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Her week at mountain mansion

Karim al-Zib

Karim al-Zib

Her week at mountain mansion

Tall and blonde, beautiful Cherie Daventry, the youngest secretary with the Intercorp business group this week, was getting to know her way around the big house after being there for twenty-four hours, learning to find the cosy room they had given her overlooking the swimming pool that was built in the atrium of the house, getting to know the twisting and turning of the halls that led to the many rooms where the executives and the secretaries were staying during this most important business week of the year, trying to establish a friendly relationship with her colleagues, most of whom she had known only very superficially, if at all, a few days before.

This was the week that the executives of the powerful Intercorp Trading Company got together in the seclusion of the San Bernardino Mountains and brainstormed on methods to improve business in the coming year. The men brought the best stenographers from the secretarial pool and met daily around the great mahogany table in the large, warm, and comfortable conference room downstairs to make suggestions, air complaints, and generally toss around ideas that could make trading more efficient and profitable. The secretaries were always on hand with stenography books and were lodged in an adjoining, but separate, wing of the house. Not that the men and women were that rigidly separated. The way the girls were given their own section was more to make them feel comfortable than to create a wall. Cherie was sure there was at least some mixing going on when it suited two people, though they must generally be discreet meetings that occurred, for the young nineteen-year-old had only noticed one definite romance.

That was last night when she had looked out her window over the pool. She had been asleep when some noise, the voices of a man and a woman, had awakened her. The young girl had crept to the window and observed while Diane Layne, one of her colleagues in secretarial, had howled out her orgasm as Cleophas Powell, the massively built black man who was supervisor of marketing, had humped and pounded between the brunette's uplifted white thighs until she had shrieked in hedonistic joy. Cherie had peeked ashamedly, repelled and excited at the same time by the sight of the black man with the white woman, as she observed the sex act for the first time in her life. She had had no idea what it would be like to watch – or could be like to actually participate in – for Cherie was a virgin.

She had watched the provocative sight, hoping that there was no one in the other rooms across the atrium who might see her from behind those dark windows, for there was one room whose window, always wide open, was perpendicular to hers, and just a few feet away. She had wondered if there was anyone occupying that room, but decided that it was not being used this week because she had seen no light or movement in it.

And so with wide-eyed wonder she had watched the animal display below her while the summer breeze wafted through the folds of her diaphanous nightgown and the heat of vicarious excitement had burned between her tender and untouched thighs.

Cherie had only been working for Intercorp for a few months when the excellence of her work had brought her to the attention of the higher-ups. Her shorthand was superb and her typing, at ninety words a minute, was very accurate. She was meticulous in what she did and her mind was sharp and alert. A brief session taking dictation for her boss, Herb Melville, had shown her potential and so he had personally invited her on the working week in the mountains.

Herb Melville was a big and powerful man with a handsome, ruggedly-lined face, thinning hair, a generous businessman's paunch, and a striking, hawklike nose. His eyes were warm but sharp and Cherie knew that she would have to watch herself this week to make sure she didn't spoil her chance of a raise and a higher position. She didn't need a very sharp mind to know how much she needed this job, what with her mother so deathly ill and the doctor's bills that needed paying. No, this job was more important to her than just a career move – though that could be in the offing now that medical school seemed such a difficult attainment – it was a matter of life and death necessity, when she thought about it.

Pressures were severe at home. Mother, usually so loving, had attacks of irritability – due to her dangerous illness – that were often directed at Cherie herself. And that sweet, devoted woman had been reluctant to let her teenage daughter go away for these two weekends and the five days in between, leaving her to shift for herself. Mother had complained that Cherie would not be going to church as always, way up there in the mountains. Cherie had promised in turn to bring her Bible – but she had forgotten it at the last minute.

Cherie opened the door to her room and walked in to begin immediately getting ready for bed. It had been a long day, full of work. She had taken more shorthand, transcribed more cassette tapes, and typed more letters than she cared to think about. They had spent most of the day sitting around the huge conference table in a large room on the first floor of the house, she and two other secretaries taking orders from the eight male – and one female, Allison Cooper – executives.

Cherie had been lucky to be able to come along this time and have the opportunity to show the execs what she could do. She could easily have had to wait years to get this chance, so when the usual girl for the junket – a stunning, slender redhead named Sally – had come to her and asked her to take her place for the nine-day stint, Cherie readily accepted. When Cherie asked why Sally did not want to go, the older secretary was vague as she expressed her distaste, stating that she had already been on three of them and that it just wasn't her kind of the thing, now that she was engaged to be married to a lawyer. Cherie had no idea why her engagement should get in the way of work, but she had no intention of protesting the opportunity that had just been laid in her lap.

So Herb Melville had called her in for an interview, remarked with a smile that she was very, very pretty, and then filled her in on the details of what she would be doing up there in the mountains with the most important men in the company. And so here she was.

When she drove with Herb through the gate of the house, she gasped. Here, set in the midst of the forest, high in the mountains, with the noon sun of June filtering through the leaves of the trees, was a beautiful house with four wings, three stories, and a wide veranda flanked by stone columns. Cherie got out of the Mercedes and mounted the stairs while a man in work clothes carried in her suitcases. And then, as she walked through the front door, with Melville behind her, she ran full into the hard masculine chest of the handsomest young man she had ever seen. Tall and blue-eyed, with smooth skin, classically chiselled features, and light brown hair, his eyes sparkled when he saw her. Their eyes met, deeply, and she caught her breath.

"Hi," he said. "I'm Ron Wolter."

Cherie had seen him before, at the office, as he hurried by in the performance of his duties, and she had often wished he would notice her and speak to her when she broke out in a blush of excitement and that spot between her legs began to burn. The truth was that she had harbored a crush for this handsomest of men and now she found herself in the same house with him – at last – and for a whole week, it appeared.

She paused, trying to find words, then said lamely, and simply, "I'm Cherie Daventry."

They stared at each other a long time before they noticed that Herb Melville was standing behind her, waiting patiently to pass.

"Well, hurry up," Melville said, in mock irritation, "and ask her to dance."

Ron chuckled and turned to lead the way into the house, which happened to belong to Melville himself and was opulently furnished and decorated. It was a house that befit a man of Melville's stature and importance as chief stockholder and head of a corporation like Intercorp. Cherie was shown to her room and given a while to rest and freshen up before the start of her duties at what was to be a daily meeting of minds of the heads of the productive head of the corporation.

Their day began at three that afternoon when the entire party of nine executives and three secretaries sat at the giant conference table to plan the next four months of business operations at Intercorp. The work was concentrated and sweaty for her, but Cherie still found time to glance up often at Ron Wolter, and many times she found him looking at her with soft eyes. And she smiled back. When the meeting broke up at seven-thirty, Cherie was exhausted, still reluctant to leave Ron Wolter's exciting presence to go to her room to retire for the evening.

Dinner was brought to her and after a quick bite, she showered, dressed in her sheer blue nightgown, and went to bed. And that was when she was awakened by the activity down by the pool, below her window. The sound of movement and the voices of a man and woman attracted her from her bed in curiosity. She crept quietly to her window and peered out, seeking the source of the sounds that had roused her from a troubled sleep. It didn't take her long to find Diane Layne and Cleophas Powell, for they were down on the pool deck on a thick blanket entwined in a lustful embrace.

At first, Cherie had recoiled from the sight. She knew people did those things, that married people made love, and that sometimes even people who weren't married did those things, but she had had no idea that it had looked like that. Cleophas' strong, black buttocks were rising and falling, driving his huge, glistening ebony penis into Diane between her wide-spread, uplifted legs. The girl's pretty features were contorted with lust and passion and unrestrained grunts, groans, and sighs were rushing out between her wet lips as Cleophas moved upon, and inside of, her.

Cherie looked around to see if anyone else was watching from the other open windows – perhaps she wanted to see if there anyone could see her watching those down below – and when she concluded that she was alone in her curious voyeurism, she kneeled on the soft, wide couch that backed up to her window, and settled down to watch. She knew it was wrong to be so curious, so interested in this illicit act, but in her innocence and inexperience she was so strongly attracted to what was going on, perhaps because of her unhealthy interest in Ron Wolter, that she couldn't help herself. She began to fantasize that she was doing this very thing with the handsome young man and her fingers strayed across the chiffon covering her belly to her smooth, warm thighs and thence to the tender, damp spot between them where she found the center of her own pleasure, just as she had on several other occasions when the heat in her own healthy body became too much to bear. She really couldn't imagine herself doing the thing that Diane was doing down there, not with any man before marriage, and especially not with a black man, which she found repellent, but she could fantasize as long as it was someone else down there.

So when her body had shaken in one of her rare self-induced orgasms and the juices had flowed from her tingling, pink pussy down her fingers, Cherie had burned with shame before lying back on her bed and finished the night with a deep and well-deserved sleep.

The next day was more of the same in the conference room, with Diane Layne sitting nowhere near Cleophas nor acknowledging any kind of attachment to him as indicated by their activities of the night before. It seemed incredible to Cherie that two people could do what they had done and act so cold and aloof the next day. She supposed it had something to do with protocol and decorum. Of course they had made love and there were no house rules or company rules against that. Cherie had heard the girls in the office talking about it, about the things they did with men, so even though she had been shocked and could not imagine herself doing such a thing willingly – at least, not before marriage – she knew that many girls did it with their boyfriends and men at the office. She had even heard one of the girls, Candy Holmes, talking about having had sex with the boss, Mr. Melville. While Cherie had stood at the coffee machine, pretending not to listen while Candy spilled the story to another typist, the naughty girl had talked excitedly about Mr. Melville's big, heavy body and his huge penis. Cherie had felt a frisson of fearful excitement shoot up her spine at the thought of the massive penis ramming into Candy's vagina, and, vicariously, into her own. Cherie had felt a dampness develop between her legs and she had had a hard time keeping her mind on her work the rest of the day.

Work had gone on that second day at the big house in the mountains with the same businesslike intensity as the previous day, but as they broke for lunch, Cherie's sharp eyes caught a furtive glance that passed between Sue Midori, a lovely Oriental girl and Vic Torres, the forty-ish man of Mexican descent who handled the company's business for Latin America. Curious, Cherie hung back, rearranging her note-pads while everyone filed out for a rest and a meal in their respective rooms.

Vic and Sue didn't see Cherie walking behind them when they ducked into the storage room in the hall outside the conference room. The door didn't close properly and the two conspirators didn't seem to care as they disappeared. Curious, suspicious, Cherie stopped and looked through the crack between the door and the jamb. It was a linen closet, with sheets stacked neatly on shelves and dinner settings on others but it was what Sue and Vic were doing on the bottom shelf that captured Cherie's attention.

Sue's blouse was already open and her small, round breasts were naked and being fondled and sucked by the ravenous Vic.

"I've wanted to get you like this for months," Vic groaned, his hands beneath her skirt pulling her panties down. Sue wriggled her thighs until the under-garment dropped around her ankles and then she stepped free of it. Vic pushed her skirt up above her waist and Cherie could see the wad of soft, black hair at the top of her thighs.

Vic cupped his hands under the girl's buttocks and hoisted her up on a cabinet. Cherie gasped as she saw Sue immediately part and raise her knees, revealing the wet, red slit of her pussy to Cherie's startled eyes. Vic was dragging out his penis – not nearly as large as that of Cleophas, but big nonetheless, swinging beneath the bulge of his round belly – and he lost no time in fitting the swollen, purple tip of the brown shaft into the young Oriental girl's waiting nook.

Cherie chewed her lip in growing excitement as she saw Vic's great member disappear into Sue's pussy with a wet slurp and his heavy balls swing solidly into the warm cup of her twitching anus beneath. So this is what it looks like when two people do it, Cherie thought. His thing in her vagina. And that's what I would look like if I did it with someone.

Cherie resolved again then and there that when she made love with her husband, she would do it in the dark so that she wouldn't look so funny. Then she smiled at herself. No one would be watching anyway, would they?

Cherie slipped away, already feeling the wetness between her legs. There was no need to get herself needlessly aroused. But wasn't it strange here, that there was so much sex going on and no one seemed to know? Everybody was doing it! And no one seemed to care. It was a bit frightening to think that possibly all the women here – except for Cherie herself – were doing it with one of the men. Cherie hurried on to her room for a shower.

In her room, she undressed and stood before the mirror, intending to shower and nap a bit before the afternoon marathon of business. She surveyed herself before the full-length mirror. Her body was superb, though a bit plump lately, she now saw. Must be those pastries I've been eating at the office, she thought. She was built a couple of inches taller than average with long legs and flaring hips. Her breasts were large, very large, and round with pink nipples riding on wide, rosy aureolae, very firm without a hint of sag. Now she thought they appeared larger than usual, because of the few extra pounds she had put on, and she noticed her bottom had swelled a bit as well for the same reason. Turning sideways, she looked at her plump, heart-shaped derriere with the tender dimples, one surmounting each creamy white buttock at the base of her spine. Yes, she would definitely have to cut back on the junk food before her clothes started getting too tight.

Cherie turned back to the mirror and her eyes dropped to that sacred honey-blond bush nestled in the junction of her long, slender thighs.


Ron Wolter let himself into the dark room that he knew was empty where he could watch Cherie. It was the window just perpendicular to and just a few feet away from hers. As long as he left the light out and made no sound, she would not know he was there. Last night he had watched her for a long time and he watched her now with growing affection.

Ron was rapidly falling in love with the sweet-faced, beautiful young virgin, and he was sure she felt a strong attraction to him as well. Normally he would have made a move to get to know her better, but he was a bit uncertain as to her attachments and inclinations. He had seen her arrive with Herb Melville, and though that could possibly mean absolutely nothing – Herb did not always fuck his secretaries on these week-long stays in the mountains – there was a chance that the boss had reserved her for himself, and Ron was reluctant to tread on the powerful man's toes. Not that Ron was afraid of losing his job over her; that was no problem, since Melville had told them all long ago that any unmarried secretary was fair game for any of the men at any time both in the office and on the mountain junkets. No, Ron was not afraid for himself. He was afraid of what might happen to the girl if she overstepped any lines Melville had drawn around her. It was the girl who could lose her job. Or perhaps worse. Melville usually had no mercy with women who displeased him or acted faithlessly, and all the blame for infidelity fell on the women themselves, never on the men. What Wolter was not certain of was whether she was here as Melville's sex toy or just as secretary. Perhaps she was both, but the truth had to be known before Ron could do anything more than just smile at her across the conference table.

Ron stopped and caught his breath. She was standing stark naked in front of the mirror looking at her gorgeous body, posing in a way that she would do only if she thought that no one was watching. Her tits! Her ass! Her legs! So perfect. And the soft, downy hair of her pussy. She was rubbing it now, just as she had last night when Diane and Cleophas were fucking downstairs by the pool.

Cherie had kneeled over the back of the love seat and fingered her pussy while the two horny exhibitionists did something Ron had never seen occur at this house before. There in plain sight they had done it and the young man could think of no reason they might breach house etiquette in that way unless Melville himself had told them it was all right. No, not all right. Unless, maybe, Melville had told them to do it for some reason. But why, unless for the entertainment of those whose windows gave onto the pool area? It had sure excited young Cherie the night before.

Ron watched her stroking her body, watched the dew of arousal gather in the fine tendrils of her pussy hair, there at the pink line that marked her untouched vagina. It was obviously a naturally very wet pussy that peeped out between the puffy and sparsely-furred lips. He watched her as she closed her eyes and and slid a trembling middle finger into the slit. Wolter felt sorry for her, here in the mountains amid all this power and wealth, virginal yet wanting, excited yet afraid. Diane's and Cleophas' exhibition last night had stirred her in a way she had probably never been stirred before.

He saw Cherie give her shoulders a shake and the perfect grapefruits of her huge breasts jiggled with the motion as she drew her naughty finger from her needing, pink cunt. She gave out with a sigh that was more of a sob and turned and flopped down on the bed. From the stand at the side she took a large volume of the plays of Shakespeare and, propping herself up on her elbow, began to read. Wolter knew something of her history. She had passed up a full scholarship at a good university to go straight to work to take care of her sick mother. He knew she had graduated top of her high school class and showed great potential for success as a medical student, if she ever got there. But her mother was constantly hovering on the verge of death and the doctor bills had to be paid, which a scholarship would not do.

So the beautiful, intelligent, unselfish – add to that naive – young beauty had had to go to work. And again she had shown her worth. Her typing was flawless, the shorthand fluent, her computer skills beyond those of the other girls in the pool. She was not vain, nor did she need to be. No rouge was needed on cheeks that retained the rosy flush of health and her pink lips would have been defiled with red lipstick if she had ever used it.

Ron Wolter watched her until she fell asleep on her side by the big book. Thirty minutes later her alarm clock woke her and she dressed again to go down for the afternoon's work.

After work the business group congregated in the dining room to eat and it was nearly nine by the time the dinner party began to break up. Herb Melville, big and dignified with his thinning hair and expensive suit, looked around at his minions and smiled.

"We've done very well today, gentlemen, and ladies," he said, and reached to his left to gave Cherie's hand a warm squeeze where it rested on the table. The girl smiled and closed her eyes with pleasure at the attention of such a powerful and, yes, an admirable and likeable man. She felt happy and warm that she had pleased him, that he noticed her, perhaps as a woman, beyond the requirements of his business and her function in it. Her eyes met his and she found them warm and affectionate and his hand stayed a while longer on hers.

Ron Wolter saw this gesture as the first sign of interest the head of the corporation had shown in Cherie, and the younger man bit back his jealousy. It appeared that Melville had finally singled her out for himself, and Ron grit his teeth at the thought of Cherie lying on her back with the big, paunchy man fucking and heaving between her perfect, white thighs. Grit his teeth and shook off the thought. Perhaps it would not happen. Perhaps Melville would not make the move. Perhaps the girl would not acquiesce, would resist as she had been taught all her life to do. Her ideals were cause for wonderment around the office and Ron had heard from the good-time girls that worked there that she was a confirmed virgin. So she would probably resist. Well, maybe. But Ron knew such a decision would be hard for the girl, for she needed the job and showed no little fascination with the company she was keeping this week.

As they all departed for their rooms, Ron thought Melville's hand lingered a trifle too long on Cherie's waist as the boss escorted her out of the dining room. Ron looked away and saw Sue Midori sitting alone at the table. He went over to talk to her.

"How's things, Sue?" Ron asked. "You look unhappy."

The Japanese girl shook her head. "Just pissed off with Vic. He's hot and cold, and it looks like tonight he's cold, so I'm probably going to feel cold too."

Ron smiled. "A lovely girl like you doesn't have to be cold as long as there's a single man around."

"Oh?" she questioned with a flirtatious smile. "You have any ideas?"

Ron shrugged. "I might, but only if we can keep it discreet. There's been a lot of exhibitionism going on around here the last couple of days and I'm not up for anything that anyone's going to talk about tomorrow."

"I understand," Sue said, licking her lips. Her brown almond eyes sparkled in the candlelight.

"So, can you give me a reason why we shouldn't go somewhere private in this big old house and have a drink?"

Sue stood up and took a bottle of wine from the table. "I'll give it some thought along on the way and let you know." Slipping her hand through his arm, she went along with him.

Ron climbed the stairs to that wing where he knew there was no one staying and found the door in the dark. It was the room from which he had watched Cherie last night and this afternoon and he wanted to be there to see what happened. When he got there he left the light out and traded swigs with Sue from the bottle while her fingers danced along his back. He kissed the beautiful Oriental girl and let his attention wander from Cherie's empty room. Sue was rapidly making him forget his worry over the innocent blonde. She wasn't in her room, with Melville or anyone. Perhaps she was in Melville's room… Well, if she was, there was nothing Ron could do about it.

Sue squirmed wildly as he thrust his hand down the back of her panties, between her moist buttocks and straight to her warm, wet cunt from behind. She pushed back at him and his fingers went deeply into her. Her hands were scrambling at his zipper and then she sighed happily as his cock came free into her hands.

"Nice cock," she murmured as she sank to her knees before him and began licking up and down the hard length of his penis. "I bet this tastes good."

Ron relaxed and gave himself up to this pleasure. He had never fucked Sue before but he had always wanted to. It was just that she was usually involved with Vic and by her own choice had remained exclusive. But tonight Vic had been talking to Allison Cooper, the company's vice president in charge of marketing. She was in her early thirties and was sexy as hell with a pronounced swing to her hips when she was in the presence of someone who attracted her. This evening, her swing had gone in Vic's direction and by all appearances he had caught it. So much the better for Ron.

Melville never thought to make the number of secretaries and men on the junkets come out equal. Fun and games were not the aim of these periods at the mountain mansion and Melville would never allow these important sessions to deteriorate into hedonistic romps. So the women were always fewer than the men, not only because three secretaries were enough but because the men had to be forced to keep their minds on their work.

Diane Layne had been Melville's last weekend sweetheart here and she had been kept specially apart, but now she had taken up with Cleophas in spite of Melville. What Ron wondered at was that Herb hadn't done anything to get even with the faithless bitch. Perhaps that would come later, but for now, Herb didn't seem bothered by the situation.

Sue's lips closed over the ample length of Ron's cock and he fell back on the bed in the dark, beginning to enjoy the feeling of the girl's mouth when he saw Cherie walk into her bedroom.


Vic Torres rolled into warmth of Allison Cooper's body and felt her warm, wet cunt envelope his aching cock. They moved together, panting and excited, for a long time in silence. Allison was the head of marketing and the only female executive in the hierarchy. She was about thirty and in very good shape, a lovely specimen of auburn-haired beauty. Her thighs grasped his hips as she goaded him on. The thought of Sue Midori momentarily crossed his mind. She was probably alone in her room tonight. Alone and lonely and wondering where he was. Well, let her wonder. Vic had no doubt that she would wait for him submissively and spend the night in longing and solitude. She adored him, he knew. But he had to have this time with Allison. He needed some variety.

A very pleasant sort of variety would be the ripe, sweet Cherie Daventry, but he happened to know that Herb Melville had designs on her, at least for the week, if not for longer. Poor kid, he thought. She was going to be trapped into being the old man's squeeze for as long as he wanted her, a child at the mercy of the middle-aged corporation head. Herb had confided in Vic, saying that he wanted a special young thing to have a baby for him and be exclusively his. He was interested in slowing down, now that he was fifty. Cherie was his unsuspecting candidate.

Vic imagined he was enjoying Cherie's pussy and strengthened his thrusts into Allison's eager cunt. It was going to be an interesting week.


Cherie carried her bowl of ice cream into the room and sat on the edge of the bed to eat it. She knew she shouldn't be indulging, but she felt things happening around her and she felt insecure. Diane and Cleophas had slipped away together almost immediately after dinner and she had seen Sue walk past the kitchen door with that lovely young man named Ron Wolter and she felt jealous and let-down at the thought that he might at this minute be making love to her as the other two had done the night before down by the pool.

