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A hungry bride

Jane Allison

Jane Allison

A hungry bride


Jane Lange glanced around the pool. She was so incredibly horny today lying here in the chaise lounge in the hot sun that she had a lewd obscene urge to play with herself with her finger right in front of the other women. She was sure it would take less than two seconds, and there was something about Harriet's smugness that would give her a great kick to do it.

Jane Lange and the other women were sitting around the communal pool they all shared with their condominiums at the Bel Air Apartments in Greenbrae, California. The apartments also had many other amenities such as tennis courts, a sauna and exercise room, laundry facilities and a large game room with a pool table. It was great having all these facilities with your apartment but sometimes the disadvantages outweighed the advantages, like today.

Sure it was fine to have the pool but after all it wasn't yours alone and so you had to put up with people like Harriet Dunn. Harriet made everyone's business her own and would seize any crumb of information that came her way in order to pass it on. The trouble was by the time Harriet had finished with the crumb it was nearer an entire cake when she passed it on..

Harriet was a moderately attractive woman of about 40. Her body was still quite good but there was something in the set of her mouth that gave her a hard look. She had arrived at the pool at about 2:00 p.m.

She studied Jane, for a while, lying back in the chaise lounge, then said, "I hate to upset you, honey, but I think that Mona has the hots for your husband.

I've heard some stories… they're too raw to go into now… well, I just wouldn't want that woman operating around my husband."

Almost hating herself for it, Jane found herself asking the older woman, "Why, whatever do you mean, Harriet

I'm sure I can trust Matt… after all, Mona, Matt and I all went to high school together. It's not like they're complete strangers or anything. Of course, they talk but I'm sure that's all there is to it."

Privately, Jean didn't feel as confident about Mona Allan as she sounded to Harriet. She herself had heard stories about wild private parties that Mona and her husband Jeff Allan gave, and she had always discounted. Now that she thought about it, Mona Allan had been a slut when they were in high school together. It was common knowledge that Mona had had sexual adventures beyond the normal experiences of girls her age.

"Well, Jane, if you choose to close your eyes to it… I guess that's your business but if I were you I'd certainly keep an eye on Matt… he's only human you know and when that woman sets her sights on someone she doesn't rest until she's got another scalp to add to her string of conquests."

"Oh, surely you're exaggerating Harriet."

"Well, not really. I wasn't going to tell you… but… last night when I went down to get my John from the pool room I passed the laundry room and went in to pick some washing I'd left down there… and..," she paused, dramatically, "who do you think was in there?"

"I can't imagine… stop trying to stretch out this story, Harriet."

"Mona and Matt that's who… he asked her if she needed any help taking down her clothes and she informed him that he could take down more than that if he was so inclined."

"Oh, come on, Harriet, Mona was probably just trying to be funny."

"It was really funny, I agree, especially when she put her arms around him and kissed him… they broke apart when they saw me, of course

"I trust Matt and he was only trying to be helpful, I'm sure."

But inwardly, Jane was not so sure at all. Lately their relationship had been less than perfect. Jeff was having a lot of trouble with premature ejaculation and Jane was feeling horny and frustrated. Lately he'd been like a fucking rabbit in bed. Jane couldn't resist a slight twinge of anger when she thought about it. Last night he'd just whipped off right in the middle of her passionate climb, leaving her hanging in rapturous agony with her own climax mere seconds away. And then he'd dropped right off to sleep… She'd lain there beside him, her heart pumping anger intensified by feminine lust into her bloodstream. She hadn't touched herself and finished herself off but had tossed sleeplessly throughout the night in her excited unfulfilled arousal.

This morning had been another washout. After the previous night's big letdown, she'd popped her eyes open after two hours sleep with the same sensual coals still smoldering inside her. Instead of falling off during the night, her unsatiated need to have his long hard cock give her a climax seemed to have been stimulated by her restless tossing and turning. She'd awoken in the worst erotic needful desperation she'd been in since her pre-marriage days, when she'd been satisfied with her own hand stroking up between her thighs.

She should have known better than to entice him into a little morning's fuck when he was already half-dressed and on his way to work. But she'd persuaded Matt to take off his pants. Again the scene ran like a speeded-up motion picture. Like an Olympic athlete racing after a gold medal victory, he'd raced his lengthy swollen hardness in and out of her heated cuntal depths, quickly seeing to his own needs, then hopped off the bed while she lay there panting.

This repeated dud-fuck within eight hours had been almost more than she could bear… Only the fact that she knew he would be late for work if she made an issue out of it, had kept her from screaming at him how selfish he was.

"Sorry, honey, but I really got to move it," he'd weakly apologized as he moved toward the bathroom, wiping off his deflating prick with some toilet tissue. Then, from the bathroom, he'd called out to promise, "I'll make it up to you tonight,

Janie… I promise you… everything's going to be all right again."

Jane had had kept silent but inside she was a seething mass of hostility. She was sick and tired of his selfishness. Why the hell didn't he take care of her needs for a change?

Jane looked around the pool at the other women sunning themselves. She knew that the complex that the couples lived in was a veritable hive of couple swapping and until this moment she had never even considered it in her wildest dreams. But with this latest problem with Matt, maybe, just maybe, it was not such a bad idea after all.

The leaders of the bunch of swingers seemed to be Mona and Jeff Allan. Although they all had barbecues together and swam together and had other recreational activities in common, when the lights went out what occurred in the various apartments was quite different. Jane and Matt and Mona and Jeff had played tennis together, not often, but they had never been involved in any of their rumored sexual exploits. In point of fact, during the day when the women saw each other around the pool, or in the laundry room or anywhere around the sprawling apartment house complex, the subject was never mentioned… never even hinted at.

The whole thing was very strange. It seemed that everyone was aware of these sexual swaps with the different couples, but no one ever seemed to talk about it.

Jane sat up and growing bored with lying in the sun decided to go upstairs to her apartment. She picked up her large yellow beach towel and stretching, said, "See you ladies later… I've got some things to do."

"Bye, Janie… remember what I told you," Harriet called.

How the hell could I forget, Jane thought to herself She got the elevator up to the fourth floor and got out and fumbled in the pocket of her beach jacket for the key. Opening the door she stepped into the hallway. She stopped momentarily to examine herself in the full length mirror that hung in the hall. At twenty-two, she was an exceptionally lovely young woman with golden blonde hair that flowed softly around her shoulders in a straight style that she managed herself with a blow dryer. The golden hair framed the delicately molded features of her tanned face. She had hazel eyes that sparkled mischievously when she was amused or shot sparks of yellow when she was angry, a pert nose that turned up slightly and was covered with a light freckles and full sensual lips. From her time in the sun around the pool Jane's skin was tanned a deep golden color. She looked like a golden goddess.

She was dressed in a scanty string bikini with only a short toweling beach jacket thrown over her shoulders. The scanty black bikini she was wearing only accented her excitingly shaped figure, mature, womanly, but still slim and almost fragile with nipped-in waist swelling curvaceously downward to voluptuously rounded hips and buttocks, gently tapering thighs and long, curving line of calves, thin well-shaped ankles with a pair of straw sandals on her feet. The triangular shaped cloth of the bikini top barely contained the full-mounded breasts. She was aware that her stunning figure always seemed to have an effect on men but until the recent trouble with Matt she had never felt the slightest urge to exploit this. Well, we'll just see, Mr. Matt Lange, she thought.

When Matt got home from work that evening they decided to stay at home. Both were proud of the apartment condominium that. they had purchased and enjoyed spending time there. They had saved up the down payment during their engagement. The apartment was only a few minutes drive to Matt's job in San Rafael where he worked for a company that built sailboats. Matt liked his job and was proud of the craftsmanship that the company prided itself on. It took over two weeks to make one of the boats.

Jane was a weaver and had a large loom in the spare bedroom of their apartment where she did various projects for a couple of stores in the area. She was very creative and her hangings always sold well. Between the two of them they made a very comfortable living. Neither had really thought much of having children right away, preferring to concentrate their energies on getting their lives together first.

Since Matt had been home they had maneuvered neutrally around each other, being careful not to fight, but not quite making up either. The memory of the morning's sexual embarrassment hung in the air like an unspoken chastisement. It was like many nights they had spent after arguments, except that now Jane was trying to look at the situation objectively. Once or twice, she had even wondered what it would be like if she left Matt. She looked over at him. He was tall, nearly six feet, with a lithe muscular body and a rugged handsome face topped with thick sandy-colored hair. His eyes were deep blue, blue as the ocean, and there was a gentleness in his expression that she had loved from the minute she first saw him in the hall at Redwood High School. He was a transfer student from back east and they had started dating in their junior year. Both knew almost immediately that their early alliance would result in marriage.

Now as they pushed away the dirty dishes from their dinner, Jane wondered if it was all worth it.

"Anything new at work, Matt?" Jane inquired from where she sat at one end of the sofa. Her firmly rounded hips were encased in tight jeans and her bare feet propped up on the coffee table as she sipped a glass of white wine.

"Nah… same old stuff," Matt grunted mechanically from where he sat at the other end of the sofa, engrossed in the TV guide, "Looks like there's a good movie on tonight, "The Enforcer" with' Humphrey Bogart… okay with you if we watch that?'.'

"Sure Matt," she said without enthusiasm. She gave up trying to talk to him while the movie was still flashing on the screen, and propped a pillow behind her head, taking a deep draught of the ice cold wine. She was used to Matt's penchant for old movies, and ordinarily she wouldn't have given it a thought, but today she found herself wondering… Why doesn't he talk to me? What is he, a zombie coming home every night to the television set?

Matt glanced at the watch. He's probably planning on crashing as soon as the movie, ends, Jane thought angrily. God, he's 23 years old and sometimes he acts like he's about 83.

Her thoughts slipped back to Harriet Dunn at the pool. What a nerve, she has, Jane thought. She just couldn't wait to tell me about Matt and Mona and that silly business in the laundry room. I don't' even know whether it's important enough to mention to Matt. I certainly don't want to create a confrontation situation over it, it seems so silly.

Once again, though, she found herself imagining what life without Matt would be like. She would be able to manage financially and having her own apartment might be a novel experience. She had lived with her parents immediately before she married so she had never had her own apartment but the thought of being alone was not repugnant to her in any way.

"That was some movie… God, they just don't make them like that anymore," Matt was suddenly speaking to her through her veil of thoughts.

"That's for sure," Jane agreed, startled to find the movie was actually over.

Matt checked the TV guide again and said, "There's a choice between Johnny Carson or a musical with Gene Kelly. I guess you'll want to see Gene Kelly, right?" Jane indicated she didn't care.

Matt was indecisive for a moment, then he said "Oh shit, what the hell, I guess it won't hurt to stay up late one night. I think we got some extra sleep this morning anyway, didn't we?"

"I'm sure you did," Jane said, remembering his deep loud morning snores as she had lain awake beside him at the end of another restless frustrating night. Still, she was pleased by his unexpected decision to stay up later with her. It seemed to break the mood she'd been in and she was not feeling so pessimistic about their relationship in general.

"Would you like some more wine," Jane asked.

"No, I don't want to go to work tired and hung over… why don't you slide over closer to me, I don't bite."

Jane laughed, suddenly in a good humor. How foolish she'd been, she thought, sitting here just assuming he'd go to bed early without her. She set her wine down on the coffee table and, taking her cushions with her, eased over as close to her husband as she could without losing her dignity. In the past few days, he had said some pretty biting things to her, and she didn't want to seem over-anxious to make up with him.

Beside her, Matt Lange was in the same awkward frame of mind. He dropped his arm onto the sofa back behind her, then hesitantly wound it around her shoulders, still not sure that she wouldn't suddenly say something sarcastic to him. From his point of view, Jane was like that – full of lightning personality changes that kept him on his toes. He never was quite sure just where she was coming from. He guessed that this was one of her most interesting traits, but also one of the most irritating.

