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Hot foxy mother

Kathy Andrews

Kathy Andrews

Hot foxy mother


Brenda spread her legs wide, puffing the crotch of her panties away from her pussy. She had bunched her dress around her waist, and lay back on her bed, her head on the pillow.

With her left hand holding her panties away from her cunt, she held the vibrator in her other hand. She felt it humming as she moved it toward her open thighs, and anticipated the sensations she would soon feel. She ran the smooth vibrator along her inner thigh, teasing along her hairy pussy lips for a moment, then placed it against her clit. A shock of pleasure exploded there, and she let out a soft cry.

Dragging the vibrator up and down the silt of her pussy, she mewled as the pleasure increased. Inserting the end of the vibrator just inside her cunt, she fought to hold her hips still, the urge to plunge the vibrator deeply into her cunt strong. Very slowly, she pressed the vibrator inward, feeling the lips of her pussy opening for it. She sighed with delight as the vibrations tingled through her body.

At the foot of the bed she watched her reflection in the mirror. It was not a large mirror, but she could watch herself well enough. She could see the soft curls of her pussy, the wet pinkness of her cuntlips, and her knotted clit, even the curvy cheeks of her shapely ass. She loved to watch herself when she used this thing, despite her preference for a hot, hard cock instead. There were plenty of cocks she could have if she wanted them. The problem was, Brenda didn't want them, and she wanted younger cocks. For some strange reason, she was only really interested in fucking young men.

Maybe it was because she could control them. Maybe it was because she didn't have to pretend shyness with a young cock. Men, most of them, wanted a woman to be reluctant and hesitant, but not boys. Boys didn't know; they were only interested in getting their cocks into something hot and wet. Maybe it was because she felt more comfortable with a boy. Whatever the cause, Brenda wanted young cock and she wanted it badly.

She hated the games adult men and women played, hated the attitudes of men toward a woman once they fucked her. Men didn't seem to understand a woman had desires and hungers and erotic responses just as long as they did. But a boy, jacking off in secret, looking at a picture of a naked woman… that was what excited her. Not because the boy was jacking off, but because she could probably do anything she wanted with such a boy, give him pleasure without being shy or embarrassed.

Brenda had nothing to be embarrassed about. She was tall and beautiful, rich chestnut hair and green eyes. Her body was slender, but her tits were shapely and pointed. She had a small waist with rounded hips and graceful, slim thighs. Her ass smelled out sweetly and made the mouth water. And her cunt… her cunt was juicy and hot and ever so ready to fuck. The dark curls fanned out toward her hips, thick and lush, curling along her swollen pussy lips and licking neatly toward her asshole.

She had men, if she wanted them, plenty of them. But she wanted… Joey!

The name shook her, and the vibrator pulled from her cunt.

Joey was her son, her young son. He was in school and would be home in about half an hour. Joey who excited her more than any other boy or man she had ever known, Joey, her son, who collected colorful magazines of naked women, Joey, who jerked off behind the closed door of the bathroom every day after school, and then at night in bed. Joey, who was jacking off while she used this fucking vibrator!

Joey, jacking off… she fucking herself with the vibrator. They could be fucking each other!

Brenda dropped the vibrator, no longer wanting to use it. She sat up on the bed, swinging her lovely legs over the edge. Would Joey do it she wondered. Would it embarrass him? Would he feel ashamed of her?

Brenda stood up, her legs weak. She smoothed her dress down, then realized her parities needed adjustment. She lifted her skirt again and placed her panty crotch over her cunt. She looked at herself in the mirror, pleased with the slight bulge her cunt made in her tight, nylon panties. She could see the outline of her dark pussy hair through them.

She heard the front door open and close and quickly smoothed her skirt down. She thrust her shoulders back, watching the way her tits strained out, her nipples making twin points against the white fabric. She listened to her son move through the house, knowing what he was going to do because she had listened many times before. She waited, hardly breathing, until she heard the door of the hall bathroom close. She listened closely but didn't hear the lock snap. She grinned to herself. That meant Joey was in a particular hurry today. He must have seen something at school that excited him tremendously.

Not wanting to wait too long in case her son was overly excited and jerked off fast, she slipped into the hall and tiptoed to the bathroom door. She heard her son breathing hard behind it, and her cunt responded with a hot twitch. Not sure of his reaction, Brenda found it impossible not to put her fantasy into action. She turned the knob silently and carefully, knowing he would be absorbed in the pictures of his magazines. She opened the door a crack and peeked in.

Joey was sitting on the toilet, a magazine spread out on the floor at his feet. He had his cock in his fist, and was pounding on it wildly, gasping as he stared at the pictures.

Brenda shoved the door open and stepped into the bathroom.

"Mother!" Joey yelped, trying to shove his cock between his thighs and kick the magazine shut at the same time.

"Oh, don't stop!" Brenda gurgled, her eyes bright. "Please, Joey, don't stop."

"But… but"

"Oh, hush!" she said, her eyes blazing with heat as she stood next to him. "I know you've been doing this for weeks."

She looked down at the open magazine, seeing a picture of a beautiful woman about her own age, naked, holding her tit in one hand and her tongue licking at her sweetly pink nipple. The woman's other hand rested in the thick hair of her cunt, and her pussy was open, her clit exposed.

"Lovely, isn't she?" Brenda said softly. "I guess she makes you excited, huh, Joey?"

Joey was blushing; his thighs squeezed tightly, his cock pressed between them. He had lost his hard-on when he saw his mother coming into the bathroom, and he felt ashamed of himself. Brenda ran her fingers through her son's hair.

"You're going to need a haircut soon," she said, sliding her hand onto his check, then his chin.

She lifted his face upward, and saw the embarrassment in his young eyes.

"It's okay, baby," she said softly, "I used to do that when I was a little girl, too. All boys and girls do it, you know."

Joey's eyes shifted to his mother's tits. He saw her nipples pointing against her blouse, the darker shadow of them. His cock was hardening again between his thighs, and he pressed them tight so it wouldn't jerk upright.

Brenda knew what he was doing. She smiled down at him, holding his chin in her hand.

"Let it go, baby," she whispered in a throaty voice. "Let it stand up. Let me see it."

But Joey held his legs together.

Leaning down, placing her hand on his shoulder, Brenda shoved at his knees, opening them. Her son's cock jerked straight up, half-hard and becoming harder as she stared.

"It's beautiful, Joey," she said, breathless. "My God, it's so beautiful!"

Brenda's cunt throbbed wetly as she gazed at her son's hard-on. His pants were at his feet, and his t-shirt was high on his stomach. His cock was not huge, but a lovely, perfect size. It was straight, with a swollen, smooth prick head slightly larger than the shaft. A bead of liquid clung to his piss hole, and she wanted to run her finger over it, wipe it away, taste it.

Joey didn't know what to do. He sat frozen, staring at the way his mother's tits strained against her blouse, knowing she was naked under it. His cock stood up stiffly, his balls aching slightly. He gripped the toilet seat with his hands, afraid to move or speak.

Brenda's eyes devoured her son's cock. A small tuft of hair bunched at the base, but she saw none on his sweet-looking balls. His cock and balls were what she yearned for – strong, hard, almost without hair. She ran her tongue over her lips, swallowing as her cunt burned hotly inside her tight panties. Her clit had swelled up until its tip brushed her panties, making her tremble with desire.

"Do you really need such a picture, darling?" she asked in a breathless voice.

Her fingers began to fumble with the buttons on her blouse. She wasn't sure just how far to go with her son, but her body, her cunt was demanding. She gazed at his cock, watching it jerk back and forth, opening her blouse.

"Pictures are nice, baby," she said in a low, whispery voice, "but the real thing is better."

She had her buttons undone now, and held her blouse with both hands.

"See what I mean?" she said, and flung her blouse wide-open.

Joey gasped, looking at his mother's tits. They stood high and widely spaced on her hard nipples poking upward, with a light-brown circle behind them. Her tit-flesh was creamy and firm-looking, and while he stared with awe, his cock almost gushed hot cum juice. If he had not grabbed it with his fist, he might have come. He squeezed his cock hard, unable to take his eyes off his mother's beautiful, flawless tits.

"I have pretty titties, don't I, Joey?" she asked softly, cupping them and twisting her nipples. "My tits are very sensitive, too. Look at Mother's nipples. They're so hard, aren't they?"

Joey made strangling sounds, unable to talk. He feasted his eyes on her tits, gripping his cock as hard as he could, afraid he would come off before his mother. Brenda caressed her tits, her hips swaying sensuously as her own eyes sucked in his cock and balls.

"Joey, stand up," she whispered. "Please, stand up for me."

Joey remained frozen, unable to take his eyes off her tits or move or release his cock. Brenda sank to her knees, urging him to stand. Slowly, he stood, still clinging to his cock hard. Brenda gazed at it with moist eyes, then brushed one of her nipples over his cockhead, feeling his slippery cock-juice against her flesh. Joey stared as if awed by what his mother was doing to him. The magazine, still on the floor, was totally forgotten. What he was seeing was real. Those were real tits he saw, and his mother was holding his cock to one of her nipples, his piss hole on top of it.

"Ooooh, that feels so good," Brenda murmured softly, lifting her eyes to look into her son's face. "Do you like it, too, honey? Do you like to feel yourself against my titty?"

For the first time since his mother walked in on him, Joey gave a sigh. He nodded his head, licking at his lips. His eyes were huge and burning with excitement and his breath came out in quick, short gasps.

Looking back down at her son's cock, Brenda slipped it from one tit to the other, rubbing his seeping piss hole over her nipples. She moaned softly as she crushed her nipples inward on the head of his cock, the juices feeling hot on her flesh. Her nipples tingled with pleasure. The image of her vibrator came to mind, but she had no need of the vibrator as long as she could use her son's cock this way.

"You're so hard and hot, Joey," she whispered throatily, shoving his cock from tit to tit. "And it's so beautiful. Do you like to play with it, baby? Does it feel very good when you play with your cock?"

Joey's eyes bulged as his mother said the word. Brenda giggled, a small, naughty sound.

"Well, it is a cock, isn't it?" she said, squeezing his prick and drawing her fist upward, making more liquid bubble out of his pies hole. "It's a very hard cock, a very hot cock!"

"Gosh, Mother!" Joey choked. "Gosh! This is… I don't know what to say, Mother."

"Then don't say anything." She smiled up at him, pushing the head of his cock into her nipple and pumping his cock shaft. "Just let me enjoy this and give you a good time. It isn't much fun jacking off alone. It can be so much more fun when someone else is with you, doing it for you."

Brenda placed her son's cock between her tits, cupping the flawless mounds and pushing them tightly about his prick. His cockhead bulged up from the valley, her nipples almost touching. She moved her body slightly, rubbing his cock with her tits. His cockhead strained upward and brushed at her neck as she gazed at her son's face.

"Oooooooh, feel it, Joey?" she hissed softly. "Is my tit hot on your cock? Do you like to feel Mother's tits on your cock this way?"

Joey was gasping, watching what his mother was doing. His knees were open, pressing against her sides. She felt her son's legs shaking as she ran his cock in and out of the valley of her tits. Leaning forward to keep his cock pressed against her flesh, she began to caress his thighs and hips, her hands moving slowly as she touched him. Already her flesh between her tits was glistening with the surprising amount of fuck-juice dripping from his cock.

She leaned close into him, pressing his cock against his stomach and between her tits. She felt his hot, hairless balls below her tits, and it sent a delightful shiver of eagerness through her. Her cunt was drenching her panties, and she didn't care. Her clit bulged out, straining at the nylon crotch.

She kissed his chest through his t-shirt, her tongue flicking over one of his hidden, tiny nipples. Joey gasped loudly, lifted his hands and started to put them on his mother's shoulders, then hesitated.

"It's okay, honey," she moaned softly. "You can touch me, too."

When he placed his hands on her shoulders, Brenda felt her son shaking badly, his cock throbbing between her tits and his stomach. Shoving his t-shirt up, Brenda swirled her tongue about his tiny nipples, nipping at the small buds with her white, even teeth. Joey dug into his mother's shoulders, feeling as if he was about to come off any second.

Brenda, feeling the increase of his throbs, pulled back.

"Stand up, honey," she urged softly, staring at his cock with smoldering eyes. "Stand up and you can do it better."

"Do what, Mother?" Joey asked, his voice still low and choked.

"Just stand up," she repeated.

Joey stood, his legs shaking as he looked down at his mother's tits. They stood out firm and beautiful, her light-brown nipples now arching upward. Brenda, on her knees, stroked her hot hands up and down her son's thighs, his hips, and finally to his ass. She filled her palms with each cheek of his tight ass, curling her fingers into the flesh. She squeezed his ass, a sob of delight bubbling from her throat. His cock jerked upward, a bead of liquid forming on his piss hole.

"Put your cock between my tits again," she instructed.

Joey leaned forward.

"Oh, Joey!" she protested. "You're supposed to hold my tits around your cock!"

Joey's hands shook as he lowered them to the full tits of his mother. He couldn't believe this, that his mother wanted him to touch her tits, to put his cock between them. He held his hands at each side of her tits, as if afraid.

"Do it!" she hissed. "Hold Mother's tits around your cock!"

Joey smashed her hot tits around his cock, holding his breath. He had never felt tits before, and was surprised at how soft yet firm, they were. His cock was caught between them, and his mother clutched the cheeks of his ass hard, making soft sobbing sounds.

"Fuck them!" Brenda groaned.

Joey's young body jerked at the word.

"Fuck my titties!" Brenda insisted, squeezing the cheeks of his ass hard. "Come on, baby, fuck Mother's tits! Jack off between my tits! Fuck them… come on my tits!"

Joey moved.

He began to pump up and down slowly, holding her tits tightly around his cock. Brenda felt the sliding motion, the wetness, and held his ass tightly, purring softly with delight. Her tits were very sensitive to the touch, and the hard throbbing of her son's cock between them sent wild ripples down her body to her cunt.

She squeezed the cheeks of her own ass tightly, making them bunch as a fiery wetness flooded her pussy. The hairy lips of her cunt seemed to be sucking inward, her clit throbbing the way his cock throbbed. She smashed her inner thighs together, creating a sweet pressure against her cunt. Joey was humping his cock between her tits easily now. She clung to his ass, whimpering as her eyes closed in ecstasy.

Joey, his eyes big, watched his cock sliding between his mother's tits, feeling the satiny flesh, the slippery wetness. It felt better than his fist, that was for sure.

"Ooooh, Joey, baby!" Brenda cried out. "Faster, honey! God, it feels so good! Fuck Mother's tits! Fuck my tits good, honey! Ooooh, I love to reel your cock there!"

His balls rubbed along her chest beneath her tits, and she felt the writhing heat of them. The small tuft of hair at the base of his cock tickled her flesh, adding to her rapture. She squeezed his ass time and again, her fingers shoved into his ass crack. Each time her son fucked upward, the wet head of his cock brushed her chin. She loved that feeing, the wetness it left on her neck. His cock was so hard, so hot, it almost blistered her flesh. She crooned softly, kissing at his stomach. She started the tip of her tongue into his belly button, swirling it about, purring like a kitten. Her eyes flashed up into his excited face often, pleased to see his expression. She loved his hot gaze, his lips parted as he gasped with ecstasy.

"Oh, God! Oh, my God!" Brenda cried out in a low voice. "It feels so good, Joey! Your cock is hot and hard and feels so good between my tits! Fuck Mother's titties, baby! Ooooh, fuck them and come on them! I love it when a cock squirts that hot cum-juice over my tits! Fuck Mother's hot titties! Fuck them and fuck them and come all over them!"

Joey began to gasp loudly, listening to his mother say those exciting words he heard at school. Hearing his mother say them as he fucked at her tits sent his young mind soaring with erotic ecstasy. The fact that it was his mother made it more exciting to him. Her tits were so beautiful and full and soft and firm and velvety… her nipples large and hard. His balls fell very full, more than at any other time. He wasn't concerned about coming; his mother begged him to come on her tits. Besides, when he came to this point, Joey came, no matter what. There was no way he could stop coming once he reached the point of no return. Even if his mother pulled away, shoved him from her, his cock would spew thick cum-juice all over the place.

"Mother! Gosh, Mother!" he choked, feeling himself approaching discharge swiftly. "Mother, it's gonna happen! I'm gonna… gonna come!"

"Yes!" she almost screamed. "Come on me! Spurt that hot cum-juice all over my fucking tits! Give it to me, Joey! Baby, come on Mother's tits! Hurry! Please, squirt it out!"

Her cunt was burning inside her panties. She, too, was about to come from the excitement of having her son's throbbing cock between her tits. She dug hard into the cheeks of his ass, pulling him forward in case he tried to jerk from her when he came off.

Joey grunted.

The hot spray of his corner nice gushed upward, splashing beneath her chin. Brenda squealed as she felt it, her cunt suddenly convulsing with orgasm. Time and again, Joey's cock gushed, sending spurt after spurt of creamy, boiling cum-juice over her chin, her neck. She felt it running down her tits, and her eyes closed tightly as she pressed her thighs hard on her contracting cunt. Moans came from her as she pulled her son as tight as she could against her tits. Joey held them about his squirting cock, making gasping sounds, his balls writhing as they emptied.

"Ohhh, yes, darling!" Brenda sobbed in pleasure. "Come all over Mother's tits! Ohhh, it's so hot and wet! I love to feel cum-juice on my tits, Joey! God, you're really shooting it, baby!"

The final gush of cum-juice shot out of his cock, and Joey's legs shook. He pulled from his mother's body, sitting back on the toilet and breathing hard. He noticed his mother's tits were much prettier and mote shapely than those of the woman in the magazine.


Brenda sat on her heels, her tits naked and glistening with her son's cum-juice. Her face radiated pleasure as she looked at him with slitted, sparkling eyes. Her skirt pulled part way up her thighs, and she was pleased when Joey lowered his gaze to them.

Although Brenda was not vain, she knew what she looked like. She knew she had a more exciting, more lovely body, than the woman in the picture. She also liked to be looked at, desired. Her cunt still throbbed, and it was very wet. Her orgasm had been strong, despite not being touched. But that was no surprise to her; Brenda came easily and often, and usually very hard. She never had the problem coming off like some women. There had been times she came just by fantasizing, or looking at the bulge of some boy's pants, imagining what his cock and balls would look like naked.

