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Finally with mom

Kathy Andrews

Kathy Andrews

Finally with mom


Peggy was certain Ted was jacking off. She had not caught him doing it. It was just a feeling she had. She had learned to trust her feelings, or at least most of them. In this she was ninety-nine percent sure he was pulling his cock off. For one thing, he spent too much time behind the locked door of the bathroom, much too long for anything else. And the spots on his sheets. Sometimes they were still moist when she found them. Peggy knew what cum looked like, felt like, tasted like.

She was reminded of when she was a young girl, not much older than Ted. She had been a hot little piece, she thought with a smile.

Everyone seemed to know she was hot, too. At least the boys in her school. There must have been something about her, her appearance, her expression, that told them she had one hot little ass on her. At the time, she wasn't sure what told them, and even now, wasn't entirely sure. Eyes would follow her everywhere, watching her tight little ass sway, the flash of long, slender thigh, or the swelling shape of her sprouting little tits. Peggy had wanted cock then, wanted it badly. Yet, for some reason she couldn't understand, she remained a virgin until she married. A virgin, at least, when it came to her cunt.

She had certainly jacked off enough boys in cars, or inside darkened movie theaters, and once or twice behind a building. The boys always wanted more, much more, from her. But Peggy refused, getting them off with her hand when they became almost uncontrollable. Jacking boys off had been fun, though…

She moved to the window, looking out at the bright spring day. The grass was green, and flowers were blooming. It was a beautiful day, one that promised an early summer. It was weather for shorts, for bikinis, the beach or the mountains. Soon, the sweet, pretty girls would be running around wearing almost nothing, and the boys following, like little pussy dogs in heat, tongues hanging out and cocks upright with hardness. They would all play their little games, then the boys would find someplace to jack off, maybe brag about whose little panties they had gotten into. Most of it was lies, of course, but most boys had to be that way.

She wondered if her son would be one of them.

She smiled at the thought.

She would enjoy watching him going through the rites of spring with a pretty little thing. She would enjoy watching him very closely, but on the other hand, she didn't want him to suffer the way she remembered it at his age. Boys, it seemed, suffered more than girls. But that was wrong, Peggy knew. She had suffered horribly, wanting one of those young hard cocks in her pussy, fucking her hard and deep. She had used her own hands and fingers often enough, and suspected most of her girlfriends had, too. Those times she had jacked boys off, her little cunt would boil with need, drenched her panties. A few times, she actually came, although she never let the boys know that. After jacking them off, she would wipe her hand on anything handy, but spend the rest of the day smelling of her hand, her fingers. The scent excited her, kept her in a state of delicious arousal for hours.

Then she married.

Everything was turned loose, and she found out just how hot she really was.

Peggy became insatiable, fucking her husband almost into exhaustion. At first, he seemed happy with what the had, then he began to turn away, complaining of tiredness, and eventually accusing her of being a nympho. That wasn't true, Peggy felt. She just loved the hardness of a cock fucking in and out of her cunt. It was true, however, that she could fuck all day and night. Her fantasies were wild and glorious, and she had made a mistake when she told her husband of them.

He was packed and gone in a short time, saying Peggy was a pervert, a nasty woman, a deviant, and he wanted no more to do with her.

Hurt, she withdrew into herself, depressed most of the time. She thought her husband could be right, that something was wrong with her. Maybe she was a pervert, a nasty woman. It took years before she managed to come to terms with herself, accept what she wanted, without guilt.

The only problem was, she was afraid of a close relationship with a man. She was afraid of being hurt again.

Years had gone by, and in all that time Peggy had held her burning hungers inside, suffering with them, doing what she could about it in privacy. Her fingers were a poor substitute for a cock, but it was all she had.

And now, Ted was jacking off.

He was in his room, right now, pounding on his young cock. She was sure of it. She had seen him go in, close his door, and that had been half an hour ago. Ted seldom closed his bedroom door, even at night. With his door closed, the only thing he could be doing was jerking on his cock.

The urge to sneak up to the door and listen was strong. She could imagine what her ex-husband would say if he knew what was going on in her mind right now. Yet, she wanted to listen to her son as he ran his fist up and down his hard cock, listen to his breathing, his gasps of self-induced pleasure when he squirted.

She turned from the window, lifting her hands to her thrusting tits. Curling her fingers over the firmness, she squeezed, bringing a soft moan from her throat. Sliding her hand inside her blouse, she pushed her fingers into her bra and felt the silky skin of one tit. Her cunt throbbed inside her panties, becoming moist as her cunt started bulging. She ran her other hand down her flat stomach, pushing her palm between her legs, feeling the moist heat of her cunt through wispy panties and skirt. She twisted her ass gently, lifting her head and closing her eyes, imagining how her son would look right now. Would he be on his back across his bed, his cock out of his pants, or would he have his pants shoved to his knees? Maybe he was standing up, or kneeling, or doubling over. Every position she imagined Ted in sent a burning tingle through her cunt.

Inching her skirt up, she pushed her hand against the slight bulge of her panties, feeling the wetness on the crotch. Spreading her feet on the floor, she began to rub at her pussy, making soft mewls of pleasure.

A mild orgasm sent a shivering spasm through her body.

Fast, too fast, she thought.

She cupped her cunt, squeezing it, trying to bring on those sweet, hot ripples again. But it didn't work this time. Disappointed, she straightened her skirt and adjusted her blouse. Her face flushed slightly, Ted noticed he as he came into the living room. But by then, Peggy was presentable. She gave her a son a smile, a very small smile, and her gaze dropped to the front of his pants, briefly.

"Are you getting hungry, honey?" she asked, for lack of anything else to say.

"It's too early, Mom," he replied. "Besides, I gotta meet Henry down on the corner."

Henry was her nephew, her sister's son. Ted and Henry had almost grown up together. They were the best of friends, as well as cousins. Arlene, Peggy's sister, had gone through a divorce, too, but it had not been as traumatic as Peggy's. In fact, Arlene was now married to a good man, even if he did travel all the time. Still, he earned a good salary and took very good care of Arlene and Henry.

She was reminded about a lunch date with her sister the next day. Arlene had something, she had said, very important to talk over with her, wanting Peggy's advice.

She watched her son leave, banging the door behind him. She had told him a hundred times not to bang the door, but it no longer bothered her. He was just a young, exuberant boy, filled with more energy than he could wear off. She watched him pedal off down the street, then turned from the window.

Immediately, she went to his room.

She had been right.

He had been jacking off.

The evidence was there.

A warm puddle of cum was on his sheet, and Peggy stood at the side of his bed, staring down at it. The sheets had always been moist before, as if he had tried to clean up after himself. But this time, he had not.

Peggy began to shake, her legs rubbery, as she gazed down at her son's jism. She balled her hands tightly, pressing them at her hips. She knew what she was going to do, and the very idea of it caused a ripple of wicked sensation roll along her flesh. This was her son… the juice of his young, hot balls.

Had he left his cum there deliberately, wanting her to find it?

Peggy leaned over, moving a hand toward the small puddle of cum. She ran her fingertip through it, feeling the slippery warmth. Her cunt began to pulsate, become wet again. Lifting her hand, she smelled, and her breath caught when her cunt suddenly sucked inward with tightness, her clit becoming inflamed.

She rubbed her wet finger on her bottom lip, and mewled softly. Her pink tongue slipped out slowly, and she tasted her lip. Peggy's eyes closed with dreamy desire as she licked lightly at her wet finger, tasting her son's cum. With a soft cry, she plunged the finger into her mouth and sucked it, pretending it was his cock. Then, with a sob of unrestrained delight, she jerked her skirt up and shoved her hand into her wispy pantes, her fingers drumming upon her sensitive clit. She lamed ever and shoved her tongue into the puddle cum, licking it up, tasting it, savoring and swallowing softly. She spread her thighs and stuffed two fingers into her cunt fucking it in and out as she neared her mouth against his sheet, sucking and licking at the cock cream her son had left there.

"Ooooohh," she whimpered, her pussy grabbing at her fingers as a hard, hot orgasm rippled through it. She pushed her face into the wetness as her cunt sucked and pulled at her fingers, her ass clenching with the power of her orgasm.

By the time her orgasm faded, her lower face was smeared with boy-cum. She stood up, her face radiant, her cunt still pulsating around her buried fingers. The orgasm had been strong, very strong. It was the strongest she had had in a long time.

And she wanted more.

With a soft squeal, she climbed onto her son's bed, squatting above the moist place. She pulled the crotch of her skimpy panties to one side, exposing her pussy. She lifted the sheet and rubbed the wetness at her cunt, working the sheet inside. She moaned softly as she stiffened her finger with the sheet around it, and began to finger-fuck herself that way. She pretended her finger was her son's cock, the wetness the sheet his spurting cum.

Using two hands at her cunt now, Peggy rammed one finger in and out of her cunt, the fingers of the other hand twisting and rubbing at her distended clit. She rocked her ass about, squealing softly with ecstasy.

"Ooooh, fuck it, baby, fuck it!" she whispered. "Fuck that cunt, honey! Ram it to me! Ohhh, yes, baby, fuck that hot, wet cunt!"

She screamed, biting at her tongue to muffle the sound. Her cunt seemed to pull her sheet wrapped finger deeper inside. The spasms were very tight, gripping her finger in rippling contraction. She cried out time and again until a series of orgasms began to calm. She was weak, very weak, and remained squatting there, but with her sheet-wrapped finger out of her cunt now. Her tits felt very swollen, her nipples extremely sensitive.

After a short rest, she climbed from Ted's bed. Her legs trembled weakly as she looked down at the sheet. The wetness was spreading larger now. She grinned to herself, thinking she would leave the sheet where it was. Perhaps Ted would see what she had done.

Adjusting the crotch of her panties over her cunt, smoothing down her skirt, she left his room. She felt good, better than she had in days. In one way, she had enjoyed a fuck with her son, she felt. Second-hand, but very good, just the same.

It was later, after dinner, when Ted had finished his shower and gone off to bed that Peggy fully understood what she had done, and the strength of her orgasm. She tried to find shame or guilt in her actions, but there was none. As she prepared for bed, she thought how silly she was being. She wondered how many other mothers were going through what she was, if any of them had done what she did. It was kind of stupid, she told herself as she slipped into a gown and then beneath the cool sheets of her bed. Stupid because here she was, wanting what her son had, wanting it badly, finger-fucking herself and fantasizing about him – and all the time her son was in there, pounding on his cock frantically.

Two people, each wanting and needing the same thing, but perhaps in a different way. She needed hard cock because her cunt demanded it, and Ted needed pussy because his juices were hot and young and flowing. He needed some pussy as badly as she needed hard cock, but in a different way. Why did things work so strangely? Why did her son have to hide nad jack off, wanting some pretty girl with a hot cunt, and why did she have to stay in her own room, desperate for cock, almost any cock?

Because, she told herself, mothers don't fuck their sons, you hot-assed bitch!

But Peggy wanted to fuck Ted.

Ted might love it, she told herself. Ted might want the same things she dreamed of, but was unable to experience. Ted might be eager to fuck her. But on the other hand, he might be just like his father.

How could she find out if Ted would fuck her?


"I just hope you can understand, Peggy," Arlene said as she sipped her coffee.

She was sitting across from Peggy in the small cafe, the remains of their light lunch on the table. Peggy wasn't really surprised at what her sister had to say, but she had not expected it. Arlene was not one to confess, especially anything concerning her marriage. There were two years difference between Peggy and Arlene, with Arlene the youngest. They had never been really close, as many sisters were. Once or twice, as teenagers, they had come close to discussing their feelings, but two years was a huge difference during the teenage years. Peggy, being thirty-two now, had been the most surprised of all when Arlene married at eighteen. She had not thought her sister would marry that young.

"I miss my husband," Arlene said, putting her coffee cup down. "He's gone so much. I thought, you being single all these years, you would understand more than anyone else."

"Understand what, Arlene?" Peggy asked. Arlene became nervous, fidgeting in her chair, looking down, then around the small place, but never directly at Peggy. "It's kind of hard to talk about. I thought you'd be the best one, more understanding."

"Just say it," Peggy urged. "I've never seen you so nervous, or blushing so much."

"Well, it is a little embarrassing," Arlene said in a soft, almost shy voice. "The fact is… well, Peggy, I'm not getting enough!"

"Enough what?" Peggy asked.

"Oh, Peggy, you know!"

"I do?" Peggy asked, puzzled. "Arlene, stop talking in circles and tell me what it is. Maybe I can help. But I won't know until you tell me what the problem is. Is it some female problem, Arlene?"

"You could say that," her sister replied.

"Have you discussed it with your husband?"

"I can't," Arlene answered. "He's gone most of the time, you know that."

"Come on, talk about it," Peggy said. "Maybe it's something I can help you with."

"I doubt that," Arlene said. "You're not a… man."

"You're saying a man might be able to help you?"

Arlene's eyes became moist, and a tear rolled down one smooth cheek. Peggy watched her clench her hands tightly. Peggy placed her warm palm over her sister's fist, concerned.

"I think we better go someplace else," Peggy said softly. "This appears serious, and needs a private place."

Peggy paid for the lunch and convinced Arlene to leave her car there and ride with her. She felt concerned for her sister as she drove home. Arlene leaned against her door and sobbed softly all the way.

Peggy pulled into the drive of her own home, seeing the garage door up and her son's bicycle gone. That was best, because Arlene didn't want to see anyone, not in her present condition. Peggy held her sister's hand as they entered the house, and didn't resist when Peggy had her sit on the couch. Peggy perched on the coffee table, facing her sister.

"Now, tell me about it, Arlene," she insisted in a gentle voice.

"Oh, Peggy!" Arlene sobbed. "I don't understand it, myself. With my first husband, I enjoyed… I mean, I always had… God, this is so shameful!"

Peggy waited, knowing her sister would eventually tell her what it was.

Arlene sobbed into her hands for a while. She was dressed in a becoming sheath, with slits up both sides of the skirt. Her flawlessly shaped tits were cupped tightly, their contours exposed. Peggy noticed the creaminess of Arlene's thigh.

"Okay," Arlene said, swallowing her sobs as she lifted her shoulders with determination. "The fact is, Peggy, I've not had one… you know, orgasm, since I've been married."

"You haven't?" Peggy asked, surprised.

Arlene shook her head, her wheat-blonde hair dancing gently on her shoulders. "Not once, with my present husband. I had them all time with my first husband, but now I never have them. It's driving me out of my mind, Peggy, and I don't know what to do."

Peggy didn't, either.

She and Arlene had never enjoyed intimate talks before, especially about sex. She wasn't sure how to answer her sister.

"I get these crazy, wild ideas in my head," Arlene went on. "I mean some really weird fantasies I never used to have them, but being married to my present husband, well… I don't come, and these fantasies are in my head and I'm about to… oh, Peggy, what's wrong with me?"

Peggy leaned forward and held her sobbing sister in her arms. She caressed and stroked her back, her arms. She held Arlene's head against her tits, feeling the shudders go through her slim body. She had not known Arlene was so sensual, so hot-blooded. This was a revelation.

"I've always wanted, needed, sex, Peggy," Arlene mumbled against her sister's tits. "For as long as I can remember, I've been out of my mind with desire. That's why I married at eighteen. I know I surprised you and a few others, but that was why I did it. All those boys at school, wanting to do it to me, always kissing me and feeling me and they'd get so hard and put my hand on their… down there, and I'd find it in my hand and I'd be pumping them and trying to keep their hands from under my dress and… ohhhh, Peggy, I loved it! I loved holding them and jerking them and making them come. And all the time, I was about to melt with heat and…"

Peggy pushed her sister away, looking into her tormented face, tears streaming from her beautiful eyes. She held Arlene by her shoulders, looking hard, searching for herself in those eyes.

"I think I understand, Arlene," she said softly. "I'm sure I understand now."

"No, you don't!" Arlene wailed. "It isn't just that I can't seem to come anymore, ft's… it's something else, too."

"Tell me," Peggy whispered softly, running her hand through her sister's silky blonde hair.

"I can't!" Arlene wailed, the sound tortured. "I just can't!"

Peggy held her sobbing sister again, caressing her soft hair and down her back, letting Arlene cry it out. Her hand wandered lower, and she felt the rise of her sister's hip. She felt, too, the trembling against her, heard a quick intake of breath against her tit.

"Peggy," Arlene said in gulping, sobbing, softness. "When we were young, I… remember how sometimes we had to sleep in the same bed?"

"I remember," Peggy said.

It had not happened often, but sometimes Arlene would sneak into bed with her at night, cuddling warmly.

"I used to… oh, I'm so ashamed!"

"It's okay, Arlene," Peggy soothed. "It's okay."

"No, it isn't! Peggy, I can't keep it to myself any longer. I've got to tell you."

"Then tell me," Peggy urged.

"You're going to hate me," Arlene whispered. "You're going to really hate me, I know."

"No, I won't," Peggy assured her sister.

Peggy waited, stroking her sister, sliding her palm up and down her back and side, touching her hip lightly.

"I used to…" Arlene drew in a deep breath. "It was so nice being close to you in that narrow bed. I loved to feel you next to me. You were so warm and comforting. One time, I… oh, Peggy, I touched you!"

"Touched me? Where?"

"On your… between your legs," Arlene sobbed pitifully.

Surprise showed in Peggy's eyes. She hadn't known that.

"I wanted to touch… to feel you, and you were sleeping and I lifted your gown real careful, and touched you between your legs. You had panties on, but I could feel how hot it was and… I rubbed you a little."

Peggy felt herself responding to her sister's confession. She had not know her sister was so sensual. It seemed there was a lot she had not known about Arlene. Apparently they both had done the same things with boys, both wanting them, both waiting until they were married to get fucked. And now Arlene wasn't having orgasms with her second husband, and she needed to orgasm desperately. That part Peggy could understand very well.

"Peggy?" she asked softly. "Did you like it, touching me, I mean?"

"Oh, yes!" Arlene mewled. "I loved it, Peggy! You felt so different than boys, so soft and hot and… I put my hands inside your panties another time, and felt the soft hair and… and even… you know, rubbing your clitoris. You wiggled and I was afraid you were going to wake up, but you didn't. I wanted to stick my finger inside you, and work it in and out, but I was afraid to."

Peggy kept stroking her sister. She felt Arlene's arms wrap about her back, hugging tightly, burying her face against her tits. Now that it was out, Arlene wasn't crying, but talking almost calmly about it.

"Onetime, you didn't have your panties on," Arlene said, "and I lifted the sheet and looked at it. You were so beautiful there, the lips pink and moist, with hair curling. I'm blonde, and you aren't, and I thought it was so pretty, the most beautiful thing ever. Peggy, I wanted to kiss it for you!"

