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Aunt Donna, do me!

Jeff Atkins

Jeff Atkins

Aunt Donna, do me!


Donna Meadows knelt in front of her husband and sucked on his throbbing cock. As she chewed on his meaty cockhead, she pumped the long shaft of his prick with one hand. With the other hand, she cupped his balls and felt their power begin to build. They became tighter and tighter, and she knew that he was close to filling her mouth with his jism.

"That feels good. Donna!" Walt said. He grabbed her hair and pulled her head closer to his crotch. "Suck my prick. Let me fill your face with my cum!"

He took her head in both his hands and pumped her face on his prick. She opened her mouth wider and took the entire length of his massive cockshaft into her throat. She felt the first spurts of pre-cum trickle down her tongue. It felt smooth and comforting as it glided down her throat. She made a soft, purring sound and settled herself on her knees, ready to enjoy swallowing his load.

Suddenly he began to shoot his spunk into her mouth. The thick cum splashed against the back of her mouth, and she was afraid that she could not swallow it fast enough. She put both hands under her chin to catch any jism that she could not swallow.

"That's right, Donna!" he cried. "Gobble my cock! Eat my cum! Swallow my heavy load! Let me pump my cock into your cock-crazy face! Suck me dry!"

He began to pant as she gobbled wad after wad of thick, hot jism. Although she concentrated on swallowing as much of his spunk as she could, some bubbled out of her mouth. It filled her hands and some dripped through her fingers to the floor. She rocked forward onto his cock faster and faster, eager to take his entire load into her hungry mouth.

With one last, shuddering, explosive spurt, he shot his last wad against the back of her mouth. She swallowed it and then licked his cock dry. Then she slurped up the jism that she had caught in her hands. It was thick and sweet.

She buried her face in her hands as she sucked up the last of his spunk.

He pulled her to her feet and sucked her heavy tits. He thrust a finger into her cunt and felt her boiling hot pussy-juices leaking out of her fuckhole.

"Fuck me, honey!" Donna said. "Fuck me with that giant cock! Fill me with your prick. Fuck me! Fuck me!"

She clung to him and pushed his hand into her eager pussy. He pushed her back and turned away from her.

"I've got to get dressed," he said. "Lew is coming to pick me up soon. We've got to get to the office and then run to the airport. You know I have those meetings out of town."

Donna's pussy begged to be filled as she watched him get dressed. She plunged a finger up her pussy and rapidly slid it in and out of her steaming fuckhole.

"Do you have to go out of town again?" she asked. "Why can't someone else go this time? I want you to stay here with me. I want to suck your cock and I want you to fuck me."

Walt paused as he pulled on his pants. "You know I have to go, I'm doing this for you, Donna. I want to make a lot of money so I can get you all the nice things you want."

"But I want you to fuck me!" she screamed. "Fuck me in the mouth and fuck my pussy! I need your cock in my pussy!"

He finished dressing in silence and then ran out the front door when a car pulled up in the driveway and honked its horn. Donna stood in the bedroom for a while, quietly finger-fucking her pussy. Then she shrugged her shoulders and walked into the bathroom.

She turned on the water for the shower. As she waited for the hot water to come, she cupped her heavy tits. Immediately her nipples stood up. She rubbed them softly as she got into the shower.

As she stood under the stinging spray of the shower, Donna plunged two fingers into her hungry cunt. She rocked her hips forward with each thrust, pushing her fingers as far as possible into her fuckhole. She arched her head back as she pumped her fingers into her gaping pussy. Slowly at first, then faster and faster, she rammed her fingers into her pussy. As she fingerfucked her pussy, she imagined that her husband, Walt, was here with her, sticking his big cock into her hungry cunt, instead of at another business convention.

When she felt the familiar warmth begin to spread from her pussy, she pushed a third finger past her cunt-lips and into her fuckhole. She brought the other hand up to her tits and began to rub them in slow, circular motions. Her tits were large and firm and full, and they stood out straight and proud. Men loved them, she knew, and she could always count on them responding to her own touch in the shower as she played with herself.

She pulled on each nipple in turn and massaged the weighty tit mounds until the nipples stood out straight and hard. She felt the rosy glow begin to spread out from her chest, and she rubbed her tits harder. Her breath was coming in short gasps now.

She continued to ram one hand into her pussy. She dropped the other hand from her tit globes down behind her asscheeks and slipped a finger onto the tight rim of her asshole. She had to bend over to get a comfortable position. The water from the pulsating shower beat down on her head and shoulders with a sensuous, pounding rhythm.

She slowly pushed against the tight muscle of her asshole. With a sudden, forceful motion, she plunged the finger far into her shit-chute. She gasped at the intense feeling as the muscle resisted and then suddenly relaxed, swallowing her finger and gripping it tightly. She stood quietly for a moment, one hand in her cunt and the other plugging her asshole. Slowly, she began to pump the three fingers in and out of her cunt, feeling the delicious pressure as her cunt-lips were stretched each time she drove her hand up her fuckhole.

As she pumped her cunt, she pushed in a fourth finger, filling her pussy until she felt that it would tear her cunt-lips. But the pain stopped when she had all four fingers inside and she could imagine that her cunt was being filled by a giant cock. That thought excited her more, so she doubled up her fist and rammed it into her pussy.

She cried out in pain and pleasure as she began to fist-fuck herself as hard as she could, driving her hand far up into her fuck canal. Her hips began thrusting harder, forcing themselves against the push of her demanding, loving fist. She felt the pussy-juices begin to flow now. She took her hand out of her pussy and tasted her own juices. They were strong and sweet. The taste of her own fuck-juices excited her even more, so she rammed her fist back into her cunt and began to pump her cunt with long, slow strokes.

With her other hand, she pushed two fingers far up into her asshole and began sliding them in and out rapidly. Completely ignoring the water from the shower head, she doubled over and pumped both her holes. As she forced her fist deep into her cunt on each stroke, she rammed her fingers into her asshole, sliding them past the rubbery tightness of the assrim and plunging them into the velvety smoothness of her ass canal.

As the first orgasm rocked her body, she made a low, animal noise that echoed loudly in the bathroom. Pulling her fingers out of her asshole, she spread her cunt-lips apart and tickled her clit and she rammed the other hand deep into her gaping fuckhole. The pussyjuices flowed freely now. She brought her fingers to her mouth and tasted her juices again. They were warm and sweet, but the water from the shower washed most of them off before she could get a good taste. Just as she was about to reach up and turn off the water in the shower so she could taste herself, the doorbell rang.

"Shit!" she said aloud as she pulled her hands out of her fuckhole and her asshole. She reached and angrily turned off the water.

The doorbell! She had become so involved with her own finger-fucking that she had forgotten that she had agreed to watch her sister's kid for a couple of days. The bell rang again. Her sisters Carol, and the kid were here already. She wanted to ignore the doorbell and go back to fucking herself. But she knew that she had to let them in. Besides, the interruption had cooled her fuck lust, and she was horny and frustrated, and she knew that she would have to work herself up again. She climbed out of the shower and grabbed a towel as she headed for the front door.

Donna was not in a very, good mood when she reached the front door. She pulled the large bath towel tightly around her and looked through the peephole in the door. She gasped in surprise when she saw Brian standing in front of her door. As Donna watched the teenaged boy stand on the steps to her house, she felt her pussy begin to drip. He was tall, muscular, and handsome, just the thing she needed to cool her fuck lust. She imagined what his hard cock would feel like as it rammed into her cunt, filling her pussy with his jism. Donna shook her head to stop the images.

Through the peephole, she saw Carol reach over and push the doorbell button. Donna quickly opened the door.

"Hi, Aunt Donna," the boy said.

He walked past her, and flopped down on the sofa in the living room and turned on the television with the remote control. His mother walked in behind him and hugged Donna.

"Hi, Sis," she said.

She looked at the towel and glanced quickly at Brian. The kid seemed to take no notice at all of Donna standing in front of him, her massive tits only barely concealed by the towel.

"It's really nice of you to stay with Brian," Carol said. "It'll only be for a couple days. Kevin has to make a quick business trip out of town. I'm going to drive up with him and do some shopping. I'll probably come home before he does."

Donna let her eyes drift back to the boy who was watching television on her sofa. He absently rubbed his crotch and then suddenly stopped when he realized that she was watching.

"No problem, Carol," Donna said. "You and Kevin have a good time. I'll take good care of Brian."

Carol looked across the room at Brian. Then she looked back at her sister. Donna was pulling modestly on the towel. Donna did not want to be too obvious about the fact that she wanted to fuck her sister's kid. She took the suitcase that Carol held and walked back to the door with her. Donna closed the door and waited until she heard Carol's car drive away. Then she put the suitcase down and joined her nephew on the sofa.

She had never been very close to Brian. But most intriguing of all, she thought, was the way he filled out the crotch of his jeans. His cock bulge was definitely interesting, she thought, as she began to think how to put the move on him and get him to stuff her pussy with his stiff prick.

As she sat on the sofa next to him, Donna saw that Brian began to glance at her every so often. He was very interested in her tits, she noticed. She shrugged her shoulders and let the towel fall a little down the front of her chest, exposing more of her tit mounds.

"It's nice to see you again, Brian," she said as she moved closer to him on the sofa, "You really have grown up a lot since the last time I saw you."

Donna looked down at his crotch and saw that his cock bulge was straining hard against the front of his jeans. She had to get his cock into her burning pussy soon.

"Gee, Aunt Donna, we never get to see you too much anymore. I always liked to visit you." His eyes wandered down to her tits again. Then he looked at her long, smooth legs. Donna spread her legs apart. The towel rode up her legs, almost to her pussy.

"Since we are going to be together for a while," Donna said, "why don't we try to become very good friends."

She reached over and took his hand in hers. She felt him jump.

"Don't be nervous," she said. "I just want to be friendly."

He was looking at her thighs. Donna casually brushed against the bottom of the towel, pushing it slightly open. Brian moved slightly on the sofa so he could get a better view of her legs.

Finally, Donna said, "Well, first I'd better get dressed. Why don't you go into the spare bedroom and unpack? Maybe you want to change clothes or something."

She rubbed his hand against her legs. She saw his cock bulge push up harder.

"Okay, Aunt Donna," he said, never taking his eyes off her tit mounds that overflowed the top of the bath towel. He picked up his suitcase and followed her to the back of the house.

"Here is your room," she told him as she opened the door to the guest bedroom.

She stood in the doorway and made him squeeze past her as he walked into the room. His face turned bright red as his chest rubbed past her tits. Donna leaned forward, trapping him against the wall.

"Do you like this?" she asked, pushing her chest against his.

When the boy nodded, Donna reached up and pulled at the towel. She leaned back and the towel dropped to the floor. The boy gasped in surprise. Donna took a deep breath for his benefit, letting him get a good view of her swelling tits.

Donna reached out and took one of his hands and guided it to her tit mounds.

"Pull on my nipples. I want you to play with my tits. Then you can touch me anywhere else you want." She smiled at him. "Do you want to touch me somewhere else?"

The boy nodded again. He looked up at her, then leaned over to take one of her nipples in his mouth.

"Ohhhh, that's so good!" Donna cried out. "Suck my tits! Suck them and squeeze them and pull them. It feels wonderful, honey. Keep it up!"

He began to suck hard on Donna's heavy tit mounds. He brought up his other hand and soon was kneading both of her tits under his eager hands and mouth.

Donna could not believe the way that this teenaged boy was grinding away on her tits. She pushed her chest into his hands and mouth. She felt her nipples being pulled and her huge tit globes squeezed and compressed by the kid's hot, eager hands. She spread her legs apart and leaned forward, thrusting her hungry pussy against his cock bulge.

"That's right, baby!" she moaned. "Pull those tits! Pull those nipples right off my chest! Squeeze those tits, honey! Ohhhh, it feels so good when you do that! Keep at it, baby!" She pulled her cunt back and then slammed it against the front of his jeans. She saw his eyes widen in amazement.

Donna rubbed her dripping cunt against his jeans as he continued to pull on her tits. She reached up and took one of his hands in hers. She guided it down to her pussy.

"You said you wanted to touch me, baby," she said. "Here is your chance. Touch me anyway you want to."

She guided his hand over her hungry fuckhole, letting him feel her hairy bush and the eager cunt-lips beneath it. She felt his cock throb beneath his jeans. She could feel him begin to sweat.

"Are you going to come?" she asked gently. She pulled away from him slightly. He still held one hand on the outside of her cunthole.

He nodded. "I can't stop it."

Donna smiled and patted him on the cheek. Then before he could say anything, she dropped to her knees and unzipped his jeans and pulled them down over his hips. She slipped her hands into his shorts and slid them down. His cock sprang free. It was hard, and a few drops of pre-cum dripped out of his piss-slit.

"That looks so delicious," she said as she held his prick in both hands.

With one hand, she began to massage his balls. With the other, she began to stroke his giant cock up and down, from the base of his ball sac to the tip of his prick. The boy moaned softly.

"Let me help you," she said. "I know you are going to come soon. Shoot off in my mouth. Then I'll make you hard again and you can fuck me later. Is that okay?" She looked up at his half-closed eyes.

"Just one thing," she said. "While I'm sucking you off, I want you to talk to me. Tell me what you want me to do."

"Yes," he hissed. "Suck my cock! I'm going to come now!"

Donna leaned forward and prepared to swallow his load. She got her mouth over the tip of his cock just as the first spurt of cum jetted out from his prick. The first shot of jism splattered against the back of her mouth and trickled down her throat. She made a low whimpering sound as she slowly pushed her head fore ward, taking every inch of his exploding cock into her receptive mouth. Wave after powerful wave of hot jism shot into her mouth. She had to swallow rapidly to catch it all.

"Suck me!" Brian whispered.

As Brian shot his loud into her mouth, Donna played with his balls. They were big and heavy and tight as they fired cum-juice into her face. She supported his balls with one hand as she reached up between his legs with her other hand and slipped a finger onto his assrim. He jumped and thrust his crotch farther into her face.

"That's nice!" he panted. "Suck my cock and eat my load, Aunt Donna! I like it when you stick your finger up my ass like that?"

Donna found it surprisingly exciting to have the kid call her Aunt Donna while she was on her knees gobbling his cum. She wiggled her finger around his assrim. She felt his asscheeks tighten and resist.

The powerful shots of cum finally decreased. Donna could feel his cock begin to grow limp in her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down on his cockhead, pumping it for every last drop of jism as she fluttered her fingers across his ball sac. She was rewarded with a final, short spurt of cum.

Donna sucked his cock one last time. Then she licked the last trace of spunk from his limp cock and got to her feet. Brian licked his lips nervously and looked down at her hairy pussy.

Donna smiled at him. "Don't be nervous. That was only the beginning. Sort of like saying hello. I had to suck you off before you exploded in your pants. Now we can really get to know each other better."

"Aunt Donna, I never expected you to do these things. Even my girlfriend doesn't let me touch her down there." He looked quickly down to her pussy.

Donna laughed. "You can touch me there or anywhere you want to," she said. "That was only the beginning. We're going to have a good time together, Brian."

She stood up and took his hands in hers.

"But first," she said, "we need to make sure that you are going to be comfortable on that bed."

She glanced over at the bed. He followed her glance and his face turned bright red. Donna led him to the bed and set him down on the edge of it. She stood in front of him and leaned over slightly so that her tit globes hung down, heavy and full, in front of him.

"Do you like my tits?" she asked.

With one hand, she cupped one of her tits and pushed it upward. With the other hand, she reached down and stroked his limp cock. She was surprised to feel it begin to stiffen under her touch.

"Are you getting hard again, young man?" she asked playfully.

She backed away from him and took his cock in both hands. Stroking his prick with both hands, she let him watch her pendulous tits sway in front of his eyes as she worked on his cock. As he watched her massive tits hang in front of his face, his cock continued to stiffen. Soon it was fully hard.

"That's my horny stud," she said. She stroked his prick again and then pushed him back onto the bed. She climbed up on top of him and brushed her tits across his face. "Aunt Donna is going to teach you a few things. I'll teach you how to fuck a real woman and how to eat pussy. Then I'll show you how to fill all of a woman's holes and make her scream with pleasure."

She pushed her tits against his chest and rubbed her cunt mound across his cock.

"Would you like to learn these things?" she asked. "It's much more fun than school."

"Aunt Donna," he said, "I didn't know you would be like this."

She reached down and took hold of his stiff cock. Sitting upright now, she guided his cockhead into her hungry pussy so that she was sitting on his prick. She bounced up and down a couple times to settle his cock deep in her cunt.

"You just happened to visit me when I was very horny," she told him. "Now you can satisfy me."

Still sitting on his prick, and feeling her cunt being stuffed by his giant cock, she leaned over so that her tits swayed across his chest. Almost automatically, he reached up and began to pull on one of her tits.

"Ahhhhh, that feels so good, honey," she cried, throwing her head back and feeling his strong fingers pull at her tits. "Pull those tits harder. Ram that giant cock of yours into my pussy. Harder! Harder! Ram it into me, baby. Stick it in me!"

"Here, baby, you try some." She put her fingers on Brian's lips. Automatically, he opened his mouth and tasted her fingertips.

"Isn't that good, honey?" she asked. "There's nothing better than pussy-juice. Except, of course, a mouthful of hot cum."

She began to slain her ass down hard on his bucking cock and balls. With each stroke, she slammed harder against him, always careful not to let his hard cock slip out of her fuckhole. She could feel him tense and knew that he was going to come again.

"Quick!" she said. "I want you to climb between my legs and stick that cock deep inside me." She pulled away from him and rolled over onto her back on the bed. She stretched out her arms and pulled him on top of her. She felt his cock slip into her pussy.

"Hurry!" she said. "Ram that cock into me!"

She pulled him close and felt him begin to thrust deep into her cuntal canal. Her pussy-lips were stretched tight and his cock slammed in and out of her cunt, pushing at her cunt-lips with every stroke.

