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Hot action with mom

Kathy Andrews

Kathy Andrews

Hot action with mom


Sharon and Bobby sat at a small table, sipping sodas and watching the crowd move up and down the enormous shopping mall. Sharon felt the wetness in the crotch of her panties as she watched her son. He boldly watched the woman and girls, his eyes bright with yearning pleasure.

Sharon didn't mind, too much, that her son had this obvious interest in women and girls. He was very young, but apparently not so young he did not appreciate the beauty of a curving, swelling ass; the thrust of full, shapely tits; the sway of rounded hips; or the long, tantalizing legs flashing between short skirts and tight, revealing shorts.

They had always been open with each other, much more than most mothers and sons. When Bobby found a deep interest in something, he always let his mother know about it, no matter what it was. First it was his models, then it was baseball, then comics, and now it seemed to be women, or girls, or a combination of both.

He was, after all, a boy. And boys, sooner or later, discovered girls. They began feeling the first bubbling stir of erotic sensations in those preciously young balls, and the need to find a [missing text].

[missing text] without a jiggle of movement. Her rounded hips swayed sensuously, her teasing thighs exposed almost to her ass by the recently revived fashion of the miniskirt. The girl was carrying books and she paused about ten feet from Sharon and Bobby, peering into a novelty shop window. She dropped her books, and leaned over to pick them up. She didn't squat in the normal way of a woman, but leaned with her legs straight.

There was a brief flash of her creamy ass checks, half of them exposed below the tight, pale-blue panties.

Bobby made a moaning sound as he looked. Sharon felt a stab of unusual heat in her.

It was because she had seen the girl's ass, but because he made such an obviously hungry [missing text].

[missing text] the ass cheeks bunching as she walked.

"Ahhhh, so pretty," Bobby murmured, and Sharon noticed his right hand was below the small table.

"Don't drool," she whispered, knowing he was probably pressing his hand on his hard cock.

He flashed his mother a grin, and quickly turned to watch the woman's succulent ass bounce from view.

This open honesty between her and Bobby had always been there. There were few secrets between them. She didn't think her son kept any secret from her. He didn't go out of his way to hide to jack off, didn't make any particular effort to conceal the fact. She could have walked in on him a number of times. She was sure her son wouldn't mind, and would probably welcome her presence, enjoy having her watch him pump his hand up and down his cock, watch the gush of that boiling, thick come juice spurt from his balls and cock.

No, she didn't think her son kept any secrets from her.

But Sharon kept a few from him.

She kept bidden this rowing need inside her own body, this almost maddeningly insatiable hunger to allow her son to see her dressed in revealing clothing, this constant bubbling heat of her cunt. She refused to accept the messages of her mind that she desired her son, desired his cock, desired to fuck him. She liked his boldness, his unhesitating way of saying exactly what he had on his mind.

Sitting there, watching her son gaze hotly at the women and girls, she felt the crazy urge to slide her hand to him, to see if he did, indeed, have a hard-on under the table. But all she could do was sit there in her wet panties and try to imagine his cock bulging up inside his pants.

"Let's go, Mom," he said.

She knew he would want to leave as soon as he felt the heat in his young balls. Watching so many pretty women and girls, with his erotic interest in them, Bobby couldn't remain long without going off to pound his cock until he came. She knew that quite well.

In the car with her son beside her, she kept her eyes averted from the obvious swell inside his pants. That was another thing her son didn't conceal; when he had a hard-on, he allowed it to thrust and strain out until he finally went off to jack it frantically. Every time Sharon noticed his cock was hard, she fought to keep her eyes away, pretending she wasn't aware of it. Now, beneath the wheel of the car, her skirt crept a few inches past her knees. With a blush on her pretty face, she left it there.

She had never before allowed her skirt to hike up. This time, she made a special, very difficult, effort to leave it alone.

As soon as they were inside the house, Bobby took off for the bathroom. But this time there was a difference; Bobby was opening his pants as he almost ran.

Sharon paced about the floor, going from the living room to the kitchen, and back again. Knowing her son was in the bathroom jacking off disturbed her greatly. The palms of her hands itched, and the throb of her clit was pronounced more than ever before. She could feel the lips of her cunt swelling up, and the crotch of her panties was drenched with the slippery juices oozing from her pussy. She tried to visualize her son there, sitting perhaps on the toilet, his legs wide, his precious cock standing straight up, his fist wrapped about it, squeezing, pumping and pounding, his lovely balls jiggling.

She stood in the middle of the living room, pressing the heel of one hand into her crotch, the cheeks of her ass tightening. She closed her eyes, lifting her head upward, moaning softly. She twisted her hips, then made humping motions, jerking her ass back and forth slowly.

The orgasm was mild, whetting her hunger for more, stronger orgasms.

If only she could be bold, fuck her son. If only she could do something with him, anything to cool the overheated bubbling of her cunt. She could satisfy herself and her son at the same time. This way was nothing but pure torture, she tried to tell herself.

Sharon rationalized no one would ever know.

She had no living relatives, and therefore I neither did Bobby. His father had been an only child, too, and his fatal accident over five years before had left them both alone in the world. Sharon had no really close friends. She was a loner, preferring it that way.

Who would be hurt?

There was a vague, nagging suggestion in the back of her mind that she shouldn't fuck her son, that it was wrong in some way. She tried to tell herself that was only a cultural demand. Other societies had no such qualms, she had heard. She wanted to take her son's cock into her cunt, fuck him wickedly, feel the hard thrust of his young cock going deep into her pussy. She was certain her son would do it, would fuck her with happiness.

Yet, something held her back.

But there had to be some way, some method, that would satisfy them both, end this torment they were both feeling.

The idea was only vague in her mind when Bobby came back into the living room. She was sitting on the couch, her legs crossed, elbow resting on the arm, her chin in her hand, considering the idea.

Bobby sat down on the other end of the couch, picking up a paperback book he had been reading the night before. He had found science fiction, and devoured the books ravenously. Sharon swung her crossed foot, feeling the friction on her cunt.

"You do that very often, don't you, honey?" she said, her voice so low and throaty she hardly recognized it.

Bobby nodded, unhesitatingly.

Sharon swung her foot, making the muscles of her thigh work against her cunt. She peeked at him from the corners of her eyes, wishing her son would speak, tell her bluntly that he jacked off frequently. She let her gaze move to his lap, trying to picture his cock and balls. Her clit was knotted tightly, and her panties were so wet they were uncomfortable. Her skirt pulled slightly away from her knee, working along her thigh slowly from the movement of her foot.

"Twice a day," she asked, her voice at throaty whisper. "Three times a day, maybe?"

Bobby lowered his book, looking at his mother. He saw her knee, and watched with interest while her skirt slipped another inch along her thigh.

"Sometimes four," he said, his own voice suddenly thick.

"Four? That many?" Sharon asked, feeling the heat starting on her lovely face. "I didn't know you did it that often."

"I do," he replied.

"The girl…" Sharon murmured, knowing he was gazing boldly at her exposed knee. "The one that dropped her books at the mall. She was very pretty, wasn't she?"

Bobby nodded.

"You saw… everything, didn't you?"

"Pretty ass," Bobby said bluntly.

Sharon felt a catch in her chest. Her face burned with shyness, but her cunt was boiling. She swung her foot faster and faster.

"Yes, she… it was nice," she agreed, her voice hoarse.

"She probably does it, Mom," Bobby said, his cock swelling inside his pants. "She probably does it all the time."

"You'd love to do it with her, wouldn't you?"

Bobby swallowed, nodding his head. His mother's skirt was past her knees quite a ways now, almost half her thigh showing. He had never known his mother to allow so much skin to show, and he was quite interested in how much more she would let him see before pulling the skirt down.

"Did you think about doing it to her when you… when you were in the bathroom?" Sharon asked, feeling the heat of her blush scalding now. She was embarrassed to even talk this way, but something was pushing her, forcing her to keep on.

Bobby looked up at his mother's face. He saw how pink it was, but he saw, too, the smoldering expression in her blue eyes. Sharon tried to hold his gaze, but couldn't. She lowered her eyes, licking her full lips. She saw how high her skirt was, and for a moment, from habit, she almost shoved it down. Her hand stopped just before she touched the hem, her foot swinging back and forth faster and faster. She felt her cunt aching with heat, her clit smashed between the wet folds. She pulled her hand back and let it drop on the couch.

Bobby caught the gesture, the hesitation, and a glow came into his eyes.

"When you're doing that, do you ever think of me?" Sharon asked, her voice very, very low, shy.

"Sometimes, Mom," Bobby admitted, his cock now straining hard inside his pants, outlined along the fly, the head of his cock inching up toward his belt.

Sharon couldn't resist peeking.

A low moan escaped her tight throat as her cunt convulsed with an orgasm. She balled her fist up near her hip, the other one on her chin pressing hard. She drew her swinging foot back, curling it about her lower leg, the pressure of her thigh hot against her contracting cunt. The blush on her face became fiery, and she felt very shy, knowing her son could tell she was coming.

Bobby gazed at his mother with interest. He saw her thigh muscles tighten below her skirt, the shudder of her shoulders.

The orgasm had been a bit stronger than the first one, but still not enough. She felt embarrassed because her son knew she came, but that fact also seemed to excite her.

"Did you come, Mom?" Bobby asked bluntly, his eyes sparkling with heat.

For a moment Sharon couldn't reply. Then, in one quick jerk of her head, she let him know she had. She couldn't turn to look at him, though. She stared down at her revealed knee, wishing she wasn't blushing so fiercely.

"Really?" Bobby asked, his voice showing his excitement. "You really came?"

"Yes," Sharon whispered, licking her lips again with her pink wet tongue, still not looking at her son.

"Good, huh?" Bobby said. "Coming sure makes a person feel good, huh, Mom?"

She caught the movement of his hand from the corners of her eyes and saw her son was rubbing his palm along his concealed cock. She couldn't make her eyes pull away. She licked at her lips quickly, then pulled in a deep breath. Her tits lifted beneath her summer sweater, her lungs filling with air. She heard a moan from her son, and felt his eyes on her straining tits. She exhaled, letting them fall slightly, but his eyes remained on her tits.

"Awwww, Mom!" Bobby suddenly gasped, and began to work frantically at his fly. "I just gotta jack off – now!"

Sharon's breath came again in her throat. This was the first open admission that he jacked off, and the first time he was deliberately exposing his cock to her. She caught the flesh of hardness as it came out of his pants, and then Bobby closed his fist about his cock and began to pump vigorously up and down.

Sharon gasped, looking straight at her son, her eyes seeing the swollen head of his cock bulging from his squeezing fist, the tiny piss hole flaring open, wet with seeping juices. Her cunt began to burn, a searing sensation that sent shivers up and down her spine. Her nipples became very hard, feeling as if they would burst inside her bra. She felt the burning on her face, yet she was mesmerized by the sight of her son's cock, by the way he was unashamedly jacking off before her.

"Bobby…" she whimpered.

"I gonna do it, Mom!" he grunted, pumping his fist up and dawn, his mouth hanging open, his eyes moving from her straining tits to her knee. Half her thigh was showing, and this seemed enough to excite her son to this intense hardness. "I just gotta jack off!"

"Bobby…" she said again, her eyes blazing as she watched his fist pounding up and down, the cockhead swelling even more than at first. "You… please… not here."

Bobby paid no attention to his mother. He jerked his fist up and down his hard cock faster and faster, his tongue almost hanging out. Sharon tried once, a feeble try, to move her eyes from his cock. She was blushing furiously, her tits swollen and her cunt painfully tight, her clit pressing past the wet folds of her pussy and onto the nylon cloth of her panties.

Bobby snaked his free hand out to her, and Sharon couldn't stop him as he drew her skirt higher on her thigh. She allowed him to pull her skirt almost to her hip, and then stopped him. She placed her hand on top of his, holding him so he couldn't lift her skirt any higher. An inch more and her panties would be exposed.

She stared openly at her son's cock now, giving in to the overpowering excitement of seeing him jack off. Her cheeks were almost a bright pink, her embarrassment deep, but there was that overwhelming desire to watch him, to see his fist pumping, his thick cock so very hard. The heat between her thighs increased, and she admitted to herself she wanted to see her son come, to see that creamy juice squirt from his prick.

Bobby didn't pull his hand back, but left it there. Sharon felt his fingers rubbing at her thigh, on her naked skin. She shivered, but it certainly wasn't from being chilled. She breathed deeply, her tits lifting and falling before her son's eyes. She knew Bobby could see her interest, and allowing him keep her skirt there, very close to her panties, Sharon realized she was consenting to this – and Bobby knew it.

Bobby turned on the couch, lifting a foot to the cushions, the other still on the floor. Sharon stared directly at him, his cock sending tremors of desire through her. She wanted to uncross her legs, to fling them as wick as she could, and rip her panties away, and scream at her son to shove that beautiful, hard cock into her cunt, to fuck her senseless. She wanted to do that desperately, but she didn't.

Bobby gasped hotly as he jerked on his cock. He kept looking at his mother, but was no longer touching her thigh since he had turned to face her. Sharon wanted to tell her son to lift his balls out, that she wanted to see them, too. She wanted to tell her son to push his pants down, let her see everything… but all she could do was sit there, whimpering softly, and watch him blatantly jacking off.

Once again she tried to control herself.

"Bobby, not here," she moaned. "Please, go to the bathroom… don't do it in front of me… I can't."

Bobby pumped faster and faster on his cock.

"I'm gonna come, Mom!" he groaned. "I'm gonna come soon!"

"That girl." Sharon whispered in a thick voice. "She did this to you, Bobby. Seeing her lean over, what she showed, excited you too much. Please, honey, not here. Don't do that in front of mother."

Bobby pounded away, the head of his cock bulging tightly, dripping more and more. Sharon flicked her tongue across her lips, her cunt starting to squeeze and suck inward, her clit feeling as if it were going to burst.

Bobby lifted his ass, arching his hips upward, his fist flying rapidly with short, jerking strokes.

He was about to come now, Sharon thought frantically, her eyes glazed as they fixed upon the flare of his piss hole.

She watched raptly, breathing in hot panting sounds.

Bobby started grunting, his hips shaking.

"Ohhhhh!" he groaned.

Come juice squirted from his cock, arcing up and then, downward. It landed on Sharon's thigh. She felt as if she had been burned there, as though his come juice would raise a blister on her unblemished thigh flesh. She gasped as he kept gushing thick spurts of come juice. Two more splashed onto her thigh, the rest of his jism spattering the couch between them.

It seemed a long time as Bobby gasped, still clinging to his cock. Sharon wasn't breathing normally, and I her eyes seemed riveted to her son's prick. She felt his come juice on her thigh.

She was very close to spasms again, refused to explode. It was driving her crazy. She wanted to come, badly, and she couldn't.

After a while longer, Bobby stood up, his cock dangling from his open pants, a silver string of jizz dangling from the head of his cock. She watched him walk toward the hallway, his cock hanging boldly out. He glanced back at his mother just before he disappeared down the hall.

Sharon sat stiffly, trembling. She stared at her thigh, seeing his come jucie glistening on her flesh, then at the small puddle of it on the cushions of the couch. The threatening orgasm seemed to keep building in the pit of her stomach, her cunt starting to contract as her clit throbbed.

She moved her finger into the puddle of cock cream on the couch, wiping through it. Then she used her palm to smear her son's jism into her thigh flesh. It was hot and slippery.

Then, with a groan, Sharon came.

The orgasm was so powerful, it doubled her over.


Bobby came back into the room.

His cock was in his pants and they had been zipped up. Sharon had recovered by then, and her hand trembled as she shoved her skirt don, pulling it to her knee.

She blushed fiercely, and couldn't look into her son's face.

Yet, in her mind, Sharon was going wild with erotic images, thoughts.

The heat in her body had not cooled, and her cunt, despite the tremendous orgasm, continued to bubble wetly.

She was glad her son didn't say anything. If he had mentioned what happened, Sharon felt she would shrivel up and fade away with embarrassment. Yet her very embarrassment was exciting. Being embarrassed could almost make her feel as if she had not been a willing partner.

Bobby picked up his science-fiction novel and began reading again, as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

Sharon couldn't understand this attitude. She sat there so excited she could hardly keep still, intensely aroused – and her son could calmly curl up and start reading his book. Surely her excitement was being transmitted to him. Bobby seemed to have a nose for hot pussy. He seemed able to pick out a girl in crowds, and invariably he would be right, because the girl or woman would soon reveal a flash of thigh, or something. If he could detect such things, she didn't understand why he couldn't detect she sat there with a boiling cunt.

The thoughts in her mind startled her.

What did she want her son to do? Grab her and rape her?

Bobby wouldn't do anything unless she gave him some indication of what she wanted, of her willingness, she knew. Sure, he might sit there and jack off, but that wasn't the same as pulling her panties off and shoving his cock up her cunt, fucking her deliciously.

"How many times today?" she heard herself asking, her voice strange and low.

Bobby didn't answer, but lifted his hand with two fingers up.

Twice today, she thought. He'd jacked off two times today, and he said he does it three and four times. That means…

"Are you ready to do it again, honey?" she asked, hardly recognizing her own voice.

Bobby placed his book down on the table at the end of the couch and looked at his mother.

"You wanna see me do it again, Mom?" Despite the blush on her beautiful face, Sharon nodded her head.

"You really wanna see me jack off again, Mom?" he asked excitedly. "You're not teasing me, are you?"

"Please," she whispered. "Can you do it again… now?"

For a reply, Bobby opened his pants and pulled his cock out. Sharon stared hotly. His cock was soft, and still beautiful to her. She watched as her son boldly pulled, stretching his cock by holding it at the head of his fingers. Again her blue eyes became fiery with hunger, and she licked at her lips. His cock slowly grew, getting longer and harder. She gasped with excitement as he finally wrapped his fist about his prick and began to pump up and down. This time Bobby didn't jack fast, but slowly, twisting his fist slightly.

It was the most beautiful sight Sharon had ever seen.