"Kiss it?" Peggy asked, her mind spinning. "Oh, Peggy, I wanted to put my face down there and kiss it so much! I wanted to taste you and…"

"Arlene, you really did?" Peggy asked softly. "You really wanted to kiss me there, taste my…"

"Yes, taste your pussy, Peggy!"

"Oh, God!" Peggy moaned, feeling her cunt throb inside her panties. She hugged her sister tightly. "Why didn't you?"

"I was afraid you'd wake up, find my face there, and hate me forever."

Peggy's pulses were pounding, her body shaking. Her cunt was very juicy now, her clit painfully erect.

She pushed her sister back a ways, staring into her eyes long and hard. "And you fantasize about it now?"

Arlene nodded her head. "All the time, wishing now I had kissed you there. And other things… oh, Peggy, I think about Henry and Ted and… I'm so ashamed, Peggy!"

"Ted? Henry! You fantasize about my son, your son, too?"

"God, yes! All the time, and it's driving me crazy, Peggy!"

Peggy decided immediately.

With a smile, she pushed her sister back until Arlene was sitting on the couch, her tear-strained face flushed, showing an excited embarrassment. "Maybe I should go now, Peggy."

"Later, Arlene," Peggy whispered, her voice very throaty.

With slow and deliberate motions, she slipped her skirt up her thighs. Arlene's eyes followed, wide and hot. With her skirt about her hips, Peggy opened her slim thighs, exposing her wispy panties to her sister.

"You've gotten me excited, Arlene. Look, see how wet you've made me, saying you wanted to kiss it."

Arlene was hardly breathing as she stared between Peggy's smooth legs. Peggy had nylons on, attached to a garter belt, and the smooth, soft flesh above the nylons fascinated Arlene.

"Kiss it now, Arlene," Peggy said softly. "Kiss me there now."

"Oh, Peggy!" Arlene slipped from the couch to her knees, sliding her warm hands up her sister's thighs, around her hips, pushing the skirt to Peggy's waist. She gazed at the triangle of matted dark pussy hair, at the wetness of the panties. "Oh, Peggy! So lovely, so beautiful!"

"Kiss my pussy, Arlene!" Peggy gasped, scooting her ass to the edge of the coffee table. She placed her hand on the back of her sister's head, urging her face between her thighs. "Kiss my cunt, Arlene!"

"Ahhhh, yes, yes!" Arlene sobbed, inhaling the delicate scent of her older sister's cunt. "Oh, yes! I want to kiss it, kiss your cunt, taste it and lick it!"

Peggy pulled her sister's face into her crotch. Arlene whimpered as her mouth brushed at the panties and she gave a cry as she closed her lips upon Peggy's pussy. Peggy gasped as she felt her sister's tongue, sliding up and down the drenched crotch of her panties. She lifted one leg and draped it over Arlene's shoulder. Arlene sucked at her panties, tasting the juices.

"Move my panties out of the way," Peggy hissed shortly.

Arlene hooked her finger into Peggy's panties, pulling the wet crotch wide. With a soft hiss of pleasure, she buried her mouth into the soft hair-trimmed cunt, sucking at the puffy cuntlips.

It was faster than Peggy liked, but she understood her sister's eagerness and said nothing. She pushed her cunt tight at Arlene's face, feeling her tongue lapping up and down the slit of her pussy. She held the back of Arlene's head, trying to get those hot lips tighter upon her cunt, squirming her ass with heated desire.

Arlene wrapped her arms about Peggy's hips, drawing the steamy cuntmeat into her mouth. "Ohhhh, stick your tongue in me, Arlene!"

Peggy pleaded. "Stick your tongue up my cunt and fuck me with it! Ooooh, that's nice, Arlene! Suck my cunt, Arlene! Obhhh it's been so long! Suck my pussy… eat me, Arlene! Make me come!"

Soft, wet, slurping sounds came from Peggy's pussy as Arlene sucked and licked. The inquisitive tongue darted into her cunt, wiggling and sucking, then up around her inflamed clit. As Arlene sucked at her cunt Peggy cried out with rapture.

"Ohhhh, suck it hard, Arlene! Ahhhh, suck me off… suck my cunt and make me come, Arlene! Oooooh, so sweet! So fucking sweet! Tongue me… suck me… fuck me… ahhhh, you're so good, Arlene!"

Peggy arched her ass, grinding her cunt into her sister's hot, wet mouth. She whipped her ass about, and Arlene cupped the pantied ass cheeks, her fingers digging at the tight, shapely flesh, her tongue plunging in and out her cunt and swirling about her intensely inflamed clit. Peggy reared back, moaning softly as she began to grind her cunt furiously at her sister's mouth.

"Ohhhh, eat me, eat me! Make me come, Arlene! Suck my cunt!"

Arlene was making soft wet sounds with her lips and tongue. Her eyes flashed up at her sister's contorted face. She ran her fingers through titer soft, curly cunt hair, caressed Peggy's hips and thighs. She moved one hand under Peggy's blouse and slipped it inside her bra. She closed her hand around the firm tit, squeezing it, kneading it, stroking the rigid nipple. Her lips pulled hard upon Peggy's clit, her tongue flicking against the sensitive tip. The tender bulge throbbed hotly. She drew back and glanced hotly at the pulsating, hair-lined cunt lips, and swiped her tongue up and down the dripping pussy silt. The juices of Peggy's cunt sent her into a shivering rapture.

"Ohhhh, Peggy!" she cried. "You taste wonderful? Oh, I could lick your pussy for hours! Oh… this is so wonderful!"

Spreading Peggy's cunt with her fingers, Arlene lapped her tongue into the steamy opening. Peggy whimpered softly as she felt her sister's tongue delve into he satiny wetness of her cunt. She felt Arlene's chin against the trembling cheeks of her ass and squeezed her silky thighs tightly about Arlene's head, flexing them, her heels resting on her sister's back.

Placing her palm tightly on the back of Arlene's head, Peggy churned her pussy up and down.

"Ahhh, Arlene! Arlene!" she gurgled in a husky sound. "Ohhhh, that's good, Arlene! God, that is so good! Ooooo, suck me right there! Oh, yes, that's it! Ohhh, you'll make me come, Arlene!"

Arlene, with a soft, low sob, thrust her tongue in and out of her sister's juicy cunt, using her tongue like a cock. She tongue-fucked fast and hard, and at the same time managed to lick the soft, satiny cunt walls and vibrating clit. She squeezed Peggy's tit hard, the nipple boring into her palm. She pulled her other hand away from the soft cunt hairs and scooted it past Peggy's hip. Peggy arched high, fucking her burning cunt on her sister's mouth with wanton jerks of her hips. Arlene clutched a rounded cheek of Peggy's ass and hung on tightly. Peggy began to buck and thrash about, almost falling from the coffee table.

"Oh, now!" Peggy sobbed. "God, do it now, Arlene!"

Arlene sucked in a frenzy, smearing her mouth about Peggy's boiling, slippery cunt. Her face, from her nose to her chin, was dripping with the sweet juices. She was in heaven, eating and sucking and licking at her older sister's pussy. Her own was bubbling deliciously, but coming herself wasn't important, not at the moment. She was doing something with her sister she had wanted to do since they had been very young, and that was enough for her right now. Peggy, on the verge of orgasm, suddenly thrust her legs wide open, straining her cunt wildly into Arlene's sucking mouth. She began to wail in a high-pitched sound, humping her dill up and down. Arlene rammed her tongue back and forth, fucking it as deep as she could into the boiling cunt. She dug her fingers into Peggy's jerking ass, her other hand holding the swollen tit. Knowing Peggy was about to come, she lashed at the pussy with her tongue. The louder Peggy wailed, the more furiously Arlene sucked her cunt.

"Oooohh, yes!" Peggy screamed, the convulsions of her orgasm sending her body into shaking ecstasy. "I'm coming, Arlene! Ohhhh, make me come hard!"

Arlene felt Peggy's cunt gripping her tongue with rippling spasms. She fucked her tongue deep, moaning softly with pleasure, letting her sister's cunt suck and grab at it. She kept holding Peggy's shaking ass and tit, her own eyes closed now. She was savoring the sensation of her tongue inside Peggy's pussy, the hot taste of those juices. She kept her mouth buried there as the trembling slowed.

With a throaty breath, Peggy let her ass go back to the coffee table, her face radiant, glowing beautifully. Her eyes were closed, but a smile played over her face. Arlene, still on her knees, stroked Peggy's smooth thighs, waiting and watching as her sister calmed down. She wasn't sure of her feeling at the moment. Peggy, though, wasn't in any rush to cover herself now that it was over. She sat there with her knees open, cunt showing, and trembled softly as the final spasms of ecstasy faded away. Then she opened her eyes, smiling down at her sister.

"Your face is wet, Arlene," she said in a soft voice.

"It should be," Arlene replied, slightly nervous now. "Look where I've had it."

"Where you said you've wanted it since we were little girls," Peggy said.

She ran her hand through Arlene's lovely blonde hair, then moved her fingertips over the woman's lips. She slipped the tip of her finger into her sister's mouth. Arlene, with her eyes flexed on Peggy, parted her lips and sucked gently on the finger, her tongue twisting slowly on it. She slipped her mouth onto Peggy's finger, taking it deeply, her eyes still staring into those of Peggy's.

"Arlene, I loved it," Peggy whispered, removing her finger. "It's been a long time for me, too. You must have known."

"I thought so, or suspected it, Peggy," Arlene murmured, sitting up on the couch.

"There were little signs, hints, that you were this way. I just never paid enough attention, I guess."

Peggy sat beside her sister, an arm over her shoulders. She tilted her sister's chin, and tenderly kissed the pussy-wet lips.

"It was me that didn't notice, Arlene," Peggy said softly. "I had no idea you were… were…"

"I'm not a lesbian!" Arlene said quickly.

"No. I didn't think you were," Peggy said just as quickly.

"Then why have I wanted to do this to you all these years?"

"I don't know," Peggy said, hugging her sister. "I know you aren't a lesbian, but I'd bet you're a hot little thing, and need sex as much as I do. We're both in the same situation, almost."

Arlene put her head on Peggy's shoulder, her palm resting on her thigh. "I'm so miserable, Peggy."


It was obvious Arlene was miserable. As she caressed her sister, she wondered why it had taken so long for them to discover themselves. Each was hot-blooded, and apparently always had been, but concealed it. Still, as Arlene had said, there had been little signs, little hints, a word there and a word here. But they had both missed it.

Peggy wondered if she would have let her sister lick her cunt when they had been girls, if she had known Arlene had felt her up as she slept. She decided she probably would have. She had been such a hot little ass in those days, and the heat was still there. Yes, Peggy thought, she would have let Arlene suck her cunt. Perhaps she would have returned the favor, put her face between Arlene's thighs. It would probably have been better than jacking off horny boys and suffering with need, herself. At least that way, she could have enjoyed orgasms without resorting to her own fingers.

Her hand rested on Arlene's tits. She felt it moving as her sister breathed. She cupped the tit, kissing Arlene's forehead tenderly. Arlene moaned softly and pushed her tit into Peggy's hand firmly, sliding her own under Peggy's skin.

"Peggy, you're not ashamed, are you?" Arlene asked in a soft, hesitant voice.

"No way, Arlene," Peggy said. "I needed it as much as you, you know."

Arlene ran, her hand up Peggy's skirt, hugging her hips. Peggy murmured softly and began to fondle Arlene's tit, squeezing it, teasing the nipple with her thumb. She moved her hand down into the blouse and bra, closing her hand over her sister's tit.

It felt strange, holding a tit that wasn't her own, but she found it exciting. She stroked and squeezed, making her sister purr softly. Her other hand moved beneath Arlene's skirt, sliding up the soft, satiny flesh of her thigh. Arlene opened her knees, and Peggy didn't hesitate to cup the bubbling wetness of her pussy, feeling it through her skimpy panties. The feel of a cunt other than her own was also strange and exciting, and she rubbed a finger up and down the slit of Peggy's cunt, feeling through the wet panties. Arlene squirmed her ass on the couch, purring hotly. Peggy moved her fingers into the elastic waistband of Arlene's panties, her fingers sliding smoothly through the blonde cunt hair. She touched her sister's knotted clit, making Arlene's hips jerk and a soft, excited gasp come from her throat.

"Oh, yes, Peggy!" she cried hotly, lifting her hips.

Peggy slipped a finger into her sister's cunt, and fucked it in and put slowly. The wet heat, the tightness, excited her, and she pumped the finger back and forth to the slow rhythm of Arlene's hips. Finger-fucking another woman sent shivers of erotic heat through Peggy, and she closed her eyes to savor the feel, the wanton moment of touching and caressing this overheated pussy.

"Oooops!" a male voice gasped.

Peggy jumped.

Arlene jerked her head off Peggy's tits, trying to shove her skirt down.

Her face burned with embarrassment as she saw her nephew, Ted, standing in the open doorway.

Peggy yanked her hand out of her sister's panties and sat upright, trying to appear calm.

Ted, his eyes enormous, didn't seem to know what to do. He averted his gaze quickly, but Peggy knew he had gotten a good look at what she and Arlene had been doing with each other. Ted turned, trying to walk and keep his back to them at the same time – but Peggy had seen the swift hardening of his cock inside his pants before he turned. She watched her son disappear into the kitchen.

"Oh, God!" Arlene gasped. "He caught us, Peggy! He saw what we were doing! I'll die of shame, especially if he tells Henry."

"You'll live, Arlene," Peggy said softly, kissing her sister's mouth quickly. "I have a hunch Ted understands."

"How could he understand this?" Arlene asked. "He's too young to know what it is, what misery we both feel."

"I still think he understands," Peggy said. "I'm not going to stay to find out," Arlene replied, getting to her feet. "Let me use your car, Peggy. I'll bring it back tomorrow, then we can pickup wine."

"Take it," Peggy offered. "The keys are in my purse."

"God, I hope he doesn't tell Henry," Arlene said, and she was gone.

I hope he does, Peggy thought, the idea forming in her mind before she was really aware of it. She had wondered how a mother seduced her young son. She still didn't know, but it couldn't be any different than what she had done with boys as a teenaged girl. Ted was so horny, she felt he would welcome an extra hand on his cock to help him come, whether it was his mother's hand or some little girl's hand.

She heard him run water in the kitchen, and stood up. Her legs were weak and rubbery again, but not from having an orgasm now. They were weak with excitement. Her mind was spinning with what she was going to do. The fact that Ted might refuse her never entered her mind. She felt that a boy that jacked off almost constantly would be delighted with what she was going to do with him.

Ted was standing at the kitchen sink, leaning forward and drinking a glass of water. She looked at him, seeing his youth, his hair getting a little shaggy, the worn places of his jeans, the t-shirt with the rock emblem on the back. For the first time, she noticed it was the rock singer, Madonna.

She slipped up behind her son, wrapping her arms about his waist and hugging him, nuzzling her lips against the top of his head.

"Were you embarrassed, honey?" she asked softly, brushing her lips through his hair.

"A little, Mom," he said.

"Only a little?"

"Just a little," he replied, and she detected a subtle pressure of his young ass pushing back at her.

She wanted to drop her hands to the front of his jeans, but it wasn't time yet, she felt. She had to be absolutely certain of his cooperation. She drew her hands under his t-shirt, and tickled his tiny nipples. At the same time, she pushed her tits at his head, his neck between them. She pressured her cunt into his back, and rubbed very slowly. Ted made a soft sound in his throat, his young body trembling.

"You weren't shocked?" Peggy whispered.

"No," he said, his voice thick.

"Why weren't you?"

"I just wasn't," he said.

"I bet I know why," Peggy whispered very softly. "I bet I know what you've been doing, too."

"Aw, Mom," he murmured.

"I saw it on your sheet yesterday," she purred softly, caressing his chest tenderly, her fingers moving downward. "You have to be more careful, if you don't want me to know."

"Know what?" he groaned, not willing to confess.

"That you are… playing with yourself."

"I'm not doing…"

"Yes, you are," she said softly, and her fingertips were resting on his belt buckle. "I've known about it for weeks, darling. You don't have to be ashamed. All boys do it, and I guess you know girls do, too."

Ted didn't reply.

"Did you see much when you came in?" she asked, her fingers dropping below his belt buckle.

"A little," he replied, shivering as he leaned back against his mother. He could feel her warm tits on his shoulders. "Not very much."

"Then you know what was happening?"

"I know, Mom."

"Did what you saw excite you?"

He nodded, not trusting his voice.

"I knew it did," Peggy said, and shoved her right hand down to his crotch.

Ted gasped, but didn't jerk away.

Peggy felt her son's cock pressing in hardness at his pants, and she curled her fingers about his hidden balls. She squeezed them, mewling softly as she pressed her body hard against his back. She squeezed his balls again, then dropped her other hand to feel his throbbing cock. She stroked the hardness through his pants, holding his balls in her other hand.

"Ohhh, baby!" she cried softly. "You're so hard!"

"Mom, I can't help it!"

"I know you can't," she said, kissing the top of his head. She tried to close her fingers about his cock, but his jeans were too tight. "Would you be embarrassed, or ashamed, if Mother helped you out, Ted?"

"Oh, Mom!" he groaned, pushing his hardon into her palm.

That was all the answer Peggy needed.

Feverishly, she opened his pants. She gave a hot sobbing sound as her fingers entered his fly and pulled the youth's hot, hard cock free. She closed her fist around his cock, squeezing hard, making her son moan in pleasure. The heat sent wild, erotic messages up her arm, into her whirling mind, and then down to her cunt.

"God, you're so hard!" she moaned, stroke her fist back and forth, jacking his prick with slow motion, the feel of it exciting her more than she had expected. "So very hard, baby? My, and it's long and thick, too!"

"What are you gonna do, Mom?" he asked, his voice breaking.

"Jack you off, what else?" she giggled wickedly, speeding up the pumping movement of her fist. "Don't you like it better when someone else is jacking your cock?"

"Oh, Mom, it's great!"

"Turn around," she hissed. "Let me see it, Ted! I want to see your cock, now!"

Ted turned, his face shining with delight, eyes big. A huge grin spread over his young face. But Peggy didn't see thatd her eyes were on her son's cock. It was the first cock she had seen since her divorce. Ted's cock was longer than she would have thought for his age. And so very thick. The cockhead was swollen, and she saw the small piss-hole oozing a bead of juice. Ted stood there, not blushing at all beneath his mother's admiring gaze.

"It's beautiful!" Peggy whispered softly, reaching for his cock again. "So big and hard and beautiful! No wonder you jack it off all the time, baby. I'd do it too, if it was mine."

She ran her thumb over the cockhead, then his piss-hole, wiping away the seeping pre-cum. Ted made a whimpering sound, his body shaking. His eyes were now on his mother's tits. He couldn't see them, but the top buttons of her blouse were open, and he could see the creamy upper swells.

