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A mother without panties

Kathy Andrews

Kathy Andrews

A mother without panties


Picking up her son's shorts, Karen pressed them to her face, inhaling his scent. The throb between her thighs brought a soft moan from her lips.

Looking around to make sure she was alone, she turned Robbie's shorts inside out, pressing the crotch against her lips, breathing deeply the scent of his cock and balls on them. As the throb along the slit of her cunt became more pronounced, she parted her lips and sucked gently at the shorts, imagining she could taste his balls. Lifting her dress, she pulled the elastic waist of her panties from her body, and ran the shorts into them, pressing the crotch against her swollen clit.

With them bulging in her panties, she returned to her room and lay down on her bed, one arm over her eyes, remembering the first time she had done anything like this.

She had been very young when she lost her mother, but she had tried to take over the household chores, and managed quite well for her age. However, the loneliness of her father was something she could not handle. She knew he missed her mother in a special way that she could not help him with.

She first discovered just how much he missed her mother one evening just as it was getting dark. She caught her father jacking off on the back porch of the house. He had been standing at the edge of the porch, his cock in his hand, sliding his fist up and down it. Karen had peered around the corner of the house, watching him. His cock had seemed enormous to her young and still innocent eyes, and she had become fascinated with it. She became even more so when she saw him gush a thick juice from it.

That very night, late, she had slipped into his bedroom, and removed her gown, climbing under the sheets with her father, squirming her hot little body tightly against his, her small hand sliding down his stomach to clutch his cock. Her father had came awake, startled, and sat up, but Karen had such a grip on his cock that he fell back and groaned as her hot little hand began to slide up and down. Her fingers had hardly fit around the thick prick, but she accomplished what she set out to do.

Pressing her slender nakedness against his body, she wrapped one leg over his, pressing and rubbing her hairless cunt at his hip, stroking his throbbing hard-on eagerly. The thick, hot hardness had excited her more than she had expected. She was thrilled to have it in her hand, feel it pulse, feel the wetness that seeped from the little hole at the tip. Although innocent, Karen knew the wetness was not piss. She didn't know exactly what it was, except it was slippery and felt good on her fingers. She cupped the head of her father's cock in her palm, smearing the wetness around. Then as her excitement grew, she sat up in the darkness, puffing the sheet from her moaning father and, barely seeing him the shadows, took his heavy balls in one band, and his cock in the other, and jacked him with firm, eager hands.

Her father came in great gushes of hot creamy juice that spewed up from the head of his cock, so high some of it splashed against Karen's face. She had squealed with pleasure and pounded on his cock vigorously until he stopped squirting, and then held his cock as it became limp, his balls empty.

That was the only time she had touched her father's cock.

The next night when she sneaked into his bed, reaching for his cock, her father had become angry and made her leave his bed under threat of a spanking. Karen, hurt, had not understood his rejection at the time.

Knowing he was still jacking off, though, she tried to catch him, wanting to see. But her father never let her catch him. Karen, though, had found a strong desire for that long, thick cock.

Karen began to make sure he could look up her dress, see her panties. Although her father did peek, he did so in ways that were not obvious. She sat with her legs spread, bold and unashamed, and watched him. After a few weeks, her father began gazing up her dress openly.

Karen went one step farther.

She removed her panties, and that evening after dinner, she sat on the couch with one foot drawn up, her heel hooked on the edge of the cushion, her dress sliding up. She saw her father's eyes widen when he realized she was naked under her dress. With hot, bold eyes, Karen pushed her uplifted knee to one side, and her father gasped loudly, gazing at the succulent slit of her naked cunt. It was pink and smooth, totally hairless, with the tip of her small clit pushing outward.

Neither of them said a word, but her father's heavy breathing was loud in the room. Karen watched his cock swell inside his pants. When all her father did was sit there across from her and stare hotly at her exquisite cunt, Karen pulled her other foot to the couch and scooted her adorable little ass forward and opened her knees wide. Her father was moaning and leaning forward, his burning eyes on her sugary cunt, one hand pressing at his throbbing hard-on. Karen made little purring sounds, her sweet little ass writhing on the cushions.

Still her father did nothing but look at her for a long time.

Then, overcome by the delicious beauty of Karen's pussy, he opened his pants and grasped his cock, pulling it out. Karen made a whimpering sound as she stared hotly at it. It was all she could do to keep from running to her father and taking his cock in her own hand.

Her hope faded when her father leaned back his eyes staring at her cunt, and began to stroke his fist up and down. Karen knew he would not let her jack him off then.

Karen sat with her pussy showing, watching her father jacking his cock, her young emotions boiling with a powerful hunger that she did not quite understand yet loved feeling, the tingling sensations flowing through her nubile body, causing some very strange but delicious reactions around the lips of her cunt, and her tiny clit felt painfully hard.

Her father began to make grunting sounds, his fist flying up and down his cock faster and faster. Karen watched in fascination as the head of his cock seemed to swell more than ever. There was juice seeping from his widening piss hole. Her little cunt felt on fire, and it was vibrating with a heat she had not felt before. With a squeal, she darted her hand to her pussy and began to rub it with the tips of her fingers, her little ass twitching. Her eyes became slitted, smoldering, as she watched her father and rubbed almost furiously at her cunt. She flung her knees very wide, arching her ass up, making grinding motions, unable to be still.

Her father suddenly came, spurting heavy gushes of came juice from his cock almost halfway across the room. His fist pounded up and down until he finished, and then, bashfully, he returned his cock to his pants, trying to take his eyes from his daughter now that the edge of his passion was over.

Despite the searing heat between her thighs, Karen removed her hand and, disappointed, dropped her feet to the floor and pulled her dress to her knees, her father's glistening come juice shining on the floor between them.

Her father never said anything to her about what happened, and he never tried to make her keep her dress down, and although he had jacked off many more times with her watching, staring at her sugary cunt, he never allowed her to touch him.

As she grew, Karen had provided her father with visual stimulation for his jerking off, but never did she get to hold his cock again. She exposed herself to him constantly through her teenaged years. It stopped only when he was killed in a car crash.

Karen had been sure that if he had not been killed, she would have eventually fucked her father. She had convinced herself he had been waiting until she was old enough. But Karen had felt old enough from that first day. Still, despite the wild heat of her rounding body, she went to her marriage a virgin, much to the surprise of her husband.

Virginity did not lower the temperature of her body, however. She had been dreaming of the day she could allow herself to let go, to be free, to enjoy the many erotic hungers she had yearned for. Her husband had been amazed, but very pleased, with her total abandonment in bed.

Karen was inventive and eager to try everything with their bodies, and in the beginning, so was he. They fucked in every room, in every position imaginable, and Karen never tired of the feel of his cock inside her mouth, the hot hardness making her lips burn, and she would gulp down his come juice with a passion that pleased him very much. It was Karen that came up with the idea of taking his cock into her asshole, and once had been fucked there, it became a welcome addition to their erotic ecstasies.

Now her husband was always too busy to enjoy what they had in the earlier years of their marriage. He was always tired, always sleeping when he wasn't in the office. Karen felt lucky if she got fucked once a month. Most times she had to gratify her boiling hungers with her fingers, but her orgasms were not at all satisfying. She had considered cheating on Hal, finding a man that would appreciate her steaming body. But cheating on her husband was not in her makeup. She simply could not do it.

She often wondered if her son and daughter were anything like her at that age. Robbie, nineteen, certainly was at the age where he should be noticing all the pretty girls. And Judy was about the age she had been when she saw her father jacking off on the porch.

Pulling her son's shorts from her panties, she pressed the moist crotch to her lips and kissed them, the scent of her cunt now on it along with the scent of his balls. She licked the wetness, twisting her ass on the bed, her dress riding up her long, slim thighs.

As she pushed the wet crotch of Robbie's shorts into her mouth, sucking in pleasure, she moved her hand into her panties and began to slowly agitate her inflamed clit. Moaning with her son's shorts stuffed into her mouth, she arched her hips up, her legs spread wide, thrusting a middle finger into her cunt and making juicy sounds. She was thrashing about and whimpering so much that she did not hear the bedroom door open.

She did, though, hear the startled gasp.

Her son stood there in the doorway, his eyes wide, mouth gaping. He was staring up between his mother's spread thighs, watching her panties stretch as her finger plunged in and out of her cunt.

For a long, breathless moment, both were frozen in position. Robbie was in the doorway, his teenaged eyes wide and, although surprised to see what his mother was doing, fascinated. Karen, with her knees drawn up, her feet wide, her crotch arched high, his shorts in her mouth, was almost senseless with hunger.

A shudder went through her body. With a cry, she began to stab her finger frantically into her cunt as her son stood staring. She lifted her ass high, twisting it, moaning past his shorts, her eyes burning on the front of his pants. Her fist inside her panties stretched the nylon crotch, exposing the soft hairs along the puffy slit. The wet sounds came, faster as Karen began to approach orgasm, her hips twirling.

"Ahhhhhh!" she squealed as her cunt grabbed her buried finger in orgasm.

She pressed her finger deep, her knuckles smashing the soft lips of her pussy. She trembled hard as she came, her eyes closing.

When she opened her eyes again, her son was gone.

Removing his shorts from her mouth, she sat up, still weak from one of the strongest orgasms she had experienced in a long time. She adjusted her panties over her cunt and smoothed her dress down, wondering why she had continued finger-fucking herself with her son watching. A lewd giggle burst from her as she felt history repeating itself, only now it was she and her son, not she and her father.

She tried to recall the expression on her son's face, but couldn't. She did not know if it had been shock, surprise, delight. She did, however, recall his cock bulging in his pants as he watched her. She wondered if Robbie had become excited enough to be in his room, pumping his cock now.

He was supposed to be at football practice, not home. He was not due home for another couple of hours. Judy would not be home until dinner time. She was alone in the house with her son, and he had caught her with her finger up her cunt, and he had to be in his room now, pounding on his cock. A boy his age, seeing what he had seen, had to be excited.

With a feeling of excitement and a little apprehension, she walked to his room and found his door open. She stood there and looked in at her son. He had his pants off, wearing only his T-shirt, and his cock was hard. It was very, very hard, sticking up from the curly bush of dark hairs. His head was on his pillow, but he was not touching himself.

"Robbie…" she said, her voice shaking, her eyes devouring her son's throbbing cock.

"You do it for me, Mom," he said, his voice husky.

Karen began to tremble, moving into his room on shaking legs, her eyes burning on his cock. She stopped at the side of his bed, looking down at him, her eyes moist with heat.

Karen leaned over and closed her fist about her son's cock, squeezing it, watching the smooth head bulge, his piss hole flare and drip. She pulled upward on his cock, making her son moan in pleasure. With a little gasp, Karen began to jack his cock, her fist moving up and down swiftly, from the base to the swollen head. She made hot, hissing sounds as she stroked him. Robbie lifted his hips from the bed, pushing his cock into his mother's hot, tight fist, fucking up and down.

She felt her son's hand move along her arm, then under it. Her breath caught as he cupped her covered tit, feeling it, squeezing it. She began to pant heavily as she jacked his cock, her tits swelling into his hands. Her fist pounded furiously, her pussy swelling and vibrating inside her panties. Her son's cock dripped heavily, his juices making the shaft of his cock very slippery for her fist. She did not say anything when he released her tit and pushed his hand down her side, over her hip, to fondle the cheeks of her ass. She just kept jerking on his hard cock, her eyes glassy, her breath hot and gasping.

She felt his hand slide down the back of her skirt, then up under it. His hand on the back of her thighs sent a ripple of heat through her, and she could not resist a wiggle of her ass. When his palm cupped her pantied ass, she hoped he would slide his fingers between her thighs, but instead he squeezed her ass tightly, arching her hips high into the air.

Robbie came.

A moan bubbled from his mouth as come juice spurted high into the air, splashing back down onto his stomach, coating his mother's pumping hand and lower arm. Karen whimpered and pulled hard-on his cock, watching beads of creamy come juice drip over her fingers.

As his cock softened, she pulled her hand from it, and started to lean down to kiss him, when he pulled his hand from her ass and skirt. She stepped back, looking at him, wiping her hand on her skirt. Robbie picked up his jeans and slipped into them, avoiding her face as if he were ashamed. She stood in his room and watched him leave.

Karen felt no guilt about what she had done with her son. She felt good about it, and wanted Robbie to feel good about it, too. But the way he had avoided looking at her, she had no idea what he felt.

She spent the rest of the afternoon thinking, wondering, hoping. She had put his shorts in the laundry hamper and bathed and changed her own clothing. She now wore shorts, tight and revealing, with a white T-shirt, her tits naked under it. The dark circles of her nipples showed, the hard tips pressing at the stretching fabric. Her cunt was outlined by the tight crotch, and the bottom swells of her shapely ass showed.

She felt no disappointment this time when Hal, her husband, called to let her know he would not be home until very late. When he had to work late, she usually hated it, but not now. Karen was anxiously thinking of fucking her son, if he was agreeable. If he was not ashamed of what she had done for him. If he was not afraid of her.

Judy came home, sweaty from playing with her friend.

Karen hugged her exquisitely pretty daughter, then slapped her tight little ass affectionately telling her she had to take a bath before dinner. Judy skipped off happily, already puffing her shirt off. Karen noticed the tiny roundness of her daughter's burgeoning tits, hardly more than two pink nipples.

Her son came home just as she finished cooking, and went immediately to the shower. Setting the table, Karen visualized her son under the spray, soaping his cock and balls, and felt her cunt responding.

There was little talk as they ate, with Judy chattering away about her day, Karen listening with one ear, sneaking peeks at her son. She was pleased to notice he was glancing at her straining tits often, but when she looked at him, he quickly turned away.

Karen could hardly wait for bedtime. If not for her daughter, Karen would have initiated her son then and there, on the floor, the couch, a chair. Fuck him she would have, not wanting to wait another second.


As she waited for her daughter to go to bed, Karen lay on the couch on her stomach. She positioned herself this way so her son could see the swell of her ass and her long thighs.

In the middle of the floor, Judy was sprawled on her stomach, reading a book, her feet lifted into the air, waving slowly, now and then parting and coming together again. She had her baby doll gown on, and the bottom was hiked over the pink tightness of her panties. A day earlier, Karen would have mentioned her daughter's high gown, but not now.

Robbie was sitting in the lounge chair, the foot rest up, pretending to read his father's newspaper, but Karen was not fooled. Robbie had no interest in the newspaper. He was using it as a cover-up to peek at his sister's bunching little ass and satiny thighs.

Robbie did not look only at his sister, but sneaked looks at his mother's curvy ass, too. His cock was throbbing inside his pants, but he kept it hidden with the paper. What his mother didn't know was he had not been ashamed of her jacking him off. He wanted her to do it again, finding it much more fun than doing it for himself. He was trying to think of some way to have his mother do it again for him, but every idea he came up with was far-fetched.

After a while, Judy sat up and rubbed at her eyes, sleepily.

"I gotta go to bed," she announced, standing up and stretching her exquisite body, her sweet tight ass pushing out. She kissed her mother's cheek, gave her brother a little wave with her hand, and went off to bed.

For a little longer, Karen remained on the couch, and when she saw her son looking directly at her, she opened her legs, closed them, opened them again, leaving them parted this time. Robbie gazed between them, seeing the tightness of her shorts over her cunt, a few hairs straying from the band, the way they molded her shapely ass. His cock felt like it was about to push from his pants.

Karen lifted her ass, then pushed it down, lifted it again, and started squirming her cunt at the cushions, her ass flexing. As she wiggled and twisted, she looked into her son's eyes, seeing the desire hot in them. The paper fell from his hands, and she saw his cock bulging.

"Mom…" he said thickly.

"Yes, Robbie?" she purred, twisting her ass with obvious meaning. "What is it, baby?"

"Ahhh, Mom…"

Karen twisted and sat up, swinging her long legs over the couch, looking at him. She slowly parted her knees and stroked her hands up the satiny insides of her thighs, licking her lips suggestively. Robbie gasped when she pulled her hands into the crotch of her tight shorts, her fingers spreading over the cloth. She sat up straight, pushing her tits against the T-shirt, her nipples straining.

Karen slowly stood up, running her hands up and down her sides, over her hips, then her ass, back to her stomach again! Her eyes blazed at the bulge in her son's pants, and she moved her hands up to cup her tits, squeezing them. She pushed her hands downward and slipped them under her tight T-shirt.

Robbie made gasping sounds as he watched. Karen pushed her hands upward, the T-shirt climbing. She covered her tits with her palms as she gazed hungrily at his concealed hard-on. Taking a deep breath, she lifted the T-shirt above her tits, showing them to her son. Her tits were rounded, firm, spaced widely, light brown nipples jutting upward stiffly.

With a quick motion, Karen pulled the T-shirt over her head, standing before her son naked from the waist up. Robbie sucked in his breath, his eyes wide open. His hand pressed against his cock, moaning softly as he looked at his mother.

Karen tugged at the zipper in the back of her shorts, bringing it down, then slowly pushed her shorts down, wiggling her ass because they were so tight. She was not wearing panties, and when the thick patch of curly pussy hair became exposed, Robbie moaned loudly, smashing his palm hard-on his cock, his balls on fire.

"Don't do it, Robbie," Karen whispered. "Not in your pants."

Naked, she moved toward him, her hips swaying. Robbie was mesmerized by his naked mother. His lips were parted and he breathed heavily. Karen stood at his side, and began to work on his pants. She opened his fly while he sat there trembling. She ran her hand into her son's pants, and pulled his cock out.

"Oh, look at it!" she gasped. "It's so hard, Robbie!"

He lay back in the lounge chair, his cock out of his pants, standing up with jerking hardness. Karen thought he looked even more desirable this way than he had on his bed with his pants at his ankles.

She stood and looked at him, spreading her feet and pushing her hips forward, her fingers framing her pussy. She spread the silky hair of her cunt, showing the wet, pink slit to her son's hungry eyes, then she opened her cunt with her fingers, her clit pushing forward in throbbing hardness.

