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Wet and Ready

Jennifer Ames

Jennifer Ames

Wet and Ready


"What made you decide to work for Aubern College?" Todd asked as he casually pulled out a gold card to pay for our dinner.

We were on our first date. Actually, this was even more than that. It was my first real date with a guy. Todd was older. He was a college senior, just a few weeks from a business degree. He was easy to talk to. That, or I was just babbling. Either way, I told him the story of my life.

I had to take a job somewhere. My parents never got along, and they put me into a religious school after separating. The nuns pushed me into nursing even before I was in high school. I was a candy stripper, then an assistant. I had a year's worth of credits toward my practical nursing degree when I was 16.1 got my degree at 18.

When this job opened, I jumped at it. For the first time, I wasn't under the thumb of some stodgy head nurse who was also a nun. I was working for a liberal college, which needed a nurse who was willing to work for very little money. As the staff nurse for the college's swimming and diving teams my hours were short, and my duties, easy. While I worked, I could also complete my RN degree. Tuition was free, and I had housing allowance or a room at the dorm. Like I said, I jumped at it.

The past three weeks had been the hardest and busiest time in my life. No, not the work. That was easy, just as advertised. I was fully prepared. The nuns taught me everything about how to be a good nurse, but they skipped right over the real important areas-the areas that were bothering me. This part of my story I didn't tell Todd.

I was 19. Even without being told, I knew that I was pretty. I was only 5' 2", but the mirror convinced me that my tiny frame was put together just right. By 18, men were looking at me. But, I'd never been alone with a guy. I'd never had the chance to try out my sexy, young body. I'd always gone to all-girl schools. The nursing school was run by nuns, and they didn't let us around the local boys at all.

Then I took this job. Suddenly, I was in the real world. A real world brimming with men. The nuns hadn't taught me how to act around hard-bodies, handsome, horny males dressed in very skimpy swimming trunks. Swimming trunks so tight and thin that I could see the entire outline of each guy's cock and balls. So thin I could see the swollen veins pumping over those tubes of throbbing prick flesh.

What the women wore in practice was even worse. Their swimsuits were see-through. When the guys and gals were in the pool together, it was unbearable. They played in a sexual way. Naturally, the young women got excited. I know damn well that I did, and I was just watching.

Hard, crinkled nipples poked through suits. They guys got horny, too, their cocks growing and thickening so nicely. Many times, I was the only one in the pool complex who was fully dressed. It was driving me nuts. My pussy was so hot and creamy inside all the time. Something inside me was fighting to get out, but I didn't know what to do.

You see, when I took this job, I was still a virgin. I'd never seen a man's prick all hard and throbbing before. Even with the material of a swimsuit blocking a full view, I couldn't tear my amazed eyes form the sight of so many good-looking men walking around with so much hard cock.

I also didn't tell Todd that I'd been coming home exhausted each day, then finger-fucking myself to sleep in my lonely bed. It was getting so bad that I was even masturbating during the day to relieve some of the tension that built up inside my hot, young body.

It didn't help. I had to resort to a few minutes of sinful delight with my vibrator before I met Todd that night. I'd been getting plenty of use out of that natural-looking, cock-shaped vibrator lately.

I wanted to look nice for Todd-and it seems I did. I was wearing a flowery sun dress. There was no way I could wear a bra, so my nipples were all crinkled up, making obvious dents in the dress. I don't like pantyhose, so I wore the new thigh-high stockings.

While I waited for Todd, I closed my eyes, dreaming about his hands on my naked skin. My pussy was wet again under a pair of naughty, tie-side panties when Todd knocked on the door of my dorm room.

As Todd closed the door for me, his thigh brushed against mine. A little shiver went through my body. His hand went behind my back, gently guiding me out into the cool evening air. We walked to his car, and he held my hand as he eased me into the passenger seat.

The whole evening was like that. He touched me every chance he could, and I was so hot my nipples were aching. I could feel pussy juices running down my thighs when under the table at dinner, his knees rested against mine. And when he put his hand under the table, placed it on my thigh and slid his middle finger back and forth suggestively, I thought I'd scream out right at dinner.

I managed to keep my excitement down, though, and by the time Todd walked me back to my dorm, my legs were trembling. Alone in the hall, I unlocked my door and turned to say goodnight.

As I turned, his strong arms circled my waist. His mouth came closer, and as I tilted my head, he kissed me.

It was like a scene from a movie. My lips parted, and Todd's sweet tongue slipped inside, finding my tongue and flicking so wonderfully against my hot flesh. I groaned, feeling my body shudder against his. That's when I felt it. That jerking, thick bulge at his waist, pushing and bumping into my belly. Todd reached up and cupped one of my titties. The top of my dress rolled down, and suddenly Todd rolled my aching nipple between his finger and thumb.

"God, Jessica," he groaned. "Can we go inside for a second, baby?"

"I don't know," I moaned back, so confused by what my body was feeling.

"Please?" he begged, taking my hand and forcing me to feel the throbbing need of his cock.

Before I knew it, we were inside. The door was locked. I was on the bed, my sun dress was on the floor, and Todd was standing over me. All I had on was those thigh-high stockings and a pair of soaking wet, pink panties that were held together only by bows on each side.

Todd stood at the side of my single bed and looked into my eyes. I squirmed, wanting him to come back to me. He was teasing, slowly driving me wild as he unbuttoned his shirt. As each button fell away, more and more of his muscular chest appeared. Even though I'd seen Todd daily with only a pair of thin swimming trunks, this strip show was exciting me. He pulled off his jeans.

His bikini shorts were stretched to their limit. For the first time in my life a prick was hard and jerking and ready for me. Todd's hard cock was all tangled in his shorts, and at the tip, a circle of wetness showed through the nylon material. The head of his fully erect cock poked against his tight shorts. I knew Todd was the back stroke swimmer on the team but I never realized how massive his chest and shoulders were. Down below, he had a tine waist that flared back into thighs as big around as my body. God, he was beautiful and all mine. "Now for you," he said. "What?" I groaned. "I want to get you nice and hot," he said.

I didn't have any idea what he was talking about. If I got any hotter, I was going to explode. Todd came back to the bed. He kissed me gently and slowly. He took his time, and even though I was anxious, I loved the way his kisses made my pussy quiver up inside. His lips pulled away, caressing the side of my neck. Then he started down my body. Over my throat. Down to the center of my tits. "Ooooh," I moaned, biting my lower lip.

He found my titties. Holding one quivering mound, Todd kissed the other globe. He licked across my crinkled nipple, flicking the moist tip of this tongue around the brown circle capping my breast, and then sucked the aching bud between his lips. "Beautiful tits," he whispered.

I shivered under him, my body trembling as erotic bolts of passion ran wild through my nerves. He was right. Todd was making me even more excited.

"You liked that, didn't you, Jessie?" he whispered, his white teeth scraping back and forth over my nipple. "God, yes!" came my hissing reply. "How about this?" he teased.

Todd sucked my nipple back into his mouth, sucking back and forth as he rolled his naughty tongue over my sensitive bud. I thought my nipples were hard before, but Todd's oral attention made them stick out like two little spurs. He caught them both, rolling the swollen nipples between his thumbs and forefingers, making them even harder and longer. When they were harder than I'd ever seen them before, Todd started licking again, but this time to keep my nipples slick for his exploring fingers. He pulled out the rubbery flesh, keeping his fingers tightly pinching until my nipples snapped out of his grip. "What do you want to do?" he asked. I didn't know what to say. I wanted it all.

"Tell me," he insisted, his teasing tongue making goosebumps of passion pop out ail over my body.

Suddenly, my mind was filled with the picture of that big cock of his stretching out all long and hard. I groaned. Todd was smiling confidently over me, driving me crazy as he switched to the other nipple and lewdly sucked, licked and nib12 bled. His moist breath against my flesh thrilled me.

"What have you always wanted to do? he asked. "I want to feel it," I panted. "Feel what?" he said with a grin. "You know," I moaned. "You've got to tell me."

"I want to feel him" came my gasping cry. "Your thing. I want to feel him."

"No," Todd said. "You have to really tell me what you want, baby. Don't be afraid. Say it. If you can't say it, you can't do it."

"Jesus!" I hissed, my body twisting with need. "I want to feel it. Don't make me beg for it, Todd. I want to feel your cock! Oooh, God. I want you to fuck me."

For the first time in my life, I was saying aloud those lustful words. Todd twisted both of my sensitive nipples. As the words passed my lips, my body thrashed into an orgasm.

When I opened my eyes again, Todd was naked. He stood by the bed. His cock was bare, hard and big. It bobbed as I watched. I looked, unable to tear my eyes from that wickedly wonderful thing. He took my hand, guiding me to that huge hunk of cock meat standing up all hard and firm against his belly. My finger touched it, and his hand pulled away.

I felt a deep jerking inside the thick tube. As my fingers circled Todd's prick, it was his turn to groan. "Mmmmm," came my own soft sigh.

I'd lived this so many times in my lewd dreams. I was touching a real cock for the first time. This was so much nicer than my lusty dreams, or may cock-shaped vibrator. I cupped his low hanging balls, slowly touching every inch of the cock in my hands. I wanted to feel every inch of his cock. I knew that I was going to feel this huge organ up inside me, too, very quickly.

I loved the way handling Todd's big cock made me feel. My hand moved up and down gently, somehow instinctively knowing what would feel good to him. Todd's groans were as urgent and full of passion as mine had been seconds earlier. His cock felt so wonderful. It was like a steel rod wrapped in velvet. Every time I moved, his prick jerked in response. I felt as if I were in total command of his huge, hard cock. I could do as I wished, and Todd was in my power.

I stroked. He moaned. His prick jerked. This was really fun. As my fist tightened around the vein-marked shaft, a shiny bubble appeared at the little piss slit. My thumb went up, and I rubbed that surpris14 ingly slippery drop of juice over the head of his cock. Todd's hips raised, fucking his cock through my fingers.

"You liked that, didn't you, Todd?" I teased back at him as he had done before. "Yes," he groaned. "What do you want to do?" I asked.

"I want to fuck you, Jessica,"he said. "I've wanted to fuck you from the first second I saw you at the swim-team practice."

"Undress me," I said, my words so soft that I thought at first he hadn't heard them.

There wasn't much left to take off. All I had on was that pair of panties. Todd reached down, tugging first at one side, then the other. The tow bows came apart. My panties fell away, leaving me dressed only in the pair of thigh-high stockings. Todd didn't try to take them off. He didn't need to. The good parts were already bare. My aching titties were exposed, and my furry cunt was totally naked and willing. "Fuck me," I whispered.

His hand cupped my naked pussy. I felt his fingers spread my oozing lips, then dip inside. This time, though, the fingers weren't mine. This time, it was a man finger-fucking me. "Mmmmm," I mewled.

I separated my legs, giving Todd plenty of room to explore. As I jacked up and down over his meaty prick, he thrilled me with his own hand action on my overheated cunt. His forefinger slipped up and down over my clit making me shiver all up inside again. He knew what to do. His long strokes started deep inside my gripping cunt and ended up with a rapid swirl around my hard little clitty. Within no time at all, he had me close to cumming again. "Easy," he warned. "Am I doing it wrong?" I asked.

"No," he laughed. "You're doing it just right. But you're going to make me cum if you keep doing that."

"Oh," I said, blushing as Todd looked up at me.

"Is that what you want?" he asked. "We can get each other off this way, if you like." "No," I protested. "You really want me to fuck you?"

I didn't answer. I took his hand from my soaking wet crotch and pulled him over my trembling body.

Todd raised up over me. His hands guided me into position. My thighs parted. His hips forced them even wider. He drew my legs up, bending my knees, and he came closer. The head of his monster cock bumped into my thigh, leaving a smear of his love juice on my skin. I didn't know what to do. All I wanted was for him to shove that big thing up in me, but Todd seemed unable to find my pussy. He shoved forward again, once more missing the slippery gash of my oozing pussy. "Please," I begged. "Put him in for me, baby," he said. "I don't know what to do," I said.

I reached between our bucking bodies, finding that thick shaft. Without having to think about it, I suddenly realized that I was wrong. I did know what to do. I aimed the pre-cum-covered head of his big boner to the hot slash of my open pussy-lips. I humped my hips up an inch, mating his throbbing cock with my eager pussy. As he touched my fiery flesh, I groaned aloud. "Yes!" I hissed. "Right there."

Todd pushed forward. I gasped as the thick head parted my swollen pussy-lips. It felt enormous. His thick monster filled me. God, did it fill me. He slowly rocked back and forth, feeding his entire cock into me, inch by amazing inch.

I was doing it. Finally, I was getting fucked. So this is what everyone always talks about, I thought. "This is your first time," he said. "Yes, baby," I admitted.

"Jesus, Jessica," he whispered, pulling back. "I didn't know." "Fuck me, Todd," I begged, grinding my hips up as I tried to get more of his thick prick up into my shivering young body. "Please baby. I want it so bad. I've wanted to do this for so long. Fuck me."

He did. He fucked me. Todd pushed up, raising his chest from my aching titties. I gasped with delight as he thrust into me. Big and hard and throbbing. His big cock slipped in deeper, penetrating my secret places, filling me with his jerking thickness. He was gently with me. I felt it all. Every wonderful inch of cock. "Ooooh, my god!" I moaned.

Todd made my finger-fucking seem like a casual handshake. His big boner pushed all the way in, bottoming-out inside me, and my legs wrapped around his driving ass. Todd came back down on me, his chest crushing my titties. His hands went under my pillow. He drove into me. That big prick sank up into me. Over and over and over again.

I don't know how long it lasted. It could have been forever. I was in a dreamland of pure delight. It couldn't have been very long because Todd was hot, too. He was groaning as he fucked me. All I remember was frantically squirming and twisting under his welcomed weight, fucking my hips up and down as I tried to screw my entire young body up over that deeply embedded tube of cock meat.

"I can't hold it back," he groaned.

At first, I didn't know what he meant. But then I realized he was going to cum. Todd was going to squirt his hot cum into my belly.

"Yes!" I screamed, the sound echoing in the small room. "Do it, baby. Cum in me!"

My hips opened wider somehow. Another fraction of an inch of Todd's jerking hardness slipped up inside me. I had it all. My heels were drumming on his ass, urging Todd to drive into me. Harder. Faster. Deeper. "Cum," I moaned.

That did it. He grunted into my ear, his entire muscular body tightening in a wild spasm. The cock inside my hot pussy grew even bigger, throbbing and bucking. Todd gave out one last thrust, burying the head as deeply as he could in my churning cunt. "Here it comes," he moaned.

I felt it all. Todd's cock throbbed again, but this time it was different. This throbbing came up from his balls. Suddenly, I felt Todd's prick open up. Hot jets of creamy cum shot out, splashing over the tight walls of my climaxing pussy.

I kept my legs wrapped tightly around Todd's ass. His cum was quickly over, but mine held on for almost a minute. Each jerk of his cock inside my climaxing cunt would bring on another body-shuddering spasm.

When he collapsed on top of me, I held Todd' s head against my breasts. I've done it, I thought to myself. Now, I'm a woman.

"Well," he said, pushing up to look into my eyes. "What do you think of fucking, now?"

"Mmm," I purred as we snuggled in the after glow of that marvelous fuck. "I loved doing that with you, Todd."

"Me, too," he whispered. "Are you sure that was your first time, Jessica."

"Of course," I said, thinking that he didn't believe me.

"You must be a natural, then," he said, looking into my eyes so I'd be sure to catch his meaning. "You really fuck great, baby." "Thanks," I giggled.

"All hot and tight and wet, just like I like 'em," he joked.

"I'm probably tight because your cock is so big, Todd," I said. "I was afraid at first. You know. Afraid that you wouldn't be able to get him inside me."

"I hate to tell you this," he laughed, "but I'm not all that big, Jessica. I've got a little more than six inches. That's about normal. There's lots of guys out there with bigger dicks than mine."

"There is?" I asked, my innocence making Todd laugh once more. "I didn't know that!" I was showering about 20 minutes later, after Todd kissed me goodbye at the door. What he had said stuck in my mind. I'd never thought about size during my lusty dreams about getting fucked. I loved the way Todd's prick felt inside me. But, Todd said that there were lots of guys with pricks bigger than his. I was going to have to look into that, I thought.


After Todd left, I slept like a baby. When I woke, my whole outlook on life had changed. Whenever I walked from the dorm toward the swimming and diving facility, I felt eyes clicking to check me out.

I still was properly dressed as a nurse, but my old, oversized dresses were gone forever. I had replaced them all! Now, I was wearing a size 7, white minidress and white thigh-high stockings. The top elastic on the stockings were lace. On top, a new 34B demi-cup bra was pushing up my titties so they would show nicely through the gap I left in the top of the dress. I left the top three

buttons opened on the dress. Just enough to show the inner curves of rny tits.

I was a new woman indeed. I even had my hair frosted and styled at a beauty shop near the campus.

When I walked into the front offices on the Monday morning, after my weekend with Todd, Coach Martin, the head coach, stopped talking to the other coaches as I passed. His jaw hung open and the other two coaches-Bill Robertson the swimming coach and Rob Dunn the diving coach-turned around in their chairs to watch my wiggling ass as I passed. "Good morning, guys," I called. "Jesus!" I heard the head coach say.

"Is that Nurse Perry?" gasped one of the other men.

"If it is, I'm going to find a way of getting sick real quick," answered Coach Martin.

I went straight to my office. This was so new to me. It had taken all of my willpower to totally change my look and attitude. I felt so wicked, yet the sexy way this dress made me feel was too horny to stop. I liked having them look at me. I liked being sexy.

I was so wet inside I could hear myself squishing as I closed the door behind my quivering ass. The way the three men had talked about me was so exciting. Just knowing that I could turn on three guys who were so much different from each other was a wild experience.

Coach Martin was over 40 and balding a little on top, but he was such a nice man. Robert Dunn was younger, but still in his early 30s. He was a hairy-chested, cocky, handsome man in great shape. Once, they told me, he was the best diver in the country. The third man, Billy Robertson, was the best looking of the three. He was on the Olympic water-polo team only a few years ago. At 26, he was in the prime of his life. All the girls on the team were in love with the shy Coach Robertson.

After I made it inside my office, I was able to relax and go to work. I got men out of my mind-at least for a while-as I lost myself in my work. No one was going to walk in and disturb me because the door to the nurse's station locks automatically. I have to carry my copy of the electronic key attached to my identification badge. The only other copy of the key is locked in a safe in the athletic director's office, along with every other department nurse's key.

This tight security was not unusual, and like other colleges stemmed from drug testing, which incidentally was my main function here. When I hired, I was told that drug testing would be my main job at the college. Yes, I had to be near the pool during practices, to take care of any injury or water accident, but my main job was to monitor, give and record the various drug-testing programs.

I did have a young doctor above me who was in charge of the nursing staff, but I hadn't seen him yet.

The athletic director here is serious about keeping his department clean. No drug use is allowed by anyone on the team. I even have a long list of prescription and over-the-counter medicines that are banned by one organization or another. Any athlete who is on one of these medicines has to be on record in my office, and in most cases, he or she has to take the medicine in my presence before a competition.

The morning practice for divers was over before I caught up on the paperwork from the last series of drug tests. As usual, the swimming and diving team had a perfect testing result. All negative. I went out to tell Coach Martin the good news, but the pool area was filled with swimmers Coaches Martin and Robertson were busy getting the new kids ready for the team trials.

I stood for a few seconds, looking out over the huge expanse of blue water, and then figured the good news could wait. I had plenty of filing to do so I returned to my office.

I settled down in my chair, and suddenly heard this strange sound. I looked around, not sure what the noises were and decided they were coming from next door. "Aaauugh," the sound came again.

It was a low, squealing cry, like an animal in pain. The cries got louder, then they faded. The next thing I heard was a giggle, quickly followed by a deeper groaning that had to be coming from a man.

I turned completely around to the air vent in the wall that connected to the storage room next door. Curious, I figured if I stood on the table, I could get my eye up to the vent. I did and was shocked at what I saw.

"Yeah, baby," Coach Dunn, moaned. "Suck me. Yes! Suck on my cock, Pam."

The hairy-chested diving coach was stretched out on another table like the one I was standing on. He was naked and sticking up from his waist from my eyes to see was his huge prick. I could tell it was bigger than Todd's, as the woman he was with interrupted my gaze.

"You licked my pussy real nice, Coach," the young woman said. "I'm gonna suck your big ol' cock just as nice."

The blonde leaned over the coach's beautiful prick, raised her face and smiled at him. I knew Pam, but I couldn't believe she had the coach's prick in her hands, and was slowly jacking up and down over his rock-hard shaft. And from the way the good ol' coach was groaning, I knew he was enjoying the hand-job.

Pam was a freshman, just 18 years old who was trying for one of the openings on the diving team. She'd been a great diver in high-school, but in the last two years her figure had changed. Her slim-diver body was different now-as I could plainly see.

She was about as tall as I was, but while I was thin and nicely shaped, Pam was full-figured and voluptuous. Her tits had to be a size D, her hips were wide, her tummy, small, and she had these big tits, which at the moment were swaying and brushing up and down over the coach's bare thighs. As Pam squirmed up on the table and crawled between his open legs, she opened her legs, and I noticed her lightly furred cunt was blonde, too.

I was very interested in what she was going to do.

"You ready, baby?" she teased, her hand moving up and down over the pretty prick. "Are you ready for a nice blowjob?"

As I watched in awe, Pam lowered her pretty face and blew lightly over Rob's naked, twitching boner. Her lips parted, and her pink tongue flicked over the head of his prick. "Mmmm," he groaned. She was actually licking Coach Dunn's cock!

I was about to fall through the vent. I'd heard girls giggling about this but I'd always thought they were just making it up. Pam had said something earlier about the coach licking her sweet pussy, but I thought I'd heard wrong. I guess I heard right, though. Not only was she slobbering all over his pretty cock, but it looked as if little Pam was having as much fun sucking his big prick as the coach was in receiving the blonde diver's naughty kisses. She was grinning and panting as she kissed the thick tip of his hard cock and he was smiling back at her.

