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Lois Lane

Karim al-Zib

Karim al-Zib

Lois Lane


The man stepped back from his telescope and rubbed his eyes, then returned to the lens. For over a month, he had been watching the tall building that housed the headquarters of the great newspaper. He had had bugs planted in the offices, and he used the telescope to track the movements of the most important employees while he hatched a plot that would bring his long-time enemy to his knees. For Lex Luthor, this was a very important time to plan. And now, after watching the newspaper offices for over a month, he thought that he knew what he would do. He had his accomplices, who would help him in deceiving their common enemy. Yes, it was going to be so good! So fine!

Lex smiled down at the blonde woman beside him and slipped his arm around her, returning his eyes to the telescope. omehow it all seemed comfortable, and Sophie felt no guilt at this man showing a gesture of absent-minded affection toward her.She basked contentedly, sitting back on the aging springs of the sofa, and pulled a hand crocheted afghan over her knees that had been folded and thrown over the back. Her full stomach and after dinner glass of wine suddenly made her feel drowsy and she took the silent liberty of resting her head on Lex's shoulder.

"You're a hell of a cook," whispered Lex. The master criminal gave her shoulder a gentle nudge. His and felt strong and powerful through the thin fabric of her cotton dress. "T'ank you. And did you like the way I clean your floors?" she asked in her sing-songy Swedish accent, squeezing a little

closer to the man's side. And then, without a word between them, Lex allowed his fingers to slide along the upthrust swell of her breast until his opened palm cupped the full swinging mound of her tit delicately.

He could feel her body stiffen, her breath suddenly coming faster as with one finger, his middle one, he caressed the inviting softness of her breast, rubbing the swollen tiny peak of her nipple through her flimsy dress as he admired the ample, womanly figure she still possessed. She was a specimen of health, her skin tight and resilient, so typical of blonde Nordics, and her shimmering blonde hair showed only one streak of platinum gray. Lex could hear a little purr coming from her lips, and he smiled to himself savoring the effect he was having on her… he had her wrapped around his finger, that was for sure, right where he wanted to keep her. She needed affection, that he knew and in return she would bring him a gold mine if only half of those law suits and insurance policies came to fruition. A lonely woman in a strange country with no man… hell!

He tweaked the sensitive nipple with his thumb and index finger, and she shivered involuntarily from the tip of her toes along her spine to her shoulders. Pausing for a moment, he moved his exploring hand around the firm curve of her breast until his fingers found what he was looking for: with practiced deftness, he eased the zipper down along the satiny plane of her back until he reached the taut elastic band of her panties. He stopped there an instant slipping his fingers between her warm flesh and the tight band, far enough down the hollow of her naked back to reach the first few inches of her fleshy buttock crevice.

Teasingly, he flicked a finger against the tightly puckered ring of her anus and felt her quickly shrink away. Shit, I'll bet old Sandor never poked his prick in there, Lex mused to himself.

He massaged her nakedly sensitive flesh in slow concentric circles as his hand eased back along the smoothness of her back until he reached the stretched fabric of her dress, pulled taut now over her shoulders. Pausing first to unsnap the tiny three hooks of her bra, he then eased the shoulders of her dress down along her arms until the dress hung limply over her whitely firm breasts.

He stopped his smooth seductive motions and looked Sophie over again, eyeing hungrily the rich, womanly full swells and hollows of her well-formed body. Yes sir, she was quite a nice looking woman, all right. Again with his right hand, Lex tumbled the fabric of Sophie's dress and the sheer tissue of her bra over the bulging mounds of her breasts, exposing the twin half-dollars of her fully erect nipples, all pinkish and excited at being exposed to the air and to his eyes. They swelled even more rigidly as a sudden chill breeze caressed them, sending a burst of rippling electricity through her breasts and down into her man-hungry belly, fanning the embers of a long-dormant fire that once burned there.

Yes, God help her, she had been so long without a man, so long she had nearly forgotten the magic of a real man's touch, the thrilling ecstasy of being looked at and caressed this way.

His outstretched fingertips brushed lightly over the soft, warmly beckoning bulge of her tits, first one, then the other, before finally clamping tightly over the ripely mature mound, squeezing the delicate ivory-white flesh between his clenched fingers.

Sophie could stand no more; she had kept silent as long as she could. "Oh, you are a sweet man, Lex. Oh, it feel so good."

Her knees were opening and closing like an accordion and she flung the afghan to the floor; her firmly fleshed buttocks were ground tightly against the sofa. Sophie could feel the warm dampness of love juice spreading between her thighs as the cheeks of her fully rounded ass clenched like starving lips at the

fabric, beneath them. Even his touch was driving her almost insane with heated desire; she was going out of her mind with blind passion… a scream was ready to burst from her lungs any second now from the agonizing deliciousness of his knowledgeable fingers were bringing her. She offered no resistance as he shoved her over onto the cushions of the long sofa, stretching himself out beside her and continuing to relentlessly caress the nakedly soft white mounds of her full fleshy breasts. A low moaning cry escaped from her lips as he roughly squeezed the tenderly pulsating nipples between his fingers, oying with them mercilessly as her whole body trembled and quivered from his touch.

His hands left the feverishly jutting nipples and slowly eased along the flat plane of her belly. Sophie's body arched off the sofa as his fingers slipped once again under the waistband of her panties, brushing over the fluffy mound of her sparse pubic hair until his hand made a maddening electric contact with the warmly moist lips of her cunt; even in the dim light of the television Lex could see her flesh was covered with a million tiny goose-bumps as she shivered convulsively at his wonderful touch.

"Oooo, it is so nice, so nice…" the love-starved widow murmured mindlessly, floating in space now at the ecstasy of a man's hands down there on her naked cunt.

Clutching the moist flanges of her pussy with his palm, Lex ventured a finger between the wetly pink ridges, and Sophie gasped as her feverish loins suddenly ground tightly up against his hand. His middle finger now slowly explored the entire hot length of her narrow wet slit, starting with the taut muscular ring of her anus, easing over the hard membrane of flesh that separated the two enticing channels before the probing finger finally reached the moistly clasping sheath of her pussy.

The soft pink walls parted unhesitantly as his outstretched rigid finger slipped into the warmly clasping tunnel, and he could feel the fleshy passage open hungrily as he probed it deeply with his finger.

"That feel good?" he asked, sure of himself now.

Sophie tried to reply, but as her lips parted to speak, Lex sadistically squirmed a second stiffened finger into her constrictive passage, burying it up to the last joint in the warm juicy depths of her cunt. Only a muffled cry of pain and pleasure came hoarsely from her throat.

"Well, like it or not?" he teased again, grinning down at her between pearly white teeth accentuated by his bald head and flashing black eyes. He wiggled his two fingers deep inside her hot, softly-layered flesh.

"God, oh, yaaaa!"

Lex's ravishing finger slipped from her pussy wetly clasping grip, and he tantalizingly dragged his fingertip along her warm slit until he found the throbbing little bulb of her clitoris. Using just his thumb and forefinger, he squeezed the incredibly sensitive nerve-ending as the sex-hungry widow moaned and squirmed beside him on the sofa. Back and forth, as if playing with a marble, he rolled the pulsing little nodule, and Sophie gasped and choked for air as rippling waves of undiluted passion and ecstasy swept over her shamelessly aroused body.

As her naked pelvis ground upward tightly against his palm, Lex continued his maddening assault on her loins, twisting and pulling on her hardened pink clitoris until she moaned and cried out loudly from the delightful agonies of his skillful fondling.

"Don't stop, please… Don't stop!" she screamed between hissing teeth, her shrill words reverberating above the roar of the baseball fans on television.

Sensing she was near her orgasm, Lex began to roughly rub her moistly throbbing cuntal slit with the tips of his fingers, stroking over the quivering fleshy peak of her clitoris and along the hot furrow between the hungrily pursed lips of her cunt.

"Oh, yaa, ya, ya!"

Suddenly Sophie's buttocks and back arched high off the sofa, and as if she were possessed by dozen demons, her warmly moist cunt began grinding madly against his open hand as a long pitiful moan slipped from her parched half-open lips.

"Oooohhh… Aaahhh…" The impassioned young widow suddenly quivered from head to foot and jerked convulsively as the shuddering currents of her orgasm raced from her hotly straining loins, bathing his hand in a slippery gush of orgasmic juices that soaked his palm and seeped down the crevice of her buttocks before spreading in lewd trickles over the soft half moon cheeks of her ass. Finally, with a trembling sigh, she slowly sank down on the couch, lying face to face with her landlord.

She gasped hoarsely, still struggling to regain her breath.

"Oh, oh that felt so good!"

Lex only smiled wordlessly, pulling his fingers from the warm wet grip of her pussy, wiping the slippery traces of her orgasmic fury from his hand with a handkerchief, keeping one eye on the baseball game. Then he spoke, "We're not done yet. Take off your clothes."

Without thinking, Sophie hurriedly removed her crumpled dress and panties, then unhooked her garter belt and, sitting on the edge of the sofa, pulled down her stockings and left them in a heap on the living room carpet. In just a few seconds, she was completely naked, her ripely mature body glistening with tiny beads of perspiration from the excitement and the anguished anticipation of having her first man in almost six months. She glanced down at him reclining on the sofa with his head tilted toward the television screen watching the Oakland A's hit a home run, and she covetously eyed the thick elongated bulge in his polyester pants that seemed to her passion-glazed eyes to be a foot long. She twitched nervously, unused to a man's hungry eyes on her naked flesh. "You 'vant to watch 'vatch me or de game?" she whined finally, grinding her sleekly firm thighs together to fight the growing agony between her legs.

But Lex had other plans, plans he'd laid out as carefully as those he was watching on television. Only his stakes might be higher… Sophie was coming along nicely, even better than he'd hoped. But if she was going to have any respect for him at all, he was going to have to show her who called the punches.

Women liked that, he thought, they liked to be dominated-especially blondes.

Sophie watched nervously and impatiently as he swung his legs off the sofa and without haste pulled off his clothes, tossing them to join the rest on the nearby chair. She had to quickly draw her hand to her lips to stifle a gasp as he tugged down his undershorts and the entire huge length of his massively thick cock swung out into view. God, it was so big! Even bigger than Sandor's! And so big around, nothing like the only one she had ever seen.

"You 'vant to fuck now?" asked Sophie with saucered eyes.

Just the thought of making love again was enough to make her soar. And with a man as handsome as Lex, she thought. A man… her man. He liked her; he had praised her cooking and cleaning, hadn't he? Wasn't that what a man looked for in a good oman. A ripple of happiness spread through her tingling body: she wouldn't be spending the rest of her life alone after all.

She had Lex. But it bothered her the way he kept watching television instead of whispering sweet endearments in her ear, as Sandor had done. Her forehead furrowed and her pouty lower lip protruded as she said, "You 'vant to make love, or not?"

Lex glared at her. "Get down on your hands and knees," he ordered. "I want a blow job. You Scandinavians are supposed to be good at that."

Sophie's mind reeled at the sound of those horrible words.

Where was the love? She'd done it with Sandor thousands of times, but he had never demanded it of her. The blonde widow drew a deep breath and forced a smile. It that's what her man wanted of her, that's what she would do, but the tingling ache between her legs cried for a need to be fulfilled, too. "But

can't we make love first?"

"You heard what I said. Now get down on your hands and knees and show me what you're worth." The landlord was determined that this step in Sophie Sorenson's total subjugation and humiliation would not be skipped over. "Down on your knees. Now!"

Brushing her blonde hair from her eyes, Sophie obediently crawled from the sofa and settled at Lex's feet, all the while trying to think of a way to get Lex to make love to her instead of what she must do. She knew he meant it; the flash in his dark eyes promised that. He was the only man in her life now. God had taken her first man, and now it was time for him to give her a second. She needed him, needed a man to cook and clean for and make love to her in return. His dangling cock, sagging from its own immense weight, was scarcely a foot away from her face as she struggled to hold back the hot lump in her throat, terrified and skeptical of having another man's big white cock in her mouth… that same mouth that had only kissed and sucked her dear Sandor's. Another man's cum in her throat… it was almost too hard to swallow.

Lex slid forward on the sofa, gauging carefully the distance from his limply hanging prick and her wetly trembling lips. He adjusted his hips just slightly so that the purplish swollen head brushed her lips ever so little.

"All right, baby… it's all yours! Do a good job and I'll make it up to you later. Now hurry up, the A's will be back at bat in a couple of minutes." And with that he gave her a rough pinch deep inside her naked thigh as she knelt below him, squeezing her soft tender flesh just an inch from the warmly moist lips of her still-hungry pussy.

Sophie turned her face away from the enormous bulb-shaped head and closed her eyes, hoping somehow that it would go away- or better still, turn into Sandor's long hard prick that she knew

every ridge and vein of.

Lex spun her head back so that she was less than a scant inch from his half-erect, dangling prick.

"Listen, sweetie, I don't wanna get rough with 'ya, but I said to hurry up, okay? OKAY?" His tone was calm, but threatening, and Sophie didn't want to get him angry. She'd heard him yelling at some tenants upstairs about being late with the rent, and had witnessed his rage as he slammed his clenched fist into the door and sent it rocking on its hinges. With his size and strength, she knew she would be helpless against him.

Suddenly he grew tired of waiting and grabbed her ears with his powerful hands and twisted them upward, causing a pain so excruciating that she thought for a moment she would black out. She cried out for him to stop, but he ignored her pleas, keeping one eye on the television screen and one on her. Abruptly, he pulled her face roughly up to his naked loins, shoving his hips forward so that the blunted end of his heavy cock pressed lewdly against her moistly glistening lips. Once more he twisted at her small ears and she again groaned with pain.

"Now, Sophie… open your mouth and suck it! NOW! SUCK IT!" he screamed above the deafening roar of fan's cheers blasting from the television set.

Her mouth opened slightly with one more twist and her agonized lips slowly parted as Lex gazed at the wetly open orifice in front of his loins, then very carefully forced the massively pulsating head into the warm moist cavern and let it lay there twitching slightly as it grew still harder and more erect. The young widow didn't move at all, lest the brushing of her quivering tongue on the enormous heated shaft of flesh should cause it to grow even larger.

"It's your choice, honey, but I will have a blow job…"

His voice was suddenly convincingly cruel.

Sophie knew it was hopeless to resist the landlord and, admittedly, there was a part of her that didn't want to displease the darkly handsome man, this was something she must do or lose him… lose the one spark in her dreary life. And she couldn't stand the thought, no matter how disgusting this awful degrading act seemed. She fought back the churning ball of nausea growing thicker by the second in her knotted, fear-wrenched belly and closed her wetly walled lips over the throbbing fleshy staff and eased it reluctantly with her tongue, feeling his hands loosen their grip as she obediently complied with his harsh demands. His powerful hands still held her, though not as painfully, but she knew she should please him to avoid a scene.

Sophie didn't like scenes; Sandor had been such a mild-mannered, loving man. but Lex had it in him to be brutal if he wanted to, and that scared her. She closed her eyes and tried to keep her mind on the long pulsing prick that loomed before her.

Lex looked down at the long thick pole of flesh protruding from his hair-covered pelvis and throbbing ever so gently in her warm, half-opened wet mouth, at the pursed lips stretching tightly around the immense purplish head, and he felt a twinge of disappointment that she hadn't protested more. Hell, it would have done her a world of good to get kicked around a little first, before sucking him off. Every woman worth her salt needed a good kick in the ass once in a while, he thought. At least the women he had out on the streets leaning against lamp posts sure as hell needed it to let them know who the boss was.

But there wasn't time for such thoughts now, all he wanted was to enjoy this blow job and watch the Oakland A's slam a homer to win the series. And watching her blonde head begin to reluctantly slide back and forth on the long, saliva-moistened length of his prick was nothing but pure joy. Damn!

He allowed his hands to slip from her head and down over the smooth, velvety skin of her naked shoulders, near-perfect and silky and unblemished, deliciously warm and soft to his caressing touch. She obviously wasn't putting her heart into sucking his cock, so the big landlord brought his hands back up to the sides of her head, his open palms firmly placed on either side of her face. His grip tightened and he held her neatly positioned there against his heatedly pulsating prick as he began a rhythmic pumping motion with his lower body, his still-growing long prick jutting from his pelvis and rubbing between her moistly ovalled lips as the bulbous, lust-distended head poked against the back of her mouth. He could feel her small white teeth grating against the sensitive bottom side of his prick and the wetly rough surface of her tongue as it brushed along the full length of his thickly erect flesh, now so finely attuned to the tiniest subtle movement of her hotly licking tongue and lips that just the very touch sent shivers of savage animal desire into his loins.

"Yeah, baby… that's nice, honey, real nice," he growled softly, beginning to pump his thick, rigid cock deeper into her throat, her warm enveloping lips sliding along its full length with each forward plunge of his hips, and his fleshy stalk grew harder, longer, and thicker by the second, stretching like a

rubber band until it reached enormous proportions.

He grinned to himself as the young widow did her best to take his cock full length in her mouth, something he knew she couldn't possibly do; as it was she swallowed, gagged, and choked each time he gave an extra forward flick of his loins. That part he especially enjoyed; nothing was better for a good broad than a big cock to ream out her tonsils once in a while.

He hoped he'd found a good cock-sucker here, because there wasn't anything on earth he liked better than a really nice blow job, one where the broad knew her stuff, could relax her throat muscles like she could relax her asshole, and let his cock just slide right down that wetly smooth channel until the sides of her throat passage sucked him dry. Yeah, ol' Sophie here was doing all right for a Swede.

Sophie slaved over his loins, desperately trying not to choke on the pulsing fleshy cock invading her throat; it was so big! Each time his muscular abdomen slapped against her moistly pursed lips, the terrible punishing thing pushed lewdly against the back of her throat and at first, thinking she would surely be choked to death, she had fought it back, gasping and coughing with each of his vicious skewering thrusts. But gradually she had found a way to relax her throat muscles and now it wasn't as bad. He would pull it almost all the way out of her wetly clasping mouth, out over her widely ovalled lips until the lust-swollen head of his cock was between her teeth, and then he would begin that dreaded instroke, that journey deep into her tender throat. Somehow that hardened shaft managed to bend just enough when its throbbing head rammed against the back of her gullet to go down, lubricated with her hot saliva and the first slippery traces of his seminal fluid oozing fitfully from the tiny opening on the end of his prick. And every time it went down, she would have to swallow or choke, and soon she realized that the flexing

of her own throat muscles was bringing on the inevitable torrent of hot cum even sooner, and she viewed the climax with mixed emotions. She wanted it over, to be rid of his pulsating rod that gagged and choked her so painfully… but the thought of what was coming next, his ejaculated cum emptying down her throat like she was a common whore! Sandor had never made her swallow it; in fact, he'd kept a box of kleenex next to his bed for just that purpose.

Sophie tried not to swallow, but she choked immediately and he pulled it out for a moment, rubbing its still throbbing head over her moistly smeared lips, and she could taste the beginning of the end as small whitish drops of his fluid oozed from the slit end and onto her tongue. He took the blunted head

between his clenched fingers and lewdly, obscenely, painted her lips with his warm, slightly saline discharge, leaving them glistening from his impatiently dribbling semen. She was totally beaten now, kneeling at his feet like a servant girl in the old country.

Lex felt the telltale twitch of his loins and could feel the dammed-up seething flood of hot semen restlessly surging behind the restraints of his aching balls as he slowly, rhythmically, pumped in and out of her ovalled lips, savoring every inch of his delicious instroke as it disappeared agonizingly down her velvety throat channel. He wanted to feel every screaming millimeter of his cum's long fast run from his lust-distended balls of his prick's throbbing, blood-filled head, and his hands squeezed in on her ears now, holding her absolutely motionless in his strong grip while he rammed his cock down, deeper and deeper down that tight, constrictive little throat.

Ah, here it comes, he thought, it's cumming… it's cumming! He could feel the hot sperm rushing out of his testicles and up the bottom of his prick, and he stopped dead still, his madly throbbing cock rammed all the way to his pubic hair down her hungry throat, her head perfectly still, as he waited impatiently for the building explosion in his loins…

"Aaaahhhh!" he gasped anxiously, emptying his lungs as, at that same infinitesimal second, he emptied his sperm-laden balls. Sophie sucked voraciously, harder and harder, for as strongly as her better reasoning had dictated, now-tasting his pungency for the first time-she wanted it. She wanted every precious drop of his hot seething flood, and she sucked at the long quivering cock, swallowing and gulping its gushing waves of heated thick fluid like a starving animal. Her arms spontaneously wrapped around his hips as she knelt at his feet, pulling his powerful loins in hard against her face and lips until every hot swallow was safely down her eagerly working throat.

He looked down at the kneeling figure of the love-starved widow and smiled as she finally pulled her hungrily sucking mouth away from his pelvis, a thin sticky trail of semen dangling from her lips and chin like a spider's web. Yes sir, she was right where he wanted her, nothing stood in his way now, those checks from her dead millionaire husband's account might as well be his! Money to finance the plot he was hatching against his most hated enemy and the girl that love him.

Yes, Lex had other things on his mind… other things that the love-starved widow would not have understood in her silent modest humility. Things a God-fearing woman such as herself didn't even know happened in a big city where everyone is prey to other lethal talons.

His thoughts turned to the young, virginal girl reporter in the newspaper office across the way.

Oh, it was going to be so fine.

Lois and the Shaft of Steel

Lois was in a quandary about what to do. Her semi-amorous entanglements were getting more and more complicated by the day. First there was Jimmy, her sometimes-sidekick on the many assignments she drew at the paper, with his grinning dark face and close-cropped black, Afro hair. Then there was, of course, Clark, who always watched her with guarded eyes when she had to speak with other men, and she knew that he had at least some special affection for her, as she felt she did for him, though what exactly that extended to was not quite clear to her.

