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Hot mom, hotter step-mom

Kathy Andrews

Kathy Andrews

Hot mom, hotter step-mom


Kathy opened her legs wide, sliding her body to the end of the tub. She parted her softly haired cunt, her legs climbing up the stall.

The water from the faucet splashed down upon her pussy, and she purred softly. Adjusting her hips, she caught the force of the water on her clitoris, her breath catching suddenly. Pulling at the puffy lips of her cunt, she held it wide open. The water splashed over her rigid clit and down along the slit. She began to moan and writhe her shapely ass against the wall of the tub.

After a moment, she positioned her cunt so the water would sting her inflamed clitoris, then she drew her hands along her smooth flesh, up to her tits. For a moment she teased herself, pulling and twisting at her nipples while the water agitated her cunt.

Pulling up on one tit, she dipped her chin down and ran her tongue about the long, hard nipple. With soft whimpers of pleasure, she licked at each nipple, her tongue swirling with wet heat. She lifted her hips and felt the water flow over the lips of her cunt, down to her asshole.

With a soft cry, she closed her lips about a nipple and began to suck, gently at first. As her pussy tingled, she wiggled to feel the water splash on her clitoris, then the open lips, and back to her clitoris again. Her lips, pulling at her nipple, began to suck harder, with more frenzy, her tongue swirling in hot circles. She closed her eyes as the rapture increased.

One hand left her tit, rushing downward, past her hip. She closed her fingers on the cheek of her tight ass, squeezing, digging. She started making gasping sounds, her lips pulling hard at her nipple, her hips moving from side to side.

The water, quite hot, streamed over her cunt and seemed to fill it. She arched her crotch up higher, and the water gushed against her asshole.

Her fantasy intensified, as it always did when she was close to coming.

The faucet was not a faucet any longer, but a cock. It was a thick, long, beautiful cock, and it was raining golden piss onto her bubbling cunt and squeezing asshole.

She came.

Then as the orgasm peaked, her ass lowered into the tub, her nipple slipping out of her mouth. She lay breathing deeply, the fantasy fading.

She wanted more. One orgasm was never enough. But she didn't have time.

A soft shudder went though her lovely body, and she sat up in the tub. Plugging the drain, she sprinkled bath oil into the water. Kathy tried to come at least twice a day, knowing that if she didn't, she would feel irritable. While the tub filled, she sat and fondled her cunt, sliding her lingers up and down the fiery lips. She wondered if she could use a finger or two quickly and come once more. She began to slide two fingers into her pussy, then she jerked her hand away, swinging her arms over her naked tits.


Jim had walked into the bathroom unexpectedly.

He stopped, frozen, staring at his mother. Kathy's face turned pink as she stared back at her son.

Jim had never walked in on her before. But then, Kathy had always locked the bathroom door before.

While her son stood staring at her nipple, Kathy found herself staring at the front of his cut-off jeans. Her voice refused to work, and she swallowed, feeling a throbbing between her legs. She stared as her son's cock grew, hardening. She couldn't take her eyes from it. She found it fascinating, seeing his prick thicken and swell. Then the pink cock-head emerged. Kathy's cunt seemed to draw inward suddenly, her clit tingling.

Jim finally turned his gaze from her nipple.

Kathy had her knees ran up, and the water was only a few inches deep so far. She gasped when her son moved toward the tub. When he stood close, looking down at her, she could reach out and touch the head of his cock. That was all she could see, just the head, but it sent wild, burning shivers of desire through her. She saw his piss-hole, saw it gleaming with seeping juices. It seemed to be trying to lift upward, but the cut-offs held it down.

Jim looked at his mother's face, and Kathy finally lifted her eyes to his. She licked her lips again, and then her son did something that was totally out of character for him.

He drew the leg of his cut-offs up, and his cock lifted free. She saw it only for a quick moment before he turned his back to her, facing the toilet. Her eyes moved over his ass, thinking how compact and tight it was. Then she heard him pissing into the toilet.

"Jim," she said, her voice a bare whisper. "Let me watch you."

Without hesitation, her son turned and moved to the other side of the toilet, holding his cock at the base. His prick was only half hard now, but Kathy's eyes were fixed upon it with hungry heat. The golden piss spurted from his cock, tinkling into the toilet bowl. Kathy stared hard as her son stood pissing, unashamed.

"My God," she whispered, her cunt twitching as she drew her knees back to her tits. Her arms slipped about her legs, hugging them against her titties. Her eyes were bright as she stared at his cock. Jim could see the dark shadow of his mother's cunt-hair as the water deepened. "Ohhhh, my God!"

Kathy could not prevent the sudden clutch of an orgasm. She felt her clit throb, felt her pussylips clutching as if it had a cock inside. The contractions rippled about her cunt, causing her to tremble. Her eyes never moved from her son's cock. Seeing him piss excited her beyond her fantasies. Her orgasm didn't fade, but increased, thrilling her with a series of orgasms that blistered her flesh. Her ass writhed on the bottom of the tub, and she made soft, squealing sounds, her eyes slitted with ecstasy.

The golden stream lost force, and stopped gushing. She gazed hotly as his piss slowed and dribbled, then stopped together.

Jim, staring boldly at his mother, shook his cock, sending a few drops flying. Kathy's cunt tightened, making her sob softly. Slowly she straightened and lowered her long legs in the tub, not covering her tits this time. Jim stared hard at his mother's tits. They were full and firm, flawless in shape. Her nipples were quite long, rubbery in hardness. His cock lifted again, swelling back to full hardness. He didn't shove it into his cut-offs, but stood and pointed his cock at his mother.

"That was… wonderful," Kathy whispered, her face still flushed. "It was beautiful, darling. Very beautiful."

Jim offered a small smile, his eyes still on his mother's revealed tits, his cock jerking in hardness, his piss-hole glistening once more with seeping juices.

"Play with it," Kathy whimpered throatily. "Play with it for me, Jim."

Without hesitation, Jim closed his fist about his cock and began to pump, while staring at his mother's tits. Beneath his pumping hand, Kathy saw one of her son's balls slide into view. She caught her breath, sliding a hand between her thighs and pressing it against her boiling cunt, legs closed together.

"Does it feel good?" she whispered, her voice hoarse and very low. "Does it make you feel very good, Jim?"

Jim nodded, his fist moving back and forth. Kathy gazed at the head of his cock, watching his fist cover it, then expose it. She wanted to reach out, to shove the crotch of his cut-offs to one side, to expose his young balls, but she was afraid. She was afraid it would break the spell they were both caught in. She was afraid if the spell was broken, her son would run away with embarrassment.

Staring at her son's cock, watching his fist move back and forth, Kathy lifted her hand and closed it about her tit. She lifted her tit to her mouth and swirled her tongue around the nipple, her eyes blazing on his cock and fist. She kept her legs clamped together, hiding her fiery cunt from her son's eyes.

Jim's legs trembled as her jerked on his cock, his eyes glazed and fixed upon his mother's tit, watching her suck her nipple. His balls became tight, swollen. His fist speeded up.

"Ohhh, you're going to do it!" Kathy moaned hotly, her tongue swirling about her nipple, her eyes smoldering on the head of his cock.

"Yeah!" Jim grunted, his hips pushing forward, his fist racing back and forth.

"Do it!"

"I am!"


Almost as if on command, thick, creamy come-juice squirted from the head of her son's cock. The force was such that the come-juice spattered upon Kathy's hand, the one holding her tit up. She squealed, watching the come juice spew out of his prick. Her cunt became tight, and she was coming, too. The back of her hand tingled with Jim's dripping come-juice, and she squeezed her tit hard. Squirt after squirt of come juice shot from Jim's cock, each one splashing against her flesh. It was on her hand, her lower arm, and the rest landed on her quivering, naked stomach.

Jim squeezed his prick, drawing downward on it, and the final bubble of creamy come juice clung to the piss hole for a moment, then dropped into the tub.

"That was beautiful, Jim," Kathy gasped.

Jim stuffed his cock into his cut-offs. Kathy wanted to tell him to let that lovely cock dangle free, openly, so she could see it. But she said nothing.

Jim turned and left, showing no embarrassment.

Kathy leaned back in the tub, the water now covering her body. She held her hand up, gazing at Jim's come-juice. It glistened wetly, still hot. She drew her hand to her face, smelling his come-juice. The tip of her tongue flicked outward, and she ran it through the wetness. The taste of her son's come-juice filled her mouth. She licked the back of her hand almost feverishly moaning softly. The taste was sweet, hot, burning at her throat as she swallowed.

Turning the faucet off, Kathy slowly began to bathe.

A fantasy she had enjoyed for years had finally happened.

Ever since she had been a very little girl, ever since she had seen a man pissing near a tree, she had fantasized about watching a man piss. The thought of seeing a cock pissing was enough to make her cunt bubble. She had, for years, used the faucet of her bathtub, pretending it was a cock, a lovely cock, pissing upon her cunt, upon her asshole.

Now, she had watched a cock taking a piss. After all these years of fantasizing about it, she had watched a cock pissing, and up close. The fact that it was her son taking a piss enhanced her pleasure.

Kathy was forty, divorced for almost two years. She had such wild, delicious fantasies, and she had wanted to share them, but her ex-husband's ego had been a fragile thing. He would not have understood. Certainly he would not have helped her act out those fantasies. He was an in-and-out man, a man who felt a cock belonged in a woman's cunt and no place else. If a woman wanted anything besides a straight fuck, he considered her to be weird, perverted, disgusting.

So Kathy had suffered through the marriage, indulging in her fantasies for satisfaction. She seldom came when her husband fucked her, but always pretended she had. Then, when he was asleep at her side, with her cunt on fire, Kathy would play with her pussy and dream of wild, erotic, wanton fucking where anything could happen.

When he left her for a younger woman, Kathy was almost relieved.

Once he was gone, she could indulge herself as long and as noisily as she wanted in the privacy of her bedroom.

Now, she climbed from the tub, pulling the drain plug.

Kathy was tall, slender, a woman who made men drool. Her tits were perfect in size and shape, as tight and high as they had been when she was leading the cheering sections in high school at football games. Her waist was narrow and her stomach flat. Her hips were round, with long slim thighs. The soft hair on her cunt was thick and silky. She was an auburn-haired woman, a deep, rich auburn color, with green eyes, small nose and full, moist lips. Her body was creamy, lightly tanned, with tan lines on her hips and tits.

Draping a huge towel around her nakedness, she stepped into the hall and to her room. She knew she was beautiful, but she wasn't vain about it. She knew men followed her with their eyes, dreaming how would be to slide their cocks into her tight, slippery cunt. Long ago, a boyfriend had told her she was a walking wet dream, and it had delighted her.

Kathy was also a crotch-watcher.

She looked at every man's crotch. She wondered about the size and shape of a man's cock behind his pants, if his balls were big and hairy, loaded with delicious, boiling come-juice. It particularly delighted her, if she saw a man with a hard-on.

Once, about five years ago, she had seen, a man with a lovely bulge in his tight pants, and she had gazed openly at it, thinking how nice it would be to shove her hand inside his pants, right there in public, and stroke his cock, make him come in her hand. Of course, she never gave in to any such impulse, but it was exciting to think about doing it.

She sat on her bed, the towel still draped about her. She had to dress if she wanted to get Jim there on time. Each weekend, she had to drive him across town to spend two days with his father. She had tried to get his father to pick Jim up, but he refused. Once, his present wife did come and pick Jim up, but Kathy didn't like that very much. The woman was about ten years younger than Kathy, a very beautiful blonde. And Kathy was a little jealous of her because Jim seemed to like his stepmother.

Standing up, she found a lightweight, sleeveless sweater, and she pulled it on. She started to slip into a new pair of pantyhose, but decided it was too hot for those. She rummaged about in her dresser, searching through her panties and bra. She was amazed that all her panties were designed for one reason only – to excite and arouse. They were all skimpy, whispy bits of nothing, but she had no one to wear them for… no one to see her in them.

She held up a smoky piece of material, a very flimsy pair of panties.

With a shrug, she stuffed them back into the drawer and moved to her closet. She lifted out a lemon-yellow skirt, tight, with buttons all the way up the left side. It was designed for a woman to be as bold as she dared, and Kathy placed it on her bed, wondering how bold she would be today.

She stood and brushed hr hair, wearing only the light sweater. Her tits strained at the material, her nipples pressing forward. From the waist down, she was deliciously naked.

A smile came over her face and she winked at herself in the mirror. She grinned. She looked down at her naked lower body.

"Why not?" she whispered. "It would only be fair."

She gave her ass a saucy twist and stepped to her bedroom door. She opened it and peered down the hall. She could hear the television going, but she could not see her son.

For a teasing, delicious moment, Kathy stepped out into the hall, feeling wicked to be naked from her waist down.


"Yes, Mother?"

"Are you ready to go?"

"Yes, I'm ready."

"Jim, would you come here for a minute?" Kathy called, her voice shaking with anticipation.


When she heard him, Kathy stepped back into her roam. She sat on her bed, facing the door, her hands resting on the mattress and her knees closed. She was shaking with anticipation, with growing pleasure. She was breathing excitedly as she waited, her tits lifting and falling as her cunt steamed. She gazed at the door she had left open.

Jim stood there, his eyes widening as he saw his mother wearing only the tight sweater and nothing else. His eyes moved about her body, from her straining tits to her knees, then back again, making the trip several times.

Kathy watched the front of his cut-offs. The thought came into her mind that Sandy, Jim's stepmother, could get a glimpse of his cock if she looked right at it. The idea of Jim's stepmother seeing his cock the way she had in the bathroom made her feel jealous.

"Look, darling," she whispered, slowly parting her knees.

Jim gasped.

His mother sat on the edge of the bed, her knees open. He saw her dark cunt-hair, but not the pink wetness of her cunt… not yet.

Kathy sat that way for a long time, watching his cock swell inside his cut-offs. She wanted to see that lovely, smooth cock-head peek out at her as it had before. The bulge of his swollen cock pressed out, the length outlined.

"Do you like it?" Kathy whispered.

"Yeah, Mother!" Jim grunted, his young body shaking as he stared at the soft curls of her pussy.

"Is it pretty?" Kathy asked in a thickening voice.

"It sure, is, Mother!"

"You've never seen one before, have you?"

Kathy asked.

Jim shook his head, his cock throbbing very hard inside his cut-offs.

"In the bathroom," Kathy whispered. "Was that fun for you, baby? I mean, peeing while I watched, then… you know, pulling your… tossing it off?"

Jim giggled. "Tossing off?"

"Yes, honey," she purred. "Pumping your… jerking it off?"

"Jacking off, Mother?" Jim asked, his eyes hot and bold.

"Oh yes!" Kathy mewled. "Jacking off! Did you enjoy jacking off while I watched you?"

Jim swallowed, nodding his head. His mother's long, slim thighs and hairy cunt made his balls ache. Seeing her sitting there wearing just that sweater, her knees parted just open enough so he could see those dark hairs disappearing beneath her ass, sent his cock almost into spasms.

With her eyes burning on his straining, hidden cock, Kathy whispered throatily, "I love to watch a boy jack off, Jim."

Jim's knees shook.

"I love to see a guy piss, and jack off," Kathy went on, watching her son's obvious desire for her body.

Kathy's cunt throbbed, her juices soaking the cover on her bed. Exposing her cunt was more thrilling than she had fantasized about. She wondered if she was about to come. Her cunt certainly felt like it.

She opened her legs more.

The pink lips of her cunt now showed, glistening with juicy wetness. Her clit peaked up, knotted.

"Take it out!" she hissed. "I want to see your cock!"

Jim's hand jerked at the crotch of his cut-offs. His cock swung free, pointing outward in exciting hardness, the head swollen and smooth. Kathy stared at it, watching a silvery drop of juice fall from his piss-hole.

"Now is it pretty?" she asked huskily, her knees held wide apart. "Can you see it all? Does it give you ideas, Jim? Does seeing this make you want to you know, jack off again?"

Jim nodded, his fist squeezing his cock, making the head bulge so sweetly.

"Rub it, honey," she hissed. "Rub it and look at Mother!"

Jim complied, moving his fist back and forth on his cock.

"Show me your… balls," Kathy whispered. "I want to see your balls, too, Jim."

Jim drew the crotch of his cut-offs aside, and his beautiful, young balls came free. Kathy gasped as she gazed at them. She opened her knees wide, very wide, her ass perched on the very edge of the bed. The pink lips of her cunt were open to her son's eyes, juicy and seeping, making the curves of her succulent ass slippery. Her clit strained outward, throbbing hotly.

Leaning back on one arm, Kathy lifted her right foot and placed it on the bed, leaving the other on the floor. Her legs were very wide apart, and she slowly moved her fingers to her cunt, her eyes burning on her son's pumping fist. Being watched by her son, while he jacked on his cock, sent fire racing through her body. She slipped her fingers through the mass of pussy-hair, then she began to rub two fingers along the sides of her distended clit.

"You do it, too, Mother?" Jim asked, his voice coming in gasps because his fist was jerking faster on his cock.

"Ohhh, all the time!" she moaned softly, sliding a finger downward and dipping it into her cunt, working it in and out, then back up to her inflamed clitoris. "I do it all the time, Jim!"

"Wow, that's… good, Mother!"

"Oh, it is!" she squealed tightly, lifting her crotch upward and twisting her naked hips, two fingers agitating her clit swiftly, then slowing down. "It's wonderful! It feels so good to do this."

Her eyes burned on his beautiful balls, watching them swing back and forth as he jerked his cock.

"You can come closer, darling," she said softly. "You can come in close and look at me. Come on… don't be afraid, baby. I want you in close so you can see everything, so I can see everything."

Jim came in, walking stiffly, still pulling and pushing at his cock. He stood about two feet from his mother, watching her fingers rubbing and feeling that juicy cunt.

"Can you smell me?" she asked. "Can you smell that delicious scent, Jim I love to smell it when it's so hot and wet!"

Jim could, indeed, smell the odor of his mother's hot cunt. It was subtle, clean, exciting. He watched the cunt-juices being whipped up by her fingers.

Kathy wanted to grab her son's swinging balls, hold them and squeeze them, help make him come. She hoped he would squirt that creamy come-juice onto her thighs, maybe on her cunt. She had always wanted to feel a cock gushing onto her cunt and inner thighs for a very long time.

She was exposing her cunt to her son, rubbing her cunt as he watched, and he was jacking off so she could see everything. Her cunt seemed hotter and wetter than when she fantasized, and her fingers made soft, wet sounds as she rubbed up and down on the puffy lips of her pussy.

