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Wild in the country book two

Karim al-Zib

Karim al-Zib

Wild in the country book two


DesirЋe Denning stood before the balcony window of the hotel suite and let the warm Caribbean morning breeze wash over her luscious, naked body. It had been the loveliest honeymoon she could imagine, days on the beach, sunning her body to a ripe, gentle tan, evenings of dancing and dining and, yes, champagne, and nights of hot, loving, irresistible sex with her new husband Mark. She had acquired quite a taste for making love, for having a man's, Mark's, penis in her easily-excited needing pussy. Her twenty years of total abstinence and self-denial had built up in her and once unleashed seemed impossible to cool. But now she could indulge without any pangs of guilt, and had, to her heart's content.

Yes, it had been a nearly perfect honeymoon, marred only by her memories, nagging recollections of how she had given herself to Mark beneath the elm tree on her father's ranch, and what had happened after that with three other males that she should never have had to come close to, who had taken advantage of her weakness. And thoughts of that had made her feel unworthy on her wedding day.

Now, it seemed that two weeks of unbounded sexual indulgence with her new husband had purged her mind of that guilt and those cloying, unpleasant memories that threatened her happiness. Now, she knew, everything she said and did had to be impeccable, for Mark was slated to be their new senator to the state legislature. His wife had to be of the highest ethical quality, the highest moral caliber, and except for her brief surrender to desire before the wedding, she knew she would be a shining example of a good politician's wife. Her only real misgivings now were related to Pastor Hemmings, but there was little likelihood that he would ever say anything, for his position was just as precarious as hers. However, she would be expected to be back in church next week, and that would be awkward, at best.

DesirЋe stood in front of the wall mirror. Yes, her body was lush, creamy-skinned, and perfect, her breasts round and firm like grapefruit, her hips and legs slender, her pussy mound covered with silky, honey-blonde fur, her belly smooth and flat. She smiled wryly. Maybe not so flat for much longer. She would be expected to bear a child soon, and her figure, at least for the few months it took to produce the necessary child, would not be so slender and nubile. But what she regretted was that sex would not be quite as easy during that time. She shook her head and frowned. She was getting to be quite a sensual woman, and she wasn't sure that she liked it.

"Hey, there, nymph," came Mark's husky voice from the bed. She knew he appreciated her new sexual personality. "Come here, you shameless strumpet."

She turned. He was holding out his hand to her. DesirЋe smiled shyly, then walked forward and took his hand. She let him pull her down to him, and her whole body tingled at the thought of what was going to happen. It never changed, and she loved it that way. He was going to caress her body, climb on top of her and push his lovely, pleasure-giving penis into her vagina. She began trembling with anticipation. She was so happy to be married at last. They could do this all they wanted without guilt. That was the beauty of marriage.

Mark's mouth covered her pink nipples while his hands kneaded the two round fruit of her beasts. She allowed him to pull her on top of him so that she straddled him and felt his virile, stiffening cock rubbing into the moist split of her labia. Immediately she felt herself getting wet in preparation for what she knew would be a flight through the galaxy. Mark was guiding her hips to position the tip of his cock at the tight entrance to her little-used vagina, little-used, that is, before her wedding day, but for the past two weeks they had been doing it three times a day. DesirЋe had learned to control her responses, had learned to move her young, inexperienced body so that she came to orgasm every time.

She looked deep into her new husband's smoky eyes as she felt his cockhead stretching her vagina and entering the steaming depths of her femaleness. Oh! This is different! she hummed mentally as she felt it lance up inside her to depths never before probed – at least not by Mark. And the thought of other things impinged. She gave a sob, trying to purge herself of the memory, the fear of things coming back to haunt her.

Pleasure sliced through her loins as she found she could regulate the depth of penetration and Mark guided her shapely, smooth-skinned hips up and down. She made a few mistakes, letting his cock slip from her cuntal grip several times before she learned the knack. And then her bottom began gliding up and down faster and faster, more effectively, driving his beautiful prick in and out of her pussy.

Mark looked up at her innocent, almost childish, face, her full red lips parted with passion, her honey-blonde hair swirling about her head and shoulders, her big, pink-nippled tits jiggling with each downward stroke of her hips. She was the picture of aroused young womanhood, brimming with love and devotion, overwhelmed with emotion and physical joy, in the grip of romance. He looked down to the plump, silky-haired mound at the base of her belly, to the warm split where his cock went on disappearing and reappearing with soft, salacious, wet, sucking sounds.

Together they moved in this new position of love, harder, deeper, and faster until their moans and gasps of joy resounded through the room, thunder wracking their bodies as they began to come, as Mark's creamy sperm shot into her greedily accepting cunt. Their coming lasted for what seemed like an hour, and finally Mark lay exhausted as DesirЋe collapsed over him, still straddling him, his penis locked in her flooded vagina, her body covered with the sweat of her passionate efforts.

The honeymoon was ending now, she thought, as her breasts heaved with her impassioned breathing. It had been perfect and would last forever in her heart.


Priscilla Devereaux watched morosely from the cafe across the street as Nancy Pace left the sheriff's office where her dark-skinned fiancee worked. Everyone seemed to be happy but her. Even that no good law officer had a steady girl that she was sure he was fucking. Only she was alone, it seemed, and she didn't like it. Priscilla was very unused to being deprived of anything, and having been spurned by Mark Denning at the conference at the Radisson, the fire of envy and resentment burned strong. It had been almost two months, that time in his hotel room when she had taken his cock in her mouth and given him supreme joy, only to be rejected and turned out of his room and his life, in favor of that nasty little blonde bitch that sang in church and did nothing but make people love her and want her! Silly little twat! Even now she was off on some island in the Caribbean, fucking her, Priscilla's, sweetheart Mark.

Priscilla didn't like the situation, would not countenance it. She wanted her revenge on DesirЋe and she wanted Mark back. She would have things her way, however. She would!


It mattered little to the sleek and powerful German Shepherd dog – a mixed breed with a small amount of feral wolf – that the small town's streets had been brightened with additional lamp, lantern, even fired torch-light. He merely clung more stealthily to the inevitable shadows of the warm summer night, avoiding with ease the clumsy patrolling male-humans who sought to destroy him. A balanced sense of avenged pride burned warmly in his deep muscular chest; through their females, he had punished them for the brutal beating he had received at the hands of their black sheriff, satisfying the primeval law instinctively imbedded in his uncanny animal-brain. Yet, in so doing, he had rekindled the banked embers of another smoldering force from the dawn of time, a seething aberrant urge that had brought him down from the hills again this night.

Lobo stole his way in a surreptitious silence equal to the very shadows enshrouding him, knowing exactly his destination, the craving dictates of his feral loins magnetically guiding him. Cautiously, he moved his great head in searching sweeps. Ahead, he saw the shelter where she would be lying on the human sleeping place, the pleasant female he had known before the new young one he had become so devoted to in his savage heart.

A feverish heat spread through his huge, invincible body at the glow coming from the opened window. She was waiting! DesirЋe, his new blonde mistress, was waiting for him! After so many hot nights when the light was on inside the room, but the windows shut tightly all through the long night, as if she wanted him to stay away. But now, he could see that it was open, could smell the scent of a woman in heat.

The surge of wild mating instinct motivating the massive dog caused his long tongue to lick out ravenously at his lips, while his mighty animal loins convulsively reacted in pulsating throbs. Deliberately, but with vigilance, the illusive beast crept toward the open window, a sudden piercing howl back in the hills advising him that his pack of three subordinate males was racing down toward the valley in its quest for food.


The willowy, ivory-skinned girl who tossed herself nakedly onto DesirЋe Denning's former bed, sensed a certain feeling of imposition at her friend's parents' relinquishing her bedroom to them. The Mitchells had insisted and of course, her own numb old Rodney had merely said thanks. The dummy! All he was concerned with was getting a story for that lousy magazine he slaved for, not giving the slightest thought to their friends' inconvenience. Then off he goes, chasing down the completely ridiculous tale that had brought them there. Not that she hadn't expected to be a writer's widow through-out most of their stay in Pickford's Meadows, but she'd had hopes that this, their first night there, would be spent together, especially following her monthly five-day abstinence because of her period.

God, she was always a lusty little hot-box right after, wasn't she? Tanya Foster thought racily to herself, wriggling the naked roundness of her full white buttocks in little sensuous undulations against the smoothness of the satin-sheeted mattress. A tiny shiver of erotic delight tingled along her spine. Reflexively, she brushed her long slender fingers with a light touch over the excitable, resilient flesh of her full, white breasts, absently teasing at their tiny, ruby-like nipples until they were quivering buds of sensitive hardness. He could have at least waited until morning; she'd certainly dropped enough hints all evening long. She thought this as she lay there uneasily in her aroused nakedness, the soft glow from the bedside lamp playing over the smooth curves and hollows of her young, supple body, heatedly adding to her sensual appetite.

Of course, the drinks hadn't done anything to cool her down either, especially the last two she'd had, after Clete Anderson had led Rodney off on a leisurely tour to the various places the dog pack had struck, killing animals and frightening women. Rodney had gone at this hour on the half-chance that they would sight the dogs and perhaps be able to photograph them in the act. But she'd needed the drinks; she'd been so damned mad when Rodney had told her he probably wouldn't be home until morning. Such absolute nonsense, the whole ludicrous yarn, a wild dog raping a girl! It surprised her that an intelligent man like Mark Denning could lend any credence at all to such an absurd story. But he had looked a trifle skeptical himself, almost shrugging off Rodney's questions. However, DesirЋe, before her fantasy wedding, had practically refused to discuss the matter, continuously changing the subject. Frankly, she'd been just as satisfied, Tanya remembered, half smiling to herself, any reference to sex doing nothing but turning her on that much more.

Tanya had been at the wedding, watching the two newlyweds drive away to their happy honeymoon. DesirЋe had been there too, and invited her to stay, while Rodney took off on his junket.

At least, it was wonderful seeing DesirЋe again – and Mark was just as handsome and desirable as ever, though she doubted if her husband or DesirЋe would appreciate her secret sexual fantasies about the young, virile town councilor, soon to be a state senator. Anyway, it was all an illusory affair, and quite one-sided, she felt certain, though he'd done marvelous things for her in her dreams, wildly passionate acts that could only take place in her sensuously unbridled mind. Like… like now, at that very moment, as she continued to stroke her soft hands down over the smooth white flesh of her voluptuous young nakedness, an imagined conception filling her fevered mind of what his penis, in an excited desire-hardened state, would look like. It would be longer and thicker than Rodney's, Mark was that much bigger a man, and it would be solidly hard, hot and throbbing in her hand as she slowly pulled back its foreskin to reveal the moistened, purplish head with its tiny slitted eye seeping out those first delicious drops of his heated male-semen!

God! The thought alone was enough to drive her wild, the naked, short-haired brunette squirmingly dreamed, letting her caressing hands brush over the churning little bowl of her belly in their ever descending course toward the sensually dampened, erogenous little slit down between her hot, full thighs. She felt the soft down of her pubic curls with the tips of her sensitive fingers, grazing teasingly through their silken texture, the realization flitting through her fired mind that she wouldn't be thinking this way had her husband, Rodney, stayed with her. Damn him, she was just too good to him was all, sucking him off every night during her period. No wonder he'd put that stupid story ahead of her inevitable seizure of hottwat!

She had, in fact, spoiled him during their two-years of marriage with the incessant hunger of her mouth, but she couldn't help it. Not that she didn't love to get fucked; she'd give anything for the hot, thick length of his hard cock buried to the hilt in her burning little pussy lips at that very moment. But there was something more passionately intimate in the tongue-licking and mouthing of his pulsating, rock-hardness that lustfully intoxicated her, to get down between his legs and caress his cum-bloated balls in her warm hands, to lick away that first pungent drop of his sweet-tasting cum with the tip of her tongue, to moisten her lips and slip them down over its hot, blood-swollen head, gradually sucking the thick length of it into her saliva-slickened mouth and throat until her nose brushed his pelvic hair! And then, that insane moment of wanton ecstasy when he pumped his scalding sperm deep up into her mouth, half choking her as it flooded like liquid fire down her hungrily swallowing throat to boil passionately down in her belly below.

God, I'm hot! Tanya mentally gasped, aware that her fingers had gently spread open the flushed lips of her desire-filled cunt, two of them slithering wetly into the seething, moist crevice between. Hedonistically, they stroked through the smooth fluid flesh, one skillfully caressing the tiny bud of her erect clitoris, transmitting frenzied little shocks of intensive sensation to her passion-whetted brain. Oooohhh, if only I had DesirЋe's husband, Mark's cock in my mouth right now! God, I'd suck his balls inside out! she lewdly visualized, spreading and lifting her long, shapely white legs and drawing them back up her naked young body until her knees kissed the hardened, tingling nipples of her swollen breasts. Then, as she plunged two slender fingers into the nibbling, viscid mouth of her tightly absorbing cuntal channel, she raised her head to look down between her nakedly throbbing breasts and observed through darkly glazed eyes the obscenely erotic sight she presented to herself – It was at that precise moment that she saw him!

For some minutes, Lobo had been watching her, his acute animal-brain at first solicitous for the welfare of his golden-headed mate, and then wary of deception. Momentarily, he had surveyed the heavy breathing antics of the unclothed, fire-eyed, female-human who waited for him in his chosen one's bed; then silently he eased away to circle the house, pausing at each glassed window. Only one more did he find raised enough to sense the human smell beyond, and there he found her, his keen instinct of scent infallible. She slept heavily, the window not opened wide enough for him to enter.

The sleek hair on the back of his neck and along his strong backbone lifted erect in a moment of angered denial, the tendency to bare his fangs sweeping through his powerful body. Yet, he did not. An undefinable warmth glowed inside the great breast for his golden-haired mate; she would not forsake him – there was an animal-like bond between them. She had provided the new fire-eyed, female-human in her bed, knowing that he was coming. Again, he slowly returned to the first window.

With forelegs on the sill, Lobo watched the sensuously lewd performance of the ivory-bodied she-person, the throbbing heat in his potent animal-loins ferally mounting at the sight. Her panting breath filled his erect ears, as did the biting aroma of her wet, female secretions burn goadingly in his intensely sniffing nostrils! He gazed with unflinching eyes at her small hand moving rhythmically between her nakedly spread legs, saw the smooth white columns lift up and fold teasingly back toward her chest, sighs of softly-mewling passion whimpering from her as she continued to move her hand like the licking of flames at the thin, wetly glistening opening he knew to be the mating slit of her soft, uncovered body.

She saw him then, her dulled, fire-eyes locking on his presence, their sparkling darkness seeming to grow wide and fear-filled. Her movements ceased, her small tongue-moistened mouth falling open! He did not wait longer, but agilely bounded through the open window!

Mother of God! What had happened to the choked funnel of her throat, Tanya couldn't imagine! She had tried to scream but nothing came out! The first sight of it, the massive animal head with gleaming fangs and glowing amber-eyes viciously staring at her over the sill of the opened window had been enough to suck a vacuum into her belly and loins! Again, she'd tried to raise a sound in her fearfully convulsing throat and had gotten nothing but rasping chokes, and then, the brute had nimbly bounded through the window onto the bed!

Now, she stared at it – him, dog with a silver dogtag hanging from a chain around his massive throat, that phenomenon of itself desperately trying to register properly in her terrorized brain! He, it, whatever, was practically on top of her defenseless naked body. And then, she realized that she still held her legs drawn up and back in a lewd, intercourse position!

Slowly, Tanya started to lower them, immediately freezing as the intruding brute unleashed a low but warning, guttural growl, then moved on the bed between their trembling uplifted columns, until his huge head was poised directly above her helplessly upraised loins and buttocks! She swallowed in shattering horror, the wild dog's presence, his identity according to the medal dangling from his neck, plus the absolute fact that he was there, making her know subconsciously that this was it. Him, the very myth that had brought her and Rodney to Pickford's Meadows! Except that he was no myth! He lived! And he was savagely hovering right above her, above her nakedly vulnerable loins!

God, she had never been a coward, a stupid person, or whimpering female, not in all of her twenty-three years, but this was unbelievable! She tried to think. To scream would be futile. There was no one to help her; the Mitchells were away at a dinner party. Clete Anderson had spoken of posting sentries, but how once again, Mark had quashed that idea. Lord, this dog could tear her apart before any help might even get close to the house! No! No! She must remain cool, somehow, charm him, keep him at bay! And what was he doing?

A potent, unexpected sensation charged through her earlier, self-aroused loins and belly as she watched him lower his huge head and begin to sniff at her genitals, his cold, wet nose like the brushing touch of an ice-cube against her hot, sensitive cunt-lips and still, tingling thighs!

Oh God! That – that slimy thing – that was his tongue!

In spine-chilling awe, Tanya frantically squirmed beneath the sudden lashing hotness of his wet animal-tongue as it snaked out to lick up and down the smooth-fleshed vale between the trembling, taut mounds of her upraised buttocks. She sucked in her breath and held it until she feared her lungs would burst, while the wetly moistened end of his nose teased hotly against the sensitive area surrounding her upraised anal mouth, its worming tip burrowing with an uncanny knowledge into the tiny oval of its tightly clenched lips!

Ooooooohhhhh! she mentally gasped at the shocking aggression, her young mind a whirlpool of confusion! Cool, yes, keep my head cool! Mustn't scream. Mustn't! Ooooohhhhhh! she choked within to the unbelievable animal-probing of her unprotected loins by the ferocious looking dog. She was not going to faint; she well knew that! She had never fainted in her life, but how, what, was she going to do? My God, he was starting to lick her there as if she were just another bitch dog in heat. And damn, she had been that, hadn't she! Could – could he sense it? Why hadn't she listened when they were talking about him? Lobo – yes, that's what they'd called him, Lobo! Now, she could see the letters engraved on the dogtag, and Liz Clark's address, but – but it was all impossible. These things just didn't happen!

Oooooooohhhhh! she inwardly wailed, hearing his simultaneous whimper as once more, he wetly taunted the tiny puckered hole of her anal mouth with his hot, incessant tongue! Good God, he'd raped a girl! She hadn't believed it! Now, she wasn't so sure! Oh! Oh, what he was doing to her there? If only she hadn't drunk so much! It was almost impossible to put thoughts together or to make any kind of sense! She'd been so hot, thinking of her girlfriend DesirЋe's husband's virile young cock, sucking it, and suddenly, this maddening reality had burst upon her!

Am I much more than an animal myself? The lustfully-confused brunette thought frenziedly with heaving breaths as lewd sensations from Lobo's hot, savage tongue flickered sensuously through her! Reflexively, she writhed and twisted, gasping aloud, and then stiffening at his menacing growl!

Oooooh God!

His head that had raised in a vicious show of teeth, dropped once more and she felt his wet, searing tongue burning upward toward the still hotly flushed lips of her excited young pussy. She trembled uncontrollably as he swept his sizzling, moist flesh along the narrow pink crevice between her widely spread thighs, then up over the full split of her hair-fringed cunt! From her quivering babyish rectal mouth, it traced the pink passion-engorged edges of her excited pussy-lips to the tiny, erect flower of her softly pulsating little clitoris! She lifted her head higher to gape downward between her throbbing breasts and open white thighs at the incredible, obscene spectacle. Blinding sensations of new-born lust stabbed through her trembling naked body at the contact of his melting tongue with her super-sensitive nerve-centers! Again and again, he licked up between her legs, the thick length of his deliciously fluid tongue spreading deeply through her moist, yielding cuntal-flesh like a dull knife through softened pink butter, carrying her higher away from human reality with every breathtaking lick!

It didn't stop, and the naked, obscenely-exposed young wife who lay in a desire-blinded state of lewdly pyramiding passion, beneath the incessant wild tongue with an inconceivably lust-maddened heat, could only moan out her sensual delight. Unceasingly, the massive dog splayed the smooth inflamed intimacy of her secret genital flesh with his captivating tongue, finally pausing to curl it with a deeply invading thrust far up into her turbulently-wet vaginal passage!

"Oooooohhhh, ooohhhh heaven!" Tanya audibly cried out, gasping and jerking spasmodically beneath his unthinkable assault, Mark's pictured cock in all of its lustful hardness mentally filling her suddenly palpitating pussy! Oh God, she would fuck him so beautifully, and he'd squirt his hot male jism deep up into her welcoming cunt, the feel of it making her cum and cum as it pumped ceaselessly into her wildly spread hole!

"God, yes! Yes! Lick it for me, you beautiful wild brute! Aaaaggghhh – like that, darling, like that! Lick your tongue way up inside!" she pleaded wantonly, lifting her intensely-aroused loins and quaking buttocks higher to his frenzied, ravaging animal-mouth. "Yes, yes! Lick my cunt you wonderful lover! Aaaaaagggghhhh – ooooohhhhhh!"

Tanya hardly knew what she was saying; her overwhelming carnal passion had reached that intensity! What fear she had known in the beginning the powerful dog had washed away with his wet, searing tongue! She hardly saw him any longer as a fierce, wild beast, only as a magnificent, needed lover who was taking her to unbelievable heights of sensual rapture! Suddenly, she was grasping hold of his furry head to pull his long nose tighter into her wetly throbbing cuntal channel!

His firebrand tongue shot up into her moist, seething hole like a white-hot cauterizing whip, his own animal-whines matching hers as he zealously lashed and tongue-fucked the blood-flushed, glistening flesh between her obscenely-spread thighs and tautly stretched buttocks.

"Oh! Ooohhhhh Goooddddd! You're driving me mad, lover! Maaaddd!" Tanya gasped hoarsely with raised head and salaciously-gaping eyes. The forbidden, bestial sight was all but shamelessly destroying her! Never, never, never in her life had she felt like this! Oooohhhh! If only her girlfriend's husband's hard thick cock was in her mouth at the same time, then it would be complete!

Lobo both scented and tasted the whetting intensity of her human she-lust, the keenly biting flavor causing his feral animal-blood to hotly race and pound through his powerful loins. There was nothing in this fire-eyed female that reminded him of his golden-haired mate except the soft whiteness of her smooth flesh, and the heat she generated from the mating hole between her legs whose aroma differed slightly from that of the blonde's. He sensed no tenderness in the symmetrical portions of her body such as his golden one possessed, only the hungry heat of her rising female-passion. The hot, pink flesh in its flowing wetness communicated to him her innermost secrets, and as he eagerly tongued the yielding, moist crevice, he felt the charged urgency of his own demanding loins.

Tanya had fallen into a rhythmic moaning, her mind slipping further into sensual oblivion beneath the mesmerizing bliss of Lobo's pleasure-giving tongue hotly licking and fucking into her wildly inflamed cunt. She had begun to flail her head from side to side in her lewd, half-raised position, still holding to the mighty animal's huge head between her pulled-back legs, her brain a mirror for both her husband and Mark Denning's imagined hard cocks, each thrusting in turn into her hungrily sucking mouth, while this beautiful brute lapped the maddening fire from her seething loins and belly. Frantically, she tossed her head in cadence with her groans, and it was then that she saw it!

Her sparkling dark-eyes widened at the glistening sight of the animal's thick, scarlet cock emerging from its long sheath, wet and hard, the tapered end slipping and dancing as it continued to press forward from its fleshy concealment! She had to lean far over sideways to see it well, and momentarily, Lobo sounded a throaty growl of disapproval, but this time the warning hardly registered with her.

Instead, an inexplicable sensation of sheer depravity burned through her naked, lust-filled young body, a maddeningly intensified feeling the roots of which she had no intentions of questioning! It was sheer, forbidden wickedness in its most degenerate form! But his cock was beautiful, huge and beautiful! She had never seen her husband Rodney's cock ever look more tempting to her! And his, her wonderful animal lover's, was longer and thicker, more like Mark's, she wildly imagined in her mind-swirling fantasy!

For a long, breathless moment, the raven-haired young wife watched the massive dog's wetly gleaming shaft of naked hardness dangling half-exposed beneath his strong animal-loins, sensing her mouth and throat at first going dry, then salivating at the captivating sight of its scarlet rapaciousness! From that moment, she was no longer concerned with the corrupt perversion of her intentions, only how she was going to accomplish it! In fact, she realized almost frantically, the very debasing idea in itself was serving to spur her on. But how? How?

Feverishly, the wild, night-invader licked at her cunt, his scorching, wet tongue like an abrasive as it slithered over the firmly erect bud of her quivering clitoris! Scintillating shocks of animal lust raged through her obscenely offered loins, singeing at the very nerve-ends of her white, sensually trembling flesh.

Oh God, how? "Lobo, darling – baby," Tanya began, trying to raise higher and pet his massive head that was nuzzled between her wide-spread legs. God, she could see his liquid tongue spraying through the wetly saturated crevice of her cuntal slit! He had opened her wide down there as if his love-making tongue was born of razors! Her own sensitive inner-cuntal flesh sparkled reflectively up at her, its tempting, silken curls moistly matted, the very sight sending trembling sensations spiraling toward her brain! Her thrusting young breasts tingled in their swollen excitement as she continued to caress his great head.

Then, his head lowered and nudged her hip, several times, until she got the idea. He wanted her to roll over. With a moan of surrender, Tanya complied.

Automatically, Tanya found herself trying to spread her squirming buttocks wider, picturing narcissistically the obscene appearance of her own voluptuous nakedness in her mind's eye. She heard the dog's excited panting, and sensed his hot breath against the soft white mounds of her buttocks. Then, she felt his long, laving tongue slithering hotly into the smooth crevice separating them. Again, Tanya moaned at the electrifying contact, immediate, feverish impulses of lust stabbed wildly through her warmly secreting pussy and quaking belly.

She felt herself lewdly raising her shapely buttocks, pulling the soft cheeks farther apart to give Lobo full access to her vulnerably gaping anus! His hot tongue wetly caressed it, then dived lower to splay open her tender hair-fringed pussy-lips, grazing the seething pink cuntal flesh on its way to her hardened little clitoris. She gasped out in impassioned joy, trying to inch her knees even farther apart and open the pulsating pink crevice between her straining thighs wider to him.

His long, curling animal-tongue lapped ardently, sweeping in an obscene liquid flame through the sizzling wet inner-flesh of her loins and flicking at the tiny grasping mouth of her tight vagina, stroking her hungrily offered loins to a still more intensive heat before he suddenly moved into an unexpected, astonishing position behind her kneeling form.

Tanya tensed as her massive pet's furry body crowded in close against her upraised buttocks. She was abruptly aware that Lobo was standing on his hind legs, his powerful forelegs gripping at the naked flesh of her hips! God Almighty! He must be mounting her! She craned her neck, hardly raising her face from the bed to gape wildly back at him! There wasn't any doubt about it! He intended to fuck her, just as if she were a bitch dog in heat!

Oh God! T-This was absolutely obscene being fucked by a dog! Tanya gasped inwardly. Really unbelievable! Tanya's mind reeled, her naked young curves trembling to the erotic stimulation Lobo's lashing tongue had fired in her liquor-sensitized flesh. Then, in the mirror that hung on the wall, she stared at the sight of their lewdly locked position, sensually moaning at the lust-flaming reflection. The bestial obscenity of the huge German Shepherd astride her widespread white ass-cheeks sent irresistible charges of seething passion raging through her quivering body!

Then Tanya saw it, and she gasped at the breathtaking sight of his glistening scarlet cock slipping out from its long furry sheath, wet and red and hard, the tapered length waggling obscenely as it inched forward, its bevel-topped head reaching and probing the wet pink slit of her feverish cunt! She felt Lobo's powerful animal-body jerk against her smooth buttocks, saw his thickly dangling cock trying to penetrate the hot mouth of her upturned vagina!

He whined aloud, almost in desperation, his forepaws making new demands against her naked hips as he jerked and stumbled on his hind legs, eagerly struggling to bury the sleek, throbbing spear of his raw animal hardness up inside her steaming human pussy-hole!

Tanya stared at it all in the mirror, her heavy breathing thundering in her ears. She shifted her lewdly elevated buttocks in little wanton circles back at the still growing dog-cock, hypnotized by its glistening red dance, the tension inside her reaching a near unbearable degree! Oooohhh yes, yesssss! She wanted it, wanted the beautiful baby's long thick cock burning right up into the aching depths of her throbbing hot cunt!

Help him, Tanya! something shouted within her. Go on, grab hold of it and put it in for him!

Tanya, with little mewling sounds unconsciously escaping her lips now, reached back between the yawning white columns of her thighs and grasped her pet's slippery hardness, spread the silken curls of her cuntal hair with its cone-shaped head, and guided the hot thick tip into her wetly nibbling vaginal lips! Spontaneously, the instinct-driven German Shepherd humped forward, bursting his solid cock from her grasp as he plunged deep into her acquiescing pussy channel. Wider and wider, he stretched the moist, sensitive passage, sending his flesh-searing rod slicing cruelly up into the churning wet heat of her quaking belly!

"Unh, unh, unh, ooohhhhh Goddd!" Tanya moaned as she felt herself being stuffed full to the brim in Lobo's unbroken forward lunge. She watched in the vanity mirror with bug-eyed fascination as the huge, scarlet length of blood-swollen dog-flesh slithered in with a fierce wet charge, burying itself to the very hilt in her shockingly stretched vagina! She both felt and saw her new lover's heavy, sperm-bloated balls swing savagely down, smacking flat against her dark pussy-hair as her own breath burst from her lungs.

The painful sensation of inner expansion came with a delayed impact to explode through her obscenely impaled loins, forcing guttural groans from her half-open lips. "Oh – oh, my God!" she moaned, her widened eyes gaping unseeingly as her panting animal-lover began to fuck rapidly up into her cunt from behind! Her head jarring against the pillow from his every powerful, breast-quivering charge, Tanya tried to concentrate on the reflected sight of his long thick scarlet cock plunging wetly up between her open thighs as she began to move lewdly backward to meet his breathtaking, brutal strokes!

Frenzied sensations of basic lust spread through Tanya's sensuously slaving body heaving backward onto the relentless dog-cock skewering deeper and deeper up into her flame-filled belly from behind! Furiously, the huge German Shepherd battered his loins against the young woman's supple ass-cheeks, his pulsating rod of flesh sinking each time to its full blood-hardened length up into the moistly sucking depths of her clasping vagina! Whimpering uncontrollably, Tanya rotated her buttocks around and around the pleasure-giving shaft in a building wanton furor, grinding her greedily clinging vaginal sheath back over the length of piercing animal-cock in masochistic need.

