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Aunt in ropes

Kathy Andrews

Kathy Andrews

Aunt in ropes

Chapter 1

Peggy Burke's body shuddered, her eyes downcast with shame. Her blouse had been torn open, buttons scattered about the floor, her up tilted tits fully exposed to her nephews.

Her hands were tied behind her back, with another rope holding them against her ass by being looped about her narrow waist, then brawn up between her legs. The rope lifted her skirt upward, cutting along her cunt and up again. Her ankles were hobbled, with just enough room to allow her to walk with very short, stumbling steps.

She was aware of their cocks, straining against the thin fabric of their Jockey shorts. She tried to keep from looking at the bulges, but her gaze strayed time and again to the front of each boy.

"But why?" she asked. "Why do this to me?”

Ted and his brother, Joey, ignored her questions. Their young eyes burned with erotic interest at her naked tits, both boys licking their lips in hunger.

They had caught her as she came from the bathroom, freshly showered and dressed, and before she could escape, had tied her up this way. They had started to gag her, but decided she couldn’t scream loud enough for anyone to hear.

She stood in the very center of the living room, half exposed, feeling very much ashamed of herself. She had cried at first as they tied her. Now the tears were dry, and she stood helpless before them. As she peeked at the front of their Jockey shorts again, she realized that their cocks had become harder, molded to perfection by the tightness of the white shorts. Each now had a moist spot where the head of each cock pressed into the cloth.

"Aunt Peggy," Joey asked. "You wanna see something real nice?”

She shook her head almost violently.

"Aw, come on," Ted said. "You wanna play with a hard cock, don't you?”

Peggy's head jerked up. "Stop it!" she snapped. "You don't know what you're doing, talking about.”

"The hell we don't!" Joey snickered.

Peggy gasped as he suddenly shoved the front of his shorts downward. His young cock and balls were suddenly before her eyes. His cock was very hard, and she could see the wetness glistening on his piss hole. His cockhead was swollen, shining as the mid-morning sun came through the window. His balls dangled below, hairless.

"How do you like my cock, Aunt Peggy?" he asked, giggling lewdly. "Wouldn't you just love to wrap something around my cock, Aunt Peggy? You know, like a hand or your wet, hot cunt?”

"Don't talk like that!" she said, but force had gone from her voice, and the words came out quivering. "If you untie me right now, stop this silly game, I won't tell your father.”

Ted grasped his cock at the base, waving his cock up and down proudly. As humiliated as she was, Peggy still stood straight, shoulders arched back, her tits thrust forward with upturned nipples. She found it hard to believe what Ted and Joey were doing to her. But she could not deny that her hands were tied behind her back, her skirt tucked between her legs by the rope, and she was hobbled. She could not deny the fact they seemed to enjoy her helplessness, proudly showing their hard cocks to her.

Joey stepped behind his aunt, and again Peggy gasped as she felt him pressing his cock into her palm. She closed her fingers to prevent it, but was too late. Her hand closed about his prick tightly before she could curl her fingers to her palm. She felt the throbbing heat of his cock, and heard Joey giggle in pleasure as he moved his cock inside her fist. With a sob, she quickly released the tightness, but Joey prodded the head of his cock into her palm. Peggy felt the dripping juices smear her palm, and it felt as if he had poured scalding liquid into it.

With renewed tears, she stood trembling as he poked and rubbed the seeping piss hole about her palm, watching Ted slipping out of his Jockey shorts, his eyes gleaming in desire. His cock seemed to lift up, pointing toward the ceiling. Ted stroked his balls a moment, then jerked at her upper arm.

Peggy found herself on the carpet, with both boys stretching her feet wide, after untying the rope at her ankles. Before she could twist away or kick out at them, they had her feet tied to the legs of the couch, spreading her wide. Her hands, still tied behind her back, made a rock-hard lump against her spine.

The boys were fast.

Somehow they then released her hands, pulling them above her head, and tied her wrists to the legs of the heavy lounge chair, which was facing the couch.

Ted and Joey, both now naked, sat back and looked at their handiwork, pleased. Peggy's tits arched up provocatively, her nipples unexpectedly hard. She whimpered with sudden fear, knowing they had tied her up for a very specific purpose. They were, she knew, going to fuck her. With that thought rumbling in her mind, her cunt seemed to sink inward, draw in tight as though to prevent such a thing. She looked from one boy to the other, her eyes pleading, mouth working without sound.

Her nephews showed their pleasure at tying her up, making her helpless, available to whatever desires they had. Their young eyes gleamed with erotic mischief, both cocks standing straight up, very hard and eager.

Ted leaned forward and lifted the bottom of her skirt, looking underneath at the tightness of her flimsy bikini panties. Peggy turned her head to one side, closing her eyes in an attempt to escape from their glowing eyes.

"Look at this, Joey," Ted said. "Wanna see something nice? Take a look at Aunt Peggy's cunt.”

A tremor rippled through Peggy's body as both boys looked under her skirt, with Ted holding it up high. Her legs were wide, and Peggy blushed as the boys looked. The tight crotch of her panties was moist, despite herself.

They released her skirt, turning back to her tits. Peggy jerked her head around as she felt their hands touching her. Each boy held a tit, using both hands, squeezing to make her sugary nipples stand out more. Joey twisted his aunt's nipple between a forefinger and thumb, bringing a slicing pain to it.

"Don't hurt me!" she begged. "Please, that hurts! Don't, Joey, please don't!”

"You ain't got nothing to say about it, you cunt," Ted replied, doing the same thing to her other nipple.

He leaned down, closing his teeth onto her tender nipple, biting it just hard enough to bring a stab of pain to her tit. Peggy, her vision blurred by tears, lifted her head and watched Ted and Joey suck and bite at her nipples, clenching each between their teeth and pulling hard. Ted lifted his mouth and watched as Joey crowded his mouth with as much of their aunt's tit as he could, holding it with both hands. Peggy heard the slurping sounds as he sucked hard, running his tongue about her rubbery nipple. Despite her deep shame of being abused this way, her cunt was responding in ways she didn't want.

"I gotta fuck her!" Ted said, his voice almost a growl. "I gotta fuck Aunt Peggy, or I'm gonna come.”

She felt him jerking her skirt up. She pressed her ass hard against the carpet, trying to keep him from lifting it to her waist. But he was strong, and hardly had he pulled her skirt up, than he was tearing at her panties. She heard them rip and tear, and then her cunt was fully revealed and vulnerable.

"What a hairy cunt!" Ted exclaimed. "You ever see so much cunt hair in your life, Joey?”

Joey left her tit and looked at her naked cunt. Again Peggy was trying to bury her head into her arm, sobbing with deep, burning shame. She was very much aware that her cunt was pulsating, her hair-lined pussy lips visibly trembling, her clit poking upward from the now-wet folds. She clenched the cheeks of her ass tightly, doing her best to close her thighs.

"You wanna fuck her, too?" Ted asked his brother. "Aunt Peggy looks like she's gonna be a real good fuck.”

She heard Joey's excited reply. Both her young nephews were going to fuck her and she was unable to prevent it. They would not listen to her, refused to take pity upon her, her tears could not sway them. They liked to see her cry, she felt, liked to degrade and shame her.

She felt them stroking her thighs. Their hands were hot as they moved between her legs, touching the most sensitive inner flesh. Their hands came up higher toward her cunt, her flesh became more and more responsive. She wiggled, trying to move from their young hands, and her movements excited Ted and Joey. It excited her, too, but she wasn't about to let them know that. Somehow the shame she felt made her just as excited as they were. It was a strange feeling to Peggy, feeling pleasure in being shamed.

Ted had poked a stiff finger into her cunt, sliding it all the way into her, his knuckled banging upon her tender pussy lips. She felt him wiggle his finger around inside her cunt, then he started stabbing it back and forth, hard and fast. He was hurting the lips of her cunt, and she tried to tell him, but her words came out in a garbled way, incoherent. Her hips seemed to jerk upward, just as Ted's finger came down. She wasn't sure if she was grinding onto his finger or if her hips moved in an effort to dislodge it.

"Boy," Ted said. "She's hot, Joey! Aunt Peggy's cunt is real hot and wet! Man, she's gonna be one damn hot piece of ass!”

"Oh, please!" Peggy groaned, twisting her head from side to side. "Don't do that, Ted! You don't know what you're doing! Please, don't!”

"I'm gonna fuck your wet cunt," he growled, getting between her legs, rubbing his hard cock along one thigh, smearing it with his seeping pre-cum. "I'm gonna fuck your hot cunt whether you like it or not. You might just as well stop crying; you're gonna get some cock anyway.”

Peggy cried out as Ted thrust his cock forward, driving into her pussy fast. He leaned over her body, bracing himself with hands on each side. She felt her cunt stretch around his hard cock, sliding inward. His balls banged upon the curve of her naked ass, and he held his prick inside her, his eyes rolling with ecstasy.

"Joey, you just gotta try this cunt," Ted said, his voice choking silently. "You ain't never felt such a tight cunt in your life! Aunt Peggy is tight and hot and so wet! My cock just slips back and forth!”

Peggy was straining at the bonds, still jerking her head from side to side, trying to escape. Her dark hair fanned about her beautiful face. She was twisting her hips in an effort to dislodge his cock, but the more she twisted, the better Ted loved it.

She sobbed openly as he started fucking her, thrusting his cock in and out. Her cunt, very sensitive, closed around the hardness of his prick despite her efforts.

"Bang her ass," Joey urged his brother, gripping his cock in one hand, a swollen tit with the other. "Fuck her hairy cunt, Ted! Fuck the piss out of her hot pussy!”

Peggy kept twisting, but the harder she twisted, the more pleasure Ted received. The writhing of her ass was as if she were fucking back at him. Although she was still trying her best to squeeze his cock out of her cunt, all it did was grip Ted's cock tight, making more and more ecstasy for the boy.

Tears ran hotly from her eyes as Ted increased the speed of his fucking. She stopped twisting her head, gazing directly up into her nephew's eyes, pleading silently. Her hips stilled, but Ted plunged his cock in and out swiftly. Now that she had stopped struggling and lay perfectly still, she could feel each throb of his young cock, feel his swollen prick head spearing into her, feel his balls beating upon the curve of her ass. The hard shaft of his cock began to scrape at her clit, causing it to distend, her clit-tip riding along his cock as he fucked her.

She moved her hips, twisting them, her cunt drawing on his cock. She started moaning softly, feeling that familiar sensation in the pit of her stomach. Peggy was horrified when she realized she was close to orgasm.

"Don't," she whispered. "Please don't do this to me. I don't understand why you're treating me like this. I've always been nice to you two boys, haven't I?”

Joey, sitting on his heels, still gripping his cock with one hand and her tit in the other, said, "That don't mean anything, Aunt Peggy. Sure you're nice to us, and you're gonna be a lot nicer, too.”

Ted was grunting as he fucked his cock into her cunt hard enough to cause her tits to jiggle. Peggy saw him lift his head, eyes closed, mouth open. He was going to come, she told herself. Her nephew was fucking her and he was going to come inside her pussy. That was horrible enough, but what was worse, he was about to make her come, too. The harder she struggled to keep from coming, the closer she approached orgasm. She began to moan, the sounds louder and louder as that ecstatic balloon grew deep inside her stomach.

"Ohhh, uhhhh," she moaned, her hips lifting to meet the downward plunge of Ted's cock.

A soft scream lifted from her mouth as her cunt convulsed around Ted's cock. Then her pussy was squeezing his hardness, making sucking motions that she couldn't help, couldn't stop. A low, animal-like sound came from her as she pressed her cunt as hard as she could onto Ted's cock. Then Ted's young body seemed to go stiff as a board, his prick buried deeply inside the spasming lips of her pussy.

"Ohhh, yeah!" Ted groaned.

His cock exploded, sending scalding spurts of creamy come juice into his aunt's cunt. Each spurt splashed more and more thick come along the satiny walls of her wet cunt, drenching her until she thought she would drown in come juice. Even after his prick stopped squirting, Ted left his cock inside her cunt as he fell heavily upon her naked tits, breathing raggedly. Peggy relaxed the straining pull against the ropes, and that felt better.

"Come on, Ted," Joey urged. "It's my turn! I'm gonna fuck her, too, you know? Get your ass off and let me fuck her!”

Feeling Ted pull his cock free and rolling to one side, Peggy watched as her youngest nephew climbed between her stretched thighs, his cock jerking up and down, flinging dripping juice over her smooth thighs.

“Please, not you, Joey,” she begged. "You're too young for this, baby. Don't let your brother influence you like this. Untie me now and we'll forget about it, please!”

But Joey gave her a nasty laugh, rubbing the bulging head of his cock up and down the lips of her cunt. Then he did something unexpected, slapping her tits hard.

Peggy screamed with pain.

His cock dipped between the lips of her cunt swiftly, fucking into her as hard as Ted had. As his cock fucked in and out, Peggy thought perhaps it would be best to get this over with as quickly as she could. They were getting rough now, hurting her. Before, she was simply tied up, but they were hitting her now. She humped her ass as best she could, fucking up at him to make him come quickly.

Swallowing her shame, she pumped her ass up and down, wiggling and grinding as Joey gurgled with pleasure. His head rested on her tits, his hands slipping underneath her ass, clutching a cheek in each. His hips banged hard and fast, fucking his cock in and out, the friction of his prick against the wet lips of her cunt almost sending sparks through her body.

"Oh, yes, Joey," she moaned, hoping to make him come quickly. "Ohhhh, baby, fuck me! Shove that sweet hardness in me, give it to me!”

Ted, still flopped next to her, laughed knowingly. It was a nasty sound, but she ignored it, ramming her cunt up against her nephew's thrusting cock as hard and fast as she could. Peggy felt his young hands digging into the cheeks of her ass, gripping harder and harder.

"Do it, Joey. Don't try to stop it, let it go, baby. Let it all go.”

Feeling him fucking hard into her cunt, holding his cock deep, Peggy fucked back, her hips twisting, her cunt grinding and drawing on his cock.

"Oh, that's it, Joey," she whispered, feeling the throb of his cock increase. "Do it, darling, do it!”

Joey grunted, and Peggy felt the thick come juice bubble swiftly from his cock. She felt it splash about inside her pussy, and she kept twisting until he was finished.

She let enough time go by for him to rest, and then as he pulled his cock from her, she asked, as sweetly as she could, to be untied.

Chapter 2

Ted and Joey had been motherless since their mother had left their father, Robert. That had been over a year ago. Robert was nine years older than she, but they had always been quite close. They had drawn apart during his marriage, seeing each only a few times a year. Peggy had not liked her sister-in-law, and had preferred to avoid her.

However, she loved her nephews, always sending them gifts on holidays and birthdays, something that their mother had seemed to resent. Although Peggy would never tell Robert, she was secretly glad his wife was no longer around. He had asked her to stay with him and the boys, but she had refused, sensing it might be a mistake. What Ted and Joey had done to her yesterday showed how big of a mistake.

In her bath, with fragrant bubbles bursting about her body, she tried to hate her nephews for yesterday. She hated herself, instead. She had responded to their young cocks, something that surprised her. Peggy had never been drawn erotically to young boys, yet she experienced orgasm as they took turns fucking her. Her wrists and ankles still had marks on them from the ropes, but she had not been injured. She was thankful for that.

She could hear Ted and Joey yelling and playing outside, and Peggy smiled. If being fucked by them while tied up was the worst that could happen to her, she could live with it, she decided. They had fucked her already, so what was wrong with a few more times, she rationalized.

Peggy had an erotic mind, and she had loved fucking since a very early age. She had even wondered what it would be like to be tied up and then fucked. Yet, as much as she thought about sex, her experience had been limited to simple fucking, never indulging in the more sophisticated forms such as sucking. She was sure that a hard cock, dripping wet, pressing into her throat would make her gag, and perhaps throw up. The idea of having something like that, a cock the guy pissed with, inside her mouth was nauseating to Peggy.

No, she wasn't going to tell her brother what they had done to her. She would keep silent and hope that all they would do was tie her up and fuck her cunt.

A shiver went through her, causing her nipples to lift in hardness. Would Ted and Joey be satisfied with that? Somehow she sensed that they wouldn't. She wondered where they got such ideas, if they had tied up little girls before. One important thing caused her to remain silent was that she loved them both and did not want to create trouble for them.

The slamming of a door startled her, making her sit upright in the tub. She had lived alone for a long time, and seldom closed the bathroom door, and it still stood wide open.

She started to get up to close it, but Ted and Joey raced in as she lifted to her knees. Peggy quickly wrapped her arms about her soapy tits, crouching back into the water.

"Hey, look at Aunt Peggy!" Joey said.

"I'm always looking at Aunt Peggy," Ted said, gazing over her. "Aunt Peggy, why are you trying to cover up your pretty tits? We've seen them already.”

"You're not going to see them anymore," she said, her arms pressing her round tits together. "There won't be any more games like yesterday.”

"Who said so?" Ted sneered.

"I said so, you little shit.”

"Who listens to you?”

Both boys had one faded cut-off jeans. Peggy could not help but notice that their cocks were beginning to swell, harden as her nephews looked at her. She felt a tremor of disgust when she couldn't take her gaze from the bulging shorts. Ted laughed lewdly, sliding the ragged edge of his shorts upward, the head of his cock poking out. Peggy cringed into the tub, pressing at the enamel, one hand held out as if to ward off a blow.

