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Tender desire

Julia Grass

Julia Grass

Tender desire



Even the sign outside of town was small. STANTON – Pop 19,865. Just about as small as the town and the minds of the townsfolk, I figured, as I drove down its tree-lined streets. Already I was sorry I'd taken this assignment. Mini-town. Mini-minds. Shit, I'll probably get bored to death. And the assignment I'd been given looked like a deadend for sure. Who'd believe that this pretty little Squaresville, U.S.A. harbored the largest organized society of child molesters, Lolita swappers and infantilism freaks in the country. Orgies, swinging, swapping, young kids, depravity? Out here in God's Country?


I was on the main drag now and hunting for a parking space. My journalistic inquiries might just as well begin here as anywhere. So my eyes scoured the sidewalks for an available meter.

Then I noticed her.

She was just a kid, fifteen, maybe sixteen, leaning against the window of the neighborhood ice cream parlor. Just a pretty young kid, like so many pretty young kids.

Or was she?

The Stanton High T-shirt she wore was so tight I could see every detail of her braless breasts. And the look in her piercing dark eyes, now focused on me, seemed to belong to someone far older, far worldlier.

I parked in front of the soda shop. "Hi," I called to the girl as I locked my car door.

"You must be a stranger to these parts, mister. We don't lock our doors here," she replied in a deep and mature-sounding voice. The slight Southern drawl was such a turn-on, it surprised even me.

Guys who rob cradles are sickies, I reminded myself. I'm here to expose them, not to become one of them!

"Yeah, you're right, I am a stranger, but I hope not for long."

I looked at her rather meaningfully, stopping to remind myself that she was, still, a child. But if I wanted to penetrate the sexual underground in this town, I was going to have to make some compromises.

"My name's Edie," she said, extending her hand and drawing me into the store, "let's have some coffee and shakes."

Edie proved to be a fortuitous stroke. She was a fountain of information and promised to be an enthusiastic ally. She was anxious not only to hear all about my assignment, but to be of any help she possibly could to the whole project.

"Listen, Edie," I said, "I want to be present at the swaps and the orgies, I want to talk to the adults as well as the kids. I'm gonna need some help, someone on the inside who knows the scene. I'll pay you a regular salary for doing some spying and legwork for me."

"It'll be my pleasure. Gee whillickers, me going up there to that old house? I'll probably get so excited I'll come a bucket before I hit the door!"

"Do you come that easily?" I asked.

"Are we getting personal so fast?" she responded, extending a meaningful glance at the thickening cock in my trousers.

No doubt about it, this little gal was old beyond her years. I was so hot I could feel old Angus throbbing. I began to fantasize my hands on Edie's body; I could imagine how soft and silky her skin must be. How high and hard her boobs and ass. I admired those slim shoulders and the tapered waist. All I could fixate on was her sucking away at my crotch, her lips soft as cotton, never tiring. I was getting myself crazy with these perverse thoughts.

"Listen, Edie, I'm not getting so personal, I just think we can be really good friends, that's all. The more we know about each other and the freer we feel with each other, the better we can work together."

She pursed her lips as she listened to me, her dark eyes probing my face. The curls of her black hair seemed to dance along her forehead and cheeks. I could practically feel that hot throat engulfing my hard cock, I could visualize my hands running wild through her hair, my hands tugging her head into my belly as she sucked and licked, my come shooting into her gorgeous face.

I knew she was reading my mind. "Yeah, Tony, sure. Let's get to be real good friends, huh?"

Her knee rubbed against mine as she said this and I relaxed a little. My body immediately knew that within a very short time, we'd be living out every fantasy I'd had about her since I first laid eyes on her in front of the store. Oh I was so ready. Oh God, I was ready!

I reached for her knee under the table only to find her hand drawing mine up her leg. I had to lean forward a little, but it was worth the effort. My hand found cunt and what a cunt! She had actually unzipped her jeans, right there in the damned drugstore!

My fingers met a silk soft soppy wet hole. It was pulsating wildly so, naturally, I began to stroke that deliciously tantalizing slit with my thumb. Back and forth, slowly, tenderly. Within a minute, it grew even wetter to my touch and I knew the moment had come. I jammed into it hard and pressed down, bringing my thumb to her button and banging furiously on the head of that little clitstick. And I got what I wanted – hot, juicy girl come all over my hand!

Leaning back, I smiled into Edie's face as I brought my fingers up to my mouth and sucked the runny syrup of her loins. It was a rare, too-sweet candy to me. Her eyes bulged as she watched me slurping her nectars with such obvious pleasure.

"God, how I wish you were eating it off my pussy instead of your hand," she ejaculated, staring at me with fanatic intensity.

"I will be, baby, I will be!" I shot back. "Let's get the hell out of here. I want it as bad as you do. Angus-baby is about to have a shitfit seeing's how he's not getting any for himself."

"So! Tony has his Angus-baby, huh," Edie chuckled. "Wait till ole Angus gets a taste of what Edie's got to offer. Let's go!"

Driving to the motel was a maddening experience. It was 3:30 in the afternoon and still bright. Edie kept trying to go down on me in the car, but I had to push her away. I was super-uptight. It was just too dangerous – getting blown by some San Quentin quail type in broad daylight on a Middle American Main Street.

Jesus, I fought that need hard! Control. Discipline. Maturity. Angus fought me every step of the way, offering an orgy of sensations and throbbing out for attention. I drove with my foot to the floor, passing red lights all the way. The whole drive took five minutes, but it seemed like years.

I'd already made a reservation and being only the third guest in the damn place, the only motel in town, it didn't take them long to get me my key.

Edie was waiting outside with my small valise and she followed me to my room. We'd hardly closed the door when she shoved the piece of luggage between my legs and started rubbing it back and forth against my balls as I stood there.

The hard handle was pushing into my body. I let myself fall backwards on the bed and Edie followed, placing the luggage back where it was. This time she pushed it between my legs hard and fast, the leather rubbing the inside of my thighs, the handle hitting against my cock.

She used that valise like I never would believe it could be used. She massaged my body with it, rubbing it all over me. Rolling it around and around my stomach, pushing it into my chest and pounding it between my body and my arms, between my legs, against my neck, she pushed and pulled it against my body.

All the while I tried grabbing at her, getting some tit in my mouth or hand, getting some of her clothes off. But she was fast and agile, avoiding my every touch. She moved around the bed stimulating me with the valise. The leather smacked at my face, my legs, my feet. All over me. I was going wild.

As fast and furious as she'd begun pounding at my body with that little tool of pleasure, she threw it aside. Pulling my belt from my pants, unzipping my fly and stripping me from the waist down seemed to be done in one motion. This was the wildest, sexiest 16-year-old I'd ever seen in my life.

She pulled my legs up over my head and put my belt around one of my thighs. Then she took off her own belt and tightened it around my other thigh. I lay there mesmerized, pounding in my body, in the agony of ecstasy.

Her pants were off as quick as she'd stripped me and that gorgeous pair of high young boobs hung out there in full view. The blood was rising in my cock and balls, pulled there by the tight belts and the excitement of watching all this. My ass was up real high, my feet almost touching the bed behind me. She growled like an animal, standing there watching me and growling.

She was beating on her own meat slowly, tantalizing me. Whenever I moved towards her, changing my position, she'd put her hands on my ass and push me back, my legs swinging back behind me. She came closer and closer, fingering her own opening.

Angus was standing at attention, my ass opening and closing with the thrill of it all. Her growls got louder and louder. She put her knees on the bed, her thighs touching along mine, her knees against my ass. She grabbed my cock, the volume of growls again rising and suddenly I almost blacked out. I didn't know whether I'd gone to heaven or hell.

I was in such an ecstatic state it was almost painful. Edie's full fist thrust into my ass in one shot. There was no licking, no easy pushing. It could have been the Empire State Building being shoved up my ass. I screamed. She was holding the two belts with her hands. They were keeping her balanced and at the same time she was making them tighter and tighter around my thighs.

Edie's head was thrown back, her chest and belly coming towards and away from me like a two-ton truck in forward and reverse. Her pistoning fist filled every fibre of my body. Then, all of a sudden, she let go of one of the belts and grabbed Angus. With one pull, as though it were a signal between Angus and Edie, my cock shot a load all over her hand and my belly. It shot so hard it hit me in the face. I realized I'd been yelling myself, the exquisite joy was yelping out of me. I had gotten such momentum from the furious fucking that Edie's fist kept going and going on its own. There was no holding it back.

I lay there for minutes reveling in what I'd just had, when Edie began turning me again, moving me.

She propped my head up on some pillows so that I was practically sitting up. Then she straddled my body, her strong legs holding her up just in front of me. Her pussy at my mouth. She moved slowly now and my lips opened to receive that sumptuous cavern, rivulets of come still dripping from it.

It didn't take long until Angus was up and ready again – and, as soon as Edie felt the hard tool she'd created with her teasing and delicious play, she turned and began to suck.

This kid must have been sucking all her life. She sucked very inch of me like I never knew could happen. She pushed my body down so her cunt was positioned over my mouth, but Jesus, I couldn't compete. I didn't know half of how to eat pussy as Edie did about eating cock. I just lay there and enjoyed. When I thought I could hardly bear the tension and pleasure any more, she shoved some fingers up my ass and pushed them in and out, increasing the pressure of her mouth. My cock and ass were getting equal treatment and they both started their rhythmic trip to heaven. The pulsations were pushing at my body, my stomach heaving, my chest pounding. I was grabbing at her hair, her back, her ass, ready to explode, when she stopped. Dead stopped. I tried to grab my cock to finish myself off, I was insane with needing to get it off.

She pulled my hand and turned her body so that she was sitting on me with her back to me. Expertly, she slid down on my cock, her ass as open and wet as any cunt or mouth I'd ever pushed into. I raised my legs so that my feet were flat and I could move better. I grabbed her tits from behind and began pushing up and down, Angus shoving into that deliciously wet, hot ass and then, together, the two of us hit the jackpot!

When we slowed down enough to talk, I asked, "Where the hell did you learn all this?"

"That mystery house, silly, do you think I'm not part of it?" she asked, turning to me and nibbling at my ears and mouth.

We began kissing and the way she kissed, I knew I had me a permanent lover while in Stanton. I was suddenly very glad I'd taken the assignment and didn't give a shit if it stayed only the two of us. Small towns no longer bothered me.



Even though Edie confessed that she'd been part of the club for years, she still wanted to be a "spy" for me. She loved the idea of being a counter-agent, so to speak.

I agreed that I would never tell anyone that she had helped me, told me about any of their activities, or in any way broke any of their secrecy pacts.

She took me to the back of The House and we began crawling on our stomachs when we got close to it. At the back of The House there was a wraparound porch which looked in on windows along the first floor. Another porch was above it, which also served as a sort of terrace for all the rooms facing this porch.

Edie and I watched The House for a while. Lights were being turned on in various rooms. It was a huge old mansion which in its day must have been the "cat's-meow". Now it needed paint, repairs and a complete modernization job. It looked as though it were falling apart. There was an eerie quality because it was so big and so dark-looking. It was as though it were an old haunted house, looking down from its perch on the hill, carrying untold memories.

My reporter's mind began fantasizing about what went on in there over the years and what must be going on right now as I lay there next to Edie. As my mind raced, my hand automatically went out to her breasts. I withdrew as quickly as I had touched. I was working. I had to keep my mind on this assignment. All I needed was to get caught making it with a 16-year-old kid instead of doing what I was there to do.

"OK, Tony," Edie said, "none of that now, we'll have plenty of time later."

"See that window over there." She pointed to the second floor where a light had just been lit in the window in the far right corner of The House.

"Yeah," I replied, staring up at the turret-like corner, thinking how phallic it looked.

"That's where old man Jason stays most of the time. He can hardly get down the stairs now and he gets all his food and stuff up there. He owns this house and it seems that this whole club was his idea."

I got excited. This was a new angle on this. A founder of the club. An old guy who can hardly move had actually founded this place.

"Tell me as much as you know, Edie," I asked.

"Now now, Tony, c'mon, let's have a look. We'll talk later."

She was right, of course. We had to whisper and we had plenty of time for talk. We certainly didn't want to get caught.

Jerry led me to the first floor porch. We walked quietly along the wall. It was almost black since none of the lights were on at this part of The House. We felt the wooden frame of The House, feeling our way so as not to fall or slip. Edie put out her hand to stop me. She motioned me to crouch down and we continued by crawling below the level of the window sills. We crawled until we came to the next window, which was lit.

Wow! I pulled out my miniaturized camera and thanked the Lord for the transistor and brilliant scientists.

I clicked away, my eyes popping as much as my pants. Angus rose almost immediately when I looked into that window.

A man was sitting on an armchair. His elbows were on the arms of the chair. His legs were firmly on the floor and spread wide apart. He was holding a child in his hands, his fingers grasping her ass. Her legs were straight up in the air and spread apart. Her head was down resting on his thighs. Her face was towards his body.

She was probably giving him a blow job, but I couldn't see it because her head was in the way. Long blonde hair fell down spreading its silkiness over his thighs and falling between his legs.

His face was pressed between her wide spread legs. His nose poking itself out like a periscope, resting on her ass. His tongue had be to in her cunt, his lips lapping away at the clit and cunt lips and the whole gorgeous pussy.

I couldn't help myself. Angus was in my hands before I knew what I was doing. I was pulling away at him as I watched. The man pulled his face up a little so that I could see him. I kept jerking away while watching the scene. To top off what I was looking at, Edie had pulled my pants down around my knees and was kneeling behind me, rimming me as I was pounding my meat. Her tongue was forcing its way into my ass and her lips sucking away at the entire asshole.

I couldn't take my eyes off this guy. His face was reddish looking, with fat jowls and rubbery-looking lips. His eyes resembled a basset hound's and his ears were the hugest I'd ever seen. His tongue came out of his mouth, that gorgeous cum hung in suspension there just under his face. His tongue moved downwards and began licking. I could hear that body begin to moan quietly. Those old grey wooden walls were christened with my come just as he took her entire pussy in his mouth and began sucking as though it were a pomegranate. His eyes were wide open and bulging. His body was heaving up and down in the seat.

The flawless skin of that white body was shining in the light. Suddenly her perfect shape, the curved waist the soft buttocks, the slim tight legs all began to twitch. She seemed to convulse, his mouth coming down harder and harder on that mound of joy, that pussy delight.

He swung her around and wrapped her into his lap. She nestled into his body, curled up like a kitten. Her mouth on his cock, gently resting there. I could see his come on her face, her lips seeping some of it out of her mouth as she lay there exhausted. Trembling. His fat, belly and chest were heaving. Her golden hair was strewn all over him, some of it sticky with come. He patted her shoulders and arms. Her chest was hidden by her curled body. I couldn't see if she had tits or not. Her body had the size and shape of a kid often or less. She couldn't have been more. My ass was contracting with pleasure signs again. I could hardly stand it even though I'd already shot a load, I was rising again.

In my thirty years, I've been quite a whore-monger, men, women, even animals. But I'd never had a day like this. First Edie and now this. What a fucking assignment! I was in heaven, I thought. A heaven made for fuckers. A heaven of sex.

Edie pulled at me, helping me pick up my pants. I was so excited I forgot my ass was sticking out, in the fresh air.

I took Edie in my arms for some hugs and warmth. I needed some contact to calm me down a little. We moved on to the next window and looked in to see several young kids sitting around playing Monopoly. I began gesturing to Edie to move on when I realized this was more than an ordinary game of Monopoly.

A young boy of nine or ten was giving some money to a girl who looked about eleven. They were both blonde and very lean. Their bodies so firm and soft at the same time. It looked as though their skin was silky and warm. As soon as she took the money she spread her legs and lay down on her back. The third boy, a dark-haired kid about thirteen or fourteen, moved out of the way as the first boy came around the Monopoly board. He knelt down nest to the girl. Without touching her or speaking he put his head between her legs. She raised her legs, placing her feet on the floor. She spread her knees very far apart.

I suddenly jumped at a sound. It was Edie. She was playing with her clit and had accidentally touched the wall in her fervor. I couldn't blame her. How much can you watch this stuff without getting a little yourself?

I turned back to the window, glad that the kids hadn't stopped anything. My tongue could taste what that little bastard was tasting. I imagined my own lips sucking away at pussy without hair, eating cunt that was so fresh, so clean, so new. I figured she must be a virgin. I wondered if he could get his tongue up into her and get his teeth into her cherry and bite it off. I wondered if anyone ever lost cherry by having it devoured like that.

The kid's blonde head was bobbing up and down. Her hands were clawing away at the rug next to her. She was moving up and down herself. Suddenly, the other kid, the older dark one came over and began sucking on her tits. They were hardly any tits at all but the nipples had gotten pretty dark. He lay there next to her sucking on her left tit and he began banging away at his own ding dang.

This was all that Edie needed. Between masturbating herself and the third kid joining in the scene, she gushed a pile all over the porch. I bent down and began sucking on her, tasting the come. I had to get something or bust open, but my eyes remained riveted on the window. I couldn't miss a thing. I even managed to take a few pictures as I licked away at Edie and watched the three of them.

Then it was over. They all moved around again and I couldn't believe it, but the dark kid took the dice and shot. They began moving their little pieces around the board, sitting around playing Monopoly. What a gas.

"Let's get the hell out of here," I said. "I can't take much more before I get a little pussy myself."

We left the porch cautiously and quietly. Going down the hill was a lot harder than it was to come up. It had gotten very dark and I remembered all those holes and rocks I'd passed over on the way up. I hung on to Edie's back and followed her. At the bottom of the hill, we skirted around an old cow trail of some sort and finally out to the dirt road we'd driven up on.

Edie had explained that the main route to The House was guarded. We took this back road that very few people knew still existed and then had to walk along the path for about a quarter-mile, then up that hill. It was well worth it, though. What a sight. Phew. I'd never forget it. Little did I know what I was in for. There was more to come that I never would have believed. But that's for later.

It wasn't until we got into the car that we felt relaxed a little. The walk was really hairy what with the ominous sounds in the woods, the falling on rocks and holes and the general feeling of spying that we had.

I drove cautiously, not using my lights for a while. When we finally swung out to the main road, a two-lane macadam top, I turned to Edie.

"All right now, please tell me as much as you can. Is this what goes on all the time, in every room? What's it all about? Spill."

"I told you I'd help and I will," Edie said, putting her hand on my thigh and stroking a little. "But let's not rush. I've been living it for six years now and it's going to take a long time to fill you in on that much time. Besides, it's been going on for about 45 years from what I understand."

"Six years?" I repeated, astounded. "How old are you?" I couldn't imagine that she'd started at nine or ten if she was as old as she looked, which was about fifteen or sixteen.

"I'm going to be sixteen. I was nine years old when my Auntie Sybil first brought me to The House. I was part of the ritual of the virgin."

"The ritual of the virgin?" I was beginning to sound like a parrot but all this stuff was amazing me.

"Yes, I'm sure you'll get to see one of them. We have them every few weeks. The problem right now is to get you in like Flynn with someone who has influence so that you'll be invited into The House and can take part. Let's go to my Auntie Sybil. I'm sure she'll love you. She goes crazy for cock and even crazier for a little head. I'll tell you exactly what to do and how to do it so that shell be insane over you and do anything you want."

"Wait a minute," my male ego raised its ugly head. "I may not be the most fabulous lover in the world, but I doubt if a sixteen year old can tell me all that much." Was I ever wrong!

"Don't get upset, Tony, remember I've been trained since I was a kid. I know lots of techniques that you may not. Also I've been making it with Sybil since I was nine. I've learned her body well and she's told me what to do and how to do it. I can share all that with you. You want to get your story, don't you? Just listen to me and cut the bullshit."

She began directing me as soon as we got near the town. I found myself going up the driveway of a very large affluent looking home. It was built on the style of the Southern mansions with huge white pillars holding up the front of it. Small porches protruding from the windows, huge front porch and a double door.

"Is this Sybil's house?"

"No, Tony, it's Jerry's house. He's my steady boyfriend and I thought I'd show you a few things with him. Then we'll all go over to Sybil. Besides I want to prepare her for you and talk more with you about her."

Jerry looked like Edie in a way. His long black hair was very thick and wavy and his black eyes were as piercing as coal. They were alive with an inner sparkle and his smile was dazzling. Old Angus began his move upwards as soon as he opened the door and by the time he said, "Hello, Edie, come on in," my pants were bursting.

After the usual perfunctory introductions to Jerry and Edie's parents, we all excused ourselves. I was so embarrassed I almost fainted but I followed Jerry and Edie out of the room when Edie said, "Dad, Mom, we're all going upstairs to make it a while, see you later."

"Edie," her mother called after us, "would you mind if we joined you later?"

Edie and Jerry began to whisper with each other and Jerry turned, saying, "Wait at least an hour, OK, we're got a lot to talk about too, so we'll call you, OK?"

"Sure," Mrs. Garvey said, Mr. Garvey nodding his assent as well. You'd think they'd all decided to go to the movies together. It was as calm as that. It was stunsville for me. Angus actually went down all the way, he was so shocked.

But when we got up to Edie's room everything changed for old Angus boy. Edie's room was huge. There was no real bed but in the center of the room was a huge custom made (I'm sure) mattress. It was covered with pillows of all different fabrics and colors. There were lots of mirrors on the walls and pictures of every conceivable shape and form of sex. Lots of nude women and men in various poses and even the ceiling was covered with nudes and scenes of fucking and sucking, orgies, sadomasochism, animals and people, all of it.

Jerry asked me to watch for a while because he hadn't been with Edie for a long time. I sat on the mattress holding a red satin pillow between my legs rocking against it.

Jerry and Edie had undressed as quickly as I had and they were already eating each other. Jerry raised his head and gestured to me to come over so I could see closely. He put his two fingers alongside Edie's clit and pushed down on the skin. This caused the clit to stand up, kind of come out from between the skin. Then he put the tip of his tongue on the clit for a split second. He licked on the cunt lips nibbling and licking alternately. He put his tongue into the hole and then again came up to lick gently on the clit.

Edie was squirming all over the bed and Jerry had to move a lot to keep up with her, I couldn't watch because of all this movement so I moved down to see what Edie was doing. She had Jerry's cock in her mouth but she had her own fingers in her mouth too so that her fingers were rubbing along the tip of his cock as she sucked on him. I was going wild and regretted my agreement to "just watch for a while".

Edie began moaning more loudly and suddenly her body began twitching and Jerry turned his body dinging his dandy right up her twitching cunt. She raised herself to receive him and the two of them began a dance of fucking.

They moved up with each others body, Jerry's ass as tight as a vise, going up in the air as Edie pushed her body up to his. They moved faster and faster, their heads wildly pushing into each other, their mouths groping and sucking at each others faces just as their bodies pushed at each others. Jerry gave out with one of his growls and collapsed against Edie. She pushed him off her gently and pulled my hand directing me to give her head.

Her hands held on to my ears as I sucked Jerry's come out of her delicious cunt. The salty taste filled my nose and mouth, my tongue licking, my mouth sucking. I was in a wild frenzy and I turned my body so that my stick went right down Edie's throat. She sucked and rubbed on my cock as she'd done to Jerry. It was a wild sensation, my cock responded by getting bigger and bigger. I felt the come rising up when Edie stopped quickly.

As though I were a feather, she tossed me off her and turned her ass up towards me as she got on her hands and knees. As though it were rehearsed, Jerry slid under Edie, his legs jutting out to the side of us, just his head directly under her twat. She raised her body real high and his mouth found her clit. Edie reached back and directed my cock right up her ass. I fucked into her going slow at first and she screamed, "Deeper, faster, deeper, faster." I pounded away watching Jerry down there sucking away at her clit. He began pulling at his own cock. The three of us were screaming like banshees.

Cocks and cunts came together that time. We all fell in a heap of exhaustion. Twelve limbs, arms and legs were intertwined, our faces together, our mouths kissing and laughing.

Mr. and Mrs. Garvey began to applaud. They were both standing there in the candlelight. Who knows how long. Standing and smiling they continued applauding as they walked towards us. They were both nude and from the looks of Mrs. Garvey, Edie didn't have much on her. Huge breasts with gigantic nipples stood high and proud against a firm chest. Her stomach protruded slightly in a roundish curve going down towards pussy which was moving in and out as she gyrated her body towards my face. Mrs. Garvey began fondling her tits as they walked.

As soon as they came to the mattress, she had her cunt in my face and he had his cock in Jerry's mouth.

Edie went down to my cock and began licking and sucking giving head like I'd read about but never really had in my life. Mrs. Garvey came in a gush as I sucked at her hot twat. My face was covered with come and she bent down and started licking it from my face, sucking on my jawbone, my cheeks, putting her tongue into my eyes, pulling at my mouth, tonguing my teeth and palate. Edie's sucking was getting harder and wilder hands and bodies were all over the place.

Angus was up and ready again and almost on signal as he got really hard, I felt my body being lifted and there was Mr. Garvey's ass straight up in the air for Angus to plow into. In my frenzy I realized that Edie had moved too. She was under her own father and screaming, "Fuck me Daddy, fuck me!" and moving as he pounded her cunt in the same rhythm I was pounding into his asshole.

Jerry was fucking Mrs. Garvey in cunt or ass I wasn't sure. All I knew was that one of them was sucking on my ass and putting their fingers up my ass pushing in and out.

Talk about orgasm. Five explosions, coming and coming and corning. Moving, screaming, sucking, fucking, pounding and rolling into each other. It was frantic and ecstasy. It was the best. I fell back exhausted only to realize the two women were cleansing me with wash clothes and hot soap and water which miraculously appeared. We all cleaned each other and hugged and kissed before falling asleep in that gigantic playpen of Edie's. I remember thinking just before I fell asleep how wonderful it would be if more parents gave their kids such fun places to play in.



Edie and Jerry and I drove away from the Garveys at about 3 p.m. that Sunday afternoon. I couldn't believe I'd been in Stanton less than 24 hours and all this had already happened.

Jerry was telling me about Sybil and how she could help get me into The House.

"She's got a lot of influence Tony. Remember, you do her right and get her crazy for your cock and you're in like Flynn. Do what I showed you and keep telling her how much you want more and more. By tonight you'll be at a party up at The House. Believe me, it'll work out."

Edie was leaning against me playing with her right nipple. This kid couldn't keep her hands off herself. She'd stroke her nipples until the little brown bud stood up hard and shriveled, then she'd go on to stroking the other one. Every once in a while she put her hands up her skirt and feel around her hot little triangle until she'd moan a little. What a hot cunt she was.

"Alright Jerry, whatever you say. I sure appreciate all this help and you'll be well paid, believe me."