The unmistakable beacon of her approaching orgasm flashed through the brunette's passion-crazed young body then, a fantastic promise of still greater bliss soon to come! It coiled through her seething loins like a showering burst of fireworks, and singed the underside of her trembling belly with its loin-tingling sensations. She moaned in lustful intoxication as the jagged edges of her mounting sensual rapture stabbed at her abdomen, and ogled the mirror to watch her darling's long, thick dog-penis wetly disappearing up between the soft whiteness of her absorbing buttocks, his savage fucking tempoed in rapid, pistoning strokes! She saw her own pink cunt-flesh moistly clinging to his huge, handsome hardness when he pulled out of her, then disappearing back up inside her hungry passage with every new thrust, his heavy, cum-laden balls solidly pummeling her unprotected clitoris below between the blood-swollen lips of her lust-inflamed pussy!

Tanya's brain was spinning with the effect of such never before experienced carnality, her eyes feasting on the hedonistic spectacle of her full white breasts, suspended and quivering beneath her body as she raised part way up from the bed. In the mirror, they seemed to ripple like ripe mounds of lush, pink-tipped fruit before Lobo's breathtaking barrage! She saw the flailing veil of her long, ash-blonde hair as she tossed her head in a maddened cadence to the thorough fucking the darling dog was pounding into her, pleasureful moans hissing loudly up from her heaving chest!

"Oooohhhh, my lover, Lobo – baby! Fuck me, darling! Fuck your Tanya!" she cried back at the panting, furiously humping dog. "Harder, baby! Harder, oh, harderrrrrrr!"

The passionate, pleading tone to her voice let Lobo know he was pleasing her. He whined in panting response as he hammered instinctively up into her tight, slippery vagina from behind. He knew he was bringing her joy by the way she was thrusting her soft female cunt willingly back onto his aching hardness. The wet heat of her human vaginal passage was clenching greedily at him, even more so than hers of the midnight hair had done, and his blood pounded hotly through his straining body for her.

He felt the dribbling wetness against his throbbing loins as it trickled down the soft, smooth backs of her thighs from where he was locked into her loins. His tongue hung loose and dripping from his open jaws with the fierce pressure growing inside his raging loins. He heard a howling from outside, distantly, a summons from the other members of the pack he led, but disregarded the call. Only his roaring hardness thundering up into the hotly milking core between his mistress' long, white legs meant anything to him.

"Oh, oh no, Lobo! It's beautiful – tremendous! Oh God, you're driving me mad with it!" Tanya gasped, her long dark hair flailing as she tossed her head from side to side in uncontained rapture.

Tanya tried to hold her head steady, a next to impossible feat with her darling German Shepherd's huge cock pummeling her with trip-hammer velocity.

A series of screaming little sensuous impulses shot through Tanya's erotic nerve. Slave-like, Tanya gave herself completely to the pleasure-bringing fucking she was receiving from behind. She raised her head to choke out a throaty, animal cry. Her glazed eyes grew round and unseeing. "Oooohhhh! It's too much! I'm going wild!" but her voice choked into a strangled mixture of sob and ragged sigh, her head beginning to toss frantically up and down, her long hair streaming as she began the first erotic contractions of a violent orgasm! Wildly, she skewered her undulating vagina back onto Lobo's long thick cock in sluttish frenzy!

The first seizure struck her with all the force of a lightning bolt and she slammed her naked ass-cheeks back hard onto the deep-thrust red animal-cock with a desperate lunge. Simultaneously, Lobo fucked forward with a deep growl, his massive animal hardness beginning to spew its scalding dog-sperm deep up into her madly churning belly in long hard spurts!

"Oh God, oh God, I'm cum-c-cummmmmiinnnggggg!" Tanya whimpered, her jerking buttocks beginning to contract convulsively to the eruption exploding like a boiling geyser in her soft white belly and loins! She threw her head from side to side in the ecstasy of her release, at last gaping at the mirror to see the combination of human-animal cum oozing whitely from her clenching cuntal mouth still milking hungrily at her beautiful German Shepherd's slowly deflating cock. Thin rivulets of their sticky white fluids ran hotly down her smooth inner-thighs, and when she could no longer watch, she pitched forward on her breasts, her face buried in the soft pillow.

After the round swelling of his massive cock had allowed Lobo to draw free of her grip, he was gone before Tanya could even try to comprehend what had happened. She lay back in a semi-exhausted nakedness, still breathing heavily and tremblingly staring at the empty, opened window. He was real, alive! He existed all right. But could she tell anyone in the whole world that? In fact, the only concrete proof she had, even to herself, that the unbelievable act had occurred were the thin, still warmly glowing trickles of his sperm that trailed wetly from the tingling hole of her pussy down over the damp satin sheets below.


There has to be something I can do, thought Priscilla Devereaux as she spurred her horse angrily across the rolling hills and meadows near her father's huge estate. She knew she was near the edge now, close to moving onto Pace property. But no one cared around here who rode across whose property. It was open land and a horse never hurt anything.

There has to be something I can do to get him away from that bitch! The thought rattled around in her head irritatingly. The little trollop DesirЋe Mitchell had had her way with Mark and Priscilla had no intention whatever of standing by and watching it all pass under the bridge as if it had never happened and Mark and she had never been lovers. She wanted him back, and that meant she would have to separate him from his hot-and-sticky-cunted little wife.

And that might take some doing.

Down below she saw Nancy Pace's little Camaro negotiating the dirt road leading to and from her uncle's estate. Priscilla thought that Clete Anderson's teenage fiancee would be better off trying to take a four-wheel-drive vehicle in to town. The river had risen high from a recent rain and had flooded a piece of the road. She could easily get stuck and immobilized far from anywhere. Priscilla drew her binoculars out of her saddle bag and took a closer look. Yes, Nancy would be lucky indeed to make it across the swamped part of the road just ahead.

Priscilla swept the vista with her lenses again and stopped. Well, if it wasn't her own dear Mark driving this way in his new Bronco, whipping up a cloud of dust. What was he doing down this way?


Nancy cried out as her Camaro plowed into the water, hearing the spray roar up under the hood, killing the engine. Damn, how could this happen? She was in a hurry to get down to see Clete. He had been away for a few days, and they had had no intimate moments. Strange how he had turned a virgin teenager – well, he and the raping dog Lobo – into such a wanton and sexy woman. She was burning with desire for his big cock and their times together had become quite animal. All that he had taught her now ran through her mind constantly. She need him almost every day to quench the fires of sensuality he had stoked within her.

Clete had taught her well – all the things a loving woman needed to know. Every position for fucking, every way to please a man. She had begun to like sucking his big, black cock, though it was terribly difficult to get even half of it inside her mouth. Her hot pussy burned just thinking about being with him and now this flooded road had thrown ice water on her plans and libido. What was wrong with her? Damnit, it was Clete's fault for making her such a hot-pussy bitch at the very tender age.

There was absolutely no response from the engine. It was drowned, just like her plans to be with Clete. With a mild curse, she gingerly stepped out of the car in to knee-deep water and began to walk.


Mark welcomed the chance to be back at work after his pleasant but exhausting honeymoon, the breakfast and hot coffee doing much to restore his energy. Damn, if he could just find the strength to leave his young wife, DesirЋe – but Christ, he almost couldn't this morning! He had just wanted to lie in bed with her and make love and stroke her hot and sweaty body. He was already getting hard just thinking about her. When was he going to become just slightly used to her beauty and be able to get back to work.

Irately, the town's councilor slammed the gears through their cycle, forcing his mind to concentrate on other immediate issues at hand. As much as he had his own personal weaknesses, there were other local matters to be looked to, especially the area's drug trouble. The high-school was seemingly saturated with it, and Clete Anderson had done nothing concerning the three teenage pushers Mark had picked up and turned over to the police chief. Though Mark tried never to draw obvious conclusions, Clete's laxity in bringing the three before the county judge for indictment, plus his refusal to discuss the matter, underscored what he'd feared all along. He hated to believe it, but more and more it began to look as if Clete was in cahoots with the young pushers, though to prove the matter might be next to impossible in Pickford's Meadows, for it was up to Clete himself to present all evidence.

The police chief had the Devereauxs on his side, had somehow curried favor with good old venomous Priscilla and her father, and who would buck James Devereaux, even with him somewhere overseas. On top of that, Mark had already made an unbearable enemy in the beautiful, auburn-haired whiplash of a daughter who had laid claim to him years back. But what else could he have done but spurn those big, lusty green-eyes? He'd married DesirЋe, was head-over-heels in love with her. His affair with Priscilla, which had never been anything more than a lurid diet of sexual variety, was over! Hell, there'd never been any future in it from the beginning. There was no place at the time for him in the wealthy Devereaux circle. It had always been his stud value, and he'd never tried to fool himself on that score. But Priscilla didn't like her playthings taken from her, not before she had broken them and was finished, and she had made that well known to him back at the Radisson Hotel. How had she so glibly and gently put it? "You-you sonofabitch, Goddamn you, Mark Denning! I'll have your nuts for this! I swear I will! I'll have your nuts!"

Mark's keen, but tired mind diligently worked as he drove, covering the miles on that winding rural road to the Pace house, to see if talking to the chestnut-haired Nancy Pace and her uncle could tell her anything. He wasn't quite clear in his mind what value would come out of a chat with her, but she'd always been an amiable girl, talkative and eager, and she undoubtedly had at least been exposed to the drug-traffic at school. And maybe, just maybe, she might let something drop that she had observed in Clete's behavior that might explain why he kept covering for the drug pushers. Anyway, he had to start somewhere, and he'd promised Rodney that he'd try to get him an interview with her.

His mind was again reverting to irritatingly lustful thoughts of DesirЋe when he saw the attractive brown-eyed beauty, Nancy Pace herself, on the road, the warm curves to her shapely young legs first catching his eye, then the miniskirt and white pullover she wore. Drawing closer, he realized that she was obviously braless, a new thing for the reserved and shy teenager, her full, youthful breasts doing an arousing sashay to her every step. He swallowed, wondering if maybe he shouldn't wait until tomorrow when her uncle was with her.

She saw him and waved. Mark smiled back, responsively easing the Bronco to a stop, making no motions toward her, yet she swerved from the sidewalk to come and talk with him.

"Hi, Mark… I-I mean Mr. Denning. I just bogged my car down," she said in one breath, her young white teeth glistening with her smile.

"Y-Yes, I can see that," he stammered, her accidental use of his first name surprising him. In the past, it had always been Mr. Denning. "Come on, I'll drive you. I wanted to talk to you anyway," he added with a little smile of his own. "Ooohhh?" he heard her pleasant girlish voice questioningly fade as she unhesitantly circled the car, that too astonishing him. He opened the door for her and she climbed in, making none of the usual demure efforts toward covering her youthfully rounded thighs with her tiny mini-skirt. Being with Clete these last few months had changed her, not to mention her horrid experience with the wild dog. "It's not very often that I get picked up by the handsomest man in town," she said with a light, flirty air, the pleasing scent of fragrant soap reaching him.

Mark uncontrollably grinned as he spurred the automobile back into motion, her less-than-naive coquettishness giving him another start that he hadn't been prepared for. He naturally had had some experience with these teenage girls in his life, but he doubted that he'd ever quite get comfortable with their casual disregard for the teasingly provocative sexiness they exuded. It was difficult to believe they were unaware of their ripened young charms, though he'd never thought of Nancy along those lines, and it suddenly occurred to him that he was either getting old, or blind… or was it that she had suddenly grown up when he wasn't looking?

"What was it you wanted to talk to me about, Mr. Denning?" Nancy questioned, purposely twisting in the seat so that she faced him, her young nylon encased legs nearly touching at the knees, her fully rounded thighs knowingly revealed to him. She saw his handsome, greyish-eyes magnetically rake over them, and a little quiver of excitement fluttered through her.

"I have a friend here, a writer who'd like to interview you, Nancy," he clumsily managed, gluing his eyes to the street ahead with the sight of her curvaceous young thighs mentally branded in his mind. Damnit! He was still hot and horny from his honeymoon. "Name's Rodney Foster and he writes for a national magazine!"

"About the dog, Lobo, that day?" she quickly responded, her teenage, dark eyes innocently absorbing him, then clouding with sadness at the memory. "Is that what he wants to know about?"

Mark again swallowed, this time more tightly. "Ah… yes, he wants to do an article on the wild dog phenomenon, Nancy, but that isn't what I wanted to talk to you about, though I'd welcome anything you have to add to our record on the experience you had."

"Oh, there's nothing more. I've told everything. He did it, you know, screwed me, that's all," Nancy replied with a sadness that caused her youthful face to crumble into something outwardly pathetic. Her choice of lewd words causing the flesh of his balls to creep! "Well, nearly all. That is, there's one thing that I haven't told anyone, Mr. Denning, but… but I know I can tell you."

He had to clear his throat before he could speak. "Wh-What's that, Nancy?" he managed, not daring to look her way and/or down at those luscious young thighs again.

"Well, at first I tried to fight him," she said, speaking in a childishly soft, sultry voice that he could never know she had painstakingly rehearsed before a mirror. But then, she excitedly thought, there had been many things that had happened to her since Lobo, hadn't there? And her lover Clete had introduced her to them all. "At first I did, until I realized that it was no use, and then… then, I gave up! I-I let him do it, even helped by pushing myself back at him! D-Does that make me sound like some sort of d-dirty girl, myself? I-I mean, the way some people look at me."

Christ almighty, Mark thought, driving over toward the Pace ranch, skirting the pool where the girl's car sat drowned and immobile. He was getting a gnawing hard-on at the sound of her voice and the lewd story she was telling him. He couldn't help but imagine his own young bride, DesirЋe, naked and kneeling before the huge German Shepherd, and the brute's thrusting cock driving her right out of her skull!

"Listen," he hoarsely rasped, forcing the unwanted fantastic thought of his young wife mounted by that dog, ramming his feral animal-cock up between the smooth grinding cheeks of her naked buttocks and into her pink pussy from his mind! "Listen, there's no one in this town who can look down on you, Nancy! You put that right in the forefront of your mind, eh? Try to understand that many of these people are bigoted religious fanatics who don't know any better. They're not really to blame anymore than you were for what happened!"

"I-I've tried to, Mr. Denning," she softly replied, gazing downward toward her candidly exhibited legs in an accomplished gesture, fiery sensations already tingling hotly through her at the sudden realization of their being out on the road and all alone, far from the relief of Clete's marvelous cock! Her brain burned with a sudden thought. It could happen if she was clever enough! But did she dare? Mark Denning, wow, he was so handsome! "Honestly, I've tried, even thought that they didn't know any better, religious fanatics, as you say, but…" she looked up at him, her flashing dark eyes rounded in question, "but even religious people know about fucking, don't they?"

She might have shoved a white-hot, searing iron right between his legs. Mark's head reeled at her casual use of the graphic four-letter word, his swollen hardness jerking noticeably inside his pants-front! Goddamn, what was he doing out here in the hills with her, anyway? He'd momentarily lost his head, that was what! The fresh young feminine fragrance of her, and her wide-eyed innocent use of lurid words, say nothing of the way she was displaying her thighs all the way up to her panties to him, had lustfully set his blood-thumping cock into doing his thinking for him! What the hell was he stupidly contemplating but having a shag with Clete Anderson's fiancee! He, a happily married man. Goddamn, he could see the white nylon crotchband of her panties snugly hugging the puffy little pubic mound between her lush, teenage thighs!

"Well, don't they Mr. Denning?" she persisted.

"Y-Yeah… sure, Nancy… of course they know," he stammered, tearing his eyes from between her youthfully firm legs and beginning to look for a place to turn around. He had to get hold of himself! His resistance was at low-ebb due to his hypersexual honeymoon. It seemed that all his cock wanted was to fuck something. His brain was groggy, his slowly stiffening prick was lecherously attempting to make his decisions for him! Christ, the narrow wisp of satiny whiteness caressing the fleshy swell between her rounded, full, young thighs was searingly imprinted in his roused brain! "Don't worry, it'll all work out for you, honey."

Honey! He'd called her "honey", and there was no doubt about that swelling in his pantleg and the way it'd jerked when she'd used the word, fucking! God, it looked as big as Clete's! Not that it mattered how big it was! She knew she'd love it inside her if it were no larger than her little finger! Mark Denning! He was so handsome, and her pussy was getting so tingly wet! How was she going to manage it? She said: "What was it you wanted to talk to me about, Mr. Denning? I'd tell you anything… anything!"

Holy Christ, there wasn't any question, Mark's nearly exhausted intelligence screamed! She, this devilish little teenage cockteaser, was laying it on the line before him! He couldn't help but think of Priscilla Devereaux's flagrant lust that had been his real indoctrination! Damn, was Nancy blindly gearing toward being another Priscilla? He tried to think of his wife, DesirЋe, anything that would restore a measure of needed reason, but the mere thought of his voluptuous, blonde bride brought fire to his brain.

"What do you know about the drugs going around town and the high school?" he threw at her, almost hoping that she would get angry and bring the whole trouble-heading scene to an end right there.

"What do you want to know?" the teenager questioned, inching closer to him along the seat.

"The pushers – who are they?" Mark snapped.

"Johnny Canning, Billy, his brother, and Sam Quaid, but I haven't seen them around for a while," she quickly answered. "No one's seen them, as if they disappeared."

Mark licked at his thin lips. They were the three Clete had picked up and turned loose the next day. "Has the traffic died down?"

"I don't know, Mr. Denning. I've never been involved with drugs at all," she answered, slowly slipping her arm around the back-rim of his seat as she slithered tightly against him. "I've had no interest in them."

"Who's the source, do you know?" he managed, sensing the warm weight of her arm behind him and the delicate play of her fingers at the back of his neck. Jesus Christ, he'd been so right, so right! She was offering all that ripe, youthful loveliness to him to fuck right now if he wanted it!

Nancy swallowed, her young throat as tight as a drum. Someone out of town, that was all she knew. But lover Clete would kill her if he ever found out! He would, he'd kill her for even thinking of taking her panties off for his enemy, Mark Denning! It wasn't the same as before she'd begun to sleep with him; she hardly had any privacy or secrets anymore. He made her suck him all the time before he ate her pussy and fucked her, and she knew that he'd skin her alive if she made a mistake!

"I can't tell you that, Mark!" she hoarsely exclaimed.

"Please… please don't ask me! J-Just be nice to me, Mr. Denning, please? I-It isn't easy being me right now, little Nancy Pace – the sweet young girl that, that dog, Lobo, raped, with everyone in the county looking down at me."

Whether it was the pathetic tone of her child-like voice, or her self-pitying words that reached him, Mark would never know, anymore than he could understand the reasoning behind his own sudden, stupidly impulsive statement: "Damnit, I told you about these people!" he said, swinging into the mouth of a dirt lane that led to a deserted quarry and coming to a skidding halt. He rammed the gears into reverse, then turned to gape at inch-distance into the attractive young face crowding his.

"Wait, don't back up!" the long-haired teenager pleaded in a throaty whisper. "Please, Mr. Denning, don't back up. Keep going. Drive up into the quarry," she pleaded, her sweet young breath hot against his cheek. And then he felt her other small hand's electrifying contact with the tensed muscle of his thigh, beginning to caress warmly as it moved with pointed intention toward the jerking rod of hardness straining at his pants front! "Maybe you can make me feel better, ease the ache inside me, while I draw the fire out of this for you!"

"Christ!" he gasped to the hot, encircling pressure of her small palm and fingers suddenly grasping the thickened hardness of his throbbing cock inside his pants. "D-Do you know what you're saying, talking about doing, Nancy?" he rasped at her, his fired brain spinning like the vanes on a windmill, while her delicate young hand began to knowingly trace the outline of his long rigid prick with unbelievably skilled fingers!

"Yes, yes, of course I know, Mr. Denning! Can't you tell by my hand on your cock?" she lewdly whispered, then possessively clutched it as she pressed forward, crushing the resilient young flesh of one full, bra-less breast against his tensed arm and kissed his cheek with warm, wet lips. "Please, Mr. Denning. Please? Do it to me – I want you to! Fuck me, do anything you want to me, just let me make you happy!"

He couldn't have moved at that moment had he wanted to! Her lithe, young body hotly pressed against him, her yielding, teenaged breast searing the muscled-flesh of his arm right through his shirt-sleeve, but it was her youthful little hand caressing his throbbing cock that was tearing him up inside! Her lustful plea with its lewd words screamed in his tired skull and he knew he was rapidly losing any resistance to her that he might have had! Still, he made one last effort.

"Damnit, Nancy, I can't! You're Clete's fiancee! A little girl, too."

"Oh God!" the chestnut-haired teenager gasped, suddenly grasping his big hand in the small one that had been eagerly stroking his thickly pulsating hardness. She'd never accept no for an answer now! She was so hot and wet between her legs! Excitedly, she guided his strong hand to the naked smooth flesh beneath her sweater, until the tiny hardened nipple of one full rounded young breast was pressing into its palm! Then she sensually whispered: "Does that feel like a little girl's tit to you, Mr. Denning?"

"Christ!" he choked, stalling the car as he twisted in the seat to pull her tightly against him, his mouth finding her lushly opened young lips and his tongue thrusting hotly between them! Shit, he was lost! He was going to fuck her if it meant twenty-years in prison! He couldn't help himself, he knew as he squeezed and kneaded the firmly overflowing flesh of her warm, teenage breast in his lecherously working hand! But Goddamn, he better hope no one came along and saw them!


Someone had already seen them, but Mark Denning had no way of knowing that.

Beautiful Priscilla Devereaux sat astride the big palomino as she skirted the perimeter of range of the Pace ranch following the trail that afforded a panoramic view of the entire valley. She saw his Bronco, parked down by the quarry.

A sensation of excitement rippled through her, quickly followed by another of dismay at the thought of the distance separating them. By horse-trail, he was at least six-miles off… unless he doubled back along the old range-road! If he did, she could easily intercept him near the creek – and that could prove damned interesting. She might even forgive him for his dastardly trick the other night of just coming in her mouth and leaving her unsatisfied down between her legs, providing he was properly sorry and took good care of her today. God knows, she could certainly stand a goodly piece of her ex-lover's hardened cock this morning, or any morning for that matter!

She reined the palomino to a halt and pulled field-glasses from the saddle-bag she always carried. The proud, auburn-haired girl fixed the glasses to her eyes and adjusted them. She could make-out Mark inside, but not too distinctly. Damn! He wasn't alone, the girl was with him! Frantically, she adjusted and re-adjusted the glasses, but she didn't have to see the girl's face to know who it was.

The sonofabitch! The car was moving, but not turning around!

He was heading toward the old quarry, another mile on top of the half-dozen that separated them! Damn him, Goddamn her, and little Priscilla was going to find out just what was going to happen!


Mark had given up all effort toward fighting the lecherous drive eating heatedly at his churning loins. He found a parking place between the excavated pit-wall and dilapidated stone-crusher, backing into it, quickly cutting the car's engine then grasping and pulling Nancy to him. She whimpered as he ran his hungry hand beneath her sweater, hotly clutching at the resilient young flesh of her naked breasts, his open mouth glued to hers, their wet, simmering tongues darting and lashing in mounting sexual fervency.

"Oh Christ, Nancy! This is wrong, just crazy!" he hissed, holding her tightly to him while his big hand continued to the swollen warm flesh of her full, satin-soft breasts. He caught the tiny, hardened buds of their marble-like nipples between his squeezing fingers, pulling and rolling them again and again to make her gasp into his mouth as he wetly tongue-fucked into it. Then, panting like the satyr he felt he was, he raised his head and gaped down into her enticing young face. "But I don't give a Goddamn, not if you don't, honey! God help me, but you've got me going for sure now."

"Oh, yes, yes, Mr. Denning, darling!" the teenager passionately moaned, clinging tightly to him. "You can do anything you want to me, or tell me what you want me to do to you! I'll suck it for you, let it cum all up in my mouth and swallow it if that's what you want, lover! Anything, Mark, only don't make me wait any longer! Let's, let's get naked, I want to see your cock!"

In a surge of blinding lust the likes of which Mark couldn't remember ever claiming him, he pulled at his clothing, simultaneously watching the voluptuous teenage girl beside him tug the white pullover sweater from her lovely upper body, the actual sight of her fully rounded, white young breasts in their naked youthful beauty causing his swollen cock to jerk achingly in his pants. Their tiny, cherry-like nipples were as hard as pebbles, and the mounds of silk-smooth flesh quivered and swayed provocatively to her nearly frenzied stripping away of her clothing.

He watched the tiny skirt disappear, then her panty-hose, and finally the wispy nylon bikini panties that unveiled the sparsely growing curls of her young teenage pussy-lips, the most lust-enticing sight he could ever remember gaping at. She started to move toward him, her dark young eyes hungrily fastened on his towering, rock-hard cock, but he held out his hand to restrain her, clutching and pressing simultaneously against the soft give of her full, sensuously formed breast.

"I want to hold it, kiss it, suck it, Mr. Denning!" the naked young girl hotly whimpered as he pressed her backward until she was lying back against the corner of the back of the seat and the door, one foot up on the cushion, the other on the floor. Her curvaceous, smooth young legs were lewdly spread open to him, the whiteness of her full, rounded thighs and belly contrasted by the dark silken curls of her sparsely curling pubic hair! He could readily see the thin pink crevice her blood-flushed cunt-lips were trying to conceal between, his aching cock responsively jerking upward with an almost painful series of throbs at the lust-whetting sight!

DesirЋe, oh, DesirЋe! I can't stop myself!

"Oh, oh Mr. Denning, lover!" Nancy moaned, clutching at his head as he lurched forward between her widespread, warmly trembling young thighs, feeling his lifting of her legs and drawing them back for him to give him the greater access to her naked cunt that she knew he wanted. She stroked at his tousled hair, sensing his hands wedging beneath the rounded moons of her taut young buttocks and drawing her further down the seat, his handsome face suddenly nuzzling into the wet, fire-filled intimacy of her eager loins!

Christ! The sweet, fresh youthful aroma of it alone was enough to make him cum, Mark inwardly reasoned, staring lecherously at the bewitching spectacle of her snugly clenching little cuntal lips and the lustrous dark curl of thinly sprouting pubic hair encircling it! He moved closer, thrust out his tongue and drew it slipperily from the base of her tightly clasping pussy-slit up to the very tip of her excitedly jerking clitoris, spreading open the fleshy, blood-engorged lips like a burning, pointed scoop, sweeping over the intricate, naked flesh of her sensitive inner-secrets with satirical aggressiveness.

"Oh, ooohhhhhhh God!" Nancy groaned sensually, her whole youthfully excited body nakedly trembling beneath his erotically flicking tongue. "Darling! Ooohhh, you're wonderful! Yess, do it! Eat my cunt, Mr. Denning! Ooohhh, I want to suck your cock while you lick me there, swallow your cum… please, please turn around for me!"

Her unbelievable, wanton plea scraped and lashed at his lust-governed brain, and as much as he wanted to shove his aching cock right down her teenage throat, he fought it! Instead, he licked several more times through the hot, wet deliciousness of her hungrily clenching young cunt, then raised up over her, crawling intentionally forward. "Another time, baby, not today! I'm going to fuck you, so reach down between your legs and put it where it belongs! Mr. Denning's going to fuck you now, Nancy!"

"Ooohhh, yesss, all right, darling, whatever you say!" the whimpering teenager passionately moaned. "Fuck me, Mr. Denning, darling, fuck me good!" she hissed, grasping the length of his probing cock down between them and seating its swollen head at the tiny pulsating lips of her wetly waiting vaginal mouth! "Do it, do it, Mark! Fuck me 'till I scream, please!"


The palomino was tiring. She'd pushed the beast too far, especially on an uncertain, downhill trail. She should have ridden the bay, he was a much surer-footed animal on this type of terrain. But then, she hadn't expected to catch her ex-lover in a clandestine encounter, had she? The sonofabitch! The way he'd walked away from her after she'd sucked him off! Professing deep love for that simple-minded, warbling little blonde haired wife of his! And here he was out in the hills with some other cunt! Little Nancy Pace. Oh, the pretentious bastard! He was going to pay for this, and so was his blonde little lovely bride, but she had to know who the girl with him was, had to!

"Goddamn you, Dante, move, move!" Priscilla snapped, gouging her spurs into the big animal's flanks and causing it to react with a buck. "Move, you sonofabitch!" she spat, viciously yanking the reins as they moved down the slope. "I want to see what's going on!"


Mark had no more than wormed his long, thick length of hardened cock-flesh into the tight wet sleeve of her hotly clutching pussy-channel when the curvaceous teenager began to nakedly writhe and squirm beneath him, obscenely thrusting her smooth rounded young hips and buttocks up at his impaling cock with frenzied strokes, accompanied by passion-filled whimpers and gasping little cries! "Oh God, oh God, oh God!" she moaned, heaving her young delectable loins in an immediate fury upward at his pulsating cock slithering into her tightly clinging cunt. "Oh, darling, it's so big, it fills my hot pussy right up to my belly! Aaahhhh, give it to me, Mr. Denning! Fuck me hard with it! Yesss, like that, ooohhh, I want to see! I want to see!"

Shit, he was going to go right out of his Goddamned head! The flaming velvety flesh of her childish vagina was wetly grasping and nursing his aching hardness like a gripping butter-coated hand, the frenzy of their fucking filling the car with flat, fleshy slapping sounds! From the very first stroke, he felt his sperm-filled balls thudding hard down against her tiny, puckered anus as they wedged between the oval, white moons of her wide-spread ass-cheeks! He lifted himself to allow her the lewd view she wanted, his eyes fixing on her firm, teenage breasts that were quivering like some delicious, white gelatinous substance with his every jarring fuck up into her! She raised her head and gaped down between them as did he, the sight of his long, thick cock moistly vanishing inside the wide stretched, curl-ringed mouth of her young pink cunt causing her to gasp out in sensual desire! His cock! Mark Denning's! Not nearly as big as Clete's, she knew, but this one was attached to the beautiful, educated, gentleman Mark Denning.

"Oh, oohhh, I'm going to cum, Mr. Denning! Yesss, cummmmiinnngg!" she wailed, wrapping her smooth, naked legs around his back and spiraling her quivering young cuntal muscles up onto his charging cock like an acrobat shinnying a pole!

Wildly, she fucked and squealed beneath him, her voluptuous young-girl body quaking and jerking in the throes of her orgasm, her yielding, naked flesh clinging as if she were welded to him! Christ, he couldn't stop now! He hoped she'd understand – not go into some up-tight fit because she'd cum, and then she half-screamed: "Oh, ooohhh, sweet fucker, I'm cuummmiiinnggg agaaiinnn!"

Mark felt her long, young nails gouging the hard flesh of his arms, shoulders and ribs as she trembled and squirmed around the length of his aching, buried cock plunging into the receptive, wet hole between her wide-spread, teenaged legs! Once more, she let out a banshee-like cry and he knew she was cumming again! Jesus Christ, she was a real nympho! No doubt about it, he thought wildly! The luscious little bitch was a nympho! What had Clete been teaching her?