Thirdly there was the chief editor Perry White-Chief, as they were wont to call him-who seemed to be making suggestions whenever she was alone with him in his office. Yesterday he had come around his desk, smiling, and edged her over against it, setting his paunch against her soft, taut belly beneath her full, round breasts. She had cringed with embarrassment and blushed to the roots of her dark hair. Perry was attractive in his middle-aged way, powerful as he was at the Daily Planet, but Lois had much higher aspirations and the great, hardening bulge she felt growing against her left her in no doubt as to what he meant when he said:

"Lois, I think we should get to know each other better." He smiled and, reaching up, stroking the back of her neck beneath her dark tresses. "A lot better."

Lois bowed her head and blinked her eyes, very uncomfortable. She didn't know what to do or say, she who was never at a loss for words, always resourceful, always relentless in her rise through the ranks of the reporters at the newspaper. She who could find a way out of almost any situation, or into any situation that would help her scoop the competition. And this discomfort was all because she, Lois Lane, who many said was one of the most beautiful girls in Metropolis, was a virgin, whose sweet vagina had never known the joy of a hard cock thrusting inside it.

Perry had kissed her neck on that oh-so-tender spot beneath her right ear, drawing his knee up between her thighs to the hotspot that was even now responding wetly to the unwanted stimulation. Her mind rebelled at being touch by a man thirty years older than her twenty-three, but her awe of the Chief and her fear of his power over her made her part her lips when his mouth came down on hers. Lois' problem was that, now out of her teens, she was getting no regular sex from anyone. It was by her own choice that she had avoided such things, on religious and moral grounds, but she felt that she would be very inclined to surrender her virginity to Superman, if he were ever to want it, if he ever swept her into those strooooong arms, tore her clothes away and thrust his Cock of Steel up into her tender, wanting pussy.

But this was no Superman who was prying her thighs apart on the desk right now, but the paunchy, grey-haired editor of the newspaper, the man with the power to keep her down, let her rise, or fire her on any pretext. It was a situation in which Lois had absolutely no experience, for Perry was the only boss she had had in the last four years, and her existence depended on his approval. Now she was faced with this bad situation, or that of possibly losing her job. But when Jimmy Olsen burst into the room, his tight black hair in an Afro and a brilliant smile shining from his dark brown face, saving her from a fate worse than unemployment, she breathed a heartfelt sigh of relief.

"Miss Lane, Chief," Jimmy burbled, the position in which he had caught them not lost on him. "Superman's here, in the offices. He has something important to tell us, he says."

"Oh, good!" Lois exclaimed, straightening her skirt, and hurrying through the door into the outer offices. "This could be a story."

Superman stood there in his tight, blue-and-red suit, his hands on his hips and his great nine-inch cock with its burgeoning, circumcised corona outlined against the thin fabric. Lois, in her state of reluctant, semi-arousal, found her gaze drawn to that impressively powerful cudgel.

"I'm afraid it's just the opposite," Superman said in his quiet voice. "In fact, I need you to cover for me while I'm away."

"Oh!" Lois said, startled, tearing her eyes away from that massively silhouetted penis, ashamed at the way her thoughts were going and afraid that Superman could read them.

Perry White and Jimmy were standing there behind her as Superman spoke to them all together. "The Outlaws of Zinn have been released from the prison where they've been kept for the last six thousand years. I've received a message from Zoltar that they're getting ready to come here, to earth, to carry out some evil plan. Zoltar located them at their secret base on a planet called Wishtar in the Zoramian Galaxy. I must go there to meet them and stop them before they bring chaos to earth.

"Gee, Superman," Jimmy said. "This sounds like a really big story."

Superman shook his head. "That's exactly what it mustn't be, Jimmy. You see, if Lex Luthor finds out I'm away, there's no telling what kind of trouble he'll try to cause, and I won't be here to do anything about it."

Perry said, "Superman, you're the fastest man with a cape in the universe. Shouldn't take you long to get back for anything."

"Wrong, Mr. White. The Zoramian Galaxy is a hundred light years away. It's a three-week round-trip, at least."

Lois looked around in disgust. "Where's Clark now? He's never around when the big things are happening."

Superman smiled. "I just spoke with him on the South Side. He's on his way to Smallville to see his mother. She's been very ill. But don't worry, I've got really good distance vision, and I'll be keeping my eye on all my friends, no matter where I am." He touched Lois on the shoulder, and she felt the thrill of arousal and adoration. "But you've got to remember one thing. No one must know that I'm gone, or Luthor will be make no end of problems for Metropolis. Do you all understand?"

Lois nodded, a bit tearfully. "How long before we see you again, Superman?" she asked.

"At least two weeks," said the Man of Steel. "That's why no one must know that I'm gone. Criminals, and Luthor in particular, will raise all kinds of hell."

Lois felt a sinking in her belly and a definite cooling of her hot, wet pussy. She would have to wait at least two weeks before she would know the thrill of the possibility of giving her virginity to Superman, to him, the most masculine man on earth or in the universe. She blinked back her tears, and Superman, as if sensing her feeling, took her hand and kissed it, right there in fRont of everyone.

"Wait for me, Lois," he said warmly. "I won't be gone forever."

Perry White, standing behind the small group, narrowed his eyes. He had detected the growing affection between Superman and Lois, and it made him furious that, after all he had done to help the young reporter, she felt no gratitude nor desire to repay him with the only currency she had-with her beautiful, untouched body. However, the Chief Editor had no intention of letting her off that lightly, and if he had his way, Superman would only be tasting what he, Perry White, had already sampled.

Jimmy Olsen, of course, was just as envious of Superman as was the Chief. He had long been simply crazy about Lois, and he had been waiting for his chance for a couple of years. He also knew that Lois had never slept with any man, at least no in her apartment, because he had planted a secret video camera in her bedroom over a year ago, once while she was away for a weekend on assignment. On the tapes he collected once every three days, he had watched her undress, revealing her pure, white body with the flawless, creamy skin, the high, full, pink-nippled breasts, the smooth flat belly, and, below that, the plump, raven-haired mound of her vagina-which, salivating, he had watched in the most revealing display when, several times, she had lain back on her bed, spread and lifted her knees, and masturbated herself to a gushing orgasm. Jimmy distinctly felt that she was not attracted to black men, as she had never paid him any but the most platonic attention.

After Lois' heartthrob had departed, flying showily out the fifteenth-storey window and vanishing into the stratosphere, Perry called Lois and Jimmy aside. "Jimmy, I want you to cover yesterday's fire over at the Landsdowne Private School. Lois, I want you to cover the mayor's press conference at three, and then come back and report to me."

"Right, Chief," Lois said, finding new strength in her work, which distracted her frustrated, amorous thoughts from Superman.

"Right, Chief," Jimmy said.

"Yes, and don't call me Chief," Perry said for the thousandth time, adding in a low voice to Lois, "And you must call me Perry."

Lois smiled shyly and backed away.


Lois found the press conference a bore, but she did her usual competent, precise job. The subject was that the crime wave seemed to be rising again, that the school fire appeared to be arson, that women were being raped, and that the mayor's wife's pomeranian had been kidnapped and a ransome demanded on a note signed only L L. Lois giggled to think that those were her initials, but that she didn't like dogs that much.

It was with some trepidation that she took the printout of her completed story into Perry's office so that he could see it, but she found that he was already looking at it on his computer monitor. He looked up and smiled.

"Sit down, Lois," he said, gesturing to the chair. Perry got up and went the the wall cabinet, which he opened, revealing a well-stocked bar. While Lois watched, he poured two drinks and brought one over to her. "I'll bet you're ready for one of these, Lois, after sitting through that boring press conference."

Lois took the drink shyly, but was far from shy with the gulp she took. Perry was making her uncomfortable with the way he was looking at her. Was he going to try to continue with the moves he was making earlier? Because if he was she was going to have to set him straight. She belonged to Superman first, and to Clark second, should her designs on Superman's time and body become unfeasible. Perry was pacing up and down slowly, looking at her in the lecherous way of his. Lois, very thirsty after her day of hard boredom, drained the glass. Perry saw her do it and, smiling broadly, gave her a refill.

"You really must take it easier, Lois," Perry said, pulling up and chair beside hers. "You're all uptight."

Lois was feeling strange. She had had screwdrivers before, but this one seemed especially stRong. She would have been dismayed to know that Perry had given her more than just orange juice and vodka.

Perry had been around, and when he he fixed his horns for Lois, the beautiful, virginal Lois, he had contacted an old man in China Town, who had provided him with this ancient, calmative aphrodisiac. He had promised that, for the rather exorbitant price the editor had paid, Lois would be fairly frothing at the pussy within fifteen minutes.

Lois felt her head spinning and rubbed her temples. Something was wRong. She could feel her nipples begin to tingle and the insides of her thighs began to burn. What was it that a press conference and a little screwdriver was doing to her?

"Are you all right, Lois?" Perry asked. "You don't seem well."

"Chief," she said, "I think I've overdone today. Do you think I could go home?"

Perry smiled, and Lois caught a glimpse of his lecherous eyes. Standing up behind her, he put his hands to the the back of her neck, rubbing gently. Lois sighed, all the tension seeming to leave her body as lightning bolts of strange sensations shot through her breasts and loins. As he kneaded the muscles along the top of her shoulders, she felt strange, alien feelings sweep through her body.

Perry said, "You can go home in a little while. I promise you'll be feeling much better than you ever have before."

Lois allowed her head to drop back. Her head felt so strange and the Chief's fingers seemed to be attached to electrodes where he touched her.

"You're such a capable young woman," Perry said. "I just know you're destined to rise to the top of the journalistic hill. The one thing you need to remember is to do the right thing politically."

"Oh?" Lois said. Her own voice seemed far away and Perry's fingertips had moved down in front of her so that they rested just above the swellings of her breasts.

"That means pleasing the right people," he said. "Doing favors and then having them repaid in other ways. Know what I mean?"

Lois, naive to the ways of men and women, tried to order her thoughts. What did he mean by that exactly? She was trying to think when his hands came down, under the neckline of her dress so that his had covered the ample cups of her bra. He squeezed her luscious, round tits and her words caught in her throat. She moaned and her buttocks shifted in the chair, sliding down and allowing her legs to splay out slightly before her. Her shoulders trembled as Perry slid his hands carefully under her bra to palm the smooth flesh of her tits directly, feeling her large nipples harden immediately under his caress.

"Aaaahh," she breathed, but was unable to move or do anything. This was completely out of order, but she was feeling so strange, as if she had no will to resist. And down there, before her legs, she felt her untouched vagina beginning to moisten. She shifted her bottom again on the seat, felt a heat burning up the slit of her pussy into the cleft of her ass, causing her tight, little anus to itch and tingle. In fact, the whole area was beginning to itch and tingle. Lois groaned and felt her breasts seem to swell against Perry White's palms, the nipples hardening painfully.

Perry looked down into the warm cleft of her bosom. One hand lowered the zipper at her back and the other eased the dress down over her big tits in front. He found the clasp in back and pushed the bra away, revealing the large, round, creamy mounds and the tight, pink nipples and aureolae. He adjusted her clothing downward over her shoulder and tits until Lois sat there naked to the waist. The Chief's mouth descended from behind, his lips and tongue playing over the sensitive areas beneath her ears and tops of her shoulders. Between expert kisses, Perry spoke in a low, smooth, seductive voice.

"My dear Lois, you've always been so practical, so effective. You always know what to do to get the job done. With my, my darling, you'll be the hottest reporter in town."

Yes, she thought. I will be. I'll work hard and become successful. I'll have my own by-line and when I'm tired, the Chief with massage my shoulders like this. "Aaaah," she breathed again as his hands moved down her belly to beneath he breasts and his mouth came over and closed on her left nipple.

"Oh, Chief!" she groaned. "I don't think we should be doing this."

Perry's lips came away from her nipple with a smacking sound. "Call me Perry, my dear, and never forget that we must do what's necessary. This is how we get to where we want to go."

Lois, discreetly, stifled her own protests, then gave a surpised cry as his hand found the lush, silky bush of her cuntal mound. This was totally out of order, something she had never done in the privacy of a bedroom with a man she loved, much less with the boss here in his office. Someone could walk in at any moment and her reputation would be destroyed at the Daily Planet forever. But Perry forged ahead and in spite of Lois' thighs being tightly squeezed together, he middle figure dipped into the wet crease and slid inexorably in between the plump, heated lips of her pussy. With unerring acuracy his fingertip found the sensitive button of her clitoris and moved sensuously across it, drawing a moan of inescapable desire from her parted, full lips. She wanted to resist, had to, but it seemed she lacked the strength. She had no idea that Perry had already rendered her more compliant through chemicals in her drink, and as he manipulated her tiny love-bud, the feeling overpowered her and suddenly, of their own volition, Lois thighs snapped open.

"That's it, Lois darling," Perry crooned. "That's my sweet girl." He moved his fingertip in a tiny circle, sending lightening bolts of pleasure darting through her loins, while his other hand stroked her breasts and his mouth latched onto the sensitive flesh below her ear. "You're ready, I can tell. Ready to make love and get your career on the road to success."

Lois head lolled back on her shoulder behind her. "No, noooo," she moaned, feeling his finger slide into her hot and flowing vagina. This was it, what she had always been taught to avoid, but what she had felt she could do only with Superman, if the time was right. But here she was, sapped of her strength to resist. She felt rather than saw Perry come around in front of her, kneeling before her so he could pull her panties, hose, and dress off over her quivering hips, bearing her exquisitely beautiful flesh, so perfect, so womanly, so virginal. Carefully parting her knees with his hands, he moved his face closer to her fragrant cunt, slowly sliding his hands along her inner thighs until they found the tender lips of her pussy. With his thumbs, he pried the labia apart, moved his face closer.

Perry White massaged the young virgin's breast and knew he was getting Lois Lane terribly excited. Hell, everything was getting her excited: the squeezing; of his hand, the potent and aphrodisiac qualities of the substances he had put in her screwdriver. He could tell his rookie reporter was responding just as he had known she would.

The editor innately knew that her pussy would soon be begging to be fucked at last. His large cock swelled in the confines of his pants and the tension was grinding in his loins, and his balls ached with maddening intensity. Yeah, he could barely contain his impetuousness-this sweet, tight little virgin was going to be a delicious fuck, just like he'd dreamed.

A warning sounded in Lois' drugged mind, but it was too far away, too dimmed by the tranquilizer and rarified surroundings to be effective; she tried to move Perry's fingers from her breasts but only succeeded in bringing her hand to rest on his-and then let it fall back to her side. She closed her glassy eyes and pled, "Don't, Perry," she groaned. "Let me sit up. I don't want you to touch me like this."

White only tightened his fingers, and with his other hand fumbled with her cuntal lips. Lois labored for breath and squirmed harder, only pushing the now wet and swollen lips of her vagina down against the seat and making herself more aroused than ever. And then his finger ventured inside her slippery vagina and, shame of shames, his mouth covered her pussy and his tongue thrust at the portals of pleasure. Perry gave his tongue a twist inside her cunt and pushed her labia wide apart with his thumbs and began to work in earnest on Lois' sweet, young pussy. She growled low in her throat, unable to suppress her feelings as he licked her clitoris like a tasty little ball of cherry candy. Again and again he laved that tingling little bud of sensitive flesh until her hips began twitching and twisting with arousal. Lois consciousness soared up and away from her body, visions of Superman flying through her mind. She burned with shame at the thought that she was betraying him, her perfect Man. White hooked his hands under her knees and lifted them high and wide and plunged his tongue into the crevass of her bottom, finding the pink-haloed anus, stabbing pleasurably at that tiny dimple.

"Oh, Perry! Oh, Perry!" Lois groaned as he plundered her dual orifices with his expert tongue. "This is so wrong. Ooooooh!" He body was shaking with passion and the juice from her glands gushed out of her pussy, bathing the editor's face and chin. Oh, oh, oh, where was Superman when she needed him? Her knees spread wide of their own volition, jacking up and down the with spasms of feeling that thundered through her. She knew that, if Perry did not stop what he was doing, she would soon orgasm, right before the Chief's eyes. Oh, oh, oh!

And then the sight of Superman, his handsome face, was there in fRont of her, and for just a moment, she had the strength to tear herself away. She swung her thigh over his head and twisted out of the chair, jumping to her feet. She made to run for the door, her big, naked breasts bouncing free, but her dress, bunched around her waist, slipped down around her ankles, leaving her totally naked and, unfortunately, tripped her up. She stumbled forward and caught herself on the edge of the desk. Lois cried out and in an instant, Perry was there on her back, his arms around her, cupping her tits, his loins pressing against her plump, bare asscheeks. Pushing her forward, he nudged her legs apart and his fingers found her slippery, wet cunt.

"Lois, Lois," Perry breathed, tweaking her clitoris with one hand while loosening his pants with the other. He kept her there, the front of her thighs pressed against the desk so that she could go nowhere. She found herself greatly weakened with desire, her hot, wet pussy yearning instinctively for a male's penis even while her mind screamed that she should end this thing she was doing and allowing to be done to her.

Perry White, the editor, looked down at the luscious sweep of Lois' strong back, the shapely shoulders, the plump, loaf-like cheeks of her ass. He brought his hand up between those smooth pillows and found the deep warmth of the cleft. His fingers brushed across her sensitive, clenched anus on the way to the wet split of her labia, the wet hole trailing strings of the thick juice of her excitement. Once again, he found her clitoris and, while she moaned in ecstasy, went to work on it.


Jimmy Olsen came in from covering his boring assignment and looked around. The desks around the back office were empty and he was surprised not to see Lois working diligently at hers. He loved to finish off the day with a good chat with her. The fact was, Jimmy definitely had the hots for her and his every thought while he was near her at the office was of fucking the beautiful, nubile, young reporter. Jimmy was the shy type around women and he usually relieved himself with a friendly prostitute he knew from the streets. But Lois was the apple of his eye, though he knew she was crazy about Superman, and stRongly attracted to Clark, in that order. For that reason, he knew his only likely chance to enjoy intercourse with her would be by some sort of skullduggery, of which he had not yet conceived.

And so, as he stood by her desk, perplexed at where she might be, his attention was drawn to the door of the Chief's office by a groan of pain, a feminine groan of pain. He stopped and listened, and heard it again, louder and deeper this time. Quietly he moved over to the door and listened carefully, his ear close to the keyhole.

"Aaaaah!" came the woman's voice again, and he recognized it as that of Lois. Jimmy straightened up and poised himself to crash into the office and rescue her from whatever was happening to her. Then he paused. He couldn't do that. What if it was something private and she might be angry at being bothered. No, he definitely couldn't just crash into Perry White's office. Carefully he fished in his pocket for a credit card, slid it in between the door and the jamb, and quietly slipped the bolt. He moved the door in just an inch and peered through the crack.

The sight that greeted him caused him to jerk to unexpected attention, his large young cock stirring to life at the sight. There she was, bent forward over the desk, her beautiful, spherical buttocks thrust back and spread wide while Perry White, kneeling behind her, lapped at her innocently exposed orifices. Pressing his aquiline nose squarely between the girl's plump buttocks into her tingling asshole, Perry White worked his tongue relentlessly into her sweet, wet vagina, tasting the inner surfaces of the smooth passage and the slightly salty flavour of the fluids whose flow she could not control. She was soaking wet, and the secretions covered his tongue and ran into his throat. Her bottom churned in little circles against his face and he gripped her thighs, pulling her closer.

Lois had nearly lost consciousness of her surroundings. The sensations seemed to whip through her breasts and belly like a lash without mercy. Occasionally, she would focus her eyes on the pictures on the wall of Perry shaking hands with politicians, but mainly her attention was focused on what was happening to her, behind her and between her legs. She knew that Perry was feasting his eyes and tongue on what she considered the ugliest and most private orifices of her body, but he kept grunting his appreciation and murmuring words telling her how sweet and beautiful she was. Apparently he truly liked the view. She herself felt incredibly vulnerable and exposed, felt that her body had lost all its privacy, felt that she was opened up to all the world to see and explore.

Jimmy Olsen could see everything himself. He could see White's lapping tongue and the girl's bubbling, steaming cunt opened and welcoming. He saw White remove a hand from one of Lois's thighs and unbutton the front of his pyjama-top and shrug it off his white, chunky shoulders. Then the hand pushed down the elastic waistband of the bottom part and his massive penis began to rise from the thick and hairy bush. Jimmy had had no idea Perry's cock was so huge. Though not as big as his own tool, it was a good eight inches long and just about as thick. The uncircumcised head was a throbbing purple thing shaped like a mushroom, and the eye was dripping with a long string of its own lubricant. White's hand encircled it and began to pump it slowly, bringing it to a greater hardness while Lois, her eyes half closed with erotic bliss, was oblivious to the giant penis that would soon be presented to her. Her hips jerked spasmodically, pushing the sweaty cleft of her ass back against White's worshipping face and she gave a breathy little whimper of amazed joy with each lick he gave her.

Perry was squeezing his cock hard so that it was red with urgency and the head was so purple it seemed it would explode. He saw Perry rise from his knees and, his face wet with Lois's juicy offerings, wipe the secretions from his mouth and cheeks. With soft eyes, Lois looked back over her shoulder at the fifty-year-old man who was moving up against her from behind. He eased her slowly forward, and shrugged out of his white shirt, leaving the both of them equally naked, and ran his hands over her bare back to her shoulders and down again to her ass cheeks, stroking over and between them and down to her puffy labia which he tenderly parted with his thumbs.

Lois was frozen with desire, fear, and questioning. Here she was, burning with half-fulfilled sensuality, here in here boss's office, as naked as on the day of her birth and knowing not why, with her equally naked boss behind her as she was bent forward in a revealing position. How had she allowed herself to be put in this position, this situation? I'm a good girl, I have been all my life, and now here I am, stripped of my clothes, my dignity, and my resistance. She had let herself be cajoled and seduced to follow Perry White into this self-indulgent scene. It was her own fault, she knew, and it was all wrong, but her body wanted more. He had left her just shy of her climax for the second time, and now he was stopping, just looking down on her bare, uplifted, wide-open derriere. What was he doing? What was he going to do?