When she didn't push his arm away, the young husband relaxed. They sat snugly together during the commercial, and a great rush of relief stirred through him as Jane reached casually for his hand. Matt was a stay-at-home type who didn't much care for the unsettling pattern of disagreements they had gotten into, and now his eager young prick was stiffening rapidly beneath his slacks from both emotional relief and growing sexual excitement. Every night they argued meant another missed opportunity to fuck his delectably built young wife… which he didn't like at all. Maybe she really wants to make up, he said to himself as he pulled her softly curvaceous form closer.

Jane didn't seem to notice, and he studied the generously curving profile of his young wife's body from the side while she continued to stare straight ahead at the dancing figures on the large colored television screen. Above her tight jeans nipping in at her flat abdomen and small, girlish waist, she wore a blue tank top that clung like a second skin to her lushly ripened breasts. Her smooth blonde hair spilled softly around her shoulders, and in profile her facial features were perfectly proportioned. Jane's pillows had slipped between her shoulders and the sofa, and she left them like that, with the pillows supporting her back and pushing her rounded breasts enticingly forward. Matt nudged closer to her side, beginning to stroke his hand down the slim, naked arm curing?? out of the cotton tank top.

Jane knew what he had in mind by now, but she didn't turn her eyes away from the TV screen for a single second. She would let him go after her, if that's what he really wanted. They both enjoyed a little game that was like teenagers on a first date. He loved his part as bold youth. She could hear his breath deepening quickly in his mounting arousal, and his strong warm hand felt good on her skin, sending little tingles of excitement down the sensitive nerve endings.

His hand stroked the length of her arm emerging from the sweater, working gently from her shoulder down to her wrist. Then, his fingertips began to move aggressively toward her young body's curving profile, brushing against the resilient underside of her breast revealed through the skimpy tank top. He moved his fingers between her bare arm and the proudly uplifted mound, stroking the side of her breasts while she continued to ignore it.

Jane could feel wicked shivers of lewd pleasure warming across her skin, an excitement growing inside her that was made all the more intense after the two pervious incidents when he'd left her fucked but unsatisfied. Matt's large hand worked its way in a gradual movement around her full, mounded breasts, excitedly massaging the sensitive flesh in his firm grip. She pretended to herself it was no more than casual affection until his fingers began tweaking at her responsively budding nipple, and the obscene pleasure escalated to a salacious level she just loved.

Trembling helplessly, she turned her head and met his lips in a crushing embrace. Her tongue slipped between his teeth into his warm, welcoming mouth, probing uncontrollably as the desire she had been harboring for days began to flicker like lightning inside her belly.

"Ohhhhh, Matt," she sighed, letting his hand slip down to her waist and then up under her tank-top. He wormed his hand up along the warm flesh of her abdomen and then reached his goal, squeezing the ripely rounded mounds, kneading the firm flesh between his fingers.

That broke their tongue-jousting kiss.

With his other hand, he pulled the top over her head, tossing the light garment onto the floor. Her nakedly quivering breasts fell free in the room's near-darkness, and his eyes raced over their mouthwatering shape as she readjusted her position, allowing him easier access to her needful flesh. The light from the television screen was reflected on her softly rounded mounds which seemed a bit large for the rest of her delicately framed body, causing their cream-like whiteness to contrast sharply with the rich golden tan that covered the rest of her unblemished body.

Matt quickly lowered his head to the soft warmth of her large breasts, fastening his lips tightly to her throbbing erect nipple. He rolled the pulsing bud around in his mouth, furiously licking the spiked-out tip with his tongue. Jane could feel bolt after bolt of pure pleasure stoking banks of heat throughout her curvaceous body from her tongue-sucked breasts heaving and dancing wantonly beneath his lewd ministrations, and a deep, throaty moan escaped her half-opened moistened lips.

"Jesus, Matt… don't stop… it feels so good…"

Her pride said no, but her love-starved body was urging her on, aching for more as the heated coals of desire slowly fanned into leaping flames! She squirmed on the couch and helplessly contracted her buttocks as the delicious caresses drove her to a point of sexual hunger where she forgot to remember the cause of her earlier resentment of her husband's past failures in bed.

Matt felt his eagerly erect cock jerk into greater hardness as he sucked and nibbled on her heaving young breasts. Christ, he thought, how long has it been since she's gotten this hot? I wish I could hold off this time, but I've got to stick my cock in right now… before I blow… Christ almighty, I can't hold it any longer.

Her breasts were exotic in the dim light with shadows from the television screen falling across the nakedly rounded mounds creating a small erotic light show on each large breast. She looks like a topless dancer shaking her tits like that, he thought, except this woman doesn't need any silicone implants! Beneath her opulently displayed breasts her tanned body narrowed to her tiny waist, disappearing beneath the tight cloth of her faded blue jeans.

He quickly snapped the jeans open and yanked the zipper down. He tugged the open tight pants down her long lithe legs and off her ankles throwing them onto the floor with her tank top. Then he took in the lust-inciting curvaceousness of her young body clad only in see-through mint green bikini panties. There was a fine sheen of sex-sweat to her sun-bronzed skin. Beneath her full moon breasts was the delicately curving configuration of her rib cage and her taut little belly was rounded perfectly. He lowered his hand to the beckoning softness of her slightly parted thighs and gasped at the way they pulled involuntarily together. His fingers pressed more firmly against her nakedly aroused flesh, and this time he met only slight resistance as her thighs opened of their own accord.

Jane looked down at her husband's hands caressing just below her tiny mint-colored panties. She moaned as he made contact with the tight elastic crotch band up between her legs, his fingers rubbing the moistly throbbing lips of her vagina through the soft silky material. Shuddering at the warm touch, her thighs jerked further apart. Her legs wanted to spread wide, her hot little pussy wanted his worming finger far up inside her belly.

Jane could feel the tips of Matt's finger running teasingly around the tightly clenched little circle of her rectum. "Oooohhh God, Matt!" she groaned aloud. "You're driving me crazy, darling!"

She shivered as his extended middle finger slipped into the tight elastic leg band at the top of her thigh. Then another finger was inserted and they thrust probingly at her sparse hair-covered cuntal lips, sending a jolt of wild excitement rippling upward through her belly.

"Oh, Matt, I love it when you touch my cunt… don't stop… it feels so good… "she gave a helpless moan under his lewdly massaging hand.

Her sandy-haired husband gazed lustfully down at her parted thighs, and saw the escaping pussy hairs spilling out from the leg band in teasing blonde wisps. He could see his own hand beneath the sheer green colored fabric, fondling her moist vaginal lips, could feel her pussy's intimate warmth hungering for him to touch the wetly erect little bud of her clitoris.

Still sucking her berry-like nipple, he slid his hand down along her moistly heated cuntal furrow, tickling the soft meager hairs and working his finger back under her eagerly upraised buttocks until he reached the puckered little ring of her anus. He teased his extended middle finger at the tautly clenched opening, but she pushed his hand back, away from the forbidden anal mouth.

Matt's painfully hard cock had slipped out of his undershorts, and was poking up under his pants like a strong, strained sapling. He tried to push it back with his free hand, tried to subdue the rush of excitement, but it wouldn't go down. It was throbbing with manly impatience and was swollen far too big to be slipped back inside the restraining underwear. Through her lust-glazed eyes, Jane noticed it too. The way it could swell up to obscene proportions in such a short time had always fascinated her, and tonight… Jesus… tonight it looked bigger than usual. It looked like any second it would rip obscenely right through his pants!

Matt Lange couldn't wait much longer and guided her hand toward his rigidly throbbing cock. Jane held back at first. She wanted to savor the erotic moments of gentle foreplay, letting each caressive gesture melt through her body and sift rapturously through her mind. But the enormous bulge seemed to be beckoning her on, and finally she allowed him to place her hand on the lengthening pole of hot hard flesh soaring up beneath his pants.

She could feel his rigid shaft jerk beneath her touch as she gave it a tender squeeze. It seemed to double in size inside her hand – becoming so big her fingers could scarcely reach around its girth! With some silent coaxing from him, she began to stroke it fondly, running her fingers up and down its massive thickness as it pulsed with excitement. God, his prick feels good, she thought… I could go on jerking him like this forever if it weren't for the fact that I want that long hard cock deep up inside my cunt!

Matt clenched his eyes tightly shut, enjoying the feel of her fingers expertly rubbing along his stiffening cock's length still held by his restraining pants. There was a widening damp spot marking the blood-filled tip as his pre-ejaculation oozed its impatient wetness onto the fabric. He fumbled with the zipper, tugging at it angrily. His fly refused to open, but finally he got it down. Reaching inside, he brought his long thick penis out into the open, bending it painfully to maneuver it through the opening of his pants.

Jane felt the lewd stab of cock-flesh against her hand, and glanced down cautiously at the huge male hardness that slipped easily into her massaging grip. She gave it a few extra lascivious tugs, hardly able to wait for the moment when he pushed its wonderful warmth up into the tightly clasping depths of her pussy.

"Mmmmmmmnnnnn… you feel so good… and that feels good.. Matt murmured in her ear.

The young husband returned his extended middle finger to her hot little pussy opening as she stroked his rapidly enlarging prick. Ever so slowly, he parted the soft blonde pubic curls and eased his finger into the wetly throbbing orifice, slipping it up inside her warm quivering flesh until it was hidden almost to the first joint in her dilating vagina, then he gave a slight, tender push forward. She twisted, squirmed, and leaned lewdly back on the cushions, her long tanned legs eagerly parting for some more. Her cunt was wonderfully tight, he thought, as tight, as the day he had married her. The dampness from her lust-warmed cunt spread over his cupping hand, soaking the narrow panty crotch band with secreted cuntal juices that were beginning to flow down between her trembling thighs. His caresses were eliciting a kind of abandoned excitement from her he'd never known before.

"Oh, God, Matt, that feels so good… so goooooddddd," her words erupted from deep in her chest, purring her approval into his ear.

It was good that they were patching it up, Matt Lange thought. He hated their arguments, despised the way the tension in the air ruined their sex life when they were fighting. Now, with her responding so wantonly like this, he was thankful. She didn't know just how grateful he really was, and he showed her by giving her breasts an obscenely nibbling kiss, sending quivers of delight rushing through both his wife's and his own body at once.

Unable to wait another second longer, he wound his fingers in the tight elastic waistband of her small green panties and worked them slowly down over her gently flaring buttocks and off her ankles.

"Mmmmummmmnnnn," she crooned at the sudden wash of cool night air blowing over her exposed blonde cuntal mound.

In the next second, he had flipped her over onto her back. Taking one hurried look at her lovely curvaceous nakedness spread out on her back on the sofa cushions beside him, he tore off his own clothes, dropped them hastily onto the floor, and crawled up between her widespread knees. The couch cushions brushed obscenely against his sperm-laden balls, sending a lewd anticipatory thrill through him. He shoved her thighs apart roughly so that they swung out from his sides in a picture of lewd insistency. Then he kneeled up on the couch, his long thick cock poling and wagging in its fore-skinned hardness.

"Oh, baby… hurry up with that big beautiful cock… stick it in me, darling…," she moaned, gasping at its solid hardness, feeling its heat and thick seminal fluid escaping from the tiny hole at the tip of the purplish cock-head. "Oh baby, "she panted aloud as she spread her cunt lips wide with her own fingers. "Hurry up and fuck you big beautiful cock to me before I go out of my mind!"

Shit… He was going to lose his mind completely! Matt's desire-hazed brain sizzled as he crawled up between his wife's lewdly widespread legs. Her thighs seemed to be trying to suck him up into her womb, and his lust had charged him to a dangerous combustion point. He felt her hand reach down to grasp his cock-shaft and draw its heavily pulsing head through the warm moistness between her hair-lined pussy lips… finally seating it at the tight little mouth of her greedily nibbling pussy.

"Oh, Matt… come on… fuck me, shove it into my cunt… push it all the way in… fuck me… "Jane gasped into his face, her arms wrapped around his back to crush his massive chest tight against her nipple hardened breasts.

