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Come Meet My Mom

Kathy Andrews

Kathy Andrews

Come Meet My Mom


"Ahhh, fill me up!" Sherri Maxwell moaned.

She was on top of Frank, straddling him with her slender thighs. Using the muscles of her thighs, she lifted and lowered her crotch, sliding her cunt up and down his cock. Her flawless, firm tits swayed gently.

"Oh, Sherri!" Frank grunted. "You're so damned hot!"

"Hot for cock!" she gasped, sliding her pussy down all the way, feeling the puffy lips on her hairy coot smashing against his balls. She jiggled her ass back and forth, feeling the deep throb of his prick. "You know I'm hot for your cock, Frank! I stay hot for your beautiful hard cock! Just looking at you, seeing that thing bulge out in your pants, I want to yank it out and fuck you!"

"I know," he panted, his big hands gripping her hips. "I thought you were going to rape me last night."

"Rape your ass!" she breathed. "I'll rape your ass… fuck your brains out!"

"Have at it, baby!"

Sherri pounded up and down, making wet, fleshy sounds when her cunt slapped onto the base of his cock.

Frank was on his back in her huge bed, arching his hips up to meet the wild plunge of her insatiable cunt. His hands dug into her hips, sliding around to cup the twin cheeks of her unblemished ass.

"Ohhh, hold it tight!" Sherri whimpered. "Hold that ass tight, because I'm going to come!"

"Let it go, Sherri!" he urged, his cock jerking about in the fiery depths of her rippling pussy. "Let it go!"

With a throaty moan, Sherri slammed down onto his cock as hard as she could. Her cunt clenched about his prick, the contractions tighter and wetter and hotter than any cunt he had ever felt wrap about his cock. He gritted his teeth, straining to hold back, but Sherri knew what he was doing.

"Come, you bastard!" she shouted. "Shoot it up my pussy! You can't win! Give it to me! Come on, you asshole!"

Her cunt was just too much for him. The rippling, caressing softness of her pussy always did it to him.

"Ahhh, damn you!"

His cock gushed, flooding her greedy cunt with his thick, hot juices.

Sherri let out a triumphant laugh, still coming. She whipped her ass up and down again, sliding her convulsing pussy on the shaft of his spewing cock, her tits swaying.

"I won!" she moaned, falling over him, her cunt refusing to turn his prick loose just yet. "I always win!"

Frank grinned as she began sucking and licking at his neck and shoulder, stroking her ass. Even relaxed, the cheeks were firm and shapely. His cock slipped out oilier cunt, making her giggle softly.

"I wish that would stay hard all night," she whispered, probing his ear with her tongue.

"You'll kill me yet," he said happily.

"You love it," she purred, rolling from him, but cuddling into his arm, her hand cupping his big, hairy balls and soft cock. "You can't get enough of it and you know it."

"I don't want to get enough of it."

"Then marry me," Sherri said in a low, almost hesitant voice.

Frank pulled from her, sitting up on the edge of her bed. "You know that's out of the question, Sherri. We've gone over it enough. I can't marry you or any woman. At least not for a few more years."

"Oh, Frank," Sherri protested, getting to her knees behind him. She pushed the soft mat of her pussy-hair against his back. "Cindy is going to grow up one of these days, meet a nice guy, and you're going to be all alone. Then what are you going to do? Just don't come around me with your tongue hanging out, wagging your hard-on."

He pulled her around onto his lap, kissing her. "I thought it was you that never wanted to get married. What's changed your mind?"

"You, you big-cocked asshole," she giggled. "I don't want to be away from this thing. You're the best fuck ever, and I want to hang onto you."

"There's more to marriage than fucking, Sherri," he said. "But I don't understand. We both have the same problem, you know."

"Not quite," she said, licking at his nipple. "I can handle Tommy, but Cindy has you wrapped around her little finger. I'm surprised she allows you to date me."

"She likes you," Frank said. "You're the first woman I've dated that Cindy has ever liked."

"But not enough to give her approval for a wedding, right?"

"That's it, Sherri," he said, fondling her tit. "And you'll never get Tommy's approval, either. I'm afraid we've spoiled those two rotten, and now we pay for it."

"I still say I can handle my son," she insisted, but she wasn't so sure. "Tommy has been used to my full attention, I know, just as Cindy is with yours. But if we talked to them, explained how we felt, maybe they'd come around."

"The only thing that's coming between us is my cock in your wet cunt, and you know it." It was all too true, Sherri did know.

Sadly, she watched Frank dress and leave. Alone, she turned over to face the wall, feeling miserable. She left the light on, not bothering to turn it off. She felt like crying.

She had dated Frank almost from the first when he and his daughter moved into the house next door. They had hit it off immediately, and within four hours of knowing each other, they had been inside a motel room, devouring each other with hunger. Their talk of marriage hit a brick wall from the start. Neither his son, Tommy, nor Frank's daughter, Cindy, wanted them to marry.

Sherri had never been married. Tommy was the result of an affair with a film producer when she had hopes of becoming an actress. Initially, she had small parts in a few low-budget horror films. When Sherri thought she was ready for more important roles, she had been rebuffed.

"You're a tits-and-ass actress," she had been told. "Stay with that and you'll go someplace. Look at those tits… look at that fabulous ass. That's what people want to see, and you've got it."

The truth had hurt. Her body had gotten her into films, and it had stopped her from getting better parts. She was, as she was told many times, the image of a sex goddess of the fifties. Her hair was blonde, her flesh satiny and unblemished. She had wide blue eyes that still held an innocent expression. Her teeth were sparkling white and even, her lips full and pouty. She spoke with a suggestively whispery voice. Her walk, natural, was called a cock-lifter. Her ass, a very tight ass, wiggled and writhed and bunched erotically.

And Sherri hated to wear panties. Much speculation was made about this, and finally some photographer had caught her in the right pose to prove to the world she did not, indeed, wear panties. It also showed the world her pussy-hair was a darker color than her blonde head.

But, with the fickleness of the movie industry, Sherri found herself unwanted by the time she was thirty years old. Now, at thirty-three, she had not had a part in three years.

Fortunately, Sherri had kept and invested her money, so she had no financial problems. She had no real problems at all, except she wanted to marry Frank, and her son-and his daughter-threw tantrums every time the subject was mentioned.

Frank was a film editor, a widower, trying his best to cope with a daughter in the transition stage between child and adult.

Tommy knew his mother had been in horror films, pleaded with her to see them. So far, Sherri had resisted. She felt he was too young to see such frightening movies. Not only that, but in every last film, her tits had always been exposed, as often as possible. In her last three horror films, everything had been exposed.

So she really had two reasons not to let her son see her old films. She had them all, on video tape, tucked away in her closet, where they would stay forever as far as she was concerned.

Frank knew about her brief career; he had seen her films. He had been the editor on the last one. Yet, when they met and began to date, he had not recognized her. That was understandable because she had changed her hairstyle and let the platinum grow out until it was the natural wheat blonde again.

"Want me to turn your light out, Mom?"

Sherri let out a squeal, jerking at the sheet and yanking it over her naked body as she turned to see her son in the doorway.

"How long have you been standing there?" she asked, not sure she wanted to know.

Tommy leered at her. "Long enough."

She glared at him, but as usual, couldn't stay mad long. A slow smile started over her face. Tommy was wearing only the bottom half of his pajamas, and her eyes drifted to the fly. The fly gaped slightly, and she noticed her son showed evidence of a half-hard cock, and her smile faded.

Tommy had been standing there for about five minutes, looking at his mother's back. It was not the first time. He peeked at her as often as he could, but Sherri didn't know it. Tonight was the most he had ever seen. He had been gazing at her smooth back, seeing her rounded ass and long thighs. She had been lying with one thigh drawn up, and the soft curls of her cunt showed, and this explained his hard cock.

She held the satin sheet to her neck. It clung to her jutting tits, her nipples peaked against it. One long thigh was still exposed.

"Mom, Frank has been here again, hasn't he?" Tommy said, accusing her with his eyes.

"Tommy, when are you going to learn I have a life of my own?" she asked. "I thought you liked him."

"I do, but not when he's in bed with my mother."

The sheet slipped, and before Sherri could catch it, one of her firm, shapely tits showed, the pink nipple jutting outward. As she pulled the sheet over it, she saw her son lick his lips.

"I've seen them, Mom," he said softly.

Sherri blushed.

"I found your movies," Tommy said. "I've been looking at them when you go out with Frank."

"Tommy!" she gasped. "I told you, you were too young to see those frightening films."

Her son grinned. "They didn't scare me, Mom. But you sure were beautiful!"

Her son came into the room and sat down on the side of the bed, facing her. She noticed he was trembling slightly.

"Honey," Sherri said softly, placing one hand on top of his as she held the sheet up with the other. "You weren't supposed to find them. I just wanted you to get older before you saw them."

"I'm old enough," he challenged.

Sherri giggled softly. Tommy tried so hard to look grown up when he was angry, but all he looked like was a pouting little boy.

"Well, I am!" he said when she giggled.

"You may think you are, but you're still a little boy," she answered, sliding her hand up his arm to his shoulder. "You've still got a lot to learn in life."

"I'm still old enough," he insisted, gazing intently at her exposed hip and thigh.

"Sure you are," she murmured, caressing his shoulder. "But what art you old enough for?"

"Old enough to do anything Frank can do for you," he said.

"No, not quite," Sherri replied. "Tommy, he means a lot to me, you know."

"And I don't?"

"Please, baby," she soothed softly, sliding her hand up and down his naked back. "You know you mean the world to me. It's just that Frank is… I'm a woman, and there's certain… needs…"

"I know about needs," Tommy said, and she noticed his voice was getting husky. "I have needs, too, Mom. I may be young, but I have them and I can do anything he can do for you." Sherri tried to avoid looking at his crotch, but her eyes drifted there anyway. His eyes widened a bit and her breath caught in her throat. Tommy's cock was quite hard now, pushing upward against his thin pajamas. She warily covered her hip and thigh, and in the process, exposed her tit again. Before she could cover it, Tommy was staring at it with hot eyes.

"Anything," he whispered.

"You've been watching my films," Sherri said, her voice shaking. "You're responding to an image."

"Image? No way, Mom," he said. "I've got the real thing here. You're not an image."

Sherri had to fight to keep from looking down at his pajamas, and she could feel her nipples stiffening against the satin sheet.

She didn't want to feel desire for her son. To help herself, she lay back on the bed, hoping this would help her keep her hands off him. But she realized her mistake immediately. The satin sheet molded her body, outlining every luscious curve to perfection, and Tommy was gazing down at her with hot, greedy eyes.

"Mom… " he moaned, and began to inch the sheet down.

"No, Tommy," she said, but her voice was weak, without force. She tried to hold the sheet, but her fingers were weaker than her voice. She stared up at his face, unable to stop him. "Tommy, please, don't, baby."

But Tommy was much too excited to listen. He pulled the satin sheet down, exposing his mother's tits. He stopped breathing for a moment as he looked at them. They stood up firm, pink nipples stiff, trembling slightly. Sherri held her arms stiffly at her sides, swallowing with nervousness, wanting to stop him, yet not wanting to stop him.

Then Tommy started to pull the sheet lower.

"No, baby, please…"

"I saw you in the movies," he son said, his voice very low. "I want to see you for real, Mom."

"Honey, you must not… don't do this… Tommy, please…"

The sheet was drawn to her knees, and Tommy stared down at her naked body. His eyes riveted upon the thick bush of her pussy-hair, and Sherri clamped her thighs tightly. She was trembling now, her eyes turning misty… misty with desire, sparkling brightly.

Tommy's cock pulsated against his pajamas as he looked up and down his mother's flawless, beautiful nakedness. He moaned softly, leaning forward to ease the throb of his young balls.

"I can do anything Frank can do for you," be whispered, and stood up, shoving his pajamas down.

His cock swung up with hardness.


Sherri couldn't breathe as she stared at her son's cock. Her tits seemed to swell in a painful way, her nipples throbbing. They felt long, very hard. Her stomach trembled and her thighs began to shake. Her clit bulged, squeezed between her legs. She felt her cunt clenching, and she couldn't take her eyes from her son's cock.

Tommy leaned over and placed his palms on his mother's tits. Sherri gasped, responding to the caress and fondle of her son's hands. Her hips moved, twisting in a subtle motion. She clenched the cheeks of her ass and pushed it hard against the bed.

Tommy, moaning softly, climbed onto her bed, on his knees, leaning over her. He closed a hand about one firm tit, and Sherri couldn't stop her son when he leaned down and ran his tongue about the long nipple. The wet heat of his tongue brought a whimper from her throat, and she closed her eyes. She heard the wet sounds his tongue made as he licked and swirled it around her nipple, sliding from one to the other. Then Tommy closed his lips around a nipple, and sucked it, sucked it hard.

"Ohhhh," Sherri gasped:

As he sucked his mother's tit, he slipped a hand down her shaking body, pausing on her stomach, the tips of his fingers barely touching the soft hair of her cunt. Sherri struggled to hold her hips still, and gasped as her son pushed his fingers through the silky curls of her pussy. She felt his fingers slip downward between her clamped thighs, rubbing at the swollen slit of her cunt.

His finger entered her cunt.

"Tommy!" she gasped, and her hips jerked upward.

Tommy was mouthing her tit greedily now, not trying to control himself. He thrust his finger deeply into his mother's cunt, then pulled it out, and plunged it back in again. Sherri sobbed, but it was with ecstasy, and her hips moved,.lifting and lowering to the rhythm of his stabbing finger. Her clit bulged tightly, and her son's finger seemed to rub up and down it as he finger-fucked her, faster and faster, deeper and deeper.

"Ooooohhh, Tommy!" she sobbed, her hips arching to his finger. "Oh, this isn't… ahhhh! Please, don't do… that… anymore!"

But her son relentlessly probed her cunt with his darting finger, greedily sucking at first one tit, then the other. He made wet sounds with his mouth and.finger, his naked body shaking with urgent desire. Sherri pushed one hand to his, intending to shove his finger out of her cunt, but instead placed it over his, pushing it deeper as she arched her hips, her legs parting a little.

"Tommy!" she cried out frantically, pushing hard at his hand now, clamping her knees tightly.

She squealed throatily, her cunt gripping his finger as sweet contractions exploded inside her. She was coming, and had been unable to prevent it her son's finger had made her come… and it was so good.

"That's enough, honey. Please, no more."

But Tommy paid no attention. He was still sucking at her tits, still moving his finger in and out of her soaked cunt. With a low sob, Sherri's legs fell apart, and she was once more pushing at his hand, lifting her crotch. She cried out as the sensations grew again.

Her other hand moved, and before Sherri knew it, she was gripping her son's quivering cock. She clenched it hard, making her son gasp about her tit. Her fingers flexed, squeezing his prick as he kept up his relentless finger-fucking.

"Ohhhhh, Tommy!" she cried, and began to jerk on his cock, pushing and pulling it with her tight fist, jacking him.

Tommy lifted his mouth from her tit, his eyes on fire. He stared down at her fist now pounding his cock. He shoved another finger into his mother's cunt, making her whine and shove her ass up. Sherry turned her head to watch her fist, too. She was jacking his cock wildly, the head bulging, the little slit of his piss-hole beaded with wetness. His young balls swung back and forth from the beating of her fist.

Tommy began to plunge his two fingers into his mother's cunt frantically. Sherri whipped her ass up and around, spreading her long, delicious legs wide, knees bent. She gasped and mewled hotly as she pumped his cock, pushing her hairy cunt up and down to the thrust of his fingers. Her clit pulsated hotly again, and the satiny wetness of her cunt stared grabbing at his fingers. Sobbing with the increase of ecstasy, Sherri jerked at her son's cock fast. She gasped and whimpered, her eyes smoldering as she gazed fixedly at the slit of his piss-hole.

Tommy was grunting, his lips apart. His balls ached with fullness, and he couldn't move his fingers anymore. But Sherri, overwhelmed with instant passion, didn't seem to notice. She rammed her cunt up and down, fucking on his finger and beating at his cock. She pulled her feet back, under her ass.

"Tommy… oh, my God, Tommy!"

Her hand pushed his fingers as deep as they would go, her middle finger sliding into her cunt alongside his. With a squeal, Sherry began to come again. Her cunt pulled on his cock as the juicy contractions exploded about their buried fingers. Even through her intense orgasm, her other hand continued to jerk at his cock frantically.

Then Tommy grunted.

Sherri's squeal turned louder as she saw his cock squirt, sending a powerful spurt of creamy come-juice out of his piss-hole with force. It spattered -on her hips, causing her to cry out again. Time after time, his cock gushed, spraying her hip and stomach with his scalding come juice, coating her gripping fingers and wrist. His body shook, choking sounds coming from him. When he spurted the last time, Sherri squeezed her son's cock, milking it, watching with blazing eyes as she pulled a creamy white bead from his cock.

Then, with a faint shudder, she lowered her ass. Their fingers came out of her cunt with a moist sound. Sherri wanted to close her legs, but they felt rubbery, too weak to move. Her cunt kept pulsating from the intensity of her two orgasms.