"Feel me, baby," she whispered. "Feel mother up!"

Robbie couldn't move. He stared at her open cunt, shaking but unable to move his hand toward her.

Karen picked up his hand.

"Feel me!" she hissed hotly, curling his fingers about her cunt. "Feel mother's pussy, baby!" With her hand on top of his between her thighs, she twisted her hips, "Oooooh, can you feel how hot and wet mother's pussy is, Robbie?"

All he could do was make a noisy swallowing sound as he look at and felt her cunt. His balls seemed swollen inside his pants, aching with a dull throb, so full he could hardly stand it. When his mother pulled her hand off his, he rubbed at her cunt of his own volition, feeling her juices dripping into his palm. Karen, panting with excitement, gripped his cock and pumped it, making her son groan. She let out a soft squeal when she felt her son slip a finger into her cunt, and she bent her knees, half crouching.

The stabbing friction of her son's finger sent her ass into a shivering dance, her fist pumping almost furiously on his throbbing cock.

"Oooooh!" she suddenly gasped, an instant orgasm rippling around her son's penetrating finger. "Oooohhhh… oooooh!"

Her cunt squeezed his finger a number of times, then stopped.

"Robbie… Robbie, baby," she moaned, swinging a leg up and over her son, climbing across his lap. "Mother wants it! Mother needs it, darling! I've got to have it… have it inside me… deep inside me!"

Sitting on his upper thighs, her knees around his hips, Karen grasped her son's cock with both hands, pumping frantically. Robbie moaned, his eyes jerking from her shapely tits to her hairy crotch to her hands on his cock. With a soft yelp, placed his hands on his mother's thighs, near her hips, and began to pull her cunt forward.

"Ahhhh, yes!" Karen cried with passion, sliding up his thighs. Gripping his cock, she fit the swollen head to the steamy lips of her cunt, the contact making her cry out with pleasure. She lowered herself slowly, holding her breath as she felt her son's teenaged cock, spread the wet, hot slit. She felt the head slide into her cunt, and with a squeal, she pushed down, settling her boiling cunt onto his hard prick.

For a moment, she sat there unmoving, feeling his cock throb and jerk inside her cunt. Her eyes slitted with wanton excitement, her hands sliding up his chest to his shoulders. Robbie stared at the way his mother's pussy hair smashed against his open jeans. He gritted his teeth as her tight, fiery cunt seemed to work on his cock. He lifted his eyes to her swollen tits, then to her face.

"Yes, baby?"

"I think I'm gonna come!" he grunted.

"No!" she gasped. "Wait! Wait for me!" Squealing softly, Karen lifted her cunt, then slammed down again, crying out her rapture. She bounced up and down, her shapely tits wobbling. She danced her naked ass in tight circles, but always jerking up and down, stabbing herself in the fiery, juicy cunt with her son's cock.

Robbie, almost overwhelmed to have his cock inside his mother's cunt, gripped her shaking thighs, arching his cock up to meet the almost violent thrusts of her hips. Juicy sounds came from her crotch as she rode her son's cock with wanton ecstasy, her fingers digging into his shoulders, her head twisting and hair flying wildly about her contorting face. Her hips jerked and danced, up and down, grinding at times.

"Ahhhhh, you're so hard in me, Robbie!" she sobbed. "God, so very hard! I want it… deep inside my pussy! Robbie, baby, fuck me! Fuck mother hard and deep! Please, darling, fuck mother! I need it so much… a hard cock in my pussy, my cunt!"

Robbie jerked his hands off her thighs, grabbing her tits in both hands, squeezing hard. Sitting upright on his cock, jerking her hips back and forth, she pressed her hands over his, smashing his palms hard into her tits, crying out as the burning ecstasy increased between her hot legs. Her clit rubbed along the hard shaft of her son's cock, adding to her thrills.

"Squeeze mother's titties!" she gasped. "Squeeze mother's tits real hard! Twist my titties, baby! Pull mother's nipples… pull them hard as you can! Ohhhh, my cunt… my pussy… Robbie! Robbie, my God… I'm about to come, baby! Come so hard!"

With a screech of mindless rapture, Karen smashed her cunt onto her son's cock hard, grinding in a frenzy. The contractions started, making her body jerk from head to toe. She sobbed as she strained her cunt against him, her hips jerking, her head high in the air.

"Mom!" Robbie shouted, his head and shoulders jerking forward as his cock squirted, sending hot sprays of come juice far up her frenzied cunt. His face smashed into her tits, and pulling one hand away, he gulped one of his mother's stiff nipples deep into his mouth, sucking as hard as he could, filling his mother's convulsing cunt with spurt after spurt.

Slowly, breathing heavily, Karen slumped forward as her son leaned back, gasping hotly. She cupped his face with her hands, and crushed his lips with hers, kissing him wetly, her ass slowly moving as she felt his cock starting to slide from her cunt. She pushed the tip, of her tongue into his mouth, licking his with a light touch. As she kissed him, she purred when she felt his hands run down her back to her ass, his fingers curling about the naked cheeks for an affectionate squeeze.

Lifting up, she giggled nervously.

"I don't know what got into me, Robbie, but…"

Her son laughed, pleased. "I got into you, Mom."

She grinned down at him, feeling his soft cock resting on the slit of her cunt. The hairy lips worked on it. "And very well, too!" Then with a small frown, she asked, "You're not ashamed of it, are you?"

"Not me," he said. "Are you?"

"I could never be ashamed of something that feels so good."

Robbie played with the hair of her cunt, looking into her face. "Mom, I've been thinking about this for a long time. I jack off thinking about you, about your tits and ass and pussy, wanting to fuck your ass so much."

"Why, Robbie, what language to use in front of your mother," she said, her eyes taking on a glow, her nose crinkling up cutely. "I didn't know you used such words… or wanted to fuck me."

"Now you know," he grinned, puffing just hard enough on her pussy hair to make her gasp.

"I'd say I do," she said, and leaned down to kiss him again, this time licking at his lips, from one corner to the other. She slipped off his lap. "Are you harboring any more secrets in your mind?"

"Maybe a few more," he said. "Care to tell them to me now?" she asked, sliding her hand wantonly between her legs and feeling his come juice dripping from her cunt. "God, you really came in me! Your balls must have been loaded, honey."

"I guess they were," he grinned. "Do you really want to know some of the secrets I have?"

Massaging his come juice into her inner thighs with pleasure, she said, "I bet I already know one of them."

"Maybe you do," he said.

"I bet one of your secrets is you want your cock kissed," she whispered softly, looking at his pussy-wet cock, the moisture of her cunt on his open fly. "Am I right?"

He nodded. "But I didn't think you'd do anything like that, Mom. I mean, nice girls and mothers don't do those things. Do they?"

Karen grinned impishly at him. "This mother might."

Robbie's eyes took on a hot expression. "This mother might even…" she ran her tongue over her lips slowly, "you know, suck one."

"Mine, Mom?" he asked in a quivering voice. "Would you kiss my cock?"

Karen dropped to her knees at the side of the chair, one hand on his thigh, the other his stomach. She inhaled the exciting scent of her cunt on his cock. It was almost the same scent on the crotch of his shorts. She pressed her lips to the wet shaft, kissing his cock. She looked up at him by turning her head, rubbing her cheek on his prick.

"See, I kissed it for you."

Turning back to his cock, she dragged the tip of her tongue along it, from the wet head to the open fly. Her tongue swirled along the wetness on his pants, then circled the head of his cock.

"Why don't you ask me, honey?" she purred. "All you have to do is ask me, and I'll do it."

"Ahhh, Mom, suck it!" he groaned. "Please, Mom, suck my cock… just for a little bit!"

"Mmmmm," Karen purred as she pulled his slippery cock into her mouth.

Her mind reeled, the taste making her shake. She dug her fingers into his thigh and stomach, sucking his cock all the way, her lips pressing into the wetness on his pants. Her tongue twirled, licking.

"Ahhhh, Mom!" Robbie groaned, watching her, his hand resting on the back of her head. "Oooooh, that's good, Mom! I like that!"

Karen pulled her son's hand off her head, lowering it to her naked tit, curling his fingers around it. She felt his cock swelling in her mouth and mewled with delight. Her tongue licked and when his cock was half-hard, she bobbed her face up and down, sucking with wet hunger. Gripping his thigh, she felt her son squirming. His hand dug into her firm tit, her nipple boring into his palm. She sucked hard, whimpering with ecstasy, her lips burning and tingling. Her tongue moved constantly as her mouth darted up and down his cock. The cheeks of her ass bunched when her come-filled cunt began to throb.

Robbie's other hand rested on top of her head, his eyes glazed as he watched his mother's mouth sliding up and down his cock. Karen didn't mind his hand on her head, and she had wanted him to hold her tit as she sucked him.

Robbie squeezed her tit hard, making her moan around his cock, and the hand on her head was pushing her face down. She let him push her, writhing her lips around the base of his prick. His cock did not go as deep into her mouth as his father's did, but it was wonderful just the same. His cock was so hot, so hard, in her mouth that she wanted to gobble it for hours. Her cunt was twitching, his come juice running along her inner thighs, and she rubbed them together, her face moving up and down his cock with quicker strokes.

She felt her son pushing upward, running his cock into her mouth as she came down. With her eyes closed, she fucked her son's cock with her mouth, shivering and trembling with ecstasy.

She twisted her lips around and around, glancing at his happy face now and then, her eyes shining encouragement at him. She made wet, sucking sounds, letting her son know how much she loved sucking an his cock.

"Mom, you're going to… ahhh, Mom!" Robbie, she knew, wanted to pull his cock out of her mouth because he was about to come. He didn't know she wanted it, wanted to taste his sweet, hot come juice gush down her throat. But even if he wanted to jerk his cock out, the urge to push deeper was the stronger of the urges.

With a cry, his cock exploded in her mouth. Karen gave a muffled sob of ecstasy, gulping the squirting come juice down hungrily. It burned into her throat, the taste sending an orgasm to her cunt, making her ass bunch tightly. She swallowed each gush of his come juice, moaning with rapture, her tongue swirling, throat working.

She drained his balls, and continued to hold his cock in her mouth as it softened, then she licked his piss hole slowly, drawing her lips up, stretching his cock.

"Oh, Mom, that was so good!"

She dropped his cock put of her mouth and smiled at him, petting his cock tenderly. Her lips were slightly bruised, feeling good.

"Now are you ashamed?" she asked.

"Because you sucked my cock off, Mom!"

"Because I'm not what you call a nice girl, a nice mother," she said. "Now you know you have a cocksucker for a mother."

"Yeah!" he grinned, twisting her nipple. "Want to get fucked again?"

"Are you up to it?" she challenged.

"Watch me!"

She pulled him out of the chair, and taking his cock in her hand, pulled him to her bedroom, not caring that it was her husband's bed, his father's bed.


Robbie left her bed just in time.

Hal came home around midnight, and she had just shooed her son out of her room only five minutes earlier.

She worried that her husband would notice the mussed sheets, smell the scent of hot cunt and wild fucking that lingered in the room, but all he did was undress, take his usual shower, and climb into bed with her. He did not seem at all surprised that she was naked. He wrapped his arms around her, puffing her back against his stomach, his fingers curling around her tit, his usual hold on her when he went to sleep.

Karen snuggled her naked ass to his body, feeling his cock against her ass, but that was all it would touch.

Within moments, he was sound asleep.

Karen felt no remorse, not even shame. She felt great.

The following morning, Karen prepared breakfast for her family, still feeling good. Hal came in, looking as tired as he had when he had come home in the middle of the night. He sat at the table, drinking coffee and turning to the newspaper without speaking. Karen felt her anger swell against her husband. The least he could do was say good morning.

She gave her son a happy smile as he came in, sitting down next to his father, giving him a sheepish look. As she was putting breakfast on the table, Judy came in rubbing her eyes, still wearing her gown. It had caught in the waist of her panties, and she was exposed. Karen said nothing, but grinned when she caught her son looking at his sister.

"Hi, Daddy," Judy said, happy to see her father there.

"Good morning, sweetheart," Hal said, then noticed that her panties showed. "Pull your gown down, baby."

Judy did, sitting on the opposite side of her brother. Robbie grinned at his sister, who stuck her tongue out at him.

Still in her robe, Karen sat across from her husband, and they ate in silence. When Hal finished, he scooted his chair back, stood up and came to kiss Karen's cheek. She wanted his mouth on hers, not her cheek, but she said nothing. Hal kissed his daughter, and with a wave to his son, left for work.

"Daddy works so hard," Judy complained. "And we never get to see him anymore."

"I know, honey," Karen said. "But it's time to get ready for school."

"Pooh on school," Judy pouted, but left to get ready.

"Mom, what would you say if I decided to stay home today?" Robbie said.

Karen flashed a wicked grin at him, puffing her robe open to let him see her tits. "I'd say that would be fine with me," she purred. "Quick, before your sister comes back, suck my tits a little."

Robbie eagerly leaned toward her, swishing his tongue over his mother's stiff nipples. Karen grabbed the back of her son's head and crushed her tit into his mouth, mewling softly, her hand sliding into his lap, feeling his cock inside his pants.

"Ahhh, I want this, darling!"

Robbie lifted his mouth. "What's taking Judy so long to get dressed? If she don't leave soon, I'm going to fuck right on this table, Mom!"

"I'd love it," she gurgled, squeezing his cock inside his pants. "By the way, I saw that gleam in your eye when your sister came in with her gown up. Don't get any ideas about her, baby. I'm all you can handle."

"Don't be too sure, Mom," he grinned.

"I'm not," she said, kissing him quickly as she covered her tits when she heard her daughter's footsteps coming back. "I wouldn't put it past you to try and fuck Judy, especially now."

Judy was dressed in a becoming skirt and blouse, her honey-blonde hair feathered back from her exquisite face. She wore knee socks and sneakers.

"I gotta go, Mommy," she said. "Robbie, aren't you gonna be late?"

"I've got a headache," he said to her.

"Sure you do," Judy pouted. "More like a test."

Judy kissed her mother's cheek, and for some reason, Karen patted her daughter's tight little ass fondly, then gave it a gentle squeeze. Judy looked at her mother, puzzled, but said nothing.

She lifted her hand to wave at her brother, but then flipped her middle finger at him, and laughing happily, ran off to school.

"Did you see what she done?" Karen asked. "Your sister gave you the finger. What has gotten into that girl? She's starting to get out of hand."

"Aw, Judy is just growing up, Mom."

"Maybe so," Karen said, getting to her feet. She let her robe fall from her shoulders. "Did you say something about fucking me on the table, Robbie?"

Grinning widely, he stood and opened his pants, pushing them down and taking them off his feet. His cock began to jut out as she looked him up and down. Then she pushed plates out of the way and sat on the table with her long legs spread wide apart, leaning back so her son could look right at her hairy cunt.

"Fuck it, Robbie!" she whimpered as her son stepped to her. "Fuck mother's hot cunt hard and fast! I want it real hard right now!"

Robbie moved between her thighs and rammed the head of his cock into his mother's cunt swiftly, taking her breath away.

"Ohhhh, God, yes!" she wailed, leaning back, opening her legs as wide as they would go. "Fuck it, fuck it! Hard, Robbie… Fuck me as hard as you can!"

Robbie closed his hands over his mother's naked tits and began to pound his cock in and out of her pussy, fucking rapidly. Karen cried out with the deep penetration of her son's cock. She lifted her long legs, wrapping them around his hunching ass. Wet sounds came from their crotch as his cock rammed and plunged.

"Ahhhhh, I can feel your balls on my ass, Robbie!" she sobbed. "I can feel your hot balls slap at my ass! Ooooh, fuck me! Fuck mother in that hot, wet cunt! I love that hard cock in my cunt, fucking!"

"Take it, Mom!" he panted, ramming hard. "Take my cock up your fucking wet cunt! I'm going to fuck your hot ass off, Mom!"

Squeezing her tits, twisting them, he drove his young cock vigorously into his mother's gripping cunt. Karen cried out with sweet ecstasy, kicking her heels against his ass. The harder he squeezed her tits, the better she liked it, the hotter her cunt became. She was so wet that her juices flowed from her stretched cunt to the cheeks of her ass, drenching her son's balls and making her asshole burn and pucker.

"Fuck my hot ass!" she screamed. "Fuck mother's hot, hot ass! Fuck my ass off! Fuck me raw… fuck my cunt raw! God, I want that cock so fucking deep in my twat, my snatch, my pussy, my cunt! I want it so deep that I can taste it in my mouth!"

Dropping his hands from her tits, he clutched his mother's twisting hips, jerking her onto his cock as he stabbed into her. They were panting heavily now, and Karen was almost crying with the intensity of her son's cock banging rapidly into her cunt. She began to shake as her cunt swelled around his cock, an orgasm growing like liquid fire in the pit of her stomach.

"Make me come!" she shrieked. "Make mother's hot cunt come, darling!"

With her heels locked around her son's churning ass, Karen fell back on the table, her hips thrashing up and down, her cunt grinding frantically on Robbie's cock. She grabbed her tits and smashed them, squeezing brutally. Her ass pounded wildly, and her clinging cunt slid back and forth on his raging hard-on. With his mother on her back across the table, Robbie clutched her dancing hips, but they bucked in such a frenzy that his hands kept sliding off.

Twisting and humping, Karen shrieked her ecstasy, her head twisting as wildly as her ass. Her thighs held his body like a steel claw, every part of him showing the intense strain.

"Ahhhhh!" Karen wailed, and smashed her cunt as hard as she could against him, her lower body jerking spasmodically. She screeched again.

Her cunt exploded around her son's cock, squeezing harder than it had before. The hot contractions threatened to blister Robbie's cock, but he pounded in and out with frenzy, his balls swollen tightly. Lifting his head, eyes closed, his breath roared out, and his cock gushed powerfully, sending scalding squirts of creamy come juice into his mother's gobbling cunt.