So she ate her ice cream and seethed with disappointment that Ron had not asked her to have a drink with him. She was going to eat and get gloriously fat and die an old maid and spend her time thinking about other people making love. She was terribly disappointed in Ron Wolter for going off with Sue Midori after she had just this afternoon been doing it in the linen closet with Vic. And now would Ron and she be doing it somewhere in this big house, his penis, his beautiful penis, thrusting wetly into her? Yes, his beautiful penis. She pictured it in its glory, beautiful like the rest of him. Oh, Ron, why didn't you ask me?

The lonely young virgin wiped the two tears from her cheeks and stuffed a spoonful of ice cream between her ripe, pink lips. She found herself resenting her almost puritanical upbringing and the hours she had spent sitting in Sunday school learning to be pure and chaste. While she was being pure and chaste Ron, her Ron, was having sex with Sue Midori somewhere in the house. She wondered what it would look like, what she would feel if she could see them. Would it excite her as watching Diane and Cleophas last night had?

Pouting, Cherie set the bowl of ice cream down. She didn't want to be fat. No, not at all. Not fat, and never pregnant. At least not until she met the right man. She would wait and hope for that, for a husband and a marriage and a baby of their own. That was why she had never even considered taking birth control pills. She would save herself for the man she loved, a man like Ron. She had somehow thought Ron might be he. But how could she forgive him for Sue?

Cherie toughened herself and started to undress. What was she worried about? She was young and away from home and it seemed that all around her were having the time of their lives, but in a week it would all be back to normal, sitting in the office and typing reports and letters, and she wouldn't feel so lonely. Carefully hanging up her clothes in the closet, she skinned off her panties and bra and put on the diaphanous negligee she wore on hot nights. It was so sheer that you could see right through it, the pink circles of her aureolae and the tight hardness of her nipples, the crease of her buttocks and the soft tendrils of her pubic hair. It fell to a point just past mid-thigh, and she would have been a lovely sight, she thought, if only there were someone to see her.

What Cherie did not know was that several pairs of eyes were watching her. From the dark bedroom just beyond her window, Ron Wolter stroked his rock-hard cock back and forth in Sue's mouth while the girl herself cast strained glances at Cherie out of the corner of her eye. He watched Cherie pace a few times the length of her room and then flop down in an innocent yet revealing pose on the bed and open her book of Shakespeare. Just looking at the lovely, young, untouched girl aroused Ron to the point where he almost felt he could wait no longer to sink his cock into Sue's hot and waiting pussy. Ron began to churn his hips urgently against Sue's worshipping face.


Cleophas led Diane by the hand out into the pool area to the same place they had spent the night before making love. They both wore terrycloth robes and nothing else.

"Why do we have to do it out here again?" Diane fretted as she trotted along behind Cleophas.

"What's wrong with a nice, private bedroom? I'm beginning to get self-conscious."

"Orders," Cleophas said. "We've got to fuck out by the pool until further notice. That's all I know."

"Is this my punishment for getting together with you?" Diane asked. "Or is it something else?"

"Maybe your punishment, but Herb doesn't seem to care that much. I'll ask him tomorrow just what he's got in mind, but right now, let's just do it and enjoy it."

They stopped by the padded chaise longe by the pool and shed their robes. Herb had had the chaise put there for them, comfortable and very useful, on a large square of carpet. As soon as Diane saw Cleophas' superb, dark body, she caught her breath, just as she always did when she saw him. He was large and smooth-skinned, with muscles those of a body-builder, huge shoulders, chest, and arms, strong thighs and buttocks. But his cock was the most amazing thing about him, two and a half inches thick, and ten inches long, with an angry-looking purple head with wide, raw-looking flanges and a flaring hole in the end that had the ability to shoot a wad of cum more than a yard – that was, if it happened to shoot somewhere outside of a woman's pussy. That was another amazing thing about Cleophas: his ejaculatory power was amazing. He would always come like a horse, an incredible amount of thick, hot white cream that would fill a girl to the scuppers. Diane happened to know that he had already made three of the girls at the office pregnant. Whenever they made love, it always ran out of her pussy like a leaky faucet for a long time afterward, especially if she was standing up.

Diane's hand went directly to that giant penis and her mouth watered as she sank to her knees and parted her lips to take the broad head into her warm, soft mouth.


Cherie heard voices from the pool area and looked up from the book that she couldn't keep her mind on anyway. As she anticipated a repeat of the former night's wicked erotic performance, an involuntary blush of excitement mantled her cheeks as she rose slowly and went cautiously to the window, and across the way Ron watched her breasts bounce firmly with her walk at the same time as he was arranging Sue beneath him. As she parted her thighs for him, Sue purred up at him, very quietly, for she was watching Cherie herself and wondering what was happening down by the pool that the young virgin seemed to be so interested in.

Cherie kneeled on the couch situated by the window and peeked over the back and down at Diane and Cleophas below. She gasped and pressed her knuckles to her lips at the sight of the other girl with half Cleophas' giant, black penis buried in her face. It was so big. Huge! She found it hard to believe that Diane could have had that thing in her last night. How could her young vagina stretch that far, even with practice? Cleophas was gripping her head gently, pulling her mouth back and forth over his glistening shaft. The longer Cherie watched, the more excited she became. Oh, if only she weren't so inexperienced and afraid of life. She could be doing the same thing with Ron and enjoying herself this weekend. If only – but no, she wasn't that kind of girl. She would have to satisfy her curiosity by watching. She passed her hands down over her big, hard bosoms and found the nipples erect and tingling. Her whole body was covered with goose-bumps. One hand passed down over her belly and the fingertips brushed through her feminine fur, to the warm, damp slit her fingers were coming to know so well. With a sigh she cupped her hand over her pussy and her middle finger found that certain spot on her clitoris, just a fraction of an inch forward of the virginal opening of her vagina. Parting her supporting knees wide, she pushed her buttocks rearward and lifted her hips, beginning to pump them forward and back.

Her excitement grew as Cleophas laid Diane back on her bed, parted her legs and buried his lips against her hot, needing pussy. Cherie could see his pink tongue lapping at Diane's open cunt and the sight drove her to new heights of vicarious, girlish excitement. Her breathing began to quicken and the clitoris she was rubbing began to throb harder and harder. She thought that this would be one of those times when she actually climaxed from the administrations of her own fingers. She could feel her orgasm building and she knew it would not be long.


Herb Melville walked down the dim corridor toward Cherie's room. He had put her here, in this new wing, all alone, so that she would not be disturbed. In the hall outside her room, he stopped before a small painting hanging on the wall, and moved it to the side. There on the wall was a peep-hole that he had had installed there last year. One glance through it told him that the exhibition of the two down by the pool was giving pleasure to more than just them who were participating.

There, looking over the windowsill and kneeling on the couch with her back and round, loaf-like buttocks toward him, was the lovely girl Herb had picked out for himself the moment he had seen her just five days before after he had seen her in the main office and contrived to have her sent to him for the interview in his office. Through the virtually transparent material of her gown he could see the crease between her asscheeks and beneath that the tips of her fingers where they worked in her hungry slit. He could even see outlines of her pubic hair where her labia peeked back between her thighs.

With a deep breath to calm himself, Herb Melville turned the knob of her door and walked silently in, across the room and to the side of the couch where Cherie was kneeling.

"It looks like it was too hot for them to stay in their bedrooms tonight," Herb said softly.

Cherie caught her breath, jerking her hand from between her legs and pulling her gown closed over her breasts in an ineffectual gesture. Straightening up, she still stayed kneeling on the couch, hugging herself tightly and ashamedly trembling before his gaze.

"Oh, Mr. Melville," she squeaked. "I didn't hear you come in."

He smiled. "The doors are very well hung. Like Cleophas. And you can call me Herb."

Cherie nodded, trying to still her trembling. It crossed her mind that under other circumstances she might have screamed at him to get out of her room, but then she remembered that this was his house and that he was her boss, a very powerful man, and that she needed this job so very badly, for her mother's sake. He seemed so benevolent and disinterested standing there in his pyjamas and robe and slippers.

"I just happened to notice…" She felt that was a lame excuse for he must have seen her gaping down that Diane and Cleophas. Had he also seen what she would doing to herself? The thought brought a furious blush to her cheeks.

Herb smiled again. "Don't be embarrassed," he said understandingly. "All girls are curious until they find out for themselves. Up here, we work hard, and we play hard. Right now, Diane and Cle are playing. Everybody's entitled to unwind. Even you."

Cherie was still fighting to control her trembling. "I… I was reading and I heard a noise. I didn't know what it was. Oh, I'm so ashamed!" Cherie exclaimed and dropped her eyes, putting one hand to her face.

Melville moved over to her side and put a gentle arm around her shoulders. "Nothing to be ashamed about. This is what the real world is all about. To tell the truth," he whispered conspiritorially, "I enjoy watching myself, though watching never takes the place of really participating. Oh, now look at that." He pushed her very gently back into her spying position so that she could look down on the action that had been staged especially for her benefit, so that the curves of her lovely, round asscheeks broke through the wall of the chiffon she wore. His hand lingered on her back and massaged her very lightly between her shoulders.

Below them, Diane was lying back on the bed with her hips at the edge of the mattress and her legs spread wide. Cleophas was kneeling on the carpet between her knees with his massive, long cock in his hand, pushing the broad, purple tip of it into Diane's waiting cunthole.

"Oh, my!" Cherie breathed, then blurted. "Oh, my! I had no idea." Chills of vicarious arousal coursed up her back from her tail bone to the nape of her neck where Herb was gently kneading her tense muscles.

"Amazing, isn't it?" Herb commented, lightly rubbing his hand across her shoulders. "I'd say to you, Cherie, to just relax and enjoy what you're watching. Really, Cleophas has the biggest member that I've ever seen. Just relax and watch the action. You need to unwind too."

Cherie nodded, spellbound by what she was seeing as the huge, black penis disappeared into Diane's pussy, spreading the hairy labia to the sides as it sank inside her. She heard the other girl's moan of intense pleasure at the penetration and transferred herself into the wild, illicit act taking place.

"Just think of how she's feeling, Cherie, with that great big thing inside her, giving her the greatest joy that a woman can feel," Melville crooned. "I'll bet you'd like doing that."

Cherie wondered about that. Her eyes burned as she watched the glistening black cudgel thrusting in and out of Diane's hot hole. What it must feel like, something that big! In that tender channel between Diane's legs. How could any woman take such a huge object inside her? It was beyond her imagination.

"Oh, Mr. Melville, uh, Herb," Cherie purred. "I've never seen anything like it in my life. Really, I never have."

Herb nodded, his hand rubbing a bit harder, massaging her neck and shoulders and then down lower in the hollow of her back. "He does have the biggest penis around, but technique is also important in love-making. Fortunately, Cleophas has both."

Cherie nodded, relaxing to his touch. He, Cleophas, certainly did have technique, she thought as she watched his lewd, expert thrusting. Diane was going out of her mind, panting and writhing in ecstasy. The blonde teenager, feeling terribly self-conscious, would have liked to get up and put on something less revealing, but she didn't want to break the dreamy spell she found herself in or upset the all-powerful Melville, so she kneeled there in quiet docility while his hands roamed over her back. She was so fascinated and aroused with the sight of what was going on below that she felt herself relaxing under the older man's hands. Cleophas had crawled up over Diane now and with clenching buttocks was shafting the girl beneath him deeply. Cherie could hear the wet, sucking sounds of sex coming from their busy, joyous sex organs as they fucked merrily away.

Melville's other hand came over and palmed her shoulder, stroking her and calming her as Cherie trembled like a frightened doe, and then it moved down and, while Cherie held her breath, gently cupped her large, firm right breast. He squeezed it softly and then his fingertips tickled around the edges of her nipple, and she gasped in horrified anticipation. No one had ever, ever touched her breast, but now Herb was doing it, and strangely, she was relaxing to his touch.

"You have lovely breasts," Herb said. "I bet you're proud of them."

"Uh, yes…" she choked out as his hands moved back and forth between the ripe, tingling mounds. Then his hand moved inside her gown and touched the flesh of her big, round tits directly, brushing her hardening, burgeoning nipples with his palms. "Aaah," she breathed, just slightly louder than the sound of her own panting.

"You like that?"

Cherie was afraid to say no, and if she had, it would have been a lie. Having him touch her long-neglected breasts had a calming effect and she had vague thoughts of Ron Wolter, here with her, touching her breasts, and maybe doing to her what Cleophas was doing to Diane. She felt her hips begin to shake and then suddenly Herb's hand was smoothing over the agitated, gown-covered, globes of her round bottom, moving back and forth between the two ripe moons.

"This should help you relax," he said, running his fingers up and down the cleft, from the tailbone, slowly downward into the deep, warm canyon, to her perineum, just above the moistening opening of her sex.

Cherie gasped as he touched her so close to her vagina. No, it wasn't helping her relax at all. It was making her more and more aroused as she watched Cleophas lie back on the bed to let Diane climb astride him and fit the great knob of the dark shaft into her. Diane's plump asscheeks began to slowly ride up and down over her lover, taking the amazing shaft deeply inside her. Cherie knew that Herb really shouldn't be touching her like this, but he was just trying to make her relax and feel at ease after all, wasn't he? She was afraid to tell him to stop, and afraid not to tell him so. Just now, one fingertip was prodding ever-so-gently at her tender anal opening and she clenched her asscheeks and muscles reflexively, trapping the thin fabric – and two of his fingers – between them.

Down below, Diane was posting above Cleophas as if she were riding a well-trained trotting horse. It was a sight erotic in the extreme as she bounced up and down on the rigid black penis, taking nearly the whole incredible length, her head thrown back and her firm tits shaking with each movement.

Now Herb's hand was stroking the back of Cherie's thighs, and very carefully raising the hem up the back of them to bare the flesh an inch at a time. Warning alarms sounded in the girl's confused brain, but she fought against panic, remembering that the gown itself was nearly transparent and the boss would be seeing nothing that he had not already virtually seen. Inch by inch it slid up, until the hem cleared the backs of her thighs, slowly baring her luscious buttocks, and then lay bunched up on her lower back as she kneeled there in subservient surrender, exposed to his caresses. Again Cherie thought of Ron Wolter and wondered what he was doing, having no idea that less that ten feet away he was lying with his cock deeply buried in Sue Midori's pussy and watching everything that Herb did to her. He, and Herb, now saw her ripe, round buttocks and the plump, furry labia that peeked back between her slightly-parted thighs. He could see Melville stroking those lovely upturned asscheeks as Cherie peered down on the activities of the couple fucking in the courtyard. He watched Melville tenderly nudge her knees wider apart so that her asscheeks parted widlely and her pussy-lips flowered open and revealed the slick, moist inner petals and above that, the innocent, pinkish bloom of her asshole. He watched Herb put his finger there and tickle it lightly.

"Please don't," Cherie whimpered. "No one has ever touched me there."

Herb chuckled warmly. "Don't you like what I'm doing? Doesn't it feel nice?"

"Yes," she confessed, glancing away from him. "But I'm so ashamed. I mean, I've never done this with anyone before."

"Don't be ashamed. Just learn to relax and like it. I won't think any less of you for it." He ran his fingertip along the wet slit of her vagina, delving just inside the opening, feeling the free-flowing juices which she could not suppress. He nudged her knees wider still and found the button of her clitoris below the tight, never-penetrated opening. With a jerk at his touch, Cherie groaned and her bottom pushed back automatically toward the overpowering caress.

"Oh, God!" she moaned. Her hand flew to her mouth in dismay at what she had allowed to spurt from her lips.

"It feels good, doesn't it? And you can call me Herb," he told her. "So, if it feels good, you have a right to some of it." His fingers moved gently between the plump labia and around just inside the entrance of the virginal channel, careful not to ravage her hymen before the proper time came. His thumb flicked lightly at her anus and she opened her legs a bit wider, turning her hips up to receive the pleasure he was giving her.

Cherie agonized over how she was behaving, asking herself how she could do this, let this older man touch her so intimately while she brazenly gawked at the lewd display taking place below her. She was no better than those two down below. The only difference was that no one was watching her, that she was not doing what she was doing in a conspicuous place in front of an audience of undetermined number – or so she believed. As Herb manipulated her throbbing pink clitoris and stirred his fingers around just inside the tight, throbbing ring of her vaginal opening, Cherie's hips began shaking with insuppressible longing. A fire was burning through her fertile, nubile belly and was centered in that never-entered and now hungering hole that she had kept untouched all her young life and which now longed for grown-up attention.

From where Ron lay, watching the angelic young girl that he loved losing her composure through the feelings that the fifty-year-old head of the corporation was creating in her with his experienced fingers, he could see almost everything that Herb Melville could. The thin, pink inner lips of her pussy flowered open to accept his pleasurable attentions and her feminine glands gave forth their liquid reward, which coated his fingertips and began to dampen her soft muff of hair and the backs of her thighs. She was so very wet! Ron was amazed at how the shy, proud, ladylike girl had abandoned herself to Melville's intimate caresses and become as juicily aroused – or more so – as Sue Midori now was.

Melville himself, however, was not that amazed. He had sensed a hot streak in the girl when she had sat in his office while he talked to her. She had sat there unconsciously rubbing her thighs together in unacknowledged arousal at the proximity of his power, and he knew that once he had opened the floodgates of her passion she would never be able to go back to being the frustrated child of before. She might hate herself if she let him fuck her, but fuck her he would, and she would love it every time that it happened. And to make sure that she wouldn't be too hard to break through to the first time, he had given her a bit of help. At dinner, Tony the waiter had, according Herb's instructions, put a certain very special substance in the girl's glass of white wine, something to raise her libido while lowering her resistance. Nothing too strong, of course. No girl was any fun in a stupor, nor would she be likely under such circumstances to remember the pleasure he would introduce her to. He wanted her to remember everything, and want more.

Melville looked down at the ripe, round globes of her plump bottom, spread open by the position of her legs. There, her tender, vermilion anus, a tiny, tight, almost smooth dimple in the moist warm recess, peeked up at him from between the plump moons. Smiling lewdly, he brought a wet index finger from her dripping cunt and placed the tip over that tightly-clenched orifice. Gently, he pushed it in, feeling her anal tightness yield, and the girl gave a startled jerk.

"Oh! What are you doing?" she groaned in a husky voice, her breasts jiggling against his hand and the forearm that encircled her. She felt him delve deep into her rectum and her hips gave a little involuntary shake. The feeling was strange and pleasant at once and she wondered if this was how Cleophas' penis felt inside Diane. How would she ever know?

Melville kissed the side of her neck as his straightened finger sawed carefully back and forth in her anus. Cherie's hips began churning in little circles of urgency at the feelings he was raising in her and she turned her face toward him, opening her lips when he kissed her on the mouth, and then their tongues slid across one another in a deep kiss. The whole situation was so strange, she thought. So unreal. He had made no sexual approach to her nor any suggestion. He had just come in and begun to caress her, first in a comforting and then in an increasingly intimate way. At first she had tolerated the comforting and then welcomed it, but it soon gave way to exploration and stimulation of the most private areas of her body. She found that her body began to desire the discovery of her private parts and to open to it and rejoice. How was it that could she let this man, whom she really did not know, penetrate her bottom-hole with his finger and explore her inner secrets? But she felt a wonderful sensation building in her and she knew that if he kept up with this probing caress in her sensitive and innocent rectum she would come to a climax just as she had the night before while watching the pool-side sex below, and she felt thankful that she had thoroughly voided her bowels before her shower.

Herb drew his finger from her back passage and shrugged off his robe. There were other things he wanted to teach her before she came to orgasm. Kneeling on the floor behind her, he pushed her knees yet wider apart and with his soft fingers carefully spread her delicately-haired labia, revealing the pink, wet inner surfaces of her vaginal opening. With his thumbs he pulled the lips apart and his tongue reached out to stab at her sensitized, twitching asshole.

Oh, no, she thought. He's looking at it now, looking at my poop-hole, licking it! And she blushed furiously while her thighs quivered with arousal.

Melville spread her cunt open wider, until he could see nearly an inch inside her and saw the tender membrane of her hymen. He blew into her gently, and then laid the flat of his tongue full upon her open, dripping hole.

Ron Wolter increased the speed of his thrusts into Sue's cunt as he saw Cherie's mouth open in startled pleasure at the licking Melville now began to give her. Her eyes fell closed half-way and her perfect teeth bit into the back of the sofa as she gave herself up to the most intimate caress she had ever felt. His tongue laved her from clitoris to anus, up and down the furrow between her plump, furry labia, and the canyon between her ripe, round asscheeks, over and over again.

Melville knew exactly what he was doing and how to do it. He knew that a healthy young woman could not control her desires any more than a man could. If fact, women had less control once their fires were stoked, and Melville was now stoking those flames in a way designed to leave her pliable and submissive to his own desires. And he knew just how to get what he wanted. That was the secret of his success in business as well as in bed and there were many, many women who had thought they were ladies and beyond temptation until they had found themselves alone with him. Now Cherie was learning what it was like to be attractive and desirable to Herb Melville. It meant that her chances of remaining untouched and virginal through the night were very low and that her chances of being turned into a wanton and pleasure-loving woman were very high indeed. She was going to be his woman, his special woman, for sex and companionship. She was intelligent enough and beautiful enough to always be at his side, and if her mother needed money for the doctors – yes, he knew of her financial needs – then Melville would be happy to help out. He had never wanted any girl the way he wanted this one in every way, to fuck and to love and to be with. For her to have his baby, and there was no reason why they should not start on that project right now. That was why he had gone so carefully with her, without making any approach the night before. It mattered nothing that she was still in her teens, thirty-one years younger than he, or whether she would choose in the end to be the woman of an older man. What mattered was that he had chosen her for himself as his special female and that tonight – and every night for the next week and as long as he wanted her – he was going to have her tender, young body. He would because he had decided he would.

Pressing his aquiline nose squarely between the girl's plump buttocks into her tingling asshole, Herb Melville worked his tongue relentlessly into her sweet, wet vagina, tasting the inner surfaces of the smooth passage and the slightly salty flavour of the fluids whose flow she could not control. She was soaking wet, and the secretions covered his tongue and ran into his throat. Her bottom churned in little circles against his face and he gripped her thighs, pulling her closer.

Cherie had nearly lost consciousness of her surroundings. The sensations seemed to whip through her breasts and belly like a lash without mercy. Occasionally, she would focus her eyes on the fucking couple down below, but mainly her attention was focused on what was happening to her, behind her and between her legs. She knew that Herb was feasting his eyes and tongue on what she considered the ugliest and most private orifices of her body, but he kept grunting his appreciation and murmuring words telling her how sweet and beautiful she was. Apparently he truly liked the view. She herself felt incredibly vulnerable and exposed, felt that her body had lost all its privacy, felt that she was opened up to all the world to see and explore.