Her hand fell away from his softening cock, and Tommy sat on his heels, hands resting on his knees, gulping in air. His fingers, drenched with the juices of her coot, glistened in the light. Sherri lifted her head and looked down at her body. His come-juice sparkled on her flesh, her belly button filled with it. It ran over her hip to the satin sheet, and she thought she could feel it blister her skin.

They looked at each other, a bit shyly.

"Lie down," Sherri whispered, pulling her son.

Tommy lay down with her. Sherri wrapped an arm around his waist, pushing her pointy tits against her son's back.

She held him, her eyes closed, trying to understand how this had happened between them. She could have stopped it, she knew. She could have stopped it after her first orgasm with his fingers. But she had become hungry for more, without trying to control it. She knew she should feel ashamed of herself, yet she didn't.

She listened to her son's breathing level out, and knew he was sleeping now. She hugged him lightly, inhaling his youthful fragrance. She kissed his hair, and caressed her hand up and down his stomach and chest. Her hand moved lower, and she stopped when she realized where it was going.

Sherri began to tremble as she thought, why stop now?

Her hand slipped downward, and her finger tips brushed his limp cock. She ran her finger tips lightly along the shaft, over the smooth head, feeling him still wet on his piss hole. Very carefully, she closed her palm about her son's cock and delightful balls, holding them as she pressed at his back, finally going to sleep.

When she woke up, she was at first startled to find her son sleeping next to her. For a moment, she was puzzled, then remembered the night before.

During the night Tommy had kicked the satin sheet off the bed, and they both were naked. Sherri sat up, looking at her son. He was sprawled on his back, arms and legs flung wide. Her eyes moved to his cock and balls, and she felt a lurching sensation in her body. His cock looked so small and vulnerable, his balls loose and hanging between his spread legs. Her palm itched and she wanted to hold his cock and balls again, to feel them and caress them and fondle them.

Almost reluctantly, she climbed carefully off the bed so as not to awaken her son. With a last look at him, she entered her bathroom and bathed, washing away the juices that had dried on her flesh. She was surprised at how good she felt, at her lack of shame and guilt. By the time she finished her bath, she was tingling with good sensations.

Wrapping a large towel around her naked body, she went back into the bedroom. Tommy was awake now, but still on his back. And his cock was very hard, standing upright, and his balls didn't look at all loose. For a moment she stood looking down at him. Tommy was smiling, showing he remembered the night before, too.

Then Tommy took the bottom edge of the towel in his fingers and thumb.

Sherri's breath caught, her eyes looking steadily into his. Tommy tugged, and the towel came away, falling to the floor, leaving Sherri standing there naked. She stood with her shoulders back, her tits jutting out beautifully, hands hanging at her sides.

Tommy's eyes moved. up and down his mother's luscious body, over her shapely tits, her small waist and flat stomach, her hips and long thighs, then up to the triangle of her pussy hair. Sherri began to tremble, but she stood with proud beauty as her son looked her over. His cock jerked with hardness. A nervous smile formed on her lovely face.

"Well?" she finally asked in her whispery voice. "Am 1 as good-looking as in my movies?"

"Better, Mom," he said, running his fingers up and down her thigh and hip. "Much better."

She started to turn, but he held her by the hip. "Tommy… please… " she begged softly, without force in her words. "Last night was…"

"I told you 1 can do anything for you Frank can," he said, and pulled at her hip.

Sherri had to move forward to keep from falling across the bed. She was staring at his throbbing cock with blazing eyes, and her cunt was reacting as it had last night. She felt her pussy swell as her clit began to vibrate gently.

"The same way Frank did last night, Mom," Tommy said in a low voice. "The very same way."

With his words, Sherri knew her son had seen more than her naked ass; he had seen her on top of Frank, fucking him. Her eyes moved to his face, her lips parting to resist.

"Now, Mom," he said, and pulled at her leg.

Sherri found herself climbing onto the bed, throwing one knee over her son's body, straddling him, her bushy cunt only inches from the smooth, swollen head of his cock.

She gazed into his face, not moving, as her son gripped his cock at the base, lifting his hips. She shuddered and her eyes slitted when she felt his cock touch the swollen lips of her cunt. She remained in her straddling position.

Tommy wasn't looking up at her, though. He was staring at the head of his cock touching the fiery lips of his mother's cunt. He saw her c1it strain outward. He held his breath as he slowly pushed his cock upward.

Sherri gasped when she felt her son's cock slide into her pussy. Only the round head entered her, but it was fiery hot and almost made her come immediately. Tommy's eyes burned as he slowly pushed upward, pressing more of his cock into her cunt. Sherri was holding her breath, shaking. She felt his cock stretch her cunt open. She felt his cock jerking inside her cunt, and she whimpered softly. Tommy turned his cock loose and gripped his mother's hips, pulling her down onto his cock. Sherri's knees slipped upward, and she found herself sitting on him with his hard cock buried completely inside her cunt. She let her breath out loudly, her tits swaying as she trembled.

Tommy, too, was trembling. He could no longer see his mother's cunt on his cock; her soft pussy-hair was mashed against him. He felt her cunt twitch about his prick, a slight squeezing sensation.

"Just like Frank," he groaned, pushing his hand up her hips to her tits, curling his fingers about them. "Do it just like you did it to him, Mom."

Sherri found herself responding to his words. Placing her hands on her knees, she lifted, pulling her cunt up on his cock, then pushing it down.

I'm fucking my son! Her mind screamed. I'm fucking Tommy… fucking my own son!

Her cunt burned and vibrated around his hardness, squeezing it as she moved up and down. She kept looking into her son's face, watching his ecstasy, beginning to feel it herself.

"Tommy… " she breathed, lifting her hands and placing them over his on her tits smashing them harder. "Ohhhh, Tommy!"

"Do it the way you did with him!" Tommy moaned, digging into her tits hard, lifting his cock up to her sliding cunt.

With a sob, Sherri leaned over her son, her hands on the bed, her tits still in his hands. She lifted her naked ass until her cunt almost pulled off his cock, then she pushed it down again, all the way. Tommy made gurgling sounds as he squeezed and pulled and twisted her firm tits.

Sherri began to breathe in short, hot panting sounds, fucking him with up-and-down motions, sliding her hairy cunt on his wonderfully hard cock. She began to squeal, revolving her ass in a grinding motion, her clit rubbing at his cock. She felt his prick jerk and throb deep inside her, and she sped up, racing her cunt up and down his cock.

"Oooooh!" she sobbed, her face twisting with passion. "Ohhhhh, Tommy!"

"Do it, Mom!" he groaned, sliding one hand down her waist to clutch her hip. "Do it fast!"

Sherri bounced wildly now, plunging her cunt desperately onto her son's cock. She shook and twisted, her blonde hair flying. She cried out in ecstasy, slamming down onto his cock and grinding hard, then jerking up, only to ram down quickly again. Her cunt was on fire, soaked with slippery juices, and her clit felt like a ripe grape ready to burst. She closed her eyes and fucked her son frantically, grinding and twisting and churning, her knees pressing tightly at his sides.

Tommy, moaning with rapture, shove his hands to his mother's churning ass, gripping the naked cheeks tightly. One of her tits dripped against his mouth, and he began to suck greedily on it, his tongue swirling. Wet, slapping sounds filled the room.

"Tommy, baby!" she cried out, beating her cunt up and down his cock. "Ohhhh, darling! Baby… I'm… I'm going to…"

With a low squeal, Sherri slammed down onto her son's cock, grinding her hips wildly. The convulsions began, her orgasm intense. The hairy lips of her cunt clasped tightly about her son's cock as she came, her body straining on him.

Tommy, his mouth full of her stiff nipple and tit, dug at his mother's trembling ass, lifting his cock tightly into her cunt. He grunted around her tit, and Sherri jerked upward, but he held her ass too tight.

"Tommy, don't!"

But it was too late.

He was coming, spurting his juices into his mother's pussy, the rapid, boiling squirts filling her, flooding her cunt, making her orgasm become more intense.

She groaned, pushing down as he strained upward, her cunt contracting about his spewing cock.

It was over quickly, and she rolled off her son, turning her back to him as if ashamed of what she had done. But she wasn't ashamed; her cunt was full of his come-juice… she had fucked him… he had fucked her, and she couldn't feel shame at all.

She felt her son get off the bed, listened to him leave her room quietly, and then she cried softly. Not with shame, but because she had loved it so much…


When Frank called, she put him off.

She knew he was hurt and puzzled when she broke their date for that evening, but she couldn't help it. Her thoughts were jumbled, and although she was very much in love with him, she now had something else to think about.

All day, Tommy was with her no matter where she was in the house, touching her tits, her ass, caressing her thighs and once, cupping her cunt through her dress and panties. When


he had done that, Sherri had frozen, unable to move. Not in shock, but because that had made her come. Mildly, but an orgasm just the same.

She realized she had not noticed he had grown these past few years. She noticed something else, too. She was responding to her son in a passive manner. Tommy sensed this, she knew. She wasn't certain if she liked that. He was treating her as if he could do anything he wanted with her now. He was proud that he had flicked her. That alone seemed to make him feel he had total possession of her.

When she had broken her date with Frank, he had looked very pleased with himself. After dinner, she slipped into panties, then pulled on an oversized man's shirt she often wore as a nightgown. Tommy was still up, watching one of her movies on the VCR. She could no longer prevent him now, and he knew it.

Before going to bed, she was thirsty, and forgetting her skimpy attire, walked from her room. Tommy was sitting on the couch, watching her last movie, and she arrived during the scene where she stumbled, her dress over her head to give a brief peek of her cunt.

Tommy laughed. "That's the scene I like best, Mom," he said as she went past him into the kitchen. "Showing your cunt turns me on pretty good."

Sherri had a glass of water, shivering as she heard him.

Going back into the living room, she said softly, "Tommy, I wish you wouldn't use those words."

"What words, Mom?" he asked, looking up at her. He saw her long, naked thighs, then he gazed boldly at the thrust of her tits. The top buttons of the shirt were open, and the satiny, flesh of her rounded tits showed, her nipples -poking against it. "You mean cunt?"

She nodded, biting her lip.

"Well, that's what it is, Mom. Cunt… hot cunt."

She felt rooted to the floor when her son stood and came toward her. She watched him with filmed eyes. He was still dressed in his jeans and t-shirt. He stopped in front of her" and opened her shirt to let her tits show. He twisted her nipples gently, pulling on them. Sherri breathed softly, balling her fists at her sides, knowing what was going to happen, wanting and not wanting it. She couldn't stop her son from unbuttoning her shirt, dragging it from her shoulders. She didn't resist when he fondled her tits, then closed his hot wet mouth over one and sucked it. He caressed her body as he sucked her tit, sliding his hands about her creamy flesh, her outer thighs and hips and ass. Her legs shook dangerously as she bit at her bottom lip, eyes closed, unable to stop the bubbling desire between her long legs.

"I've got a hard-on, Mom," he said, looking up at her. "Watching your movies gives me a hard-on."

He pushed his cock against her thigh.

"You and thousands of others," she heard herself whisper.

Tommy stepped back, staring at her. "Those are pretty panties, Mom."

She watched him push down his pants. His cock jerked into view. Her cunt clenched as if his cock was already in her, the cheeks of her ass bunching tightly. Stepping from his pants, Tommy pulled his t-shirt over his head. He took one of her hands and placed it around his cock curling her fingers tightly. Then he pushed his hand between her legs, rubbing her pantied pussy.

"You're wet, Mom," he moaned softly.

"Like last night. You want to fuck again?"

"No, I… don't," she moaned, writhing her hips as he pressed his palm hard against her cunt.

Tommy glanced at the television. "Like that, Mom."

It was a scene where she was raped. She was on her hands and knees, with a sadistic killer behind her. Her dress was at her waist, and her hip and thigh showed. The camera had lifted to show only the killer's face as he fucked her from behind.

"Tommy, that didn't happen," she tried to explain. "It was only pretend… a movie. I wasn't raped."

"It sure looks good, though," he said, "and I want to fuck you that way, Mom."

Sherri knew it would do her no good to protest. She didn't want to stop him, but she did, too.

"Come on, Mom," he said, urgently pulling at her hands. "I'm going to give it to you like that."

Whimpering softly because she had no choice, Sherri dropped to her hands and knees. Tommy stood behind his mother, gazing at the spread of her shapely ass inside her tight panties. He leaned over and caressed the cheeks of her ass through the nylon, down the backs of her thighs, then up to cup her boiling cunt. Sherri couldn't stop her ass from wagging as her son rubbed at her pussy, and her arms weakened, causing her to lower her face and shoulders to the floor, her ass jutting up wantonly for her excited son.

Tommy peeled his mother's panties down, and Sherri gasped softly. He didn't remove her panties, but left them halfway down her thighs. Sherri felt her cunt suck inward as her asshole clenched.

Tommy grasped his cock and rubbed it about the flesh of his mother's satiny ass, making her shiver. She felt wetness on her skin, and her cunt made a sucking quiver. She gasped softly when she felt him drag the hot head of his cock along the slit of her cunt, then her breathing caught when she felt him slide his prick into it. Again she felt her pussy spread about her son's cock, and he drove it inward slowly, as if teasing her with it. The knowledge that she had her ass high in the air lewdly, and that her son could see his cock moving into her cunt, and watch her asshole crinkle, gave her an intensely erotic feeling.

"Ahhhh, Mom!" Tommy moaned as his cock sank all the way in her cunt.

She felt his hands on her ass while his cock throbbed and jerked inside her gripping coot. She struggled to be still, to prevent her ass from moving. But she failed. Her son's cock sent wave after wave of ecstasy through her, and her ass waggled from side to side despite her efforts. Her pussy was caressing his cock, the soft hot inner tissues rippling in a sucking sensation. Her clit was on fire and straining almost in a sweetly painful way.

"Tommy… please, Tommy," she moaned.

Tommy pulled out, then pushed in.

Sherri gasped, his cock sliding easily, the friction sending delicious tremors through her. She clutched the carpet, her eyes closed. The stiff nipples of her swollen tits rubbed against the carpet as her son began to fuck her faster, banging into her cunt with wet slapping sounds against her naked ass, causing the flesh on her cheeks to ripple. Sherri tried to stop herself from enjoying it, but was unable to. She panted and pushed her ass back at him, urging her son to fuck faster and harder and deeper.

"Qhhhh, Tommy, Tommy!" she cried out.

"Oh, baby! Yes, Tommy, yes!"

"It's good, huh, Mom!" he breathed, ramming his cock back and forth, squeezing her ass with his hands. "It's real good! Your cunt is so wet and hot, Mom! I'm gonna fuck you better than Frank! I'm gonna fuck you so hard, so deep, you won't want his fucking cock ever again!"

Sherri sobbed as she began to thrash her ass about, taking the pounding of her son's eagerly now. Her pussy was closing tightly around his prick, lovingly, excitingly.

"Ooooh, Tommy, baby!" she whimpered, grinding wantonly for him., "Oh, yes, yes! Do it, darling! I… I want it, Tommy! Ohhhh, dear God, I want it so much! Fuck me, Tommy! "

Tommy rammed powerfully, making her grunt from the blow against her steaming ass. Her tits pushed along the carpet, intensifying her erotic sensations. She pulled her hands beneath them, curling her fingers tightly to squeeze them, grunting each time her son stabbed into her fiery cunt.

"You really want it, Mom?" he asked in a heavy voice. "You really want me to fuck you now?"

"Yes, Tommy!" Sherri screamed. "I want you to fuck me! I want your cock up my cunt, fucking me hard! Ooooh, ram it, Tommy! Ram my cunt hard and deep!"

Tommy let out an explosive laugh of triumph. He banged his cock into his mother's cunt as fast as he could, his balls swinging. He dug his hands into her twisting hips, jerking her ass back as he lunged forward.

"Want me to come in your cunt now, huh, Mom?"

"Yes!" Sherri screamed passionately. "I want it now, Tommy! I want you to come in my cunt now! Ohhh, give it to me, baby! I want it so much… squirt it in me! Ooooh, you're going to make me come! I can't stand it… I've got to come!"

Sherri cried out as her cunt grabbed at her son's cock, the orgasm burning through her. Her pussy closed tighter as she came, and Tommy thrust frantically, his balls drawing up.

Sherri sobbed out her hunger.

"Come in me, Tommy! Ohhhh, baby, I want you to come in my coot! Please, give it to me!"

Tommy, his balls aching, pushed deeply, grunting as his cock spewed his hot come-juice, gushing it rapidly into his mother's hungry pussy. Sherri screamed out in rapture as she felt her cunt being flooded, the strength of her own orgasm increasing so deliciously she thought she was going to faint.

Slowly, the hot throbbing ended, and Sherri couldn't move. She had to remain with her ass high in the air, shivering with ecstasy. She felt her son's cock still inside her cunt as he rested above her, his hands caressing her sides, her hips, her thighs. When Tommy leaned over her back and pushed his hands beneath her, she lifted so he could cup her flawless tits. She didn't want to help him touch her, feel her, fuck her, but she couldn't do anything to stop it.

"I'm getting hard again, Mom," he said softly, still squeezing her tits.

"I know," she murmured. "I can feel your cock growing in me."

"Want to fuck again, Mom?"

