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All day with mom

Kathy Andrews

Kathy Andrews

All day with mom


Leaning back in the beach chair, Jackie let her eyes move to the lifeguard sitting about twenty feet away. She had been watching him secretly ever since she started bringing her son to the public pool. The lifeguard was young, maybe ten years her junior, but that didn't matter. It had a very nice bulge in his tight swimsuit.

It wasn't that Jackie wanted to fuck him. She really didn't want to fuck anyone. At least, that was what she told herself. But she did enjoy looking at him, or any other male with a nice bulge in his trunks. She found them very attractive, enjoyed watching them through slitted eyes, or openly from behind dark sunglasses.

When she saw an especially attractive man in tight trunks, with his cock and balls all but exposed, she would get quivers in her cunt and become moist, and it was those times when she wanted to fuck. Most of the males really didn't turn her on, but some made her very hungry for cock.

Like this lifeguard.

He sat about ten feet off the ground on his wooden perch, a whistle dangling from his neck, his eyes constantly watching the pool. Sometimes he blew the whistle and yelled at some boy or girl getting too rough in the water.

Today, there weren't many boys and girls in the pool, and her son was at the far end, learning to swim. The other lifeguard, a girl, was trying to teach him. Sometimes the lifeguards helped that way when there weren't many in the pool. The girl was very attractive, with a brightly colored, but very skimpy, bikini. Her tits bulged out around the top and it seemed as if one of her nipples would escape at any time.

Jackie's grin spread as she saw her son trying to get himself a feel of the girl's tits, trying in a way that would appear accidental. But the girl was familiar with such groping and avoid his hands. As she watched Tony, she saw him pretend to sink and under the clear water, saw his hand shoot up between the girl's thighs for a fast feel of her crotch.

"Okay, Tony," the girl said. "That's enough for today."

There was a blush on the girl's pretty face as she climbed from the water and the split of her ass was exposed because her bikini bottom was pulled aside. The girl adjusted her bikini bottom, and Tony laughed.

"Need any help with that?" Jackie heard him ask.

"No, thank you," the girl said, but she flashed Tony a sparkling smile. "You're alt hands, Tony! Keep it up and you'll drown for sure one of these days!"

Now that her son was practicing the things he had learned, Jackie turned her eyes back to the lifeguard. He sat with his knees parted, his elbows resting on them, chin cupped in his hands, watching the pool. Jackie stared between his knees, licking her lips as she studied the bulge of his cock and balls. She shifted her position on the chair and parted her legs.

Her swimsuit was a bikini, too, but not quite as brief as the pretty female lifeguard's. It was cut high on her hips, clinging to her cunt and ass tightly. Her tits, rounded and almost pointed, were held completely concealed.

Her long brown hair was soft and wavy, framing a lovely face that could easily pass for ten years younger than her actual age. She had wide-spaced brown eyes, a small nose, and full mouth. She was tall, slender, and very, very attractive.

Not many years ago, her face and body had graced the covers of various fashion magazines, but no longer. It was not because of her age. She was still sought as a model, but Jackie had given it up when her photographer husband had died suddenly. She had never modeled for anyone but him, and it was his magic with a camera that made her a highly sought model. With him gone, Jackie ended her career.

Jackie didn't miss it at all. She was content to live in relative privacy with Tony, avoiding the limelight. She was financially secure, so there was no reason to return to work.

She was sought after by men too. Men who tried hard to date her, to become her lover. But Jackie wanted no man. Her husband had been the only man in her life, and she felt no other man could possibly measure up to him. But he was gone.

"Aren't you coming in, Mom?"

Jackie turned and saw her son at the edge of the pool. He had his elbows on the deck, and he was looking at her. She smiled at him, shaking her head, then she noticed that Tony wasn't looking at her face. He was staring boldly up between her long thighs.

With a gasp, Jackie closed her legs, but when Tony grinned at her, there was a stage, almost forgotten pulsation in her cunt. Tony looked at her exactly the way his father used to, with hot, hungry eyes.

"Go swim," she said, fighting to control a quiver in her voice. "And, Tony, it isn't nice to sneak peeks at your mother."

"Why not?" Tony asked. "You look better than most of the girls around here, Mom."

"Because I'm your…" Jackie stopped. "It's not nice."

"Oh, yes it is," Tony said. "At least from where I am."

"Go away, Tony," she said, trying to smile at him.

She felt a tingle move up and down her flesh, then settle in her crotch.

"Go look at one of those pretty little girls over there."

"I don't want to look at them," Tony said, his eyes bright. "I'd rather look at you."

Jackie stared at her son. Then, for no reason she could explain, she parted her long legs, briefly, then closed them again.

"Wow, nice, Mom! Real nice."

Then he swam away.

Jackie wondered why she had done it. She tried to understand, but it made no sense to her. She had actually flashed her son! He didn't see anything, not really. Her bikini concealed it all, but she had spread her legs. Jackie had never done anything like that in her life. She had been before cameras many times, and enjoyed having her picture in magazines, even the swimsuit layouts. But she had never, ever, deliberately opened her legs to anyone.

She watched her son at the other end of the pool, talking with a girl. She pulled her sunglasses down, adjusting them. They were dark, and she could see people without them knowing she was looking. She felt a vibration between her thighs, and realized that her cunt was getting wet.

She glanced up at the lifeguard again, but her pleasure at looking at him was gone. It was her son she was now interested in. It had been his eyes looking between her thighs that had caused that startling response in her cunt. Watching Tony talking with the girl, Jackie felt a twinge of jealousy.

Behind her dark sunglasses, she watched Tony as closely as she could. She felt a dislike for the pretty girl he was with, and she didn't even know the girl.

Tony left the girl, flipping his middle finger at her in a rude gesture. Jackie had never seen her son do that before. She kept her eyes on him as he swam the short distance back to where she sat. When he had his elbows on the deck at her feet, she said, "That wasn't a very thing you did to her, Tony."

"What did I do, Mom?" he asked.

"Flipping her the bird," Jackie said. "That wasn't nice at all."

"Aw, she's a cunt, Mom."

"She's a what?" Jackie asked, her voice a bit loud.

"Twerp, Mom – twerp!"

"Oh. I thought you said…" Jackie dropped it, but watched his face behind her dark sunglasses. She had heard him correctly the first time. His use of the word startled her. Tony never used such language around her. "I've had enough of this place."

Getting to her feet, Jackie leaned over to retrieve her small beach bag and towel, very much aware that her son was watching her. She felt the tight bikini draw higher, exposing the flesh of her ass. A slight flush warmed her cheeks as she stood up again, walking ahead of her son toward the dressing rooms. She knew that her ass showed, that her bikini had crawled between her ass-cheeks.

Jackie found she didn't care, didn't mind at all that half of her satiny ass was exposed not only to her son's hot eyes, but to anyone else that might be looking. By the time she reached the dressing rooms, her pulse was pounding through her body, and her cunt was almost soaking the crotch of her bikini. Her tits felt as if they were about to burst from her top, her nipples poking hard at the fabric.

Jackie walked through the gate with her son following, and found she was giving her hips an extra twist, her ass swaying more than usual. When she attempted to stop the suggestive motion, it became more pronounced.

Tony was looking with appreciation at his mother's long legs and curvy ass. The bikini had crawled into the crack of her ass far enough that most of her ass showed. The flesh there was white, as opposed to the tan of her thighs. He felt his balls tingle, and his cock stir. He wasn't shy about being turned on by his mother.

Entering the house, she went straight to her room, where she undressed and, catching her reflection in the mirror, paused to look at herself. She was still very, very lovely, she was pleased to see. Her tits could stand next to any of those teenaged girls she had seen at the pool, and there was nothing wrong with her waist, her hips or her legs. Her furry slit between her thighs was still bubbling hotly, and as she smoothed the pussy-hair away, she saw the wetness glistening in her cunt.

The problem, Jackie decided, was that she needed to be fucked.

She showered and, back in her room, stepped into a pair of tight, skimpy bikini panties, then left her room and met Tony coming down the short hallway.

Tony stopped, his eyes widening when he saw his mother.

"What's wrong with you?" she asked him.

"You're naked, Mom!"

With a squeal of embarrassment, Jackie covered her naked tits with her arm, the other hand spreading around her crotch.

"Oh, my God!" Jackie gasped, wheeling around and running back into her room.

Jackie had no idea how she happened to leave her room wearing only her panties. She felt as if she was still in her bikini. She had left her room totally ignorant of being so naked.

A slow grin spread over her face. She had certainly surprised her son. His eyes almost fell out of his head, she thought, with a soft laugh.

She cupped her tits and lifted them, looking at her protruding nipples. When she ran her thumb over them, they bulged even more, tingling deliciously.

Taking her hands from her tits, she decided that she was not going to play with her body. That was juvenile and immature. A woman her age, feeling horny, should go out and get fucked.

Getting to her feet, she pulled on a white, thin blouse, buttoning it, then she slipped on a pair of yellow shorts. Her son couldn't see anything now, she decided. She went to the kitchen to begin an early dinner.

Hearing the shower running, she found herself wondering if her son was playing with himself, stroking his cock and balls as he soaped his young body. Seeing her naked, or almost naked, must have made his cock hard, she thought.

She heard the shower stop, then a few minutes later Tony came into the kitchen.

"You're really good-looking, Mom," her son said from behind her.

"Thank you."

"Nice tits!"

For a moment, her breath caught in her throat and she felt heat spread over her face.

She wanted to tell him not to say those things to her, but something wouldn't let her. She knew he was looking at her and she could feel his eyes staring at her tightly clad ass, and the backs of her thighs. She bunched the cheeks of her ass.

"Nice ass, too," Tony said, his voice slightly thick.

Jackie wanted to stop her ass from flexing, but it seemed as if her ass-cheeks had a mind of their own, bunching, tightening, loosening and moving.

"Yeah, Mom, you're very good-looking! A real nice set of tits and a beautiful ass!"

Dropping the knife she had been using to scrape a carrot, Jackie turned slowly to face her son. She pressed her ass against the counter, her fingers gripping the edge. Her eyes were bright, and her wet tongue moved from one corner of her lips to the other. Her eyes were fixed on the crotch of Tony's shorts.

His cock seemed outlined, and made a nice bulge in his shorts. She couldn't take her eyes away, didn't want to take her eyes away. Her cunt swelled became puffy, and her clit was painfully hard.

"You – Tony, you shouldn't say those things to me," Jackie said, her voice whispery, slightly breathless, "it isn't nice to say those things to your mother."

"But it's true, Mom," Tony answered. "You are the prettiest woman in town. There's not another woman around with tits and an ass like you have."


He came closer to her.

Jackie lifted her eyes from his crotch to his face. She saw his desire, the burning excitement in his eyes. She swallowed and licked her lips again. She couldn't breathe deep enough when her son stopped close to her. He was staring into her eyes, and she saw how much, he wanted her.

"Tony!" Jackie moaned, her voice thick.

Tony lifted his hands, and placed his palms on her tits. He closed his fingers around his mother's tits and squeezed them, gently, feeling her nipples press into his palms.

"Tony, please," she moaned.

"Yes, Mom," he replied. "Oh, Mom – yes!"


Jackie was staring as her son fondled her tits. She wanted to stop him, but she didn't want to stop him, either.

His hands stroking and squeezing her tits felt good, made her cunt tingle, the hair-lined lips pucker and quiver, her clit pulsate. She lifted her hands, placing them on her son's shoulders. She stared directly into his hot eyes, and slowly pushed her crotch against him.

"Kiss me, Tony," she whispered.

Tony's hands slid around her back, his lips pressing upon hers. Jackie moaned as she clutched the back of his head, kissing him feverishly with her lips patted. She felt his cock throbbing against her and writhed her hips, rubbing on his cock. Her knee slipped between his thighs, pushing at his hot balls and cock. Tony wrapped his arms tightly around his mother and when her tongue slithered past his teeth, he began to suck on it hungrily.

Jackie moaned, her eyes closed, probing her son's mouth with her tongue. Holding the back of his head in one hand, she ran the other hand down his back and gripped his ass, pulling him hard against her. She made soft whimpering sounds as he sucked her tongue, his cock throbbing hard against her body. She felt her legs tremble, and again she felt as if she was going to come.

"Tony, this isn't – darling, we shouldn't…"

Tony moved his hands down his mother's back to her ass. Her eyes, burning into his face again, turned gassy when she felt his fingers squeeze her ass. Her own hand dug hard into his ass.

She knew she was encouraging her son, but she couldn't stop herself. As his hands squeezed and felt her ass, she purred and gasped softly, grinding her crotch at him. They stood there, staring into each other's eyes, feeling each other, their hips twisting and pressing.

Tony placed her hand on his cock, and the heat surprised her. She felt as if her palm was being blistered, then her fingers closed about his hard-on, squeezing. Her eyes glazed in hunger and her tongue flicked over her full lips. Now that her hand was gripping his cock, she didn't want tolet go.

She felt him move a hand back to her tit. She gasped as her son pushed his fingers between her thighs, rubbing at her hidden cunt, pressing at the swollen pussy-lips and vibrating clit through her shorts and panties.

She held her breath, still staring into his eyes, as she felt his finger working into her shorts at the leg. She trembled, but didn't protest. She felt his finger slide over her panties, then push inside. Her eyes closed when she felt his fingertip on her clit then a low moan bubbled from her.

Jackie came. When her son touched her clit, she came. It was fast, but, strong, and her legs almost buckled. When she opened her eyes again, she was staring into her son's smiling face.

"Tony, please – we shouldn't do this," Jackie whispered.

"You're wet, Mom," he said, his voice husky. "You're really wet."

"I-I can't help it," she said, sagging against him. "I just can't help it."

She was still clinging to his cock through his shorts, and her fingers flexed, holding it tightly. She could feel his cock throb, and moving a finger across the head, felt the wetness seeping through his shorts.

Tony was opening her blouse, and she didn't want to stop him. She felt him spread her blouse open, then his hands were on her naked tits, twisting and pulling her nipples. She moaned and closed her eyes at the beautiful sweetness of it, stroking his cock again, cupping his balls.

"Easy, Mom," Tony said, almost choking. "You'll make me come! Do it easy, Mom!"

She relaxed her grip on his cock, fighting to keep from jerking his shorts down and jacking him off there in the kitchen. Tony leaned down, running his tongue over her nipple, then pulling it into his wet, hot mouth. She clung to him as he sucked. He pushed her tits close together and flicked his tongue from nipple to nipple. Jackie felt another orgasm swelling inside her cunt.

Puffing one of his mother's nipples deep into his mouth, Tony began fumbling with the zipper of her shorts. Jackie gave a soft cry when she felt the zipper being pulled down.

Her shorts were tight, and when her son tried to push them down, he had trouble. Jackie released his cock and put her hands back on his shoulders, her lips smashing against his. She wiggled her ass to help her son slide her shorts down, and they slithered to her fret. She moaned into his mouth when he pushed his hands into her panties, cupping her naked ass and puffing her crotch against his throbbing hard-on.

"Ohhh, Tony!" Jackie sobbed, lowering her hands feverishly to his shorts. She pushed at them, and his cock jerked free. She grasped it tightly pumping her fist up and down.

"I want – Tony, we've got to – it isn't right but I want it so much!"

Tony pulled his hands from her panties, turning and moving her. Jackie kept her grip on his cock as she felt her ass touch the small kitchen table. When her son pushed her back onto it, she didn't resist. She lay back her ass and legs hanging over the edge.

Tony spread his mother's legs wide, his eyes burning at her crotch. The bikini panties concealed very little. He saw the thick triangle of her pussy-hair through the lacy panties and saw the wetness in the crotch. His cock strained out, jerking up and down, pre-cum dripping from his piss-hole.

Jackie lay back on the table, feeling wanton, very wanton. Her eyes blazed up at Tony, her legs parted very wide. She gripped the edge of the table with her fingers, waiting anxiously for him to plunge his cock into her cunt.

She wanted to scream at her son, to scream loudly and lewdly for him to fuck her now, to ram his cock into her cunt and fuck her hard and deep. But she said none of that. She lay there and gripped the edge of the table, her hips moving in a suggestive manner, twisting from side to side.

Tony hooked his finger into the crotch of his mother's panties, pulling it to one side, exposing his mother's cunt to his hot eyes. The cunthair was thick, her pussy pink and wet. He saw her clit straining up from the cunt, wanting to feel it, to touch and play with it. But his balls were on fire and he was afraid that if he waited much longer, his mother would stop him or he would spurt his curia all over her stomach.

