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Wild in the country book one

Karim al-Zib

Karim al-Zib

Wild in the country book one


"Are you ready yet, DesirЋe?" her mother called from down the hall. "You don't want to be late."

DesirЋe patted her golden hair into place, smoothed her modest, Sunday suit down over her flat belly, and adjusted her bra again. Her breasts were a liability to her, big and melon-like, the kind of feature that screamed "Slut!" to everyone who looked on her. That was why she always wore a jacket to conceal them when she went to church. It was because Pastor Hemmings, who was also the local MD with a practice on Main Street, depended on her to sing a spiritual aria – or two – at every weekly meeting that she was in such a hurry this morning. She had been out late with Mark, her fiancee.

Since DesirЋe had moved to Pickford's Meadows and begun singing for the pastor's congregation, attendance had grown so much that he had begged her to make her vocal contribution a regular performance. She didn't mind, for she rarely missed Sunday meetings. Indeed, when they had moved from Chicago to the country, Thurston Mitchell, her father, had chosen the community based on the church that they regularly attended at home.

At home. She still thought of Chicago as her home, but father had taken her away from that, and she was too dutiful a daughter to defy him and go it alone. It had been difficult to leave her young friends and life behind, her university education and her music studies, and she often wondered why it had had to be. But she was an obedient daughter.

But she was eager to get there today and see Mark again. He was her love, and it had been hard to kiss him goodnight at the door last night and leave him for the night. It was so hard to be away from him for even an hour. Today was an easy, restful day, and they always enjoyed a picnic somewhere out on her father's enormous ranch.

"Are you ready?" Mother was at the door, a smile on her face. She was proud of her young, sweet-faced daughter with the elegant soprano singing voice.

"Yes, Mom," she said, following the older woman through the large, rambling house. Dad was waiting in the crescent-shaped driveway in the big Mercedes. DesirЋe got in the back and they moved smoothly away in the direction of the small town that had become the center of their lives since having moved here.

Mark would be there, waiting for her.


Clete Anderson stood cocksure and grinning by his pickup truck, pushing out his big, hairy chest against the uniform shirt he wore and the badge that gleamed on the left side of it. This Sunday morning, he chewed on a donut and watched the people filing out of the church house while the pleasantly-smiling Pastor Hemmings shook their hands. It was a fine, sunny day and going to church was not exactly what Clete would have done to pass the time, but despite his being the sheriff and one of the very few black men in this town of rich retirees and well-to-do farmers, he had few friends among the people he served as lawman.

Clete was a hard man, not very well-mannered, but he had his finger on his job and no one could take that away from him, and he was proud that he had succeeded in landing himself a fiancee just eighteen months after his arrival. Well, at least Nancy Pace, his new love, didn't care about his race and seemed more than taken with his capable lawman's image. Yes, Nancy was his, or soon would be, when he had broken down her resistance to his sexual demands. She was a sweet little innocent and he was sure that her protestations about her virginity were real, but he had no intention of waiting until their marriage to make use of her luscious, young body. He had to admit that the lovely girl, just nineteen years old, was one of the loveliest around, with but only two or three equals that he knew of.

But there was one girl that interested him more than any, and it galled him that someone else had found her first. The problem was, she had never warmed to his approaches and his flattery, but had always just shyly smiled and acted as if she didn't get the idea.

That girl was DesirЋe Mitchell, the rarest flower he had ever cared to pick. She had lightish, honey-blonde hair that dropped to her mid-back, a body of a model's proportions but with a hint of sexy baby fat, and a big pair of round, fruitlike breasts that begged to be stroked and sucked. Her eyes were wide and blue and her lips full enough to be sensual without being bimbo-ish, for there was no denying her intelligence.

Clete knew that she had had to pass up a musical scholarship at Northwestern U in Chicago when her father, a successful corporate lawyer and a puritan fearing for his daughter's chastity, sold their home in the Windy City and moved to the safety of the massive farm he had bought her in this county, taking her from the danger of fraternities and sororities and drugs and college orgies to the serenity of the country. Not that DesirЋe would have fallen in with all the "sin", for she simply was not the kind. It was just that her father couldn't trust her and thought she should spend another couple of years under his wing. Clete knew all this from listening to the gossip around town and it interested him to find out what this lovely girl was doing.

So every Sunday he stood outside the church where she dutifully and willingly attended, and she was always up front with the choir, singing solos for the congregation in that heart-melting soprano voice that had made her the recipient of three university scholarships. Today, Clete had stood in the door while she sang and smiled broadly when her eyes fell upon his dark face. He wondered if his lust for her showed too strongly in his eyes, for, even though he had found a future wife in Nancy Pace, he had every intention of fucking DesirЋe Mitchell, at least once in his life, if not more.

The main obstacle in that lay in the fact that it appeared that twenty-year-old DesirЋe had already found love, if not yet a sexual relationship, with Mark Denning, the chairman of the local town council. Denning, like Clete, was in his early thirties, a law school graduate with political aspirations, cutting his teeth on local government before moving into state politics. Tall, handsome, clean – and white – Mark Denning seemed to be everything DesirЋe's father wanted for her, and the girl herself appeared to be more than happy with the arrangement. While no one had seen the pair doing any more than holding hands and speaking quietly in the corner of the cafe or movie house, Clete was feeling jealousy on behalf of the huge, twitching, black cock he kept in his uniform pants, and today he thought he might satisfy his curiosity about the couple.

Mark came through the door, shaking the hand of the pastor. Hemmings was about forty-five, wore glasses beneath a thinning hair-line, and was beginning to show a middle-age paunch. But why shouldn't he have a bit of a belly. He was not only the pastor, he was also the town physician, the man that cured the sick in body on weekdays and the sick in soul on Sunday. Clete noted how Hemmings' eyes followed DesirЋe as she and Mark walked away toward the young man's car. If seemed even the married preacher was at least a little attracted to the ravishing young blonde with the heavenly singing voice. Clete burned with envy as Mark opened the car door for her, oh-so gallantly, and helped her in.

Clete checked his watch. Nancy was waiting for him, near the old house down by her uncle's farm, where she and Clete would meet privately and talk while the latter plucked impatiently at her clothing in an effort to bare her sexy body and relieve her of her virginity. Perhaps today he would be successful, would introduce her to the pleasures of the flesh, and make the matter of marriage a little less pressing for him. Clete knew that Nancy's family didn't really approve of him, neither of his job nor of his color, but they were a bit more enlightened that DesirЋe's father, and this was, after all, 1996.

Clete checked his watch again, debating whether to hurry over to see Nancy right away, or followed the Golden Pair. All of Pickford's Meadows was talking about them, speculating, but Clete, after a brief hesitation, decided to find out for himself. Nancy could wait a while. She would be safe, after all, on her uncle's farm on a beautiful day like this.

Clete nodded a greeting that was also a parting gesture to Dr. Hemmings, and slid behind the wheel of his truck.


DesirЋe rolled her sparkling eyes up to the handsome face of her sweetheart Mark. When they had decided to announce their engagement it had been a surprise for everyone, including her parents, though she had known that they could only approve. They liked Mark, loved Mark, and they had been overjoyed that their only daughter had found such a fine young man to marry. DesirЋe had really been in no hurry to get married. Her education in music had been more important to her in Chicago, but her straight-laced parents, her father in particular, had panicked when a friend of hers, of a somewhat disreputable aspect, had shown up at the door of their mansion asking for his darling, pristine daughter.

Father, now very rich and in a position to be an absentee director of his corporate law firm, quickly moved the family to his distant country farm where DesirЋe would be safe from the influence of modern society. The fact was that DesirЋe was his only child, his beautiful wife having lost her reproductive powers through a medical accident during her second abortive pregnancy, and Thurston Mitchell had no intention of losing his one and only daughter to modern decadence.

DesirЋe, for her part, had at first complained, albeit meekly, about having to leave her friends and her precious university studies. After all, she was barely into her sophomore year and now she was torn away from all her plans for the future. She had never been close to any boy, never in love, and her music and literature courses helped her compensate for the emotional emptiness in her life. And so coming to Pickford's Meadows had seemed like the end of her world.

Until she had met Mark Denning. It seemed that they had found each other, with an instant attraction and desire. Mark, young as he was at only thirty-two, was head of the town council. When she had seen him, addressing the audience at the council meeting with such style and personal grace, her heart had immediately begun to melt in a way they she had never experienced before. For the first time in her life she had felt a burning in her cheeks, a tingling in her tight pink nipples on those big, round breasts she kept carefully concealed beneath her chaste clothing, and a definite twitching in her untouched pussy as it positively flooded with her feminine juices. And then she had seen the answering light in Mark's eyes across the room, and she had sat there quietly, while her parents stood talking to other citizens, after the meeting's end.

While her heart pounded in her warm bosom, causing her firm breasts to quiver, he crossed the floor to her, self-assured and poised, and began talking to her. He never used any of the standard flattering pick-up lines, simply introducing himself and making a tentative date to meet her at the church social. DesirЋe already attended regularly, her place at the front of the choir established, so meeting him there was nothing anyone could really talk about, but it was at that later date that he had first asked her out.

They began dating steadily, and then people did begin to talk, but romance was no scandal, and DesirЋe's parents were more than happy with clean-cut, college-educated Mark Denning. After being nearly inseparable for eight months, they became engaged, and Phillip Mitchell was so elated that he threw a grand party at the mansion for all their many friends in Pickford's Meadows. There they had announced their engagement before all assembled, among them quite a few uninvited, including sheriff Clete Anderson.

No one had noticed the look that crossed Clete's face, just last Saturday, when Mark had announced the great news to all the guests. No one had heard Clete's teeth grind in anger and frustration, for he had set his cap for the young, blonde beauty, never thinking that perhaps she might be way above his class and far beyond his reach. He had spoken with her often and she had been polite but laconic, for, though she never showed it, she did not like him, neither his looks nor his personality.

Some of her girlfriends in college had bragged about their experiences in bed with black men, and though she had said nothing, she had been mildly repulsed. It was not an experience that she cared to share. His white teeth and mustache gave her the feeling of being under consideration by some feline predator and she felt herself shrinking away from his attention. Once, he had touched her arm and she had jerked back and hurried away.

But Clete was far from her mind now, for she was with her beloved Mark and he was taking her for their usual Sunday picnic somewhere on the western side of the 800-acre Mitchell farm. The picnic had become a weekly ritual, and last week had nearly developed into a sinful affair, right after church, and though DesirЋe knew that it was dangerous, she was powerless to stop herself or do anything to avoid going along with him to that isolated place again. After all, she was not a girl anymore, twenty years old, and she could control herself, couldn't she?

She could, but she wondered how. He was so handsome, so noble and strong. And she loved him so very, very much. She would do anything to please him, and there was the problem, for if he were to ask her to give herself to him, she would do it willingly. She would do anything for him, and that was the simple truth, for he was her life. She wondered now how she had ever lived without him.

Mark saw her beautiful, dewy blue eyes on him and smiled. He could see her love, and he returned it with all his heart. No one had inspired him like this since Priscilla, and his feelings for DesirЋe were even stronger, much stronger. She was so pure and lovely, an angel, where Priscilla had been something of a shameless siren, a thing more for partying and bedding, not for marrying and cherishing. Of course, Priscilla had been incensed to think that the pristine little city girl had unwittingly stolen his affections from her and made her the laughing stock of Pickford's Meadows.

Mark turned off the paved road and followed the dirt trail that serviced the far reaches of the estate. Mitchell definitely had a lovely piece of property here and DesirЋe would be a very wealthy woman someday. Not that that meant a thing to Mark, for he had every intention of becoming rich on his own. In fact, he was well on his way to it, for he had a law practice himself and between that and his plans to become a US Senator, he would be very well off. Even now he was being groomed for state politics and that was why he would be going to the capital, just a week hence, to meet with the party bosses to arrange his nomination for the next election.

"How can I bear to be separated from you for a whole week, Mark?" DesirЋe complained as he stopped the car near the huge, spreading elm where they customarily enjoyed their Sunday lunch. "A whole week without you! I'll be a nervous wreck."

Mark shook his head and squeezed her hand warmly. "You know I've got to do it – for us. Don't worry, darling, you'll be with me in my heart."

Getting out, he went to the trunk and took out the picnic basket and the drinks cooler, and the large, thick blanket they would sit on. They sat under the tree, and Mark took a bottle of wine from the cooler and poured it while DesirЋe blushed. DesirЋe rarely drank wine, or anything else with alcohol, for that matter.


Clete Anderson followed the nearly dry stream bed that ran across the Mitchell property. Watching through binoculars, he had seen them come this way and had parked his Land Cruiser behind the hill. He knew the Mitchell property well. He had spent many an afternoon and evening trailing the wild dogs that were preying on the small livestock hereabouts and frightening the cattle. He had trailed them this way, almost to the Mitchell mansion. But that was another story altogether.

Yes, Clete knew the land and had known that they would picnic under the big elm. Last week he had found things that they had left behind. He saw them sitting there, talking, embracing, kissing, and his guts burned with jealousy. Even so, he moved closer, keeping out of sight beneath the lip of the arroyo, until he came within just eight or ten feet of them. He was so close!

Damnit! He knew he should leave. Nancy was waiting for him at that old abandoned house where they would be able to spend some time alone together. It crossed his mind that today he might be successful in getting her to let him fuck her, and the idea caused the massive shaft of his penis to jerk in his pants, yet instinctively he knew that if he stayed, he would see something very enticing indeed. Somehow, he expected something to happen here, today at this picnic spot.


A cool breeze was blowing somewhere off to the west above the lush, surrounding hills of the valley. An old stone mansion where no one lived any more stood in a small valley on the Pace property in Pickford's Meadows since its building some five-score years past.

It was late afternoon, and warm, and someone watching from above might have seen the trim figure of a young girl moving rapidly as she hummed to herself in an expectant voice, moving around the front of the old house, moving toward the rendezvous with her sexy boyfriend and husband-to-be. Immediately, her tiny feet began to gain in tempo. Her young mind was not at ease and she hummed a love song to herself. She was thinking that her uncle could get quite up-tight if he found out she was meeting Clete up here. It was one thing, a very socially precarious thing, to be engaged to a black man, but to be meeting him alone up here, like this, where a number of girls often met their boyfriends – and became pregnant – was quite another. She knew she was being daring with Clete, but she had actually done nothing really wrong, after all, had she?

The first time she had come this way with Clete, he had been hunting Liz Clark's runaway dog that was plaguing the local farmers. Clete had cornered the huge, vicious animal, but the rifle, with which he was such a fine shot, had jammed. While Nancy stood gasping with fright, her hands pressed to her pounding heart, Clete had clubbed the massive animal with the useless – almost – firearm until he had run away yelping. Somehow, only the pain had deterred the dog from killing them, though from the deep teeth marks he left in the butt of the Winchester, Nancy felt intuitively that he had felt no fear for Clete.

Nancy shook off the fright of the memory and leaned against woodwork on the verandah. Inside was old furniture where, after Clete arrived, they could sit and talk and make plans for their future. Nancy smoothed down her skirt and looked at her watch. She had arrived late already, so where was Clete?


DesirЋe put down her wine glass, which had already been filled and emptied twice, and leaned against the firmness of Mark's body. She felt his face coming down to her and she lifted hers for the kiss, allowing her mouth to open and his tongue to move lightly around the inside of her mouth. So far, this was nothing new. They had kissed many, many times in the last eight months, and he had even touched her breasts. Last week, before they had shaken off the temptation to go further, he had touched her damp pussy through the fabric of her panties.

So DesirЋe didn't panic when once again his trembling fingers covered a breast and moved inside her dress to feel the smooth, throbbing, virginal flesh. Her hands clutched at his shoulders and she purred uncontrollably as he felt her nipples come tinglingly erect. He palmed the heavy mounds, marveling at the firmness and creaminess of her flesh.

"Oh, sweetie, you've got such marvelous tits," Mark let slip.

DesirЋe gave a little grunt of pleasure and gasped, "Oh, Mark, darling, please don't talk like that. We really mustn't do this." But perhaps it was the wine or her own bursting sexuality that took away the strength she needed to push his hands away. She let him ease her back onto the blanket while his mouth came down on hers with increasing passion.

She trembled as he unfastened the buttons that ran down the front of her dress, and he seemed so experienced as he opened the front of it, pushed her bra up, and exposed her lovely tits to the sun, muttering, "Sweetheart, oh, darling," his mouth sucking the distended pink nipples into his mouth. The feelings shot from her breasts into her loins and she moaned, begging him to stop while desperately clutching his head to her heaving tits.

Mark's mind had nearly left him. He loved her so much. He could not stand to think of anything happening to her, but here he was, almost out of control, about to do it to her. Heaven knew he couldn't stop himself, so he hoped in the back of his mind that she would soon push him away. At the same time he hoped that she would not stop him, that she would finally spread her lovely thighs and allow his penis into that hot wet hole he knew she was guarding between her legs.


Clete's eyes were as big as plums. DesirЋe's beautiful tits were there in front of his eyes in all their glory, and from where he watched he could see the underneath of her white panties. Her dress' hem had slid up and Denning's hand was moving up to that spot where Clete could see a gathering moisture dampening the fabric. Damnit! Denning was going to fuck her right now, under the spreading elm tree, and Clete was supposed to be meeting Nancy. Damnit! But he couldn't leave now! Not with the beautiful bitch on her back and exposed and panting there with her boyfriend's hand under her skirt.


The sleek and powerful animal had stealthily slipped into the small valley and slinked toward the old abandoned house where, unknown to him, Nancy awaited Clete's arrival. He had been coming this way every day, hoping to be able to ambush Clete and have his revenge for the beating he had delivered that time two months before. With embittered patience, he had lingered in a nearby wood waiting for his time, his unique senses vindictively tormented by the cruel memory of the beating. There was nothing to be done but wait for his time of revenge!

Now, he clung in motionless silence to the shadows of the overgrowth, his burning amber eyes piercing the surroundings. He watched the girl's approach and knew her from the time before. There was youth and vivacious beauty in her movements, his inimitable instincts told him. Earlier, he had stalked the house of the brutish man who had so cruelly hurt him. Then, he had intuitively moved toward this old house where people had once lived. There, he waited, a mysterious and indefinable power advising him of the oncoming girl and her relationship to the man and the town he had sworn his animal vengeance against.


Sometimes, maybe too often, when she was alone and uneasy, Nancy thought of her parents and that fateful night they had the accident on the way to Houston. It was futile, even foolish, she knew; they were long gone, long ago, and now there was only her uncle, and her love for Clete, but she couldn't help thinking about them sometimes.

Well, she did love her uncle and aunt, straightlaced as they were. They'd been good to her; besides, he was her mother's brother and only living relative. Her own parents never would have stood for her romance with Clete.

My God! What was that? For a moment, she'd thought she saw eyes, burning eyes like glowing coals in that brush! What on earth could it be? Maybe, she'd better start running…

Lobo anticipated the long, dark-haired teenager's frightened move seconds before she made it, and with furtive swiftness bolted from his hidden place to confront her there on the narrow verandah of the house!

In overwhelming horror, Nancy froze! She stared in awesome disbelief at the massive creature's viciously bared fangs gleaming in the faint moon-light! Her breathing choked in her young throat at the blazing eyes that were fixed on her and the ferocious, deep-throated growl that the huge beast gave forth threateningly. Had she tried, she knew that she could not move, for her legs were growing numb, as if they were petrified! It was him, that wild dog! The thing around his neck glistening in the sunlight. He was someone's pet, she knew, rumored to be Liz Clark's runaway, part-dog, part-wolf. She had thought she'd seen an ID tag when they'd chased and gotten close to them those two months before. Oh God! He was moving toward her, crouching, preparing to leap…

Scream! Scream…! She tried, but could only gasp, and then, with her terror pressing the breath of life out of her chest, she fainted.


Mark found the virginal, innocent girl squirming in his arms in a way that he would not have thought possible. She was trembling with arousal as he licked and sucked on her breasts and he palmed the fat mound of her pussy, her panties the only barrier to his touch. There was nothing to prevent his slipping his fingertips under the crotchband of that flimsy garment and delving into that warm crevasse, and that is what he did. His fingers found a well of hot, slippery liquid, nearly gushing from her. He heard her moan and her hands clutched weakly at the wrist of that hand.

"Oh, Mark," she breathed. "You've got to stop, before it's too late!"

He groaned and pushed a gentle finger into her wet vagina. "Yeah, babe, but I don't think I can." He found her clitoris and felt it swell and throb to his touch, and he began to manipulate it in a way he had learned long ago. His cock was hard and burning with need and he loosened his belt buckle and zipper to make room for the expansion. His fingers now moved freely between her legs and he dipped inside her pussy and then made her moan when they slid into that other, tight hole just below it. Her mouth was devouring him and as he pulled her panties down her unresisting legs, he knew that before long, right or wrong, their time would come to fuck like normal sweethearts everywhere.


Clete could not believe his eyes as he saw the darling girl lift her hips to let Mark draw her panties off her long shapely legs. Her legs stayed parted and her knees lifted slightly, revealing the fur-mantled slit and just beneath that, the pink dimple, her hairless, innocent asshole peeking out from between her plump, round buttocks. So this was the little angel who sang soprano solos in church every Sunday! Boy, wouldn't the town love to see this!