Peggy understood the hunger in his eyes.

"Touch them," she whispered.

Ted's face lifted to hers. "Can I? Really, Mom? I can touch you… touch them?"

Smiling, Peggy gripped his cock hard, her other hand lifting his and placing it on her tit. "There. Does that show you I mean it, honey?"

"Gosh, Mom!" Ted choked, squeezing her tit through her blouse and bra. "They're so soft, but still firm!"

Peggy's eyes half closed in pleasure as her son squeezed her tit. She pumped on his cock, feeling it throb in her hand. She wanted to lift his precious hot balls out, to feel them, see how loaded they were. But she was getting so excited, jerking on his cock, panting with growing need, she stood still, only her hand moving. She felt her son's hips pumping back and forth with her hand.

She lifted the front of her skin, and Ted drew back, keeping hold of her tit, watching as she lifted her dress. His eyes turned hotter as he saw his mother's satiny thighs, then her wispy panties. He made a choking sound as he stared at the triangled shape of her cunt hair that was visible through the thin panties.

Peggy pulled his cock forward, brushing the dripping cockhead over her thigh. Ted was holding his breath, watching his cock touch her leg. Peggy, too, was holding her breath, her excitement almost out of control. She rubbed the head of her son's cock over the front of her panties, leaving wetness there. Using her free hand, she pulled the waist of her panties away from her stomach, and Ted moaned as he saw the curly soft hairs of his mother's cunt. Before he could spend much time staring, she pulled the head of his hard cock forward, and she ran the bulging prickhead through the dark hair of her pussy, mewling at the contact. Her cunt was on fire again, the puffy pussy lips clamping of their own volition, her clit as hard as his cock.

"Oh, my God, baby!" she breathed, puffing his cock out of her panties and sliding it beneath her crotch.

She felt the heat of his prick searing the lips of her cunt through the skimpy panties. She closed her thighs about his prick, and shot her hands behind him, grasping his young ass in her palms. She pulled him tightly against her, leaning back a bit, her cunt pushed forward.

"Ohhhh, feel that, Ted?" she gasped. "Can you feel how hot and wet Mother is? Ohhh, baby, I can feel your cock there… feel it throb against Mother's pussy. Ooooh, rub it back and forth, baby!"

Ted jerked his hips, sliding his cock along the crotch of his mother's panties. His eyes smoldered and his mouth was open. Peggy clutched his young ass as tight as she could, her thighs pressing around his cock. The sliding, rubbing hardness on her cunt slit and clit made her tremble with weakness.

"Hold my titties, darling!" she groaned. "Oh, baby, stick your hands inside my bra and hold Mother's titties!"

Eagerly, the boy opened her blouse, causing a couple of buttons to pop loose. Her bra opened in front, and although he didn't know how to work the catch, he managed to get it open. His eyes widened as he saw his mother's firm tits bulging out at him, right there in front of his face, her nipples swollen into two stiff peaks.

"Suck them!" she hissed urgently, ramming her pelvis back and forth, fucking his cock with her tight thighs, sliding it along the swollen lips of her pantied cunt. "Suck my titties, Ted! Ohhhh, baby, take Mother's nipples in your mouth and suck them hard!"

With a growl, Ted gulped one of his mother's hot tits into his mouth, sucking hungrily, his tongue twisting and swirling on the sensitive tit tip. Peggy whimpered with pleasure and pounded her hips back and forth, fucking on his cock with her clamped thighs. They were slippery with his seeping pre-cum and the cunt juice that drenched her panties.

"Ram it, baby!" she moaned, twisting her ass. "Slide your cock back and forth! Ohhh, God, Ted… your cock is so hot!"

Ted made wet sounds as he sucked her tits, going from one to the other, taking them as deep as he could into his hot, wet mouth. His balls were starting to ache. He was afraid to come, and he was afraid not to come. Either way, he was going to come.

He pulled his mouth off her tit, his young face contorted with almost agonized ecstasy. "Mom, I gotta stop!"

"No, you don't!" she hissed, puffing his hips against her pressing crotch. "You don't have to stop! Ohhhh, baby, keep moving! God, you're burning me up with this hard cock, Ted! Push it… slide it faster! Ooooh, I think I'm going to… to…"

The yelp from her son cut her words off.

She felt the gushing wetness on her thighs as his cock spurted. It ran down the insides of her thighs. She clutched her son tightly, pressing her legs around his cum-spurting cock as tight as she could. She felt his hot legs around his cum spurting cock as tight as she could. She felt his hot jism splash against the crotch of her panties, scaring her cunt. She heard her son grunt with each powerful spurt, his cock jerking against her flesh as he came.

Over and over, Ted sprayed cock cream over her thighs and her panties. Peggy relished it, the hot, slippery feel of it on her flesh. Her cunt was fiery, extremely fiery, but she wasn't coming with him. Frantic, she squeezed her fingers into his tight, clenching ass, moaning as she tried to bring on her own climax. She shot her hips forward, then backward, fucking his jizz gushing cock with her thighs, but it didn't do any good. She felt his cock soften between her legs, and she whined in disappointment.

Ted slumped, his own legs rubbery now. Peggy watched his cummy cock dangle, and placed her palm on it tenderly.

"Don't worry about that," she said softly. "The main point is making you feel good."

She wanted to drop to her knees and kiss that cock, take it into her mouth and hold it there, taste it. But that might be too much of a shock for his young mind, she felt. There were other things first, things that would prepare him for what she wanted to do with him.

Her skirt had fallen down when he pulled from her, and she could feel his hot turn running along her inner thighs. With a giggle, she took a paper towel from the rack and moistened it under the kitchen faucet. Without any show of shyness, she lifted her dress and cleaned her thighs and the crotch of her panties. Ted watched with interest.

Tossing the paper towel away, she looked at him.

"Does that give you ideas, baby?" she asked in a sensuous voice.

"What kind of ideas, Mom?" he asked, his eyes starting to sparkle.

"Come with me, darling," she said, taking his hand. "It's time you found something to do with your lovely cock besides jack off all the time."


Peggy pulled her son down the hall toward her room.

Ted went along without protest, as she knew he would. He followed along behind her, watch big her ass inside her skirt, watching now without trying to be secretive about it. Her blouse flapped open, her tits in a gentle movement as she hurried toward her room.

Inside, she turned to face her son, her eyes smoldering. She slipped out of her blouse, then her bra. She stood naked from the waist up, letting her son gaze at her, understanding his need to see her, especially this first time. She lifted and pulled her shoulders back, making her firm, flawlessly shapely tits stand out, the nipples arching upward. Ted was making gurgling sounds as he stared and she watched his cock starting to rise again. Seeing him get a new hardon after coming such a short time ago was no surprise to her. She had known her son jacked off many times during the day and night. She was aware of his ability to achieve a hard-on so swiftly after coming.

She moved her hands to her back, tugging at the zipper of her skirt. She was smiling at her son, his cock now lifted straight out with hardness. Her expression was lewd, her eyes filled with wanton desire. She let her skirt fall, and stood before her awed son in her wispy panties and nylons. She kicked her heels off, and stood with her hands on her hips, her legs spread slightly.

Ted could see the bulge of his mother's cunt mound, the fan-shape of her pussy hair through her panties.

"Oh, Mom!" he moaned.

"Your turn," she breathed hotly. "Take your pants off, baby."

With swift movements, his eyes never leaving her naked tits and pantied hips, Ted stripped his t-shirt off, then opened his pants and shoved them down. They wouldn't go over his sneakers.

"You're supposed to take your shoes off first, silly," she teased.

But Ted stood with his pants at his ankles, staring at her, his cock jerking. Peggy gazed at her son's cock and balls, excitement flooding her body. His balls were heavy again, full, looking swollen. Only a few strands of hair sprouted at the base of his cock, evidence of his tender age.

Peggy almost came as she looked at her son.

"Fuck me," she hissed.

Ted's body jerked.

"Fuck me, Ted!" Peggy sobbed, her hands clutching her naked tits. "Fuck me now! Oh, please, fuck Mother! I want your cock, Ted! I want your cock up my fucking cunt!"

Ted shook as her words slammed into his ears.

Peggy yanked the crotch of her panties to one side, exposing her hairy cunt to her son. "This is where you should stick your hard cock, not jack it off! Mother has a very hot, very wet pussy, Ted! Mother's cunt needs your cock! Please, darling, fuck me!"

She grabbed his upper arm as she fell back across her bed. She thrust her long legs as wide apart as she could, puffing her son on top of her. She frantically grabbed for his hard cock, and pushed it downward until she felt the smooth cockhead slide along the slit of her cunt. She raised her hips, and when the head of her son's cock penetrated her cunt slightly, Peggy gave a heave of her hips.

"Ooooh, yes, yes!" she moaned as her son's cock slithered into her cunt. "God, that's wonderful, Ted! Your cock… so hard and big… up Mother's cunt! Fuck it for me! Ohhh, baby, ram your cock up Mother's cunt hard and fast! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!"

If Ted was startled by her uncontrolled passion, she knew nothing about it. Her eyes were closed tightly, her face grimacing with the almost forgotten rapture of a hard cock inside her pussy. She lifted her legs, scissoring them up and down his thighs and hips, her palms filled with the cheeks of his naked ass. She lunged her cunt upward, smashing her swollen clit along his cock, then the hairy cunt lips onto the base. She felt his balls, so hot and full, against the crack of her steamy ass. She pounded her cunt up and down, fucking her son before he could match her wild, churning motion.

His face was pressed into her naked tits, and aster cunt closed about his cock, Ted moaned in ecstasy, sliding his hands down his mother's thrashing hips and underneath. He clutched at her pounding ass, feeling the way it bunched and rippled as she fucked up and down.

"Oh, yes!" Peggy squealed. "Hold my fucking ass, Ted! Hang onto Mother's ass… because I'm going to fuck your sweet, hard cock off!"

The wet slapping of her cunt against the base of his intensely hard cock seemed to fill the room, but Peggy wasn't really hearing it. Every part of her almost-naked body was on fire, her mind reeling with rapture. She clutched her son tightly, and began to sob as his cock started meeting the upward thrusts of her cunt. She ran one hand up along his back until she held his head, twisting her shoulders to stuff a tit into his eager mouth.

When Ted was sucking her tit, ramming his cock in and out of her accepting cunt with a frenzy, she gave herself up to the wicked ecstasy. Her son's cock filled her cunt, stretched the sensitive cunt lips sweetly, scraped her inflamed clit. She made gurgling sounds, squealing and sobbing as the fire increased between her thighs. His balls beat rapidly against her ass, and she squirmed closer and closer, trying to swallow his cock with her cunt.

"Ooooo, give it to me!" she cried. "Give me that wonderful cock, baby! Ahhh, fuck me! Fuck Mother! Fuck me every day and every night! You'll never have to jack off again, darling! Mother will fuck that sweet cock, fuck it all the time!"

"Mom, it's so good! You feel so hot and wet, and tight!"

"Oh, baby, it's been so long! So fucking long! Give it to me! Slam your hard cock to me, Ted! Ram your hard cock up my cunt! Fuck Mother! Fuck Mother hard!"

Peggy's ass twirled and whipped in a frenzy, her long legs scissoring up and down his body, his legs and his humping ass. She wrapped her arms tightly about his head, holding his face into her tits, then her legs came up his back, her ankles locking. She strained her burning cunt as hard as she could to him, ramming it up and down, riding his stroking cock. His balls banged hotly against her ass, directly upon her ass, with each delicious, powerful lunge of his prick. The friction of his cock against the grip of her pussylips sent her mind spinning with intense ecstasy. She whimpered and sobbed, tears of joy dropping from her eyes. Her body rippled with sweet sensations, shivering in delight. The feel of her son cock sliding back and forth inside her cunt was unbelievable. She hissed and groaned as she strained her crotch to his, trying to get more and more of his cock into her pussy.

Ted's weight on top of her felt so good, she wanted to hold him there forever. The moist sounds of his furious fucking added to her pleasure. The wetness of her cunt had never been so great. Her clit felt as if it would burst, each scrape of it along the shaft of his delicious cock sending tremors throughout her.

"Oh, God, baby! Harder, Ted! Harder!"

Ted was fucking into his mother's fiery cunt as deep and hard as he could, grunting hotly against her naked tits. His hands dug into her swinging ass, lifting her cunt higher yet. Peggy, squealing, rammed her hands down his back, clutching at his bunching ass with both. She held him tightly as she began to grind frantically, crying out with rapture. Her cunt was twitching, ready to come.

"Now!" she urged. "Oh, baby, Mother is going to come now!"

Her cunt contracted about her son's cock, grabbing it tightly, then the convulsions started. Peggy screamed time and again as she came, the orgasm driving her wild. The spasms increased with power until she could hardly stand it, yet she bucked and danced her naked ass with as much force as she could, fucking her contracting cunt up and down his throbbing cock in a mindless frenzy of ecstasy.

Ted was grunting as he felt his mother's cunt gripping and squeezing his cock. His balls became tight, hotter yet. He lifted his head, eyes squeezed shut, mouth open. His face contorted as he rammed his cock into her pussy as hard as he could, then he went stiff.

A loud groan came from him.

"Yes!" Peggy screamed. "Come, Ted! Squirt it to Mother! Ohhh, baby, I'm coming so hard! Spurt your cum in my cunt! Fill my fucking cunt! Drown my hot, hairy, fucking cunt!"

The rapid squirts of his boiling cum splashed along the smooth walls of her hungry pussy, drenching her deliciously. Despite the power of her orgasm, Peggy felt each spurt burning into her pussy. She screeched loudly as she whipped her crotch tightly, the hairy lips of her cunt pulling at his cock as if sucking him off. It seemed to go on and on without let up, but then Ted slumped, breathing hard, limp on top of her. Peggy held him, caressing her hands up and down his back and ass while her legs held him in her crotch. She felt his cock soften inside her, and a radiant glow covered her face.

"Oh, wow!" Ted gasped rolling from her, his chest heaving.

Peggy raised herself on an elbow, looking at her son, smiling. His cock was glistening wetly, and his balls didn't appear so full anymore. They hung loosely between his parted thighs, his cock to the left. She ran her hand up his stomach and over his chest, lowering her mouth to his. She kissed her son softly, then raised again.

"Well, how was it, baby?" she asked in a gentle voice.

"That was fantastic, Mom," he replied, his young eyes gleaming. "That was very, very good."

"You aren't… embarrassed?"

"Me? Embarrassed?" Ted giggled, the sound of a naughty boy caught with his cock in his hand. "Oh, no! I was wishing… you know, wondering if I could… aw, Mom, you know what I mean."

"No, tell me," she urged, caressing his stomach.

"You don't wanna know," Ted replied.

"But I do, honey."

"Well, I just wondered… you know, what it would feel like before," he said. "What it looked like and all."

"What looked like?" she teased, running her fingertips to the base of his cock and pulling gently on the few hairs there.

"A girl," he said, trembling as her fingers moved in feathery lightness along his wrinkled prick. "Down there… under her dress. You know, between her legs, Mom."

"Want to see?" she asked, grinning wickedly as the tip of her finger moved over the sensitive tip of his cock.



"Oh, wow!"

"But later," she murmured, leaning over and circling her wet tongue around his tiny nipple as she palmed his balls. "You can look between Mother's legs, baby. In just a little while."

"Oooohhh, that feels good, Mom." Peggy was running her tongue about his chest, then downward. She turned her eyes toward his cock, seeing it through a filmy blur as her vision glazed. She poked her tongue at his belly button, causing her son to shiver and wiggle. The scent of his cock and balls excited Peggy. After so many years of not having something like this to see, to touch, to feel, she let her emotions go, became rampant. Ted was not refusing her, allowing her to do what she wanted with his body. It was almost too much for her. Her cunt, even after that overpowering orgasm, was bubbling and steaming with wetness again, her clit swollen into a tight knot. She brushed her naked tits against her son's flesh, and felt her nipples double in size.

"Oh, baby, you're so sweet," she whispered breathlessly, running the tip of her tongue to the base of his cock.

Ted gave a jerk with his hips at the unexpected contact. "Mom, what are you doing?"

"Hush, baby," she murmured. "Just let Mother enjoy this. You will, too. I can promise that."

Peggy ran her tongue along her son's cock. The wetness of her cunt was still on it, adding to her pleasure she already felt. She felt her son's cock stir against her tongue as she licked very lightly at the cockshaft, then flicked it against the smooth cockhead. She tasted her pussy juices there, along with a few drops of his cum. She moaned softly, deep in her throat. She lifted his balls and snuggled them against her cheek.

"Oh, God, baby!" she wailed, then closed her lips about the head of her son's cock. Her eyes closed as she savored the feel and taste of it in her mouth, on her tongue. Her cunt lurched, and Peggy almost came then and there.

"Mom!" Ted gasped, feeling her hot, wet mouth wrapping about his prick. "What are you…"

His voice trailed off.

Peggy had sucked the full length of her son's cock into her mouth. Holding his cock deeply, her lips at the wet base, she sucked and used her tongue, making little whimpering noise in her throat. She held his balls, cupping them and twisting very gently as she sucked. Feeling her son's cock growing hard inside her mouth, she allowed it to stretch until the cockhead probed into her throat. Then, with a muffled sob of ecstasy, she ucked upward, very strongly, all the way to the prickhead. Her lips clamped about the head of her son's cock as her tongue flicked and fluttered about his small piss-hole.

"Oh, wow, Mom!"

Hearing her son's words of rapture, Peggy dipped her face a few times, bobbing her head up and down, sucking at his deliciously hard cock, using her lips only. She pulled her mouth off his cock slowly, making a pronounced sound as her lips left it. She held his cock against her warm cheek and looked up at his happy face.

"Want to watch me?" she whispered. "It's better for you if you watch what I do."

"Are you gonna blow me, Mom?" Ted asked.

"Blow you?" she teased.

"You know, blow-job."

"I don't know how to blow a cock, honey," she giggled. "But I think I can give you a damn good suck-off."

"That's a blow-job, Mom."

"Oh? Why do you call it a blow-job, darling. I don't blow – I suck."

"You're teasing me," he said.

"Yes, baby, I am," she gurgled softly as she ran his cock about her cheek and neck. "I'll give you a blow-job, Ted. Mother will suck your cock and blow it, and anything else you want."


"Watch me," she said, sliding off the bed and to her knees, pushing his legs wide and kneeling between them.

She buried her lovely face into his hot crotch, nuzzling at his balls. She kissed her son just below his balls, then ran her tongue in a swirling motion about them, up to his cock. She watched his face, seeing the delight there, the way his young eyes shone so brightly. His mouth was open, soft gasps coming from him as he watched her tongue and lips.