"No pay, Tony don't worry about that. I just want you to write the story so everyone will see how great our lives are. I wish the whole world could live with the kind of exciting sex we have and really learn how good it is. And don't forget Tony, baby, you'll never tell who or where we are. You promised not to blow the whistle. Just to write a dynamite story."

"You're on Jerry, you're on," I reassured him. After all I had no need to tell where and who. The story itself would sell without having to identify anyone.

We were pulling up at a ranch style house. There were actually horses in corrals out to the left of The House and it seemed to be a working farm of some sort. Dogs danced around the car barking and a lot of kids were running around doing various things. They all looked beautiful and healthy. But the breath was knocked out of me when this Goddess walked out on the porch.

She was wearing a white blouse without any underwear. I could see the darkness of her nipples centered in two perfect globes. The buttons were open to the belly button practically and the cleavage popped up so high she could have bent her head and stuck her tongue down between her own tits. Her jeans were long and tight to her body. She seemed to have legs that started up at her waist. Her head was thrown back and long red hair flowed down her back, falling gently around her face. Her eyes seemed green from where I was, framed by very thick dark lashes. She looked like a painting.

"Meet my Auntie Sybil," Jerry was saying. I didn't realize I'd been standing there staring, mesmerized by her incredible beauty.

"Oh, oh," I stammered, "I'm Tony Tyson, ggggglad to mmmmeet you." I couldn't talk. Her tits were all I could see and my cock was all I could feel.

She laughed as though she was familiar with my reaction, as though every man acted like this. "Jerry, you should have warned me, I would have been prepared to meet a Goddess if only you'd told me about Auntie Sybil," I managed to say.

"You're in like Flynn, Tony baby, in like Flynn. Auntie loves compliments like that," Jerry said.

Edie was off with some of the kids somewhere and Jerry said walking towards her, "I'm going to go riding with Edie for a while, see you both later. Hope you get it on OK, Tony's a good friend Sybil, be good to him, OK." He was gone from sight.

Sybil stroked my face with her hand looking deep into my blue eyes. Her eyes were green I saw and her face more perfect than I'd imagined. Her skin so white her mouth so full. I could look at her forever I thought. But she had other ideas.

"I like your looks Tony, I like your body. I like the package. Let's go have a better look."

She led me to a bedroom in the back of The House. It was all white. The rug, the furniture, the walls, the bedspread, even the pictures. Everything was white. She threw the bedspread on the floor to reveal white satin sheets covering a huge kingsize bed.

"Get undressed slowly. Just show me what you've got but do it slowly," she said, sitting on the bed, her legs crossed, her head resting on her hand.

I was up for the challenge. I loved acting and pretended I was on stage doing a strip. In fact I started to sing the strip song and I moved my body rhythmically as I stripped, gryating my hips, showing one shoulder at a time, the whole bit. If I do say so myself, I'm quite a sight myself.

I keep my 6'2" frame down to 180 pounds by working out, playing tennis and swimming all the time. I'm hard and lean. My shoulders are large and my waist 31". My hips taper down to firm hard thighs and legs. My skin is tanned, bronze looking from the outdoor life. My blonde hair compliments my bronzed skin and blue eyes. The package is nice to look at.

I was dropping my pants when she gasped. Angus, my faithful cock had not let me down at the vital moment. It stood there pushing itself towards her as though struggling to get into her mouth. It moved by itself, up and down towards and away from my belly. I could even swing it around a bit, making circles with it.

She was automatically removing her blouse and opening the buttons on her jeans. Her shoes were already off as I began dancing towards her one step at a time. By the time I reached the bed, Sybil had laid back and spread her legs wide, her arms at her side. I began to talk.

"I like the way your cunt looks. I'm going to touch your cunny lips with my fingers and rub them back and forth while I'm sucking on your tits. When your nipples get all hard and dark, I'm going to push some of my fingers up into your dripping love spot and put my head down between your legs. I'm going to rub your body with mine as I turn so that my pipe is in your throat, throbbing its way further and further down your mouth. Then I'm going to…"

"Stop talking!" she screamed, "Stop walking around and talking, come over here and do something."

I knew that she'd had everything. Jerry had warned me, so I was playing it different.

"Not yet baby, not yet," I said as I continued to move my body like Tom Jones, tantalizing her with my looks and words. "I'm going to put my fingers around your cunny lips and stroke them up and down, up and down, up and down. Your cunny lips are going to get maroon with blood and excitement. I'm going to watch the come dripping out of your twat and then I'm going to lean down until ray mouth comes near your pussy. My lips are going to surround your clit as it stands up and begs to be licked and sucked. You're going to beg me not to stop. Don't stop you'll scream as I suck away at your clit, my fingers pushing deeper and deeper into your crevice, the juices spurting from you like a geyser as I suck and lick and fuck. All the time you're going to keep sucking on baby Angus here." I continued pulling at my own cock, driving her wild with touching myself and dancing around her.

"Yes, yes, I'll suck on Angus, I will, I promise, come over here please," she begged crawling around the bed to me as I walked around and around her.

"Beg, baby, beg." I said, "Tell me what you're going to do to me when I get there, tell me baby, convince me to come over to that playpen of yours."

"Oh Tony, Tony," she cried, her fingers digging into her own pussy. "I can't stand it, I've got to come, you're driving me nuts." She pulled at her own twat as she said, "Come over here baby, look at what I've got. It's hot and steamy and tight. I'll take that hot staff of yours in here and suck on him with my throbbing pussy. I'll bring you off without your even moving. My pussy sucks just like a mouth. I'll show you," she said in breathy halting words as she was getting more and more excited pulling on her clit as she spoke.

I sprang to the bed and pulled her fingers from her love spot. My head dove and just as Jerry had shown me I spread her lips with my fingers and placed two fingers along her clit. It stood up like a cherry pit, hard and round and dark red. I brought my mouth down and began licking with my tongue, barely touching it, just licking back and forth. My face was hit with a torrential rain of come juice. Thick hot juice sprang into my face. She was so hot and so crazy that two licks had brought her off.

She turned her body and pulled me close to her. Holding me and stroking me all over she exclaimed, "I never came like that in my life, never."

She bent to my cock and began to tease it with her fingers. She stroked the head and the shaft one finger at a time. She pinched the hard vein and pulled at the skin, pushing it up and down over the head. She bent and began to lick. She nibbled at pieces of my prick and then she put the whole head in her mouth sucking gently and nibbling on the throbbing purple mount. Suddenly her mouth went all the way down to my balls and as suddenly came up. She went up and down, taking it all in each time. As she sucked up and down her tongue did amazing things. She circled my entire cock with her tongue and sucked up and down at the same time. Her tongue licking, her mouth sucking, her lips nibbling.

I was writhing on the bed frantically grabbing for her tits, her ass, her cunt. She avoided my grasp. Only her mouth was on me. No other part of me was touching anything, nor was she touching any other part of me. Her hot steaming mouth and lips and tongue on Angus. I became cock, all cock. There was no other part of me but cock. I was cock. I pulsated, throbbed, pounded as cock. My white thick juices built up in my balls and began swimming desperately forcing their way up me, me as cock. Juices swam up me making all of me one rush of energy, one rush of pulsations and vibrations. I exploded. Me. I. Me alone. Not my cock, but me. Because I was cock. I exploded. My screams continued and I throbbed on that satiny bed for what seemed like hours.

She smiled above me. "You gave me something different, so I gave you something different," she purred to me.

As she spoke, she nibbled at my earlobes and face. She kissed my lips and stroked my body with her fingers and palms. She alternated between stroking gently and hard. Between making circles with her fingertips and pushing her full palm against my body. She touched and massaged all of me as she kissed and licked and nibbled at all of me.

Her body moved around me expertly. She never put pressure on my body with her own as she moved. Sybil was as light as a feather and as agile as a deer. I lay there mesmerized with her lovemaking. And, as soft and gently as she was being for a half hour or so, as suddenly did she change. As soon as my spearhead stood up for her, ready and waiting for more, she jumped on me hard and furious.

She straddled my body, heir feet on either side of me, she supported herself by holding on to my hands. No other part of her touched me. Her cunt surrounded my lovestick and her hands held mine. Other than that I was not touched. She pounded up and down on top of me. Her cunt sucked at my prick, sucking and sucking as hard as she was fucking me. Her cunt muscles were incredible. She really did have a mouth inside that hot steam pot of hers. My balls were tired of making come juice and they were in no rush to produce any fluid so my cock stood at attention for hours that afternoon. Sybil made the best of it.

"Ride em cowboy," she shouted as she straddled my body fucking away at me. She turned her body every so often and pushed her pussy into my waiting mouth. I loved the taste of her and how she throbbed in my mouth. She could suck at my tongue with her cunt the way she sucked on my cock. I'd push my face up into her pussy as far as I could and then quick tongue her. My tongue going all the way up her pussy. On signal, she would begin pulling on those muscles and my tongue would get a suck job with all of her juices pouring out of her over my tongue down my throat and over my ears and face.

She was riding me, my shaft hard as a rock for her, unable to stop I was so excited with her when suddenly I felt a new ecstasy. Sybil had shoved a vibrator right up my ass and turned it on. The tingling moving thing was causing my ass to ripple inside and to swell with the opening and closing of the excited muscles.

She rode me harder and harder, yelling, "Ride em baby, ride em. Feel your ass swelling with the tingles. Feel my hot cunt pulling on Angus baby. Feel it, feel it, feel it," she screamed.

God I felt it. "I'm coming, I'm coming, I'm coming!" I heard myself screaming. "Don't stop."

She turned her body instantly and I felt her hot mouth on my joystick which was finally ready to give her come. Without missing a stroke she changed from sucking me with her cunt, to sucking me with her mouth and I was delving into her hot dripping pussy with my mouth and tongue and nose and fingers. Waves of explosions passed over both of us. She almost drowned me with her come juice, it catapulted out of her with such fury and energy. I'm sure my own come went down her throat into her belly button it flew so hard. The vibrator in my ass was still throbbing away as we lay there exhausted, our breath heaving.

I bent down and brought that magnificent woman to my side, kissing her face and caressing her body. We lay there with smiles like Cheshire cats on our faces. I knew I had her. I knew she'd help me all I wanted. But damn it, I knew something else too. She had me and I'd need her pussy cunt as often as she'd need pricky Angus. We both fell asleep aware of the bond between us.



Sybil and I made love all night. We couldn't seem to get enough of each other. As soon as I woke from a short nap after that wild afternoon, I found my mouth going automatically to her snatch. She awoke moaning with joy as my lips fondled her clit and my tongue sucked away at her cunny lips.

"You are so delicious, so delicious," I moaned into her channel of love.

"Suck, baby, suck," she whispered over and over inspiring me to bury my mouth deeper and deeper into her joy spot. I found that I loved sucking on her so much that it was hard to pull myself from that delectable tablet. She tried pulling me towards her face so that she could suck on me. "Let me get Angus into my mouth," she'd cry as my mouth enveloped her twat.

I preferred to suck on her awhile before she began her voyage on my body. I kept my body alongside her so that she couldn't reach me. Just my face was against her. I tantalized her by teasing, licking a little, taking away, licking a little more and then taking away again. She pulled at me, tried to finger fuck herself, thrust her body up and down, even grabbed the pillow and tried to fuck it. I kept her from all of this. I wanted to make her crazy, to bring her level of excitation higher than it had ever gone.

I licked on the clit with a very hot and wet tongue for a short moment. I shoved fingers up her cunt and thrust but just three times. My lips found her cuntlips and nibbled and bit on them, taking the entire lip into my mouth, then letting go. I blew hot air on her and up her snatch. I put my mouth against her box and hummed into it, the vibrations of the humming going up into her channel of love making her itchy and crazy.

"Bring me off, bring me off, fuck me, suck me, get my clit," she'd scream over and over again, trying to pull at herself, getting more and more insane by the minute. My teasing was ecstasy and pain at the same time. Whenever I felt she couldn't stand it any more, I'd finger her clit, and holding it up in the air, I'd suck on it giving it all the love and attention I could.

But, as soon as a spasm would start, as soon as her belly rose in the air, and her muscles tensed in the throes of orgasm, I'd stop, and bring her down again. Finally, I couldn't stand it myself any more. I took her pussy in my mouth and sucked on all of it at once. I nibbled on the lips, my tongue thrusting in and out like a cock, my tongue circled the clit hard and tender as it was, my fingers fucking her at times. She rose to me, pulling, every muscle in her body tight. Her tits stood at attention, the nipples as hard as rocks, shriveled up into tight wads of blackness, her feet flat on the bed, her knees spread apart. Her head was thrown back her whole body arched ready for the final release, the climax I'd teased from her for almost an hour. The time had come. I turned my body, got in front of her, my legs straddling her body, my feet flat on either side of her.

I lifted Sybil in the air, my hands under her waist, and shoved my rod into her hot juicy pulsating cunt.

I knew what would happen and it did. She clamped on me in spasm upon spasm of release. She enshrouded my joystick with the hottest juice, the stickiest come. Her muscles pulled on my prick over and over showering me again and again with come. Her voice reached the sky. Screams hit the walls and ceilings. Her hands grasped and pulled at me, her nails digging into my back tearing holes in my flesh. I held my cock inside her with great effort. Her cunt was throbbing so wildly, the muscles spasming so intensely, that Angus was being thrust outward. I held on for dear life. No way was I going to be shoved out of the spot of joy and ecstasy. That hot juicy pussy of pleasure.

She quieted down after more than ten minutes of pulsating and sucking on my cock with her cunt. I had to exercise all the control in my power watching her tits heaving up towards me, hearing her screams of ecstasy. My own juice was boiling inside my balls, heaving itself against my walls, raring to force its way out of me.

As soon as she stopped I pounded my body into hers, furiously, fiercely. One shove, one thrust, one pounding, that was all it took. Angus exploded. Come hit her hot juicy walls, bounced off that tight cunt of hers, poured out of me like a geyser in Colorado. My head fell back, my asshole pulling itself in and out like it was closing around a delicious cock. I was throbbing. Every fibre of my body was a giant orgasm.

"Oh Tony, Tony, Tony," she moaned still under me, still holding my cock deep in her fabulous cunt.

"Sybil, baby, you're the greatest, the greatest, the greatest," I managed to say, my heart still beating wildly and my chest heaving with the exertion of the past hours.

We smoked after a while and talked about what I we had with each other.

"I've been fucking twenty two years," Sybil said. "I was Jason's favorite when I was only eight years old, but never in all these years, with all of my training and practice, did I have such feelings, such intensity."

"Maybe we're in love, maybe that's why we feel this way," I offered, half kiddingly, but afraid that I really meant it. This dame had me by the balls. No way could I ever live without her.

"But you mentioned Jason," I said, remembering my job now that my body had been fully and so I perfectly sated. "Who is he, what is the story with Jason and that house?"

"Tony, listen to me, I'll bring you to The House and you'll find out all that you want to know, you can interview Jason yourself, I can't even begin to tell you it's so much. But I think you're right, I think it is love and I'm so crazy and hot for you I'll do whatever you want. Right now you want information about The House and that's what I'll give you. C'mon, let's get dressed, I'll show you something."

I almost got a hard-on again I got so excited at the thought of really being in on the whole deal, seeing it, being part of it. I couldn't wait to see what Sybil had to show me. We dressed quickly and were driving out of town before I realized that I had no idea where we were going.

"Can't you tell me where we're going, what I'm going to see, Sybil," I asked.

"Turn left, we're there already, you can see for yourself."

We were in front, of a large building that seemed like a school of some sort. There was a playground out front and lots of pictures and homemade things on the windows.

We entered a large foyer and were greeted by Steve Porter, a young man of twenty five or so. He was adorable, with laughing blue eyes and curly blonde hair cut tight to his head. His jeans and polo showed a tight firm body that I wouldn't mind getting into. But that was to be later, I discovered.

"Show Tony the babies," Sybil said calmly, adding, "And tell him the whole idea of this place."

Steve and I walked around the building looking into rooms. Some of them were classrooms, others were dormitory style sleeping quarters, others huge bathrooms with showers, others dining areas, others play areas. There was a swimming pool, tennis courts, gymnasiums and even an auditorium. It was a fabulous place.

Children were all over doing all kinds of things. None of them were older than twelve or so. There were some infants in cribs being tended in the nursery.

"All of these children are orphans, or bastards," Steve said. "Some of them have been deserted by their parents, others are runaways. All of them are here legitimately, we've taken them over as wards of the state and we take very good care of their…"

I noticed that indeed. As he said that, I saw a lovely young woman nursing two infants at the same time, one at each nipple. As she nursed, a young girl of seven or eight was kneeling in front of the woman. Her face was between the woman's legs, obviously giving her head.

"It's very healthy for a nursing mother to be sexually satisfied as she's nursing," Steve explained when he saw me watching this scene. "Teresa loves to suck cunt and so whenever the mothers nurse, she goes right down and sucks them. Of course, there are other children who sack cunt too, but she loves it the most I think."

"Where do these mothers come from?"

"Some are unwed mothers with no place to go, others are runaway girls knocked up by some bastard somewhere, others are volunteers from the community who have their own babies and help by nursing an abandoned baby or orphan baby."

I noticed another woman alongside a crib with a baby boy. She was pulling on his cock as he lay in the crib.

"We masturbate the children here. It's a lot healthier than rocking them and they fall asleep very relaxed and happy. The Arab women do that all the time, it's part of their culture," Steve explained.

A little girl of four or five was sucking on a boy's cock as he sat playing with some blocks. A boy of nine or ten was licking the tits of a teenage girl as she jerked him off playfully.

"These children have sex, suck, fuck, masturbate, look at each other, whatever in the same way they play games, run, or swim. We treat it all the same here. There are no taboos, no problems… Let me show you something."

We walked into a classroom where children from six or seven to teenagers were sitting around. The teacher was speaking: "Climaxing, coming, ejaculating, dropping your load, whatever you call it, is not as important as the foreplay, the lovemaking, the sucking and fucking and touching that comes before the final ecstasy. Remember always give as much fun and excitement as you want to get…"

We left the room as he continued his lecture on the joys of sex.

I was beginning to understand Jerry's attitude and Edie's and even her parents. Sex was truly beautiful with these people and there were no holds barred.

We entered a huge room on the top floor still talking about the philosophy behind the school. There were many naked bodies of all ages and sizes in the room which was one huge mattress it seemed. Sybil was lying on her back in the far left corner. She was surrounded by eight or ten children, all well under twelve. They were massaging every part of her body. She had a look of ecstasy on her face and seemed so peaceful and relaxed it was lovely to see.

One of the boys was sucking on that gorgeous tit of hers. Another was sucking on her fingers, another girl was sucking on the other tit. Kids hands were all over her. Their mouths sucking and licking her. They turned her on her stomach and continued touching and licking her entire body.

One girl spread the cheeks of Sybil's ass apart with her hands. Another put her face into Sybil's ass. I could imagine that his mouth was forcing itself into her asshole, his tongue entering and licking as he rimmed her just as I'd done hours before.

"Lay down a while Tony," Steve said, "I'll arrange to get you done as Sybil is being done."

He didn't have to ask me twice, I was on my back and stripped of my clothes in seconds. My cock was standing up away from my body like a rock waiting to be perched on. Kids swarmed all over me, I felt mouths and hands, feet and pussies and cocks.

A pussy sat on my mouth and I sucked a pussy without hair. The sweet taste of it was enjoyable. I could hardly find the clit with my tongue and lips. It was so tiny. She came into my with little dribbles of come juice. She was quickly gone, replaced by cock this time.

I sucked a little two inch penie weenie loving to feel it grow in my hot mouth. My cock was being done to magnificently. I alternately felt mouths, cunts which were tight and tiny so that only the tip of my cock went in, assholes which permitted only a bit of the shaft and hands which jerked and pulled at me expertly.

I couldn't see what was happening, nor did I have any control. My fingers were being licked, my arms held down as hands massaged me. My toes were licked and my legs sucked and bitten and caressed. My tits were sucked and pulled at. Angus was put into hundreds of orifices again and again, none long enough to bring him off, just long enough to give him joy.

When little cunts would come on top of me, hands would hold Angus to keep him from going all the way in. Angus was rubbed into the hot holes but held at the mouth of that channel of love not yet ready to be fully entered. Mouths sucked on it, licking and nibbling.

I was going insane, thrashing around and wildly trying to call for release. My mouth was being kissed, or kept busy sucking on cunt or cock so that I couldn't scream out. I was insane with desire. My hot come juice was thrashing around inside my balls, my balls tight and hard, shriveled up into nothingness so needing to pop off.

When I thought I could truly stand it no longer, as though on signal, Sybil was at my side. I was released from all the hands and I turned on top of her, bringing that delicious tit into my mouth I shoved the full shaft of my pulsating hard as steel, rock cock into her gyrating pussy.

She was as hot as me having gone through it all with other kids while I was getting that same ecstasy trip. I grabbed her ass with both hands pulling it up towards me and fucked the shit out of her and out of myself. We both came in a frenzy. Her come continued for minutes, pulling on my cock with her hot juicy throbbing walls.

My ass was being sucked while all this was going on. My tits were being pulled on. My whole body was touched wherever the little hands could get some skin. My toes and fingers were sucked on. Sybil's body was also covered with showers of kisses and sucks and nibbles. We both lay there joyously, in a state of exaltation and peace as the little hands washed us and massaged us.

Steve had been standing near us watching it all when several others came in. Rather than join our scene with Sybil and I and about fifteen of the kids, the others began their own.

Sybil and I lay there being caressed as we rested and we watched their scene. Steve was fucking one of the girls, obviously an older girl by the way he was plowing into her hot juice box. One of the kids, about eleven and well developed to say the least had his cock up Steve's ass and was plowing at the same rhythm as Steve so they could stay together. The kid in Steve's ass had his fingers up a girls twat who was standing above him and she was jerking off a little boy about eight years old. Others were in assorted positions, sucking each other in threes and fours, jerking each other off and two little girls of two or three were sitting against the wail playing with each other.

Angus twitched a little watching all this and feeling the touch of the little kids around us, but no way could my body respond, I could only lay there reveling in the joyous feeling. I'd had enough for that day. Sybil lay in my arms, her hot tits against my chest. What a fabulous day it was.

It was Monday night. I'd been in Stanton a little over two days. What a trip.



By Wednesday afternoon, Sybil had wangled an interview with Jason for me. She told him we were engaged and that I'd be a major part of The House from then on. I was to share with her in the details of keeping The House going.

Jason may have been old in years and his body aged, but his mind was as alert as an owl at night.

"I'm thrilled to meet you, Tony," he said extending his withered hand to me. "I won't waste any time because I don't have any to waste any more, let's set to the point. What do you want to know?"

"Glad to meet you, too, Sir," I said, "and certainly glad you want to share with me how all this started. What I really want to do is just listen to you and get as much information as I can from the horse's mouth, if that's OK with you, Sir."

"Well, let's start at the beginning, Tony. Hope you have time. I began fucking when I was nine years old. My mother was an Indian, full blooded and she believed in many of the ritual sexual behaviors. She masturbated me from infancy and sucked on my cock to calm me when I had pains. She taught me everything about her body and about my own."

"I watched her give birth to my two younger brothers and I sucked on them and masturbated them from my earliest years. Sex was beautiful and wonderful to me then. We lived on a reservation and everyone around us accepted our ways. Not everyone was as free as my mother was with her children, but no one ever talked about us or stopped us from doing what we wanted to."

"As I said when I was nine, I was fairly developed and had been ejaculating for about a year by being jerked off, pulling on my own pipe, or even being sucked off by my mother or one of my brothers."

"One day I had a huge erection, it seemed much bigger than usual. My mother was in the cabin and she began to get very excited. I had seen her masturbate plenty of times and had even given her head as had my brothers. She began playing with herself together with me."

"We both got undressed as we'd done before. My mother always taught me not to just pull at my dong, but to touch my whole body and get myself real excited when I masturbated. I was playing with my tits and my balls, feeling my skin and pulling on my prick with my other hand."

"She raised her nipple to her mouth and sucked on her own tits as she pumped her fingers deep into her twat. I watched her fingers going in and out and without hesitation, as though it were the most natural thing, I went to her and pushed her backwards on the floor, I climbed on top of her and put my cock right up her cunt, I remember exploding immediately. That hot juicy tight cunt was too much for me. The thrill of it brought me off in less than a second."

"We kissed and hugged and she told me then, 'Jason, honey, that's fucking, another beautiful thing to do with that gorgeous hunk of meat hanging there between your legs.'"

"Well, Tony, that was at nine, 65 years ago! My brothers and I and my mother fucked and sucked regularly. Some of our friends joined us from time to time. There was never any talk about it or problem in our area. Whenever we wanted a little come juice from someone we'd lean over and start to suck on cock or cunt, cunt or cock. It didn't matter. When we wanted to shove our pricks we'd do it, into ass or cunt or mouth, it didn't matter. Pleasure was the important thing – getting it and giving it."

"When I was fourteen, my mother died and we were all sent to an orphanage. We behaved as we'd always behaved and had the shit beat out of us. My brothers and I couldn't understand what the hell happened. We didn't know the language and we didn't understand what was going on. We finally understood that sucking each other would get us hit, so we finally stopped that. Then we understood not to fuck each other and we stopped that. Within a month or two, with lash marks on our backs and broken knuckles and burned fingertips, we finally stopped everything to do with sex."

"But I vowed that when I grew up I would never let anything like that happen. I was taken from a happy loving home, to an insane world of hate and punishment. Love and sex goes together and I'm determined to keep it that way."

"You've met our babies, you've seen them as grown ups. What do you think? Sybil is a perfect example. She was with us from the time she was born. Join us, Tony. Join us. Help us to stay strong and true to ourselves. Fucking, sucking, loving each other, that's all that matters. Isn't that right?"

I sat there mesmerized by his passion, his energy and determination. He had me. I was with him all the way. His way of life, what he'd established was the right way in my book, too. I had no judgments or negative feelings about anything that was going on. Everyone I met seemed too happy. It seemed like an ideal world to rue.

"Yes, Jason, yes," I replied. "Let's go all the way with this thing."

"In any way I can help, I'll be glad to, just let me know how. In the meantime, tell me a little more about how you got it started when you did get out of the orphanage."

"Yes, of course, Tony, of course."

He moved in his chair and took a drink of bourbon. "My brothers and I lived together. When we got out we immediately resumed our old practices. Before long we had several girls living with us and you know how it is, sex is sex. It's the most powerful drive in the world. We were all having orgies and loving every minute of it."

"Word got around the area of town we lived in and more and more people joined us. I had a commune forty years ago, long before anyone ever heard of communes. We literally all slept together."