"It's too bad we don't have a cocksucking team," he said, teasing Pam who was between his open legs. "Damn. You'd make that team for sure, honey! I guarantee it."

Pam's soft-looking lips parted. She centered the tip of his prick between her lips and moaned softly. As I watched, Pam started to suck Rob's prick into her mouth. She took about half of the thick hardness, then started swirling her mouth around in little, tight, wet circles. "Oooooh, God," he groaned.

He mouth came up again. She kept her moist lips right against his jerking prick, vibrating them so close to his thick hard-on as she spoke.

"I wish you did, too," she purred. "I truly love sucking on a guy's prick, Coach. Your prick especially. It's almost too big for me to take, though. You're gonna have to get me real hot before I'm gonna get him all down my throat."

Pam's fist pumped again. She forced up a glistening drop of pre-cum just as I had on Saturday night. But, instead of using it to lubricate his prick, this wild little woman licked her sweet tongue out and slurped up the gooey drop. "Mmmmm," she moaned.

As the clear fluid oozed from her lower lip, Pam moved her angelic face back away from his cock, slowly stretching the rope of pre-cum still attached to the head of his prick. Finally, it broke. Pam licked up the fluid from his hairy belly, and then went back to working her mouth over his jerking hard-on.

I stood on the table, watching the naughty show little Pam was putting on for me. My legs were open now, and my panties were down around my knees. I had one hand buried between my thighs, frigging wildly over my dripping pussy as I watched the blonde diver sucking over the magnificent hunk of cock meat she was holding in both hands.

Pam was taking it. I gasped as another inch of his meaty thickness disappeared into her mouth. As she moaned steadily, the coach pinched both of her heavy nipples, rolling the slightly darker-pink flesh sticking out from her soft tits and encouraging her to even wilder mouth action.

The harder he rolled her nipples, the more Pam moaned. And the more she moaned, the deeper that big prick sank between her sucking lips. Pam was working her jaws like a snake swallowing a meal after a long fast, slowly working her mouth and throat around the shaft of Coach Dunn's swollen prick.

"Yes, Pam," he groaned. "That's it. Take it all. Ooooh, God, yes! Use that sweet tongue, baby."

I fought to keep my eyes open, wanting to see every naughty thing that Pam did to Rob Dunn.

My fingers had my hot pussy spread open and I had both hands in action now. I held the furry outer lips of my throbbing cunt open with the fingers of my left hand, while the middle finger of my right hand flicked up and down over the shaft of my quivering clitty. I could feel my own nipples all hard and swollen inside my new demi-bra.

Pam pulled his prick from her mouth. She started licking it, working her way from the crinkly sac holding his balls, and sliding ever so sexily up to the dripping tip of his purple monster. She bathed it all, licking over every inch of that pretty thing.

"God, I love watching you do that," he groaned. "You're a dream come true for a dirty old man like me." "It's fun sucking your cock, honey," she agreed. "You moan so nice when I do something naughty like this."

Pam bobbed her mouth again, dropping down swiftly to take the head of his prick back down into her throat once more. I could see her gulping over the head, milking it somehow inside her mouth and throat. The little sounds she had been making didn't stop, but they were muffled by the mouthful of cock meat she swallowed.

And she sure got the moaning she was looking for. Coach Dunn grabbed her long blonde hair, fucking his hard cock into her mouth. After a few strokes, he released his grip she could come back up and start that sexy licking all around his prick once more.

Her groaning didn't stop as she changed techniques. She ran her thumb up the thick tube buried in the front of his cock, and licked up the sweet drops as they appeared. After each lick, the coach would groan, place his hands back on Pam's nipples again, and bring on some higher-pitched groans from her.

"You gonna cum in my mouth this time, Coach?" she asked, the words making him shudder. "I know you wanted to last time, but I needed to feel it shooting up in me."

"Sure, honey," she purred. "I owe you a nice blowjob for trying to help me with my diving." I flicked harder over my clitty. I felt that heavy sensation starting deep in my guts. I eased up just a fraction, then rolled my finger over the entire length of my clitty to get myself off. For a second, my eyes closed as I shuddered through a nice climax. The thought of a man shooting his cum into my mouth brought on my own cunt-spasming orgasm. I'd never dreamed about doing something this wicked, but now the idea was enticing. Pam obviously loved it. Maybe I would, too.

I opened my eyes as the last quivers of my orgasm passed. But I hadn't missed that much. Pam was still working her sweet tongue around the head of the coach's throbbing boner. She was moving it back and forth, flicking her tongue over an inch or so just under his piss-slit. She looked up into his eyes and smiled.

"I know I promised you a blowjob this time, honey," she said coyly, "but I've got to feel this big thing inside me again. Do you mind if we fuck a little?" "Shit, no!" he laughed. "Goodie," she giggled.

In seconds, they changed places. Pam was on her back on a mat. Coach Dunn was over her. But, then got into a weird position. I moved to the other side of the bent and watched as he reached under her legs, propping the big-titted woman up as his elbows fit into the bends of her knees. He pushed forward, and his big prick slipped up into the hot, wet gash I could clearly see beneath that thin covering of blonde cunt fur.

I straightened my middle finger, sliding it up into my own tight pussy. As Coach Dunn stroked into little Pam's cunt-hole, I finger-fucked myself in perfect timing with the panting couple. "God, you're wet," he whispered.

"Stick that big ol' horse cock in me," she was groaning, fighting to keep her voice low. "This has got to be the biggest prick I've ever seen, Coach. Fuck me with it. Ram him in me. You know how I like it, Rob. Fuck me hard and fast.

"I still want to cum in your mouth," he groaned.

"Just tell me in time," she answered in a low, growling moan. "If you pull it out, I'll take your cum, baby."

Coach Dunn started fucking. This was nothing like the gentle screw that I had enjoyed so much on Saturday night. She begged him to fuck her hard and fast and that's exactly what he started to do. He leaned forward, his chest over her huge pair of creamy tits, and as he fucked into her this time, he rammed his big boner all the way inside her hot cunt. Instantly, he pulled back and slammed it home repeatedly.

The soft mat they were fucking on was bouncing Pam's ass back after each hard thrust. The coach timed it out perfectly, bouncing Pam's hot body between his hips and the springy mat. She slammed back and forth, her squirming wetness sliding up and down, taking Rob's thick prick fully into her body on each stroke.

I had two fingers in my creaming cunt now, trying to keep up with their wild pace. Soon my own panting cries echoed in the closed office, but Pam and Rob were too busy to hear my pants. I reached up a little higher to get a better view of them but from my angle, I couldn't see the spot where his cock was riding in and out of her tight pussy. Yet, I could certainly see what that wicked junction was doing to both of them.

Rob had his head thrown back, his beautiful body arched as he drove harder and faster and deeper into little Pam. He fucked on and on and on, and seemed capable of keeping up his driving pace for hours.

"Ooooh," I moaned, trying to keep my own lust sounds low.

Suddenly, though, Pam's cry matched mine. The big-titted blonde diver was right in the middle of cumming. She bit back screams of pure delight as the coach trapped her arms now, pinning her to the mat. There was nothing Pam could do to stop this amazing ravaging, even is she wanted to. But I could plainly see that Pam was enjoying every wild stroke.

"I'm getting close," he groaned, his face twisted with lust. "Can I pull him out, Pam?"

"Jesus, baby!" she cried. "Don't stop now. Just a little more. Fuck me a little more. I'm cumming so nice."

She wasn't the only one. I was rubbing the pad of my middle finger directly on the tip of my hard little joy-button. I'd been cumming steadily ever since I started watching these two. My knees were quivering and weakening as I stood in this cramped position, but I didn't want to stop watching. I'd never seen anything like this before in my life, and I wanted to see what they'd do next.

The coach leaned forward, hunching his hips faster. Only about half of his cock was inside her now. His face was buried in the sweaty valley between her huge tits as he chewed at her nipples savagely. Her nipples grew as the coach chewed and pulled on them with his teeth.

"Oooh, that's it!" Pam screamed. "Bite 'em. Bite my nipples hard."

His mouth came free as he switched to the other side, and Pam moaned, "Fuck me, Coach. Just a little more. Oooh, baby. I'm gonna cum again!"

I raised one hand, pushing down into my bar to capture one of my own aching nipples. I twisted and pinched the hot little bud, remember35 ing how Todd had thrilled me that way during my own first fuck. My right hand dug between my clenched thighs, and my middle finger slid between my puffy cuntlips. I bunched my forefinger with it and I could feel the suction drawing my fingers in deeper. I needed more, and I added my ring finger to the bunched fingers inside my fiery cunt, but what I really needed inside me was that big prick I watched down below. I needed it up inside my horny little fuck-hole.

"Now!" Pam suddenly groaned. And I realized that Coach Dunn must have been right on the edge of cumming, too. He jerked out his throbbing prick, and for just a second, I got a good look at the long, hard thing. His prick was all shiny with the cunt juices from little Pam's cunt, the head was almost purple. As he tried to crawl up over her, his long shaft bobbing up and down, I could even see the slit in the tip gaping open spastically.

Coach Dunn stumbled as he tried to get his cock up to Pam's face before his orgasm hit. But he didn't make it.

"Ooooh," grunted Coach Dunn, his warning just a split second too late to do any good.

His prick opened up, spewing an arching jet of hot cum. Pam was sitting half upright, propping herself up on one elbow as she fought to get her mouth back over his cock. Rob was crouching over her chest, his bails resting on those big tits as he shoved his cock out as far as he could. But, despite both their efforts, there was a gap of about four inches between her soft lips and the rubbery head of his cock.

As I watched, my eyes wide with amazement, hot cock-cream flew out and hit Pam right in the face. She moaned, grabbing for his exploding prick. She opened her mouth, getting some of the next spurt before finally closing her lips around his still-belching boner. "Mmm," she yelled.

Pam sucked the rest of his orgasm into her mouth, gulping as she swallowed his cream. She nursed on the big hard-on, and when she finally let his empty prick escape her sucking mouth, it was soft again.

Pam looked up at Coach Dunn and grinned, when she turned her face, I could see cum dripping from her chin. The white cream was all over her tits and neck. Rob had cum a gallon, and most of it was on Pam's face and skin. "I think I missed," he laughed.

"1 guess so, honey," big-titted Pam giggled, wiping up his cum with her fingers, and then seductively licking off the pearls of jism as she sucked at her slimy fingers. "God, you turn me on," he said. "I really wish there was some way for you to make the diving team."

"I know," she said a little sadly. "I'm gonna try, but I don't think I'm gonna make it, either."

Coach Dunn took Pam in his arms, cum and all, and kissed her sweetly on her open lips.

I wanted to watch more, but I heard footsteps approaching my office. Then someone knocked at the door.

I hopped down quickly, ripping off my soaking wet panties. I wiped some of the pussy juice from my hands and threw the panties under my desk. I took a quick look in the mirror, straightening my dress and composure before I answered the door.

"Nurse Perry!" an excited young man said. "Come quick. Carter has a bad cramp in his leg."


I ran with the young man to the pool and saw Coach Martin in the water, holding up another guy. Coach Robertson was directing the others to the shallow end, and he was swimming across the pool.

"I'm sorry, Coach," the young man in the water was saying. "I don't believe this. My leg just cramped up."

"We're going to do it my way, Carter," the head coach said sternly. "You wait until we're ready, then we'll lift you out of the water. Once we're sure you're ok, then you can try the leg." I saw what they were going to do, so I squatted at the edge of the pool to help. I reached across Coach Robertson, pulling the young man up as the tow men pushed. Together, we guided him up onto the smooth tiles at the side of the pool.

"Go ahead and dismiss the rest of them," Coach Martin said. "We'll call it a day."

I was checking Carter out, making sure that there wasn't a real injury masking itself as a cramp, when I noticed that Coach Martin hadn't moved yet. The younger coach was halfway across the pool, swimming steadily and smoothly toward the rest of the team, but the head coach was still in the water below me.

Then I looked over at him. The bald spot on he top of his head was as red as the rest of his face. His eyes didn't meet mine. He was looking lower, much lower. At first, I couldn't figure out what was holding his attention so fervently.

Then I remembered that I'd tossed my panties under the desk before running out to the pool.

Coach Martin was staring right up under my nursing uniform. My legs were parted to hold my balance as I squatted at the side of the pool, and he was staring right up into the slippery gash of my wide-open, wet pussy. I knew my pussy was probably as hot and wet and feverish as my orgasm was only seconds earlier.

Coach Martin was staring right at my swollen, wet pussy, and there was absolutely nothing I could say or do. Finally, he looked up, locking onto my eyes. I saw immediately that he was embarrassed, and also embarrassed myself, I started to cover up. Then I changed my mind. I'd liked it when the three men were looking at me earlier and this was an even better look. It was up close and personal, and it made me feel sexy and bold.

I squatted a little deeper, opening my thighs further apart. His eyes dropped between my legs again, not moving a muscle. "What do you think, Coach?" I asked.

"I, uh," he stammered, tearing his eyes from my snatch. "Let's uuuh, yeah. Let's see if he can stand."

The coach came up out of the pool in one rush. He stood at my side and together, we got the young man upright. As he put weight on his right side, the muscle cramped up again tightly. "Whirlpool," said Coach Martin.

He pointed at two of the younger swimmers and told them to help Carter into the training room. Just before he walked away, I got a good look at Coach Martin's crotch, and saw that his prick was making a tent in his long swimming trunks.

"Make sure that he checks with me before you let him go, Coach," I said. "I want to examine him, just in case."

"He needs 20 minutes in the whirlpool, first," he said, his eyes avoiding mine.

"Fine," I said, wondering why he looked away. "I'll wait in my office. You come get me when you're ready."

I went back to my office, and by the time the younger coach came in and told me that they were ready to leave, I was furious. I didn't know why Coach Martin had acted like that. I didn't flash my pussy on purpose, and he didn't have to look as if he found it so disgusting.

"Fine," I told Billy Robertson. "I'll be right in the training room."

Carter was still sitting in the whirlpool when I arrived. The timer said that he had five minutes to go. We were alone, and I got up and locked the outside door because whenever staff was at the swimming facility after hours, that's what I was supposed to do.

The young man talked to me as we waited. Carter was the long-distance specialist on he swimming team, and seemed embarrassed about during practice. We talked about it until the timer went off. He wanted to go back to the dorm, but I insisted on checking out his leg first.

"Out," I ordered. "I'm not going to release you for practice until I'm sure you're all right." "I don't have anything on," he finally said. I handed him a towel, turning my back as he climbed out and covered his waist. He toweled off quickly and wrapped the damp towel around him, certain he was safe from my gaze. But I had cheated. I watched his reflection in one of the mirrors over the sinks. When he crawled out of the whirlpool, his prick was stiff as a board. He tried to hide it from me, but I got a look when he turned to wrap the towel. Yes. I'd been right. Big and hard, just as I was learning to appreciate.

It was as if I'd developed a radar for hard-ons now that I was no longer a virgin. Everywhere I turned, I saw men with boners. I waited until he was covered, then turned and walked out of the training room.

Carter followed me back to the nurses station. I closed my door securely behind us, making sure that we wouldn't be disturbed, and he hopped up on the examination table. When I started checking out his leg, I felt my pussy start to dampen again. "Where does it hurt?" I asked. "Up high on the inside," he said.

I checked, already knowing what was wrong. I pushed in on the area of his groin tendon, and he jerked. When his leg cramped, he'dpulled the tendon too far. It was a fairly common injury, and I didn't really need to explore further, but I didn't tell him that. "Let's see," I said, trying to sound medical.

I moved the towel up higher over his belly. As I felt the inside of his thigh, I moved his legs apart. His hairy balls rolled down as his thighs parted. My hand ran along his inner thigh. His balls moved as I touched them, squirming and sliding as my fingers wormed their way underneath. Under the towel, I saw a bulge throbbing.

"Well," I said, "it's either a groin pull or something in your lower abdomen causing the pain. Let's check it out."

I pulled the towel up higher, and it came unhooked. His cock fail out in my view, and Carter blushed again. I pushed on his lower abdomen, knowing nothing was wrong. I really wanted to get a good look at that pretty thing sticking up from his crotch. Of course, I wasn't a connoisseur of cocks yet, only having seen two hard ones, but his balls amazed me. They were as big as lemons, and his cock was nice too.

My mind was definitely not at my work. All I could think of when I saw Carter's big balls and stiff cock was how much cum would shoot out of nuts that big.

"There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with your belly," I said. "But we're going to have to do something about that swelling."

"My leg?" he asked, seeming a little concerned about something really being wrong. "Yeah," I said, wrapping my fingers around

his throbbing cock. "Your middle one."

I reached up with my free hand, unbuttoning my nursing uniform, and with my other hand I rippled my fingers up and down over that stiff length of cock meat. I went slowly, giving Carter plenty of time to stop me if he objected. He didn't, so I jacked up and down over his cock. "I don't believe this," he said.

"I'm a trained nurse," I said with a smile. "You're going to have to trust me on this, Mr. Carter. I know just what to do in cases like this. It's simple therapy that won't hurt you a bit."

He just gawked up at me, his prick twitching nicely against my palm. Then I released one of my firm tits and his eyes locked on my nipple. I let go of his prick, stripping off my white dress and tossing it over onto my desk. I left my bra and stockings on, knowing how naughty I looked.

I came closer. Carter started to sit up, reaching for me.

"No," I said. "Rest. That's an order, Mr. Carter. You really did pull your groin, honey. You're going to have to take it real easy for a couple of weeks. Starting now. Relax. Let me do all the work."

Pushing him onto his back, I crawled up over the prone swimmer. I'd never done this before, but the position seemed natural. I threw one leg across his hips, settling down over his rock-hard prick.

"I don't believe this," he moaned again, but I noticed that he was pointing his prick up for me.

I held still, not sure what to do. Carter must have done this before. The young man moved his prick, sliding that thick head back and forth through my puffy cunt lips. It sank in just enough to pick up my wetness, and by the time I started to drop down, he was slick and ready.

My pussy was so hot. I pushed up, feeling Carter's fingers pointing his hard-on up into my pussy. As I felt back down, I sank slowly around his twitching cock. "Mmmm," I moaned softly.

Fine, I thought as his prick filled my hot pussy. If Coach Martin doesn' t want me, I can find other men who do. I knew I'd seduced this young man to prove that point, but right then I didn't care. All I wanted was the feel of this stiff boner inside my steamy cunt.

I eased down farther. That hard tube of cock filled me, and I took it all. I was so horny for cock-especially after my view of the fucking couple in the supply room. The shaft of his prick sawed back and forth against my inflamed clit.

"Ooooh, yeah," I moaned softly, loving this new feeling of being in control. There wasn't any room on the examination table for me to rest on my knees, so I raised up on the balls of my feet, and flexed my thighs. My hot pussy dragged up over the long-distance swimmer's cock until just the head remained between my oozing cunt lips.

I watched Carter's face, eager to see if he was enjoying what I was doing. He didn't say a word, but his eyes were half closed when I sank down again, this time squeezing the head of his prick inside my gripping pussy as I lowered myself, Carter's eyes rolled up into his head.

Obvious approval, I thought as I moved the wet heat of my pussy up and down over his cock. The cock of a man whose first name I didn't even know. It was so depraved and so naughty, the nuns would be scandalized.

The young swimmer finally moved. His hand came up, folding down the cups of my demi-bra to expose my aching nipples, and he tweaked once. Quickly he lowered his hand down to where his prick as fully embedded in my soaking wet snatch.

"Ooooh," I groaned with delight as his thumb found my swollen clitty and flicked over the slippery tip.

I could feel his huge balls squished under my ass. As he tortured my clitty, I opened wider and sank down a little more. His hand went behind my shoulders and pulled me forward.

As I moved my hands past his head, I figured out what Carter was after. My titties hung right over his face, which was held high by the covered pillow on the examination table. As I scooted up, my ass rose up, dragging some of that wonderful hardness from my overheated cunt, but putting more pressure from his cock across my hard little joy-button. My naked nipples were only inches from his lips.

I tried moving again, this time lifting my ass and cunt back and forth instead of up and down. This was much nicer. And as Carter bucked under me, he drove his hard-on up into my slippery cunt-hole. "Yes," I panted.

Instinctively, I guess that I learned how to fuck a man from the top. I plunged my cunt back and forth, dragging that hunk of twitching cock meat in and out between my pussy lips. I could feel it so well this way. Every bump and ridge of his prick rippled across my fiery flesh, and my entire body quivered with excitement.

Carter still said nothing but that didn't keep me quiet.

"God, I love doing this," I groaned, enthralled by the delicious feelings washing over my body. "I love fucking! I should have started years ago."

Trembling with pleasure, I fucked this quiet, young man long and hard. As he humped up, I sank down around him and every now and then, I looked down. Between my legs, and hunk of cock was sliding in and out of my grinding cunt-hole. And as his prick came out of my juicy hole, my outer pussy-lips stretched and spread as if my passion-slickened cunt didn't want to let the luscious hard prick out of its grip. And where he fucked back into my sucking wetness, I was wide open, totally defenseless for his relentless upward thrusts. My legs flailed as I sank down another fraction of an inch, impaled on the thick pole of his throbbing hard-on.

Carter's hands urged me to move, lifting up on my ass, and I pushed up, resting my hands on his smooth chest. "Yes," I moaned again.

I raised up, keeping just the plum-like head of the young man's boner inside my gripping pussy-lips. Then I sank down again, feeling as if I was stuffed with hard prick meat. The next time I pulled my trembling body up and back, I squeezed inside all around Carter's thick rod. To my surprise, I was discovering fuck muscles that I didn't know existed. I tightened and held him, milking all around the jerking length of heavenly cock inside my hungry pussy.

"I really don't believe that!" he grunted, his smoky brown eyes again rolling back into his head.

"You mean this?" I purred.

