time was to get fucked by him.

Payback time.

But she wasn't that sort of woman. Linda held no grudges, and besides, she had enjoyed those days almost as much as her brother did, even if she had wanted to get his cock in her pussy.

Writhing her naked ass, resting her face on an arm, she closed her eyes and made a comparison between her son's cock and her brother's. Brett had a big cock, that was for sure. Sucking them both had been very exciting, but she could suck her son's better. The hot taste was the same, but she felt that her son's come juice excited her more than Brett's. Brett had come a lot, almost choking her, and so did her son. Soon, Linda was pressing her cunt harder against the mattress. She made soft whimpering sounds of desire as she waited for her son to come from the shower. She squeezed the cheeks of her ass tightly, moaning softly.

"Hey, wait for me, Mom," Frank said.

Linda opened her eyes to see her son coming into her room, drying his hair with a towel.

"What do you mean? I am waiting for you."

"I saw your ass moving!" He grinned and sat on the edge of the bed. "It looked to me as if you were fucking the mattress."

"I probably was," Linda said softly reaching for his cock. "I was waiting for you and thinking about your cock and I guess I got sort of hot."

Frank leaned over and kissed his mother's ass. "Mmmmmm, your ass feels a little hot, Mom."

"Just a little?"

"Well, let's say I might have a blister on my lips now," he giggled.

"Now you're trying to say I have a hot ass, aren't you?"

"What else?"

"Well, my clit is hot, and you know my mouth is," she mewled, pulling at his cock. "I gum my ass is just as hot."

Frank leaned down again, dragging his tongue along the crack of his mother's ass. He started at her spine, and licked straight down into her asscrack, brushing her ass hole. Then as she opened her thighs, he lapped lightly at the hairy lips of her cunt. Linda lifted her ass, but Frank didn't keep licking it. He drew his tongue back up to her asshole, probing it gently, then swirling his tongue in hot, wet circles around her assring.

"Oooooh, you make me feel so good!" she whimpered.

Frank licked up to his mother's shoulders, and when he moved his face to hers, Linda kissed him. Frank felt her ass, his fingers playing with her asshole.

"Mom, can I fuck this?"

Linda made a soft gasp, then grinned at him. "If that's what you want to fuck," she said. "Really?" Frank giggled. "You'll let me fuck you in your ass?"

"I'd let you fuck me any place you want," she replied, her voice hoarse. "If your cock excited my asshole the way your tongue does, I'd love it."

She felt his cock harden in her hand.

Frank moved his face back to her ass, kissing it wetly, his tongue swirling on her satiny asscheeks. He pulled her asscheeks open, and peered for a moment at her asshole. He shot his mouth to it, kissing her asspucker, his tongue twisting and entering it. Linda cried out with sensation, lifting her ass to his face. Frank darted his tongue in and out a few times, then lifted up.

"Do it," she said. "Push your cock up my ass!"

Eagerly, Frank scrambled between his mother's legs. Linda lay on her stomach, lifting her ass to him. She pulled her hands above her head and grabbed at the sheet, almost breathless. She didn't want to refuse her son anything he wanted. She liked the feel of his finger inside her asshole, and liked his tongue better. But his cock was bigger than his finger or tongue. She anticipated pain when he pushed his cock into her tight shithole, but if her son wanted to fuck her there, she wasn't going to stop him.

On his knees between her parted thighs. Frank gazed down at his mother's ass. He thought this was the most beautiful part of her body. He moved his cock downward, rubbing his swollen cockhead along her asscheeks. Linda mewled when she felt his cock rubbing her ass, and she arched ha bit higher. She moaned when she felt the smooth head of her son's cock brushing the pucker of her asshole. She held her breath when he began to press downward. The more pressure she felt, the more she knew it was going to hurt. But she gritted her teeth, holding her ass upward.

Frank stared at the head of his cock pushing at the crinkle of his mother's asshole. He saw the ring stretching, felt the deliciously strange heat on his cock. He pushed forward gently.

"Oooooh!" Linda gasped.

Frank paused.

"Don't stop!" she hissed. "It's okay."

Slowly, Frank pushed. The head of his cock popped past the ring of her asshole. He paused.

Linda's eyes bulged when she felt her son's cock penetrate her asshole. She held her breath, feeling his swollen cockhead just inside her us.

Already it felt as if her asshole was stretched impossibly big. She felt his cock throb against her assring.

"Now, Mom?" Frank asked.

"Oh, God!" she sobbed. "Do it!"

Frank pushed his cock inward, watching her asshole stretch about his prick. The tight heat of her asshole caused his balls to swell and harden, and half his cock was up his mother's ass now. He paused again, and Linda had tears in her eyes. There was a pain, but it wasn't as bad as she had expected. At first, it felt as if her asshole was being sliced open, but with half her son's cock inside, the pain seemed to become dull, almost feeling good.

Frank, too, held his breath.

"Now, Mom?" he moaned.

"I said, do it!"

Frank couldn't resist. The tightness, the sheer heat, of his mother's asshole, overwhelmed him. He plunged quick and hard.

Linda screamed.

Frank's cock was buried to the base inside her asshole. Linda felt as if she had been split into two pieces. Yet, it was unlike any pain she was familiar with. It wasn't pain, exactly – she couldn't really describe what she felt. She could feel his cock very deep inside her asshole, feel it throb and burn the velvety walls. Her asshole felt huge, very stretched, but what surprised her most of all was the crazy sensation in and around her cunt.

"Is it okay, Mom?"

"Fine," she whispered. "Does it hurt?"

"No, not really."

"Want me to take it out?"

"Oh, no!" she said quickly.

She was lying on her stomach, with her legs wide-apart, arching her ass up, and her son's cock was buried completely inside her asshole. Linda realized now that she had felt a cock in every hole of her body. She shivered, and her asshole squeezed the base of Frank's prick.

"Fuck it," she moaned. "Fuck my ass, Frank."

Frank lifted, and the sliding of his cock inside her hot asshole made her squeal. The dull pain was gone as fast ant had come, and Linda was surprised at her feelings. It felt good – very, very good.

Frank lifted up, his cock almost pulling out, then he pushed it back in. Linda moaned softly, and found she liked it. Her asshole seemed to squeeze as he moved his cock up and down. Her cunt seemed juicier than ever, and she was making a wet spot on the sheet beneath it.

"Harder!" she gurgled, pressing her ass upward.


"Yes, harder! Frank, it's feeling good!" she cried out. "Oh, God, I didn't know! Oooooh, baby, fuck it, fuck it!"

Frank rammed up and down, smacking against his mother's rounded asscheeks softly. Since her ass wasn't in the air, he was prevented from going very deep, but it felt great just the way it was. He pushed and pulled his cock, fucking with short strokes.

"Mom, it's so fucking tight!" he gasped. "Your asshole is so fucking tight!"

"Fuck it!" Linda screamed at him, burying her knuckles into her mouth. "Fuck that tight ass! Ohhhh, God, it's wonderful! I didn't know it would feel so good! Oooohhh, baby, fuck Mother in her tight asshole!"

She lifted her ass a little higher, and found his cock going deeper. She wiggled enthusiastically, the burning stretch of her asshole sending sweet ecstasy through her body it felt as if her son's cock went to her throat, as if her asshole would be forever huge. But it felt good, so very good.

"Ram it, Frank," she urged in a thick voice. "Ohhhhh, God, ram that cock up Mother's asshole! Fuck my ass, baby! Ahhhhh, fuck Mother in the ass… the asshole! Rip my hot fucking asshole a part!" Frank thrust swiftly.

"Oooohhh, sweet!" Linda moaned.

She wanted his cock deeper, as deep as he could get it inside her asshole. She drew her knees up slowly, pushing her higher. As she pulled her knees up, Frank had to lift to his knee, and he kept fucking her ass without pause.

Drawing her knees beneath her body, Linda shoved her naked ass into the air lewdly, twisting it and squealing. Frank stared at her stretched asshole, watching his cock plunge in and out of it. His balls now tapped at his mother's cunt, making wet sounds each time he rammed forward. Linda gasped and whimpered with surprised ecstasy. She kept clawing at the sheets above her head, but now it was with almost mindless rapture. The boiling sensation in her cunt couldn't be believed, and her asshole burned and squeezed her son's cock tightly. It was as if her asshole was sucking his cock, jacking his cock.

"You can make me come this way!" she sobbed, shaking her ass. "You can make Mother come baby, oh baby! It feels like I've got hard cock all the way to my throat. Ooooh, fuck that ass. Frank! Fuck the shit out of Mother's hot asshole."