"Oooo, jack it, Jim!" she moaned, twisting her hips, arching up and down as her fingers danced about the wetness. "Jack that beautiful cock off for Mother! Jerk it… pull it… you have a beautiful, hard, cock, darling!"

The heat grew inside of Kathy, and as it consumed her, she began saying things to her son, things she would not have voiced an hour ago.

"Suck a lovely, hard cock, Jim! Jack off, baby! Jack your beautiful cock off for Mother! Ooooh, watch me play with my pussy! Watch Mother play with her pretty, hairy, wet cunt!"

"Mother, you're beautiful!" Jim gasped. "Tell me!" she hissed. "Tell me how beautiful I am! Tell me how wet my cunt is!"

"It's wet, Mother!" Jim groaned, pumping his cock faster! "You have a pretty pussy and it's so wet! I like your cunt, Mother!"

"Ohhhh, baby!" Kathy sobbed, her eyes slitting as she came. Her cunt contracted about her fingers, her hips jerking. The orgasm burned hotly through her body, her cunt sucking inward with a strong spasm. "Mother's pretty cunt is ohhhh, my cunt is coming, Jim!"

Kathy's fingers agitated her spasming clit furiously, her hips jerking and then pressing at her hand. Her face tightened as she gasped loudly. Jim, his mother came for a long time, but to Kathy it didn't last nearly long enough.

"Mmm, that was good," Kathy purred softly, her eyes still smoldering and slitted. She held her knees up pose and gazed at her son's prick. "Can you think of something… something you'd like to do, honey?"

Jim pounded on his cock furiously, his hips jutting forward, gasping heavily. He stared at his mother's cunt as she drew her fingers up into the soft hair again.

Kathy turned slowly on the bed until she had her feet back on the floor, her knees spread wide. She leaned back, her hands behind her, twisting her hips suggestively. Her cunt continued to throb and pulsate, glistening with wetness.

Jim stepped forward, his eyes burning on his mother's cunt.

"Oh, yes, darling!" Kathy whispered softly as she watched his cock. "I knew you wanted something."

Jim stood between his mother's thighs, gripping his cock very hard, the head bulging outward. He looked down at her hairy cunt. The head of his cock was about an inch from it. Kathy held her breath, waiting for her son thrust, to ran his cock into her cunt.

Jim hesitated.

"Do it!" she hissed. "Do it, Jim!"

Jim placed the head of his cock upon his mother's cunt, and his young body trembled.

Then, suddenly, he stabbed!

"Ohhhh, my God!" Kathy yelped as her son's cock penetrated her cunt. "My God! Oooooh my God!"

Her cunt grabbed his cock, the wet lips clamping around it tightly. Kathy could feel each powerful throb of her son's cock. She felt his hot balls against the crack of her ass. For a long moment, neither moved, but just stared downward, as if they were surprised that his cock was in her pussy.

"Ohhh, Jim!"

Kathy's eyes rolled and her cunt contracted. She was coming again, with his cock deep inside her cunt. Her cunt-lips squeezed, and Kathy gurgled with ecstasy. Her clit felt as if his cock had shoved it into her cunt, too, and it throbbed with spasms of rapture. The orgasm was drawn out, steaming through Kathy's body. When the convulsions started, she looked up at her son's eyes, watching his expression, her own vision blurred by the sensations she felt. Slowly, the contractions in her cunt diminished.

"Oh, you know what I did, Jim?" she asked, breathless. "I came again!"

Jim shuddered, his cock pulsating powerfully inside her cunt. Kathy closed her thighs, pressing them against him, then she moved her hips slightly.

"Fuck me," she whispered. "It's in me, baby. Please, fuck me!"

Jim gave a tentative, inexperienced move. "Ohhhh, fuck Mother!" Kathy wailed, slamming her cunt hard onto his cock and grinding from side to side. "Fuck me! Fuck my cunt! Ram your cock in Mother's hot fucking cunt! Fuck my pussy, Jim!"

She clutched at his hips, jerking and pushing, making his cock move in and out of her cunt. Jim placed his hands on his mother's shoulders, gasping with the feel of her hot, wet pussy wrapped about his cock.

"Help me, Jim!" she cried out, hunching back and forth. "Please, help me! Fuck me! Come on baby, help me!"

The sensations overwhelmed Jim, and his hips darted back and forth. His cock moved smoothly between the lips of his mother's cunt. The hot exciting scent of fucking filled their nostrils. Jim panted and his mother whimpered.

The more times his cock went into her cunt, the more excited Jim became. He tried to run his cock deeper and deeper, desperate to feel all that fantastic wet heat on his cock and balls. Kathy released her son's hips when he began to fuck her, and she leaned back again, her eyes staring down at her crotch. She humped her cunt up and down, meeting the plunges of her son's cock gleefully. She loved the stretching sensations inside her cunt, loved the way his cock seemed to rub and scrape at her inflamed clit.

"Oh, baby it's wonderful!" she sobbed softly, jerking her ass back and forth, her thighs sliding on his hips. "It's so good! Do you like it, Jim? Do you like Mother's cunt around your lovely cock?"

"Ahhhh, Mother!" he moaned. "It's great!"

"Yes, it is!" she gasped as a tingle of delight shot through her body. "Fuck faster, honey! You can fuck Mother as fast as you want! You can't hurt me! Fuck me hard and fast and deep! Ohhhh, baby, ram it to me!"

Kathy lay back, her legs scissoring along his, churning her naked ass up and down in a rhythm with his cock. Jim stood between his mother's legs, pumping his cock deeply, seeing the pink lips of her pussy clutch his prick. His balls smacked her ass with each plunge, making Kathy gurgle and sob with increasing ecstasy. She felt every ridge of his hard, young cock driving into her cunt.

Jim was now caught up in the excitement. "Show me your tits, Mother!" he gasped. "I wanna see your tits!"

"Oh, God, yes!" Kathy moaned, jerking her lightweight sweater to her neck. "Look at them! Look at Mother's tits… and fuck me good! Ohhh, Jim, Jim fuck me! I want you to fuck me so much!"

Jim stared at his mother's tight, shapely tits, his hands clutching her bouncing hips now. Kathy became more excited with her son staring at her tits, and her ass danced about with wanton lewdness, her cunt riding his wonderful cock wickedly.

"You're going to make me come again!" Kathy cried. "Make me come, baby! Ohhhh, I love to came! Fuck me, make me come!" Jim was straining, his balls hard and swollen. His cock scorned to grow bigger and bigger. He knew he was about to come. He fought to hold the gushing juice back. Not because he didn't want to come in his mother's cunt, but to try and prolong the feeling as long as possible.

With a low moan that grew with intensity, Kathy began to come again. She whipped her hips up and down, swinging her ass about. The swelling of her orgasm filled her body, then slit cried out.

The lips of her cunt clasped her son's cock, squeezing and puffing at it. Jim couldn't stand it.

"Mother!" he shouted.

"Yesss!" Kathy screamed in a tight sound.

Her cunt was squeezing hard on his cock, and his balls seemed to be inside the crack of her ass. Her cunt was flexing and sucking wetly at his prick with a powerful orgasm.

Jim's hands moved up her naked body. He grabbed his mother's tits, squeezing them, her stiff nipples boring into his palm and pushing her cunt hard onto his cock. "Do it now!"

Jim gave a grunt.

The scalding come-juice squirted out of his piss-hole and splashed the walls of her hungry cunt. Kathy squealed with ecstasy as she felt her son's cock pouring rapid spurts of creamy, delicious come-juice up her pussy. With her son's come-juice flooding her cunt, Kathy's orgasm increased in power and rapture. She was coming so very hard, much harder than she had in a very long time. Her cunt kept squeezing and pulling on her son's spurting cock, sucking as if desperate for that sweet, creamy juice.

Jim became weak, and fell across his mother's body. His cock was squeezed out of her cunt. His prick slipped down along the crack of her ass.

Kathy sighed happily, closing her arms about his shoulders and holding him tightly against her tits. She moved her thighs up and down against his hips and legs slowly. She felt his cock against the back of her ass, felt, the hot wetness. A shiver went through her body, a shiver of satisfaction.

She kissed the top of her son's head, then gently pushed him away from her.

Jim grinned sheepishly as he watched her cup a hand between her thighs to prevent his come-juice from dripping out of her pussy.

"I guess I made a mess, huh, Mother?"

"Jim, that kind of mess is the most wonderful mess in the world," she replied smiling. "Now, I hate to take you to your father. I'm going to miss you more than ever these next two days."


Kathy was bold today with her skirt.

She opened buttons until most of her exciting thigh was showing. Her son loved it, she noticed. Grinning at him, she, drew her skirt away from her thigh as she drove him to his father's house.

"You like that, huh?" she said softly.

"Oh, yeah, Mother!" he agreed, his eyes openly on her.

"I wish I could turn around and take you back home," she said, taking her hand off the wheel and placing it on his cock. "God, baby, I aced what you have here." She squeezed his cock and balls tenderly. "I'm going to need it many, many times."

Jim squirmed, grinning widely.

"Oh, God!" Kathy murmured as she felt his cock responding to her caressing hand. "Touch me!"

Jim shoved his hand under his mother's skirt, cupping the moist meat of her cunt. The feel of her nylon panties excited him. Kathy pressed down on his cock and balls, feeling his prick turning hard. Her eyes glittered as she spread her knees for his hand.

"Ohhh, make me come!" she gasped. "Make me come, Jim!"

The car weaved as she fought to control it. Her cunt was boiling as her son rubbed up and down, smashing at her distended clit. Her ass writhed on the seat, and she whimpered softly.

Jim moved his fingers up and down the wetness of his mother's panties, breathing excitedly. Her wet cunt felt good.

"Faster!" Kathy sobbed. "Rub faster baby! Ooooh, my cunt is… God, I love it!"

The orgasm came, but it was not as strong as she preferred. Still, she came, and Kathy loved to come no matter if it was mild or shattering. Jim's cock throbbed against her hand, and she wanted to stop and straddle him, fuck that beautiful cock right here and now. But they were approaching his father's home.

Jim pulled his hand from under his mother's skirt, and drew it to his face.

Kathy watched him sniff his fingers, her eyes glowing with delight. "You like my smell, darling?"

Jim nodded and licked his fingers.

"Ohhh, you better stop that!" Kathy said. "I'll turn around and drop you back borne and fuck your father!"

The sound of the door opening at the house caused Kathy to turn.

Jim's stepmother was coming out to meet them. Kathy's eyes took in the young woman, automatically comparing her with herself. Sandy wore a pair of very tight, startling white, shorts and blouse. Her long legs were tantalizing, as was the thrust of her firm, pointed tits. Kathy felt jealous. Not that she felt Sandy was more beautiful, more appealing. She felt jealous because Sandy was so damned good-looking and she wondered how this woman ended up with her ex-husband.

After greeting Kathy, Sandy leaned down.

"Jim, your father wants you to join him at the Pizza Hut."

"Pizza! Oh, boy!" Jim said, jumping from the car and running down the walk.

Kathy watched him, already missing him.

"Why don't you come in for something cold to drink, Kathy?" Sandy asked.

"I-I can't stay long," Kathy replied, swinging her legs from the car. She caught Sandy's lingering gaze on her thigh, and she felt the strangest tingling sensation.

Once in the house, with a tall glass of iced tea in her hand, Kathy became aware of Sandy's nervousness. Sandy fidgeted and tried to start a conservation many times, but her voice trailed off. Kathy had a hunch Sandy wanted to say something, but didn't know how to go about it.

Kathy crossed her legs, her thigh exposed almost to her panty line.

"Sandy, something is wrong with your marriage, isn't it?" Kathy asked, knowing instinctively what was on Sandy's mind. "Would you like to talk about it?"

"I don't know how!" Sandy said. "I-I mean, you're the ex and I'm the present wife. It's sort of unusual."

"Not really," Kathy said, her voice lower. "You're not getting enough, are you?"

Kathy saw the flush starting on Sandy's pretty face, and she knew she had hit the mark.

"No," Sandy said, looking shy.

"I know that man," Kathy replied. "I lived through it myself."

Kathy's eyes moved over Sandy's tits. They were straining under Sandy's thin cotton blouse, and she was sure Sandy was naked under it. Her eyes went downward to Sandy's slim thighs. Kathy felt her cunt throb with a sudden hunger, and she squeezed her inner thighs against it. When she lifted her eyes again to Sandy's face, she found the woman gazing at her with pure hunger.

"It's bad, isn't is?" Kathy asked.

Sandy nodded, biting at her full bottom lip, tears starting in her eyes. Kathy moved to the woman, dropping to her knees and pulling Sandy against her shoulder. She hugged the younger woman's thigh. She felt the trembling of her slender body, and she kissed Sandy's cheek.

Suddenly Sandy was holding Kathy, hugging tight. Kathy stood, pulling Sandy to her feet. She held the woman very tight, and Sandy clung to her. Kathy felt Sandy's pointed tits smashing at hers, and she lifted her hands to cup Sandy's pretty face. They stared at each other, and then Kathy smashed her lips hard onto Sandy's. Sandy moaned, returning the kiss feverishly. At the same time, her hands moved down Kathy's back. When Sandy cupped Kathy's ass, Kathy gasped and slammed her lower body against Sandy's.

Kathy, her cunt already throbbing from being touched by her son in the car, writhed hard against Sandy's lower body. Sandy squeezed Kathy's asscheeks.

"Ohhh, Kathy!" Sandy gasped. "I… this is insane, but I can't help it!"

"Hush," Kathy said, stroking the woman's cheek.

She drew her hands between them and closed her fingers about Sandy's pointed tits. She was right – Sandy was not wearing a bra. Her fingers shook as she opened Sandy's blouse. Then she fondled Sandy's lovely tits. Pulling her sweater up, Kathy rubbed her own tits against Sandy's, both of them gasping with the pleasure starting to burn up and down their bodies.

"They're lovely," Kathy whispered, looking at Sandy's tits. She twisted the candy-pink nipples gently, bringing a soft cry from the woman. "Just lovely."

Dipping her face, Kathy swirled her tongue about a nipple, then pulled it into her mouth, sucking it deeply. Sandy gasped in delight and held Kathy's head tightly.

"Ohhh, so good." Sandy purred. "It's been so long since I had my tits sucked, Kathy."

Kathy sucked a while longer, then lifted her head. She placed her hands on Sandy's shoulders, urging the woman down. Sandy went willingly?

On her knees, Sandy slipped her hands up Kathy's thighs, under her skirt. She touched the nylon panties lightly, then cupped Kathy's rounded ass to squeezed the cheeks a moment.

Kathy lifted her skirt, bunching it at her waist. Sandy was almost crying with hunger as she stared at the tight fit of Kathy's panties and the bulge of her cunt. Kathy placed her hands on Sandy's head and slowly pulled the girl toward her crotch. Sandy inhaled the exciting scent of Kathy's wet pussy. She looked up at Kathy.

"I've never done this before," she whispered. "Neither have I," Kathy gasped. "But I want to."

"Oh, Kathy, so do it!" Sandy yelped, then flung her arms around Kathy's hips, burying her face into the moistness of Kathy's crotch.

Kathy's hips twisted as she felt Sandy kissing at the tight, stretched band of her panty crotch.

"Take them off!" Kathy hissed. "Sandy, take my panties off!"

Immediately Sandy peeled the flimsy panties down. Kathy stepped out of them, and Sandy stared at Kathy's hairy cunt, licking her lips, eyes on fire.

Kathy lifted one foot and placed it on a chair. Sandy peered at the succulent wetness of Kathy's hair-lined cunt, and with a moan, she shoved her mouth into it. Kathy pressed her crotch into Sandy's mouth, holding the back of the woman's head.

"Sandy, lick me!" Kathy sobbed.

Sandy cupped the naked cheeks of Kathy's ass. She opened her mouth, shoving it onto the dripping sweetness of Kathy's cunt. Her tongue flew upward, penetrating Kathy's pussy quickly.

Kathy gazed hotly down at the woman, who was looking up at her. Most of Sandy's lower face was covered by the soft hair of her cunt. Sandy's wet tongue darted and stabbed, fucking into Kathy's cunt swiftly.

"Eat me, Sandy!" Kathy groaned. "Ohhh, suck my cunt!"

Sandy sucked wetly, making lovely sounds with her tongue. She pressed her face tighter into Kathy's cunt, lapping up and down the puffy lips, tasting the creamy sweetness. Her fingers dug into Kathy's tightening asscheeks. Pulling her face back just a bit, Sandy ran her tongue about Kathy's cunt.

Kathy trembled.

"Ohhh, suck me, Sandy!" Kathy cried out. "God, it's been so long since anyone has kissed and licked my cunt! I love to be licked! I love to feel a tongue on my pussy!"

Kathy moved a hand into the hair of her pussy, drawing up on the flesh, watching Sandy's tongue licking at her clit.

Sandy pressed her mouth tight into Kathy's pussy, rubbing it about, drenching her face from her nose to chin. Her hands moved about Kathy's creamy ass, up and down her thighs. She breathed hard as she licked and sucked, drawing those delicious pussy juices into her mouth.

It seemed to go on for a long time, yet it was only minutes.

Sandy, reaching from behind, parted the juicy lips of Kathy's cunt and licked them, pushing her tongue as deep as she could into the fiery wetness.

"Ohhh, my God!" Kathy squealed.

Her cunt exploded with beautiful contractions. She clawed at the back of Sandy's head, banging her convulsing cunt against Sandy's sucking mouth.

"Suck hard! I'm coming, Sandy!" Kathy screamed, choking back the sounds as much as she could. "Ohhhh, you're making me come, Sandy! Fuck my cunt… suck my cunt! Ohhh, shove your tongue deep in my hot cunt!"

The juices flowed from Kathy's pussy into Sandy's mouth, who licked them up and swallowed them thirstily. When the contractions slowed, Kathy pulled her cunt away from Sandy's face. Kathy dropped to her knees and hugged Sandy tightly, kissing and licking those sweet lips, tasting her own pussy-juices an them. Her tits crushed against Sandy's.

"I've never done that before," Sandy said, feeling shy.

"You're good, Sandy," Kathy replied. "You really made me come."

"I… almost came, too," Sandy confessed.

"But you didn't?"

"No," Sandy replied, sliding a hand to her own cunt and rubbing at the tight crotch. "But I want to!"

"Let's take your shorts off," Kathy said, knowing she was going to help this woman. "Do we have time, you think?"

"I think so," Sandy said, but Kathy knew that Sandy was so excited, time meant nothing to her right now.