"That feels so good, honey!" she cried. "Fuck me harder. Harder! Fill my cunt with your giant cock! Ram that cock into me. Harder! Harder! Slam it into me! Make me feel your monster cock! Ohhhh!"

She began to thrash beneath him as he pumped faster and faster. With a sudden cry, he began to shoot his wad into her hungry pussy. Wave after wave of jism pounded into her cunt as he kept slamming his cock into her like a battering rum. She felt the spunk splash against her cuntal walls and leak out of her pussy. She reached down and stretched her cunt lips farther with her fingers. She felt his cock slice into her and felt the cum boil out of her hungry cunt and down the sides of her legs. She pushed her hand under her ass and rammed two fingers into her asshole as far as she could reach. Each time he slammed his cock into her cunt, she rammed her fingers farther into her asshole.

"Fuck me!" she cried. "That feels so good! Fuck me harder, baby! Fill my pussy with your cock! Slam it in there! That's right, honey! Show me your power! Ram that cock in there and let those balls fire their load! Fuck me!"

Donna felt the cum shoot hard against her cunt wails. She felt his plunging, throbbing cock force her cunt-lips apart and ram deep into her pussy. Her pussy hair was sopping wet with his leaking cum and her own gushing pussy-juices.

His shooting jism began to subside. Donna reached up and rammed a finger into his asshole. The puckered assrim pushed back hard against her finger, but she finally slipped it inside his ass-guts. As soon as she slipped her finger inside, she felt him shoot two more powerful wads of jism deep into her cunt.

He relaxed and Donna felt his cock begin to grow limp. She locked her legs, trapping his cock inside her, and smiled up at him.

"That feels wonderful, honey," she said.

She released him and let him roll off her. She lay beside him and stroked his limp dick with one hand. Rubbing his cock lightly, she felt the sticky mixture of cum and pussy-juice that covered it. She brought her fingers to her mouth and sucked the sweet juices.

"Ummmm," she moaned. "Just the thing after a tremendous fucking! You taste as good as you fuck, honey!"

Brian was looking at her with wide eyes. His eyes kept jumping from her tits to her pussy and then down to her full hips and slender legs.

"Don't worry, honey," she told him, stroking his cheek lightly. "This is only the beginning. We have a couple days together. You'll get all the fucking you ever dreamed about. And I'll have a hot stud to service me."

The boy grinned and reached up to pull on one of her nipples. Donna pushed her chest into his hand and pulled one of his hands don to her pussy. She could see that he was getting sleepy. Without breaking the hold that he had on her pussy and her tits, she wiggled the sheet and a blanket up over them. They fell asleep together.


In the morning, Donna was the first to wake up. She looked over at her sister's kid and was amazed at what she had, done with him. Never had she even thought about fucking him when Carol had asked her to watch over him. That's what her husband got for running off to a business meeting, leaving her alone, hot and horny with no one to satisfy her. Well, she had found someone to satisfy her fuck hunger, even if it was her sister's kid.

Brian stirred and opened his eyes. "Hi, Aunt Donna," he said. "Did you sleep okay?"

He reached up under the sheet and cupped one of her tits with his hand. He massaged it slowly. Donna felt the familiar glow begin to spread out from her chest.

She looked at the clock on the table near the bed. "You've got to get to school, Brian." She rolled away from him and sat up in the bed. "Let's take a shower. Then we'll get something to eat."

She jumped up off the bed and pulled him after her. They ran into the bathroom. Donna turned on the water and stood behind Brian, grinding her pussy mound against his tight ass as she reached around him to run her hands over his muscular chest. She dropped one hand down to his stiffening cock and pumped it gently.

"It's getting hard again, Brian," she said. She took his prick in both hands and pulled on its stiffening length. She turned him around and took him by the hand.

"Come on," she said, leading him into the shower stall. She took a washcloth and a bar of soap and began washing his hard, lean body. She rubbed the soapy washcloth in slow, sensuous circles on his chest, gradually approaching his crotch. With a low moan, she wrapped the washcloth around his cock and ran her hands over his balls and the jutting stiffness of his thick prick.

"It's so big," she gasped, dropping quickly to her knees in front of him. She felt the hot water from the shower pound on her back. She dropped the washcloth and rinsed his cock under the spray of the shower. When the last of the soap was gone, she eagerly took his cockhead into her mouth. Reaching up, she took one of his hands and guided it to her tits. She thrust her other fist up into her own cunt and began pumping it violently into her pussy canal.

"Aunt Donna!" Brian cried. "That feels so good! I love it when you suck my cock like that." He slammed her head against his crotch. "I'm gonna cum! Suck it harder! Swallow my cum! Take my cock in your mouth and eat my load!"

Donna was surprised by Brian's erotic words. She bobbed her head on his cock even faster, puffing her lips out to his dripping cockhead and then plunging it down to take the entire length of his prick into her thirsty throat. She felt his thick cock slip in and out of her mouth as she worked hard to get another load of his cum.

The stinging effect of the shower, the erotic cock massage by the soapy washcloth, and her eager cock-sucking had an immediate effect on Brian. Donna felt his balls begin to tighten and twitch. She knew that he was close to shooting his thick cum into her mouth. She pumped his prick faster and faster, eager to taste his heavy load again.

Suddenly the boy grabbed her hair and pulled her face onto the entire length of his swelling cockhead. Donna felt the first explosive spurt of jism splatter against the back of her throat. It was followed by wad after wad of thick, powerful spunk. She swallowed quickly, cupping her lips tightly around the pulsating shaft of his throbbing cock. Some of the burning jism bubbled out the sides of her mouth and was washed away by the stinging force of the shower.

The explosive force of the young man's jism finally subsided. Donna gobbled up the last drops of his spunk and licked the length of his massive cock before getting to her feet.

"That was nice," she said, rubbing her tits against him in the shower. "Now wash up and get dressed so you can go to school."

"Okay, Aunt Donna," Brian said. He proceeded to wash himself, oblivious to the erotic effect that his actions were having on her.

Although she wanted to keep him in the shower, Donna knew that she had to send him off to school this morning.

Brian got out of the shower and dressed quickly. Donna lingered in the shower, trailing her fingers across her soggy pussy hair and pressing open her hungry cuntlips.

Brian stuck his head in the shower. "Goodbye, Aunt Donna," he said. "I'll see you this afternoon after school."

He took one last, lingering look at Donna's succulent tits, and then he was gone.

Donna stayed in the shower for a while, fingering her clit and sliding two fingers slowly in and out of her fuck canal. Her hips began the familiar twitching, so she doubled up her fist and slammed it into her pussy. She moaned as she felt her cunt-lips stretch to take the width of her fist. Finally she rammed it inside her cunt and sighed loudly when she pulled it out again.

With visions of cock racing in her mind, she stepped out of the shower and dried herself quickly. She pulled on a pair of lace panties and jeans, and pulled a T-shirt over her heaving tit globes.

As Donna walked around the empty house after Brian left, she trembled with excitement as she remembered the vigorous cock-sucking and the pussy-fucking that she had gotten from the boy. The memories of chewing on his long, hard prick and having him pound his shooting cock into her slippery cunt only made her hornier. She resolved to satisfy her fuck hunger. And she could not wait for Brian to return from school.

She ran out of the house to the garage and started her car. Flooring the accelerator, she wheeled the car down the driveway and headed for the north end of town.

She had no destination in particular, but she knew that she had to find a man to fill her cock hungry pussy. She did not want to spend the entire day fucking her fist.

"Damn you, Walt!" she shouted as she pounded on the steering wheel in frustration. "I need you to fill my pussy and you run off to another business meeting."

As she drove, she reached down with one hand and unzipped her jeans. She lifted her ass up and pushed the jeans down past her hips so she could slide one finger under the edge of her panties. Lightly brushing her pussy hair, she rubbed her finger across her cunt-lips until she felt the pussy-juices begin to flow.

Noticing a dead-end street up ahead, she turned off the main road and stopped the car. Looking around quickly to make sure that no one was nearby, she pulled her jeans down farther and slipped her panties down past her asscheeks. Holding her cunt-lips open with the fingers of one hand, she rammed her other fingers far into her cuntal canal. The intense pleasure made her gasp. As she pumped her fingers in and out of her fuckhole, she began to breathe faster and faster.

Continuing to plunge her fingers into her pussy, she slid her other hand down between her legs. She scooped up a finger full of her gushing cunt-juices and then slid the finger up to the puckered rim of her asshole. She swirled her finger around the entrance to her shitter and then plunged it in as far as she could.

Completely oblivious to the fact that she was sitting in her car, finger-fucking herself in broad daylight in the middle of an abandoned section of town, she continued to ram her fingers into her slurping pussy. She spread her legs as wide as she could and lifted her ass to try to reach farther into her hungry holes. She bent her head down to watch both hands work on her cunt and her asshole.

So intent was she on rubbing her sopping wet pussy and plunging her finger into her straining asshole that she did not notice the shiny red convertible pull up beside her. A man got out of the car and walked next to the open window of her car and said something. She quickly pulled her hands out of her hungry holes and pulled up her jeans.

"Wh-who are you?" she said. She zipped her jeans up and felt the wet pussy-juices that had soaked through the front of them.

"Steve Trent," the man said, leaning in the windows to look at her. He was tall and handsome, and he wore an expensive-looking suit, not at all the type of person she would have expected to see in this part of town.

"I'd-I'd better go," she said, reaching up to start the car.

"What's your hurry?" he asked gently. He readied in the window and took her hand in his. Unable to restrain herself, Donna glanced down the cock bulge in his slacks. She saw quickly at his cock and balls clearly outlined against the material of his suit. She felt her pussy flutter and knew that she was going to fuck him.

"I guess there's no hurry," Donna said, licking her lips as she studied the outline of his long prick. She imagined its entire length slamming into her gapping pussy-silt.

Donna held his hand tightly and pulled it close to her chest, forcing it against her heaving tit mounds. Breathing heavily now, she felt her tit globes press against his hand through the thin material of her T-shirt. The sensation of the strange man's hand against her tits made her nipples harden and her pussy-juices begin to flow.

"Why don't you follow me down the street a little bit?" he said to her. "No sense leaving your car out here in the open." He pushed his hand against her jutting nipples. Then he dropped her hand and hefted his bulging cock with one hand through the thin material of his pants. He watched Donna while he rubbed his cock and balls.

"Okay," Donna whispered. She started her car and waited for him to get into his convertible. He pulled out ahead of her and drove farther down the deserted street. Donna followed him closely, thinking of that long, firm cock that was waiting to fuck her hungry cunthole.

He pulled into a short alley between two decaying buildings. She pulled in behind him and stopped her car. This was crazy, she thought as she rubbed the front of her jeans with her hand. She had followed a stranger into the most desolate part of town and was going to let him do anything he wanted to with her body. The thought of him pounding away on her body in an alley excited her more than she thought possible.

He got out of his car and walked slowly back to Donna.

"Come with me," he said, holding out his hands to her. She stepped out of her car and took his hand. Letting him lead her to his car, she climbed in the back seat when he opened the door. He joined her and began massaging her tits.

Donna began to pant. She threw her head back and shoved her tits into her hands. Then she pulled back suddenly.

"This is nuts!" she said. "You don't even know my name."

He slowly rubbed his hands across the front of her shin. "All right," he said. "What's your name?"

Donna leaned forward so he could get a better grip on her dangling tits.

"Donna," she said. "My name's Donna." She rubbed her tit globes against his hands. "Now pull my titties. Suck those nipples right off my chest!"

"Okay, Donna," he said, slipping both hands up under her shirt. He kneaded and pulled her tit globes. Her nipples stood out straight and hard, and her pussy-juices were soaking her panties.

With one quick motion he raised his hands and pulled her T-shirt over her head. Her massive tits sprang free. The heavy, ripe tit globes yearned for his touch. Her long nipples were thick and dark, just the thing for sucking. He took her tits in his hands and squeezed them hard.

"Ohhhh, that feels so good," she cried, thrusting her chest farther into his hands. "That's it! Pull my boobs right off my chest! Pull them hard!"

He kneaded her tits with his strong hands, squeezing them tightly. Donna responded by reaching down to unzip his pants. He was not wearing shorts, and his cock sprang out into her hand. She gasped when she felt the enormous size of his cockhead and the huge diameter of his long cockshaft. She began to stroke it rapidly, savoring the throbbing hardness that she held.

Steve leaned forward and took one of her huge nipples in his mouth. Sucking it hard, he pulled it into his mouth as he pulled on her other tit with his hand.

Donna felt like he was going to suck her tit off her chest. She fed her nipple to his hungry mouth and moved her other tit into his hand as she reached out with her other hand to pull his pants down past his asscheeks. Cupping his balls with one hand, she continued to stroke his cockshaft with her other hand. She felt his balls begin to tighten and knew that he was going to come soon.

"Suck my cock!" he told her, spreading his legs so she could get a better grip on his prick. A few drops of pre-cum dribbled out of his piss slit, and Donna wiped them up with a finger and then brought it to her mouth to drink in his warm, sweet taste.

She pulled away from his tit grip and got on her hands and knees on the back seat of the car. With her ass sticking high in the air, she lowered her mouth onto his cockhead. It was so wide that she had to strain to get her mouth around it. With one hand cupped around the base of his cockshaft, she lowered her mouth inch by inch until she had about half of it in her mouth.

Steve reached over her and wriggled her jeans down to her knees so he could have a good view of her jutting asscheeks. He ran his hands over her wide ass and then cupped her hanging tits as she began to bob her head up and down on his throbbing cock.

Donna squealed with delight and increased her sucking. She was on all fours on the back seat of his car, her mouth on his cock while he bent over her and pulled at her tits that hung down like giant balloons. She could feel him begin to tense and knew that he was going to shoot his cum into her eager mouth.

"I'm going to come," he cried, grasping the back of her head and forcing her mouth down hard on the base of his cockshaft.

Donna almost choked when her mouth was pushed down on the entire length of his tremendous cock. But she relaxed her throat and was able to take it all in without gagging. She tasted more pre-cum and knew that he was close to shooting his load.

Suddenly the back of her mouth felt the first blast of his jism. Wad after wad of thick, heavy spunk boiled out of his pulsating cock and drove against the back of her throat. She swallowed as fast as she could, but some leaked out of her mouth.

"That's it!" he cried, taking her by the hair and forcing her down farther on his prick. "Suck my cock, you little cock-happy bitch! Drink my cum and swallow it all! Drain my balls with your cock-sucking mouth!"

Steve's erotic words only increased Donna's suck lust. She gobbled his spunk, as fast as she could, enjoying every last drop of his hot jism. She held his cock shaft tightly with one hand while she milked his balls with the other hand, forcing every last delicious drop of cum to spurt into her mouth.

Finally, she drained his heavy balls of their cum load. She sucked up the last of his spunk and licked his cockhead as she slid her mouth off his cockmeat. Her jaws ached from opening her mouth so wide to take his huge cock in her mouth, but her pussy quivered with delight as she swallowed the last of his jism.

Steve pushed her head up level with his. "That's my little cock-sucker," he said, rubbing her tits with one hand. "Now you can suck my cock and make it hard again so I can stick it in your pussy."

He reached down and forced two fingers into her boiling cunthole. Donna felt her juices gush out over his hand. She thrust her hips up to meet his fingers.

"You really want this, don't you?" he said.

"You really west to get your hole stretched by my cock."

"Yes!" she hissed as she thrust her clit mound up to his digging fingers. "Yes!"

"All right," he said. "Then let's fuck. Spread your legs and let me fuck the hell out of you." He pushed her back onto the car seat and began to straddle her pussy.

Donna lay back on the back seat of his convertible and looked up at him bending over her. She spread her legs wide and pushed her hips up to meet his long, thick cock.

"Fuck me!" she cried. "Stick that cock mine and fill me with your cum!"

He lowered his cock onto her belly and then let it slip into her hungry fuckhole. Donna felt it spread her cunt-lips apart. She had a brief moment of fear when his cockhead forced its way into the entrance of her pussy. She wondered if his prick was so large that it would tear her open. But it slipped in, and she felt her cunt-lips close around it and hold it tightly.

"That's right, baby!" she moaned. "Slide that giant cock all the way into my pussy! Push it in until that wonderful cockhead sticks out my mouth! Fuck the shit out of me, honey! Fuck me hard!"

She threw her head from side to side as she gave way to the intense erotic stimulation of his furious fuck pounding.

Her pussy-juices were running hot and heavy now, and she could feel them run down her legs each time he pulled his cock out on the return half of his fuck stroke. She heard the juices squish out and slurp as his cock drove back into her boiling fuckhole.

He increased the pace of his fuck strokes. Sucking on one nipple, he leaned forward and began to knead the other tit. With his other hand, he reached down under her and began to run his finger around the rim of her asshole.

"I'm going to fill all your holes," he told her as he kept up the furious fuck pace. "I'm going to shoot my load into your pussy while I fingerfuck your asshole. Then you're going to stand up and bend over and I'm going to fuck your ass. What do you think of that?"

Donna could not believe the erotic stimulation that she was receiving from his rough talk and their heated fucking in the back seat of his open convertible in the deserted alley. She pushed her ass down on his finger and gasped when he forced it into her ass-guts.

"Push that hand in my ass!" she cried. "Fist fuck my ass while you fuck my pussy! It feels so good when you pound that fist into my ass!"

In response to her urgings, he withdrew his hand and poised four fingers at the entrance to her shithole.

"Ahhhhh," she whimpered. "That's wonderful. Keep up that fuck stroke while you fist-fuck my ass. Fuck me!"

He fucked her faster. As she felt his fist pounding into her ass, Donna felt his fuck strokes quicken. Faster and faster he pounded that huge, throbbing cock past her stretched cunt-lips. He sucked on one tit and pulled and headed the other tit mound. She wrapped her legs around his back and pulled herself off the car seat to thrust her hungry fuck mound at his powerful, driving cock.

