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Hot, hot mother

Kathy Andrews

Kathy Andrews

Hot, hot mother


At first, Lisa wasn't sure it was happening.

But the sounds were unmistakable.

She tried for a long time to ignore it, but there was no way she could push aside her excitement.

The cross country bus was darkened, but her reading light was on. She was alone in her seat, as was the man behind her. The other passengers appeared to be sleeping. The bus hadn't been crowded to begin with and now there were hardly half a dozen people left after the many stops.

She sat toward the back of the bus, with the other passengers in front of her. She and the man, a boy really, were the only ones in the back. The rustling had started almost fifteen minutes ago, disturbing her reading. Then she heard the soft sound of flesh sliding on flesh and the soft grunts the boy made.

Trying to peek over her seat without the boy noticing, she saw, between the crack of the seats, she had been right.

The boy had his cock out and was slowly jacking off!

Her breath caught in her throat as she watched him. The head of his cock was swollen and when he pressed his fist downward, it seemed to bulge up, his piss hole opening. Although the reading light was dim, it was bright enough for her to know she had not been mistaken.

Lisa felt the familiar burning sensation between her thighs and her cunt started becoming wet. She twisted her ass on the seat, knowing she should turn back around and let the boy jack off in private. Yet, she couldn't. She was drawn to that cock, drawn to it the way she was drawn to every cock that she saw exposed.

That was the cause of her leaving her husband. Lisa wanted cock constantly, always wanting to try new things with her cunt and a cock.

Her husband had become disgusted with her hungers and she had to move away to satisfy her raging takes.

She had only been gone from home three mouths, but they had been the longest three months of her life. She had satisfied some of her desires, but found most men to be like her husband. They wanted to control her and her body. They didn't care what she wanted and they thought only of their own selfish needs.

All bullshit, she thought. The boy behind her was apparently traveling alone. She felt guilty, watching him jacking off, but not so guilty that she turned away. As often as she fucked, no man had ever jacked off in front of her. It was one thing Lisa had always wanted to see.

Her cunt was starting to burn with that inner fire as she watched the boy's fist moving up and down his cock. She glanced about the darkened bus, sliding her hand under her wrinkled skirt. She rubbed lightly at her pantied cunt at she watched the boy. It excited her the way he moved his fist slowly, giving his cockhead a twist with his fist.

Her clitoris turned rigid, swollen with desire. She slipped her finger under the crotch of her panties, gently stroking a puffy, hairy cuntlip then probing the tip of her inflamed clitoris. She tried to control her breathing but that was impossible.

The boy jumped and quickly stuffed his cock into his pants, pulling the zipper up with a loud snick. He sat upright in his chair, looking over the tops of the seats guiltily.

Lisa was disappointed. She had wanted to see him come. She moved her hand from her panties, smoothing her skirt back down over her knees. She picked up her book and tried to read, but all she saw was the boy's throbbing cock, his fist sliding up and down it. She wondered if his balls were hurting with frustration. She cursed herself for not being able to control her loud gasps.

She had about an hour to go before she reached her destination. Before she had been bored, but now she twitched on the seat, her mind dwelling on the boy behind her. She glanced at her wrist watch twice and each time only a minute or two had passed.

She couldn't get the boy out of her mind! Twisting about in her seat, she looked back at him.

"Can't you rest?" she asked in a soft voice.

The boy shook his head.

"I can't either," Lisa whispered, not wanting to disturb the rest of the passengers.

Lisa noticed his hard-on and smiled. She placed her palms on his knee, leaning closer to his ear.

"I bet you missed her an awful lot," she whispered, moving her palm up his thigh. She felt his body trembling. "I saw you, you know. I saw what you were doing, Tod." She slipped her hand higher, pulling at his thigh, uncrossing his legs.

She whispered in his ear, the tip of her tongue darting out and licking him lightly. The boy shivered, making a moaning deep in his throat.

"I understand how it can be, Tod. I understand it very well," she said sexily.

She had her hand resting on his cock now. She felt it throbbing through his pants. She pressed a bit harder, rubbing his prick. The boy stiffened and she chuckled throatily.

"Don't be afraid, Tod," she whispered, stroking his cock. "I do that sometimes, too. I understand how it can be when you're hot."

She began puffing at his zipper, tugging it downward. Once she had his pants open, she placed his hand on her knee. Then she pulled it slowly under her dress, far up to the tops of her nylons.

"Doesn't that feel good, Tod?" she whispered, moving his hand along her bare flesh. "Doesn't it make you shiver?"

She snaked her hand into his pants and pulled his cock free. She gasped as she closed her fingers about it, squeezing him.

"You have a very nice cock!"

She pumped her fist up and down his cock a few times, then squeezed to make the head bulge out.

"You know what I'd love to do with this?" she mewled against his ear. "I'd love to get it inside me. You know, fuck you."

Tod gasped loudly.

"But we don't have much room, do we?" she said, jacking him again. "These seats are so close together. I'd love to have this in me, real deep in me. I bet you come a lot, don't you? I just love a cock that comes a lot. There's nothing I like better than a hot, thick load of come juice!"

She felt the excitement rumbling through the boy and felt his cock throbbing. He didn't say anything to her and she knew it was partly from fear. The poor boy probably was scared shitless, she thought. He was quite young and she doubted he had much experience.

Feeling intensely aroused, Lisa stroked his cock, then slipped her hand into his pants and pulled his balls free. She cupped them gently.

"Ohhhh, such nice balls. So precious, and they feel so full. Do they hurt, Tod? Do you want to empty them… come?"

Tod groaned as her fist came back to his cock, jacking him with short, jerky motions.

"I wish we could get your cock in me and fuck me," she hissed. "If only these fucking seats gave us more room! But since we can't fuck, I'll have to do something else."

Tod's fingers dug into her thigh hard. She knew he wanted to feel her cunt.

"It feels good to have my hand jacking you, doesn't it?" she whispered. "I can make you come with my hand, Tod, but there are other, more delicious ways. You know?"

She felt him shaking almost violently. She wished he would talk to her and tell her what he wanted. But all he did was sit stiffly, shaking, letting her jack on his cock.

"I could use my mouth," she whispered.

"Ahhhh," Tod groaned.

"Yes, I could use my mouth on you," Lisa went on. "I could suck you… suck you off. Would you like that, Tod? Would you like a nice, wet blow-job?"

Tod gulped.

"I think you would," she giggled softly. "Have you ever had a blow-job, Tod? It feels so good, the wetness of a mouth around your cock. I can suck very good, too. And I just love to have a hard cock in my mouth."

She slipped her head downward, feeling the boy shaking harder. She licked at her lips, her breath held in her throat. The anticipation was great.

Then she kissed the tip of his hard cock, kissing at his seeping piss hole. Holding the base of his cock tightly, Lisa closed her lips around his prickhead, licking his piss hole. Tod shook with the sensation.

Lisa shoved her lips downward, sliding them around his cock. When they met her fingers, she turned loose and cupped his balls. Her lips pressed at the base of his cock, feeling the swollen cockhead against her throat. Her cunt began to steam, her clitoris knotted, throbbing sweetly.

"Mmmmm," she mewled, dragging her lips up his cock.

She closed her eyes with rapture, feeling the heat of his hard cock burning her stretching lips.

The taste and feel of this boy's hard cock were more exciting than anything she had ever felt before. The fact that she knew nothing about him increased her excitement.

When she leaned over to put her head in his lap, the boy had pulled his hand from under her skirt. Lisa moved it to her back, bringing it down to her ass. The boy let her move his hand where she wanted. Shifting on the seat, clinging to his cock with her lips, she pulled her wrinkled skirt up, then put his hand on her pantied ass. Tod pressed her ass and Lisa moaned hungrily, sucking up and down his hard, throbbing cock greedily.

She made wet, gurgling sounds, clinging to his full, balls with a hot hand. The movements of the bus made it even more exciting for Lisa. Knowing there were others close by who might wake up and see her with a mouthful of this young cock sent thrills racing about her slim body.

She pulled her mouth off his cock.

"You taste wonderful, Tod," she whispered. "Your cock is so hard and your balls feel awfully full. You must have a real load in them, but don't worry, I'll take that sweet load!"

She licked her tongue up and down his cock, swirling it around his balls. Tod shivered.

Lisa moaned with pleasure as she licked his cock, reaching back to press his hand hard on her ass. Taking his cock into her mouth again, she squealed softly and began sucking up and down swiftly. She made wet sounds in the still quiet on the bus.

Lisa's passion boiled as she sucked hungrily, her head bobbing up and down. The hotness of this cock, the powerful throbs of it, made her cunt twitch and her clit swell. A soft orgasm erupted between her thighs, spreading delicious heat outward. She moaned as she came, twisting her ass against Tod's hand. The throbbing of his cock increased deep in her wet mouth and Lisa began to suck more swiftly, her lips tight around his cock. Knowing she was about to catch a mouthful of his creamy come juice, she ran her lips down, taking his cock deeply. She felt his wiry cock hairs tickling her lips. Lifting his young balls, she pressed them against her chin. Her tongue pressed hard, holding his cock tight against the roof of her mouth. Without lifting her lips, she sucked desperately.

Tod's body had gone stiff, straightening out as much as the narrow space would allow. He strained his cock into Lisa's mouth, grunting and groaning as his balls approached the point of no return. Lisa was sure his cock swelled thicker, the head deep in her throat.

"Oh… ohhhh!" Tod groaned, his fingers digging into her pantied ass. "Ohhh… I'm oh, yes!"

Lisa mewled around his cock, arching his ass as best she could into his clutching hand. Her cunt had swollen, the lips puffy. Her clitoris strained against the crotch of her panties. She gave a grunt as she suddenly came. The convulsions in and around her cunt were very tight and strong, making her body shudder. She clung to the base of Tod's cock hotly, smashing his balls against her chin.

The creamy come juice burst out of his piss hole, burning into her throat. Lisa gulped wetly, sucking furiously. His balls writhed against her cheek as he squirted time and again, rapidly. The spasms of his cock against her lips and tongue created an intense rapture not only in Lisa's body, but in her mind as well. Again and again Tod came, splashing his come juice into her mouth. Lisa thrilled to the taste of it.

The bus struck, a bump in the road, forcing his cock deeper into her throat. But she didn't mind. She loved that extra lurch, forcing the final gush of his come juice in her mouth. After the final drop came from his cock, Lisa clung to his prick for a while longer, mouthing him.

Smoothing her skirt once more she slipped back into her seat. Dawn was lighting the sky and she could now see the outer limits of the small city – her destination.

Home, home after three months' absence.

She wondered if Ginger and Toby would be waiting for her. She felt a thrill inside her stomach, a thrill of anticipation. But she was sad, too.

The telegram that reached her in the motel had been completely unexpected. Her husband had been killed in an auto accident and her children were alone. She was needed immediately so she caught the next bus home. She was sad over the death of her husband. He had not been a mean man, it was just his puritan way of living that had caused all their trouble.

But now her children needed her. She had missed them desperately those three months, but they would not have fit into her new life-style. They would have hampered her actions, leaving Lisa just as frustrated as she had been at home.

But now she knew she would have to try and suppress those hungers. The only thing that mattered now was Ginger and Toby.

The bus pulled into the station just as the sun came up. Lisa pulled her one suitcase from the overhead rack and started down the aisle.


Ginger stood next to her brother, holding his hand.

For a long moment Lisa simply stood and looked at them. She didn't know what kind of reception they would give her. They didn't know why she had left, only that she had gone away.

Lisa looked at them, her eyes misty with tears.

Toby, a year older than his sister, was taller than she had remembered. But at his age, boys grew fast, she knew. He was now almost as tall as she was, dressed in a short-sleeved shirt and pair of faded jeans. He had worn and scuffed sneakers on his feet. He needed a hair-cut, she noticed.

Ginger stood close to her brother. Her huge green eyes gazing back at Lisa. Her name was Mona, but she had been called Ginger since she had been born. Her hair was a beautiful copper color, long and wavy. Her small mouth was full-lipped, with a pretty pout to it.

Lisa wondered if Ginger would ever start to grow. The girl was only about four-feet-nine inches tall, but her body was showing the signs of curves and bumps and hollows. She wore a short, white dress and her small tits could already be seen. Time for her to wear bras, Lisa thought as she studied her daughter.

Lisa set her suitcase down, undecided what her actions should be. Her arms lifted and a smile played nervously about her lips.

Ginger turned loose of her brother's hand and ran swiftly into her mother's arms. Lisa began to cry softly with happiness as she hugged her daughter tightly. Then Toby was with them, his arms around his mother's waist, hugging her. Lisa cried and kissed them, mussing her son's hair.

"I'm glad you're home, Mother," Ginger sniffled. "Why didn't you come home sooner?"

Ignoring the question, Lisa picked up her suitcase and they started from the bus station. After placing her suitcase in the front seat of the taxi, next to the driver, Lisa hugged her children again.

"I'm glad to be home," she said, fighting back her tears of happiness. "Come on, now. Get in and let's go home!"

She held her arms over their shoulders, kissing the tops of their heads. Ginger kept her arm about her mother's waist and Toby's palm rested near Lisa's knee.

The taste of come juice lingered in her mouth, the come juice of the boy on the bus, Tod. Lisa wondered if it would be the last taste of a cock she would have for a long time.

One night after Lisa had been home nearly two weeks, she woke up about three in the morning. Feeling thirsty, she pulled her robe on and went to the kitchen for a glass of water. She didn't notice the light coming from beneath the door of her son's bedroom until she was going back to her own room. She saw the door of her daughter's bedroom open and she looked in.

Ginger's green eyes blazed upon her brother's cock, her small ass twisting slowly. Her tiny tits arched up in firm beauty, her pink nipples swollen. Lisa saw the glistening lips of her daughter's cunt, the tiny tip of her clitoris bulging up from the moist folds. A small tuft of copper-colored hair grew at the apex of her thighs.

Toby's cock jerked up and down and Lisa noticed it was as thick and long as Tod's cock. Like his sister, though, he had only a scant amount of hair at his crotch. His balls surprised her. They hung low and were much bigger than she would have thought.

She released her breath quietly, clinging to the doorknob, her knees shaking. Somehow Lisa wasn't shocked by what she was seeing. There was a burning, stinging feeling in her cunt, though. She had not been aware of it, but her clitoris had lurched into an inflamed hardness immediately.

The words came clearly now, along with the heavy panting sounds of their breathing.

"I just couldn't stay away any longer, Toby," Ginger said, her voice surprisingly throaty for a girl so young. "I'm tired of playing with myself. I have to fuck?"

"I know, Ginger," Toby replied huskily. "It's no fun jacking off, either."

Ginger's nightgown was on the floor beside the bed and in son's shouts were at the foot of it. Lisa felt the sharp stab of pleasure between her thighs and she started to press her hand against her clit, then stopped. She had ac intention of rubbing her clit as she watched her son and daughter.

"We have to be quiet," Ginger cautioned her brother. "Mother was always a light sleeper."

"We'll be as quiet as we can, Ginger," Toby said, leaning over his sister. "Put my cock in for me."

Lisa watched her daughter rub the swollen head of Toby's cock along her succulent clit, rubbing the slit slowly. It was the action of a girl used to fucking, Lisa thought.

"Put it in me now, Ginger!" Toby gasped. "It's been so long I might come before you get it."

"Don't do that!" Ginger yelped.

Lisa's eyes smoldered as she saw the smooth head of her son's cock penetrate the lips of her daughter's cunt easily. It certainly wasn't a virgin cunt, she thought with excitement.