Arching her naked ass wantonly, Linda thrilled to the pounding of his cock; her asshole so stretched, she couldn't believe it. Yet it seemed almost too tight for her son to slide his cock back and forth. Each lunge from her son seemed to scoot her on the bed. She felt her head against the headboard of the bed, and she couldn't be scooted any farther. Each time her son rammed his cock up her asshole, her head banged against the headboard. She didn't hardly feel it. He was fucking into her asshole in a frenzy, and she could hear him grunt and gasp with pleasure. She felt his balls slapping at her cunt, and the insides of her thighs were wet with the seeping juices of her overheated cunt. Her tits jiggled and swung from the brutal fucking Frank gave her asshole, her nipples scraping the sheets. She groaned and sobbed with fantastic ecstasy.

"Ohhhh, God, God!" she cried. "Frank, baby… you're going to make me come! I don't believe it! Ohhhh, baby, it's so fucking wonderful! Fuck my ass, Frank! Drive that hard cock right up Mother's hot, tight, fucking ass! Oooooh, my cunt… my tits… my… my asshole! I'm on fire, Frank! Squirt it to my ass! Come in my asshole! Please, please come in my ass!"

With her asshole burning with the friction of her son's cock sliding back and forth, Linda was almost out of her mind. She screamed and swung her head about, smashing her face into the mattress. She twisted and danced her naked, uplifted ass violently. Every part of her naked body was vibrating like tight strings.

"Oh, fuck… fuck!" she screamed. "My ass! Oh, God, my ass… Fuck it, Frank! Mother's asshole… God, it's on fire and I'm about to go crazy! Give it to me! Ahhhh, beat Mother's fucking ass! Fill my fucking asshole with your hard cock!"

Frank was fucking vigorously, panting with effort. He stared at the way his mother's asshole clung to his throbbing prick. The tightness was strong, the heat exciting. His young balls boiled, very tight at the base of his cock.

Linda crushed her ass back onto him, his balls pressing against her hairy, juicy cunt. She flexed the ring of her asshole, squeezing his cock and screaming her ecstasy. Her clit bulged painfully, throbbing with sensation. Her naked body trembled in a violent way as her orgasm steamed about her body. She strained hard against her son, her asshole clutching and releasing the hard shaft of his cock. Her tits ached with swelling, her nipples ready to burst. She shoved her head upward, her eyes bulging. She let out a tortured screw and her body convulsed.

The orgasm exploded in her cunt, and the contractions created a waving, rippling effect on her son's cock. It seemed as if her asshole was trying to pull his cock deeper, deeper.

Frank couldn't take it any longer.

He groaned, pulling at his mother's hips, his cock as deep as he could get it. He lifted his head, eyes tightly shut. His balls twitched against her exploding cunt.

"Mom!" he shouted.

The quick gush of his come-juice shot up Linda's asshole.

Again she screamed, her orgasm growing in strength.

Spurt after spurt, his hot come-juice flooded into her asshole. Despite the intensity of her orgasm, her asshole clutched her son's cock, feeling the power of those pulsations that sent his sweet jism burning up her ass. The ring of her asshole clamped tightly about his cock, squeezing, draining him, pulling the creamy juice out of his tight balls.

Slowly, very slowly, Linda's pulsations began to fade. The contractions weakened, and she rested her shoulders and head back on the bed, moaning softly as her asshole throbbed around her son's softening cock. She didn't know how her son could remain on his knees after that violent discharge, but she felt him leaning against her naked ass. His balls still pressed at her cunt, but they weren't hard and full now. She listened to his panting, her face glowing radiantly. Tremors rippled about her flesh, tremors of gratification.

"Pull your cock out," she whispered. "But slowly. If you jerk your cock out, I might shit."

Frank giggled as he pulled his prick back, watching his mother's asshole hold it. As his cock dropped from her asshole, he watched her wring close, then it began to pulsate softly and gently. He touched it lightly with the tip of one finger, making his mother's ass twitch.

"God, that was something," Linda moaned as she shoved her legs backward, lying on her stomach. The cheeks of her ass shivered, then became still. "That was… God, I came so fucking hard!"

"Me, too, Mom," Frank said, his breathing coming under control. "That was a great fuck."

"Right up my ass!" she giggled, turning over and wrapping her arms around him, puffing him against her naked tits. She smeared his young face with hot kisses. "Who would have believed getting it up the ass could be so good?"

"We do," he said, running a tongue about her nipple.

"We sure do," she murmured, cuddling him close.


"Why be so stingy, Linda?" Brett asked. "I'm not being stingy," she replied. They were sitting at her dining table, coffee before them. Brett had come over just as she finished with her housework, and caught her in a robe and with her hair up in curlers. He had begun talking immediately about fucking her mouth again. But Linda refused. Not that she didn't enjoy sucking cock, but she was starting to feel as though she belonged exclusively to her son. Her mouth, her cunt, and now her asshole, were Frank's. She couldn't use them without his knowledge. She even felt as if she had cheated on her son by sucking her brother's cock off the day before.

"If you can do it once, you can do it twice," Brett had said.

"Maybe I can," she answered, "but you know I've never been promiscuous, Brett."

"I'm your brother," he retorted. "What's promiscuous about that?"

Linda stared unblinkingly at him. "Brett, there was a time when you could have done anything with me. You could have fucked the shit out of me when we were in high school. You don't know how many times I wanted your cock in my pussy, but all you would do was jack off, with me holding your hot balls."

"I know." He smiled, finishing his coffee. "You knew you could have fucked me?"

"No, not that. I was just remembering how good it was then."

"But now, after all these years," she said, "you want more than me watching you jack off. You want blow jobs from me."

"There's nothing wrong with that, Linda."

"Probably not," she conceded. "But I keep remembering how much I wanted you to fuck me then, and you pulling your cock. Things have changed, Brett. Now you want something from me?"

"Listen, Sis," he said, sounding as if he was pleading. "You give me what I want, and I'll give you what you want."

"Oh, is that right?" She lifted an eyebrow at him. "So now you want me to blow your cock, so you're willing to fuck me, huh? A trade off, is that what you're asking?"

"It's a good deal." He shrugged.

"For who, me or you?"

"Both of us."

"I don't know about that," Linda replied. "I don't really need your cock, Brett. I can do very well without your cock."

"Bullshit! You need cock, Linda," he said. "I'm your brother, remember? I know how hot you are."

"Yes, I'm hot," she admitted. "But I don't need you or your cock. You could have fucked me yesterday, but you didn't. You put your cock in my mouth instead. Now, you want me to suck you off again. What about my cunt, damn you! Don't you think I like to feel a hard cock in it, too?"

"That's what I mean, you suck me and I'll fuck you."

"I just said I don't need your cock, Brett," she said firmly.

Brett looked at her for a long time, then nodded his head.

"I see," he said quietly. "You're getting plenty of cock, right? I can guess whose cock you're getting."

Linda gazed right back at him. "Frank used to be at my house all the time," Brett said. "He was having fun, playing with Peggy. He enjoyed getting his hands into her panties, feeling her cunt. He liked it when Peggy played with his cock. But lately he hasn't been over. A boy just don't stop feeling a hot girl up unless…"

Linda smiled, almost a smirk.

"I see," Frank pinned. "You're getting plenty of cock – Frank's cock. You're fucking him, aren't you, Linda?"

"That's my business, I'd say, Brett," she said calmly. "What I do with my son is of no concern to you. I don't say anything about your little games with Peggy, do I?"

"You see, you're stingy with your mouth, Linda," he said. "If you suck Frank's cock, why not mine?"

"Talk Peggy into sucking your cock off," she said.

"I will, but now right now," Brett said, running his hand to his cock and stroking it through his pants. "I'll make you an even better trade. You suck me off and Frank fucks Peggy."

"Frank will fuck Peggy sooner or later," she said. "Whether you want them to or not, they're going to fuck."

"Probably," Brett replied.

"So you have no trade, my dear brother."

"Shit," he said.

Linda laughed. "Got you by the balls, don't I?"

"I wish to hell you did." He grinned at her. "They're kind of hard and full right now."

"So, jack it off, like always."

"I'll jack it off, right in your fucking face."

"That's nothing new," she answered. "You came off in my fucking face many times, if I remember right."

"And you loved it, Linda. You can't lie about that."

"Yes, I loved it, Brett," she replied in a soft voice. "I would have loved it more if you would have just fucked me."

"We can now," he said.

"I told you, I don't need your cock anymore."

"Yeah, I know. Frank is getting your pussy. Do you suck his cock off, too? Maybe take it up the ass?"

"That's our business," she repeated.

Brett came around the table and stood behind his sister, sliding his hands over her shoulders and cupping her tits on the outside of her robe. Linda didn't protest as he massaged them. She closed her eyes, enjoying the squeezing of her tits. She felt him push his cock to the back of her head, and it was throbbing with hardness. All she had to do was turn her head and she could take his cock out and have it in her mouth.