Sandy was stripping her shorts off swiftly, sitting down on the floor to drag them from her feet. Kathy caught a flash of the woman's blonde-haired cunt, and her mouth watered up instantly.

Sandy's succulent cunt was fiery and wet, and with her ass on the floor, she spread her legs wide. Her blue eyes were shining, sparkling with wild hunger. Kathy stared at Sandy's satiny thighs, seeing her ex-husband's wife spread out so wantonly. The blonde cunt-hair was soft looking, slightly darker than the hair on Sandy's head. Sandy's cunt was a delicious, mouthwatering pink, her clit straining upward from the juicy folds.

Kathy sank downward, sitting on her heels. She put her hands on Sandy's knees, caressing the smooth flesh, her eyes blazing into that sugary cunt. She licked her lips, knowing she wanted to kiss Sandy's pussy, to taste it, to feel the hot softness against her face, her lips, her mouth. She watched Sandy writhe her tight, compact ass, and heard her soft whimpers of desperate desire.

"Lie back," Kathy whispered.

Sandy lay on her back across the floor, her blue eyes fiery as she gazed at Kathy. She held her legs wide apart, knees slightly bent.

Kathy pushed Sandy's knees farther apart, sliding her hands along the inner flesh, feeling the wonderful smoothness, her eyes fixed upon Sandy's beautiful, blonde-haired cunt.

"You're very lovely, Sandy," Kathy whispered. "You're very lovely all over."

"Oh, Kathy," Sandy moaned, lifting her ass with a twist of her hips. "I'm so hot, Kathy! My pussy is burning up!"

"I see," Kathy replied, leaning forward and kissing Sandy just past her knee. "Your pussy is very juicy."

"Do something to me, Kathy?" Sandy pleaded, clutching at her tits, making her pink nipples bulge up. "I want to come so much!"

Kathy caressed Sandy's thighs, amazed at the smooth softness, amazed that she could be this turned on by touching another woman. Her moist lips followed her hands, the tip of her tongue licking and swirling along the inside of Sandy's thigh. She inhaled the intoxicating scent of Sandy's cunt when her face was a few inches from it. It was a fresh, clean scent, an odor that made her tingle and shiver with excitement.

Kathy ran the tip of one finger along a swollen pussy-lip, then lightly touched Sandy's swollen clit. Sandy's hips jerked upward, and a sob of eagerness came, from her. Kathy couldn't resist feeling the wet softness for a moment, and she moved her fingers up and down the steamy cunt-slit. She moved her finger very near Sandy's asshole, then dragged it teasingly upward, feeling the juiciness of the slit, and very lightly agitated Sandy's clitoris.

Sandy's ass began to squirm and thrash, twisting and arching her cunt against Kathy's hand. She whimpered constantly with her increasing need.

Kathy finally slipped a finger into the wetness. She was surprised at how tight Sandy's cunt was around her finger. Sandy shoved her crotch up against Kathy's hand as the finger plunged inward.

"Fuck me!" Sandy sobbed. "Kathy, fingerfuck me! Oh, please, fuck the piss out of my hot cunt! I need it so much!"

Kathy thrust her finger in and out, watching. The feel of this lovely cunt gripping her finger and watching Sandy's ass bounce thrilled her. Sandy was so desperate to be fucked.

"Faster!" Sandy wailed, throwing her ass up and down. "Faster, please!"

Kathy held her rigid finger still, watching Sandy's cunt fuck it wildly. Then she ran it down when Sandy hunched upward, pulling it back as Sandy's creamy ass went downward.

The soft liquid feel and sounds of Sandy's cunt excited Kathy. She felt the gripping action of Sandy's cunt, and found herself imagining Jim fucking this lovely pussy. Imagining her son's cock inside of Sandy's cunt instead of her finger, Kathy found her own pussy throbbing once more. The desire to see her son fucking this sweet, juicy, blonde-haired cunt was so exciting, and she knew Jim would love having it wrapped about his cock.

"Ohhhh, Kathy, please!" Sandy cried out, straining her cunt hard and tight against the embedded finger. "Fuck it for me! Make me come, Kathy! Finger-fuck my cunt… make me come!"

Kathy rammed her finger almost brutally in and out of Sandy's pussy. Her eyes glazed as she stared down at it. Her knuckles beat against Sandy's highly inflamed clitoris, making soft wet sounds.

Sandy screamed. Her cunt slammed hard onto Kathy's finger, and Kathy felt the waving contractions of the woman's orgasm. She kept plunging her finger in and out watching Sandy's swollen clit throb, feeling the pussy-lips squeeze again and again around her finger.

Sandy came hard and strong, the orgasm drawn out. After a long minute, her curvy ass slumped to the floor, and her body shuddered for a moment or so. Then she opened her eyes and looked up at Kathy, smiling widely.

"That's the first time I've come without making myself do it," she said.


Sandy giggled. "I have to make myself come, and it's so frustrating to do it myself."

Sandy started to sit up.

"Wait, I'm not finished with you," Kathy whispered.

"You're going to give me more?" Sandy asked, delight all over her face.

"I'm going to suck you," Kathy replied. "I'm going to tongue-fuck you the way you fucked me. I want to taste your cunt, feel my tongue up it."

Sandy lay back again, parting her legs once more. She giggled. "No one has ever sucked my cunt before."

"It looks like we're doing a first together, doesn't it?" Kathy smiled and lowered her face.

Again the fresh, wonderful scent of Sandy's cunt assaulted her senses. Kathy pressed down, kissing Sandy's wet, hairy cunt. Sandy purred softly and twisted her lips. Kathy parted the succulent lips of Sandy's cunt, then flicked her tongue against her clit. She slipped her other hand beneath Sandy, holding a beautifully firm and shapely asscheek. Closing her lips about her slit, she sucked.

Sandy cried out with pleasure, pressing her pussy into Kathy's face. She squeezed her hot thighs tightly, then relaxed them.

"Ooooo. Kathy, that's nice!" she gurgled. "Lick it for me, Kathy! Oh, I've wanted to have my cunt sucked for years! Suck my pussy, Kathy! Oh, yes, eat my cunt!"

Kathy opened her mouth wide and shot her tongue deeply into Sandy's juicy cunt. She stabbed her tongue in and out, then swirled it back to Sandy's clit. She alternated her tongue, sometimes pressing it into Sandy's cunt and sometimes licking her clitoris. She licked everywhere, tasting all that lovely crotch. Her face was drenched with sweet cunt-juices, and she lapped at Sandy's pussy hungrily, swallowing.

As Sandy began to thrash her hips about again, Kathy held the girl's bouncing ass with both hands, pressing her mouth as tight into Sandy's cunt as she could, her tongue in constant motion. She mewled softly, her smacking-sounds mixing with Sandy's ecstatic sobs and sharp cries. Sandy grabbed the back of Kathy's head, pulling her face tight into her cunt. She closed and opened her hot thighs about Kathy's face.

"Oooo, suck hard!" Sandy cried out. "Suck my cunt hard! Ohhh, that's a beautiful tongue you have, Kathy! Fuck me… fuck me! Tongue me like it was a hard, hot cock!"

Kathy was not prepared for Sandy's orgasm. She was eating and sucking and licking happily, and then Sandy screamed again, ramming her convulsing cunt swiftly against Kathy's face. Kathy gripped the tight cheeks of Sandy's ass, trying to hold her still, trying to lap up and down that sweet cunt-silt. The orgasm Sandy was experiencing was even, stronger than her first, and she slammed her cunt violently against Kathy's mouth.

There seemed to be an increase of wetness flowing into Kathy's mouth, and Kathy swallowed. Then she understood.

Sandy was pissing!

Sandy was pissing right into her mouth!

Kathy pulled away, and she saw a few spurts of golden piss come put of the blonde-haired cunt.

"Oh God! I didn't mean to do that!" Sandy wailed. "I couldn't stop it, Kathy! It happens sometimes when I get so excited! I'm sorry!"

Kathy ran her tongue over her lips. "Don't be. I understand. It's all right, Sandy."

"You're not mad?"

"Of course not," Kathy smiled. "You've made me quite happy, in fact."


Kathy greeted her ex-husband when he returned with Jim.

She really had no hard feelings for him, just felt sorry that he didn't know how to enjoy himself. She felt sorry for Sandy, too. She hugged and kissed her son, and Jim gave her a strange look when he tasted cunt on his mother's lips. Kathy grinned at him, winking.

As she drove away, she saw Sandy watching her, her expression radiant and happy.

For two days, Kathy felt depressed and frustrated. Her imagination worked overtime, and she wondered if Sandy had fucked Jim. She didn't think so, but she wasn't sure. She found herself excited by that thought, though. The idea of Jim fucking his stepmother kept her cunt in a high state of burning hunger for two days. She lay about the house, hardly dressing, fingering herself, tasting her own cunt, and fantasizing about impossible things to do with Jim and Sandy.

She made herself come often, sitting on the couch, in her bed, in the tub, kitchen, wherever she happened to be. She walked the floors, sticking her finger into her cunt as she walked, licking the juices off.

When it was time to get her son, she was relieved.

She was just going out the door when Sandy called, saying she would drive Jim home. For a moment, Kathy started to refuse, then agreed. She wore shorts and a halter top, waiting anxiously for her son, realizing she wanted to see Sandy just as much.

She hugged her son as soon as he entered, not caring if Sandy saw the way she pressed his face into her tits, her hands very close to his ass. She kissed Jim, darting her tongue into his mouth for a quick moment, then released him. She had felt his cock grow hard against her thigh, and she had almost laughed as he walked in a sideways motion from the living room.

"I think Jim had a hard-on," she said bluntly to Sandy. "What in the world have you been doing to him?"

"Me?" Sandy asked, wide-eyed. "I've done nothing with Jim, Kathy."

"No matter," Kathy said, pulling Sandy tight against her, crushing her tits to Sandy's. Her hands moved immediately to Sandy's tight ass, clutching her asscheeks as their lips met. Sandy darted her tongue into Kathy's mouth, and Kathy sucked it hungrily, feeling her cunt throb.

"You have such a beautiful ass, Sandy," Kathy whispered as she fondled it. "I'd love to eat your hot ass right now."

"But, Jim…" Sandy whispered, looking toward the hallway.

"Fuck Jim," Kathy replied in a hoarse voice.

The way she had said it caused Sandy to look at her. Kathy smiled.

Kathy drew her hand along Sandy's crotch, pressing tightly at her pantied cunt. She cupped Sandy's cunt and squeezed it, making Sandy gasp with pleasure.

Then Sandy jerked away.

Jim had returned. He had changed his clothing, and was in his cut-offs again. Sandy blushed, wondering if Jim had seen where his mother had touched her. Kathy smiled again, and she didn't care if her son had seen her feeling Sandy up.

Kathy turned to Jim again, opening he arms. Jim immediately moved into them. She looked over her son's head at Sandy while pressing her cunt against Jim. This time she moved her hands deliberately over Jim's ass and squeezed it, then she turned him loose. Sandy's eyes had become wide, and there was beautiful young sat on the couch, and parted her thighs. The crotch of her shorts were tight, but dark cunt hair curled from the edges. Sandy stared openly, licking her lips. Jim, too, saw the hair of his mother's cunt showing from the edges of her tight shorts. His cock reacted by swelling inside his cut-offs, but he turned sideways souls stepmother wouldn't see it.

"I can't stay," Sandy said, her voice sounding husky. "I wish I could, but I have to get back borne."

"I understand," Kathy said.

After Sandy had left, Kathy grabbed her son and pulled him down, wrestling him to the floor. She grabbed his ass with one hand, his cock and balls with the other.

"I missed you, darling," she said. "But most of all, I missed this hard cock."

Jim lifted to his knees and opened his cut-offs. When he shoved them down, his cock lurched up in hardness, his balls swollen and full.

Kathy stared, making soft sounds of pleasure. She took her son's cock in her hand and pumped it, smearing her palm over his dripping cockhead.

"God, this is so beautiful!" she groaned. Jim yelped as his mother darted her face toward his cock.

"Mother, what are you gonna do?"

"Mmmm, suck this thing," she whispered, flipping her tongue against his piss-hole. "Suck it and lick it and eat it!"

"Oh, Mother!" Jim moaned, staring at her tongue as it swirled about the swollen head of his cock.

"You just lie back and enjoy it," she said, pushing at his chest. "Let me do this. You just lie back and don't worry about a thing."

Jim stretched out on the floor, his cock jutting high and hard.

Kathy hovered above his cock, fondling his balls and prick. She mewled softly and swished her tongue across the head, then lapped up and down the shaft. She ran her tongue over his balls, tasting them. Her eyes burned up at his face, watching his reactions.

With a soft cry of pleasure, she closed her lips about her son's cock and swallowed it. Jim moaned as he felt the wet heat of his mother's mouth on his prick. Kathy pressed her lips hard at the base, feeling his smooth cockhead in her throat. She moved her tongue, pressing his cock against the roof of her mouth. She held his cock in her mouth for a long time, her eyes glittering up at him dreamily. The taste of her son's cock sent wild throbbings through her body, to her cunt.

Her shorts suddenly became too tight, and keeping his cock inside her mouth, she managed to unzip them and peel them from her ass. She kneeled, then began to suck up and down, pulling and dragging on her son's cock with her lips and tongue. She placed her hands on his hips and moaned softly with the hot, hard taste of his cock.

"Mmmm," Kathy purred, lifting up. "You taste so good, Jim! It's been such a long time since I've had a cock in my mouth. I'm going to suck your cock good, baby! Mother is going to suck your cock off, eat your sweet come juice! Come in my fucking mouth, Jim! Oooo, baby, squirt that thick juice down Mother's cocksucking throat!"

Kathy gobbled her son's cock again, racing her tight, wet lips up and down swiftly. She slid her lips about, her tongue licking. The hot taste of her son's cock sent rippling rapture racing from her head to her toes. Her mouth watered hungrily as she slurped up and down, her tongue moving and licking. The smooth hard flesh of Jim's cock gliding in and out of her mouth made her soar with ecstasy.

She whimpered softly as she drew her lips upward, sucking hard. She closed her lips tightly about the head of his cock, running her tongue back and forth on his piss-hole, swishing it over the sensitive head. She sucked, bringing juices from his cock. The taste caused her eyes to roll.

"Oh, Mother, that's so good!" Jim grunted, twisting his ass. "That's real good! It feels like your cunt, but different, Mother!"

Kathy lifted, swirled her tongue over his pisshole, then kissed it. "Mmmmm, you taste so good, baby! Your cock is so hot and hard, and tastes wonderful in my mouth. Oh, look at your sweet balls! They're so hard and full! You have a big load for me, Jim? Do you have a great, big, wonderful, hot load of juice for Mother's mouth?"

Jim nodded, eyes bright.

"Mmm, give it to me, then," Kathy whispered, drawing his cock back into her mouth.

Her lips moved up and down. They were tight lips, wet lips, hungry lips. She made purring sounds deep in her throat as she sucked his cock with increasing greed. Her ass, lifted in the air, writhed about. Her cunt dripped juices along her inner thighs, the puffy lips throbbing. Her clit bulged the size of a miniature cock from the folds.

She loved to feel his smooth cockhead against her throat. She held his cock hard at the base, letting her throat constrict on the head. She shoved her hands underneath his ass, cupping his asscheeks. Lifting her son's hips, she began to fuck him with her mouth. She clung to his ass tightly, squeezing with her fingers, her mouth darting up and down swiftly.

Kathy was sucking her son's cock now with greedy desperation. She didn't want to play with it anymore. Her urgency to have that hot come juice spurting into her mouth drove her to frantic effort. She closed her eyes, savoring the sensation of his cock sliding between her lips.

Her hair fanned about wildly with the bobbing of her head.

"Oooo, Mother!" Jim grunted, his eyes wide and hot as he watched his mother's lips sucking, her mouth devouring his cock. "Ohhhh, shit, Mother! You're… ahhh, suck me, Mother! Suck my cock hard, Mother! My balls hurt… and I'm gonna come!"

Kathy groaned with delight, sucking as hard as she could. Her eyes opened, dreamy with ecstasy. She felt her son's cock begin to throb with that wonderful power between her lips. When she judged that he was going to squirt, she pulled her lips upward to just behind the swollen head, her tongue lapping the flare of his piss-hole.

"Now, Mother!" Jim grunted, almost doubling up. "I'm gonna come in your fucking mouth! Suck it up, Mother! Suck up my hot come-juice!"

When she tasted the boiling sweetness of his come-juice, she sobbed. The creamy taste coated her tongue and filled her mouth. Deliberately, she allowed the come-juice to drip from her mouth, letting it run down the shaft of his cock to his beautiful young balls. Her mouth was filled time and again, and her son was grunting with each gushing spurt. She swallowed some of it, her tongue licking across his piss-hole hungrily. The thick come-juice burned at her throat, and her cunt seemed to explode with a wild, crazy orgasm.

She squeezed her thighs tightly against her cunt, her ass twisting in the air. She dug her fingers into her son's ass cheeks, swallowing his come juice with liquid sounds. Her lips pulled at his prick head, sucking as powerfully as she could, draining his hot balls of every delicious drop. She clung to the head of his cock for some time, her tongue moving about it lightly.

When she was certain he had finished, she released her lips, and watched his cock slowly fall to one side. Came-juice gleamed on the softening cockshaft and on his young balls, even in the tuft of hair at the base, of his prick.

"Lovely," she whispered softly. "So fucking lovely, Jim."

She ran her tongue out and began to lick the come-juice from his cock, swishing the tip through the patch of his wiry pubic hair. She lapped it clean, then stared at his balls for a moment. Lowering her face, she ran her tongue over his balls, finally pulling them into her mouth and sucking tenderly.

"Ohhh, Mother!" Jim moaned, his balls feeling very sensitive.

He spread his legs wide, and Kathy lifted them, pushing his knees toward his chest. His hips lifted, and she nuzzled into his balls with erotic affection.

Holding him just behind his knees, Kathy moved down, burying her face into the crack of her son's ass.

Jim gasped when he felt his mother's mouth pressing at his asshole. He gasped again when she kissed his asshole. When his mother pressed her open mouth around the ring of his asshole and sucked, he wailed loudly.

"Oh, God, even your fucking asshole is beautiful!" Kathy moaned softly as she looked past his cock and balls to his surprised face. "Your asshole is hot, baby, very hot."

She kissed him on his ass-pucker again. "Do you like that?" she asked softly. "Do you like getting kissed on your asshole, Jim?"

Jim nodded, a wicked smile spreading over his face.

"How about this?" Kathy's tongue swiped from his spine over his asshole, then swirled about in hot, wet circles.