She felt his fingers carefully parting the sacred lips of her vagina, felt something stretching her, a soft, broad, round something. What was he doing, and what was that that was stretching her open where before it had only been two fingertips? She stopped herself from asking him why he had left off from what he was doing and deprived her of the pleasure he had been offering her. She gave her hips a wanton shake, and peeked over the back-thrust hump of her bottom.

"Oh, wait!" Lois cried as she felt her tiny, unused cuntal opening stretching. "I can't do that," she said, trying to squirm away.

Perry smiled and held her firmly in place. He had the tip just centered over the tiny, teardrop-shaped hole, her labia spread on either side of the angry-looking corona. "But you can, Lois. You can and you will. You do really want to be a successful reporter, don't you?"

Lois, trembling from her broad shoulders to her smooth, naked thighs, looked into his eyes and a tear slid down one cheek.

"Don't you?"

Lois saw him, her all-powerful boss, poised and waiting for an answer. "Yes," she said in a tiny voice, with a slight nod, trying to think lovingly of Superman. Yes, yes, the answer you always gave to the boss.

Perry increased the pressure and Lois whimpered with discomfort at the painful prod he was giving her tender vagina. The penis wanted to be inside her, and her vagina seemed to want it there, but there was something in the way, something which she knew had to be breached. It seemed unyielding, tough, that hymen, and she trembled with each hurtful push Perry gave toward he hot insides..

Perry looked down and found his cockhead but half sheathed, her asshole spasmodically winking up at him as she countered each of his questing thrusts. Her face wore an urgent, pained expression as she waited for him to sunder her stubborn membrane. She gave a tiny, gentle grunt with each prod and he knew that her mind had given up in its resistance to her body's demands. Whether or not he was Superman was unimportant; at the present, her pussy hungered for a male presence and it was his cock that was available.

Jimmy Olsen stared in fascination at the lewd tableau being staged in the well-lit room just a few feet away. The girl's body, arms and legs, shook with the strain and the need. Her face was frozen into a mask of discomfort as her boss's giant cockhead hammered at the door of her virginity. Jimmy knew he should come to the girl's rescue, crash into the room and throw White from the window, save the girl from her own passions before she was fucked by the older man, seduced and corrupted.

Yes, leap into the office, throw Lois over his shoulder and run away with her to safety. All those things.

And then suddenly Perry gave an audible sigh and his eyes crossed with pleasure. Lois's eyes turned upward in her head and her pained expression gave way to one of relief and contentment and she gave a loud, surprised sigh as well, in a higher voice, as her hymen tore, alleviating the pressure and leaving the way clear for White's penis, which slipped forward, between the tight, silken walls of her baby vagina, half its length, and the flaring, swollen cockhead was pushed up inside her further than anything had ever gone before.

It's too late! Jimmy thought as he saw Perry's vein-gnurled shaft disappear from sight, inside Lois's pink-lipped cunt. Too late to save her from her confused passions and the defilement of White's great cock. Jimmy eased his cock free of his pants and began to stroke it, transferring himself and the feelings in his prick to a dream position behind the lovely, no-longer-virginal Lois's upturned asscheeks. Fuck her, Jimmy chanted to himself. Fuck the pink-pussied little bitch.

White grit his teeth and held his throbbing penis still, fighting against instantly coming in the delicate and incredibly tight vagina contracting rhythmically in fear and desire around his half-buried shaft. This was heaven, he thought, enjoying the view of the brunette submissively crouched before him, seeing her rosy-cheeked profile with that expression of relief and arousal, her smoky eyes, half-closed looking up at him with expectation, of exactly what she had no idea.

Lois could feel her body glowing warmly, with the heat centered in her womb and in the core of her just-entered vagina as White's huge penis pushed between the untouched, soft walls of her love channel. She felt relieved now of the pain of her hymen and the restraint that had dictated her every action in her past life. Now she had Perry's cockmeat filling her tender belly, and she felt free, free to pursue the joy and pleasure her healthy body craved but from which she had always retreated out of personal restraint. She remembered the fear that had kept her in her life past from getting close enough to any young man to do this, this thing she was doing now with this older man who was her boss. Of course, she had been attracted to him in her naive and feminine way, to this man who held power over her and so many others' lives. She saw him now, poised over her vulnerable, trembling bottom, his craggy cheeks flushed, his nostrils flaring with arousal, and the thick, pulsing shaft of his penis vanishing into the cleft of her underside. She panted with a desperation she had never known before. Now what was she supposed to do?.

"Oh, my!" Lois said, feeling Perry's shaft throb inside her, the cockhead like a hard knot several inches up in her belly. Perry was going to do it to her, have intercourse with her, right here on his desk, thrusting his cock in and out of her sweet, innocent vagina, in this strange, submissive position. Her first time, with her boss, and somehow she knew it would not be her last. She felt exposed and widely-stretched, but there was nothing unpleasant about it and she felt so warm all over, menaced and protected at the same time, by the same man.

And then Perry began fucking her, very carefully, in and out. A bit deeper with each gentle stroke, wetly in and out, until the entire great length of his cock was entering her each time and her downy labial hair brushed his scrotum and the base of the hard stalk. That swollen, soft head of his penis was prodding her cervix, pushing it back, with every deep probe, and against her will, her womb flowered open to receive him.

Jacking his cock, Jimmy Olsen watched the debasement of the lovely girl, watched her face relax and her body soften in submission. The trembling of her arms stopped and her hips rose up behind her in acceptance, making inexperienced but instinctual movements like those of any wanton female mounted from behind.

"That's right, Lois," Perry groaned his encouragement, guiding her hips into the proper rhythm and motion. "That's a good girl. How does that feel?" he asked, sliding in deeply so that his balls swung in a pendulous arc between her legs, beneath the split, furry lips of her pink-rimmed cunt.

Lois closed her eyes and pushed back a bit harder with her ass. How does it feel? she asked herself. Her big tits thumped against the back of her upper arms as she pushed back harder again, feeling the sensations more the harder she moved her hips. It feels good, she thought. It feels very good!

"How's that, Lois darling?" he asked again.

Lois bit her lips, reluctant to speak, to reveal herself, to break the spell, but then the words came out in a throaty gasp. "Feels good. Feels wonderful."

Perry kept fucking, feeling the silky, wet walls of her vagina sliding in a tight, pleasure-giving caress over the burgeoning head of his cock. "That's good, darling. That's good. We can do this all the time after this, every day. Would you like that?"

Lois sobbed. It was wrong and her mind rebelled, but her body could not let go of these feelings and they overpowered her mind. "Oh, yes!" She widened the position of her knees yet more and tipped her hips upward, hollowing her back, giving him better access to her needing cunt. Her buttocks opened wider and her asshole flowered deliciously before his eyes. Perry gave those perfect, creamy globes a gentle slap and sent his cock deeply into her pink-rimmed slit.

The lust-crazed editor's angry, red cock surged in and out of her baby cunt, drawing out thin ridges of her inner cuntal membranes that clung lovingly to his rock-hard shaft on the out-stroke and folded back inside on the in-stroke. He gloated over the thought of having this proud, ladylike, angelic young woman now bent and submissive to his lusts, receiving his demanding penis deep into her tender, inexperienced vagina.

Over in the next room, Jimmy Olsen's excitement grew at the sight of the girl that he had wanted for himself now eagerly fucking her ass back on White's invading cock. The young man jerked his cock harder and more urgently. Wet, sloppy sounds came from his gooey, pumping fist, like those coming from Lois's vagina locked so lewdly around Perry's relentlessly pistoning shaft, though Lois's hot hole, tight and wet, was making louder, juicier sounds that rose to her ears and caused her to blush a deeper red. Jimmy could hear the liquid sucking noises and vowed that he must soon fuck the lovely Lois, no matter what the risk. When the time was right he would make her his own.

Lois was grunting now, audibly, with each thrust of White's glistening, massive cock, feeling it probe to the depths of her entrails. She was open, wet, and vulnerable to everything he did. His hands slid over her buttocks to her waist and under to her large, tautly jiggling breasts and gently pinched her hard, crimson nipples. The girl, overcome with passion, twisted her head around to the side and presented her ripe mouth for a kiss. Perry took the invitation and, his belly fitting into the small of her back, leaned well forward, kissing her deeply, without slacking the speed, depth, or strength of his fuck-strokes. His balls, swinging in the inverted V of her thighs, were slick and shiny with her lubricant and the webbing between the shaft and scrotum tickled her clitoris each time he pushed his cock home. Her cunt was beginning to spasm in her first orgasm and Perry stuck his finger into her upturned asshole, feeling, through the thin wall of her rectal passage, the knob of his cock sliding back and forth up her love-tunnel.

He heard her gasp suddenly, catching her breath in a deep groan, and felt her shaking through her first orgasm, her juices bathing his cock, balls and belly. Felt her contracting anus grabbing at his finger. Sobbing her joy and release, Lois writhed and jerked uncontrollably, her entire body shuddering with her climax, her big, round tits pressing against the back of the sofa as she bounced her plump ass rearward, her tight cunt devouring his weighty, deep-thrusting prick. Whipping his finger free of her asshole, and holding tightly to her waist, he waited for her to quiet her cries and motions, then turned her around and manoeuvred her to the couch. Stumbling ahead compliantly, she allowed him to place her in an all-fours position on the couch without letting his beloved cock slip free of her still-spasming vagina. Then, kneeling behind her, Perry began fucking her with all his skill.

Lois followed his rutting happily. This was heaven, she thought. Just crouching here and feeling joy shoot through her delicate body. How had she let this happen? Why could she not stop herself? Why did she not want to stop herself? She wanted this to go on and on until she died. Cupping her hand over her pubic mound, she felt Perry's thick cock sliding wetly between her trembling fingers. It was in her, full of life-giving power, aching to shoot its thick cream into her belly. She panted at the thought of it, filling her with the tiny, wriggly sperm. For the first time. She could get pregnant, yes, but at this moment she couldn't stop pushing her plump ass back at him. She wanted this pleasure, this deep loving of her vagina, the penis that explored the secret, dark recesses of her femaleness. She wanted it all now, this feeling of being a woman, to be filled with joy, with cock, with his flowing cum. And now Perry's thrusts were becoming more urgent and she sensed, even in her lack of experience, that he was going to come. If there was any doubt, he dispelled it with his own lips.

"Baby, Lois, baby, I'm going to come, oh, I'm going to come in you, I'm going to fill you up," he growled. He felt it starting back behind the root of his cock, a fire that would only be put out when his seed hosed into her.

"Please, please, stop," she breathed. "You'll make me pregnant."

But Perry's cock thrust ever harder and faster. "Good, Lois. Great!I'm going to fill you up with it, baby."

Jimmy could see it all, now that they had changed position to the couch. He could see Lois's delicate, pink vaginal membranes clinging to White's swelling cock, her secretions squelching out and running in rivulets down the backs of her thighs. Perry's flabby buttocks tensed and relaxed, tensed and relaxed, as he drove into her cunt from behind, his testicles and penis swelling to incredible proportions as he came to the brink of explosion. Olsen wanted nothing more than to dive headlong into her room and pull White off her, out of her, before he fertilized her unprotected womb, but he knew that he lacked the courage. Besides, if Lois didn't have the strength to control herself in a situation she had gotten herself into through her own stupidity, it was none of his affair. Jimmy grit his teeth and jacked his cock faster, synchronizing his fist to White's penis in Lois's foaming vagina.

Lois felt a second orgasm shaking her loins and thrust her hips back faster and faster, ecstatically sheathing her boss's fucking cock fully in her young, silky vagina. White growled savagely and his huge cock swelled noticeably even larger as his loins thwacked loudly against her bouncy bottom and his thrusts became a bit shorter and very deep. Jimmy saw Perry's penis begin to throb in a way that could only mean he was coming.

Perry felt it shooting up the length of his cock and bursting explosively from the opening at the end, a flood of hot, white cream, long and satisfying, and Lois opened her mouth wide in wonder at the power of it as he filled her with his molten sperm, gout after thick ropey gout, running into every dark, untouched recess, as the older man fertilized the girl, the lewd seductor fucking his spunk into the innocent's tender, warm cunt. Lois screamed once, shuddering and coming again as the thick, life-giving cream surged into her, pumping her full, flooding her to the brim, filling her tubes, and squishing out around the jerking, buried cock to drip in a thick stream from her well-fucked vagina to the bedspread between her knees.

Jimmy let his come fly onto the doorknob and kept his eyes on Lois while she finished, shuddering, with the first, fulfilling fuck of her life. Together, the boss and the secretary, the middle-aged man and his young nubile lover, slowly crumpled onto the couch to lie panting in joyful satiation. Perry's cock very slowly softened but stayed planted in the the grip of Lois' abused vagina and Jimmy saw the wash of white cream that leaked out around it. The penis jerked and throbbed spitting out the thick cum endlessly until there was no more to give and until the girl could take no more.

He had flooded the little bitch's cunt, Jimmy thought, and neither she nor the old man would be satisfied with just once. He watched her sprawl unconscious on her back in wide-legged, oblivious abandon, her lovely tits rising and falling with her cooling passion, the pounding of her heart creating tiny disturbances in the soft, doughy, white mounds, while Perry's male semen oozed from the red-rimmed, well-fucked slit of her vagina like a thick, white glob of whipped cream, thickening on the inner surfaces of her fat, puffy labia. Jimmy, burning with jealousy, thought she was the picture of satisfied young female flesh, torn from her useless state of virginity to provide pleasure for a long line of males' hard, thrusting cocks.


For the next week, Lois found herself in a whirlwind existence of of social and professional thrills and sensual fulfillment. The Chief made good on his promise to bring her along on the important connections he made with politicians and other fat cats, like heads of corporations and entertainers. Perry, she called him that now, seemed to know everyone. As the working head of the most influential newspaper in Metropolis, he had many, many high-quality contacts, and when she met the head of WAPO television and he commented on her photogenic looks, Lois let her dreams drift and she found herself imagining that she was anchorwoman on the six o'clock news. This first week of their liaison he had already taken her to three parties.

Of course, there were other things to do. There were regular reporting assignment, but Lois found that she was getting the better jobs now and Jimmy was getting the boring stuff. She was feeling sorry for him when he was sent out of things that would have normally been divided between the two of them.

And then there was the sex. After the first time they have made love, Perry had brought her around gently with a glass of sherry and carefully helped her get dressed. He had driven her home and walked her to the door of her apartment. She had had the whole night alone to ponder what she had done. She had seemed to lose all the strength and resistence and let the Chief have his wicked way with her, using her virginal pussy as a recepticle for his penis and his sperm. She had loved it, had cried out for more, had come and come and come, pushing her plump bottom back on his huge, plundering cock. And all night she ahd shivered at the thought of it, of what she had done, of what had been done to her. She had been intimate with someone for the first time in her life. Yes, in was the boss and he was middle-aged, but he was also a considerate and gentle lover. And she had found herself looking at him in a totally different, totally new way. She didn't think so much of Superman now. What chance could she have anyway with the Man of Steel? Why, he must have superwomen stashed all over the universe. And where was Superman now? A zillion trillion miles away in some Zoramian Galaxy.

The next day, Perry had invited her again into his office, and Lois had gone, butterflies in her stomach, her knees knocking together. But Perry had been suave and disarming and had invited her to the first of the parties he would be taking her to this week. Then he had put an arm around her, kissed her cheek, and then slowly stroked her carefully. All over. Soon she was melting in his arms and he had stripped her clothes off and sat her on the edge of his desk and, once again, fed his massive cock into her wet and tingling pussy. Again she had forgotten her inhibitions and moaned and squealed while he thrust between her uplifted thighs into the hot hole of her cunt. Lois had rolled her buttocks on the hard surface, dipping her swollen, throbbing clit down on the hard invading prick until her juices had gushed out and she had expended herself in a shattering orgasm.

It was a feeling she felt that she could get used to, to told herself, that she could definitely come to like. And in the days that followed, Perry fucked her almost everyday. On the desk. On the couch. On the carpet. He never talked about it afterward and so she was much less embarrassed that she should have been. And one night, when she went home, after Perry had gone home to his wife, she had returned to a gift of two dozen roses. From Perry, of course.

Yes, her new lifestyle had necessitated quite a change in her outlook on many things, older men in particular, but Perry was good-looking and well-connected and that took the edge off her yearning for Superman and had almost made her forget Clark. Where was Clark, anyway, and what was he doing? Did he know anything about what Superman was doing?


Superman, himself, at that very moment was in the most dangerous and confusing spot of his life. He had flown into the planet Goorah in the Zoramian Galaxy, looking for clues as to the plans of the

Outlaws of Zinn and their dealings with Lex Luthor. He had immediately spied the Temple of Karamo, the Monkey God and had soared in through the giant buttressed arch of the portal.

And fallen to the stone floor in a tumble.

Picking himself up, it took a just a second to deduce the reason for his sudden loss of his super powers. The portal was built from green, glowing kryptonite on the inside and he had failed to see its luminescence as he approached. Breaking out in a sweat, he realized that he could not go back the way he came. As he distanced himself from the arch, he found his powers returning as he moved beyond the reach of the radiation. He determined then that he must break through a wall to escape the temple, for each of the great egresses on the six walls of the central nave were built of the same deadly material. But when he drew nearer to the walls, he felt his strength draining out of him, and it was then that he knew that the walls themselves were lined with kryptonite. He was trapped in a giant box of kryptonite!

Superman realized that he been lured to this spot by the very people he was trying to thwart in their plans to dominate the universe. The Outlaws of Zinn and Lex Luthor were again on the same side in a pact to subjugate earth.

Superman stood back and tried to focus his telescopic vision on earth to see what was happening there in his absence. What would become of his secret love Lois Lane without his protection? She was his first concern, and, as his vision found her going about her daily life, his concern grew immensely, for he knew that already a great deal had befallen her since he had stupidly flown into the blue and left her at the mercy of his enemies, who would want nothing better than to use her to hurt him.


Lois lay on the verge of wakefulness. She had not slept well the night before and she couldn't fully wake up now. Perry had not, well, done it to her the day before. He had had to beg off in order to spend the evening with his grey-haired wife. At first, Lois had felt cheated, but she calmed herself, telling herself that she would have to put up with such things as long as she was having an affair with a married man. And then she had berated herself. Wasn't it wrong, very wrong, to have an affair with a married man, to sleep with another woman's husband, these four, no, five times with last week. Five times her pussy had been plundered by Perry's rock-hard cock! Five times! But five times was not really a heavy sex life, was it? So then why was she coming to crave this older man's loving so much?

Lois lay in that twilight zone between consciousness and sleep and images of a strong, dark-haired man dressed in a tight, blue leotard flashed through her dreams.


Jimmy Olsen walked quietly up the hall toward Lois's apartment. As he carefully and silently slipped his credit card between the door and the jamb to slip the latch, Lois slept naked on her bed. He moved through the apartment he had sneaked into on more than one occasion, going to where he knew she would be sleeping.

Jimmy gave a quiet sigh at the sight of her beautiful body displayed so innocently in sleep. To make sure she really wasn't awake, he whispered her name at a volume that would have got the attention of anyone who was awake, but she didn't move. He stood there, wondering if he should wake her up, tell her he had seen her fucking Perry in the editor's office, and coerce her-as little as possibly necessary-into putting her body at his disposal for the next hour, before getting dressed and going down to the Daily Planet. He stood there, nearly salivating at the sight of her body, the crevice of her ass, the creamy-skinned, flowing columns of her legs, the graceful expanse of her back, the buttery sweep of her dark brown hair. It was a pity to have to wake her, and then he had an idea. Carefully, he unbuckled his belt.


Superman, billions of miles away, ground his teeth in frustration as he saw Jimmy steal into the room, pause to gape at the girl's lovely nakedness, and then begin to undress. His eyes grew wide with horror as he began to understand what the young black man had in mind. He saw Jimmy bare his trim, fit body. Superman had had no idea how well-built his black colleague was. And the enormous penis that sprang forth from the curly wool of his crotch filled him with dread for the Lois, for there was no doubt that he meant to do to Lois what was most natural to any healthy man like Jimmy, what he himself and Perry had already done. It was of abnormal size, as hard and big and slightly curved like a large cucumber, and just about as long, it seemed, dark and glossy and gnurled with twisting, purple veins and crowned with a flaring, mushroom-like head whose flanges spread to well over two and a half inches. Standing there with that awesome instrument jutting out massively into the room, he looked a bit like a small boy endowed with a grown man's penis, so out of proportion was it in comparison average body size. With horror, Superman saw the large hole in the end of Jimmy's cock, pink-lipped, where a clear drop of liquid appeared and expanded until it stretched and hung from the tip in a long string of slippery goo that swung back and forth from the knob when he took his steps toward the bed.

Superman saw Jimmy crawl onto the bed behind the slumbering, sweet-bodied girl, his leaking prick trailing a string of slime across the bedspread, and lie behind her. Reaching out, he touched her shoulder softly, reverently, and then ran his fingertips slowly down her waist to the curve of her hip. Lois stirred, rubbing her soft cheek on her arm where it lay, and, to Superman's dismay, stayed asleep. He was hoping she would awake, discover her visitor, and resist Jimmy's unsolicited attentions, but she remained solidly within the dream that seemed to be keeping a contented half-smile on her face.


Jimmy could not believe the soft perfection of her skin. She stirred slightly at his touch, softly murmured, "Oh, Superman!" and stayed obligingly asleep. Her body was the most beautiful thing he had ever touched, warm and smooth and tender, and he reached over her and palmed her large breast and felt the pink nipple respond immediately to the light pressure of his fingers. His lips brushed over her shoulder, her back, and the fragrant round cushions of her buttocks. She was divine, she smelled divine.