Mark, his cheeks swollen flushed with arousal, slid the weakly compliant girl out of her remaining clothing and quickly shucked off his trousers while her big breasts heaved. He looked down at her with her hair spread around her head like a jar of spilled golden honey, matching the silky triangle at the base of her perfect, smooth belly. She was the most desirable girl he had ever seen – and she was his!


DesirЋe struggled with herself, with her feelings, with her desires. She was about to surrender what she had vowed she would only give to her husband. The confusing part was that this man would soon be her husband, so why must she wait? But another side of her intellect told her that he wasn't her husband yet and that she must try to resist.

The only problem was, she had no strength to resist. She had allowed him, with barely a protest, to undress her totally. Now, while her breasts and stiffened nipples hummed with his mouthing of them, his fingers were sliding in and out of her hot, wet vagina. The feelings were irresistible, overwhelming, like those few times when, on the verge of sleep, she had masturbated herself, stroking her hot little clit until the fluids flowed down her thighs and her breasts, belly and thighs vibrated with her climax. She tried to move, but the feelings in her feminine core sapped her strength. Had she known that Clete Anderson was watching from just a few feet away, that he could see everything that was being done to her private genitals by her beloved Mark, she would have been jolted awake and out of the trough of arousal she was wallowing in now.

Clete could see Mark's fingers sliding up and down the warm fold of her labia and knew that if someone didn't get in there soon and fuck that pussy, then he would. His own hand found his own inhumanly-sized cock, brought it out of his pants, and began stroking it to relief.


Strange sensations of tingling warmth rippled through Nancy's young belly as she lay limply on her back, a maze of disconnected thought-waves suddenly swirling through her head. Confusion swept through her and she tried to move, but stopped at the sound of a low, animal-like snarl. She opened her eyes then, yet continued to lie there unmoving, the strange stirring sensations in her belly ever-increasing with a weirdly rising excitement. Her teenage brain functioned in its effort to restore normality. Where was she? The sun no longer shone in her eyes. Wh-what had happened?

Thunder filled her head as she came awake in the warm summer air as simultaneously, further charges of stimulating arousal raced through her youthful loins and belly. Nancy raised her hands to her throat in revived fear. She lifted herself to her elbows with the returning of her memory. She had fainted on the verandah and someone had dragged her inside somewhere. And then, in the subdued light of the living room of the old house, she saw that she was naked, wholly and shamefully naked, saw that she was lying with her legs obscenely spread apart and that the massive wolf-like German Shepherd was standing between her thighs – his tongue laxly out and his great head lowered just above – above her panty-less vagina!

Again, fire-filled sensations charged through the young virginal core of her naked body. The warm, wet contact of his saliva-drenched tongue spread open the plump, hair-lined lips of her tight young vulval crevice, laving its sensitive, pink inner-flesh with a taunting upsweep that sent uncontrollable shivers of sudden passion brushing over her! My God! He… he was licking her down there between her open thighs!

Had she been petrified prior to fainting, Nancy was now shockingly panic-stricken. The unbelievable sight of what was happening between her naked, widespread legs, the realization that the vicious animal was actually licking at her virginal young pussy with his hot, wet tongue, was about to drive her hysterical. Yet, somehow, she knew that she must retain control of herself if she were to come out of this alive! To struggle against him in any way might bring him fiercely tearing out her throat!

She couldn't restrain the whimper of extreme dread when she saw tatters of her clothing ripped and strewn about them. God, he must have torn them from her with his teeth! Wh-what sort of animal was it that would do such a thing to a human female…? She gaped at him through the darkness which her eyes were growing accustomed to, and saw his own burning orbs staring hotly at her as he continued to obscenely lick and nuzzle at her helplessly exposed vaginal lips. A tremor of incredible sensations caused her to convulse in her shameful nakedness. Oh God, he – he was almost human, that expression in his unrelenting eyes. And what he was doing to her nakedly stripped loins!

Oooohh! What he was doing to her! She'd never known such sensuous feelings in her belly, and her pussy, in spite of her fear, felt as if there was a hot little fire glowing inside it! Even her breasts tingled in excitement, she realized, as she mentally cupped, then pinched their tiny, hardened nipples. But, but this was insane! Oh God! The dog would kill her before he was done, would tear her to pieces! What if Clete came and saw her, like this, right now? She had to keep her head, to get away from him as soon as possible! Maybe, maybe, if she just jumped to her feet and ran…? God, she had to do something; he intended to kill her – she felt certain of that – and perhaps even eat her!

It was the latter horrible thought that made Nancy feebly cry out, then attempt to scramble onto hands and knees and blindly crawl away. Lobo waited only long enough for her to reach the all-fours position before unleashing a savage growl, stopping the curvaceous, naked teenager in icy-veined terror. She sobbed out uncontrollably, the fear-filled, choking sounds little more than animalistic whines in the gripping anguish of her unbearable horror. From that point, the huge dog never seemed to hesitate, but moved as quickly as any wild animal. He mounted her from behind, his powerful forepaws clutching at the soft, white flesh of her youthful curved hips, his wet tongue hanging loosely from his rapaciously open mouth!

Nancy dared not breathe! She was that terrified with his sudden clamber up behind her unprotected nakedness, his strong, hairy forelegs clutching at her narrow waist and the arch of her hips! Hadn't she seen animals do it together on the farm like this so many times? Good Lord! Her firm young breasts quivered and swayed beneath her chest from the jarring force when he assumed his luridly obscene position behind her defenselessly upraised buttocks. Then suddenly, she felt the dog tag that hung from his neck grazing the smooth-fleshed hollow of her nude back! He… he was going… going to do it to her… as if she were nothing more than a bitch in heat!

"N-no… no, please…!" Nancy heard herself whimper as something long, blunt and thick probed wetly back between the nakedly raised trembling mounds of her softly trembling buttocks and lewdly spread thighs. Her brain swam once more! My God, she was a virgin – and he was going to do it to her!

At that precise moment, whatever additional thoughts she had were abruptly swept away when she sensed the nose of his hardened animal-penis prodding at the tight, wet mouth of her defenselessly spread vagina! Dear God, no… no! She desperately tried to squirm away from the vise-like grip of his encircling paws, but it was useless, and like a charging, white-hot lance, the solid thickness of his long animal-cock spread the soft hair-fringed lips, found the tiny, tender opening, and forced its way up into her already-lubricated little vaginal passage with a slight, wet popping sound and rippling the smoothly yielding walls wide apart before its blunt-tipped hardness!

Nancy gasped for illusive breath as the huge length of blood-filled dog-penis stretched and filled her young cuntal channel like a muscular arm rammed into the sleeve of a child's garment, its bulbous end smacking heavily back up against the very base of her tender, young cervix. Again, she choked out a whimpering gasp, while the great beast who was mounting her from behind snarled out a low commanding growl of triumph, then began to hump and fuck up into her with smooth and practiced strokes!

The teenager's mind was a vortex of unheralded, emotional sensations! Her entire head vibrated with the pounding blood racing through her brain, while her youthful white body that was bent nakedly before the wild fucking dog, quivered and convulsed in the throes of unknown, sensuous agony. Her vaginal passage felt as if it had been impaled with the heavy, sawed off limb of a tree; yet, at the same time, there were weird spasms of intensively rising desire filling her, and her tender channel began to fill with her feminine lubricant as never before as the thrusting cock began touching sensitive trigger points inside and outside her tender, young vagina! Nevertheless, she compulsively fought the sensuality, her sickened, fear-filled mind concerned only with the horrifying animal fucking she was receiving from behind!

It struck her then that his heavily burrowing penis of hardened animal-flesh had ripped her wide open! She'd felt the thin membrane of her hymen give way with a bursting stab of pain, and she was certain the vicious beast had horribly torn the expanded little hole of her vaginal mouth! Oh God, she might bleed to death there in that deserted cellar if he didn't kill her outright!

Again, with a twisting lurch of her naked, youthful body, she tried to shake free from his long, piercing thick hardness, from her cock-filled young pussy, but her efforts were in vain. Lobo's fierce growl chilled the very marrow of her teenage bones, while his powerful hairy forelegs clutched possessively at her soft waist and hips! Thrusting! Thrusting! Like a searing firebrand it slithered in and out of her helplessly clasping, young vagina, spreading and stretching the virginal passage open wider and wider as he hammered his long, wild cock deeper and deeper up between her helplessly spread thighs!

The panting Lobo's savage intellect made the mighty dog aware of the young girl's sudden resignation and surrender before him. Briefly and in desperation, she had struggled at one last frantic attempt to escape before hopelessly subjecting herself before his conquering attack. He sensed the resistance draining from her naked, human flesh, as it had with his own female bitches when he selected and demanded from them, breeding the younger members of the pack he had returned to after leaving his human mistress. A spirit of exhilarating revenge raced through his savage body as he watched the upper portion of her smooth, female back drop until her face and young, human breasts were flattened down against the softness of the grass, the rounded mounds of her soft, white buttocks raised submissively to his vindictive assault. This, he knew, would help compensate him, avenge him for the bruises, cuts, and broken rib he had suffered at the hands of the big black man. By conquering his enemy's female, he could in part conquer the enemy, return pain for pain.

Through his unfathomable keen senses he felt his long, lust-hardened penis slithering forward with a wet charge until it was entirely buried in the clutching moist heat of her tightly clinging female passage, his swollen, sperm-laden testicles swinging down and slapping hard against the soft dampness of her lightly curling pubic hair. Mercilessly, he bucked and plunged into the hot, yielding flesh of her baby vagina, hearing her feminine moans and feeling the trembling nakedness of her smooth, white buttocks flattening up against his belly as he attempted to skewer her onto the last remaining inch of his huge, thickly lengthening rod of hotly driving flesh!

Though her young brain was still overwhelmed with the incredible obscenity the wild, wolf-like dog was committing on her helpless, naked body, Nancy could not ignore the sensual excitement his enormous animal cock had almost immediately set off inside her. At first, his savage thrust into her virginal young loins had nearly blinded her with the excruciating agony of its huge hardness bursting into her. But now, the stark horror and shame of the shocking animal-rape itself was forgotten, only the invading presence of the brute's long, thick cock plowing open the sensitive, resistant flesh of her never before entered vagina, registered in her mind. Like a hotly reaming piston, it had raced into her unprotected pussy, until in seconds he had rammed it all the way up inside the vainly resisting channel! Desperately, she had fought for breath while tears of pain streamed down her cheeks and her convulsing body struggled in its vulnerable nakedness to be free! But as the brute relentlessly continued to fuck up into the liquid, wide-stretched flesh between her lewdly upturned buttocks, the pain seemed to dissolve into impossible sensations of intensely growing arousal, equaling those that his hot, waving tongue had first spread through her trembling young belly! Oh God, if she was sinning by succumbing to him, let it be! Oh God…

Oh, Clete, dear Clete. Please don't come here now!

Now, as unthinkable as it was, she had begun to feel the texture of his sleek animal coat beneath his belly brushing teasingly against the opened, smooth mounds of her nakedly exposed buttocks and her tender, sensitive pink anus, and she pressed her face and tingling, nipple-tipped breasts harder down until they were flattened and groveling onto the grass-softened earth!

Her young brain reeled with the unbelievable intoxication of what was happening to her! She, a virginal, teenage human, being attacked and actually raped by a wild dog, as if she were a female of his own kind!

Oh God, was it really taking place? And why did she think of a wild dog as "he" rather than "it", as if the brute were himself human? There! There! She'd done it again… "himself"! It had to be his spellbinding, hard animal-cock that was wildly filling her burning pussy-hole! Never in her life had she felt so lust-filled, or even known the lewd, obscene sensation of wanting to be fucked, fucked, and fucked some more until she was almost dead from the joy of it!

"Oooohh… ooohhh… yes, yes… do it! Do it to me like that!" Nancy hissed with a trembling whisper, twisting her earth-dirtied, young face to gape back and up at the panting beast vengefully fucking into her. She knew he had impaled her all the way up to the testicles on his huge animal-cock and heedlessly reveling in newly discovered joy at its unnatural possession of her newly awakened young cunt!

She breathed a sensual moan of passion from her lust-moistened lips, and began to move uncontrollably backwards with rhythmic gyrations to meet Lobo's ravaging thrusts. His forelegs clung to her softly curved hips like strong, furry arms, and she began to wantonly undulate her curvaceous young body back at him in the perpetual undulations of the female whore down through the ages.

Though she could hardly govern her awakened natural desires, the teenager's intuition told her that with them she was, in some weird way, winning the favor of the massive, wild animal fucking inhumanely into her receptive young cunt. That insane belief, and that alone, dammed away the terror and shame she had known in the beginning. Only youthful, secret lust filled her now as she rotated her white, smoothly rounded young buttocks backward in answering little circles to the beast's wildly plunging cock, giving her naked self fully to the erotic wonder of the lewd animal fucking she was receiving back in her now eagerly absorbing young pussy.

He would spare her because of his sexual attachment, realizing she was more than a friend, perhaps a mistress, a female he had taken from his enemy, the man that had caused him so much pain. And she knew as well that they – every man in the valley – would not rest until this wild brute was dead, once they learned what had happened to her! There was no one to tell the ugly truth, to reveal the whorish manner in which she was voluntarily grinding her lewdly spread nakedness back onto the huge dog's beautiful driving cock! Animals couldn't speak, couldn't talk about their master's indiscretions!

Lobo knew and welcomed the hot, wet clasping of her desire-clenched vagina back onto his thrusting length of hardened maleness, an inbred, unquestionable sensation of male domination momentarily sparking the depths of his wilderness keened brain. The lower, more base instincts of her soft, human body had taken control, even as her supposedly superior mind fell into complacent lust. It was natural; she couldn't help it, he discerned as he humped more heavily up between her open buttocks. Such were the inevitable plights of the human, had once been his own, and perhaps would be again – but now!

Nancy wished there was some way she could bend her head all the way back up under her kneeling body and watch his enormous, pleasure-giving dog-cock disappearing inside her tightly clasping pussy! God, she was little more than a disgusting whore, but she'd never even imagined such erotic bliss! Just to see it, to see it fucking in and out up inside her hot, wetly clasping cunt lips that had never known more than her own tiny finger! But, at best, she could only visualize the orgiastic spectacle, the mere thought of their lewd, unnatural coupling sending unknown, salacious excitement raging through her passionately aroused young body. She groaned aloud in her all consuming passion and ground her softly yielding buttocks back hard against his strong, mercilessly battering animal-flesh, sensing the rivulets of moisture building wetly in the smoothly rotating crevice of her plump labia. Then, she felt the tiny streams beginning to dribble down the backs and rhythmically working tendons of her supple inner thighs, while the sudden mounting pressure in her loins and belly signaled that something dynamic was soon going to happen deep inside her!

In and out, in and out, Lobo rapidly fucked the slavishly kneeling girl, a wet staccato of flesh-slapping sounds hollowly filling the open, dark cellar, his keen animal-brain savoring a measure of vengeance in his human rape of her helplessly naked young body. His powerful, hardened penis was bursting into her as if she were some ripe fruit, destroying her chaste mind forever, he knew, and therein lay his revenge upon the black man that had hurt him. Between each thrust, he sensed her tender young vaginal passage relaxing, then swallowing his solid length back up inside again and holding it fast in a hot, hungry clutch of eagerly working cuntal muscles and feminine flesh. He saw her smooth, white body tense and relax again and again beneath him as she began to moan incessantly. His great organ seemed to grow and harden even more when he felt the soft, fleshy ridges inside her hot contracting belly giving way before his unsparing assault.

Again, she twisted her head to look back at him and he witnessed her mouth suddenly gasping open, but the coming scream half-choked in her slender young throat. Instead, she began to toss her head wildly from side to side her, long chestnut-hair flailing about her naked shoulders. She had reached the beginning paroxysm of female orgasm, he perceived, when she began to savagely swivel her rounded, white buttocks hotly and crazily back against him like any of the rutting bitches of his own wild dog pack. His tongue hung loosely from his panting mouth as he fucked with heavy, buttock flattening humps up between the soft, furiously undulating mounds of human, female-flesh. Once more, she screamed, this time, her cry piercing the hot day while she rammed deliriously back onto his huge thrusting hardness, and he drove it mercilessly forward to begin spitting loads of its hot, wet semen in ropy, bullet-like spurts deep up into her young hungrily-clasping vagina!

Lobo felt her smooth, rounded buttocks begin to contract and jerk back against his hotly emptying testicles, uncontrollably hollowing and tensing, indicating the zenith moment within her voraciously quivering young belly. He felt the thick, wet combination of their orgasmic release flowing out around the flushed lips of her rhythmically throbbing pussy lips as her hot, clutching young vaginal channel ravenously squeezed and pulled at his rapidly spurting, throbbing penis.

She fell forward then, away from him, her legs still spread wide apart, and in the light of the half-moon her rounded white buttocks glistened wetly from his expended semen. He could see her opened pink flesh and the soaked dark hair of her ravished young loins, as she breathed heavily in her obscenely spread position. Exultantly, he stepped over her outstretched nakedness, raised his head, and across the warm, empty valley, an eerie howl of triumph split the heavy silence, heard by only very few.


Mark's cock was painfully distended and hard, pink with the head purple with blood. There was only one thing he could do with it, what he would have done to Priscilla a year ago without a second thought. But this was DesirЋe, his future wife, and he knew he should wait. But how could he stop himself? His body moved over the lovely blonde's quivering nakedness and her thighs tried to press together to hold him off, but in her burning arousal with this young man that she loved so passionately, she lacked the strength to prevent him from insinuating his hips there between. The expanded narrow cunt-slit was visibly throbbing its lips anxiously, the wet pink furrow held wide apart by the pressure of his thighs tightly up against hers.

DesirЋe sobbed with excited panic, her big, firm tits heaving up against Mark's hairy chest. Just the feeling of him against her tender nipples was enough to drive her mad. Her hands tried to push against his chest but ultimately only succeeded in grasping with a claw-like urgency at his shoulders. One of her nylon-clad knees raised up and her unshod foot rubbed sensually up and down over the back of his lower leg.

Oh, Mark, my darling! Oh, oh, ooooh! her mind screamed. Visions of her parents' faces, the eyes of Pastor Hemmings, swam accusingly before her face. She was betraying their trust, she and Mark both were, and it caused her cheeks to burn with shame. Her love had raised up on one arm and was holding his thing, his big penis, in his hands, pointing it there, at her vagina, nudging it against the sopping furry lips of her femininity. "Oh, God, no Mark! You've got to stop." She squirmed her hips to quell her need but only helped the cock's tip nuzzle a good half inch inside her pussy. "Oh, no!" she gasped. "Mark, pleeeease!"

From his vantage point, Clete grit his teeth and held his breath. He could see the councilman's prick sinking into the pink-lipped, virginal cunt, and his own jealousy was only exceeded by the excitement of the erotic sight of what appeared to be the girl's impending deflowering. He saw DesirЋe's hips squirm again defensively, saw her pert buttocks part and her tiny asshole twitch with apprehension.

"Mark! MARK!" And then Mark was bearing down with his slender hips and driving his hard shaft into the girl's chaste vagina. DesirЋe gave a throaty moan as she felt herself stretched and entered, her hymen tearing easily before the onslaught of the virile, invading penis. Somewhere far away, a dog gave a wolfish howl, and a frisson of eerie fear played down the nape of DesirЋe's neck as Mark's hard, insistent penis thrust deeper into her burning, wet love channel. The young man gasped as he felt the loving caress of her cuntal walls along the throbbing length of his cock.

"Oh, no, Mark," she gasped. "Oh, no!" And she felt his cock sliding deep, deep, deep into her hungry vagina. Mark gave a groan of rapture, and without moving, began to throb his penis inside her, gently stretching her virginal channel, finding the most sensitive spot inside her.

"Ooooohhh… Yes, darling… Yes, darling," she moaned.

He sensed her urgent answering throbs begin around the head of his penis. Her moist, clasping cunt-throat commenced a soft opening and closing as it swallowed his throbbing shaft.

He did not move, only continued the spaced, tantalizing pulsing into the pierced lovely beneath him. Now, he lowered his lips to wetly kiss hers and her whole body began to twitch and writhe under him as she groaned incessantly up into the moistness of his mouth, thrusting her tongue with sudden complete abandon deep into his throat. Low hums of passionate, servile acceptance came in torrents from deep in her chest, her beautiful face twisting with erotic passion, her mouth working like a fish out of water, her neck straining as a light sweat broke out onto her forehead under the now disheveled soft blonde hair. Her head lolled from side to side in a semi-conscious state, as her hips began a slow unwitting roll beneath his impaling fleshy spit. Suddenly, her hungry nibbling cunt screwed itself up tighter against his hair-covered pelvis and he was forced to clench his teeth tightly in an effort to control himself.

There was no longer pain, DesirЋe reasoned nebulously. Her body was involuntarily coming to life. A maddening electric tingle had burst into being within her womb and surged relentlessly through the raw nerve ends of her vibrant flesh. It rippled through her cunt and out the fleece-lined flanges, dancing like wild demons across her milky-white thighs, coursing the full length of her outstretched legs to circle about inside her toes as she curled them tightly against the soles of her feet. It raced from her contracting belly insanely through her rib-cage and out to the sensitized tips of her pink palpitating nipples.

"Oh, Dezzy, I love your pussy, I love you," he groaned as he felt his pubis push against her wet cunt. His hips began to move automatically in the age-old motions of fucking, plunging his cock, at first slowly, and then with a building tempo, into her tight, unused vagina. DesirЋe felt his hairy balls flopping against her tingling anus and, in a sudden spasm of surrender, raised her thighs to grant his easier access to her gushing vagina.