"I'm a mess, aren't I?" she said softly. Her eyes took in her son's cock, watching it relax and droop along his thigh. "But I love it! I love the feel of cum-juice on me. I came, too, you know."

Joey looked at her, a shy smile on his face. He wasn't sure how he was supposed to react, what he was supposed to say. He had never done anything like this with a woman before. He had never touched a girl before, but had dreamed of the day it would happen. He didn't know anything about a girl coming, but thought maybe they came the way he did, spurting that juice out of their cunts. He wanted to ask his mother to show her pussy to him, but he wasn't certain about this new relationship with her.

Brenda stood up, smoothing her skirt over her hips and thighs. Her tits stood out sweetly, gleaming with cum-juice. She stepped to the wash basin and ran the water, taking a cloth and wetting it. She grinned at her son as he watched her wash her tits.

"Well, darling," Brenda said, tossing the cloth into the laundry hamper, "can't you say anything? At least you can tell me you enjoyed it, can't you?"

She stood without embarrassment, naked from the waist up, one hip leaning on the wash basin. She thought she should have washed his cock and balls, but was afraid if she touched them again, she wouldn't let them go.

"I don't know what to say, Mother," Joey said, his voice low.

"You could say you like my tits," Brenda said, lifting heir shoulders to make them stand out more. "You could tell me you enjoyed fucking my tits."

Now Joey giggled, half in shyness. He nudged the open magazine with his toe.

"You're better looking than her," he said. "And I'm real and I'm here with you," she answered. "I'm not a picture in a magazine. I'm real, in the flesh, with my tits showing."

"Yeah," he said, grinning a bit wider.

"Well, didn't you enjoy it, baby?"

"Yeah," key said again, his eyes flashing to her tits. "I enjoyed it, Mother. I mean, I loved doing it that way with you."

"Doing what with me?"

"You know, my cock…"

"Don't be shy," she said. She twisted her nipples as she looked at her son, her expression wanton. "Don't ever be shy."

Joey swallowed. "I loved f-fucking your tits, Mother."

"Ahhh, better," she mewled. "Much better." Joey continued to sit on the toilet, feeling the need to piss, but he didn't want to do it with his mother watching. Brenda stood against the wash basin a moment longer, her eyes moving up and down his young body. He looked very erotic sitting there, his pants at his ankles and his t-shirt still high on his chest. The urge to piss grew stronger until Joey squirmed on the toilet. If his cock was between his thighs and not resting on one, he might have pissed anyway.

"Is something the matter?" Brenda asked, seeing him squirming.

"I just have to pee, Mother."

"Then do it," Brenda suggested. "I certainly won't prevent you from taking a piss."

Joey giggled.

"What's so funny about pissing?" Brenda asked.

"Nothing, Mother," he replied. "It's just we've never talked this way before, using those words."

"It's time we did, I'd say," Brenda answered, her voice lowering to a husky level again. "They're just words, anyway."

"But, Mother, they… you know, sound exciting."

Brenda grinned lewdly at him.

"I know," she said. "Why do you think I say them?"

Joey shoved his cock between his thighs, unable to hold his piss back much longer. It seemed he had to piss after he came every time, and that didn't make sense to his young mind.

"Not that way," Brenda said. "Girls sit down to piss; boys stand up."

"But not in front of you, Mother," Joey protested.

"And why the hell not? Everyone pisses."

"But, I'd be embarrassed."

"Want to bet?" Brenda said, grinning wickedly. "Now, stand up and piss like a man, baby. I want to see it, anyway."

Joey stood, turning to face the toilet. He felt heat on his young face when his mother moved up beside him, one arm around his shoulders, her eyes looking down at his cock.

"Don't blush," Brenda said, and took hold of his cock with her other hand, holding it with her finger and thumb. "Who ever heard of anyone blushing because they have to piss?"

"But, Mother…"

"Oh, baby, just piss, please!"

It didn't take much for them to start. He had to piss badly, and even with his mother holding his cock, the golden stream hissed out and splashed into the toilet bowl.

"Nice," Brenda purred, watching her son's cock, seeing his hot piss gush from his cockhead. She wiggled his cock a bit, making the stream jerk around. "We can make patterns," she laughed.

Brenda moved behind her son, still holding his cock. She pressed her body against his back, her tits just fitting over his shoulders. She pushed her crotch into his back, squeezing his cock to make his piss come out in squirts, giggling with pleasure.

Joey felt his mother's tits resting on his shoulders, felt her pressing at his back. When she began to squirm her lower stomach against him, he wished she was naked. His desire to see and feel his mother's cunt was powerful inside his young mind and body, but although his mother was holding his cock and pushing against him, Joey still didn't know how far he could go with her.

Brenda slipped her other hand under his balls, holding them as he kept pissing in squirts. She used her thumb and finger to squeeze his cock, then, playfully, she rubbed her thumb and finger back and forth on his cock in a jacking motion.

"Mother, you're gonna"

"I know," she giggled. "This will give you a hard-on again, right?"

Without warning, Brenda slipped her hand from his balls and placed it over the head of his cock. Immediately the flow of his piss stopped.

"Don't stop, Joey," she whispered. "Keep pissing. I want to feel it."

Hot piss sprayed from her hand, and Joey giggled shyly.

"Ohhh, it's very hot, baby!" Brenda cooed, feeling him piss into her hand. "So hot and wet! It's nice, Joey, very nice."

She played with his cock as he pissed, and Joey found he wasn't as embarrassed as he thought he would be. On the contrary, it excited him. He pushed his cock forward, leaning his head to one side and feeling his mother's tit on his check.

"Mmmmmm, much better, honey," she mewled, pleased that her son was showing more interest and not so much shyness. "Want Mother to give you another hard-on? I can do it. I can make your cock very hard again."

"Do it, Mother!" Joey gasped.

He was no longer pissing, and Brenda cupped his cock and balls in one hand, feeling the wetness of his piss. She stroked and squeezed and fondled his cock and balls, feeling his prick starting to swell again. She closed her fist about his cock and began to stroke back and forth, both of them watching his cock shaft swell, his prick shaft thicken.

"Oooh, it's getting so big!" Brenda cooed, squeezing his cock. "I love a big, hard cock, Joey! I can play with a hard cock all day."

Joey wanted more than ever to see his mother's cunt, but still was hesitant to ask. This change in their relationship had come suddenly, and he was unsure of his status. But he wasn't about to stop what his mother was doing. It was so much better to have her stroking his cock than his own hand.

But Brenda turned his cock loose.

"Turn around," she whispered, her voice very throaty.

When Joey turned, he saw his mother's expression was hot and wanton, her eyes blazing.

"Ohhh, God, Joey!" she whimpered, sinking to her knees before her son. "It's so fucking beautiful!"

She placed her hands on his hips, staring at his cock and balls with hot, hungry eyes. She ran her tongue over her lips, her tits were swollen, her nipples rigid. Her face was level with her son's thrusting cock, and she watched his piss hole flare and drip again. One of his balls hung a bit lower than the other, she noticed. The scant bit of hair at the base of his cock was something she had dreamed about for years. Brenda had no use for hairy cocks and balls, but only a young one like Joey's, the less hair the better.

Her skirt hiked half-way up her thighs as she sat on her heels, her knees slightly parted. Her cunt was throbbing again, her clit knotted in tingling pleasure. She gazed at the wetness of his cock and balls, the scent of piss clinging to them. The scent excited her tremendously, and she found this odd. As strong and erotic as her fantasies had been, she hadn't considered piss to be exciting. Yet right now, it certainly was. She leaned a little closer, inhaling deeply, her tits swelling out and up.

Joey stood looking down at her, wishing she would start jacking his cock. His balls felt loaded and full again, and since he had often jacked off two and three times within an hour, it was no surprise.

But his mother simply sat there, holding his hips, staring at his cock and balls, her eyes slitted and hot, her tongue licking her lips, inhaling the arousing scent of his cock, the scent of cum-juice and piss. Her cunt boiled with wet heat, and her stomach rippled with increasing hunger.

Brenda was no stranger to sucking cock. She sucked cock as easily and willingly as she took one into her cunt. To her, sucking a cock off was just as good as fucking one. She loved to do both equally well.

Her fingers dug into his flesh, her face moving closer slowly. Joey watched, surprised and eager. He had heard about blow-jobs. There was all kinds of talk at school, but he didn't know of any girl who sucked cocks. Rumors didn't mean anything. But here was his mother, sitting there in front of him, with her mouth so close to his cock, and he wondered if she was going to suck him.

Brenda pressed her lips to the head of his cock, kissing it wetly, her eyes turning dreamy.

"Mmmmm," she purred as she felt the heat of his cock against her lips. "Nice and hot, Joey."

"Let me wash, Mother," he said, his voice cracking with emotion.

"Oh, no!" Brenda whispered. "I want it like this."

She lowered her face, sliding her lips down the shaft of his throbbing cock to his balls. She kissed them, inhaling the scent of piss. Her cunt almost burst with orgasm, and she cried out softly as her tongue darted from her mouth. She licked at her son's balls, tasting the piss on them, her eyes glazed by the perverse sensations.

Joey felt her tongue working about his balls, and his legs trembled. He placed his hands on his mother's shoulders to bold himself up.

"Oh, Joey!" Brenda sobbed, running her tongue about his hot balls, then along the shaft of his cock. She tickled his piss hole with the tip of her tongue, tasting his seeping cock-juices. Her eyes rolled with delight as her tongue licked about his smooth cockhead. She dug her fingers into his hips, moaning with erotic ecstasy as her lips moved up and down his cock, from his cockhead, along the side and into his tuft of cock hair. She pulled back and stared at his prick again.

"Darling, I want to… oh, baby, I want to suck it!" she sobbed in a soft, but thick voice.

"I want it in my mouth, tasting it, sucking it!"

"I gotta wash it, Mother," he said, almost urgently.

"No!" she said quickly. "I like the way it tastes now!"

With a soft squeal, Brenda closed her lips about the head of her son's cock. She made soft sounds as she held it there, her tongue swirling around his smooth, hot prick head. She tasted the seeping fluids that came out of his piss hole, and her cunt felt as if it was snapping open and closed. Her clit strained into her panties, and she twisted her ass until she had one heel pressing at her pussy. As she held the head of his cock between her hot lips, her eyes shone up at her son's face.

Joey watched her with eagerness, his lips parted as he panted with ecstasy. He squeezed his mother's shoulders and could not stop the motion of his hips. His cock slipped half-way into his mother's mouth, and Brenda groaned.

Joey quickly started to pull his cock back, but Brenda shot her hands to his ass, cupping his ass cheeks and jerking him forward. His cock went deep into her hot, wet mouth and her lips mashed at the tuft of cock hair at the base. She felt his prick head pushing at her throat, and her cunt erupted with a rippling orgasm. Her eyes closed as she came, her ups tight around her son's cock, her tongue pushing it at the roof of her mouth. She squirmed her contracting cunt against her heel, dragging out her orgasm as she clung to his prick with her hot, wet lips. His balls were against her chin as she held the cheeks of his ass tightly, making sure Joey couldn't pull his cock back.

Her cunt came and came, until finally the spasms weakened. Keeping her heel pressing at her cunt, she sucked back on her son's cock, making soft sounds of delight. She turned and twisted her mouth on his prick, sucking back and forth. The taste of his piss on it added tremendously to her erotic rapture.

Joey stared in ecstasy down at his mother's face, watching her lips slide back and forth on his prick. His hands lifted from her shoulders and he cupped her cheeks.

"Ohhh, Mother!" he moaned. "That's good, Mother!"

"Mmmm," Brenda replied, sliding her mouth back and forth.

She pulled his hips forward each time she shoved her face into his crotch, making him fuck at her mouth. His balls swung back and forth and banged against her chin. Her nipples were brushing his thighs, making her half-naked body shiver with feverish ecstasy.

"Your mouth is so hot, Mother!" Joey yelped, humping his hips back and forth, his rhythm matching that of his mother's face.

He enjoyed seeing his hard cock going in and out of her lips, the way her tongue moved, the feel of her throat as his cock went deep.

"Are you gonna suck me off, Mother? Are you gonna make me come this way?"

Brenda nodded her head, her lips clinging to his cock. She squeezed his ass and pulled him deep into her mouth, her face buried at the base of his prick. She held him there awhile, and then sucked back. This time she pulled her mouth off his cock.

"Would you like me to make you come, baby?" she whispered in a low voice. "Do you want to come this way?"

"In your mouth?" Joey asked, awed.

"Of course," she replied. "I don't suck cock unless I can get that cum-juice in my mouth… If you don't want to come in my mouth, I won't suck it."

"Gosh!" Joey exclaimed.

"Well, are you going to come in my mouth?" Brenda asked, coy with flirting eyes.

Joey nodded quickly.

"You better," she said.

Brenda closed her lips about his cock again, and Joey held her checks in his young hands, staring with excitement at her. Brenda sucked back and forth, making soft, wet sounds. She clung to his ass, her eyes rolling and glazing with rapture. She felt the throbbing of his cock against her lips, her tongue. She tasted the dripping juice and swallowed often. The heat of his cock between her lips sent wild excitement about her slender body. It had been a long time since she sucked a cock off, and she wanted to suck her son's cock for a long time before he came. The sensation of having a hard, hot cock in her mouth was delicious, and her cunt was bubbling hotly as she pressed it onto her heel.

Joey held his mother's face between his hands, working his hips with her mouth, his balls swinging to and fro. Brenda purred with wanton pleasure as she sucked, her lips sliding easily but tightly. She could lake the full length of her son's cock into her mouth, all the way, with absolute ease. A big cock, a very thick and long cock, was hard far her to suck. She much preferred a cock the size of her son's, because she could take it all, and her lips and mouth were comfortable.

"Ohhh, Mother, Mother!" Joey gasped, feeling as if his cock was on fire. "This is good! It's very good, Mother!"

The excitement of having his cock inside his mother's mouth overwhelmed him.

"Suck me, Mother! Ohhh, gosh, suck my cock! Suck my cock hard, Mother!"

Brenda cried out with delight as she heard her son's words. She sucked with more vigor, darting her beautiful face back and forth, her tongue pressing his prick to the roof of her mouth. She struggled to pull more of his cock into her throat. She smashed her cunt hard against her heel, twisting her ass, feeling the thrilling pressure building up inside her pussy again. She sucked with greedy pleasure, devouring her son's cock with wanton pleasure. The hardness of it excited her more than any other cock she had sucked. It was not because she had not sucked a cock off in suck a long time, but because it was her son's cock, a young cock, the kind of cock she dreamed of.

Sitting on her heel on the floor of the bathroom, sucking her son's cock, smelling the piss on him and even tasting it, Brenda felt as if she were going to explode with the sensations rumbling about her body. Her clit seemed as if it were trying to split through her panties, and she wished it would. She could feel an orgasm building inside her cunt that threatened to destroy her, shatter her completely. She cried with ecstasy, tears of hunger squeezing from her eyes. She clung to his ass with tight hands, jerking his cock into her mouth hard and fast smashing her lips at the base, his balls beating outer chin. She twisted her ass about, her heel stuffing her panties and the back of her skirt almost into her cunt.

"Mother!" Joey yelled, his young face screwing up as the tormenting ecstasy grabbed at his body. "Ohhh, Mother! I'm gonna come soon! I can't stop it, Mother! Suck me! Ohhh, suck my cock, Mother!"

Brenda felt his cock swell bigger inside her mouth, and she knew the his. She gobbled swiftly, moaning as she pulled his cock head into her throat, then sucked back with powerful suction. She dug into his ass and pulled him forward, her eyes turned up at his contorted face. Seeing the pleasure she was giving him sent her cunt into quivering tightness.

"Ohhh, now!"

Brenda tasted the boiling squirt of her son's cum-juice at the back of her throat immediately her cunt exploded with fiery, wild orgasm. She mowed, her eyes closing. Time and again, her son gushed the thick, creamy, sweet come juice into her mouth. She closed her throat, letting her mouth fill with the hot sweetness, then, after a few more spurts, she swallowed his cum-juice and pulled him deeper into her mouth, taking the rest of his spurting come into her throat. It burned deliciously. Her cunt went into tight spasms of orgasm, her heel crushing into it. Her eyes opened and closed, unseeing. Her face was flushed with the rapture, her tits bulging out with swollen hardness.

"Ooooh, I can't stop coming, Mother!" Joey groaned, his legs shaking with weakness.

"Mmmm!" Brenda gurgled wetly, swallowing quickly.

She was surprised and delighted with the volume of his came-juice, never getting so much at one time in her life. The creamy thickness of it on her tongue, and throat sent her cunt into a series of burning, wild orgasms that she had not experienced in a long, long time.


Brenda lounged on the couch in her short summer robe. She leaned on one armrest, her feet stretched out on the soft cushions. At the other end of the long couch, they sat, wearing his jockey shorts.

His hair was still damp from his shower, and she found him beautiful. She had never seen her son in his shorts before, and he had come from the shower wearing them by his own volition, without embarrassment. Her slim body was glowing from her bath, and she was naked beneath her short robe.

Since she sucked her son's cock off, her lips had felt bruised and slightly puffy, a feeling she loved. But Joey had seemed to avoid her. He had gone to his room and stayed there until she called him to the table. Then, after eating, he had returned and didn't come out until after the shower.

Brenda had become worried, afraid her son felt shame.

When he came out in his jockey shorts, her fears left her. She saw his cock and balls filling the front of his shorts sweetly, and when he had gone to the stereo and put in a tape, she gazed at the shape of his tight young ass in his shorts. She responded to him easily and quickly, her cunt becoming moist very swiftly.

Joey still wanted to see his mother's cunt, but he still wasn't sure how to ask. He peeked at her, trying to look under the hem of her robe, but she had her legs together. Brenda knew what he was doing, and, she felt amused and in a teasing mood. The robe came half-way down her thighs, leaving them exposed with plenty of creamy flesh showing. Still, the hem was about three inches below her cunt. She felt the lips of her pussy suck inward as Joey turned on the couch and leaned at the arm, his feet up and knees bent. She peered at the bulge of his shorts, the backs of his thighs. Joey sat with his knees slightly apart. The top part of Brenda's robe was open, showing the creamy swells of her tits, but not her nipples.