I moved again, sliding my cunt up and down, back and forth, quickly learning to control my inner charms as I rocked thrillingly over Carter' s steel-like prick. A smile crossed my face. I'd been worried about not doing it right, and here I was pleasing the young swimmer.

"Is this what you like, baby?" I teased, stimulating both of us with my naughty words and rhythmically grinding body. "You like my tight, little pussy?"

I turned my head, catching the reflection of the two of us in the mirror behind the locked door. For just a split-second, I didn't recognize myself. The woman in the mirror was beautiful. Her sexy body glistened with a sheen of sweat, and her face glowed with sexual fulfillment.

That's me, I thought. I've turned into a cock-loving, sinful woman.

"Do it," I urged him. "Fuck up into me, baby. Slide that big hard cock into me, Carter. Harder. Oooh, yes. That's it. Fuck it to me! Fuck me with that big cock."

I felt an orgasm starting deep in my belly. As he fucked up into me, pounding relentlessly into my cock-hungry cunt, and I started to cum.

"Oooh, baby," I groaned. "Your cock feels so nice up in me. Fuck me. Make me cum, Carter. Please! Make me cum hard!"

Carter leaned up, sucking at my titties. His hands drifted behind me. He spread the cheeks of my ass, probing into the crack between those tight buns. One finger dipped into the back of my grinding pussy, then moved wetly to my asshole. "What are you doing?" I groaned.

Without answering, Carter kept searching for the center of my backdoor. He found it. His finger circled, getting me wet and again he went to my gushing cunt, transferring more of my slick juices. The slimy feel made me shiver.

I knew what was coming. I just didn't believe it.

"Mmmmmm," I signed as a brand-new, delightful thrill overwhelmed my senses.

He did it. He pushed his fingers slowly up into my crinkled asshole. One smooth, steady push, and he was in me. With his finger inside my butt, he pushed his cock deep into my eager cunt. He fucked his finger in and out in time with that heavenly hard cock, slipping deeper and deeper up inside me at both ends.

"Ooooh, you naughty boy," I gasped, grinding my quivering butt-hole back until his penetrating finger sank up palm-deep into my asshole.

His huge balls were squirming under me, and I knew he was getting close to filling me with cream. My moans echoed in the small room as he worked his wriggling finger around and around inside me, stretching the hot flesh of my asshole.

I loved it. His pulsating hard prick stroking deep inside my quivering cunt, and his naughty finger up inside my tightly clutching asshole and his mouth over my rock-hard nipples.

"Oooh, here comes a nice one," I squealed, riding up and down over both his long hard cock and that rigid middle finger. "I'm gonna make it again!"

The young swimmer's mouth sucked my nipples harder and faster, and his hard fucking strokes jabbed up into me, rocking my entire body. I responded, arching my back and swirling my smoldering cunt. I moved too quickly, though.

The finger in my ass came out with a plopping sound. "Nooo," I complained, but it was too late.

Now, both of his hands were on my ass, making me ride him faster and faster. His strong fingers dug into my tender flesh, cupping both cheeks of my creamy butt.

I fell forward, my mouth finding Carter's. My lips opened as his slippery tongue snaked between them, and his lips closed around my mouth sucking so seductively over my pink tongue. As I undulated over Carter and his beautiful boner, I tongue-fucked his lips. My cunt was ablaze, and nothing mattered any longer except making that incredible cock inside me explode.

Suddenly, his cock swelled larger and his pounding strokes ended. Carter pushed up so high, his ass arched off the examination table. I milked my cunt once more, keeping him right on the edge, and then started a frantic fucking motion as a choking cry passed his lips.

"Yes!" I screamed, jerking my mouth from his. "Oooh, God. That's it. Fuck me, baby. Cum. Cum for me."

He climaxed with me. I felt his prick bucking inside my hot cunt. Thick cum shot out, boiling up from those huge balls. He kept his back arched up, letting me use my inner muscles to bring him through the body-shaking seconds of his orgasm.

As he screamed, wave after wave of hot jism splattered up into my climaxing fuck-hole. The slippery cum filled my tight pussy and seeped back out around his deeply embedded cock. I didn't have to wonder any longer about those huge balls.

Carter's muscles all seemed to relax at once. I sank down, and our skin slipped together, both of us covered with sweat. Cum trickled back out over his balls.

"How did you like my treatment?" I asked after we'd both recovered enough breath to speak.

"Nice," he whispered, kissing me gently along my neck. "Did you?"

"Did I what?" I purred, enjoying the tickling feel. "Did you cum?"

"God, yes!" I laughed, looking into his eyes, realizing at that moment that my sexual desires were growing with each passing day. I was going to need others, hopefully others who fucked like this young swimmer.

"How's the leg?" I asked, squirming to let him know I wanted up. "Okay," he said, surprised. "See," I said. "I told you I was a trained nurse."

We dressed. I told him how to treat his leg, advising him to see the doctor in the morning. By the time he was up and dressed, I was back in my nursing mode. I ushered him out the door, locked up and walked back to my dorm room.

For a Monday, this had turned out to be a really great day!


Though the next practice until Wednesday, I came to work anyway. There's always paperwork to catch up on.

As I unlocked the front door, I saw that the door to Coach Martin's office was open. As I passed, he looked up.

"Good morning," I called, willing to give him another chance. "Hello, Miss Perry," he said.

"You said that you wanted to talk to me about the next series of drug tests, Coach," I reminded him. "Right," he said.

"Well?" I said, exasperated. "You want to come to my office?" "You mean now?"

"Are you that busy?"I asked, my voice again becoming sharp.

I couldn't figure what Coach Martin had against me. He didn't even seem eager to talk to me.

I went to my office. He followed. We were the only ones in this early morning, and he handed me a list of swimmers and divers who were scheduled for drug testing.

"There's one problem," he said. "One kid, Todd Harrison, can't be here until the day before the next meet. He's scheduled to graduate midterm, but he wants to swim for us until the state championship meet."

Todd Harrison was my Todd, my special Todd who had changed me for the better only a few days ago. "What's the problem?" I asked.

"I told him to come in later this morning, so you could give him the test early," he explained. "No problem," I said.

We talked a little longer about my duties and about this year's competition. I noticed that the coach was calming down, not seeming to be so afraid to look into my eyes. "Let me see that list again," I said, standing up and leaning over my desk to act as if I was checking out the names closely.

What I was really doing was giving the coach another look at my body. I had on a short white dress, zippered in front. The big ring holding up the zipper, though, wasn't up at the top. In fact, it was down just below the curves of my titties. My sensitive boobs were pushed up in a lacy bra, and as I leaned over, Coach Martin had a free glimpse down into my dress.

He looked, and I could tell that he liked what he saw. But, as soon as I looked up, he jerked his eyes away and turned all red again. "Coach?" I said. "Yes, Miss Perry," he answered formally. "Don't you like me?" "Of course, I like you," he said.

"You don't act like it," I said, pouting as I leaned further over the desk, and pushing my arms in around my chest.

"I'm, uuh," he stammered, finally getting the words out. "I-I'm not always comfortable talking to members of the staff." "Bull shit!!" I said harshly.

"What?" he gasped, shocked to hear this once-quiet nurse using words like that.

"I said bull shit, Coach Martin," I said. "I've seen you looking at me. I even heard you joking with the other guys about my body."

"Well," he said, blushing again. "I guess."

"I didn't mean to flash my pussy at you yesterday. It just happened. But you looked. I saw you. I saw you get a hard-on, too." "Miss Perry!" he gasped again.

"So why do you act as if you're afraid of me?" I asked.

At first, he wouldn't answer me. I waited, seeing his eyes flashing up to peek at my boobs once again.

"If I minded you looking," I whispered, pulling the ring down another inc. "I'd cover up. I like you looking, coach. Talk to me."

"I don't think a beautiful, young woman like you would be interested in having some bald old man hitting on her," he said, hanging his head.

"I like you, Coach Martin," I said, understanding the problem now "You're nice,"

He smiled, this time looking up at me, and then he dropped his eyes to look at my exposed titties. When his eyes came back up to mine, he wasn't trying to hide what he'd seen. "I think you're kinda cute, too," I giggled. "Really?" he said.

"And I know you like looking at girls," I said. "Go ahead. Look I don't mind. I like having a man look at me. I love it when a guy gets hard over me. My pussy was all wet when you saw it, wasn't it?"

"Jesus,"he moaned softly as I pulled down the zipper on the front of my dress.

My door was locked, and I let the dress fall to the floor. His eyes followed my hands as I found the front clasp to my new bra. He leaned forward, anticipating what I was going to show him.

"You wanna see my tits?" I asked, teasing him as my fingers toyed with the clasp.' He nodded, unable to speak.

I flipped, letting my nicely shaped boobs come into view.

My nipples were crinkled up and hard. I rolled them between my fingers, naughtily licking my lips as that warm feeling I loved started to heat up in my belly. My hands went down to my panties. Today, I had on a pair of french-cut, bikini style panties. I hooked my thumbs in the top and waited, teasing Coach Martin.

"Ask me," I said. "Ask to see my hot, little pussy, baby."

My hand slipped down inside my panties. I watched his eyes as I opened my cunt, flicking into the wet pool inside my creaming fuck hole. I stroked up to my clitty, groaning as the feelings got hotter.

"God, Jessica," he panted. "Please. Let me see your pussy again."

I dragged off the damp panties. I was all wet inside, and I wanted to show my wet cunt to the coach. TO really show it to him. I hopped up on my empty desk, opening my legs wide.

"Take a good look, Coach," I whispered, spreading my legs for him.

I closed my eyes, the naughty thrill of exposing myself so openly to this man was almost enough to bring on an orgasm without even being touched. I heard the chair Coach Martin was sitting in roll closer to the desk. His strong hands touched my knees.

Then something incredible touched the folds of my furry pussy. A moist, warm, wriggling mass separated my swollen cuntlips, sliding right up to the stiff tip of my clitty.

"Ooooh, my God," I groaned. "What are you doing to me?" "I'm just licking your pretty pussy," he said. "Jesus, that's so wonderful," I gasped.

"No one has ever gone down on you?" he asked, amazed again by my lack of sexual experience.

"No," I said. "Never. But don't stop. Please, Coach. Do that again."

My body writhed and squirmed on the hard desktop as he leaned in close again. His fingers rubbed over my hot pussy, spreading my cuntlips wide open again. A singer finger penetrated my juicy depths, sliding inside and swirling excitedly up to my aching clitty.

"Mmmm," I moaned in protest, pinching my own nipples, knowing fully well that he was watching me slide feverishly over the top of my own desk. "No. Lick me. Do that nasty thing with your tongue again, Coach. Oooh, please?"

Coach Martin was holding my cunt open and torturing me with his fingers. I could feel his warm breath. I groaned, humping up until my bare pussy touched his chin. That got him started. That marvelous moist tongue flicked out again. He licked me between my oozing cuntlips and flicked around in a tight little circle around the tip of my joy-button. "Yes!" I hissed. "That's it. More of that."

My senses filled with utter delight. I was being eaten by a man and eaten so nicely. And as he licked on my hot little cunt, I pinched down hard on my sensitive nipples. Coach Martin shoved a finger back up into my clutching cunt-hole. I was dripping all over his hands and face, as he sucked my clit, gently. "Oooh, that's nice," I managed. "S-So nice."

"Your pussy tastes sweet, Jessica," he moaned, the words, almost lost as my thighs closed around his head.

"I like hearing you say that," I whispered, spreading my thighs so he could look up at me. "My pussy. It makes me hot to hear that. Talk dirty to me. Eat me and talk dirty to me, Coach."

"I'm licking your snatch, you prick-teasing, little bitch," he said, his eyes locked on the winking, wet hole that was squirming only inches form his mouth. "God, your pussy is so beautiful. I haven't seen anything like this in years. So young and wet and hot. Let me lick it. Let me eat your hot cunt, Jessica."

He dove back in, unable to stop himself. I didn't care. Those wonderful feelings were back again. He wormed his tongue up between my cuntlips, making one long, wet slurping motion and covering every inch of my naked cunt. His tongue twisted across my clitty, I clamped again with my moist thighs to show him exactly where I wanted him to lick.

All I could see was that bald spot on the back of his head. I was crushing that head, not caring if I was cutting off his air. Surging with lust, I wanted more I wanted to do it all. I wanted Coach Martin's cock. I wanted to try what he was doing. I wanted to use my mouth on his angrily swollen cock. To let him put it in my mouth, my cunt, even my ass.

But most of all, I wanted more of his hot tongue.

"Eat me," I ordered as he sucked at my hard joy-button. "Oooh, baby. Suck it. Suck my pussy!" His face was buried in my hairy cunt, Coach Martin started rocking his head back and forth. He was driving his tongue up into me, and my pussy sucked at it, gripping around the slimy mass. I was breathless, over this first-time oral orgy, and I could feel my wetness smearing on his cheeks now as I humped up and down against his driving tongue.

As he was stabbing me with his tongue, our timing got off a little. I humped up as he was licking and pushing down. His eager tongue slipped out of my hot pussy, and landed right in the center of my puckering asshole.

"Ooooh, Coach," I groaned, mewling as his tongue swirled across the crinkled rings of my ass.

"You like that?" he asked, pulling away for just as second. "It's so naughty," I groaned, "but I loved it."

Placing his hands high on my thighs, Coach Martin pushed me up, exposing my trembling asshole, and then kissed my puckered hole, slobbering over the crack of my ass. "Ooooh, baby," I sobbed.

His tongue stiffened again. He pushed forward, driving that absolutely amazing thing up my ass. I held my breath, willing him not to stop. His tongue slipped up past the tight rings guarding my shitter, and he fucked my virgin asshole as I mewled and squirmed toward his slick face.

"That's so nasty, Coach," I grunted, pushing up on my heels to give him all the room I could. "Tongue me. Oooh, yes! Fuck me in the ass with that hot tongue, baby."

He stabbed his tongue in and out of my trembling asshole, his chin pressed tightly to my hot crotch. I sobbed, drenching his face with the cunt oils that were pouring from my tight pussy, and I felt my flowering cuntlips sucking at his nose.

I humped up, pushing my throbbing clitty against the tip of his nose, and he slid up and down, stroking his nose over my aching bud. Here I cum, I thought to myself.

He must have known I was right on the verge of cumming because he pulled his sweet tongue out of my wriggling ass, and quickly wrapped his lips around my aching clitty. He sucked with the tip of his tongue feverishly flicking across the length of my distended clit.

He moaned something unintelligible and rammed two fingers up into my quaking cunt.

I climaxed, grinding and bucking against the face between my legs. I know I screamed, but I was too far gone to realize what I was yelling. My juices flowed into his mouth, and as I twisted my nipples, Coach Martin sucked me through the wonderful moment, overpowering me with his tender mouth and tongue. He eased the pressure on my clitty, licking and kissing over my hot cunt as I came back to my senses. "That was fantastic, Coach," I whispered.

I looked down, seeing my flat tummy rippling from the sensations he gave me, and I wanted to return the thrills. I wanted him to cum, too-just as nice as I had.

He looked up at me, his juice-covered face peeking up form between my quivering thighs. I lifted my knees up against my tits, opened my legs and hooked my heels back on the edge of the desk.

"I want you," I purred, wriggling my finger for him to come closer. "I want you to fuck me." "Jesus!" he gasped.

"Yes," I told him again to make sure he believed me. "I want to do something nice for you, too. I'm gonna let you fuck me, Coach. Right now. Right on top of this desk."

He stood, ripping off his belt and fighting with the hooks on his pants. He pulled them down, then stripped down his huge boxer shorts. He was hard. His cock was swollen up tightly, pointing right at me.

I reached down, running my hand over my cunt, and Coach Martin came closer. I put my soft hand over his jerking prick, caressing his cock to full hardness, and working my slimy fingers around his mature hard-on until he was steaming hot and as anxious as I was for our first fuck.

"See how wet you made me, Coach," I sighed. "When you put your naughty tongue up my asshole, I just about died." "Me, too," he groaned. "Put your finger in me," I ordered.

He did as I asked. I squeezed down, milking my inner muscles over his slippery middle finger as he stroked in and out of my cock-loving cunt. "Feel how tight my pussy is?" I asked. "God! "he groaned.

The cock in my hand jerked. I squeezed down, then slid my slippery hand under his balls. I rolled them, watching his eyes, and he slipped his finger in me deeper, finding a spot way up inside me that drove me wild. As he rubbed, my hand slid down under his balls, and I placed one finger up into the crack of his ass.

I wanted to finger-fuck his butt, but I wasn't quite ready for that yet. "Fuck me," I said softly. "Fuck me right now."

He stood up in front of my spread legs. I watched him take his own cock in his hand, sliding it up until the tip was bumping against my wanton pussy-lips. Then he nudged the head of his cock up against the slippery opening of my juicy cunt.

I sucked in my belly, watching with delight as the coach fucked forward. That stiff, thick prick slipped up into the moist warmth of my slippery pussy. When the entire length of his cock had disappeared up into my body, I locked my legs around his hips, screwing up around the base of his boner.

The more I used my body sexually, the more I was able to enjoy the feelings my sexy young body was capable of bringing me. I humped up, squeezing my legs around his ass to make sure I had every inch of Coach Martin's magnificent prick in the smoldering grip of my pulsing pussy. "Fuck," I said.

His hands locked on the edge of the desk. Pushing up, he started pumping his prick into me. My earlier toying had his prick fully hard now and his steel-hard shaft rippled along my clitty. Each stroke seemed to take forever, but I didn't hurry him, loving each stimulating second of the steady, slow-motion thrusts. "Deep," I gasped. "Nice and deep, Coach."

I twisted my head back and forth, loving the way this older man fucked. The way his pounding, steady rhythm beat into my hot cunt. He didn't seem to be int he same hurry to shoot me full of cum that the younger guys had been. He was enjoying all of me, watching my tits swaying, feeling my young body responding to his, listening to my groaning cries, making me beg for him to keep fucking my melting cunt. And his balls were swinging back and forth, nuzzling against my still slippery asshole.

"Jessica," he whispered, as if he still wasn't sure it was me.

"God, I love this," I answered. "Having you lick my pussy was nice, but there's nothing like the feel of a nice cock in me. Fuck me, Coach. Fuck me just like that. Oooh, yeah. Just like that."

Coach Martin's beautiful cock pumped in and out of my hot, slippery pussy, stretching my cunt so wide. I timed his strokes, squeezing down with my fuck muscles, holding over his sliding prick as it slithered inside me and making my pussy explode as I increased my internal pressure at just the right time. "Harder," I screamed.

Coach Martin fucked in and out of my pussy, gathering speed and intensity with each stroke. He hammered me, driving his prick deeper into my trembling pussy. My nerves awakened at this change. Without realizing it, I was moving with him, fucking my hips upward as hard as he was fucking down into me. I slammed my groin up to his, forcing as much of that now-throbbing cock as I could into my cunt.

"Are you close, baby?" I asked. "Harder. Oooh. I felt that! He's really throbbing now. You're gonna cum for me."

"Yes," he panted. "Don't worry. I'll pull out." "No," I sobbed. "Cum in me."

Coach Martin stiffened as I gobbled up his hard cock with the velvety prison of my sweet cunt. My hands went around his waist, locking him close to me. There was no way I was going to let him pull out. I wasn't going to let his load of cum go to waste. I wanted to feel his hot cum spilling into my belly. "Now you can cum," I gasped.

I held on tightly, grinding my cunt over his jerking prick. I fought, holding off my own climax until he was there. His strokes slowed. He pushed in hard and deep, letting me tighten all around him before pulling back. I worked my inner magic, voraciously sucking at his cock with my writhing pussy. My hands went down to Ms ass, and I clutched tightly, pulling in time with his slow strokes.

"Feel it, baby," I groaned, the erotic spasms of his prick plugging into me. "Fee! how wet my pussy is for you, Coach. I'm gonna make you cum. I'm gonna make you cum so nice, honey."

He was close. I looked into his eyes. I could see that he was almost there.

"Stay inside me," I whispered. "Let me feel your cum, baby. Let me feel that big cock spurting up inside my hot pussy." It jerked, and I waited until! felt a deep throbbing inside his sliding hard-on. I waited until that first hot, wet, thrilling jet of cock cream squirted up into my milking depths. By waiting, I got to feel it all.

Coach Martin kept moving, slowly fucking his big prick deep into me even as he shot me full of cum. The burning of that hot cock juice triggered a wild orgasm that shook my whole body. His face buried in my tits. I held him tightly, letting him know that I was cumming right along with him. I hugged him tightly, loving the luscious tingling inside my well-fucked body. "Coach Martin?" I said. "What, honey?"

"Do you have a first name?" I asked. "I've never heard anyone call you anything but coach."

"Yes," he said, nuzzling against my naked tits with his lips. "Well," I laughed. "What is it?" "Doug," he said.

"Do you think I know you well enough now to call you by your first name?" I asked, feeling his lovely cock softening quickly inside my cum-filled pussy. "Yes," he answered.

"Well, Dough," I whispered into his ear. "I want you to know something." "What?"

"I still think you're a nice guy, and you're cute. But now I also know that you're one hell of a good fuck," I said, turning his head so I could give him a big, wet kiss right on the bare spot on top. "A girl could do a lot worse than having this bald old man hitting on her."


Todd called Doug Martin and said he'd arrive for his urine and blood tests just before noon. I took an early lunch. When I got back, both Doug and Todd were waiting in front of my office.

It was quite a sight. I'd fucked both of these men in the past few days. Neither of them knew about the other, of course, but they seemed somewhat competitive when they spoke to me, each inching closer to me and verbally sparring for my attention. I unlocked the office and prepared for the drug tests. It was fun. I'd never had two guys interested in me like this before. They were so different and yet the same in some ways. Todd was my first lover. I let him fuck me simply because I was so horny I was about to burst. Well, the fact that he was a totally awesome hunk didn't hurt either. Todd, I also learned as we talked about why he was leaving, was a rich kid. His daddy owned some huge company, and Todd was graduating with a business degree in a couple of weeks and going out to California for a well-paying job.