"Gee, I remember one night, I actually made six women come at once. One was on my face and I was sucking away at her cunt, as only I can. I'm the best cuntlapper you'll ever meet. I'll prove it to you later tonight. Another was sitting on my cock pumping away up and down. One was on each of my hands and my fingers were poking into cunts and pulling on clits. The other two were at my feet. They had their legs spread and my toes and feet were in just the right place for them. I moved those toes around and around, sucked and licked, pushed my cock up into cunt and fingered two hot, juicy twats all at once."

"And Jesus, you should have heard the screams. Six of them coming at once! That's a memory. And, you know Tony, not one of them was over thirteen years old! It was fabulous."

"One time, my two brothers and I were fucking some girls at the commune. We had a big old house in the country and it was always full of free, loving people. We actually had training classes like we have at the school. Anyhow, we were fucking and it was a daisy chain that went around the room in a complete circle."

"There were over twenty five of us, each one getting cock or cunt or tongue. I remember my cock was in my brother's ass as I was sucking on cunt and jerking off another guy. I don't know who. My other hand was up someone's twat and I kept shoving hot juicy come juice into my brothers ass to keep it hot and wet for me. Some girl was rimming my asshole."

"God, do I love it when I get my asshole rimmed. You know, Tony, to this day, old as I am, when I get rimmed real good, the old boy rises like someone rang an elevator button."

"The whole room was attached in one giant fuck and suck scene. Oh well, I had loads of those things. You'll see some of them here too. Just you wait, we'll put on some real good shows for you."

"One time I met up with these two sword swallowers. They knew the trick that allowed the sword to go down their throats into their bellies. That's the whole trick. Anyhow they swallowed cock all the way, including the balls. Can you imagine that feeling, your cock all the way down someone's throat and she's sucking on your balls, as the tip of your cock is being tickled by her gag reflex way at the back of her throat. What a trip that was!"

"But we're getting away from the children and our 'House'. I realized that if my way of thinking was going to be accepted, I had to turn adults on to the delights of young children. The smoothness of their bodies, their gay abandon, their exuberance. I decided that the only way to do it was to make children available for all kinds of sexual activities."

"When I was thirty eight years old and rich enough to buy whatever I wanted, I adopted a four-year-old girl. I trained her from the first day about the joys of sex. I had her giving the best head by the time she was six and she would come in my mouth for fifteen minutes at a time as I sucked that baby clit of hers."

"God how wonderful it felt to hold that little body in my arms as I sucked on her and' felt her love juice oozing down my throat over and over again. Her body tingled in my arms and I could feel all of her as she came, she was so tiny."

"I began sharing her with my very best friends when she was only seven or eight. They, of course, began sharing their kids with me. Some were already into this kind of thing on their own. In fact, one of my friends told me how he started."

"His daughter was six and he began giving her a massage. He asked his wife to give him a massage while he massaged little Jane. The wife got so turned on she started sucking his cock right in the middle and the little girl imitated the mother very naturally."

"Well, there was mother and daughter sucking on Daddy's bazooka and, well, he was screaming and yelling with the excitement of it. He kept his finger up his wife's twat pulling away on her clit so that she stayed excited enough to keep it up and not get on a whole moral trip about the kid."

"The way he tells it, the kid sees him sticking his fingers up Mommy's cunt and she lets go of his cock and jumps over to Mommy and starts sucking on Mommy. Mommy starts coming in spurts of juice and sucks away until Daddy comes."

"Little Jane is laughing and jumping up and down. She loved all of it. They made love with each other from that moment on. And were they relieved to know that they could share with me and my baby and wife."

"Another guy turned his son on in pretty much the same way. They were talking about sex and what the penis could do. He was showing the kid how to pull on it the best way and then bent down to show him that it could also be sucked on. The kid very naturally said, 'Let me try it,' and began sucking on Daddy."

"Now Mommy walks in and starts to object but Daddy is pulling on his own cock while she is talking. This always turned her on, so she got interested. The kid takes his cock and shows his mother, 'Look Mommy, this is the best way to pull on my cock so I can feel good.'"

"The father tells me that he said, 'You can suck on Mommy's baby penis the way you sucked on mine,' and the kid goes right between her legs and begins sucking. The mother pulled her cuntlips apart and pointed to the clit. 'This is my baby penie, it's called a clit, suck on it, suck on it, suck on it!' She was screaming by then because the kid was doing a pretty good job."

"It went on like this until we had about ten families who were really into it. We shared each other and our kids in orgies and groups that were fantasies come true. The kids became happier, did better in school and were all-around great kids. But again, we worried that others would find out and do a guilt trip on the kids' heads, or worse yet, punish them and us."

"So I formed the school and we really live in our own world now. We keep within our own community. We live a life of love and the acting out of that love. There are about six hundred of us, at least two hundred families and about one children who don't have parents but live at the school. All the children involved go to the day school which goes through high school."

"Sybil, Edie, Jerry are all products of our love system. They're the greatest. They put on a show for us last week that was fabulous. I wish you could have seen it."

"Sybil was lying on a bed which had been put on a platform. Mirrors were hung above the bed and on three sides of it so that the audience could see everything very clearly. Everyone was there since it was a training show as well as a turn-on and because it preceded our regular weekly orgy."

"Jerry went over to the bed and began speaking to Sybil. 'I like the way you look lying there. I want you to begin to touch yourself. Feel your nipples. Make them get hard and dark. Make those nipples shrivel up and tighten in your fingers.'"

"Of course, Sybil did everything Jerry told her to do and we were all getting pretty hot."

"Jerry continued: 'Run your hands all over your body, turn and stretch, get yourself loose. Move your hands over your thighs, your legs. Bring your leg up and move your fingers over your toes, in between each toe, up your leg, up to your belly!'"

"Sybil was moaning a little by then and Jerry said: 'Yeah, baby yeah, make noises, turn yourself on, baby, make noises and let your hands roam all over you. Suck on your fingers baby, suck those fingers like they're cock.'"

"'Now take those wet fingers and put them where you want them, yeah baby, spread those cuntlips wide apart. Show us those cuntlips. See everyone, those two juicy meaty lips are the cuntlips. Always be sure to lick them and suck on them when you give head. Roll your tongue around and over them. Nibble on them. Yeah baby, roll your fingers on your cuntlips. Pull on them if you want to – yeah baby, make noises!' Jerry said as Sybil moved around in her cunt pointing out the various parts."

"'Here's the cunt, the hole you go right up into and here's the urethra, where you piss out of. It's tiny and inside the cunt spot. Now here's the juicy part, show them baby. Show them that clit, that spot of joy. Yeah baby, put your two fingers on either side of that clit. Let it stand up at attention. Now take your other finger and rub, yeah baby, come on, come, come come.' He kept talking and Sybil was doing a job on herself moaning and moving all over the bed, when Edie goes on the bed and joins her."

"Jerry continued: 'Yeah Edie, yeah baby take over for Sybil, take that clit out of her fingers and nibble at it, just gentle, just gentle baby, just nibble and now lick. Get your tongue real wet and lick on it. Let your tongue roll around that clit yeah babies, make those noises.'"

"They were both moaning and heaving like crazy when Sybil takes Edie's body in her arms and turns her taking Edie's cunt into her own mouth."

"Jerry again announced their act: 'That's it Sybil, you do Edie too, that's it baby, get her clit in your mouth, remember to eat up those cunt lips, keep your tongues and mouths wet, keep it slow and gentle, yeah.'"

"Jerry could see that the two of them were really ready, their bodies were high in the air, every muscle tight and ready to explode."

"'Now babies, now suck, suck suck, now babies bring it off, pull that juice out babies, now now now and now.'"

"Everyone was screaming by then along with Sybil and Edie, it was wild. Most of the people in the audience were already following the same directions, doing their own acts in twos and threes and fours."

"Well you'll see it for yourself, we have one every Friday night. Would you like to be in the act, we can arrange it?"

"No, thanks Jason," I replied, panting like a dog who'd just run ten miles and fucked six times on the way. My cock was standing at attention and could hardly stay inside my pants. Jason, as I said was keen as a whip and spotted old Angus throbbing with desire.

"Jami, Jami, come over here, please dear." He was calling a little girl of nine or ten, "See that Jami dear, please love it a little."

Jami took Angus out of his denim prison with finesse, then gestured me to lift my ass as she rolled my pants down to the floor. I didn't move a muscle. I watched that little head go down to my throbbing purple stick and treat it like a lollipop. She slurped at it, sucking it with such pleasure and delight. Her little lips sucked and sucked, her tongue licked and her hand jerked up and down on the base because she couldn't fit it all into her mouth.

I threw my head back and let my arms dangle at my side. I couldn't move, it was sheer delight. Angus spurted like Vesuvius and little Jami slurped some more devouring every drop of the hot cockjuice.

"Aaaah! Oh baby, oh baby, you're fabulous, oh baby, you're fabulous, thank you baby, thank you." I could hear myself saying from my reverie.

I lay there thinking, Jesus, can anything be better than this? I guessed so because it just kept getting better and better and better and better. I smiled as I thought of Friday night. Whew, what a job this turned out to be.


The anticipation was causing the blood to rush through my body like a torrent of water tearing down a mountainside. I felt like I was on fire, I remembered everything Jason had told me and Sybil's words describing Friday nights at The House were ringing in my ears.

Old Angus was throbbing with just the thought of it all. I watched people coming through the doorway – one by one. I watched their faces and their bodies – a longhaired brunette about nine years old, tenderly holding the hand of her mother and father, a blond boy of seven laughing and joking as he walked arm and arm with two other girls.

The girls were eight or nine. All the people coming through the doorway looked happy and beautiful. Perhaps it was the Southern climate – perhaps it was their way of life – perhaps it was a combination of both – or perhaps it was neither. All I knew was on that Friday night at The House, people were laughing, joking, greeting each other joyfully.

A fourteen year old boy was jumping rope with a girl of fifteen or sixteen. Men and women were all over the room talking, joking and sharing with each other. Everyone who entered the room had a child with them. Sybil told me that anyone who wished to come to The House on Friday night had to bring a child of twelve or under.

If they did not have a child of their own or were not able to borrow a child of their own or were not able to borrow a child from one of their neighbors or friends, they went to the school and brought one of the orphans with them. Some of the children were as young as five or six. The sexual practices with them were very limited, of course.

People were all over the room – children laughing, jumping, running. It was exciting; it was thrilling. The tension was in the air. I could feel it building. I could smell sex all over the place. Cunts must have been dripping like crazy because I could smell the pulsations between their legs. I could smell the dripping hair.

There wasn't a woman in the room who wasn't ready – perhaps even, before they entered. There wasn't a man in the room who didn't have a cock as hard as mine. Everyone was at a level of passionate arousal. Everyone was primed for Friday night at The House.

Suddenly the lights went dim. There were at least two hundred people in the room. Sybil was at a microphone in the corner and she began to speak. "Hi everybody. Welcome to Friday night at The House. You are really lucky tonight because we have an extra special show. It's going to be very informative, very instructive and, of course, very pleasurable."

A boy of eleven walked to the stage, which was essentially a huge bed built up on a platform. He walked on the mattress and removed all of his clothing. A girl of the same age followed him and got on the bed. They immediately began to undress each other.

He began to speak: "I want to take off your clothing. I want you to be nude in front of me; I want to see your naked body; I want to see your tits; I want to see your belly; I want to see your cunt; I want to see if any hair has grown on your cunt since the last time I saw you; I want to look inside the skin of your thighs; I want to look up into your cunt; I want your legs naked so I can touch them and feel them; I want all of you naked under my hands and under my eyes; I want to see all of you and feel all of you; I want to look up your ass; I want to touch you and lick you and suck you; I want all of you and every inch of you to be under me and in me and with me."

She stood quietly while he undressed her and spoke to her. Everyone in the room was silent. Once in a while, there would be a sigh or a panting sound. One woman moaned quietly as we watched.

The girl took bobby pins from her hair, which had been piled on top of her head and her hair fell down to her waist. Her body was completely nude, perfectly formed, her skin very white. Her cunt hairs were very light blond, almost invisible. Her body was incredibly silky and smooth looking.

She preened in front of the audience, showing her tits, spreading her legs and opening her cunt to us, as he said, "Yes, baby, show me your cunt lips, show me your clit, show me everything inside of you. Spread your legs and show it to me. Show it to me," he said.

She then proceeded to undress him and began to speak. "I want you to be naked, also. I want your hard, rocky body under my fingers without any clothes between us. I want your cock sprung loose out of the tightness prison of your underwear and your pants."

She pulled on the waistband of his underwear and his cock sprung out like a jack-in-the-box. It was purple and hard and incredibly huge for such a small boy. His skin was white. The purple cock against the white skin caused gasps from the audience. Every cunt in the place was dripping by then. More and more women were moaning and groaning, grinding their bodies along the seats that they were sitting on, grabbing onto to whoever was next to them, pushing against legs, putting their fingers into their twats and pulling on their clits. People were going wild as the boy stood there totally undressed, purple dang hanging in the air.

The girl knelt down on her knees in front of him and began again to speak: "Show everybody your cock, John. Show everybody your cock," she said and he did.

Without touching it, he moved, his cock away from his body and towards his body, away from his body and towards his body.

"Show everybody what else you can do, John," she said and he did.

He moved his cock to the right and to the left, to the right and to the left. Purple, huge prick dangling in the air, back and forth, from right to left, towards his body and away from his body. He was making circles with that cock rock. It was incredible what kind of control he had.

She was panting there in front of his cock; her mouth was hanging over; her tongue was out; her eyes were half closed. People in the audience were beginning to fuck by then.

A man next to me had taken a little girl, who was about eight. He sat her on his face, holding her body away from his. Her legs were wrapped around his neck; her cunt right in his mouth. He was sucking like crazy. She was just hanging there, her legs hanging onto his neck and he was sucking, sucking and sucking, while someone else was grabbing onto his cock and pulling on it while he was moaning and groaning and sucking on her cunt.

I couldn't stand what was going on all around me. I watched a man and woman fucking in a frenzy while another man was in his asshole. He was fucking into her cunt. People all around were moaning, groaning, wushing, slurching, slurping into some cocks and cunts.

The boy on stage kept moving his penis all around showing the muscle control that he had. The girl couldn't stand it any longer watching it, watching all the scenes around her. Cybil herself was sitting on the side of the stage. She had taken off all her clothing and was playing with her cunt. She was just gently rubbing her finger in and out, in and out.

I noticed Mr. amp; Mrs. Garvey in the corner doing head jobs on each other. They were sucking, sucking and sucking. Their bodies heaving, slurping – their bodies banging against each other; and all the while that Mrs. Garvey was doing that, her eyes were on the kid on stage. She never took her eyes off of him, watching his cock going around and around in circles.

I looked up on stage again, my hand already on Angus – my clothes had been ripped off my body. I was just hanging on my prick gently pulling up and down trying to control myself. I didn't know where to look first. I was watching Cybil pull her finger in and out of her twat, watching the kid pulling his cock around and around and suddenly the girl's mouth was on that cock and she was sucking wildly.

The kid picked the girl up like she was a toy, twisted her around and had her cunt in his face and they laid down together on that huge bed on stage and started sucking away, eating each other out, I was pulling on Angus and watching everything around me, listening to the moaning and the groaning.

Cybil was already on her way to her first orgasm and as I heard her scream and scream, "I'm coming, I'm corning, I'm coming," I rushed and dug Angus deep inside of her. I started banging away like crazy.

Before I knew it, Edie was rimming me. She was grabbing me around the waist – her hands on my tits, pulling frantically, her mouth in my asshole, her tongue all the way up. I knew that Jerry must have been fucking her, or somebody, but I wasn't sure. I knew something was going on because she was panting and panting, her screams could be heard inside my asshole. Her screams went all the way up my body and into my head, I kept fucking Cybil like crazy going in and out, in and out.

I, too, couldn't keep my eyes off the kids on that bed. They were still sucking deliciously, but by now other people were up on the bed with them. While she was sucking away at the kid and he was sucking away at her, other people had come over. Somebody was licking on each one of her tits, back and forth her head rolling, back and forth. He took her nipples in his mouth as he sucked and sucked and sucked. He was grinding into the bed, just pushing his cock into the bed over and over again. I couldn't close my eyes. Angus was dripping with the hot, juicy cunt surrounding him. Cybil's walls were closing in on him, pulling on him and pulling on him and pulling on him asking him for come.

Cybil was screaming and screaming, "Give me come, give me come. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me."

He was sucking on my ass and screaming and screaming. I could feel it. I could feel the sounds coming into my behind and I still wouldn't come. I wouldn't let go. I wanted to hang on to that moment for all of my life. I wanted to hang onto that Friday night. I wanted to see those kids up there sucking away like crazy. I wanted to turn my body so I could see that eight year old getting her cunt lapped.

I wanted to turn completely around because I remembered that there was a little boy about nine who was fucking a woman who must have been his mother. I don't know for sure, but his little penis was stuck into her twat and she was just pushing him up and down, up and down, on top of her.

Lean bodies, smooth, soft bodies, bodies hard with youth and energy and health, bodies with silky skin, delicious smell of cunt were all over the place, the delicious smell of come was all over the plane. I couldn't stand it anymore.

Cybil was screaming, "Give me come, give me come, give me come," and I exploded in a frenzy inside of her throbbing walls, pulling every drop of juice out of me, pulling on me and pulling on me.

Edie pulled away from me as Sybil came. Again and again and again she came. With every come, I could hear her scream.

I turned for a moment only to see Mr. Garvey fucking Edie. Jerry had changed and was over with Mrs. Garvey. He was fucking away like a pneumatic drill and someone was licking on her tits. There were people all over the place – people I didn't know.

The two kids on the bed were still sucking on each other, sucking away. They were giving head slowly and rhythmically, slurping sounds were coming out their mouths as they were sucking.

I was inside Cybil's cunt. Every one of my senses alive with a frenzy of passion. My cock limp, exhausted, every drop pulled out of it. Angus was glad to be resting in a hot, warm, juicy place. When all of a sudden Jason came down.

There was a little girl on his lap, sitting on the wheel chair with him. Her head was between his knees. Her face looking out at everybody. Her back towards his body. Her legs were spread wide apart. Her cunt just under his chin. His chin was inside as deep as it could go. His eyes were open looking at everybody.

By now everyone had come and was laying sated, exhausted. He made the perfect entrance. His timing was incredible. His chin inside that little cunt, little tits barely forming, just bouncing a little bit like jello on her chest as she lay there upside down, her head between his legs.

"Hello everybody. I'm here for the second show," he said. And when he was sure he had everyone's attention, people propped up on elbows, people still panting. Some people still gently licking at cock or cunt, fingers still stroking cunt lips, tits and asses, but everybody with their eyes on Jason.

His tongue dropped out of his mouth, like a ball dropping out of a basket and dropped right onto the kid's clit. His chin seemed to go deeper into her cunt and his tongue lapped away at her clit, slurping. A gushy sound came out of his throat.

Moans came from between his knees, out of the mouth, in the little face that was hanging there. Her muscles were tightening and tightening and tightening. Her body very tort. Her legs so far apart were corning closer and closer together. His tongue was slurping away at her cunt, slurping like crazy and the sounds around began to increasing again with excitement as they watched.

Cocks were rising, cunts were juicing up and throbbing and wanting action; assholes were pulsating; people were moving all over the place as Jason's tongue just slurped away at that baby cunt – that delicious cunt under him, no hair, just smooth delicious skin, smoothy, silky.

His chin burrowed deeper and deeper into that hole. His tongue slurped away at the clit. When the little voice screamed, the climax rushing through her body, you could see the electricity moving from her head to her toes. Her knees clamped around Jason's ears and she screamed over and over again in a frenzy.

Without realizing it, I had turned and shoved Angus up Edie's twat. Cybil had moved around and standing on stage had wrapped her legs around my face. I sucked on her cunt and wished I could see what was happening. All I could see was her belly and her twat hair. She covered up my face with it, but the taste of her was delicious and the taste of my come started coming out of her as I sucked harder and harder and harder.

I pounded away into Edie's cunt and, sucked at Cybil's. Hands were all over my body, my asshole was being licked, my tits were being pulled, noises were permeating my brain. The sensations were incredible; cunts and cocks and assholes and tongues and lips and teeth; fingers and arms and legs were rolling around and sensation after sensation, Edie's twat got filled with my come.

Cybil drowned me with the juices that were so delicious, so wanted. I could feel them dripping down my neck, down my chest. I grabbed her and pulled her down to me so that I could dig my face into her tits and suck away at her.

I lay down completely exhausted, Cybil's tits in my face, Edie stretched across my body; little hands were rubbing me and stroking me and as I looked up.

Jason was sitting in his chair smiling. That little body that he had been sucking away at was tucked neatly into his arms, resting on his lap. People were smiling and lying totally exhausted.

The little boy and girl who started the show were still rhythmically moving gently against each other's body. He was stroking her back and her ass very slowly; she was stroking his hair lovingly; the smells were all around me and I knew that old Angus would rise to the occasion again. I knew that Friday night at The House wasn't over yet. It had just begun. I took a few moments to rest.



Cybil and I spent the day Saturday preparing for Saturday night at The House. I knew that there would be another experience. I wasn't sure what it was. Cybil told me that we were going to be entertained by the children at the school.

Again as they did on Friday night, people came in to the large room. They were relaxed sitting around waiting for the show to begin. It was well worth the wait. The children entered the stage, which was again the large bed built up on the platform. From both sides of the room, teenage children were I walking, holding in their arms, children of various I ages. Some of the teenagers had infants – others had children as old as six or seven. There were about twenty children on each side of the stage and each of these twenty teenagers had a younger child in their arms.

They walked across the front of the stage and lined up facing the audience. All of the children were naked. I looked at the legs, muscles rippling under tight skin. The inside of the thighs white unblemished, an exquisite passageway to cunt or cock.

I looked across the pricks that were dangling flaccid, soft, delicious-looking – like homemade rolls all curled up in layers of buttered dough.

I looked at cunts – triangles of joy and delicious juices. Some had hair barely growing, fuzzy and soft. My fingers could almost feel how tender it would be to have my hand stroking that baby fuzz – just beginning signs of womanhood. Bellies flat and taut, chests firmly held high and proud, little tits just beginning to form – others fully developed belying their age – nipples hard.

One girl's nipples were like the nozzles of a gun sticking out at me, prodding their points towards me practically begging, "Suck on me, suck on me."

The children were beautiful looking and in their arms the babies that they held. Each teenage child proceeded to make love to the baby in their arms. They began by lying the baby down in front of them and kneeling at their sides. I watched a girl stroke a seven year old boy, stroking his skin, massaging his shoulders, taking his nipples between her fingers and rubbing them back and forth. I could see the nipples harden and darken in front of my eyes. I could see the little penis beginning to move, I could see the size grow – the color become deeper red.

She continued stroking his entire body from toes up towards his belly and from his face down towards his belly. She stroked and rubbed and stroked and rubbed and his penis was a cock before I knew it. This tender, little boy lying there was thrusting his cock up towards her face and she responded.

Her head down, her hair flowing over his body and chest covering what was happening, but I knew that her mouth was as tender, warm and hot as I would want it to be and I knew that she was sucking on cock, rolling her tongue around the tip, going up and down. I could see her head bobbing up and down.

Children were in different positions. A teenage boy was sitting between the legs of a young girl. She was about nine. He was putting his finger gently into her cunt, in and out, in and out. The thumb of his other hand was right on her clit and he was moving it in circles around and around, around and around.

She had her own tits in her hands and she was just pulling on her nipples and her tits – little flat pieces of flesh that she was pulling on, giving them shape and form that they would have had when she got older. She was moaning quietly.

A girl of nine or ten was straddling a teenage boy. She was sitting on his cock and gently going up and down.

Cybil whispered to me, "She's been able to fuck since she's been seven years old. Her cunt is very developed. If you'll notice, we do fingers first to make sure that the girls can take the meat into their cunts."

The girl continued going up and down. The boy had his hands on her tits. He brought his hands down and came up towards her ass. His finger expertly slipped into the hole and began moving in and out as she moved up and down on his cock.

Noises were beginning all over the room again. When every one of the twenty couples on stage were involved, sucking, fingers in cunts, jerking off pricks, fucking, every one of them doing something, a little infant boy was being sucked by a five or six year old girl. She was just gently holding him in her arms and sucking on his cock as though it were a lollypop or ice cream cone.

An infant girl was being played with by two little girls. They were just stroking her body, looking into her cunt, licking it once in a while. Every time they did, the little baby would laugh.

Every one of the pairs up there was doing something and as though on que, an adult joined them – a man or a woman, whoever wanted to, so that there were sixty people on stage in threes – an adult and two children.

The excitement was too much for me and I turned to Cybil and brought her body onto my lap and sat her right down on Angus. She sat there on my lap gently moving in and out, around and around. She positioned herself between my legs, flat on her feet so she could move. Both of us still facing the stage, not missing a trick, watching everything that went on.

I saw Mrs. Garvey go to a teenage boy, who was sucking on the cunt of a six or seven year old girl. She laid him down on his back and put the little girl on his face so that he didn't have to stop sucking. She sat right on top of his cock, facing the audience, her back to him and she started moving up and down and at the same time her finger was in her cunt and her clit was between her other two fingers. She was pulling on her clit, fucking herself with one finger and pumping herself up and down on that delicious hard cock.

The boy's feet were flat on the floor. I could see his muscles and his strength. He started raising his own ass up so that his cock was going into Garvey and she was moving up and down, as he moved in and out of her. I could see her come juice dripping out of her, dripping down his balls down the inside of his thighs.

I pulled Cybil up and pulled her towards them and stuck my head right down between them and started licking at Mrs. Garvey's juice, licking on the boy's balls. I was right in there with them. Cybil laid herself down under me and pulled my cock back into her. She moved up and down on her back, pushing her body into my cock as I kept sucking.

I grabbed Mrs. Garvey's cunt lips, as much of them as I could get as she went in and out of his cock. I grabbed the cock in my mouth and the cunt lips all at once as I was sucking on cunt and cock, cock and cunt. The juices were pouring all over my face, my ears – everything was dripping. I could hear the little girl moaning as the boy kept sucking on her.

Old Angus started doing a bang, bang, pop and ZOOM. Come flew out of me just as it flew out of Garvey's cunt and I could feel Cybil's cunt throbbing on me as she came, too, climaxing all over the place in sounds and fury.

Babies were moaning and moving. Little girls were hopping up and down, people were putting their feet together and clapping their feet and their hands. They were having so much fun. Mrs. Garvey got off the boy's cock and it was still hard like a rock.