"No," she hissed. "Please, put it away, Ted! No more, I told you!”

Both boys grabbed her at the same time. She groaned as their fingers cut into her upper arms, lifting her from the tub. They dragged her out of the water and pulled her from the bathroom. Peggy tried to twist free, protesting, but she was not a very strong woman, and her nephews had little trouble with her. When she realized they were dragging her toward the back door, she struggled as hard as she could.

"No! Not outside! Someone could see!”

“Who cares?" Ted replied. "We don't.”

“Please, don't!" Peggy tried to brace her feet on the floor, but they were wet and slipped on the tile. "God, not outside!”

“We wanna be outside," Joey said.

The rear of the house had a covered patio, with a couple of chairs and two chaise lounges. There was a small table made of redwood. The yard consisted of a small lawn, lush and green, leading off into the desert of sagebrush and cactus. Although it was still morning, the sun struck them with heat. Peggy wasn't struggling very hard now. It was hopeless, and she was afraid that they would hurt her.

Peggy looked around swiftly, but all she could see was the great expanse of desert, nothing else. There were no houses close to hers, and her own house sat almost two-hundred yards back from the highway. The buzz of a passing car came to them, and Peggy, although concealed in back of the house, blushed. She had never gone naked outside in her life.

Then she saw what, they had been doing. Directly above the redwood table, they had sunk metal hooks into the roof of the patio. Her heart sank as she stared at them. As Ted held her arms around her back securely, she began to sob when Joey opened a suitcase, taking a pair of chains from it, with cuffs linked at one end. The cuffs were of metal, too, but could be adjusted to fit. She watched Joey bring a tall ladder from the side of the house, and he attached to chains to the hooks, the cuffs dangling.

"Get on the table, Aunt Peggy." Ted demanded when Joey finished.

"No!" Peggy drew back, looking at the chains with horror. "I won't! You can't force me! I refuse!”

The sharp pinch on one naked asscheek brought a scream from her. Her hips shot forward, and Ted, still gripping her upper arm, grabbed a handful of her thick cunt hair, pulling hard. The searing pain was horrible, and attempting to ease it, Peggy shoved her cunt into Ted's hand, but Ted pulled harder, leading her forward that way. Peggy moved with her hips thrust forward, crying with pain and apprehension.

Joey shoved the table from beneath the hooks, replacing it with a bench about four feet long and two feet wide.

"Get on the bench, Aunt Peggy," Ted said, pulling very hard on her cunt hair.

Nervously, she stepped up onto the bench. Ted, still pulling at her pussy hair, created a burning pain on the tender flesh just above the slit of her cunt. Her body, still wet from the bath, glistened in the still-climbing sun. Joey again climbed the ladder, and he cuffed her wrists so that they were pulled very high above her head. Her shoulders began to hurt immediately, and they cut into her flesh painfully. She hung her head in shame and pain, her long dark hair falling down her back and over one tit. Still on the ladder, Joey brushed her hair away from her tit, cupped it and squeezed a few times, then pinched her nipple hard.

Peggy screamed as pain burned through the sensitive tip of her tit, Joey laughed, then twisted her other nipple as hard as she could, bringing more screams of pain from his aunt. Peggy swayed her ass, trying to relieve the cutting pressure of the metal cuffs. Feeling something going around her ankles, she looked down. Ted was attaching a strong cord around it. Joey climbed from the ladder and began tying her other ankle. Then they pulled her feet apart, causing most of the weight of her body to sag against the chains. She was crying from the pain now, as the boys tied her legs wide apart. Her stretched body arched, her ass thrusting backward and her tits upward. The pink lips of her cunt could be seen now, surrounded by the dark curls of her cunt. The tip of her clit peeked from her pussyslit, tingling, much to her surprise.

Pained and shamed, she realized to her horror that she was responding once again to this weird torment. Peggy wondered if she was going crazy, feeling pleasure in this.

The boys stood back, looking at her with gleaming eyes. Ted's cock was still sticking from the fringed edge of his cut-offs, very hard. His swollen prick head glistened, and Peggy saw his piss hole flaring, clear fluids dripping from it. As Ted began to stroke his cock, Joey brought his own out, just as hard as his brother's. A lurching, burning sensation seemed to flutter in Peggy's cunt. She couldn't stop watching them. And she could not stop her cunt from getting wet, her clit from swelling.

The boys' eyes were level with her hips. She hung there by the chains as they looked at her nakedness, each licking his lips. Goosebumps rose on her flesh as they stared at her cunt. Ted leaned down a bit, peering between his aunt's long, slim thighs, sliding his hand up the creamy smooth inner surface toward her cunt.

Peggy twisted her hips before she felt the cuffs cut into her flesh, then held still. She would rather have her nephew feel her up than increase the pain on her wrists.

Jed cupped her cunt, pressing and rubbing at her wet, hairy pussy lips. Peggy hung her head shamefully, crying silently. Her tears stung her tits, and her sobs made Ted and Joey grin with delight. Joey slipped behind her, and she felt him stroking her naked ass and the backs of her thighs. The boys moved all around her, looking at every inch of her body. As they stood behind her, she felt them part the cheeks of her ass, and with horror, she realized they were looking at her asshole. That made her shame deeper yet. No one had ever looked at her this way, never so exposed.

"Let's spank her now," Joey said.

"Sure, why not?" Ted replied.

As her nephews came back around in front of her, Peggy watched them dig into the suitcase again, taking out a leather thong about five feet long. When Ted swung it through the air, it hissed nastily. Peggy cringed, tightening the cheeks of her ass. Her nephews grinned evilly at her, with Ted swinging the leather whip around threateningly.

"We're gonna make your pretty ass look good, Aunt Peggy," he snickered. "A naked ass always looks prettier with a few stripes on it.”

"Oh, God!" she sobbed. "You wouldn't!”

"The fuck we wouldn't," Joey giggled.

Ted swung the whip, but not very hard. Still it raised a welt near her hip. The pain made Peggy cry out. It came unexpectedly, and felt as if her thigh had been opened.

"That wasn't hard," Ted laughed. "Just a love tap, Aunt Peggy. Wait until you feel it on your pretty ass,”

"Oh, God, please, don't!”

Ted stood at her side, swinging the leather whip lightly across her asscheeks. Joey remained in front of her, his cock poking from the leg of his cut-offs, throbbing excitedly, his eyes staring at her hairy cunt, lips parted slightly as he breathed hotly.

The scream that ripped from Peggy's throat cut into the morning air of the desert, but there was no one to hear it. The lash of that leather whip seared the tender flesh of her beautiful, swelling ass. It was as though a knife had slicked the cheeks of her ass open. A fiery, red welt appeared, a thin line across each asscheek, perfectly centered. Her scream caused the boys to laugh in delight. Ted swung the thin whip across her ass a few times, then against the backs of her creamy thighs, raising welts there, too. The pain burned like fire, and Peggy could hardly stand it. The metal cuffs were cutting into her wrists, her weight slumping on them.

She felt relieved and thankful when Ted dropped that wicked whip. Her ass and the backs of her thighs continued to burn with pain, and she was amazed that her cunt was very wet, her clit very tight and hard, throbbing with a tingling sensation as if she were about to come. She felt slippery moisture seeping along her inner thighs, something that embarrassed her greatly.

Without speaking, her nephews left her hanging. They went into the house, and Peggy became frightened. Surely they would not leave her this way. Someone might drive up, might see her. Besides, her arms felt as if they were about to separate from her shoulders. They were only having fun, she tried to tell herself, they would come back in a few minutes and let her down.

The sun climbed, and the heat was becoming worse. She began to sweat, her arms going numb. She could not pull her feet together, and her arms, she felt, could not hold her weight up much longer. She wondered if she was getting sunburned on her ass. She waited and waited, wishing they would hurry and let her down before she fainted from the pain. Her tears had dried now. She tried to think of a means to free herself, looking about constantly, fearful someone would drive up and see her in this helpless, shameful situation.

Ted and Joey came out the door, each with a glass of iced tea in their hands. She saw that they had removed their shorts, and both were naked. Outside, and all of them naked. Peggy was horrified that they would be caught.

She licked her lips thirstily. "May I have some tea, too?" she asked politely. "I'm getting awfully thirsty.”

"Maybe later," Ted said, sitting on a lounge, drawing his legs up and resting the cold glass on his stomach. Peggy looked at him, but her gaze went to his cock and balls. Ted noticed where her gaze went, and with a grin, draped his legs over the sides of the lounge. Peggy's eyes opened a bit wider as she gazed between his legs. Despite the way she was hanging on the chains, she found his cock and balls appealing. Her inner thighs were moist from her seeping cunt.

Joey, still with his frosted glass of tea, stood and watched his aunt, pleased with what he saw. He moved close to her, pressing his cold glass against her thigh. He ran his hand about her thighs, then cupped the cheek of her ass in a gentle squeeze, his cock brushing at her lower leg. He brought his hand to her cunt, spreading her hairy pussy lips with two fingers, forcing her clit outward.

Peggy gasped when her nephew leaned his young face forward, his lips lightly kissing the tip of her clit. She tried to jerk her crotch backward, but Joey wrapped one arm about her hips, pressing his mouth harder upon her clit. Peggy choked when she felt Joey sucking at her clit, his tongue flicking up and down.

"Oh, God!" she moaned. "Joey, that's nasty!”

He opened his mouth wide, pressing it between her thighs, his head upward. She twisted her hips as she felt his tongue dipping into her wet cunt. The shame of what he was doing to her filled her face with a bright redness. Her eyes closed so she wouldn't have to see his cheeks and nose buried in her cunt hair. She felt his tongue flutter inside her cunt, his upper lips pressing upon her clit.

Although Peggy considered it nasty to have a mouth on her cunt, she felt a response unlike any she had felt when they had fucked her. There was something perverse in feeling Joey's smooth face pressing into her cunt. She thought it was quite possible she could learn to like having her cunt sucked and tongued and licked.

As Joey thrust his tongue in and out of her cunt, alternating it with his lips to suck on her rigid clit, she felt him rolling his cold glass about her hip and around to her ass. The coolness of the glass seemed, strangely enough, to increase the heat of her cunt. As he pressed the cold glass against the crack of her ass, he began to suck very hard on her clit.

"Ohhhh," Peggy moaned, her eyes half closed as a sweet, dreamy feeling came over her. "Oooooooh, Joey.”

Ted laughed, still sprawled back on the lounge chair, his cock sticking straight up, watching his brother eating Peggy's cunt, seeing the way her hips moved, her expression of growing ecstasy. Through her sweet sensations, Peggy knew Ted was watching. She slitted her smoldering eyes, staring at his upstanding cock and preciously young balls, while Joey began to suck and tonguefuck her cunt with more vigor. He had placed his glass on the bench by now, and was cupping her naked ass with both hands, shoving his tongue in and out of her twitching cunt swiftly, dragging it up and down her fiery pussylips, tonguing her cunt and clit with soft, exciting slurps.

Every nerve in her body seemed on fire, and not with the numbing pain of hanging by her arms. She was whimpering as ecstasy unlike any she had ever felt began flooding her body, centered between her thighs, in and around her bushy cunt. Peggy knew she was close to coming, and she began to strain for it.

"Oooooh, please, please," she murmured. “Oh, God! Joey, oh, Joey!”

“You better be careful, Joey,” Ted snickered. "You're gonna make Aunt Peggy come, I think.”

Peggy began to grind her cunt into her nephew's face, pressing hard onto his mouth, grunting as her orgasm swelled and bubbled. She had never been so wet or hot in her life. She wanted to come, to come no matter what they did to her. At this moment of her increasing ecstasy, they could beat her, whip her, hurt her all they wanted. They could do anything to her, her body, she wanted to come so badly.

"Oh, Joey, Joey!”

His tongue snapped in and out of her cunt, going deep. Peggy's pussy began drawing at his tongue, her fiery wet cunt lips gripping tightly. Her hips started jerking uncontrollably, then she screamed. The orgasm burst like an overfilled balloon, sending her into hot, trembling ecstasy.

Peggy wailed, tossing her head about as she came. Joey kept thrusting his tongue into her convulsing cunt swiftly, digging into the cheeks of her ass with strong fingers. She felt him rubbing his cock against her lower legs. The eruption of his cock surprised her. The creamy, hot come juice spattered her legs, and she didn't care.

Ted, seeing his brother climaxing over their aunt's legs, laughed hilariously. "Way to go, Joey!" he shouted. "Can't even wait to fuck her, can you? Can't wait to get your cock up her fucking cunt, huh?”

When Joey pulled his face from her cunt, he looked as if he were blushing, his face smeared by her pussyjuice, lips glistening.

"Fuck you, Ted," he said, wiping his mouth.

Chapter 3

Peggy was left hanging by the chains for most of the morning. Her arms were fully numb by now, and the tingling in her fingers was gone. Her shoulders, almost slipped out of their sockets, burned like fire. Still naked, she could feel the come drying on her legs. She was dying from thirst and her mouth felt dry, her tongue like sandpaper.

Ted and Joey paid little attention to her, glancing at her exposed body now and then. For a moment or so she felt as if they were ignoring her deliberately, but seeing the gleam in their eyes told her that their interest was still as high as ever.

Her gaze followed Ted as he stepped to the end of the patio. He held his cock, arching his hips slightly, and began sending a long, golden stream of piss over the green grass. Peggy watched her nephew piss, finding it interesting. She had never seen a boy piss.

Ted, noticing his aunt watching, turned toward her, swinging his cock around. He grinned lewdly at her, splashing piss on the patio.

"You like that, huh, Aunt Peg? You get a kick out of my cock?" He wiggled his prick up and down, making the stream of piss wave. "I think you like to see me piss, don't you, Aunt Peggy?”

Peggy jerked her gaze off his cock, shaking her head from side to side violently. Yet, she watched him from the corner of her eyes. There was something appealing, seeing the piss leave his piss hole, arc out and splash to the patio floor. Her mouth was so dry, she ran her tongue about, then over her lips. Ted misunderstood the gesture.

"Want something to drink, Aunt Peggy?” he snickered. "Would a drink of my piss help your thirst? It won't be cold, but it's a drink just the same.”

"You-you-" she stammered. "You monster!”

"Oh, don't call names, Aunt Peggy," he warned. "You start calling names, and we're just gonna have to spank your pretty ass again. It's not nice to call names.”

To emphasize Ted' s words, Joey came toward her with the slim whip again. Her eyes widened with terror as he swung it through the air, grinning wickedly at her. The cheeks of her ass, still bearing red welts from before, clenched tightly. She tried not to scream as he lashed at her ass once, very hard. The tip of the whip curled about her hip and lifted a welt at the edge of her cunt hair. The scream broke, ringing out over the desert.

Ted and Joey laughed in delight.

Through her tears, she saw Ted shaking his cock and release it. A bead of yellow piss clung to his prick tip. He turned his back to her, squatting down to the suitcase. She had thought the suitcase held more clothing when they arrived, yet it was filled with objects which were strange to her. Ted took out two spring-loaded clothespins, snapping them open as he stood, facing her and Joey. The grin on his face terrified her.

"No! God, no!" she pleaded as he started toward her.

Joey had dropped the whip. He now lifted his hands to her tits, cupping one to make her pink nipple thrust forward. “You’re gonna love this, Aunt Peggy,” he said, eyes glowing with wicked pleasure. “You’re really gonna enjoy this.”

“I won’t!” she yelled. “I won’t! It will hurt! Please, you don’t know how tender a woman’s nipples are!”

“We, know,” Ted said. “We know that very well.”

Her gaze followed the open clothespin, her eyes wide and filled with fear.

Ted taunted her by holding the pinching end of the pins around her nipple, letting them close tightly time and again, each time a bit harder. Peggy began to cry, whimpering, each time a bit harder. Peggy began to cry, whimpering, begging, promising. As the pin clamped onto her tender nipple, she squeezed her mouth shut, not wanting to provide them with tortured screams. Ted snapped the other pin onto her other nipple, and they seemed to keep squeezing. I felt to Peggy that her nipples would be smashed, twisted off, as the clothespins drooped, hanging from her tits.

Then the scream came.

Ted and Joey stood back, looking her tortured tits, grinning happily, their cocks lifting into hardness. Peggy’s nipples began to turn numb, yet the searing pain was staying with her. Joey had taken another clothespin from the suitcase, and he was making snapping motions with it toward her cunt.

Ted pulled her hairy cuntlips open, her clit revealed. Joey gently ran the wooden clothespin up and down her cunt, scraping lightly from the crack of her ass, along her pussy slit and making circles about her clit. Then he snapped the pin onto her clit, letting the springs go all at once. The excruciating pain sent Peggy into wild, tormented screams again. Her clit felt as if it was being cut from her cunt, the pain slicing up through her body, meeting the pain of her tits. She screamed and screamed, trying to shake the pins loose by jerking her ass and bouncing her tits as best she could. But the painful pins were tight and she could not shake them off.

Ted and Joey enjoyed their handiwork, now and then tugging at a clothespin, sending fresh pain burning through her body. Ted pinched the inside of her thigh, high up near her cunt where it was the most tender. Joey pulled at the pin clamped on her clit, and all the pain ran together as one. Peggy's sobs served only to increase her nephews pleasure. She knew it, but couldn't stop crying.

