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Free and easy mother

Kathy Andrews

Kathy Andrews

Free and easy mother


Sitting in her new, short skirt, Kathy knew when she crossed her knees that Kenny could see up the creamy expanse of her thigh. That was the idea, to get his attention.

She felt all shivery and wicked doing it, and Kathy loved to shiver in wickedness. It was almost like having an orgasm, but not quite. The short skirt was tan in color, matching her light brown blouse. The blouse was half a size too small, and her firm, widely spaced tits strained

against the stretching nylon. Her nipples were beautifully defined, puckered and hard. Although she was not wearing nylons or panty hose, her legs were well tanned. On her feet, she wore knee-high, heeled boots made of soft leather.

Kathy's rich brown hair shimmered in the sun light, falling in silky waves to her shoulders. She looked out over the green park with hot blue eyes, a suggestive, but small, smile on her full, moist lips. Rocking her foot, she could feel the pressure of her inner thighs against her cunt. The rocking motion felt good, kept her in a constant state of moist arousal. But then, Kathy was always in a moist state of arousal.

She loved to feel the moist heat between her thighs, loved to show her long legs off, loved to wear tight-fitting skirts, dresses, jeans almost anything that revealed her tall, curvy body to perfection. She loved to be looked at, especially with desire. She loved to see the effect her body had on men. She was very pleased if she could create a hard-on that bulged from their pants. A man looking at her with a hard, on was the evidence Kathy needed to know she was beautiful, desirable, needed. She needed to be desired, needed. It made her happy when she was needed.

But despite her eagerness to show off, flash

her silky thighs, Kathy was not a cock-teaser. But on the other hand, she wouldn't fuck just any guy that came on to her. She had always been particular, and maybe that was the problem. Maybe she was too particular, she told herself. Maybe that was why she wasn't getting fucked as often as she wanted. She wanted to get fucked constantly, but not by just anyone with a hard-on.

The lucky guy that managed to fuck Kathy found himself with a woman of his dreams. Once she fucked a guy, she was his, loyal and faithful. She would do anything for him, anything at all. Whatever pleased him, turned him on, she was his eager, uninhibited partner. But Kathy had been hurt by most of those guys. She had been hurt by her husband, who couldn't accept her eager, intense, erotic hungers, never believing a girl with such appetites could possibly be faithful. After he had left in a paranoid condition, Kathy had been devastated. She began taking on anyone who showed kindness to her, but as usual, it never lasted. They all had been like her ex-husband: jealous, paranoid, not believing she could be such a hot piece of ass and still true to them.

That was the reason for Kenny.

Kenny; her son.

Kenny loved her, seldom made demands on

her, never accused her of being untrue. He was always hugging her, telling her he loved her. She returned his affection, taking delight in his hands and kisses. When she realized the effect he was giving her, she didn't feel shocked-she felt elated. Her attention toward him became more of a girlfriend than a mother, and Kenny appeared to enjoy this.

When she understood he was, getting an interest in her body other than closeness, Kathy made up her mind. She wanted to fuck Kenny, fuck her son, be his woman. With Kenny, she would not need another guy. With Kenny, she wouldn't be afraid of accusations, real or imagined. Kenny would accept her, accept what she had to give, without question. She was certain of that.

Kenny sat on the grass before her, paying no attention to any of the boys and girls in the park. That was another thing she liked about him. He devoted his time to her. He sat with his legs crossed, leaning back with his hands behind him. He wore a pair of faded, cut-off jeans, with sneakers. Otherwise nothing. Kathy loved to see him dressed this way. His young chest was so smooth and hairless, and his thighs, although still boyish, were muscular. She gazed at him, her eyes soft with affection, rocking her foot up and down. She appreciated the way her

son looked at her exposed knees and thighs without embarrassment. She appreciated the fact that he looked at her as a woman, not with the sly, dirty expression so many had when they looked at her.

Kenny uncrossed his legs and spread them out in front of him.

"Are you getting hot, honey?" she asked, her voice soft.

He nodded, his eyes burning on her thigh.

"The sun?" she questioned.

"Partly, Mom," he said, and Kathy caught his meaning.

"And partly what, baby?"

"You," he admitted.

"Me?" She pretended surprise. "Why am I making you hot, Kenny?"

"You always make me hot!" he replied.

Kathy's eyes gazed steadily into his, then she gave him a small, slow smile, the tip of her tongue moving across her lips in slow motion. Kenny spread his feet on the pass, and Kathy stared openly between them. The frayed legs of his cut-offs were tight at the crotch. She could see, just inside the right leg of his shorts, the white of his jockeys. She wished he had not worn his jockeys. Maybe after… her eyes moved about her son's crotch, looking for a hard-on. He didn't have one. Maybe it was

because they were in the park, with others around. Kathy hoped that was not the reason. She wanted him to have a hard-on, right here in the park, and she didn't care who noticed it.

With obvious deliberateness, she uncrossed her knee, and slowly lifted the other, but before crossing it, she allowed her son time to peek between her knees. She was wearing a pair of very skimpy panties, pink, with black lace. She watched his eyes as she slowly and deliberately exposed her panties to him. She shivered deliciously as Kenny's eyes widened a bit, his breathing suddenly still.

Then she finished crossing her knees. Once more she swung her foot, allowing her short skirt to hike up until it was almost in her lap. Kenny gazed at his mother's thighs a long moment, then lifted his face to look into her eyes. Kathy flashed a smile, then poked her tongue out playfully at him, wrinkling her nose cutely.

Now her son was getting a hard-on!

She saw his cock swell along his stomach, and she held her eyes there, knowing her son was aware of her interest. She swung her foot up and down a bit faster, causing her skirt to ride higher. An inch or so more and her panties would be exposed. Kenny shifted on the grass, starting to roll onto his side.

"No," she whispered quickly. "Don't turn, honey.

"But, Mom?"

"Stay like you are, please," she whispered. "Don't move, baby."

Kenny looked around, but no one was near enough to see his hard-on. He looked into his mother's face, saw those brown eyes gleaming, then down at her thrusting tits which were rising and falling faster as Kathy became more excited.

"You know what's happening, Mom?"

"I can see it," she murmured, holding her eyes on the front of his cut-offs, making certain he knew she liked what she saw.

Kenny stared unblinkingly at her, his feet spread apart, leaning back on his elbows now, his cock swelling hard, outlined inside his shorts. Kathy ran her tongue over her lips, and soft purring sounds came from her. She rocked her foot faster, and then, very slowly, stopped. She uncrossed her legs. The short skirt was at her lap, and without looking around to see if they were watched, she parted her knees. She never took her eyes from her son's obvious hard-on. She heard Kenny gasp, and knew he had a good peek between her legs, saw her panties. She allowed him to look, then pushed her knees almost together, but not quite. Although Kenny could no longer see his mother's panties, he

could see high up her thighs.

Then Kenny grinned at her.

Kathy grinned back, wantonly. Once more she wrinkled her nose and pushed her tongue out at him. She giggled, the sound deliciously wicked.

"Do you do that often, Mom?" Kenny asked, and she heard the quiver in his voice.

"Do what?" she asked, sweetly innocent. "Flash," Kenny said.

"What do you know about flashing?" she teased, her eyes lowering with pretended shyness.

"That's what it's called," he said.

"Is it?" Kathy purred. "I suppose you like it, don't you?"

Kenny nodded his head, his face flushing. She knew her son wasn't embarrassed-the flush was due to his intense excitement.

"And?" she asked.

"And what, Mom?"

"Me," she mewled. "Do you like it when I flash?"

"Oh, yeah!"

Kathy trembled, feeling the lips of her cunt swell, her clit start that delicious tingling. She felt wetness seeping from her cunt, soaking into the nylon of her panties. She felt the urge to fling her legs wide apart there on the bench, give

her son a good, long look at her. But others might see, too. Kathy really didn't mind if others saw her, but she didn't know about Kenny.

"Do you ever do it, honey?" Kenny shook his head.

"But would you?"


"For me?" she whispered throatily. "Would you flash it if I wanted you to?"

"Mom, do you know what you're saying?"

"Very much," she replied.

She watched her son closely, hardly breathing, hoping… desperately hoping. If her son refused, she didn't know what she would do. This was part of her plan, although it had come up quickly. If her son didn't want to do it, if he refused to cooperate with her, Kathy didn't know what she would do. She wanted to be fucked badly, very, very badly. She wanted to fuck her son, take his young, strong cock so deep into her fiery cunt, she would taste it in her mouth.

Kenny couldn't turn her down! He just couldn't!

She watched his right hand move toward his shorts. She held her breath, anticipating her first peek at his cock. Kenny, like her, didn't look around. He toyed with the leg of his shorts a

moment, then pulled them away from his crotch. A hiss of breath came from his mother. She was disappointed. All she saw was the crotch of his jockeys. His balls were there, making a sweet bulge, but that was all she saw. But it was enough to make her cunt throb. The fact that he had done this much sent a ripple of heat about her pussy.

"Is that all I get to see, baby?" she said huskily.

"It's all I got to see, Mom!" He grinned at her.

Kathy felt elated. Her son understood, he knew what she was after, and he was going for it. The only thing left was for her to take it farther, take it all the way. Kenny would not go for it if she didn't lead him.

Looking him straight in the eye, she whispered: "But you want to see more, right?"

He nodded.

"A lot more?"

"As much as you'll let me," Kenny answered.

"Perhaps… all of me?"

"Oh, yeah, Mom!" he said, enthusiastically, his eyes lighting up brightly.

"If you mean that… "She glanced at the outline of his throbbing hard-on.

"I do, Mom! Gosh, I sure do!"

With her pulses racing, her silky flesh tingling,

Kathy parted her legs, leaving them open for some time. Kenny stared between his mother's thighs at her panties.

"What color?" she asked softly.

"Pink… pink and black."

Kathy pulled in a deep breath, her tits pushing outward, her nipples molded by the nylon blouse. She watched her son's eyes lift to them as she closed her knees. She stood up, and Kenny started to get up, too.

"Wait," she said, stepping toward him. "Peek up my dress."

She stepped over her son, paused with her legs open, then stepped away. But the brief glimpse was enough for her son to look straight up into her pantied crotch.

"Now you can get up, baby," she purred, reaching for his hand.

Kenny stood, his cock bulging out with hardness. He looked around now. "How am I gonna walk with this?"

"Proudly, baby… proudly."

She took his hand and they started out of the park. She was pleased that her son didn't try to conceal his cock. She was pleased that he walked at her side, holding her hand tightly, his cock on display for anyone that wanted to see it. Kenny walked all the way home, with his hard-on straining against his cut-offs. Kathy

imagined him without his jockeys; the swollen head of his cock exposed from the frayed legs. Her cunt burned, dripping into the crotch of her panties. She squeezed her son's hand, brushing the back of it along her thigh as they walked. Since Kenny was glancing at her tits often, she held her shoulders back to make them stand out more. Once, she gave a shimmy to her shoulders, which caused her naked tits to jiggle. Kenny grinned, and she winked wantonly at him as she squeezed his hand again.

She had the crazy desire to be naked under the short skirt, naked so she could haul his cock out right there, take it into her cunt from behind, get fucked by him on the sidewalk, and. to hell with anything.

She quickened her pace, and Kenny stayed with her. Her cunt was on fire, her clit ready to burst. She moaned softly, her need becoming desperate. She looked down at his cock often, as if making sure it remained hard, and of course it did. She pulled her son's arm about her waist, draping hers over his shoulder. Their bodies touched now as they walked. The brushing of him against her made her cunt steam. She obeyed the impulse and pushed his hand downward from her waist, curling his fingers into one compact cheek of her ass, her own hand atop his. Kenny gasped and looked up at her, and

Kathy grinned lewdly.

"Hold it for a while," she suggested.

Kenny felt his mother's ass bouncing with movement as they walked, and when she removed her hand from his, Kathy was pleased he left his palm there. The feel of his hand cupping her ass sent a sparkling sensation of heat from her feet to the top of her head. Kenny squeezed his mother's ass, chuckling softly with delight.

"Mmmmm," Kathy mewled, hugging him against her. "DO it again!"

He squeezed, digging his fingers into her firm flesh.

"Oh, God!" Kathy cried out softly. "I think we better hurry home!"

By the time they reached their house, Kathy was burning up. Her cunt was pulsating wetly, and her clit was so tight, so very hard, she could hardly stand the brush of her panties on it. Everything was going to be fine, she knew. Kenny wanted it as much as she did, and she wanted his cock with a desperation that was new to her. She always wanted cock, but now that need was more intense than ever.


Kathy locked the door after they entered. She leaned back against it as Kenny stood in the middle of the room, looking at her, waiting to see what was next.

Kathy's eyes fixed upon the outline of his cock. Her brown eyes smoldered, moist, slightly glazed. Her tongue moved about her lips, wetly, and she was breathing fast now, her tits lifting and falling, her nipples rubbing at the nylon blouse. The urge to grab her son and throw him to the floor, jerk his cock out and squat on it, Fuck him frantically, was strong. But she couldn't do that-she had to make sure her son was ready, ready to Fuck her. She couldn't ruin it now.

… "she moaned. "Oh, mybaby!" Kenny's eyes moved up and down her body, looking at her differently than ever before. Kathy loved the way he looked at 'her. She wanted to rip her skirt and blouse off, tear her skimpy panties away, and fuck that young, hard cock in a frenzy.

"Baby…take…oh, honey, take my panties off!"

Kenny gulped noisily, and she wondered if he was backing out. She twisted her hips, making a circular movement, her eyes blazing at him, her Ups parted as she panted with readiness.

"Take my panties off!" she hissed huskily. "You said you wanted to see… see all of me! Take my Goddamn panties off, darling! Please!"

Kenny drippcd slowly to his knees, his young body shaking. He gazed at his mother!s knees, then higher where the han of her skirt concealed the rest. He lifted his hands, and Kathy saw them shake. He placed his palms on her knees, and Kathy whimpered softly. Kenny's hands slipped up, but stopped at the bottom of her


short skirt. She felt his palms sweaty and hot on her flesh.

"Under my dress!" she urged. "Shove your hands up my dress and pull my panties down, Kenny! Ohhh, please, take my panties off, darling!" She stood upright, her hands balled into fists, anxious for her son to pull her panties down. "IF it will help, Kenny, think of me as a little girl you have in a corner, a pretty little girl, and you want to take her panties down."

"Aw, no, Mom," he groaned. "I like you! I want to take your panties down!"

"Oh, God,.. do it! Hurry, jerk Mother's panties down, baby!"

Kenny's hands slid tremblingly under his mother's skirt, feeling the silky smoothness of her slender thighs. He touched the edge of her panties and held his breath. He knelt there looking up at her. Kathy was staring down at him, eyes hot and pleading, her body trembling as badly as his.

Kenny moved his hands higher, to his mother's hips. He wanted to lift her dress to see, but was still a little unsure. He began to pull his mother's panties downward, slowly, still looking up at her face.

He dragged her panties lower, lower… then dropped his eyes as they came into view. He saw the wetness in the pink crotch of them, and gasped softly.

"Take them off… all the way off," she breathed.

Placing a hand on his shoulder to brace herself, she lifted a booted foot, then the other, and Kenny sat back on his heels, holding his mother's panties. Kathy slowly pushed his hand, moving her panties toward his young face. When the panties touched his cheek, Kenny groaned.

With her hand guiding his, Kathy rubbed the moistness of her panties over her son's face, and Kenny didn't try to stop her. She managed to fold her panties inside out, and rubbed the wet crotch lightly over his lips.

"Taste, baby," she whispered throatily. "Taste Mother!"

Kenny pressed the tip of his tongue to her panties, and the wetness sent his mind spinning. His eyes were half closed, rolling in his head.

"Do you like it?" she whispered.

"Mmmm, Mom!"

Before she could suggest it, her son sucked the wet crotch of her panties past his lips. He sucked her pussy-juices from the panties, moaning with desire. The taste of his mother's cunt sent his hot little balls into writhing hardness, and his cock jerked inside the tightness of his shorts.

Kathy purred happily as she put a hand to the back of his head. When she began to pull his face toward her body, her panties dangling out of his mouth, Kenny didn't resist. Kathy pulled her son's face to her skirt, pressing it to her pussy, moaning softly. She twisted into her son's face, feeling the pressure against her cunt. Her eyes blazed down at him, watching his reaction. If he had shown the slightest bit of reluctance, she would have turned him loose, but Kenny pressed his face harder at her crotch. That was all the signal Kathy necded.

"Ooooh, baby, put your hands under Mother's skirt!"

Kenny shot his hands out and to the back of her knees. Kathy shivered with anticipation.

"Slide them up, darling," she instructed. "Slide your hands up Mother's legs… under my skirt! Put your hands on my ass!"

Kenny moved his palms up her creamy flesh, feeling his mother's thighs. He moved his palms over the swell of her ass, cupping a cheek with each palm, pressing his face tight at her crotch.

"Ahhhh, nice," Kathy purred. "I'm naked under my skirt, Kenny. Mother is naked and you're holding my ass and.. oh, baby, baby!"

She began to grind her covered crotch at his face, the cheeks of her ass bunching in his hands. She heard her son moan and watched his eyes roll, unfocused.

Kathy couldn't wait any longer. She had her answer.

Pulling away from him, she looked down to see his cock pressing at his shorts.

"My turn," she whispered. "Stand up, baby."

Kenny stood, his legs shaking, his cock throbbing hard. Kathy lowered herself to her knees, her eyes burning at the bulge of his prick. She caressed her hot hands up and down his muscular thighs, then around to cup his tight ass. She squeezed his ass and pushed her face into his crotch. She felt his cock throb against her lips, and she parted them. She bit his cock gently through his shorts, moaning deep in her throat. Kenny moaned, one hand on his mother's shoulder, the other on top of her head. Kathy shoved her face tightly against him, sliding her lips along his shorts, feeling the outline of his young cock on her lips. Her cunt was fiery wet, and she pulled back, her eyes slitted.

"Ohhb, darling! Mother's baby!"

Feverishly, she opened his cut-offs, jerking them down to his knees swiftly. Shealmost tore his jockeys, pulling them down. His cock jerked free, slapping at his stomach in hardness. Kathy almost came as she stared at her son's cock. It was long, but not very thick, with a beautiful, rounded head. His balls, so young there was no hair, hung low and full. At the base of his cock, there was light fuzz, not yet hair. She was delighted with him.