I grabbed Cybil up towards me kissing her and putting my tongue down towards her throat, sucking on her lips, sucking on her cheeks and her ears and her I eyes. She looked up and saw that young cock – that delicious purple joy stick still standing, still wanting more.

She turned her body so that her cunt found that prick head. She banged into it. Up and down, up and down, I watched her ass in a fury, with passionate excitement, that white delicious ass going up and down and flopping. I knew what it must feel like on that cock, that delicious cunt, those muscles pulling up and down.

The boy was moving up and down, too. His ass looked like striated rock, his muscles popping all over the place. His hands were moving and thrashing around. A little girl ran towards his hand and sat herself right on it, putting his finger up her cunt and he continued putting his finger in and out of her cunt as she pushed his cock in and out of Cybil, as she pushed her body into him.

I began pulling on Angus. I wanted him hard; I wanted him as hard and purple as that kid's going in and out of Cybil's cunt and he heard my call. Up he came, up he came. I took Mrs. Garvey's cunt in my hand and pulled on it and stuck my fingers all the way up, getting the juice out. I pulled out the juice and stuck the juice up Cybil's ass with my fingers, creaming it, creaming it. It was creamy with Garvey's juice and my come.

Angus was hard and purple as a rock. I shoved him up her ass and pumping into her ass as she pumped up and down on that kid's joy stick. I put my hands under her and grabbed her tits and pulled them down like a cow milking on them, sucking on them, fucking into her ass, feeling that cock at the tip of mine as he came up into her cunt and the cock went up her ass and the two of our cocks met, just a thin piece of skin between us.

I saw Edie come over and sit on the kid's face. He was incredible; he didn't miss a trick. His finger was still going out of the five year old cunt. His mouth was sucking on fourteen year old pussy. His cock was in a thirty year old cunt, which was delicious and virginal as any you've ever had. I envied this kid, but just for a split second because my cock was being warmed and pulled and electrified by her asshole. The asshole that I loved, Cybil's asshole.

I pulled it out and started sucking on that ass, sucking like crazy and then I wanted cunt, I wanted cunt real bad. I pulled Cybil right off him and shoved my cock right up her twat and pulled and pulled until I exploded again, ZOOM, right up her cunt and with my come in her, she was still in a frenzy and pushed Edie off the kid's face and sat on it.

"Eat Tony's come, eat Tony's come, eat my cunt, eat my cunt, eat my clit, suck Tony's come out of me," she screamed.

The kid sucked away. Edie was pulling on her own clit, masturbating like crazy. She was ready to come. I jumped towards her climbing over the five year old whose cunt was still being stuck with his finger and put my head between her legs and finished her off. Her clit between my lips, pulling on that hard knob of joy with my lips, sticking my tongue all around it in circles. POW! I was sprayed again. My face full of come juice.

Someone was sucking on my tits. I put my hands down to feel tiny little bodies on each side of me – kids of four or five sucking on my tits. My cock was hanging limp like a dingy rang. Angus was exhausted. He was ail folded and shriveled, when a little girl began sucking on it. It was tiny enough to fit in her mouth and I was glad it would stay tiny for a long time. It needed to rest. I kept sucking on Edie's cunt until she begged me to stop. It was so sensitive she couldn't stand it any more and that kid was still going like crazy sucking on Cybil's cunt.

I raised my head just a little to see that tiny little ass sticking up in the air of the girl sucking on my tits. I looked between my legs; a soft body, head down between my thighs, eyeballs staring up at me as the mouth went up and down, up and down on that little joint. Little soft tongue sucking. They all learned to do heads so fantastic. My tits were getting it, my cock was getting it, my mouth was still sucking delicious cunt, just gentle, just quiet, my tongue rolling along those cunt lips, lapping up all the extra juice that was left.

Cybil let out that final scream. That woopla that I knew meant that that giant orgasm had come. That screaming explosion. Then the kid was lapping up hot globs of that delicious twat pulsated with juicy come. Asses were going up and down all over the place. Cunts were being filled with cock or tongue. Cocks were being held onto by assholes, by cunts, my mouths. Faces were rubbed and tits were sucked and touched. Bodies were stroked and massaged. Cunt juice was all over the place.

I noticed a man going from cunt to cunt with his hands, taking all the juice and spreading them all over bodies as he passed them. A body of fourteen or fifteen was jerking off. He was dropping globules of come on bellies, one drop on each belly as he passed, jerking up and down, up and down. A girl was sitting on his shoulder as he did it. Her hands bent down pulling on his tits. She was moving her head up and down against his hair, masturbating into his head making herself come as she was begging a ride on his shoulders, pulling on his tits as he jerked off dropping globs of juice on people's bellies.

A little girl was hanging from a man's shoulders the way Jason had done the night before with the little girl. Her legs were around his neck. Her body flat against his; her back to his belly. Her head hanging between his legs and he was just groping away at cunt, delicious seven year old cunt without hair. His tongue sliding in and out of those cunt lips. He was walking around. Every once in a while a woman, or a man, or a boy or a girl, would suck on his cock and he'd pat them gently and go on, but his tongue kept going, lapping into that baby cunt.

Cybil crawled to my side and wrapped her body into mine. The little baby at my cock kept sucking on it. It's skin still folded and soft. She licked and sucked and scratched my balls a little. I saw Jerry and Edie crawling up in a little pillow in the corner, just holding each other and kissing.

"Tony, Tony," Cybil whispered into my ear. "I came so good, I came so good, Tony. Did you come good, Tony?"

I could hardly talk. How could you talk about coming when it was the best ecstasy you ever knew, when the tension and excitement and pleasure was more than you ever dreamed of. How can you even talk about it?

I took those big tits in my hand and pulled them together so that I could have both nipples between my fingers and I kissed her mouth, taking her top lips between my lips and sucking on it, sticking my tongue along her teeth and in between. I took her bottom lip and sucked on it and tongued her with my tongue around hers. I discovered her palate with my tongue and my teeth and moved my body. The children stopped touching me. I just wanted to be soft and gentle with Cybil.

I laid on top of her. I put my head into her neck and whispered, "Yes, Cybil. I came good, Cybil, but later, you and I, Cybil, you and I when Angus gets into that cunt, when Angus feels that throbbing hot juice of yours, when you do your job on Angus, Cybil, when I can suck on your pussy, when I can eat you and have your tits in my mouth and your twat in my hand, when I can stick my cock up your ass and in your mouth and in your cunt, just the two of us Cybil. Wait and see, wait and see how I come then."

She started moaning and moaning and moving her body against me and damn if that woman didn't spray my soft little cock with more juice!



Sybil and I drove about a half an hour out of town to a very quiet place that she wanted me to go to. We were going to spend a quiet evening for getting to know each other better. I was determined Angus was going to stay in his pants for a few hours.

Sybil had laughingly said, "Yeah, get him to feel what it's like to be inside some cotton underwear for a change."

While having dinner, I couldn't help but noticing two couples sitting in a table in the aisles. One of the women had the longest hair I'd ever seen. She was practically sitting on it. It was very dark and silky. I was sure that if I ran my fingers through it, I'd tingle with the softness.

She couldn't take her eyes off of me, it seemed. She kept staring, looking over at me. She was doing a Tom Jones bit with her food, putting a piece of chicken into her mouth and putting her finger into her mouth also, sucking on her finger as her eyes rolled and ogled me.

The four of them were laughing and talking and began looking in our direction and they all started eating in a very sensual way. Their fingers were in their mouths. They were feeding each other off their fingers. The man was eating something that looked like fish and rather than use a fork, he'd pick it up with his fingers and kind of squish it in between his fingers and then put them into the woman's mouth. She sucked on the food and on his fingers, making succulent noises. All the time watching Sybil and I for our response.

We ignored them most of the time, but they knew we were watching them surreptitiously. Sucking sounds were coming our way. Their tongues were licking each other's fingers, even licking their plates. They were acting as though there was no one else in the restaurant. They were determined to have a sexual orgy with their food, smelling food, touching it, examining it.

One of the men ordered rice pudding for dessert and they all ate the rice pudding from his fingers.

One woman had chocolate cream pie and she, too, fed the rest of them from her fingers. The chocolate oozing down into their mouths – each mouth opened, their lips pressed. As she went from mouth to mouth around the table, her fingers dripping with gushy, chocolate pudding and whipped cream.

Sybil and I were getting very turned on. We loved watching it. By the time they got to dessert, they made it very obvious that they were very interested in us. No longer looking at them with sneaking glances but we were being very direct, Sybil kept opening her mouth and holding her tongue out towards them as though asking for food to be put into her mouth as well. I began feeding her and the two of us began a sexual orgy with our food. We all knew the message. We all knew what would be happening within a very short time.

As we left to pay the bill, one of the men carne up towards us. "Hi, my name is Brian Thoreau and we don't live very far from here. Why don't you guys just follow us home from here."

I smiled. They didn't need an answer. They'd knew we'd be there. We followed a huge Mercedes for about ten minutes. They turned into a circular driveway and Sybil and I were thrilled to see that it wasn't any run-down shack that we were going to have an orgy in. It was a beautiful, ultra-modern home, almost totally made out of glass.

There were interesting rock walls – not brick, but rock and some redwood strippings. It was ultra-modern in design with at least four or five levels. One of the areas of The House was glass roofed and it looked like there were five or six fireplaces.

We followed them into a huge foyer and standing there in the foyer, without any words, we all began to undress. Tanya, the one with long black hair brought her hair forward over her tits. She put it between her legs and pulled it around to her ass. She used it as some people use a towel, as though she were wiping her cunt and ass. I wanted that dame. I was going to do things with that hair that I'd never done before and she knew it, too.

Cybil laughed, that tinkling laugh of hers, when she saw Brian's cock jump out of his pants. It was really quite a sight to behold. That damn thing must have been ten inches long and at least an inch and a half across.

"Hey, Brian, don't put that thing all the way into my baby here. I want some of her left for me," I said and everybody laughed.

"Don't worry, I'll put it into every hole she's got. She'll love every inch of it."

As if on cue, Sybil fell to her knees and put it in her mouth, not all of it, but she was slurping away. Sitting on the vestibule floor, Brian was hanging onto her ears, pulling her head up and down. I guess we were into it. I didn't even know the names of the other people.

I grabbed long hair and said, "You know that I want to do things with that hair of yours, don't you?"

She led me into a room off the living room. The fireplace was warm with pillows and cushions all over the place. I was sure it was a home made for fucking. It didn't matter where we laid down. We would have been comfortable. Every corner, every inch of the room was made for lying down.

"My name is Tanya," she said.

As she stood there, she had divided her hair in half and brought it around the front of her shoulders. It was hanging down over her breasts, down the front of her legs, almost touching her knees.

"Hi, Tanya," I said, taking her hair in both of my hands.

I took one half of her hair and put it under her right breast and the other half under her left. I pulled it around behind her back so that her tits were wearing a brassiere of hair. They were sticking out like two mountain tops, only instead of being snow-capped, they were blacked-capped because her nipples were hard, black, wrinkled up. I put her hands behind her back and had her hold onto her own hair. I got down on my knees in front of her and pulled her down in front of me taking her tits in my mouth.

"Pull on your hair, baby, pull on your hair," I said.

And as she pulled her hair tighter and tighter, her tits came closer and closer together and I was able to suck on both nipples at once. I was rolling my tongue around those wrinkled, prune-like tips – delicious, delicious, tight skin. She pulled tighter and tighter on her hair and her tits became red with the blood that was rushing into her like she was wearing a tourniquet.

I put my hand down the inside of her thigh, not even touching her cunt and my hand was wet. I brought it up to my face and started licking on my fingers, watching her as I did it. The taste of her cunt juice was delicious.

I plunged my hand into her mouth. She was eating her own cunt juice, as it dripped down her legs and I kept nipple sucking. This was a hot bitch laying here. Angus was throbbing away, but I wasn't going to give her any yet. I was going to make this bitch a little crazy.

I took her hands from her hair and pulled it away from her tits. I told her to get up on top of me and just let her hair drool all over me and she did. She swung her hair back and forth hard using it like a whip and I could feel that black silky hair against my body. Swoop, whop, bop! She hit me on the ass. She hit me on the back. She swung her hair around so fast, I didn't know where she was going to hit me next.

She got me right in my cock. She got me in my legs. She laid me down and opened my legs and started whipping me with her hair in between my thighs. She turned me over. She took her hair and put it up my ass and put it around my balls. She wrapped Angus in hair and then she started pulling so that her hair was right up the crack of my ass, rubbing against my balls and wrapped tight around Angus. I was supposed to make this bitch crazy and she was making me crazy instead. I was grabbing for her trying to get a hold to shove Angus in even with the hair on it.

"Come here, baby. Let me shove some of that hair into your cunt. Come here, baby, I want to put some of that hair up your cunt."

"Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ, what a fabulous idea," she said, flipping me over on my back, some of her hair still creeping up my ass and over my balls, but most of it wrapped around old Angus. She had to bend her head down where it pulled but she was able to do it. She got her head really down practically into my belly, as she sat on my cock.

"Ooh, it's tickling, it's tickling, it's rubbing me, it's rubbing all over me."

The end of her hair was sticking out of Angus and out of her cunt. She was jerking off with her own hair. It was incredible and she was bouncing up and down at the same time her head half bent over. Angus was never so hot and so tight in his life. He was wrapped in a tourniquet of silk. It was tickling him and it was binding him. It was tight like hell bringing all the blood down into him and she was jumping up and down on it making it wet and even hotter.

I was screaming, I was jumping up and down, I was trying to pump into her, but I couldn't because her hair was pulling too much. Finally, after ten orgasms or more, as she pulled on her own clit and grabbed at me all over the place where her hands were free, she jumped off of me. Her hair was white and gooky. Rivulets of joy juice clumped in that pure silk and that dark hunk of joy sex. She started wiping her own hair off all over my body, globs of cunt juice dripping all over me and as it came off her hair onto my body, she sucked and licked and ate it off me.

She laid down panting, her tits standing up in the air, her belly flat moving up and down, her feet flat on the floor and her legs wide apart, her pussy all juicy and sticky.

Angus hard like a rock, he was so excited, nothing had come out of him yet, no way was he going to lose this. He was going to hang on for dear life. My balls were small and hard pushing their way into my body. My heart was beating like a pneumatic drill ready to start banging away. I didn't know which hole to go into. I didn't know what to grab first. She laid there looking like a doll. Her hair flying up behind her on the floor.

I plunged, I dove, I attacked. My cock fell into her cunt. I started plummeting away, banging and banging, banging into her ass. Her ass hitting the floor. I grabbed her knees and spread them further apart as she screamed.

"You're ripping me apart!"

I couldn't help it, I wanted her open, I wanted her wide. I wanted all my juice to go up into her throat. I pulled her knees back together tight around my body and she wrapped her legs around me, glad to be able to close herself in again, but not her cunt. I kept it wide open pushing that joy stick in and out and in and out.

She was riding on the floor screaming, "Give it to me, baby, give it to me. I'm coming again, baby, I'm coming again!" and I came out.

"Well, fuck you baby. You'll get it when I want to give it to you. Just fuck you."

She grabbed my cock and started sucking on it and put her finger in her twat. "I'm coming you shithead," she said, "I'm coming no matter what. I don't need cock to come. I got my fingers to come."

And she kept playing with her twat, but I grabbed her fingers and put her hands behind her back. I turned her around on her belly, holding her hands behind her back. I pulled her by the waist so that she came up on her knees. Her ass sticking up right in my face and I moved so that my legs were straddling her and I got Angus all wet inside her cunt for just one second, for just one second, just wet enough, just hot enough to shove it right up her ass. Zoom!

"Ahh," she screamed. "Don't ass fuck me. I don't like ass fucking. Don't ass fuck me."

I kept going in further and further but easy and slow. I didn't want to hurt this bitch, but I wanted every inch of her. I wanted every piece I could get. I just kept my cock going in and in and going around in circles. She stopped screaming. She stopped doing anything but moaning.

"Oh, it's good. Oh, it's good," she was moaning. She tried grabbing for her clit again. She tried getting her hands away from me, but I held onto both hands.

"Oh no, baby, you're going to get it all from old Angus. You're not doing any twat picking. You're going to get it from ole Angus," I said.

Then I kept going in and in and all of a sudden, I wanted to see juice myself. Just thinking about her fingers there, on her own twat and her juice dripping down. I held onto her wrist with one hand and pulled my right hand around her and stuck my fingers right up her twat. I could feel my own cock through the skin. I kept my fingers going up masturbating myself. While I was inside her twat, I just kept rubbing up and down against my own cock through the skin between her ass and cunt. I kept my cock going in and out, in and out and pulling up and down her twat, I could feel my own cock.

"Get my clit, get my clit," she kept screaming. "Get my clit and fuck me harder. Get my clit." She was really into it now. She was loving it. "Get my clit and fuck me harder."

All of a sudden I saw Brian and Sybil. They had come into the room. Sybil jumped under her. She had just enough room to get her face under Tanya. She started sucking away at her clit. She pushed my hand out of her twat and was sucking away at Tanya's clit and I was fucking into her ass.

"Oh, I got juice, Tony. Oh, I got juice," Sybil started screaming as Tanya was coming all over Cybil's face, nose and eyes. Sybil was down there drowning in cunt juice and I was plunging into Tanya's ass.

Brian was standing there jerking off. He didn't know what to do with himself. He was pulling on his cock and pulling on his tits and I was plunging into Tanya's ass like crazy and, what, I came off like an oil well had erupted with about twenty seven billion barrels of oil at once. What! What a feeling.

Sybil was screaming, "Get over here, Brian. Fuck me, fuck me," while she was still sucking on Tanya's clit.

Tanya was yelling, "Stop, stop, I can't come anymore. Stop, stop."

Angus was getting small. Angus was happy. Love juice all over him, inside Tanya's ass. I stayed there on my knees, my legs still around her Tanya and bent over resting on her back.

Sybil didn't want to let go of Tanya's twat. She laid there just sucking and nibbling away at it. But Brian had already taken the hint. As soon as Sybil started screaming, "Fuck me," Brian was right there on top of her pounding into her cunt.

I just stayed there on my knees resting against Tanya's body thinking how lucky Brian was. I started remembering what Sybil's cunt does to cock when you're in there – how it pulls and milks on it. I started remembering how tight and delicious and wet it is, just laying there resting totally exhausted, watching Brian going in and out, watching him bending down sucking on Sybil's tits.

Sybil had to slide out from under Tanya. She was screaming so much. She didn't want to be sucked anymore. Her clit was so sensitive. She had been coming so much and Sybil was really into Brian right now, sucking on his tit and pulling on his ass. She had her fingers up his ass and he was fucking her ferociously banging and banging away. Angus was standing there resting a little bit while all of a sudden he started twitching and twitching.

I turned Tanya around on her back and I said, "Hey, baby, do something for this," and she licked on it.

She licked on the head and she licked on the little folds of skin as he was still small. She began putting her whole mouth on it and sucking a little bit and licking, sucking the head and sucking the vein along the side and licking. Then she wet her fingers real good and started rubbing her fingers on Angus and then her mouth and then her fingers and then her mouth. After awhile, I didn't know the difference. Her fingers were so wet and tight and her mouth so hot.

It couldn't have been more than two minutes when I was ready to plunge. Brian had already had his thanks. I could hear him screaming. I watched his body tighten and I shoved him off Sybil and banged right into that delicious cunt – my favorite cunt of all times.

"You got the hottest, juiciest, tightest cunt I ever saw, baby. Milk my cock, baby. Milk my cock."

And I just laid there on top of her without moving. I couldn't move if I wanted to. My body was dying from all the coming, all the tension, all the excitement and I laid there and she did her number. She put her feet up flat on the floor, her knees straddling me tight and she started pulling on her ole muscle, pulling and milking on Angus. Every time she pulled, it was just like somebody's mouth had gone from the base to the tip. It was like she was sucking me with her mouth, pulling on my prick, pulling like crazy.

"I don't want to come so quick, baby. I don't want to come so quick. This is too good. Too good. Just suck on me with that cunt of yours. Just let your cunt suck on me," I was saying gently into her ear. I was feeling so peaceful, feeling so beautiful, feeling so quiet, just Sybil and I. It was fabulous.

All of a sudden there were hands on me. I didn't want to look. I didn't want to open my eyes. I could feel the hands massaging my back and my legs. It felt good. Sybil was sucking away at my cock with her cunt. The world was beautiful. I was in ecstasy and then it got even better because somebody's tongue was rolling around my asshole and they were just sucking around the skin of my asshole and licking and sucking. Then the tongue went in a little bit and a little bit more and a little bit more. The tongue was wet and hot and delicious opening that hole up.

I just laid there wondering if I'd be filled with cock or not, not really caring, just concentrating on my own cock, my own prick being milked and sucked by that hot, juicy cunt I was in. Sybil took my face and started kissing me and holding me and looking into my eyes, just kissing and nibbling at my lips, sucking away at my tongue, clashing her teeth against mine, holding on very tight.

"Look at me, baby, look at me, Tony. Keep looking at me," she said. She wanted to see my face when Brian's cock went into my asshole. She knew he was wet and ready.

I didn't know, I didn't see and – fump! – he was in like Flynn. That giant cock was in my ass and it felt good. It was incredible how good it felt. I never knew I had an asshole so big. He must have been up into my belly. He was going very slow, very slow, going in and out, in and out, very slow. But he was all the way and I could feel his balls bouncing against mine. I lay there still.

Sybil didn't miss a stroke. She just kept sucking on Angus with that cunt of hers. She was coming and coming and coming almost all the time. Juices kept flowing out of her. It was hot and tight.

I bent down to get her tits up into my mouth. They were delicious. They were fabulous. When I brought my head up to kiss her some more, there was cunt in my face. One of the girls, I don't think it was Tanya, had hovered over me and squatted down and had her cunt in my face. Her asshole was right over Sybil's face and she sat down. I don't know how Sybil could breathe, but Sybil was sucking on her asshole, I guess. I was sucking on her cunt. My prick was inside Sybil getting cunt-sucked. It was hot, it was juicy.

Brian was coming. I could feel his prick getting bigger, if that was possible; it was getting bigger and throbbing and bigger and throbbing. He was hanging onto my ass with his hands. He was digging into me so that I could feel his nails. I could feel the tightness of his hands. I could feel his muscles getting tighter and tighter as his legs straddled both Sybil and I.

Then I had hot come. I had an ass full of hot come and cock getting small. I felt such relief as Brian's cock got smaller and smaller and my ass was able to go back in shape. It felt like it was a hunk of dough that was getting squeezed smaller and smaller as his cock lost the power that gave up all those juices and he pulled out of me.

The cunt suddenly left my face as it squirted juices all over me. I could feel the cunt juice dripping down. I bent down and Sybil just licked all that cunt juice off my face and she whispered, "Hey, this is good cunt. You want to go get some of this."

I thought of Sybil sucking on cunt. Brian's cock juice flowing in my ass. Angus getting sucked and fucked, I decided to let go. I decided it was time for me, too. I started moving just a little bit inside Sybil, just a little bit making little circles around and around inside her cunt. She put her legs up around me really tight.

"Here I come, Tony, baby. Just rub my clit a little bit more. Here I come. Just rub that clit a little more, higher, baby, a little higher. Oh yes," she said, as she exploded that cunt juice all over me, even tighter and hotter than it was ever before.

We laid there all tangled up, sixteen limbs entwined in each other, bodies sprawled about the room, sated, peaceful, comfortable. I wondered when the other two were, but only for a moment. My hand was resting on Sybil's tits. My head on Tanya's belly. I wondered no more as I fell off to sleep.



John Barlow is an extremely impressive looking man. He is the editor of my newspaper and he looks the type – tall, slim, graying at the temples, thick black eyebrows above very black shining sharp eyes. He seems to look right through you and know everything about you within seconds. He's respected and he's feared and when he called that he was coming I have to admit I was nervous. But I wasn't prepared for what I saw.

Sybil and I were waiting in the hotel room expecting him to come in any minute, when one of the kids from the school walked through the door. Lucy is thirteen and a half years old. Her body is pretty well developed. Nice round little tits, like two pink balloons, little nipples like flower buds ripening in the center. Her body slim and firm, her waist tiny above, rounded hips. Her legs, unusually long. She has a cute pixie-like face which makes her look about like twelve or thirteen years old. Her baby face looks strange above a body of a woman. She's a favorite at The House. Everybody likes her a lot. When she walked in through the door of my hotel room, Sybil and I were shocked, but right behind her was John Barlow. I made the proper introductions and sat down amazed.

"John, I knew you were coming but I didn't know you were bringing company," I said.

John explained that he had met Lucy on the road. She'd been hitch-hiking into town and they've been having a wonderful conversation all the way in. Sybil and I looked at each other hoping that Lucy hadn't told too much. Jason, Sybil and I had already decided that we would tell John as much as we had to, but that first we would elicit a promise from him that he wouldn't blow the whole set-up. I had already been seduced by these wonderful people. I thought they were happy and doing the right thing. No way did I want to get the police on them or uncover any of these activities which might cause trouble.

John saw the look that I threw Sybil and he threw back his head laughing. "Don't worry, I'm not mad at you two. I'm not a cop and I'm not here to check up on anybody. All I want is a story. I'm not going to identify the town, I'm not going to identify the people." He turned to me and said, "Look Tony, whatever you want to do is what we're going to do. So, tell me what we've got and let's get down to writing a story. And let's not worry, in no way are we getting anyone in trouble."

Lucy had come up behind John and put her arms around his waist. She let her hands slip under his polo shirt and I could see that his nipples were already between her two fingers. She put her head under his arm and looked adorable with her head kind of cradled between his body and his arm. Her hands touching him, feeling him, as she laughingly said, "Hey Sybil, don't you think that we ought to thank John appropriately for being so good to us. After all, he could blow the whistle and God knows what would happen."

She was still standing with her body pressed tightly against him and as she spoke she began undulating her hips a little, pushing that hot little pussy into his ass. Her hands moving faster on his tits. Sybil looked at me and laughed. "You know Tony," she said, "there is no way that we're going to have a quiet day."

"Who the hell wants a quiet day," I said, my hands rubbing against those beautiful knobs of hers, just kind of massaging them gently, my right hand lifting her blouse from her body and then loosening her skirt and letting it slip to the floor.

I turned to look at John and his mouth was hanging wide open, his eyes huge. I'd never seen the man shocked before in my life. He'd always been very sophisticated and able to handle any situation and here he was like a stammering kid trying to speak, stuttering as he said, "Wh-what's this, I mean, I-I thought we'd just ta-talk about this-this a…" he said, as Lucy unbuckled his pants belt and let his pants drop to the floor. I threw back my head hysterically laughing when I saw John's underwear. He was wearing the old fashion kind, half way down to his knees with little flowers printed on a pale blue background.