Pressing ahead, putting his face close to her bottom, Jimmy gently pushed his fingers into the cleft of her buttocks, searching for the orifices he knew would bring her, and him, pleasure within a few moments. He found her anus, that tiny, puckered, hole with its pink halo, and he held her asscheeks apart so he could watch it twitch in innocent reaction as he blew his warm breath across it. And just a fraction of an inch away he found the moist slit of her vagina between the furry, fat labia. When he lifted her upper thigh, the moist, pink lips of her cunt flowered open, and he could not refrain from running one of his fingers directly through that opening and deeply into the warm, wet, feminine channel beyond, feeling the tight, moist, silky passage gripping him instinctively. Slowly, he shuttled his finger back and forth in her slippery cuntal grasp, until the juices flowed and began to soak the whole tender, hairy area. He found the red clitoris and worked it carefully, gently, while the sensitive bud of flesh puffed up and emerged from its hooded sheath, and he found her automatically raising her upper leg to give him easier access to that sensitive area.

Tiny moans began issuing from her throat and she uttered Superman's name once again. Jimmy laughed to himself at the thought that in her dream she was making love to Superman while in reality it would be his, Jimmy's, cock that was fucking her sweet, young pussy. He began to stroke that mammoth penis, which throbbed with a rhythmic beat, a huge black prong like a tree's branch growing from his loins. Before Superman's horrified telescopic view the head flared like the hood of an angry cobra ready to strike, the hole in the end blooming and oozing more clear, viscous liquid.

Though in another galaxy, Superman could see as clearly as if he were there. He sprang up and ran around the Temple of Karamo in desperation while Jimmy, his friend and colleague at the Daily Planet, moved up behind the unsuspecting girl, who still hovered on the fringe of wakefulness. He lifted her upper leg and dropped it over his hip, laying the broad, blunt tip of the gigantic black shaft between the spread lips of her pussy.


In her dream, Lois was in Superman's arms, trembling with excitement and love while he removed her clothes, his fingers searching out the moist recesses that brought her pleasure, sliding inside her, his breath blowing across those sensitive spots, kissing her lovingly while she pressed her nakedness against his body as hard as she could. She was so in love and with Superman in her own paradise of passion.


Superman threw himself against the walls and was thrown back by the power of the kryptonite. He looked in vain for an opening in the barrier and cried out in frustration. It was bad enough that Perry White had availed himself of his love's vagina in his absence, but now even Jimmy Olsen was taking cynical advantage of the newly-awakened sexuality of the young woman.

But the scene advanced inexorably toward its conclusion, regardless of the wishes of the Man of Steel. Lois' eyes were half-open and she was churning her hips in that familiar way of hers as the urgency of her feelings grew. Two of Jimmy's dark brown fingers were spreading her glistening, pink pussy lips apart and the shiny, bloated cockhead was pushing back and forth between those blossoming labia, threateningly, as the very tip sought the opening. Back and forth it slid on the film of his and her secretions, brushing across the tender, wet hole, searching for the precise point of entry, there, at the small slit between the puffy outer lips, her anus clenching spasmodically in anticipation, and then at last, suddenly, the broad, blunt tip of the cockhead caught there in that tiny pink loop of an opening, which reluctantly began to stretch, spreading from a small, delicate slit to a large, round O,yielding to the inexorable male power of that massive shaft.

Lois' eyes opened wide now in full consciousness and she smiled as she felt her grateful vagina opening to what she had dreamed and now thought was Superman's beloved penis, and she seemed to be looking straight at him, Superman, her lover of preference, when her mouth formed his name and he heard her say, "Oh, Superman, love me!"

Superman bit the back of his hand in dismay and then saw the great purplish flaring head of Jimmy's cock pop inside her yielding cunthole and disappear into her delectable, delicate vagina. He saw the black man grimace with excrutiating pleasure as her tightness gripped his swollen cockhead. Her mouth and eyes opened wide as she felt her girlish orifice stretched like never before, but the pressure of the spongy cockhead against the sensitive front wall of her cunt brought a moan of pleasure even as she felt the discomfort of the massive entry. Superman could see her pink labia parted and her slit being obscenely split and spread by the huge, black, horse-like penis as the dark scrotum, weighted with testicles larger than ripe plums, came to rest on the inside of her lower thigh.

Sensing victory and wanting to waste no time, Jimmy flexed his hips and buttocks with a deep grunt and drove upward into Lois' tight vagina. He caught his breath and then gave a groan as her snug, wet pussy walls slid sensuously over his cock's head, sending a million needles of unbearable pleasure lancing from that sensitive knob into his loins, and her damp pubic hair brushed the length of the shaft as it followed the throbbing knob deep into her reluctantly yielding passage. Drawing back slightly, he drove into her again, a bit deeper this time, and then again and again and again, carefully, deliberately, a little deeper each time until more and more of the ten-inch rod was sheathed in her wet warmth with each stroke.

With each invading thrust, Lois gave a tiny, breathy grunt of surprised pleasure. She had never done it in exactly this position and she could not deny that it felt strange, different, and, yes, very, very pleasant. She felt a huge invasion of her inner softness and because could now think rationally and knew that Superman was still far away, it occurred to her that it was not Superman's cock, but much more probably Perry White's, so she bit her lip at the thought that she had uttered the name of her younger lover aloud.

Jimmy began fucking with long, smooth strokes that delved into the girl's fertile womb deeper than she had ever before been entered, then drew out out until the flanges of the corona caught at the rim of her vagina with a soft, liquid plop. And in again, feeling her muscles instinctively clamp down on the cock that was giving her more and more pleasure with every stroke, the head driving up and down the delicate channel like a loving piston, oiled by her own glands with each deep, probing stroke. The black man's eager thighs surged against her spongy bottom, spreading the round cheeks, his bristly, coarse pubic hair pressing tightly into the cleft and tickling her tender asshole, driving her mad with excitement.

Whimpering with pleasure, Lois moved her hips strongly backward and then forward in small, twisting circles.

In and out, in and out, and she felt her womb expand with every incredibly deep stroke. And just as she was about to twist around and confront her mysterious lover, he increased the tempo, depth and strength of his fucking strokes. driving inside her as high as her navel. Lois cried out with joy and her hips followed his rhythm as she writhed on the bed in graceful undulations, her left leg raised high to grant full access to her steaming depths to the unseen lover's incredible, pleasure-giving prick. It felt so good, soooo gooooood, each delicious fuck that drove so wonderfully up into the gratefully hot, tight, wet channel of her widely split cunt. Lewd liquid slurping sounds accompanied each lovely thrust. It felt so good that it was a long time before Lois realized that it didn't quite feel like Perry's soft paunch pushing against her ass and when she slid her hand down her belly to tentively touch the in-pushing cock she knew for certain that that huge member could not be that of her beloved Superman. With a sharp intake of breath it dawned that it was the cock of neither of her chosen lovers that was drawing pleasure from-and giving such joy to-her sizzling young cunt.

Superman stood in the shadows of the Temple of Karamo, gnashing his teeth with rage. The poor girl had been truly fooled into thinking that this was someone with her whom she had been with before. He could see her beautiful body jerking on the mattress, her left hand hooked around that upper thigh to pull it high and away from the other; her big, round breasts lolling on her chest, almost defying gravity; the fluffy bush at the point of penetration where her pussy lips were doubled over, spread so wide and stretched thin around the unbelievable, shining girth of the black, vein-gnurled penis. It drew out with an audible wet sound, then vanished again into the girl's white belly, over and over. Each thrust she received with a tiny, hiccuping whimper. She seemed lost in passion, the pure joy of fucking and being fucked.

Lois cried out again and again with a joy she had never felt before. The power of the huge cock was more than she could deny. She knew she had to kiss this man, this unknown lover, join her mouth to his even as their sexual parts were joined now. Wetting her lips and opening them, she turned her head to meet this fantastic lover and found herself staring into the dark eyes and face of her work partner Jimmy.

"Oh!" she cried, stilling the movements of her body, her gaze frozen in horrified fascination on the man's passionate, dark face. "Oh, it's you!" she gasped, trembling head to toe, feeling more exposed and invaded and shamed than ever before in her life even while her entire body glowed in the extremes of her excitement.

Jimmy moved his strong brown hand up to cover her large, heaving left tit, trapping the throbbing nipple between the knuckles and twisting gently so that the rubbery pink nubbin twanged on the firm mound. Grinning, he pulled her tightly back against him and, flexing his thighs, slowly thrust his ebony shaft back up into her pussy as deep as it would go, holding it there, making it pulse and swell rhythmically. A flood of her juices, which she could not control, squelched out and bathed his already soaking balls.

"No, no!" she breathed, feeling her cunt expand and burn with a fire she she could not control. "Please, don't do that. I didn't know it was you." Jimmy made his prick throb again in her burning pussy and Lois, shivering, moaned at the sensation. "Oh, please stop doing it!"

The black man drew his cock out almost all the way, then pushed it firmly and deeply up into her cunt again. With a chuckle, he said, "Don't you like me, Lois? Don't you like being fucked by your good friend Jimmy, who you've ignored for the last three years? Don't you like my big cock, Lois, that I've been saving for you? Have you ever had anyone with a cock like mine? Surely not Perry White." He drew back and fucked in again. "You've been fucking him, haven't you? Every day. Haven't you?" And out it came and then in again with a slurpy, wet sound that embarrassed the girl and made her cheeks blush bright pink. "Haven't you?"

Lois' eyelashes fluttered with the feeling of his masterful fucking and her hips followed his motion just once without her being able to control herself. "Yes," she whispered.

"I just saw him fucking you in the office the day Superman left, and I wanted some too." Out, in, out, in, her silky cunt walls involuntarily driving him crazy with her pussy's reluctant caress. "Don't you think that's fair?"

"No, no," she moaned, her eyes falling shut and the breath sobbing in and out of her lungs as she strove to control the depth of her feelings. Jimmy fucked her harder and a bit faster, the searing feelings in his own loins threatening to make him lose what control he did have. Each slow, delving stroke stretched her small, inexperienced vagina and sent lightening bolts of pleasure lancing up from her cuntal opening into her womb and to the pink tips of her tits, and from the tip of his cock into the depths of his loins, making his balls burn to unleash their virile load of sperm. Jimmy fucked her smoothly for a couple of minutes and neither of them spoke, both of them only mindlessly giving voice to moans and sighs of joy in a blended chorus of passion. Then he slid his hand down her belly to the furry mound and his finger slipped into the soaking split to find her pulsating clitoris and he pushed it back and forth in time to the shuttling movements of his cock in the silken channel of her vagina, and, gradually, her hips resumed their circular movements around the axis of his penis.

Superman, standing imprisoned in the temple many light years away, had broken out in a sweat as he watched the girl he loved fall into rhythm with black Jimmy and become one with the giant invading black phallus sliding smoothly up between the pink lips of her defiled vagina. He watched her slowly raise her upper thigh again high and wide while her body undulated with a sensuous grace. It appeared that she no longer cared to whom the cock was attached, only that it was a cock and that it was giving her more pleasure, more joy than she had ever felt.

"You do like it, don't you, Lois," Jimmy crooned. "You really do love it."

And Lois gasped, "Yes, yes, yes I do, I can't help it." She thrust her pussy downward over his huge cock a few more times. "Oh, it feels so good! So gooooood." And her body began shaking as she came within a few fucks of her explosive climax.

Jimmy stopped suddenly and slowly drew his penis from the tight muscular grip of her vagina, and with a wet sound the knob popped free, trailing a clear string of his fluids. Lois opened her eyes and gave an oh of disappointment, but Jimmy rolled her onto her belly and pulled her from behind so that she moved up onto her hands and knees. This was a position Lois knew well since Perry had taught it to her and, without thinking about it, she reached between her legs and guided the broad tip of his cock to her pulsing pussy, grimacing as the flaring head once again broke through the tiny ring of the opening and the shaft was driven again into her steaming depths. Lois raised her hips, angling her vagina to give him the best access she could, her lower back describing a downward curve and Jimmy gave a growl of incredible pleasure as he sheathed the entire colossal length of his ebony cock in her wetness. Lois began moving automatically and to the watching Superman she and Jimmy looked like rutting horses. She was so beautiful and looked a trifle wild as she gave herself up to her most animal passions and began bucking back against the thrusting, fucking, sweating man kneeling behind her luscious, round asscheeks and driving his huge black penis up into the raw, tender pink hole of her vagina.


Perry White walked up the hall toward Lois' apartment. He wanted to see her this morning and perhaps make love to her before taking her into work. And there he found the hall door of the apartment standing ajar. There, froze, staring at the floor while he listened for a repeat of that unmistakeable sound. He knew the sound for he had heard it from her before, when she was thrashing in a sexual frenzy in his arms. It was a moan of supreme pleasure, like a groan of tortured pain, and the voice was her own, clear, youthful soprano. What was she doing? Was she fingering herself, unfulfilled this morning? Ventured into the apartment and crossed the living room toward the bedroom.

Perry looked, rubbed his eyes to clear them, and looked again at the most surprising, lewd sight he had seen in a long time. Lois was there in the dog position, gazing lovingly and passionately back over the grinding hump of her bottom at her black lover as he thrust the full length of his thick, ten-inch black cock into her open vagina. Jimmy's prick glistened with her thick juices as her tender, pink inner pussy flesh clung to it with each out-stroke and then vanished back inside each time pushed forward into her, again and again. Her buttocks were spread wide by the position of her legs and the pinkish halo of her anus flashed up from between them, the innocent hole winking and twitching. Perry saw the black man use both hands to spread her ass wide and then one of his cunt-wettened thumbs sank inside her rectum as if she were some kind of white, human bowling ball. Her beautiful white ass was churning in that familiar way as Jimmy fucked her, plunging his black cock into her sucking cunt over and over again, the black shaft disappearing into her white flesh, then emerging, shining wetly, with a soft sucking sound. The bunched muscles of his black butt moved strongly forward and back, driving the great shaft, and his skin shone with sweat.

Perry ground his teeth in anger and disappointment that this most special to him of all girls had succumbed to the lure of Jimmy's giant cock. His scheme to seduce the lovely virginal reporter had apparently back-fired and turned her into a wanton, a slut, a slave to that awesome sexual instrument his subordinate strutted around with. He would not have believed that the prudish and lady-like young woman he had fucked in his office a few short days ago, who was so intelligent and competent in her job, should now be writhing and jerking like a bitch in heat, impaled on the black spike of Jimmy's penis. Her perfect, tight pussy would be ruined forever, stretched to the splitting point. Damn, but she was taking it all, the whole black length to the hilt, and enjoying the cunt-tearing girth that sliced through her loins like a hot knife through butter.

Jimmy reached forward, underneath the bucking girl's torso, and cupped his big, sinewy hands under her round, jiggling tits, and increased the speed of his fucking. Filled to brimming with desire and passion and pleasure, Lois twisted her neck around and kissed his full lips, their tongues clashing and darting briefly to explore each other's mouths. Lois' grunts and groans of needful passion tickled her lover's throat as she felt his cock enter her deeply.

Her head dropped forward and her rich dark hair covered her face as she gave herself up to the joy of the big cock in her cunt. Her elbows were on the mattress now, her face between her forearms as her bottom stuck up high behind her, the asscheeks parted widely. Perry saw the black man wet his index finger in his mouth and push it into her back passage, feeling the swollen knob of his mammoth cock shuttling back and forth in her tender love channel. Her muscles gripped the finger spasmodically as her body began shaking with her first orgasm and she tried to stifle her scream of release against the mattress.

"What a pussy, what a pussy!" Jimmy grated. "I could fuck it all day. Think I will." And Lois squealed in shame as the man spoke so openly about her most intimate charms, biting her fist even as she flexed her thighs, fucking her vagina solidly back on the battering ram the black man was pounding into her. He craned his neck as she swiveled her head around and kissed him, as she felt Jimmy behind her increase the tempo and depth of his fuck-strokes.

Outside the bedroom door the Chief grit his teeth and rubbed his swollen cock.

Perry stood and watched Jimmy taking his pleasure. The young black man was grinding against her sweaty, up-raised buttocks with a wild urgency. The action of his penis in Lois' vagina had whipped up her secretions into a froth that collected in a white, fluffy ring around the base of his shaft, his balls, and her fat labia. Jimmy wiped it away and dried his hands on her sweat-sheened hips, but with the busy action of his cock in her cunt whipping up her juices the froth soon gathered again. The frenzied rearward bucking of the girl's hips was a poetry of lustful motion as her vagina greedily devoured the enormous black shaft, the tender, pink inner lining of her pussy drawing out, clinging to it on the out-stroke, then vanishing inside her on the in-stroke as he slammed the cock back inside her to the hilt, all but knocking the breath out of her as he penetrated her to her very womb.

Superman, in the Zoramian Galaxy, was jacking his own cock in his hand, so taken was he with the erotic scene of the beautiful girl's degradation, watched her begin to shiver with the approach of her second orgasm. Her juices ran freely down her inner thighs as Jimmy's scrotum, swaying with the weight of his giant balls, swung up and under her, colliding with her soft underbelly at the apex of each stroke. The giant, veiny, black shaft began to swell even larger, if that were possible, and suddenly Jimmy roared as his climax broke over him.

Lois cried out as her second, greater, orgasm thundered through her and she felt her delicate vagina stretched to the splitting point as Jimmy's great cock swelled, throbbed and jerked inside her, the pent up, sperm-rich semen pouring out of him in waves into her vanquished, grateful cunt. The liquid sound of their fucking then became louder as he spurted into her endlessly, filling her from cervix to cunthole with his hot, sticky cum. Again and again, his cock spewed, firing great bullets of creamy cum that spattered against the back wall of her vagina and filled it to the brim. Perry saw the combination of female secretions and male spunk burst from around the tightly gripping rim of her pussy and ooze out, running in rivulets down her inner thighs to the sheets beneath her and dripping in a slow-motion white waterfall to the mattress between her knees.

Jimmy went on jerking, coming, and spurting for a full half-minute, filling her full, then falling to the side, pulling her with him, his throbbing, hard cock still sheathed in her pulsating pussy. Lois kept her eyes closed, waited for her breathing to return to normal while Jimmy's rock-hard penis remained gripped in her cunt's loving, silken grasp. She lay there quietly with the man's hot body pressed against her back, quiescent and contented in sexual satiation.

Perry stood there, taken by her beauty yet furious that she had let herself get caught up in Jimmy's lust. He had brought her along so tenderly and now here she was already rutting like a mare in heat with a man whose cock was the size of a horse's. Shaking his head, he waited a while, watching the pearlescent cream dribble out of her well-fucked cunthole, trying not to hate her for the blow she had dealt his monumental ego.

Let her lie in her cum-soaked bed, he thought, turning away. "When your little pussy cools down, don't forget to be on time for work," he whispered, before going back down the hall and out to his car.

Lois winced at the sound of footsteps in the hallway, but she was unable to move for a good quarter hour. Finally, her sense of duty won over her pleasant lethargy and she began to get up, reluctant to go down and face Perry, and Diane, and her beloved Superman. Her body had betrayed her and now she was going to have to pay the price of her weakness.

But before she could pull her sucking vagina clear of the Jimmy's gut-filling penis, his hand grasped her wrist and pulled her back, and she gasped as she came back down on the shaft and felt it spreading her insides open again. Pulling it free again and then looming over her, he palmed one of her delicious breasts and threw his leg across hers, his knee pushing between hers.

"You didn't think I was going to let you get away that easy after you turned me on like this," he said, his breath hot on her cheek, his dark eyes burning into her. "We haven't done it face to face yet."

"But it's time for work. Perry will be angry."

"Let him wait," Jimmy scoffed.


"No buts," he said, slotting himself between her moist thighs. His huge cock pressed against her soft belly and she winced at the thought that something so large had been inside her and was again seeking entry to her tender channel. He wrapped his hand around the shaft, hard as ever, and directed it into her flooded cunthole, sinking it in deep as she moaned with unexpected delight. Once again, he began fucking her while she followed him, at first reluctantly, then eagerly, her legs gradually lifting high in the air on each side of his humping hips while the fire once again began to rage in her cock-addicted vagina. There was just no stopping herself as she bucked and twisted her whiteness up against the young man's lean, dark body. His full round buttocks rose and plunged down, hollowing as they pushed the huge trunk-like staff completely home each time.

Superman dried the tears he had let run down his face and turned from the sight of his beloved in the arms of the black reporter. It was definitely time to get out of this spot he was in before it was too late for Lois.


Perry White found it extremely difficult to hide his resentment toward Lois and Jimmy in the two days that followed. The sight of the girl on hands and knees in front of the young male reporter, his great black cock sinking home into her pink cunt again and again and again, kept flashing on his onsciousness. He did his best to conquer his jealousy and tried to smile when he greeted them, but he was eventually remiss when he sent Lois out on her next assignment.

No, he was not thinking clearly when he received an anonymous call and listened in total credulity to what the man said.

"Is this Perry White?"

"Yes, yes, I am."

"Chief, this is Clark. I have news of Superman. Very important news."

Yes, the voice sounded like Clark's. "Where are you, Kent? We haven't heard from Superman for over a week and we could use you back here."

There was a pause. "Don't worry about me, Chief. I'm fine. It's Superman that needs help, and there's only one person that can do it."

Perry drummed his fingers on the desk. What was Kent talking about? "What do you mean?"

"Lois. Superman's in trouble and only Lois can help him. She's got to be at a place of rendezvous in an hour. Can you arrange it?"

"Well, yes, I think so."

"You mustn't fail. It's a matter of Superman's life or death."

"But what can Lois do? She's only a girl."