"Squirt it in me!" Karen cried loudly. "Ahhh, God, come in mother's hot cunt! Fill mother's hot cunt full of that sweet juice! Drown mother's cunt with your hot, sweet, come juice!"

They strained together for a long time, desperate to drag the wonderful sensations out, her hips slowing in motion, but still twisting as his cock softened inside her cunt. When her hips dropped, Robbie's cock came out of his mother's cunt with a soft, wet, sucking sound, and he slumped into a chair. Karen lay across the table, panting, long legs dangling, her cunt gently pulsating. Come juice seeped from the pink, now swollen, slit, running slowly over the shivering cheeks of her smooth ass. The soft hairs of her cunt were matted around the lips.

"My God," Karen breathed as she sat up, weak. "That was the best yet, darling."

Robbie grinned up at her, still slumped in the chair, his legs wide and his cock coated with his mother's pussy juices. She slid off the table, kneeling in front of him, leaning her face down. She ran her tongue along his cock, tasting her pussy on it. Sticking her tongue beneath his balls, she bounced them tenderly, looking up at his face. With a soft mewl, she closed her mouth around his cock and balls, taking them inside to suck gently, knowing they were sensitive now. She let his balls out of her mouth, turned her face and sucked at the flesh on his inner thigh.

"How's your headache now?" she teased, standing up.

Robbie laughed, pointing at the tip of his cock. "That was the headache, Mom, but you took care of it. Should I go onto school now?"

"Why? You'd only be late, and we can have the whole day to ourselves." She ran her hand through his hair. "I'm going to bathe. Why don't you rest until I finish."

"Maybe I'll shower."

"Please don't," she murmured. "I love the smell of your crotch when you're sweaty."

She hummed happily as she bathed, the hot water soothing her swollen cunt. She hoped her son could keep up with her, fucking her all day until she was exhausted. It had been years since she had fucked herself into exhaustion with her husband. It would be very nice to do it again, this time with her son.

When she finished, she returned to her son, naked, her skin glowing pinkly, her cunt soothed, but still fiery with need. Robbie was sprawled on his back in the middle of the floor, reading his father's newspaper, his legs parted. She stood and looked between his thighs at his cock and balls. A tremor of insatiable hunger burned through her, a hunger that was growing more and more.

Lowering to her knees, she pushed her face between his thighs and into his crotch. Robbie threw the paper away, watching her. Karen, with her knees drawn up, jutted her sweet, shapely ass in the air, nuzzling her face into his crotch, smelling his scent, his balls feeling so wonderful in her face. She licked around the insides of his thighs, around his balls and over his cock. Her eyes showed fire as her mouth and tongue caressed his crotch. Robbie spread his legs wide. Pushing her tongue beneath his balls, Karen whimpered in pleasure as she tasted them.

"You're so sweet here," she moaned. "I love to lick your balls, baby. They're so soft now, loose." She drew in a deep breath. "Mmmmmm, you smell so exciting… with mother's cunt smell on you. Here… lift your knees up."

Robbie bent his knees, and she pushed them back, causing his ass to raise off the floor. She gazed at him, hardly breathing. His ass spread open and his asshole crinkled before her eyes. She moaned in passion as she gazed at him.

Then, with a soft cry, Karen pushed her face into her son's ass, kissing the edges of his asshole, the insides of the ass cheeks. Her tongue darted, licking his flesh as her lips kissed. She mewled and strained her face between the cheeks of his ass as tight as she could, her own uplifted ass swaying.

Making soft sounds of pleasure, Karen lapped at her son's ass with a feverish pleasure, her tongue swirling against the tightness of his asshole, around his balls, along the shaft of his cock, which was starting to stiffen up again. Her tongue probed at his asshole, pushing and trying to penetrate. Her hands pulled at his hips as her mouth sucked the crinkle of his asshole.

"Mom, you're sucking my asshole!" Robbie gasped.

"I know," she said, lifting her face to look at him past his cock and balls. "I know I'm sucking your asshole, baby. What's the matter, don't you like it?"

"Ahhhh, yes!"

"Wiggle your ass in my face, Robbie," she purred, pressing her mouth against his asshole again, licking wetly at the pucker.

Robbie twisted his ass, his mother's hot, wet tongue making his asshole crinkle, his balls writhe. He grabbed his cock and began to jerk on it, unable to keep his hands off. Karen watched his fist above his balls as she licked his asshole, her eyes smoldering with erotic pleasure. Her cunt had become wet again, the hot juices smearing the insides of her long thighs, her clit throbbing with tingling hardness.

"Robbie," she whispered throatily. "Will you eat mother's cunt?"

"I'll eat anything, Mom," he moaned in passion. "I'll eat your cunt good! I'll suck your wet pussy, lick it… stick my tongue up in you!"

"Oooooh, baby!" she sobbed and twisted about, her ass toward his head. She spread her knees above her son's head, her face hovering over his cock. She arched her ass, pushing her cunt outward above his face. "Can you see mother's cunt good this way?"

"Ahhhh, yes, Mom!"

Robbie stared up at his mother's cunt. He ran his hands up her thighs and over her satiny ass, cupping the cheeks. He spread them wider, and watched with fiery eyes as her cunt pulsated, her asshole puckering. He pushed his fingers to the hairy edges of her slit, and parted it. Opening his mother's cunt up, he swallowed with anticipation to taste it, to push his tongue into the wet heat and fuck her that way.

Karen loved the way her son was looking up at her cunt. One of her hands was stroking his cock, the other under his ass, holding the ass cheek. Her tongue swirled about the smooth head of his cock, her lips kissing hotly at his piss hole. She waggled her ass suggestively at his face, and when she felt her son push his mouth over her cunt, she gasped softly, squirming in his face. She lowered her face, sinking her lips over his cock. With his cock in her mouth, she fondled his balls, twisting her pussy around, rubbing it at her son's face.

Robbie buried his face in the juicy heat of his mother's crotch, finding the soft wetness delightful. He held her twisting ass with both hands, but not so tight she couldn't wiggle. He opened his mouth wide, spreading his lips around his mother's hairy cunt, sucking the juices from it. His nose pressed at her tight, crinkling asshole, and his breath excited his mother.

Pulling her mouth off his cock, she cried out, "Ohhhh, suck it, baby! Suck mother's cunt! Lap mother's pussy… suck my cunt, Robbie!"

Robbie ran his tongue hungrily up and down the fiery slit of her cunt, tasting pussy juices eagerly. He probed his tongue around her swollen clit, swirling hotly. Karen smashed her cunt down, pressing hard at his mouth, swallowing his cock again. She clutched her son's ass with both hands now, her fingers squeezing as her mouth jerked up and down. Her lips were very tight, hot and wet. She ran her mouth from the smooth head to the base, moaning in rapture when her son thrust his tongue into her cunt, stabbing in and out. She smeared his face, rubbing back and forth on it. He caressed her trembling ass, her thighs, and began to pump his cock up and down, fucking into his mother's willing mouth.

Dancing her hot ass about, pumping her cunt into his face, Karen sucked her son's cock with low moans of ecstasy, licking it often as she lifted her mouth to swirl her tongue about his balls. Smashing her lips hard at the base, she could feel the head of his cock, trying to push into her throat, but it was not long enough. Spreading her knees wide, her crotch open, she stained her cunt to his mouth, feeling his tongue slide in and out. Her pussy flexed and squeezed his tongue as it did his cock.

Robbie stretched his mother's cunt as open as he could, pushing his tongue deep, wiggling it against the sensitive tissues, her clit crushed by his bottom lip, his upper lip touching his mother's asshole. It was her son's mouth and tongue sucking her cunt, and the sheer perversity of it created a mindless lust in her.

Gasping huskily, she rammed her mouth up and down his cock, fucking him with it, her lips sliding wetly, burning. Her nipples rubbed at his stomach, and she smashed them onto him, her hands gripping his tightening ass, lifting him to take his cock as deep as possible into her mouth. Her naked ass began to whip about, slam up and down. Her cunt made wet sounds, too, wet sucking sounds. She began to squeal around his cock when she felt it throb with a greater hardness. She drew upward on the shaft of his cock hard, holding the head between her lips, sucking bubbling juices out of it, her tongue scraping his piss hole, her throat swallowing.

She arched her ass, then rammed down, her movements the same as if she were on top of him with his cock in her cunt. As her son tongue-fucked her deeply, she shoved her long legs out straight, her hot thighs gripping his face, and began to rub and hump his face, grinding her cunt on his mouth. At the same time, she feverishly gobbled his cock, her face darting up and down, her lips stretched around his raging hard-on. She sucked his cock as if she couldn't get enough of it. In a way, she couldn't. She wanted it in her cunt and in her mouth at the same time, but that was impossible.

Her stomach became tight as she felt herself getting ready to come. She squirmed against his face harder, moaning around his throbbing cock. The cheeks of her ass bunched and flexed. She loved to feel his fingers between the hot checks of her ass while his tongue started racing in and out of her cunt.

With a deep, throaty wail, Karen smashed her cunt hard into her son's face, his cock deep in her mouth. Her naked body trembled, then shuddered. Her orgasm was tight, very hard. The convulsions of her hairy cunt around his buried tongue made Robbie stab hard and fast, squeezing her ass and putting her pussy as far into his mouth as he could, wanting to make his mother come better than ever. Hot juices ran over his face and down his neck. His breath seared the pucker of her asshole.

Karen came hard, for a long time, holding his hard cock in her mouth, but not sucking. She couldn't suck him now. She couldn't move, only push her cunt as hard as she could into his mouth.

When the spasms ended, fading slowly, she gripped his cock tighter with her mouth and pulled her knees back up until she had her shapely ass sticking in the air again, spread with her juicy cunt an inch above his face. Then she started sucking his cock again, bobbing her mouth up and down, wanting to make him come.

Robbie tickled his mother's clit with his tongue as she sucked his cock, making her whimper because it was so sensitive. He pushed his cock up, going as far as he could into his mother's mouth. He was starting to groan, his balls tight and aching.

Neither of them heard the door open, but they did hear the startled gasp.

As his mother jerked her mouth off his cock, Robbie tilted his head back, and saw his sister standing in the door, her eyes huge, mouth gaping. Judy was looking right into her mother's uplifted, spreading ass and hairy cunt, and her brother's drenched face.


With a yelp, Karen jerked her cunt out of her son's face. Clutching her tits behind her left arm, her right hand between her legs, she ran from the room, yelping in embarrassment, wanting to get away from her daughter's big, staring eyes.

Robbie, his cock standing up with raging hardness, couldn't move. He could only lie there and look up at Judy. His cock felt as if he was about to come at any second, and with a groan he clutched his balls tight in an effort to prevent his come juice from spewing over his stomach.

Judy was rooted to the floor, her eyes glazing glassily at her brother, at his upstanding cock, his hands holding his balls. Her small body trembled, her fists balling up and pressing at her thighs. Her sweet mouth was open in surprise.

Karen had raced to her bedroom, wrapping her nakedness in her robe, her face flushed. The flush was a mixture of still-boiling hunger and embarrassment at being caught by her daughter. She sat on the bed, wringing her hands, wondering how this was going to turn out. Judy was very close to her father, her daddy's girl all the way. Judy might tell him, and if she did, that would be end of her marriage, Karen was certain.

She realized her son had not jumped and run behind her.

Nervously, she left her room and checked his, but it was empty. Not wanting to think he was still in the living room, she slipped quietly down the hall and peered around the corner.

Robbie was still on the floor, now clutching his balls, his cock as hard as she had left it, jerking back and forth. She saw her daughter standing near the door, her huge eyes glazed, staring at her brother while Robbie looked back at her upside down.

"Robbie…" Karen heard her daughter whisper, and saw her small body shaking. "Robbie…" Judy took a stumbling step forward. She walked as if hypnotized, her blue eyes steamy and never leaving her brother's jerking cock.

Judy stood above her brother's head, staring with an expression Karen knew well – desire, hot, boiling, crazy desire… mindless, hungry desire.

Robbie looked up at Judy, and found he was looking up her dress, past her knee socks, at the satiny flesh of her slender thighs and the tight crotch of her pink panties, the ones with little white hearts on them. His cock throbbed powerfully, and his balls ached as he clutched them, his legs wide apart.

"Oh, Robbie!" Judy whimpered softly, taking another step, her foot at the side of his face, her legs parted a little. "Ohooooooh, Robbie!"

Robbie gazed up at the crotch, of his sister's panties, no longer frozen with shock. He grinned, sliding his hand off his balls and closing his fist around his cock. The band of Judy's panties poked out slightly with the lips of her young cunt, and he licked his lips.

From around the corner, Karen was staring, surprised to see that her young, innocent daughter was fascinated by Robbie's hard-on. It was hard to believe Judy had sexual feelings, she was so very young. But she did – very much so, as Karen was seeing now.

Judy stood above her brother's head, her feet around his face, trembling as she gazed at his cock. Her little ass bunched, the movement obvious to her brother's staring eyes. He could see the creamy flesh on one little ass cheek where her panties had slipped a little into the crack.

Karen, now fascinated and not embarrassed, watched them closely.

Judy walked down her brother's body straddle-legged, and turned when she was above his knees. She stood facing him, her eyes still burning on his cock. Then she bent her knees, squatting over his thighs, breathing deeply as one small hand moved cautiously toward her brother's cock. Robbie removed his hand, and lifting his ass slightly, touched his cock to the tips of his sister's fingers.

"Oooooh, Robbie!" Judy cooed, her eyes moist and filled with steamy desire.

She squatted over his thighs, her knees parted. Karen could look at her daughter's crotch, see the band of her panties stretch over her sweet little cunt. Robbie, too, was looking between his sister's knees.

"Feel it, Judy," he urged, making Karen place a hand over her lips to hold back a gasp. Her hand still had the scent of her son's cock and balls, and she inhaled deeply as she watched them, not once thinking to stop them.

Judy, with a breathless sound, closed her small hand around her brother's cock, loosely, lightly.

"Squeeze it, Judy!" Robbie moaned.

Judy squeezed, lightly, a low purr coming from her mouth.

"Squeeze it hard!" Robbie urged.

"Won't… won't I hurt it?" Judy asked in a shivery voice.

"No, squeeze it as hard as you can!"

Her small hand squeezed, making Robbie groan loudly.

Judy jerked her hand away, concern in her eyes. "I hurt it!"

"You didn't hurt it!" Robbie panted. "Squeeze it again!"

Judy's fingers closed tightly around his cock again, squeezing as tight as she could, a soft squeal bubbling from her open mouth.

"Rub it, Judy," Robbie instructed his sister. "Rub your hand up and down!"

Judy did, making little cries of delight, watching the smooth, swollen head of her brother's cock slide in and out of her small fist. Her little ass shook as she squatted over his thighs, her skirt hiked to her hips now, her slim thighs exposed all the way to her panties.

"It's so hard, Robbie!" she whimpered. "Doesn't it hurt this way?"

"It feels good when it's hard, Judy," he said. "It feels better when it's played with, nice and hard."

Karen was breathing deeply as she watched her daughter pumping her small fist up and down her son's cock. This was not supposed to be, she thought frantically. Judy was not supposed to be home, she was not supposed to be holding her brother's cock, jacking it up and down. She was supposed to be in school all day, and it was not yet noon.

She was holding one of her tits, her hand inside her robe, finding she was more excited to watch them than she was angry at Judy for walking in suddenly and catching her with her cunt in his face, his cock in her mouth. Judy was not supposed to be showing such erotic behavior. She was too young, too sweet, too innocent.

"Can I do it fast?" Judy asked her brother. "Will it hurt if I do this fast?"

"The faster you move your hand, Judy, the better it feels!" Robbie panted, lifting his ass off the floor and pushing his cock into her hand. "Hold still a minute."

Judy held her hand still, gripping his cock. Robbie began to fuck his sister's fist, sliding his cock up and down. Judy squealed with delight as she watched the swollen head appear, then disappear between her fingers. Her eyes blued with fire, her little tongue swishing over her pretty, pouting lips.

"Now you do it again, Judy." Robbie lowered his ass to the floor.

"Can I use both hands?"

"Sure," her brother said.

Judy lowered her pantied ass between his thighs, spreading her legs around his hips, her skirt at her waist, her succulent cunt behind the thin crotch of her panties vibrating with the most delicious feeling she had ever experienced. It felt like her pussy was burning through her panties, the little slit swollen, and she was sure she was about to pee.

Gasping with excitement, she grabbed her brother's cock with both fists, and began to pump up and down, leaning over with her face close, staring hotly at his piss hole. She jerked up and down swiftly, making little slapping sounds at the base of his cock, making his balls bounce up and down.

"Is this too hard?" she cried softly.

"That's great, Judy!" Robbie groaned. "You're doing just great! Keep it up… fast and hard!"

Karen was hardly breathing as she watched them, her cunt vibrating between her thighs, juices running down the soft inner flesh. Her ass bunched and twisted, her bottom lip sucked into her mouth. Seeing her daughter jacking her son's cock with her small hands, squealing in obvious pleasure, sitting with her legs spread over his hips, her panties displayed, Karen found she was more excited than she would have thought.

"Does it feel good, Robbie?" Judy gasped, pounding hard and fast on his cock. "It really doesn't hurt?"

"It feels great!" he moaned, twisting his ass on the floor, lifting his head to look into her sister's crotch. "I can see your panties, Judy. I can see the little beans on them."

Judy giggled. "It's okay, Robbie."

"What do you feel like down there, Judy?" he asked. "Does this make your pussy feel good?"

"Ooooh, what you said!" she squealed, giggling.

"Well, that's what it is – your pussy."

"I know that," she giggled lewdly, sweetly. "But you're not supposed to say it, Robbie."

"Pussy, pussy, pussy!"