We all laughed and Lucy said, "OK, enough of that, let's just get rid of this. We don't want to be laughing at this all night," as she pulled on the elastic waist band, letting it snap against his body a few times and then pulled it far away from his body and down, so that he was fully exposed from the waist down.

He lifted his own polo shirt off over his head and slipped his shoes off and he stood there quite a man. He had a hard body and hair all over him. I was amazed how much hair he had, patches of black hair running down his belly and even down the sides of his body, with little patches all over his back down to his buttocks. Just parts of his ass were without hair and they looked smooth.

Lucy said, "Oh look, here's some skin without hair. I'm going to suck on this part," as she got down on her knees and started licking his ass and started nibbling at it.

John was still in a state of shock, standing pretty much paralyzed. Sybil was kind of walking around him and taunting him with her big tited chest and her pulsating cunt. You could actually see it moving under the cunt hairs.

"You want to kiss my cunt, don't you?" Sybil said looking right into John's face, as she kind of moved her hips back and forward, back and forward like the waves coming in and out at the shore.

"No, no, no!" John said, "I see you're with Tony and I don't I don't want to kiss your a… your a…" he couldn't quite get out the words.

She said, "Oh yes you do," as she put her fingers right into that fabulous triangle of curly, soft, silky hair.

Her other hand was on her tits rubbing those knobs, rubbing those black little beads, getting them harder and more wrinkled. She lifted one of her breasts in her left hand and pushed it right into John's face.

"Here baby, suck on this first. Get used to sucking. Start with tit and then you can suck cunt."

She put her arms around him and layed him down on the bed. He was like a rag doll, completely at her mercy. She kept her tits in his mouth, first one and then the other.

"Milk me with your mouth John, milk me with your mouth. We're going to show you what love is all about. We're going to show you what it's like to suck and fuck and make love, because we love it and you are going to be in ecstasy," she said, her buttocks moving round and round in circles in the air, her hot cunt flat against her body.

I could see his cock rising between her legs where she'd spread herself out against his stomach. I could see some juice oozing out of him, so I knew how wet, how excited she was getting. Her tits were in his mouth, her body was just bouncing on his body as she lay there completely in control of him.

Lucy took one look at that hot prick as it came up. It was almost as though someone was playing a flute and his snake was responding to it climbing higher and higher, getting larger and larger in front of our eyes. And as the snake came all the way up, that purple throbbing cock of John's, Lucy dove on it with her head and started doing a head job on him.

Sybil started speaking when she realized Lucy was behind her sucking on John's prick.

"Lucy, just lick it up and down. Lick the head all around, make circles around the head Lucy. Get your tongue very wet and very hot and make circles around the head. That a baby Lucy. Are you doing it good?"

Lucy began stroking Sybil's body as if to answer yes and Sybil continued: "Now take your lips Lucy and just with your lips nibble up and down the sides of his cock. Just where that big vein is, nibble up and down, just nibble with your lips. Now let your tongue come out Lucy, let your big, hot, juicy tongue come out and lick up and down on his cock. Now go all the way to the tip Lucy, get your fingers Lucy, get your fingers and put them under his balls and tickle his balls a little bit. Tickle those hairy balls of sperm. They're holding all that hot, white juice Lucy. Take good care of those balls so that when we get that hot, white juice it will be very hot and very delicious. Just tickle those balls."

"Now get your tongue all the way up on his top, right on top of the tip. Put your tongue into the hole a little bit and around and around. Now Lucy, I want you to get your mouth very hot and very wet and go all the way down his cock, take it all the way down your throat Lucy. Open up your throat and take it all the way down. Take that cock all the way down."

Meanwhile, Sybil had moved up on John so that her cunt wasn't on his belly anymore, she was sitting on his face and she had turned around so that she faced Lucy as Lucy sucked on his cock.

"OK John, Lucy is doing a really good job on your cock. She's going up and down really good – that's it Lucy, take the cock all the way into your mouth. All the way. You're a bloodhound on trail and you're seeking something, just like a bloodhound smelling it all out, looking for something. You're looking for that hot come baby, you're looking for that hot come. Lucy's doing a good job on you John," Sybil kept saying.

"Now you do me good. Now you do me good John. You put your tongue right into my pussy, put your tongue right up my channel, up my cunt channel John. Stick it up. Now move your tongue forward, move your tongue forward so that it hits my clit. Ah, that's it John, yea, just get my clit."

"Now nibble on my clit with your lips John, just get that little tiny prick, it's a little tiny prick and it's hard and it's red and it wants your tongue and it wants your mouth. Just get your mouth all around it and suck and suck and make circles. Just keep making circles around that hot cunt."

"Oh, yes John, want me to come baby. I'm going to come John. Keep doing it because I'm going to come. Now stick your tongue up my channel again, up that hot cunt. Stick your tongue all the way up that cunt, now forward now, grab the clit. That's it John, grab the clit. Ah! Ahaaaaa! I'm coming. I'm cooommmming. That's it John, keep sucking because I'm coooooommmmmming! I'm cooooooommmmmmniing."

I couldn't stand it anymore. I was standing there watching John sucking away on Sybil's delicious cunt. Lucy doing a head job like I never saw. She was in ecstasy, pulling on him and sucking on him and licking him and scratching his balls.

I turned Lucy around so that her back was to me, her ass up in the air. She was crouched between John's legs and I came up behind her and gently put my prick into her cunt, very slowly and carefully. I wasn't sure how far along she'd come, but as I got in the tip was completely flooded with hot juices and she sucked me right into her cunt.

I didn't have to move. I could feel those full juicy lips just moving as if it was her mouth, the hotness curling around my cock, pulling on my cock, pulling it deeper and deeper into her tunnel of love. The tingling spread through my body. I could feel flashes of passion and excitement rushing up my spine like wild fire.

The inside of my thighs got tighter and tighter. I tried to move, to thrust into her, but she pushed her behind back in to my belly, holding me still and continued sucking me in until the entire shaft was buried in that heavenly spot, that hot squishy, sperming cunt. That thirteen year old, soft, delicious, resting place. My cock just lay there, not moving. My entire body tense.

Nothing was being touched on me, but my cock was being sucked. Skin and juice and heat undulating around my cock. I could still hear Sybil talking, telling John what to do and how to suck. I could hear her moaning. I could hear her coming and coming and coming, the sound screeching out of her.

Lucy sucking on my cock with her cunt was sucking on John's cock also, with her mouth. I fleetingly wondered who was having a better time, my cock or his cock. Whether her mouth was as good as her cunt was.

My balls were getting tighter and tighter. I could feel the juices boiling like a cauldron, pushing themselves against me, trying to rush up my cock and out, wanting to plant my seed against the walls of her vagina, wanting to fill that hot channel of love with my white sticky juices.

Then suddenly she shoved her ass back pushing me right out of her and she turned, her face full of John's come. John lay there sobbing, moaning, his body flailing around like a baby, his arms moving, his legs thrashing. Lucy's face was covered with come, white sticky globules sticking all over her and she shoved her face down onto my throbbing cock and finished me off. With two giant sucks I shot into her face, just as John had shot into her seconds before. I could feel myself releasing the passion and the frenzy. That little mouth pulling on my joy stick, sucking every inch out of me, the tip quivering under her tongue.

"Suck me off you baby you, suck me off you baby you," I could hear myself screaming, the come shooting down her throat, my voice hitting against her head, against her body as I screamed, "Suck me off. Suck me off!"

My hands were on her head pulling on her ears, on her face, I pulled her up to me and started kissing all the juices off her face, licking and eating and sucking on her – her face, her nose, her mouth.

John was laying there prostrate. He couldn't move. "I've never come like that in my life," he was saying. "I've never exploded like that in my life."

His hands were over his cock. He was breathing very heavy. His heart was beating so fast I could see it bouncing against his chest as I held Lucy in my arms. Sybil came over to us and took us around and pulled us down on the bed next to John. We lay there relaxing, just quiet, totally exhausted.

Sybil began stroking Lucy's body. "Lucy baby, Lucy baby didn't come did she. Lucy baby sucked off John and made John very, very happy. And Lucy baby sucked off Tony with her cunt and with her mouth and made Tony very, very happy. But Lucy baby didn't get hers yet, did you baby. You didn't come off yet, did you baby," she said, her hands stroking along Lucy's nipples, along Lucy's flat delicious belly, along Lucy's love triangle of blond curls. Sybil's hands went along Lucy's legs, stroked the beautiful walls of her inner thighs and her legs.

"Come on Tony," Sybil said, "come on John, Lucy baby didn't come off yet."

Lucy was lying there with a beautiful look on her face. She let her own hands slide down to that beautiful cunt lap and she began caressing her own channel of love and kneading her own flesh, her fingers moving in and out of that pink slited cunt, her throbbing clitoris folded neatly between two pink lips, golden yellow hair surrounding it, her fingers going in and out, her fingers touching, pulling, examining, as Sybil continued stroking her body.

"Come on boys. Come on John. Come on Tony," Sybil urged.

I buried my head on Lucy's chest, just sucking on her tits. First one and then the other, getting those little rosebuds of pink nipples standing up, getting them hard, getting them tiny and shriveled as I sucked on them.

Lucy began breathing harder, moaning slightly. Her knees fell apart, her feet touching each other. Her joyous cunt was standing out like a perfect flower, waiting.

I let my head go down towards Lucy's bellybutton, my tongue wet and hot as I went down sucking all the way, sucking and nibbling on skin, my hands caressing her arms, my hands touching Sybil's body as I moved along Lucy's. And then my head was there, its voyage completed. My head was where it wanted to be, between those hot thighs, those deliciously soft, white, pulsating thighs, my face right in that passionate pit, that thirteen year old musk dampened, wide opened pussy. The juices dripping, delicious! The smell of musk wafting up to me from between her legs.

She moved slightly towards me so that my mouth had a better grip on her entire cunt and I let my lips completely close around her cunt lips and the triangle and the hair. I burrowed my chin against her cunt bone and massaged her cunt bone with my chin, as I sucked at the lips and the hair. I opened the slit with my tongue, my tongue going into that cuntle valley, slowly, gently stroking each cunt lip, first one and then the other with my hot wet tongue, all the while my chin burrowing deeply and roughly into the bone of her cunt. I began nibbling at those lips, my tongue going deeper and deeper into that valley of hers. The soft flesh. The delicious pink valley of juices and passion.

Sybil had moved around so that she too could get a little. John had turned his body so that his head was between Sybil's legs and he was doing what I was doing, probably. I couldn't be sure, but I could hear Sybil giving him instructions again, and I tried following what she was saying.

"Put a finger up my ass John. Put one finger up my throbbing anus. Get it wet with my cunt juice John. Take your finger and put it in my cunt and get it all wet and full of cunt juice. Now move it down towards my ass. Now gently make circles around that delicious brown spot. Make circles and get it wet. Feel it throbbing up and down. Feel it moving and gently, gently get your finger up my ass, all the way up my ass."

I was doing the same thing to Lucy. Stroking my finger around the anus. Spitting ray own saliva and her cunt juice all over her ass so I could get it in easily, when she shoved her body fast all the way down my finger as though she were fucking it and my finger was whipping in and out of her so fast I didn't know what happened.

Her body was whipping up and down, her cunt banging into my face as she sucked my finger with her ass. Going up and down her cunt in my face, my tongue going deeper and deeper into that hot channel when the juices sprayed all over me – those delicious juices!

I lifted my head so that I could watch Lucy. She was in ecstasy. She was pulsating, pushing her body all over the bed. She was coming and coming and coming, without even being touched. The come was so strong when my mouth was all over her sucking and sucking and she was finger fucking me with her ass. And I watched that gorgeous, delicious, youthful body of that child-woman lying there pulsating and shaking and trembling with her own coming.

Her fingers went down to her cuntle passage, again she wanted more. Her fingers were moving in and out, stroking, moving faster and faster and faster when I pulled at her fingers and said, "No, not that. I'll suck you off again," and my head buried itself into her cunt lips, my tongue circling her clit, circling around and around that hot prick, that baby prick standing there like a little mound, a little circle of joy.

She exploded in a frenzy just as Sybil did, the two of them moaning, "I'm coming, I'm coming. I love it. I love it! Oh yes, yes, yes. Do it baby, I love it, I love it, I love it."

John was moaning too. He was in ecstasy with the sounds and the movements and the spraying juices all over his face. I pulled Lucy up into my arms, her body still shaking and throbbing. I held on to her, a little child, a fantastic sexual passionate woman. I kissed her eyebrows and stroked her body, calming the pulsations, the frenzy of passion within her. I felt Sybil hugging me. Her tits against my back, her wet juicy hot cunt pressed up against my ass. I put my hand behind me so I could feel her and felt John hugging her. The four of us lay there in a passion of sweat and come juice, cunts smelling, cocks lying limp. Smiles on all our faces, joy was in the air.

John Barlow had made quite an entrance into Stanton. My editor had certainly checked in. I was glad he had come.



The entire stage was decorated in white. The walls were draped in white and there are white lilies, white carnations and even white orchids all around the room. Everyone in the room was very quiet and solemn. There were only about fifty people. The ritual of the virgin, as I found out, is a very special and very solemn experience. People come by invitation only.

Every few months when one of the children matures physically and emotionally to the point that penetration is desirable, such a ritual is staged. Tonight there were three virgins who were ready for penetration, ready to lose their flower of youth, ready to experience that voyage to ecstasy, that Apollo I to the stars, that magic carpet to total satiation and joy. Each of the children had been having oral sex for years and masturbating to climax or being masturbated to climax, but none of these three had actually penetrated or been penetrated.

I sat there feeling very tense, very excited at what I was going to be watching, something akin to a religious experience. The people who were part of this community, part of this house, felt that love and sex and the joy of fulfillment and pleasures of the body were religious, were really next to God because it is their way to be close to heaven and I couldn't fault them, I too was experiencing the feelings of merging with the stars and the moon and the heavens as my body floated in tantalizing frenzies again and again.

Lights came on stage with a red cast to them. There were three spotlights and in to these three spotlights stepped two boys and one girl. They were very beautiful children. They looked to be about eleven or twelve. Sybil later told me that one of the boys was only nine and the other two, eleven years old. They stood there just turning slowly so that we could all look at their bodies. The shoulders were firm, held high, the girls breasts were fully developed, her limbs long and lean, her belly held in, her hips jutting out towards the audience exposing that triangular furry bush, that heavenly entrance to her vaginal channel. I could imagine the softness in there, the heat in there. I could imagine the tightness. I wondered how her hymen would be broken and I twinged at the thought that she might have pain.

Suddenly music began, very soft, Indian, flowing music and the three bodies on stage began moving, undulating their hips, their arms swaying as tree limbs being moved by the wind, their heads going around, their faces falling to their chest and shoulders and back, around and around in a circle on their neck. The girl's hair was flying as she moved her head faster and faster and her hair was beating around her body. The boys came closer and closer to her and they were doing a dance, the three of them entwined with each other, their legs between each other's legs, their arms touching. They fell to the ground and undulated, swaying their bodies upwards, moving upwards as though they were one.

It was a form of snake dance. The girl crawling up the boys body, another boy crawling up their bodies, they were kind of swaying in and out of each other, moving, undulating rhythmically, thrusting into each other's bodies touching, massaging each other's backs with their backs, their chests with their chests, their arms with their arms. Their bodies merging with each other's, legs on, legs, tits on tits, cocks on cocks and asses on asses.

They moved and swayed and we could watch the boys cocks getting larger and larger engorging with blood. Those joy sticks purpling against the white skin. Their tits, little hard knobs, their nipples darkening. The girl's breasts rose even higher and you could see glistening between her legs as she was lubricating from the excitement of it. They were kissing, they were holding, they were beginning to suck on each other.

The girl was being sucked on her cunt and on her ass at the same time. And as the boys sucked on her, they were playing with themselves. She put her right hand on one boys cock and the left hand on the other. She was gently, very gently moving her fingers around and around their cocks, making circles around the tips of their cocks and then putting her whole hand and going down and up and down and up.

When their cocks were very hard and their bodies were moving up and down, undulating in a sucking rhythm, suddenly two girls came from the sides of the stage. They walked towards the boys and started licking their legs, taking their toes into their mouths. Each boy's toes was sucked one toe at a time and then the girls sucked on their feet and their legs, their bodies touching the boys' bodies all the time, moving, scratching lightly, rubbing, kneading their skin, sucking between their legs, sucking their balls.

One girl took the boy's balls in her mouth and sucked the entire balls. You could see her sucking away, her cheeks extended with round moles coming out of her cheeks. Each ball in one cheek. Then she moved up and began sucking on his cock, eating it, licking it, devouring it. Her body was all over his, tits swaying and bouncing all over his body as she sucked and moved. Her mouth was all over him. Her fingers were all over him.

She dragged her hair along his body moving it up and down, tickling him. She turned him over and gave him a rim job, sucking on each of his buttocks, sucking all around his ass, going down the slit, going down the channel to his asshole and spreading his asshole wide so that the audience could see as she struck her tongue right up his ass, licking around the rim, licking and licking and then plunging into it plummeting her body against his behind and legs, pulling her tits all along him as she sucked on his asshole.

And turning him quickly, taking her hand, she put his cock in her hand and stood above him her cunt just above his cock and then she sat slowly, very slowly, lowering her body down, she was on her feet supporting herself by her feet, her hand on his cock as she sat slowly down. His cock was almost, in the mouth of that channel, that mouth of the cunt that mouth that was dripping with cunt juices. His finger was on her clit, pulling on her, masturbating her. His other hand was touching her tits.

"Fuck me, fuck me," he was screaming. "I'm ready. I'm ready. Fuck me, fuck me!"

The other boy was doing the same. It was as though the girls were rehearsed, ready to take the virginity from these two boys in the same exact way. She too was traveling his body, tantalizing him, lowering her cunt, that delicious hot pussy, the dripping hairs coming down towards that head, towards that purple throbbing tip, his delicious joy stick. She came closer to the tip – two magnificent female bodies lowering themselves on two young, hard, firm, young cocks that were pulsating, waiting desperately for that touch of hot pussy, that first touch of hot delicious cunt that would tighten itself around his prick and pull all of the juices out of him.

The boys' balls were tight, pulled in towards the body. You could see the hot white juices bubbling in the balls, bubbling in that cauldron of fire, waiting to be shot into her pussy for the first time. Neither of these boys could stand it any more. They were screaming and moaning and shouting, "Fuck me, fuck me, give me that pussy. I want that pussy down on me already. My cock wants it, my cock wants it."

Suddenly the music was starting to get louder and louder and as cymbals clashed both girls lowered their asses and tightened those cunts around those virginal cocks.

The audience applauded and screamed, "Fuck them, fuck them, take their virginity, take it, take it! Fuck them! Fuck them! Fuck them!!!" The whole room was chanting, "Fuck them. Fuck them."

The boys were screaming at the top of their lungs, louder than anyone, "Fuck me! Fuck me! Go up and down, go up and down!" Then suddenly screams of joyous explosions were hitting the room.

"Ahhhhh!" the boys were screaming as they exploded inside pussy for the first time, their hot sperm merging with the hot cunt juices, and people ran from all over the room hugging them and kissing them. Then when everything quieted down, they carried the boys around the room above their heads and were rocked and swayed by everyone in the room.

They carried them way above their heads, their arms extended holding those delicious bodies. The sperm still dripping down their legs and down their bellies, the cunt juice all over their bodies, the smell was in the air. And after we carried them around and rocked them for about fifteen minutes we layed them down to rest, several girls went around them and stroked them and hugged them and kissed them.

Then everybody's attention was riveted to the one girl, the one virgin who was still left. She hadn't yet lost that hymen, that delicious stretch of cherry-skin closing that door to the valley, that channel of love and heat and passion, that delicious pulsating cunt-pussy that every man in the world goes crazy for. That power of womanhood was still closed, but would be opened very soon.

Everyone quieted down to watch her as she lie there. There were two boys with her through all this and they were stroking her and kissing and loving her while everything else was going on. She was excited to a pitch of frenzy by now, watching the two boys loose their virginity, watching their cocks encircled by that love juice, encircled by the hot pulsating pussies of her friends knowing that she too would be able to give that kind of pleasure to man, that she too would have this new pleasure that she'd never had.

She lay there writhing, screeching, moving her body around and around. When everybody was ready and watching only them, one of the boys spread her legs far apart and put his head between her cunt.

The other boy started to speak, "Suck on her clit and suck on her vulva, suck on those cunt lips. Just keep sucking and touching."

As he spoke he had her nipples between his fingers of each hand and was gently, gently pulling on her nipples, stroking them. We could see those rosebuds, those delicious pink buds turning darker and darker and getting shriveled up. We could see the boy's head bobbing up and down between her legs as he lubricated her even more and excited her even more into a frenzied pitch. Her knees were up, her feet flat on the floor, her knees as far apart as they could get without breaking in half, that valley slit right open, ready.

The boy was saying to the other one, "Put your tongue all the way in, put your tongue all the way in and make it ready for cock. Make it ready for cock, baby, because cock is going in soon."

He pulled his head away and began putting in one finger at a time. He moved to the side so that the audience could see his finger going in. The girl was moaning, not in pain, moaning in ecstasy, as his finger went in and out and in and out. Then he put two fingers in – in and out with his fingers while his thumb was on her clit.

She was moving in fucking motions by now, pushing her body up towards the ceiling, her stomach arched, her body tight, her round, delicious, beautiful ass visible to the audience as it raised above the floor.

His fingers kept going in and out and in and out. He put his head down between her legs again and the other boy began sucking on her nipples. Boys came from all over. There was one boy on each hand sucking on her fingers. There were two other boys, one at each foot, sucking on her feet.

She was writhing and screaming, begging, "Fuck me, fuck me, take it away already. Fuck me, fuck me, I want something inside of me. I want more inside of me. I want hot throbbing cock inside my pussy!" she was screaming.

The six boys were working on her, one on each hand and foot sucking and sucking, another on her tits, another fucking her with his fingers and sucking her cunt alternately. She was moving all over the floor, she was going crazy and everyone in the audience was going just as crazy.

The audience was moving towards each other. People were beginning to suck, people were beginning to masturbate and pull on themselves.

Then the boy suddenly took his head from between her legs and lifted her in his arms. The other five boys helped, holding her by her ass and back and as though she were a doll, they held her with her legs spread apart, her cunt wide open and dripping wet, ready, ready for that hot cock.

The boy stood between her legs, the others were holding her. She was parallel to the floor, her head thrown back, her hair long and straight, she looked gorgeous. Her tits were standing up in the air, her legs spread wide apart, her arms wide apart, the boys still sucking on her fingers and toes, still stroking her and touching her and holding her up.

They moved slowly towards the boy between her legs. His cock was extended away from his body, sticking out like a round rod, sticking out like a diviner looking for water, only this diviner was looking for hot pussy, hot juice that would encircle his cock and bring him to joyous explosions of love and frenzy and excitement.

She was screaming, "Put it in, put it in, I need it now, I want it! Fuck me. Puck me! Put it in!" as he moved towards her, that hot rod, that prick standing out waiting.

She was perfectly positioned, her cunt heading straight towards that tip, the head of that joy stick, as they moved forward with her body. Closer and closer until suddenly the tip of his cock was in her cunt, in that valley of joy, the cunt lips encircling the tip. They moved her back and forward very slowly and very gently.

She screamed, "More! More! I want it now, it doesn't hurt. More! More!" and they moved her forward another inch and then back.

By now he was screaming, "Give me that pussy! Put me in it, I want it around my cock. Give it all!" but they wouldn't move any faster.

They moved her body slowly, inserting the cock in another quarter of an inch and back. You could see his cock glistening with her cunt juices where her cunt had encircled his cock. You could see the juices dripping down her leg. She was coming and coming without the penetration. She was coming from the excitement.

The juices were dripping down to the floor, her hair floating from her movements. The boys holding her were still sucking and touching her and they moved her forward again onto that hot rod waiting for her. This time they kept moving her forward until she screamed, "It's happened, it's happened, he's in, he's in!"

They moved quickly now, moving her forward and back battering rod against a doorway. Her cunt encircled the cock and the cock pressed into her. The boy took her around her waist, her legs encircled his waist and the other boys let go. The two of them stood there fucking. She was thrusting into his body, pushing towards him and away, towards him and away, moving her ass in and out like a piston in a perfectly oiled machine. And he too moved, his ass going back and forth as his cock pressed up into that valley, as his cock was encircled by juices of hotness and steaming pussy.

He threw his head back in a screech. "Ahhh… Ahhh! I'm coming… I'm cooommming."

Then she too, her head thrown back and digging her nails into his back, her teeth mashing and screaming, "I'm cooommming!"

The two of them were all over the floor and continued pulsating, pressing, moving, fucking, they couldn't stop.

His fourteen year old cock was hard again. His semen deposited in that vessel for the first time, her cunt walls feeling the hot sperm juice for the first time. She was purring in joyous ecstasy.

Then she screamed to the audience, "He fucked me, he fucked me. He's in me. I love it, I love it! Why did I wait so long!"

And all around me people were probably thinking, why did they wait so long, as they stripped their clothes from their bodies arid began plunging their cocks into waiting cunts and plunging cunts against waiting mouths.

Everybody was undulating their bodies towards easy other dancing rhythmically to the music still playing. They were hugging and kissing, fucking and sucking and the three virgins en stage were at it again, there was no stopping them. There was no stopping these little babies. There was no stopping teenage cocks, they rise and fall like elevators, elevators that ran by electricity, elevators that never stop. The cocks rise and rise and rise again and stay hard forever – days and months and years. The joyous pleasures of the body manifesting all around me. The fucking and the sucking and the loving.

I lay there, my cock limp. My sperm deposited in Sybil's throat. My body heaving with excitement of the blow-job she'd just given me. My mouth spread with her cunt juice. My face smiling. My eyes dancing. My entire body twinkling. I looked over to see John. He was still with Lucy and his cock, too, hung limp between his legs at half-mast. I could imagine the working over he had gotten. There were two other girls stretched across his body, their tits dangling against his legs, their faces smiling. He must have done them pretty good.

Mr. amp; Mrs. Garvey had two babies on their laps maybe five or six years old. They were still stroking each other. Everybody was lying in heaps. Cunt and cock juice spread over their bodies. Some were laughing, others dancing. It was another joyous evening at The House.

The ritual of the virgin had taken place before my eyes and I could only think how beautiful this whole world is. How wonderful to fuck and suck and experience these feelings without any problems, without any guilt. How wonderful it is to have cunts pulsating and cocks throbbing and fabulous excitement to look forward to. The community of love had won me completely.