"Ooooo!" Ginger sighed as Toby shoved his cock into her pussy slowly. Ginger shot her small hands to her brother's naked ass, clutching the cheeks tightly as she lifted her slim legs around his waist.

Lisa stared at the way her son's naked ass cheeks clenched, his cock buried completely into his sister's cunt. She could no longer see Ginger's cunt but she saw her son's balls hanging down. Ginger's legs were lifted high, causing her ass to raise off the bed. She held her brother's ass tightly, her eyes closed, her small body shivering. Her mouth was open and gurgles of delight came from it.

"Ohhhh, do it now, Toby!" Ginger urged, rocking her ass up and down. "Fuck me now! Let's do it fast! Let's fuck real fast! We can fuck again, Toby! Let's fuck fast now and do it slow the next time!"

Lisa stood up in breathless excitement, watching her son lift his ass up, then plunge downward. His balls smacked upon his sister's wiggling ass softly and Ginger began to whimper as she thrust her ass up to meet her brother's cock. Toby wrapped his arms about his sister's waist, then clasped the small cheeks of her ass. He began to stab his cock in and out of Ginger's cunt swiftly.

The wet sounds drifted to Lisa, who felt as if she was about to fall. Her legs were very weak, shaking, and she clung to the doorframe, afraid she would fall. Her eyes blazed at her son and daughter, her own cunt steaming and pulsating.

"Ooooo, Toby." Ginger whimpered. "It feels so good! I just had to come here! Obhh, fuck me, Toby!"

"You're hot, Ginger!" Toby gasped, thrusting his cock swiftly in and out of his sister's aunt. "You're sure wet and hot!"

The springs of Toby's bed squeaked. Each time Toby lifted his ass for another thrust into his sister's pussy, Lisa's eyes fixed upon his big balls. She watched them smash against Ginger's ass and she could almost feel them banging upon her own ass. Her cunt seemed to be expanding, opening, seeping hot, slippery juices that ran deliciously down her inner thighs.

"Ooooo, so good!" Ginger gurgled, twisting her ass up and down as Toby's cock stretched her sugary cunt lips. "Oooooo! Ahhh, Toby! Oh, good!"

"Yeah!" Toby grunted, his hands digging into his sister's grinding ass checks and lifting her higher while his cock pounded furiously into her eager little clit.

Lisa's mind whirled crazily. Ginger was thrashing wildly beneath her brother, crying out softly with rapture. Her fingers clawed at her brother's bouncing ass, pulling the checks apart and then squeezing them together. Toby had his head pressed into his sister's neck, gasping heavily. His body moved from the waist down, his cock churning up a froth as he fucked into her hungry little cunt.

Lisa couldn't control her breathing any longer. She was sucking in air with gulps, her tits heaving up and down. Her hips swayed, her thighs pressed tightly together, creating pressure on her bubbling cunt.

"Ginger!" Toby groaned.

"Toby!" Ginger whimpered.

Lisa saw her daughter strain her cunt up as Toby strained his cock down. Both seemed to turn rigid at the same time. Then Ginger stuffed her knuckles into her mouth as a cry of ecstasy burst from her throat. Toby tried to swallow his grunt as his body shook between his sister's tightly gripping thighs.

"I'm gonna come, Ginger!"

"Yes!" Ginger wailed. "Me, too!"

Lisa's cunt suddenly burst into orgasm, squeezing tightly, her clitoris throbbing between her thighs. Her vision was hazy, but she saw her son and daughter straining together in mutual orgasm.

Their heavy breathing sounded very loud to Lisa as her son and daughter rested. Toby was still on top of his sister, but he held himself up on his elbows, cupping her small tits now. She watched them kissing, with Ginger's little tongue licking about her brother's lips. She knew Toby's cock was still inside his sister's cunt.

"Are you ready for a second time?" he asked his sister.

Ginger grinned up at her brother, her perky nose wrinkling. She twisted beneath him and locked her ankles about her brother's lower legs, arching her cunt toward him.

While he fucked his sister this time, Toby held himself up and caressed her small tits. He twisted and pulled on Ginger's nipples, bringing peals of pleasure from her. Although Lisa couldn't see his balls now, just the pleasure of watching her children fucking excited her. She loved the movements Ginger made, her ass twisting as she ground her cunt onto her brother's cock.

They didn't fuck with the earlier frenzy, but took their time now. Ginger stoked her small hands up and down her brother's back, feeling from his shoulders to his bunching ass cheeks. Toby fondled his sister's tits tenderly, cupping them, making her pink nipples stand up in hardness. The moist sounds were soft, their breathing more calm.

The scent of sex filled the room, waiting to Lisa's nostrils. She inhaled it eagerly and shoved a hand inside her robe, cupping one other own tits. She lifted it free, holding her tit high. She tucked her chin down and ran her tonguetip over her own nipple, her eyes gazing at her son and daughter as they fucked in near slow motion.

Her other hand left the door, her legs stronger now. She slipped this hand into the folds of her robe and fingered her way through the thick mat of cunt hair. She rubbed at her distended clitoris, shivering gently.

Toby began to speed up the plunges of his cock and Ginger met him. Once again Ginger was thrashing beneath her brother. Toby's breathing increased and soon they were both squirming and fucking wildly.

Lisa dug into her tit, causing a sharp pain.

She thrust a finger into her juicy cunt, stabbing it up and down, the hod of her hand smashing her inflamed clitoris.

"Ohhhh, I'm gonna come again, Toby!"

Ginger sobbed, grinding against him. "Oooo, make me come again!"

"I'm almost ready, Ginger!" Toby moaned, racing his cock up and down. "I'm just about there, too!"

"Now!" Ginger wailed.

"Yes!" Toby grunted.

Lisa saw them straining together again and their young bodies shuddering in orgasms.

Again they rested a moment.

When Toby sat back, Lisa stared at her son's wet cock. It was soft now and his balls looked even longer now that they were hanging down. She caught a glimpse of Ginger's almost bald cunt before she closed her legs. The pink lips were puffy and soaked.

Ginger sat up, facing her brother, crossing legs. She held his cock in her palm, giggling at him.

"What's funny?" Toby asked.

"I just thought of something," Ginger said. "What?" Toby asked, giving one of his sister's small nipples a light pinch.

"Remember what Daddy said?"

"He told us a lot of things," Toby replied.

"About Mother?"

"He still said a lot of things."

"About wishing she would come home?" Ginger said. "That he would call her the day he was killed?"

"Oh, that."

Lisa listened, watching her daughter bounce her brother's cock up and down. "He said he was gonna call her and beg her to come home. He was gonna tell her all about this, remember?"

Toby nodded. "I don't think it's funny, though."

"It's not funny, at least not that way," Ginger said. "I was just thinking about what it would be like if Daddy was still alive, with all of us like this."

"Yeah," Toby agreed. "Did you see those shorts Mom had on? They sure were tight."

"Got you hard, didn't it?" Ginger laughed. "You know it!" Toby grinned. "I'm glad you came here tonight, Ginger. I was about to take a chance and come to your room."

Lisa turned from the door and walked silently back to her bedroom. If her husband had found Ginger and Toby fucking, she was sure she was the last person he would call for help. But from what Ginger had said, that seemed to be the truth. And what else had Ginger meant?

Lisa removed her robe and climbed beneath the sheets. Her husband could not have gotten involved with the children, not that puritan who only fucked in one position – on top of her. Not the man who had refused to let her suck his cock, or lick her cunt. Not the man who had felt it was only his duty to fuck her.

The idea was just too ridiculous to consider. Instead she thought of the boy on the bus, Tod.

She licked her lips as if still feeling his young cock between them. She slowly began caressing her body, fondling her tits, her flat stomach, the thick hair that covered her cunt. She parted her legs, rubbing her hand up and down her wet, hot cunt. In her mind she was sucking on Tod's delicious cock again, the movements of the bus making it more erotic, the sleeping passengers never knowing she was giving the young boy a blow-job.

Toby's cock, stiff and throbbing, floated into her mind, and she wondered what her son's cock would taste like, feel like, between her lips or even fucking her.


The following day Lisa took her son and daughter to lunch at a sandwich shop.

All morning long she had dwelled on what she had seen, what she had heard. None of it made sense to her, except that her son was fucking her daughter. She wondered if they had inherited her erotic personality.

Toby was in his old faded jeans and a clean t-shirt, his usual uniform. Ginger dressed in a fresh, summer frock, a pale yellow in color. Her copper-colored hair was drawn back into a pony tail. Although pony tails were no longer in fashion, Ginger liked her hair that way. It made her look a good two to three years younger than she was.

Lisa wore a skirt and blouse and sandals, her legs bare. Her rich auburn hair was long, hanging to her shoulders, and she was without makeup.

The table they sat at was round and quite small and Lisa's knees touched those of her son. They ate sandwiches and drank soft drinks. Both Ginger and Toby chattered happily and Lisa watched them closely, listening to every word. But they said nothing that would help her understand what she had heard last night.

Since she had returned home, Lisa had been careful around her children, always wearing panties and bras and sitting carefully so she wouldn't expose anything. She hated to wear panties, unless they were of the erotic type, and she hated bras even more. She loved to feel her firm tits swing freely, her nipples brushing the material of her clothing.

Today, she was naked beneath the skirt and blouse. She couldn't stand the panties and bra any longer. While they ate, she remained silent, her eyes watching her children. In her mind she kept seeing her son's cock standing out so hard and her daughter's pink, candy-sweet cunt eagerly taking it.

Finally she spoke. "I hope your father had kind words for me while I was gone," she said softly. "I mean, he didn't hate me, did he?"

Both Ginger and Toby glanced at her, then each other.

"He didn't hate you, Mother," Ginger said. "Daddy loved you."

"He told us that many times, Mom," Toby put in. "In fact, he really missed you, especially just before the accident."

"Did he say anything about why I left?" she asked.

Again she saw the glance pass between them. Ginger started to shake her head, but Toby stopped her.

"He… he said a few things, Mom."

"Care to tell me what?" Lisa prompted.

For a minute she thought Toby would answer her, then he looked down at the table, saying nothing.

Ginger looked at her mother with huge eyes, the green darker than usual. Toby, however, kept his eyes down. Deciding it was best to drop it for the time, Lisa cleaned up the table, taking the litter to the barrels provided.

"Ready to go?"

They got up and immediately Ginger and Toby began to hold hands. Lisa followed them from the sandwich shop. They were not far from their house and the walk felt good. Lisa remained behind her son and daughter, watching the sway of her daughter's ass and the bunching of her son's ass. A tingling heat began to spread out ward from her cunt.

Inside the house, Lisa flopped onto the couch. Her skirt swirled up about her knees and she didn't bother covering them. Drawing one leg beneath her, she sat on her foot. A few inches of her creamy thighs were exposed and they drew her son's eyes. She watched him as he stared at her flesh. His cock, confined in the tight jeans, seemed to lurch. Deliberately, Lisa inched her skirt higher. She heard her son gasp and he quickly turned his eyes away from her thigh.

Ginger had slumped into the arm chair, scooting her hips forward. Her short skirt went higher, her knees parted. It could be she was careless, like so many girls her age, but Lisa didn't think so. She thought her daughter was doing it on purpose.

"Why was your father going to call me?" Lisa asked.

She saw her son jerk, his eyes straying over her thigh again. He sat down on the coffee table, seeming nervous.

"He wanted you to come home, Mother," Ginger said.

"He didn't seem to care when I left," Lisa reminded her daughter. "Why would he change his mind?"

"Because…" Ginger looked at her brother. "You tell her, Toby."

Toby swallowed. "He might not have told the truth, Mom."

"About me?" Lisa prompted.

Toby nodded.

"Mother, he said you couldn't keep your hands off men," Ginger said.

Lisa flushed. "That isn't exactly true."

"We know that," Toby replied. "What he said was, if he had listened to you, paid more attention to what you wanted, you wouldn't have left us."

Lisa nodded. "That's true."

"He said you were sexy, Mother," Ginger giggled.

"Oh, he did, did he?" Lisa smiled. "He certainly never told me that. In fact, he thought I was too much… for him."

"We know, Mom," Toby said, his eyes sneaking a peak at his mother's thigh. "He finally told us everything."

"Everything?" Lisa arched an eyebrow.

Ginger nodded, giggling. "He… he said you wanted to do, you know."

"What kind of funny things?"

"With him," Toby said, now openly looking at his mother's thigh. "You know, sexy things, Mom."

Lisa nodded her head. "I did," she admitted. "He wouldn't have anything to do with it. Did he tell you that?"

"Yes," her daughter replied.

"He said he wished he had, Mom," Toby said.

Lisa inched her skirt a bit higher, watching his eyes open wider. She glanced at the front of his jeans and saw his cock was swelling.

"I don't believe your father would even talk to you about something like that."

"Well, he did," Ginger said, squirming her small ass. "He even…" Her eyes glanced at her brother. "He said we could do it if we wanted to."

"Do what, honey?"

"You know, with each other," Ginger giggled again.

"You mean he said you could… play with each other?" Lisa asked, not believing her husband would do anything like that.

Toby nodded. "Not just play, Mom, but… well, you know."

Lisa looked from her son to her daughter. It was very hard to imagine her husband giving permission for his son and daughter to fuck.

"He did it to me, too," Ginger giggled, the sound even more lewd now. "He puts… his thing in me, too."

Lisa choked. "Your father fu… your father had sex with you, Ginger?"

Ginger nodded her head, her green eyes flashing.

"And I watched," Toby said.

This was too much for Lisa. She couldn't believe her husband would actually fuck Ginger and let Toby watch. Not that man, the man who only fucked in one position.

"That's what he wanted to tell you when he called, Mom," Toby said.

"He felt so low he wanted to confess, did he?" Lisa said.

"Oh, no!" Ginger said, jumping up kneeling at her mother's feet, placing her hands on Lisa's knee. "He wanted you to come home and be with us. He wanted you to know he was sorry, that he would do all those things you wanted."

Was it true? Lisa didn't know. She wanted to believe it, but she knew the man. She placed her hand on top of her daughter's, pressing it up her knee. She looked into the green eyes of her daughter, seeing the truth in them. She glanced at her son, and Toby nodded his head. She lowered her eyes, looking unabashedly at his now swollen cock, outlined by his jeans. She licked her lips.

"Your father told you everything I wanted to do with him?"

Both Ginger and Toby nodded.

"And he used the words, Mother," Ginger said, her voice low and slightly husky.

"The words?" Lisa whispered. "What words?"

For a moment Ginger and Toby were silent. Then Ginger asked in a soft, little girl voice, "You won't be mad if we tell you?"

Lisa shook her head, her auburn hair glinting in the sunlight coming through the window behind her. "I won't be mad."

Ginger made a swallowing sound, her hands gripping her mother's knee. "He said you wanted to suck his cock." The words came out in a whisper, but grew louder. "He said you wanted to make him come in your mouth, that you wanted to fuck in different ways. He said he refused, but that he wished he hadn't. He was gonna call you the day of the accident and beg you to come home, tell you that he would eat your cunt and let you suck his cock off and he would fuck you…"

"Your father told you all that?" Lisa asked. "Just like that, those words?"

Ginger nodded.

"He really did, Mom," Toby said. "And he said he wanted to see me fuck you, too."

Lisa's head was swimming. "Your father actually wanted to watch you fuck me, Toby?"