She was doing it! Actually doing it, having sex with Mark! And her brain swam with the reality of it. She was so glad of many things now: that they had left Chicago, that she had met Mark and fallen in love, that she had waited to learn about sex rather than accepting any of the many offers she had had in her first year at the university back in the big city. Mark had now introduced her to a new world, and right now, his thing in her pussy was all the world she wanted to know. It felt so good, so complete, so warm and intimate! She never wanted to know or touch another man in her life. The feelings were amazing, his chest pressed against her breasts, his motion between her thighs, the collision of his testicles against the sensitive area below where his… his penis… was thrusting so pleasurably into her hot, wet hole. She felt her pussy gush another flood of lubricant and she blushed at the liquid sound of his cock in her cunt. Oh, oh, oh!

Only a few feet away, jacking his giant shaft in his hand, Clete watched the action through bulging eyes. Damn, here he was, watching her first fuck from close up. Almost like doing it himself. Well, not quite. No, nothing like it, and he raged inside that that faggot Mark Denning had got there first. He knew he should be with Nancy right now, fucking her, but he was so wrapped up in this angel-bitch's deflowering that she had slipped his mind. He watched her honey blonde hair tossing on the blanket, her knees lifted high and spread wide while her thighs flexed rhythmically on either side of Mark Denning's humping hips.

Clete saw the young man's puny cock thrusting avidly into DesirЋe's pink-rimmed pussy, the inner cuntal lining clinging lovingly to the withdrawing shaft on the outstroke, then folding back inside on the instroke. As the innocent, sexually-awakened girl fucked her cunt mindlessly up over Denning's unimpressive, thrusting cock, low, throaty noises of passion and wonder came from her trembling throat, nothing like the soprano sounds she emitted when she sang in the choir. Clete saw that her whole underside, buttocks and bottom cleft, were slick and shiny with the juice that dribbled from her almost virginal sexhole. The pure and untouched angel had been replaced by a fully aroused and wanton slut! Clete stroked his giant, black cock faster and harder. Damn, he wanted some of that pussy!

While the sheriff watched lustfully from his subterranean viewpoint, DesirЋe felt the passion growing in her belly, radiating from her oozing, hot vagina through her inner thighs, womb, and up to her breasts. So this was what it was like, this filling of her private feminine passage with the meat of her adored Mark. She wondered that she had been able to go through her teens without experiencing this joy with one of the many boys who had paid court to her, but she was also very glad that she had waited to share this moment with this man she loved so deeply. As his deep thrusts found a secret, sensitive part of her burning vagina, DesirЋe groaned and her hips began to shake uncontrollably. Clete saw her dig her heels into the ground, her plump asscheeks bouncing up and down on the blanket beneath, and he knew she was about to come. A gush of liquid from her pink-rimmed cunt bathed her lover's balls and he gave a reflexive moan as he felt her tight pussy sucking the come from him. He felt the semen dart upward from his balls and his gaze locked on her steaming, blue eyes as she gave a grunt and began to shudder with her climax.

DesirЋe began to whimper with the deep feeling of her orgasm as his sperm streamed into her eagerly clutching vagina, filling her belly with his hot, comforting cream. Mark's thrusts became frenzied as he continued emptying his sperm into his beloved's cunt for the first time, groaning in his chest and spasming, his cock ramming back and forth in her pleasure-giving hole, his balls slapping wetly against the sensitive dimple of her anus. DesirЋe kicked her long, shapely legs up straight, then folded them around Mark's humping ass, her heels digging into his buttocks while his prick squeezed out the very last drop of his semen into her grateful belly.

The girl seemed to go completely limp, her heels dropping and her knees splaying out widely, lying relaxed on the blanket, her eyes half-closed but totally unseeing, unaware that Clete was watching from just a few feet away, pumping his cum into the dirt while Mark's leaked obscenely from her just-fucked vagina to pool on the blanket beneath her glistening asscheeks.

From far away came the sound of a dog or wolf howling again, startling all of them. Her eyes opened and she whispered up to her lover, "What was that?"

Clete reeled his giant penis in and tucked it away in his pants. He had heard the howling and now he remembered Nancy. He should get back to the truck and phone Hank, his deputy, to run over to the old house and check on poor Nancy. She must be worried about why he hadn't shown up. He would have to think of a good excuse.


"I want blood!" Clete roared, shaking the windows of the conference room with his angry voice. "I want that dog's hide on my door."

Deputy Hank Bollinger was there, scratching his crotch and nodding. It was he who had found the ravished Nancy Pace naked and unconscious at the old Hudson house, lying there in a puddle of dog semen. The story she had told was near unbelievable, but Pastor Hemmings, the town MD had taken a specimen and identified it as exactly what the girl had said it was in her sobbing, shaken voice. In the most unspeakably effective way, the dog had taken revenge on Clete for the dreadful beating he had received from the hateful sheriff.

Mark looked up from the long table where all the town councilors were seated while Clete paced furiously up and down the room.

"I can understand your feelings, Clete, but what do you suggest we do?" Mark asked.

Clete drove his right fist in his left palm. "What else? We raise an armed posse and search the countryside until we find him. Put a five thousand dollar bounty on his head."

The men at the table all looked around indecisively. Then one of them, Bill Wilkins, said, "We can probably raise that. It might be worth it."

Clete suppressed a smile. He had plans to collect the reward himself at the same time he was avenging himself on the dog. It would be a good start for him and Nancy, part of a down payment on a house, perhaps, or money for a nice honeymoon. He knew the girl would need it after her experience.

"Now wait a minute, Clete," Mark protested. "We can't have a gang of liquored-up men ransacking the county with shotguns looking for a dog. People could get hurt." He looked around the table and saw the others nod their agreement. "People could get killed."

Clete ground his teeth. This motherfucking politician had thrown cold water on his best plans ever since he had come to town. Mark had opposed a raise for him, had opposed the hiring of a second deputy and the renovation of the sheriff's office.

"I mean, how can we be sure it was that way, if you'll pardon my asking?"

Clete's eyes blazed and he nodded at Hank Bollinger, who said: "I found her lying on the run at the Hudson house, naked as a plucked little jay-bird and covered with gism, poor kid…"

"Had she been mauled, Hank?" Mark questioned, repeating the question that Doctor/Pastor Hemmings had not answered.

"Hell, couldn't tell for sure," the other replied. "Didn't see any blood, but she was crazy, hysterical, moaning that the Goddamned brute had raped her!"

"And how is she now?"

"She's sleeping. Doctor gave her a sedative."

Mark looked back at Clete. The big ape-chested, black man was unshaven and dressed in his usual non-uniform of khaki shirt open at the collar, leather hunting pants and boots. He'd been drinking; his small black eyes were bloodshot and his bush of black hair uncombed. To Mark, he always looked like a man just a step from being a criminal himself.

"Hello, Dr. Hemmings," Mark greeted the tall physician as he walked in, then asked him. "What happened? How is she?"

"I'll tell you what happened, Denning! That Goddamned wild sonofabitch dog raped my fiancee, and I'm going to hang its hide as high as that flag on the flagpole in front of town-hall! Only first, I'm going to rip the bastard's nuts off!" Clete bitterly snarled, addressing the fact that Mark had warned him against taking an armed posse into the countryside again for any reason.

Mark said: "What are your findings, Doctor?"

Hemmings solemnly nodded, giving medical credence to the broad-shouldered police-chief's ranting version. "No doubt about it, Mark. The beast actually attacked her. Its animal semen was present in my examination. Surprisingly, it didn't harm her in any other way. Oh a few scratches, but they could have occurred when it tore the clothing from her. Actually, she's suffering mostly from shock. I've given her a sedative. She's sleeping in my office."

"You mean, the dog literally ripped the clothing from her?" Mark asked in disbelief.

"You're fucking right he did!" Clete roared, raising a water glass half-filled with liquor to his lips. He gulped half of it, breathing in shortened rasps as he glared at the deputy. "Ripped the Goddamned panties and everything else right off her, and Hank Bollinger was there and gathered 'em up! I tell you again, Denning, that devil dog's got to die! It ain't enough that the pack is killing the sheep, now they're attacking young, innocent girls and fucking 'em like bitches! You tell me that bastard ain't some kind of evil spirit of Satan, himself…?"

"You're talking like a wild man, Clete!" Mark replied. "I don't know the answer but there has to be one! Maybe-maybe Nancy can give it to us when she's herself again."

"You go to hell, Denning!" the powerful man snarled, stomping about the room, then gulping the remainder of his drink. "I, for one, ain't waiting for that evil sonofabitch to attack another girl in this valley! I aim to do something about it, whether you put up a reward or not! I'm forming a posse and going out!"

"There'll be no posse, Clete – unless we call for it," Mark calmly interrupted him. "I won't tolerate an armed uprising. Out there is civilized territory, and we here on the council intend to keep it that way. We won't have a bunch of beer-swilling maniacs riding those hills with rifles and shotguns!"

"Please, men, both of you, stop!" Dr. Hemmings stepped in. "You're letting this get the best of you. I know it's a horrible situation, but you must try to work together, for the good of the community!"

Mark swallowed. He wasn't pleased with the way things were going.

"Of course, you're right, Pastor. I'm sorry," he said, watching the tall man's slow, understanding smile. "I'll place a call to the conservation department immediately. This is their problem."

"Problem!" Clete blurted. "Their problem! You go to hell, Denning! This is my problem, and every man, woman, and child's in this valley! That fucking brute raped my fiancee and I won't fucking sit back while some yellow-bellied politician decides to do nothing about it! You've got twenty-four hours, Councilor, and you better hope that son of Satan doesn't attack another girl!" he roared, slamming his fist down hard onto a table before storming toward the doorway. "How would you like it if that cur dog had come and mounted your sweet little blonde warbler and split her sweet little cunt open with his big dog cock?"

Mark began to rise angrily at that remark, but Clete was already on his way to the door. There, he turned back one final time. "I warn you, politician, twenty-four hours, and then I defy any man in this valley to stop me!" Mark stood straight and silent, listening to the big man's heavy foot-falls as he left. In all truth, if everything Doc had said was accurate, he was hardly sure he could blame the police chief-except that he was drunk, or nearly so.

"He's upset, Mark," Hemmings said, breaking the silence. "You know Clete, spontaneous and gruff. He only knows one way."

"An old and savage way, I'm afraid," Mark replied, sighing and taking a half-turn around the room.

"Would you like a drink?" the physician invited.

"No thanks. I'd like a bit more information, though."


"Y-you're certain the dog actually raped her?"

The little man made a shrugging motion. "How certain can you be? Intercourse, yes. The presence of the dog's sperm, yes. Absolutely!"

"But he didn't hurt her," Mark enthusiastically pressed.

"I said there were no marks indicating that. No, none. Positively none. And I am as amazed as you are, Mark. It seems almost diabolical, doesn't it?"

"I-I don't know, Dr. Hemmings. Christ, I really don't know what to think," Mark heard himself reply, his mind whirling. "Those crazy rumors that have been going around. That it's Liz Clark's runaway pet and that Clete always hated the animal. How is Liz, anyway?"

"Oh, she's fine. She's mentioned the dog to me, you know. He's the leader of a pack now."

"Do you believe it, Doc?"

The tall man offered an excusing smile. "I'm a doctor, Mark. For nearly twenty years I believe only what I see, feel, taste, know to be fact. And that's hard to believe. All of this is near incredible."

"That's strange coming from a man of the cloth," Mark commented. Mark felt a cold shiver move over him. "I mean, what would you say to it?"

"Liz is a strange young woman, that's all I can say."

"Yeah, I've always thought so. I've talked to her, too. DesirЋe is best friends with her, but I wish she'd leave DesirЋe alone," Mark said, slowly standing up from the table. "It… it can't be true, can it, Dr. Hemmings?"

The tall man had poured himself a glass of water from a pitcher on the table. He quietly sat himself into a chair across from Mark, sipped first, then stared off beyond. "I truly don't know how to answer you, Mark. I've spent a long time in my two professions and this is the first case of this nature I've ever encountered. I have to deal only with the facts, I repeat, that's the nature of my first profession. Yours requires more, and that's your problem, if I may say so. But to answer you, Mark, can it be true? I say, everything is true until it's proven false, and that's the law of the universe!"

"But… But it can't be, really, can it? Christ, it can't be!"

The tall man smiled wryly and nodded as he raised his glass of water. "I know," he said, "I know what you mean."


Though she had done it many times, DesirЋe felt strange standing on Liz Clark's front porch and knocking, for it was the purpose of her visit that filled her with trepidation. For almost as long as she had lived here, DesirЋe had been coming to visit the pretty bleach-blonde thirty-year-old at least twice a week, and they were fast friends. The only thing that DesirЋe didn't particularly like about the older woman had been her liaison with Clete, for she could never quite get over her aversion to interracial romances. She, DesirЋe, could never be so involved, and the idea of her friend's doing it put her off. But then Clete and Liz had split up and DesirЋe didn't have to worry about running into him when she visited her friend, didn't have to endure his creepy leer.

But her reason for this visit now was linked to Clete's new fiancee, or rather, what had happened to her, and whether the rumors about the perpetrator's, the dog's, being Liz's runaway pet were true.

Liz answered the door, stuck her head out quickly, looking up and down the street, and then hastily pulled DesirЋe inside.

"Liz, what's going on?" DesirЋe asked, surprised at her friend's manner. "You act like a woman hunted."

Liz curled up on the couch, pulling her long legs up under her, and glanced behind her out the window, again, cautiously. As DesirЋe sat in a stuffed chair opposite, Liz was a shadowy silhouette against the glare of the sun through the window behind her.

"That's exactly what I am, Dezzy," Liz replied. "Exactly that. They're blaming me for what happened to Nancy." Liz lit a cigarette. "At least some people are, and one of them is Clete Anderson."

"Why, how can he blame you, Liz? You had nothing to do with it."

Liz took two drags on her cigarette. "Not directly, no. But…"

DesirЋe looked at her friend, waiting for the answer to the mystery in the truncated sentence. "Come on, Liz. Tell me what you mean…"

Liz laughed bitterly. "Clete and I, you know, we used to be real close. You know that. But he and Lobo hate each other with a bloody passion."

"Lobo?" DesirЋe leaned forward in her seat.

"Lobo," Liz said with a nod. "Lobo is his name. He's my dog."

DesirЋe caught her breath. "Then the rumors are true."

The older woman nodded again. "Completely. My pet from a puppy. My lover long before I knew Clete."

DesirЋe's eyes widened, only half comprehending what the other had said. "Lover?"

Liz glanced behind herself again and drew the curtains. She spoke in a low voice, as if afraid to be heard. There was no doubt that she was. "Clete and Lobo were jealous of me. At first it was Lobo that was upset. You know Clete used to come here. We were lovers, and Clete's huge cock – excuse my Greek – kept me happy most of the time. A woman needs a man for a lover and companion, and Clete's got a lot of sex appeal."

DesirЋe closed her eyes briefly and thought of Mark, what they had done yesterday, how she had craved his hard, thrusting penis, how she knew she would want it again, how she wanted it at this very moment, even though he was busy at work and completely inaccessible.

DesirЋe nodded, understanding a woman's need, yet still not understanding how Liz could let Clete touch her. She stopped trying to understand as Liz went on.

"The big blowout came when Clete came home and caught me with Lobo in bed."

DesirЋe shook her head, Liz's meaning not clear. "In bed?"

Liz looked at DesirЋe and smiled. "I always wanted to tell you, sweetie, but I didn't want to scare you. Lobo was my lover, before Clete. You've still got that silly look on your face. Darling, Lobo used to screw me, fuck me with his cock, just like he did to Nancy Pace. Only with me it wasn't rape. I wanted him. Lobo. I taught him how, a few years ago when I was lonely and hated men, after my divorce. He was just a little more than a pup."

The younger woman sat with blue eyes wide with horror and disbelief. A dog, fucking her friend Liz? It was too much to take in. "Liz…" DesirЋe gasped. "Liz, you didn't!"

Liz laughed. "Baby, I did, and I loved every inch of it." Liz sat back, puffing her cigarette and reminiscing. "Now, it's said. I never liked hiding anything from you. You've been a real friend, and I often wanted to share him with you, but I knew you'd be put off."

"Liz!" was all DesirЋe could say.

"Oh, sweetie, there's nothing like it. When he licks a girl's pussy and tits, she goes weak. And when he pushes his big, beautiful cock into you and fucks you like a triphammer, you're his slave forever. After that, all he has to do is come near you and you go into spasms."

DesirЋe sat there aghast, tingling with shock. She's couldn't believe that Liz was even talking this way. "Liz, you know I could never…"

Liz nodded. "Baby, I know it. But he'll never come around here again. Clete ran him off when he caught us together, beat him with a table so he was near dead. He barely got away, but it looks like he's back to strength and out looking for a female of his own. He could be looking for you right now, Dezzy. He saw you when you'd come to visit. Remember how he used to sniff around your butt and lick you knees?"

DesirЋe remembered, and shuddered. No, no, no! her mind screamed. She couldn't believe she had been that close to the evil dog. She rose, her lips trembling. "I can't believe you'd say that to me, Liz."

"Dez, I can't help it. I'm only being honest. But I'll never see my darling Lobo again. Clete hurt him so bad he'll never come back here. He thinks I'm with Clete and have rejected him. But now that they're both gone, I still think of Lobo. He's the real noble savage in these parts."

The young woman backed away, her knees weak. "Liz, I've got to go. I can't listen to this anymore."

Liz nodded and wiped a tear from her face. "Sorry, sweetie. I got carried away, but it's true and I can't change that. Once a woman's got that cock in her, she can't stop herself until she comes. Any woman, any time."

DesirЋe ran out the door, holding her ears, feeling a terrified trembling in her womb.

"Any woman, any time," she heard Liz say again before she cleared the porch, crossed the lawn, and got into her car.


Mark crossed the plush carpet of the hotel's lobby, feeling of two minds at a time. Part of him was elated at being here, at this convention, here with the company and support of DesirЋe's parents. This was the first step on the way to the State Senate, and from there, with luck, his path would lead to the US Senate. From there, it was anybody's guess how high he could go. At his side walked Thurston Mitchell, DesirЋe's straight-laced father, now nearly fifty, and his lovely fortyish wife, Margaret. The Mitchell's had come as friends of influence to lend support to Mark in his dealings with the party bosses. It was all based on nepotism and cronyism, and Mark didn't really like that aspect of it, but having Thurston with him was almost sure to give him that extra edge. It was almost certain that his party's nominee would be elected, for the other party was on the wane now, having displeased the voters in many ways. That meant Mark was on his way to the state capital, and the thought excited him. At thirty, he was old enough to move in those circles, and the Mitchells didn't seem to care that he was over ten years older than their beloved daughter. They trusted him, and that's what was important.

Excited and pleased with his situation, Mark was still unhappy to be separated from DesirЋe, who had stayed behind in Pickford's Meadows. Last night, they had been together, at Mark's apartment, and had made love again. DesirЋe had protested at first, saying it was still wrong, and dangerous, that she was afraid of pregnancy, afraid of many things. But they had got carried away, again, and they had ridden the rollercoaster of passion and ecstasy. At least, Mark had. DesirЋe's worries had retarded her climax and Mark's state of mind had hastened his and he had come and filled her belly with his seed, he thought before she had attained her peak. So they had parted melancholy this morning, and it pained him to leave her with that juvenile tear in her eye.

The small group paused in the lobby. "Mark, I think we could all do with a shower and freshening up before the banquet tonight. Margaret?"

Mark nodded. "Shall we say at nine, then, Thurston?"

"Nine it is," Mitchell answered, offering his arm to his lovely wife and strolling away with her.

Mark turned in the opposite direction, intending to get a drink in the bar before going up to his room, and that was when he saw Priscilla. She was standing by the elevator, her hand on her hip and that brazen expression on her face. She smiled, knowingly. She was beautiful in an irresistible way, and exuded sex, the way he always thought of her.

"How's the future state senator?" Priscilla asked in a velvet voice. "Got any time for a humble voter."

"Never mind that," he said, suspicious of her presence. "What are you doing here, Priscilla?"

"Just wanted to talk to you, since we're both here at the same convention."

"I only have a few minutes, Priscilla."

"I know," said the auburn-haired girl in the smart suit, standing tall and lovely by the elevator's polished door. "Word carries fast back in Pickford's, Councilor. My sources told me that Nancy Pace was deflowered yesterday, and by dear old Liz's pet dog."

Mark couldn't help but glare at her severely attractive young face.

"That's not to be taken lightly, Priscilla," he snapped, glancing toward the bar and simultaneously weighing his proximity to this twenty-six year old girl he'd known too many years. "The town's in an uproar."

"I'd expect that… with Clete Anderson inciting the whole thing, right?"


"Well, while that Lobo bastard was cavorting in town his uglies were raising hell with our livestock, darling," she said, her large green eyes engulfing him. "We can stand the herd loss, but they scared one of my favorite horses into a ditch. He broke his leg and we had to put him down. Something has to be done, Mark. That's why I've come up here to talk to these fat politicians."

"We're contemplating that, Priscilla," Mark said, fidgeting. "In the meantime, you can make a government claim for your reasonable losses."