"I threw all those magazines away, Mother," Joey said.

"You did? Why, honey?"

"I don't need them anymore," he said.

Brenda's eyes became hot, and her tongue licked at her lips. "Because you have me? Because you know what I love to do with your cock?"

Joey nodded a grin on his face.

"You're right," his mother smiled. "I'm here, and I'll take care of you."

Joey's eyes moved down to his mother's thighs, fixing where her cunt would be. He let his knees fall open, and cupped his balls with one hand.

"Are you going to play with your cock?" Brenda asked, teasing him.

Joey didn't answer.

Brenda slowly opened her legs, but not far enough for Joey to see a thing.

"Are you trying to see something, baby?" she asked, huskily.

Joey nodded.

"What do you want to see?"

"Awww, Mother," Joey said. "You know."

"Joey, after I sucked you off, too," she smiled. "Shame on you, baby. I thought you weren't going to be so shy anymore."

"Tell me what you're trying to look at," Brenda prompted, placing her hands on her hips. "Do you want to see Mother's tits? Is that what you want to see?"

"Sure, Mother," he groaned.

"But, baby, you've seen my tits," she replied. "You saw them and you fucked them, too. I'd think you wanted to see something else, something different. Don't you have any idea what you want to look at?"

"Aw, Mother."

"Well, if you won't tell me, I certainly don't know."

"Your p-pussy, Mother!" Joey blurted.

"My pussy?" Brenda asked. "You mean you want to see Mother's pussy?"

Brenda acted shocked, but her eyes glittered with passion.

Joey nodded, unsure now.

"My pussy?" she repeated. "You want to look at my pussy?"

This time Joey started to blush. Brenda opened the top of her robe, letting her lovely tits show. Her nipples poked upward with hardness. Joey gazed at them, hardly breathing, his cock swollen inside his jockey shorts. He squeezed his balls as he looked at them.

"You want to see my cunt, huh?" Brenda asked, and then grinned wickedly at her son. "Mother's cunt, right? You want to see my cunt and get nice and hard and… what, jack off?"

"No," Joey blurted, smashing his balls in his hand.

"What would you do with my cunt, honey?" she asked in a low, breathless voice. "Just look at it?"

"I… please show it to me Mother," Joey asked urgently.

"Show what?" she teased.

"Your cunt!" Joey choked, feeling his cock stretching toward the elastic waist of his shorts. "I wanna see your cunt, Mother!"

"Well, it's about time," she purred, slowly opening her legs. She let one drop over the edge of the cushions, pressing the other to the back of the couch.

Joey's eyes widened as he saw the curls of soft hair between his mother's legs. Brenda noticed his cock throbbing very hard as she untied the belt of her robe. When she pushed it open, Joey made a strangling sound. His eyes were huge and bright as he stared. Brenda watched him, her ass moving slightly on the cushions. His eyes excited her, and she felt the juices starting to flow from her cunt.

Joey stared at his mother's hairy cunt, awed to see it. The thick hair formed a lovely, perfect triangle, reaching out toward her hips. He saw the pink of her cunt between her pussy hair, and her pussy slit that looked so inviting.

Drawing her overhanging leg wider, Brenda caressed between her thighs, opening her cunt as her eyes blazed at his entranced expression.

"Do you like my cunt, honey?" she asked in a throaty voice.

"Gosh, Mother!" Joey exclaimed.

"Want to feel it? Want to touch Mother's cunt?"

Joey nodded his head vigorously, his cock throbbing crazily inside his shorts. Brenda purred and arched her hips, smashing the lips of her cunt tightly together. Joey gazed, at the hot juices gleaming on it.

"Touch it!" Brenda hissed. "Touch, Mother's pussy! Feel my cunt, Joey! Play with Mother's cunt, honey!"

Joey shoved his hands up his mother's thighs. Brenda's body trembled with the hot contact of his hands. Her eyes slitted in a dreamy expression as she felt his hands slide upward, caressing the sensitive inner flesh of her smooth thighs. Joey leaned forward as his hands moved upward, his eyes enormous and bright with passion.

"Ooooh, yes!" Brenda moaned when her son's fingers touched the puffy lips of her cunt. She drew her own hands from it, resting them at the top of the hair-line, her chin tucked downward to watch him. "Feel me! Oh, God, feel Mother's cunt, darling!"

Joey touched and probed, rubbing along her slippery wet pussy slit. When his finger touched her clit Brenda yelped as her hips jerked upward.

"Put your finger inside!" she urged, twisting her hips sideways.

Her hands moved back to her cunt, and she parted her cuntlips. Joey gazed at the succulent wetness, his cock and balls aching. Brenda lifted her hips invitingly, holding her cunt open to her his eyes. Joey stiffened a finger, hardly breathing.

"Hurry!" Brenda whined. "Stick your finger in and feel it, Joey!"

Joey's finger thrust into his mother's cunt.

"Ohhhhh, God!" Brenda sobbed, her hips jerking upward, her cunt taking his finger deep. "That's wonderful! Ohhh, so good, Joey!"

Instinctively, Joey stabbed his finger into his mother's cunt, gasping with pleasure. The wetness of it, the intense heat blistering his finger, had not been expected by him, but he found it thrilling. He watched his finger plunge in and out, seeing the sugary lips of her cunt pull at it. He made panting sounds as he finger fucked his mother, and the more he stabbed, the wetter she became. His knuckles were smeared with her pussy juices very quickly.

"Yes!" Brenda cried out, humping her hips in a rhythm to his finger. "Finger fuck me, Joey! Ooooh, baby, fuck Mother's cunt with your finger!"

Joey stared at the way his mother's crotch bounded up and down, smacking into his fist, riding on his extended finger. Brenda fucked her son's finger swiftly, grinding her hips to and I'm, moaning softly, still holding her cunt, opening and closing it around his finger.

"I'm going to come, Joey!" she suddenly shrieked. "Oh, my God! This is making me come!"

With a soft scream, Brenda thrust her, hips upward, Joey's finger deep inside her pussy. The contractions rippled and grabbed at his finger, sucking it. Her hips churned from side to side as she came, soft gasps boiling from her open lips. Joey stared in fascination at his mother's clit, watching her sugary wet pussy lips clamp and flex about his finger. His cock was dripping, the juices soaking through his stretched shorts.

Brenda's orgasm went off for some time, the contractions powerful on his finger. Her body shook with ecstasy, her naked tits arching upward. A flush of rapture spread from her face all the way to her stomach. Her contracted cuntlips cased about his finger, and Joey began to fuck it back and forth, wanting to feel that clamping, gripping sensation again.

Brenda let her ass down to the cushions, her eyes glazed and moist with pleasure as she looked down her body at her son. Joey pulled his finger out of his mother's cunt, his eyes staring at it. He saw her clit bulging up with hardness and watched it pulsating.

"Kiss it," Brenda whispered.

Joey's eyes lifted to her face.

"Kiss my cunt, baby," she repeated. "Put your mouth on Mother's cunt and kiss it, please!" He looked at her pussy, his eyes smoky. Brenda pulled her hair-rimmed pussy lips wide open, and he gazed between her thighs with rapture. Just as he had heard about blow-jobs at school, Joey had listened to talk about sucking cunt, too. At first he couldn't understand why anyone would put their mouth there since a girl pissed with it. But gazing at his mother's cunt, he knew why. A pussy – his mother's pussy – looked delicious, as if it were made to suck and lick and taste.

He lowered his face. The heady scent of his mother's cunt hit him. He inhaled the aroma, finding himself becoming more excited than ever. He shoved his face down, fell the wet heat radiating upward. When he put his lips on his mother's cunt, the softness of it delighted him. He pursed his lips and kissed, and suddenly his mother held the back of his head with both hands, ramming her juicy pussy into his face.

"Kiss it, kiss it, kiss it!" Brenda cried out. "Kiss my cunt, Joey! Ohhh, baby, lick Mother's cunt! Please, honey… suck my pussy!"

Joey opened his mouth, covering her soft cunt with his lips. He darted his tongue out, pushing it into his mother's pussy, tasting the hot wetness and finding it delicious. He felt her clit throbbing against his upper lip. His tongue moved in as deep as he could shove it, and his mother cried out softly, twisting her wet cunt into his mouth.

"Ooooohhh, fuck me with your tongue, Joey!" she urged. "Tongue fuck my cunt! Tongue my pussy… Suck my twat! Ohhh, darling, eat my snatch!"

Brenda slammed her cunt into her son's face, grinning as she held his mouth tightly between her legs. She pulled at his head to make the contact as tight as she could. Joey plunged his tongue in and out, his mouth filling with sugary juices until he had to swallow. Moving his hands up her thighs, he held her hips, mouthing at her cunt, his eyes closed. He made grunting sounds as he sucked and licked, his tongue darting and sliding.

Brenda moved her leg along her son's shoulders and waist, squirming her cunt into his mouth. Joey felt his mother's inner thighs closing about his head, capturing him with soft heat. He moved his hands past her shoulders and cupped the round cheeks of her ass, lifting her cunt to his mouth. He slurped with eagerness, loving the taste of his mother's cunt. Brenda shifted and positioned his mouth where she wanted it. When she had her clit between his lips, she pressed hard.

"Suck it!" she hissed passionately. "Suck it hard, darling! Ohhh, God, that's so fucking good! Eat my cunt, Joey! Make me come with your tongue and lips and mouth! Ahhhh, so fucking good! Suck my pussy, baby!"

Joey sucked at the swollen lips of his mother's pussy. The soft hair tickled his nose and cheeks, and his chin pressed against the crack of her ass. He squeezed his mother's ass hard as he pressed his open mouth as tight as he could onto her cunt, his tongue darting in and out. Brenda gasped and began to buck up and down, slamming her cunt into her son's face with an almost violent movement.

Brenda sobbed with ecstasy. She threw her head back and groaned, ramming her cunt up and down, smashing it into her son's face. His tongue licked everywhere, unhesitating, wherever it happened to be. His young face was slippery with the dripping juices of her cunt, but he didn't mind in the least. It felt good to him, hot on his flesh. His hands clung to his mother's thrashing ass tightly, his fingers digging at the firm flesh. Brenda clamped her legs about his head, bucking and churning her cunt with wild, frantic thrusts.

"Ohhhh, yes, yes!" she sobbed. "More, Joey! Shove your sweet tongue up my cunt! Oh, baby, fuck me! Fuck me with your tongue! Ahhhh, you're sucking me so hard! Pull my cuff off! Suck my cunt off!"

Joey sucked as hard as he could at her hairy cunt lips and knotted clit, and then began to swish his tongue up and down her slit, twirling it around her straining clit. Brenda's ass pounded up and down on the cushions, still holding the back of his head, her hot thighs clamped about his cheeks. She made choking sounds as the rapture increased to a fiery burn in her cunt.

"Hold my ass!" she screamed with passion. "Hold Mother's ass tight! Hold my ass and suck my cunt! Oh, Joey, you're so good to me! Eat me, honey! Suck me – fuck me – lick me! Ooooh, my cunt is on fire and I'm about to come!"

Joey heard his mother's frantic words, and he mouthed her pussy with frenzy. The hot taste of her cunt-juices excited him, his cock straining inside his shorts, his balls full and aching. With his lips wide-open, he placed his mouth about the expanse of her cunt, his tongue darting in and out as he sucked. The juices filled his mouth time and again, and he swallowed with relish. He could feel the soft lips of his mother's cunt throbbing about his tongue, he could feel them starting to squeeze it. His lower face was covered with the soft curl so her pussy, his nose buried into it, yet he could still breathe. He held her tightening, bunching asscheeks in his small, hot hands, his fingers sliding into her ass crack in his excitement.

Brenda arched her body, slamming her cunt harder into her son's face, feeling his fingers digging into her ass. She felt the tip of one finger on her asshole, something that drove her wild with hot desire. She wiggled her ass, grinding her cunt into his face faster and faster. An orgasm was swelling inside her cunt, growing and bubbling with the most exquisite sensation ever. Her flat stomach rippled and her tits felt as if they were going to burst, her nipples painful. She gasped and panted, squealed and sobbed, as the overpowering rapture increased.

"Oooh, I'm so close, Joey!" she gasped. "I'm about to come, honey! Ooooh, suck it hard! Suck Mother's clit real hard! You're going to make me come, baby! Ahhh, yes, make my cunt come! Eat it and suck it and fuck it and… oh! Ohhhh! NOW, Joey, now!"

Brenda rammed her cunt brutally into her son's face, smashing his sucking lips, his tongue. She screamed, her body shuddering. The orgasm exploded like a bomb inside her. Everything seemed to break apart with the intense ecstasy. Brenda screamed loudly as she smashed her cunt hard into her son's face, grinding from side to side. She was pulling at his hair, but Joey felt no pain. Her hot thighs closed hard about his face, her heels now banging upon his back.

"Oh, God! Ohhhh, my God!" she wailed. Brenda felt her orgasm fade, only to build and explode suddenly again. Her cunt was in convulsions she found hard to believe. Time and again, she came, her cunt clutching her son's tongue. Her stomach rippled and her ass shook.

"Oh, baby, baby!" she cried as the ecstasy slowly came down.

She pulled at her son, drawing him up her body until he was lying on top of her. She wrapped her legs about his hips and ass, her arms around his shoulders. She held him tightly, kissing at his cunt-tasting mouth, shoving her tongue past his lips. She squirmed her cunt against his cock, feeling the hardness pressing upon her clit. It felt as if she was about to come again.

"Oh, baby!" she mewled, sliding her tongue about his face, licking at his lips and chin. "That was very good! You made me come so much!"

She pressed her cunt against his cock, sliding her hands down his back to his shorts. Slipping her fingers inside his jockey shorts, she cupped the cheeks of his ass and wiggled her crotch into his prick. "Want to fuck me, baby?" she whispered.


Joey lifted his head and gazed down at her. "Fuck you, Mother?"

She grinned and nodded her head, eyes glowing.

Joey looked as if he didn't believe it. "Well, do you want to fuck me?" she asked again.

"You mean stick my cock in your pussy, Mother?" Joey asked, excitement making his voice quiver. "Really? I can fuck you… fuck you in the cunt, Mother?"

"Really," she said, gurgling and twisting her cunt against his cock. She could feel it throbbing against her clit. "I'd love to have your prick inside my pussy, fucking me. You do want to fuck me, don't you?"

Joey nodded his head vigorously.

"What are you waiting for, then?" she asked, giggling as she squeezed the cheeks of his ass. "Let me take your shorts off. It's best to be naked, skin to skin."

She shoved his shorts, down, and Joey helped her. Brenda held his shorts in her hand while Joey lifted onto his knees and hands. His cock brushed at the soft hairs of her cunt, leaving beads of juice on it. Brenda drew his shorts to her face, inhaling the scent of them.

"Mmmm, you smell wonderful," she purred. "I love to smell a pair of shorts… if they've been worn."

Joey couldn't understand that. He didn't think a pair of shorts would smell good at all. But he wasn't about to question his mother. If he did, she might not let him fuck her.

Tossing his shorts to the floor, Brenda made sure her robe was wide-open, then she spread her legs wide. She moved a hand to his cock, grasping it tightly for a moment. A bead of juice boiled out of his piss hole, and with a soft murmur, she wiped it on her flesh near her belly button. Then she pushed his cock downward toward her cunt.

She rubbed his swollen cockhead across her clit, feeling the exciting anticipation deep inside her body. She was holding her breath and peering between them as she positioned her son's hard cock at the entrance of her cunt. She felt the head of his prick on her pussy lips, and a soft gasp or eagerness came from her. Still holding his cock at the base, she lifted her hips slightly, feeling her cunt open for the head of his cock. She sucked in a strong hiss of air as her cunt stretched, and then the head of her son's cock was between the fiery, wet pussy lips.

"Ooooh, nice, huh?" she whimpered.

"Gosh, Mother!" Joey gasped, awed by having his cock inside her cunt. "It's sure hot and wet!"

"It's supposed to be," she giggled. "A pussy is supposed to be hot and wet, and my cunt seems hotter and wetter than most."

Joey was looking down between them, too, watching his cock sinking into his mother's cunt. The deeper it went, the better it felt. He gritted his teeth as the hotness closed about his hard prick.

"Push it in me," she whispered, releasing his cock base and sliding her hands to his ass.

Cupping her son's asscheeks, she held her breath again as they both looked between their bodies. Joey slowly pressed his cock into his mother's cunt, and felt his balls against her ass.

"It's in you, Mother!" he gasped with delight. "My cock is in your cunt!"

"Mmmm, it sure is, honey," she gurgled, squeezing his ass hard and wiggling her hips. "I can feel every inch of it, every hard fucking inch of your beautiful cock! Mmmm, it feels so good in my cunt, doesn't it?"

"Gosh, yes!"

"Fuck me, darling!" she moaned. "Fuck Mother! Oh, Joey, fuck me!"

She began to churn her ass, bouncing up and down, her hairy cunt riding on his stiff cock. Joey moved his ass downward as she came up, and the wet sounds of his balls slapping upon her ass came to them. Brenda squealed with excitement as her son's cock began to pound up and down, thrusting into her clasping cunt. She thrashed her crotch up and down, clinging to his bunching ass with tight fingers. Joey, holding himself up with his hands, lowered his face and began to suck on one of his mother's tits without being asked.

"Oh, yes!" Brenda sobbed. "Suck my tits, Joey! Ooooh, I love to have my tits sucked, too! Fuck me and suck my tits, darling! God, I can feel your hard cock go so deep! I love it, darling! Fuck me hard! Fuck me real hard and deep! I need it, Joey! I need your beautiful cock, need it fucking me!"

She squirmed her ass about, grinding into her son as he pounded his cock in and out of her burning cunt. She clawed at his ass, racing her hands up and down his smooth, young back. She lifted her legs into the air and spread them wide, offering her cunt to her son far a brutal fuck. She drew her knees back, swinging her ass up and down, feeling his loaded balls slap between her spreading asscheeks, banging at her asshole.

Joey, gasping with excitement, felt his mother's cunt grabbing at his cock. He pulled hard on her nipple, shoving his hands down and behind her, cupping her bouncing tits. He pulled up on her ass while he thrust his prick down, smashing at her clit. Brenda squealed with the sensation, clawing at her son's ass again, trying to pull his cock deeper into her demanding cunt.