Ron Wolter, fucking slowly into Sue's pussy, could see everything himself. He could see Melville's lapping tongue and the girl's bubbling, steaming cunt opened and welcoming. He saw Melville remove a hand from one of Cherie's thighs and unbutton the front of his pyjama-top and shrug it off his white, chunky shoulders. Then the hand pushed down the elastic waistband of the bottom part and his massive penis began to rise from the thick and hairy bush. Ron had had no idea Herb's cock was so huge. Though not as big as Cleophas' elephantine tool, it was a good eight inches long and just about as thick. The uncircumcised head was a throbbing purple thing shaped like a mushroom, and the eye was dripping with a long string of its own lubricant. Melville's hand encircled it and began to pump it slowly, bringing it to a greater hardness while Cherie, her eyes half closed with erotic bliss, was oblivious to the giant penis that would soon be presented to her. Her hips jerked spasmodically, pushing the sweaty cleft of her ass back against Melville's worshipping face and she gave a breathy little whimper of amazed joy with each lick he gave her.

Herb was squeezing his cock hard so that it was red with urgency and the head was so purple it seemed it would explode. Ron rolled Sue over and pulled her to her hands and knees, getting ready to shaft her dog-style. He saw Herb rise from his knees and, his face wet with Cherie's juicy offerings, wipe the secretions from his mouth and cheeks. With soft eyes, Cherie looked back over her shoulder at the fifty-year-old man who kneeled on the sofa behind her. He eased her slowly out of her negligee, leaving the both of them equally naked, and ran his hands over her bare back to her shoulders and down again to her ass cheeks, stroking over and between them and down to her puffy labia which he tenderly parted with his thumbs.

Cherie was frozen with desire, fear, and questioning. Here she was, burning with half-fulfilled sensuality, as naked as on the day of her birth and knowing not why, with her equally naked boss behind her as she kneeled in a revealing and subservient position. How had she allowed herself to be put in this position, this situation? I'm a good girl, I have been all my life, and now here I am, stripped of my clothes, my dignity, and my resistance. She had let herself be cajoled and seduced to follow Herb Melville into this voyeuristic and self-indulgent scene. It was her own fault, she knew, and it was all wrong, but her body wanted more. He had left her just shy of her climax for the second time tonight, and now he was stopping, just looking down on her bare, uplifted, wide-open derriere. What was he doing? What was he going to do?

She felt his fingers carefully parting the sacred lips of her vagina, felt a soft, broad round something stretching her. What was he doing, and what was that that was stretching her open where before it had only been two fingertips? She stopped herself from asking him why he had left off from what he was doing and deprived her of the pleasure he had been offering her. She gave her hips a wanton shake as she looked down on Diane and Cleophas.

Diane had pulled her leg back over the black man, who rose and positioned himself behind her as she held her position on all fours. She watched as Cleophas took the huge, black shaft in his strong hand and directed the tip at Diane's wet and opened cunt. Then he pushed forward and the amazing instrument disappeared from sight into the girl's pussy. Cleophas began fucking her with the same strong and expert moves he had used before, and it was then that Cherie finally understood what was going on, what Herb was doing. She had had no idea that people could do it that way but now she was seeing it and she understood. Human sex organs were quite well placed for that kind of animal-style mating and she could see how really well it all worked.

"Oh, wait!" Cherie cried as she felt her tiny, unused cuntal opening stretching. "I can't do that," she said, trying to squirm away.

Herb smiled and held her firmly in place. He had the tip just centered over the tiny, teardrop-shaped hole, her labia spread on either side of the angry-looking corona. "But you can, Cherie. You can and you will. You do really want to feel good tonight, don't you?"

Cherie, trembling from her broad shoulders to her smooth, naked thighs, looked into his eyes and a tear slid down one cheek.

"Don't you?"

Cherie saw him, her all-powerful boss, poised and waiting for an answer. "Yes," she said in a tiny voice, with a slight nod, thinking of her sick mother at home. Yes, the answer you always gave to the boss.

Herb increased the pressure and Cherie suddenly felt the need to help him, to have done with all the evasion and dishonesty to herself. The painful prod he was giving her tender vagina she answered with a reciprocal push back with her hips. The penis wanted to be inside her, and her vagina seemed to want it there, but there was something in the way, something which she knew had to be breached. It seemed unyielding, tough, that hymen, and yet she helped Herb with each painful push.

Herb looked down and found his cockhead but half sheathed, her asshole spasmodically winking up at him as she countered each of his questing thrusts. Her face wore an urgent, pained expression as she worked with him to sunder her stubborn membrane. She gave a tiny, gentle grunt with each effort and he knew that her mind had given up in its resistance to her body's demands. Whether or not he was the man of her dreams was unimportant; at the present, her pussy hungered for a male presence and it was his cock that was available.

Ron Wolter stared in fascination at the lewd tableau being staged in the well-lit room just a few feet away. The girl's body, arms and legs, shook with the strain and the need. Her face was frozen into a mask of discomfort as her boss' giant cockhead hammered at the door of her virginity. Ron knew he should come to the girl's rescue, crash into the room and throw Melville from the window, save the girl from her own passions before she was fucked by the older man, seduced and corrupted to a common level.

Yes, he should toss Sue aside and crash into that bedroom, maybe leap the gap between the windows, throw Cherie over his shoulder and run away with her to safety. All those things.

And then suddenly Herb gave an audible sigh and his eyes crossed with pleasure. Cherie's eyes turned upward in her head and her pained expression gave way to one of relief and contentment and she sighed as well, in a higher voice, as her hymen tore, alleviating the pressure and leaving the way clear for Melville's penis, which slipped forward, between the tight, silken walls of her vagina, half its length, and the flaring, swollen cockhead was pushed up inside her further than anything had ever gone before.

It's too late! Ron thought and plunged his cock into Sue from behind. Too late to save her from her confused passions and the defilement of Melville's great cock. Ron retreated into the pleasurable fucking of the Japanese girl's cunt, transferring himself and the feelings in his prick to a dream position behind the lovely, no-longer-virginal Cherie's upturned asscheeks. Fuck her, Ron chanted to himself. Fuck the pink-pussied little bitch.

Melville grit his teeth and held his throbbing penis still, fighting against instantly coming in the delicate and incredibly tight vagina contracting rhythmically in fear and desire around his half-buried shaft. This was heaven, he thought, enjoying the view of the blonde submissively crouched before him, seeing her rosy-cheeked profile with that expression of relief and arousal, her smoky eyes, half-closed looking up at him with expectation, of exactly what she had no idea.

Cherie could feel her body glowing warmly, with the heat centered in her womb and in the core of her just-entered vagina as Melville's huge penis pushed between the untouched, soft walls of her love channel. She felt relieved now of the pain of her hymen and the restraint that had dictated her every action in her past life. Now she had Herb's cockmeat filling her tender belly, and she felt free, free to pursue the joy and pleasure her healthy body craved but from which she had always retreated out of personal restraint. She remembered the fear that had kept her in her life past from getting close enough to any young man to do this, this thing she was doing now with this older man who was her boss. Of course, she had been attracted to him in her naive and feminine way, to this man who held power over her and so many others' lives. She saw him now, poised over her vulnerable, trembling bottom, his craggy cheeks flushed, his hawkish nose flaring with arousal, and the thick, pulsing shaft of his penis vanishing into the cleft of her underside. She panted with a desperation she had never known before. Now what was he going to do to her? Glancing down at Diane and Cleophas, she had her answer. The large and muscular black man was fucking his huge ebony cock smoothly into Diane's pussy in long, measured strokes.

"Oh, my!" Cherie said, feeling Herb's shaft throb inside her, the cockhead like a hard knot several inches up in her belly. Herb was going to do it to her, have intercourse with her, right here on the couch, thrusting his cock in and out of her sweet, innocent vagina, in this strange, submissive position just as the two lovers were doing down below. Her first time, with her boss, and somehow she knew it would not be her last. She felt exposed and widely-stretched, but there was nothing unpleasant about it and she felt so warm all over, menaced and protected at the same time, by the same man.

And then Herb began fucking her, very carefully, in and out. A bit deeper with each gentle stroke, wetly in and out, until the entire great length of his cock was entering her each time and her downy labial hair brushed his scrotum and the base of the hard stalk. That swollen, soft head of his penis was prodding her cervix, pushing it back, with every deep probe, and against her will, her womb flowered open to receive him.

Fucking Sue, Ron Wolter watched the debasement of the darling girl, watched her face relax and her body soften in submission. The trembling of her arms stopped and her hips rose up behind her in acceptance, making inexperienced but instinctual movements like those of any wanton female mounted from behind.

"That's right, Cherie," Herb groaned his encouragement, guiding her hips into the proper rhythm and motion. "That's a good girl. How does that feel?" he asked, sliding in deeply so that his balls swung in a pendulous arc between her legs, beneath the split, furry lips of her pink-rimmed cunt.

Cherie closed her eyes and pushed back a bit harder with her ass. How does it feel? she asked herself. Her breasts thumped against the back of her upper arms as she pushed back harder again, feeling the sensations more the harder she moved her hips. It feels good, she thought. It feels very good!

"How's that, darling?" he asked again.

Cherie bit her lips, reluctant to speak, to reveal herself, to break the spell, but then the words came out in a throaty gasp. "Feels good. Feels wonderful."

Herb kept fucking, feeling the silky, wet walls of her vagina sliding in a tight, pleasure-giving caress over the burgeoning head of his cock. "That's good, darling. That's good. We can do this all the time after this. All week, every day. Would you like that?"

Cherie sobbed. It was wrong and her mind rebelled, but her body could not let go of these feelings and they overpowered her mind. "Oh, yes!" She widened the position of her knees yet more and tipped her hips upward, hollowing her back, giving him better access to her needing cunt. Her buttocks opened wider and her asshole flowered deliciously before his eyes. Herb gave those perfect, creamy globes a gentle slap and sent his cock deeply into her pink-rimmed slit.

The lust-crazed executive's angry, red cock surged in and out of her baby cunt, drawing out thin ridges of her inner cuntal membranes that clung lovingly to his rock-hard shaft on the out-stroke and folded back inside on the in-stroke. He gloated over the thought of having this proud, ladylike, angelic teenager now bent and submissive to his lusts, receiving his demanding penis deep into her tender, inexperienced vagina.

Over in the next room, Ron Wolter's excitement grew at the sight of the girl that he had wanted for himself now eagerly fucking her ass back on Melville's invading cock. The young man thrust harder and more urgently into the obliging Sue who was biting her knuckles to keep from crying out loud at the pleasure she was feeling. Wet, slurping sounds arose from their interlocked genitals, like those coming from Cherie's vagina locked so lewdly around Herb's relentlessly pistoning shaft, though Cherie's hot hole, tighter and wetter, was making louder, juicier sounds that rose to her ears and caused her to blush a deeper red. Ron could hear the liquid sucking noises and vowed that he must soon fuck the lovely girl, no matter what the risk. When the time was right he would make her his own.

Cherie was grunting now, audibly, with each thrust of Melville's glistening, massive cock, feeling it probe to the depths of her entrails. She was open, wet, and vulnerable to everything he did. His hands slid over her buttocks to her waist and under to her large, tautly jiggling breasts and gently pinched her hard, crimson nipples. The girl, overcome with passion, twisted her head around to the side and presented her ripe mouth for a kiss. Herb took the invitation and, his belly fitting into the small of her back, leaned well forward, kissing her deeply, without slacking the speed, depth, or strength of his fuck-strokes. His balls, swinging in the inverted V of her thighs, were slick and shiny with her lubricant and the webbing between the shaft and scrotum tickled her clitoris each time he pushed his cock home. Her cunt was beginning to spasm in her first orgasm and Herb stuck his finger into her upturned asshole, feeling, through the thin wall of her rectal passage, the knob of his cock sliding back and forth up her love-tunnel.

Herb heard her suddenly gasp, catching her breath in a deep groan, and felt her shaking through her first orgasm, her juices bathing his cock, balls and belly. Felt her contracting anus grabbing at his finger. Sobbing her joy and release, Cherie writhed and jerked uncontrollably, her entire body shuddering with her climax, her big, round tits pressing against the back of the sofa as she bounced her plump ass rearward, her tight cunt devouring his weighty, deep-thrusting prick. Whipping his finger free of her back passage, and holding tightly to her waist, he waited for her to quiet her cries and motions, then turned her around and manoeuvred her to the bed. Stumbling ahead compliantly, she allowed him to place her in an all-fours position on the bed without letting his beloved cock slip free of her still-spasming vagina. Then, kneeling behind her, Herb began fucking her with all his skill.

Cherie followed his rutting happily. This was heaven, she thought. Just crouching here and feeling joy shoot through her delicate body. How had she let this happen? Why could she not stop herself? Why did she not want to stop herself? She wanted this to go on and on until she died. Cupping her hand over her pubic mound, she felt Herb's mammoth cock sliding wetly between her trembling fingers. It was in her, full of life-giving power, aching to shoot its thick cream into her belly. She panted at the thought of it, filling her with the tiny, wriggly sperm. This was how girls got pregnant, had babies they couldn't care for! Yes, this was how, but at this moment she couldn't stop pushing her plump ass back at him. She wanted this pleasure, this deep loving of her vagina, the penis that explored the secret, dark recesses of her femaleness. She wanted it all now, this feeling of being a woman, to be filled with joy, with cock, with his flowing cum. And now Herb's thrusts were becoming more urgent and she sensed, even in her lack of experience, that he was going to come. If there was any doubt, he dispelled it with his own lips.

"Baby, Cherie, baby, I'm going to come, oh, I'm going to come in you, I'm going to fill you up," he growled. He felt it starting back behind the root of his cock, a fire that would only be put out when his seed hosed into her.

"Please, please," she breathed. "Be careful, you'll make me pregnant."

But Herb's cock thrust ever harder and faster. "That's right! I'm going to fill you up with it, baby."

Ron could see it all, now that they had changed position to the bed. He could see Cherie's delicate, pink vaginal membranes clinging to Melville's swelling cock, her secretions squelching out and running in rivulets down the backs of her thighs. Herb's flabby buttocks tensed and relaxed, tensed and relaxed, as he drove into her cunt from behind, his testicles and penis swelling to incredible proportions as they came to the brink of explosion. Wolter wanted nothing more than to dive headlong into her room and pull Melville off her, out of her, before he fertilized her unprotected womb, but he knew that he lacked the courage. Besides, if the girl didn't have the strength to control herself in a situation she had gotten herself into through her own stupidity, it was none of his affair. Ron grit his teeth and fucked Sue faster, synchronizing his fuck-thrusts to those of Melville's penis in Cherie's foaming vagina.

Cherie felt a second orgasm squeezing her loins and thrust her hips back faster and faster, ecstatically sheathing her boss' fucking cock fully in her young, silky vagina. Melville growled savagely and his huge cock swelled noticeably even larger as his loins thwacked loudly against her bouncy bottom and his thrusts became a bit shorter and very deep. Ron saw Herb's penis begin to throb in a way that could only mean he was coming.

Herb felt it shooting up the length of his cock and bursting explosively from the opening at the end, a flood of hot, white cream, long and satisfying, and Cherie opened her mouth wide in wonder at the power of it as he filled her with his molten sperm, gout after thick ropey gout, running into every dark, untouched recess, as the older man fertilized the young girl, as the lewd seductor fucked his spunk into the innocent's tender, warm cunt. Cherie screamed once, shuddering and coming again as the thick, life-giving cream hosed into her, pumping her full, flooding her to the brim, filling her tubes, and squishing out around the jerking, buried cock to drip in a thick stream from her well-fucked vagina to the bedspread between her knees.

Ron let his come fly into the whimpering girl under him and kept his eyes on Cherie while she finished, shuddering, with the first, fulfilling fuck of her life. Together, the boss and the secretary, the middle-aged man and his young nubile lover, slowly crumpled onto the bed to lie panting in joyful satiation. Herb's cock very slowly softened but stayed planted in the the grip of her abused vagina and Ron saw the wash of white cream that leaked out around it. The penis jerked and throbbed spitting out the thick cum endlessly until there was no more to give and until the girl could take no more.

He had flooded the little bitch's cunt, Ron thought, and neither she nor the old man would be satisfied with just once. He watched her sprawl unconscious on her back in wide-legged, oblivious abandon, her lovely tits rising and falling with her cooling passion, the pounding of her heart creating tiny disturbances in the soft, doughy, white mounds, while Herb's male semen oozed from the red-rimmed, well-fucked slit of her vagina like a thick, white glob of yoghurt, thickening on the inner surfaces of her fat pussy lips. Ron thought she was the picture of satisfied young female flesh, torn from her useless state of virginity to provide pleasure for a long line of males' hard, thrusting cocks.

Ron rolled over, entwined in Sue's arms, and fell asleep watching the slumbering pair in the other room.


Cherie rolled over with a start, looked at the alarm clock, and remembered that it was Sunday, their only day-off on this intensive working week. She felt warm and relaxed, extremely relaxed, and she suddenly noticed she was not wearing her nightgown. It was a moment before it dawned that she had not gone to bed with it on the night before and then the awful truth struck her fully in the chest. She remembered vividly watching Diane and Cleophas making love by the pool, Herb Melville stealing in, how embarrassed and vulnerable she felt at being caught doing that to herself. How he had soothed her, reassured her, stroked her, and ultimately seduced her, entering her from behind and taking her to the heights of ecstasy. She shivered at the thought even as she berated herself for her weakness. She was no a longer virgin, no longer the good girl that her mother had taught her to be. She had become another one of the many who did those dirty things with men. And the thought of it caused her heart to beat faster. Now that she had done it once, she would almost certainly be expected to do it again, what with Herb around and lusting for her as he did. She recalled how he had lain beside her last night, stroking her most sensitive areas and whispering in her ear the sexiest things she could imagine, intimate details of how her face and body looked to him, how sweet her pussy felt, how he wanted her always. It had pleased her to have such power over such a powerful man, that her body could bring her that power and joy while it gave pleasure and joy at the same time. Running her hands up her inner thighs, she felt the thick crust of Melville's dried cum caked in her pubic hair and on the inner surfaces of her labia, and a wave of panic passed through her. Yes, she had done it and received his hot, sticky, fertilizing seed into her most private feminine passage, without having protected herself. She could very well fall pregnant with Herb's child, swelling, round and grotesque, for all to see until the baby appeared to declare her shame to the whole world. She would be too ashamed to ever show her face at church again, would never be able to look her mother in the eye.

The question in her mind was how to protect herself. It had never been a problem before now, while she had remained meticulously untouched by any man, to matter what the subtle feminine urges she was subject to could bring. But now she was faced with the danger of being destroyed by her own, new-found weakness. What would she do if Herb – no, rather when – approached her again with his desires, which she had already found herself too weak to resist. She supposed she should be looking for some birth control pills, but where did you get such things up here in the mountains? Could she leave for a few hours and run down to a doctor. What about condoms? Cleophas and Diane and Vic and Sue obviously didn't use them, so did anyone have them?

Did she dare refuse Herb the next time he wanted to make love to her? Would he understand her fears, or even care? Could she refuse him, did she have the strength? He had excited her to such a degree the night before that she had melted before the power of his probing fingers and thrusting penis. The chances were she would be weak again, next time he wanted to use her body. Granted, she would have rather had her first experience with Ron Wolter, but now that Herb had made her his, she felt herself filled with admiration and adoration for the older man. She decided she must be in love with him somehow. How else could she explain her surrender to his lust last night and her physical longing this morning to do it again? Rising, Cherie walked into the bathroom for a shower to remove the residues of Herb's loving, his sperm from the inner surfaces of her silky thighs, resolving to approach Diane and seek her advice.

Later, she found Diane in the gazebo among the trees behind the house. The older girl was drinking a mai tai and smoking a cigarette and she smiled pleasantly when she saw Cherie.

"How are you this morning, Cherie?" she said. "Enjoying your day off?"

"I'm just fine, Diane," Cherie replied. "I just got up. I guess the last two days' work has taken a lot of energy."

"It usually does on these things. Sometimes I wish I was just an average typist, but I've got this talent for shorthand, you know, and that's what they need us for up here."

"Shorthand was always easier for me than for a lot of other girls."

"You ever notice, though, that there aren't any older women here, or fat and frumpy ones?"

Cherie thought a moment. "Is it always this way?"

"Always," Diane affirmed. "You've got to be able to do the job, but doesn't it look like the job involves more than just secretarial skills?"

Cherie remembered last night with Herb and she nodded. "You've been here before."

"I was here on the last one a year ago. The week starts out intensive and the execs get a lot of things laid out for the year ahead, or at least they think they do, but then things get more, well, festive toward the end. I met Cleophas here last time."

Cherie repressed a grimace of distaste at the idea of making love to the black man. "You've been, uh, together a year?"

Diane shook her head and smiled. "No, I was with… someone else. Cleophas and I started going out a couple of months ago." Diane gazed blankly at the trees as she remembered how she had begun sleeping with Herb and every night and then, very unexpectedly, had been seduced by Cleophas up in one of the rooms in the empty wing. He had been forceful and would not be put off and Diane had surrendered to his masculine strength and enormous cock. They had met secretly for the rest of the week, in their certain room, and had become openly attached on returning to the city. Herb had been disappointed, she knew, for he had mentioned it to her in passing, but he had said no more about it and Diane's job had never been in question, so she assumed the big man's ego had not been so damaged.

"Diane," Cherie said diffidently, looking at her shoes. "Do you have any of those things, those rubber things?"

"Rubber things?"

Cherie had trouble getting the word out. "Condoms?"

"What would I need condoms for?" Diane asked, then laughed. "If I told Cleophas to wear one of those things, he'd leave me. No, I've got pills."

"Do you think you could lend me some?" Cherie asked in a quiet voice.

Diane stared at her. "You can get them from any doctor back in town."

Cherie looked at her miserably. "But I need them now. I need something now."

"Well, if you need them now, it's too late to start taking pills. Is something going on that I don't know about?"

Cherie stared at Diane with eyes appealing for understanding. "So who is it, Cherie?" Diane probed. "I thought you weren't the kind who did."

Cherie remained silent, her mask beginning to crack. She didn't want anyone to know, but she need help.

"So who have you been fucking?" Diane asked, and Cherie winced at the sound of the forbidden word. "Not Vic, he was with Allison last night, I know that. Ron? I know he likes you, but someone saw him with Sue late last night. So who?" She waited for a reply. Sam Wilson? No, he was drunk and almost asleep. Pete Brown? Cecil Parker, the Englishman?

"No!" Diane exclaimed, shaking her head in disbelief. "Not Herb. You didn't go to bed with Herb?" But she read in Cherie's face that she had hit right on it and she licked her lips as she remembered how the boss' expert cock had driven her crazy, again and again during the whole week last year, even though she had had Cleophas on her mind.

"How was it?" Diane prodded. "Did you like it?"

Cherie stared at the other girl, then hid her face behind her hands.

"How was it?" Diane insisted.

Cherie dropped her hands to her lap. "I liked it," she confessed. "It was very nice."

"I'll bet. How many times?"

"Just once."

"And you're afraid of getting pregnant."

Cherie nodded.

"Well, there's always a danger of that, but then again, you might be all right. It only happened once."

"But," Cherie said hesitantly, "it might happen again."

Diane nodded. "Oh, it will, you can bet your little butt on that."

"But I'm frightened."

"Don't be frightened," Diane said flippantly. "Just fuck and forget it. This only happens once a year, and if Herb likes you, you can't go wrong, not in this company. Just keep him happy and you'll be riding in a Mercedes."