Through her hot tears, she saw them move behind her. She hung her head in shame and pain, trying to be still now. She found that when she moved and tried to wiggle the pins loose, it created more pain on her tits and cunt as they jiggled. She felt them cupping the cheeks of her ass, almost with tender pleasure, being gentle with her. The stroking young hands seemed, for a time, to help soothe the pain she was feeling.

They pulled the creamy, shapely cheeks of her ass apart, and she could feel their young eyes staring at her puckered asshole. Involuntarily, her asshole squeezed tight, drawing inward. She heard them laughing about it, feeling a couple of fingers sliding between her spread thighs and rubbing the puffy lips of her cunt. She was moaning softly as a finger moved into her cunt, fucking up and down slowly. She was aware that her asshole was flexing in time to the finger fucking into her cunt, and it brought renewed shame to her.

Peggy could not believe that she was responding to the fingerfucking. Her cunt tingled and her pussy lips appeared to clutch at the finger. She moaned again, but this time in an effort to prevent what she was starting to feel inside her cunt. She was starting to become wet, getting aroused. The finger fucking into her cunt seemed to relieve some of the pain on her tits and clit. Despite herself, her ass moved, beginning to work with her finger.

"I think I'll make Aunt Peggy come," Joey said. “She's been kinda nice to us. She deserves to come, don't you think, Ted?”

"Sure, make her come," Ted replied.

Joey's finger moved faster, the friction heating up the lips of her cunt. Peggy began to sigh, her sobs stopping, pleasure flowing through her lovely, naked body. She felt Ted's lips pressing against the cheek of her ass. The tip of his tongue flicking against her flesh caused Peggy to twist, arching her ass backwards against his face. She felt his hand slide around her hip, his fingers brushing and smoothing the thick curls of her pussy hair. Even that felt good to her.

Ted started biting lightly at his aunt's beautiful asscheek. When his tongue licked up and around, Peggy mewled like a kitten. Her hips twisted in the confines of being tied up as her passion started to soar, her cunt becoming very, very wet. She was startled to notice the clothespin lifting as her nipples hardened. The one clamped upon her clit was jerking as pulsations began to pound in it. The soft, almost whispered murmurs caused Ted and Joey to increase fingerfucking and licking at her flesh. The nerves in her naked body starting vibrating. A smile grew over Peggy's face as the tingling delight flowed hotter and hotter. Her hips were writhing sensuously.

Both boys started kissing and licking at her asscheeks now, with Joey still fingerfucking her. Ted was caressing her hip and thigh with one hand, holding the cheek of her ass, the edge of his hand pressing into her asscrack and upon her sensitive shitter. Peggy shoved her ass back, finding the touch there suddenly sweet.

"Oooooh, yes," she whispered, no longer thinking about how uncomfortable she was, hanging by her arms in this blatant, erotic exposure on the patio. "Oh, yes, please!”

Her orgasm was growing, swelling in the pit of her stomach. When she came, her cunt gripping in hot, wet waves around Joey's finger, she was groaning in pleasure. In the middle of her orgasm, the groans turned into sudden screams. Each of her nephews had suddenly clamped their teeth into the cheeks of her ass, biting down hard, very hard. The unexpected pain became part of her orgasm, and Peggy wasn't sure if she was screaming with ecstasy or pain.

Slowly, her orgasms faded, and the pain returned to her, only it didn't seem as bad as before. Her nipples still hurt, her clit still burned in pain, and now the cheeks of her creamy ass felt as if they had been chewed on viciously, yet it was the best orgasm Peggy had ever felt in her life.

Ted and Joey came to sit before her again, both of their young cocks very, very hard. She stared at them, finding she wanted to be fucked by them now. Their swollen prickheads looked so smooth, so big that her cunt seemed to draw inward. She realized she enjoyed seeing them naked, watching their cocks and precious balls. Peggy found it difficult to believe herself, the change that was coming over her in just two days of being humiliated by her nephews. She had never enjoyed pain of any kind, but it didn't seem so bad now.

Joey entered the house, then returned with two glasses of iced tea. They sat and sipped the tea, their young eyes studying Peggy's dangling body. In a few moments, Ted removed the, pins. Peggy felt so much relief, despite the painful tingle in her nipples and clit that lingered after the pins were off. She even attempted a smile for them, thinking that if she showed some cooperation, they wouldn't hurt her anymore.

The need to piss came over her. She kept quiet, knowing that it would do her no good to ask. Besides, she would be ashamed to let them know she had to piss. Her mouth was very dry, her tongue feeling swollen in her mouth. Her lips felt as if they were starting to crack from being so dry. There was not enough moisture on her tongue as she liked them. Ted and Joey taunted her with the iced tea, making mock toasts to her with the frosted glasses. She could almost taste the iced tea, the coldness flowing down her throat. It was hot now, the desert sun directly overhead. The roof of the patio was metal, and that didn't help any at all. It intensified the heat of the sun, making the patio feel oven hot.

"This sure is good," Ted said, drinking, his gaze on his aunt. "Nice and cold. A cold glass of tea sure helps on a day this hot.”

"It sure does," Joey replied.

Peggy couldn't help it, she had to have water. "Please, let me have a drink," she begged, her facial expression pleading helplessly. "I'm so thirsty.”

"Aw, give the cunt a drink," Ted said. "I guess we can afford it. She's kinda nice. Go ahead, Joey, give the fucking bitch a drink.”

Peggy smiled widely as Joey got up. His cock was still hard, waving from side to side as he approached her. He had to climb onto the bench, and Peggy felt his cock sliding on her thigh as he held the glass to her lips. She drank with noisy thirst, yet was aware of the hard cock throbbing against her naked thigh. She rewarded her nephew by pressing her thigh against his cock as best she could.

"Thank you, Joey," she said softly.

As he returned to his chair, she gazed upon his naked ass. Ted saw her eyes, and laughed. "You better watch out, Joey," he said. "I think Aunt Peggy is after your ass.”

"Aunt Peggy can have my ass anytime," Joey said, sitting back down, his legs draped over the arms of the chair, ass scooted forward.

Peggy found herself fascinated. Joey's cock stood up in the air, his hairless balls dangling. She saw, too, between the cheeks of his ass, the small roundness of his asshole. Turning his eyes to Ted, she watched him stroke his fist slowly up and down his swollen cock, squeezing it to bring up beads of clear juice.

"Aunt Peggy can't make up her mind," Joey said. "She don't know if she wants my ass or your cock, Ted.”

"Both, probably," Ted laughed lewdly.

Peggy listened to them, hearing the words they used. She felt a cramping in her stomach, and the need to piss again was strong. She felt as if she was going to bust if she didn’t piss soon.

The fullness kept growing in the bottom of her stomach until she was squirming with discomfort, her face making a grimace. She was struggling to keep it back. The more she tried to hold it in, the worse it became.

“Oh, no!” she yelped as her face turned red.

She had been unable to hold it in any longer.

A golden stream of piss spewed from her cunt. It arched outward, churning down, splashing on the patio floor. She squeezed her eyes tightly shut in shame, unable to stop the flow of piss gushing from her cunt.

“I guess Aunt Peggy had to take a fucking piss,” Ted snickered with unconcealed pleasure.

"Sure looks like it," Joey said, watching with interest as the golden piss streamed from her cunt. He stood up, and Peggy, with her eyes squeezed with humiliation, did not see him slip his tall glass into the stream of her piss. By the time the flow of hot piss began to trickle, he was back in his chair, holding the half-filled glass with her piss.

Peggy slitted her eyes, too ashamed to look fully at them. The floor of the patio was drenched in her piss, but not a drop had gotten on her legs. The curls of cunt hair along each cuntlip had gotten wet, though.

"Wanna have another drink, Aunt Peggy?" Joey asked.

"Please," Peggy whispered.

Ted laughed as his brother moved to her, stepping onto the bench, watching Peggy's face closely. Peggy, eager to drink, didn't see his expression. Joey tipped the glass to her lips, and Peggy drank deeply, gulping as she swallowed.

Suddenly her eyes popped wide, and she spewed her mouthful of piss out. But it was too late; she had swallowed half a cupful before she realized what she was drinking.

"You son of a bitch!" she shouted, spitting.

She spit time and again, and could have murdered the boys with great pleasure at that moment. She hung by the chains, glaring at them, not caring if they beat her bloody.

"You little fucking bastard shits!" she shouted. "I've had enough of both of you! You're leaving here today, going back to your father. I'm going to let him know what little bastard fucking cocksuckers you are. I hope you two rot in hell, you little motherfuckers!”

Peggy began to cry after her outburst. The taste of her piss lingered inside her mouth, and she wanted to wash it out and scrub her teeth until her gums bled. Hot tears streamed down her cheeks, and she didn't care. She was so miserable and disgusted with her nephews, she no longer cared about anything, only to be turned loose.

She had made no impression on her nephews. All they did was laugh harder than ever, quite pleased with their nasty little trick.

Chapter 4

Peggy was still crying when they finally released her from the chains. She would have fallen if they weren’t holding her up. Her legs didn’t want to fit together, feeling paralyzed from being spread apart for so long. She couldn’t resist the boys as they pulled her hands behind her back and tied them there before taking her from the heat of the patio. A collar of some sort was fixed about her neck, with a long, slim chain attached like a dog’s leash.

She followed her nephews meekly, her eyes filled with tears. Inside the house, they led her to her bedroom. She sprawled on the mattress, her knees drawn up to her tits, arms secured behind her back. Peggy immediately buried her face in a pillow. She felt them wrapping a thin, narrow rope about her ankles, tying them together. Once they had her ankles tied together, they looped a rope behind her knees, wrapping it around a few times, then pulled it around the back of her head, effectively restraining her in the fetal position.

If that wasn’t enough. Ted had brought a leather bag from the suitcase, a gag with a hard rubber cock that fit into the mouth. Peggy saw what it was when he lopped strands of her hair into his fist, jerking her head around, making her scream with pain. As her mouth opened to scream, Ted thrust the hard rubber cock into her mouth. She felt the rubber cock between her lips, almost at the back of her throat, her tongue crowded. She felt herself gag, non because of the depth, but because it was shaped perfectly like a small cock. The gag was tied about her head with a thin, leather thong. She couldn’t move her body, nor could she make a sound other than tormented fronts, her lips wide around the rubber cock, stretched at the base. She could feel the coolness of the air-conditioner on her vulnerable asshole and hairy cunt. Peggy shivered, but not from a chill. They were going to hurt her, she thought wildly.

They stood back, looking at her. Peggy stared back at them, her expression terrified, eyes wide. Both had very hard cocks again, she saw. Ted and Joey looked her over, each stroking his cock slowly, making them swell more, their prickheads bulging out and looking as if they would burst.

"Let's get her on her knees," Ted said.

He and his brother pulled at Peggy's hips until she was on her knees, facing sideways on the pillow, her ass jutting lewdly into the air. She tried to straighten her knees, but the rope holding them pulled her head downward. Struggling almost violently, she twisted and turned, her hips waving, grunts of pain and terror coming past the cock-gag. The more she twisted and fought, the tighter the ropes seemed to become.

"Aunt Peggy has a pretty ass," Joey said as he fondled her spread asscheeks. "I bet she's never been fucked in her asshole before, what-ta'ya bet, Ted?”

"I don't give a shit if she has. I'm gonna try it later on," Ted said. "I bet it's nice and tight, though. It looks tight, anyway.”

Peggy grunted a protest when she felt him pressing the tip of a finger against her asshole. But before he shoved it up her asshole, he plunged it into her cunt. He stabbed his finger into her with such force, Peggy screamed, the sound muffled by the gag.

Just as quickly, he jerked it out.

"Aunt Peggy is still wet," he said.

Joey leaned over her uplifted ass, the head of his dripping cock brushing her ribs. The wetness seared her flesh as she held her eyes wide with fear, wondering what they were going to do to her next.

She soon found out.

One of them slapped her cunt with stinging force. The hand came down directly upon her pooching cunt, sending excruciating pain throughout her very tender pussylips and her clit. Again the palm hit upon her cunt, making a loud, wet sound. Peggy cried as the pain burned from her cunt up her back. If they hit her cunt again, she knew she would pass out from the pain.

They stopped hitting her pussy, but the stinging, searing pain remained. Her clit throbbed with pain, and her cuntlips felt bruised. They stopped hitting her in the cunt, but then began taking turns spanking her raised ass, hitting her with stinging blows that left red imprints on her creamy, spreading asscheeks. The hard rubber cock stuffed into her mouth was so horribly real to her. Her ass felt as if it was on fire, and her cunt throbbed with lingering pain.

"I think Aunt Peggy's ass is prettier when it's red, don't you, Ted?" Joey asked his brother.

"Naked ass always looks better red, especially a pretty woman's ass," Ted snickered, caressing Peggy's ass.

"She has such smooth skin," Joey said, rubbing the head of his swollen cock about her thigh, from knee to hip, following the curve along to her waist. Peggy felt the juices of his cock smearing her flesh. It wasn't bad, she thought. If this was all they would do to her, tie her up in such lewd positions, fuck her, she could take it. What she didn't want was the punishment, the pain-or did she? Peggy, with her lovely ass arching up, vulnerable, was confused. Her cunt was very responsive to this mistreatment, and yet she hated it, didn't want the pain.

While Joey ran his cock over her flesh, Ted climbed onto the bed behind Peggy. She felt his cock as he dragged his smooth prick head from between her thighs, along her pooching cunt. She felt him pause a moment with his prick head pressing at her hairy cuntlips, teasingly. Peggy whimpered softly, her ass swaying of its own free will. She gave a soft, muffled squeal when she felt him move the head of his cock into her cunt, parting her wet and slippery pussy lips. She almost shoved her ass back at him until she caught herself. Ted caught the movement and gave a nasty laugh.

"Ahhh, no, Aunt Peggy," he said. "Not yet. I know how much you want my cock in your hot cunt, but you gotta wait until I want to fuck you.”

She felt him draw his cock from her cunt, moving it slowly upward. Her eyes opened wide as she felt him drag it toward the tightness of her asshole. She grunted against the cock-gag, sucking her asshole in as she tried to scoot forward away from him.

As his cock rubbed about her asshole, she heard Ted snickering again. Her body trembled as he pressed his cock a bit harder against her asshole. Peggy moaned loudly.

"I know you want me to fuck you up your pretty ass, Aunt Peggy," he said, stabbing toward her. "I know you're real eager to have me fuck you in your tight asshole, but you gotta wait for that, too.”

A sense of relief flooded her as the pressure was relaxed and he pulled his cock downward again. When she felt his cock starting to penetrate her cunt, she lunged back onto it as best she could. Although she was too tightly bound to move much, she rocked her ass back and forth, fucking Ted. Joey was still rubbing the seeping piss hole of his cock along her hip.

"Aunt Peggy loves my cock, Joey," Ted said. "See how she wants to fuck my cock?”

"She don't love your cock no more than mine," Joey retorted childishly. "Ain't that right, Aunt Peggy? You like my cock just as much as Ted's, don't you?”

Peggy had no intention of letting them know she was learning to like the abuse they were heaping upon her. They knew enough as it was and if they learned she was starting to enjoy it, there was no telling what their erotic little minds would dream up next.

Ted closed his fingers on her hips, fucking his cock in and out of her cunt now. His cock made moist sounds as he fucked into her. Peggy could feel the hardness of his cock go deep, the throbs of his prick shaft. Her cunt became more sensitive as he fucked her, his balls swinging. She was aware that her nipples had become rubbery hard, tingling against the bed. She closed her eyes as the ecstasy began to grow deep in the pit of her stomach.

Ted's harsh breathing as he fucked her cunt hard added further excitement to Peggy's confused brain. Feeling Ted fucking her from behind, feeling Joey running the slippery wet head of his cock along her flesh, Peggy knew she was going to be lost to them very soon if she couldn't control the awakening desires within her.

Joey was rubbing his cock along her upper arm, leaving a wet, fiery trail of wetness on her flesh. Her head was turned in his direction, and she saw his cock brush over her shoulder.

"Mmmmmphhh!" Peggy groaned in horror as his smooth cockhead brushed at her cheek, just above the leather thong holding the cock-gag in her mouth. The wetness of his piss hole seemed to sear her cheek, and again humiliation came over her.

She tried to jerk her head away from his cock, but Joey grabbed a handful of her hair, twisting her head around so he could smear his seeping cock over her cheek and forehead.

While Ted kept fucking relentlessly into her gripping cunt, Joey wrapped the silky strands of his aunt's hair about his cock and began to jack off, and Peggy was terrified that he would shoot off in her hair. She didn't want that mess in her hair, but there wasn't anything she could do about it if he did come. Ted's cock felt as if it were going very deep into her cunt, driving through her stomach. Somehow, Peggy enjoyed the sensation. Her ass was twisting as Ted fucked her harder and harder, but she was hardly conscious of it. The pleasure she had been experiencing was swiftly becoming ecstasy. Sweet, licking flames of fire teased her cunt, and her clit was almost painfully swollen, but it was a lovely pain.

Peggy was going to come, and there was no way she could keep it from either boy. Her mind was whirling dizzily as she felt herself approach orgasm. Her cunt was gripping and squeezing Ted's cock, drawing on it, sucking at it. She was groaning around the vile gag, her eyes rolling, becoming dreamy. Her smooth flesh was rippling, the muscles of her stomach starting to clench. The orgasm grew hotly, and she was making gurgling sounds past the cock-gag. Ted fucked his cock in and out fast and hard, making slapping sounds against her puffy cuntlips. As fast as he fucked her, she could still feel the throbbing ridges of his cock. The hair-lined lips of her cunt were clutching his cock desperately as she began to pant and gasp.