"Oh, yes," she breathed now without hesitation. "I want you to fuck me again, Tommy." Tommy lifted from her body, and pulled his cock out of her cunt.

"Oh, baby, I thought you were going to fuck me again? Don't take it out, Tommy!"

He looked down at her spreading ass, then rubbed the wet head of his cock along the crack, starting at the base of her spine, down the hot smoothness of her inner cheeks, across her puckering asshole to the slit of her cunt again, finally mashing against her clit.

"Oooooh," she purred in pleasure. "You're teasing me, honey."

"It feels good to rub my cock here, Mom," he said, bringing it back up her cunt, her asshole, to her spine again. "It feels real good right… here!"

He pushed the head of his cock against her asshole…

Sherri gasped. "No, not there… Tommy, please…"

But her son was pushing, pressing the head of his cock against her clenched asshole. Sherri cried out as a dull pain "moved about -her asshole, but her son kept increasing the pressure. He was watching his cock push against the ring of her asshole.

"Tommy," Sherri protested, trying to pull away. "I've never… honey, fuck me in my cunt! I've never done it there before! Please, darling, fuck my pussy for me! No… don't! Not in my ass!"

But Tommy, yanking back on her hips and lunging forward with his cock, rammed it straight into his mother's asshole, all the way to the hilt.

Sherri screamed, wondering if her son had torn her asshole wide open. The pain was excruciating, and she didn't think she could handle it if he didn't take his cock out of her. Her asshole seemed to stretch so big, so very big, around his hard cock, yet it was so tight she couldn't believe he had pushed it into her.

"Oooooh, Mom!" Tommy groaned. "Ahhh, you're so fucking hot in your asshole! I'm going to fuck your ass, Mom! I'm going to fuck your hot ass good!"

"Not there, Tommy!" she cried in pain. "It hurts me, baby! Please, take it out and fuck me in my cunt! I want your cock in my cunt… fucking me there!" She was begging him, tears of pain in her eyes. "I need your cock up my cunt! Mother loves to feel your cock in that hot cunt! Tommy, don't you love to fuck my pussy? It's wet and soft and tight and hairy, and it wants your cock now, darling! Please, not in my ass!"

Ignoring her pleas, Tommy grabbed his mother's hips and began to stab into her asshole, watching it cling to the shaft of his cock. He gritted his teeth because it was so tight and wonderful.

Sherri cried out with the sharp, slicing pain of her asshole, trying to relax it and open it so the pain would dull a little. But nothing she did worked. Her asshole kept a grip on his cock that she thought impossible. Even with the excruciating pain, she could feel his hot young balls slap against her cunt.

Crying softly in pain, Sherry stuffed knuckles into her mouth to shut out the sounds of sobbing. She felt as if her asshole was being split from her spine to her cunt, and her son's cock raged in and out unconcerned for her pain.

She could hear him gasping and panting as he pounded his cock back and forth. Then, to her surprise and relief, the pain was going away. And as it faded, she found a new feeling there. The friction along the squeezing ring of her asshole began to feel good. In fact, it began to feel very good. Her soft cries turned to whimpers of strange pleasure, and she began to wiggle her ass gingerly. She found it quite pleasant now, and began to work her ass with her son.

"You like it!" Tommy moaned. "You're moving your ass, Mom! You really like it up the ass, don't you?"

Sherri didn't respond for a moment. She had pulled her knuckles out of her mouth, her hand sliding under her body to her thighs. She pushed her palm between them, letting his young, very hot balls, rub across her finger as they slapped against her juicy cunt. She was amazed at the juices seeping out of her pussy, making her palm slippery. She usually became very wet, but this time she was literally dripping pussy-juices down her thighs.

"Yes!" she gasped.

"Right up your fucking ass, Mom!" he laughed happily, ramming his cock in and out. "I'm fucking you right up your tight, hot asshole!"

Sherri could only whimper now. She couldn't believe that taking a cock, any cock, up her ass could make her cunt so wet and fiery, feel so wonderful. She pushed her ass back at him.

She clutched his balls, trying to stuff them in to her cunt, but each time he withdrew, they pulled back. She closed her fingers around her son's balls, squeezing them, her hand moving as he increased the speed of his cock into her asshole.

"Tommy… " She cried out. "You're going to make me come again! I don't believe this… I'm getting fucked in my ass and it's making my cunt… ohhh, there! I'm coming, Tommy!"

The crinkling spasms of his mother's asshole around his cock was too much for Tommy. Already overly excited to have his cock inside her fiery ass, he began spattering his come-juice along the satiny walls, filling her asshole as he had her cunt a few minutes before.

Sherri was surprised again… she was going through a whole series of orgasms, one after the other, for the first time in her life. She was experiencing multiple orgasms she had only heard about, and her son was causing them by fucking her in the asshole!


"No one ever did it to me that way before," Sherri said the next morning as they ate a late breakfast.

"What way; Mom?" he asked.

"Back there," she said, shyly. "You know where."

"Why don't you just say in your ass and get it over with, Mom?"

"I don't use such language," she said, blushing faintly. "I've never used that kind of language in my life."

"Maybe not, but you sure let it go when you're fucking, don't you?"

Sherri nodded, keeping her eyes down bashfully. In her whispery voice, she said, "I can't help it then. Something comes over me arid, well… you know."

"Yeah, I know, Mom," he giggled, finishing his breakfast. He moved behind her, dropping his hands across her shoulders and cupping her tits through her robe. Sherri leaned back against her son, closing her eyes with a soft, pleasant sigh. She placed her hands on top of his, crushing his palms against her perky tits. "Mom… was that really the first time you were fucked in your ass?"

She tilted her head up, looking at him, nodding. She didn't blush -now, and her blue eyes twinkled. "Really. You were the first, Tommy."

He squeezed her tits. "And the only one, right?"

Her twinkling eyes clouded over. She knew what he meant, and she couldn't answer. Not that she thought Frank would ever push his big cock into her asshole, but her son was trying hard to glue her more firmly to him, take her away from Frank.

"I've got to do some shopping," she said, pulling from him and standing up.

"You didn't answer, Mom," he said, his eyes clouding over.

"Please, Tommy. I've got to dress and shop."

She felt his eyes burn on her back as she left him in the kitchen. She bathed, dressed, and put her makeup on, then went to the living room to tell Tommy she was leaving. He looked at her, seeing the long slit of her skirt, half her nyloned thigh showing. He lifted his eyes to her face and suddenly grinned.

"I'll be here when you finish," he said. "Bring some fresh fruit; I think we're about out."

She promised and kissed his cheek, and felt his hand slide over her ass and hip tenderly.

She spent two hours shopping, then made arrangements for delivery. She used a phone booth to call Frank at work.

"Why are you avoiding me, Sherri!" he asked right away.

"Please don't ask," she whispered. "I've got an… well, I have something I have to handle, darling. Be patient, please."

"Sherri, you've broken two dates with me," he reminded her. "What's a horny guy to do. When are you going to see me again?"

"Soon, I promise. Just let me try to solve this little problem first. I love you," she ended, hanging up. A grin spread over her face.

She walked home swiftly, not understanding her emotions. She loved Frank with a passion, and she knew very well what her son was up to, and she loved that, too. She was going to have to make a decision, and soon, or she would lose Frank altogether.

At first, when she entered her home, she thought it was empty. Then she heard voices. Frowning because Tommy had someone in when she told him many times not to have his friends over when she was gone, she followed the voices to his room. The door was closed, but the voices were clear.

"… and that's what I'm doing, Cindy," she heard Tommy say.

"That's nasty," came the giggles of Frank's daughter. "You mean she lets you do it, too?"

"She loves it," Tommy said, bragging. "My mom can't get enough of me. Now, if you'd give your dad some pussy, we could break them up pretty easy, I think. I'm sure that's why my mom sees your dad all the time, just to get laid."

"Daddy might get mad at me," Cindy said. "He's always had girlfriends since my mother died, but he's never tried anything with me."

"Mom didn't with me, either," Tommy told Cindy. "It's like I said. I saw them fucking and made my mom fuck me. If we both do it with them, maybe they'll stop talking about getting married."

Sherri wanted to shout and scream. Her son was plotting with Frank's daughter, trying to get her to seduce her own father as a means of breaking them up.

"You know, Tommy," she heard Cindy say, "I don't know if I can believe you. Did you really fuck your own mother? You're not lying to me to try and get me to do something I'll get into trouble for, are you?"

"Hey, no, Cindy," Tommy said. "I really fucked her. You've seen her movies, haven't you? You know she's beautiful, and boy… is she a good piece of ass! No wonder your father wants to marry my mom!"

"Well… " Cindy's voice was doubtful. "If you could kinda prove it, I might try it with my dad."

"How am I going to prove that?" Tommy asked.

"I could sort of hide," Cindy said. "Maybe in a closet, and watch."

"Mom would catch you," he warned.

"I'd be real quiet, and if I could see you fuck her, then I'd know for sure. If I was sure, I might try it with Daddy."

Sherri listened to them plan on hiding Cindy in Tommy's closet and he was to lure her into his room, and fuck her so the girl could watch. The very idea made her angry at her son. She wanted to burst into his room and send Cindy home immediately, then punish her son someway. But she knew she could no longer punish him; they were much too involved now.

Instead of bursting in, she turned and retraced her steps to the living room. She opened the door, then slammed it again, calling out, "Tommy, I'm home! Where did you go darling?"

She heard him come out of his room. "Right here, Mom. Did you buy more fresh fruit?"

"Bananas and apples, okay?" she called seeing him come down the hallway alone."

"That's fine," he said, pressing up against her, kissing her lips, tasting her lipstick. He clutched at her ass, pulling her against his body hard.

"You'll wrinkle my skirt," she protested.

It was happening too fast, she thought frantically. He was going to do it now. Cindy was in his closet already. She didn't have time to try and thwart them, talk to Frank. But what could she tell Frank without revealing she was fucking her own son? Almost in panic, she pushed her son away, turning.

"Mom, look at this," he said, pointing at the front of his jeans. "I've had this hard-on since you left. I need it now, Mom. I need a piece real bad right now."

Just pressing against her had not created that hard-on, she knew. He must have been feeling up Cindy while they talked. She found herself wondering if they had fucked, and then surprised herself by a quick feeling of jealousy.

The very thought of her son feeling Cindy's tight, young tit ties made her jealous! With anger and jealousy running through her, Sherri made an instant decision. She placed her hand over her son's cock, feeling it throb through his pants. She squeezed it, grinning lewdly at him.

"Okay, Tommy," she whispered throatily. "You've got it."

As she followed him to his room, knowing Cindy was hiding in his closet to watch, Sherri wondered why she was doing this. Cindy would see Tommy fucking her, then she would try and seduce her father, and their plan might, just might, work. She didn't want that, not at all. She suddenly felt competitive with Cindy, and she didn't know if Tommy fucked the little girl yet.

She entered his room, glancing toward the closet door. It was open just a crack, she saw, but couldn't see Cindy peeking out. It was the only place the girl could be, though. Surely Cindy wasn't hiding in the hall bathroom.

Sherri began to remove her blouse, trembling slightly. She felt as if she was before the cameras again. She tried to keep from looking at the closet door, and at her son. Tommy had simply shoved his pants to his ankles, leaving his shirt on. His cock strained out with throbbing hardness, his balls low but full.

"You don't have to take everything off, Mom," he said.

"No? I thought you loved me naked." she said, making sure her voice was loud enough to carry into the closet just incase Cindy was, indeed, there and watching.

"I do, but this time I want something else," he said.

"Oh, and what would that be?"

"A blow-job," he said simply.

"Where in the world did you learn all this, Tommy?" she asked.

"Mom, all the kids know things today," he replied as if that was all the answer required.

"What makes you think I'd do that?"

"You loved it up the ass, didn't you?" he reminded her. "You didn't think you'd like that, either, but you loved it."

"I just might," she whispered softly. "I just may love sucking your cock, Tommy." She removed her blouse, then her bra, wanting to flaunt her firm, high tits to Cindy, show the girl what she had for her son.

"I won't take everything off if all you want is a blow-job, but-" she pulled her skirt to her waist, sliding her skimpy panties to her knees "-I'll drop my panties in case you want to fuck me… afterward."

Tommy pushed his hips forward, and she saw him glance at the closet quickly. That was enough to tell her Cindy was there and not in the bathroom. She moved toward her son, her steps constrained by her panties at her knees. She closed her fist about his cock, pumping it as she kissed his lips, plunging her tongue into his mouth.

"Mmmm, hard and hot for me," she purred, sliding down to her knees, jutting her naked ass wantonly, spreading her knees and stretching her panties to show her bushy cunt to the closet door. "Yes, I think I'm going to really enjoy this."

Sherri's tongue darted and licked at her son's stomach, her eyes gazing adoringly up at him. She ran her hands about his body, feeling his thighs, his hips, his ass, her tongue swirling on his flesh. The feel of his young, throbbingly hard cock brushing below her chin excited her, especially the hot wetness. The lower her face went, the more her naked ass pushed out.

With her hot, wet tongue reaching her son's cock, she purred in pleasure and licked about the tuft of hair at the base, then along the hot shaft to the swollen head. Still looking up at him with moist, sparkling eyes, Sherri cupped her son's tight ass in her palms, and drew his cock between her lips.

"Ahhhh, Mom!" Tommy moaned as the hot wetness of his mother's mouth Wrapped about his cock.

"Mmmm," she purred, sliding her lips onto his cock, taking it inside her mouth until her lips were smashed against the base.

She held his cock deeply t her tongue rolling about it, lips writhing. She felt his hot balls resting against her chin, and she began fondling his asst squeezing the cheeks, pulling him forward to try and get his cock deeper.

With her mouth full of her son's cock, Sherri's cunt responded with little twitches of pleasure. Her clit strained from the hairy wet folds, and she made tight swinging motions of her ass while she moaned loudly with cock sucking ecstasy.

She could now hear the hot breathing coming from the closet. It pleased her that this was exciting Cindy. Her desire to show her son she could be better than Cindy was overwhelming, yet she was delighted to know the young girl was becoming excited as she watched from the closet.

Tommy was gasping softly now. He placed one hand on top of his mother's head, the other behind it. Sherri felt her son trembling as she began sucking back and forth on his cock. Her eyes never left his facet wanting to see his rapture. She clung to his ass, her fingers in the crack, squeezing the cheeks. Each time she pushed her mouth onto his cock, she pulled his ass forward, making the hot head brush into her throat.

"Ohhh, Mom, Mom!" Tommy gurgled, humping his hips now. "Ah, it's so good, Mom! Your mouth is so hot and wet! Suck it, Mom! Oh, suck my cock hard!"

Sherri found herself wanting to suck fast, suck in a frenzy, make his cock explode into her mouth, send his sweetness, his fiery come-juice down her throat fast. But she also wanted to suck his cock slowly, to enjoy it inside her mouth and on her tongue before she made him come off.

Tommy was pulling at her head, forcing her mouth onto his cock, grunting with intense ecstasy, watching her lips slide on his cock. Sherri gazed up at him with sparkling hunger, and. sucked a little faster. The faster she sucked, the more her son trembled and gasped and groaned. She jerked at his asst making his cock thrust into her mouth as she pushed her face into him. His hot balls seemed to blister her chin as they banged against it. Her ass jutted out more, her cunt burning. Writhing her ass tightly, Sherri began to purr as her cunt steamed.

"Oh, Mom, Mom!" Tommy cried out, his head lifting as his rapture burned through him.

"Ohhh, Mom! I can't take much more! Oh, my balls, my balls! My balls are so hard, Mom! My cock is about to… ooooooh, suck me, Mom! Suck my cock hard!"

Sherri clutched her son's ass tightly, and her face began to dart back and forth, her lips sliding on the delicious hardness of her son's cock. She began making wet sounds as she sucked. Twisting her head a little, she moved her lips as she sucked. She never pulled her lips any farther back than the ridge of his swollen cock-head, but smashed them in a brutal way against the base of his cock. She wanted the head of her son's cock to bruise her throat as it banged into it. Her hunger to have his hot come-juice in her mouth now turned her desperate. She moaned around his cock as her cunt began to pulsate wetly, the hairy lips puffy and her clit bulging. Her asshole crinkled and puckered.

Tommy was making husky grunting sounds, holding her head tightly and fucking into her mouth frantically. Feeling his cock jerking and becoming even harder, Sherri knew he was on the brink of discharge. She closed her lips as tight as she could, and let her son fuck her mouth fast and deep.

"Mommmmmmm!" Tommy yelped.

The hot gush of his come-juice spewed across her tongue and to her throat. Sherri whimpered and twisted her jutting ass, her cunt suddenly convulsing as she tasted her son's creamy come juice. She began to gulp as he squirted time and again, but still the scalding sweetness oozed from her tight lips, dripping to her chin. She swallowed desperately, trying to get every drop down her throat, but he came more than she expected, and soon her chin was glistening, little drops of his juice dripping onto her straining tits and nipples.

Clinging to her son's ass with tight hands, Sherri pulled his cock deep into her mouth, holding it as it softened, her tongue tenderly twisting about it, his balls on her chin. But Tommy was sensitive, and pushed her mouth off his prick, looking down at her with a huge grin.

"Wow!" he breathed. "That was fantastic, Mom."