"Baby, baby, baby!" she hissed, gazing at his cock and balls with her hands digging into his hips. "So beautiful, so hard! So very, very hard!"

Kenny stood with his cock at an angle to the ceiling, holding her shoulder and head, his body shaking with anticipation. Kathy felt his body tremble, and very slowly pulled him to the floor. When he was on his knees, she pushed him to his back, and his cock rose up sweet and hard, sticking up ready for her. She remained on her knees, her eyes burning as she gazed at his cock and balls. Her hips jerked as a throb seared her cunt.

"Oh, God!" she wailed, then swung a leg over him.

Without bunching her shoft skirt up, she grasped the base of her son's cock and lowered her fiery cunt. As his cock-head moved into her pussy, Kenny writhed. Kathy gasped, then held her breath as her hips froze. The feel of her son's cock just inside her cunt thrilled her. His cock-head stretched her sensitive cunt-lips.

"Oh, no!" she suddenly gasped.

Her cunt clutched the head of her son's cock, then gripped it again. Her orgasm burst without warning. Kathy was coming hard, only the head of her son's cock inside her cunt. Her ass squirmed and the rippling contractions whipped through her body. Each pulsation caused her cunt to squeeze the head of his cock, and Kenny felt it, although he didn't know, or understand, that his mother was coming.

Kathy's lovely face screwed up with ecstasy, her lips parted, gasps of delight bubbling from her. She was no longer holding the base of his cock once the head was inside her cunt. As she came, her hands flew up to grip her still concealed tits. She squeezed them hard as she sobbed her rapture.

Her orgasm began to fade, but left behind the steamy desire as strong as ever. Still gripping her tits, she opened her eyes and looked down into her son's puzzled face. She grinned at him.

"I came… so fast!"

Kenny looked puzzled.

"Oh, my God!" she said. "Kenny, you don't know about that?"

"I know, Mom," he said, his voice tight. "I just didn't know what happened."

She gazed at him, her cunt flexing on the head of his cock. Was it possible her son had never

experienced an orgasm, a discharge? The thought excited her tremendously. The idea of fucking him, so young, he had never come in his life, thrilled Kathy very much. She had never fucked a cock that couldn't come. Most of the ones she fucked usually came too fast in the first place to satisfy her.

"You're going to love this, baby!" she said, then slid her cunt down the shaft of his long, hard cock.

Each inch sliding into her pussy, filling and stretching her, sent shivers up and down her spine. She moved her cunt down and smashed her hairy cunt-lips onto the base of her son's cock. She squatted there, bringing her knees upward. Kenny looked between them, and saw the soft, silky curls of his mother's cunt for the first time. Kathy sat as still as she could, her cunt drawing on her son's cock, her soft, wet cunt-walls clutching him.

"Oh, yes, baby! You're going to love this so much!"

She pulled his hands to her knees, then onto her thighs. She spread her knees wide, and drew his fingers to the soft hair of her cunt.

"Feel!" she urged hotly. "Feel me, baby!" Kenny ran his hands through her fan-shaped pussy-hair, his cock throbbing stronger than any time in his young life. His eyes were glassy as

he stared at his mother's pussy-hair, running his fingers through it.

Kathy let out a cry of delight and lifted her cunt, sliding it up on his cock. She lifted until his cock-head almost came free, then banged back down, hard.

"Oooooh, baby!" she gasped, and suddenly began to ride up and down her son's cock, fucking him swiftly, her ass churning wantonly. She pressed his fingers into the softness of her inner thighs, bouncing her cunt, using her leg muscles. "God, it's so good, Kenny! Ohhh, honey, you're so hard in me! It feels wonderful, Kenny!"

Kenny dug his hands into his mother's thighs, his eyes darting from her jiggling tits, still inside her nylon blouse, to her hairy cunt. The shaft of his cock was glistening with wetness, and he could catch a glimpse of his mother's pink cunt, her clit rubbing at his cock. The wet heat holding his prick was making him moan and sob with ecstasy, more ecstasy than he had ever felt before. His balls had never ached this way, never felt so tight and hot.

Kathy squealed as she fucked him, fucking her hairy cunt frantically, jerking her hips, grinding and ramming onto him. She brought her hands back to her tits again, squeezing them violently. She twisted her head back and forth,

her brown hair swirling about her contorted face.

The sensations in her cunt made her wild.

When she went wild with rapture, Kathy babbled.

"Ohhh, good, good!" she babbled now. "Oh, such a hard cock.., so fucking hard, Kenny! Mother's cunt is on fire and I'm fucking you and your cock is so beautiful! Mother loves your hard cock, baby! Mother wants to fuck your hard cock all day, all night! Ohhh,

Kenny, Mother needs your sweet, hard cock so much! Oooooh, fuck me, darling! Fuck Mother.. fuck Mother's hot, wet cunt! Tear my hot cunt apart! Do anything with my cunt, but fuck me, fuck it!"

Kenny lifted his ass, trying to fuck his cock deep into his mother's cunt. He was feeling things in his balls and cock he had not felt before. There was a tingling there that drove his mind wild. He felt like he was going to piss, but so much better than that feeling. His cock throbbed in the hot, soft, but excruciatingly tight, cunt of his mother..

"Fuck it, fuck it!" Kathy babbled wildly. "Ohhh, fuck Mother right in the fucking cunt! Fuck that pussy, baby! Fuck that cunt, fuck that hot bitch cunt! Ohhh, I'm about to come again!"

Her ass twisted and whipped tightly, in a constant up and down movement. Her cunt slid on her son's cock, her clit scraping his hard, throbbing cock-shaft. She could feel his swollen cock-head with the velvety walls of her sensitive cunt. She pounded fast and hard, slapping her hairy cunt-lips wetly onto his cock.

"I'm about to come, Kenny! Ohhh, baby, Mother's cunt is on fire and I'm going to come again! Ooooh, fuck me, Kenny! Fuck Mother in her greedy cunt! Fuck Mother hard! Hurt Mother's cunt! Rip Mother's cunt with your hard, sweet cock! OooW your balls are so fucking hot, darling!"

Smashing her cunt down hard, his cock buried completely, Kathy came in rippling waves of intense rapture. Her cunt gripped and squeezed his cock powerfully as the spasms shattered through her body. She whipped her ass back and forth as she came, her pussy clutching desperately around the base of his prick.

As her contractions began to weaken, Kathy tumbled off her son. She fell onto her back, still squirming. Her short dress was at her hips, the thick hair of her cunt exposed. She opened and closed her long legs, moaning softly. Kenny remained on his back, his cock standing stiff, wet with the juices of his mother's cunt. Kathy grabbed her son's cock tightly, pounding up and

down with her fist.

"Ohhh, baby, look at that cock! Still so hard!"

Kenny moaned as his mother's fist beat up and down his prick, his balls on fire and turning painful.

"Mom, it almost hurts!" he said huskily.

"Let Mother help you," she hissed, pulling at him. "Shove it back in my cunt, Kenny! God, fuck me again and again!"

She positioned her son between her spread thighs, fitting his cock back into her cunt once more. She shot her ass up, sliding her cunt over his prick again. She gripped his shoulders, staring into his eyes.

"Fuck me, Kenny! Ohhh, baby, fuck Mother hard as you can! Really fuck your cock to me fuck the piss out of Mother's hot cunt! Fuck me hard!"

Lifting her long legs into the air, she clutched at his naked ass, straining onto his cock. With a gurgle of pleasure, she wrapped her hot legs around his hips. "Fuck me now, Kenny! Hard as you want! Really ram it to me!"

Kenny, his cock buried into his mother's cunt again, instinctively began to fuck her. He humped and churned his ass, driving his cock fast with short fuck-thrusts. He grunted and moaned as his mother rocked and swung her ass

about. His hot balls slapped up and down, striking the crack of Kathy's ass, making moist sounds.

"Ohhh, Mom, Mom!"

"Yes, baby, yes!"

She jerked one hand off his ass and to the back of his head. She smashed his face into her tits, but that wasn't enough. Feverishly she ripped at her blouse, tearing buttons in her haste to free her swollen tits. Once they were naked, she didn't give her son time to gaze in awe at them. She stuffed one tit into his hot, wet mouth, clutching the back of his head in one hand, his ass with the other.

"Suck that tit and fuck that cunt!" she wailed. "Suck Mother's tit… fuck Mother's cunt!"

Kenny sucked hard, his tongue swirling about the puckered hardness, driving his cock frantically in and out of her steamy, gripping cunt. He made grunting sounds, his breath snorting from his nose and searing the creamy flesh of her tit.

Suddenly, with a wild cry, Kenny jerked his mouth off her tit, his hands racing down and under her body. He grabbed his mother's naked ass tightly, and strained his cock deeply.

"Let it go, baby!" Kathy screamed, her cunt blowing up, the contractions of another, just

as strong, orgasm squirting through her body. "Ohhh, God, let it go, Kenny!"

With a couple of wild grunts, Kenny's cock burst, sending rapid spurts of thick, creamy come-juice splashing into his mother's insatiable cunt. His face was twisted with the intensity of his discharge, his balls tight now, writhing as they unloaded into his mother's hungry cunt.


Kenny lay on his back, gasping. Kathy lifted on her elbow, looking at him

with a big smile spreading over her beautiful face. He lay with his legs apart, his cock limp, slippery with their juices. His balls hung between his thighs, empty and loose.

"I got it!" she gurgled happily. "Got what, Mom?" he asked. "Your first load, darling." She giggled with pleasure. "I got the first load of come-juice you

spurted! I got it right up my cunt, baby! Do you understand?"

"I guess so," he admitted.

"You don't understand how proud that makes me, Kenny," Kathy said in a soft voice. "I got your first discharge! Ooooh, that's so good!"


"Come, baby! Come!" she answered. "I fucked you, then you fucked me, and you came for the first time up Mother's cunt!"

Understanding came into his eyes. "I did, didn't I? I really came, huh, Mom?"

"And very much, too!" She shivered. "You filled my cunt full of it, honey. God, that felt so good, your cock squirting that sweet juice inside me."

She leaned over and kissed him, dragging her tongue from one corner of his mouth to the other. She moaned with pleasure when his tongue darted out to play wet games with hers. She leaned over him, cupping his cock and loose, empty balls, shaking them as her tongue delved into his mouth, licking around eagerly.

When she lifted up, she looked down at him with sparkling eyes,

"Want some more?" she asked..

"More what?"

"My God, baby, you can't be that innocent!"

She laughed. "More pussy, of course." "I'm not hard," he pointed out.

"That's no problem for me," she replied.

She darted her moist tongue about his chest, tasting his young skin, biting lightly at his tiny nipples. She caressed his cock and balk, rubbing her thigh along his legs, pushing her hairy cunt against his hip. She swirled her tongue downward, licking wetly. Kenny trembled beneath his mother's erotic tongue, watching her, following that wicked tongue with his eyes. He felt new stirring inside his balls, and his cock trembled, starting to harden again.

Kathy lifted her head, gazing at his cock as she wrapped her fingers around it, squeezing and pulling.

"See, I can make it hard again!" she purred. She held his cock very tightly, making his cock-head bulge out, his piss-hole widen. She flicked the tip of her tongue over it, and tasted come-juice.

Her cunt lurched again, and she moaned softly.

Her tongue swirled about the smooth head of his cock, tasting him, and the juices of her cunt. She licked along the shaft to her fingers, then slowly upward again. Her eyes danced hotly up at his excited face.

"Want it?" she purred, nuzzling her chin on

his cock. She released his prick and cradled his balls. She twisted his young balls, amazed and pleased they hung so low.

"Want what?" he asked. "More pussy?" "Oh, baby, say it again!" she urged. "Say pussy again!"

"Pussy!" He grinned.

"Say them all," Kathy mewled, rubbing his cock about her neck as she lifted his balls, kissing them. "Say cunt and cock and fuck and anything you want! Hearing you say it does things to Mother's cunt!"

With half shyness, Kenny said them.

"Fuck and cock and cunt!"

"More!" she urged, running her tongue about his hairless balls. "More words!"

"Cock and cunt and pussy and fuck and ass and… asshole! Cock-sucker!"

"Ohhh, baby, that's what I am-a cocksucker!" Kathy moaned. "Mother loves to suck cock! Mother loves to taste hot, hard cock in her mouth! Mother can be a very good cocksucker for you… if you want me to suck your cock!"

"Ahhh, Mom!"

"Mmmm, I will," she promised, burying her beautiful face into his crotch, kissing just beneath his hairless balls. "I'll be your cocksucker! Mother will be your very own cocksucker, your hot piece of ass, your fucker and anything else! Mother will be your bitch, your cunt!"


Kathy looked up at him, sliding her tongue along his once-again hard cock to the tip. She kissed his piss-hole, then lapped it.

"Am I your cunt, baby? Will you let Mother be your cunt, your hot, wet cunt?"

"Ooooh, yeah, Mom!" "And I can be your bitch?" "Hot bitch!" "Hungry bitch?" "Yes, Mom! Yes!"

She licked his cock again, sliding her hot, moist lips up and down his cock-shaft. "Tell me what you want to do with me, with my body! Tell me, Kenny! What do you want to do with Mother's tits, Mother's cunt, Mother's ass?"

"I wanna fuck your cunt, Mom!" he shouted as her tongue swirled about the swollen head of his cock.

"And my mouth?"

"I wanna fuck your mouth, too, Mom!"

"Mmmmmm," she purred, slipping her lips over the head of his cock. She sucked it, working her tongue, tasting the juices of her cunt on it, mixed with his first discharge. Then she sucked up.

"Don't stop, Mom!" he cried out. "But you didn't say anything about my ass, darling."

"I wanna fuck your ass, Mom!" Kenny sobbed, trying to work his cock back into her mouth. "I wanna fuck your hot ass!"

"My asshole!" she teased.

"Mom, anywhere, I'll fuck you anywhere.. your cunt, your mouth, in your fucking asshole!"

"Ooooh, promise?"

"Yes! Mom, suck me! Suck my cock, please!"

"I'd love to suck your cock," she purred. "Mother would love to suck this big, hard, sweet cock off. But, baby, you have to promise me something!"

"Anything, Mom! I'll promise anything!" "Of course you will," she murmured. "Any boy would, if his cock was this hard!"

"Mom, I promise! I promise, please, I promise!"

"Remember that," she said, then pulled his cock into her mouth.

Her eyes blazed up at his face, watching his ecstatic expression as she sank down, taking the full length. Her lips pressed at the base, his cockhead pushing into her throat.

Kenny's eyes bulged as he saw his prick sink

into his mother's mouth. The wet surprised him. It felt different than her cunt, but-just as good, maybe a bit better. He loved the way her lips writhed, the way her tongue flicked and touched and licked.

Sucking up and down on her son's cock, Kathy mewled. The taste of her son's long, hard cock sent waves of hungry rapture to her cunt. Her lips tingled sweetly as they stretched, and her mouth watered. Sucking cock was as good as fucking it, Kathy thought. She had always loved the feel and taste of a hot, hard cock in her mouth, but there was something about her son's cock that tasted and felt even better than other cocks. Maybe it was his youth, his lack of hair, or simply because he was her son. Whatever it was, Kathy was thrilled to have his cock. in her mouth.

While sucking up and down, she twisted her body until she was between Kenny's thighs. Sliding her hands beneath his young ass, she cupped his ass-cheeks, digging at them with her fingers, lifting him to her mouth. Then she drew her knees up, swinging her cunt about until she felt his sneaker on it. She began to rub her cunt on her son's shoe, and also began to suck vigorously on his cock. She-moved her mouth up and down fast, smashing her lips against the base, the head of his prick fucking her hot

throat. She looked upward, drawing her lips from his cock to swipe at his piss-hole, then swallow it again. Up and down, Kathy writhed and twisted her mouth, her eyes suddenly burning into her son's elated face. She pulled off his cock again.

"Can you see Mother's ass?" she asked huskily. "Is my skirt high enough so you can see my ass, baby?"

"Yeah, I can see your ass, Mom!" Kenny groaned. "I can see your naked ass and see my cock in your mouth, too!"

"Will you give me a hot mouthful of come juice?" she purred.

"You want me to come in your mouth?"

"I do," she said, running her tongue about the head of his cock again. "Why do you think I suck cock, honey? Oh, it's fun sucking up and down a nice hard-on, and it makes my pussy so hot and wet, but tasting a hot load of come juice gushing into my mouth makes me come!"

"You got it, Mom!" he groaned. "I'll come in your mouth! I'll fill your fucking mouth!"

"Just a minute," she whispered, sitting up and removing his shoe. "There, that's better."

Leaning over again, she swallowed his cock, one hand holding his young ass, the, other cupping his balls. As she sucked now, she worked her boiling, hairy cunt about her son's

foot. She rubbed her pussy along his toes, then managed to wiggle her cunt onto them. Bobbing her head on his cock, she humped his toes, fucking them. She turned her head about to make her lips circle his cock as she sucked, listening to the excited sounds her son made.

"Mmmmmm," she moaned, taking the head of his cock into her throat, holding him deep. She squeezed the base of his cock with her hot lips, her tongue pushing his cock-shaft to the roof of her mouth. "Mmmmmm!"

Kenny began to move with her, driving his hips up as she came down with her mouth. Her hot brown eyes flashed her pleasure at him, and she began to suck greedily, fast, racing her hot lips up and down his cock. She felt his toes probing into her cunt, and smashed it to his foot. Past her head he could see her rounded ass bobbing, twisting.

Kathy felt her son's balls tighten in her hand. She twisted them, delighted with this. Her ex-husband didn't have balls she could twist and turn this way. She pulled his balls and squeezed his ass, sucking in time to his upthrusting hips, working her cunt about on his toes. Her eyes opened and closed, dreamy-looking.

"Ooooh, it's gonna happen again, Mom!" Kenny grunted.

"Mmmm!" she urged hotly.

Feeling his cock throb harder inside her mouth, she began to suck him frantically, gliding her wet lips up and down swiftly, taking the head of his cock deep into her throat. His toes were rammed into her juicy cunt, and she was about to come, too. When she had sucked her husband's cock, he had never allowed her to rub her cunt on his feet.

With a gasp, Kenny's head and shoulders lifted from the floor.