Her long slim tanned legs curled up and over his hips, her heels digging salaciously into his rock-hard buttocks as she thrust her heated loins up at his in brazen invitation.

"For Christ sake… give it to me now… fuck me… Matt… fuck me and make it good!!!!

With one smooth forward thrust of his hips, Matt lunged into her hotly throbbing cunt, his brain crazy and spinning as her fluid heat clasped his thick racing cock like a warm velvet sheath. He choked out a slackened-mouth groan and began to fuck up into her insatiably swallowing pussy in long urgent strokes, filling her wetly receptive cunt to greater and greater depths.

Jesus Christ… he couldn't believe it!

Jane was throwing herself up at him like a real whore, more excited than she'd ever been on their honeymoon, more turned-on than he'd ever known any other woman in his life.

Beneath him, his wife's lushly ripened body quivered and trembled, her passion-erect nipples digging into his chest with pointed, bullet-shaped pressure. Her rippling belly ground up against his, and her powerful thighs clamped his buttocks repeatedly, holding and releasing him as her wildly clasping vaginal muscles sucked and pulled like a warm wet vacuum at his pistoning cock.

The obscenely sucking pressure caused a wild swirling in his groin. He could feel the enormous turgid heat impatiently welling in his cum-expanding balls as he squeezed his buttocks together to hold back the hot liquid flow that was about to explode from his jerking cock.

He counted to himself, holding his breath, trying to stave off what was only a matter of seconds away… "Oh, Jesus," he muttered to the furious milking of her pussy walls squeezing and sucking at his madly jerking member.

"Oh… it's too wonderful, Matt… fuck me, fuck me, fuck me," she chanted over as she strained and writhed beneath him.

"Fuck me hard… oh stick it to me."

Her head rolled from side to side, streaming her golden blonde hair over his shoulders and back. Every so often her moist panting mouth came up against him, her teeth nipping into him. She sucked lewdly on his tongue, then flicked her own into his mouth gasping hot blasts into his throat.

"Oh, shit… oh Jesus… " Matt swore and grunted, "Oh, baby I'm cumming… I'm going to cum."

"Oh good God no… Matt… Let me cum too… wait for me… I want to cum, too!"

But he was cumming, she frantically realized. Once again, he was going to leave her on the brink drenched with his obscene white sperm and still unsatisfied and preorgasmic.

Matt hardly heard a word she'd groaned out at him. He could feel the hot thick sperm amassed in the reservoir of his ballooning balls churning as they beat a tattoo against her nakedly upturned ass. He thrust his tongue almost down her throat and with desperate kneading hands, pulled the fleshy cheeks of her widespread buttocks hard up against his battering pelvis, slamming his semen-spewing cock into her gluttonously receiving cunt.

"Nooooooo… noooooo… not yet… "Jane groaned at the first feel of his scalding jets of cum. She could feel the turgid pulsating head of his deeply embedded cock suddenly flare into a hugeness that threatened to blow her apart. His hot impatient sperm continued to squirt and flood up inside her belly. She could feel his seething white cum shooting into her with the consuming force of molten fire, sloshing around in her quivering belly like a pool of boiling hot lava.

Jesus, now she wished he wasn't so goddamn selfish… that he would wait and let her cum too… as usual he'd been too quick for her… a few quick lunges and then his explosion… Jane was furious!

Matt continued to shoot the last of his semen, then, trembling, he relaxed on top of her, panting deeply for several moments, before he finally lifted off

A dripping trickle of jism oozed from his still pulsing cock-head as he pulled his long flaccid penis slowly out of her unsatisfied cunt. Jane ground her teeth together in horrified disbelief as the bucking monster emptied its last spurt of cum on her trembling inner thighs. Her hands covering her face as her hips jerked hungrily upward again and again in a futile effort to get relief

When it was all over, Matt sat up on the end of the sofa and reached for his clothing. He wiped his depleted cock clean with a handkerchief, then pulled on his pants. He carefully avoided Jane's eyes, turning his face away – waiting for her to say something – anything… but she just stared at him in amazement, still not believing he had done it… again!

"Here… take this and clean yourself off," he said finally, offering her the wet handkerchief

"Clean myself off… is that all you can say." Jane was already grabbing back her panties and jeans, but she was still naked from the waist up, her young nipples pointed like tiny pink gems with arousal.

"What do you expect me to say?"

"You could apologize for your selfishness for a start… that would be something of a change for you!"

"What the hell are you talking about?" Matt shouted defensively. Then his anger, fed by guilt, flared. "If you don't like the way I fuck why don't you… find someone else!"

Because he had wanted to fight back and recoup his lost pride, Matt went overboard. The suggestion wasn't meant seriously, and he was stunned when she took him up on it.

Jane had put on her tank top. "I think I will… that's a really good idea. and maybe you can come and watch and pick up a few pointers on how to satisfy a woman!" she exclaimed angrily, tucking the sweater into the snug waistline of her jeans. She gave him a meaningful withering look, then tossed her head, striding out of the living room.

Matt stared in profound disbelief as she flounced out of the living room.



Jane went into the bedroom grabbed a pillow and a blanket and went into the spare room. What's the point in sleeping with that wet noodle? she thought angrily. I've really had it with him! She finally fell into an exhausted sleep.

The next morning she waited until he had gone to work before getting out of bed. But as she was dressing she remembered the Dunn's party that night. Once a month one of the couples in their building of the complex took a turn and gave a party either in the recreation area or at the pool. Tonight it was going to be a pool party. Well I guess we can still go. No sense missing out on my social life because of Matt.

All morning she stomped around the apartment in a bad mood. Around noon Nancy Leyton called and said she'd just made lunch and there was enough for two so why didn't she come over. Ordinarily, Jane would have graciously refused the invitation and kept on working around the house but today it was the perfect excuse to get out.

She walked down to the second floor and rang Nancy's bell. "Hi, Nance."

"Hi yourself… my dear you look like your life's just about to come to an end… what's the problem?"

"Oh… everything… I'm so goddam fed up I could just scream."

"Is it Matt?" Nancy prompted.

"Frankly, yes."

"Do you feel like talking about it… here let me get you a drink.. come on relax… it can't be that horrible.

"Not that horrible… the perfect high school sweethearts are coming apart that's all." "Not really?"

"Maybe I'm exaggerating but…

"Here… I've just made a blender full of Ramoz Fizzes… drink this down..

Jane took the frothy white liquid and drank it down. On her empty knotted stomach the foamy drink felt terrific. Nancy filled up her glass again and bustled around the kitchen setting the table while Jane sat at the table staring at her glass.

"After three years of marriage I've got a zombie on my hands, Nancy… he comes home from work… has a beer and then crashes… when we make love it's well,… it's…" she trailed off, hopelessly.

"It's what, dear… boring?"

"Inaword… yes!"

"It's happened to all of us that's why some of us… well… we have little. sort of… diversions

"What are you talking about, Nancy? I don't understand what you mean by diversions… do you mean hobbies???"

Nancy started laughing uproariously. "Well, I guess you could call it a hobby at that!"

"Come on, Nancy… I'm serious what do you mean?"

"Don't be so goddam naive, Janie. You must have heard rumors around here.

"Rumors about what?"

"If you don't stop acting like such a moron… I'm going to smack you do I have to come right out and spell it out for you?"

"I guess so," Jane admitted sheepishly.

"Okay Pollyanna… lots of us around here keep our marriages alive by couple swapping.

"You mean… you don't mind if Larry goes off with other women… I mean to bed and everything. Jane could feel warm, sharply throbbing tingles of delight running hotly up between her thinly veiled cunt lips as her neighbor teasingly whispered out his desire to fuck her.

"Hell no… it was my idea… we were just about where you were in your relationship about two years ago… all the excitement had gone out of it… our marriage was a mechanical, routine and boring affair. Mona Allan suggested it to me. I felt like you did about it at first but the more I thought about it the more sense it made. I was pretty nervous the first time but now it's great.

"How do you go about it… do you all do it together or what happens?"

"Whatever happens… happens… sometimes Larry and I go as a couple and sometimes one of us goes off alone… incidentally, we discovered we have a pretty solid marriage… our sex life is great together but we can have terrific sex with other people without fear of destroying our life together… maybe this could be the answer for you."

Jane poured herself another of the potent milkshake-like drinks. "I don't know if it would work for us… but, you know, Nance, I'm so frustrated I'm willing to try anything… Matt is just not satisfying me in bed… he cums and leaves me hanging out on a limb and then drops off to sleep!"

"Maybe the problem is that neither of you had very much experience, you were pretty young when you got married… as much as Matt probably brags about it, I don't expect he had more than a couple of quick experiences in the back seat of his car before you so he's no sexual dynamo, either… don't you feel guilty about it."

"Come on, Nancy… I just don't think I could do that… go off with another man, I mean."

"You think about it, baby… it won't be hard to arrange at all… half the guys in this building are dying to get into your panties… you don't have to discuss it with Matt if you don't want to, right now… anyway, I'm sure he would not be adverse to the suggestion.

"Oh, so you've heard the rumors about Mona setting her sights on him, too.

"Sure, I have… but don't look so upset about it, Mona likes to fuck around a lot but that's it… she has no designs on him other than as a bed partner."

"This is all new to me, I've never even thought about any of this stuff before and here we are casually sitting around talking about who we're all going to hop into bed with. It's mind boggling."

"You'll get over it… real quick… once you start enjoying sex again, you'll wonder why you didn't get into it sooner."

I sure hope you're right because I sure feel miserable as hell right now. Listen, I better get going, I have some errands to do and it's getting late." Jane stood up and suddenly realized she was a little drunk. She drained her glass and pushed her chair back. Nancy just stood there with a bemused expression on her face.

"See you at the party tonight, Janie… you're going to have a good time!"



Matt arrived home from work and they barely spoke. They discussed going to the party and agreed they would go around 8:30 p.m. but that was all. Jane was still feeling slightly tipsy from the afternoon drinks with Nancy and she was mulling over in her mind the things that Nancy had told her. Imagine me, living in this miniature Sodom and Gomorra. Who'd believe it… all the time we've been living here and never involved in any of this swapping business… we'll just see just wait and see.

Jane dressed carefully for the party. She selected a long black summer dress with a halter neckline that showed off her voluptuous figure to advantage. She had never worn the dress before. She had purchased it one day when she was feeling rather depressed but afterwards had been embarrassed about wearing anything with such a bold cut. The dress barely covered the full rounded mounds of her ample breasts and she was not wearing a bra. She brushed her shining straight golden hair and adjusted the top of the dress a bit. It still revealed a deep cleavage but she suddenly got angry again, squared her shoulders and said to hell with it, I'm wearing it anyway, no matter what Matt thinks. She put on a pair of gold earrings, gave her hair a final flip with the comb and marched defiantly into the living room.

"Ready, Matt?" she asked.

"Yeah… " he said. His eyes drank in his young wife. He had never seen her look so sensational. She looked like a model… a sexy lingerie model. He could see by the way her jaw jutted out that she was just waiting for him to make the wrong comment. Well, he wasn't going to give her the satisfaction. He was tired of the fighting and was just going to try and have a good time.

They rode down in the elevator in silence. By the time they reached the pool area the party was in full swing. Luau lights were strung around the pool area and stereo speakers were set up playing dance music; Matt and Jane walked across the courtyard together and then went their separate directions.

"You look fabulous, tonight," Larry Leyton said, running his eyes over his pretty blonde neighbor's youthful form.

"Uhhh, thanks," Jane pulled the front of the dress she was wearing a little closer in front, attempting to cover the soft rounded cleavage glaringly apparent above her deep-necklined evening dress. She wished she'd worn something more demure… anything but the spectacular black dress she had rebelliously picked to spite her husband.

She tried to distract herself from the burly older man by looking out at the pool and the moonlight dancing across the water but she couldn't.

"Want to dance, honey?" Larry asked.