Lustfully, he looked down between their wetly perspiring bodies to see the hot, pink flesh of her glistening inner-cunt clinging tightly to the moistly glistening hardness of his pistoning cock when he fucked back out of her! Christ, it was like pink, delicately spun sugar-candy sucking hungrily at his heavily veined shaft of long, thick rigidity, the silken, hair-fringed mouth of her youthful little pussy-hole feverishly clenching it and holding it deep up inside her! Like the lecher he knew that he was, Mark fucked harder, sensing the hot, liquid delicacy of her young, tender belly eagerly swallowing the turgid head of his pulsing cock! She whimpered, but never pulled away from him even a fraction as he increased the rapidity and intensity of his strokes into her lasciviously upthrust, young cunt!

"Oh God, Mr. Denning, darling, lover, we'll do this again, won't we?" Nancy whimpered. "Again and again? Ooohhh, you fuck into me so wonderful! I love you! Oooohhh, I've got to suck it, taste your cum, darling! Oooohhhh Godddd, I'm going to again, yesss, nowwwww!"

Insanely, she clung to him, her curvaceous teenage legs locked tightly with her ankles up over his back, her youthful loins smacking fleshily up against his as she undulated wildly her smoothly grinding hips and buttocks, making her cuntal-channel wetly massage his burning hard cock in a lewd, salacious churning act that caused his cum-filled balls to signal the end!

"Christ!" he choked. "Oh Christ! I-I'm going toooo!"

Frantically, she began to writhe and lurch in under him, her small hands pressing against his strongly pumping hips as if she were fighting him!

"No! No, God, not this way! Please?" she pleaded, her youthful strength forcing his heavily pulsating cock out of her tightly locked young cuntal passage as she seemed to withdraw herself down into the soft give of the car seat! "Crawl up over me, Mr. Denning! I want it in my mouth! Shoot it in my mouth, darling! I want to suck it, swallow it, please?"

Mark didn't struggle, but let her manipulate him above her until he was practically sitting on the soft white cushions of her young resilient tits, the bubbling pool of hot sperm raging in the bloated vat of his balls blinding him to all but the desperate urgency of shoving his jerking cock back into her anyplace! Almost frenziedly, she grasped its thick, moistened base, pulling the heavy foreskin back as far as it would go, and nibbling her roundly ovaled lips up over the swollen, purplish head that was still glistening wetly from her cuntal secretions! Little purling mewls and humming sounds of intense passion arose in her throat, vibrating the length of his long, impatiently jerking hardness as she began to feverishly tongue and suck it! She cupped his jism-filled balls in her small, hot hands, gently levering them in a to-and-fro motion to the rhythm of her back-and-forth head movement, making him understand what she wanted!

"Oh shit!" Mark choked, beginning to thrust his pelvis forward and fuck in and out of the hot, moist shelter of her hungrily enveloping young mouth! "Suck it, you luscious little cunt! Suck it, suck it hard, and any second now, it's going to fill that soft warm belly of yours with a big flood of cum!" He was going out of his mind! DesirЋe had never done anything like this, had never sucked his cock, and now little Nancy Pace was sucking him lick a five-dollar whore!

"Mmmmmmmm! Mmmmmmmmmm!" Nancy passionately moaned in her obscenely positioned nakedness, eagerly massaging and milking his heavy sperm-bloated balls with her youthfully clutching hands as she tried to work his thickly pistoning cock further and further into her voraciously sucking mouth and throat!

And then, it happened! He was riding the full, rounded mounds of her swollen young breasts with his lewdly churning ass-cheeks, and watching the pink inner-flesh of her lushly ovaled lips clinging hotly to his moving cock when he withdrew it from her mouth in the backstroke. Then suddenly, in the midst of it all, he felt her slender middle finger tenderly slipping up into his rectum all the way to the palm of her hand! "Oh Christ!" he gasped and swore when she began to expertly rotate it around inside and massage the sensitive, rubbery depth. "Ooooohh! That did it, baby, I'm cummmmniiinnggg! Suck it hard you cocksucking little bitch!"

Mark writhed his hips furiously, watching her pretty young cock-contorted face, the lips sucking slavishly, his cock hardening ever greater with the presence of the needle-like stream of white hot sperm rushing the full length of it!

It burst as the young girl beneath him vaguely heard him mouthing obscenities, his jerking cock gushing forth thick jets of his pungent tasting cum, flooding deep into her impatiently waiting mouth and throat! She felt her cheeks ballooning and contracting almost to the bursting point as she swallowed in hungry, thick gulps, fastening her thinly stretched lips tightly around his spasming hardness and sucking furiously, while his massive reservoir of wetly gushing cum continued to squirt down into her mouth and his hands clutched at her head, pulling her face harder up onto his wildly spewing prick!

The ecstasy of it was even greater than she had imagined it would be, and at the first hot pungent taste of his love-juice her own climax had been triggered again! Every muscle of her nakedly writhing young body contracted as she felt the erotic jolt of rapture convulse one last time through her insatiably jerking loins and belly! And then, his wonderful cock began to grow limp in her still hungrily sucking little mouth, until gradually there remained nothing but near exhaustion and wonder between them.

Breathing heavily, Mark climbed off of her obscenely sprawled young nakedness, the sight of her lush teenage lips and chin glistening with the warm, wet whiteness of his sperm sending a contemptible wave of self-loathing surging through him for what he had done to the young high school girl. But to Nancy, who was slowly raising herself up in the seat, her young eyes lovingly fixed on the naked, handsome lover beside her, there was only wonder, if and how soon could she make it happen with Mr. Denning again. In spite of Clete Anderson, her fiancee. It was like a burning fever that Lobo had unlocked and Clete himself had stoked to a raging heat. She had admired and desired Mark Denning from the first time she had seen him, but his heart had been elsewhere.


DesirЋe was so happy to be in their new home as she went about decorating it tirelessly all day. Of course, it was not nearly as large as her father's house where she had lived before their sudden, rushed marriage. Yes, it was already decorated according to his bachelor's tastes, but he had given her carte blanche to make it the way she liked it, and she worked happily at that task – with restraint, so as not to insult his male ego.

Forgotten in the glow of love and passion were the things that had driven her to beg him to marry her with so little practical preparation, the rape she had suffered with the unknown burglar, the feelings of repugnance that had turned to weakness and desire unfulfilled, only to be ultimately fulfilled by the wild, raping dog Lobo, her friend Liz's runaway pet. If that had not been enough to drive her over the edge, her seduction by Dr. Hemmings, the town's dual-duty preacher and general medical practitioner, had. How strange that the same man had had intercourse with her in his office, bent over his examining table with her tender, tingling buttocks pliantly uplifted to his incredibly pleasure-giving cock-thrusts.

The crowning irony was that he should be the one to pronounce the vows to her and Mark just a few weeks later over the alter in the community church. She had been unable to meet the pastor's eye, but he strangely seemed untouched by the horrible sin they had committed. It had been with relief that she had run from the church with Mark after the ceremony and taken the limousine to the airport and their wonderful, cathartic, memory-expunging honeymoon.

Now she was happy. Nothing must be allowed ever to mar the perfect life they were making for themselves, Mark's career in politics and hers in music, which she must soon resume. Of course, there would be babies, at least two. That was expected of a politician's wife, a solid family and home. And she supposed the children would come soon, since Mark had forbidden her to use birth control of any kind. He was hoping for a child within a year, too late for the election, but she might possibly be visibly pregnant during the campaign. All part of the campaign, though not just for show. Mark was as family oriented as she.

DesirЋe was determined that their home should be in reality just as fine as their future constituents would expect it to be.

So she prepared a candle-light dinner, his favorite meat dish and the wine he liked. She had had wine the first time that day they had first made love in the field beneath the elm, and then only occasionally on their honeymoon, so it wasn't becoming a habit, but tomorrow he would be leaving for the capital and she would not see him for almost a week. The thought depressed her, for she would not have his ardent and thrilling nightly lovemaking until he returned. Passing her hand over her belly, down to her plump pussy mound, she shivered. How could that hot, wet love-hole survive without his lovely penis.

What a wanton bitch she would have turned out to be if she hadn't married Mark! She blessed her decision to marry him quickly. But if he knew what had driven her to beg him to take her to the altar, he would be profoundly shocked. She was still shocked herself by what had been done to her by those three unprincipled males.

Mark was late coming home, but she was understanding when he walked through the door, his face tired and his clothing wrinkled. His aspect didn't deter her from throwing her arms around his neck and kissing him warmly.

"How's my darling tonight?" she purred. "Baby looks all done in."

Mark didn't meet her eyes. "I am, DesirЋe." He shook his head sadly and noticed the dinner table. His face looked sad. "Let me wash up."

DesirЋe waited for him at the table, her flesh steaming up with thoughts of getting into bed with him tonight. She was so keyed up with the day's activity and being indoors all day. He was what she needed to cool her energetic body.

Mark sat down, his gaze briefly touching her face, but in the shadows she couldn't read anything there.

"How'd it go, sweetheart?" she asked soothingly.

He shook his head. "There are drugs being sold around the high school and the disco and Clete seems unable to catch the culprits. I went out to the Pace ranch today to see if anyone out there would let slip any information."


"No luck. Nancy knows nothing, but I've got a feeling Clete is involved with them, protecting them. If he is, the poor girl will be in for a heartbreaking shock when he gets caught. I don't trust him."

"I've never liked him," DesirЋe confessed. "He's always made me uncomfortable, the way he looks at a girl."

Mark gave a grunt. "Well, Nancy's getting all his looks now. The girl has changed – really changed, since her experience with that dog."

DesirЋe froze at his mention of the wild animal she knew only too well.

"Even so, he wanted the council to put up a bounty of five thousand dollars on that dog. I don't think he's going to put any real effort into catching it until there's money in it for him."

DesirЋe's eyes clouded when he mentioned the dog, Lobo. The night he had visited her, licked her to sensuous defeat, mounted her, and used his giant, red cock to bring her to orgasm, was brought back to her vividly. She recalled how after that she had slept with her windows and shutters closed until moving out of her parent's home into this lovely new house of Mark's.

The young husband ate sparsely while DesirЋe, her hands trembling with emotions she didn't want to feel, stuffed herself with her own delicious meal. It wasn't until she was full and had followed him into the bedroom that she noticed that he just wasn't himself.

Kicking off his pants, Mark fell into bed. While she watched him, DesirЋe disrobed her lithe, voluptuous body in a way she thought provocative until she noticed that his eyes weren't even open. Completely naked, her large, firm breasts jiggling with her movements, she slid in beside him, feeling her vagina moistening in anticipation of what she hoped he would give her. Her hand went to his strong chest, down over his belly, then timidly to his cock. She had never taken the initiative before, but she felt so hot, so hot. Her fingers tentatively explored his soft pubic hair, finding it slightly crusty with something, and then found his flaccid penis.

Mark groaned groggily, apologizing for his lack of energy. He was already nearly asleep!

The young woman moaned with disappointment, an irritating tension creeping up her spine. Here she was aroused and wide-awake, with Mark dead to the world.

DesirЋe rolled onto her back, biting her lip. Her hands stole up and cupped her breasts, pinching her neglected, pink, hard nipples. Her breath quickened. Just the proximity of him excited her. Her fingers traveled down to her dribbling pussy, pushing into the warm vulval crease and beginning to manipulate her twitching clitoris with one hand while the fingers of the other plunged into her tight, silky, lonely, love channel.

Mark was too deep asleep, dreaming of his afternoon activity with Nancy Pace, to hear his young bride's whimpers of pleasure as she fantasized about him.


"THAT S-S-SON OF A B-BITCH!" roared Clete Anderson, gibbering with jealous anger. He'd been sitting behind the scarred desk in his office, staring idly at the half-empty bourbon-bottle he'd been nursing, while lecherously dreaming of the tightly rounded, naked young ass DesirЋe Denning. The jangling phone had interrupted his lust-whetting thoughts, but the irritation in his voice quickly faded when Priscilla, the fire-breathing daughter of the town's biggest big-wig, bitterly unloaded on him! Goddamn, he couldn't believe it! Nancy and Mark Denning! That little two-timing bitch!

In nothing short of lynx-eyed rage, Priscilla wasted no time in reaching the Pickford's Meadows Police Chief. Nor did she mince words with the barrel-chested official in conveying to him what she thought of his "little whore fiancee"!

"Y-You're sure? I mean…"

"You don't know your own stupidity, do you, Anderson! I don't make mistakes! You ought to know that!" she grated into his ear, causing him to momentarily jerk the receiver away. "I saw when they parked, then left the old quarry, and I tell you true they weren't there looking for rocks! I saw the whole thing, humping, sweating and screaming. But that's neither here nor there! You listening?"

"Y-Yeah, sure, Priscilla! I'm hearing every word!" the swollen-faced police officer replied, his mean eyes vindictively glaring with the thoughts of what he would do to the unfaithful little cunt for this! And Denning, that sonofabitch, he'd hang him by his balls!

"I know what you're thinking, but forget it!" the snapping voice of the auburn-haired girl intuitively ordered. "We're doing this my way, just as we planned! Understand?"

"Right, right, your way, Priscilla," Anderson quickly agreed, though his own vengeful thoughts were far from forgotten. "Just name the time."

"Tonight, if I can inveigle DesirЋe Denning out here to the ranch. Unless I've lost my grip, you can count on it," Priscilla swore, her words reaching him with a somewhat snakelike hiss. "I'll call you back to verify everything within an hour or so. I want Mark Denning's balls tacked right up over my bed, Clete, you understand?"

"Right, I know! You can count on me!" Anderson answered in a half-drunken, private viciousness of his own.

"I better be able to! Get some camera equipment ready, video and an SLR, and don't forget to see your little friend and get the acid," she reminded him. "We'll catch the whole scene on film – but remember, keep my face out of it, understand! Do what ever you want with the rest of me."

"Right," Clete said, lustfully grinning at the prospective thought. "Don't worry, honey, they'll be pictorial gems."

"Okay, okay, I can just imagine what's going through that lecherous brain of yours. You just sit there and think about it until I call you and verify that it's on, and don't come out here drunk," warned Pickford's Meadows' richest and most powerful bachelorette. "Or I might just have two pair of balls hanging over my bed!" Priscilla turned away and picked up the phone. "Now I think I'll give the little angel a discreet phone call. Do you mind?"

"No problem," Clete said. "But first let me call Johnny Canning and have him round up some LSD or something for you," Clete said, dialing the young pusher's portable number. He had to wait a long time before Canning answered. "Yeah, Johnny. Meet me out on the south road in an hour. Yeah, and bring some LSD and other things." He smiled at Priscilla. "Now you can call little DesirЋe and start the ball rolling."

Priscilla smiled wickedly and picked up the phone.


In his private pickup truck Clete picked up the sleazy young pusher out on the road where he had said. Johnny climbed in and lit a cigarette.

"I guess I don't have to ask what this is for," Johnny said, blowing a thick cloud of smoke and handing the sheriff a small packet. "DesirЋe Mitchell?"

"Denning now, but shut your face," Clete said sharply. "What makes you think it's for her?"

Johnny chuckled. "Just guessed. Where we going?"

Clete spurred the pickup along the road. "I might need your help for something." He nodded his head at a burlap bag on the floor. "We're going to create a need for a twenty thousand-dollar bounty on that dog's head."

"How's that?" Johnny asked, reaching into the bag and coming out with a strange object. It was a garden cultivating tool used for raking flower beds, a five-clawed affair, but it was obvious that the ends had been sharpened on a grinder to a razor-like sharpness. There was also a plastic bag full of what looked like animal hair and – shock horror – a large dried animal's foot that looked like it came from a dog. "What's this?"

"That's a little instrument for making tooth marks on livestock."

"What kind of hair is this?"

Clete grinned. "Dog hair. German Shepherd dog hair, and a foot for making a few tracks."

"Oh," Johnny grunted, understanding nothing. "What's it all about, then?"

Clete shook his head scornfully. "I think you've been getting high on your own supply," he said. "We're going to go out an kill a few cows with the tool and leave some dog hair on the carcasses. Got it?"

"Yeah, but why?"

Clete shook his head disdainfully. "I've been trying to talk the town council into putting a price on the dog's head. So I kill a few of their cattle, councilors animals too, and they'll be happy to do it. Then we'll do it again until they raise it to twenty grand. Councilors aren't so apathetic when it's their cows that are getting ripped up."

"Oh, yeah," Johnny said quietly. "How stupid of me not to guess."

"So we're going out in the fields. I can tear the throats out of a few animals. I can hunt the dirty bastard down, and then I won't have to go for the reward on you."

Johnny jerked back. "Geez, you wouldn't do that, would you, Clete?"

"Not if I don't have to," Clete said enigmatically, pulling to a stop next to a fence. He got out, picked up the bag of "tools", and started moving. Johnny followed suit, chucking away his cigarette butt. "Pick that up," Clete said. "I don't want any evidence that we were here." The sheriff started walking across the field, toward a distant group of cattle. "Of course, I'll be called out to investigate and the forensics will turn up some dog hair, and if we can't get a price on that fucking dog's head after that, than the councilmen are dumber than I thought."

"Well, what am I doing here?" Johnny groaned. "I'm a businessman. What if someone sees us?"

Clete spat at a cow pie. "I've checked the area out and there's no one around."

"What about our prints?"

"There's lots of farmers prints around here. Just don't step in any cow shit or mud puddles. Remember, I'll be running the investigation anyway, so we'll only find what I want to find."

"But what do I do."

"I just want you to hold a few cows' heads still while I rip out their throats."

Johnny looked at Clete in disbelief. "You'll get blood all over me."

"You can buy new clothes, no problem. Nobody else can know about this – nobody – so you're elected."

"Damn!" Johnny complained. They were nearing the group of cattle and he didn't relish wrestling with the stupid, dirty animals. "I like the drugging and fucking DesirЋe Mitchell better," Johnny said. "She's the hottest, sweetest pussy I've ever fucked. I'd like to have her again."

Clete stopped, his eyes hard. "What are you talking about?"

Johnny grinned. "Yeah, before the dog came and got to her, she caught us planting the shit. To cover up for being there, we had to do something, so I had the guys hold her. I licked her cunt and then slipped it to her. Tightest, sweetest pussy I've ever had. Pretty pussy, too. Looks like a baby's cunt with butterscotch hair on it. She cried at first, but then she turned on and that little twat just clamped down on old Willy."

The drug peddler was getting so wrapped up in his memories that he didn't notice the change coming over Clete, but had he watched his companion closer, he would have seen the jealous rage growing, turning the whites of his eyes red and causing his powerful, weight-trained body to tremble. Johnny was still laughing when Clete moved so suddenly there was no time to defend himself, even if he had been strong enough to fight off the bull-like, iron-armed black man.

Clete's hand closed on Johnny's thick head of hair while the other hand, armed with the five-pronged claw tool, moved in a lightening-fast arc. The sharp steel prongs bit deep into Johnny's neck, tearing through flesh, blood vessels, and cartilage. As his blood sprayed out of the two carotid arteries, Johnny's face registered a look of horror and surprise, the mauled vital parts of his throat dangling down onto his shirt. Raging, Clete struck out again and again, and after Johnny fell, yet several times more.

"You raped my Dezzy, you son of a bitch! Son of a bitch!" Clete screamed over and over until the fury had passed and Johnny lay still and open-eyed in death.

Clete stepped back, regulating his breathing. Johnny had paid dearly for the assault on his beloved DesirЋe.

The sheriff looked around. No one left now to help him with the cows. But who was to care. Now Lobo had a human victim to answer for. Panic would set in and Clete thought about the reward. Twenty thousand? Make it fifty, at least.

Chuckling to himself, Clete Anderson went to work putting down some dog tracks and attaching a discreet amount of dog hair to Johnny's clothing. After what had happened to Nancy, everybody would just eat it up. What he had left here would be plenty evidence enough against Lobo for a serious bounty hunt. The thing was, Clete knew just how to catch the wild, raping dog. All he needed was something to attract the animal.

And he knew the perfect bait.

DesirЋe Denning. What was more important, the girl or the money?

The money.


DesirЋe could cry. Mark had left without a word to her. She'd wanted so much to discuss Priscilla Devereaux's phone conversation with him, and especially give him the opportunity to say something concerning Nancy Pace that would clarify the auburn-haired girl's malicious intimations. God knows, it wasn't that she'd readily believe such vicious gossip, nor wanted in the least to doubt his fidelity, but she hadn't the courage to broach the subject. She'd never seen him so distant, so guiltily ignoring her.

The lovely, honey-blonde, young bride could hardly believe it when he'd left her so coldly, his heavy footfalls pounding along the hallway until the outside house-door closed and his car started up. He must have seen her back stiffen as she listened on the phone, and the way her eyes darted at him when she heard what Priscilla had to say.

Well, she could be thankful for Carol and Rodney's being here, at least. She still had to see them tomorrow, where they were staying with her parents over at her erstwhile home, while Mark was away and Priscilla's snide phone call had aroused such doubts in her mind. She didn't want to be alone while her beloved – unfaithful? – young politician husband was away.

Confused and nearly in tears, DesirЋe dressed. She hardly knew what Priscilla Devereaux expected of her, forgetting whether she'd been invited to dinner or not. Mark's actions had upset her so. Nevertheless, she had to go, had to know more no matter how horrible it would be, and she dressed accordingly, the striking Priscilla Devereaux's emphatic statement constantly repeating itself in her mind: "It's time you learned a few things about your handsome husband, DesirЋe darling. And don't tell a soul that you're coming here."

What else could she do but agree? Nor had she broken her word. Though she couldn't quite understand the insistence for such secrecy, Priscilla's emphasis of it had, and it was intriguing her. What more could the wealthy, spoiled girl add to what she'd already implied that demanded such a furtive meeting? Had she made some horrible mistake in marrying Mark?

But even if she had, what could she do? She loved him so much, so very, very much!


After she'd securely concealed Clete Anderson in his strategic spot in her bedroom clothes-closet, taken a long look at the harmless appearing little sugar-cube on the serving tray, Priscilla Devereaux entered the luxuriously furnished front-room of their ranch house with an almost evil, lust-tugging smile playing about her sensual mouth. It had occurred to her that DesirЋe Denning did – actually did! The voluptuous blonde delight closely resembled her ex-roommate at college, resembled her to a striking T! And what erotic hours they had spent together! Of course, Wendy had been made-to-order lesbian material from her parental situation, but who was to say this gorgeous creature was any different? God, wouldn't that be an unexpected pleasure though! Actually, the tiniest leanings would be enough, regardless of whether she knowingly, or unknowingly, acknowledged them; the acid, with proper suggestiveness, would quickly bring them to the surface! Damn, it'd been a long time since she'd enjoyed those intoxicating games, hadn't it? The idea was more than slightly invigorating, especially with it producing all the desired results she vindictively sought. One way or the other, she was going to have her pound of flesh this night!

The curvaceously shaped, auburn-haired girl in her braless, slack ensemble, was in the act of mixing herself a drink when the front bell rang. She smiled, placing the ice-cube filled glass onto the small bar and walked toward the door, enjoyably performing the task of the servants she had dismissed for the evening.

"Well, hello, DesirЋe, please come in?" she warmly greeted the enthralling, shoulder-length, blonde-haired lovely in the black, mini-cocktail dress, her raking green-eyes immediately dropping from the revealing cleavage of smoothly firmed, white, full breasts to the dark nylon-encased beauty of perfectly rounded, lush thighs that tapered downward toward exotic calves and enviable ankles. "I didn't expect that you'd dress so – enchantingly, dear. You look absolutely stunning!"

"W-Well, thank you," DesirЋe replied with widening eyes, surprised at the other's generous compliments. "I wasn't sure whether you had mentioned dinner or not."

"Come in and have a drink, darling," Priscilla expertly trimmed her partially asked question short, catching her arm with feminine gentleness and leading her into the vast livingroom toward a couch. "Here – sit down, honey. This is my favorite nook, more intimate than the rest, I think. What will you have?"

"Oh, anything…" DesirЋe answered, carefully seating herself so that her knees were chastely touching, her revealed legs and outer thighs demurely at an angle. She watched the graceful, striking young woman glide away to the corner-bar. It was difficult for her to believe that only hours before, her hostess had sharply insisted that this secret tђte-€-tђte be held. Appraisingly, DesirЋe let her smoke-blue eyes brush over the other's appealing curves, noting the masculine broadness of shoulder and narrow waist. But the full, voluptuous contours of her rounded hips and buttocks in their silvery, tight-fitting slacks, belied any male influence. And her oval, full sweeping breasts, obviously unhampered by a bra according to their nipple-embossed flow of movement, were those of a girl who would look as well without, as with brassiere. And that was a rarity.

"I prefer martinis this time of evening," Priscilla was saying without glancing back at her. "And seeing you have no preference. An olive, or lemon twist?"

"Fine. Either," DesirЋe automatically responded, hardly knowing what she was saying as she tried to reason the meaning behind it all. Nothing was happening as she had anticipated.

"I know you're quite up-tight about our phone-conversation," Priscilla said in a calculatedly disarming tone as she gracefully returned to the couch with their drinks, smiling and handing one to DesirЋe before she eased downward onto the edge of the cushion. "I think such things are better done on a full stomach, DesirЋe dear, so let's have dinner first, just you and me, then talk." With that, she confidently added an additional lie: "I prepared it myself, orange duck, and not very good, I'm afraid, but at least private, as this little get-together should be."

DesirЋe sat forward, running her tiny tongue-tip over her lips nervously. "Just… what is this… little get-together all about, Priscilla?"

Surprising DesirЋe, the stunning girl lightly laughed, then charmingly arose to her feet. "Later, darling. Now, why don't you give me a hand in the kitchen? There's only the two of us tonight. Would you mind?"

Totally overwhelmed by the other's captivating manner, DesirЋe gained her feet and took her drink, as did her hostess, into the elaborate kitchen, readily helping with the dinner they carried to the dining table. Finally, they sat down at an intimate setting, eating scrumptiously, DesirЋe thought, with the proper wines, the light conversation doing nothing but putting her at ease, and making her wonder if any of their intensive exchange on the telephone had ever taken place.

It wasn't until they were back in the living room over coffees and cognac, still enjoying a pleasant mood, that she came to know different.

"You'll want sugar, darling," Priscilla said. "It's a very strong espresso."

"All right, one, just one, thank you. Ordinarily, I don't use any," DesirЋe replied with a smile. "I've been putting on weight."

The emerald-eyed hostess began to stir with her tiny spoon as did her guest, all of the mentally erotic imaginings Priscilla had been patiently guiding them toward about to culminate with her ruthless, nasty plans. She could hardly contain the lewd excitement bubbling within her sensuous young body. In keeping with the evening, she raised the demitasse cup and DesirЋe responded, daintily sipping.

"So at last we come to the reason for our little party, DesirЋe dear," the auburn-haired girl breathed, leaning back against the davenport. "It's always been my belief that when two women have shared a man, each owes a certain honesty to the other regarding him. Don't you think so? I mean, today, darling, it's become a recognized fact by us girls the necessity of banding together against the male beast, right?" She smiled warmly at her voluptuous companion who was properly balancing her little saucer and tasting from its miniature cup.

To that point, the curvaceous blonde's intrigued blue-eyes had been like innocent gems of concerned purity, Priscilla evaluated, their almost virginal expression feeding her licentiously building hunger. You enticing little bitch! Your innocent, almost unfucked look is a bewitching fraud, but it's going to make it all the more delightful!

She watched the unconcealable flicker of apprehension reveal itself in their abrupt, uneasy stare, but waited until the intoxicating creature perfunctorily sipped the last drop from her cup. Then, she said: "I'm sure you must've considered that Mark had a love-life before he met you, darling?"

"O-Of course – he's not a child," DesirЋe replied, a strange little tremor rippling over her. "But I can't believe that was why you were so insistent that I come here tonight – to discuss my husband's former love-life."

"Former?" Priscilla repeated the adjective with a smile. "You sound very much like a naive young wife, DesirЋe. His little affair with Nancy Pace in the old quarry this morning doesn't sound like a former love-life to me. Of course, I have no idea how long that's been going on."

"I don't believe it, Priscilla!" DesirЋe defended, the bite to her tone automatic.

"Well, that's very loyal of you, darling, but not very smart," Priscilla said, her avid green-eyes narrowing. "Suppose I should tell you that I too, have enjoyed his cock since you two have been together? Would you believe that?"

Whether it was what she'd said, or her casual use of the lewd four-letter word, DesirЋe didn't know, but rather than the offended rage she should be feeling, an unexplainable sensation bordering on the erotic had incredibly fluttered through her! Something was not right in her head, but God knows, she couldn't reason what, nor why! The room itself had suddenly taken on intense hues, and the attractive face of the auburn-haired, green-eyed girl beside her seemed to have assumed a wavering, vision-like quality!

"Yes, DesirЋe darling. You see, I've known Mark a long, long time," Priscilla began to half-whisper confidingly, moving closer to the lovely blonde woman beside her. "We used to fuck every day. I think eating cunt is probably his foremost love-making talent, don't you," the woman needled, "or hasn't he ever gotten down between your thighs and licked your pussy?"

DesirЋe could only gape in overwhelming awe at the strikingly beautiful face which seemed to be floating ever closer to her own, its lovely, sparkling lips slowly moving to emit the incessant flow of lewd words and deeds which were causing funny, butterfly-like sensations to increase inside her!

"I usually sucked him. I like to suck cocks, always and especially, Mark's!" Priscilla excitedly continued. "It's so long and thick, isn't it, DesirЋe dear? I mean, his cock is bigger than most I've had – but maybe you've done better, darling. Though, for me, swallowing Mark's thick hardness right down into my throat was always heaven! Even his cum tastes different, more masculine and hot than most, don't you agree, honey?"

For a brief instant, DesirЋe was aware of a desperate struggle taking place in the dazed recesses of her brain, the unexpected tirade of lewd verbiage and the obscene meaning behind it inciting a sensuous vacuum at the pit of the young wife's softly rising and falling belly. My God, what's happening to me?

"Really, darling," Priscilla's sultry voice danced around her ears and simultaneously, across the room. "Can you think of anything more fascinating than that freckle on the under-end of our Mark's cock? Can you now?"

In aroused confusion, DesirЋe stared at the provocative smile on the vision's ravishing face, her mind uncontrollably picturing the tiny freckle on the under-tip of her husband's penis at Priscilla's suggestion! Yes, it was fascinating, she thought, feeling the tiny cup and saucer being removed from her hand, even as she subliminally fought against the lustful sensations that were stealing all control from her!

"Wouldn't you love to have him fuck you good right now, DesirЋe, my doll?" Priscilla wantonly hissed. "His thick cock thrusting into your hot little pussy until you cum like a geyser – wouldn't you, baby?"