With a final, deep thrust he began to shoot his hot load into her yearning pussy. She felt his thick jism splatter against her cuntal walls and drip down past her pussy-lips, mixing with her fuck-juices and oozing down the sides of her legs.

"Fuck me harder!" she cried. "Ram it in me! Harder! Harder! Fuck the shit out of me!"

She thrashed harder on the back seat of the car, forcing her hot pussy mound up to meet his slamming fuck strokes. As she felt his thick spunk surge into her hungry cunt, she pound her ass onto his pumping fist.

Donna pumped her asscheeks faster as she felt the jets of cum decrease. She reached over with one hand and took hold of his cockshaft as he ran its length in and out of her pussy. Rubbing it as he rammed it into her cunt, she tried to milk every last drop of jism from his prick. Finally, his shooting cum stopped and he pulled his cock out of her sopping wet cunt.

"How was that?" he asked her as he pulled up his pants.

Donna moaned and squirmed her ass around on the leather upholstery of the car seat.

"Just wonderful," she said. She reached over with one hand and plunged a finger up her dripping cunthole. She swirled it around in her juices and brought it back to her mouth. Tasting it, she whimpered and began to suck on her honey tipped finger.

"God!" Steve exclaimed. "You never get enough, do you, baby?"

He watched her lick up her own pussy-juices as he tucked his shirt into his pants. Then he got out of the car and motioned for her to follow him.

Donna started to pull up her jeans and tuck in her shirt as she climbed out of the car. Steve stopped her by putting one hand on her pussy mound.

"Do you want some more?" he asked, thrusting his hand hard down on her cunt. "I can give you all the cock you want."

Donna licked her lips eagerly.

She imagined how that huge prick would stretch her pussy-lips again.

"Yes!" she whispered. "Fuck me again!"

Never in her wildest dreams had Donna imagined herself begging a man to fuck her in an alley. It was crazy. But she was becoming excited again. She felt her pussy twitch and could feel the pussy-juices flowing down her legs. Her knees were so weak from hunger for his cock that she could hardly stand up.

"All right," he said. "Take off all your clothes and bend over. I'm going to fuck you in the ass. I want to hear you beg for my cock in your ass."

Donna glanced around nervously, suddenly realizing that they could be seen by anyone who happened to walk by the entrance to the alley. She was about to ask if they could go somewhere more private when he unzipped his pants and pulled out his long, thick cock. She gasped when she saw him holding his prick.

All thoughts of going somewhere else forgotten now, she whipped off her shirt and stepped out of her jeans. She began to rub her pussy with both hands as she watched him drop his pants and step out of them. He unbuttoned his shirt and threw it into the back seat of his car.

"Okay, baby," he said. "Now turn around and grab your ankles. I'm going to stick my cock in your ass and rip your guts apart." He took her by the shoulders and roughly spun her around. She dropped her head and leaned over to touch her toes.

"I said grab those ankles!" he shouted, pushing her over farther.

Donna took hold of her ankles and held them. She felt him probe her asshole with two fingers. With the other hand, he slid a couple fingers into her dripping pussyhole. He pushed three, then four fingers into her fuck canal. Then he began to shove his fist into her pussy. Donna moaned with the pleasure of the fist-fucking.

"That's right!" he snarled. "Moan like an animal while I fist-fuck your cunt! I'm playing with your asshole, too, and I'm going to stick my other fist up into your ass-guts. Tell me that you want it, bitch. Tell me what you want me to punch both my fists into your holes."

"Yes!" she shrieked. "Fist-fuck my holes!"

She rammed her ass back against his fists. One of his wrists slipped past her stretched cunt, lips and into her fuckhole. He jammed three fingers up into her ass-guts and began to explore the velvety smoothness of her shit canal.

Donna pounded her ass back to meet his fist fucks.

Steve continued his rapid fist-fucking, sliding his fingers and hands in and out of her eager holes. Finally, he pulled both hands out of her asshole and reached over to cup her tits with both hands.

"Don't stop!" Donna cried. "I need to feel you inside me!"

Steve backed away from her. "What do you want me to do?"

Still holding onto her ankles, Donna turned her head so that she could look back at him. She saw him looking at her upturned asscheeks. His cock was standing up straight and pointing at her ass.

"Fuck me in the ass!" she cried. "Stick that prick in my ass! Pound that thing into me! Fill my guts with your cum!"

Donna could not believe that she was asking him to fuck her ass. But here she was, totally naked in an alley, grabbing her ankles and shoving her ass high up in the air, while she begged a complete stranger to ram his cock into her ass. She found herself becoming so excited that she felt the first trembles of an orgasm begin to rumble through her guts.

"I'm coming!" she gasped aster body began to shake. "Fuck me quick! Fuck me!"

Steve took her asscheeks in his hands and spread them wide as he guided his throbbing cockhead towards her. Donna felt his prick poke at her asshole, and she felt her ass muscles involuntarily tighten. She felt his cock shove ail the way up her ass until his ball sac slapped against her asscheeks with a loud squishing sound.

He held his cock there for a moment, and Donna savored the sweet satisfaction of having her ass filled nearly to bursting with a thick, meaty cock that was just loaded with jism for her receptive shitter. She sighed and then began to pant as he began long, slow strokes in and out of her tight ass canal.

"Ohhhh!" she moaned. "That's it! That's really it, baby. Keep it up!"

Steve began to pump faster now, slapping his swollen balls hard against her asscheeks with each powerful stroke into her ass-guts. He cupped her dangling tit globes and pulled on her long nipples as he continued to slam his cock into her ass.

Donna's pussy exploded in another orgasm. She had to get his cock in her mouth and feel his jism shoot into her throat again. Before he could stop her, she pulled away from his thrusting cock and dropped to her knees in front of his massive cock. She grasped it with both hands and pulled it into her mouth just as the first load of jism spurted out of his piss-slit.

Donna gobbled his cock and swallowed his spunk as it shot against the back of her mouth. She tongued his pulsating cockhead and felt the strong, surging wads of cum splatter on the roof of her mouth. She struggled hard to swallow all of his enormous load.

He grabbed her hair and forced her head into his crotch hair. She moaned when she smelled his rich, masculine aroma. He thrust his cock and balls forward into her face, feeding her his heavy load of spunk.

Donna rocked back and forth on her knees, slurping up his jism and managing to swallow all of his load. When the last spurt of jism shot into her hungry mouth, Donna sighed with satisfaction. Licking his cockhead clean of spunk, she gave it a final kiss and stood up.

Steve grabbed her tits and pulled her close. "You're one good fuck," he told her. "You suck cock like a pro and you really like to take it in your ass, don't you?"

Donna moaned as he continued to pull at her swollen nipples. "Yes," she panted. "You really know how to stick it in a girl."

Steve pushed her back and laughed. "Maybe we can do this again."

He pulled up his pants and put on his shirt. When he started to get in his car, Donna quickly gathered up her clothes and got dressed. She reached the side of his car just as he started the engine.

"Give me your address and phone number so I can give you some more cock sometime," he told her, holding out a piece of paper and a pencil.

Donna hastily wrote her name and address and phone number, remembering the fucking that she had just received and dreaming of more. She stepped back from his car as he backed away and drove down the alley.

Her cunt still tingling with fuck lust, Donna dropped a hand to her pussy mound and idly began to rub it in slow, sensuous circles as she walked back to her car. She got in the car and started back down the alley, rubbing her pussy and fantasizing about the stranger who had tamed her fuck hunger for a while.


Donna was waiting for Brian to come home from school that afternoon. She had dressed carefully for him. She wore a short white skirt with brief, lace panties underneath, the sexiest black lace bra that she had, and a blouse with a low top that did not conceal her jutting tit mounds at all. As she sat in the living room of her house, she pushed up her skirt and rubbed her pussy lightly through her panties.

Her thoughts were filled with the memories of her wild fuck session with Steve Trent in the alley. She had never even thought about doing such a thing before, but the thorough fucking that she had received from Brian had really turned her on to sex.

She wished that her sex life with her husband could be as exciting as the fucking and sucking with Brian and that stranger in the alley, but Walt was always in a hurry. He always worked long hours and lately he was spending a lot of time out of town. At first Donna thought that maybe he was having an affair with another woman, but she dismissed that when she realized that their time together was really good. Walt liked to fuck her, and she could tell that he wanted to please her. He was willing to do anything to her and for her. The only trouble was that he was not home often enough to service her sex needs.

Donna's thoughts were interrupted when she heard the front door open. Brian walked into the room and stopped and stared at her. His eyes traveled from her large, heavy tits down to her curving legs that were almost completely revealed by her short skirt. Donna saw his eyes open wide when he saw that she had one hand thrust up under her skirt and was stroking her pussy.

"Hi, Aunt Donna," he said softly. He closed the door behind him and walked closer to her.

"I was keeping it warm for you, Brian," she said, pulling her skirt down and standing up to meet him. She ran towards him and hugged him.

She rubbed her arms across his broad, muscular back. She rubbed his tight, ass and pulled his crotch against her hungry pussy mound. He responded by thrusting his cock bulge against her as he grabbed her asscheeks through the thin material of her dress and squeezed hard.

"Oh, that feels so good," she moaned. "I love it when you pull me right to you like that. Force me close to you, baby. Tell me what you want me to do."

Donna moved her entire body in slow, sensuous motions against his body. She could feel him respond. His cock bulge was enormous and threatened to burst through his jeans, and his breathing was becoming hot and heavy. She felt his crotch begin to twitch.

"Let me help you, honey," she said, dropping to her knees in front of him and quickly unzipping his jeans. "Let me cool you off. I want to suck your cock again. I want to taste your hot cum and feel your powerful fuck strokes in my face."

Brian took her head in his hands and stroked her face. He pushed her crotch towards her as she slipped her hands under his shorts.

Donna pulled down his jeans and slipped his shorts down to his feet. She gasped when his giant prick jumped out at her. It stood straight out from his crotch hair and beckoned to her.

"It's so beautiful," she whispered as she began to stroke its shaft with one hand. With the other hand, she cupped his balls and felt them begin to tighten as they got ready to shoot his load of jism.

Still cupping his balls with one hand, she slid the other hand down to the base of his cockshaft and leaned forward to take the meaty cockhead into her mouth. She rocked back and forth on her knees as she let her mouth get used to the huge diameter of his cock. Sliding her mouth over more and more of his cock, she increased her pumping strokes on the base of his prick. She felt his balls tighten and tasted the first drops of pre-cum trickle into her throat.

"Oh, Aunt Donna!" Brian said. "That feels good! I'm gonna cum soon!" He grabbed her hair and forced her head closer to his crotch until her nose was buried in the hair at the base of his cock shaft. Donna almost choked as his long cock was forced back all the way into her mouth. But she relaxed her throat and was able to take the entire length of his cock into her receptive mouth.

She took a deep breath and could smell his strong, masculine sex smells. As she savored the full extent of his monster cock filling her mouth, she began to suck on his cockshaft. Careful not to bite him, she worked her mouth on his prick, feeling the giant cock stuff her mouth. She felt his prickhead press against the back of her mouth and could feel more pre-cum dribble down her throat.

Brian increased the pressure on her hair, forcing her face closer to his crotch.

Donna pulled back on his cock shaft so that she could swallow his load without choking. She chewed on his cockhead and increased the pressure on his ball sac. She pushed one hand up between his legs and ran one finger around the rim of his asshole.

Suddenly his balls tightened and he began to shoot his hot load of thick, tasty jism. The heavy, sticky spunk splattered against the back of her mouth and dribbled down her throat. Donna swallowed rapidly. She moaned with pleasure as she tasted its sweetness. Wad after thick wad of his spunk flew into her mouth.

As fast as she was able to swallow, same of his jizz bubbled out of the sides of her mouth and down her chin. That only excited her more, and she increased her suck action until she drained the last of his cum.

"That was good, honey," she said, standing up and wiping the spilled cum off her chin. She licked it off her fingers and hands.

He fumbled with the buttons and finally was able to drop her skirt around her ankles. He stepped back and looked at the wisps of cunt hair poking out from her brief, lace panties.

"Go on," she urged him. "Take my panties off and do anything to me that you want to."

She began to unbutton her blouse, starting at the bottom. When she reached the top button, she paused to make sure that he was watching. Then, with a sudden movement, she swept the blouse open and revealed her ripe tits. Her swollen nipples were dark and full. She knew that he could see clearly through the lace bra that she wore.

Brian licked his lips and reached out to take her in his arms. He grabbed her tit globes and kneaded them roughly. Donna melted into his arms.

Brian rubbed her nipples through the flimsy bra. Then he reached behind her and unsnapped it with one quick motion. The bra dropped to the floor, and Donna's ripe, heavy tit mound hung free. Brian buried his face in her tits, sucking one nipple into her mouth and reaching up to squeeze the other one with his hand.

"Ohhhh, baby!" Donna said. "Suck that tit right off my chest! Pull and pump my tits. Suck that nipple right off! Ohhhh, it feels so good!"

Donna pushed her chest into his hungry face. She pound her heavy, pendulous tits into his mouth and his hand, moaning as he sucked and pulled at her massive tit globes.

"That's it baby!" she groaned. "Take my tits! Suck them! Squeeze them!"

Donna threw her head back and tossed it back and forth as Brian continued his frantic sucking of her swollen tit mounds. She began to slam her chest into his face, forcing more and more of her jutting tit flesh into his hungry mouth. He made loud slurping noises as he sucked and gobbled at her tits.

Donna reached down to her pussy and felt that it was wet with her dripping fuck-juices. She slid a finger past the pussy hairs that were matted down with the leaking juices and parted her cunt-lips. Pausing briefly at the opening to her cuntal canal, she rammed the finger far up into her pussy.

Brian felt her stick her finger into her pussy. Without missing a beat sucking her tit globes, he reached down and slid a finger into her cunt along side her finger. When he felt her slip a second finger into her cunt, he did the same. They began to finger-fuck her pussy together.

As Brian sucked her thrusting nipples, he rammed his fingers in and out of her pussy. Donna's fingers slid in and out alongside his, fluttering against her clit and causing her knees to buckle with the first violent spasm of orgasm. "Put me on the floor," she panted.

Without releasing his suck grip on her tits or taking his hand out of her pussy, Brian lowered her to the floor. Donna spread her legs wide and pulled Brian between them, all the time continuing to slam her hand in unison with his into her cunt. She reached down with her other hand and tried to suck it into her pussy.

"Let me fist-fuck my pussy for you," she gasped, pulling his hand out of her cunt and thrusting both of hers deep into her sopping wet fuckhole.

Reluctantly, Brian backed away from Donna. He stood up and watched Donna twitch on the ground. Naked, and with her legs spread wide in front of him, Donna made an inviting target for his lust. As he watched, Donna spread her cunt-lips with one hand and thrust three fingers of the other hand deep into her fuck canal. She rubbed the fingers hard against her clit on each stroke until it began to give her continuous erotic stimulation. Then, with the other hand, she slid one and then two fingers into her cunt alongside her other fingers. She thrust her hands deep into her fuckhole and began to pump them hard.

As she rammed her fists into and out of her cunt, she began to pant loudly. She thrashed around on the floor, oblivious now to Brian.

Finally, Brian couldn't stand it any more. His cock was standing out straight and hard, and it was leaking precum. He walked over to her and stood in front of her widespread legs.

"I want to fuck you, Aunt Donna," he said. "I want to stick my cock in your pussy and shoot my load deep into your cunt!"

Donna stopped thrashing around on the floor. She pulled her hands out of her fuckhole and her ass. She stroked the entrance to her pussy with light brushing motions.

"Oh yes," she cried. "Fuck me! Stick that prick in me, honey! Fuck me, honey! Fuck me now!"

Donna spread her legs wide and reached out for him. Brian got down on all fours between her legs. He crawled forward until his mouth was over her tit globes. As he slurped one tit mound into her mouth, he thrust his prick forward until his cockhead was at the entrance to her fuckhole. With a final, sudden thrust, he slid the full length of his cock all the way into her pussy.

Donna shrieked. "That's it, baby. Slip that cock all the way inside me, honey! Make me feel your powerful fuck strokes! Show me that you can really fuck me!" Brian responded by slamming his cock in and out of her pussy. He pulled it out until only the tip of his cockhead was parting her cunt-lips. Then he shoved it all the way in so hard that Donna gasped. Holding it there for a moment, he pulled it out again and slammed it back into her cunt.

"Oh, darling!" Donna cried. "That's wonderful! Fuck that cock into me! Slam it in! Fuck me, darling! Fuck me!"

Brian continued to slam his cock into her hungry fuck-slit, stretching her cunt-lips with every pounding stroke. Donna felt his ball sac slap against her asscheeks with every stroke. As his cock rammed in and out of her cunt, she heard her pussy-juices squish out of her fuckhole. She felt them drop down the crack between her cunt and her ass until her ass was bouncing on a wet spot on the carpet.

"Fuck me! Fuck me!" she screamed wildly as his driving fuck strokes lifted her ass up off the carpet. She moaned and whimpered as Brian's battering fuck strokes hammered into her.

She felt Brian tense and knew that he was going to fill her hungry pussy with his cum. She pushed her cunt up to meet his next stroke and kept it pressed against the base of his cockshaft. He tensed and shot a powerful blast of spunk to the back of her cuntal walls as he began to fire load after load of jizz into her receptive pussy.

Donna rode his firing prick as it continued to shoot its heavy load into her cuntal canal. She spread her legs wide and wrapped them tightly around Brian's back as she thrust her pussy up against his pounding cock thrusts. She felt the force of his shooting jism begin to subside.

"Oh, honey!" she moaned. "Give me all your load! Pound that cum deep into my pussy! Fill me with your sweet juices and let me know that you can really fuck me!"

Brian slammed his cock harder into her cunt, lifting her off the carpet and holding her up as the last of his spunk fired into her pussy. He sucked on her tits one last time and then lowered her to the floor. He collapsed on top of her, breathing heavily.