"Mmmmpphhh!" she moaned.

The orgasm burst like a tidal wave. Her cunt clawed at Ted's cock in pulsating heat. She tried to throw her head back to scream her ecstasy, but the rope around her neck prevented that.

"She's coming!" Ted shouted. "Aunt Peggy's cunt is coming like a fucking waterfall! Damn, her fucking cunt is gonna pull my cock off!”

Peggy heard Ted grunt as he came.

She felt each splash of his spurting come juice striking the satiny walls of her convulsing cunt, felt it filling her time and again with quick squirts. She thought she would drown in his come, and welcomed it. The more his cock squirted that thick come juice, the more she wanted. And the more jizz that filled her cunt, the harder her orgasms became. To her surprise and intense pleasure, she felt herself building to another orgasm even as the previous one was still happening. She was sobbing deliriously, mindless with exquisite, sweet ecstasy. Her cunt refused to calm down, her hairy pussy lips sucking hard on Ted's spewing cock, wanting it all.

Joey was no longer rubbing his cock in her hair; he was working it about her chin and neck, pumping with a tight fist, watching at her naked, uplifted ass jerking about. Peggy's hands, tied at the wrists near her spine, flexed and clenched into fists as she came.

When Ted pulled his cock from her cunt, she felt come juice seeping down her thighs. She felt it when he wiped his glistening, wet cock around her ass and thighs. She felt his weight move from the bed. It all felt like a dream to her, something unreal. The only thing real to her was the way her cunt kept pulsating, tingling and twitching.

"Aunt Peggy is one good fuck!" Ted gasped, his naked chest heaving up and down from his efforts. "I bet she's got the hottest fucking ass around.”

Joey, standing next to his brother, said, "We know she's got the hairiest cunt, at least. Aunt Peggy has more fucking cunt hair than I've seen.”

"More than Mo-" Ted suddenly stopped, glancing almost fearfully at Peggy, a slight flush on his young face.

"You better be careful, Ted," Joey warned. "You know what-" And he, too, stopped suddenly.

"We both better be careful," Ted said, his voice almost a whisper.

Peggy looked at her nephews. They were trying to conceal something, she thought. They had almost said something that someone had warned them against. What was it? she wondered.

Ted stood next to Joey, his cock dangling now. Joey still had a hard-on, and Peggy found the contrast between the two cocks unusually appealing to her. Although she had experienced a number of surprising orgasms as Ted fucked her, she was amazed to find her pussy still burning for more. Peggy had never felt multiple orgasms before, nor had she been so hot for more cock after she came once. Now she wanted them to keep fucking her time and again, one after the other until her cunt ran with thick come juice, until she could come no more.

Her eyes, gleaming with tears, seemed to plead with Joey, trying to tell him she wanted his cock in her cunt, fucking her. If it weren't for the gag in her mouth, Peggy knew she would scream at him: Fuck me, Joey! Oh, baby, fuck me with that beautiful cock!

But the gag cut off any words, allowing her only to grunt.

Either Joey understood, or he couldn't stand there any longer with his cock throbbing so powerfully, but he climbed onto the bed and stood on his knees, where his brother had stood before. Peggy's eyes immediately became dreamy again, anticipating the joy of his young cock fucking into her steamy cunt.

But Joey had other ideas.

Peggy, feeling him pressing the round, swollen head of his young cock against her asshole, shook her head violently, grunting loudly against the cock-gag. Her asshole clenched as tightly as possible to prevent the penetration she knew was coming.

"I'm gonna fuck Aunt Peggy up her ass," Joey croaked in excitement. "I'm gonna try her fucking asshole.”

"Fuck her where you want," Ted said. "She can't do anything to stop us. Go ahead, ream her hot asshole out.”

Peggy felt her nephew applying more pressure against her asshole. She closed it as tightly as she possibly could, knowing her best efforts would be useless. Her asshole was already slippery with moisture, and she groaned, feeling the hot head of Joey's cock pushing inward. He gripped her hips, pulling her ass back to his cock as he shoved forward.

Humiliation flooded Peggy. It was disgusting to think anyone would want to stick their cock in an asshole, with all that shit and everything. But to do it in front of somebody else seemed even more perverse.

The head of Joey's cock penetrated the tightness of Peggy's asshole. She tried to scream as the searing pain sliced through her, but the gag stopped it. She had never felt anything so painful in her life. It seemed as if Joey's cock was ripping her asshole apart. She began crying with excruciating pain, unable to take any more. Her asshole felt stretched big enough to drive a truck through, and Joey was pushing more and more cock up her ass.

She felt his balls crush against her cunt, and she knew that his prick was all the way in her, his cock as deep as it could go. She could feel his cock throbbing far up her ass. She could feel her asshole gripping the base of his cock, flexing with the pulsating, searing pain.

"Aunt Peggy is so fucking tight!" Joey grunted. "I don't know if I can fuck her this way, she's so tight.”

"Sure, you can," Ted urged. "That asshole will loosen up. Go ahead, Joey, fuck her hot asshole!”

Peggy, crying with pain, felt her nephew slide his cock backward. She tried to squeeze it from her asshole, but he fucked back in quickly. It felt as if his cock was a knife, slicing her tender, no longer virginal asshole.

"That's it, Joey,” Ted urged, leaning over to see his brother's cock stretching Peggy's ass. "Fuck the shit out of her ass!”

Peggy felt as if her asshole was full, and the need to shit was strong. She was being degraded in the worst way, being fucked up the ass, something she had never done before, never want to do, never even thought of doing. It was horrible, disgusting, to her.

The thick hardness of Joey's cock was moving back and forth easily now, and some of the burning pain was leaving. Peggy felt she could take it until he came, without passing out. The surprise showed on her beautiful face at the unexpected change that come over her. It seemed that the more Joey fucked his cock up her asshole, the better it was feeling. The stretching, burning sensation wasn't so bad now. In fact, Peggy found it enjoyable in an odd way. The feeling of shitting was still there, but not as badly as before.

Her groans of pain and humiliation were becoming the sounds of purring pleasure. She experimented by pressing her uplifted ass backwards as Joey came forward, and that increased the unusual pleasure. Her asshole kept tightening and loosening around his cock, squeezing it.

The nerves of her asshole began to tingle, flowing toward her cunt. Peggy felt as thought she would come again, but the feeling was taking a long time reaching that ecstatic point of convulsion. Just when she thought she would come by a few more strokes of Joey's cock up her asshole, she heard him groan and ram his cock hard and deep into her ass. She grunted a protest when she felt his cock squirting, sending gushes of hot, thick come juice into her asshole. She had been so close to coming, herself, and now that he was gushing that come up her ass, it seemed to stop. She could feel his hairless balls writhing against the lips of her cunt, the quick spurts of come flooding her asshole.

When Joey started pulling his cock out, Peggy clamped her asshole around it, trying to hold his prick inside, desperate for her cunt to explode. She had never wanted to come so badly in her life, and Joey was stealing it from her, cheating her cunt out of the ecstasy.

He sat back on his heels, panting, watching his aunt's asshole pucker, her hairy cunt just below. Peggy felt him stroke her spread asscheeks almost tenderly.

"You didn't come, Aunt Peggy," he said, sounding concerned. "Didn't you like getting fucked up the ass?”

Peggy, with frustrated tears in her eyes, didn't try to reply.

Chapter 5

Her nephews had left her alone the rest of the evening and night. In fact, she had not seen them after dinner. Now, the next morning, they seemed to have disappeared completely. She had walked all around the house, searching for them, but they weren't there. They had slept in the house; their beds were mussed. Evidence of their breakfast was left on the table, but they were gone.

She wandered around outside, looking into the distance, shading her eyes from the already harsh desert sun. They simply had disappeared.

Going back into the house, she found fresh coffee in the pot. Pouring herself a cup, she leaned there in thought. There was no place her nephews could have gone without the car, and it was still in the garage. Besides, they were too young to drive and didn't know how. She wasn't worried that they would get lost in the desert. Her house could be seen from miles away. There were no high hills and the sagebrush and cactus were not much over two feet tall.

No, she wasn't worried about that.

She was worried, she admitted to herself, that they may be angry with her, that she had not pleased them enough. The thought startled her. Please them? They were monsters and should be reported to her brother, their father. She glanced at the telephone, but knew she wouldn't say anything to Robert.

There was a dull aching sensation between the cheeks of her ass, around her asshole. It felt as if Joey still had his cock stuffed inside. Lifting the back of her dress, she found that she was naked. She never went naked under her clothing. Could she have forgotten to put her panties on? She never had before.

Probing gently between the cheeks of her ass, she rubbed lightly upon the pucker of her asshole. A sudden tingle came to it, and she pressed the tip of her finger against her shitter. The tingle became more pronounced, and to her surprise, Peggy found her cunt getting hot, seeping those juices as she prodded the tip of her finger against her asshole.

"Ahhh," she sighed, and slowly inserted her finger up her asshole. She could not resist thrusting it in and out a few times. Jerking her finger out swiftly, she made a face of disgust. "What are you doing?" she whispered, angry with herself. "Going out of your mind, I guess.”

Her tits swelled out, nipples peaked and outlined by the tightness of the cloth over them. She ran her hand over her tits, teasing her nipples cupping her round, firm titflesh and squeezing.

"Peggy, stop it!" she said aloud.

She was lifting her cup of coffee as Ted and Joey came banging into the house. Ted carried a lizard, a small, spotted reptile.

Peggy screamed. "Take that out of the house immediately!”

Ted held it up by the tail, grinning. "We found a lot of lizards, Aunt Peggy.”

"Find all you want, but don't bring them into the house!" she said. "Get it out of here right now.”

To her surprise, Ted tossed the lizard out the door.

His obedience did nothing but make her more and more puzzled. Why should he obey her when both Ted and Joey knew all they had to do was grab her and tie her up? They had been abusing and degrading her for the past few days, beating her, fucking her, even in the asshole, yet they obeyed her, too. Something was very strange here, she thought.

While Ted was washing his hands at the kitchen sink, Joey stepped close to Peggy, cupping her asscheeks in his palms and squeezing them.

"Stop that, Joey," she said, shoving his hands away. She felt in control again. "There'll be no-more of that, either.”

Joey looked up at her, his face grinning. "If you say so, Aunt Peggy.”

"I do say so," she replied, her voice firm.

Ted, drying his hands, looked at her, too. There was a gleam in his eyes that made Peggy lose some of her courage. She stood still, and this time as Joey placed his palms on her straining tits, she said nothing. She sucked in her breath as he squeezed them, feeling her nipples pressing into his palms. A glance downward told her his cock was hard, outlined by his shorts. She began to tremble when Joey unbuttoned the top of her dress. She felt shame as he opened the dress and exposed her lovely, creamy tits. Her knees began to tremble as her courage evaporated.

She understood now. They would obey her in most things, except when it came to her body. There, they had the upper hand.

"Aunt Peggy," Ted said as he came close to her. "From now on your tits are to be out naked. Do you understand what I'm saying?”

Peggy shook her head, gazing at him as Joey played with her tits. "That's insane," she said, her voice a bare whisper. "I will not go around with my-my breasts naked.”

Joey pinched a nipple with each hand, twisting them brutally. Peggy screamed, flinching backward, but that caused her nipples to be jerked, stretching outward.

"If you don't do it," Ted threatened, "we'd have to punish you, Aunt Peggy. We might even make you go all the way naked. How would you like that, never having any clothes on at all?”

"I won't, damn you!" she groaned as Joey twisted her tender nipples very hard. "Never, never!”

"Take Joey's cock out," Ted demanded. "Open his pants and take his cock out, Aunt Peggy.”

She glanced at his straining pants, shaking her head. "I won't do that, either. I won't do anything, like that ever again. You can beat me black and blue, but I'll never do anything like that again.”

Ted grabbed a handful of her long hair, jerking downward with all his strength. Peggy screamed as she fell to her knees, grabbing at Ted in an effort stop her fall. She clutched at his hips, her head jerked back so that she was looking up at them. She sobbed with pain, knowing she was going to surrender.

Ted shoved her face into Joey's crotch, pressing her mouth upon his hard cock through his pants. Peggy felt the throbbing of his prick against her closed lips. Ted, holding both sides of her head and standing behind her, rubbed her face back and forth against his brother's cock.

"Take his cock out or you'll have to open his pants with your fucking teeth, Aunt Peggy.”

He pulled her head back, and Peggy quickly started fumbling with the zipper of Joey's shorts. Her fingers shook as she tugged the zipper down, then reached inside and pulled his young cock free. Ted held her face a few inches from it, and she closed her mouth tight, afraid of what Ted would do.

Understanding his aunt's expression, Ted laughed. "No, I'm not gonna make you suck his cock, not yet, anyway.”

"Oh, my God!" Peggy sobbed. "Not that, please!”

Ted was pulling on her hair hard, her scalp burning with pain. Joey was holding her wrists, his cock arching toward her mouth. Peggy's gaze followed it, watching his swollen prick head come very close. She could feel the heat of Joey's cock on her lips now, and her body shook with disgust and fear.

"Jack his cock, Aunt Peggy," Ted said.

Joey brought her right hand to his cock, and she watched in dazed pain as he closed her fingers around it. His prick was very, very hard as she squeezed. Joey held her wrist tightly and began to fuck into her fist, his cockhead slipping from her thumb and fingers, almost touching her clenched lips.

"That's enough for now," Ted said. "We just wanted to show you we can make you do anything we wanna do.”

He jerked her back. They both lifted her to her feet, her tits jiggling, nipples almost bursting with hardness.

She was dragged from the kitchen, into the living room.

They forced her onto the coffee table, face up. Her ass hung over one edge, her head almost hanging from the other. She watched the boys with fear, her tits jutting up in their naked beauty, Joey's cock waving up and down from his shorts. From somewhere, Ted pulled a strong cord, tied it around one wrist, then pulled, her arm under the table and tied it to her other arm. Her ankles were tied, spread wide, drawn backwards to the table legs. She tried to close her knees, but found it impossible.

Joey jerked her dress up and laughed when he saw she was naked beneath it. "Aunt Peggy was ready for us, Ted. She isn't wearing panties today.”

"She's learning," Ted gave a nasty laugh. "And she's learning faster than others. I think maybe Aunt Peggy goes for this, don't you, Joey?”

"I didn't think she would," Joey said. "But it looks like you're right."

Peggy saw Ted leaning over her head, holding a band of some sort, with stings hanging from each side. Joey curled his fingers into her hair and he pulled her head upright. Peggy choked back a groan of pain. Ted fitted the band over her forehead, then as Joey let her head down again, she found them tying the side strings under the table, immobilizing her head so she couldn’t move it in either direction.

Finished securing her the way they wanted, they stood back, looking at her and removing their shorts. Peggy knew they were going to fuck her again. What surprised her was she wanted it, wanted to feel their cocks sliding in and out of her bushy cunt. Already she felt her cuntlips twitching, becoming wet with eagerness. She could wiggle her ass up and down, but only a little. She could twist it from side to side, but she couldn't move her legs, arms or head.

"You first," Joey said. "I wanna watch it.”

Ted, grinning down at his aunt and stroking his cock, said, "You be a nice little cunt, Aunt Peggy. Don't bite and we'll give you what you want, like some hard cock for your hot cunt.”

He straddled her face, facing her knees.

Understanding what he was up to, Peggy burst into tears. "Don't, Ted! Please don't do that to me! I'll be good! Do anything you want, but not that!”

His balls dangled low toward her face, his cock standing up very hard. She saw where his ass joined his thighs as he straddled her head. She felt a little nauseated, yet her fascination was strong. She felt a strange lurching sensation in her exposed cunt as she stared up between his legs.

"Fuck me," she pleaded, her voice throaty. "Fuck me in my pussy, darling! I like it when you put your cock in my cunt. See, look at my cunt, Ted, I'm wet there. Fuck me, please!”

"Now Aunt Peggy is learning," Joey laughed. "She's begging to get fucked!”

"I love it!" she said, her voice husky. "I love it very much!'' Ted was directly above her face, his inner thighs brushing her cheeks. His cock stood straight out, and she felt his pre-cum drip on her neck. If she could arouse them fast, they would come quickly, get it over with. At least that was what she thought. "God, I really love to be fucked! I love a hard cock, fucking in and out of my cunt.”

She saw him starting to lower his crotch to her face. Her eyes widened with disgusted horror, then closed tightly as his dangling balls brushed her nose. Ted leaned slightly, cupping her naked tits and caressing them, then squeezing her firm tit flesh, making her groan with pain. His fingers tightened until the pain in her tits burned like fire. She opened her mouth to scream, and the sound was muffled quickly as his balls slipped into her mouth.

Peggy gagged.

Pushing at his balls with her tongue, trying to shove them out of her mouth, she felt Joey between her legs. He was stroking her smooth flesh, but then he became brutal. He began to pinch her tender flesh. Her screams were muffled by Ted's balls.

Joey thrust a finger into her vulnerable cunt. Although it did not hurt, she was startled. She sucked in air from the quick plunge into her cunt, and at the same time pulled Ted's balls deep into her mouth involuntarily. Her nose seemed to be pressing into Ted's asshole, and she slitted her eyes to peek. She saw the round pucker of her nephew's asshole very close to her eyes, her nose almost in it. She felt stabbing pain when Joey started pinching her tender, hairy cunt lips between a thumb and forefinger.