"Oooohhh! I – oooohhh Goddd!" DesirЋe whimpered.

"Yes, I understand, DesirЋe. My, you're getting all hot and wet up between your legs," Priscilla tauntingly breathed, gently reaching over to brush her small hand along the young wife's nylon-covered, upper thigh. "You know, darling, when I get this way I say all the dirty words I can think of, like fuck, cunt and cocksucker! Go ahead, baby, say them. It'll make you feel better. Go ahead, don't be afraid! Cum, shit, cunt!"

"S-Suck, fuck, cock, cunt, jism! Prick!"

"Asshole!" DesirЋe began, hesitantly, at first, her quivering voice rising in crescendo as the obscene words began to scream burningly in her brain as if crying for release. "Oh, my cunt is on fire! Yes! Yes! Mark's big cock inside my pussy-hole, in my mouth – anyplace!"

"That's it, lovely baby, that's the way!" Priscilla hotly rasped, smoothing her hand up over DesirЋe's round little belly toward her fully, rising and falling breasts to tenderly caress and cup the rounded firmness of one, letting her fingertips softly tease between the erogenous, naked white flesh of their exposed cleft. "Now, lover, just think of your own tingling cunt, the hot, wet pussy between your legs and mine so moist and excited between my legs and the delicious feel of a tongue, my tongue, licking your tiny clitoris, and yours playing with mine. Isn't that a beautifully exciting thought, DesirЋe, my baby? Isn't it?"

"Ooooohhh! What's happening to me, P-Priscilla?" DesirЋe whimpered gaspingly, brushing a hand over her forehead, the salacious question her vision had lustfully put to her burning like a firebrand in her brain! Passionate sensations of stimulating pleasure rippled through DesirЋe at the feel of magic hands sensitively playing over her still clothed, passion-incited young body.

"Isn't it, DesirЋe baby? Can you imagine a more delectable thought then my hot, wet tongue licking up into your pussy hair? Would you like that?"

"Oooohhh, oohhhh yes, yesss! A tongue spreading my pussy hair and licking my cunt split and yours, darling!" DesirЋe gasped uncontrollably, her own small hands beginning to caress and tease over the nylon encased roundness of her smooth upper thighs.

"Then let's do it, DesirЋe darling! Let's get all naked, then you can lie back with your legs raised high and spread wide so that Priscilla can lick it for you!" the vindictive, auburn-haired girl vengefully implanted, her eyes a green glow of lascivious triumph.

"Please! Please, now! I want to now, Priscilla!"

DesirЋe whimpered and writhed, her dress pushed up over the tops of her thighs, her slender fingers attempting to worm inside the leg-band of her snug, nylon panties between her now, wantonly spread legs.

"Not here, lover; we'll go into my bedroom where we can be cozy and it'll be as good or better than your husband, Mark, fucking you, won't it, baby?" Priscilla couldn't help but taunt.

"Oh yes! God, yess! I'll cum! I'll cummmmm! Oh, and I have to cuummmm! My Godddd!"

"Of course, you have to!" Priscilla heatedly answered, rising to her feet and drawing the honey-blonde young wife upright. Abruptly, she grasped the voluptuous, younger girl in a lesbian embrace, pressing DesirЋe's softly yielding curves tightly against her own as she lecherously smoothed her hungry hands over the other's vivacious warmth. "Kiss me, my hot little cunt!" Priscilla aggressively demanded and DesirЋe did, opening her lush, tongue-moistened lips to receive the other woman's ravishing tongue, while the ravisher's fervently exploring hands eagerly worked their way beneath her mini-dress to stroke and clutch at her resilient, wispy-pantied buttocks with unrestrained hunger!


It was not his canny intuition that led Lobo to the remote place where the young female of the auburn hair lived. He had lurked in the shadows of Pickford's Meadows throughout the day, staying close to his golden-haired one, because he had not seen her for over a month and he had found her again, picked up her sweet scent. An uneasiness for her welfare gnawed inside him, even though he had seen her sleeping beyond the glass barrier in her house before the wedding. The she-human, Tanya, which his golden mate had provided for his fulfillment had affectionately pleased him, but the fire-eyed female was not his chosen female! Something, he instinctively sensed, was not right with his golden one, and he remained close by to ascertain this.

Not until the darkness came once more did he see her climb into a speeding thing and rush away. He had followed as best he could until the vehicle that carried her was beyond the town-lights, and then from a hill he had watched her direction, loping tirelessly along behind. When she reached the quiet country and chose certain paths, he felt sure. There was but one singular shelter in that direction where humans were and she could go! Priscilla, the auburn-haired female! He bounded leisurely over known ground, not surprised that his golden one had reached the destination before him, leaving his rendezvous with the rest of the pack forgotten.

Yes, the pack, his three four-year-old male offspring whelped by the German Shepherd bitch in the next valley. He was proud of them, his partners in hunting and his apprentices in copulating with human females, in training with Liz Clark. Dusty, the clever one, Sam, the swift one, and Bruno, the giant, even bigger than Lobo with a cock that had made even Liz cry out with discomfort last night when they had visited her.

But now his concern was for the golden-haired female of the tender and fragrant, pink femaleness. With his stealthful, animal silence, Lobo moved in close, individually examining the visual scenes beyond the windows. One after the other, he searched, until at last, he saw her, and there he tensed like an immobile shadow to watch, his rendezvous with the rest of the pack forgotten.


DesirЋe felt as if she, too, were floating, but wanting to in her erotically fevered excitement, sensually inflamed by the delicate touch of the soft, yet aggressive mirage guiding her! They were going to intimately kiss and tongue each other's aroused, moistened pussies! She could almost feel the beautiful auburn-haired girl's hot, wet tongue teasing her tiny, excitedly jerking clitoris! Oooohhh, she needed that! Yessss, warm clitoral love – and, yet…

"Take off your clothes, DesirЋe baby, strip naked for Priscilla!"

The curvaceous, honey-blonde, young wife suddenly stood alone in the center of the lavish bedroom, her alluring seducer backing away and lowering herself to the edge of the bed, salaciously watching as she stroked her slender white hands upward along her ribcage and over the firm fullness of her own rounded, braless breasts.

God, what a voluptuous young Venus she was, the enchanting bitch! Priscilla Devereaux, thought smugly. Wendy, her room-mate in college had been lovely, but nothing to equal this heavenly-built female! Christ, it was luscious cunts like her who made woman's lib worth while! Her own pussy had never been any hotter or more wet from the excitement of anticipation! She'd make the lovely-titted bitch tongue and lick her pussy 'till she had cum a dozen times! Then, Clete Anderson waiting in the closet, could fuck the living shit out of her with his giant black cock, spoil her sweet, tight little vagina forever for anyone with a normal-sized penis!

DesirЋe reached over her own shoulder and up behind her to lower the zipper of her dress – then, something, an unexplainable something, stopped her. Her satin-skinned brow furrowed to the deeply inherent ideals vainly trying to penetrate the drugged cocoon enveloping her dazed brain. Somehow, she reasoned that her upbringing had never condoned the wanton sexuality motivating her at that moment. She staggered slightly, brushing her hand over her face and forehead, while the floating vision before her merely smiled, as if knowing and pleased that she mentally suffered.

"It's all right, DesirЋe darling, you can undress now," Priscilla half-whispered. "There's just you and me, and you want to spread your legs wide and have your hot little cunt licked, remember – like you're going to kiss and love Priscilla's."

For a moment more, DesirЋe hesitated, then: "Yes! Yes! Take off my clothes and be naked, so we can lick and love each other."

"That's right, baby, everything, everything!" the emerald-eyed girl hissed, watching Mark Denning's drug-influenced young wife slowly reveal her breathtaking, naked charms, at last, stepping out of the sheer nylon of her flimsy, black laced panties. "Now – come here, lover." Priscilla huskily ordered, rising to meet her. "You have to undress me! You want to, don't you?"

"Oh, yes, I want to undress you, Priscilla!" DesirЋe whispered chokingly, quickly moving to the statuesque, auburn-haired girl in her sensually inciting nakedness which the young bachelorette couldn't endure for a moment without exploring with lewd, eager hands.

"Oh, oh!" she heard the young, nakedly-stripped blonde gasp as she ardently performed her task to the tweaks and hardened-nipple pinches of Priscilla's lecherous fingers, the latter's brain racing with the maddening thought of how lustfully beautiful it was going to be! "Un-undress you, Priscilla darling…" DesirЋe was whimpering passionately. "Make you naked, like me…"

"Yes, baby," Priscilla purred, "and kiss me all over my skin while you do it!"

"Oooohhhh, darling, kiss you all over – you're so soft and lovely, kiss you all – all over. Even – even your pussy!" DesirЋe half-mumbled, gently removing the girl's clothing as she stood there, the blonde, young wife kissing her neck and shoulders, her erectly rounded, firm breasts and flat, white belly, then kneeling before her to turn her about and kiss the emerald-eyed girl's full, oval buttocks. At last, with a hesitant compliance, DesirЋe swiveled to her once more, then moved her lovely face between the other's lewdly spread thighs to place a warm, hungrily nuzzling kiss on her auburn-hair-fringed cunt-lips!

"Uuuuunnnnnnggghhh!" Priscilla Devereaux gaspingly groaned, drawing DesirЋe upright and lecherously clutching the smooth, white warmth of her blonde, naked loveliness tightly against her, thrusting her merciless tongue into the younger girl's mouth as she forced her backwards toward the bed! "I'm going to devour your luscious little cunt, you sweet bitch! I'm going to lick your pussy-hole until you scream for mercy! Then, I'm going to tongue-fuck your beautiful virginal asshole before I let you get between my legs and lick me! And you're going to suck and lick 'till I go out of my mind! What do you think of that, DesirЋe Denning?"

"Oooohhhh, yessss! I want to, I want to, darling, until you go out of your mind!" DesirЋe resounded her words, completely entranced within the drugged lethargy claiming her entire being.

"Damn, you gorgeous bitch!" Priscilla exclaimed, pressing her down onto the bed and crawling between DesirЋe's white, receptively spreading thighs. "Wider! Spread your legs wider!" Priscilla lewdly commanded. "Raise them way up high and wide! Further! That's it, as high and wide apart as you can so your hot little cunt will split open for me!"

DesirЋe never hesitated, wanting to do whatever the beautiful, slightly older woman demanded of her. She drew her firmly shaped thighs up and back until her knees pressed tightly down against the resilient mounds of her desire-swollen breasts, their tiny, hardened nipples tingling and burning to the caress of her own legs. The obscene position spread her vulnerable young loins wide open to the aggressive, auburn-haired girl, DesirЋe's golden curled, pink-creviced cuntal-slit raised high and waiting before the naked Priscilla Devereaux's lesbian assault!

Everything that the ambisexual bachelorette had ever found salaciously captivating in another girl, had ever experienced in the licking and sucking of their young, sensuous cunts, was exemplified a thousand times in the mesmerizing nakedness spread defenselessly before her! God, this had to be the ultimate, so much that the mere possessing of it, rather than the cumming, might drive her mad! It would never be enough! Maybe, if she were a died-in-the-wool lesbian, yes. But she wasn't! Cocks and cunts, either as erotically appealing to her as the other, had always haunted her sex-oriented brain, but after this she wondered if she mightn't emerge with a one-track mind and stay a lesbian the rest of her life! Damn, this beautiful naked creature, with her intoxicating young pussy helplessly offered up to her to do with as she pleased, was breathtaking! God no, she would never get enough of it! Ever!

Tauntingly, Priscilla gazed down between DesirЋe's openly spread thighs and began teasing at the softness of her innocently exposed pussy, wild sensations churning in her own nakedly seething loins as she brushed one finger through the blonde silken hair sparsely lining its puffy lips, the outer, fleshy cunt-folds clinging snugly to each other with only the moistened, pink ribbon of inner-flesh assuring of the hot, wet mouth they protected up inside! She lowered her eagerly smiling face, filling her nostrils with the fragrance of its perfumed aroma. Her eyes were like a matched pair of insatiable, fired gems! To Priscilla, it was suddenly as if the touching of it with her mouth was going to unleash an overwhelmingly delicious plague of lesbian desire she could never again be rid of, but she had to taste it! And she did!

Her hotly licking tongue in the beginning did little more than lightly trace the pink, hair-lined crevice, wetly laving its silken curls with warm, slackening moisture. Intently, she tongue-combed the wispy blonde tufts, while the delightedly drugged young wife of Mark Denning beneath her moaned in ever-mounting desire, squirming and gasping as she ardently waited for her desire-flushed pussy lips to be spread apart and the smooth, moist flesh within hungrily ravished!

When it happened, DesirЋe cried out! In her intensely LSD-sensitized world, she felt the hot, wet tongue burningly spraying through the secret flesh of her lust-inflamed cunt! She sensed the scraping, cat-like surface grazing the tiny hole of her urethra, licking over the sensitive nerves within her opened pussy-lips, and at last, its tip flicking hotly against and stroking the tiny bud of her erectly throbbing clitoris.

Again, the young blonde wife whimpered, but in a state of feverish passion. Voluntarily now, she ground her naked obscenely spread loins upward toward the avid mouth engulfing them. At the same time, the smiling, auburn-haired woman nuzzled her face tighter into the soft, liquid heat between DesirЋe's lewdly spread legs, mouth lips widely ovaled to cunt lips, engulfing it all in a lewdly kissing suction motion! The hot length of Priscilla's wet tongue darted in plunging stabs, licking ravenously, then sucking the tiny erected flowerette of her clitoris until DesirЋe could do little more than wail and twist about helplessly beneath.


Clete Anderson wasn't sure that he could take a hell of a lot more of this sort of play without joining in! He'd been stuck in the stifling closet for too long, and on top of that he had a huge throbbing hard on! Christ, who wouldn't, watching a pair of luscious bitches eat cunt, even though the show was still pretty lopsided! Goddamn, if he dared, he'd charge out there and bury his aching, stiff cock in one of them, but how the hell could he? Priscilla was calling the shots. Already, he'd taken an armful of pictures, though it was Denning's sweet-assed young wife he was supposed to catch eating pussy! Jesus, why didn't Priscilla switch the tables right now? The little blonde bitch was whimpering and ready for anything, unless, Priscilla Devereaux had a thing for cunt! And Clete had been waiting for so long, so long to sink his throbbing cock into DesirЋe's tiny, pink vagina.

Sonofabitch, he'd both his arms, the big black man inwardly groaned, wiping perspiration from his brow, then clutching at his heavy, swollen cock inside his pants. They were both too fucking much in their soft, white nakedness, to say nothing of watching Priscilla tongue and suck the other's cunt, her face wetly buried in the hot, pink flesh between the other doll's wide-spread thighs! Shit, he couldn't stand much more of it! He'd never laid eyes on a rounder, whiter, tighter looking ass than DesirЋe's, and that was not taking anything from his little Nancy's, which was probably still warm and waiting for him right at that moment!

The ebony-faced, barrel chested police chief lecherously grinned to himself as he thought about it. He'd taken her right across his lap in the kitchen, yanked up her mini-skirt and jerked the tiny nylon panties right off her, then brutally spanked her naked, teenaged ass, vowing not to stop until she told him everything! At first, the way she'd kicked and screamed, he'd thought sure he was going to have to quit, but he'd hung in there laying the meaty palm of his big hand viciously against the naked flesh of her firm young ass-moons, until they blushed with the splotches of blood-raised ridges just beneath their satin-covered skin! Then, the craziest Goddamned thing! She'd spread her legs and he could see the wetness beginning to trickle from her tight, hair-fringed young cunt-lips! Suddenly, she was humping her naked, rosy-red ass up at his hand in a rhythmic, fucking motion to his every savage swat!

"Oh, oh God! Don't stop, Clete lover! Harder! Harderrr!" she began to wail like a fucking banshee! "I'mmmmm cuuummmmiiinnnngggg!"

Goddamn, he'd never seen anything like that! His cock had railed out as hard as a fence-post, about the same as it was right at that moment, only he didn't have his masochistic little Nancy here to suck it off like she had when he'd finished spanking her ass! All the same, he remembered, he'd found out what he wanted to know from her. She'd told him everything, how that frigging pretentious politician had tried to get smart with her, made a pass and got no where.

Christ, he wanted a piece of her, a piece of Priscilla Devereaux, too, when the time was right, but right now a delicious chunk of DesirЋe! She had the most luscious cunt the valley had ever seen! Even spanking Nancy's tender, naked ass and having her blow him after, couldn't equal sinking his throbbing cock all the way up to DesirЋe Denning's hot, little belly! He just wished to hell she wasn't freaked out, so she'd know what was happening to her. But this was the way Miss Devereaux wanted it, and she usually got what she wanted. Though the manner in which she was eating the blonde doll's pussy, it was beginning to look like an all night session!

Anderson gaped voyeuristically through the small crack the slightly opened door afforded, his lust-filled eyes fixed on DesirЋe Denning's pink tightly splayed cunt with Priscilla Devereaux's mouth and tongue glued to it in their cock-raising position. He could see the wriggling, licking movements of his young female cohort's little wet tongue working with lapping fury in the glistening flushed crevice between Denning's wife's hair-fringed little cunt-lips! Christ, how long was a man supposed to put up with that, he swore, opening the front of his pants to unleash his huge, straining cock! And then…

"Now, darling, it's your turn to make Priscilla happy!" the naked, auburn-haired bachelorette whispered breathily, raising back to her knees, her lips, chin, and the tip of her small nose wetly shining in the lamp-light with viscid moisture from the young blonde wife's cuntal secretions.

"B-But, but, I need to cum – to cum!" DesirЋe whimpered, smoothing her own soft hands down over her flat, panting belly toward the fire-filled, liquid hearth of her obscenely displayed loins, her passion-peaked body squirming lewdly in its curvaceous nakedness.

"Later, baby, after you've licked and sucked Priscilla's cunt," the emerald-eyed girl soothed, leaning forward to catch the other's hands and gently, but firmly contain them. "Don't you want to make Priscilla happy, too, lover?"

"Y-Yes, yes – of course – yes. I want to make Priscilla happy…" DesirЋe gasped, her mind racing blindly in her confused, drugged arousal.

"Then – come and kiss my pussy, darling," the statuesque bachelorette urged in her sultry voice, moving up beside the other and lying back onto the pillow. "Get down on your knees between my legs, as I did to you. Later, I'll turn around on top of you and we'll both lick and suck each other at the same time, until we cum together."

Slowly, DesirЋe lowered her trembling legs, something rebelling within her as she began to raise herself into an upright position. Even through the dense haze befogging her heavily drugged brain, inbred moral principles again attempted to break through the spaced-out fog engulfing her. She shook her head as if to clarify the confusion inside it, and Priscilla Devereaux said: "Don't be afraid, baby. You'll love it. Haven't you ever licked pussy before?"

"No, never."

"Well, there's always a first time for everything, darling. Don't be frightened. Come on, sweetie, get down between my legs. See how tempting it looks, all wet and pink just waiting for you to love it, baby! Hurry! Don't keep Priscilla waiting. She needs your hot little tongue there."

"Yeessss, yesss – I know!" DesirЋe heard herself say, the frantic force of her unfulfilled desire pitted against the credo of upbringing creating havoc inside her. Again, she shook her blonde head, her long silken hair wildly flailing around her white, naked shoulders as she sensed the burning excitement of wantonness taking complete command over her, but with it came delicious memory waves of Mark, of, of Lobo! Her wonderful animal-lover would do it for her! She sat for a moment in her exquisitely feeling naked, staring at the vivacious girl who was lying back before her, the open, invitational spread of Priscilla's shapely white thighs, and the passion inciting sight of her open, hair-encircled vaginal mouth skyrocketing wilder sensations of desire through her.

DesirЋe stared in fascination up between Priscilla Devereaux's wide held legs, at her moistened cuntal-slit and the visual enchantment of her tiny, palpitating, puckered vermilion anus! Licking sensual flames whipped through the blonde, young wife! Yes, yes – Lobo. Had she been capable of feeling shocked at this point she would have been at thinking that she needed the wild dog Lobo to bring her ecstatic joy!

"Now, baby, now!" Priscilla sharply commanded, suddenly realizing that the whole scene was taking a wrong twist! "Remember Priscilla, sweet lover? You promised to kiss her pussy. You – promised!"

"P-Priscilla?" DesirЋe repeated, staring and loving the sight of the beautiful girl enticingly presented before her. And yet – "Y-Yes Priscilla, you're so lovely. But I have to go now. I have to go!"

The auburn-haired girl felt her mouth falling open! She'd heard the other's words, but couldn't quite believe them! Then, an enraging thought dawned! That stupid sonofabitch, Anderson, had made the dose too gentle! Some trip! Goddamn him! She lowered her legs and jerked upright to a sitting position. "Listen. You don't want to go home, DesirЋe, my baby! Mark is gone, far away!"

"No. No, I have to leave now, Priscilla." DesirЋe insisted, almost blankly, easing off the bed. "Mark – -Lobo."

"You-You stupid cunt!" Priscilla spat, not waiting for her to finish her statement. "Goddamn you! Clete! Clete! Where in hell are you?"

"Right here, right here, Priscilla!" the big man responded, bursting from the closet. "What you want, honey?"

"Fuck the shit out of the little bitch! Fuck her!" the blazing, emerald-eyed girl snarled. "She doesn't get out of here tonight until we're through with her!"

"Sure, sure!" Anderson blurted with a lewd grin, his lurid smirk spreading his full-lipped mouth as he began to pull at his clothing. "You want I should fuck her now?"

"Like a Goddamned animal, no mercy!" the auburn-haired girl vindictively ordered in her aroused nakedness. "Fuck her from behind, dog-fashion, while I lay here beneath and watch! And get the camera! The bitch! Fuck her like a whore-dog!"

"I doubt it'll be any surprise to this sweet bitch," Anderson gutturally spewed, hustling for his camera and handing it to the naked, angry girl on the bed who was reassuming her obscene, leg-raised position. "That Goddamned wild bastard, Lobo, has been fucking her, at least once that I know about!"

"I don't care about that – just fuck her like a Goddamn she-dog from behind!" Priscilla hissed, her young brain swimming in denied rage. "Push her cunt up over my face and give it to her! I can watch your big black cock stuffing her full!"


A deep growl of raging anger filled the massive throat of the wild dog watching through the sheet of glass separating him from his golden one. Uneasily, he lowered himself and padded back and forth, then, caught forepaws onto the windowsill once more. His glowing, amber-eyes fixed on the now, uncovered black brute-man that he hated, who was forcing his yellow-haired, unclothed mate back onto the sleeping place where she-of-the-cattle lay back with her white legs raised and open, her moistened, red-framed female split thrust upward, as if waiting!

Vocal sounds, harshly toned, reached Lobo's keen ears and he saw that they came from the bitter-eyed female who lay back prone and waiting, then the brute-man responded, but his golden mate made no sound, nor did she seem to struggle, for her eyes were dimmed and uncertain. Fierce resentment filled his animal body, yet the shelter with its glass barriers shielded them from him! He could do nothing but watch – and wait for the moment of his vengeance!


The sudden arrival of a man in Priscilla Devereaux's bedroom struck DesirЋe as being a strange phenomenon, but in her drugged state it meant little to her. Oddly, her exposed nakedness before him raised no sense of embarrassment or shame; only his big hands suddenly gripping hold of her arms and detaining her from leaving caused a wave of frustration to wash through her sensuously trembling belly. She had to get to her husband, or to Lobo to have a wonderful cock plunging up into the raging and wet, desire-throbbing hole between her legs! Why didn't Priscilla, understand?

"No – no please, I have to leave now! He – he'll be coming to my window soon to make beautiful love to me!" DesirЋe confusedly pleaded as Clete pressed her nakedly stripped body back onto the bed. "Please, don't you see?"

"Sure, bitch, I see, all right!" Anderson rasped gutturally, the feel of her warm, soft flesh to his hands making his throbbing cock jerk excitedly in its naked, poling hardness. Damn, he had waited so long to get to this bitch. "On your hands and knees, baby, that's right, move right up there," he lecherously ordered, kneeing onto the bed behind her and lewdly grabbing onto his long, thick shaft of blood-swollen ebony flesh, unable to take his eyes off the sensuously rounded curves of the youthful nakedness bent helplessly down before him!

"Now, that's better, lover!" Priscilla half-whispered.

"Yes, yessss, but I have to cum! Don't you see, and he'll be looking for me," DesirЋe whimpered, her smoke-blue eyes growing wet with threatening tears.

"She's talking about that fucking wild mutt!" Anderson lewdly enlightened. "Don't you get it? Like I said, she's been screwing that filthy dog! The Goddamn acid is acting like a truth serum on her!"

"Please, please, I have to go now, Priscilla!" DesirЋe insisted.

"He must be looking for me, and I need him so bad tonight!"

"Who'll be looking for you?" the green-eyed, obscenely positioned girl questioned, the full realization of what Anderson had been trying to say registering at last to further spur her burning desire. "Who, baby?"

"M-My darling, Lobo. He can help me because Mark's not here. He'll find me again somehow. He'll come to my window, and I won't be there!" DesirЋe innocently whimpered. "And – and I need him so much tonight!"

"Does he fuck you good? Does he, darling?" Priscilla questioned with a hiss, her overwhelming lust at the exotic, big-breasted, blonde-wife's bestial revelation maddeningly exciting her. "Tell me, does he, DesirЋe, and is his animal-cock big?"

"Oh, oh yes, he fucked me so wonderfully, once a long time ago, and his thing is so long and thick and hard!"

"Jesus Christ!" the police chief vulgarly swore in his own aroused grossness, gaping down at the full resilience of DesirЋe's rounded, white ass-cheeks spread intoxicatingly before him! The thin hairless crevice dividing them was as smooth as creamy velvet, the tight, tiny recessed dimple of her small puckered anus placed delicately to compliment the lower bridge of shimmering, pink flesh gleaming moistly between the soft, hair-fringed lips of her honey-blonde young cunt! The Goddamned mind-bending bitch! To think that that wild dog had fucked and ejaculated up into that delectable young little girlish pussy of hers!

"Turn your head and look behind you, DesirЋe baby!" Priscilla hissed, her voice almost deserting her in her feverish salacity. "Do it! Look at Clete's cock! Is Lobo's bigger? Could his dog-prick bring you any more joy than that? Could it?"

Naked, Priscilla moved off the bed and went to the video camera that she had placed there, making sure that the focus was right and narrowing the view to just certain parts of DesirЋe's body at a time, her face, her tits, her wide-spread crotch.

Obediently, DesirЋe looked behind her while Clete raised up for her to see the huge length of his long, thick hardness. Obscenely, he began to stroke it, working the heavy foreskin back and forth over its wet and fiery-hued head, his unshaven face widening in a hungry leer of lewd anticipation.

"Oh, oohhh, Clete! Clete Anderson," DesirЋe openly gasped out at the sight of the huge throbbing length of hardened cock flesh, her drug-glazed mind finally lighting to the fact that the man here with them was the black policeman that she remembered fearing and detesting. But then there was his giant, dark-brown, uncircumcised cock there and all the sensual pleasure it could bring her. It was positively huge! Over nine inches and still growing, over two inches in diameter, with a massive, wide-flanged glans as big as a tomato, the wide hole in the end leaking a thick stream of gooey lubricant that hung from the tip in a long string. Fascinated, she watched the coarse-haired, barrel-chested man stroke its thick outer layer of skin back and forth, time and again exposing the heavy, slitted head to her in its moistened, pulsating rigidity. But it was Clete, Clete Anderson, the man she hated with an irrational emotion. Again, she moaned, feeling fear, then uncontrollably reached down under her nakedly kneeling body, between her fully spread thighs to grasp at it fearfully, defensively with her small, slender hand. While she held it tightly, it could do her no harm.

"That's right, darling!" Priscilla excitedly pressed as Clete Anderson blurted out an obscene curse at the contact of Mark Denning's wife's hungrily searching hands with his aching cock. "A bird in the hand, isn't that right, DesirЋe baby?" Priscilla philosophically urged, suddenly conscious of her own forefinger lewdly dipping into the liquid heat of her inflamed cunt. "Put it into you, DesirЋe lover! Put Clete's big cock into your hot pussy so that you can cum and we'll all suck and fuck together."

"Ouuhhh, oummhhhh," the young, drugged wife moaned as she clutched at her plump and round left buttock, the insane expectancy in her drug-incited young body completely blinding her to all else but sensually physical fulfillment! She felt Clete's fingers pry hers away from his organ. Then he grasped the base of the cudgel and directed its oozing head against the soft, wet, pink opening of her vagina.

Ooooohhhh! She inwardly moaned in pleasurable, hesitant breaths to the actual contact of his hot cock-head with her electrified pussy! Whimpering uncontrollably, DesirЋe grabbed at her round and plump left buttock with one of her little hands, while Clete fervidly worked the wet, pulsating tip up and down through her hot, wet vaginal crevice until he'd spread wide the softness of her pubic curls and seated it at her greedily clenching cuntal mouth! Then, uncontrollably, she began to grind and twist her hips and buttocks almost hysterically back at it, her misty eyes looking back over her shoulder into the dark, lusty ones of the black sheriff.

"Fuck!" Clete Anderson foully blurted, the delicious bitch's wanton performance nearly triggering the creamy sperm up out of his balls! Christ, he'd never expect to see anything like it again! He gaped down at his pulsing cock-head with its purplish-brown tip nuzzled into the tight, wet mouth of her visibly-nibbling vagina where he'd placed it, the girth of its moistened head spreading her tightly fleshed little cunt-lips until they encircled it like a golden-furred collar!

"Give it to her, Anderson, damn it! Fuck her!" Priscilla impatiently exclaimed, putting the camera to use between her own obscenely lifted legs to catch the lascivious, uncontrollable, expressions on the young blonde wife's passion-twisted face. Carefully, Priscilla framed the lewdly positioned DesirЋe in all her voluptuous nakedness within the lens' scope, including the vital parts of Anderson, excepting his head. "You hear me? Fuck her! Fuck her!"

"Oh God, Clete! Clete!" DesirЋe pathetically moaned. "Are you going to do it, really? Maybe we should stop!"

But the lecherous glowering police chief was caught up in a lust-filled viewing world of his own, hardly hearing either of their pleas or commands. The mind-bending sight of his number one enemy's innocent young wife's upthrust, round white-ass-cheeks spread lushly open to him as she unconsciously wriggled them back rapidly toward his blood-hammering cock was sending violent stabs of aching pleasure ripping through his loins and sperm-bloated balls! Shit, he intended to wring the last whit of lewd depravity he could from this scene, from this sweet, delectable little bitch that he had desired for so long, bent slave-like before him, from Mark Denning's naked-assed wife, who had fucked dogs, Johnny Canning, and Dr. Hemmings, and was waiting like a brood mare for his aching, over-swollen, over-sized prick!