"Sure, but I'd like another drink, first.

"Coming right up!" Larry said, his eyes riveted to the neckline with the revealing cleavage, despite her efforts to cover herself up.

They had another drink together and it seemed that the older man's hands were stroking and pulling at her young body, a lot.

They danced a slow one and Larry held her very close. He's kind of a leach, Jane thought. But then, perhaps it was the alcohol, or maybe the fresh air, the young blonde was finding herself more positively disposed toward Nancy Leyton's husband than she had been before. Beneath his loudness, he seemed to have a generous, fun-loving nature. She sensed that his lewd remarks and the way he looked at her weren't serious attempts to seduce her. They seemed made out of habit, almost his way of being friendly.

Some loud rock music was coming over the speakers now and Jane tried to focus her eyes through the dim light and could see a young woman dancing both suggestively and wildly. Jane could hardly believe the woman's gyrations. It was hard to decide whether what she was doing was basically salacious or artistic. To Jane, it seemed as if the dancer's hips were on steel ball bearings as she twirled and undulated her buttocks in an obscene semblance of copulation.

"God, what a dancer… I've never seen her here before, does she live in this building?"

"I don't think so… she's sure something, though!" Larry replied.

Through the dancers, Jane's eyes came to rest on her husband. He was over by the bar with Mona and Jeff Allan, talking and laughing.

Jane could see that Mona was between the two men and that she was dressed even more provocatively than usual. She was wearing a midriff revealing halter top and a. pair of short white shorts: Her shorts barely covered her panties and the top barely covered anything. She moved on and Jane could see her firm young buttocks outlined beautifully. No man could look at her without one thought coming to his mind. Only one image, one word came to Jane's mind: Fuck!

But now she could see Jeff Allan walking by himself and Mona was hanging all over Matt as though he were her date for the evening.

"Why that creep… look at him with Mona… why, I ought to divorce him right now!"

"Don't be childish, Janie… you're here talking to me aren't you… what's the difference?"

"It is different… she's openly trying to get him!" Jane spluttered.

"Is that right," Larry drawled with a bemused expression on his face. ". our little Mona sure has got all the right equipment, all right."

A withering look from Jane cut him off momentarily. Larry gulped his drink and turned away. "Look why don't we go upstairs for a drink, you and Matt can fight it out later."

Larry finished his drink, but Jane grabbed his arm as he started to walk away. "Oh no, you don't. I wouldn't leave here for anything. I'm going to see just how much Matt Lange thinks he can get away with."

"Okay, but at least let me go over there and get some more drinks."

Jane hardly heard him. She was too busy watching the brunette move across the floor with her ripely rounded breasts pressed against Matt Lange's side. Below his arm around her waist, her smooth globular buttocks were wiggling and shaking at every man they passed. She had a way of swinging her hips that showed she knew how to get male attention, and loved every minute of it. The couple, followed by Jeff Allan, approached one of the tables on the other side of the pool, Matt Lange pulled out a chair for the dark-haired woman and helped her to be seated.

This last gesture really made Jane seethe. God, he acts like a lazy slob at home, but now when we're out he acts like a prep school graduate with someone else!

Larry Leyton returned with the drinks. "Here we are, sweetheart," he said as he approached with the two scotches and two sodas. "This should calm you down a bit."

"I'll drink it straight… skip the soda." Jane said defensively. Her eyes seemed glued to the other side of the pool where the Allan's and her husband were toasting each other. Jeff Allan got up and started dancing with the gyrating young woman who was the stranger at the party. He didn't bat an eye as his wife, Mona, leaned over to Matt Lange and flirtatiously played through his sandy hair with her fingers.

Ok, Janie," Leyton said, holding the bottle of soda upraised over Jane's glass. "Are you sure you don't want some mixer? I've never seen you drink straight scotch before."

"What makes you think I can't," Jane barked, still not looking at him. "I'm not a teenager, you know!"

"Okay, honey, you asked for it," Leyton set down the soda and pushed Jane's glass of straight scotch over in front of her. "Just don't come crying to me when you wake up in the morning."

Jane didn't respond. She was watching as Mona Allan leaned toward Matt, giving the young husband a good look at her lushly swelling breasts. It was obvious from the excited glint in his eyes that Matt Lange had forgotten about Jane on the other side of the pool.

Jane kept staring at the table with her husband and Mona. She drained her glass and absentmindedly picked up Larry's and started drinking his too! She gulped deeply at the drink, then choked. Gasping, she tried not to show her discomfort as the burning liquid shot down her throat, but it was impossible. She never drank straight scotch before, and the liquor slammed into her stomach like hot acid.

Larry turned his head from the sputtering young blonde and directed his attention back to the dance area. The dancers seemed to get wilder and wilder and then he noticed Mona rising up from her chair.

"How about a midnight swim, everyone?" she called out.

"In the nude, Mona?" a male voice called out.

"Of course," she said kittenishly. "Is there any other way?"

"Of all the nerve!" Jane muttered with obvious surprise, and took another deep gulp of scotch, this time without choking. Despite her initial difficulty, she warmed quickly to the drinking. Having finished off her glass now as well as Larry's, there was a pretty flush to her cheeks and a soft looseness to her movements, the only evidence so far of the large amount of alcohol she'd consumed during the day and over the evening.

She asked Larry to get her another drink and he immediately complied. Nancy had told him about Jane's visit this afternoon and he knew she was having a rough time of it with Matt. If booze was going to help her get through the evening, he was glad to oblige.

Larry glanced at Mona gyrating on the other side of the pool. She was a striking beauty in any crowd with her jet black hair, thick and curling, crowning her head and face magnificently. Her skin was a lovely luminous white, soft and warm looking. The only time Mona spent at the pool was after dark.

Conversations were stopping around the party as the music began to play a really fast rock beat and Mona Allan's body began gyrating slowly to the grinding rhythm. As she danced, her shorts seemed to ride higher up on her white buttocks, giving the wide-eyed crowd teasing glimpses of her white bikini panties. Mona didn't miss a beat as the music played faster and faster. She bent over from her waist as she flailed her arms in the night air, her full sensuous breasts shifting and swaying, ready to escape from her halter top at any moment.

For Jane's sake, Larry didn't mean to watch but he found the brunette's appeal magnetic. Mona had every man at the party hypnotized with her wild swirling and shimmying, her long black hair tossing from side to side as she ground her sensually alluring body in perfect time with the rock music.

Even the couples that were dancing were stepping to the side, the men leering and their wives gaping in wide-eyed disbelief at the abandoned performance the young woman was giving them. Mona seemed transported to another world by the blaring music, her eyes closed while her body moved to the uninhibited beat with the effortlessness of a born dancer.

"Thought you were skinny-dipping?" someone called from the back and several others laughed.

"Give Mona a chance."

"Take it off, baby," a lewd male voice sounded above the loud music.

"Yeah, let's see a little real action."

"Let's see that ass!' another drunken male voice called out and they all laughed. Several people applauded and one whistled.

Someone took up the chant. "Take it off, take it off"

Mona's eyes snapped open at that.

Jane gaped openmouthed at the spectacle. She had never been to one of these kind of parties before. This must be what everyone talked about!

Mona reached behind her hair and opened her top from the halter ties, bucking them back and forth with the kind of obscene polished motion one doesn't learn at a dancing school. Slowly, she let her top fall all the way down to her slim and molded waist.

"Ooowweee," the crowd gasped as they saw her large quivering breasts thrusting nakedly forward. They stood resilient and free in all their splendor, a dazzling, milky-white in the moonlight, except for the small pink nipple buds in the center. As she continued dancing, bucking her hips, the fleshy mounds jiggled and trembled, looking like puffballs of fresh cream.

The partygoers roared again. The pounding music and Mona's body gyrating in half-nakedness were driving the onlookers into a drunken frenzy. The music was playing now at full volume and the swirling brunette's dancing became even more abandoned.

"Now the shorts, Mona… and then in the pool," someone called out, his voice barely audible over the noise.

The gaping crowd was jamming so tightly in a circle around the pool they were almost falling in. Mona waited until the tension was so high you could almost see it, then began wriggling her ripely molded buttocks while she pulled at her zipper to work the skimpy shorts down over her hips. The shorts slid with a rush to the cement and Mona stepped out of them and continued dancing, her mouth slightly open as she breathed deeply and the tip of her little red tongue protruded obscenely.

All eyes flew to the single remaining garment, the tiny white panties. Soon they would be off and she would be before the partygoers completely naked. Her fingers played with the elastic waistband of the soft flimsy material, slowly pushing it down, then raising it back up again deliberately tantalizing the crowd. She continued to roll them down, her eyes shut dancing more quietly now, until her panties were nothing more than a lewd G-string. She turned her back so that everyone could see her rounded white buttocks slowly being exposed as she teasingly rolled the panties down. The scanty sheer white material bunched up and eventually slipped down past the shadowy crevice of her buttocks, leaving her nakedly swaying ass-cheeks revealed as lovely half moons.

It was too much for one of the neighbors. It looked like Bob Weston. With a low moan, he grabbed for her pussy hair, but the. brunette danced away coolly. She ground her pelvis lewdly at him, bringing another lewd laugh from her friends and neighbors.

Jane watched in disgust as her old high school friend danced wantonly back and forth at pool side. Taking a deep breath that made her lush young breasts leap up and hold their pose, Mona flaunted her hips while her pelvis rolled and undulated as if it were floating in warm liquid oil. There was something. shameful, bold, sensual, primitive, and terribly exciting about it. She stalked brazenly back and forth in front of the whole party, her body quivering with a wild passion, her eyes glazed with lust, her smooth ebony hair flowing, and a sensuous smile on her face. No one around the pool said anything now. If it hadn't been for the music, a pin could have been heard in the still night air. Even Leyton, who had tried to ignore the lewd exhibition for Jane's sake, felt his cock stiffening into full erection.

Jane slugged down the last of her scotch, despite the fact that the crowd of her neighbors around Mona were beginning to look fuzzy. Through her alcohol-dimmed eyes, she barely made out her husband Matt.

What's she got that I haven't, Jane thought drunkenly. I'm just as good a dancer as she it.

She grabbed the table edge for support and climbed unsteadily to her feet, but suddenly the room began to spin.

"Watch it, Janie," Larry shouted over the music. "You're in no condition to go anywhere… sit down… I'm going to get you some coffee.

Leyton walked over to the portable bar they had set up for the party. He was just about to pour a cup of coffee from the urn when he heard a shout. He turned quickly and saw Janie lurching into the crowd.

Larry almost dropped the cup through his fingers when he saw his young neighbor moving into the circle. She had slipped from her seat, as soon as he got up for the coffee. Now she was in the circle with Mona and she wasn't wasting any time catching up with her either.

Drunkenly, Jane untied her black dress and let it fall to her waist and in a moment the large enticing mounds of her breasts bounced free, her jutting nipples like two tiny buds swelling into hardness as all eyes shifted to her.

"I'm going in the pool, now," Mona shouted laughing at the young Jane fumbling with her clothes. She dived straight in the side and others began fumbling with their clothes as well, as. they stripped off and jumped into the kidney-shaped pool.

"What do you think you're doing?" Larry grabbed her around her knees.

"Leave her alone… let her dance." some of the others called during the confusion.

"Let me go… let me go." Jane shouted, digging her nails into Larry's back as her strongly built neighbor managed to pick her up and carry her. She kicked arid clawed as he pushed his way through the crowd of laughing neighbors, the amazed partygoers finally moving aside as he carried her across the courtyard. With her still squirming and twisting, he maneuvered past the stunned security guard and over towards the building elevators.

He dropped her still fighting to the ground on her feet, her ripe young breasts tossing nakedly as she pushed at him.

Over his shoulder Larry saw Matt moving around the pool but just then Mona reached up out of the water and grabbed him by the leg and pulled him in fully clothed.