Brett slipped his hands into her robe, cupping her naked tits. Her nipples burned at his palms, and she felt herself giving in. Her cunt began to throb, becoming very wet. She leaned her head back, feeling his cock so hard and ready. She wanted her brother to take his cock out of his pants, slide it through her hair, rub it about her head and face, and then put it in her mouth. She wanted… but she didn't say it.

"You always had nice tits, Sis," Brett said, massaging them, digging his fingers into her firm flesh. "Remember how excited we were when you starting pawing these tits? Both of us would play with them for hours."

"I know," she whispered, feeling her cunt throb wetly. She pressed her thighs together, feeling a delicious, tingling heat on her clit. "Do you remember when we started getting hair down there?"

"Yes," he said, twisting her stiff nipples.

Linda turned her head, pressing her cheek against his hard-on, feeling the heat of it through his pants. She licked her lips, her mouth starting to water. She lifted her arms and tilted her head. Brett leaned down, pressing his lips to those of his sister. Linda purred and writhed her lips, sliding her tongue into his mouth, moaning softly as Brett sucked on it.

"Suck me off, Linda!" he pleaded softly as her tongue pulled out of his mouth. "I'm so fucking hard! Come on, Sis, suck my cock off."

Linda trembled, knowing she was going to give her brother his blow-job. Her cunt was on fire and her mouth was watery for it. She turned in her chair, puffing her brother between her knees. Her hands fumbled with his pants, opening them. Brett watched her, breathing hotly with anticipation. Linda opened his pants, but instead of puffing his cock free, she pulled his pants to his knees. His cock stood out straight and hard, his big cockhead swollen, his piss-hole dripping. She gazed at his big, hairy balls, then with a soft moan, buried her face into them.

"Ohhhh, Sis!" Brett gurgled, holding the back of her head.

Linda smeared her face into her brother's hot balls, his wiry cock hair tickling her deliciously. She grabbed Brett by his hips, and rubbed her lips up and down his hard-on, mewling softly. Sliding her hands to his naked ass, cupping his asscheeks, her fingers slid into his asscrack. She ran her lips to the head of his cock. She licked at his piss-hole, tasting his cock-juices. She kissed the tip of his cock almost tenderly, then with a sob of hunger, tried to swallow her brother's prick in one gulp.

"Ohhhhh, suck it, Linda!" Brett moaned. Linda raced her stretched lips back and forth on his cock, whimpering with delight. His cockhead was so smooth, so big, and his pisshole dripped across her tongue. She sucked at his prickhead, her tongue lapping hot circles on it. She squeezed his ass tightly, massaging his asscheeks, rubbing a finger at the tight pucker of his asshole.

Brett slipped his sister's robe from her shoulders, spilling her tits free. He cupped one of them, his other hand on the back of her head. Linda gobbled hotly on his cock, sliding her lips back and forth, fucking him more than sucking. She twisted her face, puffing one hand to his full, hairy balls. She caressed his balls about her chin, her eyes closed and soft sobs of rapture bubbling from her throat. She was doing what her brother wanted of her, she was sucking his cock. She was hungry to suck it, to taste it, to feel it in her mouth. She caressed her palm about his trembling ass, cupping both cheeks and pulling him forward, trying to get his cock deep, wanting her lips at his hairy cock base. She twisted his balls, causing her brat her to gasp with a sharp pleasure.

"God, Linda! What a mouth you have!" Brett grunted. "So fucking hot and wet! I bet you were good when we were in high school! I bet you could have been the best fucking cocksucker at school!"

Linda pulled her mouth off his cock, looking up at him as she ran his swollen cockhead about her cheeks.

"I didn't do this in school," she said. "I got married as a virgin, no thanks to you. I learned this after I was married."

"You see what we missed out on?"

"You're the one that should see that, Brett," she replied, rubbing his cock beneath her chin and against her smooth neck. "I was willing; it was you that wouldn't do it."

Her face was wet with the dripping juices of his cock, and she smeared his piss-hole about her nose and lips. She licked his cockhead with her tongue out of her mouth, her eyes glazed with passion as she looked up at him.

"You could have fucked me," she whispered. "I would have sucked you then, let you come in my mouth. I was young, slim, and pretty. Like your daughter, Peggy. Now I'm a divorced woman, with a son. I'm not as pretty as I was then."

"Yes you are," he said. "You'll always be beautiful and slender and… hot."

"Hot, yes," she replied. "I'll have a hot cunt until the day I die, but I'll not always be beautiful."

"You will to me," her brother said.

Linda liked that. She nuzzled his cock, kissing his cockshaft, running the tip of her tongue through the mass of wiry hair at his cock base. She licked his balls, slipping her tongue beneath them, bouncing them up and down playfully. But it was his cock. She wanted most of all right now. She lifted her face to him, opening her mouth wide and moaning softly as her brother pushed his cock between her lips.

Brett held his sister's face in his palms, working his thick cock back and forth, fucking Linda's mouth slowly. Linda's eyes closed as she savored the hot, hard taste of his cock. She held his hips, letting him fuck her mouth. She loved it slow and easy this way; she could enjoy the full hardness of it, use her tongue as she liked. She loved it when her mouth was fucked fast and furious, too, but only after a slow fucking.

"So hot and wet!" Brett whispered, watching her lips stretching about his cock. "You have the most fuckable mouth I've ever seen on a woman, Linda! God, can you suck cock!"

She feverishly pulled her robe open, spreading her knees wide and shoving a hand to her cunt. As her brother slipped his cock in and out of her mouth, she rubbed almost harshly at her boiling cunt. She shifted her ass, and shoved a finger into her pussy, moaning with the sensation. She closed her lips tighter around his cock, and Brett fucked a little faster.

"Go to it, Sis!" Brett urged. "Finger that hot cunt! Fuck yourself and suck my cock! Fingerfuck your hot cunt, Linda! Listen to that wetness! Damn, your pussy must be soaked!"

Linda moaned a reply, ramming a finger in and out of her cunt fast, her thumb smashing her distended clit. Her stabbing finger seemed timed to the thrust of his cock. As his cock entered her mouth, her finger penetrated her cunt. But then, as her ecstasy grew, she pulled her finger out and began to rub furiously at her inflamed clit. She flung her slim legs wide apart, scooting her ass to the edge of the chair. She sobbed as the rapture increased, sucking wetly at her brother's cock. Her mind reeled with wanton delight. She made whimpering sounds, her tongue flicking wildly at his prick. She swallowed often because he dripped so much. She twisted her ass on the chair, smashing her swollen clit. If she had not been so intensely aroused, it would be painful.

"Keep it up and you'll make me come, Sis!" Brett groaned, pushing his cock in and out of her mouth. "You're going to make my balls explode, Sis!"

Linda mouthed her brother's cock in a hungry frenzy, whipping her fingers at her juicy cunt vigorously. She was drenched, and her hand was wet from her fingertips to her wrist. Her other hand clung to his flexing ass, her fingers inside his hot asscrack. With that hand she urged her brother to fuck faster at her mouth.

"You want it hard now?" Brett gasped. "Are you about to come, Linda?"

"Mmmmmm!" she moaned.

"You got it, Sis!"

Brett rammed his cock back and forth, driving almost all of it into her mouth. Linda felt her throat being battered by his smooth cockhead, and she almost went wild with desire. She began to slap at her cunt, making wet sounds as her fingers struck her inflamed clit. She starting sobbing in a choking, muffled sound.

"Suck, Linda!" Brett yelled. "Ohhhh, shit! Now… now!"

Suddenly Linda jerked her mouth off his cock.

"Jack off!" she cried. "Brett, jack it off! Come in my fucking face! Jack off in my face… like you used to do!"

Brett grabbed his cock tightly, his fist flying up and down, his balls swinging. Linda slapped at her cunt wantonly, her eyes staring at his pisshole. She licked her lips, anticipating the hot spurt of come-juice into her face. She wasn't holding his ass now, but one her tits. Her eyes filmed over with passion as she urged him to squirt off right into her face.

"Come, damn you!" she squealed. "Ohhhh, shoot it in my face! Come all over my face!"

She smashed her hand to her boiling cunt, crushing her clit.

Brett, with a yelp, sprayed his sister in the face with his thick, creamy come-juice. Linda cried out with delight as she felt it splatter her cheek. She opened her mouth wide, shoving her tongue out. She caught his come-juice over her tongue, and as it dripped off, the rest of her brother's come-juice filled her open mouth, pooling in it.

Linda's body began to shake, then there was a hard tremor and she came. Her cunt pulsated against her hard-pressing palm. Her tongue, dripping with his come-juice, flew about his piss-hole, and her throat worked as she swallowed. She licked at the head of his cock, taking his final spurt of jism over the flat surface.