Judy giggled deliciously, pumping his cock fast. She was fascinated by the juices dripping from his piss hole, making her fists slippery.

"Come on, Judy, how does your pussy feel?"

"Like I gotta pee!" she panted, pounding faster and faster on his cock, squirming her little ass on the floor between his legs. She leaned over with her face only inches above the head of his cock, watching him closely as she jacked him. Her honey blonde hair did not quite hang over her face, and Karen could see the hot, excited expression there. "It feels like I gotta pee real bad!"

"Don't pee on the floor," Robbie laughed. "Does this make you feel like you gotta pee, too?"

"It makes me feel like I'm going to come!" he moaned.

"What's that… come?"

Robbie's face turned sly.

"Lean down and watch real close, Judy," he said, "and you'll see what I mean."

Karen sucked in her breath. Surely he would not come in his sister's face! She wanted to let them know she was there, to stop her son from coming in Judy's sweet face, but she stayed where she was, peering around the corner, her fingers digging into her swollen clit, her own cunt throbbing as if she was about to come again.

"Am I close enough?" Judy asked in a husky voice. Her face was about two inches over her brother's cock now, her eyes almost crossed as she stared at his flaring piss hole.

"Yeah, that's close enough!"

Karen made a whimpering sound when Robbie jerked his hips upward, the head of his cock brushing his sister's lips. Judy, startled, jerked her face upward, and Robbie came. Hot come juice squirted from his cock, splashing into his sister's face. Judy, surprised, froze, but her hands kept pumping on his gushing cock. Come juice spurted all over her lovely face, on her cheeks and nose and chin, some in the hair at the side of her head. Her pouting lips were open slightly, and a squirt entered them. The unexpected taste of her brother's come juice made her eyes roll back, her fists clutching his cock as tight as they could, no longer pumping. A tight, throaty scream came from her.

"I'm peeing!"

Judy, experiencing her first orgasm, was pissing her panties, hot squirts of piss spewing into the tight crotch. Each contraction of her sugary cunt made the hot piss spurt, then stop, then spurt again. As she clung to her brother's cock, she took more and more of his come juice into her face. The more he came in her face, the more she squealed and came and pissed.

Karen boiled as she watched her son coming in her daughter's face, seeing the crotch of her small panties soaked in piss. She knew what her daughter was feeling, that Judy was coming for the first time in her life. Coming and pissing her panties at the same time. That it was her daughter created a perverse thrill, and she, too, was coming hard as she watched them, squeezing her slippery thighs tight against her contracting cunt.

"Ohhh, look what I done!" Judy gasped, releasing her brother's deflating cock and peering between her spread legs. "I told you it felt like I had to pee, and I did!"

Robbie looked at her soaked panties, laughing. "I guess you did."

With her sweet face dripping with his come juice, Judy stood up, holding her skirt outward away from her wet panties. Robbie could look up it and see her wet panties.

"I better change before Mommy comes back in here," Judy said, turning and starting toward the hall.

"Don't forget to wash your face, too, Judy," Robbie called.

Frantic not to be seen, Karen slipped into the nearest room, which was her son's and hid until her daughter passed, holding her skirt outward. When she was sure Judy was out of sight, she slipped into the living room as her son was sitting up.

"Why did you do that with your sister?" she asked.

"We got caught, Mom," he said. "I couldn't get out in time like you."

"You still could have gone to your room."

"Mom, did you see what Judy done?"

"I watched," Karen admitted. "You didn't have to come in her face, you know. You could have warned her."

"Judy seemed to enjoy it, Mom," he said. "She liked it so much, she pissed in her panties. See?" He pointed to the small puddle of piss.

"She done more than piss, Robbie," Karen said. "Judy came, too."

"How do you know that?"

"I know when a girl comes," Karen said. "But she's too young, Mom." Karen suddenly laughed. "That's what you think." She cupped his balls, squeezing them for a moment. "You better find some clothes. Judy will be back here soon, and…"

Robbie walked away, leaving her alone. Karen stared down at the small puddle of piss, shaking. Squatting, she ran her fingertips through the wetness, then drew them to her lips, the tip of her tongue tasting. A shiver swept through her, and she leaned down, pushing her face into the puddle of piss, moaning perversely.

She licked at the piss, not really thinking about it, but finding herself becoming very excited again.

Running her palm through the wetness, she smeared her daughter's piss onto the lips of her hairy pussy, moaning softly.

Getting to her feet, wonder on her beautiful face, Karen moved down the hall. Entering her own room again, she sat on the side of the bed, thinking about what she had seen, what her young daughter had seen when she came through the door. Judy knew. That was for sure. But would she tell her father? And if she did, would she admit to jacking Robbie off, too, and in her face, at all? What would Hal say? She wondered. He would be mad, that was for sure, really pissed.

Hal was at one time very erotic, eager to experiment with fleshly pleasures, but not in quite a few years. His sole enjoyment was his work, his family all but forgotten.

In the back of her mind, Karen knew what she wanted to do, and when she heard Judy's bedroom door close, she went back into the hall and entered the still steamy bathroom. Just as she knew they would be, Judy's pretty little pink panties with the white hearts were discarded on the floor, still soaked with her piss. Karen picked them up and pressed them tightly to her face, a little cry of delight bubbling from her. She washed her face with her daughter's piss wet panties, parting her lips to taste. She was sure she could taste that sugary young cunt along with the piss.

She pushed the drenched crotch into her mouth, sucking the piss from the panties, her eyes closing dreamily. Taking the panties out of her mouth, she spread her legs and stuffed the wet crotch into her cunt with her fingers. She trembled, spraddle-legged, then pulled Judy's panties from her pussy and sucked at her own juices mixed with her daughter's piss.

Once more she stuffed Judy's panties into her cunt, and closing her thighs over them, she wrapped her robe about her naked body and left the steamy bathroom, walking back to her own room.

Again she sat on the edge of her bed, spreading her legs and opening her robe, and began to finger-fuck herself, running her fingers into her cunt, wrapped in her daughter's soft panties.


Karen bathed again, knowing she was going to have to face her daughter sooner or later. She could not avoid Judy. She had no idea what her daughter was thinking, what she felt when she saw her hairy cunt in Robbie's face, or his hard cock stuffed into her mouth.

She was very nervous as she pulled on a skirt and sweater, and remembered she was naked under them. Shrugging, thinking no one would know, she went to find her son and daughter.

She found Robbie alone in the living room, wearing an old pair of faded jeans, cut off at his thighs. Although she had not heard him, he had obviously showered, too. His hair was still damp.

"Where's your sister?"

"Still in her room, I guess," he shrugged.

"I've got to talk to her," Karen said. "I'm afraid she might tell your father what she saw us doing."

"It looks like we're in trouble, huh?"

Karen, standing near him, ran her fingers through his damp hair. "I don't want to give this up, baby. I've enjoyed myself the past two days more than I have in years. Fucking is very important to me. I need it very much, all the time, I'd say."

"I don't know what we can do, Mom," he said softly, and she knew he was as worried about it as she was.

She pulled his head against her stomach, holding it tightly. She was trembling, partly with what could happen to her and her family, but also with the insatiable hunger her son had brought back to her.

"I don't have panties on," she whispered. "Want to feel me?"

Robbie ran his hand down the back of his mother's legs, then under her skirt, to her ass.

He clutched her naked ass, then slipped the edge of his hand between her thighs, rubbing at the slit of her cunt. Karen purred and waggled her ass, hugging his head tighter against her quivering stomach.

"God, baby!" she moaned. "You make me so wet… make mother's cunt so fucking wet and hot! I need your cock again, right now!"

"But Judy…"

"Just lick my ass a little, then," she said. "I'll have to be satisfied with that for now."

She pulled her skirt to her waist, turning her ass to her son, jutting it at him. She wiggled, making the rounded cheeks bunch. Robbie held her hips and kissed her creamy ass cheeks.

"Ahhh, that's nice, darling!" Karen purred, twisting her ass at his face.

Robbie slipped his hand around her hips, his palm pressing to the soft hair of her cunt, pulling her ass back. He licked the satiny flesh of his mother's ass, making her squirm and whimper.

"Lick between the cheeks!" she gasped. "Taste mother's ass hole!"

Eagerly, Robbie pushed his tongue into the crack of his mother's ass, licking the fiery pucker of her asshole. Karen cried out in a throaty sound, her hand behind her, on his head, smashing his face into her ass.

"Ohhhhh, I love that! Lick mother's asshole! Tongue me in that hot ass, Robbie! Ahhh, so good… I think you could make me come this way, if we had the time."

But they didn't have the time.

"Oooooh, what you're doing!" Judy squealed.

"Oh, my God!" Karen yelped, yanking her naked ass out of her son's face and jerking her skirt down swiftly, her face hot with embarrassment as she sat down next to her son, nervously watching her daughter. "Not again!"

Judy, her blue eyes sparkling, had changed in a sun dress, with narrow straps across her shoulders, tight at the waist, but loose around her hips and legs. Her face was shining and she was grinning from ear to ear. She stood in the center of the room, facing her mother and brother.

"I caught you again, it looks like."

Robbie was not as nervous as his mother. He liked it when his sister jacked him off, and he liked it when he came in her face. He wasn't as worried that Judy would say anything to their father as his mother was.

"What are you going to do about it, Judy?" he asked.

"I'm not gonna tell," she said, nibbling the tip of her thumb and looking at them, shy but bold. "Did you think I was gonna tell Daddy?"

"That's what I figured you'd do," her brother said. "You know we'd get into a lot of trouble, don't you?"

"Well, I'm not gonna tell, so it's okay," Judy said. "But you gotta let me play with it again, any time I wanna."

"Judy, that's blackmail," Karen said, but a grin was spreading on her face. "Blackmail isn't nice."

"What Robbie was doing to you, Mommy, was that nice?"

"When, before or… just now?"

"Both times," Judy said.

Karen couldn't stop a pleased giggle. "Very!"

With her thumb tip still stuck in her mouth, Judy lifted her dress to her waist, watching her mother to see if she would stop her. But Karen had no intentions of stopping her daughter. Judy had put on a fresh pair of panties, a pale blue pair with white lace.

Then, with a wanton little giggle, Judy turned her back to them, holding her dress high. She pulled her panties into the crack of her succulent young ass, and waggled it lewdly.

"Do that to me, too, Robbie," she mewled softly.

Robbie looked at his mother, who was gazing upon the sweetness of her daughter's little ass with steamy eyes. She barely nodded her head, and her son slipped off the couch and sat on the floor behind his sister's ass. Judy, with deliciously wicked giggles, backed up with her feet parted, her little hands holding the cheeks of her ass, her panties pulled in tight. Spreading her small ass, she looked behind her at her brother, his face close to her ass.

"Do it to me, too!" she whimpered. "The way you were doing it to Mommy!"

Karen pushed her fists into her crotch, leaning forward, her eyes blazing as her son kissed those sweet little ass cheeks. She saw his tongue slide from his mouth, and lick over the satiny flesh. Judy squealed and waggled her ass into his face, and Robbie, moaning in pleasure, licking his sister's ass, pulled his cock from the side of his cut-offs. Karen dropped to her knees close to them, her hand taking hold of his cock, pumping it as her eyes burned, watching her son now sliding his tongue up and down the split of her daughter's wiggling little ass.

"Ahhhh, does it taste good, Robbie?" she moaned. "Does Judy's sweet little ass taste good?"

"Mmmmm, she has a hot little ass, Mom," Robbie said, working his tongue between Judy's thighs, dragging it along the crotch of her panties, then to her ass again.

"Let me…" Karen shoved her finger into her daughter's panties, stretching them to one side, the pink pucker of Judy's tight little asshole crinkling. "Ooooh, lick her right there, Robbie!"

Robbie probed his sister's fiery asshole.

Judy, whimpering softly, jutted her sweet, tight ass back into her brother's face, her hands on her ass cheeks, parting them. Although her eyes were unfocused with hot pleasure, she saw her mother take her brother's cock in her hand. That, and the wet heat of her brother's tongue against the crinkled heat of her small asshole, brought a low cry from her throat, her sugary cunt vibrating in ways she had never imagined.

"Oooooooh… ahhhhhhh!" she sobbed, straining her satiny ass against Robbie's face.

Karen, sitting on the floor, her son's cock in one hand, the other holding the seat of her daughter's panties far to one side, gasped with excitement as she watched Robbie's tongue lick up and down the creamy crack. Drawing her knee up, swinging it open, she squirmed her ass.

"I see you, Mommy!" Judy squealed. "I see you!"

"Yes, honey!" Karen moaned, swinging her knee back and forth, gripping her son's cock tightly. "Shove your pretty ass in his face, Judy!"

Robbie, holding his sister's hip with one hand, her thigh with the other, lapped wetly, swirling his tongue around his sister's steamy asshole. He moved his finger to where his mother was holding Judy's panties, and when he grabbed them, Karen darted her hand between her thighs, thrusting her middle finger into her juicy cunt, beginning to fuck herself.

"Oooooh, Mommy!" Judy gasped, watching. "You're making wet sounds!"

"I know," Karen purred, parting her knees, her crotch widely exposed, her ass lifting a little to push her cunt onto her finger.

Robbie drew his face back, looking up at his sister's ass. "You taste as good as Mom, Judy!"

Judy wiggled her jutting ass in pleasure. Robbie, and his mother could see the succulent, smooth, hairless clit of Judy's tender cunt, her lovable ass and her little pink asshole. Robbie's cock throbbed with need inside his mother's fist, his balls tight and full. Karen gasped softly as she kept up a steady thrust of her finger into her cunt. Judy, her eyes glazed, watched her mother, then turned her eyes to the head of her brother's cock bulging from their mother's tight fist. Leaning down as if to touch her toes, she ran her fingers into the side of her brother's shorts and pulled his balls free, holding them in her hot little hand, her ass again in Robbie's face.

Robbie swirled his tongue against his sister's asshole, then pushed his face up and between her thighs, the tip of his tongue flicking at the exquisitely tight, bubbling slit of her cunt.

"Ohhhhhh, Robbie!" Judy cried out, bending her knees until she was half-squatting, ass jutting back into his face. Her small hand squeezed his balls, and his cock jerked in his mother's hand.

"Oh, Robbie, lick her pretty little pussy!" Karen mewled in a hot voice. "Lick your sister's pretty cunt!"

Bringing his thumbs down below Judy's ass, he spread the soft, hairless pussy open, and worked his tongue into the scalding tightness.

"Robbie!" Judy cried out, trembling, heat searing her more than ever now.

Karen, her eyes glazed, began to feverishly fuck her cunt with a rigid finger, her moist lips sliding over her daughter's smooth thigh, her tongue licking the velvety flesh. Her tongue lapped up, and swirled around a small asscheek, her face pressing at her son's. She pulled her dripping finger out of her cunt and moved her hand below her daughter's stomach and found Judy's knotted clit. She agitated it, twirling her fingertip on it, rubbing firmly, while her son tongued the fiery slit.

Judy, almost out of her young mind with ecstasy, gripped her brother's balls, shoved her other hand between her mother's thighs, and rubbed at the hairy wetness of her cunt. She strained hard into her brother's mouth, gripping his balls and rubbing at her mother's juicy cunt with tight, moaning squeals. Karen, pushing her cunt into her daughter's hand, fell back onto her elbows weakly. Spreading her legs wide, she shoved her cunt into her daughter's hand, staring up between Judy's thighs as her son drew his tongue along the soft slit of her cunt to her asshole, then back again.

Judy felt things happening between her legs, and she was afraid she was going to pee again, and her brother would be mad if she did it in his face. He would be so mad that he wouldn't do this for her again, she thought through the intense ecstasy she was feeling.

With a cry, she pulled her ass out of his face and stood up, turning around and looking down at them. Her small hand was drenched with the juices of her mother's cunt, and her own felt like she was about to pee real hard again. With her dress high, her panties slipped over her pussy, and Judy cupped it with her pussy-wet palm, wiggling her hips.

"What did you do that for, Judy?" Robbie said. "Didn't you like what I was doing to you?"

"I was about to pee again," Judy giggled. "I think I still am."

Karen was shaking with need. Watching her son lick her daughter's cunt and asshole had caused a real burn in her pussy. Although she heard Judy say she felt she was about to piss, her need was so great, her fingers clawed at the front of her son's cut-offs, unsnapping them, dragging them down.

"Lift your ass!" she panted. "I want these off!"

She yanked her son's cut-offs from his feet, and Judy's blue eyes grew wide as she saw her brother naked, his cock standing up so very hard. She pulled her panties up, tightly, into the slit of her cunt.

Karen, feverishly, turned onto her hands and knees, jerking her skirt over her naked ass.

"Now, Robbie!" she cried. "Shove it in me now!"

Her ass jutted into the air, her knees drawn beneath her body. Judy, breathing heavily, saw her mother's ass spread, saw the hairy slit of her juicy cunt push back from her thighs. She began to shake hard as her brother stood on his knees behind their mother, his cock jerking up and down as he rubbed the head along that wet cunt. She stared with fascination as her brother's cock stretched their mother's cunt, then disappeared into it, hearing her mother's hot intake of air.

"So that's how it works!" Judy giggled. "It looks like it would hurt, Mommy."

"It hurts so good!" Karen gasped, pushing her ass back, her songs cock deep. "It hurts so much I can't ever get enough of it! Now, Robbie… now!"

Robbie held his mother's hips, and stabbed his cock in and out. Judy stared down the spread of her mother's ass, watching his cock plunge, her mother's light brown asshole sucking inward. She stood with her skirt at her narrow waist and rubbed her palm wickedly at her pantied cunt, her sweet little ass bunching, tight squeals coming from her.

Karen felt so lewd, so wanton, with her young daughter watching Robbie fuck her. Her cunt seemed to swell, expand, yet the swollen lips clung to his hard cock, the soft, wet walls caressing the head and shaft. She clawed at the carpet as she cried out in delight, shaking her uplifted ass with mindless abandonment.

