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Coming with mom

Kathy Andrews

Kathy Andrews

Coming with mom


It was happening again.

The hunger more powerful, more consuming, more demanding than ever before; the desperate need was flowing hotly through her. It was like a caged beast, a beast that paced and roared within her body, bellowing for release.

A hungry, insatiable beast.


Big, hard, throbbing, beautiful cock!

But young. It had to be young cock. Carol Watkins cunt was bubbling, steaming, about to drive her out of her mind with that intense desire, that greedy need. Her cunt was wet now, slippery and twitching with anticipation. Her cunt was painfully swollen, burning for a touch, a caress, a wet kiss… a tongue. It happened every time she saw a bulge inside a boy's pants, a lump that told her his sweet cock was deliciously hard; And it seemed to her that she was seeing many cocks in that lovely state lately. Every place she looked, there was a young boy with a tasty-looking lump in his pants. It was not her imagination, wild as it was; there was no denying some of the boys had hard-ons.

If only they wouldn't get so damned hard, she thought, so visible. If I didn't see a hard cock, maybe, just maybe, this hunger would go away.

But she knew it would never go away. The hunger gnawed within her more each day, whether she was seeing a hard cock or not. The thought of a prick would set her cunt into a roaring inferno And she thought of cock most of her waking hours.

She watched the boys race up and down the basketball court. There was something exciting about seeing teenage boys in rough play. Their bodies, so young and firm, shining with sheen of sweat, the excited yells and general grab ass they did sent thrills shooting through her.

She had no business being in the gym, watching the practice plays, but no one had ever questioned her presence. No one interfered with her, thinking perhaps, she was the mother of a team member. She was a mother, all right, but her son was not yet in high school. He had a few more months before he entered this school.

Leaning back against the bleacher behind her, she let her knees part a bit. Now and then one of the boys would glance up at her, nudge a friend, and both would look. She knew they could see at least part way under her skirt, between her thighs. That made her cunt itch stronger with need. She didn't mind the boys peeking between her thighs; she loved it. If only she had the nerve to throw her legs wide apart, expose her cunt to them. But she didn't have that much nerve, exciting as it would have been.

She watched one boy more than the others.

He was two years older than her son, a bit taller, more muscular. But she wasn't interested in his muscles. Only one of those muscles interested her, and it wasn't really a muscle at all. It just happened to be an appendage dangling between his legs that became excitingly hard now and then. It was an appendage she loved, desired, hungered for.

The boy she watched glanced upwards at her frequently, flashing her a smile. Her gaze was fixed meaningfully on the front of his shorts more than the others, too.

After a few more minutes; the team took a break and the boy climbed the bleachers to where she was. He sat down next to her, breathing hard from the vigorous exercise, his flesh shining with sweat. A towel was draped over his shoulders. She rested her hand on his bare knee, feeling the moist skin.

"You're giving the guys quite a show." He grinned at her. "Do you know we can almost see all the way under your dress?"

"That's for you, darling," she replied huskily; "I see it's working, too." Her gaze moved to the front of his shorts, seeing the way his cock bulged. "No jock strap?"

"Who needs it?" he replied.

She laughed, a low, exciting, throaty sound. "You're so right. All those things do is hide the best part of a guy, right?"

He had brought a frosty bottle of coke from the machine with him, and he sipped it as he looked at her. He saw a woman twice his age, but a woman of better-than-average looks.

Carol Watkins was indeed a beautiful woman. She was thirty-two years old, but looked like a girl in her early twenties. The color of her long hair was similar to apricot, with shimmering auburn highlights. Her eyes were a distinctive green, but the whites were always clear but the intense smoldering in them was impossible to miss.

Carol's eyes promised wilder more erotic pleasures than a thousand and one nights. Her eyes told an interested observer that she was an

intensely erotic woman, a woman caged-hungry-for wild, uninhibited, totally wanton sex. Her eyes told of the beast prowling within her tall, slender body.

She had a small nose and a wide mouth. Her lips were quite full, moist and delectable. Her pink tongue flicked often over them, and the gesture had a way of making a cock hard. Her face, gently oval, was held up by a slender neck. Her shoulders sloped, in feminine fashion. Her tits, now concealed behind her cotton blouse, were full and firm, spongy to the touch. Her tits were exquisitely shapely, round with suckable nipples set upon pebbled discs. Her waist was still the same small size as when she was sixteen. Her hips were rounded, flowing into long, graceful thighs. Carol's ass swelled and arched, writhing when she walked. A tight skirt enhanced and molded her caress able ass cheeks to perfection, drawing the eye. She had a dimpled belly button and a flat stomach. There was a flawless triangle of hair framing her cunt, the hair long and thick and almost silky. Tucked between her thighs was her hot, desperate, insatiable cunt.

She slipped her palm up the boy's thigh, feeling the sweat there, becoming excited by the feel of his skin. Her fingers brushed the leg of his shorts, and he gently removed her hand before she could shove it into the wide leg and grabbed his cock.

"Not here, Carol," he said, "unless you want the whole damned team up here fucking

the piss out of you."

She laughed again in that throaty way. "Would they do that? Fuck me here? Would they actually come up here and fuck me?"

"You've given them damn near painful hard-ons." he said. "What's a guy to do?"

"Mmmm, a gang-bang might be what I need right now," she murmured, writhing her ass on the wooden bleacher. "I wouldn't mind that, I don't think."

"It could get rough," he warned.

She detected what she hoped was jealousy. She smiled up, at him. "I was just teasing, Mike."

"I know," he said. "Big seriously, Carol, those guys could get rough if you keep flashing them that cunt."

"I haven't let them see me that way," she replied. "Only a little leg, that's all. You've seen my cunt before."

"But they haven't." He pointed out a group of boys sitting on the court, waiting for the practice to start again.

A whistle blew and he stood up. "Meet me at the place behind the gym in half an hour," he said, trotting easily down the bleachers to resume practice.

Carol sat for another fifteen or twenty minutes, watching the teenage boys race about. Meeting Mike behind the gym meant he was not going with her this evening. She wasn't really disappointed. She knew what she would be doing behind the gym, too. But she

didn't mind that because she loved it as much as he did. But it also meant she wouldn't be with him hardly more than ten or fifteen minutes. That was a disappointment to her because she had wanted to run her hands over his body, feel his tight, smooth, youthful flesh and play with him. She loved to stroke his thighs, feel of his tight ass, fondle his hairy balls and nuzzle at his hard cock.

She wouldn't get to do any of that tonight. Finally she stood up and carefully stepped down the bleachers, her high heels making it dangerous. As she walked from the gym, she heard a couple of low wolf whistles. She smiled to herself as she walked into the darkness to the rear of the gym. There was nothing there except for two dented and rusting trash bins. A single pole lamp cast a gloomy shadow over everything. But at least there was a patch of grass so she wouldn't have to stand on her knees in the dirt.

Carol took a cigarette from her purse and smoked as she watched and waited for Mike. Her cunt was pulsating hotly, quivering between her thighs and making the crotch of her panties thoroughly soaked. The cheeks of her rounded, tight ass flexed with anticipation, and she licked at her lips often.

By the time she flipped her cigarette away, she saw Mike coming toward her. As he stepped up to her, she wrapped her arms about him, holding him close and grinding her pelvis against his, feeling the front of his pants swell

ing as her tongue went deep into his mouth. They were the same height, and her tits smashed against his chest. Mike cupped her full, firm ass cheeks and squeezed them as he sucked at her darting, licking tongue.

"I don't have much time," he said, pulling his tongue out of her greedy mouth. "The guys are waiting for me."

"Oh, Mike, I don't..

He placed his hands on her shoulders, pressing down, forcing Carol. She looked into his face, her eyes pleading with him, her knees bending. Then she was kneeling before him, unable to finish what she had been saying. He took the back of her head, pulling her lovely face into his crotch, grinding into her face.

"Take my cock out," he murmured to her. "Come on, you fucking cunt! I don't have all night! Take my cock out of my pants!"

Carol's fingers fumbled with the zipper then she reached in, finding his cock. Pulling his cock from his opened pants, she wrapped her hand about his prick, squeezing him. His cock began to swell and harden in her hand. Her hot eyes gazed at his prick, seeing his cock dimly in the light of the lamp. She could see fuck juice seeping from his piss hole.

"Come on, cunt!" he snarled at her, drawing her face to his cock. "I told you, I don't have all night; the guys are waiting for me. Blow me, damn you! Suck my cock off! Eat my fucking cock, cock sucking cunt!"

Carol felt a twinge of humiliation.

The swollen head of his cock brushed against her moist lips, smearing them with slippery fuck juices. Almost at once, her throat began to burn, and she swallowed his cock quickly.

Closing her lips tightly about his throbbing cock, she felt Mike holding her face tightly between his hands. She had his thick prick buried deep in her mouth, and then he was fucking back and forth, fucking her mouth.

Carol used her tongue as best she could, but he was too energetic with her. His cock plunged and slipped between her tight, hot, wet lips as she sucked. Soft mews of pleasure came from her, and her tight ass swayed and twitched as she knelt before him.

The feel of his hard cock sent ripples of delight racing through her flesh. The way his cock throbbed between her lips with teenage power made her mind reel with erotic pleasure. She felt debased, degraded, kneeling on the small patch of grass with a teenage cock stuffed into her mouth. Yet she knew there was nothing she could do about it. She was a slave to that animal hunger inside her lovely body. When it roared, Carol would get fucked, or, in this instance, suck a cock off. Because when the beast started, she was helpless despite any shame she might feel.

Her hunger was all consuming, and she had to obey her desires.

Mike fucked into her mouth as she knelt there, holding her face tightly. His cock, thick

and quite long, banged against her throat, stretching her lips, His cock filled her mouth to the limit without any room to spare.

Her lips burned and tingled around his hard cock as he fucked his prick in and out of her mouth. Her cunt twitched and her clit swelled inside her panties. Already the insides of her thighs were slippery from the seeping fuck fluids of her cunt. The cheeks of her shapely, ass clenched tightly as she moaned and mewled about his prick.

Mike had fucked her in her mouth before, a number of times. Carol had always loved it. She loved being fucked by him up her cunt or in her mouth, whichever way he wanted to fuck. But he was being more brutal about fucking her tonight. As much as she enjoyed sucking on a teenage cock, Carol did not like brutality. She wanted to suck a cock gently, be fucked in her mouth with tender concern for her pleasures, too. She did not want her lips bruised, her throat sore from the banging of a swollen, smooth prick head against her flesh.

But she, had no choice.

Mike, in the past few weeks, had been acting differently toward her. Like tonight, calling her cunt and cock sucker and such. She didn't mind being called those names, but only in the teat of erotic ecstasy. The way Mike was using the names made her feel dirty, something to be used and discarded. Carol didn't want to feel that way.

She wanted to feel some love, some care and

kindness from the boy. At the beginning, Mike had shown this. Now he seemed disgusted with her.

He was fucking her mouth swiftly the harsh material of his pants scraping her lips and chin. She gripped his hips with her fingers, trying to prevent him from fucking her mouth so roughly. It did her no good. Mike held her face in his tight hands, fucking her stretched lips with such vigor that she knew they would be bruised.

Yet the feel of his cock throbbing powerfully in her mouth, the thick hardness of his prick, sent sparks of intense pleasure shooting through her. With her lips slippery with wetness, squeezing around his fucking cock, Carol felt the familiar sensation of an orgasm growing in the pit of her stomach. Despite his roughness, she was going to come.

His fucking cock smashed the insides of her lips against her white teeth, and she hoped they would not be cut. His pants scraped at her nose and chin, the zipper scratchy. Her fingers held his hips tightly as he fucked back and forth, now grunting and gasping with impending climax.

"I'm about to come, bitch!" he snarled in a thick voice. "I'm going to shoot a fucking gallon of my come juice down your cock sucking throat! Eat that cock, cunt! Suck that big prick! I'm going to fill your hot fucking mouth with my come juice!"

He was fucking into her mouth more strong

ly now, banging against her lips, bruising them. Carol whimpered, a mixed sound of ecstasy and miserable humiliation. She closed her eyes as he fucked harder and faster into her mouth, the head of his prick banging against her tonsils. Her tongue was pressed tight against the underside of his cock, the roof of her mouth sliding along his prick. She closed her lips as tight, as she could and sucked in greediness, desperate, despite her feeling of degradation, for the sweetness of his thick come juice.

She wanted it badly, wanted to feel his cock spurting with the power only a teenager could spurt. She wanted jism running over her tongue, filling her mouth, slipping down her hot throat in rivers.

Soft, throaty sounds bubbled from…her as she sucked in hunger, ignoring the banging against her lips now. Her hands slipped from his hips to his ass. She dug her fingers into the, hard cheeks of his ass, pulling him deeper into her mouth, her cunt convulsing now. The V of her cunt squeezed together, the orgasm sending delicious spasms through her. She gave a muffled wail as she came and her mouth sucked in a frenzy for his come juice.

"Suck me, bitch!" Mike growled, fucking his cock into her mouth hard. "I'm about to come! Oooo you cant! You hot-assed, cock-sucking cunt. Eat me!"

Carol's mouth burned with the tingling erotic pleasure she felt, her mind reeling as she

anticipated the gushing of his come juice.

Mike slammed against her mouth, his cock buried in her throat. She felt his cock throb, then his prick was jerking as he came. The head of his cock was past her tonsils, and that was not the way she liked having a cock come off inside her mouth. This way, she couldn't taste the creaminess, the thick sweetness. She struggled to pull her mouth back on his gushing cock, but Mike held her by the back of her head, refusing to let her have his come juice the way she wanted.

Then he pulled his cock from her lips.

Carol shot her tongue out before he could pull away, licking quickly over his piss hole. As she knelt there, Mike stuffed his cock into his pants. Carol looked up at him with hot, slightly misty eyes.

"That was a good one, Carol," he said. "Listen, I gotta go-the guys are waiting. Come around and watch practice again real soon.

"Mike, what's wrong with you?" she asked, standing up and knowing she felt ashamed of herself.

"Hey, cunt," he said, "let's don't make a big deal out of a couple blow jobs and a fuck or two. We both know the score, Carol."

She stood there and watched him trot around the corner of the gym. Picking up her purse, she walked slowly to the parking lot where she had parked. Her lips felt puffy and bruised, her throat sore.

Sitting in the car, she leaned against the steering wheel, wondering about the change that had come over Mike. Finally she turned the overhead light on and looked at her face in the rearview mirror. Her lips, just as she suspected, were bruised. There was a small scratch on her nose where his zipper had scraped.

Starting the car, she drove home slowly. By the time she arrived, it was almost midnight. The house was dark and that told her Jimmy and Karen were in bed. Parking in front of the garage, she locked the car and entered the house.


Carol undressed in her bedroom, then ran a tub of hot water, tossing in oils and bubble bath. She soaked in the water for a long time, deciding to ignore Mike from now on. He was not the boy she had met two months ago.

Drying her exquisite body with a huge, fluffy towel, then draping it around her, she went into the bedroom and brushed her hair. The mirror showed the puffy, bruised condition of her lips, and she firmed her resolve to never

again see Mike.

He isn't the only one, she told herself. Those other boys on the court seemed to like me. They sure looked at me. I should have given them a good look under my dress. I bet there's at least one of them who would be nice, with a beautiful cock.

She started for the big bed, a smile on her lips as she reviewed the boys she had seen. Some of them were quite good looking. Maybe they would not have as large a cock as Mike, but that didn't matter to her. The size of a prick was not all that important to Carol. It was a teenage cock that interested her, those young, hairy balls… that was what she was interested in.

As she placed a knee on the bed, she heard a groan.

Carol paused, frowning.

With the towel still wrapped around her, tucked tightly between her straining tits, she went into the hallway. The sound had come from her son's room. Usually Carol checked on Jimmy and Karen when she came in late, but tonight she had been so mad and hurt by Mike's actions that she had forgotten.

Carol always insisted on the bedroom doors being open. She told her children it was so she could hear them if they became ill or cried out in their sleep. She looked into her son's bedroom. There was a full moon, and his window was open. The silvery light cast a dim glow over his body.

Jimmy was on top of the sheets, sleeping in nothing but his shorts. But his cock and balls were exposed from the leg of them. Carol smiled to herself as she thought of her son playing with them before he went to sleep. She knew he played with his cock because she had seen the damp spots on his sheets. There were too many of those spots to be nothing but wet dreams, she knew.

She had seen his cock before, when she had covered him with the sheet at night. But now…

There was a bellow of hunger in the pit of her stomach. The beast was pacing again, roaring, and her cunt began to pulsate like liquid fire.

Before she realized what she was doing, she stood beside his bed, looking down at his cock and balls in the light of the moon. Jimmy's cock, she noticed immediately, was not as large as Mike's. Jimmy's prick was about four inches long, slimy and smooth with a nice head. His cock was, of course, hard.

She looked at his cock, seeing the prick head so sweetly swollen and smooth, a bead of moisture on the piss hole. His balls, also smaller than Mike's, had hair but not as much. He had one leg thrown wide, bent at the knee.


The beast within her was screaming the word, and her eyes became glassy. She felt the overpowering urge to reach out and take her son's cock in her hand, to pump up and down

on his prick, jack him off as he slept. But it wouldn't work, she knew. Jimmy would wake up, if not while she jacked on his cock then he would certainly wake up when she made him come.

Yet, Carol stood there, looking down at her son's cock and balls. She licked at her puffy bruised lips, the desire to taste his beautiful cock strong. She wanted to lean over and lick away that bead of slippery sweetness on his piss hole, and there was a fiery sensation in and around her cunt.

Maybe just a feel, she said to herself, her hand lifting and reaching. Just a quick feel of Jimmy's cock, then I'll go, and he will never know I had felt his sweet prick.

She halted her hand near his cock, watching his prick with eyes that were hot and again desperate. The need, the hunger, was there again. She lowered her hand, her palm barely grazing the moist head of his prick. She felt the fuck liquid smear into her hand.

And Carol's mind seemed to explode.

Her fingers closed about her son's cock and she very gently squeezed his prick. She could feel his cock throb between her fingers, and she could not resist a few pumping motions on his prick. It seemed as if Jimmy's cock grew harder as she jacked slowly and carefully up and down..

Then she was sitting on his bed..

Her fingers clung to her son's cock as she stared with glassy eyes. She felt his thigh

against hers, his flesh hot and exciting. She began to gasp with desire as her fist rode up and down her son's cock. She glanced at his smooth face, seeing him breathe evenly in sleep.

One taste, she said to herself. Just one taste of Jimmy's cock, then I leave for sure.

She leaned over him, the tip of her tongue between her bruised lips. She held his cock tightly now, the smooth head bulging from her fingers. Carol ran the tip of her tongue over his piss hole, tasting the bubbling fuck juices. The taste was sweet on her tongue, and a soft, very quiet whimper came from her sore throat. Her lips opened, and she had the head 6f her son's cock between them. But they hurt cracked at the corners from the brutal mouth-fuck Mike had given her.

Pulling her face up, holding it about six inches from her son's cock, she began to jack up and down his prick. Her left hand slipped up and cradled his balls. As she jerkily, but gently, jacked her son's cock, she fondled his balls, twisting and pulling them tenderly.

Carol was excited now, thoughts of her son waking up and catching her at this gone from her mind. The hunger was there, controlling her like never before. Her pussy was throbbing and getting as wet as it had been while she was at the gym. The lips of her cunt swelled between her thighs, her clit rigid with erotic excitement. The animal within her was prowling, bellowing loudly.

She tightened her fist about her son's cock, moving it up and down faster. The power that throbbed in her fist sent wild, wicked signals from her mind to her cunt. She began to moan softly, mewls of erotic delight. She gazed down at her son's cock in the moonlight as she jacked him. The idea of making her son come was strong. She wanted to see his cock come, watch his come juice fly from his piss hole. She wanted his prick in her mouth, but her mouth was just too sore, with those cracks at the corners. Again she leaned over and licked away seeping Fuck juice, her tongue twirling about the smoothness of his cock head. The tip of her tongue licked over his prickshaft, then she lapped tenderly at his balls. Her cunt was about to explode, and she could not hold back the soft whimpers of ecstasy that flowed from… her.