Her face dripped with hat come-juice and she pulled back, licking her lips. She leaned back on the chair, her legs spread wide-apart, her cunt glistening wetly saber ills moved up and down. She gasped hard, as if she couldn't get enough air into her lungs, but her dripping face was radiant, and she was smiling, her eyes half closed in a dreamy expression.

"You almost choked me," she whispered. "I think you came more this time than yesterday, Brett."

"Well, I was hot, Sis," he replied. "My balls were so loaded, they hurt."

She lifted her hand lazily, caressing his dangling balls.

"They don't feel so full now," she laughed, a low, throaty sound of pleasure. "Maybe you don't need it as much as you did when we were teenagers."

"Shit, I jack off all the fucking time," he said.

"You always did," she answered. "I'm surprised you haven't starting fucking Peggy yet. At least letting her jack you off."

"I guess maybe I'm outgrowing that," he said. He stood with his pants still at his knees, his T-shirt above his waist. "I've been thinking it's time to get myself some pussy for a change."

Linda looked up at him, her face wet with come-juice. "What about this hunger for blow jobs?"

"Oh, I love a blow-job, Linda. But a piece of ass, hot ass, is a nice change of pace, as they say."

"I've got a pretty hot ass," she said softly. "You tell him, Mom," Frank said, coming into the dining room.


"Frank!" Linda said, but not really surprised. "How long have you been here?"

"Long enough to see Uncle Brett come in your face." He grinned. "You still have come juice all over your face, Mom."

Brett turned to face his nephew. "Hi, kid," he said, ruffling Frank's hair. "How's it hanging?"

"Like always," Frank said, but he was looking at his mother's exposed body. "Soft, but ready to fuck. Where's Peggy?"

"Didn't she walk home, from school with you?" Linda asked, wiping her face with her robe.

"She left early," Frank answered.

"She's probably home, then," Brett said, sitting down in a chair, but not pulling his pants up.

Frank kept looking at his mother. His cock began to harden inside his pants, and Linda smiled, reaching for him. Frank came to stand at her side, and Linda wrapped her arm about his hips, pressing her face against him and looking at her brother. She brought her other hand up and stroked her son's cock through his pants.

"Maybe I should call Peggy," Brett grinned. "Not yet," Linda replied, opening her son's pants and pulling his cock out. She stroked it with her fist, squeezing it while her son draped a hand over her shoulder and fondled her tit. "Frank, is it okay?"

"Is what okay, Mom?"

"Brett and me," she asked softly, making the head of his cock swell by squeezing the shaft of his cock.

"Aw, I know all about that stuff, Mom," her son said. "Uncle Brett told me a long time ago."

Linda leaned forward and kissed her son's cock. From the corner of her eye she saw her brother stroking his cock. She ran her tongue about the smooth head of Frank's cock, then faced her brother.

"Are you going to watch this and jack off, Brett?" she asked. "I thought you just told me you were outgrowing that."

"If you're going to suck Frank's cock off, I want to watch," her brother replied.

"I thought you wanted to fuck. Did we make a deal, Brett?"

"What kind of deal?" Frank asked, twisting his mother's nipple.

"Brett wanted me to give him a blow-job," Linda said. "I agreed, but only if he would fuck me."

"Hey, that's okay!" Frank said, squeezing his mother's tit. "Can I watch?"

"Oh, shit!" Linda groaned, pulling from her son. "I'm surrounded by a shitload of voyeurs! Doesn't anyone want to fuck anymore?"

"It's fun to watch, Mom," Frank said.

"Maybe it is, but it's more fun to do," she said, flipping his cock with a finger. "What am I, some fucking show for you two?"

Brett's cock was willing again as he sat and pulled on it. Frank's cock was sticking out of his pants, throbbing up and down. Linda looked from her son to her brother, comparing the size of them. Her brother's cock was larger, even, than her ex-husband's. Frank's cock was about half the size of her brother's. The idea of taking them both on together was exciting. She had never fucked two guys in a row before. Her body shivered with desire, and she let her robe slip away from her arms. She sat on it, naked, her eyes glazing as her cunt staffed pulsating with hunger again.

"Why don't both of you fuck me?" she suggested.

Brett laughed. "You are a hot ass, aren't you, Sis?"

"You know that," she replied. "Well, do you two want to fuck me, or do I have to sit here and diddle my cunt by myself?"

"Diddle?" Frank asked.

"Feel it, fuck it with my own fingers," Linda said. "Why a girl should have to do that when there's two hard cocks around, I'll never know."

"I'll do it, Mom!" Frank said enthusiastically.

"Hell, I'm game!" Brett said.

"You're always game," Linda replied. "I want Frank to agree to it; I know you will."

"I want to, Mom," Frank said, his cock dripping.

Linda pulled him between her knees, kissing at his cock as she fondled his ass.

"Let's get your pants off," she said in a whispery voice. "Let's get both of you naked, then I want to be fucked!"

She jerked and pulled at her son's clothing until she had him standing naked. Brett removed his shoes, then his pants, leaving his T-shirt on. His cock was raging with hardness again, and Linda felt a hot throb flow through her body as she anticipated the feel of the two hard cocks fucking her.

"You get pussy, Brett," Linda said. "It's time that big cock was in my cunt."

"What do I get, Mom?"

"My mouth," she said softly.

"But you just got one in your mouth."

"I can always take another," Linda said, grinning lewdly. "You know, and now Brett knows, how much I love to suck cock."

Getting to her feet, Linda grasped her son's cock in one hand, her brother's in the other, and pulled them into the living room. There she dropped to her knees between them. She jerked her fists back and forth, jacking them both. She turned her head from one cock to the other, kissing their dripping piss-holes.

"Mmmmmm nice," she purred, nuzzling their swollen cockheads against her cheeks as she stroked them. She pulled her son's cock into her mouth deeply, pressing her lips at the base. As she sucked on Frank's cock, she kept pumping her fist on her, brother's. After a few sucks, she turned to Brett, and mouthed the head of his cock.

"I guess we're gonna get blow-jobs, Uncle Brett," Frank said, giggling wickedly.

"No, you are," Linda said to her son. "Brett is going to fuck me, fuck me right in my cunt."

"At the same time, Mom?"

"Mmmmmm, the only way to get fucked," she purred.

She turned them loose and dropped to her hands and knees, waggling her naked ass wantonly. Brett didn't have to be told what his sister wanted. He dropped down behind her, caressing her creamy, satiny ass. Frank watched with hot eyes as his uncle leaned over and lapped at his mother's ass.

"Lick her asshole, Uncle Brett," he said. "My Mom loves to have her asshole licked."

"I should have known," Brett laughed, and rammed his tongue against his sister's hot asshole.

Linda gave a squeal of pleasure, pulling at her son. She brought Frank down to the floor, sitting him on his ass with his legs spread past her shoulders, his cock jerking up toward her face. She shoved her ass into her brother's face and went down on her son's cock, taking it deep into her mouth. She moaned as the heat scared her lips, and while she bobbed her mouth up and down, her brother ran his tongue into her tight, fiery asshole, plunging it back and forth. Linda sobbed at the sudden sensations.

Having her son's cock inside her mouth while her brother licked and fucked at her asshole with his tongue sent Linda into an almost immediate convulsion of orgasm. She strained her ass into Brett's face, moaning around her son's cock. She bounced her face up and down, stabbing herself in the mouth with Frank's intensely hard cock, taking it to her throat. She squirmed her naked ass tightly, grinding as Brett probed his tongue past her gripping assring.

"Lick her ass, Uncle Brett!" Frank groaned, seeing his mother's lips sliding frantically up and down his cock. "Suck her hot ass! My Mom loves to have her asshole sucked! You can make her cum that way!"

Brett rammed his tongue deep, wiggled it about, then pulled free. He swiped his tongue about her crinkled asshole, tasting the satiny inner cheeks of his sister's ass. His cock throbbed and dripped with eagerness, his balls full and big. He lifted his face out of Linda's ass and watched her sucking hungrily at her son's cock a moment, his eyes sparkling.

"Eat his cock up, Linda!" he gasped, squeezing his own cock hard. "Suck Frank's cock! That's it, Sis! Swallow his cock!"

"Mmmmmm!" Linda sobbed, bobbing her mouth up and down swiftly, twisting her uplifted ass, a silent plea for her brother to ram his big cock up her boiling, juicy cunt.

She shoved a hand between her thighs and rubbed harshly at her sensitive, swollen, hair fringed cuntlips, thrusting a finger into her pussy. Brett watched her, jerking on his cock, his heavy balls swinging back and forth. He sat on his heels as he watched his sister fingerfuck herself vigorously, then watched her devouring her son's cock, listening to her passionate moans and soft cries of ecstasy.