Peggy couldn't believe it felt so good to her. With Joey pinching very hard on her cuntlips, her clit swelled into unbelievable hardness, tingling more than ever. The sensations of weird pleasure-pain flooded her until she thought she would come. Her mind spun in dizzy, erotic desire, and she began to suck frantically on Ted's balls, her tongue rolling and licking them. She sucked them deep into her wet mouth, mewling softly as her cunt swelled and became tight. Joey kept pinching her cunt as she twisted her hips within the limits of her bonds.

"She's sucking my fucking balls!" Ted groaned, pulling hard at his aunt's rubbery nipples. "Aunt Peggy is sucking my fucking balls!”

Peggy felt as if she were dreaming, her mouth full of young, hairless balls, her tits on fire and her cunt feeling as if Joey was going to tear it off. He was now pinching on the lips of her cunt, his thumb inside while his other hand pulled and twisted brutally at her distended clit. Peggy's hips jerked, but only as far as the ropes would allow. The desire to come was very strong, and she sucked hungrily at Ted's balls, feeling his cock throb on her chin. She found it enjoyable to have Ted's hot balls in her mouth. She could feel them writhe between her lips and against her tongue.

She moaned as Joey worked a finger up her asshole, still pinching her cunt with his other hand. Peggy tried to open her legs wider, wanting Joey's finger deep up her tight, fiery ass. She wanted him to shove his cock in her ass and fuck it, wanted to feel his hard cock throbbing up her asshole, very deep. She wanted Joey to fuck her ass, as she sucked Ted's balls.

Something unexpected had happened to Peggy. She found that being tied up and helpless, abused by her nephews, being made to do these wicked things with them, was suddenly desirable and exciting. Her cunt was slippery with wetness, despite the pain Joey was creating in it. She lifted her ass as far as she could, writhing her hips as he fingerfucked her tight asshole. She moaned and mewled around Ted's balls, feeling him smearing her tits with his dripping cockhead, rubbing his piss hole all over her tits. She wondered if it would feel good if he came on her tits, splashing his hot, thick come juice all over them.

Peggy's almost naked body quivered as her pleasure became ecstasy. Joey was no longer pinching her cunt, and he pulled his finger out of her asshole. It felt as if both their cocks were moving about her tits now, burning and soaking them with juice. She sucked very hard and hungrily at Ted's balls, her hips still twisting about with increasing ecstasy.

She was about to come when Ted suddenly lifted his balls out of her sucking mouth.

"No!" Peggy moaned. "Not yet!”

"Suck my ass, Aunt Peggy," Ted snorted. "Suck my fucking asshole!”

Peggy felt her nephews jacking off, their swollen prick heads smashing into her tits. With her orgasm still threatening her, her hips writhing, she hardly knew her tongue was darting from her mouth. All she cared about at the moment was coming, that elusive, glorious orgasm.

"Suck my ass, I said!" Ted demanded. "Lick my hot asshole, Aunt Peggy! Hurry and suck my asshole!”

Peggy's tongue touched the crinkle of her nephew's asshole, and began to lick. She tasted his asshole, and again her mind went haywire. She opened her lips wide, pressing them around his asshole, sucking just as frantically as she had his balls, her tongue licking wetly. Curling her tongue tightly, Peggy pressed at his pulsating asshole. She pressed as hard as she could, and her tongue slipped in. Ted gave a howl of delight, smashing his ass into her face, twisting it.

"Fuck my asshole!" Ted yelped. "Fuck my asshole with your tongue! Taste my asshole, Aunt Peggy!”

The words inflamed her even more, and her tongue stabbed up and down, penetrating her nephew's asshole with quick, stabbing thrusts. She sucked with her lips, her tits feeling like balloons as they probed her nipples with their cocks. She wanted to get her hands on their cocks, squeeze them and jerk on them, and fuck Ted in his young ass with her tongue. She wanted to make them come, feel that hot, thick jizz washing over her swollen tits.

Her tongue went as deep as she could shove it, and she felt Ted's asshole grip it. She wiggled her tongue around inside his ass, shoving her face between his hot asscheeks.

Without warning, Ted jerked his ass out of Peggy's face, pumping his cock in a frenzy. He stood at her head, and Peggy's eyes were glassy as she watched him jacking off, hips arched forward, balls swinging.

"I'm gonna come!" Joey groaned, and Peggy felt the hot wetness of his jism as it spurted rapidly over her tits, coating her velvety flesh and throbbing nipples. She moaned in pleasure, licking her lips, eyes staring in glazed hunger at Ted's cock above her face.

She saw a thick glob of come juice gush from his piss hole, and closed her mouth just as it spattered her face. The heat of his come juice smeared her nose, and she opened her eyes in time to see the second squirt spew from his prick. The sight fascinated her, and the feel of him coming off in her face was the trigger that sent her cunt into strong, throbbing spasms of intense orgasm. Peggy groaned in ecstasy, her ass twisting.

Her tits and face were covered by come juice, her cunt tingling still when it was over. Her muscles felt like water, and she could have remained tied across the coffee table for days, with her nephews doing anything they wanted to her body. It was good!

Chapter 6

Peggy, still on the coffee table, her tits smeared with come juice, glistened nakedly. Her dress was still around her waist, cunt exposed. Her face was slippery with jizz.

Ted and Joey sat on the couch, still naked. They seemed to ignore Peggy now, but would look at her once in a while.

She felt miserable now that it was over, ashamed of her response. It was crazy, she thought, to respond to such wicked abuse. She didn't know what had happened to her, actually sucking Ted's balls willingly. She was becoming as perverted as they were, she thought, blushing. That she was starting to enjoy being tied up and hurt was one thing, but to start sucking assholes was quite another.

Forgetting to put her panties on this morning was still a puzzle to Peggy. She wondered if she was trying to tempt her nephews into abusing her. Did she really enjoy this? Did she really like it when they tied her up, hit her, pinched her, made her cry out in pain? Peggy didn't believe it. Yet here she was, spread across a coffee table, tied hand and foot, with her head held securely by that band, and she had come as they squirted come over her tits and face.

Ted had come all over her face, and she felt it on her nose, cheeks and lips. She had kept her lips closed, not wanting any of that stuff inside her mouth. But now she wondered, curious as to what come juice would taste like. From the corner of her eyes, she saw Ted and Joey talking softly to each other, not looking at her. Slowly and tentatively, Peggy slipped her tongue out, barely touching her lips. She tasted the come juice, and her breath caught. Moving her tongue over her lips, licking away the thick come juice, she was surprised that she liked the taste. She liked it so much, in fact, she tried to stretch her tongue to her chin. She rolled what juice she could reach around in her mouth.

And she experienced a mild, but delightful orgasm.

She moaned as she came, the sound causing the boys to look at her. She quickly stopped moaning. The tingling burn remained in her cunt, though, a very pleasant feeling. The taste of come juice lingered in her mouth like sweet nectar. She wondered how it would feel to have a cock shoot off inside her mouth, and she blushed at such a wicked thought.

Ted and Joey came to her, checking the bonds. She watched their cocks and balls swing about as they moved, her eyes almost glassy again. There was a throbbing in her cunt, and her clit was very hard again. Her bonds were loosened a little, and they pulled at her shoulders, until her head hung over the edge of the table. Then they tied her tightly once more, keeping her legs spread very wide. Since they had removed the head band, she could turn her face, watching them. Her long hair hung to the floor, sweeping the carpet.

Peggy didn't feel as much pain now, oddly enough. The pain was there, to be sure, but it seemed to be a different kind of pain. It felt good to her, a pleasure-pain that excited her, made her cunt pulsate and become very, very wet. She moaned softly as they pinched at her tits, moans of pleasure now instead of torture.

Leaving Joey at her tits, Ted settled his ass back on his heels between Peggy's knees. He caressed his fingers through the thick, soft hairs of her cunt, almost tenderly. He stroked a finger up and down her cunt, touching only her sensitive pussylips, making Peggy wiggle, murmur and sigh in pleasure. He stroked his fingers along her thighs, and she felt her cunt draw inward with delight. She felt him moving his hands over her hips, her lower stomach, the cheeks of her ass. When he dragged his finger along the crack of her ass, then probed lightly at her puckered asshole, she almost came again.

"Oh, please, don't torment me! You're making me feel so good," she mewled. "You two are driving me crazy. I can't think, can't stand it!" She lifted her come-smeared face, her eyes blazing with desire. She watched Joey pinching both her tender nipples, sending a searing sort of pleasure-pain rumbling up and down her body. "Ohhhh, please, please!”

Her dress, wrapped about her waist, seemed to confine her, restrain her. She wanted it off, wanted to be totally naked before them, every inch of her beautiful, slender body exposed and available to their young stroking hands. Dropping her head back down, she writhed and twisted with increasing ecstasy, wiggling her hips in lewdness, inviting them without shame now, urging them to do something to her, anything, as long as they made her come.

"Aung Peggy wants it now," Joey giggled. "Look at her wiggle her fucking ass! You want some cock, Aunt Peggy? Is that what you want?”

A fiery flush came over her face. "Yes!" she groaned, straining her hips, trying to get Ted's finger into her boiling cunt. "God, yes!”

"Where would you like a hard cock, Aunt Peggy?" Joey teased, giving her tender nipple an extra-hard pinch.

"Anywhere!" she screamed. "Oh, God, anywhere!”

"You want some cock in your fucking wet cunt?”


"How about a nice fuck up the asshole?" Ted laughed, poking his finger suddenly into the tight ring of her ass. "Is that what you want, to get a fuck up your hot asshole?”

"Yes, yes!" Peggy wailed, almost coming by the sudden penetration into her asshole. "I want it-anywhere!”

With his finger still up her ass, Ted plunged another into her cunt. "How about one in your asshole and one in your cunt, both at the same time, Aunt Peggy?”

"Yes, damn it!" she howled, almost out of her mind with steaming desire. "Fuck me, damn it! Fuck me in my cunt and up my ass! Just fuck me-I don't care where! Take turns fucking me, or fuck me at the same time! Ohhhh, please, fuck me!”

"Want it in your mouth, Aunt Peggy?" Joey asked, pulling and twisting her nipples brutally. "You want to suck my cock?”

"No! I mean, yes!”

Both boys laughed. "Really?" Ted asked, plunging a finger into her scalding cunt and asshole together. "You really want to suck our cocks off?”

“Yes!" Peggy screamed mindlessly, grinding her ass into his fingers. "I'll fuck you! I'll suck you! I'll do any fucking thing you want me to do, just do something to me!”

She could hardly believe she was saying such things. It was as if she was out of her mind, going insane with this boiling desire to fuck them, take their cocks into her mouth and suck them until they came, spewing come juice down her throat. It was horrible, terrifying, what they had done to her, turning her into an insatiable animal.

Perhaps she had always been this way, wanting to be tied up and abused, degraded, made ashamed of herself. Perhaps that spark had been within her for a long time, and she hadn't known it.

Peggy didn't know. What she knew was she now wanted her nephews to force her, make her perform against her will. Feeling ashamed of herself was part of her excitement, she realized.

Ted gave her cunt a brutally hard slap, making Peggy cry out with excruciating pain. He slapped her cunt again, and her clit and pussylips stung, yet she almost came, too. She arched her crotch up as far as the ropes would allow, hissing in a throaty voice.

"Again!" she demanded. "Hit my fucking cunt again! Slap the piss out of my hot, fucking cunt!”

Ted's palm came down with a loud smacking sound, striking Peggy's cunt very hard. She screamed in pain.

"Again!" she moaned.

Ted began slapping her hairy cunt time and again, making it throb and sting with fiery pain. Tears were in Peggy's eyes, moaning with pleasure-pain. Her cunt was on fire, throbbing and almost coming. The orgasm was there, on the brink, threatening to burst, yet failing to spasm.

"Make me come!" she begged, sobbing. "Make my fucking cunt come! Slap the piss out of my pussy, beat the shit out of my hairy, wet, dirty cunt!”

Time and again Ted slapped her pussy, making her clit sting almost unbearably.

"Suck Joey's cock!" Ted said, raining slap after slap upon her cunt, using both hands now. "Suck his hard cock, Aunt Peggy! Suck Joey's cock off, or I'm gonna really slap the piss out of your fucking cunt!”

"Oh, yes!" Peggy cried, twisting her ass, trying to lift her cunt into his slapping hands. "I'll suck it! I'll suck his cock! I'll suck any cock! Hurry, Joey, let me taste your hard cock in my mouth! Fuck my cocksucking mouth, Joey! Fuck the piss out of my hot, wet mouth!”

Joey, his eyes gleaming hotly, moved to her dangling head. His cock was rigid, throbbing and dripping. Peggy, with her eyes dazed, opened her mouth. Joey held her cheeks, watching Peggy trying to close her lips around his cock. Peggy, trying to shove her tongue against his dripping piss hole, kept her ass twisting while Ted slapped at her cunt time and again.

"Suck my cock good, Aunt Peggy," Joey said, and thrust his cock between her lips.

He fucked it deep, his balls swinging against her nose. Peggy began sucking frantically at her nephew's cock, her tongue swirling as if she had been sucking cock all her life.

At the first taste of Joey's cock, with Ted still slapping her cunt, Peggy came. The orgasm was very strong, making her moan around Joey's prick. With her head upside down, she had difficulty sucking him. But Joey solved the problem by plunging back and forth, fucking her mouth as if it were her cunt. Peggy's pulses raced as she kept coming, sucking hard on Joey's cock. His balls swung back and forth against her nose. His tiny asshole winked at her as he fucked her mouth. Her cunt was becoming numb from the repeated slapping from Ted, yet it burned with orgasm after orgasm at the same time.

She didn't know when Ted stopped slapping her cunt; she was too involved in the sensations of having a hard cock sliding in and out of her tightly gripping mouth. Joey's cock seemed to burn against her lips, and she licked her tongue about his swollen prickhead and piss hole as he pulled back. When he thrust into her mouth, she could feel his smooth cockhead probe the back of her throat, crowding her tongue. She wanted his sweet, throbbing cock down her throat, his balls stuffed into her mouth at the same time. She wanted Ted to fuck his cock into her cunt, or up her asshole, anything to keep the mind-shattering convulsions of her cunt going.

Joey's balls beat against her nose, his cock fucking between her tight, wet lips. Peggy began to mewl with erotic hunger, her tongue fluttering wildly about his prick. She sensed the increasing throbs of Joey's cock. She felt it swelling harder than ever, stretching her lips wide.

Suddenly, her mouth was filling with thick come, almost scalding her mouth. Peggy choked as Joey squirted come into her mouth, striking the back of her throat. She quickly recovered, swallowing again and again. Her mouth filled time and again with the surprisingly sweet come. Peggy's eyes closed dreamily, loving the taste of that burning sweetness.

Joey left his cock inside his aunt's mouth when he finished coming, his breath coming in ragged gasps. Peggy felt him go soft, and lovingly licked his cock, pressing her face upward to feel his balls on her nose. When he finally pulled his thoroughly sucked cock from her mouth, she moaned in protest.

"Oh, God, I want more!”

"Here's another cock, Aunt Peggy," Ted laughed. "We'll give you all the cock you want to suck.”

He was taking Joey's place at her head, his cock thick and long, dripping.

"Joey," Peggy pleaded. "Hit my tits! Slap my tits, please! Make my tits hurt, honey! Please, Joey, slap my tits hard, slap the piss out of my cunt! I'll suck Ted's cock off while you slap my tits and cunt!”

For a reply, Joey struck a stinging blow across her lovely, flawless tits. Peggy screamed in pleasure-pain, the scream turning to a moan as he slapped her tits back and forth. Then he brought the flat of his hand down between her thighs, sending searing pain around her cunt. The slaps on her cunt made wet sounds. She was so wet and hot, her pussyjuices were drenching the insides of her creamy thighs and making the cheeks of her ass wet.

She was coming again before Ted got his cock into her mouth, fucking her wildly. His cock was a bit longer than Joey's, and it brushed the back of her throat with each fuck-thrust. His balls, as Joey's had done, beat upon her nose. The feel of this second cock throbbing between her lips sent her into an erotic frenzy. She arched her crotch up as far as the ropes would allow, twisting as Joey slapped her hairy cunt with stinging blows. She lifted her head and pushed her face into Ted's hot crotch, his cock filling her mouth.

As before, she didn't know when Joey stopped slapping her cunt. All she felt was that numb pain between her spread legs, and the taste of Ted's cock in her mouth. There seemed to be a distinct difference in the taste of Ted's cock and Joey's. His cock was as hard as Joey's had been, and burned against her lips just as sweetly, yet with a difference.

She didn't get a chance to suck Ted's cock the way she would have wanted. He fucked her mouth with fast, almost brutal, strokes, driving the rounded head of his dripping cock almost into her throat. His balls felt fantastic as they beat upon her nose, and as he fucked her mouth, he pulled and squeezed and mashed her firm tits, making them throb with pain.

"Fuck her mouth," she heard Joey saying, as if from a distance. "Fuck her cocksucking mouth, Ted. Aunt Peggy loves a fuck in her hot mouth.”

"Aunt Peggy loves a fuck anywhere," Ted grunted, fucking his cock deep into her mouth, bruising her lips.