"Watch what I can do with your cock, darling. You just lie back there and relax, and watch me. Let me take care of you, of this beautiful cock."

She parted her lips, swished her tongue about the swollen head of her son's cock, then swallowed it deeply. She saw her son's eyes wobble as his groin came up to meet her mouth. Her lips pressed against the cock base, the head of his cock just inside her throat. She rolled and rubbed his young, hairless balls against her chin.

Peggy moaned with cock-sucking ecstasy as she moved her lips up and down. The hot taste of her son's cock filled her with excitement, and juices seeped along her inner thighs from her bubbling cunt. She clenched the cheeks of her ass tightly as she leaned into his cock. Lifting his legs, she draped them over her shoulders, sliding her hands beneath his ass, cupping the asscheeks as she bobbed her face up and down on his cock.

"Ohhhh, Mom, that's good!" Ted groaned watching with blazing eyes. "Ahhh, your mouth is so hot, Mom! It's almost like your pussy, but different! I like it, Mom! Oh, yes, I love it! Suck me, Mom! Suck my cock!"

Peggy listened to her son's hot, excited voice, his words sending tremors of erotic delight through her. She had been worried he would be uncomfortable, or shy, or bashful or something – but he wasn't showing any of that. What he was showing was complete and total eagerness to do what she wanted with him. She thought of all those times he had been jacking off, those times when she could have had his cock inside her cunt, fucking her what a waste of time and a good hard-on, when she had the hot cunt for it, the hungry mouth ready to swallow it!

The throb of his cock so deep in her mouth caused Peggy to become so excited, she could hardly suck him as slowly as she wanted to. She had wanted to take her time, to savor his prick, to enjoy it. But her son was squirming his naked little ass about, arching his prick to her, gasping as he watched her lips cling tightly as they glided up and down. She squeezed his ass with her hands, lifting him as he shoved her mouth down. She felt his cock jerking about inside her mouth, and the juices seeped out of his flaring little piss-hole. She lapped the juices up, swallowing them, tasting them. Her cunt was on fire again, her clit bulging painfully. She twisted her naked ass, sobbing softly, her eyes fluttering open and shut as she tried to focus on his grimacing face.

She pulled her mouth off his cock.

"Mmmm, baby, say things to me," she purred. "Say nasty things to Mother! Talk nasty to me, baby! Please, I love to hear you talk that way to me!"

"What can I say, Mom?" he asked. "I don't know what you want to hear."

"Oh, baby, anything and everything! The nastier it is, the better I love it!"

She gobbled up his cock again, moving her hot lips up and down fast.

Ted wiggled his ass, watching his mother's lips stretch about his throbbing hard-on, listening to the exciting wet sounds she made.

"Suck my cock," he said. Then, louder: "Suck me off, Mom! Lick my prick! Oh, it feels so good, your wet mouth on my cock! I wanna fuck you and get sucked by you! I wanna fuck your mouth and fuck your cunt and… ooooo, Mom! That's so good!"

Peggy's eyes glittered hotly as she sucked hard and fast on his prick. She dived until her lips smashed at the base, then up until his cock almost pulled from her mouth, then down again. She used her mouth as if it were her cunt, straddling him, fucking him. Her tongue pressed his cock to the roof of her mouth, her cheeks sunk inward as she applied the strongest suction she could. She felt his balls brush her chin each time she rammed her mouth onto his cock. She dug her fingers into the cheeks of his squirming ass, and as her son became more and more excited, she began to rub at the crinkle of his little asshole.

"Mom, suck me!" Ted was crying out, his hips jerking up and down to the rhythm of her mouth. "Suck my cock! Ohhhhh, suck it real hard, Mom! I wanna fuck you in your cunt and fuck you in your mouth…"

Peggy felt his cock jerking, felt the increased flow of juices from his piss-hole. Her son was getting close to coming, and she sucked with greed, wanting it to be as good for him as she could make it.

But Ted, not understanding, tried to push at her head, trying to get her mouth off his cock.

"Mom, move! Hurry! Ohhh, you better move now, Mom! I'm about to come and I can't hold it back! Move… ohhhh, it's… hurry, Mom!"

Peggy refused to let her son shove her mouth off his cock. She sucked harder yet, clinging to his prick with her hot, tight lips, moving them up and down as he continued his weakening attempts to shove her away.

"Mom!" Ted yelled.

His cock gushed cum.

Peggy's eyes closed as she tasted the steaming juices of his young balls splash across her tongue. The rapid spurts of cum filled her mouth, and Peggy moaned wetly as her cunt convulsed with orgasm.

"Too late! Oh, Mom, it's too late! I'm corn big!" Ted cried out, his voice telling her of this ecstasy. But she also heard a shyness in it, too. "I can't help it, Mom! I just can't stop it!"

Peggy swallowed, and moved her mouth up and down his cock as he squirted cum to her throat again. The burning sweetness kept her cunt in contractions, her orgasm scaring her with hot pleasure. She gurgled wetly as she swallowed her son's cock cream, and then when it stopped, she ran her tongue slowly around his piss-hole, making sure she had every drop of his cum-load.


Peggy was in bed, alone.

After she had sucked her son's cock, Ted had walked weakly to the hall bathroom, and she listened to him shower. She lay on her bed waiting for him to come back, but after a while she realized he wouldn't be back.

While she bathed, she wondered if her son was feeling embarrassment now that she had fucked him, then given him a blow-job. She hoped, desperately, that he wasn't. Her joy at getting her son's cock into her cunt, then her mouth, was insane. She didn't want to stop now. She wanted to keep him close at her side, hold his cock and balls, play with them until he was ready to fuck her cunt or mouth, she didn't mind which. After her bath, she considered going to him, but decided this was something her son would have to work out on his own.

She thought about her sister, Arlene, and of Arlene's face between her thighs, licking her cunt, of her confession that she had wanted to suck Peggy's cunt since they had been young girls. Arlene was not a lesbian, Peggy felt. She was simply a woman who had wanted to taste a cunt, her sister's cunt, and finally done so. No, Arlene liked men.

She wondered how much her son had seen, if he had seen her hand between Arlene's thighs, seen his aunt's cunt. A smile spread over her pretty face as she thought of her son shoving his young cock into Arlene's overheated pussy, fucking her wildly. That would be exciting to see, Peggy decided.

She heard the shuffling steps outside her bedroom door.

"Is that you, Ted?" she called.

"It's me, Mom," her son replied. "Is it okay if I come in for a while?"

"Of course, darling," she answered, sitting up in bed and clicking the light on. "Come on in. Is something bothering you?"

Ted entered, wearing jockey shorts. Peggy's eyes lowered to see the exciting lump his cock and balls made in them. She leaned against the headboard, patting the mattress for him to sit down. She was wearing a short gown, wispy and transparent. Ted sat, his eyes burning on her tits, seeing them through her gown, her dark nipples pressing outward. Peggy noticed her son swallow, a slight flush on his young face.

"Nothing is bothering me," he said softly, gazing at the thrust of her tits.

"Want to see my titties?" she asked.

Without waiting for him to answer, she lowered the shoulder straps, shoving her gown to her waist. Ted stared for the second time at his mother's beautiful, shapely tits. Peggy cupped her tits, offering her stiff nipples to her son, a smile on her face.

"Touch them," she whispered softly. "Play with Mother's titties."

He showed no hesitation. His small hands came up and cupped her tits, squeezing them gently. Peggy moaned softly with delight, her nipples boring into his palms. She showed her son how to pull and twist on them, shivering as he did so. His cock swelled inside his tight jockey shorts, outlined along the left side. She lowered her head to his crotch, feeling his hot, young balls through the shorts, then tracing the outline of his throbbing hard-on with the tips of her fingers. She pushed the waist of his shone down, exposing the swollen head of his cock. Cupping his cockhead with her hand, she smeared his seeping juices around.

"You said I could see you, Mom," Ted said. "Earlier, you said I could see you, down there."

"You want to see Mother's cunt?" she asked, her eyes sparkling with delight.

He nodded.

"Then just ask, honey," she murmured.

"Let me… Mom, show me your… cunt!"

"Mmmm, I will, baby," she gurgled, pushing the sheet down with her feet. Her long legs showed, and she saw him looking downward. Opening her legs, she watched his facial expression as he gazed at her bikini panties, the ones that matched her wispy gown. The hair of her cunt was exposed beneath the transparency of her panties.

"Will you take them off, Mom?"

"You take my panties off, baby," she offered.

His shaking hands moved down to her hips. Peggy pulled her gown to her waist, lifting her ass for him. Ted, trembling eagerly, pulled at his mother's panties, sliding them from her hips and down her thighs. Peggy lifted her legs for him, and he removed her panties. She lowered her naked ass, opening her legs as wide as they would go. Ted leaned over, gazing into her crotch with bright eyes. Peggy slipped her fingers through the silky hair of her cunt and spread the slippery cuntlips open, her clit raising upward.

"Do you like Mother's cunt?" Peggy asked in a whispery voice.

"Yeah," he said, nodding his head.

"Feel it, baby," Peggy offered. "Touch Mother on the cunt. You can feel me up and play with my pussy, darling. Look how hard your cock is getting! I love to see your cock so hard, Ted."

Ted touched his mother's cunt. He gasped with pleasure while his mother wiggled delightfully. She showed him where to touch her cunt, how to rub at her distended clit, then told him to stick his fingers inside her and fuck them in and out. Ted did as she asked, eagerly, leaning low over her pussy, watching his fingers fuck in and out, seeing the pussy juice coat his palm and fingers.

"Mom, can I… is it okay if I kiss it?"

"Oh, God, darling!" Peggy cried softly. "I want you too, Ted! I love to be kissed there! Oh, baby, yes, kiss Mother's cunt!"

Ted leaned down and – almost fearfully – kissed her pussy. He pulled his fingers out of it, placing his lips right on the slit, pursing his lips and making a wet sound.

"Ohhh, baby!" Peggy mewled, twisting her hips.

Ted raised up, looking at her. "Did Aunt Arlene kiss your cunt today?" he asked.

Peggy gazed at him, saying nothing.

"I saw your hand in her panties, Mom," he said. "I just wanted to know if you two kiss each other here."

Peggy nodded her head. "She sucked my cunt, Ted."

"Gosh!" he giggled lewdly. "I just wish I could have seen that! Did you come, Mom? Did Aunt Arlene make you come?"

"She sure did," Peggy laughed throatily. "But you walked in and caught us, didn't you?"

"I guess so," he answered, rubbing his palm up and dawn his mother's cunt. "Mom, would all this have happened if I didn't see that… you and Aunt Arlene?"

"Maybe," Peggy answered as truthfully as she could. "I knew you were jacking off, and I thought about it enough." She wondered if she should tell him about licking the cum off his sheets, and decided not to. "I wondered if you'd rather have a nice, juicy cunt instead of your fist."

Ted grinned, and pushed his mouth to her cunt again. This time, he didn't just kiss it, he rubbed his open lips up and down the fiery cunt slit, then his tongue flicked out.

"Oh, Ted!" Peggy gasped as his tongue licked up and down the silt of her hairy cunt. "Oooooh, baby, lick it for me! Ahhh, yes, honey… lick Mother's pussy!"

Ted moved until he was lying on his stomach between his mother's thighs, his face buried into her cunt. His nose was covered by the soft hair of her pussy, and his young eyes blazed up at her as his tongue began to probe past the fiery, tight cuntlips. He darted his tongue in and out, fucking his mother. Peggy jumped, jerking her hips upward, and grinding her cunt into his sucking mouth. She squeezed his head between her hot, silky thighs, her hand on his head, the other gripping a tit. She bucked upward, smashing her juicy cunt at her son's face as the ecstasy started growing with liquid beat.

Ted swirled his tongue about his mother's cunt, wrapping his arms around her hips and clutching her bouncing, naked ass. His tongue moved deeply into the wetness of her pussy, fucked in and out, then swished up to curl about her sensitive clit. Peggy's hips danced up and down as she swung them about excitedly, sobbing out her rapture. Her eyes were smoldering slits as she watched her son's face between her legs. She clamped her thighs tightly, squeezing his face, then relaxing them. Ted held her twisting ass tightly, letting her rub her juicy cunt into his face frantically, his tongue protruding as far as it would go. The taste of his mother's cunt excited him, and the more juices he got into his greedy mouth, the harder his cock became.

Peggy whipped her pussy up and down, sobbing her joy, watching her son's young face. She smeared him from nose to chin with her oozing pussy juices, delighted to know her son loved it.

"Eat me, baby!" she squealed. "Ohhhhh, God, suck that pussy! Ted, suck Mother's cunt! Stick your tongue up my pussy and fuck it! Ahhh, baby, baby, lick my wet cunt! Make me come with your sucking mouth, darling!"

With both hands now, Peggy clawed at her tits, squeezing them, puffing and twisting her nipples almost brutally. She slammed her cunt hard and fast into her son's face, fucking at his tongue, then sliding it up and down the flat surface, giving Ted the taste of a hairy, wet cunt for the first time.

"You're going to make me come, baby!" she cried out. "Ohhhh, make me come! My pussy is burning up, Ted! Suck that pussy, darling! Ooooh, make Mother come! I love a tongue fuck… a cunt suck! Ahhh, almost… almost there, darling! Suck hard… lick hard!"

Ted clung to her grinding ass tightly, his tongue fucking in and out of her pussy. Peggy felt his upper lip smashing at her inflamed clit, his chin pushing into the crack of her ass. His tongue seemed to go as deep as his cock had earlier.

Her flat stomach rippled as she began to churn and buck frantically.

"Now!" she shouted, her orgasm exploding in a violent manner. "Ohhhh, baby! You're making Mother come now! God, suck that cunt bite Mother in the fucking hot cunt! Oooo, I'm coming… so fucking hard! I love it, Ted! Eat me… suck me!"

Ted felt his mother's cunt grab at his tongue when she came, and her vibrating, squeezing pussy almost made his cock gush over the bed. His balls were hard, very hard.

Shuddering with mindless rapture, Peggy pushed at her son's head, trying to get her pussy away from his mouth. "Oooooh, it's so sensitive, baby! Stop, darling, please I can't… my cunt can't take anymore! Please stop, Ted!"

Reluctantly, he raised his face. His eyes were bright as he grinned proudly at her. Peggy's pussy juices coated his face from his nose to his chin.

"Did I do it right, Mom?" he asked breathlessly.

"God, you sucked my cunt better than Arlene!" Peggy panted, willing her body to calm down. "Are you sure you've never licked a pussy before?"

Ted laughed as he shook his head. "I sure think about it all the time, Mom. It's as good as I thought it would be. I like the taste of your wet cunt."

He lifted to his knees, and Peggy saw his cock protruding from the waistband of his jockey shorts, extremely hard.

"Shove your shorts down," he hissed. "I want that hard-on in my cunt!"

Ted wasted no time getting his shorts to his knees. His cock stood put with throbbing hardness as he watched his mother turning on the bed. Peggy, making eager sounds deep in her throat, drew her knees beneath her stomach, lifting her naked, shapely ass high for her son. She rested her head and shoulders on the bed, her hands teaching past her head for the headboard. She waggled her ass wantonly, urging her son to stab his cock into her cunt.

Ted stared at his mother's up thrust ass, his eyes glassy with awe. The creamy asscheeks parted widely, exposing the pucker of her asshole, and just below, her hairy cunt, still juicy from the wild tongue-fucking he had given it.

"Oh, Mom!" he moaned. "You're… beautiful!"

"Fuck me, baby!" she cried throatily, wiggling her ass in lewd gyrations. "Oh, baby, fuck Mother… in that hot cunt!"

Ted placed his palms on the spread cheeks of his mother's ass, still gazing into her crotch. Peggy's ass humped beneath his palms, arching bac as her cunt searched for his prick. Her mind was spinning with powerful desire, hungers that had been so long denied. Her pussy was dripping, the inner flesh of her thighs slippery. The soft cunt hair was matted with her juices, and her clit ached with hardness.

"Give it to me!" Peggy whined. "Oh, please, baby, give it to me. Don't be gentle, not now! God, honey, just ram that sweet cock in! Rant it right up my fucking hot cunt hard as you can! Now, Ted – now!"

The head of his cock touched the heated lips of her cunt.

Peggy, with a sob, rammed her raised ass back. She gave a soft moan as her son's cock stretched the fiery lips of her pussy, filling it. Holding onto the headboard, she squeezed her eyes as ecstasy flooded her senses. She could feel her son's cock, feel it throb against the sensitive tissues of her greedy pussy. His balls pressed upon her clit, so hot it felt as if they were searing that small, hard knot.

Ted, gritting his teeth with rapture, gripped his mother's hips and started banging back and forth. He watched the tight flesh of her naked ass ripple each time he fucked his cock into her cunt. Peggy cried out with sensations, tossing her creamy ass at him urgently. The top of her head began banging at the headboard, but she felt only the sweetness her son's cock produced inside her cunt.

"Ahhhh, yes, baby!" she gurgled. "That's it, darling! God, what a hard-on you have! Go deep, Ted! Ooooo, I can feel your cock all the way up to my throat! Ram it to me, baby! Ram that cock hard… up my cunt! Fuck me, fuck me! Ohhhhhh, Ted, fuck Mother hard and fast!"

Each time her son lunged forward, Peggy shot her lifted ass back, the contact of flesh making a wet, slapping sound. She loved the way he clung to her shaking tips, his fingers digging into her flesh. The sounds he made thrilled her, but best of all was the feel of his young, hard cock probing the very depths of her pussy.

"Mom! Oh, Mom… you're so hot!" Ted moaned, ramming his cock vigorously back and forth, watching the way her hairy cunt gripped the cockshaft, her asshole crinkling tightly. "Your cunt is so hot and wet! Ooooo, it's pulling on my cock, Mom!"

"I need that cock, Ted!" Peggy sobbed, twisting her ass in a frenzy. "God, I need your cock so much! Fuck Mother, darling! Fuck Mother as hard as you can! Hurt me with your cock! Hurt Mother's cunt with your big, hard, beautiful, cock!"

Her tits smashed into the mattress, sliding with each thrust of his fucking cock. She gripped the headboard desperately, her knuckles white. She groaned and gasped as the rapture grew unbelievably good. Her clit throbbed like a miniature hard-on, and her orgasm was rumbling ever so sweetly in the pit of her stomach.

Ted became aware of her head banging against the headboard.

"Mom, your head…"

"Fuck my head!" she screamed. "Don't worry about my fucking head! Just ram that cock up my cunt!"