Jane awakened with a start, her body trembling and covered with a film of perspiration. Painfully, she opened her eyes, then struggled to focus them. Her head was throbbing, and she could feel the unmistakable signs of nausea coming on.

Finally, the whirling of colors and indecipherable objects stopped, and her stomach settled. The roller coaster ride seemed to be coming to an end. She was in a room… a bedroom but it wasn't hers. She tried to remember the furnishings they seemed vaguely familiar but she couldn't place them.

The room began to whirl again and the next thing she knew her head was back on the pillow, and she had closed her eyes. There were soft voices in the room; she sensed, unmistakably, the presence of other people. Opening her eyes again, she blinked and blinked, each time the figures growing clearer as she squinted in the dim bedroom light. She recognized Larry Leyton… he was walking toward her where she was lying in the bed… and there was another man, a tall man, Bob Weston, from the party.

Slowly it all began to come back… the pool party… the drinks. starting to take her dress off with Mona Allan… the skinny dippers. everything. The wave of embarrassment brought on by the memory was replaced by a sudden fear as Bob Weston walked over to the door to flick off the overhead light, leaving only the bedside light burning.

"Larry," she sat up and said to her neighbor standing beside the bed, "where am I? What's going on?"

"Just relax," Leyton sat down on the edge of the bed, laughing. "Everything's going to be all right. I brought you up to my place… Bob wanted to come too.

"I don't understand… where's Nancy… why didn't you take me home?"

"Nancy had a previous engagement… she won't be back," Larry chuckled, winking suggestively at Bob.

Jane watched as Bob poured a large amount of Scotch into a glass on the bedside table, then plopped in a few ice cubes from an ice bucket sitting there. "Here you go, Janie," he said, moving towards her. "This ought to put you back together."

Jane took the glass from his outstretched hand, and gulped it down in swallows. It was beginning to taste good, and she could feel it as it seeped into her bloodstream almost immediately, undiluted by anything. Only after several deep pulls, did she really notice that she was only partially under the white sheet, with two thick pillows behind her head, and naked to the waist with the top of her black dress still hanging loosely at her waist.

"Don't worry about it," Larry chuckled as he noticed her pull up the sheet to hide her breasts. "We don't mind, do we Bob?"

"Hell no," the other man said, "I've been waiting for an hour for her to take the other half of that dress off"

Their words worked their way slowly, to Jane's fuzzy brain. She started to speak, but instead, sank back into the comfortable foam pillows. As the situation became clearer, the whole room began to shake as if it were vibrating.

"Move over, sweetheart," Larry sat down on the other side of the bed, "Here comes daddy!"

Jane bolted upright in the bed, forgetting for an instant that she was completely naked from the waist up as she felt Larry's hand slide under the sheet and along her legs. She squeezed her knees together and pulled them tightly against her body at his touch.

"Take your hands off me, Larry… leave me alone," Jane ordered her neighbor, but he only laughed, taking another long sip of his drink and continued his fondling.

"Larry, please. I've got to go home." He seemed to be laughing at her, but didn't respond and she closed her eyes as the room lurched into another dizzy spin and Bob Weston walked across the room and finally settled in a chair in a corner.

"Don't worry about a thing, honey," Larry said from where he sat beside her on the bed, his hand inching under the sheet again. "Daddy's going to take you home… right afterwards… okay?"

Jane was scared as she looked up into Larry's bloodshot eyes. Her neighbor. was in his mid-thirties, about ten years older than her husband.

His hand began to very gently stroke her long tanned leg, tracing the curving line of her calf upward to her knee. She tried to squirm away from him, out of his reach, but he moved closer and closer on the bed, his eyes not leaving her for a split second. She was riveted to his eyes that seemed to burn into her.

"Please Larry… I want to go now..

Her neighbor smirked. "Now stop that silliness, Janie. Bob and I just want to have a little fun. It'll be good for you, too. We're going to have a little party. Who'll be the wiser? You'll love it!"

The awareness of what the two men had in store for her was beginning to hit home to the young wife. A burning fear was beginning to spread through her as she waited in dread for the next move that her neighbors would make.

They couldn't do anything to her, they couldn't make her stay, she thought. She was a fully grown woman and she could walk out of here any second she wanted. Yes, that was the thing to do.

Tying the strings of her dress together, she pulled her dress over her breasts and threw back the sheet and shakily swung her legs to the floor. She cast a defiant look at the two men and began wobbling unsteadily toward the door.

"No you don't angel… no sneaking away, now," Larry said, catching her with one sweep of his hand and tossing her back on the bed. He pulled the ties at the back of the dress so that the garment fell straight down revealing once again the lush breasts. She tried to cover herself and the two men laughed.

Jane lay back on the pillows, drunkenly, as her neighbor settled down beside her on the bed again. She tried to hold the dress up to her but he pushed her hands aside and began running his hands over the smooth surface of her curving ribcage; and, above his massaging hand, her naked breasts were almost exposed, jostling under the untied top of her dress.

"Come on, Larry… let me tie my dress back up and let me get out of here what if Nancy comes back?"

"Nancy's not coming back and we can't let you go now, sweetheart… not in your condition… you'll just have to stay and have a good time."

He was unbuttoning his shirt now as he crawled up on the bed on his knees. Across the room, Bob Weston, the other neighbor, seemed to be enjoying everything that was happening. He watched gleefully rolling his glass between his palms as his friend tossed his shirt onto a nearby chair.

"Stop it… I'm married… I can't do this."

"We're all married, honey… and we can all do it," Larry said laughingly.

"Bob, you're not going to just sit there and let this happen… you've always been a good neighbor… what's changed things?"

The older man only leered at her lush young body reclining half-dressed against the headboard. "You're the one that pulled the change, Janie," he laughed. "You really showed how much you wanted it down at the pool."

Another wave of humiliation swept over Jane as she remembered trying to show up Mona Allan down at the pool… dancing… exposing her naked breasts oh, it was so awful… just shameless… but she had been half out of her mind from the alcohol, and Larry should understand that. Dimly she wondered where her husband, Matt, was.

"Come on… you've led us on long enough," Larry said. "Get your dress off… get it. off… "he repeated, cutting into her thoughts.

Jane's neighbor could feel his long fleshy cock beneath his trousers, still flaccid but beginning to harden just at the sight of this lush young woman with her tanned skin and flowing blonde hair. And for the moment, she was all his… his brain reeled at.. the realization that it wouldn't be long. In a few minutes, his eagerly pulsating cock was going to be fucking into his neighbor's wife's tight pussy.

Larry and Bob had shared plenty of women around the neighborhood. Many of them right here in this bedroom, as Larry's wife, Nancy; was very accommodating. Both men had lusted after the sexy blonde when they had seen her sunning herself around the pool but until tonight she had always seemed a bit standoffish.

Slipping his hand into her open dress, he touched Jane's smooth tanned belly with his cupped palms. Now she wore only her sheer black panties beneath the open black evening dress. She'll have that off soon enough, he thought, wedging his hands down under the rounded firmness of her panty-clad buttocks pressed down against the soft mattress. He began twisting and kneading her softly yielding ass-cheeks with a rapidly growing lust.

Suddenly he arched over her, tossing back the top of her dress, and planted his mouth firmly on her upthrust breast, his lips sucking in a lewd hunger at a tiny pink nipple. Jane gasped involuntarily at the unexpected wet contact, and she tried to push him away, but he simply pinned her down on the bed with his strong arms.

"No… no… please, no!" she pleaded, not too convincingly, as his tongue rolled her sensitive young nipple around in his mouth, his teeth gently nibbling at the delicate bud.

He positioned one arm behind her head so that he could hold her with only his left arm, and began gently, rhythmically, to fondle one quivering upthrust: breast with his other hand.

"Oooooohhhhhh!" Jane involuntarily gasped between half-parted lips, her love-hungry body already beginning to stir as Larry caressed her warm resilient flesh with his fingertips, leaving tiny red trails on the delicate skin around her pink nipples. He held the erect little bud between his thumb and forefinger, firmly massaging the lovely peak until it grew rubbery and hard. In spite of herself, Jane's breath came faster as his knowledgeable fingers played her breast nerves like a musical instrument, bringing a song of pleasure throughout her lush body.

"Nooooo… please, don't," the young wife moaned as his mouth fastened on her nipple again, his free hand probing deeper and deeper down her flat tanned abdomen toward the warm eager flesh of her vagina.

Abruptly, he rose back to his knees and withdrew his hands from inside her dress, then began rolling it up from the hem, exposing her thighs, panties, then her naked breasts, and finally yanking it off over her head. She lay trembling in a combination of confusion and desire beneath him, wearing only her black bikini panties as she backed cautiously toward the headboard.

"Come on, Janie… loosen up," he said, running his big hairy hands up the thin shapely smooth flesh of her legs.

"No… Larry, please… this has gone far enough," the young blonde wife pleaded in vain as he twisted his fingers in her flimsy see-through panties and slowly, teasingly, drew them down over the ripe flare of her hips. He worked them down past the inviting juncture of her firm full thighs. Her sparse blonde pubic hair formed a tantalizing vee-shaped mouth that held his eyes like a magnet, marking the warm wetness of her secret flesh that lay just below. A second later, her panties were tossed over to Bob, who sniffed them and raised one eyebrow in appreciation.

"Eating stuff," he said laconically.

Now Jane seemed to be moaning in a half daze, as if she were not really aware yet of what was happening to her, and that only intensified the erotic picture her innocent tanned body offered to the two men as Larry knelt up beside her naked body on the mattress.

Bracing himself with one hand against the bedside table, Larry unsnapped his pants and worked his zipper down; slowly he lifted one leg, then the other, and finally only his jockey shorts remained.

"Bob… Bob… don't let Larry do this… "Jane called to her other neighbor, but there was no answer.

Turning her head, she saw him staring avidly from the corner at her young body's nakedness illuminated in the light of the bed lamp.

Unexpectedly, Larry moved from his chair and picked up the glass she had left on the table beside the bed. Seconds later, he was back with the glass half-filled with more of the amber-colored liquid.

"Here, drink this," he handed her the Scotch. "We're all going to have a good fuck, so you might as well get used to it and relax… come on… you were willing enough earlier tonight when you were flashing those big tits around for the whole party..

Grabbing the glass, Jane gulped down the liquor in two quick swallows, waiting for the alcohol to give her sanctuary as it blurred the already hazy faces of her two neighbors sitting with her on the bed. She closed her eyes and waited for the booze to do its job, and gradually she felt herself sinking into a near-stupor where she tottered on the brink of numbness and mindlessness. Her brain was turning and revolving until, quite suddenly, it fell out of the whirling vortex into a deep dark warm hole of utter blackness. Her mind was still conscious of the thoughts she had had earlier in the day regarding taking a lover but she hadn't meant it seriously… or had she? At any rate, she was here!

When she recovered from her little reverie, she knew immediately she was still stretched out on the bed. She barely opened her eyes, wanting to delay as long as possible the fact that she was actually here. She could feel the two men's bodies, lying now on either side of her. Both had their hungry glanced locked on her body, and she could almost feel the physical impact of the lust that glowed in each pair of eyes… oh, God, I'm completely naked! she suddenly remembered. She looked down the length of her body and saw it almost glowing in the dark. Her clothing lay strewn on the floor. The last vestiges of her personal privacy were lost and she felt so alone and so vulnerable.

At the same time, the situation suddenly reminded her of her husband and how he had aroused her so deeply only last night, then left her hanging and frustrated and unsatisfied. Suddenly, the low flame that she had been aware of for days flared up like a blast furnace in her belly. No… no… I can't even think of it… I'll get up and go soon

Through heavily lidded eyes, she gazed to either side at the two men, and her heart flung itself into her throat at the sight of their nakedness. She had never seen any man undress, but Matt… and now the sight of two naked men… one on either side of her, was almost too much for her alcohol-dimmed and still half-aroused consciousness.