"Mom!" Tony moaned. "Mom, it – oh, Mom!"

Tony pushed his hard cock down, and as his cock-head touched the lips of her cunt, he shoved.

Jackie gasped, her hips lifting. Her eyes blurred and she felt her cunt spreading for his cock. She felt the cock-head slide into her cunt, followed by the thick pulsating prick-shaft. For a moment she couldn't breathe. Her cunt was filled with her son's cock, and despite her efforts to be still, her hips twisted the lips of her cunt squeezing his cock.

She could feel his balls, hot and full, smashed against her ass. She wanted to lift her legs, swing them over his shoulders, and grind frantically on his cock. But she remained almost motionless, only her hips revolving slowly.

Tony seemed startled to have his cock inside his mother's cunt. His expression indicated that he didn't believe it, but he certainly wasn't pulling his cock out. He pushed tightly into his mother's cunt, staring into her fiery eyes, not touching her legs or any other part of her body. It was as if he was afraid to touch her now.



Then he moved.

Jackie's eyes rolled and glazed as she felt her sons cock moving in and out of her cunt. He was fucking her, but not the way she wanted.

He was fucking her slowly, moving his cock back and forth as if he was afraid she would stop him.

Jackie, gripping the edge of the hard table, moved her hips, arching her cunt up as he pushed his prick in. She felt the friction of his cock burn the sensitive, tender lips of her pussy, felt her clit scrape along the hard cock-shaft. She began to moan softly, pushing her cunt onto his cock.

Staring up at his face, she felt his prick go deep and she let out a soft cry of ecstasy. She wanted to scream at her son, scream for him to fuck fast and hard. She wanted to jerk her cunt up and down, grind onto his prick furiously. The slow penetration was about to drive her out of her mind.

"Tony – please, Tony!" Jackie moaned.

"I can't stop, Mom," he said, misunderstanding her. "I can't stop now, Mom! I'm – oh, Mom, I can't stop!"

"No – it's – Tony, please…"

She saw her son shaking. She felt his cock throb. Each stab of his cock into her cunt was deep, but very slow. He smashed his balls against her ass, holding his cock in her cunt a moment, then drawing it back slowly.

And then, as if finally understanding her hunger, Tony speeded up. His young face twisted and he lifted his head. His cock rammed swiftly into her pussy, fast and hard, the way she wanted it.

Jackie squealed, arching her cunt to her son's plunging cock. She twisted her ass lewdly, and began to grind. Her eyes stayed open, but were filmed with passion.

She saw her son only as a fuzzy outline now, and her hips began to churn up and down and thrash around. Tony finally grasped her hips, his fingers digging into her flesh as he plunged his cock frantically into her cunt.

"Ohhh, Tony!" Jackie sobbed.

"Mom!" Tony yelped, ramming his prick deep into her cunt, his body stiff.

With a low scream, Jackie came. Her cunt grabbed at the base of her son's cock, gripping it hard. Her hips jerked as she came. The steaming pulsations of her orgasm rippled through her cunt, spreading out to her feet and head. She twisted her head around, her lovely dark hair swinging across her face.

Then suddenly, her cent was empty.

Tony had jerked his cock from Jackie's cunt spurting his creamy cum all over her panties and stomach. A squirt went all the way to her naked tits, landing on her right nipple.

Tony grunted, rubbing his cock along her pussy as he came. The spasms in her cunt faded away, and Jackie stared up at her son, unable to conceal her disappointment.

She had wanted to feel his cock gush into her cunt, feel those hard pulsations as his balls emptied, feel the hot splash of jism along the walls of her pussy.

Tony, weakly pulled away from her, and leaned on the kitchen counter where she had been peeling carrots only a few moments before. Jackie lifted her head and looked at him. His shorts were pushed down beneath his balls, his cock drooping now, gleaming wetly from her cunt-juice. She held herself on her elbows, and saw his cum all up and down her body, with most of it on her panties and the hair of her cunt. Her legs were still splayed, and she knew how wicked she must appear to her son now.

She sat up slowly, avoiding looking directly at her son. She closed her legs, afraid to step down. She was weak from her strong orgasm, from being fucked by her son.

"Mom – I shouldn't have – oh, shit, Mom!" Tony left her alone, and she sat there. She was surprised that she had not resisted, that she had let her son fuck her without any protest. But Jackie could not tell herself that it had not been good. It had been very good, and her cunt kept pulsating for a long time.

Feeling stronger, and stood and stepped to the kitchen sink, taking a paper towel and cleaning herself, adjusting her panties and finding her shorts on the floor, not remembering how they had been removed. She stepped into her shorts, zipped them up and finished preparing dinner.

Tony refused to come out of his room. He told her he wasn't hungry.

Jackie ate alone, puzzling over what happened. She searched herself for shame, or at last embarrassment, but she found none. She was concerned about Tony, though. She didn't want her son to feel ashamed. She didn't want him to take the full blame, and she felt that that was what he was doing in his room.

Jackie had never acted so wantonly in her life, spreading her legs for her son at the pool, feeling jealous when he talked to the pretty girl. When she had held her son's cock, she hadn't wanted to turn it loose. She had spread herself out on the kitchen table like a wanton bitch, and not only let her son fuck her, but fucked him just as hard, and then became disappointed when he didn't come inside her cunt.

Jackie realized that it felt good acting like a whore. It had felt good to open her legs to her sons hot eyes. It had felt wonderful to have his cock in her cunt.

Grinning to herself, she left the kitchen. She went into her room, closing the door. She stripped naked and stood under the shower, soaping her body, scrubbing herself squeaky clean. She was not trying to wash away the traces of fucking her son, but was preparing herself.

With her heart racing, she dried herself and found a short nightgown, a lacy garment that was sheer. She considered, then discarded, the panties that came with the nightgown. If she was going through with this, she told herself, she might as well go all the way.

She left her bedroom wearing the revealing gown. Her decision had been made instantly, and she acted before she could change her mind.



There was no answer.

She tried the knob, turning it and pushing the door open. Tony was on his bed, head and shoulders propped up, wearing his pajama bottoms and nothing else. He turned to see her, then quickly looked away.

Smiling nervously, Jackie entered her son's bedroom and stood at the side of his bed, her hands clasped in front of her like a shy virgin.

She looked at him, wanting him to say something, anything.

But Tony didn't speak and he didn't look at her.

"Okay, Tony," she said softly, sitting on the edge of his bed.

She placed her hand on his knee and felt him tremble.

"I know you feel bad about what happened, but I don't."

She heard her son gulp, his eyes darting toward her tits, then away just as fast. She squeezed his knee. Jackie knew it was going to be up to her to explain.

"At the pool," Jackie said. "You were bold enough then, honey. You gave me a good look then, and you talked as if you wanted – you know, to fuck me. Now you're acting like a shy little boy. Why, Tony?"

"Mom, you're my mother," he said so softly that it was hard to hear the words.

"I know that," she said, caressing his knee. "And I'm not embarrassed! You shouldn't be, either."

"I got carried away, Mom."

"I know," she said, slipping her hand just above her son's knee. "I know you got carried away, and so did I."

Tony was staring at his mother's hand as it stroked his thigh above his knee.

"I'm still a little carried away," Jackie whispered. "That's why I have this gown on, so you can see through it. But I guess I wasted my time. You don't seem interested in seeing me now."

Tony remained quiet.

Jackie sighed, squeezed his knee again and pulled her hand away. She sat there, hands folded in her lap, looking down. Her legs were slim and satiny, with a nice tan. She pecked up and caught her son looking at her tits.

"What happened to that eager boy in the kitchen?" Jackie asked, putting her hand back on his knee. "That boy was so anxious to get his hands on me, he couldn't wait. Where did he go?"

"Mom, I shouldn't have…"

"Why not, darling? You didn't see me trying to stop you, did you? If I didn't want it to happen, I'm sure I could have prevented it."

"You wanted it, Mom?" he asked, lifting his eyes to her face, then back to her hand, which was now halfway up his thigh.

"I wanted it very much," she purred, stroking her hand back and forth, each time going a bit higher on his thigh. "God, I wanted it so very much!"

"Really? You really wanted to do it, Mom?"

"Really," she said, slipping her hand high, her fingers almost in his crotch. "It was very good, Tony. Except…"

"Except what, Mom!"

"Nothing, baby," Jackie said softly, moving the tips of her fingers to his balls, rubbing them lightly.

She took his hand and placed it on her thigh, drawing it upward. "Don't you want to feel me now? Feel me the way you started to in the kitchen? You can, you know. You can feel mother, honey. Come on, push your hand up my leg and feel me."

As Tony moved his hot hand up, Jackie opened her legs wider. She kept stroking his balls with her fingertips, and when her son had his palm on her cunt, she clutched his balls and let out a soft cry of pleasure.

"Ohhh, yes, Tony!"

Tony was no longer hesitant. He rubbed at his mother's cunt, feeling the soft wetness. He turned his head and looked at her, seeing the curls of her pussy-hair as he rubbed at the slippery cunt-lips. His eyes were gleaming again, and he gasped as his mother began to squeeze his balls gently, flexing her fingers on them.

"Put a finger in!" Jackie groaned. "You know what to do, I'm sure, baby!"

Tony slipped his middle finger into his mother's cunt. Jackie squealed, turning his balls loose and shoving her hand into the fly of his pajamas. She grasped her son's cock and lifted it free. With another squeal, she closed her fist around his cock and pumped it eagerly, sliding her hand over the prick-shaft. Her eyes burned as she stared at his cock, her hand pulling his balls out. She rolled his hot balls in one hand, jacking his cock with the other.

Tony was shoving his finger in and out of her cunt now, fucking it eagerly. Jackie squirmed on the bed, twisting until both of her legs were on it, facing her son. She let go of his cock long enough to jerk the bottom of her short nightgown on her waist, then began to jack his cock again, frantically, with little cries of ecstasy.

Within a few moments, Jackie came.

She moaned as her pussy gripped her son's finger, the cunt-lips squeezing in spasms.

"Ooooh, nice Tony!" she mooned when her orgasm was over. "That was very nice, but I'd rather come other ways." Tony was grinning at her, burying his finger deep in the wet heat of her cunt.

"If you keep pounding so hard on my cock, Mom, I'm going to come, too!"

"Oh, no!" she cried, turning his cock loose, but holding his balls. "You're not going to waste your cum this time Tony!"

"Waste it?"

"You came all over my stomach in the kitchen. That's not the way to do it. I want your cock in my pussy when you come!"

Jackie felt surprised at her boldness. She had been in front of her husband's cameras many times. She had always been modest when not posing. But she didn't want to be modest, she wanted to be wild and wicked. Talking to her son, his cock straining out of his pajamas, was exciting her. She felt as if she understood those women who wanted to be sluts, to be fucked and exposed and enjoyed.

"Are we going to do it again, Mom?" he asked.

"You mean fuck? Of course we're going to fuck again, Tony. That's why I came in here, wearing this gown, so you could see me and want me to push your cock into my cunt again."

Tony laughed, feeling the excitement rumble through his young body. He spread the lips of his mother's cunt and watched her clit push out.

"And you want me to come in your cunt, Mom?"

"Oh yes." Jackie gasped. "I want your cock in my cunt, fucking me, and I want you come inside my pussy!"

Tony's eyes burned as he looked at her, rubbing at her cunt again with his palm. Jackie lifted her ass an inch or so off his bed, giving her son total access to her hairy, hot cunt.

"I think we understand each other, don't we?" Jackie asked, gripping his cock again. "I mean, no more hesitation, just fuck, right?"

Tony grinned, nodding his head. "Right, Mom – just fuck!"

"Oh, baby, baby!" she squealed, leaning down and kissing him wetly, her tongue probing deep into his mouth, licking around.

She gripped his cock as hard as she could and Tony thrust his finger back into her cunt. As she tongued his mouth, she moved on his bed, getting to her knees. Tony's hand pulled away from her cunt and caressed up her thigh and over her naked ass. Jackie moaned into her son's mouth when he dragged his fingers along the crack of her ass, barely touching her crinkled asshole and then squeezing her juicy cunt again.

"I want it now." Jackie gasped, pulling her tongue out of his mouth. "Tony, you've got to fuck me now! Oooooh, fuck me right now!"

But Tony was on his back, his cock jutting up from his pajamas, so Jackie fucked her son.

She swung a leg over his body, and holding his cock at the base, spread her cunt with her fingers. She lowered her pussy and gasped as the swollen cock-head penetrated her cunt. She sat down on him, his cock fully inside her pussy. She trembled as she looked down at his delighted face, sliding her hands up and down his chest and stomach.

Jackie sat there, her knees drawn up, pressing at his flesh, feeling his cock throb inside her tingling cunt. Her clit strained in a knot, smashed at the base of his cock. Her eyes blazed down at him, soft whimpers bubbling from her throat.

"Ohhh, baby, I can feel it so deep!" she said. "Can you feel it, Tony? Can you feel mother's cunt holding your big, hard cock?"

"Ahhh, Mom!" Tony groaned, gazing at the hairy cunt pressing onto the base of his cock. "I can feel everything! You're so wet and hot and tight, Mom! You have a hot, tight, wet cunt, Mom!"

"A hot, tight, wet cunt that is going to fuck you silly!"

Jackie lifted her crotch, twisting her hips as her cunt held the swollen head of Tony's prick.

"A cunt that is burning with wetness that needs your big, hard cock! A cunt that's going to fuck you, Tony!"

With a wild cry, she lunged down onto her son's prick, then jerked up again.

"Oooooh, so good!" she moaned, her hips bouncing up and down. Her cunt slipped easily on his prick, gripping it very tightly.

"Ahbhh, I can feel your cock go so deep! Oooooh, Tony, Tony!"

Feverishly, she tore at her gown, ripping it from her body. She tossed it halfway across his bedroom, her ass plunging constantly. Tony stared up at his mother's tits, watching them sway as she rammed her cunt up and down his cock. Her nipples were a light color and very stiff. The soft, squishy sound of her cunt riding his cock seemed loud in the small bedroom, but excitingly so.

Slamming down hard, the lips of her cunt crushed at the base of his cock, Jackie whipped her ass back and forth, sobbing with rapture. She shoved her right hand behind her ass, grasping his balls, pushing them against her whole. She held her shoulders up straight, her tits pushing outward.

Jackie felt very lewd, very good, being naked with her son, his cock buried in her cunt. Her lovely face contorted with the almost agonizing pleasure she was feeling.

"Oh, my God, Tony!" Jackie gasped.

Her body trembled, her hips jerking.

"I'm coming!" she gasped. "It's too soon! I want to fuck some more! I'm coming too fast, darling!"

Tony grasped his mother's naked tits with both hands, gritting his teeth as he felt her cunt squeeze at the base of his cock. His balls grew hard, and he knew if his mother didn't stop coming soon, he would be gushing into her cunt powerfully.

"Mom, your cunt – ohhh, Mom!"

"Fuck it!" she screamed, her hips jerking back and forth. "Fuck it, fuck it, fuck it!"

Then, as fast as it started, it was over.

Jackie slumped on her son, her head hanging, breathing hard, her tits lifting and falling. His cock was still hard and deep inside her pussy, throbbing powerfully. Her eyes were moist with delight as she focused on his face and grinned.

"You're still hard," Jackie said. "You didn't come, Tony!"

"I sure wanted to, Mom," he said.

"Why didn't you? I told you I wanted to feel your cock squirt in my cunt."

"I'll come, Mom! Let me on top!"

"But I love it here," the said, her pussy sucking on his prick.

"You're going to love it on the bottom, too," Tony said.

"Oh, okay!"

She lifted from his cock, watching it stand up strongly. It was very wet and slippery with her cunt-juices, and she felt an impulse to take it into her mouth. Kneeling at his side, she leaned over, and before Tony understood what she was doing, closed her lips around the swollen cockhead, lowering her face, sucking his cock into her throat.

"Ohhh, Mom!" Tony gasped, watching her mouth fill, her lips spreading.

Jackie's eyes flashed and she cupped his balls in her hand, her lips writhing at the base of his cock as she sucked. She pulled her lips upward, her tongue pressing his cock to the roof of her mouth. While she held the prick-head between her lips, she dragged her tongue across his pisshole a few times, then began to bob her mouth up and down his cock quickly.

"Morn, you better stop!" Tony gasped.

Jackie's eyes glittered as she slipped her mouth off his cock. "Why should I stop, honey?"

"Because you'll make me come, that's why?"

"Mmmmm, maybe that's what I wanted," she said, jacking his cock with a tight fist.