"The thing is that she's the right girl to do what has to be done. There'll also be a good story in it. That's all I can tell you right now. Just send her downstairs. There'll be a car waiting at the curb for her."

amp; amp;

Lex, the Superman's arch enemy, became immediately attentive in his hiding place inside the huge antique wardrobe in Lois Lane's room when he heard the door being opened. He maneuvered his bulky body so that one eye was pressed to the small hole which had inconspicuously been bored in the left-hand door, his muscles tensed with barely repressed excitement.

The light snapped on overhead, and he could see the lithe, voluptuous brunette as she ran across the room and flung herself on the bed. She began weeping unabashedly, obviously upset, her lovely face twisted with emotion. Lex smiled tightly, pressing his eye hard against the hole; he could tell by the brightness of her eyes, the flushed appearance of her cheeks, that the drug that given her had done its job well. And he thought he knew, too, why she was weeping. She was missing her heartthrob Superman, who, Lex had already insured, was somewhere very far removed from the naive young eyes of the beautiful Lois Lane.

Yes, Lex was sure that that was why Lois was crying. Good. And in the chemically enhanced condition in which she would soon be, she would see anything Lex suggested to her. Good, good, thought the grinning criminal mastermind. Everything was working out exactly as he and the Outlaws of Zin had planned…

After a time Lois raised herself on the bed and dried her eyes.

She heaved a shuddering sigh and got tremulously to her feet. The grinning Lex watched hungrily as she began to undress, slipping out of her organdy dress, removing her sheer panties and brassiere until she stood naked for a moment in the bright light overhead. Lex sucked in his breath, small beads of perspiration breaking out on his forehead, as his watching eye feasted on the dark soft silkiness that covered the junction of her perfectly formed legs, the thin dark hair-lined slit that was temptingly visible running the full-length of her pubic triangle, the alabaster contours of her hips and the white rounded spheres of her breasts with their pink little nipples turgid from her agitated mental state. His mouth watered. He could hardly wait to get his hands and mouth on those tempting buds, to twist and churn them into the rock hardness of helpless passion.

As he watched, Lois took a thin diaphanous nightgown from her suitcase and slipped it over her nakedness with the sibilant rustling of silk. Then she sat down on the bed, sighing once more. Lex held his breath again, willing her to look at the bedside table, to see the bottle of Sherry and the glass he had placed there before entering the wardrobe to hide. Come on, my little beauty, the salivating voyeur thought. It's for you, all for you. A little potion which will set that lovely little pussy of yours twitching, as it has set so many pussies twitching in the past. A maddeningly irresistible aphrodisiac mixed with the Sherry, and all for you…

As if her mind somehow read and interpreted the evil man's thoughts, Lois's eyes swiveled to the night-stand and rested on the bottle of Sherry. Obediently, she reached out a hand and closed it around the bottle, raised it, poured some of the ruby liquid into the glass. She needed a drink, she thought in her morosely insecure mind, something to steady her nerves after the terrible, unnerving scene she had witnessed downstairs-something to make her sleep, sleep away the image of Superman's handsome face burned indelibly on the retinas of her eyes.

Lex smiled in anticipation when he saw her lift the glass of Sherry to her lips and drink deeply from it. She drank again, and then lay back on the bed, reaching up to switch off the light and send the room into semi-darkness. It took Lex's eyes a moment to adjust to the change but he could still see her slim form stretched sensuously down the length of the bed. He clenched his fist tightly as she squirmed around on the bed, trying to get comfortable; he'd show this proud little bitch of Superman's who had everything and who had looked so deprecatingly at him when they were leading him away to jail last year. He would really show her! But he had to be patient, had to wait a few more minutes. He wanted no crying out, the potion had to have time to reach its full effect. His body was soaked in sweat now from the thought of that haughty young bitch squirming in helpless surrender beneath his hardened, oversized cock. The seconds of waiting ticking by seemed like hours- and finally he could stand it no longer. His cock throbbed achingly in his pants; he had to have her, on his terms, right this moment!

He opened the wardrobe door slowly, pushing his head into the semi-darkened room. There was no sound but the soft breathing of the now completely motionless young girl on the bed. He closed the door softly, peering intensely through the darkness at the bed. The head of the sleeping girl was facing straight ahead at the ceiling, and her eyes were clenched tightly shut as if in a deep, hard sleep-yet she moved slightly from time to time as though dreams were coming to her from the haze of a nether-world.

The master criminal Lex Luthor moved catlike around the foot of the bed, not taking his gaze from the reclining figure sprawled there. Lois had drawn one knee up flat on the bed even with her hip, the smooth white flesh of her soft inner thigh gleamed faintly in the darkness where the gown had pulled up in her restlessness. The soft dark hairs covering the exposed, still slightly closed lips of her vagina were plainly visible now to his beady eyes.

He involuntarily drew in his breath at the unbelievable sight before him. He had fucked many drugged young women in his past life of crime, but never any like this! Never any so pure, innocent, proud; never any that he would enjoy humiliating so much.

The thought of helpless mewling grunts of pleasure coming from those untouchable lips, that had scorned and deprecated him before, goaded his already half-erect prick into granite hardness. He could feel the blood throbbing painfully into its large expanded head, tiny droplets of thick white seminal fluid already beginning to seep from the sensitive contracting gland to smear wetly against his thigh. He silently opened the fly of his trousers, easing the pain slightly.

Slowly, Lex massaged the heavy thick foreskin back and forth over the jerking head of his huge, disproportionately thick cock, a member he was sadistically proud of, his greatest claim to power and masculinity. Many a woman had cowered before the monster in the past, and many more would so cower in the future; he may not have been a handsome man, but the huge, throbbing prick that he now massaged in his gnarled fingers was his ultimate equalizer; it gave him all the power he needed over the women of the world…

Now he advanced toward the proud young bitch who lay totally at his mercy. The aphrodisiac had done its work well, indeed, and he now intended to teach this haughty young female a lesson neither she, nor her beloved Superman, would ever forget. This gnurly rod which he would ram deep, deep between those open thighs would teach her and her kind to treat him with scorn and revulsion!

Lex's pants dropped heavily to the floor as he opened the last button at the top and fully exposed his long thick member. It stood out in proud menacing erection over the spread-eagled body in the bed beneath. He removed the rest of his clothes, then, and stood for a moment longer hunched over the motionless flesh, stroking himself into rigidity that threatened to explode into streaming white hot spurts at any moment. For a second he considered it. It would be a beautiful sight to see his hard penis throbbing out its load into the helpless young girl's face and down over her soft, white, pink-nippled tits. He lewdly pictured it dribbling down over her chin to the hollow of her throat and forming warm sticky pools between those lush, quivering breasts. But no, he had better plans for her tonight, plans which would be the major first step in the total debauchery the proud, young girl reporter…

Still, he couldn't resist one thing before he continued according to plan. He knew the risk was great of losing his load, but he had to see those little ruby lips around his cock just for a moment. He had thought so much about it while he was waiting in the wardrobe for her to come upstairs. He swung his big body up on the edge of the bed by her head and gently turned it with his hand toward his erected member. When it was several inches away, he pushed his hips slowly forward toward her upturned face, laying the wet sticky underside of the palpitating head between the small valley formed by her closed, lipstick covered lips. He placed one thumb under her nose and the other on her chin, pulling slowly out until the underside of the heavy head dropped slightly through the stretched lips and rested against her white teeth, the soft flesh of the pink puckered lips forming a furrow along its length. He flexed his hips slightly back and forth until several small droplets of cum flowed from his throbbing gland, and lubricated the mouth that was half surrounding it. He could feel the warm air from her nostrils pushing hotly against it as she breathed in and out restlessly.

Looking down directly into her face, he could see small rivulets run slowly down the corners of her mouth on either side, dribbling like tears down the sides of her cheeks. Goddamn, he would like to shoot his hot boiling semen down that soft, trembling throat and see her Adam's Apple move up and down as she gulped it on into her belly. Maybe later on during her stay he would have that opportunity; he couldn't be greedy now…

The evil man reached one hand down to the hem of the flimsy negligee, pulling it up slowly over the young girl's rounded snow-white belly, over the large globular breasts, until her whole naked body was exposed. He had seen it through the hole in the wardrobe while watching her undress, but it hadn't excited him nearly as much as having it here now, spread helplessly beneath him, where he could touch and fondle it at his whim.

He used the thumb and forefinger of his right hand to push her lips tighter against the purple-veined cock between them, gently continuing the slow sawing motion of his hips. The other hand moved over the magnificent breasts, tweaking the nipples until he could feel them mechanically hardening under his manipulations.

Lois Lane shifted suddenly beneath him, moaning softly, aware of his presence. He held still, and his rod fell from between her loose lips down over her chin, leaving thin threads of warm white stickiness trailing behind it.

"Oh! Who's that?" she said in a startled yelp.

Lex grinned and said, "It's me, darling Lois. It's Superman. Your Superman, at long last."

Lois gave a long, tremulous sigh of desire and love. "Superman, Superman darling," she mumbled thickly through the fog of the drug. "Come to me, my darling lover… I want you…"

Lex smiled to himself above her. So, he thought, the bitch really does think that I'm her darling Superman, eh? He chuckled lewdly to himself. Well, she'll know the difference before I'm finished!

He stroked the giant throbbing cock slowly, reaching down and running his other hand over the awakening mounds of her tits and down over her belly to the soft fleshy folds of her cunt.

"Oooohhh, Superman, lover," Lois moaned, dreaming that her beloved man was near her, about to make love to her, her body becoming alert now to the caresses of the magic hands that were stroking her flesh into a hot sheet of desire. God how she wanted him now, wanted Superman, and her body ached with her rising aphrodisiac-induced need to be touched as he was touching her this very moment…

Her tongue ran slowly around her moist lips, savoring the sticky pungent taste of the strange moisture that covered them; the odor wafted through her flared nostrils, breathing it deep inside her body. It did strange things to her, the male odor and the pungent taste coursing through her entire being like a sweet soothing balm, lighting tiny fires in her turgid nipples and causing a sensuous throbbing in the nerve ends of her tight hot pussy. She could feel dew-drops of moisture rising there between her open legs as the exposed hair-lined lips began a slow spasmodic contraction, palpitating wetly.

"Oooohh, Superman take me darling, take me now, I need you soooo!"

Lex, salivating lecher, grinned evilly, his greedy eyes feasting lewdly on her unconsciously squirming nakedness. He moved around on the bed, crouching on all fours over the white sensuously twisting body, pushing her unresisting milk-white thighs apart. He crawled between them, his knees pressing between her ankles, and his face panting a few inches above the hair-covered vee of her wide-open thighs. His mouth salivated as his eyes looked down at it rotating sensuously, expectantly, just below his lips. Saliva dripped from his open mouth, mingling with her juices in the delicious narrow split that started at the bottom of her smooth white belly and trailed down through the rounded creamy spheres of her buttocks.

Through half-slitted eyes Lois could see the shadowy figure of her dream man, Superman, crouching between her wide-splayed legs. She could feel the flat palms of his sweating hands pushing against the softness of her inner thighs, holding them wide apart. Her secret treasure was open to him to do as he willed. She watched with bated breath as his head lowered slowly… slowly… slowly…

And then"Aaaahhhhhhh!" she cried, her body convulsing as his moist hot lips closed over the soft mound at the base of her belly. His hazy face disappeared from her view into the soft pubic fleece as he planted wet tickling kisses on the still-closed aperture, his tongue flicking lizard-like at the quivering opening.

Her own hands moved sensuously down over her throbbing breasts and slid down her smooth, flat stomach, coming to rest on either side of his lips. Her fingers stroked softly for a moment at the flexing hollows of her inner thighs, then slowly spread the fleshy, hair-rimmed lips of her moist hot cunt apart, allowing his hungry questing lips complete access to the secret mouth down between her open thighs.

The beauteous young girl's elbows pressed tightly against her ribs and her head lolled uncontrollably from side to side on the pillow as the hot searing tongue shot out, its soft flicking tip circling the quivering erected bud of her clitoris. The lips sucked, drawing the warm soft folds deep, deep into the hot cavern of his voracious mouth, the tongue continuing its maddening licking against the straining pink button of her womanhood. She groaned deep in her throat as the hot probing tip worked its way up and down the length of the narrow wet slit, starting at the lower belly and pressuring its way down, down over the elastic-rimmed opening of her clasping vagina and into the crevice of her flexing buttocks where it stopped momentarily to tease the tight vermilion nether ring of the quivering anus there. Her hips ground wildly into the squeaking bed now, soft mewling animal sounds spewing from her lips.

Lex worked hungrily, feeling the soft wet pubic hair brushing tantalizingly, against his cheeks. A feeling of power was in him. He had laid his plans and now finally had this proud pure bitch like this squirming under his ramrod tongue and completely at his mercy. And she was loving it! Her groans drove his probe faster and faster along her moist hot slit. He wanted her begging for it when he was ready to ram his great oversized cock to her and she was almost there. He had never seen anyone so hot, even with the potion-and this was just the beginning!

The evil conspirator knew she was too far gone now to fight anything he did to her and his mind began to form weird erotic pictures of the positions he could put her in and the things he could do at will to her limp desire-contorted body. He chuckled obscenely as he felt her hands desperately clawing at his hair, guiding his slickly groveling face to the trembling opening of her cunt. He ran his tongue into the soft-fleeced flesh, flicking at it for a moment, then quickly withdrawing it to tease again around the quivering pink edges.

Lex let her force him this time, pressing his mouth directly over the tight little aperture in her squirming lower belly. As his lips rounded and covered the clasping viscous opening, he thrust his tongue again deep down into it, bringing a low guttural groan from the young girl whose soft warm thighs closed convulsively around either side of his moving head. He could feel the wet flesh slip moistly around his long extended tongue as the walls of the invaded cunt opened and closed in a hungry sucking motion, attempting to pull the probe deeper and deeper into it. He could scarcely breathe; his nose was pressed tightly against the tiny hard clitoris, breathing in the pungent odor of her secretions and her womanhood, and it incited his penis to a hardness that he could no longer control.

He had to fuck this little haughty bitch or he would explode his juices all over the mattress and her quivering, sweating flesh!

Lex grabbed her flailing legs behind the knees and shoved them roughly back against her shoulders, slithering up her sweat-soaked body at the same time. His rigid cock rammed against the wet pubic hair. He planted his hands on either side of her shoulders, her ankles locked tightly behind his neck. He could look down between their bodies and see her upturned buttocks completely exposed to his lusting gaze.

The expanded narrow cunt-slit was visibly throbbing in invitation, the wet moist furrow held wide apart by the pressure of his thighs.

The beauteous and drugged young Lois could see Superman hovering over her through her passion-dimmed eyes. She could feel the hugeness of his fleshy hardness lying the full-length of her quivering opened slit. The jerking head of his massive cock rested between her wide-splayed buttocks, insinuating itself up and down, up and down, in a maddening tease that caused her to twist her hips down toward it, her hungry cuntal lips searching desperately for its hard, blood-filled tip.

She had to have his great prick inside her!

She had to!

The helplessly drugged young girl reached her hands in panic down beneath the grinding cheeks of her buttocks and grasped the full-length of the granite-hard member. Her tightly closed fists stroked it softly, as if in reverence. She could feel the spasmodic throbbing against her soft palms and the sticky fluid that oozed in droplets from the blood-engorged head. She guided it up the valley of her vagina, not letting it lose contact with her flesh until it was poised between the moisture covered flanges of her vagina, then placed her other hand on her husband's buttocks, drawing with all her strength to pull his cock into her screaming, quivering belly.

Lex grinned obscenely above her. It was all he could do to keep from shoving forward now and impaling this squirming little bitch on his aching prick, fixing her for her scorn of him earlier, her and all her snooty goddamn kind. But he had to take it slow, slow; it was the best way. When he finally did fuck her, when he finally filled her cunt to overflowing with his boiling seed, it would be when he wanted to and not her… But the thought of that soft warm valley around his palpitating cock caused him to involuntarily flick his hips forward, nonetheless.

Lois felt the lips around her throbbing vagina pushed open. The elastic-rimmed tightness resisted for a moment, and then gave way before the hard cruel pressure. The pain was harsh, for he was immense, and she mechanically resisted for a moment, emitting a long low moan from deep within her throat.

Lex liked that, liked to hear her cry out to him.

He shoved again, harder, and was rewarded with a deeper groan. Scream, bitch! he thought wildly. Scream for mercy you'll never get from Lex, the escaped convict!

Suddenly, then, he could stand it no longer; he had to take her this moment. He rammed forward with everything he could muster, all the power in his big, heavy body, sinking the lust-inflated cock all the way to the hilt. He could feel his balls slap tightly against her jerking anus that screwed itself down deep into the mattress in a vain attempt to escape the cruel unexpected brutal onslaught. Her legs jerked out wide on either side of his thick body, splaying over either edge of the bed, kicking futilely into the air.

"Uuuuuuuhhhhh!" she cried with the driving pain. "Oh God, Superman, nnooootttt sooooo harrddddd! Ooohhhhhh!"

With each forward jerk of the Lex's body, the huge head of his great prick seemed to burrow deeper within her. His outstretched arms pinned her shoulders tightly to the mattress, his wide-spread knees held her thighs split far apart. She felt as though her body was being torn up the middle and that she would surely be ripped completely in half by this giant instrument invading her flesh. The fiery plunging member slammed hard against her cervix, buffeting her head back harshly against the headboard of the bed.

Lex watched her from above with a sadistic, lascivious grin on his ugly lips. Her face was contorted with the pain of that first vicious stab. Her lips curled back from her teeth, pleading incoherently to him to be gentle, her arms flung out in a futile attempt to hold back the blunt hard head pressing against her womb like a fiery, malevolent hand.

She'd never had it this deep before, he gloated silently. He looked down again and could see his wiry black pubic hair tangled tightly with her soft brunette wisps, the base of his thick fleshy rod buried deep into the pink palpitating furrow that his tongue had licked to fire-hot receptiveness a moment ago. He could see the tight lips of the cunt stretched almost to the bursting point, the rubbery outer pink rim clasping around his huge cock tightly.

Lex held her there for a moment, savoring the spectacle of this proud little bitch impaled helplessly under him. Oh he was going to give her a fucking she would never, never forget!

Lois squirmed helplessly beneath the merciless cock imbedded deep in her belly. She could feel the hot searing pain of his sudden blunt entry tearing cruelly at her insides. She flexed her hips in a vain attempt to ward off the huge invading cudgel, but the throb of her internal sinews seemed to incite it more and it plowed its way yet deeper into her passage. She could feel every fleshy ridge of the monster alive inside her, the hard rubbery tip pressing hard against her cervix, the thin folds of flesh along its length, the tickling hairs of his balls dangling heavily in the crevice of her soft, yielding buttocks.

And suddenly, then, in spite of her pain, young Lois Lane began a wild licking at the wetness of her lips as paroxysm of desire flooded through her, brought about by his masterful mouth-fucking moments earlier and not destroyed by his brutal assault. Her nostrils flared again as she drew the pungent odor of his cum smeared on her soft mouth once more deep into her body, mingling it in strange marriage with the feeling of the throbbing cock lodged deep in her soft white belly. Her cunt contracted involuntarily as the lascivious spasms raced through her quivering flesh.

Lex felt the slight palpitating pressure exerted against his buried prick. He had waited for it, hovering motionless over her prostrate form patiently until she became accustomed to his thick presence rammed far up into her. He flexed gently, expanding his cock deep inside her, but still not moving his body.

"Oooohhhh!" she whimpered. "Ooooooohhhhhh… aaaaahhhhhhhh!"

He waited a moment, flexed again, watching her contorted face below

as another moan of rising pleasure escaped her lax mouth. Again he moved forward, again, again, setting a slow teasing rhythm to his plunges. He watched her nostrils begin a slow hesitant flaring in time to the beat of his prick, and mewling chanting sounds of pleasure rolled unabashedly from her lips.

"Ohh, ohh, ohh, ohh, darling, darling, darling!"

Lois's body felt itself coming to life now. The pain was receding rapidly, slowly giving way to a maddening electric tingle that began deep within her womb and seeped relentlessly through the raw nerve ends of her flesh. It rippled through her cunt and out the fleeced-lined lips, dancing like fire across the milky thighs, up the full length of her wide splayed legs, through her contracting belly and out to the tips of her pink, trembling nipples. Thin rivers of sweat rolled down the sides of the full pulsating mounds of her heaving breasts, wetting the mattress beneath her.

She rotated her hips from side to side around the fleshy impaling monster, her vagina dilating in time to its rhythmic hammering. It felt as though it had a heart imbedded in the palpitating head whose heat against her inner passage was becoming a part of her being. She was one with it, one fleshy mass of sensation!

The evil, sadistic Lex Luthor could hardly contain his glee as he felt her pelvis screwing up against the length of his rock-hard prick. The tiny contracting muscles inside her cunt were nibbling hungrily at the inflated head. The lips between her pink, hair-lined vaginal slit pulled tantalizingly away, sliding moistly down his rod for several inches and then nibbling slowly back up, buffering her soft brunette fur tightly against his pubic hair, imbedding the full length of him deep into the warm soft recesses. He stayed immobile, resting still above the young girl with his hands on either side of her shoulders, his knees pressed tight against the bedding. He let her quivering body pump up and down at will on his rigid pistoning member that fused their sweating bodies together.

He could see its slow withdrawal between them, pulling thin soft ridges of her pink flesh out with it as she screwed her pelvis down into the mattress, could see the re-entry pushing the soft folds of her pussy back into her and the moist shiny length being swallowed whole back into her now salaciously working pussy opening. He let her strain against him for a while, watching the utter abandon of her labors, a half-mindless ecstatic smile playing across her lips. Her motions became faster by the second, the tempo of her thrusts up against him more urgent. Lex reluctantly knew she was straining to cum; the juices of her milking vagina were beginning to flow and he could hear the wet sucking sound of the in-and-out sawing movement as she suddenly thrust sharply back up his cock, burying it deep inside her, her back arching a foot off the squeaking bed, her feet planted on either side of his knees tightly against the bedding. She bucked against him madly.