Peggy's ass churned in its upside-down postion, her cunt grabbing at his cock each time he fucked in, sucking on it as he pulled back for another thrust. She began to make soft choking sounds as her stomach quivered, the rippling sensation of her orgasm ready to burst. When the spasms struck, she screamed loudly. The ecstasy sent her mind spinning crazily, her cunt gripping and flexing with orgasm about her son's raging cock.

"Mom!" Ted yelled, and jammed his cock deeply into her cunt, his balls smashing upon her pulsating clit.

And then sent scalding cum into her fiery, greedy cunt. The squirts came in rapid succession, splashing the tihgt walls of her pussy.

With a final surge of orgasm, Peggy's knees slipped from beneath her body, and she slumped, sprawled on her stomach, still holding the headboard. She breathed hard, shivering with the glow of pleasure still rumbling through her. When she sprawled, her son came down on back of her, his cock slipping from her cunt as he lay on her back. She felt his prick trembling in the crack of her ass, felt her son's hot breath burning her shoulders as he panted. When his hands slipped under her. Peggy lifted herself weakly until he closed his palms about her naked tits, then lowered her weight again.

"Ted, you're the sweetest little mother-fucker ever," she whispered softly, her breath coming under control. "You can fuck Mother any time you want. God, baby, I could take that cock all day long."

Ted answered her by squeezing her tits…


Peggy didn't think she could feel much happier.

She spent her day singing and dancing around, doing a few lewd bumps and grinds in imitation of a go-go dancer. Her eyes shone with a sparkling inner happiness, a smile constantly on her beautiful face. She wanted to call her sister, Arlene, and tell her of this delightful difference in her life. But Arlene might not understand. Just because Arlene wanted to suck her cunt didn't mean she would understand the joy Peggy found in fucking Ted.

Although Arlene had wanted for a long time to suck her cunt, she might find it weird to know Peggy was fucking her own son. Although she and Arlene were sisters, which made it incest in the first place, Peggy wasn't at all sure what her sister would say. Besides, Peggy was half afraid Arlene might want to fuck Ted, too.

She understood it would be quite pleasant to watch Arlene getting a cock in her cunt, but she also felt a twinge of jealousy to think of that cock belonging to Ted. If her son fucked Arlene and she didn't know about it, perhaps it wouldn't matter. Peggy tried to understand her feelings about it, and decided jealousy was childish. Her son had every right to fuck other women.

Arlene said she had not had an orgasm since she married her second husband. That could make a woman miserable, Peggy knew. Would her sister have an orgasm if Ted fucked her? There was no guarantee about that, but perhaps she would. The day before, Arlene had a small orgasm while licking her cunt, and Peggy was on the very edge of licking her sister's blonde pussy just before her son walked in on them. She had been finger-fucking Arlene at the time, and was very close to burying her face between those exciting, creamy thighs. If Ted had not come in, Peggy was sure she would have sucked Arlene's cunt. Once those passions started boiling, a woman could not be held responsible for her sexual action, she told herself.

She remembered a party she and her husband had attended. She had been in the kitchen, mixing herself another drink, when a man she didn't know had entered. They had stood talking a few moments, and Peggy had been aroused. The guy had simply urged her to her knees, then stuffed his hard cock into her mouth. Peggy had clung to his hips and sucked him off greedily, gulping down the spraying cum as it burst into her throat. Her cunt had gone wild inside her panties as she knelt there, hungrily sucking his cock and swallowing his cum-load. Later, when the same man had attempted to stick his cock into her ass from behind in a secluded corner, she had refused him and walked off to find her husband. Sucking the guy's cock had taken the edge off her desire, and she had felt ashamed of her unfaithfulness. Today, though, with hindsight, Peggy wished she had let him fuck her in that room filled with people, with none of them aware of it.

She had never seen the man again, but it told her just how wanton she could be when she was aroused, ready to take any hard cock shoved at her. No, a woman certainly wasn't responsible when she wanted td get fucked…

The phone broke into her reverie.

"Oh, hi, Arlene," she said, slightly breathless. "I was thinking about calling you."

"Are you busy?" Arlene asked.

"No, not really," Peggy replied. "I'm cleaning house, that's all."

"Could we talk?" Arlene asked, her voice trembling.

"Sue, come on over," Peggy said.

She sat on the couch after hanging up the phone. She was sure her sister wanted to do more than talk. She didn't mind. If Arlene wanted to suck her cunt again, she would let her. Leaning back, stretching her long legs out, her hands high above her head, Peggy smiled. She was wearing a house dress, but it was an attractive dress. Her knees showed from the hem as she stretched, and she kicked off her dainty, fuzzy house shoes. She considered making coffee, then decided against it. Arlene wasn't coming here for coffee, she was certain, but for pussy.

When Arlene arrived, she was unusually attractive. Her blonde hair was gleaming around her shoulders, her make-up done to perfection. She wore a pink blouse that clung to her shapely tits, with the nipples protruding provocatively against it. Her white skirt was tight, clinging to her compact ass and hips deliciously. She came in with excitement on her lovely face.

"Guess what, Peggy?" she said, sitting down on the couch, turning toward her sister. "I saw his cock!"

"You saw whose cock?"

"Henry's, who else?" Arlene said. "I saw that kid beating off… right in the bathroom! He was sitting on the toilet and was jacking off as fast as he could!"

"You son, Henry?" Peggy asked. "I don't know any other Henry, Peggy," Arlene giggled.

"And he was jacking off, was he?"

"Oh, yes!" Arlene hugged herself. "He was beating the piss out of his cock. I thought he was too young to know about jacking off, but there he was, pounding that thing as fast as he could."

"Did he come?" Peggy asked.

"I don't know," Arlene replied. "He saw me and shoved it down between his legs and sat there blushing, ashamed of being caught."

Peggy looked closely at her sister, searching that expression and those hot, blue eyes. She smiled. "What did you do about it?"

"Nothing," Arlene said, lowering her eyes. "But I wanted to… you know… grab that thing, myself. God, Peggy, it was the most beautiful hard-on you've ever seen!"

"You wanted to fuck him, huh?" Peggy asked, teasing her sister.

"How did you know?"

"It's all over your face, Arlene," Peggy laughed softly.

"Does it really show that much?"

"It shows that much."

Arlene was quiet a moment, then asked, her voice very low and shaky: "What should I do about him, Peggy? I've never caught him playing with himself before."

"Do what you want," Peggy said. "Remember what you told me yesterday, about feeling me up when I was asleep?"

Arlene nodded.


Arlene's blue eyes became big. "But I couldn't do that! Henry is my son, Peggy! That would be… wicked!"

"I'm your sister," Peggy reminded her. "Where's the difference?"

"I don't know, but it seems so…" She stopped and wrung her hands in her lap. "Would you have, if it had been Ted?"

Now was the time to tell Arlene, she felt. Still, she said nothing.

"Well, would you grab Ted's cock?" Arlene insisted.

"Probably," Peggy confessed.

"Oh, God!" Arlene hugged herself. "The idea excites me, I'll say that. But, what about Henry? Do you think I'd frighten the kid?"

"If he was jerking off," Peggy replied, placing her palm on her sister's warm thigh, "he probably would enjoy your help, Arlene."

"Oh, to think… to have his young cock in my hand!" Arlene trembled deliciously. "Or in my… in my cunt! Oh, God!"

Peggy could see the arousal in her sister's eyes. It was all over her lovely face. Without making a definite decision of what she was going to do, she slipped her hand underneath the white skirt and up between Arlene's warm thighs. Arlene opened her knees, and Peggy ran the tip of her finger about the tightness of her sister's wispy panties.

With a squeal, Arlene grabbed Peggy's shoulders and pressed her sweet, warm mouth upon her sister's lips, kissing her hotly. As they kissed, Peggy worked her palm underneath Arlene's crotch, feeling the moist heat of her cunt through the skimpy panties. Arlene pressed downward and wiggled, moaning throatily, one hand sliding down over the curve of Peggy's tit, then cupping it, squeezing.

"Oh, Peggy!" Arlene breathed hotly as she pulled away. "I'm so hot! Seeing Henry's cock, so hard and strong and… I almost came when I saw his cock, Peggy!"

Peggy knew now what she was going to do with Arlene. Without speaking, she opened her sister's blouse, exposing her beautiful, firm, pointing tits. She caressed them a moment, lean big over to circle the stiff nipples with her tongue. She sucked briefly at each pink nipple, making her sister whimper with pleasure.

As she sucked at the creamy tits, she slipped the white skirt up, and her hand slithered into the tight bikini panties, through the soft blonde pussy hair. She ran her finger up and down the moist slit of Arlene's cunt, then began to agitate her distended clit. Arlene cried out with pleasure, arching her cunt upwards, spreading her slender thighs wide. Peggy fucked two fingers into her sister's fiery cunt, and plunged them back and forth while Arlene twisted and moaned.

Arlene grabbed Peggy's wrist, jerking her hand out of her panties and puffing the wet fingers into her mouth, sucking at her own cunt juices, her blue eyes smoldering with sparkling lights of desire.

"I want to suck your cunt, Peggy," she said in a thick voice. "I want to fuck you… and think of Henry's cock!"

"In your cunt?" Peggy suggested.

"Oh…" A flush warmed her smooth cheeks. "Yes, damn it! Think of his cock in my cunt, fucking me! Oh, Peggy, I know that's horrible, but I do want my son to fuck me!"

"Not so horrible," Peggy whispered, caressing a slim thigh. "Not so horrible at all, Arlene."

Arlene's hands feverishly darted up Peggy's house dress. Peggy opened her legs and let her sister feel about her crotch. When Arlene began to slide her panties down, she lifted her ass to help. Arlene went to her knees, kissing and licking along the silky flesh of Peggy's thighs, working her hungry mouth toward the bushy mound of her sister's cunt.

"Wait," Peggy mewled as Arlene began to kiss the hairy, wet lips of her cunt. "This time, I'm going to lick you, too."

"Oh, would you, Peggy?" Arlene squealed. "Oh, please lick me, too!"

Arlene stood, lifting her tight skirt to her small waist and then scooting her bikini panties down. She kicked them off, the blonde fluff of her cunt shining with invitation. She started to open her skirt and toss it away, too, but Peggy stopped her.

"Now," Peggy said hotly. "I can't wait, Arlene! Fuck the skirt!"

Breathlessly, gasping with eagerness, Arlene fell onto her back in the middle of the floor, her skirt at her waist, those lovely tits exposed, and flung her legs wide, arching her juicy cunt up.

"Hurry, Peggy!" she urged. "Oh, please!"

Peggy, as hot as her sister, pulled her dress up and swiftly dropped her panties. She stepped over Arlene's face, and her knees bent. Arlene gazed up at the bushy cunt, sliding her hands along Peggy's thighs to cup her naked ass as she squatted. Arlene raised up and pushed her mouth into Peggy's cunt before Peggy could lean over, her tongue licking rapidly, darting into the tight, slippery fuck-hole.

Peggy gasped as she felt her sister's tongue fuck into her cunt, and she leaned over, shoving her hands underneath Arlene's wiggling, naked ass. She gazed only for a moment at the blonde-haired cunt slit, and then buried her mouth to it. The taste of her sister's cunt was about what she expected. Arlene's pussy was soft dnd hot and wet, and the blonde hairs surrounding her mouth felt very good to her. She squeezed Arlene's naked ass tightly with her hands, and began to slurp and lick at the pussy slit, then swirl her tongue about the inflamed clit. Closing he lips about Arlene's clit, Peggy sucked at it as she would a cock, making her sister chum her ass up and down, then sideways.

At the same time she sucked Arlene's cunt, she smashed her own pussy up and down, fucking into her sister's open mouth. She was fucking Arlene's protruding tongue. Arlene was gripping Peggy's exposed ass tightly, her tongue probing into the wet heat, her upper lips almost against the pucker of Peggy's asshole. They thrashed about on the floor, gasping and making wet sounds as each greedily sucked, swallowing pussy juices.

Churning and squirming, thrashing about on the floor, the sisters sucked with greed. Peggy clung to Arlene's twisting ass tightly, her face being smeared with those sweet, hot pussy juices. Now and then, because of the wild movements of Arlene's hips, Peggy's tongue scraped about the pink crinkle of her sister's asshole, but that didn't matter. She felt Arlene's tongue lapping at her asshole, too, up and down from her spine to her cunt. She jerked her hips frantically, sliding her cunt and asshole into her sister's face, across her lapping tongue. Her tits pressed at Arlene's stomach, and she could feel the stiff nipples of her sister's tits boring into her flesh above the thick curls, of her cunt.

Screams, muffled, but filled with joy, echoed about the living room. Moist sounds mingled with the grunts and gasps. Arlene wrapped her arms about Peggy's churning hips, holding her tightly, her face pushed hard into her sister's cunt. Peggy too, was hugging Arlene's thrashing hips, her hands cupping an asscheek each.

They beat at each other's face, banging their cunts frantically into sucking mouths and licking tongues. They fought to make each other come, their tongues darting and probing, soft lips sucking at whatever was pushed into their mouths. In the heat of their intense passion, Arlene was pushing a finger into Peggy's asshole. Peggy felt it, but instead of twisting away, urged her sister to ram the finger up her asshole by her hips movements.

When Arlene began fucking her finger in and out of Peggy's asshole, in a timed movement with her tongue in her cunt, Peggy screamed, her mouth buried at the blonde pussy. She began to come before she thought she was ready, her pussy sucking at Arlene's plunging tongue. The finger fucking in and out of her asshole didn't hurt; on the contrary, it increased and added to the wild, burning rapture Peggy was experiencing. She sucked with greed at Arlene's cunt, and when Arlene screamed her orgasm, licked even more desperation.

They were both coming, almost together.

Their naked asses bounced and churned as they devoured the other's juicy cunt.

After a time, the sisters calmed down.

Arlene, underneath Peggy, shuddered a few times, then went limp. Her arms fell from Peggy's ass, and her legs splayed widely. Peggy relaxed on top of her sister, feeling the hot breath fan the wet hairs of her cunt as Arlene breathed. She rested her cheek on the blonde softness of Arlene's cunt, her hands sliding along the slender thighs to her sister's knees.

After a while, Peggy rolled off Arlene, sprawling on her back. Her dress was bunched about her waist, and her cunt glistened in a beam of sunlight coming through the window. At her side, with her head near her hip, Arlene continued to pant breathlessly, her tight, shapely tits showing, legs wide, her pussy just as exposed as was Peggy's.

"God, Peggy," Arlene said in her breathless voice. "That couldn't have been better. I didn't think you'd suck my pussy."

Peggy cupped her covered tits tenderly, smiling up at the ceiling.

"I wasn't sure I would, either," she said honestly. "I guess you could say it just happened in the heat of passion."

"Did you enjoy it?" Arlene asked.

"It was okay," Peggy admitted. "But it will never take the place of a hard cock, I don't think."

"You're right about that," her sister agreed. "But when there isn't a hard cock around, what's a girl to do?"

"But there is a hard cock around, Arlene."

"Sure, all over the ton," Arlene grimaced. "But who wants to go out and pick up shit like that?"

"I was talking about your son, Henry."

"No, I couldn't do that. At least, I don't think I could." Then: "Well, I probably could, but Henry probably wouldn't go for it."

"You never know until you try," Peggy said. The door opened, and Peggy saw her son, Ted, coming in. Ted, seeing his mother and aunt sprawled on the floor, their skirts up, looked startled for a moment, then he found himself looking up his aunt's slender thighs, seeing her juicy, blonde cunt.

Peggy grinned at him.


"Oh, shit!" Arlene squealed, clamping her legs together and shoving her skirt down as best she could. She forgot about her naked tits as she scrambled to conceal her body from her nephew, her face on fire with embarrassment.

Peggy didn't move, but watched as Arlene began to swiftly cover herself, sneaking peeks at Ted, but with her face burning in a pink color. Arlene was sifting uncomfortably on the couch, her skirt down and her tits concealed, before she realized Peggy was still sprawled lewdly on the floor, her cunt showing. Ted, with the door closed behind him, was grinning, and Arlene could not help but notice the bulge of his young hard-on inside his pants.

"I don't believe it," Arlene gasped when understanding came to her.

Peggy turned onto her side, holding her head up on an elbow, looking at her sister. Her skirt was around her waist, and her ass was toward Ted now.

"What don't you believe, Arlene?" Peggy asked, a smile on her lovely face. "That we did that, or that Ted walked in on us again."

"You're… Peggy, are you?" Arlene asked, unable to put it into words. "Are you, really?"

"Fucking Ted, you mean?" Peggy questioned. She turned onto her back again, looking at her son. She, too, saw the shape of his hard-on along the left side of his jeans. "Since yesterday."

"God! Really?"

"He caught me with my hand in your panties, remember?" Peggy said. "Well, the poor guy got such a hard-on, I couldn't stand to see him suffer. So, I did what any loving mother would do – I fucked the shit out of him!"

"I don't believe it," Arlene said again, her voice very low. Her blue eyes were gazing at the bulge of her nephew's cock. "I just don't believe it."

"Okay, don't," Peggy said, scissoring her thighs back and forth, flashing her cunt without shame for her son. "It doesn't matter if you believe it or not."

Peggy held her arms up to her son, who came to her and dropped to his knees at her side. Peggy hugged him tightly as they kissed, and Arlene watched, finding it very hard to believe – yet it had to be true. As Ted kissed his mother, he ran his hand down to her exposed dint, feeling it.

Arlene's eyes followed his hand, and she could hardly breathe as she watched Ted begin to finger-fuck his mother. Peggy purred and lifted her crotch to Ted's hand, sucking at his tongue now. Arlene saw her sister's hand move to her nephew's crotch, cupping his prick through his pants.

"I believe it now," she said in a tight, thick voice. "I have to believe… his finger is in your cunt and you're holding his fucking cock!"

"Mmmm, not his cock… his balls," Peggy corrected. "They're such hot little balls, always so full of cum for me, aren't they, Ted?"

Ted nodded, his eyes turned again to his aunt. Arlene was holding her breath as she watched Peggy opening her son's jeans. Her breath came out loudly when she saw Peggy pull his young cock out. Her tits lifted as she drew in a deep breath of air, and one tit escaped her unbuttoned blouse, her pink nipple stiff. As Arlene watched Peggy close her fist about Ted's cock and jerk on it, Ted was gazing at his aunt's naked tit, his lips parted slightly as his tongue ran from one corner of his mouth to the other. He fucked his finger in and out of his mother's juicy cunt while his mother stroked his cock.

"Fuck him, Peggy," Arlene moaned. "God, let me see you fuck that beautiful cock!"

"Mmmm, I just might do that," Peggy purred, lifting her face and kissing the dripping tip of her son's prick. "I just might let you watch him fuck me, Arlene."