With his cock ramming wetly into his mother's cunt, Robbie pushed his sister's hand away from her pussy, and replaced it with his own. As he rubbed at the sugary pussy, Judy held her skirt high, pushing her hips into her brother's hand. She wiggled and cried out, the feeling she was going to pee very strong, but now she didn't mind. Peeing in his hand was different than in his face, she felt, and he wouldn't be mad at her if she did. Her eyes were a blue fire as she fixed them on her mother's grinding ass, watching those wet, hairy lips take her brother's cock easier than she would have thought.

"You're fucking Mommy, huh, Robbie?" she panted, squirming her ass as she rubbed at her cunt. "You're fucking Mommy!"

It was Karen who answered. "Yes, he's fucking Mommy! He's fucking Mommy's pussy… fucking Mommy's hot cunt!"

Judy giggled lewdly. "Fuck Mommy, Robbie!" she said. "Fuck Mommy's hot cunt and pussy."

Karen was excited to hear her sweet daughter saying those things. Judy was such a sweet, adorable girl that the words sounded more lewd and exciting than they would have otherwise.

Her hand caught Judy's ankle, and although she wasn't really thinking about it, she pulled. "Judy come here."

Reluctantly, Judy stepped toward her mother's head, craning to try and keep watching her brother's cock push in and out of her cunt.

Karen pulled at her daughter's leg, and Judy understood. She sat down on the floor at her mother's head, and Karen spread the slender thighs along her shoulders. Judy, sensing what her mother was doing, leaned back, her eyes big as she watched her mother kiss the soft inside flesh of her thighs.

"Are you gonna do what Robbie done, Mommy?" she asked breathlessly.

"Yes!" Karen sobbed, licking up her daughter's thigh, arching her shapely ass high for her son. She was so aroused, so hot, she couldn't help herself. Burying her face into her daughter's panties, she opened her mouth and sucked at the crotch.

"This way, Mommy!" Judy squealed, jerking her panties to one side. "Kiss it without my panties on it!"

Robbie, pounding hard into his mother's cunt, groaned when he saw her head pushed between his sister's thighs. His cock swelled, throbbed with greater power as he watched his sister push her hairless cunt into their mother's face.

"Oooooh, Mommy, I like that!" Judy sobbed, grinding her cunt in little sideways motions, then churning it up and down.

Karen felt the heat of her daughter's cunt sear her face, her lips. She kissed feverishly at the soft pussy, opening her mouth and sucking at the hairless slit, sliding her hands beneath the twisting little ass, cupping it, lifting her daughter's cunt tight against her mouth. She swished her tongue over the knotted hardness of Judy's young clit then sucked it vigorously. Judy gasped and rammed her crotch frantically into her mother's face, falling onto her back, her legs stretched out very wide. She grabbed the back of her mother's head, her fingers pulling at Karen's hair. Her small ass whipped up and down as she sobbed in ecstasy.

Karen pushed her tongue into the fiery tightness of her daughter's cunt, and stabbed it wickedly, tongue-fucking Judy's virgin pussy in a hungry frenzy, her son fucking her cunt with wild, powerful lunges. Squeezing her fingers into the tight little ass, Karen cried with ecstasy as she sucked and licked and ran her tongue up the fiery slit. The delicious sweetness of her daughter's cunt surprised her. It was so very soft, yet so very hot, and the wetness made her shiver in a wonderful sensation. She lapped up and down Judy's exquisite cunt, sucking hard, then tongue-fucking her again, her own gripping her son's cock, with a desperate wetness.

"Kiss it, Mommy!" Judy cried, her long blonde hair swirling about her face as she twisted her head from side to side, shoving her cunt hard into her mother's mouth. "Kiss it for me! Ooooh, are you sticking your tongue in me, Mommy! Is that your tongue in my pussy?"

"That's Mom's tongue, Judy!" Robbie gasped as he kept banging relentlessly into his mother's scalding cunt, his hands holding her gyrating ass. "Mom is licking your cunt, sucking your pussy!"

"Her tongue is inside my pussy!" Judy whimpered, staining her cunt over her mother's tongue. "She's got it inside my pussy!"

"Mom, suck Judy's cunt!" he yelped. "Suck her cunt like you suck my cock!"

Karen heard them, their excited words inflaming her. She ran her tongue as deep as she could into her daughter's ever-so-tight cunt, plunging it in and out as her hands dug into the small cheeks of Judy's ass. She slipped one hand inside her daughter's panties to feel the satiny flesh, leaving the other on the outside. The crotch of Judy's panties was tight at the corner of her lips, but remained to one side so she could suck and lick and taste the fiery slit.

On her knees between her son and daughter in this wanton position, Karen was experiencing tremendous rapture. When her son ran his cock up her cunt from behind, it pushed her mouth tighter onto her daughter's cunt. Her tits swung in a tight sway beneath her body, her nipples ready to burst.

"I'm going to come pretty soon!" Robbie growled, jerking his cock in and out faster.

Judy was sobbing, grinding her cunt frantically into her mother's mouth, the sensation of peeing very strong. The feeling was so good, she didn't want to jerk her pussy away from her mother's sucking mouth, but if she didn't, her mother might be mad and not do this to her anymore. She clutched the back of her mother's head, slamming her cunt as hard as she could against Karen's open mouth, squealing now as the exquisite feeling became unbearable.

"Take it, Mom!" Robbie groaned, driving his cock deep into her cunt, his hands pulling her ass back. "I'm going to come… right up your fucking hot cunt, Mom!"

Karen wailed into her daughter's pussy, the strong squirts of her son's triggering an orgasm. Her hairy cunt pulled at his spurting cock, and she mouthed her daughter's cunt with even more of a frenzy, her tongue racing up and down the steamy slit, from the bottom to the little vibrating clit.

Judy cried, tears streaming from tightly closed eyes. She breathed as if she were strangling, trying not to piss, but the feeling was overwhelming.

With a mindless scream, she slammed her cunt against her mother's mouth, gripping the back of her head, and came, came very hard. With the contractions of her cunt, she spurted hot piss, piss that squirted into her mother's open mouth. Karen tasted it, and she drew her daughter's cunt into her mouth as tight as she could, sucking and lapping furiously, her cunt rippling through the sweetest orgasms ever – her son's cock gushing into her, her daughter's cunt spasming against her lips, hot piss coming in squirts over her tongue.


Karen sprawled in the floor, her arms above her head, her skirt wrinkled around her waist, her legs parted. Her tits rose and fell as she breathed deeply. Her cunt seemed to keep pulsing from the amazing orgasms, and her lips were a little puffy from being smashed so hard into her daughter's cunt. The taste of her daughter's pussy juices, and her hot, sweet piss lingered in her mouth and on her tongue.

Judy was sitting on the corner of the coffee table, right on the edge, her skirt high, her legs spread wide. Between her feet, Robbie was looking at her cunt, stroking it with his fingers, playing and feeling his sister up, but without the earlier frenzied passion. Judy was holding her skirt high, watching her brother's fingers stroke her steamy little slit, probe her small clit. Karen enjoyed watching them very much.

Judy's soft, naughty little giggles reminded her of when she was this way with her father, showing her pussy to him proudly, watching him jack off his long, very thick cock. She wondered if her father had refused to fuck her because of his large cock, afraid it would hurt her little cunt. But if that was so, he could have fucked her when she was older, in her teens, Karen often told herself. She was more than ready by then, and old enough. She knew her cunt could have taken his cock, because she had managed to get all her fingers inside herself a number of times. It might have been crowded in her pussy, and stuffed her to capacity, but he could have fucked her if they had gone about it carefully, she was sure.

"Judy," Karen asked from on the floor, "why are you home, anyway? You were supposed to have gone to school."

Judy looked at her mother's bushy cunt. "I did go to school, Mommy, but I wanted to come home, so I said I had a stomach ache."

"You sure caught us, didn't you?" Robbie laughed, giving his sister's cunt a quick kiss. "Aren't you glad you did?"

"Golly, yes!" Judy giggled. "This is fun!"

Karen laughed delightedly, agreeing with her daughter. She sat up, peeling her sweater off, her tits full, firm. Judy gazed at them, then touched her mother's nipples. Karen lifted her shoulders.

"Feel them, honey," she urged. "Play with Mommy's titties."

While Judy fondled and squeezed her tits, Karen squirmed out of her skirt, the need to be naked with them strong. She stood up, and while Robbie kept feeling Judy's hairless slit, she offered her hairy cunt to Judy's eager little hands.

"So much hair, Mommy," Judy whispered, almost awed. "And you feel wetter than I do."

"You'll look and feel the same way when you're older, darling," Karen said, spreading her thighs so Judy could probe her pussy with her small fingers. "But right now you have a sweet little cunt. I love it, and I know your brother does, too."

"Judy's cunt is nice and tight on my finger, Mom," Robbie said, working his middle finger up into his sister's cunt. "See how tight it is?"

"I know how tight it is," Karen answered, watching the pink slit of Judy's sugary pussy cling to his buried finger. "I had my tongue in it."

"Open your legs wider, Mommy," Judy asked, her voice soft, excited. "I wanna stick my finger in your cunt, too."

Karen spread her legs, bending her knees, crouching lewdly, sucking in air when she felt her daughter's fingers slide into her cunt. Her ass twisted as her pussy closed around the small finger. Judy's eyes burned as she watched her finger push in and out of her mother's juicy cunt, making soft wet sounds. Her thumb pushed at her mother's clit.

"Ahhhh, that feels nice!" Karen gurgled, writhing her hips.

"This is bigger than mine, too, Mommy."

"Want to give it a kiss, Judy?" her brother asked.

Judy's blue eyes went dreamy as she looked up at her mother. "Is it okay, Mommy? I can kiss it?"

"Oh, yes, baby!" Karen gasped, spreading her legs wide, her hands parting the hairy lips so her clit strained out, throbbing again. "Give Mommy's cunt a nice kiss!"

Judy showed no reluctance. She pursed her pouty lips and pressed them against her mother's still-hot cunt. She kissed it wetly and noisily, then moved her tongue out, sliding the tip along the fiery slit. Pulling back, she looked up again at her mother. She ran her tongue over her lips.

"You're real wet," she said in a low voice. Robbie laughed. "That's part me, Judy. I just came in Mom's cunt, remember?"

Judy's eyes widened. "I tasted your come juice yesterday when you came in my face. This is a different taste."

Karen ran her hand through her daughter's soft blonde hair. "Maybe because it's my pussy juice with his come juice, honey."

"Whatever it is, I like it, Mommy," she said, and darted her tongue through the silky hairs of her mother's cunt, licking at the fiery slit again, one small hand covering her brother's, pressing his finger deep into her scalding little pussy. "Mmmmmm, I do like your taste, Mommy!"

Robbie's cock swelled with the excitement of his sister being with them, watching Judy swish her tongue in their mother's hairy cunt. Moving his finger in and out of the gripping heat of his sister's sugary pussy, he grabbed his cock with his other hand, stroking it slowly.

Karen squirmed her cunt back into her daughter's face, fingers holding the slit wide open, shivering as Judy's tongue licked along the edges of her swollen clit.

"Judy," she asked in a throaty voice, "do you want to get fucked?"

Robbie's eyes widened as a grin spread over his face. "You mean I can fuck Judy, Mom?"

"I think so, if Judy is willing," Karen said. Judy, licking the pussy juices from her finger, giggled wantonly. "If we can get your cock in me, I'll fuck."

"Let me tell you two a story," Karen said, sitting on the coffee table next to her daughter, opening her dress and lifting it over Judy's head. Judy lifted her ass and stripped her panties off while she and her brother listened to the things she told them about her father, what they did with each other, how disappointed she was that her father had never fucked her, and now it was too late. "So you see, it's okay if Robbie fucks you. That pretty little cunt will stretch more than you think." She told them of stuffing all her fingers into her cunt when she was a little younger than Judy. Hugging her naked daughter to her tits, she whispered, "Now would you like to get fucked, honey?"

"Oooooh, yes. Mommy!" Judy gasped, looking down at her brother's once-again throbbing hard-on.

Instructing her son to lay on his back so Judy would be in control of the depth of his cock, she positioned Judy above him, having her squat down with her soft, hairless slit brushing the swollen head of her son's cock. Leaning down over her son's thighs to look under the creamy little ass, Karen rubbed her son's dripping piss hole among the smooth cunt, then very gently fit the head of his cock into the deliciously tight slit. Judy held her breath as she leaned forward, watching what her mother was doing, feeling a wonderful stretching, filling sensation.

Robbie, watching, too, saw the pink slit of his sister's cunt cling to his cock, felt the searing wet heat close around it. He gritted his teeth, his balls feeling ready to come right now.

"Slide your cunt down his cock slow and easy, Judy," Karen cautioned.

"Uhhhhhh!" Judy moaned, feeling her cunt spread wider than ever in her young life. "Ooohhh, it's so big, Mommy!"

"Are you okay, baby?" Karen asked, her eyes glassy as half her son's cock vanished inside Judy's satiny pussy.

"It's so big!" Judy whimpered again. "But I can do it! I can get his cock in me, Mommy! I know I can! I wanna get it in my cunt!"

"Easy!" Karen urged when her daughter almost slammed her ass down.

Judy had her hands gripping her knees as she leaned forward, holding them open. The feel of her brother's cock sliding into her cunt sent her naked little body into a shivering rapture. Her eyes bulged, her pouting lips gaping. Only half of Robbie's cock was in her pussy.

"Ahhhh! Ohhhh!" Judy sobbed.

The convulsion surprised her, surprised her mother, and surprised her brother. Her tight cunt squeezed with contracting tightness around half his cock as she came, tight screams bubbling from her throat. And, as before when Judy came, she began squirting hot piss. Each contraction of her cunt sent hot piss spewing onto the base of her brother's cock, running along the wiry hairs and over his aching balls. Karen still gripped her son's cock at the base, and she gasped in perverse pleasure as she felt her daughter's hot piss drench her hand.

"Ohhhh, Judy, piss on him!" she cried out in passion. "Piss on his hot balls, his cock!"

Judy was sobbing with the burning, intense orgasm, spraying hot piss in quick spurts, her naked ass shaking. "Ohhh… ahhhh, I feel… Mommy, I'm gonna die!"

Karen, her hand slippery with piss, began jacking up and down on her son's cock, pumping him with half his cock buried in his sister's cunt. His balls jerked up and down, and he twisted and squirmed, gasping.

"Mom, you're going to make me come this way!" Robbie yelped.

"Yes!" Karen whimpered, rubbing her face against Judy's shaking little ass while she watched the hairless pussy flexing about the head of her son's cock. "I'll make you come! I'll jack your hard cock off and right into your sister's hot cunt! Come in her pussy, Robbie!"

With his sister sitting on the head of his cock, Robbie gasped and closed his hands on her ass, pushing his cock upward, lifting his sister. Judy was squealing, feeling her mother's fist beat up against the stretching lips of her cock-filled cunt. Although she was no longer coming, piss continued to dribble from her cunt over her mother's fist and her brother's balls.

"Come, come in her sweet, pissing cunt, Robbie!" Karen urged in a hot, thick voice. "Come in her pissy pussy!"

Her fist jerked up and down in a frenzy, smashing against her daughter's widely expanded pussy, then the base of her son's piss drenched cock. She made gasping sounds of delight, her face leaning in close beneath her daughter's trembling, naked ass.

"Is he gonna come in my pussy, Mommy?" Judy whined, trying hard to see her brother's cock up her cunt. It felt to her as if his cock was already pushing past her stomach, it was so long and thick. "Are you gonna make Robbie come in my cunt."

"Yes! God, yes!" Karen panted hotly.

Robbie's balls danced and swung with the force of his mother's pounding fist. He gripped his sister's ass tightly, straining hard, gritting his teeth. His sister's cunt was already so tight, and when it squeezed his cock, it felt as if she were trying to break it off inside her.

Judy was crying with soft, ecstatic sobs, her cunt so full, so stretched, she knew it would be impossible to slip anything else into her. Her brother's cock jerked around just inside the soft, sugary slit, and it felt to her as if it were getting bigger.

"Mommy, it's… Robbie's cock is growing again in me!"

"He's about to come, darling!" Karen hissed, jerking her hand up and down as fast as she could. "He's going to squirt it your hot cunt, baby! Come, Robbie… spurt your juice in her hot cunt!"

"Ahhhh… almost, almost!" Robbie groaned.

Karen gasped as she felt his cock throb, his come juice roaring up the shaft, flooding her daughter's pussy.

"Oh!" Judy yelped, feeling the scalding spurts burn along the sensitive flesh of her pussy. "Ohhhh, golly! I can feel it! Robbie, I can feel you come in me! Oooh… ahhhh, so much! You're squirting too much in me!"

It was true, Karen felt her son's come juice spray from the tightly gripping pussy, soaking her pounding fist. Her eyes became glassy as she watched her daughter's cunt drip her son's come juice over her hand, onto his balls.

Judy shuddered, her little ass shaking, and a screech came from her.

"Ohhhh, look at me!"

Her pussy was clutching her brother's cock, another orgasm steaming through her, and as before, quick spurts of hot piss spewed from her cock-filled, and now come-filled cunt.

Karen gurgled in delight as she watched that creamy, hairless pussy suck on the head of her son's cock, thick juices streaming out of it along with golden piss. Her cunt clutched, seeming to suck inward. With a cry, she yanked her drenched hand from between them, and quickly pushed her face underneath Judy's ass, her tongue licking at the shaft of her son's slippery cock, to the stretching lips of her daughter's cunt.

She was so feverish and hungry, her face forced Judy's ass off Robbie's cock, sending her off balance and sprawling on the floor. When Judy twisted around, she saw her mother licking and sucking furiously at her brother's wet cock and balls, one of her legs lifted, thrown wide, and her fingers stabbing into her contracting cunt with brutal force. Karen sobbed in passion as she licked her son's cock and balls clean, her hips smashing up onto her plunging fingers.