"Oh God, oh God, Superman darling. I'm cumming, yesssss, I'm cumming, aarrrgghhhhh!"

Suddenly, with a deep-throated groan, her body began vibrating uncontrollably. Wet feminine juices oozed from her throbbing passage, drowning his impaled member with its sticky warmth and trickling down the crevice of her white globular buttocks, inundating his hairy testicles that pressed hard against her working little anus.

The lecherous criminal went berserk as she grunted out the last of her juices against his matted pelvic region, her body still jerking spasmodically up against him. He reached back grabbing her ankles and pushing them brutally back over her shoulders until the young girl was rolled up into a tight round ball of helplessness beneath him. Her knees were pushed back tightly over her shoulders against the mattress on either side of her flailing head, the widespread split between her legs completely open to him.

He withdrew the deeply imbedded instrument of flesh until just the tip of the head rested in her. Then, he rammed forward with his stored-up, bitter criminal's strength. He had waited to destroy this little bitch, and she had her fun and now it was his turn. The full palpitating length of the incited member sunk cruelly into her helpless exposed vagina. He could hear the wet flat smacks as his belly thudded hard against her heaving crotch. His body dropped down heavily on her, mashing her full ripe breasts tightly against his hairy, sunken chest. He locked his saliva-covered mouth over hers, thrusting his wet dripping tongue deep into her throat, stifling the low animal grunts forming there. His shoulders pushing against the backs of her full rounded calves kept her locked in that helpless position as he rammed his mammoth cock far up into her belly. Reaching around beneath them, he forced his hands between the mattress and the white full moons of her ass, cupping them in his spread, taloned fingers and palms, kneading the warm soft flesh as he pulled the cheeks far apart.

Lex began long hard strokes into the steaming passage that was now wet and slippery from her climax, withdrawing the swollen head until just the tip was inside the hot, lubricious opening and then bucking forward mercilessly with his hips until his balls were screwed tightly against the wide split of her buttocks.

Young Lois Lane groaned helplessly as her exposed vagina was plundered almost beyond endurance. He was driving her head hard back against the headboard of the bed with each jackhammer thrust and she couldn't resist from her hopelessly balled up position. Her arms were pinned down at her sides by her own up-drawn legs. She could feel the giant glans sliding up and down inside her warm viscous passage like a fevered piston and the hot slap of his hair-covered testicles against her trembling anus as he jerked forward on the down-stroke.

Her womb flared and the resisting lips of her hair-fleeced furrow flowered open to receive the delicious rape of her genitals. Her hands forced themselves desperately from under her legs and snaked around his back. The long, sharp nails clawed a red streaked path over the hairy hump of his deformity, down to his flexing buttocks. She pulled him deep and thrust her fleece-covered belly up hard to skewer herself impossibly deep on the driving hot poker of flesh. She sucked voraciously on the thick wet tongue filling her mouth, swallowing greedily the droplets of his thick saliva. The heavy male odor of his breath, incited rather than repelling her drugged senses, spurred her on to new heights of madness. Her body began to match his pounding lunges with her own rhythmic thrashings.

The rusty bedsprings squeaked loudly in time to the two tightly entwined bodies struggling wildly against each other. The sounds of deep straining grunts and groans filled the hot stifling air of the room mingling with the noise of sweat-soaked flesh smacking sharply against sweat-soaked flesh and the wet, lubricious sound of his pile-hammering prick sliding in and out of her warm, wet cunt.

"Fuck you like never before, fuck you like never before," the lust-crazed criminal mumbled over and over to himself as he ceaselessly rammed the blood-filled cudgel deep into her white, screaming little belly with long cruel jabs. He could feel the hot white cum building up inside his fire-hot balls as they beat hard against her upturned anus. It was ready to explode! He wildly shoved his tongue far down her throat and with harshly kneading hands pulled the widespread cheeks of her buttocks hard up against his grinding loins as he rammed his spewing cock all the way to the hilt in her soft, unresisting little cunt.

Lois could feel her insides splitting painfully as the head of the deep-sunk, tormenting instrument suddenly flared into a hugeness that threatened to tear her apart from within. It began to spurt great heaving torrents of fluid, and she could feel the delicious hot-white liquid shooting into her like burning lava, ricocheting around inside her dilated stomach. The pores of her cunt clasped around it, erupting in answer and again spilling her own white hot orgasm into the already drowning cavern of her pink quivering channel.

She was going insane with the feel of it!

She never wanted it to end, never, never!

The totally lust-abandoned young girl reached frantically around under her squirming buttocks with both hands and began to desperately massage the balls pressed into the split of her ass. Her legs kicked out, quivering crazily in the air on either side of the bed. The huge burrowing cock continued to jerk its completion; white hot spurts still spewed from its head, filling her womb and foaming out the contracting fleshy lips around the base of his great prick, soaking the soft matted pubic hair.

"Fill me up, fill me up, Superman darling, drown me with your cream!" she screamed incoherently around the swabbing tongue still sunk deep in her mouth. The hot walls of her spasming cunt sucked at the throbbing cock hungrily, until it gave one final spasmodic spurt, and last drop of liquid sucked from it by the insistent pressure.

Lex, the insidious rapist, collapsed across her body, feeling her insides still gushing forth around his deflating prick. It seemed endless, until she too suddenly gave one last thrusting jerk and quivered to a limp stillness, her legs protruding lifelessly out on either side of his fatigued body. Her arms outstretched, one dangling doll-like over the edge of the bed. Her belly was filled to the bursting point with the dual mixture of their hot, sticky-white climaxes.

Lex lay still for a moment to recover his strength and then slowly pulled himself off the comatose young girl's still form, his cock sliding slowly out of her battered pussy with a wet, slipping sound. He could see the moist matted hair of her well-fucked young pussy glistening damply in the faint light of the room. The inside of her thighs were smeared lewdly with the white juices of their mutual passion. It dripped in tiny rivulets down the crevice of her buttocks, forming a dark wet circle on the mattress beneath her.

The criminal mastermind smiled down at her, pulling his clothes on quietly. Damn, but he'd like to fuck this hot little haughty bitch he'd so expertly enslaved, a second time right now, but he knew he didn't have to be greedy. There would be many other times with Lois Lane, this proud American beauty, and it would not do to glut himself with her now. Better to wait, dwelling on the next time, letting his fiery load build up again, hotter and stronger, relishing the grand fucking of her nubile young flesh so that when the moment came again, he would give it to her even more brutally, more savagely and expertly than he had only moments past.

Yes, everything was working out just fine, Lex thought as he slipped out of the darkened bedroom. Lois Lane was as good as totally debauched, even if she presently had no idea of the fact, and that would be Lex's revenge on Superman, his nemesis, who had seen him off to jail more than once and cost him billions in ill-gotten gains.


Lois cowered in the center of the bed, her arms still bound tightly above her head. She felt her nakedness as a great shame covering her like an evil blanket. One that couldn't be dislodged no matter how hard one struck out against it. And now, that blanket was going to be replaced by something even more evil, the bodies of strange obscene men. Men, who would not even know her name or that she would not know, except as great shafts of indecent flesh drubbing into her helpless body. She would be the receptacle into which they would spew their lewd sperm as they had into thousands of other whores in other places at other times.

The vile squeak of the creature penetrated through her thoughts into her inner conscious mind. It too was part of the evil picture. It was the conqueror, the thing against which she could not fight. She knew she would have submitted to any demands, no matter how depraved, to keep that

evil creature away from her, to keep its monstrous teeth from tearing at her body. This she would have done with or without the deadening potion she was now awaiting to lift consciousness from her tortured brain. It would only make it bearable, like Novocain when one had a tooth pulled, it didn't eliminate the horrible tearing at one's flesh, only hid it from the mind of the patient.

The door opened.

Oh God, she thought, Not yet. I'm not ready. I can still feel. Wait, wait please!

She prayed in fevered anguish for the drug to work, to cover her nakedness with the invisible cloak of unconsciousness.

But it didn't.

"Remember, my friend, fifteen minutes for your two dollars, no more,"the voice of Squint reminded cheerfully from the hallway. "And do not mark the girl."

The squeak of the creature resounded through the room as it heard its master's voice from the distance. It was hungry and the harsh scratching sounds of its paws clawing against the side of the cage silenced a cry building deep within Lois's fear-quaking body.

A short fat man, dressed in the sweat-soaked clothes of a dockworker, entered and closed the door behind him. His eyes flickered in appreciation when he saw the delicious young feast spread defenseless on the bed. Lois had hoped, somewhere deep in her mind, that the bonds tying her to the bed would stir his conscience and he would call the police.

One look at his lust-filled face dispelled this hope. Squint was too clever. He would not bring men who say eye to eye with the law. He would choose his clientele well, probably those wanted by the law themselves.

The quarter around the hotel was filled with them.

The dock-worker removed his shirt, silently staring at her with undisguised rapaciousness visible in his eyes. His huge barrel chest covered with ape-like hair, rose and fell in short puffing gasps as he dropped his pants to the floor. His short fat cock jerked into view beneath an overhanging roll of fat from his white belly.

Lois's eyes bulged in terror. The tea! The tea! Why didn't it work?"

And, suddenly, it did, but not the way she had expected.

The first piercing warning of Squint's betrayal came as the man leaned gleefully over the edge of the bed and began running has rough callused hands over her smooth cringing flesh.

Her reaction was violent!

A deep indescribable electrifying shock shot through the frayed nerve-ends of her body like a thousand tiny sharp needles. Laughing red devils danced wickedly along the inner softness of her thighs. Her buttocks ground desperately into the mattress to quench a searing hot flame suddenly licking hungrily at her nakedness. It was futile, the fire roared headlong out of control. She lay immobile for a moment, her mind struggling hopelessly against the pin-pricks of sensation following the path of the course fingers digging into her flesh He played cruelly on, unaware of the hopeless battle raging within the tortured girl beneath his kneading hands. He placed his thumbs on the fleshy lips of hair lining the outside of her cunt and pulled slowly apart. Lois lay holding her breath and fighting with all her moral strength

It was not enough, her resistance shattered.

She groaned, the exquisite feeling of air rushing over the rising bud of her exposed clitoris. It rippled up her now quivering belly and out into the nipples of her throbbing tits, drowning out the debasing humiliation of the strange hands roaming over her nakedness. The straining muscles of her thighs relaxed loosely, her white ivory breasts rose and fell heavily with her labored breath.

The man's tongue licked nervously at his thick mouth, small beads of sweat formed over his upper lip as he watched the gradual transformation of the girl beneath his stroking fingers. He did not understand and did not care, he would not question a gift like this-only a fool would.

He could not wait. He pushed her unresisting thighs wide with the rough palms of his hands and crawled eagerly over between their lush fullness. The devils danced faster around the rough pink edges of Lois's naked cunt as she felt the bed sag from his weight. It felt like a wet hot tunnel, and it had to be filled. Her eyes locked greedily on the fat thick cock dangling from his kneeling body above her. Suddenly forgotten was the evil animal lurking in the cage on the table; forgotten were the fears of humiliation. She needed but one thing now; she needed that cock!

More than anything else in the world!

Even as her mind fought the repulsive sight of the kneeling fat body hovering between the slimness of wide-stretched thighs, her legs kicked out uncontrollably and her heels curled around his hips. She jerked forward wildly, pulling him with a grunt, heavily on top of her writhing body. He guided the thick blood-filled head straight into her throbbing cunt, his heavy weight smashing her with a deep moan far down into the mattress. He levered up, ramming his rod as deep as it would go into the hungry clasping pussy. His balls smacked heavily against her upturned ass, his fat hairy stomach bored hotly into the yielding softness of her belly.

Lois strained against the ropes but they held, cruelly cutting into her wrists and causing her teeth to gnash tightly together to drive back the pain of her tortured muscles. She wanted him deeper. She wanted to pull him deeper into her hot quivering cunt but the bonds held her back.

"Fuck deeper, Fuck deeper!" she screamed at him in desperation.

He grasped her ass cheeks in both hands and drove his cock to the hilt. It was too short!

She groaned in frustration, splaying her legs wide out over the bed to give him greater access. But it did not help.

As if in apology, the sweating fat man rammed his tongue deep into her wide-open mouth, the saliva drooling down into her throat. She sucked at it in wild frenzy, her body caught up in a whirlpool of naked raw lust that she had never known before. His jerking cock pistoned into her mercilessly, bringing gasps of pain as his pelvis smacked against her crotch, a brutal thud resounding through the room with each pile-driving thrust. She moaned again, he was bringing her to the peak with the brutal pounding of his body alone.

Then-suddenly-as she bucked uncontrollably beneath him, she felt his plunging cock stiffen without warning and spew its white-hot liquid far into the hidden recesses of her tortured womb.

Lois groaned in frustration. It was too soon, too soon. She was almost there, the peak was but a hair away. She strained crazily for it, but the man's dead weight collapsed heavily across her still driving body.

The useless deflated prick hung spent between her churning thighs.

She buffeted her wet crotch up against it angrily, tears of frustration running down her passion inflamed cheeks. But the soft rubbery tube gave way limply before her anguished last upward thrusts. He rolled from her body, breathing heavily in satiation, he had gotten his two dollars worth. He smiled happily.

The fire burned on in Lois, even as the man left the room, she was waiting for the next, grinding her buttocks into the mattress in anticipation.

Oh God, she sobbed, the hunger coursing through her like a narcotic.

I'm going crazy, crazy. Send me someone! send me someone!

Squint's head appeared through the partially open door, a grin of satisfaction on his lips as he saw Lois's drugged body writhing out of control on the bed. He must raise his price and cut the time to ten minutes. Jaafar had many clients waiting downstairs and the potion would last for hours. The girl was beyond objecting to anything now. In fact, he thought happily, she would welcome it.

Lois's eyes were glazed in frightened uncontrollable desire. The thoughts of unconsciousness had faded. She wanted to feel. She wanted to feel the deliciousness of a man fucking her. She wanted her belly filled by great pools of cum and feel it shaking around wetly inside her-Hurry, Squint, hurry, her mind droned drunkenly. Bring me one, bring me one or I'll die!

She did not have long to wait. The door opened and an old man on crutches hobbled in, his eyes shining in lust. He had only one leg and his clothes were those of a street beggar. They looked as though they had not left his body in months. Lois's passion was beyond caring now, he was a man! A man with a cock that could slice into her burning pussy. That was all that mattered.

Hurry, you bastard, hurry, raced through her mind desperately. She opened her legs wide, pointing the dripping hair-lined slit of her cunt directly at the lewdly grinning cripple, grinding it up with her tightly clenched ass in an equally lewd invitation to spur him to speed.

He lost no time in tearing his ragged clothes from his unwashed body. He hadn't believed Squint on the street when he had described this women

he had for sale. Nor the price. All that would buy on the street was a fat old hag who had been used up years before and who would lie drunkenly

under you thinking of the wine she could buy with the money from this trick. But this was different. Squint had spoken truly. She was young and her flesh was firm. It had been many long years since he had fucked anything even approaching this. He could not afford the young ones in the houses and even if he could they would turn him down because of his nauseating appearance. He could not believe his luck with this one, begging him for it with her obscene gestures and groans. He would use his ten minutes well.

He hobbled to the bed and without ceremony, threw the stump of his missing leg over Lois's squirming body. He straddled her stomach heavily. The soft whiteness of it brushed tantalizingly against the wrinkled sac of-his dangling balls causing his ancient prick to jerk in anticipation He moved forward along her writhing torso, laying his still semi-soft penis

between the valley of her full fleshy tits. He cupped a hand on either side of the quivering mounds and pushed them together, trapping his awakening cock softly between them. He had always wanted to do this but none would ever let him. Now with the girl's hands tied over her head she could not object. Besides, Squint said anything as long as he didn't mark her.

Lois, beneath him, could feel the bones of his thin buttocks pressing painfully into her ribs as he rocked forward. He had straddled her so suddenly that she had been taken unaware. She needed him in her-not like this. She tried desperately to wriggle up the bed under him but he rode with her body.

"No, no, please, not that way, not that way," she cried in frustration as she looked down her nose and watched the red bulbous head growing between her tightly held tits. She could feel it begin to throb against the sensitive tissue of her skin, sending further sheets of hot

licking flame racing down to the quivering slit of her palpitating cunt.

"Oh God no! Fuck me, please! Please!" she begged as he began a rocking motion, sliding his blue veined cock faster and faster between her straining breasts. Spit dripped from his puffing lips, moistening the narrow valley and making the passage easier for the rampaging instrument that ignored her pleas. He continued his desperate thrusting-faster-faster-his breath coming in quick labored gasps, until before her horrorstricken eyes, its long stored cum began spurting in sticky hot streams over her naked breasts. It ran down over her shoulders and throat in wet white rivulets, soaking the mattress beneath.

"Get in me. Get in me. Now! Now!" she raved, her head thrashing from side to side in bitter defeat.

"Why didn't you? Why didn't you?" she shouted up at him through hate-filled eyes, her arms straining at the binding ropes like a mad

woman. She cursed his impotency with all the foul words that came to her lust deranged mind.

"Send me a man! Squint, you son of a bitch! Send me a man!" she screamed at the top of her lungs. Her cunt was a steaming hot cavern now that twitched like a nerve out of control. Her body was going to explode into a million fiery particles if someone didn't stuff a cock into her soon-she sobbed hysterically, crying out for deliverance.

The crippled dressed and hobbled hurriedly from the room, fearful that this lunatic might break loose from her bonds and do him bodily harm.

As Lois watched him disappear through the door, she suddenly gasped and held her breath. His form was replaced by the shadow of the biggest man she had ever seen. He stooped as he entered to keep from hitting his head against the frame.

He was jet black!

Her pleadings froze in her throat. Desire, suddenly replaced by fear, withered in her body. He would kill her!

"I've brought you a man, my pigeon," Squint's voice cooed from behind the giant Nubian. "I've given him a discount to let some of the others watch. You must perform well," he chortled happily. "They are paying one dollar each for a good exhibition and we can't disappoint them, can we?"

"Ohh, please, no," Lois whimpered, a battle raging between her mental revulsion and the fire raging inside her drugged body. "I can't, I can't, not in front of other people. N-not with h-him. Ohh, Please, please, Squint!"

Without speaking, he reached for the towel over the caged black creature and withdrew it slowly, his cruel grin directed straight into her eyes.

"Ripper would like to watch also. I'm certain you would not like to disappoint my little pet. He offends so easily."

The starving creature clawed and struggled against the restraining wire of the cage, his beady eyes hungrily searching the room for some sign of food

to quell his ravenous appetite. Lois shrank back into the mattress, the

terror again crawling over her as his tiny wicked eyes locked on her naked white flesh Squint watched the servile acceptance register on her terrified face.

He was contented that she would not give trouble with the threat present of her breasts being ripped from her body. He patted the top of the cage lovingly and motioned for Jaafar to herd the crowd into the room.

Lois was dimly aware, through drug glazed eyes, of the leering faces crowding into the small closed room. Would they ever stop coming? They were lining the walls and hanging over the iron rail at the end of the bed, packing the small chamber until the air became hot and almost unbearable from their sweating unwashed bodies and heavy excited breathing. They were horrible grotesque faces peering down at her. Some toothless and unshaven, some marred by terrible diseases, but all wideeyed and eager for the cruel ravishment of the quivering white body staked out before them to begin

When the room was jammed with at least twenty straining men, Squint motioned for Jaafar to lock the door, cutting off the last entrance for air. The odor was heavy and pressed down on Lois like an invisible musty cape. She struggled for breath, her lungs sucking in great gasps, fighting to maintain consciousness.

Squint nodded his head at the painting Nubian who began eagerly stripping his clothes from his glistening black body. His pants fell to the floor causing a murmur of fevered approval to ripple through the excited crowd. His giant ebony cock reared out from his black muscular stomach like a third arm with a huge tightly balled fist at the end. It was at least ten inches long and two inches wide and the two great sperm inflated balls hanging at the base gave it the menacing appearance of a cannon ready to fire.

Lois jerked her tightly clenched eyes open at the ripple of noise running through the room, her shocked gaze locking on the monstrous shaft pointing directly at her. She gasped in terror, drawing her thighs tightly together in anguished fear, her mouth dropping loosely open in astonished disbelief.

It couldn't be true. He would split her open! Horrible visions of her ripped torn body flickered wildly through her cringing mind. They couldn't do it. They couldn't do it!

The Nubian stepped to the bed, the crowd closing behind him to get a closer look at the unbelievable spectacle about to take place before them.

Helpful hands from the sides of the mattress grasped harshly at Lois's tightly clasped ankles, pulling them brutally open. Her delicate pink slit nestling in the soft pubic hair burst into full view of the spectators at the end of the bed. The others strained closer around the bedside to get their look at the palpitating treasure of the struggling girl. Over-anxious hands reached out to pinch quickly at the white full tits above, digging harshly for a stolen moment, and then disappearing anonymously back into the crowd.

The giant black climbed between her wide-spread legs. The restraining hands on her ankles levered them up off the bed and back over her head until the soles of her upside down feet were touching the headboard in a great vee about four feet apart Lois's face contorted in anguish, every muscle in her body felt as though it were stretched beyond all human endurance. The flat plane of her soft hair covered pussy was presented up to the kneeling Nubian in defenseless sacrifice. It was his, his to plunder at will.

He grinned down at it, his lips bared back over the white ivory of his teeth in unbridled lust. He stroked his immense cock with both hands in greedy preparation for the assault on the helpless up-turned cunt in front of him His body swayed on his knees like a stalking cobra, the glistening ebony skin shining in the dim light of the single bulb hanging above. He shuffled forward slowly, his pelvis and great bulging black cock shoved out and quivering like a savage limbo dancer caught in the hypnotic throes of a primeval jungle ceremony.