With the tip of her tongue lapping at his balls, she felt her son's cock lurching in her fist. She knew what that meant. It meant he was about to come, and her fist moved a bit faster, the hunger inside her beautiful body forcing her on; She had to see his cock squirt, she just had to!


The sound came from Jimmy at the same time his cock burst with flowing come twice. Carol heard him, but she was too excited by the gushing spurts of his come juice. Her fist… Pumped hard and fast now, her eyes starry as

his come juice squirted time and again from

the piss hole of his cock. Some of his jism splashed against his stomach, some on his balls, and some of it coated her jacking fingers. By the time he had finished coming, there were pools of the pearl-white come juice on his stomach and balls, in the wiry hair at the base of his cock.

He was awake now, staring at his mother. But Carol continued to grip his cock tightly, her fist still moving.

"Mom!" Jimmy gasped finally.

"Shhh!" she hissed at him. "Be quiet, baby.

Carol gazed at the come juice on his body, and, with a throaty cry, shoved her face down into it. She smeared her cheeks, her nose, her chin; into the come juice, some of it getting into her apricot-colored hair. But she didn't care; she loved the slippery feel of her son's come juice all over her face. Her tongue fucked out and she tasted his jism. The taste of his come juice sent a wild burning sensation through her body. She trembled and her cunt was exploding. She turned loose of her son's balls and shoved her fist against the towel, grinding her hand against her convulsing cunt, whimpering hotly as she lapped her tongue, and she ran her hand up his body to caress his hairless chest, soothing him.

After a while she sat up, cupped his cock and balls in one hand, giving him a tender squeeze. Jimmy was looking at her with huge eyes.

"Don't be mad, baby," she murmured. "I couldn't help it. Please, Jimmy, don't be ashamed of me."

"I'm not, Mom," he replied. "I just don't understand why you did this to me."

"Just accept it, honey. I don't understand it myself, not really. But I can't… can't help myself!"

Jimmy sat up in the bed, looking at his mother. She searched his face in the darkness and saw only love there.

Getting to her feet, she pulled at his hand. "Come with me, Jimmy."

He followed her as she took him to her bedroom. She turned and looked at him. His head was level with her shoulders, and his eyes reflected excitement. He could see the way his mother's tits arched against the towel, and her legs were fully revealed to him. Carol stood and let her son look, her eyes fixed upon that delicious cock of his, still sticking from the side of his shorts. His prick was lifting up swelling into hardness again.

"Let's turn out the lights," she said in a low, trembling voice. "I don't want you to see me, Jimmy."

He turned and flipped the switch near the door. When the lights were out, the room became dim, illuminated only by the, light of the full moon coming through the window.

Carol dropped the towel. Jimmy could make out her naked body, but not see all the sweet details. Carol climbed onto the big bed


"Come on, baby," she murmured, holding her arms up for him.

Jimmy moved onto the bed beside her, and Carol wrapped her arms tightly around him, crushing her tits against his chest. She kissed him tenderly, feeling the pain in her bruised lips.

"Play with me, Jimmy," she whispered huskily. "Ohhh, play with me, darling! Feel me… feel me all over!"

Jimmy's eager hands moved about his mother's naked body. She writhed and squirmed, mewling softly as the hunger swelled inside her. She felt his hands on her tits, his fingers exploring her hard nipples. At her instructions, Jimmy pulled and twisted her nipples, making Carol's ass twist about with steaming desire. He seemed to know nothing about a girl's body, and she had to tell him what to do. But Jimmy's cock was hard, throbbing, and he was intensely excited. He probed and touched and explored every place she told him. She arched her shapely tits up and, as his lips closed about her nipple, tongue licking, she held his head down.

"Mmmm, suck on my tits, baby!" She moaned. "I love to have my tits sucked!"

With his mouth devouring her tits, she took his hand and shoved it along her shaking stomach, pushed his fingers through the thick cunt hair and then curled them about her pussy. She arched her ass up into his hand as

his finger slipped up her cunt.

"Push it deep, baby!" she whimpered, twisting her hips about. "Ohhh, push your finger real deep inside me!"

Jimmy caught on swiftly, and he fucked his finger in and out of his mother's cunt with excited energy now. He sucked hard at her nipple as he finger fucked his mother's pussy, feeling the wet heat, the velvety walls, the muscles of her cunt as her pussy clamped upon his finger. His cock throbbed against her, and she felt his prick smearing her hips with seeping fuck fluids. Her hand went to his prick, grasping his cock firmly. She began to jack on his prick again, twisting her hips about with a growing sense of urgency. She squeezed his young cock tightly as she murmured and crooned, her body shivering with the excitement of the erotic thing she was doing with her son.

But it was not enough.

The hunger gnawed at her cunt.

"Fuck me, Jimmy!" she whispered hoarsely. "Fuck mother, baby!"

"Fuck you?" he questioned, lifting his mouth from her swollen tit. "Is that what you said, Mom?"

"Yes, yes!" Carol almost screamed at him. She ground her cunt against his finger, her legs wide. "Please, please… fuck me! I want your cock up my cunt, Jimmy Give it to me! Ohhh, I want your cock up my cunt fucking me!"

Jimmy stared at his mother in the dim light

His eyes were enormous. She gazed up at him with hot, slightly unfocused eyes, trying to pull him on top of her.

"Come on, honey!" she groaned. "Fuck mother! It's all right! It's all right if you stick your cock in my cunt and fuck me! Come on, baby! Oooo, I need your cock, Jimmy!"

She pulled her son until he was atop her, her legs spread wide. She could feel his cock throbbing deliciously against the puffy lips of her fiery cunt. She ran her hand between them, grasping her son's cock. She lifted her ass and placed the swollen head of her son's prick against the steaming lips of her cunt.

"Push, baby!" she grunted. "Push your cock in my pussy! Push it in, Jimmy!"

He pushed.

Carol felt her cunt grip her son's cock tightly as his prick fucked into her hot cunt lips. Her hairy pussy lips clung to her son's cock as he fucked deeply. She grunted again with the pleasure of her cunt stretching around his prick. She felt his balls slap against the cheeks of her uplifted ass, and she threw her arms around his waist, holding him. Her long, creamy thighs went into the air, scissoring about his waist. She wished he had taken his shorts off, but it was too late now. She didn't want him to pull that hard cock from her clinging cunt at this moment. She locked her ankles against the backs of his thighs, swinging her crotch about in frantic delight. She pumped her hips, fucking his cock, bouncing and

gurgling as she pinioned his body between her arms and thighs. She could hear her son gasping with the tightness of her hot cunt, and the sounds pleased her.

Jimmy caught the rhythm of his mother's lunging hips and began to fuck her. He fucked his cock in and out of her velvety, slippery cunt vigorously, panting hoarsely. Carol cooed and whimpered with the ecstasy of her sons s cock stretching the sensitive lips of her cunt. She darted her hands from his waist to his ass. Shoving her hands underneath his jockey shorts, Carol gripped the tightness of her son's ass cheeks as he fucked. She twisted and writhed beneath him, mewling with ecstasy. She dug her fingers into his ass cheeks and clawed hotly. She banged her crotch up and down frantically. Her cunt sucked and clamped, around his throbbing hard cock as her ass twirled and churned. His face, level with her thrusting tits, lowered and he began to suck on her nipples again as his cock fucked excitedly into her hot, tight wet pussy.

"Ohhh, baby, baby!" Carol whimpered, churning her naked ass up in a frenzy. "Ooo, so good! I love this, Jimmy! Fuck me, darling! Fuck mother's hot cunt! Thick my pussy hard and fast… come up mother's cunt!"

Jimmy sucked hard at his mother's rigid nipple, breathing hard as his cock fucked, in and out of her hairy twit. Carol dug her fingers into his ass cheeks, wiggling her crotch furiously. She kissed his shoulders, not feeling

the pain of her bruised lips now in the intensity of her excitement. Her cunt experienced wave after wave of delicious orgasms, and throaty gurgles continued bubbling from her throat. She could feel her son's cock throbbing against the sensitive lips of her hot cunt, and her clit was being scraped beautifully by the hard shaft of his cock as his prick fucked in and out of her boiling cunt.

Carol knew her son was close to climax. She dug into his tight ass with her fingers, grinding her cunt desperately against his fucking cock, thrilled by the slapping of his balls against her churning, naked ass. Jimmy's cock swelled more, became thicker, longer, fucking deep. The convulsing lips of her cunt stretched more, and the orgasms came stronger than ever. She was shaking violently with shuddering explosions, mewling loudly against his shoulder.

"Come, baby!" she grunted. "Oh, please come, Jimmy! I'm coming so hard! Come in me, honey! Squirt your come juice in mother's cunt! I want to feel your cock coming in my pussy, darling! Let me have it… let my hot cunt have your come juice!"

Jimmy's cock was fucking in and out of his mother's boiling, gripping cunt faster. He grunted as he sucked vigorously at her swollen nipple. Carol dug her fingers harder yet into the tightness of his ass cheeks, holding his cock deep as she yelped in ecstasy. Jimmy pressed hard into his mother's crotch, and his lips came off her tit, shouting with the muscle

tightening discharge. His cock squirted, flooding his mother's greedy cunt with thick, creamy come juice. His balls became tight, and Carol churned her hairy cunt on his cock, her pussy lips sucking and nibbling as he filled her pussy.

She felt him relax on top of her, breathing harshly Carol caressed her hands up and down his shaking back, her pussy still clinging to his cock. She could feel the come juice seeping between the tight lips of her cunt, dripping over the naked cheeks of her ass. The juice was slippery, searing her flesh it had her face when she had smeared it all over herself in his bedroom.

She gave a soft yelp as she felt one final orgasm ripple through him. Her cunt squeezed at her son's cock as she came this final time, and her thighs flopped wide apart. She let her arms fall away from him, and Jimmy pulled his cock from her gripping cunt. He sat up on the bed, staring down at his mother's naked body in the dim light. He still could not make out all the details of her body, just shadows and hollows.

Carol reached out and fondled his cock and balls gently, then sat up, her tits jiggling. She kissed him tenderly on his lips.

"Now you can go back to bed, baby," she whispered. "I loved that, Jimmy. I really did love it!"

She watched him leave the room and he paused for a moment at the door, looking

back at her, seeing only her dim outline now. After her son had gone, Carol lay on the bed, thinking about what she had done. She was surprised that she felt no shame about it. And, she told herself Jimmy had been a better fuck than Mike.

She smiled up at the dark ceiling, knowing that Jimmy would fuck her again, knowing he had loved it as much as she had. Her cunt was still pulsating deliciously when she turned to face the window, drawing her knees up and placing her hand beneath her cheek.

Closing her eyes, she decided she no longer needed Mike at all-she had her son.


Noon the next day.

Carol had awakened with a feeling of excitement, her cunt throbbing with strong anticipation. She had to bathe because her son's come juice was sticky on her ass cheeks, making her cunt hair stick together, She smiled as she ran water into the tub. Jism was still on her face.

She had enjoyed a peaceful night of sleep, and she had slept longer than she usually did. The hunger was still within her slender, shape-

ly body, though. It was still deep inside her, letting her know the insatiable need that boiled like a cauldron in and around her bushy cunt.

She dressed in a tight skirt and thin blouse, wearing only a pair of bikini panties under her clothing. Slipping her feet into high heels, she went to prepare herself some breakfast. Jimmy, she noted, was out someplace. For just a moment she felt disappointment. After fucking him the night before, she had thought he would be right there, hard cock all set to fuck her cunt once again. But, as she ate, she had to remember he was young, and the young always had so much going on, friends to see, things to do.

Still, she missed him.

As she washed the few dishes she had used, Karen came in. Carol looked at her daughter with an affectionate smile. Karen was a lovely little girl, a sweet, innocent-looking blonde with her hair in twin ponytails. A year younger than her brother, Karen was already sprouting two sweet-looking tits on her chest. When Carol saw the buttons of her daughter's nippies against her blouse, she realized Karen would be wearing a bra soon.

Then she looked at her daughter again.

Karen is really growing up, she thought. Already there were some luscious curves. She wore shorts, and her long legs were creamy and well-tanned. Carol noticed the saucy way her daughter's ass fit in those tight shorts, her ass cheeks outlined. She wondered if perhaps

Karen was diddling with some young neighborhood boy, then doubted it immediately.

"Nothing to do, honey?" she asked when Karen poured herself a glass of milk and sat at the small table, drinking it. "You look bored."

"I know," Karen sighed in the exaggerated way of a small girl. "Mother, can I talk to you?"

Carol dried her hands and faced her daughter. "Of course you can, baby. What's troubling you?"

"It's kinda… you know, personal," Karen said.

"We're all girls here," Carol said, going to her daughter and squatting at her knees. "Besides, we're family, aren't we? We're supposed to help one another."

"I don't know about this, though," Karen said.

"Why don't you tell me and let me decide if I can help you, baby?"

Carol rested her hands on her daughter's dimpled knees and looked into Karen's clear but troubled eyes. She noticed that Karen shivered when she touched her knees. She had an inkling of what Karen wanted to talk about, and she felt a thrill race through her.

"I get this strange feeling, Mother," Karen said. "You know, in my stomach and down… down there, between my legs."

She had been right; Karen was experiencing

a sexual need. She closed her hands tightly on her daughter's knees and gazed into her exquisitely lovely young face. Now she saw the heat in those clear eyes, the smoldering of that same kind of hunger she felt.

"Oh, baby," Carol, whispered, reaching out and wrapping her arms about her daughter's waist, hugging her face into Karen's stomach. "I know what you mean! Oh, God… how I know what you mean!"

She felt her daughter run her hand through her hair. Karen's body was shaking. "You know, Mother?"

"I know more than you think," Carol said. "I know because I have it in me, too."

She heard Karen moan softly, and she hugged her daughter tightly against her face. "What can I do, Mother?"

Carol pulled away and looked into the tormented face of Karen. She drew her hands from her daughter's waist and ran them along the golden, smooth thighs. There was an unusual heat on Karen's flesh. An idea formed instantly in Carol's mind, and, for a moment, she tried to shrug it off, but it didn't work. She felt that desperate sensation of hunger starting to gnaw at her stomach, swelling and ballooning, going between her legs, making her cunt throb, her hairy pussy lips becoming puffy.

Still looking into Karen's tortured face, Carol lowered her face and kissed one of her daughter's thighs. Karen gave a loud moan that told her mother of the heat that steamed

through her luscious body. Before Carol could think about what she was doing, her tongue darted out and licked Karen's creamy flesh. She felt the thigh of her daughter tremble against hers tongue, and Carol tickled her tongue halfway up Karen's thigh.

Suddenly, Karen grabbed her mother's head and swung her legs wide. Before Carol could react, her daughter had rammed the tight crotch of her shorts hard into her face. Karen held her mother's face tightly against her crotch, grinding and whimpering with the intense heat flowing through her.

For a moment Carol had been too startled to react. Then she gripped her daughter's hips in both her hands and, with a deep growl, pressed her mouth hard against the crotch of Karen's tight shorts. Karen threw her legs over her mother's shoulders, squeezing the hot inner surfaces against Carol's checks. Carol began kissing wanton!)' at the crotch of her daughter's shorts, sucking at the tight fabric as her tongue ran up and down.

Karen scooted her ass to the edge of the chair, and Carol cupped the small, tight, saucy ass checks as her daughter writhed and twisted her sweet crotch into her mouth. But the shorts were in the way. Carol turned her face in the hot tightness of her daughter's thighs and nibbled, kissed, licked and sucked at the sensitive flesh near her daughter's bubbling cunt.

There was a fresh, sweet scent to her daughter's crotch; and Carol felt her mind reel

as that beast within her body began tormenting her, urging, insisting. Her cunt swelled inside her bikini panties, and she moved her hips so she could press one heel into her pussy.

"Oh, Mother!" Karen wailed as she rubbed her crotch up and down Carol's face. "Oh, I need it, Mother! I need it so much! Mother, do something to me… anything!"

Carol pulled her face from between those silky smooth thighs. She looked up at her daughter for a moment then stood up. She lifted Karen to her feet and pulled her into her arms, hugging her tightly.

"You're just like me, darling," she whispered as she smoothed the ponytails with one hand. Her other hand slipped down the trembling back of her daughter and felt Karen's saucy, swelling, tight ass. Carol cupped one cheek of her daughter's ass and squeezed, and Karen moaned and shoved her face between the thrusting tits of her mother.

Releasing the shaking girl, Carol took her hand and pulled her down the hallway with her. Taking Karen into her bedroom, she paused to make sure Jimmy was not in his. Karen stood in the bedroom, her body shaking and her eyes glowing.

Standing close to Karen, Carol asked, "Honey, do you use your finger?"

"Oh, Mother!" Karen wailed. "All the time! But it don't do any good. I need more!"

"I understand that, baby," Carol said. She opened her daughter's blouse, peeling it down

her arms. Those tits, so small and firm; so succulent, looked like mounds of sugar to Carol. The many times she had seen her daughter naked meant nothing now. Carol was seeing her young daughter differently, seeing her as a desirable young girl with a steaming hot ass on her, with a beast inside her body that bellowed the same as her own.

"What are you going to do, Mother?" Karen asked, her voice shaking.

"I'm going to help you, honey," she replied softly, reaching behind the shaking girl and tugging the zipper of her shorts down. The shorts were very tight, and she had to actually peel them down Karen's rounded hips and long, sweet thighs.

Bending to her knee as she peeled Karen's shorts away, Carol gazed upon the sweetness of her daughter's young cunt. Blonde fuzz lightly covered lie pussy, and there was none at all on those Sugary cunt lips. The tip of Karen's clit poked from the moist succulent folds in a provocative way. As Karen stepped from the shorts, Carol remained on her knees, gazing excitedly at her daughter's cunt. She lifted her right hand and rubbed the tip of her finger along her sweet, puffy pussy lips, tickling Karen's throbbing clit. Her daughter mewled and shivered as her mother felt her cunt. Carol's left hand slipped up one smooth thigh, past the hip, and cupped one cheek of Karen's perky ass.

"Open your legs, baby," Carol urged in a

thick, hot voice. "Open your legs for me!"

Karen parted her legs, bending her knees and bracing herself by placing her hand on her mother's shoulders. Carol gazed with hot eyes at this sweet-looking cunt. Slowly, she worked a finger into her daughter's pussy and, finding no obstacle, knew that Karen had told her the truth about using her finger in her cunt. Not that she had doubted her word in the first place.

"Oooo, Mother!" Karen wailed as she began to wiggle and twist her naked little ass about. "That feels so good! Golly, it feels better when you do it for me!"

"You're so tight, darling," Carol whimpered as she watched her finger fucking in and out, seeing those succulent cunt lips cling to her finger. "You're so hot and tight! I'll make you come, honey! Mother will finger fuck your hot little cunt and make you come!"

"Ohhh, yes, yes, Mother!"

Moist sucking sounds came to Carol as she watched her finger fucking into the tight heat of her daughter's almost-hairless cunt. Her own pussy was throbbing wildly as she knelt there on her knees. Karen tossed her cunt forward, making tight circles with her small hips, mewling and whimpering as her mother's finger fucked in and out of that tight wetness.

Abruptly, Carol pulled her finger out.

"Nooo!" Karen wailed. "Not yet! You almost made me come, Mother! Put it back!

Please, put your finger back in my pussy and make me come!"

"You'll come, baby," Carol said, standing up. "I promise you'll come. I won't let my girl suffer you know that. Here, lie on the bed, Karen."

Karen lay back, spreading her slender thighs wide, her hips twisting about. The lips of her cunt were slippery wet, and she mewled softly as she looked up at her mother, eyes very hot, pleading.

Carol looked down between her daughter's thighs; staring wantonly, at that sugary cunt. She pressed her hand hard against her own pussy, shoving the tight skirt between her thighs. Her cunt was already coming in soft, shivery waves of orgasms.

She pulled her skirt up past her legs so she could climb onto the bed with Karen. She sprawled on her stomach, between the spread thighs of her daughter. Her face was inches from that sweet cunt.

"Baby," Carol said in a thick voice. "I've never did anything like this before in my life, but there's something in me-the same thing you have in you, I suspect-that is making me do it."

"I know, Mother," Karen whispered back, looking down her naked body into her mother's face. "I know!"

"Honey, I'm going to lick you!" Carol said; "I'm going to lick your little cunt, baby! I'm going to use my tongue on your hot little pussy

and make you come!"