Cherie sat looking at Diane and wondered if the older girl could ever understand what was on her mind. There was a whole week to go up here at the mansion and anything could happen, especially if she didn't protect herself. She shook her head and fell silent, resolving to make the most of the week and handle the problems later. That was all she could do.


Ron Wolter was having a hard time seeing past his frustration concerning Cherie that was growing by the hour. Sure, he had had Sue Midori at his disposal for sex, but Ron's desire for the innocent-faced blonde was growing, not diminishing, with time.

It was Tuesday, three days and two nights after he had watched her surrender her virginity to Herb Melville, and he had returned regularly to the room that everyone but he and Sue thought was not being used and watched the goings-on in there. Sunday afternoon, Ron had gazed longingly at her as she returned from the gazebo and her talk with Diane and been met by a smiling Herb. Adoringly, she had smiled back, and Ron was rent with jealousy to see that look in her eyes for the middle-aged owner of the corporation. Taking her hand, Herb had led her inside and up to her room where – from his secret room – Ron had watched as the man had taken the trembling and shy but pliant girl in his arms and kissed her, then carefully undressed her, laid her on the bed to lick the tender, moist split of her cunt and bring her to whimpering arousal, then hoisted himself over her and fed his giant cock into that hot, wet hole between her raised and parted white thighs. At that point, Ron had seen her eyes, filled with a dark, smokey wonder, lock with those of the man on top of her as he then began to fuck smoothly and deeply up between her legs. Chewing his sleeve, Ron had seen again the erotic sight of the young girl in the throws of ecstasy as Herb's gelatinous buttocks moved up and down between her firm thighs, his thick, pink cock vanishing between her wide-split pussy-lips while his enormous balls thwacked down between her spread buttocks against her innocently exposed anus, her large breasts bulging out to the sides beneath the pressure of his hairy chest. She had lost all control, kissing the man and enfolding him in her arms and legs, grunting and coming while he filled her with his hot creamy seed again.

Ron had become obsessed with her, following her at a distance around the estate, unseen again when Herb had fucked her in the gazebo, seemingly uncaring that anyone could see them. But by then the affair between the boss and the secretary was known to everyone in the house. It was as if Herb wanted everyone to know that he had himself another girl, even younger and more beautiful than Diane, who had embarrassed him before, who loved the feel of the fucking he gave her and was his alone.

It was because his ego had suffered a terrible blow when Diane had taken up with his colleague. Ron happened to know that revenge was being planned against her for that faut pas, something that would horrify Diane if she heard about it. Herb had planned it for the last day, on Sunday, when they always had a celebration for members of that exclusive party. For special entertainment Herb had booked Vanessa Slade and her trained German Shepherd Diablo, and Diane was going to be doing a tandem act with the dog. Cleophas didn't know about it yet, but he would have to go along when the time came. Ron had no intention of telling anyone; it was none of his business and it was not his place to try to upset the boss' plans.

But that was in the future. The past was much more vivid in Ron's imagination. Herb had gone on using Cherie's increasingly willing and responsive body. Last night after dinner he had taken her into the library, just off the conference room, after the day's business had ended. Ron had passed by the half-open door by chance and seen Cleophas and Diane peeking through the aperture. Ron had joined them out of curiosity and they had gestured him to silence.

Again Ron had found himself burning with frustration and jealousy as he had seen what was going on. Their clothes were strewn over the floor and Herb was sitting on the couch, feasting on her pink-nippled tits while the girl kneeled, straddling his thighs, her plump, round asscheeks bouncing up and down, his great cock vanishing between them. Her head was thrown back, her breath rasping in her throat as her blonde hair flowed over her shoulders and down her back like melted gold. With every downward plunge of her lovely bottom, the perfect white globes rippled, and each time they rose the fat cock emerged from within her and drew out pink ridges of inner cunt flesh, while her innocently-exposed, pinkish asshole winked from between her parted buttocks at the three who were watching. It was a scene of supreme lewdness as far as Cherie was concerned, taken from her usual passive role and put into an active position. Herb was doing his best to convert her into a whore and he appeared to be doing a damn good job of it.

So Ron was very preoccupied when he left the meeting at the noon break on Tuesday. He had watched her all that morning, unable to keep his thoughts on the work. Cherie's eyes were usually on Herb, not watching Ron as much as she had the first two days, except once when he had caught her gazing at him and she had averted her eyes when he saw her. It was as if she were still interested in him but did not dare pursue that interest, or that she now found herself too busy or too contented or too sexually enthralled to divide her time.

So for Ron it was completely unforeseen when, as he was pacing in frustrated nervousness up the hall a quarter of an hour after they had broken for lunch he saw Cherie turn into the utility room, for some reason or purpose. Ron stopped by the door, shaking and wondering what he should, or could do. And then he steeled himself and turned in.

Closing the door part-way, he saw her searching on the shelves for something.

"Need something?" he asked quietly.

Cherie turned, and her cheeks reddened and her breathing quickened. She stammered a moment, then said, "I'm looking for a new steno book. I've gone through mine already."

The girl herself was flustered at the sight of the man she thought was the handsomest she had ever met. Ron had still not stopped appearing to her as she slept, and last night he had made love to her in her dreams, but that was all private to her and secret. No one, especially not Herb, must ever know how she felt about the younger man. After all the intimate hours they had spent together in the last three days, Herb would be extremely offended to know that Cherie could not get her mind off Ron.

But seeing him now, here in this room where she had seen Vic and Sue doing it Saturday afternoon, alone, had set her heart into a racing tempo. Sex had taken place in this room, and now here she was face to face with the man of her dreams. Her breasts heaved and she felt herself trembling like a frightened doe.

Ron saw the heaving of those massive and shapely tits and was drawn irresistibly forward to her.

"I think they're up here," he said, reaching up and encircling her waist as he pulled a steno book off the top of the stack on one of the upper shelves. "Here you go."

Taking it from him, she said, "Thank you. I had to get ready for the two o'clock session." She smiled up at him, mindful that his arm was still around her waist and the feeling of it made her weak. She seemed to sag against him.

Ron gave the slightest pull and she fell against his chest. Both of his arms encircled her and he pulled her again, harder, and her head fell back, her mouth open to feed her needing lungs. Ron kissed that cherry-lipped mouth, his tongue going into it and finding her own probing and wet, her perfect teeth digging at his lips. Her breasts throbbed against him and one of his hands dropped down to her ass to press her loins hard against him. Cherie caught her breath at the more intimate touch and her arms went around his neck.

"Oh, Ron, oh, Ron," she chanted, kissing the side of his neck. "Oh, Ron, please stop, you've got to stop."

But Ron didn't stop. He blew in her ear and brought one hand up to cup one of her superb, large breasts. He felt the nipple grow and slipped his hand inside her gown's top to touch the bare skin of that lovely mound. Cherie was fairly panting with excitement that she tried to, but could not, suppress. He could feel her hips pushing against him in short, hard movements and his fingers reached down and found the hem of her dress, drawing it up in back until it bunched over his wrist and his hand plunged down the back of her panties.

All the while, Cherie was panting and groaning, "Oh, no, oh, no, Ron. Herb will kill me. He'll kill me." Yes, she was terrified that something would happen here that would spoil her relationship with Herb, her boss and her only lover. She certainly didn't want to be disloyal to the older man, did not want to ever be that kind of a girl. One man at a time was enough. She supposed she must be in love with Herb – how else could she explain the way he made her feel in bed? – but she was still so attracted to Ron and excited by him that she knew she couldn't trust herself.

Ron had her dress unbuttoned now and one of her crimson nipples lay hard, elongated and tingling against his lapping tongue and sucking lips. His other hand was sliding between her bottom cheeks, the middle finger stabbing and tickling at her moist, clenched asshole and then moving down to the slit of her vagina from behind. He found that hair-rimmed hole already wet with long pent-up sexual arousal as his middle finger slid into her to the second knuckle. He had had no idea that he had been in her thoughts for so long, that her every dream had been of him.

"Aaah," she groaned. "Oh, Ron, we can't do this. Herb will kill me."

Ron groaned, knowing he should stop this lest the young girl run afoul of her powerful, older lover, yet he could no more stop himself than change the tides. With some difficulty, he slid two fingers up into her slippery cunt and felt her squeeze him with those phenomenal muscles. Damn, she was tight! His cock ached to feel the grip of that girlish tightness and he knew he couldn't stop himself until he had experienced that ecstasy. He began frigging her gently with his two fingers thrusting up under her from behind. Her breath came in panting gasps in his ear.

The rampant young man kissed her cheeks, so very soft and smooth. He just couldn't get enough of her sweet, fragrant flesh. He pushed that rigid bulge of his hard cock against her belly, feeling her delicious pussy wetly grasping his fingers and he wiggled his fingertips inside her. Cherie groaned and widened her stance, giving him greater access to her female core, and Ron pushed a third finger in with the other two, noticing how she stretched to accommodate his invading digits while she groaned with a slight discomfort. Of course, any cunt that could stretch to take Herb Melville's mammoth cock could take three of his slender fingers.

Ron skinned her panties down her smooth legs and she shivered at the wicked delight of having her ass bared to the air. "Oh, God!" she moaned. "Oh, God, don't, please!"

"I can't help myself," Ron said, scooping one of her great breasts out and bringing his mouth down to it. Cherie arched her back and pressed her aching, swollen, pink nipple to his lips, her breath catching in her lungs and then escaping in a series of gasps something like hiccups. She was so excited, Ron could see, to be in his arms and he knew that all this time that she had been seeming not to care about him she was secretly wanting him to show her real love in a way the middle-aged Melville could not. As his fingers gently probed the slick, soft inner surfaces of her hot vagina, Ron could see that she was already near to coming just from the emotional excitement of being with him, being touched intimately by him. He felt her inner muscles spasming around his fingers, the juices squelching out to dampen her inner thighs. She was so wet!

Ron carefully manoeuvred her around and lifted her up and set her bare bottom on the edge of the counter, moving in between her thighs, lifting them up so he could have access to her secret orifices. His mouth fully on hers, he moved his thumb to her cuntal opening and his middle finger to the tight, pink pucker of her anus, pushing in until his two digits slid back and forth inside her, parallel to each other and almost touching through the delicate, thin walls of her dual passages.

Cherie cried out in uncontrollable excitement, lifting her thighs high and wide as he plundered her most private channels of pleasure. Her mind screamed that she was behaving sluttishly, and that she was inviting the wrath of her boss, but as Ron finger-fucked her, she jacked her knees slowly up and down, her feet slowly waving in the air behind him. The young man kissed her deeply, trying to muffle her cries with his mouth, still afraid that they might be discovered and bring Herb's anger down on her head and resentment down on his own, but he was enjoying this fulfillment of his dreams so much that he could not bring himself to back off and desist.


Cleophas Powell heard the sound as he was returning to the conference room for some papers he had left there. He was in a hurry to get back to Diane for some lunch-time sex, and he used the heel of his hand to shift his elephantine cock to a more comfortable position when it began to swell when thoughts of Diane's lovely body dominated his mind.

There it was again. The sound, like a young woman in pain. But his experience in this house was that no woman was in pain, ever, and he instantly recognized the tones of Cherie's soft, sweet voice raised in ecstasy. His first thought was that it was she and Herb Melville again, making use of a new and exciting place to have sex, and the admiration that he had felt for the girl's beauty on the other occasion when he had seen her naked in Herb's arms led him to turn aside at the linen closet and peek through the crack in the door.

It was always a pleasant surprise to take the first look in on a couple locked in the throes of passion, and this was no exception. Had it been Diane herself that he now discovered with another man, Cleophas would not have been disgusted, only surprised. Now he found the sight of the lovely Cherie, brought to the boiling point, a pleasant and startling novelty. She was writhing in uncontrolled ecstasy, her sweet face contorted and flushed with excitement; she was not acting the shy and compliant sex partner that she had with her older lover in the library the day before. Her blouse and skirt were bunched around her waist, her bra and panties lying on the floor. Her big, delicious breasts jiggled with the shivering motions of her shoulders as she jerked at the touch of fingers and tongue. Her eyes were half-open but unseeing and her golden hair flowed back over her bare shoulders. Her knees and thighs were lifted and widely parted, exposing the split of her crotch running all the way from the butter-coloured down of her pubis to the smooth, hairless meridian of her perineum and the defenseless dimple of her asshole beneath that.

It was the identity of the man who had three of his fingers sunk in her cunt-hole that surprised Cleophas. It was Ron Wolter! He was letting his lust get the better of him when everyone knew that Herb had spoken for the girl, body and soul. It was a revelation for Cleophas, and he swore with envy, for he had desired the beautiful Cherie but had stayed clear of her out of respect for Herb. To think that all this time, while he had burned to enjoy the young secretary's body, he had kept himself in check, thinking that she would not care to share herself with other men and was keeping herself for the boss exclusively. Now he knew that that was a misunderstanding on his part. Obviously, she was making the most of all the men in the house this week.

So why had she not given him an invitation? There was no reason or excuse for holding herself back from the best cock in California.

Now Cleophas watched mesmerized as Ron unfastened his pants and let them fall to the floor and his throbbing hard prick sprang forth. Then, taking that angry-looking red cock in his hand, he directed it toward the girl's vermillion cunt-slit, drawing his three glistening fingers from that wet raw-looking opening.

Cherie began shaking her head weakly, looking down at the penis that now threatened to destroy her by destroying her relationship with Herb. A few days before she would have been terrified of the sight of a man's penis, repulsed by the ugly sight of it, but now in her sexually-awakened state she thought she had never seen anything so beautiful or that she wanted so much. Because it was Ron's she wanted to possess it, feel it inside her, but still she was terrified of what sex with him would mean for her. She would be lover to two men, and only dirty women had more than one lover in their lives or – heaven forbid – at one time.

"No, no, you mustn't," she moaned, the muscles of her inner thighs quivering with arousal. "Please, don't do it to me."

But Ron wasn't listening. With unerring accuracy his cockhead pushed against that throbbing opening and then popped inside. Cherie's voice rose as Ron eased his penis, at first slowly, deep into her hungry, tight vagina, groaning with delight as he felt the caress of her delicate cuntal walls. Then, levering up on the balls of his feet, he gave a firm push and slid his shaft deep into her ravenous, fear-tightened vagina.

Cherie and Ron crooned in each other's ears as he immediately initiated his deep fucking motions up between her parted white thighs. His normal-sized penis, though not as large as Herb's was, big enough to provide Cherie with the deep, intimate caress she craved from this man she had adored from afar. With each strong thrust of his hips, his cock sluiced in in a wet rush, his heavy balls swinging into the sensitive cup of her anus below with a tiny plop that Cleophas could hear.

The girl's head spun with the romance of it all, the dream come true of making love, real love, to such an oh-so-handsome man. Her months of dreaming about this man that she had seen walking in and out of the doors of power at the Intercorp Trading Company had now become a reality, and suddenly the sex act didn't seem so wrong anymore. Yes, they were doing it in the linen closet on the sly, but she felt a pure emotional attraction to this wonderful, beautiful, young gentleman. This was real love she felt in her heart and she now felt a real regret that she had allowed Herb to seduce her and take what she would much rather have given lovingly to Ron Wolter. She hated herself for letting her lust get the better of her and though she couldn't deny the feelings the older man had aroused in her and the fulfillment he had given her, she felt now that she only wanted Ron to do this to her for the rest of her life. She had never felt this way before, felt as if she had never made love before in her life, and these romantic feelings of deep love served to make her incredibly exciting and pleasureful experiences with Herb seem minor indeed.

Ron established a rhythm with his loving fuck-strokes and Cherie sighed, opening herself wide to give him access to deeper parts of her beyond which Herb's cock had already reached and plundered. She felt his heavy balls caressing the inner curves of her wide-spread buttocks as his penis reached the apex of each thrust. She felt that her womb opened wide to engulf his swollen cock-head as it pushed in pleasurably against her tender cervix. In. And out. And in and out and in again.

Cleophas, watching from the hall, rubbed his hungry cock through his pants. Damn, but he wanted to fuck this hot little bitch. He had never seen such a beautiful girl, and she had acted the perfect lady on her arrival at the house and always after, but now he could see that she liked sex as much as any woman and a lot more than most. The sight of her pink pussy clutching the hard length of Ron's unimposing cock filled him with envy and lust. Her shapely legs were bent at the knees and her painted toes were pointing at the wall behind her grunting lover. Her big breasts were squeezed between her upper arms as her fingers were hooked around his waist, her nails scoring the flesh of his lower back. Her full, baby-doll lips were parted, opening wider and then narrowing with each panting breath she took when his penis plowed into the raw hole of her vagina, spreading the delicate, furry labia outward. Each stroke made a wet slurping sound and Cleophas could see a small stream of her lubricating juices running over her exposed, pink anus to puddle on the edge of the counter on which she was perched.

Ron felt nothing but the pleasure her wonderful pussy-hole was giving to his cock as the silky walls rippled lovingly over the head and entire length of the shaft. He could hear nothing but her cries of passion and joy, and it crossed his mind that if anyone happened to be passing by they would surely hear her moans and stop to investigate, and that if Herb found out about this Cherie would be in real trouble. And never mind that, what would happen if he made her pregnant! But her clutching, wet cunt had robbed him of all discretion or control. He had to fuck her and fuck her and fuck her until he came, until he could explode inside her and flood her feminine channel with his sperm to nullify the seed Herb had already bathed the insides with on so many occasions.

Cleophas watched her happily fucking away, her round asscheeks rolling back and forth on the counter to dip the swollen red bud of her clitoris down against Ron's cock as it withdrew, then up to open her crotch to him as he plunged forward again and again. The black man pushed the door open a little wider so that he could see better and just at that moment Cherie's face, flushed rosy with arousal, turned toward him.

The girl's gaze fell on Cleophas' dark face and locked with his dark, lustful brown eyes. She froze, her eyes widening. Oh, no! her mind screamed with alarm. Cleophas is there, watching. He can see us, see Ron's hard thing slipping up into my vagina! She tried to still her body, tried to force herself to twist away and cover herself, but Ron's penis tunnelled into her cunt again, and yet again, on and on and on until her gaze wavered and went misty. For now her world was trapped in her quaking loins as her young lover pounded his excited, hard cock into her at a steady rhythm.

Suddenly, Cherie cried out as she felt her climax lance through her like spears and her eyes swung once again to Cleophas' attentive face, consciously locking with his. Her body arched forward and her thighs squeezed Ron's hips as she began to come in spastic jerks, her tight, hot vagina clamping down on his rigidly fucking cock, her secretions flooding into her vibrating channel of love to bathe that ramming shaft. The eyes of the watcher widened as Ron's penis swelled and began to throb, his balls jerking in the cleft of her ass as the thick, creamy gift of his semen poured out the end of his shaft and into Cherie's gratefully receiving cunthole. She gave a loud sob and clung to him with arms and legs as he emptied his sperm into her quaking, spasming pussy. Hot juices gushed out of her slit against his belly and she pressed her mouth to his ear.

"Give it to me, Ron darling," she crooned, her eyes locking with those of Cleophas once again, just for a moment. "Give it all to me."

And he did exactly that. He thought that he would never stop coming and Cherie thought his ejaculation would never end, would fill her until it burst from her mouth and ran down her chin. It coated her inner vaginal surfaces and dribbled out and down the crease of her bottom beneath where the penis lay deep inside her. Ron continued to jerk wildly against her and inside her, his cock spitting its creamy offering in great globs until his climaxing testicles stopped banging into the cleft of her ass and he held the throbbing shaft planted deeply while the last drops of sperm oozed into her and his heartbeat slowed.

Cherie clung to Ron in desperate love, kissing his neck, her arms and legs locked around him while his penis shrunk slowly, retreating down her love-channel until it popped from the loving, wet grip of her well-fucked cunt. Slowly, they began to relax, Cherie's legs moving lower until her toes touched the floor. Ron drew back and looked into the dilated pupils of her eyes. Her body was covered with a sheen of sweat and her pink nipples were hard and red. She smiled shyly and turned to pick up her bra and rearrange her clothing. With a shiver of embarrassment, she darted her hand downward to scoop up a large glop of sperm that had leaked from her satiated vagina and run down the inside of her right thigh.

Ron pulled up his pants. "We'd better get back before someone sees us," he whispered. "We don't need anyone to talk."

"No, we don't," Cherie said quietly. She paused and her eyes darted over to the crack in the door where she had seen, much to her horror, Cleophas watching them in the grip of their driving lust. Was he still there? Why was he watching? Would he tell Herb Melville what he had seen? And if he told, what would the big man do? Would he fire her? Would he still want to make love to her himself? These were all questions that she felt would be answered in time.

Meanwhile, she felt like a slut. Four days ago she had arrived at the house a virgin. Now, she had already had sex several times, and with two different men, and in very strange positions and locations. Had she become a slave to the demands of her body; was she just born that way and had her experiences here unleashed that animal instinct? She wondered if she could control herself?

And what would she do when Herb next approached her with his desires? Would she push him away and deny him the pleasure he had come to expect from her, remembering that she was in love with Ron and that she wanted no other man now? Or would she yield to the big man and give him her body once again, and then again, in spite of the danger of becoming pregnant and in spite of her love for Ron? In that case, would she lie still and endure his penis between her legs, or would she become aroused as before and lose herself in his wild and fulfilling lovemaking?

Cherie glanced again at the door and saw that Cleophas was no longer there. Of course he did not want Ron to know that he had been watching them. So she would be alone with her embarrassment and her fear of what the black man might do. She had often seen him watching her with apparent interest of some sort, but interest in what she did not know. He was making love to Diane nightly, so she doubted that he was interested in her sexually. The thought of his desiring her gave her a frisson of fear and revulsion, for she had no desire to be touched by a black man. Yes, she had admired his muscular body when he had seen her by the pool with Diane, his frame well over six feet tall, with bulging and rounded muscles, great, powerful legs and buttocks, and rippling back sinews. But she had always been taught that the mixing of the races was wrong and the idea of having a baby that was half-black seemed to her the nadir of degradation. Of course, that was Diane's problem, for Cherie would not go near him, ever.

So what was it that made him watch her so closely and with such great interest as they all sat around the conference table working? Did he know that she had been watching him and Diane making love in the open the first two nights of her stay here? If so, she thought she must die of the shame. To be known as a voyeur on top of being the sex toy of the boss was far more than she could bear. She was almost certain that everyone knew that Herb was coming to her at night in her room, for Ron's discreet and secret approach to her today showed a distinct desire to keep any liaison between himself and Cherie from being known to the boss.

Cherie just didn't know what to think, of Herb, Ron, or Cleophas. She made up her mind not to try to think about it and save herself the anxiety. In just five more days they would be returning to the city and life would regain its normal rhythm, without the intrigues associated with this big, beautiful, hedonistic house in the mountains.

Looking up at Ron, she asked, "Will I see you again?"

Ron smiled. "Do you want to?"

Cherie looked down and nodded hesitantly. "But I don't want our, uh, friendship to cause any problems with my job."