"Oh? Don't be ridiculous, lover. You know me better than that. Besides, I wouldn't know how to begin. My daddy handles all that kind of thing." She smiled in the sexiest way, moving along beside him as he finally decided to go up to his room and forget the drink, and her hip bumped against his as she followed him in the elevator, making him remember the untold, numerous hours and days they had spent together.

He might have married her, he abruptly thought; it had been that intimately close between them. In fact, he'd carried the idea in his head for years, before he'd come to realize that he was below her station. He said: "Is Bruce still in England?"

"The last I heard, but he was considering a trip to Spain. Seems if he's met a senorita of sorts who inspires him, and you know how Daddy is."

"Not really… but I tried, you'll have to admit that," Mark countered with a smile.

"Oh, come on, baby," Priscilla laughed. "You were too close to the family not to read every one of us."

"Maybe you're right, Priss," he answered, his tired mind rehashing it all. "Maybe you are right! All the way down to the marrow, but that's all past now, water under the bridge?"

"What did you mean by that… all of the bullshit, I mean! What?" she vulgarly snapped at him. "Right down to the marrow. What's that supposed to mean?"

Mark smiled smugly. "Whatever you want it to mean, I guess, Priscilla." The door of the elevator opened and Mark moved down toward his room, noting with irritation that the young woman was still beside him. His key came out, opened the door, and he went in. Without a second's hesitation, Priscilla pushed her way into the room.

Mark turned. "What's going on now, Priscilla?"

"Sort of like old times isn't it, darling?" she huskily whispered, moving toward him so that their bodies touched.

"Sort of, but not quite, Priscilla," he managed, tugging a rare cigarette from his inside pocket and lighting it. "I'm here for a political convention and this is my room. Here we are, a pair of people, boy-girl, in the perfect environment, hotel with satin sheets."

"Interesting, isn't it?" she said, raising up over him and looking down into his face. "Now, that you've analyzed it all, Doctor Denning, may I kiss you?"

"I love her!" Mark blurted. "When I left you, I had no idea it was going to happen, but it did! I love her!"

"You belonged to me before she came to Pickford's!" Priscilla hissed up into his face. "Four years we loved, played, fucked! I sucked your cock dry a hundred times! Then you walked away from me like that?"

"None of it matters!" he managed, realizing the ridiculousness of his statement. "I mean, Christ, I love her, Priscilla!"

"And me, what am I? Some sort of forgotten whore?"

"Damn it, let's face the truth for once!" Mark gasped, struggling against her as she nudged him toward the bed. "You wanted someone to play with and you had him! No marriage, Priscilla… face it, I was beneath your station! Wasn't I? And the guy whose cock you were sucking wanted just a little bit more. Like a wife – and maybe, even kids of his own! So that's what's happened, right? That's what's going to happen!"

"You're a bastard, Mark Denning, but I love you!" she hotly whispered into his face. "I've always loved you!"

"Your father wouldn't let you love me… even when I wanted it that way!" Mark returned, lying back once more and dragging at his cigarette. "And he knew more than both of us, because we never could've made it, Priss, no way. No way!"

"Oh! Oh, damn you!" she hissed, pushing him back so that he fell on the bed, rolling toward him and smoothing her hand upward along his inner thigh. "You say these things to me when I want to make love to you… I want your cock… I want you the way it used to be!"

"It can't be that way, Priss," he said, grasping her arm trying to entwine around his neck. "Don't you understand? I love her… my DesirЋe… I love her!"

She sat upright with an abruptness that startled him. The depth of her greenish eyes in rage spat obsessive fire down at him. "You're mine, you bastard! I don't give a damn about your DesirЋe…!" she swore, and he felt her hand knowingly caressing at the front of his pants!

Mark made an effort toward stopping her, but she counteracted that by dropping down onto him, snatching the cigarette from his lips and flattening the firm mounds of her firm breasts against his chest, her hot, moistened lips finding his in an opened-mouth kiss. Her tiny, familiar tongue heatedly wormed its way between his lips while her hand continued to eagerly stroke the length of his uncontrollably hardening cock between them. He could have forced her off him, both of them knew that. He could have fought it right then and there, but he didn't! Instead, he realized that he was suddenly returning her passionate kiss thrusting his tongue into her sweet-tasting mouth in blind, rapidly building lust!

His brain struggled, but he knew it was useless… he'd been there before! She was unzipping the fly of his pants, and then he felt her smooth, claiming hand easing inside, beyond the cotton of his shorts, its knowing fingers warmly encircling the now blood-engorged thickness of his long, swollen cock! He grunted into her mouth at the erotic caress, letting his arms move around her, his hands smoothing over the small of her back and downward beyond her slender waist to the rising swell of her skirt-covered buttocks.

She broke their kiss, staring almost triumphantly down into his face, the lustful desire in her burning, green eyes causing them to glow like polished ovals of jade. "You may love your Dezzy… but you need me, darling!" she hissed in a throaty whisper. "You'll always want Priscilla, because she knows how to make love to you… knows what you want and need… knows how much you love to have your cock licked and sucked by a warm wet mouth!"

"Damn you, Priss… you sexy bitch!" he choked, working her loose, riding skirt up to find her lush, rounded buttocks unsurprisingly naked beneath, their soft, yielding resilience warm and smooth to his clutching hands. "It isn't going to gain you a lousy point, you hear?"

She tittered, her hot breath brushing his face. "We'll see, baby," she hissed as she began to slither downward over him, her full, satiny buttocks slipping away from his kneading grasp.

Mark watched with a blunted sense of crippled resistance as she moved backwards onto her knees, wedging them between his legs, her small hand still clinging to the rigid length of his hardened penis inside his pants. Christ, he never should have let her come there and he'd known it all along! He lifted his head when he felt her let go of his cock and quickly begin to unbuckle his belt. She knew her way, every inch of it, and him, he realized, as she tugged his trousers and shorts down over his hips, exposing his genitals completely to her. His towering cock cleaved skyward in its long, thick, rigid state that she had lewdly incited to hardness with calculated intentions.

"Ah, darling, it hasn't changed a bit in the last ten months!" she luridly whispered, her passion-glazed eyes fixed greedily as once more she wrapped her small, slender fingers around its pulsating hardness. "Just the way Priscilla left it. Your new little lover, Dezzy, hasn't hurt it a bit… or doesn't she use it that often, lover?"

"Damn it!" Mark gasped. "Leave her out of this, Priss! I ought to have my head examined – letting this happen!" He intended to say more, but couldn't get it out as she tauntingly smiled up at him and began to lustfully stroke his now rock-hard cock, sliding the heavy foreskin up and down, intermittently revealing the purplish swollen tip.

"Which head Mark darling?" Priscilla obscenely questioned. "If you mean this one… I was just about to examine it for you…!"

With that, she lowered her face above his up-thrust length of hardened penile flesh, one hand continuing to teasingly stroke it while with the other she drew her nails beneath the vulnerably sensitive sac of his balls. Mark grunted aloud to the teasing stimulation, then saw her tiny, pink tongue dart out to lick hotly at the drop of seminal fluid seeping from the little slit at the tip of the sleekly pulsing head.

"Mmmm… tastes as good as ever, too, darling!" she wantonly whispered, beginning to lick it all over with smooth, sweeping tongue strokes.

"Listen to me, Priscilla. I swear, it isn't going to work!" he warned huskily. "You've tricked me for the last time! Don't you understand? I love her. I love DesirЋe!"

"Mmmm… of course, I understand, baby. You're the one who doesn't!" she confidently tossed at him. "But you will, darling, once I remind you how it feels!"

Mark sucked in his breath with the obscene sensations of pleasure her wet, eager tongue sent racing through him. All else in the world was suddenly obliterated from his lust-infused brain but the lustfully erotic act she was performing on him. Chills rippled up his spine, raising a groan from deep in his throat. She brought her moistened, soft lips down all of the way then, enclosing the entire sensitive head of his cock in a wet, heated pressure, their succulent ripeness clasping like an elastic band just below the rim to trap it hungrily inside the hot, liquid cavern of her mouth.

"Christ!" he choked, raising his head once more to stare down at her tightly locked lips. It was no use, no use! The sight of his hardness disappearing up into her wide open mouth increased the sensation, as always; a thousand times. Damn, yes, yes! She knew his wants and needs only too well! If only DesirЋe would, could learn to suck him like this someday, or even suck him at all! Now, she was skillfully massaging the soft, sperm weighted resilience of his balls with one hand, and stroking the thick base of his cock between thumb and forefinger of the other, while she began to suck rhythmically up and down. He could feel the velvety smoothness of her wetly heated tongue twirling maddeningly around it at the peak of the withdrawal, the fiery tip flicking provocatively across the split at its end. Uncontrollably, he flexed his buttocks, his eyes fixed on the lustful sight of her bobbing head below, his cock beginning to throb achingly to the depths of his groin. Christ, there was no fighting a sensual young bitch like this, especially when she had your cock-head in her mouth, and more especially when she knew every vein and wrinkle in it.

Mark knew that she sensed his reactions by the way she began to suck with mounting intensity, the tips of her even, white teeth scraping gently into the resisting hardness of his cock. He could see their little white trails where they'd scraped the blood from beneath the surface of the skin. Then, she was slipping her hands beneath his buttocks to cup them in her small, warm palms trying to lift his loins up tighter to her slaving face! Her hot, liquid tongue rotated with growing fervor around the expanding cockhead and Mark realized that he was quickly heading toward the eruption point as she suddenly took almost all of it up into her hungrily working throat. Christ, he'd always been amazed that she didn't choke on it, but she never had… and on and on she sucked!

Pleasureful waves of rising heat were ungovernably building in the intricate depths of his sperm-bloated balls. Lustfully, he watched her beautiful young face toiling with a hungry, omnivorous desire about his wildly fired loins. He could see tiny rivulets of perspiration running in thin droplets from beneath her short, auburn hair and down her cheeks as she relentlessly sucked and strained to draw out the seething cum churning hotly below in his balls. The muscles in his stomach tightened until he felt they might snap from the pressure; still, he arched his back even further, shoving his aching cock deeper into the heated wetness of her voraciously sucking mouth. His breathing hissed from his lungs as he watched the thin, pink ridges of inner-flesh sensually pulling out from her lush lips which were clinging tightly to his inflamed rod of hardness.

Mark grunted and strained in a maddening buildup of mounting lust, vaguely reasoning from a score of similar episodes passed, that for her, this was but the beginning, that she already envisioned the rest of the day to be spent accordingly, until her wildly insatiable passions were gluttonously fed. But it wasn't going to be that way, and maybe that would somehow bring an end to all of it!

His own unrestrained gasp wiped away the brief illusion of thought.

Christ, the moment was there. A low, guttural sound arose from somewhere deep in his chest as he felt the scalding, sticky sperm beginning its furious charge from the sanctuary of his balls and begin squirting in fiery streams into her voraciously sucking mouth and throat! He watched her cheeks expanding and hollowing eagerly to his pumping cock, her Adam's apple visually reacting in her lewd swallowing of the warm, flooding gushes. Ardently, she continued to suck his white-hot sperm into the caressing, wet softness of her mouth, while his hands clutched at her head, holding her fast against the throbbing heat of his cum-spitting loins, thrusting his cock deeper and deeper into the depths of her greedily milking throat. Once, she coughed, but quickly regained control, and he shot the last dwindling spurt from the tip of his rapidly deflating penis before collapsing back to earth. Reluctant to stop, she continued to nibble and suck, as if trying to draw the last tiny drop from the length of jerking male cock flesh that had gone limp in her mouth. And that's when he gently pushed her away.

"Now, tell me that isn't worth some points, darling." Priscilla began, starting to move up toward his face. She stopped right there, her green eyes widening in surprise when he elusively moved away and got to his feet, quickly zipping up his pants and buckling his belt. "What the hell do you think you're doing?"

"I told you, Priss, it's not going to work," Mark said, looking down at where she sat staring up at him in growing anger, the telltale trails of milky white sperm still coating her lips and chin. "It's no good, it's all over between us."

"No good! All over?!! Why-Why, you sonofabitch! After you lay there and let me suck your cock till you came in my mouth you can say a thing like that to me? To me?" she spat in mounting viciousness, gaping up at him as if she refused to believe his statement. "Who the hell do you think you are?"

Mark had no intention of arguing with her. He felt low enough already at what had happened between them, but Christ knows, he hadn't wanted it to. He'd tried to avoid it, hadn't he?

"Wait a minute, damn you!" Priscilla shrieked after him as he walked to the door. "Goddamn you, Mark Denning! You can't do this to me! What sort of man are you anyway? I need you, right now. Now! Come back here and fuck me!"

Mark went to the door before turning to see her brushing the back of her hand across her lips and chin, standing spread-legged with her eyes blazing in unfulfilled rage. "I'm sorry, Priscilla, but it's just as I said. I love my fiancee! It's all over between you and me, and I wish I didn't have to prove it to you this way. I can only suggest you find another stud to play with." He opened the door. "I'm going back downstairs for a drink. Don't be here when I get back."

"You… you sonofabitch!" he heard her scream. "Goddamn you Mark Denning… I'll have your nuts for this! I swear I will! I'll have your nuts!" she screamed after until the shutting door cut her off. She was vicious, but he didn't know that he could blame her. It was a miserable thing he'd done, but how else did you handle a selfish vixen like Priscilla Devereaux, except in the only vein she understood – sex? And how the hell was he going to tell Dezzy, because he knew he had to. Otherwise, whatever it was they had between them would be worthless! Yes, he had to tell her, but how he didn't know, he thought, sick at heart, the faint, screeching voice of the young woman still threateningly audible through the heavy wood of the door.


The three young men in Clete's office cringed at the ferocity of his diatribe. He paced up and down, banging his fist on desktops, kicking chairs. His hate for Mark Denning nearly exceeded the hate he felt for Liz's disgusting runaway dog. He had hated the dog and Liz ever since he had come in her back door and silently sneaked to her bedroom, only to find her moaning and bucking on her hands and knees on her bed with the great mixed wolf and German Shepherd dog's huge cock reaming her luscious cunt. He had gone mad then, and tried to kill the animal, but she had forestalled him long enough for the worthless injured mutt to limp away and be lost in the night. And now? Now he was back, renegade and ten times as dangerous, a wild beast that raped human females.

But now Denning had hurt him again, first in seducing DesirЋe Mitchell right before his eyes, and then in thwarting his plans to make himself a hefty reward for tracking the devil dog down and skinning him alive. But Clete had plans for revenge and it would be a drastic revenge. The hot little bitch would turn on and go crazy once he had the chance to fuck her and that was why the three young men, in their twenties, half-educated and unemployed, were in the office now. Johnny and Billy Canning and their sidekick Sam Quaid would lay the groundwork. All Clete had to do was get DesirЋe into his cells and he would soon have her begging for his cock.

Johnny was the oldest of the trio and natural leader, so he asked the questions. "What do you want us to do Clete?"

They owed Clete a favor, since he had caught them peddling drugs and he had turned them loose, on condition that they be at his disposal.

"Here's the gig," Clete said, calming down. "You got any coke on you?"

All three hesitated, then nodded. "But we ain't selling it no more."

Knowingly, Clete said, "'Course not, but I need you to get some. I want you to get a bag of it into DesirЋe Mitchell's house, into her bedroom, into a drawer."

"What for, man?" Johnny asked.

"You don't ask," Clete snarled. "You just do what I tell you to, understand?"

Johnny looked to his companions. "But Clete, she don't use the stuff. I'm sure of that."

The sheriff looked at them as if they were idiots. "That doesn't even enter in to it. By the time we're done with her, the whole town will think she does. You just follow my orders, if you don't want to get busted for peddling snow to the teenagers, you motherfuckers that don't sell no more." He looked at them again, his eyes telling them that he knew full well that they were still pushing drugs.

"Now, boys, you get up there tonight. Go in through the window and don't leave any traces. Slip a bag of snow in the drawer under her panties, so I know where to look for it. Before her parents get back from the city in a few days, I raid the place with Bollinger. You don't need to know the rest."

The three young men stared at him, only half comprehending. They could see it was a frame, but why? Johnny decided not to delve any further into Clete's arcane motives. He had no idea why he wanted to entrap the innocent blonde choir girl, but he did know that he had no desire to cross the big black lawman. Johnny had every intention only of staying in business and out of jail.

"So, what are you waiting for?" Clete shouted, and the three fellows made quickly for the door.


DesirЋe turned the key and let herself into the large rambling and luxurious home where she lived with her doting and protective parents. Tonight, for the first time since they had moved here, she was all alone in the big house, as she would be for another three days. Mark's trip to the convention had fallen just at the time she was rehearsing with the church choir for a performance they were giving in the capital next week for the nomination banquet. In just a few days they would return, but until then, she was alone in the big house, and she couldn't recall just when she had last been alone there.

The truth of it was that she missed Mark terribly. Last night they had made love again, against her better judgment. But she had failed to attain that sensual peak, that thing she thought was called an orgasm, as she had the first time out there under the elm tree a few days previously. It had left her slightly on edge, her body still tingling for more after Mark had spent himself. She had enjoyed it, up to the point where he had stopped, so instead of that soul-wracking orgasm she had enjoyed her first time, she had lain there. More, her mind moaned, more, while she had lain there with him for over an hour, before he had taken her home.

Choir practice had been long and exhausting and, guiltily, she had found her mind wandering to her absent lover and his body and that wondrous appendage between his legs that he pleasured her with. But in his absence, she found her guilt growing on her more and more. Her thoughts flip-flopped between lust and guilt, the latter making her cold and depressed while the former would eventually come to her rescue and warm her again.

Stripping off her clothes, she walked into the bathroom and took a shower, washing her full, melon-like breasts, watching the dainty nipples firm and distend with her attentions. The impulses that began to sizzle through her brain made her feel dirty again, so she began to soap herself between the legs, washing her now oozing, slimy, wicked vagina. It seemed the more she washed, the hotter and slimier it became, flushing with her natural lubricants in a very unchaste way. With a moan of self-disgust, she forced her small hands away from her body, stepped out of the shower, dried, and wrapped the towel around herself. She went to her bathroom, still feeling the heat of her self-arousal, wanting to stop herself from giving in to what she felt was coming over her.


Having climbed in through the window, Johnny and Billy Canning and Sam Quaid had just begun going through DesirЋe's drawers, looking for the proper place to deposit the incriminating materials, when they heard the girl's footsteps coming from the bathroom. She had come home unexpectedly and they had nearly panicked when they heard her come into the house, but out of fear of Clete's wrath they had stayed to finish their task. But, knowing almost nothing of women and not knowing where in these many, many drawers that held the many, many clothes of the rich man's daughter, they had taken too long in finding the spot where Clete would look for the cocaine.

Now they heard her soft footsteps coming from the bathroom and again their panicked, wild eyes cast urgently around the room. There was no time to get through the window quietly, and if they were seen leaving, they would never be able to get back in again. Damn it! Johnny thought. Why had he brought the other two with him? This had been a one-man job, and now the three of them were going to be caught.

With a brief flash of inspiration, his eyes lit on the louvered doors of one of the large closet, still standing open from their search. He gave the others a strong jerk to get them moving and they all crowded into the closet beneath the two dozen jackets that hung on the rail. Johnny quickly and quietly pulled the door shut, nearly all the way, fighting to still his excited breathing, crouched shoulder to shoulder with his dull-headed companions.

Through the crack in the door, he saw her come into the room, while the other two watched through the slats of the closet. He could only hope that she would soon dress and leave, giving them a chance to finish their mission and sneak away unnoticed. But he knew that if she wanted to dress in clothing hanging in the same closet with them, they would most certainly be discovered.

They were flabbergasted with what happened next. Astonished, titillated and aroused.


Without noticing on this warm night the opened window, DesirЋe dropped the towel and stopped briefly before the mirror, noting the big, full, uplifted tits that always seemed to get in the way, the firm, concave belly and, as she turned with a coquettish pirouette, her heart-shaped bottom with the plump, round buttocks, each surmounted by a delicate dimple at the base of her back, the straight, silky honey-colored hair that lay perfectly, feathering out over her plump labia from the moist, hot split of her vulva. Her legs were perfect, long like a model's, but slightly plumper around her thighs, making her wonder if she shouldn't do a bit of dieting.

To think that she had cradled Mark between those thighs and that he had entered her with his penis…

Oh, oh, oooooh! DesirЋe's hands moved to her body again.


Johnny, Billy, and Sam crouched inside the closet, breathing heavier with each passing moment, their youthful excitement rising as they watched.

"Son of a bitch!" Sam whispered, and Johnny nudged him to silence. But Johnny's tongue was fairly hanging out and he rubbed the front of his pants as he felt an erection growing. Though the three of them made good money peddling drugs in Pickford's Meadows, because of the high class status of the people living there, they seldom achieved sex with any of the women, which meant that for recreation they had to go into Tucksville and avail themselves of the prostitutes plying their trade in that more modest neighborhood.

DesirЋe was running her hands over her big tits now, pinching the rosy nubs while they hardened and swelled, the tender, stippled aureoles contracting and deepening in color. They saw her close her eyes, the lashes fluttering girlishly as her feminine feelings expanded in her belly. She let her hand crawl tentatively down her belly to the wet spot where the fire was growing, to that warm fold of her desire, which immediately began to dew with the nectar of her arousal.