"Oh, honey!" Donna moaned softly. "That was wonderful!"

She pulled his head down to her chest and fed him first one tit and then the other.

"That's my little baby," she cooed. "Eat my tits. I've sucked your cock and you have fucked the shit out of me. Now eat my tits until your cock gets hard again."

Donna held him close while he gobbled her tits, slowly moving his head from one tit globe to the other. She lightly stroked his back and his asscheeks while he sucked her.

Donna sighed loudly and relaxed. Her fuck lust had been satisfied, at least for now. But she couldn't keep the image of her husband Walt out of her mind. She remembered how they had made wild, passionate love on their wedding night. She remembered how they had done everything to each other that they had ever imagined and promised to make each other happy forever.

"I'll do anything for you," Walt had said as they lay together after a furious fuck session. "I want to make you happy, Donna. I want to make a lot of money so that I can get you anything you want." He had kissed her and fallen asleep in her arms.

"All I want is you, honey," she had said. But Walt was sound asleep and Donna had not wanted to wake him up.

Now, holding tightly to her nephew, Brian, Donna remembered that first night of her marriage and thought about everything that had happened since then. She still wanted a good life with Walt, and she knew that he liked her body and their sex together. But he had become so busy lately that she wondered if he was sacrificing his sex life with her to become a successful businessman.

Brian stirred beneath her, and Donna looked down at his face. This was the first time that she had ever fucked a kid, and she felt somewhat guilty about it. She had certainly enjoyed the fuck action, though. Then she remembered the furious fuck pounding that he had given her and she lost her feelings of guilt. She snuggled against him and stroked his cock until it became hard again.


After Donna sent Brian off to school the next morning, she wandered around the house, horny and frustrated. The boy had really turned her on, so much so that she could feel her pussy rumbling already, and the kid had only been away for an hour. Although she still had an occasional guilty feeling about fucking her sister's kid, she put those thoughts out of her mind when she remembered the pounding fuck that he had given her.

She moved restlessly from room to room in an increasing state of fuck lust. Every so often she stopped to rub her cunt through the front of her skirt, and she knew that she could not wait for Brian to come home from school later that afternoon. She had to fill her pussy, and she had to do it now.

She was about to reach up under her skirt and fist-fuck herself when the telephone rang. She reached for the instrument, her hands shaking from fuck hunger.

"Hello, Donna?" the voice said. "This is Steve. Do you remember me?"

Donna gasped when she recognized the voice of the man who had fucked her so vigorously yesterday. Just thinking about the way he slammed his stiff cock into her ass made her cream her panda.

"Of course I do," she said, clutching her chest and rubbing her tit mounds as she recalled the way he sucked her tits and rammed that gigantic prick into her pussy.

"Listen, Donna," he said. "I want you to come over to my office now. We can have a little fun, just like we did yesterday. Only this time we'll have much more privacy. We can really have a good time."

"Sue," she said, her voice trembling with desire to get that cock into her dripping pussy. "Give me your address."

Donna wrote down the address of an office building in a fashionable part of town and hung up the phone. Checking herself in the mirror, she knew that he would be turned on by her thin white skirt and the low-cut blouse that showed off her swelling tit mounds to their best advantage. She was ready to get her cunt filled. Her knees were weak from fuck hunger as she slammed the door behind her and ran down the driveway to her car.

Donna drove through the deserted neighborhood where she had fucked him the day before. With the exception of a couple of winos asleep in a doorway, she saw no one for many blocks. Growing increasingly agitated, she had to stop once to push her skirt up and give herself a quick finger-fuck. She caught her breath as she pushed her fingers up into her creaming pussy. Rubbing her clit vigorously, she felt her cunt begin to shake and she knew that she had to get Steve's cock in her pussy soon. She stepped on the gas and soon pulled into the parking garage near Steve's building.

Donna got off the elevator on the top floor of the building and a guard directed her to Steve's office. She closed the heavy wooden door behind her and turned around to see Steve standing in front of his desk.

"Hello, Donna," he said, walking quickly to her and taking her in his arms.

Donna melted into his arms and felt her cunt begin to cream as he ran his eager hands over her tits and her ass. She reached down to feel his cock bulge. His prick was hard and ready to fuck.

Pulling back from his embrace, Donna fumbled with his belt and tugged at the zipper on his slacks. As she pulled on his zipper, she pressed her chest against his hands as he began to unbutton her blouse. He pushed hard against her tit globes, and Donna moaned with pleasure as she slid to her knees in front of his bulging cock.

"Oh, honey!" she whispered. "I want to suck your cock dry! I want to fill my throat with your giant cock!"

Steve had unbuttoned her blouse by this time and had slipped it off her shoulders. Looking up at him and smiling, she reached inside his slacks and felt for his cock.

"Ah," she cried. "There it is. Just the thing for a hungry girl." She pulled his pants down over his hips and slipped his shorts down. His cock sprang free and thrust out from his heavy ball sac.

Donna leaned forward and eagerly took his throbbing cock in her mouth. With one hand clamped around the cockshaft, she cupped the other hand around his balls. Moving her mouth slowly along the full length of his prick, she swallowed the entire shaft of his cock, inch by delicious inch.

She felt his balls begin to tighten and knew that he was close to filling her mouth with his delicious cum. Burying her face in the hair at the base of his cockshaft, she concentrated on relaxing her throat so that she could take his entire length. Her mouth was stretched wide to swallow the large diameter of his prick. She bobbed her head up and down on his cock, feeling the meaty cockhead tickle the back of her throat.

Steve grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head closer to him. Donna let him move her head up and down on his cock, surrendering herself to the intense pleasure that it was giving her.

"That's it, baby!" he said. "Suck my cock! Get ready to swallow my load!"

Steve continued to pump her head up and down on his cock. Suddenly he tensed and pulled her head close to his crotch. He held her by the side of the head and arched his back. Donna knew that he was about to shoot his heavy load into her hungry mouth.

Suddenly the first thundering wad of his cum shot against the back of her throat. She felt the thick, stringy jism slam against the sides of her mouth and begin to trickle down her throat. She swallowed rapidly and pumped his cockshaft with her hand as she sucked hard en his cockmeat.

Her efforts were rewarded as wad after wad of thick cum splattered into her mouth. She increased her suck action and whimpered softly as she pumped his throbbing cockshaft with her hand. Swallowing fast to catch all of his shooting jism, she sucked all the spunk from his piss slit as fast as he could shoot it into her eager mouth.

"That's it, baby!" Steve said, grasping her hair tightly and pulling her face hard against his crotch.

Donna could not believe how turned on she was becoming as he forced her mouth to take the entire length of his massive cock. She felt the driving force of his jism splashing against the back of her mouth and eagerly worked hard to swallow it all.

As the force of his spunk lessened, Donna increased her suck pressure, eager to drain every last drop of fuck-juice from his prick. She made loud slurping noises as she lapped up every drop of cum from his shriveling cock. Finally she pulled her mouth away from his cock.

"That was good!" she gasped. She watched his limp cock hang down from his balls, glistening from the suck-juices that she had left. "Let me suck it again and make it hard."

Steve reached down and pulled her to her feet.

"There's lots of time for that," he said. "But first, we want to have a little fuck action with you." He looked across the room.

Donna followed his gaze and was surprised to see another man sitting in a leather chair. He had been watching her entire suck episode with Steve.

Steve interrupted her before she could ask who this other man was. "I want you to meet Joe. He's a client of mine. I had just sold him some property and we wanted a little party to celebrate. You were the first woman I thought of."

Donna started to get angry at Steve, but she stopped when she saw Joe rise to his feet, unzip his pants and pull out one of the longest cocks that she had ever seen. Although it was not as wide as Steve's, it was much longer. She felt her pussy-juices begin to gush from her fuck-slit as she watched him hold it and shake it for her benefit.

"Do you like it?" Joe asked. Donna could see it stiffen as he held it with two hands.

Donna could only nod. Her knees were getting weak as she thought of that massive prick pounding into her, stretching her cunt to the limit and shooting its heavy load of jism into her hungry pussy.

Steve laughed. "I knew you would want to party with us."

He stepped over to her and grabbed her heavy tits. Kneading them roughly, he began to pull at her nipples. Almost immediately, they stood out stiff and erect, waiting for his touch. Donna pushed her chest into his hands and sighed when he took both of her huge tit globes in his hands and began to squeeze them.

Joe quickly undressed and walked over to Donna's side. He positioned himself behind her and began to stroke her hips. Running his hands over her wide hips and her nicely formed ass, he occasionally dropped a finger into her asscrack.

"Do you like that?" Joe asked as he continued to run his hands around her hips and ass. He began to explore the area near her asshole now, rubbing the edge of his hands between her asscheeks and dipping a finger across the puckered rim of her shithole.

"Oh, yes!" she moaned. "I love it when you guys do this to me!" She pushed her chest harder into Steve's grip and wiggled her tight little ass against Joe's fingering movements.

Joe plunged a finger up her ass and held it there. With his other hand, he reached around and began to finger her pussy. He rubbed the outer lips of her pussy, feeling the cunt-juices pour out of her eager fuckhole.

Steve kept up his vigorous kneading of her tit mounds. "Tell us what you want, baby," he said. "Tell us how you want it. We can fuck your face or your cunt or your ass. One hole at a time or all of them."

Donna began to pant from the excitement that she was feeling. Both men were tantalizing her with things to come. Steve was playing with her tits. Donna could imagine him pulling on them as he pumped his cock into her mouth. Joe's finger was still in her asshole, and Donna could not wait for him to slam his giant cock into her guts.

"Fuck me!" she cried. "Fuck my mouth and pull my tits while you ram that giant cock into my ass. Fill my holes with your cocks! Stick them into me now! Fuck me!"

With a loud cry, she fell to her knees in front of Steve and took his prick in her mouth, sucking it noisily as she worked to make it hard again. Steve reached under her and cupped her dangling tit globes in his hands. As he squeezed the hanging tit mounds and pulled on the jutting nipples, Donna sucked harder on his now stiffened cock. She made animal-like whimpering noises as she took his cock in her face.

Joe pulled his finger out of her asshole. Taking one of her luscious asscheeks in each of his hands, he positioned himself behind her upraised ass. He leaned forward until his long, stiff cock was pressing against the tight muscle of her assrim. He pressed it gently against her.

"How do you want it?" Joe asked her. "Do you want me to split your ass guts apart with my cock? Do you want me to pump my cum into your shitter? Tell me, baby! Tell me where you want my cock!"

Donna pulled her head back from Steve's pumping prick. "Stick it in my ass, honey!" she cried at the top of her voice. "Stick that monster cock all the way in my ass and make me feel every last fucking inch of that thing! Then pump your load of cum into my guts until it drips out of my ass. Pump it into me, baby! Fill my ass! Fuck my ass!"

Donna reached out and grabbed Steve's cock and put it back in her mouth. As she gobbled on it, she tasted a few drops of pre-cum dribble into her mouth. She sucked harder, knowing that soon she would get to taste his spunk again.

Joe tightened his hold on her asscheeks and with one sudden lunge thrust his cock all the way into her ass. Donna almost choked on Steve's cock as she felt the massive length of Joe's cock slide into her ass guts. Then she was quiet as she moved her ass in a little circle, helping his prick to settle in its new home. She was amazed that he could have put the entire length of that massive cock all the way into her ass. As she realized that he had done just that, she felt her pussy begin to quiver with excitement.

Still sucking on Steve's swollen cockhead, Donna felt Joe's giant prick stretch her asshole so much that the pain was excruciating. But at the same time, she felt an intense pleasure at that massive cock that was beginning to pump slowly in her shit-chute. Donna ignored the pain and pushed her ass back to meet Joe's slow, steady fuck strokes.

"That's my little cock-sucker," Steve said as he fed his prick to her face. "Suck my cock and get ready to eat my cum again!" Steve grabbed her hair tightly and forced her head back and forth on his cock shaft.

Donna could not believe how turned on she was as she ate Steve's prick and took Joe's in her ass. She loved taking both men at once, and Steve's rough talk only made her more excited. She savored the full length of Joe's long prick as it slowly slid in and out of her rubbery ass. She felt her puckered assrim tighten as he pulled his cock just far enough so that his cockhead was almost out. Then he slid it ever so slowly back up her ass canal.

Donna's pussy-juices began to gush out rapidly. She reached down between her legs with one hand and began to stroke her pussy-lips. As she parted her thick, bushy cunt hair to get at her pussy-lips, she felt that they were soaked, with her fuck-juices. She eagerly thrust two fingers up into her cunt and began pumping them in and out of her fuckhole.

Her pussy quivered with pleasure as she felt Joe's long cock slide in and out of her ass. She felt him slowly pump his cock all the way in until his ball sac rested against her asscheeks. Then Donna felt him pull his cock out very slowly. She savored each delicious inch of his prick as it glided in and out of her velvety ass canal.

As she sucked on Steve's cockhead and experienced the delicious ass-fucking that Joe was giving her, Donna reached up with her other hand and began to rub her dangling tit mounds. Her tits were heavy, and they hung down from her chest like two melons. She squeezed one and then the other, feeling the incredible sense of pleasure as she rubbed them. She pulled on the nipples and made them stand out stiff and hard.

Her cunt was dripping with pussy-juice by this time, and she slid one more finger up into her hungry cunt. Then she pushed her entire hand up into her fuckhole and doubled up her fist. She began to slam her fist into her pussy as she sucked on one cock and felt the other cock continue to slide in and out of her ass.

"I'm gonna cum!" Joe said as he picked up the tempo of his ass fucking. He began to slam his cock into her ass. With every stroke, Donna felt his crotch hit hard against her ass, and she felt his heavy ball sac slap against her hand as she continued to drive her fist into her fuckhole. "Me too!" Steve said. "I'm gonna fill your mouth with my cum!" He began to make short, rapid fuck strokes into her mouth. Donna responded by slamming her ass hard against Joe's ramming prick. She bent over low and raised her ass high so that she could receive every last fucking inch of his cock in her ass. She increased her suck pressure on Steve's cock and relaxed her throat so that she could take its entire length in her mouth before he began to shoot his load.

Suddenly Steve's cock began to fire its load of jism into her mouth at the same time that Joe began to shoot his load into her slit-chute. Donna pulled her hand out of her dripping pussy and cupped her hands around Steve's heavy ball sac as he fired thick, powerful wads of spunk against the back of her throat. She felt his balls tighten before firing each load, and she stroked them lightly, milking each delicious drop of cum into her receptive mouth.

"Suck it, baby!" Steve said as he fucked her face with his cock. "Suck my cock dry and swallow my cum." He increased his fuck strokes into her face and held her face with his hands, guiding her head to take the entire length of his cock in her mouth.

Donna felt Joe's cock pound into her ass. The hot, thick jism boiled out of his pounding prick and splattered against the walls of her ass canal. She could feel his spunk shoot into her ass-guts and begin to fill her ass. Joe pumped faster, and Donna slammed her ass hard against his pounding, driving fuck strokes. Joe pumped back, ramming his cock into her hungry ass, driving it into her shithole and filling her guts with his cum.

"Take it!" Joe cried. "Take my cock in your ass!"

Donna could feel her ass being stretched to the limit by the giant size of Joe's pounding cock, and her mouth was stretched wide as she maintained her suck grip on Steve's cock. As Steve's stream of spunk tapered off, she made loud slurping noises as she eagerly sucked up every drop, careful not to let any of his cum drip out of her mouth.

All the time, Joe continued to fire load after load of hot spunk into her ass. Donna could feel the jism began to seep out of her ass and flow down her asscrack. She reached a hand down between her legs and scooped up a handful of the rich mixture of pussy-juice and his hot spunk. She began to rub the hot juice onto her pendulous tits, swirling it all over her swollen tit mounds and her stiff, erect nipples.

Steve finished firing his load into her face and pulled his prick out of her mouth. Donna reached out for his cock and held it as it began to grow limp. She continued to receive load after incredible load of Joe's hot cum in her ass.

"Shoot that into me!" Donna cried back over her shoulder at Joe.

Joe held onto her shoulder with one hand while he wrapped his other hand around her hips and slipped two fingers into her steaming pussy as he continued to fire loads of hot, boiling cum into her ass-guts.

Donna responded by reaching her arms up over her head and locking them around his head. She pulled his head close to the back of her head and pushed her ass hard against his driving, pounding cock. He pressed back, ramming his cock far into her ass-guts, filling her with wad after wad of boiling spunk.

Finally he fired the last of his load, and Donna felt his long prick begin to grow limp in her ass. He pulled it out, and Donna heard a loud slurping sound as it popped out past the muscle of her assrim. Donna collapsed on the floor, her hands and feet spread wide, breathing hard, and thinking about the wonderful fucking that she had just received.

Donna saw Steve's feet approach her face. "You sure did a good job," he told her. "You're one hot pussy."

He reached down and pulled her up by the hair. Donna jumped up eagerly, her eyes fixed on his drooping prick. She reached out one hand and began to stroke it. It twitched and stiffened slightly.

As she played with Steve's cock, Joe approached her from behind and reached around her and began to fondle her tits. Donna pressed her chest into his grip, forcing her massive tit mounds into his eager hands.

"Do you want some more cock?" Joe asked her as he pulled on her nipples.

Donna gasped at the erotic stimulation that she was receiving. "Yes!" she moaned. "Yes! I want more cock! I want cock in my pussy and in my mouth and in my ass!"

Joe pulled her away from Steve's cock and pushed her to the floor so that she was on her back. He took one leg in each hand and spread her legs wide apart. He lowered himself between her legs, and Donna wrapped them around his back, locking them tightly together. She reached up and took hold of his long cock, guiding it into her hungry fuckhole.

Donna moaned as he slipped his stiff cock into her cum-drenched pussy.

