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Eat out with mom

Kathy Andrews

Kathy Andrews

Eat out with mom


Peggy was furious.

She was mad, angry, very pissed.

Stomping around her room, she flung a pillow against the far wall, knocking a picture to the floor, and she didn't care if it shattered into a zillion pieces.

All these years and she never knew. A sister… a baby sister she had no idea she had.

A baby sister coming to stay with them. No, to live with them!

To live with her and Tommy for years and years and years! It would be as if a stranger walked into their home and stayed put.

The call had come the day before, telling Peggy of the death of her parents, along with the information that she was the beneficiary of their estate, divided evenly between her and this baby sister. The money would certainly come in handy, but what in the world would she do with a baby sister? A girl hardly in her teens.

The longstanding animosity between her and her parents, had happened fifteen years ago…

Peggy had allowed a boy she liked very much to slip her panties off, to fondle her. She had become very aroused, and by the time the boy had put her hand on his cock, she was wanting it almost desperately. She had never been so aroused in her life.

When the boy had spread her young body out on the back seat of the car, she had lain there passively, breathing hard. Her young cunt had been vibrating so deliciously that she couldn't stand it. She had to feel his cock inside her virgin cunt, fucking her.

She had given in, and the results of her mindless night of passion on the back seat of a car was her son, Tommy.

It was also the beginning of her break with her parents.

She was no longer welcome in the home she had grown up in, and neither was her son. She had moved out, taking only her clothing and what little savings she had from babysitting jobs. With very little money and a baby, she had ridden a crowded, stinking bus over a hundred miles to a new town and a new life.

It had been hard on her, very hard, but she worked hard, endured with a bulldog like tenacity, and with sheer grit, had overcome her poverty situation until now she and Tommy were somewhat comfortable, owning her own home and a reasonably new car and Tommy had friends.

And now, a baby sister!

As crazy as it seemed, Peggy had gotten herself fucked once in her life, and only once. She had lived that wild night on the back seat of the car many, many times, straining her cunt onto her fingers and come with hot waves of sweet ecstasy. Her fingers satisfied her, but only to some small degree. Her fingers would never be a satisfactory substitute for a hard, hot, thick cock.

Thirty years old, and only fucked once.

It was worse than being an old maid at thirty years old. At least an old maid didn't know what she had been missing. Peggy knew what she had been missing all this time.

Cock was available. Being one of the more beautiful women in the town, Peggy certainly had offers. Men, single and married, sniffed around her, flirting, teasing, doing all they could to fuck her. Peggy saw trouble in every one of them. Not one of them was interested in a commitment to a woman, regardless of how beautiful she was.

She dressed modestly, in an attempt to keep those men away. She chose her dresses with care, and never bought anything revealing or too tight. She knew the people in town thought she was strange, and some even whispered that she was a lesbian.

Now with a baby sister coming to stay, the rumors would surely take off like wild fire, she knew. No one would ever believe it was her sister. Why, her sister was two years younger than her own son!

And she was arriving tomorrow.

Peggy couldn't even remember her sister's name. She had heard it once on the phone from the attorney, but now couldn't remember it.

And, if a baby sister wasn't enough, she had just found out that Tommy had his eye on her, just like the men in town.

She had caught him a week ago frying to peek at her as she bathed, sneaking to the door and pushing it open to look in as she relaxed in her tub. She had seen him looking at her, and she had been so surprised that she couldn't move for a few moments, giving her son a very long look at her tits. When she did move, she wrapped her arms about her tits and screamed at him to get out.

Then, two nights ago, she had found a pair of her panties beneath his pillow. The crotch had been wet, and she knew immediately why he had taken them. He had used them to jack off on, coming on the crotch. She had been unable to confront her son about it, and she had a difficult time looking into Tommy's eyes all day. He knew that she had found them, too, but he didn't say anything.

And then, just last night…

Peggy picked up the pillows and smoothed them out on her bed, her features softening somewhat as she sat on the edge of the bed, hands folded in her lap.

Last night, she had done something she should have been ashamed of, but wasn't.

Tommy had been lying on his back in the middle of the floor, and she had stepped over him to change the channels on the television. She could have stepped around him, but she had stepped right over his head. Not only that, but she had stayed that way for a while, knowing that her son was looking up her dress, between her legs, gazing at the crotch of her panties. She had seen his cock bulge in his jeans as she stood there, and Peggy had almost come.

She was shaking and nervous by the time she sat back down, and she couldn't concentrate on the television program. Her son had not moved, and she could see his hard-on in his pants, but he didn't glance at her at all.

Why had she stepped over his head and let him look up her dress, Peggy couldn't understand. Perhaps it was knowing that he was using her panties in order to jack off, or maybe it was due to her own longsuffering frustration. For a woman who had been fucked only once in her life, Peggy had some wild, erotic hungers that were becoming very hard to control.

Last night, alone in her bed, Peggy had given herself half a dozen orgasms with her fingers, the most she had ever experienced. And in her mind she had fantasized about her son, about his cock straining inside his pants.

She didn't think he was fucking some little girl. She wasn't sure Tommy knew any girls, at least close enough to fuck them. He was a loner, staying away from most of the boys and girls, and she felt it was due to her rumored reputation. Obviously he had heard snide comments about her, if not from boys and girls at school, then from some man he passed on the street. She had seen him come home filled with fury with his shirt torn. She had finally gotten it out of him that he had been fighting for her, protecting her with his fists against those cruel, harsh words.

She stood, looking at her reflection in the mirror. If she was a lesbian, she said to herself, then she was the most beautiful one she had ever heard about.

Peggy had rich, dark brown hair, with an oval shaped face and wide set eyes of sparkling green. Her complexion was a light olive color, and her skin satiny to the touch. She had firm tits. Her stomach was flat and her waist small.

There was nothing wrong with her looks at all.

She was lovely and desirable, even through the icy gleam in her eyes when a man made a pass at her. She grinned at her reflection, saying in her mind, If they only knew what I was really like, really wanted, they'd be lined up outside the door, day and night, weeks on end.

A bitch in heat.

The phrase slipped into her mind, and she knew it was true. She was in heat, a deep heat.

And no one to cool the fire between her thighs.

Unless… Peggy shrugged away from the mirror.

She stood near the bed, eyes closed, seeing her son's cock bulge in his pants last night. The steamy wetness in her cunt kept tormenting her, torturing her, until, she was certain she would lose her mind. She wanted to tear her clothing off and stuff everything she could find up her cunt. To fuck herself insane.

The banging of the front door drew her attention.

She heard her son moving down the hall past her room and into the hall bath. She heard the bathroom door slam, and she knew Tommy had gotten into more trouble at school.

She left her room and knocked on the bathroom door.

"Tommy, are you all right, honey?"

She heard a muffled sob.

"Tommy, answer me!" she demanded. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine, Mom."

"Are you sun?"

"Yes, I'm sure! Please, Mom, just let me use the bathroom, okay?"

She walked to the living room, knowing that he had some problems. Everytime he came home from school and went straight to the bathroom, she knew he had some difficulty. She sat down on the couch and waited, knees together, hands folded in her lap.

She looked up when he entered. "Oh, Tommy!" she gasped.

His nose was puffy and bloody. She jumped up and ran to him, taking his face in her hands and examining him closely. His upper lip was swollen, and there was a small split near the corner. "You've been fighting again!"

"Aw, it wasn't much of a fight, Mom," he said modestly.

"But you're hurt, darling."

"Only a bloody nose and split lips," he grinned. "You should have seen the other guy… not a mark on him."

"Oh, Tommy!" she said, hugging him. "You know I don't like you fighting. And you promised me you wouldn't fight anymore."

"I had to," he said, hugging her about the waist. "Mom, sometimes a guy has to fight…"

"There's never an excuse to fight," she replied softly, running her hand through his hair, kissing his forehead. "Fighting is primitive and vulgar and I don't like to see you hurt."

Tommy pulled away from her. She put her hand on his shoulder and felt him shaking.

"What was it this time?"

"Aw, just some silly comment," he replied.

"Was it about me again, darling?" She felt a shudder go through his shoulder. She turned him toward her, looking into his eyes. "Tommy, were you fighting about me again?"

Tommy glanced up at her, and she saw the torment in his young eyes.

He nodded, once, then tried to look away, but she caught his chin and held his face so he had to look at her.

"Tommy, I've told you so many times it doesn't matter what people say about me. Words can't harm me, you know that. Why can't you just walk away when you hear thou vile comments?"

"I can't, Mom," he said, his lips trembling. "I just can't walk away when they say bad things about you."

"What am I ever going to do with you?" she said softly, drawing his face close to hers.

She had not intended it to happen that way; she was going to kiss his cheek, near the split on his lip. Somehow, her lips smashed into those of her son's.

She felt her son's arms come around her waist and pull her tightly against his body. She was surprised to find her lips on his, but then she was kissing him, feverishly, holding him tightly, moaning softly. Her moist lips writhed against his, and her lower body pressed forward. She felt his cock stiffen along her upper thigh, and she couldn't pull away. She kissed him with even more passion, her hands clutching at his back.

When they pulled apart, Tommy's eyes were glazed with desire for her, and Peggy began to tremble, her legs feeling like rubber, her cunt on fire, her tits straining out with stiff nipples inside her dress and bra.

"Tommy…" she whispered.

"Mom, you're not a whore, are you?" he asked, barely loud enough for her to hear.

"A whore? Tommy, do you know what a whore is?"

He nodded. "A lady that takes money from… to… you know, to do it, Mom."

Peggy stared at him long and hard.

"And you're not a lesbian, either, are you?"

"Do you know what a lesbian is?" she countered.

"A girl that likes other girls and not men," he whispered.

Peggy felt him shaking, and he looked as if he was about to cry. She glanced down, and saw his cock pushing at the front of his jeans. She could even see it move with throbbing power.

"Tommy," she said in a shaky voice. "I'm not a whore and I'm not a lesbian. I've never touched another girl in my entire life, and only one man has ever… your father, Tommy, was the only man I've been with."

"But everyone calls you…"

"I've told you, darling, don't listen to them."

"Mom, how can I not listen."

"You're ashamed of me, aren't you?"

"No… no way, Mom."

"Tommy, about last night… when I stepped over you… it was, you know… wanted to."

"Mom, about your panties…"

"Hush," she said, putting a finger to his lips. "We have to… Tommy, I've got I need…"

Her hand fluttered downward, the back of it brushing across the front of his pants, feeling the heat of his hard on.


Tommy stood still, unmoving, staring at his mother's face.

Peggy brushed the back of her hand across his cock once more, slower this time. She felt her son respond by pressing forward. When she returned the pressure, she felt him tremble. She turned her hand, placing the palm against his cock, and a soft gasp came from him.

She lifted his hand upward. Tommy gasped when his mother placed it on her tit.

Peggy felt his hand shaking on her tit. Now she lightly closed her fingers around his cock, feeling it pulsate with heat though his pants. She increased the pressure until she was squeezing Tommy's prick. As her fingers closed tighter around his cock, his hand closed tighter on her tit.

Peggy could hardly stand, her legs feeling like rubber. She breathed deeply, her emotions soaring. She pulled her son's other hand up to her tit, and he stood clasping both. She massaged his cock with tight squeezes, her tits throbbing beneath his hands as she began to gasp for air.

"Oh, Tommy!" she cried softly. Then, feverishly, she began to yank at his belt and fly. "Tommy, baby… oh, God, darling!"

Tommy's pants dropped, but not below his hips. His cock jutted out with a powerful hardness, the swollen head twitching up and down. He clung to his mother's tits even as she stepped back to look down between them.

Peggy stared.

Her son's cock surprised her with its thick length and the swollen roundness of the head. She had not expected his cock to be so large. He was, to her, still a little boy, but he had a man-sized cock.

Tommy's cock looked gorgeous, truly gorgeous. She felt her hand itching to touch it, feel it, play with it. But all she could do was watch it jerk up and down. She saw the wetness glistening on the small slit of his pisshole, and she felt the strangest urge to lick the juices away.

"Ohhh, baby," she moaned as she tested the hardness.

"Mom, does this mean…" Tommy groaned, unable to finish.

Peggy couldn't answer him, either. All she could do was stand there shaking, holding his cock, squeezing it, while he clung to her tits. Her cunt was throbbing. She felt the wetness of her pussy seep against the crotch of her panties, and her ass was bunching up as she squeezed her thighs together. Tommy's cock felt as if it burned her hand.

With a soft gasp, Peggy began pumping her son's cock.

Tommy groaned and pushed his hips forward, digging into her tits hard, his eyes rolling.

Feeling the hard throbbing of her son's cock, she jerked faster and faster, making his balls swing and dance as they hung full and hot. The more she jerked on his cock, the more juice dripped from his pisshole. Her palm became slippery with it, making her fist slide easily on his cock. She closed her palm about the smooth head, sliding her fingers up and down the shaft. Her other hand was clinging to his shoulder, her hips swaying now.

"Tommy, please!" she whimpered, pulling hard on his cock. "Ohhh, baby, please!"

She dropped to her knees, bringing her son with her.

On their knees in the middle of the living room floor, Peggy smashed her mouth to her son's, licking at the corner of his mouth. She plunged her tongue deep into her son's mouth.

Her hand left his shoulder and darted to his waist, then his ass. She squeezed the cheek of his ass and jerked at his cock with feverish hunger. She realized that her son was too stunned by her sudden actions to initiate any of his own. She released his cock and ass, jerking her skirt upward and slipping a finger into the crotch of her panties. Then she pulled her son's cock to her cunt, trying to stuff it into her pussy as they knelt on the floor. But it didn't work.

"Tommy! Ohhh, my baby!" she sobbed, falling back, bringing her son on top of her.

She flung her legs wide apart, and, pulling her panties to one side, she grasped his cock and stuffed the swollen head into her cunt.

"Push!" she cried out in a thick voice.

She lifted her ass.

Her son pushed.

Peggy let out a soft squeal as she felt her son's cock stretch her hairy cunt, then slither in deep, filling her pussy. She wrapped her arms about his back, her legs around his hips, and they clung together, breathing hard.

Tommy felt his mother's satiny cunt caress his cock with waving motions, and she felt his cock throb hard deep inside her pussy, his hot balls resting against her pantied ass. Peggy had forgotten the intense pleasure of a cock being inside her cunt after all these years, and she felt like crying with sheer rapture. It was Tommy's first time ever to have a cunt wrapped about his cock, and he was so excited, he wondered if he was going to come too soon.

With tears of joy in her eyes, Peggy placed her hands on her son's face, looking at his awed expression. "Tommy, I feel like a virgin again."

"I am one, Mom," he replied. Then quickly corrected himself. "I was until my… until we…"

"Put that beautiful thing in me?" she replied in a low, soft voice.

Tommy nodded. He felt his mother's cunt squeeze his cock, and he moaned.

Peggy, too, felt what her cunt had done.

"Oh, my!" she purred, sliding her hands down his back.

She pushed her hands to his naked ass, lowering her feet to the floor, her knees bent and spread apart.

"We've got to do it, darling!" she gasped. "Mother has to do it! And with what I feel down there, inside me, you have to do it, too."

Tommy lay on top of her, his face buried into her neck, her pointy tits smashed against his chest. He withdrew his cock, feeling the tight pull of his mother's cunt on it, then he pushed it back in.

Peggy cried out, clutching his ass. She lifted her cunt to his downstroke and lowered it as he pulled upward. She began to cry, holding him as they fucked in unison, slowly, both of them still surprised at what they were doing.

Tommy was breathing hard, kissing wetly at her neck, his hands and arms near her shoulders, positioned as if he was about to do pushups. But the only push-ups his body was doing was his ass, driving his cock in and out of his mother's cunt, as if in slow motion.

Peggy arched and moved with him, her fingers cupping his asscheeks. She closed her eyes, savoring the deep penetration of her son's cock. She couldn't believe she had gone all these years without it.

When Tommy began to fuck a little faster, Peggy swung her ass up to meet his cock. She pushed her hands under his soiled T-shirt, caressing his back as her ass started bouncing with more of a frenzy. She moaned and cried and gasped, swinging her ass around wildly as her son rammed his cock up and down, never pulling from her cunt, but getting so close that she would immediately jerk upward if she thought it would come out. Her clit seemed to vibrate as it scraped and rubbed along the fiery shaft of her son's cock, sending wild shivers of ecstasy through her.