The hot spurt of come-juice coated her tongue, and Kathy swiftly sucked upward, closing her lips about the head of his cock, catching the full force of his discharge inside her mouth. Her throat burned in that sweet way she loved, and the delicious taste of his come-juice in her mouth sent her ass bouncing up and down, fucking herself in the cunt with her son's toes. She gave a wet, gurgling scream when her own orgasm seared through her crotch. As usual, when Kathy came, she pushed with her crotch. Almost every toe on her son's foot entered her cunt. Her hairy cunt-lips squeezed spasmodically as she came, her eyes slitted, but expressing moist heat as she tried to focus on her son's face.

Kenny was lifted up by the force of his discharge, his cock gushing hotly. His eyes seemed to bulge out as he stared in fascination

at his mother's clinging lips wrapped about his cock. The rapid spurts of come-juice continued squirting, and Kathy's mouth was filled over and over, her throat gulping as if it was the sweetest substance ever.

Kathy held her son's cock in her mouth, moaning softly. When she felt his spurting slow down, she dragged her lips upward in a strong suction until she had only the head in her mouth. Her tongue flicked swiftly about his piss-hole, lapping up what come-juice kept dribbling from him. She was almost disappointed when it was over. She felt his balls become loose in her palm, and began to tenderly caress them while mouthing his cock. She squirmed her ass in a gentle circle, then pulled her cunt off his toes. Her mouth opened and her son's cock dropped from it. With her lips glistening, Kathy ran her tongue about his softening cock-shaft, then lifted his balls, kissing them lovingly.

"What a mouthful!" she sighed softly, nuzzling her chin into his balls. "A big, hot, sweet mouthful. I loved it, Kenny. It was perfect. You came and came."

With her knees drawn beneath her, her ass remained in the air, waving from side to side slowly. Kenny looked past her head, watching it. He could see where those creamy ass-cheeks parted, not much, but enough to excite his

young emotions. Kathy kept waving her ass as she licked and kissed at his cock and balls, pushing her face into his crotch. Despite the number of shattering orgasms, her cunt was still burning, still pulsating, for more. For as many orgasms as she could get.

But Kathy knew her son had to adjust, become accustomed to this drastic relationship between them. She had most of her answers now. She was certain her son would be the ideal partner for her. He wouldn't hurt her, and she certainly would never do anything to hurt him.

Lifting her face, grinning up at him, she scooted forward, dragging her exposed tits on his flesh. Leaning over, still watching his young face, she placed his cock in the hot valley of her tits, then closed them around it with her hands. She slipped her body back and forth, caressing and stroking his cock with her tits. It was only partially hard, but that didn't matter. It was the sensation, the feel, that she was after right now. Each movement scraped her nipples along his flesh, and she purred in pleasure. Kenny was once again lying back, but watching everything his mother did, a huge grin glowing on his face.

"How do you feel now, darling?" she asked softly.

"I feel great, Mom," he said, his voice still a little husky.

"You didn't lie to me, did you?" she asked. "I mean, you never came before?"

He shook his head. "Today was the first time. I didn't know it felt this good. I wish I could come before this."

"It's the best feeling in the world, isn't it?"

"Oh, yeah!"

She laughed throatily and began licking up his body, her tongue wet and hot. Meeting his face, she pressed her lips against his, and mewled with delight as his young tongue slipped past her teeth.


The afternoon was spent getting to know the likes and dislikes each had. Kathy, as far as she knew, had no dislikes when it came to a cock.

Kenny wasn't sure. He had no experience to base his answers on..

"I know I love to come, though, Mom," he had said.

"No matter how, just come?" she had laughed.

"Just come," he agreed.

The more they talked, the more Kenny squirmed and giggled. When bis cock became hard, he stroked it with his fist without shyness, fondling his balls with his other hand. Kathy enjoyed watching him jerking his cock-it was one of the many things denied her by her ex-husband. She knew she was not only an exhibitionist, but a voyeur, too.

They had a light dinner, and when it grew dark, the lights were turned on. Taking a bath, using her scented soaps and paying attention to her body in the way she always had, Kathy slipped into a pair of skimpy panties, red with black lace trim. With a towel wrapped about her, that was all she wore. Kenny showered, using the bath in the hall. Kathy thought that was so senseless, now, but she still had to allow her son time to adjust. Boys his age were still a bit shy about their bodies, confused about the changes taking place, and her son was no different, she felt. Anyway, she had enough boldness for both of them for the time being.

When her son came into the living room, wearing a fresh pair of white jockeys, she was on the couch, doing her toenails. She had one foot propped on the cushions of the couch, the other on the floor, already finished. Kenny sat on the low coffee table before the couch, watching her. But he wasn't watching her hands or

toes-he was looking at her exposed thighs, the hint of her panties under the, towel.

Kathy winked at him, swinging her knee open so he could see her panties.

Kenny grinned. "Nice, Mom," he said. "I like red."

"You like pussy," she corrected him. "In or out of panties, no matter what color they are!"

"So what, Mom? You like cock," he retorted.

"Hey, I didn't mean to insult you," she said, caressing his face.

"I'm not insulted."

"You sounded like it. You do like pussy, don't you?"

"As much as you like cock, Mom," he replied, running his hand along her thigh.

"But, baby, Mother loves cock, especially yours!"

"I love pussy, too!"

She lowered her hand to his crotch, squeezing his cock and balls inside his shorts.

"You can have all the pussy you want from me," she whispered. "Any time you want it."


She giggled and squirmed into the couch. "Just as soon as I finish my toenails. They've got to dry." She returned her hands to her toes. "You're a very lucky young guy, did you know


He nodded, his eyes on her red panties.

"You have all the pussy you can handle, and then some," Kathy said. "For your age, most guys are still jacking off, dreaming of the day they can fuck some pretty little cunt. But you… you have cunt living right here with you. Hot, wet cunt, any time you want it."

"And sucks, Mom!" he said, becoming breathless. "Don't forget sucking."

She chuckled deliciously. "How could I forget the blow-jobs? What guy gets enough blow-jobs? Suck a guy's cock off and he'll do anything for a girl!"

Kenny couldn't wait until she finished with her toenails. He ran his hand along her thigh and to her crotch. Kathy spread her knees so he could feel all he wanted. He felt the heat of his mother's cunt burning through her panties, then rubbed up and down the slit of her pussy, finding her getting wet. His cock lifted in his shorts, his cock-head pressing at the white fabric, making a wet spot that grew in diameter as he felt about her pussy.

"Why don't you take my towel off, baby?" Kenny hooked his finger into the towel and pulled. It came away, and Kathy sat on the couch in her red panties, her legs out so her toenails would dry. She placed a foot on each

side of her son's hips so he could look into her crotch. Wetness showed, as did the outline of her pussy. The dark hair of her cunt was barely visible.

"You don't have to suck me off to get me to do things for you, Mom," he said, gazing at her crotch. The hair curling from the tight band excited him, Kathy knew, "I'd eat your pussy, if you let me!"

Kathy shivered, cupping her tits as she rested her head on the back of the couch, fingering her puckered, tight nipples. Her dark eyes smoldered into slits as she breathed through her slightly parted lips. She pressed her lower legs against his hips.

"You can eat my ass, if you want," she murmured throatily. "Kenny, you can eat anything you see!"

He giggled, slightly shy suddenly.

"What's wrong with that?" she asked, pulling and twisting her nipples, seeing his cock throb in his shorts. "I'd eat your hot little ass… suck your asshole, even!"

"Aw, Mom," he said, blushing slightly.

"I would," she insisted, squeezing her tits. "I'd suck your asshole, lick it, shove my tongue up your ass. I'd love to do that… taste your hot asshole, darling."

Kenny's cock lurched with aching hardness.

Leaning forward, sliding his hands along his mother's thighs, he moved his face toward her pantied cunt. Dropping her hands to his face, she cupped it, guiding his mouth. Kenny kissed the soft, smooth insides of his mother's thighs, darting his tongue to her flesh. Kathy made a whimpering sound, grinding her ass on the cushions as she gazed down at him. She pulled his face into her crotch, placing his lips upon the wetness.

"Lick it!" she hissed. "Taste Mother's cunt, baby! Ooooh, lick my cunt right through my pretty panties!"

Kenny pressed his open mouth tight into his mother's crotch, his tongue lapping at the wet nylon. The scent and taste made his young mind reel with passion. He chewed at her panties, sucking the crotch into his mouth. Kathy gurgled hotly, gently rubbing her pussy up and down, her eyes glassy as she watched him. Kenny held her hips, but not tightly, letting her move as she guided his face with her hands.

"Ahhh, nice, baby! Very nice!" she urged, pressing her cunt hard into his face. "Lick my panties, darling! Suck Mother's cunt through those soft, pretty panties!"

Kenny found the taste of cunt-his mother's cunt-exciting. The juices he pulled into his mouth set his cock and balls on fire. He was

dripping against his shorts, making a soaked spot where his cock-head pushed and strained. Somehow he got his tongue underneath the crotch of her panties, and lapped along a swollen cunt-lip, her cunt-hair soft on his tongue.

"Just a minute, baby," she mewled, pushing his face out of her cunt.

Kenny lifted and sat back, his cock looking as if it was about to burst out of his shorts. Kathy gazed at him, leaning forward. She pulled the waistband of his shorts down, and his smooth cock-head came free. She stared at his piss-hole, watching a bead of his delicious juices bubble up. With a hungry moan, she darted her face down, her tongue circling the head of his cock, then licking up the bead of come-juice.

"Beautiful cock!" she whispered as she slipped her panties off. Handing them to Kenny, she said huskily, "Suck my panties, darling. Suck the crotch of Mother's panties."

Eagerly, Kenny stuffed the wet crotch of her panties into his mouth, sucking her fuck-juices. Kathy leaned back again, opening her legs wide. She watched her son, and felt about her cunt. She opened her hairy cunt-lips, showing the smooth pinkness to his hot eyes. She rubbed along her distended clit, making it bulge with desire. Working a finger into her hairy cunt, she

slowly finger-fucked herself.

"See, Mother can do it, too!" she purred. "You jack your cock off, and Mother finger fucks her cunt!"

Kenny stared, her red panties dangling from his mouth. He watched her finger go in and out of her cunt, seeing the juices seeping from it and making the cheeks of her ass glisten.

"Let me have your shorts," she purred, fucking her fingers in and out of her cunt. "I want to suck on them!"

Kenny scrambled out of his shorts swiftly, and handed them to her. Kathy turned them inside out and ran her tongue about the crotch and the wetness, thrusting her finger in and out of her cunt, rubbing at her inflamed tit, making soft, wet sounds. She writhed her naked ass, spreading her legs as wide as she could for his pleasure. She watched his expression as she pulled her wet finger out of her cunt, brought it to her mouth, and licked her own cunt-juices from it. When she returned her finger to her cunt, his shorts back in her mouth, Kenny was breathing hard, his cock jerking about, his balls full.

Kathy offered her finger to him, and Kenny eagerly licked at the sweet juices of his mother's cunt.

"Mom, I gotta lick your cunt!" he cried when

she moved her finger from his face. "I wanna lick your hot pussy, Mom!"

"Oh, yes, darling!'

Kenny dropped her panties and ran his tongue along her silky thigh, from her knee upward. Kathy pulled her finger out of her cunt and rubbed her clit as her son pushed his mouth to her cunt. Kenny kissed the wetness, then began to lap his tongue up and down her steamy cunt-slit. Kathy cooed and arched to his face. She spread her cunt open for him, and Kenny sucked at her swollen clit, his tongue flicking the way she had on his cock.

"Ohhh, God, yes!" Kathy cried out. "Eat Mother's cunt, darling! Suck Mother's hot, wet cunt! Ooooh, baby, fuck Mother with your tongue! Fuck Mother in the pussy hard with your tongue!"

Kenny buried his mouth into his mother's cunt, darting his tongue into the satiny wetness. Kathy bucked her ass up and down, and Kenny shoved his hands behind her, clutching her shapely ass, trying to keep his mouth on her churning cunt, his tongue probing the depths.

"Ohhh, God, you're going to make me come, you sweet little cunt-sucker!" she sobbed. "Suck my cunt, baby! Make Mother come… with your sweet tongue? Mother's cunt is on fife and so wet, and I love to be tongue-fucked!

Rain it up my cunt, Kenny! Ooooh, fuck the piss out of Mother's hot cunt! Eat my cunt… lick my cunt… suck my cunt!"

She banged her ass up and down, beating her hairy pussy into her son's sucking mouth frantically. She could seldom take her time once that sweet sensation began to bubble between her thighs. She was much too greedy, much too insatiable, to take time. She wanted to come, and come fast and hard and as many times as she could.

"Oooooh, it's getting there, Kenny!" she wailed, thrashing her hips about, grabbing the back of her son's head and pulling his mouth as tight as she could onto her drenched cunt. "I'm about to come already, baby! Fuck it… suck it! Ahhhhh, you suck cunt so beautifully! Eat Mother's hairy, hot cunt! Suck my cunt off into your sweet, pussy-licking mouth!"

Kenny clung to his mother's bouncing ass, his tongue pushing into the wet heat hungrily.

With a cry, Kathy came. Her hips jerked up, her cunt smashing at his mouth, grinding in a frenzy. She held his face tight into her pussy as the convulsions shattered through her naked body. Her pussy was squeezing his tongue in rippling orgasms the way it had his cock earlier that afternoon. The orgasm became very tight, a long series of contractions that sent Kathy into

screaming ecstasy, her thighs squeezing his head, keeping his lips sucking and his tongue probing.

"Oh, wonderful!" she sobbed as the spasms receded. She lowered her ass, sitting on her son's cupping hands. "Kenny, you're a wonderful cunt-licker, baby! God, you can suck my cunt anytime! You're the best little cunt-licker I know!"

Kenny, his face wet and slippery with the juices of his mother's cunt, grinned proudly at her. Kathy leaned on the couch, her perky tits lifting and falling as she slowed her breathing. While she rested, Kenny gazed at her cunt. Her soft cunt-hair was lovely to him, as was the swollen slit of her cunt. The cheeks of her shapely ass were still wet with fuck-juices.

"My turn," Kathy said, sitting up, her eyes taking on a gleam of wild passion once more. "I get to suck your ass, remember?"

"I thought that was just talk," he said, but his eyes became bright at the idea. "You really wanna suck on my asshole, Mom?"

"You bet those pretty balls I do!" She grinned.

She moved off the couch to the floor, spreading out on her back. She opened her legs so her cunt showed. "I want you to sit right in my fucking face, Kenny! I've wanted to have a guy sit his ass in my face for a long time. I'm

glad it's your ass doing it! Come on, sit that young, hot ass in Mother's face! I'm going to suck it out good for you?"

Half shy, Kenny straddled his mother's face, lowering his ass down while facing her feet. Kathy gazed up at her son as he squatted. She saw the tight pucker of his asshole, his balls dangling and his cock rigid. With a soft moan, she lifted her head and pushed her face into his crotch, licking hotly at his dangling balls, drawing her tongue about them, then pressing her open lips around his crinkled asshole. She sucked at his ass-ring, his balls on her chin. Kenny gasped with the strange, but wonderful sensation, and wiggled his ass. Kathy cupped the cheeks of his ass, pulling them apart so she could bury her face into his ass, her tongue licking the crinkled tightness, swirling against the opening.

"Ohhhhh, Mom, that's great!" Kenny yelped, twisting his ass into her face. "That feels real good, Mom! Oh, suck my asshole! Suck on my asshole, Mom!"

Feverishly, Kathy sucked, her tongue working hotly. She moaned as his ass pressed down against her mouth, his balls hot on her chin. She shoved a hand to his cock, and began to jack him as her tongue wiggled and probed his asshole. Kenny was gasping and grunting, his

eyes staring down at her bushy cunt. Kathy held her long legs wide apart, knowing that was where he looked as she began to press her tongue into his tight asshole.

"Ohhh, I hope I don't fart!" Kenny yelped as his mother's tongue slipped into his asshole.

Kathy giggled, squeezing his cock hard as she fucked her tongue in and out, fucking her son in his asshole. She sucked with her lips surrounding his hot ass-ring at the same time, her cunt bubbling again. She had wanted to suck an asshole for a very long time, but this was the first time she had been able to do so. She found it delicious and perversely exciting, but best of all, her son was eager for it, too. Her cunt bubbled juicily as she fucked her tongue up her son's ass, and she began to writhe her naked ass on the floor.

"I'm gonna eat your hairy cunt again, Mom!" Kenny groaned, pushing his face into her cunt once more.

His tongue delved into the hot wetness, probing the way her tongue was in his asshole. Kathy lifted her legs and closed them about her son's neck. Kenny grabbed her lifted ass, squeezing her ass-cheeks, as he sucked and flicked at her creamy cunt. He pushed hard, and his nose slipped into the hot split of her ass.

Kathy, flicking her tongue in and out of her

son's asshole, drew her knees back, forcing her cunt and ass higher. Kenny lapped from his mother's swollen clit, across her juicy cunt, and began to lick feverishly at the pink pucker of her asshole.

Kathy wailed with ecstasy into Kenny's ass, then began to grind her ass into his face. With wiggles of her ass, she let her son know what she wanted. Kenny understood, and without hesitation, plunged his tongue into his mother's asshole. Kathy cried out, the sound muffled because she had her face buried into the cheeks of his ass, her tongue darting in and out of his ass-ring. Kenny, pushing his tongue as deep as he could into his mother's asshole, pulled her shapely ass-cheeks wide open. His chin pressed at her cunt, almost entering it.

The feel of her son's tongue in her asshole sent trembling rapture through Kathy. Her asshole was very, very sensitive, and she could come by having it licked and sucked. Gripping her son's cock hard, she fucked him up his ass with her tongue fast, her lips sucking as if she was eager for a fart, or more, into her mouth. His cock was throbbing hard in her fist, and she felt fuck-juices running from his swollen cockhead to her fingers.

She pushed up on his ass.

"Kenny, fuck my mouth!" she sobbed with

passion. "Oh, baby, shove your cock in my mouth and fuck it! Fuck my mouth like a cunt! Ram it in and out of my cock-sucking mouth, darling! Hurry, before you come all over my tits!"

Kenny needed no further urgings. His cock was jerking about, his balls on fire. He lifted his ass, and his mother pulled at his cock. He straightened his legs along her head and her hot lips closed about his prick. When he began to fuck his mother's mouth, he kept his tongue plunging up and down, tonguing her asshole hungrily. He was so excited, he lapped the flat surface of his tongue along his mother's cunt, fucking it into her pussy and then her asshole, back and forth.