"Don it feel good to you, key?" she gasped. "Do you like the way Mother's cunt feels on your cock? Do you like to fuck me, darling?"

"Yes!" Joey gasped. "Gosh, yes, Mother!"

"Oh, fuck that hot cunt hard, darling!" she panted, grinding wildly against him. "Fuck that wet cunt raw! Bang my pussy, baby! Oooooh, bang the piss out of mothers hot, wet cunt!"

"I am! I am!" he groaned.

Brenda pulled at his ass, parting his asscheeks, smashing them together. His balls swung up and down as he stabbed vigorously into her gripping cunt. He was lying on top of her now, her tits smashed beneath his weight.

"Touch my asshole!" Brenda suddenly screamed.

Feverishly, Joey's finger moved into the crack of his mother's ass, touching the searing heat of her tight asshole. At the same time, Brenda began to rub at his asshole. The sensations sent them both wild. While stabbing his cock up and down, fucking faster and faster, Joey rubbed at his mother's asshole, pushing the tip of his finger against it. The more pressure he applied against her asshole, the better Brenda loved it. Her own finger was pressuring upon her son's clamped asshole, too. Joey felt it, but he didn't care. At the moment he didn't care about anything except the feel of his mother's wet, hot cunt around his cock.

"Ooooh, come with me, Joey!" she hissed. "I think."

"Fuck me, baby! Come in me!" Brenda shrieked, slamming her cunt up onto his cock with powerful jerks of her hips. "You can come off inside my pussy! I want you to come in my cunt! I love to feel a hard cock squirting up my cunt!"

Joey's balls throbbed with fullness.

Brenda's cunt swelled and gripped his cock. "I'm getting there, Joey!" she screamed, pressing her finger hard onto his asshole. "I'm getting close to coming, darling!"

In her excitement, her finger penetrated her son's asshole. Joey gave a wild grunt.

"Hurry!" Brenda yelped, stabbing her son up the ass with her finger. "Hurry up! I'm about to come!"

Joey felt his mother's finger in his asshole, a feeling that was both exciting and perverse. It seemed to make his cock become harder, his balls fuller. Without thinking, he pressed his finger hard upon his mother's asshole, and found it sliding into her easily.

"Ohhhh, yes!" Brenda squealed as she felt her asshole penetrated by his finger. "Shove your finger up my hot asshole! Fuck me with your cock and finger, Joey! Ooooh, that's it, darling! Finger fuck Mother up the ass and fuck me in my cunt!"

Joey thrust his finger in and out of his mother's asshole feverishly, his prick stabbing into her gripping cunt with increasing speed. Brenda drew her knees up his sides, and wormed her finger in and out of his asshole, feeling his balls beneath her hand swinging up and dawn.

"Mother!" he groaned. "Ohhhh, Mother!"

"I know, baby!" she sobbed. "God, do I know!"

"I'm… my cock is so hard! I'm gonna come, Mother!"

"In my cunt!" she shouted. "Squirt it up my cunt! Come in my hot pussy, Joey! Oh, baby, fill my cunt with that sweet cum-juice! I'm about to come, too! Fuck harder… deeper faster!"

Brenda did not try to hold back her scream when she came. Her cunt grabbed at her son's cock with powerful contradictions. The wave of her orgasm caused her hairy cunt to suck on her son's cock pulling on it. She slammed her pussy hard onto him, her head back, neck stretched, screaming out with ecstasy. Her cunt clutched time and again on Joey's cock. He couldn't stand it, and he rammed deep and hard.

"I'm gonna come, Mother!"

Despite the rapture filling her, Brenda heard her son.

"Yes, yes, yes!" she bellowed. "In my pussy!"

Her boy began straining into his mother's pussy, throbbing with impending release. The ripping movements of her cunt grabbed his cock time and again, gripping and flexing in a way that awed him. The fiery wetness seemed to consume his prick in a way his fist never had. Brenda was wild with orgasm, with a desperate need to have his cock squirt into her pussy. She needed her son's cum-juice inside her boiling cunt more than she needed anything in her life.

"Come!" she cried out. "Oh, God, Joey… come in Mother's cunt! Fill Mother's pussy! Oooooooh, darling, darling, give your cum-juice to me, to my cunt, please!"

Joey fought to retain the exquisite sensation of his swelling discharge. His cock never felt harder before, or his balls so loaded. He rammed hard and deep into his mother's cunt, his young body stiff between her clasping thighs and arms. He grunted, his eyes bulging as the sensation grew until it was almost excruciating.

"Mother!" he yelled.

"Now, darling!"

With a loud cry, the cum-juice boiled out of Joey's cock. It came out in a strong gush, splashing at the satiny, insatiable walls of his mother's soft, fiery pussy. Each spurt of his cum-juice sent Brenda's cunt into further spasms of ecstasy. She strained her cunt onto her son's cock as hard as he could, making choking sounds, clutching him tightly.

Slowly, the rapture faded, leaving Brenda and her son shaking and gasping with the power of the fuck. Her long legs moved down his, sliding skin to skin until she lay sprawled beneath his body. She slipped her hands from his ass, moving them up and over her head. She stretched, smiling into her son's still-excited face. She writhed her hips, his cock still inside her cunt.

"Mmmmm, beautiful, Joey," she whispered. "I needed that so very much, and it was wonderful."

"I know, Mother," he replied, and dipped his face down, his lips on hers.

Brenda opened her mouth as Joey kissed her, sliding her tongue past his teeth and swirling it about his. She lowered her arms to his back again, stroking his flesh tenderly.

"Do I feel something getting hard again?" she asked, her eyes inches from his.

Joey grinned: "Yeah, my cock."

"I know what a cock is," she gagged deliciously. "Oh, baby! I can feel your cock growing inside my cunt again. Oooooooh, does that mean I'm going to get fucked a second time?"

Joey nodded his head, his tongue lolling as his eyes shone into hers.

"Wonderful," Brenda cooed, twisting her ass while her son's cock swelled inside pussy, thickening, lengthening. The muscles of her cunt squeezed his prick, making Joey grunt with delight.

"Do you like that?" Brenda asked, her voice very low.

"Do it again, Mother."

Hugging him against her body, her tits smashed, Brenda made her cunt squeeze his cock time and again. Each time she gripped it, she felt his prick respond with increasing hardness.

"Mmmmm, that feels so good," Brenda purred. "I love to feel a cock turn hard inside my pussy."

Joey giggled in excitement enhanced by the way his mother talked to him. He pushed his cock inward, feeling her hairy cuntlips at the base of it. His balls crushed against his mother's hot ass again. Brenda wrapped her long, smooth thighs about her son's hips, locking her heels at the back of his legs. She held him against her tits.

"Fuck me, Joey," she hissed. "Fuck me again, baby. Fuck me as long as you want. Fuck Mother's cunt sore, darling."

As Joey began to stab his cock into her pussy once more, Brenda twisted and churned with him, mewling softly with the sweetness of his cock inside her cunt. Young as his cock was, it seemed to fill her pussy deliciously, giving her the sensation of being stretched between her legs.

This time it was not so frantic.

Joey pumped his cock in and out of his mother's cunt, and Brenda mewled as she started grinding onto it. They fucked without the feverish haste of a few minutes earlier. They fucked now with slow motions, delighting in each wonderful sensation. Joey fondled her body, running his hands up and down the wonderful smoothness of his mother's flesh, feeling her tits, her hips, thighs and ass. Brenda mewled and breathed deeply as her cunt met his hard cock with slow, revolving thrusts. The liquid sound of his fucking her cunt added to their rapture.

As pleasant as it was to fuck slowly, neither of them could wait.

Within seconds, Joey speeded up, and Brenda twisted and humped to match his increased rhythm. Her fingers began to tighten at the small of his back while her hips thrashed up and down. Soft sounds started bubbling from her throat as the pleasure grew hotter. Joey, panting with effort, stabbed in and out of his mother's wet, hot cunt with shorter and quicker strokes.

"Oooohhh, rant it hard, Joey!" she crooned, her fingers digging into his flesh. "Ram that pussy, baby! Fuck that cunt, honey! Oooooh, I feel your balls banging on my ass!"

Joey grunted his replies, his naked young ass flashing up and down swiftly as the urge to come started to burn inside his balls. With his head and shoulders smashed into her tits, they moved from the waist down, grinding and pushing and straining. Although the frenzy increased, it was not as frantic as the first time. Brenda could now feel each and every sensation her son's cock gave her. She could feel the ridges of his prick with her sensitive cunt, feel his swollen cockhead push and pull almost out. She could feel his sweet balls rubbing along the crack of her ass, his flesh slipping against hers.

"Ohhhh, it's so good, Joey," Brenda whispered. "Your cock feels so very good in my pussy! Mmmm, fucking you is wonderful, baby!"

"Gosh, Mother!" Joey grunted. "Fucking you is great!"

"You're a sweetheart," she murmured as she wrapped her arms about his waist and plunged her crotch up and down. "Fuck me, darling. Oooh, fuck Mother's cunt forever!"

"I sure wanna fuck it forever!" Joey gasped, stabbing in and out of her juicy cunt a bit faster. "But I don't think I can, Mother. I thing I'm gonna come again, and it's too soon!"

"It's never too soon to come, Joey," she said, grabbing his naked ass and pulling down. "Just come and don't worry about it. I'm going to come and I'm not worrying about it. Ooooh, just come in Mother's cunt again!"

With a powerful thrust, Joey held tightly, grunting as his cock spewed the second time into his mother's pussy. Although her orgasm was not as strong as the first one, it still had the power to make Brenda scream, softly with ecstasy. If there was anything she loved better than a hard cock inside her cunt, it was a hard cock shooting that creamy, hot cum-juice into it. Her pussy was so sensitive, she could feel the squirting juices along the walls of it, and that always made her orgasms so very good.


Brenda stood at the kitchen sink, rinsing the dishes and stacking them into the dishwasher. She wore a becoming housedress, tight around her small waist and flawless tits, but pleated and full about her hips. She stood at the sink with her feet apart.

Lying on his back beneath her, his head between his mother's feet, Joey looked up under her dress. The view of her long legs and crotch from this angle excited him, made his cock hard.

It was slightly after noon, and he should have been in school, but they decided he could miss the day.

Joey had offered to help with the dishes, but she refused. "You just sit there and be happy," she told him. "This won't take long, and then we'll have some fun."

She had winked him, a very wicked, promising wink, and they had giggled as he watched her ass, enjoying the way it moved as she bent to stack the dishes, then straighten up to rinse some more. The idea of getting between her feet and looking up at her had been his mother's idea.

"Why don't you look under my dress while I do this, Joey?" she had suggested to him. "I don't mind at all, and I know you'll love what you see."

They had scrambled to the floor without hesitation. His mother had panties on, and that enhanced the beauty of her crotch as far as he was concerned. He could see the way her pussy filled out the tight panties, the way it cupped his mother's lovely ass. His cock grew into hardness inside his jeans as he peered upward. Brenda moved her hips and bunched the cheeks of her ass for her son's visual delight, looking down at his face now and then. He rubbed at his straining cock while looking up. His mother's panties were almost sheer, and he could see the shadow of her cunt hair. He could see strands of her pussy hair peeking from her tight panty crotch.

Brenda, finished with the dishes, placed her hands on the sink and looked down into his excited face.

"You like it, darling?" she asked softly.

"I sure do, Mother!" he replied enthusiastically. "You look so pretty like this."

"How's this?" she asked. "Any better?"

Brenda had bent her knees, half-squatting above her son's face. Joey made a sound of pleasure as his balls tingled. He pressed his hand against his cock hard.

After a moment or so Brenda squatted farther, and the band of her panties stretched. Now Joey could see the fine slit of his mother's cunt outlined in the crotch of her panties, the moisture that was seeping into the thin nylon. Joey moved his hands to his mother's thighs and caressed the backs of them. He cupped the cheeks of her ass, making a sort of seat for her. Brenda was almost squatting fully now, and Joey's eyes gazed into her crotch hotly. Brenda clung to the sink with her fingers, bracing herself as she held her crotch a foot above her son's face. Joey slipped the edge of his hand along her crotch, feeling the wet heat of his mother's cunt through the panties.

"Oooooh, nice, baby!" Brenda gasped softly. "You're so pretty, Mother," Joey said, fondling his mother's ass in one hand, rubbing at the wet crotch of her panties with the other.

"Taste me!" Brenda cooed. "Taste my cunt, baby!"

Joey gazed with eager eyes while his mother lowered her cunt closer to his face. She squatted fully above him, still holding onto the sink with her hands. Joey felt the wet heat of his mother's cunt near his mouth, and he parted his lips. Brenda pressed her pantied cunt at her son's mouth, wiggling back and forth slowly. Joey tasted the pussy juices on her panties; his tongue out of his lips. His cock throbbed inside his jeans as his mother applied more pressure with her pussy. The tighter her cunt pressed into his mouth, the more Joey sucked. The juices dripping through her panties tasted good to him, and he dragged his tongue along her outlined cunt slit. Brenda made a whimpering sound, sliding a hand under her dress, hooking a finger into the crotch of her panties.

"Oooooh, Joey, suck it for me!" she gasped. "Suck my cunt, darling!"

She pulled the tight crotch to one side, exposing her hairy cunt. Joey took a quick look at his mother's pussy and buried his face into it with a pant of pleasure. The wetness smeared his young face, from his nose to his chin. He gripped one of his mother's thighs with one hand, a cheek of her ass with the other, and began to suck at her hairy pussy lips. Her cunt juices dripped down into his mouth, making him swallow. His tongue snaked out and penetrated his mother's cunt slowly. Brenda gasped with pleasure, feeling her son's tongue go deep. His upper lip crushed her knotted clit, sending jolts of ecstasy through her body. She twisted her cunt into his face, grinding back and forth.

"Oh, honey! That's so good! Lick me, baby! Lick Mother's cunt!" Brenda gasped breathlessly.

She pulled her skirt to her waist, wanting to see her son's face in her crotch. His eyes sparkled up from her thick pussy hair, his tongue lapping from the bottom of her pussy slit, up to her distended clit.

"Mmmmmmm, suck it! Eat me, Joey! Eat Mother's cunt!"

Joey rammed his tongue into his mother's pussy, wiggling it about, tasting the soft wetness of the inside. Brenda's ass jerked with pleasure, and she pulled at the crotch of her panties even more, wanting the full expanse of her pussy available to his sucking mouth. She twisted, sliding her pussy back and forth at his face. Joey's tongue slipped in and out of her cunt, from her inflamed clit to her asshole.

"Ohhh, lick me there!" Brenda cried out. "Lick my ass, baby! Oooooh, lick me right in my fucking ass!"

Eagerly Joey licked, not minding having his face in his mother's ass. On the contrary, the sheer wickedness of it excited him. He probed his mother's asshole with his tongue, twirling it against the tight, fiery ring, his lips wide-open. His mother's hairy cunt pressed at his nose, making it difficult for him to breathe but he didn't care about that, either.

Sitting upright, Brenda shoved her hands behind her ass, grabbing both asscheeks and spreading them wide. She shoved her ass into her son's face, his tongue beating upon the hot ring of her asshole. Brenda sobbed as his tongue swirled into her ass, wetly and hungrily.

"Eat my ass!" she gurgled, twisting into his face. "Eat Mother's ass, Joey. Ooooooh, suck that asshole, darling!"

Joey sucked as hard as he could, his cock feeling as if it was about to rip from his jeans. The taste of his mother's asshole was good, exciting and he sucked powerfully, his tongue darting at the tightness.

"Stick your tongue in me!" Brenda wailed. "Joey, shove your tongue in my ass! Ooooh, baby, tongue fuck Mother up the hot ass… up the asshole! Fuck me with your tongue, Joey! Hurry, ram your tongue up my fucking asshole!"

Without hesitation, Joey pushed his tongue hard against his mother's asshole, feeling it give way. Brenda wailed when she felt her son's tongue stab past the tight ring of her whole, pushing in. Although his tongue could not possibly be longer than an inch, it felt as if he could penetrate into her stomach. She crushed her ass down against his mouth, and Joey found his nose pressing hard at his mother's throbbing cunt. With his tongue up her ass, he began to fuck it in and out. The heat of her ass against his face was exciting. Still holding the checks of her ass, squatting her son's face, Brenda sat upright, her knees spread wide, and gurgling with this strange sensation of being tongue fucked up the ass. Her upper body twisted as her tits swelled, and even though she wore no bra, it still felt as if her they were too large for the tightness of her dregs.

"God, what you're doing to me, darling!" Brenda hissed. "Eat me, honey! Eat Mother's asshole! Eat it and lick it and fuck it!"

But despite her words, Brenda was sliding her crotch back and forth, and sometimes her son was sucking her cunt and sometimes he was sucking her asshole. His tongue seemed to thrust into her cunt and asshole with alternate stabs while she moved back and forth. Joey's hands fumbled with his pants, opening them as his tongue licked and sucked her pussy and ass. He shoved his jeans down, his cock jerking up with hardness. He gripped it tightly in his fist, pumping wildly.

"No, no!" Brenda cried when she realized what he was doing. "That's mine, Joey! Don't you jack off! That cock is mine and it belongs inside me!"

But she made no move to shove her ass to it. She kept grinding into his face, sliding first her cunt into his mouth, then her asshole. It felt so good she couldn't decide where she wanted his tongue. She released her ass, darting her hands to her tits. She cupped her tits and squeezed them hard, then tore her dress open, her tits spilling out. With a wild cry of ecstasy, Brenda began to pull and twist her nipples. Joey was tongue-fucking his mother in her cunt or her asshole, whatever she shoved at his mouth. His cock throbbed and his balls were swollen.

Again, Joey shoved his tongue into his mother's asshole.

Brenda squealed.

With rapid motion, Joey fucked her asshole deeply, his lips sucking at her ass ring. Brenda's body trembled, and she dug her fingers into her naked ills cruelly, crying out. Her cunt was convulsing against her son's nose, the orgasm flowing through her like liquid fire. She screamed out her ecstasy as her ass almost smothered him. Joey felt, his mother's asshole grab at his buried tongue, squeezing it hard. He ran his tongue deeper yet, holding his cock tightly, his balls writhing. The excitement of sucking his mother's asshole was powerful, and he was afraid he would come too fast.