"You want it in your cunt, you said," he reminded her.

"Well, there, too!"

Tony laughed and rolled his mother onto her back, stretching out on top of her. He kissed her, his tongue diving into her mouth. Jackie purred as she sucked at his tongue, pushing her cunt up and feeling his cock throb against the soft hair of her pussy.

She tried to shift around, to get his cock into her cunt, but Tony was pushing too hard. She ran her hands down his back to his ass, inside his pajamas and clutching his ass-cheeks hard, puffing him tight against her.

"Now, Tony!" she hissed as his tongue came out of her mouth. "Fuck me now! Ohhh, Tony, fuck me again, please."

She spread her legs wide, squirming beneath her son. Tony lifted his body, caught her legs, and pushed them back until her knees were alongside her head, her ass lifted off the bed.

"Oohhh, yes, baby!" Jackie moaned, wrapping her arms behind her knees. "Ram it to me this way, Tony! Ahhhh, this is the way I love to get fucked – hard and deep!"

"Ohhhh, give it to me!" Jackie screamed, her breath coming out of her lungs with a loud gasp. "Ram it to me hard! Ahhhh, Tony, fuck my hot cunt hard and deep!"

Bracing his knees on the mattress and his hands on the backs of his mother's thighs, Tony banged away. Jackie strained her cunt up hard at his plunging cock, squealing loudly with ecstasy. She twisted her ass lunging her cunt onto his cock each time he thrust. His balls, stilt out of his pajamas, slapped the crack of her ass, sending waves of rippling rapture through her.

"Mom, Mom!" Tony grunted, thrusting hard and fast. "Mom, you're so fucking wet and hot! Ahhh, Mom, your cunt is wonderful!"

"Fuck mother's wonderful cunt, Tony!" Jackie gasped, turning loose her legs and getting her hands on his bunching ass, jerking him forward, trying to get his cock even deeper.

"Fuck that wonderful cunt! Ohhh, you go so deep, darling! I love it deep! Ahhh, mother's cunt loves a hard cock fucking deep!"

Tony's hands pushed behind her knees. Her ass was high, and each time he lunged into her pussy, the top of her head bounced off the headboard of his bed, but she felt only his cock ram into her. The friction against her cuntlips was unbelievable, so hot and wild, that she was almost afraid her cunt would burst into flames.

"My balls, Mom!" Tony gasped. "My balls are so full…"

Jackie darted a hand off his ass, capturing his swinging balls. She twisted and squeezed them, humping her cunt up and down on his cock. She cried out with rapture, hearing the wet sounds of his cock penetrating her eager cunt. Her clit was bulging again, being smashed each time his cock filled her cunt.

"Fuck me, baby!" Jackie sobbed. "Ohhh, fuck mother hard and fast and deep and make me come again! Ooooh, Tony, mother's cunt it's on fire! My pussy is on fire and it's going to burn your hard cock up!"

Wiggling her ass in a frenzy, she tried to push his balls against her asshole each time he pushed his cock into her pussy. But he was pumping fast now, and she couldn't do it. Turning his balls loose, she clutched his pounding ass again and thrashed her cunt frantically as she felt herself getting ready to come again.

"Oooooh, I'm about to come again, Tony!" she screamed. "Ohhh, God, ram it to me! My pussy – my cunt – Tony, fuck me hard!"

Each time Tony lunged into her, her tits jiggled. He watched them, his mouth gaping, eyes bulging. The wet slaps became louder and Jackie left herself starting to faint.

"I'm about to come, Mom!"

"Do it!" Jackie screamed, humping hard and fast. "Come! Squirt it up my hot cunt! Come in mother's hot cunt, Tony! Don't jerk it out this time! I want it up my fucking pussy!"

Tony strained hard, his body stiff. His head lifted and a loud groan came from him.

Jackie's breath stopped as her cunt exploded. The spasms pulled at her son's cock as she felt his cunt streaming into her pussy. Then she screamed as her ecstasy almost tore her apart. Her cunt grabbed and pulled and sucked on her son's cock as he gushed time and again. She felt each throbbing squirt, despite the power of her own orgasm. Her clit felt as if it was coming apart with the contractions.

"I'm coming, Mom!" Tony gasped. "I'm coming in your cunt, Mom!"

"More!" Jackie moaned. "Give me more! Come in my hot cunt, Tony! Ooooh, so fucking good? I can't stop coming!"

But she did stop.

Tony was slumped on her, pinning her knees back. She felt his cock go soft inside her pussy, and her cunt quivered, trying to hold his cock. But it was squeezed out and she moaned softly when she felt it slide along the crack of her ass.

She pulled her arms up, holding him tightly as he breathed his lips close to her left tit. She felt the ache in her legs now, but kept holding him, caressing him, until he calmed down.

"You've got to let me put my legs down," she said softly. "They're starting to hurt."

Tony rolled off of her, flopping on his back. Jackie lowered her legs, cupping her fingers over her cunt, feeling his cum seeping from it. She smiled, then sat up, still somewhat weak. His cock rested along his left thigh, his balls looking soft.

"You really came in me," Jackie said.

"That's what you wanted, Mom," he reminded her.

"I'm not complaining. Oh, no!" she said. "I can't remember ever being fucked so thoroughly before. I loved it, Tony."

He flashed a grin at her. "You know, Mom, you really do have nice tits."

She straightened her shoulders, pushing them out.

"I'm glad you like them. You have a very nice cock, you know."

She cupped his balls and cock, jiggling them, then removed her hand.

She leaned down, kissing his wet cock, then used her tongue to move the prick-head to her lips. She drew Tony's wet cock into her mouth and sucked it, licking gently, tasting it. She heard her son stir and make a soft sound in his throat. She let his cock fall from her mouth and lapped at his balls.

"Taste good, Mom?" Tony asked.

"Mmmm, tastes wonderful," said, nuzzling his crotch. "I could eat you up."

"You mean suck my cock, Mom?"

Jackie lifted her face, looking at him for a long moment.

"Sure, why not? If I'm going to fuck you like this, why not sucking you off."

Tony's eyes brightened.

"But not tonight," she said, sliding from his bed. "Not because I don't want to do it, but you need rest?"

"No I don't!"

"You rest," she said. "And if you don't start pouting, well – maybe I'll suck you off? Give you a blow job!"

She picked up her torn nightgown, looked at it, made a face, and tossed it to her son.

"Well, that's one gown ruined. I have a feeling there may be more ruined, too."

"We'll be careful about your clothes," he said.

"Night!" Jackie said, sticking her tongue out at him and leaving, closing his bedroom door behind, her.


Jackie found herself becoming more and more hungry for her son.

It had been three days since she had opened her legs at the pool to him, and she felt better than she had in a long time, ever since her husband had died.

Tony showed no remorse about fucking her. On the contrary, he was so eager, she wondered if she could keep up with him. The more he fucked her, the more she wanted.

The day before, they had stayed naked in the house, fucking wildly, no matter where they were at the time. She fucked her son in the living room, in the hallway, the bedrooms, and even in the laundry room. She was begging to believe she was a nymphomaniac, but that simply was not true. She loved to fuck Tony, that was all. He made her come so hard that she wanted it more and more. Her cunt stayed hot and wet for him.

As she waited for him to come home from school, she remembered her promise to him. She had not sucked him off, and the only reason was that he had been fucking her so much, she had simply forgotten to do it. Tony, in his eagerness, had not mentioned it. As she waited for him to get home, Jackie found herself indulging in a fantasy.

She wanted to fuck him in a public place!

Jackie wondered if she was losing her mind, wanting to fuck in a public place. She had never been an exhibitionist, never wanted to flash herself in public, yet the thoughts were so exciting, so deliciously wicked, she found she wanted to do just that.

She was wearing a short dress and thin sweater, but was naked underneath. She felt nasty being that way. Her dress was short enough that if she leaned over to far, her ass would show. She giggled at the idea of going outside and leaning over, flashing her ass at the neighbors. If she didn't know so many of them she would actually do it. Jackie knew she was becoming more wanton each day, each hour.

She was so excited, she paced the floor until Tony got home. As soon as he came in, she grabbed him, hugging him tightly, kissing him feverishly and almost choking him by plunging her tongue down his throat.

"Mom, I have a feeling I may have to call in some help soon."

"And I too much for you, Tony?" she asked.

"Not yet," he said, pinching her nipple through the thin sweater. "But you may get…"

"I was thinking you were too much for me. You know what I thought about today?"

"My cock?"

"Of course," Jackie said. "I always think about your cock. But I had this idea. It's kind of crazy, but I think it would be fun."

"I'm game," Tony said.

"You don't know what it is yet," she said, squeezing his cock through his pants.

"I'm still game!"

"Okay, you pull the car into the garage." Tony was delighted. He wasn't old enough to drive, but he knew how. He took the keys from the hook in the kitchen and ran out to the car. First, he opened the overhead garage door, then he very carefully pulled the car inside. Jackie came out and watched him anxiously. She knew he had never actually driven, but if he could fuck her so well, it was time he started getting some practice.

He climbed from the car and started to pull the garage door down.

"No, leave it up, honey," Jackie said.

"Are we going someplace later?"

"No, we're going to fuck – here and now!"

"Mom, the door is up," he said. "What if we're seen?"

"That makes it exciting," she said. Tony grinned, stepping out of the garage and looking up and down the street.

"No one is out now," he said, coming back inside.

Jackie stood near the hood of the car. She lifted her short skirt, flashing her naked cunt at her son. Tony grinned and came toward her.

"If you don't care, I don't care," he said, running his hand between his mother's thighs.

Jackie felt elated that he was willing.

"How are we going to do it, Mom?"

"This way," she said stepping around the front of the car, then leaning over the hood. "All you have to do is lift my dress and shove it to me, darling."

"Yeah!" Tony moaned, bringing her short dress up to her waist, stepping back to look at her rounded, pretty ass. "This way, even if someone does walk by, they won't see us."

"But we can see them! Come on, Tony – fuck me now!"

Tony pulled his cock out of his pants, stepping close to his mother's naked ass. He rubbed the swollen, hot cock-head over the satiny flesh of her ass. Jackie giggled softly, pushing her ass to him, Tony lowered his cock and rubbed it up and down the hairy, juicy slit of her cunt. Jackie groaned and pushed, sliding her pussy over his cock.

"Mmmmmm, fuck me good, baby!" Jackie groaned, moving her ass around.

Tony held her hips and began to plunge in and out of her steamy cunt. Jackie looked past the open door of the garage, wishing someone would walk pat. It would be so exciting to wave to them while her son's cock was inside her cunt.

Tony watched his mother's ass dance as be plunged his cock in and out of her juicy cunt.

The rounded ass-cheeks squirmed and bunched, and he could see the pucker of her pink asshole flexing with each thrust of his cock. He was as excited as his mother about fucking in the garage, the door open all the way.

Jackie felt her son's pants against her legs and ass. They were rough, and slightly scratchy, but she didn't mind. She spread her feet on the cement floor a bit wider, arching her ass to Tony's lunging cock. She humped as best she could, twisting violently. Her tits were smashed on the hood of the car, her hands reaching for the windshield. Her cheek rested on the cool metal, eyes closed, mouth parted as she panted in pleasure.

She wasn't sure she wanted to be caught with her son's cock up her cunt, but the possibility was intensely exciting. She gurgled softly as her cunt gripped the shaft of his cock, squeezing it so that the friction increased.

"Tony, take your balls out, too!" Jackie gasped, her tits sliding a little on the hood of the car as he rammed into her pussy. "I want to feel your hot balls, too!"

Tony paused, the head of his cock inside his mother's fiery cunt, and pulled his balls from his open fly. Then he started fucking her again. Now Jackie felt them, swinging back and forth.

It added to her rapture and her cunt began to nibble crazily at his pounding cock.

The strain was getting to Tony. He clutched his mother's waggling hips and began to fuck fast, grunting.

"Ohhh, you're going to come!"

"Ohhh, baby, ram it!" she urged in a hot voice. "Make mother come with you! Ohhhh, yes – so good! So fucking good, Tony!"

She lifted her ass high, pushing back at him. The hairy lips of her pussy began to quiver, her clit vibrating with fantastic feeling. She lifted her head from the hood of the car and began to moan loudly. Her fingers clawed at the shiny paint, her back arching.

"Ohhhh, God, now!" she screamed. "Do it now, Tony! Oooooh, can you feel it? Can you feel mother's cunt? I'm coming – coming so fucking hard."

Tony groaned as his mother's pussy began to pull on his prick. His balls swelled and then he lunged hard and deep, holding his cock in. With a loud grunt that mingled with his mother's cries of ecstasy, Tony came.

Jackie sobbed as her cunt squeezed the rapid spurts of jism from her son's cock. Her ass shook her legs rigid as she strained back at him.

She felt the boiling spurts all the way to her stomach.

"Oh, my God, Tony!" Jackie moaned, relaxing, her tits once more resting on the hood of the car, her cheek moist and slippery with tears of ecstasy. Her cunt continued to throb and grab at his softening cock.

"That was the best yet! Oh, baby, you make mother feel so good!"

"Yeah, but I better take my cock out or I'm going to fall on my ass."

He slowly pulled his cock from her cunt, and Jackie gasped as it fell away. The lips of her pussy seemed to close up, and she felt his cum dripping slowly along her inner thighs. She was too weak to move. She remained resting across the hood of the car, her short skirt at her waist, her creamy, lovely ass exposed.

Tony stepped back and sat on an old wooden crate, his elbows on his knees, chin cupped in his hands, looking at his mother's lewd, open position. His cock and balls dangled put of his pants, wet and slippery. He watched his mother's pussy and asshole spasm gently until she became still.

With soft laughter, Jackie turned to face her son, leaning on the hood of the car, her eyes bright, but still smoldering with passion. She licked her lips as she gazed at his cock and balls. Her short skirt had caught on her right hip, holding it up, her bushy cunt displayed.

"Tony, I recall something I promised you," she said in a low, sultry voice.

"You promised me something, Mom?" he asked, staring fixedly at the soft triangle of her pussy-hair. "I don't remember anything about a promise."

"Probably because you've been so busy poking that cock in me anytime you can catch me," Jackie said. "Not that I'm complaining, baby. Catch me anywhere, anytime, because I'm always ready."

"Yeah, I know!"

Jackie ran her fingers through the soft curls of her pussy-hair, touching a fingertip lightly to her clit, and quickly jerking it away. Her clit was too sensitive to be touched at the moment. She spread two fingers along her pussy-lips, parting them to reveal her glistening clit to her son's eyes.

"I'll keep my promise," she said huskily.

"I don't remember what it was," he said again.

"Just the same, I'll keep it if you push your pants to your feet and sit in the car."

Tony's eyes brightened. "Now I remember, Mom."

"I thought you would."

"But why the car seat?"

"Because it's so exposed, silly," she replied. Jackie held her skirt up around her waist, then walked to the side of the car, opening the door. Tony watched her legs and ass, surprised that his mother would move into the open with her skirt up. But it excited him, too. He stood up.

"You want my pants down all the way, right, Mom?"

She looked across the open door of the car at him, eyes shining.

"All the way, and before you walk over here. I want to watch your cock and balls swing, baby."

Tony looked out at the street as he lowered his pants.

"Someone could see," he said, his voice shaking.

"Honey, I'm standing here with my skirt up, and you know I'm not wearing panties. If you're seen, so am I. Come on, Tony, do it for me."

Tony walked carefully, his pants at his ankles making it difficult. Jackie watched his cock and balls, her eyes blazing again. She licked at her lips as he moved around the open door.

Just as she had said, she was holding her skirt high. As Tony started to sit in the car, she stopped him by grasping his wet cock.

"Just a minute. I want to hold your prick for a while."

"Mom, someone could walk by anytime," Tony said, nervously looking over his shoulder.

"I know!" Jackie groaned, stroking his cock. "Isn't it fun?"

Tony had to admit it was exciting.

"Take your sweater off, Mom," he said in a husky voice. "Show your tits, too!"

With a wicked wiggle, Jackie stripped her sweater off and draped it over the open car door. Her tits stood out, nipple very hard. Her short skirt was more like a narrow band around her waist than anything else.

"Now, sit in the car," she said and pushed at Tony. "With your legs out the door."

Tony did as she instructed, his cock starting to harden again.

Jackie cooed softly as she squatted at his knees. She ran her hands up and down his thighs, her fingers teasing his balls and cock. Her eyes had a bright, excited glow in them. This was more exposure than leaning over the hood of the car, and Jackie was amazed at her wild daring.