Bobby stared at his mother, then lowered his eyes to her knees meaningfully. Sharon knew what he wanted, but couldn't do it. She squeezed her inner thighs hard against her swollen cunt, her eyes burning on the head of his cock. Bobby slipped his shoes off, and began to work his mother's skirt up past her thigh with his toes. He was turned toward her in the same position as before. Sharon didn't protest as he pulled her skirt in to her hip with his toes. She glanced down, and saw the crotch of her panties. Now he could seethe edge of his mother's panties.

He grinned at her, a very lewd grin, his fist working on his cock. Sharon allowed her son to hold her skirt up past her hip, letting him gaze at her crotch, his fist moving. She felt as before, mesmerized by the sight of his swollen cock. Her cunt throbbed with wet heat, her clit again pressing at the nylon fabric. Her ass began to move slightly, writhing on the cushions of the couch, a soft moan bubbling from her constricted throat.

Bobby turned loose of his cock and stretched his hand toward her.

Sharon's breath caught in her throat when he cupped her knee, pulling at it. She felt weak, unable to protest, her eyes staring at his upstanding cock. When her son pulled her knee from the other, she trembled, wondering if he was going to feel her up. If that was his intention, Sharon knew she would be unable to stop him. She knew she didn't want to stop him.

But Bobby pulled at her knee, parting her legs. He leaned forward and saw the crotch of his mother's panties. He stared at her panties a long moment, his cock jerking back and forth. Sharon blushed with embarrassment, but now with shame. Then he looked up at her face. She saw the wild heat in his young eyes, felt his hand still on her knee.

"What… what are you going to…"

"Open up, Mom," he said in a husky voice. He pulled at her knee, and brought it to the couch. She was wide open to his young eyes, and felt as if this would make her come instantly. She had not even sat so blatantly displayed before her husband. She felt lewd and embarrassed and very, very aroused.

She was so weak, her son could position her any way he wanted. He drew her knee up, pressing it at the back of the couch, making sure the other foot remained on the floor. The wide expanse of her crotch was exposed, and the only thing concealing her cunt was that thin, stretched band of wet nylon.

Bobby gazed into his mother's crotch. Silky cunt hair swirled outward from the stretched crotch of her panties, black like the hair on her head. He saw the soft mound as her cunt puffed against the panties, the wetness there. He started to touch it, then drew his hand back, grasping his cock instead. He squeezed his cock very hard, making groaning sounds as he gazed between his mother's lusciously smooth thighs.

"Bobby, this is… terrible," Sharon managed to gasp, a sob coming from her throat. "You shouldn't see me… this way." He didn't reply.

He leaned back on the arm of the couch, staring into his mother's crotch, his eyes hot, jerking on his cock. Sharon was breathless when her son fumbled with his belt, and then began to slide his pants down as if he had read her mind earlier. She watched him push his pants down to his hips, and gave a soft cry as he exposed his cock and balls to her. She felt her body tremble, and she pressed her bent knee against the back of the couch, drawing the foot on the floor backward, unable to stop herself, deliberately revealing her pantied cunt to him now.

Her eyes gazed with passion at her son's cock and balls. She saw the small tuft of hair at the base of his cock, evidence of his youth. His balls had not a single hair, yet they were big and full looking. His cock was thick and long, with the bulbous cockhead tautly swollen.

Reclining on the arm of the couch, staring into his mother's crotch, Bobby began to jack off once again. Sharon breathed hotly, watching him, her tits rising and falling, her cunt smoldering. A quick glance between her legs showed the slit of her cunt was outlined against those wet panties, strands of black pussy hair swirling outward.

It was too late to close her legs, to shove her skirt down, she thought.

She moved her eyes back to his fist, blushing with embarrassment, but more excited and erotically aroused than she had been in many years. There was no harm in letting her son see her panties, see how wet they were, that cunt hair sticking out. No harm at all. It excited him, and her. They had no one in the world but each other.

"You do it, too, Mom," Bobby said.

"I… I can't, Bobby," she gasped.

"Come on, Mom," he insisted. "I wanna see you do it, too!"

Sharon moved her fingers toward her crotch, but couldn't touch herself, not with her son watching, even if he was jacking off, too. She felt the nylon of her panties on her fingertips, her hips starting to move slightly.

Bobby went to his knees, his pants stretching at his thighs, his cock and balls arching forward. Sharon stared, watching her son jacking that tight fist almost frantically now. His eyes burned on her cunt, on her panties, her smooth inner thighs. She felt her pussy swelling, her clit pressing at the fabric. She moved her fingers to the inside of her uplifted leg, and stroked slowly at the exquisitely creamy skin, almost to her crotch. She began to sob with embarrassed ecstasy as she watched him fucking his own fist, his hips jerking back and forth.

"Touch it, Mom!" he groaned. "I wanna see you touch yourself! Do it for me, Mom! You're watching me jack off… let me see you do it, too!"

"Ohhhhh, Bobby, please!" she groaned. "I can't… it's so… wicked! I'm already embarrassed!"

With his free hand, Bobby shoved, his mother's wrist down, placing her fingers on the crotch of her panties. Sharon gasped, but didn't try to move her hand. She felt the wet heat of her panties on her fingertips. When he knew she wouldn't move her hand, Bobby gripped his mother's knee, his fist flying now as he watched her hand cupping her cunt.

Sharon's eyes smoldered as she watched him jacking off, standing on his knees. His cock was almost over her crotch now, and she could smell the hot aroma of his prick and balls see him dripping from his piss hole. She couldn't prevent the movement of her fingers, and she began to rub her pantied cunt, sliding her fingers up and down the puffy pussy slit. She sobbed hotly as she began to press and rub at her cunt, exciting her son as he knelt watching her hand. She wanted to jerk the crotch of her panties to one side, ram her fingers up her pussy and fingerfuck herself frantically, but couldn't do it yet. She leaned on the arm of the couch and lifted her ass, making grinding motions as her fingers rubbed up and down her pussy. She gasped and sobbed with increasing ecstasy, her eyes fixed upon her son's prick.

"Oh, Bobby, this is… this is so wicked!" she moaned.

"Yeah, Mom!" Bobby agreed breathlessly, watching her fingers moving up and down the wet crotch of her panties. "But fun, huh?"

"Yes!" she groaned. "Oh, God, Bobby!"

Sharon arched her hips upward, twisting them as she pressed hard into her cunt. She had never felt such consuming heat, such devouring ecstasy.

"Me you going to come soon?" she gasped, her excitement overriding her embarrassment. "Are you about to come, baby?"

"Soon, Mom!" he panted. "Are you [missing text]."

"I think so, Bobby!" she moaned.

"Rub hard, Mom!" he urged. "Rub your pussy real hard!"

"Oh, yes!" she squealed, the heat on her beautiful face burning, her fingers rubbing faster and harder, working the crotch of her panties.

She was exposing more cunt hair in her frantic movements, but didn't care. She pressed her fingers into her panties, pushing them inside her cunt. A hairy cuntlip was showing now, and Bobby grunted with pleasure. Sharon pressed and rubbed harder on her tit, her hips lifted and grinding against hand.

"I'm rubbing hard, baby!" she groaned. "I'm rubbing very hard! Ohhhh, you're so long and hard… pump it, pump it!"

Sharon had two fingers pressing her panties into her cunt now, the others rubbing at her swollen clit. Both hairy cuntlips were revealed to her son's hot eyes, and she lifted her crotch high, as if trying to touch his cock with it. Bobby moaned in delight as he watched his mother's cunt, jacking off in a frenzy now. Somehow Sharon's skirt had twisted about her waist, all of her bikini panties showing. Her legs were so wide, Bobby saw not only the lips of her hairy cunt now, but the swelling cheeks of her ass below.

"I'm about to come now, Mom!" Bobby grunted, squeezing his cock hard and making the head bulge out, his piss hole wide open and dripping. "I'm just about to come now!"

"Me, too!" Sharon yelped, sliding her fingers out her cunt and smashing her knotted clit. The crotch of her panties remained inside her pussy. Bobby could see those hairy, puffy pussylips clearly with her hand out of the way.

He squeezed his cock yew hard, and grunted loudly.

Creamy hot come juice boiled from his prick, splashing down onto his mother's exposed belly button.

Sharon screeched, her hips jerking spastically. "Oh, God!"

She came.

It was such a forceful orgasm, her shoulders lifted and she almost doubled up. Her legs remained wide open. She stared at his spurting cock, feeling the come juice spatter her stomach, her panties, the back of her hand, then her inner thigh near her cunt. Bobby squeezed his cock as hard as he could, and the last drop of his come juice landed on one hairy lip of his mother's cunt. Sharon cried out, her orgasms tripling with power as soon as she felt that blistering wetness on her cuntlip.

She slumped backward, her hand leaving her pussy. She breathed with hot panting sounds, her tits rising and falling inside her sweater. Her eyes continued to glow, but they were not focused. She felt her son rub the slimy head of his cock on her thigh, wiping that searing jism on her flesh.

"Ooooh, again!" she yelped, her cunt contracting with a final, explosive orgasm. "You made me come again, Bobby!"

Bobby stepped off the couch as Sharon's vision cleared. She watched him drag his pants up and button them. She remained sprawled there, legs wide open, his cock cream glistening on her stomach, her panties, the edge of her cunt and inner thigh. Bobby stood and looked down at his mother for a long time. Sharon trembled beneath his gaze, blushing, but unable to cover herself.

She didn't want to cover herself.

Soon, he walked off, leaving there.

Sharon remained where she was for five, or ten minutes, trying to understand why she had done this with her son. After a while she gave up, and got to her feet. Her panties were still stuffed into her cunt, and her inner thighs were slick. She felt her skirt stick to her stomach with her son's come juice.

She entered the bathroom and undressed, letting the tub fill with hot water. She looked at herself in the mirror above the sink, trying to see if there was any change in her appearance. She had searched herself for any, change after being fucked that first time, and as then, she saw no change now.

Sinking into the water, she tried to remember when the last time was she had fingered her clit. It had was so long ago. She leaned back on the rim of the tub, looking at the way her tits strained up, tight and firm. She ran her hands down her body and through the lush hair of her cunt. Her hips jerked as she touched her pussy and realized her cunt was still very sensitive. The orgasms had been delicious, especially the last one when her son shot his come juice on the lips of her pussy.

Even now, out of her sons sight, she was blushing.

Experimentally, she found herself beneath the water, feeling along the lips of her cunt, then the slit. She relived what happened on the couch, and knew it was somewhat similar to a couple of young, horny teenagers who couldn't wait, yet were afraid to fuck.

Working a finger into her cunt, she found it moist and hot. She poked her finger back and forth slowly, trying to remember the feeling of a hard, throbbing cock fucking her. It had been so long the feeling was only a vague memory.

Lifting her hips from the water, she spread her lop and fucked her finger in and out, then pulled the lips of her cunt open, smashing them together and mewling softly. Her clit swelled and she stroked along the edges of it. She cupped and squeezed her tits, then twisted and pulled on her nipples. They were very sensitive. She kept twisting her nipples and rubbing at her cunt, dipping a finger often into the wet depths.

Then, sticking her finger out rigidly, she began to finger-fuck herself faster and faster, her hips grinding.

"Oooooo," she moaned as she came.

But it was not as good as coming with her son.


As Sharon prepared for bed, she suddenly stood still.

Three times.

Bobby had said he often jacked off four times a day. Four times, and he had jacked off three times only that she knew of today.

She was standing naked, with her gown on her arms, ready to pull it over her head when she realized what her son had said. She paused with her gown almost to her head, wondering if he was jacking off in his room. That would make four times, she thought.

Her cunt began to tingle as she stood, her nipples lifting into hardness. But he had no reason to jack off in privacy, not now. He had shown his enjoyment of doing it in front of her, coming on her that way. He had loved watching her touching her cunt in lewdness, showing it off to him.

She pulled the gown on and smoothed it over her tits and hips. The gown was floor length, made of a satin material. It clung to her body, molding and outlining her tits, waist, hips and thighs. Her nipples were dark circles against it, and her mirror told her the dark hair of her cunt was an enticing shadow.

Leaving her room, she walked rapidly to Bobby's room.

He was in bed, propped up on his pillows, reading his science-fiction novel. Her eyes moved instantly to where his cock would be, but saw nothing tenting the blankets.

"Something wrong, Mom?" Bobby asked when he saw his mother in the doorway.

"No," she smiled, feeling herself starting to blush again as she entered his room. She sat on the edge of his bed, resting a hand on his knee beneath the blanket. "I just wondered if you were up, that's all."

He put his book down, crossing his hands behind his head, looking at her. He had never seen his mother in her nightgown before. He saw the nipples of her tits poking against the thin gown, the darkness that showed through.

"Bobby, you'd…" She lowered her eyes as she blushed. "You said you can do it four times."

"I can, Mom," he replied. "I've jerked off four times in one day plenty of times, and I bet I could do it five or six, if I wanted."

Sharon was hardly breathing, his words exciting her. She stared down at her hand resting on his knee. Her face was very warm.

"The girl…" she began softly. "The one at the mall. You wish you could… have her with you, don't you, baby?"

Bobby replied softly: "Yes."

"What would you like to do with her, Bobby?"

"Fuck her!" Bobby said, quite loudly, grinning.

Sharon's cunt almost exploded. She felt it burn and begin to grow very wet. She could not stop the slow clenching of her ass cheeks nor the subtle writhing of her ass on the edge of his bed. She moved her eyes to where his cock would be, and a soft gasp came from her. Bobby's cock was starting to show, lifting under the blanket.

"Would you, really?" she asked, her voice whispery. The pink was moving down to her neck, warming her tits.

"You bet, Mom!" Bobby said. "I'd take those panties off her and fuck her cunt good!"

"Ohhhhh!" Sharon moaned, unable to stop the sound. It came out with a very delicious lurching of her cunt, her clit. "Tell me how you'd do it to her."

She moved her hand off his knee, sliding it up onto his thigh, her eyes watching the blanket slowly lifting.

"I'd take her panties off, Mom," Bobby said, his eyes glittering. "I'd pull her panties off her ass and then her feet. Then I'd put her on her back and open her legs and look at her cunt. I'd have a real big hard-on, and then I'd stick my cock in her pussy and fuck her until I came!"

"Oh, God!" Sharon whimpered, her eyes half closed with increasing pleasure.

She felt her cunt dripping, making the back of her gown moist. She pressed her thighs together, and felt the pressure upon her cunt. She began pulling the blanket down from his waist, slowly, her body trembling, eyes hot. But her embarassment was evident on her lovely face.

"And then what, honey?" she urged in a low sound.

"I'd put her hand on my cock and make her get it hard again," Bobby said. "Then I'd fuck her – again. I'd fuck her two, three, maybe four times, Mom."

"Wouldn't you play with her… tits?" Sharon asked, hardly believing this conversation with her son. Saying the word tit embarrassed her, even. She had the blanket almost to his cock, and paused there, almost afraid to reveal that hardness, not trusting herself.

"I sure would, Mom!" Bobby said, excited by what was happening. "I'd take her tits out and feel them, maybe put one in my mouth. I'd make her jack on my cock while I had her tit in my mouth, then I'd feel her up and play with her pussy, and then I'd fuck her up the cunt again!"

Bobby shoved the blanket down past his hips himself, and his cock and balls worked like a magnet on Sharon's eyes. She stared at her son's naked body, seeing his lovely balls again, his upstanding cock, that tiny tuft of wiry hair at the base. The cockhead was smooth, very smooth, but he wasn't dripping yet. Her palm itched with the desire to touch his prick, to feel it, stroke him and jack up and down. She restrained herself, feeling like a bashful little girl about to be felt up by her boyfriend and not knowing if she would let him or not.

Bobby wrapped his hand about his cock as she stared and squeezed it hard. Sharon gasped as the cockhead bulged bigger, his piss hole opening.

"I'd put this cock right in her pussy, Mom," Bobby said, his young voice husky. "I'd put this hard cock right in her cunt and fuck her real good, too! I'd fuck her and make her come, that's what I'd do with my cock, Mom!"

Sharon heard him, but her mind was on his cock. She listened to him talk about the things he would do with the girl, and sat watching his fist slowly move up and down his hard cock, stretching up on it, lifting his balls. Her cunt was on fire.

"Let me see your tits, Mom!"

For a moment she wasn't sure he had said that.

"What?" she asked, once she understood.

"I wanna see your tits, Mom," Bobby asked again, pressing his fist down hard at the base of his cock, making it stand up, looking longer and harder.

"You want to see my… oh, Bobby! I can't do that!"

"Sure you can, Mom," he replied. "All you gotta do is let one tit stick out. I can jerk off real good then."

A shudder went through Sharon's body, her eyes glazing. She felt her hand slide up over one tit, pause there a moment, her nipple burning through the gown against her palm. She tried to pull her hand away, but instead her hand went to the narrow strap on her shoulder. She made a sobbing sound as she shoved the strap down, and then her tit was exposed to her son's eyes.

"Ohhhhh, that's pretty, Mom!" Bobby said, pumping his fist fast on his cock, staring at his mother's tit. It was firm, round, very shapely, with a quite long nipple with a pebbled circle around it.

Sharon blushed furiously with embarrassment, yet she felt no shame at all. Her cunt was squeezing tightly, her clit knotted in an aching way. Bobby jerked his fist up and down his cock, and she saw the glistening beads of liquid forming on his piss hole now. His hairless balls seemed to draw up tight, and she detected a slight movement in them.

"Now show me your cunt, Mom!"

"Bobby, please, no more," Sharon moaned. "I just can't let you! You shouldn't even be seeing my tit."

"But, Mom," he said. "In the living room you let me see your panties, and you even touched your cunt for me."

"I… we shouldn't have… I just can't do…" Sharon was almost babbling, her eyes glazed with erotic desire as she watched his fist moving up and down his hard cock. She was sliding her gown upward clit her thighs, knowing she gasped again, her eyes opening wide.

Bobby had plunged a finger into her cunt.

"Oh, God, Bobby!" Sharon cried, her hips thrusting forward as his finger delved deeply. "Bobby, please."