She shoved her face up tight against his crotch, banging hard as he fucked her mouth. She started fucking his cock into her lips, meeting his lunges, her ass twisting on the coffee table. Her cunt was numb, as before, burning in pain, but it was a beautiful pain. Her tongue curled and swirled on his hard cock, tasting the seeping juices from his piss hole. The head of his cock was swollen and smooth, and she ran her tongue over his taut prickflesh.

When Ted lifted, cupping her face in his hands, fucking her mouth in a frenzy, Joey began to slap her tits again, making them jiggle from side to side. They felt on fire from the brutal slapping, her nipples very tight and hard. Peggy moaned into Ted's crotch, her eyes rolling as she began to come again.

"Oh, shit!" Ted grunted. "I'm gonna come! Suck my cock, Aunt Peggy! Suck it hard! I'm gonna come in your cocksucking mouth!”

"Mmmphhh!" Peggy replied, her tongue speeding up.

The burning come gushed from Ted's cock, splashing the back of her throat. Peggy didn't choke or gag this time. Her eyes closed as ecstasy flooded her, her hips grinding as her cunt exploded into a series of muscle-clutching orgasms. She swallowed wetly, her ecstasy high as she tasted the creamy come juice flooding her mouth. It burned at her throat as she swallowed wetly, her ecstasy high as she tasted the creamy come juice flooding her mouth. It burned at her throat as she swallowed, and she gulped with erotic delight.

As Joey had done, he slumped over her, panting harshly, his cock going soft inside her mouth. As her cunt calmed down, she wished they would untie her; she wanted to caress Ted's trembling ass, feel the pucker of his asshole, fondle his lovely, now empty, balls.

With a moan, Ted lifted from her, his cock slipping from her mouth. Peggy, feeling exhausted, hung her head over the edge of the coffee table, every muscle of her almost naked body in total relaxation.

She felt wonderful.

Chapter 7

She must have dozed.

Opening her eyes, she saw it was late afternoon, and she was still tied to the coffee table. Looking around, she saw she was alone, and wondered what time it was and where her nephews had gone.

She was hungry and thirsty. Her lips felt bruised, and her cunt still ached in a dull way. Her tits though, didn't hurt at all. Lifting her head, she looked at them. They were pink from all the slapping, but there was no pain. She ran her tongue over her puffy, bruised lips. The taste of come lingered in her mouth, and she rolled her tongue about, savoring the sweetness.

She heard the back door open, then saw her nephews come into the room. She looked at them, her gaze going immediately to the fronts of their shorts. She licked her lips slowly, remembering the hardness of their cocks as they fucked her mouth.

"You're a mess, Aunt Peggy," Ted said. "You've still got come all over your fucking face and tits.”

"I know," she said in a soft voice. "I'd take a bath if you'd untie me now. Besides, I'm getting hungry and thirsty.”

"Tough shit," Ted snickered.

"Aw, let's untie her," Joey said. "Aunt Peggy has been real nice to us, sucking us off and all. Let's give her a rest.”

"You always were soft, Joey," Ted laughed. "After you have your fucking fun with 'em, you wanna let 'em go. Me, I could keep Aunt Peggy tied up all the time. I think she's beautiful this way.”

Joey started to untie her, but Ted stopped him. "Just a minute. Leave her tied up for a while longer, Joey.”

"What for?" Joey asked. "She's gotta make dinner for us.”

Ted shoved his shorts down to his knees, waving his cock menacingly at Peggy. "You know what I'm gonna do with this, Aunt Peggy?”

She gazed at his cock, his balls below, the tuft of hair at the base. She was no longer afraid, and didn't care what he did with his cock. She would accept it, and happily now.

"I'm not gonna fuck you with it," he said. "Not in your cunt or in your hot asshole. And I ain't gonna let you suck it either.”

Peggy suddenly knew what he was going to do. That would be too much.

"Please," she whispered, her voice quavering. "Please, don't, Ted. I've been a good girl, haven't I?”

"Sure!" He grinned wickedly down at her.

"Then haven't you done enough to me?”

"Done enough to you? Shit, Aunt Peggy, you love what we're doing to you. You can't get enough of our cocks, can you? You're crazy for what we do with you.”

"But not that!" she cried miserably. "Don't do that!”

"Just what do you think I'm gonna do, anyway?" he snickered, waving his cock between her legs.

"I know what you're going to do!" she moaned pitifully.

"And you're right!”

A gushing golden stream of piss flew from his cock and spattered over her cunt. Peggy moaned with humiliation, feeling his hot piss splash over the bush of her cunt hair, matting it to her pussy. Tears of degradation filled her eyes as she felt his piss stinging directly upon her clit and the lips of her cunt. The scalding piss drenched her thighs and lower stomach as he waved his cock around. He was laughing gleefully as he pissed between her legs.

The hot piss was all over her now, from her narrow waist, all the way to her knees. He pissed on her cunt until the hair there was matted. She felt him pissing directly onto the lips of her cunt now, and it felt as if he was pissing into her pussy.

"Oh, no!" she moaned, feeling her cunt responding. "Oh, God, no!”

Peggy came.

She could not hold her hips still as ecstasy burned through her piss-wet cunt. Her pussy convulsed beautifully, and she arched her hips into the stream of golden, hot piss. She had JOO never felt so humiliated, and her orgasm only made her feel more ashamed of herself. She was blushing beet red, her cunt convulsing as Ted kept pissing a strong stream between her thighs, on her cunt.

"Oh, God! Oh, God!" she whispered.

She watched Ted shake his cock when he finished, watched a final drop of piss drip on her clit, then her head fell over the edge of the table again. She felt Joey releasing her arms and feet, and for a moment she couldn't make them move. They felt numb, and as feeling returned to them, they tingled. She lay a while longer, her strength returning to her. When she stood up, she swayed and wobbled, piss running down her legs.

"Now you can take a bath," Ted laughed nastily. Make sure you give your cunt a good washing, Aunt Peggy. I might want to eat it later on tonight, you know.”

She staggered weakly to her bedroom, slipping her dress off as the tub filled. Sinking into the very hot water, she felt the aching in her bruised cunt. Leaning back in the tub, her body covered by the soothing heat, she closed her eyes and tried to make sense out of what was happening, what her nephews were turning her into.

Peggy's cunt throbbed, but with a mild, aching pain instead of anticipated pleasure. Her tits, too, hurt. Lifting them from the water, she examined them. They were still red, but not as fiery. Her nipples were very sensitive to the touch, too.

A slow grin spread over her lovely face as she recalled the powerful thrusts of their cock as they fucked her mouth. It had not been as bad as she had thought. On the contrary, the feel of their hard, hot cocks fucking in and out of her mouth had been good. And the taste of that thick come as it gushed into her throat had been like honey to her.

Peggy let the water out after washing her body, paying careful and tender attention to her cunt. Then she turned the shower on and shampooed her hair until it was squeaky clean. As she dried her beautiful body, Joey came into the bathroom. He stared at her naked beauty as if awestruck. Peggy stood with the towel in front of her, cringing back, afraid that he would grab her. But Joey held up a pair of sheer panties.

"Put these on, nothing else, Aunt Peggy," he said, placing them on the toilet and leaving.

Peggy continued to cringe, staring at the door. Joey had been almost polite. Dropping the towel, she picked up the panties and looked at them. They were a very brief pair of her best and laciest panties. They were cut high, exposing her thighs and hips. She made a face as she slipped them over her hips. Her reflection in the mirror caught her attention, and even she was amazed at how beautiful she looked. Closing the bathroom door, she stood in front of the full-length mirror and looked at herself. The dark hair of her cunt was like a beacon, drawing the eye immediately.

Drawing aside the lacy crotch, she spread her legs and arched her hips, gazing at her cunt as she parted the long hair. The lips of her cunt were visibly bruised, she saw. But the dull ache felt good. Peggy didn't understand why she found enjoyment by having her cunt slapped so brutally. She didn't understand why such pain made her come.

Wearing brief panties, she left the bathroom. Her hair was almost dry now. Entering the living room, Peggy stood shyly as Ted and Joey looked up. Her hands were behind her back as she looked at the floor like a shy little girl, a faint flush on her face. She had the strangest feeling that if she didn't show respect to them, they would torment her, maybe torture her worse than ever. So she stood with her hands behind her back, subservient.

Ted came to her, and when she felt him tying her hands behind her back, she shivered. A thrill went through her stomach, and to her horror, Peggy found herself becoming excited, her bruised cunt pulsating as her nipples became hard and firm, jutting upward. A leather collar was placed around her neck, with two leash-like chains on each side. Next, Ted dropped down and placed shackles around her ankles, hobbling her so she could only take short steps.

Joey came toward her, carrying a weird band of leather. She saw it was like a bra, only the most unusual bra she had ever seen. When he placed it around her tits, tightening it behind her nipples poked through holes in the bra cups. When Joey cinched the bra as tight as he could, her nipples shove through even more, making them swell outward obscenely. She could hardly breathe because Joey had made it so tight. Then Ted brought out a very large rubber cock, with straps affixed to it. Peggy’s eyes opened wide with fear when he knelt her, pulling her panties down.

“Oh, don’t put that in me!” she gasped. “It’s too big! Oh, God, you want to split me in two, Ted?”

“This ain’t gonna hurt you,” he replied. “Oh, maybe a little at first, but you’ll get used to it. Shit, Aunt Peggy, you might even love it up your fucking cunt.”

“No, not that,” she said. “Use something smaller, please. That thing will ruin me!”

“Open your knees,” he said.

Peggy refused, trembling with fear. Ted swung the hard rubber cock against her hip, leaving a welt. Peggy screamed in pain and quickly parted her knees. She couldn’t spread them very far because her feet were hobbled, but far enough for Ted to work the rubber cock into her cunt. He had to sort of screw it in, but Peggy’s cunt was wet, which made it easier. She began to cry as the rubber cock stretched her already bruised cuntlips. It felt as if her was shoving an enormous pole up her cunt. The pain was terrible; she had never felt anything so huge before. When Ted had all the rubber cock up her cunt, Peggy felt as if it was coming out her throat and her cunt had been sliced open.

Ted clamped the straps around her hips, securing the painful object deep inside her pussy, then he pulled her panties up again, snapping the elastic waistband at her hips.

“How do you like it, Aunt Peggy?” he grinned, patting the bulge it made in her panties.

“Oh, God! It’s going to rip me apart!” she wailed, afraid to move. “Please, Ted, take it out!”

He didn’t reply. He and his brother took the end of the chains dangling from the leather collar and they started toward the front door. Peggy had to move, or they would pull her down flat on her face. The excruciating pain in her cunt seemed to cut and burn with the first short step. As the led her out the door, she minced, her hips swaying. Peggy was crying with pain, horrified that they were taking her out into the front yard. Although the highway was some distance, she could still see a car now and then. And if she could see the traffic, then people in those cars could probably see her, too.

Ted and Joey led her about the front yard. Peggy stumbled a number of times, but didn't fall.

"Let's take her down to the highway," Joey said.

"Oh, no!" Peggy cried.

"Sure," Ted laughed. "We can tie her to the mailbox and give those people a nice show. We could take her panties off so they could see that rubber cock up her cunt. Hell, someone might even stop and give her a fuck.”

"Please, oh, God, please!" Peggy sobbed. "You can't- you wouldn't-”

"The fuck we wouldn't," Joey laughed nastily. "We'd do anything we want. You give us any trouble, that's just what we'll do, Aunt Peggy.”

"I won't," she said quickly. "I promise, I won't give you any trouble. Do things to me, hurt me, but don't take me down there.”

They started pulling her down the driveway.

Peggy was crying in shame, stumbling as she tried to pull back and they pulled forward. She stared at the highway as if it were some dangerous beast. She was turning a shameful red even now.

"No! No! No!" she sobbed.

They stopped halfway to the highway. Peggy hung her head, refusing to look up. She heard a car honk as it zipped past. Someone had see her.

The chains jangled, and she saw her nephews clamping them to stakes she had never seen before. Realizing what they were doing, she gasped, “Please, don’t do this! People will see me! What will they think of me?”

"They'll think you're naked and chained," Ted said. "Maybe some guy will stop and give you a quick fuck, Aunt Peggy.”

They stood and looked at her a moment, then turned and started back to her house.

Peggy twisted and fought to pull the stakes from the ground. "Come back!" she yelled. "Please, come back and turn me loose! I'll do anything you want, just take me back with you!”

Ted turned and presented his middle finger to her.

"Yes," Peggy yelled. "Stick your finger up me, in my cunt, up my ass! Please, I want to suck your cocks, feel you fucking me in my asshole! Take me back to the house with you and spank my ass, beat my cunt! Please, guys, take me back and piss on me!”

They kept going, ignoring her.

Chapter 8

The sun burned her body, as she stood there. A few cars slowed as they passed, but then sped up. Once, a lone man waved as he went past her, honking his horn.

She wasn't sure how much they could see. She was far enough away so that she couldn't make out any features of the people in the cars, so perhaps they couldn't see she was naked except for the panties and that terrible bra.

Then Peggy realized she could squat, or even sit in the driveway. She slowly squatted, holding her breath as she anticipated pain in her cunt. But squatting seemed to give a measure of relief. She squatted there until her knees driveway. She could turn her head easily, and when she looked back toward the house, she saw her nephews sitting on the lawn. They waved at her.

Sitting down seemed to shove the rubber cock deeper into her cunt. Peggy found her emotions changing. She began to enjoy what they had done her. Her cunt pulsated in a tingling way. The perversity of being in the open, unable to get up and walk away, chained to the stakes, Peggy found herself becoming so excited, so aroused, she was on the verge of coming.

"God, the more they do to me," she whispered to herself, "the more they shame me, the better I like it.”

She tried hard to hate this, but was unable. She found herself wanting her nephews to come down the driveway, make her suck their cocks with cars going by, fuck her any place they wanted, her cunt or asshole or mouth, with people watching as they drove by.

She heard her nephews coming down the driveway, and turned her head, smiling at them. Her tits strained past the holes of the leather bra, her nipples tingling sweetly. Her cunt was very wet, sucking on the rubber cock. Her clit was intensely swollen.

“Don't look so fucking eager, Aunt Peggy," Ted laughed at her. "We're not gonna fuck you out here.”

"And you can't suck us off, either," Joey said, bending down to unsnap the chain from the stake. Ted released the other leash, and they helped her to her feet.

Peggy swayed between them, still smiling, her eyes bright. "Why the fuck not?" she taunted. "You've done everything else to me. Why not fuck me out here, show all the people going by what little shit-headed monsters you are?”

The boys laughed happily.

"Listen to Aunt Peggy," Joey said. "Who would ever have thought Aunt Peggy would use such nasty language?”

"Aunt Peggy will use any fucking language she wants," Peggy giggled, the sound crazy. "Aunt Peggy will say any fucking, cocksucking, shitting, pissing, cocksucking cuntlicking thing she wants to say." Suddenly she sobered. "Oh, God! What are you two doing to me? I've never- " She began to cry, ashamed of herself and afraid her mind was cracking.

They led her to the rear, chaining here to the patio.

Ted and Joey lounge chairs, looking her up and down. They peeled their shorts off, drawing their legs up, knees wide. Peggy gazed at them, staring at their cocks and preciously young balls, seeing the cracks of their asses. A lurching, burning sensation rippled through her cunt around the rubber cock. She licked her lips, wondering what it would feel like to press her face into them, crotch after crotch. Her mouth watered with the desire to lick up and down each crotch in turn, suck their little assholes and drag her tongue across those balls, then take a cock into her mouth and suck it in a frenzy.

Her ass twisted with desire, her asscheeks clenching as she almost came just thinking of doing that to them. She could almost taste that sweet come gushing into her mouth.

Ted's and Joey's cocks lifted, swelling into hardness as she looked hungrily at them. She kept flicking her tongue across her lips in a suggestive manner, no longer caring that they knew how aroused she became, how hot they made her cunt.

"I'm gonna fuck Aunt Peggy," Joey said, getting to his feet and stroking his cock slowly.

They untied her hands, then removed the shackles on her articles. The leash around her neck was removed. "She can take her fucking panties off," Ted said.

Joey unstrapped the leather bra, and Peggy her tits red circles pushing through the holes. As they stood back watching her, Peggy peeled her panties off. She searched for the buckles of the rubber cock, opening them. When she jerked the rubber cock from her cunt, she felt so much relief, she swayed for a moment.

Ted took the rubber cock from her, holding it up. It glistened with the juices of her cunt. He slowly rubbed it over her tits, then placed it back in her hand.

"Suck it, Aunt Peggy," he said.

"I will not!”

"Yes, you will," he said, closing her hand about the base of it.

Ted lifted her hand toward her mouth. At first she struggled with Ted, then gave up, knowing it was hopeless. When Ted saw she was going to cooperate, he pulled his hand back. Peggy held the rubber cock up, staring at it. Cuntjuice coated every inch of it.

"Taste it," Joey giggled. "Taste your own cunt, Aunt Peggy.”

Peggy found her tongue darting from her mouth, against her will. With a soft cry, she began trying to shove the enormous rubber head into her mouth. Her hips jerked erotically as the boys laughed at her. The cock was too large, and the best she could do was close her lips not quite around the head. She flicked her tongue as if it were a real cock, then, suddenly disgusted that she had let her lust control her, she flung the thing into the back yard.

"Fuck you!" she screamed at her nephews. "I won't make a display of myself for you or anyone! It's disgusting!”