Jim whimpered.

"You do like it?" Kathy giggled lewdly. She probed the tightness of her son's asshole with her tongue. "Mmmm, nice and hot and tight." Pressing her open lips around her son's asshole, Kathy worked her tongue on it, pushing inward. Jim groaned, wiggling his ass. Kathy's eyes were closed again, his hot balls resting against her nose and eyes. She pushed with her tongue, and slowly felt his asshole relax. As her tongue slipped up Jim's asshole, he wailed.

"Ohhh, shit, Mother! That's fantastic!"

Kathy pulled her tongue back, grinning up at him. "Just don't shit, that's all."

"I'll… try not to," Jim gasped.

Kathy ran her tongue into her son's asshole again, this time running it as deep as she could. The tight heat of his asshole on her tongue and against her lips sent her cunt into convulsions once more. Her orgasm was tight and hot and almost overwhelmed her. While her cunt contracted, she tongued in and out of his asshole. She felt his balls twist against her nose, and she noticed his cock beginning to stir. She began to thrust her tongue back and forth, tongue-fucking her son's asshole. Jim wiggled his ass against his mother's face, his eyes so glassy he could no longer see.

Kathy slipped a hand to his cock and began to fondle it as she tongue-fucked his asshole.

She gripped his cock and beat up and down, feeling it swell. Jacking his cock while tongue fucking his ass, made her shiver, and her orgasm continued, going into a series of ecstatic contractions. She had never stuck her tongue up anyone's asshole before, but again, it had been one of her fantasies for years.

"Mother, you're making my cock hard again!" Jim gasped. "Ohhh, it feels so good! Shove your tongue up my ass and jerk my cock, Mother! Oh, I like this!"

"Mmmm," Kathy mewled, squeezing his cock as it swelled in her hand. She plunged, her tongue back and forth, wishing she could drive it deeper. The tight heat against her mouth was so different, so exciting that she wanted to make him come this way.

Her fist pounded up and down on his cock, her tongue racing in and out of his asshole. Jim shot his hands to his ass, pulling his asscheeks as wide apart as he could, giving his mother as much room as possible. Kathy rammed her tongue in, her naked ass waving in the air again. The insides of her smooth thighs were slippery with the juices of her cunt, and her asshole clenched time and again.

Her pumping fist made his balls bounce on her nose. She heard her son gasping and crying out with delight. She arched her naked ass higher in the air as if offering it to some rigid cock. Her tongue moved faster and faster, her hand beating wildly on his prick.

"Eat my ass, Mother!" Jim gasped. "Ohhh, eat my fucking asshole and jack my fucking cock! Ooohhhh, Mother! Shove your fucking tongue up my ass… beat my prick!"

Kathy made sobbing sounds as she plunged her tongue back and forth, penetrating her son's asshole at least an inch. His cock was rock-hard and he was close to coming again. She opened her eyes and watched the swollen head of his prick. She sucked at his asshole vigorously.

"Ohhh, I'm about to come again, Mother!" The words had barely left Jim's mouth when a powerful squirt of come-juice flew from his piss-hole. Kathy whimpered as she watched it fly high into the air, then splatter down over her pumping fist. Her tongue drove deeper and deeper into his asshole, her hand beating his spewing cock with wild strokes.

Jim's prick spurted time and again, until his mother's fist and wrist was coated with come-juice, his stomach glistening with it. Kathy felt his wildly spurting cock, cause his asshole to clench about her tongue, and her cunt seemed to enter a shattering orgasm.

With a wild cry of perverse excitement, she jerked her tongue out of her son's asshole and ran it up his balls, licking away the hot thick juice that coated his stomach, and the head of his cock. She licked until there was no more, then she sat up, her tits pushing outward with rigid nipples.

She licked her wrist and hand, swallowing the come-juice as her son lowered his ass to the floor, his cock again lying to one side, his balls drooping with emptiness.

"You like come-juice, Mother?" he asked, sounding exhausted.

"Baby, I love come-juice!" she purred. "I especially love your come-juice!"


Kathy loved the taste of come juice squirting from the head of a hard cock, the feel of it splashing and burning down her throat. But she loved to have it inside her cunt, too. She loved to feel it on her tits and stomach and thighs.

After dinner, she and Jim played with each other, teasing and stroking and feeling. Her son had no difficulties in achieving a hard-on, something that pleased her no end. She loved to kneel in front of him and fondle his cock and balls, watch his cock stiffen and become very hard. She loved to feel it against her face, so hot and throbbing.

"You look so fucking good in just those shads, Jim," she purred, on her knees before him.

She held his hips, gazing with hot eyes at the bulge of his cock. It swelled upward, outlined by his white jockey shorts, his balls making a lovely lump. She pulled up on his shorts, watching how his cock and balls filled them. She pressed her mouth against the outline of his cock, kissing it. Then, she moved down to his balls. Her tongue lapped up and down the crotch of his shorts.

"Baby, put your legs around my head and hold it tight," she whispered.

Jim parted his legs, pushing his crotch at his mother's face and then squeezed it there with his hot inner thighs. Kathy moaned and cupped his ass in both hands. She opened her mouth and pulled his covered balls to her lips. Her cunt boiled with wetness, so wet that her pussy-hair was drenched with her juices. She sucked his balls, but she wanted more.

With her lips close to his balls, she said, her voice hoarse: "Piss in your shorts for me, Jim."

Jim giggled, but was more than willing to do what his mother wanted. When she closed her lips around his balls again, he managed to start pissing despite his hard-on.

Kathy watched his shorts turn wet, then as he kept pissing, she tasted it. When the front of his shorts were soaked in piss, and with her mouth closed about his balls, she pulled the waistband of his shorts past the head of his cock. Jim pissed into the air, and it rained down onto Kathy's head and face. She moaned, then sucked at his piss-wet balls with a feverish hunger Jim groaned as he watched his mothers face become soaked in his piss.

"Mmmm, that was good!" Kathy mewled with her mouth still pressed to his crotch. "Your piss is sweet and hot, and it made me come. Just a little, but I came."

She stripped her son's wet shorts from his body, then rubbed them about her face and tits, then down to her cunt. She smiled wantonly up at him as he watched her. She tossed his shorts to one side, lying back and spreading her legs wide.

"Want some of this hot cunt now, baby?"

"Oh, Mother!" Jim moaned.

He dropped between her thighs. His cock was stiff, piss ail over his balls and thighs and stomach.

Kathy grasped her son's cock and fitted it to her cunt.

"Ohhh, Jim, ram it to me! Ram that big hard cock up Mother's hot, wet cunt! Fuck me with piss all over you!"

Jim plunged his cock hard into his mother's cunt, making her cry out with ecstasy, her hips jerking upward there was a slapping sound as his cock went deep, and his balls smacked against her tight ass.

"Oooooh, that's the way, baby! Pound Mother's cunt hard and deep! Fuck Mother's cunt hard! Oooooh! Fuck me so hard I'll piss myself!"

Kathy grasped her son's shoulders, throwing her stretching cunt hard against his cock. Her fiery cunt met his plunging cock with ecstasy as she dug her fingers into his shoulders. She thrashed beneath her son, pumping her hips frantically. The wetness of his piss smeared her overheated flesh.

"Fuck my hot cunt, Jim! Piss in my hot cunt! Come in my hot cunt! Fill me up, baby! Ohhhh, fill Mother's wet cunt up… with cock and balls and come-juice!"

Kathy pounded her ass up and down, her cunt smashing against the base of her son's cock. The feel of his young balls slapping at her churning ass sent ripples of delight through her flesh. She yelped and squealed, clutching him, urging him to fuck her as brutally as he could.

"Oh, Mother, you're good!" Jim grunted. "Your cunt feels so fucking good on my cock!"

"I love your cock, baby!" Kathy sobbed loudly. "Mother's cunt loves your hard, wonderful cock! Ohhhh, Jim, Jim, fuck me hard! Beat my cunt! Ahhhh, darling, give it to me!"

She ran her hand feverishly past his hip, squeezing the cheek of his bunching ass, then between them, to clutch his bouncing balls. She groaned as she squeezed her son's balls, pulling at them, pressing them into the crack of her ass when he came down, his cock spearing deeply.

Her hands moved about his hips and thighs with feverish hunger, gripping his naked and piss-wet flesh, then she drew her knees up, arching her cunt to his pounding cock. She rubbed up and down the crack of his ass, fingering his tightly clenched asshole. She was overcome with erotic hunger, with a boiling, mindless desire for her son's cock.

"Ooooo, what an ass, Jim!" she cried out as her finger rubbed at his asshole. "So tight and hot! Ram your cock to me, Jim I love your hard prick fucking my hot, wet cunt!"

Jim fucked as powerfully as he could, making his mother gasp with ecstasy, smashing at her inflamed clit.

"Oh, my God! I'm going to come, baby!" she shrieked.

Kathy's ass twisted frantically as she thrashed hard, grinding and pounding, her cunt boiling around her son's throbbing, hard cock. The whole expanse of her crotch seemed to fire. She drew her knees tightly against her shoulders, her head turning mindlessly from side to side.

Then Kathy screamed.

Her cunt contracted tightly around her son's cock, squeezing it in waves of powerful, searing ripples. Jim groaned loudly, grabbing for his mother's ass quickly. He clung to her shaking ass while his mother pressed her cunt as hard as she could against his cock. His balls writhed, and his creamy come-juice poured into Kathy's demanding cunt.

Kathy clung to her son as they both came, her cunt clamping and his cock throbbing. It seemed to go on and on, and then, slowly, she felt her muscles becoming liquid. Her ass lowered to the floor, her legs around her son's hips. She hugged him against her tits, giggling like a little girl who had just done something exciting but naughty.

"God, you can fuck, Jim!" she whispered, still breathing hard. "You can use that cock like nobody else."

Jim kissed his mother, stabbing his tongue into her mouth, pleased with her remark. He drew his cock from her pussy, and Kathy stared at it, her eyes wet and hot. It glistened with the juices of her cunt and his came.

"I want to kiss it now," she said softly. "Scoot up here to my face and let me kiss your cock now, baby."

Eagerly Jim scooted up his mother's body, sliding his I highs along her still-hot flesh. He dragged his wet cock and balls over her stomach, sliding his naked ass against her skin. Kathy watched his cock and balls come close to her face. She licked her lips eagerly as Jim leaned over, offering his cock to her mouth.

Feeling his cock rub across her tits made her shiver, and when it dragged over her chin, she moaned. Kathy opened her mouth, and Jim dropped his cock into it. Kathy's eyes went dreamy as she tasted the liquid of her cunt and his come-juice on his cock. She mewled and ran her tongue about his cock, cleaning it, loving it.

"That's good, Mother," Jim sighed, watching her lips sucking at his cock. "That feels good. Your mouth is so hot and wet!"

"Mmmmm," Kathy mewled.

She ran her tongue about it, then gently pushed at his hips. His cock came out of her mouth, wet now with her saliva. She licked his balls. Jim adjusted his hips and pressed his balls against her mouth. He sighed with the pleasure. Kathy purred happily as she sucked and licked at her son's balls, his cock resting alongside her hose. She cupped the cheeks of his ass, gently squeezing them. She opened her mouth again, then pulled his cock into it along with his balls. Pressing her lips tight into the wiry hair at the base, she sucked and loved them, caressing the nakedness of his ass, dragging her fingertips up and down his ass-crack.

With a soft whining sound, she pulled her mouth from his cock and balls, scooting underneath him. She kissed and licked at his hot flesh just under his balls, then with more soft sobs, she shoved her tongue toward his asshole.

Jim shivered as he felt his mother's tongue sliding into the crack of his ass. He sat up, knees wide apart, placing his ass against his mother's face. His cock and balls rested on her nose and eyes, and her tongue swirled slowly against his tightly puckered asshole. His eyes opened wide as he tried to look down.

"Oooooh, Mother!" he gurgled, his ass shaking.

"Mmmmm, baby," Kathy purred with her lips against his ass.

She placed her hands on his hips, and kissed wetly upon the ring of his asshole, the tip of her tongue flicking. Kathy tasted her son's asshole with increasing delight. Her cunt swelled, the lips turning puffy. She squeezed the rounded cheeks of her ass, her tongue dipping at the tight ring of her son's asshole. The feel of his cock and balls resting on her face thrilled her. She pulled at his asscheeks, widening them, her tongue lapping up and down. She made soft sounds as she kissed and sucked his asshole, her tongue constantly moving, licking, tasting.

"Ahhh, lick it, Mother!" Jim groaned. "Lick my asshole, Mother! Oh, your tongue… your mouth… suck it! Suck my asshole, Mother!"

Kathy whimpered and pressed her open mouth hard against his asshole, sucking as strongly as she could. She felt his cock swell again alongside her nose. She pushed her tongue into his asshole, twisting it around and around. Then she stabbed in and out, fucking him there with it. She plunged her tongue as deep as she could, feeling the hot tightness of his asshole against her mouth, holding her tongue as she pushed deeper and deeper.

Kathy was amazed at the excitement she felt by pushing her tongue into her son's asshole. The tightness of it around her tongue sent wild, fiery desire to her cunt, causing her clit to throb. She held her son's ass cheeks, her face buried between them. She tongue-fucked her son's hot asshole eagerly, feeling his balls and cock resting on her nose, eyes and forehead. Her own ass twisted on the floor, her long legs scissoring apart, then squeezing together. She felt a burning at her own asshole, felt it clenching as her son's asshole clenched around her tongue. She moaned softly, whimpered with delight. She glanced past his balls and saw his eyes gleaming down at her face.

The way his balls felt on her face, so hot, and his cock throbbing just past her eyes, she wondered if Jim would come again. She pulled her tongue from his asshole, but swirled it in hot, wet circles there. She dragged her tongue from the base of his spine to his balls, then plunged her tongue back into his asshole.

"Oh, Mother!" Jim gasped. "Shove your tongue deep! Oooooh, it feels so fucking good, Mother! My cock is getting hard again, and my [missing text]."

Kathy purred as she drove her tongue in and out. The taste of her son's asshole made her spin with wanton hungers. She wanted him to come again, to spurt that sweet juice. She moaned softly as her tongue went deep into his ass, her eye closing with delight.

But Jim became overly excited.

He lifted his ass, his mother's tongue coming out of it. He scooted his ass back a ways, and his cock rubbed across her lips.

"Suck it, Mother!" he gasped. "Suck my cock!"

The smooth cockhead, dripping that delicious juice, pressed at her lips. Kathy opened her mouth, and Jim slipped his cock past her lips and teeth. Kathy pulled softly, and then Jim was above her face, on his hands and knees, peering beneath his body and fucking her in the mouth. Kathy held her lips tight about her son's cock, thrilling to the way it slid up and down, scraping against her tongue and the roof of her mouth, the swollen head brushing at her throat. He dripped very much, coating her tongue, making her swallow with pleasure.

"Oooooooh, suck my cock hard, Mother!" Jim gasped. "It's almost like fucking your cunt, Mother! Look, I'm fucking your mouth… I'm fucking your mouth, Mother."

Kathy gurgled happily, her eyes glazed with passion. She slid her hands up the backs of her son's thighs, caressed his bouncing ass, dragging her fingers along the crack to fondle his sensitive asshole.

"Oh! Ohhhh, Mother!"

"Mmmmm!" Kathy moaned, taking his cock deeply into her mouth, his balls slapping at her chin.

She cupped the cheeks of his ass, her fingers rubbing his asshole. She pulled him downward, trying to swallow his delicious, hard cock all the way into her stomach.

Jim fucked faster, thrusting up and down. Kathy felt his prick swell and throb between her lips, his balls writhing hotly on her chin. She knew Jim was about to come, and she wanted that sweet, thick load in her mouth very, very badly. She sucked frantically at his cock, her tongue making a tight tunnel for him.

Then, without warning, Jim turned.

He twisted about without pulling his cock from her mouth, facing her feet. He stared at his mother's bushy cunt. The pink pussy-lips throbbed with wetness, juices beading the soft strands of her cunt-hair. He gazed at her inflamed clit and kept fucking her mouth. He moved his hands beneath his mother's hips, and Kathy lifted them.

Jim cupped the creamy sweetness of his mother's naked ass while Kathy spread her thighs wide, groaning as she sucked powerfully and hungrily on his hard prick. Now his balls beat up and down on her nose. She grabbed his ass tightly when Jim lowered his face to her cunt. His tongue came out and licked feverishly at the wetness, twirling about her explosive clit before it slid into her cunt.

Kathy bucked her crotch against her son's face, sucking as fast as she could on his cock. They thrashed, sucking hard and making wet sounds. Kathy's cunt quivered and closed about her son's tongue, her hips straining upward. She twisted her wet pussy against his face with an eager desire to come. Jim clung to his mother's squirming asscheeks, his face buried into her hairy pussy, lapping and sucking and fucking. His hips moved up and down, his cock plunging into his mother's eager mouth, his balls swollen again.

"Mmmm?" Kathy grunted, trying to draw her son's come-juice out of his balls.

She was thirsting for his come-juice, desperate for it. She wanted it to splash into her mouth, burn down her throat. She swung her cunt hard against his face, grinding as she struggled to make him come in her mouth.

Kathy's orgasm struck powerfully. With a muffled squeal, she slammed her cunt hard against bet son's sucking mouth. The convulsions sent shudders of rapture through her. Then she tasted the wild, fiery gushing of his cock. The creamy come-juice spewed into her mouth copiously splashing against her throat. She gurgled and swallowed hungrily, moaning in delight, her cunt bursting against his face and around his tongue, as she drained his balls completely.


Kathy was fucking her son day and night, enjoying all those wild things she had dreamed of doing with a cock. But, she was missing something. And she was nervous about it, because she knew what she was missing.

She was starting to think of Sandy, her ex-husband's wife, more and more. She wondered if Jim would enjoy fucking Sandy. The thought was wild and intensely exciting to Kathy.

Jim came from the bathroom, his hair wet from his shower. Her eyes moved immediately to his cock. She loved to look at his cock and balls. She sat on the couch, one foot drawn up on the cushion, painting her toenails. She wore a housedress, and her legs and cunt were on view. She wore no panties, because her son loved to see her flash that hot cunt.

Jim stood and watched his mother, seeing her hairy cunt and exciting thighs. His cock lifted, as it always did. He stroked it gently as he looked at her. Kathy's eyes started to smolder, growing moist with desire as she watched him.

"Give it to me, honey," she whispered, spreading her legs wide on the couch, shoving her naked ass to the edge. "Give that beautiful hard cock to Mother."