Lisa had no reason to doubt what she was hearing. Ginger and Toby were truthful, they always had been. But her strait-laced husband saying those things, and to them? He had never even said fuck in front of her!

"I find this hard to believe," she whispered. "I'll show you, Mother!" Ginger jumped to her feet, running from the room.

Lisa's eyes followed the bouncing ass of her daughter, the skirt flouncing halfway up her slender thighs. She turned to look at her son when Ginger disappeared down the hall. His cock was beautifully outlined now and she gazed at it without embarrassment.

"You're very hard, honey," she said in a low voice.

"You have beautiful legs, Mom," he said in a husky voice.

Lisa started to say something to him, but Ginger came bouncing into the room. She thrust a picture to her mother. It was taken with an instant camera and it showed her daughter on her hands and knees, naked. Her tight little ass was lifted into the air and her father, also naked, was behind her, the head of his thick cock just inside Ginger's hairless cunt. Kneeling in front of his sister's face was Toby, his cock arching toward Ginger's open mouth.

"Who took this?" Lisa asked, her voice husky.

"He used a timer," Toby said.

"He was gonna send this to you if you didn't believe him on the phone, Mother," Ginger said. "He said you'd believe him if you saw it."

"I believe him now," Lisa replied, examining the picture closely, remembering her husband's long, thick cock. "If only I had known."

"Dad said you'd let me fuck you, Mom," Toby said, no sign of shame on his face. "He said you'd fuck anyone with a hard cock."

"That's not really true, Toby," Lisa replied. "I've never wanted just any cock."

"But you will let me fuck you?"

Toby's voice was so anxious, Lisa had to smile at him.

"Let him do it, Mother," Ginger said. "Let Toby fuck you, and let me watch him do it."

"I don't believe this," Lisa said, wonderingly. "I just don't believe you two."

"It's the truth, Mom!" Toby said.

"All of it, Mother," Ginger replied, dropping to her knees again and squeezing her mother's knee.

Lisa's eyes burned upon her son's throbbing cock. She ran her tongue over her lips. She grasped the hem of her skirt, lifting it slowly. Both Ginger and Toby gasped when their mother exposed her cunt to them.

"You can fuck me, Toby," she said in a hoarse voice. "You can fuck me if you want."

She drew her foot from beneath her ass, scooting forward on the couch and opening her legs wide. Ginger made a gulping sound as she stared between her mother's thighs.

"Daddy said you were hairy," she whispered. "Mother, your cunt is almost hidden by all that hair!"

Lisa drew her daughter's face to her thigh. She shivered with wanton pleasure when Ginger kissed her flesh. Toby stood up, his fingers working at his belt. He shoved his jeans down, and his cock throbbed upward, almost snapping against his stomach. His balls, as she had seen the night before, hung very low.

Ginger giggled and grasped her brother's cock in a small, tight hand. She jerked back and forth, making her brother's cock bulge. His piss hole widened and clear liquid beaded there. Lisa parted her legs as wide as she could, her skirt around her waist.

"Do it, Toby!" she gasped, straining her hips upward. "DO it to me now!"

Ginger, giggling lewdly shoved her hand to her mother's hairy cunt, parting the lips with two fingers. Lisa's clit poked up hard and as her daughter's finger slipped over it, she mewled, her hips jerking. Her hands fluttered to her blouse, puffing at it, the buttons tearing loose. Her firm tits stood up, the light-brown nipples hard.

"I wanna put it in your Mother!" Ginger moaned, pulling her brother's hard cock downward. "I wanna put his cock in your cunt!"

"Yes, baby," she hissed, her hands digging into her tits as her eyes followed her son's cock down. "You put his cock in my cunt."

The head of her son's cock began to penetrate her pussy and Lisa squealed softly. Toby's cock stretched the hairy lips of her pussy, bringing a sigh from Lisa. Ginger's face was very close to her cunt, still holding the fiery lips open.

"It's in, Mother!" she squealed. "The head of Toby's cock is inside your pussy now! Ohhh, golly, I like this, Mother! I can see Toby shoving his cock in your cunt!"

Lisa felt her son's cock thrust slowly into her pussy and she lifted her ass higher. She moved her hand down to her daughter's head, pressing her cheek upon her trembling stomach.

"Fuck me, Toby!" she moaned. "Ohhhh, baby, fuck me!"

Toby slammed into his mother's cunt, a wet, slapping sound coming from his balls as they smacked the cheeks of her ass. Lisa groaned with sudden ecstasy. Looking over her daughter's head, she saw Ginger was holding her brother's ass, urging him to plunge his prick back and forth into her cunt. She felt. Ginger's hot breath on her stomach and ran her hand down Ginger's back. She fumbled with the buttons of her daughter's pale yellow dress, opening them as her son began fucking vigorously into her.

"Ohhhh, that's nice, Toby."

The lips of her mother's pussy were very hairy, and they covered Toby's cock completely. She watched her mother's cunt lips swell and saw her tight clitoris rubbing along the shaft of Toby's prick. She clutched her brother's ass tightly, pushing inward each time he lunged his cock forward. She was gasping heavily as she watched, her small mouth open.

"Oooooo," Ginger crooned, her other hand, small and hot, moved along her mother's stomach, higher and higher. "Ohhhh, Mother!"

Lisa grabbed her daughter's hand and jerked it upward, placing it on her tit. She curled her daughter's fingers around the spongy mound and whipped her ass about in tight, fiery circles as her son kept pounding into her greedy cunt. Ginger clawed at her mother's tits, but her eyes never lifted from her cunt and Toby's cock. Her dress was hanging on her shoulders and her small body was shaking visibly.

"Oh, is right!" Lisa cried out. "Oh, it's good! Toby, Toby, fuck me! Ohhhh, baby, shove it to me! Harder, honey! Ohhbh, God… fuck Mother! Fuck Mother's wet cunt! You're so hard… your cock is so fucking hard! Ooooo, I love your cock, darling! I love to feel it inside me, in my pussy! Fuck Mother's cunt!"

Ginger's eyes burned as she stared. Toby was back and forth. The base of his prick seemed to smash her throbbing clitoris and she wailed and twisted her ass, grinding powerfully into him, her thighs scraping along his hips.

"Ohhhhh, Toby, Toby!" she wailed, her half naked body shaking as her orgasm approached. "Ohhhh, baby, you re… oh, God! Give it to me! I'm about to… about to come! Ram it hard, Toby! Fuck hard!"

The scream that boiled out of her throat seemed loud enough to shatter the windows. Her ass jerked upward, the hairy lips of her cunt clamping powerfully about the base of her son's cock. The milking muscles began to draw on his prick as she screamed time and again.

Ginger, startled at first by her mother's scream, began to gasp heavily once she understood her mother was coming. She dug her small fingers into her mother's swollen clit, her other hand clutching her brother's tight ass cheek.

"Come in her, Toby!" Ginger shouted.

"I… I am!" Toby grunted tightly as the creamy come juice spewed into his mother's convulsing cunt.

Feeling her son's come juice splashing the walls of her overheated cunt, Lisa screamed again, her pussy exploding into a second orgasm.


Lisa slumped on the couch, her tits exposed, legs splayed widly, her ass hanging over the cushions. Her cunt pulsated as come juice seeped from between the lips.

Toby sat back on the coffee table, his cock now dangling between his thighs. Ginger had slipped to the floor, resting her chin on her mother's thigh, her eyes going from her brother's cock to her mother's cunt. Her small body shivered now and then.

Lisa's beautiful face glowed with pleasure. Now all the pleasure was due to fucking her son or the two orgasms she had experienced. Part of it, over half of it, was due directly to her son's and daughter's involvement. They had not shown any guilt, or shame, or hesitation.

"I suppose your father taught you all those words," she whispered softly.

Ginger looked up and grinned. She nodded, her copper-colored hair bouncing. "He taught us a lot of things, Mother. He said we should learn to like it so you'd be happy when you came back home."

Lisa ran her hand through her daughter's hair, smiling at her. It was a strange trick her husband had played other, she thought. Why didn't the man simply call her and say he would indulge in her desires? That was all it would have taken to get her rushing back home.

"Mother," Toby said from the coffee table, "Dad was right. You're a good fuck!"

Lisa gave a soft, erotic giggle. She lifted her foot from the floor and touched her toes to his cock and balls. "You're a damn good fuck, too, Toby."

Ginger stroked her mother's thigh, her hot little hand feeling the silky flesh. Lisa watched those fingers moving up toward her cunt. But just as Ginger's fingers touched the hair of her pussy, she drew her hand back.

The next time Ginger's fingers came close to her cunt, Lisa gave a twitch of her ass. Ginger's fingers brushed across the juicy pussy lips, but then jerked away quickly.

"Don't be afraid to touch it, Ginger," Lisa laughed softly. "My cunt won't bite you."

She took hold of her daughter's wrist and drew the small hand up. She placed her daughter's palm between her thighs, on her cunt.

"You feel very hot here, Mother," Ginger said. "Hot and wet."

"Most of the wetness is your brother's come juice," Lisa replied. "He came an awful lot!"

Ginger pressed her hand onto her mother's cunt, squeezing it and running her fingers through the hair. Lisa parted her legs a bit more, watching her daughter's hand. Now no longer hesitant, Ginger brought her other hand up and, parting the lips of her mother's pussy, peered at Lisa's cunt with a deep interest. She scraped a finger over her mother's clitoris, causing Lisa's hips to jerk.

"Are you trying to make me come, honey?" Lisa laughed.

Ginger giggled. "I wouldn't know how, Mother."

"Bull shit, Ginger," Lisa teased. "I'm sure you have played with your little pussy enough to know what to do."

A slight flush came over Ginger's face. "You enjoy playing with yourself?" Ginger nodded. "So does Toby, Mother!" she said.

"Dad had us play with ourselves first, Mom," he explained. "He wanted to watch us, and he played with his cock, too. He sure had a big cock, didn't he?"

Lisa nodded, remembering it. "Yes, it was a big cock, Toby."

"Mine is gonna be just as big one of these days."

"I'm sure it is," Lisa agreed. "But I like it just the way it is now." She looked at her daughter, who was still fondling her cunt. "Didn't it hurt you, Ginger?"

"Just a little that first time, Mother. But it started feeling good real fast."

Toby laughed. "You should have seen her, Mom. Her eyes got so big when dad shoved his cock in her cunt, I thought she was gonna pop them out onto the floor! Then she started wiggling her ass and that was all it took."

Ginger was stroking her mother's clitoris and Lisa shivered. She moved her daughter's finger downward, shoving it into her cunt. Holding Ginger's wrist, Lisa began to work the finger in and out of her pussy. Ginger gasped as her mother's cunt closed about her finger.

Suddenly Lisa remembered the picture.

"Ginger, did you have those cocks in your mouth?"

Ginger giggled. "Daddy taught me. But his cock was so big I couldn't get more than the head in. But I can get most of Toby's cock in my mouth!"

Lisa lifted her foot and played with her son's cock and balls again, watching the head swelling. She wasn't holding her daughter's hand any longer and Ginger was working her finger into her cunt by herself now. The finger moved slowly and Lisa loved the feeling of it.

"Toby, come here," she whispered throatily. "Get on the couch with me."

Toby started to sit next to his mother.

"No, sit on the back of the couch, honey." He did and Lisa positioned one of his legs across her shoulders, the other near her, his foot on the cushions. Ginger kept probing into her mother's cunt, watching what her mother was doing.

Lisa licked at her son's inner thigh, her tongue tasting his young flesh.

"I'm a cock-sucker. I'm whatever you two want me to be. Your father was right in everything he told you."

She turned and pushed her face into her son's crotch, nuzzling into his cock and balls. She kissed underneath his balls, licking all around them. She tickled his cock at the base, then lapped up and down his cock as if it were a popsicle.

"Mother!" Ginger squealed. "He had that in your cunt!"

"Mmmm, I know," Lisa murmured, flicking her tongue across the now fully swollen prickhead. "That adds a delicious flavor to it."

Ginger giggled with little girl lewdness. Her green eyes strained to watch her mother's face, her lips and tongue. Lisa licked about her son's cock wetly, her breath fanning the scant patch of hair at the base.

Toby placed his hand on the back of his mother's head, watching her, too. Lisa felt her son pushing her head down. She knew what he wanted but she resisted the pressure, taking her time, swirling her tongue about his cock. It was hot and very hard against her tongue and lips. She dipped her mouth lower and ran her tongue around his balls, then pulled one between her lips. She sucked gently at it, purring softly.

Lisa cupped a hard tit, feeling the small nipple burn into the palm of her hand. She flashed her eyes at her daughter, still gripping her son's balls in her mouth.

Ginger had shoved her dress down to her waist and her pretty titties were revealed. As she cupped and squeezed Ginger's young tit, she pressed her thigh into the squirming, pantied cunt. Ginger mewled softly.

"Suck me, Mom!" Toby grunted above her head. "Suck on my cock! Come on, Mom! Suck me!"

Lisa dropped his balls, pressing her chin and neck against them, looking up at her son with dreamy eyes. "You want me to suck you off, huh?" she whispered, a smile on her face. "You want Mother to suck your cock off… let you come in my mouth?"

"Please, Mom!" Toby begged. "Suck me off."

"Do it, Mother!" Ginger whimpered, sliding her steamy little cunt along Lisa's thigh. "Suck his cock! Suck his cock off! I wanna see you suck him off, Mother!"

Lisa purred, dipping her face and swirling her tongue about the smooth head of his cock. She flicked the tip of her tongue across his piss hole, tasting the dripping juices. She cupped his balls in one hand, her other hand still massaging her daughter's tight, spongy tit.

"Are your bills loaded again, Toby? Do you have a real big, hot load in them?"

"Yes!" Toby groaned, trying to rush his cock into his mother's mouth. "I've got a big load, Mom!"

"I hope so," she purred. "I love big loads." She spread her lips about the head of her sons' cock. Toby gasped with pleasure, his hand still on the back of her head. He pressed and this time Lisa allowed him to push her mouth down on his cock. The hot hardness of it stretched her lips, her tongue pressed to the roof of her moth. A tremor of ecstasy shook her body.

Toby pressed his mother's head until her lips were at the base. The wiry hairs tickled her lips, the swollen head brushing at her throat. She felt the hot, seeping juices and writhed her lips around the base. She sucked, her checks pulling inward. Toby grunted with rapture, his cock throbbing wildly inside his mother's mouth.

When her son released the pressure on her head, Lisa sucked upward, her tongue swirling. Her eyes closed the savored the hard, hot taste of his cock. She pressed her thigh hard into her daughter's rubbing cunt, squeezing the tit that almost, but not quite, filled her hand. She bobbed her mouth up and down on her son's cock a few times, making soft gurgling sounds of pleasure. After a moment, she slipped her mouth off.

"Honey," she said huskily, "don't come in my throat. I want to taste it when you come."

"Okay!" Toby moaned. "I'll come anywhere you want, Mom! Just suck me off!"

Lisa shoved her mouth back onto his cock, sucking up and down with frenzied motions now. Her cunt began to burn and quiver as she pressed upward with her thigh. The wet heat of her daughter's cunt rubbing on her flesh increased the wild, perverse ecstasy. She dropped her hand from her daughter's hard tit, gripping the girl's small hip. Watching as her mother sucked up and down Toby's cock, Ginger kept hold of her mother's tits with both hands, gurgling and squealing.

"Oh, Mother! I'm getting so hot!" Ginger sobbed. "I'm so fucking hot!"