Kathy whimpered beneath him, wrapping her arms about his hips and clutching his young ass in her hands. She squeezed his ass hard, making him fuck her mouth fast. His balls bounced up and down on her nose.

They made wet sounds, sounds of rapture. Kenny feverishly ran his tongue and lips from his mother's hairy cunt to her asshole, and Kathy took the pounding of his cock into her mouth with moaning ecstasy. His swollen cockhead slipped in and out of her smooth throat, her tongue pressing to keep his cock tight. She could take it all, every hot, beautiful, hard inch

of it with perfect ease. Her lips were being battered by the frenzy of his mouth-fucking, but she welcomed it. Her cunt was fiery and wet and throbbing, and she was getting close to orgasm again. She lifted her ass as high as she could, grinding her cunt or asshole at his face.

She wanted to scream at him, say she wanted his tongue up her asshole when she came, but his cock was ramming so deliciously into her hungry mouth, and she could feel he was getting close to coming, too. She was afraid if she pushed him out to say anything, he would come in her face and she would miss it. She didn't

she wanted it to spray into her greedy mouth, wanted the taste of his thick, hot fuck-juices, swallow them.

But Kenny seemed to understand, or else he found the taste of his mother's asshole to his liking. Anyway, he buried his tongue deep into her tightly puckering asshole, stabbing in a frenzy, his cock jerking inside his mother's sucking mouth. His feverish excitement thrilled Kathy, reinforcing her certainty that ha son was going to be a very willing, very eager, partner for her.

When her orgasm exploded, she moaned deeply and pressed her crotch hard into his face, her asshole sucking at his tongue the way her

cunt sucked at his cock. With the rumbling of her powerful orgasm, she devoured Kenny's throbbing prick with desperation. She was rewarded with a quick, hot gush of come-juice. She dug into his ass with her fingers, squeezing him hard as she gulped his thick, creamy come juice down hungrily. She rammed her ass up and down, fucking on his tongue with her asshole, smashing her cunt onto his chin. His balls twitched on her nose, and Kathy felt as if she would faint from the ecstasy.

As her orgasm stilled, she clung to her son's ass, keeping his cock deep inside her mouth, her tongue working on it as it softened. There didn't seem to be anything better in the world to her except the taste of her son's cock, his come juice, his body.

"Ohhh, Mom, that was so good!" Kenny moaned, lifting his face from her ass, his tongue pulling free of the tight crinkle. He rolled from her, gasping for breath.

Kathy lifted herself on an elbow and smiled down at his wetly smeared face. "You like sucking assholes?"

"I like everything we do, Mom," he grinned at her.

"I hope so," she murmured, caressing his balls tenderly. "I sincerely hope you will, darling."


While her son slept, Kathy was busy. She made alterations and adjustments to some of her clothing, and his. She cut the pockets out of a pair of his jeans, and also the back pockets of her tight-fitting jeans. Then she removed a few stitches from the seams. She slit and sewed the crotch of a pretty pair of panties so there was a perfect opening in them that allowed her son to get to her cunt without show big them aside or taking them off.

What she had in mind was daring, but Kathy was a daring woman, an erotic woman.

Finished with her work, she looked in on Kenny as he slept. Usually he wore pajamas, but not now. He was naked, and she looked at him fondly, her gaze resting on his young cock and balls. He had half a hard-on, and she wanted to go to him and take his cock in her mouth, see if she could suck him off while he slept without waking him. But she had fucked and sucked the poor guy so much this day, he needed his rest, she felt.

Going to her own room, she lay down, curling up. She was very sleepy, but still in a state of arousal. She smiled in the darkness, thinking she wouldn't be suffering this way much longer. She wanted to go fast with her son, but she knew it was best this way. He was showing his desires perfectly, and they were completely compatible with hers. She didn't want to take a chance and en it now.

It was late when she woke up, and she stretched, yawning, then smiling as she swung her long, tantalizing thighs over the bed. When she sat up, she aw Kenny in the doorway, looking at her.

"Good morning," she smiled at him, lifting her arms above her head to stretch again, her tits lifting beautifully. "Did you sleep good,


He nodded, watching his mother's tits move. "I'll have breakfast as soon as I use the…" She grinned wickedly at him. "As soon as I take a piss, and wash up."

"I wanna watch, Mom," he said. "Come with me, then," she answered, standing up and going toward her bath. She waggled her naked ass for his enjoyment, and entered the bathroom. She didn't sit on the toilet, but straddled it. "I've never tried this before. Hope I don't make a mess!"

The golden piss squirted from her cut, and she held it wide open with her fingers, with her son watching, eyes big and shining.

"Now you can't say you've never seen a woman take a piss, can you?" Kathy said, finishing. "It's kinda fun, huh?"

"Yeah," Kenny grinned, running his hand between his mother's thighs as she straddled the toilet bowl, feeling her pussy.

Kathy stood and let him feel her a moment, then pushed him away. "I've got to clean up if you want breakfast, baby."

"I have a handful of my breakfast, Mom."

"Mmmmm, I know," she purred, "but that isn't food. It tastes good. I know, but it isn't nourishment. And, to keep that cock up and hard, you need nourishment."

While she brushed her teeth and washed her face, Kenny stood behind her and caressed her creamy, lovely ass and thighs. His hands made her feel good, sending tiny shivers up and down her flesh. She waggled her ass at him, and Kenny ran the edge of his hand up and down the split of her hot ass.

"You like that ass, honey?" she said, looking at him in the mirror above her head.

"Yeah," he said. "It's beautiful, Mom." "Nice and hot, huh?" she grinned at his reflection.

Kenny placed his hands on his mother's naked hips and pushed his cock along her ass-cheeks, then slid his cock-shaft back and forth against her cunt.

"With that hard-on," she purred, "I think you can wait a little longer for breakfast."

"I can wait all day!" Kenny grinned in the mirror at her. "If I can have a piece of ass, Mom!"

"Go for it, lover," she whispered, shoving her naked ass to him. "Fuck me now, Kenny!"

Kenny slid his cock along the lips of his mother's hairy, hot cunt, looking down at her exciting ass. Kathy pushed her ass at him, her eyes gleaming in the mirror at his reflection. Kenny stared back at her, seeing his mother's tits. Positioning his cock, he thrust it into her

cunt from behind, leaning over and cupping her tits. Kathy cried out with the filling of her cunt by his cock, dancing on her feet, grinding to him. They gazed at each other in the mirror as Kenny fucked her pussy, his cock so very hard inside that hot wetness.

"Baby," she whispered, "why don't you try it in Mother's ass?"

His stroking stopped as he looked at her face in the mirror. "You mean in your asshole, Mom?"

Her eyes smoldered with desire. "Just like you did with your tongue. Up my asshole!"

"You want me to fuck you in your asshole, not your cunt?"

"Honey, I love your cock in my cunt!" she said. "But I have other places just as nice, just as hot and tight, as my mouth and cunt! Come on, darling, fuck Mother up the ass!"

She slipped a hand under and between her thighs as she pulled her pussy off his cock. She pushed upward on it, placing his swollen cockhead against the fiery pucker of her tight asshole. Her eyes slitted dreamily as she felt his cock there.

"Push it in!" she gasped.

Kenny pushed, but his cock wouldn't penetrate.

"It's too tight, Mom!" he gasped.

"No, it isn't?" Kathy hissed. "Push hard! Here, let me"

Leaning over the sink, Kathy darted her hands to her ass. Gripping her ass-cheeks, she spread them as wide as she could. "Now, push as hard as you can, baby!"

Gritting his teeth, staring between his mother's ass-cheeks, Kenny stabbed-hard.

"Ohhh, God, yes!" Kathy gasped.

The head of his cock pushed past the fiery ring of her asshole. Kathy felt her asshole open, felt his swollen cock-head inside. She gave a soft cry of delight, then pushed back. Kenny stared as his hard cock slithered up into his mother's asshole, then pressed on the base of his cock.

"Ohhh, so hot, Mom!"

"Fuck it, baby!" she urged, waggling her ass, the throb of her son's cock deep, sending rippling ecstasy through her. "Fuck that tight asshole, Kenny! Ohhhh, baby, baby… ram Mother up the fucking ass with your sweet, hard cock! Ahhhh, fuck Mother up the ass! Fuck it!"

Her hand, still between her thighs, caught his hanging balls. She gripped them, squeezing and twisting. Pressing his balls against her hot, juicy cunt, Kathy could almost stuff them into her pussy. Kenny leaned over his mother's back, gripping her firm tits once more, and began to

thrust into her fiery ass hole. Kathy sobbed softly with the rapture, staring at her son's reflection in the mirror. While his cock rubbed in and out of her ass, Kathy squeezed and pulled his balls, her naked body shaking with joy. The friction she felt against the tightness of her asshole created a wild, wet fire inside her bushy cunt. The stabs of Kenny's cock made her tits shake, despite the hard clutch of his hands.

"Ohhh, baby, that's so good!" Kathy cried out. "God, you're so fucking hard! I can feel your cock so fucking deep! Ahhh, fuck Mother up the ass! I love it, Kenny! I love taking your cock in my asshole! Ooooh, fuck my ass hard.

Fuck my hot ass!"

Kenny was gasping hotly, driving his cock in and out, his balls gripped in Kathy's hand. Each forward thrust sent a slapping sound to their cars. The flesh of Kathy's naked ass jiggled when his cock darted deeply. She danced about on her feet, spreading them wider on the floor, leaning almost into the sink. She held her ass in position for her son, grunting with each powerful penetration. She shook her ass, but it wasn't easy to do with his cock inside it. She clamped and bunched the cheeks of her ass, making her asshole tight for him.

"Cunt!" Kenny groaned.

"Oh, darling!"

"Cock-sucking cunt!"

"Oooh, yes!"

"Mom, you're so good!" Kenny whined. "I love to fuck you, Mom! I Jove to fuck your juicy, hairy cunt, your tight, hot asshole!"

"I love to fuck you, Kenny! Your cock… so sweet, so hard, so young! Ooooh, give it to me! Fuck my ass with every hard, beautiful inch of your cock! Rum it up Mother's asshole.. beat my fucking asshole! Ahhh, Kenny, Kenny!"

Releasing his mother's tits, Kenny drew back, looking down at the way his mother's asshole stretched and held his cock. With his fingers, he pulled her creamy ass-cheeks open, enabling him to see everything better. He pulled his cock back, his cock-head gripped just inside her burning ass. Then he pulled it all the way out.

"Noooo!" Kathy cried out. "Keep fucking me! My cunt is…Kenny, don't stop now! God, baby, you almost had me coming!"

Kenny had no intention of stopping. After he pulled his cock all the way out of his mother's asshole, he fucked it in again. The sensation of his cock pulling free, only to rush back up her ass, excited Kathy. She squealed hotly, her naked tits now slapping at the cool sink beneath them. She could no longer see her son in the mirror, other than the fuzzy outline of his head

and shoulders. Her own vision was misty, glazed with the power of taking his cock up her asshole. Kathy wasn't trying to grip his cock with her asshole, but it was doing so on its own. Her tight ass-ring gripped and released, closed about his cock hotly, then relaxed. With each of his forward thrusts, her asshole opened, and just before he pulled back, it closed tightly, Kenny was panting with the ecstatic sensation!

"Sucking asshole!" Kenny gasped.

A giggle burst from Kathy. "Is it, baby? Does, Mother's asshole suck on your cock?"

"AS good as your mouth, Mom!"

Her cunt was twitching with wet heat, her clit aching with hardness. She released his balls and began to rub furiously at her inflamed clit stabbing a finger into her cunt. She shivered as the rapture increased, then grabbed his balls once more. She tried hard to stuff her son's young, hot balls into her pussy, but they kept falling out. When he shoved his cock into her asshole, they stayed, but when he pulled back, they came out of her cunt.

"I… I want your balls in my hot twat" Kathy wailed. "Oh, slit, I want your balls in my cunt and your cock in my asshole! Fuck me, Kenny! Ooooh, darling, fuck Mother in that hot, tight asshole! Mother's pussy cunt, is about to… ooooh, make me come

now, Kenny!"

"Me, too, Mom!" he shouted.

Kenny's balls started slapping at the swollen lips of her hairy cunt. Kathy arched her ass high, leaning lower yet, wanting his cock as deep as it would go. Even though her cunt was pulsating sweetly, she could feel the powerful throbs of her son's cock along the grip of her puckered asshole.

"Now!" she shrieked.. "Ohhh, my God! My cunt… ohhh, Kenny, I'm coming? Can you feel it?"

Kenny felt it, but couldn't reply.

His mother's orgasm created a tightness of her asshole on his cock so he could hardly thrust. Kathy shook wantonly as she came, feverishly cupping her spasming cunt as hard as she could, squeezing her hairy cunt-lips. Her asshole rippled and tightened, sucking at her son's prick. Kenny could stand it no longer.

"Mom!" he shouted.

His hips drove forward, his cock deep. The hot, thick spurts of his come-juice splashed deeply into his mother's greedy, fiery asshole. The rapid squirts filling her-ass sent Kathy into a wild series of orgasms, her cunt contracting almost painfully, but with so much ecstasy she could hardly bear it. Her legs shook and trembled, her knees threatening to bend. She

screamed in a tight sound as her cunt erupted with more and more convulsions.

"Shoot it to me!" Kathy screeched. "Fill my ass, Kenny! Ooooh, come up Mother's hot asshole! Squirt, baby, squirt! God, it's so hot it's spurting up my asshole! Came in Mother's s… fill Mother's fucking asshole with sweet, hot come-juice!"

As the overwhelming ecstasy began to fade, Kathy rested her head on the sink, feeling very weak. Although her cunt and asshole kept pulsating, she was no longer coming. She felt her son's cock deflate inside her asshole, and she held her breath as he slipped it out slowly. As his cock dropped from her ass, she made a soft, happy, purring sound. She could feel his come-juice inside her asshole, hot and wet.

Stepping back, Kenny leaned against the wall, breathing hard. He gazed at his mother's rounded ass, seeing her pussy-hair between her still-spread legs. The insides of his mother's thighs glistened with the juices that seeped from her cunt. Her asshole, displayed lewdly to him, seemed to wink its appreciation of the fucking it just got.

After a few moments, Kathy turned, standing up. Her eyes lingered on her son's cock, a smile on her beautiful face. She held his prick gently in her hand. Her other hand fondled his empty


"You're so sweet," she purred like a kitten. "I could take this cock all day, baby, any place you want to stick it. I love you, Kenny, and I love your young cock and loaded balls."

Unable to resist, Kathy sank to her knees before her son, lifting his cock to run her tongue about his cock-head. She tasted a few drops of his come-juice on it, and with a soft mewl, pulled his limp prick into her mouth, pulling it deeply with her lips at the base. She tasted her ass on it, but that only excited her more. His balls, dangling low, were still coated with the juices of her cunt.

Kenny watched his mother sucking on his prick, his hips starting to squirm.

Kathy let his cock go, and lapped at his pussy wet balls, taking them into her mouth, sucking at them with wet pleasure. She pushed her tongue underneath his balls, the tip of it tickling the ring of his young asshole.

"Mmmmm, I could eat you all up!" she purred, pressing her face into his cock and balls now, nuzzling as she wrapped her arms about his hips, holding his tight ass. "I could eat everything you have, especially your lovely cock and sweet balls!"

Kenny grinned. "I hope you never get enough of me, Mom."

"God, I never will, Kenny."

She hugged her son tightly to her face a while longer, enjoying the feel of his crotch on her cheeks, her nose, her chin and lips. After a moment, she pulled back and stood up.

"Now; breakfast, young man." She laughed softly, slapping his naked ass. "If you don't eat, then I don't eat. Know what I mean, you lovable little mother-fucker."

After breakfast, Kathy bathed, listening to her son in the shower out in the hall. If her tub had been large enough, she would have pulled him in with her. One thing she decided to do, though, was to have him sleep in her bed from now on. She wanted his naked, hot body next to hers, skin to skin, so she could reach for his cock during the night if the desire came over her, or he could grab her.

After drying herself, she dressed in the tight jeans she had made adjustments to. Leaving her tits naked, she slipped on a t-shirt. Her tits showed beautifully under the stretched garment, her nipples protruding provocatively. She brushed her soft hair until it shimmered, then applied a light coat of lipstick to her full lips. Sliding her feet into sandals, she was dressed for the day.

She found her son in his room, ready to slip on a pair of cut-offs.

"Wear these," she said, handing him the jeans she had worked on during the night.

"But it's too hot, Mom," he protested. "Go on, put them on," she said, smiling. "I think you'll enjoy wearing them."

Showing a childish pout, Kenny slipped the jeans on. When he shoved his hands into the pockets to smooth them out, he understood. He looked at his mother, laughing.

"See what I mean?" She grinned at him. With his hand inside his pocket, Kenny fondled his balls, grinning at her.

"Now, let's see what kind of mischief we can get into!" Kathy said, kissing her son.


Summer vacation meant the park was usually filled with boys and girls, and this day was no different.

Although most were young, there were a couple of young mothers and a man or two in the park. It was a good place for bays and girls. There were swings and merry-go-rounds and monkey bars to occupy the little ones. At one corner was a baseball diamond, and a group of teenagers had a loud game going by the time

Kathy and Kenny arrived at the park.

Kathy didn't mind the crowd at all. She found a shady bench for them under a huge tree. Usually when she came to the park with Kenny, she would relax while he ran about and played, meeting friends of his, making new ones. But today he didn't want to stray far from his mother. He waved to a few boys and girls he knew, but stayed with her, refusing the offer to play kickball with his friends.

Kenny sat on the bench at his mother's side.

"Mom, I wish you wore a dress," he said.

"Why, baby?"

"Yesterday I could look under it," he answered. "I can't see anything when you wear jeans. They're tight enough, but only show things when you stand up."

"Are you sure, baby?" She smiled mysteriously at him. "Have you been looking at the right places?"

He glanced at her firm thighs, then at her crotch. He didn't see anything. Her jeans were tight, sure, but he couldn't see anything. Kathy worked her hand into his pocket, and when her fingers touched his balls, Kenny gasped, giggling softly. She fondled his balls, then brought her hand to his cock.

"See, I can jack you off right here in the park, and no one would ever know," she whispered,

squeezing his prick hard.

"Oh, yeah," he replied. "Just look at how your hand is moving, Mom."

"Do you care?" She grinned at him, pumping his cock inside his jeans. "I mean, if someone saw what I was doing for you?"

"Fuck 'em!" He giggled.