"I understand," Ron said, giving her hand a squeeze. "We'll be very careful. Now I think I'd better go first, and I'll see you after lunch." And with an affectionate backward glance at her, he slipped out the door.

Cherie bent and picked up her panties, slipping them on. Life had become so complicated now that she had been intimate with two different men in such a short time. The possible consequences of unprotected sex filled her with dread. Why couldn't she control herself?

Shaking her head in despair, Cherie went to her room for a shower.


The next morning, Ron Wolter lay in the bed in the room near Cherie's that no one knew he used. It had been a hard night after a very difficult day. He had sat with the group in the conference room through that afternoon, unable to take his eyes from Cherie, unable to keep his mind on his work. Cherie dared to look into his eyes and smile but only once, but she kept glancing apprehensively at Cleophas, who watched her fixedly and smiled knowingly at her whenever she chanced to glance his way.

Ron knew that Herb was holding the girl's hand under the table at times, saw her smile cooly at Herb when he perhaps stroked her leg under the table. The young man was hoping, wanting her to get up, slap the old man, and come flying into his arms, but he knew she could not do that. She had to go along with the boss as long as they were on his junket, and Ron appreciated that. But he dreamed of having her all to himself.

After work, they had all departed and Ron noticed that Cleophas edged close to the girl and lewdly palmed her plump ass while Herb wasn't looking. He saw the girl look up at him fearfully, for some reason afraid to say anything. Then they had dinner and Ron sneaked up to his secret room to stand guard of his secret love.

He had watched her approvingly as she had dressed in her jeans and flannel shirt to go out for a walk, not in the enticing nightgown she had put on the night before to wait for the intimate attentions of Herb and his giant fucking cock. She was really trying to get out of the room for a walk in the forest, away from Herb so that she could avoid another session with him, and Ron had begun to leave the room to somehow contrive to meet her out there in the trees in the warm evening to enjoy an encore of this afternoon's meeting in the linen closet, when he had seen the door open and an expectant Herb Melville walk in. If only she had gotten out five minutes earlier, she would have been clear and Ron would not have been forced to watch what had happened later.

At first the girl had not responded readily to his kissing and caressing of her ripe body. Her arms hung at her sides while the older man stroked over her jean-clad thighs, butt, and tits. Then her pink nipples hardened and distended and her blonde head dropped back. Her knees went weak and she had begun to relax and he had removed her clothing piece by piece, spread her on the bed and licked her pussy, and then, when she was thrashing on the sheets with a hot need, he had levered himself over her and used his fist to guide his huge penis into her dear, sweet vagina, to the hilt, then began a smooth experienced fucking motion, battering her with his body while she whimpered and moaned with growing delight. She had come, and come again, her juices flowing like a river until Herb had finally given a guttural groan and expended himself inside her, mingling his seed with what Ron had flooded her with earlier.

They had lain together quietly for an hour, and then Melville had returned to his own sumptuous quarters, leaving the tender beauty rosy-cheeked, well-fucked, and radiant on the bed where she had lain until regaining her senses. Wiping tears from her face she had arisen, showered and dressed herself, and gone out for a walk in the trees behind the mansion. Ron hurried out and found her there in the shadows.

When she saw him, she gave a start, but then she ran to him and he took her in his arms, stroking her tenderly while she sobbed on his shoulder, and forgiving her for what he knew was not her fault. How could she tell a man like Herb no? And once she had let him touch her as she knew she must, how could she not respond? She nuzzled her face against his neck and cried hot tears, and he knew why she was crying and did not ask her to explain.

After that, they had walked and talked quietly, speaking of another meeting, under more discreet and secure circumstances than those of their first encounter in the linen closet. They held hands, and spoke of returning to the city and going out to dinner at nice restaurants together. Then, after two lovely, romantic hours, they parted with a deep, warm kiss and returned to their respective rooms.

But Ron didn't want to lose sight of her so he went to the empty room next to hers and spent the night in the dark looking at her beautiful body, naked to keep cool in the summer heat, stretched out on the bed.

Now he watched her lying there on her side with her front toward him, her pink-nippled tits enticing him, her thighs lying gracefully together, and the sunlight glistening on the golden tips of her pubic curls. She was the loveliest sight he had ever seen and he knew that he wanted to be able to wake up to the sight of her forever.

Ron watched her quietly, peaceful as she slept, his cock stiffening with arousal while he viewed her perfect, white body glowing in the morning light, and at that moment he noticed that her door was being slowly opened from outside.


Cleophas Powell walked quietly up the hall toward the room where he knew Cherie was staying. As he carefully and silently pushed the door inward it occurred to him that from where she slept, she could have easily looked out and seen the unabashed antics of him and Diane a few nights previously, and he understood why Herb had ordered them to do what they did down by the pool instead of in the privacy of their bedroom, where it would not have breached house protocol as they did in having wild intercourse at the poolside.

Cleophas gave a quiet sigh at the sight of her beautiful body innocently displayed in sleep. To make sure she really wasn't awake, he whispered her name at a volume that would have got the attention of anyone who was awake, but she didn't move. He stood there, wondering if he should wake her up, tell her he had seen her fucking Wolter in the storage room, and coerce her – as little as possibly necessary – into putting her body at his disposal for the next hour, before getting dressed and going down to the daily grind. He stood there, nearly salivating at the sight of her body, the crevice of her ass, the creamy-skinned, flowing columns of her legs, the strong expanse of her back, the buttery sweep of her blonde hair. It was a pity to have to wake her, and then he had an idea. Carefully, he unbuckled his belt.


Ron Wolter bolted upright on the bed as he saw Cleophas steal into the room, pause to gape at the girl's lovely nakedness, and then begin to undress. His eyes grew wide with horror as he began to understand what the black man had in mind. He saw Cleophas drop his pants, baring the giant, rounded muscles of his chest and arms, the rippled sinews of his belly, and the powerful ebony pillars of his legs. Ron had had no idea how well-built his black colleague was, down to the twisting cords of muscle at his knees and bulges of his calves. And the enormous penis that sprang forth from the curly wool of his crotch filled him with dread for the girl, for there was no doubt that he meant to do to Cherie what was most natural to any healthy man like Cleophas, what he himself and Herb had already done. It was of such a great size, hard and slightly curved like a rhino horn, dark and sleek and gnurled with twisting, purple veins and crowned with a flaring, mushroom-like head whose flanges spread to well over two and a half inches. In spite of his body-builder's physique and size, standing there with that awesome instrument jutting out massively into the room, he looked a bit like a small boy endowed with a grown man's penis, so out of proportion was it in comparison to Ron's own normally – and unimpressively-sized – one. With horror, Ron saw the large hole in the end of Cleophas' cock, pink-lipped and exuding a flow of clear lubricating fluid that hung from the tip, a four-inch string of slippery goo that swung back and forth from the knob when he took his steps toward the bed.

Ron saw Cleophas crawl onto the bed behind the slumbering girl, his leaking prick trailing a string of slime across the bedspread, and lie behind her. Reaching out, he touched her shoulder softly, reverently, and then ran his fingertips slowly down her waist to the curve of her hip. Cherie stirred, rubbing her soft cheek on her arm where it lay, and, to Ron's dismay, stayed asleep. He had hoped she would awake, discover her visitor, and resist Cleophas' unsolicited attentions, but she remained solidly within the dream that seemed to be keeping a contented half-smile on her face.


Cleophas could not believe the soft perfection of her skin. She stirred slightly at his touch, softly murmured, "Oh, Ron!" and stayed obligingly asleep. Her body was the most beautiful thing he had ever touched, warm and smooth and tender, and he reached over her and palmed her large breast and felt the pink nipple respond immediately to the light pressure of his fingers. His lips brushed over her shoulder, her back, and the fragrant round cushions of her buttocks. She was divine, she smelled divine.

Pressing ahead, his face close to her bottom, Cleophas gently pushed his fingers into the cleft of her buttocks, searching for the orifices he knew would bring him pleasure within a few moments. He found her anus, that tiny, puckered, hole with its pink halo, and he held her asscheeks apart so he could watch it twitch in innocent reaction as he blew his warm breath across it. And just a fraction of an inch away he found the moist slit of her vagina between the furry, fat labia. When he lifted her upper thigh, the moist, pink lips of her cunt flowered open, and he could not refrain from running one of his thick, strong fingers directly through that opening and deeply into the warm, feminine channel beyond, feeling the tight, silky passage gripping him instinctively. He shuttled his finger back and forth in her slippery cuntal grasp, and the juices flowed and began to soak the whole tender, hairy area. He found the red clitoris and worked it carefully, gently, while the sensitive bud of flesh puffed up and emerged from its hooded sheath, and he found her automatically lifting her leg to give him easier access to that sensitive area.

Tiny moans began issuing from her throat and she uttered Ron's name once again. Cleophas laughed to himself at the thought that in her dream she was making love to Ron while in reality it would be his, Cleophas', cock that was fucking her sweet, young pussy. He began to stroke his mammoth penis, which throbbed with a rhythmic beat, a huge black prong like a tree's branch growing from his loins. Before Ron's horrified eyes the head flared like the hood of an angry cobra ready to strike, the hole in the end blooming and oozing more clear, viscous liquid.

In the other room, Ron sprang up and dressed in desperation while the black man moved up behind the unsuspecting girl, who still hovered on the fringe of wakefulness. He lifted her upper leg and dropped it behind his hip, laying the broad, blunt tip of the gigantic shaft between the spread lips of her pussy.


In her dream, Cherie was in Ron's arms, trembling with excitement and love while he removed her clothes, his fingers searching out the moist recesses that brought her pleasure, sliding inside, his breath blowing across those sensitive spots, kissing her lovingly while she pressed her body against his nakedness as hard as she could. She was so in love and with Ron in a paradise of passion.


Ron dashed out into the hall, intending to go to Cherie's room and crash in on what was essentially an act of rape against a sleeping girl. And then he stopped. He saw Herb standing there in the hall talking seriously with Allison and showing no sign of being about to move. Ron didn't dare let the boss see him running up the stairs toward Cherie's room as it would draw attention and perhaps Cleophas and Cherie would be discovered in what would no doubt be a very incriminating circumstance for her, thus inviting Herb's vengeance. He stood a moment in feverish indecision and then slowly turned and went back to the room he had just left.

He found the scene advanced just a little, but at a critical juncture. Cherie's eyes were half-open and she was churning her hips in that familiar way of hers as the urgency of her feelings grew. Two of Cleophas' dark brown fingers were spreading her glistening, pink pussy lips apart and the shiny, bloated cockhead was pushing back and forth between those blossoming labia, threateningly, as the very tip sought the opening. Back and forth it slid on the film of his and her secretions, brushing across the tender, wet hole, searching for the precise point of entry, there, at the small slit between the puffy outer lips, her anus clenching spasmodically in anticipation, and then at last, suddenly, the broad, blunt tip of the cockhead caught there in that tiny pink loop of an opening, which reluctantly began to stretch, yielding to the inexorable male power of that massive shaft.

Cherie's eyes opened wide now in full consciousness and she smiled as she felt her grateful vagina opening to what she had dreamed and now thought was Ron's beloved penis, and she seemed to be looking straight at him, her lover of preference, when her mouth formed his name and he heard her say, "Oh, Ron, do it to me!"

Ron bit the back of his hand in dismay and then saw the great purple flaring head of Cleophas' cock pop inside her yielding cunthole and disappear into her delectable, delicate vagina. Her mouth and eyes opened wide as she felt her girlish orifice stretched like never before, but the pressure of the spongy cockhead against the sensitive front wall of her cunt brought a moan of pleasure even as she felt the discomfort of the massive entry. Ron could see her pink labia part and her slit being obscenely split and spread by the huge, horse-like penis as the black scrotum, weighted with testicles larger than golf balls, came to rest on the inside of her lower thigh.

Cleophas flexed his hips and buttocks with a deep grunt and drove upward into Cherie's tight vagina. He caught his breath and then gave a groan as her snug, wet pussy walls slid sensuously over his cock's head, sending millions of needles of unbearable pleasure lancing from that sensitive knob into his loins, and her damp pubic hair brushed the length of the shaft as it followed the throbbing knob deep into her reluctantly yielding passage. Drawing back slightly, he drove into her again, a bit deeper this time, and then again and again and again, carefully, deliberately, a little deeper each time until nearly the entire ten inches was sheathed in her wet warmth with each stroke.

With each invading thrust, Cherie gave a tiny, breathy grunt of surprised pleasure. She had never done it in exactly this position and she could not deny that it felt strange, different, and, yes, very, very pleasant. She felt a huge invasion of her inner softness and because of how big the penis felt, it occurred to her that it was possibly not Ron's, much more probably Herb Melville's, so she bit her lip at the thought that she had uttered the name of her younger lover aloud.

Cleophas began fucking with long, smooth strokes that delved into the girl's fertile womb deeper than she had ever before been entered, then drew out out until the flanges of the corona caught at the rim of her vagina with a soft, liquid plop. And in again, feeling her muscles instinctively clamp down on the cock that was giving her more and more pleasure with every stroke, the head driving up and down the delicate channel like a loving piston, oiled by her own glands with each deep, probing stroke. The black man's powerful thighs surged against her spongy bottom, spreading the round cheeks, his bristly, coarse pubic hair pressing tightly into the cleft and tickling her tender asshole, driving her mad with excitement.

Whimpering with pleasure, Cherie moved her hips strongly backward and then forward in small, twisting circles.

In and out, in and out, and she felt her womb expand with every incredibly deep stroke. And just as she was about to twist around and confront her mysterious lover, he increased the tempo, depth and strength of his fucking strokes, driving inside her as high as her navel. Cherie cried out with joy and her hips followed his rhythm as she writhed on the bed in graceful undulations, her left leg lifted high to grant full access to her steaming depths to the unknown lover's incredible, pleasure-giving prick. It felt so good, soooo gooooood, each delicious fuck that drove so wonderfully up into the hot, tight, wet channel of her widely split cunt. Lewd liquid slurping sounds accompanied each lovely thrust. It felt so good that it was a long time before Cherie realized that it didn't quite feel like Herb's soft paunch pushing against her ass and when she slid her hand down her belly to tentively touch the in-pushing cock she knew that that huge member was much too large to be that of her beloved Ron. With a sharp intake of breath it dawned that it was the cock of neither of her chosen lovers that was drawing pleasure from – and giving such joy to – her sizzling young cunt.

Ron stood in the shadows of his room, gnashing his teeth with rage. The poor girl had been truly fooled into thinking that this was someone with her whom she had been with before. He could see her beautiful body jerking on the mattress, her left hand hooked around that upper thigh to pull it high and away from the other; her big, round breasts lolling on her chest, almost defying gravity; the fluffy bush at the point of penetration where her pussy lips were doubled over, spread so wide and stretched thin around the unbelievable, shining girth of the black, vein-gnurled penis. It drew out with an audible wet sound, then vanished again into the girl's white belly, over and over. Each thrust she received with a tiny, hiccuping whimper. She seemed lost in passion, the pure joy of fucking and being fucked.

Cherie cried out again and again with a joy she had never felt before. The power of the huge cock was more than she could deny. She knew she had to kiss this man, this unknown lover, join her mouth to his even as their genitals were joined now. Wetting her lips and opening them, she turned her head to meet this fantastic lover.

And found herself staring into the dark eyes and face of Diane's lover Cleophas.

"Oh!" she cried, stilling the movements of her body, her gaze frozen in horrified fascination on the man's passionate, dark face. "Oh, it's you!" she gasped, trembling head to toe, feeling more exposed and invaded and shamed than ever before in her life even while her entire body glowed in the extremes of her excitement.

Cleophas moved his strong brown hand up to cover her large, heaving left tit, trapping the throbbing nipple between the knuckles and twisting gently so that the rubbery pink nubbin twanged on the firm mound. Grinning, he pulled her tightly back against him and, flexing his massively muscled thighs, slowly thrust his ebony shaft up into her pussy as deep as it would go, holding it there, making it pulse and swell rhythmically. A flood of her juices which she could not control squelched out and bathed his already soaking balls.

"No, no!" she breathed, feeling her cunt expand and burn with a fire she she could not control. "Please, don't do that. I didn't know it was you." Cleophas made his prick throb again in her burning pussy and Cherie, shivering, moaned at the sensation. "Oh, please stop doing it!"

The black man drew his cock out almost all the way, then pushed it firmly and deeply up into her cunt again. With a chuckle, he said, "You didn't know it was me? Who else could it be? Who else has a cock like mine? And you've seen it before, haven't you." He drew back and fucked in again. "Haven't you?" And out it came and then in again with a slurpy, wet sound that embarrassed the girl and made her cheeks blush bright pink. "Haven't you?"

Cherie's eyelashes fluttered with the feeling of his masterful fucking and her hips followed his motion just once without her being able to control herself. "Yes," she whispered.

"You saw me fucking Diane and you wanted it too." Out, in, out, in, her silky cunt walls involuntarily driving him crazy with her pussy's reluctant caress. "Didn't you?"

"No, no," she moaned, her eyes falling shut and the breath sobbing in and out of her lungs as she strove to control the depth of her feelings. Cleophas fucked her harder and a bit faster, the searing feelings in his own loins threatening to make him lose what control he did have. Each slow, delving stroke stretched her small, inexperienced vagina and sent lightening bolts of pleasure lancing up from her cuntal opening to the pink tips of her tits and from the tip of his cock into the depths of his loins, making his balls burn to unleash their virile load of sperm. Cleophas fucked her smoothly for a couple of minutes and neither of them spoke, both of them only mindlessly giving voice to a blended chorus of moans and sighs of joy. Then he slid his hand down her belly to the furry mound and his finger slipped into the soaking split to find her pulsating clitoris and he pushed it back and forth in time to the shuttling movements of his cock in the silken channel of her vagina, and gradually her hips resumed their circular movements around the axis of his penis.

Ron Wolter had broken out in a sweat as he watched the girl he loved fall into rhythm with the black man and become one with the giant invading black phallus sliding smoothly up between the pink lips of her defiled vagina. He watched her slowly raise her upper thigh again high and wide while her body undulated with a sensuous grace. It appeared that she no longer cared to whom the cock was attached, only that it was a cock and that it was giving her more joy than she had ever felt.

"You do like it, don't you, Cherie," Cleophas crooned. "You really do love it."

And Cherie gasped, "Yes, yes, yes I do, I can't help it." She thrust her pussy downward over his huge cock a few more times. "Oh, it feels so good! So good." And her body began shaking as she came within a few fucks of her explosive climax.

Cleophas stopped suddenly and slowly drew his penis from the tight muscular grip of her vagina, and with a wet sound the knob popped free, trailing a clear string of his fluids. Cherie opened her eyes and gave an oh of disappointment, but Cleophas rolled her onto her belly and pulled her from behind so that she moved up onto her hands and knees. This was a position Cherie knew well since Herb had taught it to her and, without thinking about it, she reached between her legs and guided the broad tip of his cock to her pulsing pussy, grimacing as the flaring head once again broke through the tiny ring of the opening and the shaft was driven again into her steaming depths. Cherie raised her hips, angling her vagina to give him the best access she could, her lower back describing a downward curve and Cleophas gave a growl of incredible pleasure as he sheathed the entire colossal length of his ebony cock in her wetness. Cherie began moving automatically and to the watching Ron Wolter she and Cleophas looked like nothing so much as a white unicorn mare being mounted by a rutting black stallion. She was so beautiful and looked a trifle wild as she gave herself up to her most animal passions and began bucking back against the thrusting, fucking, sweating man kneeling behind her luscious, round asscheeks and driving his huge black penis up into her tender vagina.


Herb Melville finished his conversation with Allison and turned to climb the stairs to Cherie's room. He wanted to see her in private before they started work, maybe make love to her if there was time. He was becoming quite attached to her and just the sight of her and knowing she was his and remembering the feeling of making love to her gave him a warm glow and made him happy all day long. He hurried his footsteps up the stairs toward her room.

Outside her door he froze, staring at the floor while he listened for a repeat of that unmistakeable sound. He knew the sound for he had heard it from her before, when she was thrashing in a sexual frenzy in his arms. It was a moan of supreme pleasure, like a groan of tortured pain, and the voice was her own, clear, youthful soprano. What was she doing? Was she fingering herself, unfulfilled this morning? Herb pushed the painting on the wall aside and peered through the peephole.

Herb looked, rubbed his eyes to clear them, and looked again at the most surprising, lewd sight he had seen in a long time. Cherie was there in the dog position, gazing lovingly and passionately back over the grinding hump of her bottom at her black lover as he thrust the full length of his thick, ten-inch black cock into her open vagina. Cleophas' prick glistened with her thick juices as her tender, pink inner pussy flesh clung to it with each out-stroke and then vanished back inside each time pushed forward into her, again and again. Her buttocks were spread wide by the position of her legs and the wide, pinkish halo of her anus flashed up from between them, the innocent hole winking and twitching. Herb saw the black man use both hands to spread her ass wide and then one of his cunt-wettened thumbs sank inside her rectum as if she were some kind of white, human bowling ball. Her beautiful white ass was churning in that familiar way as Cleophas fucked her, plunging his black cock into her sucking cunt over and over again, the black shaft disappearing into her white flesh, then emerging, shining wetly, with a soft sucking sound. The bunched muscles of his black butt moved strongly forward and back, driving the great shaft, and his skin shone with sweat.

Herb ground his teeth in anger and disappointment that a second of his special girls had succumbed to the lure of Cleophas' giant cock, and he berated himself that he had purposely placed her in a position to see it. His scheme to seduce the lovely virginal secretary had back-fired and turned her into a slut, a slave to that awesome sexual instrument his associate strutted around with. He would not have believed that the prudish and lady-like young woman he had brought up here a few short days ago, who was so intelligent and competent in her job, should now be writhing and jerking like a bitch in heat, impaled on the black spike of Cleophas' penis. Her perfect, tight pussy would be ruined forever, stretched to the splitting point. Damn, but she was taking it all, the whole black length to the hilt, and enjoying the cunt-tearing girth that sliced through her loins like a hot knife through butter.

Cleophas reached forward, underneath the bucking girl's torso, and cupped his big, sinewy hands under her round, jiggling tits, and increased the speed of his fucking. Filled to brimming with desire and passion and pleasure, Cherie twisted her neck around and kissed his full lips, their tongues clashing and darting briefly to explore each other's mouths. Cherie's grunts and groans of needful passion tickled her lover's throat as she felt his cock enter her deeply.

Herb pushed the door open slowly and quietly walked in behind the happily copulating pair on the bed, stopping beside them and watching for a long moment while beads of sweat formed on his brow.

"What a dirty little bitch she's turned out to be!" Herb said, putting his hand on Cleophas' shoulder.

The black man straightened up with a grin without altering the speed or effectiveness of his thrusting. "She's the best," he gasped, feeling her cunt tighten around the root of his cock in alarm, and he saw her head twist around to see Herb standing there beside the bed. "It's the tightest, wettest, hottest cunt I've ever fucked," Cleophas commented breathily between the exertion of his powerful thrusts.