Lisa sucked up with a wet sound, turning to look at her daughter, her son's cock pressing at her ear. "You'll come, honey," she whispered. "Rub all you want on me! You'll come, baby! Rub your sweet little cunt real hard on my leg!"

She gulped her son's cock back down, swallowing it into her throat.

Lisa felt the contractions of her daughter's cunt through her drenched panties. Her thigh was slippery with the juices of her daughter's young cunt. She mouthed her sons' cock faster, trying now to bring up that sweet, creamy load of come juice. His hand still held the back of her head. Her hair flew about as she sucked desperately, moaning with eagerness.

"Mom, I'm about to come!" Toby finally gasped.

Lisa jerked her mouth off his cock. "Jack it off!" she shouted. "Jack your cock off in my mouth! Hurry, I don't want to lose any of it!"

She opened her mouth as wide as she could, her tongue sticking out. Toby grabbed his cock, jacking swiftly. The squirt of come juice boiled from his piss hole, arching straight into his mother's open mouth. Lisa tasted it and her cunt erupted with a tremendous orgasm. Toby's fist flew up and down his squirting cock as he watched his come juice spurting into his mother's mouth, filling it.

Ginger squealed as she saw her brother coming into their mother's wide open mouth. Her tongue was coated with the thick, creamy juice and some of it ran from the corners of Lisa's lips, dripping on her chin. She shot her small hand to her mother's cunt, rubbing frantically. Lisa lifted her hips, grinding into her daughter's palm, coming time and again. The hot taste of he son's come juice sent ripples of ecstasy through her whole body.

Lisa's mouth filled with the thick juices of his writhing balls. She held her mouth wide until her son was no longer coming off, then she swallowed.

"Mmmm, so fucking sweet!" she moaned. "My God, Toby! You did have a load there, didn't you? It was so good, so hot and sweet! I love that, honey!"

Resting, straddled on her mother's thigh, Ginger began to giggle.

"Something funny, Ginger?" Lisa asked, licking at her swollen lips.

"No, Mother," Ginger said. "I thought that was exciting seeing Toby jack off in your mouth."

"You like watching it, huh?" Lisa chuckled. "Why don't you let him do it to you, then?"

"I will!" Ginger mewled, climbing from her mother's thigh. "I got you all smeary, Mother," she said, running her hand about her mother's thigh.

"That's just fine with me," Lisa grinned as her son climbed down off the back of the couch. He sat next to her, breathing hard. Lisa dipped his cock and balls tenderly, fondly. Ginger stood near the coffee table, her dress hanging about her waist, her lovely little titties showing.

"Come closer, Ginger," Lisa asked in a soft voice.

When her daughter was within reach, Lisa shoved her hand up under the dress. She cupped her daughter's cunt, squeezing it fondly, still holding her son's cock and balls.

"You've gotten your panties all wet," she said, rubbing at Ginger's cunt. "Hadn't you better take them off?"

Giggling with naughty delight, Ginger lifted her dress and stripped her tight panties off. She stood with her dress lifted, arching her young hips forward. She bit at a finger as her green eyes looked at her mother, waiting for approval.

Lisa stared at the fine slit of her daughter's cunt, the tuft of hair just right, setting it off. "You have a lovely little cunt, baby," Lisa whispered. "Don't you think your sister has a lovely cunt, Toby?"

"It's pretty, all right," her son said. "It's a tight one, too, Mom."

"It looks tight." Lisa grinned at her daughter, feeling Ginger up.

"You want me to take my dress off, too, Mother?" Ginger asked.

Lisa nodded her head.

"Will you take yours off too, Mother?"

"Why not?" Lisa chuckled. "I have nothing else to hide, do I?"

She began removing her blouse, dropping it on the couch. She lifted her ass to slide her skirt downs then she sat, slumped on the couch, completely naked before her son and daughter. Toby's eyes burned up and down from her tits to her cunt. Lisa stretched her arms above her head, arching her slender body. Her tits swelled upward, nipples peaked. She grinned at them.

"Well, do I pass your inspection?"

Both Ginger and Toby nodded their eyes fiery as they looked at their naked mother. Ginger peeled her dress off, giggling with naughty freedom.

"You, too," Lisa said to her son. "Get out of those fucking jeans!"

Toby scrambled from his clothing swiftly.

The perversity of being naked with her son and daughter, her eyes taking in their exquisite bodies, started that storm of hungry desire all over again.


Lisa had noticed Ginger was getting a number of telephone calls during the day, but she thought nothing of it. When she asked, once, about the calls, her daughter simply shrugged, saying it was no one important.

Thinking it was probably some girl friend, Lisa put it out of her mind. She was much too involved with her children to give it much thought.

Both Ginger and Toby were so much different than when she had left them. Before, they were seldom at home, coming in after dark. They had a great many friends then, but now they seemed to prefer staying home with her. But Lisa didn't mind. She loved to be with them.

Toby, much to her delight, wandered about the house with what seemed a perpetual hard-on. His young cock was seldom soft, and Ginger always found some reason to touch it.

School vacation had started a couple of weeks before she came home and since they had no place to go during the day, she had her children with her all the time. Most mothers would hate that, but not Lisa. Lisa could express herself fully now and she often went about the house either completely naked or wearing only a pair of tight, very brief, bikini panties. She would alternate this by wearing a skirt, but nothing else. Her daughter had picked up the habit, too, and Toby, although seldom naked, wore only his jockey shorts most of the time.

Lisa loved to watch her children bathe. They always bathed together and there was often more play than washing. Sometimes in the tub, Ginger and Toby ended up fucking, as Lisa watched and urged them on.

This afternoon Lisa found herself alone with Ginger. The girl was sitting on the couch, her legs drawn up and crossed, leaning on her knees. She was deliciously naked. Lisa sat on the floor in front of her as they talked. She wore a pair of transparent panties, the fan-shape of her dark cunt hair revealed. Ginger's small, but exquisite titties were a delight to look upon. Her pink nipples were candy sweet, but it was her daughter's pussy slit that held Lisa's attention most of all. The tiny tuft of hair seemed to set that pretty pussy off just right.

"You're more beautiful than when I left, honey," Lisa said, her eyes moving about Ginger's lovely body.

Ginger giggled, her green eyes glowing.

"I mean it, Ginger," Lisa said, stroking her daughter's thighs softly. "You may be young, but your body would make a statue's cock swell."

"That's what Daddy said," Ginger replied. "He said I could make every cock in town hard if I wanted to."

"I believe you could, too," Lisa whispered, sliding her hand along a creamy, slim thigh. She used her other hand to cup and squeeze fondly at a perky tit. "I'm not a man, but you make me excited, too."

Ginger uncrossed her legs, parting them and leaning down to peer at her pussy. She pulled upward on the flesh above her clitoris, stretching the skin. The tip of her clitoris peeked up and Lisa mewled with pleasure, swinging her face forward and trying to kiss the succulent knob.

Ginger giggled again. "Daddy said you'd probably do something like that, Mother."

Lisa looked up. "Your father said what?"

"He said he wouldn't put it past you to kiss my cunt."

"Oh, he did, did he?"

Lisa was amused that her husband would think of such a thing. But he was right, she admitted to herself. She would kiss her daughter's cunt, kiss it and lick it and love every second of it! She cupped Ginger's hips, pulling her ass forward.

"Ate you gonna lick me, Mother?" Ginger asked.

"Would you like that?"

"Oooo, yes!"

Lisa chuckled. "Here… scoot your little ass forward for me."

Ginger shoved her ass to the edge of the cushions as her mother opened her legs. Lisa gazed at the sugary slit of her daughter's cunt. The pink lips were moist, glistening invitingly. The tip of her clit stood outward, and Lisa could see it pulsating. She turned her face, kissing with open lips at the exciting smoothness of her daughter's inner thigh.

Ginger squealed, clutching the edge of the couch. Her eyes burned down at her mother's face, watching everything she did. Swirling her tongue about the sweet flesh, Lisa inhaled the delicate, exciting scent of her daughter's cunt. Her nipples swelled tightly as she leaned forward. She picked up Ginger's legs and draped them over her shoulders. She squeezed Ginger's thighs tightly against her face, her lips brushing the slit of that lovely young cunt.

Lisa rubbed her cheeks back and forth against her daughter's silky thighs. She watched the heat building in Ginger's eyes and the passionate contortions her sweet face was going through. Lisa swiped her tongue up and down her daughter's cunt and then pressed her mouth into her daughter's cunt, sucking at the lips.

"Ooooo, Mother!" Ginger squealed, grinding her cunt into her mother's face. "That feels different than cock!"

Lisa nodded her head, her eyes sparkling up at her daughter's face. She lapped at the wet pussy slit, finding her daughter's cunt soft and sweet and hot. Her tongue flicked the tip of Ginger's clitoris, bringing a peal of ecstasy from her.

She twisted and thrashed her hips about, trying to smash her cunt even harder into Lisa's sucking mouth, Lisa, too, moaned with ecstasy, the taste of her daughter's cunt amazingly sweet.

"Ooooo, Mother, Mother!" Ginger sobbed, churning her hips about wildly. "Ohhhh, tongue me… tongue me! Golly, you'll make me come, Mother! I feel it ready… way inside me! You're gonna make me come!"

Clinging to her daughter's flying ass cheeks, Lisa thrust her tongue in and out of Ginger's pulsing cunt. The small contractions of the hairless lips gripped at her tongue, trying to draw it in deeper. She felt the ripples moving about Ginger's flesh and she buried her face hard into the sweet cunt, sucking powerfully, her tongue snapping in and out. Her upper lip smashed at the swollen cunt, writhing to increase the ecstasy Ginger was feeling.

"I'm gonna come!" Ginger shouted, bunching her crotch up and down swiftly, ramming into her mother's mouth. "I'm gonna come, Mother! Oooo, suck hard… shove your tongue deep!"

A scream erupted from Ginger's tight throat. She pressed hard into her mother's mouth, her body stiff, her inner thighs taut. Lisa's tongue was deep into the tight cunt when the convulsions started. She whimpered into Ginger's pussy when she felt it close sud suck on her tongue. Lisa sucked and swallowed the juices, holding Ginger's small ass and letting her grind and bans into her face all she wanted.

A final shudder moved through Ginger's small body and she slowly relaxed, her hips slumping. The lower part of Lisa's face was smeared with sweet cunt juice. She grinned up at Ginger, seeing the radiant glow on the pretty face. She caressed her daughter's smooth flesh tenderly, waiting until the shivering stopped.

"Golly, Mother," Ginger gasped. "No one ever did that to me before. It was… fantastic!"

"Not even your father?" Lisa asked, surprised.

"He started to, but didn't finish," Ginger replied, still a bit breathless.

"Surely your brother…"

Ginger shook her head. "Not Toby, either."

"Now that is a surprise!" Lisa smiled at her daughter. "I was sure he'd want to lick you."

"I don't think he ever thought of it," Ginger said.

"Well, I guess we'll have to educate him, won't we?" Lisa murmured and stood up.

Ginger gazed at ha almost-naked mother, her eyes fixed upon the front of Lisa's tight, sheer panties. The crotch bulged slightly, cupping Lisa's hairy cunt. As Lisa started to turn, Ginger suddenly grabbed her by the hips. Her small face darted forward and Ginger began smearing hot, wet kisses against her mother's stomach.

Lisa stroked her fingers through the curls of Ginger's hair, pulling the girl's face tight into her stomach. Ginger's small hands curled about her mother's hips, clutching the firm, swelling cheeks of her ass.

"Oh, honey," Lisa purred, squirming into Ginger's face. "You don't have to do that."

"I wanna do it," Ginger replied, the tip of her tongue tracing her mother's dimpled belly button.

Lisa spread her feet on the floor, arching her hips forward. Ginger squeezed her mother's writhing ass tightly, working her mouth downward. She pressed her mouth against the sheer panties, sending the moist heat through them as she kissed. Holding her mouth against her mother's panties, Ginger slipped off the couch to her knees. Her wet little tongue licked down onto the flesh of her mother's thigh. Lisa looked downward, her eyes glowing as her daughter licked all the way to her knees.

When her tongue came up again, Ginger found her face pressing into her mother's hairy cunt.

Lisa hooked a finger into the crotch of her panties and drew them to one side. For a moment Ginger held her breath and Lisa wondered if her daughter would lick at her cunt. A shudder seemed to go through Ginger's small body, then her tongue came out and touched lightly at the wet, hairy cuntlips. A soft sob came from her as she scooted her little hands underneath her panties in back. Clutching the naked ass cheeks, Ginger buried her face into her mother's cunt, her mouth open and tongue swirling.

"Oooo, baby!" Lisa murmured, spreading her legs wider, her knees bending a bit.

Ginger cupped the cheeks of her mother's ass inside the tight panties, pressing her mouth harder onto Lisa's hair-rimmed cunt. With her head turned, Ginger's green eyes burned up at her mother. Her wet little tongue slurped along the pussy slit, making liquid sounds.

"Mmmm, it feels so good, Ginger," Lisa encouraged. "Oooo, your wet tongue… it feels wonderful, baby!"

Lisa felt Ginger's tongue swirling about her swollen clitoris now and her body trembled. She pressed her hand at the back of her daughter's head, her cunt coming forward. Ginger's tongue slipped into her pussy and Lisa moaned softly and twisted her crotch in tight circles, holding her daughter's head with both hands. Her thighs pressed at Ginger's checks.

"Ahhhh, Ginger!" Lisa began to grind gently. "You're making Mother's cunt so hot!"

Her feet inched forward and Ginger's head leaned back on the cushions of the couch. Lisa knelt into her daughter's face, squirming her cunt downward. Ginger clung to her mother's ass tight fingers, her tongue darting in and out, swirling at the puffy lips of Lisa's trembling pussy. As Ginger slipped her tongue deeper, Lisa's whole body shook.

Ginger held her tongue out as far as she could, feeling her mother's hot, wet cunt rubbing against her mouth and tongue. She dug her finger into the flexing cheeks of her mother's ass, letting Lisa know she enjoyed having a cunt in her face.

"Oooo, baby!" Lisa cried softly. "Lick me, honey! Oh, lick my cunt, Ginger! Ahhhh, your sweet little tongue… licking my pussy! Baby, you'll make me come if we don't stop!"

Hearing her mother's words, Ginger began lapping swiftly at the dripping pussy. Lisa lifted her crotch slightly and squealed when her daughter darted her tongue in and out, fucking her. Spreading her lips as wide as she could, Ginger strained to push her tongue in deep. The fiery wetness of her mother's cunt excited her in a perverse way and she found the taste delightful.

Once, the crotch of Lisa's panties pulled back into place, and Ginger quickly jerked it away again. Her tongue delved and swirled, and when her mother positioned her clitoris over her mouth, Ginger sucked on it hungrily.

Toby entered the house and the first sight that greeted him was his mother's ass, her cunt smashing into Ginger's face. His sister sat on the floor, her head back, concealed by their mother's cunt. He glanced between his sister's legs and at his mother's ass. His cock lurched, swelling beneath his jeans. He licked his lips and dropped his pants.

Ginger, caught in the erotic perversity of licking and sucking her mother's cunt, had stretched the back of Lisa's panties to one side. Toby stared at his mother's puckering asshole, gripping his balls in one hand, his cock with the other the light-brown of his mother's asshole seemed to be winking, inviting him.

Unaware that her son had entered, Lisa lifted and pushed her cunt into her daughter's mouth. The wet slit of her hairy cunt revealed itself to Toby's glowing eyes. Toby straddled his sister's body and as his mother's cunt arched back again, he thrust his cock forward.