"You'd love that, wouldn't you?" she murmured softly. "Fuck all these pretty little girls, one after the other. You'd be in cunt heaven, wouldn't you, darling?"

He nodded, watching a pretty blonde girl on the swings. She had two ponytails and she was laughing as another girl pushed her. Her dress rose up, and Kenny could see her tight little panties and slim thighs. His cock swelled into hardness, and Kathy squeezed it, moving her fist up and down slowly, taking pleasure in his.

"Want to come?" she purred softly. "Want me to make you come?"

"Not in my pants, Mom. That would be a mess."

A couple took the bench a few feet away, and Kathy pulled her hand out of her son's pocket, making a face because the couple was so close to them. Kenny's cock jutted at his jeans, and he tried to shove, his cock down before the couple saw it. Kathy joined his efforts, leaning back on the bench and stretching her long legs out,

her feet wide.

"Take a peek at me," she whispered.

Kenny glanced at his mother's crotch. Soft pussy-hair showed from the seam she had opened.

"Mom, you're showing your cunt!"

"Only if someone looks at it!" she replied. Actually, her cunt didn't show, just hair sticking from the opened seam. But she could show her cunt if she wanted to. All she had to do was spread her legs very wide, and then it would show through the scam. The idea of flashing the couple that way excited her. They would only think her seam was coming apart and she didn't know it.

"Let's walk awhile," she said, getting to her feet..

"Mom, I've got a hard-on!"

"And a beauty of a hard-on, too," she said, pulling him up. "Let me put my hand in your pocket. I'll hide it that way."

When she had her hand inside his pocket, holding his cock, it was hard to walk, but Kenny did it. To anyone looking at them, it would only appear that she had her hand in his pocket, nothing else. Kenny had to walk close to his mother, so he wrapped an arm about her waist. Now and then Kathy would give his cock a jerk.

"Put a hand in my back pocket," she said.

Kenny shoved his hand into his mother's pocket, and felt her naked ass. He glanced up at her, giggling.

"See, now aren't you glad we wore our jeans?"

Kenny cupped the cheek of his mother's ass, feeling it bunch in his palm as they walked. He liked the way his mother's hand pulled at his prick now and then, and he felt excited as he waked through the park holding her naked ass this way. They drew glances, with the boys gazing at Kathy's tits, watching them move under her t-shirt. Kenny felt proud, knowing the boys wished they could fuck his mother, but that he was the only one doing it. Kathy, too, enjoyed the looks her son received from the pretty girls, understanding they would soon be old enough to want his lovely cock. A few might even covet it right now.

"This is not gonna work, Mom," Kenny said.

"But it's fun, baby."

"Sure, but I'm afraid I might come!"

Kathy giggled, giving his cock a jerk or two. "I don't mind if you come!"

"I do, this way."

"Well, why don't we see if you can fuck me?" she suggested.

"Sure, but where? There's people all over the fucking place, Mom!"

"Oh, we can find a place!" she said, looking around for some place that would seclude them at least partially. Her cunt was wet already with the idea of fucking her son in the park. "What about over there?"

She led her son past the restrooms around back. It was not all that private, but would do. The restrooms were low, and had opaque windows, but the glass was broken in them. Curious, Kenny peeked into one of the windows.

"Mom, look!" he whispered.

Kathy put her face close to her son's, peeking in. A pretty little girl was sitting on a toilet, facing them. Her panties were stretched on her knees, her dress bunched at her lap. After she finished, the girl stood, and Kathy and Kenny got themselves a good peek at her smooth, pretty little cunt. They watched the girl pull her panties up and leave.

"I think we discovered something," Kathy whispered to her son. "Let's look in the other window."

To her delight, a young boy was in there, and he was jacking off. Kathy's eyes burned hotly as she stared at his cock, his fist pumping fast. His young balls bounced with movement, and his low gasps of self-induced pleasure came to them.

"Aw, I don't wanna watch some asshole jerk off, Mom!" Kenny said.

"I do, baby."

Kathy breathed hard as she peered at the boy. Kenny, not at all interested, ran his hand over his mother's jeans-clad ass, his fingers finding the split seam. He worked his finger through the hole and fucked his mother in her cunt with his middle finger. Kathy wiggled and twisted her ass for him, watching the boy pumping his cock faster and faster.

"He's about to come!" she whispered.

She watched the boy squirt, making a mess on his hand. Her pussy was on fire now.

"Come on, Mom," Kenny pleaded. "I wanna see in the other side!"

He pulled his finger from her cunt, stepping to the other window.

Kathy looked in with him.

They watched a girl take a piss, then brush her hair, and leave. There was nothing exciting. Kenny whispered to his mother: "I wanna see pussy, Mom."

"You will," she said. "Be patient, honey."

But Kenny had a hard-on, and he couldn't be patient. While his mother kept watching for something exciting through the window, Kenny stepped behind her, kneeling at her ass. He opened the seam of her jeans with his fingers

and shoved his tongue up his mother's cunt. Kathy gasped and pushed her ass to his face. Kenny couldn't lick his mother's cunt the way he enjoyed best, her jeans were in the way. But he could get his tongue past her hairy cunt-lips enough to taste her hot, sweet fuck-juices.

"Ohhhh, baby," she moaned. "You're going to make me come!"

Kenny darted his tongue into his mother's cunt, his lips pressed at the open seam. He held her hips in his hands, breathing hotly. He wanted to make his mother come.

Kathy mewled and waggled her ass at his face, her eyes fuzzy as she peered into the empty restroom. Her cunt was twitching wetly as her son probed it with his tongue. She moaned and shoved back, trying to be as quiet as she could, and began jerking when her pussy went into orgasm. Kenny felt his mother's cunt grabbing at his tongue, trying to suck it deep, and fucked and fluttered until she calmed down.

"Look, Kenny," she whispered, breathless.

Kenny moved his face to hers and looked in. A girl was pulling down her pants. She had her back to Kathy and Kenny, and they saw her pretty ass. The girl shoved her jeans to her ankles, then began to play with herself. She caressed the tight cheeks of her ass with both hands, and they could hear her sighs of pleasure.

The girl turned, facing them, and sat on the toilet. She opened her legs wide, and Kenny and his mother watched her as she began to rub at her cunt. The girl leaned her head back and closed her eyes, darting a finger into her pussy and rubbing her clit with the other hand.

"Lovely," Kathy purred.

The girl finger-fucked herself vigorously, and when she came, her young body trembled violently, a finger stuffed deeply into her cunt. After she finished, she pulled her pants up and left.

"That was a hot one," Kenny said. "I bet she'd love my cock up that cunt better than her finger, Mom. I wonder who she is?"

"You'll never know," Kathy whispered to her son, kissing his cheek. "Kenny, fuck me now, honey!"

Kenny stood behind his mother, opening his pants and hauling his hard cock free. Kathy, leaning over, widened the split seam in her jeans, making her hairy cunt available to his prick.

Kenny saw the pink wetness and her curly cunthair through the opening. He pressed his cock up her cunt swiftly, bringing a delighted gasp from his mother.

"Oh, God! That's so good, baby!" she hissed, clutching the sill tightly, shaking her ass. "I love that first thrust so much!"

Kenny gripped his mother's jeans-clad ass, fucking at her cunt, biting his bottom lip with ecstasy. The fiery wet grip of his mother's cunt never failed to send him into rapture as it closed about his raging cock. Kathy twisted her ass for her son, taking his cock eagerly, the friction of the hardness sliding in and out of her sensitive cunt, sending hot shivers up and down her flesh.

The sight of the pretty teenager entering the restroom again caught Kathy's attention, and she let her son know. "She's coming back, Kenny!"

Kenny watched over his mother's head, seeing the same young girl returning. He kept moving his cock in and out of his mother's wet pussy, his fingers digging at her hips. The girl shoved her jeans down as she had before, but didn't sit down on the toilet. Instead, she braced herself against the wall, bending over, and began to fondle her cute, tight ass with the other hand, wiggling and making soft sighing sounds that came clearly to Kathy and her son. The girl pulled at a creamy, smooth ass-cheek, the pucker of her pink asshole showing. Kenny and his mother stared hotly at the girl, the sight sending them into higher ecstasy.

"Look, baby!" Kathy moaned.

The girl was rubbing at her asshole.

Kenny swallowed, his cock jerking inside his

mother's cunt. His balls became tight as he stared at the girl. Her finger disappeared into the tight crinkle of her asshole, and while she wiggled her ass, the finger moved in and out, finger-fucking slowly. The girl fucked herself up the ass a few times, then pulled her finger free, pressing it between her thighs from behind. She arched and lifted her ass, and Kathy and Kenny watched her finger slip into her cunt. The girl finger-fucked her pussy vigorously, twisting wantonly, then rammed her finger back up her asshole.

"Ooooh, look at her!" Kenny moaned.

The girl was taking turns fucking herself in the cunt and asshole, a stab at a time. Her body was so sweet, so lovely, wiggling and twisting in her self-induced ecstasy.

Kenny began to fuck his mother in a frenzy, the sight of the pretty girl inflaming his already reeling senses. He didn't care how much noise he made-his cock was raging, his balls on fire. If the girl heard them, she gave no indication of it. With her finger up her asshole, she turned until she faced the window, shoving her shirt above her delicious, candy-sweet tits, her puckered nipples pink and hard. With one finger going up her asshole, the girl began to fuck at her blonde-haired cunt with the other hand. Her curvy little hips jerked and swayed, her pretty

face tilted up, eyes closed as she moaned and cried softly with rapture. Her lips parted, her pink tongue flicking from one corner of her mouth to the other.

It was as if she was being watched and wanted to put on a good show. She began to whisper to herself, but her excited voice carried to Kathy and Kenny.

"Oooh, fuck me!" the girl was mewling. "Fuck me, please! Oh, you have a big, hot cock, and my wet cunt is going to eat it up! Fuck me… fuck me in my pussy and fuck me in my asshole and make me suck it!"

Kenny gasped, and his mother made a soft shushing noise.

"Make me suck your big, hard cock!" the girl mewled, brutally stabbing her fingers into her cunt and asshole. "Make me take your hard prick in my mouth! Make me suck your cock! Make me drink your hot, creamy come-juice! Oooh, please, make me fuck it and suck it!"

Kenny's eyes burned as he listened, his cock driving in swift, short fuck-strokes into his mother's grabbing cunt. The girl made him want to break in there, do as she was begging.

"Pinch my titties!" the girl cried, "Pull my titles! Hurt my titles! Hurt my hot cunt! Hurt my fucking asshole! Oooh, beat me… piss on me, shit on me, come on me!"

Kathy was responding to this wild little girl. She gazed at her fuzzy cunt, seeing it glisten in wetness. She wondered what it would be like to bury her mouth into that succulent cunt, suck it off, lick it and make the girl come against her face and mouth and tongue. She waggled her ass in a frenzy as her son fucked his cock back and forth. Her clit hurt with the tightness, and she was getting close to coming. The girl had such a powerful effect on her erotic emotions, Kathy knew if the girl came to the broken window and shoved her cunt forward, at that moment she would have sucked that pretty cunt without any qualms. Sucked it until the girl came in hot spasms. She would suck that little pink asshole, run her tongue inside it, anything the girl was demanding right then. Kathy would have done it. And, to her pleasure, she knew her son would, too.

The girl was violently clawing at her drenched cunt, her rigid clit bulging outward.

"Ohhhh, fuck me, suck me!" she cried out in a louder voice as her passion steamed to a head. "Make me suck your big, hard cock! Come in my mouth, piss in my mouth! Ooooh, fuck me and make me suck that cock and shit in my face and make me come… ohhhh, yes! Ahhhh, so fucking good!"

The girl's half-naked body went into violent

tremors as she came, and Kenny rammed his cock hard and deep into his mother's cunt. Kathy's cunt began gripping and flexing, her orgasm hot and powerful. The rippling walls and hairy lips of her cunt sucked at her son's hard cock. Kathy and her son gazed at the girl as she whipped her naked hips about, coming in frantic spasms. The contractions of Kathy's cunt clutched at her son's cock so tight, Kenny grunted loudly before he could stop it. The boiling juice of his young balls blew through his cock powerfully, spattering the satiny walls of his mother's cunt, soaking her, filling her, flooding her fiery cunt with sharp spurts. As Kenny's cock drained completely into his mother's insatiable cunt, the pretty girl in the restroom shoved her skirt over her perky tits, then with a satisfied smile on her sweet face, pulled her jeans up and buckled them at her hips. She turned to the mirror above the wash basin, then smoothed her soft hair, her smile of satisfaction still on her, face.

Almost languorously, the girl swayed her lovable ass as she left the restroom.

"God, that girl is a hot one!" Kathy whispered to her son as his cock fell from her cunt. "Did you hear and see all that, Kenny?"

Kenny, breathing hard, nodded his head. "I sure would like to take her home with us,


"Forget it, you horny little mother-fucker!" Kathy laughed softly, tucking her son's cock into his jeans. "You've got me, and I'm more than you can handle."

"Oh, yeah?"

"Yeah," Kathy said, grabbing his crotch and squeezing his balls. "These balls are empty, aren't they?"

"For the time being," Kenny answered. "But by the time we get home…" "Want to race?" Kathy laughed as they started back into the park.


Kenny talked about the girl they had watched almost constantly.

Kathy was amused, not jealous. She understood what her son was feeling because she had felt it, too. Never before had seen such a display of wanton passion on a girl. In all her time of crotch-watching and one episode of seeing a man pissing in an alley, she had never observed such a scene as they had seen at the park.

"there's more going on there than I

thought," she said to her son. "I bet those horny kids are fucking ail over the place after dark."

"Do you really think so, Mom?" "We could find out easily enough," Kathy said. "But I don't think we should."

"Why not?"

"You, for one thing," she smiled at him. "You'd get so fucking horny, Kenny, I'm afraid you'd be trying to fuck one of those girls, too."

"What's wrong with that?"

"Nothing… well, I might want to get in on it, myself."

"I'd love to see that, Mom!"

"Oh, you would, would you?" She ran her hand through his hair. "You think it'd be fun to see those kids taking turns fucking your mother, would you?"

"Yeah!" Kenny laughed. "One cock after the other!"

Kathy looked at him, realizing her son meant it.

"Kenny, I know I have a hot cunt, but I'm not a gang-bang for a bunch of stiff-cocked teenagers. "I bet you'd love it," he said.

Kathy gazed at him, seeing the excitement in his eyes. Definitely he would love to see her gang-fucked, she thought. Maybe it was so he

could dip his cock into one of those honeyed little cunts, too, she felt, without making her jealous. But Kathy wasn't jealous in the first place. She tried to imagine what it would be like, flat on her back, naked, legs wide open, a line of teenaged boys with stiff cocks, fucking her one after the other. She wondered if she would come over and over, time and again, until her cunt literally dripped come-juice for a day. She loved to fuck her son, and could take his cock into her pussy over and over, but Kathy wasn't stupid. She knew that if a line of boys fucked her, she would have a sore pussy, maybe so sore she walked bow-legged for a week.

No, it sounded like fun, but she knew she would never do that, unless… Kenny wanted her to badly enough. If her son wanted her to, she would spread her long legs to any boy he pointed at. She wondered if she was becoming subservient to her son, because of his cock. She had heard about women who allowed themselves to be used, abused, in any way by a man, all because of those cocks and hairy balls. They became whores for the man, indulging in all manner of perversity for the man's pleasure. Some of the women, she was sure, though, got as much enjoyment from it as the man. But Kathy didn't think she was the type.

Her son could do anything he wanted with

her body, but she knew it wouldn't be the same, nor as much fun, with someone else. Fantasizing with Kenny about it was one thing, but making it real was something else entirely. She realized she would probably enjoy two boys, or another girl with them, but not a whole group. Watching a group would turn her on, but she had no desire to join.

Then she recalled what she had felt watching the girl while her son fucked her, and Kathy wasn't so sure she wouldn't enjoy being with a group, all of them fucking, taking any cock pushed at her, or cunt. She knew, once her cunt started boiling, there was nothing she would refuse. Nothing.

Getting fucked at the restroom in the park was actually Kathy's first experience of fucking outside, in sunlight, the danger of being observed constantly present. The more she thought about it, the more exciting it became. She realized her orgasm had been very strong, and half it was due to watching the girl, but the other half was due to being fucked in a public place. That it was her son doing the fucking increased the enjoyment.

She began to think.

By early afternoon, Kathy had made up her mind.

She located a pair of jogging shorts for her

son and told him to put them on, but not his jockeys. Kenny didn't question his mother. He smiled and his eyes shined, knowing she had something in mind. Kathy dressed, putting on a wide, flaring skirt, with a matching blouse. The color of her nipples could be seen if someone looked closely, and Kenny liked that. He also liked the way his cock and balls hung free in the loose jogging shorts.

She came out of her room after changing clothes, and lifted her skirt to show her son she was naked under it.

"Want to go flash a bit?" she asked in a sultry voice.

"Me or you, Mom?" he grinned.

"Both, you dummy," she said, kissing him, then plunging her tongue into his mouth. She slipped her hand into the wide leg of his jogging shorts and fondled his low hanging balls.

The shopping mall was far enough that they had to drive. Kenny sat dose to his mother, stroking her silky thigh. When they parked, the mall was filled, crowded. Kathy was pleased. It would be easier with plenty of people around.

"Open my door for me, like a gentleman," she smiled at him.

Kenny moved to the driver's side, opening the door. Kathy slipped one leg out, her skirt high on her thighs. The curls of her cunt flashed in

the sunlight, and Kenny grinned widely. A passing man saw Kathy's cunt, too.

"Oh, shit!" They heard him grunt as he turned away swiftly.

Giggling in lewd delight, Kathy gripped her son's hand as they entered the crowded shopping mall.

They strolled slowly, hand-in-hand, looking into windows, but not really shopping for anything. Kathy carried a shoulder purse and pretended to drop it as she searched inside.

"Oh, damn!" she said, and squatted-not bending-to pick up the spilled articles.

Her knees were open, and Kenny stared at his mother's exposed cunt. So did a few other people passing by, but trying to pretend they saw nothing, except one boy about Kenny's age. He stopped and stared with his eyes bulging, mouth open.

Kathy shoved the articles into her purse, and stood. "That kid had a hard-on!"

"I almost got one, too," Kenny replied. "I saw your cunt real good, Mom."

"You're next," she said, throatily.

"Aw, how am I gonna do that?"