The lovely, blonde girl's breath came unevenly. Mark, oh, Mark, where are you my love! she cried within. She knew what was going to happen now and she couldn't stop herself. Even before her love had taken her virginity under the elm tree last Sunday, DesirЋe had learned to relieve herself. It had an awful name, masturbation, but it had actually helped her calm her feelings with herself alone rather than giving herself to some unworthy man. And Mark was not here to help her, being away at his political convention with her parents. She was all alone here at the house, out in the middle of their peacefully, private thousands of acres. No one would know but her, no one would see.

Walking to the bed, she dropped back on the sheets, parted and raised her knees, and let her middle finger slither down through her wet feminine furrow to the aching, fire-filled nubbin of her clitoris. Her hand was educated enough to know exactly what to do. She found the precise spot of greatest stimulation and, throwing her conscience to the winds, began to bring herself to the culmination she had missed last night with Mark.


They could all see right up between DesirЋe's legs to the pink gash dripping girl-nectar into the crack of her ass where her little, vermilion asshole twitched innocently. Her bottom was rolling with a womanly grace as she stoked herself lasciviously, gasps of passion rising from her throat and she stroked around the scarlet swelling of her clitoris. Her breasts quivered with the shaking of her womb as her sensations grew and they knew that she would soon climax and gush her juices onto the bedcover.

Johnny was getting cramped in this position and he knew he would have to shift soon or his legs would fail him. And then he heard movement beside him and with disgust became aware that Sam had his cock out and was stroking it to relieve himself in the same way DesirЋe was doing. His reaction was to shift away from Sam, which unbalanced Billy, who tumbled to his right, dragging down a long fur coat, the hanger hook pulling down the rail with all the clothing supported by it. It made enough racket for anyone to hear, and then Johnny stumbled forward, knocking the doors open.

DesirЋe sat up with a startled, horrified gasp, kneeling on the mattress, covering her big tits with her too-small hands, watching the three young men pile out of the closet. Johnny was the first to compose himself and knew they had to cover up their presence here somehow. What were they doing here? They could not be had for planting dope. At the best that would end their business here and at the worst land them in the state prison. They would have to invent another reason for being here, to cover Clete's plans, and disappear from the area, hoping that the girl had never seen them before in town and wouldn't recognize them.


Johnny pulled his T-shirt over his head and unbuckled his pants, letting them drop to the floor so that he could step out of them. As he skinned off his shorts, revealing a giant, throbbingly stiff cock, he said, "Okay, darlin'. Time for some real fun."


Lobo loped across the fields that surrounded the Mitchell farm, following the faint beacon of the house's lights. He knew Clete was hunting him and that meant finding new haunts, places he had never gone before, where the vengeful sheriff would not think to look. At the distance, Lobo's sensitive nostrils detected a familiar scent, similar to that of others he had known, yet different, fresher, cleaner, finer, yet at the moment, stronger. The exact origin he was not sure of, yet he knew the scent and followed it avidly, his reaction naturally male and instinctual.

After a quick dash across a grassy meadow, Lobo drew silently toward the open window of the large, rambling house. The scent was unmistakably estrous, the smell of arousal, and as he reared up and placed his forepaws on the sill, he fully recognized the lovely person of Liz's friend, the female his mistress had called DesirЋe. She was aroused, in heat, and kneeling on the bed, facing a trio of standing young men. One of them was standing with his great, red male member jutting out before him. Lobo gave a low growl when he saw them approach her, for he considered her reserved property, whom Liz had guarded and kept untouched.

"Spread her out, guys," Johnny said, his acne-pitted face brightening with a smile. "I'm going to taste that pussy."

DesirЋe struggled while Billy and Sam grabbed her and pushed her back on the bed. She tried to keep her knees together, but they were too strong as they pried her creamy thighs apart and doubled them up alongside her ribs, opening up her intimate femaleness to these strangers as it had never been before. Johnny's grinning face came down over her exposed genitals and he could smell her girlish arousal.

"Please don't do this to meeeeeeee," the girl begged, jerking from side to side in the steely grip of Billy's and Sam's hands.

Lowering his face, Johnny could see into her palpitating, wet slit and his tongue slowly came out and gave her pussy one long swiping lick, from anus to clitoris. DesirЋe cried out and her knees jerked outward reflexively. Johnny plunged his tongue into the already sopping hole, twirling it around and around inside her vagina, his nose pressed into the lush pelt of her blonde pubic hair. Then he began licking her clit greedily, feeling her crotch jerk against his mouth as the sensations shot through her. Again and again, he laved her, hearing her moans of outrage deepen, then stop, and then change in tone. He was doing exactly what her fingers had been doing a moment before, only better, in a way not even her hand could do it.

Johnny grinned. The little blonde bitch was turning on, but how could she help it? Johnny knew how to eat pussy. It was his second best talent. His first was coming up. He came to his knees and looked down at DesirЋe's swollen vaginal opening, clenching and relaxing above the squirming little hole of her anus, where the juices had run into the crevice and glistened invitingly. While his companions gaped with curiosity, Johnny moved his hand to the girl's trembling crotch, inserting his thumb into her vagina. While she thrashed and squirmed in the grip of the other two, his middle finger slid unimpeded into her anus.

"Ooooh, noooo!" DesirЋe wailed. "Don't do that, pleeeeeeease!"

But Johnny went on inserting his digits into the girl's warm twin holes, all the way to the palm of his hand, so that through the walls of the passages he could feel the intruding fingers. DesirЋe moaned while Johnny began fucking them in and out in unison.

"What you doing?" Sam asked.

"A Brunswick," Johnny rasped excitedly. "She's my bowling ball tonight and I'm going to bowl a strike."

Billy was rubbing himself, unzipping his pants. "Hurry up, man, and fuck her, so I can get some."

"Yeah," Sam agreed. "What's the use of being here if we can't have at her cunt too."

DesirЋe cried out at the use of the obscene word even while her loins began to burn with the action of Johnny's fingers. He watched her pussy and anus clinging to his caressing fingers and decided it was time to make proper use of her. Drawing his fingers free of her fleshy, wet grasp, he shook himself and crawled up over her, grasping his massive cock and directing it to the splayed lips of her vagina. She struggled, but weakly, as the broad head of the cock, much larger than Mark's beloved organ, butted against her tingling clitoris before sliding down to the tiny elastic opening right beneath it. Johnny looked into DesirЋe's terrified, wide blue eyes, his face contorted with lust, and pushed forward with his hips, parting the walls of her slippery vagina and moving the knot of his cockhead inexorably inside.

Johnny moaned in concert with the outraged DesirЋe as he moved into her tight, unbearably pleasure-giving pussy, all the way inside, deeper than Mark's deepest-ever penetration, until his pubis pressed firmly against her crotch and his big, swollen balls swung into the cup of her anus. He was in, damnit, inside this beautiful bitch's cunt, and it felt like heaven. Without the slightest hesitation, Johnny Canning began to fuck in and out of DesirЋe's unwilling vagina, probing deeply, feeling her intimate caress, the caress she could not help giving him.

Billy peered from close up, his face just inches from where his older brother's big cock, shining with the girl's juices, was sawing back and forth in her almost virgin lovehole. Sam looked down at DesirЋe's face, contorted in torment, her eyes alternately closing tightly to block out the reality, and opening wide in horror.

DesirЋe's mind was a torrent of grief, horror, and arousal. They had taken what belonged solely to her beloved Mark, using her vagina for their sexual pleasure only, without her offering it. Still, the feelings the cock was creating in her pussy, totally independent of her emotions, were rising on their own, shooting up through her womb, belly, and breasts, to her throat and the top of her head. Her cheeks were flushed with unwanted arousal and her eyes half-closed as the light in the room became overpowering. She moved her hips, trying to squirm away from the big cock stretching her tender, tiny vagina, touching unknown trigger points inside and outside it, but she found that her hot little hole gave up its retreat over and over and pushed itself back down over the hard shaft.

Her hips began to roll, back and forth, and she felt her legs parting wider, on their own, without her making them do it, her buttocks spreading to the slap of his hairy balls against her tingling bumhole. Billy and Sam, seeing her involuntary response, released their grip on her legs while her hips began working up and down to Johnny's cock plunging faster and deeper into her cunt with each stroke. DesirЋe's hands, which had been pushing ineffectually against Johnny's chest, now opened and moved over the back of his shoulders, clearly pulling her rapist closer.

"Look at the pussy go!" Billy said, his hand finding his own painfully stiff cock.

Johnny fucked away in DesirЋe's tight, wet pussy, feeling her pushing against him, her cunt clutching warmly at his cock. She had surrendered to it, was going after the release she'd been seeking before he and his friends had crashed out of the closet and turned the girl into what she was becoming now – a sensuous, impulsive woman.


Lobo dropped to the ground, pacing furiously. The sweet-bodied female was being mounted by the young man, mating with him. He had felt that she was reluctant to be bred by the pock-marked man, and there was jealousy there in his savage heart. He had always been attracted to her, to her softness, to the color of her hair, the lilt of her voice, the uniquely delicate smell of her female hole between her legs. It made him angry that some other male was fucking her sweet cunt, that he was being left out of the mating after all this time behaving himself in her presence with Liz.

Lobo reared up again, launching his massive, powerful body up through the window.


DesirЋe was in a world of her own, filled with blessed cock, heaving her body up to the unknown male giving her this joy. She was completely out of her mind now, her world centered in her vagina and the penis that was plunging wetly into it, over and over, again and again. She felt her climax growing on her, pushing conscious thought to the back of the mind while this physical ecstasy blocked all other senses. She no longer could think or feel anything but the thrusting cock inside her.

With its movements her body impulsively chased her climax, somewhere knowing that it wouldn't end with that, that there were two other men who were waiting to use her, when suddenly she heard a distant sound, a savage growl somewhere outside her sphere of feeling. She felt the lovely, plundering cock inside her quickly soften and shrink, leaving her just shy of her orgasm – again.

"Jeez! It's him… the Goddamned dog!" a cursing boyish voice exclaimed in panic. "I'm getting out of here!"

"Come on, Sam! It's the fucking wild dog!" another choked as DesirЋe lay spellbound, her head swimming in paralyzing fear at what was taking place.

Suddenly, there was nothing, but the sound of three pairs of feet running out of the room, the slam of the front door familiar to her ears, yet, she was still nakedly spread-eagled to the bed! For a long, long moment, DesirЋe lay in deathly silence, trying to determine if they had really gone and why? Finally, she realized that she had truly been abandoned by the three rapists. Her entire nakedly exposed body trembled fearfully as she rolled her head, then lifted it.

She saw him then! He stood at the foot of the bed, massively dominating the entire room! His rounded eyes were like two glowing ovals of burning fire in his huge head, his vicious mouth partially open to display the gleaming white fangs there! Mother of God! That's why her attackers, whoever they were had run! It was him… Lobo… the animal who'd raped Nancy Pace! She had seen him before, but she had not remembered him so big. He was positively massive, it seemed, like a small horse standing there in the room!

Forgetting her nakedness, DesirЋe tried to scream, nearly choking on her own saliva! She stared with raised head, seeing the great beast leap agilely onto the bed, then lick at his lips in the manner of gentle dogs she had seen a thousand times! God, no matter what else, he'd driven the others off, she thought, watching him raise his savage head high, then… move forward toward her! His powerful jaws were just above her throat! He was going to – going to – they lowered right above her face, and he sniffed gently at her ear. It was then that she noticed the silver tag that hung from his neck, embossed with the name of Liz, his erstwhile mistress, and Lobo, the great savage dog that attacked defenseless women and raped them.

Anxiously, she tried to find her voice. Should she scream now? But no one would hear, for there was no other human being literally within three miles at least.

Lobo whimpered, simultaneously wagging his head and tail. From primeval ages past, hot-blood flowed through him. In his animal-eye he surveyed the naked, securely tied human female before him. Her hair reminded him of the noonday sun, and animalistically he licked out with his tongue. She was lying back on the pillow watching him, her eyes staring with stark fear.

His own burning orbs surveyed her again, and then, he moved closer above her, leaning down to lash out with his wet, hot tongue against the smooth flesh of her naked white belly.

She wanted to scream now, DesirЋe realized, rant at the top of her lungs. She swallowed tightly, watching him move toward her, then lowering his head, his length of pinkish seething animal-tongue licked moistly over her muscle-tightened belly!

Again, he did it, the hot, spread length of his tormenting wet tongue causing incredible sensations to spiral through her, immediately awaking the unsated passion she had quickly forgotten in her terror! She strained her sight to gape at his animal-face, to read some direction in those fire-filled, wild eyes! Oh God, he had saved her from a cruel gang rape! And he knew it – he knew it!

Once more, she raised her head to gaspingly watch his long hot tongue licking upward over the quivering white flesh of her soft belly! Higher and higher he inched, until he was finally lapping the rounded, full undersides of her exposed breasts, ever creeping upward over them toward their tiny, marble-hardening nipples… and at last, there! She couldn't restrain the little moan that escaped her lips when his feverish, moist tongue actually reached them, wetly grazing the pink, sensitively rising buds again and again to send maddeningly arousing spasms whipping through her nakedly bound body!

Oh… oh God… what was happening to her? She must be losing her mind! The lust she had wallowed in with the young man had numbed her wits to the point of stupidity! This ferocious brute could, and well might, tear her to pieces if the notion took him! Somehow, she had to find help before it was too late, before this moment of gentleness left him! Again, she felt the impulse to scream, but worse, what might her shrieking voice do to him? It wasn't as if she could scramble from the bed and try to evade his attack! She with her big, heavy breasts, was not nearly fast enough for that, helplessly vulnerable to those massive jaws and sharp, gleaming fangs!

Dear Lord, she could hardly think with the inconceivable rising heat his fiercely licking tongue brushing wetly over the naked mounds of her breasts was creating inside her! She heard him whimper deep in his throat, her widened stare fixed on his almost loving performance. Then, his blazing eyes raised to meet hers, their desire-fed glow level with her own. She held her breath as he moved upward and startlingly began to run his warm, liquid tongue in hot caresses over her face, with obvious canine affection!

A feeling of gentle warmth filled Lobo's powerful body as he tenderly licked over the pleasing, soft beauty of the female-human's flesh. The pleasant taste of her breasts, and now her smooth white face intrigued him anew. This was not the same, he sensed, as the vengeance he had fulfilled with the other young she-woman. No malice toward this one raged inside him as it had for the one he had first seen in the company of his worst enemy, the sheriff. Her warm human-eyes reflected emotions that he could understand in the depths of the mysterious brain he possessed. Yes, she was one that he could claim now, for his own!

DesirЋe reflectively rolled her head to shy her face away from the brute-animal's hot, licking tongue. There was no question in her mind but that he was sort of kissing her, showing her in his own way that she needn't be afraid, that he wouldn't harm her! Why she felt that she could fathom his non-human meaning was beyond her, but she was certain she was right! It was almost as if uncanny vibrations were passing between them, and suddenly she realized that, denied her release now three times in the last 24 hours, she was no longer trying to avoid the heated attention of his warm, moist tongue, but giving herself to it with tightly closed eyes!

Abruptly, he stopped. She felt the weight of him jiggling the bed and snapped open her eyes to see. Oh God, he was moving down between her loosely-spread legs! She raised to watch him poise his great head between her open thighs, then slowly lower it, his heated animal breath taunting the sparse blonde pubic hair there! His cool, wet nose brushed against the soft, hot flesh of her inner-thigh… and finally, the still flushed lips of her vaginal crevice! She heard him whimper as he sniffed her fresh, female excitement, taunting her susceptibly naked loins as though he were making an actual seduction!

Once more, the urge to scream filled her, but was rendered utterly useless as she felt his warm damp nose suddenly rubbing wetly against the smooth, tight rim of her tiny cringing anus!

"Oh… oh, my God!" she gasped out, as if she were pleading to another person, Liz's words suddenly finding some realistic meaning in her racing mind. "Don't… please don't!" Oh… ooohhhhh!

His wild tongue snaked out to lick wormingly up and down the smooth vale surrounding her tightly clenched little anal mouth, the tip lapping teasingly up over the pinkish dimple, and its defensively-clasped rim!

DesirЋe hardly knew whether it was fear, shame, or the tantalization itself that made her try to squirm her naked vaginal slit away, but when the massive dog raised his head and warningly growled, she quickly stopped. His head lowered again, the hot, seething tongue beginning to lick at the narrow pink crevice between her helplessly spread thighs. She trembled and groaned uncontrollably as he wetly drew it upward over the full length of her openly spread pussy. "Oooooh God!" The lewd sensations stabbing inward to reach deep into the nerve centers of her helplessly fluttering belly.

Again he did it, this time, his thick hot tongue spreading through the yielding, hair-fringed cunt lips like a fluid blade! It didn't stop, but continued to relentlessly splay the raw, sensitive flesh, pausing at last to lunge in a penetrating curl far up her shamelessly moistened vagina! She gasped and spasmed convulsively, writhing in reflexive bodily contortions to his oral rape. But he never stopped – and she wasn't sure that she wanted him to!

At that intensively breathtaking moment, the spread-eagled, obscenely exposed young girl was not sure of anything but the sudden ardent thrill of excitement his hot, ravaging tongue was sending through her young naked body. Her whimpers increased uncontrollably, while her mind slipped further into a spell-binding sensual oblivion that she could not, nor did not want to struggle against! Again and again, his pleasure-bringing tongue bathed her unprotected loins from the snug rim of her tightly clenched little anus, upward through the glistening, moist crevice of her long-unsatisfied vagina. At its peak, it hesitated, penetrating to flick almost knowingly at the trembling bud of her clitoris, irresistibly amplifying her mounting sexual feelings a hundred fold!

How long it went on, DesirЋe in her erotic intoxication had no idea – only that it did, the heavenly searing tongue licking wildly through and over her moistly inflamed cuntal flesh until she was gasping and squirming her whole naked body maddeningly beneath it.

"Oooohh… ooohhh…!" she moaned gutturally as he flicked the tormenting organ in a hot, lust-whetting curl up into the clutching little mouth of her burning vaginal passage. "Ooohhh… Lobo…! You'll make me come… oohhh please…? Don't lick me anymore, please! I won't be able to stop myself!"

DesirЋe hardly knew what she was saying, her overpowering passion had built to that intensity, but abruptly, she sensed the loss of his pleasure-bringing tongue, and she raised her head to gape in confused disappointment. He had moved up over her once more on the bed and she heard his animal whimpers at the same moment! She wrapped both arms around his great neck, defensively hugging his huge head tightly to her as she lay back, the weight of his powerful body flattening her resilient upraised breasts down against her chest.

Weak with rekindled arousal, she saw his head dip between her anxiously spread thighs, little whimpers still emitting from his panting mouth, while soft mewls of delight tumbled from hers. Then, overcoming her fear and revulsion with a groan of her own, DesirЋe let her knees fall back to her breasts, and his nose jammed tight down into her wetly throbbing vagina! His eager tongue flicked up the fire-filled channel like an attacking lizard, his own whines blending with hers as he hungrily lashed and penetrated the glistening pink flesh between her lewdly spread thighs and buttocks.

"Oh… ooohhh… God…! Please stop licking it, doggy… licking my… my vagina!" she gasped with amazement, in spite of her feelings of revulsion, uncontrollably undulating her widely opened, obscenely positioned loins and rounded white buttocks salaciously up against his mind-destroying tongue.


Johnny Canning wasn't too long in his flight before he discovered that the dog wasn't following them with lethal intent. In fact, the dog had stayed behind in the room with DesirЋe. Slowing down, he saw his two companions just go on in their wild run to nowhere. Then he turned. What was going on back there? Was the savage dog eating the poor angel-eyed blonde. They had left her there, at the mercy of the feral dog. He had to know what was going on. Perhaps, if it was not too dangerous, he could do something to rescue her.

Turning, Johnny loped carefully and quietly back the way he had come until he came in sight of the opened window of DesirЋe's bedroom.


Lobo could smell as well as taste the sweetness of her human female arousal, the keen aromatic flavor driving his basic sexual instincts higher and higher. Though he had known carnal intercourse with human females in his time, none had ever commanded his natural impulses such as this soft, white creature with the long golden hair. Her pale, sky-colored eyes reflected truth, and her voice sounds were gentle and warm. There was a sun-brightness to the expression of her smooth, white face that he sensed flowing through the tender symmetrical curves of her entire body. But it was there down between her welcomingly spread thighs where he licked with his lust-heated tongue that he knew the naked sensitive realness of her. This yielding, pink flesh of her open pussy with its hot, flowing nectar revealed her innermost emotions and as he greedily and lovingly tongued the wispy, curl-fringed softness, he intuitively felt the rising heaviness of his own feral, animal loins.

DesirЋe felt his magnificent hot tongue suddenly desert her lewdly exposed vaginal opening and she quickly raised her head to see him backing off several steps. "Oh… oh God! What is it?" she moaned imploringly to his entreating whine. "You're stopping? What-What is it you want?"

He moved to her side then, nosing against her soft hip in a gesture that she found herself understanding. Ohh! He wanted her to turn over onto her stomach! Gently, he nudged again, the whimpering sounds coming from the depths of his chest, the silver ID medal swaying beneath his throat.

Unable to determine why she did it, she responded, and moreover, not wanting to know or destroy the beautifully impossible bond between them, DesirЋe lowered her long, white legs and rolled over onto her stomach, no thought of fear or resistance in her inflamed brain. She again allowed her long, shapely legs, weak with burning arousal, to spread open wide, sensing that he wanted this, again narcissistically picturing her own naked, smoothly curved femininity in her mind's eye. She sensed his panting, hot breaths against the soft mounds of her partly raised buttocks, then joyfully felt the heat of his thick wet tongue slithering into the soft smooth crevice separating them!