"Oh!" Lisa yelped, twisting her head around. "Oh, Toby! You frightened me."

Her son only grunted and drove his cock up his mother's cunt. Ginger found herself able to only lick and suck at her clitoris now but she settled for it. She felt her brother's balls on her chin and she rubbed them as she sucked greedily at her mother's clit.

Lisa gasped with pleasure as her son began fucking her. The combination of having her clit sucked while a hard cock fucked her cunt sent wild ripples of ecstasy through her. She held her ass arched up, enabling her daughter to keep her hot lips pressing at her throbbing clitoris.

"Ohhhh, fuck me, Toby!" Lisa hissed. "Fuck my cunt! Ginger, suck my clit! Oooo, fuck me and suck me!"

Toby rammed his cock back and forth, grunting with the friction of having his mother's cunt lips around his cock. Ginger clung to his balls, smearing them about her chin as she sucked her mother's throbbing clitoris. She writhed her small ass on the carpet, her own cunt fiery with heat.

"Eat her cunt, Ginger!" Toby yelped, smacking his cock in and out. "Suck Mom's cunt… I'm gonna fuck the piss out of it!"

"Ohhhhh, yes, yes!" Lisa wailed, her head lifted now, her eyes tightly closed. "Oh, it's so good! Fuck me, Toby! Fuck my hot cunt… pound my pussy with your hard cock! Ginger, eat me! Suck me!"

Toby leaned across his mother's naked back, his cock ramming back and forth. He clutched at his mother's jiggling tits hard while Ginger clung to her brother's balls, her other hand still holding his cheek of her mother's ass. Her brother smashed her hand as he thrust his cock in and she moaned softly as her tongue swirled about her mother's cunt.

Lisa trembled as her son ran his cock deep. She gasped as her ecstasy increased and she felt the orgasm whirling in the pit of her stomach. She sucked in air as her son dug his hands into her sensitive tits, her nipples burning at his palms.

"Oooo, faster!" she wailed. "You two are going to make me come! Ohhh, fuck that cunt, Toby, Ginger, suck my pussy! Ooo, don't stop! It's driving me out of my fucking mind!"

Toby's cock swelled, becoming thicker. His balls drew up at the base, but his sister managed to keep her grip on them.

With a wild sound of ecstasy, Lisa's cunt went into powerful contractions. The hairy lips closed about the base of her son's cock, gnawing and sucking as she came. Her body trembled and her clitoris seemed impossibly deep inside her daughter's sucking mouth.

"Here it comes, Mom!" Toby shouted.

"Yes! Oh, God… yes!" Lisa wailed.

Although her orgasm was powerful, sending her senses reeling, she felt his prick gush, sending the deliciously creamy come juice deep into her cunt.

Beneath her, Ginger felt her mother's orgasm through her throbbing clit. She gave a muffled squeal and sucked as hard as she could. Pressing her brother's balls tight onto her chin, she felt them writhing as they emptied into their mother's greedy cunt.

After the last squirt of his come juice, Toby pulled his prick from his mother's cunt. Feeling him puffing out, Ginger shoved her head downward and as his cock fell, she caught it with her mouth. Taking the slippery wet head into her lips, she sucked at it, her tongue twisting, tasting the wetness as her own fine, sugary pussy convulsed with orgasm.


Later that afternoon, Lisa heard her daughter on the telephone again. It was the third call in an hour.

"I don't wanna see you," Ginger was saying. "I have a new boyfriend." She listened a moment, then said, "No, I won't tell you who he it. It's none of your business!" She listened a moment, then slammed the phone down. "Fucking asshole!" she snapped.

Lisa smiled, amused at such words coming from such a pretty face. It never failed to excite her when Ginger used such language.

She couldn't get over how much her children had changed while she was gone. They were almost like two different people. She had to give her deceased husband the credit for it, though. She wondered if she would have had the nerve to do what he had with them if the situation had been reversed.

"Who was that, Ginger?" Lisa asked.

"Oh, just some asshole who wants to fuck me," Ginger said with a childish sneer.


"I used to be his girlfriend," Ginger explained. "Now he thinks he owns me."

"Anyone I know?"

"I doubt it," her daughter replied. "Who'd want to know that asshole, anyway?"

Lisa smiled. She had been thumbing through a magazine while her son and daughter watched cartoons. They might love to fuck, but they were still young enough to have childish interests.

She had been back home almost a month now and the last week and a half had been the best of her life. She was getting fucked more than she had while she was away and she was getting it the way she had always wanted it – wild, with no embarrassment or inhibitions.

Toby sat in the middle of the floor, wearing his white jockey shorts, as usual. He was staring at the stupid cartoons, fondling at his cock and balls through his shorts. Ginger leaned back on the arm of the couch, wearing a summer frock. She was naked beneath it.

Lisa sat in her arm chair, still wearing her short, frilly night gown. She had bathed earlier and put it back on because it was sexy and revealing. The nipples of her tits were exposed through the lacy material and her ass and cunt were naked because she had not put on the matching panties.

Toby leaned back on the floor, holding his head up with his hands. His cock and balls filled the crotch of his white jockey shorts beautifully. Lisa looked at them, her eyes taking on a hot gleam. Ginger, too, was looking at him, she noticed.

Dropping the magazine to the floor, Lisa sat upright. She was starting to breathe fast as she stared at that delicious bulge. Her cunt twitched and became wet. She stood up and walked to her son, standing at his side.

Toby looked up, finding something much more interesting than cartoons to look at. He saw his mother's long, slim thighs and between them her crotch, covered with thick hair. He ran his tongue over his lips, moving his eyes to his mother's face.

"Forget your fucking cartoons," Lisa said.

"They're forgot," Toby grinned.

"You gonna fuck Toby?" Ginger asked. "Mother, are you gonna fuck him?"

"Want to help me fuck him, Ginger?"

"Golly, yes!" Ginger giggled.

Lisa moved to her son's feet, kneeling down. She leaned over and pressed her face into his crotch, feeling the rough fabric of his shorts against her lips. She nuzzled at his cock and balls fondly, stroking his thighs. Toby spread his legs and Lisa shoved her mouth into his crotch. She pulled his balls into her mouth, shorts and all. Ginger now sat on her heels, her own face coming down. Brushing her cheek at her mother's nose, she tried to take her brother's cock into her mouth but his shorts were in the way.

"Take those fucking things off, Toby," she said.

But it was Lisa who dragged them down, tossing his shorts to one side. Her daughter then grasped Toby's cock at the base and her small mouth wrapped itself about the swelling head of his cock. Seeing this sent ripples of erotic pleasure through Lisa and she pressed her face down and pulled her son's balls into her wet mouth, sucking them.

"I like this!" Toby piped.

Lisa let his balls go and chuckled. "You would!" she said.

Ginger pulled her mouth up. "Are we gonna suck him off, Mother?"

"Anything you want to do, baby," Lisa replied. "Fuck him, suck him, we'll do it."

"Don't I get to have anything to say about it?" Toby asked.

"Not a thing," Lisa laughed, squeezing his balls. "You don't count, just your cock and balls."

"Stilt!" Toby snorted.

"I'm only teasing, honey," Lisa said. "Of course you count. We just want to love you, that's all."

"Love away!" he grinned.

Ginger lifted her skirt and straddled her brother, facing his feet. Lisa, with her head between his thighs, watched hotly as Ginger took hold of Toby's cock, rubbing it along the hairless slit of her cunt.

"Take it, you cunt," Lisa whispered, her voice growing husky. "Take your brother's cock in your pretty pussy, Ginger!"

With a sigh of pleasure, Ginger tit the swollen head of her brother's cock into the puffy lips of her pussy. She gave a cry of delight as her cunt stretched about it. Lisa sucked in a long hiss of air as she watched. She held her son's balls as Ginger squirmed her cunt downward.

With half of Toby's hard cock inside her pussy, she paused, making a tight screwing motion as she pulled the rest into her body.

From a few inches away, Lisa stared, seeing her daughter's hairless cunt stretched about her son's throbbing cock. She lifted Toby's balls, pressing them at Ginger's pussy. Ginger mewled with delight, trying to look down and see.

Toby could see nothing but his sister's small ass. He began stroking her hips, moving his hands underneath to cup the warm flesh. Lisa kissed the inner flesh of his thigh, her eyes smoldering as she watched her daughter starting to fuck up and down slowly. Ginger whimpered as she moved her cunt up and down her brother's cock.

Lisa was breathing hard, watching her son's cock being pulled deep into her daughter's cunt. She clung to Toby's balls, twisting and pulling them tenderly. Cunt juices began to form at the base of his cock, Ginger's pussy becoming very juicy. Her small clitoris strained outward and Lisa rubbed it.

Ginger moved faster, plunging her cunt up and down her brother's cock. Toby grunted and arched his hips up to meet his sister's downward fuck-thrusts. Lisa spread out between her son's thighs, her short gown riding up around her waist. Ginger gazed at her mother's naked ass, her cunt bobbing up and down joyfully on her brother's prick. Lisa pressed her bubbling cunt into the floor, writhing, the cheeks of her ass flexing.

The sight before her eyes created an erotic sensation inside Lisa's slim, curving body. She tried to imagine her husband's thick, long cock inside that very tight, very young, cunt. Ginger lifted upward, the hairless lips of her cunt squeezing the head of her brother's cock and Lisa took the opportunity to dart her mouth forward, her tongue out. She licked the frothy juices at the base of her son's cock, her tongue swirling upward to lick at the stretched lips of her daughter's cunt and swirl wetly about her inflamed clitoris. Lisa pulled back as Ginger lowered herself again.

"Beautiful!" Lisa whispered. "SO very beautiful."

"It feels great, Mother!" Ginger gurgled.

"That's the most beautiful sight in the whole world," Lisa continued. "Seeing Toby's hard cock inside your sweet, wet cunt, Ginger."

"That cock is gonna make me come!" Ginger yelped.

"You're fucking right!" Toby groaned from behind his sister. "And I'm gonna flood your fucking hot cunt, too!"

Lisa held her son's balls tightly, her eyes wide and hot as she watched her daughter starting to fuck faster, her cunt grinding downward. The wet sounds filled the room, exciting Lisa. She smashed her bubbling pussy into the floor, the cheeks of her ass tight. She was again rubbing at her daughter's distended clitoris, her hand following the bouncing movements.

Toby lifted his hips as high as he could, grunting.

Ginger raced her cunt up and down.

Lisa began to moan softly, her eyes glazed with passion, only a few inches from his balls. The scent of their fucking filled her nostrils and she inhaled deeply. Her clitoris was about to burst with ecstasy.

"I'm gonna come!" Ginger shouted. "Oooo, I'm gonna come!"

"Come, baby!" Lisa groaned, smashing her son's balls in her fist. "Come!"

"Me, too!" Toby groaned.

He strained his cock into his sister's cunt as Ginger smashed down tightly. Lisa saw her daughter's clitoris throb and heard the girl's wails of ecstasy. Then the base of her son's cock began to pulsate and his come juice swayed the satiny interior of his sister's boiling pussy. Lisa saw come juice seep from the gripping, contracting lips of her daughter's cunt and she moaned with hunger, her own pussy exploding with an orgasm.

Ginger's small body shuddered as she sat on her brother's spewing cock, her eyes squeezed tightly, thrilling to the sensations.

Her orgasms failing to satisfy her, Lisa twisted and moved about toward her son's head. On her knees, she ripped her gown from her body. Toby looked up at her, his eyes big.

"You're going to get it now, Toby!" Lisa hissed. "You're going to get a hot, wet cunt in your fucking face!"

"But, Mom…"

"But shit!" she hissed at him, straddling his face. "You think I can just watch? You're out of your fucking mind, baby!"

Ginger pulled from her brother's cock, turning to watch what her mother was doing. Toby's cock, soft, was resting on his thigh, glistening wetly.

Lisa shoved her cunt into her son's face. Toby felt smothered for a moment.

"Eat it, damn you!" Lisa groaned, sliding her pussy about his face. "Eat my cunt! Suck my pussy, Toby! Shove your tongue up mother's cunt and lick it!"

Out of desperation, Toby clutched at his mother's grinding ass, lifting her so he could breathe. His tongue swirled into the juicy pussy, licking at it. Lisa arched her shoulders, clutching her tits as she rubbed and banged into her son's face. Ginger giggled naughtily as she watched a moment, then cupped her brother's cock and balls. The sound she made caused Lisa to look down.

"That's it, Ginger!" she urged in a thick voice. "Lick his cock! Suck his fucking prick, baby!"

Ginger ran her small tongue about her brother's cock, sucking up the juices.

"Hold my ass!" Lisa shouted at her son. "Hold my ass while you tongue-fuck my cunt!"

Ginger pulled her brother's cock into her mouth, sucking and licking at it, feeling it growing again. Her green eyes turned up to watch her mother smashing her cunt into his face. She pulled all of her brother's cock into her mouth easily, but as it swelled, she had no room. Once it was hard, she could only suck half of it.

The way his mother sat in his face, Toby found his nose pressed against her asshole. For a moment he had trouble breathing, but then he adjusted himself. His tongue swirled about his mother's juicy cunt as she wiggled her crotch down. Understanding she was about to smother him, Lisa lifted her ass somewhat and gave a hiss of ecstasy as his tongue shot into her pussy. Her eyes were smoldering and she saw her daughter through the haze of pleasure. Ginger was on her knees, twisting her mouth about the head of his cock, his balls in one hand, her other fist pumping his cock from the base to her stretched lips.

Lisa whimpered, her son's tongue snaking into her cunt, twisting and licking. Seeing her daughter sucking eagerly on his cock at the same time increased her boiling desires a hundred fold. Toby writhed his hips, his sister's hot mouth on his cock almost too much to stand. He opened his lips around his mother's hairy curt and his tongue flew in and out over her clitoris.

"Oooo, baby!" Lisa groaned, grinding about his face. "Oh, you tongue-fuck me so good! I love your tongue, Toby! I love to be fucked by your tongue!"

Ginger's eyes were rolling, expressing her ecstasy as she sucked and licked at the swollen head of her brother's cock. She held his balls tightly, licking and kissing and racing the flat surface of her tongue up the throbbing shaft. Each time she closed her mouth about his cockhead she purred softly, her eyes dreamy.

Toby, his tongue fucking at his mother's cunt swiftly, began arching his hips up, trying to shove the length of his cock into his sister's mouth. The urge to push at the crucial moment of quickly approaching discharge was so powerful for him to resist. But Ginger, unable to swallow his cock, lifted her head with him.

She felt the hard, throbbing cock between her burning lips increase and she began to squeal with muffled sounds.

Lisa, her cunt on fire, held it up from her son's mouth, giving him room to suck and lick. His tongue, slippery with her seeping juices, skidded from her cunt to her asshole. Her clitoris was bursting, so swollen it was almost painful. She dug her fingers brutally into her swollen tits, gasping heavily. Her eyes blazed down at her daughter, seeing the way Ginger hungrily sucked on the head of his cock.

"Oooo, I'm about to come, Toby!" Lisa groaned. "Make me come in your mouth, baby! Oooo, suck it… suck my cunt! Toby, Toby, tongue-fuck Mother's hot, wet cunt! Ohhhh, yes, baby, yes!"