"Easy," she said, as they came to a cement bench in the center of the mall. "Let's sit for a while."

They sat side by side, Kathy with her legs

crossed, most of her thigh exposed. When she had the opportunity, she shoved her hand to her son's crotch, and positioned his cock so his cock-head showed, pinched, from the wide leg of his jogging shorts. Kenny blushed, but left the head of his cock exposed.

Some saw it, and turned away swiftly.

But one woman in her twenties, was staring. She was trying hard hot to make it obvious, but her eyes kept shifting back to the head of Kenny's cock. Kathy observed the woman, then nudged her son, pointing with her chin.

"That woman looks as if she'd give you a blow-job right here, honey," she whispered.

Kathy glanced at the woman.

She was well-dressed, as though she was wealthy, with reddish hair and a very lovely face. She was leaning near a drinking fountain, her eyes shifting about as she tried to keep from staring at the head of Kenny's cock. She was slim, with large tits straining inside a dark blue sweater.

"Mom, I'm going to get hard;" Kenny whispered.

"So what?"


Kathy leaned toward her son, her lips brushing his ear as she placed an arm about his shoulders. "Look how she can't keep her eyes

off your cock, Kenny. Watch her tongue. She'd love to suck you off, I bet!"

The woman was licking her lips, a flush on her face now as her eyes kept moving toward the exposed head of Kenny's cock.

"I bet her cunt is boiling," Kathy whispered, then deliberately licked her son's ear.

"Mom, you're not helping a bit."

"I want you hard!" she purred, licking his ear again.

She touched her son's thigh, her eyes starring at the woman. Their eyes met, and held. Kathy quickly brushed a finger over the head of her son's cock, finding it seeping. Then, still looking into the eyes of the watching woman, Kathy lifted her finger and licked it. The woman seemed to moan softly, and looked as if she was about slide down the wall, her legs shaking.

Very deliberately, Kathy winked at the woman.

The woman turned away, and started off, but kept looking over her shoulder at Kathy and Kenny. Her skirt stretched tightly around her shapely, clenching ass.

"She's going to go finger-fuck, I bet," Kathy purred into her son's ear. "Did you notice that hungry look on her face, Kenny?"

Kenny grinned, self-consciously.

They began strolling the mall again, stopping

at a stand-up juice stand, and drank a cup of orange juice. Kathy was excited about the woman's reaction to her son's cock. Her cunt throbbed and she could feel her hot fuck-juices seeping about her puffy cunt-lips. She wanted to get fucked now.

"Your turn, Mom," Kenny said as they finished the Juice.

"I could flash my ass right here," Kathy gurgled softly. "Did you know my cunt is on fire, baby? I'm really wet!"

Kathy had her back to the juice bar, and she trembled in a delicious feeling when she felt her son's hand slide under her skirt, out of sight of the shoppers. She parted her feet, and Kenny rubbed her pussy from behind, feeling the wetness of it.

"See what I mean?" she said, letting out a small gasp when her son worked his finger into her cunt. "Oh, God! You want to make me come standing here?"

Kenny pulled his finger from his mother's cunt, and as they started walking again, he made a production out of sucking and licking it.

"Kenny," Kathy said in a low voice as she watched him move his finger past his lips, "you do things that make me so fucking hot sometimes!"

Kenny pinched his mother's ass, making

Kathy gasp and her hips jerk forward.

The saw the woman again at the end of the mall, looking into the window of a jewelry store. She shifted on her feet, and her clinging skirt molded to her shapely ass. They stood about twenty feet behind the woman, watching her ass. Kenny couldn't help it-his cock started to stiffen up as he watched.

"You'd love to fuck her pretty ass, huh?" Kathy whispered to her son.

Kenny nodded, his eyes becoming hot.

"Why don't you fuck my pretty ass, instead?" "Mom, if we don't get out of here, I'm gonna come in my shorts!"

Kathy laughed, imagining her son's come-juice running down his thighs as he came, unable to conceal it. She squeezed his hand. "Then maybe we should find someplace here…"

This was when the woman turned and saw them again. Her eyes locked with those of Kathy for a long moment, then the woman's eyes dropped to the front of Kenny's shorts. She licked her lips as she saw his cock swelling there. Without a word passing between them, the woman walked slowly toward them. She stopped, facing Kathy, and still without speaking, her fingers traced the outline of Kenny's cock in his shorts. Kathy glanced down and saw the

woman feeling Kenny up then smiled as she brought her eyes back to those, glittering ones of the woman.

"It's beautiful," the woman said in a low, husky voice.

"My son… " Kathy started to say. "I know," the woman replied. "My son has a beautiful cock, too."

"You and your son."

"Fuck, yes," the beautiful woman said. "Constantly."

She closed her fingers around Kenny's cock, squeezing it, ignoring anyone that passed them. But she was hiding What her hand was doing with her body. To anyone seeing them, they were having a friendly chat, no more.

"He's gone, now, at college. But when he's home…"

Kenny was panting, afraid he would come in this woman's hand.

"We began when he was about your son's age," the woman said in her sultry voice.

"The best time," Kathy answered. "Oh, yes, so sweet then," the woman replied, rubbing the head of Kenny's cock, beneath his shorts. "So full of juice.."

She lifted her hand and licked the juices from her fingertip. "He tastes wonderful."

As if it had planned, they began walking

again, until they came to a small alcove holding a drinking fountain and three telephone booths.

The alcove was about six feet wide, with benches facing each other.

"Can I watch you?" the woman asked, her voice very low as she sat on one bench. "I'd love to see it in you!"

"Kenny?" Kathy asked her son.

Kenny's cock was pressing against his jogging shorts, and he was so excited, all he could do was nod his head. Kathy sat her son down on the bench facing the woman. It was not is crowded in this part of the mall, and those few passing paid no attention to them.

The woman stared with glazed eyes as Kathy turned her back to her son and sat in his lap. After glancing about, Kathy slipped her hand between her thighs and pulled her son's cock from the wide leg of his jogging shafts. The woman gasped with pleasure as she saw it, and lifted one knee and swung it apart, exposing the lacy crotch of her white panties to Kathy and Kenny. When she saw Kathy was naked under her skirt, the woman said softly, "I'd love to lick you."

"Who?" Kathy asked, her eyes turning glassy. "Me or my son?"

"Both," the woman replied. Her cunt bulged inside the confines of her white panties, a moist

spot visible. "I'd love to lick both of you!" Kathy shifted her son's cock, lifting her naked ass up. The woman's eyes widened as she saw Kathy place the swollen head of her son's cock at her asshole, not her cunt.

"Ohhhh, up the ass!" the woman purred. "Wonderful! I love it in the ass, myself!"

Kathy settled on her son's cock, spreading her legs wide about his. The woman stared as Kenny's cock slithered up into Kathy's asshole. Sitting down on Kenny's cock, Kathy wiggled, making sure the woman had a clear view of Kenny's prick in her asshole, not her cunt.

"Ooooh, Fuck him!" the woman cried softly, her hand darting to her crotch, rubbing at her panties. "Fuck this gorgeous cock! Ohhh, yes, take his cock up your ass…in your asshole!"

The woman's feverish fingers clawed at the crotch of her white panties until she had them to one side. Her cunt was swollen and wet with desire, the thick hair trimmed and cut short. Kenny looked past his mother's side, watching the woman, his cock gripped by his mother's fiery asshole. Kathy, too, gazed at the woman. The woman rubbed her distended clit, then slipped two fingers into her cunt, stabbing at it vigorously. Kathy began to lift and lower her ass, fucking her son. They gazed at each other, the excitement of watching and being watched


Fortunately for them, no one was around at the time. They were in the shopping mall, but at the far end, and shoppers didn't come all the way down. There were no shops here, just the telephones and the drinking fountain. As Kathy rode her son's cock with her asshole, the woman lifted one foot, hooking a high heel on the bench, knee wide. She churned at her cunt with her fingers, making herself very juicy. Her eyes burned at Kathy's hairy cunt, watching her wet, pink cunt-lips and clit, seeing Kenny's cock moving in and out of Kathy's asshole.

Kathy began breathing in soft cries of delight. Kenny gurgled and stared at the wanton display a few feet from them.

The woman's ass twisted and writhed on the bench, her fingers darting deeply into her cunt. She began fucking herself with both hands, licking the fingers of one as she fucked with the other. She no longer looked like a wealthy young lady, but like a real wanton with an insatiable appetite.

Kathy, caught up in her display of erotic ecstasy, spread her legs wide and bounced on her son's stiff cock. She squealed softly as she watched the woman, finding a perverse pleasure being seen with her son's cock up her whole. She wiggled and bounced, grabbing at her son's

balls and smearing them about her dripping, hairy cunt. The woman moaned and sobbed as she agitated her cunt and clit almost brutally. She jerked at her white panties, exposing her cunt almost completely. She darted her juicy finger to the crack of he ass, and plunged it into her asshole frantically.

Kenny gulped, watching, his cock being seared by his mother's asshole, from tip to base. He clutched his mother's hips, gritting his teeth as she fucked him, smashing his loaded balls against her cunt, trying to stuff them inside.

"Ooooh, that's so beautiful!" the, woman gasped hotly. "Taking that beautiful young cock in your ass makes me remember… my son's cock! Oh, fuck him off.! Take his cock in your ass and drain those sweet balls! Make him come in your hot ass!"

The woman began doing as the teenaged girl in the park restroom had done: she fucked herself in the ass and cunt at the same time. Although the woman was urging Kathy on with hot words, they were not loud. She was wild and uninhibited in what she was doing, as she watched them.

"Ohhhhh, you two… God, I'm about to come already!" The woman gasped…

Her hips jerked, her foot almost slipping from the bench.

Knowing the woman was coming, Kathy cried out, ramming her ass down tightly, grinding it on the base of Kenny's cock. "Come, Kenny! Ohhhh, God, come in Mother's asshole! I'm coming, baby? Ohhh, sweet! Mother is coming! In my ass, Kenny! Squirt it up my hot asshole!"

"Do it, honey!" the woman urged. "Come in your mother's asshole! Ooooh, I wish that cock was up my fucking asshole!"

Kenny grunted.

Kathy felt his cock throb, and just before he started spurting, she jerked her asshole off, reaching down between her thighs and jacking his cock in a frenzy, smashing his cock-head on her clit. The hot spurt of his thick, creamy come-juice sprayed her cunt, getting into the silky hair, on the lips of her pussy and inner thighs. The woman watched Kenny's cock squirting, licking her lips.

As they calmed down, the woman lowered her foot, but left her legs wide apart, her panties caught on one hairy lip of her cunt. Her eyes rolled in a dreamy manner.

"Why didn't you take it in your asshole?" the woman said.

"I wanted you to see I made him come!" Kathy replied.

"He came!" the woman whimpered softly.

"God, he came a fucking barrelfull! Please let me taste it!"

Kathy stood up, and stepped to one side. The woman eagerly jumped to her feet and almost ran to them. She leaned over, her long tongue licking at Kenny's cock and balls feverishly. She pulled his cock into her mouth and sucked it, making animal Sounds. Kathy watched, and ran her hand over the woman's skirted ass, feeling the soft roundness of it. The woman wiggled and sucked off Kenny's cock. Her eyes were blazing as she hissed: "Now let me lick his come-juice off your cunt and ass!"

Without a reply, Kathy turned and lifted her skirt. The woman let out a whine of passion, and leaned over, licking hungrily at the cheeks of Kathy's ass, lapping away the come-juice. She dipped her tongue between Kathy's thighs, swirling it about her dripping cunt and inner thighs. Kathy leaned farther, and the woman's tongue dipped into her cunt.

"Ohhh, God!" Kathy cried out. "You're making me come again!"

The woman stabbed her tongue deeply into

Kathy's cunt as her hairy cunt-lips convulsed.

Hardly had Kathy finished coming, when the woman pulled away and turned to suck at Kenny's cock again. She did not suck for long.

She straightened up, her face glowing with

radiant desire. "I'd love to suck you both, fuck your handsome son," she said, "but my husband's waiting for me. Here…" the woman handed Kathy a card. "…if you'd like, sometime…"

The woman walked off, her ass swinging, without looking back.

Kathy and Kenny glanced at each other, then burst out laughing.

The woman, her card indicated, was the principal of a local high school.

"I wanna go to her school, Mom," Kenny laughed.

"Fuck you," Kathy answered. "You go to the school I say. I won't have you coming home from school all sucked out by her. I want some of it, too, you know."

They left the shopping mall, holding hands, still laughing about what had happened.


"Two girl's in one day," Kathy was still laughing when they got home. "The one at the park, and then the mall!"

"There must be a lot of hot cunts walking around, Mom," Kenny said.

"More than you know, honey," she said, flopping down on the couch, her flaring skirt flying to her lap. "There's more pussy running around out there than you can imagine!"

"I sure would like to have some of it, too,"

he said, sitting don next to her.

"You'll get it," Kathy answered. "When you get into high school, you're going to find plenty, and I hope you don't forget I'm home waiting for it, too."

Kenny stroked his mother's creamy knee, running his hand up her thigh.

"I won't," he promised. "Wanna Coke, Mom?"

"Iced tea would be better," she said.

She watched her son go to the kitchen. Re had enjoyed that display at the mall as much as she had, and she knew he wanted to try a different woman, a strange pussy. The time would come when he would, she knew. Thinking about it, she decided it would be okay, as long as he always had a hard cock when she wanted it. While he fixed the iced tea, she went to her room and undressed. She cleaned herself up, and slipped into a pair of bikini panties, and wearing only those, went back to the living room. Kenny had the tea on the coffee table. Although they had been at each other all day since morning, his eyes still held the shine of hunger as he looked at her. That was one of the things that pleased her about her son, his constant readiness with his cock or mouth.

They sat side by side and drank the tea, talking about the woman and the pretty girl. The

more they talked, the more excited they became. She reminded Kenny that first time. "Remember me asking you to suck on my panties?"

"Yeah," he nodded. "They were wet and tasted good."

"Want to suck my cunt with my panties on?" "I'd suck your cunt with anything on, Mom!"

Kathy drew her knees up, pulling them to her tits and pushing her ass to the edge of the couch. Kenny leaned over, looking into her crotch. He could see the thick curls of pussy-hair, the slit of her cunt through them. He leaned over and pushed his face into his mother's crotch, biting gently at her cunt, panties and all.

Kathy cooed softly as she felt her son's hot, wet lips and tongue licking about the crotch of her panties. Her cunt tingled from the contact, and when he pushed her panties against her asshole with his tongue, she gasped in pleasure. Wiggling her ass into his face, she watched him, her eyes gleaming, lips parted.

Kenny slipped to his knees, kneeling at his mother's ass. Wrapping her arms behind her knees, Kathy pulled them as far back as she could, her ass lifting. Kenny's eyes blazed up into hers as his tongue lapped from her asshole to her tit, tasting it through the thin nylon of her panties. But that was not enough for Kathy.

She shoved her hand don and hooked a finger into the crotch, jerking it away from her cunt and ass. Kenny gazed into them, seeing her hairy cunt-lips, the wetness, her clit bulging upward from the pink folds. He watched his mother's asshole pucker, inviting him.

"Ohhhh, baby, now eat me!" Kathy urged, twisting wantonly. "Eat that hot pussy now, darling! Ahhhhh, suck Mother's hairy cunt… fuck it with your tongue! My asshole, Kenny… kiss my hot asshole! Lick me in the fucking asshole and cunt, baby!"

Kenny caressed a hand about his mother's cunt, puffing the silky hair gently. He dragged his finger along the fiery slit of her cunt and tickled her clit. then rubbed her crinkled asshole. Kathy twisted her uplifted ass in delight. Leaning forward, Kenny sucked at her juicy cunt, working a finger up Kathy's asshole. Closing his lips around her clit sucking it hard, he gazed up past her tits at her passion-contorted face.

"Ooooh, suck it off, baby!" Kathy moaned. "Suck that thing off! Ahhh, Kenny, chew the piss out of it! Bat my cunt, darling! God, I love a good tongue-job on my hot cunt!"

Plunging his tongue in the juicy heat of his mother's cunt, Kenny stabbed his finger as deep as he could up her asshole. Kathy wailed with sensation, twisting her head now, grinding her

ass into his face. His tongue probed and caressed her satiny pussy-lips, dipping inside, swirling about her clit, then down again. All the time he was fucking her in the tight ass with his finger. The friction of his finger added to the ecstasy of his lips and tongue. Making wet, slurping sounds, Kenny lifted his finger from his mother's asshole and began licking with his tongue. He poked at her asshole with the tip, then her cunt. Kathy cried out with rapture, her pussy quivering, her fuck-juices dripping wetly.

"My ass, baby! Oh, suck Mother's asshole!" Immediately, Kenny closed his lips about her crinkled asshole and sucked, his tongue sliding past her ass-ring, in and out, back and forth, his nose almost pushing into her cunt. Kathy twisted her ass, grinding at her son's face.

"My cunt! Now suck my cunt!"

Kenny scooted his lips and tongue up from her asshole to her cunt, smearing his young face into it passionately. He sucked hard, driving his tongue past her creamy cunt-lips. His hands were busy sliding up and down his mother's slender thighs and hips, over her spreading asscheeks, up to her tits. His cock was straining hard, his balls throbbing with fullness.

He wanted to take time to shove his jeans down, but the twitching of his mother's cunt against his mouth told him she was getting close

to orgasm. Leaving his cock alone, he clamped his sucking mouth hard onto her pussy, and began to fuck it and suck powerfully. Drawing one hand to her ass, he rammed a stiff finger into it fast and deep.

"Ohhh, God, baby!" Kathy wailed as his finger penetrated her asshole. "Oh, yes! Fuck that ass, darling! Fuck Mother in the ass suck Mother's juicy cunt! Fuck me and suck me!"

Kenny sucked noisily, pounding his finger in and out of her whole, feeling her ass-grip tightly. Her cunt seemed as if it was trying to pull his tongue deeper, her ass-walls rippling and pulling inward. His nose was buried into the thick, soft hair of his mother's cunt. He liked her pussy-hair, liked the way it felt in his face, liked to play with it.

Kathy was bucking up and down now, slamming her spreading crotch desperately into Kenny's face, gurgling and sobbing. Her hands moved down the backs of her thighs, her fingers clawing her hair-rimmed cunt as open as she could.