Cherie sobbed with shame at Cleophas' humiliating comments on the qualities of her pussy as he fucked it and at being caught in this position by her boss and first lover. She had never felt so exposed, so vulnerable, so ashamed. Her hips froze for a moment as she tried to stop herself, but only for a moment. She found she could only groan futilely, unable to free her body from her bursting emotions and unable to stop its motions as it pursued the orgasm she knew was coming.

"Please, please, forgive me," Cherie groaned, resuming her lascivious movements. "It wasn't my fault. I didn't know it was him," she gasped, punching backward with her hips with each word she uttered. "Oh! Oh, oh, oh, I can't stop myself," she panted in a high, guttural voice. Her head dropped forward and her rich blonde hair covered her face as she gave herself up to the joy of the big cock in her cunt. Her elbows were on the mattress now, her face between her forearms as her bottom stuck up high behind her, the asscheeks parted widely and her asshole beckoning. Herb wet his index finger in his mouth and pushed it into her back passage, feeling the swollen knob of Cleophas' cock shuttling back and forth in her tender love channel. Her muscles gripped the finger spasmodically as her body began shaking with her first orgasm and she tried to stifle her scream of release against the mattress.

"What a pussy, what a pussy!" Cleophas grated. "I could fuck it all day. Think I will." And Cherie squealed in shame as the man spoke so openly about her most intimate charms, biting her fist even as she flexed her thighs, fucking her vagina solidly back on the battering ram the black man was pounding into her.

"Best pussy in the world," Herb agreed, pulling his finger from her asshole with a teasing twist in a way that made her shiver with pleasure. He bent down so his face was close to hers, and he said, "Cherie, you're a slut, you know. A hot-cunted, big-titted little slut. You could have had it good with me, but you had to chase after Cleophas and his big, black cock, didn't you."

Cherie, blushing bright red over the sex-flush that mantled her cheeks, sobbed, "Please, Mr. Melville, Herb, it wasn't my fault. He came to me while I was asleep. I didn't know. Don't you understand?"

The older man sneered. "You expect me to believe that? I come in here and find you fucking him like a bitch in heat, your fat little ass up in the air. Prove it to me that you didn't want his cock. Go on. Stop shoving your cunt back and forth over his big, black cock."

Cherie looked up at him and stopped the back-thrusting of her hips. It worked for just a second and then her ass hesitantly resumed its back and forth pushing and pulling. She groaned, trying even to slow her movements a bit, and then with a sob of frustration and shame, she allowed her hips to follow their own rhythm, now even faster than before, her vagina slurping noisily over the veiny, glistening black cudgel of Cleophas huge, rigid penis.

Herb pulled her face to his and kissed her red mouth, and in her state of arousal, she kissed him back, as she felt Cleophas behind her increase the tempo and depth of his fuck-strokes.

"I understand now," Melville said, "that this is all you're good for, dog-fucking."

Herb straightened up and stood back to watch Cleophas taking his pleasure. The big black man was grinding against her sweaty, up-raised buttocks with a wild urgency. The action of his penis in Cherie's vagina had whipped up her secretions into a froth that collected in a white, fluffy ring around the base of his shaft, his balls, and her fat labia. Cleophas wiped it away and dried his hands on her sweat-sheened hips, but with the busy action of his cock in her cunt whipping up her juices the froth soon gathered again. The frenzied rearward bucking of the girl's hips was a poetry of lustful motion as her vagina greedily devoured the enormous black shaft, the tender, pink inner lining of her pussy drawing out, clinging to it on the out-stroke, then vanishing inside her on the in-stroke as he slammed the cock back inside her to the hilt, all but knocking the breath out of her as he penetrated her to her very womb.

Ron Wolter, jacking his own cock in his hand, so taken was he with the erotic scene of the beautiful girl's degradation, watched her begin to shiver with the approach of her second orgasm. Her juices ran freely down her inner thighs as Cleophas' scrotum, swaying with the weight of his giant balls, swung up and under her, colliding with her soft underbelly at the apex of each stroke. The giant, veiny, black shaft began to swell even larger, if that were possible, and suddenly Cleophas roared as his climax broke over him.

Cherie cried out as her second, greater, orgasm thundered through her and she felt her delicate vagina stretched to the splitting point as Cleophas' great cock swelled, throbbed and jerked inside her, the pent up, sperm-rich semen pouring out of him in waves into her vanquished, grateful cunt. The liquid sound of their fucking then became louder as he spurted into her endlessly, filling her from cervix to cunthole with his hot, sticky cum. Again and again, his cock spewed, firing great bullets of creamy cum that spattered against the back wall of her vagina and filled it to the brim. Herb saw the combination of female secretions and male spunk burst from around the tightly gripping rim of her pussy and ooze out, running in rivulets down her inner thighs to the sheets beneath her and dripping in a slow-motion white waterfall to the mattress between her knees.

Cleophas went on jerking, coming, and spurting for a full half-minute, filling her full, then falling to the side, pulling her with him, his throbbing, hard cock still sheathed in her pulsating pussy. Cherie kept her eyes closed, afraid to open them and see the reproach in Herb's eyes, so she waited for her breathing to return to normal while Cleophas' rock-hard penis remained gripped in her cunt's loving, silken grasp. She lay there quietly with the man's hot body pressed against her back, quiescent and contented in sexual satiation, but fearful of what Herb might do now.

Herb stood there, taken by her beauty yet furious that she had let herself get caught up in Cleophas' lust. He had brought her along so tenderly and now here she was already rutting like a mare in heat with a man whose cock was the size of a horse's. Shaking his head, he waited a while, watching the pearlescent cream dribble out of her well-fucked cunthole, trying not to hate her for the blow she had dealt his monumental ego.

Let her lie in her cum-soaked bed, he thought, turning away. "When your little pussy cools down, don't forget to be on time for work," he said, before going out and slamming the door behind him.

Cherie winced at the sound of the door, but she was unable to move for a good quarter hour. Finally, her sense of duty won over her pleasant lethargy and she began to get up, reluctant to go down and face Herb, and Diane, and her beloved Ron. Her body had betrayed her and now she was going to have to pay the price of her weakness.

But before she could pull her sucking vagina clear of the man's gut-filling penis, Cleophas' hand grasped her wrist and pulled her back, and she gasped as she came back down on the shaft and felt it spreading her insides open again. Pulling it free again and then looming over her, he palmed one of her delicious breasts and threw his leg across hers, his knee pushing between hers.

"You didn't think I was going to let you get away that easy after you turned me on like this," he said, his breath hot on her cheek, his dark eyes burning into her. "We haven't done it face to face yet."

"But it's time for work. Herb will be angry."

"Let him wait," Cleophas scoffed. "Everybody's going to know about us anyway. Might as well enjoy it."


"No buts," he said, slotting himself between her moist thighs. His huge cock pressed against her soft belly and she winced at the thought that something so large had been inside her and was again seeking entry to her tender channel. He wrapped his hand around the shaft, hard as ever, and directed it into her flooded cunthole, sinking it in deep as she moaned with delight. Once again, he began fucking her while she followed him, at first reluctantly, then eagerly, her legs gradually lifting high in the air on each side of his humping hips while the fire once again began to rage in her cock-addicted vagina. There was just no stopping herself as she bucked and twisted her whiteness up against the man's powerfully-muscled dark body. His full round buttocks rose and plunged down, hollowing as they pushed the huge trunk-like staff completely home each time.

Ron dried the tears he had let run down his face and turned from the sight of his beloved in the arms of the black man. It was time for work and he had no desire to be late.


An hour and a half late, Cleophas and Cherie entered the conference room while all those present stared silently at them. Diane's face reflected utter hate and loathing for Cherie and her black lover and sitting there under the reproachful glare of the boss and her beloved Ron Wolter while Cleophas shot her intermittent leers of lust and triumph was almost more than she could bare. But Cherie controlled her reactions well enough not to go running out of the conference room, controlled herself much better than she had when this morning's black lover had slid his mammoth penis into her pussy.

But it was hard to concentrate and she found herself making mistakes, asking Herb and the others to repeat the things they said to her. All too often, while Cleophas was looking elsewhere, she caught herself gazing at him, remembering the way he had made love to her, had spewed his virulent semen into her. She imagined that she could feel all the millions of tiny sperm swimming on their long journey through her womb and up her female tubes. It was with horror that she suddenly found herself sitting in a pool of the cum he had pumped into her pussy twice this morning. Her panties were soaked and her labia, rubbed raw by his fucking, and her inner thighs were slippery with it. She was glad to be wearing a navy blue skirt, for she knew there would be a broad wet spot on the back of it when she stood up and a lighter colour would have shown it to any casual glance. Her cheeks burned scarlet as she thought of sitting there full of Cleophas sperm with Herb and Ron watching her.

She caught Ron looking at her with an expression of injured sadness, and she wondered how he had found out so soon about her and Cleophas. The thought of his knowing about her infidelity was almost more than she could bear, and after a while she found it impossible to lift her eyes to look at Ron or Herb or Cleophas or Diane. Allison Cooper smiled in a friendly but knowing way, as did Vic Torres, and Cherie had to ask herself if everyone in the house had actually been looking through the window this morning while she had, oh dear, sexual intercourse with the big, strong Cleophas, and she again shivered at the thought that she had really done it with a black man, against all her inclinations and scruples.

But work went ahead and when they broke for lunch Cherie felt almost as if she would survive the day without a breakdown. Contrary to her usual habit of going to her bedroom for the lunch hour – she was afraid of who might visit her there – she went onto the terrace on the second floor overlooking the front entrance and great circular driveway. She found a chair at a table on the corner of that terrace and had the servant bring her a lemonade. There she sat, a warm breeze blowing up under her skirt and cooling her well-fucked and still-burning pussy.

While she was sitting there, a large car pulled up and stopped. She watched Herb walk out of the house to greet the driver, who got out and took his hand. She was a tall, beautiful redheaded woman with a statuesque body and long, long legs. Cherie thought she must be six feet tall. She was in black leather pants and a vest of the same material over a white, satin blouse. Giving Herb a warm and playful hug, she moved to the back door and opened it, and out bounded a huge dog. He was so large that for a moment Cherie did not know that it was a German Shepherd, for he was almost as big as a Great Dane. He was a magnificent animal, powerful and covered with a shiny, healthy coat and with a diamond-studded collar around his neck. Cherie could tell it was a male for he had enormous balls and when he pushed his nose against the shapely buttocks of his mistress, his great, red penis emerged in a quivering, excited state, fully as large as Herb's rampant cock which had given Cherie pleasure every night – until she had fallen victim to Cleophas' designs.

Cherie shook her head in self-reproach. She had become so sex crazy that she was even noticing dog's cocks. She turned around and gazed at the mountains behind the house, thinking that somehow all this would pass and life would be simple and agreeable again, without all the problems of men and their demands. She vowed never again to get herself into a position where she was trapped into sexual situations in a remote place like this, where her future depended on her surrender and where she could be shamed in front of so many people.

Cherie sat there for a while, thinking about her ill mother and how important this job was to her. The bills were piling up daily for her mother's care and she needed all the money, all the overtime, she could get. As much as she loved Ron Wolter, and as much pleasure as Herb Melville had given her, her one overriding concern was her job, and that was what had initially weakened her resolve with Herb, weakened her knees and her ability to keep them together.

Just as she finished asking the servant for another lemonade, Herb came onto the terrace accompanied by the six-foot redhead she had seen alight for the big car. Pacing by her side was the docile but powerful German Shepherd. Herb smiled and came over to Cherie's table.

"May we sit with you?" Herb asked gregariously.

Smiling with relief, Cherie said yes.

"Cherie, this is Vanessa Slade," Herb said. "A very good friend of mine. And this is Diablo."

Vanessa beamed a smile, and Cherie thought she was the most beautiful woman she had ever seen, with lovely blue eyes, brilliant teeth in her smile, and a lovely body. The dog stepped over to Cherie and greeted her with a sniff to the back of her hand and a quick and hungry lick to her thigh just above the knee.

"I think he's hungry," Cherie laughed. "I'm pleased to meet you Vanessa. It's good to see a new face after all these days up here in the wilds."

Herb laughed good-naturedly. "I thought I'd put Vanessa in your charge, Cherie. She's just visiting us for a few days and won't be working the way we do. In fact, I think I'll give you the afternoon off to show her around, if you don't mind a different job for a while."

Cherie most certainly did not mind. Anything that kept her from the accusing glare of Diane and Ron, and the lewd leer of Cleophas, and the knowing glances of the rest of the work group, would be welcome. She had felt so uncomfortable all morning sitting by Herb's side, who she had been sure must hold the greatest contempt and hate for her.

"I'd be happy to show you all over the estate," Cherie said, "if you don't mind my boring company."

Vanessa gave her a friendly, even loving, and dazzling smile. "I'm sure I won't be bored," she said. "Let's just make sure we enjoy each other's company and don't allow boredom to set in." Cherie smiled, comfortable at last.

Herb stood up, smiling again. "Then I'll leave you two girls to enjoy the afternoon, and the rest of us can get back to work. Thanks, Cherie, you're a life-saver."

Cherie smiled. "Glad to help, Herb." She watched him walk away with a bouncy step.

Vanessa said, "Well, this should be nice, spending the afternoon with a lovely girl like you. I'd like a gin and tonic, how about you?"

Cherie hesitated. "Uh, well, I've never had one."

"Well, you will now." Vanessa waved to the servant, a young man who hurried over. "Two gee and tees," she said. "Lots of ice and not too heavy on the tonic."

Vanessa turned back to Cherie. "So what's it like up here? Nice, I'll bet. And a beautiful girl like you, I bet you have to fight all these men off."

Cherie didn't smile. I haven't been fighting hard enough, she said to herself as she once again recalled each wild session of sex she had enjoyed with three different men at the house. This very morning, she recalled, had been the last time, with Cleophas. Shaking her head, she tried to clear the memory from her mind.

While the two girls talked and Cherie lost her nervousness, the drinks arrived and Cherie found hers refreshing. It also went straight to her head, what with her lack of food this morning. Cleophas had allowed her no time for breakfast.

"You know, Cherie," Vanessa said, "you've got to watch out for these men. They have power and money and they're used to getting what they want. They just don't take no for an answer."

"Don't I know it," Cherie agreed.

"You mean, you've already been through it?" Vanessa asked.

Cherie hesitated, then nodded shyly.

"Have you, you know, had any real affairs?" Vanessa asked slyly, wrinkling her cute nose and patting the back of Cherie's hand where it lay on the table.

Cherie half opened her mouth, then tears filled her eyes.

Vanessa's voice was truly sympathetic. "Oh, darling, what did I say? Oh, I'm so sorry."

Cherie sniffed and shook her head. "It's not your fault. It's my problem."

The older girl squeezed Cherie's hand warmly. "Do you want to tell me? I'm a good listener, and I've had a bit of experience."

Cherie shook her head. "It's just too awful to talk about."

"Really? Why don't you let me be the judge of that?"

For a long time, the teenager said nothing, and then the story came out in small doses. "Herb, he came to my room, and, and we made love. I was a virgin when I got here, but I couldn't stop myself. He made me feel so good. We did it a few times, and then I did it with someone else, someone I really cared about."

"But you don't care about Herb."

"I do care about him, he made me feel good, I love him, but I think I'm in love with this other man. But just this morning, someone else came to my room, and I made love with him."

Vanessa stared in disbelief. "You mean, you've had sex with three men since you got here?"

Cherie nodded miserably. "It seems I can't help myself."

"I understand. There's nothing like a good, strong cock to make a girl feel heavenly." Vanessa ordered two more drinks. "You know, there's nothing really to worry about. It's all natural, especially when you've gone without it all your life. Just make sure you don't get pregnant, and you'll have a great time with your new-found sexuality. I mean, don't you feel a lot more complete now that you're a woman and not just a naive little girl? Look, you have the power to make a lot of men feel good while they're making you feel good yourself. What could be wrong with that?"

"But my mother taught me differently."

"Is your mother supporting you?"

"No, I'm supporting her. She's ill."

"Then she can't tell you how to make your living. If you have to make love to stay in good with your employers, then so be it. A girl has to survive in her own way."

"But I didn't do it to survive," Cherie insisted honestly. "I did it because it felt good, and I couldn't help myself."

Vanessa laughed. "Well, at least you're honest about that. Why don't you take me for a tour of the grounds?"

They got up and Cherie took the beautiful redhead girl all over the property, up to the gazebo and for a walk through the trees, while Diablo followed faithfully behind, occasionally wringing a squeal out of Cherie when his wet nose dipped under her skirt and prodded at the cleft of her bottom.

"Diablo is a bit naughty sometimes," Cherie commented good-naturedly.

Vanessa laughed. "Diablo? Oh, he's naughty, all right, but the best lover in the world, really."

Cherie smiled, not really comprehending Vanessa's meaning. "I love the smell of the trees up here. So clean and fresh. Nicer than the city."

"I love it here, too," Vanessa agreed. "This is my kind of place. It would be wonderful if it were just the three of us, you, me, and Diablo, without all the other men around. No girl needs a man when Diablo it around."

"I'll take your word for it. This is my favourite tree." Cherie stopped at a large pine and hugged the thick trunk.

Diablo trotted up and pissed on the tree, lifting his leg and giving Cherie a glimpse of his huge penis. It was truly an amazing and obscene sight, long, red, almost as thick as Cherie's wrist, and dripping moisture from the end. The innocent girl looked away.

"He's such a beautiful dog," Cherie said. "How long have you had him?"

"Oh, since he was a puppy," Vanessa said proudly. "I trained him myself."

"What tricks can he do?"

Vanessa smiled. "I'll show you later. Just give him a pet so he'll trust you."

Cherie squatted beside Diablo and stroked him all over while he licked her cheek. He was so big, so strong.

The two girls walked and talked for another two hours in the hills, until Cherie felt that she had never had such a dear friend before in her life. She came to trust Vanessa as she had never trusted anyone before. After a while they went back to the house and had another drink, and Cherie felt herself relaxing in Vanessa's company, feeling her inhibitions go, and telling the older girl all she wanted to know, as they slowly went through the big house, exploring areas that Cherie had never seen before.

They had one more drink on the terrace before Vanessa asked the servant to show them to her room. Vanessa walked in, followed by the faithful German Shepherd, Diablo, while Cherie waited at the door.

"Come on in, darling," Vanessa said warmly, then turned to the servant. "Please bring us another couple of drinks, will you, honey?"

"Yes, ma'am," the young man said.

Diablo walked quietly in and lay down in the corner, resting his chin on his paws. Cherie found the room opulent, with a king-size bed, thick, thick carpet, and a large mirror on the wall running almost the entire length of the bed. It occurred to Cherie that if she had been on this bed this morning she would have seen in the mirror exactly what she looked like having sex with Cleophas. The idea of watching herself in such a position, in such an activity, brought a blush to her cheeks.

There was a knock at the door and Vanessa answered it. It was Cleophas, and he wasn't smiling. Not this time.

"Cherie, what are you doing here, with Vanessa?" His words showed disapproval and suspicion, but of what Cherie had no idea.

"I-I'm talking," the girl said simply.

"Just you leave her alone," Vanessa said, pushing him not roughly but firmly back toward the door.

"She's perfectly all right here with me, not doing a thing wrong. And you, Cleophas, what business is it of yours?"

"I worried about her," the man said.

"You're worried about her," Vanessa scoffed. "Well, she can take care of herself just fine." She turned to Cherie. "Can't you, darling?"

Cherie nodded. "Yes. Yes, I'm just fine."

The older girl turned back to Cleophas. "Now you go. She and I have things to talk about, and they don't concern you." And she pushed a reluctant and hesitant Cleophas out the door and locked it.

"Men are such bores at times, aren't they, my darling?" Vanessa said. "Is Cleophas one of your, uh, friends here?"

Cherie stared at Vanessa, then suddenly burst into tears. Her pretty hands covered her face and her shoulders shook with the shame she felt for what she had done. The older girl hurried to her side and sat next to her on the bed, putting a warm arm around her shoulders.

"There, there, dear. It happens to almost every girl once in her life."

"But," Cherie sobbed, "with three men in four days, and one of them a black man. My mother would die. I would die if she found out. Oh, Vanessa," she moaned miserably. "I'm not a virgin anymore. No decent man will want me."

"How can you say that? You're a beautiful girl, and that's all that matters. You've got a perfect body, lovely breasts." Vanessa's hand cupped one of the firm, round orbs with appreciation. "You've got fantastic breasts. You don't mind if I touch, do you?"

Cherie felt her breast tingle, the nipple contracting automatically. "No, I guess I don't mind." She felt secure with Vanessa, another woman who seemed sympathetic and non-judgmental in any way. It was easy to have her breasts touched by another woman, gently and unselfishly.

Vanessa drew her hand away slowly and smiled. "You know, I'd like to photograph you. You're so lovely. I'm a photographer, you know, and I think you could make a fortune as a model."

Cherie smiled broadly. "You think so?"

"Without a doubt. You know, I have some fancy underwear, I bet you'd like to try on. Ever try on sexy underwear?"

The darling girl shook her head.

"It's lots of fun," Vanessa said, stepping over to her suitcase and opening it. She took out a thing that was red with black lacy things around the edges. "Try this on."

Cherie hesitated. "You think I should?"

"Of course. It was my idea. Just take off your clothes – you won't get cold – and try them on. We've got all afternoon. Here, get those stiff old things off and try on this all-in-one."

Cherie paused, then shrugged and stood up, beginning to unfasten her clothing. Vanessa cooed with appreciation when she saw Cherie's lovely, creamy-skinned body, the large, melon-like breasts with their pink nipples, the slender, shapely legs, the silky tuft of her golden pubic hair overlaying the plump labia and the warm cleft between them. The indent of her navel, the pert, round buttocks and the two dimples at the base of her back. The broad shoulders and graceful neck, the shell-like ears and fine jaw, cheekbones, and nose. Long, sweeping brown eyelashes and blue, doe-like eyes. She was the picture of innocent girlhood. It was a pity she had fallen in with these predators of men.

Cherie heard a growl from Diablo's direction and she turned. The dog was shifting nervously from foot to foot, his tongue hanging out as he panted impatiently. His mistress ordered him to sit, and, after a hesitation, he obeyed.

Vanessa helped Cherie into the one-piece affair, palming one of the delicious buttocks, one of the firm, jiggly breasts. When it was on, Cherie saw that her nipples peeked out through two round holes in the front and that there was a large split between the legs where her labia pouted out.

"Just lovely," Vanessa said, brushing the back of her hands over Cherie's tingling nipples. "Can I take some pictures?"

Cherie pulled a face. "Do you think you should? I mean, in this thing?"

"Especially in that thing. You look fantastic!"

Vanessa took the camera out of her suitcase and took a few shots, posing Cherie with her breasts lifted and in a wide-legged stance. Going up to Cherie, she put her hand between the girl's legs and found the moist slit. Cherie caught her breath when Vanessa's finger ventured into the damp split, touching her clitoris pleasurably as she spread the fat lips, widening the gape of the crotch split in the garment.

"That's it," said Vanessa. "That's the proper look."