"Lovely cock," she whispered as she licked the tip of her tongue against her son's thigh. "Lovely cock and lovely balls!"

"You're going to give me a blow-job out here, Mom?" Tony asked. "You're going to take the chance that someone might see my cock in your mouth?"

Jackie glanced up at her son, grinning wantonly, nodding her head as she cupped his balls in her hand.

"Tony, I feel that if someone saw me sucking your cock this way, I'd come a dozen times – immediately!"

Tony grinned. "I would, too!"

"Mmmmmm, then we better get started," Jackie said, licking her wet tongue up his thigh.

She held his balls in her palm, flicking the tip of her tongue over them. The juice of her cunt had made them slippery, and she ran her hot tongue around and around them.

Tony's cock lifted into hardness before her eyes. With a squeal, a very soft squeal, she ran the tip of her tongue up the hot, throbbing prick-shaft, tasting more of her pussy-juice. She saw a small bead of liquid gleam on his pisshole, and swiftly lapped it up.

"Oooooh, Tony, you're delicious! Your cock tastes so sweet, so hot, so hard!"

She circled the smooth head of her son's cock with her tongue, her eyes glazing with passion. Closing her lips over his piss-hole, she sucked at it, her tongue flicking back and forth.

"Ohhhh, Mom!" Tony grunted, looking down at her lovely face. "That feels great!"

"Mmmm, tastes great, too," she moaned softly, then slipped her lips onto his cock slowly, sliding down, filling her mouth.

As his hot cock stretched her lips, her cunt reacted with throbbing sweetness. She moaned deep in her throat as her clit swelled and knotted. Pushing her lips all the way down, the sprinkling of wiry hair at the base of his cock tickled them.

The smooth head of his cock brushed the back of her throat and she placed her hand on his naked hips, holding his cock deep in her mouth for a long time, purring softly, her tongue still. She felt Tony's cock shaking beneath her face and gripped his hips.

Tony, leaning back so he could see his mother's lips around his cock, lifted his ass, wanting to push his hard cock deeper into her wet, fiery mouth. As his ass came off the seat, Jackie slipped her hands underneath, holding his ass-checks.

"Mom, you can make me come this way!"

"Mmmmm!" Jackie responded with a soft purr, her eyes fluttering open to glance at his delighted face. She worked her lips at the base of his cock, moving her tongue over the hardness. Slowly, she sucked up, gripping her son's cock as tight as she could, dragging her tongue. She held the head of his cock in her mouth for a long, delicious moment, her tongue licking the satiny head. Then, with a powerful suction, she lifted her mouth. Her lips glistened and looked puffy already.

"God, baby, your cock is the best thing I've ever had in my mouth!"

She lifted his balls off his thighs. "Look at these sweet balls, Tony. They feel so full again."

"Mom, you better suck me if you're going to," Tony moaned. "If you don't start sucking, I'm going to come before you start!"

"Oh, we can't have that, honey. Think of the mess that would make!"

"Then you better suck now, Mom!"

He was squirming his ass into her palms, his cock jerking back and forth. He was dripping pre-cum out of his piss-hole. Jackie watched the jism seep out, fascinated by the sight. She squeezed his ass hard, lifting his hips. She brushed her lips over his dripping piss-hole, her eyes fluttering with pleasure.

Sliding her lips over the head of his cock, she sucked hard, pulling cum onto her tongue. Her curt vibrated with the exotic taste of her son's prick-juice. She felt the impulse to suck fast, slide her lips up and down his cock as fast as she could, make him come quickly and get his jism in her mouth.

She forced herself to slowly slide down on his cock, enjoying the hot tingle of her lips. Again she smashed her mouth at the base, and holding his cock deeply again, she squeezed at his naked ass. Her son's moans of ecstasy told her that he loved it. Finally, she could no longer restrain herself.

With a muffled sob, she sucked up, fast. As her lips reached the head of his cock, she dived down quickly.

"Ohhhhh, Mom!" Tony groaned, his eyes glazed as he watched his mother's mouth bobbing up and down on his cock.

Jackie dug into her son's ass hard, sucking on his cock hungrily, giving in to the wild desire to make him come quickly. Her tongue held his cock tightly against the roof of her mouth, and each time she went down, the smooth prick-head brushed her throat.

She swayed her ass, sliding her cunt over her heels. She had no doubts that she would come as soon as her son gushed his hot cum into her throat.

Her mouth reacted to jism in almost the same way her cunt did. Jackie never tried to understand why cum was so exciting to her. She didn't care why it was exciting. She accepted it and enjoyed it.

Tony began to pump his hips, pushing his cock up as his mother's mouth came down. Jackie encouraged him by squeezing his ass hard, making soft sounds of rapture in her throat. The wet sucking sounds of her lips seemed, loud enough to carry down the street. Tony was no longer worried about being seen. His only concern at the moment was his mother's hot, wet mouth devouring his cock.

Jackie couldn't get Tony's cock deep enough in her mouth. She strained her lips hard at the base, wanting to swallow the head of his cook into her throat. Her eyes opened and closed, seeing nothing. She gripped her son's ass hard, racing her lips up and down as fast as she could move her head.

"Mom! Ohhhh, Mom, I'm gonna come!" Tony gasped, one of his hands resting on the back of her head. "I can feel it starting, Mom! Ohhh, my balls – my cock! Mom, I'm going to come!"

Jackie became wild as her son called out to her. Her pretty face moved up and down with hungry motion, sucking very hard. Her cunt was on fire again, and she resisted the urge to turn and plunge her fingers into Tony's asshole.

"Mom!" Tony cried out, lifting his hips.

The hot spurt of thick cum almost choked her as it splashed against her throat. Jackie sobbed in ecstasy, taking the spurting fizz across her tongue and swallowing quickly. Each rapid spurt burned at her throat and sent tingling fire to her cunt.

With a muffled moan, her mouth filling with her son's hot fuck-juices, Jackie came, grinding her cunt at one heel harshly. With wet, gulping sounds, she sucked the cum out of his balls, moaning with ecstasy, her fingers digging almost painfully into his bunching ass.

When Tony stopped coming, she held his cock in her mouth, her tongue licking tenderly as it softened. Her own orgasm faded gently away.

Lifting her mouth off his cock, Jackie looked up at his face, her eyes fiery, her lips puffy and wet.

"Was I good, Tony?"

Her son nodded, grinning at her weakly.

"I thought you were going to suck my fucking balls off, Mom!"

"That would be nice," she said, kissing his cock quickly, then standing up. "I could eat you up, starting with your hot balls and sweet cock."

She was trying to push her short skirt down when she glanced out the garage door.

"Oh, shit!"

Tony sat up quickly, looking out the back window of the car.

"I told you, Mom!"

A young boy was on the sidewalk staring at Jackie as she tried to get her skirt over her naked ass and cover her tits at the same time.

"Oh, my God!" Jackie gasped, slumping toward her son, catching herself on the door. "Tony, I'm coming again!"


Inside the house, Tony was laughing. "It isn't funny," Jackie said, but she was grinning at him. "I don't know why I came, but it's not as funny as you make it."

"That's one kid who's probably going to be jacking off the rest of the day, Mom. It's not every day a guy can see a naked woman in a garage. Do you know who he is?"

"I didn't get that good of a look at him," Jackie said. "At first it startled me to see him staring, then I started coming and couldn't see anything until my orgasm was over."

"I've never heard of anyone coming just because they flash at some kid," he said.

"I'm different, I guess. It was as much a surprise to me, you know."

"It was your idea to fuck out there," Tony said. "Not that I mind, Mom. It was exciting. But what if that guy starts talking about it around, the neighborhood? We'll have guys beating on the fucking door!"

"What's so bad about that?"

Tony looked at her, his eyes wide. "Mom, you wouldn't?"

"Why not?" Jackie asked, stepping out of her skirt. "Getting gang-fucked by all the horny guys around here might be fun!"

"Mom, no way!"

"Just teasing," she said, kissing him and grabbing his cock. "I'm going to soak in the tub, baby. You can come wash my back if you'd like."

Tony watched his mother's curvy ass sway from the room. He couldn't believe his mother. She was bold and daring, unlike the girls his age. Those girls were shy, or pretended to be shy, always squealing and slapping at a guy's hands when he tried to get a feel. Shaking his head and laughing softly, he went down the hall to wash her back.

As soon as he entered the bathroom, Jackie looked up at him. "You better take your clothes off, baby. You'll get wet."

"Just washing your back?" Tony asked, removing his clothes.

"You're going to get into the tub with me! It's more fun that way!"

Laughing happily, Tony stepped into the tub with his mother. The tub, fortunately, was larger than most. But with the two of them it was crowded. Tony sat in the tub with his back toward the faucets, looking at his mother's tits as she soaped them.

"Something tells me you don't really want me to wash your back," he said.

"Oh, I would like that," Jackie said softly, twisting her soapy nipples. "But I had something else in mind."

"I know," Tony said, shoving his toes between his mother's thighs and rubbing them gently on her cunt. "You'd rather have a hard cock."

"Is anything wrong with wanting a hard cock?"

"Not if there's a hot cunt to go with it."

"Mmmmm, can't you tell how hot my cunt is with your toes, baby?"

Jackie squirmed her ass, pushing her pussy at his feet. Tony wiggled his big toe into his mother's cunt and watched her eyes turn glassy for a moment. He inched his toe into her pussy and worked it back and forth. Jackie purred and squeezed her tits, returning the pressure with her cunt.

"I guess this is called a toe fuck, huh?"

"I'd rather it was my cock, Mom."

"But, baby, is your cock hard?"

For an answer, Tony lifted his hips, pushing his cock above the surface of the water.

"Oooooh, it is!" Jackie gasped, darting a soapy hand for it. She pumped his cock swiftly, splashing water over the side of the tub. "You know, darling, I bet we can fuck in the tub."

"Mom, why do I get this crazy idea you can fuck anywhere?"

"Maybe because I can," she said, lifting herself to her knees.

She moved toward her son's cock, spreading her knees along his thighs. With Tony holding his ass up, she fit the head of his cock into the hairy wetness of her cunt, sinking down slowly with a sigh of pleasure.

Water sloshed over the edge of the tub.

"The floor is getting soaked," Tony said, sliding his hands up his mother's thighs to her hips.

"Do you care?" Jackie asked, slipping her cunt up and down his cock, one hand on the slippery wall, the other on the edge of the tub.

Tony moved his face to her tit.

"Oooooh, suck it, darling!" Jackie groaned as her tit filled his hot mouth. "Suck mother's tit, suck it off! Bite it – chew my tit, Tony!"

Her ass rode up and down on his cock, splashing water. Tony could not hold his ass up very long, and had to settle it down. His mother's cunt stayed around his cock, and then she was pumping on him below the water. He sucked greedily at her tit, his tongue lapping at her swollen nipple. He slipped his hands past her hips and clutched her slippery ass-cheeks.

Squealing in rapture, Jackie thrashed her ass around, grinding up and down on his cock. She lifted her head, her eyes closed, her face glowing with pleasure. Her cunt pumped wickedly, the hairy cunt-lips holding the shaft of his cock tightly. Water splashed wildly over the side of the tub and covered the bathroom floor. Each time her ass went down, it slapped the water. Drawing her feet up, Jackie sat on his cock, bouncing gaily, stabbing her wet cunt up and down.

"You're so hard, Tony!" Jackie gasped. "I love a hard cock in my cunt! It's the best feeling in the world, except when I come! Coming is the best!"

Tony panted as he sucked hungrily at his mother's tit, not moving his ass, but letting her bounce as wildly as she wanted on his cock. He gripped the cheeks of her ass tightly and his fingers pushed into her ass-crack. He felt the heat of her puckered asshole and began to rub at it.

"Ohhhh, touch it, baby!" Jackie cried out. "Touch me there – right there! Ohhhhh, God, that's nice, Tony!"

The wild thrashing caused the plug to open, and the water drained out of the tub. Now Tony pulled his mouth off her tit and scooted down in the tub, his eyes blazing as he watched his mother's cunt sliding wildly up and down his straining cock.

Jackie lifted her cunt until she held Tony's swollen cock-head inside. She stared down hotly at her son.

"Tony, stick your finger in there!"

"In where, Mom?"

"My asshole, damn it! Stick your finger in my asshole!"

Eagerly, Tony got the tip of his finger inside his mother's tight asshole and Jackie began to fuck him again. But it wasn't working the way she wanted. She stopped.

"Let me turn around!"

Without taking her cunt off his cock, she twisted in the tub until she faced his feet. Leaning over with her hands on his legs, she arched her ass back at Tony.

"Now stick your finger in my ass!" Jackie gasped.

Tony pushed his finger past the hot ring of her asshole. Jackie gurgled as she felt it penetrate deep into her ass. For a moment, she held still, feeling the head of her son's cock inside her cunt and his finger in her asshole.

"Now, hold your finger still," she said. "I'm going to try and fuck your cock and finger at the same time."

Slowly Jackie moved her crotch down.

Tony watched his mother's cunt on his cock and his finger up her asshole. Jackie mewled softly as she felt them both go deep.

"Now, hold you finger still," she said.

Jackie began to bounce up and down, her hands gripping his legs. Tony saw his cock and finger being pulled into her cunt and whole. Jackie panted with excitement as she increased the speed of her ass.

"Ohhhh, yes." Jackie gasped. "This is wonderful, Tony! Abbhh, I'm fucking you with my cunt and asshole – your cock and finger! Ahhh, baby, this will make me come so fucking hard!"

"Fuck me, Mom!"

"I am, you hard-cocked motherfucker!" Jackie moaned, pounding her cunt and asshole onto him hard and fast. "I am fucking you! Can you see it? Can you see your cock in my cunt and your finger in my asshole!"

"Yeah!" Tony groaned.

"Ohhh, I wish I could!" Jackie panted, slamming up and down faster and faster, her tits swaying. "Tony, your finger feels as big as your cock!"

"Keep going fast, Mom and my cock won't be so hard!"

"Not yet!"

She held his cock deep inside her pussy, and her asshole flexed around his buried finger.

"That's not going to work!" Tony gasped. "Don't come!" Jackie groaned, jerking her cunt off his cock, his finger pulling out of her asshole. "Watch this!"

She adjusted her hips and Tony stared as the head of his cock pressed at the crinkle of his mother's asshole.

"You're going to take it up your ass, Mom?"

"Watch me."

Jackie slowly pushed her ass onto his cock. Tony stared hard as his prick penetrated his mother's whole. He was holding his breath, waiting and watching.

Jackie held her breath. As her asshole opened around his cock, she felt a fiery, throbbing kind of pain, but it wasn't bad at all. She pushed her asshole farther down on her son's cock, feeling her asshole stretch more than it ever had before in her life.

She gasped when his prick was completely inside her asshole. She sat there a moment, her ass shaking, stuffed with her son's cock. She turned to look at him, one hand holding his balls, pressing them against her cunt.

"Do you like that, Tony?" Jackie asked. "Damn, Mom!" he gasped. "You're so fucking tight!"

"I've never been fucked in the ass before!"

"Why now, Mom?"

"You don't like it?"

"I love it!" Tony yelped, feeling her asshole flex around the base of his cock. "You want me to come in your ass?"

"You can come anywhere you want to come!"

Pressing his hot balls against the sensitive lips of her cunt, Jackie began to lift and lower her asshole onto his prick, fucking him.

"Tony, I like it, too! I love it, in fact! Ohhh, darling, watch me – watch mother's asshole fuck your big, hard cock!"

As she became more comfortable with his cock in her asshole, Jackie began to ride him faster, twisting her hips. She kept his balls pressed against her fiery cunt, trying to stuff them inside.

"Watch your cock go into my asshole!"

"I see it, Mom!"

Jackie could feel every throb her son's cock made within the burning ring of her asshole. It seemed to go much deeper into her ass than her cunt, but that was probably because she had never been ass-fucked before. She found she could slide her asshole up and down his cock just as easily as her cunt, so she began to pound up and down swiftly, the spreading checks of her ass slapping on his stomach.

"Mom, you better slow down! You're going to make me come if you keep going so fast!"

"Then come!" Jackie shouted. "I want you to come in my ass! I want to feel you come up my fucking asshole, Tony!"

Tony was gripping his mother's hips, staring as his cock was being devoured by his mother's fiery asshole. His balls began to ache.

"I'm ready, Mom!"

"DO it! Come in my ass now!"