Jim stepped to her quickly, and Kathy dipped her head to kiss the head of his dripping cock. She mewled softly and licked up and down the shaft, from his precious balls to the swollen head and wet piss-hole.

"Mmmmm, fuck me, Jim," she purred, leaning back and twisting her lips with readiness.

Jim leaned down, kissing his mother's wet cunt for a moment. He pushed his face into it, rubbing from side to side, then he stood up, his cock stretching out with throbbing hardness. Kathy reached for it, grasping just behind his swollen cockhead. She rubbed her cunt up and down on his cockhead, feeling his prick entering the slit of her pussy. She mashed his pisshole upon her clitoris and pumped his cock for a few moments.

"Oooo, I think I'll make you come on my clit," she mewled with soft pleasure. "Want to come on Mother's cunt this way, darling? Want me to make you squirt it all over my hot, hairy cunt?"

Jim grinned. "I'd rather fuck it, Mother."

"Ooooh, me too!"

Kathy pressed his cock downward, and it moved into her pussy. She felt the stretching, the exciting fullness, as Jim shoved his cock deep. She sighed and squeezed her thighs around his waist when every lovely inch of his hard-on was buried inside her cunt. Her body shivered as she bunched her dress about her waist, her tits straining at the top.

Jim gurgled when he felt his mother's cunt squeeze his cock.

"Fuck it!" she hissed, her eyes boiling. "Fuck my clit, Jim! Ohhhh, baby, fuck me hard! I want it hard now! Bruise my fucking cunt and pound my hot cunt hard, Jim!"

Jim leaned forward and swirled his fingers into his mother's covered tits, smashing them. Kathy moaned with pleasure, then moved her cunt up and down as her son began to fuck hard. The base of his cock smashed upon the hairy lips of her cunt, crushing her clit. The power sent shivers up and down her flesh, and she lifted her legs high.

"Harder!" she cried out.

Jim dug harshly into his mother's tits, beating his hips back and forth as hard as he could. The wet slapping sounds seemed loud in the room. His balls swung about her ass, and Kathy shot a hand behind her to press his balls against her asshole when he came into her hard. She was hot, so hot her mind was spinning. She began to tear at her dress, wanting to expose her swollen tits. The ripping of her dress sounded like a shot into the room.

Jim pounded into her cunt wildly, now using two hands on one of his mother's shapely tits. Kathy clutched her other tit, lifting it so she could suck and lick at her own nipple. Her hips churned and thrashed, her cunt meeting the thrusts of his cock with hot, eager lunges.

She was about to come. The burning rapture in her cunt was driving her wilder and wilder.

Then the telephone rang.

"Fuck it!" she screamed, clawing at her son. The ringing telephone sent a stiffness through Jim, as if they had just been caught.

"Don't stop now!" Kathy screamed. "I'm going to come! Fuck me, Jim! Fuck that phone!"

But Jim picked it up.

"Mother, it's Sandy," he said, handing his mother the receiver.

"Ohhhhh, shit!" Kathy whimpered, taking it. Into the mouthpiece, she said: "This is not the time to call." She listened a moment. "Sandy, I don't give a shit about your damn arguments with that asshole. I'm involved with… ohhhh shit! I guess so."

Jim hung the phone up, and Kathy grabbed his hips.

"Hurry up and fuck me!" she gasped. "Sandy is on her way here."

Jim began to pound into his mother's cunt again, this time holding her hips tightly. Kathy squeezed her tits, her tongue licking from rigid nipple to rigid nipple. Her hips swung up down, her cunt grinding against her son's cock. She gasped with the ecstasy. Her cunt began to grip and suck at her son's cock. She took one nipple into her mouth, her teeth chewing at it, tongue flicking.

"Now!" she screamed.

Jim felt his mother's cunt grab at his cock tightly, then felt the waving sensation of his mother's orgasms. It felt as if her cunt was sucking his cock, drawing his balls into it. He lifted his face, gritting his teeth with almost unbeatable ecstasy.

His cock exploded.

Kathy screamed again as she felt his come juice spurting so hotly into her cunt, filling it. She felt it splatter the walls of her satiny pussy, time and again. Her orgasm grew in strength until Jim was sure her cunt would squeeze his cock from his body. Kathy smashed her cunt hard onto the base of his cock, no longer sucking at her nipples, but screeching with mindless rapture.

Slowly, her hips lowered, her taut expression turning soft, her eyes glowing and sparkling. She smiled up at him. "Jim, you're the best fuck in the world."

Jim grinned and pulled his prick free. It dropped downward, glistening with the juice of his mother's cunt.

Kathy sat up, leaning forward and ran her tongue about the cunt-wet shaft, over the head of his cock, then she pulled it into her mouth to suck a moment. Finally, she drew back and slapped his hip affectionately. "Get dressed. Your mother is going to be here in a few minutes."

"What does she want, Mother?" he asked, starting for his room.

"I'm not sure," Kathy replied, trying to put her dress together. "I suppose I have to change now. This dress is torn."

"Wear something sexy, Mother," he grinned at her. "Something real sexy."

"For your stepmother?"

"For anyone," Jim laughed, then skipped to his room.

Kathy took a quick shower, then pulled on a pair of her frilly, very skimpy, bikini panties. Slipping into a summer sweater and pleated skirt, she brushed her hair quickly. She finished just as the doorbell clattered.

She found her son in the living room wearing a pair of cut-offs. She frowned slightly as she looked at him. "Aren't those cut a bit short, honey. I can almost see your balls."

Jim looked down, then back at his mother.

The doorbell clanged again impatiently. "Don't you do what I think you might do," Kathy warned as she started for the door.

Jim grinned, cupping his crotch as if offering it to his mother.

"What's so urgent, Sandy?" Kathy asked, opening the door to the beautiful woman.

Sandy's smile was radiant as she stepped into the house. She glanced at Jim, then at Kathy. "Nothing is urgent, I just wanted to visit."

Sandy was dressed in a becoming sunsuit, the legs cut wide but the top tight about her flawless tits. Her long legs were mouthwatering as she sat next to Jim. Kathy watched her son peek at his stepmother's thighs.

"Your call was at the wrong time," Kathy said, her gaze moving over Sandy's thighs, remembering how they felt wrapped about her face, the heat of Sandy's succulent cunt against her mouth. She felt her cunt starting to respond, despite her earlier orgasm.

"Why was that?" Sandy asked.

Sandy took Jim's hand in her own, squeezing it. Kathy wondered if Sandy suspected, then she realized she didn't care – she wanted Sandy to know that she had fucked her son. It was much too exciting to keep secret, and Sandy was much too juicy for her son to miss out on.

"It disturbed something… almost," Kathy replied.

Sandy's blue eyes gazed steadily at Kathy.

"You know, Kathy, you're well rid of your husband. I wish I'd known before I married him." Jim looked from his mother to his stepmother. "There's nothing wrong with my dad," he said.

Sandy wrapped an arm about his shoulders, puffing Jim to her tits. "No, Jim, your dad is a wonderful guy, only… Your mother and I… well, we're… you know, a little more demanding about certain things. It's just that your father can't supply what we need."

"Sandy, do you know what you're talking about?" Kathy asked.

Kathy knew her son wanted to touch Sandy's smooth thighs badly, wanted to turn his face just a bit and closed his lips about one of Sandy's sharp nipples. She saw his cock starting to harden inside his cut-offs.

"I know very well what I'm talking about," Sandy said. "I'm a very perceptive woman, Kathy. I see things others may not see, or understand."

Kathy, still standing, watching Sandy with heated eyes. "Sandy, you may be right. But, what if you're wrong?"

"I'm not wrong, Kathy," Sandy said, pulling Jim's face tighter into her tits. She looked directly at Kathy and moved her hand down Jim's bare chest, to the waistband of his cut-offs. Jim, with his cheek pressing upon his stepmother's firm tit, was watching his mother.

Sandy, too, looked at Kathy, her fingers toying with the waistband of Jim's cut-offs. Kathy watched those fingers move, going down slowly. Jim was holding his breath, his young body shaking slightly. Kathy wished her son would grab his stepmother's tits, touch her thighs, do something. But Jim remained passive, watching his mother standing there, feeling his stepmother's hand moving closer and closer to his thickening cock.

Sandy placed her palm upon the throbbing outline of Jim's prick.

Jim gasped.

Kathy groaned.

"You see, I'm right," Sandy whispered throatily, caressing Jim's cock beneath his cut-offs. "If I was wrong, you'd say something now. But you're watching me, watching my hand."

"Oh, God!" Kathy whimpered, feeling her cunt swell, becoming juicy and drenching the crotch of her flimsy panties. "You're right, Sandy! Oh God… you're so right!"

"I knew it," Sandy replied, rubbing along Jim's hard-on. "I knew it the other day when you and I talked."

Jim's young body was shaking with desire as his stepmother rubbed his cock. The feel of her firm tit against his cheek was sending excitement through him. He could no longer remain passive, and he placed a hand upon his stepmother's thigh.

A shiver went through Sandy as she felt Jim's hand on her flesh. She pressed against his cock, bringing a moan from him. Sandy gazed steadily at Kathy as she fondled her stepson's cock with his mother watching.

"I've felt it in Jim," Sandy said softly. "I've fell his emotions for a longtime. He isn't like his father, Kathy. Not at all. You know it, and I suspect it."

Kathy's eyes followed Sandy's fingers, watching them move over her son's crotch, those bright fingernails scratching his inner thigh. Sandy slipped her fingertips into the fringed leg of Jim's cut-offs and tickled his balls.

"Wonderful!" Sandy mewled. "No shorts."

"Sandy, are you certain of this?" Kathy asked, her fist tight at her hips, her legs shaking while her cunt dripped steadily. Her nipples strained at her summer sweater.

"I'm certain," Sandy replied, drawing her hand up to cup Jim's chin. She kissed Jim's lips, tenderly at first, then with passion, moaning gently.

Kathy's hungers flared. "Kiss her, Jim!" she hissed, pressing her own hand at her cunt. "Kiss that bitch!"

Sandy sobbed, shoving her tongue into her stepson's mouth and racing her hand to his throbbing cock. Kathy stared, her hips swaying as she pressed her hand to her cunt, watching Sandy jerking the fringed crotch of her son's cut-off's aside, feverishly cupping Jim's balls, her tongue licking and darting into his hot, sucking mouth.

"I need it!" Sandy cried, pulling her face from Jim's. "I need this cock so fucking much!"

Kathy shook with desire as she watched Sandy jerk her son's throbbing hard-on from his shorts. Sandy grasped it tightly, jacking up and down as her eyes burned upon the swollen head of his prick.

"It's beautiful!" she hissed. "Oh, God… it's such a beautiful cock!"

"It would be more beautiful in your mouth, Sandy," Kathy gasped.

Sandy looked at Kathy.

"I've dreamed of it," she said, her voice filled with desire. "I've thought of it and dreamed of it until I'm about to go out of my fucking mind." She squeezed Jim's cock hard. "I've wanted to suck Jim's cock and fuck it and love it for so long. You just don't know what I've been thinking about."

"Oh, but I do, Sandy," Kathy said, openly rubbing her hand between her thighs. "Suck his hard cock!"

"Oh, yes! I will!" Sandy sobbed, diving downward.

Jim leaned back on the couch, his eyes hot and wild, staring at his mother.

Kathy let out an excited hiss as she watched Sandy gulp Jim's cock into her mouth with fiery hunger.

Jim's eyes widened as he gasped in pleasure. Kathy's eyes burned with voyeuristic ecstasy as she watched Sandy gobble her son's cock deeply into her moist mouth. She found it intensely pleasurable to see that Sandy could suck every inch of Jim's hard cock, her lips pressing into the scant, wiry hair at the base.

"Ohhhh, God!" Kathy moaned as she stood watching.

Sandy made soft, throaty sounds as her full lips moved up and down on Jim's cock. She held his balls, pressing them upward and against her cheek as she swallowed his cock. Her lovely blonde hair looked like a halo about her beautiful, young face. Her eyes were closed as she savored the throbbing, hot cock in her mouth.

"That's beautiful," Kathy hissed, lifting her skirt to her waist and sliding her fingers between her thighs. "Suck his cock, Sandy! God, you look even more beautiful with Jim's cock in your fucking mouth, Sandy!"

Jim gazed at his mother while his stepmother sucked up and down on his prick. He rested his hand on top of his stepmother's head, watching his mother fondle and stroke the crotch of her skimpy panties.

Kathy came closer, her gaze burning upon Sandy's stretching lips, watching Jim's cock entering that mouth. She made soft sobbing sounds as she stood close, leaning down to see better. She rested a hand on one of Sandy's thighs, her fingers squeezing.

"Ooooo, suck him good, Sandy! Watching you with my son's cock in your mouth makes me so hot, so fucking hot! My cunt is on fire, boiling! Ahhhh, suck it deep, Sandy!"

She shoved her other hand to her son's balls, pulling Sandy's hand away. She gripped her son's balls and twisted them, listening to the wet sounds of Sandy's mouth. Jim writhed and twisted his ass, working his cock up and down to the sucking rhythm of his stepmother's wet, fiery mouth.

"Wait!" Kathy hissed. "Don't make him come, Sandy!"


Sandy lifted her mouth and looked at Kathy, her blue eyes very hot.

"Why not?" she asked, her voice hoarse. "You have no idea how long it's been since I've sucked a cock off."

"Oh, but I do," Kathy replied. "Remember, I was married to him, first."

Jim sprawled on the couch, his cock standing straight up, throbbing and ready to squirt. His balls were full-looking, making Sandy's mouth turn watery. Kathy stroked her son's balls a moment, then pulled back.

"Let's fuck him," Kathy whispered, removing her sweater.

Sandy gave a soft giggle. "I think you've fucked him already. I'm sure I tasted pussy on his cock, Kathy."

"That's what I meant about you calling at the wrong time," Kathy said, unzipping her skirt. "That cock was up my cunt when you called. And I was about to come, too."

"Did you come?" Sandy asked, grasping Jim's cock and stroking up and down as she watched Kathy step out of her skirt.

"Of course," Kathy replied, folding her skirt neatly and draping it over the arm of the couch. "Just as soon as we hung up."

Kathy stood in her skimpy panda, and Sandy licked her lips hungrily as she gazed at her. Kathy parted her long legs, shoving her crotch forward. She pulled up on her panties, causing the crotch to dig into her cunt. The hairy lips swelled from the panties. Jim, too, watched his mother while his stepmother squeezed his cock. He shoved one of his hands into Sandy's sunsuit and found her tits naked. Sandy slipped the shoulder straps from her shoulders, and her tits spilled free.

"Lovely," Kathy murmured as she watched her son fondle Sandy's soft titties.

She leaned down and ran the tip of her tongue across one of Sandy's nipples, swirling about it, making it grow. Jim gasped as he watched his mother take Sandy's pink nipple between her lips and suck it.

When Sandy felt the suction on her tit, she squeezed Jim's cock very hard, while moving her other hand to Kathy's cunt. She rubbed back and forth.

"Oh, Kathy, you're so wet!" Sandy mewled. "Your cunt is so fucking wet and Jim's cock is so fucking hard!"

Jim dipped his head, watching his mother's lips pull at Sandy's pink nipple. He pulled Sandy's other tit into his mouth, and both of them sucked Kathy, her mouth filled with a sweet, firm tit, dropped her hand to her son's balls and fondled them while Sandy pumped his cock.

"Ohhh, suck my tits!" Sandy whimpered. "Suck my titties! Kathy, Jim, suck my nipples hard!"

Jim moved a hand up his stepmother's hot thigh. He caressed the smooth flesh all the way to her wide-legged sunsuit. When he hesitated about shoving his hand inside, Sandy quickly pulled one leg away and drew Jim's hand to her cunt.

"Ooooo, Jim feel me up!" she hissed. "Feel my pussy and suck my tit! Kathy, Jim is feeling my cunt, and I'm feeling your cunt, and I have his hard cock in my hand and both of you are sucking my titties so good and… ohhhhh, I'm coming!"

Jim felt his stepmother's cunt throb, then the contractions. He pressed two of his fingers into his stepmother's cunt, and felt the hot way it sucked at them. Kathy purred into Sandy's tit, and then, with a soft squeal, she lifted her mouth.

"Rub hard, Sandy! Oooo, feel it? Can you feel me coming, too!"

Sandy hissed, rubbing fast at the crotch of Kathy's panties while she came. Jim kept sucking his stepmother's tit, listening to them, his balls aching and his cock so hard that it was almost painful. When his stepmother spread her legs, he pumped his fingers into her cunt, fucking her as she kept coming time and again, her ass twisting in ecstasy.

"Ohhh, this is crazy!" Kathy said, breathing hard as she pulled away. "With this lovely hard-on right here, you and I are coming by fingers, Sandy."

"I don't mind at all," Sandy replied, slightly breathless. "I just want to come all the time, anyway I can."

"I know," Kathy giggled. "Me, too."

"Well, what about me?" Jim groaned. "My balls hurt and my cock is so hard… I wanna come, too!"

"You will, baby," Kathy promised. "Sandy is going to give a nice blowjob. Aren't you, Sandy? You're going to suck Jim's cock off, make him squirt it in your mouth, aren't you?"

Sandy squealed and clung to Jim's cock hard. "Oh, yes!" she gurgled, pumping hard on his prick, watching the head bulge. "I need to suck it off! I need to taste that hot come-juice gush in my mouth! It's been so long since I've tasted a hot cock in my mouth!"

"Suck him!" Kathy hissed excitedly. "Suck his cock good, Sandy!"

"Let's get his shorts off," Sandy said thickly, tugging at Jim's cut-offs. "I want you naked, Jim! I want you gloriously naked with your cock and balls and ass showing!"

Jim sprawled back on the couch and let his mother and stepmother strip his cut-offs away. He felt so excited that he wondered if he would come before his stepmother started sucking him. Once they had his cut-offs removed, Kathy dropped to her knees and parted his legs. She pulled at him until his ass hung over the edge of the cushions. His cock stood up in firm eagerness, clear liquid seeping from his pisshole, making the swollen head of his cock gummy with wetness.

"Ohhhh, that's sweet!" Kathy purred, leaning forward and swiping her tongue up the shaft of her son's cock. "I could suck it off myself."

"Me, first!" Sandy groaned. "You've sucked it already, Kathy, and you can suck it anytime. But I can't!"

Kathy drew back, her hands resting on her son's thighs. "I just wanted a quick taste, Sandy. Go an… suck his cock! Draw that sweet come-juice out of his precious balls!"