"You're so hot and wet, Mom," he groaned. "Your cunt is awfully wet and very hot! Are all cunts like this, Mom?"

"I don't know!" Sharon cried. "I don't know anything! Please, Bobby… baby, don't do…"

An orgasm rippled through her cunt.

Bobby's eyes glowed, his face showing delighted surprise. He felt his mother's cunt gripping his finger, sucking on it. Sharon sat upright, her shoulders straight, that one tit showing, her eyes closed, her face grimacing with tormented rapture. Her fingers dug hard into his thigh as she sat there with her son's finger fucking in and out of her convulsing cunt.

"You came!" Bobby said gleefully. "You came, didn't you, Mom?"

Sharon had to admit it, and all she could do was nod her head jerkily, unable to look her son in the eye. He pulled his finger out of her cunt and stared at it. Pussy juice coated it, gleaming in the light. Sharon peeked from lowered lashes as her son brought his finger to his nose, sniffing it. A light seemed to come into his young eyes, and then he thrust the pussy-wet finger into his mouth.

Sharon gasped with surprise, her eyes lifting finally to look right into her son's face. Seeing him sucking on his finger, the finger he had fucked her cunt with, sent a rumbling threat of more orgasms through her crotch.

"You… oh, Bobby!" she sobbed softly.

"Nice, Mom," he grinned. "You taste sweet."

He was gripping his cock very hard, but his hand wasn't pumping now. She lowered her eyes to his prick. The hand on his thigh moved upward slowly, and she touched the tips of her fingers upon his balls. They felt very hot on her fingers, and she rubbed the tip of one lightly against his balls.

"Me you gonna let me fuck you now, Mom?" Bobby asked, eagerness in his voice.

"I can't," she moaned. "I just can't let you do that to me, baby." She placed her fingertips beneath his balls, hefting them for a moment, then puffing her hand away. "But I could… help you. I could do something else."

"Are you gonna jack me off, Mom?" Bobby asked excitedly. "Oh, that would be good, Mom! I only do it to myself. I bet it feels better with a girl jacking me off."

Sharon giggled with shyness. "I was thinking of something… I've never done… I'm so embarrassed, Bobby!"

"Jack me off, Mom!" he urged, pulling his hand from his cock, lifting his hips upward. "You do it for me!"

She sat with her legs up on the bed, bent at the knee, her cunt still exposed. Sharon's hand trembled as she held it near his prick. She could feel the heat of his cock already on her palm. She licked her lips, gazing at his prick with a fiery expression. She sucked in a deep breath, and closed her fingers around his cock.

"Ohhhhh, God!" she moaned as she felt the powerful hardness in her fist. She squeezed his prick, making juice bubble from his piss hole. She gave his cock a jerk or two.

"Oh, that's good, Mom?" Bobby grunted, lifting his hips to her hand. "Jerk me faster!"

Sharon jacked up and down on her son's cock, her cunt throbbing as if she were on the brink of orgasm again. She pressed her uplifted leg against his feeling the contact burn at her skin. Bobby shoved a hand to her cunt once more, and this time when he fondled her cunt, Sharon sobbed and pushed her pussy into his hand. She shivered as he brushed at her elongated clit, working a finger back into her cunt. She felt her cunt grab his finger as if sucking it deeply. She squeezed his cock hard, pounding her fist up and down, twisting slightly.

"Bobby, I want to… I can't help baby, I have to do it!"

Sharon dived down.

Bobby gasped with surprise.

Sharon stuffed the head of her son's cock into her mouth, surprising herself as well. She had never had a cock in her mouth in her entire life, and now she had her son's cock between her lips. She felt the heat of it, the rounded cockhead crowding her tongue. She tasted the seeping juices, her pulse racing, her cunt snapping about her son's buried finger.

Sharon closed her eyes, crying in a muffled sound. She swirled her tongue about the head of her son's cock, feeling the satiny smoothness of it. With a sob, she lowered her mouth, sinking down onto his cock. She pulled it deeply, amazed when she had every thick inch of his fucker inside her mouth. She felt the cockhead brushing at the back of her throat, the skimpy tuft of hair tickling her lips. Her lips burned and stretched, and she found her wind reeling with erotic passion, ecstasy she had never known. Her cunt squeezed at her son's finger, and then Bobby was fucking her with it, driving his finger in and out of her cunt vigorously, making wet sounds as his knuckles banged against the swollen, hair-covered cuntlips, her protruding clit.

"Oh, Mom!" Bobby groaned, his eyes huge as he looked down at his mother's face, seeing her lips stretched about his throbbing cock.

"You're gonna suck me? Are you gonna give me a blow-job, Mom! Are you gonna suck my cock off, Mom?"

Sharon heard his words, and they sent shivers of erotic delight about her creamy flesh. She writhed and twisted her ass on his bed, working her cunt on his finger. She knew her face was a bright pink, felt the embarrassment of having his cock in her mouth, yet she felt driven to suck him, to suck up and down his cock, to gobble and lick and taste his prick.

Groaning deep in her throat, Sharon sucked up on her son's cock. She held her lips tightly, her tongue swirling. She didn't move off the swollen cockhead, but held it hotly inside her mouth and twirled her tongue about it, tasting the juices seeping out of his piss hole, finding the taste of his cock juice hot and sweet. She opened her lips, took a deep breath, and filed her mouth with his hard cock once again. Bobby was squirming his ass beneath her, watching her with hot, excited eyes, fucking his finger in and out of her hairy, fiery cunt.

Sharon held his tender young balls in her hand, feeling them as she drove her mouth up and down his prick, sucking with wild abandon. Her hair swirled and fanned about his hips. The taste of her son's cock was amazing, pleasing her more than she would have suspected. She liked the heat of it, the hardness, the throbbing, but best of all, and to her surprise, the taste of those dripping juices as like some precious nectar to her. She had no idea the juices of a cock could taste so delicious.

She released his balls and placed her hands on each side of his squirming hips, bracing herself. She felt her naked tit brush at his thigh as she began to bob her face up and down, fucking herself in the mouth with his extremely hard cock. She loved the way the smooth prickhead brushed at her throat, leaving it wet with juice as she sucked upward, her tongue twisting with wet hunger. She made soft bobbing sounds of erotic rapture, pounding her lips down against the base of his cock in her mouth, and gave no thought to when he would gush his came juice out of his loaded balls. She was so excited to be sucking his cock, with his finger fucking in and out of her cunt, she thought of nothing but the ecstasy she felt.

Sharon had never sucked a cock before, and wasn't sure she was doing it the best way. But she sucked Bobby's cock with enthusiasm, with a greed that made it a very good blow-job. She twisted her lips around his rock-hard cock as she sucked, making wet, gulping sounds. Her eyes opened and closed, steaming with an unfocused glaze in them. She rubbed her ass back and forth on his bed, meeting the inward fuck-thrust of his finger with her cunt. She could feel herself rapidly approaching another orgasm, her cunt burning as if on fire, her clit so very hard.

She was about to come, and the exquisite sensation made her suck all the harder on her son's cock. She bounced her face up and down, devouring the hot cock, her tongue swirling. She had to swallow often, because her mouth filled with the slippery juices dripping from his piss hole. She groaned and jerked her hips back and forth, fucking her son's finger as much as he was finger-fucking her. She wasn't blushing at the moment, but she didn't know that. Bobby looked from her sucking mouth to her cunt, then back again. His finger seemed gripped in a scalding wetness unlike anything he had ever felt in his life. His cock was surrounded with the wet heat of his mother's mouth, her lips pulling as her tongue twisted and licked.

"Mom!" Bobby yelped, his balls tight. "Oh, Mom… I'm gonna… I gotta… Mom!"

Sharon, with her mind spinning with pleasure, felt the first squirt of her son's come juice. She felt it in the harder throb of his cock, then the burning taste of it at the back of her throat. Her cunt erupted powerfully, coming with the hairy cuntlips squeezing his buried finger. Her eyes rolled back, her lips pressing into the tuft of hair at the base of his cock. The jism gushed out of his prick rapidly, drenching her throat. Sharon was squealing about her son's cock, the ecstasy tearing through her, making her body shudder and shake. She knew her son was coming off in her mouth, could feel it burning down her throat. Yet, she couldn't taste his jism very well.

She felt the swollen cockhead jerking in her throat, felt the thick creamy come juice spurting into her stomach. And she was coming with powerful waves of orgasm that seemed to squeeze her son's finger with a tightness her cunt had never achieved before.

She swallowed the final squirt of her son's cock cream, and then, as if understanding what she had done, became flustered and bashful. She held his cock in her mouth as it softened, too embarrassed to lift from it and have her son see her face. She felt him pull his finger out of her cunt, and had to peek.

Bobby was licking at his finger, again.

"Oh, God!" Sharon wailed, jerking her mouth off his cock, turning her face away as she blushed.

She jumped from his bed, running from his room. Her gown clung to her waist, and Bobby saw his mother's rounded, shapely ass, gleaming nakedly as she disappeared. He heard her sobs until they were cut off by the slam of her bedroom door.


When Sharon woke up the next morning, she felt drained emotionally. She lay on her bed as she remembered what she had done the night before with her son… what she had done to her son.

Never had she sucked a cock, never had she felt one inside her mouth, and never had she displayed such wanton behavior.

Kicking the sheets off, she entered the bathroom and bathed. She knew what she wanted to do, but wondered if she had the nerve. The only way to find out was to do it, she told herself. She was tired of being so bashful, so easily embarrassed. It wasn't that everything embarrassed her, or that she was bashful about everything. Only when it came to sex. The mere mention of sex would cause her to become bashful, yet she delighted in talking about it in the most blatant, blunt terms possible. She became very excited when her son used those exciting words, and she knew that when she was highly aroused, they slipped from her, too.

Sharon wanted to be bold, courageous, wear those revealing clothes other women and young girls wore. She wanted to display her body the way they did, but so far she had not found the courage. She knew some people derived a certain erotic pleasure from exposing themselves to others, and she felt she had those same tendencies. They were very strong in her, and she could fantasize about flashing her body, but even then would blush about it.

As she dressed, she ran her tongue over her teeth. She was sure she could still taste her son's cock in her mouth, and she decided not to brush her teeth. She was determined to try and do something about her lack of courage.

She dressed, then peeked in at her son. Bobby was sprawled on his stomach, still sound asleep. The sheet was around his waist, but she saw the rise of his young, tight ass outlined. The sight caused her cunt to twitch, and before she found herself going to him, she clutched her purse in one hand and left the house rapidly.

Her shopping cost over five hundred dollars, but she felt quite pleased about overcoming her bashfulness. She had blushed a few times over some of her purchases, but she fought the urge to run from the stores.

Home again, she spread her purchases out on her bed. Bobby was up and gone from the house, but he seldom went far and never stayed long before he let her know. She had bought herself two miniskirts and one minidress, with matching blouses. She had bought nylons and garter belt, and very high heels. She had bought a dozen new panties, some fishnet, some sheer, all trimmed with white lace. She did not buy bras. She was going to be naked beneath the blouses and sweaters from now on if it killed her. She wanted to feel her nipples rub against the fabric the way other women did, and she was not going to be embarrassed anymore.

Stripping her clothing off, she decided what to wear. She put the garter belt on over a pair of fishnet panties, then slid the sensuous nylons on her thighs, snapping them to the garter belt. She slipped her arms into a satin blouse, leaving the three upper buttons open, the creamy valley of her tits tantalizingly exposed. She slipped into the short miniskirt, a wet-look garment. The hem barely covered her ass, but she wasn't going out in public, not yet. The skirt was as short as the one they had seen in the mall, on the girl who leaned over and showed her ass.

Studying her reflection, Sharon felt so wanton, she could hardly believe it.

She was in the living room when her son came home.

His grin spread when he saw her.

And Sharon blushed.

"You look fantastic, Mom!" he said enthusiastically. "You look really great!"

Pleased, but hating the heat on her face, Sharon stood up for her son to see her. She turned slowly, bashfully hands clasped behind her like a shy little girl being shown off by proud parents. Sharon had a slender, rounded body perfect for the style. Her long legs, so slim and shapely, were displayed to perfection, and her tits strained at the satiny blouse, her nipples in danger of being revealed. Her eyes sought the front of her son's pants when she faced him again.

Her reward was the swelling of his cock bulge.

Moving about the house, she felt her son watching her, his eyes on her the way he stared at other women and girls. She felt elated, pleased that he showed this same appreciation for her as he had others. She wondered if other boys and men would look at her in that same hot, hungry manner. She found herself twitching her hips erotically, not even thinking about it. She went out of her way to find things to do about the house, glancing at her son often, finding his eyes on her constantly, a big grin on his young face. She did blush often, something she couldn't stop, but she didn't mind so much as before.

She squatted, facing her son, but with her knees together, dusting the coffee table for the second time. Peeking at her son sitting on the couch, she saw him looking at her knees. His cock was poking out of his open fly, but she didn't remember seeing him unzip his pants. She stared at the cockhead, the smooth cockhead she had taken into her mouth the night before, sucking it, tasting it.

Sharon opened her knees.

Bobby's cock rose up from his open pants, fully exposed in sweet hardness. His eyes gazed between her parted knees, seeing the creamy flesh of her thighs above her nylons, and the fishnet panties that failed to hide her bushy cunt at all.

"Beautiful, Mom!" Bobby grunted, his hands at his sides, his cock sticking up so very hard and jerking slightly. "I can see your cunt real good."

She held her squatting, knee-open position a while longer, then stood up. She grinned at her son, a bashful grin.

She turned and, pretending to see a bit of string on the carpet, leaned over in the same way the girl in the shopping mall had. She heard her son gasp, knowing what he was seeing.

Bobby stared at the backs of his mothers thighs, her creamy flesh looking erotic at the top of her nylons. He saw the cheeks of his mother's ass through the wide spaces of the fishnet panties, even the crack of her ass. Although she was blushing, Sharon gave a wiggle with her ass before she stood up. She looked over her shoulder at her son, her eyes glowing, her face pink.

"How was that, Bobby?" she asked, her voice quivering.

"I saw your fucking ass, Mom!" he grunted, grabbing for his cock.

Sharon's cunt pulsated with heat. "Was it…"

"It was my ass."

Show me again. Let me see your ass again, Mom!"

Sharon leaned over once more, the back of her short miniskirt hiking up over the fishnet panties once more. She felt her son's eyes burning on her ass, and she shivered, causing her ass to wiggle tantalizingly. She held, her obscene pose, and Bobby stared at the crack of her ass, seeing the thick hair of her cunt just below. He pumped up and down on his cock a few times, then stood up.

"Don't move, Mom," he said in a low sound. "Don't move yet."

Sharon had her palms on the floor, bent over with her ass sticking in the air. She felt her son behind her, and she peeked between her legs. Bobby stood close, and then his hands were touching her.

"Bobby, this isn't part of the…" she moaned. "I was only trying to… be like the other girls. You're not supposed to touch me."

But she didn't move.

Bobby ran his hands over the fishnet panties, feeling his mother's ass, down to the satiny smoothness of her flesh and then her nylons. She arched her ass into the air, feeling wicked, and very erotic. She felt the head of his cock brush the back of one thigh, leaving a scalding wetness on her skin.

Despite feeling bashful, Sharon couldn't resist.

"Jack off, Bobby!" she whimpered. "Jack off on me!"

Bobby made a gulping sound and gripped his cock, pounding his fist back and forth, rubbing the dripping piss hole about the back of his mother's creamy thighs. Then he was trying to pull her panties aside, his finger hooked and stretching them.

"No, Bobby!" she cried out. "You can't!"

"Mom, I wanna fuck you!" he insisted. "I gotta fuck you, Mom!"


But Sharon didn't move. That is, she didn't straighten up; her ass moved, twisting around. Bobby looked down at the white cheeks of his mother's ass, seeing the thick hair on her pooching cunt. He brought the head of his cock forward, and Sharon cried out as she felt it rub the slit of her fiery, wet cunt.

"Not there!" she cried. "No, Bobby, don't fuck me! I'll suck you off! I'll suck your cock, honey, but you can't fuck me… please, Bobby, don't put your cock in my cunt!"

"I gotta, Mom!" he groaned desperately.

With sobbing heat, the words tumbled from Sharon. Dressing in this revealing way had made her hot, and flashing her son had increased that heat.

"You can't fuck me! Don't put your cock in my pussy, Bobby! No, baby… I'm your mother and you can't fuck mother in the cunt! I'll suck your cock, and give you a blow-job! I'll give you two blow jobs… but you can't fuck me in my cunt!"

And still she remained bent over, her ass up, panties to one side, and Bobby rubbed the swollen head of his cock up and down the slippery wetness of her cunt slit, smashing it onto her throbbing clit, then up again, and back down. He pushed forward, and Sharon felt her son's cock part the lips of her cunt. She groaned, shivering as she felt the head of his cock starting to penetrate deeper and deeper.

"No!" she cried out, jerking her ass from him. "You can't fuck me in my cunt!"

Bobby's cock jerked upright, and Sharon gasped when she felt it move into the crack of her ass. Her asshole clenched as the cockhead seemed to push against it.

"Mom, I gotta fuck you!" Bobby groaned, grabbing his mother's hips as she tried to pull forward. "I just gotta get my cock in your cunt!"

Mindlessly, Sharon hissed. "Take your pants down!"

She was leaning over so far, braced with her hands flat on the floor, her legs straight and slightly parted, she could see him. Bobby opened his belt and shoved his pants down quickly to his knees. She stared at his tight balls, his jerking cock. If he had rammed his prick into her cunt then and there, Sharon would not have stopped him.

But the head of his cock was against her asshole.

"Fuck me there!" she cried out in a thick voice. "Don't fuck mother in the cunt… fuck me in the ass!"

Why she said that, even Sharon didn't know. Like sucking her son's cock, she had never been fucked up the ass before. All she knew was she couldn't let her son fuck her in the cunt. Why she still refused after sucking him off, she really didn't know. The only thing she could think about was it seemed so horribly wrong to have her son's cock inside her cunt, fucking her, squirting his come juice into her pussy. Anyplace else didn't seem so wicked, so horrible.