Joe began to pump his long cock in and out of her pussy. Her cunt was dripping with pussyjuices, and his cock slipped in and out easily. Each stroke slurped through the gushing pussyjuices as his ball sac slapped against her cunt mound.

Donna rode his driving prick, arching her back up against each thrust of his eager cock and then letting him slam her back to the floor as he shoved his giant prick all the way into her steaming fuck canal. With each violent slam to the floor, Donna felt herself become more and more turned on. Her pussy-juices gushed out of her pussy and made loud squishing noises as Joe continued to pound his long cock into her fuckhole.

"That's the way, baby!" Donna cried. "Keep pounding that thing into me! Slam it in harder, baby!"

"Gonna cum!" Joe gasped as he held on to her tits and rammed his cock into Donna's pussy. "Gonna cum now!"

Donna pressed her dripping pussy mound tightly against his ramming cock. With one last thrust, Joe's cock began to fire its hot spunk into Donna's hungry fuckhole. Donna felt it splatter against the back of her cunt. Joe's long cock took up so much room in her pussy that there was not enough room for the firing spunk. Donna felt the jism squeezing out along the sides of her cunt canal. With each violent thrust, she felt the cum being forced out of her pussy and she heard the loud slurping sound as it squirted out of her cunt.

Joe increased the speed of his fuck strokes and really pounded his cock into her pussy. Donna responded by slamming her pussy fast and hard against his shooting prick. With each of his fuck strokes, she gasped at the pleasure and pounded her cunt mound down to the base of his cockshaft as she felt the entire length of his huge prick slide up into her dripping pussy.

Suddenly, she felt Steve take her head in his hands. Bending over her face, he guided his stiff cock into her mouth and almost immediately began to fire his loads of cum into her receptive mouth. Donna slurped up his spunk greedily.

"That's my little pussy!" Joe said as he continued to fire his cum into her cunt.

Donna continued to pound hard against Joe's driving, spurting cock while she worked hard to swallow Steve's jism. She felt the force of Joe's splattering cum begin to decrease. Finally she felt his prick grow limp and he pulled it out.

Donna concentrated on eating Steve's jism. He was firing so much spunk into her face that some of it dribbled out the sides of her mouth. She felt it roll down her cheeks and drip to the floor. She thrashed on the floor in pleasure, making moaning noises of pleasure as she gobbled his cum.

Soon he was finished, and he pulled his prick out of her mouth. Donna stayed on her back on the floor, swallowing the last of his cum. Then she got to her feet and stood in front of the two men.

"Did you like that?" Joe asked, watching her cunt drip cum and pussy-juice down her legs.

"Hmmm, yes," she said. She wiped Steve's spunk off her cheeks and then licked her hands, getting every last taste of his cum.

Joe and Steve watched her lick up the remaining spunk. She was standing in front of them, naked and glistening with sweat and cum and pussy-juices. Her cunt hair was matted to her pussy mound and the nipples on her huge tits stood stiff and erect from all the erotic stimulation that she had just received.

Finally Joe turned to Steve. "You were right," be said. "She's really a good fuck."

Steve smiled, looking at Donna as she began to rub her pussy. By the time she had licked her hands clean of Steve's cum, her pussy had begun to ache from the stimulation that she was giving herself with her hand.

Moaning loudly, she sank to the floor. Sitting on the carpet with her legs spread wide apart, Donna pulled her pussy-lips apart. Holding them open, she inserted three fingers into her cunt and began to pump them rapidly in and out. They slid in easily, and the remaining spunk made her cunt canal slippery. She brought her knees up and rocked forward, thrusting her hand all the way into her pussy.

Ignoring the men now, Donna began to pound her fist into her own cunt. The two men watched her as they dressed. Then they sat down on chairs and watched Donna fist-fuck herself.

Donna plunged her fist deep into her cunt. She gasped as she stretched her pussy-lips wide to accommodate her fist. Then her cunt-lips contracted tightly around her wrist when her fist was all the way in. She wiggled her fingers inside her cunt and felt them tickle the sides of her fuck canal. She moaned with the intense pleasure as she rocked her hand slowly inside her hole.

With her other hand, Donna began to massage her clit. It was standing stiff and erect after all the stimulation that it had received, and it needed little more to explode with pleasure. Donna tickled it with two fingers as her other hand explored deep in her cunt canal.

Finally, Donna brought herself to a shattering orgasm. She closed her eyes and rammed her fist as far into her cunt as possible. Gasping with each shuddering throb of her orgasm, Donna pulled at her clit, causing wave after wave of intense pleasure to spread through her body. Her fist slipped easily in and out of her cum soaked pussy, and Donna found it difficult to breathe. Her pussy sent one last shock wave of sex pleasure through her body and she shrieked and passed out.


When Donna awoke, it took her a couple of minutes to remember where she was. She sat up in the bed and looked around. Slowly, the images of the afternoon came back to her.

After passing out from the fuck action of her clenched fist slamming into her cum-drenched pussy, Donna had awakened to find that Joe had already left. Steve was still there, though, fully dressed and sitting behind his desk.

"Hello," he said. "Have a nice nap?"

Steve leaned forward in his chair to look at her naked body as she rolled over and sat up.

"Yeah. Hi," she mumbled, still numb from the intense fuck pleasure and groggy from the short nap. She looked at a clock on the wall and saw that she had been asleep for only fifteen minutes. She shook off the sleep and looked down at her pendulous tits. With a sly smile, she dropped a hand between her legs and began to rub her pussy lightly.

Steve looked at his watch. "I have a meeting pretty soon, Donna. Maybe we can get together again soon. Yeah, real soon."

Donna groaned in disappointment. She got dressed and drove home. After a quick shower, she staggered into the bedroom and fell asleep, happy but exhausted.

Donna put on a bra and panties and pulled a bathrobe around her. She walked out into the kitchen and found a cold drink in the refrigerator. She was sitting in the living room, dreaming about the pounding fuck action that she had received that afternoon, when the front door opened and Brian walked in.

He smiled when he saw her.

"Hi, Aunt Donna," he said, looking closely at her bathrobe that flapped open to reveal her long legs.

Donna smiled. After the exhausting fuck action with Steve and Joe, she could really use a quiet, leisurely fuck with a strong young man. She smiled back at him and stood up to take his lean body in her arms. She stopped when the other two boys walked in after him.

"Aunt Donna," Brian said, "I want you to meet my friends from school. This is Pete and Gary." Brian closed the door behind him and motioned to the other boys. "I told them that I was staying with my favorite aunt, and they wanted to meet you. I thought that maybe you would like to meet them."

The two boys were looking hungrily at her. Donna pulled the bathrobe tightly around her. She crossed her arms in front of her chest so they couldn't see her nipples poking through the material of the robe.

"What else did you tell them, Brian?" Donna asked. An exciting thought was beginning to form in her mind. It really surprised her, because she had not thought that she would have the energy for more action.

Brian laughed. "Just that I like you very much."

He looked at her also, and Donna saw that his cock was bulging against the front of his jeans.

With a quick glance, she saw that the other two boys also had hard-ons. Donna forgot how tired she was and began to think about having all this cock plunging into her mouth and her cunt. She absently began to rub her cunt through the front of the robe, but she stopped when she saw Brian's two friends lick their lips and follow her every movement with their eyes.

"Are you boys hungry?" she asked. She smiled innocently at them.

They nodded, never taking their eyes off Donna. One of Brian's friends buried his hands deep in the pockets of his jeans, trying to cover up his enormous hard-on. Donna smiled.

"Why don't we go out to the kitchen and get you boys something to eat?" Donna said. "You must be hungry after a hard day at school." She walked into the kitchen, certain that they would follow her.

Donna took some cold cuts out of the refrigerator and put them on the kitchen table. The boys sat down and made sandwiches. They ate slowly, watching each other and taking quick furtive glances at Donna.

"You guys want something to drink?" Donna asked, putting four bottles of cola on the table. They nodded.

She opened the bottles, leaning across the table and letting the top of her robe fall open. She knew that they could get a good view of her bra down the front of her robe. She took her time opening the bottles, letting them enjoy the view.

They looked at Donna more openly now. One of the boys tried to smile at her, but stopped and turned bright red when Donna smiled back and hooked a thumb under the neck of the robe and pulled it open farther.

Donna cleaned up the table and walked back into the living room. The boys followed her silently. Suddenly she turned and faced them.

"Do you two boys have girlfriends?" she asked. She walked up to Pete and looked up at his handsome face and thick, muscular shoulders. The boy began to blush.

"No, not really," he said in a hoarse voice. "I mean – there is a girl that I like, but she never lets me do anything." He licked his lips nervously and stared at the swelling mounds of Donna's heaving tits.

"You mean like sex?" Donna asked. "She never lets you fuck her?" She dropped her hands and let the top of her robe part slightly, giving the boy a better view of her tit mounds.

"Yeah," he croaked. "She's never let me touch her." His eyes grew wide as they feasted on the arousing sight of Donna's tit globes that threatened to pop out of her robe.

Donna breathed deeply once for his benefit and then moved over to stand in front of the other boy. He was shorter than either Pete or Brian, but he had an interesting cock bulge in the front of his jeans. Donna could see it twitch as his hungry prick struggled to be free. Well, she thought, she would let it out pretty soon.

"What about you, Gary?" she asked. "Do you have a girlfriend? Does she let you touch her body?" Donna put one hand on his arms and held it there. "Have you ever fucked her?"

Gary looked nervously at Pete and then at Brian. He shook his head.

"No," he blurted out. "She won't…" he coughed and cleared his throat "… she won't let me touch her." He looked intently at Donna's hand as it rested on his arm.

Donna backed away so that she was facing all three of them. Then she played with the top of her robe, letting it flutter open, exposing her lush tits in the simple white bra.

"Would you like to touch me?" she asked quietly, running her hands down to her hips and letting the front of the robe fall open. She stood before them, breathing heavily and letting them watch her massive tit mounds rise and fall with every breath.

"Why don't one of you come over here and touch me?" she said. "I'll let you touch me anywhere you want to."

Donna held out a hand toward the boys. Pete stepped forward and approached her. He slid his hand past her robe and put it on her bra.

Donna reached up end put her hand over his. "Go ahead," she said. "Rub it. I like it when a man rubs my tits. It feels so good."

Pete groaned as he rubbed her tits. Donna pressed her chest towards him, forcing his hand to take more of her tit globes. The boy constantly shifted his eyes from her tit mounds to her face. He blushed. But he kept up his tit manipulation.

"That's good," Donna told him. "You handle tits like a real pro." She moved her cunt in a suggestive circular motion. "Now would you like to touch my little pussy?"

The boy gulped hard. Then he nodded. He reached out a tentative hand. Donna swept the robe back, revealing her lace panties. Wisps of cunt hair peeked out from under them. Donna reached down and pulled the top of the panties out and then released it with a loud snap.

"But first," she said, "you have to take my panties off." She winked at Pete. "Would you like to do that, Pete?"

He nodded. He reached out and grabbed the tops of her panties with both hands. Donna put her hands on his and guided him as he pulled them down past her hips. His eyes got big when he saw her pussy-lips peeking out of her hairy cunt mound. Donna kept pushing his hands down until she could step out of the panties.

"There," she said. "Wasn't that fun?" She put her hands on her hips, holding the robe open and letting the boy get a good look at her pussy. She could see that his cock bulge was really straining now. She had to do something soon.

She turned her head and saw that the other boys were watching her intently. Both of them had their hands in their pockets, trying to hide their enormous hard-ons. Donna smiled gently at them.

"Why don't you guys come over here and help Pete?" She half turned so they could get a better view. She looked down and saw that her cunt was fully exposed now, and her meaty tits were hanging heavily in the skimpy bra.

She looked back at Pete. "I thought you were going to touch my pussy, Pete?" she said, spreading her legs open wide. "Come on. It's hungry for your touch. It wants you. Don't be afraid."

Donna reached behind her back and quickly unhooked her bra. Letting it fall to her feet, she kept her eyes on Pete and saw him stare at her tits as they burst free from the confining bra. She smiled at him and stretched her arms and breathed deeply so he could enjoy the full effect of her luscious tits.

She took Pete's hands and guided one to her tits and the other to her pussy. At his first touch, she felt her pussy-juices begin to gush. She moaned and shoved her cunt mound into his hand.

"Ohhhh, that's so good, Pete," she said. "Go on, rub it now. Rub it hard and make my pussy-juices drip."

Encouraged by her remarks, Pete began to rub her cunt with one hand, watching it closely. With his other hand he tentatively stroked her tits. He looked at Donna for her reaction.

"That's right, honey. Do anything you want to me. I want you and your friends to take my body and do whatever you want with it." Gaffing over her shoulder, she said, "Come on, boys. Everyone gets to play. Don't let Pete have all the fun."

First Brian and then Gary approached her. Brian slipped his arms around her, comfortable that he knew how to stimulate her. Gary stood beside Pete and began rubbing her pussy. He began to shift from foot to foot.

"All right, boys," she said. "I can see that you are all ready to come in your pants. Why don't you let me take care of you right now? Then we can have some more fun."

She took Pete's zipper in her hands and pulled it down. The other two boys stepped back and watched, their mouths open as they breathed heavily and watched what Donna was doing to their friend. Dropping to her knees, she pulled his cock out and stroked it. It was a little thicker than Brian's but shorter. Touching his cockhead excited the boy even more, the first drops of pre-cum trickle out of his piss-slit.

Pulling the cockshaft into her mouth, she got the cockhead just inside her mouth when Pete shot the first wad of his cum. She swallowed it quickly and settled her mouth around his prick. She knew that the boy would have a big load for her.

As the boy clutched her hair with his strong hands, the thick, hot cum boiled out of Pete's prick. Donna sucked greedily at his cockmeat, savoring each delicious mouthful as it splashed into her mouth. She fingered his swollen ball sac, causing his cock to fire faster. She sighed in contentment, happy to have a cock filling her face, and knowing that she would soon have a real treat – three cocks slamming into her cunt and her ass.

Pete's cock slowed its firing, and Donna let him pull his prick out of her mouth. She licked his cockhead clean of the last drops of his jism and turned to the other boy, Gary.

"Your turn," she said, reaching out for his crotch. The boy jumped back, but then he approached her and let her unzip his pants. Donna pulled out his prick and stuffed it in her mouth, the pre-cum that was dripping rapidly out of his piss-slit. She sucked on his cock for a few moments, then pulled her head back.

"Brian," she called, "take, your clothes off and lie down on the floor. I want to sit on your cock while I suck off Gary. Slip your cock in my pussy and shoot your load into my cunt while Gary fills my mouth with his."

Brian stripped off his clothes and positioned himself on the floor. His cock stood up straight and stiff, pulsating slightly as it waited for Donna's cunt. He watched Donna with wide eyes as she moved away from Gary and straddled his legs.

Squatting over him, Donna positioned her pussy so that it was directly over the boy's jutting cockshaft. She slowly lowered herself onto his cockhead, pausing briefly to feel his thick shaft stretch apart her cunt-lips. When her resilient pussy-lips snapped back over his prick, Donna sat down on the boy's hairy crotch, letting his long prick slip all the way into her slippery cuntal canal.

"Ohhhhh!" she cried. "That feels so good! I can feel your cock all the way to the back of my pussy! Ohhhhh! It's stretching my pussy and filling it!"

Donna stayed there for a moment, half squatting over Brian's crotch, grinning widely as she felt his cock stab into her fuckhole. She pumped herself up and down with a couple, of rapid strokes. She clenched her hands in fuck lust and rode his stiff prick.

"Yeah!" she moaned. "That feels wonderful! Keep your lovely cock up, honey! Keep that fucking cock in my pussy until I'm done with your friends!"

She hopped up and down two more times and then stopped.

"Get over here," she commanded Gary. "Stand over Brian here and let me suck your cock. I want you both to come at the same time, one in my pussy and the other in my mouth. I want to feel you both squirting into me at once. Can you do that for me?"

Both boys nodded, too excited by what this older woman was making them do to her to be able to talk. Gary stepped out of his clothes and stood in front of Donna. She took his cock in her hands and rubbed it before plunging it into her mouth.

"What about me?" Pete said, watching the wild woman fuck both his friends at once. "Let me do something, too." He sounded desperately horny.

Donna pulled her mouth off Gary's cock. "Get behind me," she told Pete. "Gary, you kneel down so I can bend over and still suck your cock. Pete, get behind me and stick your cock in my ass. I want you to slam that cock into my asshole and rip my guts out while Gary cums in my mouth and Brian fills my pussy."

She waited for Gary to lower himself to his knees. Then she took his cock in her mouth again and began to suck in earnest, all the time pumping up and down on Brian's stiff prick. Each time she forced her pussy down on Brian's massive cockshaft, she heard the pussy-juices drip out of her cunt, and she felt them leak down between her golden thighs to the carpet beneath her.

Pete got behind her eagerly and pressed his cock against her asscheeks. It was obvious that the boy had never fucked a woman's ass before. He pushed his cock against her ass, but couldn't get it in her shithole.

Donna reached under her and scooped up a handful of the leaking pussy-juices and pre-cum from Brian's plunging prick. Reaching up between her legs, she swirled the erotic mixture around the puckered rim of her asshole. Then she took hold of Pete's cock and rubbed his stiff prick and pulled it up to the rim of her hungry asshole.

With a sudden movement, Pete slammed his throbbing crotch against Donna's succulent asscheeks, ramming his prick past the tight muscle of her assrim and all the way into her shitter. Donna almost screamed with the sudden pleasure, but she was enjoying sucking, on Gary's driving cock too much to let it out of her mouth.

Gary began to shoot his cum with strong, wild spurts. Donna bounced up and down on Brian's stiff cock, trying to make him come at the same time. She bucked back against Pete's ass strokes, but the boy had not gotten the hang of it yet. She knew that she would have to work with him on his rhythm.