Sandy teased herself by looking at Jim's cock, her fist moving up and down on it. The hardness sent vibrations up her arm, down her body and made her cunt throb. Her sunsuit, loose as it was about her crotch, felt restraining. Her blonde-haired cunt suddenly felt so swollen and sensitive. Her tits, with those pink nipples, seemed to bulge painfully with her hunger to suck her stepson's cock.

"Suck it now, Sandy!" Kathy groaned. "I want to see it fill your hot mouth!"

"Oooo, yes!" Sandy sobbed, then lowered her face.

Kathy began to purr with growing heat as she watched Sandy's wet tongue roll about the smooth head of her son's cock. She licked her lips greedily as she watched, her fingers digging into Jim's thighs. Jim's balls seemed to writhe as his stepmother's long tongue rolled about the head of his cock. Then Sandy closed her lips about it, just behind the swollen head. She flicked her tongue against his dripping pisshole, her eyes expressing a dreamy delight. She mewled softly as she tasted his juices, then she slipped her tight mouth down lower.

Kathy gazed with burning eyes, watching Sandy sucking her son's cock into her mouth slowly. She moved one hand off Jim's thigh, then scooted it up Sandy's. Sandy spread her legs as she leaned into Jim's cock, and Kathy ran her fingers through Sandy's soft blonde cunt hair.

Sandy moaned softly as her lips pressed into the base of Jim's cock, the head sliding slightly into her throat. She held his cock there for a long time, moaning softly, her eyes rolling. Kathy gasped with delight as she watched Sandy's lips stretch, then she slipped her fingers downward to caress Sandy's knotted clit.

Jim's expression showed his delight as he looked down. He clung to one of his stepmother's exposed tits tightly, his fingers digging at the resilient flesh. His stepmother's mouth was wet and hot, and her tongue seemed to move constantly. His balls writhed with boiling come-juice, and he lifted his ass, trying to press more of his cock into his stepmother's throat. But she had it deep inside her mouth.

Kathy gently, but firmly, stroked Sandy's clit. Her eyes glazed with wanton hunger as she watched Sandy starting to suck up and down her son's cock. She grasped Jim's balls, pulling them slightly, enhancing his pleasure. Sandy pumped her mouth up and down Jim's cock fast a few times, sobbing softly. Kathy shoved her face-down and licked at her son's inner thigh, working a finger into Sandy's cunt. Her eyes remained on Sandy's mouth, almost tasting his cock in her own mouth.

She held his balls and slipped her tongue along his thigh and tickled them. Jim groaned with this added pleasure. Kathy ran her tongue about the base of her son's cock, licking Sandy's stretched lips. Jim groaned again as he felt both tongues on his cock. He dug into Sandy's tit, brining a pleased squeal from her stuffed mouth.

"Oooooh, suck me!" he yelped. "Suck my cock, Sandy! Mother, suck on my balls! This is something!"

Kathy gurgled as she pulled her son's balls into her mouth, her face brushing against Sandy's. Sandy mewled and Kathy whimpered. Kathy had her son's balls inside her mouth, feeling them swell with loaded juices. Her eyes gleamed as she stared at Sandy's mouth moving up and down his cock. Sliding her hand underneath, she cupped her son's naked ass, dragging her fingers along his ass-crack. She began to rub at his tight asshole, then she poked her finger in and out of Sandy's cunt.

Jim twisted with rapture, grinding his hips. Their mouths were like liquid fire on his cock and balls. He closed his eyes, the overwhelming ecstasy flooding his young body.

Kathy could feel her son's balls becoming hot inside her mouth, and Sandy detected an increase in the throbs of his cock. Sandy began, to stickup and down on Jim's cock faster, her tongue fluttering. Kathy was practically chewing on his balls. She pressed her finger against his puckered asshole, and as it slipped into his ass, Jim yelped loudly. His hips moved upward when his mother shoved her finger into his asshole, and Sandy gurgled when the head of his cock moved into her throat.

"I'm gonna come!" Jim yelled. "My cock… my balls!"

Kathy thrust her finger in and out of Jim's asshole faster and faster. She was no longer finger-fucking Sandy, but her finger was deep inside Sandy's fiery cunt. She sucked hard and greedily at his balls, and Sandy was sucking with a desperation, squealing softly.

"Oooooh, I'm gonna really come!" Jim groaned.

The boiling come-juice gushed out of his cock, causing Sandy to make a dainty choking sound. The burning come-juice spurted across Sandy's tongue, some of it sliding from the corners of her tight lips, running down the shaft of his cock. Kathy tasted it on her lips as she sucked at his balls, and her own pussy convulsed. She felt Sandy's cunt clutching at her finger with spasms of orgasm, too, and her son's asshole pulled hard on her buried finger.

Sandy gulped swiftly, swallowing the creamy come-juice with intense excitement. Her gulping sounds increased Kathy's desire and she sucked very hard on her son's unloading balls, her tongue wishing about them. She moved her finger as deep as she could into her sons asshole, balding it there and feeling the contractions of his discharge.

While Jim was still filling his stepmother's mouth with boiling come juice, Kathy let his balls drop from her mouth. She raced her tongue about the base of his cock, licking up the come-juice escaping from Sandy's gulping mouth.

"Ohhh, shit!" Jim yelped. "Oh, shit, shit, shit!"

Then slowly he lowered his ass. Sandy clung to his cock with her lips, still sucking, demanding more come-juice. Kathy slipped her fingers out of Jim's asshole and Sandy's cunt. Then Sandy pulled her mouth off Jim's relaxing cock. Her blue eyes saw the glistening wetness on Kathy's finger, and with a squeal, she grabbed Kathy's wrist and pulled the wet finger to her mouth. She plunged it in, tasting her own cunt. Then, to Kathy and Jim's surprise, Sandy sucked on the finger that Kathy had rammed into her son's asshole.

"Mmmmm," Sandy moaned. "I've wanted to do that for years?"

"Do what?" Kathy asked.

"Taste an asshole!" Sandy giggled.

Kathy and her son looked at each other, then burst out laughing.

"You don't have to taste an asshole that way, Sandy," Kathy said. "You can suck Jim's asshole, or mine, anytime you want."

Jim nodded his agreement enthusiastically. Sandy leaned back on the couch, stretching her long legs out. Her tits rose up with hard nipples. Soft pussy hair gleamed from the leg of her sunsuit. "To think, I married your ex-husband, and can't get enough cock no matter what I try, and here we are, fucking the shit out of his son!"

"Anything wrong with that?" Kathy asked. "Oh, no!" Sandy said quickly. "I didn't mean it that way, Kathy. God, Jim is a better fuck than his father any day."

"How do you know, Sandy?" Jim asked. "I've never fucked you."

"Oh, but you will!" Sandy gurgled. "You will fuck me!"

Kathy stood up and peeled her panties off. She turned to toss them away, but Sandy suddenly grabbed her hips.

"You have a beautiful ass, Kathy," Sandy whispered, stroking the roundness of the cheeks. Then she gripped Kathy's hips and pulled her ass back, pushing her face forward at the same time. Jim watched his stepmother lick the creamy cheeks of his mother's ass, and his cock began to stir again.

Kathy leaned over, shoving her ass into Sandy's face. "Kiss it, Sandy! Kill me right on my asshole!"

Feverishly, Sandy pulled the creamy cheeks of Kathy's ass apart, and Jim leaned forward, watching his stepmother's long tongue flick up and down his mother's ass-crack. He leaned closer, kissing his mother's hip as he watched his stepmother move the tip of her tongue to his mother's asshole.

"My mother tastes real good, Sandy," he said, excitement in his voice. "Suck her asshole and you'll see how good it tastes."

Kathy was reaching for her ankles, wiggling her ass into Sandy's face. "Kiss it, Sandy! You say you want to suck an asshole, then suck my asshole! Lick it for me! Lick my asshole!"

Sandy, moaning with perverse delight, licked feverishly on the tight pucker of Kathy's asshole. She held Kathy's asscheeks wide apart, closing her open mouth on Kathy's ass-ring. She sucked and licked and made Kathy whimper and dance with delight. Jim ran his hand between his mother's thighs and found her cunt-flesh slippery with wetness. When he touched his mother's cunt, he found it very juicy.

"Ohhhh, Jim!" Kathy moaned. "Suck Mother's cunt! Suck my hot pussy while Sandy sucks my asshole! Hurry, baby, suck my cunt!" Jim scrambled about until he shoved his face into his mother's hairy cunt. He turned and sat on the floor, and his cock was lifting as his mother stared at it. Kathy leaned way over, kissing his cock and shoving her ass at Sandy's face, her son licking at her cunt. The double tongues on her pussy and asshole sent wild shivers through her. She braced herself with hands on each side of her son's hips and began to suck hungrily on his cock. She felt it swell and harden inside her mouth. She wiggled her ass into Sandy's face while sucking up and down on Jim's prick.

Jim ran his tongue hotly about his mother's juicy cunt, tasting the sweetness, his forehead brushing against his stepmother's chin. Sandy was pushing her tongue into Kathy's asshole thrusting it past the hot, tight ring. Kathy wailed with pleasure. She lifted her mouth from her son's cock.

"Ohhhh, Sandy, tongue fuck my asshole Jim, tongue-fuck Mother up the cunt! I'm going to suck your cock off! Both of you, eat my fucking cunt and asshole!"

Jim's cock was swollen hard inside her mouth. Kathy felt uncomfortable leaning over this way, but she couldn't take the time to shift positions. The feel of Sandy running her tongue in and out of her asshole, with her son sucking and licking her cunt, made her naked body shudder with wild rapture. She tried to pump her ass back and forth, but it seemed to interfere with the action of the two tongues. She held herself still, bobbing her mouth up and down her son's cock. Her legs trembled with weakness as her cunt bubbled and dripped into her son's hungry mouth, her asshole clutching at Sandy's tongue. Somebody was squeezing her tits, increasing the ecstasy she felt.

The wet slurping sounds were loud in the room, mixing with their harsh breathing. Sandy plunged her tongue deeply into Kathy's asshole, fucking it back and forth as her lips sucked. Jim was swirling his tongue about his mother's knotted clitoris, and Kathy drew hard on his cock with her hot mouth.

Kathy began to squeal in a muffled sound. Her cunt started quivering and her asshole began flexing. She sucked frantically on her son's cock, desperate to have him squirt that sweet come-juice into her mouth as her pussy contracted.

Then she came.

Her asshole gripped Sandy's tongue tightly as her pussy convulsed.

When her orgasm struck, her son spewed thick come juice into her mouth. Kathy shook her ass, pressing back hard, her throat working to swallow every drop of her son's delicious come-juice.

She managed to remain on her feet until it was over, then, she slowly slipped to the floor. She rolled onto her side, then her back. Her face was glowing radiantly as she opened and closed her long legs, flashing her hairy cunt and grinning at her son and Sandy.


"I don't see why me and Jim should be the only ones naked," Kathy said after a while. "I mean, Sandy, what the hell?"

Sandy was still sitting on the couch, her sunsuit at her waist so her lovely, pointing tits showed. Jim sat next to her, recovering from the two blow-jobs his mother and stepmother had given him. Kathy was still on her back on the floor, her legs parted to show off her hairy cunt.

Sandy was smiling, her beautiful eyes glittering. She opened her thighs and pulled the leg of her sunsuit wide, revealing her blonde-haired cunt, with sugary pink lips and a deliciously erect clitoris.

"How's this?" Sandy asked.

"Oh, no," Kathy laughed seductively. "You've got to show it all."

With a quick motion, Sandy lifted her ass and whipped her sunsuit down her thighs and off her feet. She leaned back, opening her long legs.


"Oh, much better," Kathy whispered, gazing at the succulent cunt she knew her son wanted to fuck. "You look so wet."

Jim, too, was looking at his stepmother's cunt. Like any boy, and most men, he was excited by a different cunt. There was an exciting contrast between his mother's dark-haired cunt and his stepmother's blonde-haired one. Both, though, made his balls tingle.

Sandy ran her hand through the soft curls of her pussy, stroking her cunt-lips lightly.

"Open your cunt for us," Kathy said softly. "Open it up and let me and Jim see how sweet and wet it is."

Sandy peeled her succulent cunt apart with both hands, and the pink flesh glistened invitingly.

Jim's cock lifted, surprising no one – he had been so hard so of ten, had come so many times already, but he was ready to fuck again. His hard-on delighted both his mother and stepmother. Kathy lifted a foot and rubbed his cock and balls with her toes, watching Sandy open up her pussy.

"I think my son would love to fuck that pretty pussy, Sandy," she hissed throatily.

"I'm more than ready for it," Sandy replied, turning her eyes to Jim's hard-on. "My cunt needs it badly, too."

Sandy moved, lifting her ass and sitting on top of Jim, her back to him, facing Kathy. She spread her legs around his and pressed his cock into the soft hairs of her cunt. The head of his cock almost reached her belly button.

"Hold my tits, Jim," she whispered, and Jim wrapped his arms about his stepmother, clutching her pointed tits tightly.

Kathy sat up, looking between Sandy's thighs, seeing her son's cock and balls. "Let me put his cock in you, Sandy."

Her hand closed on her son's cock. Kathy jacked it a few times, then, as Sandy lifted her ass, she pressed the head against the swollen knot of Sandy's clitoris, bringing a gurgle of pleasure from Sandy. Kathy stared hotly as she guided the head of her son's cock between the pink lips of his stepmother's cunt.

Sandy sighed, then sat down slowly.

Kathy watched her son's cock penetrating his stepmother's cunt, her eyes starting to smolder with voyeuristic passion. When Sandy sat fully onto Jim, his cock deep inside that pussy, Kathy ran her hand over her son's balls, through the soft hair, to tickle Sandy's clit.

"That's beautiful," Kathy whispered.

She stared at the way Sandy's cunt clung to her son's cock. She leaned forward, kissing Sandy's protruding clit, then her son's balls. She shoved her tongue out and licked at the base of Jim's cock, tasting the creamy sweetness of Sandy's cunt juices.

"Ooooh, fuck him, Sandy! I want to watch your pretty cunt fucking his cock!"

Sandy gurgled and lifted her ass. Kathy watched as her son's cock almost slipped free, but Sandy plunged down again before it happened. Jim's cock became wet and slippery with Sandy's pussy-juice.

Seeing Sandy fucking Jim was thrilling, just as exciting as Kathy had thought it would be. She inhaled the arousing scent of Sandy's boiling cunt and her son's hard cock, a scent that excited her. She kissed and sucked at her son's inner thighs, licking his flesh as she watched Sandy fucking him. She darted her face inward, taking a swipe at Sandy's clit or her son's balls often. His balls were being coated with the sugary juices of Sandy's cunt, and Kathy kept licking the wetness away.

She pulled her son's balls into her mouth, feeling Sandy's clit bump against her upper lip as Sandy's lovely cunt rose and fell on Jim's cock. Her hands moved about her son's thighs and hips, then over Sandy's creamy, swelling ass, cupping and squeezing the cheeks.

Jim stroked and squeezed his stepmother's firm tits, and Sandy cried out with ecstasy as she bounced up and down, stabbing her cunt with his wonderfully hard cock.

"Oooo, it's so good!" Sandy whimpered. "So fucking good! Ooooohhhh, Jim, your cock is so fucking hard, and it goes so fucking deep in my cunt! It's been so ions since I've felt such a hard cock in me! Fuck me, Jim! Ohhhh, fuck my cunt!"

Kathy swirled her tongue about her son's balls and Sandy's clit, tasting the sweetness of Sandy's dripping cunt. She held a cheek of Sandy's ass in one hand, the other now holding a pointed tit. She made soft, wet sounds, as her tongue moved from her son's balls, up the base of his cock, and into Sandy's squeezing cunt. She tried to push her tongue into Sandy's cunt alongside her son's cock, but couldn't.

"Ohhhh, Mother!" Jim bellowed. "Fuck my balls, Mother! I think I'm about to come. Suck my balls, Mother."

Kathy ran her mouth to her son's balls quickly, pulling them deep. Sandy bounced up and down, her clit smashing against Kathy's upper lip.

"I'm going to come, too!" Sandy sobbed. "Ohhh, make me come, Jim! Fill my cunt up! Come in my pussy, Jim! Squirt it to me, baby! Ooooohhhh, flood my hot, fucking cunt!"

Kathy sucked frantically on her sons balls, feeling her nose and upper lip being soaked with pussy-juices. Her tongue swirled wickedly as she urged her son to come into his stepmother's greedy oust. She dug her fingers into Sandy's shaking ass, bringing a squeal of pleasure from the blonde beauty.

"Now!" Sandy screamed. "Came now!"

Her cunt grabbed at Jim's cock, flexing with wave after wave of orgasm. Jim's cock swelled, then spewed thick, creamy come-juice into his stepmother's contracting cunt.

"I feel it!" Sandy screeched loudly. "I can feel you coming in me! Ohhh, squirt it to me, Jim! My cunt is on fire and I love it! Give me all that sweet come-juice!"

Kathy tasted her sons balls writhing, and then the taste of his come-juice seeping from Sandy's hairy cunt mixed with the pussy-juices. Her mind seemed to spin, and her cunt exploded with a surprisingly powerful orgasm. She came so hard that she almost, bit her son's balls.

Sandy slumped on Jim, her cunt flexing around his deflating cock. She groaned as the rapture began to fade from her body. Her cunt began to squeeze his prick as it slowly slipped from her pussy.

Jim still held his stepmother's tits, but like her, he was gasping from the ecstasy. Kathy, feeling her son's cock being pushed out of Sandy's pussy, pulled back and watched her eyes still hot and moist with desire. She saw the sweet, pink lips of Sandy's cunt press his cock free, and Jim's cock drooped downward. Sandy's cunt was coated with wetness, part hers and part Jim's.

Seeing the succulent, blonde-haired cunt in such close proximity to her son's glistening cock excited Kathy. With a squeal, she kissed her son's cock and balls, then lifted up to kiss Sandy's sugary cunt. Her tongue flicked out and penetrated Sandy's pulsating pussy, bringing a moan of pleasure from the younger woman. For a moment, Kathy tongue-fucked Sandy, tasting the sweetness of her son's come-juice inside Sandy's pussy. Then she pulled back and drew her son's cock into her mouth, sucking it deeply, licking away the juices, her eyes gazing hard at Sandy's cunt.

"Ohhhh, suck it, Mother!" Jim gasped, digging into his stepmother's tits hard. "Suck my cock just for little while. Oh, that sure feels good. Mother!"

Sandy, her eyes still slightly unfocused, looked down at Kathy, watching her sucking Jim's cock. She twisted her hot, compact ass on Jim's stomach.