"Deeper!" she cried out. "Ohhhhh, God, tongue-fuck me deeper! Baby, ram that tongue hard and deep in Mother's cunt! Your finger, Kenny… oh, baby, pound your finger up Mother's asshole… make it come out my

cock-sucking throat! Good, so fucking good!" With panting cries of ecstasy, Kathy whipped her ass about, smashing at her son's face, making his flesh drenched with her flowing, creamy fuck-juices. Her clit felt as hard as his cock, burning and tingling and ready to burst. She was getting very close to orgasm. The rippling sensations made her stomach grip tightly. Her panties felt alien, uncomfortable on her. She began to tug at them, tearing to get them off her body. The sound of ripping came to their ears as they shredded. The only thing keeping them on her now was the elastic band. But they were away from her, crotch, and that was all that mattered.

"Suck it, eat it!" she cried out in a hoarse sound. "Ohhhh, God, Kenny! Suck and kiss and lick and eat everything… between Mother's legs! Ahhh, you suck my cunt and asshole so good, baby! You're going to make me come hard, very hard!"

Kenny pushed his face as fight as he could into his mother's fiery, juicy cunt, lips wide as his tongue thrust. He ran his finger in and out of her asshole swiftly. Kathy sobbed loudly, grinding lewdly into his face.

"Now, now!" she screamed, banging her cunt up and down, smashing it wetly into her son's face. "Ohhhhh, suck hard! I'm coming! My cunt is… my cunt is…"

The words fell away as Kathy shuddered violently, her orgasm rumbling like steam together through her body. She came so hard, Kenny could no longer stab his finger into her asshole. The ring clamped about it very tightly, her cunt sucking at his lips and tongue. Kathy cried, tears of ecstasy streaming out of her eyes as she whipped her hairy pussy up and down, round and round.

Kenny clung to his mother as she came, his tongue in constant movement, probing and tasting. Fuck-juices flowed, and he swallowed greedily. He kept his mouth smashing into her cunt until the rippling vibrations of it faded away.

With a long, drawn out hiss of air, Kathy let her legs go, her ass slumping back to the cushions. She sprawled lewdly, legs spread wide apart, hands loose at her hips, her tits heaving up and down. Her beautiful face glowed with exquisite please, her eyes still misty hot as she smiled her appreciation to her son.

Kenny settled back, his ass on his knees, his cock threatening to break through the seams of his jeans. His cock was elongated upward, outlined by the fabric. His face was screwed up with agonized hunger. Kathy gazed at his lips, his cheeks and chin. They were soaked with her cunt-juices.

"Oh, my God!" she suddenly said, sitting upright, seeing his cock pounding through his jeans. "Oh, baby! I'm sorry! I didn't think about you at all."

Shoving her hands to his pants, they worked feverishly to open them. Her tits dangled in front of Kenny's face, and he breathed deeply of the scent, rubbing his face into them, sucking at her nipples. Getting her son's pants open, Kathy pulled his cock out and grasped it, feeling the pulsing hardness.

"Oooooh, now it's your turn, Kenny," she said. "Any way you want it. I've got to take care of this big, hard, beautiful cock!"

Kenny pulled from his mother's tits, his eyes glazed.

"Everywhere, Mom!" he moaned. "I wanna fuck you everywhere!"

"God, do it!"

Kenny stood up, his cock straining outward, dripping from his piss-hole. Kathy grasped it tightly, mewling in delight as she stroked it, her other hand cradling and feeling of his hot, loaded balls. She smeared the juices of his piss-hole over her tits, smashing it at her nipples. She lifted his cock, kissing his cock-tip wetly, her tongue lapping up his seeping fuck-fluids. She closed her silky tits about his cock and Kenny humped, fucking between them. His cock-head

rubbed at Kathy's chin, smearing it as she smiled at him.

"You like Mother's tits, honey?"

"Ooooh, yeah, Mom!"

"Want to fuck Mother's titties? Come on my tits!"

"I just wanna come, Mom! I don't care where I comet"

"I know, darling," she soothed. "God, how I know!"

Pulling back, she leaned over and ran her tongue around the smooth head of his cock, then closed her lips about it. She sucked, her cheeks sinking inward, her tongue licking. Kenny danced about as he gasped with pleasure. With a gurgle, Kathy sucked her son's cock deep into her mouth, his swollen cock-head brushing her hot throat. She twisted her lips at the base, into the soft fuzz there, rubbing his precious balls about her chin and neck.

"Mom! Ohhhh, Mom!"

He was intensely excited, his cock throbbing and dripping into her throat. Kathy was aware that her son was close to discharge. The day had excited him, that woman at the mall had excited him.

She sucked his cock, caressing it on her face. "Fuck me, Kenny," she whispered. "Fuck Mother, baby!"

She leaned back on the couch again, her shredded panties somehow making her appear even more desirable, more wanton. She drew her knees to her tits again, lifting her crotch to her son, offering him her cunt or asshole, leaving the choice to him.

"Take your pick," she whispered huskily. "Cunt or asshole?"

Kenny made a wild lunge, his cock sliding into his mother's fiery, hairy cunt, all the way, his balls slapping between the cheeks of her ass, onto her puckered asshole.

"Oooooh, give it to me, Kenny!" Kathy urged, humping as her son began to fuck her, plunging his cock back and forth wildly. He pressed his hands on the backs of her creamy thighs, gazing down with hot eyes, watching his cock slide in and out of his mother's cunt. "Hard, baby! Fuck Mother in the cunt as hard as you can! Hurt me, darling! Bruise my hot, wet, hairy, fucking cunt!"

Kenny's hips moved rapidly, making slapping sounds against his mother's vulnerable cunt and ass. The sounds were wet-her cunt was juicy when he sucked it, and just as juicy while his cock drove in and out. Each of his lunges made her fight, shapely tits jiggle and bounce erotically, and she was getting the air pounded from her chest by the rapid plunges of his cock.

His excitement was so intense, his wild fuck thrusts so uncoordinated, his cock jerked from her cunt, and as he tried desperately to get it back in, he drove it up his mother's asshole instead. Kathy screamed, but not with pain. The scream was due to the sudden switch of his cock from her cunt to her asshole. She hunched her ass higher for him.

"Ohhhh, give it to Mother up the ass, baby!" she cried out urgently. 'Fuck that hot asshole! Ohhh, yes, baby, yes!"

Kenny didn't pause. Gasping and moaning, he fucked his mother frantically up her asshole, the friction searing the shaft of his cock. His lower stomach made wet slapping sounds against her clit with each blow. Kathy churned and bucked to meet him, feeling the throbbing ridges of her son's cock sliding in and out of her clutching asshole. She could even feel his swollen cock-head, almost pulling free of her gripping ass-ring, then lunging back into her very deeply. Kenny was still staring downward, now seeing his mother's asshole holding his cock, stretching and burning. Kathy shot her hands down to her cunt, smashing her hairy cunt-lips together, spreading them wide open, squeezing them together again.

"Mom, you're so fucking tight!" Kenny moaned. "Your asshole and your cunt is so

fucking hot! I love to fuck them, Mom! I love to fuck you, feel my cock in your pussy and ass and mouth and… ohhhh, my balls feel so hot!"

"Fuck it, baby, fuck it!" she urged, twisting her naked ass wantonly. "Fuck Mother up that hot asshole! Pour your sweet, hot fuck-juices right up my fucking asshole!"

Just as suddenly as his cock had slipped into her asshole, it now slipped back into her cunt. Kathy didn't mind, she only wanted his cock in her someplace. She understood his frenzy, and she would not deny him any part of her body, not now, not anytime.

But after a few fuck-strokes up her hairy cunt, his cock was back inside her asshole.

"Oooooh, I can't wait much longer, Mom!" he groaned. "I'm about to come like a fucking, ohhh, I'm gonna come, Mom!"

"Squirt it!" she sobbed. "Oh, baby, squirt it hard and fast! Fill Mother's hot asshole with your sweet come-juice!"

Kenny's face was contorted, his eyes closed. His cock was ramming into her ass. Kathy was still clawing at her cunt, opening and closing it with her fingers as she cried out for his fuck juices. His hips pumped swiftly, his cock sliding back and forth on the ring of her asshole.

"Now, Mom!" he shouted.

The burning spurt of her son's come-juice blistered the walls of her insatiable whole. Her ass-ring clamped tighter about his cock as she screamed for him to come hard up her ass.

But Kenny didn't leave his cock buried there. He pulled it out, jamming it into her cunt as she pulled her cunt-lips open.

"Ohhhh, give Mother some fuck-juice in the cunt, too!" she sobbed. "Come in my cunt, too, darling!"

A couple of hot gushes spattered the velvety walls of her cunt, and then Kenny was jerking it out. Kathy didn't understand as she saw a few spurts splash up her stomach, then her tits.

"Suck it, Mom!" he yelled. "Hurry, suck the rest of it out of my balls!"

With a squeal, Kathy darted her face forward, opening her mouth just as her son shoved the head of his cock past her lips. The rest of his come-juice sprayed across her tongue, into her mouth, and down her throat.

Kathy swallowed, the taste of his fuck juices sending a ripple of another orgasm through her cunt. She mouthed his cock hungrily, moaning softly, her lips pulling as her tongue worked. Kenny's hips moved, fucking at his mother's mouth as he finished coming, squirt after squirt burning down her greedy throat. She held his cock in her mouth until it deflated, then with

a purring sound, she licked it with her tongue. Kenny pulled back, his legs shaking.

"Ohhhh, that's never happened to me before," Kathy laughed delightedly. "You came in Mother's ass and cunt and mouth, all at the same fucking time! Darling, you're precious!"

She hugged her son's hips, squeezing his fight ass, burying her face into his balls.


Kathy and Kenny tried to locate the pretty girl they had seen in the restroom at the park.

Their intent was to talk to the girl, try and get Kenny fucked by her. Kathy was certain that a girl who finger-fucked herself often and so lewdly, using those words in what she thought was a private setting, would be willing to get a real cock up her pretty little cunt.

But they never saw her again, and Kenny was very disappointed. Kathy knew he was starting

to look around at other girls now that his experience had gown. She didn't mind, she wasn't jealous. She enjoyed the way he was always trying to look up a dress of some girl or woman. She enjoyed listening to him talk about what he would love to do to a certain girl, or what he would like them to do to him.

It was fantasy talk, Kathy knew, but they both enjoyed it. When he asked her about men she had fucked, Kathy eagerly detailed everything to him. Instead of showing possessiveness, Kenny would get very hard and have to fuck her immediately as she talked about certain men she had fucked. Kenny asked if his mother had ever had her face, pressing at a cunt, and Kathy admitted she had not, but that she would give it a try if the opportunity ever presented itself. They talked about the lovely woman in the mall, and Kathy told her son it had felt very good to be licked by her. They discussed what the woman had told them about her son, the one in college. The fact that the woman was married, but fucking her son without her husband's knowledge excited both Kenny and Kathy.

"Do you think she really meant it when she asked us to call her, Mom?" Kenny asked.

"I'm sure she did, honey," Kathy replied, looking at him. "Why? Are you interested in fucking her, by any chance?"

Kenny giggled. "I wouldn't mind at all, Mom. But you'd probably have to fuck her son, too. Maybe you wouldn't want to do that. Besides, if he's in college, that probably means he has a big cock on him, and I'm not that big, I know."

"Darling, it isn't the size of a guy's cock, it's the pleasure it can give," she said, caressing his hair. "Don't ever place too much value on a big cock, honey. Only men do that, not women." Then she thought. "Well, maybe some women prefer a big cock, but not most of us. A big cock might stretch a cunt and stay that way. I'd rather have your cock and keep my cunt nice and tight for you!"

"I sure wish that girl would comeback to the park, though," he said. "I sure would like to fuck her. I bet she can give a good blow-job, too, Mom."

"There's other girls, just as hot," Kathy replied, puffing him against her body and hugging him.

Kenny was sitting in a kitchen chair, and she stood before him, holding his head, her tits on his face. She knew her son loved to have his cock sucked. In that way, he was like most men, she thought. It was a good thing she loved to suck cock, she decided. The poor boy would be so frustrated, even if he fucked her fifteen times

a day. But she loved the feel and taste of his cock in her mouth, and especially the gushing of his come-juice down her throat. Girls that refused to suck a guy off didn't know what they were missing, she thought.

Kenny held his mother's ass in his hands, feeling the tight roundness of her ass-cheeks. She wore a skirt and blouse, but was otherwise naked under it. They had just come from the park, another futile search for the pretty fingerfucking girl. Kathy had exposed herself for her son on a bench, and two young boys about Kenny's age had caught a glimpse of her cunt. They had ran off, straight for the restroom, giggling with naughty pleasure. Kenny had wanted to peek at them, but Kathy, oddly enough, didn't want to.

"That excited those guys enough," she said. "They almost came in their pants, I bet. And now they're in there jacking off like a couple of little sex fiends!"

"When I see you do that, I wanna jack off, too," he grinned at her.

"But you don't have to, unless you want it that way," she had said to him. "You can fuck it, not just look at it."

Now, they were home, with Kenny disappointed.

Kathy hugged him tightly, opening her blouse

to wrap her satiny tits about his young face. Kenny licked at them, circling her puckered, stiff nipples. He moved his hand under his mother's skirt and up her smooth thighs to her naked ass. She loved to have her son squeeze and stroke the cheeks of her satiny ass. She loved it when he dragged a finger up and down the hot crack between them.

Kenny sucked on one tit, pushing the tip of a finger up his mother's asshole, bringing his other hand in front of her and pushing it into her hairy cunt. Kathy wiggled and purred as his fingers moved in and out of her cunt and asshole, his hot mouth sucking hard at her tit. She made her cunt and ass hole tight around his fingers, then tilted her head upward, eyes closed as the heat bubbled inside her body. She wiggled her hips for him, and felt herself on the brink of an orgasm. She came so easily, and in that Kathy felt fortunate. She could come fast, and keep coming, and some women just didn't have that ability. Some women required long minutes before they could come, she had read, but she could come fast and keep coming so deliciously.

"Ooooh, nice, Kenny," she purred, a mild, but sweet, orgasm rumbling through her crotch. "Feel my cunt and asshole squeeze your fingers? You're making me come, darling! God,

baby, Mother loves to come!"

Kenny pushed his fingers deep into his mother's contracting cunt and asshole, wiggling them as she came. Kathy clung tightly to his head, gasping softly, her hips writhing.

The spasms receded, and she moved from him, his fingers coming free of her gripping asshole and cunt, his mouth leaving her tit.

"You're so very good to me, for me," she whispered, leaning down and kissing him, swishing her tongue into his mouth.

Her hand lowered to his crotch, finding his cock and balls inside his jogging shorts. She loved it when he wore these shorts. The legs were wide and she could reach in anytime and feel him.

"You know what I'd love to do, baby?" she whispered hotly, squeezing his balls. "I'd love to suck your hot little asshole!"

Kenny grinned, jumping to his feet and starting to shove his shorts down.

"No, let me do it all!" she hissed, dropping to her knees and pushing his hands away. "Let Mother do it her way this time, honey."

She turned him around so his back was to her. She lifted one leg of his shorts, pulling it to one side, exposing a tight ass-cheek, the ass-crack. She mewled softly as she pressed her hot lips to his ass-cheek, kissing it. She sucked on the

flesh, her tongue licking. Her free hand moved in front of him, caressing his cock through the short. She drew her tongue up and down the hot crack of her son's ass, probing into it wetly. Kenny whimpered and thrust his ass back to his mother's face. Kathy whined with erotic hunger, the tip of her tongue fucking at the pucker of his asshole. She lowered her face, pulling at his shorts, running her tongue about his dangling balls.

Kenny, his shorts at his knees, leaned over his hands on the bottom of the chair. He pressed his young ass eagerly to his mother's face. Kathy slipped her tongue about his hot balls; tasting them, finally pulling them into her mouth to suck. As she sucked on his young, hairless balls, she gasped his cock and pumped it, her nose pressing at the pucker of his asshole. Feverishly, Kathy jacked on her son's cock with her fist, sucking hungrily at his balls, tasting the heat of them on her tongue. Her other hand pulled at one cheek of his ass, her nose pressing very hard upon the crinkle, as if she was trying to stick her nose into it.

"Ohhh, Mom, that feels good!" Kenny gasped hotly.

"Mmmmm," Kathy purred, her lips tight at the base of his balls. She had them deep in her mouth, her tongue wiggling in circles about the

hot flesh. Her fist pounded on his cock, her thumb running over his piss-hole to test the flow of his juices. Her cunt was responding with wet heat to what her mouth was doing her clit swelled into a tight, vibrating knot, her fuck juices flowing inside her creamy thighs. The harder her son pressed his ass to her face, the more thrilling it was for her. She sucked hard at his balls, then let them drop from her mouth. Quickly, she raced her tongue up to his asshole, probing it as her fist kept up that swift pounding on his cock. Swirling her tongue about his asshole, she stiffened it. With ease, she slid her tongue up her son's burning asshole and twisted it. Her lips pressed around the crinkle hotly, sucking while her tongue began to dart in and out. Tongue-fucking Kenny in his asshole, she jacked on his cock with increasing passion.

The heat of his asshole seared her moist lips, the tightness gripping her plunging tongue. With a cry of hunger, she jerked her tongue out of his asshole, and began licking at it, up and down, from the base of his hot young balls to the base of his spine. She tasted his asshole over and over, his cock throbbing harder and stronger in her pumping fist.

"Ohhh, Kenny, your asshole is so fucking hot for me!" she sobbed. "I could suck your asshole… eat your hot little asshole, all fucking day! I want… Ohhh, baby your cock is so hard!"

Kathy's desire was overwhelming her. Her mind was spinning with the heated hungers of her body. Her cunt was literally soaked in. her slippery fuck-fluids, and her clit ached with tingling tightness. As much as she wanted to turn him around, swallow his cock in her mouth, or place him on his back and plunge that sweet prick up her cunt and fuck him hard, Kathy wanted her mouth on his asshole for some crazy reason. She couldn't have both, so she sucked and licked and stabbed with her tongue, fucking into his tight asshole and jerking on his cock almost in a frenzy of passion.

"Mom, you're gonna make me come!" Kenny groaned. "Ohhh, shit, Mom! You're gonna make me come all over the fucking floor!"

With a muffled squeal of ecstasy, Kathy ran her long tongue as deep into her son's asshole as she could, pushing and pulling it, feeling his us-ring grip and flex. His balls burned on her chin.