But Brenda was aware of his turmoil.

"Now!" she cried out, jerking her ass off his mouth and scooting it down his body.

She grabbed his cock at the base with one hand, spreading her cunt with the fingers of the other. She placed the swollen head of his cock against her cunt, and plunged down quickly, stabbing herself in the pussy with one thrust.

"Oooooohhhh, shit, that's good!" she sobbed.

Joey cried out with the suddenness of the wet heat around his cock. "Ohhh, Mother! Fuck me! Fuck me hard, Mother! Please! Please, please, fuck me!"

"Yes, baby!" Brenda hissed, squatting on her son's cock, her panties pulled wide, her skirt at her waist, her lovely tits jiggling in a tight way, her nipples looking ready to bunt. "I'll fuck you! Mother will fuck you good! Ooohhh, your cock is so hard, darling! Mmmmm, so deep in my cunt! I'm going to fuck you, Joey!"

Joey's eyes were glassy as he looked down at his mother's cunt bouncing energetically on his cock. The fine, soft hair of her pussy smashed at the wiry tuft at the base of his prick. He could see the pink lips of her cunt sucking up on his cock, leaving it wet and glistening with pussy juices.

Brenda cried out as she bounced up and down, her face contorted with the overwhelming rapture. She plunged her cunt up and down in a way that made Joey wonder why it didn't hurt. He lay still on the floor, his cock being consumed by his mother's wet, fiery cunt, his eyes watching everything. He saw his mother's swollen clit, the tip scraping along the shaft of his cock. Brenda fucked in a frenzy, jerking her ass up very high.

She began pulling completely off his cock, only to plunge onto it with perfect aim, and Joey's eyes almost closed with ecstasy. The muscles of Brenda's creamy thighs rippled with her effort, her ass smacking down onto his hairless balls. She moaned and grunted and sobbed as rapture grew hotly within her cunt.

"Fuck me, fuck me!" he moaned.

"I am fucking you!" Brenda cried out. "Mother is fucking your hard cock good! Mother's hot, wet cunt is eating your hard cock, baby! Mother's hot pussy is going to suck your cock off… make you come! I want to feel that sweet, hot cum-juice squirting into my cunt!"

Smashing down hard, Brenda pressed her pussy at the base of his cock, grinding back and forth, feeling his precious balls sliding at the crack of her ass. She squealed and cried, moaned and whimpered. Her tits thrust out with hard nipples, her eyes glazed as she looked down into his young face.

"Do you like it, Joey?" she asked huskily. "Do you like for me to fuck you this way?"

"Yeah, Mother!" he groaned. "Fuck me! Oooooh, I can see your cunt fucking my cock! My balls feel so full and I bet I'm gonna come a fucking gallon in your hairy cunt!"

"Do it! Ohhh, my God, do it, darling!"

For a few moments longer, Brenda banged up and down her son's cock, then she sobbed. "I want to suck it, Joey! I want your cock in my mouth!"

Before Joey could respond, Brenda yanked her cunt off his prick and twisted about feverishly. She lowered her face and ran her tongue along the cunt-wet shaft of his cock, swirling it about as she whimpered with ecstasy. She closed her lips around his smooth, swollen cockhead, and sucked his cock inward, bringing the heat into her throat.

"Ohhh, Mother!" Joey gasped. "Suck me! Suck my cock!"

Brenda dived her mouth up and down, sucking in a frenzy, her lips tight and her tongue licking. She curled her fingers about his sweet, full balls and squeezed them, slipping her other hand beneath his ass to squeeze one ass cheek. Then she lifted one knee, sliding it over her son's face. Joey gazed into his mother's cunt and ass, rushing his hands to those lovely, shapely ass cheeks. He watched his mother's cunt drip that sugary sweetness, her asshole puckering. Before he could lift his mouth to her cunt, Brenda rammed it into his face, still sucking hungrily at his cock.

Joey began to lick and suck at his mother's juicy cunt with greed, his nose pressing at her hot asshole. Brenda sucked faster yet on his cock, ramming her pussy up and down, rubbing it into her son's sucking mouth. She sobbed and gurgled with delight, pulling and twisting at his young balls, she sucked with a greed that surprised both her and Joey. Joey's fingers moved down into his mother's crotch, and he parted her hairy cunt lips with them in an effort to get his tongue deeper. He lifted his hips as his mother's mouth came down, and he began to fuck her sucking mouth.

Brenda's lips smashed at the base of his cock, becoming bruised, but she didn't care; she loved the way her lips were crushed by his cock going into her throat. The hard taste of his prick in her mouth, with his tongue licking so hungrily at her hairy pussy, made Brenda's almost naked body tremble with a wildness of abandonment, of wicked, wanton rapture.

The hunger they both felt was powerful. Joey raced his tongue in and out of his mother's cunt, then closed his lips about her clit and sucked on it, stretching it, trying to pull it into his throat. His mother clutched his ass and began to pull his hips upward as her mouth went down, forcing her son to fuck her mouth. The hot hardness gliding between her lips sent a wild, feverish ecstasy through her body. She made sure her nipples rubbed at his lower stomach as she sucked at his prick. Releasing his balls, she grabbed the cheeks of his ass and pulled his hips upward, wishing she could get his cock deep into her throat. She wiggled and thrashed her ass about, grinding into his face with mindless delight, smearing it with the seeping juices.

The seeping juices dripping out of his piss hole coated her tongue, exciting her, making her swallow with thirst. Her lips pulled hard at his cock, from the base to the head, her tongue in constant, rapid movement. Her cunt swelled and burned at her son's sucking mouth, his tongue flying between his slippery lips. His mouth was so wide, the bottom one smashing into her inflamed clit while his top lip pressed at her fiery asshole. Joey sucked the juices from his mother's cunt, stilt puffing her hairy cunt wide with the tips of his fingers. He could inhale the intoxicating scent of her asshole.

Brenda drew her knees upward, smashing her cunt faster and harder into his mouth. She was moaning and crying with her hungry desperation to have his cum-juice gushing into her mouth. She squealed about his cock, her cunt suddenly contracting with a shattering orgasm. She smashed it as hard as she could into her son's mouth, and Joey felt her pussy grabbing at his tongue.

He arched his hips upward, the urge to push strong. His mother's wet, hot mouth sucked all the harder, and then Joey came. Brenda groaned as her mouth filled with the hot sweetness. She loved the way it splashed along her tongue and against her throat, burning so deliciously. She gulped and swallowed quickly, not wanting to lose any of that precious cum-juice. Her cunt kept bursting with a series of orgasms that drove her wilder and wilder. She sucked hard on her son's spewing prick, drinking the thick cum juice down swiftly, her tongue licking, her nose now pressed into his writhing balls, her mouth trying to devour every inch of his pulsating, spurting young cock.

The more her son came into her mouth, the stronger her orgasms became. She smashed her cunt hard into his face, grinding with frantic orgasms. When her cunt slipped across Joey's chin, he rammed his tongue up his mother's asshole quickly, feeling her tight ass ring suck at it. Brenda cried out as she felt her son's tongue pressed into her ass hole, and she gulped his thick, hot cum-juice down her throat with her lips pressed hard at his cock base. She held him this way while he finished, and then pulled her lips upward, holding only his cockhead between them, licking her tongue about his piss hole, taking the final taste of his jism.


Brenda felt as if she was getting more cock than ever in her life before. Her son seemed to have a perpetual hard-on, and she loved it.

Joey loved to look up her dress, and Brenda was amused by it, excited, even. She loved to have him peek at her, and went out of her way to tease and entice him. She sat in ways that allowed him to look up between her thighs. And where she had always squatted to pick something off the floor, or dust some low place, she now held her legs straight, bending from the waist, knowing her skirt would lift and her son could peek. It was a game they both enjoyed. Sometimes she would wear a pair of erotic looking panties, and sometimes she would be naked under her dresses or skirts.

Usually, after a half-hour or so of this tantalizing, she and her son wound up fucking wherever they happened tote. They fucked in every room of the house, including the garage. It excited them to fuck in unusual places. She had to make him return to school though, despite his protests. She, too, would rather have had him home, but he needed his education. In any event, summer vacation was only a few more weeks away, and then they could be together twenty-four hours a day, without a break.

Joey no longer slept in his room, but with her in her bed. When they shopped, he was always holding her hand, the way an affectionate lover would. People would smile at them, seeing this affection between a mother and a son.

She particularly enjoyed having her son touch her in the supermarket. She loved it when he would stroke her ass with a quick touch, or squeeze her tit. Sometimes they were almost caught, and it would send them into peals of giggles. Brenda didn't care if someone saw her son feeling her up, but key was bashful.

He found her vibrator one evening, and after puzzling over it, Brenda explained what it was for. Immediately Joey wanted to watch her use it, and Brenda, feeling more and more exhibitionistic, obliged him. She undressed and lay on the bed naked, legs open, and rubbed her cunt and tits with the vibrator, finally shoving it into her cunt and fucking herself to orgasm.

"I think a cock is best, though," she told him, kissing her pussy-wet vibrator and placing it on the floor as she offered her cunt to him. "A cock is best of all."

Joey, his cock rearing up very hard after seeing his mother use the vibrator, plunged into her cunt quickly, and fucked her with frantic haste, coming fast and filling her cunt.

Later, with her son lying on the bed, she used the vibrator on him, rubbing it about his balls and cock, up and down the crack of his ass. Joey found it pleasurable, and as his cock grew, his mother jerked it with her fist while still using the vibrator on his balls. When he came, it was a gush. Brenda squealed as the cum-juice spurted from his cock and hurriedly closed her lips about his cockhead, drinking his cum-juice down swiftly still jerking his cock.

Then one afternoon when he came home from school, he found his mother in the bedroom, her clothing off, her ass high in the air with her knees drawn beneath her body. Her head and shoulders were on the bed, and she had the vibrator moving in and out of her bushy cunt.

"Couldn't you wait for me, Mother?" he asked, placing his books on the floor and removing his clothing, watching her fuck herself.

"I got hot," she answered. "I was thinking about your cock and got so hot, I had to do it."

She kept moving the vibrator in and out of her cunt. Joey watched it, her brown asshole puckering just above it. His cock was standing up by the time he removed, the last of his clothing, and he jumped onto the bed with his mother.

"You better move it," he said, "because my cock is going in, Mother."

"Up my ass!" Brenda moaned.

"Up your ass?"

"Oh, yes, Joey!" she gurgled. "Don't you want to fuck me up my ass? Do it, honey. You'll love it, I promise you. You'll love to fuck Mother in that hot asshole!"

"Won't it hurt?"

"It will make me come, that's what it will do," she moaned softly, working the vibrator into her cunt. "I can use the vibrator in my cunt and you can fuck me in the ass. It will be almost like getting fucked by two cocks at the same time."

Joey laughed, leaning over and licking his tongue along the crack of his mother's ass. He tasted her asshole by swiping the flat surface of his tongue along it, then worked it into her ass ring. Brenda gave a pleased yelp and rammed the vibrator in and out of her cunt faster.

For a moment, Joey tongue-fucked his mother in her asshole, then withdrew his tongue. He kissed her small, hot ass pucker, then stood on his knees behind her, his cock straining.

Brenda lifted her ass a bit more, sliding her hands past her hips and grasping the creamy cheeks of her ass. She pulled, opening her ass up for her son, waiting breathlessly. The vibrator lay on the bed between her knees, available when she wanted it.

Joey bumped the head of his cock against his mother's ass, making her gasp softly. He stared down, his eyes hot and big as he rubbed the dripping head of hits cock up and down her ass crack, from his mother's cunt to her whole. The heat seared his prick, causing Joey to hold his breath. Finally he placed the head of his cock upon his mother's tight asshole. Brenda pulled harder at the cheeks as her son began to exert pressure. When she felt her asshole opening, stretching, she gave a little sob of anticipation.

"Ooooh, yes"

Brenda bowed her back, her ass jutting high. Joey's cock pushed inward, his eyes watching as his smooth prick head began to slide into the fiery tightness. Brenda pushed backward, and his cockhead moved into her ass.

"Ohhh, baby, baby!" she sighed as her asshole stretched.

Joey felt his mother's asshole holding his cock hard. The sensations overwhelmed him for a moment, and he rested there, enjoying the tightness around his cock. But Brenda wasn't waiting. She slowly moved her ass backwards, her asshole sliding onto his throbbing cock. Joey gasped with delight as he watched his prick sinking into his mother's ass, her ass ring stretched wide.

"Oh, that's good, Joey!" Brenda cried out softly. "Your cock feels so big in my ass! It feels so very good, honey!"

Joey felt his mother squeeze her asshole about his cock as she pushed back. Then her ass pressed against his lower stomach and his cock was buried as far as it would go. Brenda's asshole kept squeezing him, and Joey held his mother's hips with tight hands. Her asshole gripped the base of his prick, and his balls rested against her fiery, wet cunt. Neither of them moved for a long, breathless moment, and finally Brenda dropped her hands, shoving one between her legs and pulling his balls tightly to her clit. She tried to stuff his balls up her pussy, but they kept slipping out.

"It's so tight, Mother!" Joey gasped, digging into her hips. "Your ass is very tight."

"Oh, fuck it, Joey!" Brenda whimpered, wiggling her uplifted ass in a wanton manner. "Fuck that tight ass hole, baby!"

She lifted her vibrator and worked it into her cunt, deeply. She moaned with the stuffing sensation of her cunt and ass hole together. She moved the vibrator back and forth, fucking herself with it.

"Fuck me!" she urged in a hot voice. "Oh, Joey, fuck me up the ass! Please, baby, please! Fuck my ass!"

They gave in to the ecstasy.

Holding his mother's hips, be began stabbing his cock back and forth. Brenda cried out in rapture as she rammed the vibrator into her cunt, pulling it out as her son's cock drove into her asshole. Then she fucked herself inward with his cock going in at the same time. She tossed her naked ass about with excitement, the ring gripping her son's cock, flexing around it time and again. Whipping her ass in small circles, she rammed it back and forth to meet his plunging prick.

But then the vibrator fell from her cunt, forgotten as her son's cock penetrated her asshole faster and faster. She wiggled and thrashed her ass about, gurgling and crying out. She shot her hands past her head and her fingers clawed at the sheets, her mouth open as she gasped with the increasing ecstasy. Her asshole felt stuffed, on fire, and she loved the sensations, her cunt throbbed wetly and her clit begged each forward thrust of her son's cock up her ass shoved her body forward, scraping her tits on the sheet. The harder and deeper his cock went, the better Brenda loved it.

"Ram it up my asshole!" she yelped. "Ohhh, fuck that hot asshole! Give my asshole that big, hard cock, Joey! I love it, baby! I love your hard cock up my ass! Fuck me, fuck me with that hard cock! Fuck my asshole good!"

The friction of her son's cock sliding in and out of her asshole was hot, very hot. She tried to relax, to let her asshole open for him, but it was impossible. She was much too excited, her asshole kept a tight grip about his sliding prick.

Joey panted and panted above his mother's thrashing ass. His eyes stared down, gazed in lust, watching as she rammed her ass back and forth. He could have stood still, let his mother fuck his cock with her asshole, but his excitement was as great as hers. He pounded into her ass hard, brutally, his balls swinging and beating against the hairy, puffy lips of her cunt. His balls were slippery with the dripping juices of her pussy, and Brenda's cunt was so juicy, her inner thighs glistened.

"Ooooh, you're going to make me come, baby!" she groaned loudly. "My cunt is on fire and my asshole is so big! I'm going to come, Joey! Ohh, fuck me harder! Give Mother your big, beautiful cock, Joey! Fuck my asshole faster… faster! I'm so close to coming!"

Her tits swelled. Her stomach rippled, and her cunt seemed to expand. Her asshole clung tightly to his stabbing cock. Brenda's eyes closed and her mouth hung open, her fingers digging into the sheets as the fiery ecstasy grew and grew until she was almost out of her mind.

The sensations of taking her son's cock into her asshole made her forget about her vibrator. It lay on the bed between her parted knees. Her cunt was twitching, her pussy lips feeling about to burst. His balls beat back and forth against her pussy, his cock delving deep and fast. Crazily, the image of a Boy Scout starting a fire came into her brain. The more her son fucked into her asshole, the hotter it felt. She strained her head forward, shoving her ass tight against him.

"I'm coming!" she screamed. "Oh, my God! I'm coming! It's so strong, Joey! God… this is heaven!"

Joey, feeling his mother's asshole gripping at his cock, squeezing it, shoved deep, holding himself there! He lifted his head, his young face contorted. His balls drew up and became tight, then started to writhe.

"I'm gonna come, Mother!"

"Yes, yes!" she screamed, her ass twisting. The burst of cum-juice from her son's cock blistered the walls of her ass. Brenda screamed again as she felt his creamy cum-juice splashing into her asshole. Her cunt contracted tighter than ever, her orgasm intense. Although her cunt was in overpowering spasms of ecstasy, she still felt her son's cock spewing his sweet jism into her asshole.

"More! Give me more!" Brenda wailed, mindless in passion.

Joey squirted time and again, the cum-juice flying out of his piss hole powerfully, filling his mother's ass. Each time her cunt convulsed, it caused her asshole to grab his cock. It was almost as if his mother was sucking his cock off with her asshole. The gripping beat flexed and pulled at his cock base, and Joey wondered if his balls would be pulled into his mother's ass. "Mother… your ass… your asshole… ohhhh, gosh, Mother!!"

"Give it to me, darling!" she cried. "Ohhhhh, baby, give my asshole all that wonderful, sweet cum-juice!"

Brenda sucked at her son's cock with her asshole, draining his young balls. As her orgasm faded, she felt weak, her knee starting to slide outward. With a well-satisfied moan, she shoved her feet back and laid on her stomach, Joey's cock pulling from her asshole and dangling. He was still on his knees between her thighs, looking at the pretty cheeks of her ass quivering.

Then he lay on top of her, cupping her tits in his hands, feeling his mother's rounded ass pressing at his stomach. He kissed the back of her neck, licking her flesh with his tongue.