He ignored Priscilla Devereaux's rasping order and DesirЋe's passionately undulating body, reveling in his own time-consuming lust. Tormentingly, he eased his powerful hips forward, watching the hugeness of his fiery cock-head slowly stretch the viscid, oval mouth of her snug, pink vagina, its surrounding soft flesh yielding and swelling outward to the thick, rubbery pole worming it's way up inside her! She gasped aloud once more, but suddenly her desperate writhings stopped, as if his stretching penetration of her greedy little vaginal mouth had been more than she bargained for!

That realization alone, that he might be hurting her, was enough to set the barrel-chested man off! He growled out an oath as he brutally clutched at the satin-smooth flesh of her upper thighs and hips. Simultaneously, he spread her knees farther apart with his own, wedging his pelvis in tighter behind her upraised buttocks, and then, firmly pulling her naked, defenseless body slowly backward with his hands, he moved forward with penetrating pressure!

Like a burrowing drill, Anderson felt his long, thick cock squeeze slowly up into the futilely resisting channel between DesirЋe Denning's wide-spread thighs, plowing and expanding the hot, frantically clutching flesh in a deep, luxurious impalement! He heard the breath exit quiveringly from her lungs as his powerful hips and pelvis gradually drove the huge black burgeoning shaft of his heavily spearing cock deeper and deeper, her grasping, cuntal passage spasming as might a choking throat stuffed full! Then – wonder of wonders – he saw her smooth back curve downward and her hips rotate upward, turning the luscious cunt up to more easily accept his cock.

"Ohhh, auugghhhh m-myyy Gooodddd!" DesirЋe groaned in lurching, wide-eyed shock, the unexpected force and discomfort of his loving, massive entry rending the drugged veil to register clearly in her brain! "Oooohhh, Clete! Ooohhh, God, you're sooo biiiggg!"

Anderson couldn't resist his obscene grunt of lecherous pleasure as he held tight to her slowly squirming young hips, weakly trying to twist its way off his piercing hard prick nudging at the very underside of her helplessly cringing belly! "You needed it shoved up your tight little cunt, baby, and that's what you've got!" he mercilessly rasped, moaning with the incredibly pleasurable feel of her vagina around his throbbing penis. Her cunt was so soft and silky, so tight and wet. With a deep moan of lust and passion, the love-smitten sheriff began to carefully and gently fuck in and out of her from behind, savoring the feel of her inner tissues, his eyes locked salaciously on the sight of her winking anus and the moistened pink inner-flesh of her wide-split vagina clinging to his aching hardness when he pulled it wetly out of her and plunged back up inside again.

Almost immediately, the caress of her silky inner love-tube caused a deep burning behind the root of Clete's cock and he felt the glands begin an excited, spasmodic jerking. He held his weighty, ebony shaft still while the sensations cooled and he could control them, watching her delicate, pink-lipped vagina nibbling at the base of the deep-penetrating organ. He wasn't going to come yet. He had waited too long for this chance to make love to this luscious girl and he was going to make it last, bring her along until she loved him as much as she loved her foppish politician husband. Clete drew his huge penis out, until the flanges of the knob popped out past her gripping inner cuntal lips with a viscid smack, the pink, contrasting inner membranes clinging lovingly to the wetly-glistening, black shaft, coating it with DesirЋe's hot juices.

Gritting his teeth, Clete found a rhythm while Priscilla watched, purring her encouragement.

"Fuck that sweet little pussy, Clete baby," she hummed. She watched the massive, dark body of the sheriff. He was built like a bull, like one of those body-builders in the magazines, his chest, shoulders, and arms bulging with well-defined muscles. Her eyes devoured the sight of him with the blonde girl, like a black stallion mounted on a palomino mare, his equine cock plunging gently, even lovingly forward while his sinewy thighs worked and his big, dark, sweat-sheened buttocks flexed and hollowed with his copulatory efforts. His heavy balls, the size of ripe plums, swung pendulously in their dark-brown sack as he thrust inside her furry, soaking vagina, the great gonads swinging up under her trembling belly and fat-lipped pubic mound, caressing her passion-charged red clitoris beneath.

"Fuck, oh, fuck!" Clete chanted passionately, looking down at the beautiful white bottom spread submissively before him. Here he was, looking down at this angel's twitching, tight asshole while his fucking penis plunged so pleasurably in and out of her snug, smooth, almost untouched vagina. Mark Denning's wife's vagina. Her anus winking provocatively up at him, exposed in a way he never would have thought would ever happen. Clete groaned contentedly and began to fuck her a bit faster, giving each thrust a twist and upward hook that brought moans of servile acceptance from DesirЋe's parted, cherry-red lips.

Clete drew the act out luxuriously, his hands roaming tenderly over the blonde's body, over her down-swinging tits, pinching the pebbly-hard pink nipples. She groaned and followed his rutting with naturally beautiful movements of her hips and thighs, her big breasts bouncing against the back of her upper arms. In the throws of the drug, DesirЋe felt tiny orgasms shake her every two or three minutes, causing her flooding, baby vagina to spasm and clamp down wetly on the sheriff's loving, black cock. Each thrust, that he took care to drill into her tender cunt deeper, pushed the coarse tuft of his pubic hair against her tingling, excited asshole, sending chills of ecstasy streaming up her twisting, flexing back and spine.

"Oh God! Oh God! Oooohhhh!" DesirЋe suddenly cried, while Priscilla watched in lust-charged fascination through the lenses of the still and the video cameras, torn between the snapping of pictures and the fingering of her own burning, wet cunt. Excitedly she divided her time, triggering the camera lens to catch such scenes as the naked blonde wife's wildly flailing hair and tossing head, then, unrestrainedly caressing her own quivering erect clitoris to the erotic sight of DesirЋe's whitely hanging breasts, jiggling and dancing in lewd rhythm to Clete Anderson's strong, deep thrusts fucking into her tender vagina from behind!

"Dezzy, oh baby!" Clete growled, fucking her harder and faster. "Oh, baby, I've waited so long to do this to you!"

"Clete, Clete!" DesirЋe moaned, grinding her pussy back over his massive, horse-like cock, her body shaking with another orgasm. "You're doing it to me. You are! You're really doing it to me, so good, sooooo gooooood! Feeling so good!"

The immediate discomfort, like too-hot bath water, quickly mellowed into a soothing balm of pleasure-bringing rapture to DesirЋe in her drug induced passion, her inflamed cuntal channel eagerly dilating and acclimating to the long, thick cock fucking fiercely in and out of it. Nothing mattered except the climactic release to the sensual buildup of ecstasy maddeningly pyramiding in her intensively screaming loins and fire-filled belly! To cum! Oh God. Yessssss, to cum!

Her brain swam in a whirlpool of inconceivable, licentious wantonness. Oooohhhh, he's fucking me so beautifully! she lustfully thought, vehemently feeling the rubbery, mushroomed head of his heavily pulsating cock grazing, and erotically tormenting, her uterus as it taunted and buffeted hard up against the underside of her quivering belly deep up inside. She sensed his cum-bloated balls slapping heavily against the tiny bud of her erectly tingling clitoris below with every thrust, and then, by accident, she saw their reflection in the vanity mirror, the wildly erotic reflection of his hard, glistening black penis disappearing and reappearing wetly up between her own white, lewdly offered ass cheeks and furry labia raising a low gasping sound of sheer lust from her!

"Oh, Clete, darling!" she moaned, turning her head toward him for a kiss, and the lust-ridden sheriff lowered his thick-lipped mouth to cover hers, splurging his tongue in her mouth while he fucked slowly and passionately into her pussy from behind. "Clete, my darling!" she cried again.

DesirЋe lost track of time as her predatory, black lover drew her joy out to over a half-hour, skillfully thrust deep, deep, in and out of her silky, juice-dribbling young vagina. There was no thought of what she was doing now, and little thought of who it was that was drawing as much pleasure for her body and she was receiving from him.

Priscilla saw it and took advantage, reaching for DesirЋe's flailing strands of honey-blonde hair on either side of her lovely, drugged face. "Here, DesirЋe!" she pressed, drawing DesirЋe's face around to face the camera while she snapped a picture of the passionate, babyish, young face and her upturned, red-rimmed vagina spread open to the invading black cock. "Pose for the camera, baby. Make a real nice picture!"

"Oh, oh yes, yesss!" the curvaceous blonde girl whimpered in her drug-enchanted nakedness as the huge police chief's cock fucked with wet slurping sounds into her hotly sucking pussy-hole from behind. Insane sensations of lustful intoxication raced into and burst inside her! Obscene words again screamed for release in her brain, while simultaneously she gaped with widened, glazed, eyes toward the lens! "Oh, ooohhh, fuck! Cum! Yes! Cum!"

"Uuuuuunnnnnggghhhh!" the auburn-haired girl grunted, plunging her own fingers into her seething cunt! "Oooohhh God, yesss, DesirЋe, yessss!"

"The camera! The camera!" Clete Anderson, windedly choked out. "Get a picture of this!"

And she did, that and many more, wondering how many would be blurred, and if she'd give a damn if they were? This was the way she was going to get her way, bring the angel-voiced little girl to ruin and have Mark back in her bed every night. The little darling kept sliding her wet vagina back over the pumping cock, no idea in her mind that Priscilla, with the help of her camera and Clete's giant, cunt-stretching cock, was destroying her mind, body, and future forever.

"Oh, oohhh DesirЋe, baby, you're going to come soon!" Priscilla droned. "I can see it. Your pussy looks marvelous swallowing Clete's big cock."

Furiously, the blonde young wife began to buck her hips back at Clete's wonderful, driving penis, his passionate cries of ecstasy all DesirЋe needed to know of the intensity of their lovemaking! She felt the sudden liquid release of more of her cuntal secretions as her luscious naked body jerked and trembled beneath the sensuous fucking of the black man behind her, that intricate explosion of her feminine juices abruptly pushing her own supreme moment of climax to the crest!

"Oh, shit, fuck!" Anderson's vulgar voice exclaimed behind her. "Me too, Priscilla! It's… it's cummmmiiinnnggg. Jesus Christ, it isssss!"

DesirЋe sensed the huge man's urgent thrusts and eagerly and shamelessly ground her nakedly trembling buttocks back at his raging cock, pounding into her, the resounding, rhythmic smack of his cum-filled balls down against her own tiny, creaming clitoris causing her eyes to gape unseeingly in the mounting passion of her own wildly rising moment of orgasm! It swept over her insanely whipped her wide-split, sweaty, fire-inflamed young ass cheeks back onto Clete Anderson's heavily plunging cock!

"Oh darling!" DesirЋe cried. "We're coming! We're coming together!" She began to quiver and buck, clawing up handfuls of the bed sheets, her genitals bathing his balls in her feminine ejaculation, totally forgetting the danger of letting another man besides her husband, this man, come inside her with his heavy, life-giving seed.

And then, then, all was culminated deep in her own crazily contracting belly and maddeningly driving loins, a shattering of universes colliding in unimaginable ecstasy throughout her nakedly jerking body while, she, like the very central sun, brought them all fulfilling joy, grunting animalistically and pushing her perfect ass backward, her belly filling and almost bursting with the thick and creamy sperm hosing wetly out of the huge cock of the heavily grunting man fucking into her from behind and then, collapsed as the last of her explosively flowing white sperm and cunt juices backwashed out the tightly locked lips of her vagina and she fell forward. Clete followed her exhaustedly, lying on her sweating, panting back, his softening, but still huge, penis staying locked in her sperm-flooded vagina.

While Lobo, the fierce wild animal who had seen it all, walked in raging circles outside beyond the obstructing window!


After only ten minutes rest, Clete rolled the blonde over, forgetting Priscilla's presence. She was still tripping. He peered down between her loosely parted thighs at the juvenile pout of her pussy, moving up over her again. Her eyes didn't open as he hoisted up her knees and eased his cock into her sperm-flooded vagina again, beginning to stroke in and out again while she mindlessly writhed against him. Damn, this was heaven! He was so wrapped up in DesirЋe's body that when he saw Lobo's face and blazing yellow eyes through the closed window, he could only grunt and go on with his animalistic fucking.

Not tonight, he mused, giving himself up to his lust, pounding it into the angel-faced beauty beneath him. Wait until they've raised the reward. Then I'll come up – somehow – with the bait. He kissed the girl and felt the passion building in his heavy, swinging balls and deep-fucking cock.


Wakefulness came slowly to DesirЋe long after the sun had risen and the sun was well on its way across the sky. Her eyelids felt puffy and moved open only with effort.

It was the pounding on the door that was cutting through her fantastic dream, and she shifted her body heavily on the sheets. She was in her own bed, there in her new home that she shared with Mark. Her hands traveled over her body, trying to wake her senses, to bring herself around from the fantasies that had been whipping through her dreams. Dreams of herself, Priscilla naked, dancing around with a camera, DesirЋe herself on her knees, peering back over her shoulder, over the raised mounds of her bottom, at Clete Anderson, his grimacing, big, white teeth cutting the lusting dark face in half as he pummeled her with his huge penis. She screaming, pleading, moaning. Coming, while the great cock spewed its virulent semen into her spasming cunt.

A dream.

But then her roving hands found the evidence that it could have been more than a dream in the heavily-crusted, glue-like residue matting the lush pelt of her pubic hair, down there by her strangely numb and satisfied pussy. She had been fucking – with someone! Was it really Clete? The thought caused her to shudder.

The knocking at the door went on. DesirЋe peeled her damp body off the sheet, shrugged on her rob, and shuffled unsteadily to the door. Clete Anderson! Making love to her? Making her come? Was it possible? She shook her head and opened the door.

"We were worried about you, Dezzy," Tanya said from the porch, Rodney at her elbow. "You're late coming to see us."

"Oh, I'm so sorry, Tanya," DesirЋe apologized, pulling the robe closed around her bosom. "I must have overslept."

"Overslept!" Tanya reproved good-naturedly. "It's three o'clock."

"Three o'clock?" DesirЋe was shocked. She had never slept so late in her life.

"We were going to lunch, remember?" Tanya waited for some reply from the beautiful girl. "Dez, are you all right?"

DesirЋe stepped back and let the pair in, falling tiredly back on the sofa, the robe riding up and not covering her creamy thighs properly. Rodney was trying not to notice.

"DesirЋe," Rodney said. "I've got to meet some local people. This magazine article could turn out to be something really big."


"Yes, of course," Rodney said. "The story about the dog raping women. Remember? Well, he's struck again. But this time it's murder."

DesirЋe stared at him blankly, a cold chill creeping up the back of her neck.

"Haven't you heard?" Tanya asked incredulously. "The dog. He's killed a man."

DesirЋe groaned in terror. He, Lobo, who had had sex with her just a month previously, had killed a man.

"Tore him limb from limb," Rodney said. "I was out there today. I took this picture." He handed it across to DesirЋe. "I hope you won't be too shocked, but maybe now you'll understand that it's for real."

With trembling fingers, DesirЋe took the color blow-up that the young man had just developed in his own portable darkroom. After the briefest glance, she dropped it as if it was a hot iron. She began to shiver all over, even in the heat of the day. She had recognized Johnny Canning, the young man who had raped her before her wedding, just five weeks ago. She remembered her fear at the time, his pimply, grinning face, his heaving body and thrusting cock that had ultimately made her feel such pleasure, that had left her excited and vulnerable to the dog that had invaded her room just after that.

"Dez, are you all right?"

DesirЋe came back from far away. "Yes. Yes, I'm fine."

But it was obvious that she was not all right. Rodney could see that she was shaken, and her robe had separated over her thighs and between her carelessly parted thighs, he could see the honey-brown curls of her moist pussy; he shook his head and looked away, again conscious of the feelings he had once entertained for her from afar. Tanya was concerned and walked over to her friend, discreetly pulling her robe back over her creamy thighs.

"Darling," Tanya cajoled, stroking her friend's face with a tender hand. "You've got to pull yourself together. Mark will be back in a few days."

The blonde looked into her friend's eyes, and then her face crumbled into despair. The recollections of the night before came back vividly, her unforgivable behavior and what she had allowed Clete Anderson to do, with her full encouragement. She remembered it all, the black sheriff behind her, shafting her tender body in the most indescribable way with his giant sex organ. It was all true, she now knew, it had happened, and the reality overwhelmed her like a tidal wave.

Tanya saw DesirЋe's pretty, blue eyes turn up while the girl keeled over backward in a faint.


DesirЋe came around feeling so warm and cozy. Warm water. Warm, warm water. Tender, feminine hands on her body.

Rodney stood in the doorway, stroking his red beard, watching the blonde's lovely breasts bobbing among the bubbles on the surface of the bath water. His eyes were drawn to the silken-haired pussy where Tanya was soaping away the wispy, white streamers of some viscous, pearlescent stuff that was leaking out of the girl's pink cuntal slit into the hot water, something that looked suspiciously like semen. But how could that be? Mark had been away last night, so who could have been doing the duty? No, impossible. They'd just got married and DesirЋe, like most women, was fastidiously faithful. No, he shouldn't be looking and seeing things and jumping to conclusions. But he smiled at himself, for that was his business. Seeing things and getting suspicious and jumping to conclusions. Writing interesting stories, whether they were entirely accurate or not.

Rodney turned away, berating himself as he walked into the living room to leave DesirЋe with her privacy. Damn me, she's a friend, he thought. Here he was, speculating on some white stuff floating in the bath water between her knees. Had she been raped by a dog, that wild dog, last night? He surely couldn't write that about DesirЋe while he was staying in her good parents' home.

Tanya noted Rodney's departure while she tenderly soaped and rubbed DesirЋe's slippery genitals. The labia, she noted, were rubbed a bit raw and the clitoris was swollen and throbbing.

"Baby," the older girl said. "I'm washing your hotspot 'cause I found something there. Is there something you want, or need, to tell me, Dez?"

DesirЋe looked at her girlfriend with clouded eyes, full of emotions flashing between pain and guilt and something else that looked to Tanya like lustful deviltry. She let the older girl kiss her forehead and whisper in her ear.

"Was it the dog?" Tanya asked conspiratorially. "Was it Lobo?"

At mention of Lobo's name, DesirЋe's eyes flashed in alarm.

"I know about him," Tanya whispered. "I know about Lobo. I know it's true." She stroked the blonde's breasts and belly. "I know it's true. I know. Was it him? Was it Lobo?"

DesirЋe burst out sobbing, then shook her head. "No, not him." She looked down at her tender, defiled body and blinked. "Not this time. Something – someone else."

Tanya's eyes widened and DesirЋe gripped her friend's arms, her big tits clearing the surface of the water. "Mark must never know. Never! Something happened last night, but I didn't know what I was doing. Not at the time."

"Tell me, baby," the brunette said sympathetically. "Tell me all about it."

DesirЋe's hand gripped Tanya's wrist in desperation. "Mark must never know."

"You can trust me, Dez."

"It was Priscilla and Clete. The sheriff. I don't like him." She took a breath and her breasts quivered. "Last night. I think they gave me something. I think they drugged me."

"Oh, you poor darling!" Tanya said, cradling the pretty, blonde head against her shoulder.

"Priscilla," DesirЋe said. "She must have given me something. Then Clete came, out of nowhere. And did it to me. From behind. From behind, like a dog."

Tanya looked into DesirЋe's beautiful eyes, questioningly.

"From behind," DesirЋe choked. "Like a dog. Like Lobo."

And the two girl's eyes locked in mutual understanding. Tanya nodded, kissing DesirЋe's tear-streaked face. "I know, Dez, what you mean. I know!"

Together the girls wept and cuddled. Tanya kept the warm water flowing until DesirЋe was ready to get dressed. Of course, DesirЋe was fine. The drug had worn off, her body was strong, and she actually felt wonderful. Physically, she felt wonderful, her sex drive having been lavishly fulfilled the night before, harmlessly and yes, passionately. Once she was dressed and feeling normal again, she found that she felt very well.

Suddenly she was dancing around, for some unknown reason, happy. She felt vibrant and her womb inside her glowed with the feeling only a woman has when sexually fulfilled. Clete was a bastard and a rapist, but he had done something to her, in his savage, animal way, that had only been done once before. The other time it had been – Lobo!


The phone rang.

Rodney was nursing a beer on the sofa as DesirЋe went to the phone. Mark! She wanted to speak to Mark. It had to be Mark. She wanted him back with her now. There was nothing she wanted more, nothing she would ever want other than her loving husband Mark.


"Hello, Mark," DesirЋe almost sang into the receiver.

There was a pause before the called spoke. "No, DesirЋe. It's not Mark. It's Dr. Hemmings."

DesirЋe stiffened. "Oh, Dr. Hemmings," she said, trying to sound casual and unconcerned, her voice shaking. "How are you?" It was all coming back to her now, one terrible experience forgotten, now, with Hemmings' call, another remembered. The day in Hemmings office, the thing that had driven her to beg Mark to marry her with so little wait or preparation.

"I'm fine, DesirЋe," said Hemmings, his voice neutral, inscrutable. "It's you that I'm worried about, my dear."

DesirЋe paused. What was coming now? "Oh?"

"Yes," the doctor-cum-preacher said softly. "I'm very concerned, especially with Mark away in the capital." There was a long pause while DesirЋe asked herself if somehow Hemmings had found out about what she had done last night. "It's concerning the specimen I took when you were last in my office."

The innocent girl's eyes widened. "Specimen? What specimen?"

"DesirЋe," Hemmings said smoothly. "When you were here last you told me about the rape and, as a responsible physician, I took a specimen. What I've found is quite startling. I think you should come in and talk to me about this. I'm very worried."

"Worried? Why?"

"I think you should come in. You might have been exposed to some animal diseases you wouldn't want Mark to find out about."

DesirЋe was trembling violently and her two guests surrounded her and put their arms around her to steady her.


"DesirЋe, in the specimen, we found animal sperm. Dog sperm."

Of course they had, DesirЋe thought jarringly. It had been Lobo who had come in her so strongly that she had thought her belly would burst. It had been running out of her the whole day. And Hemmings had found it! He knew! And if he knew, then others could find out. Other people. Her mother and father. And Mark!


"What do you want?" DesirЋe asked timidly.

Hemmings didn't answer immediately, and when he did, it was still the speech of a doctor and a man of the cloth. But the words were frightening, as innocent as they sounded. "I need you to come in to see me, dear. This evening. We wouldn't want Mark to find out about this specimen. Would we?"

"N-no," she hurried to say. "No, we wouldn't."

"He wouldn't understand, would he?"

"No," DesirЋe agreed. "He would never understand."

"Shall we say seven o'clock?"

"Y-yes, that would be fine."

Unsteadily, DesirЋe hung up.

"Who was that, Dez?" Tanya asked. "You're as white as a sheet."

Sheet? That's where all her problems started and ended. On sheets.

"I'm o-okay, Tanya," DesirЋe said, none too assuredly.

The phone rang again, and this time it was Mark.

"I've got to get back and raise a bounty on that damned wild dog," Mark griped. "You might have heard that he's killed a man now, and, from what I'm told, the town is on the verge of panic."

"Hurry home, darling," DesirЋe urged him.

"I'm be home in the morning, Dez. Keep the bed warm."

DesirЋe gave a bitter little laugh as she hung up.


Hemmings hung up his phone and turned to his companion, an overweight man with a balding head and a cigarette on a long, black holder.

"She'll be here in a couple of hours. You're sure you can do this?"

The fat man nodded.

The doctor/preacher sighed. He knew that what he was doing was wrong, evil, but he was powerless to resist his impulses. He adored the young, blonde soprano with the perfect skin and body. He had to have her, not just once or twice, but regularly, and if she could stand the touch of the wild dog, she could stand the touch of the doctor. And this man, this psychiatrist, would have the means to ensure that she came back to him again and again.


In the back room of the sheriff's office, Clete and Priscilla sat watching the video tape they had made the night before. The rich, auburn-haired girl watched with a sneer of disdain mixed with triumph. Clete's mouth hung open in awe, awe at the sight of his huge genitalia and technique of his lovemaking and the beauty and grace of the young beauty he was fucking dog-style. In spite of his satisfying session with DesirЋe last night, he felt an instant arousal at sight of what he had done and the memory of her silky pussy around his throbbing cock.

He had to have her again! Had to! She had to be his, in spite of Nancy or Mark Denning!

Priscilla had captured some of the juiciest, intimate shots, DesirЋe's cloudy, blue eyes, her sensually-parted lips, her big, round, pink-nippled tits jerking and jiggling beneath her, the small of her back curved downward with her beautiful asscheeks lifted high and spread while Clete's amazing prick hammered deep into her stretched, foam-mantled cunt. The girl had loved it then, and she could love it again. With the proper coaxing, she would fall into his arms again. He knew it! He just knew it!

"Good photography, Priss," Clete said. "You're a real artist."

Priscilla chuckled bitterly. "Look at that little pink asshole dance and twitch! Fuck, I'd like to see that dog screwing it, right there in her ass, while her husband watches."

Clete said nothing. He didn't want anything to happen to DesirЋe. He cared about her, wanted her in his bed again and again and again. He didn't really want that filthy dog anywhere near her again. That damned dog, and Mark Denning, had first ruined everything he loved, DesirЋe and Nancy. Even Johnny Canning and the stinking, hypocritical preacher Hemmings had had her. Clete knew that the only way to assuage the pain he felt was to take her again, on a regular basis.

"I'd like to have that tape," he told Priscilla. "I've got an idea for it."

Priscilla looked at him as if he were crazy. "You don't think I went to all the trouble of staging that shoot just to let you have it. I've got my own plans for it. I'm going to destroy that little bitch for what she's done, and I'm going to have Mark Denning eating out of my hand. I'm going to grind him down and wreck his political career – if he doesn't toe the line. Maybe I'll just use him and wreck him anyway. I'm not sure, but this tape is the first step on the road to revenge."

Clete looked at the hard, malicious eyes of the ravishing beauty he was speaking with, remembering her naked body, spread and revealed, the night before, in all its feminine sweetness, and it was difficult to believe the hate he now saw in this divine creature. He understood her desire for revenge, for he had felt it himself just the day before, but making love to lovely DesirЋe had somehow cooled his destructive urges, at least temporarily. Now all he wanted was Mark Denning's young wife, her soft, moist, fragrant body at his disposal always.

"So give me that tape, and I'll be going," Priscilla ordered. "You stay quiet until I give you a call and give you instructions for the second part of my plan. Want to hold on to the stills for a while? Be my guest. The video is all I need for now."

"What do you have in your head, lady?" Clete asked, going to the television and opening the glass cabinet doors underneath.

Priscilla lit a cigarette and exhaled contentedly. "Mark Denning is flying in tomorrow to help deal with that corpse found out on Smith's ranch. I'm going to be meeting him."

"You? Won't DesirЋe go to meet him?"

The hateful beauty shook her head. "She's going to have car trouble. You're going to see to that."

Clete nodded. His jealous affection for the young blonde bride made him more than happy to see that her husband would be separated from her tomorrow afternoon. It might even give him a chance to get together with her again.

Priscilla stood up. "Here, give me that tape."

Clete handed it over and stood up. "What time do you want her car to give up the ghost?"

"The plane comes in at two-thirty. He's supposed to meet with the town council at five. So you know what to do."

"You got it, baby," Clete said.

"Don't 'baby' me, Clete," Priscilla warned. "Let's keep our relationship realistic, shall we? You're way below my class, and don't forget it. You got to see my bare ass last night, but that was part of the plan. It'll never happen again."

Priscilla didn't say goodbye.

But when she had departed, Clete smiled. He had his own plans, and Priscilla was in for a bit of a surprise. Below her class? Who gave a fuck?


Not wanting to abandon Tanya and yielding to the girl's insistence on staying with her, DesirЋe took her friend with her to the appointment with Dr. Hemmings. Leaving Tanya in the waiting room, the blonde, younger girl went in to face Hemmings and a man he introduced as a specialist on animal-transmitted diseases, Dr. Alex Braun, who mentioned a list of maladies including rabies, distemper, schistosomiasis, tuberculosis, and canine brucellosis. DesirЋe had heard of some of them, but not all, and while Hemmings considerately left them to stay in the waiting room with Tanya, Braun explained that it was the latter, which he later called simply CB, that was transmitted by sexual intercourse with dogs.

"Dr. Hemmings told me that you were, uh, taken against your will, DesirЋe," Dr. Braun said, "so please don't feel ashamed. I'm a doctor and I've seen many cases, many of them victims of dog rape. Symptoms, once they set in, are dreadful, with rotting skin, pustules, blindness and insanity. But if prophylaxis is applied before the disease's onset, a full recovery can be expected. Weekly visits for injections can prevent its being passed on to sex partners and family."

DesirЋe looked at the man as if he had pronounced a death sentence. Rotting skin and pustules? Insanity and blindness? She did want to die, most certainly!

"Medication is necessary and advisable unless the animal can be proved free of the disease," Braun said. "Is it possible to test the dog?"

Tears filling her eyes, DesirЋe shook her head. "They're hunting him now, but so far they haven't caught him."

Braun said quietly and earnestly, "Then I strongly advise a weekly treatment of prophylactic drugs. Success is guaranteed provided the treatment is strictly adhered to, and danger to loved ones is eliminated."

DesirЋe thought silently in her mental frenzy. Of course, she didn't want to transmit it, this canine brucellosis, to her Mark. She nodded her understanding.

"CB is easy to treat provided it's caught in the early stages. It is a relatively unknown disease to most doctors. Doesn't even appear in most medical books. It isn't that common, you see. Less than one in a million. Intercourse with dogs is very rare."

The girl burst out sobbing. Yes, she was a one in a million slut who had had sex with an animal. But she had to make sure that it never happened again and get her cure. "Please, Dr. Braun. Please! You must! Cure me." She calmed her sobs and looked up with injured eyes. "Please."

Dr. Alex Braun smiled benignly at the ravishing blonde beauty seated across from him, his expression professionally warm and sympathetic as he leaned back in his chair, his hands joined at finger-tips, his relaxed presence and fatherly bulk putting DesirЋe at ease immediately.

Remarkable, he thought, smiling inwardly at this stroke of good fortune, struggling to hide his glee that she had accepted his story on the fictitious disease he called by the made-up name of canine brucellosis. Surely, the Gods must be smiling upon him this day, he mused, as he listened to her hesitant, shamed, and more often, weeping little tale of repugnance about her surrender to the raping dog. Ravishing, absolutely ravishing! Yes, he must play these cards carefully, cautiously, while Hemmings was out of the room. He knew of his colleague's plans, with which he was here to assist, but there was no reason why he shouldn't sample the goods himself before turning her over to Hemmings for a life-time of pleasure.