Judy cried out, her young cunt dripping come juice, watching her mother with huge eyes. Karen had wrapped her hot lips about her son's cock, and was sucking with hungry, wet sounds, stabbing herself in her hairy cunt frantically, her ass jerking, trying to get her legs open impossibly wide.

"Mom!" Robbie groaned, his mother's mouth seemed to be trying to suck his cock off at the base, the suction was so strong. "Mom, you're sucking so hard! You're sucking too hard, Mom!"

He lifted his hips to ease the pull on his cock, but his mother seemed oblivious to his discomfort. Karen stretched her son's cock up with her tight lips, groaning deep in her throat, fighting to pull more of his hot come juice out of his balls. But Robbie's balls were empty, and the suction of his mother's mouth was making them hurt.

Judy seemed to understand the torment of her mother. She jumped to her hands and knees, and yanking her mother's fingers out of her juicy, hairy cunt, buried her sweet, adorable face in it. Clutching her mother's jerking ass, Judy began to slurp and lick and stab at her mother's fiery cunt with her tongue, her lips sucking very hard. She squeezed her mother's ass, lifting her crotch tight against her pretty face, and gobbled and licked and sucked at her mother's pussy in a frenzy.

Karen, with a scream of ecstasy, released her son's cock, and grabbed the back of Judy's blonde head and began to pound her cunt almost brutally into the sucking little mouth.

"Eat it… eat that cunt, Judy!" Karen screamed. "Suck my hot pussy… lick mother's hot cunt! Ooooh, tongue-fuck Mommy hard, baby! Ahhhh, fuck Mommy's cunt!"

Robbie, drained and still panting, watched his sister's sucking their mother's cunt hungrily, his eyes shining with pleasure. He gasped as his mother wrapped her long, hot thighs around his sister's head and began slamming her cunt into Judy's face with wet slaps.

Judy pushed her open mouth as tight as she could against her mother's cunt, her tongue penetrating the satiny, slippery lips, probing the sensitive tissues, her lip smashing Karen's aching, swollen clit. Her little ass jutted into the air, her knees parted, her toes digging into the carpet to get leverage to push her sucking mouth hard into her mother's cunt. Robbie leaned over his mother's swollen tits, sucking hard at nipple, pulling and twisting the other hard enough to make his mother scream out with rapture.

"Eat my pussy! Suck my cunt, baby! Ooooh, Judy, lap Mommy's juicy snatch! Lick it up, fuck it, suck it! Ahhhh, it's working! I can feel it starting… I'm going to come!"

Straining her cunt against her daughter's face, Karen mindlessly grabbed her son's thigh, pulling him until she had his knees on each side of her face. Parting the cheeks of his ass, she began to lick and suck feverishly at his asshole, her hips bucking up and down as her daughter tongue-fucked her cunt furiously. Robbie's hot balls rubbed at her chin as she probed her tongue into his asshole, making Robbie gasp and push his ass hard against her face. He watched his sister's sweet ass lift into the air as her mouth made juicy sounds against their mother's cunt.

Karen flung her legs wide apart, lifting her ass, grinding into Judy's mouth as her own sucked at her son's asshole. She began to moan loudly, the sounds muffled.

Then she screamed into Robbie's ass, her hips smashing up and down, her cunt beating at her daughter's mouth as a tremendous orgasm burst throughout her naked body.

When her orgasm was over, she felt lightheaded, and she couldn't quite focus her eyes. She struggled to breathe. But the sensations in her body were the best yet.


The following day, Judy and Robbie both wanted to stay home from school, but Karen refused. She wanted them to be with her all day, but school had to come first and she emphasized its importance. Judy pouted, telling her mother she was learning more important things with her and Robbie.

"I'd rather learn about pussy and cock instead of history and stuff like that, Mommy," she said, wrinkling her cute nose. "It's more fun."

"It might be more fun," Karen said, slapping Judy's exquisite little ass fondly. "But off to school you go, just the same."

"Sure, and Robbie will stay here and fuck you all day and I'll be left out, Mommy," she pouted, picking up her books, hugging them to her chest.

"Robbie is going to school, too," Karen said. "He's going with you, holding your hand all the way."

"And I'll hold his cock!" Judy giggled.

"Not outside of this house, you won't," Karen said. "Now, both of you, scoot, before I change my mind and keep you home."

She watched them go, hand in hand, smiling, proud of them.

Karen missed them after five minutes. She had nothing to do, and after the past few days, the house seemed very empty. She thought of calling her husband, Hal, and see if he would meet her for lunch, but she knew he would plead business.

She washed up the small pile of laundry made a shopping list, then watched a soap opera on television. She undressed and tried on most of her clothes again, selected panties and bras, sorted them and threw away all the old pairs, then realized she would have buy more. If not for Hal, she thought with a wicked giggle, she wouldn't have to wear panties at all.

By noon, she was beside herself with need. Wanting to do something really wicked, Karen brought a wooden kitchen chair into the living room, and undressed before the huge plate glass, the drapes wide open. She sat in the chair, the back toward the window, and with her naked tits resting on the top, spread her legs around it and began to play with her cunt, almost hoping someone would come by, the postman perhaps, or a salesman, or even a paperboy.

After a few moments, she turned the chair to face the window, spreading her legs wide as she sat down again, her ass pushed over the edge of the seat. Fingering her cunt, sliding her fingers up and down the slit, she closed her eyes, fantasizing that someone was watching her. Working the finger of one hand into her cunt, she used her other hand to rub her inflamed clitoris. Moaning in self-induced pleasure, a movement caught her eye. It had been unexpected despite her exhibitionistic fantasy, and she almost yanked her hands away and clamped her thighs together. But a ripple of ecstasy flooded her, and instead she stabbed her finger into her cunt with more vigor.

Her son's face appeared clearly, grinning through the window at her.

Karen grinned widely, motioning him inside, still fucking herself.

Robbie came in, standing at her feet watching her, his cock pushing at his jeans. Without saying anything to her son, she cupped his balls, squeezing them in her palm, still fingering herself. Robbie leaned over and fondled his mother's tits, pushing his mouth onto hers. Karen, purring in pleasure to have her son there, pushed her tongue into his mouth as she opened his pants, puffing his cock free.

Clutching his prick, pounding on it, still finger-fucking herself, sucking hungrily at his tongue, Karen let out a tight, throaty moan, her cunt contracting with orgasm.

"Mmmmm, I needed that one," she murmured, slumping back with her legs still spread wide. "It wasn't the best, but I needed it very much." She still held his cock. "What are you doing home, anyway?"

"Because of this," he said, pushing his cock into her fist. "I couldn't stay at school with this, Mom."

She looked at the head of his cock bulging from her tight fist. "No, you couldn't have."

She pulled him to her shoulder, turning her head and licking the flat surface of her tongue over the swollen smoothness, then at the juices dripping out of his piss hole. She mewled in pleasure at tasting his cock. Closing her lips around the head, she sucked back and forth, her eyes twinkling up at his face.

Robbie cupped his mother's cheeks, and holding her head still, used her mouth like her cunt, fucking it deeply. Karen's eyes rolled dreamily as she closed her lips tightly, his cock sliding over her tongue.

She gently pulled off his cock, flinging her arms about his hips, squeezing his ass, looking up at him with steamy eyes.

"Robbie, put it in mother's cunt! I need to be fucked so badly! Please, darling, fuck mother now, and fuck her hard!"

Being in front of the huge window naked was a turn-on for Karen. This exhibitionistic desire was very strong, and she wanted someone to see her fucking her son… anyone, man or woman. She held her thighs very wide as her son pushed his jeans to his knees, stepping between her legs. Karen drew her knees up right against her tits, her eyes slitted with wanton hunger. Robbie pushed his cock into her juicy cunt, making her gasp with beautiful sensation.

Placing his hands underneath her knees, Robbie stared down at his cock banging in and out of his mother's cunt. Squishy sounds came from her crotch, and low whimpers of ecstasy from her throat. With her eyes closed, wiggling her ass to the pounding rhythm of her son's hard cock, she imagined someone outside the window peeking at them, maybe a man jacking off or a woman with her hand inside her panties, finger-fucking furiously as she fucked her son for their watching enjoyment.

"Can you see your cock in mother's cunt, baby?" she panted. "Can you see mother's cunt sucking your hard cock?"

"I can see it, Mom!" he gasped, stabbing faster.

"Watch your cock fuck mother's cunt! Oooh, I can feel your hot balls slap my ass… slap my asshole! Ahhhh, that's good, Robbie! It feels so good when your balls slap my asshole, your cock so deep in my cunt!"

"Wiggle your ass, Mom!"

"I am wiggling my ass!"

"Shake your hot ass!"

"Watch me shake my hot ass, darling!"

"Hold your cunt open, Mom!"

"Ooooh, I will!" she gurgled, pushing her hands down the back of her thighs, her fingers clawing her pussy wide for his cock. "There… is that wide enough?"

"Ahhhh, nice, Mom!"

"Ohhhh, yes, baby!"

Stretching her pussy, she gasped loudly when the shaft of his cock rubbed the hardness of her clit.

"Fuck me!"

"I'm fucking you, Mom!"

"Fuck me hard! Fuck mother's cunt hard!"

"Make your cunt suck my cock!"

"It is sucking your cock!" Robbie threw his head, moaning with the wet heat pulsating on the shaft of his buried cock. "Mother's cunt is giving your hard cock a blow job, baby!"

"It's eating my prick, Mom!"

"Your mother's cunt loves to eat hard cock!"

"Ahhhhh, Mom!"

"Yes, baby! Oh, my God, yes!" Karen's naked ass thrashed about, her weight resting on the base of her spine, her ass thrust up to his cock. Her chin pressed down at her chest, and, squealing, she darted her hands off her cunt lips to grab his humping ass, digging into the crack, jerking him forward hard.

"I'm almost there!" she screamed. Robbie rammed faster, his face contorting with agonized ecstasy, his balls tight and full, burning as they bounced off her puckering asshole. Karen's cunt closed about his cock tightly, then expanded as if opening. Her middle finger touched the crinkle of his asshole.

"Baby," she whined, "I'm going to finger-fuck you up the tight asshole, and make you fuck my cunt real hard!"

"Ahhhh, yes, Mom! Do it!"

Karen pushed her finger into her son's asshole, making him gasp, but it also made his cock jerk deliciously inside her cunt. Crying out in rapture, she plunged her finger back and forth, up his clinging asshole, making her son moan and fuck into her cunt violently, smashing the puffy lips of her pussy and rigid clit.

"Fuck my cunt!"

"Ohhhh, my asshole, Mom!"

"Sweet, hot asshole!"

"My balls hurt!"

"Those are mother's hot balls!"

"You're going to make me come, Mom!"

"Ooooh, come right up mother's hot cunt!" Her finger thrust deep, wiggling about.

Robbie strained his cock far into his mother's pussy, grunting, his body starting to shake.

"Mom… ahhhh, Mom!"

"Squirt it!"

His cock jerked, and Karen squealed, then screamed.

Her cunt closed about his cock tightly, then she was coming hard, the deep spasm of her pussy gripping him in rippling waves of delicious orgasm. She grunted from the strength of her orgasm, her finger buried up his asshole, his cock throbbing in her cunt. She screamed when she felt the hot gush of his juices spattering into her pussy, his asshole gripping her finger with uncontrolled spasms, his balls pushing hard against her asshole. Spurt after spurt of hot, thick come juice filled her greedy cunt, and the hairy lips sucked hard and hungry on the shaft.

Slowly, her body relaxed, and she felt her son's cock softening inside her pussy. She pulled her finger out of his asshole, caressing his trembling ass and thighs, listening to his heavy breathing. She tilted her face up, shoving his shirt high. She nipped at his nipples, her tongue swirling softly and wetly. Her cunt seemed to nibble on his deflated cock.

"Robbie," she finally said, her voice low, small, as if she were embarrassed. "Would you do something for mother?"

"Anything, Mom," he promised, still breathing fast.

"Piss in me," she whispered.

"Really?" he asked, looking down into her still smoldering eyes. "You mean it, Mom?"

She nodded her head, a tentative smile on her face.

"You really get turned on when Judy pisses, Mom?"

Again she nodded her head.

"Well… okay," he agreed.

Karen's face became radiant with anticipation, her lips parting as she dipped her head to try and watch. Robbie, his hands behind her knees, keeping them at her tits and wide open, looked down at the bushy cunt holding the head of his cock inside.

"Ready, Mom?"

"Ooooh, yes!"

Her breath stopped as she waited eagerly.

Her son sighed softly, and she felt a few spurts of hot piss gush into her cunt, and her breath came out explosively, her head jerking up to stare into his excited face.

"Can you feel it?" he asked.

"God, yes, I can feel it!" she gasped. "Piss in my cunt hard! I want to feel your piss spurt real deep and hard!"

Robbie began to piss harder, the stream spewing into her cunt hotly. Karen sobbed and wiggled her ass, her eyes closing as the ecstasy of this created a wild, perverse pleasure in her. As the stream of his piss gained in force, she began to cry softly, her cunt filling with hot piss.

They were so involved in their pleasure, neither noticed that Karen's fantasy was coming true. Not in the way she wanted, but true, just the same.

Standing outside the window, his face pressed against the glass, Hal stood watching his wife and son, his mouth gaping with surprise.

He had come up the walk, but the flash of movement caught his eyes before he reached the door. He stood trembling as he watched them, at first puzzled by what they were doing, then angry, and finally a very strange feeling of excitement filled him. He watched hotly, his cock swollen inside his pants. He had seen his wife thrust her finger up their son's asshole, and watched as they came with shaking ecstasy, and now he was watching his son piss into his wife's cunt.

But Karen and Robbie didn't know anyone was watching, and certainly would not have expected it to be Hal.

"Fill mother's cunt up with hot piss, baby!" Karen whimpered. "Ooooh, it's starting to run out of me!"

Her cunt became overfilled, and his piss ran from the hairy slit, glistening on the spreading cheeks of her ass, on her crinkling asshole, spilling to the floor beneath the chair. This could be seen by Hal, who was clutching his aching balls tightly, his eyes popping.

Karen ran her hand through the soft hair of her cunt, pulling upward to stretch her pussy on her son's cock, trying to see his piss run from her. She wiggled her ass, giggling wantonly.

"It makes me feel like I can come again, Robbie," she moaned. "Ahhh, it's so hot in me! Piss hard as you can in mother's cunt! Ooooh, I can feel your piss dripping over my asshole! Ooooh, it's so good!"

"I'm about to stop, Mom."

"I can feel it!" She grinned up at him, sliding her hand beneath his balls and feeling his piss drench her hand as it ran from her cunt.

A final squirt of piss left his cock, and Karen let out a wail.

"Stick it in my mouth now!"

Robbie stood at her shoulder, his cock dripping on her lips. Karen closed her lips around his cock and began to suck it, moaning, once more stabbing herself in the cunt with her fingers, jerking her crotch up and down. She mouthed her son's wet cock greedily, her tongue sliding about his piss-wet balls between sucks on his cock, her eyes closed as she savored the taste of his piss in her mouth.

Outside the window, Hal had removed his cock, and was stroking it as he watched his wife and their son. He had not seen such excitement in years. He felt no anger toward them, no disgust, only a thrill that had been missing in his life for some years now. He found himself very, excited to see his wife swallowing their son's cock and fuck herself at the same time. His hairy balls ached with a fullness he had long ago forgotten.

Karen whimpered in pleasure when she felt her son's cock harden between her lips. She looked up at his face, pulled her mouth of his cock.

"Robbie, fuck mother's face," she moaned. "Fuck me in my mouth now, baby! Fuck mother's mouth like it was her cunt! Oooohh watch me stab my pussy with my fingers! Come on, baby… fuck mother in the mouth and drown me in your hot, sweet come juice!"

Holding his mother's cheeks again, Robbie stared at her fingers plunging into her juicy, piss-filled cunt, and began to fuck her mouth. Karen whimpered in delight, jerking her naked ass up and down to meet her diving fingers, her tongue scraping the shaft of her son's pulsating cock, her lips burning around the hard shaft. She swallowed as her mouth filled with his dripping juices, moaning hungrily. Her son's young, precious balls bounced off her chin, adding to her wanton pleasure.

With his face now pressed against the window, Hal stared between his wife's spread-open thighs, gripping his cock tightly in his fist. He watched his son's cock moving in and out of Karen's mouth, and remembered how that hot, wet mouth had felt on his cock. It was all he could do to restrain himself, wanting to rush into the house and ram his thick cock into his wife's cunt hard, and fuck her wildly while she sucked their son's cock.

Robbie slipped his prick faster in and out, gasping as he got ready to spurt into his mother's eager throat.

"I'm ready, Mom!"

"Mmmmm," Karen whimpered, and rammed her fingers up her cunt hard, lifting her ass. With a shudder, she began to come, and as her cunt chewed on her fingers with rippling contractions, her son let out a yelp and spewed thick, hot come juice into her mouth. He came so much it dripped from the corners of her mouth before she could swallow it all. In his gushing excitement, Robbie pulled his cock out of her mouth. Karen protested, her lips wide. On the other side of the window, her husband stared glassy-eyed as he saw his son squirt his come juice into Karen's open mouth.

That was when Robbie saw his father.


"Let me have it all!" Karen cried out, trying to get the head of his cock back into her mouth.

But Robbie was turning, running away from her.


Karen had not seen her husband.

He had slipped away before she turned her back from watching Robbie run from the room. She saw no one outside the window, but her son must have, she thought. There was no other reason for his behavior.

With her cunt dripping piss, her chin and lips smeared with come juice, she stood up, picking up her scattered clothing, and still frowning over Robbie's sudden run, went to her room and filled the tub. Her flesh was still tingling nicely as she bathed. It had felt so good to fuck and suck her son in front of the huge window, but it would have been much better if someone had seen them.