She slammed down hard on him, the ring of her scalding asshole gripping the base of his cock, squeezing and relaxing, then squeezing again.

With a grunt, Tony spurted his cum into his mother's asshole.

"Ohhhhh, Tony!" Jackie screamed, her cunt exploding with a shattering orgasm. "I feel it! I feel you coming in my fucking asshole. Oooooh, my cunt is on fire! I'm coming, too!"

Tony couldn't believe how hard he came. He couldn't believe the way his mother's asshole sucked and squeezed the jism out of his balls.

Jackie soared, her cunt going through convulsion after convulsion, a rippling sensation that was very powerful. She tried to stuff her son's balls into her cunt, but failed. Her asshole was spasming, her clit feeling as if it was bursting from her cunt. She trembled and would have fallen, but there was no place to fail.

Slowly her pussy and asshole reined and she felt her son's cock softening inside her ass. She shivered, then began to giggle wantonly. She lifted her ass, and Tony's cock pulled free. She turned around and sat on his legs, sliding her hands over his cock and balls, her eyes bright.

"I didn't know that could feel so good," Jackie said. "It didn't hurt at all, but it sure made me come!"

She stood up on trembling legs above her son. Tony looked up between her slender thighs at her cunt and the round lightness of his mother's ass. Jackie turned on the shower, sending a warm spray of water over them. While her son got in the tub, she soaped her cunt and ass good, washing herself, singing softly.

When she finished, she stepped out onto the floor and dried herself, her eyes still twinkling erotically. She humped and twisted her ass as she used the towel on it, then drew it up between her thighs and rubbed it back and forth. Finally, she dropped the towel on the wet floor.

"Are you going to lie in that tub all day?" she asked, turning to leave.

"I might do that, Mom. You've fucked me out. I'm so tired I don't want to move."

"You better move that lazy ass! I've been thinking about something!"


"I won't tell you unless you get out of the tub."

She wiggled her naked ass at her son, then left him and went to her dresser. She rummaged through the drawers until she found an old pair of shorts. She had never liked them. They had wide legs and she preferred tight legs. Taking a pair of scissors and a needle and thread, she sat on her bed, naked, and went to work.

She was almost finished when her son came in.

"Now, what have you been thinking about, Mom?"

She held the shorts up, her eyes bright.

"Mom, you can't wear those," Tony said. "You'd be showing your fucking cunt!"


Jackie was quite pleased with her handiwork on the shorts.

When she put them on, it appeared as if the seam of the shorts had come loose. She and Tony examined them in a mirror while she leaned over and positioned her body in various poses. When she leaned over slightly, the seam would open in back and the hair of her cunt showed. When she stood up straight, her legs together, nothing showed. But if she parted her legs a little, soft cunt-hair stuck out of the open seam.

"See, if I don't wear panties, my cunt will show!"

"And of course you're not going to wear panties, right, Mom?"

"That's the idea, baby."

"You want people to see your cunt?" A serious expression came over Jackie's beautiful face. She took her son's hand and they sat on her bed.

"Tony, you know I was a fashion model for years. Your father was the best man with a camera I've ever known. I enjoyed being his model. But today, in the garage, I discovered something I didn't know was in me. Actually, it began in the pool."

"What began at the pool?"

"Tony, remember when you were looking at me after that lifeguard finished with you?"

He nodded.

"I opened my legs for you," she said. "I don't know why I did that, but it was on an impulse. I had to do it – and God, did it excite me! I almost came when you looked up between my legs."


"So, when that boy saw me in the garage, I came. I came because it was so exciting to expose myself. Do you understand?"

"I think so."

"Well, if I come because a boy saw me almost naked, think how exciting it would be if I wore those shorts, and when I lean over, people see my cunt."

"You want to show your cunt, Mom?"

Jackie hugged herself, shivering. "I want to show my cunt and my tits and my ass to everyone!"

"I think it will be fun, Mom."

"Then you don't mind if others see me?"

"Hey, Mom," Tony said, hugging her. "You're the most beautiful mother in the whole fucking world! I want people to see what a beautiful mother I have. Sure, let's do it!"

Jackie grabbed her son, hugging him against her still-naked tits, smearing eager kisses over his face. Her hand went to his crotch, squeezing his balls. Her tongue slithered past his teeth and she moaned with pleasure as he sucked hard, one hand on her tits, the other trying to slide inside the back of her modified shorts.

Jackie, with her tongue probing her son's mouth, pushed him back onto her bed. She pressed her body against his, then pulled her tongue away. She sat up on his thighs and Tony saw the seam of her shorts widen as his mother premed his cock against her cunt.

"I'm so excited just thinking about it," Jackie said. "Just thinking of people seeing my cunt makes me want to come again."

"Then come again, Mom"

"I will!"

She scooted down his legs and onto the floor. She pushed her son's legs open, then shoved his knees back to his chest. Her eyes burned as she gazed at his cock and balls, but her interest at the moment was the pucker of his asshole.

"I want to kiss you, Tony. I want to kiss you on your asshole!"

"Mom, you're crazy," he said, lifting his head to look at her. "But I like it!"

He ran his hands under his body and spread the cheeks of his ass.

Jackie stared hotly, then darted her tongue out, licking at tits inside of his ass-cheeks. She swirled her tongue near his crinkled asshole teasing not only her son, but herself as well. Tony gasped and arched his ass to his mother's face. Jackie watched him, cream over his cock and balls.

With a soft whimper, Jackie darted her tongue into his ass, licking in a twisting motion. Tony grunted with pleasure, his cock stirring.

With her hands on his hips, Jackie swirled her tongue around her son's asshole eagerly, then up to his balls. She sucked his balls into her mouth, then ran her tongue up his cock. She pulled his cock into her mouth and sucked it a few times, getting him hard. Then she dipped her face to his ass again. Opening her lips, she pressed them around the ring of Tony's asshole and began to suck hard, her tongue fucking.

Her cunt started bubbling. Her eyes flashed past Tony's hard cock, watching his face. She pushed her tongue at the tight ring of his asshole, and slipped it in. Tony gasped again, his eyes widening.

"Mmmmm!" Jackie groaned, plunging her tongue in and out of his asshole, fucking him with it. She slipped her hand to his cock, and with her tongue darting in and out of his ass, she began to jack his prick. His balls were rubbing on her nose, exciting her.

Tony gasped at the sensations, twisting his ass and pushing it into his mother's face.

Jackie thrust her tongue very deep into her son's asshole. She loved the way the ass-ring flexed. With her lips burning she sucked. Each jerk of her fist on his cock made his hot balls bounce on her nose.

"Mmmm, nice!" Jackie groaned, drawing her tongue out. "Very nice, baby!"

She peered at his ass, licking her lips, then swirled her tongue around his asshole again, licking the insides of the ass-cheeks, pumping his cock as her son moaned and squirmed. Her tongue lifted to his balls, running wetly over them again.

Squeezing his cock hard at the base, then drawing it up, she watched a glistening bead of cum form on his piss-hole. With a soft whine, she ran her tongue up his cock, lapping up the pre-cum hungrily, her tongue swishing against the smooth, swollen cock-head.

With a low purr, she closed her lips around her son's cock and sucked, once again jacking her fist up and down his prick-shaft.

"Ohhhh, Mom, that's good!" Tony gasped, his eyes glazed in passion as he looked down at her. "You're so good – suck me off now, Mom!"

Jackie drew her mouth off his cock, grinning wantonly at him as she rubbed the wet prickhead on her chin, stroking up and down.

"Not yet, baby," she whispered throatily. "Let me do it."

She licked her way down his cock to his hot balls. After licking them, she sucked them into her mouth. She listened to her son's delighted gasps as she pulled on them with her lips. Letting his balls go, she returned her mouth to his asshole. Taking a few wet licks up and down, she closed her lips over his asshole and sucked again, her tongue darting past his ass-ring. While tongue-fucking her son in his tight ass, she kept her fist moving up and down on his cock.

"Mom, you'll make me come!" Tony cried out, twisting his ass into her face frantically.

Jackie ignored him, driving her tongue as far into his hot asshole as she could. Her fist pounded up and down on his cock, her fingers very tight. She felt his prick throb, felt his asshole squeeze her buried tongue. His balls became tight against her nose and she knew Tony would come soon, very soon.

Drawing her tongue out of his asshole, she licked the crinkle in a wild motion, jerking her fist harder on his cock, her eyes watching. She felt his asshole become tight against her tongue, felt his cock become even harder.

"Mom!" Tony yelled.

Quickly, Jackie lifted her head until she had her open mouth an inch above the piss-hole of her son's cock, her tongue out. She pounded furiously on his prick, and her eyes fluttered shut as hot cum spurted into her mouth.

"Mom, take it!" Tony gasped. "Take it in your mouth!"

Whether her son meant to take his cock into her mouth or his cum, Jackie didn't know, or care. She held her open mouth above his cock and jacked him off, catching the delicious squirts of jism on her tongue. No sooner had it spurted into her mouth than it dripped out again, coating his cock and her fist.

When he finished coming, she turned his cock loose and began to lick hungrily, lapping the hot jism from his cock and balls, swallowing it greedily. Once she had licked his cock and balls clean, she began on her fingers, sticking them, one at a time, into her mouth, her eyes watching her son's face.

Tony lowered his legs and sat up, breathing heavily.

"You surprise me all the time, Mom," he said. "You come up with something different all the time."

"Isn't it fun? This way you should stay excited, and your cock should stay hard for me."

"Where did you learn all this?"

"I didn't learn it," Jackie said. "I just think about it and then do it!"

"You have a good imagination, I'd say!"

She stood up and pulled her son's face to her tits, hugging him. She leaned down and kissed the top of his head.

"Maybe I do. But I know what I like to do, or rather, what I think I'd like to do."

"Like showing your cunt off."

"Do you mind?" she asked. "I know you'll go along with me, but do you really mind?"

"I think it would be fun, Mom," Tony said. "I've seen a couple of girls show a little once in a while, and it turns me on. I didn't know they did it on purpose though. I guess doing it turns them on, too."

"I don't know about others," she said. "All I know is, I came very hard when that boy saw me in the garage, and I want to see if it will happen again."

Tony stood up, cupping his mother's tits. "When do you want to try it?"

"Why not this afternoon?" Jackie asked, her eyes starting to sparkle with excitement. "We can go to the market, and I can."

Tony laughed.

"You think I'm weird, don't you, honey?"

"Not at all, Mom," he said, twisting her nipples. "I think you're just one hell of a hot piece of ass that wants to try everything!"

Jackie giggled wickedly, squirming her body like a little girl about to piss in her panties. "I do! Oh, Tony, I do want to try everything – as long as it's nasty!"

"I guess I better get some clothes on," Tony said, patting her ass. "You're the one what wants to show it off, not me."

Her eyes were misty as she watched him leave to dress. She felt so proud of her son, so full of love for him. She wondered if her husband would have been as willing to indulge her in her erotic games. It was too late to know, she sighed, dressing for her first excursion into flashing in public.

When he saw her, Tony gave a whistle of appreciation. Jackie had on a tight T-shirt, her tits thrusting against it, her nipples two inviting points. She struck a pose, one hand behind her head and one on her hip, giving her son a sexy look. The shorts hugged her ass, despite the looseness of the legs.

"Morn, you can give a guy a hard-on without showing your cunt," he said, cupping his crotch and making an obscene gesture at her.

"Really? Could I do that?"


Jackie giggled as they left the house, walking to the nearby supermarket. Her face was radiant, her body glowing with anticipation. She swayed her ass, sliding her naked thigh against her son's ass.

"Tony, I'm getting wet just thinking about it," Jackie said softly. "I know I am, but I can't look to see right now."

He grinned at her, squeezing her hand.

Reaching the supermarket, Jackie hung back.

"What's the matter, Mom?" he asked. "Changing your mind?"

"No," she said. "I'm trying to think of how to do it."

"Come on. You'll think of a way quick enough."

They entered the market and Tony pushed a basket while Jackie searched the shelves. They didn't need anything, but Jackie, nervous about what she was going to do, thought it best if she pretended to shop. She placed milk and bread in the basket, walking ahead of her son.

When they reached the coffee section, she selected a can, and after seeing a couple a few feet behind her, promptly dropped it on the floor. With a gasp of embarrassment, Jackie leaned over.

Tony saw the seam of her shorts part, and her hairy cunt became exposed. He heard a gasp from the couple, who had turned when she dropped the coffee. His cock stirred as he saw what the couple saw. The thick hair of his mother's cunt pushed through the seam and the pink slit of her cunt was revealed.

"Did they see me?"

"They sure did," Tony said.

Jackie glanced at the man and a evil grin came over her face when she saw his cock slightly bulging.

"I think if I do it again, his cock will be very hard," Jackie whispered. "I wonder if I could make him come in his pants."

"Don't go too far, Mom."

"Don't be silly, honey," she said.

She noticed that the man tried to keep near her, but his wife kept pulling him away. She was amused by that. They moved to the produce section, and Jackie selected a few tomatoes, then dropped one of them. Behind her was a young man, sprinkling water on the heads of lettuce.

Again Jackie leaned from her waist to pick up the tomato, her shorts stretching over her ass. Once more the seam of her shorts parted, and this time most of her cunt was displayed. She looked at the young man straight in the face, then walked slowly off. The man's eyes followed her as he pushed his crotch against the produce stand, watching Jackie's curvy ass sway, the image of her curt burning in his mind.

Close to her son, she whispered, "Tony, I'm getting awfully wet."

"Exciting, huh?"

"I'm getting very hot, honey," Jackie said, and brushed the back of her hand across the front of his pants, feeling his cock. "I feel like I might come soon."

"Maybe we better."

"Once more," she said and walked a few paces ahead of him to the fresh bakery department.

She reached high for a loaf of French bread, standing on one foot, kicking the other out wide. The crotch of her shorts opened and her pussy glistened very wet now.

Tony saw that his mother's thighs were moist, too. Behind them, they heard another gasp, and Tony saw that it was the first man she had flashed. He was staring hungrily at Jackie's revealed cunt while his wife picked out potatoes.

Jackie brought her legs together and turned to face the man, her eyes dropping to the front of his pants. His cock strained against his zipper.

She gave the man a lewd wink, and said to her son, "Tony, I have to go now."

"What about all this?"

"Forget that shit," Jackie said huskily.

"Come on! I came, Tony! I came when I reached up – and now I want your cock! Come on!"

They left the market, Jackie's eyes almost frantic as she searched for a place to fuck. She gripped her son's hand tightly as she moved toward a bunch of trash bins were overflowing with empty boxes and other litter. Without looking around to see if they were being observed, she pulled her son behind them. Gripping the edge of a bin, she jutted her ass toward her son.

"Fuck me, Tony!" Jackie gasped. "Fuck me now!"

Tony was ready. His cock was hard inside his pants. With his eyes burning on his mother's jutting ass, the seam of her shorts open and her cunt waiting, he yanked his cock out and pushed it into her cunt from behind, gripping her hips with both hands and jerking her back as his cock penetrated.

"Ohhhh, yes, baby!" Jackie whimpered. "Ram it to me! Ahhh, give it to me hard, baby! Fuck my hot cunt-fuck it, fuck it, fuck it!"

Gripping the edge of the trash bin, Jackie danced her ass wildly, taking the plunges of her son's cock eagerly into her cunt. She started coming as soon as her son plunged into her pussy, and the rippling contractions continued as he stabbed back and forth. She twisted and churned her ass, moaning with rapture.

The bins weren't good concealment, but Jackie didn't care. Her cunt demanded her son's cock and she would have fucked him on the sidewalk if necessary. As it was, her head could be seen by anyone passing by, and it was quite obvious that she was being fucked. She bit into her bottom lip to keep from crying out.

Tony held her hips tightly, but they twisted and danced despite that. His cock was sliding in and out of his mother's cunt easily and strongly. Jackie spread her feet a bit more, shifting her ass higher. She was leaning far over now and gripping the bin was the only thing preventing her from falling forward. Each lunge of her son's cock almost banged her head against the metal edge of the bin.

A woman came by, watching them. When the woman realized what she was seeing, she froze in surprise. Tony grinned at her, pumping his cock in and out of his mother's cunt.

"Well! I never!" the woman snapped, stomping off in shock.

"You probably never did, you cunt!" Tony said.

Jackie giggled, grinding her ass onto his cock.

"Did she see us fucking, Tony?"

"I think so," he panted, pounding harder into his mother's pussy. "If she didn't, she got the idea."