Cherie blushed furiously as the other girl backed off and resumed taking pictures. As Vanessa gently posed her, Cherie felt more relaxed, something she probably could not have done if she had not already drunk several gin and tonics. Then they tried another undergarment, and another, each skimpier and more revealing than the one before, until finally Cherie found herself posing totally nude. When the drinks came, Vanessa answered the door and took them, and then the two girls went on as Cherie drank and got looser and looser and more uninhibited. Cherie never noticed nor cared when Vanessa took off her pants and blouse, but it seemed the most natural thing when, as the two of them laughed and joked, Vanessa pressed her near-naked body against Cherie's entirely nude one and kissed the younger girl square on the mouth.

Cherie responded to the kiss and allowed Vanessa to ease her down on the bed. Her mouth was all over Cherie's body now, her tits, belly and navel, thighs and knees. Vanessa's mouth sucked gently at those responding nipples. Cherie trembled with arousal when a soft, smooth, slender finger slipped into her tender, wet vagina, finding all the sensitive pleasure spots as only another woman could.

Cherie squirmed as two fingers now worked inside her pussy and the older girl's pinky finger slipped into her asshole. The younger girl's mind reeled at the thought of being loved like this by another person of her own sex. It was so wrong, yet so comfortably right-feeling. No aggressive, demanding opening of her body by a rough, self-centered male. No feeling of being exposed and degraded by a man. Vanessa felt like a sister, or a mother, to her, though if a mother, a very young one. It was the older woman's motherly treatment that had disarmed and relaxed Cherie, and now she felt no resentment or fear at being probed and felt and caressed. Vanessa's soft fingertip had found that certain joyful spot on the front wall of her vagina that no man had really properly found in the last four days, and Cherie squirmed and thrust her crotch against the other girl's hand. The two fingers in her cunt slithered wetly in and out while the smallest one tickled the sensitive inside surfaces of her rectum.

Oh, this was heaven, Cherie's emotions screamed through the haze of the drinks she had drunk.


Cleophas met Herb as the older man was going toward the stairs leading to Vanessa's room. Ron Wolter was standing nearby, having an after-work drink and wondering where Cherie had been hiding all that afternoon when she was expected to be taking notes and minutes at the meeting. He overheard a bit of the conversation between the boss and his black colleague, but it took him a while to digest it.

"What is Cherie doing up there with Vanessa?" Cleophas asked Herb suspiciously. "In fact, what is Vanessa doing here at all?"

Herb smiled smugly. "What do you mean, Clee?"

"I mean," said the big man, "that I've seen Vanessa operating before. I know what she does, and now I find Cherie, the youngest and most naive of all, up there in that bedroom with her. I know you're sweet on the little bitch, so why have you thrown her to the dogs? Literally."

Herb chuckled. "You want to find out, just come with me." And he walked ahead without waiting to see if his associate would follow. When they reached the top of the stairs, Herb walked on past Vanessa's door and to another one a few yards beyond it.

"It's this one," Cleophas corrected, but he saw Herb shake his head.

"This one," the Herb said, and Cleophas went into the next room with him.

Cleophas found himself in a dim room with a row of chairs lined up before what appeared to be a window looking into Vanessa's room, just a few feet from the bed.

"A two-way mirror!" Cleophas gasped. "You had it all set up from the beginning!" He looked around and saw a video camera pointed at the bed, already running and recording everything that was taking place on the bed. And there in the room were Vanessa and Cherie locked in a passionate embrace, the older girl's experienced fingers thrusting between the pink walls of the younger girl's tender, wet pussy.

"You see, Clee," Herb said. "I never expect a man to be any less than that, fuck what he can. When I was young, I fucked the boss' wife. And his daughter. I know what a man has to do. I'm a very fair man, you see. I understood that you wanted to fuck Cherie, because she's fuckable, and if you didn't want to fuck her, I wouldn't want to either. I'm a very fair and understanding man. But a woman has to be faithful, especially to me. If she fucks around, then I punish her, like Cherie's getting punished now, or soon will be. And I'm going to make sure she remembers her punishment. Of course, so will you, and you might not want her when her punishment is over." Herb gestured toward the camera. "She'll get one of the copies. Her mother will get another."

Cleophas stared at Herb, then turned as he heard Cherie's voice cry out with some deep-felt emotion. Vanessa's lovely face was buried between Cherie's uplifted thighs as the older girl attacked the tender, pink pussy with her tongue. In long, hungry swipes, the tongue travelled from the vermilion dimple of her anus to the twitching bud of her clitoris.


"Oh, Vanessa, pleeeeease!" Cherie moaned, impulsively spiraling her hips up to the other girl's face. "Oh, what are you doing? Please, mooooore!" And Vanessa obliged, her expert tongue driving away all thoughts of anything outside this room of pleasure and joy.

Over in the corner, Diablo awakened and raised his head, sniffing the air for the sweet aroma of Cherie's oozing, aroused pussy. The smell beckoned to him and his massive, red dog cock began sliding from its sheath, ready for action in the way Vanessa had taught him when he was just a bit more than a puppy.

Cherie turned her burning face to the side when she heard movement, saw Diablo pacing agitatedly in front of the mirror, his massive, scarlet penis hard and fully distended from its sheath, swinging tightly beneath him as he walked back and forth. His tongue was hanging out full length, swaying in synch with his cock. He looked very upset.

The innocent young girl jerked as she felt a bolt of electricity lance from her clitoris up into her womb and she forgot the dog and returned her attention to the other girl.

"Vanessa, oh my, Vanessa, you do it so good!" Cherie moaned, her belly tightening with the beginning spasms of an orgasm. Vanessa felt the muscles of Cherie's vibrating cunt tighten around the tongue she had thrust full-length inside the girl's hot pleasure-channel and the juices flowed out, coating her chin where it was pressed into the cleft of the girl's asscheeks. "Vanessa, you're so good!"

Vanessa sat up, stroking Cherie's thighs with both hands. "Yes, I'm good, 'cause I know what I'm doing, but I haven't got a cock, and I think that's really what you need." She gently palmed Cherie's tits and smiled. "But Diablo has a cock."

Cherie stared at her without comprehending. "What do you mean?"

Vanessa's eyes closed dreamily. "When all else fails, and men are only disgusting, Diablo is the best lover a girl could have. Now why don't you turn over and get up onto your hands and knees and get ready for the fucking of your life."

Cherie hesitated. "I don't understand," she said, shaking her head.

"Just do what I say, damn it," Vanessa said sharply. "Don't argue with me. Never, ever argue with me. See Diablo's teeth? If you don't do as I say immediately, we'll both be in trouble. Here, you must trust me."

Cherie, unwilling to incur the displeasure of someone she truly liked and trusted, hastened to obey, rolling over onto her hands and knees and presenting her round bottom cheeks to Vanessa's hungry eyes. The older girl moved behind her, parted her firm, globular buttocks, and went to work with her tongue from a different angle, and the younger girl was reminded of how Herb had done it to her in just this way and position. Cherie immediately relaxed and began moving her hips in sensuous circles. Her juices flowed freely, wetting her inner thighs and soaking the pubic hair Vanessa had already dampened with her saliva.

Diablo, very quietly, rose to all four feet and approached the bed expectantly.


Ron waited for Herb and Cleophas to come back down the stairs, but in vain. When they didn't reappear, he began to wonder what they were talking about in reference to Cherie. Herb still knew nothing about his hot lovemaking with Cherie in the storage room, so he was reluctant to show too much concern about her in front of the boss and Cleophas. He would never know that Cleophas had been watching him and Cherie that time in the closet when they had climbed the heights of ecstasy.

When he arrived at the door to Vanessa's room, he paused and listened. Yes, he could her Cherie's voice, purring in that unmistakable way she did when she was nearing her climax. So she was in there getting fucked silly again! he thought. But who was it, Herb or Cleophas? Or could it be both? He was about to ease the door open and find out when he saw another door, slightly ajar, just three yards beyond. He went toward it, and pushed it open.

There were the two men, looking through a window into the bedroom beyond where Ron could see Cherie kneeling lewdly with her knees planted widely apart as Vanessa feasted on her delicious, pink-rimmed private orifices. The blonde's face was turned toward Ron and her half-open eyes appeared to be looking straight at him. Her cheeks and lips were puffy and her face slack and twitching with the feelings that shot through her pussy and into her belly and breasts. And just a few feet away, Diablo was poised, panting and waiting, the great, red sausage of his cock fully exposed and ready.

Suddenly, Ron understood just what was going on. The two others turned toward him and they smiled. Ron was galvanized with horror as he saw Vanessa, without removing her mouth from Cherie's drooling cunt, reach out and pull Diablo toward Cherie's defenselessly parted and upraised buttocks. Ron made a move to leave the room, to get to Cherie before it was too late, but Herb and Cleophas, seeing the consternation on his face, each grabbed an arm and forced him down into one of the chairs to hold him there.


Cherie unconsciously felt the second weight on the bed, gasped when Vanessa's mouth left her just for a second, and then mewled with pleasure as the tongue came back again. It seemed like a longer and lighter tongue that swabbed her slit from clit to anus and beyond, curled up under her belly and sliced through her pink gash from the front of her hot, gooey crease upward almost to her tailbone. It felt so good that it was a long time before it dawned on her that that long, wet tongue could not possibly be Vanessa's beloved caress. A glance in the mirror revealed the truth, and she froze with shock at the sight.

Diablo was licking her! Lapping at her pink split as if her crotch were a bowl of warm milk. Was this what Vanessa was referring to when she had spoken of Diablo as a lover? She choked with shock and revulsion, then uttered a wail of despair. "Oh, no! Not that!"

As she tried to crawl forward, away from Diablo, Vanessa forestalled her with a strong hand on her nearest thigh. "Freeze! Mustn't make him mad, darling," Vanessa cautioned. "He'll tear you apart. He likes what I like, and he always gets it."

Cherie shook her head, and the golden waves of her hair shimmered. "But it's wrong," she sobbed. "A dog should never lick my… my vagina. It's all wrong, and perverted."

"Well, we'll have to make it right," Vanessa said, signalling to Diablo, who reared up on his hind legs and mounted Cherie's tender buttocks, clamping his forepaws around her slender waist, his massive red dog-cock swinging and bumping between her spread thighs. "So get ready for the greatest fucking of your life."

"Fucking?" Cherie breathed questioningly and then she gaped at the mirror, now understanding everything, that the dog fully intended to enter her tender vagina with that massive, red appendage that was now bouncing back and forth between her inner thighs, the gooey tip, shining with its own lubricant, stabbing wetly against the soaking pink furrow of her vagina's entrance. Could a dog actually have intercourse with a woman? No, it must be impossible. People and dogs weren't made the same, were they? Not in the same way Cleophas and she had done it yesterday. But the rock-hard prong seemed to insist on entering her and Cherie frantically shifted her hips from side to side in a desperate attempt to evade penetration, feeling her pussy's mouth stretch dangerously once as the tip almost – but not quite – succeeded in penetrating her tingling love-channel.

His cock desperately needing the feel of her female flesh, Diablo growled angrily with frustration, leaning forward and closing his jaws softly on the nape of Cherie's neck and her entire body froze in terror for just that moment, just long enough for the dog to expertly find the delicate opening of her young vagina with the tip of his penis, and she gagged at the deep pelvic shock as he suddenly romped forward, burying his giant animal phallus half its length in her innocent pussy. Vanessa watched from close up as four inches of the massive prick disappeared into Cherie's tiny, wet cunt with a wet, sluicing sound.

"Oh, my God!" Cherie groaned, her mind exploding with the reality of it as she felt herself stretched and entered as few women ever were. Ron struggled behind the glass, fairly foaming at the mouth as the other two men held him down into a chair, while he watched his lovely Cherie bestially mounted and entered by the devilish dog. Cherie's cheeks burned scarlet and her whole body shuddered as she felt herself invaded by the dog's cock, debased as she had never believed possible.

Diablo whined with pure joy, feeling the girl's tender vagina with its young muscular grasp gripping his vibrating, canine cock. Adjusting his stance behind the subserviently kneeling blonde, he instinctively drove forward again, sinking his mighty canine penis the rest of the way into Cherie's cunt. The hard, dripping tip pushed its way to the maximum depth into her cunt followed by that strong, pulsing shaft of rigid canine meat. Vanessa observed with satisfaction that Cherie's young vagina was fully penetrated, Diablo's balls resting cosily against the forward area of the girl's plump, pink labial split, the crimson rim of the opening clasped tightly around the base of the shaft.

Diablo looked to his mistress for the signal that would allow him to follow his instincts and begin fucking the sobbing female he had dominated with his powerful, furry male body. He was very well trained and would make no move without the proper command from his beloved Vanessa, though once he started there would be no stopping him until he had emptied the seed from his swollen balls into her silken pussy.

The older girl reached beneath the blonde and lovingly hefted one of the large, lush breasts, putting her mouth to Cherie's ear. "Isn't he just divine, my Cherie?" Vanessa crooned. "Isn't it just the most wonderful cock in the world?"

"Please!" Cherie begged in a devastated whine. "Please make him stop. I don't want this." Tears coursed down her cheeks and she tried to crawl away, but Vanessa's strong hands stayed her and Diablo's forelegs gripped her tightly as his hindlegs gave a hop that kept his massive penis deeply buried in her. Cherie sobbed miserably again and again and the spasms caused her pussy to contract maddeningly around Diablo's already bursting cock. The girl squealed and whined as the dog gave three eager strokes and stayed himself.

"No can do, Cherie, my darling." Vanessa said. "He's just too dangerous." Vanessa licked her finger, slid it between Cherie's wide-spread asscheeks, and, while the girl moaned in misery at the new penetration, pushed it into the girl's clenched anus, feeling the bulk of Diablo's cock through the thin, delicate membrane. To excite the dog, she pressed down with her finger and wiggled it inside Cherie's rectum and heard his whine of pleasure. Cherie twisted her hips at the unexpected sensation and glanced in the mirror at the lewd sight she presented to herself in the mirror, her firm, smooth, round bottom lifted to the dog's pleasure, his paws gripping her waist as his belly pressed insistently into the cleft of her ass, while his tongue hung out in eager, rutting lust.

Vanessa gave her finger a wiggle in Cherie's asshole, then drew it out, winked at the mirror and the men she knew were watching from behind it, and gave a double nod as the signal that Diablo knew well. And then, with a growl of relief, Diablo began to fuck in and out of Cherie's pussy with long, smooth, slow strokes. Cherie caught her breath as the unwanted but familiar feelings darted through her sensitized loins and after a few dozen strokes she was surprised to find that except for the strange feeling of the dog's fur brushing over the sensitive orifice between her buttocks, the dog's penis plowing back and forth in her feminine channel felt much the same as Herb's or Ron's or Cleophas'. The webbing between shaft and scrotum twanged her clitoris in a way that caused her to squirm uncontrollably and her hips kicked backward reflexively. Vanessa heard the liquid cock-in-cunt slurp from the point of penetration and backed off to enjoy the sight of the Cherie's animal awakening, sitting back in a chair and angling her thighs high and wide so that she could freely finger-fuck her own aroused and oozing pussy.

Behind the mirror, the three men watched while the camera rolled, photographing the dog's every lustful, deep stroke into Cherie's abused cunt. Ron sat quiet now, knowing that the girl was beyond help, her degradation almost complete. She was looking into the mirror, watching the mind-blowing sight of canine male mounted carnally on human female and her eyes, half closed with many conflicting emotions, seemed to look straight into Ron's. The dog was fucking with an expert rhythm that Vanessa had taught him, a more human speed than a dog usually worked with, and Ron could see the tender ridges of Cherie's inner vaginal lining clinging to the penis as it withdrew, then folding wetly back inside as Diablo's powerful hind legs drove it back in again. In and out, in and out endlessly, the dog penis drubbed into the proud young female's conquered vagina. The delicate walls stroked Diablo's throbbing prick and Cherie felt its insistent fucking massaging the sensitive channel of her sex, driving his rigid cockmeat powerfully up and down her sweet vagina, stroking across her most responsive trigger points and causing darts of undeniable, undesired pleasure to shoot up through her belly to the tips of her jiggling tits. Cherie, lost in her sexual feelings, thrust her hips backward tentatively several times, felt the sensations clawing at her insides, and then with a moan gave herself up to a flood of emotion, setting her body into a pattern of movement she had learned the first time with Herb. Her hips moved back and forward, her upper body pivoting on her hands and knees, which she set wider apart.

"Oh, Vanessa," she gasped. "Oh, Van – it feels good. I don't believe it. It feels good!" With a tiny squeal she began to follow the dog's rhythm with her plump, wide-split buttocks. "Oh my, it feels very good."

The dog felt her vagina clamp down lovingly on his penis and increased the speed of his fucks, his tail waving wildly in the air behind him. He loved this young, blonde female with the tight pussy more than any woman he had ever fucked before and he thrust faster and harder and deeper into her clinging, pink-lipped wetness. The room filled with the liquid sounds and smells of fucking and the girl's innocent, passionate gasps, grunts, and whimpers of joy, and the heavy breathing of Vanessa as her state of arousal climbed. Cherie felt her loins being reamed to the hottest depths of her oozing pussy. She had never thought such a thing possible – even had it occurred to her to imagine it – that an animal, a dog, could have intercourse with a human. She had thought it physically impossible. Humans and dogs? But there it was, Diablo's penis in her vagina, shuttling wetly back and forth in the stream of her juices, hammering at the cup of her cervix, rubbing all the most sensitive spots inside and outside, slurping noisily with each stroke and reminding her that it really was happening, stoking a growing fire in her belly with each eager thrust. Oh, but she was so wet! It ran down the insides of her thighs, an embarrassing signal of the pleasure that she hadn't wanted to feel.

Glancing down beneath herself, between her tight, round, jiggling breasts, she could see the huge scarlet rod plunging home between her fat, furry cunt-lips. With each avid in-stroke, Diablo's great balls swung up under the tender, split mound of her pussy, slapping audibly against her lower belly while the webbing of the scrotum teased her swollen, red clitoris, bringing a hiss of wild pleasure to her constricted throat, and she tipped her hips upward to grant the dog better access to her burning hole. Diablo whined in appreciation.

Now she knew why Vanessa liked Diablo so much. He made no demands and only gave her the most incredible ecstasy imaginable. There was no danger of becoming pregnant – was there? And then a wild vision of her giving birth to a litter of tiny hairy babies with black noses and tails crossed her eyes. No, no, impossible, she told herself, moving harder and faster, feeling the dog's cock going through her, again and again, filling her with a joyful fire.

"You and Diablo look so sexy, so beautiful together," Vanessa purred from her seat, one finger sunk fully into her bubbling cunt. The older girl's eyes narrowed dreamily as she watched the incredibly erotic sight of Cherie's lovely body responding to the dog's savage fucking. She knew that Cherie, with her tight young vagina, was giving Diablo more pleasure than he had ever felt.

Diablo fucked happily into the the delicate, pink cunthole of the golden-haired bitch-girl beneath him. She had the sweetest, tightest, wettest pussy he had ever fucked. It caressed his cock, squeezing its entire rock-hard length in the most amazing way, all the way to the root, lovingly, as the tip stabbed her cervix and she shivered and her insides grabbed at the shaft, seeking to suck the cum out of him.

Cherie wiggled her buttocks and made purposeful stabbing motions backward to sheath the wonderful red dog-cock fully with each stroke. Her cheeks burned scarlet with her passionate exertions and her big tits bounced heavily beneath her, glstening with streaks of sweat that ran in rivulets down her thighs, waist, bottom and the cheeks of her face.

"Oh, Vanessa!" she exclaimed. "Oh, doggie, don't stop! Oh, it feels so good. Don't stop fucking my pussy, Diabloooooo!" she pled, her hot, wet vagina grasping hungrily at the hard-driving rod of canine power. The tip pounded her womb and brought sobs of joy to her lips as it drubbed against that tender, sensitive spot, and the lovely girl felt the crackling heat grow in her loins, signalling the approach of her orgasm. The realisation hit her that she was going to have a climax on the dog's penis. She was going to come with the dog!

Vanessa's eyes locked with hers as she cried, "Vanessa, I'm going to come! Oh, I'm really going to come!"

"Go with it, baby," Vanessa urged in a soft, husky voice. "Not every girl gets to come with Diablo."

Cherie groaned and swung her head toward the mirror, catching a glimpse of her impassioned, flushed face in the mirror. She saw herself as a wild, hungry animal, mounted by the male in an instinctive reproductive act. Her hand went back her her bottom and she pulled her right buttock to the side to allow the dog to crowd in closer and scrub her tingling asshole with the fur of his belly as he drove into her cunt with his rampant cock.

Behind the mirror, Ron could see her eyes, as though looking into his own as her ass rammed backward against the rutting dog, her red-rimmed vagina split by the penetrating, red dog-cock, and her pink, tingling anus winking open and closed at him between her wide-spread buttocks. It flashed on him, as he stroked his hard prick, that he would like to fuck her there, in the asshole, where no one else had ever been, now that Herb, Cleophas, and the dog Diablo had all enjoyed her delicious pussy. It was her asshole, through which she shit every day, but at least no one else had had the pleasure of it.

Cherie shrieked, her whole body shaking uncontrollably as her orgasm suddenly crashed over her like a tidal wave on a peaceful, island shore, rippling through her from vagina and clitoris, through her quaking belly, to her great breasts, up the back of her neck and into her head. Her blonde locks tossed from side to side as it took her to the heavens and back where she landed in a trembling heap of contented, female flesh.

Diablo felt her tender, silken cunt clamp down on his jerking cock and he could postpone his climax no longer. He gave three excited yelps, answered by dog-like yaps from Cherie – now reduced to that level by her own uncontrolled lust, a bitch covered by a rutting male – and began the most satisfying series of come-thrusts of his life into the most lovable vagina he had ever fucked.

"Oh-oh!" Cherie cried, even as she began to shudder with her second orgasm. "He's coming in me! Vanessa, he's coming inside me!"

Up through the thick, jerking red cock Diablo's sperm rushed, swelling the rod to huge proportions, shooting out the end, thick, hot, white and ropey into the devastated young girl's pussy in surging waves. Cherie gasped as she felt the first soft bullets strike the back wall of her vagina and she froze in the middle of her second orgasm as she was filled to the brim with the hot, white stuff.

"That's it, darling," Vanessa crooned. "Take it all. Oh, yes, and I can see there's gallons of it."

Clawing up handfuls of the bedspread, Cherie watched in the mirror and five pairs of eyes saw the thick, sticky semen explode from the tightly clasping lips of her vagina to smear her hairy labia and run in vile rivulets down the back of her thighs to pool in the hollows behind her knees. And still it went on, erupting into her in great gouts like lava from the mouth of a volcano, coating her inner surfaces and filling her tubes with his millions of wriggly sperm, Diablo's puppy cream. The scaldling heat of it sent Cherie into yet another, third orgasm and she groaned a throaty groan as she lost consciousness and fell forward in an insensate, shivering heap.