She had a towel wrapped about her waist and was sitting at her dressing table when Robbie came in, his face showing concern. He stepped up behind her and she looked at him in the mirror. Puffing his hands over her shoulders, she curled his fingers over her tits.

"Honey, why did you run away?" she asked.

"Someone was watching us, Mom," he said.

A tremor swept through her.

"Was that so terrible?" she purred, smashing his palms into her tits. "I think it was exciting."

"Mom, it was…" he couldn't tell her.

She waited, but he said no more.

"Well, I hope they had as good a time as we did," she said softly, leaning her head against his stomach, rubbing his hands over her tits, her nipples hardening. "Do you want some more pussy now?"

Robbie didn't answer, but his eyes glowed and he squeezed her tits. "If only we had been careful, Mom."

"Why be careful?" She grinned wickedly at his reflection. "I love to be seen with your cock stuck in me, my mouth or cunt or… asshole."

Robbie, despite his fear of being seen by his father, felt his cock stiffen up, and he pushed at his mother's shoulder blades.

"Now that you mention it…" He grinned at her in the mirror.

"My asshole?" she asked, her eyes taking on a gleam of eagerness.

He nodded.

"Mmmmm, just talking about it makes mother's asshole crinkle so tightly!"

She twisted her head about, kissing just above his belt. "Get those fucking jeans off!" she moaned. "I want you naked, so I can feel everything."

Robbie, his cock very hard, scooted his jeans to his feet, kicking them off as his mother stood and moved to her bed. He watched her firm, shapely ass bunch, and his balls throbbed. With her back to him, Karen palmed her ass and spread the cheeks wide, exposing her puckering asshole to him, waggling her hips with wanton invitation.

"There it is, baby," she mewled. "There is one hot asshole ready for your lovely hard cock."

Robbie stepped behind his mother, arching his hips forward, staring hotly as he rubbed the head of his cock against the split of his mother's ass, feeling the searing heat of her asshole on the swollen tip of his prick. Karen whimpered with the contact, twisting her ass.

"Do you think you can put it in me standing up?" she panted.

"You bet, Mom!" he said hotly, pushing his cock against her tight asshole. "I can put it in you in any position!"

"Ooooh, I bet you can!" she purred, showing her ass back as his cock pushed inward, the pressure making her coo softly.

Robbie's eyes blazed as he inched his cock into his mother's asshole, watching it stretch for him. Karen held her breath as she felt her asshole open up, then the head of his cock was past the fiery ring. She moaned softly and arched her ass more, her tits straining out with stiff nipples. As her son held his body still, she eased her asshole back onto the hard prick, groaning softly as her asshole was filled with her son's throbbing cock.

"Ooooh, fuck it, baby!"

Robbie held his mother's naked tits while running his cock in and out of her asshole, making her shiver and shake. Karen closed her eyes, the ecstasy burning in her asshole making her cunt seep and drip slippery juices along the insides of her thighs. Her clit bulged and throbbed.

Hunching her ass back as her son drove forward, she cried out as her asshole tingled.

Releasing one cheek of her ass, she began to rub at her juicy cunt, manipulating her vibrating clit swiftly. Robbie thrust up and down, watching his cock disappear up his mother's asshole, his father forgotten now. His balls were full again, and that was his only concern.

"It's so hot, Mom!"

"Yes, baby! Mother has a hot asshole for you, a hot cunt for you, a hungry mouth for you! Fuck my ass, darling! Oh, God, fuck my ass good!"

She parted her feet on the floor, ramming her ass back and forth. Her long legs trembled and she was getting weak. She leaned over the bed, turning the other cheek of her ass loose to brace herself over the bed. She shook her ass in exciting circles as his cock rammed in and out. She gurgled and mewled, gasped and sobbed. Her tits jiggled from the plunge of his cock, and her palm moved slippery over the puffy lips of her cunt.

"You're going to make me fall!" she moaned. "My legs are shaking!"

"Get on the bed, Mom."

Karen pulled her asshole off his cock, turning around and falling back on the bed, spreading her legs wide and drawing them to her tits. "Fuck me in the ass this way!"

Robbie gazed down at his mother, seeing her hairy cunt open, the pink lips gleaming wetly, her clit standing hard like a tiny cock. Below her cunt, her asshole was winking, crinkling. Karen shoved her hands beneath her lifted ass, spreading the cheeks wide, looking up at him with fiery eyes. The tips of her fingers touched the pucker, and Robbie moved his cock to it once more.

Karen gasped hotly as she felt her son's cock sliding into her asshole again, and her hands moved off her ass, over her hips and to her cunt. She ran her fingers through the silky thick hair, and feeling her son's cock jerk inside her asshole, she began to twist and pull at her tight clit.

"Open your cunt for me!" Robbie panted, working his cock in and out of her gripping asshole.

Karen spread her pussy wide, and Robbie plunged four fingers into her cunt.

"Ahhhh, baby!" Karen cried out. "Oooooh, yes! Fuck mother up the ass with your cock, and fuck my cunt with your fingers!"

Ramming his cock up her asshole, Robbie finger-fucked his mother at the same time. Karen tossed her ass high, jerking her hips around and around, sobbing in agonized ecstasy. The feel of his cock and fingers penetrating her at the time was driving her out of her mind. The heat generated in her naked body was unbelievable, making her mind soar. Every nerve in her crotch was on fire, from the base of her spine to her belly button. Her cunt seemed to be part of the same slit as her asshole, one huge cunt for her son's cock and fingers.

Robbie leaned forward, his free hand pushing his mother's knees almost past the sides of her head. Karen felt doubled over, her spine bent. It was wonderful, exciting. She twisted her uplifted ass wildly, urging her son to fuck her in the ass as hard as he could, deep as he could.

"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!" Karen cried, swinging her ass in a frenzy. "Ram it to me! Ram that big hard cock right up my hot fucking asshole. Robbie! Fuck mother in that hot asshole… fuck my cunt with your fingers! Oooh, you're making me burn up… making my asshole burn… my cunt burn! Ahhhh, give it to me! Give it all to me!"

"I want to taste it!" Robbie gasped, yanking his cock out of her asshole, leaning down and closing his open mouth around his mother's hairy, juicy cunt, his tongue lapping up and down the slit, wetly and noisily.

"Ooooh, suck my pussy!" Karen gasped. "Suck mother's cunt!"

Robbie rammed his tongue into her pussy, tonguing it rapidly, then sucked on her clit hard.

"Ahhhh… uhhhh!" Karen sobbed, and banged her cunt at his mouth. "So fast! So fucking fast! I'm coming, Robbie! Tongue-fuck my cunt!"

Robbie sucked and licked as his mother came, and when the spasms began to fade, he lifted his smeared face and drove his cock into her asshole swiftly, feeling it grip his cock as she screamed loudly.

"I'm still coming! Oh, my God, Robbie!"

Karen's asshole grabbed at her son's cock like a steel vise, squeezing very hard. He grunted in pleasure as he pumped deeply, staring down at her hairy, open cunt, watching the wet lips vibrate as she came over and over. Karen tossed her naked ass up and down, her asshole riding Robbie's cock frantically, the friction keeping the contractions strong. Her clit felt as if it was bursting from her body.

"Deeper, deeper!" she screamed. "Go deeper, Robbie! Ohhh, my God… ram that sweet, hard cock up mother's ass and out of my cock sucking mouth! Oooooh, ram me… stab me… fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!"

Karen threw her arms behind her knees, pulling her ass high, trying mindlessly to get her cunt against her own mouth. Robbie was up on the bed with her now, standing on his knees, leaning forward, driving his cock in and out of her fiery asshole relentlessly, gasping heavily. The slaps of his lower body against the widely spread cheeks of his mother's satiny ass sounded like gun shots. Each lunge of his cock shook her, made her cry out in rapture. Her back felt ready to break, and she didn't care as long as he kept ramming his cock into her clutching asshole. It felt as if the swollen head penetrated her stomach.

Robbie braced himself by putting his hands on the backs of his mother's thighs, and watched his cock stretch her light brown asshole. Her cunt was still twitching, juices flowing from it through the soft hair of her cunt toward her stomach.

Feverishly, Karen ran her hands through her pussy hair, then licked her fingers quickly, tasting her cunt as her son pounded and thrust with increasing vigor into her asshole. She ran one hand through the juices in her pussy hair, and as she licked it off, she ran the other through it, letting her son suck those fingers.

"Taste my cunt!" she sobbed. "Fuck my ass and taste my cunt!"

She slipped two fingers along the edges of her asshole, feeling his cock slide between them, squealing as she felt a more powerful orgasm swelling inside her body. She quickly pulled her fingers from around the shaft of his cock and began to finger-fuck herself wildly.

"I'm going to come again!" she shrieked. "Ohhhhh… ahhhh, my ass, my cunt… everything is on fire! I'm going to come again, Robbie!"

An ear-shattering screech came from, her when the convulsion struck, almost shattering her emotionally.

Robbie could no longer control himself. His balls were on fire, aching, swollen. His cock was jerking inside the ring of his mother's asshole, and he gave in to the overwhelming urge, and stabbed deep and hard, straining as his cock spurted, sending hot, rapid spurts of come juice deep into his mother's grinding ass.

They clung to each other, Robbie leaning over her high ass, for a long, trembling time. Slowly, taking deep, shuddering breaths, Karen lowered her ass, mewling as her son's cock was pulled from it. She drew him onto her naked body, smearing wet kisses over his face, her legs locked around his.

"God, it just gets better and better!" she moaned, flinging her arms and legs outward, letting him up. "I didn't think it was possible to get any better, but it is."

Robbie lay on his side, his head held up by a bent elbow, looking into his mother's radiant face, watching her eyes sparkle.

"Mom, I've got to tell you," he said.

"You can tell me anything," she purred, running her hand over his chest.

"You're not going to like it," he said.

Karen frowned.

"You know we were being watched in the chair, in front of the window," he said.

"Yes, you told me, but I didn't see anyone. Does it really matter? I think it's exciting to be caught with your cock in me."

"I did, too," he said. "But not by the person who saw us."

"Robbie, stop being so mysterious," she said, caressing his cheek. "Tell me who it was. Whoever it was, we can handle it."

"I don't think so, Mom."

Karen sat up, grabbing her son by his balls. Grinning wickedly, she said, "Now either you tell me, or I'm going to pull your balls off."

"Mom, it was Dad."

Karen's hand tightened on his balls, then she quickly pulled it away. Her eyes became wide, and her mouth opened.

"No," she whispered. "It wasn't Hal. Robbie, you were mistaken, it was not your father. He's at work… he's always at work."

"Not this time," Robbie said, shaking his head. "He was staring at you sucking my cock, Mom, and he saw me come in your mouth."

A shudder swept through her naked body, and fear came into her face. She looked around the bedroom as if she would find her husband there. She looked at her son, into his eyes, and knew he wasn't teasing her.

Hal had caught her, caught her sucking their son's cock off.

It was what she had been afraid of.


During the following week, Karen was very nervous. She watched her husband closely at breakfast, waiting for him to drop the hammer. He still came in late from the office, and although she couldn't sleep, Karen pretended she was, not wanting to face her husband. He never said a word, never gave any indication that he knew what she was doing with Robbie.

The longer her husband was silent, the more nervous she became. She loved Hal very much and didn't want to lose him, nor anything else. Despite knowing she was in a precarious position, she could not leave her son, nor her daughter, alone.

She knew her son had told her the truth, that Hal had seen them, and she couldn't understand why her husband had said nothing about it. He acted as if nothing had changed, always kissing her cheek in the morning as he left for work, patting Judy on her jerky little ass, waving at their son. Everything was as before, no outward awareness, no sly looks in her direction.

"Why doesn't he say something?" Karen complained to Robbie. "I'm about to go out of my mind."

"I don't know, Mom," Robbie said, "But Dad saw us – I know that."

It was a little after noon, and Robbie had, at her request, come home from school during the lunch break. She had tried to keep from it, but her needs had been too strong. Afraid Hal would catch them again, she still needed her son very much, needed his cock in her. It was dangerous, foolish, but she couldn't help it.

She stroked his thigh, leaning on his shoulder. Robbie's arm was around her neck, cupping a firm tit. Her skirt was halfway up her thighs, and his hand slowly caressed the satiny flesh. His cock, forever hard and ready, bulged in his pants, and Karen watched it throb, her anticipation of taking it out and feeling it making her shiver in pleasure.

"I know how crazy this is," she said, tracing her fingertips along the concealed bulge of his cock, "but I can't stay away from you, from your wonderful cock, Robbie. If I don't get it often, I think I'll lose my mind."

"Dad won't be coming home early all the time, Mom," he said, squeezing her tit, sliding his hand under her skirt to the edge of her panties. "We just have to be more careful, that's all."

"Why hasn't Judy been coming home?" she asked, closing her fingers around his cock, feeling it inside his pants. "Last week she was home as often as you, but this week we've hardly seen her. Even in the evenings she seems to have things to do, always visiting someone. I thought your sister loved this as much as we do."

"Judy has become a little mysterious, lately," Robbie said. "She don't tell me anything either. I did fuck her yesterday, though, at school."

"How in the world did you two do that?"

"We snuck into one of the empty offices," Robbie said. "We needed it kinda bad, so we done it."

"Did Judy ask you, or did you ask her?"

"I asked her."

Karen opened her son's pants and pulled his cock out, then lifted his balls. She pushed her face down his chest, his stomach. Sliding her moist, hot lips along the shaft of his cock to his balls, she kissed them tenderly, then dragged the tip of her tongue over them, tasting the subtle scent of sweat. She opened her lips and closed them around one of his balls, sucking it gently. Robbie drew his hand off her thigh and cupped her tit, fondling it as she mouthed his balls, rubbing his cock on her face.

Sliding off the couch to her knees in front of her son, she lapped up and down the shaft of his throbbing hard-on, her eyes glazing with pleasure. As she took the head of his cock into her mouth, sucking softly, Robbie opened his belt and pushed his pants down. His mother mewled in delight and swallowed his hot prick deeply, her lips smashed into the wiry hair at the base. Robbie ran his hands through his mother's hair, holding the back of her head, lifting his cock upward, feeling it rub into the back of her throat. He enjoyed seeing his cock inside his mother's mouth.

"Mom," he said, watching her pull her stretched lips up his cock, "did Dad ever like to watch?"

Karen pulled her mouth off his cock, looking up at him. "You mean watch this? I don't know. He used to enjoy watching me suck his cock, but I don't think watching me sucking another cock would turn him on. Why do you ask?"

"It was just a thought," he said, pulling her mouth back onto his cock.

Karen moaned softly around her son's cock, then began to bob her face up and down. Robbie watched her, but his mind was on something he had not told his mother. Judy had left school in mid-morning. He had thought she had come home to be with their mother, but she wasn't there when he came in at noon. Although surprised that his sister was not home, he said nothing about her leaving school.

That morning, he had noticed something his mother had missed.

Usually, his father gave Judy a simple, affectionate pat on her ass, or her cheek when he left for work. However, this morning, Robbie had seen his father do more than pat Judy's ass: he had squeezed it. It had been brief, but squeeze it he had. And Judy had flashed her father a pleased smile. Then Hal had whispered quickly into Judy's ear under the pretense of a kiss. But Robbie had caught one word of his father's whisper… early.

Robbie was beginning to suspect his father and sister were fucking in his office. But he said nothing to his mother because he wasn't sure. He didn't like to see his mother worried all the time, but he couldn't do anything about that.

Karen was sliding her hot lips up and down his cock a little faster, starting to breathe in little gasping pants, her eyes turning glassy. She dug her fingers into his hips, straining to swallow his cock. Her eyes flashed up at his face, a pleading expression in them, one he saw often when his mother sucked his cock. He knew how much she loved to suck his come juice into her mouth, and her face became very tense when she wanted it in her mouth.

Karen pushed her ass up and out as she buried her face down. Robbie watched his mother's ass twist under her skirt. He lifted his ass when she pushed her hands beneath it, cupping the ass cheeks and holding him up.

His mother was starting to suck his cock vigorously when Robbie went stiff.

The face of his sister and father were at the window, staring in at them.

He started to jerk away from his mother, but the way his father and sister were looking made him stop. His sister was grinning, and his father was watching with intense interest. Robbie, for some reason, lifted his hand and gave them a wave. His father lifted his hand and made a circle with one finger and his thumb, giving his son the okay sign.

Judy was standing very close to her father, both of them visible from the waist up. She was grinning widely, her blue eyes flashing happily. Karen, not knowing Hal and Judy were there, sucked hard-on her son's cock, her ass lifted toward the window, making tight grinding motions, making soft whimpering sounds of delight.

Robbie saw his father motioning to him, and for a moment he didn't understand, then knew what his father wanted him to do. He leaned over his mother's head, pulling her skirt up over her ass to her waist. Her skimpy panties concealed nothing, but he pulled them tightly into the crack of his mother's ass anyway. His father and sister grinned at him, their eyes burning on Karen's wiggling ass.

Robbie had his answer to why his sister left school now, and the squeeze on Judy's ass that morning was now explained to him.

His father made a circle with his finger and thumb again, then pushed a finger from his other hand into the circle. Robbie understood immediately.

"Mom, fuck me!" he said.

Karen lifted her face, smiling in a wanton way up at him, nuzzling his hard, hot cock against her face. "Don't you like what my mouth does to this lovely cock anymore?"

"You know I do, Mom, but I want it in your cunt for a while."

"Mmmmm, then I'll fuck you."

She stood up, opening her blouse, her back remaining toward the window. Her firm tits jutted out, and with her blouse open, she unzipped her skirt and stepped out of it. With a suggestive wiggle of her ass, she peeled her panties off, dropping them on the floor. She spread her legs and climbed onto her son's lap, one hand holding his cock at the base, rubbing the swollen head along the hairy, fiery slit of her cunt.