And I knew as I lay there with Sybil's cunt juice on my face, her tits against my chest, her arms around me, that I was never going to leave Stanton. I had come for a story, but I had found a life. A life that I couldn't ever leave. Old Angus responded to my thoughts as he started moving up my belly again, started pulsating against the hairy turf of my prick bed. He started moving and like a bloodhound on the hunt, Sybil smell ed the rise, her face bent down, her tongue darted out to the tip and I felt that hot wet tongue circling my prick head. My body heaved, I smiled as I grabbed her by the ears and hair and shoved her head all the way down.



By now I was surely convinced that Jason and his friends had the right idea about life. Sybil and I were totally joyful with each other. We found adventure and thrills in every moment. We ran through the woods, rode horseback and swam. We drove through beautiful countryside, had picnics and made love at every possible moment, in every possible place and in every imaginable way. We met wonderful people and always had fabulous times. Edie and Jerry were good friends of ours, and we visited with many of the other couples who were all members of The House.

My editor had left Stanton promising that our secret would be well kept. My story was finished. In reality I too could have returned but that was impossible for me. Now that I had tasted life as part of Jason's 'house', could never live anywhere else. I had determined to make a home for myself in Stanton. Sybil and I were inseparable and we planned to be married as soon as possible. I'd never been happier anywhere in the world, or with anyone else. Life was truly a bowl of cherries.

There was always whipped cream for the cake, always some event occurring that enveloped me in heights of sexual adventures. Tonight was another such thrill and we were all looking forward to it.

Jason had initiated the Mothers and Daughters Ritual about ten years earlier.

"Tony, I felt that if our families were to truly believe that sex and love were inseparable, then everyone in the families should be totally involved in lovemaking. When mothers and daughters team up to make love with someone, that is truly a sign of togetherness and family closeness. No two people are as close as mothers and their daughters. They even have a psychic pull between them."

"It's been proven that mothers and their teen-age daughters can read each others minds and be totally tuned into each others psyches. So, as you'll see tonight, when mothers and daughters love together, there is no greater thrill. They act as two drops of water both part of one wave, totally in rhythm with each other, totally syntonic with each other. It's a joy to witness."

Jason certainly had a way with words and I was looking forward to the rhythmic dance of love that was planned for this evening.

Again, as in the events of the past most of the families of the community came to the big house on the hill. There were over one hundred people present. Mr. Garvey was telling me about other Mother and Daughter evenings in the past. He assured me that I would be in a state of spiritual wonder and joy when I witnessed the lovemaking of the evening.

"Tony, my friend, you'll feel as though you're floating on a cloud and your sense of contentment and satiation will be more intense than you've ever experienced," Mr. Garvey told me.

I almost smiled as I thought about the hundreds of sexual experiences I'd had since arriving in Stanton. I couldn't imagine that they would surely get better and better as Mr. Garvey assured me. But, I was ready for the evening.

Even as Mr. Garvey and I spoke we both began undressing, readying ourselves for whatever was to happen. As though on cue, others began removing their clothes also and music began in the background. We all started dancing spontaneously.

The candles were flickering throughout the room and our bodies seemed to glisten in reddish tones as the candlelight flooded our bared skin. The excitement and the motion caused our bodies to glisten with beads of sweat and as we touched and sidled against each other, we were all feeling our rising passions and intense sense of excitation.

The music became faster and our bodies moved in frenzied, spinning and turning motions, our hands clutching at bodies, at tits, at cocks. We bent and licked each other, we bit, we chewed, we nibbled. We moved constantly, teasing each other and ourselves, working ourselves up to higher and higher sensitivities. Suddenly, it was deeply silent.

Only our breathing could be heard. Jason's voice boomed over the microphone and we all sat, catching our breathes and controlling our throbbing cunts and cocks.

"The evening begins now, with our mother and daughter for the evening. Please learn as much as you can and please enjoy yourselves to the fullest," Jason said as Edie and her mother came out on the stage. Silence covered the entire room.

They were both wearing white diaphanous gowns, the fabric flowing behind them as they floated along the stage. Their bodies undulated in perfect rhythm with each other, as though they were merely mirror images, not really two separate persons.

They undulated their hips towards each other in circular motions, thrusting forward and around and back. No other part of their body moved. Their hips and thighs swayed around and around. They faced the audience and moved towards us, swaying sensually. When their robes dropped to the floor we all gasped. Their bodies were truly exquisite. They were oiled from head to foot so that they shimmered and glistened. The candles' glow flickered over their bodies. They ran their hands over their perfectly molded shapes.

Hands found breasts and made circular motions around and around. Nipples began to harden and tighten. They bent and sucked on their nipples, again in unison. They ran their hands down their sides, molding to their indented waistlines and moving outwards again over their protruding hips and inwards again over their thighs and legs.

They moved as though in slow motion, sliding their hands over every part of their bodies. Lying on their backs they raised their legs high over their heads exposing their cunts and asses to us. They ran their hands inside their legs and up towards the entranceway to that channel of love, that valley of joy, nestled there between what seemed like two majestic mountains, rather than firm, exquisite legs.

They began moving their, bodies up from the floor using only their back muscles to lift themselves in thrusting motions. Both cunts could be seen to twitch as they pulled their muscles in and out and juices began to flow from between the still hidden lips, coming out of the tufts of tightly woven pubic hair.

Both sets of hands, in unison separated the lips and played along the cuntlips as though they were piano keyboards. We could see the thick juices flowing more steadily and thickly.

Edie and her mother were moaning now, low caressing sounds like the purring of a cat, their sounds getting louder and louder. Both hands then found the clitoris and exposed it to the audience. The small purple knob was standing up at attention, waiting to be touched so that explosions could erupt from within that tunnel of love beneath it.

They raised their asses fully off the floor now, their stomachs flat and reaching up towards the sky, their tits pointing upwards. Edie's tighter and firmer, but her mother's still beautiful and full, tantalizing everyone watching.

Each of them took their right hands and thrust them up into their gaping cunts. The pace of their movements was incredible and they plummeted in and out of their delicious juicepots. Their left hands were at the purple knob, the cut. Their screams were full pitched by now and in only seconds, they screeched that final screech of orgasm. They both sprayed their hands, their bellies, the floor, the audience.

They came in volcanic spurts of cuntlava, flooding the room. We ail clapped and screamed with them, some of us coming too, as we pulled on our own spots, or fucked with someone or sucked with someone. As usual it was audience participation at The House.

Jason's voice broke through our pleasure as he said: "Tony and Jerry, you have both been chosen to complete our mother and daughter for the evening."

I sighed with relief that old Angus had been somewhat controlled that night and hadn't yet let go of any juices. In all his glory, standing straight out away from my belly, hard as a rock and purple with passion, he marched ahead of me as I went right up on the stage-bed.

Mrs. Garvey came up to me and began dancing around me spreading my body with her wet and still hot juice. The smell of her pleasure spot was overwhelming me, driving me crazy. I thought I'd explode without even being touched was so excited. But she cleverly spun away from me and spun back towards me with alternating rhythms, so that I was brought up and back down quickly, keeping me from the grand finale.

Edie was doing the same with Jerry. Again we were in a rhythmic dance, both of them in exact unison with each other. Mrs. Garvey's mouth was ail over me, my tits were being mouthed by hot wet lips and teeth, my belly button, my inner thighs, my asshole and my toes and fingers and cock too. I was wet with her spit and her cuntjuice. I was lying on the bed, insanely screaming, "Fuck me already, fuck me, suck me." She had me by the balls. I was desperate, at the heights of untold passion.

I could hear Jerry screaming as I was. They were both tantalizing our bodies with their tongues, their mouths all over us, even their cunts. I found my fingers in her hot pot, my toes in their too, my nose and tongue were allowed there for moments and then pulled away. I begged, I shouted, I pleaded. I tried to pull on Angus myself but she took my hand and sucked on the fingers and slapped Angus against my belly so that he would calm down.

They continued bringing us up to near-explosion and then back to a calmer level and up again. My balls were aching. She licked my ass and brought her tongue forward up over my balls. Both my balls were in her mouth as she ran one hot, wet finger up and down my cock. Then finally her mouth enclosed my joystick, my prick in heaven at being wettened and heated and enclosed as it wanted to be.

She ran her mouth and tongue up and down Angus. He throbbed as she sucked harder and harder, pulling all the juices up to the head. Before the final catapulting of hot come, she again brought the juices down and sat on my cock. Nothing touched me but her cunt. She squatted on her two feet, her legs straddling my body. She undulated her hips back and forth and pulled herself up and down, up and down. At the same time her cunt talked to Angus. She pulled on it and tighted around it as though I were in a babies mouth, as though I were the nipple on a babies bottle. She sucked on me, until I gave her my milk. The milk that had been flying up towards her for so long, I squirted her with that hot delicious milk that she sucked so hard for. Her cunt drowned in it, together with her own.

Our moans and screams molded with those of Edie's and Jerry's and everyone else around us. I could see nothing but my mind could imagine the intertwining of arms and legs, the cunt and prick juice all over the place, the tongues sucking and the fingers exploring.

Angus lay there in that hot cunt-mouth, pulsating with incredible energy from the intense throbbing of coming. Jerry and Edie rolled towards us and we all lay there like four amoeba, heaving in and out, total ecstasy ours. Mothers and daughters. Wow. I truly loved Jason and his incredible ideas.



An innocent remark of mine triggered off another evening at The House. I asked Jerry why they didn't have a Fathers and Sons night in addition to the Mothers and Daughters night.

Without answering me, Jerry had walked over to the telephone and called Jason. Before I knew what was happening I was involved in the planning of this new event.

We decided that Jerry and his father, Stan, would be the first of the Fathers and Sons to perform. We had planning sessions for a few nights trying to decide what it would be that we'd most like to convey.

We decided that it would be best if we could show the audience the most sensual parts of men and how best to satisfy the sensual needs of men at the same time. We decided to avoid any actual thrusting as was commonly known and try to initiate a new sort of fucking. We decided that before that though, we would concentrate on the best ways to give head, how men can masturbate most joyfully and ways to touch a man most satisfactorily.

With these goals in mind we planned the entire show and Jerry and Stan were all set to go after only a few hours of rehearsal.

Again, everyone at The House was ready. There was even more excitement than usual because this was a NEW event and no one knew quite what would happen.

We danced and spoke and prepared our minds and bodies for the sexual and sensual evening. When the men were ready, we were all called to attention by Jason, as usual.

Sybil and I were sitting together. We'd been fucking all afternoon and both of us felt that this was one evening we'd surely sit by and just watch. Sybil actually felt her fountainhead, her delicious love spot was ready to be put into a sling, its muscles had been so worked that day. Happy and contented, we held each other and watched as the show began.

Jerry and Stan walked onto the stage, with flaccid cocks and a jaunty movement. They each held a dish, which they placed on the floor. Bending, they moistened their fingers in what was evidently a thick lotion. They began touching their bodies with their oiled fingers. They worked their fingers in circular motions, using only the balls of their fingers.

Massaging and lovingly patting, they roamed about their bodies, shining their skin. At the same time they moved their hips and buttocks, thrusting their pricks towards us.

They then began an incredible show of muscle control. Their cocks moved as though on a string, towards their bodies, hitting against their bellies and catapulting away towards us. They moved in circular motions, to the right, against their bellies, to the left and again towards us.

"Imagine if I could pull my cock around like that while it's inside that hot cunt of yours," I whispered to Sybil, as I squeezed her left tit lovingly.

"I'm almost coming just watching it. You'll have to get some lessons Tony baby," she whispered back at me.

Both shafts were purple and hard, standing firmly at attention, waiting for their next move, when Jerry and Stan, began massaging their tools. Placing their hands at the very base they tightened around the entire shaft and pulled upwards in one motion. Then they used the other hand, placed it at the base and again pulled upwards in one motion. As they came to the tip, they seemed to tighten their grasp and give one final squeeze before they pulled their hand away.

They continued this massaging of their cocks, alternating their hands, one hand at the base as soon as the other hand began its trip up to the throbbing tip. As the beat of the music quickened and the breathing of all of us sped, they too moved their hands more quickly. When we all thought they would surely spurt their fluids, their cocks hardening and throbbing before our eyes, they both stood sideways so that we could see them place their thumbs tightly against the vein in their cocks. The pressure of their fingers was like a tourniquet which pushed the seminal flow right back down into the balls and we watched their cocks subsiding slightly, the purplish color lightening and the hardness softening just slightly. Their breathing slowed slightly. They stood quietly a moment, all of us hushed, watching what was to come next.

They lay down on their backs and brought their legs up over their heads. Jerry was able to actually put his feet flat on the floor alongside his head, but Stan could only raise his legs high above his head and slightly backwards.

Jerry moved sideways so that we could all get a better look at what he was doing. By bringing his legs back so far, his cock was dangling just above his mouth. He began blowing on his cock and as though the air from his hot, wet mouth was calling to old pricky-baby, his deliciously young, hard prick, hardened and grew before our eyes. As it did so, it came closer and closer to his mouth. He stuck his tongue out and was able to lick the head of his now pulsating joystick. His tongue was calling to his cock: "Come to me, come to me," his tongue seemed to be saying as it flicked in and out of his mouth, flickering along the head.

The cock grew bigger so that his tongue could wrap itself around the head completely and in seconds his lips were around the head as well. He was sucking himself off. His right hand had found his nether ring and was bobbing in and out of his asshole, plunging in and out with the same speed as his sucking mouth and flicking tongue.

Stan was blowing on his own cock and ass-finger-fucking himself also. We were all insane with the sight. I'd never seen anyone sucking his own cock before. Jerry must have practiced for weeks to exercise such muscular control.

Jerry's body was heaving in and out. His stomach muscles were obviously tensed beyond bearing. His finger careened against his ass and his mouth sucked wildly and throbbingly.

His cum splattered his face and we could see his throat swallowing overhand over as his own cum rushed down his gullet. He moved quickly to Stan's side and began massaging his father's tits and belly, as Stan pulled one last pull on his overflowing purple stick. The juicy sperm rushed out against Jerry's hands on Stan's belly and chest. They both lay down together for a moment, the audience cumming around them sucking or fucking or pulling on themselves and each other.

Two young girls, thirteen or fourteen, walked on stage and began licking Jerry and Stan. They massaged both men with their tongues as do cats to their kittens. They cleansed them of their sticky cum and licked and nibbled and sucked their bodies until both men began to respond again.

Two cocks began to rise from the two mens' bodies as they lay there on stage. Their legs were spread apart, their arms spread eagled as the girls babied them with their hands and tongues. When their cocks started to rise, they were in full view of us, but for only seconds, because as soon as they were fully excitened, hardened to a purplish glow, two baby cunts, hardly out of their virgin stage, sat atop these two waiting poles, those two sticks, to ride on top of.

And the girls rode. They shuffled their bodies up and down and back and forth screaming and shouting.

"Ride em honey, ride those big hard cocks. Oh yes, we are bringing ourselves off, riding on your delicious cock. Ride em baby, push into me, more harder, push into me, let me ride you more, push, push," they screamed and shouted as they lustily moved with gay abandonment.

I couldn't sit there any more. I rushed up on the stage and straddled Stan's body with my feet, my cock right in the face of the girl riding on Stan's delicious prickstick.

She took Angus in her mouth and sucked like I knew she would. Her mouth closed over most of him and she sucked up and down as her tongue wildly swirled around his tip, penetrating his hole and swirling around again. She moved her mouth in the same rhythm as she moved her hips up and down on Stan's cockrock. I began plunging back and forth myself, unable to stand the tension. I wanted to drip into her face as soon as possible. I face fucked her as she sucked and licked Angus.

"I'm cummmmroinnnnnngggggg, I'm cumm-minnnnggggg," she began screaming around my cock never letting go of it for an instant.

Her screams heating Angus even more and stimulating him to a frenzy. She dug her hands into Stan's tits and exploded her juices all over his belly. I shot my load into her face at the same time and was, still throbbing, cum still shooting out of me, when I lifted her into the air and wrapped her legs around my neck.

Her cunt right in my face. Stan's cum and her own hot juices dripping all over her twat hair and her legs. I ran my tongue from her asshole straight up into her still throbbing cunt and took her inflamed beet red clit into my soft and gentle lips, letting her clit throb in my inner lips, wetting it gently with my split and sucking slowly. She came again and again, in a tantric orgasm, wailing as her head hung backwards, down toward the floor, her long hair trailing on the bed at Stan's feet. Her delicious young smooth firm body in my arms. My hands warm against her ass, her legs wrapped around my neck, her pussy throbbing in my face.

I stepped away from Stan, she still hanging from me, still sucking on that firm virginal cunt and knelt on my knees, covering her entire body with kisses and licks and sucks. I nibbled at her tits and nipples, I stroked her body in wonder and awe. She was so white, so tight, so incredibly firm. I felt Angus harden again as I watched her throbbing body under my hands, her muscles still in spasms from her incredible orgasmic experience fucking Stan and being nibbled and sucked by me.

I turned her body over so that I could fuck her from behind and called to Sybil. Sybil knelt in front of my woman-child and took her clit between her lips as I plunged into her deliriously hot and tight pussy. Sybil sucked and I fucked this baby in our arms. Sybil's hands stroked the baby tits and belly and I stroked her ass and legs. Sybil's mouth sucked at her clit and cunt-lips and Angus massaged her vaginal walls and ass as he went in and out gently and slowly.

Again she screamed that scream of joy. Again her body was overtaken with an orgasm without end. I began throbbing myself and couldn't hold back anymore as I sprayed her cunt with my hot juices just as I'd sprayed her face and mouth only moments before. Sybil too was covered with the baby's come juice. I looked ahead to see that Jerry too was doing to his baby, what I was doing to mine. Edie was sucking at her clit, following Sybil's lead and Jerry was fucking her from behind. Stan was surrounded by several little girls all of them involved with him. One sucking, one with her cunt over his face, another eating his toes and others eating his hands.

Fathers and Sons was certainly a turn-on night at The House. We were all more than satisfied. I lay there all mixed up in Sybil's arms and the delicious girl-woman-baby on top of me, cunt juice and my own cum covering all of us. I knew that this event would surely be repeated and was glad I'd been part of starting something new at the "house".



I found out about it from Jerry and Edie, they were kind of the leaders of the young kids that were still in school. There was a general feeling of unhappiness running through the school. The kids were feeling that they were more an object of sexual pleasures than anything else. They wanted more emotions in their sex lives and they had decided that they would no longer participate in sexual activities with adults who just chose them as sex partners for the evening. It became a very complicated situation because adults who did not have children were now put in to a position of not having a partner to go to The House with. Adults who did have children, were not affected because parents and children were of course, intimately involved and these children did not feel upset.

The orphans at the school were especially upset because they had established relationships with many adults and with many other children and they wanted to maintain their sexual activities only with the chosen few who had emotional involvements with them. In essence, what the babies at the school decided was that in the future they were going to chose their special partners and they were not just going to participate in sexual activities with just anyone, as they had in the past. Also they decided that there was other kinds of sexual activities that they wanted to participate in and in which the adults were reluctant to do. They also felt that adults were very judgmental about certain sexual activities and they wanted to change these attitudes.

When Jerry and Edie came to me with these situations, I, of course, went immediately to Sybil and talked to her about it. We planned a meeting with the kids and the school. We didn't want to tell Jason because of his age and we didn't want to upset him.

At the meeting there were all kinds of arguments and discussions going on and I came to realize that the kids had a point. If this community was in fact a community of love and affection and if sex was the general culmination, the natural culmination, then we had to allow the kids to choose their own sexual partners, we couldn't possibly deny them this right. Every thing that the "house" stood for, every philosophy of the community, stood on the fact of affection and tenderness, even more so than the actual sexual act.

And so Sybil and I readily agreed that the babies would of course be able to choose their own partners from that moment on. We also readily agreed that if they wanted to participate in certain sexual activities which the adults had not participated in, they would have that right as well. We cautioned them to try to stay away from anything that would be dangerous or hurtful to them and we asked that they demonstrate to us in some way what it is that they'd like to do so that we could have some sort of control over it. We reminded them that some of them were only six, seven and eight years old and if we allowed the teenage children to make rules and regulations perhaps the younger children would not he taken into account.

At that meeting we decided that the babies at the school would put on a show for the entire house, to try to detail those sexual activities that they were interested in participating in and perhaps even involving some of the adults in.

The children came up with a fabulous idea and the idea was that they would show films at The House rather than participate in the activities themselves. In this way we would all be able to judge for ourselves if we would like to be involved in such activities without trying them first, but by watching them first. And so an evening was planned, an evening with films that the babies would choose and we hoped that the babies strike would be over and everything would be resolved.

As usual, there was an air of excitement at The House. People were ready and waiting. We were all so kind of nervous, not knowing what we would be seeing or how it would effect our community. Tonight was really the beginning of a new process, a new way of dealing with things. In some way we had given the babies a lot of power, as they rightfully deserved and we were all anxious to see how this power would use itself.

The lights went down and the soft whir of the movie camera soon began in the background. The screen was lowered and you could hear the deep breathing of the entire audience, all anticipating, not knowing what we were going to see, but waiting.

The title was, "The Beauty of the Beast", and the beauty who came on screen was certainly a magnificent beast. It was a huge Labrador Retriever with shiny black skin like oiled onyx. You could see his muscles rippling under his back legs as he softly, slowly walked, preening himself in front of the camera. He knew he was beautiful. He turned and his face stared out at the audience, his eyes shining coals in the middle of his face. His nose sniffing, his nostrils flaring, his tongue slightly extended, pink, wet, you could tell that it was hot.

I'd never been interested in animals before, but this one was extraordinary. He truly had a majesty about him as he stood there, head held high. He even seemed to have shoulders the way the tops of his front legs were haunched upwards. His tongue came out a little further and further and we could see that he was breathing harder and harder. He was staring at something off to the right. Then suddenly the object of his vision, the object of his tongue extending further into the screen, was visible to us as well – a magnificent blonde walked towards him.

She was wearing a black chiffon gown flowing, but it had no front. Her tits were standing out before her, huge and firm, melons, pink and delicious. The darkness of the dog next to her was in sharp contrast to her white mellifluous looking skin. Her cunt was exposed also, a huge square cut into the black nightgown and as she turned we could see that her ass was also exposed. There were just strips of fabric around her stomach and flowing down her legs, with all the right parts showing. The pinkness of her skin, the soft ripples, inviting all of us to touch, to look, to enjoy, but it was the dog, that magnificent black animal that was there with her – the dog that could touch and taste and look.

She began swinging her hips towards the dog's face until her pussy was right in his mouth and he did exactly what he was probably trained to do. His huge tongue reached out and went under that mound of delicious looking blond hairs, sticking itself between her legs and pulling itself from her ass forward over her labia.

She spread her legs wide and lay down so we could see everything he was doing. He bent down, not wanting to loose an inch of it, not wanting to stop tasting. He bent his head between her legs and sticking those flaring black nostrils between her legs he buried his face and mouth and tongue. We couldn't see exactly how he was doing it, but he was certainly burrowed way in there.

Her legs were spread wide apart and she wrapped her knees around his head bringing her feet together. Her hands were dug into his ass and scratching his back, pulling him further and further into her crotch. She was writhing in ecstasy, screeching and moaning all over the floor, pulling herself along the floor, not able to control herself, thrusting her pelvic area up into the dog's face as though sucking his mouth.

She started screaming, "Fuck me, fuck me, you beautiful black animal, you gorgeous black, shiny creature. Fuck me!" The dog was doing exactly what she wanted with his mouth and head.

Suddenly we could see a huge red prick coming out from between his back legs. It was incredibly large and it looked as though it had been dipped in oil, it was so shiny. He moved upwards putting his paws right on her tits. She raised herself up so that he could enter easily, swiftly and that slick, oily, red dog prick pushed itself into her waiting cunt, her throbbing, pulsating, waiting cunt.

We could see her come juice dripping down her legs, down her ass onto the floor and the dog started moving at an incredible pace, faster than any human could possibly fuck. He was going in and out like a pneumatic drill, pounding away. His saliva was dripping down on to her face as he licked her skin. He licked her tits, her mouth, her nose, her ears. He really showed how much he appreciated what her cunt was doing to his prick. There was no doubt that the dog was happy, you could see him moving joyfully with complete abandonment. He was almost smiling.

It was an incredible scene and even though most of us in the audience have had anything to do with dogs or other animals, there was no doubt everybody was turned on. The breathing was loud and fast. People were already undressing and touching and kissing and holding each other. Some were already fucking. The whole place was in an uproar. Everybody was responding to what we were seeing on the screen. We could hear moans and groans, I even heard a woman say, "Do you think we could train our dog to do that?" People were really turned on. Another woman said, "Thank God for the babies' strike or we would never have seen anything like this."

The black shiny skin was moving rhythmically. There was something about the glossiness of his hair, the dripping saliva, the shininess of his coal-like eyes, the contrast between the black fur and the smooth white skin beneath him, the blonde hair strewn around the floor and under his face as he licked.

There was something so intensely exciting about what was going on that when the dog pulled out and his dog seeds were dripping all over her cunt hairs and her belly and he was licking her and she was kissing him and holding onto his balls and stroking his black shiny fur pushing her body against him trying to get him to put his front paws around her as though to hug her, getting herself as close as possible to him and the dog responding as well, everybody seemed to imitate the gestures with their partner.

She was crooning into his ear and holding him, stroking him, moving with him. She stood up and kept his feet up against her shoulders and they began dancing, pushing her body into his belly, rubbing her belly against his, rubbing her cunt against his now flaccid cock almost completely disappeared back into it's shaft cover. She rubbed her face against his and kept stroking him and holding him as though he was a man and he held onto her too, as they danced and moved. She turned to the audience with her beautifully shining face and smiled. And as she did so she raised her left leg and wrapped it around the dog holding him fast to her.

We all sat there spellbound, silent, not speaking, just about to begin to move and respond to each other when we realized another film was showing. This one was entitled, "The Slave", and I realized that it would be about another area of sexuality that none of us at The House had participated in. No shows had ever been seen about it and none of us ever really talked about it. The babies were going to be true to their promise. They were going to show us behaviors in sexuality that were more or less foreign to us and "The Slave" began while most of us were still in heat.

I could smell cunt juice. I imagine that cocks were as big as mine. Some of the little children were playing with themselves and others were still fucking and sucking. People were definitely turned-on and exited about the babies' show.

A young girl walked on the screen and began speaking.

"I'm in search of an adventure," she said, "I definitely want to find how to have an orgasm. I've had miles and miles of cock in me for the last few years. I've been fucked and sucked and blown and rimmed by hundreds of guys and I've never had that big trip, that big 'O', that fantastic release of pleasure and I'm certainly going to find it."