Peggy slipped her lips over the smooth head of her son's cock, her hand sliding to his ass, pulling him forward, taking his cock deep into her mouth. She heard her sister moan softly, felt those blue eyes watch everything. Lifting her crotch to Ted's plunging fingers, Peggy pulled her son's cock deeply into her mouth. She heard her sister make a gasping sound.

Arlene could hardly believe the response she was having. Seeing her nephew's cock slide so deeply into her sister's mouth made her swallow hard. Her cunt, although she had just enjoyed a wild orgasm against Peggy's mouth, began to pulsate wetly again, her clit straining from the soft pussy folds. She leaned forward as if to see better, her blue eyes on fire, lips parted as she panted softly. Watching Peggy's tight, wet lips slide back and forth on Ted's cock, she moved a hand under her skirt and toward her steamy cunt. As she opened her knees, Ted swallowed hard. He saw his aunt's blonde pussy, saw her fingers gliding toward it.

Peggy's excitement caused her to lose, what inhibitions she had when Ted had walked in on them. With her legs flung wide apart, that single tit exposed with the stiff, pink nipple, she thrust her ass to the edge of the cushions. And while watching Peggy sucking hungrily at Ted's cock, she stuffed all four of her fingers into her fiery cunt. She wantonly fucked her pussy with the fingers, making wet sounds, her eyes never leaving Peggy's stretched lips, her cock-filled mouth.

Peggy slipped a hand between her son's thighs and cupped his ass, pulling and moaning softly as her son's cock filled her moutb completely. She held her own thighs splayed wide, humping her bushy cunt up and down, riding his stabbing finger.

It was Ted who moved. He twisted around his mother in a manner that kept his cock in her mouth, pulling his fingers from her pussy.

Sliding his hand up the inside of his aunt's thigh, his eyes burning, he pulled Arlene's fingers from her cunt. Arlene whimpered, arching her blonde pussy to his hand. Ted thrust his fingers up his aunt's cunt, making her squeal with a soft, excited sound.

Sucking at her son's cock, Peggy saw what he was doing, and her eyes flashed hotly. She could see her son's fingers fucking in and out of her sister's cunt, and that sent wild shivers of wanton ecstasy through her half-naked body.

"Oooo, God!" Arlene breathed, humping her blonde-haired cunt into her nephew's fingers. "Ohhh, yes! God, yes!"

Ted leaned down and kissed his aunt's creamy thigh, dragging his tongue over her silky flesh.

"That, too?" Arlene gasped with the contact. "You mean you lick pussy, too, Ted?"

Peggy slipped her mouth off her son's cock, wrapping a fist about it and jerking back and forth, the flaring, dripping piss-hole rubbing at her chin.

"He sucks cunt," she said hotly. "My son licks pussy as good as you and me, Arlene."

"Oh lick me, Ted!" Arlene cried, twisting her hips urgently. "Lick my pussy, honey!"

Arlene sprawled back on the couch, flinging her legs wide open, offering her fiery cunt to her nephew's face. She could still watch Peggy, and Peggy was jacking Ted's cock, smearing the cockhead about her chin and lips, her eyes hot as she watched what her son did with Arlene.

Ted darted his tongue from his mouth, lapping at the silky flesh of her inner thigh, moving toward her deliciously wet pussy. As his tongue came near, Arlene grabbed the back of his head and pulled, ramming her nephew's tongue and lips into her cunt eagerly. Ted lapped at her swollen clit taking it between his lips and sucking at it.

"Ohhh, you sweet, sweet kid!" Arlene sobbed, grinding her cunt into Ted's face. "Suck me! Suck me, Ted! Ohhh, baby, eat my cunt!"

Ted began licking, up and down, tasting the juices oozing from his aunt's boiling cunt. Arlene released his head and, with both her hands, parted her cunt wide for him. Ted fucked his tongue deeply, making her ass lurch up with a squealing sound of rapture. From the floor, Peggy watched, seeing her son's tongue fuck in and out of that juicy fuck-hole. She smeared her own face with the head of his cock, her tongue probing the smoothly rounded cockhead often.

"Ted, let me take your pants off," Peggy said in a thick voice.

With Ted still licking at his aunt's cunt, Peggy managed to open his pants and get them off.

She immediately buried her face into his crotch, his hot balls on her face. With purring delight, Peggy lapped and sucked about her son's crotch, tasting his balls and cock. Ted straddled his mother's chest, a knee along each shoulder. Peggy took his cock back into her mouth, and made no protest when her son began fucking in and out. His balls swung against her chin as he fucked the head of his cock into her throat, then pulled back, only to plunge his prick into her mouth again. As he fucked his mother in her hot, hungry mouth, he licked and sucked at his aunt's cunt. His young face was soon smeared with cunt juices, and Arlene was squeezing his head between her hot, smooth thighs, kicking her feet as she squealed and squirmed, trying to press her heated cunt tighter into his mouth.

"Oh, baby, suck me hard!" Arlene sobbed, grinding her pussy frantically into her nephew's face. "Lick my cunt, Ted! God, you're good, baby! Ram that sweet tongue way up my pussy! Tongue-fuck my cunt, Ted!"

Peggy cupped her son's naked, pounding ass, a cheek in each hand. Her lips burned deliciously with the friction of his hard, throbbing prick sliding between them. His balls bounced on her chin and added to her ecstasy.

She bent her knees, squeezing her thighs hard against her own pussy, then opened them wide, her ass twisting on the floor. Like Arlene, she purred and gasped with rapture. Peggy didn't need her son's cock inside her cunt to feel good. She could have it anyplace, and it made her feel good. Even just holding his prick in her hand made her feel great. Hearing her son's wet tongue sliding about her sister's hot pussy enhanced her erotic sensations. She could even see his tongue by tilting her head a bit, and still suck his cock as he fucked her mouth. She could see her sister's ass hanging over the edge of the couch, watch her son's tongue drag up and down the slit of the woman's pussy.

"Oooh, I'm getting ready to come!" she shouted. "Oh, my God? So fast… so fucking fast! Lick me… suck me… fuck me!"

Arlene's naked ass bounced as she fucked her cunt into her nephew's face. Ted rammed his tongue deeply into her cunt, fucking it in and out, fucking her with it. At the same time, he speeded up the lunging of his cock at his mother's hot, tight mouth. Peggy felt her son's cock throb with power, and prepared herself for the load of juice he would send gushing into her throat. She squeezed the cheeks of his naked ass, urging her son to squirt hotly into her mouth.

Ted was fucking wildly at his mother's devouring mouth now, his balls aching with fullness. He sucked and licked at his aunt's cunt with a frenzy, moaning into it.

"I'm going to come!" Arlene squealed, and banged her pussy hard into Ted's face. "There! Suck it out, baby! Ohhh, shit, I'm coming! You're making me come so fucking hard! Eat it, Ted! Eat my hot, wet cunt!"

Ted felt his aunt's pussy grab at his tongue, and felt it flex with the contractions. He pushed his mouth hard into it, and strained his cock into his mother's mouth. With a grunt into his aunt's cunt, he came. Peggy made a wet gulping sound as the hot cock cream spurted into her mouth, burning deliciously down her throat. She swallowed swiftly, her tongue flicking at his cum-spewing prick.

He had hardly finished coming when Peggy pushed at his hips, making him take his cock from her mouth.

"Fuck me, Ted!" Peggy hissed. "Hurry, shove your cock up Mother's cunt while it's still hard! Fuck me now, baby!"

Ted scooted down his mother's body. Peggy opened her legs wide, and used one hand to guide his throbbing prick to her steaming cunt. Since her orgasm had calmed, Arlene watched. She saw her nephew's cock slither up into her sister's cunt quickly. She sobbed with voyeuristic pleasure as Ted began to fuck his mother, his naked ass bouncing.

Peggy lifted her legs and wrapped them about his back, her fingers digging into his shoulders. She tilted her head back, eyes closed, her expression contorted with agonized ecstasy. Her naked ass danced up and down, meeting the ramming of her son's cock, his balls beating upon her hot ass.

Arlene watched, her blue eyes wide. Seeing Ted fucking his mother created more heat inside her own body. She would not have thought it could be so exciting to watch someone else fucking, but to see her nephew fucking his mother, her sister, was almost enough to drive Arlene out of her mind with erotic desires. Somehow, it was more exciting to her than if it had been a man and wife fucking for her viewing pleasure.

"God, what a cock!" Peggy moaned, her eyes wobbling as she churned and thrashed with her son's cock. "So hard, so big… ohhh, baby, ram that cock to Mother's hot cunt! Fuck me, Ted! Fuck Mother's hot pussy… ram it to Mother's juicy cunt!"

Arlene stared at her nephew's bouncing ass. She slipped from the couch to her knees. She placed her hands on Ted's ass, her fingers digging into his flesh. She moved a hand between his thighs and cupped his bouncing balls, twisting and squeezing them. She felt the juice of her sister's cunt on her fingers.

"Oooo, that's so sweet!" she mewled, lean big down, trying to see between Ted's thighs, wanting to watch his young cock fucking Peggy's hairy cunt. But she couldn't see much. Holding his balls, she leaned over and tried to lick at his ass, but his humping didn't help. She cupped one of his asscheeks and pulled, peering down at his puckering asshole. With a gasp of pleasure, Arlene attempted to lick at the crinkle, but his ass was bouncing too much and too fast. She clung to his balls, feeling them swell and writhe hotly. She managed to lap at the cheeks of his ass now and then, and even got the tip of her tongue against his tight asshole a few times.

Ted, feeling his aunt twisting at his balls and the tip of her tongue scraping over his asshole, grunted and lunged into his mother's cunt with vigor.

"Ohhh, Aunt Arlene!" he groaned. "What… ohhh, that feels good, Aunt Arlene!"

"What are you doing, Arlene?" Peggy gasped, the power of her son's cock almost driving the air from her lungs.

Arlene giggled in a lewd sound. "I'm just holding his hot little balls and trying to lick his asshole!"

"Ohhh, yes, do it!" Peggy urged. "Suck his tight asshole, Arlene! God, it makes his cock so fucking hard!"

With his ass jerking up and down, Arlene had trouble. Holding his balls tightly, she buried her face between the cheeks of her nephew's ass and licked at the crinkle of his asshole the best she could. Ted grunted, not knowing what felt the best, they way his mother's cunt was holding his cock, or the way his aunt licked his asshole.

With a soft whine, Peggy arched her cunt up, and came.

The gripping, pulling sensation of his mother's cunt and his aunt trying to run her tongue into his asshole, was too much for Ted.

"I'm gonna come!" he shouted.

His cock gushed, sending boiling juices out of his balls and into his mother's greedy wet pussy. Arlene, her tongue pressing at his asshole, felt the contraction of it as he came. She squeezed his balls, licking in a frenzy against his hot asshole. Ted sprayed the satiny walls of his mother's convulsing cunt over and over, as if he had not just come into her mouth.

"Oooo, fill me up!" Peggy groaned. "Shoot that hot cum to Mother's cunt, baby! Ahhh, God, fill my pussy!"

Ted strained into his mother's cunt as he came in rapid spurts.

But Arlene couldn't stand it.

With sobbing hunger, she pushed her nephew. Ted fell from his mother's body, watching his aunt with big eyes as she buried her face into his mother's hairy cunt, licking hungrily, stabbing her tongue inside the burning cunt. Arlene clutched at Peggy's squirming hips, sucking up the juices of Ted's balls, drawing them out of her sister's pussy and swallowing them thirstily, sobbing as she twisted her ass in the air.

When she raised her face, it was coated with juices, pussy juice and cock juice. Her eyes sparkled as she ran her tongue over her puffy lips.

"It's been so long since I've tasted cum," she mewled. "It's as sweet as ever."

Seeing her nephew sprawled on his back, his cock glistening, Arlene shoved her face to it, her tongue lapping all about his cock and balls, cleaning him up with her tongue.

Peggy sat up, still trembling from pleasure. She watched her sister lick away the fuck-juices on her son's cock, then gave a playful slap across Arlene's lovely ass.

"You can get his jism in a better way than that, Arlene," she laughed. "All you have to do is suck his cock off."

Arlene sat up, grinning widely. She cupped her nephew's cock and balls, shaking them.

"I want to suck him off so much," she mewled. "But first… oh, Peggy, will you let him fuck me?"

"That's up to Ted," Peggy replied.

Ted grinned with pleasure. "Come on, Aunt Arlene… let me have some blonde cunt!"


Arlene began squealing with eagerness. Sitting on her heels, she wrapped her hot fist about her nephew's cock and began to pound up and down on it vigorously, gasping, eyes big and hot.

"Baby, you can have all the blonde cunt you want!" she panted. "You can fuck my blonde cunt anytime you want, and I hope you want it a lot!"

Peggy grinned at her sister's wanton hunger, watching her fist jerk up and down on Ted's prick, bringing it into a firm, throbbing hard-on once more. Arlene, with her ass on her heels, had her knees parted, the skirt stretched, high on her thigh Peggy slipped up behind her sister and, looking across Arlene's shoulder to watch her jack on Ted's prick, fondled the woman's beautiful tits. Arlene helped Peggy as her blouse was removed.

Ted gazed at his aunt's naked tits the way he had his mother's that first time. With the blouse gone, Peggy cupped her sister's tits and squeezed them, making the pink nipples bulge outward. Clinging to one of the tits, Peggy moved her other hand down and under Arlene's skirt, bringing it high, bunching it around her sister's waist. Ted watched his mother, with increasing excitement, as her slim fingers brushed through the golden curls and slipped effortlessly into the woman's juicy cunt. Peggy caressed and squeezed her sister's tits and finger-fucked her pussy while watching Arlene jacking on Ted's cock.

"Let me get this fucking skirt off," Peggy said in a low, husky voice. "We want you naked, Arlene. My son and I want you beautifully naked, and we want to watch you slide down on his hard cock."

Arlene shifted about so her sister could remove her skirt, and then with squealing pleasure, tossed a slender leg over Ted's hips, her hand clutching his cock. From behind her bare ass, Peggy shoved her hands between Arlene's thighs and opened up her juicy blonde baked cunt. Arlene wiggled her ass, holding her breath as she rubbed the smooth head of her nephew's cock about her pussy slit, mashing her knotted clit. With a groan, she touched the swollen head of Ted's cock to her cunt, and slowly, very slowly, slipped down on it. She felt her cunt stretch about his young prick, and Ted was watching with hot eyes, seeing his aunt's cunt suck his cock deeply.

Arlene settled there, the hairy lips of her cunt smashed upon the base of her nephew's cock. She shuddered with sensation, making throaty sounds of ecstasy. Behind Arlene, Peggy leaned low, seeing her son's cock inside her sister's pussy. The view was exquisite – his lovely young balls, the tightness of Arlene's pussy, the quivering of her shapely ass, her legs spread over Ted's hips.

"Ohhh, I can feel your cock so deep, Ted!" Arlene cried. "I can feel it throb in my cunt! Ooooo this is wonderful!"

"Fuck him, Arlene!" Peggy hissed, hot breath fanning over her sister's beautiful ass, clinging to her son's balls. "Fuck him! Ohhh, this looks beautiful! You're so fucking wet, Arlene! I can see your pussy juice seeping all over Ted!"

Arlene squeezed the cheeks of her, ass together, her cunt gripping her nephew's cock. Her clit strained and burned against the base. Sitting upright, shoulders and head high, Arlene began to lift and lower her cunt, fucking on Ted's cock. She cupped her own tits, manipulating them as she gasped and squealed. Behind her moving ass, Peggy sucked in her breath as she watched, holding her son's balls in one hand, the other moving around her sister's creamy ass and thigh.

"Ohhh, God, it's good!" Arlene moaned. "It's never felt this good in a long time! Ohhh, Ted, you have a beautiful cock! I'm going to fuck your cock off, baby! Aunt Arlene is going to give you a fuck you'll never forget!"

Ted strained, his hands sliding up and down his aunt's silky thighs, then playing with the thick mat of golden curls. He could see her cunt fucking up and down on his cock, see his mother's hand feeling about the flesh, and watch Arlene play with her own tits.

"Fuck me, Aunt Arlene!" Ted gasped, lifting his hips to get his cock as deep as he could into the boiling wetness other pussy. "Ohhh, fuck me, fuck me!"

"I am!" Arlene called out. "You bet your sweet little ass I'm fucking you! Oooo, I'm so hot… so wet! I'm going to blister your sweet hard, cock! I want you to come in my cunt, spurt it hard and make me taste it in my fucking throat!"

Peggy watched her sister's ass bouncing and swinging and, leaning lower yet, watched her son's cock fucking into that steamy cunt. She ran her fingers about the base of her son's prick, feeling the exciting juices there. On an impulse, Peggy pushed the tip of her middle finger into her sister's cunt, along with Ted's cock. Arlene gave a yelp of delight as she felt this added fullness, and her ass raced madly up and down. Peggy pulled her slippery finger out of Arlene's cunt, and dragged it upward, tickling her sister's asshole.

"Oh, God!" Arlene jobbed, leaning forward and arching her ass, but still fucking wildly on her nephew's cock.

Peggy's eyes blazed as she watched, working her finger at Arlene's asshole. With a gentle pressure, she slipped it inside the hot tightness. Arlene gasped as she felt it, and her hips swung and pounded with even greater rapture. Arlene whipped her naked ass about, fucking her nephew's cock with her overheated cunt and her sister's finger with her gripping asshole. She dug harshly into her tits, her beautiful face contorting as the tormenting ecstasy flooded her. She began to scream, softly at first, as her ass pounded frantically on cock and finger. Ted was digging into her thighs with his fingers, grunting as his balls swelled and his cock felt ready to burst.

Peggy could not hold herself still. She loved having her finger up her sister's asshole, but her cunt was on fire again. She pulled her finger from her sister's clutching asshole, making Arlene protest.

"Peggy, keep it in me!" Arlene pleaded. "Oh, please, stick your finger up my asshole! That was good! I've never felt anything up my asshole before. Please, finger-fuck my ass… and I'll fuck Ted's cock off!"

"I'd lick that asshole if I could," Peggy cried. "I'd stick my mouth to it and fuck it with my tongue, but you're bouncing too much, Arlene! Besides, my cunt is burning off!"

While his aunt was fucking herself on his cock wildly, Ted could hear the things they said. Listening to his aunt and his mother say those things increased his young passions.

"Mom," he called. "I'll suck your cunt! Let me suck your cunt, Mom! Put bin my face and I'll suck you!"

"Oh, baby, yes!" Peggy groaned, scrambling quickly toward her son's head.

She straddled his face, her thighs hot against his cheeks. Ted gazed up into his mother's hairy cunt, seeing the juices seeping from the pink cuntlips, her clit bulging in a hard knot. The cheeks of her ass were tight, but he could see the split, almost see his mother's crinkled asshole.