Sherri smiled, getting to her feet and stepping out of her panties. Her lips and chin glistened with come-juice, her titties smeared. Her skirt clung to her hips, her ass and cunt exposed.

"You can come out now, Cindy," she said.


"You know?" Tommy asked, looking guiltily toward the closet.

"Of course," Sherri smiled at him. "Mothers always know."

Her hand held her son's soft cock as she turned toward the closet door.

"Come out, Cindy," she said in her whispery voice. "There's no use hiding now."

The closet door slid open slowly, and the exquisitely pretty face of Cindy peeked out shyly.

"You told me she wouldn't know," she accused Tommy in a soft voice.

"How was I to know?" he said.

Sherri smiled as the girl came from the closet. "It isn't his fault, Cindy," she explained. "I heard you two talking."

Cindy blushed, lowering her eyes as she clasped her hands in front of her.

"I guess you're gonna tell my dad now," she said in a very soft, shy voice. "I told Tommy we'd get into trouble."

Sherri couldn't be mad at the lovely girl. Her feeling of jealousy was gone. She couldn't be jealous of this exquisite little creature. Although she had known Cindy since she began dating Frank, she had not really paid attention to her. Now, she was looking at a very sweet, beautiful little girl with big eyes and delicious flesh.

Cindy was wearing a skirt and blouse, with knee-high socks, her light-brown hair pulled into a long ponytail. She was a small girl for her age. But she had saucy little tits not yet big enough to fit into a small hand. Her waist was tiny, and she had long, slender legs and a perky little, very tight, ass.

"No one is in trouble," Sherri heard herself respond softly.

Cindy glanced up at her from lowered, dusky lashes. "We're not?"

"I won't tell your father" Sherri said, "but you two have to forget about this silly plan of breaking us up. Frank and I love each other."

"I don't want my daddy to marry anyone" Cindy said, her bottom lip trembling. "You're awfully nice, Sherri, but I don't want my daddy to have a wife."

Sherri was still standing with her skirt barely hanging on her hips. The soft curls of her cunt were showing, and she was holding her son's cock in her hand, the head showing from the end of her fist. Her jutting tits, so round and yet pointed, glistened with the come-juice that had dripped from her mouth.

Cindy, still standing with her hands folded shyly in front of her little body, glanced from Sherri to Tommy, her eyes seeing Sherri's tits and hairy cunt. Her big eyes were moist, and she moved her little pink tongue over her lips. She was trembling.

Sherri felt her heart go to Cindy, but she felt something else, too.


"Did you watch it all, honey?" Sherri asked with a breathless whisper. "Everything I did?"

Cindy nodded, her eyes never leaving the head of Tommy's cock.

"Cindy, have you and Tommy done anything like this… yet?"

"Hey, no, Mom!" her son answered.

Sherri squeezed his cock. "You think I'm going to be mad if you have?"

"But it's the truth, Sherri," Cindy said. "We almost did, once."

"Oh, and why didn't you?"

"Because… " Cindy whispered.

"Because you come home too early, Mom," her son supplied. "All we did was play with each other. If you hadn't come home so soon, you would have caught us fucking."

Cindy gasped when Tommy said that, her eyes lifting briefly to Sherri's face, then down again.

"Maybe I should come in later then," Sherri whispered, squeezing her son's cock hard. "Give you two more time."

"You're gonna tell my daddy," Cindy said in a trembling voice.

Sherri felt herself vibrating with heat as she held her son's cock and gazed at the delicious girl.

"Cindy," she asked softly. "Did you like watching me and Tommy?"

Cindy jerked her head up and down, once, her pony tail swaying, but she didn't look at Sherri; she was looking at the head of Tommy's cock again. A bead of his juice gleamed on his piss-hole.

"Would you like to watch us… fuck?" Sherri asked.

A soft squeal came from Cindy, and still with her eyes down shyly, she nodded vigorously.

Sherri decided, and pulled on her son's cock, making the head bulge. "Okay. But you'll have to help me get him hard again."

"I… I don't know… what do you want me to do, Sherri?" Cindy asked bashfully.

"Kiss his cock," Sherri suggested. "Just the head… on the little hole. That should make him hard."

"And you won't tell my daddy?"

"Of course not," Sherri answered.

Nervously Cindy stepped closer, her eyes on the head of Tommy's cock. She kept her hands folded, leaning down as Sherri lifted Tommy's prick upward. She found herself shaking with erotic pleasure as she watched those young, pouty lips kiss the head of her son's cock. When Cindy lifted her face, her lips were wet with the drop of juice. Her little tongue slid over her lips, tasting it. Her eyes grew large, a shy smile on her face.

"It didn't get hard," she said softly.

"It will," Sherri answered, turning her son's cock loose. "Here, you hold his cock while I undress."

She noticed the eagerness of Cindy's fist closing about her son's cock, and the deep breath of her son. She peeled her clothing off, watching them. Cindy pulled and pushed on Tommy's cock as she stood before him, but she was watching Sherri undress. By the time she was naked, Sherri was very eager to let this pretty girl watch her fuck Tommy. Again, feeling as though she was performing in front of the cameras, she drew her son to his bed, with Cindy clinging to his cock as if afraid she would lose it. She lay back, her head on the pillow, and opened her legs.

"Oooooh," Cindy purred as she saw the wetness of Sherri's cunt. "You have so much hair!"

"Would you like to touch it?" Sherri offered, sliding her own fingers through her pussy-hair. Tommy watched, his cock swelling in Cindy's hand. What his mother was doing excited him very much. He had no qualms about fucking his mother while Cindy watched them.

He wanted to fuck Cindy very much, too. Maybe if she saw him fuck his mother, he was thinking, she would let him. If Cindy knew they could fuck without fear of being caught, she might be more relaxed, he felt. Besides that, like most boys, he wanted to perform while being seen.

"I don't know if I… " Cindy responded to Sherri's question. "Girls aren't supposed to… you know."

"Why not?" Sherri asked, parting the pink folds of her pussy to let her clit strain up.

"I don't know," Cindy said, now working her fist back and forth on Tommy's cock, but gazing with blazing eyes at his mother's cunt.

"Here," Sherri said, lifting her ass and taking Cindy's free hand and pulling it to her cunt. "You can feel. It isn't wrong to feel something that gives pleasure."

She placed Cindy's small hand on her cunt, her own on top of it. Cindy gasped as she felt the wet heat of Sherri's cunt. "Oooh, it's soft and wet! Just like mine."

"And Tommy's cock is hard," Sherri whispered. "Come on, baby… let's fuck!"

Cindy reluctantly released his cock, and stood watching as he climbed onto the bed between his mother's spread legs. Sherri pulled her hairy cunt open with her fingers, arching her crotch to her son as he moved his cock close to it.

"Rub me just a little, Tommy," Sherri breathed. "Let Cindy see you touch my cunt with your cock."

Tommy, gripping his cock at the base, rubbed the swollen head up and down the slit of her pussy, sliding it along the lips and smashing it onto her swollen, inflamed clit. Sherri squealed as the pressure against her sensitive clit jolted her with fiery pleasure.

Cindy leaned over, watching intently. Sherri noticed she had pushed her hand between her slim thighs, covering her cunt through her skirt. Cindy was breathing hotly, in little panting sounds as she stared at Tommy's cock smashing Sherri's clit. She brought her hand up to her tit, cupping it and squeezing her long nipple, sighing softly.

"Put it in me," she breathed. "Put your cock inside me now, Tommy. Show Cindy how easily your cock goes into my cunt."

Tommy lowered his cock, and slipped the head into the fiery slit of his mother's cunt. Cindy made mewling sounds as she watched, seeing the hairy cunt stretch about the swollen head. Her small ass began to twist, the movement not missed by Sherri.

"Slide it in me!" she moaned softly, arching her hips. "Push it all the way in my pussy, Tommy!"

Tommy thrust, his cock stabbing to the hilt. Sherri cried out with the filling ecstasy, and her hands darted from her tits to her son's naked ass, clutching the cheeks and drawing her knees up and back to his shoulders. Cindy made little squealing sounds, shifting her face so she could see Sherri's rounded ass lifted into the air, Tommy's balls in the crack of her ass, her stretching cunt wrapped about the base of his cock.

For a moment or so, Sherri held her son's cock deep inside her squeezing cunt, clutching his ass. Then she could wait no longer.

"Tommy fuck me!" she moaned. "Ohhh, baby, fuck me good! I want to be fucked… tucked by your hard cock! My cunt is on fire, Tommy! Fuck mother… mother's cunt!"

Cindy was making excited sounds as she watched Tommy's cock lift, then plunge in, lift and plunge again. Her hand pressed very hard at her own bubbling little cunt now, her small ass making grinding motions as she stared at his cock plunging in and out of his mother's wet hairy pussy. She heard the wet sounds, and pushed her wide-eyed face a little closer and Sherri felt the steamy breath of Cindy on her thigh.

"Watch it!" she gurgled. "Cindy, watch Tommy fuck me! See his cock in my cunt? Watch how good it is? See his balls bounce on my ass… his cock in my cunt?"

"Oooh, I see!" Cindy said.

Sherri arched high, pulling her knees as far back as she could, taking the rapid thrusts of her son's cock into her cunt. She clung to his ass, feeling his balls slap against the puckering ring of her hairy asshole. With Cindy watching, It. was even more delicious. Having the young girl see her son's cock stabbing into her cunt sent wave after wave of scalding ecstasy through her. All her earlier, instant, jealousy was gone, and all she wanted now was for Cindy to watch her son fuck her. It was so wonderfully wicked.

"It goes all the way in!" Cindy squealed softly. "I can see it go all the way in!"

"Watch it!" Sherri called out. "Watch Tommy fuck my cunt!"

Tommy, his hands on his mother's shoulders, holding tightly, banged deeply, feeling her tits rub at his chest. He turned his head toward Cindy, seeing her hand pushed between her thighs.

"Cindy, can you see my cock in my mom's cunt!" he grunted.

"Ohhh, yes!" Cindy moaned softly. "I can see it… I can see everything! Ooooh, it looks so good!"

"It feels better!" Sherri cried out, churning her naked ass wildly, humping up to meet the stab of her son's cock. "Oooooh, God, does it feel so good! Fuck me, Tommy! Ahhh, baby, fuck that cunt hard! My pussy is on fire… mother's cunt is burning up! Ohhh, Tommy, fuck it, fuck it, fuck it!"

In her ecstasy, Sherri jerked a hand from his bouncing ass, sliding it to Cindy's body. She pushed her hand up the back of Cindy's thigh, under her skirt. She felt the lacy edges of Cindy's panties, then cupped one small, very tight ass-cheek. Cindy whimpered and shifted her little ass closer so Sherri could feel and caress her ass, her eyes blazing at the way Tommy's cock moved in and out of her hairy cunt.

Sherri, delighted that Cindy had shifted to let her feel, pushed her fingers in between Cindy's thighs from behind. Cindy pulled her hand from her cunt, and Sherri rubbed at the fiery young pussy through the thin nylon panties, finding them drenched with pussy-juice. With her son's cock pounding in her cunt, making beautiful squishy sounds, Sherri feverishly slipped her fingers inside Cindy's tight little panties. When Cindy didn't protest, she squeezed a small asscheek, then pushed her fingers to the hot, wet little slit of her cunt. Working a finger slowly, Sherri pushed it inside Cindy's cunt, finding it very tight.

"Ooooh, Sherri!" Cindy cried out, turning her ass toward Sherri's shoulders. "Ohhhhh, that feels good, Sherri!"

Cindy was bent over now, her chin resting on the bed near Sherri's bouncing ass, staring as Tommy kept up a relentless thrust into his mother's greedy cunt. She waggled her ass, bracing herself with one hand on the bed, her legs straight, her little ass jutting toward Sherri's head. Sherri tried to finger-fuck Cindy's tight pussy, but her panties kept getting in the way.

"I want them down!" Sherri sobbed in ecstatic hunger. "I want your panties down, Cindy!"

"Pull her panties down, Mom!" Tommy groaned.

"Ohhh yes, Sherri!" Cindy cried out, jerking her skirt up over her ass with her free hand. "Take my panties down! Yank my panties down!"

Feverishly, her naked ass churning as her son fucked into her cunt, Sherri pulled at the tight, skimpy panties until they were dangling at Cindy's knees. She stared at the tight shape of Cindy's young, satiny ass.

"Beautiful little ass," Sherri gasped. "Ohhh, such a pretty little ass! See her ass, Tommy?"

Tommy stared at Cindy's exposed ass, pounding his cock faster and faster into his mother's cunt. This was, really, the first time he had seen Cindy's ass. He had felt it, played with her young cunt, but he had not really seen either.

Cindy lifted one knee to the bed near Sherri's shoulder, spreading her legs slightly, her panties now dangling from one ankle. Sherri pushed her hand to the succulent cunt, then pushed her finger into the fiery tightness again.

"Ahhh, so tight and hot," she purred, working the finger back and forth. "Kiss her ass, Tommy! Ooooh, kiss her sweet little ass!"

Tommy, pumping faster and deeper into his mother's cunt, turned his face to Cindy's ass, kissing the cheek closest to him. Cindy squealed with pleasure, sliding one of his arms beneath Sherri's churning ass.

Seeing Tommy's cock plunging in and out of his mother's cunt made her small body burn hotly, her little cunt so very wet.

"Lick her ass!" Sherri urged, ramming her finger into Cindy's cunt swiftly, creating little juicy sounds. "Lick her pretty little ass, Tommy! Taste it… taste Cindy's ass!"

Tommy's tongue darted out, lapping about the satiny flesh of Cindy's sweet ass-cheek. Sherri, sobbing in mindless passion, pulled. her finger from Cindy's cunt. It was dripping with her creamy pussy-juices. Before her son knew what his mother was going to do, Sherri pushed her dripping finger into his mouth.

"Taste her cunt, Tommy! Ooooooh, I bet her little cunt is so sweet, just like candy!"

Tommy sucked at his mother's finger, rolling his tongue about it. He pounded even faster into her cunt, his hands jerking down to cup the cheeks of her grinding ass. Sherri plunged her finger into Cindy's cunt again, fucking it swiftly, then pushing it into her son's mouth. Cindy was sobbing with ecstasy as she watched Tommy fucking his mother, her little cunt being stabbed over and over by Sherri's finger.

Sherri, burning with rapture, closed her hand on the inside of Cindy's thigh, near her cunt, and was starting to pull it toward her face, wanting to kiss her pussy as her son fucked her so deeply. Cindy, crying out with pleasure, was not resisting, but swaying her ass closer to Sherri's face.

Tommy's wild grunt stopped her.

"I'm going to come, Mom!"

Swiftly, Sherri pulled from Cindy's naked little ass.

"Take it out!" she squealed. "Pull your cock out and come on my cunt so Cindy can see it! Let her see your cock squirt on my cunt, Tommy!"

Tommy jerked his prick out of his mother's cunt.

Sherri drew her knees back, her cunt spread open.

"Cindy, grab his cock and jack him off!" she shouted urgently. "Hurry and jack him off, make him come on my pussy!"

With excited squeals, Cindy grasped Tommy's slippery wet cock and jerked her small fist back and forth. Tommy, now on his knees, moaned as his hips jerked. His cock was ready to burst, and the tight sliding of Cindy's fingers finished him off.

Sherri, her arms behind her knees, lifted her head to watch her son's cock spurt. She squealed as the creamy juice gushed out of his piss-hole and spurted onto her stomach, then the soft hairs of her pussy J and finally on the wet lips of her cunt and clit. Cindy cried softly as she jacked his prick, watching Sherri's cunt become drenched in the thick juice. Sherri felt her son's hot juices running along the slit of her cunt and into the split of her ass, burning the pucker of her asshole. Squirt after squirt came out of his cock, and her pussy-hair was almost saturated with his juices.

"Ooooh, nice," Sherri breathed. "I love the way it feels, squirting on my cunt."

Cindy moaned in disappointment when his cock finished, and she milked it with his fist, rubbing the head into Sherri's cunt and over her clit.

"Do it again!" she whimpered. "I wanna see you do it again!"

But Tommy's cock was soft, his balls loose and empty.

"It's not hard, Cindy," he panted.

"I mean spurt!" Cindy sobbed. "I wanna see it come again!"

"I can't!" Tommy moaned, sitting back on his heels. "Not so soon."

"Let him rest," Sherri suggested, spreading her legs out, around her son's body. She ran her palms across her stomach, smearing his come juice into her flesh, then the hair of her cunt and finally her pussy-lips. She brought her fingers to her face, licking them.

"Ooooh, does it taste good, Sherri?" Cindy said, half giggling and half gasping.

"Try it," Sherri suggested.

Cindy, licking her lips, ran her finger across the come-juice, then put her tongue to her finger. Her eyes widened, and then she rubbed her palm into Sherri's cunt, and stood up, lapping the juices from her palm…


"You really won't tell my daddy?" Cindy asked.

"Why should I say anything to him?" Sherri responded.

She was fresh from the shower, wrapped in a huge towel. She came back to Tommy's room, and sat in his one chair, crossing her long legs and looking at them. Tommy's cock was half hard, and Cindy was playing with it, showing no sign of her earlier shyness now. Her little panties lay on the floor, and her skirt was high on her thighs, her knees together.