"Ohhhh, give it to me, Tony!" Jackie sobbed. "Ohhh, God, baby! Fuck mother hard! I'm going to come again – and again!"

Tony rammed his cock hard and grunted.

His mother's cunt was grabbing at his cock, sucking at it. His balls tightened, and then he came.

"Ohhh, yes!" Jackie wailed as she felt the hot spurts of his cum shoot into her cunt. "Fill my cunt up, baby! Ahhh, give mother that hot jism right up the fucking cunt! Ohhhh, Tony! Tony, I'm coming so hard! My pussy – my cunt is on fire!"

Tony's cock squirted and squirted.

"More, baby, more!"

But Tony was slumping, breathing hard. The squeezing of his mother's clit pushed his cock out and he stepped back a few paces and leaned against the wall of the building. Jackie clung to the trash bin for a moment, then as her strength returned, she stood up, looking around and giggling shyly.

"I guess we can't get any more public, can we?" Jackie asked, seeing the crowded parking lot with people moving around. "Was that woman the only one who saw us?"

"As far as I know, Mom," Tony said, sticking his cock back into his pants. "I was kind of busy!"

"I'll say you were," Jackie said, feeling his cum dripping from her cunt and running slowly along her thighs. "Look at my legs. I've got to walk home with jizz running down them."

"You should have thought of that before! Come on, let's go!"

Jackie walked at his side, her thighs slippery with his fuck-juices. She knew the wetness could be seen by anyone. She lifted her shoulders, making her T-shirted tits push forward, and began to skip like a little girl.

"Fuck them all," Jackie said. "So they see I've been fucked, so what?"


Over the next few days, Jackie lengthened the silt in the seam of her shorts.

"Mom, if you keep it up, you might as well not wear them and go naked," Tony said.

"I want to show it all, honey. I had no idea it was so exciting to expose myself in public. And you know, every time I do, my orgasms get stronger."

The shorts now exposed her cunt from her thick cunt-hair to just above her asshole. When she wore them, she had to keep her legs close together, otherwise cunt-hair would be showing all the time. She knew that her son moderated her wild urges, and knew that if it wasn't for him, she would probably attempt to go outside naked.

After working on the shorts once more, she sat down on the couch and spread her legs wide.

"How do I look, honey?"

Tony looked between his mother's legs. The whole expanse of her hairy cunt and asshole could be seen.

"Do you really plan to wear them in public, Mom? I can see your cunt and asshole – everything!"

Jackie pouted as she closed her legs. "I thought you enjoyed it, too, Tony. Are you getting tired of this game?"

"Not me! I just think we better be more careful, that's all."

"I don't want to be careful! I want to show my cunt to everyone!"

"Not everyone appreciates it as much as I do," Tony said.

"Well, if they don't, they can go fuck frogs for all I care," she said. "If a cunt doesn't turn them on, they're crazier than I am."

Tony laughed, pleased with her. He would never have thought his mother was an erotic woman.

She drew on a blue blouse, leaving the top buttons open so the creamy flesh of her thrusting tits showed.

"Let's go for a drive," she said.

"So you can flash some more pussy, Mom?"

"Of course!"

They drove out of town and onto the interstate highway, heading north. She had no specific destination. Once on the interstate, she opened her blouse and pulled it away from her tits.

Tony, sitting and facing her, grinned, his cock out of his pants. He played with his prick as he watched her drive. Her nipples were stiff.

"Like this?" she asked, sliding her left hand between her legs and into the open seam of her shorts.

"Beautiful, Mom," he said.

She rubbed her cunt, getting her fingers moist. Then she drew her hand up and rubbed her pussy-juice over her nipples, making them gleam in the sunshine. She looked at her son often, watching his cock, which stood out of his pants.

"Take them off," Jackie said.

"In the car?"

"Please, Tony, take your pants off – be naked for me."

Tony undressed and folded his clothing on the floor. He sat back, leaning against his door, one leg on the seat, his cock standing up very hard, his balls full. He stroked his prick with one hand, cradling his balls with the other, watching his mother as she fingered her cunt and smeared the cuntjuice over her tits.

Jackie was excited. She kept looking at her son's naked body and writhing her ass on the seat. She pushed a finger into her cunt and made sweet, wet sounds, then pulled her finger up and offered it to her son.

"Taste how wet my cunt is," she said.

Tony sucked his mother's finger, and ran his thumb over the head of his dripping cock.

"Now taste me," he said, and brushed his thumb over her lips.

"Mmmm," Jackie purred as she licked her lips.

A truck passed them, and Jackie laughed when she saw the driver staring at her naked tits.

Tony slipped close to her, draping an arm over her shoulder and cupping a tit, playing with it. Steering with one hand, Jackie began to jack on her son's cock with her other hand, squeezing his balls now and then. Cars and trucks passed them, some honking. Jackie's cunt bubbled hotly, and she began to experience orgasms as people stared into the car, seeing Tony's hand on her naked tits.

"Ohhh, this is fun!" Jackie moaned. "I wish they could see that you are naked with me, and see how hard your cock is."

A bit later a car pulled up behind them slowly, not passing. Jackie saw it in the rearview mirror.

"That car passed us going the other way, I'm sure," Jackie said. "Look, there are two girls in it."

Tony turned and looked back. He saw a young blonde girl sitting close to the dark-haired woman driving.

"They're pretty," he said.

"Lift up on the seat," Jackie said in a thick voice. "I know what they want to see."

Tony didn't hesitate. He knelt on the seat, facing the rear of the car, and shook his cock at the two women. He saw them grin at him, and the blonde make jacking motions with her fist.

"They want me to jack my cock, Mom!"

"I've got a better idea. Turn toward me." Tony turned, and Jackie twisted her head toward him, looking from the corner of her eyes to watch where she was going, and pulled her son's cock into her mouth. There was a loud honking behind them.

Tony grinned at the two women and fucked back and forth into his mother's mouth a few times, then pulled away.

"You better pay attention to your driving," he said, sitting down at her side again.

The car following them pulled up alongside. The blonde leaned out her window.

"Nice tits," she said.

Jackie lifted her shoulders, grinning at the woman, as Tony pulled her nipple.

The blonde lifted her sweater and exposed her tits. She managed to climb onto her seat and she pulled her skirt up. She shoved her panties down and flashed her blonde-haired cunt at them.

Tony stuck his tongue out and waggled it.

"Wanna suck it?" the blonde asked, spreading her pussy open. "Wanna suck this cunt, guy?"

Jackie was gripping the steering wheel tightly, her eyes slightly out of focus. She was coming, her cunt convulsing hotly. She glanced at the blonde pussy as often as she could, her sons cock hot on her thigh.

With a last honk of the born, the other car pulled away. The two women waved and Jackie waved back.

As soon as the other car was out of sight, Jackie was slumping over the wheel, her cunt still on fire but no longer in orgasm.

"God, did I come! Tony, I came so many times, my cunt aches!"

Tony ran a hand between his mother's thighs and felt her pussy. Jackie whimpered softly and twisted her ass on the seat.

"Feel it for me," she said. "Rub it and caress it."

She was driving slowly now, her eyes darting from one side of the road to the other. There was little concealment along the highway, but she was getting desperate.

Finally, she could wait no longer and pulled the car onto a very narrow track leading off into a field. She stopped the car near a fence, about fifty yards from the highway.

"Now, baby!" Jackie moaned, grasping her son's cock. "I need it now!"

She lowered her face and swallowed his cock, her fingers digging into his hips, Tony made soft sounds as his mother's head bobbed up and down on his prick. He ran his hands down her back to her ass, working his fingers along the open seam of her shorts. He fingered his mother's asshole while she sucked his cock, making her twist and purr with pleasure.

But Jackie wanted more than her son's cock in her mouth. She wanted her cunt on his face, rubbing and twisting.

She opened her door, then leaned over and opened his.

"Lie down," Jackie said.

Tony lay across the car seat, his legs dangling out the open door. Jackie twisted in the confined space until she had her knees spread over her son's face. As she pulled his cock into her mouth again, Tony ran his hands up her satiny thighs to her ass, parting the seam of her shorts more. He gazed up at her hairy, juicy cunt and tight asshole.

Jackie, running her lips up and down her son's cock, lowered her bushy cunt to his face and began to grind at his mouth.

Tony, holding his mother's ass, spread his cunt-lips wide, and moved his tongue to her pussy. He licked and sucked and swallowed, while pushing his cock up when his mother's mouth came down. He pushed his nose against her puckered asshole, his tongue deep in her cunt.

Jackie squealed as his breath seared the pucker of her asshole. She twisted and squirmed her cunt into his face, grinding with intense pleasure, not thinking whether he could breathe very well or not. She moved her hands wider his naked ass, lifting him to swallow his cock. Her eye focused on his young balls as she sucked him, and her fingers parted his ass so she could see his asshole.

They made wet sounds as they sucked greedily, hungrily, at each other's crotch. The sounds of traffic on the interstate highway came to them, but neither of them were concerned about that. Jackie was so hot that all the traffic could pull off and form a circle around her and her son and she would have kept sucking his cock.

She strained her pussy at his face, groaning with rapture when her son sucked hard on her inflamed clit. She humped her back and slid her cunt across his mouth until she had her asshole against his tongue and licked it, sucking hard, her cunt pushing around his chin. Jackie cried softly as she sucked very hard on his throbbing cock her tongue twisting wetly. She pulled from his cock and sucked at his hot full balls, then ran her tongue to his asshole. She shoved her tongue into his asshole. Tony stabbed his mother in the ass with his tongue, and Jackie gasped loudly. His cock throbbed across her neck, smearing her flesh with seeping pre-cum.

She adjusted her crotch, pushing her cunt to his mouth.

Tony whipped his tongue in and out, then over the puffy cunt-lips, his mouth filling with her slippery wetness, forcing him to swallow often. He gripped his mother's ass, pulling her cunt hard into his face.

Jackie lifted her head, squealing in passion. "Make me come, Tony! Ohhh, baby, make mother come! Eat my cunt, suck my cunt, fuck my cunt! I want to come again, baby!"

She smashed her cunt hard into his face, grinding frantically. Tony ran his tongue up her pussy, feeling the hot cunt-lips flex. He covered his mother's cunt with his mouth and pulled her down hard when he felt the contractions start.

With a wail, Jackie began to suck his cock in a frenzy, her mouth racing up and down, from the swollen prick-head to the base. She dug her fingers into his naked ass, urging him to fill her mouth with his hot cum. Tony, sucking hard at his mother's convulsing cunt, grabbed and pushed up into her mouth.

The hot cum exploded into Jackie's mouth. She sucked and swallowed, sucked and swab lowed, whipping her cunt up and down into her son's mouth as they both came.

As her orgasm ended, Jackie slumped on top of her son, his cock still in her mouth. She held his ass, her long legs straightening along his face, her feet pushing out the open door.

They stayed that way for a long time. Finally Jackie sat on her son's face. She wiggled her pussy against his face and giggled.

"How do you like my hot cunt in your lace, honey?"

Tony put his hands on her ass and moved her off his face. Jackie slid from the car, standing there and watching her son sit up. His face was wet from forehead to chin.

"You look like you've been eating pussy," she said.

"I have!"

He climbed from the car, ignoring the fact that he was naked. He stopped close to the fence, holding his cock in his fingers.

"What are you going to do?"

"Take a piss," Tony said.

Jackie's eyes flashed as she stepped closer to her son, her eyes burning on the head of his cock. She brushed her naked tit against his shoulder, her nipple turning hard.

"Let me hold it," she said in a thick voice. Jackie held her son's cock with a forefinger and thumb, breathing raggedly.

"Do it," she whispered. "Piss, Tony!"

The hot stream of piss spurted from his cock and Jackie felt her cunt twitch. She cupped her pussy with her free hand.

"Ohhh, look at it!" Jackie moaned. "I've never seen a guy piss before!"

"You are now, Mom!"

"I like it, honey," she said, rubbing her cunt as she swung his cock around, making the golden piss wave through the air. When the stream slowed, then stopped, she was disappointed.

"Is that all?"

"You have to shake my cock off now."

She shook his cock up and down. "Like this?"

Tony turned toward her, kissing her lips, sliding his tongue across her mouth.

"Now you can help any guy take a piss," Tony said. "You're an expert cock-holder, Mom!"

Jackie's expression was glazed.

"Want to see me piss?" she asked in a low voice.

Without waiting for his answer, she spread her long legs and pulled the seam of her shorts wide. Pushing her hips forward, she let go, sending a hissing stream of piss near the fence.

"I didn't know a girl could piss standing up, Mom," Tony said, watching her cunt.

"I can! I can do anything."

"I believe it," Tony said, cupping her with his hand as he watched her pin. "I believe you can, Mom!"

Jackie wiggled her ass, and the golden pin waved around. While still pining, she bent her knees until she was squatting, spreading her legs wide. Still holding her hairy cunt open, she finished pining. Looking up at him, she saw a bead of piss clinging to his pisshole, and pushing her face close, her tongue licked it away.

She stood up, giggling.

"I'll be damned if you won't do anything, Mom!"


The desire to expose herself became stronger. Jackie discussed wild and impossible ways to flash with her son, who prevented her from actually trying a few of the ideas.

"Mom, if you did that, you'd get gangfucked so fast, you wouldn't know what hit you, or went into you, I should say."

"I might like it," she said, hugging herself. "Getting a dozen or more cocks up my cunt, one after the other ohhh, I bet I'd come for a week!"

"You asshole would be sore, that's for sure," he said. "And you're jaws would ache and no, Mom, you really wouldn't enjoy a gang-bang, so forget it. Fantasize about it, but it's just not going to happen, not to my mom!"

"You don't want me to ever have any fun," she said.

She didn't really want to be gang-fucked. All she wanted was to be watched by strangers while she fucked and sucked her son, taking his cock into her cunt and mouth and asshole, sucking his ass.

She understood his wisdom. There weren't many men who could stand by and watch her without wanting her ass, too. Besides that, she really didn't want to fuck anyone other than her son. His cock was plenty for her.

They had finished their evening meal and were sitting in the living room. Although her son was dressed in jeans and a T-shirt, Jackie wore only a frilly, skimpy pair of panties.

She pressed close to Tony, playing with his cock through his pants, watching and feeling it grow. The sun had gone down, but the dusk lingered. She had turned on the lights in the living room, because Jackie loved to see and be seen.

The doorbell rang, startling them both. "Now who could that be?"

"I'll see," Tony said, starting to get up.

"No, let me," Jackie said, her eyes glittering. "Like that?"

"Of course!"

She opened the door wide, standing there wearing only her panties, very small panties. The boy at the door gasped, his eyes getting wide and moving from her tits to her cunt, then back up again.

"Oh!" Jackie gasped, pretending she had not realized she was naked.

She slammed the door, turning and grinning at her son.

"I think it's for you," she said. Tony went to the door.

"Oh, hi," Tony said to the boy. "What's up?"

The boy was blushing and began stammering something about a movie. Tony remembered he had agreed to go to the movies with his friend.

"I'll get ready," Tony said.

The boy was trying to look past him, wanting to see Jackie in her panties again. Tony smiled, closing the door in the guy's face. Jackie was laughing quietly.

"Did he have a hard-on?"

"Biggest damned hard-on I've ever seen, Mom," Tony said. "You better be careful. I told you. Now he saw you, and he's a friend of mine."

Jackie wrapped her arms around her son's neck, pressing her naked tits hard against him, kissing him.

"Don't go to the movies. Stay with me, please."

"Mom, I promised a week ago."

"Then I'm going with you," Jackie said.

"You can't. Guys my age don't go to the movies with their mothers."

"This mother does! This mother does everything with her son, and you better not forget it!"

"Aw, shit." Tony groaned. "What's he gonna think, that I'm some little kid you won't let out at night?"

"I don't care what he thinks. I'm going with you."

Tony stood there, wondering how he could keep hit mother from going with them. He didn't want the word out that he couldn't even go to the movies without her. The other guys would make fun of him.

"Mom, you wouldn't?"

Jackie came back wearing a tight T-shirt and her blue shorts, the ones with the seam ripped out of the crotch.

"I would, I will, and I am," she said with determination, taking his hand. She ran her other hand over the front of his pants. "You might need this taken care of at the movies."

Tony opened the door and told his friend that his mother wanted to go with them. To his surprise, the guy agreed.

Whispering to his mother, Tony said, "Of course he would agree. You showed him everything you've got, and now he wants to see more!"

"He might," she whispered back.

"You're a slut, Mom."