"Do that, Mother!" Karen yelped, arching her hips up and trying to shove her pussy into her mother's face. "Ooohh, lick my cunt, Mother!"

With a sudden motion, Carol rammed her mouth tight against her daughter's cunt. Karen squealed as she writhed her pussy into her mother's mouth. Carol, tasting the moist heat of her daughter's cunt, felt her mind go wild with erotic desire. She opened her lips wide, pressing them about the fine, sweet slit of her daughter's cunt. Her tongue snapped out, and she ran it up and down rapidly, tasting Karen's puffy, hairless cunt lips. Then twirled it about Karen's throbbing, swollen clit. Taking the hard clit between her lips, Carol sucked at it and twisted her tongue about the sensitive tip. Karen threw her small, naked ass into the air, grinding her cunt into her mother's sucking, licking mouth.

Carol's tongue shot between her daughter's wet pussy lips, plunging deep into the tightness of her daughter's cunt. She fucked her tongue in and out, fucking her daughter with rapid stabs of her fiery tongue. She slid her hands underneath her daughter's churning ass, cupping her tight ass cheeks and digging her fingers into Karen's flesh, holding her daughter's cunt tightly against her sucking mouth. Her fingers slipped into the hot crack of Karen's ass cheeks as her tongue delved deep into her hot, velvety pussy walls. She

began to grind her own cunt against the mattress of the bed, squirming as her pussy bubbled and throbbed. She licked hard and fast at her daughter's cunt, finding the taste as sweet and delicious as a cock.

"Oooo, Mother, Mother!" Karen groaned as she shot her cunt hard into her mother's face. "Ooo, I like this!. I love it, Mother! Ohhh, your tongue is better than my finger… I love it! Tongue me, Mother! Tongue fuck my cunt! Oooo, golly, golly!"

Carol gazed up at her daughter's face. Her green eyes burned with the erotic delight she was experiencing, and she could see by the expression of Karen's face how well the girl loved being tongue fucked. Karen lifted her legs and wrapped them over her mother's shoulders, the creamy inner surfaces so hot they almost seared Carol's cheeks. Karen was holding the back of her mother's head, grinding frantically into her mouth.

"I'm gonna come, Mother!" Karen yelped excitedly. "Ohh, your tongue is gonna make me come, Mother! Go deep… go real deep up my cunt, Mother! I'm about to. Ohhh, there it is! I'm coming!"

Carol felt her daughter's cunt lips as they flexed around her fucking tongue. She fucked her tongue in and out swiftly, thrilled by the gripping, flexing tightness. The taste of that fuck juice coming from her daughter's tight cunt made her body shake with erotic pleasure. Karen's ass cheeks went tight in her

hands as she whipped her cunt against her mouth. Karen's nearly hairless pussy was sucking on her tongue as she came, and Carol's cunt was going off, too. She slammed her cunt hard against the mattress, grinding and mewing into her daughter's coming cunt, her tongue fucking in and out in a frenzy of erotic ecstasy.

Carol kept her mouth glued to her daughter's cunt until she felt the girl relax. When Karen slumped her ass to the bed, she pulled her hands away and sat up, wiping delicately at her mouth. Surprisingly, her lips were no longer sore from the brutal mouth fucking Mike had given her the night before.

She sat next to her naked daughter until Karen recovered enough to breathe easier.

"Golly, Mother!" Karen giggled as she sat up and leaned against the headboard, her knees drawn up, but spread so her pink, succulent cunt was revealed. "That was the best come I ever felt!"

Carol grinned impishly at her daughter. "I never thought I'd eat a cunt before," she said. "You know, your pussy has the sweetest taste, baby!"

Karen giggled again. "I know," she said. "I licked my finger after putting it in me."

Carol looked at her daughter intently. "Honey, are you sure the only thing you've ever had in that hot cunt is your finger? You've never been fucked?"

"No," Karen replied. "funk, oh, I sure want

to get fucked!"

For a moment Carol frowned in thought, then she brightened. "You will, honey. I have a hunch you'll have a cock inside that cunt quite soon."

"I will?" Karen's eyes opened with pleasure. "Oh, I hope so!" I

Carol leaned over and kissed her daughter's dimpled knee, bringing more giggles from Karen. The tip of her tongue tickled along Karen's creamy thigh.

"Do you like licking me, Mother?" Karen asked in a small voice. "I mean, really? You didn't do it just because of the way I felt, did you?"

"Of course I licked you because you were so hot, baby," carol replied. "But I liked doing it, yes. In fact, I liked it so much, I'd do it again."

Karen giggled again and suddenly shot her small hand, underneath her mother's skirt. Carol felt the eager hand slide along the inside of her thigh, then her daughter cupped her fingers around her mother's cunt.

"Ohhh," Carol murmured, her eyes glazing. "That's nice, baby!"

Giggling like a naughty child, Karen ran her fingers and palm up and down the tight crotch of her mother's panties. Carol twisted her ass on the bed as her daughter slid her palm up and down the crotch of her panties, making soft hissing sounds of delight.

Karen began pulling at the crotch of her

mother's panties, drawing them to one side. She brushed her finger up and down the hairy, wet pussy lips, making Carol whimper as her cunt began to bubble and flex again. She felt Karen's finger brush over her distended clit, bringing a yelp of pleasure from her. Then, with a giggle again, Karen darted her finger into her mother's cunt.

"Oh, baby!" Carol moaned, sprawling back and spreading her thighs wide. "Ooo, honey! So good, baby!"

Carol arched her ass up as Karen fucked her finger into her pussy, holding her panties to one side. She twisted her ass as the hunger began to swell within her, then pumped her cunt up and down, fucking her daughter's finger.

The sound of a door closing startled them.


"Oh, that's Jimmy!" Karen squealed as she jerked her finger from her mother's cunt and scrambled about, searching for her shorts and blouse. "Hurry, Mother… he'll catch us!"

Carol watched with an amused expression as Karen wiggled her saucy ass into the tight shorts, then buttoned her blouse hurriedly. Should I tell her? she wondered, as she swung her legs over the bed, smoothing her skirt down. No, I want to surprise Karen with it.

Make it mare exciting for her.

Her gaze followed Karen's wiggling little ass from the room, watching those tight cheeks, seeing the beauty of them, the desirability. Odd that she had not noticed it before. But then she had never licked her daughter's cunt before, either. Maybe that was why she saw Karen's body as desirable. With her gaze on that tight, sweet ass, she wondered if Jimmy would enjoy fucking Karen's tight, hot cunt.

They found Jimmy plopped in the floor, watching cartoons on the huge color set. Carol, still bursting with heat, the hunger gnawing at her, her cunt pulsating wildly, watched her daughter sit on the couch. With her gaze moving from Jimmy to Karen, the more excited she became. In her mind, she was watching them fuck, Jimmy's lovely cock fucking into his sister's very tight, extremely hot and slippery cunt. Sitting in her favorite chair, a lounge chair that rolled back into three different positions, Carol allowed her skirt to slide over her thighs until it was halfway up them.

Karen, she noticed, was squirming her tight little ass on the couch, and she knew the little girl was still steaming hotly. Karen had become excited by feeling her up, Carol knew. Her daughter had felt her cunt of her own free will, without encouragement from her. She had enjoyed feeling of a pussy other than her own.

When Karen glanced at her, Carol flashed a

lewd wink. Karen, she noticed, was having a hard time holding back some naughty giggles. Teasing her daughter, Carol ran her tongue out and made stabbing motions with it when Karen looked at her. It was too much for Karen, and she burst into giggles, covering her mouth as she looked down at Jimmy.

Jimmy turned around and looked at his sister. "What's funny, Karen? These dumb old cartoons sure aren't."

"Don't start fighting with your sister," Carol said.

"I'm not, Mom," Jimmy replied and turned to look at her.

His eyes, naturally, saw her long thighs blatantly exposed. He gazed at them unabashedly. When he had fucked his mother, the night before, it had been in the dark, so he was looking at her now for the first time, really. It was different than when she wore shorts. All girls and women wore shorts, but when he could see their legs with their dresses up, it was much more exciting. Carol knew this very well.

Jimmy's eyes shined with interest as he openly looked at his mother's thighs. Carol was pleased that he did so without embarrassment or shame because his sister was in the same room with them. It has to be the innocence of young ones, she thought. But that innocence was eager to learn, to know more about fucking, sucking, sex in general.

Finding his mother's thighs more interesting

than the cartoons, Jimmy rolled onto his back and held his head up with his arms, openly looking at his mother. The front of his pants, Carol was quick to see, began to swell, and his cock started bulging sweetly. Karen, too, had seen this growing lump in her brother's pants, and her eyes gleamed with hot interest.

Carol ran her tongue over her lips, her eyes staring down at her son. Then, quite deliberately, she ran her hands down and began to inch her skirt up. When the crotch of her panties could be seen, she spread her thighs.

Karen gasped, shooting her mother a concerned look.

Jimmy grinned widely.

Carol laughed, low and throaty as she slowly moved her legs apart until her feet were hanging over the sides of the lounge chair. Then she pulled her dress all the way to her waist. Sitting there, exposed, she began to breathe faster as she saw the bulge in Jimmy's pants grow to its limit.

Both Karen and Jimmy stared with hot eyes at their mother's crotch. The panties, tight as they were, molded her puffy cunt. Dark, curly hair stuck from the crotch.

"You didn't get a good look at my cunt the last night, baby," Carol murmured to her son. "It was so dark, and you didn't get to see mother's cunt!"

She hooked a finger into the tight crotch of her panties and pulled it aside, giving her son

and daughter a glimpse of her pink, wet cunt lips. Then, tantalizing them, she began to expose and conceal her hairy cunt by pulling the crotch back into place, then to one side. Lifting her feet, she placed them wide apart on the chair. Grasping the elastic waist of her panties, she pulled upward, making the lacy material pull into the pulsating lips of her pussy. Holding her panties tight this way, Carol twisted her ass about.

Karen was mewling in a hot voice as she watched what her mother was doing, now and then looking at Jimmy, seeing his cock bulging tightly against his pants. Her small, succulent tits rose and fell as her excitement bubbled within her small, exquisite body.

Jimmy, with a low growl, ran his hand up and down his crotch and hard-on as he gazed at his mother.

"See it now, baby," Carol mewled. "You can see mother's cunt now. Look at it, look at mother's cunt, both of YOU! Isn't it a pretty cunt? All this hair… and it's so wet!"

Carol twisted her ass about, keeping the crotch of her panties pulled tightly up. The puffy, hair-lined lips of her pussy were exposed to them, as were the creamy cheeks of her ass. Using her feet and legs, Carol arched her ass up from the chair and made fucking motions, sighing with excitement.

"Ooooo, Jimmy!" Carol whispered in a low, thick voice. "Oh, baby, take it out for us! Take that beautiful cock out and let me and

Karen see it! Come on, Jimmy, don't be bashful."

Jimmy shot a look at his sister, still with no sign of embarrassment.

Karen, her gaze moving rapidly from her mother's hairy cunt to her brother's tight pants, suddenly ripped open her blouse, buttons flying from it. Her small tits rose from her chest, the pink nipples rubbery hard. She cupped her tits and squeezed them, squealing in a hot voice.

"Do it, Jimmy!" Karen gurgled. "Let us see your cock! Come on, Jimmy, show your cock to us!"

Carol's excitement began to race as she heard her daughter urging Jimmy to expose his cock. It had been so easy, she thought. Karen and Jimmy were as erotic in mind as she was, and Carol was pleased. For one thing, it meant that hunger gnawing at her would be fed, the beast would be satisfied more often, and maybe it would not torment her as much.

Pulling the crotch of her panties tighter into her cunt, Carol moaned with pressure. Having her son and daughter look at her hairy pussy was exciting to her, and her clit became so distended, she thought it would burst.

Jimmy began opening his pants, his eyes staring with eager hunger at his mother's uplifted crotch, seeing how she twisted it, pumping up and down as if she were being fucked.

Karen's eyes became glassy as she saw her

brother's prick now. She gave a low, excited mew as she stared at his swollen cock head, seeing his piss hole drip. Carol watched her daughter's reaction, a smile on her beautiful face. She saw how Karen dug harshly into her small tits and also how she squirmed her tight little ass on the couch.

"Touch it, Karen," Carol urged in a hoarse voice. "Play with your brother's cock, honey! Look how hard his cock is! Go ahead, Karen, play with Jimmy's cock!"

Karen quickly jumped from the couch and dropped to her knees beside her brother, sitting on her heels. Her eyes were flashing with excitement. Jimmy's cock stood up straight from his pants, and he lay there, waiting, a huge grin on his face. Karen moved her right hand out, tentatively. She looked up at her mother once, then closed her fingers about her brother's cock.

"Oooooo, so hard!" Karen squealed as she tripped Jimmy's cock. "Golly, Mother… his cock is so hard, and… hot!"

"I know, baby! Oh, how I know!" Carol grunted.

Instinctively, Karen began to pump her small fist up and down her brother's cock. Soft squeals of delight bubbled from her. Bead after bead of moisture seeped from the piss hole of Jimmy's cock, and Carol was pleased to see her daughter run her thumb over his piss hole.

"I said you would be fucked soon, didn't

I?" Carol said to the excited girl. "It's just going to happen a little sooner than I thought it would. Would you like that cock in you, Karen? Would you like to feel your brother's cock inside your hot little cunt?"

"Ohhh, golly; Mother! Oh, yes! I want to!" There was no sense in asking Jimmy if he would enjoy fucking his sister. The size of his hard-on told Carol he would stick his prick into any wet fuck hole, his sister's, his mother's, any hole he could find.

"You can't get fucked wearing those tight shorts, Karen," Carol laughed. "You've got to take them off if you want that cock inside your little pussy!"

Karen stood up quickly, throwing her blouse from her shoulders. Her eyes remained fixed upon the hard cock of her brother as she yanked at the zipper of her shorts in back. She scooted the shorts down, wriggling her tight little ass as she did so, still staring with glassy eyes at her brother's throbbing cock.

Jimmy looked up at his sister, seeing the almost-hairless cunt between her long thighs. Her pink pussy lips were already moist and ready, the golden fuzz curling at the top of her slit. His cock lurched as he looked up at his sister, his tongue running over his lips, but not in nervousness; it was anticipation.

Naked now, Karen was actually shaking with eagerness. Carol, as hot and excited as she was, smiled in amusement. Karen didn't seem to know what to do. She looked at her

mother, and Carol said, her voice showing her ecstasy, "Stand over him, Karen. Then squat down until his cock goes in your pussy,"

Karen stepped over her brother, her feet wide apart. Carol climbed from her chair and dropped to her knees next to her son. Taking her son's cock between a finger and thumb, she held his prick upright and told Karen to squat down.

As her daughter squatted, Carol watched her succulent cunt. When Karen had her pussy close, she reached around and cupped the cheeks of her daughter's ass in one hand. Brushing her son's cock head back and forth, she watched his prick probing at Karen's sugary cunt lips. Telling Karen to squat lower, but to go slow and easy, she held her sons cock.

The swollen head of Jimmy's cock parted the tender, wet lips of his sister's cunt. Karen squealed, her body shaking, and, suddenly, she rammed her crotch down. Jimmy's cock disappeared into her hot pussy, the sweet lips pressing against Carol's thumb and finger at the base.

"Oooooo, nice!" Karen yelped, her ass moving against her mother's cupping hand. "Ohh, mother, I love it! Golly, it feels like a pole is up my cunt!"

Carol saw the stretched lips, of her daughter's cunt around Jimmy's cock. Her eyes became misty with erotic delight and she squeezed Karen's ass cheeks. Pulling her hand

from between the cunt and cock, she darted it under her skirt and rubbed furiously at her own cunt. Jimmy, seeing his mother do this, shot his hand out and shoved his mother's skirt to her waist, revealing her tight panties again.

"Take your panties off, Mom!" he grunted. "Oh, yes!" Carol mewled, ripping at the flimsy material until they tore. She flung them from her and spread her knees wide as she sat on her heels. Her hairy cunt was fully exposed to Karen and Jimmy now, and Jimmy quickly fucked a finger up his mother's burning pussy.

"Fuck him, Karen!" Carol yelled as her son's finger darted in and out of her cunt. "Fuck your brother's cock! Bounce on his prick, honey! Wiggle your pretty, naked ass! Fuck his hard cock, Karen!"

Karen, with loud squeals, began to bounce up and down on her brother's cock. Carol watched, seeing the hard prick of her son stretching and fucking into the tight, hot pussy of her daughter.

Keeping her left hand against her daughter's naked, hot little ass as she fucked up and down on Jimmy's cock, Carol used her right hand to tear and rip at her blouse. Buttons flew and the cotton ripped, but she didn't care. The blouse was flung from her as the panties had been, and her shapely, thrusting tits were exposed to the children's hot eyes.

Her cunt was steaming, making her shiver as her son's finger fucked in and out of the hairy

lips. Carol was so excited, seeing her son fuck her daughter she began to come almost as soon as Jimmy began finger fucking her. Her cunt was flexing about his finger, and she ran her right hand down and began to twist and pull at her inflamed clit. She dug her fingers into her daughter's bouncing ass, increasing the ecstasy of Karen's first fuck. The squeals coming from Karen and the grunting breathing from her son sent chills of erotic pleasure racing up and down her spine.

Her green eyes burned as she watched the pink, sweet cunt of her daughter fucking up and down on Jimmy's cock. She could see the tip of Karen's clit, extremely swollen, scraping along the hard shaft of his, cock. Carol had never seen anyone fuck before. The intensity of seeing a cock stretching tight cunt lips was over whelming to her. Her pussy squeezed hard at her son's fucking finger, and she whimpered softly as she watched Karen fuck her tight pussy up and down her brother's throbbing hard-on.

Karen was mewling and squealing words that excited Carol. Every time her young daughter said fuck, cock, cunt, her pussy would contract about Jimmy's deep-fucking finger. Jimmy, too, was yelling words, urging his sister on.

"Fuck me, Karen! Fuck my cock, Karen. Mom, Karen's cunt is tighter than yours. So tight on my cock… I'm gonna come pretty fucking quick! fuck me,. Karen!"

"I will! I am!" Karen yelped in a tight voice. "I'm fucking you, Jimmy! Oh, golly, I'm fucking your hard cock!"

Carol dug her hands into the cheeks of her daughter's tight, bouncing ass, still pulling at her swollen clit as her son fucked his finger into her convulsing pussy.

"I'm already coming!" Karen squealed, grinding down instinctively against her brother's cock. "Ohhh, my cant is coming, Mother! I'm coming so fucking hard!"

"Do it!" Carol screamed in her excitement. "Come! Both of you, come! Squirt it up your sister's cunt, Jimmy! Spurt that come juice up Karen's hot little cunt!"

Jimmy arched his hips up, fucking his cock into his sister's clinging cunt as she twirled about, grinding furiously on his prick. He grunted, then groaned. His cock came, spewing thick come juice into his sister's gripping pussy. Karen felt it as the come juice splashed again$ the boiling, velvety walls of her steaming cunt. Carol could see the way Karen's sugary pussy lips flexed on Jimmy's cock, and Karen was shuddering as she came, once more digging her small hands into her succulent tits, mewling hotly. Thick, creamy come juice slipped from the tightness of Karen's cunt, smearing the base of Jimmy's cock and his hairless balls.

After it was over, Karen settled her crotch down on him, his cock still buried inside her twitching cunt. Her eyes were closed, a tiny

smile on her face as her body trembled with glowing ecstasy. Finally she pulled her pussy up from his cock, giggling as she cupped her cunt.

"Golly, Jimmy," she asked, "what did you do to me? I'm so full of that stuff! It's dripping out of my cunt."

"I came in your pussy," he said. "That's what I did. I came in your cunt."

Carol removed her son's finger from her cunt and sat down on the floor, her knees up and wide apart. She grinned in happiness at her children. Her hairy pussy was exposed under her skirt, and her baked tits quivered.

"Did you like that, Karen?" she asked. "Did you enjoy your first fuck, baby?"

"Oh, I sure did, Mother!" Karen giggled again. "I loved it! I wanna fuck again! I wanna fuck all the time!"