DesirЋe told him all, holding back nothing, surprising herself at her uninhibited divulgence of even the more lurid details to this tall, heavy, successful-appearing man with the black mustache and the graying temples she had known only a matter of minutes. Of course, he was a physician and that was her singular cause for talking to him. There was no reason why she should be suddenly astonished with her actions. She needed medical assistance.

"Mrs. Denning," Braun spoke smoothly, reassuringly. "You have done the very proper thing in coming to us." He stood slowly. "It might help put you at ease to know that I combine psychology with epidemiology."

DesirЋe raised her eyes. "I didn't know," she said. She was pleased.

Braun smiled. "Right now you are overwrought, my dear. Let me prepare you a little something to soothe you while we talk, eh?"

She didn't hesitate; she was gratified to have found someone in whom she could confide. Even yet, she could not grasp the full horror of the night with the dog that had brought her to this. It was beyond the bounds of her frustrated reasoning power to comprehend it. She wept quietly again as the doctor moved about making preparations with efficient ease.

"Now, if you will just slip your skirt up and push your panties down," said Braun, approaching the distraught girl with a hypodermic syringe, its needle tipped in cotton.

His smile seemed to allay her solicitudes, but the sight of the needle made her catch her breath. She hesitated, looking up at him questioningly.

"Is this all there is to it?" she asked hopefully.

"Unfortunately not, but it's a beginning. It must be administered intramuscularly, my dear, in the bottom."

DesirЋe did as he bade, bracing her hands on the examining table, hardly feeling the insertion in her right buttock. Then, as she sat once more, he gave her a small glass of amber-colored, sweet tasting liquid he described as a balm to the genitalia, the reference immediately embarrassing her.

"Under the circumstances after what you've already told me, Mrs. Denning, this is the only way to be safe with the possibility of CB," he went on, not looking at her but writing on a yellow form as he spoke.

DesirЋe flushed and she was angry with herself for doing so. Good Lord, she had to realize that she was a grown up married woman now, and it was high-time she cast aside at least some of her Puritanical suspicions about doctors – but that was Hemmings' fault, wasn't it?

"If you will just finish the medication," Doctor Braun interrupted her thoughts, rising once more and moving noiselessly around the room to soften the lights and drag another chair over to face her. DesirЋe watched him with some wonderment, further surprised when he lighted a small lamp placed upon the corner of the desk, its almost flickering ray directed upon her lap. He took her emptied glass placing it on a tray, then re-seated himself. She could scarcely see his face in the shadow beyond the lamp, but his voice came to her in a rich, deep tone that seemed to comfort her. Truly, she had commenced to relax, her tensions easing inside her, even the burning distress of her tender buttocks, bruised by Clete the night before, had begun to subside. She leaned back emitting a long soulful sigh. It was so good to be at ease again.

"There, my dear, now that you've become yourself once more, perhaps we can discuss this problem that's reared its ugly head. Make yourself as comfortable as you can, but try to hold your head erect in a normal position. The influence in the relaxing nerve-centers of the neck will be much more rapid. Keep both feet flat upon the floor there, that's fine, you look much more comfortable. How do you feel?"

She allowed herself an unrestrained little laugh. "Loose," she replied, "quite loose."

"Ahhh then, that's fine," he said pleasantly, and the ray of the near kaleidoscopic glow seemed abruptly to concentrate on the large diamond in the engagement ring Mark had given her. "That is a lovely gem, Mrs. Denning," he commented.

"Yes, it's my engagement ring."

"Splendid stone," Doctor Braun praised with hardly an inflection of tone to his rich voice. "Notice how it sparkles in this light?"

"Yes, it does, doesn't it?"

"Focus your attention easily upon any point of the gem and note how it sparkles."

"I-I see," DesirЋe replied, hesitantly.

"Keep your gaze steady, my dear, but do not exert any unusual effort," he said in a deep, steady monotone. "Just concentrate on the reflection of light without removing your gaze for an instant – yes, that is right. It relaxes you doesn't it?"

"Y-Yes, it relaxes me."

"You feel completely at ease now. There are no tensions within you. You are loose and comfortable, and completely at rest, are you not?"

"Yes. Yes, I am completely at rest."

The suave physician smiled to himself. He was indeed pleased. He said, "Now, we must chat – tell each other our innermost secrets without exciting ourselves, mustn't we?"


"Very well, my dear. Tell me, what happened on the night you were raped by the animal?"

DesirЋe stared blankly, pain in her expression.

"Had you ever had intercourse with an animal before?" he questioned in his level, restive voice, watching the reactions of her enticing features, the twitches to her mouth and cheek, the level blank stare of her enchanting eyes.


"And were you a virgin?"

"No. Mark and I had made love three times."

He smiled. Gently now, he thought. "And the time with Dr. Hemmings. Had you ever seen his penis or had fantasies about making love with him?"

Her cheek twitched. "No," she replied quickly.

"But you did, when you came here."

"Yes." She twitched once more. Braun was sure she was nearly under now.

"You have dreamed of taking his member into your hand and caressing it, stroking it, kissing it?"

Her mouth twisted, indicating her reluctance to acknowledge his question. Again, he smiled to himself. She was merely in a light sleep and he was taunting her. Of course, he was only testing, actually attempting to determine how difficult she was going to be. He well knew the limitations of endeavoring to force the will upon a reluctant subject. He said, "You will answer me, Mrs. Denning."

"No, only Mark. I love him, no one else."

"It's quite normal," he said, reassuring her. "But had anyone besides your husband ever touched your warm little pussy before that night with the dog?"

Now, she reacted with both the cheek tic and the twisting mouth. He was probing at her morals and her sub-conscious was rejecting the idea, probably not so much the act, he thought, as to his choice of obscene words. "Answer me," he insisted.


"And what made you want to do it with the dog?"

"H-he licked me – until I couldn't help myself."

"And then, he fucked you?"

Pain seemed to leap into her glazed eyes as her mouth twitched and the tics tugged at her cheeks at the sound of the lewd word. Braun could not help but revel inwardly at her obvious frustrations. However, it was necessary that he force her to answer in order that he remain in command. He prodded more and demanded she answer.

"Yes, yes, he did."

"Very good, my dear," Braun said, never deviating from his rich, droning, monotone voice. "Now, I will commence to count and you will go deeper and deeper to sleep. When I reach twenty you will be in a deep, deep sleep. One… your arms are growing heavier and heavier. Two…"

When he was done, Doctor Alex Braun smiled triumphantly to himself at his latest seduction, for surely she was that. She sat, quite immobile, her eyes closed, caught completely in the throes of his induced trance. She had been a simple and most cooperative patient, and from this point all should go even more facilely. He was extremely pleased.

He stood directing the lamp toward her so that he could better observe her exquisite loveliness. Flawless. Absolutely flawless! Of course, what lay hidden beneath the concealing garments was of vast importance, and he could only imagine at the voluptuous beauty. His mouth watered at the thought, his brain rapidly filling with lewd visions of her white, tender, full body writhing beneath him as he sunk his cock deep into the quivering depths of her near-virginal belly. Her lush lips intrigued him and he imagined them encircling about the shaft of his prick, sucking in wild abandon, until finally his heavy rod jerked into rigidity, fighting against its captivity as if it had a mind of its own.

Ahhh, but first things first, he thought to himself confidently. A bit of post-hypnotic suggestion to insure her future need of Hemmings' treatment, telling her that she would feel the need to return to see him every week, surrender to the doctor-preacher's desire, then forget it all when she left. Now, to the more pleasurable aspects of this little consultation. His potion of absinthe-flavored Dhattura that he had fed her in the small glass was undoubtedly having its full effect by this time.

It had taken him some years to contrive his formula for successful and profitable seduction. Yes, he mustn't forget the monetary end of it. Hemmings was paying him richly for his services. The check was in his wallet. He chuckled lightly to himself. Irresistible seduction, a most unique and meaningful phrase. Dr. Hemmings was going to be pleased. He rubbed lustfully at the throbbing flesh of his cock inside his trousers. Yes, yes, it was time to claim his bonus.

DesirЋe found that she was smiling at the suave doctor, but she didn't pay particular attention to the fact that the little desk-lamp had been extinguished, nor that the other room lighting was back to its normal illumination. She was more concerned with the complete peace of mind she felt, her lack of any malice toward anyone, and the rather warm, tingling sensations she was experiencing in her pelvic regions. She crossed her legs tightly as if in an effort to choke the agitation and watched the doctor finish his writing on the yellow form.

Finally, he raised his head, laying down his pen. "And now, Mrs. Denning, if you'll step behind the screen and slip out of your things we'll make our genito-urinary examination. You'll find a garment there to put around you."

He had spoken with authoritative firmness that even her immediate reluctance did not seem capable of overcoming. Still, she hesitated. It was as if two factions inside her brain were suddenly at war with one another: the one insisting such an examination was certainly unnecessary; the other rebuking her for her narrow-mindedness once more. After all, he was the physician and she had come to him to be healed.

"Come, my dear," he insisted rather sharply. "Let's not waste time."

So, she did as he ordered, entering the little room where a narrow, austere looking examining table stood secured in the center of the floor, and began removing her clothes. She stepped out of her skirt and half-slip, the brush of air against her naked upper thighs seeming to revive the tingling sensations once more. A tiny shudder passed over her as she began to unfasten her blouse, thinking it shouldn't be necessary to remove her nylons and garter belt. She unhooked her bra, momentarily hesitating, then continuing as if prodded by some unseen force. Released from their silken confinement, her straining breasts seemed to swell and the erectile rubiness of her tingling nipples tensed in their nudity. She took a deep breath, unable to fathom the gentle daze-like lethargy she was experiencing. Then she removed her panties and took a step forward toward the gown draped across the table. She paused and smoothed her hands carefully up to her breasts, touching them tenderly in guarded exploration. Ohhh, she moaned, they're sore, from Clete's pinching last night, from the coarse hair on his chest. Her hands explored farther, coursing their way down over her stomach to her thighs. She spread them slightly, prurient sensations expanding within her at her own touch. She groaned again, as her fingers touched delicately some slight bruises lining the soft edges of her vagina. She probed carefully about the red sensitive opening, just as Doctor Braun peeked around the curtain.

DesirЋe gasped, leaping backward in startled shock. Her shame followed seconds later as she grabbed for the gown and the doctor caught her hand gently.

"No need for that, really, my dear," he said calmly, his smile disarming her almost immediately. "Those things only get in the way of the poor physician. Now, if you'll just climb up onto the table and lie on your back, please."

DesirЋe stared at him, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. Her brain had become a turmoil of mixed emotions. While she knew this wanton display of her body to this man was not only unnecessary but entirely immoral, there seemed little that she wanted to do toward covering herself. And the lewd itching in her breasts, her loins and her belly was reaching an almost uncontrollable state.

My God! What's happening to me? she thought as she slipped mechanically onto the table, lay back and spread her thighs ever so slightly. I must be going mad! I want him to touch me, to feel me. Oohh God!

Braun was mesmerized with the breathtaking loveliness of the young blonde as she lay naked before him. Her sleek, firm body was an entrancing combination of reversing golden curled lines rising and arching contours of her swelling breasts and thighs and then falling into the gentle concavity of her soft, smooth white belly. He gaped at the velvet-like honey-colored silken down that covered the junction of her slightly spread thighs. The thin red hair-lined slit running the length of her open crotch caused his mouth to go dry. He moved toward her slowly, his tongue moistening his thin lips, as he watched the glazed expression in her exotic eyes.

"You were examining yourself when I entered, my dear," he said as casually as he could. "Let us see if, and what, damage has been done." He smiled down at her salaciously. "If you will open your thighs a bit more, Mrs. Denning."

DesirЋe returned his gaze, unable to check the carnality building inside her, and as he lay his hand gently upon her thigh, tenderly sliding it along the white, satin-smooth flesh, she felt as though she were about to ignite inside. It was as if he had touched her with a thousand volts of electricity and a million spine-chilling, fiery particles burst through her loins and belly, and automatically her hands moved to her breasts once more, her thumbs and forefingers plucking at the nipples like hungry birds of prey and sending more sensual uncontrollable shocks through her.

Dear God! What's happening to me? I must be losing my mind! Oh, Mark darling, I need you! I need you!

"There now, let us look closer," said Braun, bending down between her thighs, then moving to the foot of the table. "If you will put your feet flat upon the surface, my dear… Ah, yes, that's fine," he said as she raised her knees, placing her feet accordingly. "Now, just slide down this way." She did, until her wet open loins were only inches from his face. "Excellent, excellent," he muttered. Involuntarily, he sucked in his breath at the unbelievable sight before him. He had fucked many drugged and hypnotized young women, but never anything like this. Never anything so pure, innocent and proud. The thought of helpless, uncontrollable mewling grunts of pleasure escaping those untouchable lips goaded his organ into rock-hardness. He could feel the blood throbbing painfully into its large, expanded head. Tiny drops of thick white seminal fluid had already begun to seep from the sensitive contracting glans at its tip, smearing wetly against his thigh. He thought once more, checking himself. He had not locked the outer door, so Hemmings might be unhappy if he came back in too soon. Still, he silently opened the fly of his trousers to ease the pain slightly. Then, with thumbs pressed to either side of her hair-lined cunt-lips, Braun tenderly spread the vertical mouth until its moist, coral lusciousness was opened to him and his own mouth fell agape at its glistening jeweled splendor. He felt her warm, soft, inner-thighs quiver to the backs of his hands and heard her breath lodge deep down in her gasping throat. Expertly, he leaned closer and opened the soft fleshy inner petals enshrining her clitoris with the tip of his tongue. He felt the erotic shock of his touch surge through her convulsively.

"Oooooh, God! What are you doing?" DesirЋe gasped, raising her head to stare down with bulging eyes between her proud, erect breasts at his lowered head buried in her crotch. Then, he was smiling at her, his inimitable smile of confidence. "Oohhh!" she jerked, as his hot moist lips closed over the soft mound at the base of her belly. And again his hazy face disappeared from her view into the soft fleece between her upraised thighs as he planted wet, tantalizing kisses on the closed aperture, his tongue flicking eel-like at the quivering opening.

Once more, DesirЋe's hands moved sensuously down over her throbbing breasts as if she had no control over them, sliding slowly down her smooth, flat stomach and coming to rest on either side of his gently nibbling lips. Her fingers stroked softly for a moment as her mind raced in maddening confusion. Momentary thoughts of her Mark flashed in her brain, but then he was gone, and her fingers, as though hypnotically controlled by some other being, spread the fleshy hair-lined lips of her soft, moist pussy slowly apart, allowing his hungry devouring mouth complete access to her wet secret being.

Her elbows pressed tightly against her ribs and her head lolled insanely from side to side as his hot searing tongue shot out, its soft flicking tip circling her quivering erected clitoris. Dear God! The lips sucked, drawing the warm soft folds deep into the cavern of his gently biting mouth, while his tongue continued its maddening licking against the urgent pink smoothness of her open sex.

Mark! Mark! My God, help me!

She groaned huskily from deep in her throat as the hot probing tip worked its way up and down the length of the narrow wet slit, starting at her lower belly and pressuring its way down, down over the elastic rimmed opening of her clasping vagina and into the crevice of her flexing buttocks where it stopped momentarily to do a wet, circling homage to the tight brown throbbing hole nestled there. She felt her hips grind of their own volition against the hard table, and heard her own purring, animal-like sounds emitting pitifully from between her passion-clenched teeth.

She couldn't believe it! She couldn't! Yet, she knew it was happening!

Braun worked hungrily, feeling the soft wet pubic hair brushing tantalizingly against his cheeks. He completely opened the front of his pants, letting them drop and pushing down his silk shorts. He slowly massaged the heavy thick foreskin back and forth over the jerking head as he continued spearing his hot, flicking tongue deep into her cunt. When he had first laid eyes upon her here in the consultation room, this urge to conquer her for his own pleasure had almost overwhelmed him, but in all good reasoning he had never deemed such a coup possible. And now, here she lay, squirming beneath his tongue and completely at his mercy. Hemmings would go mad when he found out about this.

Her groans drove his tongue faster as it worked its way up and down the throbbing, twisting lips of her tortured genitals. Yes, yes! He wanted her begging for it when he was ready to sink his hard, throbbing cock into her and that wouldn't be far away. He had never seen anyone so hot, even with the potion. He half-grinned to himself, thinking that this was only the beginning.

He realized she was too far beyond recovery now to fight anything he chose to do to her, and his keen mind commenced to form weird erotic scenes of the positions he could submit her to, as well as the acts he could perform at will upon her docile, desire wracked body.

He could not keep from gloating to himself as suddenly her hands were clawing at his hair, attempting to guide his face to the small palpitating opening of her cuntal mouth. He plunged his tongue into the soft-rimmed flesh, taunting it momentarily, then quickly withdrawing it to tantalize mercilessly the ragged pink edges.

She cried aloud and clutched at him, forcefully pressing his mouth directly over the tight little hole in her squirming crotch.

He complied, ramming his tongue deep down into it, rounding his lips and covering the clasping viscous opening to bring a low guttural groan from this delicate morsel whose soft warm thighs were closing spasmodically around either side of his head. He could feel the wet flesh slip moistly around his long extended tongue as the walls of her invaded vagina opened and closed in a sucking motion, attempting to extract his tongue deeper and deeper into it. It was as if the nibbling hair-lined mouth was trying with all its lust-inspired strength to snap out and rip his tongue out by the roots, devouring it completely. Her heels snaked out in the air and pushed down against his back, pressing his lean body into the soft, squirming trap of flesh between her uplifted legs. His nose was mashed against her throbbing clitoris and he could only inhale the poignant aromas of her lusty, lubricious state. Its delicate tang incited his penis to a hardness he could little longer control! He had to fuck this little American bitch soon or he would burst like a balloon!

DesirЋe's body was completely lost in the enrapture of the moment. Every muscle of her sex-toned being was tensed as she strained her hips aloft toward that maddening inquiry between her legs.

Oh Mark! Mark! I never knew it was like this! Why hadn't he ever done this to her? Such magnificent things were bursting from her body!

Abruptly, her love for Mark incited her further. Her now up-drawn legs opened and closed around the tormenting head of the gluttonously slashing tongue that was licking at her flamed-seared hole. The cords of her neck stood out as she pulled savagely at the tangled hands-full of hair she clasped.

"Oh! Ohhh! Agggghhhh!" she moaned, splaying her legs out wider and wider to the sides to allow him greater access.

Braun could stand it no longer. His cock throbbed like a wild spirited animal. He grabbed her flailing legs behind the knees and climbing onto the table, thrust them roughly back against her shoulders, slithering up her sweat-soaked body simultaneously. His rigid, palpitating prick brushed tensely against the wetness of her soft, sparse pubic hair. He splayed his hands beside either of her shoulders and forced her legs up and back until her ankles were locked behind his neck. He gaped down between their bodies and saw her upturned, the magnificence of her ivory-white buttocks completely exposed to him.

The expanded narrow cunt-slit was visibly throbbing, its lips anxiously, the wet pink furrow held wide apart by the pressure of his thighs tightly up against hers.

"Now, my precious little blonde cunt, I am going to fuck you silly," Braun said down into her face, a wicked smile contorting his handsome, distinguished features.

DesirЋe could not see the face hovering over her through her passion and drug-dimmed eyes. Words were unintelligible sounds to her. Only animalistic values seemed of importance. She could feel the fleshy hugeness of his hard member lying the full length of the open quivering slit. The jerking, chunky head of his cock lay palpitating between her wide-spread buttocks, insinuating itself in a rising and falling, sawing motion, a maddening tease that caused her to grind her hips down toward it, her agonized cunt searching hungrily for its rigid blood-filled tip.

She had to have it inside her! Her belly screamed for it! You understand, Mark! I know you do! My God, I've got to have it!

She groped with her hands in panic, finding their way beneath the cheeks of her ass to grasp the full length of the lead-hard member. Her tightly closed hands caressed it tenderly in reverence. She sensed its convulsive spasms against her soft palms, and the viscid milk that oozed in driblets from the lust-inflated head. She steered it up the vale between the soft, quivering moons of her buttocks, never allowing its touch to lose contact with her flesh until it was adjusted between the now ravenously lubricated lips of her craving vagina. She held it in place with one hand and clutched upon the man's buttocks with the other, hauling with all of her strength in an effort to pull it into her and let it quell the gnawing, hot heat burning madly in her belly.

Originally, Braun had entertained no intentions of taunting her, but now he could not help himself. Even though he had all he could do to keep from instantaneously impaling this lovely creamy-skinned bitch on his aching cock, his sadistic desire to torment her could not be denied. Shortly, he would empty his white, hot sperm into her luscious steaming cunt, but temporarily, he must taunt her. It was undoubtedly an inherent part of his nature. Such conditioning would make things all the better for Hemmings. He chuckled within himself, thinking of how easy it was doing this favor for the other doctor, then, he flicked his hips forward.

DesirЋe winced as she felt the lips around her throbbing vagina forced open. Its elastic rimmed snugness resisted momentarily, then gave way beneath the harsh, brutal pressure. The sensations shattered her for a long moment and she emitted a squealing, throaty wail.

Braun reveled in that. He was elated to hear her painful cries. He thrust again, listening intently for her deeper whines. Suddenly, he wanted to make her scream for cock! He could stand it no longer! He rammed forward with everything he had, a momentary flickering of understanding for Hemmings flashing in his brain, sinking his lust-inflated cock all the way in to his pelvis. He felt his balls whap resoundingly against her twitching anus as she ground her squirming buttocks hard down against the ungiving table, attempting to escape the cruel, instantaneous impalement. She groaned! Her legs jerked out wide on either side of his big, heavy body, splaying over either side of the table, kicking wildly in the air.

"Mark! M-Mark! Good Jesus God! Oh! Oooooooh!" she choked, her naked, white body pinned helplessly to the narrow table as though impaled there by a stake. With her every jerk the huge head seemed to burrow deeper and deeper into her. The doctor's outstretched arms pinioned her tightly to the thin mattressed table, while his wide-spread knees held her thighs split to the fullest extent. The searing, pole-like shaft felt as though it would burst into her throat from beneath as its bloated head thrust hard against her cervix, rocking her own head as if it were on hinges to her neck as the monster pummeled into her.

Braun gaped at her from above with a lascivious smirk on his lips, his great paunch swinging beneath him. He was truly elated. He had garnered an exquisite morsel, just this once. Right now, her face was contorted from the ecstasy of his first passion-igniting thrust. He grinned widely as her lips curled back from her teeth, pleading, incoherent whimpers emitting from the depths of her throat. She was feeling it all that much stronger because of the sensitizing drugs he had given her. Her arms were outstretched, palms against his hips, and he chuckled as he watched her attempting to pull the blunt, hard knob into her womb.

He glanced down once more to see his curly black pubic hair entangled tightly with her own golden strands, the base of his thick, fleshy cock barely protruding from its submerged depths in her pink, throbbing furrow – the very same that his educated tongue had licked to moist, craving receptivity only moments before. He could see the tight, slightly bruised lips of her cunt stretched almost to the bursting point, the spongy outer pink rim clasping tightly about the white skinned base of his cock.

He smiled once more to himself, holding her there for a moment, savoring the spectacle of her magnificently impaled loveliness speared helplessly beneath him, with his heavy prick sunk deep in her smooth white belly. He wished her husband, the young proud town councilor could observe his wife now, spread-eagled, and full of cock. What pleasure she would derive from this drug-assisted ecstasy. He tittered to himself. And he was going to give this innocent, blonde beauty a fuck she would never forget as long as she lived and that was only the beginning.

DesirЋe squirmed helplessly beneath him. All sense of balance had long since left her. Her brain was a maze of distorted thoughts, and she could not apply what thinking capacities she had to anything but what was immediately absorbing her. She could feel the searching, hot pleasure of the sudden blunt entry sliding deeply into her vagina from between her legs. She flexed her crotch muscles tightly together and the throb of her internal sinews seemed to incite the monster and it plowed its way deeper and deeper into her vainly resisting passage. She felt the walls of her cringing cunt clasp around it like a glove. She sensed its every fleshy ridge as her nerve ends transmitted its enormous form in minute detail to her muddled mind like a televised beam.

Oh, heavens! It's alive inside me!

The hard, spongy tip pressed relentlessly against her cervix, the thin folds of flesh along its length, the tickling hairs of his balls in the crevice of her ass, were all suddenly a part of her. She had become united with it, and in spite of her pain her tongue snaked out and began an insane licking at her lips. Abruptly, the pungent odors of their union stung her flaring nostrils and she linked it with the frenzied activities with Clete the night before, and once more her nostrils flared as the throbbing cock lodged even deeper into her soft, white belly. In some far-reaching, insane way, she chose to roll them altogether into one great fiery ball of aching hunger. Her cunt contracted involuntarily as the lascivious thoughts raced out of control through her drugged brain.

At last, Braun felt the slight fluttering pressure exerted against his penis. He had waited patiently for it, knowing from experience that it would come. He hovered motionless above her prostrate form, waiting, until she became accustomed to his bulky presence submerged in her belly. Now, he flexed the member gently, expanding it inside her, but holding his body immobile.

"Oh," DesirЋe whimpered through bared teeth, feeling the full pleasure of the aphrodisiac.

Doctor Braun waited a moment, anticipating her thoughts, then flexed once more as he watched her face beneath him. The mouth fell limply open, the eyes clenched tightly shut.

"Ooooohhhhh!" she exclaimed. Then, she held her breath as the buried cock expanded more, stretching the narrow passage walls farther apart.

"What we are doing, DesirЋe, is widening your tight little cunt walls so that the presence of a cock inside your belly will bring you nothing but pleasure from now on," Braun whispered triumphantly down into her tormented face. "Do you understand?"

DesirЋe rolled her head at the vile sound of the obscene words.

It isn't real! Nothing is real! It just can't be happening! It's the devil doing these things to me, turning my body into a raging inferno. Yes, it's the devil! Oh God help me!

Braun flexed once more, now setting a deliberate teasing rhythm to his throbs. He watched her nostrils begin a hesitant flaring to the tempo. At last, soft mewling noises of rapture escaped from her open mouth in cadence with his tender ministrations.

"Ooooohhh! Yes, darling! Yes, darling," she moaned.

He sensed her urgent answering throbs begin around the head of his penis. Her moist, clasping cunt-throat commenced a soft opening and closing as it swallowed about his throbbing shaft.

He did not move, only continued the spaced, tantalizing pulsing into the pierced lovely beneath him. Now, he lowered his lips to wetly kiss hers and her whole body began to twitch and writhe under him as she groaned incessantly up into the moistness of his mouth, thrusting her tongue with sudden complete abandon deep into his throat. Low hums of passionate, servile acceptance came in torrents from deep in her chest, her beautiful face twisting with erotic passion, her mouth working like a fish out of water, her neck straining as a light sweat broke out onto her forehead under the now disheveled soft blonde hair. Her head lolled from side to side in her semi-conscious state, as her hips began a slow unwitting roll beneath his impaling fleshy spit. Suddenly, her hungry nibbling cunt screwed itself up tighter against his hair-covered pelvis and he was forced to clench his teeth tightly in an effort to control himself.

There was no longer pain, DesirЋe reasoned nebulously. Her body was involuntarily coming to life. A maddening electric tingle had burst into being within her womb and surged relentlessly through the raw nerve ends of her vibrant flesh. It rippled through her cunt and out the fleece-lined flanges, dancing like wild demons across her milky-white thighs, coursing the full length of her outstretched legs to circle about inside her toes as she curled them tightly against the soles of her feet. It raced from her contracting belly insanely through her rib-cage and out to the bruised tips of her pink palpitating nipples.

Braun slipped his hands down her sides and slid them under the soft, smooth globes of her moving buttocks. They flexed and unflexed to his touch, oozing around his fingers as he pressed his hands tightly into them. He drew her harder to his loins and felt her pulling her thighs back a little more, the moist, slippery hole of her cunt flowering open to receive his cock to greater and greater depths. The cords in her neck and thighs stood out hard and tense as she writhed beneath him from the magnitude of her sensations.

"Now, DesirЋe," he hissed at her, "you must learn to beg Dr. Hemmings for it when he wants it, mustn't we?"

"Oooohhh yes, yes!" she groaned out beneath him, all control over her body gone.

"Then beg me, my pet. Beg me to fuck you," he said as he continued to grind his cock into her wet, quivering cunt.

Even in this wanton, abandoned state she had reached, DesirЋe's brain rebelled. Once more, she began to roll her head, her eyes shut tight as if to blot out the vile order. Everything in her being recoiled at the thought, except her crotch, and therein lay her heart and soul at this very moment. Tears squeezed from her tightly shut eyes, streaming down her cheeks.

"Beg me!" Braun snarled, digging his fingers cruelly into the softness of her tender, ivory ass-cheeks. "Now! Beg, damn you!"

"Ooooohhhh, yes, yes. I beg you."

"Be specific! Say it! Fuck me, my dear. Ram your cock into my cunt! Say it!"

"Oooohhh! Fuck me, my darling."


"R-ram your cock into my cunt! Yes, yes, fuck me, my darling!" she babbled, the thought of her own lips speaking these lewd words for the first time in her life sending a new lascivious thrill swirling through her, and she rotated her hips from side to side around his thick, rigid cock vigorously, her vagina dilating in time to its rhythmic beating.

"There now, that's better," Braun soothed in his rich tones as she whined passionately up at him. "You see how beautiful it can be, DesirЋe?"

"Oh yes, yes! It's beautiful, wonderful! Don't ever stop!"

"I won't, DesirЋe, but now you must work a little harder," he whispered, and immediately he felt her pelvis begin screwing up against the length of his rock-hard penis. The tiny contracting muscles inside her cunt were nibbling hungrily at the inflated head. The dilated lips between her hair-lined pink slit pulled tantalizingly away, sliding moistly down the rod for several inches then munched their way back up, buffering her soft, golden-down tightly against his pubic hair, embedding the full length of him deep into her warm, white tummy. He remained immobile, resting still above her with his hands flat on either side of her shoulders, his knees pressed tight to the thin-mattressed table. He let her quivering body pump up and down at will on the rigid shaft that fused them together.

He watched intensely its slow withdrawal between them, extracting thin ridges of her pink flesh out with it as she screwed her pelvis down onto the table, then pushing the fleshy coral folds back into her as the glistening length was consumed deep into the quivering, salacious opening. He let her strain against him for awhile, watching the now utter abandon of her labors, a dazed ecstatic smile playing across her lips. Ah yes, he thought, she was going to make a fine patient for Hemmings. Braun wished he could be here regularly. He grinned to himself as he felt the harsh slap of his balls against the unprotected crevice of her anus. It was time for further experimentation and subjugation of this delicate young female.