"Ahhh, baby, baby!" she mewled. "Oh, Tommy, it's wonderful! You feel so big and long inside my… me! Ooooh, it feels so good, darling!"

"I know, Mom!" he panted. "Oh, yeah, it feels good!"

"Can you… go faster?" she sobbed, whipping her ass about.

Tommy replied with a grunt, then speeded up his fuck plunges. His cock darted in and out of her cunt, his balls slapping against the pantied crack of his mother's ass.

Peggy squealed with ecstasy at the faster movement, the greater friction. The puffy, silkyhaired lips of her pussy began to grip and flex on his cock. Her clit expanded into a hard, tingling knot. She humped her ass up and down almost frantically as she felt her stomach rippling, an orgasm steaming deep inside her pussy. The soft, liquid sounds of his cock stabbing into her pussy created wanton images in her mind.

"Tommy… baby…" she sobbed. "Oh, God, baby! Faster… oooooh, please, go faster!"

She heard her son making choking sounds, and she realized he was trying hard to hold back, to keep from coming. She dug her fingers into his ass, lunging her cunt up onto his cock, grinding, panting, as her orgasm swelled and ballooned until her mind was reeling. She damped her naked hot thighs tightly against his hips, feeling him slide between them. She arched her back, jamming her cunt hard onto his cock. Her full mouth gaped, and she felt as if she was strangling.

"Tommy!" she screamed.

The convulsions that swept through her cunt were powerful, so forceful that she almost fainted with ecstasy. The rippling, waving spasms pulled and sucked and massaged her son's cock. Her clit was contracting almost painfully, and Peggy was sure she was dying with ecstasy.

She screamed his name again, her fingers clawing at his ass, her legs flung wide apart and she strained her cunt onto his cock, coming in boiling waves of desperate rapture. Her pussy closed and flexed and opened about his cock.

Tommy kept up a relentless fucking, his head lifted now, his mouth gaping. He pounded his cock into his mother's cunt, unable to slow down. His cock rammed with short, quick strokes, and he was starting to cry out in a thick voice. Each time he withdrew his cock, his mother's cunt seemed to grab it just behind the swollen head, holding it tightly.

"Mom! Mom… ohhh, I…"

Tommy shoved hard, his cock deep inside his mother's cunt, his body stiff and shaking.

"Ohhh, Tommy!" Peggy cried out as his cock spurted scalding thick juices into her cunt.

She felt his come juice spatter the velvety walls of her pussy until he slumped heavily on top of her tits again. His arms shot upward above her head, his legs loose between hers. She felt his cock softening inside her cunt, and she held him tenderly while he shivered and gasped for breath. Her legs splayed outward, still bent at the knees, her skirt bunched around her hips, his cock holding the crotch of her panties to one side.

"It was wonderful, darling," she murmured. "It was very good. It was fantastic, Tommy. Ohhh, darling, wasn't that just wonderful?"

Tommy panted.

"It was so good for me, baby," she soothed. "It was so very good. I wanted it to be good for you, too, Tommy."

Finally he lifted his head and looked at her face. "Mom, does that make you a whore?"

Peggy wanted to laugh at his innocence. "No, darling. It makes me a very satisfied mother, though."

"What if people heard about us?"

"They won't," she assured him. "This is for you and I, Tommy. We won't ever let anyone know, will we?"

"No, Mom," he said, then pushed his lips against hers, kissing her wetly. "And… I'll whip any bastard that says a bad word about you."

Peggy's heart swelled, but she didn't want her son fighting.

"No, Tommy," she said. "I don't want you to fight anymore. Promise me you won't. What they say about me doesn't hurt, not any more. I know the truth, and so do you. What do we care what they say?"

For a moment, Tommy just looked down at her, then he grinned. "Right! They can kiss our ass!"

Peggy giggled. "That's right, baby; they can kiss our ass!"

They began to giggle and wrestle lightly, kissing each other. Peggy ran her hands between his thighs to feel his hot balls. Tommy seemed unsure about touching his mother, and she drew his hands to her tits again.

"Play with them," she urged, stroking his cock again. "You can play with them all you want, baby."

She wanted her son to take her tits out of her blouse and bra, to twist and pull and suck on her nipples, but Tommy was still unsure. She watched his face as he fondled her tits, and she pulled and pushed on his cock, feeling it grow and stiffen wonderfully.

"Want to put it back in me?" she whispered softly.

"I can?" he asked.

"Mmmmmm, I wish you would, baby," she purred, spreading her legs again as she rolled onto her back.

The tight crotch of her panties concealed her cunt from his hot eyes, and she moved her finger down to pull it away so he could see her pussy.

But Tommy rolled on top of her again before he saw it, and his cock slithered into her cunt just as she pulled her panties to one side.

"Ooooh, baby!" she moaned as she felt her son's cock fill her cunt for the second time in less than half an hour.

She clutched him around the waist, pushing her pussy up to him and making little grinding motions. She gurgled hotly as her son darted his cock up and down.

"Ahhh, Tommy, can you feel Mother down there?" she purred. "Can you feel me hold you?"

"Oh, yes, Mom!" he gasped, lunging up and down, driving his cock into her cunt as she squirmed her ass about. "I feel it… hot and wet!"

"You're so hard, Tommy!" she cooed, lifting her legs and wrapping them about her son's hips. "You're so hard inside me! Oooh, you're doing it perfectly, baby! Ahhhh, yes, it's so good!"

Slapping sounds came from between her legs as her son pounded his cock into her cunt swiftly. There was no hesitation on his part now. He fucked her eagerly, making gasping sounds as he began to kiss and lick at his mother's neck again. This time he shoved his hands behind her humping ass, clutching her pantied asscheeks as he rammed powerfully into her scalding pussy.

Peggy squealed with delight, drawing her knees back to lift her cunt higher for his cock. She clutched his ass, moving her fingers downward to stroke his hot, loaded balls. She churned her lifted ass with sideways movements, then humped up and down. She lifted up and bit into her son's shoulder through his T-shirt. His cock seemed to go deeper this time, stretching her sensitive cunt even more.

"Ahhhhh. Tommy, baby!" she gurgled. "Ohhh, yes, darling! You go so deep in Mother! So very deep! I love it, Tommy! Ahhhh… oooooh, fuck me, baby!"

Tommy's body jerked as he heard her words, but his stabbing cock didn't pause. He held his mother's bobbing ass in both hands, feeling the satiny nylon of her panties. He grunted hotly and sucked at the flesh of her neck as he banged his cock harder and faster into her gripping cunt.

Peggy thrashed beneath him, sobbing with ecstasy, close to coming again.

"Tommy!" she cried out. "You're going to make – ohhhh, baby, Mother's about to come again! Ahhh, faster, Tommy, faster!"

Her ass twisted frantically, her cunt grinding on his ramming cock. She clawed at his ass, a scream of rapture filling her throat.

"Oh, now, Tommy!" she yelped, her cunt grabbing at his cock as her orgasm exploded, sending rippling shock waves of mindless rapture throughout her body.

As his mother's cunt squeezed in orgasm about his cock, Tommy thrust as hard and as deep as he could, straining, moaning.

"Give it to me, Tommy!" Peggy screamed. "Come in Mother!"

The hot spurts of his creamy come juice tilled her pussy for the second time, and Peggy went out of her mind with the intensity of her ecstasy.


"What are we going to do about my sister?" They were lying on her bed, hugging each other.

Peggy was still fully dressed, but her skirt was high on her thighs. Tommy still wore his soiled T-shirt. His pants were at his ankles, his shoes still on. How they had arrived at her room and on her bed, neither knew, nor did they care.

"I don't know, Mom," he said, one hand resting on her bed, watching it move as she breathed. "I didn't know you had a sister until you told me."

"Neither did I," Peggy said, her hand on top of his. "This is not exactly the time to find out, I'd say."

"You mean…"

She flashed her son a wicked grin. "That's exactly what I mean. Any time isn't good for a surprise like that, but now – darling, I can't give this up!"

Her hand moved to his cock and balls, cupping them.

"I don't want to, either," Tommy said. She caressed his cock and balls while they talked about her unknown sister. Soon, the talk turned to Peggy's early life, and she told her son of the one and only time she had been fucked, of how her parents had been ashamed of her, and why she had left home and made it an her own.

"And you only done it once in your life, Mom?"

She nodded. "Just once, and here you are. Tommy… how many times have you done it?"

"Twice," he said.

"Oh, only twice? Who was the lucky girl?"

"Mom, it's you!"

"That makes me one fuck up on you!" she giggled.

"Fuck…" her son whispered. "That's what we did, wasn't it, Mother? We fucked?"

"Mmmmm, and wonderfully, too," she purred, squeezing his cock and balls gently. She turned and nibbled at his neck. "Hey, lover, do you want to talk dirty to me?"

"Aw, Mom."

"Come on, Tommy," she teased. "I know how you guys are. You get together and talk dirty and think you're big men. Come on, you can talk dirty to me."

"I don't do that," he said, then grinned. "Well, not very often."

"I bet you talk about the girls you'd love to fuck," she said, wrapping her fist about his cock and pumping it. "I bet you guys get together and discuss a pretty little ass, try and decide which little girl has the hottest pussy, who would let you feel her up."

"Sometimes," Tommy agreed, blushing slightly because of talking to his mother this way. "But we just lie, Mom. We really don't know any girls that would let us feel them up, let alone fuck…"

"None that you could fuck huh? I know one girl that will let you fuck her."

"You do?" he asked, his eyes widening. "Who, Mom?"

"Me silly," she laughed. "You just fucked me two times, didn't you? Who didn't you think I was talking about?"

She squeezed his cock, finding it hard again.

"Want to fuck again?" she whispered. Tommy nodded quickly, his eyes bright. "Well, why don't you take Mother's tits out?" she said, rolling onto her back and spreading her arms wide. "They're all yours, darling."

Tommy gulped, then feverishly opened her blouse, staring the way her creamy tits bulged out other tight bra. He was confused now, not knowing how to get it off.

"The hook is in back," Peggy gasped, turning one shoulder up to show him. "Unhook it, Tommy."

She felt his fingers fumbling nervously, then her bra was loon. She turned onto her back again. "Now just lift it off," she instructed.

Tommy pulled his mothers bra off, and his eyes became fiery as he stared at her naked tits.

Her nipples were long and stiff, and her tit-mounds were satiny soft, yet firm.

"Touch them," she whispered. "Play with them."

Tommy placed his hands on her tits.

"Mmmm, nice, baby!" Peggy purred, arching her tits upward. "Squeeze Mother's tits, darling! Pull and twist on my nipples!"

She sighed and squirmed as her son fondled her tits, squeezing them, pulling up on her nipples, stretching them. She gasped in delight when he twisted the sensitive tips. Her hand clutched his throbbing cock, jerking up and down.

"Kiss my titties, Tommy!" she mewled. "Kiss Mother's titties! Take them in your mouth and suck them!"

Eagerly he sucked one of his mother's stiff nipples deep inside his wet, hot mouth. His tongue lapped in circles, sucking hard, making her gurgle and coo with pleasure.

"Lift my skirt!" she hissed.

Tommy pulled his mouth from her tit, his hands tugging at her skirt as she lifted her hips. He stared at her tight bikini panties, seeing the puffy slit of his mother's cunt through them, the shadow of her pussy hair.

"You have to take my panties off, Tommy," she whispered. "If you want to feel Mother's cunt, you have to take my panties off."

But Tommy didn't remove his mother's panties right then. He ran his hand up and down her thigh, feeling the creamy texture of her flesh, his eyes burning on the pooching crotch of her panties. He ran his hand to her cunt, then rubbcd his palm between her legs, feeling the wetness on her panties, the steamy heat of her pussy radiating through the nylon.

Peggy lifted her hips, pressing her cunt into her son's palm.

"Ooooh, rub it for me! Ahhh, feel Mother up, Tommy! You see, baby, you have a girl you can touch, feel up, play with… fuck!"

"It feels good!" he gasped, caressing her cunt through her panties. "Your cunt feels so hot and wet, Mom!"

"It would feel even better if you'd take my fucking panties off!"

Now Tommy could hardly wait to remove her panda. He tugged at them as she lifted her hips, his eyes wide and hot as he revealed her cunt. He rolled her panties downward, and in his haste to get them off, they tore.

"That's okay!" she hissed sharply. "I've got plenty of panties. Tear them off me if you want! Just get my fucking panties off!"

Tommy tore his mother's panties free and flung them over the edge of the bed. He stared at her bushy cunt, fascinated with it.

"Well?" she whispered, spreading her legs wide. "Is it what you thought it was?"

"Wow, Mom!" He swallowed noisily. "It's pretty!"

"Feel it," she mewled, her legs spread as wide as possible. "Feel Mother's cunt."

Tommy's hand shook as he ran his fingers through the silky hair of her pussy, then along the silt.

Peggy's hips trembled as his fingers moved over her cunt.

"Stick a finger in."

Tommy pushed a finger into his mother's cunt.

"Ahhhh!" Peggy mewled.

She lay with her legs parted lewdly, and Tommy leaned aver her cunt, watching his finger dart in and out, inhaling the delicious fragrance of his mother's steamy cunt. He watched the pink lips of her pussy clutch his finger, watched her clit become erect. When his thumb touched her clit, Peggy's hips jerked upward as she moaned softly. She was gripping his cock tightly a he sat near her lip, pumping his finger in and out of her cunt, fucking her sweetly, making her hips twist and writhe.

Her eyes popped open, her cunt lurching upward.

"Tommy, you're making me come!" she gasped.

Tommy stared in fascination at her cunt, watching the pink, hot lips flex around his buried finger, her clit spasming. He felt her cunt pull at his finger the way it had done to his cock.

"Ooooh, finger my cunt!" Peggy cried. "Fingerfuck Mother's cunt! Ooohhh, I'm coming so hard, Tommy!"

Peggy's ass thrashed about on the bed as she came, moaning and groaning as the convulsions ripped through her. Her fist, gripping his cock hard, squeezed, and now and then she pounded on it frantically. Her head twisted on the bed as she cried out with rapture, straining her cunt upward to his stabbing finger.

Tommy stared between his mother's legs, fascinated by what the pink lips of her cunt were doing to his finger. He gasped.

"I'm coming, coming, coming!" Peggy sobbed. "Ahhh, Tommy, it's wounderful. Fingerfuck Mother's cunt! Fingerfuck my pussy hard! Ooooh, I'm still coming!"

Her hips lurched once more, then settled onto the bed, her legs splayed lewdly, her cunt pulsating with his finger buried deep inside it. She gasped for a few moments, then looked up at her son with sparkling eyes, a smile spread over her face. Her fingers reined around his cock.

"That was so good, honey," she purred. "I came and came, and thought I'd never stop. I didn't want to stop."

Tommy grinned at her, proud of himself. He slipped his slippery finger out of her cunt, drawing it along her thigh, leaving a searing wetness on her flesh.

Peggy lowered her hand to his balls, cupping them, feeling how full they were. She massaged her son's balls, stroking them with light touches.

"Lay back, darling," she whispered.

Tommy lay back, looking at her quizzically, folding his hands behind his head. His cock jutted up with hardness, his pisshole dripping. Peggy sat at his hip, and she ran her palm up and down his cock, purring to it with a hot voice. She circled the swollen head of his cock with the tip of one finger, then dragged it over his piss-hole.

"So hard, Tommy!" she gasped. "Your cock is so hard!"

She squeezed it with her fist, watching the head bulge his piss-hole widen. Her tongue moved over her full lips as her eye took one wanton gin. She drew her hand down his cock to his boils, cradling them.

"And your balls so hot and full!"

She held her son's balls in her palm. She licked her lips once more, then lowered her face, slowly. Tony watched her with feverish eyes, his body trembling. Peggy lowered her face, and gave his hot balk a tender kiss. Tommy moaned and his body jerked.

Peggy glanced at his face, then back to his cock. She pressed her hot lips to the shaft of his cock, near his balk, then turned to watch his expression. Parting her lips slightly, she rubbed than upward, then pressed his hot cock against her cheek.

"Ooooh, Tommy!" she moaned, and her tongue darted from her mouth. She touched the tip lightly against the smooth flesh of his cock, then made a very slow lick around the head. "Oohhhh, baby!"