"I know! Isn't it fun to have a slut around?" He smacked his mother's ass, laughing at her. Jackie walked between the boys, her arms hooked through theirs. Tony's friend was pleasantly surprised by how friendly Jackie was with him. He kept glancing at her tits. His cock was pushing at the front of his pants, and it amused Jackie the way he tried to conceal it by putting a hand into his pocket.

They found seats in the rear of the movie house, away from most of the other people. Jackie maneuvered so that she sat between them, and Tony shot her a warning look.

Sitting between her son and his friend, Jackie squirmed in the seat, her clit boiling. She couldn't resist, sad slipped her hand to the boy on her right. She grabbed his hand and pulled it to her leg. Then she moved her hand back to his lap, and covered his cock with it.

She giggled when the boy made a choking sound, but he didn't move her hand, he froze and stared straight ahead at the screen. Jackie rubbed his cock, glancing at her son to ace if he had noticed what she was up to. Tony already knew, and he grinned at her, pulling her other hand to his cock.

"Thank you, darling," she whispered into Tony's car.

She felt the cock of the boy next to her throb, and she began to fumble for the zipper of his pants. The boy, more excited now, helped her. Jackie slipped her hand inside his fly and squeezed his hard cock. The boy grunted, then went silent.

Jackie lifted his cock out of his pants, and in the darkness of the theater, began to stroke up and down. The boy moved his hand along her thigh and Jackie opened her legs, slumping a bit in the seat. Her son opened his pants, fishing his cock out for her, and Jackie grasped it eagerly.

Pumping on both pricks, Jackie's cunt bubbled with a fiery wetness. She had never had two cocks before, and the feel of them throbbing in her fists made her cunt quiver. She squeezed hard, making both Tony and his friend moan softly.

She would have loved to fuck them both right there, right then, but that was out of the question. She knew she would not fuck her son's friend, but she would jack him off.

With her son's friend resting his hand very close to her cunt, Jackie pumped up and down on both cocks. She squeezed them, sliding her fingers around them and tried to slip her hands inside their pants to fondle their hot balls. She writhed her ass and made soft whimpering sounds of delight.

Still, as eagerly as she jacked the cocks, the boy seemed afraid to push his hand to her cunt. Tony had one arm over her shoulder, his hand inside her T-shirt, caressing her tit, but his friend seemed to need guidance.

She released his very hard cock and drew his hand lower between her thighs. She heard the boy gasp as his hand felt the exposed wetness of her cunt through the open seam of her shorts. Jackie worked his middle finger into her cunt, then slipped her hand back to his cock. The boy had the idea, and began to plunge his finger in and out of her pussy making soft wet sounds. Jackie let out a muffled squeal and twisted her ass, her fists working faster.

Tony was squeezing her tit hard as he moaned, his face close to hers. His cock throbbed and dripped, making her tight fingers slide easily up and down.

Wanting to make them both come, she jerked swiftly with short, strong strokes. She arched her hips to the stabbing finger of the boy on her right, and moaned softly into Tony's mouth as the finger dug hard into her cunt.

"Ooooh!" Jackie groaned. "Ohhhh, nice! Nice, hard cocks!"

Tony shushed her, licking at her ear.

"You're both so hard, Tony!" she whispered hotly. "Ohhhh, so very hard! I love jacking you guys off! Ooooh, I think I might come!"

She placed her feet on the seat ahead of her and lifted her crotch high, straining her cunt onto the boy's buried finger. As her pussy convulsed with rippling orgasm, she gripped both cocks as hard as she could, fighting back the urge to scream her rapture into the darkened movie theater.

Tony, knowing that his mother was coming, dug his fingers into her tit very hard, probing her ear with his wet tongue. Jackie pushed her ear tightly against his tongue, her lips tight as she moaned, her cunt grabbing wetly at the finger of the boy on her right. The orgasm seemed to go on and on, but with a final shudder, Jackie lowered her ass back to the seat.

Jackie relaxed, not moving, letting the delicious glow flow through her body, holding both cocks, but not as tightly now. Tony ran his tongue up his mother's cheek, and she turned her mouth to him, kissing him.

She felt the desire to lean down and suck her son's cock, to make him explode into her mouth, make him send his hot, thick cum into her throat, then turn and suck his friend's cock off. It required a lot of will power to keep from doing just that.

The boy on her right was squirming now, his finger out of her cunt and now gripping her wrist, trying to start her fist moving again. Jackie couldn't leave the boy hanging. She didn't want the poor guy to suffer, or have to jerk himself off, so she began pumping her two fists again.

"Make him come, Mom," Tony whispered in her ear.

"What about you, honey?"

"I'll get mine, Mom. Go on, jack him off!"

Jackie pounded on both cocks, sliding her tight fists up and down as fast as she could. Her fists made soft slapping sounds against their open pants, but not loud enough to carry far.

The boy on her right began to make grunting sounds, arching his hips up to her hand. Knowing that her son would rather fuck her later, Jackie clung to his cock and jerked in a frenzy on the other. As she pounded her fist up and down, she made hot little hissing sounds.

The boy gave a long, low moan. Then hot cum was spurting from his cock. Jackie cried out witty as the boy came, feeling the slippery cum cover her hand. She pumped until he finished, then drew up on his cock with tight fingers, covering the head with her palm.

When his prick softened, she gave it a gentle pat and removed her hand. She kept holding her son's cock and brought her right hand to her lips licking the jism from it, sucking her fingers. It was the next best thing to sucking a cock off Jackie enjoyed the hot taste of cum.

Halfway through the movie, Tony was ready to go. When he asked if his friend was ready to leave, he got a negative answer. The boy seemed embarrassed, and even in the dark wouldn't turn his head to look at Jackie or Tony.

"Let's go, Mom."

Jackie giggled, pointing at his cock. "You better put that thing away before we go, honey!"

Tony stuffed his hard cock into his pants, took her, hand, and they walked out of the theater. Tony made no effort to conceal his hard-on, which pleased Jackie.

"Do you have to wait until we get home, Tony?" she asked, hugging his arm against her tits.

"I could fuck you right here on the sidewalk, Mom!"

"How about that alley?"

Giggling like two horny teenagers, they ran into the alley, stopping about fifteen feet inside. Tony pushed his mother's shoulders against the brick wall, and dropped in front of her. Jackie spread her knees and grabbed the back of his head, pulling his face into her crotch with a sigh of eagerness.

Sliding his hands to her ass, Tony buried his young face into the parted seam of his mother's shorts, his tongue lapping swiftly at her bulging clit.

Jackie clung to her son's head, her legs shaking as his tongue slipped and probed into her pussy. She closed her eyes, grinding her cunt into his sucking mouth, holding his head tight. Tony squeezed his mother's bunching ass, pulling her pussy very hard into his face.

"Ooooh, suck it, suck it!" Jackie groaned. "Eat mother's cunt! Ohhh, Tony, tongue my pussy. Ahhh, baby, fuck mother in the cunt with your hot tongue!"

The sounds of night traffic came to them, but neither heard it. People passed the entrance of the alley, but no one glanced into the darkness.

Jackie whipped her cunt into her son's face, groaning, hoping she would not scream when she came. That might draw people into the alley. She clutched her son's hair, banging her clit back and forth wildly, fucking on his tongue.

"Hurry, Tony! Ohhh, God, hurry!"

Making slurping sounds, his mother's soft cunt-hair surrounding his young face, Tony sucked and licked and stabbed as fast as he could. He held Jackie's tight ass in his palms, his fingers clinging.

Biting back a scream, Jackie's cunt contracted.

Tony rammed his tongue as deep as he could, stuffing it into the wet, satisfying heat feeling her pussy clutch and flex, sucking hotly with orgasm. He held his face tightly into his mother's cunt until she stopped shaking, and then held her hips while she leaned against the brick wall, panting hotly, her tits rising and falling inside her T-shirt.

"Oh, God, that was fantastic!" Jackie gasped. "Baby, I came so hard!"

Tony stood, kissing her mouth with his wet lips.

"I know, Mom! I had my tongue up your cunt, remember!"

Her hand moved to his pants, squeezing his throbbing cock.

"And now you're going to have this big cock up my cunt," she said, twisting around, her hands on the brick wall, jutting her rounded ass to her son.

"Fuck me now, Tony."

Tony clawed his cock out of his pants and without a glance at the entrance of the alley, lunged forward.

"Ohhhh, Tony!"

His cock penetrated his mother's asshole.

"Go ahead!" Jackie groaned. "Fuck me in the ass – up my hot ass, baby!"

She wiggled her ass to urge him on. Grabbing his mother's hips, Tony began thrusting his cock in and out of her fiery asshole. He grunted, his balls tight inside his pants.

Jackie whimpered as her asshole spread around his cock, feeling it drive deeply into her. Her cunt seeped hot juice down her thighs, drenching the cloth of her shorts. She strained her ass to him, dancing it in tight circles of friction along the gripping ring of her asshole burned, but in a very sweet way.

Each time Tony rammed his cock up her ass, her breath came out of her lungs. Jackie felt as if his cock was pushing the breath out of her. With her head and shoulders leaning against the roughness of the wall, she pushed her hands to he ass, trying to pull her ass-cheeks wider apart. Her fingers pulled the seam of her shorts, and there was a ripping sound as they tore all the way up to the waistband.

"Ahhhhh, baby, baby?" Jackie gasped as his cock stabbed hard. "Oh, yes! Give it to mother up the ass! Fuck mother's hot asshole shoot that hot cum up mother's fucking asshole! Ahhh, ram it to me, rip my asshole, Tony!"

Feeling his mother's asshole cling to his cock, Tony pumped as fast as he could, his teeth gritted. Jackie was almost bent double, and the brick wall was too rough on her face. She had to take her hands away from her ass to brace herself, and while she shoved her ass to her son, he plunged his cock even harder into it.

"I'm ready, Mom!"

"Oh, yes!"

Again Jackie had to choke off a scream of ecstasy when she felt the boiling jism from her son's balls squirting into her asshole. Her cunt quivered, her clit swollen. While her son was still spurting into ha asshole, her cunt exploded once more.

After a short rest, Tony pulled his cock out of his mother's asshole, tucking it into his pants. He saw her naked ass, the seam of her shorts ripped all the way up in back.

"You've got to walk home with your ass showing, Mom!"

Jackie stood up, turning around and kissing her son.

"I don't care! Do you?"


"I guess your friend is too embarrassed to visit anymore," Jackie said.

"I think you scared the shit out of him, Mom."

"Was he your best friend?"

"No, just a guy."

"Then I didn't cause you to lose a close friend?"

"No, Mom," Tony said. "But you better be careful whose cock you go around grabbing."

Jackie giggled. "I'd love to grab them all."

"I know you would," he said. "But you can't."

"Jealous?" Jackie asked, nuzzling at his neck as they sat on the couch.

"No, just careful."

Her hand ran down his stomach to his crotch. Tony had on white jockey shorts. She cupped his cock and balls in her hand tenderly, fondling them.

"Does it really turn you on when we fuck in public?" she asked.

"I love it, Mom."

"And it doesn't bother you that I show my pussy?"

"I love that, too!"

Sliding her hand into his shorts, she held his balls, feeling their heat. She had on another short nightgown, but only because she knew Tony liked seeing her in them. For herself, she would rather be fully naked.

"Tony, that lifeguard at the pool…"

Tony tilted his mother's head up, looking into her eyes.

"You like that guy? Does he make your cunt twitch, Mom?"

She nodded. "I think he has a big cock. Have you ever noticed how it bulges in his swimsuit?"

"I don't look at boys," Tony said. "I look at girls."

Jackie slipped his shorts below his balls, stroking his cock with her palm, feeling and watching it swell.

"I don't want to fuck him," she said, "I'd just like to get a peek at his cock and balls, that's all."

Tony gently pushed his mother's head down his chest.

"I think that would be possible, Mom." Jackie licked at his stomach, probing into his bellybutton with the tip of her tongue.

"Really? How?"

"When we go to the pool again, I'll show you," Tony said, urging her face lower.

"Are you trying to get this cock in my mouth?"

"Well, it was a thought, Mom."

"Mmmmmm, why don't you just ask?" Jackie asked, running her tongue over the smooth head of his cock. "I'm a girl that's willing to do what my guy wants, you know!"

"Or even what he doesn't want, huh?"

"You always want," she said, licking up and down the shaft of her son's cock, from the swollen cock-head to his balls.

Tony lifted his hips when his mother's lips were on the head of his prick. Jackie cooed as his cock slid into her mouth. She probed his piss-hole with her tongue, tasting the oozing precum. Cupping his balls, she lowered her mouth deeply onto him, her tongue pressing his cock against the roof of her mouth, the cock-head touching the back of her throat.

With a soft purring sound, she sucked up and down slowly, with her lips firm and tight. She rolled his balls in her hand, twisting them, making her son gurgle with pleasure.

"You get better every time you suck me, Mom."

"Mmmm," Jackie groaned, sliding from his cock to look up at him with fiery eyes. "Maybe it's because I can't get enough cock. Your cock! Baby, this beautiful prick does things to me you wouldn't believe!"

"I'd believe," he said.

"It makes my cunt wet and my asshole tingle and my mouth water up, and sometimes I want it in all three places at the same time."

"Don't start thinking we're going to invite two other guys in for a fuck party, because I don't want that, Mom."

"I won't do that, Tony," she said, lapping at his cock again. "You're all I need, really."

She swallowed his cock again, sucking up and down a few times. Then she lifted her head once more.

"But you can fuck me that way, a few times in my cunt, then my asshole and then mouth!"

"Yeah, let's do that!"

"Where do you want to start?" Jackie asked breathlessly.


Squealing with pleasure, Jackie twisted on the couch until she had her knees on the cushions, her head resting on the back. Tony flipped her short gown to her waist, and grabbing her ass, lunged his cock into her cunt from behind.

Jackie gasped with the sudden penetration, pushing her ass back at her son. Gazing down at her spreading ass, watching his cock slide in and out of his mother's cunt, may breathed deeply, seeing her pink whole clutch and relax.

Pulling his cock from her cunt, and before giving his mother time to adjust to the sudden switch, Tony thrust it up her tight asshole. Jackie gasped as her ass stretched around his cock. Tony lunged a number of times, then yanked his cock out.

"Suck it!" Tony gasped.

Jackie twisted quickly on the couch, taking her son's cock into her mouth as he pushed past her lips. She swallowed his prick as far as possible, her hand between her thighs, fingers digging at her cunt. Tony held the sides of her face, fucking at her mouth in the same manner he had fucked her cunt and asshole.

"Now your cunt, Mom!"

Swiftly, Jackie pushed her ass into the air for him. She groaned as his hard cock plunged into her cunt, making a single stab before he pulled it out and ran it up her asshole again.

Jackie tired of switching positions so often. "This way!" she panted, turning onto her back and spreading her legs wide.

Tony didn't care what position she was in. He lunged his cock into her hairy cunt as she sprawled back on the couch, her hips humping and churning with him. He pounded into his mother's cunt, then pulled out and lowered his cock to her asshole Jackie drew her knees back and cried out in delight as his hard cock stabbed into her asshole again.

Tony fucked strongly into his mother's asshole, looking down at her juicy, hairy cunt, her cunt straining with hardness. Jackie squirmed her ass to meet his wild thrusts, her eyes filmed with wanton hunger. Her tits jiggled with each stab of his cock, her nipples swollen almost painfully.

"My mouth!" Jackie gasped.

Tony jerked his cock from his mother's asshole and climbed over her legs, pushing his dripping cock to her lips. Jackie sucked it deeply, her hands grabbing for his ass. She devoured his cock with hunger, tasting her cunt and asshole on it. Her pussy was on fire. Holding tightly, she pulled his cock as deep into her mouth as she could get it, feeling his balls on her chin. His shorts stretched over his thighs.

She pushed him out of her mouth.

"My cunt!" Jackie moaned. "Fuck me in my cunt, Tony!"

Tony dragged his cock down his mother's body and through the soft hair of her pussy. Jackie's hands darted down and behind her lifted ass, her fingers spreading her juicy cunt wide as her son rammed into her. She squealed loudly, shaking her ass, her knees almost on her shoulders.

"Ooooh, baby, fuck that cunt! Fuck mother in that hot, juicy cunt!"

Her cunt was tingling hotly, her clit bulging, her face twisted into an expression of wild, wicked ecstasy. Her tongue darted over her puffy lips, eyes blazing.

"My ass! Now fuck mother in her asshole!" She jerked her ass down, causing her son's cock to pull free of her gripping cunt. Her fingers lowered to the cheeks of her ass, spreading them wide for her son. The crinkle of her asshole seemed to pucker in just before Tony's cock penetrated it.