"Please, darling, don't fuck me!" she sobbed, wiggling her ass. "Not in mother's cunt! Fuck me up the ass if you have to fuck me, but don't put your cock in mother's cunt!"

Bobby pulled his prick back, cupping his mother's cunt. He pulled the crotch of her fishnet panties far to one side, feeling the wet heat of her cunt on his palm. He rubbed a few times, then brought his hand to his mouth and licked his palm, tasting the juice of his mother's cunt. Sharon couldn't see what he was doing; all she could see was his cock and balls between her thighs.

"You taste so good, Mom," Bobby said, running his hand back to her cunt, rubbing and dripping his finger into it. He fucked her with his finger, and Sharon twisted her uplifted ass lewdly, mewling softly. Again he pulled his hand to his mouth, licking the wetness from his finger and palm. "You taste so good, I'm gonna kiss your hairy cunt, Mom!"

"Oh, God!" Sharon sobbed. "You can do that, Bobby. But you can't fuck my cunt!"

Bobby dropped down behind his mother's exposed ass. Clutching the crotch of her fishnet panties, holding them far to the side, he buried his face into her cunt, his lips wide open, his tongue darting about the hairy cuntlips. Sharon wailed with sensation, her eyes glazed as she peered between her legs at his cock and balls. Balancing on one hand, she shoved her right one between her legs and grasped her son's cock, pumping it. She waggled her ass into his face when Bobby thrust his tongue up her pussy.

"Oooo, baby, baby!" she moaned. "Do that, Bobby! Oh, God, do that to me with your tongue! Kiss mother's cunt, Bobby! Ahhbhh, that feels wonderful, baby! Suck on mother's pussy, use your tongue in my wet cunt!"

Bobby shoved his face hard into his mother's cunt, sucking and licking in a frenzy, tasting the bubbling pussy juices, inhaling the exciting scent of her cunt and ass, his nose pressing at the tight crinkle of her asshole. He licked his tongue from her clit, dipping it into her cunt, then impulsively lapped a few times at her asshole. Sharon cried out with the strange pleasures his tongue created on her asshole. She gripped his cock very tightly, pulling on it, watching his balls lift tightly. Her legs were shaking, held up with her knees locked.

Bobby made excitingly wet sounds with his tongue as he licked at her hair-lined cunt, swirling it about her clit and plunging into fiery wetness, time and again. He pressed his young face as tight as he could into his mother's juicy pussy, drawing the creaminess out of her clit and into his mouth. Sharon sobbed and cried, the blood rushing to her head as she remained bent over, clutching his throbbing cock desperately with a tight fist. Her cunt was burning, the wet, hairy pussylips sucking on his tongue every time it fucked into her. Her asshole fuckered and clenched. She was swiftly approaching orgasm.

"Suck me, suck me, suck me!" she wailed. "Oooo, baby, suck mother's cunt! Shove your tongue deep, Bobby! Shove it as deep as you can! Ohhhh, you'll make me come, Bobby! You're going to make mother come! Eat my cunt, suck my pussy, tongue-fuck mother's hot, wet, hairy pussy!"

She was about to go out of her mind with ecstasy. She tossed her uplifted ass in tight circles, then smashed back into her son's face.

Wrapping his arms about her thighs, Bobby was holding her, hugging her, his face smashed into her bubbling cunt, his tongue darting and licking, his throat swallowing frantically because the cunt juices, kept flowing into his mouth. Sharon's ass danced and weaved, bobbed and thrust. She gripped his cock tightly, her eyes squeezed shut with the rapture. Her tits felt tight, not hanging, but with her nipples poking hard against the satiny blouse. One nipple showed now, and without looking, Bobby clasped that tit, digging his finger into it. He held her about the thighs tightly with his other arm, sucking wetly and hungrily at her juicy cunt.

"I'm going to come!" Sharon screamed. "Your tongue… your, lips, your mouth! Ohhh, Bobby, I'm going to come! Suck me hard and fast! Fuck me in the cunt with your tongue! Ooooo, deep, baby, deep! My pussy… mother's cunt is about to explode!"

The screech boiled from her throat as she came.

Bobby had his tongue as deep as it would go into her fiery cunt, and the orgasm sent the hairy pussylips into spasms that sucked it deeper, or so it seemed. Sharon's cunt clutched her son's tongue, squeezing it, but Bobby managed to pull it out. He pressed his mouth over her knotted, convulsing clit, sucking wildly at it, his tongue flicking the tip. Sharon screamed time and again with the mast powerful orgasm she had ever experienced.


Bobby pressed his mouth hard against his mother's cunt, sucking as she kept coming, one after the other.

Sharon thought she was going out of her mind with ecstasy. She had never felt so much agonized rapture before, never had so many orgasms at one time. She twisted her ass, slamming her cunt back into her son's face. She had lost his cock and was now holding herself balanced again with both hands on the floor. Her knees were bending weakly, but she managed to remain with her ass in his face.

But then his mouth was gone, her cunt feeling empty.

She wailed, searching for his cock again and not finding it.

Bobby was standing up, his cock pointed out in hardness. He was staring down at his mother's ass. He pressed the head of his cock to her cunt, and Sharon felt it. She almost slammed her cunt back onto his cock. She moved her ass just enough to feel that rounded prickhead penetrate her pussy, and then with a series of protests, pulled her pussy away.

"I'm gonna fuck you, Mom!" Bobby insisted. "I gotta get my cock in your fucking cunt!"

"No, Bobby!" she screamed. "You can't fuck me in the cunt!"

"Then I'm gonna fuck you in the ass, Mom!" Her vision cleared and she saw his balls. She shoved her hand upward, pressing her son's cock away from her cunt and toward her asshole. She fell it against the sensitive ass fucker.

"There!" she urged hotly. "If you have to fuck me, fuck me in the ass! My asshole is hot, too, just as hot as my cunt! Fuck mother in the asshole, baby!"

Feeling the swollen head of his cock against her asshole, Sharon pressed back. The tight ring of her asshole was giving way, and she started feeling the slicing, cutting pain. She howled as her son pushed harder. Tears came to her eyes, and she was afraid this was going to hurt her badly. Yet she couldn't let him fuck her cunt, just couldn't.

Bobby was gripping her hips now, shoving her miniskirt to her waist past the elastic of her fishnet bikini panties. One ass cheek was fully revealed, as was her asshole. Bobby stared down at her ass, seeing the head of his cock pushing inward.

"I'm gonna fuck you!" he growled. "I'm gonna stick my cock up your ass and fuck you good, Mom!"

"Hurry!" she screamed.

Bobby lunged forward.

His prick seemed to rip her asshole wide open, and Sharon shrieked loudly. But his cock was inside her asshole. The cockhead went past the tight ass ring, and she felt the stretching, the fullness. Bobby paused, seeing the way his mother's asshole stretched and held the hardness of his cock.

"Do it!" Sharon yelled. "Do it now! Fuck me in the ass! Hurry, Bobby! Ow, God, it hurts! But fuck my asshole anyway!"

Bobby thrust powerfully, fucking his cock deep into his mother's asshole. Sharon screamed with almost excruciating pain, but she rammed her ass back, stuffing his cock all the way inside. The spreading cheeks of her ass made a slapping sound against his body, but his cock was fucked all the way up her asshole, his balls smashed upon her hairy, soaking wet cunt.

"Oh, God, it hurts!" Sharon sobbed.

Bobby grunted, digging his fingers into his mother's hips and pulling her ass back, trying to get more of his cock into that hot, tight asshole. Sharon, despite the fiery pain in her ass, wiggled against him. Then she pulled forward, feeling his cock sliding along the ring of her asshole. She pulled her hips until she felt only the cockhead gripped in her ass, and with a cry, slammed backwards once more, stabbing herself in the ass with his cock.

"You feel so big, Bobby!" she cried. "Your cock feels so fucking big in my ass! Fuck me, baby fuck mother's hot asshole. It hurts, but I can take it! Fuck me… ram your cock up mother's tight asshole now!"

Bobby began pounding back and forth, fucking his cock in and out of her asshole. He grunted with his efforts, finding her asshole sucking and gripping tighter than his fist ever had. The searing heat of her asshole caused his young balls to draw up tight, smashing against the wetness of her hairy cunt with a slapping sound.

To Sharon's amazement, the pain seemed to be fading away, and it started feeling good. She enjoyed the pulsations of her asshole, the way it stretched about his cock, the very fullness inside her ass. She cried out softly and twisted against him, urging him to fuck her as hard as he could.

"It feels better now, Bobby," she sobbed. "It doesn't hurt so much now."

"You're so tight, Mom!" he gasped.

"I should be," Sharon giggled crazily.

"You're the only one that's put his cock in my asshole. Ooooo, it feels fantastic now, Bobby! I could learn to like it this way! Fuck me deep and hard, honey! Ohhhh, yes, I could learn to love being fucked in my asshole!"

"I love it, too, Mom!"

Sharon rammed her ass back and forth, meeting his stabbing cock with each thrust. The pain was gone now, replaced by the most exquisite sensation ever. Her asshole felt an fire, stretched forever, but she loved the feeling now. She clutched her ankles, trying to look up and watch his balls beat against her cunt. Her pussy was so wet, the insides of her thighs were glistening with cunt juice all the way to the tops of her nylons. The dark hair covering the lips of her cunt sparkled with the juices, her clit straining in a bulge of tingling hardness.

"Ohhhh, I think you're going to make me come again, Bobby!" she squealed. "I feel like I'm going to come again!"

Her face showed the strain, her eyes wide open and trying to focus on her son's balls beating against her cunt. The friction of his cock fucking in and out of her asshole seemed hot enough to create flames there. Bobby held her hips tightly, fucking into her hard, the head of his cock seeming to go all the way to her stomach. The soft, wet slaps seemed loud in the room, and Sharon began to grind her ass with him, feeling so exposed and wide open and deliciously lewd.

Her cunt lurched, snapping inwardly.

Bobby's cock seemed to grow in size, pounding hotly up her ass.

"Ohhhh, now, now!" Sharon screeched. "My cunt… my asshole… oh, God! I'm going to come!"

Bobby, his young face contorted with ecstasy, rammed his cock as deep and hard as he could into his mother's gripping, flexing asshole. His balls swelled, and he unleashed a torrent of boiling come juice. Sharon, feeling his cock cream burning the smooth walls of her asshole, screamed with intense ecstasy, her cunt clutched in tight, powerful orgasm.

Sharon felt her asshole sucking on her son's squirting cock, sucking the come juice out of his writhing balls. Even though she, too, was coming in mindless waves of contracting orgasms, she felt his balls very tight against her hairy cunt, his cock jerking as he sprayed her ass guts full of his thick, scalding jizz.

Her legs shook and her knees trembled. She couldn't remain upright any longer. She felt as if she would fall. She moved her hands forward, walking them along the carpet. Bobby clung to her, his cock still jammed into her clutching asshole. Sharon bent her knees and stretched out on her stomach across the floor. She lay with her hands above her head, gasping for air, her tits smashed flat. Her ass shivered as her son lay atop her. She felt his hot breath on her shoulders, felt his cock deflating. The softer his prick became, the less her asshole felt stuffed and stretched.

"Oh, my God!" Sharon hissed throatily. "You did it, Bobby!"

"Yeah, I think I did, Mom," he panted, sliding his hands underneath. And, when his mother lifted her shoulders, he found he could hold her naked tit in one hand and her still covered fit with the other. He squeezed her tits gently.

"Take it out of me," she whispered, suddenly feeling embarrassment again, knowing her face was tinged pink. "Please, Bobby, take it out of me now."

She moaned as his cock pulled out of her asshole. She felt her ass ring close, yet at the same time she still felt wide open, as if her asshole would never again be tight. She remained on her stomach, knowing the miniskirt was bunched about her waist, her ass exposed through the fishnet of her bikini panties, that her son could see her in the garter belt and nylons.

She felt very bashful now, and couldn't move her hands even to shove her miniskirt down.

"Don't look at me, Bobby," she whispered shyly.

"Why not, Mom?" she heard him reply from between her legs. "You didn't care before."

"I… please, just don't look at me now." But Bobby ignored her. He was learning something about his mother, and it pleased him. He realized she enjoyed being embarrassed, enjoying being seen despite her bashfulness.

Sitting on his heels between her legs, Bobby looked down at his mother. Her legs looked so very long in those nylons. He liked the contrast of them with the naked flesh above. Most of one ass cheek showed, but it didn't matter because of those fishnet panties. The holes in them were quite large, and he could see her ass anyway. The crotch seemed caught between the lips of her cunt, one covered, the other revealed.

Sharon could feel her son's eyes on her body. She wanted to pull her skirt down, anything that would cover her. Yet she couldn't. She loved the feel of him looking at her. She covered her face in her arms, not looking back at him. There was a throbbing ache in her asshole, not painful though. It was a pleasant aching, a throbbing sort of ache that pulsated almost tenderly.

She felt her son moving a hand along the back of her thigh. She shivered as his fingers touched the naked flesh above the nylons. The cheeks of her ass bunched up, and soft moans bubbled from her. She had been fucked by her young son – there was no doubt about it. In her ass, yes, but fucked just the same. It had happened, finally. She knew he was back there, his pants still around his knees, his cock and balls naked, looking at her lewd exposure. She wanted to see him, to take a good look at his cock and balls, but felt too embarrassed to turn around.

Bobby ran his two hands over her thighs, feeling the silky nylons, the flesh above them. He moved his fingers between her thighs and Sharon's ass twitched as she felt them brush the exposed hair of her cunt. Then she gasped.

Bobby had pushed her fishnet panties into the crack of her ass, revealing both ass cheeks to his hot, young eyes. She felt his palms on her ass, feeling softly, then squeezing. Her ass checks bunched when he drew a fingertip slowly up and down the crack of her ass.

"You're still hot here, Mom," he said. "You still feel very hot right here… your ass."


He placed his hands on the cheeks of her ass, cupping them. Sharon's ass, round and firm, was too large to fit his small palms. He kneaded her ass, twisting the ass cheeks. She felt them open, and the blush on her face became hotter. She could feel her son staring at her asshole. Somehow it seemed more intimate, more lewd, than if he had been staring at her cunt.

"So pretty, Mom," she heard her son whispering. "You have a real pretty ass. Your ass is prettier than the girl in the mall, prettier than any one of those girls there."

She was pleased by his compliment, but she knew he was saying it because he had never seen an ass before, not a naked ass.

Bobby pulled his hands to her thighs, gazing upon his mother's creamy ass. He leaned forward and kissed one of the ass cheeks. Sharon gasped, her hips trembling, but said nothing. Bobby turned and kissed the other ass cheek. She felt his hot breath fan her naked flesh, and she whimpered softly. Then his tongue snaked out and he licked at the firm ass cheeks, sliding his wet tongue up and down, dipping below where they joined her thighs, licking upward and around. He licked at both ass cheeks, the flat surface of his tongue wetting his mother's very smooth skin. He dragged his tongue about her ass for some time, then along the back of her thigh. Sharon felt the heat between her legs increasing, her cunt starting to pulsate again. She could feel herself dripping, hot juices oozing from her hairy cunt, soaking the crotch of her fishnet panties.

"Oh, Bobby, don't! Please, don't!"

Bobby now dragged his tongue up and down the crack of her ass. The fishnet panties were tight against her asshole where he had pulled them, and his tongue felt like fire on the inner cheeks of her ass. With an involuntary movement, Sharon's hips lifted, twisting as her son kept licking and tasting of her ass.

"We've done enough, honey," she moaned. "Please, no more! We shouldn't have even done what we did."

But Bobby, his cock stiffening, kept licking his mother's ass. He held her hips, kissing and sucking the creamy flesh between his lips. He slipped his tongue downward and lapped at the exposed lip of her cunt, his nose almost in her ass. Sharon sobbed as his tongue seemed to swirl with fiery wetness about the lip of her hairy cunt. Her stomach tightened, and she knew that if he kept licking about her ass and pussylip this way, she would come again.

She couldn't resist lifting her ass into his face, twisting it in a tight circle, groaning as ecstasy swelled inside her. Her back bowed as she pulled her knees forward a bit, her ass jutting up lewdly as her son ran his tongue about the creamy flesh, but always darting it back to the lip of her cunt. Then she gasped as she felt his hot mouth close about her crotch. Her panties were in the way, but Bobby didn't seem to mind in the least. He licked and sucked the soaked crotch, tasting the juices of his mother's cunt.

"Oooooo, Bobby!"

Bobby hooked a finger into the crotch of her panties, drawing it to the side, and buried his tongue into her cunt. Sharon sobbed with the rapture as he thrust his tongue in and out, fucking her cunt eagerly. She felt his breath searing the crack of her ass. She wiggled her pussy against him, groaning as her stomach tightened.

"You'll… Bobby, please!" Sharon cried out. "You're going to make me come again! Ohhhh, honey… baby!"

She lifted her ass a bit more, grinding it hard into his young face. Her cunt throbbed hotly as Bobby darted his tongue back and forth, stabbing her cunt with delight. The tongue fucking sent consuming heat racing up her body to her tits.

"Bobby! Oh, God, Bobby!" Sharon cried, shoving her hands underneath her body, and clutching her tits. One tit was still exposed, the other hidden by the satin blouse. She dug her fingers into her own tits, groaning loudly as she strained her uplifted ass and cunt into her son's face. "I'm so… so hot! Oh, baby, do it more! Make me come, Bobby! Ohhh, that's so good… make my cunt… my pussy… oh, Bobby, suck mother's wet cunt!"

With a strangled groan, Sharon came.

Her cunt closed tightly about her son's delving tongue, squeezing it as she came. Sharon clamped her eyes shut, digging into her swollen tits harshly, her ass grinding back into her son's open mouth. The waves of overwhelming orgasm burned through her, from her head to her toes.

Bobby pulled his tongue from his mother's cunt, his mouth gleaming wetly. His cock throbbed in a powerful hardness. He hooked a finger into her panties, and with a jerk, pulled them to one side again.