"I don't want him to know," Cindy said. "I don't want Daddy mad at me."

Sherri watched her small hand fondle her son's cock and balls. Tommy leaned back, showing his pleasure with a smile.

"Cindy, are you going to do this with your father?" Sherri asked.

"I… I don't know," Cindy replied, showing her shyness again.

"You didn't answer me earlier, about trying to break us up," Sherri said. "Neither of you answered me. I want an answer now. I made a bargain with you, Cindy, remember?"

Cindy nodded, playing with Tommy's cock.

"I promised not to say anything to him if you two would stop trying to interfere with us, remember?"

Both of them nodded this time.

"Well? I need your answer," Sherri said.

Cindy started to say something when the telephone rang.

"Wait here for me," Sherri said, leaving her son's room.

It was Frank, wanting to know if Cindy was there.

"She's here, darling," Sherri answered. "She's been here all afternoon. The three of us have been enjoying ourselves. I had no idea what time it was getting to be."

"Just as long as I know where she is," Frank said. "I don't want her running around after dark."

"She's fine," Sherri said. "Cindy is a lovely little girl. I wish she and Tommy would understand I'd love to be her mother… your wife."

"Those two aren't giving you any problems about us, are they?" he wanted to know.

"No, not now," Sherri smiled. "We're really enjoying ourselves."

"I just may be doing something about that," Sherri said mysteriously.

"Great," Frank answered. "Send her home when you get tired of her."

"I will, darling," Sherri said, hanging up.

She stood near her bed, smiling softly. If she and Frank married, she didn't want to give up her son. And now that Cindy has shown her steaming hungers, she would have to do something about that, too. If she and Frank married, her son would still want to fuck her, and she was sure, Cindy. That meant care would have to be taken. She didn't think Frank would go for it at all.

Then she realized she was getting ahead of herself. The first thing she had to do was get Tommy and Cindy to let them get married.

She returned to her son's room.

Tommy had removed Cindy's blouse, and her perky little titties with hard pink nipples showed. Cindy's skirt was at her waist now, and Tommy's cock was once more throbbing with hardness.

"Did I miss anything?" Sherri said. "Cindy, that was your father. He said you could stay as long as you wanted."

"All night?" Cindy giggled lewdly, sweetly.

Sherri laughed. "I doubt that. But you can have dinner with us, as long as you get home before your father goes to bed."

Sherri stood looking at them, seeing Cindy gripping her son's cock. She moved her eyes to the fine slit of Cindy's cunt. A sprinkling of light-brown hair sprouted at the top of the slit, that was all.

"Let me see it," Sherri whispered.

Cindy looked up at her. "You mean my… " She pointed at her pussy.

"Please," Sherri said.

Cindy tossed her legs wide open, sitting on the edge of Tommy's bed, her small fist clutching his hard cock. The sweet cunt glistened wetly, the little lips tight. Cindy looked at Sherri pleased to display her sugary pussy so openly. Her tight ass was on the very edge of the bed, the crack of her cheeks melting to the sweet slit of her cunt. Sherri's mouth watered, and her bushy pussy began to throb with aching need. She wanted to sit on the floor and bury her face into that sweet heat, taste and lick and suck the fine slit and make Cindy come in fiery orgasms.

Cindy s cunt… so lovely, so creamy and soft and fresh…

There was one more thing before she could kiss and taste the sugary pussy.

"Do you want to fuck my son," Sherri asked breathlessly.

"You'd let us?" Cindy asked. "You'd let us do it, Sherri?"

"Sure she would," Tommy grinned.

"If I could watch," Sherri answered. "I'd love to see his cock in your tight cunt, Cindy."

"I don't care!" Cindy squealed and jerked at Tommy's cock.

"You let me watch, so you can watch me, too."

Sherri didn't like the thought in the back of her mind. She felt if she could get Cindy involved with her and Tommy, put her deeper into sex with them, she would have a handle over the little girl. She could use it as black-mail, force Cindy to give approval for the marriage. Tommy she would worry about later. Cindy was the one now. If she could involve Cindy in wild, uninhibited, open fucking with her and Tommy, she could threaten to tell her father, and Cindy was sure to come around.

But Sherri didn't like that idea. She didn't want to do this to Cindy; she wanted to play with her, watch her son fuck her and then lick her lovely little cunt and…

Cindy was no longer thinking about her father. But young as she was, she suspected what Sherri was up to. She didn't say anything, however. She wanted to be fucked by Tommy, and the delight of his mother not only saying they could, but would watch, excited her.

"You won't laugh at me, will you?" she asked Sherri.

"Why would I do that, honey?"

"This is my first time," Cindy confessed. "I probably can't do it as good as you. Maybe Tommy won't even enjoy it." Sherri wanted to laugh, but thought Cindy would be embarrassed.

"Darling," she said softly, "fucking doesn't really require the skill people think it does. You do what feels good, and everything always seems to work out for everyone."

"I don't know how to wiggle like you," Cindy said.

"Ahhhh, but you do," Sherri smiled, remembering how Cindy had wiggled her ass near her face while Tommy was fucking her. "You have a cute little wiggle, honey. Don't worry about that, just move any way you want to, just feel it and have fun."

"I wish I could wiggle the way you do in your movies," Cindy mewled. "That's real pretty."

"It gives me a hard-on," Tommy said.

"You can watch my ass later," she said. "I want to see you fuck now."

Tommy eagerly lay back on his bed, his cock sticking up in the air. He pulled Cindy on top of him. Caught by surprise, the little girl toppled across him, giggling.

Sherri dropped her towel, then moved to the bed. She tugged at the zipper at Cindy's skirt.

"Let's take this off, too," she said, and pulled the skirt away. Her breath was caught by the sheer beauty of the exquisite little ass of Cindy, those long, slender thighs. She was mouthwatering no matter where Sherri looked. She couldn't understand how Frank could live in the same house with her and not be sucking and fucking this lovely creature, even if he was her father.

"Like this?" Cindy said, sitting up on top of Tommy, his cock sliding into the heat of her tight ass-cheeks. "On top this way?"

"Any way you want," Sherri said. "On top, bottom, sideways… you can fuck in any position."

She stood and looked down, sliding her fingers through the silky hair of her cunt. Tommy pushed his cock to Cindy's crotch as she lifted. Sherri, from where she stood, saw the head push at the tight, puffy, hairless pussy. Cindy settled, her cunt stretching sweetly about the head of his cock. She was breathless as she felt it inside her, her eyes big, sparkling with delight. Slowly, she pushed her cunt down onto Tommy's cock, sitting with it buried completely. Her small body shook, her saucy tits pushing out with pink stiff nipples.

Sherri could not resist and ran her hand down the satiny back of Cindy, feeling her ass, then to her son's balls. She squeezed his balls and pressed them at the crack of Cindy's ass. Cindy giggled and began to move her hips back and forth.

"That's it, Cindy," Sherri breathed. "Wiggle any way you want!"

Tommy was groaning, his hands digging into Cindy's knees at his sides. He lifted his head and watched Cindy rub her cunt back and forth, feeling the deep pulsations of her tight cunt on his cock.

"Fuck him, Cindy!" Sherri moaned. "Pump your pretty ass!"

Cindy, squealing with ecstasy, leaned forward, her hands around Tommy's shoulders. He pushed his hands to her hard little tits, cupping them, her pink nipples burning his palms.

"Like this?" Cindy panted, lifting her ass then plunging it down.

"Ohhh, just like that!" Sherri said hotly, seeing the pink cunt pull on her son's cock, then slide down eagerly. "Fuck his cock, Cindy! Ram your pretty pussy on his prick! Fuck him… fuck him good!"

Clinging to her son's balls, Sherri was rubbing at her own cunt, feeling the hot juices drip along her inner thighs. She could smell the arousing fragrance of Cindy's slippery cunt as it moved up and down her son's throbbing cock. She wanted more than ever to bury her mouth against it, suck it, taste it, move her tongue in and out of it.

Cindy sobbed as her ass bounced, her cunt plunging up and down. She had her eyes closed, her mouth gaping. She revolved her sweet ass instinctively, the rapture creating her movements. Sherri watched it, seeing the ass spread open, the tiny crinkle of her pink asshole puckering as that hairless cunt spread tightly around her son's cock. It really didn't look big enough for Tommy's cock, yet Cindy was fucking him with frantic thrusts, ramming it up and down almost in a frenzy, twisting and grinding.

Feverishly, Sherri ran her hands about the small ass, feeling the heat in the cheeks. She rubbed at Cindy's twinkling, pink asshole, making the girl cry out with enhanced ecstasy. Sherri felt Cindy's asshole puckering, and imagined her son's cock fucking it, stretching it, coming up that fiery asshole instead of the juicy little cunt.

"Be still!" she hissed.

"What's the matter'?" Cindy gasped, her ass lifted, the lips clutching the head of Tommy's cock. "I thought I was doing it right, Sherri."

"You're doing beautiful, baby," Sherri whispered. "I just wanted to…"

She pushed her face down, sliding her tongue along the crack of Cindy's velvety little ass playing the tip against her crinkling asshole: then pushing it to the stretched cunt-lips. She tasted, then licked down the shaft of her son's cock, the pussy-juices of Cindy's sugary cunt inflaming her mind.

"Now fuck him!" she hissed, lifting her face.

Tommy was squeezing Cindy's hard little tits, grunting with the steamy tightness of her pussy. Sherri climbed onto the bed at her son's feet leaning back and spreading her legs along his: She had a beautiful view of them now, seeing Cindy s little ass open, her pink asshole twinkling hotly, her cunt grasping Tommy's cock so sweetly. Juices ran along the shaft of his cock to the base, and over his hot, full balls. The soft slapping excited Sherri almost as much as what she was seeing. She ran her hand down to her own cunt, and began to finger fuck herself vigorously.

"Ahhhh, that's sweet!" she gurgled. "Fuck him, Cindy! Ohhh, baby shake your hot ass, honey! Ride his hard cock! Ohhh, God… I can't stand it! I'm fucking myself! I'm fucking my cunt with my fingers!"

Cindy and Tommy both turned to look, and saw Sherri plunging all four of her fingers frantically into her hair-lined cunt. Cindy giggled and began stabbing her cunt up and down with more energetic movements.

"I'm gonna… ahhhh, I'm burning up!"

Cindy cried out. "Oooooh, I wanna do it!"

"Say fuck!" Sherri urged hotly, twisting.-her hips as she felt an orgasm steaming inside her cunt. "Say fuck and cock and cunt and… God, I'm going to come, too!"

"Oooooh, yes!" Cindy sobbed, shaking her tight little ass frantically. "I'm gonna come! Fuck me, Tommy! Fuck me in my cunt with your big hard cock and come in me and make me come and-"

Cindy let out a sharp scream, her cunt slamming down hard onto his cock, straining on him. She screamed again, and Sherri saw her pink asshole and gripping cunt go into fiery contractions.

Tommy shot his hands down Cindy's shaking back to her ass. Her gripped the cheeks tightly, pushing his cock hard and up. Sherri saw her son's balls draw up tight.

"Give it to her, Tommy!" she screeched. "Come in her hot cunt! Fill her sweet pussy up! Come in her… squirt it to her, darling! Fuck her cunt and come in her hot cunt and… " Sherri's hips jerked upward, her hairy cunt grabbing at her fingers, trying to suck them deep as she came and came.

When her vision cleared, she saw Cindy still on top of her son. Cindy was lying flat on. Tommy, and he was holding her while Cindy -sobbed. But her sobs were those of a very happy little girl. She was smearing wet kisses about Tommy's face, her hands gripping his hair.

Sherri saw her son's cock had been pushed out of the sweet cunt, and it once again looked like a sugary, tight slit. Cindy's lovable little ass was shivering as she opened and closed her slender thighs about his. Come-juice seeped and dripped from the pretty pussy, the ass-cheeks bunching and loosening, giving exciting peeks at her crinkling pink asshole.

Sherri could no longer resist.

She lifted to her knees, leaning over, burning moist kisses on Cindy's exquisite little ass, dragging her tongue up and down the crack. Cindy giggled lewdly, arching up to Sherri's face.

"Sweet," Sherri purred. "Such a sweet little ass."

Tommy, his hands resting lightly on Cindy's ass, felt his mother's lips and tongue brush them. He pulled Cindy's ass open.

"Kiss it, Mom," he said. "Kiss her right on the cunt."

"Oooooh," Cindy purred, lifting her ass, sliding her knees upward to push it into the air.

"Oh, God!" Sherri sobbed, and buried her mouth against the succulent slit, her nose pressing at the pucker of Cindy's hot asshole. She thrust her tongue up that tight pussy where her son's cock had just been,.and sucked hard. She pulled the juices of her son's balls out, swallowing them, hungrily, then fucking her tongue in and out, feeling that fiery tightness her son's cock had only a moment or so before.

"Ooooh, Sherri!" Cindy squealed, pushing her lovely ass and cunt into Sherri's face. "Ahhhh, your tongue… I'm gonna come again! "

Sherri plunged her tongue as deep as possible, wiggling it, her lips covering every inch of Cindy's sugary cunt. She moaned as she felt the wonderful contractions of this young cunt squeeze her darting tongue. She tongue-fucked swiftly, relentlessly, tasting the steamy sweetness until Cindy could stand no more, and pulled her body upward on Tommy's, sprawling across him with her cunt on his stomach, gasping and panting, her arms above her head, fingers clawing at the sheets.


The remains of their dinner were on the table.

Cindy delighted in her nakedness, refusing even to slip into her panties. She laughed and burbled and her conversation was-now sprinkled with cunt and cock and fuck and pussy and ass and titties. She was, Sherri thought with pleasure, acting like a naughty little girl getting away with something.

Sherri had pulled a robe around her body to cook in. But as they ate, she left it open so her tits showed, something both her son and Cindy enjoyed. Tommy had slipped into jockey shorts.

"I'm gonna have titties like yours, Sherri," Cindy announced. "And I'm gonna learn how to walk so my ass wiggles the way yours does, and I'm gonna have a lot of hair on my cunt and all the guys are gonna wanna fuck me and…"

"Slow down," Sherri laughed. "You're perfect just as you are, baby. Those little titties are sweet and saucy, and your ass is tight and cute. That's enough for now. Besides, what would your father say if he saw you wiggling around with boys after you?"

"I won't let him know," Cindy replied. "I won't do it when he's watching."

Then her eyes began to sparkle.

"Sherri, how big is my daddy's cock?"

"You really want to know that?"

"I wanna know everything," Cindy said. "Does he fuck good? Does his cock come like Tommy's? How big are his balls… are they real hairy like your pussy? Everything."

"I can't tell you that," Sherri said. "It wouldn't be fair to him. I can't tell him about you, can I?"

Cindy flashed a mischievous grin. "I don't care."

"Ah, but he might," Sherri replied. "No, it's best we don't say anything to him. This has to be our secret."

Cindy pouted, looking down. "You're gonna tell him anyway."

"Why should I, honey?"

"So he will think I'm a bad girl. And if you don't tell him, you're gonna threaten to so I'll say he can marry you."

Sherri was amazed at Cindy's perception. It was almost as if she had read her mind earlier.

"My mom wouldn't be that nasty," Tommy said, then looked her. "Would you, Mom?"

"Of course not," Sherri said, knowing now she certainly wouldn't use blackmail. "I'll never say a thing to him."

"I hope not," Cindy whispered. "I've had a lot of fun today, and if you told my daddy, I couldn't visit anymore."

"And then he wouldn't see me anymore, either," Sherri said. "Cindy, I love your father very much. I want him to be my husband. I would never hurt him in any way, nor you. So you see, I can't tell him-ever."

Cindy perked up then, flashing her lovely smile. "Let's fuck again," she said. "I wanna fuck and fuck and fuck forever!"

Tommy gave a long moan. "I don't know if I can stand much more of you two."

"Oh, come on, Tommy!" Cindy begged. "You can do it. I wanna see you fuck your mother again. We can get your cock hard, can't we, Sherri! We can get it real hard easy."

"I'm sure we can," Sherri agreed. "Cindy, would you like to see a different way of fucking this time?"

"How can it be different?" Cindy asked. "We can only do it with out cunts and our mouths. I wanna suck his cock now. I wanna feel it in my mouth and taste it when he comes. Come on, Tommy, I'll suck you off the way your mother did."

She jumped to her feet and began to tug at his hand eagerly.

"Suck his cock after I show you a new way to fuck, Cindy," Sherri said. Standing up, she dropped her robe. When Tommy stood, Cindy turned from him and cupped Sherri's tits, playing with them and purring happily.

"I wanna have tits just like yours, Sherri," she mewled and closed her hot little mouth about a nipple, sucking it hard.

Sherri held the pretty head tight against her tit. As she stood with Cindy sucking her tit, she turned her hand into her son's crotch, cupping him through his shorts. Tommy tilted his head and she kissed him, squeezing his cock hard. Tommy moaned into his mother's open mouth and grabbed at her ass. He was aware of the way his mother was going to fuck him, and he pushed a finger into the satiny crack, rubbing at her hot asshole.

"Mmmmm, stick it inside me, " Sherri purred.