After a few moments, Brenda turned, causing her son to slide off and onto his back. She sat up, giggling. She cupped his cock and balls, fondling them tenderly.

"I've never been fucked up the ass before," she confessed.

Joey grinned lazily. "Now you have," he said.

"I want it that way again, baby," she said, then leaned over to kiss his balls. She held his balls in her palm and smeared them against her lips. The sudden desire to suck his cock came over her, and with a soft moan, she closed her lips about his prick. That it had just been inside her asshole didn't bother her. On the contrary, it excited her tremendously. It was so wicked, so perverse, to have his cock inside her mouth just after fucking her up the ass, she felt herself swell with lust. Joey looked down at his mother as she sucked and mouthed his cock. He loved to watch his mother suck him, loved seeing his cock, inside her mouth. With his cock relaxed, Brenda had no trouble taking both his cock and balls into her mouth, but as his cock hardened, she had to let his balls go. Then she sucked hard bobbing her mouth up and down swiftly, making soft sounds of pleasure.

She rubbed and clung to his balls tightly. Her eyes were closed as she sucked her expression dreamy. His cock swelled into a full hardness again, stretching her lips in the way she loved. The hot hardness sliding in and out of her mouth seemed to transmit ecstasy straight to her cunt, making her clit strain outward again. She sat at his side, one leg tucked beneath her ass, the other straight out, leaning over and sucking hungrily.

"Suck it, Mother!" Joey urged, placing his hand on the back of her head. "Suck my cock! Suck me off… make me come in your cocksucking mouth, Mother!"

Brenda's pulses raced. She loved it when her son talked to her that way while she fucked or sucked him. It increased her already overheated desires. It didn't matter if she came this time or not; she was sucking his cock out of love and appreciation because he had fucked her up the ass. She was sucking him off because she loved to suck cock, loved to taste that hot, sweet, cum-juice spurting into her throat.

She whimpered and sobbed with delight, worrying his cock with her lips and tongue. Darting her mouth down. She smashed her lips at the base, his small tuft of cock hair tickling them. She pressed his balls against her cheek, twisting her head so she could look into his blazing eyes. Brenda loved to see her son's expression of rapture when he came. Her lips writhed as her tongue worked, demanding hungrily, urging him to shoot his cum-juice into her mouth.

Joey twisted his hips, arching his ass up, driving his cock as deep into his mother's mouth as he could. His cock head was slipping past her throat, and Brenda gurgled with pleasure. She felt his cock throbbing hard, the sign he was about to come. Again she bounced her face up and down, fucking his cock with her mouth in a frenzy of pleasure. Joey held his hips up, his eyes wobbling as the sweet sensation of impending discharge rumbled through his young body.

Brenda sucked as hard as she could, straining to pull his thick jism out of his precious young balls.

"Now, Mother!" Joey yelped.

Brenda squealed, there's hot cum-juice boiling into her mouth, squirt after squirt. It spattered her throat, and even as she swallowed thirstily, she kept her lips riding up and down, sucking as hard as she could. His cum-juice burned into her throat, making Brenda's mind reel with delight. The hot, thick sensation sent her cunt into pulsing wetness. She came close to coming herself, but her orgasm receded before it could explode. She didn't mind. Her pleasure at the moment was sucking his cock off, tasting his hot cum juice spurting into her mouth, down her throat.


Joey was a fantastic fuck, but he was still a young boy, with a young boy's pleasures.

She sat watching him.

Joey was on the floor, wearing a pair of cut-off jeans. One of his legs was straight out, the other bent at the knee, his chin resting on it as he looked at a comic book on the floor.

She noticed the head of Joey's cock was showing from the fringes of his cut-offs. He didn't seem to know his cock was sticking out. There was something delicious about looking at his exposure when he wasn't aware of it. It was almost like peeking secretly at someone. Remembering the pleasure her son got from peeking up her dress, she understood it now. She had never thought of herself as a peeper, but she saw how much fun it could be.

She leaned back on the couch, stretching her long legs out, feet open. With slitted eyes, she gazed at his cock, letting her fantasies flow. She found herself wondering what it would be like to see his cock sliding into some little cunt, some pretty little pussy without hair. She saw, in her mind, a fine, pink slit of some little girl opening to her son's cock. It would be beautiful, she thought, to watch him and a sweet little girl fucking, enjoying themselves in sex play.

"I see your cock," she said softly. Joey drew his eyes from the comic and looked between his legs. He then looked up at his mother, giggling. "I can almost see your cunt, too."

"Take a good look," she said, throwing her feet wide open and lifting her skirt.

"Aw, shit," Joey said. "You've got panties on, Mother."

"Don't you like to see me in panties?"

"Sure, sometimes," he replied, his cock swelling out of his cut-offs.

Brenda bunched her skirt at her waist and rubbed a fingertip along the crotch of her tight panties, feeling the lip's of her heated cunt. Her eyes took on a hot expression as she watched his cock grow out of his cut-offs. The dark hair of her pussy was revealed through her thin panties, forming a perfect fan-shape. She pulled strands of pussy hair from the sides of her panties, playing with it.

Joey crawled on his hands and knees toward her, his eyes burning with delight upon her crotch. Pushing his head between his mother's thighs, he kissed and licked the limier surfaces, working his mouth close to her cunt.

"Mmmmmm, I can feel the heat already," he said.

Brenda giggled and grabbed her son's head, puffing his face into her crotch and smashing it there. "How's the heat now?"

Joey moved his face up and down into his mother's cunt. He tasted the wetness seeping through her panties, and darted his tongue out. He lapped up and down her crotch, tasting her cunt through her panties. Brenda squeezed her creamy thighs about his head, capturing him.

Joey, playfully, bit at his mother's clit, causing her to throw her legs wide open.

"You're not supposed to bite it," she said. "Eating cunt don't mean you really eat it."

Joey took another quick nip, making his mother yelp and push his face away.

"Stop biting my cunt," she said, but not with anger. "You're supposed to kiss it and lick it, not bite it."

"Like this?" he asked, and swiped his tongue up and down the crotch of her panties.

"Like that," she purred softly, pushing her pussy into his face and grinding slowly. "I bet you can suck my cunt through my panties."

"I bet I can suck your cunt any way you want, Mother," he replied.

Joey ran his tongue up and down the stretched nylon of her panties, tasting the wetness seeping, through. He swirled his tongue along the edge, through her soft pussy hair, and tasted the smoothness of her flesh. He pressed his face downward, licking at the swells of her as, then probing his tongue toward her asshole.

"Would you like for me to take my panties off?" she asked, her voice becoming husky.

Joey didn't answer. Instead, he pulled at his mother's panties with his own hands, sliding them down her hips. Joey turned inside out at her thighs, and Joey ran his tongue into her wet crotch.

"That's second-hand cunt, baby," she laughed.

"But nice, Mother," he answered, and closed his lips about her clit, sucking on it as his tongue flicked the tip.

"Ooooh, that's good, Joey!" Brenda squealed softly, thrusting her pussy into her son's mouth tightly. "Suck me, baby! Suck Mother's clit!"

Stuffing her panties off, Joey parted his mother's cunt, gazing at the wet pinkness. Her dark cunt hair excited him, the wetness of her pussy making his eyes glaze. He shoved his lips to her cunt and kissed it, then smeared his mouth up and down. His tongue shot out and into his mother's pussy, and as he darted it in and out, Brenda make yelping sounds and drew her knees up and to her tits. Joey ran his hands up and down the back of his mother's thighs, kissing and licking at her cunt and asshole feverishly. He circled her asshole with his lips and sucked hard, his tongue wiggling at the sensitive pucker. "Ohhh, keep it up. Keep that up and I'll…"

Joey jerked his mouth away from her asshole. "Or you'll what, Mother?"

She giggled lewdly. "I was going to say shit, but I won't."

"Mother, I won't ever lick your asshole again if you do," Joey said, meaning it.

"Honey, I'm only teasing," she replied. "I'd never do anything you wouldn't enjoy, you know that."

Joey gazed into his mother's cunt. Her pussy lips were puffy, surrounded by her soft hair. "I don't think I'd care if you pissed, but no shitting, Mother."

Brenda's breath caught in her chest. "Piss?"

Joey nodded his head, his eyes serious.

"Joey, are you sure?"

"I think so," he said. "I'd like to see you piss, Mother. I don't think I'd mind at all if you pissed on me… pissed in my face."

Brenda stared at her son, but the idea was exciting. She tried to imagine how it would feel to have him pissing into her face. It couldn't be any different than pushing her face under a shower head, she thought. But in this case, it would be his cock ramming into her face. She wondered where her son got the idea of pissing.

When she asked him Joey reached into his hip pocket and pulled out a folded piece of paper. Brenda looked at it. It was a picture from a magazine. The young woman was squatting, knees open, pissing onto the grass, griming wantonly toward the camera.

"Where did you get this?"

"At school," Joey said. "One of the guys gave it to me."

Brenda looked at the picture for a long time, seeing all the details of the young woman's cunt. The picture was old, as if taken many years before. It was black and white, but the girl was quite pretty in an old-fashioned sort of way.

"Do you want me to do this for you?" she asked.

"Would you, Mother?" he asked excitedly. His cock was sticking out of his cut-offs in full hardness, and as he stood on his knees before her, Brenda looked at it, licking her lips hungrily.

"Of course I would," she said her voice whispery with passion. "You know I would, baby. When do you want me to do it – now?"

"Would you?" he asked excitedly.

Brenda giggled suddenly. The idea of pissing for her son was exciting, but she felt a little embarrassed. Holding his cock that first time while he pissed was different, somehow. She noticed the eager expression on her son's face. If he wanted to watch her piss, she would piss for him.

Brenda ran her hands through the curly hair of her cunt, feeling the tingling of her cuntlips. She didn't feel the need to piss, she realized, her eyes moved from his expectant face to his throbbing cock. Joey was staring at her pussy as if seeing it for the first time. To overcome her unexplained shyness, Brenda rubbed at her clit for a moment, then squeezed the puffy lips of her cunt together. Joey stood on his knees between her legs, his hands resting on her flesh half-way up her slim thighs, his eyes blazing upon her cunt. He wanted to see her piss so badly, she realized. She also realized she was going to piss for him, sitting right there on the couch.

"Now, honey?" she asked again, her voice a breathless whisper.

"Gosh, yes, Mother!" he replied, his own voice husky. "Please, piss for me!"

Brenda pulled her cunt open, lifting her hips slightly, opening her legs even more. Joey gazed with glassy eyes at it, his hands trembling with anticipation. His cock jerked up and down, hard and stiff.

A quick spurt of golden piss dribbled from her cunt. Joey sucked in hit breath. Brenda felt a slight blush creep over her face, but she felt an intense, perverse excitement, too. She released another spurt of piss, and it arched up a few inches, then splttered to the floor, just missing the head of his cock.

"Look at it!" Joey gasped.

"You look at it, baby," she whispered.

A hot stream erupted from her cunt, splashing along Joey's stomach. Brenda gasped and quickly cut it off.

"Oh, no, Mother!" he urged. "Please, piss! Don't stop!"

The blush that had started on her face faded away, replaced by a sweet feeling of erotic rapture. Brenda spread the hairy lips of her cunt wider lifting her ass a bit more, and sent a golden stream of hot piss across her son's stomach. It ran down his flesh and matted the small tuft of hair at the base of his cock, drenching his balls. Joey moaned in delight as he gazed at his mother's cunt, feeling her hot piss against his skin. He lifted his cock, placing his cockhead into the stream.

"Ooooh, it's so hot, Mother!" he moaned. "I feel like I could come."

"I don't mind," she mewled softly, spraying his lower body with hot piss.

She could see it dripping off his balls, and the sight sent tremors of feverish ecstasy through her. She made the stream stronger, listening to the hissing of it, watching it spatter his body.

"Come if you want to, Joey. Always come if you want to."

Joey moved his hands up his mother's thighs, his fingers toying with the hair of her cunt, watching the golden piss spurt from it. His eyes were big, and his small body was shaking with excitement. His prick was very hard, glistening with the hot piss of his mother. His balls were drawn up with full hardness, clear juices dripping from his piss hole. He angled his prick closer, his cock head following the stream.

"Oh, Mother!" he groaned.

And with a quick thrust, he drove his cock into her cunt. Brenda gasped with the suddenness of it, her piss halted. Joey's hands dug into her hips as he began to pound his cock back and forth, fucking her with a frenzy of stabbing motions.

"Ohhh, baby!" Brenda mewled. "Give it to me, Joey! Ohhh, fuck me, baby!"

Her hands shot to his shoulders, her fingers digging into his flesh, her hips jerking up and down to meet the plunging of his cock. The hot piss made wet sounds, her thighs tightening and loosening about his hips. The feel of piss on them enhanced the ecstasy somehow, and Brenda thrashed her cunt up and down just as violently as her son ran his cock into it.

"Fuck it! Fuck it!" Brenda wailed. "Fuck it! Fuck it! Fuck it! Fuck it… fuck it."

Joey pounded into her cunt so hard, her tits jerked, her nipples pointing upward. The wet sounds of his cock driving in and out of her cunt sent shivers of wild pleasure about her flesh. Her eyes slitted as she hissed and gasped with the power of his cock.

"Ohhhh, you'll make me come so soon, darling!" she sobbed.

"Me, too!" he grunted, going deep, his balls smashing at her ass. "Me, too!"

"Deeper, Joey! Ohhh, baby, go deep!"

Her cunt was gripping his cock with wet tightness, her hairy cuntlips squeezing. Joey shoved his hands to her tits, clutching them and squeezing, making her nipples bulge more. The slight pain only increased Brenda's sensational ecstasy. His cock felt bigger than ever inside her, stretching her pussy wide, the friction making her mind reel with rapture. The pounding her cunt was taking might have been painful under different circumstances, but at the moment it was the greatest feeling, the most fantastic fuck ever.

With a scream, Brenda came.

The orgasm shot through her without warning, searing her from head to toe. Her legs jerked outward, spreading wide as she strained her contracting cunt onto her son's cock. The rippling wet waves of her pussy sucked greedily at Joey's cock, and he screwed his face with agonized ecstasy.

"Come!" Brenda screamed. "Come in my cunt, damn you! Come now! Fill Mother's cunt with hot cum-juice, Joey!"

With a grunt and a push, Joey came.

His cum-juice gushed from his prick and deep into his mother's squeezing cunt. Brenda screamed again as she felt it, felt the throbbing of his cock, the spraying juice along the velvety walls of her hungry cunt. Her hips smashed upward, the hairy lips of her pussy sucking wildly at the base of his prick, as if it were a hot mouth sucking him off. Brenda's head fell back, her eyes tightly closed, her mouth open as she began to make choking sounds. Her hips jerked in a spastic way, her orgasm shooting through her in a series of explosions that shattered her completely.

With a long, drawn-out sigh, she went limp. Her hands fell from his shoulders to the couch, her legs loose. The gripping of her cunt released his cock, and it dropped free, dangling along the crack of her ass. Joey gave a sob and fell across his mother's body, sucking air greedily, his arms around her waist. Brenda lifted her hands and caressed up and down his back, realizing he still had his cut-offs on. Slowly, they breathed easier.

"That was wild, Joey," she said softly as he lifted from her.

"It was great, Mother."

"Seeing me piss did that to you?"

Joey nodded. "When I saw that picture I almost came, too."

Brenda sat up, pulling him against her tits, hugging him tightly. "Then I'm just going to have to piss for you all the time. I loved that fuck, darling! It was fantastic, and I thought I'd never stop coming."


Summer vacation was approaching quickly. Brenda was not at all bored now. During the day while her son was in school, she found her self with time on her hands as before, but she certainly wasn't bored. She thought of Joey constantly, but as a lover instead of a son.

Joey seemed to enjoy using the vibrator more than she, plunging it into her cunt and asshole while she writhed and twisted with ecstasy. At times, he became almost sadistic, but so far it felt good. He had not deliberately harmed her, but his enthusiasm sometimes caused her to wonder.

The days had become almost routine. Joey would come home from school, and immediately after putting his books down, would drag out his cock, and usually it was hard and ready for her. She would slide her panties off, if she was wearing any that day, and they would fuck with abandon an the floor. Then they would each shower, have an early dinner, and spend the rest of the evening touching, whispering like lovers, sucking and fucking again. Then at night, in her bed, they would fuck once more, or eat each other, before finally going to sleep. Then, in the morning before getting out of bed, they would fuck again.

Brenda certainly wasn't complaining, but her cunt felt sore and bruised often. But still, even that felt good to her.

Joey had been talking about fucking in unusual places, and that excited her tremendously, yet she had reservations. Brenda found it thrilling to fuck with the possibility of being seen by strangers, but she wasn't sure how she would feel if it actually happened. He wanted to drive up into the mountains and fuck her in the forest, with the sun beating down on them. He wanted to fuck her in the cool river, or even the back yard. Brenda refused all those requests up to now, but Joey was insistent and she was weakening.

When Joey came home, she met him at the door. She had on a garter belt and nylons, with high-heeled shoes she was complete. Otherwise, Joey's eyes went wide with pleasure when he saw his mother. Brenda closed the door, one hand on her hip, the other behind her head, posing in what she considered a seductive, tempting posture. The dark hair of her pussy gleamed, and her legs were beautiful in her nylons.

"See anything interesting, big boy?" she teased, tossing her hips sexily.

"I see a lot that's interesting, Mother," he grinned at her, sliding out of his shirt, then his pants. "A whole lot of interesting things."

"What are you going to do about them?" she asked, turning and waggling her ass.

"Fuck the shit out of you, that's what I'm gonna do, Mother!"

"Is that a promise, darling?" She looked over her shoulder at himm with smoldering eyes half slitted. She bunched the cheeks of her ass tightly for his pleasure. "Or a threat?"

"Whatever," he said, his cock stiff and pointed.

"Mmmmmmm, either way, I'll take it," Brenda purred, leaning aver at the waist to touch her toes. "Either place, too."

Joey gazed at her, seeing the pink wetness of his mother's cunt framed by her dark, soft pussy hair, the tightness of her asshole. Brenda spread her feet on the floor, the back of her head brushing the front door as she peered at him between her knees.

"Cunt or ass, darling," she whispered, her eyes fixed upon his jerking cock. "Take your choice."