DesirЋe moaned audibly, unknown sensations of undisguised lust charging ever stronger through her girlish vagina and belly. She hardly realized it as she reached back behind herself with her small hands to lasciviously spread the lush cheeks open, giving him full access to her tiny, pink, palpitating anus! Then, his loving, hot tongue was wetly caressing it, again splaying open the ripe, hair-lined lips of her inflamed pussy to graze the sensually flushed, pink flesh on its lewd path back to the naked baby-like mouth of her rectum.

Oh heavens! She was going to lose her mind entirely, she thought! She truly, truly was! And then, her animal lover was nuzzling beneath her pelvis and lifting, his desire as clear to her as if he had spoken words of English. Obediently, trembling with arousal and apprehension, she raised up, elevating her buttocks that spread wide as she knelt slave-like before the huge, powerful dog in complete surrender!

Once more, as if in answering love, he drew his thick, splaying tongue up through the full length of her seethingly wet cuntal crevice, and she gasped out her erotic delight. She tried to widen her knees even further to open the throbbing pink pussy slit between her trembling thighs wider to him. His long, curling animal-tongue thrust possessively, sweeping hotly through the blood-flushed, wet inner-flesh and flicking at the hungrily grasping mouth of her vagina, enticingly firing her offered loins to greater heat before, unexpectedly, he moved to a new, provocatively lewd position!

She tensed as the massive dog's muscular, furry body crowded in behind her toward her nakedly trembling buttocks, the short fur of his belly brushing between the wide-spread cheeks to tickle her tingling asshole. She was suddenly aware that he was raising up on his hind legs and his powerful forelegs were grasping at her upthrust hips! What was he doing? Oh God! Was it… was it possible… that he was mounting her, she thought, wildly twisting her head to look back. And he was! He was! Dear Lord, he was! Could it be that he intended to take her, sexually, just as though she were another animal! Of course, she had seen the mating of enough farm animals here in the county to know.

Her confused brain whirled with the impossibly lurid idea, and once again she remembered some of Liz's tale! Oh God! she inwardly gasped, her body trembling to the sensations with which Lobo's lashing tongue had set her palpitating loins afire. Then, her glazed eyes caught sight of their lewdly locked position in her vanity mirror and she groaned helplessly at the obscenely provocative reflection. The bestial obscenity of the great German Shepherd athwart the spread white moons of her smooth, oval buttocks sent unbelievable charges of fearful, salacious fire soaring through her naked, quivering body.

Then, she gaped breathlessly at the sight of his huge, glistening, purplish cock emerging from its long sheath, wet and hard, much bigger than Mark's, the wet, bulbous end slipping and dancing as it moved forward to probe the damp, pink crevice of her reluctantly but wildly excited cunt. She felt his strong canine body jerk against the giving flesh of her supple, white buttocks, saw the stiffly rising tip of his thick length of hardened cock-shaft trying to penetrate the thin, fresh, vertical mouth of her defenselessly upturned vagina!

He whimpered loudly, it concert with the terrified DesirЋe, his forepaws gripping the soft sensitive flesh of her naked hips as he stumbled, thrusting, on his hind legs behind her, desperately endeavoring to bury the thick, throbbing shaft up inside her!

DesirЋe saw it all in the mirror, and with a horrified moan, she shifted her hotly quivering buttocks to the side, trying to avoid the questing cockhead and his lengthening hardness, the feverishly impassioned tension inside her reaching a nearly unbearable point! Oh God… the idea… it was terrifying… to have his long, thick animal-cock inside her soft, inflamed, cringing vagina! Although there had really been no way to avoid it, she had let things go way too far. She had allowed her feelings to drift along on a tide of raw sensuality, and now she found herself in the worst position of her young life. It was wrong, horribly wrong and perverted and a crime against nature, but yes, she was convinced that he fully intended to drive his penis deep into her soft, wet vagina – even while she felt herself going mad with her unfulfilled desire! But she didn't want it! Not this! Not this way! She didn't want to have intercourse with a dog, and she mustn't allow it under any circumstances. But it seemed that nothing else mattered to the savage animal! She peered back over her full, widely splayed buttocks, paralyzed, her squirming hips now effectively immobilized by the Herculean grip of his forelegs, fearfully watching the slippery tip of the thick and rigid animal organ searching blindly but expertly in her soft silken pubic hair and oozing wet slit until, to her dismay, its hotly pulsating head instinctively found the wetly receptive mouth of her drooling and waiting vaginal hole! Even as she felt the first obscenely intimate touch of the cock's throbbing tip, she gasped with alarm as, immediately, he lunged forward, bursting through the tight rim of her vagina as he speared her defenselessly wet young love channel open wider and wider, sending the long rod of hard, thick animal-cock deep up into the hungrily squirming wet hole between her thighs!

DesirЋe watched in the mirror in bulging-eyed horror and fascination as the burning, scarlet rod of stiffened dog flesh slithered forward with a wet, brutal charge, burying itself nearly all the way up to the hilt in her painfully stretched vagina. Lobo's heavy, sperm-bloated balls swung down in a lewd arc and smacked flatly beneath her golden wet pussy-hair and now widely-split labia.

The intense, pressuring shock of impalement came bursting through her loins an instant later and she grunted out her choking gasp. Then: "Oh my God…! Nooo. N-noooooo!" she wailed, her wide blue eyes gaping unseeingly as her excitedly panting animal-lover adjusted his stance, increased the depth of his penetration with help from his sinuous hind legs, and then immediately began to fuck rhythmically, in and out, in and out, up into her from behind. Tears bursting from her eyes, her head jarring from his every fierce, breast-quivering plunge, DesirЋe's attention was inexorably drawn to the long, scarlet length of hardness slicing into her, again and again, sliding smoothly on the oil of her own secretions as the dog's balls began swinging heavily, like a pendulum, beneath her wide-split pussy lips.

The dog was fucking her, literally, his penis in her vagina, where no other male save her beloved Mark had ever ventured! Fucking her deep and hard, massaging those oh-so-sensitive spots inside her that she never knew she had, causing the fire to burn, causing a hot chill of intimacy to shoot from her opened cunt up her spine to the back of her neck. It brought a shudder of sensation, and then, to her consternation, she found her hips uncontrollably beginning to move rhythmically backward to meet his powerful, breathtaking strokes! Unequaled sensations of base lust filled her sensuously slaving body as her innocent vagina, of its own volition, repeatedly thrust backward onto the huge, ever-thickening cock skewering deeper and deeper into her raging, hot hole from behind.

"No, noooo!" she groaned. This couldn't be happening! But it was, and her body was responding uncontrollably!

Furiously, his savage muscular beauty battered and thudded resoundingly against her yielding, wide-spread ass-cheeks, the short fur of his underside tickling her exposed asshole, his painfully huge cock a relentless shaft of wetly-glistening, sadistic joy sinking to its full length deep into her soft, quivering belly! With ungovernable, whimpering mewls, her rounded working buttocks began to lewdly rotate back at him with an uncontrolled, lewd frenzy, grinding her hotly clinging cuntal walls back over the length of his hardened, piercing animal flesh with a masochistic cry of wanton passion.

Lobo settled into a rhythm pleasing to himself and to DesirЋe at the same time, a rhythm she could follow, and as she did, he plunged again and again into her silky channel, salacious, wet slurping sounds accompanying each penetration and withdrawal, growing in volume as her vagina flushed with the fluids of arousal. In, all the way to her tender cervix, pushing it back with a wet squelch, then out, drawing out her delicate inner membranes as they clung lovingly to the solid, feral, thrusting shaft. DesirЋe blushed scarlet at the wetly audible evidence of their intimate coupling. She was doing it, actually having intercourse with Lobo, a wild dog, his massive penis pounding incredibly deep and oh-so pleasurably into her tender, girlish young vagina. Mark had been the first to feel her lovely insides on his cock just a week previously, and now, this devil dog was possessing her, fucking her inflamed cunt with his vile, giant cock. Oooooh, oooooh, it was just too much to contemplate!

DesirЋe gave a breathy grunt with each backward thrust of her gushing genitals, unable any longer to restrain her voice. The feelings were overwhelming as his dog cock endlessly hammered into her pussy, up inside, all the way to her navel, then out again, to the grasping lips of her sucking vagina. Her body began to soar with feelings Mark had never yet aroused in her, deep in her belly where his man cock had never been able to reach. Why was Lobo's cock so divinely long and thick when those of other animals of his breed were not nearly so large? Why was this animalistically driving cock so much better than Mark's? Deeper! Oh, Lobo, deeper!

How long it went on neither of the copulating animals on the bed knew, but the fact was that they did not tire for nearly a half hour, the great animal penis reaming the tender vagina of the blonde, human female in an irresistibly pleasurable way.

"Oh, Lobo," she pleaded, wiggling her shuddering, jiggling buttocks back at him. "Oh, my God! You're doing it to me, aren't you, darling!" The signal flashed through her lust-inflamed young body then, the unmistakable beacon of erotic fulfillment! What Mark, nor any man, of course, had never done for her, this savage dog was doing now naturally. It spiraled through her seething loins like the pricking of a million warning needles, and gnawed at the base of her quivering belly with the promise of unknown rapture, shooting up through her loins like electric shocks to the distended pink nipples of her breasts. She whimpered aloud to the abyss of her growing sensual bliss, gaping at the mirror hungrily to see the great dog Lobo's wet, thick cock disappearing up between the soft downy lips of her own drooling, hot vagina, his furious fucking of her tempoed in quickened jerky animal strokes! She caught sight of her own pink cuntal flesh, mantled with a froth of unbearable arousal, wetly clinging lewdly to his huge, long, inhumanly thick hardness, drawing the tender membranes out nearly an inch when he pulled out of her, then vanishing back up inside again with his thrusting charge, his heavy cum-laden balls swinging up under her pubis and smacking solidly below, between the slick and wet spread-open lips of her hotly searing pussy.

Her brain reeled in the throes of her wildly aroused passion, her eyes feasting on the sensuous spectacle of her full young breasts quivering and swaying like hanging white mounds of lush, pink-crested fruit to his beautiful, battering barrage! She saw the flailing beauty of her own long, blonde hair when she tossed her head in cadence to the moans of gasping enchantment hissing from her heaving chest!

"Oh God… please stop! I can't stand it anymore!" she cried, gasping for breath. "Liz was right, she was right! I know now. Yes, she was right! Please don't stop now, Lobo… take me… Oooohhhh… God!"

It was the wailing, soft lilt in her crying voice that made Lobo know her sexual surrender. He whimpered back in response as he ardently thrust into her from behind in the only depth of expression his basic instincts urged. He knew that she was readily giving herself to him in the loving beauty of natural law, never resisting or fighting him, but eagerly, thrusting her soft, white female vagina back onto his heavily aching hardness. The wet warmth of her human love channel was greedily clenching at his animal cock, as if she were his own bitch mate, and his great heart pounded lovingly in his chest for her.

He sensed the dribbling wetness against his loins that trickled from her wide-split hole down the soft smooth backs of her thighs from where he fucked into her, and saw the thin, sheen-like droplets of perspiration that had gathered on her naked white body beneath him. His own tongue hung loosely from his opened jaws in heated frenzy. The moment of culmination was near!

Abruptly, DesirЋe raised her sensuously slackened face to whimper out a guttural, animal groan from deep in her throat. Her glazed blue eyes grew round and unseeing. "Ooohhh… ooohhhh… I can't stand it! I'm going mad! Do it to me harder, yes, please do it for me, doggy! Oooohhhh!" And her voice died in a strangled mixture of sob and sigh, her head tossing insanely from side to side, her long, honey-colored hair wildly flailing as she began the first convulsions of her climax, skewering her white, passionately undulating buttocks back onto his long, thick rod of hardness with a wantonness that she had never even imagined she was capable of.

The first spasm struck her then and she yelped, slamming her round, white ass-cheeks back hard against the rhythmically fucking dog cock with a desperate, frantic lunge while her vagina gushed streams of juicy, slippery fluid. Simultaneously Lobo responded with a forward thrust and growl, his massive hardness swelling, the throbbing knot of his penis locking tightly inside her snug, pink vagina, held there securely inside her while it began to spew its heated animal sperm deep up into her soft, wildly contracting hole with long, hard spurts, flooding her feminine passage with his hot, white creamy semen.

Again, DesirЋe weirdly cried out, her crazily jerking buttocks beginning to contract convulsively to the grand eruption exploding hotly in her belly and loins in the universal ecstasy of all animals! She threw her head from side to side in a heretofore unknown, erotic bliss… at last opening her eyes on the mirror to see the combination of human-animal liquids oozing whitely from her tightly-clenching, flooded cunt, which was still clasping and milking hungrily at her animal-lover's jerking, throbbing, spurting cock. Thick rivulets of their sticky, white fluids ran hotly down the smooth white columns of her inner-thighs. And when she could no longer watch, she sagged down on the lush, round cushions of her breasts, gasping a great sigh of blissful relief, her round, shapely buttocks still raised up high behind her.

DesirЋe lay unmoving for a long, long moment, until the dog-knot shrank and he could draw it free of her cuntal grip. She refused to let the thoughts that were trying to flood her mind return. Instead, she thought only of the beautiful, wildly arousing orgasm she had just known… felt his movements on the bed behind and over her. Yes… dear God, yes…! Liz had been right – so very right, and now, she understood!

Suddenly, she felt his hot, wet tongue licking the smooth, sensitive flesh of her naked buttocks, then her naked pussy, lapping up the overflow of his own cum! Then it stopped, and with a half-smile, DesirЋe slowly rolled over.

With a start, she sat upright, and just in time to see his great flanks disappearing through the open window. A sudden tightness caught at her throat as she scrambled toward the foot of the bed.

"Oh, no, oh, no!" she groaned, now coming around to the reality of what had happened. Oh… oh God! She couldn't hold back the tears building in her eyes. What he had done for her… with her… to her! Then, she heard it!

It was a wailing animal howl that triumphantly filled the night, and DesirЋe couldn't contain her trembling. Slowly, she crawled back up into the bed, feeling the heat of his animal sperm still puddling deep in her satiated belly, then switched the room into darkness. She licked at her lushly swollen lips and began to cry softly. There was reason now for fear, but how could she tell Mark about what had happened? It was the most shameful thing she had ever done. Most people in Pickford's Meadows who had heard that cry a moment ago had cringed, she thought sleepily, but she knew the truth, and she shuddered with terror. It had been a cry of love and savage possession, of a new-found human mate. And somehow she knew that, whether she wanted it or not, that he would be coming back!


Seething with anger, Priscilla left the Raddison Hotel, three men carrying her seven bags to the taxi. There was no point in her staying here to be rejected again by Mark Denning. She was used to getting what she wanted, everything she wanted, when she wanted it, and that little sweet-voiced, big-titted, virgin-bodied DesirЋe Mitchell was not going to get in the way of that for long. Now that Mark was on his way up in the state political system, there was no reason why Priscilla herself shouldn't be able to enjoy that success with him. Let little Dezzy go back where she came from, to Chicago and the university scene, and her big cavernous church with the forty-voice choir and the clanging bells and the old man in his long, silk robes. That was the place for the little bitch.

Oh, how she had wanted Mark's hard, loving cock tonight! And how much he had hurt her in withholding it! Her self-centered existence demanded that she prevail. All her life, her father had made sure that she had got what she wanted, within the sphere of their social group. Mark was now qualified to enter there, more than worthy of the company of the Devereauxs and the high-classed country social scene they built their lives around.

At the private airport, Priscilla's father's plane Cessna was waiting for her. As she boarded, she wracked her brain for thoughts of revenge or some kind of way to manipulate the situation to her advantage, to somehow spoil things for that holier-than-thou DesirЋe Mitchell and turn Mark away from the marriage he seemed to be contemplating with such single-minded intent.



But as soon as the sunlight crept over the windowsill of her bedroom, "little" DesirЋe awoke to her own private hell already, entirely without the help of the vengeful Priscilla Devereaux. At first she hoped that her memories of the young man inside her and the subsequently consummated dog fucking had been a bizarre dream, but a closer examination of her inner thighs and hollows at the back of her knees revealed the animal's dried sperm, and touching the still-swollen labia that had been battered so thoroughly by the German Shepherd's rampant penis. It was beyond belief, yet it had happened. A feral dog's penis had been in her vagina, ramming in and out, filling it with sperm. And, at the time, she had loved it, fallen right in with the dog's rutting, become a wild bitch animal herself. Not only was she repulsed by what had been done to her, she was disgusted at how she had reacted, without any thought of morality or decency.

It was just as Liz had said. Lobo's cock made a woman his slave.

DesirЋe reached for the phone by the bed. She felt sick at heart and she needed to hear Mark's dear voice. She dialed the Raddison and asked to be connected to his room. It took much too long for her sweetheart to answer.

"Darling?" DesirЋe said in a trembling voice.

"Dez?" Mark's tone was solicitous. "Dez? Are you all right?"

She sniffled and felt a tear streak its way past the corner of her mouth. "Uh, yes, darling. I just wanted to hear your voice."

"You miss me that much, baby?" Mark sounded touched.

"Oh, yes, yes I do," she said, silent sobs wracking her breast and causing her bosom to shake. "I miss you so much. Please come home to me."

Mark chuckled. "But Dez, I've only been gone a day. You can hold on a while longer. You lived without me for nineteen years."

DesirЋe touched her trembling lips. "Mark, Mark, I know you're doing something important, but please don't take too long."

"I'm here with your parents, and I promise that when I'm done with what I have to do, I'll be back there by your side so fast you won't believe it. Is that good enough for you, sweetie?"

The darling girl bit her lip and nodded. "I suppose so."

"All right, then, be good. The time will go fast. Why don't you go visit Liz. How's choir practice going?"

"Just fine."

"Keep thinking of me, darling. You know you're my one and only." There was a pause. "Baby, I've got to go. There's another call coming through." The line went dead.

DesirЋe turned over and began to sob.

She cried for a long time, until her eyes were puffy. But now she knew she had to go out and do something that she dreaded. After stripping the sheets from the bed, she took a long time showering, trying to wash away the dregs of the horrible act she had participated in, cupping handfuls of water up into her pleasure-inflamed, abused pussy, trying to rinse away the residue of the dog's semen. She let the water run over her face for a long time, but her eyes were still swollen when she looked in the mirror, so she went to the refrigerator, took out some ice, and applied it directly to her cheeks beneath her dewy blue eyes.

As she left the house to take her car to town, DesirЋe sniffed back her tears. She knew what she had to do. She loved Mark so much. She couldn't allow this awful deed to lie fermenting in her mind. She would have to find Pastor Hemmings, tell him what she had done, and get him to absolve her somehow, to purge her guilt before she saw Mark again. It was the only thing she could do.

The only thing.


Clete Anderson partially staggered into the kitchen of Nancy Purcell's uncle's house shortly after noon. In his disgruntled mind he was well aware of his drunkenness, as well as the dull, throbbing ache at his heavy loins. He had been waiting at the top of the rise for Nancy's relatives to leave before letting himself in. The kitchen door swung toward him and his aggrieved fiancee, Nancy, entered carrying an empty plate and beer-bottle. Clete stared at her in the tightly clinging house dress, revealing the beginning swell of curved white flesh to her smooth young buttocks when she crossed to him. His eyes jerked upward to the wispy little halter that was barely containing her firm, full breasts, and she smiled at him, tossing her chestnut-hair back, the movement causing the youthful, ripe mounds to gently ripple. Her arms went around his neck and she kissed him.

"How'd you get here, Clete?" she said, placing the dish and bottle in the sink. "Hope you don't mind my drinking a beer. I haven't felt right since…" She dropped her eyes and tried not to cry.

"O-One now and then won't hurt you," he said with thickened tongue.

"Are you hungry? Can I get you some lunch… or breakfast?"

He stared at the tempting white columns of her teenage legs, their full roundness of thigh, the satin-like, tapering shapeliness of their youth as they swept downward curvaceously into slender ankles. She was barefooted, her toes glinting with pearlish nail-polish. His red-rimmed eyes razed back upward over her, hungrily dwelling on the curved arch of her ovalled young buttocks inside their skin-tight, contrasting hot pants, and the way they nuzzled tightly into the crotch below her flat teenage belly. The big black man swallowed dryly, his eyes gaping at the naked smooth flesh whitely separating the two black garments, and again as they raised to the lushness of her thrusting, girlish breasts, their tiny pebble-like nipples embossed against the flimsy material hiding them from him.

"Can… can I get you something, Clete?" Nancy repeated, her voice momentarily catching.

Clete licked at his lips, then grinned at her. "You can open this beer, baby," he said, and then when she came close enough, he reached out to encircle his powerful arm around her slender waist.

A little gasp of surprise escaped Nancy as he effortlessly snuggled her against him, his coarse, black chest hair and unshaven face roughly grazing the soft flesh of her left arm, while his big hand spread hotly across her naked midriff. "You're a sweet little girl, baby," he hissed, "and it's time you and I started being like grown-up lovers."