Peggy kissed lightly on the tip of her son's cock. She felt the wet slipperiness of his juices burn her lips, and another moan came from her as she lowerd her mouth, her lips opening to take the head of her son's cock inside. Her eyes became glazed as she stared at his face, feeling and tasting the swollen head of his cock between her lips. She ran her tongue over the head slowly, then over his piss-hole. The taste of her son's seeping sweetness made her shiver, and her cunt throbbed again.

Moaning softly, Peggy pushed down, taking her son's cock into her mouth, feeling it slide across her tongue and the roof of her mouth. She couldn't believe her reactions. His cock was hot and hard and sweet, even the juices. Her eyes were half closed as she felt the head brush against her throat. For a moment, she held her son's cock inside her hot, wet mouth, and then slowly she pulled her lips up on it, holding his cock tightly, sucking as her tongue swirled. Reaching the head of his cock, she closed her lips tightly behind the ridge, her tongue flicking.

"Mmmmm!" she moaned, then lifted her mouth. "Oh, Tommy!"

Tommy was staring with big eyes, pleasure written all over his young face.

Peggy gripped his cock and pumped it vigorously for a moment, watching juices bead on his piss-hole. The tip of her tongue flicked out and worked on his piss-hole up the hot sweetness.

"Ahhh baby!" Peggy whimpered, then ran her tongue up and down the shaft of his hard cock. "Ohhh, Tommy, this is wonderfull. You taste so good!"

Then, with a wild cry, Peggy jumped to her knees, still griping his cock. She swung knee over him, straddling his body with his cock pointed toward her cunt.

"I want it inside again!" she sobbed, rubbing the head of her son's cock wickedly back and forth, sliding it against the fiery slit of her cunt. "I want to fuck you again, Tommy!"

Peggy fit the swollen head of his cock into her cunt, then rammed her an down, sinking down on him, her breath catching in her throat as her cunt stretched around his cock.

Tommy stared at his mother's cunt as she smashed down on him, fading the wet heat cling to his prick.

For a teasing moment, Peggy sat on him, impaled on his cock. She cupped her tits, fondling them, as she tilted her head and squealed in delight.

Tommy shoved his hands up his mother's satiny thighs to her hips.

"Ahhhh, baby!" Peggy whimpered, then began lifting and lowering her cunt, sliding it up and down on Tommy's cock. "Ahhh… oooooh, your cock is so hard in my pussy! Oh, Tommy, Mother's cunt is perfect for your hard cock! I love the way your cock feels in my cunt, baby… the hot way it jerks and throbs! I'm going to fuck your hard cock, Tommy! Mother is going to fuck your cock and make it come inside my pussy!"

Peggy bounced and churned her naked ass, gurgling and crying out with ecstasy. Her skirt clung to her waist, and Tommy could see her hairy cunt pumping up and down on his cock, the wetness of his mother's pussy coating his prick. Each time she came down, he felt her hot ass brush against his balls. He clung to her hips, watching her, feeling her movements. He gripped his mother's thighs and stared and stared as her cunt rammed up and down on his cock.

"Ooooo… ahhhh!" Peggy sobbed.

"Oh, Mom!" Tommy gasped, arching his hips to meet her downward plunge. "Your cunt… your pussy is so hot, Mom!"

"Yes, baby!" she yelped, leaning over him now, her tits swaying as he humped her ass. "Ahhh, fuck me, Mom!"

"I am!" she gasped.

"Your cunt… your hot cunt…"

Peggy pounded her ass up and down, shaking and grinding, mewls of rapture bubbling from her throat. She lowered her upper body a bit more, and one long, stiff nipple brushed across her son's lips.

"Suck it!" she hissed. "Suck my hard nipple!"

Tommy greedily closed his lips around her tit, sucking hard. His hands stroked up her thighs to her tips, then gripped the cheeks of her bouncing ass. The sounds of wet slaps came everytime Peggy rammed downward. He drew his feet up on the bed, levering his cock upward to her cunt.

Peggy cried out with each thrust of her cunt onto his cock. Every inch of her crotch was on fire. She parted her knees widely and strained to get more of her son's cock into her cunt as she frantically fucked him.

"Tommy… Tommy, I'm going to… oooohhh, Tommy!"

Peggy's cunt exploded. She rammed don onto his cock hard, with enough force to push his ass into the bed. The contractions of her orgasm sucked and pulled at his cock, the soft, steamy inner tissues rippling in wavy motions up and down the shaft. She arched her head back, a scream erupting from her throat as she came.

Tommy gripped his mother's ass tightly with both hands, straining to push his prick as deep as he could, his balls tight and pulsating. Her tit came out of his mouth with a wet sound.

"Mom, I'm going to come, too!"

Peggy's reply was another ecstatic scream when she felt the rapid squirts filling her cunt…

She winked at him in the mirror, then arched her naked ass in a provocative way.

Tommy grinned, taking in the swelling curves of her ass and her long, slender, smooth thighs, then he shifted his gaze to the mirror so he could see her tits. He finished drying his body, then tossed the towel back into the bathroom.

He sat on the edge of her bed and watched her.

The bed was mussed, the sheets wrinkled. It had been a wild night for both Peggy and her son. She had tried to devour him. All the years of self denial had broken loose, and she had tried to devour herself silly with her son.

Tommy gazed at her back, delighted to look at her this way. He loved the swell of his mother's naked ass, the deep looking split between the cheeks. He could see the soft hair of her cunt between her thighs when she leaned aver.

"Mom, is your ass hairy, too?"

"My ass?" she asked, looking at him in the mirror. "Can't you see my ass?"

"I mean… you know…"

"Oh, you mean do I have a hairy asshole?" she giggled.

He nodded, a slight flush an his face.

"Why don't you look and see if my asshole is hairy?" she suggested, placing her brush down and sliding her hands over the cheeks of her ass. "Take a look honey."

She spread her ass with her hands, pushing it back toward her son.

Tommy's eyes burned, and he ran his tongue over his lips. He saw the light brown crinkle of his mother's tightly puckered asshole. His cock moved, starting to swell.

Peggy stood holding her ass spread open for him, her own eyes watching, in the mirror, the swell of his cock.

"Well?" she asked, her voice sounding husky. "Do I have a hairy asshole?"

Tommy shook his head. "No, it's not hairy at all, Mom."

She tufted to turn loose, but Tommy stopped her.

"No, Mom! Let me look at it!"

"You like that?" she asked, spreading the cheeks of her cunt as far as she could, pushing back and leaned forward. "You like to look at Mother's asshole, darling?"

Tony closed his fist about his cock, holding it lightly as it swelled into hardness. He couldn't take his eyes from her inhale. With the way she leaned over and held her ass open, he could see, too, the slit of her pink cunt, the soft, curling hair along each puffy lip. He began to pump his cock slowly as he gazed at her.

Peggy spread her feet a bit farther apart, bending over until her tits were almost resting on her dresser. She felt her asshole and cunt quivering and clench as her son stared at them.

Tommy stood up, still gripping his cock.

Peggy watched him in the mirror.

He moved toward his mother, his eyes never moving from her ass.

Peggy was hardly breathing as he stopped behind her and sank to his knees. She felt his hot breath scorch the flesh of her ass and the backs of her thighs. She closed her eyes. She kit so wanton, so lewd, holding her ass open for her son. Her skin rippled with a feverish sensation, and her cunt started getting wet. Her clit began to bulge and throb.

She felt Tommy run his hot palm up one of her thighs.

"Ohhh, Tommy!" she gasped, keeping her asscheeks spread wide for him.

She felt his hand slide up her thigh, onto her ass, then between her legs, touching her pulsating cunt with a feathery lightness. She moaned.

Peggy began to cry out with soft whimpering sounds, surprised to find that what her son was doing to her was exciting. She twisted her ass a little into her son's face, and Tommy pressed his lips around the crinkle of her asshole, sucking on it as his tongue wiggled.

"Ohhh, baby!" she sobbed.

Tommy stiffened his tongue, pushing it at the tight ring of her asshole.

Peggy cried out and shoved her ass to his mouth.

Tommy shoved his tongue past the fiery ring and penetrated his mother's asshole.

Peggy gasped loudly, her eyes opening wide as her cunt vibrated close to his chin. She felt his tongue moving just inside her asshole, and she put her forehead on the dresser, her feet spreading wider apart as her legs began to shake.

"Tommy… oh, Tommy," she sighed.

Tommy darted his tongue in and out of her asshole, his breathing becoming hot on her flesh. He gripped her hips tightly, swirling his tongue against her hot inner cheeks, then plunging it as deep as he could into her asshole.

Peggy twisted and gyrated her naked ass, feeling his tongue going up her ass.

"Tommy, baby… you're making me shake!" Peggy sobbed. "My legs are shaking, darling! I'm afraid I may fall!"

Tommy pulled his tongue out of her asshole, sitting on the floor behind her, still holding her hips. Peggy gripped the edge of her dresser. Tommy looked up between his mother's thighs, at her bushy cunt, seeing it glisten with wetness. He began to pull her ass back toward him.

"What are you going to do, Tommy?" Peggy asked breathlessly, not resisting, but shoving her ass back. "You're going to make me fall, darling!"

But Tommy, still staring hotly into his mother's crotch, kept pulling on her as he leaned back.

As Tommy lay back on the floor, Peggy was above him, her feet apart as she leaned over his upper body, hands on her knees now. Tommy urged her to lower her ass to his face, and Peggy bent her knees.

She squatted in her son's face, facing his feet. "Tommy, I feel… wicked!" she gasped. With her feet at his shoulders and squatting above his face, she felt spread open to his eyes and mouth. It was a lewd feeling, a wanton feeling of total exposure.

Tommy stared up into his mother's crotch, his hands on her hips. He lifted up and licked at her asshole again, then drew his tongue to her cunt.

As his tongue took a long, slow swipe along the slit of her juicy cunt, Peggy gasped loudly. Tommy's cock strained up with hardness, and she closed her fist about it, jacking him as his tongue swirled about her hairy, wet cunt and asshole. She panted and gasped, sobbed and cried.

Tommy lapped his mother's cunt, then worked it into her asshole before pushing it into her pussy again.

Peggy lowered her crotch, and she began to wiggle and twist. She jacked on his cock as he sucked and licked her cunt and asshole.

Tommy swirled his tongue about his mother's bulging clit, then sucked it. Peggy cried out as he pulled on it with his lips, his nose pushed against her asshole. Then he was thrusting his tongue in and out of her cunt, tongue fucking her feverishly, his naked ass writhing on the floor as his mother jerked on his cock with a tight fist.

"Ooooh, baby, baby!" Peggy gurgled, smashing her cunt into his face and grinding. "Ahhh, lick it for me, Tommy! Ooooh, that's… I love it, Tommy! Oh, suck Mother's cunt… suck it and lick it and fuck it!"

Tommy smashed his face into her hairy crotch, his tongue plunging in and out of her juicy cunt. Feverishly, he ran his tongue from her cunt to her asshole, as if unable to make up his mind what to lick and suck.

Peggy cried and twisted her ass into his face. She couldn't tell where his tongue was from one moment to the next, but she didn't care where it was. The sensations of being sucked and licked for the first time in her life were amazing. She squirmed her naked ass against him, pounding on his cock with her gripping fist, sobbing out her rapture.

"Tommy, you're about to make me come!" Tommy licked and sucked even more furiously.

"Ohhh, baby, do you want me to come on your face?" she squealed. "Ahhhh, it's so good! Suck my cunt, baby! Ooooh, yes, shove your tongue up my cunt… my asshole! Oooh, suck it, Tommy! Suck it and lick it and fuck it! I'm so hot… my cunt is so fucking hot! Tommy, you're going to make me come, darling!"

Tommy could hardy breathe because his mother was grinding and twisting her cunt into his face, her asshole pressing on his nose. The hot juices ox her cunt dripped into his open mouth, and he was licking her cunt hungrily. He swallowed as his mouth was filled with his mother's pussy juice, his tongue darting deeper for more.

With a wild cry, Peggy smashed her cunt hard into his face.

Tommy felt her pussy contract about his tongue, and he darted it in and out swiftly, feeling her come. The squeezing of her pussy lips about his tongue and lips made his cock jerk and throb. He pushed his cock upward into his mother's pounding fist, sucking and licking frantically at her exploding cunt, making her come with a body shaking force.

With a final squeal, Peggy scooted past her son's head. She sat down heavily on the floor, her legs spread around his head and shoulders.

Tommy twisted quickly onto his stomach, sliding his hands under his mother's ass and shoving his face into her cunt again, sucking hard on the hairy lips.

"Tommy! Ohhh, my God, Tommy!" Peggy squealed, her cunt suddenly going off with another powerful orgasm. She grabbed the back of her son's head, smashing his face tightly into her cunt as she screamed with the intensity of her orgasm. "Tommy… Tommy!"

Peggy was sprawled on her back, her legs flung wide open, her naked body quivering. Tommy licked through the soft hair of her cunt to her stomach, tasting her flesh.

Peggy shivered, slowly coming down from the force of her powerful orgasm. Tommy licked slowly, taking his time, his cock dripping precome on her thighs. When he reached his mother's tits, he circled her stiff nipple with his tongue and finally sucked tenderly.

"Oh, Tommy!" Peggy sighed. "That was really good!"

She cupped his cheeks, lifting him from her tits. His face was slippery with the wetness of her cunt, from his nose to his chin. She drew his mouth down to hers, and kissed him hard.

"What in the world made you do that?"

"I dunno, Mom," he grinned. "I just wanted to, I guess. When you showed me your asshole, well… I just wanted to kiss it. I didn't know I was going to suck and lick everything down there."

"Well, you sure did a hell of a job on me!" she giggled. "My cunt is still throbbing. Here, feel it?"

She pushed his hand between her thighs, and Tommy felt his mother's cunt pulsating. He pressed and cupped her pussy, kissing her again. Peggy felt his cock, stiff with hardness, rubbing along her hip.

She rolled over, pushing Tommy to his back. "It's my turn," she purred, straddling his legs, her hands busy with his cock and balls. She squeezed his cock with one hand, his balls with the other. Tommy lay back, watching her. The head of his cock was swollen big, his piss-hole dripping hotly.

Peggy licked about the smooth head of his cock, then up and down the shaft. With a gage, she pushed forward and wrapped her hot tits about his cock, rubbing them up and down. She swung her tits from side to side, making them slippery wet with the juices bubbling out of his piss-hole.

"Want to fuck Mother's titties?" she giggled. "It feels good, your cock between them."

Tommy ran his hands through his mother's hair, urging her face to his prick. Peggy didn't resist, letting her son guide her mouth. She kissed the head of his cock, rubbed her lips up and down the shaft, then allowed her son to push it between her lips. She glanced up at his face as she filled her mouth with his cock, watching his ecstatic expression.

Kneeling over him, Peggy sucked up and down her son's cock. Her tits brushed against his thighs, her nipples stiff again. She rubbed her juicy cunt against his foot, and Tommy wriggled a toe against it.

Purring, her mouth full of his cock, Peggy stretched out between his legs, bobbing her mouth up and down his cock, her lips sliding easily but tightly. She moaned softly as she sucked, her eyes opening and closing in a dreamy way.

Tommy wiggled and held her face in his hands, watching her mouth stretch around his cock.

"Mmmm, hot and sweet!" Peggy purred as she lifted up. "So hard in Mother's mouth. Do you like this, Tommy? Do you like how my mouth feels on your cock?"

"Oh, Mom, it feels great! Suck me, Mom!" he urged. "Suck my cock for me!"

Peggy grinned as she nuzzled his prick against her cheek. "You're trying to make your mother a cocksucker, aren't you?"

"Please, suck my cock, Mom!"

Peggy closed her hot lips around his cock again, bobbing her face up and down, holding his balls with one hand, her other hand slipping beneath his ass. She made wet sounds as she sucked, twisting her lips about his cock. From the expression on her son's face, she knew she was giving him a fantastic blow-job.

She lifted up, kissing his cock.

"Ohhh, you sure taste good in my mouth, Tommy!" she whimpered. "I love the taste of your cock in my mouth. So hard, so hot…"

She jerked wickedly on his prick, darting her tongue out to lick up the seeping juices oozing from his piss-hole. Tommy squirmed his ass, grunting with pleasure. Peggy closed her lips about his piss-hole, sucking powerfully on it, drawing the juices from him. She swallowed, then lifted up and jacked his cock in a frenzy with her tight fist.