"Lick me, too, Kathy," she whispered. "Lick my cunt, too. Lick all the juice out of my cunt, Kathy."

"Mmmmm," Kathy purred. "I'd love to, Sandy."

She closed her open lips around the expanse of Sandy's cunt and sucked, drawing come-juice from it. She swallowed, then stabbed her tongue into Sandy's cunt deeply. Sandy sobbed with pleasure, sliding her hand down to the back of Kathy's head.

"Ooooh, suck me! Suck my cunt!" Sandy mewled.

Kathy knelt between her son's thighs, licking and sucking at his cock and then at Sandy's juicy cunt. She caressed each in turn, her eyes closed as she savored the wickedness she felt.

She dragged her tongue along her son's balls, then his cock, and finally up the slit of Sandy's hot cunt. She sucked at Sandy's clit a few moments, then drew back. She sat on her heels, her knees wide apart, and gently stroked her bubbling cunt, her eyes moist and filled with passionate fire.

Sandy slipped off Jim, spreading out on her stomach across the couch, her head in his lap. She tickled the head of his cock, with the tip of her tongue.

Kathy ran her hand down Sandy's back, stroking the swell of her lovely, naked ass, watching as Sandy sucked on Jim's cock almost tenderly. She cupped her son's balls and lifted them, and Sandy kissed and licked Jim's tender balls, her tongue tasting Kathy's fingers.

Jim's cock began to grow again, and Sandy gurgled as she pulled it into her mouth, her lips tight. Kathy squeezed Sandy's tight asscheek and watched.

"Oh, suck me, Sandy!" Jim groaned, wiggling his naked ass, pushing up with his cock. "Suck me! Your mouth is so wet and hot, Sandy! You can suck cock as good as my mother!"

Kathy laughed. "We just love to suck cock, Jim. We love to suck your cock best of all, right, Sandy?"

"Mmmm, God yes!" Sandy replied, twisting her tongue about the head of Jim's cock. "It's so hard and hot!"

Kathy leaned over Sandy's back and kissed at the smooth, creamy flesh. Jim watched his mother, feeling Sandy sucking on his cock with strong suction. He watched his mother's tongue licking at Sandy's flesh, swirling downward. He gasped in pleasure when he saw his mother's tongue lap about the swelling cheeks of Sandy's ass.

"Kiss her asshole, Mother!" he urged. "Kiss Sandy on her hot asshole!"

Sandy waggled her ass, urging Kathy to do it. Kathy parted the sweet, pink asscheeks, peering down at the tight pucker. She saw Sandy's asshole wink at her. She dipped her face and kissed Sandy's asshole. Sandy, her mouth filled with Jim's hard cock, sobbed with delight, arching her ass up.

Kathy swirled her tongue about Sandy's asshole, her lips hot and wet around it. She sucked, as if trying to pull the shit from it. Sandy whimpered and sucked harder yet on Jim's cock. Kathy gave Sandy's asshole an open-mouthed, very wet, kiss, and then began to push her tongue against it. Jim watched his mother's tongue pressing at his stepmother's asshole, and he lifted his hips, trying to run the head of his cock into Sandy's throat.

"Fuck her in the ass, Mother!" he gasped. "Tongue-fuck Sandy in her asshole, Mother!"

Kathy twisted her head, her eyes flashing hotly at her son, her tongue pushing harder. Sandy squealed about Jim's cock, her ass shaking. Kathy slipped her tongue past the fiery ring, and Sandy suddenly began to bob her mouth up and down Jim's cock frantically while shoving her ass up into Kathy's mouth. Kathy stabbed her tongue in and out of Sandy's asshole, holding the hot asscheeks wide open.

Jim watched, his eyes glazed with sensations. His stepmother was sucking on his cock with wild hunger, and his mother was tongue fucking Sandy in the asshole, and he could feel and see everything.

Kathy felt very erotic, tongue-fucking Sandy in her asshole while her son watched her, knowing Sandy was gobbling his cock with a greed that was almost desperation. The hot taste of Sandy's asshole excited her as much as when she had fucked her son's asshole. Her hips writhed as she pressed her thighs tightly together, creating a wonderful pressure upon her clit.

Sandy feverishly pulled her lips off Jim's cock and began to lick up and down the throbbing shaft, into his balls, then back up again. She made soft squealing sounds, her face flushed with fiery sensations.

"Eat my ass, Kathy!" she sobbed. "Oh, eat my fucking asshole! Suck my asshole… lick my asshole! Ahhh, that's so fucking good, Kathy! Eat my asshole! I'm going to eat Jim's hard, hot cock! I'm going to make his sweet cock squirt that come-juice down my cock-sucking throat! Come a lot for me, Jim! Please, baby, come so fucking much I'll choke on it!"

Kathy pulled her tongue out of Sandy's asshole. "Come in her fucking mouth, Jim! Shoot your come-juice down Sandy's cock sucking throat! Fuck her mouth, baby! Fuck the piss out of her hot fucking mouth!"

Sandy was racing her lips up and down Jim's cock, waving her ass into Kathy's face. The wet sounds Sandy made added to the wild excitement.

"I'll come in her cock-sucking mouth, Mother!" Jim groaned. "Eat her hot asshole, Mother! Suck her ass… stick your tongue up her hot asshole and eat it!"

Kathy, squealing softly, shoved her mouth back to Sandy's fiery asshole, kissing furiously. She clawed the shapely asscheeks wide open, her tongue dipping and licking from the hairy cunt to the base of Sandy's spine. She thrust her tongue a few times into Sandy's cunt, then drew it to that puckered asshole again. With a quick stab, she penetrated Sandy up the ass, making Sandy cry out around Jim's cock.

Kathy could feel the squeezing sensations of Sandy's asshole around her tongue, but it wasn't so tight as to keep her from stabbing it in and out. She thrust as deep as she could, twisting her tongue.

Sandy sobbed as she bobbed her lovely face up and down, her lips sucking hotly, her tongue twirling. She beat the swollen head of Jim's cock against her throat, not caring if she, had a sore throat for a week. All she cared about at the moment was making his cock gush into her mouth.

Kathy, with her tongue plunging in and out of Sandy's asshole drew one hand up the younger woman's thighs. She fingered Sandy's cunt a moment, then plunged her fingers into the steamy wetness. She fucked Sandy's cunt with her fingers, swiftly, making wet sounds, and tongued her in the asshole at the same time.

Sandy, with her mouth filled by a hard cock, a tongue stabbing deeply into her asshole, with those fingers fucking her cunt so violently, could hardly take much more. Every sensation possible seemed to flood her naked, beautiful body. Her cunt seemed to expand, grow and swell. Her asshole felt enormous, and her mouth couldn't get enough of Jim's throbbing cock. He was dripping juices into her mouth, coating her tongue, and Sandy began to cry with the exquisite feelings rumbling through her body, making her mind soar. She sucked at Jim's cock feverishly, clutching his balls in one hand and his ass in the other.

Kathy kept up her relentless finger-fucking, her tongue fucking. She felt Sandy's body shaking violently, heard the sobs of rapture. Jim grunted, and she knew he was about to unload his balls into his stepmother's mouth. She renewed the speeding thrusts of her tongue into Sandy's asshole, her fingers pounding in and out of Sandy's cunt almost brutally.

Sandy's ass shook and arched, humped and twisted, while her head moved up and down on Jim's cock fast enough to make her blonde hair fan outward.

"I'm about to come, Sandy!" Jim yelled, arching his hips up, unable to resist the powerful urge to push. "I'm gonna come in your fucking, cock-sucking, hot mouth, Sandy! Ooooh, take it, Sandy! Eat it… swallow my cock! Ooooo, there, there!"

The bubbling come-juice exploded inside Sandy's mouth. She let out a gurgling, wet scream, swallowing the thick come-juice hungrily, her cunt grabbing at Kathy's fingers, her asshole clamping around Kathy's stabbing tongue. Jim gushed powerfully into his stepmother's mouth, filling it with the creamy juices of his young balls. Sandy swallowed wetly, her cunt contracting with orgasm after orgasm.

Kathy pressed her tongue deep into Sandy's gripping asshole, not moving it, but still plunging her fingers into the woman's convulsing cunt…


"We must be crazy," Sandy giggled.

She sat on the floor, fresh from the shower. Her legs were crossed in front of her, her tits pointing out sharply. At her side sat Jim, also fresh from the shower. Kathy sat in front of Sandy, her body showing moisture from the shower, too.

"Why are we crazy, Sandy?" she asked.

"Fucking my stepson," Sandy replied.

"So what?" Kathy laughed. "He's my son, you know."

"One thing for sure, he beats his father fucking any day," Sandy said, her eyes glittering. "I should have married Jim instead."

"He's too young to be married," Kathy replied.

"Maybe he is, but he sure isn't too young to give me a good fuck."

"He is good, isn't he?" Kathy said, her voice low. She shoved her hand to her son's cock and balls, rolling them in her palm. "What are we going to do about you, though?"

"Why do anything with me, Kathy?" Sandy asked. "Just fuck me, eat me, enjoy me, that's all."

"What if your husband found out?"

"That's his tough shit," Sandy replied. "Who needs him. I have his son!"

"You mean we have his son," Kathy said. "Don't forget who his mother is, Sandy."

Sandy smiled, leaning forward and kissing Kathy. She dragged the tip of her tongue from one corner of Kathy's lips to the other, then kissed Jim. "I can't forget that, Kathy. You know what I meant."

Kathy leaned back, spreading her long legs. "Kiss this, too," she said in a low voice, pointing at her bushy cunt. "My pussy needs kissing, too."

Sandy purred softly, leaning forward and burying her face into Kathy's hairy cunt. Jim giggled as he watched, taking hold of Sandy's sharp tit and a firm tit of his mother's. He fondled their tits, twisting their nipples, making both women mewl with pleasure. Kathy lifted her hips to give Sandy room to lick at her pussy. Jim slipped his hand beneath his mother's ass, excited as always to feel her firm asscheeks.

When Sandy lifted her face, her mouth and chin were sparkling with pussy-juice. Jim pressed his mouth to his stepmother's, licking away his mother's cunt-juices, then plunging his tongue into his stepmother's mouth.

Sandy sucked his tongue, shoving her hand to his cock, grasping it tightly. She pumped on his prick, taking her mouth away from hiss Jim lay back to enjoy his stepmother's mouth on his cock. Scooting to one side, Sandy leaned over and licked Jim's balls. Kathy sat up, then she, too, leaned over. She pulled her son's cock into her mouth and sucked up and down, watching Sandy sucking his balls.

Without a word passing between them, Kathy and Sandy switched places, time and again. One sucked his cock and the other sucked his balls, then they switched again.

Seeing their beautiful faces sucking his cock and balls sent a fiery thrill through Jim's young, naked body. Now and then, Kathy's and Sandy's lips met at the head of his cock. They would kiss each other, lick each other's tongues, then go back to his cock and balls again.

"As much as I would love to make him come off in our mouths, Sandy," Kathy said, "I want it up my cunt now."

"Oh, yes, Kathy!" Sandy agreed. "Let me see you fuck your son. Let me see his hard cock inside your wet cunt!"

Kathy straddled Jim, facing him. Sandy shoved her hands to Kathy's cunt, opening the fiery lips with her fingers, breathing in a breathless way as she stared between Kathy's thighs.

"Put your cock in your mother's cunt, Jim!" she moaned softly.

Jim grasped the base of his cock and gazed down as his mother settled her wet pussy onto it. Kathy hissed with delight as she felt her sensitive cunt stretching around his hardness, then she pressed the swollen lips against the base of his cock. Sandy cooed softly as she stared.

"God, that's exciting, Kathy! Seeing your son's cock inside her cunt makes me so fucking hot!"

"Sit on his face," Kathy said. "Sit on his face, and Jim will suck your cunt while I fuck him."

"Come on, Sandy!" Jim urged. "I'll eat your fucking cunt good!"

Sandy scrambled about and straddled Jim's face, facing Kathy.

Jim looked into his stepmother's cunt, seeing the pink lips dripping, the blonde curls framing it. He watched her pink asshole clutch tightly, and then Sandy shoved her cunt into his face. Jim plunged his tongue into Sandy's cunt. Sandy squealed and dug her fingers into Kathy's tits.

"Ooooh, his tongue is up my cunt!" Sandy gurgled, leaning down and sucking on one of Kathy's nipples.

"Eat her hot cunt, Jim!" Kathy moaned, riding her pussy up and down on his cock. "Eat her wet snatch! Suck her juicy twat, baby! Oh, your cock feels so hard in my pussy!"

Jim held his stepmother's creamy ass in his palms, his tongue flicking along her swollen clit, tasting the juicy slit, then her asshole. He could feel his mother's fiery cunt bouncing up and downs on his cock. The scent and taste of his stepmother's crotch filling his young body with shivering hunger. His mouth was filled with seeping cunt-juices, making him swallow often, but he didn't mind, he loved it.

Sandy lifted her head from Kathy's tit. "Ohhh, he's sucking my cunt so good, Kathy! Fuck him! Fuck his cock off with your wet cunt! Ohhh, Jim, suck my pussy hard! Fuck him, Kathy!"

"I am!" Kathy cried out, bouncing up and down faster and faster. "I'm fucking his cock good! And I think I'm going to come too fast!"

"Me, too!" Sandy screamed, smashing her cunt into Jim's face.

Jim could hardly breathe. His tongue was up Sandy's cunt, and his nose was pressing into her asshole. He lapped frantically at Sandy's gripping cunt while his mother fucked up and down on his cock with wild gyrations. While his mother fucked up and down on his prick, his stepmother seemed to be crushing his face with her wet cunt. The two women had become so excited that they hardly knew what they were doing.

He heard his mother cry out, then he felt the spasms of her cunt as she exploded into orgasm. Immediately after he heard his stepmother sobbing, her cunt seemed to be pulling his tongue deeply into the velvety wetness. He clung to Sandy's twisting ass, his tongue stabbing in and out, his lips wide open. He tried to push his cock up into his mother's contracting cunt, but she was pressing down and grinding in a frenzy of orgasmic ecstasy. His stepmother's cunt became wetter than ever, and although he sucked and swallowed, he wondered if he would drown in pussy-juice before Sandy finished coming.

But just as he started struggling to breathe, Sandy fell to one side, sprawling on the floor. He caught a blurry peek at his mother as she, too, pulled from him and lay back, leaning against the couch, her rounded tits heaving up and down. His cock stood straight up, still throbbing with hardness, his balls feeling painfully full. He grabbed his cock tightly, squeezing hard, feeling as if be was about to squirt his come-juice to the ceiling.

"Oh! Ohhh!" he moaned.

Kathy saw her son squeezing his hard cock desperately, and quickly she leaned over it. She opened her mouth and caught the first spurt of his come-juice inside it. Then Sandy was there, and the second spurt splashed into his stepmother's mouth. With squeals of delight, his mother and stepmother began licking at his gushing cock, their tongues twisting about the smooth head, fighting to get to his piss-hole, each wanting to swallow his boiling come-juice. He came and came, and when it was over, his mother and stepmother had glistening faces, their lips and cheeks and chin coated with his creamy come-juice.

Kathy and Sandy, looking at each other, bust out laughing.

"See, I told you we were crazy," Sandy said. "Fighting over Jim's come-juice!"

"Maybe we are crazy, but it sure is fun," Kathy said, giggling as she licked at her lips.

"Have all the fun you want," Jim said. "I don't mind."

"You wouldn't, you little motherfucker," Kathy laughed.

"He is a motherfucker, isn't he?" Sandy said, looking down at Jim. "Both of us are his mother, so that does make you a motherfucker, Jim."

"Better a motherfucker than no fucker," he said.

Kathy stood up. "All this has made me hungry. Would you two like a sandwich or something?"

Sandy glanced at her wristwatch. "I think I should go home and prepare dinner. You know how that asshole can be if dinner isn't on time."

"Fuck him," Kathy replied.

"You can fuck him," Sandy grinned. "I'd rather fuck Jim."

"So would I." Kathy said. "But let's have a sandwich anyway."

Kathy walked from the room, her naked ass twisting sweetly, knowing her son and Sandy were watching.

After she prepared sandwiches, she placed them on a wicker tray, with three glasses of milk, then carried the food back into the living room.

Sandy was stroking Jim's cock and kissing him, her tongue licking about his tiny nipples. Jim leaned back, his young face showing his pleasure.

"You look like you're in cunt-heaven, baby," Kathy said with a grin to her son. "But then, I suppose you are, aren't you? You have two hot girls to fuck, two girls who just love to suck your cock off. Of course you're in pussy paradise."

Kathy set the tray on the low coffee table. They gathered about the table and ate. There was not much conversation, but they were totally at ease, as if they had been fucking in a threesome for years, instead of just that afternoon.

Finished with the quick meal, Kathy said, "There's something I've dreamed about for some time. Now I want to try it."

"What's that Mother?" Jim asked, always ready and eager.

"Yes, tell us, Kathy," Sandy said. "If it's possible, we'll all give it a try."

"I want to be fucked up my ass," Kathy said, her eyes taking on a smoldering heat. "I want to feel a hard cock up my ass, real deep."

"My cock, Mother?" Jim asked, his eyes glittering.

"I don't see any other cock around, do you, honey?"

"You mean this cock?" Jim said, standing up and arching his hips forward, his cock half hard.

"Mmmm, that's the cock I mean," Kathy purred.

"You want it up your ass, Mother! In your asshole?"

"I sure do," she purred. "I don't care if it stretches my asshole for a fucking truck, I want you to fuck my ass!"

"Do it, Jim," Sandy gurgled, stroking her pink tits. "Fuck her in the ass!"

Kathy turned and knelt on her hands and knees, waggling her shapely ass invitingly, looking over her shoulder at her son and Sandy. She was smiling wickedly, her eyes gleaming with anticipation.

Jim gazed at his mother's asshole. It looked very tight, very small. "Are you sure, Mother?"

"Yes!" she sobbed.

"Do it, Jim!" Sandy urged again. "Fuck your mother in her ass! I want to see it in her tight asshole!"

Jim's cock swelled, and he stood stroking his cock as he looked at the tightness.

Sandy knelt at Kathy's side, placing her hands on the creamy cheeks of Kathy's ass, puffing them wide apart. Kathy's asshole pooched outward, flexing, as Jim went to his knees.

"Kiss it," Sandy whispered. "Kiss her asshole first, Jim."

Jim didn't hesitate. He shoved his mouth into his mother's ass, kissing at the fiery ring, his tongue licking.