Tommy pressed the tip of his finger against the crinkle of his mother's asshole, and Sherri pushed back, feeling it slide up her ass. She wiggled her hips as Cindy, sucking hard on her tit, slipped a small, hot hand down her stomach to touch and rub at her cunt.

"Ooooh, yes!" Sherri purred. "This is so nice! Finger my cunt, Cindy. Ahhhh, shove your finger way up my pussy and suck my tit hard, baby!"

Sherri parted her feet, and Cindy pushed her fingers into the hairy slit, stabbing them in and out. Sherri's eyes closed as sweet pleasure filled her body. The penetration of her son's finger up her asshole and Cindy's fingers fucking into her cunt was delicious. She slipped her hand down the front of her son's shorts and grasped his cock, squeezing and stroking it into beautiful hardness.

Tommy began to thrust his finger deeper and faster into his mother's asshole. Cindy, still sucking hard at her tit, was ramming her small fingers in and out of her cunt, shoving most of her small hand into it. Sherri wiggled and gasped with ecstasy, her legs shaking. Her asshole and cunt tightened and gripped at the fingers as she cooed and whimpered softly. She was gripping her son's cock inside his shorts, and her other hand had moved from Cindy's head and down her back, holding that adorable little ass tightly.

"Ahhhhh, yes!" she cried softly. "Oooooh, it's so good! God, do it faster and deeper! Ohhh… my babies! My sweet, sweet babies!"

Their fingers plunged wetly, juicy sounds loud in the kitchen. Her hips twitched, her legs weakening. Time and again she cried out with' ecstasy.

"Ohhhh, I'm getting close!" she whined. "I'm getting ready to come! Oooohh, make me come! I want to come so much! Fuck me… finger-fuck me… in my cunt and in my… asshole!"

Abruptly, her hips jerked, her body shuddering. Her cunt clutched at Cindy's fingers, her asshole clamping around her son's finger. The orgasm exploded throughout her curvy body with force that shook her from head to toe. Over and over the convulsion went on, and Sherri's legs became like rubber as she whimpered her rapture.

Cindy pulled her hot mouth from Sherri's tit. "Ooooh, I can feel you coming, Sherri! Your cunt is so tight… so wet and tight!"

Tommy grabbed the tit Cindy had been sucking on, and drew it into his mouth, slowly working his finger into his mother's asshole now that her orgasm was winding down. Sherri could hardly stand, and when her son pulled his finger out of her ass, she gently removed Cindy's fingers from her cunt, and sat down, leaning back and breathing hard, her tits shivering.

She watched with sparkling, slitted eyes as Cindy jerked Tommy's shorts to his thighs, and lowered to her knees. Cindy took Tommy's hot balls in one hand, the other on his ass, and stuffed his throbbing hard cock into her wet mouth, sucking it with excited mewls.

"Ooooh, you like that, Cindy?" Sherri asked softly. "Do you really like my son's cock?" Cindy pulled off, licking her tongue at his dripping piss-hole, then giggled cutely. "I love his cock!"

"Suck it, but don't make him come yet," Sherri said. "I want to show you…"

Cindy rammed her small mouth onto Tommy's cock hungrily, darting her sweet face back and forth. She pulled and twisted at his balls, squeezing his ass. Her small ass, so pretty, twisted as her hairless cunt bubbled wetly.

Sherri recovered as she watched them, strength returning to her. She stood, and nudged Cindy's face with her knee. "Let me have it now, baby."

Cindy sucked off Tommy's cock reluctantly, pouting prettily.

"It will be more comfortable on my bed," Sherri said, and walked ahead of them, her ass swaying in the famous jiggle.

Entering her bedroom, she had her son lie on his back in the center of the mattress, the satin sheets still mussed and unmade. His cock jutted up readily, jerking slightly. Climbing onto the bed with him, Sherri leaned down and filled her mouth with his cock, sucking it for a few delicious moments. Cindy sat at his feet, her eyes big and shining with eagerness. She parted her slender thighs and fondled her own pussy as she watched.

"Now you're going to see something very exciting," Sherri, said to Cindy, swinging her legs over her son, facing his feet. She drew her knees up, spreading them until she was squatting over her son's seeping cock.

Tommy cupped his mother's spreading ass, staring at her with heat in his eyes. Cindy leaned forward, starting to understand what Sherri was going to do.

Sherri pushed a hand below her spreading ass, shifting the head of her son's cock to her asshole.

"Are you really gonna do it there?" Cindy asked breathlessly.

"It feels very good," Sherri said, pushing her ass down onto the head of her son's cock. She moaned softly as she felt the pressure against the tight ring.

Cindy, her eyes big and round, stared at the hairy slit of Sherri's cunt, but mostly just past it where Sherri's asshole was starting to stretch, the head of Tommy's cock entering slowly. Pulling her hand from between her legs, she stretched out on her stomach, head and shoulders between Tommy's thighs, her face very close to Sherri's cunt. She made a soft gurgling sound and pushed one hand to Tommy's balls, staring as his cock slipped deeper into his mother's asshole.

Sherri gasped in delight as she pushed her ass down tightly, every bit of her son's cock now deep inside her ass, her coot pulsating wetly. She sat there, impaled by her son's cock for a long, shivering moment, then lifted until only the head was in her asshole.

"Watch me fuck him with my ass, Cindy!" Sherri whimpered, pushing down again. "Ahhhh, it's so good in my asshole! Watch his cock… watch my asshole suck it up, Cindy!"

"I see! Oooh, I see!" Cindy breathed, pulling at Tommy's balls.

For a few moments, Sherri bounced up and down on Tommy's cock, fucking herself as he lay still, his palms on her hips. She twisted and churned, making hot sounds of rapture, her tits swaying in movement. Cindy stared with hot eyes, her tongue moving over her lips.

Sherri leaned back, giving Cindy a much better view of her son's cock in her asshole. Bracing her body with one hand behind her, she used the other to agitate her cunt, smashing her clit. Her ass began to move faster, pounding up and down.

Cindy watched creamy juices seep from Sherri's hair-lined cunt, felt them on her little hand as she twisted and pulled on Tommy's balls. She breathed in the exciting fragrance of Sherri's drenched cunt and Tommy's balls. She squirmed her hips against the bed as Sherri watched that pretty ass bunch and hump. She squeezed her clit with a thumb and forefinger, then stroked it between them as if she were jacking off a cock.

"Oooh, that looks so good!" Cindy squealed. "I wanna try it! I wanna get fucked in my asshole, too!"

Although she didn't say anything, Sherri didn't think Cindy could take a cock in her ass-it was so little and much too tight. But it would be fun to watch her try. She jerked her hips up and down wildly, stabbing herself in the ass on her son's cock, gurgling as her body tingled with sweet sensations. As before, her son's cock felt so much larger up her ass than in her cunt or mouth.

Cindy quickly pushed Sherri's hand away from her cunt, and shoved her pretty face into it, her lips sucking at Sherri's bulging clit, the tip of her tongue flicking back and forth on the tip. Sherri stopped bouncing on her son's cock, afraid Cindy couldn't suck her cunt if she moved.

"Ooooh, lick my cunt, Cindy!" she cried out. "Ahhhh, suck my wet cunt, baby! With Tommy's cock up my hot asshole, and you sucking my pussy, I'll come so fucking hard! Eat my cunt, Cindy! Ahhhh, baby!"

Tommy's cock jerked and throbbed inside her asshole, telling Sherri he was getting close to coming. She lifted her ass, then pushed it down again, and Cindy had to pull her face away.

"Cindy," Sherri moaned, squirming on Tommy's cock, "push his balls up my pussy! Stuff Tommy's balls in my cunt!"

Cindy lifted his balls and pushed them at the fiery clit. She used both her hands, and Sherri sobbed in ecstasy as she felt her son's balls inside her cunt, his cock up her asshole. She shuddered and sobbed with delight, but when she tried to fuck him with her ass, his balls would pull from her pussy. Cindy quickly stuffed them back into her cunt, but each time Sherri lifted, they came out again.

"Be still!" Cindy moaned, pushing his balls into Sherri's cunt again. "They keep coming out, Sherri!"

Sherri pressed her ass hard onto her son's cock, feeling Cindy push his balls inside her pussy. This time she stayed still, feeling his cock throb deep up her ass.

"I'm gonna come, Mom!" Tommy groaned, pushing his hips upward. "I'm going to give it to you in your hot asshole, Mom!"

Sherri let out a throaty screech, feeling the spurt of her son's hot juice enter her asshole. Immediately her cunt contracted, clawing at his balls. Each time her son's cock gushed up her asshole, her cunt squeezed his balls with rippling orgasm. Sherri sobbed with ecstasy, her body pressed hard onto him, shaking.

Cindy stared at Sherri's cunt, watching the puffy lips vibrate in orgasms, pulling at Tommy's balls.

"Is he coming in your ass now, Sherri?" she gasped. "Can you feel him come in your asshole!"

"Ohhhh, God, yes!" Sherri managed. "It's so hot and… my cunt is burning up!"

Although it seemed to last forever, it ended in a few seconds.

Sherri, sobbing softly as her orgasm ended, felt her son's cock soften inside her asshole. Her pussy seemed to relax, and Tommy's balls slid out, coated with her juices. She lifted slowly, and Cindy watched with glazed eyes as his cock stretched, then came free of the clutching ring of his mother's asshole.

With a squeal, before Sherri was off Tommy, Cindy had his cock inside her mouth, gobbling with wet, greedy sounds. Sherri turned and sat on the bed at her son's shoulder, her eyes hot as Cindy pulled her mouth from his cock and licked feverishly at his pussy-wet balls.

Her face flushed, lips wet, Cindy suddenly sat up and pushed Sherri to her back, whimpering. Sherri didn't resist as the girl spread her legs wide, moving between them. When Cindy pushed her open mouth onto her crotch, Sherri let out a delighted squeal, and grabbed the back of Cindy's head, pressing her cunt hard against those hot, young lips.

Cindy sucked at Sherri' s cunt with wet sounds, her tongue darting and sliding. Her small hands moved quickly under Sherri's ass, clutching the cheeks and pulling Sherri's cunt as tight as she could into her mouth. Her young eyes flashed and sparkled as her lips sucked and tongue delved. With her lovely little ass jutting in the air, waving about, Cindy sucked and licked and probed Sherri's hairy cunt in a frenzy, squeezing the rounded ass.

Sherri drew her knees up and back and immediately felt that wicked, hot tongue pull out of her pussy and flutter over her crinkling asshole.

"Cindy! Baby!" Sherri cried out.

Cindy had closed her open lips around her asshole, sucking hard, her tongue slipping past the ring. Feverishly tongue-fucking Sherri up her tight asshole, Cindy sobbed as her sugary cunt pulsated, her small clit bulging with burning hardness.

Tommy, a big grin on his face, watched Cindy burying her pretty face into his mother's ass. He giggled softly as he saw Cindy nose into the hairy wetness.

"Suck her fucking asshole!" he urged. "Suck my mom's hot asshole! Suck it up, Cindy!"

"Ahhhh, yes!" Sherri moaned.

But Cindy jerked her tongue out of Sherri's clinging asshole, darting it up and deeply into her cunt. The little tongue plunged in and out, those hot lips sucking everywhere.

"Ohhhh, Cindy!" Sherri gasped, and her naked body began to tremble hard. "You're… I'm coming, baby! Ohhh, God, tongue fuck me! Fuck my cunt with your hot tongue, Cindy!"

Sherri whipped her ass up and down, around and around, then clamped Cindy's face between her searing thighs, bucking frantically, grinding her exploding cunt almost brutally into Cindy's willing face.


Sherri was worried.

Frank had not called her in four days. She had become used to hearing his voice at least once a day on the phone, and seeing him often. Thinking he was angry because she had broken so many dates with him recently, she tried to call the studio, but he was out. When she called later, he had a message that he was busy.

Sherri began to wonder what was wrong.

"Tommy, have you seen Cindy?" she asked her son after she had called Frank's house and found no answer. She knew Frank was home because she could see the lights on in one bedroom and the living room. Besides, his car was parked in the drive.

"No, Mom," Tommy answered. "I've been right here all the time."

"Strange," Sherri said, frowning.

"What is, Mom?"

"Do you realize it's been almost a week since Cindy has been here?"

"So what?"

"But, darling, she used to be here quite often," Sherri said. "I thought… well, after that wonderful day with her… she was so excited and eager. With her hot little cunt, I wouldn't think she'd stay away. You don't suppose she grabbed herself a nice boyfriend, do you?"

"Not Cindy," her son answered. "You saw one side of her, Mom, and so did I. But I know her. She's not the kind of girl to fuck anything, even if she does have one hot little ass on her."

"Have you talked to Frank at all?" she asked.

"Me? Why would I talk to him, Mom?"

"I just thought… " Sherri dropped it. Maybe Frank and Cindy were succeeding in breaking up her relationship with Frank in some way. She was certain Cindy wasn't trying to seduce her father. There had to be something else keeping him from calling her, not answering her messages.

Tommy sat on the couch, watching his mother pace back and forth. Her naked tits swayed tightly. He had never seen his mother so agitated, and he didn't like it. He wanted his mother happy, not sad.

"Mom," he said softly. When she didn't seem to hear him, he called her a little louder.

"What?" Sherri snapped.

"Mom, come on," he replied. "I hate to see you this way."

"Well, that's too bad. There's nothing you can do about it." She whirled, facing him, hands on her hips. "You and Cindy… Tommy, do you know what you two may have done? You may have destroyed my happiness. Ohhh, why couldn't you understand… accept the fact I can love all of you the same!"

"I do… now," he said softly.

Sherri gazed at her son, not knowing if she could believe him or not.

"Mom, I won't interfere with you and Frank again," he said in a low, shamed voice. "You can marry him if that's what you want."

For a moment Sherri didn't respond. Then, with a gurgle of pleasure, she skipped to her son, falling to her knees before him, her hands sliding up his thighs to his hips. She buried her face into his crotch, smearing his cock and balls with wet, hot kisses.

"Oh, baby," she crooned. "That's wonderful. And you don't have to worry about me not paying attention to you. We'll find a way to fuck when you need me, want me. There's always some way we can do it. We'll just have to be very careful"

She licked and kissed up his stomach to his chest, twisting her tongue about his tiny nipples. She looked into his face with moist, happy eyes, and smashed her lips onto his. Tommy wrapped his arms about his mother and shoved his tongue past her lips and teeth. Sherri moaned softly as she sucked her son's tongue, her tits crushed against his chest. She felt his cock and balls on her stomach, and using one hand, ripped her garment away. Now she could feel the fiery heat of his cock and balls directly against her flesh, and she rubbed against them. Tommy lifted his legs and wrapped them about his mother's naked waist, holding her tight as they kissed hotly, wetly, tongues swirling.

Pulling her mouth off his, she gazed at him with slitted, blazing eyes. "Tommy, baby…"

Sherri lapped at the base of her son's cock, through the tuft of wiry hair, then down to his balls. She pulled his balls into her mouth, sucking them as she pressed his hard cock against her cheek. She whined with hungry pleasure.

Letting his balls fall, she looked up at him, hugging about his hips, her chin on his balls with his cock throbbing against the side of her nose.

"And Cindy," she said in a hot voice. "You can fuck Cindy because we'll all be living in the same house, Tommy. You see, you won't lose me at all, but have both of us. Ohhhh, wouldn't that be wonderful for you? My pussy and Cindy's pussy, our mouths, my asshole?"

"I'll be lucky," he said. "Until Frank catches us."

"We'll make sure he doesn't," his mother said. "I don't care for the idea of cheating on him, but with you and Cindy, it's not really cheating, is it? I mean, we'll be all one family, and it wouldn't be like getting fucked bra different man."

"I don't want him to catch us, Mom," Tommy said. "Especially with Cindy. If he found out I was fucking his daughter, he'd kill me."

"Then we'll just have to make sure he never finds out, right?"

She lifted his legs, pushing them back at his chest. His ass rose up from the edge of the couch, and she gazed into her son's crotch. His cock throbbed in hardness, his balls full, and just below, the pucker of his young asshole. With a hot, low squeal, Sherri pushed her face into her son's ass, kissing at the smooth insides of his ass-cheeks, then directly upon his hot asshole. She closed her open mouth around his asshole and began sucking on it.

"Ohhhh, Mom!" Tommy groaned, pulling his knees back as far as he could, looking down at her, seeing only her forehead where his balls rubbed.

"Mmmmm, nice," Sherri purred into her son's ass, the tip of her tongue lapping -at the pucker. "Very nice, darling! Your asshole is very, very hot!"

She pushed the tip of her tongue against his asshole, and with just a little more pressure, slithered it inside. Tommy gasped, and twisted his ass into her face. Sherri plunged her tongue in and out of her son's asshole, whimpering in perverse pleasure. She enjoyed the way the ring closed and gripped her tongue. She moved a hand up and pressed his cock against her forehead, rubbing up and down the shaft. The heat of his prick on her face with her tongue darting in and out of his crinkling asshole sent wild and frantic pulsations to her hairy cunt, making it twitch and her own asshole crinkle.