Toby thrust his tongue deeply into his mother's blistering cunt, jamming it in and out as fast as he could. His lips closed about the hairy lips of her cunt, the juices seeping into his mouth until he had no choice but to swallow. He made a wet, gurgling sound and jerked his hips upward, almost choking his sister.

Lisa screamed as the orgasm exploded in her crotch. Tingling waves of contractions clutched at his delving tongue.

"I'm coming!" she shrieked. "Oooo, more! More, Toby."

Her ass shook in his face, but he held her up so he could breathe. He swirled his tongue across his mother's throbbing clitoris, making Lisa scream again. With his tongue flapping about her clitoris, Toby kept his mother coming for a long time. The ecstasy overwhelmed Lisa and she jerked her cunt out of his face, clawing at it now with her hands. She stood on her knees above his face, rubbing furiously. Toby stared up between her thighs, his hands gabbing at his sister's cheeks.

"Suck, Ginger!" he wailed. "Suck my cock hard! Oh, almost! Almost… ahhhh, there!"

Ginger squealed wetly as her brother's cock unleashed a strong spurt of come juice into her mouth. She gulped and sucked very hard at the swollen cockhead, her small tongue pressing against his piss hole. She jacked him hard, twisting his balls and clutching the head of his cock as tight as she could with her lips.

Still, creamy come juice dripped from her tight mouth, running onto her fingers. Her eyes filmed over as she took Toby's come juice, swallowing it as fast as she could. Toby's hips shook beneath his sister's sucking face and, although his vision was fuzzy, he peered up at his mother's ass. His cock still gushing into his sister's mouth, he impulsively lifted his face and kissed the cheeks of his mother's ass.

Lisa shivered and pulled herself from him. The glow that spread about her body was quite hot as she watched her daughter finish Toby off. But when the flow of come juice stopped, Ginger shot her tongue about his balls and prick, licking up every drop that had seeped from her lips. Then she sat back on her heels, her green eyes fiery, and licked at her come juice-covered fingers, mewling softly.

Lisa leaned her head on the cushions of the couch, her expression happy.

The telephone rang.

"If that's Tod again, I'm gonna really tell him off!" Ginger said, jumping up to grab the telephone angrily.


Lisa listened to her daughter talking angrily into the telephone. But she felt so languid and happy and she didn't pay too much attention.

In a way she was surprised by her daughter. Ginger was at the age where she was forgetting dolls and falling in love with rock stars. Most girl's would have fallen all over themselves to get calls from boys. But Ginger was telling this boy off.

"You can kiss my ass!" Ginger said angrily, banging the phone down.

"Honey, that's no way to treat the poor guy," Lisa said gently.

"He's an asshole!" Ginger cried.

Ginger continued to pout but her mother saw she was thinking.

Toby had wandered off to the bathroom. Lisa and Ginger were alone.

"Maybe you're right, Mother," Ginger finally said. "In a way it's my fault. Since you've been home, I haven't seen him. He really didn't do anything. He feels me up everytime we're together, though. I sure don't get mad about that because it feels too good." She frowned a moment, then giggled.

"What's funny?" Lisa asked.

"I was just imagining what it would be like if Tod knew what we were doing, Mother," Ginger giggled again. "He'd shit in his pants!"

Suddenly the name came into Lisa's mind: Tod. That was the name of the boy on the bus. Tod had said he lived here, too. Could it be the same Tod?

"What does this boy look like, Ginger?"

Ginger described the boy.

It was the same one! Lisa was certain.

Toby came back into the room, his cock swinging to and fro. Lisa watched it, fascinated as always. As he came near his sister, Ginger caught his prick, pulling playfully. Toby stopped, letting his sister play.

Lisa asked him if he knew Tod, and when he nodded, she asked, "Do you like him?"

"He's okay, Mom," Toby said, his cock starting to swell in his sister's manipulating hand. "Ginger, keep it up and you're going to get it."

"Get what?" Ginger teased.

"Cock, that's what!"

"Promise, Toby?" Ginger gurgled.

"I told you!"

Toby began wrestling his sister. Lisa watched them, pleased with their antics. She watched her daughter's succulent, pink cunt flash, her son's cock flipping got his sister down and sat on her stomach, holding her hands above her head.

"Now you're gonna get it good," Toby said. He scooted his ass upwards until he was sitting on her hard little titties. The swollen head of his cock probed at her face, making Ginger giggle delightfully. Ginger playfully avoided the head of her brother's cock as he tried to push it into her mouth. Laughing with his sister, Toby scooted higher and while his sister thrashed about and squealed, he put his ass in her face.

Lisa wasn't sure, but it looked as if her son was rubbing his ass into Ginger's face. She leaned down, peering. When Toby leaned over his sister's head. Lisa saw his asshole really was rubbing at her mouth and nose.

Ginger, however, didn't seem to mind in the least. She thrashed her legs in a feeble effort to get away, but Lisa saw she was not trying very hard. She saw her daughter's wet little tongue lick out, probing at Toby's asshole, then his balls, then back to his asshole again.

Toby allowed his sister to get loose. Ginger, laughing gaily, straddled him and scooted her fiery little cunt upward. Lisa breathed heavily as she saw her daughter press that sugary cunt into Toby's face. Toby fought against it for a moment, then let his sister sit in his face.

"You gotta eat me, Toby!" Ginger yelped, grinding her hairless cunt into his mouth. "You gotta tongue-fuck me now! You can't get away, Toby! You might as well lick my cunt!"

Lisa was near her son's face and she gazed at his upstanding cock and his lovely young balls. Then her eyes saw his tongue darting out. Ginger had her cunt lips barely touching his mouth and Lisa saw her son's tongue penetrate Ginger's cunt. Ginger gave a low hiss of pleasure as her brother's tongue entered her pussy. The naked cheeks of her little ass shivered, then began to tremble. She squealed as her brother's tongue lapped into her juicy cunt. She leaned over his head and Lisa watched those sweet ass cheeks part. The pucker of Ginger's asshole winked at Lisa.

Sliding her hand up her son's thighs, watching as his tongue licked and lapped at Ginger's cunt, she gripped Toby's balls, twisting and pulling them gently. Then she closed her fist about his throbbing cock, jacking up and down. Toby lifted his ass to his mother's pumping hand.

Toby cupped his sister's rounded tight ass cheeks, holding them as she squirmed her cunt to his mouth. Lisa squeezed her son's cock tightly, seeing a bubble of juice seep from his piss hole. The tip of her tongue flicked it away.

"Mmmm nice," Lisa murmured.

Her tongue swirled about the head of his cock, tasting the smoothness, the wetness. She licked at her son's cock like it was an ice cream cone, her eyes turned to watch her daughter squirming her cunt into his face. Ginger was getting wetter as Toby's tongue thrust in and out.

Lisa saw his hands squeeze that lovely ass and she dipped her mouth and pulled his balls into it, sucking with pleasure. She jerked his cock as she sucked his balls.

Her eyes, blazing with ecstasy, watched his tongue as it went from Ginger's wet cunt to her puckering asshole. Ginger, with loud groans, leaned over her brother's head, humping her cunt up and down.

Lisa leaned over, still churning her ass up and down, and kissed the creamy checks of her daughter's dancing ass. Her tongue licked the smooth flesh as she fucked her son.

"Oooo, Mother!" Ginger whimpered.

Lisa didn't reply, she was too busy licking the sweet flesh of Ginger's ass. Bracing herself with her hands on the floor, Lisa leaned farther into her daughter's ass, her own grinding and plunging, stabbing her cunt with Toby's cock. Toby, his tongue flicking in and out of his sister's juicy cunt, hunched up and down, meeting the wild lunges of his mother's hairy pussy.

Lisa scooted her tongue about Ginger's ass cheeks, scraping it up and down the split. She tasted the burning heat of Ginger's tight asshole and began twisting her tongue against it hungrily.

Lisa, becoming aware that her tongue was now inside her daughter's asshole, began to plunge it back and forth, tongue-fucking that tight pucker, Ginger kept yelping, grinding her cunt down onto her brother's face. Lisa felt her daughter's squeezing orgasms and plunged her tongue in deep, sucking at the asshole with her open lips. Her son filled her cunt with the thick sweetness of his young come juice.

Exhausted, Lisa slumped down on her son. Ginger slipped forward onto her stomach, her legs spreading about Toby's head. Lisa gazed at her daughter's trembling ass, seeing how young it truly was. Her hairless cunt quivered and glistened wetly.

"Mother, you had your tongue up my ass," Ginger mewled softly, her words muffled because her face rested on her arms. "You stuck your tongue up my asshole and fucked it!"

Lisa twisted her ass on the floor, smiling at her daughter. Her hand caressed the creamy flesh of Ginger's ass. "I guess I did, didn't I?"

She felt her son squirming beneath her and rolled from him. She sprawled on the floor, arms and legs wide, still breathing heavily. The tingling sensations were fading and she ran her tongue over her lips, finding them slightly puffy.


Lisa returned from shopping, her arms loaded with bags. The scene that greeted her as she opened the door spread a grin across her face.

Toby was on the couch, on his back. He was naked, his cock half buried into his sister's mouth. On top of him, Ginger had her crotch in his face. She had one foot on the floor, the other hidden past his shoulder. Toby was stroking his sister's thigh and ass with both hands. His tongue lapped back and forth on the sugary cunt and Lisa stood with her arms loaded, watching a moment.

Ginger was mouthing his cock with obvious relish, holding Toby's balls.

With her legs shaking, her cunt starting to pulsate with a wet excitement, Lisa entered the kitchen and placed her bags on the counter, then returned to the living room. She stood and watched them, letting her excitement grow. She opened her blouse and fondled her tight tits, puffing at her nipples. It was a pleasure to watch her daughter sucking on Toby's cock.

Ginger and Toby sucked at each other with slow and deliberate strokes, taking their time. Ginger sucked her brother's cock out of the sheer thrill of having his hard, hot cock inside her mouth. Toby licked at his sister's hairless cunt for the sexy taste.

Lisa slipped her skirt up, rubbing a hand into the panty crotch, feeling the wet heat of her cunt.

Ginger and Toby knew she was there. Ginger, with her mouth full of Toby's hard cock, lifted her eyes and looked at her mother briefly, then paid attention to sucking. Soft moans came from them both as Toby wiggled his ass while his sister clung to his balls with a hot, small hand. Ginger writhed her hips, moving her cunt slowly against Toby's open mouth.

Toby lifted his legs as his mother stood watching. He pulled them back, his knees bent. Ginger's face showed between them, her lips clutching his cock. Toby rocked his ass up and down, fucking his sister's mouth slowly, but with greater depths. Lisa stared with glowing eyes, watching her son's cock move in and out of Ginger's tight lips. The tightness of his ass appealed to her erotic senses as she stood rubbing at her cunt.

Going closer, she dropped to her knees, watching Ginger sucking and listening to the delighted moans. She shoved her hand out and stroked her son's balls tenderly, then traced a fingertip downward. As she rubbed lightly at her son's asshole, Toby gave a muffled grunt. Lisa pressed at his asshole, her eyes shining as she gazed at the way her daughter sucked that hard cock. She pressed a bit harder and her finger slipped into her son's asshole.

Toby, with another grunt, arched his hips higher. His cock thrust against the back of his sister's throat, making Ginger choke softly. Taking her hand out of her panties, Lisa caressed her son's balls and the base of his cock, her other finger moving in and out of his asshole with slow motions. She felt her daughter's lips brush the tips of her fingers while Toby's asshole squeezed her finger. She removal it. "Ohhh, damn, that looks good!" she hissed, shoving her face down into his ass.

Lisa's tongue swirled hotly around the spreading cheeks of her son's asshole. Her nose brushed her daughter's hand and Ginger released Toby's balls. Scooting her hands under his ass, Lisa held it high. Her tongue probed at the tightness, pressing until the tip slithered into him. With his balls resting on her nose, Lisa started tongue-fucking Toby's ass.

Ginger gave a squeal and sucked harder on her brother's cock. Heavy breathing mingled with their sighs and whimpers.

Lisa found she could cup her daughter's firm, little tit. Driving her tongue back and forth, she fucked it into her son's ass while Ginger sucked at his cock. With open lips, she sucked on his asshole, making soft sounds of delight. Toby moved his ass, wiggling it as his sister's hot, wet lips clung hungrily to his prick, her tongue licking faster. His mother's tongue sent excitement racing about his lower body and his heavy balls began to writhe against her nose.

Ginger was the first to come.

With a wild squeal, her hairless pussy rams into Toby's face, the convulsions making her ass tremble. Toby found himself with a mouthful of hairless, but sweet, cunt. His sister slammed her cunt against him so hard he could hardly breathe. He dug his hands into her creamy ass, squeezing the small cheeks, his tongue licking with a frenzy.

Another squeal came from Ginger as Toby's cock burst, sending a hot, thick geyser of creamy come juice into her mouth and down her throat. Ginger's throat burned with the ecstasy as she swallowed hungrily.

Lisa plunged her tongue swiftly in and out of his asshole, increasing the pleasure and force of his discharge. Her son was wiggling his ass, trying to fuck up and down, smashing her face, but she didn't mind. Her cunt was quivering and she felt as if she, too, would come. But it didn't happen.

As soon as Toby finished coming, Lisa jerked her tongue out of his asshole and, still on her knees, jerked her skirt up and began clawing at her cunt almost violently.

"I didn't come!" she screamed. "I didn't come!"

Ginger, with come juice dripping from her mouth, stared at her mother. Toby pushed his sister off of him and moved quickly. He twisted about on his back and shoved his face between her knees.

The phone rang and she picked up the kitchen extension.

"No," she heard Ginger say. "I don't hate you, Tod. It's just I've got…"

Tod broke in. "You have another boyfriend, don't you, Ginger?"

"No, I don't," Ginger said. "Well, not exactly a boyfriend."

"Then why won't you see me?" Tod asked. "If it's because of what I did, I promise I won't ever do it again."

"It's not that, Tod," Ginger replied. "I didn't mind when you felt me up. I liked it. But my mother is home now and there's just net enough time anymore."

Lisa wanted to break into the conversation but she wasn't sure how her daughter would take it. There were a few more things said and then Ginger hung up. Lisa stood in the kitchen, her mind churning. There was no way she could call Tod back, she didn't know the number and she certainly couldn't ask Ginger for it.

She leaned against the counter, rubbing her wet cunt lightly through her dress. She was reliving the incident on the bus, remembering how hard Tod's cock had been, how it tasted, and the tremendous load of come juice he had gushed down her throat.

Tod was standing down below her and he noticed a faint flush come over his young face. Then understood why. She was high enough so he could see under her dress.

"Had any more blow jobs lately?" she asked with a slight giggle.

Tod shook his head.

Lisa let her knees open for the boy. His eyes became huge as he stared between them. He could see the curls of her cunt and the sight caused his cock to lift. Lisa ran her tongue over her lips, then patted the seat next to her.

"Come on and sit with me a while," she offered.

Tod climbed up, trying to keep peeking under her dress.

Lisa smiled, amused. He sat down on the bleacher just below her. For a moment they were silent. She knew Tod was excited about corning across her, but he was trying very hard not to show it.

"Have you ridden any buses lately?" she asked.

Tod shook his head.

Lisa turned her knees toward him, letting him peek. His head was level with her knees and his eyes grew hot.

"You don't have on any," he gulped, his eyes wide.

"Panties?" she supplied. "No, I don't, do I?"

Tod stared, swallowing.

"Remember being on the bus with me?" she asked softly.

"I'll never forget," he replied, choking slightly.