They had removed their own clothes after she had half passed out. Larry, dark-haired and broad-faced, had a heavy stocky body, but he was much more strongly muscled than she would have imagined from seeing him in his clothes. His legs were thick, covered with hair; one knee was raised up as he lay on his side next to her, his hotly pulsating cock spearing into her waistline. On the other side, Bob had stripped off his jockey shorts, and also lay stretched out beside her, his slim, sinewy body pressing tight up to hers. As he watched her breathing breasts the hard warmth of his virilely throbbing cock ground against her smooth tapered thighs. I'm not going to respond… I'm not going to… she repeated over and over to herself

One of Larry's hands came to rest on her thigh, moving slowly. inexorably towards the tempting mound of her femininity. She stiffened involuntarily, but not enough for them to notice. His hand played in the silk-like hair of her blonde triangle for a moment, then his fingers slid down into her wetly glistening vaginal slit to tease her sensitive little clitoris.

Oooooohhhhh… ooohhh…" a soft helpless whimper escaped uncontrollably from her lips. Under his probing hand, her pelvis writhed and involuntarily arched up from the mattress. She hadn't wanted to give any indication that she was enjoying this. She thought if she pretended she was asleep they would leave her alone. I've ruined everything, she thought, but I just can't help it.

Instantly, both men returned their lewd gazes to her face and smiled gleefully, as though welcoming her back to the world. Watson was more assertive now than when he'd been watching from his chair as his friend stripped off Jane's clothes. "Now take it easy," he soothed. "Everything's all right… we've got no intentions of hurting you… you're going to enjoy it."

Jane struggled to sit upright on the bed. It was crazy, unthinkable. "You're not doing me any favors… you're just using me..

"We all use each other, honey what's wrong with that? It'll be great for all three of us… from what Nancy says… you're dying for it"

Oh, God, Jane groaned and fell back nakedly onto the bed. I don't want this. I don't want anything to do with this… maybe it had seemed like a good idea when she was angry with Matt… but now… this was horrible! No men she had ever known went around sharing a single woman at one time. If this was swapping they could just forget it; one would be bad enough… but two… unthinkable!

Suddenly, she realized it was starting. Larry, beside her, took her in his muscular arms, drawing her back up slightly off the mattress and pressing her large firm breasts against his naked chest. His lips covered hers immediately, his tongue snaking into her mouth and sliding deep into her throat. She didn't respond, but she didn't struggle either. There was no possible way of escape, and she had already reconciled herself to what she had started. The alcohol was loosening her tenseness, and she could feel its warming effects deep in her belly. She was counting on it to dull the confusion she felt.

At the same time that Larry kissed her, his hand again cupped the quivering mound of her breast and lifted it momentarily to roll the quickly hardening little nipple between thumb and forefinger.

In spite of herself, Jane could feel the unwanted tingling sensations begin to generate immediately in her loins, and she was aware of the hot lubricating moistness growing down there now between the dully throbbing lips of her vagina. Oh no… I'm getting aroused again and I don't want to let them do that to me.

For a moment, Weston, on the other side, had found it exciting to watch his friend's fondling of Jane's enticing large breasts, but now he wanted one also. His mouth dropped hungrily to the other erect little nipple, and he sucked and pulled on it gently with his lips, then began to run his tongue around the aureola. The helpless young wife, in the center, began to writhe and twist between her two neighbors with a wild unwanted desire that flickered like electric sparks through her love-starved loins.

It didn't take her long to realize that she was about to lose, was losing right now her battle to resist their obscene dual ravishment. She reminded herself of the outrage of their mutual attack, one man with his tongue in her mouth, the other sucking lustfully at her throbbing breasts. Oh God, how lewd it all was… here she was, a married woman, her husband only two floors away… in bed with two naked neighbors.

But even those reminders turned back on her to incite her unwilling imagination and arouse obscene feelings of sexual hunger in her body. Thus, in attempting to think normally, to think about what these men were doing to her, she was only working against herself! The Scotch, too, seemed to heighten and enhance the warm pleasure building rapidly in her belly. If only her husband had satisfied her earlier, she wouldn't be here now! It was all Matt's fault!

Her neighbor, Larry, was kissing her even more deeply now. His tongue played along the sensitive insides of her mouth and moved in tiny teasing circles on her tender lips. Before she realized it, she was sucking voraciously on his tongue, drawing it deeper and deeper into her mouth, until his moistly heated mouth smashed her wetly parted lips back against her teeth.

Weston's voice broke through her consciousness. She had been all too aware of his warm lips sucking on her breasts and, as he pulled away, she realized that she missed his mouth there acutely, almost painfully.

"Let's go Larry… can't you see she's dying to be fucked?"

Larry broke the deep soul-searching kiss to say, "Okay, but I want to eat that hot little cunt of hers first… then I'll fuck her..

Jane couldn't believe her ears, but before she could think of some protest, Bob Weston's lips clamped down hard on her mouth. As the other man kissed her now, she frantically twisted and squirmed her lower body, trying to show Larry that she wanted none of his perverted kisses down there. She clenched her thighs tightly together and stiffened the muscles of her legs.

"Just let your legs fall apart," the young neighbor breathed, "because I'm going to give you some hot tongue right in that moist little cunt." In his feverish excitement, he pulled her long tapering legs apart without difficulty and scuttled up between them. "Christ, what a pretty little pussy."

The young blonde wife was surprised for more than one reason. She had heard of a woman taking a man's hardened penis in her mouth, and her own husband Matt had tried to get her to do that; but she had assumed that only the most depraved, sick individuals engaged in that kind of activity, and she had resisted. But now these two men were talking about licking her vagina, as though it were absolutely normal.

From the way they were talking, they seemed to think of it as perfectly natural!

Finally, Jane's anxious fear did pierce through her neighbor's excitement. "Don't fight it… just relax and enjoy it, because I'm going to lick your pretty little cunt… you'll love it… what the hell's wrong with Matt that he never eats you?" he called out through the hoarseness of his chest.

Jane couldn't answer, she could only moan helplessly into her neighbor's warm wet mouth pressed over her own.

But Larry's very words caused her to tremble with a licentious abandon she had never felt before, and didn't want… at least, she didn't think she did! He was kneeling now between her outspread legs, his fingers pressing into the gently trembling flesh of her inner thighs. Suddenly, the humiliation she had thought he was going to inflict on her began to vanish from her mind. She was conscious only of the feeling of his superior strength forcing her thighs to spread even wider until her sparse, hair-covered vaginal lips flowered open to reveal completely the pink, deeply throbbing flesh between.

He dropped his head downward and the thrilling warmness of his lips pressed soft and gentle into her moist, hotly swelling cuntal flesh. She moaned loudly as she felt his tongue curling deep into the wetly sensitive slit, stopping to swirl several times around the slippery smoothness of her inner vaginal lips. Then, her moan became a continuous wail of pleasure as his tongue drew slowly up to the wildly pulsing bud of her erect little clitoris and lashed lightly over it.

Suddenly, the only things that mattered were the intense sexual fires which had been ignited in her warmly palpitating breasts and vagina, and that were now. building past the point of control. Everything else was unimportant: fidelity, pride, honor! They were mere words, amorphous feelings that people said existed but had nothing to do with her!

The only word that really had any meaning was Ecstasy! She knew about that because she could feel the lewd physical truth of it in the hot pleasure sensations rippling outward from her wetly pulsating pussy and painfully hardening nipples. It jolted and surged through every fiber and nerve of her being that had been denied satisfaction for so long.

Her entire shamelessly aroused body shuddered in naked delight as Larry took the erotically stiffening clitoris into his teeth. He held it there with painstaking gentleness while his tongue licked in a searing lust-circle over the hotly quivering tip of the tiny head.

Oh God… it's so goooodddd, just like he said… it's heaven… absolute heaven…

The neighbor's strong pressuring hands pushed her thighs even further apart, and his face began to turn in slow sensual circles as his tongue stroked deep and hard now all over the moistly heated cuntal furrow. Her wantonly writhing body spasmed and convulsed in response. He moved deeper into her tightly clasping cunt, using his tongue as a cock to orally fuck the lewdly gasping young wife.

Jane began to lasciviously grind her desire taunted vagina up to his face, cooperating with him as much as she could. One of her hands moved down to tangle in his hair, stroking and caressing the soft hair bobbing up between her obscenely straining legs, bringing her so much pleasure.

Oh, this is really all my fault, she thought. I should have made Matt make me cum last night. Now I just can't control myself… but I don't care… I don't care… I love it!

Simultaneously, she was enjoying her other neighbor's fervent kisses and his moving hands that roamed at will over her nakedly quivering upper body, returning always to her painfully full breasts where they fondled and massaged and caressed their warm resiliency.

She could feel her aroused nipples digging into his grasping palms. Her other hand, the one that was not twisted in Larry's hair, was wrapped around Bob Weston's neck, pulling his tensed muscular body over against hers. His heated hardness pulsated rhythmically against her thigh's softness as he kissed and fondled her, and then he began to move the naked pole of raw male flesh up against her hand, finally using his own to cup his penis in her palm. Yes, she did want to feel and squeeze it with her own hands! It felt hot and heavy and rock-hard. She curled her fingers around it, her lewdly excited body caught up in an insane whirlpool of lust that she'd never experienced before, especially not with her husband!

It was pure rapture for Weston as the young blonde held his crazily twitching shaft in her hand, tightening her small fingers gently around it as he began rocking his hips back and forth. He could feel his cock growing and expanding rigidly in her hand. A welling, surging ball of fire was glowing hotter and hotter in his loins as she tightened her fingers and began massaging the thick foreskin over the bulbous swollen cock-head.

"Suck my cock. Put my cock in your mouth," he grunted hoarsely. Then he said to Larry, still lapping his tongue wetly between Jane's widespread legs, "I want her to suck my cock while you're eating her cunt… I can't wait!"

There was suddenly another movement around Jane's head, and she could feel the mattress dipping in front of her face as Weston's weight descended upon it.

Then she felt a spongy wet sensation pressing obscenely against her lips. He lifted her head with one hand as he guided the lust-swollen cock-head of his long hard penis toward the drunken young wife's wetly parted lips.

At the time, at her peak of uncontrolled excitement, it seemed the most natural thing in the world to take her neighbor's massively rigid penis into her mouth. She kept her eyes open in delight as the satiny cock-head brushed against her willingly ovalled lips. She wanted to do it! And the fact that down there below, between her widespread legs, his friend was eagerly sucking on her… made it just the more wicked and exciting! She wanted to arouse in the older man the same wild, churning sensations that Larry's continued licking at her eagerly squirming pussy was bringing to her.

She opened her mouth and let her lips round softly around Dave's long hard member. She was pleasantly surprised by its warm rubbery texture and slightly pungent male flavor, and by the way it throbbed in her mouth like a second heart.

Slowly, experimenting at first, she ran her tongue over the pulsating head. Then, gaining confidence, she began to swirl her tongue in tiny licking circles, feeling the lewdly arousing shock of what she was doing ripple through his passion-incited body. Teasingly, she inserted the tip of her tongue into the narrow slit at the top and she could taste his warm, impatiently oozing seminal fluid.

Weston's eyes were glued on her tightly ovalled lips as he began to revolve his hips slowly back and forth in front of her face, flexing the muscles of his buttocks to drive his wildly throbbing cock deeper into her soft warm mouth. She accepted it, convulsing and hollowing the warmly clasping insides of her mouth around the thick shaft until all of it was absorbed and the spongy, desire-enlarged head brushed at the back of her throat. Only a tiny stretch of the thick fleshy base showed between her nose and his dark pubic hair as she tightened her lips like an elastic band around its exciting thickness.

As far as Jane was concerned, this was heaven. She would have been satisfied if it had gone on forever, but the hypnotic rhythm of the three bodies moving so obscenely together was broken when Larry suddenly stopped. She stiffened and moaned around Bob's still plunging cock in her mouth, silently pleading for the other man to continue his wonderful tongue fucking of her heated cunt. When nothing happened, she pulled back from Bob in disappointment.