Hal and Judy were watching with hot eyes from the window, seeing Karen's creamy ass and the slit of her cunt as she slowly fit Robbie's cock into it, settling down with a delicious purr.

Karen gripped her son's shoulders, shaking her tits in his face, giggling with pleasure. She bounced up and down on his cock, grinding her ass in a tight circle, her thighs pressing against his hips.

"Suck mother's titties," she gasped as her cunt flexed on his cock. "Suck mother's titties and I'll fuck you so good, your balls will burn off!"

Robbie closed his mouth around one tit, his hands sliding along his mother's thighs to her ass. He cupped her bouncing ass, squeezing.

Karen gasped and pounded up and down on his cock fast a few times, smashing her wet, steamy cunt against the base. She jutted her ass up and back, waggling it to get one of her son's fingers against her hot asshole.

"Stick your finger up my ass, too, Robbie!" she cried softly. "Fuck me in my asshole with your finger!"

Robbie glanced past his mother at his sister and father as he worked his finger into his mother's asshole. His father was grinning, and his arm was now over Judy's shoulder, his big hand cupping one of her tiny tits. Robbie lifted his hand off his mother's naked ass and gave them a wave.

Karen, squirming her ass, began to slide her cunt up and down her son's throbbing cock with little squeals of delight, and Robbie pumped his finger in and out of her asshole. The double penetration made Karen sob with ecstasy. She pumped faster and faster on his cock. Robbie didn't have to move his finger, his mother's ass plunged up and down, her cunt on his cock and her hot asshole on his finger. He lifted his hips in an effort to get deeper into his mother's scalding cunt, but her wild motions drove his ass back down to the couch. Her tits swung in his face, and he watched them with almost crossed eyes. His balls were very tight, his legs open. Knowing his sister and father were watching created a storm of aching need in him. He dug his fingers into his mother's ass cheeks, spreading them wide so he could watch his finger thrust in and out of her crinkled asshole, as well as his cock being devoured by her juicy cunt.

"Ahhhhh, Robbie, Robbie!" Karen cried, shaking her ass. "Oh, my God, it's so good! Fuck me, baby! Fuck my hot cunt… fuck my hot asshole! Oooooh, a cock and a finger in me… God, I wish you had another cock for my asshole… so you could fuck me twice! A cock up my hot asshole, a cock in my juicy cunt, and Judy's soft, sweet cunt in my face! Oooooh, that would be so good!"

"Mom, you're so fucking wet! Can you hear how juicy your cunt is?"

"Mother's cunt is always wet and juicy, so damned hot! Ooooh, I love your hard cock in my juicy cunt! Ooooh… ohhhh… baby, baby!"

Karen's cunt boiled around her son's cock. The puffy lips smacked hard at the base, grinding in circular motions. The gripping tightness pulled on his cock, sucking it as her mouth did. Her rigid clit rubbed along the base, smashing down on him, making her gasp in ecstasy. Her fingers dug into his shoulders, her head thrown back, eyes closed, mouth gaping. She swung her naked ass wildly from side to side, humping up and down on his cock at the same time, his finger still stuffed into her crinkling asshole.

"You'll make me come if you keep going so fast, Mom!" he warned.

"Oooooh, that's okay!" she panted. "Come in my cunt! I can make your cock hard again! Mother can always make your cock hard!"

The sensations boiling in him made him forget about his father and sister. He knew they were there, watching, but the intensity of his mother's grinding cunt made his eyes close. He rammed his finger deep as he could into her asshole, straining his cock up as his balls writhed with fullness.

Karen, wailing in rapture, whipped her ass up and down, grinding in a frenzy as her cunt expanded, the unbelievable heat increasing until it threatened to consume her very being. The rippling of an impending orgasm made her scream in a tight voice, and her hands jerked off his shoulders, clutching her tits. She smashed her tits together, pulled them apart, squeezed them painfully. Her head swung, her hair flying.

"Robbie! Robbie… I'm going to come, Robbie!"

Robbie felt his mother's asshole grip his finger tightly. Her cunt seemed to be trying to cut his cock off at the base. He gritted his teeth, his balls throbbing. Karen was smashing her cunt hard at the base of his cock, grinding mindlessly, sobbing as her orgasm grew and swelled. His balls drew up tight, and with a shriek, Karen darted a hand behind her ass and clutched them.

"Now!" she screamed. "Now, Robbie!"

The fiery contractions of her orgasm pulled hard-on his cock. Robbie jutted his prick upward, the urge to push lifting his mother's body. Karen was screaming out her ecstasy, squeezing his balls and sending the roaring spurts of his come juice into her cunt.

"Fill me!" Karen screamed as her son came in her pussy. "Fill mother's cunt up with hot come juice! Ohhhh, I want it all in my cunt!"

Her hairy pussy squeezed his prick, sucking the juices from him, her convulsions sending shudders throughout her naked body.

As the frantic orgasms faded, Karen slumped forward, her tits in her son's face, her cunt gently rippling on his softening cock. She buried her face in his neck as she breathed with labored sounds, her naked ass pointing toward the window where her husband and daughter, still watched, trembling.

"God, that was good," she moaned, sitting up and wiggling on him. "My cunt is full, of come juice," she giggled. "I'd suck it out if I could get my mouth on it."

"You can lick it off my cock and balls, can't you?" Robbie said, glancing at his father and sister in the window. He pushed at her. "Lick my cock and balls, Mom."

"Ooooh, yes," she purred, sliding off him and going to her knees, pushing her ass in the air as her tongue swirled about his wet cock and balls.

Robbie watched his sister and father as they looked in at what his mother was doing. His father was grinning widely, and his sister's eyes kept flashing with wicked pleasure.

Karen, still unaware, licked her son's balls and cock, cleaning them with pleasure. She waggled her uplifted ass lewdly as if she knew someone was watching her.

Hal's wave caught Robbie's eye, and he frowned as he tried to understand what his father was trying to tell him. His father pointed toward the end of the house where the bedrooms were, then at himself and Judy. After a moment, he understood, and nodded his head.

Hal and Judy slipped away from the window, and Robbie spread his legs and watched his mother's eager tongue swirl around his balls. He gently pushed her face out of his crotch.

"Mom, let's go use the bedroom," he said.

"Why? We can do anything we want right here."

"I'm afraid of that window now," he said. "Someone might pass by and see us."

"My God, you're right!" she said, jumping up. "I got so hot, I forgot about it."


Robbie led his mother into the kitchen first, where he had a drink of water he didn't want. He was giving his father and sister some time. He didn't know what his father was up to, but one thing he did know: his father certainly wasn't pissed off. His father seemed to enjoy what he had seen them doing. Whatever his father was up to, Robbie knew it was his way of letting his mother know he understood.

He stalled as long as he could, his mother playing with his cock and balls and caressing his naked ass. She stripped his T-shirt off in the kitchen and tossed it onto the breakfast table, leaning down to lick at his nipples with her hot tongue.

He couldn't stall any longer, and hoped his father and sister had the time they needed for whatever his father had in mind.

He had to hold his mother back as she pulled him down the hallway by his cock, already breathing with eagerness to have it in her body again. He paused at the bathroom door.

"Let me piss first, Mom," he said. "I get to hold your cock," she said playfully. While he stood over the toilet, his mother held his cock, watching him piss. She ran her hand into the stream, and washed it over her tits, giggling wickedly.

"One of these days," she said in a low, throaty voice, "you're going to piss on mother's titties."

Robbie grinned at her. "It's sure fun when Judy pisses, huh, Mom? Every time she comes, she spurts piss all over my cock and balls."

"In my face, too, when I suck her cunt," Karen laughed, pumping her son's cock after he finished pissing. "I like it – it turns me on."

She stretched his cock upward, bringing a small bead of piss to the tiny slit. Leaning down, she licked it off, mewling softly.

"Too bad I'm finished," he said. "I'd have pissed in your face, Mom."

"You can do that later," she said. "Right now let's get into the bedroom. I want to suck this lovely cock off."

Robbie lagged behind his mother, watching her shapely ass twist and bunch in luscious motion. As she approached her bedroom, she paused and looked over her shoulder at her son, her eyes slitted with fiery desire.

"Come on!" she hissed, and entered the bedroom.

Karen jerked to a stop.

"Oh, my God!" she gasped.

Robbie came up beside his mother and looked into the room.

His father was naked, standing near the corner of the bed at the foot, and his cock, long and thick, was lifted with hardness, his hairy balls dangling low. Sitting on the very corner of the bed, also naked, was Judy. Her legs were parted as wide as she could get them, one of her fingers darting in and out of her sugary, hairless slit. Her other hand was gripping her father's thick cock, sliding back-and-forth on the shaft, jacking him. Her small mouth covered the swollen head, sucking on it, her blue eyes glowing as she turned her head to see her mother and brother standing there.

Hal arched his hips forward, his face showing ecstasy as his daughter sucked the head of his cock, jacking him at the same time. He grinned at Karen and Robbie, but said nothing.

Karen, her eyes huge was clutching at her throat, mesmerized by watching her daughter sucking her husband's long cock, finger-fucking herself at the same time. Her own cunt suddenly burst into an unexpected orgasm, and her hand jerked from her throat to between her thighs, pressing at her contracting pussy hard. She gasped, her eyes fiery as she stared at her husband and daughter.

Robbie laughed softly, his cock lifting as he watched them.

Moving one of his hands to his mother's naked ass, Robbie fondled and squeezed, making his mother moan and twist her hips, her cunt no longer in spasm, but throbbing sweetly. Watching Judy sucking her father's cock, she spread the soft hair of her own cunt, and her clit strained outward. Robbie moved his fingers to it, agitating the swollen knot slowly as his father watched them. Karen grasped her son's cock, pumping it vigorously as her legs began to shake. Her mind was spinning, questions whirling about, but she was unable to voice them right now.

Judy made delicious wet sounds with her lips and tongue on the head of her father's cock, her small, tight fist pounding back and forth on the shaft. Her finger darted in and out of her juicy, pink cunt, her blue eyes never leaving her mother's face.

Hal began to groan, his hips jerking. He was careful not to thrust his big cock into his daughter's mouth, knowing it would never fit. It was a strain not to lunge inward, and it showed on his face. He rested one hand on top of Judy's blonde head, getting a rewarding look from her blazing blue eyes.

Judy pulled her lips off the head of her father's cock, her pink tongue licking a fiery circle around the smooth flesh, then probed at his dripping piss hole. Karen whimpered, and jerked her son's cock in a frenzy, pushing her hips forward, staining her inflamed clit against his finger. She felt another finger sliding into the split of her ass, then he pushed in passion.

"Make her come again, Robbie," Hal grunted. "Make your mother's hot cunt come again!"

"Oh, Hal!" Karen sobbed, grinding at her son's finger, her asshole clinging to the one up it.

Judy was mouthing her father's cock with more vigor now, making little cries of ecstasy, her blue eyes smoldering in hunger. Her finger made wet sounds as she darted it back and forth into her hairless cunt, her adorable little ass writhing on the corner of the bed.

"Suck hard, Judy!" Hal urged. "My balls are loaded, baby, and you're about to get a good mouthful!"

Karen's legs were shaking, very weak. Part of her weakness was her son's finger smashing her clit, another up her asshole, but most of it was what she was seeing. Seeing her daughter's small mouth struggle to suck her father's cock, her little fist jacking him, making his heavy, hairy balls swing, was one of the most exciting sights she had ever seen, even more exciting than watching Robbie fuck her little pussy.

"Hal…" Karen said, her voice weak. "You're not going to come in her mouth, are you? My God, Hal, you'll drown her!"

Judy was sucking in a frenzy, whimpering as her fist raced up and down the thick shaft of her father's cock. Obviously Judy wanted her father to come in her young mouth.

Robbie dropped to his knees, shoving his face up between his mother's hot thighs. Karen grabbed his head, and began to pump her cunt into his face, watching her husband and daughter with hot, greedy eyes.

"Eat her hairy cunt, Robbie!" Hal urged.

"Suck your mother's juicy, hot cunt, boy!" Karen couldn't resist, as she never could resist, and began to bang into her son's mouth frantically, grinding until his face was slippery with her pussy juices. She gasped and cried out, her eyes never leaving her daughter's stretched lips around her father's cock.

"Ohhhh, baby," she breathed. "Judy, suck it, honey! Suck it good… suck your daddy's big, hot cock! Suck your daddy's cock off!"

"She is!" Hal groaned.

Judy sucked in a frenzy, trying to stuff as much of her father's cock into her mouth as she could, which was only most of the big head. She pulled her wet finger out of her cunt and grasped her father's balls, twisting them as she jerked her fist as hard as she could, banging it into her stretching lips and the base of his cock.

Karen didn't take long to come.

She pushed hard into her son's face, forcing Robbie to lean back. She straddled his face and screamed. "Shove your tongue up mother's cunt! Tongue-fuck my wet cunt, Robbie! Ooooh, feel it, taste it! Mother is coming, mother's cunt is coming in your pussy licking mouth!"

"Lap her hot cunt, Robbie!" Hal gasped. "Suck her hot pussy!"

Karen's ass churned wildly as her son's tongue stabbed up into her convulsing cunt. She shrieked with the power of her orgasm, her vision almost fading, but she still watched her daughter struggling to make Hal come in her mouth. She whipped her pussy back and forth, screeching until the spasms slowed. She did not stop coming, but the contractions were getting milder. She stepped back, letting her son sit on the floor, his face dripping with her pussy juices. She stood with her feet parted on the floor, cupping her cunt as she stared in glassy-eyed delight at the hungry way her daughter was sucking on that huge cock.

Karen knew that her husband came a lot, very much. She didn't think her daughter would be able to handle it all. She moved forward, her burning eyes on her daughter's lips sucking so hard-on the head of her father's cock. She dropped to her knees, sliding her hand up the backs of her husband's thighs to his ass, digging hard at one ass cheek.

Judy gazed hotly into her mother's eyes as she sucked as hard as she could on her father's cock.

"Suck hard, Judy!" Karen gasped. "Suck your daddy's big cock as hard as you can! His balls are hot and full, baby!"

Hal was groaning, his head thrown back.

"Now, Judy!" he gasped.

Thick come juice spurted, from the corners of his daughter's mouth, spilling down onto her chin. Judy's eyes rolled back as she made wet, swallowing sounds, trying to swallow the heavy, hot squirts of her father's come juice.

Karen cried out, her tongue darting out of her mouth, her face pushing forward. The tip of her tongue licked at the corners of her daughter's lips, sucking up the come juice that squirted out. Her cunt exploded, and her hand ran between Judy's spread legs, and she began to finger-fuck her daughter with vigorous lunges.

With his mother and sister sucking the come juice out of his father's cock, Robbie stood behind his mother, her tits clasped in his hands, watching them. His cock was starting to become hard again, and he rubbed it on his mother's back.

The heavy gush of his come juice slowing, Hal was looking down at his wife and daughter still mouthing his cock, seeing his son squeeze on Karen's naked tits. While his daughter kept sucking on the head of his deflating cock, he watched Karen's tongue slide along the shaft.

"That's all of it," he said, puffing his cock back.

Karen, still on her knees, her finger stuffed into her daughter's gently squeezing cunt, looked up at her husband.

"When, Hal?" she whispered.

Hal sat down on the bed, wrapping his arm about Judy's naked shoulders and resting her blonde head there. "About a week ago."

"But you never said anything about seeing us that day," Karen said. "Why, Hal? Weren't you disgusted with me?"

He grinned. "So disgusted I had to jack off, and I haven't had to do that in years, as you know. Karen, that turned me on so fucking much, it was all I could do to stay away. I wanted to come into the house that day and fuck your cunt raw."

"Why didn't you?"

"I don't know," he said.

Robbie sat next to his sister, sliding his hand along her slender thigh and touching her hairless cunt. Judy purred and spread her thighs for him. Hal and Karen watched them for a moment.

"What about Judy? When did you two start this?"

"Like I said, about a week ago," Hal said. "Judy came to the office, and almost made me shit my fucking pants. She sat on my lap and squirmed her hot little ass around until I had a hard-on. I didn't know, then, that she was involved with you and Robbie, but I felt, what the hell, if you could fuck our son, then I could damn well fuck our daughter. And we did, or at least we tried, on my desk. The only problem is, I'm too big for her little cunt. I can only get the head in her."

Judy giggled. "But the head was enough, huh, Daddy?"

He nodded, grinning at her.

"Daddy really came in me, Mommy. His come juice dripped into my panties all day long."

Karen took it all in, then looked into her husband's eyes for a long time.

"Hal, what now?"

"I didn't know I was neglecting you, Karen," he said. "All this made me see it. I didn't realize I was spending so much time at work, when you were home suffering. I haven't been much of a husband, or father, for some time."

"As I said, what now?"

Hal pushed his wife's head to his crotch. Karen kissed his cock, the familiar scent of him exciting.

"First of all, we're going to become acquainted again. I'm not going to the office for the next few days. I'm staying home, and fuck my two girls the way they need it. Robbie and I are going to make up for all your lost time, Karen."

"And then after that?" Karen asked, burying her face into her husband's crotch, her hand finding her son's cock, the other sliding between her daughter's satiny thighs.

"After that we're taking a long cruise," Hal said. "But right now, there's a more immediate problem."

Karen purred. "I think I can feel what the problem is against my face."

"It's your problem, Karen," he said.

"And I'm going to take care of it, too!"

She stood, pushing her husband onto his back, climbing up his legs and sitting down on his hard cock.

"Fuck me, you big-cocked bastard!" she hissed, bouncing her ass up and down. "Judy, sit in your daddy's face and make him suck your sweet cunt! Robbie, bring your beautiful cock to my mouth!"

Karen began to fuck her husband as her daughter squatted over his face and her son pushed his cock to her lips.