"I wanted to fuck you," Lisa murmured. "There just wasn't enough room."

Tod didn't seem able to answer. Lisa had parted her knees quite wide now and he was staring between them. He saw not just the curly hairs, but also the pink wetness of her cunt. He was so excited he didn't make any effort to conceal his growing cock. It was straining along his thigh.

"We have plenty of room here," she whispered, sliding her skirt along her legs.

Tod swallowed noisily, looking around nervously. There were only a few people at the far end of the park, too far away to see them, or what they might do.

Lisa gazed at the boy's prick. "Tod, honey," she purred, "your cock is going to rip the seams of your pants if you don't turn it loose."

Tod looked about nervously. "Here?" he asked.

"No one is close enough to see," Lisa mewled. "Come on, Tod. Let's fuck in the sunshine, here on the bleachers. I'd love to have you fuck me right here, honey."

Tod hesitated, still glancing about. He wanted to fuck her but was afraid of being so exposed.

"Couldn't we… you know," he stammered, "Couldn't we go someplace, find somewhere to…"

Lisa scooted down to his level, sitting next to him. Her hand dropped into his lap, making Tod jump. She pressed onto his throbbing hard-on, gurgling softly. Taking his hand, she shoved it under her skirt.

Tod almost stopped breathing when his palm felt the wet heat of her cunt. His cock lurched, bringing a soft gurgle of delight from her. She squeezed his cock, hard, through his pants.

"I'm going to take your cock out, Tod," she whispered, fumbling with his fly. "I know a way to fuck without anyone knowing what we're doing."

She lifted his cock free, feeling the hardness. She ran her thumb over the head, finding his asshole slippery with moisture. She wanted to suck his cock for a moment, but she controlled herself. She pumped his cock a while, her fingers tightly around it. Tod held her hairy cunt, barely moving his fingers, as if afraid of it.

His cock jutted up from his open fly and the head, swollen and smooth, seemed to glisten in the sunlight. She squeezed hard, drawing her hand up, watching a bead of liquid seep upward. She couldn't resist it her head went down and her lips closed around his cock. She swirled her hot tongue about it, licking up the juices, then she sat up again.

"Still as tasty and sweet as I remember," she whispered.

She stood, straddling the surprised boy's thighs. She pushed him backwards on the bleacher, then, holding his cock, settled herself to it.

She sighed in pleasure as the swollen cock head spread the hairy lips of her wet cunt. Tod sucked in a loud breath of air, his eyes rolling. Lisa stuffed the full length of his cock into her pussy, sitting astride him. She didn't move, but let the steamy lips of her cunt hold his cock, writhing softly. The roughness of his pants felt good on her inner thighs.

"How do you like it Tod?" she whispered. "Do you like the way your cock feels in my cunt, honey?"

"Uhhh," Tod replied.

"Your cock is so big and hard," Lisa continued, now drawing her cunt upwards. "It makes my hot pussy so wet."

She felt the boy shaking beneath her. He had forgotten all about the people at the far end of the park. He had forgotten everything and his cock was throbbing so hard, Lisa hoped he wouldn't become so excited he spurted into ha. She wanted to fuck him for a while, then bring herself to orgasm.

Her ass moved up and down a bit faster. She took his wrists and pulled his hands beneath her skirt, sliding his palms along her creamy thighs her cunt rode up and down his cock, her dress covering them.

"You can feel me," she whispered in a husky sound. "You can feel all you want. Don't be shy, Tod. My cunt is very hot and it just loves your hard cock!"

She leaned over, bracing herself on the bleachers. Her feet held her weight and she began to bounce her cunt up and down, riding on his throbbing prick. Tad gasped and grunted, his hips starting to move with her.

"Oh, that's the way, honey!" Lisa gurgled. "Pump up in me! Fuck me too! Help me fuck you, Tod!"

Wet sounds came from beneath her dress, whimpers of delight from her mouth.

"There!" she hissed again, ramming her cunt onto his cock. "There! There! There!"

Tod lifted his hips high and Lisa was almost standing now as she whipped her ass up and down. The agony of ecstasy contorted her lovely face and Tod grimaced. His fingers clung to her wildly thrashing hips, his eyes almost closed. Although her pleasure was intense, Lisa knew Tod was trying to hold back his come juice but she wasn't going to have that.

She raced her cunt up and down his cock as fast as she could, then let out a yelp, smashing down hard. Her orgasm burned through her like molten lava, searing every nerve-end with ecstasy. The lips of her cunt chewed and sucked at his deeply buried cock. Tod groaned and, with a wild grunt, gushed into Lisa's greedy cunt.

Lisa squealed as the lips of her cunt squeezed desperately on his squirting cock. The splashing of his creamy come juice created a shivering tremor of her ass. She smashed hard onto him, trying to devour his prick with her cunt.

She slumped forward, almost crushing him on the bleachers. She sucked in air greedily, her ass shaking, her cunt still flexing. Now Tod had his hands under her dress, feeling the smooth swells of her ass.

"That's enough for now," she whispered, lifting her ass.

His cock came from her cunt with a soft, wet, sucking sound. Standing next to him, she gazed at his wet cock and on an impulse, she leaned down and took it into her mouth. She tasted come juice and her cunt juices on his cock. She sucked it a moment, then sat next to him. She tucked his prick back into his pants, buttoning them for him.

"I knew it would be good, Tod," she said, smoothing her skirt over her knees. "I'm glad I saw you today."

"Me, too," he pinned, no sign of shyness on his young face now. "Will I see you again?"

"Probably," Lisa whispered, kissing his cheek and mussing his hair. "I'm sure you will."


"My, you're eager, aren't you?" Lisa teased.

"When can I see you again. Please!"

Lisa wondered if she should tell him that she was Ginger's mother. She decided to wait.


"When Tod calls again," Lisa said to Ginger, "let me have the phone, okay?"

Ginger looked at her mother, then giggled. "You gonna let him have it, Mother?"

"I just might," Lisa replied, grinning lewdly. "Since you don't seem interested in his cock, I might be."

Toby felt the hairy wetness of his mother's pussy and began to suck at it. Ginger slipped his pants down his hips easily and his cock strained up, his balls heavy.

"Oooo, I like that!" Ginger gurgled, diving onto her brother's cock. Clutching it at the base in one hand, his balls in the other, she sucked greedily. Lisa, sitting in his face, watched. Twisting downward, she began to grind as her son thrust his tongue up her cunt.

"Ohh, Toby, Toby!" she squealed. "Suck Mother's cunt, honey! Shove your tongue deep! Ahhh, tongue-fuck me good!"

Ginger, her mouth stuffed with half her brother's cock, stared between her mother's thighs, her eyes glittering as she made wet, sucking sounds. Her pretty little ass was lifted into the air as she drew her knees beneath herself. Lisa wished she could reach far enough to caress and fondle and feel that sweet little ass. But the best she could do and still keep her hairy, wet cunt in her son's face, was stroke along her daughter's back to her hips.

"Suck his cock, honey," she whispered. "Suck Toby's cock good."

Ginger twisted her uplifted ass, indicating her hunger and pleasure. She made wet sounds on his prick, her tongue swirling and lapping. As the juices seeped from his piss hole, she swallowed swiftly, murmuring softly. She squeezed the base of his cock very hard, tugging at his loaded balls.

Toby twisted his ass, the hot wetness of his sister's mouth, exciting him. He rammed his tongue up and down, driving it deep into his mother's juicy cunt. He shoved his hands under her spreading ass, holding her up so she wouldn't smother him.

"Eat me, Toby!" Lisa gurgled, slipping her hands to her daughter's hard little tits. "Eat my hot cunt, honey! Suck my pussy! Oooooh!"

Digging her hands into Ginger's tits, she felt the tiny nipples fiery hot. The more she squeezed those firm tits, the more Ginger struggled with her brother's cock. She had to release his prick and shove her hand to her cunt, though. The hairless lips were quivering with heat, her small clitoris becoming intensely swollen. She kept pulling and twisting his heavy balls.

Lisa released her daughter's tits and sat upright, her cunt smashing into her son's face. She dug her fingers into her own tits, lifting her head high as an orgasm threatened to burst from her pussy.

"You're about to make me come, Toby!" she whimpered. "Ohhh, harder, baby, harder! I'm almost there! Suck… lick… eat me!"

Her clitoris was hard as a tiny cock, throbbing and swelling. Toby's tongue scraped across it and Lisa screwed. The orgasm burned through her like a forest fire. She screamed time and again as the power grew. She was almost pulling her nipples off, it was so good.

Ginger heard the wild, ecstatic scream of her mother, and sucked furiously on her brother's cock. She was driving her middle finger in and out of her tight cunt violently, her uplifted ass shaking, swaying, twisting. She pulled hard on her brother's balls, bringing a muffled grunt from him. Her tongue was racing back and forth across his piss hole when he came.

Creamy come juice gushed past her tongue, filling her mouth. She squealed happily, her tongue licking in a frenzy at his squirting piss hole. Her cunt closed about her buried finger as she, too, came.

Thick, creamy come juice seeped from her mouth as it always did, running down the base of his cock. Ginger clung to the head with her lips, sucking and swallowing hungrily, her eyes huge.

Slowly, Ginger's legs straightened out, her ass quivering. Even then she held her brother's cock in her mouth, feeling it deflate. When it was almost completely soft, she could then take it completely inside her hot little mouth. Her chin rested on his balls, her breath snorting from her nose.

Lisa pulled herself from her son's face, flopping down on the couch, her tits heaving up and down. She watched as Ginger licked her tongue about Toby's cock, wiping up the come juice that escaped her lips.

Toby and Ginger were talking but Lisa wasn't listening. She was still thinking about everything she had found at home, still wishing she had never left to go off into the world as she had. She realized now that she had not found anything during those months that could compare to what she had found at home.

She heard, vaguely that her son and daughter were talking about showering together and watched them as they left, hand-in-hand. Ginger had such a lovely ass, so becoming, so exciting. Toby's ass was more muscular, but it caused a twitch between Lisa's thighs too as she watched them disappear around the corner.

Leaning back on the couch, she stroked a tit with one hand, running her fingers through the thick curls of her cunt with the other. She heard the shower going and she smiled, then stretched, her long legs far out, arms above her head.

It was so nice to be home again. Then the phone rang. She picked it up on the second ring.


"May I talk to Ginger, please?" came the familiar voice. "Tod? Is this Tod?"

"Yes, ma'am," came the polite reply. Then the boy was silent for a moment. "May I speak to Ginger?"

"Ginger is taking a shower," Lisa said. "Want to talk to me instead?"

"I don't know you," Tod said a bit nervously.

"Are you sure?" Lisa teased.

"You sound like someone I've talked to before," Tod said, "but I've never met you."

Lisa was in a teasing mood. "Ginger is in the shower," she said again. "Do you know why?"

"No, ma'am."

"She's getting clean for you."

"Me?" Tod asked, startled. "Why for me?"

"She said something about you… uh, feeling her up."

She heard a loud groan come from the boy. "Is it true?" she teased.

All she heard was gasping over the phone, but at least he didn't hang up.

"You've been feeling my daughter up, haven't you?"

"Ma'am, I haven't seen Ginger in three months, almost," Tod replied. "I… well, I didn't mean to…"

"I'm sure you did mean to," Lisa laughed.

"I think I gotta go," Tod said.

"Oh, don't do that!" Lisa said. "Let's talk"

"I'm sorry," Tod replied and Lisa could just see him blushing from head to toe.

"Ginger isn't sorry," she purred softly. "She isn't sorry at all."

"I don't understand."

"How did you like feeling her little pussy?" Again she heard a gasp. "Don't you know who I am, Tod?"

"You're Ginger's mother, you said."

"I am, but haven't you any idea?"

"No, ma'am."

"Stop calling me ma'am, please," she said. "That was a wonderful bus ride, don't you think?"

"Lisa!" Tod gasped. Lisa laughed.

"Are you Lisa? Lisa from the bus… Lisa from the park?"

"The same."

"Oh wow!"

Lisa chuckled. "Ginger is in the shower and I'm sitting here all naked, playing with myself. I need company, Tod."

"But what about Ginger?" Tod asked, excited. "And Toby?"

"Oh, they're in the shower together."

"What? Together?"

"That's the only way to shower, silly," Lisa said. "You should try it."

She heard him panting and she could picture Tod standing there with a hard-on, not knowing what to do.

"Tod, are you blushing?"

"No, ma… Lisa," he said, "can I come over?"

"There's no better time than now," she laughed huskily. "My cunt is very hungry, Tod."

His phone was hung up swiftly. Lisa replaced hers with a smile on her face. Then she walked into the bathroom where her son and daughter were still showering.

"Tod is coming over," she announced. "Tod? Why?" Ginger asked, holding her brother's balls.

"Why, to fuck you, I suppose," Lisa grinned and sat on the toilet.

"Mother, you didn't say anything!"

"I told him you were in the shower fucking your brother," Lisa said. "Mother, you didn't!"

"You don't really wind, do you, Ginger?"

"No," Ginger giggled. "It's about time I fucked him anyway, I guess. But we've been having so much fun together…"

"We'll still have fun together," Lisa assured her daughter. "But it's nice to have someone different once in a while."

Finished drying herself, Ginger ran to her room, a place she was seldom in anymore. Lisa watched her son rinse the soap from his body.

"Well, honey," Lisa said, "why are you pouting?"

"Mom, does this mean you're tired of me?"

"Of course not!" she said, climbing into the shower with him. "I'll never get tired of you or this wonderful cock. And neither will your sister." She stroked his cock, feeling it become hard. "Come on, baby, don't be jealous. You'll always have me and Ginger."

Toby squirmed in his mother's arms until he faced her. His mouth was level with her tits. Lisa cupped one, offering her nipple to him. At the same time she pulled his cock between her hot thighs.

"Suck my titty, honey," she purred. "Suck Mother's titty."

Toby began to suck, his tongue swirling round and round.

Lisa closed her thighs tight on his cock, writhing them. "Fuck my legs," she whispered. "I like the way your cock throbs between them, Toby. Suck on my tit and fuck between my legs."

Toby grasped his mother's naked ass cheeks in his hands, the shower water streaming down over them. Digging his hands into her ass cheeks, he began to pump his hard cock back and forth, the shaft an inch from her cunt.

"Mmmm, your mouth is wet and hot, honey," she whispered. "Suck Mother's tit hard. And fuck your lovely cock between my legs."

Toby gurgled and sucked hard, running his cock back and forth. The velvety heat of his mother's thighs were wonderful. He dug his fingers into her ass, parting the cheeks, then squeezing them together again.

"Squeeze my ass," she hissed. "Hold Mother's ass and fuck away, Toby! Ooooo, squeeze my hot ass and suck my tits!"

Lisa felt her son's cock become harder, frictioning between her thighs faster and faster. She glued herself to him, one arm about his shoulder, the other pressing at his naked ass.

"Come, Toby," she said in a husky voice. "I can feel your cock… so hard! Come, honey, come!"

Toby grunted.

With quick movements, Lisa pulled from him at the last possible moment, going to her knees. A spurt of hot come juice splashed over her tit and she lifted her face, mouth open wide.

Toby grabbed his cock and began to jack off quickly, watching the come juice gush into his mother's open mouth…


"I feel funny with clothes on, Mother," Ginger complained. "I've been naked so much, I hate to wear anything now."

Lisa smiled at her daughter, understanding perfectly. She had insisted they be dressed when Tod came. She didn't want to shock his cock soft! Lisa wore a summer frock, but she was naked underneath it. Ginger was in a wide legged sunsuit and Toby was in a pair of faded cut-offs.