Sharon, her cunt still convulsing, would have taken her son's cock into her cunt then and there, or anywhere else he wanted to put it. She arched her ass into the air, her cunt contracting in those never-ending orgasms. She moaned and sobbed, tears of exquisite torture in her tightly shut eyes. Bobby, his cock standing straight out, grabbed his mother's hips, and jerked her backward.

His prick fucked into her asshole without resistance.

"Ohhh, Bobby!" Sharon screamed as she felt the renewed stretching of her asshole. "Ohhhhhh, baby, yes!"

Bobby fucked her ass furiously, driving his cock deeper and deeper into the searing heat of her gripping asshole, his balls again bouncing against her puffy, juicy cunt, making a wet slapping sound. Sharon strained her ass to her son, taking his cock eagerly into her burning asshole. She could feel the swollen cockhead, the ridges of his throbbing prick with the sensitive ring of her amazingly tight, yet accepting, asshole. It was much easier to take his cock up her ass this time. That first time had hurt, but now all she felt was ecstasy, a hot, perverse, intensely lewd, rapture.

"Hot fucking ass!" Bobby grunted, pounding relentlessly into his mother's ass. "Hot, tight, fucking asshole, Mom!"

"Yes!" Sharon squealed, slamming her creamy ass back as he came forward, straining on his prick. "It is a hot ass, baby! Mother has a very tight, very hot, asshole! Fuck that hot asshole, Bobby! Oooo, God! Give it to me! Ram it to me! Fuck my ass… fuck mother up that tight, hot asshole! Ohhhh, baby, what a cock!"

The orgasms that had started with his tongue were still there. The only difference was they grew in power, causing her cunt to contract so tightly, her asshole sucking so hotly at his cock, Sharon didn't think she could take much more.

She was weak, but still managed to swing her ass about with wild ecstasy. She dug into with her fingers, feeling a stab of pain in [missing text]. With a squeal, she shoved her legs straight out, causing her lower body to press against the floor. Bobby lay atop her, plunging his cock up and down, fucking her in the ass despite his lack of depth in this position. Sharon spread her legs, wide, trying to give him more access to her asshole.

"I'm gonna come again, Mom!" Bobby shouted.

"Yes!" Sharon screamed, feeling his cock throb inside her asshole. "Yes, yes, yes!"

With a loud grunt, Bobby fucked his cock into her asshole, and squirted his boiling come juice up her ass, spraying the smooth walls of her ass guts for the second time in less than an hour.


Bobby wanted to see what else his mother had bought that morning.

Shyly, Sharon allowed him to examine everything. She had removed her miniskirt, nylons, belt, and fishnet panties, and had bathed. She wore her robe now, a fluffy thing that concealed her curves, except for her narrow waist where it was belted.

She sat on the bed, watching her son examine the intimate clothing she had brought home. She had purchased a miniskirt, a garment of shiny material that, when she wore it, clung to her body, leaving well over half her thighs revealed. There was another garter belt, more nylons, one pair of fishnet hose. She had purchased a dozen new panties, but unlike any she had worn before. These were designed for one purpose only; to excite and arouse.

She had also bought a pair of leather boots, boots that came to her knees, with spiked heels.

"You're gonna look beautiful, Mom!" Bobby exclaimed, caressing her new panties against his cheek. "These are so soft and smooth."

He sat in the center of her bed, legs crossed, his cock standing up in hardness again as he fondled her new panties. He was still undressed, his pants now on the floor at the side of her bed. With her son naked and her in the robe, she had the strangest sensation it was she who was lewdly revealed, not her son.

Shyly looking at his cock, she smiled, with only a faint blush on her face now. Perhaps, she thought, she was finally overcoming that bashfulness, that sense of embarrassment when it came to sex.

"When are you gonna wear all this, Mom?" he asked.

"I don't know," she replied. "I just well, bought them."

"Where are you gonna wear them?"

"At home," she said, feeling her face grow warm. "Far you."

Bobby moved his eyes about her body. "Sure, the way you put that fucking robe on, huh?"

"I had to put something on," she said.


"Because… I don't know," she said.

"I've seen most of you already, Mom," Bobby said. "I even fucked you in the ass. What are you trying to hide from me now?"

"I guess…" She lowered her eyes shyly. "I'm still your mother, and I don't want to be… you know, naked."

"Why the fuck not?"

In her mind, she agreed with him. She wanted to be naked, completely naked, before his young, eager eyes. She wanted her son to see her tits, her ass, her cunt. She wanted him to look at her, all of her, and become intensely excited. So excited his cock would gush jism without touching her.

"Come on, Mom," he said. "Take that fucking robe off. Give me a peek at all your goodies."

"Goodies?" she whispered. "What a strange way of putting it."

She slipped to her feet, her fingers playing with the belt of her robe. She held her head down in bashfulness, but peeked at him from her lowered lashes. She gazed at his cock standing there, remembering how it had tasted in her mouth, so hard and hot, stretching her lips, crowding her tongue. She licked her lips, as she opened the belt. For a moment she held her robe closed, then flung it open.

Bobby's eyes bulged with appreciation as he stared at her. Her tits were high, firm spaced widely, with stiff nipples arching upward, set in a large circle of pebbled, dark-pink flesh. Her stomach was flat, but it was the thick mass of fan-shaped cunt hair that held his gaze. His cock jerked, and she saw the liquid forming at his piss hole, his balls seeming to draw up tightly at the base.

"Drop it, Mom!" he said, his voice husky. She shrugged her body from the robe, clasping her hands in front of her and standing there like a shy little girl. Being naked in front of her son thrilled her, caused a heating sensation in her cunt. She felt her clit expand and harden. Without being told, she turned slowly, showing her slender body off to her son. Her ass swelled out sweetly, her tits straining. She turned completely around, and when she faced her son again, she was blushing, unable to look up at him. She kept her eyes on his cock though.

"Give me a blow-job, Mom," Bobby said, leaning back so his cock stuck up. He drew his legs from beneath his ass, straightening them and spreading them out. "Suck my cock, Mom. Seeing you naked makes my cock so fucking hard! Come on, Mom, suck me off!"

Sharon licked her lips, placing a knee on the bed. Her mouth watered up and she had to swallow. His cock was a good six inches long, and quite thick for a boy his age. His balls, so hairless, looked loaded with come juice again. Her eyes took on a glazed expression as she leaned forward, her naked tits hardly dangling, they were so tight. She stretched out on the bed, lying on her stomach with her face above her son's upright cock, the wet cockhead a few inches from her lips. Sliding her hands up his thighs to his hips, she held him and gazed at his cock.

She parted her lips, and then remembered where her son's cock had been just a little while ago, where it had been two times. There was a slight odor coming off his cock, but she found it not in the least unpleasant. On the contrary, the scent excited her. Knowing that his cock had so recently been up her asshole, and now she was about to suck it off, made her tremble with a perverse excitement. She thought about asking him to wash, then changed her mind. She didn't want him to wash his cock. She wanted to suck it just as it was, taste him, experience sucking him off after he had fucked her in the asshole.

She pressed her lips to the head of her son's cock, kissing it. She felt the slippery juices bubbling from his pie hole smear over her lips. She moaned softly digging her fingers into his hips. She darted the tip of her tongue out and flicked it over his pisshole, licking up the sweetness that seeped from his cock. Again she moaned, more a whimper of hunger this time. She slipped her lips down, stretching them over the swollen head of her son's cock, feeling his eyes on her naked ass increased her desire to suck him off. She wiggled her naked ass, feeling embarrassed to display her erotic pleasure, yet wanting him to know how hot and eager and lewd she could be.

Holding the swollen head of his cock between her lips, she swirled her wet tongue in circles. Bobby moaned in pleasure, moving his eyes from his mothers's writhing ass to her face. He watched her mouth fill with his cock, and Sharon peeked shyly up at his face.

She swallowed more of his cock, sliding her lips down slowly, savoring the hard, hot shaft of his cock. There was that scent of shit, but it was subtle, exciting her, making her cunt throb as she pressed it against the mattress. She pressed her lips against the base of her son's cock, holding him tightly, the cockhead brushing the back of her throat. She gurgled in delight, and sucked upward, again slowly, holding her lips as tight as she could, still gazing shyly into his face. She held the cockhead in her mouth and licked it.

Then she lifted up.

Her face was burning with embarrassment, but her ass kept writhing and she pressed her cunt hard onto the mattress.

"Call me names," she whispered, flushing furiously.

"Gall you names?" Bobby asked. "What kind of names, Mom?"

"Bad names," she whispered, lowering her eyes. "I'm being bad, doing this to you, not having any clothes on. Call me bad names."

Bobby giggled. "Okay," he agreed. Sharon purred and closed her lips about his cock again.

"Fucking curt," Bobby said.

Sharon made a gurgling sound, the cheeks of her ass tightening.

"Cock-sucking cunt," her son said. "Mmmmmm," Sharon moaned around his cock, her tongue flicking wickedly as she pulled half of his hard-on into her mouth.

"Cunt-face… cock-sucker!"

Sharon felt her cunt steaming. "Whore!"

"Oooonmm!" she moaned, and she sucked harder and faster on his cock.

"Fucking bitch!"

Sharon's clit throbbed in a tight knot.

"Cock-sucking twat!"

She moaned and pulled his cock as deep into her as her pussy contracted into a slow orgasm. She whimpered and began pumping her mouth up and down her son's cock hungrily, making wet sounds. Her eyes were closed, and she wasn't blushing.

"Fucking cock-sucking cunt!"

A tremor of weird rapture moved up and down her naked body. She slipped her hands beneath her son's an, clutching a bun in each palm. The more names he called her, the more her cunt throbbed and the hungrier she was to suck on his cock, to feel the hot hardness between her lips. She ran her mouth down, filling it, enjoying his balls against her chin. She dug her fingers into her son's an, squeezing the asscheeks hard, moaning with growing hunger. She smashed her curt against the bed, grinding her pussy there, her naked ass bunching wickedly.

"Eat my cock, you fucking hot cunt!" Bobby moaned, watching his mother's mouth bobbing up and down on his cock. "Suck my fucking prick off, you hot piece of ass!"

His eyes took on a glazed look when Sharon parted her legs and began to hump her ass up and down, making fucking motions on the bed. She moved from her waist down, gyrating her hips and churning them up and down as if she had a cock beneath her, a cock fucking into her hairy, fiery cunt. Her mouth bounced up and down on his cock as she became desperate to taste the hot flow of his sweet jism in her mouth.

"Fuck the bed, you cock-sucking bitch!" Bobby moaned. "Fuck the bed, Mom! Eat my cock and fuck the bed with your hot cunt!"

Sharon was making squealing sounds as an orgasm swelled inside her pussy, radiating outward with wet heat. She thrashed her cunt up and down lewdly, smashing her swollen clit against the mattress, grinding as she sucked swiftly on his throbbing cock. Her tongue swirled and twisted, her eyes closed. She sucked frantically, trying to bring his creamy come juice into her mouth as her cunt convulsed into orgasm. She wanted to come, at the same time his cock did.

Bobby couldn't be still.

He began to pump his cock up and down, fucking into his mother's mouth. As she went down, he came up. Sharon cried out with ecstasy, holding his ass tightly as her mouth filled time and again with his hard, throbbing prick. Her lips were very wet, making his cock slide easily.

"I'm about to come, Mom!"

"Mmmmmmm," Sharon wailed, gobbling hungrily.

She felt his cock swell, felt him getting ready to let go with that hot, sweet load of thick come juice. She smashed her cunt against the bed, grinding hard, the naked cheeks of her ass clenching deep in her throat, feeling her pussy almost gripping with orgasm.

"Take it, bitch!" Bobby yelled. "Take my… I'm gonna spray your cock-sucking throat with my jizz! Take it down… eat it, you fucking hot cunt!"

Sharon let out a choking sob of rapture, her cunt contracting in wet heat. Just as her spasms started, Bobby sent a long, hot, splashing spurt of come juice into her mouth. With a muffled squeal of ecstasy, Sharon swallowed greedily, her cunt tightening with orgasms. The thick jism burned into her throat, gushing with a force that surprised her.

Time and again Bobby spewed cock cream into his mother's mouth. Sharon sucked with greed, making those wet sounds as she gulped at his creamy come juice. Her tongue swirled inside her crowded mouth, feeling the rigid hardness of hi cock as he came, feeling the deep pulsations between her lips. She jerked her mouth upward, holding just the cockhead with her lips, taking the rest of his come juice across her tongue, getting the full taste of it.

She let her mouth fill with the final spurts, and then pulled her mouth off his prick. She rolled his come juice about in her mouth, her eyes unfocused as she whimpered in pleasure. Her lips glistened wetly, and her slim throat finally swallowed his jism. With a moan, she shoved her tongue out and, using the flat surface of it, licked about his cock and piss hole, making sure she missed nothing.


At Bobby's request, Sharon had slipped into a pair of her tight, sheer panties after taking another bath. She found it much easier to be dressed this way now that she had finally revealed her body to him. She didn't blush as often, either. She stood in front of her dresser, brushing her long hair, wearing only the panties.

Bobby was reclining on her bed, watching. He looked at the way her ass filled the panties, the creamy whiteness of each ass check showing because of the skimpiness of the panties. In the mirror, he could see his mother's fail, naked tits, her nipples still very hard. He wore jeans and a T-shirt, but his cock was outlined inside his pants. He had his arms behind his head, watching with interest.

Sharon still felt the tendency to blush, but fought it off. She was elated to have her son see her this way, almost naked. In fact, she might as well be naked, because her son could see the shape of her cunt hair through the thin panties in the mirror. Her cunt was still swollen, and her clit seemed to remain in a constant state of agitation, knotted deliciously. She wondered if, getting over her embarrassment and shyness, perhaps she was becoming insatiable. If so, she didn't mind, as long as her son's cock could fill her mouth, her asshole.

She found it surprising that she came so easily by sucking Bobby's cock, or letting him fuck her in the ass. Somehow there seemed something wrong about that. Having orgasms by sucking cock and taking it up the ass, always neglecting her cunt, caused her to wonder if something wasn't twisted around in her. Surely there were other women like her, able to come so powerfully while sucking cock or taking it up the ass. She didn't feel she was unique in all the world. Putting the brush down, she began to apply her make-up, wondering, why she was hesitating about letting her son fuck her in the cunt. Surely it wouldn't be any more wrong than what she was doing with him now.

She peeked at her son in the mirror, smiling at him. She gave a twitch of her pantied ass, the first time she had been able to do something like that without blushing. She winked at him, a lewd wink, and ran her tongue over her lips in a highly suggestive manner, then ovaled them and made a pretense of sucking a cock.

"Fucking cock-sucker," Bobby said, grinning at her reflection.

"Oh, that's no way to talk to your mother," she said, but she winked at him again, and made the same cock-sucking gesture, this time shoving her finger into her mouth and pumping it in and out.

"You are a fucking cock-sucker, Mom," he said, rubbing at his crotch.

Sharon turned to face her son, her eyes taking on a smoldering heat. "Yes, I am," she replied in a low, whispery voice. "I'm your cocksucker, Bobby. I may be your mother, but I'm also your fucking cock-sucking cunt, too."

"Not cunt, Mom."

"Oh?" she asked.

"I haven't fucked your cunt, have I?"

"No, you haven't," she replied, a frown creasing her smooth forehead. "Don't you like my mouth, my ass?" She could use the words freely now without being bashful. "Isn't my mouth hot and wet enough? And my ass. Don't you like to fuck me in my ass, Bobby?"

"Sure," he replied.

"My asshole is hot and tight," she murmured, her eyes straying to the front of his pants. "You fuck my ass as if you enjoy it. And I know for sure you love it when I suck your cock. What's so important about fucking me in my cunt?"

"Because I never have," Bobby said. "I don't even know what it feels like to have a cunt on my cock, Mom. I've never fucked anyone but you, you know."

She gazed at him, leaning her ass on the dresser. "Maybe you need a girlfriend," she said softly. "You could have her cunt, and you'd have my mouth and asshole."

"I wanna fuck your cunt, Mom!" he said. "I wanna fuck you in your pussy, Mom. It's so hairy and it gets so wet, I just know I'd love it."

She looked at him for a while longer, wondering why she didn't go ahead and fuck him with her cunt. She felt a tingle between her thighs, and shrugged.

She had laid out the clinging minidress, and now she reached for it.

"Don't wear a bra," Bobby said.

"I didn't intend to," she replied.

She slipped the dress over her head. It clung to her tits, outlining them, her nipples protruding. It was quite obvious she didn't have a bra on. The hem of the dress hung about three inches below her crotch, the fabric clinging to her ass, molding it deliciously. She slipped into her knee-length boots, and posed for her son's approval.

"Nice," he said. "Very, very nice, Mom."

"I'm not sure I can do it," she said.

"Sure you can," Bobby answered, sliding from the bed. "You look as good as any of them better than most, Mom."

She examined herself in the mirror. "I'm not sure about that," she said, seeing a beautiful woman in her reflection. "Look at this dress! It shows everything. I can't do it, Bobby, I just can't!"

Bobby took his mother's hand and began puffing her from the bedroom. She allowed him to pull her as far as the living room, then she tried to stop.

"No, I can't."

"You can, Mom," he insisted.

"It's so embarrassing!" she cried. "I can't go out this way. I look like a whore, Bobby."

"Bullshit!" he exclaimed. "You saw those other girls. Did they look like whores to you?"

"But that's different!" she wailed.

"How is it different?"

"I'm your mother, that's how."

"Yeah," Bobby grinned. "That's what makes it so much better."

"Oh, so I look like a whore, do I?" she asked. "You want me to look like a whore, just because I'm your mother?"

"Mom, you do not look like a fucking whore!" he said. "You look prettier and more desirable than any of those women wearing miniskirts."

Bobby opened the door.

"Let's wait until it's dark," she pleaded.

"We've, already talked about it, Mom," he said, grabbing her hand and puffing her out the door. "You said you wanted to do it, so let's do it and stop all this bullshit."