With a sloppy, wet pop, Diablo's cock was pulled free and he stood back, panting, to survey his work. The girl's hair-rimmed slit beckoned to him and he bent to lick it clean of the dog-cum that trickled from it in thick streams. Then, himself satisfied, he lay down behind her, his furry body aligned with hers and his paw draped over her side.

Vanessa and Herb, on different sides of the glass, breathed sighs of satisfaction. The girl had been initiated. Now of no further personal use to Herb, she had been brought to the level of a business asset, to be used for a wide variety of things. Her body was now like a word processor, a business machine to be used by his associates ands clients.


In the two days that followed, Cherie kept mainly to herself when her secretarial skills were not in demand in the conference room. She took long walks in the afternoon by herself when Herb allowed her the time off. But on her afternoon walk on Saturday, the day before the junket was due to end, Diablo followed her into the woods, treading along beside her faithfully.

Faithfully, that was until he began to sniff at the nubile aroma coming from between her legs and then he became quite insistent, so insistent that she found it necessary – in order to keep from being savaged – to kneel down in the bed of fallen leaves on the forest floor and allow him to mount her while she held the crotch-band of her panties to the side to facilitate the penetration of his cock into her cunt. At first she loathed it, but as he stroked faster and deeper, her pussy began to recall the feelings of the day before and she lost all control of herself, twisting, bucking, and moaning on all fours in the woods as the bestial fucking in Vanessa's room replayed itself.

That same night Cleophas paid her a discreet visit in her room and used his own giant cock to again bring her to the heights of ecstasy. She was all past resisting his intentions, for she knew it would be easier – and more pleasant – to humor him and wait for the freedom she would have on after Sunday when the weekend in the mountains was finished. With Cleophas that night she allowed herself the luxury of responding to his hands, mouth, and penis, wrapping her arms and legs around him, kissing him hungrily, and urging him on with passionate words, allowing to slip – much to the surprise of them both – a few obscenities while his black cudgel shuttled back and forth wetly in her boiling pussy, and crying out joyously when his hot, white cream flooded her to overflowing.

Just one more day and she would no longer be at the mercy of all these dirty people who wanted to use her for their own pleasure and use their own positions of power, both business and physical, to subjugate her. Back in town, she would be her own woman, would do her job at the company so well, so efficiently, that she would be able to stand there on her own merits and not just as pleasure object for the executives. She would quietly melt into the background of the steno pool, never mention this shameful week in the mountains to the other girls, never discuss the things that went on, the things that happened, the things that she had allowed to be done to her. If she could stand to, she would go back to her life of sexual abstinence, a little wiser and more experienced, but would put all this behind her and try to forget it, hoping that some decent man could overlook what she had done and be a good husband to her and father children by her.

She had one regret however, one question mark in her mind, and that was Ron Wolter. Obviously he knew that she had slept with Herb several times, and also with Cleophas. Would he be able to forget that and would he somehow wish to continue and more normal relationship with her? If he would, she would be happy to grant him any sexual favors he desired. Indeed, that would be a joy to her as well.

But he had been avoiding her for the last two days, his face wearing a faintly hurt expression, his eyes never looking directly into hers. She knew he knew about the awful things – or at least some of them – that she had done, and it tore her up inside and filled her with shame, so that she couldn't find the courage to approach him and talk to him.

Sunday morning dawned, the last day of the time in the mountains, and it had been announced that it would not be a working day but rather an end of week party, a "wrap party", as they called them in Hollywood.

Cherie had a hearty breakfast in her room, brought by Tony, the young Italian servant, and then she dressed in her light chiffon dress that fell to just two inches above her shapely knees. Brushing her hair into a sweeping coiffure, she steeled herself to face the group of colleagues who were probably all talking about her escapades with Cleophas. It crossed her mind that, if Vanessa had been indiscreet, they would all know about her and Diablo as well, but she didn't worry too much about that for she trusted the older girl.

When she arrived in the conference room, she found the furniture completely changed. The great table was gone as were the chairs that had surrounded it, to be replaced by several large, comfortable-looking sofas and a large-screen television set. Bottles of champagne sat tantalizingly in buckets of ice and Tony was pouring the drinks and serving them as fast as he could.

A drink was thrust into Cherie's hand and she sipped at it while waiting for someone to speak to her. Presently Herb approached her.

"How are you this morning, darling?" he asked. "I hope you slept well."

"Until I woke up," she said vaguely, not remembering when Cleophas had arisen and walked quietly out of the room to go to his own.

"Are you ready to enjoy yourself, my darling?" Herb said, sliding his arm around her waist and sweeping her over to one of the couches to sit down beside him.

What was all this darling stuff? she asked herself. There was something about his mannerisms that caused her to distrust him. Docilely, she allowed herself to be seated close next to him and his arm encircled her shoulders. Everyone was laughing and talking, drinking and munching hors d'oeuvres. Cleophas was talking to an attentive Diane Layne again, the black man running his fingertips along the girls waist while she lightly rubbed her breast against his side. Ron Wolter was talking to Allison Cooper, and Sue Midori was talking to Sam Wilson, Vic Torres, and Morey Moore, the balding operative from public relations and advertising. There was another couple of men whom Cherie had never seen before, one old and white-haired who appeared to be near seventy, and another man who was grossly fat – over three hundred pounds, Cherie judged – with a totally bald, round head and a huge cigar sticking out of his face.

Cherie sipped her champagne quietly while Herb, his hand draped over her shoulder, gently fingered her breast. She didn't like his doing that in front of everyone, but it seemed that no one was really paying attention to them. All eyes glanced toward the TV screen when the movie started. It showed an actor whom Cherie had never seen before knocking on the door of a nice home and being answered by a stunning, big-breasted blonde in a short skirt, also an actress unknown to Cherie. From the way the two of them delivered their lines, Cherie could see why they were not well-known actors and that the film itself was a low-budget production.

It was then that she saw that this was a pornographic film – something she had never seen before – when the couple casually disrobed and the girl went straight to the young man's semi-stiffened prick. As the actress' heavily-lipsticked lips surrounded her partner's cock, Cherie noticed movement around her as the occupants of the room caught the mood of the gathering. Diane moved over to Cleophas, the hurt look she had been wearing suddenly giving place to renewed affection. As Herb's meaty hand slid down from Cherie's shoulder to cover her ripe breast, she glanced over in Ron Wolter's direction and saw Sue Midori move over and slip her arm around the waist of the man she loved. Ron's eyes met Cherie's, full of regret and longing, as the Japanese girl pressed her breasts full against his side, and Cherie blushed shamefully when she felt Herb's hand slide under her skirt.

Herb's fingers insinuated themselves immediately into the crotch band of her panties and slipped into the the deep vulval cleft, already wet with growing arousal. Cherie found that her responses were out of her control. She let her head fall back and her eyes half-closed as she watched the activities develop in the room. She knew everyone in the room could see Herb's hand moving beneath her skirt, yet she could not help parting her legs further to give him better access, and two of his fingers slid squishily into her pussy up to the palm. Ron was kissing Sue while her hands were actively buried in his pants and Cleophas sat down while Diane kneeled before him and drew out his awesome cock; as her mouth plunged down over the ebony shaft, Cherie moaned in empathy.

"Oh, Herb," Cherie moaned, churning her hips. "Please, not here in front of everyone."

The boss' breath whispered hotly in her ear. "This is the party of the week, Cherie. Everyone has to participate. It's required."

Herb made her lift her hips while he removed her panties and pushed her skirt up. She felt terribly exposed, but she noticed that everyone else was nearly naked, even the fat man and the bald man. Even Allison Cooper was involved with red-haired Sam Wilson. Vic Torres, smiling warmly, sat down on Cherie's left and began unbuttoning her blouse. He and Herb worked carefully to get her clothes completely off, leaving her totally exposed in the room where all activities were rapidly turning into an orgy. Cleophas was grunting in a way that Cherie knew well, and Ron Wolter had Sue naked on another couch, fucking the Oriental girl slowly while he watched the public seduction by Herb and Vic of the girl he loved.

"Ready, Vic?" Cherie heard Herb ask.

Vic stood up and shed his clothes, stroking his great, brown penis and then lying down on the thick carpet. Ron Wolter could see the bottoms of Vic's feet as Herb manoeuvred the girl over to straddle the other man's hips. She sank down, reluctantly protesting, and Ron could see her full buttocks part as she descended, pushed down by the boss' authoritative hands. Between her plump, full parted cheeks her tender, pink anus was innocently exposed above the red-lipped gash of her wet pussy-lips that now parted as her legs did to make room for Vic's hips between them…

As Sue Midori moved to the thrusting of his cock, Ron watched spellbound as Vic Torres grasped his angry, brown penis by the base, pointing it up toward Cherie's defenseless, hair-rimmed slit. As a tear squeezed out between her tightly closed eyelids, Herb placed a hand in the small of her back and bore down heavily, pushing the tender vagina downward onto the impaling cock. The girl suppressed a sob as the broad head of the dark-skinned penis popped through the tight cuntal rim and sliced into her wet love-channel. Deep up inside her it drove, spreading her delicate, abused vaginal walls, and Herb, his hands grasping her waist firmly, guided her hips up and down, up and down, until she fell in with a rhythm of her own.

"Oh, God!" she gasped, plunging her pussy up and down on the rock-hard shaft. "I… I can't help myself." She began to move gracefully, uttering tiny grunts of pleasured effort. Ron watched her move, her great tits jiggling, the tight, pink nipples describing small circles, the wide-split, bouncing white globes of her ass jogging the pink donut of her anus tantalizingly up and down above Vic's swollen balls.

Ron moved as if in a trance, as he drew his cock from Sue Midori's cunt and walked over to kneel between Vic's knees. His fingers directed the dripping head of his cock at the snug, unused vermilion anal orifice and pushed ahead, his arms encircling Cherie and his cheek pressing against hers.

"Cherie, you sexy bitch," Ron gasped, feeling her rectum yield to his probing penis. "At least I'm the first one in here."

She turned, feeling her backside stretching, and kissed him. "Oh my darling. Give it to me." She found that the new form of penetration pleased her wonderfully well as her love's prick drubbed into her, right next to Vic's, separated only by her soft, thin inner walls.

It went on, driving her to the pinnacles of ecstasy, the loins of the two men slapping against both her bottom and belly, the liquid, slurping sounds of their two cocks blending with her sighs, and with those of Allison Cooper across the room, who was engaged with one of the men, and Sue Midori wildly fucking with Sam Wilson.

The young girl's eyes rose to the TV screen and she groaned with embarrassment as she saw the scene the screen had changed to. It was herself, kneeling and writhing in slavelike abandon while Diablo fucked her from behind with his irresistible cock. They had video-taped the entire thing, from behind that big mirror in Vanessa's room! She glanced over at Diane, who, naked, was kneeling over Cleophas' lap, a smirk on her face as she watched the video recording of Cherie's degradation. The older girl was so intent on watching Cherie brought to the level of the animals that she did not notice the approach of Vanessa leading Diablo to her own bare and uplifted bottom. She was jolted from her complacency when the dog mounted her and Vanessa quickly stuffed the tip of the canine penis into her open cunt.

Diane howled with anguish as Diablo's cock filled her and began the instinctive stroking that would culminate in the dog's spilling his sperm into her. She had sneered at the way Cherie had been brought so low through Herb's machinations and the ultimate degradation of being mounted by the dog and photographed for all to see, and now she was undergoing to same experience. Cleophas sat, frozen and amazed at the sight of Diane, who was now gripping his cock spasmodically as she closed her eyes tightly and reluctantly fell in with the dog's fucking, pumping her hips back against the drubbing cock that was filling her belly with a raging heat.

Vanessa, her job done exactly according to Herb's instructions, turned to the Englishman, Cecil Parker, and began pulling his clothes off. He was more than happy to go along with the beautiful woman's desires and within a minute was lying atop her, on the floor, boffing her for all he was worth.

Cherie had lost all interest in anything going on in the room as Vic's and Ron's pricks reamed her twin holes, stoking the fires in her loins which she was totally unable to control. Vic's cock, shuttling back and forth in her silken, wet vagina, hammered on the dimple of her cervix and, backing out, stroked across the oh-so-sensitive spot just inside the portal of her femininity, and separated from that, by the thin width of her perineum, Ron's penis scrubbed the most pleasureful places in her rectum. Their masculine grunts of joy blended wildly with her feminine ones and already their cocks, moving in concert were swelling prior to spewing out their liquid reward. Two exploding cocks throbbed against each other inside her, pumping out their scalding loads of cum while Cherie gasped her climax in tiny little sounds with each of the men's savage, synchronized thrusts. Their sperm filled her, every fold and corner of her spasming channels, reproductive and excretory.

Ron, exhausted, fell away from her, but before she could collapse herself, Cleophas' strong hands hooked under her arms and moved her to the couch. Her arms and legs folded around him as his monstrous penis filled her needing vagina and the familiar thrusting filled her being.

"Oh, Cleophas!" Cherie cried, kissing him wetly and pushing her pussy upward to take every inch of black dick into her. His great balls slapped rhythmically against her tingling, just-fucked asshole and her head turned to the side, her eyes locking with those of a temporarily sated Ron Wolter. They exchanged looks of love and longing even while Cleophas penetrated her loving cunt deeper than ever before. Her big, round tits pushed up against his chest and her hips undulated expertly, taking his full, ten-inch length into the wet, warm depths of her silken cunt. The huge black man grunted wildly with his jackhammer thrusts while the peachy-cheeked young white girl whimpered in masochistic ecstasy, her feet lifted high in the air, her thighs spread wide on either side of his sleek, heavily-humping buttocks.

Ron raised his head and looked away from the wildly-fucking interracial pair and glanced over at Diane Layne. Diablo was boffing her wildly from behind, his tongue hanging out while his eyes strayed to Cleophas and Cherie, no doubt remembering the golden-haired, pink-bodied female Cleophas was now enjoying. The dog's red penis flashed quickly in and out between Diane's fat labia as the girl squealed with abandon. Everywhere, there was fucking going on. Allison Cooper, before always prim and proper was lying on her back with a man between her legs while another man kneeled beside her head, his cock locked between her full, red lips. The place had turned into a wild orgy and Ron felt his own prick hardening for further action.

Cleophas growled and shuddered, unleashing his cum into Cherie's vanquished vagina. The creamy white seed overflowed her loving pussy, ran down her anal cleft and puddled on the couch beneath her ripe asscheeks. Cleophas groaned and rolled away, his massive, meaty shaft coming free of her cuntal grip with a wet pop. Ron wanted her now, face to face, wanted to feel her sperm-soaked cunt caress his cock as it had that of Cleophas. Sleepy-eyed, Cherie rolled over on her stomach and pushed herself up.

She was exhausted, yet she felt two hard hands grip her from behind and a horny cock filled her aching pussy. She moaned at the invasion and began moving with the rhythm of this new penis. It must be Ron, she thought. He would finally be with her, she thought, turning her head and straining her neck for a kiss. The rough lips that kissed hers were those of the septuagenarian old man with the white hair she had seen standing by.

"What's it like, Sam?" Herb asked the old man.

The old man panted as he charged his knurly cock again and again into her wet, red-rimmed vagina. "The tightest, the best ever," the old man said between gasps. "I owe you one for this, Herb."

"You'll get a copy of the party video," Herb commented.

Cherie caught a glimpse of Sam Wilson's dentures as he grimaced, trembled, and shot his great load of sperm into her cum-soaked cunt. She sighed and collapsed on her face, smiling wistfully at Ron, reaching out her hand toward the one she loved. Ron extended his hand toward her, making to rise and go to her, but their fingers barely touched before the fat man, Harvey Belcher, rolled her onto her back and buried her beneath his obese bulk. Ron saw him shifting his body, searching for the opening to her pleasure channel with his thick, stubby prick, and the expressions on the faces of them both when he finally found it. Cherie's face had held a look of revulsion when the fat man covered her body with his and he drove deep into her, but his deep-ramming cock finally made her forget those sentiments.

Ron sighed, turning his eyes from the obscene sight of the beautiful teenage girl being fucked silly by the fat man, and catching sight of Sue Midori, who, now naked, was gliding across the thick carpet towards him. She came down to him and, straddling his hips, fitted the rim of her pussy over the head of his cock, beginning to ride up and down.

Cherie heard the obese bulk on top of her groaning, flooding her cunt and she cried out in disappointment. She had been ready to come again! And he had left her halfway there. She pushed her hips sensuously against his flab, tried to bring back her rapidly-receding orgasm, but the man he passed out with excitement when he had drained his balls into her pussy. Panting, she lay pinned beneath his weight, unable to move him from her moist flesh, until something else rolled the big man away.

It was Tony, dressed only in his briefs, and handsome young man with a kind but lustful smile. Beside him was another man who looked as if he were an identical twin.

"Meet Mario, my brother," Tony said. "He's older than me by ten minutes."

Mario and Tony simultaneously slipped off their shorts and the latter used his to mop up the slimy, white goo that oozed from her raw, pink-lipped slit. She squirmed and moaned at the touch, and Tony and Mario picked her up and set her once again on the floor, lying down on either side of her, lightly stroking her sensitized body, sucking her big tits both at the same time while their fingers gently prodded and poked into her vagina and anus. Mario raised her leg and the tip of his big, swollen prick found her cunt and slid easily inside while his hands cupped her breasts from behind. She caught her breath and began pumping her ass back against him while her eyes locked with Tony's.

"Oh, Tony," she whispered. "Mario's making me feel so good. Feels so good inside me."

Tony kissed her deeply and pressed against her. "Think there's room in there for me?"

Cherie felt his swollen knob gliding across her clit, pushing into her vagina next to his brother's ramming shaft.

"Oh, no, not that way," Cherie groaned softly as she felt the cock's tip pop inside the tight ring and slide up inside to meet that of the other young man, two hard knots of male flesh together up inside her tender cunt, stretching her further than ever before. And then she knew that she could fuck anyone, any number of men, give pleasure and take it at the same time, freely. Oh, fuck me, Tony/Mario. Fuck me good and deep.

"Don't forget," Herb announced. "I want every man in the room to fuck Cherie before the night is out. Diablo too."

Cherie could only groan in delirious delight sandwiched in between the two handsome Italians as the party went on towards its debauched conclusion, with Cherie as the main focus of all the action. Before the party was over, every male in the house, including Diablo, enjoyed the delights of Cherie's luscious, fresh young pussy.


Cherie let herself carefully into the spacious apartment and looked around. The water was running in the bathroom and a man was humming to himself happily. Shyly, she walked into the bedroom and after a long hesitation, began to undress.

She would never get use to this, she told herself. But she had to do a good job for Herb. She had three people to care for now, and the responsibility sat heavily on her. She thought back to the orgy that she had participated in at the mansion in the mountains. She remembered it vividly, though it had been a year and a half ago. Cherie was nearly twenty-one now and still dreamed of medical school, but the dream seemed next to unattainable at the present.

She had gone back to her work and concentrated carefully. Herb ignored her, but continued signing her pay checks. She had begun seeing Ron regularly and a romance bloomed. Of course, they had to go to his home for sex; Cherie's mother never would countenance fornication, especially under her roof, but she and Ron were extremely happy for over a month.

Then she had discovered she was pregnant, something she could not hide from her mother for long. The shame had worsened her mother's condition and it had been a difficult remaining seven months for her, but Ron had stuck by her, secretly proud that he had been the one to father the child. He stayed closely by her until the birth, until he saw the baby and knew instantly, as she did, that the baby belonged to Cleophas. The shock had been too much for her mother, and Cherie had had to put her into psychiatric care, the bills for which were staggering.

Herb had advanced her the money, making her give her promise to repay him when she had recovered from the birth. She had done that well. Her body showed not the slightest sign of having gone through pregnancy and birth. She cared lovingly for the little girl and received frequent visits from Cleophas, who came once a week or so to see the baby, he said, but Cherie thought that it was more out of a desire to have wild sex with the baby's lovely young mother.

Ron, however, had left immediately after the birth, vanished, before she was even out of the hospital. The word had been that he was working overseas for the company and Cherie had agonized for months at not hearing from him. Until just last night.

Cherie, now beautifully and voluptuously naked, slipped into the cool sheets of the bed. The man, still humming, came out of the bathroom. He was naked, paunchy, thin of hair, and about sixty. His massive cock reared its head immediately he saw her face, but he continued humming as he got into the bed, uncovered her body and began playing with her nipples and warm hairy cunt.

Last night, Ron had called her and they had had a long talk. He was in Europe and would be returning in a few weeks. He had apologised for leaving her and said he wanted to make it up to her, to resume their relationship and think of a future. He could accept the baby, Marie Ann, and they would do their best to make things normal between them. And then she could concentrate on getting back on the track to medical school.

The humming old man was pushing his fingers carefully in and out of her moistening pussy and Cherie let her thighs open widely of their own volition. This was her assignment. Public relations, Herb called it. More like pubic relations. It was a financial necessity for her. And her body craved it; she had come to need regular sex and she supposed that these occasional business-related encounters would have to do. Cleophas was a fantastic lover, but he did not come to her often enough. Besides, she resented him, disliked him. He had caused all her problems and he came and went without a by-your-leave. Ron would soon be back with her and she would tell Cleophas – and that monstrous cock that stretched her poor tender cunt to the limits – to stay away.

Herb had brought a new, young secretary in to his office and was now living with her, and she was expecting a baby. That's the way he had wanted it to be with Cherie, he had told her at the end of the week in the mountains last year, but she had blown her chances when she had had sex with Cleophas. Cherie did not feel really sad about that. She decided that living with Herb would not really be to her liking on a personal level. For making love, yes, but for a one-to-one relationship, she preferred a younger man, most preferably Ron Wolter. Still, there was the week at the mansion in the mountains coming up next weekend…

The old hummer mounted her and she lifted her knees while he fumbled with his cock. She felt it stretch her enormously and sink inside her to an incredible depth and he stopped humming and began sighing. Cherie felt her vagina heating and secreting its natural, passionate juices, easing the way for the man's steadily ramming cock. It felt so good. It always did. Things would be normal for her soon when Ron came back to her, and maybe he, on his high salary and shares of the business, would help her and she wouldn't need to do this job for Herb just to keep her life together.

Maybe not.

A sheen of sweat broke out over Cherie's perfect skin and she looked up at the old man's craggy, wrinkled face. His cock was huge and she soon forgot about the three warts on it; they heightened her pleasure as the abnormally-shaped knob rammed up and back in her sizzling, tight vagina. And suddenly, Cherie felt a deep, passionate love for this old man whose name she could not remember, like the flash of love she felt for all the scores of men who had fucked her since she had gone back to work for Herb – when they gave her these incredible orgasms. She writhed and squirmed with passion, thrusting her hips up at him, fucking and being fucked by this nameless man, her body tingling and screaming for release, a release she felt coming even as this old man was coming, inside her, flooding her hot cunt, now. Now. Now! Now!

Cherie arched her back, her legs lifting her skewered loins high off the mattress, his saggy scrotum and huge balls flopping again and again between her parted asscheeks. Cherie's voice rose, groaning out her pleasure as she felt his cum flooding into her in a white, sticky flow, coming now.

Coming now!