Realizing that she could not yet get all three boys to cum at once, Donna settled down and enjoyed the mouth-fucking that Gary was giving her. His spunk tasted clean and sweet, just what she had expected from a boy who was face-fucking a woman for the first time. He grabbed her hair and held her head as he pounded his cock into her face, filling her mouth with an unbelievable amount of jism.

Donna worked hard to swallow all his cum. Some leaked out, but she let it drip down her face. She did not want to risk losing the main stream of his spunk by trying to lick the drippings off her mouth and lips.

Finally he was finished, and Donna let Gary pull his limp prick out of her mouth. It hung in front of her eyes, drooping after the furious face-fucking that he had given her, until he stepped back and watched the woman continue to fuck his friends.

She concentrated on Brian and Pete now, feeling the frantic tempo of Brian's furious cunt fucking and Pete's desperate attempts to stick his cock into her ass. She could feel drops of pre-cum began to dribble out of Pete's cock as he struggled to ram his prick into her shit-chute. She hoped that he would not come until he crammed that thing all the way into her ass.

She pushed hard against Pete's inexpert thrusts and was rewarded when the boy's prick finally popped into her ass. She felt the tight muscle round her assrim grip his cock and hold it inside her.

Pete's cum began to shoot into her shitter as soon as his cockhead popped into her ass. His prick jerked in spasm after spasm as it shot wads of thick, hot jism into her ass-chute. Donna moaned and continued to press her pussy down on Brian's cock, leaning over him so that her pendulous tits hung over his face. He opened his mouth and took one of her heavy tit mounds into his mouth.

As Brian began to pull on her nipples with his mouth and teeth, Donna felt Pete's hot load was boiling into her ass. She squirmed her ass against his thrusting lunges and pressed back against his pounding cock and balls, enjoying every last pounding squirt of his jism. Soon the enthusiasm of his fuck strokes emptied his ball sac of its hot load, and Donna felt his cock grow limp in her ass. The boy pulled his prick out of her ass and then stood up.

Donna felt Brian's stiff cock continue to pound in her pussy.

"That's it, baby," she cried. "Ram that fucking cock into me!"

With a sudden, violent thrust of his cock, Brian rammed his cockhead all the way in her pussy. The hot spunk filled her pussy, and Donna felt it splatter against the sides of her cuntal walls. She bounced up and down on his prick, oblivious to the stares of the other two boys, who were standing naked beside her, watching her fuck their friend.

Donna thrashed on his stiff cock as Brian fired the last of his hot load. As Brian's cock grew limp in her sodden pussy, Donna tightened the muscles of her cunt-lips, trying to hold his prick in her fuckhole just a little longer. But it slipped out, and Donna collapsed on his chest, breathing hard from the excitement of the driving fuck action that the boys had given her.

She pushed herself off Brian, pressing her hands against the thick muscles of his chest and shoulders. Getting to her feet, she felt the insides of her thighs stick together from the pussy-juices and cum that had streamed down her legs from her cunt. Brian stood up, his long prick hanging limp and glistening with pussy-juices. His cock began to stiffen as he stared openly at her pussy and matted cunt hair.

Donna sighed with pleasure and turned to face the two boys who had stood nearby, watching her pounding fuck action with Brian. She saw that they already had hard-ons.

"Getting ready for more?" she asked them, feeling that familiar rumbling in her pussy.

Donna's pussy ached from all the cunt stretching fuck action that she had received today. Her ass had been reamed out thoroughly, and her mouth was sore from sucking off the thick, chewy cocks that had fired their wads of cum into her thirsty throat.

"Look, guys," she said. "It's been a rough day for me. I know you want some more, and I want to play some more, too. But why don't you come back again tomorrow after school? I'll save some pussy for all of you."

Pete looked disappointed. "You said we could do anything to you that we wanted to," he whined, fucking his eyes rapidly from her heavy tits to her exposed pussy-lips.

Donna felt sorry for the boy. But most of all, she felt the urgent, restless hunger begin to spread in her pussy again. She sighed and looked at all three pricks.

"All right," she said. "Let's go in the bedroom so I can lie down. Then you guys can do anything that you want."

Donna led them into the bedroom, the three boys trailing her. The eyes of all three boys were ablaze with excitement at what they were going to do to this sex-crazy older woman in the bedroom, Donna stretched out on the bed and held her arms out towards the three boys. "Come on," she said. "Get on the bed with me. Do anything you want with me."

Lying on her back, she reached out and motioned to Brian. He climbed up on the bed next to her and wrapped his arms around her. Donna felt his cock begin to thrust into her cunt mound, and Brian began to pump his crotch up and down on her pussy.

Donna held him tight. "Don't rush, honey," she said. "There's plenty of time for that. Just hold me and touch me, all of you. We have lots of time to fuck."

Brian relaxed and held her. He rolled over until he was lying beside her on the bed, propped up on one elbow. He leaned over and took one tit into his mouth and sucked on it. Her nipple responded by standing stiff and erect under his stimulation.

"That's the way, baby," Donna said. "Nice and gentle. Suck my tit and make the nipple stand up. Just take it slow and easy, honey."

Pete walked over to the other side of the bed and looked down at Donna's pussy. She smiled sweetly and spread her legs open, exposing her pussy-lips and her tight, erect clit. Donna made slow, circular motions with her hips, further exposing her yawning fuckhole.

Pete got into the bed and kneeled over her fuck-silt. He began to touch her cunt with slow, tentative strokes. Feeling her respond by thrusting her fuck mound into his hand, he reached out with one hand and spread her cuntlips apart. Then, with the other hand, he began to rub one finger in and out of the entrance to her fuckhole. He let go of her pussy-lips and let them snap back around his finger.

"That feels so good, honey," Donna said softly. "Keep it up. Rub it nice and slow and gentle. That really turns me on when you do it slow like that."

Donna saw his prick spring straight out and knew that Pete was becoming aroused. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the stimulating sensations. Brian was stroking her tits, and Pete was sliding his finger in and put of her hungry pussy.

"What about you, Gary?" she said, keeping her eyes closed and concentrating on the pleasure that the boys were giving her. "What do you want to do to me?"

Gary walked over to the side of the bed. "I want to rub your pussy," he said, looking down at Pete sliding his finger in and out of her eager fuckhole.

"Well, then," Donna said, "go on, there's room for both you and Pete."

Gary approached her cunt and put a shy, tentative finger alongside Pete's. The two boys slid their fingers into her cunt, feeling the thick cum and pussy-juices that were still leaking from her pussy.

Donna's pussy jerked suddenly. "Oh," she said. "That feels good. One of your pull my pussy-lips apart. Then both of you stick your hands inside me. Remember, slow and gentle."

Pete spread her pussy-lips wide apart with one hand. Then he pushed two fingers deep into her cunt. Gary slipped one, then two, and then three fingers past her cunt-lips and into her fuck canal. His hand was pressing against Pete's as both boys slowly fucked their hands into her cunt.

"Ahhh!" Donna moaned, tossing her head from side to side on the bed. "That really feels good! Keep it up, boys! Slow and easy! Fuck my pussy with your hands and keep sucking my tits! It feels wonderful!"

Gary began to rub harder now, and Donna knew that he was becoming aroused. She opened her eyes and saw that his long cock was hanging over her face. With a sudden spurt, his piss-slit began to shoot his cum over her face and chest. Donna opened her mouth and tried to catch some of it. Most of his spunk splattered on her face and dripped down her chin. She licked up as much as she could with her tongue while the two boys continued to rub her pussy.

When Gary finished, Donna turned her attention to Brian. He continued to rub her tits, and now Donna felt the warm glow slowly spread out from her chest to the rest of her sexually stimulated body. The stimulation became so great that she finally experienced a sharp, violent orgasm.

She bucked her ass high up off the bed, driving Pete's and Gary's fingers deep into her fuckhole. Brian increased his tit manipulation until her nipples felt like they would burst from the stimulation. Donna began to breathe heavily, and she moaned loudly in the silence of the bedroom.

The boys picked up the pace. Pete pulled his hand out of Donna's cunt and rammed two fingers up her asshole. Gary continued to slam his fingers into her cunt, inserting first two and then three fingers into her slippery pussy. Finally, he pushed all five fingers inside her cunt and doubled up his fist. Then he began to slain his fist in and out of her stretched pussy-lips.

All this time, Brian was kneading her heavy tits and pulling on her erect nipples. He alternated between one huge tit globe then the other, sucking each into his mouth and then letting it out before starting on the other. He squeezed each tit hard, making her tit mounds become more and more aroused.

Brian's cock began to squirt its load of cum at the same time that Pete began to shoot his hot jism onto Donna's stomach and hips. Donna felt the hot cum splash onto her body. There was so much jism shooting onto her that she felt like she was going to drown in it.

"Ohhhhh," she moaned. "Keep pumping my pussy and sucking my tits! Fire that cum on me! Cover my body with your hot, delicious cum!"

Donna felt Gary's cock begin to fire another load of cum onto her body. She was shaking from her own orgasm, and the three boys were stimulating her fuckhole and her ass and her tits. She felt them spraying their hot jism all over her body. Donna arched and twisted her back, pinned to the bed by the three sets of hands and mouths that were working on her. The three strong cocks were spraying her like fire hoses, drenching her with what felt like a continuous stream of hot spunk.

Donna's pussy exploded in wave after wave of orgasm. She reached out and took hold of a strong, spurting cock with each hand. They filled her hands with thick, gooey cum. The spunk shot up her arms, covering them with sticky jism. Her pussy continued to shake her with uncontrollable pleasure. With a final, violent shudder, Donna screamed with the fuck passion that coursed through her body.

The boys were so startled that they pulled their cocks away from her cunt and her ass and her hands. They backed away from the bed, watching Donna writhe in pleasure. Donna curled her legs up in a ball and hugged herself. She reached one hand down between her legs and began to fist-fuck herself with strong, pounding strokes. She hugged her legs as she stimulated herself and began to moan softly.

The boys looked at one another. Realizing that Donna had forgotten all about them, they left the bedroom, shutting the door behind them on the thrashing, moaning woman on the bed.


Donna opened her eyes and looked around the bedroom. The room was dark and quiet. She rolled over and sat up in bed and realized that she was lying naked on top of the bedspread. Swinging her legs over the side of the bed, she fumbled for the robe that was draped over the side of the nearby chair.

She stood up and felt the ache in her pussy and the soreness in her ass. She moved stiffly. Even her mouth was sore from the stretching that it had received from the thick cocks that had filled her mouth with cum. But despite the pain and the soreness, the images of the terrific sex pounding that the boys had given her flooded her memory and she groaned with pleasure.

She began to idly rub her pussy with one hand as she pulled the robe around her. She opened the bedroom door and walked slowly into the kitchen, thirsty after the exhausting sex action with Brian and his friends. Standing in front of the refrigerator, drinking some ice water, she heard the television playing in the living room.

"Aunt Donna," Brian's voice called out. "Are you awake?"

Donna closed the refrigerator and walked into the living room, her robe hanging open, revealing her tits and her matted cunt hair. Brian was sitting alone on the sofa, watching a late-night movie on television. He looked up at Donna and smiled at her when she came into the room.

"Hi, Aunt Donna," he said, staring openly at her tits. "The guys went home a long time ago. I stayed up to wait for you to wake up. I wanted to be with you again." His eyes rested on her cunt-lips that peeked out at him from behind her pussy bush. He licked his lips and continued to stare in open amazement at the woman who had revealed all her sex secrets to him.

"That was very nice of you," she said sitting down beside him and putting a hand across his lap. She felt the stirring of his thick prick beneath his jeans. She felt the familiar stirring in her pussy.

Donna did not bother to close the front of the robe. She knew that she was giving the kid a good view of her tits and her cunt. She rubbed her hand against the coarse material of his jeans and felt his thickening cock. Upzipping his jeans, she reached down and felt his thickening cock through his shorts.

"Yummm," she whispered. "You're getting hard again." She smiled sweetly at him. "Do you want to fuck me again?"

"Yes, Aunt Donna," he said. "I really want to fuck you again. I really do. You make me feel so good." He pushed his crotch up to fill her hand.

Donna was surprised to feel herself responding. The boy, at first so shy and embarrassed when she talked about sex with him, was now becoming comfortable talking about fucking her. She had been tired when she had walked into the room, but the boy's aggressive sex talk had begun to stir her pussyjuices again.

"That's good," she said, fingering his cock bulge. "My pussy is creaming just thinking about your cock sticking deep in my pussy and pumping me full of your cum. Now do whatever you want to do with me, honey."

Brian reached over and spread her robe wide open. Looking her up and down from her heavy tits with their swollen nipples to her bushy cunt hair that was stiff with dried cum and pussyjuices, he took her tits in both hands and buried his face between them.

"That's my boy," she said, holding him close to her chest as he moved his face around her giant tits. "Go on, lick them and suck them and kiss them. Do anything you want to my tits."

The boy kneaded her tits, squeezing them between his strong fingers and teasing her nipples. His mouth was busy, first licking the smooth sides of one tit and then sucking noisily at the long, erect nipple. He made loud slurping noises as he sucked and kissed her tits. His tongue was busy as it licked the creamy smooth skin of her swelling tit mounds.

"Ohhh, baby!" Donna moaned, writhing with pleasure as she shoved her tits into his face. "It feels so good! It feels so wonderful when you do that to me!"

Brian sucked on her tits for a while. Then he pulled his head back and whispered, "Let's go into the bedroom, Aunt Donna. I want to fuck you again."

He stood up and tried to pull her to her feet.

Donna let him pull her up. Then she pushed him away. "Hold me," she said. "We have plenty of time to fuck. But for right now, I just want you to hold me for a little while, Brian. I never get enough hugs. We can fuck later. But right now, just hold me."

Donna remembered how she used to say almost these very words to her husband just after they had gotten married. They used to hold each other for hours at a time, saying nothing and clinging to one another. But that had stopped when Walt got a promotion and began working long hours.

"Let's go for a drive," Donna said suddenly, standing up and puffing the robe tightly around her. She could no longer bear the thought of holding this boy in the front room of her house, the very room where she and her husband had spent so many pleasurable hours.

Brian followed her to the door of her bedroom. He watched as she dropped the robe to the floor and pulled on a pair of jeans, not bothering to put on panties. She then slipped on a thin T-shirt. Bending over to put on a pair of sneakers, she was aware of Brian watching the way her tits pulled the shirt tight across her chest.

"We'll go for a little drive," she said. "And then we can park somewhere and make out. Would you like that?" She stood up and walked past him. She could feel him responding as his thick cock pressed against the front of his jeans.

"Sure, Aunt Donna," he said. "Let's go." He followed her out of the bedroom.

The night air was cool as they drove away from the town with the windows down and the radio playing softly. Donna rested one hand lightly on Brian's crotch as she drove, gently feeling his cock grow hard and strain against the material of his jeans. She felt the sudden contractions of his hungry prick and knew that she had to do something for him soon.

She swerved off onto a dirt road and drove for a while. His prick pulsation's were increasing. She stopped suddenly and turned off the engine and the headlights. The night was very dark and the buzz of insects filled the air.

"Let me take care of your hard-on," she said, leaning over him to unzip his jeans and pull his cock free. "Then we can just relax for a little while."

She held his cock in both hands, gripping it carefully and slowly rubbing her hands up and down its firm shaft. She milked out a few drops of pre-cum, although she could just barely see it in the moonlight, and she leaned over to lick them up.

"Yum," she said, pulling her head up. "That's good. Now I'm going to suck your cock, honey. I want to taste you as you shoot into my mouth."

She wrapped her lips around his cock and flicked her tongue around the meaty cockhead. He pushed his cock violently into her mouth.

"Brian," she said, licking his cockhead and sitting up again. "Talk to me while I suck your cock. Tell me what you want me to do. Tell me that you want me to suck your cock and swallow your cum. Talk to me, honey. Talk to me." She bent over him again and took the rubbery cockhead into her mouth.

Brian put his hands on her head. As he tightened his grip, she reached up and forced him to loosen his hold on her hair. Brian rested his hands on the top of her head and patted her as she sucked on his meaty prick.

Donna buried her head in his crotch and savored his long, thick cock. She felt another drop of pre-cum dribble out of his piss-slit and knew that he was going to fire his load into her mouth. She sucked hard and was rewarded with a strong blast of spunk. She struggled to swallow the heavy load of jism as he fired down the back of her mouth as she wrapped her lips tightly around the pulsing shaft of his prick.

"That's good, Aunt Donna!" he said. "I like it when you suck me off like that and swallow my cum! It feels so good when I shoot off into your mouth! Your lips are so soft and warm!"

Donna bobbed her head up and down on the entire length of his pulsating shaft, milking his cock for every last drop of spunk. She tightened her grip on his cockshaft and began to pump it rapidly, forcing out another strong surge of spunk against the back of her throat.

"Ohhhh, Aunt Donna!" he moaned. "Suck my cock. I love it when you pump my cock like that and suck me! Ohhh! I'm going to come again! Keep sucking me! That feels so good, Aunt Donna!"

Donna felt one last forceful blast of jism shoot into her mouth. Then she felt his cock relax and begin to shrink. She held his cock in her mouth as long as she could.

She brought her head up in the darkness to kiss him on the lips.

"That tasted good," she said.

Kissing him again, she stroked the side of his face with one hand and rubbed his limp cock with the other. She felt his cock begin to stiffen again.

"You really are a superman," she said to the boy. "But now let's just hold each other for a while."

Donna pushed him gently back into his seat and leaned over him, crushing her tit globes against his chest.

She sighed and kissed him lightly on the cheek, pressing her cunt mound against his crotch and feeling the restless stirring of his cock.

Brian responded by running his hands over her back and down to her hips. He inserted first one, then two hands under her shirt and slowly brought his hands up her back, moving them forward so that they finally cupped the sides of her massive tit globes. Donna pulled back slightly so he could get a better grip on her tits.

Brian rubbed his hands over her tits and then back down her sides. He slid his hands inside her jeans and teased his fingers at the top of her asscrack. Donna responded by moving her pussy mound in short circular motions against his exposed prick.