"Oh… please, don't stop… don't ever stop… "she sighed through her alcohol haze.

A big grin stretched across the young neighbor's face. "Stop… are you kidding… who's stopping… I'm just warming up.

Looking down and straining to see, she peered at Larry now rising on his knees between her widespread legs. His hand gripped his visibly pulsating cock that had been rubbed and massaged to huge proportions while, sucking on her sweet little cunt, he had thrust it repeatedly against the mattress.

"I'm going to really fuck you now, Janie," he said.

Jane stared down with wide-eyed fascination as Larry's hand continued to grip his thickly distended shaft. Her eyes widened in amazement and admiration as he obscenely pulled back the loose fold of foreskin to reveal the plum-colored blood-engorged head. A clear drop of male lubricant… looking like a little seed pearl appeared at the blunt tip-end. The young neighbor was obviously ready for action, more than ready! Suddenly, Jane realized that her moment of no return was fast approaching.

He was going to stick that big thick cock into her cunt and fuck her. She was going to be an adulteress!

Larry looked at her lewdly, as he saw her eyes drinking in his thick rod of flesh. "You liked getting your cunt eaten… wait until you get this cock deep inside that tight little cunt."

"Yeah… do it… do it," Bob said, attempting to pull her mouth back to his saliva-coated penis.

"Don't hurt me," Jane said waveringly, then sank back onto the pillow, trembling uncontrollably. Oh Christ, I don't care what they do to me… just so someone sticks a hard cock into my pussy and soon! The devils in her belly began to dance wildly again at the mere thought. She needed but one thing… she needed satisfaction! More than anything else in the world she needed a big beautiful cock fucking up between her legs until she came!

"Spread your legs… more!" Larry commanded thickly, and she immediately obeyed.

Every last bit of will power seemed to have been submerged in her overpowering need for orgasm. She lay unresisting, as her neighbor leaned away from her, stroking his own impatiently hard cock as she watched. She felt Larry draw her swaying thighs apart and shiver with unexpected delight as his tongue lowered to give one last lick at the moist pink crevice between them. To the side, Bob pulled ever more furiously on his nervously jerking cock at the salacious spectacle.

Larry didn't wait any longer. He crawled between her long widespread legs and pushed the drunken young wife's thighs apart until her knees hit the mattress. He grasped his thick aching penis in his hand and guided it without a moment's delay to the warm velvety mouth of her wetly clasping pussy. With a loud groan of desire, he suddenly thrust his powerful hips forward until his heavily plunging penis slithered deeply into her hungrily craving little pussy.

"Oooohhh… good God," the young blonde gasped in sexual delirium as she lay helplessly beneath his naked body. She could feel his thick upthrusting cock bringing a warm magic to her love-starved vagina, and sending wave upon wave of forbidden adulterous pleasure surging through her. She could feel the clasping walls of her cunt being gloriously stretched; at the moment, this man's cock felt like the most gigantic prick in the world! She could feel her inside vaginal muscles stretching and pulling to embrace its hotly throbbing thickness; her tight little belly had never felt so filled and complete in her life!

"Yes… oh, yessssss," she gasped, as he plowed his long rod of male flesh into her hotly welcoming vagina, pressing great waves of her clinging pussy flesh in ripples of erotic pleasure before it.

This was what she had wanted for so long, her every forbidden wish seemed to be coming true. Her belly quaked and throbbed convulsively as the smooth pistoning shaft thrust headlong up into her belly again and again. Her mind whirled in useless efforts to reason out the lewd effects of his virile cock filling her, crushing pleasurably her inner organs as it dug even deeper. Fucking her as she had never been fucked before!

Jesus Christ! It felt like it would burst into her throat if he didn't stop! He was tearing her inhibitions from her body, and then devouring them as he flexed the hotly bulging head once, twice… gulping her inner cunt away in mouthfuls of depraved sensuality. Her former being was leaving her, and there was nothing left now but his steadily driving cock in her hot sucking cunt, filling her with a wild, never-before-experienced sexual ecstasy.

Beside her, Bob Weston turned her lovely face toward him and began moving his long hard penis back into her mouth, filling her clasping inner cheeks with a delicious feeling of wanton abandon.

"Oh yes… let me suck your cock, too!" she gurgled around the already embedded penis in her mouth, her own sluttish words merely adding fuel to her inner fires.

Weston groaned as she reached down between his legs and gently squeezed his sperm-laden balls as he sank his saliva-glistening cock down the back of her willing throat. Sweat poured down his face as he strained to see between the nakedly writhing, wildly fucking bodies of his two neighbors. The tightly clasping lips of her pussy clutched like a strong fist at the thick fleshy shaft that was pistoning in and out of her pink vaginal opening in slow, urgent motions. He could see the rigid, shining penis pull nearly out of her hair-rimmed hole, then disappear again between the moist coral walls as Larry rammed his long hard cock into her tight little cunt again and again.

Suddenly, Jane knew she was going to explode into her orgasm. It was there, just around the corner, still teasing; forever tantalizing her!

Oh God, just a few seconds longer!

Immeasurable ecstasy began to flood through her tautly rippling belly and thighs. She began to fuck in unison with the two men in crazier gyrations, her shamelessly aroused body and mind all centering in now on the fantastic churning sensations deep in her heated loins. God-almighty, she had never been this turned on in her life?

Then she realized Larry's suddenly burgeoning cock up inside her belly was about to explode too. The thought excited her to a fever pitch of desire and her motions became even more frantic. His fucking thrust into her wildly quivering pussy became frenzied. Wilder and wilder he became, tossing her nakedly writhing body beneath him in his own obscene race towards orgasm.

Then… she began to cum… and cum… and cum some more… almost unendingly.

"I'm cccuuummmmiiinngg… aahh! Fuucccckkkk… fuuuuccckk me!" She vaguely realized that she was screaming "fuck me" over and over again like a record stuck in the same groove.

Larry buried his madly jerking penis as deep into the wet velvety heat of her tight little cunt as he could, and felt his cock expanding to even greater dimensions. He had held back as long as he could; he gave one last, pounding thrust that sank right up to his pelvis, wet and matted with the juices that nearly gushed from her madly convulsing pussy. And the flood of his sperm… held back so painfully long… exploded in a white, steaming burst that filled her belly with his warm load of jism.

Over and over – a dozen times or more his rapidly deflating cock fired its white hot cum into her greedy womb before collapsing into a useless, rubbery rope of flesh.

Jane's face fell forward on Weston's thigh. At some point she couldn't remember during her consciousness shattering orgasm, his stiffly thrusting cock had slipped from her madly sucking mouth.

Oh God, it had all been wonderful… marvelous… fantastic! Why did it have to end?

But then, abruptly, she knew it wasn't over yet, for Bob Weston's hands caressed her eagerly as he turned her over on her back. And again she felt that hungry void in her cunt being filled as his thick virile hardness slipped wetly into the tight little hole up between her obscenely widespread thighs.

"Fabulous… just fabulous," she mumbled drunkenly. "I could fuck all night…

"That's exactly what's coming down, baby!" Bob said, beginning to stroke in and out of her voluptuous young body.



"If anyone understands, Jane, Christ knows I do." Mona Allan stated matter of fact "I've had enough experience with this kind of thing to know you need a little support… you can depend on me.

I'll be your friend Janie… I don't really understand why you didn't trust me before.

Jane looked at Mona seated on the brown sofa across the spacious modern living room from her. Jeff Allan was in bed, thank God, and so she didn't have to explain her predicament to him. So far, she'd only told the sexy jet-haired Mona bits and pieces about what had happened after she left the party at the pool.

"It's late, and I know you want to go to sleep," Mona said, "but with all that's happened tonight I need something to calm me down."

The tall sexy brunette left the room and Jane could hear her opening doors of cupboards around the kitchen. She felt odd having called on Mona of all people, but she didn't know what else to do. She was afraid to go back to her own apartment and face Matt but what she didn't know was that Matt was this very moment in the Allan's apartment. He had come back to the Allan's apartment when going upstairs and not finding Jane he had returned once again to the party. One thing led to another and the Allan's and Matt had just been involved in a three-way of their own!

Jane's social connections with the Allans had always been rather tenuous; Matt was friendly with Jeff, and they'd all played tennis on occasion, but she'd never been too fond of Mona, whose flamboyant life style contrasted with Jane's rather reserved inhibited nature; Now, when the chips were down the pretty blonde thought to herself, Mona had shown what kind of friend she could be, and it made her feel ashamed of the prudish face she'd put on even in high school when the brunette's name came up in conversation.

"I made yours pretty weak," Mona said arriving back in the living room with two Irish coffees.

Jane met her halfway and smiled thankfully for the drink the girl handed her. "I don't know how many drinks I've had tonight, but somehow I feel very sober," she said dropping to the carpet and looking up at the darkly attractive woman. Mona sat down on the couch, sipped her hot drink and said, "You can tell me what happened if you want to."

Jane went over the confused events after she had left the party, and drew in some details of her experience in the Leyton's bedroom, leaving the more lurid parts to Mona's imagination. She figured the Allan woman had had her share of similar misadventures and in her muddled state of mind decided that the curvaceous brunette deserved to hear the general outline of the story, especially since, according to Nancy Leyton anyway, Mona was the ringleader of all the couple or mate swapping that went on.

"So what happened, Janie?"

"I dimly remember going up to an apartment in the elevator… I didn't know it was the Leyton's till later… when I came to, both Larry and Bob Weston were there… Nancy was off with someone else, I guess… anyway I don't have to tell you what happened… I don't know how I'll ever face Matt…"

"Oh, he'll get over it," Mona said, knowingly. Chuckling to herself that at this very moment, Matt was still in her bedroom.

Jane drained her glass and rose shakily to her feet. "I've got to clean up. look at me," she gestured at her disheveled appearance. "I guess you can tell why I didn't go home after the Leyton's… I really didn't want to stay there any longer.

Mona stood up from the couch. "Well, this little experience is nothing to flip out over… I'm sure you must have wanted it… Larry Leyton would never force anyone to do anything they didn't want to… by the way," she said slyly, "He's a pretty good fuck, isn't he?"

Blushing crimson, Jane mumbled, "Yes… uh.. yes he is..

"Come on Cinderella… I'll draw a bath for you… "She turned on the water faucet and gave Jane a huge Turkish towel. "Here's a robe for you," she said, handing Jane a silk robe.

"If you need anything, Janie," Mona called as she went out the door, "just give me a call… I'll be waiting for you in the bedroom."

Janie thought it a little odd that Mona was making so much noise at this time of night with her husband supposedly asleep but she didn't give it another thought as she pulled off her crumpled evening dress and soiled black panties. She stepped into the luxuriantly warm water and squirted in some bubble bath and made little waves with her hands, letting the foamy water slosh back and forth like miniature surf around her naked body. Each time she rubbed the washcloth over her firmly jutting breasts, still reddened by the tweaking and sucking the two men had given them, she felt more cleansed. Miraculously, it was as though all she'd needed was a bath to make her forget the unspeakable obscenities that she had performed and had been performed on her. There were other problems she had to face, but they could wait till morning when her mind was clearer and sleep had erased some of the guilt out of her troubled conscience.

She looked up at her blonde-haired reflection in the mirror. There was an unfamiliar sensuous cast to her facial features she wasn't accustomed to… it was as though she were looking at a different person, and she shuddered when she remembered how she had sucked voraciously on one of her neighbor's pricks while another had excitedly watched her perform the lewd oral copulation..

"Sorry to break in on you," the bathroom door swung open and the sexy Mona was walking toward the bathtub.

"That's okay… I was just thinking about something!" Jane said drawing. herself up in the tub.

"Just stay there," Mona smiled, "Let me look at you. I know you must think it strange, but I've always wanted to see you completely naked… not just half naked like at the party… somehow, it makes me feel I know a person better to see them naked."

"It's okay with me," Jane said sinking back into the bubbles.