Sharon blushed, looking up and down the street, feeling as if every eye was on her body. She felt better in the car, but not much. Before she started the car, she turned to her son, eyes pleading. "Not the mall," she said. "Let's try someplace else."

"The mall," Bobby said firmly.

Shaking, feeling bashful, Sharon drove to the nearby shopping center. She parked, and looked around at the crowds going in and out of the doors of the huge complex.

Bobby climbed out, holding his door wide open. "Come on, Mom, scoot across and let's go."

She moved, feeling her clinging skirt slide across her ass. She blushed, yet there was a tingling sensation between her thighs as she scooted from the seat, her panties flashing brief ly. She looked around quickly, but thought no one saw her but her son. She stood up and smoothed her short skirt down, trying to tug the hem lower on her thighs.

Bobby took her hand, squeezing it encouragingly as they walked into the wide doors of the mall. Sharon pulled back as she saw the shoppers strolling about, feeling as if everyone was looking at her. She didn't see anyone paying particular attention to her, but the feeling persisted.

She wasn't the only one with a skimpy dress on, she noticed. She held onto her son's hand tightly, feeling it brush at her naked thigh. She tried to hold her head up, her shoulders straight, but found herself slumping as if to lower the thrust of her naked tits.

They walked slowly, with Bobby eyeing the women and girls, as usual. She wondered why he had insisted that she dress this way and come to the shopping mall if all he wanted to do was look at the other girls and women. As they strolled along, she became a bit more comfortable, but the sensation of everyone looking at her remained.

She was acutely aware that her cunt was hot, swollen inside the skimpy panties. She was sure people could tell, smell her hot cunt, maybe. She was a little moist between her thighs, and hoped the pussy juices wouldn't soak through her panties and run down her thighs for everyone to see.

Reaching the same place they had sat before, she sat down on one of the small chairs, making sure her legs were tight together, the short skirt down on her thighs as far as she could get it. Bobby sat across from her, but turned to watch the women and girls.

"Do it now, Mom," he said.

"I can't!" Sharon wailed.

"We talked and talked about it," Bobby reminded her. "You gotta do it now, Mom."

"Bobby, please," she sobbed, looking about with lowered eyes, feeling the heat on her cheeks. "Let's go back home. I can't do it… I've changed my mind."

Bobby leaned close, hissing: "Open your legs!"


"Open your fucking legs wide, Mom!"

"Shhh!" Her face was turning bright pink. "Someone will hear."

Bobby started to shove a hand under the table.

Sharon jerked her knees to one side. "Bobby, let's go home and I'll let you… fuck me."

"Show your cunt, Mom!"

Sharon sucked in a hiss of air, staring down at the table. She had agreed to this while they had been excited, playing with each other, and now she couldn't go through with it. There was one way she could get him to let her go home. Maybe.

"Honey," she said, leaning toward him and whispering as softly as she could. "I'll let you fuck me in my pussy."

Bobby grinned. "You still gotta do this, just like we said, Mom."

"In my cunt, baby," she whispered seductively, willing to promise anything to get out of this. "You can put your cock in mother's cunt and fuck it, honey."

"Open your legs," he hissed back at her. "Flash your cunt and then we'll go home and I'll fuck your pussy."

"Bobby, please," she whimpered.

He started to shove a hand beneath the table.

"I will!" she said quickly.

She opened her thighs, but closed them quickly, looking about, frightened.

Bobby knew what she had done. "You gotta keep them open, Mom, just the way you said you would."

"Fuck me, Bobby," she whispered. "Please, take me home and fuck me in my cunt. I don't want to do this anymore."

Bobby sat still, looking at his mother.

She gave in.

With a furious heat in her face, her eyes cast down to the table, she parted her knees, leaving them open. Anyone glancing at them would have seen her panties. Sharon felt as if she would die with embarrassment, but she also felt her cunt swelling, her clit protruding in a hard knot, her nipples more pronounced beneath the clinging dress.

"Bobby," she whispered throatily, "I think I'm going to come!"

Bobby giggled. "Do it, Mom. Come!"

With a strangled sob, Sharon came. Her knees were spread open, the crotch of her panties on display. The hairy pussylips inside the tight band of her panties contracted, and she squeezed her hands into fists on top of the small table.

"That woman is looking at you, Mom!" Bobby hissed.

Sharon couldn't lift her eyes. She was coming and it felt fantastic, and her face burned with embarrassment. Her cunt went through powerful contractions, time and again, and she felt hers elf growing weak as she clenched her hands.

"Are you coming, Mom?"

"Yes," she groaned. "Oh, God, yes!"

"My cock is hard," he said.

"Is the woman still looking at me?"

"Yes, she is," Bobby replied. "She looks interested."

"Ohhh!" Sharon groaned as her orgasm increased in power, her legs spread widely. Before she could stop herself, her right hand slipped from the table and dropped into her son's lap. She felt his cock throbbing hard inside his pants. "Is she still watching?"

"Yes, Mom, and grinning, too."

Sharon clutched at her son's cock with her hand, and a final explosion inside her cunt sent rippling tremors through her. She couldn't lift her face, and her orgasm receded. She turned loose of her son's cock, and then closed her legs shyly.

Finally she looked up, and saw the woman smiling at her.

"Oh, God!" she whimpered. "Let's go! She looks like she wants to come over here!"

She clutched her son's hand as she stood up, and before she could move off, the woman winked at her, and ran her tongue over her lips.

Walking swiftly, she felt her short skirt clinging to her ass, her long thighs flashing. She pulled her son from the mall and almost ran to the car. She climbed in quickly, but her son caught the door, holding it open.

"One more peek, Mom," he said, grinning at her.

"Let's go home, please!"

"Once more," he insisted.

"I want to fuck you," she said, gripping the wheel with white knuckles. "I have to fuck you now, Bobby! Come on, get in!"

"One more peek," he said, and he reached for her knee.

"Then we'll go?"

He nodded.

Sharon shoved her leg from the car, holding it very wide. Bobby stood back and gazed between her legs, seeing her panties, the wetness of them. She started to pull the leg back, but Bobby stopped her.

"Wait," be said.

Sharon then saw why.

A man was walking along between the parked cars, his face on her. She blushed furiously, knowing he was seeing her crotch, her legs. Quickly, she pulled her foot into the car, and Bobby shut the door.

But when he sat beside her, Sharon didn't start the car. She grabbed her son's hand and pulled it between her legs.

"Feel," she said. "I'm so fucking wet!"

Bobby ran his hand into his mother's crotch, feeling her drenched panties. She pressed his hand hard against her bubbling cunt, and he pushed her panties into her pussy gash. His cock was swollen inside his pants, and holding his hand between her thighs, she grabbed his cock hard, making him pant.

"God, I came so hard in there!" she said. "Aren't you glad you did it now, Mom?"

"It was… exciting," she admitted, squeezing his cock inside his pants. "But we have to get home, fast. Hold my pussy, baby!"

Bobby sat close to her, his hand between his mother's thighs as she drove quickly. Her panties were soaked with pussy juice, and he worked a finger inside the crotch, easing it into her pussy.

"Oooo, yes, baby!" she hissed, sliding her hips forward on the seat. "Finger-fuck my cunt! Oh, make me come again!"

The car weaved as she struggled to keep it straight with one hand, her other clinging to his throbbing cock.

"DO I get some pussy now, Mom?" he asked, fucking his finger in her cunt hard and fast, making wet sounds. Sharon held her legs as wide open as she could, still driving. "Do I get to fuck your cunt now, Mom?"

Sharon drew in a deep breath, squeezing his cock as hard as she could.

"Yes!" she groaned, the word coming out choked and hot. "Yes, yes, yes!"

"It's about time," he laughed, fucking his finger in and out of her cunt swiftly. "You still wanna come now?"

"Yes, I do!"

Bobby shoved his other hand into her lap, puffing her panties to one side, and stabbed his mother's cunt hard and violently. Sharon humped her hips into his hand, her vision foggy as she weaved the car toward home.

"Faster!" she groaned. "Fuck me faster!" Bobby leaned down, watching his finger flying in and out of his mother's cunt, inhaling the exciting aroma that radiated up from her hairy, juicy cunt.

"Don't squeeze my cock so hard, Mom," he said. "You wanna make me come off, too?"

"Not yet?" she sobbed. "I want your cock in me when you come!"

She gulped, then shrieked softly, her cunt closing tightly about her son's finger as she came.


The car rocked as she braked hard. She was out of it quickly, fumbling for the key. Bobby saw her clinging skirt was high on her ass, the seat of her skimpy panties showing. His cock almost burst out of his pants as he followed her to the door.

"Your ass is showing, Mom," he giggled. "Oh!" she gasped, and jerked the skirt down quickly.

She opened the door, yanking it wide as she almost ran into the house. When Bobby closed the door, Sharon turned toward him, her eyes glowing on his cock.

"Get it out!" she hissed, jerking her skirt to her waist and ripping at her flimsy panties. There was a loud tearing sound as she yanked them from her hips.

Bobby opened his pants and shoved them down, stepping out of them as he gazed at his mother's cunt. Sharon parted her legs, clawing at her bushy cunt with both hands, eyes hot as she saw his young cock jerking with hardness.

She went to her knees, stripping her dress over her head. She tossed it across the room, wearing her knee-length boots only. She sprawled onto her back, spreading her legs wide and arching her cunt upward.

"Hurry!" she gasped. "Hurry up, Bobby!"

"You said your cunt, Mom?"

"Yes!" she wailed. "Right up my fucking hot cunt, baby! Fuck mother up the hairy cunt – now!"

Bobby dropped between his mother's legs. Sharon held them lewdly open, very wide, her cunt arching up. The pink cuntlips glistened wetly, her clit knotted and throbbing. Her eyes were wet with desire, her lips parted as she gasped with eagerness, with anticipation of feeling her son's cock fucking into her burning cunt at last.

Bobby stared at his mother's cunt. He gripped his cock in a tight fist, pumping it a few times.

Sharon moved her hands to her crotch, pulling the hairy cuntlips as wide open as she could.

"Fuck me!" she screamed. "Fuck me now! Shove your cock up my hot cunt and fuck it hard!"

With a quick thrust, Bobby plunged his cock into his mother's cunt, unable to take his time. Sharon screamed as she felt, her son's cock spread the lips of her fiery cunt, the cockhead sliding swiftly into her. She hissed with ecstasy when his balls smashed at her uplifted ass. Immediately she began to swing her naked ass about, churning and humping up and down, fucking his cock before he could even start moving.

Bobby groaned with the boiling heat of his mother's cunt around his cock. He fell forward, his hands clutching her firm tits as Sharon shoved her mouth against his. She pulled her hands away from her cunt and grabbed the cheeks of his ass. She rammed her tongue into his mouth, and Bobby sucked on it wildly, his hips pounding up and down, his cock stabbing frantically into the gripping wetness of his mother's cunt.

Sharon lifted her legs, scissoring them up and down his hips, then closing them about his thighs. She humped and thrashed frantically beneath him, fucking against his stabbing cock mindlessly. She bounced her naked ass up and down on the floor, fucking her cunt onto his cock with each downward plunge he made. She gripped his ass with tight hands, urging him to fuck her hard, to pound her fiery cunt violently.

"Fuck me!" she screamed into his mouth. "Fuck mother's cunt! Oooo, Bobby, fuck that hot, wet cunt! Fuck mother… fuck me hard and deep and… oh, ram it to me!"

Bobby gasped and groaned, his mother's cunt squeezing at his cock the way her asshole and mouth had. The feel of her silky pussy grabbing on his prick sent his balls into trembling hardness, and he gritted his teeth to keep from coming yet. He lifted up and back, staring down at his mother's hairy cunt devouring his cock. Sharon clutched at her tits with both hands now, whipping her hips up and down with wanton lewdness, fucking onto his cock with absolute abandonment.

"Watch me!" she screamed. "Watch my cunt, baby! Oooo, see mother's cunt fucking you? See my cunt fucking your big, hard cock?"

Bobby watched, the heat of his mother's cunt almost searing the flesh from his hard-on. The sound of his balls smacking her grinding ass seemed loud in the room, exciting them both to greater efforts.

"Talk to me!" Sharon squealed. "Call me names… anything!"

"Fuck me, Mom!" Bobby hissed, staring at her cunt devouring his cock, watching her hairy pussylips clutch the cockshaft, racing up and down. "Fuck my cock with your hot cunt, Mom! Come on, you fucking hot cock-sucker, tick my cock! Ram your hairy pussy on my prick, you fucking whore!"

"Oh, I am!" Sharon shrieked. "I am fucking your cock with my cunt! Mother is your fucking cock-sucking whore! Oooo, my cunt is on fire! Your cock is so big and long, and it's fucking me in my pussy!"

Rushing her hands from her tits, Sharon pulled the lips of her hairy cunt open again, smashing her distended clit brutally against the base of her son's cock. She twisted her head from side to side, biting at her bottom lip, her lovely face contorted with the exquisite sensations of fucking her son at last with her hot, juicy cunt. Sharon strained her burning cunt hard against her son, grinding with erotic mindless movements.

"Fuck me! Fuck me!" she groaned. "Stab mother's hot cunt with your hard cock! Fuck me, Bobby! Oooo, this is going to make me come… come so fucking hard! Pound my pussy, baby! Smash mother's fucking cunt until I can't walk! Fuck my cunt sore… fuck it, fuck it, fuck it!"

Bobby, on his knees, grabbed his mother's gyrating hips, plunging his cock powerfully into her consuming cunt. Sharon screeched with the mind-shattering rapture, her cunt feeling very stuffed with her son's cock. Every nerve of her pussy was being seared by the throbbing hardness. She swung her cunt in a frenzy as her son rammed into her so hard, the wet slapping of it seemed like a shot. She threw her crotch high, still puffing brutally at the hairy cuntlips, trying to open her cunt to get his cock deeper. Her movements were mindless, frantic. Even she had no idea she could fuck so wantonly. The lewd feeling of fucking her son grew until she could hardly bear the wild ecstasy. Her cunt was squeezing at his cock, her clit so swollen, it was aching. Her nipples felt as if they were going to burst, explode right off her tits.

Feeling her orgasm starting, Sharon began to pound the spike heels of her boots on the floor. At the same time her thighs clasped his plunging hips tightly. The friction of his naked flesh on her inner thighs, combined with his cock rammed so deeply into her cunt, sent her spinning and screaming into the most powerful orgasm she had ever experienced. Her cunt closed about his hard cock almost too tightly. The squeezing action of her cunt clamped at the base of his cock, and when he pulled upward, her pussy sucked in a manner that made him think of her cock-sucking mouth.

"Your cock… you're making me come!" she shrieked, her head straining back, neck taut, her tits lifting into the air. She doubled her fists up and beat them against the floor. "You're fucking mother's cunt and I'm coming and I want you to fuck my pussy forever! Oohhhh, baby, baby! I'm coming so fucking hard! I love your cock, your hard, sweet cock, your hard, loaded balls, your fucking cock! Fuck me, fuck me hard! I'm coming, Bobby!"

Bobby grunted as his mother's cunt drew on his prick, sucking with a hot, wet tightness he had not expected. His balls were very, very tight, and each fuck-thrust into her pussy caused them to smash upon her fiery, shaking ass.

"Now!" he yelped, straining into her cunt. "I'm gonna come, Mom!"

"Come! Come hard!" she screeched. "Fill my fucking cunt! Come in my pussy! Ooooo, Bobby, mother's cunt wants that come juice! Pour it to me! Pour that sweet come juice to my hungry cunt!"

Sharon wasn't sure she felt his cock explode. Her orgasm was still throbbing through her cunt. She was certain his cock seemed to row bigger, but even that was surely in her mind.

"I'm coming now, Mom!" Bobby yelled.

His cock gushed, sending powerful spurts of creamy jism up her clutching cunt. She felt her son's body shaking, and closed her thighs about him and released her cuntlips. She shot her hands to his ass, clawing at the ass cheeks as she pulled him inward, his cock spraying the walls of her devouring pussy until he finally slumped on top of her.

She held her young son, feeling his body shake.

Her cunt pulsated on his prick, the spasms involuntary. There was nothing she could do about that, nor did she want to. She felt good, very good. She could feel his cock in her now that her orgasm was over, and she loved the sensation. She stroked his tight ass with hands that were still hot, kissing at the top of his head. She twisted her shoulders and pressed a tit at his lips, and she sighed when Bobby sucked the nipple into his mouth gently. He was still panting, and she enjoyed the heat of his breath on her naked tits.

She held him for a while, until she felt his shaking stop.

"You can get off me now," she whispered. "Maybe I don't wanna get off, Mom," he grinned down at her. "Now that I finally got my cock in your cunt, maybe I wanna stay right here and get hard and fuck it again."

Sharon giggled, ten hugged him tightly. "I'd love that," she said. "But I've got to pee, and your weight is about to make me pee all over the both of us."

"Go ahead," Bobby giggled, wiggling his hips. "I don't care."

"You wouldn't," she said. "You wouldn't mind anything as long as it had something to do with a cunt, would you?"

"As long as it's your cunt, Mom," he said, and he lifted up, his cock puffing from her cunt with a soft, wet sucking sound. "I don't know why you didn't let me fuck you in the cunt before. I love it!"

Sharon giggled, finding she didn't feel the least bit like blushing. She climbed to her feet, still wearing her knee-length boots. She cupped a hand between her thighs, feeling her son's come juice seeping from her pussy.

"If you came this much up my ass," she said, "you'd drown me from both ends."

"I bet I came that much in your mouth," he said.

"Mmmm, and I love it, too," Sharon murmured, turning and walking toward the bathroom, still clutching her palm into her cunt, feeling his come juice dripping from her. She paused and shook her naked ass at him. "I hope you won't stop fucking me up the ass now. I've learned to love that, too."

"I'll take turns," be grinned. "Fuck your cunt in the morning, your ass at noon, and you can suck me off at night."

"But, Bobby, that's only three times," she said. "I thought you told me you come four times a day."

"Sometimes five," he reminded her.

"We're going to have to use those other two times somehow," she said.