"Oh, Clete," she heard herself say, hardly aware that she was even speaking. The feel of his male closeness and his hot, rough hand on her sensitive exposed skin flashing an unexpected sensation to her brain. "Better let me go if you want this beer opened…"

"To hell with that!" he choked, taking it from her and setting it on the table. "I don't need it as much as I need you, Nancy! Yeah, I need you bad right now, Nancy doll… and you know what I mean, don't you? You've had it… Lobo, I mean, that Goddamned dog! I… I won't hurt you as much as he did, baby! I swear it… I won't hurt you at all!"

Nancy sensed every muscle in her tender young body grow tense! It… it had finally happened… the moment she'd known would come! They were betrothed, after all, and she had wanted the perfect wedding, with her virginity proclaimed by her white bridal gown.

"Pl-Please, Clete… let me open your beer…?"

"Piss on the beer, girl!" he vulgarly replied, holding tightly to her as he stumbled onto his feet, then swept her up bodily inside his strong arms. Her naked legs shifted futilely when he clutched one rounded young breast inside the palm and grasping fingers of his huge hand, the other wrapping around the smooth flesh of her thigh until one long, thick finger brushed at the outlined little slit her snug hot-pants emphasized between her legs. "After two years, I deserve more than that, Nancy… a lot more than that!" He started to walk with her, moving through the house toward his bedroom, she wildly realized, as she squirmed weakly inside the tight grip of his powerful arms and hands. "It ain't as if you've never been fucked before, girl!" he drunkenly blurted, his voice anything but harsh. "I ain't going to hurt you, baby, you know I wouldn't do that! I'm your husband to be."

"Oh God no… Clete… please. What about our white wedding?" Nancy begged, his use of the four-letter work sensually knifing up between her legs with a strange fiery excitement. She had never heard it used before with such definite meaning… in fact, she wasn't certain she'd ever heard it actually spoken! "Please… please don't… think of our future!"

Clete threw her onto his bed and glared drunkenly down at her. "These sheets are white enough for our wedding?" he snarled. "Goddamn, Nancy girl, I need you! Clete needs you right now! I'm not going to hurt you, I said! You got to trust me – and I promise, I'll make it good for you… real good! You got to trust me, baby! You understand, don't you?"

"Oh… oh, Clete… I'm afraid! We shouldn't… you know we shouldn't!" Nancy gasped, an uncontrollable tremor of excitement shaking her voice as she began to cry, tears dampening her teenage cheeks.

Clete dropped down beside her, hungrily clutching her youthful curves tightly against him. He smothered her with his massive body, kissing her face and throat while he raked his huge hands over her, lustfully discovering the firm young curves of her ripe, teenage body as she began to whimper and moan beneath him. "Christ!" he swore, as suddenly she groaned aloud and seemed to melt up against him, her small hands clutching at his back, her tiny, sweet-tasting tongue darting into his mouth!

His own coarsely groaning sounds filled the room as, hungrily, he sucked at her tongue while his fumbling big hands began to pull at the house dress covering her.

"No, don't tear it!" Nancy managed, withdrawing her tongue and pressing her hands against his chest. "I-If you're really going to do it to me… let me take it off! I don't want Uncle George to ask what happened to it."

"Jesus Christ!" Clete choked, finally rolling off of her, the fearful little smile she was offering him about to drive him ape! Then, when she was free to get up, she leaned forward and kissed him on the lips first, abruptly hopping from the bed like an imp, but a more ravishing imp than he'd always thought of her as being. "Listen, my little girl… I'll buy all the Goddamned dresses, or anything else you can come up with! You hear me, baby? You do this for your Clete, empty his balls good, and he'll take care of you! Anything you want, just ask… that's all…!"

Nancy stood beside the bed looking down at him, the excited, frightened smile on her pretty young face unrestrainedly founded on the wildly growing sexual sensations permeating her whole trembling young body. It had to be the beer, she realized, that on top of the sensual awakening that the dog, Lobo, had unleashed within her! She wanted to know, had to know, and yes, she owed him something. She owed him this, she sinfully acquiesced, reaching up behind her back to remove her bra.

"You better take those clothes off now," she whisperingly suggested, as she slowly removed the bra to expose her young, full breasts to him. "You might not get another chance before the wedding, and then, you'll miss the boat."

"Christ… I'll be a… Goddamn!" Clete mumbled, his eyes fixed on the tantalizingly revealed charms of his young fiancee as she slowly, deliberately, he drunkenly reasoned, slipped out of the bra, the full, rounded mounds of her thrusting young breasts presented nakedly to him. He struggled from the bed, never taking his eyes away from her as he pulled at his clothing! He still couldn't believe it, that he was getting her to strip down naked without a screaming struggle. And all the time, she'd been right there for the taking!

Fuck, he was going to flip, all right, he concluded as he watched her wriggle out of her flimsy underwear, tiny nylon panties, his blurred-eyes struggling to focus on the voluptuous curves of her naked teenage body, plus the anxious little smile she was unintentionally taunting him with.

"Well come on, Clete!" Nancy tremulously urged, squirming her nakedness down onto the bed and refusing to acknowledge any of the condemning thoughts that were trying to reach her now desire-inflamed mind. She wanted to know, had to know if it could be the same! Feverish ripples of lewdly rising desire tormented her. She stretched out nakedly on the bed to stare at him shedding his clothes, focusing her young eyes on the final unveiling of his hair-covered loins and gasping hesitantly at the sight!

Dear God! He was massive! His… his black cock… it must be as big as Lobo's! She gaped at it, cringing reflexively at its huge length and thickness! She couldn't take her eyes from the obscene spectacle! His heavy balls hung between his legs like some monster, waggling as he moved nakedly toward the bed to her!

"Don't hurt me… please be gentle, Clete!" she whimpered as he lowered his solid weight down beside her, causing the bed to sag and forcing her to slide against the hot, hairy hardness of his muscular body. "Oh… please?"

Clete took her inside his powerful arms, his breathing coming raspingly from his lungs at the sensorial delight of her tender, yielding nakedness trembling hotly against him, her last pleas unheard. Instead, he smashed his thick tongue between her girlish lips into her warm mouth, his one huge hand raking over the soft, resilient mounds of her young breasts. Greedily, they clutched and kneaded, rolling and pinching their tiny, hardened nipples, raising little gasps to escape her around his thrusting tongue.

Nancy moaned helplessly within the imprisonment of his confining arms. His hot, thick tongue bursting into her mouth, the feel of his long, throbbing penis and hairy loins pressuring against the soft flesh of her hips and thigh; then the eager, unrestrained caresses of his big hand on her sensitive teenage breasts, immediately fired new quickly growing sensations of heated passion to race up between her legs. His coarse hand began grazing down her ribs and side, across her quaking belly, finally reaching the moistened intimacy of her vibrantly flushed vaginal crevice. She tensed, erotically quivering against him as he toyed momentarily in the sparse, silken pubic curls between her legs, then gently with one finger, traced the length of her tightly clenched pussy lips. Downward and back up, his thick finger brushed, gradually easing into the wet, sensitive inner-flesh until it reached her tiny, erect clitoris! He flicked it with the tip of his middle finger and she gasped up into his mouth! He pinched the erect bud and she repeated her shivering gasp! He ran his finger back down through the tingling, liquid flesh to the small opening of her vaginal channel, and while his tongue began to orally fuck into her mouth, he slipped his long, thick middle finger up into the moistened sheath of her excited cuntal passage!

"Oooohhh… ohhhhh Clete!" Nancy moaned chokingly around his plunging tongue.

God! It was going to be everything she had hoped for!

His wonderful hand was setting her right off into space! She couldn't even imagine a moral sense of right or wrong! Ooooohhhh, it was wonderful, she thought wildly as his long, slowly working middle finger began to smoothly slip in and out of her wet, dilated cunt-channel, a new wave of passionate excitement rippling over her naked, teenage flesh.

Abruptly, his pleasure-bringing finger was easing out of her and he began to move bodily downward away from her. "Oh please, Clete… don't stop now!" Nancy disappointedly pleaded.

"Stop…?" he rasped. "Christ, baby, I'm just beginning!"

He moved back up over her, a lustful animalistic grunt escaping him as he began to kiss her young face and throat, shoulders and breasts. Hungrily, he squeezed the full supple mounds to cone-shaped points, ravenously sucking their hardened little nipples into his mouth. While she groaned incessantly, he again moved down over her, burying his face in the soft, easily giving flesh of her smooth young belly. His wet tongue laved hotly into her tiny navel, sweeping hotly over the satin-like surrounding flesh! And then, he was lying down between her full, quavering thighs that he had spread wide apart for himself! He lay flat on his stomach, his mouth only inches above her tight, pink vaginal crevice. He gaped up between her erectly throbbing breasts to see her intensively excited young face looking down at him.

"Oh, Clete… L-lick me there!" she moaned breathlessly.

"Please… please lick it for me!"

Christ, the big lawman thought, his lust-fired brain lecherously reeling at her low guttural pleadings. Shit, he couldn't believe it, his own little fiancee begging him to eat her cunt – finally – not that he wouldn't do it whether she consented or not, but it was her wanting his tongue down between her thighs so bad that made his swollen cock throb and ache beneath him! He ground its long, thick hardness into the give of the mattress and dropped his eyes once more to the intoxicating feast she presented to him. He gaped down at the delicious sight of her youthful loins between her open white thighs so vulnerably exposed to his every whim. The pink dewy flesh of her partially hidden pussy-crevice beneath the wispy soft pubic curls sent a salacious shiver charging up his broad back. He noted where the tight, narrow split started from the base of her flat young belly, slicing erotically downward between her full, rounded thighs to the firm ovals of her white buttocks, the smooth, lush mounds slightly raised and sensuously rotating now, just inches below his hot mouth.

Tense and trembling in her heated desire, Nancy felt the coarse palms of his big hands pressing heatedly against her inner thighs, spreading them even wider apart. Her breathing came raspingly from her chest as she waited in burning anticipation, and then it happened!

"Ohhhhh… darling!" she lurched and groaned as his hot, wet lips closed over the puffy little mound at the base of her hungrily quivering belly. She sensed his damp, taunting kisses along the hair-lined crevice of her electrified cunt, gentle, feverish kisses, until his searing tongue parted her wispy young pubic hair and began to flick snakelike at the sensitively flushed vaginal opening!

Every muscle in Nancy's voluptuous, teenage body uncontrollably reacted to the lustfully inciting licking of her opened cunt lips, while choking moans of delight gurgled passionately up from the depths of her throat. Intense shocks of sensual flame were wildly setting her whole young body aglow. Consciously, then, she smoothed her small hands over the ripe mounds of her palpitating breasts, stroking downward over the smooth skin of her belly, finally bringing them to rest on either side of her feverishly sucking cunt-lips.

She could hear her fiancee's panting gasps and feel his hot breath against her silken pussy-hair. Slowly and deliberately, she spread the fleshy, hair-lined cunt lips open to him with slender fingers, her soft hands grazing his cheeks as he groaned and drew his hot, moistened tongue up through the exposed, sensitive pink flesh.

Clete Anderson's lecherous brain reveled in its lust. He raised his head and gaped down at the ragged, pink-edged lips his young sweetheart held open for him, its wet, jeweled delicacy completely exposed to the ravenous gleam of his eyes. Avidly, he absorbed the loin-throbbing sight, noting particularly that the single sign of her virginity was gone and remembering why. Hot spasms of lascivious desire convulsed through him and again, he ground his aching cock feverishly into the bedding beneath him.

"Goddamn!" he hoarsely cursed.

"Oh please, Clete… don't stop… do it for me? I-It feels so wonderful! Please… lick it… lick it for me with your tongue?" he heard his impassioned fiancee beg in a quivering whisper.

Christ, he didn't know whether he could stand it or not! His cock just might explode in a shower of flesh and blood! He stared at her finger-spread little pussy crevice glistening moistly with its viscid wetness of arousal that he had unleashed inside her. Her tight little cunt mouth was actually twitching as she squirmed her luscious, youthful loins up teasingly at his face as he drank in its soft, fleece lined smoothness! Then suddenly, he dropped his head, plunging the full length of his hot, lecherous tongue deep up into the clutching warm depths of her seething young vaginal passage!

Gasping and writhing, Nancy moaned out her sensual elation. "Oooohhh Goddddd! Y-Yess… yessss! Do it to me! Lick it, dearest Clete! Oooohhhh… it feels so good… so goodddd!"

Clete felt her small hands clutch at his head, her fingers wound tightly in his hair; she groaned and whimpered, forcefully pulling his face into the opened raw flesh of her young, excited cunt. He sensed the toss of her head flailing back and forth as he speared up into the hot, liquid depths of her now ravenously sucking passage. She ground her rounded, curvaceous young hips downward uncontrollably, her buttocks digging into the softness of the mattress, squirming wildly as little animal-like mewlings burst from between her clenched, white teeth. Then, she raised her eager, naked genitals up to him, pressing his face into the thin wet, vertical mouth up between her open thighs, its seething vaginal walls opening and closing in a voracious swallowing of his rhythmically thrusting tongue, pulling at it in a greedy starving-like manner that he could hardly believe!

Fuck, he was going to crack up sure as hell! Never in his life had he ever imagined anything to equal this… or the aching throb of his iron-hard cock! Priscilla Devereaux, that councilor Mark Denning's girlfriend, none of their smooth cunts, he bet, could match the little girl tightness of her hot, wriggling little hole! His own baby Nancy… a fire-filled young hot box… Christ, had the Goddamned dog done this to her? He'd awakened for sexually deprived Clete that luscious little hole up between her legs that he would never give up! And to think this was only the beginning! He couldn't help but imagine all the things he was going to do to her! He'd teach her to suck his cock… if she didn't already know, and he'd fuck her up inside her beautiful, round young asshole! She'd fuck with him from now on, and he'd buy her little things to keep her happy!

He raised his eyes to drunkenly fix on her lust-contorted young face, her head still flailing slowly at a set, rhythmic pace as her fingers clutched tighter in his hair. Christ, she couldn't wait, she was trying to force his mouth tighter to the small, ovalled entrance of her pussy. His big hands moved upward over the smooth, white flatness of her belly to the rounded, firm mounds of her swollen, teenage breasts. Harshly they cupped the fleshy resilience, his fingers teasingly rolling their tiny hardened nipples between them, as he glued his ovalled lips to the intricate, passion-drenched little hole and burningly curled his thick, hot tongue up into her!

She half-wailed, at the same time caressing his cheeks with her tiny hands flitting from his hair to his face and back, her young brain ready to burst in its ecstasy! Suddenly, she felt his hands under the backs of her knees and he was lifting her legs, forcing them up and back until her knees flattened her fire-filled, young breasts. His rough fingers pressed behind them, lifting her now completely vulnerable loins to his hungrily swirling tongue and mouth! It was then that she felt the warm wet contact of the hotly searing tip of it flick against her tightly puckered little anus, licking and probing at the sensitive opening to send unbelievable sensations of crazed, insane desire soaring through her trembling, young body!

Oh God, she was going mad! Even Lobo, as beautiful as he'd been, had not probed the depths that another human could… or had he? God, at that moment, she didn't know! How could she compare? She had to have her sweetheart's cock inside her! Maybe then she'd know… with that long, thick length of hardness filling her belly as Lobo's had!

"Oh… oh Clete… now… please… please do it… climb up between my legs and put it into me," she heard herself beg, whining. "Now… right now…"

The desire-crazed police chief raised his head and stared up at her young, closed-eyed face. "What?" he questioned in a choking voice. "What is it you want, baby? Speak up! Tell your Clete exactly so he'll know how to please you! Tell him, baby… tell him!"

"Oh… take me, Clete! Do it to me with your big thing!" Nancy lewdly gasped, wanting to say it and knowing that was what he wanted to hear! "Yes… oh God… now! Fuck me with your beautiful big, black cock!"

He didn't hesitate. She heard him grunt like an animal as he moved upward over her, his knees pressing against her inner thighs and spreading them wider apart. And then, he hung above her with posted arms, cradled between her spread legs, his long, thick cock hanging down not an inch from her hungrily throbbing young pussy-mouth.

"Reach down and put it in!" he ordered, his breath washing hotly over her. "Come on, do it! Take my cock and put it in your pussy!"

She mewled like a small kitten as her hands reached down to grasp it; then, Clete sensed the quickening of her breathing as her hot, little fingers curled around it.

"O-Oh… Clete… it's huge… bigger than his… Lobo's, I think! I-I'm not sure that I can…! I'm not that big, Clete!"

Clete didn't wait for her to dwell on the subject. He was too filled with his own lust to toy with words. Instead, he bent to kiss her, and at the same time, grasped the length of his cock to tease the tip with up and down motions in the viscid hot flesh, until he was satisfied that her pubic hair was spread and its huge bulbous head was implanted slightly in the tight oval of her small cuntal mouth.

"It might hurt a bit at first, baby, but you just hang-tight! Dig your fingernails into me… anything… and then it'll be fucking good!" he lewdly advised, his use of the forbidden word again inspiring wild sensations inside her.

Had he moved slowly, pressured gently at first into the tight, young split between her legs, there might have been time for her to know the split-second agony of his stretching entry, but he didn't. The big, horny sheriff was too overwhelmed with the raging want of his fired-up sexual need! He had to bury his huge cock inside his girlfriend's young, teenage belly, smother it in the hot, slippery little hole that had left a fresh, sweet-tasting nectar on his lecherous tongue.

"N-Not too fast… please!" she started, her voice increasing into a rising wail as he sent the huge, hot length worming into her with a gushing charge. "Oh… ooohhh!" she cried out helplessly beneath him, gouging her nails into the solid flesh of his arms with the pain as his massive hardness soared deeply up into her tight young belly! "Oh God…! Y-You've torn me open… you have! You have!"

Clete knew different! He laughed because he knew, not meaning to be cruel, but only because he was aware that her tight young cunt would stretch twice as much before it shed a single drop of protesting blood! And as well was he conscious of the fact that she'd shortly be going crazy beneath his long, thickly plunging cock. In the end, they were all alike, young and older… omnivorous, insatiable cunts designed solely to devour up and suck dry the cocks of man!

Had she been able to, Nancy would have fought him, squirmed away or pushed the massive length of his long, heavy rod of hardness from her agonized, cock stuffed pussy-hole, but there was absolutely no respite! She was totally defenseless beneath him, her flailing legs widespread, the tight young core of her loins penetrated to the fullest with his great, throbbing penis. Tears streamed down her cheeks with the expanding pain between her legs as she realized that nothing she could say would stop him! More animal than Lobo, he began to fuck in and out of her, still resting above on his pillar-like arms, his massive loins working lewdly to send his huge, impaling cock deep up into the inhumanely stretched channel of her open young cunt.

She felt his massive, sperm-filled balls smacking flatly up between the wide-spread cheeks of her buttocks, beating down against her tiny naked anus with lewd, rhythmic strokes that seemed to instigate incredible sensations of masochistic delight up her spine. Oh God… she'd hate him as long as she lived! The evil, wicked bastard! He wouldn't hurt her… he had promised he wouldn't… he'd promised…! And now, one big hand was churning the sensitive, soft flesh of her firm right breast as if it were a handful of marshmallows! Squeezing and kneading it brutally… twisting its tiny nipple and sending raging lewdly charged excitement roaring through her wide split loins! Oh God… his cock… his painfully beautiful cock! It was reaming and smashing in a maddening cadence in and out of her cunt, suddenly kindling a fire of friction that could only ignite and explode into overwhelming flame before it was finished!

"Oooohh… oh… God yes…! Fuck it! Fuck me! Give it to me, darling!" she groaned and cried in young wanton lewdness, beginning to lift her cock impaled vagina up higher to meet his lengthy, thick hardness, its blood-inflated head gouging into her hot young belly with breathless pain-pleasure!

Ohhh God, she blindly reasoned, her whole body was coming alive to the brutal fucking he was giving her! Her own… Clete, fucking her hot cunt… playing and taunting her tits… Licking her pussy! Oooohhh… she'd never be the same! She'd fuck him whenever he wanted… and suck his cock as best she could! Anything… anything…! Oooohhh… she was going to… yes, she was going to cum… soon… very soon… cum like a fountain all over his wonderful, beautifully fucking cock buried as deep up inside her…!

Clete realized her closeness and was thankful for it. He was no more than seconds away, himself! The clutching, wet tightness of her almost virginal young cunt was more than he could fight against! Immediately, it'd begun to milk the life from his desperately straining cock, its youthful naivetЋ more than he was yet able to cope with! He could feel the small rhythmic sucking motions at the bloated depths of his balls, the fishlike suction of her grasping vaginal walls hotly and wetly massaging his throbbing cock! Shit… shit he was going to cum…!

"Oooohhhh… nowwww… give it to meeee… pleaseeeee! I… I'm cuumminngggg!" Nancy wailed, throwing her tender, teenage loins up onto his swelling cock, then wrapping her legs wildly up around his driving buttocks to cling tightly to him as with her internal pussy muscles she drew his long, thickly hardened length into the very sanctuary of her burning belly!

Clete sensed the eruption inside her when her desperately clutching body began to wildly convulse beneath him, her hot, tight cunt channel, nibbling and clutching like a scalding, liquid hand around the jerking, blood-engorged flesh of his swollen cock! Gushes of her warm, viscid orgasmic fluids spilled over his heavily aching penis, smoothing the way even more so into her young, heaving belly. It blew up for him then, too! He sensed it, his needle-like stream of hotly racing sperm roaring along the long full length of his pumping hardness… and then it was squirting into her with creamlike jets of mind-shattering lust!