She started toward the door, angry at herself. Before she got three feet, they grabbed her arms and threw her on the redwood table. She began to fight back at them. She kicked and thrashed, but they overcame her. She was on her stomach, her arms being pulled up behind her back, stretching painfully. She felt them tying her wrists with the ropes, causing her back to bow, her shoulders and head lifted high. The pain was excruciating, as if her arms were being separated from her shoulders. Before she could draw her knees up to release the pressure on her shoulders, her feet were drawn up and back, secured like, her wrists. She was in a bowed shape, her tits lifted from the table, her hips up.

The pain was killing her, and when she tried to move, it became worse. She felt them touching her body, stroking it and pinching. They poked at her cunt and between the cheeks of her ass. The more they touched and felt and pinched her, the better it felt.

"I thought you wanted to fuck her," Ted said to his brother.

"I do, and I'm gonna," Joey replied.

Peggy felt him between her backward-bent legs, felt his cock rubbing along her thighs. Her cunt pulsated, anticipating the thrill of his cock fucking into her cunt. She moaned softly, almost breathless. Her legs, although tied and pulled upward, were spread apart, giving Joey room to get between them and to her hairy cunt.

"You want my cock, Aunt Peggy?" he asked, teasing her wet cunt by rubbing the head of his prick up and down her pulsating pussyslit and smashing at her clit. "You want my cock in your fucking hot cunt?”

"Yes!" Peggy groaned. "Oh, yes! I want your cock! I want your cock up my fucking hot cunt! Fuck me, Joey! Oh, please, fuck me hard!”

"She's begging for it!" Ted laughed, dancing around, his cock swinging about enticingly. "Fuck her cunt, fuck the piss out of her hot pussy, Joey!”

Joey gripped his aunt's hips, ramming his cock into her cunt swiftly.

"Ohhhhh!" Peggy moaned, feeling his prick stretch the hairy lips of her boiling cunt. "Ooooooh, so good!”

Her cunt was responding to his fucking cock, gripping it hard. She felt his hairless balls beating against her distended clit, making her shiver with delight. The sudden thrust of his cock into her cunt almost caused her to come right away. There was a moist, sucking sound as he fucked his cock back and forth.

Ted stood in front of her, his cock throbbing up and down in hardness, his prickhead swollen, his piss hole dripping. Peggy stared at it, licking her lips hungrily. She looked into Ted's eyes.

"Let me suck it, Ted. Let me suck your cock, please. I want to taste your cock in my mouth! Fuck my mouth, baby, please. Fuck me in my mouth, while Joey fucks my cunt!”

"Aunt Peggy sure is catching on," Joey grunted as he fucked his cock in and out of her pussy. "She's getting to like this, I think.”

"Like it?" Peggy moaned. "God, I love it!-”

Ted moved closer to her face, holding his cock at the base. He brushed his slippery prickhead across her lips. Peggy tried to wrap her lips about it, straining her face forward. Ted teased her, holding his cock just out of reach. Peggy, whimpering in desperation, tried to lick her tongue over his piss hole, but she was not quite able to reach it.

"Don't tease me, Ted, let me have it!" she wailed, her cunt drawing at Joey's cock, squeezing it with those deep muscles. She had not known her cunt could do such things, but her pussy was doing them now. It seemed as if her cunt was sucking on Joey's cock, hungrily and greedily. She wanted to suck on Ted's cock with her lips, too. She wanted to feel both cocks in her body at the same time. "Fuck me, please! Fuck my mouth, Ted! I'm so fucking hot! I want to suck cock and fuck cock together! Give that sweet, hard cock to my fucking mouth!”

"You want to be a cocksucker, Aunt Peggy?" Ted teased by poking the head of his cock between her lips, then jerking it away when she started to suck. "Is that what you want to be, a cocksucker?”

"Anything," she moaned. "I'll be anything! I'll be your cocksucker, your fucker, your slave! Just let me have your cock in my mouth!”

"Piss on you," he said, still poking the dripping head of his cock into her mouth and jerking it out when she closed her lips around it. "I can get my cock sucked any time, by plenty of girls.”

"But I'm better," Peggy begged. "I can suck your cock off better than any girl you know. Put it in my mouth and I'll show you!”

"Piss on you," Ted said again.

"Ooooh, I'd like that!" Peggy mewled throatily. "Piss on me, if that's what you want, baby! Piss in my cocksucking face if that will make you happy. Just let me suck your sweet, hard cock!”

Peggy felt no real pain now. What she felt was a pleasure-pain that created an intensely erotic feeling in her mind and body. It was the pain, the feeling of being helpless and abused, humiliated and degraded, that gave her this pleasure.

Joey was still fucking into her cunt with his throbbing cock, his balls beating against her swollen clit. He was pinching the cheeks of her ass, too. Ted let go of his cock and cupped her tits, squeezing very hard, sending a lashing pain through them. His cock was in front of Peggy's face, and before he could get away, she swiftly drew his prick into her mouth, darting her face back and forth, sucking powerfully. The heat of his hard cock between her lips sent her naked body trembling.

Having two cocks in her at the same time was better than she had imagined. Her eyes rolled about as she sucked on Ted's cock, fucking him with her mouth, lips very tight, hot and wet. She pulled his cock very deep into her mouth, his balls swinging against her chin.

Ted straightened up, cupping her cheeks, and began to churn his hips back and forth. Peggy purred like a kitten, almost out of her mind with ecstasy. The feel of a cock fucking in and out of her tight cunt, another fucking into her mouth had every nerve in her naked body quivering in pleasure.

"Aunt Peggy is coming!" Joey grunted as he fucked his throbbing cock back and forth. "I think her cunt is sucking my cock! Oh, she's good, a great piece of ass!”

She began to suck and lick frantically at Ted's cock, striving to bring that sweet, thick come juice up from his balls. Ted started fucking her mouth brutally, beating at her stretched lips, bruising them again. She was anticipating having both cocks shoot off, wanting them to gush that sweetness at the same time.

But Joey suddenly yanked his cock out of her still-coming cunt. Peggy wailed with disappointment, gulping wetly on Ted's cock.

"You fuck her cunt," Joey said. "I wanna feel her hot mouth on my cock!”

Ted pulled free, moving quickly to Peggy's rear.

"Hurry!" Peggy wailed. "Hurry and put it in my mouth! Oooooh, my cunt, my cunt is coming and burning! Fuck me, Ted! Oh, God, hurry and fuck me! Joey, quickly, shove your cock in my mouth before you come!”

Ted rammed his cock into her still-convulsing cunt as Joey began to fuck her in the mouth. Peggy was about to go out of her mind with ecstasy.

"Oh, shit!" Ted grunted, ramming his cock deep into her pussy, holding himself tight, pulling at her naked hips, trying to shove more of his throbbing cock into her. He gave a yelp and sent boiling gushes of come juice up her cunt. Peggy, feeling him coming in her, gobbled in a frenzy on Joey's cock, her tongue swirling desperately, twisting hungrily.

There seemed to be a slightly different taste to his cock, and then she remembered that he had just been fucking her. It was her cunt that she was tasting on his prick. She felt his cock swell larger inside her mouth, his balls pressing against her chin. The eruption came, scalding her throat. Peggy gulped and pulled her lips back on his cock until she held only his prickhead. Her tongue raced about his sprawling piss hole, her cunt convulsing in sweet, sweet ecstasy around Ted's squirting cock.

As if in a dream world, Peggy felt her cunt being flooded as her mouth filled time and again. Thick come juice was drowning her from end to end, and her cunt was in powerful orgasms that threatened to rip her into pieces. As her cunt drained Ted's balls, her mouth sucked every precious drop of come juice from Joey's sweet, hairless balls.

She felt very weak when it was over, and the pleasure-pain that gripped her body once more returned to torment. Although her cunt and mouth continued to tingle, she wanted to be loose. Her shoulders felt as if they had been separated, and her back hurt from being bowed so long.

"Please, I'm uncomfortable," she whined. "Let me loose now, please.”

She heard a laugh from Ted, who was still between her legs. Then she felt the hot wetness as he started pissing on her naked ass.

"What are you doing?" she yelped.

"You asked me to piss on you, Aunt Peggy, so that's what I'm doing.”

"Oh, God!" she moaned, feeling his hot piss spraying over the cheeks of her naked ass. Ted pulled the cheeks of her ass apart, and she felt him pissing onto her asshole, running down between her thighs and onto her cunt.

She saw Joey bending his knees, holding his cock up, and before she knew what he was going to do, he started pissing in her face. Peggy moaned through clenched lips, trying to jerk her face out of the golden stream. But she couldn't move far, and Joey pissed into her face, drenching her freshly washed hair. The hot wetness of his piss flowed into her face strongly, and with Ted pissing up and down her ass and cunt, Peggy was horrified to find herself clutched by more orgasms.

Chapter 9

Peggy woke up near noon the next day.

Her body was sore, aching in places she didn't know she had. There were bruises on her thighs, high up and inside near her cunt. Her jaws ached from sucking their cocks time and again throughout the afternoon. She noticed a few red marks across her tits where they had whipped them with the slender leather whip, and her cunt felt bruised.

Swinging her legs over the edge of the bed, she remembered how her nephews had tortured her until almost midnight. She knew she had passed out at least once, but it happened because she had come so much, so often. The pain they had inflicted upon her body had sent her into ecstasy after ecstasy. She had, sucked and fucked her nephews in every imaginable position, always tied in some way.

Nakedly, she prepared breakfast for the boys, and then she went to their room. Both were on their backs, still sound asleep. She stood looking at them, both naked and with hard-ons. She wondered about tying them up as they slept, beating their cocks with the whip. The idea was delightful to her, just thinking about spanking those tender, sweet balls. She knew she wouldn't do it, though. Peggy's pleasure came from being tied, herself, and then abused. It would be nice, though, she thought, to sit down on one of those hard cocks, take it in her asshole or cunt, fuck up and down, while the other boy fucked her mouth. She wouldn't do that, either, she knew. If they tied her and made her do that, she would enjoy it so much more.

She leaned down and closed her hands around each cock, pulling them. The boys woke up quickly.

"Breakfast is ready!" She smiled fondly at them. Turning, she waggled her naked ass. "You better eat it before it gets cold.”

"I've got something you can eat, Aunt Peggy," Joey said, waving his cock at her.

"Later," Peggy grinned wickedly. "Later you two can tie me up and fuck my mouth as much as you want. Right now you better get up and eat. Breakfast, that is.”

The boys came to eat, still naked. She sat and sipped coffee, watching them. Ted, with a giggle, stood up and buttered his cock, then offered it to Peggy.

"That's crazy," she said, laughing as she closed her lips around his buttered cock and sucked. After licking the butter off his cock, she added, "You two really come up with some weird things, don't you?”

"Sometimes," Joey said.

"What do you have planned for me today?" she asked. "More torment?”

"Well, in a way," Ted said. "We've got something that's gonna surprise the piss out of you.”

Peggy shivered, wondering what it would be. She found she was looking forward to being abused by them. She thought she was going out of her mind, enjoying the things they did to and with her.

She cleaned the kitchen, still naked. She received pleasure doing things for them. She really did want to be their slave, really wanted them to make her do wicked things, things so wicked she would blush in humiliating shame.

"Oh, yes!" she sighed, finishing the dishes.

She dried her hands and walked from the kitchen, thinking of what they had in mind for her, actually anticipating it. Already her cunt had started getting wet, pulsating eagerly. Her nipples rose up, straining outward.

Ted and Joey grabbed her as she stepped into the living room, jerking her arms up behind her back. Peggy groaned with the sudden pain, bending over. Pulling her to the floor, Joey held her arms twisted painfully. Ted grabbed her ankles, spread her legs wide and gazed between them, licking his lips as he looked at his Aunt’s lovely, hairy cunt.

Joey pulled Peggy’s arms above her head, sitting on them with his knees clamping her head tightly. Peggy pretended to twist and try to get free, but she was giggling. Ted went to his knees between her legs, his cock throbbing. Without warning, he fucked his cock deep into her cunt. Peggy lifted her legs in the air, waving them about and screeching with ecstasy. Joey, sitting on her arms and pressing his hard cock and balls against the top of her head, pinched and twisted and pulled her tender tits. It wasn't really painful to her, not like it had been in the beginning, yet enough to intensify her delight.

Both Ted and Joey took pleasure in catching her unexpectedly and fucking her quickly, almost raping her. It would be rape except for the fact Peggy wanted it this way. She writhed her ass on the carpet as he fucked her vigorously, kicking her feet high, screeching loudly. She turned her head backward between Joey's knees, causing his hard cock to slide along her face. She opened her mouth, and with her head far back, neck stretched, caught the head of his cock in her lips.

Joey lifted up, fucking his cock deep into her mouth as he squeezed her tits brutally. Peggy sucked at his cock, moaning and purring, her tongue swirling. She humped her ass up and down, fucking onto Ted's cock with her hot, wet cunt. Joey lifted to his knees, looking at his aunt sucking on his cock like a demented woman. Ted's cock spread the sensitive lips of her cunt, driving deep and hard, his prickshaft scraping her intensely swollen clit, and Joey's balls beating onto her nose as he fucked her mouth.

They were brutal with their cocks, fucking into her without regard to hurting her. In fact, Peggy wanted them to hurt her, bruise her cunt. She enjoyed it so much better that way. When Joey started slapping her tits, making them sting and shake, Peggy whimpered with ecstasy, sucking at his cock with more delight. She arched her crotch up so Ted could fuck her as hard and deep as he wanted.

In those moments, Peggy learned something else about herself; she didn't have to be tied up to love it. She could love it without being bound, but they had to fuck her in a brutal manner, though. They had to fuck her so hard, her cunt would ache after it was over, her lips had to feel bruised, her jaw had to hurt from having a cock pound into her mouth.

"Mmmmm," she moaned, feeling Joey's cock swell and throb in her mouth, tasting the dripping juices on her tongue.

Ted and Joey were gasping in their efforts, and Peggy was hardly breathing. Every time Joey fucked down into her mouth, her nose was pressed into his crotch, hard into his balls with her eyes between the hot cheeks of his ass. Since she wasn't tied now, she cupped his small asscheeks and pulled him down very tight onto her face, his cock almost inside her greedy throat, lips writhing, He kept slapping her tits, one after the other. She wrapped her long legs about him, locking her ankles, fucking frantically on his cock.

Peggy's hips shot up tightly as she started to come, wailing around Joey's cock. Her naked body shuddered as she came, her hands digging into Joey's ass, sucking in a frenzy at his prick. When her pussy started sucking at Ted's cock, it went off, sending squirt after squirt of thick come into her cunt. With a final, particularly brutal slap at her pink tits, Joey groaned as he came. Tasting his come juice spew into her mouth, Peggy gave a muffled, happy squeal, swallowing with gulping sounds as he came over her tongue and into her throat.

When they pulled out of her, she went limp on the floor, legs and arms wide. She was panting, ecstasy still rumbling through her body. Come juice seeped from her cunt, the taste of that sweetness lingering in her throat. Ted, with a laugh, ran his hand between her thighs, dipping a finger into her cunt.

"Ooooooh, fuck me again,” she whispered. "Fuck me forever, Ted. Shove your whole fist up my cunt, fistfuck the piss out of my cunt, baby!”

Ted attempted to shove his fist into her pussy, but it would not go. He settled for shoving all four fingers into her, and Peggy gave a screech of sudden pain. It felt as if his fingers were ripping her cunt from belly to asshole. She began to come again, come in powerful convulsions that made her naked ass jerk up and down as if she were fucking his hand.

When she finished coming, Ted pulled his fingers out of her stretched cunt, and he wiped them on her face. Both Ted and Joey laughed when Peggy could not resist licking his fingers, sucking her cunt juice from them, sucking at the slippery fingers as if they were a hard cock.

"Come on, Aunt Peggy," Ted said, pulling his fingers from her mouth. "This is enough fucking around. We've got other plans for you.”

"What?" she asked, sitting up, no longer ashamed of her nakedness, thrilled to know that they loved to look at her tits and cunt, legs wide. "Tell me what you're going to do to me.”

She smiled happily from one to the other.

"You'll see," Joey said.

Peggy watched Ted take lengths of rope from it, more rope then they had used previously. She trembled with a combination of fear, shame and humiliation. No matter what they did to her, Peggy no longer fought, but accepted it passively. She now looked forward to being tied and abused by them, looked forward to it with excited eagerness.

"Outside, Aunt Cunt," Ted said, jerking his thumb toward the front door.

Ted opened the door wide. Bright sunlight streamed in. Peggy stood up. Joey placed one of her hands on a tit, the other between her legs and pressed it against her cunt. Peggy knew enough by now that she had to leave her hands where they put them.

"You gotta fingerfuck yourself," Joey said. "When you go out the door, you gotta have a finger up your cunt and play with your tits.”

Feeling awkward, Peggy began to work her finger in and out of her wet cunt, pressing the heel of her hand upon her clit. She moved with jerky steps, her hips pumping with each movement of her feet. It was difficult to fingerfuck herself as she walked, but she managed.

The front of the house had a small porch, the roof held by two rounded columns. The roof was flush with the columns, without a rain gutter.

As Peggy stepped out, the first thing she noticed was that Ted and Joey had attached a rubber cock somehow to one column, arching it upward. Understanding their plan new, she drew back, glancing at the highway.

"I don't think I'm going to like this," she said in a low voice.