The hot spurt of come juice erupted, surprising Peggy. She had not realized that her son was that close to discharge.

The come juice gushed upward, splashing over her face. She kept pounding his cock with her fist. She jacked him off and felt the scalding come juice spatter all over her face until the jizz dripped from her cheeks and chin.

"Ohhh, Tommy," she moaned, lowering her mouth and licking at the head of his cock, tasting his come juice. She swirled her tongue around and around until his cock was clean, then she turned him loose and sat up, looking at her dripping hand. "I'm so sorry, baby. I didn't know you were about to come."

As Peggy drew her jizz-drenched hand toward her mouth, she saw the clock.

"Oh, my God? Tommy, we've got to go!"


They had dressed in a rush so they would be at the air terminal when Peggy's never be foreseen sister arrived. In their haste, Peggy had forgotten her panties, something she would never have done before. She wore a straight skirt that hugged her ass and hips and a white blouse.

Tommy, in jeans and a T-shirt, stood beside her at the wooden fence separating the small terminal building from the landing strip.

Tommy had giggled in delight when she told him that she had forgotten her panties. He looked at her tits as he stood at her side, seeing them strain inside her blouse. "It's a good thing you didn't forget your bra, Mom."

"Why?" she asked, holding his hand. "Because I can see through your blouse, and if you didn't have a bra on, I'd be looking at your tits."

Peggy giggled and squeezed his hand. "What's her name again, Mom?"


"What does she look like?"

"I don't know, honey," Peggy answered, nervous about meeting a sister whom she didn't know existed until a few days ago, and who was two years younger than her son. "I've never seen a picture of her."

"It feels funny," Tommy said, "having an aunt younger than me."

"We're going to have to adjust, honey. There's no place else for her to go, and we are family, even if it did come as a surprise."

"I don't want some dumb girl getting in the way, Mom."

"We'll rind a way," she said, misunderstanding him. "I'll sneak in with you at night, or you can sneak in to my room."

"I meant some giggling girl trying to follow me around," Tommy said. "It's bad enough putting up with those rumors about you, but to have this dumb cunt staying with us, you can bet the rumors are gonna get wilder than ever."

"You'll have to ignore them," Peggy said, seeing the plane coming in on approach. "Tommy, you promised no more fighting."

The twin engine plane landed, then taxied up near the fence and stopped.

They saw a young girl leave the plane, carrying two suitcases. She came down the stairs carefully, the wind from the propellers making her dress flutter. Then the girl's dress was whipped above her waist.

Tommy gasped.

The girl was lovely, with long blonde hair and a very sweet looking face. When her dress had lifted to her waist, Tommy had seen her pink, tight panties.

The girl let out a shy squeal, dropping the suitcases and fighting her dress down.

"Peggy?" she called out. "Are you Peggy?"

"Cindy?" Peggy returned the call, glancing at her son. "Tommy, stop staring at her. She's embarrassed."

"Wow, Mom!" Tommy swallowed. "She's pretty!"

Peggy turned his hand loose and moved through the gate to her sister.

Tommy remained at thee fence, watching then embrace. He knew Cindy was going to create some stiff cocks in town, which meant he would be fighting more than before.

Peggy carried one suitcase as they walked toward Tommy. "Tommy, this is Cindy, your aunt… my sister. Cindy, my son, Tommy."

Tommy stared at the blonde girl. She was about four inches shorter than him. Cindy gazed back at him with bold, blue eyes. Neither offered to shake hands.

Tommy jammed a hand into his pocket, feeling his cock swell, the image of Cindy with her skirt over her waist burning in his mind.

"Tommy, take her suitcase," Peggy said, watching his interest in Cindy.

Tommy followed them toward the car. He watched Cindy's legs and the way her blonde curls bounced in motion. His cock was very hard, and he kept his had in his pocket so Cindy wouldn't see it.

Peggy crowded the suitcases into the trunk, and made Tommy climb in the back seat with Cindy. Then she drove from the parking lot. Like her son, Peggy was surprised at her young sister's beauty.

Cindy sat with her knees pressed together, her hands folded in her lap, casting shy glances at Tommy.

Tommy gazed at Cindy's knees, about three inches of her thighs showing from beneath the hem of her dress.

He was startled when Cindy leaned over and whispered into his ear, "Did you see my dress blowup?"

Tommy's eyes darted to her face, and he gulped. Cindy's eyes were bold and sparkling hot, a shy smile on her face.

For a while Tommy couldn't get a reply out. He nodded, but choked when he tried to answer.

Cindy pushed her slim thigh against his, looking at the back of Peggy's head. She leaned close to whisper again. "Did you get hard?"

Tommy began to tremble. Nothing like this had ever happened to him before. He didn't know any girls who would be so bold. This new aunt of his was puzzling.

Cindy slipped her hand to his thigh, and Tommy jerked. He stared down at her hand, then up at the back of his mother's head.

Suddenly Cindy shoved her hand to his crotch, grabbing his cock and squeezing it hard, then releasing it.

Tommy shot a look at her, and now Cindy sat in modest composure, hands back in her lap, her face looking serene.

"Help us unload, Tommy," Peggy said when they arrived at home.

"Mom, I gotta…"

Peggy noticed the condition of his cock. She looked at her son, then at her young sister. Tommy was red faced, but Cindy didn't seem to be noticing his hardon. Peggy smiled at her son, hefting the suitcases out, handing one to Cindy.

"I guess we can manage," she said. "If you're in a hurry to go, honey, you better go."

Tommy raced into the house, with his mother and Cindy carrying in the luggage.

Peggy looked at Cindy, then held her arms out. "Well, I suppose we should give each other a hug."

They hugged tightly, then Cindy pulled away shyly.

"I'm not used to hugging," she said softly, looking embarrassed.

Peggy could understand that. She didn't remember very many hugs from her parents, either. She felt a kinship with her sister, along with a surprising sense of affection. She resisted the impulse to grab Cindy and hug her tightly. Cindy was such a beautiful, cuddly little creature, so blonde and sweet faced, so innocent looking.

Cindy stood looking at Peggy shyly, hands folded in front.

Peggy finally shrugged. "Well, let's get your things put away, Cindy. I suppose you have more coming later."

"Not very much. I don't have much."

She showed Cindy to her room, and left her to unpack.

She found her son in his room, lying across his bed, hands behind his head, staring at the ceiling.

"What's wrong with you, honey?" she asked sitting down beside him and placing her hand on his chest. "I know you don't want anyone living with us, but it can't be helped. We just have to do the best we can. Cindy hasn't had much affection in her life, you know. We've got to be nice to her."

"Mom, she grabbed my cock," Tommy said.

"She what!" Peggy gasped.

"Grabbed my cock. In the back seat coming home, she grabbed my cock, Mom!"

Peggy stared her son. "Are you sure? It… it couldn't have been an accident?"

"No way," Tommy replied.

"It was imagination," Peggy amid, but not very convincingly. She ran her hand down his stomach to cup his crotch gently. "I saw your hardon when you got out of the car. It was probably because her dress blew up at the airport."

He glanced at his mother. "I've had a hardon ever since that happened."

Peggy stuck her tongue out at him, wrinkling her nose as she squeezed his cock and balls.

"You just keep this in your pants for me," she said, leaning over and kissing his forehead. "Don't go messing with Cindy, you hear?"

She left him, thinking of what Tommy had said. Cindy seemed much too shy, much too innocent to grab a boy's cock. Still, Tommy had never lied to her before.

She was still thinking about it when Cindy came into the kitchen.

"Everything put away?"

"Everything I have, Peggy," Cindy said, looking strangely at her older sister. "It wasn't much."

"We'll take you shopping," Peggy offered.

"As soon as you get settled."

"I've never been shopping," Cindy said, her voice low. "I wouldn't know what to buy."

Peggy turned. "I'll help you pick out new things."

Peggy saw those blue eyes glistening wetly, and she lifted her arms.

Cindy flung herself into her sister's arms, hard, hugging Peggy around the waist, burying her face between Peggy's firm tits.

Peggy held the girl tightly, almost overcome herself by this reaction. She felt a slight movement of her sister's face between her tits, then the slide of Cindy's arms down her back toward her ass. When Cindy's hands stopped on the upper swells of her ass, Peggy found herself responding unexpectedly in an erotic manner.

Cindy pressed her body hard against hers, and Peggy's nipples stiffened, pointing against her blouse.

Cindy hugged tighter, and her hands moved lower.

Peggy gasped when she felt her sister's hands cupping the swells of her ass. She closed her eyes, remembering her son saying Cindy had grabbed his cock.

Cindy was holding her very tightly now, pressing hard. Peggy wasn't sure, but it felt as if Cindy's fingers were working, squeezing at her ass lightly.

The top of Cindy's head was just beneath Peggy's chin. She felt her sister part her slim thighs and push her crotch against her leg. Peggy wasn't sure, but it felt like Cindy was rubbing her cunt against her leg!

"I'm hungry."

Peggy jumped and Cindy pulled away.

Tommy had come into the kitchen.

Peggy glanced at the front of his pants, but he had no hardon now. She turned from her sister and finished making sandwiches.

"I'm making us a lunch now, darling," she muttered.

They ate in silence.

Peggy felt confused. She watched her sister closely, but Cindy gave no indication of what had been going on before Tommy interrupted them. She wondered about her young sister, why she was so shy, yet had trouble keeping her hands to herself. She was starved for affection, apparently.

After eating, Cindy helped to clear things away, even rinsing and putting the dishes in the dishwasher before Peggy had a chance.

"Cindy, you don't have to do that," she said.

"I'm used to it, Peggy," Cindy answered. "I want to help out. I don't want to be in the way. I know I'm not wanted here and you're just being nice to me."

Peggy didn't know what to say. She sat at the table and watched as Cindy finished.

"I'm going to take a bath now, if it's okay?" Cindy said.

"Of course, honey," Peggy replied. Both Peggy and Tommy watched her go. "Mom, what's wrong with her?"

"What do you mean, darling?"

"She's so polite and helpful."

"Like you should be," Peggy teased. "Seriously though, I think Cindy is trying hard to get us to like her."

"I like her," Tommy said.

Peggy grinned wickedly. "Because she grabbed your cock?"

"Yeah, that, too."

Peggy ran her hand under the table to fondle his prick, squeezing it inside his pants until it throbbed with hardness. They could hear the water running in the tub down the hall.

Slipping off her chair to her knees at her son's side, Peggy opened his pants and pulled his cock out.

"Mom, Cindy might come in!" he protested. "I don't think so," Peggy whispered, running her fist up and down his cock now, her eyes gazing at his pin hole. "If I'm quick, I can make you come before she finishes her bath."

Peggy lowered her mouth, taking her son's cock into it. She made purring sounds as the hotness of his hard cock filled her mouth. Tommy moaned and leaned back, one hand resting on top of his mother's head.

Peggy cupped his balls inside his pants, while sliding her hot, wet lips up and down his cock. She wrapped her tongue about it, licking the throbbing shaft as she drew upward. She lapped at his piss-hole, the taste of his juices exciting her, making her cunt vibrate wetly. She slipped her other hand around his waist, and sucked at his cock slowly, the steaming hardness exciting her. Tommy squirmed on the chair, scooting his ass to the edge and watching his mother's lips slide up and down his cock. Her mouth was so hot and wet, her lips tight.

"Ohhh, Mom, Mom!"

"Mmmmm!" Peggy purred, sucking up and down his cock with quick, short bobs of her face, then slowly again.

"Ahhhh, that's so good, Mom!"

Peggy lifted her mouth, looking up at him as she pressed his cock against her neck. "Cindy gave you this hardon, but I'm getting it."

"Hurry, Mom!" Tommy urged. "Hurry before she comes back in here!"

Peggy jacked his cock along her cheek. "What's the matter, baby? Bashful?"


"Mmmmm, you're so eager for me," she whispered, rubbing her lips back and forth against the dripping head of his cock. "I love it when you're so eager for me."

She fished his balls out of his pants, holding them.

"Ahhh, your balls feel hot and full, darling. I bet you have a big load in them, don't you?"

"You're gonna find out if you don't hurry up, Mom!" he groaned. "You're gonna get it in your face again!"

"Not this time, honey," she mewled, then closed her lips about his cock again, sucking it hard, the head brushing against the back of her throat.

She clung to his hot balls, massaging them, pulling on them, her mouth sliding up and down his prick easily. She sucked him and made whimpering sounds.

"Oohhhh, Mom!" Tommy gasped. "Ohhhh, suck me real hard, Mom!"

Squeezing her son's balls, Peggy began to suck on his cock faster, feeling it pulsate inside her mouth. Her lips burned and tingled as she ran them up and down, her tongue in constant motion. His balls seemed to move in her hand.

The harder she sucked, the more he seemed to drip. His juices coated her tongue, and she had to swallow a number of times. The hot taste of his juices seemed to send a quivery thrill down her body to her cunt. Her clit was vibrating, and her cunt was soaking the crotch of her panties.

She squeezed her thighs together tightly, pressuring against her pussy, her ass bunching. She enjoyed the way her son pushed down on the top of her head, trying to slide his cock into her throat. She loved the way he was wiggling and writhing in the chair.

She twisted her mouth about his cock. His balls were cupped in her palm, her fingers squeezing them. She could hear Tommy gasping and panting. Her mouth became wetter and wetter as she sucked him.

The searing heat of his hard cock inside her mouth made her body tremble with erotic hungers. The hairy lips of her cunt were now painfully swollen, her clit distended into a hard knot. The rippling sensation deep in her stomach sent wild desire through her.

"Ooooh, Mom!" Tommy groaned. "You're gonna make me come, Mom!"


"Ahhhhh, almost there!"

Peggy darted her mouth up and down swiftly, her tongue scraping against the shaft. His balls seemed to grow, become twice their normal size. She gulped wetly, almost pounding her mouth up and down his cock now, urging him to spurt, to gush his hot juices into her mouth.

"Mom! Now, Mom!"

The heavy squirt of thick, creamy come juice splashed across her tongue. The taste of it caused an explosion between her thighs. Peggy made a wet groan as her cunt contracted with orgasm while her son's cock spewed in throbbing spurts into her mouth. The scalding come juice poured down her throat as she gulped it quickly. She swallowed as she sucked up his cock to the head, closing her lips tightly just behind the ridge, her tongue flicking wildly back and forth across his spurting piss-hole. She swallowed wetly, happily, drinking down her son's creamy come juice greedily.

She clung to his balls, with her lips wrapped about his cock after he had finished, her tongue sliding gently over his piss-hole. She sucked hard on the head and pulled a final drop of juice into her mouth. She was still coming, and her body trembled as she held his cock inside her mouth until her cunt calmed down.

She kissed his cock, then his balls. When she raised her head, her eyes were sparkling with moistness, her lips feeling slightly bruised.

"God, baby, you sure came!"

Tommy was slumped in his chair, legs spread, his cock drooping now, his balls loose. He had a silly expression on his face, a big grin.

Petting his cock and balls, Peggy stood up. "I'd say you really liked that," she said, running her hand through his hair. "Tommy, you sure came. That was a big load you had in your sweet balls."

"Yeah," he sighed, sliding his hand up his mother's thighs, under her dress. "Mom, you've got wet panties!"

"I should say I do!" She laughed softly. "That made me come, too!"


Tommy stirred.

Cindy stood at the side of his bed, wearing her nightgown.

It was almost midnight.

The dim night light was just barely enough to let Cindy see Tommy. He was on his back, the blankets and sheet kicked to the foot of his bed, and she was gazing at his jockey shorts. That was all he had on.

She stood over her nephew, gazing at the bulge that his cock and balls made inside his white shorts. She carefully placed her palm on his crotch, then drew her hand back when he stirred. She waited a moment, then cupped his crotch again, applying pressure this time.

Tommy came awake.

Cindy quickly placed her other hand over his mouth.

"Shhh!" Cindy whispered. "It's me, Cindy!"

"What are you doing in here, Cindy?" Tommy gasped.

"I can't sleep," she said, sitting on the edge of his bed, leaving her hand between his legs. "You know, strange house and bed."

Tommy shifted his hips, but his young aunt held his cock in her hand now, her fingers wrapped about it through his shorts.

"Mom might wake up," he warned.

"She's sound asleep," Cindy whispered. "I checked."

"What are you doing this for, Cindy?" Tommy asked.