Carol knew just what her daughter meant. She looked down at her son's cock, seeing his prick glisten with his come juice and the juice from Karen's cunt. She licked her lips hungrily, and suddenly leaned over' Jimmy's cock and balls. She rubbed her face into them, loving the slippery wetness against her cheeks and lips. Then she shoved her tongue out and licked at his glistening cock, twisting her tongue about his hairless balls.

"What are you doing; Mother?" Karen asked, her eyes wide. "You're supposed to fuck it with your cunt, right?"

Carol looked up at Karen; her face wet.

"You can do a lot of things with a sweet cock like this, baby. You don't always have to use your pussy; you can suck a cock, too."

"Suck a cock? You mean, with my mouth?"

"How else can you suck a cock, Karen?" Jimmy said, his knowledge greater now. "That's the only way to suck a cock off-with your mouth, silly!"

"I'm not gonna put that thing in my mouth, no way!"

Carol laughed. "Want to make a bet on that, baby?"

Karen looked at her brother's cock, then she laughed impishly. "I don't think so, Mother. I'd probably lose."

Jimmy's cock was swelling again as his mother licked about his prick, and soon his cock stood up firm once more. Carol wrapped her fingers about his prick, jacking him slowly with a tight fist. The beast within her was prowling again, despite the number of times she had come with Jimmy's finger.

"I want it now, darling," she whispered in a hot voice. "I want this beautiful hard cock in my cunt now!"

"You're gonna fuck him, too, Mother?" Karen asked. "Really? Are you really gonna fuck Jimmy, too?"

"Yes! Yes I am!"

Carol stood up and lifted her skirt to her waist, her arching tits jiggling with desire. As her daughter had done, she squatted above her

son, sinking her cunt down onto his cock immediately. The long, thick hair of her pussy almost concealed her wet cunt lips and his cock as she sat there, twisting and grinding her cunt against him. Karen leaned over to watch, and, as she did, her cheek brushed one of her mother's tits. With a squeal, Karen turned her face and sucked a hard, rubber-like nipple between her lips. Her small hand scooted down her mother's back to- the full, round cheeks of her ass.

"Ooooo, yes, Karen!" Carol whimpered as she fucked her cunt up and down her son's cock; "Hold my ass, baby! Hold mother's tight ass while I fuck this brother of yours! Suck my nipple, Karen! Suck my tit…suck' it!"

Carol's mind was reeling with the erotic things she was doing with Karen and Jimmy being seen as she fucked her son's cock was as exciting to her as it had been watching Karen fuck him.

Her hairy, wet cunt rose and fell on Jimmy's throbbing cock, and she could feel Karen digging her hands into her naked, churning ass. The hot wetness of her daughter's mouth on her tingling tits increased the ecstasy flowing through her.

Carol's pussy was squeezing her son's cock in flexing waves as she began to come in a series of orgasms. Whimpers of delight bubbled from her as she placed a hand on the back of Karen's head, holding her mouth tight onto

her swollen tit. She pressed her cunt down on Jimmy's cock, then began to rock her crotch back and forth on him as she came time and again. The intensity of her orgasms were greater than they had ever been before, clutching at her body until she was shuddering in a violent manner.

She became desperate for her son's come juice, eager for it to splatter into her boiling pussy. The muscles of her cunt closed tightly around his throbbing cock, drawing on it in a sucking motion, almost nibbling.

"Shoot it to me, Jimmy!" she screamed. "Give mother that come juice, baby! Ohhhh, I want to feel you come in my cunt! Come in mother's hot pussy, honey! Mother's cunt is so hot for that sweet, thick come juice! I want it, I want it-now! Fill my hairy cunt with it, Jimmy!"

Jimmy arched his hips up as his mother swung her ass in tight circles.

He grunted, then hot, thick come juice boiled from his piss hole. The thick come juice splashed into Carol's cunt, making her scream again. Her hairy pussy convulsed stronger than ever, squeezing at her son's cock as he spurted copiously into her shaking body.

The orgasms had been so intense, so strong that Carol practically fell from him. She sprawled on the floor, her arms and legs wide, cunt lips pulsating as creamy come juice dripped from her hairy pussy lips, smearing the smooth cheeks of her ass. Her tits quivered as

she struggled for air.

Karen, still excited, suddenly shot her hand out and felt of her mother's hairy cunt, working her finger into her pussy and fucking back and forth. Carol's hips writhed and she moaned. The beast within her was quiet for now.


Carol was pleased by the attitude her son and daughter showed. For the rest of the afternoon, she watched them play with each other, becoming accustomed to this quick, overnight change in their young lives.

By mid-afternoon, Karen had gotten up the nerve to kiss her brother's cock, giggling as if she was being a naughty little girl. She enjoyed kissing his cock, but she was still hesitant about taking his prick into her mouth. But

Carol could see in those hot young eyes that Karen was giving some serious thought to doing so.

She watched them run about the house naked, enjoying the flash of her daughter's creamy, saucy ass, the way her son's cock dangled and wiggled, his balls delicious looking. Carol kept her skirt on, but nothing else. She loved the way her son and daughter would come to her, lean down and suck and nibble at her pointed tits, or shove a hand under her skirt to feel her cunt. She loved the freedom of being able to reach out and caress Jimmy's cock and balls or run her hand over his ass, of being able to touch her daughter's cunt or small tits. It was like a dream she had been having for years, a dream that had suddenly become real.

Then, about six that evening, the phone rang.

Karen answered it, then called her mother to the phone.

"Hello?" Carol said.

"Hi, baby," came the voice of Mike. "Thought we could get it on tonight."

Carol's first instinct was to hang up on him. She still felt the humiliation of being called those names by him, by his attitude, thinking she was some cheap tramp. But at the sound of his voice, her cunt started throbbing.

"I…I'm busy tonight," she said. "There's things I have to do."

"Well, I've got this hard cock here, baby,"

he said, sneering into the phone. "If you don't want it, then maybe you could put your daughter back on-I bet she'd like this hardon.

Carol gasped. "You don't know my daughter," she said.

"I've seen her," Mike replied. "Cute kid, nice tight-looking ass on her. I wouldn't mind having a piece of it, you know. Call her to the phone."

"No," Carol said firmly.

"Listen, cunt," his voice turned mean. "If you don't come out and play, then I'll get that daughter of yours. You wouldn't like it if me and my friends sort of had a little fun with her pretty ass, would you?"

Carol knew he was mean enough to try and do what he was threatening. She couldn't place Karen in such a position. "All right," she said, defeated. "Where am I supposed to meet you, Mike?"

"I thought you'd see it my way, baby," he laughed nastily into the phone. "Why not behind the gym at school, like before. I'll be there at eight, and you better, too."

The phone was banged down in her ear.

Carol stood there for a long time. She didn't want to meet him anymore, not now that she had Jimmy. But she didn't seem to have any choice. She was not about to let that bastard get his hands on Karen.

Telling them she had to go out for a while, she bathed and tried to think of some way to

keep Mike away from her. She knew he had some rough friends, and she didn't doubt for a minute that his threats to fuck Karen were real.

By eight that night, she was sitting in her car behind the gym of the high school. She was early, and already had smoked three cigarettes in her nervousness. The darkness was growing denser and there didn't seem to be a moon this night. Carol didn't like that. She had a few things she wanted to say to Mike, attempt to make him leave her alone, and she wanted, it light enough so she could watch him. She didn't trust him at all, not now that he was becoming mean.

She heard, rather than saw, the car. Then it was beside hers. It was an old car, dented and rusted. She recognized it as Mike's. She tossed her fourth cigarette out the window and waited, her heart pounding. She still had not thought of some way to make him leave her alone, and, most importantly, leave her daughter alone.

The dark was thick now, and she could barely see him as he opened the door of her car and scooted in next to her. Immediately he flung his arm over her shoulder and cupped her tit, squeezing brutally. He cupped her chin and turned her mouth to his, crushing her lips. His tongue went deep into her mouth, and she had no choice but to sit there and take it.

"You're being a nice cunt, Carol," he rasped, digging his finger into her tit, making a

sharp pain rip through her. "Keep on being a nice cunt and I won't touch that precious little cunt daughter of yours."

With a sudden jerk, he ripped her blouse open, exposing her tits in the darkness. His hand shot up her skirt and tore at her panties.

"Please, Mike," she begged. "Don't be so rough. What's changed you, Mike?"

"I haven't changed, Carol," he growled as her panties were torn from her. "I just know how to treat a hot-ass, that's all. You fucking cunts are all alike. You get your fucking kicks by fucking and sucking teenage cock, right, Carol!"

"Why are you treating me this way?" she asked in a quivering voice. "I've always treated you nice, haven't I? Why are you being so mean to me?"

"You cunts like it rough," he snarled. "I know all about you divorced twats! You've been used to getting fucked regularly, then hubby catches you with a man, and takes off. So you have this hot cunt and no place to take it. So, you come to us boys for your fucking! Well, baby, you're going to get some good fucking tonight."

Carol was frightened, but she could do nothing. She sat behind the wheel of her car, frozen as his hands dug into her sensitive tits, pulling brutally at her tender nipples, making her cry in pain. It was not until he had her almost naked that she realized he had not come alone.

"What is this?" she snapped, when she felt the door on her side being opened. "Mike, what are you trying to pull?"

She was pulled from the car by rough hands. Mike scooted across the seat and got out, standing there. Carol could not see the other boy with him, but his fingers dug into the softness of her arm.

"Let's take her into the locker room," Mike said.

Carol, with tears in her eyes, stumbled along, almost dragged between them. They found the door to the locker room and she was pulled inside. The light switch was flipped and the room was flooded with harsh light. The smell of sweat was like acid in her nose. The other boy, she now saw, had been on the basketball court the day before, one of the boys looking up at her with more interest than the others. Carol felt ashamed of herself when she felt her cunt throbbing hotly. Frightened and as angry as she was, her own was still screaming for cock.

Mike sat on a long bench, the boy with him leaning against the metal lockers. They looked at her with hot eyes, seeing her naked tits quiver. Her nipples were rubbery in their hardness, arching out teasingly. Her blouse hung open, the buttons gone. Carol lowered her eyes, feeling ashamed for the first time. She had gotten herself into a bad situation, with no way out… all because of that hunger gnawing at her hairy twit.

"Take off that fucking skirt, Carol," Mike said, dropping his pants. "We want to see that hot-ass you have, and that hairy cunt. Me and my buddy here want some good fucking tonight!"

"You're going to rape me?"

"Are you kidding," Mike asked nastily. "A cunt like you can't be raped. No, we're not going to rape you because you're going to fuck us willingly."

"What makes you so sure?" she said heatedly.

"You daughter." He grinned at her. His pants were at his ankles. His cock swelled out, strong and hard, the head very swollen, dripping in readiness.

"You wouldn't!"

"If you don't believe me, just haul your hot ass out of here, Carol. There's the door."

But she knew he meant it.

Her hands went behind her skirt to the zipper. The other boy, his eyes gleaming, was removing his pants. Carol could not resist peeking at his cock. About the same size as Mike's prick but his balls were larger, although not with as much hair on them. With the anger bubbling in her, Carol felt ashamed that her cunt was snapping and eager to fuck them. She dropped her skirt to the floor, standing there with her blouse on, but flapping open. The triangle of her pussy hair was like a beacon to those young cocks.

"Where do you want me?" Carol asked,

resigned to what was happening.

"Right over the bench, cunt" Mike said, taking her arm and moving her to the long, wooden bench. "Lean over it, bitch!"

Carol was forced to her knees, then she was bending over the bench, the edges cutting into her lower stomach and just beneath her tits. The position was degrading. Her naked ass was exposed and her tits dangled over the other side.

"Which end do you want?" she heard Mike asking the other boy "Back or front?"

At the same time? Carol's mind burned. Are they going to fuck my cunt and mouth at the same time? She hoped against hope they would be gentle with her. She didn't want to be bruised again, mouth or pussy.

"I'll take the front," she heard the boy say, "I ain't had a good blow job for a couple of weeks. You said she sucked a good cock, Mike?"

"The best cock sucker in town," Mike laughed. "She's really wild for a cock in the mouth, just like I told you."

Carol shook with anger. She didn't like the idea of him telling others about them. The town wasn't all that big, and she knew what it would do to her reputation if word got out, Carol never once thought about sitting in the bleachers With her legs parted slightly, never thought what that would do to her reputation. Right now, leaning over the bench, she realized what she had done.

"Okay, you got the backside," the boy said, and then she saw the boy on his knees in front of her. He had his hand gripped tightly about his, cock, and she saw the piss hole was dripping. When he arched his cock toward her face, Carol's lips opened in automatic response to a hard cock. The boy clasped her face with his hands, then fucked his cock into her mouth swiftly. She felt his swollen prickhead against her throat, her lips stretching around the thick hardness. She closed her eyes as unwanted pleasure began to bubble inside her slender body. She moaned as the boy began fucking her mouth, moaned in ecstasy as his prick dripped on her moving tongue. Her hands raised of their own accord, and she grasped his naked ass cheeks, squeezing her fingers into his ass flesh.

"You're right, Mike!" the boy grunted. "She's a hot-ass like you said, and, boy, does she suck my cock! Eat it, you cunt! Eat my fucking cock with your cocksucking mouth, you fucking bitch!"

The boy fucked into Carol's mouth swiftly, probing at her throat. Despite the brutal way he fucked her in the mouth, Carol's cunt was boiling with delight. She sucked hard on his thrusting cock, her tongue licking, gurgles of delight coming from her tight lips. As the boy fucked into her mouth, she felt Mike's hands running about her naked ass, up and down her smooth thighs, between them to dig into her hairy cunt. The deep throbbing heat of her

cunt made her pussy lips twitch about his finger, drawing it into her pussy.

Carol's mind was screaming for him to stick his cock up her cunt, screaming for him to fuck her. She wiggled her naked ass, urging him to fuck her. But Mike, apparently, wanted to feel her hairy cunt for a while. She felt him take her distended clit between a thumb and forefinger, then he pinched it-hard.

Carol screamed around the thick cock, in her mouth, but Mike just pinched her clit harder, laughing as she twisted her naked ass in an effort to get away from his hand.

The boy on his knees in front of her placed both his hands on the back of her bead, and began to fuck hard and deep into her, mouth. The bench was cutting into her flesh, but she had to take it.

"Fucking cunt has a hot mouth!" the boy groaned. "I ain't never fucked such a hot, wet mouth before! Man, I'm going to come a fucking gallon down her cocksucking throat!"

"You do that, buddy," Mike laughed. "If there's anything this cunt likes better than sucking a cock, it's having that cock come in her cocksucking mouth! I mean, buddy, she just drains it right out of you!"

Finally she felt Mike's cock brushing along her thighs. She could feel his prick smear the dripping fuck fluids on the creamy flesh of her thighs, and she wiggled her naked ass. She felt the swollen head of his cock pressing at the hairy, tight lips of her cunt, and Carol arched

her ass back, her pussy desperate to have his prick inside.

When the smooth head of his cock parted her cunt lips, Carol's pussy sucked his cock right in. Mike grunted, "Look at that, would you! This bitch's cunt sucked my cock right in there! Man, talk about a hot cunt, this girl has one!"

Carol shook her naked ass, trying to make Mike fuck her. But he seemed content for the moment to let her cunt draw and flex and nibble at his cock. She could feel him gripping her round hips, could feel his balls against her.

Then he started fucking her.

Carol's ass twitched and turned as his cock fucked in and out hard. She was being slammed between the two boys now, a cock fucking her cunt and a prick fucking her mouth. She no longer felt the anger boiling in her. Feeling hard cocks fucking her drove everything out of her mind except the ecstasy. She whimpered around the cock fucking into her mouth as she sucked in greedy hunger. Her dangling tits jiggled and swung below, and she wished the boy would turn loose of her head and squeeze her tits for her. But he held her, fucking his throbbing, thick cock in and out of her slippery mouth vigorously. His balls banged at her chin, and her nose was smashed as he lunged forward. She was certain she had a nose bleed from the harshness of his lower stomach.

Her cunt was convulsing about Mike's hard cock, squeezing his prick as always. She turned

loose of one ass cheek and ran her hand under the bench, gripping Mike's swinging balls tightly. But she kept her other hand digging into the boy's ass as he relentlessly fucked his cock violently into her mouth.

Humiliated, shamed, used as she was, Carol could not deny the ecstasy that flowed through her. As it always happened, her cunt was exploding around a hard cock, wave after wave of orgasms clutching her body. Her cunt, so greedy, so hungry, refused any signals from her mind. As abused as she was, Carol was soaring with ecstasy.

And then it happened.

Mike had been gripping her ass with his fingers, fucking his cock in and out of her cunt hard and fast. His cock came free of her tight cunt, and, as he rammed back, he missed. Instead of entering her pussy, the swollen head of Mike's cock fucked up Carol's asshole.

Her lips opened around the cock in her mouth as a loud scream erupted from her. Before she could form the words to protest this invasion of her asshole, the boy in front of her face jammed his prick back into her mouth, cutting off her protest.

Carol's asshole stretched around his thick cock as she heard him laugh. It felt as if a pole had been rammed into her ass, and a muffled scream bubbled around the cock stuffed into her mouth. She felt Mike's fingers dig harder into her twirling, writhing ass, holding her firmly, preventing her from getting away from

his powerfully lunging cock. She felt his cock going deep into her asshole, his balls swinging against the puffy, hairy lips of her cunt now. The sharp pain she felt in her asshole suddenly became an erotic sensation of pleasure. Carol was surprised at the depth of that pleasure. This was the first time a cock had ever gone up her ass.

She twisted her naked ass, but no longer in an attempt to jerk free of that assaulting cock. The sensations that ripped through her body were new to her, but so good. Now, Carol twisted her ass in a frantic attempt to fuck back at him. Her movements were restricted somewhat between the two boys, but she managed to arch and squirm.

The cock buried up her ass was throbbing, and she felt each pulsation. She found it exciting to have this cock fucking her asshole as she sucked in a frenzy at the one in her mouth. Her tongue licked furiously now, her throat swallowing as the boy's cock dripped slippery fuck juices into her mouth. Her eyes were closed as shivers ran about her flesh. Her cunt, no longer being fucked, was still in strong convulsions, her clit burning. Her asshole was being stretched more than it had ever been before, and she was almost out of her mind with the delicious sensations.

At this particular moment, Carol would not have minded if the whole basketball team had been lined up, waiting their turn at her slender, beautiful body, their cocks hard and jerking to

get into her cunt, her mouth… her asshole! Carol was so intensely excited, she was unaware of the low, deep growls rippling from her cock-stuffed mouth. The sounds told of her erotic ecstasy, and the motions of her naked, round ass enhanced this knowledge. She clawed at the tight ass cheek of the boy in front of her, her mouth devouring his cock as he fucked her mouth. His tight ass danced around with lewd abandon.

She became greedy for his thick come juice, anticipating the powerful flow, the convulsive squirts.

The boy before her face gave a low grunt, grinding his cock deep, the wiry hairs at the base scratchy against her lips. His balls were tight against her chin, and she felt that thick prick throb. Carol squealed loudly around his cock as her mouth was flooded with the thick sweetness of come juice. Her slender throat worked to swallow, desperate to have his jism in her stomach. Even as the cock filled her mouth, the come juice sliding down her burning throat, Carol's naked ass continued to revolve and shake, fucking Mike's cock with her asshole as much as he was fucking her now.

Mike was fucking brutally into her asshole, snorting from behind and above her. The hairs of his cock tickled the hot cheeks of her smooth, creamy ass, his balls banged erotically upon her twitching cunt lips, smacking at the tip of her distended clint. As the cock between

her lips stopped flowing, she continued to suck and mouth it, whimpering as her ass churned. With a final, strong lunge, Mike drove his cock as deep as he could up her asshole, holding himself there tightly, his cock unleishing a hot, thick flow of come juice. Carol felt jism flooding the tender walls of her ass, and her cunt went wild with another orgasm that seemed to explode from unknown depths of her body.

Carol was vaguely aware when Mike pulled his cock out of her burning asshole. She was slumped over the bench, her skirt around her waist, ass exposed. Her tits dangled, as her head did, her rich, thick hair sweeping the floor. She panted and gasped heavily, the ecstasy making her weak. Her muscles felt like liquid, refusing to work.

When she finally found the strength to move, she found she was alone in the locker room. Again the acrid odor of male sweat and dirty jocks assaulted her. She looked around, almost dazed.