She walked in to a store and began looking around. She picked up a whip and some chains and some huge dildos. She looked around some more and saw a black leather harness hanging from the wall. Turning to the man in charge of the store she said, "What's this?"

"If you don't know, honey, I'll have to show you. I can't just tell you about it," he said.

She looked at him and said, "Well then show me. I don't have much time."

He went to the store window and pulled down the shade, putting out a sign that said "Closed" on the door. Before she knew it, he had taken her blouse by the collar and ripped it right off her body. She started taking her own dungarees off when he smacked her across the face.

"Don't you dare do anything without my permission," he said, "you're going to have to learn to behave or be sorry."

There were slight drips of blood coming the corners of her mouth, but she was smiling. "All right, honey, I'll behave. Just tell me what to do."

"Get up there on that stool," he said and she stood just under the harness.

He lifted her by the ass and threw her legs through two holes in the leather strappings and he pulled her arms through two other holes and pulled straps tight across her tits and waist and pelvic area. The straps were digging into her nipples and a huge buckle was just on her pussy hair. Her arms were hanging at her sides when suddenly he pulled on one wrist and attached it to a hook on the wall and the other wrist to another hook on the wall.

He finished pulling off her dungarees, pulling it out from under the strappings. She wore no underwear. He pulled one ankle and attached it to a hook on the wall and the other ankle in the same way, so that she was now spread-eagle hanging in the air about two feet above the floor. Her pussy was wide open and exposed to all of us. The blood was still dripping down.

"Oh honey," she said, "I really like what's going on. I really feel wet and juicy inside. I'm wondering if it's going to get even better than this."

He walked to the side of the store and picked up a bullwhip which he cracked in the air. You could almost feel the breeze as it flew against her body. A slight red line appeared right across her tits where the whip had actually touched her.

"What the hell are you doing?" she screamed, but she didn't look very unhappy.

She looked a little frightened, but excited. Her breathing was coming faster and faster, her huge boobs were bouncing up and down as she tried to move in the harness. Her legs were pushing themselves out away from the wall and as she did so, her pussy hairs seemed to dance and as they moved up with her movements, we could see her juices.

"I'm doing what I want to," he said, "and I'll do what I want to from now on. You're my slave. And look at your pussy, look how wet it is. Look at your tits, look at your nipples how hard and excited they are. You want a big 'O' don't you, you want that big trip, you want an adventure don't you, well you're going to get it baby, let me tell you. You're going to get it. Now you better tell me what you want and you better start begging or you won't get anything but this big whip."

She was pushing her pelvic up towards him. She was begging with her body. You could see that she wanted to be sucked. You could see how she was moving and pushing her cunt up towards his face.

Then finally she said, "Suck me. I want you to suck me," she said. "I want you to take my clit between your lips. I want you to take your tongue and roll it all over my labia, my cunt lips, I want you to stick your nose right up my pussy twat. I want my hot juices to flow all over your face and I want you to take my whole cunt in your mouth and suck hard and I want you to do it until I come. I want you to do it until I stop throbbing and pulsating, till my body stops having spasms like it's supposed to when I come. I want your mouth in my tunnel. I want my come juice all over your face. I want to fuck your face with my cunt."

She was going crazy as she spoke. She was thrashing wildly around trying to free her arms and her legs. Her tits were getting bigger and tauter, her nipples tighter. Her cunt juice was dripping down her legs as she spoke and he just stood there sneering at her.

"I'll give you that, I'll give you that when I'm good and ready. First you give me a little," he said.

He stood up on a very high stool and raised himself so that his cock was right at her mouth. He lowered his pants and he shoved his cock right down her throat. Her eyes started to bulge out. You could see that she was choking.

"Don't you dare choke you fucking bitch!" he screamed, "Don't you dare choke, just suck. Just suck and don't you dare say a word. You just suck and then maybe, maybe I'll give you what you want."

And he fucked her face the way she wanted to fuck his. You could see his ass moving in and out, rhythmically pushing in and out. Her nails were digging into her hands. Her feet were thrashing around against the chains. You could hear her moan and groan as he pushed deeper and deeper down her throat. Suddenly his ass tightened, he reached behind and shoved his finger right up his own ass hole. His finger was going in and out at the same rhythm his cock was going in and out of her mouth. His ass tightened more and more, he grabbed her head with his other hand and started shoving it down as he pushed his cock up into her face. He threw back his head and laughed and screamed, jumping off the stool.

Thick drippings came down her face. Thick milky-grey globs of come juice all over her face dripping down, landing on her nipples. It hung in rivulets from the end of his cock.

He stood in front of her and said, "OK, you want cock, you want cock? I'll give you cock if you want it."

His cock was still huge. It was incredible. All that come flying out of it, all over her face and body and it was still huge. It was a big purple joystick sticking in front of him, the shaft hard and no sign that it had already shot it's load. It just stood there at attention.

But as he talked and as she screamed, "Yes, yes, give me cock, give me cock!" it got smaller and smaller before her eyes, demutesence taking it's toll. It just floated down to a half-cock. It looked like an olive with the red pimento sticking out at the end shriveled up and getting flat.

"You bastard, you promised me cock," she started screaming as she saw what was happening, "Please make me come, please make me come. You promised me cock, you promised me cock."

"OK, bitch, OK. Just tell me what you're going to do for me. Just tell me how good you'll make it for me if I make it good for you."

She was panting by now, she could hardly speak. She was going crazy moving her body trying to practically fuck the air. She was grinding her hips and pulling her hands, her face was tossing back and forth, her hair flying, biting her lips and scratching her hands. Her heavy breathing impeded her speaking.

"I'll do anything you want, I swear to you, I'll do anything just for you to put your tongue on me. Just put your fingers on me, just something. Do something, do something. I really think I can come for the first time, I think I can really come. Just do something. Pull me, lick me, suck me, finger me, get one of those big dildos and shove it up my cunt and another one up my ass and I'll suck you and fuck you and anything you want. I'll be your slave forever."

"Master! Call me Master when you speak to me you bitch!" he said smacking her across the face again.

"Oh yes, Master, yes."

She hardly responded to the hit, all she knew is that she had to get fucked, she had to get something. She was going crazy. I could see her cunt juice dripping down her legs. This movie was for real, this girl was going insane. You could see the thick globs dripping out of her. His come juice was still on some of her face, still on her cheekbones and on her chest. She didn't mind that either. All she wanted was tongue, cock, dildo, anything, she had to get fucked, she had to get something.

"Yes Master, yes," she was screaming. "I'll do anything for you, anything."

He slowly bent down, his face coming closer and closer to her cunt, his tongue sticking out as though to envelope her clit when he pulled back again.

"No, no!" she screamed. "No please don't stop, Master please do it. Please come back again!! Come back," she cried.

I could hardly stand it. I wished I could get up on the screen and eat her pussy out for her. I wanted to break that guys head open for torturing her like that. I certainly hoped that the kids weren't getting into this stuff, but I could hardly deny that Angus was hard as a rock and I was sure turned on as hell.

"OK, bitch," he finally said and his tongue reached out and the camera closed in.

Her clit was fully inflamed, bursting out from between her cuntlips. It was hard like a rock and standing there ready for him. His tongue was dripping with saliva as it tickled against her cunthairs and along her gaping lips.

She struggled like a wild woman, her body pushing into his face. Her arms and legs writhing in their straps. Her tits pushing against the buckles of the leather strappings around her. She fucked his face with her cunt and his tongue stood straight out away from his mouth, allowing her to touch only the tip of his tongue with her clit and cunt.

He wiggled his tongue up and down, teasing her, taunting her, barely touching her clit and cunt. When I felt ready to burst myself, as she screamed in agony and ecstasy, he moved forward with a surge of passion and bit down on her entire cunt.

The camera zoomed in even further and you could see the pussy hairs sticking out of his mouth, his cheeks violently sucking in and out as he took her entire twat into his face.

The juices spiraled out of her cunt all over him. Her face was contorted with release. Her tits pulsated. Her belly heaved in and out. Her legs and arms twitched. Cunt juice kept spraying out from between his mouth but he kept sucking like the man blowing smokerings on 42nd Street. His mouth never stopped.

She was twitching and jumping, her body in a constant spasm, her voice screeching in pleasure and pain sounds. He wouldn't stop although I could feel her pain increasing as she screamed louder and louder.

Finally, he let go, his face soaked with cumjuice, his hair dripping with thick globlets of slimy drippings, even his shirt sticky damp with her cum.

"You got what you wanted bitch, now you better thank me," he shouted at her, twitching her nipples and biting on her belly at the same time.

"Oh thank you Master, thank you, I love you and thank you. I'll never forget you, please Master, please, promise me, you'll do it again."

The screen darkened and all of us sighed with relief. Our own jerking off, fucking, sucking and fingering had of course been taking place while the movie was on. But I really believe the sigh of relief was that the scene was over. None of us wanted to see that poor girl suffering any longer and although she was in ecstasy too, the other side of it was too much for us.

Most of the adults in the community agreed that we'd stay away from dogs and whips for ourselves. We also agreed that it was very exciting to watch and we asked the babies to keep staging more shows like that for us. Who knows, maybe we really would get into that sort of stuff in the future. But for now, we voted to stay with love and tenderness and lust as we knew it.

However, the kids at the school were all for getting a few dogs and beginning to train them, as well as finding out more about this slave-master kind of lovemaking. It was more of a turn-on to them, than to us "older" folks.

Sybil and I lay in each others arms after a fast and furious fuck to relieve both of us of the pent-up cumjuice creeping in my balls and her cunt from watching the turn-on stuff. We smiled as we heard the kids talking.

"It's lucky we asserted ourselves, now we can have our own ways of fucking. Those old guys don't know everything about fucking."

"Yeah, let's get a big dog and teach him how to lick like that big black Labrador, I'd love to get my pussy lapped like that."

"Oooohhhhh, remember how she came all over his face, her juice just shot out like a cannonball. I bet getting hit had a lot to do with how good she came."

As I lay there, sated, touching the woman I loved, I couldn't help but think, maybe those kids are right, maybe we should try some new things.



After the incident with the slave-master film and the film about the dog, I began thinking about how to handle the situation. I knew in a way that the kids were right, that if we were to have an opened-up democratic community that everybody should have choice about their sexual behaviors.

I also knew that there was definitely a turn-on, everybody that saw the films were definitely excited about it. Mr. and Mrs. Garvey had gotten into the whole bondage thing and Mrs. Garvey told me that she and her husband had one of the best times of their lives.

He tied up her wrists and tied each ankle to one of the bedposts, so that her legs were spread. He took both arms and tied them up to the headboard, her wrists together. He had her in a totally helpless situation and he went through the master bit. She was begging for sucking, she was begging for him to touch her and he was teasing her, walking around the bed flaunting his cock in her face pretending to start to touch her then take his fingers away; pretending to start to suck her then take his tongue away.

She said that she actually came just lying there without ever being touched. She was moving so furiously and so excited about the whole thing that Mr. Garvey said too that it was an incredible turn-on. When he did come on top of her and stick his yearning purple wobble into her waiting cunt, it had never been so hot or so throbbing before. They both intend to continue scenes of bondage. Both said also that they wouldn't hit each other or hurt each other, but the way that they were doing it as a turn-on.

Jerry and Edie were thrilled to death with Salomi. Salomi is Jerry's dog and he had trained her to really like pussy. He put pussy juice on pieces of meat for a while and after a while she was just licking off the cum juice. Then he put a piece of meat between Edie's legs with pussy juice all over it and Salomi just went straight for her twat, pushing the piece of meat aside and digging right in to get more and more juice. It's probably a great way to train a dog, but Edie was really getting turned-on to it.

In fact, Jerry was wondering if he had done the right thing because he said, "You know Tony, Edie comes off better with Salomi sucking on her cunt, then when I do it. I'm really beginning to get jealous of Salomi."

So there was a lot of talk all around and a lot of action going on because of the film and because of the strike the babies posed. And the more I thought about it, the more I had to agree that life in the community certainly had changed.

Sybil and I did a great deal of talking and we decided that we would put on a show together. Everyone knew by now that we were in love and everyone accepted me as part of the community. Sybil and I were a pair and life was going to continue with me at her side and her at mine. We spoke to Jason about it and he agreed that what we planned seemed appropriate.

We invited everyone to The House again and I got up to speak.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we are all in a bit of a turmoil wondering if sadomasochism and bestiality is going to be a part of our lives from now on. Many of you know that some of us have had some experiences since seeing the films and many of you have had the experiences as well."

"Sybil and I have incorporated some of the new techniques we've learned into our lovemaking and we'd like you to share in what we've decided is good for us. Be aware that the things we don't do tonight are the things we've chosen not to incorporate into our lovemaking from now on."

"We feel very much that tenderness arid love and affection and softness are very important in lovemaking and we feel that being individual and being very caring towards each other is also very important. So tonight we're going to make love as we do very often and we are going to use some of the things that have, turned us on so much from these films."

"As you watch we would like you to participate in any way you would like to. Let's have an evening at The House of new experiences, new behaviors, that we can all feel proud of, feel excited by and satisfy our physical needs, our lust, our passion, our love. So without further ado, Sybil and I would like to introduce to you the two of us making love."

I went to Sybil's side on the stage that was a huge mattress and laid down next to her. The mattress was somewhat tilted and a red spotlight shown on both of us. The rest of the room was dark.

I had several items on the bed next to Sybil and choosing one of them, a large, very soft feather, I began stroking Sybil's body. The feather softly sailing under her arms, along her sides, stroking her nipples, her soft delicious belly. I separated her legs with my left hand and let the feather glide between her legs, gently touching her white flesh, gently roaming behind her knees and over her ankles, tickling between her toes and the bottom of her feet.

The feather moving slowly over her entire body, tickling the palms of her hands, her fingers. I brought the feather over her tits, nipples, in the crevice of her neck and her face, her nose, her lips, around her eyes. I let it trace circles around her brows, down her nose and continued down her body again, just roaming, following every crevice, every delicious knock and orifice, every mole, every hill and dale of her voluptuous body.

Her breasts stood firm and high, her nipples hardening, little rosebuds shining from the magnificent flowers of her tits. Her belly-button tightened. She was already excited, already slight moans escaped from her mouth as she moved gently, slowly. The pressure of the tension rising in her causing her to gyrate her body, writhing on the bed. I took a piece of velvet and again stroked her body softly, gently, arousing her to an even higher pitch, a higher sensation.

I took several lotions at once and poured drops of them on her body, the oil causing glistening, shining spots. The powder, white puffy soft spots around her body, I had poured all over her. She was covered, glistening as though with sweat, her entire body shining all white. Different sensations were being created on her as I touched her body with the warm oils and soft fluffy powders.

The smells were incredible. The entire audience was sensing the smells coming towards them and the sensations that were arousing Sybil's body. I took both palms and started massaging her feet, the oils and the powders merging. I massaged her toes, her feet, up her legs, my hands straying between her thighs, resting at the mouth of her delicious cunt. I could feel the pulsations in her cunt from outside the lips. I could feel the pounding of the vibrations in the walls, the throbbing muscles pulling, reacting, craving for attention.

I moved my hands away from her inner thighs and up her belly, massaging the oil and powders into her. Her moans were louder now and words were escaping her lips.

"Oh yes, Tony, oh yes, I love what you're doing. I love it, I love it, I love it," she said over and over and she gyrated her hips towards me.

She spread her legs wide opening her cunt lips to the audience. I massaged her arms and her tits. I made huge circular movements around those shining melons, those beautiful, firm, ripe, delicious peaches in front of me. I loved her tits and I made love to them with my hands. I massaged her shoulders and her face. I took her hair and let it flow out behind her. Her whole body oiled and powdered.

She was smelling delicious and I bent and sniffed every inch of her. I sniffed behind her elbows. I sniffed behind her knees. I sniffed her belly and under her tits. I sniffed her armpits and I sniffed her neck and mouth and ears. I smelled and I sniffed and I began to lick, my tongue darting out like the tongue of a snake – in and out quickly all over her body making wet spots with my hot searching tongue.

She was moving faster now. Her body screaming and wanting more, wanting the release. Her body was moving with incredible speed, her legs spread wide apart, her hands searching out her own clit, but I kept them apart. I just kept licking her and sucking her. Then I started using my lips and my mouth making sucking sounds over her body, sucking every inch that I could. I took skin from her inner thighs and sucked. I took skin on her breasts and sucked. I sucked her belly and turned her over and sucked her ass and rimmed her. I began using my tongue even more. My tongue made traces, lines around her anus until it found its way in.

She was screaming by now at the top of her lungs, "More, more, more!"

My hands were around her holding on to her tits. My cock was huge, Angus was pulsating in agony. He'd been watching all of this, rising slowly, steadily, coming up to the largest, hardest cock he'd had. I was excited beyond belief.

"I'm so excited Sybil," I said, "and dying for you too. Let's just touch, just hold each other and get each other even more excited than we already are."

"No, no, Tony," she was screaming, "no, I need it now. Now, now!"

I put my head between her legs, her delicious cunt lips throbbing, pulsating, engorged with blood. Purplish and red lips were below my mouth. I separated them with my tongue, slitting them apart as I sliced my tongue between them. My tongue went right in to her waiting vagina, her soaking wet, drippy creamy, juicy vagina, hot with fluids and as soon as my tongue found her clit, I was sprayed.

She released with a scream, "Aa-ahhhhhhhhhggggg!" her body writhing, pounding in to the floor, her legs banging back against each other then coming further apart again.

As soon as she released the tension, I again started stroking her, calming her, loving her. She turned my body so that Angus was in her mouth and she licked gently and slowly, just licking the tip. She moved her tongue in circles around and around and around – it was agony.

Angus wanted to shoot his load. He wanted come dripping from her face. He wanted driblets of thick creamy fluids coming out of his balls. My balls were full, my man seed getting more and more heavy, pushing against my seminal vesicles, pushing themselves out. My body was tight. My nipples were hard. My balls were small and the semen crept up into Angus. He couldn't stand it anymore. I turned quickly, my body finding itself between Sybil's legs and floff, Angus found his favorite place as he shoved himself up that wet juicy waiting cunt still throbbing and pulsating with orgasm, still banging its walls against each other, its muscles throbbing.

That hot twat, that delicious pussy that I loved was pulling on Angus and the balls exploded and the juice creamed out of him. Mount Vesuvius couldn't have exploded with more power. It was incredible.

I lay there pulsing, throbbing, completely at this woman's mercy. She did for me what no one in the world could ever do. The total release, the total joy that I experienced, at touching her, at looking at her. I was in ecstasy. Heaven was at my side. I was in heaven, it was surrounding me. The two of us lie there at the mercy of anyone, anything that could happen to us. Then I realized it was a show that people were watching.

I snapped my fingers and Salomi came out as I trained her to and started licking both of our bodies, Angus, full of cunt juice which Salomi loved so much, was licked thoroughly, eating up all of Sybil's cunt juice on my prick hairs and my prick and my belly and between my legs. I was getting very turned-on and excited again. Salomi's tongue was wet and hot, her breath burning against my skin, the hairs along my loins were standing up from the excitement. When Salome had finished every drop of pussy juice that she could get from my body, she went to Sybil and started sucking on her.

She sucked and licked and nibbled, careful to get her teeth out of the way at all times. The dog had been incredibly trained and she sucked Sybil's cunt hairs, every inch, every drop from her pubic hairs were cleaned.

Sybil knew what it felt like to be cleaned and loved and licked as a kitten is loved by its mother, Sybil was practically purring, moaning low, gentle moans as she lie there at my side, my arms around her, her tits in my mouth.

I was just nibbling on her nipples quietly, gently, as Salome sucked away at those cunt lips getting the pussy juice off. Salome dug her nose between Sybil's legs nudging them wider apart and Sybil spread her legs putting her right leg between mine so that her cunt was fully exposed and open to Salome's face, Salome's nose and mouth dug into Sybil's cunt.

Her tongue must have been in there lapping away because I could hear the slurping sounds and see Salome wagging her tail as she dug her face further and further up Sybil's cunt. She came out once and awhile to breathe and to lick the cunt juices off the labia, off the inner thighs. Every inch of Sybil's body was cleaned of pussy juice. That hot, creamy, white, thick stuff that I love so much, Salome was eating and sucking and licking. The two of us were excited passionate, ready to go again.

My cock was standing huge in my hand as I held the purple rock. Salome kept licking and loving and kissing both of us, when Jerry called her aside and she ran offstage still licking her lips, licking her chops for the delicious cunt juice that she had.

The two of us lay there pulsing with excitement and passion, when Jerry and Edie came out. We had planned this and rehearsed it and it worked. It was incredible how Sybil and I got even more excited than we had been at first.

Jerry tied both of us together. Our wrists were tied to each other and our ankles tied to each other. I could get my prick into Sybil but Jerry wouldn't let us. He kept us far apart.

He took a leather strap and tied Angus with it, putting it tighter and tighter around Angus so that the blood was rushing into Angus. The strap acted like a tourniquet and brought all the blood right in to my prick. It had never been so big, it had never been so hot, it had never been so excited. Sybil was screaming at the sight of it, pulling on her arms which made my arms pull down also. She tried to move but the two of us fell and as we were lying there trying to get into each other, Jerry and Edie kept trying to keep us apart. Jerry strapping up Angus tighter and tighter with the leather and Edie just sticking her cunt into my face.

"Eat me slave," she was yelling, "eat me. If you want your cock into Sybil, you've got to eat me."

My tongue willingly shot out. As it touched her clit, hardened and red, already standing out from from her clitoral hood, her young delicious pussy pulsating, throbbing into my face, she lay there with her legs around my head and her pussy right in my mouth, pulling on my hair, as she said, "Eat me slave, keep eating me. Do it the way I like it slave."

My cock was going crazy. Sybil was screaming and pulling on me trying to get her hands down so that she could touch me and I was too. We managed to get our hands down so that my fingers could grasp her tits and her fingers could grasp mine, pulling on each other's nipples harder than we had ever done before. Pinching and twisting we found that we were extremely excited from this too. Some of this slave-master stuff really had something to it as we pulled and twisted each other's nipples, causing them to get harder and more wrinkled and more excited. The both of us were screaming.

I kept sucking on Edie's cunt. It was delicious and I loved it. My tongue went around in circles around her clit, around and around and then I took it between my lips and nibbled little nibbles, letting my tongue dart out at it. It darted out and I sucked with my lips the wetness and the hotness, covering her clit completely. My tongue slitting up from her pussy opening, all the way up to her clit, slitting up between her cunt lips, tasting the hair between my teeth. I did that over and over and over, blowing hot air into it until she sprayed me with delicious cream, the juice of young cunt, the incredibly scrumptious smell coming up at me.

Salome must have realized what was going on. She must have smelled it or sensed it, because she was there in a flash. Edie lay back and Salome buried her nose between Edie's legs.

Sybil and I started kissing and holding each other as Sybil licked Edie's cunt juice off my face. I could hear Salome slurping away inside Edie's pussy and Edie moaning and groaning. Jerry was still playing with my cock, trying to get the strapping exactly right, leaving just the tip of the cock outside.

When he was ready, he said, "OK, tell me what you want to do."

"Oh Master," I screamed. "Oh Master, please let me put my cock into Sybil's twat. I want my cock in that hot pussy. I want the creamy juices all over my cock. Please Master, let me put my cock in."

Jerry came up behind me, his own cock huge and hard. He began pulling on my ass, getting me even more excited, teasing my asshole with the tip of his cock as he pushed it up and down my slit.

"Beg me more," he said, as he whapped his cock against my ass. Whap! Whap! That huge hard rock hitting against my ass.

"I want my cock in Sybil's twat," I shouted over and over.

Finally he let go of my ass so that my body could move forward. Sybil spread her legs as wide as she could. I had to move down a little, I had to move my hips! I was going crazy, I couldn't find the hole. My hands were tied, my fingers were pulling on Sybil's tits and her fingers were pulling on mine. Our nipples were engorged with blood and feeling tight and almost in pain, but the ecstasy was so intense that we could hardly feel the pain. We kept pulling, I kept moving my hips.

"Help me! Help me!" I screamed to Jerry, "Help me shove Angus up, I can't find it! Shove Angus up."

Jerry's hand found my cock and with one lance, he shoved Angus right between Sybil's legs and I found my adored place, my treasured place, my hot, throbbing, bouncing cunt walls, I let out a scream of joy, a whoopee, a frenzy of excitement. Edie was still moaning. Salome was still sucking away.

Jerry was playing with himself, pulling on his cock harder and harder when Sybil screamed, "No, no Jerry, come over here. Face fuck me. Shove it down my throat, Jerry."

Jerry knelt over Sybil's face as my tied up cock burst Sybil's cunt and he pounded his cock down her throat and Sybil sucked and enjoyed his cock and mine at the same time.

Jerry suddenly let out a shriek and pulled his cock out of Sybil's mouth and running around behind her, he laid down his face at her ass and started licking at her asshole. He put his hand into her pussy together with my cock. The leather around my cock was excruciating. It was so tight I couldn't come. There was so much blood that the come couldn't come out so it stayed hard like a rock as I pounded deeper and deeper into her cunt.

His hands were in there too, feeling my cock as I fucked away at Sybil. His hands covered with juices as she flowed out coming and coming. He took the juices and rubbed them all over her ass and up her slit. He shoved his fingers up her ass preparing it for his huge, giant, throbbing prick and shoved it up her ass. The two of us fucked her. We were doing it in both of her holes. And as I went up her cunt and Jerry went up her ass, the two of us could feel each other's cock through the membranes, that thin layer of flesh that separated our cocks from her cunt and her asshole.

The two of us were fucking each other too, as we fucked her. My hands were beginning to hurt, killing me from the tight ropes, my fingers exhausted from pinching her tits, my nipples hurting from her pinching me… I was going from Salome's sounds as she kept sucking on Edie and Edie moaning and groaning as she licked on her own nipples and pulled herself behind us.

We were fucking Sybil, in and out, gyrating our bodies, moaning. The ecstasy was incredible, the pain practically beyond awareness because of the total joyfulness that was going on. We were all exploding in a frenzy of passion and newness. The thrill and excitement of what we were doing was beyond anything imaginable.

My sperm catapulted out of me in giant flashes of exploding globules of cum. I could feel Jerry's cock as it too sent flying thick white seeds of love juice into Sybil's rubbery asshole. I could feel his pounding cock against my own prickhead, both pulsating against each other, sending hot juices into our respective channels of heat and pleasure.