"Because I like to, silly," she giggled softly and began to work on his cock. "I like to play with boys. Haven't you ever touched a girl this way?"

"Sure," Tommy said. "Lots of times."

Cindy's hand sneaked into the top of his shorts, and gripped his cock hard. "Boys like me when I play with them. I want them to like me. If I play with your cock, will you like me, Tommy?"

"Sure!" he replied.

"Boys always like it when I play with them," Cindy said, pushing his shorts down and pumping on his cock with her hot little fist. "It makes them feel good, and then they like me."

Tommy lay still, letting Cindy jack his prick. Finally, he pulled upward in bed, and turned on his bedside lamp.

Cindy gazed down at his cock, squeezing it to make the big head bulge.

"Oooooh, you're getting wet, Tommy!" she mewled softly. "That means you like for me to play with it. Did you really like it when my dress blew up today?"

"Yeah," he answered. "It gave me a hardon, Cindy."

"I know," she giggled. "I felt it in the car. I like it when a boy gets a hardon for me."

"Have you done it before?" Tommy asked. "Lots of times," she whispered, feeling his balls. "Do you wanna do it, Tommy?"

"You'd have to take your panties off," he said, eager to see his young aunt's cunt.

"Ooooh, I like to take my panties off!" Cindy squealed softly. "You wanna see my pussy, Tommy?"

"Yeah, show me your pussy, Cindy."

Cindy lifted her cotton nightgown and slipped her tight panties off. She sat on the edge of his bed, one foot on the floor and drew the other up onto the mattress, knee bent. She spread her legs wide, holding her nightgown at her waist.

"See?" she said.

Tommy gazed at Cindy's cunt. It was pink and moist looking with only a few scattered blonde hairs on it. Her cuntslit was fully exposed to him. He saw the tip of her small clit pecking from the tight looking slit.

"You wanna feel it, Tommy?"

Tommy moved his hand along her satiny thigh and probed her hairless cunt tenderly.

Cindy whimpered softly and moved her fingers down, opening her cunt for him. "You can put a finger in me, too."

Tommy slipped his finger into Cindy's cunt. It was very tight and very hot. Cindy wiggled her little ass as he poked in and out of her pussy, fingerfucking her. Cindy squealed softly, grabbing for his cock with a tight fist and pumping on it.

"I can make you come, Tommy!" she gasped. "I can jack you off and make you come all over the place! You can feel my pussy while I jack you off, too!"

"You really like to do this, huh?"

"Ooooh, I love to do this with boys!" Cindy cried as she squeezed his cock hard. "It's fun, and it makes me feel so good! If I jack you off and let you play with my pussy, you'll like me, won't you, Tommy?"

"I sure will!" he grunted, rubbing at her knotted clit. "I'll love you a whole bunch, Cindy!"

"Okay!" Cindy gurgled in pleasure. "I'll make you come real good and you can play with my cunt."

"I thought you wanted to do it," he said. "Don't you wanna fuck, Cindy?"

Cindy's hand stopped moving on his cock as she looked at him.

"You don't want me to jack you off?" she asked, sounding disappointed. "I can jack you off real good."

"Sure, but don't you wanna fuck instead?" Cindy drew in a deep breath. "Okay."

Tommy watched her scramble onto the bed, getting on her knees with her gown around her waist. She spread her knees and held her cunt open with her fingers, waiting for him, her eyes gleaming.

"Well, don't you wanna fuck me?"

"You mean like this?"

Cindy nodded.

Tommy got on his knees before her, his cock straining outward, not sure how to get it in her pussy this way.

Cindy pushed her cunt forward until it touched the head of his cock, then she began to make pumping motions, touching her cunt to the tip of his prick.

"Is it okay?" Cindy asked, pumping back and forth.

"This is fucking?" Tommy asked.

"Sure it's fucking," she said. "You said you wanted to fuck me, didn't you?"

"Well, sure, but… Cindy this isn't the way to fuck."

She stopped moving her hips, blushing slightly. "It's not?"

"My cock is supposed to go inside your cunt," he said. "That's the way to fuck."

"This was the way I was told," she said.

"Who told you that?"


"What boys?"

"Boys at school," she answered. "This is the way they fuck me."

Tommy wanted to laugh at her innocence, but he instinctively knew she would be hurt and embarrassed.

"You've never had a cock in your cunt before, have you, Cindy?"

Cindy shook her head. "I thought this was fucking."

"And it doesn't feel all that good to you, huh?"

"Not much," she said softly. "I like to jack boys off, and let them feel me. That's what feels good. I like to make them come, watch that juice come out. When I do it real good, they like me and sometimes they kiss me."

"I'll tell you what, Cindy," Tommy said. "I'll show you how to fuck later, if you wanna. You can jack me off this time, okay?"

Cindy brightened up, gripping his cock. "You wanna feel my pussy, don't you? I like it when a boy feels my cunt while I jack him off."

"Sure, I wanna feel your pussy," he said. "You have a real cute cunt, Cindy. Not much hair, but it sure is a pretty little cunt."

"Then you lay back again."

Tommy sprawled on his back, and Cindy sat at his side, her legs wide apart so he could fondle her pussy. Leaning over, she gripped his cock hard in one hand, his balls in the other. His shorts were around his knees. She began to pump up and down on his cock and caress his balls at the same time. She made soft squealing sounds as her fist raced up and down his cock.

"You're very hard, Tommy!" she mewled. "I like to jack a cock when it's real hard! Ohhh, look, you're starting to drip already! Ahhhh, that's nice, Tommy!"

He stroked her satiny cunt as she beat on his cock.

"You want me to kiss it?" Cindy asked. "Some of the boys like it when I kiss them and jack them. I kiss the tip of it and jack you off, if you want me to, Tommy."

"Yeah, that would be nice, Cindy," he said. She lowered her face and began to kiss the head of his cock with her lips closed. Her small fist pounded up and down, brushing against her lips. Her blue eyes remained opened, and Tommy watched her face. He could see the pleasure she was getting from jacking him off, but he was sure she didn't enjoy kissing his cock. He pushed a finger into her tight little cunt, and heard her moan.

Cindy shifted her ass so he could push his finger deep, and Tommy began to fingerfuck his aunt. He felt the wetness growing about his finger, and her sweet little pussyslit glistened. She was wiggling her little ass as if she liked his finger in her pussy, he noticed.

"Touch it with your tongue, Cindy."

Cindy hesitated, then her tongue slipped out and touched his piss-hole. Her eyes closed briefly, then she ran her tongue over the smoothly swollen cockhead and kept pounding her tight little fist up and down. Her lips began to glisten with his juices, but she kept kissing and licking the head of his cock. She had scooted her fine little ass toward his hand a little more, her legs very wide.

"Ooooh, I like the way you do that to me!" she squealed. "I've never felt this good before, Tommy!"

"You wanna make me come this way, huh, Cindy?"

"Ooooh, yes! I like to see it squirt out!"

Tommy was arching his hips in pleasure.

"You're gonna come over my mouth!" Cindy gasped. "That's what you wanna do, Tommy? Come over my lips?"

Nodding his head, Tommy stabbed his finger in and out of her tight cunt faster, wishing Cindy would put her lips around the head of his cock.

"Boys like to do that to me, too!" she sighed, closing her lips and placing them against his piss-hole, pounding his cock faster. "It's okay if you come on my mouth, Tommy."

"I'm about to come, too!" he moaned.

"Oohhh, I know!"

Her small fist jerked swiftly up and down, her other hand gripping his balls. She kept her closed lips pressed against his piss-hole. Tommy began to gurgle, pushing up with his cock, trying to slide the head past her lips, but Cindy refused to open her mouth.

With a grunt, he came.

He watched the juice bubble over Cindy's lips and down his cock and over her fist. Cindy kept jacking him, pressing her closed lips hard against the head of his gushing cock. She was no longer writhing her little ass, but sitting still with her legs open so he could wiggle his finger inside her cunt.

By the time he finished coming, his cock, her fist and her lips were smeared with his come juice.

"Was it good, Tommy?" she asked anxiously, wiping her mouth with her fingers, then her hand on his sheet. "Did it feel good to you?"

"It was okay," he said then saw her disappointment. "I mean it was real good, Cindy."

"You didn't like it," she said. "Hey!" he said sitting up and hugging her tightly. "It was great. Cindy! It really was!"

He felt her shaking, then felt tears on his shoulder.

"Come on, you don't have to cry," he said softly, caressing her back.

"You don't like me very well!" she sobbed. "I wanted you and my sister to like me so much! I guess I didn't jack you off the way you like it. I'll do better next time, Tommy. I promise I will! And you can come in my mouth all you want to!"

Tommy held his aunt closely. "Listen, I know how to do something that you'd really enjoy, Cindy."

She gazed at him, waiting.

"You lay back," he said, and when she did, he pushed her nightgown all the way to her chin.

Cindy lay still, looking up at him bashfully. Her small tits were hardly more than pink nipples. He stroked them gently, then leaned down and licked and sucked them.

Cindy gasped. "No one ever did that to me, before."

"Do you like it?"

"Oh, yes!"

"Then you just lie still and I'll show you something."

Cindy began to breathe heavily as Tommy sucked and licked at her tits, sliding his hand up and down her body, feeling her smooth flesh. He stroked the insides of her thighs, and Cindy purred, spreading them wider apart for him. He caressed her succulent little cunt slit and ran his tongue down her body and over her quivering stomach. When he started to lick closer to her cunt, she stopped breathing.

"Are you… are you gonna kiss my pussy?"

"I'm gonna kiss it and lick it, Cindy," he said, darting his tongue over her swollen clit.

Cindy gave out a cry of delight, her hips jerking upward. "Ohhh, that sure feels good, Tommy!"

Tommy slipped about on his bed until he was lying on his stomach between Cindy's slender thighs. He pushed his hand beneath her small ass, cupping her asscheeks and lifting her cunt to his mouth.

Cindy stared down her body at him, eyes huge. Tommy opened his mouth wide and covered her sweet, fiery cunt with his lips, his tongue lapping up and down the slit and over her clit. Cindy began to cry out in pleasure, beating at the bed with her fists, her hips twisting and grinding. She was crying again, but now there were tears of ecstasy.

"Oooooh, Tommy, Tommy!" she gasped as his tongue penetrated her tight cunt, darting in and out. "Ohhhh, I do like this! Ahhhh, it feels so good, Tommy! Do it some more to me!"

Cindy began to whip her ass up and down, her hands now clutching the back of his head, straining her cunt into his face. She sobbed and flung her head about wildly, churning her cunt frantically against his sucking mouth and darting tongue.

Tommy sucked and licked at his aunt's pussy in a frenzy, drawing the sugar sweet juices from it and into his mouth, swallowing them. He dug his fingers into her tight ass, urging her to wiggle and thrash as much as she wanted. Her hot little pussy made wet slapping sounds as she began to pound it into his face. Tommy clung to her ass tightly, letting Cindy fuck his tongue with her juicy cunt.

"Ooooh, Tommy, it's gonna happen!" Cindy shrieked, grinding hard at his face. "You're gonna make it happen for me, Tommy!"

Tommy ran his tongue as deep into her cunt as he could. He sucked at her smooth, hairless pussy, his mouth filling with her sweetness. He felt her pussy starting to pull and grip on his tongue. He started tongue fucking her as fast as he could, clutching her bunching little ass.

"Tommy!" Cindy sobbed.

The spasms struck, and he felt Cindy's cunt pulling at his tongue with steamy convulsions. Cindy thrashed her ass about wildly, crying out with rapture, clawing at the back of his head as she strained to get her cunt as tight as possible against his sucking mouth.

Cindy's orgasm went on and on.

When she finally calmed down, she lay sprawled out, arms and legs flung wide, gasping and crying.

"You don't have to cry, Cindy," he soothed, caressing her titties gently. "It's okay, Cindy."

"Oh, Tommy, I never felt it that good before!" she cried, burying her face into his shoulder. "I-I didn't know it could feel that good." He held his young aunt, and soon both were sound asleep.


Peggy found her son and baby sister wrapping in each other's arms the next morning.

They were still sleeping when she looked in. She didn't get mad to see her son naked and Cindy's nightgown still around her chin. After the way Cindy had felt her up the day before, and her son telling her how Cindy had grabbed his cock, she should have known this would happen.

Wearing her robe, Peggy prepared breakfast for them, and when it was ready, she called down the hall.

"Be right there, Mom!" Tommy called back.

Peggy returned to the kitchen, not wanting to embarrass her sister by watching her leave Tommy's bedroom.

She drank coffee and waited for them. Tommy came in wearing cut-offs, his face washed and hair combed.

"I saw you," Peggy said. "When did Cindy go to your room?"

"About midnight. See, Mom, I told you she grabbed my cock."

"Did you fuck her?"

Tommy began to explain to his mother what happened.

"Shhhh!" Peggy warned as she saw Cindy entering the kitchen.

Cindy's blonde hair shimmered, pulled back into twin ponytails. Her face was fresh, and she was dressed in a becoming skirt and blouse, with knee high socks and white sneakers.

"You didn't have to get dressed up," Peggy said.

"I did with… at home," Cindy said, sitting down at the table. "I always had to dress and bathe and make them proud of me."

"You're here now," Peggy said. "You can wear whatever you like."

"Even jeans?" Cindy asked.

"Whatever," Peggy replied, pleased by her sister's delight.

"But I don't have any jeans," Cindy said. "All I have are dresses and skirts."

"Then we'll have to do something about that." Peggy smiled.

"When? Today?" Cindy squirmed with anticipation. "I like to wear jeans. All the kids wear them."

"Later," Peggy said. "Breakfast now." It was noon before Peggy had the chance to resume her conversation with her son. Cindy announced she was going to bathe, and Peggy watched her sister walk away.

As soon as Cindy was out of the room, she turned to her son. "Okay, big boy, tell me about last night."

"What about last night, Mom?" he asked innocently.

"You can't fool me," Peggy said. "I saw you two wrapped around each other this morning. What happened, did you both fall asleep in your bed and think I wouldn't know about it?"

"Aw, Mom," Tommy said, looking at his feet.

"Tommy, don't start trying to hide things from me now," she said, dropping her warm hand to his thigh, caressing it with her fingers teasingly under the frayed leg of his cut-offs. "Tommy, when a girl just meets a guy and I see her in his bed, that means only one thing to me – she's getting fucked."

Tommy dragged his mother's hand to his crotch, curling her fingers into it. Peggy squeezed his balls through his cut-offs. He then told her everything.

Peggy was surprised. Yet it confirmed her suspicion that Cindy hungered for affection. It was something she was going to have to take care, if she could.

In the meantime, she was clutching her son's precious balls inside his cut-offs.

"I think we have time," Peggy whispered softly, slipping her fingers into his shorts and stroking his cock. "And I want this cock… if you have enough left for me after last night."

Tommy grinned. He opened her robe and cupped her pointed tits, his cock growing against her fingers. Dipping his face, he sucked first one nipple, then the other.

Peggy mewled softly and pulled his cock from the leg of his shorts, gripping it and stroking up and down, feeling it swell and harden, become hotter. She glanced at the hallway, then pulled her robe from her shoulders.

"It has to be fast," she whispered, sliding the crotch of her son's shorts to one side, his cock standing up, balls exposed.

Swinging one leg over his, she knelt on her knees above his cock. Tommy slipped his hand down and underneath, rubbing at his mother's juicy cunt.

Peggy mewled softly and twisted her ass, her hands on his shoulders. Tommy scooted his ass forward as he fondled the fiery wetness of his mother's cunt, gazing hotly at the silky hairs.

"Your cunt feels different than Cindy's, Mom."

"Oh? How different?"

"Well, she doesn't have all this hair, and I don't think she gets as wet as you."

"Maybe you'll be fucking her soon," Peggy said, pushing his hand away from her cunt and spreading it open with her hands, rubbing the sensitive inner tissues with the swollen head of his cock. "Maybe with your cock in her little cunt, she'll be even wetter than me."

Her naked body shivered as she rubbed his cock, smashing her knotted clit against his piss-hole.

"Ohhhh, baby!" she crooned. "I need it now! Ahhh, Tommy, I want your cock in my cunt, fucking me… now!"

Since his prick stood straight up stiffly, and she was holding her pussy open, Peggy settled onto, it slowly, her eyes dreamy as she felt her cunt stretch around him. With the head of his cock just inside her pussy, she paused, rotating her hips, making gasping sounds of pleasure.