"Your cock!" Kathy cried out. "Stick your cock up Mother's ass, baby! Shove it up my asshole now!"

Jim brought the swollen head of his cock to his mother's asshole. He felt the heat of it sear the flesh. He rubbed his piss-hole there, smearing her ass-pucker with dripping juices. Kathy whined softly, twisting her ass. Sandy licked at the smooth flesh near Kathy's spine, her blue eyes boiling with delight.

Kathy shoved her ass back, groaning with the pressure. Jim moved forward. Sandy pulled Kathy's asscheeks as far apart as she could and stared closely as the swollen head of Jim's cock began to penetrate.

"Ooooo, look at it!" Sandy whimpered.

The head of Jim's cock was just inside his mother's asshole.

Kathy had been holding her breath, and now she let it out in a long hiss of ecstasy. "Oooohhhh, God, I know it's in me! I can feel your cock in my ass, Jim! It stretches my asshole, and I love the way it feels! More, baby! Shove more of your hard cock up my asshole!"

Jim grasped his mother's hips, and while Sandy pulled at the cheeks of Kathy's ass, he thrust hard and fast.

"Ohhhhh, yes, yes!" Kathy screamed as her son's cock plunged all the way into her burning asshole. "Fuck me good, baby! Ohhhh, God… ram me up the asshole! Rip my ass apart. Fuck me in my asshole, Jim! Fast and deep and hard!"

Jim, feeling the tight heat of his mother's asshole gripping his cock, began fucking, pulling back until the swollen head of his cock almost came out, then ramming back in to her. Kathy squealed and cried out with rapture, shaking her naked ass. Sandy cooed, her face only a few inches from Jim's cock, from the round stretch of Kathy's asshole. She licked the smooth, hot flesh of Kathy's twisting ass, siding a hand under and into the soft hairs of her pussy. When she began to agitate Kathy's knotted clit, it sent Kathy into wild sobs of ecstasy. Having her clit twisted and rubbed so furiously and feeling her son's cock throbbing so deep inside her boiling asshole, Kathy began to feel an orgasm bubbling in her pussy.

Jim slammed powerfully against his mother's ass, his cock going deep, making the flesh of her asscheeks ripple with the strength of his fuck-thrust. He grunted as he pounded hard and fast into his mother's asshole, his eyes glazed with the hot, tight feel around his cock. Sandy licked about Kathy's rippling asscheeks, her tongue dipping to the base of Kathy's spine, then stretching downward to taste the base of Jim's cock as it pulled back. Her other hand moved to his swinging balls, cupping and twisting them. She rubbed furiously at Kathy's clit, twisting and pinching it.

"Fuck that tight asshole, Jim!" Sandy moaned. "Stuff your beautiful hard cock up your mother's hot asshole! Fuck her ass! Fuck her hot ass! Ooooh, it's so beautiful, watching you fuck her in the ass, Jim!"

Kathy's eyes were closed, her face strained, feeling the intensity of her son's cock pounding so deeply. Her tits jigged with the blows against her ass, her nipples ready to burst. Jim was fucking her ass so hard that he drove the air from her lungs. His cock felt enormous inside her asshole, but she loved the sensations. She thought his cock reached all the way to her throat, that it was the size of a thick telephone pole, long and hard. She had never felt so full of hard cock before, even when he fucked her in the cunt or mouth.

"Fuck me!" she screeched. "Fuck my asshole, baby! Ooooo, shit, you're about to make me come, Jim! Ohhhh, piss, fuck, shit… ram that hard cock up my asshole!"

Jim fucked frantically, his balls tight now, filled and loaded with boiling come-juice. He watched his mother's asshole nibble and squeeze his cock. There seemed to be a fire inside her ass, a fire that was blistering his cock, but one that felt so good that he was sure his balls would be sucked up through his prick and into his mother's ass.

"I gotta come, Mother!" Jim yelled.

"Oh, do it, baby!" Kathy shrieked. "Fill Mother's ass with it! Come up my fucking ass, Jim! Ooooh, spurt that sweet come-juice up Mother's asshole! Give it to me, now! I want it up my asshole wants it! Squirt, baby, squirt!" Just as Jim's cock gushed into her asshole, Kathy's cunt convulsed in a powerful, gripping orgasm. She grunted loudly, her head lifted upward, eyes squeezed tight, her whole body one enormous orgasm of such intense ecstasy that she wondered if it was the end of the world.


Kathy lay on her stomach, her head resting on her arms. Her ass shivered sweetly, and she purred softly. On one side, Jim sat on his heels, and on the other side, Sandy was stroking Kathy's ass tenderly.

"God, that was good," Kathy whispered. "I've fantasized about getting fucked up the ass so many times, and it's better than my fantasies any day."

Sandy pulled Kathy's ass cheeks wide apart and dipped her tongue between them. She soothed the tight pucker with her tongue, and when she lifted her face, Jim ran his tongue into his mother's ass. Kathy wiggled and squealed happily.

"I want it up the ass, too," Sandy whispered. "I want Jim to fuck me up the ass, too."

"I'm willing," Jim grinned.

Kathy rolled onto her back. "You're always willing." She smiled at her son. "Jim, do you know what you're doing?"

"What do you mean, Mother?"

"You're fucking me, your mother, and you're fucking Sandy, your stepmother." Kathy caressed her son's naked thigh. "There are thousands of young boys like you, jacking off crazily, wishing they had what you're getting, did you know that?"

"That's their problem, Mother," Jim laughed.

"Yes, it is, isn't it?" Kathy mewled, cupping her son's balls tenderly, rolling them in her palm. She looked at Sandy. Sandy sat on her heels, with her knees open. The blonde curls of her cunt were thick and soft, and the pink wetness of her cunt could be seen. The tip of her clitoris poked outward, bulging with hunger. "Sandy, sit on my titties."

Sandy tossed a slim leg over Kathy, and Jim moved to his mother's head, watching with hot eyes. Kathy squeezed one of her tits, taking her nipple stand up firmly.

"Fuck my tit, Sandy," Kathy moaned softly. "Let's see if I can get my tit inside your cunt."

Sandy wiggled her cunt on Kathy's tit, smearing it with sweet juices. Jim watched with interest and saw his mother stuff her tit into his stepmother's cunt.

"Bounce on my tit, Sandy," Kathy said. "Fuck my tit as if it was Jim's cock."

Sandy bounced lightly. She could feel Kathy's nipple barely penetrating her cunt, and it felt much better when she rubbed her swollen tits on it. She began to rub back and forth on Kathy's nipple. Jim's cock stirred and began to swell. He pressed his crotch against his mother's head, rubbing his cock and balls into her hair.

"Let me suck it," Sandy said, scooting down and rubbing her hot cunt on Kathy's stomach.

She leaned forward as Jim lifted to his knees, straddling his mother's face. Kathy gazed up at his dangling balls and slipped her tongue out, licking them. At the same time, Sandy closed her hot, wet mouth around his cock.

Jim moaned with delight.

"Oh, suck me, both of you! Suck my balls, Mother! Sandy, suck my cock!"

The two hot mouths sucked and licked, making his young body tremble. Kathy caressed her son's ass, squeezing his asscheeks as she filled her mouth with his balls, her tongue licking. She pressed her nose into the crack of his ass, making soft sounds of delight.

Sandy bobbed her mouth up and down his cock, sucking him and playing with Kathy's tits at the same time, rubbing her hot, seeping cunt against Kathy's stomach. She felt the soft hair of Kathy's cunt tickle her pussy as she scooted down farther. She shifted her hips and smashed her clitoris against Kathy's and the two women began to rub cunts.

Jim's cock throbbed and dripped into his stepmother's mouth, and his balls began to feel full again. He felt his mother working a finger into his asshole, and then the finger slipped into it. Jim grunted with the sensation of be fucked in his tight ass by his mother's finger, her mouth sucking hungrily on his balls, and his stepmother making wet sounds as she sucked his swollen cock. He gazed past his stepmother's head, watching her tight, compact ass move as she nabbed her cunt against his mother's pussy.

He shoved his hands under his stepmother and gripped her sharp tits.

"Oooooooh, suck the piss out of my cock, Sandy! Mother, suck my hot balls! Oh, Sandy, wiggle your pretty ass! Shove your cunt against Mother's! Fuck each other with your cunts, and suck the piss out of me!"

Kathy tried to swallow his balls, and Sandy gurgled hotly as she pulled the head of his cock to her burning throat. Sandy's cunt was juicy against Kathy's, sliding and rubbing easily. Their juices mingled as they crushed clit against clit. Sandy sucked fast and hard and hungry on Jim's cock, and Kathy plunged her finger in and out of his gripping asshole, her lips pulling around his loaded balls.

"Ohhhhhh, shit, Mother, Sandy!" Jim wailed. "I'm gonna come so fucking hard! Ahhh, suck me, Sandy! Mother, pull on my balls with your lips! I'm about to come, ohhhh, take it, Sandy!"

Kathy felt her son's balls grow hard, and then she heard Sandy's muffled moans when her son's cock gushed into her mouth. She rammed her cunt hard against Sandy's, and hot waves of orgasm washed about her. Sandy's mouth filled with the boiling sweetness of Jim's balls, the hot come-juice squirting hard and hot into her throat. She moaned as her cunt exploded against Kathy's, and the cheeks of her ass tightened as she, too, came.

Sandy slumped on top of Kathy, her tits mashing the ones underneath. Kathy's legs relaxed, her arms falling outward. Jim slumped, with his crotch in his mother's face. Sandy's face rested against his lower stomach.

After a moment, Jim urged his mother to sit up on the couch, on the edge, his cock and balls dangling. Sandy rolled off Kathy, a drop of come-juice glistening at the corner of her lip, her pretty face glowing with pleasure. She opened and closed her long thighs, her cunt flashing wetly. Kathy shivered a few times, laughing softly with pleasure as she squeezed her tits together.

"Are you still in a hurry to go home and prepare dinner, Sandy?" she asked.

"Fuck no!" Sandy said. "He can get his own fucking dinner. I'm going to eat here, eat cock and cunt and asshole until I'm exhausted."

"Speaking of assholes," Kathy said, turning onto her side and licking one of Sandy's nipples, tasting her own cunt on it, "I thought you want our – notice I say our – son, to fuck you in the asshole."

"I do, and just as soon as I can breathe better, too," Sandy gasped, still sucking in air. "I can only handle a few orgasms before I have to rest. I don't see how Jim is doing it, but I'm not going to complain, you can bet your pretty ass on that!"

"I hope you won't stay away, now," Kathy said, running her fingers through Sandy's soft pussy hair. "You've been married to my ex-husband for two years, and you know, we never did get to know each other, did we?"

"We're doing it now, and that's what counts, Kathy," Sandy said, reaching for Jim's dangling cock and balls. "In fact, I may just become a daily visitor, if no one minds."

"Mind?" Kathy said, looking at her son. "Jim, do you mind if your stepmother visits us every day?"

"Me? You gotta be crazy, Mother," Jim said, watching his stepmother pull at his cock. "The more ass I get, the better I like it."

"Speaking of ass…" Kathy said, "Sandy, aren't you about ready to take that cock up your ass yet? I'm anxious to see his cock in there."

Sandy pulled on Jim's cock, feeling it harden in her hand. She scooted on her back until her head was beneath him. Jim lowered his cock and balls to his stepmother's face, and Sandy licked them, dragging her tongue into his ass, swirling it about his asshole, then along his balls, where she sucked on them a moment, then she ran her tongue up the shaft of his cock and finally pulled it deeply into her mouth.

Kathy watched as Sandy sucked on Jim's cock, running her hand into the soft hair of Sandy's cunt, pressing her palm against the hot, wet, puffy lips. Sandy purred and arched her cunt against Kathy's hand, sucking Jim's cock deep into her mouth.

Pushing Sandy's thighs open, Kathy leaned down and tickled Sandy's clitoris with her tongue. Jim's eyes glowed as he watched his mother lick his stepmother's cunt, his cock throbbing in full hardness inside Sandy's mouth. He watched as his mother parted the delicate lips of Sandy's cunt and lap at it, her tongue moving up and down the sugary wetness. He ran his hand to his mother's creamy, uplifted ass, his fingers moving to her cunt.

With her mouth sucking at Sandy's cunt, Kathy parted her knees and shoved her pussy to her son's hand. Jim fucked his mother's with a finger, his thumb going up her asshole.

"Suck her cunt, Mother," Jim said. "Suck Sandy's juicy cunt!"

Sandy wiggled her naked ass, pressing her pussy into Kathy's face while sucking on Jim's cock. Kathy humped her ass while Jim fucked his thumb and finger into her pussy and asshole, her tongue swirling about the hot wetness of Sandy's cunt, dipping and licking and tasting. Jim's balls rested on his stepmother's eyes, his cock deep inside her mouth. Sandy twisted her ass, moving her lips up and down his cock, mewling softly.

"Mmmmm!" Sandy groaned, shoving her cunt hard against Kathy's face.

She pressed a hand at the back of Kathy's head, whipping her cunt up hard. Kathy shoved her tongue as deep as she could into Sandy's pussy, feeling the gripping wetness as Sandy came against her mouth. Almost simultaneously, Kathy came with her son's finger in her cunt and his thumb up her asshole. Jim felt the heat of Sandy's mouth on his cock, but he didn't want to come just yet. He pulled his prick from his stepmother's mouth, making Sandy wail with protest.

Kathy's asshole and cunt clung to her son's finger and thumb as she came, licking Sandy's pussy and dragging her orgasm out for as long as she could.

"Ohhh, it's so much!" Sandy sobbed. "Stop, Kathy! Ooooh, please, stop for a minute!"

Kathy turned to grin at Sandy and her son.

Her mouth was smeared with pussy-juices, and Jim shoved his face to his mother's, licking at her cunt-wet lips.

"Mmmmmm, tastes good," he said. "Cunt is the best fucking taste in the world."

"No, baby," Kathy exclaimed. "Cock is the best taste."

Sandy giggled. "It depends on what you're sucking at the time, I'd say."

"You're right," Kathy said.

"Well, to me, cunt is the best taste… unless it's a nice tight, hot asshole." Jim laughed lewdly. "I'd suck either."

"I know you would," Kathy said, jerking on his cock. "But I sure would love to see this sweet cock up your stepmother's asshole."

Sandy quickly lifted her ass into the air, holding her hips high. She spread her legs wide apart. "There it is, ready for your cock, Jim."

Jim laughed, burying his face into his stepmother's cunt to suck on it a moment. Kathy shoved her face into Sandy's ass, licking at her tight asshole.

"This isn't getting you fucked up the ass," Kathy said with her mouth close to Sandy's ass.

"Mmmm, it will, though," Sandy replied, spreading her legs wide open with wanton invitation.

Kathy spread out on her back, pulling at Sandy. "Let me eat your cunt while Jim fucks your ass."

"Oooo, yes!" Sandy cried out and scrambled on top of Kathy, her head over Kathy's hairy cunt.

Kathy cupped Sandy's ass, parting her asscheeks as Jim moved around. He looked at his mother's mouth buried into his stepmother's cunt, then he lifted his cock to Sandy's waiting asshole.

Kathy's eyes gazed at the closeness of her son's cock, watching it push against the pucker of Sandy's asshole. Sandy, feeling Jim's hard cock there, pushed back against him, sucking hard at Kathy's cunt, moaning softly. She felt Jim's cock starting to split the ring of her asshole, and she held her breath, her lips pressed about Kathy's throbbing clit.

Jim's cock slipped into her fiery asshole. Kathy's eyes rolled dreamily as she watched it, feeling Jim's balls on her forehead.

"Fuck that asshole, Jim!" Kathy urged with her mouth against Sandy's cunt.

Jim grasped his stepmother's hips and began to fuck in and out, feeling Sandy's asshole just as tight and, hot as his mother's.

Kathy cried out with ecstasy and began sucking and licking furiously at Sandy's wet, dripping cunt. Sandy twisted her ass, grinding her cunt into Kathy's face as she, too, lapped hungrily. Feeling Jim's cock plunging in and out of her asshole drove her wild with erotic ecstasy.

Kathy lifted her thighs and squeezed them about Sandy's head, hunching her cunt up and down as Sandy licked in a frenzy. Sandy held Kathy's ass, puffing the hairy crotch into her face. Jim pounded his cock back and forth, watching the tight ring of his stepmother's asshole squeeze his prick.

Wet sounds filled the room.

Jim rammed his cock back and forth into Sandy's asshole while his balls rubbed across his mother's forehead. Kathy swallowed the sweet juices of Sandy's cunt, her tongue lapping in a furious way about the tight clitoris, then stabbing into the satiny depths.

Sandy wiggled her ass as she sucked wildly at Kathy's cunt. Her asshole was burning, stretching, taking Jim's cock so deep that it sent ripples of perverse ecstasy from her toes to her blonde head.

"Tight!" Jim grunted. "So fucking tight!"

He rammed back and forth, his strokes getting fast. His balls swelled, and he was close to coming again.

Kathy felt his balls getting ready to unload, and feverishly she knew what she wanted. She pulled her mouth up from Sandy's cunt, and licked hotly at her sons swinging balls.

"I'm gonna come!" Jim shouted.

Before he could squirt, his mother shoved at his hips, and his cock popped out of Sandy's asshole. Quickly, Kathy closed her lips about the swollen heat, tasting Sandy's asshole on it just as her son squirted. The hot come-juice gushed into her mouth and down her throat, and she swallowed it with intense pleasure, her cunt convulsing.

Sandy, just as Jim's cock was jerked out of her asshole, began to come, too. She smashed her pussy into Kathy's chin, grinding and sobbing with orgasm, sucking hard at Kathy's contracting cunt. Kathy sucked the juice out of her son's cock, crying out with delight as she swallowed greedily.

"Shit, shit, shit!" Sandy complained as she rolled off Kathy. "I wanted to feel him come in my fucking asshole, damn it!"

"But I wanted to drink his come juice!" Kathy exclaimed, sitting up.

"Now I know what to expect next time," Sandy said. "I'll make sure he comes in my ass next time, you can bet on that."

Kathy kissed Sandy. "Okay, I won't do that next time. I'll let you take it up the ass."

"When's next time?" Jim asked. Kathy and Sandy looked at each other, then laughed.

"Tomorrow quick enough?" Sandy asked.

"And every day after that?" Jim replied. "Mmmmm, you know it," Sandy said, hugging Jim. "Do you think you can call me mom, now?"

Jim nodded. "This is great… I get to fuck my mother and my mom."

Kathy and Sandy laughed happily, their faces down to his cock and balls with silent going agreement.