"We will," he promised. "You better go piss before you do it right there, Mom."

She giggled, and walked quickly to the bathroom…

Later, in her room with Bobby, she lay on her stomach with her head in his lap, loving the feel of his cock and balls against her face. Bobby leaned on the headboard, stroking her soft hair as she kissed about his crotch.

"It wasn't so bad at the mall now, was it?" he asked.

She raised up, looking at him. "It embarrassed the shit out of me, and you know it."

"I don't recall you shitting, Mom," he teased.

"You know what I mean," she said, pulling at his cock.

"But you came," he reminded her.

"Hard, too," Sharon said, and felt a twinge of heat on her face as she recalled the woman watching her, then giving her that lewd, knowing wink. "I don't want to do anything like that again, Bobby."

"You'll wear those clothes, though?"

She nodded. "I can get used to them, I think. It may take time, though. I've never been the type to wear clothes that reveal so much. I've always envied women that could."

"Mom, you look as good as they do, better than most," he assured her.

She felt her eyes misting up. "You're just biased."

"I'm honest, Mom." He reached down and patted her hip. "Turn over and stick your ass in the air."

"Whatever for?" she asked.

"Because I've got a hard-on again and I wanna fuck something."

She looked at his cock, then took a swipe at it with her tongue. She lowered her face and licked his balls. Then she turned onto her stomach and lifted her ass into the air, drawing her knees beneath her. She looked over her shoulder at him, resting her weight on her elbows. "Where are you going to stick that hard-on? My cunt or asshole?"

"Wherever it goes," he said, getting behind his mother.

But he didn't fuck his cock into either her cunt or asshole. Instead he shoved his face into her crotch, licking at the hairy lips of her cunt, then drawing, his tongue upward, swirling it about her asshole.

"Bobby!" she gasped. "Don't lick my asshole!"

"Why not?" came his muffled reply. "It tasted pretty good, Mom."

"But… but…"

His tongue ran into her asshole, and began to thrust back and forth. She pressed her forehead onto the bed, seeing his chin between her thighs, covered by the curls of her wet cunt.

"Oh, God, you're so… oooo, that does feel good, baby!"

Bobby pressed his open lips hard against his mother's asshole. His tongue flicked in and out of her ass.

Sharon gurgled with the sweet pleasure, twisting her ass from side to side. With her head resting on the bed, she stared hotly between her legs. She could see his cock, his chin pressed into her cunt. His tongue didn't feel as big as his cock up her asshole, but it excited her the way he wiggled it about.

Shoving her hands past her head, Sharon clawed at the sheets, groaning as she strained her ass into her son's mouth. What he was doing was so wicked, so deliciously wicked. Her clit bulged, throbbing. She couldn't stop shoving a hand downward her fingers smashing at her clit, agitating it frantically as her son plunged his tongue time and again into her hot, tight asshole. The lips of her hairy cunt were gripping and relaxing, as if trying to suck his chin into her pussy. She could feel her cunt expand, then close with wet heat.

"Ohhhh, suck it, suck it!" she squealed. "Tongue my ass, Bobby! Oh, God! Fuck my whole with your tongue! It's going to make make me come!"

A bellow of strangled ecstasy growled from her throat, her orgasm convulsing deep inside her cunt, then waving outward to the hairy, juicy cuntlips. She screamed in utmost rapture as she came, her asshole flexing around her son's delving tongue. Her naked ass undulated hotly.

"Fuck me!" Sharon screeched. "Fuck mother up the cunt!"

Bobby pulled his tongue out of her asshole, watching it fucker and wink at him. He saw the gleaming beads of juice on the thick hair of her cunt, the pulsating, swollen pussylips.

"Fuck mother in the fucking hot cunt now!" Sharon screamed, her naked ass whirling, jerking, thrusting. "Fuck my pussy… shove your hard cock up mother's wet, hairy cunt and fuck the piss out of me!"

Bobby grasped his cock, then plunged it forward. The head of his hard cock split the hairy lips of his mother's cunt, bringing a welcoming sob from Sharon. She slammed her ass backward just as she felt the head of his cock penetrate her pussy, fucking deeply into her with one quick thrust. She pulled her fingers away from her cunt and clutched at his tight, hard balls.

"Oooo, give it to me hard, baby! Ram that big cock up mother's cunt as hard as you can! Beat the piss out of mother's wet pussy… use that cock… pound your cock into my fucking hot cunt, Bobby! Ahbhhh, it's so good, Bobby! Oohh, more, honey! Mote!"

Bobby gripped his mother's thrusting hips tightly, digging his fingers into her flesh. He jerked her ass backwards onto his cock, then pushed her forward. Each time he pulled her ass backward, he lunged his cock hard and fast, fucking into the wet heat of her cunt powerfully. Sharon made squealing sounds of rapture, gripping his hairless balls in a tight hand. The juices of her cunt smeared her hand all the way to her wrists, she was so hot.

"I'm still coming!" she wailed, straining hard. "My cunt is still coming, Bobby! Oooo, mother's cunt is grabbing for your hard cock! Give it to me, baby!" She pulled and twisted his balls. "Squirt it to my pussy! Mother's cunt wants that come juice! Spurt it up my fucking cunt, Bobby!"

Bobby began to gasp, his mouth gaping as he gazed wildly at his mother's ass. Her ass cheeks were spread very wide, and each time he yanked her hips backward, the scalding heat of her asshole seemed to brand a circle on his lower stomach just above his cock. Sliding his thumb down the crack of her ass, he pushed it upon the tight ass ring, still fucking his cock in and out of her greedy cunt.

"Ooao, baby!"

Bobby rammed his thumb into his mother's asshole. Sharon went wild. She tossed her ass about, riding his cock with her cunt and her asshole on his thumb, her mind spinning with erotic sensations, her orgasms bursting one after the other.

Bobby grunted, slamming his cock deep into her cunt, holding it there as he went stiff. Then he began to shudder, groaning loudly. The boiling juice of his young balls poured in rapid squirts into her heated cunt.

Sharon raised her head from the bed, screaming with ecstasy.


Sharon began to venture out of the house in her miniskirts and short dresses slowly and cautiously. At first she would only go a few blocks. She felt as if everyone was looking at her, seeing her erotic emotions on full display. Bobby went with her, constantly assuring his mother that she looked beautiful, like the other girls and women who wore such clothing. Sharon was only partly convinced. She felt naked and conspicuous.

But, she admitted to herself, she felt excited. As she became bolder, she found she could walk about with her shoulders back, her tits straining, her long, creamy thighs flashing, with comfort. She saw that other women and girls felt no embarrassment in the revealing clothing and apparently felt none even if a gust of wind lifted a short skirt to expose a teasing flash of skimpy, lacy panties. The thing she noticed most of all was that the panties always seemed the type to draw the eye. She began to understand she wasn't alone in the world, that there were many, many women who enjoyed being looked at.

A few times, Bobby would flip the back of her skirt up before she was aware of what he was doing, and that caused her to blush furiously. She wasn't sure if she would blush if the wind lifted her skirt, but having her son do it made her face burn hotly.

Bobby had convinced her that, when getting in and out of the car, she should flash her panties and legs. He called her attention to other women who did it. Sharon realized most women, otherwise modest, seldom realized they showed legs and panties getting in and out of cars. Once, she even saw a woman without panties on, and the brief flash of the hairy cunt caused her to gasp. Bobby, though, enjoyed it very much, naturally. Now, every time she climbed in and out of the car, she flashed her panties, and felt quite comfortable with it. Bobby had started opening and closing the door, but it wasn't because he was being a little gentleman, she knew. He enjoyed watching her legs part, seeing her panties, her thighs. Since her garter belt and nylons appeared to excite him most of all, she usually wore them with her knee-length boots.

At home, Bobby had developed the habit of wanting to lie on the floor, with her above him, straddling his head so he could look up between her thighs at her cunt and ass. He wanted her to wear the garter belt and nylons at those times, and although he liked when she wore panties, he often asked her to leave them off, wanting to see the hairy cunt slit, the pink, swollen pussy lips. Sometimes he would ask her to half squat above him, so he could see the tight fucker of her asshole, too. Once in a while he would jerk his cock as he gazed for long minutes up her legs.

One day, Sharon was standing above him, a foot on each side of his head. She wore a miniskirt, her garter belt, fishnet nylons, and her boots. But her cunt was naked. She faced his feet, gazing at his cock and balls as her son peered up her thighs. His cock was rigid with desire, swollen very hard, the cockhead bulging and dripping that clear, sweet fluid. She stood holding her tits in both hands, her nipples pressing between her fingers. She wasn't wearing a blouse, but was naked from her waist up.

After standing above her son a few times like this before, Sharon enjoyed it now as much as he did. She loved to stand there and feel his eyes hotly looking up at her, his cock hard, his fist often pumping his prick. She loved it when he looked up and jacked off. There was something erotic about posing this way while watching her son jack his cock, squirt that jism from the cockhead and spatter it over his stomach and thighs. Her cunt had this delicious habit of pulsating visibly, the cuntlips moving in a writhing way that Sharon had no control over. This delighted her son no end.

"Jack it off, baby," she whispered above him. "Ohhh, yes, Bobby! Jack that beautiful hard-on off! Come on your fucking fist, honey! Let mother see you pump that juice out of your sweet balls!"

Bobby stared with glazed eyes up at her naked cunt, seeing the pussylips through the thick hair, the crack of her ass. Sharon's ass clenched and bunched, her cunt throbbing. Bobby could see the wetness beading the hair of his mother's pussy. One hand held his balls tightly, the other curled about his cock hard, jerking up and down.

Sharon didn't want to stand there this time.

She wanted to feel, to touch, kiss and lick. She swallowed noisily as she gazed down at him, his cock so edible.

"Squat a little, Mom," Bobby groaned. "Squat just a little so I can see your asshole."

Sharon bent her knees, arching her ass a bit backward. She lowered her ass until it was about a foot above her son's face. She couldn't resist slipping a hand to her pussy. She stroked her inflamed tit, rubbing at the sensitive sides, taking a quick dip into the steamy wetness. She waggled her ass, her eyes glazing down on his cock.

With a moan, she leaned over, straightening her knees. She pulled the head of her son's cock into her mouth and began licking it. Bobby grunted in pleasure, seeing his mother's cunt opening above his face. The inner surfaces of her creamy smooth thighs were wet with the seeping of her pussy. He released his cock when his mother took it between her lips, but he still clung to his tight young balls. He shoved his hand up her thigh, along the inside. He felt the silky nylons, then the naked flesh at the top. He ran his fingers into the wetness, and while his mother agitated her swollen clit. He thrust a finger into her cunt, working it up and downs Sharon mewled around his prick, swinging her uplifted ass in tight, inviting circles.

The hot taste of his cock in her mouth sent rippling ecstasy through Sharon's body, and she started bending her knees.

Bobby pulled his finger from her cunt and fucked it up her asshole, his eyes on fire as he watched. Sharon sucked at his cock, her tongue twirling with wet hunger, both her hands flat on the floor at each side of his hips, bracing herself.

Bobby finger-fucked his mother in her cunt and then her asshole, darting his wet finger from one to the other. Sharon squealed and gobbled at his prick, shaking her ass lewdly, wantonly. The way he finger-fucked her cunt and asshole, taking turns, sent a wild quiver about her flesh. She moaned as a mild orgasm swelled and burst inside her crotch, her cunt opening and closing. Her asshole gripped and squeezed his finger, then when he plunged it up into her cunt, her pussy grabbed at it hungrily. She groaned and shoved her mouth down onto his cock until she had it all, her lips at the base, writhing as her tongue swirled hotly. Moaning huskily, Sharon began bouncing her face up and down, fucking her son's cock with her mouth. She fucked hard and fast, bruising her puffy, stretched lips, and loving every second of it. He dripped so much, her mouth filled time and again until she had to swallow the sweet juices of his balls. Bobby kept plunging his finger from her cunt to her asshole, creating an enormous rapture within his mother's lewdly exposed body.

"Sit in my face, Mom!" Bobby groaned, pulling his finger out of her asshole. "Sit your fucking cunt in my face! I want to suck your hairy pussy, Mom! Sit your hot ass right in my face!"

"Mmmmm," Sharon whimpered, dropping her open crotch into her son's face.

Bobby placed his palms on the cheeks of her ass, making a seat for her, and buried his face into her juicy cunt. He licked from her distended clit, across the wet cunt slit, and at her asshole. His tongue flew from asshole to cunt, from her cunt to the base of her spine. Sharon sank down on his throbbing cock, her lips twisting as she sucked with greedy power. She pulled her mouth off his cock and feverishly lapped all about his balls, even beneath his balls. Her tongue came close to his asshole, and when Bobby parted his legs very wide, Sharon sucked in a hiss of air and plunged her tongue against his tight asshole. She licked in a frenzy at his ass, his cock throbbing alongside her neck. She placed her lips around his asshole and sucked, sucked hard. She squirmed her cunt into her son's face, her knees drawn up to her sides.

Tasting her son's asshole, feeling the heat of it searing her tongue and lips, caused a tremendous sense of lewdness within Sharon's body and mind. She had not realized licking at his asshole could be so exciting. She moaned softly and shoved her hands below his ass, gripping the tight ass cheeks. She pulled them as far apart as she could, smearing her mouth into his ass, then pushing his ass cheeks together, capturing her tongue inside the smooth surfaces. She moved her mouth with feverish haste to his balls again. Whimpering with lust, bouncing her cunt and ass into his face, Sharon sucked at her son's balls, taking them into her mouth, her tongue fluttering around the tight, swollen, hairless balls with hot hunger.

Leaving his balls, she lifted her head with a wild squeal, smashing her juicy cunt hard into her son's mouth, his nose blowing hot air across her sensitive asshole.

"Eat me! Eat me!" she squealed. "Eat my hot cunt, baby! Suck mother's wet, hairy pussy! Suck my asshole! Suck everything, baby!"

She pulled one hand off his ass and gripped his cock at the base, jerking in quick movements, her tongue flicking about the swollen cockhead, raking across his piss hole to lick away the seeping juices. She swirled her tongue about the smooth, hot head of her son's cock, mewling deep in her throat. She twisted her ass down into her son's face, his fingers now digging into her hips, pulling her cunt tightly into his sucking mouth.

"Oooo, tongue that pussy, Bobby!" she moaned, with her lips brushing the head of his cock. "Tongue mother's hot cunt! Shove your sweet tongue way up my hot cunt and taste me! Suck my asshole, honey! Ohhhh, baby, baby! Shave your tongue in me, in my cunt, in my asshole! Fuck me with that sweet tongue! Tongue-fuck mother in the cunt and asshole!"

Bobby had shoved her miniskirt to her waist, clutching her hips tightly. He buried his face deeply into the steamy wetness, inhaling the exciting scent of his mother's asshole and cunt, sucking the juices out and swallowing, dipping his tongue first into her cunt, then her asshole.

Sharon sucked feverishly and hungrily on her son's cock, smashing her lips at the base, trying to take it all the way into her throat, desperate to have his fucker deep inside her greedy mouth. With the ecstasy rumbling through her, Sharon smashed her cunt up and down, banging into her son's face without thought of huffing him. But Bobby clung to her, his tongue penetrating her pussy or asshole with each downward thrust of her crotch. He lifted his hips from the floor, straining his cock into her gobbling mouth. Sharon's lips flew up and down his prick, one hand now clutching his preciously hot balls tightly, the other still squeezing at his ass.

Sharon strained her cunt hard, groaning around his throbbing prick. She was on the brink of orgasm again, and it swelled and bubbled deep inside her pussy. She felt her asshole sucking inward, the hairy lips of her cunt twitching. She smashed her pussy hard, at the same time sucking frantically on his cock.

Her cunt exploded.

Sharon wailed about her son's cock, grinding mindlessly into his face, smearing him with her dripping pussy juices. She pulled as hard as she could on his rigid prick, her tongue smashing it to the roof of her mouth. Bobby's hips shook, then jerked, and her mouth was drenched with the creamy sweet liquids of his balls. The thick, delicious jism poured from his prick and into her mouth. Groaning in ecstasy, Sharon lifted her mouth and began to jack his cock in a frenzy, her tongue flicking about his piss hole, catching the come juice. She moaned and gurgled, letting the cock cream spurt across her tongue and into her open mouth, then drip out and cover her hand, the base of his cock, his balls. She pumped frantically, her cunt bursting with powerful orgasms into her son's face. She smashed her cunt up and down, burying his young, eager face with the wet pussy hair, punching her asshole against his nose.

Slowly Bobby's ass slumped down. Sharon's orgasm receded, and she remained with her cunt in her son's face, pressing now at his chin. She felt Bobby kiss the ring of her asshole, cupping the shapely cheeks of her ass at the same time. She gazed at the come juice glistening on his balls and cock, her hand. With a squeal, she began, licking it up, swirling her tongue through the slippery jism with wanton thirst.

"Ohhh, that was very good, Bobby," she purred as she rolled from him. "We're getting better and better with each other."

She lay on her side, one hand resting on his hip as he turned onto his side. She shoved her thigh beneath his head, making a pillow of it for him. His face felt very good there, and he could look into her cunt from just inches away. She rested her head on the floor, gazing with moist eyes at his cock and balls, the taste of his come juice lingering in her mouth. She caressed her son's hip and thigh and ass, enjoying looking at his cock from this angle, this close.

She leaned forward, kissing his soft cock, then his balls. She arched her tits to it, and rubbed the head of his prick about her sensitive nipples. She felt her son kissing and licking at her thigh, doing it gently and without the intensity of arousal. She felt his hands move on her hip, feeling her ass, dragging his fingers up and down the split of her creamy, shapely ass cheeks. She lifted her other leg high, holding it wide apart for him. Bobby kissed her cunt then swirled his tongue through the silky, thick pussy hair, brushing with feathery lightness at her clit.

"You like mother's cunt, Bobby?"

"I love your cunt, Mom," he replied, kissing the wet lips of her pussy again.

"Do I taste good?"

"Sweet and wet and hot," he answered.