Frank glanced at his uncle, watching him jerking on his long, thick cock, then turned his eyes back to his mother's face. Watching her sucking his cock was much more interesting. It felt very good when his mother rammed down on his cock, her lips pressing at the base, his balls on her chin, but it felt even better when she sucked upward. It seemed that her mouth was tighter then. He wiggled and churned his young ass, arching up as his mother came down on his cock. He wondered if he would come before his uncle started fucking his mother. His balls burned and ached with a full load already.

Linda arched her ass, straining her hot, hairy cunt past her thighs. She spread her knees and gave her brother a lewd view of her pussy and asshole, urging him to hurry and plunge his cock into her cunt. Already her mind was spinning with erotic wickedness. It wasn't from being naked with the two, or that she was sucking on her son's cock so greedily as her brother watched. It was because she was anticipating getting a cock inside her cunt, fucking her, while she sucked on Frank's prick. Two lovely, hard cocks at the same time! It was almost enough to make her cunt come now, before her brother started fucking her. She pulled her hand away from her cunt and shoved it under her son's ass, gripping his asscheeks tightly, her other clinging to his hot young balls.

With a sob, she jerked her mouth off Frank's cock.

"Fuck me, Brett!" she almost screamed. "Fuck me now, damn you! I want that big cock in my hot cunt right now! Fuck me while I suck Frank's cock! Hurry, damn you! Frank might come any time!"

Brett lifted to his knees, rubbing the swollen head of his cock up and down the juicy slit of his sister's cunt. Linda whimpered and dived her mouth onto her son's, cock again. She felt her brother rubbing the head of his cock against her swollen clit, along the hot slit of her cunt, up the crack of her ass and over her asshole. She groaned softly as her lips raced up and down her son's throbbing cock, swinging her ass about in an effort to make her brother stab his cock into her pussy.

Brett gazed down, watching his cock touch his sister's pussy. His excitement increased, and with a powerful lunge, rammed his thick cock quickly into his sister's cunt.

Linda jerked her mouth off her son's cock once again, a hot squeal boiling from her throat, her eyes half-closed. The big head of her brother's cock stretched the lips of her cunt, then it was deep, very, very deep. She could feel the difference in the size of her brother's cock from that of her son. She gasped loudly when her brother banged against her uptilted ass.

"Ohhhh, God, yes!" she cried out. "Ram it hard! Oh, Brett… you're so fucking big in my pussy! Ahhhh, fuck me, Brett! Fuck my cunt! Oooooh, shit!"

She dived onto her son's cock again, sucking hard.

Brett pounded his cock into her pussy, banging against her hot ass, the slapping sounds exciting her. Each time he plunged his throbbing cock into her cunt, she was buffeted, but Linda never lost her son's cock once.

She strained her ass up to her brother, moaning as she sucked again on her son's hard prick. The taste of one cock in her mouth and the feel of another filling her cunt, sent her mind reeling.

She felt as if the two pricks would meet in her stomach somewhere. She was impaled on two hard cocks, and she was thrilled out of her mind. What she felt was beyond her wildest dreams. Fucking, suck… she loved it. But this, taking two cocks together, was making all her senses burn, burn with mindless ecstasy. Her cunt gripped her brother's thick cock tightly, and her clitoris was scraping along that thick, hot shaft. Although she couldn't really feel his hot, heavy balls banging at her, she imagined she could. She squeezed and twisted her son's balls as her mouth moved up and down his cock, shaking her ass in a frenzy for her brother. She could hear the ecstatic groans and moans her son and brother made, and knowing she was giving them so much pleasure with her cunt and mouth was almost as good as coming off herself.

"Ohhh, Mom, suck hard!" Frank called out, his hands on the back of her head. "Suck my cock off, Mom!"

With Frank holding her head so tightly, Linda allowed her son to fuck up and down, drive his fiery, hot cock in and out of her lips in the way he wanted. The swollen head bruised the back of her throat, but she didn't care. Her son could bruise her throat with his cock anytime he wanted. She held his prick tightly, her tongue pressing it to the roof of her mouth, and her lips burned and tingled as he fucked up and down. Her cunt clutched at her brother's cock, squeezing it as he probed and thrust. She squeezed her son's ass tightly, working a finger toward his tightly puckered asshole. She rubbed Frank's asshole a moment, then stabbed her finger into it, deeply.

Frank gasped as his mother's finger moved in and out of his asshole, making his cock throb even more. Linda felt her son's asshole grip and flex about her finger, and his balls seemed to become harder and hotter. Knowing he was close to coming, she began to suck again, driving her mouth up and down, twisting her lips on the shaft. Her mouth was very wet and slippery, with his juices.

"I can't hang on much longer!" Brett grunted from behind her. "Linda, I'm about to come! Shake your hot ass, Sis! Shake your fucking pretty ass! Damn, your curd is hot and wet, so fucking tight! You hot cunt is sucking my cock, Sis! Your cunt is giving my cock a fucking blow job!"

Linda could hear her brother, but his words didn't make much sense to her roaring mind.

Every nerve of her naked body was practically singing, vibrating toward a tremendous orgasm. Her swollen tits bounced and jiggled with the thrusts of her brother's cock, and even that excited her. She sucked faster and faster on her son's cock, feeling her clitoris distending, her cunt grabbing. The muscles of her flat stomach began to ripple and she wailed round her son's cock as her orgasm burned and churned toward that sweet explosion.

"I'm gonna let go, too, Mom!" Frank yelped, digging at her hair, pulling it, his hips jerking up and down. "I'm gonna come in your cock-sucking throat, Mom!"

"Shoot it in her fucking mouth, Frank!" Brett called, his face twisted as his aching rapture grew. "Shoot those balls off in her fucking mouth! Fill her hot mouth, flood her with come juice, Frank!"

"Now, Mom! Now!" Frank choked.

Linda was sucking in a frenzy, her cunt ready to explode. She rammed her finger deep into her son's asshole, and her mouth was suddenly drenched with her son's sweet, boiling come juice. She gulped and swallowed, her mouth still racing up and down. Creamy come juice slipped past her tight lips to the base of her son's cock, but Linda sucked and swallowed all she could. With the first spurt of her son's come juice, as it splashed against her throat, her cunt lunged and grabbed her brother's cock, squeezing with powerful contractions. Her orgasm caused her naked body to tremble almost violently. Her eyes closed, her mind dark to everything but the intensity of her rapture.

From behind her, Brett rammed his cock hard and deep, his body stiff. He growled once, and sprayed her sensitive, greedy cunt with spurt after spurt of hot come juice.

Linda caught gushing come juice in her mouth and cunt, and her orgasm went on and on, every muscle of her slender, naked body taut. She was sobbing wetly, but didn't know it. She clung to her son's cock with her lips, the taste of his come juice burning her tongue and throat, and took the full load of her brother's hot, hairy balls into her pussy, her ass shaking with ecstasy.

Frank, gasping, weak, lowered his ass to the floor, and felt his mother's finger pull from the pucker. His cock became soft, inside her mouth. Still on his knees, his body shaking, Brett rested, his cock soaking inside his sister's still-pulsating cunt.

Linda whimpered over and over, shivering, exhausted, but wanting more. She moaned around her son's cock as her brother pulled his prick out of her cunt. She felt come juice runing along her inner thighs, and lifted her mouth off Frank's prick. Her lips looked bruised, glistening with her son's come juice, her eyes sparkling. She sat down gingerly, crossing her legs, shoulders slumped, tits lowered.

"I want cock and more cock," she whispered. "I want to be fucked crazy. I want cock in the mouth and cock in the cunt and cock up the ass and…"

Brett caressed his sister's hair.

"You'll get it, Sis," he said.

Linda lifted her face, her eyes stained with tears of happiness.

"Not just any cock," she said. "I want your cock and Frank's cock, none other."

"You've got them, Mom," Frank said, still on his back, flushed with pleasure.


Linda was a world of erotic delight. She lay spread over her bed, her ass hanging over the edge, legs wide open. Her cunt throbbed as she stroked the cocks of her son and brother. Frank was on one side of her, Brett the other. They were on their knees, and she rubbed the dripping piss holes of those beautiful hard-ons about her tits and nipples. Now and then she ran her tongue about the swollen head of first one, then the other.

When they had gone to her bedroom, she didn't know. No one mentioned Peggy. No one mentioned anything that she was aware of. She had been sitting on the floor in the living room, naked, her cunt still on fire, and then she was on her bed, wantonly exposed, her fists moving back and forth on the cocks of her son and brother. She had only a vague recollection of entering her room with them. It didn't matter, because she was not going to protest anything they wanted of her. Whatever they wanted, she wanted.

She released their cocks and slipped her hands to their balls. She cuddled them in her palms, finding the contrast between her son's smaller but just as hot balls to those of her brother delightful. She massaged their balls, squeezing them gently, twisting them. She moved a finger of each hand farther between their thighs, and rubbed the crinkled assholes of both. She wondered what it would be like to lick them both in the ass, one after the other, probe her tongue deeply. She wondered if she could tonguefuck them in the ass and make those cocks squirt. She thought of many things as she lay there, fondling them, feeling their hands on her body.