She drank iced tea as they waited. Ginger fidgeted and Lisa suspected it was more eagerness than nervousness. She drew a mental picture of her daughter taking Tod's cock into her cunt. A low mewl came from her as her cunt began to steam.

The door bell clanged and Ginger jumped. "You answer it, Mother," she said. "I'm embarrassed."

"Why, honey?"

"Because Tod knows he's gonna fuck me, that's why."

"You, embarrassed about a boy fucking you?" Lisa laughed as she got up. "I'd never believe that!"

She opened the door. Tod had a slight flush on his face and he was breathing hard. Lisa pinned.

"You must have run all the way, Tod," she said, taking his hand and pulling him into the house. "Are you that anxious?"

Tod looked at Ginger, his eyes showing his own nervousness. Lisa watched her daughter glance at the boy from beneath lowered lashes and saw the starting of a smile on Ginger's face. She squeezed Tod's hand encouragingly and drew it behind her, placing his palm upon the swell of her ass. She pressed his hand there, wiggling slightly. But Tod had eyes only for Ginger. "There she is, Tod," Lisa murmured.

"That's what you've been after, isn't it?"

Tod stared at Ginger fixedly. Holding his hand on her ass, Lisa pulled his other hand toward her tit. She felt the boy shaking, but a glance at the front of his pants showed it was with eagerness. His cock was very hard.

Ginger had drawn her foot up onto the couch and was now resting her chin on her knee. The wide leg of her sunsuit had fallen away, exposing one pretty cheek of her ass.

"Mmmm, nice and hard," Lisa murmured, running her hand over Tod's cock.

Now that Tod was in the house, Ginger was no longer nervous. Her eye became big and hot as she stared at Tod's outlined cock. Lisa fumbled with his fly, opening it with one hand. Her fingers fished into his fly and pulled his cock out. Ginger gasped, her eyes burning upon Tod's prick. The head was swollen and dripping. Lisa closed her fist about his cock and jacked it.

"Well, Ginger?" she asked in a thick voice.

"Oh, yes, Mother!" Ginger breathed.

"Go to her, Tod," Lisa said, pushing at his back. "Ginger is ready for your cock."

Tod stumbled forward and when he was close enough, Ginger grasped his cock. Lisa gurgled happily as her daughter pumped on his prick. Then she went to her son, who was pouting. Sitting at Toby's side, she pulled his prick from the frayed leg of his cut-offs. Tod glanced over and gasped loudly.

Ginger had licked the flat surface of her tongue over his dripping piss hole. "You, too?" he asked in a strangling sound.

Ginger pulled his cock against her cheek as she looked up at him. "Me, too, what?"

"Suck cock?" Tod asked, choking. "Do you suck cock, too, Ginger?"

"What do you mean, too?"

"Well, Lisa… your mother, she…"

"Of course," Ginger said. "I do anything my mother does."

As Tod gasped again, Ginger closed her hot lips about the head of Tod's cock, sucking and licking. Stroking her hand up and down her son's cock, Lisa watched her daughter's lips stretch. It was exciting to see Ginger's mouth filled by a cock other than her brother's, filled by one that she, herself, had sucked off. She pumped faster on her son's cock, then lowered her head, taking it into her mouth. Lisa swallowed Toby's cock, the head brushing her throat. She sucked up and down a few times then lifted her face.

"As good as your cock tastes, Toby," she mewled, "I want it up my cunt."

She jerked her summer smock to her hips, spreading her thighs and scooting her ass to the edge of the cushions. Tod, his cock being sucked hungrily by Ginger, watched as Toby stood between his mother's spread thighs.

"Are you going to fuck him?" Tod asked, his voice hoarse.

"You're damn right I am," Lisa said, pulling her son's cock to her hairy cunt.

Ginger, with Tod's cock inside her mouth, turned to see her brother probing her mother's cunt with the head of his prick. Her wet tongue flicked about Tod's piss hole and she grabbed him by his ass, pulling his cock deeper into her small mouth. Tod held Ginger's head lightly, his eyes darting from Toby's cock as it penetrated Lisa's cunt, down to see Ginger sucking on his cock. As good as her hot mouth felt on his prick, he still wanted to fuck her.

"Can I… Ginger, can I put it in you?" he asked.

Ginger pulled her lips from his prick, looking up at him with shining eyes. She pressed his throbbing cock against her cheek.

"You mean in my pussy?" she asked. "You want to stick your cock in my cunt… fuck my pussy?"

Tod nodded.

Ginger laughed, jumping to her feet and stripping her sunsuit from her small, exquisite body quickly.

Lisa now had her son's cock inside her cunt. As Toby stood between her thighs, she humped her pussy up and down, riding it slowly, feeling the hardness scrape against her distended clitoris.

"Don't be bashful, Tod," Lisa said, her voice slightly breathless as she pumped up and down on Toby's cock and pulled the straps of her summer dress off her shoulders. "You can take your clothes off, too."

Tod lost all nervousness. He scrambled out of his clothing, watching as Ginger dropped to her hands and knees. Her cute ass, deliciously naked, arched into the air, the hairless lips of her hungry little cunt pooching between her thighs. Ginger waggled her rounded ass invitingly, looking over her shoulder at Tod.

The wet sounds of Toby's cock fucking into his mother's hairy, juicy cunt increased the excitement in the young boy. His cock throbbed up and down as he dropped to his knees behind Ginger's wiggling ass. Lisa held her son's hips, making him pound into her cunt hard. His balls struck the cheeks of her ass with a wet sound. She stared past Toby, watching as her daughter shoved a hand between her thighs, gripping Tod's cock and bringing it toward her waiting cunt.

"Shove it to me, Tod!" Ginger wailed, stroking the smoothly swollen head of his cock up and down the slit of her greedy young cunt. "Now! Shove your cock in me now!"

Tod gripped Ginger's shaking hips and thrust forward.

"Oooooo," Ginger wailed, ramming her ass back against him. "Yes, yes! Oh, it feels wonderful, Tod! Fuck me! Ohhh, fuck me good, Tod!"

"Fuck her!" Lisa gasped as her son pounded his cock into her fiery cunt. "Fuck her, Tod! You've wanted her hot little cunt for a long time, so fuck her good!"

Tod's cock rammed deep into Ginger's gripping cunt. With a squeal of delight, Ginger lowered her head and shoulders to the floor. She clutched at Tod's balls, pulling them as she wagged her naked ass.

"Oh, that's in so deep!" Ginger wailed. "I love it, Tod! Oooo, fuck me hard and fast!"

Tod thrust his cock back and forth, feeling the tightness of her hot little cunt warping about his prick. The friction was tremendous, the heat almost unbearable.

The excitement became intense and no one watched the others now. Ginger waved her ass, ramming it back onto Tod's cock, her eyes closed as she whimpered with increasing ecstasy. Tod, gritting his teeth, dug his fingers into Ginger's wiggling hips. She released his balls now, clawing at the carpet with her hands above her head. His balls slapped back and forth in a moist sound.

Lisa was staring into her son's face but her vision was fuzzy, her eyes rolling. She arched her hips upward, churning against her son with each thrust of his cock. Toby held his mother's thrashing, whirling hips, biting at his tongue, his eyes inflamed.

"Ahhhhh, more, more!" Ginger groaned, arching her ass high. "I want all of it, Tod! Oh, my cunt… is on fire! Give me all of that hard cock! Ohhhh, my pussy, my cunt… it's burning up!"

"Fuck me, Toby!" Lisa hissed. "Fuck my cunt hard! Oh, baby, your cock is so fucking hard! Fuck Mother… fuck Mother's hairy cunt!"

Tod was grunting as his balls became tight, so tight they no longer slapped back and forth. Ginger sensed the increase of his cock's thickness, knowing what that meant. She thrust her ass back hard.

"Let it happen, Tod!" she squealed. "Do it! Come in me! Come in my cunt!"

The words penetrated the roaring of Lisa's mind, her eyes focused and she saw her daughter grinding her heated little ass hard against Tod. Her own cunt gabbed at her son's cock and then her orgasm exploded. She let out a scream of ectasy, jerking her son's hips forward. His cock was in deep when he came and the creamy come juice felt like a liquid fire as it splashed into her pussy.

"Oooo, I'm about to come!" Ginger screamed. "Oh, you're about to make me come, Tod! Faster… harder! I wanna come!"

With a powerful fuck-thrust, Tod rammed his cock into Ginger's greedy cunt. He felt the way her hairless pussy sucked on his prick, and he had no choice. He grunted, his body trembling, then going stiff.

Ginger screamed as she felt his cock unleash a boiling gush of come juice.


Her cunt gripped his spewing cock in hot, waving motions as she came. Her small body shivered, then began to shake. Her ass was high in the air and goose bumps lifted on her smooth flesh. She screamed time and again, her orgasm steaming through her. As she came, she shot her hand to Tod's balls again, kneading them.

Breathing hard, Tod pulled his cock from Ginger's cunt as he sat on the floor, his shoulders slumped. He looked at Ginger as she wined onto her back, legs and arms sprawled. Then he glanced at Lisa, who sat with her ass hanging over the edge of the couch, her hairy cunt glistening. Toby sat beside his mother, breathing heavily.

"Well, Tod," Lisa asked, still short of breath, "was Ginger as good a fuck as you thought she would be?"

Tod nodded. "Not that I know what a good fuck is, Lisa," he grinned. "But she's as good as you are."

"You're sweet," Lisa replied.

It took a while before they were recovered. The fucking had been quick and violent, a sudden release of tension. Lisa knew the first fucking between two people was usually fast. But now that the edge was off, the next fuck would be slower, much more enjoyable.

She removed her dress completely and urged her son to get out of his cut-offs. Ginger twisted around, resting her head in Tod's lap. She caressed his knee. When Tod asked why she had been trying to avoid him, she simply giggled.

"I've been too busy here since my mother came back."

"She won't be all that busy anymore," Lisa said, cuddling her son's balls. "She'll fuck you anytime you want now, I'm sure."

"Why not?" Ginger replied, licking the tip of her tongue along Tod's thigh.

She turned onto her stomach, teasing him by working her tongue up and down, going close to his cock and balls, but never licking them. She cupped his balls in her small hand, holding them. Then she looked up at Tod.

"Tod, would you like to suck my cunt?"

Tod's eyes brightened. "I sure would!"

Ginger giggled. She flicked the tip of her tongue over his pisser. Tod's cock lurched and started to swell again. She kissed his cock, then closed her hot lips around the head, sucking on it gently. She wrapped her fingers around his prick and jacked up and down.

Lisa and Toby watched Ginger for a while. Toby's cock, as Lisa knew, responded when he saw his sister sucking Tod's prick. Lisa couldn't help but lean into her son's lap, sucking his cock into her mouth, yet keeping her eyes on Tod's cock stretching Ginger's lips.

"Lick me," Ginger said, pulling her mouth free. She pushed Tod onto his back, straddling him, her face toward his feet. "Lick my cunt, Tod."

Tod really had no choice. Ginger straddled his face, her sweet, hairless cunt a few inches above his mouth. He shoved his hand to her spreading ass cheeks, pulling her cunt clown. Ginger gurgled softly and dipped her face, sucking at his cock. Tod ran his tongue out with no sign of reluctance, lapping at the creamy lips of her cunt. Ginger whimpered and writhed into his face, shoving her hands beneath his ass and closing her mouth about his upstanding prick.

Her young face bobbed up down, her lips gripping his cock as tightly as she could. Her tongue swirled hungrily. Lisa and Toby watched, Toby's cock turning rigid inside his mother's mouth.

"Get on top of me, Toby. I want you to fuck me in my mouth!" Lisa said.

Lisa sprawled on the couch, on her back. Toby twisted until he was sitting on his mother's tits facing her feet. As he leaned over, his ass lifted. Lisa molded one of her tits with both hands, making her nipple stand out. She rubbed it against her son's asshole.

Toby scooted backwards, his hard cock leaving a trail of dripping juices. Lisa watched as he shoved backwards, his ass cheeks parted. Toby shoved his face between his mother's parted thighs, kissing and licking at her hairy cunt. Lisa lifted her head and darted her tongue to her son's asshole. Toby moaned into his mother's cunt as he felt her tongue licking swiftly on the sensitive asspucker. He stabbed his tongue as deep as he could into her cunt.

Lisa lifted her legs, drawing her knees back and curling her lower legs about him. Toby shoved his tongue along the hairy ups of his mother's puffy cunt and taped the tip upon her asshole. Lisa gurgled and writhed, feeling her son's chin pressing into her cunt. She pressed her lips around her son's asshole, sucking hard, then with a strong push, she shoved her tongue into his asshole.

On the floor, Ginger was sucking noisily at Tod's cock. She dug her fingers into his ass cheeks, grinding her seeping cunt into his mouth. Tod was licking and sucking at her cunt as if he had been doing it for years, holding her rounded ass. Ginger struggled with mindless ecstasy, shoving her mouth onto his cock as far as she could. Desperate, she continued to push her mouth down. Suddenly, the muscles of her throat relaxed and Tod's cock slipped into her throat. Ginger couldn't breathe, and it felt as if she were choking, but she had every hard inch of his cock in her mouth and throat.

Tod, knowing where his cock was, began to suck and lick in a frenzy at her pussy. Ginger held his cock in her throat, her cunt burning as her orgasm approached. She slowly sucked upward, feeling his cock leave her throat. Sucking half his cock with swift, jerking, movement, she again swallowed his prick.

And came!

Her cunt exploded against Tod's mouth. She crushed her pussy into his face, her naked ass shaking as she came.

Tod came.

Ginger felt his cock throbbing as it gushed but she held the head in her throat. She sensed the boiling come juice spewing down her throat, although she tasted nothing. Her pussy clutched at Tod's tongue.

On the couch, Lisa arched her pussy into her son's mouth. She felt Toby clutching the cheeks of her ass, his nose pressed into the pucker of her asshole, his tongue darting greedily into her pussy. His cock hung above her face and she closed her lips around it. She rested her head on the cushions, moaning with pleasure as her son humped up and down, fucking her, his balls beating against her nose and eyes. She shoved a finger to his asshole.

On the floor, side-by-side now, Ginger and Tod watched. They could see Toby's balls slapping at Lisa's nose and eyes, see his cock fucking up and down, see Lisa's lips holding it. Lisa rammed her cunt upwards, grinding into her son's face. She was making whimpering sounds about his cock. Suddenly, Lisa thrust her finger up her son's asshole.

The scalding juices of his cock erupted into her mouth. He fucked up and down faster, spewing thick come juice. Lisa shook beneath her son as her orgasm burst time and again. With one finger deep inside her son's asshole, she felt it squeezing as he came. She moved her other hand to his balls, urging him to drown her with come juice.

With a sigh, Toby pulled from his mother, sifting up on her face a moment. Lisa kissed at his asshole just before he scooted from her.

"Mother," Ginger said, ignoring Lisa's heavy breathing, "I can really suck a cock now! I can take it all… way in my throat!"

Lisa looked at her daughter. "You're going to have to show me."

"I will!" Ginger squealed. "But I wanna do it with Toby's cock."

"Fine, and I'll take care of Tod," she said. "You change partners, huh?" Tod asked. "Of course," Lisa said, sitting up. "Why fuck together if we don't switch off?"

Ginger started toward her brother and Lisa crawled to the floor with Tod.