It was moments like this, with such intense ecstasy, that Kathy would welcome anything from her son. He could piss on her, shit on her, and she would go wild with orgasm, scream out for more and more until her body was completely shattered, trembling with the best of all possible feelings. There had been times when she wanted to scream at her son to piss and shit on her body, her tits, her face, on her cunt… all over her. But it was only the heat of her passion, and Kathy knew that if such a thing occurred, she would feel very ashamed of herself later. It was the dirtiness she desired, she felt. The absolute sense' of being degraded, humiliated, treated as a whore by her son, that teased and tantalized her erotic nature. In reality, she didn't think she would enjoy it at all.


"Mom, I'm… ohhh, suck my asshole, Mom! My cock is… my balls are… ahhh, suck the shit out of my fucking asshole, Mom! You're gonna have me coming like a fucking son of a bitch!"

His words inflamed Kathy, and she sucked hard on his puckered asshole, pounding frantically on his cock. Turning loose the cheek of his ass, she darted that hand in front of him, too. She cupped the head of his cock and felt him dripping into her palm. With her tongue racing in and out of his asshole, she jacked him swiftly, his balls swinging back and forth on her chin.

"I'm gonna spurt it, Mom!"

Kathy plunged her tongue deeply into his ass,

and felt his hot, creamy come-juice bubble out of his cock, filling her palm. She jerked at his prick in one hand, catching it with the other, fucking him in his burning asshole with intense rapture. The squeezing of his asshole on her tongue as he came sent a violent tremor through her body, and her cunt sucked inward, then she, too, was coming. Her scream of ecstasy was muffled into her son's ass, but she could hear his wild grunts as he filled her palm with his sweet, young come-juice.

Kenny came very much, the hot fuck-juices pooling in his mother's cupped hand, then overflowing and dripping from the sides and between her fingers. Kathy sobbed as her cunt flexed lightly, her ass bunching. When she knew her son had finished coming into her palm, she yanked her tongue out of his asshole and, with a cry of ecstasy, released his cock. As Kenny was turning around, his legs shaking with weakness, Kathy shoved her come-juice-filled palm into her face, her tongue licking at it as she smeared it around her silky flesh. She groaned with bubbling heat, licking his come juice out of her hand and swallowing it, smearing her face from forehead to chin, her eyes slitted and glazed with rapture.

Kenny sat on the chair, his shorts dangling at his ankles, his cock and balls loose now between his thighs. He watched his mother rubbing his come-juice into her face, his own eyes gleaming with excitement. Her tits were exposed by her open blouse, and half her thighs could be seen beneath her biked-up skirt.

Kathy moaned as she feverishly licked her palm, then sucked her fingers, her beautiful face glistening wetly with his come-juice. She grabbed her tits with both hands, squeezing them hard, almost making her stiff nipples rub together. She tilted her head, smiling the wanton smile of a woman knowing full satisfaction, knowing she could exercise any perversity with her son she wanted.

Releasing her tits, she pushed his knees open and slipped her face to his dangling cock and balls. She swirled her tongue about the head of her son's cock, licking away the fuck-juices there. She pulled his soft prick into her mouth, sucking on it, but not in the frenzy of before. She sucked it lovingly, tenderly, her tongue moving slowly. Letting his cock go, she leaned back, smiling at his prick and balls.

"I'll never get enough of you, darling," she whispered. "I'll never get enough of your cock and sweet balls, nor of your hot little asshole. I'll want you forever and ever and ever!"

Kenny giggled. "I'd say you got me pretty fucking good, Mom!"

"Mmmmmm, and I love it, too!"

She wrapped her arms about his hips, burying her face into his cock and balls, hugging him tightly. "I'll love this cock even when it's hairy and big, baby! Mother will want to suck on your sweet balls even if they're covered with hair!"

Pulling back again, she giggled.

"You know what? I think you need to shower. I'm sure I was sucking up shit in your asshole."

A slight flush crept over Kenny's face.

"Oh, don't blush about it!" she said quickly. "Mother didn't mind at all. On the contrary, darling, I found it very exciting. The scent seems to do something to me, to my cunt. I sure came when you did, that's for sure!"

After a moment longer, Kathy stood up, her legs wobbling still.

"You know what I'd like, honey?" she said in a low, sultry voice. "Get you all sweaty for a day or two, without showering. I'd like to see what you tasted like then… all sweaty and pissy and shitty! Oooooh, I bet I'd love that smell and taste!"

"If you want me to, I will," Kenny replied, his flush fading. "I may want to give it a try with you, Mom."

Kathy saw by his expression he meant it. She gazed at him a long time, thinking she had to

be the luckiest, happiest mother in the world. In those few words, Kenny had confirmed her belief that he would do anything with her.. anything.


The next few days, Kathy and her son spent at home, running about in various stages of nakedness, fucking and sucking when the mood came to them. And the mood was there twenty four hours a day. They discovered a mutual enjoyment of sucking at each other's underwear, after they had been worn. The smell of her son's cock and balls, his asshole, on his jockeys, could send Kathy into a high state of erotic tremors, and her son loved to lick at the crotch of her panties after she had pissed or her cunt had been very wet.

Kathy realized part of her desire one afternoon when her son finished pissing. The urge was strong, and just before he shook his cock, she had leaned down and licked the last few

drops of his golden piss from his cock. Kenny had giggled, and Kathy found the hot, sweet taste of her son's piss stimulating, to say the least. She determined then to drink his piss out of his cock, soon.

Along with that determination, Kathy knew she would love it if her son would close his lips about her hairy cunt and-drink her piss, too. She knew Kenny would do it when she suggested it.

The depths of their passion seemed bottomless. There seemed no end to what they were willing, with eagerness, to do for and to each other. Perhaps it was Kenny's young age, his new-found pleasures in pussy, but for Kathy it was a long-standing desire, a desire she had so far been reluctant to put into practice. She felt none of the men she had known would indulge her, perhaps consider her a bit too far out for their tastes. But she no longer needed a man- she had her son, Kenny. And Kenny wouldn't think anything too far out. He would, if anything, join her in them and love every moment of it.

They began to talk about pissing on each other, and Kathy was delighted with her son's responses. Apparently he had thoughts of such things, too.

"Maybe," Kathy said slowly and a little

hesitantly, "you would put your cock in my mouth and take a nice piss, huh, darling?"

Kenny's eyes had widened, but there was a wild gleam in them.

"Piss in your mouth, Mom? You mean, just put my cock in your mouth and piss?"

Kathy nodded her head, her eyes flashing. "But Mom," Kenny said, "then you'd want to piss in my mouth, right?"

Kathy nodded, watching him closely. "Only if you want to. We've been talking so much about it, I'd like to try it, baby. I know I'd love it, and drinking your hot piss would probably make me come very hard."

Kenny didn't think any longer about it. "Sure," he said. "I'll do it, even drink your piss, too, Mom."

With a squeal of delight, Kathy hugged her son tightly, smearing his young face with wet kisses.

"We will, then, but tonight, okay?"

He agreed.

"What I'd like to do today is visit the mall again," she said. "You know, do a little flashing and maybe find us another woman interested, or… "she gave her son a smoldering look, "perhaps a man?"

Kenny grinned and nodded his head.

They bathed together, scrubbing each other

with lather, then rinsed under the shower. Kenny stepped into a pair of wide-legged jogging shorts, and sneakers on his feet. Although he didn't want to, he put on a fresh white t-shirt at his mother's suggestion. Kathy wore a light, sleeveless sweater, her tits naked and free beneath it. The sleeves could easily be pulled to one side, exposing a tit if they decided to do that. Under her skirt, she wore nylons and a garter belt, but no panties. Her high heels completed her dress. The skirt was tight, clinging to her shapely ass lovingly, with a long slit up the left side almost to the top of her nylons. Although her dress was quite common and appropriate, Kathy thought she looked like a cross between a beautiful, young mother, and a whore.

The mall was not as crowded this day, and Kathy and Kenny walked slowly, holding hands, watching the women and few men. They saw some that looked interesting, but did not flash them. They walked from one end of the mall to the other, pausing briefly to sit on the benches scattered about. Kathy drew many eyes when she crossed her creamy thighs, but no one paused long enough to see more. She was pleased to notice that her son made sure the head of his cock showed, barely, from the leg of his shorts. They gave every appearance of

being unaware of their exposure.

One man did stare at Kathy's thighs, but he didn't look interesting enough for her to flash any more.

They were strolling hand in hand toward the end of the mall where they had fucked in front of the very attractive high school principal, when Kathy suddenly pointed.

"There she is, baby."

The woman was ahead of them, dressed in an attractive summer dress, with a wide, flaring skirt. At her side was a young man of perhaps twenty, and the woman was holding his hand.

"She's got someone with her, Mom," Kenny pointed out.

"Do you mind?"

Kenny shook his head.

They followed the woman, watching her as she and the young man paused at various windows. They would lean their heads together and whisper, and the tinkle of the woman's laughter showed her happiness.

Then the woman saw Kathy and Kenny.

Their eyes locked for a moment, and Kathy had the feeling the woman didn't enjoy seeing them right now. She started to turn away, to walk from the woman and the young man, but the woman called her.

"I'm sorry," Kathy said when the woman

walked up to her. "I didn't mean to stare at you.

"I understand," the woman said, her eyes moving to Kenny. "I see you have your handsome son with you again."

Kathy was looking at the young man at the woman's side, seeing the resemblance to the woman.

"This is my son Steve," the woman introduced the young man. "He's home from college for a week."

She then introduced Kathy and Kenny to her son. The man was polite, taking Kenny's hand as if he was a grown up, shaking it, then smiled his greeting to Kathy.

Kathy wasn't sure what to say. Despite what this attractive woman had said that day, it didn't necessarily have to be true. But seeing her son, Kathy hoped it was true.

The woman broke the silence.. "Are you two doing a little exposing today?" she asked, a smile on her face.

For a moment Kathy wasn't sure how to reply, but seeing the young man's eyes gleam, she found herself nodding.

"Wonderful!" the woman purred, placing her hand on Kenny's shoulder. "So was I. My son loves to see me flash my cunt a bit in crowded places."

The young man took Kathy's hand in his, looking into her dark eyes. "I imagine you have a beautiful cunt to show, Kathy," he said.

Kathy's eyes lowered to the front of his pants. She smiled when she saw the outline of his cock there. "I'd say you have something beautiful to show, too," she said softly.

"Kathy, you never called me," the woman said. "I'm disappointed."

"I wasn't sure," Kathy answered.

"I can understand, dear," the woman murmured, and glancing around, seeing no one was near, she rubbed her hand over her son's cock. "But now you are?"

Kathy nodded.

"Let's see if our favorite place is vacant," the woman suggested.

Before they started walking, Kathy watched the woman squeeze her son's cock through his pants.

The place where Kathy had fucked her son was occupied by a small group of teenagers. Kathy felt disappointed, but the woman smiled and said, "No problem. Come with us."

They left the mall, and at the far end of the huge building was a line of telephone booths, the old-fashioned, enclosed type with folding doors. It was also a part of the parking area with very little pedestrian traffic.

They found two booths close together, and the woman pointed out that the separating wall between two booths was missing, making one larger area with two telephones. Kathy suspected the woman had known about this before, since she walked right to them.

"You didn't believe me when I said I was fucking my son, did you, Kathy?"

Kathy admitted she had not.

"I wouldn't tell a lie about that," the woman said. Her son stepped into the booth, leaning against the telephone. Without any hesitation, he opened his pants and took his cock out, watching Kathy with a smile.

The woman slipped in with her son, motioning for Kathy and Kenny to step into the other side. They closed the folding doors, and from the waist down, they were invisible, not seen by anyone walking by. Kathy stared at the young man's cock, licking her lips hungrily. The woman pulled her son's fly wide open, lifting his big balls free. Kathy and Kenny watched as the woman stroked her son's cock and balls, then lifted her skirt to her waist, her hairy cunt showing. The woman pulled the head of her son's cock to her pussy, rubbing it along her wet cunt-slit.

"Now, do you believe me?" the woman said. "God, yes!" Kathy purred, reaching for

Kenny's shorts, her hand slipping into them to drag his cock free.

The young man bent his knees, and the woman spread her legs, taking her son's hard cock into her cunt. She began to hump her ass back and forth, mewling with pleasure as she fucked her son.

Kenny darted his hand to the woman's dress, lifting it to watch her ass. Like his mother, she was naked under it.

"Play with my ass, darling," the woman urged Kenny. "Oooo oh, feel my ass and squeeze it hard while I fuck this big cock of my son!"

Kenny grabbed himself a handful of the woman's bunching ass, his mother jacking on his cock now, her eyes watching. The young man moaned with pleasure as his mother humped her cunt back and forth on his cock. Kathy could almost feel that bigger cock penetrating her own cunt.

Soon, the woman was sobbing, shaking her ass wildly. "Ooooh, I'm coming now!" she hissed, her eyes glazed. Her body shook as she came, smashing her cunt onto her son's cock hard. Kenny clung to her naked ass, breathing hotly. Kathy was purring like a kitten as she stroked her son's cock, watching the woman come with her son's cock stuffed into her cunt.

The woman trembled against her son a bit,

then pulled off his prick. His cock glistened wetly, still hard, still standing upright, his cockhead swollen. "Now, I suck it off," the woman said.

She went to her knees, squatting in front of her son. She stroked her son's cock, looking up at Kathy with smoldering eyes. Then she gazed at Kenny's hard cock, licking her lips.

"Let's suck them off, Kathy," the woman said in a throaty voice. "I saw you fuck Kenny, and now you've seen me fuck my son. Let's you and I give them a nice blow-job now, okay?"

With quickening breath, Kathy squatted before Kenny, her tight skirt coming up her slender thighs.

"Show us your pretty cunt," the woman said, sliding her hand up Kathy's nyloned thigh. "My son would love to see your hot pussy!"

Kathy bunched her skirt about her waist, her knees flung wide apart. The young man, Steve, gazed down at her, then bent his knees to feel Kathy's cunt. "Hey, Kenny, you can feel my mother up, too!"

Kenny immediately leaned over, feeling the woman's hairy, juicy pussy.

"Let's suck these hard cocks, Kathy! "the woman panted.

With hungry mewls, Kathy gobbled up Kenny's cock, but her eyes were watching as the

woman swallowed her own son's cock, feverishly sucking back and forth. Kenny and Steve straightened up, leaning against the telephones, both of them groaning with ecstasy. Kenny watched the woman devouring Steve's larger cock, and Steve watched Kathy sucking on Kenny's prick.

"Want to trade, Kenny?" Steve asked.

"Yeah, let's do it!"

Kathy and the woman pulled their mouths off, and managed to lean toward the other's son's cock. Kathy pulled the longer, thicker cock of Steve into her mouth, sucking hungrily, while the woman sucked on Kenny's prick. Kathy was not at all surprised when she felt the woman's hand slide up between her thighs and fondle her cunt. On the contrary, it excited her to have this woman rubbing her puffy, juicy cunt as they sucked each other's son's cocks. She shot her hand under the squatting woman's ass, and plunged her fingers in her boiling cunt, fucking them in and out. The woman cried out with delight, and began to finger-fuck Kathy.

Without speaking, Kathy and the woman started going from cock to cock, taking turns on each other's son. Kathy was excited to be sucking two cocks, one larger and thicker. Her pussy was on fire and she squirmed her ass while the woman darted a finger in and out of it, then

rubbed at her distended clit feverishly. She and the woman made wet sounds as they sucked, and once, taking their mouths from a cock to trade, they paused long enough to kiss each other, tongues entwining.

"Somebody better start sucking my fucking cock," Kenny gasped. "I'm getting close to coming!"

"You and me both, Kenny!" Steve gasped just as hotly.

Kathy pulled Steve's cock deep into her mouth, his cock-head brushing into her throat. The woman swallowed Kenny's cock, and their eyes stared at each other, lips stretched about cocks.

"I'm gonna come!" Kenny wailed, grabbing the back of the woman's head and fucking into her mouth vigorously. "I'm gonna squirt!"

The woman sucked in a frenzy, moaning, her tongue whipping about his cock with feverish hunger. She ran a hand inside Kenny's loose jogging shorts, clutching the cheek of his ass.

"Suck hard, Kathy!" Steve groaned. "I'm going to fill your fucking mouth!"

Kenny squirted, sending hot come-juice burning into the hungry mouth of the woman. The woman whimpered as she swallowed his thick fuck-juices, squeezing the cheek of his ass, pulling him as deep into her mouth as she could.

Kathy saw the woman's slim throat working, and then her own mouth was flooded. The burning fuck-juices from Steve's hot balls ran in rapid spurts across her tongue and down her throat. The woman was no longer fingerfucking her, but the finger was buried deeply into Kathy's cunt. The spurns that rippled through her shook her ass violently. She felt the woman's cunt grip in contracting waves about her own buried fingers as she came, too. Both mothers sucked wetly, gulping the juices from the spraying cocks, both of them coming hard around each other's fingers. They clung to the cocks until all balls were empty, and then Kathy slipped her lips from Steve's prick.

When the woman pulled off Kenny's cock, Kathy turned to her, and immediately they began to kiss each other, tasting the juices of their respective sons inside the other's mouth.

"Kenny, your mother is a great cock-sucker," Steve said to the young boy.

"Your mother isn't bad, either," Kenny grinned.

Kathy and the woman stood, smoothing their skirts down. "I'd say we both are pretty good cock-suckers, wouldn't you, Kathy?"

"You bet!" Kathy agreed, fondling Steve's cock and balls.

"Listen," the woman said, "You never did

call me, and seeing you in the mall today… well, my husband is out of town for the night, so why don't we…"

Kenny nodded his head, sliding his hand under the woman's dress, feeling her cunt. "Let's do it, Mom!"

Steve was caressing Kathy's ass outside her skirt.

Kathy looked from her son's excited eyes, to the hot ones of the woman and then to Steve.

"Kathy," the woman said in a thick, husky voice, "I want to eat assholes, suck cocks, suck your cunt. Please, let's spend the day and night together, the four of us."

Kathy still hesitated. Why, she didn't know.

"You wouldn't have to lick me," the woman said. "Not unless you'd like to lick my pussy. I can do everything for the three of you, all at the same time!"

Kathy smiled. "So can I," she said. "Two hard cocks, one hot wet cunt! Let's go!"

"Two hard cocks and two wet cunts, Mom," Kenny corrected her.

Kathy didn't get to drink her son's piss that night.

But she would.., yes, she waited…