Donna moaned. "I want to suck your cock," she said. "Don't come yet. Just let me hold it in my mouth."

Sliding down his chest, she brought her face to rest against his open zipper. Digging in with expert fingers, she pulled his cock out again and sucked his half-limp prick into her moist lips. She sucked his cockhead into her mouth and rolled the tip of his prick around, tasting the remains of his jism.

"Ohhhh, Aunt Donna!" he said softly. "You really know how to suck cock!"

Donna opened her mouth wide and let him shove his long prick all the way into her throat. She relaxed her throat so he could take the full length of his cock. Closing her lips around his swollen cockshaft, he pulled her head back, sucking her tight lips along the length of his prick. Then she fell forward on his stiff cock, letting it slide into the back of her throat.

Donna pulled her mouth back from Brian's prick and sighed, remembering how nice it was when her husband wanted her to fuck him and suck him all the time. She really missed those times and wished that Walt would spend more time with her. She decided to try to get him more interested in sex. But for now she had a stiff prick thrusting up at her, its eager piss slit dripping pre-cum. She plunged her mouth down onto his cock.

Brian tightened his grip on her, hair and tried to push her face down onto his prick.

Donna let him press her head down on his cock. She was becoming aroused again, her pussy-juices were flowing, and the old, familiar warm glow was spreading from her tits and across her chest. She began to pump her head more rapidly now, bobbing up and down on his stiff prick.

"Ahhhhh, Aunt Donna," the boy exclaimed. "That's it! Keep sucking my cock!"

Donna responded by slamming her head down on his crotch. His cock tip hard against the back of her mouth. Resting her mouth there for a minute, she felt his cock quivering with excitement in her mouth. Thou she pulled back slowly, letting her lips stimulate the sides of his throbbing cock.

"Aunt Donna!" Brian cried when she had pulled her mouth completely away from his cock. "Don't stop! Keep sucking my cock! I want to come in your mouth again."

Donna kissed him lightly on the lips. "Wouldn't you rather cum in my pussy?"

Without waiting for an answer, she whipped off her T-shirt and dropped it on the floor of the car. She struggled out of her jeans, finally dropping them on top of her shirt. Climbing back up on the seat of the car, she straddled his legs, positioning her hungry pussy over his stiff prick.

"Keep that cock standing up, Brian!" she told him. "I'm going to sit on your cock and let it fill my pussy."

Lowering herself onto his prick, she felt the enormous cockhead part her cunt-lips. As they stretched wide to accommodate his prick, she felt them snap back around his cockshaft, griping it tightly as she slid down farther on his wide cock. With a final explosive sigh, she settled down on the base of his monster prick.

"That's my baby," she said. "Just keep that cock in my pussy. I'm going to sit here for a while and feel your giant cock inside me. I can feel your wide cock stretching my pussy-lips tight. It feels so good! Ohhhhhh!"

She dropped her head forward against his chest. Wrapping her legs around his waist and her arms around his muscular shoulders, she began to make short pumping motions with her cunt mound.

"Fuck me, honey!" she cried. "Fuck that giant prick of yours into my pussy and fill me with your thick cockmeat! Come on, baby, fuck back at me! Pound that cock into my pussy! Fill me with your cock! Pound that thing into me!"

Donna began to pant as she bounced up and down on his cock. She slid her arms up around his neck and held on as she thrashed on his stiff prick. Closing her eyes tightly, she concentrated on getting every last ounce of pleasure from his stabbing, piercing cock.

Brian responded by thrusting his crotch up at her pussy mound as she slammed her fuckhole down at his prick. He gripped her asscheeks tightly and guided them down over his pounding cock. He reached up with one hand and slipped a finger into her asshole.

"Good, baby!" Donna cried. "Slam that cock into my pussy and ream out my asshole!"

Brian thrust his finger deeper into her ass, past the tight muscle surrounding her ass rim and into the smooth shit-chute. He slipped in a second and then a third finger.

Donna was riding his cock like a battering ram now. Still holding him by the neck, she slammed her pussy mound down onto the base of his cock in a frenzy of fuck lust. She grunted and moaned each time her cunt mound made contact with the base of his massive cockshaft.

Her pussy-juices were flowing freely now, and she felt them squish out from her cuntal canal each time his prick was forced into her fuckhole. Each thrust became harder and she heard the pussy-juices and pre-cum slurp out of her sopping cunt as his cock slapped against the back of her fuck-guts.

"That's it, honey!" she cried as she rode his battering, pounding cock in a wild frenzy of lust. "Pound that thing into me!"

Donna made loud yelping noises as she bounced up and down on his thick cock. She gripped his neck tightly, throwing herself onto his throbbing cock. She could feel his cock tighten and knew that he was close to filling her cunt with his cum.

"Shoot your cum into me, honey!" she cried, slamming her pussy mound down onto his stiff prick.

As Donna began to quiver with the sudden rush of her powerful, shaking orgasm, she felt the first hot spurt of Brian's spunk boil out of his prick and into her receptive cunthole. She felt the first blast of his jism splatter against the back of her cuntal walls. The cum was thick and creamy, and she felt ft stick to the sides of her fuck canal and then slowly begin to drip down towards the opening of her pussy.

"I'm coming, Aunt Donna!" Brian said as he pumped back at her driving, hungry fucking pussy.

Donna shrieked as she sat down on his cock again and another powerful wad of jism shot out of his piss-slit and into her cunt. She bucked and thrashed on his prick, bouncing up and down on his stiff cock as she hung on by her hands around his neck. The kid's spunk splattered violently against her cunt walls, and she felt the thick cum drip down to her hungry fuckhole.

"Ohhhhhh! Ahhhhhh! That's wonderful, baby!" she screamed, digging her fingernails into his back.

She grunted with each thrust of his stiff cock into her hungry cunthole. She felt the base of his cock smash into her pussy mound, and she heard his ball sac slap against her pussy as he rammed his shooting, fixing prick into her receptive cunt.

"Yes!" she cried. "Yes! Yes! Fuck me, baby!"

Brian responded by thrusting his cock deep into her cunt. He grabbed her heavy tits and pulled on her long nipples, making them stand out in his eager fingers. He leaned forward and sucked first one and then the other tit globe in his mouth as he continued to slam his prick into her dripping pussy.

"Aunt Donna!" he cried. "I'm really coming now! I'm going to fill your pussy with my cum!"

With a final, convulsive that he rammed his cock far into her hot pussy and fired his last load of thick cum into her hungry cunt. He held her tight as she shook from her own final shudders.

"Ahhhhhhh!" Donna purred as she clung to him as her orgasms subsided. "That was nice!"

She wrapped her arms tightly around his neck and kissed him on the lips, pressing her probing tongue deep into his eager mouth. With a final light kiss she pressed against him and leaned back.

"That was fun," she said. "Now let's get out of the car. Maybe we can think of something else to do."

Donna climbed off his lap and jumped out of the car. She stood beside the car and stretched her arms high above her head, feeling the cool night air against her naked body. Squeezing her legs tightly together, she felt the sticky cum and pussy-juices that had leaked out of her cunt run down her thighs.

Reaching down between her legs, she scooped up some of the sticky juices and brought it up to her lips. As Brian got out of the car and stood beside her, she held her fingers up to his lips, pressing her load of cum and pussy-juices into his mouth. He resisted momentarily but then yielded to the pressure of her fingertips. He opened his mouth and Donna pushed her finger into his mouth so he could taste her cunt-juices on his fingers.

"Does that taste good, my little stud?" she asked. "I want you to get hard again for me so we can play some more."

She took his hands in hers and faced him. Then wrapping her arms around his neck, she jumped up and locked her legs around his waist. She felt his stiff prick slapping against her pussy mound. Pushing herself up slightly, she positioned herself so that her cunt was directly over his cock. With a loud, satisfied sigh, she lowered herself onto his stiff prick.

As she felt his thick cock slice into her pussy, she felt her cunt-lips forced apart. She got a better grip as she settled herself down on his plunging cock. She moved her pussy mound up and down on his prick.

"Ohhhhhh!" she moaned. "That's it, baby! Slide that cock into me! Fill my pussy with your long cock!"

Brian responded by thrusting his crotch hard against her cunt mound, slamming his cock and balls against her grinding fuckhole. He held her by her waist, watching her huge tits bounce as she squirmed on his slicing prick.

"Aunt Donna!" Brian cried. "This is wonderful! I really like fucking you like this!"

Donna shrieked as she plunged down hard on his stiff prick, forcing his meaty cockhead deep into her receptive pussy.

Donna bounced up and down furiously on his stiff cock, enjoying every fucking, plunging stab of his pumping prick. She lost all track of time as she rammed her hungry pussy down onto his hungry, eager prick. Soon she could think only of his cock as it forced her cunt-lips apart and filled her pussy with stabbing waves of pleasure.


Donna woke up the next morning and stretched an arm out to Brian's side of the bed. It was empty. She jumped out of bed and threw her robe around her shoulders before running out of the bedroom. She found Brian at the front door. He had his book bag slung over his shoulder.

"I had to get ready for school, Aunt Donna," he said. His voice was sad.

"What's wrong, Brian?" she asked.

The front of her robe flapped open and her tits pressed against his chest.

He squirmed and looked away from her nervously.

"I've really liked being with you, Aunt Donna," he said. He reached out a hesitant hand and grabbed her left tit. "I don't want to leave you, Aunt Donna. Can I stay with you?" He gripped her arm tightly. "We can fuck every day, Aunt Donna. We can have a lot of fun."

Donna looked into his sad eyes. "I've really enjoyed having you stay with me, Brian," she said, patting his face. "Your mother will be coming back pretty soon, probably today. I will miss you. We've had a good time together."

Brian blushed. Then his face brightened. "I can skip school today," he said. "Then we can spend the rest of the day having fun."

Donna reached out and took him in her arms, hugging him tightly. She stroked the side of his face and looked into his wide eyes.

"I'd like that very much, Brian," she said. "But your mother wouldn't like it very much if she found out that I let you skip school."

Brian frowned. "Can we see each other sometime, Aunt Donna? I'd like to have some more fun with you."

Donna smiled. "Of course, Brian. We can see each other a lot. Any time you want. I'll talk to Carol and see about letting you stay with me again sometime. How about that?"

Brian rubbed her tits with his hand. "That's good, Aunt Donna."

Donna hugged him again and sent him off to school. As she prowled around the house in her robe, she began to get horny again. Thinking about the boy begging her to let him stay and fuck her made her feel deliciously hungry for cock. She had to get her pussy filled quick.

She put on a thin dress, brief panties, a skimpy pushup bra and a low-cut blouse. Looking in the mirror, she saw that her long nipples were clearly visible through the thin material of the blouse. She felt her cunt cream with pussyjuices as she thought about getting a man's cock inside her fuck-slit. It really didn't matter whose cock filled her cunt. She just had to get something up her pussy fast. She rushed out the door, jumped in her car and roared away.

She found herself driving along the street where Steve had his office. Remembering the violent fuck pounding that she had received from Steve and Joe, she felt her pussy gush. She slipped a finger down her panties and stroked her pussy. Pulling off the road suddenly, she stopped in front of Steve's building. Before she realized it, she was upstairs, standing in front of his office door.

"Hello," the receptionist said when Donna opened the door and walked in. "May I help you?"

Donna noticed that the girl was new. Instead of the older lady who was there when Donna was in the office the last time, this was a pretty girl with a dynamite figure.

"Yes," Donna said. "My name is Donna Meadows. I'd like to see Mr. Trent." She could not help noticing that the girl's eyes lingered a little too long on her tits.

The girl spoke quietly in the intercom. The door to the inner office opened almost immediately and Steve walked out.

"Hello, Donna," he said. "Nice to see you again. Please come in." He stood aside and watched Donna walk into the office. He smiled at the receptionist and closed the door behind him.

His hands were running all over her body as soon as they were in the office. He pulled Donna close and rubbed her tits through the front of her blouse. With one hand, he massaged her pussy through her skirt. Donna felt the juices gush out of her pussy and soak through her skirt onto his hand.

"You are a hot little bitch, aren't you?" he asked. "Well, I have just the thing for you. Get on your knees and open your mouth. I've got a big load for you today."

Donna got to her knees in front of him. She saw a sudden wet spot begin to spread across the front of his pants. He was dripping pre-cum already. She licked her lips and thought about the cock that would soon fill her mouth.

She reached out and unzipped his pants. She felt his thick prick and pulled it out, surprised at how it sprang out at her face.

"Ohhhhh!" she cried. "It knows I'm here waiting for it!" She kissed his cockhead and stroked his long shaft.

"Hold my cock, you hot bitch!" Steve said. "Kiss it and suck it!"

Donna felt her pussy tingle as he talked rough to her. She took his cock in her hands. With one hand cupping his heavy ball sac and the other hand slowly pumping up and down the entire length of his massive cockshaft, she leaned forward and took his cockhead in her mouth. She opened her mouth wide as he tilted his hips forward, stuffing the tip of his wide cockhead far back into her throat.

"That's the way, baby!" he said, slamming his prick into her moist, warm lips. "Suck my cock!"

Donna rocked back on her heels as Steve suddenly shoved his prick farther back into her throat. With one hand massaging his heavy ball sac, she slipped a finger of the other hand up between his asscheeks. She toyed the finger around the tight rim of his ass and then pressed a finger into his asshole.

Steve gasped with pleasure. He dug his fingers into her hair and held tightly.

"You sure know how to give head," he said, pulling her face forward and forcing her to swallow the entire length of his cock again.

Donna felt his balls tighten. She thrust her finger deep into his asshole and twirled it around. His balls tightened and she knew that he was close to filling her mouth with delicious cum.

"I'm gonna come!" he gasped. He pulled her head close to his crotch so that her nose was buried in his crotch hair. She smelled the strong scent of his pre-cum and his lust-filled balls.

Donna felt his balls contract and suddenly her mouth was full of his hot jism. The thick spunk shot out of his piss-slit and rocketed against the back of her throat. She felt it slide down past her tongue skid stick to the back of her mouth. She worked her throat rapidly to swallow his cum.

"Suck me, baby!" Steve cried. "Suck me dry! Swallow my cum."

Donna relaxed her throat and let the hot, sticky jism slide down her throat. She felt it fall down to her belly. She worked her finger in his ass and slid a second linger in beside the first.

Steve responded by wrenching his hips forward, driving his heavy cock deeper down into her throat. As Donna drove her fingers farther into his ass and tightened her lips on his cock, his cock fired one last thick load of hot, sticky jism. So much of his spunk shot out of his prick at once that Donna's cheeks filled with his load and some of his fuck-juice bubbled out the sides of her mouth.

Donna swallowed rapidly as Steve's prick shriveled and grew limp. She wrapped her lips tightly around his cockshaft as he pulled it out of her mouth. With a last, loud smack, she kissed his meaty cockhead as he pulled it out of her mouth.

"That was a pretty good suck job," he said as he stuffed his prick back into his pants. "You sure like to gobble cum." He backed away and watched Donna lick the last remaining traces of jism off her hands and face.

"Hmmmmm," Donna moaned. "That was yummy. I like the way your cum tastes. It's so hot and sticky and powerful." She reached out for him again. "Let me have some more. Let me suck your cock again. Please! I need more cock. Give me your big cock. Stick it in me, baby. Stick it in me now!"

Steve pushed her back and then pulled her to her feet. "Sure, baby," he said, stepping back and looking at her nipples poke through the thin material of her top. "But first I want you to strip. Take your clothes off and let me see your hot pussy and your big tits. Show me what you got, baby. Show me that body."

Donna felt her pussy tingle as he talked to her. Her cunt dripped pussy-juice as she swallowed the last traces of his spunk. She began unbuttoning her blouse. Steve's eyes watched her heaving tits through the blouse as her fingers fumbled with the buttons.

"That's right, baby," Steve said as Donna swept her blouse back with her hands, revealing her swollen tits. Her nipples were standing out straight and hard. "Now your skirt and panties. Show me your hungry pussy again. Then you can suck my cock and make it hard so I can stick it in your pussy."

Donna began panting with the exciting expectation of getting her hungry pussy filled again by Steve's prick. She quickly unfastened her skirt and let it drop to the floor. With one quick movement, she slid her panties down her hips and stepped out of them. She reached out for Steve.

"Take that bra off," he commanded. "Let those tits hang free. Show me what you got, baby. Show me those tits."

With a quick smile, Donna reached behind her back and unsnapped her bra. She shrugged it off her shoulders and stood naked in front of Steve. She reached out with her hands, showing off her tits to their fullest extent.

"Fuck me!" she said. "Fuck me now, honey!"

Donna moved toward Steve. She rubbed her tits across his chest and pounded her naked pussy mound against his crotch. Reaching down to stroke his cock, she felt it grow stronger in her hand.

She sank to her knees in front of him, and plunged his dick into her mouth, slurping loudly on his cock.

"You sure like to suck cock," Steve said, pulling her to her feet. He looked at her tits briefly and then began to massage them. As Donna moaned and ground her chest into his hands, he flicked her nipples with his thumbs while kneading her luscious tit mounds with his fingers.

"That's the way, honey!" Donna moaned. "Play with my tits!"

Steve dropped one hand to her cunt and plunged three fingers up her sopping pussy. Donna gasped and spread her legs wider so he could have better access to her fuckhole.

"Ram your hand up there, honey!" she cried. "Finger-fuck me to death."

As Donna writhed on his fingers, pushing her cunt into Steve's hand and crushing her tit globes against his chest, she locked her legs around his and pulled herself up off the ground. She pressed her lips against his and began to thrust her fiery tongue deep into his mouth, probing his mouth with her hungry, stabbing tongue.

"Wait, baby," Steve said, pushing her down off him. "I want to fuck you now. I've let you suck my cock, and now I want to fuck your ass. Bend over and let me see that ass-chute."