"I've been raped," she whispered aloud. "Raped!"

But Carol knew she had loved it. She had not been injured, her body not bruised. She didn't count the furious mouth-fuck and accidental ass-fuck. Her lips were slightly tender, but not painful. There was a throbbing sensation in and around her tight asshole, but it was a feeling she liked. Getting to her feet, she gingerly rubbed at her asshole with the tip of

one finger.

It wasn't bad, she decided, not bad at all. With just a bit more fucking in the ass, she told herself, I could learn to love it.

Her panties were useless, and she left them there on the floor. She climbed, into her car, sitting down gently, but there was no pain. Just that throbbing pleasure now. Lifting her skirt past her knees, Carol began the drive home.

She was hoping her daughter had not fucked her son out, that his sweet cock would be deliciously, beautifully hard when she got home.

There was something she wanted to try with Jimmy.

She wanted his cock up her asshole.


Carol found her son and daughter sound asleep in her huge bed.

Both, of course, were naked.

Karen was wrapped around her brother, one slim thigh thrown over his, and she was cupping his cock and balls as she slept. Jimmy, she saw, had his arn around Karen's shoulders, his hand around one of her perky, succulent tits

Being quiet so as not to wake them, Carol

bathed, taking care with her cunt and asshole. Leaning back in the hot water, with scented bubbles to her chin, she spread her thighs and slowly, gingerly, pressed a finger up her asshole. She felt no pain, and for a moment she thought it might be the difference in the size of her finger when compared to Mike's thick cock. Experimentally, she pushed and pulled her finger in and out her gripping asshole. Finally she plunged another finger into her cunt at the same time.

Carol immediately began coming.

All I do is come, she said to herself. Come and come and come! Oh, I love to come!

After awhile she dried herself and, nakedly, climbed into the big bed with her son and daughter. She snuggled up to Jimmy and kissed his shoulder.

It was late when they woke up.

The sun was high and streaming into the window, making the bedroom hot. Carol opened her eyes and stretched, seeing Karen and Jimmy come awake slowly.

"Are we going to sleep all day?" Carol laughed, swinging her legs from the bed. "Karen, draw those drapes. I'm going to turn the air-conditioner on."

She sat on the bed, watching her daughter walk to the window, her eyes on that shapely little ass. Karen's ass is so tight and round, so beautiful, she thought. She turned her eyes to her son, seeing the swelling of his cock as he jumped from the bed, heading for the a

bathroom. She stood up and, like Karen, nakedly went into the hallway and turned the air-conditioner on. The soft hum filled the house.

After breakfast, Karen helped clean the kitchen. Jimmy, playfully, stayed with them his hands never still. He fondled his sister's tits, her hairless cunt; he felt his mother up and shoved his cock between their thighs. Carol and her daughter laughed and slapped at his hands in mock indignation.

Being as sexual as she was, Carol could not refuse the beast within her. Although it did not pace and bellow as before, the insatiable hunger was still there. It did not gnaw at her as devouring, but it was always there. Karen and Jimmy, she was pleased to see, also seemed insatiable. It was not just the youthful discovery of fucking; Karen could come in waves the same as Carol, and she wanted to fuck as much as her mother. Jimmy, the sweet boy, seemed to be having perpetual hard-ons for which she and her daughter were delighted.

"We've just got to do something about that cock of Jimmy's," Carol said to Karen. "That kid seems hard all the fucking time, baby!"

Karen giggled. "I love it, Mother!"

"So do I."

They looked at each other, then laughed as the thought came to them at the same time. Carol reached out and grabbed her son by his cock, Karen taking his hand. They pulled the willing boy to the living room, making him sit

on the couch.

Jimmy's cock stood up, throbbing as always, the head sweetly swollen. And, as always, he was dripping from his piss hole.

Carol dropped to her knees on one side of him, stroking her fist up and down his cock. Karen, on the other side of her brother, began to twist and play with his balls. Jimmy leaned back on the couch, his eyes hot as he watched his mother and sister fondle and caress him.

"You gonna suck me off, Mom?" he asked in a thick voice. "I like being sucked. Suck my cock, Mom!"

"Eager little shit, aren't you?" she teased, squeezing his prick. "And not at all bashful, are you?"

"Come on, Mom! Give me a blow job!"

"I'll tell you what," Carol said. "I'll suck your cock if Karen will suck and lick your balls."

Karen giggled. "Sure, Mother! Let's do it!"

Carol watched her daughter dart her lovely face down and place a hot, moist kiss on her brother's balls. Karen lifted them with her fingers, and then ran her tongue about them. Carol's eyes smoldered as she watched. Her fist gripped his cock very hard, making his prick head seem more swollen. Slowly, with her eyes watching Karen's lips and tongue on Jimmy's balls, she ran the tip of her tongue about the dripping piss hole of her son's cock. The hot, slippery taste of his fuck juices made her mind scream with hunger.

Opening her lips, she sucked the head of her son's cock between them. Holding just the head of his prick, she sucked and licked her tongue about, flicking his piss hole with the tip. Jimmy groaned with pleasure. Holding just the head of her son's cock between her greedy, hot lips, Carol gazed at her daughter's lovely face, inches from her own. Karen's tongue ran all about her brother's hairless balls, squealing with pleasure as she in turn watched her mother sucking the smooth head of Jimmy's cock.

Carol lifted her mouth and, using her fingers, shoved his prick downward, offering it to her daughter. "Have a suck, honey," she urged in a thick voice. "Suck just the head of your brother's cock, baby. Try it just once, if you don't like it, then stop sucking it."

Karen gazed at the swollen head of her brother's cock, seeing his piss hole seep. Her eyes became hot, and a tremor rippled through her sugar-like body. Sucking in a deep breath, she moved her lips toward his prick. Carol held Jimmy's cock, watching as Karen gathered her nerve.

Then Karen had her lips around that smooth cock head. Her eyes went wide and turned glassy.

A soft whimper came from her. And Karen began to suck up and down on her brother's cock, stuffing his prick into her mouth until she had it all, her lips pressing at the base. Her eyes remained wide open, sur

prise in them at the unexpected ecstasy of sucking a hard, throbbing cock. She began to bob up and down as she had seen her mother do, sucking in a fury.

Glancing up at Jimmy's face, Carol saw the intense pleasure there. His eyes were glazed as he stared down his body, watching his sister suck vigorously and hungrily at his hard cock. Grinning at Jimmy, Carol cupped his balls and began to twist and pull at them, increasing his pleasure. Leaning down she looked into Karen's eyes and saw the surprised delight in them. Karen's eyes shined in hungry ecstasy as she fucked her mouth up and down on her brother's cock, soft mews bubbling from tight lips.

"Suck it, honey!" Carol urged in a hoarse voice. "Suck on that cock, baby! Eat your brother's cock off! Suck it… suck it!"

Karen gobbled greedily, her eyes shining with bright excitement, gazing at her mother. Sometimes she lowered her eyes to watch her mother tug and twist Jimmy's balls, but most of the time she gazed hotly at her mother's beautiful face. Jimmy continued to gaze at his sister's stretched lips.

He began to moan and grunt, arching his cock up, trying to press more of his prick into his sister's wet, hot mouth. His balls, Carol felt, were drawing tight as she fondled them. Slipping her other hand underneath his ass, she squeezed one of his tight ass cheeks, then rubbed a finger into the crack. When

she started rubbing about his asshole, Jimmy's grunts of pleasure became louder. With a wicked grin on her face, Carol suddenly pressed her finger up her son's ass, going deep.

Karen's slippery lips made sucking sounds as her mouth fucked faster and faster on her brother's cock. She felt the deep throb between her lips, felt his prick jerking against her tongue and the roof of her mouth. She began to make squealing sounds, knowing what was about to happen. Her tongue, as best it could, raced about his dripping piss hole like a fiery poker. Her eyes became larger as she waited for her brother to unleash that hot gush of come juice.

Carol felt the tightening of her son's balls, and her finger up his asshole went deep. Jimmy grunted as she began to finger fuck his ass swiftly. Feeling his asshole squeeze at her finger Carol plunged it deep as she pulled at his balls.

"He's about to come, Karen!" she whimpered in an excited voice. "Jimmy is about to come, baby! Ohhhh, honey, suck it! Suck your brother's cock… he's about to squirt that sweet come juice down your cocksucking little throat! Eat it, baby! Ohhh, eat that beautiful cock!"

Jimmy grunted, arching his cock up, trying to shove his prick into his sister's hot throat.

Karen's eyes went wide as she tasted the sweetness of her brother's come juice. For just a moment the surprise of having the thick

come juice splash into her mouth caused her to stop sucking. But then, with jism coating her tongue and filling her mouth, Karen began to suck again with increased fury, her tongue licking swiftly as she swallowed with gulping motions.

Carol suddenly darted her face down and sucked both his balls into her mouth, her tongue flying about them. She sucked hard as her finger fucked in and out of his, tight, flexing asshole. She looked from his balls to her daughter, watching those sweet, moist lips suck with ecstasy She saw a silvery bubble of come juice escape those tight lips and drip down the shaft of his cock, then it touched her ball-filled mouth. Opening her lips, she tasted her son's come juice, then returned to sucking his twitching balls.

Only when her son finished coming did she pull her finger out of his gripping asshole and remove her mouth from his balls. Karen, amazed at the ecstasy she had found in sucking a hard cock, was reluctant to release his prick now. When she did pull away from her brother's cock, her expression glowed with the delight she felt.

"Ohhhh, Mother! "she giggled like a naughty little girl, "that was soooo, so fucking good! I think I'm gonna be a good cocksucker! I love it! Oh, golly, I think I love sucking a hard cock off!"

"I knew you would," Carol laughed, tweaking one of her daughter's sugary nipples.

"That sweet mouth of yours is just like your hot little cunt-made for cocks!"

Jimmy was slumped on the couch, breathing hard, his chest rising and falling as he struggled for air. The grin on his young face told them both of his pleasure. Karen reached out and caressed her brother's cock and balls, giving him gentle squeezes.

"I wanna get his cock hard and fuck him," she murmured. "That made my pussy so wet and hot! I'm gonna make Jimmy's cock hard and then I'm gonna fuck him silly!"

"It won't take much to get your brother's cock hard," Carol laughed. "When have you seen it not hard, Karen?"

"Never!" Karen squealed as his cock began to swell inside her tight fists. "He's stays hard and l love it!"

"So do I, you little hot cunt!" Carol laughed. "Just make sure you save some for me."

She reached out and thrust her finger into her daughter's tight, slippery pussy. She fucked her finger in and out a few times, making Karen squeal with delight. Then she pulled her finger free and brought it to her mouth. Her tongue snaked out and she licked at her finger, her eyes glowing at both of them.

"And while you fuck that cock, I think I'll just have myself a few licks on that cute pussy you have, honey!"

"Golly! How are you gonna do that, Mother?"

"You'll see," Carol replied, her voice husky and whispery. "You'll see. And you'll love being fucked and licked at the same time, believe me!"

Jimmy's cock was standing up hard once more, his prickhead swollen and dripping.

Karen scrambled to the couch, leaning back on it with her blonde hair fanning about her sweet face. She scooted her fine little ass to the edge of the cushions, spreading her slim legs as wide as she could. Jimmy, forever eager and more than ready, was on his knees between his sister's legs quickly, his cock thrusting out. Carol grasped her son's cock at the base and rubbed the swollen head up and down the sensitive, burning wet lips of her daughter's cunt. Karen squealed and mewled with the contact, her little hips jerking about in a tight circle. She lifted her ass and tried to push her hairless, sugar-sweet cunt onto her brother's cock.

"You want it badly, don't you, baby?"

Carol laughed in a throaty way. "You really want fucked, don't you, honey?"

"Yes, yes!" Karen whimpered, trying to suck the head of her brother's cock into her cunt with her hot, puffy little pussy lips. "Don't tease my cunt, Mother! Don't tease me! Stick Jimmy's cock in me! Come on, Mother… shove Jimmy's cock in my cunt! Do it now, Mother!"

Jimmy held his sister's creamy thighs as his mother pressed the head of his cock into her pussy. His prickhead sank in, and Karen

mewled with the ecstasy, feeling her cunt stretch about her brother's prick. She shot her little ass upwards, and her pussy actually dove onto his cock, taking his prick all the way into the hot wetness, smashing her mother's fingers between them.

"Okay, fuck that hot cunt, Jimmy!" Carol urged as she watched her son's cock fill her daughter's bubbling pussy. "Fuck that pussy, Jimmy! Ram your cock up your sister's tight little cunt! Pour it to that hot ass!"

Jimmy banged between his sister's thighs, his eyes watching as she began to churn her cunt in a frenzy. The moans and gasps and squeals coming from Karen was all Carol needed to know the pleasure her young daughter was getting. She could see the tip of that delicious clit scraping along the shaft of her son's cock. Karen's clit glistened wetly, almost as if beckoning Carol's lips and tongue.

Carol ran her hand behind her son's flexing ass and between his thighs. She gripped his swinging balls and played with them as his cock fucked back and forth. Her other hand slipped beneath her daughter s swelling, saucy little ass and then she worked a finger between Karen's hot ass cheeks as she had done with her son. She rubbed at the tiny pucker of her daughter's tight asshole, then applied pressure.

"Oooo, ohh!" Karen sighed, writhing her cute ass about as her mother pressed against her tight asshole. "Mother, oh, Mother! That

feels different… good! Oh, golly, golly!"

Kneeling there, Carol leaned over, moving her mouth down to the small patch of golden fuzz of her daughter's cunt. She ran her tongue out, and found she could just lick at her distended clit. She flipped her tongue about Karen's swollen clit as she rubbed harder at her daughter's flexing asshole. Carol could taste her son's cock as it fucked in and out of Karen's gripping cunt. The taste of his cock, smeared and slippery with the fuck juices from her daughter's cunt, made her own pussy burn and quiver.

Tugging at Jimmy's balls, she made him moan with delight. His cock fucked deep, then withdrew, leaving only his smooth prickhead between the stretched lips of his sister's cunt. Carol ran her tongue along his cock shaft quickly before he fucked his prick back into his sister's boiling pussy, and then her tongue was on her daughter's clit again.

As she licked at Karen's clit, she pressed the tip of her finger past the tightness of that small asshole. Karen gave a loud yelp of surprised pleasure. She twisted and twirled her ass about with furious excitement, mewling and whimpering. Carol fucked her finger deeper into her daughter's asshole, feeling Karen's asshole close and almost suck on, her fingers Her tongue kept up a wicked, relentless lapping against her daughter's swollen, sensitive clit as she finger fucked her daughter up the ass.

"Fuck me, Jimmy!" Karen was howling almost mindlessly. "Ohhh, fuck me with your hard cock! Golly, I love feeling your cock up my cunt, Jimmy! Lick me, Mother! Lick my pussy while Jimmy Fucks me! Ooo, your finger… up my ass! Oh, Mother, you're fucking me in my asshole!"

Carol lifted her head and looked into the contorted face of her daughter. "Like it, honey? Do you like me fingerfucking you in the asshole?"

"I love it!" Karen yelped, writhing her hips about. She was clawing her fingers into the cushions of the couch as her brother's cock and her mother's finger sent intense thrill after thrill shooting through her young, small body. "Ooo, I love it, love it, love it! I want more! Ohhh, I want more fucking! Fuck my cunt, Jimmy; fuck my asshole, Mother!"

Carol shot her tongue back down against Karen's throbbing, sensitive clit, flicking it about and making her daughter jerk her ass about with ecstasy. Her finger fucked in and out of that tight asshole, fingerfucking Karen as she had done to her son. She pulled and twisted at Jimmy's balls, listening to him grunt with pleasure. His fingers were digging into the soft flesh of his sister's hips, gritting his teeth now as he fucked Karen's flexing cunt in a frenzy.

Feeling her daughter's steaming body jerk in pleasure, Carol raced her tongue about her throbbing clit, driving her finger as deep as she

could into the tight heat of Karen's clenching asshole. Karen was on the brink of coming, the waves swelling as she churned her ass about frantically. She lifted her hands front the couch and cupped her small, saucy tits, her fingers digging into them, then she began to pull and twist at her tiny nipples. She tossed her head about in mindless ecstasy, her hair fanning about. Her eyes were closed, squeezing tightly. Her mouth was open, and she was panting as her orgasm swelled hotly within her trembling stomach.

Suddenly, Carol released her son's balls and shot her finger between the clenched cheeks of his ass. She fucked her finger up Jimmy's asshole, and now she was fingerfucking both of them in the ass. Jimmy yelped and fucked his cock as deep as he could into his sister's gripping cunt. Karen twisted her cunt furiously about his throbbing hard prick, her squeals becoming louder as her orgasm burst, washing over her with the violence of a breaking ocean wave, the feeling almost causing her to swoon with ecstasy.

Carol's tongue flew violently about her daughter's twitching clit, feeling it spasm as her young, steamy cunt convulsed around her brother's throbbing cock. She plunged her fingers into those two tight assholes in a frantic attempt to make it better for them.

Jimmy's body shuddered, and Carol felt his asshole go tight around her finger. Then his asshole convulsed, squeezing her finger almost

too tight, preventing her from fucking it in and out. But she managed, and the motion of her finger seemed to increase the power of his discharging cock. Come juice filled his sister's twat, filled it so full the creamy fuck liquid dripped, running down the curves of Karen's small, shaking ass. The finger in her daughter's asshole went deep, feeling the convulsions that raced about the small body, making Karen tremble and whimper with the power of her orgasm.

Jimmy, very weak, slumped to the floor, his cock pulling from the gripping lips of his sister's cunt with a small, wet, plopping sound. Karen, breathing hard, slumped her cute ass down, her long, slender thighs still wide. Come juice glistened on her puffy cunt lips and on the sweet curves of her ass.

Carol sat back on her heels, her cunt boiling. What she had done excited her, too, but she knew her turn would have to wait. She leaned over and kissed her daughter's quivering stomach with moist lips.

"There's more," she said. "But that comes later."


That evening Carol took her son and daughter out to eat.

The day had been hot and the evening was still warm. As a lark, Carol dressed without panties or bra, and wore only a skirt and blouse. As they prepared to leave the house, she lifted her skirt to show Jimmy and Karen she was naked underneath. The thick patch of cunt hair looked enticing.

"Oh, Mother!" Karen giggled. "Can I do

that, too?"

"Of course you can, honey," she smiled. "Take your panties off if you want."

Still gigging in a deliciously naughty way, Karen lifted her skirt and shoved her panties off, then, smoothing her skin down, said, "This makes me feel awfully naughty, Mother.

"You don't have to go without your panties, baby," Carol laid.

"Oh, but I want to!"

"Then let's go."

The restaurant they went to was a moderately priced place with good food. Carol was amused by her daughter, who kept looking around and whispering, "I wonder if anyone knows we don't have panties on."

"Of course they don't," Carol laughed. "And they won't unless you start to flash that pretty cunt."

They were almost finished with their dinner when Carol saw Mike and two of his friends enter. Mike saw them right away and came swaggering over.

"Hello, Carol," he said, gazing over the two kids with her. "Hi, Karen, how's it going?"

Carol was nervous, hoping he wouldn't say anything that would be embarrassing. She was relieved when he left after a brief chat with her.

But seeing him had caused her to become very nervous, and she hurried Jimmy and

Karen through the remainder of their meal. Karen and Jimmy were puzzled by her quick actions, but they didn't say anything until after they had returned home.

"How well do you know that guy, Mother?" Karen asked.

"Not well," Carol lied.

"I wouldn't have anything to do with him," Karen said. "He's got a bad reputation."

"He looks mean," Jimmy put in.

"There's nothing to worry about," Carol said. "I hardly know him, Come on you two, lift up those long faces!"

She hugged them both tightly against her pressing their faces against her tits. She felt them responding to her. Jimmy bit lightly at one of his mother's nipples through her thin blouse, and Karen lifted a band, placing it upon her mother's other tit. Carol mewled in pleasure as Karen's small hand squeezed her tit while Jimmy nibbled lightly on the other She had felt a vague sense of uneasiness when Mike had come into the restaurant, but it was going away now as her son and daughter fondled her body.

"Take my tits out," she whispered. "Take mother's tits out so you can play with them."