Frank and Brett both played with her cunt at the same time, one of them fingering her, the other stroking her clitoris. She didn't know who was doing what, and she didn't care as long as they kept it up. Her cunt was insatiable, demanding, juicy and hot. She wanted cock and more cock in it. She wanted a dozen hard cocks fucking her, one after the other, until her cunt was overfilled with the hot juices of heavy balls.

She felt a finger moving downward, along the crack of her ass. She moaned softly and wiggled. One of them slipped a finger into her cunt, and worked it in and out. The other was rubbing at her asshole.

"Ohhh, God!" she whimpered. "You two don't know what you're doing to me!"

"We know, Sis," Brett said. "We know very well what we're doing to you. Don't you like it?"

"I love it, you asshole!" she gurgled.

She arched her hips, twisting as the finger fucked her cunt. She grasped the two throbbing cocks again, squeezing them, darting her tongue about each dripping piss hole, one after the other. "Fuck me in my pussy… fuck me in my ass!" she sobbed. "Fingerfuck me together!"

Brett chuckled. It was his finger rubbing about her asshole. He watched his nephew shove his finger in and out of her cunt, and pressured the tip of his finger at his sister's asshole. Linda gasped as she felt his finger slide into her asshole.

"Ohhh, God, yes!" she cried out. "Fuck me that way! Ohhh, one up the cunt and one up the asshole! Oooo, you two make me so fucking hot!"

Brett and Frank finger fucked Linda. She twisted and thrashed as their fingers slipped in and out of her juicy cunt and tight asshole. Linda sobbed and whimpered with pleasure, twisting her mouth from one cock to the other, sucking on the heads. If they kept it up, she would come. Linda knew she would come. She came easier and easier now. She could come just as a cock entered her cunt, and come again when it squirted into her. She was enjoying multiple orgasms, something that was new and delightful to her. She could come until her cunt throbbed with aching pain, and even then she wanted more.

"Fuck me!" she moaned. "Ohhh, please, fuck me! One of you… fuck me! Both of you, fuck me! Fuck me and fuck me and fuck me! My cunt wants cock so much, needs hard, throbbing cock so fucking much!"

Frank pulled his finger out of his mother's cunt, and pulled it to her mouth.

"Have a taste, Mom," he giggled.

She quickly sucked his pussy-wet finger into her mouth, tasting her own fuck juices on her tongue. She sucked at his finger the way she did his cock.

Brett pulled his finger out of her asshole, and Frank moved quickly, standing on the floor between his mother's widely parted thighs. He shoved his cock downward and, with a swift thrust, drove his cock into his mother's cunt.

"Ohhh, yes!" Linda squealed, her crotch jerking upward to meet his stabbing cock. "Fuck me, Frank! Ohhh, baby, fuck that cunt!"

Brett, still at her shoulder, watched his nephew pound his cock into his sister's hairy cunt. He rubbed his cock about her tits, smearing the seeping fuck juices over her stiff nipples. When Linda turned her head toward him, he shoved his thick cock into her mouth. Linda immediately began to suck, darting her face back and forth, yet keeping her hips grinding and churning with her son's lunging prick. She moaned as she sucked and fucked, clinging to her brother's big, hairy balls, letting him fuck his cock back and forth.

Frank stroked his mother's cunt with his cock and watched her sucking his uncle's cock. Seeing her lips stretched about her brother's prick sent his balls into a boiling turmoil, and he stabbed his cock back and forth swiftly, his balls slapping the crack of her ass. He came forward and smashed her titties into his hands.

"Suck his cock, Mom!" he called out, ramming hard into her cunt. "Suck Uncle Brett's cock! I'm gonna fuck your cunt and conk it again, Mom!"

"Ram her cunt, Frank!" Brett called. "Ram her hot, hairy cunt! Fuck your mother right in that juicy pussy, Frank!"

Linda thrashed her hips wildly, meeting her son's lunging cock with her fiery cunt. She sucked hard on her brother's cock, the big, smooth prickhead beating at her throat. She rammed her fingers past his heavy balls and fingered his crinkled asshole, sliding her finger in. Her hips twisted and squirmed as her son beat her cunt with his hard prick, her clitoris feeling bruised as it scraped along the throbbing cockshaft.

Frank grunted with his effort, smashing and squeezing his mother's tits, his eyes focused on her mouth filled with hard cock. His balls burned and ached, smashing at the crack of her ass. Linda drew her knees up and beck a ways, and felt her son's balls bang upon the pucker of her asshole. She began to squeal, her cunt clutching at her son's cock. She had to her mouth from her brother's prick as she came, a scream of rapture erupting from her throat.

"Ohhh, you're coming, Mom!" Frank gasped, and plunged his cock into her sucking cunt, his body shaking. "Your cunt is gonna make me… make… me… ohhhh, there!"

His cock spasmed, sending spurt after spurt of thick come juice into his mother's wildly contracting pussy.

"Fill me!" Linda screamed. "Fill my cunt! Ohhhh, baby, fill mother's hot cunt up! Come in my pussy!"

Brett settled back on his heels, watching as his sister's hips whipped up and down, grinding at her son's gushing cock. His own cock stood up with painful hardness, his hairy balls aching in need.

"Ohhhh, shit!" Frank moaned, pulling from his mother.

Linda's cunt kept right on convulsing with orgasm. She shook her ass and clamped her thighs together, then flung them wide apart. She was crying with bliss.

Brett moved to her knees. He took hold of his sister's still squirming hips, lifting them upward. He placed the big head of his cock against the vibrating mouth of her pussy, and lunged into it.

"Ohhhh, God!" Linda wailed, her cunt grabbing at her brother's cock tightly. "Fuck me, Brett! Fuck me. I'm still coming and can't stop and don't want to stop! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!"

Brett rammed his thick cock back and forth. Frank sat back on the bed next to his mother's shoulder, fondling her tits, watching her hairy cunt stretch about his uncle's cock. Linda feverishly, grabbed her son's wet cock and pulled it to her mouth. She licked it, tasting her juices on him. She lapped hungrily at his balls, her hips churning and ass dancing as her brother fucked her vigorously. She pulled her son's cock into her mouth, sucking it. Since it was still soft, she pulled his balls inside her mouth with it. She licked and sucked his cock and balls with moaning delight, thrashing her naked ass while her brother stabbed faster and faster into her cunt. She had stopped coming, but her pussy was burning with another orgasm bubbling deeply inside. The lips of her cunt felt bruised, but not in pain. Her clitoris seemed to swell as hard as always, scraping on the shaft of her brother's thick cock.

With a throaty, muffled moan, Linda rammed her cunt hard onto her brother's cock.

"Oh shit, Linda!" Brett gasped as her cunt contracted with another orgasm, squeezing his cock. "You're going to make me come."

As soon as the words were out of his mouth, he gushed into his sister's convulsing cunt. As with her son, it seemed as though her hairy cunt was sucking his cock off. The spasms rippled about inside the satiny wails, clutching and squeezing, draining his big balls.

Linda didn't know if she passed out or not. She was unaware when her brother pulled his prick from her cunt. She was unaware of moving or being moved. She was on her bed now, lying on her back, legs closed, still naked. She opened her eyes and realized it was starting to get dark. She was alone but the door of her bedroom was open. She felt her cunt pulsating almost painfully, but it felt good. It wasn't a pain that felt unpleasant at all. She ran her hand down and felt of her cunt tenderly, causing her hips to jerk. She smiled at the ceiling, lying there a while longer, remembering her ecstasy.

After a while, she swung her legs over the bed and stood up. She wobbled for a second, her legs feeling weak. She reached for her robe that someone had placed in the chair next to her bed, then shrugged. What did it matter if she was naked. It was her home, and she could go naked if she wanted.

She walked out into the hallway and heard the voices of her son and, brother in the kitchen.

"I wasn't invited," she said, seeing them eating a pizza.

"You were sleeping, Mom," Frank said. "We didn't want to wake you up."

She sat down at the table, taking a slice of pizza. She loved pizza, but she wasn't hungry, not for food, at the time. She twisted her naked ass on the chair, her eyes smoldering at her brother and son.

"I do believe you want more, Sis," Brett said. "I didn't know you were so fucking hungry for cock."

"Time has passed," she grinned. "But I wanted it when we were in high school, and didn't get it. Now I get it, and I want it all the time, more and more, in any way I can take it."

"I believe you," Brett said, eyeing his sister in a new light.

"Was that a gang-bang?" she asked. "If two guys one after the other is a gang bang, Mom," Frank replied, "then you got gang-banged."