He slid his fingers down over the tight, flexing skin of her ass and found the small puckered anus cradled defenselessly there. It was soft and warm and he could feel it working fish-like with the movement of her buttocks pushing against his loins. He pressed into it with a gentle but quick insertion, feeling the soft, spongy flesh yield unwillingly.

"Oooohhh," she gasped, the sound tumbling from her lips in painful protest.

He thrust further, taking pleasure in hearing her groans of subjugation.

"Oooooohhhhh God!" she cried louder from his further outrage against her defenseless asshole.

But he gave no quarter. Instead, he worked his finger around inside, stretching the rubbery softness wider and wider as he ground into her. He slipped another finger in and felt the tight resistance give way as it moved into the soft warm depths.

The deep guttural noises coming from her chest slowed into whimpers of pain for a moment, and then slowly subsided to be replaced by greater moans of pleasure as her anus became accustomed to the strange, unnatural invasion.


Outside in the waiting room, Hemmings was becoming impatient just thinking about DesirЋe in there, in the next room. More curious were the very faint sounds coming through the door. What if Tanya heard those sounds. He was running out of things to chat about to cover the noises, which didn't sound at all like a gentle session of hypnosis.

"Excuse me, Tanya," Hemmings said hurriedly and slipped through the door, closing it quickly to keep the girl from seeing or hearing anything. He was astonished by the sight that greeted him, something he had hoped never to see, or even imagine.

Braun was smiling his little expression of triumph as he kissed her as she began slowly screwing her rectum back onto his fingers, while he probed them methodically around in the warm rubbery channel. She was hopelessly impaled between his hard throbbing cock in her vagina and his fingers shoved tightly in her asshole. And now, moaning and mewling beneath him, she commenced twisting and squealing wantonly under the double ravishment of her loins. Her thrusts up against him became more urgent, her motions faster by the second, her small white teeth biting hard into her lower lip as he continued the drubbing pillage of her asshole. Hemmings and Braun knew she was straining to cum; the juices of her milking vagina were beginning to flow and he could hear the wet sucking sound of the in and out sawing movement as she thrust sharply up his cock, absorbing it deep inside her, her back arched a foot off the table, her feet planted flat on either side of his knees. She bucked against him wildly and he pulled his fingers from her rectum with a wet, hissing sound. She squirmed and squealed, raising a cry from her throat with every up-thrust.

"You mind telling me what you're doing, Braun?" Hemmings said accusingly.

Braun paused only for a second. "Shut up, Hemmings, unless you want to ruin the whole thing. You want a post hypnotic suggestion, she's going have to be guided along the first time by someone who knows what he's doing. You couldn't do it. She doesn't trust you and who else is available?"

Hemmings fell silent, watching the girl shoving her vagina up onto the fat man's thick cock, her body bridged on her heels, and plump buttocks quivering as again and again she lifted them clear of the table and then slapped them soundly back down again.

"Oh dear God! Yes! Yes! I'm coming, darling! I'm commmiiinnnggg! Aaaaagggghhhh!"

And with the last deep-throated cry, her body began quaking uncontrollably. Torrents of milky fluids oozed from her jerking passage, immersing his spearing prick in its sticky warmth and trickling obscenely down the crevice of her smooth, white buttocks and on down over his balls pressed snugly against the tiny brown crinkled anus.

Braun held himself until she had grunted out the last of her juices onto his matted pelvis, her body still heaving spasmodically. Then, he reached back taking her ankles and raising them over her shoulders, until her widespread slit between her legs was completely open to his desire.

"Now, my dear," he leered down into her face, "we come to the finale of today's treatment, which should hold you in good stead until tomorrow."

Her mind had begun to clear somewhat. She tried to shake her head to rid it of the cobwebs. She was trembling all over and her stomach was quaking as if she had just been saved from falling off a cliff. My God, the obscene position she was in! And she was helpless beneath him!

Braun withdrew his deeply imbedded shaft until just the tip of the head rested in her.

"This is the test, my dear," he taunted and she whimpered beneath him.

He rammed forward with all of his stored up energy. The full throbbing length of his incited cock sunk cruelly into her helpless, exposed vagina. She cried out at the merciless lunge, a futile gesture that only inflamed him further. He could hear the wet, flat smack as his pelvis smacked hard against her crotch. He dropped heavily upon her, mashing her lush, ripe tits tightly against his chest. He locked his saliva filled mouth to hers, thrusting his tongue deep down into her throat, muffling the cries forming there. His shoulders pushing against the backs of her full rounded calves kept her secured in that helpless position as he battered like a machine-gun into her. Reaching beneath them, he forced his hands under the white full cheeks of her ass, cupping them and kneading the warm soft flesh, pulling the rounded moons far, far apart.

A gem, he thought. An exquisite gem! She would make Hemmings and his friends very happy when they came to play at the office.

Now, he initiated lengthy, hard strokes into her steaming channel, wet and slippery from her climax, withdrawing the head until just its tip lay inside the hot, viscous mouth, then charging forward vigorously with his hips, his sac screwing tightly into the wide-split crack of her buttocks.

DesirЋe wailed from her pregnable position, her mind suddenly and brutally evaluating properly as the drug wore away, her immediate rational thoughts filled with both her Mark and her shame.

Oh, dear God! Dear God! What have I done? What am I doing here?

Again, she groaned as her vulnerable open cunt was plundered almost beyond endurance.

He is mad! He's an insane monster!

Her head was hinging wildly on her neck with each jack-hammer thrust and it was impossible to fight from her hopeless position. Her arms were pinned down at her sides by her up-drawn legs, and she could feel the giant head of his filthy thing sliding up and down inside her inflamed passage like the hard knob of a long, ugly cudgel, and the hot slap of his testicles against her anus as he jerked forward with his down stroke. Cool, exhilarating rushes of air soothed her thighs each time he extracted his heavy, pistoning cock.

Dear God, dear God help me! Don't let me succumb this way. It's like a thousand red-hot bars inside me battering one against the other, sending out a million sparks through my body from, from this molten nucleus of my CUNT! OH GOD! OH GOD!

"OH, DAMN YOU! HOW YOU DO IT TO ME! HARDER, HARDER, HARDER!" she screamed, trying to raise her ass higher to him.

Her womb flared and the resisting lips of her hair-lined slit flowered open to receive the delicious rape of her secret genitals. Her hands fought desperately until they were free and wrapped around his back. Her nails gouged a red streaked path down to his flexing buttocks. She hauled him deep into her and shoved her fleece covered belly up hard to skewer herself fanatically onto the stake of flesh her cunt was endeavoring to suck the life from. She drew his thick, wet tongue voraciously deep into her mouth, swallowing greedily at the droplets of his saliva running down it in her lewd excitement. Now, her voluptuous body was matching his battering plunges with her own rhythmic thrashing.

"Baby, baby, baby!" Braun babbled over and over as he ceaselessly pounded his inflated cock deep into her white rounded little belly with long cruel strokes. He could feel the hot, white semen amassing within his throbbing balls as they beat a tattoo against her marvelously exposed ass. It was nearing the explosion! Wildly, he thrust his tongue far down her throat and with harshly kneading hands, clutched the wide open cheeks of her lush white buttocks hard up against his ramming pelvis, as he slammed his spewing cock all the way to the hilt in her soft, unresisting cunt.

DesirЋe felt a new sweet pain to her insides as the head of his deeply sunk, tormenting cock suddenly flared into a hugeness that threatened to mangle her inner organs. It began to spurt! She could feel the delicious, hot, white liquid shooting into her like molten fire, sloshing around her dilated womb like great streams of searing lava. The very pores of her cunt-walls opened to it, oozing forth their own enraptured answer, spilling her secretion into the already flooded cavern of her quivering pink pussy.

It was maddeningly magnificent! No words could describe it! She was going out of her mind with the ecstasy! She couldn't let it stop!

She clawed frantically beneath her squirming buttocks with both hands and began to passionately milk at his balls pressed into the split of her ass. Her legs jerked out to their full length wildly, quivering helplessly in the air on either side of him. The enormous prick continued to squirt its completion. Thick, hot jets streamed from its head never-endingly in blissful, unbelieving rivers, overflowing her womb and gushing out the milking, convivial cunt-lips mouthing the base of his cock, saturating the silky pubic hair it was buried in.

"Oooohhh, fill me, fill me my darling!" she cried unintelligibly around the plundering tongue still thrust into her throat, while the seething walls of her quaking pussy sucked at the jerking cock ravenously, until it offered one final convulsive leap, the last dregs of his hot, sticky sperm sucked from it.

Braun fell forward, collapsing upon her, feeling his thick hot sperm mixed with her own delectable juices back-washing his deflated, limp prick. It seemed unbelievably and erotically without end, until she too exhaustedly gave one last spasm, quaking to a final limpness, her legs falling and protruding lifelessly on either side of his great, flabby body.

He breathed deeply, then slowly pulled himself from the semiconscious girl's form, his flaccid cock sliding from her ravaged cunt. She whimpered as he pulled free. He walked around the table to her and smiled down upon the lovely, spent face. Lifting her arm, he held the hand with the ring before her face.

"Can you see the beautiful diamond, my dear? It is your engagement ring. It sparkles, can you see?"

"I – yes, I can see."

"Concentrate on it, DesirЋe. Watch the stunning sparkle as I move it in the light. It fascinates you, doesn't it?"

"Y-Yes, it fascinates me."


After he and the girl had recovered, Braun led her through the entire post-hypnotic suggestion process and milked her brain of all secrets. He conferred with Hemmings while she contentedly sat in her trance, her mind open to all suggestion, naked, her well-fucked vagina leaking Braun's semen onto the chair. The hypnotist smoked a silent, restful pipe of Turkish mixture. He had made a great study of aphrodisiacs, a particular necessity in many cases and he supplied some to Hemmings as a favor. Then, he made sure that DesirЋe should always respond to Hemmings but should always forget whatever happened in this office as soon as she left…

The psychiatrist made her tell them everything they wanted to know about her private experiences. Hemmings was furious to learn that Priscilla Devereaux and Clete Anderson had had their way with her the night before. Taking pictures! That could only be for blackmail purposes! Without telling anyone, the preacher-doctor resolved to have revenge on the rich red-head and the corrupt sheriff. Somehow, he would have satisfaction for corrupting the beautiful young bride.


DesirЋe kicked her car and swore. Tanya raised her eyebrows questioningly.

"This damn car won't start!" DesirЋe complained, pounding the wheel.

Tanya had never seen her so furious, nor ever heard her swear. But she knew nothing about how to fix a car or make it run.

The blonde began to cry. She wanted to see Mark, so very, very much. She wanted to meet him at the airport, dressed and made-up as she was, to dazzle him and throw her arms around him. She was very happy that nothing had happened last night during her meeting with Hemmings and Dr. Braun. She remembered meeting them, speaking to Braun, having the injection in her bottom, and then talking to Braun some more. Just before leaving, he told her that she had tested negative for all the known canine diseases, but that she should return often to be monitored by Dr. Hemmings. She remembered nothing else, except that she felt very relaxed and well as she walked out with Tanya, who had been waiting for two hours talking to Hemmings in the waiting room.

Anyway, feeling clean and free of any problems with Hemmings, though with a smarting conscience for her behavior with Priscilla and Clete, she wanted to be in Mark's arms right now. To make love with him, to erase from her mind – again – the stain of her misdeeds. She knew he was coming back for a purpose, to officially initiate a hunt for Lobo, the murdering and raping wild dog, but she hoped he would at least have a half-hour for her before the meeting.

But now, she was sorely disappointed. Mark would be standing there in the airport wondering where she was while she was stuck here in the driveway with a dead motor.

DesirЋe leaned her head against the steering wheel and sobbed. Tanya tried to comfort her, but it was useless. She loved him so much and the car was depriving her of time with him that she sorely needed.


Mark Denning picked up his bag from the small carousel and looked at his watch. He was late and he hoped DesirЋe hadn't been waiting long. He hated to keep the dear, sweet angel waiting. His eyes scanned the airport and saw nothing of her dazzling beauty that was impossible to miss. But he looked again nevertheless.

Worried, he checked his watch again to see that he had read it properly. DesirЋe was never late and if she wasn't here now, then it meant something was wrong.

"Waiting for someone, handsome?" said a familiar, sultry voice.

Mark looked up. "Priscilla. What are you doing here?"

"Little Dezzy couldn't make it, darling. She was otherwise occupied, shall I say?"

"I'm in no mood for jokes. How did you know I was going to be here?"

Priscilla laughed irresistibly. "Oh, Mark, I can know anything I want to know. Don't forget who you're talking to."

"To the world's worst, scheming, spoiled brat," he retorted. "What have you done with DesirЋe?"

The auburn-haired girl laughed again. "Mark, Mark, you silly boy. Why would I do anything with her. She's a big girl and can do anything she likes, when she likes. It seems she had something else to do right now other than come for you. It's a good thing I dropped by."

"Dropped by? I really believe that."

"Well, you'd better," she said with a broad smile, taking his hand and leading him along. "My car is right out here waiting, and you'll want some time to freshen up before the town meeting."

Through the glass doors, Priscilla's car was standing at the curb in a no-parking zone, being eyed by a man in uniform. The police officer smiled and relaxed when he saw them, for both of them were well-known in the county. Still angry, and somewhat worried, Mark tossed his bag in the back seat and got in on the right side. Priscilla took the wheel.

"Listen, Priss, if this is one of your tricks…"

"When have I ever played tricks," the girl said, pulling away. "I know you're under pressure and you deserve better than you're getting. I know you've made mistakes that could come back on you big-time. You should have put a bounty on that dog and you let it go by and now six cattle and fourteen sheep have been killed, a hen house raided, and a young man mauled to death. You could have prevented it, but you didn't, and now things are coming down around your ears. Am I right?"

Mark twitched and kicked the floor. "Damn it, Priscilla, you're right. I should have stopped this before it got this far but I didn't listen to Clete. Now everything is out of hand, and from what I hear, it's more than one dog, it's a whole pack of them." Mark lit a cigarette and kicked the floor again. "Fuck! Everything is going to hell here and I had to leave important negotiations to come back and sort them out. So what's this bullshit you're giving me about DesirЋe?"

"No bullshit, Mark darling," Priscilla said smoothly. "A lot of things have happened while you were spending so much time pursuing your political career. The girl gets lonely and needs company. She's keeping it right now with one of your least favorite people." Priscilla stopped the car in front of a row of condominiums and turned off the engine.

"Stop jerking me off, Priscilla!" Mark said with growing irritation. "Tell me what you've done with DesirЋe."

"Not what I've done, lover," the girl said. "It's what she's doing right now. You let it go too long and now she just can't tear herself away. You want to know who she's with?" Priscilla drew a video tape out of her handbag. "Just come on in and take a look at this."

Mark looked around. "Whose place is this?"

"One of my father's town houses," she said casually, getting out and walking toward the front door without looking back.

Mark followed reluctantly. Still, he was curious to see where all this was leading. The video tape aroused his interest. Certainly, there had to be something on it, and though he was not sure he wanted to see what it held, he felt compelled to find out.

Priscilla keyed the door open and they went in. It was nearly as big as Mark's home, and decorated opulently. Priscilla's father was such a rich prick!

"Take off your jacket," she said, pushing him down on the sofa in front of the television. "Let's talk."

"I don't really have time for intimate conversation, Priscilla. I've got a town meeting to be at with members of the public attending. I mustn't be late. I'm coming late with this thing as it is."

"Then let's not delay your coming another minute." The girl zipped down her tight-fitting mini-dress and let it fall around her ankles, the big, heavy tits falling free, the brownish nipples taut with desire.

Mark's mouth fell open. The young man had had no female attention in several days and the sight of her lovely body caused his prick to stiffen instantly. The strength to resist left him, as it always did, almost immediately, and while he sat there, immobilized by his own hormones, Priscilla knelt in front of him, unfastened his pants and belt, and drew his trousers quickly off his legs. Her wet mouth went instantly to his throbbing cock and with a groan Mark arched his shaft into her throat.

"Damn you, Priss, you cock-sucking bitch!"

"Yeah," she said between slurps. "But you love it."

She looked up at him, smiling cattishly. "You like what I'm doing, Mark darling?"

Mark didn't answer. He couldn't, his tongue stuck to the roof of his mouth. His heart hammered with the beating of his transformation from serious politician to lover – there was no way of stopping it, he realized. His cock's large hardness couldn't be denied. Neither could Priscilla. He glanced at the clock on the wall with agonized eyes. He wasn't going to make that meeting at this rate.

Then, suddenly he didn't care. His ex-lover's ministrations and sensuous provocations were too much. Nothing else mattered to him now but plunging his aching cock into her delightful flesh, and Mark reached for Priscilla, his hand slipping gently beneath her auburn tresses and drawing her head to him. Their lips met momentarily and then broke apart – reaching out but not quite touching. He drew her closer, grasping her lower lips between his teeth and pulling the moist, soft flesh into his mouth – his teeth slipped off and his lips devoured her as he sucked her lips into her mouth.

"Darling – darling," she murmured as he sucked.

Priscilla felt a tingling shock run icily into her. Her darting tongue wedged beyond his lips, back inside, over the roof, and across the front of his teeth, caressing – always caressing.

Mark leaned forward, his momentum carrying them both back onto the sofa and he crushed his mouth harder against hers, his arms pressing her to the pillow. He raised himself and rolled, half sitting, so that he was beside her. Priscilla lay back against the cushions obediently, her arms wide and her legs slightly spread.

"Yes, Mark," she whispered softly, her lashes shadowing her cheeks as she closed her eyes. "Please take me – take me…"

"Yes, yes…" he managed to say. He ran his hands over her throbbing breasts and down her belly, into the soft, fleshy folds of her cunt.

Priscilla moaned, her body alive to his caresses. Her creamy satin skin was a lamina of hot desire. God! She wanted him! Her body cried out to be loved tenderly and totally – as he was doing now. She wanted him to merge with her, crawl up inside her and possess her and quell the raging torrents that were building up in the very depths of her soul from his maddening stroking. Dear Lord, Mark Denning – the only man she could give herself to fully – was making her deliriously happy.

"Oh yessss," she whimpered. "Oh yes, Mark, touch me there. There, oh yes, therrrrre!" she moaned, helplessly caught up in the tingling pricks of lust that were dancing through her. She sensed the dewdrops of moisture rising between her open thighs as the exposed hair-lined lips of her pussy began to spasmodically contract wetly against one another. Mark ran the tip of his tongue around the rim of her ear and plunged it deep inside. Her whole being seemed aflame with a fever of surging senses. She couldn't wait much longer or she would go mad!

"Ohhhhh!" she cried. "I want you inside me! Now darling! Now!" Priscilla twisted Mark's hair, pulling him violently over her. "Please, darling! Please!"

The strange obscenity of her passion-filled pleas excited Mark to a frenzied, blinding furor. He sensed his cock and testicles aching with blood-filled lust, and then suddenly grow flame-hot as one of Priscilla's hands closed like a steel trap over the thick, glistening penis. It pulsed wickedly against the palm of her hand as it slid up and down the hard flesh, and insane with lust, he didn't need further urging. He grabbed her jutting breasts and rolled on top of her, her legs wide and cradling his hips. The flowering lips of her cunt widened, and she guided his hardened cock to the wetness between her legs, her groans of desperate agony seething in his ear. She rubbed his swollen penis along her open pink slit and parted the soft, resilient pubic hair until it was nestled teasingly in the entrance to her vagina.

Mark clamped his fingers into the full cheeks of her buttocks and rammed his body downward. His swelling cock disappeared into her cuntal tunnel with a wet sucking sound.

Priscilla groaned. Her body tightened into an arch of hardened passion as the initial entry split the walls of her vagina. Then she writhed under the rising heat of her delirious sensations, her belly squirming. She raised up under the pressure of his fingers, the glistening prick sliding out until its coronal ridge caught at the straining lips of her cunt, then surged in again. Up and down, faster and faster, and Priscilla's face contorted with passion and her nostrils flared open as her breath burned her lungs.

Mark felt the smooth raw flesh of the passion-aroused girl's pussy clasp him tightly, pulse against his pumping shaft until his balls felt ready to explode, and he lost all track of time as the excruciating pleasure rocked through him. He drove deeper and deeper into her vagina with each thrust of his buttocks. She twisted her head from side to side, flaying her hair against the cushion, and rode his cock like a bitch in heat. She drove her hips up, screwing every inch of his cock and routing the head around in her seething belly, causing Mark to gasp and quiver. A fierce storm whirled through him as his penis sucked deep in her pussy and battered her cervix. He felt the eruption of his boiling sperm starting deep in his groin, and knew he was about to come.

Priscilla sensed it, too. She could feel his cock swelling and straining against the moist ribs of her fleshy vaginal walls. She begged, "Now – harder!"

Priscilla had her legs splayed wide on either side of his plunging body and periodically she would kick them high in the air then wrap them around her lover's driving buttocks, her ankles locking tightly behind his thighs, pulling him into her with all her strength. Mark cupped her naked buttocks with a savage strength that cut red, bloodless lines into the full, uplifted moons. He squeezed her buttocks together, forcing the walls of her vagina tighter around the thickness of his rigid pelvis, striving to milk the big shaft of its strength, the thinly parted pubic hairs grazing teasingly against the narrow ridge which ran the full length of the underside of Mark's penis.

Priscilla's mewls of pleasure were becoming more desperate. Mark Denning was grinding down faster now, and the groans and howls were furious. He smacked against his ex-girlfriend, driving her deep down into the cushions with each mighty surge. The loud clap of belly against belly, testicles against buttocks, were like claps of thunder. Priscilla curled and uncurled her legs in wild desperation around his hips, and both of them were breathing wildly, with rivulets of perspiration streaming down their pumping and hollowing loins.

"I'm going – I'm going to come, Mark!" Priscilla Devereaux screamed. "AAhhhhh!" And then Mark's low cry of climax came as he burst his seeds of love inside the young woman. "Oooooooohhhhhhh, me tooooo!"

Priscilla's buttocks began small, spasmodic jerkings up tight against her ex-lover's penis. At the same time, Mark Denning groaned above her and his thick, fleshy cock throbbed out milky white semen, leaping bursts of his cum which inundated her vagina and cascaded hotly out from around the pink, wet lips of her cuntal opening. The stream of Mark's ejaculations ran down the widespread crevice of Priscilla's desperately jerking buttocks and pooled thickly on the couch below.

Then suddenly they collapsed onto the couch, breathing raggedly, emitting noises of contentment and satiated passion. Priscilla looked up with dull, half-lidded eyes and saw that her lover was coming around and she heard him say: "Oh Christ, Priscilla, look at the time. I'm going to be late."

"Wasn't it worth it?"

"Sure, but…"

"Wait, honey, before you go, don't forget, you'll want to see this video tape." Reluctantly, Priscilla peeled herself away from Mark's damp flesh and turned on the television set. Inserting the tape into the machine, she turned and looked at him meaningfully. She watched Mark's eyes as he witnessed the contents of the tape, but she saw no expression of dismay, jealousy, or anger.

"What's this, Priscilla, another joke?"

The girl's eyes widened and she turned, her naked breasts flying outward with the quick movement. Her mouth opened wide in disbelief and then she swore. "That fucking son of a bitch!"

It was nothing but a re-run of Cagney and Lacey. Clete had switched tapes on her.


"What I want to know, along with everyone else here," said Peter Smith, "is when are you politicians going to do something about this problem."

There was a chorus of agreement from the assembled local citizens, most of them monied farmers who did not appreciate having their prosperous, complacent, quiet lives of ease disturbed by a loose cannon like a pack of murderous dogs. And nobody seemed to be thinking to ask what that young man was doing there, out on Smith's land near his cattle, in the first place. But then, when someone dies like that, was it appropriate to ask such a question?

"I don't like going out to round up my animals and finding three of them dead beside the body of a young man. It's not a pretty sight and does nothing for my day."

The crowd seated in the town hall applauded their approval. Several male fists shot up and several whistles cut the air.

"Now I heard that against Clete's advice, the council refused to put a bounty on that dog's head."

One of the councilors spoke up defensively. "Bounties cost money, and we've got a sheriff."

Clete Anderson, standing beside the long table at which the council members were seated, stepped forward and faced the man, Will Simpson, who had spoken last. "Excuse me, sir, but I'm the local constable here, not a hunter and tracker, not a dog catcher. My contract mentions nothing about chasing dangerous wild animals. My duties deal with human beings."

Simpson could make no reply.

Smith went on. "You could have done something about this problem months ago, after Nancy Pace was attacked, but you fobbed it off. If you asked me, I'd say it was your hands that had that boy's blood on them, Councilor Denning."

DesirЋe, sitting in the audience, cringed. They were blaming Mark for all this, for failing to do something positive after Nancy's rape. If they had hunted down Lobo then, he never would have been able to come to DesirЋe's room that night two months before and fucked her half-silly – no, more than half-silly. However, Lobo would then not have been able to rescue her from being raped by the three young men, she might have become pregnant by them and…

"So what all of us here are asking now is when you elected officials are going to do more than just bend your arms at your cocktail parties. I've lost livestock, and so have others here too."

"Me too," came another voice.

"And so have I," Ben Drake called out. "Six sheep, and a hen house cleaned out."

"My wife is scared shitless," said another man.

"All right, all right," Mark said, his palms raised to the gathering. "No need for foul language. We've heard all your complaints already, but I think before we start pledging tax money for bounties we ought to have a referendum on the expenditure. I mean, it's your five thousand dollars."

Clete cleared his throat. "I've got a feeling five thousand isn't going to arouse much interest."

"Let's make it higher," someone said.

"Ten thousand ought to sweeten the deal."

"Make it twenty grand just to make sure there's a few takers."

Clete stepped forward again, addressing the council as if on behalf of the constituency. "Twenty thousand is a good start, with maybe a ten-thousand-dollar bonus if the problem is taken care of within two weeks."

Many voices agreed.

"But that's a lot of your tax money," Mark protested. "It will take some deliberation and a vote before we can dedicate that much to it. We'd be remiss if…"

"Well, do you think you can get a move on before one of our wives or children is mauled to death?" Smith said sarcastically. "And I think the city corporation should make good our losses since the problem reared its head two months ago and nothing was done."

A resolution was passed and the councilors stayed behind to make arrangement. As DesirЋe rose, she saw Clete grinning in triumph, and then saw his gaze touch her. He smiled again and the blonde turned quickly away.

It hadn't happened, she thought. It was just a dream, a horrible nightmare, that remembrance of him humping her kneeling body in the presence of Priscilla Devereaux. Nothing at all untoward had happened since the wedding except that she missed Mark so much that she had strange, vivid dreams in his absence. That look in Clete's eye was just his usual, frustrated leer and nothing more. She had nothing to be ashamed of but an overactive imagination due to an underactive recent sex life.

Yes, that was it, she decided.

DesirЋe left the hall with the rest of the people, listening to their snide comments about Mark as they seemed to forget that she was his wife. Or perhaps it was because she was married to him that they said things about him so that she could hear. People were frightened and letting her hear their comments was a way of making sure the message reached Mark. She noticed the women's furtive and faintly hostile glances and she felt very uncomfortable as she walked to her car. She would wait for Mark at home, cook him dinner, and spend the evening amorously with him, giving him all the support that he needed. He had meant well in not initiating a bounty hunt two months previously. He had just not counted on the evil of which Liz's lost pet and his wild partners were capable.

Dinner by candlelight and the rest of the evening in bed, making up for the last three days' forced separation.


Mark came through the door and warmly kissed his young bride. Enthused emotions of hope quivered inside DesirЋe; she knew that he'd emptied his mind of his problems and was looking forward to their planned evening of love. She toyed playfully with him for a few moments, her confidence growing, then left against his begging pleas, knowing he was in a state of hardness beneath the sheet. She didn't want anything to spoil their coming night of pleasure. She went to the kitchen to fix him the meal, while he finally made his presence known in the shower with a badly off-key baritone. Shortly, they ate together, exchanged expressions, words and kisses at the door before he left to "check on things". Two hours later, while she busied herself with personal chores and tried not to think of Lobo, he was back, and that was when her anxiously planned evening began.

It was after eight when they finished the scrumptious dinner she had prepared, more than just a little pleased that it had all turned out so well. The way to a man's heart and all that, she thought, as Mark gaily helped her with the dishes while she beautifully sang an Italian aria a capella. He was slightly tight from the martinis and wine, she knew, and just the way she wanted him. As a matter of fact, she wasn't feeling any pain either.

After, she led him into the living room, turned on the tape recorder with a strip of some of their personal romantic favorites, then poured them both coffee and brandy. They snuggled up on the couch, his arm around her, his hand brushing incitingly against her breast in the manner of their intimate courting moments, that very intriguing gesture doing more to fire her than anything he could have ever imagined. And how badly she needed that with him now, after last night's frustrated dreams. She needed to make it all right, make love to Mark and remove the contamination of that before their wedding, of the lewd dreams she was subject to.

"Mmmmmm, what a handsome man you are, Mark Denning," she whispered, lifting her hand to his cheek and holding his face so that she could kiss his lips. "And, I'm going to ravish you now, before you suddenly get sleepy on me and change my opinion."

Mark laughed, his happiness reflected in his voice. "That might not be a bad idea, angel, along with the music and the liquor. I think I need something erotically stimulating."

Again, DesirЋe kissed him, caressing his face with her soft smooth hands, while simultaneously her pleasure-scheming mind worked. She wanted this night to be so right, so full! She wanted to forget everything that she had done two months ago, that she dreamed had been done to her while he had been away in the capital. It was necessary that they intimately reach one another! It had to be tonight – it had to be, especially after the last frustrating time!

"Darling, this is going to be the most wonderful night we've ever spent together!" she whispered into his face. "No inhibitions! Just love, Mark darling, love anyway you want it!"

His eyes opened and his brow wrinkled as he kissed her. Her words churned lightly in his mind, but the more they churned, the deeper meaning they seemed to take on.

Finally, he said: "Inhibitions? Anyway I want it? What do you mean, baby? Do either of us have some hang-ups I'm not up with?" There was only one other way of doing it, and that was oral sex!

Christ, could she possible mean that? A lusty shiver shot through him at just the thought, any drowsiness he might have known leaving him as if he'd suddenly been doused with ice-water. He slipped his arms around her and drew her tightly against him, passionately kissing her.

"No answers will you get from me, lover," she half-smilingly whispered, illusively slipping from his arms to stand. "I'm going into bed now. I'm going to shower and fix myself all pretty for you. You can come along in ten-minutes. Use some nice smelling delights for your Dezzy after your shower, all over, darling, all over!"