Doug, on the other hand, wasn't nearly as good a catch. He was in his early 40s, lived on a coach's salary and was starting to go bald, and soft. But I didn't fuck him because of his body. I really liked Doug because he was so sweet.

I started teasing them a little. After all, they were trying so hard. I took the blood samples in two numbered tubes, and when I put a bandage on Todd's arm I let him rub on me sneakily- both of us watching the coach waiting impatiently by the door. When I released him arm, they both observed as I put the tubes immediately into the locked sample case. Then each of us signed the proper forms for the test.

When I had the little toilet and dressing room cleared of all extra equipment, I told the coach to check it thoroughly. The college is very strict when it comes to these drug test, and the procedures we have to go through are pretty much foolproof. After Coach Martin checked the room, Todd took the numbered cups. I checked the door, looking to make sure the inside bell was working. We all signed off for the test, and Todd went into the bathroom. I could tell that Doug wasn't comfortable, and I didn't really want to hurt his feelings, so I walked him out.

When I got back in two or three minutes, I leaned on the door and waited at least 10 minutes. Finally, I knocked at the door.

"Todd, honey?" I called. "Are you OK in there?" "Yes," he said.

"If you can't pee," I said. "I can get you some water."

"That's not the problem," he laughed. "I've got to piss so bad my back teeth are floating."

I had no idea what that meant, but it was obvious that there was some kind of problem. "I'm opening up, Todd," I said.

He was still there, his robe tied tightly around his waist. The two cups were sitting on the back of the toilet, they were empty.

"Now," I said, in my nurse-in-charge voice. "What's going on?" "I don't seem to able to pee," he said. "Why?"

Todd opened the robe. His swung out, and it was so hard that it stood up straight, pointing toward his belly button.

"Oooh," I giggled. "I see."

My knowledge of male anatomy was sadly lacking. "Is that a problem?" I asked, blushing this time myself.

"It sure is," he gasped. "You started rubbing your tits on my arm when you took that blood sample. My cock just jumped up hard. Then when you locked the door and winked at me, I started thinking about you. About when we fucked. Now the damn thing won't go down!" "You can't pee like that?"

"No way!" he said. "If I could, you'd have to put the cups up on the ceiling."

I laughed, but, even as I giggled, I couldn't tear my eyes from his rock-hard boner. I reached out and gently caressed Todd's cock. "Maybe I can help," I whispered.

"Is Coach still here?" he gasped, looking over my shoulder worriedly.

"He's gone," I said, stroking over the now-twitching length of his prick. "What can I do to make it go down, baby?"

"Well," he said, "I'll bet a blowjob would do the trick."

"I smiled, licking my lips as I felt my heart skipping a beat. As he spoke, his cock jumped wildly.

"There's only one problem," I cooed, moving closer to his naked young body. "I've never done that. You'd have to show me what to do, Todd. Would you mind? Would you show me how to suck your cock?" Within about two seconds, I was sitting on the bench in the dressing room, and Todd was standing in front of me. He took my soft hands and wrapped one around the thick base of his beautiful boner, my fingers pointed slightly down toward my salivating mouth. The feel of his hot, hard cock made my pussy drip.

"What should I do first?" I asked, my voice croaking.

"Kiss it," he whispered. "Lick it all over, baby. Just et used to it before you start sucking."

I leaned closer. The tip of his prick was inches from my mouth. I moved my fist up over the towering hunk of cock meat and drew in the clean scent of his musty crotch. As my fist closed tightly, a glistening drop appeared out of the little piss-slit in the tip of his prick-head.

My lips touched first, kissing the side of his meaty thickness, and as I moved my face, caressing against the velvety hardness of Todd's prick, it twitched. I moaned, rubbing my cheeks against the silky flesh of his boner, my moist lips leaving a damp trail around the lower half of his dick.

Each time I touched it, Todd's cock jerked in response.

"Mmmm," I sighed, feeling rny nipples hardening inside my jumpsuit. "I think he likes me."

My mouth filled with hot saliva, and I had to swallow before I could open. I let my tongue peek out, touching his cock flesh. I started licking, bathing around and around, my mouth sliding up higher as I lashed over Todd's fat cock. I felt him shudder with pleasure.

As I reached the hard ridge marking the edge of Todd's prick head, I let my tongue explore. It rode up over the crown, feeling the spongy flesh above, and I leaned up to kiss the very tip.

My lips touched. That shiny bubble of pre-cum was still quivering as it burst against my lips. It spread, coating my lips slippery, and without thinking, I moved my tongue out and licked the fluid from my lips.

"Oooo, baby," I groaned, shuddering against his cock. and I eagerly lapped up Todd's dripping oils. When I'd milked out the last little taste, I pulled down tightly on his throbbing shaft and drilled my tongue into the little gap of his piss-slit. I felt his knees weakening, and Todd leaned against the wall to keep from collapsing into a trembling heap of passion.

"Oooh, God Jessica!" he groaned, his hands digging into the short hair on my head.

"Am I doing good?" I panted, looking up into his eyes. "Yes! "he hissed.

I stood quickly, spinning with Todd in the small room. I put him on the bench, kneeled in front of him, snuggling between his open knees and took that jerking length of tongue-bathed cock in my hands again. I licked over the crown once more, this time, my eyes locking with his as I naughtily caressed Todd's hard-on with my sweet tongue. "Now what?" I purred. "Suck it," he panted. "Tell me," I whispered. "Tell me what to do."

"Open your mouth," he growled softly. "Take it. Take my cock in your mouth. Just a little. I promise not to shove it in. Just take a little. Please!" Todd whimpered as my mouth opened and his hands went back to my head. My nursing cap was in his way. Todd fumbled, finding the pins holding the white, squared-off hat and he tore it loose. With a low, growing sob, he gripped my head and thrust his prick into me. He shoved it right into my mouth.

I eagerly rode him, letting my lips soften as the head of this horny young man' s prick entered my mouth, and I decided right then and there that I wanted to learn to be the best cocksucker that had ever been. "Try to take a little more," Todd said.

I opened wide, remembering the way Pam had looked as she sucked on Coach Dunn's much bigger cock. Todd's dick sank in deeper, but when the tip hit the back of my throat, I felt myself tensing. I was burning hot, and I wanted more. I wanted to feel Todd's big cock-every fucking inch of that lovely thing.

I needed Todd's hands on me. Keeping his jerking prick in my mouth, I unbuttoned the top of my jumpsuit. This time I wore nothing underneath, and I reached up, guiding his hands to my tits.

"Pinch them," I said, dragging my mouth free for just a second. "Pinch my nipples while I suck your cock."

Todd reached inside the top of my jumpsuit and grabbed for my nipples which were already hard. As he pinched down on them, I rolled my tongue around the head of his meaty prick. I sucked his big prick back into my mouth, and he thrust forward, fucking my face. I took his cock deeper, my soft, moist lips nibbling down his long shaft. The rubbery tip of his boner bumped against the back of my throat, but this time I only moaned deep in my throat, making soft, vibrating sounds of delight.

Todd slid forward, perching right on the edge of the little bench. I found his swinging balls, cupping and fondling with one hand over the squirming globes. "God, Jessie," he hissed. "Suck it. Suck my cock, honey."

I could tell that he loved what I was doing. When I touched his balls, Todd jerked wildly on the bench. Then suddenly, I had a naughty idea. I pulled free, kissing and slobbering over his juice cock, working my way down to the hairy sac. "Can I kiss them?" I whispered. "Jesus!" Todd groaned.

Todd's balls were hanging freely, and his big boner was poking up past my forehead. I rubbed my nose against his balls, feeling the loose globes running around inside each crinkled sac. His prick was all slippery from my mouth, and I wrapped one fist around it. I moved my hand, rippling my fingers over the sensitive flesh and I nuzzled under the base of his boner, feeling the kinky hairs tickling my nose. I drew in a heady breath of his musky male scent. His strong scent excited me, and I began sucking at his balls hanging in front of my face. I opened wide, letting one of the cum-filled globes slide between my lips. Todd cried out, and I sucked in and out, switching from one ball to the other. As Todd pinched down on both nipples, I exploded into a thousand pieces. My pussy clamped down around nothing, cumming like crazy. "You're fantastic!" he moaned above me. "Mmmm," I responded, pulling up from the gorgeous thrill of his crotch. "You made me cum, honey. Ooooh, that was nice."

I ran my sweet tongue up, rippling along that thick tube, and when I got to the tip, it jerked against my teasing, moist flesh.

"If you don't watch out," he said, half-laughing, "I'm gonna cum, too." "I hope so," I said, smiling up at Todd.

I had to have his cock in my mouth again. Quickly, I kissed my way back to the dripping tip of Todd's big boner and centered it against the softness of my lips. My body shivered. I was going to do it this time. I squeezed my thighs together, mewled through a 10 second-long cum, and in one wild motion that I couldn't control, I sucked it all the way into my bruised mouth. I sucked every inch of that bloated, blue-veined, big, beautiful cock right down to the thick base. "Jesus! "Todd gasped.

"Mmmmmm," I moaned as my mouth was totally filled with the throbbing excitement of a man's prick for the first time. Suddenly, I felt the head lodge in my throat, and I came up, afraid of choking. But only for a second. I gobbled Todd's prick again, caressing it with my lips, swirling all I could reach with my tongue and making it throb wildly again.

When I had it all, I held his pulsating prick in my sucking mouth and locked my hands around his balls. I climaxed again, this time just from the feel of Todd's big boner jerking and throbbing deep in my throat. When I couldn't stand it for another split second, I pulled my mouth up.

Todd picked up my rhythm on the first cycle, thrusting up into my sweet mouth as I bobbed my head over his lap. He fucked my face, sliding his prick slowly back into my mouth, and right down my throat, ball deep.

"Suck it," he groaned, caressing my tits more feverishly. As he rolled both nipples tightly, my tongue feverishly slithered up and down the underside of his tasty prick, concentrating on that little spot just under Todd's piss-slit. "Ooh, God. Ooh, God!" Todd groaned over and over again nearing a climax. I wanted him to cum in my mouth; to feel the taste the blast of hot cum spitting into my mouth and down my throat.

I twisted my head as Todd drove up into me again. I could tell that he was going to cum. His prick was jerking, and I tickled his balls in my hands, feeling them drawing up tightly in his hairy sac.

Todd tried to pull out, but I wouldn't let him. I wanted my mouth and throat fucked deep and hard. I wanted to take his prick all the way down into my belly. "I'm gonna cum!" he gasped. I suctioned my lips, vacuuming around every inch of Todd's pulsating prick, caressing his swollen flesh with my moist tongue. His balls started to tingle, and I pulled my blocking fist away, giving Todd full reign to drive his cock straight down my throat. The first jet splashed the back of my throat and slid down my gullet. I didn't even taste it. I felt cheated. Quickly, I rocked forward to get my mouth in position for the next spurt of cum. And I made it just in time. The second huge blast of hot cum rocketed across my tongue, filling my mouth with his thick, salty seed. I swallowed, cherishing the flavor of the thick hot jism even as another cunt-shuddering wad splattered out from his belching prick.

"Aauuugh!" Todd grunted. "Take it. Eat my cum, Jessica. God! Swallow my juice, baby."

His orgasm slowed, but I couldn't let go. I sucked, swallowing until my mouth was free of the sticky juice Todd was feeding me. His cock kept jerking softly, slowly growing less stiff and less thick as I mouthed and kissed over the shrinking tube. I kept him locked between my lips, whimpering quietly as my own fuck-fluid dripped down my thighs.

It took me five minutes before I could stand, and when I did get up, it was my turn to have weak knees. Remembering why we were really there, I locked Todd back in the bathroom. I heard the sound of his piss hitting the cups as I closed the top of my jumpsuit.

My memorable day over, I left shortly after Todd. And that evening, I was so bushed that I didn't even eat before I fell into a sound sleep.


Next day the try-outs for openings on the swim and diving teams went well. The male squads finished by 10 a.m., and the girls were scheduled for two o'clock in the afternoon. I took an early, short lunch, and when I got back at noon, I heard voices and the sound of water splashing from the pool. I looked out. The diving coach, Rob Dunn, was yelling.

"No," 1 heard him call out. "'You've got to arch your back more. When your hands hit the water, your head was already past vertical."

I leaned around the corner. A pretty blonde woman ducked under the water, then smoothed her hair as she came up from the pool. It was Pam, looking quite differently than she did on Monday when I peeked into the storage room.

Coach Dunn looked at his watch, then said, "Give it one more try, Pam. Then I've really got to get ready for the afternoon trials."

Pam dove again and came down the same way. Her dive was graceful and smooth until she started to tuck and roll, when she came out awkwardly. She entered the water too short this time, hitting with a splash.

They talked for a second. Pam's head dropped. Rob Dunn put his hand on her shoulder, then walked out. I saw Pam sitting by herself. I locked my purse in the office, then went back out to the pool. "Hi," I said.

"Hello, Nurse Perry," she said in that sweet country accent.

There was something about Pam that I really liked. She was a year younger than me, but she seemed so much older sexually. Her body was fantastic, I knew, especially when it was naked and quivering with desire. Just thinking about the way Pam looked as she sucked on Rob' s huge cock was making my own nipples crinkle up tightly.

I told Pam that I'd been watching her work all week, and I wished her good luck in the trials.

She looked up at me, and her pretty blue eyes started to well up with water.

"Aren't you going to try out for the diving team?" I asked.

"No sense trying," she said, her voice quivering.

"Come back to my office," I suggested. "We can talk there."

Pam followed me. I opened the door, closing it behind us. I sat on the couch, motioning for her to sit by me.

"I'm not going to make the diving team," she sobbed.

I opened my arms, and Pam came to me. As I hugged this big-breasted beauty, she broke into open sobs. She cried for two or three minutes, and then looked up at me, her eyes puffy. "I so wanted to make it," she said.

"There's other things in life, Pam," I said. "You've won lots of diving matches in high school. You're just going to have to move on. Find some other interests. Besides, you can still dive for fun."

"It's these damn tits!" she hissed. "If it wasn't for them, I'd make the team easily."

I looked down at Pam, her full tits against mine. Through the thin diving suit, I could see the outline of her nipples and the bumpy circles around them.

"Lots of girls would kill for boobs like yours," I laughed. "Me, for example."

Pam looked down at my much smaller titties. I knew that my nipples were rock-hard under my white dress and push-up bra. I took a peek, seeing that my aroused nipples were obvious even through the bra and dress.

As I watched, Pam's nipples started to harden too.

I'd never thought about another girl in a sexual manner before, and I was amazed to find that looking at her was turning me on now. The thin suit hid nothing about her growing arousal either. I watched as Pam's big tits swelled, the tips hardening up into inch-long spurs of pure passion.

"I like the way your body looks, Nurse Perry," she said. "You always look so perfect. All I've got going for me is these tits. I think the damn things are still growin'! I bought a 38D bra last time, and it's getting tight on me." "My breasts are only 34B's," I said.

"You've got great legs, though," Pam said. "I saw you in the pool a while back. You got one perfect ass, too." "What's a perfect ass?" I laughed. "A heart-shaped one," she explained.

While we were talking, we were still loosely wrapped in each other's arms. As Pam started to get hot, the closeness of her sexy young body was getting to me. Her hard nipples touched mine.

"How can a girl's ass be heart-shaped?" I asked. "I'll show you," she said.

I got a hand mirror from my desk, and Pam stood behind me as I bent over the couch. I flipped up my short skirt, looking in the mirror to see my ass in the long mirror on the back of the door.

"These will have to come off," she said, tugging at my panties gently.

I let her pull off my damp panties, and when my bottom was naked, I looked in the mirror. Pam dropped to her knees behind me, guiding me until my legs were straight and closed.

"See?" she said, her fingers touching my skin at the top of my ass crack, where a covering of feathery down grew.

Pam's fingers parted, coming up over the clenched muscles of my tight ass cheeks. I watched. She was right. Her fingers came up, then arched down into a graceful curve that joined where my thighs came together. "A perfect heart," she said.

Pam's demonstration was through, but her fingers lingered on my damp thighs. I groaned softly, feeling my pussy gushing inside. I knew she wasn't a man, but my cunt was hornier by the instant.

I stood still, not really wanting Pam to stop caressing my thighs. When I looked at her, her face and chest were flushed. Her eyes were still a little puffy, but they were now glazed without a trace of sadness.

"All I've got going for me are these," she said, pointing to her own boobs. "They are beautiful," I admitted.

"Wanna see them?" she asked with a free-spirited tone.

"I already have," I said before I realized what I was saying. "Naked, you look even more beautiful."

Pam stopped and immediately asked how I knew what she looked like naked. When I told her about peeking at her and Coach Dunn, she wasn't embarrassed at all. She just giggled, telling me that she wished she knew I'd been watching her. It would have made her even more horny, she happily admitted. When I told Pam that I played with myself as I watched, she looked into my eyes.

There was no mistaking that look. Pam was as horny as I was at that moment.

"Since you've already seen me naked," she said, saying no more. And in one motion, Pam stripped off her wet diving suit and stood naked in front of me. "Like I said," I whispered. "Beautiful."

Pam's fingers joined with mine as we worked off my clothes together. Both nude, we faced one another and our lips seemed to come together. I tilted my face to the right, and when her hot lips touched mine, her sweet tongue peeked out, joining my tongue in my mouth. "Nurse Perry?" Pam started to ask. "Jessica," I said.

"Jessica," she went on, smiling. "Have you ever made it with a woman?" "No," I said.

"Me, neither," she confessed. "But I've really got the urge to try it with you right now. I know it's bad, but I can't help it."

Pam's full breasts fit my hands so well, her heavy melons, solid and fleshy. As I stretched my fingers over each hard nipple, I felt a tingle surge through my cunt.

My hands were on that huge set of tits, and Pam's were behind me, cupping and squeezing the cheeks of my ass. She pulled in tightly, her wet pussy rubbing against my own juicy one. We ground our hips together, and slithered our tongues in and out of each other's mouths.

As much as I was enjoying her kisses, I needed more. I wanted to taste those tits in my mouth. Pam must have been thinking the same thought because we moved as one, turning on the couch. I ended up on the bottom, my feet just off the end of the couch. Pam was up by my head. Her kisses were upside down, and the flat, smooth bottom of her tongue felt weird as I sucked it. She broke away, licking and kissing down past my chin toward my aching titties.

Pam's big tits came swaying over my face as her lips sucked moistly around my right nipple.

"Yes," I moaned as Pam sucked in gently, and used her teeth playfully to scrape over my sensitive nipple. "I love that. I love to have my titties kissed." "Do me, Jessie," Pam gushed.

I reached above my head. As I tilted to catch one swaying tit, Iran my hand along her rounded belly and down to her cunt hair. My long middle finger rubbed down into the juicy crack between her pussylips, and Pam's juices coated my finger. I curled my hand, sinking deeply into the sucking wetness of her hot pussy.

I was moving my face, letting the heavy fullness of Pam's huge tits brush back and forth over my mouth. I loved it, and licked at her hard nipples as they centered on my lips. My motion set her nipples into a trembling, quivering rhythm that swelled in time with my flicking tongue. Pam's technique was totally different, but it was making my hot pussy cream like crazy. She sucked at my nipples, chewing delicately as she stretched the rubbery nubs out to their fullest. As quickly as my aching flesh snapped free, she captured it in her mouth again, my sensitive brown buds with her tongue and nipping at them with her teeth.

"I think that's about all the tit action I can stand," she groaned. "Let's try something else, honey." "Like what?" I asked.

"I could lick this thing a little," she whispered, touching my hot cunt.

"And I could kiss your pussy at the same time," I offered.

We looked into each other's lust-glazed eyes, and immedia, "ly Pam crawled down, dragging her heavy tits across my trembling boobs, then over my belly. Her kisses led the way, leaving a moist trail that stopped for a second at my belly-button, and then into the line of cunt-fur just below. Her face hovered over my hot cunt as her thighs straddled my face.

"Ooh, what a pretty pussy," she moaned as I felt her fingers exploring my pink flesh. "It's all open like a flower. I can see how wet you are, Jessica. God, you're hot!"

Hers wasn't too bad either, I thought. I stroked at Pam's tight-lipped pussy, opened it and ran my middle finger up through her cunt lips again, watching as her flesh squirmed from my touch. I pushed inside a little, and her wet hole sucked in my finger.

She spread her legs another inch apart, and her pussy juice dripped onto my face. As her little droplets of passion oozed out of her, my own cunt drooled in anticipation of what we'd do next.

Pam opened me wide with her fingers, and I could feel her gaze locking on my juicy cunt flesh. Suddenly I felt her breath close to my pussy, and her cool breath became a hot blast. Her sweet tongue licked me through and through, caressing up through the folds of my meaty fuck-hole. "Jesus!" I hissed.

It was awesome. Just the idea of having another girl lick over my horny pussy was something I would never have dreamed of before taking this nursing job. But it was happening. "Oooh, pretty pussy," I heard Pam say softly.

I thrust out my tongue, and Pam groaned as my tongue sliced up through the tight lips of her wet pussy. I slid my tongue up the cuntal slit until I penetrated into her tight love-hole. She squirmed over me, her own face plowing into my pussy. Pam's tongue licked me up and down through my puffy cuntlips, and then she curled her tongue, making me draw in a hissing breath. I began to move my tongue even faster inside her juicy wetness, and Pam probed her tongue up a couple of inches.

I held my breath in anticipation. Pam seemed to know exactly what to do. She used her thumbs to spread apart my cuntlips and drove her stiffened tongue deeply into my sucking fuck hole. I groaned, and she pulled up from my eager twat just as she had me panting and squirming to suck in my engorged clitty.

This blonde beauty was sucking my clitty like a tiny cock. Her lips surrounded my most sensitive flesh, sucking and rolling the tip of my trembling joy-button with her sweet tongue. She rose me, her sucking mouth moving up and down just as it had when she gave the coach a blowjob a few days ago.