Our new sexuality, our new turn-ons, our new loving styles. We all lay there, arms intertwined, legs flapping over each other, heads resting and bellies heaving. We all lay there, in ecstasy, in love, in joy. Stanton, Jason's "house", our way of life, we lay there joyfully thankful that this was ours. Not one of us would give it up, not for anything. Life was too good this way and we all knew it.



There were beautiful elm trees at either side of the circular drive, the leaves swaying in the breeze, the sky as blue as a blue jay's chest, small white cotton balls dotting the horizon here and there, the sun bright and yellow. The day as beautiful as any day could be. No one would imagine the intensity of the drama going on inside that red brick building, that ivy covered, old and traditional place, there at the head of that circular drive. The sun beating on it, the trees swaying, shading its windows, keeping the high-ceilinged rooms cool and comfortable regardless of the weather, regardless of the heat, no one could imagine that majestic looking building where dramas were ensuing, where tramas were erupting with excitement.

Sybil and I had been called to a meeting at the school by Jerry and Edie. We were very nervous and upset. We kept talking about what could possibly be going on now, but realized we were talking in circles just upsetting ourselves even more with our wild imaginations.

Sybil was terrified that everybody had decided to fuck only with animals. But as soon as she said that she laughed realizing that that couldn't be possible.

She then was afraid that the children would be involved in very dangerous sado-masochistic behaviors and hurting each other. Every time she spoke she frightened herself even more with her fantasies of what children at the school had decided, of what Edie and Jerry had called us to a meeting for.

I had a worse fear, I was afraid that the community at Stanton was falling apart. I imagined that the children had decided with all of this excitement due to the strike, that the loving open sexual freedom within the community was too much for them. I was afraid the children had decided to withhold themselves from the adults and perhaps even from each other. I was really afraid that the decision was to go back to the way other people lived. Tight, closed, unresponsive to each other; judgmental, terrified of letting their bodies be free, terrified of the pleasures of flesh. I was truly afraid that this was what they would say.

But both Sybil and I decided that we wouldn't talk about it any longer. We would just get there and hear what the meeting was called for. We would get there and hear in reality, what it was all about. Again we had made the decision not to call Jason. Jason was quite old and we didn't want to upset him any more than was necessary. Deep in my heart I prayed that we were called to the school merely to witness another show, or to be involved in some interesting new technique the sexologist had decided to teach the children. Deep in my heart I prayed that it would be something simple and pleasurable.

As I pulled on the emergency break and withdrew the keys to the ignition, my heart stopped. I could feel my mouth getting very dry. I realized how upset I was. My body was responding to the nervousness and tension within me. I automatically reached to take Sybil's hand and we slid out from the car together from the passenger's door.

We looked up at the awesome building, that beautiful building bought with Jason's money, money that Jason had earned and worked so hard for with only one purpose, to develop a community of loving, open, caring sexual behavior. We looked up at that building and with a deep sigh walked up the steps towards the impressive double front door. We pulled on the brass chain at the side of the door and could hear the gongs echoing inside the huge foyer.

I could imagine George, the butler, all around handy man and friend to all the kids, as he came out from around the back of the huge circular staircase towards the doors so that he could usher us in. And as I imagined it would be, George opened the door with a huge smile on his face.

"Now don't you two worry, I know a little bit about what's going on, but so far I think it's really OK. Now don't you two worry," he said again patting Sybil's shoulder. The two of us sighed with such tremendous relief. If George said it was OK, if George was not too concerned, than neither were we.

We looked up to see about twenty kids walking down the huge circular staircase. They were walking very slowly as though in a procession. One boy had a drum as he led the procession down the stairs and he was drumming very slowly. Boom. Boom. Boom.

The others were following one step at a time in rhythm with the beat of the drum. They were all wearing white Indian type looking long dresses, except for two who were being carried above the heads of the others, held up high by ten pairs of arms. Each body raised above the circular staircase, winding down towards the foyer towards us. They formed two groups in front of us, ten in each group with one nude body held high above their heads.

As they stood in the foyer, Jerry and Edie began to speak to us. They were among the first couples in each of the two groups of ten.

Jerry spoke first, "Tony, you know how much we love you and how we've welcomed you into our community… We feel you are as much a part as any of us even though you've been here such a short time. You've been wonderful to us and we appreciate everything you've brought us and all the joys and pleasures we've been involved in together."

"Sybil, there is no need for us to speak. You know how we feel about you. You're the mother to all of us. You're the perfect woman image to all of us. You're the bounty of the earth, the food, the water, the air and the sunshine. You're mother love. You're perfect and we adore and worship you. You know that. And because of all the feelings we have towards you and George, Jason and towards all the other mothers and fathers and wonderful men and women in our community, we've come to a very firm decision."

"The two bodies you see held high by us are symbols of purity and love and tenderness and joyfulness – the symbols of our community and we'd like the two of you to join with us in every thing that we do so that you can sanction, so that you can be part of, so that you can in a way give permission to us to continue our lifestyle as we've decided to continue it and to join us in continuing it this way."

Sybil and I looked at each other and realized that there were no words that we could say. We also realized that they were asking us to take part in behaviors that may or may not be familiar to us, that may or may not be what we considered proper, or beneficial. However, we both knew that they were firm and we knew, as all adults know, that if you tell children not to do something, they'll only do it all the more. And so there in the foyer, Sybil and I slowly began to undress.

The children started swaying back and forth to that the bodies held above their heads, rocked in the air. They lay very still and very quiet, ready to begin whatever had been planned for them. My heart beat more quickly. My mouth got even dryer. Something was in store for me. I knew it would be pleasureful and I knew it would be exciting, but I also knew I was embarking on a new way of life here in Stanton, a new beginning. I knew it would merely be additions to what I already knew, additions to what I already had experienced, but I also feared that in some way a demonic quality, a sheer lust, a sheer abandonment of some of the scruples, some of the ideals we had upheld, may be destructive, I put that out of my head as I stood there nude, my arms at my side. Sybil stood next to me as we waited for Jerry to proceed.

We all walked in to the den which was covered with huge cushions as large as mattresses and carpeting. It was a beautiful room. The shades were drawn, the high ceilings in the well constructed house kept the heat out. It was cool and smelling of incense which was burning in various parts of the room. It was darkened and quiet, somber-like, as we walked in. The boy and girl being held on high were both laid down on one mattress. Then the twenty two of us just stood around holding hands.

Jerry began a chant.

"Ommm. A-ho-Om."

We all began swaying back and forth as we chanted, our moving bodies causing slight breezes between us. The tension was getting more and more intense as we moved, our thighs and buttocks touching slightly as we gyrated from side to side holding hands and chanting, "Ah-ho-om," as we watched the couple on the huge mattress in the center of our circle.

A film began to show on the screen against the wall that we could ail see. Again it was a film of a dog and a very young teenage girl. Her black, flowing hair was tied around the neck of the dog when the film started. His feet were up on her tits and his tongue licking her face. Her hair flowed down his back and around the top of his head.

We could see his cock coming out from under the shaft which covers it. That huge slippery organ was grabbed by the fingers of that beautiful young teenager and she pulled on it, jerking it up and down as it grew within her hands. It was so wet and shiny it looked like patent leather, red patent leather. Her hands were jumping back and forth on it. It was so slippery her hands kept falling off.

With her other hand she opened her cunt lips wide and spread her legs. Laying back down pulling the dog down on top of her, she thrust her hips upwards and spread her legs wide apart anticipating the invasion of that animal prick. She had her hand on it and she was pulling it towards her, pulling it into her delicious womanhood as she lay there sobbing, moaning, groaning, moving her hips. It looked almost obscene. That brilliant shiny patent leather cock going into the delicious wet warm cunt lips; into that delicious pink clean, almost virginal pussy.

The dog was panting, his tongue hanging out. Then all of a sudden he opened his mouth with his teeth showing as his immense cock went burning far into that black haired, beautifully looking young virginal twitching cunt. The dog started pounding away, his balls slapping on her gyrating ass. She was so passionate, so excited she was pounding back and forth fucking herself up into the dog's animal prick. She lunged again and again to meet those impossibly rapid plunges. No human could keep up the speed with which the dog moved.

I found my own hips gyrating forward, back and forth, back and forth. I had stopped Om-ing, I had stopped the hum, the chant. All I could do was moan. My arms were around Sybil on my right and a young boy on my left. We weren't holding hands anymore we had our arms around each other's waist, holding, pulling on each other's skin as we rocked back and forth in a circle around the bed.

The boy on the bed was saying to the girl, "Look at the film, look at the film. Let your creamy juices build up in your cunt. I'm not going to touch you. You're not going to touch you. Just look at the film, get yourself crazy with what that dog is doing. Imagine that hot dog's prick, that red shiny prick fucking in to her delicious cunt."

"Imagine those pushing hips as they push quicker and quicker, impossibly fast, endlessly, lustfully, without any purpose except for total release, pushing more and more into her cunt. And she's clasping him, she voracious, she's pulling on him, her cuntle channel is hanging on for dear life, not letting go of that dog cock. Wouldn't you like that, wouldn't you like that to happen to you."

The girl on the bed was writhing and moaning. "Oh yes, yes. I've never never been so excited. I can feel the creamy juices building up inside my cunt, I know I'm wet, I don't have to touch myself. I know I'm pouring juice. I know that when you put your tongue into my cunt, when you start licking on my clit and my cunt lips, I know that you're going to drown. I'm insane, I'm veracious, I'll be insatiable today. I'll want more and more of you the way that girl wants more and more of that cock, that dog cock so deliciously pounding faster and faster into her cunt."

And he was, his hips were still moving so quickly that we could hardly see. It was all a blur it was going on so fast before our eyes. Then as suddenly as he started, he pulled out and jumped away from her and began licking on her cunt. His cock was hanging at half-mast, still red and shiny, as though a lollipop had broken off the stick and was hanging down, that's how his cock hung out of his shaft.

He licked on her pussy juices, his huge tongue burrowing itself deep into her. The girl's breasts were standing up. She was squeezing on her own tits. Her thighs were moving spasmodically, as the dog continued licking and sucking, his tongue deep in her twisting, turning cunt. His tail was going like crazy, you could tell he was enjoying it so much. That animal tongue deep within that delicious young child's cunt, eating her pussy. I suddenly thought of Salome and as if my thoughts were magic, Salome came running out and began eating on Betty who was lying on the bed with Phil.

"Oh, thank God," she began screaming, "I was going crazy. I couldn't watch this any more without being touched. I couldn't watch it any more without being sucked."

Salome listened to everything she said, as the dog sucked and slurped away.

None of us could stand it anymore. Sybil screamed, "I want a dog too, I want a dog too."

I guess that was part of our surprise because several dogs came out and all of them seemed to know exactly what to do. They buried their faces into the cunts and pussies all around me. Then each of us found a partner, a woman writhing in passion and excitement because a flog was eating her pussy. A woman whose ass was stuck up, available to cock, because the dog's face was under her as his nose was in her cunt, running his tongue along the vaginal passages, kissing and licking every drop of thick white cunt juice.

I imagined how good it would feel, I imagined how incredible it must be to have that happening and Angus got bigger and bigger as I watched Sybil writhing there under a huge police dog. She was on her hands and knees, her body arched way above the floor. The dog had positioned itself directly under her and started licking away, sucking her ass forward up towards her cunt and back again. It was as though her cunt were a huge piece of meat and he was rummaging around it finding every delicious corner, everything that he could suck on.

Women all around, little girls all around, teenagers all around were being sucked by dogs. There must have been at least ten or fifteen dogs that they had already trained to suck cunt. The room was full of them. Dogs were rummaging cunts with tongues, with noses, even with paws as they sucked at the pussies dripping with juice, dripping with juice because of what they had seen on the screen, dripping with the excitement of watching a dog fucking the young beautiful teenager – the lust and the abandonment causing the screams and yells and moans.

"Ahhhhh! Oooooo!"

All kinds of sounds were going on around the room, but the women and girls had planned it this way because their asses were up in the air waiting for our cocks. They didn't want to leave us out of the delicious wild debauchery, this Bacchanal of sex and lust and explosive wild joyfulness.

As they squatted on their hands and knees, dog's tongues sucking on their cunts giving them orgasm upon orgasm as their moans and groans and screams of release took place, our cocks approached their waiting asses. Their clasping rectums opening wider for us as they had orgasm upon orgasm with the dogs tongue.

Sybil's ass was gyrating in front of me. Her anus was opening and closing involuntarily from her muscular spasms of orgasm. She was screaming, "I'm coming, I'm coming." And as she was screaming, "I'm coming," to this huge German Shepard sucking on her cunt beneath her.

I shoved Angus straight up her ass and started pounding away as fast as I could. I tried to remember how fast that dog moved on the screen and I was pounding and pounding wanting my seeds in her ass just like those dog's seeds had invaded that beautiful teenager's cunt.

I pounded away, my cock huge, my cock so excited it was bursting. But not wanting to lose anything, not wanting to stop, I reached below and grabbed Sybil's tits and drove my cock hard up against her asshole, deeper and deeper into her rectum. I could feel the rubbery sides pulling on my prick. I could feel the muscles contracting over and over.

"Oh yes, oh yes, I want you up my asshole," she was screaming as she was holding onto the dog's ears and pushing his face further and further up her cunt.

It licked my balls. I could feel my balls pounding and pounding against Sybil's cunt and against the dog's face as it lapped away.

"Yes Tony, yes, I'm coming, I'm coming."

And she didn't stop coming. It was one huge orgasm with her asshole passage contracting, her rocking buttocks beneath me moving, gyrating, writhing as I pounded deeper and deeper into her hot rubbery passage. Her come was all over the floor. Her come was drowning the huge dog. I could feel her come on my balls and in between my legs. I could feel the stickiness of it. Her tits were so hard and firm, her nipples between my fingers going crazy, getting tighter and tighter.

It was mind-boggling. The impact was incredible. I love sex and I get excited and crazy and I enjoy, but I had to admit this was different. This had taken us to a height or pitch that we hadn't known before. Maybe because it was new. Maybe because it was different. I didn't know why. I just wanted to enjoy Angus inside that hot asshole. I just wanted to grab Sybil's tits and hold on to them for ever and ever and I wanted to feel that dog's tongue on my balls as he sucked and licked and buried his face into Sybil's cunt, touching my balls every once and a while.

"Ahhhh! Ohhhh!" I could hear myself screaming as my own loveseeds started releasing into that channel of heat, gyrating and pulsating muscles.

"Yesssssssss!" Sybil started screaming as her come struck again and again against my legs, flying out against the dog's face. She was holding on to his head for dear life not wanting him to ever stop.

Angus was exploding. "Me too, me too!" I was screaming. "I'm coming, I'm coming," as he dropped his load of white semen up that asshole passage.

Bobbing up and down against her ass, I was unable to stop my bodily movements. My seed already implanted in her ass, Angus already diminishing back to his resting place, I couldn't stop moving. I couldn't stop.

The scene all around me. Dogs sucking cunt. Girls screaming, "I'm coming, I'm coming. Yes! Ahhhh, ohhhhh!"

The noises, the lust, the gay abandonment. Betty and Phil on the bed sucking each other and the dog running back and forth to suck Betty's cunt from under Phil's mouth and then to suck Phil's cock from under Betty's mouth. The dog was going crazy trying to find a way in, but they held their heads tight between each other's legs sucking on each other as the dog ran around licking on their asses, licking their backs and faces and trying to burrow his face in between their own mouths.

I watched all this as I straddled Sybil's ass, my cock still within her, my juices flying around me inside of her hot ass channel. The dog was still being held tight to her cunt as he licked gently taking all the come away. She couldn't come any more and she kept his face from her clit. It was so sensitive, so inflamed from all her coming. We both laid down together, side by side.

The dog hadn't tired at all. He was licking all the come that he could get from between her legs. He cleaned her pussy hairs and he cleaned her belly. He licked her face and he licked mine. His cock was huge and was hanging out of his shaft, red and slippery and shiny, just like the dog on the screen.

And as he was licking he must have zoned in on something because he suddenly turned and ran to a girl who was lying on her back, her legs spread apart, her delicious cunt waiting to be filled. She was screaming, "Suck me suck me, somebody suck me." But she didn't get sucked, she got the huge dog cock shoved right up her twat as she lay there.

Several of the kids ran around to watch it more closely and that huge German Shepard pounded his body, his brown hairs enveloping the little girl as he pounded deeper and deeper in to her. We could imagine that red slick prick as it was encapsulated within her throbbing twat, as it was covered with her come juice.

Her screams, "I'm coming, I'm coming," didn't stop him. He kept gyrating and pounding further and further into her, pulling and pulling on his own ass, pulling it in towards her, his balls pounding against her thighs.

We lay there watching. I had Sybil's tits in both my hands, my cock between her legs. She was totally satisfied, totally satiated. Kissing her ears and her shoulders we watched the dog pounding its hot come in to that young delicious hot waiting pussy.

"Oh Sybil," I said, "will we fall apart. Will the debauchery and the lust and the abandonment and the looseness that's occurring make us fall apart."

Sybil turned so that she lay within my arms face to face, her cunt still moving. I could feel it pulsating against my belly as she pressed close to me.

"Tony, darling, there's too much love in our community. There's too much sex, too much joyfulness, too much pleasure for us to ever, ever loose what we have. I think the kids just proved something to us. They proved that what ever we do and what ever happens, we still care about each other. Just look around."

And she was right. Girls and boys were lying in each other's arms. The dog had dropped his hot steamy sperm within her cunt and had stopped. He was gently licking between her legs again cleaning her, eating all of her come juices in her cunt as well as his own sperm, licking her hairs and her belly. He was tonguing her as a mother cat tongues her kittens. It was quite tender and warm.

"Look around Tony," she said and I looked at smiling faces, satiated bodies and I thought, Jason's house will never fall down. What ever we add to it, what ever we bring to it, it will just be more strength for us.

I smiled, my chest feeling lighter, my back looser, tensions gone for me, the worries that I felt when we drove up to The House – gone! And as though Sybil read ray mind she said, "Yes Tony, me too. I'm not worried about Stanton anymore. I'm not worried about Jason's house anymore."

She kissed me on the lips, her tongue darting between my teeth and I swelled with such a warmth and a passion for this woman that I love arid adore. I swelled against her body as I held her tight within my arms.



As if we didn't have enough to discuss in our community, further developments complicated our lives even more. Everyone was very concerned with the new sexual practices of the babies, as we all called them. Sybil and I were campaigning, to convince the adults that it would all be alright. We were ourselves sure that no one was going to get hurt, arid that it was merely another form of loving. We admitted that there was a lot more lust and lack of emotion involved, but we also felt that the excitement, the added passion, the turn-on of new practices made it alright. The end justifies the means, we felt.

In addition to the problem of this conflict, John Barlow sent us the edition of his magazine carrying the first of five parts of Stanton. Of course, Stanton was not named and everyone's identity was concealed very well, but everyone was in an uproar. The front cover screamed in huge red letters: SEX FOR EVERYONE FROM BIRTH TO DEATH AND ALL TOGETHER TOO.

I myself was rather pleased that John hadn't distorted the stories I had sent in to him. All of it was written in a non-judgmental true reporter's style. In fact, if anything the slant was towards the joy and pleasure of this town. The implicit message in the story was that "the people in this town had found a better way to live".

The headline was a downer for most of us, but when we got to read the material and the real message of this first chapter in the story, we all felt better.

There was so much talk, talk, talk, about what we were doing, how the kids were changing things, how the story would change our lives, that Jason felt we had to "do something instead of talking so much".

He felt that unless we continue in some way with our old activities, our group sex, our meetings at the "house", our enjoyment of and with each other, his entire dream, his entire community might fall apart.

Word went out that Jason needed support and that everyone was invited to The House on Friday night as usual. Nothing special was planned, Jason felt that it was important that we all be together, talking, socializing, being with each other, so that the loving feelings, the closeness and the joy of enjoying each other would take over, in spite of all the turmoil we'd been through.

He was so right. The joys of the flesh are certainly an overpowering force in the normal body and mind. There is truly no way to stop that kind of power once it is unleashed.

We stood around talking and sharing our feelings with each other. As we did so, we hugged and kissed each other in gestures of love and affection. We were all feeling very supportive of each other and determined that what Jason had developed and lived for, would certainly not die.

As I put my arms around Mrs. Garvey, assuring her that our philosophy of life, our determination was truly a wonderful feeling. Her breasts hardened against my chest. The hardness of her nipples pushed against my own now tightening nipples and I slowly rotated my body against hers. I noticed that many other people were holding each other and giving words of assurance throughout the room. Jason's rule of nudity in The House was certainly a good one. We would all see readily how we "felt" and respond to it so much more easily.

Sybil and I had been making love all afternoon and as I stood there with Nora Garvey, my cock was hardening from her body next to mine and from my memories of Sybil as well.

"Would you like to do something different?" I asked Nora, as I stroked her back and ass, nibbling at her ear.

"Not any of that crazy stuff the kids like?" she replied. I responded by bringing her over to Sybil who was already holding on to two of the boys, Alan and Dick.

"Sybil," I said, "let's do what we did this afternoon, I'm sure we'd all like it."

"Like it, they'll love it, let's not waste any time," Sybil said taking my hand and leading us all towards a corner in the room where two huge mattresses had been put together.

After a few minutes of gathering some supplies, I was repeating my task of that day by tying Sybil's wrists together and tying her ankles to the opposite corners of the bed. She lay there spread-eagled, with her hands on her belly, looking totally helpless.

Dick called out, "Me too, I want to be a slave, too, me too."

Alan readily complied, tying Dick next to Sybil, their legs overlapping each others, as Dick spread Alan out on the bed.

Nora Garvey was writhing as she stood there watching Dick's cock standing up from his body. His huge pulsating cockshaft was throbbing and moving back and forth from his belly towards his balls.

He was pulling his arms up and down shouting, "Tease me, make me crazy, make my prick even bigger than it is."

Sybil lay there quietly moaning, moving her hips in fucking motions, working herself up to a level of passion where I knew she'd soon be screaming for a tongue or a prickhead. I moved behind Nora and pushed her down on her hands and knees, her mouth inches from Sybil's cuntlips.

Playing with Nora's tits and moving my fingers around her furry triangle was making Sybil crazy. "Do me too, do me too," she began calling out.

"Oh no, you don't get any, you and Dick lay there and wait. You're going to beg for some first and watch us get our fucking first."

I shoved my cock right into Nora's creamy cunny moving fast and furiously. My body was arched away from Nora so that Sybil could see me easily and watch how furiously I was fucking into Nora Garvey's hot twitching box.

Knowing how much Sybil loves talking to incite her to heights of passion I shouted, "Ride em cowboy," as I gestured against Nora's back as though I was whipping a horse under me.

Taking up my lead Nora began screaming too, "Fuck me Tony, fuck me harder and maybe I'll suck on Sybil a bit, if you fuck me good, you bastard," she screamed, knowing she was driving Sybil into a state of desperate desire.

Dick and Sybil both began screaming. "Suck me, suck me suck me, do something."

They were pushing their tied fists into their hairy passion pits. Dick had managed to grab his cock with several fingers and tried to pull on it.

Alan, pulled his tied fists away and said, "You wait, slave, you wait until we get ours," as he shoved his purplish joystick right into Dick's face. He began to fuck his mouth plowing into Dick's mouth so fast. Dick could hardly suck but had to lay there being facefucked by Alan.

Nora continued taunting Sybil: "If you want me to suck you, your boyfriend will have to fuck faster," she teased.

"Tony, fuck faster, fuck faster, faster, faster, fasterrrrrrrrrrrrr!"

Sybil's voice trailed away as I ramroded my cock into Nora like a car racing through a tunnel and Nora's mouth found a warm oozing cunt, with creamy juices and a stiff loveknob to suck on.

I stood there with my arms around Nora's waist holding her up as I plunged Angus deeper and deeper into her throbbing hot pussy. Alan was screaming as Dick pulled ail the juices out of his cock, emptying the sperm from his balls, sucking every drop of white seed from Alan's cock, as he tried to pull on his own prick with his tied hands.

Nora was pulling on my legs and on my balls, scratching me and pushing her face deeper and deeper into Sybil's cunt as she bent further and further over, allowing my spearhead to find its way home against her throbbing cuntwalls.

My hot juices boiled over and out of my balls shoving their swimming heads up and out of my throbbing shaft, shooting against the spasming walls of Nora's cunt, as she too showered me with her own cum juice and pulled on Angus with her cumming muscle spasms.

Nora dropped further into Sybil's cunt, leaving my dangling prick in the air, so that she could suck faster on Sybil's cumming clit, pulling all of the juices from her.

Alan had dropped to his knees and begun to suck on Sybil's rosebud nipples as they stood up as though demanding attention. Nora rose, her face dripping with cum juice, white globs floating on her face and throat and tits.

She wiped her body with her hands, lovingly massaging herself as she gracefully sat on Dick's purple pounder, still standing and pushing itself, screaming for cunt or tongue.

"Ah, thank God!" Dick screamed as Nora's hot cuntwalis closed around his needy piston. He pushed his body furiously up, plunging that delicious young tool into her ready and willing hot pussy.

She rode his prick as I rode her, moving rhythmically with his writhing hips, pushing down as he pushed down and pulling up as he plunged upwards. It was a vision to watch their bodies, flowing with each other, dancing to a rhythm of joy and lust, pleasure and passion. They throbbed together, jerking themselves into a wild frenzy of movement and fury.

Sybil was sated, ecstatically lying there as Alan sucked on her tits and I stroked her furry box, still wet from her explosive lava like flow of juice.

Others around us had watched for a while, began fucking themselves and loving each other all around the room.

I lay there resting on Sybil's magnificent white belly, rising and falling with her even peaceful breathing. My hands on the woman I adored, my heart content with the life I'd found, my cock limp and totally satisfied. I smiled as I turned to look into Sybil's smiling eyes.

Everyone around us seemed peaceful and happy. Faces shone, eyes smiled, laughter rang through the room from time to time. Moans of climax and release hummed around my ears, screeches of unbearable ecstasy flew against the walls and ceiling. Tingling peels of pleasure issued from the mouths of children.

I thought of the story which had just been released I thought of the life I'd had before Stanton and shuddered that I might not have found Sybil and what I had here. I felt warm when I saw Jason walk through the room, the tiny, firm young legs of a beautiful child around his neck, his tongue reaching down into her deliciously pink and pure vaginal channel, the baby's face in ecstasy, her moans of release wafting over the room.

I lay there, seeing, hearing, feeling. I knew that Stanton had quieted down. We were all at peace again. We'd learned a lot and shared a lot. Luckily it was all going to continue. It was truly too good to ever end. Sybil's hand patted my hair, I felt a twinge between my legs as Angus began again to rise to the occasion.