Rubbing his cock harder against her head, Sherri wondered what it would feel like to make him come off this way. She knew, from having her finger up his asshole, that it would squeeze and pulsate, but she wondered how it would feel to have his cock gushing into her hair, over her forehead.

"Mom, I want my cock in you!" Tommy cried out.

"Mmmmm, it will go in me, darling," she murmured, lapping about his asshole slowly. "You know this big, hard cock will go in mother."

"I mean now!" he groaned. "I want it in your ass now, Mom!"

Sherri heard her soil's eagerness in his tight voice. Drawing her mouth from his asshole, she licked up his hot balls, then the shaft of his cock. Reaching the swollen head, she gazed into his blazing eyes as she ran her tongue around and around the satiny smoothness, tasting the juices seeping out of his piss-hole. She couldn't resist sucking his cock deeply into her mouth at least once more.

"Ooohh, Mom, Mom!" Tommy moaned, pushing his cock to her throat and grabbing her head. "Ohhh, Mom, your mouth… so hot and wet!"

Sherri purred around his throbbing cock, the heat burning her tight lips as her tongue swished against it. She would love to have him explode into her mouth, gush it down her throat, but he wanted her ass now. Lifting her face, she turned and sat on the couch, spreading her long legs, her cunt and ass opening up for her son.

"Ram it, darling!" she hissed. "Ram it right up mother's asshole!"

Tommy scrambled around until he stood at her lifted ass, his cock jerking up and down, staring at her hairy cunt and puckering asshole.

"It doesn't make any difference how many times I see your cunt, Mom, I'll never get tired of looking at it!" he grunted, pushing the head of his cock against the fiery ring of her tight asshole. "Or your ass… or your tits!"

Sherri darted her hands down the backs of her thighs to her ass, her fingers clawing at the cheeks spreading them as wide as she could, moaning with eagerness to have his cock inside it. Tommy pushed the head of his cock to the ring of her pulsating asshole, and held his breath as he pushed it inward. Sherri, too, held her breath. It always took her breath away when the head of his cock first entered her cunt or asshole.

Tommy didn't push more of his cock into her ass, but stopped once the swollen head was in. Sherri let her breath out in a gasp of ecstasy, feeling her asshole stretched again, feeling the head of his cock throbbing there. Her cunt – twitched, her clit straining. Tommy touched it with his finger, and caused his mother's ass to jerk. When he rubbed her clit with his cock in her ass, Sherri sobbed and began to twist from side to side, her hips revolving.

Placing his palms on the backs of her thighs near her knees, Tommy gave a quick lunge, his cock ramming completely into his mother's fiery asshole.

"Ohhhhh, baby!" Sherri moaned hotly, her eyes half closing with the rapture. "Fuck that ass, Tommy! Ahhh, yes, fuck mother's hot ass! Ram it up my asshole… give it to me! Fast and hard and deep, Tommy! Oooooh, so good! So fucking good in my ass!"

Tommy stabbed in and out, his balls swinging. He watched his cock dart in and out, watching the ring of his mother's asshole cling to his prick. It squeezed his cock, her cunt vibrating wetly. Juices seeped out of Sherri's hair-lined pussy and down onto the shaft of his cock. Still, holding the cheeks of her ass, she churned and humped with him, fucking onto his cock as he thrust..Her eyes were slitted with smoldering ecstasy, watching his face. Each stab of his hard cock into her asshole made her swollen tits sway and ripple in delightful motion. His hands moved from her thighs to grab her tits, his fingers digging painfully into them. But the pain of her tits only increased the boiling pleasure of his cock up her ass.

She pulled her hands off her ass and shoved them to her cunt, pulling at the silky hair, the lips of her cunt, agitating her vibrating clit in a frenzy as her ass whipped about. She groaned and gasped and sobbed with filling ecstasy.

"Oh, God, baby!" she yelped. "It makes my cunt so hot! Being fucked in my asshole makes mother's cunt so fucking hot and wet!"

She stuffed four fingers into her cunt, plunging them in and out with squishy sounds, a finger of her other hand smashing and beating and rubbing at her inflamed clit. "Squeeze my tits! Squeeze mother's tits hard, Tommy! Ahhhh, yes, baby… hurt mother's tits! Ooooh, my asshole is so full of your beautiful cock… it goes so deep in my hot ass! It makes my pussy throb, darling! Do it faster! Fuck me as fast as you can! Hurry, fuck my ass… my asshole! "

Smashing her tits in his hands, Tommy pounded frantically into his mother's gripping asshole. He felt the ring clutching and pulsating around his cock, grabbing at it. It seemed much tighter than ever, and, his stomach was smeared with hot juices of her coot now. Sherri twisted and turned her. head about, squealing as the ecstasy grew, filling her body and mind until it was almost too much for her to stand.

"Ohhh, Mom, Mom!" Tommy moaned, smacking loudly against her twisting ass each time his cock stabbed into her. "Ahhh, so tight and hot! I love your ass, Mom! I love your hot asshole! Ooooh, it makes my cock so hard! I'm really going to fill your ass up, Mom!"

"God, baby, you are!" she cried out. "Your cock fills my ass! It stretches my asshole so big!"

"I'm about ready!"

"Come, baby! Ooooh, spurt that sweet come juice!"

Tommy humped with even greater frenzy, and his mother lunged her ass upward, grinding in tight circles, still plunging her fingers into her cunt and pulling on her distended clit that, at any other time, would be very painful.

"Ahhhh, my balls!" Tommy yelped. "Ohhh, my fucking balls!"

"Squirt it, darling! Hurry, squirt it up my ass!"

Tommy rammed hard and deep, smashing his mother's fingers into her cunt until she couldn't move them. He lifted his head, his eyes closing. Sherri felt as if she couldn't breathe as her cunt seemed to rush toward an orgasm of such force, she wasn't sure it was possible. She felt her son's cock jerk inside her asshole, and the scalding spurt splashed along the satiny walls.

"My mouth!" she screamed urgently. "I want your cock in my mouth, Tommy! Hurry, baby, finish coming off in my mouth!"

With an effort, Tommy jerked his gushing cock out of his mother's asshole, scrambling as fast as he could onto the couch, his cock spewing hot come-juice up her body. Sherri opened her mouth wide as her son straddled her knees, his hand pushing his cock downward. She felt a spatter of his searing juices land on the tip of her nose, and then she had her lips closed tightly around the head, sucking and licking with greedy sounds. The thick juices burned into her throat, and her coot contracted now, her fingers still buried deeply into it. She gulped wetly, her lips drawing the juices from his piss-hole while her tongue raced about it hotly.

Tommy was trembling with weakness, his weight resting on his mother's knees, his cock in her mouth. Sherri lapped about his piss-hole, trying to pull more creamy sweetness from his empty balls.

Slowly, she pulled her dripping fingers out of her calming cunt and cupped her son's ass, sliding her lips upward on his deflating cock. She purred with pleasure as she tasted him.

"Ohhhh, Mom, that was fantastic!" Tommy breathed as he moved off her.

Sherri straightened her long legs, running her hands through the juice he had spurted onto her flesh, shivering and glowing, satisfied for the moment.


Two weeks went by, and Sherri failed to talk to Frank.

Tommy, too, was wondering. Not about Frank but about Cindy. It was unlike her to stay away so long.

He didn't like to see his mother so depressed. No matter how often they fucked, her happiness was only momentary. Once the glow of orgasm was over, she returned to her depression, pacing and wringing her hands. She had given up trying to contact Frank on the phone, and never called his cutting room again. She had already left a stack of messages for him the size of a small book.

"Mom, we have to face it," Tommy said late that evening as they sat on the couch side by side, his arm around her. "Frank and Cindy don't want anything to do with us."

"Us?" she asked.

"Well, look what we did with Cindy," he reminded her. "Maybe Cindy feels she's not ready for us. I don't know. I thought she enjoyed it, but maybe I was wrong."

"She enjoyed it," Sherry said softly. "I know girls, and she enjoyed it."

"Then maybe she's afraid her father will find out, or she's ashamed of herself. Maybe she's too embarrassed to come back."

That could be why Cindy didn't visit, Sherri agreed, but she felt it unlikely. Cindy had loved what they had done with each other. Of that she was sure.

"Maybe her father found out some way," Tommy said, sliding his hand to his mother's naked tit, cupping it. "Maybe she's afraid he will, and of the trouble he will give her."

"Tommy," Sherri said, cradling his cock and balls in her palm. "Do you think she really might have tried to seduce Frank and…"

"Maybe she didn't have the nerve to try, Mom."

"But suppose she did, and he found out why? Maybe he got it out of her what we did that day, the three" of us. Maybe he won't let her visit us anymore because of that, and he wants nothing to do with a nasty woman like me."

There were so many questions without answers.

As they talked and tried to understand, Sherri stroked her son's cock, her cheek resting on his chest. She watched his cock swell in her hand. She cupped his balls and jiggled them, her body beginning to respond to him as it always did. She lowered her face to his lap, kissing at his cock tenderly, sliding her hot lips up and down the shaft, holding his balls. She enjoyed being with her son this way, touching him, feeling him, kissing him. It always led them into a frenzied fuck, but that was what they both wanted. Sometimes they would feel and lick and kiss each other for an hour or so, then grab each other and fuck wildly. Sherri never cared where her son pushed his cock; she took it gleefully anyplace he put it, and always came deliciously.

Sliding her mouth onto his cock, she began to suck him slowly and without the intensity of urgent passion. She sucked him because she wanted to taste his cock in her mouth. It was simple play, something they both enjoyed doing.

Tommy moved his hand down his mother's creamy back to her ass, fondling her ass-cheeks while she sucked on his cock slowly. He dragged his fingers up and down the split of her silky ass, brushing the crinkle of her asshole. Sherri mewled about his cock, shoving her ass back at him. Tommy worked a finger into his mother's asshole, another into her cunt. Sherri breathed deeply, pushing and pulling her ass on his fingers, sucking at his cock with a little more speed.

"Ohhhh, Tommy!" she moaned softly, lifting her mouth and nuzzling into his cock and balls. "Fuck me, darling. I get hot so fast when you touch me. Please fuck mother."

She lifted and lay back on the couch, one leg over the cushions with her foot on the floor, the other bent at the knee and resting against the back of the couch. Her cunt glistened with pink wetness, the lush pussy-hair soft looking.

Tommy climbed between his mother's thighs, and pushed his cock into her cunt.

Sherri purred and wrapped her arms about him, arching her cunt to clasp his throbbing cock. She moved her hands down to cup the cheeks of his young ass, and began to pump with him, slowly, enjoying his cock before the frenzy came over them. It felt wonderful when he pushed his cock deep, his balls crushing against her crinkling asshole. She wished she could get his balls into her asshole the way Cindy had shoved them into her cunt that day, but that was impossible.

Tommy slipped his hands to his mother's ass, holding the cheeks as she held his ass, fucking in and out as his lips found one stiff nipple. Sherri twisted and revolved her ass for him, mewling softly against the top of his head.

Taking his mouth off his mother's tit, Tommy lifted his mouth to hers, kissing her softly. Sherri mewled and ran the tip of her tongue about his mouth, her fingers starting to dig into his ass. Her cunt flexed about his cock and the sweetness started increasing. Tommy pulled his mother's tongue into his mouth, sucking at it as her hips began to speed up. He met her upward lunges with deep, penetrating ones with his cock.

And, as always happened, they became frantic.

Feverishly running her hands up and down his back, clutching his ass, spreading the cheeks, Sherri lifted her legs into the air, humping onto his cock with exciting gyrations. Tommy, his arms wrapped about his mother's shoulders now, face buried into her tits, began to pound into her crotch, making juicy sounds.

"Ahhhh, so good! H she purred hotly. "I love it, Tommy! God, mother loves your hard cock! I want it all the time, fucking me. I want it in my mouth, in my cunt, in my asshole! Ooooh, baby, it's so hard and hot and I love to have it in me!"

Tommy drew his body up, sliding his hands to her ass, lifting it to stab deeply, watching the hairy lips squeeze his cock hard. Sherri squealed and shot her long legs 'straight up into the air, her hands on her knees, spread very wide.

"Ahhhh, beat my cunt!" she gasped. "Beat mother's cunt hard with your cock! Fuck my cunt and smash it and crush it and beat it!"

Tommy strained into her cunt, watching her clit rub the shaft of his cock. She was very wet, juices gleaming on his prick, his balls. He spread her ass wide, so his balls could bounce off her puckering asshole, knowing how much she loved that.

"You're going to make me come!" Sherri screeched. "Ooooh, my cunt, baby! You'll make mother come!"

"I want you to come, Mom!" he panted. "I want to feel your cunt squeeze my cock hard!"

"It will! Ohhh, God, my cunt is going to eat your cock up!"

Her stomach rippled with bunching muscles as she thrashed her cunt up and down. Tommy's cock jerked about inside the satiny tightness and his face began to screw up.

"Come in me!" Sherri urged in hoarse voice. Come m mother's cunt! Come and come until my pussy drips your juice for days!"

"Ahhhh, Mom!"

"Now, baby"-now!"

She lunged her cunt up hard and tight on his cock, a low shriek corning from her throat. The spasms of her cunt sucked powerfully on her son's cock, and caused it to spurt his boiling juices into it. Over and over, they both came, together and with shaking force.

Tommy lay on top of her trembling body while Sherri caressed his back and ass, her long legs splayed outward now. His cock softened inside her cunt, and the twitching of it slowly pushed it out. She sighed as she felt his prick rest against the crack of her ass, his weight comfortable on her…

At first they didn't hear the soft knocking on the door. Then it grew louder.

"Oh, shit" Sherri groaned. "Not now. It's too late for someone to come visiting. Where did I put my robe?"

"I'll get it, Mom," Tommy said, picking up her robe and wrapping it around him self.

"Get rid of whoever it is," she said.

Tommy opened the door a crack, and then wider.

Cindy entered, looking at Tommy in his mother's robe and giggling.

"Cindy!" Sherri gasped in surprise. "Is anything wrong? Why are you here so late? Is it Frank? Has something happened to your father?"

Cindy's young eyes took in Sherri's naked body. Sherri had sat up in surprise to see the exquisite little girl.

"Nothing is wrong with Daddy, I, she said, coming in and sitting down as if the past few weeks had not existed. She was dressed in a little dress with lace, her usual knee socks, with sneakers on her feet. Her hair hung about her shoulders. "He's working late again, that's all."

"Late?" Sherri asked.

"Something about a rush job on a film,"

Cindy said, eyeing Sherri's naked titties. "It has to be done tonight, so I don't know when he'll be home."

"Where have you been, darling?" Sherri asked, hugging the girl. "We haven't seen you, and when we call there's no answer."

Cindy gave a shy, but bright-eyed, smile.

"Busy," she said softly. "I've been.very busy."

"Oh, yeah?" Tommy asked, still in his mother's robe. "Doing what?"

"Fucking Daddy," Cindy said, a soft lewd giggle coming from her.

"You mean you went through with it?" Tommy asked. "We made a bargain, remember," Cindy said.

Sherri's heart sank. She couldn't help but ask, "Was that hard to do, honey?"

"Oh, no!" Cindy giggled. "It was real easy. I just kissed him one evening and grabbed his cock."

"I bet he almost shit," Tommy laughed.

"Almost," Cindy laughed." He tried to move my hand, but I had a real tight hold on his cock and it started getting hard, and then he didn't seem to mind so much."

"Frank fucked you?" Sherri asked, feeling despair. Tommy and Cindy had done it after all.

"He sure did!" Cindy laughed. "His big old cock was almost too much for me, but we got it in once I got on top of him. We had to do it slow that first time, but now he can put his cock in my cunt real easy."

Sherri was pleased for Cindy, but she knew she had lost Frank now for sure. She looked at Tommy, her eyes wet. Tommy saw his mother's sorrow, and felt bad about what he and Cindy had done to her. He stood shifting from foot to foot, not knowing what to do.

Cindy did not notice Sherri's sadness. She was eyeing Tommy, who had allowed his mother's robe to open. She was looking at his cock and balls, her young eyes showing heat. Without saying anything, she spread her knees open and pulled her dress up. She had on tight, white panties. Tommy was close enough to her, and her small hand cupped his balls.

"Wanna fuck me, Tommy?" she asked in a little voice. "I sure missed coming over here,"

"That's not our fault/' Tommy said.

"I know, but Daddy… he stays so hard all the time," Cindy said. "At first, my cunt was sore, but then Daddy has been fucking me so much. I had to be there when he came home, because he came in with a hard-on and ready. I know I should have come over when he was at work, but I never knew when he would come home. You know he comes in any time of the day."

That was true. Frank came and went at odd hours, depending on the films he had to cut and splice.

"Remember I said I wanted to feel it in my ass?" Cindy said. "Well, Daddy tried, but his cock is so big, it didn't work. I wanna get fucked there, and I just know your cock will go in."

Sherri, fighting "back tears, sucked in a deep breath. She couldn't be angry at Tommy or Cindy. They had ruined her relations with Frank, but they really didn't understand what they had done. She fought to perk up, smiling slightly as she watched Cindy fondling her son's balls.

Tommy dropped his mother's robe, responding to Cindy's hot little hands on his cock and balls. "I guess we can do it now, Cindy," he said.