"It doesn't matter if you like it or not, Aunt Peggy," Joey said. "You gotta wrap around that post, fuck it.”

"But don't you realize I could be seen from the highway?" she said, her voice starting to quiver.

"We know," Ted said, taking her arm and wrapping it around the post then her other arm. "That's what makes it so good letting someone see you fucking that post.”

He secured her arms tightly around the post. Peggy kept shooting frightened looks toward the highway, but didn’t try to resist. Her naked tits pressed around the column, her nipples becoming hard.

“Lift your ass up, Aunt Peggy,” Ted said. “You gotta get on that rubber cock.”

Doing as he said, Peggy pushed her cunt onto the hard cock slowly, feeling her cunt stretch. She had to wrap her legs about the column once the rubber cock was in her cunt, barely on her tiptoes. If she tried to place her feet flat, the rubber cock would go too deep and be painful. She would be impaled on it, hooked like a piece of meat from her cunt. She made one attempt to rest her weight on her feet, and cried out as sharp pain speared into her cunt.

“If you try to stand up, that thing is gonna come out your cocksucking mouth,” Ted warned. He then looped a number of strands about her waist, tying her tightly against the column. Next her drew the rope behind her knees, looping her legs tightly, then her ankles. Her feet were completely off the floor of the porch now, and she was held against the post with the ropes and the rubber cock deep in her cunt. From her knees down, she was wrapped like a mummy. Her beautiful, shapely ass was fully exposed, the cheeks almost apart. She was in a semi-squatting position, helpless.

“Can you fuck that post, Aunt Peggy?” Ted asked.

Peggy humped on the rubber cock with very short, pumping motions. It felt strange to be tied in this manner, yet quite exciting to her. Joey stood behind her naked ass. Peggy felt him caress her asscheeks gently, sliding the edge of his hand between them, rubbing at the heat of her asshole. Suddenly he plunged a finger up her asshole, bringing a startled and pained cry from her. When his finger plunged into her puckered asshole, Peggy jerked her hips forward in reflex, her cunt sliding down on the rubber cock.

Ted returned to the house, and he came back with a leather belt, Peggy was groaning as, Joey kept fingerfucking her asshole, eyes closed, feeling warm and tingly. She sobbed a protest as Joey's finger was snapped from her asshole.

The sting of the leather belt on her ass brought a scream from her throat. The belt slashed across her creamy ass again, and Peggy choked back another scream, afraid someone passing in a car would hear her. She didn't want anyone driving up to see what was going on, not some stranger, not anyone.

Her ass burned as if it had been set on fire, yet she was fucking on the rubber cock within the limits of her movement, and she was about to come. Then the lashing belt wasn't moving anymore. Peggy squirmed and twisted, tears in her eyes.

"Please, don't stop!" she groaned. "Spank me again! Spank my ass, please! I was about to come! Whip me, whip my naked ass! Beat my hot fucking ass! Make me come! Oh, God, make me come!”

But they ignored her.

Peggy slumped her head, crying with frustration, her cunt pulsating and so near orgasm. She closed her eyes, wishing they would keep spanking her.

Then she lifted her head and looked around, but they were nowhere in sight.

"Up here, Aunt Peggy.”

She turned her head up, and saw them. They were still naked, and on the roof of the porch.

"What are you doing up there?" she asked. "I want to get my ass spanked. Please, come down and whip me.”

"Not yet," Joey laughed, waving his cock teasingly at her. "We gotta wait.”

"Wait?" she questioned, puzzled. "We have a surprise for you, and you're gonna love it.”

Chapter 10

Peggy kept looking up at them.

She waited for the surprise they had told her about, wondering what it was all about. Staring at their cocks and balls from this angle, they looked very beautiful to her.

The boys, she noticed, kept looking toward the highway. She swiveled her head around, but saw nothing except a few cars passing. She wasn't interested in watching cars, but watching her nephews. She looked up at them again, her dark hair falling on her back. She licked her lips, wishing they would come down and let her suck them, or spank her again, anything to give her pleasure, this new-found ecstasy they had taught her.

She was so absorbed in looking up at them, her mind dreaming of things they would do to her, she wasn't prepared when both her nephews suddenly began pissing down on her. The two hot, golden streams of piss struck her in the face, making her gasp in surprise. The sudden lurch of her cunt around the rubber cock sent steaming pleasure through her, and she began to fuck back and forth on it, holding her face up toward the spewing piss.

"You wanna be pissed in the mouth, Aunt Peggy?" Ted laughed.

"Yes!" Peggy screamed, trying to turn her mouth in toward the streams of piss, her ass writhing against the rubber cock. "Piss in my mouth! Ohhhh, God, piss in my cocksucking mouth!”

She did not hear the car pulling up, nor the door open and close. She was in an erotic dream world all her own.

"You sure you want us to piss in your mouth, Aunt Peggy?" Joey asked.

"Yes, yes, damn it!" she squealed. "Piss in my mouth! Oooooh, I want to drink your piss, swallow your piss! Hurry, piss in my fucking mouth! Oooooh, shit, I'm going to come!”

She opened her mouth wide, thrusting her tongue far out. Ted and Joey aimed their cocks, and Peggy moaned as they both pissed directly into her mouth. The hot piss flowed from the corners of her mouth as it filled, running down her stretched neck and onto her naked tits. She began to swallow with greedy, wet sounds. The taste of her nephew's piss sent her bound body into shivering ecstasy. Her face was drenched in piss, her hair soaked. Peggy's cunt was convulsing tightly and wetly about the rubber cock.

She was disappointed when they stopped pissing. Looking up at them, with a smile of dreamy pleasure, she licked her piss-wet lips. "That was wonderful," she whispered. "I love being pissed on this way, in my mouth. God, I'll be your fucking toilet anytime you have to piss!”

"Did you come, Aunt Peggy?" Joey asked.

"Did I! Ohhhh, my cunt almost squeezed this fucking rubber cock off!" she exclaimed, eyes turning bright as she writhed her naked ass. "Piss in my cocksucking mouth again, and my cunt will explode!”

"You really like us tying you up?" Ted asked.

"You know I love it, baby," she replied.

"You love to suck us off, taste us coming in your mouth?" Joey asked.

"Mmmmmm, come anytime in my mouth," she answered.

"You like to get your asshole fucked?" Ted asked.

"Ooooh, yes!”

"You gonna be our fucking slave, Aunt Peggy?”

"I'll be anything you want me to be," she promised.

"What if we wanted to tie you up and make you fuck someone else?”

Peggy hesitated. She had not counted on them wanting her to fuck someone else. "I'm not sure.”

"We can always make you do it," Ted said.

"I suppose you could. All you'd have to do is tie me and I wouldn't have any choice, would I?”

"That's right, we could," Ted said. "Like you're tied up now. We could just stop a car and say that you're free pussy, right?”

A shudder went through her. Surely they wouldn't do anything as bad as that to her.

She trembled, believing they would do just that if they felt like it.

"I-guess you could,” she finally said.

"We can let anybody we wanna fuck you, and you can't do anything about it.”

Peggy flushed, knowing it was true.

"You wanna fuck her, Dad?" Joey asked, looking behind Peggy.

Peggy swiveled her head around quickly, her eyes popping wide open, bulging out.

"Robert!" she gasped, seeing her brother standing behind her, a huge grin on his face, his gaze on the thrust of her naked ass. Peggy's flesh went a deep red as she felt the shame burn through her.

"Oh, God!" she moaned, trying to hide her flaming face. "Go away! Robert, don't look at me!”

"Why not?" he asked. "I've never seen a woman so beautiful in my fucking life. I had no idea you had such a lovely ass.”

“Please, Robert, go away! This is-is humiliating to me. Don't look at me!”

"Like I said, you have one of the most beautiful asses I've ever seen.”

He stepped forward and picked up the leather belt where it had been dropped. She felt his wide hand stroking her naked ass in a gentle way, feeling the smoothness. "In fact, Peggy, you've got an ass just begging to be whipped.”

Peggy screamed as he slashed the belt over her asscheeks, time and again. Her screams ripped out over the desert, and she began to cry with painful misery.

"Ohhhh, Robert, no more!" she begged. "I'm sorry! I won't touch them again, I promise! Oh, God, you're killing me, Robert!”

He stopped whipping her, cupping them and fondling them. Her tits spread around the post, her nipples straining. Without saying anything to her, he began to whip her tits with the belt. The belt slashed at her nipples, sending excruciating pain through her. She was sobbing loudly, still promising she would never again touch her nephews. When he stopped, not only was her naked ass a fiery red, but her tits were, too.

From her tear-flooded eyes, she saw him drop the belt, then haul his cock out of his pants. It looked enormous to her, long and thick and very hard. Over his shoulder she saw Ted and Joey had come down from the roof, both of them sporting hard cocks, too.

"You like this, Peggy?" her brother said, arching his cock outward. "How would you like to have this cock running up your fucking asshole, huh? If you thought my boys, here, gave you a good assfucking, wait until you try this cock!”

"Put it to her, Dad," Ted said excitedly. "Aunt Peggy likes to get fucked in her tight asshole even better than her hairy cunt.”

"Don't, Robert!" Peggy said, still eyeing his huge cock. "It isn't right! You'll kill me with that thing!”

Peggy, you don't know how long I've wanted to do this," her brother said. "Shit, I didn't even want to get married; it was your ass I wanted.”

"Robert!" Peggy yelped, trying to tuck her ass inward as her brother moved behind her. "Don't do it! Your prick will split me!”

"Hold her ass apart for me," Robert said to his sons. "I'm going to fuck the shit out of Peggy.”

Peggy felt young hands at her ass, parting her asscheeks wide. She hung her head, crying, anticipating the pain she knew she would feel. His cock was too big, too long, too thick, she knew. She would never be able to take his prick, not all of it. She suddenly remembered the huge rubber cock Ted and Joey had shoved into her.

"Robert, please," she begged helplessly. "Not there, not in my ass! Please, Robert, use my pussy! Fuck my cunt, Robert! My cunt can take it! Untie me, Robert, and I'll let you fuck me in my pussy!”

She felt him pressing the huge, smooth head of his cock against her tight, clenching asshole. The harder he pressed, the more it hurt. She had only one choice, really, to relax her asshole as much as she could. In that way maybe it wouldn't hurt so badly.

When his swollen prickhead plunged into her asshole, she felt a searing pain that made her scream in torment. Robert allowed the head of his cock to penetrate her asshole for a moment as he cupped her tits, his big fingers digging into them, squeezing so hard, his fingers left imprints on her creamy flesh.

"I guess my two boys haven't fucked your ass enough," he said, "You're so damned tight, this might be hard to do.”

"Don't!" she screamed as he began to work his cock deeper into her burning asshole. "Please, don't do this to me, Robert!”

"You want us to gag her, Dad?" Joey asked.

"No, let her scream," Robert replied, arching his cock into her asshole.

Peggy screamed again, feeling his cock almost in her stomach. The pain was excruciating, her asshole stretching very tightly around his thick cock. Through the pain, she could feel his prick throbbing, no room left in her asshole for anything else. When he began thrusting his cock up and down, fucking her in the ass, Peggy felt the change coming over her. The pain, burning at her asshole, didn't seem as severe, now that his cock was fucking in and out. Her cunt was starting to fuck the rubber cock and her brother's cock at the same time.

Her screams became softer, and then she was mewling, twisting against her brother's cock. Peggy's mind spun with the sudden ecstasy of pleasure-pain, and her gurgles of ecstasy started low, building in volume.

"Fuck me," she whispered, almost shyly. "Ooooh, fuck me, Robert! Oh, God, stretch my ass! Fuck my ass, Robert! Oooooh, so good! So fucking good, fuck me hard, tear my hot ass apart!”

She felt her brother's hot breath on her naked shoulder, his hands digging into her straining tits, his hips beating at her naked ass. His cock moved in and out of her thoroughly stretched asshole with smooth strokes. Peggy felt her cunt boiling toward orgasm.

"Ooooooh, you're going to make me come, Robert!”

On each side of her, Ted and Joey watched with excited eyes as their father fucked up her ass, both with throbbingly hard cocks standing out. Peggy wished she could grip them both, jack them while Robert plunged his hard-on faster and faster into her burning asshole.

"I'm going to come-now!" she screamed, her cunt convulsing hotly around the rubber cock. "Ohhhh, Robert, Robert, come in me! I want to feel your cock squirting all that hot, thick come up my fucking asshole!”

Robert gave a deep, low grunt as he came. Peggy screeched in mindless ecstasy as her brother sent gush after gush of hot, creamy come into her fiery asshole.

Her cunt continued to pulsate about the rubber cock, and when she felt her brother pulling his cock out, she closed her asshole as tight as she could, trying her best to keep his prick inside.

Her asshole felt empty, and she slumped in the ropes holding her to the porch column.

"If I had known how hot your beautiful ass was, Peggy," he laughed, "I'd have been fucking it a hell of a long time before now.”

Ted and Joey untied her, and when she was on her feet, her legs almost buckled. Now that she had been released, that it was over, she felt her face burning with sudden shame again. She hung her head in shyness, and when Ted and Joey took her arms, taking her back into the house again, she went woodenly.

While her brother got his luggage from his car, Ted and Joey tied her hands behind her back again, then sat her on the floor, bending her knees up and drawing a rope underneath to hold them against her tits. She looked up bashfully as her brother came in. Robert set his luggage down and gazed at his sister, seeing her hairy cunt fully exposed, glistening wetly.

"You set this up, didn't you, Robert?" she asked, her voice low.

He nodded his head.

"But why?”

Robert told her how he and his sons used to tie up his wife, then fuck her, whip her, abuse her in all manner of vile ways. “The only thing with her was she didn't like it, Peggy," he said, starting to undress. "She didn't like it at all. She finally got enough of it and left.”

"But why me?” she asked. "Couldn't you have gotten another woman?”

"It's like I said out there," he chuckled, dropping his pants. "I've wanted to fuck your ass for years. And somehow, I had this feeling you'd like it, once you got used to it. You were the logical choice for us.”

Peggy stared at her brother's large cock. Even soft, it hung low. His balls were huge and very hairy. She ran her tongue over her lips, realizing she would like to have his cock in her mouth.

"I had this feeling you'd love it," he went on. "There was something about you. I don't know what it was, just this feeling. Besides, you're very beautiful, Peggy, and it's much more fun if the woman is beautiful.”

His cock was swelling as she stared at it, lifting up as his prickhead became smooth and s woolen. She wondered what it would be like to have her face in his crotch, feeling the heat of his hairy balls against her lips.

"We think it would be very nice if you lived with us, Peggy," Robert said. "You'd have a family, not be alone like you are here in the desert. We'd take very good care of you, and love you very much.”

While Robert talked and undressed, Ted and Joey had released her knees, but not her hands. She stretched her legs out, but kept them wide apart, letting her brother stare at her cunt.

He was now naked and moved toward her slowly. His cock was hard, very hard, and already starting to drip from his piss hole. "I watched everything Ted and Joey did to you out there," he said. "I had to be sure you would do it, Peggy. I heard every word you said, watching them piss on you, heard you beg them to piss in your mouth. I know you want it.”

His cock was in front of her face. She smelted shit on his cock, and found herself excited. He was going to put his cock in her mouth, shit taste and all, and Peggy's cunt began to burn again. She licked her lips, ready for his cock. Robert brushed his cock back and forth on her lips, and Peggy made a soft whimper as she opened them, slipping her tongue out. Robert let her lick the juice off his piss hole, but pulled away when she tried to suck it into her mouth.

"You want to suck my cock, Peggy?" he asked.

"Yes! Oh, yes!”

"If I let you suck my cock off," he said, "are you going to be a good girl?”

"Robert, please, let me suck your cock!" Peggy cried desperately, pulling forward against her restrained arms. "I'll do anything you want! Anything you want! I’ll be your whore, if you want that, Robert! You can do anything at all to me-fuck me when you want, in my cunt or mouth or asshole! Piss on me and piss in me, shit on me if you want to do it! I'll wash my face in your piss every morning and night! I’ll drink your piss for coffee in the mornings, eat your shit for dinner! But, Robert, let me suck your beautiful cock! Oh, Robert, I've wanted your cock for so many years!”

"Then why did we wait so long, Peggy?" he asked, moving once more toward her face.

"I don't know!" she whined. "Let me suck your cock off! My cunt is so fucking hot! I'm going to come! Please, fuck my cocksucking mouth-now!”

Her lips parted as Robert rammed his cock into her mouth. Peggy groaned as it fucked at the back of her throat. Her nephews kept a tight grip on her wrists, stretching her arms painfully. With her brother's cock in her mouth, she tasted the shit on it, and her eyes closed with ecstasy. Her cunt erupted into a wild, fiery orgasm.

Robert held her face in his hand, looking down at her while he fucked her mouth, grinding into her, his hairy balls brushing her chin.

"You'll love living with us, Peggy," he said. "We're going to keep you tied up all the time. We're going to fuck you when we feel like it, in your hot cunt and tight asshole and hungry mouth. We're going to piss in your face every day, make you drink our piss, and if you be good, we might decide to shit on you. Now, give me a good blow job.”

Peggy sucked frantically, shivering at his words. Already she began to anticipate the things they would do with her, to her. Swirling her tongue about her brother's cock, tasting her own shit, she tried to image what it would be like to suck their assholes after they shit, either in the toilet or on her.

Peggy began coming in powerful waves of orgasm.