Tommy held his mother's hips, watching her cunt twist on the head of his cock. The grip that his mother's pussy had on his prick made his balls become tight. He leaned forward and caught one of her hard nipples with his lips, sliding his hands around her hips to clasp the bunching cheeks of her ass.

"Ooooh, baby, that's nice!" Peggy purred as he sucked at her tit and squeezed her ass. "That's very good, Tommy! Ahhhh, suck Mother's titties! Suck, my nipples, darling!"

She slowly lowered herself onto his cock, her fingers digging into his shoulders again. She closed her eyes as her cunt became filled with his throbbing hardness. Smashing her cunt down onto the base of his cock, she squirmed back and forth, whimpering softly. Sitting upright, she reached for his balls and pressed them against her asshole while Tommy spread her ass open. She purred and grinned wickedly with the sensation. She rubbed his balls against her ass-hole while her cunt clamped tightly about the base of his cock. Shifting around, she stuffed the other nipple into his eager mouth.

"Oooh, suck them hard, baby!" she moaned. "Suck Mother's titties real hard! Ahhhh, I can feel your cock in my cunt… feel it throb inside my pussy! Feel that, Tommy? Can you feel Mother's cunt pulling on your hard cock?"

"Mmmmm," Tommy moaned, drawing his mother's hot nipple deeply into his mouth, his fingers pulling at the cheeks of her ass.

Peggy closed her eyes, swinging her ass about. She lifted upward, feeling her cunt drag on his cock. With a soft cry of pleasure, she began bouncing up and down, stabbing her cunt with his prick. The soft, wet sounds excited them both.

Turning loose of his balls, she held his shoulders once more, and began to wiggle and bounce on his cock, slapping her cunt down against the base. Her movements caused him to lose his grip on her wits, but he buried his face between them, clutching her churning ass tightly.

"Ahhhh, Tommy, Tommy!" she sobbed. "Oh, baby! Mother needs it so much! I need your cock, darling! Ahhh, fuck me! Fuck Mother!"

Tommy leaned back on the couch, watching her tits dance and sway, her nipples becoming long and hard. He glanced down at her bushy cunt, watching it ride his cock. Her juices coated his prick, forming a frothy wetness at the base.

Peggy, twisting sideways as she kept bouncing, gurgled deep in her throat. She drew her hands to her tits, cupping them, making her nipples protrude between her fingers. The muscles of her flat stomach rippled deliciously, her thighs bunching as she rose and fell on his prick. Her eyes were slitted, becoming fiery with ecstasy. Her lips parted and her tongue darted out as she whimpered and gasped. His cock went so very deep into her pussy. She slammed down tightly, not moving, her cunt working on his prick. She gazed through the steamy slits of her eyes at his face.

"Can you see Mother's cunt, darling?" she hissed hotly. "Can you feel Mother's cunt squeeze your cock?"

"Ooohhh, Mom! Your pussy is so hot!"

"Mmmmmm, hot like your cock, baby!"

"You'll make me come, Mom!" he warned as her pussy squeezed. "You'll make me come too fast!"

"Ooooh, that would be nice!" she purred. "I love to feel your cock squirt, Tommy! Are you going to give Mother's cunt a nice load of come juice?"

Tommy was gritting his teeth as her pussy pulled on his prick. He arched his hips upward, trying to get his cock deeper into the soft, tight heat of her cunt. Peggy smashed down against him, trying to help. She dug harshly at her swollen tits as she gave soft little cries of rapture.

"Baby, I can't wait any longer!" she cried out.

Swinging her naked ass, she fucked her son swiftly, gliding her clinging cunt up and down on his cock, almost losing it a few times. Her whimpering ecstasy mingled with Tommy's hot grunts of pleasure. He was holding his mother's thighs now, staring glassy eyed at her hairy cunt. She rammed down hard, her body trembling. She tilted her face upward, lips open, eyes closed.


Her hips lurched, and her orgasm exploded. Tommy groaned. "Mom, you're gonna make come!"

"I can't help it!" she sobbed. "My cunt… oh, Tommy, I'm coming so hard!"

Her hips jerked as she came, the fiery flesh of her cunt dragging on the shaft of his cock like velvet fingers. It was as it his mother's cunt was sucking his prick, squeezing it, demanding that he gush the boiling juices from his young balls into it.

Peggy, feeling her son's cock spurt, cried out and began to grind her cunt violently against him. Her orgasm tightened until she felt threatened, as if her whole body was melting. Her eyes popped open as she found herself vibrating into a second orgasm.

"Ohhhh, yes!" she sobbed.

Tommy was coming strongly, almost doubling up with the ecstatic force of his discharge. He grabbed his mother's squirming ass, his fingers digging into her asscheeks, his face pressing between her tits again as he sent hot, frantic spurts of creamy come juice into her hungry cunt.

When the shuddering was over, she slumped forward, pressing Tommy's head back against the couch, almost smothering him with her soft tits. Her cunt kept pulsating as his cock softened inside it.

Their breathing was heavy for a long minute, then Peggy finally stirred. She sat up on her son's lap, feeling his cock shrinking. She clamped the muscles of her cunt on it, cooing softly.

"Ohhhh, it's going to come out!" she moaned. "I don't want your cock to come out, baby. Ooohhh, it's slipping!"

Tommy's cock slipped from her pussy.

He slumped, arms outstretched, grinning up at her.

Peggy rubbed her sensitive clit against his limp prick now, mewling with the sensation.

"I bet I could come again rubbing on you this way," she whispered.

Tommy gasped, looking at the doorway. Cindy stood in the entrance of the hallway, her eyes enormous.

"I think we're being watched, Mom!" he gasped.

Peggy let out a squeal, jumping off his lap and turning around, sitting next to her son, one hand between her thighs, her other arm covering her tits.

"Cindy!" she gasped.

Cindy stood looking at them, eyes big. She had a huge towel wrapped about her body, and she was still dripping water from her bath.

Peggy felt embarrassment as her baby sister stared at them. She tried to keep her tits concealed, but a nipple poked up. She hid her cunt with her hand, her long thighs clamped together. She didn't know what to say, or how to explain herself. She lowered her eyes bashfully.

Cindy came into the living room, her eyes on Tommy's cock and balls. His balls, empty, dangled between his legs, his shorts tugged to one side. His cock glistened wetly from his mother's cunt.

Peggy watched her young sister warily.

Cindy stopped before them, her gaze never leaving Tommy's cock and balls. She held the towel protectively about her small body with one arm, the other dangling at her side. Her blue eyes looked glazed, as if she was in some sort of trance. Her lips were open slightly, and her breathing could be heard. She glanced at Peggy's discarded robe on the couch next to Tommy, then at Peggy. Peggy, fighting against her embarrassment, stared boldly at Cindy, as if challening her to make some nasty comment.

But Cindy made no comment of any sort. She pushed her hand out, dragging the tips of her fingers along Tommy's soft cock, feeling the wetness on it. Then she closed her fist around his cock and pulled, but not hard.

Peggy watched, wanting to speak but not knowing what to say to her sister. She watched when Cindy turned her son's cock loose and cupped his balls, massaging them gently, rolling them in her palm. Cindy had to bend from her waist to touch Tommy's cock, and the towel parted along her hip.

Peggy gazed at the creamy exposure of young flesh. She couldn't see much of anything, except one of Cindy's slim thighs and her hip, but she felt a bubbling tingle between her own legs from the sight.

Still holding her towel securely about her naked body, Cindy dropped to her knees in front of Tommy, who was sitting in silence next to his mother. He glanced at Peggy, who was staring fixedly at Cindy. He understood his mother was embarrassed, and she wasn't going to be any help for him now. He was as surprised as his mother at Cindy's bold entrance.

Cindy placed her hand on Tommy's knee, still holding her towel with one hand. Her blue eyes held a wild, steamy expression in them as she gazed at his cock and balls. Her little hand moved up his thigh slowly, her eyes never leaving his cock. Her hand slipped along his inner thigh, and then she held his balls in her palm again. Cindy lifted Tommy's balls and cock, holding them in her palm. Then she leaned over and kissed them.

Peggy gasped softly.

Cindy, leaning into Tommy's lap, glanced up at her sister, her eyes holding a plea in them, but she didn't speak. She leaned down again, pressing her lips against Tommy's wet cock, still looking up at Peggy. She rubbed her lips along the soft shaft of Tommy's cock, then the tip of her tongue flicked out, running through the scattered hairs there, tasting the juices of Peggy's cunt. She moved her wet little tongue along the shaft, from the base to the head. Peggy stared as her baby sister flicked her tongue at Tommy's cock, licking his piss-hole.

Raising up again, Cindy looked at Peggy, a small, somewhat nervous smile on her sweet face, pipping the towel around her body.

Peggy pulled her hand from between her clamped thighs. She and Cindy gazed at each other for a long time, and finally Peggy tugged at her baby sister's towel.

Cindy let it go, and it fell to the floor. She stood before them nakedly, her sweet little tit showing, her fine, sugary cuntslit almost hidden between her slender thighs, the few blonde hairs gleaming like golden threads.

"Beautiful," Peggy finally whispered in a throaty sound. "Cindy, you're so very beautiful."


Cindy stood before them, not shyly, trying to please her sister as best she could. She looked at Peggy's firm, pointed tits, at her long nipples, then down to the triangular bush of her cunt hair.

Tommy looked from his mother to his aunt. He still could not get used to having an aunt two years younger than him.

When Peggy remained sitting on the couch, staring at her, Cindy became anxious. She began to squirm as Tommy and Peggy gazed at her naked body. Tears formed in her lovely eyes as she waited for some word of approval.

Peggy swallowed nervously as she stared at her sister, taking in her small, succulent tits, the exquisite slit of her cunt, those golden hairs just starting to show up. She lifted her eyes to Cindy's and saw the wetness in them.

"Oh, Cindy," she whispered, lifting her arms to her sister.

Cindy trembled, then flung herself onto Peggy's lap, her arms around Peggy, her face buried into her shoulder. Peggy hugged her sister tightly, kissing at her neck and shoulder, feeling the heat of Cindy's little ass on her thighs.

"It's okay, Cindy," Peggy soothea, caressing her sister's satiny flesh. "Everything is going to be just fine, honey."

Cindy sobbed quietly while Peggy caressed her, then drew her head up. Her blue eyes were swimming in tears, a small smile spreading over her lovely face.

Tommy watched his mother soothe Cindy, but his eyes were mostly on her sweet, tight ass that was turned toward him. His cock stirred as he looked at it. He slipped his hand out and ran it down Cindy's back to her ass, working the tip of his finger into the upper crack. Cindy turned and smiled at him.

"Turn around, honey," Peggy said softly.

Cindy turned to face Tommy while still sitting on Peggy's lap. Her legs were together, and Peggy ran her hand between them, pushing them apart. Cindy allowed her sister to open her legs, her face taking on a shining delight. She leaned back, one arm about Peggy's neck.

"Tommy told me about last night," Peggy said softly, sliding her hand up and down a velvety thigh. "You won't have any problem here, baby. I know bow it was at home, with our parents. Everything is going to be good for you here with us."

Cindy squirmed her little ass against Peggy's lap. "I-I don't know what to do or say or anything, Peggy. I've never been allowed anything like this before."

"God, do I know about that!" Peggy sighed.

"I'll tell you the story sometime. Right now, though, we want you to be comfortable with us. You don't have to do anything you don't want to do. You can leave your room in a mess, as far as I'm concerned. Or…" she grinned at her son, "… should I say the room you and Tommy seemed to want to share?"

Peggy's fingers were close to her sister's cunt now. She could feel the heat radiating from that sugary pussy, and her hand trembled on the inside of Cindy's thigh. She wanted to feel her baby sister's cunt very much. Peggy had never felt a desire for a girl in her life, but her sister was such a sweet, exquisite little creature, with a loveable body… the urge to feel and touch and taste was very strong in her.

Tommy was watching his mother's hand, a little smile on his face.

Peggy pulled her hand away. Cindy sat on her lap with her legs spread. Peggy shoved her hand to Tommy's cock.

Cindy squealed softly as she watched Peggy close her fist about Tommy's cock, holding it. She leaned forward and held his balls, looking at Peggy to see if it was okay for her to do so.

Peggy smiled, sliding her other hand down Cindy's back to her fine little ass, leaving it there. Peggy pumped her son's cock, and Cindy, feeling more confident now, gently pushed her sister's hand away and gripped Tommy's cock herself. She stroked up and down, starting to breathe fast when Tommy's cock started swelling in her hand. She wiggled her ass, and Peggy slipped her hand beneath it, cupping the hot little cheeks. Cindy purred and started to touch Peggy's tit with her free hand, stopping before she made contact.

"Yes, darling," Peggy whispered, taking Cindy's wrist and placing her palm on her tit. "You can feel them."

Cindy squeezed her sister's tit, her eager eyes darting from the swelling head of Tommy's cock in her fist to Peggy's tit in her other hand, Peggy made a gurgling sound deep in her throat. Tommy was showing his excitement with hot eyes as he watched Cindy fondling his mother's tit. He slipped his hand between Cindy's legs and felt her cunt, making Cindy whimper in a hot sound, her ass wiggling in Peggy's hand.

Peggy moved her hand back to her sister's satiny thigh, sliding it upward again where her son was feeling Cindy's soft little cunt. Tommy had seen his mother almost touch Cindy's cunt a bit earlier, and he grabbed her wrist, shoving her hand to Cindy's pussy quickly.

Peggy glanced at her son, and she realized how excited her son could become when he saw two girls touching each other.

For Peggy, it felt strange to feel another pussy. She found Cindy's sweet cunt soft and hot in her palm. She rubbed it slowly, feeling the tight lips and the stiff protrusion of Cindy's small clit.

Tommy watched his mother feeling up her squirming and wiggling sister, and Cindy was her an, jacking on his very hard cock with short pumping strokes, her other hand clutching Peggy's tit.

Peggy worked her middle finger into her sister's cunt, hearing the little squeal Cindy made. She found Cindy's cunt very tight, very hot, and slippery with wetness. She pushed and pulled her finger, in and out, fingerfucking Cindy as she often had done with herself. The more she stabbed her finger in and out, the more juicy Cindy's hairless cunt became.

"Ohhhh, Cindy!" Peggy mewled. "You feel so good!"

"Is it okay if I… if I kiss your… you know, nipples, Peggy?" Cindy asked in a soft voice.

"Abhhh, baby, you can suck my nipples if you want!" Peggy gasped. "You can suck my titties and play with them! Oh, baby, you can do anything you want!"

Cindy dipped her head and ran her tongue over Peggy's long, hard nipple. She sucked it into her wet little mouth, mewling happily as she used her tongue. She squirmed her ass as Peggy kept up a slow, penetrating movement in her pussy.

Tommy, watching his mother's finger slide in and out of her sister's cunt, moaned as Cindy squeezed and pumped his cock. He glanced up at Cindy's mouth, seeing her lips widely parted as she pulled at Peggy's tit, sucking wetly. His hand felt one of Cindy's small tits, pinching her pink nipple gently, stretching it outward. Cindy gave a soft whimper and placed her hand on top of his, smashing his palm against her hard little tit.

"Ohhhh, suck it real hard, Cindy!" Peggy cooed, holding the back of her sister's head. "Suck my tit as hard as you can, baby!"

Peggy slipped her finger out of her sister's cunt.

"Tommy, put your finger in her tight pussy! Feel her wet, hot cunt, darling!"

Cindy spread her legs, even wider when Tommy slipped his hand up the inside of her thigh. Peggy watched her son push his finger into the smooth, soft slit of her cunt. A purr came from her when his finger started darting back and forth. Cindy moaned with her mouth filled with Peggy's nipple, and she twisted her hot little ass in a squirming pleasure.

"Oh, baby!" Peggy gasped. "Cindy, you've got to let Tommy fuck you! He has such a hard cock, and I want to see it in your little cunt! Come on, Cindy…" She pushed her sister away tenderly. "You'll love his cock in your hot little cunt, honey."

Cindy, her eyes glazed with steamy passion, slipped from Peggy's lap, standing on trembling thighs, the tip of one, finger inside her mouth as she waited, looking shy, but eager.

Peggy leaned forward and ran her hand over her sister's tight, curvy ass, feeling the satiny cheeks and the back of her thighs. She dragged a finger along the crease of Cindy's ass, causing Cindy to whimper and shiver.