That's what she was doing to me. She was giving my hard little clitty a blowjob.

"Ooooh, Pam," I moaned aloud. "God, I love it when you suck me like that. Ooh, yeah! Just like that."

The velvet-like slipperiness of Pam's sweet tongue fucking in and out of my hot box, and then the urgent, sucking feel of her baby-soft lips attacking my clitty were more than I could take. Her gentle, soft tongue caressed me so complete95 ly that in seconds, I was cumming. My bubbling juices flowed out onto her lips.

I tried then to give her as much pleasure as she gave me. Pam was slick and juicy up inside, and I tongued away at her pink flesh. She tasted fantastic, her cunt-syrup dripping into my mouth. I lashed over her swollen clitty, and felt the tensing in her rounded belly. Since my hands were free, I reached between our bodies and started rolling Pam's nipples again.

My tongue and fingers moved quickly in a sort of unison, and the combination made her squirm and shudder. Even after she came in one sweeping jolt, I licked her hard little joy-button, quivering my tongue over it as it quivered back. The delicate little bud swelled and fell with each orgasm. I watched it from about an inch away, seeing Pam's pink clit push up from the sheath of slippery tissue around it. "Do you like it when I do this?" I asked.

I licked up the small shaft, then twirled my tongue across the button-like tip. Pam moaned. More of her tangy aroma filled my nostrils. "Mmmm," came her soft reply.

Her clitty got harder and harder, pushing down against my flicking tongue in humping cycles as my tongue brought my new friend up to another body-shuddering climax. Both of us were cumming so frequently I couldn't resist trying new ways to make her cum. "How about this?" I asked again.

I stiffened my tongue, sliding it up into Pam's tight little fuck-hole. My fingers pinched down hard on her swollen nipples, and I could feel Pam's tongue thrilling my clitty once again. She was humping up and down, making little squeals of delight as she fucked my tongue.

We were both building for a dual cum. As I tongue-fucked her pussy, she lapped softly and delicately all around my dripping cunt. She licked up my oozing juices, sliding in her tongue so deeply that my gripping cuntlips were sucking over her mouth. Her hands weren't spreading my fleshy cunt to keep it out of the way any longer. Pam was just diving into my pussy, trying to force as much of her face into my slick crotch as she could. "Yes," I panted.

Suddenly her hands found the cheeks of my ass. She gripped tightly and buried her fingers deeply in the crack of my ass. With each licking flick from her sweet tongue, Pam pulled me up tightly against her mouth.

As I prodded deeply into her tight cunt, she licked up one side of my fully erect clitty and down the other. She stayed away from my super-sensitive tip, teasing and flicking her tongue over the base and sides of my aching clit.

Pam had been flicking her tongue over my clitty now for over five minutes, teasing me and keeping me right on the edge as she built for one last orgasm. But I couldn't wait. I moved my hand away from her tits, down to her dripping snatch. Using my forefinger lightly and rapidly, I tortured her swollen clitty as I face-fucked her hot pussy with my stiff tongue. I wanted her to cum.

Pam's entire body shimmied on top of me. She rode my tongue, waiting until she was at the peak of her own wild climax, and then her baby-soft lips surrounded my aching cunt one last time. She sucked hard, squealing as her luscious pussy oozed out cream onto my chin.

I wanted to give her even more pleasure, and as she clamped down on my climaxing clitty, I pushed one stiffened finger between the muscular cheeks of her ass. She was all buttery-smooth inside, and my probing finger brought Pam over the edge. She screamed, and I fucked her dripping pussy with my tongue and reamed out her tight little asshole with my finger.

At this, we both climaxed, cumming in a moaning, squishing, frenzied rush that left us breathless and weak. We remained wrapped in a 69 position for a while before Pam finally managed to move. I looked into her blue eyes and saw only satisfaction and sexual fulfillment. Pam had enjoyed herself. So had I. We both looked at each other, then kissed sweetly. "We were bad," she giggled. "No," I cooed. "That was too nice to be bad."

"It was more than nice, honey," Pam said. "God, you cum like a house on fire, don't you?"

"I do when I get the right kind of help." I kissed Pam again, enjoying the feel of her naked, sweaty embrace.

We were still there when a light knocking sound came on the locked door. "Damn," I whispered. "Again?"

We exchanged smiles, and did not make a sound.


Pam and I froze as a second knock came at the door. "Y-Yes," I called as firmly as possible. "Nurse Perry?" a male voice asked. "Yes? I repeated.

"This is Coach Robertson," he said. "I'm looking for one of the girls trying out for the diving team. She didn't sign up for the trials, and I'm worried about her. Maybe you've seen her?" "What's her name?" I asked. "Her name's Pam. Have you seen her?"

I looked over to the naked blonde at my side. She grinned, blushing for the first time. "Do you know Billy Robertson?" I whispered

into Pam's ear so he couldn't hear us. "Well," she whispered back. "Maybe a little." "Did you and Billy…" I asked. "A couple of times," she giggled softly.

Pam had gotten around, I thought. First Coach Dunn, then me and now Coach Robertson, the swimming team leader. An active young woman, I thought.

"What should I do?" I whispered to Pam, hoping he wouldn't get suspicious. "Nurse Perry?" he called again. "I don't know," she said.

I looked at Pam. I couldn't believe it. This horny little beauty was getting excited again. We'd just finished with a body-to-body explosion, and here she was with hard nipples again, and a "fuck-me" look on her face.

"Should I let him in?" I suggested sarcastical-ly. Pam missed the meaning of my question. "Far out," she said. "A threesome."

I realized at her answer that Pam meant the two of us could take on Billy. Two girls and one guy. I looked into her eager blue eyes.

Suddenly, the idea excited me too. I motioned for Pam to go back into the dressing room and hide. I took one of the robes we use during the drug testing, wrapping my naked body, and I reached for the locked door.

"Come in, Coach," I said, keeping off to the side as I opened the door.

"Have you see Pam, Nurse Perry?" he asked, his voice a little impatient.

I let the door close quickly behind the 26-year-old, ex-water polo star. As the door shut, and the lock caught Pam stepped out of the dressing room-still naked!

"Jesus, Pam!" gasped Billy Robertson. "What are you doing in here like that?"

"Having fun," Pam answered. Her sexy young body glowed as she came out into my office. "Having one hell of a good ol' time with Nurse Perry. We were muff-diving."

Billy turned just in time to see me open my robe, and within seconds there were two naked girls in the room with one handsome, startled man.

I could see Pam's mind working as we both moved closer to Billy. I knew what she was thinking, because I was starting to think the same way too. We both jumped on the young coach.

We had him flat on his back in about 16 seconds, and naked even quicker than that.

"How do you wanna do this?" Pam asked as she tugged at the last leg of the man's pants.

She wasn't talking to Billy. His opinion was taking a back seat to mine. "I've never been in a threesome before," I said, feeling my pussy heating up as his long, thin cock sprang out.

"How about we throw him a two-girl blow-job?" Pam suggested, shocking Coach Robertson as much as she did me. "Jesus!" he hissed. "Are you two serious?" "Yup," I said, mimicking Pam's sweet accent.

"Winner gets first fuck," added Pam, adding a little more spice to an already spicy situation. "We can all go to Billy's apartment. It's neat." "I'm going to lose my job," sighed Billy. We ignored him. "How do we tell who wins?" I asked.

"The one with her mouth full of cum." Pam grinned before she dove for his waiting prick. "Don't swallow. Winner has to kiss the other woman to prove it."

Pam didn't wait for any starting signal in our little contest. She opened her pouting mouth and slid down steadily around his long, thick prick.

Billy Robertson's eyes were on my naked body-that is, until they rolled back in his head from the erotic sensations he was receiving as Pam engulfed the long stalk of his cock.

Each of us kneeled on either side of the hard-cocked coach. I watched Pam as she wrapped her fingers around the base of that long thin prick. She didn't fool around. She brought her pretty face very close to his long hunk of prick meat, and then stuck out her tongue and wet the tip.

Pam opened wide and dipped her face until her wriggling lips were mashed against the curly hairs surrounding the base of Billy's long hard-on. "Ooooh, Jesus!" panted the handsome coach.

I looked up at Billy, seeing that he was really enjoying what Pam was doing with her mouth. He fondled her big tits with one hand, and moved his other hand in little circles on my upper thigh. He was groaning, and his face was flushed. As Pam's sucking mouth came up, he shivered with total pleasure and pinched down on the same sensitive nipple I'd just finished sucking. "Next," said Pam with a naughty grin. "God, this is great," Billy said.

I knew I'd managed to take all of Todd's thicker hard-on when I sucked him off, so I could probably do a deep-throat on Billy's prick. Yet, there was no way I was going to be able to keep up with Pam when it came to sword-swallowing.

Pam really could handle the deep stuff. So I decided to use my prick-licking tongue to win. I dropped my face, swirling my moist tongue swiftly all around the already-wet surface of his jerking cock. My fist tightened, milking up a slippery drop of that heavenly liquid that I'd become addicted to in such a short time. My lips touched the quivering bubble of pre-104 cum. It broke. Sweet. Just like my first time. "Mmmm," I purred.

I pulled back, stringing out the shiny fluid from my lips to his cock.

"Twenty seconds each," said Pam just as I was getting into the fun of sucking on Billy's cock.

I quickly licked out, getting all the flavor of his pre-cum before letting Pam take over once again.

"God, you girls suck cock nice," Billy whispered as his fingers slipped up into my dripping pussy.

"Go for it, Pam. Suck his cock, baby. Suck it good."

I shivered with excitement myself as Billy's finger curled up into me. His cock felt so nice in my mouth, all throbbing and jerking so hard. Billy's nostrils were flaring now, and he was panting faster. I pushed back, arching to bring my clitty up over his flicking finger.

Soon I seemed to lose control. Watching Pam sucking cock while my own hot little pussy was getting finger-fucked had turned me into a sex-crazed monster. I jumped back on the upright prick we'd been sharing, and with my naughty tongue bathed up and down the outside of his long prick, sucking at his balls, then swiping up in one steady motion until I reached the tip. No it was my turn to take his rock-hard prick into my mouth. I opened wide, taking about half on the first try. I bobbed my face quickly, aware of the time limit. My prick-licking tongue lashed around the swollen head of Billy's prick, as my fist milked up more of that delicious pre-cum. When Pam tapped my shoulder to tell me my time was up, I opened wide and let the head of his cock slip down into my throat for two or three seconds of pure oral passion. "God!" he groaned.

Billy pulled me up to his face and kissed me passionately. Pam was busy, eagerly sliding her hot, juicy mouth up and down all around Billy's long prick. Naughty, wet, exciting sounds emanated from her. "You like this, baby?" I cooed softy.

"Feel my cock and tell me what you think," he said. "I did, and I think you're loving it," I giggled.

"Just think," I whispered, using my innocent sounding voice to torture him more. "When you cum, the woman who sucks you off is going to fuck you first. Oooh, doesn't that sound nice, baby? You're gonna get to fuck me before the night's over, Billy. You're going to fuck both of us."

Pam pulled her mouth free, bringing up those massive tits to hand over his face as I took over the cocksucking duties.

"Billy's my baby," she moaned, dragging her tits over his chest and then his face. "He's gonna cum in my mouth so I get to ride him first. You show her, Billy. You cum in my mouth, you handsome devil, you." "Just suck my cock, somebody!" he groaned.

His wish was my command. I swung one leg over his, letting my wet pussy drag up over his knee. As I dry-humped him like a dog in heat, I gently rolled the long shaft between both of my soft hands. A low moan escaped my lips, thrilled by the feel of his rock-hard cock in both hands, and I bobbed my head again. Slowly at first, then building as I felt a jerk starting deep in the center of his prick. He's hot, pulsing rod was fucking up into my mouth, matching my rhythm perfectly. I could feel his big, heavy balls starting to draw up, ready to shoot their creamy load of tasty jism.

Suddenly it damned on me that this turn had been a long one. My mouth came up. I opened my eyes, and I peeked to see what Pam and Billy were doing. "That's cheating," I complained.

Pam was sitting up over Billy's head, her legs wide. He had tilted his face back, and he was licking across that pink, open slash of wet heat between her open legs. Pam's pretty face was twisted with lust. Her hands were on her own titties, pinching away at those inch-long, sensitive nipple.

"No fair," I said. "You don't get to cum before I do, Pam."

"Spoil sport," she giggled as she moved down to take her turn at cocksucking.

I could tell Pam had sucked cock before, and she totally enjoyed it. As she sucked hard on Coach Robertson's cock, I suddenly, got a wicked idea.

"Since you cheated, Pam," I said, "you lose. We're not going to finish the contest." "Why?" she pouted. "Because I've got another idea," I said.

Pam and I conspired. We put our heads together, not letting anxious Coach Robertson in on our plans.

"Yeah," giggled Pam after hearing what I had in mind, "that should make him cum, all right."

Pam leaned back on the couch with her pretty face hung slightly off the end. Billy was kneeling over her, with one hand holding the back of the couch, and his other hand free to roam over her lovely soft tits. He slid his long prick back in her mouth.

In this position, Billy could stroke all the way into Pam's mouth. He was fucking ball-deep, sliding in and out of her throat, and I got behind him, my hand on the tight globes of his ass.

"Pam is going to suck you off," I purred, licking up through the hairy crack as I nuzzled his balls with my fingertips. "I'm going to play back here. You suck him off good, Pam."

"I'll still let you win the bet, honey," I said teasing, "if you kiss me with a mouthful of cum." "God! "Billy yelped.

I rubbed my naked titties all over Billy' s back, watching Pam work her lips around the base of his long hard-on. He was really fucking it to her, driving his throbbing prick right down her throat. I could head the panting breath coming for both of them. Here in little gasps as his cock pulled free for a split-second, and his in huge, gasping spasms as she thrilled his every sense.

Reaching underneath his driving ass, I cupped the balls swinging up over Pam's forehead. Gently squeezing them, I felt a deep throbbing right at the base of Billy's long prick.

"Ooh, his balls feel full. You're going to get a nice mouthful of hot cum, Pam. Make sure to save some for me." "Mmm," she groaned again.

Peeking around his hip, I saw beautiful, young Pam. Her cheeks hollowed as they puffed in and out from the silky sucking she gave Billy as pumped his cock down her throat. Pam was whimpering softly, one hand buried in her own pussy.

As Pam sucked him good, I put my little pan to work. Tenderly stroking the base of his cock and fondling his hanging balls, I leaned closer, pursed my lips and blew out a cool blast of air long the tight crack of his ass. "Oooh, my God," he moaned.

My hands came up to his hairy cheeks, rubbing and caressing until he relaxed. I gently separated his muscular globes, and for the first time saw a man's exposed asshole staring right up at me. The sight thrilled me.

My pussy clenched tightly, squirting out a little dribble of cunt juice that trickled down my thighs. My nipples, already hard from sucking cock and rubbing on Billy's smooth back, crinkled up so hard they hurt.

It was time. If my plan was going to work, I had to get going. My face touched Billy's butt, I drew in a heady breath of air and let my hands drift. My entire body shuddered as one finger touched the tight ring of his asshole-and so did his. I purred softly as my fingertip circled his brown, crinkled hole.

My mind was whirling. I'd so enjoyed it when my hot little ass had been finger-fucked, and I was wondering what it would feel like to let some guy butt-fuck me with his big throbbing cock. The thought brought on a jolting orgasm that washed through me like a tidal wave. My face dropped into that hairy crack. I made a soft, sobbing sound as my tongue flicked out against Billy's musky asshole. I didn't stop, swirling my sweet tongue around and around over the crinkled, brown circle.

"Jesus!" Billy screamed. "She's licking my ass."

Remembering what had felt so nice for me, I licked from the base of his cock up to his asshole in long, broad swipes. At the end of each cycle, I pointed my hot tongue on the center of his shitter. I swirled wetly, and then pushed into the tight pucker with the tip of my moist tongue.

"Oooh," Billy wailed as he drove his cock into Pam's throat. "Now she's got her tongue up my asshole!"

I really didn't, but at hearing that, I suddenly stiffened my tongue into a moist, tongue-cock and rammed it straight up into his asshole. I worked my tongue and hands furiously, licking and stabbing at Billy's butt hole as I fondled that pair of low-handing nuts he was slapping off Pam's forehead. I slid one hand down under his driving ass, letting my hand feel along until I'd found Pam's face. My fingertips rested on her throat. I could actually feel the head of his cock as he shoved it down her throat on each stroke. "Jesus," cried Billy. "Shove it up my ass, Nurse Perry. Ooooh, baby! Shove your sweet tongue up my ass."

My tongue skewered into this handsome young man's tight asshole, and I didn't have to move. He was fucking back and forth, sliding his prick into Pam's clenching throat, and then pulling his cock out of her heavenly mouth with suck a furious backward motion, that his asshole puckered over my stiffened tongue.

"Mmmm," I groaned, my naked body twisting into an overpowering orgasm.

I couldn't help it. I had tow fingers buried in my own wet cunt, sliding in and out with the same rhythm that I tongue-fucked Billy.

"You two are going to make me cum," Billy grunted, shuddering between us. "Ooh, God. Suck it, Pam. Suck my cock. No, baby! Don't stop what you're doing, Jessica. Fuck my ass with your tongue. Yes! Make me cum. God, make me cum!"

I pulled out, swirling in hot circles around Billy's crinkled asshole. When he groaned, I pushed it back inside. Pam was squealing orgas-mically in front of me. Billy was pounding his prick down her throat. His groans got higher and more frantic.

I felt Pam pulling away. She turned, spinning on the couch gracefully, eager and hungry for her mouthful of hot cum. Then Pam whipped her body around, not losing her oral grip on that long hard-on. She ended up on her knees, bent low over his crotch, her mouth flying up and down over his throbbing prick. "Yes!" he shouted. "Make me cum!"

I cupped his nuts, squeezing gently, as my tongue swished in and out of his burning asshole. Suddenly Billy was cumming. I felt a throbbing against my fingers s his asshole clenched down on my embedded tongue, forcing my moist flesh back outside. I kept licking, circling the winking core of his ass, my hand squeezing down around his emptying balls.

"Take it!" he grunted, fighting to keep his voice down. "Take my cum, Pam. Oooh, take it!"

I pushed a finger deep in the crack of his ass, and it sank home in one shove, burying up to my palm. It was as if I had a cock, and I was fucking Billy's ass with it. I found a throbbing place way up inside his ass, and as I rubbed on the hard bud, Billy exploded.

We were all locked in a three-way orgasm. My fingers, slimy with my own juices, were deep inside my pussy. Pam was cumming from having her mouth creamed by Billy's belching boner as she finger-fucked herself. And Billy was just cumming. He had too many sensations hitting him from all sides. The last throb finally came, and I felt his hard body relax in front of me. I gave the exposed circle of his asshole one last wet kiss, and then pulled away to let Billy get up from the couch.

"God," he panted. "I've never done anything as wild as that. You two are something else."

Pam wasn't speaking. She had a grin on her pretty face, and I watched as she crawled up off the couch to me. I realized what she was doing when a little trickle of white liquid dripped out of the corner of her closed mouth. "You got something for me, baby?" I asked.

Pam nodded, trying to get her mouth up to mine, but I kept moving my head. "Is it what I think it is?" I teased.

Pam smiled again, and another drip of cum escaped her clenched lips.

"Let me see," I whispered, finally stopping my tease.

I tilted my face up to Pam's and her lips touched mine. As we kissed, my mouth opened and my tongue flicking at her lips to urge her to part them. Now, the little cocksucker was making me wait. She moved her slippery, baby-soft lips over mine, and I tasted cum on her. I licked, forcing my tongue into the crack of her tightly pursed lips. "Mmmm" I moaned.

As her mouth opened, her sweet tongue I entered my mouth. But that wasn't all that entered my mouth. As Pam's lips parted, warm cum trickled into my mouth and she used her tongue to slide the slimy wads of Billy's cum into my mouth.

My cunt rippled as the proof of this handsome young man's climax filled my mouth. Even secondhand, I loved the taste of cum. "Mmmmm," I moaned.

We trenched the cum back and forth, laughing as we got the creamy stuff all over each other's faces. As Billy looked on, shaking his head at our playfulness, Pam and I giggled and licked cum off our chins, lips and fingers.

"I think we're both going to win before we're through tonight," I whispered, rubbing my naked body on Pam's.

We agreed to keep this party going all night, and decided to finish our fun in Billy's big bed. But first, I had something I had to do.

"You two go ahead," I said when we were all dressed. "I've got to hang around for another hour."

I didn't say what we all knew I meant. I had to stay for the women's diving trials. That was part of my job, and I couldn't avoid them just because Pam was no longer trying out for the diving team.

We both looked at the pretty blonde, worried about her feelings. Pam just smiled, her hand drifting to Billy's crotch. "Will you be okay?" I asked. "Sure," she said.

"You can wait here for me," I offered. "If you want us all to go together." "I'll be fine," she insisted. "Keep her busy, Billy," I ordered.

"I'll save some of this for you," Pam said, her hand stroking over Billy's prick.

"I hope so," I laughed. "I'll be there by five. Don't wear it out, guys, It would be nice if he can still get it up when I arrive. I want Billy to fuck me before the night is over." And boy, did I get my wish. Twice!


The college scheduled a staff party/buffet for today, Saturday. I'd been told this was the main social activity at the college, and that attendance was almost requirement. The note I received from the athletic director didn't order me to attend, but the tone didn't leave much room for doubt. Besides, all the single guys would be there, plus a lot of married ones with a little promiscuity on their minds, according to the secretary I asked.I went to the mall, looking for an outfit that would make me stand out at the party. The dress I found was fantastic. It was a summer sun dress. Totally backless right down to the crack of my ass. The top was held up with stays. I checked out my figure in a mirror in the dressing room. I looked decent, but when I bent over just so, everything I owned was on display. The side was cut up to the middle of my thigh with a slit that opened each time I moved my leg. As I pulled the dress carefully over my freshly styled hair, I knew that I looked hot. Getting dressed took just that long. I didn't have on anything under the dress.