Lois, up through wide-split thighs, watched in awed terror, the writhing torso advancing toward her helpless aperture. She could not turn her eyes from the vile instrument that was in a moment to cleave through her warm body in vicious rape. She was mesmerized into abject stillness.

Suddenly, without warning, the swaying Nubian jerked his pelvis back and his head came forward and down in a dark blur, his gleaming ivory teeth fastening into the soft flesh of her belly. A tiny nip at her navel and his tongue began a slow tantalizing exploration of her whiteness, following the soft path of light fuzz down into the flanges of her cringing pussy. He spread its young fleshy lips with his fingers and with a maddening liquid suck of the lips, drew the tiny pink bud of Lois's throbbing clitoris wetly into his hot moist mouth. He nibbled at it with the sharp tips of his teeth, feeling it jerking back to life from the softness that fear had brought.

Lois clenched her eyes tightly shut against the whirlpools of sensation that were shooting out of control again through her loins. She fought with all her inner strength against the betrayal of her body.

Thoughts of Kevin and the life and children they would have after this nightmare was over coursed through her mind. No, No, she must not let them win. She mustn't! She mustn't!

But suddenly, the Nubian's tongue snaked forward, burrowing up her straining cunt like a racing lizard. The shock rippled crazily up her spine to the base of her skull where it shattered in a cascade of wildly shooting colored stars. The hot meteors rained down tauntingly over her whole body. Her crotch jerked involuntarily forward, burying the flicking tongue to its roots. Fire replaced fear and all else.

She was that cunt! Oh God, she was that cunt!

Her entire being was suddenly a great open cavern that had to be filled, that had to be gorged and stuffed with hot fiery flesh. Nothing else mattered now; not Kevin, not principles, not humiliation, just the flicking reality of the probing tongue that had crawled from between her hot steaming furrow and was tracing tiny round wet circles up her body.

"Ohh, ohh, yes, yesss, suck my tits, yes, like that, like that! Bite me! Aaaaagggg!"

It moved on up over her throat, licking at her nose and eyes and cheeks, the hot thick saliva soaking her skin. She rotated her lust contorted face around searching with her open mouth for the wet fleshy mass. She found it and sucked it deep into her throat with a low animal moan. His saliva gushed into her in unimpeded torrents, she swallowed greedily, mewling for more.

Her crotch ground frantically around below, searching with her gaping hot pussy for that monstrous pole that was going to rip her belly asunder.

The lust incited crowd around the bed gasped as the great bulging head found its pulsating opening. It jostled for a moment against the pink ragged edges of flesh, insinuating itself gently between them. Then, with a flick of the hips, the grinning Nubian forced the blood-filled tip brutally into the throbbing lips of the hair-lined cunt, stretching the resisting rubbery flesh almost to the bursting point.

Lois threw her head wildly to the side and screamed "Aaaagggg!"

It sunk a cruel inch, the struggling girl trying desperately to kick her legs free and escape the punishing impalement. The eager restraining hands held them tightly back against the bedstead. In her wild passion a moment ago she had overestimated herself. The cock was too big. She could never take it in a million years. It was splitting her cunt lips terribly, the pain unbearable, rocketing through her stretched body like tiny sharp probing needles.

The Nubian levered up on his hands in the push-up position and flicked again-his grin widening-the relentless monster sliding another excruciating inch.


Another inch-"Aaaagggg!"

Hot stale breaths coursed over her naked sweating body as the men crowded closer. Their faces hung over the bed within inches of her straining nudity, watching hypnotically this young white beauty being fucked and skewered like a medieval slave by the giant glistening Nubian.

She was dimly aware of hands tearing at her breasts from the leering crowd and fingers clawing over every part of her flesh until it felt as though she were covered with tiny crawling animals trying to enter every pore of her helpless body. The room had become a giant octopus with thousands of

grasping tentacles reaching out obscenely to crush her in her helplessness.

"Nooo… Noooooo!" she sobbed hysterically, tears gushing like fountains from her open but almost unseeing eyes.

Her sobbing, struggling protests and resistance brought a sudden crushing thrust from the Nubian that plowed the giant black cock deep into her tight resisting passage, pushing great ripples of pink soft flesh in rolling waves before it. Lois jerked convulsively as the huge rod raced into her belly like a runaway freight train smashing all resistance. It was an uncontrolled monster crawling around inside her, filling her every crevice and pushing her inner organs into tiny tight balls that could not breath or move. It was coming out her throat, out her mouth, curling around her shoulders and neck to crush her life away. It was ripping her soul from her body and devouring it in great gulps of depraved sensuality.

Suddenly, it stopped. With an earth-shattering jolt, the Nubians pelvis thudded heavily into her upturned crotch The monstrous sperm inflated balls insinuating themselves with a smack into the wide-split crevice of her ass.

The huge ebony cock lay imbedded to the hilt inside Lois's shivering cunt like an ancient impaling torture device.

The Nubian held still above for a moment until the bereaved girl beneath him adjusted to the presence of the huge member planted in her white soft belly. He watched as her pain contorted face began a slow relaxation, the tightly gnashed teeth opening in surprised adjustment.

"A-Aaaaah," her lips breathed in welcome relief.

He flexed the giant head, bringing a deep groan from her lips, her teeth re-clenching. He flexed again-another groan again-a lesser groan, as her hot passage grew accustomed to the increasing size. Then he began a slow revolving motion with his pelvis, grinding his cock tightly into her naked crotch, expanding the still cringing walls of her vagina until it fit like a well tailored glove.

Unbelieving eyes peered lustfully within inches of the huge buried member, amazed that the tight tiny cunt they had seen before was capable of swallowing the whole of it Hands from the crowd rubbed lewdly over the moon-shaped cheeks of her skewered buttocks. From both sides of the bed,

fingers pulled cruelly at the fleshy hair covered lips surrounding it. A fingertip probed under the dangling balls at her tiny puckered anus, flicking teasingly at it like another tongue. She winced as it suddenly popped through the tight surrounding nether ring and dug deeply at the soft rubbery flesh inside. It moved around, expanding the tight tiny hole until the palm of the intruding hand lay flat against her ass cheeks, the whole finger sunk safely inside the dry throbbing tunnel.

Now the Nubian began a painful sawing motion in and out of Lois's moist stretched pussy, thrusting forward mercilessly from the apex of his

withdrawal and battering her pain-wracked body back hard against the mattress. The finger imbedded in her ass joined the slowly pistoning cock in a rhythmic fucking duo that brought groans of pain and gasps of pleasure gushing from the lips of her moaning mouth in time to their simultaneous tempo.

The pain was easing and a weird sensation of happiness tingled through her helpless body. The outrageous debasement and subjugation brought strange masochistic pleasures flooding through her blood stream.

Her hips began unconsciously gyrating in an abandoned rhythm with the increasing speed of the cock and finger fucking into her. A thousand helpful hands groped at her from the leering faces surrounding them.

"Ohhh yes, yessss, fuck me like this. Oh shit yes, fuck me like this," she crooned, squirming her body lewdly around among the myriad of hands and fingers that crawled over her tingling flesh. She opened her eyes. Cocks were everywhere. The men around the bed had pulled them out and were stroking them over her in time to the black and white flesh smacking together before them. Long ones, short ones, fat ones, she was in a great cock heaven, surrounded by them-a prisoner of them-and all the time while the great black glistening pole fucked into her, expanding with each stroke like a giant balloon, the finger drubbed into her asshole like another cock-she was a prisoner, a helpless prisoner to the delicious rape of her cunt and asshole-trapped between them like a helpless insect.

"Oh god, don't stop! Oh fuck, don't ever stop!" she grunted into the thick stale air, gyrating her upturned ass faster and faster, trying to keep up with the monstrous poles of flesh and finger that drubbed into her like tireless fucking machines. She felt long fleshy objects dropped into her tightly bound hands on either side of the mattress and other hands press her fingers tightly around them. She knew they were cocks and began a hard vicious stroking in time to the communal rhythm, as she felt the shaft of flesh pummeling into her throbbing cunt expanding almost to the bursting point.

"No! No! Wait, wait," she chanted in desperation, but it was too late. The Nubian's eyes rolled around helplessly in his head and his great balls began pumping spurt after spurt of hot white cum deep into her contracting belly. She ground her naked crotch up tightly against his pelvis to stop the flow for a moment but her very eagerness defeated her desperate purpose. The nibbling clasp of her pussy milked it clean, the last drop of his hot load sloshed around deep inside her dilated womb.

The giant rolled useless and drained from her still squirming form, helped by a hundred eager hands clawing to take his place. A thin string of white sticky liquid trailed from his cock over her leg to the floor where he collapsed in exhaustion.

"Three dollars, my friends, three dollars," she could hear dimly through the muffled confusion of the noise and caught a glimpse of Squint desperately reaching over heads for the freely offered bills like an excited circus barker.

Her hips jerked up automatically to receive the hurried thrust of a short fat man who had replaced the Nubian between her legs. He rammed into her like a jack-hammer, needing no fore-play to incite him. The spectacle had been enough. They raced wildly together for the climax Lois had been so cruelly deprived of when the Nubian had deserted her. It hit her suddenly, like an angry fist in the stomach. Great waves of searing indescribable joy coursed through her fanatically aroused body with the power of a thousand lightening bolts, curling the tips of her toes and fingers like burning twigs on a bonfire. The fat man's cock spat uncontrollably into her as the palms of her bound hands were flooded too with the hot sticky fluid simultaneously. Great pools of cum clung stickily to her as she saw other cocks spurting at her body from the sides of the bed. She wallowed lewdly around in it, punishing and debasing herself in maniacal arousal, the odor rushing through her nostrils, as her own cum gushed hotly from between her legs, soaking the mattress beneath her wildly grinding buttocks.

The bodies came on and on, spurred by her screaming supplications for further and further humiliation. Her hair was matted thickly with the pungent fluid now and her body was covered from head to foot. She squirmed wetly on her back in it as she was buffeted up and down the mattress by one rampaging man after another. It seemed it would never stop.

Suddenly, Squint grinned to himself. It was going too slow. There was a better way to handle this volume of business. After all, the bitch was screaming for it. He would make sure she got more.

He held back the next men in line and reaching over the bed, cut her bonds.

"Turn over," he commanded.

Lois rolled her battered body over in the slippery pools of cum, resting heavily on her stomach.

"Now kneel," he commanded to the half conscious girl again. He grabbed impatiently at her hips and helped her to her knees. She rested panting for a moment on all fours, her buttocks high in the air and her face pushed into the bed. Her eyes were glazed thickly from the ravishment her body was enduring.

Squint directed the waiting traffic like an experienced policeman on a busy intersection

Lois felt heavy hands on her hips from a nameless body suddenly kneeling behind and between her open thighs. She waved the stretched moons of her buttocks back at him, feeling the blunt end of his cock pressing into the now dripping slit in her crotch. With a grunt, he shoved cruelly forward, burying the long thin instrument deep up her crevice, causing her to jump forward in surprise at the sudden lunge. Her face ran head on into another waiting hard erect cock that rammed without warning into Lois's gaping mouth. The man was kneeling on the bed in front of her grasping both sides of her head vice like between his strong callused hands and holding it firm. He sawed into her face viciously, like it was a second delicious cunt. Lois gagged, as he rammed it halfway down her throat, the full length disappearing into her ovaled lips almost to the hilt. His balls slapped harshly against her chin, the soft fuzz covering them tickling like a light airy feather. She struggled to breath, catching small gasps of air on the out-stroke.

"Oh God," she groaned as they buffeted her back and forth like a rag doll between them, using her helpless body as a great receptacle into which they would pump their burning sperm. She was no longer human but a great mass of flaccid flesh, unable to think or feel.

But then, the very helplessness of her position flickered through her mind. The mental picture of her body being fucked between two excited men

incited her. The hunger in her belly began raging out of control again.

She began to undulate her buttocks in tiny circles, squeezing with her cunt muscles at the fleshy staff boring into her. She wanted to milk it dry, to fill her belly again until more of the hot sticky fluid ran down her already thickly covered thighs. She wanted to wallow in it again.

She sucked voraciously at the cock in her mouth her cheeks hollowing and filling with his cruel thrusts. She had never tasted a cock before and she explored its every pore. Her tongue licked wildly at the blood-filled head, the tip probing hotly into the gland on the end. She wanted it to shoot in her mouth. She wanted to swallow it and feel it running down her throat until her stomach was filled as her cunt. She wanted it to run through every pore in her body in great torrents of joy.

Her wish came true a moment later.

Simultaneously with the rising tide of her building orgasm, she felt the cock fucking into her from behind, inflate and begin spewing its white hot load deep up her clasping cunt. It ricocheted wildly around inside and dripped from the hair-covered lips into the matted hair of his belly.

His balls pressed tightly against her exposed clitoris, causing her body to jerk convulsively forward, burying the rod in her madly sucking mouth

to the hilt. It too exploded, flooding her throat with the delicious pungent liquid, her cheeks expanded like a balloon to keep from choking on the great gushes that spurted without stopping deep into her throat. She swallowed in hungry crazed gulps fastening her lips like an elastic ring tightly around the ejaculating rod, fearful of losing even a drop of the precious fluid. Small droplets ran from the corners of her mouth as he collapsed in front of her and his deflated penis flopped lifelessly from her still sucking mouth, thin narrow sticky strings of cum hung from her lips connected still to the deflated cock several inches away.

She screwed her buttocks back tightly against the still squirting cock in her cunt and with a scream from between clenched teeth felt her own body explode into what seemed a thousand tiny sparks. Her strength was suddenly gone and she collapsed on the bed as the cock slipped limply from her drenched pussy, gushes of cool air rushed refreshingly into the unplugged opening.

Time, after that, became meaningless and merged into a blur of strange and different cocks, fucking her as they would and where they would. Lois was beyond emotion. Her body still reacted with orgasm to several of the more inventive males that bent her to their will but her strength was gone and she followed mechanically the directions Squint would scream at her when she lagged in her duties to the clients.

"Get those legs up! Move that ass! Suck harder!"

She was nothing now but a robot at his command and weakly moved her limbs to comply with his shouts.

Many long hours later, the room was finally emptied and she fell into a deep exhausted sleep on the soiled sticky mattress that was was the beginning of her lifetime quest for hard, thrusting cocks.


Superman's distress was great as he flew toward earth. He had witnessed every detail of Lois' debauchery with his instantaneous telescopic-x/ray vision. As his powers returned, he picked up speed and was now actually doing five times the speed of light. However, he knew that at this distance from earth he would have to move much faster to reach earth in time to prevent the total corruption of his love Lois. He calculated that, at the rate he was gaining speed, he would not arrive for at least another ten hours, by which time the very worst could happen to her.

Superman knew that the only thing he could do was send a telepathic message to his faithful guard at the fortress of solitude, the only other sentient being he knew that had super powers and the loyalty to put them to use in the service of good.

He sent the message, just as he was passing a red sun, whose radiation, very unfortunately, had the property of distorting telepathic messages, and in another lamentable instance of miscalculation and disruption of Superman's intentions. Superman's friend at the Fortress of Solitude received the message and paused, completely confused, yes after the briefest of hesitations, he flew into the blue, too faithful and true ever to disobey even the most bizarre command from his Master. Within two minutes he had traveled thousands of miles to Metropolis and was circling over the harbor, his own x-ray vision searching for Lois.


Lois had risen from the bed, changed the sheets, and showered herself thoroughly, trying hard to expunge the feeling of dirtiness from her flesh, douching her pussy until she was sure that the vile seed of all those horrible men had been rinsed from her tender pussy. Physically, she felt clean, yet she knew that the memory would never leave her. Her pussy would remember their hard, thrusting cocks every time she saw any man, and she knew that that newly-awakened love channel between her perfect thighs would always want one more fucking shaft inside it.

She knew that Lex Luthor had gone out with his cronies to find another gang to men to make use of her body, and she knew that she would have to fight them to avoid another episode like the last. She had tied the sheer robe around her and with her feet in the satin slippers she had been given, was eyeing, longingly, the skylight above her. If she could get through that skylight and out on the roof, she might stand some chance of escaping, or at least of casting herself over the side and end her life, so that she should not be forced endure Luthor's evil treatment again.

Lois, with great difficulty and much sweaty effort, managed to move the heavy armoire away from the concrete-based wall and under the skylight. She saw that, if she could succeed in balancing the dressing table chair on the armoire and standing on it, her fingers, with a good long stretch, might reach the latch. Then, if she could find the strength, she could pull herself up into the free, fresh air. How she longed for that freedom.

It was as she was attempting to balance the chair atop the armoire that she heard the door open behind her. Turning, she saw the men, three new "recruits" sent in by Lex, scrawny, pimply-faced high school drop-outs, their eyes bulging with lust and lascivious grins upon their faces.

Lois had never known such revulsion in her young life! She couldn't scream, for no one would hear her! My God! My God! What were they going to do? They were going to do it to her again. She was completely at their mercy when the snickering sounds of triumph from one unhealthy young face loomed over her, and wild-eyed she twisted her head see him clutching his naked, hard penis with vile lewdness not a foot away from her! Oh… oh God, if only someone would come to her rescue. She twiested away and saw the other two mimicking the first, gripping their long, thick penises and moving toward the bed and her scantily-clad body!

Then…! Then… what was it that happened? A… A blurred shadow of solid darkness at the skylight, the tearing back of the skylight's hatch, and a loud, vicious, canine growl! Again, and then again, she heard it, and she tried to orient herself through the confusion that was filling her ears…!

"Jeez! It's a dog… some goddamned dog in a Superman suit!" a cursing boyish voice exclaimed in panic. "I'm getting out of here!"

"Come on, Georgie! It's Superman's fucking dog!" another choked as Lois stood spellbound, her face raised in solemn fear at what was taking place..

Suddenly, there was nothing, but the slamming sound of the door familiar to her ears, and there she stood covered over by the diaphanous fabric of the robe! For a long, long moment, Lois stood in deathly silence. Finally she saw him! He stood at the foot of the bed, massively dominating the entire room! His rounded eyes were like two glowing ovals of burning fire in his huge head, his vicious mouth partially open to display the gleaming white fangs there! Mother of God! That's why her attackers, whoever they were had ran! It was huge, tawny-coated dog, his shoulders mantled with a small cape like that worn by Superman! Could it be possible? Was it possible that Superman, wherever he was, had sent this dog, that had flown smoothly and easily through the skylight, to rescue her when he couldn't. That was the only explanation she could derive from the unexpected presence of the super-animal. Though she had never heard of a SuperDog, she could find no other explanation.

Forgetting her near-nakedness, Lois cried out with heartfelt relief, nearly choking with emotion! She stared at the beautiful animal, seeing the great beast leap agilely onto the bed, then lick at his lips in the manner of gentle dogs she had seen a thousand times! God, no matter what else, he'd driven the others off, she thought, watching him raise his beautiful head high, then… move forward toward her! His powerful jaws were just inches from her throat! He was going to… going to…! It was then that she noticed a gold medallion swinging loosely from his great throat, the embossed impression of the Superman's logo clearly visible to her!

Anxiously, she tried to extend her hand to pet his head. SuperDog whimpered, simultaneously wagging his head and tail. From long suppressed animal energy, hot-blood flowed through him. In his animal-eye he surveyed the naked, beautiful, dark-haired human female before him. Animalistically he licked out with his tongue, extended a paw, and toppled the gentle young woman onto the bed, the robe parting and leaving her fully exposed. Surprised, she lay back onto the pillow watching him, her eyes softening from fear into more of wonderment, he instinctively perceived.

His own burning orbs surveyed her again, and then, he moved closer above her, leaning down to lash out with his wet, hot tongue against the smooth flesh of her naked white belly.

Lois wanted to scream. Was this really Superman's dog? Why was he tasting her, as if she was gong to be a meal? She swallowed tightly, watching him move toward her, then lowering his head, his length of pinkish seething animal-tongue licked moistly over her muscle-tightened belly!

Again, he did it, the hot, spread length of his tormenting wet tongue causing incredible sensations to spiral through her, immediately resurging the passion awakened in her just hours before! She strained her sight to gape at his animal-face, to read some direction in those fire-filled, wild eyes! Oh God, he had saved her from a cruel gang rape! And he knew it… he knew it! Was he claiming a reward of some kind.

Once more, she raised her head to gaspingly watch his long hot tongue licking upward over the quivering white flesh of her soft belly! Higher and higher he inched, until he was finally lapping the rounded, full undersides of her exposed breasts, ever-creeping upward over them toward their tiny, marble-hardening nipples… and at last, there! She couldn't restrain the little moan that escaped her lips when his feverish, moist tongue actually reached them, wetly grazing the pink, sensitively rising buds again and again to send maddeningly arousing spasms whipping through her nakedly bound body!

Oh… oh God… what was happening to her? She must be losing her mind! Fear had numbed her wits to the point of stupidity! This ferocious brute could, and well might, tear her to pieces if the notion took him! Somehow, she had to find a way out before it was too late, before this moment of gentleness left him! She was helplessly vulnerable to those massive jaws and sharp, gleaming fangs…!

Dear Lord, she could hardly think with the inconceivable rising heat his fiercely licking tongue brushing wetly over the naked mounds of her breasts was creating inside her! She heard him whimper deep in his throat, her widened stare fixed on his almost loving performance. Then, his blazing eyes raised to meet hers, their desire-fed glow level with her own. She held her breath as he moved upward and startlingly began to run his warm, liquid tongue in hot caresses over her face!

My God, Lois shockingly realized, he's kissing me!