Once more Nancy groaned out her physical ecstasy as the flooding heat of her fiancee's burning white cum spewed endlessly into her now forever stretched cunt and belly, its unending liquid flow filling her womb to the brim. She could feel the huge hardness of his pulsating cock-head deep in the very heart of her, pumping out its wetly cascading sperm, and at that moment, nothing else in the world mattered… only that she milk out from it with her hungrily working vaginal muscles its very last drop…!


Johnny Canning, his face disguised with a false beard and sunglasses, watched from his car as the young, blonde beauty parked her car on Main Street. Clete had told him to follow her, and he made no protest at the task. He still remembered the heavenly feel of her tight, young vagina on his stabbing cock, and the way she had let the dog fuck her and liked it.

Clete had been flabbergasted when Johnny had told him about the way Lobo had initiated DesirЋe to animal sex the way Nancy had been. He had fumed about it, cursing out his disgust, and then shook it off and told Johnny that he still intended to go through with his plan.

Whatever that was, Johnny mused.

He kept his eyes on Mark Denning's luscious and innocent fiancee.


DesirЋe felt herself full of dread as she knocked on the door of Pastor Hemmings office. It was his medical consulting office, for today was not Sunday and Hemmings was the only doctor in Pickford's Meadows. However, it was not medical attention she was looking for, but rather a salve for her aching conscience. No, it would not be a conference in the chapel's retreat, but a private talk in the medical consultation room. But she couldn't wait until Sunday.

The waiting room was empty when she got in. She waited until the door opened and a middle-aged woman, the last patient, came out. She smiled at DesirЋe, for she recognized her from church, but the girl's only reply was a shy smile as she looked down at the carpet. Dr. Hemmings' head stuck out around the door and he looked surprised.

"DesirЋe. Is there some problem?" He was surprised because the young beauty, boundlessly healthy, had never come in to see him for a medical consultation.

She waited until the woman had left, then without looking up, said to Hemmings, "I need to speak to you, Doctor. Pastor."

"Doctor today, my dear." He stood aside and gestured toward his examination room. "Please come in."

DesirЋe got up and went in, Hemmings following her. While he sat behind his desk, she sat on a chair, twisting a damp handkerchief in her hands.

"DesirЋe," he said, genuinely concerned. "What is it that's upset you?"

DesirЋe took a long time to find her voice, but then it all came pouring out. "Pastor Hemmings, I've done wrong. I had… I had sex… with a man."

Hemmings stared at her, unbelieving. He had always admired this most beautiful of young women with the divine singing voice and the perfect body. He could not deny that, watching her from the pulpit and at other times, his thoughts had been turned to desire for her pristine loveliness. It was at times distressing that he, who had been married for over twenty years, should be unable to control his thoughts at the sight of her always modestly-clothed body. Now, he felt a stab of jealousy that another man had sampled her, and he was sure that it was Mark Denning. At this point, he felt an unreasoning hatred for Mark, and at the same time felt his own loins stir at the mental image of the young man's body heaving and humping on top of hers.

Hemmings was aware that his eyes were making her uncomfortable. It was somewhat perverse that he used his silence and blank stare to increase the girls discomfort. "Can you tell me about it?" he asked, wanting to hear the details from her own ruby lips.

She nodded slowly. "That's why I came, sir," she said quietly. "I need to… to tell someone. I feel just terrible." DesirЋe bowed her head and a tear made a track down each cheek.

"Then, by all means, tell me, my dear."

DesirЋe took a long time to start speaking and her words came in sobs. "I was alone last night, and some men… some… some men… sneaked into my room. I didn't know them. They held me down."

Hemmings looked horrified. "You mean, you were raped?"

DesirЋe hesitated, then nodded. "I tried to resist at first, but then… but then… I liked… I liked it. It felt good." Her eyes turned up to meet his and she found them gentle and caring.

"Was that the first time, DesirЋe?" he asked quietly.

She shook her head slowly. "No, I've done it before. Mark and I are in love."

Hemmings knew he should let it go there, but he was curious. "Can you tell me exactly what happened? Did all of them do it to you?"

"Just one. The others watched."

Hemmings nodded, understanding. "Tell me, did he penetrate you fully?"

DesirЋe's eyes were fixed on her lap. "Yes."

"All the way inside you?"


"In your vagina."

DesirЋe winced. "Yes."

"His penis in your vagina. Was his penis large, or small?"

DesirЋe's eyes turned dewy as she remembered. "Large. Very large."

Quietly, Hemmings pressed on. "And you enjoyed it?"

"Not at first. He was so big. But then, yes, it felt very good."

"Do you think he's damaged you, with such a large penis, I mean?"

DesirЋe looked suddenly frightened. She had said nothing about Lobo, and she knew his penis was much larger than the rapist's. Much, much larger. Was it possible that Lobo had torn her, ruined her somehow for Mark? Would Mark ever want to touch her again when he found out about all that had happened last night?

"I don't know," DesirЋe answered. "Do you think he could have?"

Hemmings nodded slowly. "It's quite possible. There are diseases to worry about. And pregnancy. I assume you're not on the pill. Why don't you step over there behind the screen and get undressed so I can examine you."

DesirЋe rose slowly. She was quite timid about the thought of disrobing in front of the pastor, but now she was worried. She moved behind the screen and began to undress.

"There's a gown on a hanger. It's one of those things that's open at the back. Put that on."

When she was naked, she did put it on, then came out holding it closed in back. Hemmings had her sit up on the examining table.

"I'm going to check your breasts," he said, moving his hands through the arm-holes until her could heft her perfect globes.

DesirЋe felt a tingle all the way to the nape of her neck when his hands gently palmed her big, firm tits.

"Any pain?" he asked quietly.

"No," she answered in a little girl voice.

His fingers found her nipples and stroked them a few times. He was amazed at how quickly they erected. He heard her give a little grunt. He stroked them a little more, unable to stop himself.

"Okay, DesirЋe, I'd like to examine your genitals. Could you step down and turn around and lean forward over the table?"

The girl slid off. Hemmings knew that this was not the orthodox position for a vaginal examination, but he wanted to see other things as well. Yes, he wanted to see every part of her.

DesirЋe supported herself on her arms over the table, the perfect moons of her bottom thrust enticingly backward. Hemmings parted the folds of the gown and caught his breath. What a beautiful butt the girl had. He was going far beyond the limits of his calling as pastor or doctor, he knew, but he stroked his hands tenderly over her asscheeks and down the back of her thighs.

"I'm looking for bruises," he said in a low voice, then ran his fingertips up and down the cleft of her buttocks. She was delicious, irresistible, and he knew he was overstepping the bounds of both his professions, but he couldn't stop touching her. His hands trembled as he parted her buttocks. "Relax," he said when she tensed, and she did, letting him separate the cheeks and look between. Her anus was a tiny vermilion-pink dimple, almost smooth and perfect like the rest of her. She must eat properly with plenty of fiber, he thought, for her bottom hole had suffered no dietary abuse. He touched the dry sphincter and saw it twitch defensively.

Anointing his index finger with a surgical lubricant from a tube, he slid it gently into her rectum, feeling her warmth close around the digit, gripping him. Damn, she was sexy and innocent.

"Is there something there?" she asked in a small voice, causing her asshole to clench at his finger. "They didn't touch… that."

Hemmings drew his finger almost all the way out, then pushed in again, then out and in. "I'm just testing," he said ambiguously.

DesirЋe felt chills of wild sensations shoot up to the back of her neck and reflexively she pushed her anus back to engulf his intruding digit. It felt strange, but good. How could it feel good? There must be something wrong with her. Hemmings kept up his gentle thrusting in and out, and DesirЋe felt herself loosing conscious control of her actions. Her hips began moving as she felt her pussy begin to tingle and moisten. Yes, there was something wrong with her. She was enjoying this intimate examination and she shouldn't be. Her butt continued with its involuntary shuttling motion, her flesh grabbing at his finger.

Hemmings felt his cock begin to stir in his pants. He had not felt like this for years. He had never strayed in his marriage, but this choir girl – this beautiful, innocent, virginal choir girl – was turning him on in a way he had never believed possible. He shifted his legs and felt his penis shift and rise in his trousers.

Finally, Hemmings drew his finger free of her anal grip while DesirЋe gave a tremulous sigh. "I think I should take a specimen." He found a swab and lowered himself behind her, staring straight into her vagina. It was as perfect and unfucked-looking as the rest of her, the labia amply covered with silky, honey-blonde tendrils of hair that lay like combed cotton threads on the soft, tender lips. He used two fingers to gently open the tiny hole, which stretched tautly until he could see the pink inner flesh. He looked inside, where no one had ever seen before, saw the trickle of creamy, white semen. With the swab, he took a sample, put it in a small bottle and stored it in the refrigerator.

"There was semen, DesirЋe," he said.

DesirЋe, unsteady and pink-cheeked from his attentions, peered over her shoulder and wrinkled her nose, but said nothing. She waited docilely, supported by her elbows, while the doctor got a rubber tube and bag of warm water. He held a basin under her while he inserted the tube and syringe into her vagina and douched out the residue of the man who had come, ejaculated into her the night before. His cock stayed hard while the water flowed back out of her cunt into the basin. As the soothing liquid flowed into her, DesirЋe moaned and shivered.

Hemmings saw her reaction, saw the big melons of her tits quivering and shaking as she did. Setting the paraphernalia aside, he stepped back up behind her, undoing the tie string at the back of her neck. The gown slipped forward, puddling on the table. She was now essentially naked before his eyes. He ran his fingertips lightly over her, then again into the cleft of her bottom, across her asshole, perineum, to her freshly-washed pussy hole. His finger slipped in there, felt the moistness of the water give way to the growing flow of slippery lubricant. One educated finger dipped down to touch her already swelling clitoris and he saw her whole body jerk.

"Does that hurt?" he asked.

"No… no, not at all? Am I all right?"

"We'll see in a little while if you've been injured or not." He moved his middle finger's tip to her clit and began to manipulate it in a way that made lightning bolts of pleasure lance through the girl's perfect, hot body. Yes, she was hot all right. Again. She kept getting hot and she couldn't control it.

Hemmings saw her spongy hips begin to rotate in time to his caress. She couldn't stop herself, and neither could he. He felt his cock begin to leak, felt the heat building up in his pants. With his free hand, he rubbed his painfully stiff penis, then gave in to his compulsion and unfastened his belt and slid down his zipper. His prick was on fire and there was only one way he could quench the flames. He couldn't help himself, he had to take the risk.

DesirЋe felt the flat of his hand rubbing over her puffy vaginal mound, felt his fingers part the fat lips. His middle finger slid into her cunt and she moaned, her mind leaving her and giving way to sensual feelings that seemed overwhelming.

With a deep sigh, Hemmings grasped his big, throbbing, leaking cock and directed it toward DesirЋe's oozing vagina. He felt the vulval ring resist, then yield, allowing his cockhead to squeeze inside.

DesirЋe felt her pussy stretch, felt something slip deeper and deeper into her fiery hole. It must be two fingers, it was so much bigger than one. Her whole body shuddered and she moaned loudly. It was big and it felt good, whatever he was doing to her. Three fingers? Why was he making her feel so good inside? She trusted him, and he was making her feel good. It kept pushing into her, deeper, and then pulling out. In and out, many times.

And then she felt his hands take her narrow waist. Both of his hands. And she knew then, knew that he was not pushing his fingers into her cunt. It could only be his man-thing, his penis! The doctor, the pastor, was having sex with her, was pushing his penis back and forth in her hot, wet, sensation-filled vagina. DesirЋe gave a groan as a fiery chill of wickedness ran through her. She was doing it with Pastor Hemmings, actually having intercourse with him, as she had done with Mark and the others. His cock was bigger than Mark's, she could feel, though not as big as Lobo's giant appendage, and it was sending waves of irresistible sensual joy coursing through her. In, oh so deep, Hemmings' prick plunged again and then again. She heard him sigh with emotion, felt his pendulous testicles swing forward against the split labia beneath where his swollen member was stretching her tiny, elastic cunthole. She heard him hum throatily with each thrust, felt herself getting wetter and wetter with each intimate plunge, hot gushes of her girlish oil flooding her love channel and bathing his swinging balls. Her pussy was making wet, sucking sounds on his dick and she blushed scarlet. No, no, noooo! This couldn't be happening!

"Oh, DesirЋe, oh, DesirЋe," Hemmings chanted with each inward fuck. The girl was a witch. She had enticed him into her body, made him sin with her. And the only way to purge this wrong was to fuck her harder, to make her come and to come inside her. "Oh, DesirЋe. Oh, Des…"

DesirЋe was moving her hips backward at him now, her hungry vagina clasping his cock lovingly. Yes, oooooh! Yes, it did feel good. Very good. She felt one of his hands grope underneath her and close on one of her big, round tits. Her hand covered his there, pressing it harder against the throbbing, jiggling mound.

With swollen eyes, Hemmings looked down at the girl's wide-spread, back-thrusting bottom, her damp and creamy asshole winking up at him as he thrust compulsively inside the hole beneath it. Her pink inner vaginal membranes clung to his cock as he drew out, then disappeared inside as he pushed into her cunt again. He felt himself losing all consciousness of his surroundings. DesirЋe's ass bounced backward at him harder and faster. She was coming already!

"Oh, Doctor, I'm coming!" she groaned almost disbelievingly. "It's happening again!" Reaching back, her fingertips dug into his flank, trying to pull him along, to speed his amazingly pleasure-giving thrusts. Her spongy, heart-shaped ass crashed back against his paunchy belly. She lost all thought of Mark now, for the fire in her tender young pussy was raging out of control, gushing.


Johnny Canning stood aghast at the back window of Dr. Hemmings examining room, amazed at the way the darling girl had allowed herself to be seduced by the older man. He had seen the whole examination, the way Hemmings had bent her forward into that servile position, had reamed her asshole with his finger, had taken the sample – wait until he analyzed that one! – and then stroked the girl's little red clit until she had lost the strength and will to resist. He envied the doctor now, that he was fucking the little sweetheart without interruption. Johnny had not enjoyed being preempted by the savage dog Lobo and losing his chance to fill DesirЋe's tight pussy with his sperm. He ached to do it now, to join in or take his turn after the doctor.

But he knew that that was impossible. He could never be seen by the girl again in this town.

He watched her chasing her orgasm, her lower back hollowed, her buttocks turned up, giving Hemmings the deepest access to her cunt that she could. He eyes were half-closed, her face slightly contorted with her passion, her big, beautiful, melon breasts bumping against the back of her upper arms as she fucked her gushing pussy back onto the man's huge cock. Johnny saw her mouth open and she began to whimper as her whole lovely body shuddered in ecstasy, while Hemmings fucked her faster and faster. Her climax wracked her for a full minute. Hemmings pulled her butt back against him tight, fighting to delay his own coming.


DesirЋe let her head drop between her arms while she struggled to catch her breath. "Ugh, oooooh, Dr. Hemmings!" she gasped, swimming in sensations that still overwhelmed her thought processes. Mark was away from her and she had done it again. Again! Lost control and enjoyed sex with someone else. And with Pastor Hemmings! How could she ever go to church and meet him after this? She felt terribly wicked, but she had fallen again, into the trap of sensuality.

And then the doctor began moving again, slowly, deeply, in and out of her throbbing, clenching vagina. He sighed and groaned and soon DesirЋe was doing the same in concert with him, with the man who was making use of her traitorous cunt. Faster and faster he plunged into her delicate wetness, until she was moving with him, matching him thrust for thrust. Turning her face up, her lips parted and he leaned forward to kiss her, splurging his tongue through her mouth. And she came again, harder and longer.

The girl moved her hips in sensuous circles, her lungs working like a bellows, her nipples brushing on the leather surface of the table. Her eyes drifted to the open window, to the face of Johnny Canning and his wide, lustful eyes and a frisson of fear and shame wracked her. But her body could not stop its lewd fucking motions as her vagina clutched at the huge, pleasure-giving penis that plundered her femininity. Her gaze wavered and when she looked again, Johnny's face was gone and she thought she must have imagined it.

Hemmings clutched at her spread asscheeks, his finger prodding at her anus where his pubic hair tickled her, his hands then clawing at her tits, grabbing handfuls of her buttery, blonde hair. Fucking, thrusting! Deep, and hard. So deep inside of her!

And still he went on, bringing her to orgasm after orgasm, five, six, and seven of them. It went on for another half-hour until DesirЋe's cries resounded constantly throughout the room.

"Oh, Doctor! Doctor!" she cried, her flooded vagina making lewd sucking noises around his cock as it sawed back and forth in her defiled love channel. Hemmings felt her pussy squeezing his cock like a milking fist and finally surrendered to his impulses. With a loud groan, he felt his balls explode, releasing their creamy gift of sperm into her deflowered cunt, flooding the deepest recesses of her innocent womb. It was his biggest ejaculation in years, after having tired sexually of his wife; they hardly did it anymore.

DesirЋe felt it surging into her, hot and gooey, filling her again as she had been filled the night before. She groaned at the idea that she might get pregnant, but that thought passed as her body shuddered with her final orgasm, her vagina squeezing the fertilizing penis in quick, hard spasms. The liquid sounds of sex grew louder as her hot hole expanded to accommodate his copious flow, which then backwashed out around the throbbing embedded cock to drip in gobs to the floor between her feet.

As the girl gave a cry of total fulfillment and Hemmings collapsed over her back, drained of strength even as he was drained of his semen by the beautiful young woman's precious, fresh pussy.

The two lay like that, the girl face down beneath the older, balding man, both panting for breath and bereft of any sensation but that of satisfaction. Johnny Canning watched him lie that way, DesirЋe's big tits bulging out to the sides beneath the weight of the two of them. Eventually, the doctor's massive cock softened, shrank, and slipped free of her tender, wet grip, followed by a flood of thick man cream. For a long time there was no sound but the heaving of their lungs as they hovered on the edge of slumber.


An hour later, DesirЋe came around languorously, feeling pleasantly drugged. She was alone in the doctor's office, on her side on the examining table, a clean sheet covering her otherwise nude body. Her face and head felt numb and her body still felt asleep. Her vagina tingled and glowed with the chafing if had received.

She knew what she had done, felt terribly ashamed even though her physical self felt wondrously serene and pleasant, and she was glad that Hemmings had left her to dress herself, because she didn't think she could bear to face him. She had done wrong! They had done wrong! She loved Mark and would never think of betraying him, but her body had betrayed him, for it had betrayed her. She had felt her strength leaving her as the doctor examined her, felt his caressing fingers replace moral strength with desire, and as she had lain there, paralyzed with arousal, he had entered her and made love – if that was what it was to be called – to her for the better part of an hour.

DesirЋe couldn't find her panties but the rest of her clothes were neatly arranged on the chair, and she put them on carefully, her knees unsteady. The outer office was deserted; Hemmings had discreetly left her and gone home. Not so discreet what they had done together in his office, but he had spared her the difficulty of having him see her out. Before opening the door to the street, she took a Kleenex from her purse and wiped away the white trail of sperm that was running down the inside of her thigh into her expensive shoe.


From his apartment over his office, Dr. Hemmings watched her get into her car and drive away. Her silk panties were clutched in his hand, and he rubbed at them with his thumb. Silky, like her, like her skin, her lips, her pussy. It went against everything he stood for, but he knew that he had to have her again.

He hardly noticed Johnny Canning standing across the street, smoking a cigarette and watching her departing Buick.


"Oh, Mark!" DesirЋe cried, throwing her arms around her fiancee's neck. "I thought you would never come home." Oblivious to her parents, who were standing not far away and smiling lovingly, she gave Mark her wettest, most passionate and intimate kiss, pulling herself up on him until her feet left the ground.

Laughing, Mark kissed her back. "I'll have to go away more often. If you act like this after just three days, what will you be like after next month's conference?"

Kissing him, she sniffled back her tears. "Oh, Mark darling, don't ever leave me again."

"But, baby, I've got good news."

DesirЋe's face brightened. Her father had moved up beside them and she turned to him, still squeezing Mark's hand with all her might.

"The Party's given Mark the nod," her father said. "They're going to give him their support for the State Senate. Mark's career is just beginning."

DesirЋe looked at him, then at Mark, back and forth between her parents and her fiancee. "Then we can get married, can't we? Right away. Please!"

Mark looked at her, astonished at her emotional outburst, but she was so sweet, so lovely, so incredibly pure and innocent, that he just couldn't tell her no. Why should they wait any longer? He was on his way, had the backing of DesirЋe's father and of the Party. He would need a good woman by his side, and he stood a much better chance of getting elected if he was married, a family man and not open to allegations that he might be, unmarried at his age, homosexual. Yes, getting married right now would be just the thing.

Mark nodded and hugged her tightly. "Sure, baby. We'll get married as soon as we can put it all together." He looked at DesirЋe's father, who nodded his approval.


And so, less than a month later, DesirЋe became Mrs. Mark Denning, several months shy of her twenty-first birthday. Dressed all in white, she hurried to the limousine with her tuxedoed groom, watched by all their friends, from the community and from their former life in Chicago. Watched by many eyes, she rode away, from their garden reception, with her only love to their honeymoon in the Caribbean, far away where she could forget her troubles, and her sordid and sinful memories.

Many people watched her go, Pastor Hemmings, who had married them, Clete Anderson, who still had his own plans for her, and from the cover of the trees, Lobo saw her and recognized her and waited until she would come back to him one day.