Eager hands slipped into her blouse while fingers fumbled at the buttons. Her tits were exposed, and immediately Jimmy captured one rigid nipples between his lips, sucking with pleasure. Karen fondled the other tit of her mother, gazing at it with moist, hot eyes. She

twisted and pulled at her sensitive nipple, then sucked it between her hot lips. Carol felt them sucking her tits, causing a hot, liquid reaction in her body. Her tits swelled up, became more sensitive, and her cunt began to throb deliciously between her thighs. The cheeks of her swelling, round ass flexed as she began to sway sensuously between them.

Jimmy slipped a hand down to cup one of her ass cheeks, his fingers digging into her firm flesh. Carol mewled with the fiery desire that rippled through her. When Karen slipped her hand down and cupped the other cheek of her ass, Carol whimpered and drew their heads tighter into her naked tits.

"Mmmm, so sweet!" she murmured huskily. "So fucking sweet! I've got the two sweetest, fuckingest kids ever! Suck my tits, you darlings! Suck mother's hot tits… squeeze mother's hot ass! Mmmm, I could just eat both of you up, you're so sweet to me!"

"I'm first!" Jimmy said, pulling his lips from her hard and tingling nipple. "You eat me first, Mom!"

"No, I'm gonna be first!" Karen squealed. "Eat me first, Mother!"

Carol looked at them, amused at their absolute enthusiasm, their total eagerness. "Hey, you two, that's just a saying. I can't actually eat you."

"No, but you can suck my cock off," Jimmy laughed, pulling his prick from his pants.

Both mother and daughter gazed at Jimmy's cock. His prick was, naturally, very hard, standing straight out from his pants and throbbing. His cock head was smoothly swollen, his piss hole flaring and dripping.

They both reached for his prick at the same time.

"I'll take my pants off," Jimmy said when both could not get their hands around his cock. His clothing was stripped off swiftly, and then he stood there, naked, his cock and balls beautiful to Carol and her daughter.

"You had it last time," Carol said. "Karen and I both sucked that hard cock and balls last times Jimmy. Don't you think we should give your sister a chance?"

Karen was getting out of her dress, and Jimmy looked at his sister with puzzled eyes. "How can we both suck her, Mom? Karen don't have enough there for two mouths."

"I think we can manage," his mother said, letting her blouse drop to the floor, then her skirt. Her round, pointed tits stood out proudly, capped by succulent nipples. She cupped her tits and played with them. Her thick bush of cunt hair gleamed in the light.

"I wanna suck Jimmy's cock again, Mom!" Karen squealed eagerly as she reached for her brother's cock. She closed her hand about his prick, jerking back and forth, watching his balls swing beneath. "I wanna suck it! I liked it when it was in my mouth earlier, Mom! I wanna make Jimmy come in my mouth

again!" She pumped harder on her brother's cock. "I think I'm a cocksucker, you know!"

"I think you are, too," Carol laughed at her daughter's eager delight. "Yes, I definitely think you're a cocksucker, just like me!"

"I'm for that!" Jimmy yelped, dropping to the floor on his back. His cock stood up, and he gripped his balls in one hand. "You get on top of me, Karen, and I'll tongue fuck you in the cunt!"

With a pleased hiss of breath, Karen straddled her brother's face and went to her knees, leaning over him. She quickly stuffed his cock into her mouth and began to bob up and down, sucking hungrily. Carol watched as her son grasped Karen's ass cheeks and buried his face in her sugary, hairless pussy. She stood there, listening to them moan and whimper with ecstasy, watching as her daughter's sweet face fucked up and down, her wet, hot lips sliding greedily on her brother's throbbing cock. Between the spreading ass cheeks of her daughter, she could see her son fucking his tongue into the sweetness of his sister's hairless pussy, his nose almost pressing into the tight pucker of her cute asshole.

With her hairy cunt burning and tingling, Carol dropped to her knees at their side. She ran her hands over her daughter's smooth, tight, creamy ass cheeks, then leaned down and began burning moist kisses upon the sweet ass flesh. Squirming one hand between them, she cupped and squeezed one of her daughter's

small, firm tits… Shoving her tongue out she licked at Karen's ass cheeks, darting the tip up and down her warm, tantalizing ass crack.

Jimmy pulled one hand away from his sister's ass and shoved it between his mother's smooth thighs, cupping her cunt and digging a finger between her puffy pussy lips. As his finger fucked into her pussy, Carol mewled and writhed her ass for him, her tongue probing the succulent flesh of her daughter's ass cheeks. Her eyes burned down into those of her son, and she could see his tongue fucking in and out of the tight, slippery wet, cunt of his sister.

Soft whimpers bubbled up from Karen as she sucked at her brother's cock hungrily, her pretty face fucking up and down as though she wanted that hard, throbbing cock deep into her throat. Carol lapped the tip of her tongue about her daughter's puckered asshole, fucking her tongue about Karen's sensitive. asshole. Jimmy's eyes went wide as his mother's tongue flicked against asshole, and he moved his mouth to capture his sister's steaming clit giving his mother more room with her tongue. His finger fucked swiftly into his mother's cunt, the heel of his hand smashing her rigid clit: Carol mewed and shook her naked ass, her tongue licking wet and fast against the tightness of her daughter's asshole.

Karen was coming. She was coming in wave after wave of bubbly orgasm. The squeals told Carol she was coming, but the flexing of her

tight asshole told her she was coming too. The convulsion rippled through her daughter's naked, sweet body was like a brush fire gone out of control. As she came, her naked body shaking, Karen kept up the relentless sucking of her brother's throbbing cock. Carol probed her tongue against the tight asshole, increasing the ecstasy that flowed through the small body. Her hand manipulated Karen's small tit, sending further pleasure through her daughter. She slammed her tongue against Karen's tight asshole time and again, listening to the muffled groans of delight.

Jimmy arched his cock up, fucking deep into his sister's mouth, mowing loudly into her hairless cunt. Carol quickly turned loose of her daughter's tit and raced her hand to his balls. She pulled and twisted on them, feeling them draw up tight as he gushed thick come juice into his sister's hungry mouth. The sounds of Karen gulping liquidly sent a tremor through her own body, and her cunt exploded into shivering orgasm about her son's fucking finger. Carol knew the pleasure Karen was getting from tasting that thick, sweet come juice bubbling into her mouth, and her tongue beat rapidly upon the tight asshole.

Pulling back and sitting on her heels, Carol wiped at her mouth with one hand and watched as Karen slumped on top of her brother, his cock partly inside her mouth, her lips glistening moistly, her eyes closed. Jimmy lowered his head to the floor, and both were

panting heavily, still shivering from the effort of coming.

Still hot, her cunt steaming despite the orgasm her son had given her with his finger, Carol spread her knees as she sat on her heels, both hands sliding down her flat stomach to run through, the thick curls of her cunt hair. She pulled the puffy lips of her cunt wide; moving one of her fingers deep inside the fiery depths. The finger's of her other hand agitated her clit, twisting and pulling. Her tits, swollen with desire, jiggled and bounced tightly, her nipples rubbery in their hardness.

In a few moments, Karen and Jimmy recovered and sat on the floor, gazing at their mother as she fucked her finger into her cunt and pulled at her throbbing clit. Carol's eyes; were glazed and her lips parted as she gasped and panted with swelling pleasure.

"You don't have to fingerfuck yourself, Mother," Karen said. "Never again."

"I do until you two kids are rested enough, to do it for me, don't I" she panted, thrusting her finger in and out of her hot cunt. Moist sounds came from between her widely spread thighs, and her son and daughter could see the way those hair lined cunt lips, clung to her finger tightly. "When I'm hot for it I'm hot! I can't always wait for you two when I want to come!"

She sprawled back on the floor, spreading her legs as wide as she could, lifting her naked ass into the air as her fingers clawed and ex-

cited her pussy. She twisted her ass about in the air, moaning with the pleasure she was producing inside her slender, rounded body.

Karen and Jimmy gazed at their mother, then, with a soft cry of delight, both of them moved toward her. Carol laughed huskily as their hands moved about her nakedness, feeling her burning tits, pulling at her hard nipples, running hot hands up and down her quivering stomach and shaking thighs.

"Oaoo, I love this!" she moaned hotly. "Ohhh, you two are so sweet to me! Do something to me, both of you! Do anything you want to me… do everything to me!"

A mouth was sucking at one of her tits, and a wet tongue was moving along her twitching stomach, going toward her hair-rimmed cunt. Carol babbled meaningless phrases, the words dripping from her mouth. She was, for some reason, hotter and more excited than ever before.

"Lick me… suck me!" she urged hotly. "Oooh, do it all to me, to my fucking body! Suck my fucking cunt… eat my hairy pussy! Tonguefuck mother's hot, wet pussy! Ohhh, please, please, make mother come! My cunt is burning up!"

A wet tongue ran about her trembling thighs, then there were two tongues licking at her smooth, creamy thigh flesh. Carol dug her hands into her firm, tingling tits, mewling as those hot, wet tongues lapped about her thighs. She felt two small hands pawing at her

uplifted ass cheeks, and she revolved her hips in a lewd excitement. Her cunt was so fiery her pussy was almost melting like the wax of a candle. Her fingers dug into the sensitive, tender flesh of her tits as she tossed and twisted her naked ass about, urging her son and daughter to lick at her, to suck at her, heated flesh, to finger fuck her, tongue fuck her. She was almost out of her mind with hungry desire, and she whipped her cunt about, searching for one of those tongues that was burning so wetly along the smooth inner surfaces of her widely spread thighs.

"Eat me!" she begged in a thick voice. "Please, oh, please! Lick mother's hot cunt! Suck mother's hairy pussy! Tongue fuck mother's boiling cunt! Come on, goddamn it! One of you, stick a tongue up my hot, wet, hairy pussy! Karen… Jimmy, one of you, please suck mother's hairy cunt!"

Carol drew her feet back, far enough back so she could shove her hairy cunt into the air, her knees wide. The position was uncomfortable, but this was not a time for comfort; she was boiling for a tongue against her steaming cunt. With both her hands digging into her firm, pointed tits, Carol stared with blurry vision between them, seeing the triangular patch of her cunt hair high in the air. Karen ran her tongue along her mother's thigh and then she flicked it over her distended clit, making Carol shudder with ecstasy. When Karen sucked her mother's rigid throbbing clit between her lips,

sucking and licking with hot pleasure, Jimmy ran his tongue about her hairy cunt lips. Carol didn't know how they could manage this at the same time, but at this moment she wasn't going to think about such things.

She felt her son's tongue fuck into her cunt, fucking in and out as her daughter managed to suck and lick at her knotted clit. She could see her daughter's sweet, little hot ass writhing into the air as Karen knelt there, sucking on her clit9 and wanted to reach out and feel her daughter's ass, but it was not within reach and she was feeling too much ecstasy to break it now.

Karen sucked hard and hungrily at her throbbing clit and Jimmy's tongue was fucking in and out of her cunt in frenzy. Carol writhed her crotch into their young faces, moaning as the heat began to sear her body, her flesh and blood.

"Oooo, yes! Oh that's it!" she yelped. "Eat my fucking hot cunt! Suck mother's hairy, wet cunt, Jimmy, Karen! ohhh, those two flicking tongues… on my pussy! Oh, it's driving me out of my fucking mind! Oh, God! God, oh, God!"

Carol was sure Jimmy's tongue was fucking deeper into her bubbling emit than any tongue had ever been. It seemed as if he was tongue fucking deeper than his cock had ever fucked. And it felt as if her daughter was trying to suck her distended, burning clit right off her hairy pussy. Her son and daughter were

eating and sucking and tongue fucking her hairy cunt avidly, with the greedy pleasure that thrilled her.

Orgasm after orgasm was blowing apart inside her naked body, sending her flesh into rippling ecstasy. She wailed and gurgled, not feeling the pain of her fingers as they dug harshly into her tender tits. Drawing her feet farther underneath her upraised ass, she arched her cunt high into those two sucking, licking mouths. The orgasms crashed through her like the cresting of ocean waves, one after the other.

Relentlessly, her son and daughter continued licking and sucking at her hairy, boiling cunt. Carol's pussy squeezed and flexed about the fucking tongue of her son, and her clit seemed to have been pulled halfway into her daughter's mouth.

"Ohhhhhh! Ooooooo, yes, yes!" Carol wailed mindlessly, twisting her hairy cunt about furiously. "Ooo, I'm coming! Oh, damn I'm coming! Fuck my cunt, Jimmy! Suck my pussy, Karen! Ohhh, you two are so fucking sweet?'

Carol's naked body shuddered violently and she screamed as the ecstasy burst time and again within her hairy cunt. She shook so badly that her ass fell to the floor with a soft thud, causing Jimmy's tongue and Karen's lips to lose their grip on her pussy. But they followed their mother's pussy quickly, licking and kissing at the twitching cunt as she shook and

trembled with receding orgasms.

By the time Carol had recovered her senses, sitting up with a warm glow of satisfaction on her beautiful face, Jimmy and Karen were once again fucking. Carol sat on the floor, her knees drawn up, watching them with eyes filled with love. Jimmy was between his sister's thighs, his naked ass pumping, his cock fucking in and out of her tightly gripping cunt moistly. Karen had drawn her slim thighs up and was scissoring them up and down her brother's plunging hips.

Getting to her feet, she found her legs shaky, almost too weak to hold her weight. She stood weaving as she watched them fucking, a smile on her face.

"I'm going to take a bath," she said in a shaking voice. "You two kids fuck all you want. I'm beginning to doubt I can keep up with you."

She left them on the floor of the living room.


The following two days were almost like heaven for Carol.

Every minute at home, with, her, son and. daughter was pure ecstasy. Both Karen and Jimmy were such erotic teenagers. There was nothing they would not do with their mother, nor nothing she would not do with them. The animal hunger within her curvy body was, being stilled, and the beast did not pace and roar for release as it had before. It was still there, to be sure, but more satisfied now.

Jimmy seemed to be up to the demands of his mother's hunger and to the growing demands of his sister. Since Karen discovered the pleasure of fucking and sucking, she was

becoming as insatiable as her mother. Almost every minute of the day was filled with sexual excesses. Carol was amused by the intensity of her daughter's growing desire, of her hunger for Jimmy's cock. She worried for a while about Jimmy's ability to meet these demands, but after watching him, was pleased to see he was always quite ready, his cock becoming hard swiftly.

If Jimmy wasn't fucking his sister, then Karen was sucking on his cock, and, of course, his balls. Carol would come upon them and find Karen on her knees with Jimmy's hard cock stuffed deep into her mouth, her daughter sucking as if her life depended upon that sweet come juice she drew from his piss hole. Karen, she knew, was a born cocksucker as much as she, her mother was. Jimmy, too, had become an accomplished cunt licker, and did not mind at all spending a long time with his face buried between his mother's hot thighs or the gripping legs of his sister.

Carol was feeling less and less the urge for young teenage cock-other than her son's, that is. Her son's cock seemed to satisfy those wild, boiling desires within her. And if it was not his cock fucking into her cunt, it was his tongue, or else her daughter's tongue. Carol loved to fuck and suck on her son's cock, and, if he should be out of the house, which was seldom now, then she and her daughter would tongue fuck and lick each other to those sweet, shattering, multiple orgasms they both loved

so much.

Carol never returned to the local high school gym to watch those young, muscular boys in basketball practice… She would have loved to watch still, but she knew if she showed up, then Mike would be after her. Carol did not want to see that boy again, He had become mean toward her, making those nasty comments about her and bringing that boy with him the night she was forced to take a cock up her asshole and mouth simultaneously. He was becoming too rough with her, and she didn't like his demanding ways, pushing her into a subservient position. She did not want the degrading humiliation he showed over her, nor did she like him doing those things before other boys. She was not his private whore, and she was not going to be treated as if she were.

Twice he had called, but she hung up on him.

For two days, neither she nor Karen left the house. Jimmy, with so many friends, was gone a lot, but not as much as he had been before all this fucking started. Karen, always the quiet one of the family, had only a few friends. She preferred staying home with her mother.

Karen took delight in going about the house in various stages of undress. Sometimes she would wear a skirt, her small, luscious tits naked. Sometimes she would wear tiny bandana over her tits, leaving her hairless cunt revealed and then, most often, she went

totally naked. She often played with her little cunt openly, sifting on the couch with legs spread wide and feet on the cushions. She would watch television and fingerfuck herself at the same time, bringing herself to small, but exquisite orgasms.

When Carol saw her do this, she would become excited enough to go to her daughter drop to her knees and lick and suck and tongue fuck the tight, sugary cunt and bring Karen to stronger orgasms. Of course Karen was always eager to do the same for her and would shove her mouth into her mother's hairy cunt and fuck her tongue in and out of the slippery heat until Carol came.

Carol laughed and teased her daughter once as she watched the succulent girl walk about with a rubber vibrator shoved up her tight cunt. Karen told her mother she loved the feel of it stretching her pussy lips, and, since it was battery operated, she could simply shove it up her pussy and let it vibrate her to orgasm after orgasm. Jimmy especially liked watching his sister do things with her cunt. It always made his cock stand hard, and, of course, he had to fuck his prick into her cunt or mouth once that happened. Carol thought Karen did these things on purpose to keep both Jimmy and her excited. Not that she minded; she enjoyed it very much.

Carol wondered if her daughter had her own beast, insatiable sex hunger gnawing at her, the way she did. The things Karen did made

her sure of it.

Carol had been washing clothes early that afternoon. Since the washer and dryer were in the garage, she felt she should at least wear panties while out there. So she had been leaning over the washer, stuffing clothes into it when Karen happened to come into the garage and saw her mother's rounded, swelling ass as she leaned over.

When Carol felt the hands cupping her ass cheeks, she turned and looked over her shoulder, seeing her daughter there. Karen giggled and pressed up against her mother's back, grinding her pelvis into those rounded ass cheeks as she shoved her hands around in front and grasped the two round tits of her mother. Karen shoved her lips to her mother's mouth and kissed her, sinking her tongue into her mother's mouth. Carol shoved her ass back, writhing against her daughter's pussy, feeling those small, sweet tits burn against her back.

Suddenly, Karen was on her knees, drawing her mother's flimsy bikini panties down, revealing her ass. With her panties dangling at her knees, Carol leaned on the washer as her daughter began to kiss hotly over the creamy surfaces of her ass. She wiggled her naked ass into her daughter's face when she felt, that moist, wicked little tongue licking her flesh.

Karen pulled the round cheeks of her mother's ass apart, and Carol gasped as she felt a wet tongue sliding up and down between

her ass cheeks. When the tip of her daughter's tongue probed and licked about her asshole, Carol felt a tiny wave of orgasm ripple, through her hairy cunt.

"Ooo, what are you doing, honey?" Carol whimpered as she felt her daughter's tongue lapping up and down her asshole. "That feels good, Karen! Ohhh, that's sweet, baby!"

Karen held her mother's hips in one hand, sliding her other hand between those hot, smooth thighs and thrusting a finger into her mother's cunt. With her finger fucking in and out of her cunt, Karen's tongue banged and licked and probed hotly at the tight pucker of her mother's asshole. Then, with a naughty squeal, Karen shoved her tongue right up her mother's ass. Carol grunted with sudden pleasure, and she arched her naked ass back into her daughter's face.

"Ooao, baby, baby!" Carol wailed as she felt her daughter's tongue fucking in and out of her asshole. "That feels so fucking good! Tonguefuck my asshole, Karen… drive that hot, cocksucking tongue right up mother's tight, hot asshole! Fuck my ass, Karen! Fuck it, fuck it!"

Carol writhed and twisted her naked ass into her daughter's face, listening to the soft, excited moans Karen made. She could feel

Karen's lips, wide apart, pressing around her asshole as Karen's small, hungry tongue fucked as deep as she could manage. As Karen tonguefucked her asshole, Carol was reminded

of Mike's cock fucking into her ass, and the thought created an intense pleasure inside her.

The hot breath of her daughter snorted against her creamy ass, fanning the. Already overwhelming heat' she felt. That wicked tongue went far up her gripping asshole, and Carol waggled her ass into Karen's face. The orgasms were becoming stronger, tearing through her naked body with searing flames. She leaned on the washer, her forehead resting on her crossed arms, looking between her thighs at those tight tits of her daughter, at the light golden fuzz on her cunt, Karen was sitting on her feet behind her mother, her head turned slightly up, her chin pressing at the burning lips of her mother's hairy pussy as her finger thrust wildly into it. It seemed to Carol that her daughter was tonguefucking her asshole and fingerfucking her cunt with the same identical rhythm.