He started to lift his face to the fiery cunt, but paused when he saw his mother and sister start kissing each other above his young body. Peggy clutched at her sister's tits, and Arlene was squeezing Peggy's tits. Arlene never missed a thrusting movement with her hips, still bouncing on her nephew's cock. And while Peggy shoved her tongue into her sister's eager mouth, she lowered her cunt to her son's face.

Ted hungrily opened his mouth, feeling the wet heat of his mother's cunt settle there. His tongue snapped from his mouth and penetrated his mother's pussy. Peggy gasped into her sister's mouth as she felt her son darting his tongue in and out of her pussy, and she began to wiggle into his sucking face.

"Oooh, suck it, Ted!" Peggy cried, feverishly squeezing her sister's firm tits. "Suck my cunt, baby! Ooooooh, lick Mother's hot twat! Eat my juicy snatch, darling! Ahhh, Arlene, he has his tongue so far up my cunt, I can almost taste it in my mouth!"

"Tongue-fuck your mother in her cunt, Ted!" Arlene urged, grinding her cunt up and down on his cock in a frenzy. "Suck her pussy… eat your mother's hairy snatch, Ted! Ooooh, this is so fucking good, Peggy! I can't get his cock deep enough!"

Ted was almost smothered by the way his mother pressed her pussy into his face, sliding it back and forth. His tongue tasted her pussy from clit to asshole, and his aunt was fucking on his cock so hard, his ass felt as if it were being flattened to the floor. He buried his face into his mother's crotch, lifting his arms behind Peggy's hips. He clutched her ass, pulling the cheeks open. With the heat rumbling through his young body, he began to suck frantically at his mother's asshole, his tongue flicking at the pucker. Placing his lips tightly around the crinkle, he sucked, and then without any seeming effort, Ted ran his tongue up his mother's asshole.

Peggy yelped, her eyes bulging.

"Oh, my God… right up my fucking ass!" she cried out. "Ted has his tongue up my ass, Arlene!"

"Ooooo, suck her hot asshole, Ted!" Arlene hissed. "Eat her tight, hot asshole! Fuck her in that asshole… tongue the shit out of her fucking asshole, baby!"

Ted fucked his tongue in and out of his mother's asshole, his chin buried into her fiery cunt. He closed the smooth cheeks of his mother's ass about his face, then spread them again, only to close them around his mouth once more. His tongue fucked in and out like a cock. His balls felt painful, his cock burning. He could hear the ecstatic cries and moans of his mother and aunt, despite the way his mother clamped her silky thighs about his head.

"I can't stand much more!" Peggy wailed, her ass twisting hard into her son's face. "I'm going to come! Ohhh, shit, ant I ever going to come!"

With a cry, Peggy's cunt convulsed. The spasms sent a tightness to her asshole, and Ted's tongue was buried deep into it. The squeezing of his mother's asshole on his tongue sent a crackling fire down his body.

"Oooo, I'm coming!" Peggy screamed. "I'm getting tongue-fucked in my asshole and it's making me come! Ohhh, baby, suck my ass! Suck Mother's asshole! My cunt… ohhh, my cunt!"

Arlene screamed out, smashing her cunt down onto her nephew's cock hard, grinding frantically. Her blonde pussy grabbed at his prick, at the base, and sucked upward, the rippling spasms drawing the hot spurts of cum out of Ted's bubbling balls. Each spurt of his come juice splashing into her pussy sent Arlene's naked body into shuddering rapture, drawing her orgasm out until it was almost painful.

Ted, coming like a geyser, tongued his mother in the ass vigorously, strained his cock into his aunt's cunt and his mouth into his mother's ass. His young body was stiff, very stiff, tremors rumbling through him.

Peggy, weak from the surprise of her orgasm, slumped to one side, a hand behind her, cupping between the cheeks of her ass. Her lovely face had an awed sort of expression on it, but one of delight, too. Arlene sat astride her nephew, her cunt slowly calming down as his cock softened inside it. She hung her head, breathing hard and deep, sobbing with joy.

"Oh, Ted, it was so good!" Arlene whispered, leaning over and placing her mouth on his, sucking at his lips. "Mmmm, I taste cunt and asshole on you mouth, baby." Her tongue flicked out, licking about his mouth, whimpers purring from her throat.

Slowly, she lifted her ass, and Ted's cock dropped from her cunt.

"Poor baby," Arlene soothed, caressing his empty balls. "I bet I almost did blister this beautiful cock, didn't I? You have no idea what this means to me, Ted. You're a fantastic fuck for a young kid. Did you know that?"

Ted grinned, proud of himself. Looking at Peggy, Arlene said: "I'm glad he caught us, Peggy. If he hadn't, this might not have happened. But now that it… I don't want to give it up."

"I don't intend to give it up," Peggy said. "Then I can…" Arlene flushed slightly. "I don't want to beg, but I… oh, Peggy, can I fuck him again?"

"Now?" Peggy asked, laughing in pleasure. "I don't know if he can do it again so soon. We've drained his balls kind of fast, you know."

"I mean… later… like tomorrow, and the next day, and the next and…"

"Whoa, slow down, Arlene," Peggy laughed. "Of course you can. I doubt my son will mind. In fact, I think he'd love it."

"Yeah," Ted laughed, looking from his mother to his aunt. "I sure would! Wow, two hot cunts!"

"Lucky fucking kid, aren't you?" His mother laughed and leaned over to kiss him, too. "Arlene, you're right. I can taste asshole and pussy on his mouth, too."

Arlene went to her knees, writhing her naked ass as she looked steamily at her nephew. Peggy saw her sister's cunt dripping, and without saying anything, flipped onto her back and scooted her head between those silky thighs. She buried her mouth into her sister's cunt, and sucked. She licked and sucked her son's cock cream from her sister's cunt and swallowed it.

"I couldn't stand to see that cum running out of your pussy, Arlene," she said as she pulled her face away, wiping daintily at her mouth. "I can't stand to see his jizz wasted that way."

"I hate it, but I've got to leave," Arlene said softly, trailing her fingers about her nephew's cock and balls. "I'd love to stay a while and get fucked again."

"Why leave, then?" Ted asked.

"I have to, damn it," Arlene replied, gathering up her clothing. "Henry will be wanting his dinner." Ted watched his aunt dress with interest, and Arlene made it a show for him, with wiggles and twists, grinning wantonly, her eyes filled with erotic promises.

When she was ready to leave, she stood and looked at her sister and nephew, then said: "Ted, would you do that to me next time?"

"Do what?" he asked.

"You know, your tongue… up my asshole?"

"Hey, sure!" he replied. "I like it. Sure, I'll stick my tongue up your asshole, Aunt Arlene!" Arlene purred with pleasure, tousling her nephew's hair. Ted, still sitting on the floor, shoved his hands up her legs under her skirt, cupping her naked ass, squeezing the asscheeks. "I'll stick my tongue up your asshole now, if you want."

Breathless, Arlene jerked her skirt to her waist and turned her back to her nephew, bending over, wiggling her naked ass. Peggy was smiling as she watched her son bury his face into Arlene's ass. Arlene gave a squeal when she felt her nephew's tongue lap up and down her ass, then probe at the tight pucker. Her eyes fluttered when she felt Ted's tongue slip into her asshole.

"Ohhh, yes, baby!" she mewled, then suddenly pulled away and smoothed her skirt. "I can't stay, damn it. I bet I'd come like a hose if you kept it up."

She moved to the door, reluctant to go. "I can come back tomorrow, right?" she asked, as if afraid her sister would refuse. "I've got to come back. I can't give this up."

Peggy got to her feet, taking her sister's hand in her own, then kissed Arlene's soft mouth. "Maybe I should call in the morning, to remind you. You might forget."

"Are you kidding?" Arlene said, wiggling in delight. "Forget to come here… for that cock? You've got to be out of your mind, Peggy!"

"Then go," Peggy said, grinning as she slapped her sister on the ass. "You forgot to put your panties on."

"I may never wear panties again," Arlene said dreamily as she left.


By noon the next day, Peggy and her son began to wonder why Arlene had not come over, or even called. Peggy knew that her sister, as excited as she was about fucking Ted, would have been there early, planning on spending the whole day with them, fucking and licking and sucking.

In anticipation, Ted had showered and now wore only his jockey shorts. Peggy, too, had bathed, and wore her robe. She and her son had talked through the night and this morning about Arlene, making erotic plans that were impossible to accomplish, yet inflamed their passions until Ted had fucked his mother many times, making her tender cunt slightly sore from all the friction. But Peggy loved it, and couldn't get enough of his cock.

"I'll call," Peggy told her son. "I know you're anxious to get another crack at her cunt."

When she called, Henry answered. He told his Aunt Peggy that his mother and father would be out for the day, but that his stepfather had to fly out late that afternoon for some kind of business. Then he wanted to talk to Ted.

When Ted hung up, he told his mother: "He wants to come over, damn it to hell."

"What's wrong with that? You two are thick as thieves."

"Yeah, I know, Mom," Ted frowned. "But I don't wanna be with him today. I was looking forward to being with you and Aunt Arlene."

Peggy cuddled her son tightly. "Baby, you can't forget about your friends just because of what's happening. You can't spend all day and night fucking. You've got to play sometime."

"I'd rather play with you and Aunt Arlene, Mom," he said.

"I understand, more than you know," she replied, kissing the top of his head. "If I'd had you around when I was a teenager, I'd have lost my cherry fast, I bet."

"Cherry," he giggled. "I bet I can get a cherry."

"Oh, is that right?" Peggy asked, amused. "Now you think you're a real stud, huh? Because you can fuck me and your Aunt Arlene, you think you can stick that cock up any cunt, don't you?"

"No, Mom, I'm right," he said. "I know this girl… at school. She's so pretty it hurts. She likes me, too. And I didn't know it before, but I do now."

"That she liked you?"

"No, I mean something else. She whispered to me a week ago that I could touch her if I wanted to. I was kind of embarrassed then. If she asked me to touch her now, you can believe I will! Right on her cunt!"

Peggy laughed and hugged him.

"Do it, then," she said. "If she wants you to feel her up, feel her up. You do that and I bet you can have your cock in her little cunt soon."

"Is it okay?"

"Of course," Peggy said. "Never turn down a hot piece of ass, darling."

"Then I'll do it," Ted said.

"And, baby," Peggy said softly, "bring her home with you."

"You mean…"

Peggy grinned lewdly. "We'll both feel her up, and maybe I'll suck her hot little twat."

"Oh, wow!" Ted gurgled, hugging his mother. "Just like with Aunt Arlene!"

"You got it, baby."

The door bell clattered.

"Oh, slit!" Ted said. "Henry is here, and we're not even dressed."

"Does it matter?" Peggy said, going to the door. "If you want… well, how about Henry?"

"Mom, Aunt Arlene would kill us!"

"Somehow I don't think so," Peggy said, and she opened the door to admit her nephew. "Come in, Henry."

Henry came in, and stopped short when he saw Ted in his jockey shorts. "Hey, it's past noon. How come you're not dressed?"

Ted didn't answer. Peggy closed the door, and her eyes took on a smoldering excitement as she looked at her nephew's young body. Henry was about the same size as her son, their ages almost equal. Since Henry was facing Ted, and she was behind him, Peggy opened her robe. Ted saw what she was doing, and had a problem keeping from giggling.

"You won't be dressed, either, in a minute," Peggy said in a low voice.

Henry turned, and his eyes bulged, his throat working as he gulped in surprise. He was staring at Peggy's nakedness. She stood holding her robe wide open, her tits high on her chest, the curls of her cunt gleaming.

"Oh, hey now!" Henry choked, his eyes moving up and down Peggy's exposed body hotly.

Peggy lowered her eyes, looking at the front of his jeans. She watched his young cock swell inside them, hardening along the left side. Henry didn't move, didn't blush, but stood and stared at her with those big eyes, letting his cock harden without being bashful about it.

"Want to fuck?" Peggy asked bluntly.

"Hey now!" Henry gurgled, glancing aver his shoulder at his cousin.

Ted had removed his shorts as Henry was staring at his mother, and his cock was up and hard, too. He was running his fist up and down his stiff prick.

"You wanna fuck my Mom?" Ted asked. "She's a good fuck. Go on, Henry, fuck my mom if you wanna."

"Hey, wow!" Henry groaned, his hands working at his belt, fumbling hurriedly, his eyes back on his aunt's body.

"Let me," Peggy said throatily, dropping her robe to the floor and stepping toward Henry. "Let me help you, darling."

Henry stood still, trembling with excitement, watching his aunt's naked tits bobble with movement. Peggy opened his belt, then his pants. She shoved them down, purring with hunger as she saw his stiff cock spring free. Like her son, Henry was almost hairless, but his balls looked full and hot. The smooth head of his cock was swollen, arching upward at her, his piss-hole wet with seeping juices.

"Beautiful," Peggy breathed, closing her fist about his cock. "I love a beautiful hard-on, Henry."

Henry didn't mind that Ted was there watching. He didn't seem to think anything about the fact that his aunt was naked, holding his cock, with Ted there watching them, or that Peggy wanted to fuck him. He had no interest in Ted at the moment, and he was so hot, he wouldn't care who was there watching. He wanted to plunge his cock into his Aunt Peggy's cunt and fuck her right now.

Peggy saw it in his eyes, on his face. With a giggle, she dropped to her knees, licking her hot tongue about his cock and young balls. Henry groaned as he looked down at her, and gasped when his aunt pulled his cock into her mouth, sucking it with wetness, her tongue sliding about the seeping piss-hole.

"Mmmmmm, tastes good," Peggy purred, then went to her back, spreading her legs wide, lifting her ass and showing her hairy cunt to her nephew. "Fuck me, Henry. Fuck me right now!"

Henry glanced at Ted, then back at Peggy. "Now! Fuck me right now, I said!" Peggy hissed, reaching for him.

Henry dropped between her thighs, and Peggy gabbed his stiff prick swiftly, bringing it to her cunt. Henry groaned as the wet heat covered his prick, and then he settled over her, pumping his ass frantically, fucking his cock in and out of his Aunt Peggy's greedy cunt. Peggy drew one knee back, all the way to her shoulder. Ted watched his cousin's cock stabbing vigorously into his mother's hairy cunt, his own cock gripped very tightly in his fist inside his briefs.

Peggy clutched at her nephew, one hand on his bouncing, naked ass, the other around the back of his head. She kept her knee drawn way back, knowing her son could see Henry's cock fucking into her cunt this way. She twisted and lifted her ass, ramming up and down with vigorous movements. The friction of Henry's cock sliding along the sensitive lips of her hairy cunt sent her into tremors.

"Ohhhh, fuck it, fuck it!" she squealed with hoarse excitement. "Oh, Henry, ram it to me, baby! Ahhhh, you're so fucking hard… so fucking long! My cunt wants it, Henry! My cunt wants your beautiful, hard cock so much! Fuck me… fuck the piss out of me!"

Henry, grunting with ecstasy, his eyes wobbling and burning as he glanced at Ted, found his hips jerking up and down of their own volition. He couldn't believe he had his cock inside a cunt, especially his aunt's cunt. For some time, ever since he discovered his ability to come so nicely, he had jacked off with the image of his Aunt Peggy in his young mind. Now it was happening for real, and he was almost out of his mind with ecstasy.

Ted's cock bulged in hardness as he watched his cousin fucking his mother. His balls were full and painful, but seeing his mother's naked ass bounce on the floor, the way she squirmed and strained her cunt as tight as she could onto Henry's cock, told him he should wait his turn.

Peggy twisted her head on the floor, her fingers digging into her nephew's flexing ass, squeezing it as she sobbed with delight. Her knotted clit was being scraped and smashed by the hardness of Henry's cock.

"I can't stand it, it's so good!" Peggy cried out. "Ohhhh, I want so much more! Fuck me hard, Henry! Ahhhh, pound that lovely hard cock in my cunt! Beat my fucking cunt with your cock! Oooooh, so fucking good!"

Ted knew the signs by now. He knew his mother was swiftly approaching orgasm. He leaned forward, his hand inside his tight shorts and gripping his raging hard-on. The way her hairy cunt jerked up and down, sliding back and forth on his cousin's cock, excited him. Seeing his mother getting fucked gave him a feverish tingle that ran from his toes to the top of his head. The wet sounds excited him as much as what he could see.

"Grab her ass, Henry!" he called out. "Grab Mom's ass and hold on, squeeze her fucking ass! She gonna come! You're about to make her come, Henry! Grab her hot ass and hold on, and fuck her! Drive your cock right up her hairy, wet pussy, fuck that cunt!"

Straining toward an orgasm, Peggy shot her son a hot glance, her lips parted as she panted. "Ohhhh, tell him, Ted! Tell him to fuck the shit out of me! Ahhh, I'm getting close! Tell Henry to fuck me!"

Shaking her ass wildly, Peggy gripped Henry's naked ass tightly, banging her cunt up at his cock hard, and then she began to grind as loud sobs of mindless ecstasy poured out of her mouth. She sobbed louder when her nephew's hand squeezed at her ass.

"Now! Ohhhhh, come now!" she screamed. "My cunt… is… I'm coming now! Hurry, Henry, come with me!"

Henry's head raised as he strained into his aunt's squeezing cunt. His eyes closed, but his mouth fell open as he fucked his cock as hard and deep as he could into her gripping, spasming cunt. With a loud, drawn-out groan, he came. His cum spurted hotly along the satiny walls of her hungry pussy, drenching it with the juices of his young balls. Peggy felt it through the ecstasy of her orgasm, and screamed for more. She had both her hands clutching his tightness now, her long legs lifted and wrapped about him, her naked ass grinding in a frenzy.

Peggy slumped. Her ass thumped against the floor, and her arms dropped away, spread, her knees parting wide. She lay on her back, sprawled naked. On top of her, Henry was gasping heavily, his cock deflating inside her cunt, and he moaned softly as the contractions of it began to squeeze his prick free.

Her head was turned toward her son, but her eyes weren't focused yet. Her expression was glowing with pleasure, the tip of her pink tongue flicking about her lips as she rested, her body still shaking gently.

"Oh, that was a real fucking!" she purred as her nephew pulled off her. "Henry, you're good. A few more times fucking me, and you're going to be damned good!"

"Mom, you're gonna have to do something about my hard-on now," Ted said in a thick voice. Peggy's eyes finally focused, and she gazed at her son's hard cock.

"I will, baby," she promised. "You know I will. Take your shorts off, Ted."

Ted scrambled from his shorts, his cock raging with hardness, his balls tight and full. He stood looking down at his mother's naked body, eyes smoldering and anxious. Peggy ran her hand up her son's thigh and gently fondled his balls, feeling how full and hot they were. She then closed her fist about his prick and pumped it, watching the pre-cum seep and drip from the slit of his piss-hole. Ted was standing above her head, and a drop of his juice landed on her lips. Purring with delight, Peggy licked it away. Henry was on his side, watching with interest, his cock starting to swell again.