"Lovely," she said softly, putting back the slice of pizza. "I think I could learn to love a gang-bang. It made my cunt a little sore, but it almost made it want more hard cock, too." She took a sip of her son's milk. "How long was I asleep?"

"Quite a while," her brother said. "You went straight to sleep right after I took my cock out. I never saw anyone go to sleep that fast."

Linda smiled dreamily. "I don't suppose we could fuck again, could we? I mean, now?"

"I've got to get home," Brett said. "Peggy must be worried."

"She knows where you are," Linda replied. "Your car is there and she's okay. Don't go yet."

"Maybe I should call her," Brett said. "Yes, but not right now." Linda reached beneath the table and took hold of her brother's cock. "Call her later. I want to get fucked again now."

"Frank, can fuck you," Brett said. "Both," Linda insisted, pulling at her brother's cock. "I want both fucking me… one in the cunt and one in my ass."

Brett's cock, swelled as she manipulated it under the table. "Well, I guess Peggy is okay for a little longer. Who gets your ass, Sis? Me or Frank?"

"Frank," Linda said. "I'm not ready for this monster to slide up my asshole. Maybe later, but not tonight."

"I'm game," Brett said, looking at his nephew. "How about it, Frank? You think we can do it?"

"You bet, Uncle Brett," Frank said, grinning. "I'd never turn down a piece of Mom's ass. You wait until you fuck it… man, her asshole will drive you wild!"

"Her cunt and mouth already does," Brett laughed. "I guess I'm going to stop jacking off and start fucking more often."

Linda stood up, posing wantonly, her eyes slitted with smoldering eagerness. "Come on, I want it now."

She turned and skipped away, her naked ass waggling.

Frank and Brett looked at each other, grinned, and jumped to their feet and chased after her.

"Hurry," Linda said as they came into her room. "I can hardly wait. I can feel those cocks in my cunt and ass already!"

Linda knew just how she wanted it. She placed her son on his back, and leaned down, sucking at his cock until she had him hard. She tasted her cunt on his prick, and ran her tongue hungrily about it. As she leaned over sucking on her son's cock, her brother, behind her, rubbed her pussy with the head of his. As much as she loved the taste of her son's cock in her mouth, the idea of sucking him off quickly in her mind, she knew he was probably getting tired after fucking all afternoon and into the evening.

"Come on, Brett," she said as she lifted her mouth. "Lay down here on your back."

Brett did, and his cock rose up in hardness. Linda straddled him, squatting over his cock. She slipped her brother's cock into her cunt and settled onto it, wiggling and gasping with sensation. With, throaty squeals, she bounced up and down on her brother's cock a few times, fucking him, with her son watching.

Then she leaned over, kissing her brother, her knees drawn up along his side, her cunt stuffed with his cock. She ran her tongue into her brother's mouth a few times, then turned and said to her son. "Shove your cock up my asshole, baby."

Frank stepped behind his mother, his cock throbbing up and down. He could see her hairy cunt stretched around his uncle's cock, and her puckering asshole just above. He knelt down, sliding his cock to his mother's asshole. He rubbed the dripping head up and down, then pushed against the fiery tightness.

Linda gasped as she felt her son pressing his cock against her asshole. Her cunt squeezed at her brother's cock.

"Oooo, it feels good already!" she moaned, arching her ass for her son. "Push it in, Frank! Oh God, push your cock up my ass!"

Brett, his cock buried into his sister's cunt, squeezed at her tits and waited until his nephew had his cock inside her ass. He could feel his sister's pussy pulsing around his prick. Frank pushed his cock inward.

Linda held her breath as she felt her asshole open for him. The stretching of her asshole excited her, made her cunt clamp about her brother's cock. She felt the bead of her son's cock penetrate her asshole, and purred with a throaty hunger. She whimpered as her son pushed his cock completely into her asshole. She felt her cunt and asshole stuffed with hard, throbbing cock, and almost came then. Feeling as her cunt and asshole was stretched impossibly, as if both were one and the same, she shivered.

"Oh, fuck me now!" she cried out. "This feels so good! Ahhhh, I can feel your cock throbbing up my asshole, Frank! And you, Brett."

"Oooooh, your cock is so deep in my cunt! Fuck me, both of you! Fuck my cunt and asshole!"

With a sob, she smashed her mouth to her brother's, her tongue darting past his teeth and licking at his throat. Brett lunged his cock up, and Frank rammed his cock inward. Linda wailed with ecstasy. She was in such a position that allowed her brother to fuck into her cunt, and yet her son could stab her in the asshole. She smashed her tits onto her brother's chest, rushing her hands to her spreading ass cheeks.

She clutched the cheeks and pulled them as far apart as she could, wanting her son's cock deeper inside her burning asshole. She wailed with the friction of cock in her ass and cunt at the same time. Her tits burned and her pussy throbbed and her asshole gripped.

"Ohhh, fuck me, fuck me!" she screamed in ecstasy. "Rip my asshole! Rip my cunt! Ohhhh, this is fantastic! Up my ass… up my cunt! Ohhh, what a fucking this is!"

Sensations of hot, steaming passion whipped through Linda. She tried to waggle her ass, tried to ram her cunt up and down on to her brother's thick cock, fuck her son with her asshole, but she could hardly move. She was captured between their bodies, a shaking, burning mass of naked flesh with a mind that was spinning out of control.

She could feel each plunge of her brother's cock into her pussy, each thrust of her son's cock into her asshole. She felt stuffed with hard cock, stuffed deliciously. She was squashed between them as her son rammed his cock into her burning asshole, her brother plunging his into her cunt at the same time. Her asshole and cunt stretched and gripped, squeezing the two cocks. Linda cried and whimpered, tears streaming out of her eyes, tears of ultimate rapture.

"Ohhhh, so fucking good!" she hissed. "I love it, love it. Fuck me, both of you! Ooooo, I can feel you guys so hard in my cunt and asshole! Stretch my ass, stretch my cunt! Fuck me and come in me!"

Behind her, her son was panting as he stabbed his cock in and out of her gripping asshole. His balls bounced, and he had to lie across his mother's back. He shoved his hands in front of her and cupped her firm titties. Linda wailed, trying to move her hips with them. She couldn't. She was being penetrated front and rear, and every nerve of her naked body vibrated with ecstasy. Her asshole was on fire and her cunt was juicy with hunger.

"Fuck her ass, Frank!" Brett urged, ramming his cock up and down. "Fuck her hot asshole!"

"I am!" Frank gasped. "I'm fucking her ass as hard as I can."

"Ohhh, God, you are!" Linda cried. "Ohhh, Frank, baby, tear mother's asshole open! Fuck that asshole, darling! Ahhhh, Brett… pound my cunt! Fuck my cunt! Ohhhh, I'm going to some so fucking hard! I want you two guys to come with me!"

Linda didn't know if they were fucking into her at the same time or not. Every inch of her crotch was on fire. It felt as if her crotch and ass was one big cunt, being fucked by the two cocks. She squealed over and over, then the squeals turned into wild screams of ecstasy. "Ohhhh, I'm coming!" she screamed.

Her cunt grabbed at her brother's cock, gripping it with hot, wet waves of contractions. The orgasms sent her asshole into tight ripples of sucking motion, Brett let out a shout, and flooded his sister's convulsing cunt with thick juice.

Frank groaned, ramming his cock deep into his mother's asshole, his young body stiff. His cock burst with hot juices, squirting deep into the walls of his mother's ass.

Linda collapsed, sprawled on her brother. Frank's cock pulled out of her asshole and he slumped to one side. When she felt her brother's cock slide from her cunt, she moaned and rolled off him.

"Ohhh, I don't think I can take anymore," she breathed. "My cunt and asshole feel sore."

Brett got off the bed slowly, and began to dress. "You'll be hot and ready again in the morning, I'll bet," he grinned down at his sister.

"I won't bet on that." She returned his grin. "I know I will."

When Brett left, Linda curled about her son, and was going to sleep even before her brother left them.


Linda knew it was bound to happen. The next day, with her cunt slightly raw, she bathed and soothed the aches away with hot water. But as she said the night before, she was ready again.

All day she had been thinking of her niece, Peggy.

It wasn't fair, she thought, not to let her niece in on all the fun. After all, she told herself, she was letting Frank play with her little cunt, her father watching and jacking off. She was sure Brett had allowed his daughter to play with his cock. She knew him, and he would be out of character not to let Peggy fondle him.

Even if Peggy wasn't ready to let Frank fuck her, Linda felt the little girl would love to watch Frank and Brett fuck her. Not that she was into putting on fuck shows, but surely it would increase her son's chances to fuck his cousins.

She wondered if her brother was home.