I felt hot, too. I trimmed my pussy hair and shaved my legs. There was a line of musky perfume across my upper thighs, running to circle my belly button. I dipped into the bottle again, continuing up between my naked breasts and finishing on both sides of my neck.

Yeah. I looked good enough to eat. Literally, I hope.

I looked around after arriving at the party, and stood alone, sipping a glass of white wine. The lounge was already full. A college might not pay well, but they threw one hell of a party. Free food and cheap drinks twice a month was one of the perks of the job.

This was my first party. I got lots of catty looks from the women, and more admiring glances from guys. After a few drinks, several of them started hitting on me. There were these two men in particular that were really interesting. I was trying to figure a way of inviting both of them back to my little room at the same time.

Then a familiar, smiling face came toward me. It was Doug Martin. He looked really nice out of his work clothes. Tonight, he was in a nice pin-striped suit cut to flatter his body. The bald spot on his head that's usually so obvious when he's in the pool wasn't nearly as noticeable with his hair combed.

I smiled, happy to see this older man, and I realized again that I really liked Doug now that I knew him better. We 'd just started talking when a man walked directly up to us. It was Dr. Benson, the athletic director. I didn't know him, but I recognized him from the picture someone had hung in my office.

"I'll check with the board in the morning, Coach," the new man said, not even noticing me in his rush. "I did reach one member, the President. She said that if we can't match that offer, the college will give you a release from your contract. We'll let you go, but reluctantly."

Coach Martin looked sheepishly over to me, then thanked the athletic director. After he hurried off, I turned back to Doug. "What's going on, Coach?" I asked.

"I wanted to talk to you," he started. "I'm sorry you heard it like that." "You don't need to check with me before making decisions," I laughed. "I'm just the team's nurse."

"No!" he said very sharply. "You're much more than that to me, Jessica. Much more."

We started to talk, but the noise was too loud. I could tell that he didn't want to yell, so I suggested that we take a walk. We went outside. I could tell that he was nervous so I reached for his hand. We walked like two kids on a date, angling along on the sidewalk that led to the swimming and diving complex.

Our head coach had made a name for himself over the past four years. He'd been offered the job as head swimming and diving coach, plus assistant athletic director, with a major college. He was flying out in the morning to take a look at the facilities and to have a personal talk with his new boss. He wouldn't be rich, but he'd make a lot of money.

Then Doug told me that there was nothing holding him back-me. I was shocked, and flattered. He started telling me how much he liked me, and that he didn't want to leave after finally meeting me.

We stopped walking. Coach reached for me. I melted into his arms, feeling his strong embrace as our mouths met. His tongue was soft and enticing as it entered my mouth, then eager as I caught it and sucked gently over the slippery flesh.

The kiss broke. I looked around to see if we were being watched. I saw several people in the area. Then I noticed that we had stopped right in front of the water sports building.

I giggled at Doug. He took out a key ring, swinging them as he grinned back at me.

"Why, Coach Martin," I said. "I do believe that you're trying to take advantage of me. You plan to whisk me away and have your manly way with me where no one will hear my screams." "Exactly that, madam," he answered.

We went inside. The entire building was black. Doug started to put on the lights, and I made him stop when I saw the pool lights come on. It was so romantic with only the underwater lights on in a totally black sky. It was as if we were in our own private water world with some warm, tropical lagoon at our disposal.

With Doug watching my every more, I stepped to the side of the pool. I kicked off my shoes. With my dress tied around my neck, I opened the top, holding it in place around my breasts for a few seconds to tease him, then I dropped the material away.

"God, you're so beautiful, Jessica," Coach Martin said. "There's more," I whispered. I stepped out of the dress, standing naked in

the dim pool light. Coach Martin reached for me, but I twisted and escaped. "Catch me!" I yelled, jumping into the pool.

I swam away in the softly lit water, my feet touching as I passed the middle of the pool. This pool was dark from the inside. I paddled as quietly as I could over to the edge of the pool, bouncing on my tiptoes to keep my mouth and nose above the water line.

He was fast for a man of 42. Even now, he could out-swim half the kids on the swimming team in the shorter dashes when he wanted to. In his younger days, he must have been something. He came at me like a shark, with powerful strokes that I felt even before I saw him.

He took me like an animal, too, bobbing up our of the dark water and holding me with his strong arms in a way that allowed no chance of escape. My naked wet breasts crushed into his chest. Doug's bare prick prodded into my belly. His tongue pushed into my mouth, and his hand dug into my quivering ass.

We were too excited to play or hold back. I felt his need. His urgency. He wanted me, and he wanted me now. My legs wrapped around his waist. I hooked my hands into the overflow lip at poolside, hanging on to stay upright as Doug drove his enlarged cock into my pussy. There was just one shove, no guiding the swollen prick in and out gently to get me ready. Neither of us needed those niceties. He just reached back and drove that stiff boner home, instantly filling me with the hot hardness of his luscious cock meat. I love it.

"Ooooh, yes!" I screamed, my voice echoing in the huge, empty building. "Fuck me. Oooooh, fuck me, darling!"

Doug locked around my floating body, gripping my breasts tightly as I arched my back instinctively, presenting my hot pussy for his throbbing prick. As that lovely hardness ripped through my tender tissues, I again locked my legs behind his driving ass.

"Yes," I groaned. "Hard and fast. Fuck me, Doug. Really fuck me, baby. I wanna cum. Oooooh, yes! I wanna cum now!"

The wet splashing of the water around our naked bodies in the dark building was so exciting. I wiggled, trying to enhance our water fuck, but there wasn't much I could do other than hang on and keep my head from banging against the side of the pool.

There was nothing I could do on the outside, that is. On the inside, I was working every muscle I could control to make my hot cunt tight and slippery over that wildly fucking prick. My cunt grabbed at his hard-on with warm, wet squeezes of my own.

I felt my cunt walls expanding, stretching as they molded to fit Doug's invading cock. He was moving slowly because of the water, jabbing his lovely hard-on deep into my oozing cunt. Then he held it there, buried to the hilt in my fur-ringed trap for several glorious seconds, before he yanked his jerking prick back out for another body-shuddering thrust.

He was fully in control of me, his full-length, pounding strokes causing sizzling sensations that started in my creaming cunt and surged through my floating body. He picked up the pace, hammering in and out of my juicy wetness, bringing me up higher and higher with a head-spinning dizzying speed. I was defenseless. I felt my pussy clenching and clamping around Doug's wonderful hard cock.

"Ooooh, baby," I groaned as the gut-wrenching orgasm hit. "I'm cumming, Doug. Oooh, you're making me cum, Coach!"

I rolled up as the awesome climax took over, curling into his arms. We were in the water up to our bellies. My aching nipples were tight against his chest as we kissed again. That gorgeous throbbing cock was still deep within my belly, still thrilling me as I started to put a little action into my half of this amazing fuck. Doug took a few steps back as we kissed, I guess, because the water was now up to my shoulders. It splashed as my tits heaved up and down. He held me upright, the water taking most of my weight. He was able to pick me up, actually raising and lowering my entire naked body using only hands under my clenching ass.

"This is wild," I whispered, the first climax washing away all the tension I'd been feeling. "God, I love the way you fuck, Coach." "Not bad for an old, balding man?" he joked.

"I told you to stop that, you old shit," I said, kissing Doug fully on his lips. "I really like you, Doug. Age doesn't bother me."

"I wish I could have me you when we were both young," he said, nuzzling between my titties as he spoke. "We might have made quite a team, Jessica."

"I wouldn't have been able to keep up with you, baby," I said, pushing back with my arms loosely locked around his neck.

My breathing was under control. It was time to get back to some serious fucking, I thought. Back to working my inner charms around Doug's beautifully shaped, rock-hard cock.

With my arms draped over his strong shoulders, I let Doug set the pace for now. I locked my fingers behind his neck, arching my back to push my tits up into his face. Doug kept pumping, sliding up into me as he raised and lowered my hot pussy like it was a sex-toy doll. This toy was alive, though. Alive, and very happy to fuck back with each thrust.

"Mmm," I purred, as he lowered me fully around his jerking prick. "Nice, baby. I want to do something for you. Hold still for just a second. Let me work my pussy for you."

My legs were tensed, gripping around his upper thighs. His hands were just touching my ass now and I clenched, milking down tightly with fuck muscles. The same lack of weight that had bothered me earlier when Doug fucked me against the side of the pool was now working to my advantage.

I slowly moved, wanting this to be special, and the big, empty building was suddenly very silent. I looked deeply into his eyes. All I could hear was a soft pump working, and water gently running into the pool. That, and the sound of my heart pounding in my ears as my excitement built. "Feel me?" I whispered. "God, yes!" he hissed. "Feel my pussy?" I moaned ever so softly.

I rocked and humped up and down around Doug's embedded hard-on. The slow-motion fucking was overwhelming. I squeezed with my entire body. I had to pull myself down over his prick. There was no weight to just let me fall back over Coach's thick prick. I had to work to take the throbbing thing back into my soaking-wet cunt. Then I used my thighs to slowly drag up over each fraction of an inch of meaty delight, fully aware of every bump and ridge as my sensitive flesh wormed back and forth.

"Can you feel how hot and wet I am up inside, Coach?" I asked. "How nice my pussy is for you, baby?" "You're killing me," he managed.

I was trying to fuck him to death, at the very least. I gave it my best effort, using my grasping cunt over the glistening hardness of a man old enough to be my daddy. Two inches out, then an inch and a half back inside me. Back and forth, just barely making progress. The upstroke took forever. My hot twat gripped, the outer lips of my talented pussy squirming around the tip.

Then I started an equally slow stroke back into my whimpering young body.

"You're not going to die, Coach," I whispered, my tongue wet in his ear behind the words. "I want you to live for a long time, so you can keep fucking me."

"Jessica," he whispered, wanting to say more but stopping as I spoke again.

"I'm just gonna make you feel like you're dying," I whispered, not stopping my naughty internal movements. "I'm gonna milk my tight little pussy over your big cock until you beg me to let you cum, then I'm going to make you wait just a little more." "Then what happens?" he groaned. "You're gonna like that part." "I am?" he moaned.

"That's when I want you to cum way up inside me," I panted as his hand tightened over the cheeks of my ass again. "I want to feel your big cock spurting. I want you to fill me with your hot cum, Coach."

This was so beautiful. I felt like some fluorescent sea creature, my body aglow with sexual passion, breeding in the depths of some ancient ocean of a lost era. Doug let me ride him as long as he could, then he started fucking his cock deeper and deeper into my hot cunt. My own gasping hunger was driving me int contortions, making my lust-swollen pussy grind wetly, sucking at the very tip of his prick-knob.

"You feel so good inside me, Doug," I whispered, grinding my cunt tightly. "So big. Fuck me. Fuck me so nice, baby."

My breasts were jiggling right over his dazed face, and his eyes froze at the sight of my hard nipples bouncing up and down through the surface of the pool.

My hair was wet, plastered to my head. The perfume I'd so carefully placed was washed away long ago with my pretty dress. None of the preparations I'd made were necessary now as I was getting better loving then I'd ever dreamed.

I groaned again as the cock buried in my belly throbbed almost out of control. For just a second, he rocked on the edge. I knew that he was trying to make it last, wanting to make sure that I was totally satisfied. I was.

"No," I whispered. "It's your turn to cum, now, Coach."

My naked ass was in his strong hands again, bouncing up and down faster, making splashing sounds as I ground with each stroke to maximize Doug's pleasure. He was stabbing up into me, pounding his cock desperately into me as his orgasm got closer and closer. My nails dug into his arms, bringing his eyes back to mine.

"Oooh, that's it," I cooed, looking right into his eyes, knowing that my horny, wicked words would thrill him. "Build me a nice load, Coach. Let me really feel your cum. Fill me with enough juice so I'll be leaking cum for a week."

I pushed my tits into his face and slid my naked thighs along his hips and ribs. Doug's hands were locked around my tiny waist now. He was rocking me up and down, totally control-ing the action. I didn't need to hand on. I let my legs caress along his sides and my head fell back as I felt his mouth capturing one of stiff nipples.

"Yes, baby," I kept up the naughty monologue. "My pussy is so hot, Doug. It wants cum. Your cum. Mmmm, I feel him throbbing. Your cock. All big and hard and throbbing, just the way I love it. Give me some cum, Coach. Give my hot little pussy some cum."

I wasn't just saying that to turn on Doug; my pussy was really hot. I was creaming so heavily and Doug's big prick kept bringing up more and moire of my slippery juices, keeping our coupling as slick and sensual as it could possibly be.

My legs were wide open, scissored straight past his hips with the head of his cock bottom-ing-out way up inside me. He was fucking me. God, was Doug fucking me. Each long, smooth, deep stroke set off another wave of rippling delight through my body. The rough ridge of his hard-on rubbed directly over the tip of my joy-button.

I watched his eyes, seeing the passion in them as Doug rhythmically plunged the hard thickness of his glistening prick up into my belly. "Cum," I whispered as I felt Coach Martin racing toward an explosive climax. "Cum inside me, baby."

And that's exactly what he did. With a low hoarse groan he pushed his prick out for me. Curling up, I milked down, dragging my hot cunt up and down with lightening speed. I felt his prick throb, then swell until I was afraid it would split. I rippled my inner fuck muscles, gyrating my well-lubricated cunt over the Doug's heavenly cock. "Jessica," he whispered. "Cum," I moaned. "Cum, baby."

A hot blast of juicy liquid splashed into my pussy. First a little one, then the full force of his climax. The sizzling flood of fiery jism triggered a clit-swelling cum in my own body. I hung on blissfully, riding gently over the belching boner to bring him back.

Doug nuzzled against my face as he rocked through the passionate seconds. Right at the peak, he moaned into my ear. At first, I wasn't sure I'd heard him right, but then he whispered into my ear again.

"I love you," he said, his body shivering as the last tremor spurted one last wad of hot cum through my body.


No one likes Mondays, but this particular one started off terribly. My alarm died during the night, I got up late and was late for work. Luckily, thought, the diving and swimming teams were even later than me.

Doug was out of town today, and by the time anyone arrived at the pool, I had my paperwork all caught up. For the first time, I had nothing to do.

But that changed quickly. I got a phone call from Dr. Matthew Young, the young sports medicine specialist, who was supposed to be my boss, even though I'd never met him.

Dr. Young was from a rich local family, and it seems he spent most of his time accepting awards at banquets. When his office called, I was shocked. But there was no time to wonder as I had to go to his office at the Administration Building as soon as possible, and meet him there.

Before I stepped out of my door, though, Todd called California. His father decided that Todd should immediately start working for the family firm, and Todd has arraigned, somehow, to take all of is finals at a later date. He was going to officially leave after the swim met on Friday, and he said that he had something serious to ask me before he left.t

I told Todd I'd been summoned to Dr. Young's office, and I really had to go. As I walked over to the Administration Building, I straightened my uniform and hat.

Even though I rushed, Dr. Young made me wait when I arrived in his private waiting room, a dark, small room filled with plush furniture and paintings. It was quiet, and I squirmed in an armchair, anxious to know what had prompted this strange meeting.

When he finally came in. Dr. Young took me by complete surprise. He looked like an actor or a model, about 30 with dirty-blond short hair that was spiked a little. He was well-groomed and nicely attired.

I tried to stand up, but he waved me back into the seat and sat across from me, while I tried to look more serious than impressed.

After a few minutes of small talk, he straightened his jacket and hopped up on the arm of the chair.

"You're probably wondering why I called you," he said, grinning. "Yes, Doctor," I said. "I was told to call you," he said. "You were?" I said politely.

"Not really told," he explained. "But a mutual friend said that we have a lot in common, and suggested that we might enjoy, uh, getting together. Closely together." "Who was the friend?" I asked. "Pam," he said. "Pam,"Iasked.

"Pam," he laughed, putting both hands in front of his chest to show me exactly which Pam he meant.

Then Doctor Young told me about him and Pam. About how she'd teased him during a physical examination and then fucked him on his examination table.

"You know her pretty well," I said, wondering what Pam had told Dr. Young about me.

"Well enough for her to tell me all about your little love session," he said. "She also told me about how you've been wanting it up the ass."

"That little bitch needs to mind her own business," I said.

"Pam said you would appreciate the introduction," he said. "Why?"

"Because of this," he said, standing right in front of me.

Dr. Young reached inside his pants. At first, I thought this must be a joke, but when he dragged out his enormous cock, I knew we were in for some serious fun. At first, I couldn't take my eyes off Dr. Young's prick. It was almost as big soft as it was when half-erect. There was one other thing about I couldn't help but notice. The purple tip of his prick came sliding out of the foreskin hiding it, and then I realized Dr. Young hadn't been circumcised.

Pam was right, damn her. I wanted to walk away, but that animal-like prick called to me. I dropped to my knees and my tongue flicked out over his hairy balls, riding up the long shaft. When my hand circled his half-hard cock, the extra skin felt so sinful. My hand moved, and the sheath surrounding that shaft of prick meat moved with my rippling fingers.

I couldn't stop staring at Dr. Young's boner. It jerked and jumped, stretching further as my hand pumped this nasty-looking fuck-club.

"I know what you want," he said. "Go ahead. Put it in my mouth."

If I wasn't so horny I'd have been pissed at this smart-assed young doctor for being so right. He knew that I was awed by his uncut cock, and that I was dying to feel it inside my sucking mouth.

I opened my mouth and put my lips around just the tip of the doctor's prick. It was unlike any other cock I'd sucked. He moved his hand, and I took over. I pulled back with my tight fist, and the foreskin slid down, showing me the shiny head of his prick.

My tongue slipped through the small opening at the tip of his prick, and inside I found the stiffening head of his cock. My tongue quickly circled the dripping tip of Dr. Young's boner, slipping between his pulsing, smooth cock-head and that nasty foreskin. I twirled my sensitive t tongue, working it in broad circles that made his cock stiffen even more. As I licked it, it came rising up out of the foreskin, the sleek prick head hardening up into the shape of a plum.

"Ooooh, God," I groaned softly, bringing my mouth up from the glistening prick-head to look into his face. "Are you still pissed at Pam?" he laughed. "No," I panted. "How old are you, Nurse Perry?"

"Twenty next month," I shuddered, nuzzling my cheek softly.

"Have you ever seen a cock like mine?" he teased, moving his hand over that foreskin again to draw out his prick head.

I grabbed the heavy shaft of his erect cock and started jacking my hand over it, massaging up and down and sliding that silky outer skin back and forth over the head. Each time I peeled back his foreskin, my tongue swirled madly around the smooth, purple ball capping this nasty looking thing.

"Yeah, Nurse," he groaned. "Suck it. Get my prick nice and hard so I can fuck your hot little ass with it."

As I dove down over Dr. Young's big hard-on, he dipped into the top of my dress. He started fucking my mouth, slowly and gently arching his hips in time with my bobbing mouth. Then he found both my nipples, and with one between each thumb and forefinger, he pinched hard.

My body shook as a grinding jolt devoured what was left of my resistance. I moaned over the cock buried in my mouth, thrilled by the way he was squeezing and rolling my nipples. As my cunt oozed out cream over my thighs, I sunk down deeper over Dr. Young's uncut prick.

My mouth softened as my pussy's juices gushed out strongly. The hard, hot surface of his cockhead touched the back of my throat. When he fucked forward the next time, I took it into my gulping throat. Another wave hit my hot cunt, blasting me into orgasm. The only sound I could make to celebrate my frantic cumming was a little squeal that gurgled out around his embedded cockhead.

"That's it, Nurse," he groaned. "Take it. Swallow my prick right down your throat."

The top of my dress was down around my waist now. Dr. Young had my bar off and was fondling my naked breasts and rolling my aching buds, then pulling them out u until I thought my nipples were going to snap right off. He tweaked my tits awhile, then raised his hands and dug harshly into my hair, guiding my mouth back and forth as he fucked my throat with his throbbing prick. He pulled it all the way out, letting my lips and tongue thrill his cockhead before sliding the mighty bonder right back into my tight, gulping throat.

It jerked. The throbbing center of his hard-on quivered rhythmically. I rolled my tongue, groaning as I prepared myself for the hot rush of his orgasm. But just as I thought he was gong to cum, Dr. Young pulled his prick totally out of my mouth. He took my hand, jerking me upright.

"I ant you ass, Nurse, Perry," he panted, turning me and bending me over one of those soft chairs. "Jesus!" I hissed. "You're serious."

"Yes," he said. "Doctor's orders, Nurse. An internal, anal massage."

He pinned me over the top of one chair, and my white uniform dress flipped up over my hips. I felt his hands on my panties, as one finger slipped under the elastic and glided right up into the sloppy wetness of my dripping fuck hole. He ripped off my panties, kissing and rubbing over my trembling ass. I felt him shudder as he drew in my scent.

"God, your ass is just the way Pam described it," he sighed. "Perfect. Beautiful. An angel's ass."

He rubbed his hands over my creaming cunt and up between my thighs, and then he reached into his jacket and took out a small bottle of oil. I moaned as the oil trickled down the crack of my ass, melting into the crinkled opening to my soul.

He moved steadily and expertly, sliding his fingers over my slick ass, probing in and out of my hairless crack until my muscles stopped clenching against his prodding. He rubbed firmly right over the winking bud until I could feel the rings guarding my butthole actually relaxing.

Soon, one finger was inside me. He pushed in, drawing it out slowly, and then glided two fingers inside my churning butt hole. He worked slowly, not rushing me, and as I shuddered, he flicked over my climaxing clitty and inserted a third finger into my shitter.

He knew I was ready. I felt his invading fingers pull out, and more warm oil drip onto my asshole. As his hands moved at my hips, twisting my body slightly, I felt his cock close behind me.

Suddenly the thick head of his prick pushed between the cheeks of my ass. I tried not to tighten, and didn't as the young doctor reached around and flicked over my clitty again.