"How about both, Mother?"

"Mmmm, I'd love that."

Joey stepped to his mother's spreading ass. He touched her satiny asscheeks, caressing the flesh, feeling the heat radiating against his palms. He cupped his mother's asscheeks for a moment, then stroked his finger up and down her hot, inviting ass crack, feeling her asshole, then her cunt.

Brenda remained bent over, slipping a hand between her legs to grasp his hairless balls. She twisted and pulled them, making her son moan with delight. She closed two fingers about the base of his cock, and rubbed his cockhead along the slit of her juicy cunt, then against her asshole.

Joey gazed down, watching where she put the head of his cock. Brenda rubbed it from her cunt to her asshole, then down again. She mewled softly, feeling the blood rushing to her head. Her cunt was pulsating wetly, and her asshole was puckering, sucking inward as she anticipated the plunge of her son's cock into either her cunt or her asshole.

She wanted it now, but she waited while Joey decided where to stick his cock. Joey moved his hands up his mother's creamy smooth back, leaning on her ass to cup and squeeze her hard tits. Brenda watched his cock slide through the thick curls of her pussy, and tried to lift her mouth to it, her tongue sticking out.

"Now, Joey!" she hissed. "Fuck me now, darling!"

Joey lifted up, looking down at the spreading of his mother's ass. He pulled his cock upward, and with a single thrust, drove it into her cunt hard. Brenda gasped as she watched his balls smack into the hair of her cunt. She grabbed them, pulling and twisting as her son banged into her pussy, fast and with short strokes. She began making squealing sounds, finding her position exciting.

"Ohhh, God, this is good, baby!" she moaned.

Joey rammed hard, and Brenda's head banged against the door. She didn't feel it, though. She could see her soil's cock sliding in and out of her cunt, and being able to watch him fuck her made her naked body shake, her cunt expanding and closing around his prick.

"Your cunt sure is hot and wet today, Mother!" Joey panted as he pounded in and out, his lower stomach smacking her naked ass.

"My cunt has been hot and wet all fucking day!" she replied. "I just think about you and your sweet cock and I get so fucking hot and wet!"

"How about your ass?" he groaned, and jerked his prick from her cunt swiftly.

"No!" Brenda wailed. Hex cunt felt the sudden loss.

Joey lifted his cock a bit, and without any hesitation, stabbed his mother in the ass.

"Ooohhhh, yes!" she squealed, feeling her asshole stretch around his hot, hard prick. "Fuck that ass, darling! Fuck that tight asshole! Bang me up the fucking ass, Joey!"

Joey rammed his cock hard and deep, and Brenda was sure he was trying to thrust up into her throat. She felt no pain, only a boiling, sweet, ecstasy. The ring of her asshole burned with the sliding friction, her cunt pulsating, her clit bulging with tingling ecstasy. His balls slapped upon her pussy with a wet sound. The burning transmitted itself from her asshole to her cunt, and Brenda began to sob with the amazing sensations. She was feeling an orgasm approaching, and she rammed her ass backwards, but once again Joey jerked his cock free. Again Brenda protested, but then he shot his cock into her cunt, hard.

"Ooohhhh, God, Joey!"

Moving his hips fast, Joey fucked his mother's cunt with grinding power, panting hotly.

"I'm going, to come, baby!" Brenda screamed, ramming her ass back hard, her cunt puffing on his cock. "Oooooh, make me come! Fuck Mother's hot cunt and make me come!"

But Joey yanked his cock out once more, only to thrust it brutally into his mother's asshole again. Brenda was crying with frustration, feeling her orgasm boiling at the surface yet not exploding. It was so good she could hardly stand it.

"Do that!" she cried out. "Fuck my ass, baby! Oooh, fuck my asshole and I'll come!"

Joey rammed hard and deep, and then when his mother screamed with the burst of orgasm, her asshole clutching his cock tightly in squeezing heat, he grunted, sending a gush of cum juice up her ass. While he was still coming, he pulled his cock from her asshole, and quickly shoved his cockhead to her cunt.

But before he could stab into her pussy, a spurt of creamy cum-juice flew from his cock and splashed into his mother's upside-down face. Brenda opened her mouth wide, wanting to catch his boiling cum-juice in her mouth, but Joey rammed his gushing cock into her cunt and sprayed the walls with rapid spurts.

Brenda's orgasm made her weak, and while she was still coming, her knees buckled. She fell to the floor, her son's cock pulling out of her cunt. Joey grabbed it with his fist, and beat back and forth with swift, tight movements. He came and came, splashing the thick cum-juice over his mother's body. Brenda sprawled onto her back, her legs opening and closing as she sobbed with orgasm. His hot cum-juice splashed over her tits and stomach, a few drops striking her chin and lips.

"Oh, God! Ohhh, my God!" Brenda cried, her hips jerking with spastic energy one hand clutching her cunt as she clamped her thighs tightly. "It's not going to stop! Ohhhh, God! It's never going to stop!"

But stop it did. Slowly, she relaxed every muscle in her lovely body loose and tingling.

Joey slumped to his knees, sitting back, his cock dangling relaxed between them. He heaved and sucked in air, his chest puffing in and out.

"What got into you, darling?" she asked, smiling softly at him.

"More like, what got into you, Mother?" he replied.

"I'd say one hell of a hard cock got into me," she laughed lewdly. "I think you just ruined my cunt and asshole, baby."

"Wanna bet?"

"No!" She scrambled from him as he reached for her. "Wait a while, you horny little shit! You're fucking my cunt ragged. Give me a break."

"You're the one opening the door naked," he reminded her.

"I know," Brenda said from across the room. Cum-juice dripped from her cunt and asshole and chin. "I guess I better be more careful."

"You won't," Joey laughed.

"I know," Brenda agreed. "That's just it. I can't resist you. I get to thinking about you during the day, and when it's time for you to come home, I'm so hot I'm ready to fuck the damned door knob!"

Joey picked up his clothing. "I need a shower," he said. "Come wash my back, Mother."

"My pleasure," she said. "I've got cum juice?"

"Just lucky," he grinned.

"I'd say I'm the lucky one," Brenda grinned back at him. "After all, I'm the one getting it… and I love it!"

She scrubbed her son's back as he stood under the shower, but as always it quickly turned to play. She climbed into the shower with him, still in the garter belt and nylons, but removing her shoes first.

Brenda stood behind her son, pressed against him, one hand pulling on his cock, feeling it swell and harden. She cupped his balls with her other hand, cooing into his ear, mouthing lewd words to excite him.

"I'd love to suck it off now," she whispered. "After that great fuck you gave me, I want to reward your sweet cock, baby. I want to take it in my mouth and suck it, lick it, taste that sweet juice dripping out. I want to swallow it and kiss it and love it and make you come down my throat."

"All you have to do is get on your knees, Mother," Joey said, turning in her arms.

He pulled one of her tits into his mouth, sucking strongly, sliding one hand to her ass, the other between her thighs to rub at her bushy cunt.

"Mmmmm, suck it for me," she purred, still clasping his cock tightly in her fist. "I'll suck your cock off, honey. You know Mother will suck that sweet, hard cock anytime you want. God, it's so fucking hard again!"

Joey lifted his mouth off her tit. "Let me fuck your face," he said, huskily. "Mother, let me fuck your mouth."

"Mmmm, by all means," she whispered, dropping to her knees in front of him, her hot lips searing moist kisses down his flesh. His cock probed at her neck, then her chin, and finally her lips.

Joey held his mother's face in his hands, moving his cock past her lips and teeth, feeling her tongue scrape the underside. Brenda wrapped her arms about his hips, her palms holding the tight, young cheeks of his ass. Her head turned upward, her mouth full of his hard, throbbing cock, his balls resting on her chin. She moaned softly as her eyes blazed into his, seeing his pleasure. Joey strained his cock into her throat as he looked down at her. Brenda's lips stretched so hotly and tightly about his cock, it made him tremble.

Holding her face in his hands, Joey began to fuck his mother in the mouth. Brenda squeezed at his ass cheeks, mewling softly with pleasure. The taste of her son's cock, so hard and hot, in her mouth, always thrilled her. He was dripping, and his cock-juices coated her tongue. The taste of that juice only whetted her desire to have the thick, creamy cum juice spurting into her mouth. She allowed her son to hold her face and fuck at her mouth, driving his cock to her throat. She took him comfortably, without choking. His cock was the perfect size for her to suck, with room inside her mouth to use her tongue as she liked.

"Suck it, suck it!" Joey demanded with excitement. "Oh, Mother, suck my cock!"

His balls didn't feel as tight and full as when he came home from school. They swung back and forth, beating at her chin as he drove his cock in and out of her clinging lips. The throbbing heat of his prick sent her mind spinning with erotic pleasure, and she closed her eyes, enjoying the way he fucked into her mouth.

Brenda pulled her knees lip until she was squatting in front of her son. She turned her face up so he could drive his cock as deep as he wanted into her throat. Her eyes opened and sparkled with mischievous delight up into his face. She moved one hand to the shower knob, with her son still running his cock into her mouth. She turned the shower off, and pulled her hand back to his ass. Gently she pulled her mouth off his cock.

"I'm going to piss while I suck you," she said, then swallowed his cock quickly.

As her son fucked her mouth, Brenda began to piss. The hissing of piss excited Joey, and he twisted about to see as best he could. He saw the golden stream splashing on the floor of the shower stall, and began to thrust his cock faster and faster into his mother's mouth.

"You're gonna make me come in your cocksucking mouth, Mother!" Joey yelped. "Ohhhh, I'm gonna come so fucking hard!"

Brenda held her lips as tight as she could about his cock, piss gushing from her cunt. She felt her son's cock knob in a more pronounced way, and then her mouth filled with the boiling sweetness that spewed from it. She moaned, her throat working to swallow his cum-juice. It seemed as if her piss came out stronger as her son came in her mouth, but she wasn't sure. The cum-juice burned at her throat, spraying hotly. She gulped wetly, taking it into her throat with pleasure.

It seemed as if her son came gallons this time. She didn't mind, though. The more he came, the better he loved it. The taste of his cum-juice was like nectar to her, and she liked to feel him come, in her cunt, her asshole, or her mouth. Time and again his cock squirted, and she drank it down, listening to his moans of ecstasy, feeling him grinding into her face. She held the cheeks of his ass tightly, pulling hard against her lips.

The spurting stopped, and Brenda ran her tongue about his softening cockhead, licking up what cum-juice dribbled from his piss hole. Joey still held her face in his hands, watching her as she gulped.

When he was finished coming, Brenda started to pull her mouth off his cock.

"No," he said. "Wait a minute, Mother."


Brenda looked up at him with a questioning expression in her eyes, still holding his cock in her mouth.

Joey had a mischievous expression on his young face, and she felt a sudden shiver of strangeness. His cock softened, and she clung to it with her lips, waiting to see what he was up to.

Then she knew what he was up to Joey began pissing in her mouth.

Brenda's eyes flew wide and she tried to pull away, but Joey grabbed the back of her head and pulled her face forward, his cock deep in her mouth. Brenda moaned in protest, but he held her tightly. The hot piss filled her mouth and she relaxed her lips. The piss dripped from her lips, but his cock was still past her teeth. She tasted his piss, and he held her face so tightly into his crotch, she couldn't pull away. She began to choke, and out of self-preservation, began to swallow his piss.

Brenda was not prepared for what happened next.

Her cunt began to explode with the wildest orgasm, she had ever experienced. Her eyes widened and clouded over with the intensity of her orgasm. She couldn't believe she was coming so hard, so strong. Joey giggled and relaxed his grip on bet head when he realized she wouldn't pull her mouth away.

Brenda's eyes flashed up at him, but they were glazed and unseeing. She was coming so hard, so very hard, and swallowing the hot piss her son spewed down her throat. Her legs trembled and that was when her son let her go. Brenda fell backward, her head against the shower stall, her feet shooting out, legs wide apart, her cunt in mindless spasms of orgasm.

Joey held his cock at the base, and sent hot streams of golden piss about his mother's tits, aiming to her cunt, then up to her tits again. Finally, he pissed right, into her face. Brenda sobbed, her ass writhing as she came and came, not believing the power of it, the ecstasy she was feeling.

"Ohhhh, Joey, Joey!" she gasped as he finished. She watched him shake his cock, feeling the last drops splatter on her belly button. "Oh, my God, you asshole! That was… I don't believe that made me come so fucking hard! It's impossible! What made you piss in my mouth, Joey?"

"I just wanted to," he said, giggling. "Did you like it, Mother?"

"I… ohhhh, yes!"

It was true, she thought. She did enjoy it. Her orgasm had come as a surprise, proof that she had certainly enjoyed her son pissing into her mouth.

Joey climbed from the shower and toweled himself while Brenda turned the shower back on and finished her own bath. The taste of his piss lingered inside her mouth for some time, and she found it pleasant. She toweled herself until her flesh glowed a delicious pink. Her son had walked out in search of a snack, so she went into her bedroom to find something to put on. As she went through her clothing, Brenda realized her most recent purchases had changed somewhat. Now her clothing was more attractive, sensual, designed to draw the eye, to tease and entice. She slipped on a t-shirt, enjoying the way it molded her flawless tits, her nipples protruding sweetly. The shorts she pulled up had ties on the hips, allowing her to be as daring as she wanted.

Pulling the strings from the shorts, she allowed them to open to her waist, exposing the curve of her ass or a bit of pussy hair when she walked. She wouldn't wear them to the supermarket, but they were perfect around the house with her son.

She found him in the kitchen eating a sandwich and drinking a tall glass of milk. He had cut-offs on, nothing else.

"Wipe your mouth," she said. "You've got milk all over your upper lip, baby."

Joey's eyes gleamed as he saw what his mother wore. Brenda flipped one leg open for him, and Joey giggled in pleasure. Brenda prepared herself a sandwich and sat with him, eating slowly. They gazed at each other like two lovers comfortable together, without secrets. Joey was finished eating, and as his mother ate, he tweaked her nipple playfully.

"You sure have pretty tits, Mother," he said.

"I'm glad you like them," she replied. "They belong to you now."

After eating, Brenda wiped off the table and rinsed his glass. Joey sat looking at her, seeing the lovely cheeks of her ass where the shorts didn't quite hide them. He leaned over and pulled her shorts to one side, pressing his lips to his mother's ass, kissing her smooth flesh.

"Mmmmm, you're nice, honey," she purred and arched he ass into his face. "I like to feel your lips on my ass."

Joey dropped to the floor behind his mother, shoving her shorts to one side. He lapped up and down the crack of her ass, probing the tip at the heat of her asshole. Brenda mewled softly and shoved her ass into his face, wiggling it sexily. Joey probed his mother's asshole awhile, lapping from her cunt io the base of her spine. His cock began to swell.

Pulling at his mother's hips, Joey lay back on the kitchen floor, Brenda found herself squatting into his face, her knees bent. She saw his cock inching from his cut-offs, and grasped it with her fist. She pumped his cock and I squirmed her ass into his face, feeling her son's tongue penetrate her tight ass pucker.

Pressing her cunt into his chin, she smashed her ass into his mouth, his tongue deep inside her asshole, wiggling and stabbing. She squeezed his cock hard, making whimpering sounds. Leaning down, she licked her tongue across her son's cock, tasting his piss hole. Dragging the crotch of his cut-offs to one side, she shaved her face into his balls, kissing them hotly as she waggled and squirmed her ass into his face key shoved his hands to his mother's tits, squeezing them through the tight t-shirt.

"Oooh, eat my ass, baby!" she cried softly. "Eat Mother's asshole! Ahhhh, that feels so good! Tongue-fuck Mother in the ass, darling!"

Her shorts, so loose without the ties, were no hindrance to him, and Joey licked at the heat of his mother's ass, tasting the smooth sweetness near her asshole. He pressed his open mouth against her ass pucker and sucked, his tongue twirling. Brenda squealed and rammed her ass into his face hard, twisting in circles. She dragged her tongue up to the head of his cock, taking it between her lips. She cupped his balls in one hand, and jacked the shaft of his cock with the other, sucking on his cock head.

Joey lifted his knees, closing his thighs about his mother's head and pushing his cock deeper into the wet heat of her mouth. Brenda accepted it with delight. When Joey began to pump his cock up and down, fucking her mouth, she squealed and shook her ass into his face with more wanton movements. Joey slipped his tongue to his mother's cunt, swirling it about her clit, finding it knotted with hardness. His tongue went everywhere in her crotch, from her cunt to her asshole, and his sounds sent tingling thrills through her. She mouthed his cock hungrily, pulling her fist away to suck it deeply. Lifting his balls, she rubbed them into her nose while her tongue and throat worked on his cock.

Brenda and her son sucked and licked slowly, enjoying it. Her cunt was bubbling with the most delicious sensations while her son tongued it, darting his tongue in and out, then swirling about her clit, sometimes stretching it to her asshole, then pulling his balls into her mouth. She clutched the cheeks of his tight ass with both hands, letting him shove his cock back and forth. The hardness of his prick made her lips tingle, her mouth water.

Brenda slipped her mouth off his cock. "Honey, fuck me for a while," she whispered, kissing his hairless balls. "I want to feel your cock in my cunt. Fuck me for a little bit. I know you love for me to suck you off, but fuck me for a little while."

Joey pulled his face out of his mother's hairy cunt and turned toward her. Brenda rolled onto her back, opening her legs as he settled between them. She pulled the crotch of her shorts away from her pussy, and Joey inched his cock into her cunt. Brenda gasped with the feeling as always. To her, that first thrust of her son's cock into her cunt was the best of all. She wrapped her arms about him, lifted her legs and crossed her ankles behind his ass. The filling of her cunt by his cock could not compare to any other feeling in the world. She loved the hardness, the way it throbbed, the depth it went.

"God, I love that feeling!" she hissed softly, tossing her cunt up to his prick. "I love to feel your cock up my cunt, Joey."

She pulled her t-shirt up to her neck, and guided his mouth to one of her swollen tits. "Suck my tit and fuck me, Joey. Ooooh, suck hard on my tit and fuck me for a while!"

Joey closed his mouth about his mother's hard nipple, pulling it deep, and plunging his cock in and out of her tight cunt, his balls bouncing against her twisting ass. He squeezed her tit with both hands, making her nipple stand out, sucking at it hungrily.