After bathing, she pulled her robe on, going to look at the house next door. His car wasn't there, and she felt disappointed. She wanted to fuck, and Frank was in school and her brother was gone. She returned to her room and removed her robe, thinking how silly she had been to put it on in the first place. She was alone in the house, and even if she wasn't, why wear her robe? Her son would love it if she went naked around the house, and she wouldn't mind herself. She wondered if her brother undressed Peggy so he could see her sugary little cunt while he jacked off, and then found herself excited more than ever.

At noon, she could no longer stand it.

She called the school, asking to have her son and niece excused for the rest of the day. Then, as she waited for them, she fondled her cunt, shivery with anticipation. She knew her brother had told Peggy about them, about Frank fucking her, about him fucking her. She knew Brett would not keep that a secret from his daughter. And from what she knew, what her son had told her, surely Peggy was excited by it.

When she heard them at the door, Linda was sitting on the couch, her long legs wide apart, her shapely ass hanging over the edge, a finger plugged into her hairy cunt, the other hand pulling a tit toward her mouth, her tongue licking her stiff nipple.

That was what Frank and Peggy saw as they came into the house.

Frank grinned at his mother. "I wondered why you called the school. I should have known, I guess."

Peggy giggled, her young eyes staring at her aunt. "Oooo, what you're doing, Aunt Linda!"

"Nothing that you don't do, honey," Linda replied. "I know all about what you do with Frank, and your father."

"I know," Peggy giggled again. "Daddy told me."

"Take your clothes off, both of you," Linda whimpered, working her finger in and out of her cunt. "Get naked with me… let me see you. Show me your pretty little cunt, Peggy."

Frank stripped quickly, eagerly. Peggy with her eyes staring at her aunt, watching Linda fingerfucking herself, removed her frilly blouse, then her skin. She stood in white, tight panties, her tiny titties succulent with pink little nipples.

"Your panties," Linda whispered. "Take your panties off, too."

Frank watched as his cousin peeled her panties off. Linda stared at her naked niece, seeing that candied slit between those slim thighs. The idea of her son touching that pretty cunt, playing and feeling of it excited her. She crooked her finger at Peggy, and Peggy came toward her, her young eyes blazing. As she stood near Linda, Linda ran her hand over her niece's perky little titties, down her side, around back to feel the small cheeks of Peggy's ass. Frank, watching his mother feel his cousin, came close, his cock lifting into hardness. Linda moved her hand between her niece's hot little thighs, cupping that sweet cunt.

"Oooo, Aunt Linda!" Peggy squealed, her naked body shivering.

The beautiful heat burning her palm made Linda tremble. She rubbed at her niece's cunt, bringing her other hand to her son's cock. She pumped on Frank's cock and fondled Peggy's succulent cunt, making soft gasping sounds of pleasure. She pushed a finger into her niece's cunt, finding it even hotter, very tight.

"I don't think your father's cock would ever go in here, not now," Linda purred softly, fingering her niece. "Maybe later…"

"I know!" Peggy squealed, humping her young hips. "He told me that, too! I can hardly wait!"

"Until then," Linda said hoarsely, "you can fuck Frank. All the time, anytime you want it."

Peggy squealed again, and Linda removed her hand from her son's cock, and Peggy quickly grasped it. With her finger moving in and out of her niece's succulent cunt, Linda watched the small hand jacking her son's cock. Her cunt lurched, and she shot her free hand between her thighs.

"I wanna fuck now!" Peggy moaned. "Why can't we fuck now, Aunt Linda?"

"I didn't say you couldn't," Linda replied.

"But Daddy…"

"Fuck your daddy!" Linda biased. "You're with me now. If you want to fuck, then fuck!"

"Oooo, I wanna fuck!" Peggy cried with excitement. "But my daddy said…"

"I'll take care of your daddy, baby," Linda urged. "Now, go on… fuck! Both of you, fuck if you want to!"

She watched excitedly as her son and niece went to the floor, arms and legs thrashing. Peggy fell to her back with eager giggles, spreading her long, slim thighs wide. Her pretty little cunt parted, the tip of her small clitoris standing up. Frank dropped between his cousin's legs, his cock dripping with anticipation. Linda stared at them, her eyes burning on Peggy's waiting cunt and her son's lowering cock. She flung her slender thighs wide, and began to stab fingers into her hairy, juicy cunt with abandon.

"Fuck her, Frank!" she moaned. "Ohhh, God, let me see your hard cock go in Peggy's, sweet, hot little cunt!"

The juicy sounds seemed loud as Linda pounded her fingers into her burning cunt. Her eyes slitted, but she could see clearly. She watched the swollen head of her son's cock penetrate the pink lips of Peggy's cunt, saw them stretching, saw the eager way Peggy arched her crotch to Frank, her little hands balled tightly near her shoulders. Peggy's eyes steamed and she gasped through parted lips.

Frank's cock slithered into his cousin's sugary cunt.

"Oooooo," Peggy sobbed, twisting her hips as Frank's cock went all the way into her young cunt. "Ohhh, Frank! Golly, it feels so good. I like your cock in my pussy better than I do your finger! Ahhh, Frank, fuck me now! Fuck me and fuck me and fuck me!"

Linda was not at all surprised at the vigorous bouncing of Peggy's creamy little, naked ass.

Peggy began to lunge her cunt up and down before Frank began to move, fucking her cunt on his cock. Linda gazed at that hot slit devouring Frank's cock, and her fingers rammed brutally into her dripping cunt, her titties rising and falling as she panted in excitement.

"Oooo, Peggy, you're so tight!" Frank groaned, humping his naked ass, driving his cock into his cousin's clinging cunt.

"And your cock is so big!" Peggy yelped, grinding her cunt onto his prick. "Oooo, I like to feel your cock in my pussy!"

Linda urged them with words, ramming all four of her fingers into her ant, trying to stuff her complete hand into it. Her pussy burned like fire, and, between her words of encouragement, she gasped and sobbed with visual pleasure. Seeing her son's naked ass bobbing, watching his cock fucking into Peggy's creamy, smooth cunt, she was almost pissed off at her brother again. How could Brett deny Frank and Peggy this pleasure! How could he make them wait until he was ready to see them fucking? Was he that much of a voyeur, that much of a jack off artist? Couldn't he see that watching her son and daughter fucking, it would make his jack off better?

Oddly, Linda could understand her brother's desire to look and jack off in this moment.

Watching her son's hard cock fucking into that deliciously young cunt of Peggy was thrilling, exciting. She felt her hairy pussy grab at her buried fingers, and the hot, wet lips squeezed. She lifted her ass and tried to get her fingers deeper, but either her hand was too big, or her cunt was too small.

"I can feel your balls hitting me on my ass!" Peggy gurgled, straining her cunt up, twisting passionately. "I can feel your balls hitting my ass, Frank!"

Frank pulled up on his cousin's hips, sitting on his heels, watching her sweet cunt stretch about his prick. He was biting at his tongue, and Linda knew that he was struggling to keep from coming off so fast.

Frank and Peggy panted and gasped, thrashing together. Linda sat with her legs wide open, her hairy cunt stuffed with her fingers, her curvy ass hanging over the edge of the couch. When Brett stepped into the house without knocking, that was the scene that greeted him.

Linda didn't glance at her brother; she watched her son and niece.

Brett took it all in, a grin spreading over his face. He saw Frank's cock inside his daughter's cunt, saw the wiggles Peggy made, heard her soft cries of ecstasy. He looked at his sister, and pulled his cock from his pants. His cock was already half hard in that short time.

Without looking at her brother, watching Frank's cock and Peggy's cunt, Linda said.

"Brett, shut the damned door and take your clothes off."

Brett slammed the door, undressing quickly, watching his daughter's smooth cunt holding his nephew's cock.

"Ohhh, Daddy, look at me!" Peggy squealed. "I'm getting fucked, Daddy! Frank is fucking me! Ooooo, I love it, too, Daddy! Watch his cock go in my cunt, Daddy!"

Brett stood naked, his thick, long cock seeping from his flaring piss hole. He was grinning at his daughter as he started forward. As he started to step over Peggy's head, going to Linda, his daughter shot her hand up between his thighs swiftly, grabbing his balls. Her other hand grabbed at his hard cock, and with hot squeals, Peggy jacked her father's cock and pulled on his hairy balls.

"Oooo, I'm gonna fuck this big cock one of these days!" Peggy gasped. "I'm gonna fuck it good and you won't have to jack off any more, Daddy!"

"He doesn't have to jack off now," Linda said. "Peggy, turn your father's cock loose. I want it in my cunt!"

Peggy released her father. "Go fuck Aunt Linda, Daddy," she moaned. "Fuck, her hairy cunt and watch me! Oooo, Daddy, this is better… better than anything!"

As Brett came close to his sister, Linda took his cock and pulled it to her pussy, forcing her brother to his knees. But as she stuffed the big head of his cock into her cunt, both she and Brett were watching Peggy and Frank…