"Lie down, darling," Peggy suggested.

Cindy lay on her back in the floor, her eyes steamy as she looked up at her sister and Tommy. Tommy stood up, his cock jutting out in jerking hardness, his balls full and tight. Peggy stroked her son's cock a few times as she told her little sister to open her legs.

Cindy spread her legs, breathing deeply as she watched Peggy fondle her son's cock md balls. Beads of juice formed on his piss-hole, and Peggy ran her finger over it, then smeared the juices over Cindy's stiff, pink nipples. Peggy then dropped off the couch and leaned down, licking at Cindy's nipples, her tongue swirling as she lapped up the juices she had smeared on them.

Tommy moved between Cindy's slender thighs, gripping his cock in a tight fist as he watched his mother licking those sweet tits. Cindy writhed her naked ass on the floor, looking at Tommy warily, not sure about his cock sliding into her cunt.

Peggy lifted up, smiling reassuringly at Cindy. "It's going to be okay, honey. It won't hurt and you're going to love the feel of his hard cock in you."

She pushed her son's hand off his cock and gripped it herself, puffing him down. Tommy leaned over, and Peggy rubbed the head of his cock up and down the slit of Cindy's sugary cunt, brushing it against the swollen clitoris. The contact sent a tremor through Cindy. She moaned softly, pushing her cunt up to create more pressure upon her clit.

"Ohhh, that feels so good!" Cindy panted, arching her crotch and squirming as Peggy rubbed her inflamed clit with the head of Tommy's cock.

Peggy shoved her other hand down and spread the hairless, soft lips of her sister's pussy, then she slid her son's cock downward.

Cindy held her breath, her eyes slitting with steamy anticipation as she lifted her ass, her hands flat on the floor near her hips.

Peggy fit the swollen head of her son's cock just inside her sister's cunt.

"Ohhh, it feels so big!" Cindy gasped. "Are you sure this is…"

"You'll love it," Peggy said. "Tommy, push your cock in slow. Don't ram it into her the way you do my cunt. Let her get used to the feel, and she'll tell you how to fuck her then."

Tommy slowly pushed forward, his eyes straining as he watched his cock slide inward. The tightness was excruciating for him, yet Cindy's little cunt was so wet that it was slippery enough for him. The head of his cock seemed to pop past a gripping ring.

"Ahh… oh!" Cindy cried out.

"Does it hurt?" Peggy asked, still spreading her sister's cunt with her fingers, gripping the base of her son's cock to prevent him from ramming in.

"Oh, no, Peggy!" Cindy gasped. "It feels… oh, yes! It feels so good!"

The muscles of her cunt seemed to squeeze and work on the head of Tommy's cock, making him grimace in ecstasy.

"Cindy, pull your knees up," Peggy instructed. "Pull them back as far as you can."

Cindy drew her knees upward, her hands behind each. Her small ass lifted higher, and she felt more of Tommy's cock slip into her cunt. Her eyes rolled as she began to whimper softly, lifting her head and trying to look between her legs at his cock.

"Now, Tommy, shove your cock in real slow," Peggy said, her voice becoming thicker as she watched her son's cock being gripped by her sister's creamy, hairless cunt.

Tommy moved his prick in very slowly, feeling the tight wetness hold his prick like his fist.

Cindy felt her cunt expand, stretching around his cock. She was holding her breath, her cunt vibrating with such ecstasy that she could hardly believe how good it felt.

His cock was buried all the way into Cindy's cunt now, the soft, tight lips smashed at the base, his balls crushed against her hot ass. Cindy let her breath out in a hot whooshing sound, her face lighting up with a big smile of pleasure, her blue eyes sparkling.

"Ohhh, it is good, Peggy!" she gasped. "It feels like he has his cock all the way in my stomach, but it feels so good! Are you going to fuck me the right way now, Tommy? Are you? Ooooh, I wanna feel your cock fucking me, Tommy!"

Peggy pulled her fingers away from her sister's cunt, sitting back on her heels and watching with glassy eyes. With Cindy holding her knees far back, her little ass lifted, Peggy could see her sister's pussy stretching around her son's cock as Tommy pulled back. Their was no hair to conceal her view. She saw Cindy's stiff little clit rub along the shaft of her son's cock. Peggy parted her knees and began to fondle her hairy cunt with four fingers, watching intently as her son pushed his cock back in.

Cindy cried out as she felt his cock fill her pussy, pulling her knees back to her shoulders, her crotch looking vulnerable to his stabbing prick. She wiggled her ass, gurgling softly, eyes dreamy and glazed with this new, fantastic sensation in her cunt.

Tommy, sliding his prick back and forth slowly as his mother told him, gritted his teeth. Cindy's tight cunt was gripping his cock so hard that bis balls were tingling. He struggled to keep his pumping motions slow, but it was very hard to do.

"Oh, Tommy, you gotta go faster!" Cindy sobbed.

"Are you ready?" Peggy asked, agitating her long, throbbing clit.

"Ohhh, yes, Peggy!"

Tommy speeded up.

Cindy began to sob and shake her uplifted ass, swinging it about as Tommy's cock created a searing, beautiful friction along the tight opening of her pussy. She arched and churned her ass in a matching rhythm to his plunging cock. As Tommy fucked faster, Cindy sobbed and wiggled her ass in a frenzy, tears of intense excitement in her smoldering blue eyes.

"Ohhh… ahhhh, Tommy, Tommy!" Cindy cried. "Oh, I do love it! I love being fucked! My cunt is so hot… so very hot! Tommy, shove it in me… I wanna feel it way inside me, deep as it will go!"

Tommy gazed at his mother's fingers agitating her hairy cunt, and he began to pound his cock rapidly back and forth, stabbing into his aunt's cunt. Each forward thrust of his cock made Cindy's naked little body shake and tremble. She jerked her head from side to side, her blonde hair fanning about her face. Peggy stared hard, watching her son fucking her little sister, seeing Cindy thrust her pretty ass up and down.

Cindy was making quiet little choking sounds thrashing her ass up and down, slamming her cunt against Tommy's cock each time he plunged into it. She clutched behind her knees with desperate hands, moaning as the ecstasy increased. Her pink little nipples seemed to become harder, and a flush was spreading over her sweet face and neck, down to her adorable tits. Her eyes opened and closed, filmed with intense passion.

"Ohhhh, Tommy, it's so good!" she wailed. "I wanna keep fucking you for a long time! I don't wanna stop… never stop! Ahhhh, your cock feels so big inside me! Are you gonna come in my pussy, Tommy? Are you gonna spurt all that hot juice in my cunt?"

Tommy gasped and grunted, ramming his cock in and out furiously now.

Peggy, cramming all four of her fingers up her cunt, stabbing them bock and forth, shoved her crotch forward, moaning as loudly as her little sister. Watching her son fucking her baby sister was filling her with a strange delight. She wanted her son to flood that soft, creamy, hairless cunt with come juice, fill Cindy's pussy so full that it dripped for hours.

"Fuck her, Tommy!" she urged. "Fuck her little cunt, baby! Ahhhh, I can see your cock, see your pussy, Cindy! Ohhh, that looks so sweet… so fucking beautiful! Fuck her, baby, fuck her hot cunt! Ooooh, Cindy, shake your pretty ass, darling! Shake your hot ass and give Tommy a good fuck!"

Cindy heard her sister's words, but they seemed to be corning from the bottom of a barrel. Her ears were roaring and she couldn't see. But she did feel everything – her cunt grabbing at Tommy's cock, her clit ready to burst from hardness.

"I'm… oh, I think I'm…" Cindy sobbed. "Tommy! Ooohhh, you're gonna make me – make me come!"

Her small ass whipped upward, grinding from the sheer ecstasy. A loud cry bubbled from her, and her cunt exploded into a powerful orgasm, the creamy lips squeezing with rippling convulsions on Tommy's cock.

Tommy strained his cock into Cindy's contracting cunt and sent powerful squirts of thick juices into it.


Peggy was almost slapping at her own cunt as she watched her sister and son come.

Her hairy cunt was on fire, but her orgasm was lingering, the sensation of almost coming making her mind reel with sweet torment. She was on her knees now, both her hands at her cunt, the fingers of one ramming in and out, her hot juices coating her hand almost to her wrist. The other hand was brutally smashing and rubbing at her swollen clit, her pointed tits shaking, nipples straining upward.

Tommy gushed copiously into Cindy's spasming cunt. Creamy white come juice seeped past the gripping lips of her pussy, running along the cheeks of her parted ass, coating her pink tight asshole. Each spurt of his cock made him grunt from the force.

Cindy was sobbing loudly as her cunt rippled and waved with one orgasm after another. She was crying with ecstasy, tears streaming down her satinlike cheeks. Her small ass kept twisting and grinding, her arms holding her knees against her shoulders tightly.

"My cunt… ohhh, my cunt!" she yelped over and over. "My cunt… my pussy… ahhhh, it's so… my cunt is on fire!"

Peggy was brutally fingerfucking herself, trying desperately to bring on her orgasm, but it was so close, and that was where it stayed.

Tommy finished spewing into Cindy's cunt. He slumped, his arms shaking. He felt the sucking of Cindy's pussy on his prick, feeling her orgasm. His cock began to soften, but Cindy's cunt seemed to close tight around it. His balls were empty, drooping now along the parted cheeks of her ass. He couldn't remain in this position or he would fall on top of Cindy.

He pulled his cock back and felt Cindy's cunt grab at it as though reluctant to let it go. The head came out of her pussy with a soft, wet sound, and Cindy cried out her disappointment.

As heat son sat back, Peggy stared at her sister's cunt. Cindy still held her knees against her shoulders, her pussy and ass revealed, coated with Tommy's come juice.

"Ohhh!" Peggy moaned, then shoved her face down into her sister's come filled cunt. Her tongue began to lap hotly up and down the slit, around the lips, licking up her son's come juice. Her tongue flicked at Cindy's still contracting clit and Cindy let out a scream, pushing her pussy tightly into her sister's face.

Peggy opened her mouth wide, covering Cindy's young cunt with her lips. She thrust her tongue deeply into the juice flooded pussy. She licked and sucked, swallowing, as she pulled her son's juices out of her sister's cunt.

"Kiss it! Kiss my cunt!" Cindy gasped, still coming. "Ohhhh, Peggy, kiss my pussy! Oooo, I'm still coming so hard! Ahhhh, suck on my cunt, Peggy!"

Peggy, almost overwhelmed with passion, her hairy pussy still searching for orgasm, sucked and licked greedily at her sister's cuny, her tongue darting into it, then swirling about the knotted clit. When her tongue slipped down the slit of Cindy's cunt to her asshole, she licked at the tight, hot ring until she had gotten the last of her son's come juice, then she licked at the insides of Cindy's asscheeks, greedily sliding her mouth and tongue back to the steamy little cunt.

Tommy saw his mother's naked ass lifted in the air, twisting. He heard her moaning and the wet sucking sounds of her lips and tongue. He moved behind his mother and thrust his fingers into her hairy cunt.

Peggy cried out, the sound muffled because her face was buried in Cindy's cunt. She shook her ass for her son, and Tommy plunged his fingers in and out of his mother's cunt frantically.

Peggy lifted her dripping face. "Tommy, eat me!"

Tommy jerked his fingers from her pussy, then pressed his face into it, sucking and licking. His tongue slipped and slid about, then moved over her asshole.

Peggy yelped into Cindy's cunt, trying to take the creamy soft pussy into her mouth. She felt her pussy draw inward as her clit throbbed. She felt her son's tongue dart into her pussy, then into her asshole. She arched her ass to his face, sliding her hands beneath her sister's little ass, digging into the curvy cheeks, trying to get her mouth and tongue tighter against the exploding little slit.

"Ohhh, Peggy, suck it hard!" Cindy gasped, grinding into her sister's face. "Suck me off… suck my cunt off!"

Peggy pushed her pussy against her son's face, her tongue stuffed into Cindy's cunt, feeling the velvety pussy squeeze it. She felt her son's lips sucking the hairy wetness of her cunt, and, with a loud scream, she began to come. Her ass shook, grinding against Tommy's face. Her orgasm was so strong that she jerked her face out of Cindy's cunt and screamed over and over.

Cindy, finally calming down, lowered her ass to the floor, watching with filmy eyes as Tommy kept sucking at his mother's cunt. It looked to her as if his whale face was buried in Peggy's ass and cunt. She clutched his slippery cock, holding it, as her sister finally began to stop shaking.

Peggy slumped to one side, breathing hard, legs and arms flung outward, her face looking radiant, glistening with the juices of Cindy's sweet pussy and her son's come juice. She shivered for a while, then slowly sat up, smiling from ear to ear.

"I thought I was never going to come," she sighed. "Thank you, Tommy."

She leaned over and kissed him, licking at his lips.

Later, atter dinner, all of them showered, they sat in Peggy's bedroom. Peggy wore panties, but Cindy was naked. Tommy, too, was naked, his hair still damp from the shower.

"And I thought I was fucking all this time!" Cindy laughed. "I sure was a little girl, wasn't I?"

"You're still a little girl." Peggy smiled. "Not so little now," Cindy said. "I've been fucked!"

"You'll be a little girl until you get hair on your cunt," Tommy said, tweaking a pink nipple. "Like Mom's hair."

Cindy looked down bashfully. "If I don't have hair on my cunt, does that mean you don't like me, Tommy?"

Peggy drew her sister against her tits, caress jog her head and face.

"Of course he likes you, Cindy," she soothed. "He was only teasing you."

"That's right," Tommy said. "Cindy, you have a pretty cunt. I think you have the prettiest cunt in town, even if you don't have hair on it."

"Tommy, that's enough," Peggy said. "Stop teasing her, or she may not let you fuck her any more."

Cindy lifted her head and looked at Tommy's cock. "I'll fuck him, Peggy. If you want me to, I'll fuck Tommy every day."

Peggy hugged her little sister. "Honey, you don't have to fuck anyone you don't want to fuck."

"I don't?" Cindy asked, her eyes lighting up. "I really don't have to if I don't wanna?"

"Of course not," Peggy replied.

Cindy snuggled up against her sister, cupping one of Peggy's tits. "What if I wanna… you know, kiss your cunt, Peggy?"

"You can kiss it. You live here now, darling. We won't restrict you."

Cindy giggled. "I don't have to hide under the sheets and play with myself anymore. And I don't have to jack a boy off, either, if I don't wanna jack him off. Ohhh, I'm gonna love living here!"

Cindy squeezed Peggy tightly, licking at one nipple, then slipped her hand between Peggy's thighs to fondle her cunt.

"I'll be so glad when I have hair on my pussy," she murmured, toying with the soft strands of Peggy's cunt hair.

Tommy's cock was growing hard as he watched them.

"Tommy's getting a hardon!" Cindy giggled.

"So he is," Peggy said, glancing at her son. Tommy was leaning against the headboard of the bed, knees up and parted. His cock was lifting upright, his balls dangling to hide his asshole.

"It's a shame a guy has to have a hardon with all this pussy around and none to fuck!" he laughed.

"Who said so?" Cindy giggled.

"Well, I'm getting his hard cock, and you two are just sitting there feeling each other up. Maybe you like pussy better than hard cock, huh, Cindy?"

"Tommy!" Peggy admonished.

"It's okay, Peggy!" Cindy giggled, rubbing at her sister's clit with her middle finger. "I know he's just teasing me. Besides, I do like your cunt."

"Are you gonna be fucking me and sucking my mom's cunt, Cindy?" Tommy asked, his eyes sparkling with pleasure.

"Tommy, no more teasing!" Peggy insisted. "I may do that," Cindy said, working her finger into Peggy's cunt now. "If Peggy wants me to, I'll suck her pussy."

Tommy stopped his teasing, finding more interest in watching his mother and aunt feel and caress each other. His cock strained up with renewed hardness between his spread knees. He watched holly as Cindy pulled the crotch of his mother's panties to one side and rub lightly along the hairy slit, probing Peggy's clit.

Peggy, making little sounds of pleasure, leaned back, opening her legs very wide. Cindy didn't have to be told what to do. She pushed her face between Peggy's satiny thighs, licking at the inside flesh. Her blue eyes were fiery as she lapped from one thigh to the other, her small hands moving about Peggy's hips and stomach and legs. Peggy was close enough to take hold of her son's cock and stroke it. Tommy spread his legs wide, giving his mother plenty of room to play with him.