"Ooooh, that's so good, darling!" she cried out softly, churning her ass up and down. "Your cock is so big and long and it stuffs my cunt so sweetly! Oh, give Mother your cock, Joey! Fuck me with that wonderful cock?"

Joey banged into his mother, crushing the base of his cock onto her hairy pussy lips, bringing peals of delight from Brenda. Her cunt burned with wetness, the liquid sounds of his cock darting in and out sounding loud in the room Joey speeded up, driving his cock in and out of her gripping cunt swiftly.

"Don't come!" Brenda groaned. "Joey, don't come yet! Fuck me hard and fast, but don't come!"

She slammed her pussy hard onto his prick, grinding frantically as the sensations boiled inside it. Her cuntlips felt intensely sensitive, and her clit seemed ready to burst, it was so hard. She bit at his shoulder as her ass revolved wickedly, squealing. Joey pounded into her cunt with such power, he drove the air out of her lungs. The harder he stabbed into her pussy, the better she liked it. She shoved her long legs into the air, scissoring them up and down his hips, gurgling and wailing as her rapture swelled. Joey was bumping hard and swiftly, driving his cock in and out of her cunt.

"Ooooh, you're going to make me come, baby!" she shrieked in delight. "My cunt is on fire and your cock is so fucking hard and you're going to make me come and come and oooohhhh, bang that cunt, Joey! Bang the piss out of Mother's hot cunt! Fuck my pussy… fuck it, fuck it, fuck it!"

She arched her back, straining her cunt onto his cock. Her eyes clamped shut and she screamed. Her cunt grabbed her son's cock tightly, and the convulsions exploded between her legs. Joey jerked his mouth off her tit and gritted his teeth. The way his mother's cunt was pulling and squeezing his cock made it hard for him to keep from coming.

Brenda strained her contracting cunt up against him, pressing tight. The orgasm pulled and sucked on his cock with powerful waves of wet heat, her cunt lips clamping and releasing him. His balls began to ache, and Joey fought to keep from coming.

"Don't come!" Brenda screamed. "Don't come! Don't come!"

Joey was very close to coming, and the way his mother's cunt gripped his cock wasn't helping him much.

As her orgasm began to fade, Brenda shouted urgently: "Turn around and shove your cock into my mouth! Hurry, baby! Hurry before you come!"

Joey yanked his cock from his mother's cunt and twisted quickly, sliding his legs along her head. When his cock was close to her mouth, Brenda sucked it in quickly, tasting her cunt on it. She grabbed the cheeks of his ass and pulled his cock deep into her throat. Joey stared at his mother's cunt, watching her hairy cuntlips still twitching. With a moan he buried his face into it and his lips pulled at her throbbing clit. Brenda shot her ass up, smashing her still convulsing cunt hard into heron's face. Joey licked and sucked at her pussy, pounding his cock in and out of her lips swiftly.

Not thinking about it, but sucking frantically on her son's cock, Brenda turned until Joey was on the bottom, her legs spread about his head, her cunt bouncing into his face. She used her mouth like her cunt, darting her face up and down on the hardness, her tongue licking at the juices of her pussy on it. She sucked and groaned with ecstasy. Drawing her knees along his shoulders, she smashed her cunt hard into his face, drawing as tightly as she could on his cock. She sucked from the base, whimpering as her lips pulled all the way to his swollen cockhead, and then darting down again. The taste of his cock with her pussy-juices sent shivers of wanton pleasure through her.

Joey grunted into his mother's pussy, shoving his cock upward as his balls burned. The quick gush of his creamy cum-juice splashed into Brenda's throat. She squealed in pleasure, the sound muffled and wet. She clutched a cheek of his ass in one hand, his balls in the other, sucking at his gushing cock with ecstasy, swallowing the juices thirstily.

While Joey shoved his cock deep, Brenda sucked with a hunger that was very intense. The hot spurts of his cum-juice against her throat were as good as when he came inside her cunt.

When she felt his cock softening inside her mouth, she refused to let it go. Joey, his head shoved into her pussy, gasped for air. He relaxed beneath his mother, feeling her tongue slowly work at his cock. It felt good. Brenda lifted her ass by adjusting her knees about his head, and he lay there on his back while she kept licking and kissing at his cock, gazing up into her lovely wet pussy slit, seeing her asshole winking.

"Baby," Brenda whispered with her lips close to his prick, "piss for me again."

"Really, Mother?"

"Please, Joey," she pleaded, holding his cock at the base and gazing at his piss hole. "Pin for me."

Playfully, Joey spurted a quick gush of piss. Brenda felt it spatter on her neck, and she shifted his cock. But by the time she did, he cut the stream off, giggling.

"Joey! Stop teasing me!" she sobbed softly. "Piss, baby! Please, piss in my face!"

Joey caressed his mother's thighs, over her spreading ass, and gushed piss upward. Brenda moaned with delight as the hot piss spurted across her lips. She wiggled his cock a little, taking his piss into her face, her cheeks and lips. Opening her lips slightly, she made him piss past them. She moved her tongue out and put it into the stream. As the piss dripped from her face, his cock and balls, and her hand, became drenched. Her eyes burned with perverse rapture as she lowered her open lips along the stream of his piss, tasting it on her tongue and in her mouth.

Joey was not warned. Suddenly his mother began to piss, piss right into his face.

"Mother!" he yelped, twisting his head out of the way.

But Brenda giggled and closed her knees about his head, holding him there. The hot, golden piss gushed out of her cunt and right into his face. Joey clutched his mother's ass, try big to shove it away, but she remained in position, the hot piss soaking his head and face.

She closed her lips about the head of his cock, just around his piss hole. Startled when his mother began to piss, Joey had stopped. Now, he let go again. Brenda whimpered as his piss flooded her mouth, and she sent a hot stream into his face. Joey, unable to move his head, cupped his mother's ass and found he enjoyed it very much.

He opened his lips experimentally and tasted his mother's hot piss, his mind spun wildly, and he rammed his face upward, slamming his open mouth into her hairy cunt hard. He flipped his tongue about, tasting her piss flow from the corners of his lips and over his cheeks. Brenda squeezed her son's head between her thighs, gurgling and drinking from his cock. The sensations she felt pissing with him, tasting his piss while gushing into his face at the same time, could never be described, she knew.

"Mmmm!" she mewled and twisted her crotch at her son's mouth, pissing hard, but without effort or strain.

As Joey finished pissing, she pulled his cock into her mouth, opening her lips to get his balls inside, too. The taste of piss on his cock and balls was a delight, making her tremble.

As her piss dribbled to a stop, she moved her cunt out of Joey's face, and looked down at him.

"You're wet," she gigged, running her hand through his drenched hair. "I'd say someone pissed in your face if I didn't know better."

Joey laughed, and began to wrestle his mother about the wet floor.

They tickled each other, wrestling and playing, their clothing becoming soaked in piss.


It was evening, a warm evening. Brenda sat out on the patio with her son, without a light. The full moon gave enough. They were both naked, at Joey's suggestion. He had finally gotten her outside without her clothes on, and she found it as exciting as he did.

"It's nice as long as no one sees us," she agreed. Joey told her of girls he had noticed at school, of certain ones who didn't seem to mind exposing their panties to boys. Listening to him talk, his descriptions of the girls, Brenda felt a pang of jealousy. She knew he would be interested in girls, just like all boys and men. She couldn't deny him that pleasure of growing up, but the idea of sharing him, sharing his cock, hurt.

She knew Joey wouldn't like it if she pulled another man into their games. They had talked of it, she had told him of the men she had fucked, which ones, made her come and which ones failed. She had seen, despite his excitement of her adventures, a glow of jealousy in his young eyes. She had promised him she would have no other man, no other cock, but she realized he had not given the same promise.

As they sat in the moonlight, Brenda slowly fondled her cunt, her thoughts bothering her. Joey sat in front of her, watching. She knew how much he enjoyed watching her play with her pussy and tits, and she did it often because she enjoyed being watched by him as well. Usually that was all it took to get them started.

"Do you love me, Joey?"

"You know I do, Mother."

"And you love my cunt? I mean, do you really love my cunt, not just because you fuck it all the time?"

"Mother, you know that isn't it."

Brenda gazed at him, seeing his features dearly in the light of the moon. She spread her legs wide, rubbing her palm up and down her hairy pussy. The need to have him fuck her was past. The need to have his cock inside her cunt at this moment was more than ever before. She knew it was part jealousy, and it was an irrational jealousy. Joey had not been fucking anyone but her, and she believed that.

"Joey, fuck me now," she whispered.

Joey stood up, moving his mothers a side. His cock lifted with half-hardness. Brenda turned her face to it, sliding her lips across his cockhead as he pushed it forward. She licked at the smooth flesh of his cock, purring softly and rubbing at her cunt. When Joey pressed his cock into her mouth, she purred with pleasure, tasting it with her tongue. She sucked gently at it, feeling it swell and harden between her lips.

"Mmmm, so nice," she murmured, pulling her mouth off. "Honey, stick it in me. I want to feel it in my pussy."

Joey moved between his mother's thighs, bending his knees as she held his cock, rubbing it up and down the wet, fiery slit of her cunt. Brenda whimpered with the feeling, anticipation growing in her as she eagerly awaited that first thrust, that delicious stretching of her cunt around his pulsating prick. Placing the head of his cock upon her cunt, Brenda squirmed forward, breathless as his cock penetrated.

"Ohhhh, God, that's the best fucking feeling in the world, Joey!"

Joey ran his hands up and down his mother's thighs and hips, across her flat stomach, up over her tits, moving his cock in and out slowly. Brenda leaned her head on the back of her chair, eyes slitted with increasing desire. She wiggled her hips for him, gasping softly.

"Oh, baby, baby," she moaned. "It's so good! I love to feel your cock sliding in my cunt! You do love Mother's cunt, don't you? My pussy is hot enough for you, isn't it?"

"It sure is, Mother," Joey assured her. "Nice and hot and wet, and so tight!"

"Fuck me, baby. Fuck Mother! Always fuck Mother! Never leave me… let me always have your sweet, hard cock."

"I will," he replied, not understanding her meaning.

Twisting her hips, Brenda pumped her cunt up and down on his cock, running her hands along his chest, pinching at his tiny nipples lightly, watching his face.

"It's my cock, Joey," she said. "Mine, do you hear?"

"I know, Mother."

"Your cock will always be mine, no one else's."

"That's right, Mother."

With a powerful lunge, she shot her hips up, her cunt taking his hard cock deeply. "Ohhh, so fucking good, Joey!"

She pounded her hips up and down in a frantic manner, grabbing at his hips and jerking him forward. The wet sounds seemed loud in the warm night air.

"Ohhhh, fuck me!" she urged in a hot voice. "Give me my cock, Joey! Fuck my pussy, my cunt!"

Joey pounded away, pleased to hear his mother shout those exciting words at him. It was exciting to be fucking her in the back yard, with the moon casting its dim light upon them. He knew, too, that it excited his mother.

Brenda churned her hips, meeting his cock with vigorous thrusts of her cunt. She gripped the arm rest of the patio chair, her face twisting into an agonizing ecstasy. Each stab of her son's cock rocked her naked body, thrilling her, making her gasp.

"Oh, God, yes!" she cried out. "Fuck me, fuck me! Ohhhh, Joey, fuck me hard, baby!"

But Joey jerked his cock out. He grabbed his mother's hand and pulled her to the soft lawn. "What are you going to do to me now?" she asked, not displeased.

"Get on your back, Mother."

Obediently, Brenda stretched out on the lawn, and when Joey told her to lift her legs, she did so. Joey cupped his mother's naked ass and pushed until her feet were past her head. Her cunt was upright, open and vulnerable to him. Brenda giggled with lewd pleasure.

"Are you going to fuck me like this?"

"I can fuck you real good this way, Mother," he said, spreading his legs and straddling her uplifted crotch. He pushed his cock into her cunt, and Brenda gurgled, holding her ass in the air for him. She was not as uncomfortable as she looked almost bent double. "I can fuck you real good like this, Mother."

"Ohhh, it is good!" she purred, feeling his hard cock throbbing as he pumped into her. "I love it this way, Joey."

Joey rammed his cock into his mother's cunt a few times, then pulled it out.

"Now what?" Brenda asked.

Joey didn't answer, but placed the swollen head of his cock against the ring of her asshole. She felt him pushing his prick in, and she moaned softly.

"Oooooh, yes, yes, right up my fucking asshole!" she cried out.

Joey ran his cock downward and entered his mother's tight asshole, making her cry put with ecstasy. His balls bounced upon her ass while he drove his cock into the gripping heat. Brenda found she could touch his balls while he fucked her from this position, and she grasped them, urging him to fuck her asshole deep and hard.

Joey rammed his cock in and out of her asshole a few times, then returned it to her cunt. Brenda felt as if she were being fucked in the ass and pussy at the same time. His ramming cock was making her cunt burn and tingle, bringing her very close to orgasm, but just as she was about to come, her son pulled his cock from where it was and plunged it into her other eager fuck hole. He took turns fucking her cunt and ass, making Brenda squeal and sob with delight.

Lifting his cock from her juicy cunt, he moved toward her head, squatting down and shoving his face into her crotch. Brenda grabbed his slippery prick with her lips, pulling it into her mouth and sucking wildly. Joey slurped into his mother's dripping cunt with his tongue, delving as deep as he could, then swirling it about her inflamed clit. He took a few licks at burning asshole, shoving his cock deep into her mouth. After a moment of this, he stood and slipped his cock into her cunt once more. Brenda braced her ass up with both hands, squealing with the intensity of what he was doing to her.

"Joey, Joey!" she sobbed. "You're driving me out of my mind, darling! Fuck me, baby, fuck me! Anywhere, I don't care! Fuck my cunt; fuck my asshole; fuck my mouth! Fuck me anywhere and everywhere!"

Joey thrust his cock into her hairy, boiling cunt hard, making her gasp in pleasure. He rammed it up and down, then pulled it out and rushed it to her asshole again. When his cock slammed through the tight ring, Brenda gave a low, throaty scream.

For a moment he was still, and she felt the hard throbs of his cock far inside her asshole. And then he began to pound up and down, fucking her in the ass fast. The friction drove Brenda wild. She shook her ass about, demanding more and more. Her cunt was expanding, her asshole tightening, her tits ready to burst apart, her mouth dry.

Time and again, Joey alternated his cock to his mother's cunt and asshole, with short trips to her mouth. Brenda refused nothing. She didn't care if his cock had just been pulled out of her asshole before her son plunged it into her mouth, or her cunt. It didn't matter; nothing mattered, only the sweet, tormenting ecstasy he was giving her.

At last, he kept his cock in her cunt long enough to make those contractions start. She screamed as they exploded, her cunt going through seizures of amazing rapture. She was coming harder than ever, her cunt squeezing her son's cock so hard, he was having difficulty fucking her. But while she was still coming, Joey yanked his cock out of her cunt and rammed it into her asshole with a single, brutal thrust. Brenda screamed again, her cunt caught in the mind-shattering orgasms, her naked body spasmed wildly.

And still Joey kept fucking her relentlessly. While his mother came hard, he moved his cock from her cunt to her asshole, seemingly fucking her in both places at the same time. Brenda was going out of her mind with the intense sensations his cock produced inside her heated, naked body. Time and again, she came, feeling exhaustion, but her son kept going.

"No more!" she begged. "Ohhhh, baby, please, no more! I can't stand any more, Joey! Stop, darling! Oh, God, please stop!"

But Joey continued to fuck her cunt and asshole. Brenda wondered if her body could take much more, if her mind could handle it. Yet the orgasms continued with those almost painful spasms. It was in that instant of unbelievable orgasm that she knew she could never refuse what her son would ask of her. If he wanted to fuck her in the supermarket near the produce stands, she would do it. If he wanted to bring any of his young friends home for a piece of her hot ass, she would fuck them silly. Anything her son wanted her to do, she would do it, and love every minute of it.

Joey lifted his cock from her asshole, started to shove it into her cunt.

"My mouth!" Brenda moaned. "Fuck me in my mouth, Joey!"

Joey turned to her head, squatting above it. Brenda shot her tongue to his asshole, licking it feverishly, then at his balls, and finally drew his cock into her mouth. Joey punched his cock up and down, fucking his mother in the mouth. Brenda moaned and whimpered as her lips and tongue struggled to make him come, to spurt his sweet, young cum-juice down her throat. Joey held her ass up and back, her feet still past her head. Her cunt glistened wetly in the moonlight, and he could see her asshole twinkling.

"Suck it, Mother!" he groaned. "I'm gonna fill your cocksucking mouth with cum-juice! Suck my cock eat my fucking hard cock!"

Brenda's cunt was becoming quieter, her orgasms fading away with a soft throbbing sensation. She was exhausted. She could hardly move, and she rested her head on the lawn while her son fucked into her mouth with his hard cock. Her lips stretched and burned around his cock, her throat constricting.

"Now, Mother!" Joey shouted.

His squirting cum-juice splashed into her throat. Brenda swallowed. Time and again, her son gushed into her mouth, filling it, his hot cum-juice seeping from the corners of her mouth. Brenda wondered where all that cum-juice was coming from. She swallowed as much as she could, and still lost half of it. By the time the final spurt spattered into her mouth, her cheeks and neck were coated with it, too. Still, she clung to his cock as it began to deflate and relax, running her tongue about it.

Joey slowly pulled his cock out of his mother's mouth.

"Mother, you really love to suck me off, don't you?" he asked, breathing hard.

"I love it, baby," she whispered tiredly. "But I love to fuck it just as much, too."

"Even in your asshole," he giggled.

"Naturally," she replied.

"And, you love this, too, don't you?"

Joey stood up, and Brenda gazed up between his thighs, her naked body shivering with anticipation.

"Oh, God, yes!" she breathed.

Joey pissed on her. The hot piss flooded across her uplifted crotch, drenching her hairy cunt and asshole, running down her stomach and back.

"Ohhh, again!" Brenda cried out, her voice showing the tormented ecstasy she felt.

Joey shifted his cock, pissing up and down his mother's body, splashing it into her face, her cunt, asshole and tits. Brenda writhed and twisted on the soft lawn, coming very hard…