Pulling her finger out of the clasping, hairy cunt, Karen gripped her mother's hip with one hand, and, reaching up between her thighs, managed to grasp a dangling tit. Carol was dancing lewdly now, her ass shaking and squirming back into that sweet face, trying to draw as much of that hungry, wet tongue as she could up her tight asshole. The sounds of her ecstasy flowed from her mouth as the orgasm crashed through her. If she, had not been leaning on the washer, Carol knew she would have fallen down. Her daughter's tongue was like a hot poker plunging into her

tight asshole. In and out it went, with the soft mewling sounds Karen made drifting to her ears. Although Karen's tongue could not be more than two inches long, it felt to Carol as if she had at least four inches of tongue fucking deep into her clinging asshole.

A sudden explosion, more powerful than any yet, went off inside Carol's shaking body. Her cunt seemed to have closed in a convulsive way so that nothing could enter. Then she was shaking violently, wailing loudly, her naked ass shaking and writhing into Karen' s face.

Slowly, Karen withdrew her tongue from her mother's asshole. As soon as she did, her finger went between her own thighs and she began to furiously fingerfuck herself.

With the tremors still running through her, Carol turned and went to her hands and knees before her daughter. She shoved her face between those slim, hot thighs and began to lick at Karen's hairless cunt in a frantic effort to help her daughter come. Her tongue flew in and out of that tight, sugary-sweet cunt, then licked up and down those puffy lips, twirling about the rigid clit. She dug her hands into her daughter's tight ass cheeks, pressing her open mouth as tight as she could against that dripping, gripping pussy.

Karen twisted about in a frenzy, mewling her pleasure as she dug her fingers into her own tits. Carol felt that tender cunt sucking at her tongue, and when her daughter came off, the sweet way Karen's cunt had of clenching

about her tongue made her come once again, too

"Now," she said later, "what was that all about, baby?"

"What about?" Karen asked, taking another bite of her sandwich.

"Don't you play innocent with me." Carol smiled. "You know what I'm talking about. I'm talking about sneaking up on me that way and shoving your tongue up my asshole."

Karen giggled. "Well, Mother, it felt good to me when you licked my asshole, so I thought I'd make you feel good, too. Didn't it?"

"You know very well it did," Carol laughed. "What is it we haven't done that don't feel good?''

"Nothing," Karen answered, wiping a mustache of milk from her upper lip.

Carol looked at her daughter, thinking. "You know, there's one thing we haven't tried."

There was immediate interest in her daughter's wide eyes.

"Like getting fucked up the ass," her mother said.

"Fucked up the ass?" Karen repeated "That might hurt. Jimmy's Cock is kinda big."Bullsuit, baby," Carol laughed "your

brother's cock is the perfect size for a good ass fucking."

Karen's eyes began to glow. "I'd like that I think" she said. "Can I watch you first, Mother?"

"Just as soon as Jimmy gets home," Carol promised.

She stood and watched Karen rinse off the few dishes they had used, and the telephone rang. Carol picked up the kitchen extension and heard Mike speaking. She started to hang up on him as she had done twice before, but his words stopped her.

"You better meet me, baby," he snaped. "If you don't, then me and a few friends of mine know just how to get hold of that precious, innocent daughter of yours."

"You keep your hands off her?" Carol snapped.

"She won't get hurt," Mike replied, "if you do what I tell you to do, Carol. Now listen here, goddamn it! I'm tired of fucking around with you. Either you meet me and give me and my friends some cunt, or well throw some of the damnedest fucks up your precious daughter's little cunt she won't walk for five fucking weeks, you hear me, you cunt cocksucker?"

Carol started to retort, but she was looking at her daughter. She was seeing that fine, rounded, tight sweet ass of Karen's, remembering how Mike had fucked her up the ass. She could not let her daughter be

humiliated as she had been. She would do everything she could to keep Karen out of the clutches of this brutal boy.

Trying to be cryptic so Karen wouldn't understand, she asked, "Where and… how many?"

"You'll find out when you get here," Mike snarled over the phone. You know where the same place as last time. Eight tonight. And you, you cocksucking cunt, you better make sure you're all by yourself. You have to take us all on, hear me?"

Carol heard the click as he hung up. She leaned against the wall, fear coursing through her. As much as she liked teenage cock, she had no desire to fuck and suck a bunch of sadistic kids like Mike. Carol knew that under different circumstances, if Mike had been less demanding, she would have been looking forward to being gang-fucked by five or six of those boys. What she didn't like was being ravished, raped, abused.

Eight that night. She knew the place, the gym at the high school. Glancing at the kitchen clock, she saw it was four-already. Carol felt her cunt and asshole flex as if against the invasion to come.

Jimmy returned home half an hour later, and as was usual when he came in, he was horny. He began grabbing his sister right away and, with Karen giggling lewdly, began to feel her up, kissing and nuzzling at her tits. Carol had removed her panties after Karen had.

tongue fucked her in the asshole and was naked. She watched her son and daughter in sex play, thinking of what she had to do this evening. She was not looking forward to it at all. Her cunt was going to be thoroughly fucked by unwanted cocks, and she knew she would be sucking a gallon of come juice from cocks she didn't want.

Then a thought came to her.

Mike, surely, would fuck her in the ass again. He had loved it that time, and Carol knew he might fuck her up the ass again. Not only that, but he might talk some of his friends into it, too.

It could get rough on her.

Carol had been fucked up her ass only once, not counting the fantastic ass fuck with her daughter's tongue. Thinking about having a thick cock up her asshole again caused her ass to clench as she watched Karen and Jimmy exciting each other. Not sure about her feelings, but knowing she didn't want Mike fucking into her asshole brutally again, Carol gazed at her son's cock. His was not as large as Mike's cock, and the thought came to her she should gain a bit more ass fucking experience before her meeting with Mike and his friends.

Karen had played with her brother's cock, sucked on his prick and cradled his balls until his cock was standing up very hard, very beautiful. His prickhead was dripping, as it usually did when he had a lovely hard-on. Karen was kneeling before her brother, licking

her pink, wet tongue about his balls and cock, flicking the tip rapidly back and forth on his sensitive piss hole, licking away the seeping sweetness.

Moving to her son and daughter, she dropped to her knees. Hefting his balls in her hand, she watched for a moment as Karen licked about his smooth piss hole, then she pressed her own face close. Karen moved away and offered her brother's cock to her mother's waiting mouth. Carol pressed her moist lips upon her son's cock, tasting the seeping fuck juices. Opening her mouth, her eyes flashing into those of her daughter, Carol sucked the full length of Jimmy's cock into her mouth. She whimpered softly, then began to suck back and forth on his prick with vigorous motions. The sweet throbbing of his prick seemed to scald her hungry lips and mouth. Her tongue pressed upwards, making his cock slide along the roof of her mouth. Jimmy, with a yelp of pleasure, grabbed his mother's head and began fucking her eagerly, fucking his cock in and out of her tightly gripping mouth.

Abruptly, Jimmy pulled his cock from his mother's clinging lips end shoved his prick into his sister's mouth. Karen squealed around his cock and held his hips as he fucked her mouth. Her eyes were huge with ecstasy, burning into the eyes of her mother.

From Karen's mouth, Jimmy went to his mother's mouth. He fucked them each, taking turns fucking his cock into those hot, wet,

hungry mouths. He was grunting and panting with the pleasure of fucking both his mother and sister in the mouth this way, and his cock throbbed with boiling excitement. His balls began to draw up tightly at the base. Carol knew her son was playing a game with them. He was going to see which mouth he spurted his sweet come juice into, teasing them. Carol didn't mind at all. It was fun to play these games with her son and daughter.

Back and forth Jimmy's cock went, from his mother's hot mouth to the equally hot mouth of his sister. Both Carol and Karen swallowed eagerly, sucking as strongly as they could, playing the game with him. Carol and her daughter had their cheeks together mouths open to make it easier for him.

Jimmy began to grunt and gasp as his discharge started billowing inside his body. His cock throbbed and jerked inside his sister's mouth, and the first gush of his sweet, thick come juice bubbled forth, filling Karen's hungry mouth. Karen gave a loud squeal as his come juice splashed against her tongue, and she closed her lips tightly. But suddenly Jimmy yanked his cock free of her lips and, just before the next squirt erupted, he rammed his cock into his mother's mouth. Carol caught the second gush, and whimpered with pleasure, her tongue racing. Jimmy, somehow, managed to spurt come juice into each of those hungry mouths, not losing a single precious drop as he went from his mother's mouth to

his sister's.

After he sat down, Carol looked at her giggling daughter and saw those glistening lips. Quickly she ran her tongue over Karen's lips, then kissed her. Turning to Jimmy, she asked, a smile on her face, "How in the fuck did you manage that? Coming in both our mouths without spilling any?"

"I don't know," he laughed. "I thought it would be fun to try it, though."

"It was fun!" Karen giggled. "It was a lot of fun, and I wanna try it again, but not right now. I want some cock up my cunt now! Golly, sucking Jimmy's cock that way sure made my pussy hot, Mother!"

"Mine, too," Carol agreed. "But there's something I want more than a cunt fuck right now."

"What?" Karen asked, puzzled. "Remember I told you we haven't done everything?" Carol said. "Well, it's time for one more thing to be added to this crazy, fucking family."

"Whatever it is, I'm for it," Jimmy said. "Just give me a minute and my cock will be ready for it."

"Me, too!" Karen cried, excitement in her voice. "I don't care, either; I'll do it, Mother!''

Carol Looked at Karen, smiling with affection. "I'm sure you would. I swear, honey, your little cunt is just as hot as mine! Or should I say, your ass?"


"My ass?" Karen asked.

"Your ass, baby," Carol laughed. "Mother, I know how hot my ass is, but I don't know what you're talking about."

"I'm talking about what you did to mc in the garage, honey. When you snuck up on me and shoved your tongue up my fucking asshole!"

Karen looked at her mother, and then understanding came to her. Her eyes sparkled as she

giggled, that same cute sound that was both innocent and naughty. "The only thing, Mother," she said, "is my asshole is not as big as my cunt. Are you sure Jimmy's cock would fit in me that way?"

"Honey, you don't have to try it if you don't want to," Carol replied. "But I do, and I just happen to know that Jimmy's cock-or any other cock, for that matter-will fit just fine up an asshole, no matter how tight it is."

"Mother!" Karen squealed. "You've done it! You've been fucked in your asshole before!"

"I sure as hell have," Carol laughed wickedly. "And you know, it's just as good to me as being fucked in my cunt or sucking a cock off… just as good!"

Jimmy, listening to this, had been fondling his cock and balls as he sat on the couch. The conversation had created an interest in him, and his cock was again standing up toward the ceiling, throbbing with a lovely, swollen head.

Carol saw his hard-on and took her son's cock in her fist, pumping his, prick a bit. "God, how I love this cock, baby," she said. "You are always so fucking hard nad ready!

"Would you like to try and fuck mother's hot asshole?"

"You know me, Mom" He grinned. "I'll fuck anything as long as it's hot and wet!"

"That's my boy!" Carol laughed lewdly as she pulled on his prick.

She turned and stood on hands and knees,

looking over her shoulder with smoldering eyes at her son. She waggled her naked, creamy ass at him. "There it is, Jimmy," she said, starting to pant. "See that asshole, honey?"

Jimmy peered at his mother's sweetly smooth ass. Her ass cheeks were parted, and the tight pucker was exposed. A few strands of hair grew about her asshole and her thick cunt hair could be seen, too, as well as the puffy lips of his mother's pussy. Karen leaned over her mother's ass and looked, frowning.

"Are you sure, Mother?"

"I'm positive, Karen. Watch and you'll see." She wiggled her naked ass tantalizingly to her son. "Come on, darling. Let's get that sweet cock up my hot ass… your sister don't believe it will go in there! Come on, Jimmy, stick your cock up mother's ass and show your sister!"

Jimmy dropped to his knees behind his mother's waving ass, running his hands along the hot, smooth cheeks. He rubbed a fingertip against her tight asshole, then applied some gentle pressure. The tip of his finger slipped easily into his mother's ass. The ring of her asshole closed about his finger as he fucked his finger deeper, then he fingerfucked her up the ass for a few moments.

"Not your fucking finger, baby!" Carol whimpered as she shook her uplifted ass. "I want your cock in there! Come on, stick that cock up mother's asshole and fuck it! Fuck my

tight, hot asshole, Jimmy!"

Karen leaned over her mother s raised ass, watching with huge eyes. Carol placed her head down on the carpet and arched her ass higher yet when Jimmy brushed the head of his cock along the sensitive pucker of her asshole.

Carol felt her son pressing the smoothly swollen head of his cock against her asshole, and she whimpered softly as a sensation of burning pleasure flooded through her. Karen's huge eyes gazed with an excited interest, and. once Jimmy had to tell his sister to move her head because he wanted to see his cock go up their mother's asshole, too.

"Shove, baby, shove!" Carol urged in a hot, thick voice. "Just fuck that sweet cock up my asshole! It won't hurt me, I promise you! Fuck me in my hot ass, Jimmy!"

Jimmy pushed, and the head of his cock slipped through the tight ring of his mother's asshole. As his prick entred her, Carol gave a cry of intense delight. She felt a powerful urge to slam her ass back against Jimmy until the full length of his cock was deep inside her stretching asshole. But she wanted him to fuck her his way, wanted to thrill and excite her son by this ass fuck.

Karen crooned in a throaty voice when she saw the head of her brother's cock slip into her mother's asshole. She saw the tight ring stretch, and she gurgled with wicked excitement as Jimmy slowly inched his prick into his mother's ass. She ran a hand over her mother's

smooth, naked ass cheek, her other hand caressing her brother's ass.

Carol felt her son's cock enter the tight heat of her asshole slowly and held herself still as Jimmy pushed more and more of his throbbing cock up her ass. Her flesh shivered with a swelling ecstasy as she resisted the urge to waggle her ass. When she felt his balls pressing against the hairy lips of her wet cunt, she sighed in pleasure.

"It's all up your ass, Mother!" Karen yelped. "Jimmy has all of his cock in your asshole now!"

"Ooo, I know! And it's so fucking good!" Carol wailed. "Fuck it, Jimmy! Ohhhh, fuck that ass! Fuck mother's hot, tight asshole, darling… fuck it, fuck it!"

Gripping his mother's hips, Jimmy began to fuck his cock in and out of her ass. Karen rushed her hand beneath her mother's trembling stomach and began to agitate Carol's hard clit vigorously with her fingers, leaning over to kiss and lick at the creamy ass. Her other hand, at her brother's ass, worked a finger into the crack and then she was fucking him in his asshole with her finger as his cock plunged in and out of their mother's twisting ass.

Carol's mind reeled with the ecstasy of having her son's hard, throbbing prick deep inside her asshole. She could really tell no difference between his and Mike's. What she did know, however, was that she preferred her

son's cock in there, over Mike's. Soft grunts bubbled from her as she waggled and shook her ass for her son. She could feel each throb of his prick, each groove and ridge. She loved the feel of her asshole being stretched around that cock, loved the depth his prick went, the way his hairless balls slapped against her hairy, boiling cunt as he fucked back and forth with youthful vigor.

Karen's fingers rubbing against her swollen very inflamed clit sent ripples of ecstasy flowing through her, mixing with the ecstasy inside her asshole. The sensation of her daughter's hot, wet tongue licking furiously about the cheeks of her ass increased the almost unbearable thrills she was receiving from her son and daughter.

Already her cunt was exploding with those sweet, liquid-like waves of orgasms. The lips of her hairy cunt clenched in a sucking motion, as if they were trying to draw her son's balls inside. The whimpers and gurgles she made against the carpet were loud enough to show Karen and Jimmy how much she loved his cock fucking her tight asshole.

Sensations of pure ecstasy was flooding Carol's body and sending her mind soaring. She had enjoyed being hacked up her ass by Mike, once it started, but this was almost sheer heaven.

Perhaps the feeling was caused by this being her son fucking her up the asshole and not the brutal, degrading Mike. Whether that was the

cause or not, Carol knew she was going to take Jimmy's cock into her tight asshole anytime he wanted to fuck her there.

"Ohhh, baby, baby!" she crooned loudly. "Ram that sweet cock up mother's tight asshole! Oooo, I love it, Jimmy! I love the way your hard cock stretches my hot asshole! Give it to me, honey! Give mother's tight ass that sweet, hard cock! Give it to me… fill my fucking ass with that delicious cock!"

Karen ran her tongue all over her mother's shivering ass cheeks, licking down into the crack and brushing the tip of her tongue over her brother's cock as it came from the clinging asshole of her mother. Her eyes remained wide as she watched the deep penetration of his cock and she was gasping from the excitement bubbling within her own small, succulent body.

Carol reached beneath her shaking stomach, past her daughter's fingers rubbing at her clit. She grasped her son's swinging, hairless balls tightly, squeezing them and pulling, increasing the delight of her son. Karen slipped a finger into her mothers steamy cunt and worked it in and out, but keeping the heel of her hand pressing hard upon her inflamed clit.

"You gonna come in mother's asshole, Jimmy?" Karen was mewling. "Are you gonna shoot come juice up mother's ass?"

"Yeah!" Jimmy grunted as he fucked his cock as deep as he could, then withdrew to lunge again. "I'm gonna come in mom's ass!

I'm gonna fill her hot asshole with come juice!"

"Oooo, yes, yes!" Carol gurgled. "I want that, baby! I want that cock gushing up my fucking tight asshole, Jimmy! Flood mother's hot ass with that sweet come juice!"

Carol swung her uplifted ass around in tight circles as her son fucked powerfully into her. She could feel his cock throbbing, and she knew he would be squirting that sweetness into her ass soon.

Jimmy gave a grunt and fucked his cock as deep as he could, his body stiff. The spewing of his come juice spattered up Carol's asshole, searing her. She gave a loud wail of ecstasy, and the rumbling waves of orgasms in her cunt increased in power, shaking the whole of her naked body. Her pussy boiled into an explosive and final orgasm, and Carol screamed with mindless ecstasy, her ass shaking violently as her son gushed thick come juice.

She was almost in a faint of pleasure when her son slipped his cock from her asshole. She felt him pull his prick out slowly, and her asshole closed about his cock as if reluctant to let go after the sweetness she had felt,

After a few moments of hard breathing, she sat up, drawing her knees to her thrusting tits and grinning wickedly, at her son and daughter. She ran a fingertip gently, over her asshole.

"You see how easy it was, Karen?" she said. "I told you an asshole can take a hard cock,

didn't I?"

"Golly, Mother," Karen giggled. "Jimmy sure fucked the shit out of your ass, didn't he?"

"I hope not," Carol laughed. "But he sure did fuck my asshole! Now, would you like to get corn holed?"

"You're damn right!" Karen laughed. "I wanna see what it's like, too, you know. I'm not gonna be left out of anything! If you can do it, Mother, so can I!"

Carol looked at her exhausted son, seeing his cock only half hard. He was still panting from his efforts. "We better grab a bite to eat, it looks like. Jimmy has to get his prick up nice and hard again."

She looked at the cock and saw she still had two hours left before she had to meet Mike. They sat at the table and ate broiled steaks and french fries. Karen 's excitement at the prospect of ass fucking showed. She bubbled over with eagerness to try fucking up her little ass. Sitting next to her brother, she kept up her teasing play, trapping his cock and balls, squeezing them, and jacking him, working his cock into hardness.

"No, you don't, hot-ass," Carol said as they finished eating and Karen started pulling her brother from the kitchen. "You help clean up here, first. There are some things we have to do here besides fuck, you know."

"Oh, pooh," Karen pouted. "Fucking is more fun than doing dishes."

"I agree completely," Carol laughed, slapping her daughter's sweet little ass. "Still we have to keep things in order around here."

The dishes done, Karen was quick to run from the kitchen into the living room where Jimmy waited. Carol watched the flashing of her daughter's naked little ass and slim thighs, smiling at how eager Karen was to get fucked up that cute asshole.