I groaned into another wave of hot cumming as he hunched forward, sliding his slippery prick into my ass. "Qoooooh!" I groaned.

Several inches of hot fuck meat slithered up into my asshole as Dr. Young put one hand on my breasts and one down on my dripping cunt. His hands kept me cumming as he slowly eased more and more of his cock into my gripping asshole. Slowly, inch by wonderful inch, Dr. Young stretched out my tight little ass and filled me with his hard cock. "Can you take it?" he grunted.

I knew this was my first time, but I could tel from how far his belly was away from the cheeks of my ass that only a tiny portion of that meaty hard-on was up inside my slithering back door.

I'd thought we were already butt-fucking, but it turned out that we were playing a game. It was all part of an act he was playing out. The handsome young doctor fucking the innocent young nurse up the ass. He had me spread out across a chair, my uniform bunched across my belly, my tits exposed and my bottom up, leaving my hot cunt and ass all bare. But, I was still wearing my little nursing cap, shoes and white stockings. I was still very much a nurse. "Can you take it, Nurse?" he grunted again.

"Yes," I hissed, clenching my teeth. "Yes, Doctor."

He spread the trembling cheeks of my ass and pulled back. My cunt was on fire, and my ass was voraciously nipping at the head of his wonderful cock. I was ready for him to start fucking my tight little ass, and I held my breath. My back was arched to its fullest, and I could feel the head of his prick just inside my asshole. I was working my muscles, sucking at his invading hardness, urging him to fuck me and to drive his cock all the way up into my wanton asshole. But he wouldn't move. I waited, my face turning blue from the lack of air.

"Jesus!" the pent-up air came out in a hissing moan. "Please. Put him in me. Fuck me. Fuck me up the ass, Doctor!" The prick flesh just inside my trembling butt jerked again, but he still wouldn't move. I groaned, wriggling back, and an inch of meaty cock slipped into me. Another groaning shove, and I took more. "Butt fuck me, Doctor," I begged.

That was exactly what he'd been waiting for me to do. He wanted me to beg, grind and worm my way back over his sword-like cock. I did, and finally he started ass-fucking me.

My tight asshole gripped all around Dr. Young's stiff prick. He fucked his cock forward, pumping his throbbing thickness into my welcoming butt-hole until his hair belly was tightly against my muscular ass-cheeks. He was all the way in my asshole, pumping all of his rigid prick into me. "How is it?" he moaned loudly. "Ooooh, Doctor," I groaned. "Is it starting to feel good, Nurse?" he asked.

"It feels fantastic!" I hissed, almost screaming out loud for this conceited doctor to shut up and butt fuck me. "Fuck me. Yes. Fuck me up the ass, Doctor."

With his hands digging into my hips, I started to sway in time with his ass-stretching strokes. My eager asshole pinched down around the base of his driving hard-on, and he started fucking faster. I grunted, squeezing down around the entire length of his prick, and trapping him in my butt-hole.

"Yes!" I wailed.

I rammed my naked ass back, gripping all around. Dr. Young's meaty prick. My hand slipped down past my quivering belly. I was cumming again, and I cupped my hot cunt, pushing two fingers up into the sopping wetness.

The back of my hand brushed his swinging balls. "Oooh, Nurse," he groaned.

I turned my hand and squeezed his balls tightly, the tips of my fingers touching the base of his throbbing boner. "Yes, Nurse," he said. "Play with my balls."

The strokes pounding my ass were tiny now, and I dug my other hand into my hot pussy. Deep, pulsing waves of passion were shimmering through my naked frame, filling me with a quivering joy that I'd never felt before. "I hope you're ready, Nurse," he said.

"Yes, baby," I gushed. "Do it, Doctor. Cum in my hot ass!" "I'm cumming!" he gasped.

The first spurting jet of cum shot out into my ass, and his balls swelled, riding up until I almost lost them in the hairy sac. I gripped his balls tighter as the throbbing core of his prick slammed into my ass, pumping hot jism right up into my soul.

"Ooooh!" I screamed. "It burns. It burns so fucking nice!"

I fell over the chair, and Dr. Young held his wonderfully exploding cock deep in my body, grinding in tight circles as he strained for the last thrill of his wonderful ass fuck.

When the final twitches stopped in my asshole, I slowly released the grip I had on his balls. He fell away, leaning against the wall, and his prick drooped, sinking back up into the sheath of foreskin.

"What are you going to tell Pam?" he asked, still panting heavily.

He was still playing his little game-the big, important doctor and the little nurses.

"I'm gong to tell her that you're not a very nice man," I said, reaching out and wrapping my fingers around his slimy, soft prick. "Basically, that you're an asshole who just happens to have a fantastic cock." "Nurse!" he protested.

"Oh," I went on. "Don't worry. Pam is a pretty smart woman. I'm sure she already knows."

"I'll have you know that I'm also your boss," he shouted.

"Look, Doctor," I said. "You're just a piece of meat. If you didn't have that cock, you'd be nothing. You don't really think women let you fuck them because of your sparkling personally, do you?"

He just sputtered, not believing that nay woman would talk to him like this. After all, he was a wealthy and prominent man in this small college town.

"I might be back," I said, still hold his deflated prick. "You might get lucky again, unless I can find some other guy with an uncut prick as pretty as th is. If I do come back, Doctor, it'll be to suck this nasty cock. And do us both a favor, and don't try to talk to me while I'm busy next time?"


I left my office and went straight to Pam's place. Her roommate said she was out on a date, so I left a message to call me. We had to talk. Even though I enjoyed Dr. Young and his kinky cock, I didn't want Pam setting me up with any other men-at least before she checked with me first.

Pam wasn't at her dorm room when I checked later on that evening, and I was going to leave a message with her class advisor the next day, but I suddenly got real busy. The swimming complex was like a zoo with people running in and out. Coach Martin was still away, and the athletic director was using Doug's office to set up appointments for a replacement for him.

Doug sent word that he would be back for the swim meet on Friday, and from what I could tell, he was in for a rather sweet deal at this new university. He did tell the secretary who took his call that he had one more thing to check on before making his decision.

There wasn't a practice schedule for Tuesday afternoon, so I left early and walked over to Pam's dorm again. She was still out, and I thought of one more place I could try: Billy Robertson's place, of course.

I rode the bus to the north side of town and found Coach Robertson's apartment right away. He was on the top floor, with a private entrance that wound up a set of stairs.

When I knocked, I heard a stereo playing inside the apartment, and moments later Pam looked out of the curtains in a window about 10 feet from where I was standing. Then she opened the door, keeping it open about a foot, and sticking her head out to talk. "Hi, Jessie," she said. "Don't 'Hi' me, Pam," I said.

"I didn't think you'd be all that mad at me," she said in a low voice. "Didn't you just love that rascal's cock? Hot damn! Like suckin' on a snake, wasn't it? Talk about radical."

"Yes," I admitted with a smile. "I liked it. But you can't keep on doing that to me, Pam." "Doing what?" she asked.

"Telling some man that I want to fuck," I said. "Telling that smug doctor that I wanted it up my ass wasn't very nice." "How was it?" giggled Pam.

It was hard to stay mad at her. "Fantastic," I gushed out. "I thought it was going to come out my mouth."

"Yeah," she said. "I know the feeling. I love it up my backside, when the mood is right."

"That doesn't matter right now," I said, trying to be serious again. "You were bad, Pam. I don't ever want you setting me up again. I don't want you assuming that I'll let any man fuck me." "I'm sorry," she said.

"I'll decide if and when I get fucked. I'm serious," I said, suddenly wondering what Pam was doing in the coach's apartment.

"I promise," she said. "I'll never set you up again." "That's better," I said.

Pam then opened the door the rest of the way and stood behind the door until I was inside. She was naked-and not alone. I could see Billy Robertson and Rob Dunn standing in the hallway leading to the bedroom. The two coaches were laughing, and they were as naked as she.

I stopped midway into the room and stared at the two big hard-ons stick up in the air.

"I lied," Pam giggled. "I told the guys you'd be over to join us in bed. Pick your cock, and let's get fucked."

Suddenly the two coaches lifted me up and carried me to the bedroom, planting my body in the middle of the king-sized bed. They smothered me with kisses and caresses, and in record time, my nurse's uniform was off.

Something thick, very hard, and leaking pushed into my hand, and I knew at once that it wasn't Billy's cock that my fingers were touching. I couldn't even close my fist around the base of the thickness of this amazing prick.

"What y'all think of that one, Jessie?" I heard Pam snicker as she rolled over to give us room. "That's 10-1/2 inches of prime, Texas tube-steak, sweetie."

I turned to look down at Coach Dunn's monster hard-on. I remembered how big it had looked when I peeked through the vent to the storage room, and right now it was still huge.

No way, I thought. There's no way I could ever stretch enough to get this king-sized cock up inside me. My pussy was too tight to fuck the handsome diving coach.

"Ever see anything like that in your life?" giggled Pam. "Go for it, honey. Jump on that big ol' horse-cock." "How?" I gasped. "It'll tear me in two."

"Get on top," Rob suggested. He was rubbing his middle finger up through my puffy cuntlips, making my mind all fuzzy. "That way you can control it. Take as much as you want."

Rob rolled over, and his eager cock pointed up in the air, twitching for my pussy.

As I straddled his hips, Rob reached for my breasts with both hands, drawing me down for a quick kiss on each nipple before pushing me back upright. "You want to give it a try?" Rob asked. "Yes," I whispered.

I wanted to dive down and swallow this huge thing up in one swooping thrust, but I was afraid. As Rob urged me on, his hands all over my tits, I reached down and tightly gripped that tower of cockmeat, guiding it to my oozing pussylips. "Oooh," I groaned.

It felt like the fat end of a baseball bat throbbing against the sensitive outer lips of my eager cunt. I wrapped my fingers firmly around his thick prick about halfway up, and slowly rubbed his heavy prickhead back and forth along my dripping slash. I had to reach between us with my other hand to part my swollen cuntlips so his throbbing cockhead could slide between them. When I looked down, I saw my hot fuckhole gaping open, sucking over his huge cock. And I wasn't the only one watching either. Pam was moving her hand slowly over Billy's long, thin prick, and both of them were eyeing me, waiting to see if I could get this overwhelming fuck-muscle up into my hot cunt.

My pussy juice oozed out all over his blunt tip, and I curled my fingers, letting my flowering outer lips surround Rob's cockhead. He was cupping the cheeks of my ass, and I sat upright, my feet under me, and pulled up over his prick, moving my hands out of the way. "Go, Jessie," urged Pam and Billy.

I lowered my fur-lined cunt, and his cock slid its way up into my tight pussy. I slowly sank, and I was so wet I didn't need to move back and forth to keep his prick lubricated. I'd oozed enough cunt-cream over that thick hardness to let it slide smoothly into my clenching pussy.

I closed my eyes, throwing back my head. Things like this didn't happen to me, I thought. It had only been a little over a week since my first sexual encounter, and now everything was happening so fast. Yet, I wanted more. It was hard for me to believe I was a shy virgin when I took the nursing job with this college. And now I was being impaled by the biggest prick I'd ever seen.

I rested my hands on Rob's chest and felt his cock about halfway inside me. I moved one hand to my flat tummy, and as I pushed in gently, I could feel the sliding and pumping of that tremendously hard cock as it advanced another inch into depths no man had ever probed before. I rolled my hips, sinking down further, and felt my insides moving and adjusting to take more of Rob inside me.

As the others watched, I felt my ass touching Rob's balls. "Yes!" I hissed, raising myself up and settling down once more to assure myself that I really was totally around Rob's beautiful boner. "I did it. He's in me. The whole fucking thing'sin me!"

The sound of Pam and Billy cheering and clapping me on came to me in the fog my mind was thrashing through. I wasn't even aware of them any longer. My every thought was on the log-like cock I was going to fuck. "Now," Rob said.

I wanted to feel my tight cunt fucking over his stiff hard-on as much as Rob did. I rode him like that, with my feet tucked up under me to control how much cock I was letting him feed into my hungry pussyhole. I surged up, sliding my wet heat over his meaty thickness. Up and down, sliding my tight, newly educated cunt.

It was heavenly. Long, smooth strokes. Rob let me do all the fucking, just working his fingers over my nipples occasionally to give me added stimulation. I gripped with the slippery, contracting walls of my hot pussy, using my inner fuck muscles and opened my eyes, looking down into Rob's. He smiled, pointing with his chin over to Pam and Billy.

Pam was on her back, and Billy was astride her chest, his long, thin cock sliding back and forth between the tightly squeezed mounds of Pam's creamy breasts. He was fucking her tits, and as I watched, I could see the purple head of his prick slipping out of her gripping softness. He held it there, pushing up high toward her face, and Pam bent her neck, licking across the tip with her moist tongue. She left a glistening smear of her spit on the swollen cockhead. "That's wild, isn't it?" Rob whispered.

And getting better, I thought. Pam had both of her hands pushing in on the big, soft pillows of her boobs, and Billy was pushing in tighter over her hands, driving that long prick of his through her tit-pussy. Her hot blue eyes were locked on the head of his cock as it peeked out on each stroke. Billy's head was upright, and he looked as if he was on the verge of a wonderful climax. "Cum, baby," she said. "Cum for little Pam."

My eyes were locked on the sight of Billy's long hard-on splitting between Pam's massive tits. I saw Pam pinch her own nipples, and I heard her urging him to cum. To shower her face with his hot cum. Her eyes, too, were glazed with lust.

Suddenly, that long prick jerked and shoved as far forward as Billy could get it. He groaned, and Pam moaned with him, arching her neck to get her face in front of Billy's stiff prick.

Billy's hot juice spilled out in gut-wrenching spurts, and splashed up over Pam's upturned face. In seconds, she had a ring of hot cum circling her throat, the pooling cock-cream looking like a necklace of pearls. "Oooh, God," I panted again.

We both watched as Billy climaxed between Pam's quivering tits. I don't know why, but what Pam did next shocked me. She scooped up a little of the spent cum with her fingers, slurping and sucking them. Then she rubbed the rest of Billy' s cum over her tits and belly. I groaned at the sight of her as Rob's big boner throbbed up inside me.

Watching Pam and Billy had made my pussy melt so that now I could fully accept his huge size. My pussy was moving over him easily now, and I decided to try something else.

"Fuck me like you did Pam," I said. "Do it the way you did in the storage room." "How did you see me fuck Pam?" he asked.

"I peeked from my office," I groaned, just wanting him to do it.

Without breaking our body connection, Rob wrapped his arms around me and rolled me over on my back. His arms pushed up, and squirming, he wriggled one arm under each of my legs as I pulled them up.

"Just like you fucked her," I moaned, my body wrenching in anticipation. "Hard and fast and dirty, baby. Fuck the shit out of me!"

Rob shoved his arms under my spread legs, leaving my pussy totally exposed for his huge, hard cock. He wiggled, getting the thick weapon exactly where he wanted it, and then drove it into my belly. All in one attack thrust, his prick hit bottom, and I cried out through my clenched teeth. "Okay?" Rob asked. "Deeper," I answered. "You've got it all, Jessica." "Then harder," I pleaded.

I could tell that he wanted to hammer his thick cock into my sexy young body, so I screwed myself up over his hard-on, begging him to do just that. Rob pushed up higher, his hands slipped under my trembling ass, and my legs slipped up his arms and then over his shoulders. My ankles were against his neck, and my legs were stretched in a wide bow, allowing him all the room he needed to fuck me hard and deep and fast.

"Ooooh, yes!" I wailed as his deep lunging thrusts pounded the air out of my lungs.

Hot blasts of pure delight ran through my body as Rob threw this body-rocking fuck into me. My orange-size titties were dancing rhythmically on my chest from the force of his steel-stiff cock, and suddenly I felt hands covering my aching tits. Billy chewed at the nipple on my right side, as Pam's teasing tongue flicked over the swollen bud on the other side.

Without opening my eyes, I reached out with both hands, finding a soft, flaccid prick on one side and a slippery, hot pussy on the other. I played with both.

Rob was fucking me just the way I'd dreamed. Deep, hard and quick. Hands were all over me, my nipples were being sucked, and my hot pussy was being voraciously pounded. Rob stretched it wide open, as his huge hard-on brought me closer and closer to orgasm.

As the cock in my hand hardened, Pam slipped to that side and took the prick from my fingers. She and Billy rose up over me, his prick right above my face. I watched as she sucked and licked over the long, thin rod, and my cunt tightened, grasping around Rob's throbbing cock. I knew he was going to cum.

"Pull out," I groaned. "Oooh, God, Robbie. Pull that beautiful cock out when you cum. Squirt it up on my belly. I wanna see you cum, baby. I want you to cum all over my body."

"Is that what you want?" he panted, pushing up higher. "Yes!" I screamed.

Pam had bragged about how fast she could make a guy cum, even if she had just fucked him, and now was a good time to find out if she could get Billy to shoot his hot cum again quickly.

"Get him off for me," I begged her. "Please, Pam. Make him shoot off on me. Make him cum all over me!"

I slowed my frantic humping over Rob's prick, and Pam sucked faster. We were in a race, and I wanted both Rob and Billy to cover my hot young body with cum at the same instant. "Hurry," gasped Rob.

I watched, unable to stop the muscles clenching orgasmically inside my silky pussy. Pam's face was twisted with lust, and she sucked madly, her tight fist pumping up and down over the long shaft of Billy's prick. "Put a finger up his ass!" I screamed.

Pam's fingers found the crack in Billy's ass, she pushed in deeply and Billy arched his back, screaming out. Pam jerked her mouth free, pumping frantically with her slippery fist. "He's gonna cum," she groaned. "Now," I screamed. "Both at the same time!"

I got my wish. Rob's huge hard-on plopped out of my orgasmic cunt, and spewed hot cum up on my stomach and tits. It bobbed for an eternally long second, slapping between his belly and mine, then it shook one final time and erupted. Before Rob's big boner spasmed again, Billy was cumming too. Pam's hand directed his long prick toward me, and it jetted, splattering his fiery love-juice from my tits up to my neck. "Yes!" I screamed, as Billy collapsed. Cum was still quivering on my belly when Rob rolled off me, and Pam and I didn't let it go to waste. While the two guys rested, we 69'd. The hot cum from the two men was sliding between us naughtily, thrilling us as we tongued each other through orgasm after orgasm.


The sound of the shower woke me. This wasn't my room at the dorm, I thought, looking around sleepily. Then I remembered what had happened between the four of us last night.

My body remembered, too. It was sore all over.

Blinking away sleep, I saw that I was in the middle of the big bed with a naked man on either side. Pam was in the shower, and as I glanced at the clock, I could see I had about an hour and a half before I was due at work.

Plenty of time, I thought as I snuggled against the body behind me. I felt a hard-cock sticking into my ass, and I reached around in front of me until I found the softness of another cock. I fondled Bill's dick, which wasn't soft for long,l and wriggled my ass, clenching my tight buns over Rob's hard-on. Slowly, they awoke-we hadn't killed them, after all, I thought.

I rolled over onto my back, one hand on each hard cock, and stroked them both, feeling my pussy grow all wet and slick inside.

"Wake up, sleepy head," I whispered, using my thumbs to rub pre-cum into the sensitive spots just under each guy's piss-slit.

Rob's cock twitched in my hand and Billy's grew even stiffer, poking out of my fingers as I ran them up and down his long, thin shaft. "What do you want?" asked Rob.

"I've got what I want," I joked, gripping tightly around both rock-hard cock. "I just need to find somewhere to put 'em." "I think we created a monster," said Billy.

"That's right," I said, "and if you two don't wake up and do something, I'm gonna bite both of you on the neck."

I kissed them both awake, spending more tie on the two upright pricks then anywhere else. Then I scooted away from the groping hands, rolling Rob over beside Billy. Hip to hip, I pointed a prick toward the center. "Yeah," I said in triumph.

They just reached. With a cock in each hand, I pushed the twin towers of prick-flesh close together and lashed my moist tongue over both of these wonderful tubes. Two hard-ons dribbled sweet honey into my tastebuds.

The breakfast of champions. This beats the shit out of orange juice, I thought as I milked over each prick to get more of my special treat.

That seemed to get their attention, so I slipped up over Rob's narrow waist. I quickly swallowed his huge hard-on with my slick pussy, right down to the hilt. My mouth had wet his dick nicely, and the slippery juices soaking my pussy walls did the rest. I stretched out over him. "Didn't you get enough last night?" he asked. "Never," I said.

"That's not what you were moaning last night," added Billy.

"That was yesterday," I said with a laugh. "It's time for today's fuck, Billy, and you're next."

I kissed Billy full on the mouth, trembling as my insides molded around Rob's lovely hard prick. Billy pulled back, giving us room to fuck, and Rob raised his legs, pushing up my hips in a way that trapped them in place. The move separated our crotches, and Rob filled the gap as he slowly stroked his huge hard-on up into me.

Rob's gentle fucking was so stimulating. I soaked his deeply thrusting cock with the molten cream from inside my hot cunt. I pushed up enough to raise my aching nipples over his face, and he caught one, chewing it with his teeth as he kept up that steady, rocking rhythm. Rob fucked me in a deep, slow, sensual pattern-a if he had no plans to cum. He was just sliding that beautiful hard-on into me for my own pleasure.

I thrust my hips against him, pushing up just enough to get the steaming knob of my clitty over his sawing cock shaft. I was fully aware of what was happening to me. The muscles in my thighs and ass and inside my hot pussy hardened and gripped in time with Rob's stroking.

"Yes, baby," I whispered. "Just a little more. I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna cum so nice."

"Here it is, Jessie," he panted back, fucking my gyrating cunt.

Billy rolled over on his side and watched seemingly content, as Rob rolled my nipples and worked that huge cock of his in and out. He humped me in little inch-long strokes until I was begging for it and then slammed up a full-length stroke that split me in two. As he shoved all the way up into me, I blasted off in a glorious cum, andmy scaldingpussy rippled over Rob's deeply embedded prick.

"You done?" he asked, his voice revealing that he wanted me to keep going. "No," I purred.