Donna was so filled with fuck lust that she quickly turned around and bent over. Grabbing her ankles to steady herself, she looked over her shoulder. She saw Steve drop his pants. His prick stuck out, hard and throbbing.

"Fuck me!" Donna screamed, her pussy quivering with delight as she saw that enormous prick getting ready to ram into her asshole. "Fuck my ass!"

Steve took hold of her hips and guided his prick to her tight asshole.

"Do you want it, baby?" he asked her. "Do you want me to ass-fuck you?" He rubbed the tip of his prick against her ass.

"Yes!" Donna cried. "Oh, yes!"

"Okay," Steve snarled. He held her hips tightly and thrust his hips forward with a loud grunt.

Donna's ass resisted for a moment. Then her shithole opened up and swallowed the full length of his hot, plunging prick. Donna felt her ass muscles contract around his cock, gripping it tightly as he began long, slow strokes into her ass-guts.

"Ohhhhhh, baby!" Donna moaned. "That feels so good!"

She felt his stiff cock slide all the way into her ass, plunging deep into her shitter.

"I'm coming!" Donna screamed. "I'm fucking coming!"

Donna felt the sudden spurt of Steve's jism splash into her ass guts. She felt him pound his prick faster and harder as it shot hot jism into her shit-chute.

Donna felt his cock slice into her ass as he pounded furiously against her. She felt his balls slap against her ass and heard a laud slurping noise as the cum was forced out of her ass by the driving force of his prick.

Donna responded by pumping her ass back onto his stabbing cock.

Donna thrust her ass back at his crotch, milking his prick for every last drop of jism. As his shooting cum slowed and then stopped, she turned around quickly and dropped to her knees, taking his prick in her hands and stroking it. Holding his cock close to her mouth and gripping it lightly while she flicked her tongue along its side, she did not hear the office door open.

"Well, Steve," a voice said from behind her. "Does she suck cock as good as I do?"

Donna turned her head quickly and saw the receptionist from the front office. She stood in the open doorway, one hand on her hips, the other lightly rubbing her crotch through her skirt. Smiling at Steve and Donna, the receptionist closed the door behind her and walked towards them.

She walked up to Donna and said, "Hi. I'm Betsy. I want to play, too."

Her eyes locked onto Donna's, Betsy quickly stripped off her blouse and stepped out of her skirt. Soon her ripe tits were hanging free. Although her tit globes were not as big as Donna's, her nipples were longer. They stood out stiff with excitement.

Betsy cupped her own tits with her hands and looked up at Donna.

"Do you want to touch them?" she asked, holding them out towards Donna.

Donna licked her lips nervously and watched in fascination as Betsy played with her own tits. With a shy, tentative hand, Donna reached out and touched one of her tit mounds carefully. Betsy shoved her tits into Donna's hands. Donna closed her fingers around the other woman's tits and was soon squeezing them roughly, surprised at the tingling in her pussy as she felt Betsy's nipples harden in her hands.

"Yes!" Betsy said. "That's the way, baby! Keep massaging my tits! Knead them hard, honey! Pull my nipples! You know how! You know how to make me feel good!"

Donna inserted a second and then a third finger into Betsy's cunt. As the other woman groaned and writhed under her fingering, Donna doubled up her fist and began to fist-fuck Betsy. Betsy lowered herself to the floor and spread her legs wide so Donna could shove her fist far into her cuntal canal.

So intent was Donna on slicing her fingers into Betsy's pussy that she did not notice Steve positioning himself behind her. As she pounded her fist into Betsy's sopping fuckhole, she felt Steve reach down between her legs and finger her clit from behind.

"I'm going to fuck your pussy from behind, baby," he told her. "I'm going to stick my cock in your cunt while you fist-fuck my secretary. Keep ramming your hand up her pussy while I stick it to you. Finger-fuck her harder! Harder!"

Donna felt Steve's cock slip between her legs from behind and dangle and bob past her asshole down to her cunt-lips. Keeping her fist secure in Betsy's cunt, she shoved her ass high into the air so Steve could get a better angle at her cunthole. She wriggled her ass and felt his cock home in on her pussy.

With a sudden lunge Steve pushed his prick into her cunt. Donna gasped. Feeling his prick slip all the way into her fuckhole, she shoved her ass back at his cock and balls.

"Keep it up, honey!" Betsy called, making frantic circular motions with her pussy mound. "Shove that fist inside me! Play with my clit! It feels so good!"

Donna concentrated on the finger stimulation that she was giving to the secretary. As she pumped her hand faster and faster in and out of the girl's fuck-slit, she felt Steve grip her tightly by the hips and begin to pump his cock in and out of her cunt.

"I'm going to fill your hot pussy with my cum!" Steve said as he slammed his prick into her.

He was really pumping it now. Caught up in his own pleasure as he pumped her cunt, Donna knew he was trying only to get off as soon as he could.

"I'm going to come!" Steve cried, grabbing her hips and pulling them savagely towards his cock. Donna felt like his prick was going to stab through her stomach.

"Me too!" Betsy screamed as she reached down and took hold of Donna's tits. "Pound my clit! Yes! Yes! Yes! Make me come, honey! Make me come!"

Donna let Betsy pull her hands away and pull her face down to her cunt. Donna opened her mouth automatically and stuck her tongue up Betsy's juicy cunt. She sucked on Betsy's clit and felt the other woman's pussy begin to shake with an orgasm.

As Donna buried her head in Betsy's trembling cunt, she felt the first wad of Steve's hot jism fire into her cunt. She arched her ass high to meet his pounding, slamming fuck strokes as she slurped up Betsy's creaming pussy-juices.

"Eat me!" Betsy cried. "Eat my pussy and suck my clit off! It feels so good, baby! It feels so good!"

Donna shoved her face farther into Betsy's gushing pussy. She wriggled her ass against Steve's spurting prick and felt his spunk splash against the walls of her cuntal canal. She felt the first rumblings of her own orgasm spread swiftly from her pussy mound. Her tongue lashed out and lapped up Betsy's streaming juices as Steve continued to slain his prick into her pussy.

Donna writhed with the pleasure of Steve's pounding fuck action and the stimulation that she received from eating the other woman's pussy. She became light-headed and felt the world close in on her as she concentrated on the stiff prick pumping into her and the sweet taste of Betsy's pussy-juices. She moaned and sucked and thought only of satisfying her burning pussy itch.


Donna waited for Brian to come home from school. She had hurried home after the furious fuck action with Steve and his secretary and had taken a shower and dressed carefully for the boy. This was probably going to be their last time together for a while, and she wanted it to be good.

She sat in the living room, waiting for Brian, and thought about ail that had happened during the last couple of days. She had missed fucking her husband so much that she had even seduced her sister's kid. On one level, she knew that this was absolutely crazy. But on another, more primitive level, she had thoroughly enjoyed it. She blamed her husband for what she had done. If he had been home more often to take care of her needs, she would not have been forced to find other men.

She looked up when a key rattled in the door. The door opened and Brian walked in.

"Hi, Aunt Donna," he said. "I came home early from school. I wanted to be with you one more time before I had to leave."

He shut the door behind him and stood facing Donna. His hands were jammed in his pockets, and Donna saw that his stiff prick was bulging against the front of his jeans.

"Come over here," she told him, her hands working the buttons on her blouse. She swept it back and let him take in the view of her jutting, heavy tits.

Brian took her in his arms and kneaded her tits as he thrust his hips against her pussy mound. Donna felt his cock bulge straining against the front of her skirt. She felt his cock begin to twitch and was afraid that he would cum in his pants before he could get it in her cunt.

"Let me take care of that cock," she said, pushing him back and dropping to her knees.

She unzipped his pants and dug inside his jeans for his meaty cockhead. Pulling it out, she held its heavy length in her hands and watched a couple drops of pre-cum drip out of his piss-silt.

"Ohhhhh, Aunt Donna!" Brian said. "I'm going to come!" He began to thrust his hips forward, driving his stiff cock towards her face.

Donna opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around his thick cockhead. She rolled her tongue around his piss-slit and tasted the precum. Cupping one hand around his balls, she felt them tense. Suddenly she felt him fire a large, powerful wad of spunk into her mouth. She shoved her mouth forward, completely engulfing the entire length of his prick. Swallowing rapidly, she felt the hot, thick jism splatter into her mouth.

"Suck my cock, Aunt Donna!" the boy moaned. "It feels so good when you do that!" He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her face closer to his crotch.

Donna responded by moving her mouth rapidly up and down the length of his thick cock. His balls were heavy and full of spunk today, and she had to work hard to swallow it all. But she reined her throat and was able to take it all in.

Soon his shooting spunk decreased and Donna licked up the last drops of his jism from his shriveling cock. She fingered his balls and forced one last shot of cum into her mouth. Donna sucked on his prick until she had removed every drop of his jism.

"How was that?" she asked, standing up and straightening her clothes. "You were too hot, honey."

She stopped and stared at the door. She jumped away from Brian just as her husband walked into the house.

"Hi, Donna," he said, holding his arms out to her. "I came back early. Are you surprised to see me?" He stopped to stare at her, obviously taking in her jutting tits and long, slender legs.

"Y-yes," she said. "I didn't expect you back so won." Then she remembered Brian standing nearby.

"You remember Brian, my sister's son. Carol asked me to watch him for a couple days just after you left. She should be back this afternoon."

"Hi, Brian," Walt said, not turning his head. He was staring openly at Donna's nipples jutting through the flimsy bra and thin blouse.

"Well, Aunt Donna," Brian said. "I'll go outside and wait for mom."

Obviously disappointed, the kid took one last, long look at Donna and walked out of the house. Donna heard a chair scrape on the porch. She knew that he was disappointed, but she knew what she could do to make it up to him. "Come here, Donna," Walt said, spreading his arms wide.

Donna threw herself at her husband and felt his strong arms encircle her. As she clung to him, she felt his hands travel down her body, squeezing her tit globes hungrily as his tongue probed her mouth.

"Damn, I've missed you, Donna," he whispered as he massaged her tit mounds.

Feeling her nipples become erect under his stimulating touch, Walt began to unbutton her blouse. Donna shoved her chest into his hand. Sighing loudly, she spread her legs apart under the urgent movements of his hand as it rapidly stroked her pussy through the front of her skirt.

Walt had her blouse unbuttoned, and Donna leaned back so she could shrug it off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. He buried his head on the lush mounds of tit flesh that swelled above her bra as he reached behind her to unhook it.

"That's good!" Donna panted. "It feels so good to have you sucking my tits again, honey! You really know how to satisfy me!" She thrilled at his hungry, sucking mouth working on her tits as they exploded with pleasure.

As he continued to suck and pull on her tits, Walt slipped his hands down to the waist of her skirt. Unbuttoning it quickly, he pushed her skirt down over her hips. Donna steadied herself by gripping his shoulders with her hands as she stepped out of her skirt. Walt's hands quickly returned to her hips and slipped her panties down. He put one hand on her soft pussy bush while he ran his other hand rapidly over her ripe hips.

As she responded to his eager hand stimulation, she compared him to what Brian had done to her during the past few days. Brian was young and strong and willing to fuck her any time she wanted it. But he was just a kid and she had to guide him every step of the way. Walt, on the other hand, had learned everything about her and could satisfy her in a way that no casual affair could.

"Fuck me, honey!" Donna whimpered. "I've waited so long for your cock! Give it to me, baby! Give me your cock." She clung to him tightly as he continued to massage her tits and rub the lips of her hungry fuckhole.

Walt pushed his fingers into her sopping cunt. Donna responded by spreading her legs wide. Holding tightly to his neck, she arched her pussy mound up to meet his driving hand. With a sudden leap, she jumped up and wrapped her legs around his waist. She was now hanging onto him, her legs spread wide and her pussy fully exposed and dripping with her creaming juices.

"Slam that fist into me, baby!" Donna moaned. "Slam it in hard! You know just how to touch me, honey! Fill my cunt with your hand and your mouth and your thick cock! Shoot that cum into me and let me feel your hot, driving juices fill my pussy! Do it! Do it now! Ohhhh!"

Walt doubled up his fist and rammed it into her gaping fuckhole. Donna clutched him tightly, digging her fingernails deep into his neck and back. Walt kneaded and massaged her rich, luscious hips with his other hand as Donna gasped and moaned under his stimulation.

"Yes!" Donna whispered urgently. "Make me come, honey. That's the way! Pound that fist inside my fuck guts!"

Walt rammed his fingers into her steaming cunt, feeling her cunt-lips slip around his wrist as he drove his fist into her fuck-slit. Her pussyjuices streamed out of her fuckhole and soaked his hand.

"Ohhhhh, that's good!" Donna screamed as she bounced up and down on his driving hand. "That feels so good, honey! That's wonderful, baby! Keep driving that fist into my pussy! Stretch those pussy-lips! Ahhhhhh!"

"I want to fuck you," Walt said. He took his hand out of her pussy and held her tightly around her waist as she continued to hold onto his neck. Kissing her rapidly and probing his tongue deep into her hungry mouth, he walked toward the open door to the bedroom.

Walt kicked the door shut behind him and threw Donna down onto the bed. Grabbing one of her legs with each hand, he spread them apart, exposing her inviting pussy. Donna reached down between her legs and pulled her cunt-lips apart.

"Stick that cock into me!" she said. "Make me come, honey! Shove that thing inside me!"

Walt crawled across the bed between her legs. His cockhead poised near the entrance to her hungry pussy. With a sudden lunge, he shoved the entire length of his prick into her fuck-chute until his ball sac slapped against her cunt mound. He released her legs and Donna locked them around his back.

Donna let go of her pussy-lips and felt them wrap around the thick shaft of her husband's prick. She felt him begin to pump his cock rapidly into her pussy. His prick was thick, much thicker than Brian's, and she loved the way it stretched her cunt-lips tight.

"Fuck me, honey!" Donna cried. "Fuck me!"

Walt slammed his prick into her fuckhole. Donna was gushing cream now, and she felt her pussy-juices dripping down the insides of her legs. His cock made loud slurping noises as it pounded deep into her guts.

"Yes," she cried. "Yes! That's it! Fuck me hard, baby!"

"Fuck back at my cock!" Walt grunted as he slammed his prick into her. "It feels so good when your pussy holds my cock like that! Damn, what a good fuck you are, honey! You are the best. The best!"

Walt could not contain his excitement anymore. He began spraying his jism into her hungry fuckhole. Donna felt it shoot against the walls of her cuntal canal, splattering against the sides of her pussy and dripping out the sides of her gaping cunthole. Her clit was exploding with pleasure and her fuck-slit began to shake with her own orgasm.

"I'm coming! Coming!" she shrieked.

Walt increased the tempo of his fuck strokes. He pounded her cunt mound, bouncing up and down on her pussy, firing load after load of spunk deep into her fuck-slit. Donna felt his balls slap against her cunt mound, and felt his spunk splatter against the insides of her fuck-guts.

"Ohhh, Walt!" she moaned. "I've missed you so much! You're the only one who really knows how to satisfy me! Ahhhhhh!"

Donna's violent pussy tremors increased as she responded to the hot, splattering shots of jism that her husband was firing into her. She arched her back to receive the last shot of his hot spunk and then collapsed on the bed, exhausted but sexually satisfied.

Walt held her tight. He took one of her tits in his mouth and gently pulled on it. Feeling her nipple harden in his mouth, he reached down with one hand and slowly stroked her pussy. It was wet with pussy-juice and his cum leaked out of her fuck-slit.

"Are you going away again, Walt?" she asked. "I've missed you so much."

Walt touched her face gently. "Yes, but not too soon." He paused and looked closely at her. "I know I've been away quite a lot recently. But I've done it because I love you, because I want to be able to afford all the nice things that I want to get you."

Donna sighed. "I know," she said, clutching at him tightly. "But I miss you so much when you're gone."

Walt wrapped his arms around her tenderly and held her close.

"You're my only girl," he said. "You know that."

He lay on top of her, feeling her heart beat rapidly and rubbing his chest lightly against her heaving tit mounds. He stroked her face gently and was about to say something when the doorbell sounded.

"Who the hell can that be?" Walt said as he jumped up in bed.

Donna pulled him back down. "I'll get it," she said. "It's probably Carol. I just want to say good-bye to her. Then I'll get back to you – to my real man."

Donna gave him a long, lingering kiss and stroked his limp cock. "I'll be right back," she said.

Donna belted a robe around her and walked quickly to the bedroom door. Walt returned to the bed and propped himself up on one elbow and watched her.

"Hurry back," he said. "I miss you already." When Donna opened the door, Brian was peering over Carol's shoulder. She felt a sudden flush of desire for the boy, but then remembered that her husband was waiting for her in the bedroom.

"Hi, Donna," Carol said. She looked at Donna's flushed face and saw her clutching her robe closed.

"Brian said that Walt had just come home, so I won't keep you. You and Walt probably… have a lot to talk about." She winked.

Donna smiled back at her, but she was looking at Brian and wondering when she would get his cock again. She had Walt now, but maybe she could get an occasional quickie with Brian.

"Thanks for watching Brian," Carol said. "I'll call you tomorrow and tell you about my trip."

"No problem," Donna said. "I'd be happy to watch Brian anytime." She saw the kid blush. She had a sudden inspiration.

"In fact," Donna said. "If he wants a job, he can start doing my yard work for me."

She saw Brian's face brighten and knew that he had understood her message. She would like to see the kid again. He was a good, dependable fuck. Strong, eager, and willing to learn, he could satisfy her fuck lust while her husband was away. But she was not about to give up Walt. Of all the men she had ever known, he was the best. He knew what she needed. And only he could truly satisfy her.

Donna smiled as she shut the door on her sister and Brian. Yes, she would see Brian again. He could keep her company when Walt was away on business, and he could certainly satisfy her fuck lust, at least temporarily. But for now, she was going to have the best. She dropped the robe from her shoulders and went back into the bedroom to her husband.