By the time she joined them, Karen was gobbling at her brother's cock hungrily.

"I thought you wanted it up your ass,.. Karen?" Carol teased her daughter.

Karen pulled her mouth off Jimmy's cock and laughed at her mother. "Oh, I do! I just wanted to suck it for a little while, make it harder."

"He's hard as he'll ever get," Carol said, taking her son's cock in her hand and pumping. "Are you ready?"

"Oh, yes!" Karen squealed, dropping to her hands and knees as her mother had done. "I wanna get it real deep in my ass, Mother!"

"You will, baby," Carol promised.

Jimmy went to his knees behind his sister's waving, teasing tight ass. His cock jerked up and down, dripping from the piss hole. With her fist gripping her son's cock, Carol slid her finger into the crack of her daughter's waving ass.

"Try my finger first," she said.

Sliding her finger slowly and gently into her daughter's asshole, Carol watched, ready to

remove it if Karen screamed or indicated pain. But Karen didn't. On the contrary, her mother's finger had been up her asshole before, and she had loved it then. Carol began to fuck her finger in and out of her daughter's asshole faster, shoving it as deep as she could. Karen twisted her naked ass about, sighing and bubbling with delight. After a few moments, Carol pulled her finger free and brought her son's cock to Karen's tiny ass pucker. Placing Jimmy's cock head against Karen's clenched asshole, she turned loose and gripped her daughter's ass cheeks, pulling them wider yet.

"Go easy, Jimmy," she said.

Jimmy pushed, and the swollen head of his cock slipped into his sister's asshole. Karen gave a yelp of pleasure as his prick head went past the tight ring. Jimmy held himself immobile for a moment, and, before he could shove more into her, Karen suddenly shot her ass backwards.

"Ohhhhh!" she whimpered as Jimmy's cock sank completely into her asshole. "Ooooo, good!"

Carol saw her daughter's ass ram backwards, then she laughed. "Why, you little hot ass! You really wanted that cock in there, didn't you?"

"I told you, Mother!" Karen squealed as she swung her naked ass about. "I told you, and, oh, do I like it! Come on, Jimmy, fuck me! Golly, that cock sure has my asshole stretched! Fuck me, Jimmy! Mother, tell

Jimmy to fuck me in my ass!"

"I guess you heard your sister," Carol told her son.

Gripping Karen's hips as he had done his mother, Jimmy began fucking his cock in and out. Carol watched the, sweet tightness of Karen's asshole grip Jimmy's driving cock, seeing her asshole stretch.

Karen's ass wiggled about excitedly and she placed her head down on the floor as her mother had done, bowing her back to arch her naked little ass higher.

"She loves it, Jimmy," Carol said in a throaty voice as she watched his cock fucking deep. "She loves that cock up her asshole! Fuck it for her, honey! Stretch your sister's asshole good! Fill her hot fucking little tight asshole!"

Jimmy fucked back and forth, fucking his cock deep into his sister's asshole. Karen tossed her naked ass about in the air, whimpering with the intensity of her ecstasy. Her hairless cunt was bubbling hotly, convulsing as her mother's hairy pussy had done.

Carol slipped a hand underneath her daughter's shivering body, gripping a small tit. She squeezed Karen's firm tit and pulled and twisted the small nipple. Karen mewled and gurgled with delight, arching her ass high for her brother's fucking cock. She closed her eyes tightly because of the ecstasy that flowed through her, her lips parted, gasping and panting from the pounding of Jimmy's hips.

Seeing her son's cock fucking into her daughter's asshole, Carol felt the heat steaming through her own bushy cunt once again. She crawled to the head of her daughter, spreading her thighs about her. She lifted Karen's head and looked at the sweetly contorted face.

"Eat me, Karen! Eat my hairy cunt!" Carol said, scooting her crotch toward her daughter's mouth. "Lick mother's hot, hairy cunt, baby, while Jimmy fucks that tight, sweet ass! Eat me, Karen! Ohhh, tongue fuck my pussy, baby!"

Shoving her hairy, wet, pulsating cunt close, she guided Karen's mouth. Twisting her hairy pussy into her daughter's face, she felt Karen's tongue lick out and stab into her steamy pussy.

Karen mewled as her tongue lapped hungrily at her mother's wet, hairy pussy, her ass high in the air, shaking with pleasure as her brother fucked into her asshole. She clasped her mother's hips as Carol closed her hot thighs about the young, sweet face, her fingers digging into the resilient flesh. Carol could gaze past her daughter's head, over her arched back, and see the spreading little ass cheeks. As soon as Karen's tongue flipped into her cunt, she began coming again. Grinding her cunt hard against Karen's sucking mouth, she wailed with delight.

"I gotta come!" Jimmy yelled in a tight voice. "I gotta come, Karen!"

"Give it to her, Jimmy!" Carol cried, grind-

ing her cunt into her daughter's face furiously. "Shoot that sweet come up her asshole!"

Jimmy fucked his cock far into his sister's gripping asshole, his body stiff. Then he trembled. Thick come juice burst from his cock, splashing up Karen's flexing asshole. Karen gurgled and mewled into her mother's cunt, her small body shuddering as she exploded into a tremendous orgasm.

A bit later found Carol in the bath.

It was not that she wanted to be clean for Mike and his friends; she was just naturally a clean woman. As she bathed, Karen and Jimmy sat and watched, talking excitedly about ass fucking. They did not want her to go out. They wanted her to stay with them, find something else that was exciting to do with a cock, a cunt, a mouth, an asshole.

As she bathed, an idea came to Carol. She wasn't sure if it would work or not, but it was worth a chance. She had to do something to make Mike leave her alone


It was dark as she approached the unlocked door leading into the high school gym. Carol was a bit nervous, because if her plan did not work, she knew she would be under the domination of Mike, and probably a few of his teenage friends, for months to come.

Standing at the door, she looked about as she pulled in a deep breath. Opening it, she pecked into the locker room. The light was on and the first person she saw was Mike.

"Come on in, cunt," he said, waving his cock at her obscenely. "We all have some nice hard-ons for you."

Carol stepped into the foul-smelling locker room and closed the door. She leaned against it as she looked at them. Other than Mike, there, were five other boys. Each of them were still dressed, but their cocks were out, throbbing with hardness.

They have probably been playing with themselves, she thought.

Carol felt no fear of the boys. What she did feel, however, was a deep desire as she looked from one cock to the other. Her emit, always quick to betray her if and when she saw a hard prick, began to pulsate with wet hunger. The cheeks of her ass clenched tightly as she looked at them. The boys gazed back at her, their eyes bright with anticipation, their cocks jerking and dripping in readiness for her beautiful body.

In preparation for this, Carol had not worn panties or bra, and, since she knew they would probably get rough with her, the dress she had on was an old one. It clung to her, outlining the swelling thrust of her firm tits, nipples molded. The skirt was a bit shorter than fashion, and her knees and tantalizing portions of her long thighs could be seen by the boys.

"Pull your fucking skirt up, cunt," Mike snarled at her. "Show the guys what a hairy cunt you have."

Carol lifted her skirt, bunching it at her waist, exposing her hairy pussy. The boys snickered as they looked at her, a couple of them grabbing their cocks and jacking on the hardness. The others stared with hot excitement, lust obvious in their eyes.

"Spread your knees, bitch," Mike demanded.

Carol obeyed, standing in a wide-legged stance, her hips arched forward. The thick hair of her cunt parted to reveal the pink puffiness of her pussy lips. There was a collective hiss of anticipation from the guys gazing at her.

Mike moved to Carol, and, with a dart of his hand, his fingers hooked into the top of her dress. He yanked, and the dress tore downward. Carol's tits were exposed, standing up firmly and topped by two beautiful, hard nipples.

But Mike wasn't satisfied with this. As he reached out to rip the dress completely off her, Carol began to struggle against him. She slapped him, hard, on his cheek. He looked at her in surprise, then roughly grabbed her as he yelled at the other boys to help hold her. Carol struggled as her skirt was torn from her body, spitting and snarling at them, but most of all at Mike.

She was naked now, standing there before them. One of the boys held her arms and hands behind her back. She shook with anger, her face flushed and eyes blazing. "You little punk!" she snarled at Mike. "This is rape.

You know that, Mike?"

"Shit, no one can rape you, cunt," he laughed. "You're too fucking eager to fuck to be raped; Come on, you guys, spread her ass over that bench and let's get some pussy!"

Carol was roughly shoved to the wooden bench. Pressed to her back, with her legs spread over each side, her head almost dangling over the end of the bench, she saw the boys gather around her. Her cunt was throbbing insanely; greedy for those hard cocks she stared at. Wanting those cocks, yet not wanting them this way she had no choice. Carol knew that if Mike had acted decently about this, he and his friends could have had one hell of a good time with her.

"Who's first?" Mike asked with a leer. "Since my cock has been up that hairy cunt plenty of times, I'll let one of you guys go first"

"That's decent of you, you mother fucker," Carol spat up at him. One boy was holding her arms above her head, and there was a boy on each side, clinging to her legs to prevent her from closing them if she tried that.

One of the boys was moving between her thighs, his cock jerking up and clown excitedly. Carol watched the swollen head of his prick move toward her crotch. When his cock plunged into her cunt swiftly, a hiss of air came from her mouth. As his cock stretched the sensitive lips of her cunt, Carol's eyes rolled back in her head that was something

she found impossible to control-that initial ecstasy of first penetration of her pussy by a hard cock.

But she forced her hips to remain still. A shudder went through her body, and her cunt closed and sucked and flexed around the now plunging cock. That, too, was something else she could not control. When a cock lunged into her cunt, her pussy had a mind of its own. Her cunt always began to squeeze the hardness of whatever cock was inside. She felt her clit being scraped by the throbbing cockshaft as the boy fucked her. The boy was grunting and hissing as his hips churned, his cock fucking in and out of her clenching cunt powerfully.

The two remaining boys were clawing at her upraised tits, pulling and pinching her nipples. Carol wanted to cry out for them to fuck the piss out of her, for them all to take turns with her boiling cunt. She wanted to scream for those boys to make those hard cocks gush creamy come juice all over her body, so she could feel jism burning on her tits, her stomach, her thighs, inside her cunt, on her face and in her mouth.

But she did none of that. She gritted her teeth to capture the threatening flow of words.

As the boy fucked her brutally, the others urged him on with their exuberant voices. Then she felt the boy holding her hands rubbing his cock about her face, the seeping wetness getting into her hair and smearing her forehead and nose. Carol could not help it

now. She leaned her head back until her hair dangled on the concrete floor, her mouth opening wide. The cock was plunged into her hungry mouth, and she was being fucked in the cunt and mouth simultaneously. Her tongue licked as she sucked on his fucking cock, sucking on his prick greedily. The throbbing hardness spearing into, her clasping cunt, the dripping cock fucking into her mouth, created the intensity of desire that had gotten her into this mess in the first place. Still she managed to keep her naked ass motionless, fighting desperately not to cooperate with them, not yet anyway.

The boy between her thighs suddenly grunted, his body going stiff between them, Carol's cunt drew hard on his throbbing cock, and the first gush of his thick come juice splashed into her boiling pussy. When the boy removed his cock, another was between her thighs. As his cock slipped into the hot tightness of her greedy pussy, she whimpered around the cock filling her mouth. The whimper was not one of disgust but one of intense ecstasy.

The cock sliding between her lips bust, sending a scalding stream of thick, creamy sweetness in to her mouth and down her throat. Again Carol moaned in pleasure. Her tongue flicked over the piss hole as the cock was lifted from her mouth, and then another one was stuffed between her lips. Through the intense roaring of her ecstasy, she could hear the boys

urging each other on; she could hear the names they called her.

"Hot cunt!"

"What a hungry cocksucker!" "Man, what a tight pussy!"

"I want some ass, man! Ass!" "She's a cock-crazy cunt!"

"Fucking bitch!"

"I want that ass, man!"

"You'll get it," she heard Mike grunting. "This fucking cunt takes a cock up every hot hole she has! She'll love that cock up her asshole… just wait a fucking minute, will you?"

The cock driving into her cunt went off, and she felt come juice pouring into her pussy. Carol was coming in a series of waves, yet she managed to keep quiet except to moan and whimper softly about the cock in her mouth.

When the cock was pulled from her cunt, she was suddenly turned onto her stomach by rough hands. She lay on the bench on her stomach, her legs wide and over each side of it. The cock that had been pulled from her mouth as she was turned was back, hands holding her head as the boy fucked back and forth viciously. She felt hands pulling at her ass cheeks, parting them. Then there was the rubbery feel of a smooth, swollen cock head pressing against the tight pucker of her asshole.

Carol's emotions soared as the cock fucked her ass, going deep. Her ass pucker clenched about the invading cock tightly, and then the

boy was fucking up her asshole with brutal strength.

And Carol, with her asshole stuffed and mouth sucking on a fucking cock, could no longer remain passive.

She placed her feet on the floor of the locker room, the edges of the bench cutting into the softness of her inner thighs. But that didn't bother her. She lifted her ass, arching into the cock there. Her smooth ass cheeks began to move, then she twisted and churned furiously, mewling around the cock inside her mouth.

Lewd laughter came to her, but she didn't care now.

"Told you she had a hot fucking ass, didn't I" Mike snickered "Look at her wiggle that fucking ass! Look at her eat that hard cock! You guys ain't never seen such a hot cunt in your fucking lives!"

In a half an hour or forty-five minutes, Carol had felt the cock of each boy inside her body. She had felt a hard cock in her cunt, up her sensitive asshole, and in her wet, hungry mouth.

She remained on the bench, breathing hard, watching them as they slowly recovered from the strenuous fucking. The boys, she saw, were becoming tired. Her purpose, she felt, had been accomplished.

She looked around for her ripped dress, seeing it heaped in the corner. She stood up weak legs and started for it, thinking the boys had been satisfied. But Mike saw her and

grabbed her hand as she started past him. "Going somewhere, cunt?"

"You've had your fun, punk," she snarled at him. "You've shown your friends you can manhandle a woman, spread her around for them. You don't need me anymore."

Before he could reply, the locker room door opened.

Karen stepped in.

"Karen!" Carol shouted. "Get out of here!"

But Karen closed the door behind her, looking at the boys sprawled about, their cocks and balls revealed. Again Carol told her daughter to go, but Karen remained.

"No, she stays!" Mike said.

"You promised, goddamn you!" Carol snapped, struggling, to pull from his grasp. "You promised, you son of a bitch! You said you wouldn't hurt her if I did what you wanted."

"So I tell lies," he sneered.

His eyes moved over the lovely little girl. Carol saw the wicked gleam in them, and she struggled out of his grasp. She went quickly to Karen, wrapped her arm about her daughter's shoulders protectively. "You touch her and I swear, I'll kill you, Mike!"

Mike ignored her, as did his friends. They were all looking at Karen now with interest. Carol was naked but the boys wanted fresh pussy.

Then Carol was dragged away from her

daughter. She was held by two strong teenage boys as the others, including Mike, began stripping Karen. Carol watched as her daughter stood there, showing no fear of them. On the contrary, Carol saw in her daughter's eyes the stark, steaming hunger for those once-again-swelling cocks.

Carol saw her daughter willingly take a cock in each of her hands as the boys began to feel all over her small, succulent body. She was not surprised to see that her daughter loved it. When a finger moved between Karen's slim thighs and was darted into her cunt by a boy on his knees, Karen threw her hips forward and spread her legs.

"Karen, don't I" Carol said. "Don't let them violate you this way."

"They won't violate me, Mother," Karen giggled, stroking on the two cocks with her hot, tight fists. "I'm too ready for it to be violated."

"Just like her fucking cock-crazy mother!" Mike laughed nastily. "Come here, baby. Let's see if that little pussy is as hot and tight as your bitch mother's."

Carol watched as her daughter smiled at the boy, releasing a cock and reaching out for Mike's. Mike took the girl and drew her to the long wooden bench. Karen sat on it, spreading her legs wide. Before Mike could do anything more, Karen leaned forward and sucked his hard cock deep into her wet mouth.

"Oh, a little cocksucker, too!" Mike yelled.

"Eat it up, sweetie! Gobble that big, hard cock!"

Carol leaned against the metal lockers, watching her daughter suck vigorously on Mike's cock. A couple of boys stood behind her, each of them grasping a small tit. Another boy was on his knees, between Mike's and Karen's legs, tongue fucking her hot, hairless cunt.

Karen mewled about Mike's cock, her sweet, lovely face bobbing to and fro, her wet lips stretched around the thick hardness. Watching Mike's hairy balls bang against her daughter's chin created an intense desire in Carol.

A boy was near her, his cock standing out very hard, watching the action on the bench. Hardly knowing she was doing it, Carol reached out and took hold of the boy's prick. She stroked back and forth on his prick with a tight fist, breathing hard as her eyes burned.

Still keeping her head turned toward her daughter, Carol went to her knees before the boy, opening her mouth wide and engulfing his thick prick between her lips. She began to suck in a frenzy, swallowing as his cock dripped into her mouth. Her naked ass swayed as her cunt started through a series of orgasms again.

Someone came up behind Carol and began to suck on her naked, jiggling tits. Her tongue and lips went wild around the prick stuffed into her mouth. The boy, with a loud grunt,

came suddenly, flooding her hungry mouth with his creamy come juice. Carol gurgled hotly as she swallowed noisily. No sooner had the boy's cock been taken from her mouth than another one was fucking into her throat. She grabbed the boy by the cheeks of his ass, her fingers digging in harshly as she sucked in a fury of ecstasy. The sounds of her daughter came to her, and she twisted far enough to watch Karen.

Her daughter was on her bands and knees on the narrow bench, taking a cock into her hairless, tight cunt, her naked little ass swaying. In front of her was another cock, and Karen was sucking in a frenzy of ecstasy.

Cocks were exploding everywhere, creamy come juice was spurted into, Carol's mouth, spewing into Karen's mouth and boiling cunt. And no sooner was a cock pulled from a mouth or pussy, than other cocks were racing into them.

Sprawling back on the floor, Carol leaned against the metal lockers and looked around. Her pussy was dripping with thick come juice, and her jaw was tired from the many cocks stuffed into it. Come juice glistened on her face. Karen was sprawled on the wooden bench, breathing hard, her small tits rising and falling. The expression on her face was one of pure delight.

Boys were everywhere, sprawled out rind gasping for breath. Cocks looked worn out, gleaming with the wetness of hot cunts and

hungry mouths. Carol smiled, and tiredly climbed to her feet. She pulled her torn dress over her mussed hair and then tossed Karen her clothing. She looked around again as Karen dressed.

"Why did you come in here, honey," Carol said. "I told you to wait in the car."

"I wasn't gonna let you do it all by yourself, Mother," Karen said. "I wanted to help you."

"You sure did help." Carol grinned. "Is Jimmy still out there?"

Karen opened the door and called her brother. Jimmy came in, looking around with a grin on his face. In his hand was a movie camera.

"Did you get it all, the way we talked about?" his mother asked.

"I sure did, Mom, every damn scene, from when they tore your dress off to the way they held you down."

Carol turned to face the sprawled boys. "That's it, Mike," she said triumphantly. "It's all on film. You and your filthy friends tearing my dress off, holding me down and raping me against my will. I wonder if you'll ever call me again." She walked over to the boy, then spat into his face. "You know, Mike, it could have been fun, even for your bastard friends, if you had not been so damned rough and degrading with me. If you had not been in such a rush to show how macho you are, how well you can control a woman, you could have had all the pussy you

wanted. Me and my daughter. But you fucked up, didn't you, lover?"

"Shit," Mike said, looking up at her. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"Why should I?" Carol said. "You didn't have to act so fucking mean and macho, did you? You already had all the pussy you wanted from me without the tough shit. I would have gone along with all this, you know, if you had approached it a little differently."

"Aw, come on, Carol," he pleaded. "He was only having fun. You know I wouldn't hurt you."

"Liar!" she snarled. "You ever try anything with me again, or with my daughter, or even call me, I'll turn that movie film over to the authorities, and guess where your balls will be? Rape is a serious thing, you know."

She turned and followed her son and daughter to the door. Turning to look back at Mike, she impulsively lifted her skirt and shook her naked ass at him. "You could have had it anytime you wanted, lover."

With a slap on her naked ass, she walked from the locker room, hearing the giggles of her daughter and son…