"How about me?" called Billy, stroking up my thigh seductively. "You said I was next."

I looked over. Billy had his prick in his hand and was stroking the long, thin boner while he watched me fucking Rob.

"You don't have to wait," I said, looking back over my shoulder. "I think we can find some place for you. Get something to lube me up, and stick that pretty prick up my ass, Billy."

I'd never seen a man move so fast as he reached for the tube of K-Y Jelly in a drawer in the nightstand. I knew that I wasn't the only girl to figure out that Billy's lovely, thin prick was just about perfect for ass-fucking.

"Yeah, baby," I groaned as his hand pulled apart the cheeks of my ass. "Get in me. Put your cock up my ass, Billy."

Billy massaged and opened my back-door hole, my butt sucking and squishing as he finger-fucked me into action.

It didn't take me long. With a prick already throbbing inside my dripping cunt, Billy found my ass-rings relaxed and supple. "Do it," I whispered.

Billy's cockhead slipped between my asscheeks, pressing in then pulling back. I pulled up off the cock buried in my tight cunt, holding it just inside cunt-lips, and the second hard-on nudged up into my asshole.

Both men were soft and gentle with me. As Billy's long hard-on pushed in, I felt his balls hanging down over the bottom of my cunt. He pulled back this time all the way, and slid into me deeply as I undulated over Rob's hard body. I was being fucked by two men at the same time, and I loved feeling sot full, so totally full of prick flesh.

With a low groan, I squeezed down and ground my cunt over Rob's thick hard-on. Then I pulled back, forcing Billy's prick into my churning asshole, trapping my body with a bone-hard cock at both ends.

Seeing my spasming delight, the two men picked up the next stroke of my hips, working in perfect rhythm. I rocked my hips to swallow up Rob's huge hard-on, long and deep inside me, and then I pulled back to suck in the prick between the cheeks of my trembling ass. Billy stroked his thin cock up into my asshole as Rob pulled out of my cunt.

Both men were long-cocking me. They were pulling out until just the jerking head of their prick was being sucked by my cunt or ass. The only time I had them both inside me was when they passed inside my shuddering body, and a thin membrane of tissue separated their two throbbing cock. "Oooooh, my God!" I moaned, smoldering from this wild double-penetrating fuck.

I rocked back and forth, pushing up on Rob's chest. But as I tried to move up, my timing got all messed up. "Noo," I groaned.

The guys tried to pick it up again, but unfortunately, both of them tried at the same time. They both drove a surging prick into me, and instead of that steady in-and-out prick stretching, everything changed. They both fucked into me at the same instant, and I was stretched between two raging cocks, banging into each other and tearing through my tender flesh. "Oooooh, yes!" I screamed.

Billy and Rob pulled back as one, leaving me with only the tips of two lovely pricks teasing my asshole and pussy. Then again, slamming into me together, they magnificently attacked my defenseless body and fucked me to rapture.

At some point in this rocking rhythm, they paused. They felt me squirming between them, but neither man slammed his prick back into me. I waited, whimpering, my pussy and asshole begging for cock.

"Fuck me!" I screamed, "Please. Someone fuck me!"

My young body arched into a bow. I wanted to fuck each of them, to ripple my tight cunt and tighter butt over each hard prick that was thrilling me. But if moved toward one, I would be pulling back from the other. All I could do was undulate between them, letting them fuck me at their pace.

I squeezed with everything I had as Billy and Rob dual-dicked me, and it seemed as if all I did was cum and cum and cum.

"Don't stop," I groaned. "Both of you keep fucking me like that. Fuck me hard!"

Both men bottomed out against each other, the two knobby cockheads tearing me in two as they hammered into me together. Rob's hands were on my ribs, holding me upright, locked between the two cocks. Billy's chest was pressing heavily on my back, his arms circling my waist, and there were hands everywhere on my tits.

"Nice of y'all to wait," said Pam, bringing me out of my orgasmic daze.

Never one to be left out of the action, Pam unwrapped a blue, damp towel from her wet hair and started towards us.

As I closed my eyes again, I felt Pam crawl up over Rob's face. She straddled the big coach's head, playfully grinding over his face and sliding her cunt over his upraised tongue. "Hi," I said.

"Are we having fun yet?" she asked, shoving her big soft tits into my face.

With Pam suddenly here, it seemed our fucking pace picked up. Billy's thin boner slapped between my asscheeks, driving fully into my gripping asshole and Rob's huge hard-on was stretching my cunt so far I knew I couldn't take another fraction of an inch.

As Pam fondled my breasts, I looked down. She smiled at me, her eyes filled with lust.

"Yes," she whispered. "We are. We havin' fun, ain't we?" I couldn't agree more.

I reached for Pam's tits, and as I caught one inch-long bud with my soft lips, the man reaming out my asshole groaned.

"Ooooh, sweet Jesus," moaned Pam, as she bucked up against Rob's face. "I can't hold it," yelled Billy.

We were all so close, and I sucked Pam's nipple even harder. Suddenly, she squirmed out of control against my face and slipped up, bringing her hot cunt off Rob's face. I looked straight down, seeing all of her dripping cuntal slash as Rob tongue-fucked her, driving his stiffened tongue faster up into her asshole.

"Sweet Jesus! "Pam screamed. "Fmcummin'. Oooh, tongue it. Tongue my hot little ass, darling. Make me cum hard."

Like some uncontrollable force, it hit. Pam's cumming set us all off. The cock in my burning asshole throbbed and plowed my butt harder. Then I screamed, biting down hard on Pam's super-sensitive nipple. "Jesus, Jessie!" wailed Pam.

My face came up, and Pam's lips mashed into mine. We kissed, sucking and tonguing, and her arms went around me, holding me upright as the two men drove for the final few strokes that would bring them off. "Cum!" Pam groaned. "Both of y'all. Cum!"

Rob's cock slammed up and down in me like a runaway freight train as he feverishly ate out Pam's dripping pussy.

In seconds, both cocks buried in my climaxing young body twitched, and shot out hot cum. Nothing could compare to what I was feeling at that moment. Lightning bolts of sexual electricity flashed through all four of us as our bodies writhed and shook on the bed.

"Yes!" I screamed, and my body seemed to float.

I guess I passed out a little, and I know I was on fire. The desire that had been building ever since I'd discovered the joys of sex burst into a burning cone of fire right in the center of my belly. I'd been turned into a fucking, sucking, cock-loving beast. Wave after wonderful wave of pleasure surged through me. All I needed now was a third prick for my mouth, I suddenly thought. That would make everything perfect. A cock burning in my ass, a cock in my pussy, and one more sliding deeply into my throat.

That amazingly wicked thought swirled around in my numb brain, and then it all faded. I felt light-headed.

"Jessica, honey?" I heard Pam say. "You okay, sweetie?"

I was only out for a few seconds. But when my eyes opened again, my cunt and asshole were still undulating in climactic twitches around two slowly drooping pricks. Cum was dripping out of both my holes, and I smiled into Pam's pretty face.

"Mmmm," I groaned, raising up to kiss her lips gently. "I'm fine, baby. Just fine."

By the time we all could manage to struggle up from the big bed, we realized the morning had slipped away from us. I was the only one who had to work today, but I knew I wouldn't make it. It took all three of them just to drag me off the bed.

Pam and I stood under the warm water of the shower, and she soaped my naked body. Feeling her soapy skin against mine brought me back to life.

Pam dried my hair as Rob ran over to my dorm to get a clean white jumpsuit for me. After Pam brought me back to life, it looked as if I'd be able to make it to work after all.


The rest of the week was really busy. Everyone scheduled to compete in the big swimming and diving tournament passed the drug tests. I hired two off-duty EMT guys with advanced lifesaving training to work around the diving tank, and by the time they arrived on Friday afternoon, everything else was set. I had about an hour to relax. Or so I thought.

Right at that moment, Coach Martin arrived, and was accepting congratulations about the new job from everyone when he caught my eye. He pointed back to my office, and I arrived first, propping my door open until we were both inside.

The first thing he did was to kiss me. Then he described the new university and the job they offered him. He said that everything was set, except for one very important detail.

"It sounds lovely," I said. "I hat to see you go, but I'm happy for you, Doug. You deserve it." "I'm not going to take the job," he said.

"What?" I gasped. "Why? It sounds perfect for you." "It is," he admitted.

"Then why not?" I asked. "What's keeping you here?" "You," he said, shocking me. We talked, and I realized he was serious.

"The only way I'll leave is if you go with me, Jessica," he said.

"I can't just run off with you, Doug," I protested.

"I'm not asking you to run off," he said. "Marry me, Jessica. We can start a new life together." "I don't know what to say," I stammered.

"Take your time," he said. "Just remember one thing, honey." "What's that?" I asked. "I love you."

I was in my office 15 minutes later, still mulling over Doug's offer when Todd knocked on the door. I was still warm from Doug's kiss when Todd kissed me and told me about the deal his father was setting up in California. Todd would be a vice-president in a public relations firm. It was a real cushy job, and Todd would be producing public-service commercials and short spots on TV. I was picturing him hobnobbing with celebrities when I got my second shock of the day. "Come out to California with me," he said. "We make a good team, Jessica." "Are you asking me to marry you?" I gasped. "Well," he said smoothing. "Not right away. I thought I'd set you up in a nice condo by the bay. I'll cover all expenses of course."

The shy young man I'd fucked a week ago seemed different-much more assured and confident. He was no longer the same swimmer I'd fucked, but then I wasn't the same either.

"Think about it," he said, convincingly. "We're great in bed together. Come on out with me. Give it a shot. Shit. I'll put you in some of our commercials. As pretty as you are, you'll probably be discovered in not time." "Jesus, Todd," I said, confused by all that was happening to me. "I've got to run," he said, looking up the clock.

"I'm in the second race. Watch me. You don't have to decide right now. Tell me later." "Good luck," I said. "You'll think about it?" "Yes."

"I'll check back with you in about an hour," he said. "I'll let you know how I did."

Alone in my office, I tried to think. I liked Todd. After all, he was my first, but I really liked Doug too.

I was going to have to make a choice, between a life here with Doug, and one with Todd in California.

Todd was young and on his way to being rich, I thought. He was tall, built like a Greek god, and real handsome. With his daddy's influence, I could probably make the right connections and meet the right people.

Doug, on the other hand, was a middle-aged swimming and diving coach who would probably never make more money than he was being offered right now. He was balding on top and a little flabby around the middle. But, Doug loved me. Once I made myself accept this fact, I realized that I loved him, too.

I made my decision and went out to watch the first races. When Todd came out, he waved at me as they introduced him. As he leaped into the pool, I could see the athletic grace that made him such a good swimmer. His backstroke was much stronger than the others in the pool, and he eased ahead at the first turn. By the third pass in the water, Todd was in control. He won easily, just missing the university record by three-tenths of a second.

As the next race began, I watched Doug as he talked to the diving coach at the diving end.

I went back to my office, leaving the door propped open again. Todd came to me less then two minutes later, fresh from a shower.

"How about a kiss for the winner?" he said, kicking the door shout behind him.

I came into his arms, opening my mouth as his soft lips touched mine. As our tongues rolled together, Todd pushed his crotch tightly against me, and I felt his hard cock. "Todd," I said, breaking the kiss.

"What?" he whispered back, his fingers pulling down on the ring attached to front zipper of my dress.

"I need to tell you something," I groaned as he cupped my naked titties. Todd's fingers rolled my nipples, bringing on a little shiver of passion up inside my belly.

"Mmm, baby," I tried again. "We need to talk."

Todd picked me up, putting my ass on the empty desktop, and rocked me back, picking up my dress. His hands found my panties, and he shoved his fingers deeply up into the gushing slit of my cunt. "What did you want to say?" he said.

"It's about what you said," I panted. "California." Todd found my clitty and rubbed it firmly. "What did I ask you again?" he teased.

"Ooh, you bastard," I groaned as a shiver ran through my hot cunt. "I can't remember."

I fell back, spreading my legs. Todd stripped off his pants, and pulled out his hard cock. He stared down at me, looking at my widely open cunt. "Can I?" he asked.

I knew what he meant as his face came down toward my hot pussy.

"Sure, baby," I whispered. "I don't know any girl who'd turn down getting her pussy licked."

Todd dove right in, sliding his stiff tongue into my steaming fuck hole. He worked his greedy tongue up and down through my hot cuntlips, and wrapped his lips around my swollen button. I groaned loudly as he sucked, and when his tongue flicked out over the very tip, I nearly died.

But, as he started licking, I felt myself pulling back. I was so horny that his tongue only irritated me, holding me back from what I really wanted.

"Ooooh!" I groaned. "I'm sorry. I can't stand that, Todd. No, honey. Bring that big thing up here. I'm too horny." "What should I do?" he groaned.

"Fuck me" I whispered. "Fuck me with that big thing, Todd."

I reached down, wrapping my hand around Todd's stiffened prick, and I rippled my fingers, checking to make sure it was firm and ready. My hand turned, guiding his hard prick into my pussy.

He slammed home, filling me with his pulsing prick meat.

"Ooh, Todd," I groaned. "I'm sure glad you. fucked me, baby. Do it to me again. Fuck me nice."

I had a lot to show Todd. Since our first fuck, I'd learned quite a bit. As he pumped his prick hard and fast into my slippery love-channel, I squeezed down and rolled my hips to delight him. His powerful cock eager and throbbing, slammed into my dripping cunt.

"Slowly," I urged him, using him hands to slow his frantic strokes. "Let me work my pussy for you, honey. Let me milk your pretty prick with my cunt. Feel that? Yes. Just like that, baby. Nice and deep."

I rippled my inner magic, slamming my hips up with each stroke, my groin raising to meet Todd's as we fucked on top of my desk. "Let me got on top," I whispered, knowing that I could control the fuck better if I was riding Todd.

The desk was too hard, so I quickly rolled Todd over onto the carpeted floor. I stripped out of my dress, leaving my nursing hat and stockings on.

I shivered with total joy as I slowly raised and lowered my small frame over Todd's muscular body, sliding my cream-coated pussy down over his steel-hard cock. I trembled from the heavenly pleasure of having his prick back inside me.

"Mmmm," I purred. "I'm so glad you took my cheery, baby. You were my first. My first cock."

When his big throbbing boner was fully buried, I sat upright and looked down at Todd, seeing the hungry look on his face. I sat perfectly still for a few seconds, pushing down on his flat tummy to stop him from stroking up into me. The glorious sensations grew as I concentrated on the rippling grip I'd practiced for two weeks.

"Ooooh," he groaned, trying to drive his cock up into me as my talented cunt came alive around him, all tight and lurching over his prick. "No," I whispered. "Let me."

I rode his cock shaft slowly, using everything I'd learned, and I carefully didn't let him cum when I felt a hard jerking.

"Jesus, Jessica!"Toddhissed. His face twisted with lust as my milking wetness stroked all the way up to the very tip of his throbbing hard-on and then fell back in one swooping, rippling drop.

"Here," I whispered. "Do something with your hands."

I drew his shaking hands back to my naked titties and picked up the beat a little, giving an extra grind at the bottom of each stroke as I swirled my hot cunt around his pretty prick. Todd answered with hard thrusts of his own.

"You like the way I'm fucking you, Todd?" I moaned.

"Oooh," he groaned as that deep throbbing started once more. "God, you fuck nice, Jessica."

"You started me," I whispered. "This pretty prick did it to me. God, I love this. I love fucking."

Todd was getting close again. I milked down, easing my external motion until he was back under control again. Inside, I rippled just enough to drive him absolutely wild. Each time he was about to explode, I kept him from cumming.

The long, thrilling fuck went on and on. Both of us were getting more excited. I'd cum three times, and Todd was so close to getting off that his face turned blue. I slowed just enough to keep the blast of hot cum inside his balls, and he pinched down hard on my nipples, bringing on another quick cum that rocked through me.

As I recovered, I pushed up to his chest, wriggling until I'd relaxed enough to slide up. "Where are you going?" he groaned.

I pulled off, not wanting him to cum too quickly, and his wet cock slapped up on his belly.

"Don't worry," I giggled. "You're gonna love it."

My mouth was salivating, and I dove down, licking up my own juices as I slurped over Todd's raging boner.

"Aaaah," I groaned, keeping my lips to the head of his jerking prick as I naughtily teased him. "He's so big and hard for me, baby. Your cock's like a rock, Todd. Like a fucking rock." "God! "he panted.

"I just want a little taste of him," I whispered. "You're gonna get to fuck more, baby. Don't worry. I'm not going to let you cum, though. Not yet. Not 'til I'm ready." "Please?" he begged.

"Fuck me doggie-style," I whispered lewdly, running my fist up over the entire length of my lover's cock. "One more kiss, then get behind me, baby. Put your pretty prick up me from behind."

I picked up Todd's pretty prick, tightening my fingers into a fist as I ran my moist tongue all over the glistening length of his meaty cock. Clear liquid trickled out of his piss-slit as I squeezed, and I licked off his cock honey and looked into his eyes. "Fuck me from the rear," I said. "Now."

Quickly spinning around, I pushed my naked ass up to Todd, and his hands gripped my hips. I felt the head of his prick bumping into my thigh, then centering as I shifted. He shoved again, this time sinking right up into my wet fuck hole. The thick head of Todd's boner pushed between my sucking cunt lips. "Ooooh, that's the spot," I groaned.

"I've never done it like this," he admitted, panting wildly behind me as I squirmed back tightly. "You're doing great honey. Just fucking great!" "I am?" he asked.

"Is that all you're gonna give me?" I groaned, circling my hips seductively. "I need more than just the head, honey."

Todd answered by ramming his lovely hard cock up into my cunt. Deeper and deeper he drove, and I twisted my ass, swirling my hot cunt over his dick.

"Yes!" I hissed. "Oooh, I love it like this. I can feel him. Nice and deep. Fuck it to me, baby. Go real deep in me. Fuck me nice, Todd."

Todd was panting wildly, and I reached around and placed his hand on my tit. As I moaned with desire, I felt his heavy balls swing180 ing back and forth against my cunt. "You're so wet, Jessica," he groaned.

"All for you," I panted back, the tightness of my cunt making his thick prick force its way through my pussy-lips each time he pulled all the way out of my sucking heat. "Keep fucking me. Oooh, God. I'm gonna cum. Keep fucking me!"

Todd feverishly lunged back and forth, his flat belly slapping against my asscheeks as he fucked me right through an awesome climax. As his hand cupped my titties and then moved to my cuntal slit, I felt another throbbing. Todd's prick was getting too close again.

"Easy," I groaned. "Don't cum yet, baby. I wanna suck it. I want you pretty prick in my mouth when you cum, Todd." "Jesus!" he gasped again.

"Yes," I cooed, torturing him. "You'd like that. Gumming in my mouth. But don't cum until I can taste it."

I reached back, catching his balls on the next stroke, squeezed over his hairy globes and rolled Todd's nuts, feeling them sliding around inside my fingers. "You've got to stop," he panted hoarsely. "Why?" I teased. "I'm gonna cum if you don't!" he gasped.

"I think it's time for me to suck cock," I said, sliding forward to unhook us as Todd stood. I shoved him into my chair, knowing that he was too weak to stand, and I dropped to my knees in front of him. His shiny prick was jerking and bobbing up and down.

I slid my hands under his squirming globes and raised my mouth, flicking and licking across the smooth surface of his cock. I tasted my cunt all over him, and with a low moan, I opened my mouth and let my lips slide along the dripping, purple head of Todd's cock. "Ooooh, Jessie!" he groaned.

"I'm gonna suck you off now," I whispered, looking right up into Todd's eyes as I spoke. "Cum for me, baby. Fuck my mouth. Fill me up with your sweet cum."

I kissed the fiery head of his cock, feeling a jerking throb in response. Then I swirled my tongue slowly, ringing the sensitive flesh of the crown. "Suck it," he groaned.

I opened my mouth, taking the bulb-like head between my lips, and scraping my teeth gently over the spongy flesh.

He throbbed against my lips, and I knew he was going to cum. I didn't want to stop him this time, and I bobbed down, letting the thick head of Todd's jerking boner slide down into the depths of my clutching throat, and then I rode back up until I was holding about half of his meaty thickness inside my moist mouth.

"Christ!" he was panting. "What a cock-sucker."

I was so turned on by blowing Todd that I started to cum. I licked around the crown, feeling the deeply centered jerking getting stronger. My face twisted, as I sucked in his bulging cock. "I'm cumming!" he groaned.

Wild spurts filled my mouth. I didn 't swallow, and Todd shot out again, another wad of his love juice, coating my tongue. "Mmmm," I moaned again.

As Todd's prick started to droop, I turned my face up, letting his prick slip away from my gripping lips. I looked up into Todd's eyes, my mouth full of his cum, I tilted my face and swallowed the whole mouthful.

"Now we need to talk," I said several minutes later.

"Can I assume that you're going with me?" he said, dressing.

"No," I said. "I'm sorry, Todd. I'm not going to California with you. I've got a better offer.

"Well," he asked again. "What was this, then?" "This was our good-bye fuck," I said sadly. We won the meet and everyone from the 183 school cheered and screamed when the scores were read. Finally, the crowd left, and Doug called all of our teams together. He talked to the male and female member on our team, and congratulated them on the big win.

When he finished speaking the team and the assistant coaches remained. No one really wanted to leave until they found out what Doug was gong to do. He kept saying he had to wait for more information, and at that I walked up to him. He wouldn't look at me, and just hung his face, certain that I would turn him down.

"Will you marry me?" he asked again, the words so soft that I knew they directed only to my ears.

"How do you feel about letting your wife work?" I asked loudly so my words rang out in the big swimming facility. "I think it's up to her," he said.

"I should be able to get on as the team's nurse," I said, grinning. "After all, I'm going to know the new head coach and assistant athletic director pretty well after we get married."

Doug laughed. "I love you," he said, wrapping his arms around me tightly. "I love you so much, Jessica. I know, I thought, smiling into his loving eyes.