As his cock rammed deep into her asshole, her pussy seemed to vibrate. Tony thrust deep and hard into her asshole, making Jackie gasp and sob with the sweet, burning pleasure.

"We keep this up, Mom, and I'm going to come like a bastard!" Tony gasped.

"That's the idea, darling! I want you to come hard and long! Mother needs your cum, Tony! I need your cum in my cunt and ass and mouth and face and – oooh, feel that! I'm coming! Ohhhh, baby, fuck that asshole hard! My cunt – I'm coming!"

The contraction of her orgasm caused her asshole to squeeze around his cock. Tony bit at his lip to keep from coming in his mother's asshole. His balls were painfully tight, throbbing as hotly as his cock.

"Ohhh, baby, I can't stop coming!" Jackie sobbed. "My cunt won't stop!"

Series after series of waving, rippling contractions roared through Jackie's cunt. She had the sensation that her whole body was a huge orgasm, that she was coming with her cunt and asshole.

Tony's cock went off with the prick-head inside her asshole. Feeling the spurt of hot cum splash inside her ass, Jackie said, "Hurry, in my fucking mouth!"

Tony, with some effort, pulled his cock out of his mother's asshole, gushing hot jism all over it and then along the slit of her cunt, into the hair of her pussy, and up her stomach in his rush to get his cock into her open mouth.

Jackie closed her lips over his piss-hole, the rest of his rapid spurts going down her throat. She flapped her tongue around his spewing pisshole in an effort to drain his hot balls in her mouth.

As Tony pressed into her face, his cock went deeper. Jackie moaned with delight as the final squirt of cum coated her tongue. She ran her tongue around his cock until her son lifted it free, sprawling at her side, breathing hard. She looked at the trail of jizz down her body, running her fingers through it and licking them clean.

"Such a waste of delicious cum," she said. "But then, you had to come, didn't you?"

"You said you wanted me to come everyplace," Tony said.

"I know, but I was so fucking hot when I said that. You know I want it in my pussy or ass or mouth."

"Well, I couldn't help it this time, Mom."

"I know, darling. And it's okay."

That night, she took her son to bed with her, leaving the bedroom drapes wide open, the lamp on the nightstand burning. Tony didn't mind, he understood his mother's, desire to be seen.

They woke up late the next morning and showered together. Jackie was anxious for her son to show her how she could see the lifeguard's cock, and she chattered away all morning long about it.

"Don't worry, Tony," she assured her son. "I just want to see if it's as big as it looks in his swimsuit. I don't want to fuck him. I promise I won't grab it."

"You get kind of wild, Mom," Tony said. "But I don't think even you would grab his cock with so many people around!"

"Think of the shocked faces."

"I think of the scramble those guys would do to get their hands on your ass, not how shocked they'd be. Mom, if those guys at the pool saw you grabbing a cock, they'd all want their turn, and you know it!"

"I don't know why!"

"Because any woman that would grab a cock in public, would love to fuck each and every one of them. Is that what you want, a gang-bang at the public pool?"

"Mmmm, it's very nice to consider!"

"I don't think we better go to the pool anymore," Tony said. "I don't trust you, Mom."

"Baby," Jackie said, rubbing her naked tits at his shoulder. "You know you can trust your mother. I'd never do anything to upset you."

"So you say!" Tony laughed, slapping her naked ass playfully.

"No, Tony, I mean it. Looking is one thing, grabbing and wanting is different. I meant it when I said that you satisfy me. I don't want any other guy fucking me – ever."

Tony hugged her tightly, burying his face into her firm tits. He held her ass, and Jackie squirmed her cunt at his shoulder.

Jackie hugged his face into her tits, wondering if she was teasing him more than he could understand.

"Tony, I don't really want to see that guy's cock," she said, leaning down and kissing the top of his head. "That was only talk."

"Mom, you know you want to," he said. "I'm going to help you see it, because you do things I like."

"Honey, you don't have to. I was only talking about it and teasing you."

Tony pulled her cunt-hair gently. "You're going to see his cock."

"Only if you believe I won't want it," Jackie said.

"I don't know if you do or not, Mom, but I'm going to help you see his cock if it's the last thing I do!"

"Then maybe you will believe me that I don't want it," she said. "Now, go dress while I straighten the house."

"In those new tight trunks you bought me?"

She gave him a leer.

"Those would be fine. Your cock and balls really show good in them."

He laughed, making a playful grab for her cunt. Jackie slapped his hand away.

"Get, or we may never go to the pool!"


The pool was not very crowded.

Tony's new trunks hung low on his waist, his cock and balls cupped tightly. He appreciated the new bikini his mother wore. It wasn't much, and she had altered it more. The front of it was a very tiny triangle, with the back not quite covering her firm, shapely ass. She had it tied at her hips with the bows. The halter barely concealed her tits.

The bikini was the smallest thing she had ever worn, even before her husband's cameras.

She felt completely comfortable wearing it. The lifeguard was on a perch, as he was every day when the pool was open. As her son slipped into the water, looking at a pretty girl at the other end of the pool, Jackie spread out a huge beach towel on the cement, then lay on her back, the sun hot on her flesh.

Behind her dark sunglasses, Jackie could see the lifeguard's crotch. She was closer to him today, and the curly hair on his legs excited her. With hot sun on her, the V of the lifeguard's crotch, and the anticipation of seeing his cock and balls, Jackie soon found her cunt throbbing in the skimpy tightness of her bikini bottom.

She squirmed her body around until her feet were toward the lifeguard. She moved her long legs apart. Just enough so the slight bulge of her cunt showed. She rested her hands on her stomach, and pretended to doze, but behind her dark glasses she gazed at the young man's bulging crotch, letting her fantasia run wild.

Her cunt pulsated with heat, and Jackie wondered if she was getting juicy enough to soak through her bikini, and if the lifeguard could do it. She shifted, turning onto her side, drawing one knee high, exposing her ass to the lifeguard. The back of her bikini tucked into the split of her ass, exposing half of her ass-cheeks.

She saw her son talking to the pretty girl who had caught his eye as soon as they entered the area of the pool. She felt no jealousy. She knew he would flirt and see how far he could go with pretty girls. She didn't think he would actually try to fuck one, though. She was keeping him pretty well fucked.

She thought it strange that her son didn't want her to fuck anyone but him, yet he was so eager to try his luck with other girls. Tony, she thought, was like her husband in that respect. He was a little jealous if he saw her talking with another man, but felt it was okay for him to be with other women.

She remembered Tony's lack of jealousy when she jacked his friend's cock off in the movie theater, and felt that Tony wouldn't really mind if she fucked another man, as long as he was getting his, too. He might even want to be the second partner, she thought.

She looked at the girl he was talking to, and wondered what it would be like to have that pretty girl with them, naked while they both touched and felt and kissed her. She wondered if the girl had a hot cunt, if she would suck Tony's cock – maybe even suck her cunt.

She imagined being home with her son and the pretty girl, watching his cock dart in and out of that sweet, young pussy. She thought of the girl sucking on her tits while her son fucked her, and how the girl's saucy, sharply pointed tits would taste in her mouth.

The girl would probably be very excited to see Tony shove his cock into his mother's cunt. If it excited her and Tony, then it must excite others, too.

Jackie noticed that the lifeguard was peeking at her and shifted onto her stomach, spreading her legs a bit more. She could feel his eyes on her half-revealed ass and the tightness of her bikini bottom on her cunt. Resting her cheek on one arm, she writhed her ass as if trying to become comfortable, knowing the young man was watching her.

The splash of water made her open her eyes. "Mom, stop shaking your ass," Tony whispered to her, leaning on the deck with his elbows. "That guy is about to come in his trunks!"

"I'm not shaking my ass," Jackie said in a low voice.

"Then why is it moving?"

"I'm pressing my cunt against the cement."

"I've got something better you can fuck!"

"Mmmm, I know! But it's under the water and my cunt is here and the sun is hot and I feel so good. What's wrong with your little girlfriend? Couldn't you get a feel of her pussy?"

"I was just talking to her," he said. "I wasn't trying to get a feel of her."

"Whatever you say, darling," Jackie said, smiling to show that she didn't believe her son. "Whatever you say."

Tony saw the lifeguard climb off his perch. "Come on, Mom," he said, getting out of the pool.


"You want to see that guy's cock, don't you?"

Jackie saw the lifeguard walking toward the restrooms and her eyes took in the tightness of his compact ass.

"We'll be too late," she said.

The lifeguard entered the restroom marked men.

"Not, if we go now," Tony said.

Jackie followed her son, but pawed when be went straight for the restroom for ladies.

"A girl might be in there, Tony. You let me check it first."

Tony waited while his mother went into the restroom. When she stuck her head out the door to motion him in, he went. There was a bolt on the door, and Tony shoved it, locking them in.

The restroom was not very big, with two stalls and a sink. There in the wall was a hole, not large, but big enough to peek through.

"Us guys did that," Tony said. "We peek at the girls, Mom."

"Don't tell me the girls can't see that hole," Jackie said softly. "It's big enough to shove a cock through."

"We keep hoping!"

"Hoping what?"

"That a girl will stick her cunt up to it."

"Do they peek at you guys, too?"

"All the time!"

"Some public pool," Jackie said, leaning down to peek through the hole.

She saw the lifeguard on the other side. His tight trunks were pushed to his knees, and his cock stood out, long and thick. His balls were very large, and quite hairy. She held her breath as she stared through the hole in the wall, her son stroking her ass.

She was leaning over with her hands on her knees, one eye pressed to the hole. She licked her lips, wondering what, that big cock would be like in her mouth, or stuffed into her cunt. She didn't think she could take such a big cock in her asshole, though.

"He's huge!"

"I'm jealous," Tony said, running his hands over his mother's jutting ass. "Now you know why I didn't want you to see that cock!"

"Don't be, baby," Jackie whispered, undoing one side of her bikini, sliding it away from her ass and cunt. "He's playing with it!"

"He always goes in there and jacks off!" Tony said, sliding his trunks down, his cock jerking up. "He looks at the girls in their bikinis, gets all bothered, and then jacks off!"

"Why doesn't he try to fuck any of the girls?"

"I don't know, and I don't care," Tony said, rubbing the dripping head of his cock up and down his mother's crotch, from her cunt to her asshole.

Slipping his cock into his mother's cunt, he held her ass, watching as his prick moved in and out of her hair-lined pussy, seeing her asshole just above. Jackie whimpered as she wiggled her ass, the sensation of her son's cock in her cunt as wonderful as ever. She watched the lifeguard take his long cock in his fist and begin to jack back and forth.

While her son fucked her, she tried to imagine that thick prick going into her mouth at the same time. His balls were so big, she thought for sure he would spurt a gallon of cum, and if Jackie loved anything in the world, it was a cock that squirted come over and over.

"He's jacking off now!" Jackie moaned softly.

"He fucks his fist, I fuck your cunt," Tony said. "I'd say I have it better than him!"

"Oooooh, I'd say that, too, Tony. Ahhh, push your cock deep in me, baby!"

Jackie strained her naked ass, sliding one of her hands up between her thighs to hold his balls, feeling them as Tony's cock moved in and out of her cunt.

The lifeguard was pounding his cock swiftly now, his naked ass pumping in a rhythm with his fist. She couldn't see the rest of his body, just from his knees to his waist, but that was all she cared to see.

Turning Tony's balls loose, she began to agitate her swollen clit with her fingers as her son fucked a little faster. She could hear the moans the lifeguard made and see the big swollen head of his cock, pre-cum dripping from his piss-hole. She watched him grasp his heavy balls in his free hand.

Jackie imagined he was seeing her body as he jacked off, seeing her ass and the tightness of her bikini over her cunt, her tits almost spilling from her halter.

She waggled her ass for her son, gripping his balls again and managing to press the heel of her hand against her clit. The lifeguard was really pounding his cock now, his hairy balls swinging back and forth.

"He's about to come!" Jackie gasped.

"So am I."

"Do it!" Jackie moaned, the lips of her cunt squeezing her son's cock.

The lifeguard let out a sigh and Jackie watched the creamy cum spurt from his pisshole. She didn't see where it landed, but that was okay. Seeing him come so hard sent a wild, fiery heat to her cunt, and her knees started to buckle as she came. Almost immediately, her son squirted hot jism into her greedy pussy. She slumped, one hand braced against the wall, shivering as she kept watching the lifeguard.

"He's finished," she said.

Tony pulled his cock from his mother's cunt, pulling his tight trunks up. He adjusted his mother's bikini to her pussy and ass, tying the bow at her hip.

"He's pissing," Jackie said, staring at the hot stream of piss gushing from the big cock.

Tony ran his hands under his mother's bent body, fondling her tits as she watched the young man pus.

"He's leaving," she said, standing upright.

Her eyes were bright, and her face flushed.

"That's one huge cock," she said.

"You want it, Mom?"

"No, darling," she whispered, pressing up against him and kissing his mouth. "I don't want that huge thing."

She cupped his crotch.

"This is the only cock I want."

"You just want to see, that's all?"

"Yes, darling, nothing else."

Tony's face lit up and he grabbed his mother's ass in one hand, a tit in the other. He plunged his tongue down her throat, making Jackie purr happily.

"I only want you, too, Mom," he said. "Your ass is hot enough for me. I flirt with other girls, but you're the one that gets my cock."

They held each other for a long time, then Jackie opened the door and peeked, motioning to her son that it was clear for him to slip from the restroom. The lifeguard was back on his perch, as if nothing had happened.

"You want to swim a little more?" Jackie asked.

"A little longer, Mom, then we're going home and I'm going to fuck the piss out of your hot pussy!"

She watched her son do a few strokes back and forth in the pool, thinking that the girl lifeguard was teaching him very well. She was no longer interested in the big bulge of the other lifeguard's trunks. She had seen what she wanted to see and was satisfied – until another crotch caught her attention.

Feeling drowsy, her cunt tingling gently, she began to wonder how she could arrange it so that her son could see girls: see them naked, see their sweet little cunts and sharp tits and cute asses. She would try to do something about that.

Tony was at the pool edge again, looking at her. Jackie had arranged her towel so that her feet were near the water. Tony gazed directly between his mother's legs.

There were not many people in the pool now, only five or six. He rested his chin on his arms, gazing intently at his mother's crotch. He could see soft, curling pussy-hair sticking out of the tight band that barely covered her cunt. The cheeks of her ass looked beautiful to him. He tickled the bottom of his mother's foot. Jackie jerked it off to one side.

"Now that's nice," Tony said as the expanse of her crotch flashed briefly.

"Stop it, honey. I was almost dozing off." Tony ignored her and pulled her foot to his face, licking her sole.

Jackie giggled.

He ran his tongue from her heel to her toes, then sucked on them. Jackie watched him through her dark glasses, smiling.

"You know what I'd like to do right now?" Jackie asked softly, although there was no one close enough to hear.

"Sure, suck my cock off."

"Well, that, too! But I was thinking of something else."

He nibbled her big toe.

"Want to see me piss in my bikini?" Jackie asked.

Tony's eyes lit up as he pulled her big toe into his mouth. He nodded his head.

"Then watch me," she said, spreading her legs a bit wider.

She glanced around to make sure no one else was paying attention, then started pissing. At first the crotch of her bikini became wet, then it flowed from the sides onto her towel. She giggled wickedly.

"Can you see me?"

Tony, sucking her toe, nodded his head. He watched the piss spray from the tight band, making her thighs glisten. Soon, a pool of piss was beneath her ass, the bottom of her tiny bikini soaked.

"That's all," she said. "There's no more left – I'm finished."

Tony pulled his lips off her toe, climbing from the pool. He stood above her, then swung his leg over so he was standing over her. Jackie gazed into her son's crotch, watching the water drip from him.

"What are you gonna do?"

"You're not the only one that can piss in your swimsuit Mom!"

"Tony!" Jackie gasped. "Not on me!"

"Why not?"

Jackie saw piss running from the crotch of his trunks. Tony adjusted his stance, and she felt it drip onto the front of her bikini bottom.

"Tony…" Jackie moaned softly, lifting her hips, opening her legs a little more.

Excitement flared in her and she looked around swiftly. No one was looking at them. She sat up quickly, and before Tony knew what she was going to do, Jackie opened her mouth and pressed it over his crotch.

Tony was still pissing, and Jackie began to lick at his crotch, tasting hot piss, her cunt vibrating with an orgasm.