"And my asshole?"

"Tight and delicious, Mom."

"I love to suck your cock, baby," she murmured. "I love the way it feels in my mouth. I love it most of all when you come, though. I can't get enough of your come juice. It burns down my throat and makes me come every time I suck you off."

She lifted his cock, turning it this way and that, examining it from every angle, then his balls. She lifted his balls and shoved his leg high, peering at his asshole. She kissed at his cock again, then his balls, and finally pressed her lips about his asshole, kissing it wetly and loudly.

"Mmmm, your ass hole tastes good, too," she whispered, lapping her tongue about it, then up over his balls, swirling about them both and finally at his cock. "I don't know how many times this makes that you came today, but I bet you can come more than four times, Bobby."

"I don't know," he said.

"I could make you come ten times a day," she replied. "I know how to make your cock hard now. I know just what you like me to do, and I can make this pretty cock hard anytime I want."

"You're not embarrassed anymore?" he asked.

"Of course I am," she replied. "Any woman can be embarrassed. I'm not as bashful as I was, though. I enjoy being embarrassed sometimes. It makes my pussy hot… but not always."

Bobby shoved his hand to one of his mother's tits, and while he held it, she drew the head of his cock to her nipple. She pressed his piss hole onto her nipple, tucking her chin down to watch. She rubbed his cock on her nipple, then about her tit, circling it, cooing with the sweetness of this contact.

Bobby's cock began to swell again.

"See," she murmured. "You're getting hard again."

Bobby, resting his cheek on her thigh, looked past the hair of her cunt and at her tits, watching as she rubbed the swelling cockhead over her nipple, twisting her shoulders to brush at her other tit. She began to stroke his cock with her fist as it grew.

"I think I'd like to make you come on my titties," she purred. "I think I'll jack your cock off and feel your hot come juice spray all over my titties."

His cock began to throb again, and Sharon closed her fingers around it, pumping back and forth, her eyes starting to glaze with passion as she kept watching it. She pulled his cock from one tit to the other, smashing his piss hole into her nipples. The wetness made her tits slippery, and it felt very good to her. She began to writhe her naked ass, one leg still uplifted to keep her hairy cunt exposed. With her son resting his cheek on her thigh, she found she could press her cunt against the top of his head. She began to rub her pussy there, mewling softly with pleasure.

"I'm giving your hair a pussy shampoo," she giggled.

Bobby grinned, pressing his head into her cunt.

"Keep jacking on my cock and I'll come on your titties, Mom," he said in a thick voice.

"I intended to," Sharon whispered, lifting his cock to her lips, kissing the dripping piss hole, then shoving it back to her tits.

She smashed her nipple against his cock, jerking faster as she sensed the increase of the throbs. She pumped and watched his balls swinging, and darted her tongue against them, licking slowly but hungrily.

With a soft cry, she squirmed her cunt at the top of her son's head, a delicious orgasm rumbling through her.

"Come," she urged. "Come on mother's titties! I want your hot, sweet comejuice spraying my titties, baby!"

She jerked faster, her eyes blazing as she stared at the head of his cock, holding his piss hole tightly upon one rigid, tingling nipple.

"Ooooo, yes!" she gurgled as his cock cream spurted. "So hot and wet and… oh, I love it, Bobby! Come on mother's titties!"

As he came, she rubbed his prick about her tits, breathing hotly as she watched both tits become drenched with his creamy jism.


The mall was crowded, as always.

Sharon wore her clinging miniskirt and her boats. She had on the garter belt and her nylons, a flesh-tinted pair. Her tits were naked and free beneath her blouse, her nipples pressing outward with boldness. The big difference was that she was also naked under the miniskirt. She could feel the coolness of the wrought-iron chair against her naked ass, the lips of her cunt. She wasn't feeling in the least embarrassed. What she was feeling was excitement, intense excitement.

She grinned often at her son, who was watching the parade of lovely women and girls. There weren't many men or boys, since it was midweek.

To Sharon, it seemed the women and girls were revealing more than ever. Perhaps it was because she was, herself. Whatever it was, Sharon preferred to think she was seeing more flesh than ever before. Like her son, she enjoyed looking at a beautiful body, and most of those in the mall were beautiful. She enjoyed looking at a beautiful body whether it belonged to a man or woman. Not that she had any desire to caress, to feel, or even kiss a woman's body; she simply appreciated the beauty of one.

"How do you feel, Mom?" Bobby asked. "Lovely," she whispered. "And naked." He grinned, and turned to look at a lovely blonde girl about twenty years old. Sharon watched her son's pleasure, knowing he would love to get his hands on the beauty, to suck her cunt and fuck her. It didn't bother her that her son wanted to fuck another woman. In a way, it excited her. She would like to watch that, she felt. See his hard cock penetrating a wet pussy, fucking into it while the girl squirmed and thrashed beneath him. She would, she decided, touch the girl, too. Perhaps play with the girl's tits, feel her hairy cunt and cute ass. Maybe, just maybe, if she became aroused enough, she would suck the girl's tits, and if the girl wanted to lick her pussy, Sharon would let it happen, but she didn't particularly care to suck a pussy, herself.

"Do you have a hard-on?" Sharon whispered.

Bobby nodded, his eyes following the ass of a young girl wearing very tight jeans.

"Want a piece of ass now?" Sharon asked, looking around without a twinge of shyness.

"Where?" he asked, his voice trembling with eagerness.

Sharon stood up. "We'll find a place," she said, taking his hand and leading him into the crowd. She saw his cock straining against his pants, and Bobby walked proudly, unconcerned. She noticed he took the opportunity in the crowd to brush his hand over some succulent young ass, pretending it was the crush of bodies that caused it. Not once did a woman or girl shoot an indignant glance at him. On the contrary, they didn't seem to notice they were being felt up, or else didn't care.

Holding her son's hand tightly, Sharon searched for a place that would give them some privacy. Her cunt was swelling and throbbing, her clit intensely inflamed. She wanted to fuck her son badly, and she wanted to fuck him now. She didn't want to take time to rush home; her cunt was boiling and the need to come drove her recklessly.

They came to a telephone booth, an old fashioned booth. There was glass halfway up, but the lower half was paneled. It was a vanishing breed, but a few were still around.

"Here," she hissed, pulling her son into the booth with her and closing the door.

"It's too crowded, Mom," he complained. "How are we gonna fuck in here?"

She turned her back to him.

"Lift my dress and shove it to me!" she urged.

She felt her son's, hands behind her, lifting her short skirt to her waist. She heard him open his pants, and then his hard cock was sliding into the crack of her ass. She looked out at the milling crowd of people, lifting the phone from the hook and pretending to use it. She arched her ass back, feeling the swollen head of her son's cock poking at her hairy cunt. She gave a cry of delight as his cock fucked up her pussy. Her eyes glazed with ecstasy. Bobby began fucking her, hunching back and forth while she pretended to use the phone. Once or twice someone came close to the booth, and if they had turned and looked, Sharon was sure they would have seen her son fucking her.

"Oooo, sweet!" she murmured. "Fuck it good, Bobby! Oooo, fuck mother's cunt good!"

Both Sharon and Bobby kept looking around at the people, but their passions were so intense, neither could have stopped if someone had opened the folding door and looked in.

"Look at that girl!" Sharon hissed, nodding her head in the direction of a lovely auburn haired girl. The girl had on very tight, short shorts, half her luscious ass showing. When the girl turned, Sharon gasped. There was visible cunt hair showing at the crotch. "Oh, the fucking hussy! Look at her showing that cunt off!"

"Yeah, Mom!" Bobby grunted, banging his cock back and forth swiftly, fucking it into his mother's cunt relentlessly. "She's a fucking cunt!"

"Ohh, baby, I'm a fucking cunt!" she sobbed.

"My cunt!"

"Yes!" she groaned, arching her ass to her son. "Your cunt! Your cock-sucker! Your everything! Oooo, fuck me, Bobby? Fuck me hard and fast and make me come!"

Sharon wiggled and thrust her ass, leaning on the small shelf beneath the phone. She knew her face was showing the ecstasy she felt, but there was nothing she could do about it. If someone saw her being fucked in the phone booth, she didn't care. She was sure there were a few of those women who would happily take her place, even line up for her son's hard cock.

"Ooo, I'm going to come, Bobby!" she squealed, striving to hold the sound of her voice down. "You're abut to make me come! Harder faster!"

She twirled her ass wildly, no longer caring if they were shaking the telephone booth, no longer caring if they were seen. Her eyes misted over as she tried to keep watching the strolling shoppers. Her cunt was grabbing at her son's cock desperately.

She was biting at her lip to hold the sound back, her cunt convulsing in fiery orgasm.

"Now!" she groaned.

Bobby grunted and spewed cock cream into her cunt. Sharon whipped her arching ass about with feverish ecstasy, feeling his come juice spraying the greedy walls of her cunt, the lips of her pussy sucking him dry. She held his cock inside her cunt as Bobby leaned against the wall of the booth, gasping loudly.

"Take it out," she hissed, looking directly into the face of the auburn-haired girl with her cunt almost exposed. A deep burn started on her cheeks, and the girl winked at her.

"Oh, God!" Sharon whimpered. "She saw!" Bobby turned to see the pretty girl swinging her tightly clad, half-revealed ass down the mall, her shining hair bouncing gaily.

"Fuck her," he said, dragging his cock out and zipping up his pants.

Sharon smoothed her skirt down, but there was nothing she could do about the fuck juice dripping out of her cunt, running along her inner thighs. All she could do was hope it stopped at her nylon tops. Sliding the door open, they joined the crowd of shoppers again.

Sharon was flushed, but not with embarrassment. It was the glow of satisfaction, of fucking her son in such a public place, knowing that pretty, exhibitionistic girl had seen them fucking.

"We've got to go," she said, gripping her son's hand hard. "Come juice is running down my legs."

Bobby laughed. "Wanna show me?"

"Fuck you," she whispered, leaning close to him. "Getting fucked in a phone booth is about my limit. No way will I flash my naked pussy in this crowd."

"Why not?" Bobby teased. "There's hardly any men. You won't get raped, Mom."

"I'm not so sure about that," Sharon giggled. "Some of these women don't look particular about who – what – they'd grab, cock or cunt."

They walked swiftly out the huge doors, and into the parking lot. They found the car, but near it were a woman and boy. The woman was squatting down, and the boy had his cock out, pissing. The woman held the boy's cock at the base, as if the boy couldn't hold it, himself.

Sharon gasped, stopping quickly, unable to take her eyes away.

The woman glanced up, then smiled, her eyes twinkling.

"My son couldn't wait," she said. "He has this problem."

Sharon didn't see any problem. The boy looked as if he was enjoying the hold his mother had on his cock, enjoying pissing right there in the parking lot, in full view of anyone passing by.

The boy, she noticed, was almost as old as Bobby, perhaps a year or two younger. The woman glanced at her son's cock, then back at Sharon, and finally let her eyes raked over Bobby, settling at the front of his pants.

"Your son?" the woman asked, her voice husky.

Sharon managed to nod, but her eyes burned on the head of the boy's cock, seeing the golden piss spewing onto the parking lot, the boy's mother holding it at the base. Then Sharon sucked in her breath. The woman wasn't just holding her son's cock; she was moving her thumb and finger slightly, as if jacking him.

A strange feeling came over Sharon, and on a mindless impulse, she jerked the front of her miniskirt up, flashing her cunt.

"Lovely," the squatting woman said, gazing at Sharon's bushy pussy. "You've just been fucked. That's jizz on your legs, isn't it?"

Again Sharon nodded, wondering what was coming over her.

"Your son fucks you?" the woman asked. Sharon blushed, but she nodded her head again.

The boy finished pissing, and Sharon watched his mother fondle his cock a moment, then stuff it into his pants, puffing the zipper. When the woman stood, she was as tall as Sharon, a very lovely slim woman.

"I don't suppose you'd be interested in…" The woman let it trail off, her eyes gazing at the front of Bobby's pants. "He's a lovely boy."

The woman fished into her purse, and handed Sharon a small slip of paper.

"My phone number," the woman said. "In case you'd like to…"

Sharon took the paper. "Maybe," she said, and she climbed into the car as Bobby slid in beside her. She turned and watched the woman holding her son's hand, the lovely sway of her compact ass.

"You want to fuck her?" Sharon asked her son.

"Yeah!" Bobby agreed.

"She has a lovely son," Sharon murmured, starting into a fantasy consisting of herself, the woman, and both boys.

By the time they arrived home, her fantasy had developed into some impossible combination of tangled flesh. She was boiling again, her cunt so juicy, she didn't know if it was her son's come juice or simply her own pussy juices that now dripped along her inner thighs.

Inside the house, she stripped her blouse off quickly, wanting her tits naked and exposed.

"Take your cock out!" she hissed at her son, dropping to her knees before him. "Take that sweet cock out and shove it in my mouth!"

Bobby opened his pants and shoved them to his knees. Sharon pressed her face into his cock and balls, inhaling the exciting odor of her cunt on his prick. She licked at his balls and cock, tasting herself there. She pulled his prick into her mouth, sucking quickly, feeling it swell and harden between her lips. She made hungry, growling sounds as she devoured his cock, her lips darting onto the base, then back to the cockhead, her tongue swirling with wet heat. She sucked feverishly, twisting her face as her son held her head, arching and grinding into her face.

"Your ass!" she moaned, turning him around, shoving her face into the crack of his ass, licking her tongue at his asshole frantically. Her cunt boiled and bubbled, seeping copiously. She smashed her inner thighs together, whimpering with cock-sucking, asshole-licking hunger. As she licked at his asshole, she reached a hand around and clutched his cock, pumping back and forth with a feverish fist. The taste of her cunt on him drove her out of her mind.

"Eat my ass, Mom!" Bobby yelped as her tongue stabbed past the fiery ring. "Eat my fucking asshole!"

"Mmmm, sweet and hot!" she gurgled into her son's ass.

She fucked her tongue in and out a few more times, then turned him toward her again, gobbling his cock into her throat with a wild hunger. The hard cockmeat between her lips sent wild tremors of wanton ecstasy down to her cunt. Despite the many times she had sucked him off before, this seemed the best of all. She knew it was because there was the taste of her cunt on his cock.

As she devoured his throbbing cock, pounding her mouth back and forth, smashing her lips at the base, she closed her eyes and let her earlier fantasy take over again.

The boy was pissing, his mother holding his cock. The woman had her knees apart, and Bobby was beneath her, his cock stuffed into her pussy, fucking vigorously. The woman had her face buried into Sharon's cunt, lapping with fiery hunger. But then Sharon groaned. The image that flared into her mind was strong.

The woman was holding her son's cock, and Sharon was taking the boy's piss into her face.

A loud sob escaped her cock-stuffed mouth, and Bobby began to spurt his creamy come juice down her throat. Sharon cried out in a muffled sound. Her cunt was so tight, she couldn't believe it, and she was coming in mindless waves of liquid heat. She came so intensely, all her senses tuned to her cunt, that she hardly tasted her son's thick jism as his cock filled her mouth.

"Oh, God!" Sharon cried as Bobby slipped his cock out of her mouth. "I can't believe I won't do."

She sat on the floor, drawing her knees up, then fell to her side. She jerked her short skirt to her waist, flinging one leg up. She began to clutch at her cunt, her fingers digging, into it, and she wailed into another orgasm.

"Come here!" she sobbed. "Hurry, Bobby! Lie down with me!"

Bobby, puzzled, lay on his side facing his mother. Again Sharon made a pillow, for his head, holding her leg up and wide so he could see her hairy cunt. She stared at his cock, her eyes wet with perverse ecstasy. She took hold of his cock, a thumb and forefinger at the base.

"Piss!" she cried, out.

"Really, Mom?"

"Piss on me, Goddamn it!" she shrieked. "Piss in my cock-sucking face, Bobby!"

Bobby giggled, a lewd sound.

"Okay, if you want me to," he said.

"Hurry! Oh God, hurry and piss in my fucking face!" Sharon wailed, her hips twisting, eyes smoldering.

Bobby let loose a strong stream of golden piss.

Sharon screamed as his piss splashed into her face, her cunt blowing apart instantly with orgasm. The piss was hot in her face, and she angled his cock to spray her chin, her neck, her naked tim. Then she lifted his cock to her face again. She sobbed with perverse rapture, her face quickly soaked in her son's hot piss. She felt her hair becoming drenched, then matted to her skull. She aimed his cock so he pissed over every inch of her face, and all the time her cunt was rippling with the most intense orgasm ever.

With a cry, she opened her lips and closed them to the head of her son's cock. She tasted the hot piss on her tongue, and pressed her tongue at his piss hole. Her orgasms became tighter yet.

"Ooooo, yes!" she wailed.

She pulled the head of her son's cock between her lips, drinking at his piss thirstily, swallowing it. She hunched her hips back and forth, and Bobby saw her cunt rippling and clenching with orgasm.

She moaned as she felt the force of his hot piss slowing. She released it from her mouth, but caught the final dribbles over her lips.

"Ohhh, that was crazy!" she moaned, rolling onto her back. "It was insane, but I don't care! God, Bobby, it was so good!"

She lifted on her elbows, looking down at his face. Her eyes looked feverish, a wicked grin on her mouth. Her hair was plastered to her skull, piss dripping from her face and tits.

"Now I'm your toilet," she said, half giggling. "My mouth is your toilet from now on."

"You liked that, Mom?" he asked, hardly surprised.

"Honey, you've not only helped me get over being so fucking bashful and embarrassed, you've taught me a lot about myself. You're fucking right, I like having your piss in my face, my mouth. You're delicious!"

Bobby laughed.

"Now, how would you like to fuck that woman in the parking lot?"

"Just, fine, Mom," her said.

Sharon got to her feet and fished into her purse. "She gave me her number. Want me to call her?"

Bobby nodded, fingering his cock and balls. Sharon, watching him, pulled her short skirt to her waist and perched on the arm of the couch, her cunt showing, legs wide. Her tits, glistening with his piss, swelled outward, the nipples very hard.

She dialed.