A feeling of gentle warmth filled SuperDog's powerful body as he tenderly licked over the pleasing, soft beauty of the female-human's flesh. The pleasant taste of her breasts, and now her smooth white face intrigued him. This was much more than just obeying Superman. The message sent by the Man of Steel to rescue Lois had come through in its entirety except for the verb. Rescue had come through as fuck, nearly the same word in the ancient language of Krypton. SuperDog was moved to deep canine emotions by this beautiful female. Her warm human-eyes reflected emotions that he could understand in the depths of the mysterious brain he possessed. Yes, she was one that he would be happy to claim for his own in obedience to Superman's wishes!

Lois reflectively rolled her head to shy her face away from the brute-animal's hot, licking tongue. There was no question in her mind but what he was actually kissing her… showing her in his own way that she needn't be afraid, that he wouldn't harm her! Why she felt that she could fathom his unhuman meaning was beyond her, but she was certain she was right! It was almost as if uncanny vibrations were passing between them… and suddenly she realized that she was no longer trying to avoid the heated attention of his warm, moist tongue, but giving herself to it with tightly closed eyes!

Abruptly, he stopped. She felt the weight of him jiggling the bed and snapped open her eyes to see. My God… he was moving down between her helplessly bound legs! She raised to watch him poise his great head between her open thighs, then slowly lower it, his heated animal-breath taunting the sparse dark pubic hair there! His cool, wet nose brushed against the soft, hot flesh of her inner-thigh… and finally, the still flushed lips of her vaginal crevice! She heard him whimper as he sniffed her female excitement, taunting her susceptibly naked loins as though he were making an actual seduction!

Once more, the urge to scream filled her, but was rendered utterly useless as she felt his warm damp nose suddenly rubbing wetly against the puckered ring of her tiny cringing anus!

"Oh… oh, my God!" she gasped out, as if she were pleading to another person. "Don't… please don't?" Oh… ooohhhhh…!

His wild tongue snaked out to lick wormingly up and down the smooth vale surrounding her tightly clenched little anal mouth, the tip burrowing teasingly up into its defensively clasped lips!

Lois hardly knew whether it was fear, shame, or the tantalization itself that made her try to squirm her naked vaginal slit away, but when the massive dog raised his head and warningly growled, she quickly stopped. His head lowered again, the hot, seething tongue beginning to lick at the narrow pink crevice between her helplessly spread thighs. She trembled and groaned uncontrollably as he wetly drew it upward over the full length of her openly spread pussy. "Oooooh God!" The lewd sensations stabbing inward to reach deep into the nerve centers of her helplessly fluttering belly.

Again he did it, this time, his thick hot tongue spreading through the yielding, hair-fringed cunt lips like a fluid blade! It didn't stop, but continued to relentlessly splay the raw, sensitive flesh, pausing at last to lunge in a penetrating curl far up her shamelessly moistened vagina! She gasped and spasmed convulsively, writhing in reflexive bodily contortions to his oral rape… but he never stopped… and she wasn't sure that she wanted him to!

At that intensively breathtaking moment, the spread-eagled, obscenely exposed young woman was not sure of anything but the sudden ardent thrill of incitement his hot, ravaging tongue was sending through her young naked body. Her whimpers uncontrollably increased, while her mind slipped further into a spell-binding sensual oblivion that she could not, nor did not want to struggle against! Again and again, his pleasure-bringing tongue grazingly bathed her unprotected loins from the snug, rim of her tightly clenched little anus, upward through the glistening, moist crevice of her long-denied pussy. At its peak, it hesitated, penetrating to flick almost knowingly at the trembling bud of her clitoris, irresistibly amplifying her mounting desire a hundred fold!

How long it went on, Lois in her erotic intoxication had no idea… only that it did, the heavenly searing tongue licking wildly through and over her moistly inflamed cuntal flesh until she was gasping and squirming her whole naked body maddeningly beneath it.

"Oooohh… ooohhh…!" she gutturally moaned as he flicked the tormenting organ in a hot, lust-whetting curl up into the clutching little mouth of her burning vaginal passage.

"Ooohhh… yes… yes, do it for me, SuperDog…! M-Make me cum, if you want… oohhh please…? Lick me more… lick me…!"

Lois hardly knew what she was saying, her overpowering passion had built to that intensity… but abruptly, she realized the loss of his pleasure-bringing tongue, and she raised her head to gape in confused disappointment. He had moved up over her once more on the bed and she heard his animal whimpers at the same moment that she realized he was tugging with his strong, sharp teeth at her dressing gown. It came apart in shreds easily in his jaws. Her confused brain swam with both the sensual elation filling it, as well as the incredulous events that had taken place, one after the other. But once more, her brief flurry of thought was whipped away as she felt his tongue affectionately licking at her cheek. She wrapped both arms around his great neck, hugging his huge head tightly to her as she lay back, the weight of his powerful body flattening her resilient upraised breasts down against her chest.

"Oh… you… you beautiful lover, SuperDog…!" she chokingly gasped. Then, taking gentle hold of his ears and head, she fearlessly hissed. "Please, darling don't stop yet… please…?"

He let her guide him back down between her anxiously spread thighs, little whimpers still emitting from his panting mouth, while soft mewls of delight tumbled from hers. Then, with an animalistic groan of her own, Lois drew her knees back to her breasts pulling his nose tight down into her wetly throbbing vagina!

His eager tongue flicked up the fire-filled channel like an attacking lizard, his own whines blending with hers as he hungrily lashed and penetrated the glistening pink flesh between her lewdly spread thighs and buttocks.

"Oh… ooohhh… yes…! Lick it, darling… lick my vagina!" she lustfully pleaded, undulating her opened, obscenely positioned loins and rounded white buttocks salaciously up against his mind-destroying tongue.

SuperDog could smell as well as taste the sweetness of her human female lust, the keen aromatic flavor driving his basic sexual instincts higher and higher. Though, on his many roaming flights around the world, he had known the carnal association of many female-humans in his time, none had ever commanded his natural impulses such as this soft, white creature with the long dark brown hair. Her pale, sky-colored eyes reflected truth, and her voice-sounds were gentle and warm. There was a sun-brightness to the expression of her smooth, white face that he sensed flowing through the tender symmetrical curves of her entire body. But it was there down between her welcomingly spread thighs where he licked with his lust-heated tongue that he knew the naked sensitive realness of her. This yielding, pink flesh of her open cunt in its hot, flowing poignancy revealed her innermost emotions and as he greedily and lovingly tongued the wispy, curl-fringed softness, he intuitively felt the rising heaviness of his own feral, animal loins.

Lois felt his magnificent hot tongue suddenly desert her lewdly offered vaginal opening and she quickly raised her head to see him backing off several steps. "Oh… oh God, Darling… what is it?" she imploringly moaned, to his entreating whine. "Please… don't stop…? What? What is it you want, Lover…?"

He moved to her side then, nosing against her soft hip in a gesture that she found herself understanding. God… he wanted her to turn over onto her stomach! Gently, he nudged again, the whimpering sounds coming from the depths of his chest, the golden medallion swaying beneath his throat from the effort!

Unable to determine why she did it, she willingly responded, and moreover, not wanting to know or destroy the beautifully impossible phenomenon that bound them, Lois lowered her long, white legs and rolled over onto her stomach, no thought of fear or resistance in her incited brain. She again spread her long shapely legs wide, sensing that he wanted this as did she, again narcissistically picturing her own naked, smooth curvaceousness in her mind's eye. She sensed his panting, hot breaths against the soft mounds of her partially raised buttocks, then joyfully felt the heat of his thick wet tongue slithering into the soft smooth crevice separating them!

Lois moaned audibly, unknown sensations of undisguised lust charging ever stronger through her cunt and belly. She hardly realized it as she reached back behind herself with her small hands to lasciviously spread the lust cheeks open, giving him full access to her tiny, palpitating anus! Then, his loving hot tongue was wetly caressing it, again splaying open the ragged, hair-lined lips of her inflamed pussy to graze the sensually flushed, pink flesh on its lewd path to the baby-like mouth of her naked rectum.

Oh God… she was going to lose her mind entirely, she thought! She was… truly was! And then, her animal lover was nuzzling beneath her pelvis and lifting, his desire as clear to her as if he had spoken. Obediently, she raised up, elevating her wide-spread buttocks as she knelt slave like before the powerful dog in complete inner-surrender!

Once more, as if in answering-love, he drew his thick, splaying tongue up through the full length of her seethingly wet cuntal crevice, and she gasped out her erotic delight. She tried to widen her knees even further to open the throbbing pink pussy slit between her trembling thighs wider to him. His long, curling animal-tongue thrust possessively, sweeping hotly through the blood-flushed, wet inner-flesh and flicking at the hungrily grasping mouth of her vagina, enticingly firing her offered loins to greater heat before he moved to a new, unexpected position!

She tensed as the massive dog's muscular, furry body crowded in behind her toward her nakedly trembling buttocks, suddenly aware that he was raising up on his hind legs and his powerful forelegs were grasping at her upthrusting hips! Oh God… he… he must be mounting her, she thought wildly twisting her head to look back… and he was! Dear Lord… he was! Could it be that he intended to fuck her just as though she were another animal!

Her desire confused brain whirled with the impossibly lurid idea! Oh God! she inwardly gasped, her body trembling to the sensations SuperDog's lashing tongue had set her palpitating loins afire with. Then, her glazed eyes caught sight of their lewdly locked position in her vanity mirror and she groaned helplessly at the obscenely provocative reflection. The bestial obscenity of the great animal astraddle the spread white moons of her smoothly ovaled buttocks sent unbelievable charges of salacious fire soaring through her naked, quivering body.

Then, she breathlessly gaped at the sight of his glistening, scarlet cock emerging from its long sheath, wet and hard, the wet, tapered end slipping and dancing as it moved forward to probe the damp, pink crevice of her wildly excited runt. She felt his strong canine body jerk against the giving flesh of her supple, white buttocks, saw his dangling thick length of hardened cock trying to penetrate the thin vertical mouth of her defenselessly upturned vagina!

He whimpered loudly, his forepaws making new claims against the soft sensitive flesh of her naked hips as he thrustingly shuffled on his hind legs behind her, desperately endeavoring to bury the sleek, throbbing shaft up inside her!

Lois saw it all in the mirror, and with an inescapable, sensuous moan, she shifted her hungrily quivering buttocks away from it in an effort to avoid his lengthening hardness, the feverishly impassioned tension inside her reaching a near unbearable point! Oh God… it frightened her… to have his long, thick animal-cock inside her soft, inflamed, needing cunt! Yes, he was going to drive it deep into her while she went mad with her unfulfilled desire! Nothing else mattered to the savage animal! She peered back between her full, widely spread thighs, paralysed, fearfully watching the slippery animal-organ searching blindly but expertly in her soft silken pubic hair and oozing wet slit until, to her dismay, its hotly pulsating head instinctively found the wetly receptive mouth of her wet and waiting vaginal hole! Immediately, he humped forward, bursting through the rim of her tight orifice as he speared her defenseless young cuntal channel open wider and wider, sending the long rod of hard, thick animal-cock deep up into the hungrily squirming hole between her thighs!

Lois watched in the mirror in bulging eyed horror and fascination as the burning, scarlet rod of stiffened dog flesh slithered forward with a wet, brutal charge, burying itself all the way up to the hilt in her painfully stretched vaginal passage. SuperDog's heavy, sperm-bloated balls swung down wildly and smacked flatly beneath her golden pussy-hair.

The intensive, pressuring sensation of impalement came bursting through her loins seconds later and she grunted out her choking gasp. Then: "Oh God…!" she wailed, her wide blue eyes gaping unseeingly as her excitedly panting animal-lover immediately began to fuck rhythmically up into her from behind. Her head jarring from his every fierce, breast-quivering plunge, Lois tried to concentrate on the long, scarlet length of hardness slithering into her as, to her consternation, she uncontrollably began to move rhythmically backward to meet his powerful, breathtaking strokes! Unequaled sensations of base-lust filled her sensuously slaving body as her hips, of their own volition, thrust backward onto the ever-thickening cock skewering deeper and deeper into her raging, hot vagina from behind. Furiously, his savage muscular beauty battered and thudded resoundingly against her yielding, wide-spread ass-cheeks, his painfully huge cock a relentless shaft of glistening, sadistic joy sinking to its full length deep into her soft, quivering belly! With ungovernable, whimpering mewls, she lewdly rotated her rounded working buttocks back at him with a lewd frenzy, grinding her hotly clinging cunt walls back over the length of his hardened, piercing animal flesh with a masochistic cry of wanton passion.

The signal flashed through her lust-inflamed young body then, the unmistakable beacon of erotic fulfillment! It spiraled through her seething loins like the pricking of a million warning needles, and gnawed at the base of her quivering belly with the promise of unknown rapture. She whimpered aloud to the jagged edges of her growing sensual bliss, gaping at the mirror hungrily to see the great dog, SuperDog's wet, thick cock disappearing up between the soft whiteness of her own roundly absorbing buttocks, his furious fucking of her tempoed in quickened jerky animal strokes! She caught sight of her own pink cuntal flesh wetly clinging lewdly to his huge, long, inhumanly thick hardness, drawing out nearly an inch when he pulled out of her, then vanishing back up inside again with his thrusting charge, his heavy cum-laden balls smacking solidly below between the slick and wet spread-open lips of her hotly searing pussy.

Her brain reeled in the throes of her wildly aroused passion, her eyes feasting on the sensuous spectacle of her full young breasts quivering and swaying like hanging white mounds of lush, pink-crested fruit to his beautiful, battering barrage! She saw the flailing beauty of her own long, dark hair when she tossed her head in cadence to the moans of gasping enchantment hissing from her heaving chest!

"Oh God… please stop! I can't stand it anymore! " she cried. "Gr-Granny was right… right! I know now. Yes, she was right! I'm yours, SuperDog… yours forever… Oooohhhh… God!"

It was the wailing soft lilt in her crying voice that made SuperDog know her sexual love. He whimpered back in response as he ardently thrust into her from behind in the only depth of expression his basic instincts urged. He knew that she was readily giving herself to him in the loving beauty of natural law, never resisting or fighting him, but eagerly, thrusting her soft, white female vagina back onto his heavily aching hardness. The wet, warmth of her human love channel was greedily clenching at his animal cock, as if she were his own bitch mate, and his great heart pounded lovingly in his chest for her.

He sensed the dribbling wetness against his loins that trickled from her wide-split hole down the soft smooth backs of her thighs from where he fucked into her, and saw the thin, sheen-like droplets of perspiration that had gathered on her naked white body beneath him. His own tongue hung loosely from his opened jaws in heated frenzy. The moment of culmination was near!

Abruptly, Lois raised her sensuously slackened face to whimper out a guttural, animalish groan from deep in her throat. Her glazed blue eyes grew round and unseeing. "Ooohhh… ooohhhh, Darling… I can't stand it! I-I'm going madddd! Do it to me harder… please do it for me, my lover…! Oooohhhh!" And her voice died in a strangled mixture of sob and sigh, her head tossing insanely from side to side, her long, dark honey hair wildly flailing as she began the first convulsions of her climax, skewering her white, passionately undulating buttocks back onto his long, thick rod of hardness with a wantonness that she had never even imagined she was capable of.

The first spasm struck her then and she shrieked, slamming her round white ass-cheeks back hard against the rhythmically fucking dog cock with a desperate, frantic lunge. Simultaneously SuperDog responded with a forward thrust and growl, his massive hardness beginning to pour out its heated animal sperm deep up into her soft, wildly constricting vagina with long, hard spurts.

Again, Lois weirdly cried out, her crazily jerking buttocks beginning to contract convulsively to the grand eruption exploding hotly in her belly and loins in the universal ecstasy of all animals! She threw her head from side to side in a heretofore unknown, erotic bliss… at last opening her eyes on the mirror to see the combination of human-animal cum oozing whitely from her tightly clenching cuntal-mouth which was still clasping and milking hungrily at her animal-lover's slowly deflating cock. Thick rivulets of their sticky, white fluids ran hotly down the smooth white columns of her inner-thighs… and when she could no longer watch, she pitched forward on her breasts, gasping a great sigh of blissful relief…

Lois lay unmoving for a long, long moment, refusing to let the thoughts that were trying to flood her mind return. Instead, she thought only of the beautiful, wildly arousing orgasm she had just known… felt his movements on the bed behind and over her. Yes… dear God, yes…!

Suddenly, she felt his hot, wet tongue licking the smooth, sensitive flesh of her naked buttocks… then the small of her back! It stopped, and smiling, Lois slowly rolled over. Wondrously, a telepathic message came to her from the dog and she heeded it, climbing onto his back. Lois felt him rise up and soon they were soaring through the skylight and into the blue toward freedom.


Superman arrived several hours later, during the evening. Lois was nearly back to herself, having showered and dressed and given Superdog something to eat. The dog's fantastic love-making had done much to purge her feelings of self-loathing and despair that she had felt after her disgusting treatment at the hands of Lex Luthor and his men. It was with great delight and relief that she saw her Love of Steel come sailing smoothly through the window and stand before her.

Lois cried out and ran to him, throwing her arms around his neck. "Oh, Superman! It's been awful here without you."

Superman cuddled her and nodded sadly. He had seen everything that had happened to her since he had left, including the wild dog-fucking she had submitted to, and he knew that she was going to need all the help she could get to overcome the memories that would haunt her all her life. He also knew that she would need help in resisting the carnal temptations that had been awakened in her by her experiences this last week. He felt her soft body beneath his caressing hands, the tender, nubile bulge of her breasts against his chest, the delicate flutter of her belly against his love-starved penis. Now, thought Superman, was the time to stop beating about the bush and do his duty by her as a man whom she loved and trusted. Now was the time to make her forget the incredible number of hard, invading cocks that had fucked her girlish pussy recently. She had to forget them, or she might feel the need to go back to them, for her libido, once aroused, might begin to rule her thoughts and actions. From Perry White and Jimmy Olsen to Lothar the Nubian and Kan-el, the super dog, she had run the gamut of sensuality and she would be vulnerable to easy seduction from here on.

"Lois," he said gently, raising her tearful face with a gentle hand. "I know what you've been through, and I understand." Yes, he understood, yet he swore that Lex Luthor and the men that had violated Lois would not live out the week, that he would track them down one by one and painfully put them to death.

"Do you, my darling?" Lois asked with trembling lips.

"Yes, dearest, and I've come to make it all right now."

Superman kissed her, deeply, and Lois responded naturally, a whine of released passion rising in the throat. Her first super kiss, and it would not be her last, she vowed. Superman's had were moving over her body, pulling at buttons and zippers, and Lois surrendered gladly. It wasn't long before Lois and naked and trembling in his arms and he helped her pull off his own tight-fitting clothes. When he was as naked as she, she stepped back and saw for the first time with her eyes the awesome tool of his manhood, of his supermanhood. It had swollen and erected to a good ten inches long, two in diameter, and with a purplish-red crown that seemed to glow. The opening in the end was threatening and somewhat frightening, but he moved toward her and went to work on the sensitive places on her body. Her cunt immediately juiced up.

Superman lost no time in indulging the fantasies he had been having about her all this time. Kan-el watched him jealously as he carried her to the bed, laid her gently there and slowly separated her thighs. With super precision, the scarlet tip of his steely cock found the center of her feminine foramen, parting the delicate petals of the tingling orifice, and sinking forcefully inside. Lois' voice rose in a wail of unbelievable joy as she felt the soft, silky, but firm knob of the giant cock plumbing her most intimate depths, his balls of steel whapping against her cringing, pink asshole.

Superman's years of sexual abstinence were ended. His whole life he had passed without sexual feeling, but his days-long exposure to kryptonite had tenderized his nerve endings and made it possible to feel the incredibly tight and smooth texture of Lois's cunt. As her pussy pumped upward at him as if with a life of its own, Superman's cock leapt into an action he had never known it possessed. His hips pumped at a furious speed, churning her secretions into a white foam of arousal as they both climbed together the heights of physical joy. He pussy clamped tighter and tighter on his ramming rod of steel and Superman bridged his body on his straightened arms to facilitate the jack-hammering motion of his cock.

Over in the corner, the dog eyed them with near-uncontrollable jealousy. Superman had stolen his female, the one he himself had given him. Now he was taking her back. Kan-el's eyes blazed as his muscles bunched for the attack. As the copulating couple screamed their fulfillment and the Man of Steel pumped his long-pent-up sperm into the grateful vagina of the tender female, the dog finally lost all control, forgetting his loyalty to his master.

Superdog, the only surviving canine from the planet Krypton, roared like an angry lion.

And attacked!


It was with considerable injury and effort that Superman managed to calm the rampaging dog. Obviously, the Man of Steel could see, the dog needed to be considered in all future plans, and following much intellectual communication with Kan-el, and arrangement was arrived at.

Several months later, Lois gave birth to a number of offspring. The dog's embryo, being a super-embryo, could not be terminated, and so the litter of puppies had to be left to grow alongside Lois' and Superman's super-twins, one male and one female. It was necessary for Lois to quit her job at the Daily Planet and move to the Fortress of Solitude to care for the two babies and four pups. It was far from the ideal situation, for he had to leave Superdog there to guard all of them, and Superman was well aware that while he was absent for days, weeks and months at a time, Lois and the dog would, out of necessity, be sharing pleasure in their remote and lonely clime. Still, he supposed that was better than having Lois, with her newly-awakened and uncontrollable sexuality, on the loose in Metropolis.

Lex Luthor had vanished again and was certainly lurking somewhere, waiting to avenge himself on Superman through Lois. Life was going to be difficult for Superman and Lois as a couple for the immediate future. Still, he supposed things could be worse, and he now had Lois waiting for him at the Fortress of Solitude where, finally, they could have plenty of that-solitude-whenever he could turn manage to get Kan-el to baby-sit and stop sniffing around the woman.

Things could be better, ideally, but then again he had to admit, while gazing into her beautiful, passion-flushed eyes whilst fucking his steely cock into her, that they could be a hell of a lot worse.