With excitement glowing on her pretty face, Cindy stood up and began undressing. When she rolled her white panties down, Sherri's mouth became hot and watery as she stared at that exquisite, hairless slit of a young cunt. Cindy stood with her slender legs open, rubbing at her pussy like the little wanton she was. Sherri couldn't help herself. She slipped off the couch and to the floor, wrapping her arms around Cindy's slim hips, burying her mouth into that steamy, sweet pussy. Tommy, moving behind Cindy, rubbed his cock up and down the split of her lovable ass.

"Ooooh, I've missed this so much!" Cindy gurgled, holding the back of Sherri's head.

Sherri leaned back on the floor, pulling Cindy with her. She turned the eager little girl around until she had those hot, satiny thighs spread over her face. Cindy used her hands to part Sherri's legs, and dipped her face down, lapping at the hairy cunt.

"Oooh, you've been fucking!" she squealed. "I taste come-juice in your cunt, Sherri."

"Mmmm, Tommy filled it up," Sherri purred into the succulent sweetness of the fiery little cunt. "He came in me just before you knocked on the door."

"I wanna suck it up!" Cindy squealed, and began to lap hungrily at Sherri's juicy slit, sucking come-juice from it.

Tommy, standing above Cindy's little ass, watched his mother probe her tongue deeply. His cock was up hard again. He dropped to his knees at his mother's head and Cindy's ass. Sherri spread the little ass wide with her hands, tilting her face to give her son's cock a lick as he pushed the head to the hot crinkle of Cindy's asshole. She squeezed Cindy's face between her hot thighs.

Cindy, feeling Tommy's cock pressure against her pink asshole, began to gasp and push back on it. Sherri stared at it, hoping her son wouldn't hurt Cindy. But Cindy was pushing her little ass back at him, wanting his cock up that tight little asshole. Tommy held Cindy's hips, gritting his teeth with the delicious, hot tightness.

"Push it in!" Cindy groaned into Sherri's cunt.

Tommy moved his cock slowly, and Cindy cried out as her asshole spread around it. Once the head penetrated the scalding ring, the rest was easy, and Tommy pushed his cock all the way up her asshole. Sherri, seeing it inches from her face, sobbed and lapped at her son's balls, then plunged her tongue into the gripping little cunt, fucking it in and out. Cindy, feeling Tommy's cock starting to push and pull, smashed her little mouth hungrily into Sherri's hairy cunt, sucking and licking wildly, shaking her uplifted ass.

With a squeal, she lifted her face. "Ohhh, Tommy, it's good! I can feel your cock so deep in my asshole! Fuck my asshole the way you fuck my cunt! Oooohhhh, I just gotta get daddy's cock in my asshole!"

She buried her face back into Sherri's cunt.

Sherri, with her son's balls rubbing back and forth in her face, tongued Cindy's sugary cunt wildly, her hands holding the small ass-cheeks wide open for him. She arched her crotch up and twisted as Cindy's hot little tongue plunged in and out, licking at the hairy lips, sucking on her cUt. She moaned in rapture when Cindy squeezed her ass, a small finger sliding up her asshole. She clung to Cindy, as Cindy was clinging to her, and Tommy pounded his cock in and out the tight asshole faster and faster. His cock moved easily now, but it was still very tight.

"Tight ass!" Tommy groaned, "Your ass is almost too fucking tight, Cindy!"

Cindy waggled as best she could, sucking the lips of Sherri's cunt into her mouth hard. She was sobbing with ecstasy, her asshole gripping and flexing on Tommy's cock. Sherri lapped from Cindy's cunt to her son's balls, the tip of her tongue tasting the stretching ring of Cindy's asshole and the shaft of his prick. She churned and whipped her ass about while Cindy sucked very hard at her clit. Although she had just come with her son fucking her cunt, Shem was swiftly building to another enormous orgasm.

Cindy, urging Sherri to smash her cunt against her mouth, drove her little finger in and out of her asshole swiftly. Her little tongue worked like a cock, dipping into the juicy pussy hungrily. She arched her sweet ass to Tommy's cock, feeling herself penetrated in her asshole and cunt together. Feverishly, she moaned into Sherri's pussy. Then she yanked her head up, crying out.

"I'm gonna come!"

Sherri strained her pussy into Cindy's mouth, gasping as her orgasm exploded about the darting tongue and sucking lips. Her own tongue raced in and out of the sugary cunt of Cindy, and her son's balls rubbed swiftly across her face.

"I'm going to come, too!" Tommy yelled.

Cindy, shaking hard, screamed into Sherri's cunt, her orgasms shaking her from head to toe. Tommy spurted, his cock jerking inside the squeezing tightness of Cindy's little asshole.

In his frenzy, Tommy's cock pulled out of Cindy's asshole, and Sherri caught a spurt on her face. Quickly, as her son tried to push his cock back into Cindy's asshole, she closed her mouth around it, gulping wetly as he finished coming. She gurgled and swallowed his burning come-juice. Sherri pressed her open mouth around the puckering little asshole and sucked hard, working her tongue into the ring, tasting her son's come-juice as it seeped from the lovely little ass.

Slowly, sobbing with pleasure, Cindy rolled off Sherri, sprawling on her back, arms and legs flaring wide apart. Her tight, saucy tits with those candied, pink nipples rose and fell as she breathed deeply, her cunt working like the mouth of a fish, opening and closing.

The telephone jarred their relaxed mood.

"Shit, shit, shit!" Sherri shouted. "Who would be calling so late at night'?"

She jerked the 1'hone to her ear and mouth.

"What is it'?" she asked, angrily. "Do you know what time it is?"

"Sherri," came Frank's voice.

Sherri's anger fled. "Frank'? Dh, Frank."

"Is Cindy there'?"

"Yes," Sherri said. "Ohhh, Frank! Darling!"


"… and she told me about the deal she made with Tommy," Frank was saying. "I was pretty damn pissed about that, too."

He had came over right after hanging up.

Sherri had scrambled into her robe, running her fingers through her mussed hair, frantically urging Tommy and Cindy to get dressed.

Tommy had his jeans on by the time Frank was at the door. Sherri was far too nervous and eager to notice that Cindy had only slipped into her tight little panties. She had flung the door open and grabbed Frank before she realized Cindy wasn't dressed. She hugged and kissed Frank feverishly, finding his arms around her, returning her kisses just as hungrily.

When they broke apart, and Sherri turned, her eyes went huge and she cried out in dismay to see Cindy sitting in her panties, her saucy titties fully exposed.

"Frank, please… " she tried to say, but her voice refused to work.

Frank had grinned at her, cupping her ass through her robe. "I know all about it."

Over coffee, with Sherri snuggled into his arm, he had told her Cindy had seduced him, that he had been unable to resist her. He said he had been ashamed after it was over, but found he wanted his daughter as much as he wanted her, Sherri. He explained his work, the rush he had to do in getting the film out, that it was finally finished. He apologized to Sherri for ignoring her, telling her he didn't feel he could possibly see her after fucking his daughter. But then Cindy had told him what she had been doing with her and Tommy.

"But after I got over being pissed off at their stupid little games," he said, hugging Sherri tightly, "I asked more questions, and Cindy told me everything. Then that hot little cunt turned completely around and said she wanted me to marry you."

Sherri smiled affectionately at Cindy, who was sitting on Tommy's lap, still in her panties, one arm around his neck. Tommy was playing with her little titties, listening.

"It's okay with me, too," he said, grinning at his mother. "I guess me and Cindy were acting like little kids."

"Everyone makes mistakes," Frank said, working his hand into Sherri's robe to play with her full, firm tit. "I've missed you, Sherri. As hot as that daughter of mine is, I've missed your cunt."

Sherri turned her face to him, her lips closing tightly against his as her hand slipped up his thigh. She cupped his cock and balls through his pants, hearing the pleased giggled from Cindy and Tommy. Squeezing Frank's cock, she broke the kiss, and he looked at the boy and girl. Cindy had spread her knees on Tommy's lap, and had his cock out, stroking it with her fingers as Tommy ran his hand up and down the crotch of her panties.

"What are we going to do with them, Frank?" Sherri asked him, opening his pants and lifting his cock out.

"There's only thing I know… fuck them!" He grinned, opening Sherri's robe to expose her beautiful body.

Cindy and Tommy beamed at them.

Sherri gave them a big smile, and dipped her face, lowering it to Frank's lap. She ran her tongue about the head of his swollen cock, licking at his piss-hole where he was dripping. Her eyes stayed on Cindy and her son as she wrapped her hot lips about Frank's cock, sliding down on it. Tommy's eyes gleamed as he watched his mother fill her mouth with Frank's thick cock, and Cindy scooted from his lap to her knees.

"Watch how good I can suck, Daddy!" she giggled, and pulled Tommy's prick into her mouth.

"I already know how good you can suck, you hot little cunt," her father moaned, his hands on top of Sherri's head. "Almost as good as Sherri can."

He leaned back, lifting his hips to Sherri's mouth, watching his daughter sucking on Tommy's cock. Sherri, her eyes moist and sparkling with happiness, watched too, as she began to devour Frank's throbbing hard-on. Tommy gave his mother a thumbs-up gesture, smiling widely while Cindy sucked greedily, her pretty face bobbing up and down.

Both Tommy and Frank became intensely excited as they watched what was happening to each other. Frank stared at his daughter, her small mouth sucking hungrily on Tommy's cock, and Tommy gazed at his mother's lips stretched about Franks longer, thicker cock. They smiled at each other, then began to pump into the mouths.

Sherri spread Frank's legs and pulled his big, hairy balls from his pants, rubbing them about her cheek as she sucked him with soft, wet sounds. Her naked ass swayed as she leaned down into him.

"Take your panties off, Cindy!" Frank groaned as Sherri sucked up very tightly on his cock. "Show us your pretty little ass, honey."

Without turning loose of Tommy's cock, still sucking up and down, Cindy rolled her panties down, but left them halfway down her thighs. Squealing in pleasure as she sucked on Tommy's cock, she ran a small hand between her own thighs and rubbed at her cunt, pushing a finger into the crack of her hot little ass to touch her fiery asshole. Twisting her ass toward her father and Sherri, she pushed the finger past the puckered ring.

Sherri lifted her mouth, saying, "My son fucked your daughter in that hot little ass this evening, Frank."

She swallowed his thick cock once again, eagerly.

Tommy's eyes glazed with pleasure as he watched his mother's sucking at Frank's cock. He found it very exciting to see her with a cock in her mouth other than his own.

"Suck him off, Mom!" he moaned and pushed down on Cindy's head. "Suck his cock off! Make Frank fill your hot mouth with juice, Mom!"

Sherri whimpered hotly, flashing her eyes at her son, sucking as hard as she could on Frank's cock, sliding her lips up and down from the swollen head to the base, where thick, wiry hair grew. She squeezed his big balls, rubbing them at her face each time she went down. She stared almost hypnotically at her son and Cindy.

"Cindy's going to make you come, Tommy!" Frank grunted.

"My mom is going to suck it right out of your cock, Frank!"

"And my daughter is going to eat your cock up, Tommy!"

Sherri sobbed in delight as she listened to the man she loved and her son. She arched her creamy ass so Tommy could see her asshole and bushy cunt while she sucked Frank's cock, knowing it would add to his ecstasy. Releasing Frank's balls, she darted her hand between her thighs and thrust one finger into her cunt, another up her ass. Tommy urged her to fuck herself while she sucked Frank's cock, and eagerly Sherri plunged her fingers in and out, fucking herself in the cunt and asshole while straining to make Frank come inside her hungry mouth.

Cindy, plunging her little finger in and out of her small asshole, sucked frantically on Tommy's cock, very excited that her father was watching everything she was doing. Her bubbling little pussy steamed with wetness, making the insides of her slender thighs very slippery.

"Ohhhh, you better get ready for it, Cindy!" Tommy moaned, now holding Cindy's cheeks and darting his cock up and down, fucking into her wet mouth. "I'm about to come in your mouth, Cindy!"

Cindy let out a muffled squeal, and sucked as hard as she could.

"Eat it, Cindy!" Frank yelled at his daughter.

With a loud groan, Tommy came. His cock gushed the hot juices into Cindy's gobbling mouth, spurt after spurt. The thick creamy juice seeped from her tight lips and ran down to his balls. She gulped in wet sounds as his come-juice burned down her throat.

Sherri jerked her fingers out of her cunt and asshole, grasping Frank's balls again, twisting and pulling them, urging him to come in her mouth. She heard Frank grunt, then tasted the scalding juice of his balls as it spewed into her mouth. Unlike Cindy, Sherry could take each squirt and swallow with ease. She lapped at Frank's piss-hole, getting out one final drop of his come-juice.

"God, I've missed your taste," she moaned, her lips glistening wetly. She hugged him about the waist, burying her face into his cock and balls.

Cindy, finished with Tommy's cock, sat on the floor, leaning back between his legs, her own spread wide as she fondled her hairless cunt, grinning proudly, her lips glistening too, her chin wet with come-juice.

Tommy and Frank breathed hard for a time, both of them grinning happily.

"I guess you know I didn't come," Sherri murmured, smiling up at Frank. "I don't think Cindy did, either."

"I guess we're going to have to do something about that, right, Tommy?" Frank said.

Sherri sat up on the couch, spreading her thighs wide, her hairy cunt gleaming with wet pinkness. Tommy stood and rushed to his mother, dropping to his knees and burying his face into her wet, hairy cunt, licking and sucking noisily.

"Ooooh, suck it, Tommy!" Sherri whimpered. "Suck mother's cunt, baby!"

Cindy, squealing with pleasure, jumped up onto the couch and stood facing her father, pulling her tight, hairless cunt open with her fingers. "Lick my cunt, Daddy!"

Frank grabbed his daughter's tight little ass in his big hands, and rammed his willing mouth between her hot thighs, sucking and sliding his tongue in and out of the steamy sweetness of her pussy. Sherri watched Cindy smashing her fiery cunt into her father's face, and pushed her hand to his cock and balls. Already his prick was stiffening, turning hard. She wrapped her fingers about his cock and jacked as her son lapped from her asshole to her clit.

"Ohhhh, Frank," she moaned, pushing her hairy cunt hard into her son's mouth. "Eat that sweet pussy, darling! Kiss Cindy's tight cunt! Suck her wet cunt, Frank! Tongue-fuck her… make her come in your mouth, Frank!"

With a lurch, Sherri rammed her pussy hard into her son's face, squealing. She pressed his head down tightly into her pussy, closing her long legs hotly about his head. "Tommy… oh, God! I'm coming, Tommy! Suck it up, baby! Ooooh, lap the juice out of mother's cunt! "

"Eat me, Daddy!" Cindy gasped, her fiery pussy convulsing about his buried tongue. "Suck my cunt! Tongue-fuck my pussy, Daddy! Ooooh, feel my pussy come, Daddy! It's squeezing your tongue, Daddy!"

Slowly, Sherri came down, and Tommy pulled from her cunt, sitting back, his cock straining up hard. His face was smeared with pussy-juice, his eyes gleaming as he grinned.

Cindy, her legs shaking, climbed carefully from the couch to sit beside her father, and as Sherri pulled her hand away, she closed her small one around her father's throbbing cock, pumping it up and down.

"Cindy, I think we have a couple of hard problems here," Sherri grinned.

"Hard, but no problem," Cindy giggled. She looked over at Sherri. "Let's fuck them! That will take care of the problem."

She scrambled over her father's lap, pushing her hairless, tight cunt onto his cock with breathless excitement. Sherri watched the-pink cunt of Cindy stretch so much, she wondered why it didn't hurt her. When Cindy began to bounce and squeal happily on her father's cock, clutching his shoulders, Frank closed his hands about her small tits, grinning widely at his daughter and Sherri.

"Well, Tommy?" he said. "You're not going to make your mother sit there and watch you, are you?"

"Fuck no!" Tommy said, lifting up and plunging his cock into his mother's cunt deeply.

Frank saw Tommy's cock penetrate his mother's hairy cunt, sliding one hand down to his daughter's bouncing ass. He offered his lips to Sherri, who kissed him hungrily, swinging.her ass up and down to bang her cunt onto her son's cock.

"Mmmm, nice," Sherri purred as she pulled her tongue from Frank's mouth. "You're almost too big for her little cunt, Frank."

"Almost… not quite," he responded.

"Come on, Tommy!" Cindy cried out, twisting her hot little ass frantically on her father's cock. "Fuck her good!"

"Ooooh, he is, Cindy!" Sherri whimpered. "Make your father come in your little cunt, baby!"

"Oh, I will! I will!" Cindy sobbed. "Let's fuck them good, Sherri! Let's give them a real good fuck… Mommy."

Sherri's heart leaped. "You mean that, Cindy?"

"Ooooh, yes! We both mean it, don't we,

Tommy? " Tommy nodded, pounding his cock furiously into his mother's cunt.

"I think we can wait until this is over," Frank said, grinning as broadly as Sherri. "At least I think we can. Cindy's tight cunt is just about to… uhhhh, she did it!"

He squirted into his daughter's cunt powerfully. Tommy screwed up his face, and spewed into his mother's pussy.

Sherri and Cindy came at the same time, both of them twisting their hips frantically, squealing, crying…