Peggy reached for her nephew's cock and jacked both boys slowly, feeling Henry's cock slippery with their fuck-juices. Holding two cocks – very young cocks and very hard cocks – in her hands together created an intense, erotic feeling within Peggy. She had never fondled two cocks before at the same time, and she decided she enjoyed it very much.

Ted arched his hips forward, watching his mother jerking both him and his cousin, her naked body squirming on the floor. Her tits seemed to lift up, swell out, and her nipples remained stiff, jutting up in hardness. Her long, slim legs were wide open, her bushy cunt on display in a wanton manner. Desire flooded through her again. She was greedy, she knew, but that didn't matter. Her son was always ready for her, and now so was her nephew.

"Fuck me, Ted," she said softly, but with urgency.

"Yeah," Ted moaned.

"Up the ass," Peggy whispered throatily. "Fuck Mother up the ass."

"You mean in your… asshole, Mom?"

"Oh, yes!" Peggy gurgled.

Ted didn't have to think about it. If his mother wanted his cock up her tight asshole, he would shove it there. He nodded, his eyes gleaming.

Henry rose to his knees, interested.

As Ted dropped to his knees, Peggy released their cocks and twisted over, drawing her knees under her body, scooting her lovely naked ass into the air. Both boys gazed at her spreading asscheeks, watching her crinkled asshole flex and pucker.

"Watch this, Henry," Ted said, and leaned down, shoving his face into the crack of his mother's ass. He licked at her asshole, sucking at the ass ring with his lips. Peggy gasped with delight, shaking her ass as she pushed it into her son's face. She rested her shoulders and head on the floor and shoved her hands to her ass, pulling the shapely ass cheeks as wide as she could, giving her son total access to her asshole. Henry watched with big eyes, seeing Ted's darting tongue lapping about the crack of Peggy's ass, tasting her asshole.

Ted was grinning. "You ain't tasted nothing until you suck a hot cunt or asshole, Henry," Ted said. "Especially my mom!"

"Let me kiss it!" Henry said eagerly.

"Later!" Peggy cried out, shaking her ass. "Ohhhh, please, Ted – fuck my ass! Henry can suck it later! Both of you can suck my asshole… but fuck it now, baby! Oh, please hurry and fuck me in the ass! My asshole is on fire, and I want to feel your hard cock fucking it!"

"We gotta wait," Ted said, and lifted his cock, brushing the swollen cockhead along the slit of his mother's cunt, drawing it upward. He rubbed into the crack of his mother's ass, sliding the head of his cock over her tingling asshole, to her spine, then down again. He placed the head of his cock against her ass ring, and groaned with this new feeling.

"Oooooo, yes, baby!" Peggy whimpered as she felt her son's cock pushing into her asshole. She pushed with him, her fingers clawing at the carpet, eyes tight, holding her breath. The pressure increased, and she waited for the pain, but she was determined to get his cock up her ass. "Push! Push hard… hurry and stab me up the ass!"

Ted gripped his mother's hip, staring down between the cheeks of her ass. Henry was leaning over, his eyes just as huge. They watched the ring of Peggy's asshole sink inward, and listened to her panting.

Peggy felt the head of her son's cock pushing, and then it seemed as if her asshole was suddenly opened, stretched. The head of his cock fucked in, and she cried out. There was no pain, to her surprise. Her asshole was stretched, but it clung tightly to her son's cock.

Ted lunged, and his cock fucked deeply into his mother's fiery asshole, his loaded balls smashing against her cunt. Peggy cried out again, and rammed her uplifted ass back at him, lifting her head when the alien sensations flooded her ass guts.

"Oh, God, it's wonderful!" she hissed. "I can feel you! Your cock seems so fucking big, so long, so hard… up my asshole! Ahhhh, Ted, fuck my ass! Fuck Mother up the asshole! Ooooh, why didn't I take your cock up my ass before? Ram me… stab me… fuck me in the ass!"

Gripping his mother's hips, the boy ran his cock back and forth. Each fuck-lunge brought sobs of ecstasy from Peggy, and she twisted and rotated her naked ass, eager for anything they wanted to do to her. The friction of her son's cock inside her asshole, the way his balls slapped at her juicy cunt thrilled Peggy. She realized she had found a new and different way to be satisfied. She knew she would take her son's cock up her asshole as often as she could, and when he finished, she wanted her nephew to plunge his cock up her asshole, too. She wanted them to take turns fucking her in the ass, make her asshole tingle and burn for hours.

She remembered Henry, watching as Ted fucked her ass, his cock swollen, slippery with the juices of her cunt and his jism. Her hand moved, and she found her nephew's cock. She squeezed it hard while her son fucked her ass. She felt Henry's cock throbbing, then cupped his balls, finding them full and hot again.

"Henry, come here!" she groaned, puffing at his cock.

Henry moved, unable to do anything else. He didn't know what his aunt wanted, but she was puffing at his cock, so he had to move. Peggy drew her nephew to her head, her eyes wet with joy.

"Sit down here," she said, her words breathless, since her son was still fucking at her asshole.

Henry sat at his aunt's head, his legs spread along her shoulders. His cock reared up in hardness, glistening with fuck-slime, his beautiful, his hairless balls full and tight.

"Suck hum, Mom!" her son gasped, ramming powerfully into her asshole. "Suck his cock, Mom! Take us both… up the ass and in the mouth!"

"I will!" Peggy cried out.

She wrapped her arms about her nephew's hips, her hands holding the cheeks of his ass, and plunged her face into his crotch. She made sounds of ecstasy as she mouthed at Henry's crotch, licking and kissing under his balls, at his balls, her hot, wet tongue licking swiftly, tasting the juices of her pussy and his balls together. While her son fucked faster and harder up her asshole, she gave a hungry sound and filled her mouth with Henry's throbbing hard-on, sliding her lips down it to the base. Henry grunted with pleasure, leaning back to watch his aunt's mouth sucking up and down his cock.

Peggy was filled with rapture, filled with cock. She clung to her nephew's trembling young ass and sucked up and down his prick, her tongue licking the hard prickshaft, at his swollen prickhead, her tongue lapping up the oozing juices from his piss-hole. Her body shook with feverish rapture as she strained her ass to her son, her mouth to her nephew. Her mind spun with the depraved thing she was doing, with what they were doing to her body. Being filled with two cocks, those of her son and nephew, was fantastic, something Peggy wanted to happen again and again. She would, she knew, always be available to let them both at any time of the day or night.

Her sister didn't matter to her at this moment. Besides, after what she and her son had been doing with Arlene, Peggy knew Arlene wouldn't mind that her son was involved, too.

"Suck, his cock off, Mom!" Ted was gasping hotly. "Make him come in your fucking mouth! Eat his cock, Mom! Swallow his jizz!"

Henry was squirming about, watching his aunt sucking up and down his cock with greed. Peggy was moaning, her mouth filled with the sweet hardness of this young cock, the other cock fucking into her asshole deliciously. In her mind, she was getting fucked not only in her asshole and mouth, but her cunt as well. Digging into her nephew's ass with her fingers, one of them pressing at the tightness of his little asshole, she devoured his cock, feeling another orgasm rumbling through her body. The powerful thrust of her son's cock up her asshole was banging her head forward, causing Henry's cock to fuck into her throat. Her flesh was rippling with rapture, and she was dripping juices out of her cunt and down her inner thighs. Each time her son's balls smacked upon her cunt, his cock so deep, and Henry's throbbing hard-on in her mouth, she would almost come.

Then she did come.

The feeling of her orgasm seemed impossible, but it was happening. She gave a wet, husky scream around Henry's cock, but the sound was cut off as his cum spurted across her tongue. Almost at the same time, her son came, splashing hot jism into her hot asshole.

Peggy was drinking cum out of her nephew's cock as fast as it gushed, sucking frantically, and taking her son's exploding cum into her asshole with ecstasy, her cunt contracting hotly until her orgasm was almost too painful to bear. Yet she did bear it… it became better and better until she was sure it would drive, her out of her mind. She sucked and gobbled on her nephew's cum-spraying cock, the taste of his jism enhancing her orgasm, still feeling the hot cock cream spurting up her asshole as her son kept fucking her ass.


Henry wasn't told about his mother. Peggy was hoping to surprise him, and she was hoping Arlene would go for it. If Arlene was anything like her, and Peggy knew she was, she would welcome Henry's cock as she had Ted's.

She had not told Henry that his mother had called, saying she would be coming over immediately.

She had told her son, though, and Ted was delighted to be in on this with his mother. He was as anxious as his mother was to see what Henry would do, his reaction, when his mother showed up.

All three had showered, but Peggy refused to let Henry dress, even in his shorts. Not that he was in any hurry to dress; he was pleased to run about naked in front of his beautiful aunt, his cock and balls swinging freely. And enjoyed seeing her naked, too. Ted was shaking with anticipation, grinning at his mother and watching his cousin.

When Arlene arrived, she walked right in, without ringing the bell, just as Peggy had suggested she do.

Henry had his back to the door, his cock hard as he stood before the couch, upon which sat Peggy and Ted. He was fondling his cock and balls at his aunt's suggestion. Peggy sat with her legs wide open so he could gaze into her pussy as an inducement. At her side, Ted, too, had a hard-on, but he was fondling his mother's naked tits, sucking one.

As Arlene entered, she froze, seeing her son's naked ass there in front of her. Her eyes went over her son's shoulder to Peggy, who was grinning mischievously. For a moment Arlene was dumfounded, but then as her eyes swung back to her son's ass, seeing how tight and young it was, her eyes took on a steamy glow, and she ran her tongue over her lips, a grin spreading over her beautiful face. She lifted a finger of silence to her lips for Peggy and Ted, who really didn't need the gesture.

Arlene was still dressed as she had been while out with her husband. It was a lovely dress, split up each thigh, halfway to her hips. Her tits were molded by the tightness of it, and the way her nipples pushed out, it was obvious she had no bra on. As she stared at her son's naked ass, knowing he was jerking on his cock, Arlene lifted her dress to her waist. She was naked under it, her blonde cunt ready. She wore a garter belt with nylons, and she had high heels on. Her dress was tight enough to stay about her waist as she reached behind and unzipped it, shrugging it from her shoulders. Her tits were free now, her pink nipples jutting up into hardness. With her tits free, her dress around her waist, she moved silently toward her son's back.

When she pressed up against his back, pushing her blonde cunt at him, her tits on his shoulders, she reached in front of Henry and pulled his hand off his cock, taking it in her own.

"Need some help with this, darling?" she whispered, squeezing her son's cock.

Henry gasped, going stiff, fear in his young eyes.

"Don't move," Arlene whispered, stroking her son's cock and looking over his shoulders at it. "Let me feel it! God, baby, I had no idea you had such a nice cock!"

"Mother!" Henry finally managed to groan. "Hush," Arlene purred, feeling his balls in one hand, pumping his cock with the other. She rubbed her cunt at his ass, her tits on his shoulders. "Can you feel what I'm rubbing on you, Henry?"

He gulped, and nodded, not knowing what to do.

"That's titties, Henry," Arlene said thickly. "That's Mother's titties, and lower, well that's Mother's hot cunt!"

Peggy and Ted watched, pleased with Henry's reaction once his fear was over. He squirmed and twisted in his mother's arms until he was facing her, his face almost in her naked tits. Arlene clung to his cock as he stood there, trembling, red-faced. She smiled down at her son, pulling at his prick, rubbing the seeping piss-hole about the flesh of her creamy thighs above her nylons.

"Suck Mother's titties," Arlene urged, rubbing a sugary nipple over her son's mouth. "Go on… suck my tittie!"

With a moan, Henry closed his mouth, over his mother's pink nipple, and tried to swallow it. Arlene purred. Henry shoved his hands past his mother's waist and cupped her tight, beautiful ass.

"Ohhhh, baby, nice," Arlene purred, looking over her son's head as Peggy lay back on the couch, spreading her thighs. Ted was getting into position to fuck his mother, his cock raging hard.

Ted, with his face turned to watch his aunt and cousin, moved his cock to his mother's cunt. Peggy grasped his prick and fitted it to her pussy, lifting her hips to take it. She let out a sigh of pleasure on Ted's cock slipped into her cunt. Arlene's eyes burned and became slightly unfocused as she watched Ted's cock fucking into Peggy's cunt, and she pulled Henry's young prick between her thighs, squeezing it between them. She watched as Ted's bare ass began to pump up and down.

"Henry?" Arlene whispered against the top of her son's head. "Henry, will you fuck me?"

Henry pulled his mouth off his mother's tit, looking up into her flushed, hungry face. He held her naked ass, and with a big grin, nodded his head.

"Oh, baby!" Arlene sobbed, hugging him. "Mother wants you to fuck her, darling! God, do I want you to fuck me!"

Stepping back from her son, she shoved at her tight dress until it pooled at her feet. Henry swallowed loudly as he stared at his mother, seeing the golden hair of her cunt, her straining tits with those deliciously pink nipples. His cock jerked up and down. Arlene parted her thighs, her fingers sliding though the silky hairs of her cunt, and she pulled the juicy cunt lips open, her clit straining outward.

"Peggy," she said, "you're a bitch for doing this. But…" She grinned wickedly. "I'm glad you did. I might not have had the nerve to do it alone." She turned her eyes back to her son, who was staring in awe at her golden-haired cunt. "Henry, if you think your Aunt Peggy has a hot cunt, you've got to try this one! Ooooh, baby, you're going to fuck Mother… fuck me right now!"

Arlene dropped to her knees before her son, and leaned forward. She flicked her tongue over the tip of her son's cock, tasting the seeping fluids from his piss-hole. With a moan, she pulled his cock into her mouth, sucking it deeply. Her blue eyes looked up blazingly at her pleased son. Cupping the cheeks of his ass, Arlene began to suck at her son's cock, mewling with the taste. After she sucked awhile, she pulled her mouth way, and swirled her tongue about his hot, full balls.

"Henry," she mewled, rubbing her face at her son's cock and balls, still holding his ass, "after I fuck your beautiful young cock, I'm going to suck it off, and I want you to have a big, hot load of cum for me! Mother loves a hot cum-load gushing down her throat. I want to fuck you and suck you, make you come in my cunt and mouth and over my titties and Arlene was overcome with passion." She swallowed her son's cock again, trying to stuff his balls into her mouth along with it.

"Mother," Henry said in a thick voice, watching her devour his cock, "I fucked Aunt Peggy in the ass!"

Arlene pulled her mouth from his prick, glancing at her sister, then up at her son.

"And you can fuck me in the ass, too!" she said. "You can do anything to me that you can do with my sister! More, if you want to!"

Peggy, with her son's cock stabbing at her cunt, said: "Arlene, this isn't a fucking contest. Just enjoy it, the way I am. Come on, fuck that kid before he comes off in your cock-sucking face, then we'll switch partners, and take them both up the ass!"

"You're right. Peggy," Arlene giggled lewdly, sprawling on her hands and knees, facing Peggy. She waggled her lovely, naked ass, turning to look at her son. "Come on, Henry, stuff your sweet cock up Mother's cunt! Fuck me, baby!"

Henry dropped behind his mother's creamy ass, still awed by her beauty, and thrilled that he was going to fuck her. He ran his palm along his mother's bushy, wet cunt, making Arlene squeal with readiness. He felt of her golden cunt a moment, then moved his cock to her pussy.

"Fuck me, damn it!" Arlene groaned, arching her cunt up and back for her son. "Fuck the piss out of Mother – now!"

When she felt her son's cock fuck into her cunt for the first time, Arlene screamed.

"I'm coming already! I don't believe it, but my cunt is… ooooh, I'm coming so fast!"

With her cunt contracting tightly on his cock, Ted began to ram back and forth, clutching her twisting hips. He rammed his cock hard, driving the air from his mother's lungs. Each thrust of his cock sent Arlene's head closer to Peggy's face. Peggy reached out to her sister and cupped a dangling tit. While her son fucked at her pussy hard, Peggy pursed her lips.

Arlene, with a low moan of ecstasy, pressed her mouth to those lovely lips of her sister, and they began to suck at each other's tongue, each taking her own son's cock into her overheated cunt. They squealed and thrashed about with rapture, sobbing out their pleasures, humping their cunts to meet the boy's strong, young pricks.

The wanton things they were doing with Ted and Henry caused it to be fast, but that didn't matter. They had all night, the next day, and for as many more days and nights as they wanted.

"Ohhh, Mom, I'm coming!" Ted groaned, spurting cum into his mother's convulsing pussy. "Ahhhh, your cunt is sucking my cock, Mom! I'm coming so fucking hard!"

"I'm gonna come in my mother's cunt, too!" Henry yelled from behind his mother's jerking ass. "I'm gonna fill her cunt up!"

Their lips pulled apart, and Peggy grabbed her son's pounding ass with both hands, straining her contracting cunt onto his jizz-spewing cock and gulping with erotic sensations.

"Fuck me!" Arlene yelled over her shoulder at her son. "Fuck Mother harder! Ohhh, God, I'm still coming! Give it to me, Henry! Ram your cock to Mother's cunt… come in my fucking cunt, baby!"

With a grunt, Henry spurted scalding cock cream into his mother's pussy. He strained hard, and Arlene shot a hand below her rippling stomach and to his balls. She gripped her son's balls, pulling on them, urging him to flood her cunt with all he had.

There were soft breathing sounds as the four calmed down, each sprawled lewdly. They should have been tired, but none seemed that way.

Within a few minutes, Henry said: "Mother, you said you'd suck my cock off."

"Mmmmm, I did say that, didn't I?" Arlene purred, sliding around and leaning over her son, who was flat on his back. "I'll suck it off right now."

She closed her mouth about his slippery cock and began sucking, feeling it grow inside her mouth.

"Want to take turns sucking them off, Arlene!" Peggy asked. "Switch around with them?"

Arlene raised her head, looking at her sister. "Later, I do. Right now, I want to suck my son off, taste his sweet jizz. Let me suck him off, and then we'll trade… take it up the ass and mouth and anything they want to do with us."

There was an immediate agreement, and Arlene filled her mouth with her son's cock, sucking vigorously, desperate to have him shoot cum in her mouth now.

Peggy leaned to her son, and pulled his cock into her mouth, sucking it deeply.

They made wet sounds as they sucked their sons' cocks.

Ted and Henry's eyes moved from one face to the other, watching what their mothers were doing with them, both pleased.

The two sisters gazed at each other, both with their mouths filled with young, hard cock, and a new understanding was in their eyes. They agreed, with their eyes, that this was one thing they would never give up, no matter what.