Mark watched her trip lightly off down the hall, just the sound of her suggestive voice making his cock hammer, to say nothing of what she'd said! With a nervous hand, he lighted a cigarette, then sipped at his cooling coffee-royal while familiar music droned into his head.

The phone rang and he answered it. It was one of the sentries the council had ordered to be placed around town for the night, asking an unimportant question. If something should happen with the pack, or that Lobo-bastard, should he call Chief Anderson or him?

"Christ, call both of us! And call as quick as you can! He's a killer!" Mark had snapped, finally returning to drop onto the davenport and trying to pick up his more infusing thoughts.

As they passed back through his mind, Mark realized that he was way out in left-field. Of course, she meant nothing like that. What his little darling was looking for, and more than entitled to, was fulfillment from him. She wanted to fuck and come when they did it, to feel release after their separation. That simple, nothing more, and he just better do it for her as he had done for Priscilla this afternoon. At that thought, his conscience pricked.

"Come on, baby!" her voice carried down the hallway. "Hurry, your kitten is waiting!"


She'd prepared everything, Mark thought as he walked from the bath into the bedroom. The light was even shadowed. She lay on the bed in the green, short see-through he had given her, her curvaceous white body enticingly revealed beneath its gossamer film. He swallowed tightly, the intoxicating sight of her and knowing that she was waiting for him alone exciting him lustfully. He wore only his shorts, but knew they had to be swollen out in front without looking down.

"I thought you'd never come," she teased in a whisper.

"Wild horses couldn't keep me away," he answered, noting the bottle of champagne and two glasses on his bedside table. He lowered himself to the bed in a sitting position, then leaned back to gently kiss her.

"What was the phone call?"

"Nothing, nothing important."

"Good, come down here and make love to me," she purred softly.

Christ! Christ, he thought, scanning his eyes over the delectable loveliness of her offered, naked body, suddenly wondering what it was that kept wiring that feeling of unnatural tightness through him! In his short time away he had forgotten how sexy and sensual she was becoming.

"Mmmm, you taste so nice, Mr. Denning. And you smell just gorgeous."

"Men shouldn't smell gorgeous, didn't you know?" he answered, kissing her and smoothing his hand upward over her full, firm breast beneath the nightie. "Women like you, smell gorgeous, men smell like animals."

"Then, I like your animal-smell tonight, darling," she whispered, abruptly kissing him with passion, her little wet tongue searching into his mouth and immediately kindling his desire.

Mark slipped his arms around her, drawing her tightly to him in their open-mouthed kiss and pressing his swollen cock tightly against her soft, equally responding loins.

"I love you!" he said with fervent meaning.

"I know, because I love you!" she vehemently replied.

"Now, I'm going to prove it to you!" he hissed in the vein of their past love-talk.

"You're what?" she whispered sensually, her sweet breath in his face. "You mean, you're going to fuck me?"

Mark could only pull back his head and stare at her, the sound of the word from her innocent young lips an unbelievable phenomenon! "Did – did I hear right?" he half choked.

"That you were going to fuck me, you mean?"

"Christ almighty! Yes! Yes! I'm going to fuck you baby!"

"Oh God, I want you to, darling!"

"I'm going to shove my aching cock right up into the tight, fuzzy, little hole of your cunt!" he lewdly blurted.

"Yes, oh yes, I want you too, fuck me in my hot little cunt-hole, darling, with your great big beautifully hard cock!"

Mark couldn't believe it! Something had happened and he didn't know, or care, what! He clutched her to him and rasped, "Oh baby, you beautiful, lovely girl! I love you, Christ, I do! My own little DesirЋe!"

"Mark, darling!" she whimpered, returning his kisses and squirming against him. "Let's take everything off now and do it, fuck, make love – fuck, fuck, fuck!"


The light trickling from the open window meant nothing more to Lobo than the presence of humans, especially the female with the long golden hair. This was her new place, where she had moved from the other place where he had first tasted her delights. She would be there, on the sleeping thing, waiting for him to come and mate with her.

He moved noiselessly to the opened window, his sensitive ears keenly apprised of the night's every sound. Carefully, he listened to the soft vibrations of human-voices, recognizing those of his female with the golden hair. There was another of deeper quality, a male-human, he readily knew, and alternately they came to him in soft whispers of affection!

An instinctively bitter response charged through the massive animal and heedlessly, he raised onto his hind-legs, forepaws resting on the sill, his burning amber-eyes quickly surveying the lighted room and its inhabitants. He saw her soft, uncovered whiteness lying prone on the sleeping place, her long, female legs spread wide for the unclothed male-human who lay on top of her between them! Their vocal sighs and heavy human breathing filled the room, along with the sharp sounds of their squirming, heaving bodies, the male's muscular hips and buttocks rising and falling in a natural rhythm that Lobo intuitively understood! They were mating in the human fashion!

Fierce resentment and jealousy filled the huge German Shepherd as briefly he watched their urgent rutting movements, the piquant smell of their moistly connecting genitals, the wet sucking sounds of her small, wet vagina, reaching his acute nostrils and ears and causing him to slowly bare his fangs!

Eagerly, DesirЋe had thrown herself into the lustful mood of their love-making, provocatively using every sensual means at her command to fire her young, handsome husband, and in so doing, goading her own desperate passion. From the beginning, she'd intended to pull out all stops, and had done exactly that! With aroused wantonness, she had lewdly thrilled in the use of licentious four letter words, whispering them hotly into his ear. Simultaneously she had squirmed and writhed against and beneath him, erotically thrusting her heated, wet vagina upward at his long, thick hardness with salacious little fucking movements that bordered on the obscene. Not that Mark needed such spurring stimulation, it was her own desire she intensively sought to whet to that crucial point of climax, and after this last week it had become just that: crucial!

Oh God, she loved Mark; it was not a question of that, but of purging the memories of the forbidden pleasure she had known from the dynamic fucking of her secret, illicit lovers! She had to forget Hemmings, and Clete, and the wild pleasure she had unwillingly experienced with the beast Lobo, and only Mark could do that for her now, here, this very night!

She felt his excited breath heating her face and nakedly tingling breasts as he hung above her, his desire-hardened cock slithering deliciously in and out of her hot, moistened cunt.

With every in-fuck, she raised her hips and buttocks, her smooth white thighs spread wide to give him complete access to her upturned vaginal slit. She could feel the erotic sensation of his swollen cock-head mushrooming bigger into the inside of her soft, feverish contracting belly, each searing stroke into her burning cuntal passage carrying her that much higher toward exultation!

"Oh, darling, it's heavenly! Your beautiful cock, so big and hard, fucking my vagina." She was remembering her wild intention of sucking it with her mouth for him! Could she? God, if she could get at it right at that moment she would! But that would deny her seething, wet pussy, a realization she didn't even want to think of!

"God!" Mark rasped. "You're too much, angel, too much! You, you drive me right out of my crazy skull! H-How close are you?"

"Oh, oh God, darling, don't come, not yet, please?" DesirЋe anxiously pleaded, her eyes widening and her nails digging solicitously into the tensed muscles of his arms. "I-I couldn't stand to stop now, Mark darling! I've got to come now, got to!"

"Oh Christ!" he blurted, the raging inferno growing in his cum-bloated balls warning of their near explosion! He had been away from her loveliness for just too long!

And then, suddenly, a ferocious growling roar filled the bedroom, causing Mark to reflexively twist half-around in his awkward position, while DesirЋe craned her neck to see the powerful dog whose vicious sound she had instantly recognized!

"Jesus Christ! It's him, the dog pack leader!" Mark swore, his brain racing while his cock fell almost limp as he stared in amazement at the huge brute that had dared to climb through their opened window! Slowly, the young husband moved, his eyes unflinchingly fixed on the animal's bared fangs, hardly aware of his deflated cock pulling wetly from his naked young wife's still tightly clenched vagina. "Just don't panic, DesirЋe. Lie perfectly still!" he ordered in a low, level tone, the silver dog tag that hung from the beast's throat briefly catching his eye! God, the animal was huge! No common German Shepherd this, but some kind of super breed. It was like a small horse had entered the room. It was nearly as tall as a Great Dane, and much more muscular and heavy.

If he could get to his pistol in the kitchen, he thought, tensely aware that he would have to move all the way across the room and open the hall door! It meant passing between the animal and the foot of the bed, and the Goddamned brute was never going to stand still for that! Already, as Mark eased off the bed and slowly straightened, the dog had begun to drop into a crouch, its lips twitching back further from the gleaming, wet fangs, a warning growl rising louder in its huge throat!

Mark hadn't dared for a single instant to shift his eyes from the vicious animal, but DesirЋe's lack of screaming, or going to pieces in any way at all, was more than he'd ever expected! Thank God for her using her head, he reasoned, taking the first small step!

The moment she'd heard his deep-throated growl, DesirЋe's heart had begun to pound, an inconceivable sensation of terror filling her, and she understood the wild dog's attitude, as the beautiful animal had caught her committing adultery with another! Yes, that was what he would be thinking, and he would be furious. She had started to speak, but held back at Mark's command, her brain frantically beginning to race! He had killed the rapist and drug peddler Johnny Canning, had torn him limb from limb. What if Mark should get in his way, or if she should somehow anger the savage beast.

"Wh-What're you going to do, Mark?" she tremulously whispered, rising up in the bed to stare at both of them, her vulnerably naked husband and the massive dog whose burning eyes and powerful teeth reminded her that he could tear Mark to bloody pieces! "Mark, please! What?"

"Shhh, baby, don't panic," he managed, his voice unwavering. "I'm going to get my gun"

"Oh, be careful!" she cried, reaching out for him, and as Mark shook her off, Lobo leaped!

The powerful dog was on top of Mark before he realized it, his animal-weight driving her naked husband backwards to stumble and go down onto his back with a crashing force, the snarling Lobo's great jaws moving toward his throat! The girl gave a quivering scream and cupped her hands to her breast. Stunned, Mark could not raise his arms to defend himself for several seconds, precious lost seconds that would have made it too late, had she not cried out!

"Lobo! Stop! Stop!" DesirЋe commanded, leaping from the bed to wrap her naked arms tightly around the huge dog's neck and pull him off the prostrate and defenseless body of her beloved husband. "Stop it, oh, please stop! Stop, Lobo, now, please!"

Mark had regained his senses enough to gape in amazement at what was taking place before him. He saw his curvaceously naked young bride clinging tenaciously, almost fearlessly, to the powerful neck of the ferocious brute, and more amazing, the wild dog permitting it! Christ! He started to move, then thought better of it as the big animal tensed once more, quickly flashing his fangs in warning!

"Don't, Mark, don't make one move!" DesirЋe pleaded, stroking the great head of the mighty beast. "I-I'm not sure that I can stop him again."

"J-Jesus Christ. I don't get this, DesirЋe!" he choked out, his eyes rounded with disbelief. "How do you know his name? How – why? What the hell is going on?"

"I-It's me, Mark. That's why he's come – and he's jealous!" DesirЋe blurted ashamedly, resigned now to telling Mark everything. "H-He was here once before, too! Over a month ago."

"He what?"

"Please, darling, listen to me, please!" she begged, her dazzling blue eyes dewing with emotion of some ancient memory, continuing to stroke Lobo's huge head while her naked, prostrate husband stared with awe. "Later, I'll tell you the whole story if you want, but last month he saved me from being gang-raped by three boys."

"From being what? How? Where?"

"Please, Mark! Listen to me! It's true, he – Lobo – drove them off! I didn't want to tell you, because then – then, he made love to me!" She seemed to shrink before him, shivering at the recollection of the night long past and the disgusting thing that had been done to her, that she had engaged in.

Again, at the utterly preposterous revelation, Mark started to get up, but quickly thought better of it when Lobo tensed and menacingly growled before him. "Am – am I losing my Goddamned mind entirely, DesirЋe? D-Did I hear you right?"

"Yes, Mark, darling, you heard me right," his naked young wife answered with a trembling voice, her throat contracting as she began to cry. "I hoped I would never have to tell you. But that's why he came back tonight. He wants to love me again!"

"Again? J-Jesus Christ! You keep him occupied while I get my gun!" the young politician swore. "We'll put an end to the bastard's rape and murder spree!"

"No, Mark! No!" she vehemently cut him short. "I'm not going to let him hurt you. I love you. I love you so much! And he would kill you, I know! I couldn't live without you."

"But DesirЋe!" Mark choked. "Goddamnit, DesirЋe, do you know what you're saying? You're not going to submit to a wild killer dog!"

"Submit? I suppose that's what you'll call it! I know – I guess – what needs to be done. He protected me that night, from three men who came to rape me, and he has come back for his reward!" she half-cried, hugging Lobo tightly, desperately, against the naked mound of one full, rounded breast, his furry coat brushing its tiny nipple into a stark, pink hardness. "Only I can stop him from killing you, and I love you so much. I must, don't you see?"

Mark couldn't believe it, not even when he saw DesirЋe slowly get to her feet and walk trembling to the bed, her beautiful blue eyes in a near glassy state, her big, firm, round tits jiggling youthfully as she crawled onto the mattress and kneeled down on all-fours, tears brimming on her lower eyelids at the thought of what her beloved was going to have to witness, what she would have to do to save his life. Thinking of Johnny Canning torn apart in Smith's field, her brows knitted with apprehension. She looked back with her long blonde hair streaming down over her smooth shoulders, her lushly-hanging breasts swaying and rippling as she slowly, timidly, positioned herself with the loaf-like moons of her rounded white buttocks raised high, her full shapely thighs spread wide.

"Now I suppose you'll see for yourself, Mark – and I'll try not to be afraid! It won't be so bad, really," DesirЋe defended herself. "And please, don't try to stop him. If you do, I won't be able to help, darling. He has a mind of his own! You know what he can do to a man."

"H-Holy Christ!" Mark, astonished, swore, never in his life feeling so hopelessly inadequate. He stared at the breathlessly erotic sight of his naked young wife's voluptuous body in its obscenely kneeling position, totally vulnerable and defenseless, and then heard the vicious dog whimper from where he stood beside the bed. It wasn't going to happen! Couldn't! It wasn't possible!

"Come, Lobo, up, if you must!" DesirЋe gasped, allowing a sob to escape her beautiful lips while timidly reaching behind to teasingly stroke the soft, rippling flesh of one white rounded buttock, trying to entice him away from her naked and defenseless husband. "Only please don't hurt my Mark. I know I can't stop you, Lobo, so you can do it to DesirЋe, like you did before." She blinked and Mark saw tears spilling from the corners of her eyes, saw the trembling of her shoulders with her silent sobs.

Mark watched, open-mouthed as Lobo bounced up onto the bed and moved behind DesirЋe, in between her wide-spread legs and thighs. He heard the beast eagerly whimper once more, then saw him sniff and lash out with his long, wet tongue, ravenously lapping over the entire area of her nakedly exposed genital crevice! It stroked from the recessed little dimple of her twitching, vermilion anus, down beneath the flushed pink edges of her wet, full-lipped cunt. Even to the base of the wispy golden curls it reached, penetrating there to moistly flick down against her tiny clitoris. And then his young wife began to moan, both in pleasure at the sexual feelings rising in her and shame at her degradation before Mark, deep groans of emotion, bursting from her tender bosom, as again and again the brute repeated the act, his long, thick tongue savagely knifing through her soft, sensitive vaginal slit, spreading her open in the most tender pink parts until she began to twitch and jerk, while he, her own husband, was forced to watch in helpless captivation.

Christ, he wasn't going to try and explain it to himself! It was utterly impossible, but there it was, taking place right before his very eyes, and she knowing that he was watching as she sacrificed herself sexually to the wild killer-dog! God almighty, what was she trying to do, prove that she was just a wanton bitch, gasping aloud now as Lobo drew his hot, feral tongue up through the entire length of her hungrily-pulsating cuntal crevice? Then, she closed her eyes and was inching her knees farther apart on the mattress to open the liquid inner flesh even wider to Lobo's licking! Spellbound, Mark watched the glistening animal-tongue thrust into the moist, hair-lined little slit, flicking at the hotly quivering mouth of her tight vagina, ravishing her excited young genitals mercilessly, while she moaned down into the bed and shyly began to coax him on!

"Yes, yesss, my sweet darling! Oh, Mark, forgive me. It feels good. So good. It does! That's it, Lobo. Mark, he's licking me with his hot tongue! Oh Mark, darling, I can't help myself! It feels so good – I love you. Please forgive me!" she groaned mindlessly. "Ooohhh, yes, Lobo baby! Mark, oh, Mark! I'm afraid, my darling! So afraid! But he'll kill us like he did that man, won't he?" she babbled on, nearly out of her mind with the fire exploding in her loins. And then the beast backed away and Mark could see his huge cock emerging from beneath him like a great, pinkish cucumber. DesirЋe saw it in the mirror and sobbed, "Oh, noooo! Now he'll want to climb up on me and love me from behind, darling! Poke his big thing into me! Oh, no, Lobo, wait! Please, just keeping licking me. That's enough for me. Nothing more!" she sobbed. "Pleeeease!"

But the dog wouldn't wait, wouldn't stop, for he knew that DesirЋe's vagina was wetly receptive, that he ruled here, and he had no intention of sparing the girl this time either. Mark choked out a gasp, his eyes straining as the powerful dog mounted her, his muscular short-furred body crowding in toward the smooth roundness of her widespread buttocks, his strong forelegs clutching at her soft, white hips! Uncontrollably, her husband sensed his own naked cock swelling into a solid, revived hardness at the beastly sight of the huge, shimmering, pink animal-cock slipping from its belly sheath. It dripped its own lubricant freely in a gooey, hanging string, its broad, blunt point jerking and dancing as Lobo hunched in close to the girl's widely-spread buttocks, smearing slug-like trails of pre-cum across the backs of her thighs as he endeavored to bury the broad, reddened tip and its thickening solidity in his wife's curvaceous white body! Oh Christ! Oh Christ! he groaned inwardly, his hand subconsciously clutching and beginning to gently stroke his own long rod of re-aroused hardness!

With an restrained, sensual moan, DesirЋe wiggled the twin white ovals of her upthrust buttocks around in tiny circles, attempting to cool her feelings of desire, at the same time trying futilely to avoid the searching tip of Lobo's long probing cock as she felt it searching inexorably for her wet vagina. She felt Lobo's forelegs grip her hips with incredible strength to immobilize them and make his entry easier. It was happening – again! She hoped to God that Mark would forgive her what was being forced upon her, and more important, that he would understand the way she knew she might ultimately respond! God, now she knew that, whether she really wanted it or not, she would have her animal-lover's long, thick penis fucking up inside her to finish the task her husband had so lovingly begun! Her brain raced in lustful excitement as she peered under her hanging tits and the plump, hairy pouch of her pussy-lips, down between her legs, feeling the wet, rubbery spear of swollen dog-cock searching for its target, hearing Lobo whimper in a deep throated growl. She tried not to cry out in despair when she felt the throbbing cock's tip moving toward her wetly-quivering vaginal mouth, sliding across the defensively clenched opening, then finding a purchase in that hotly-flowering red gash. Paralyzed with fear, and groaning at the emotions bursting within her, she held her breath!

And Mark could see it all, every detail of her soaking, crimson slit between the fat, parted, fur-covered labia, bubbling with her girlish lubricant. The dog's cock was massive! Not as long as a horse's, but nearly as thick, and blunt-ended like a man's, though much, much larger than his own. How could a dog have such a giant cock? He must be some kind of freak!

While the strangely aroused husband watched from just two feet away, seeing every detail of the penetration, Lobo humped upward from behind, spreading her fat labia, pubic curls, and dilated vaginal channel wide as with a single powerful lurch, he buried his long, thick, pleasure-bringing cock half-way up into the seething pink hole between her legs!

"Oooohhh, ohhhh!" DesirЋe gutturally sighed, her held breath gushing from her lungs. "Oooohhh Goddd, Mark darling! It's happening… again. He's doing it to me." Her cheeks burned scarlet as she saw his eyes on her raw, wet, cock-opened vagina. "Darling, darling! Please don't watch!"

But Mark did watch in a building lustful fascination that he couldn't hide, raised to a naked, sitting position on the floor, his hand still grasping his own suddenly-throbbing cock. He saw it all as the tight, red rim of her slippery hole, unable to resist the force, opened into a large, tight O around the sticky dog penis. The painful meaning of the incredibly obscene spectacle had finally dawned on him! It was him, her husband Mark Denning, that Lobo was conquering here as well, not just DesirЋe, and as he gaped at the long, scarlet rod of glistening animal-cock squeezing wetly into her, stuffing her delicate vagina full of forbidden meat, he realized that the purpose had been accomplished. Christ, what kind of a man was he, anyway? Powerless to save his beautiful young wife from this experience! She was doing it to protect him, he knew. But he'd make it up to her. Christ, he would, if she'd ever give him the chance again! His own heavy cock had begun to throb achingly at the sight of the great dog's, Lobo's, penis sinking slowly into his innocent, angelic DesirЋe's nibbling moist pussy-hole to the hilt, his heavy animal-balls swinging wildly down beneath the saturated blonde pubic curls of her soft, naked loins!

"Oh Lobo, oohhhh!" she moaned, her eyes wide and glazed as the massive dog fucked into her from behind. "Oohhh, ooohhh, Mark darling, can you see what he's doing to me? Oh, it feels strange, so strange. Do you see it?"

"Y-Yes, baby, I do! Christ, I do!" he choked, unrestrainedly stroking his own burning length of rigid cock-flesh.

"Oh Mark!" DesirЋe gasped, her eyes momentarily focusing on her husband's hand avidly clutching at his swollen penis.

Slowly, Mark got to his knees, a jolt of fiery sensations charging through him. Was it possible that he was beginning to enjoy DesirЋe's dog-fucking? Hell yes, anything was feasible after what he'd already witnessed! Hesitantly, he moved to a more comfortable watching position, his eyes ever flexed on Lobo watching him, staring incessantly as he open-mouthedly began fucking away with his glistening, giant purple prick while DesirЋe hesitantly began to move backward, rhythmically meeting his powerful long strokes into her openly absorbing vagina!

DesirЋe breathed a moan of new, maddening excitement when she realized that Mark was still watching everything! She watched her husband crawl onto the bed, at the same time feeling Lobo's forelegs like furry arms clinging tightly to her soft hips. She hesitantly, and then gradually more eagerly, undulated her feverish buttocks, finally giving herself fully to the beautiful fucking her Lobo was pounding into her from behind!

And then, Mark was kneeling beside her, jacking his hardened thick cock while peering up close to her loving cunt clasped around the dog's penis! She reached out and took his hand, squeezing it as the dog pounded deeper and deeper into her wet vagina. She heard Mark's husky groan as his eyes locked on the pinkly-gripping rim of her pussy, clinging to the shaft on the outstroke, almost an inch of scarlet inner flesh appearing, then folding back inside as the dog drove savagely into her.

There had been an immediate violent hate that raged through Lobo toward the male human who had dared to penetrate the golden-haired female with his mating hardness. He had killed those of his own kind before for daring to violate his claim, and would have done so to this man had not the golden one interceded. In his uncanny brain he had realized that it was her wish that the male human be spared, and he had done so to please her. There was, Lobo instinctively knew, an affectionate bond that linked them, and though he jealously resented it, he would accept it for her sake.

Now, as he eagerly clung to the soft smooth whiteness of his golden mate's hips and rapidly thrust the claiming hardness of his animal cock deep up into the depths of her heated female core, he watched with keenly alert eyes the approach of the unclothed male onto the sleeping place. His human phallus extended before him, he slowly moved to Lobo's flank to watch the amazing, bestial action. Something from ages past then clicked in his memory bank, and he instinctively knew that the golden girl was surrendering avidly to his hammering, thrusting maleness. His powerful loins trembled at the sight, but no longer in jealousy, aware that this was what she wanted, the proximity of this other male, and intuitively, he charged deeper and deeper into her, his huge hardness painfully throbbing in the silky, tight, pleasure-giving grip of her drooling vagina!

A maddening joy filled DesirЋe as Lobo furiously fucked into her inflamed cunt from behind and she gaped at her Mark's long, hard cock jerking hotly in his clutching hand. Mark was further incited by the electrifying sight of her beautiful, innocent, young face distorted with rapture as she continued to fuck back at Lobo with her luscious buttocks, with unquestionable desire. Oh Christ, had this huge, panting, fucking brute-dog glaring at him actually done this to her? Her whole curvaceous, satin-fleshed body quivered in naked ripples from the powerful jolts of Lobo's plunging cock hammering rapidly into her from behind, driving her frantically on!

Oh, ooohh heaven! DesirЋe wildly thought. In lust-filled joy, she ground her wide-spread young buttocks back hard against her Lobo's furry, battering body, feeling the tiny rivulets of moisture building in the smooth crevice between them, his belly fur tickling her twitching, moist anus. She sensed tiny streams of her pussy juice dribbling down the backs of her smooth inner-thighs, while the mounting pressure in her inflamed loins waited for the climactic moment approaching!

For one brief moment, Mark wondered if he wasn't in some sort of drugged coma imagining it all, but no, he was wide awake, and it was all happening! There wasn't any doubt about it, none whatever, with the lusty aroma of the girl's sucking vagina, the wet sounds of intercourse, the slap of the dog's belly between her wide-spread asscheeks, her grunts, whimpers, and moans of ecstasy, the ferocious animal-face savagely watching him, its tongue hanging loosely from his mouth to let drops of saliva drop onto the smooth hollow of DesirЋe's naked, sweat-sheened back! The dogtag, its engraving of his name, Lobo, intermittently becoming visible as it twisted and jerked beneath his throat from his vicious body-thrusts, was undeniably further proof! But no longer were the powerful dog's fangs bared at him, and there seemed to be a mellowness in his glowing eyes as he watched Mark. The dog was pacified by the overpowering sensations his cock was feeling as it fucked in and out of DesirЋe's tight, silky, wet cunt.

Christ, it was insane to even try to reason it all with the roaring furnace of lust bubbling in his balls! The huge animal's violent fucking cock pounding into his wife's luscious pink cunt was driving her like a mare in heat mounted by some stud horse! So long and hard, it was reaching her deep into her belly, to her cervix, to her very womb!

Damn, she was like an animal herself with her lips parted passionately as she gulped for a breath of air! Great swirls of heat were massing in the secret depths of her eyes as he watched her passion-infused face! He sensed the muscles of his stomach tighten and he arched forward, jacking his throbbing cock harder and harder as the head began to turn purple! He gaped at the pink ridges pulling wetly out from her vagina with sensual slurping sounds, clinging voraciously to the penis as Lobo pumped into her and she undulated her hips back at the dog in a wild uncontrolled frenzy!

Oh shit! Now! Strangled noises forced their way up into Mark's throat! "Oh Christ, DesirЋe baby, you look so wild. I-I'm cuummiinnnggg!"

DesirЋe heard his cry at the very moment it burst, his jerking cock gushing forth hot, stream-like jets of his pungent cum! It spattered messily on her flexing thigh as Lobo humped her faster and faster! She sensed her belly fluttering and contracting as she humped back with greedy, pleasure-taking fucks, wetly sheathing the cock in her cunt again and again. It went on for a long time and Mark marveled that the dog had the staying power to go on for so long, now over twenty minutes, using the young woman's innocent vagina for his pleasure.

The ecstasy of it was even greater than DesirЋe had imagined, and her own climax, after nearly a half-hour of steady fucking, was triggered! She thrust her naked grinding asscheeks back harder at her panting animal-lover, wanting the full benefit of his tremendously expanding cock raging into her wildly flaming cunt! Every muscle of her body contracted and jerked as she felt the erotic release of spasming rapture exploding deep down in her screaming loins and belly! Her insanely-jerking young buttocks flexed into white hardness and she gurgled out a whimpering wail as her quaking body exploded in the moment she had been striving for! There was no time, no space, no motion, only the unbelievable bliss of her orgasm! Again and again, she was struck by the spasmodic twitching of every muscle and cord in her pleasure-filled young cunt, and then suddenly Lobo yelped happily and began to hump in and out faster, spewing his hot load of wild animal sperm – six or seven times as much as any man – deep up into the hidden recesses of her trembling belly, filling her vagina, spattering against her tender cervix, and flooding her pure, white womb!

Mark watched the dog's great cock begin to throb and knew that it was happening!

"Oh, no, my darling!" DesirЋe groaned. "Oh, it's filling me! Filling me!" She began a series of guttural grunts as she felt the giant shaft emptying the hot, white cream into her tender, sucking vagina. Once more, she climaxed, half-screaming and slamming her yielding soft buttocks hard back onto his magnificently squirting cock! Mark fell to the side, watching the huge animal cock in her cunt, saw the white load of sperm explode from her tightly-locked pussy lips, to run in thick viscous trails down her thighs to pool in the hollows behind her knees. His eyes saw it all, how the beast fertilized his beautiful, young, innocent bride with his nasty, evil semen.


After the knot-like swelling in Lobo's cock had gone and he could draw it out of DesirЋe's vagina without injuring her, the dog licked gently at the swampy crotch of the near-comatose girl, then turned and bounded out the window. They didn't talk, DesirЋe and Mark, only lay cuddled together in the silent darkness of the night. In passing minutes, Mark knew that she had fallen into an exhausted sleep and he nestled her closer to him. Tomorrow, perhaps, they would talk about it, but, maybe, they would never speak of it!

Mark had seen him go, leaping easily back through the open window without so much as a backward glance, but DesirЋe hadn't wanted to look, as if she couldn't face the thought of his leaving. In moments, they had heard his howling cry pierce the night, and then DesirЋe had shuddered and moved tightly into Mark's arms.

But, whatever that fierce brute-animal had done to excite the two of them to erotic excess, Mark still knew his duty! He had to see the killer animal and his pack destroyed! He had no choice but to see that any enemy of society was eliminated – and the ferocious, animal rapist Lobo was that! If necessary, he would see the bounty raised again. It was a long time before Mark Denning could sleep that night.


Much, much later, just before the sunlight crept over the horizon to flood the room with its morning light, DesirЋe heard the sound of the mail slot opening and closing, and something falling through onto the floor of the entrance hall. Quietly, so as not to disturb her sleeping darling, DesirЋe got up stark naked and tiptoed to the front room. She found there a brown envelope with her name on it. The object had an ominous feel to it and she opened it with a slight trembling of her fingers.

It was a video tape, unmarked, with a brief typewritten note:

This is a copy of a video tape I have in my possession. I hope you enjoy it.

It was unsigned, but if she was uncertain as to who the sender was, that uncertainty left when she placed the cartridge in the machine and saw what it contained, knew that her nightmares had been only too real.

Too, too real!