Cindy kissed and licked her way upward, then parted her lips and closed them around the tight crotch of Peggy's panties, sucking at them with soft sounds. Her hand moved under her sister's ass, cupping the cheeks.

Peggy arched and twisted, mewling with pleasure as Cindy lapped through her panties. With her other hand, Peggy pulled her panties to one side, and Cindy gave a little squeal as she closed her hot mouth over her sister's wet, hair lined pussy, sucking hard. The tip of her tongue flicked Peggy's tit, causing her hips to jerk.

"Ohhhh, Cindy, baby!"

Cindy's tongue slipped in to Peggy's cunt. When she wiggled it inside her sister's pussy, Peggy cried out and smashed her cunt hard against Cindy's face. Hungrily sucking at Peggy's cunt, Cindy twisted until she was spread out between Peggy's long legs. She squirmed her ass, the cheeks bunching as she licked and sucked.

Tommy gazed at Cindy's sweet ass, her thighs opening and closing, listening to the erotic, wet sounds while Cindy sucked his mother's pussy. He lifted his hips, running his cock into his mother's gripping fist. When Peggy jacked his cock, he fucked into her hand, but his eyes were fixed upon Cindy's lovable ass.

"Mmmmm, hot and wet!" Cindy purred into Peggy's pussy.

"Oh, baby, suck my cunt!" Peggy gasped, grinding against her little sister's face, one hand holding the back of her blonde head. "Suck me off, Cindy! Fuck me with your little tongue!"

Cindy, straining to get her mouth as tight as she could around Peggy's steamy cunt, lifted her ass, pulling her knees beneath her. Tommy gasped and pulled his mother's hand off his cock he got behind Cindy's up thrust ass. He caressed her asscheeks as he stared at the pink tight pucker of her asshole, the sugary slit of her cunt just below. He pushed his cock forward and moved it up and down, touching Cindy's knotted clit, dragging the head along her slit, then over her asshole, up and down a number of times.

Cindy squirmed her ass, making wet sounds as she sucked greedily at her sister's cunt. As Tommy's cock rubbed along the lips of her cunt again, she pushed back, trying to get it inside. But Tommy kept rubbing his cock up and down, fascinated by her small ass.

Cindy couldn't stand it.

"Tommy, fuck me!" she pleaded with her lips only inches from Peggy's cunt. "Please, fuck me! Shove your cock in my cunt and fuck me, Tommy!"

Peggy looked past her sister's back at her son. "Tommy, do what she wants!"

Tommy flashed his mother a wide grin, then pushed the swollen head of his cock into Cindy's cunt.

"Ohhh, yes, Tommy!" Cindy sobbed, pushing her ass back, her eyes dreamy as she felt her cunt spread and grip his cock. "Ohhhh, it's so nice to have your cock in my pussy, Tommy!"

Tommy gripped her hips and slowly moved his cock back and forth, watching Cindy's young cunt cling to the shaft.

Cindy began sucking and licking at Peggy's cunt again, swaying her small ass while Tommy thrust in and out of her steamy pussy. Peggy could watch her son's expression over Cindy's back while Cindy tongue fucked her. She drew her feet back, her knees bending as she pushed her fiery pussy hard against Cindy's face. She was holding Cindy's head with both hands now, gasping with ecstasy.

As Tommy plunged his cock into Cindy's cunt, he made slapping sounds against her twisting ass. Also, each time he rammed in, he pressed Cindy's face hard into his mother's cunt. He could see his mother's pointed tits jiggle with movement from the way he was fucking Cindy.

"Suck Mom's cunt, Cindy!" he groaned. "Lick her wet pussy! Fuck her in the twat with your tongue!"

"Obbhh, God, she is!" Peggy sobbed, grinding at Cindy's mouth. "She's sucking my cunt beautifully! Ahhhh, Cindy, eat my pussy, baby! Suck my pussy juice out! Lick my clit… the lips of my cunt… all over my hot cunt!"

Peggy squirmed at Cindy's face, feeling her eager tongue dart about. She loved it when Cindy lapped her tongue up and down just inside her cuntlips, or sucked at her inflamed clit.

Cindy was moaning hotly as Tommy plunged his cock back and forth into her gripping pussy, smashing her face against Peggy's hairy cunt. Her small naked body was tingling from head to toe, and she was getting intense pleasure from being fucked by Tommy while she sucked her sister's cunt. She dug her fingers into Peggy's ass, sliding them inside the nylon panties. Her pussy was on fire, and the hardness of Tommy's cock seemed to fill her young, tight pussy to capacity, and she loved the stretching sensation of it as much as she did the fullness and friction.

"Ooooh, my cunt… Cindy, baby!" Peggy screamed, ramming hard against her sister's face. "Ohhh, I'm going to come… come in your hot little mouth!"

Tommy, ramming his cook back and forth with vigorous strokes, jerked Cindy's ass back, her fiery cunt clinging to his cock.

Cindy was whimpering into Peggy's pussy as her wet pussy throbbed and vibrated toward orgasm.

"Now, Cindy! Ohhh, yes, now!" Peggy wailed, and her hips jerked when her orgasm exploded. "Ohhhh, I'm coming, Cindy! My cunt… I'm coming in your sweet, hot mouth, baby!"

Cindy sucked hard, tasting the flow of her sisters juices. Her small throat worked to swallow, her eyes closed as her own pussy began to contract. She screamed softly into Peggy's hairy cunt when she started coming, pushing her pussy tightly against Tommy's cock.

Tommy grunted, his head lifted, eyes closing. Spurt after hot spurt of come juice spewed up Cindy's exquisite cunt, flooding her until his come juice dripped along her inner thighs.


Cindy had been with them for three days now. Peggy was very pleased that her younger sister and her son got along so well.

She smiled as she prepared a lunch of sandwiches and milk for them. It was Saturday, and she was taking Cindy shopping, along with Tommy. Cindy was excited about buying new clothing, jeans specifically.

Cindy came bouncing in, fresh faced and happy. Her blue eyes had taken on a new sparkle in the past few days. Her honey blonde hair was pulled back into two tight ponytails. Peggy hoped Cindy would wear her hair that way for as long as she could. It made her look so sweet and innocent, so young looking. She was dressed in a pleated skirt with a white blouse, one of her more attractive outfits.

Cindy came up behind her sister, wrapping her arms around her waist and hugging her tightly. She slipped her little hands upward and cupped Peggy's firm tit for a squeeze.

Peggy purred in pleasure and pushed her jeans-clad ass back against Cindy.

Cindy lowered her hands and stood back, looking at Peggy's well shaped ass in the jeans. She ran her hands over Peggy's ass, feeling it.

"I hope my ass looks this good in jeans," she said.

"It will," Peggy answered, turning to smile at Cindy. "You have a sweet little ass, honey, made for jeans. You're sure to have the guy's drooling all over themselves for a feel of it."

Cindy giggled as Tommy came in, also wearing jeans and a sparkling white T-shirt and sneakers. She looked at him, then at Peggy. "Is my ass really that pretty?"

She lifted her skirt and turned.

Peggy and Tommy could see her lovely ass encased in white tight panties.

"We're going to get you new panties, too, baby?" Peggy said.

"Bikinis!" Cindy squealed. "Please, I want bikini panties!"

"Any style you want," Peggy assured her. Cindy, with her skirt about her waist, shook her ass and laughed in pleasure. "Ohhh, some real pretty ones! With lace and bows and you know the kind, Peggy."

Peggy nodded as she grinned. "Sexy ones?"

"Oh, yes! Real sexy panties that will make Tommy's cock hard." Cindy giggled as she cupped her own ass and squeezed it. "I wanna make sure his cock stays hard, Peggy."

"You're going to get a hard cock if you don't put your skirt down." Tommy smiled, shoving his crotch forward.

Cindy ran her hand about his crotch. "Okay," she grinned wickedly. "Hey, you two," Peggy said as she laughed softly. "What about this lunch I've fixed?"

"I've got my lunch in my hand," Cindy gurgled, squeezing Tommy's balls. "A real hot lunch, too."

"Eat," Peggy said, swatting her sister on her adorable ass. "And I don't mean cock."

Cindy made a cute face. "Oh, pooh! Cock tastes better than egg-salad sandwiches."

"I agree, you little hot cunt," Peggy said, "but you're going to eat it just the same."

"Then cock?" Cindy asked, sitting down and taking a sip of her milk, leaving a trace on her upper lip.

"Cindy," Peggy laughed again, "you're going to fuck yourself silly."

"Ooooo, yes!" Cindy said, taking a bite of her sandwich.

Tommy ate, his eyes shining. He loved his younger aunt, and it was exciting to have both his mother and Cindy in the house with him, bath of them so eager to fuck him. It was a dream come true, something most boys his age were still fantasizing about while they jacked off in a frenzy. He wished there was someone he could brag to, but there was no one. If any hint of what they were doing got out, he knew those rumors about his mother would increase.

While they ate lunch, Cindy kept up an excited chatter about the type of clothing she wanted, mostly designer jeans and panties. She was not quite ready for a bra, but Peggy thought it would be nice to buy her a small one to help her become accustomed to wearing it.

While she ate, Cindy slipped her hand under the table and felt Tommy's cock.

"I've got Tommy's cock real hard, Peggy," she said, her eyes twinkling mischievously. "You should feel how hard it is."

"Later," Peggy said.

Tommy, his prick bursting with hardness, pressed at his jeans. He shoved his hands under the table and opened them, and Cindy darted her hot little hand to his fly and pulled his cock out, squeezing it. She pounded slowly on his cock as she ate with her other hand. She ran her fingertip over the head of his cock, feeling the dripping juices on his piss-hole. She lifted her finger, then glancing at Peggy, she licked it.

"Mmmmm, that helps this fucking egg salad!" she mewled. "Makes it taste so much better!"

Tommy took delight in Cindy's words.

Lunch was over.

"Can we go now?" Cindy asked, gripping Tommy's cock under the table.

"How can I go out with this fucking hardon?" Tommy complained. "Cindy, you've got me so fucking hard, I can't leave the house now!"

"Want me to give you a fast blow-job, Tommy?" Cindy giggled.

"How about a slow blow-job instead," he answered.

Peggy stood up and removed their plates and glasses. "We're going to have to take care of this hardon before we go, Cindy."

"I wanna suck it off!" Cindy squealed. "I wanna suck his cock until he comes."

She jumped up, pulling at Tommy. When he stood up, she bent from the waist, holding his cock at the base and licking his swollen prick, sliding her tongue across his seeping piss-hole.

"Mmmmm, this does taste better than that fucking egg salad," she whispered.

Leaning down a little more, Cindy closed her hot lips around the head of Tommy's cock, sucking hard on it as her small hand pumped up and down, brushing her stretched lips.

Peggy watched a moment, then lifted Cindy's skirt and pulled her panties to her knees. She dropped to her knees, and began to kiss and lick at the satiny cheeks, dragging her tongue up and down the inviting, tight split between them.

Cindy mewled and waggled her ass, one hand on Tommy's hip to brace herself. She pushed her mouth down more, but try as she did, her mouth was too small to get more than the head of Tommy's cock into it.

Peggy slipped her hand up her son's thighs and cupped his balls, which were still inside his jeans, working a finger into Cindy's cunt as she kissed and licked about the sweet little ass.

Tommy opened his belt and pushed his pants down. He wasn't wearing shorts, and his mother clutched his balls while Cindy jacked her fist up and down his cock and sucked on the head. He wanted to pump, to fuck his cock in and out of her wet, fiery mouth, but he knew Cindy couldn't take it that way.

Peggy lifted her face from her sister's ass and pulled at Tommy's jeans. He stepped out of them, and she moved behind him. She lapped at his ass while Cindy kept sucking on the head of his cock.

Tommy was trembling with the ecstasy of both hot mouths and tongues working on his body.

Peggy turned onto her back and slipped her face between her son's legs, looking up at his hot balls, seeing Cindy's sucking mouth and jerking fist. She pulled at Tommy as she lowered her head to the floor, lying on her back.

Tommy squatted down, and Cindy followed, still clutching the head of his cock with her wet lips.

Peggy pushed her face to his balls, licking at them, her hot, wet tongue swirling as she stared upward at Cindy sucking Tommy's prick. She opened her mouth and pulled her son's loaded balls into it, sucking them and moaning in pleasure.

Cindy, sucking at the head of his cock, kept her fist moving on the shaft, her blue eyes gleaming as she looked over to suck on his cock, her panties stretched halfway down her thighs. She held Tommy by one cheek of his ass with a hot hand, holding herself in position. She made soft wet sounds as she sucked and ran her tongue about his dripping pinhole.

"Ohhhh, shit, this is great!" Tommy gasped, feeling the pull on his balls by his mother's wet mouth. "Suck my balls, Mom! Ohhh, that's really good! Cindy, suck my fucking cock! Lick my prick – ahhh, I think I could take this all day!"

Peggy made a low gurgle in her throat, slapping her son's ass playfully as her tongue licked about his balls.

Cindy's eyes boiled as she watched Peggy sucking hard on Tommy's balls only inches from her own face. Her jerking fist kept moving, jacking on the throbbing shaft. Peggy felt her sister's fist brush against her upper lip and nor. It excited her to watch her sister sucking her son's cock while she sucked on his balls.

Tommy's cock stood almost up toward his stomach, so deliciously hard. Peggy watched Cindy bob her mouth up and down on the swollen head, trying to take as much of his cock as she could between her lips. It was obvious that her baby sister was going to provide her son with some fantastic blow-jobs as she became older, when she could take every inch of Tommy's cock into her mouth.

Tommy rested a hand on Cindy's bobbing head, staring at them with glassy eyes, panting from the intense pleasure. He had never felt his balls and cock being sucked at the same time before. His mother enjoyed sucking his balls, and Cindy now sucked them, too. But this was the first time they sucked his balls and cock together. His thighs were all that held his ass out of his mother's face, and they were trembling as his balls became tight inside his mother's mouth, his cock jerking between the sucking lips of his young aunt. He was getting ready to come.

"Mom… Cindy!" he gasped. "Ohhh, suck me real hard! Suck my balls, Mom! Suck my cock, Cindy! Ahhhh, I'm gonna come so fucking hard! I'm gonna come down your cocksucking throat, Cindy!"

Cindy whimpered as she tried to stuff more of his cock into her mouth, her little fist pounding furiously.

Peggy stared at her sister's mouth, feeling her son's balls starting to writhe in her mouth. She shoved her hand to one cheek of his ass, squeezing it while Cindy squeezed the other cheek.

"Ohhhh, get ready!" Tommy yelped.

The hot flood of thick juice spewed out of his cock, across Cindy's licking tongue.

Cindy gulped wetly, swallowing hungrily. But then Tommy's cock was spurting too fast for her, and creamy juice seeped from her lips. It ran down the shaft of his cock, and Cindy pulled her fist off it. Her eyes glazed as she watched the come juice drip on Peggy's lips.

Peggy, with a sob of ecstasy, turned loose of her son's balls and opened her mouth wide, catching the come juice that dripped from her sister's mouth and down his cock to her own mouth.

Cindy opened her mouth, but held it around the squirting head of Tommy's cock, delighted to feel him spurt into it.

Peggy swallowed her son's juices, holding her mouth open, her eyes filmed over with what she and her sister were doing. Her cunt, with the seam of her tight jeans pressing on her clit, suddenly went into spasms of orgasm, making her scream.

Cindy, crying out while Tommy kept spurting into her mouth, shoved her hand between her thighs and vigorously agitated her cunt into convulsions.

When Tommy stood up weakly, stepping over his mother and sitting down, Peggy sat up. She wiped at her mouth with her fingers, then licked them.

Cindy was squatting, still fingering her cunt, smearing Tommy's come juice about her lips and sucking at her fingers, too.

A few minutes later, Cindy stood up. "Now can we go shopping?"

Peggy laughed softly. "If we can keep my son's cock soft long enough, I think it's safe to go now."

Tommy grinned. "That's going to take some doing, Mom."

"I know," Peggy smiled, hugging his head.

"But Cindy and I will do something if you get a hardon in the store."

"Sure, you can come into the dressing room with me and fuck me!" Cindy giggled.

Peggy pulled her sister against her body, hugging them both, laughing with pleasure.