Mona sat down on the edge of the tub, leaning so Jane could see the rosebud nipple of one large, perfectly formed breast pressing through a sheer black nightgown. "I like to see nude bodies… Jeff and I often go the nude beach down at Devil's slide… I get really horny when I see them… of course, with my fair skin I have to stay in the shade… but..

"Don't you feel embarrassed, I mean, it's one thing to show yourself to your husband, and another to parade around without any clothes on in front of strangers!" Jane exclaimed, prudishly.

Mona dropped her hand and gently splashed some water against the upper exposed portions of the blonde woman's breasts. "If you recall, that's exactly what you and I were doing tonight," Mona said in her soft, throaty voice.

The blurred recollection of Mona, naked except for a pair of tiny bikini panties stuck in her crotch, gyrating down at the pool came back to Jane. Then turning crimson red, she recalled what she'd done, remembered untying the ties of her halter neck and showing herself with breasts bobbing nakedly to their friends and neighbors.

"God, I'd like to blot that right out of my mind," Jane said to the brunette's reflection in the mirror.

"I'm not ashamed to say I loved it… I got a big charge out of all those men drooling over my tits… and then jumping into the warm pool water was just heaven… cocks and tits everywhere." she giggled.

"It's like a nightmare to me, all of it," Jane sighed. "And yet, there must have been a reason for my doing it. I guess I wanted to be outrageous in front of Matt… after all, he did yell at me the other night to find a lover if I wasn't satisfied with him… I must be crazy!"

"You were jealous of me, and I know it! But it doesn't make any difference. Just because I pay attention to Matt, doesn't make any threat to your marriage. you don't have to worry about old Mona… as long as she gets enough she's happy. Mona ran her fingertips across Jane's sun-bleached hair.

The exhausted young wife rested back against the edge of the tub, sensing something maternal in the other woman that was gently comforting. Mona Allan was rather brazen at times, but she was also someone from whom you could expect total honesty. She might decide to seduce someone but she'd be the first to tell you what she was doing.

"I guess we all have our vulnerable spots. The only thing I don't like is losing control, the way I did tonight," Jane studied the raven-haired face of her former classmate in the mirror.

Mona's hands slipped to Jane's shoulder and brushed softly through her cascading golden hair. The naked woman let out an uncontrolled sigh as the fingers massaged the tensed sinews of her back and moved down to her shoulder blades.

"This is just what you need. A nice massage to make you feel better… get all the knots out. I love it when someone does it to me, I never feel so uptight afterwards," she whispered, and continued the caressive magic, lower now, touching the small of her back above her rounded buttocks that were just below the water.

"I'd better get out," Jane suddenly stood up, and stepped gingerly from the tub, refusing to face the other woman.

"I'll dry you. I'm sorry you didn't like the back rub," Mona said, sincerely.

The naked blonde woman flushed; she didn't want to insult her friend. "You're wrong, Mona, I loved it. I was just thinking about falling asleep. You made me feel so relaxed I just about faded out of the picture."

Mona wrapped the large velour towel around Jane's ripe young figure and began shimmying it over her long lithe legs, drawing the fluffy softness up to the juncture of sparse pussy hair nestled up between her thighs. "This is the part that needs real tenderness," Mona said in a soft whisper. "That little pussy of yours has seen a lot of action this evening."

Jane jerked backwards against the wall as the towel slipped back and forth over her cuntal mound. A sharp tingle of hotly pleasurable sensation boiled up between her legs into her taut little belly, and she felt suddenly weak as a kitten.

"Don't get yourself all worked up, sweetie," Mona's hardened nipples pressed intimately against the naked blonde's hips as she kneeled to give her tender pussy lips a soft caress before drawing the towel up to Jane's firm pliant breasts.

Jane felt another shudder of erotic pleasure pass through her. She became immediately aware that there was something more than an affectionate massage and toweling being done to her, but for a number of too obvious reasons she didn't want the other woman to stop!

"Sometimes I think I'm a purely sexual animal… do you know what I mean?" Mona laughed and drew the towel away from the young blonde's body.

Jane pulled the silk kimono robe Mona had laid out for her around her shoulders. "You're no different from any of us," she forced a smile. "Perhaps you're just a little more honest. Maybe you understand your own feelings about your body better than most people."

The two women went down the hall and Mona showed Jane into the guest room. The room contained only a large double bed and a small white dresser.

"Lie down, Jane, on the bed, I'll try to do a better job this time of massaging you," the brunette's eyes were lust-glazed, and her full moist lips glistened in the indirect lamp light.

"I don't know… maybe I should just get into bed and try to go to sleep," Jane said nervously, unsure of her own emotions.

Mona came beside her, pushed her gently but firmly toward the bed. Jane was on her stomach a moment later, with the kimono thrown over the bedspread, and Mona Allan straddling her naked rounded buttocks. The brunette's thighs were spread apart, and Jane could feel her warm vaginal mound scraping against the back of her leg.

"Massage is a real art, you know. You have to apply just enough pressure to do the job without injuring the muscles or the nerves… I'm not hurting you, am I?" Mona asked.

"Oh, no, it feels… great," Jane tried to push aside any thought of the forbidden, the obscene from her mind.

Mona's fingers slowly worked their way down Jane's naked back, her palms widespread as she massaged and caressed the smooth taut flesh.

"After what you've been through, I bet you're really tense up here," she said, lifting her weight and sliding her hands quickly over the twin white cheeks of Jane's ass.

"God, it does feel good," the trembling young blonde answered, tensing and relaxing her buttocks as the brunette plied and kneaded their rounded softness. A low groan of unwanted lust bubbled out of her throat.

Suddenly, without warning, Mona was pushing her over on her side and stroking her tautly quivering breasts, pausing to taunt her nipples into hardness with a knowing feminine touch. Then she was trailing fingers down her ribs as she shifted position until they were lying on their sides facing each other.

Jane stared wide-eyed in the pinkish light of the voluptuously curved body of this woman whose intimate touches were both exciting and sending a tremor of confusion through her body. The two emotions combined effect left her bereft of any power to act.

"I… I don't understand," Jane stammered as the dark-haired woman's strong, slightly taller body quivered hotly and pressed with a licentious directness against her own.

"Sssssshhhhhhhh," Mona whispered, and undid her sheer black nightgown, then dropped it to the floor. "Just relax and let me make you happy… very, very happy… the way that only a woman can."

Her hand came and touched Jane's cheeks. The young blonde lay still while fingers ran down over her lips and moved gently along them, and then over her chin to her long smooth neck. She shivered from the delicately tracing fingertips.

"Jane, you're such a pretty girl, a beautiful woman. I've thought so ever since we were in high school when we took showers together in the girls gym. I always wondered how much you fucked around, whether you made it with many boys before you got married."

The question jolted the blonde girl. At first she didn't know how to answer, or if she should answer at all "Did you?"

"No, not really," Jane stuttered finally, not really knowing what made her answer the question.

"Tonight, I know you must have enjoyed it when Larry and Bob did those things to you. Did you suck anyone's cock? Why don't you tell me everything you did?"

Jane lay unable to move, as though it were impossible for her to believe what was taking place; she had heard of women who were this way, but she had never knowingly been in one's presence. But with Mona it was different. There was something essentially hedonistic in her nature, that absolved her from any taint of being 'perverted'.

Again, Jeff s wife's hand dropped to one lushly formed breast and her face moved closer. Then… her lips closed over her own, gently at first, so that Jane could feel the sharply delineated imprint, and then more eagerly Jane felt her own lips rigid in the beginning, relax slowly under the pressure. Then as the tongue slipped wetly into her mouth, she seemed to give in completely and let her body follow it up, rubbing her sensually aroused cunt hard against the brunette's.

Mona's hand continued to massage her tingling breasts with a woman's knowledge while Jane, dazed from the events of earlier in the evening, her young body still smoldering with the erotically aroused embers kindled deep inside her found something tranquilizing in the other woman's attentions. She closed her eyes and began to tremble from head to toe, all alive with crazy flames dancing across her nerve endings. The teasing fingers raced over her most sensitive flesh like butterfly wings, taunting her to the point where any resistance would soon disappear.

"Wow, you're really fine!" Mona sighed, holding on tight and rubbing her naked body against Jane's so that their lust-hardened nipples met and the soft warm breasts of one crushed voluptuously into the other.

Jane felt Mona Allan's thigh raise and her long tapering leg twine about her until the soft mat of jet black pubic hair brushed warmly against her own wetly heated pussy. Abruptly, Mona's hand was on Jane's involuntarily squirming buttocks, pulling them apart, and slipping her fingers between. The naked blonde wife jerked forward, her breasts squeezing against Mona's softly trembling mounds, as the other woman caressed her tightly puckered anus with an extended middle finger. A moment later, Mona was slithering down her responsively quivering body, rolling her own to her back and crawling up between Jane's widespread trembling thighs.

Jane dropped her hands to her own insanely pulsing cunt and held her breath, trying to keep from making any sound. She could feel Mona's soft hand running over her sensitive inner thighs, caressing them in a soft sensuous way, lingering over the insides and then gently trailing up to where Jane had drawn her hands over her vagina.

"You didn't need to do that," Mona gave a little tug at the blonde's fingers which remained cupped at the moistened threshold of her femininity. Then, smiling softly, she added, "It won't do you any good to hide it, Janie. I'm a woman, too, and I know what turns us on. And you're turned on."

She tried to pull Jane's fingers loose, but the trembling young blonde clutched all the harder, pressing her own fingers into the soft flesh of her cunt, inadvertently separating her desire-swollen cuntal lips in an effort to protect herself from this lesbian seduction.

Jane's whole body jumped as she felt Mona's heated wet tongue licking moistly on the inside of her straining thighs. She tightened her hands over her throbbing pussy, making a soul-rending moan. She could feel her clitoris becoming large and erect as it swelled under her finger. Mona's tongue licked on and on, attempting to force its wet way between her fingers and causing little electric thrills to sizzle up and down her spine.

The more the tongue probed, the harder Jane resisted, realizing with a moan, that her struggling was causing a greater, more uncontrollable excitement within herself Mona's tongue began darting around, probing for an opening, relentlessly searching out a weakness. Jane, in order to prevent her, kept moving her fingers. The desperate defensive movements only served to intensify her lewd pitch of arousal. Her hotly moistening cunt was now dilating around her fingers; her weakly protesting moans increased as Mona's burrowing tongue found the one unprotected corner of her wetly quivering vagina and slowly forced Jane's fingers to the side. A second later she was licking lustfully while Jane gritted her teeth, fighting with what little moral force she had left not to give in!

Then, in a surprise move, Mona darted her head lower and her tongue found the soft unprotected crevice of Jane's tightly clenched buttocks. God, what on earth was that! Jane's mind seethed as the tantalizing tongue licked lasciviously while Mona's fingers worked to part and widen her defenseless ass-cheeks. Jane gasped, moaned, and tossed her long golden hair from side to side while the brunette woman worked her hands under her nakedly squirming buttocks to cup them and tilt her hips up ever so slightly. Then… oh God! Jane shuddered in ecstasy and shame as she felt the brunette's tongue tip flicking hotly over the sensitive mouth of her tiny puckered anus. Then it was slithering in!

"Aaaarrrhhh!" Jane groaned, "no, you can't… please… "Never before had she felt anything so lewdly exciting; it was dirty, perverted, forbidden. She had to stop Mona… stop her before it was too late.

She moved her hand to push the other woman away, but before she could realize or react, the brunette's mouth and tongue were working gluttonously on her unprotected cunt! Jane twisted and turned in a futile effort to escape, but her frantic squirming suddenly lapsed into an undulating motion, a lewd and greedy upthrusting designed to get that long worming tongue deeper up between her hungrily pulsating pussy lips.

Her nakedly besieged cunt was tingling with each delectable lick of Mona's flicking wet tongue along her vagina furrow. It was too good, too warm and exciting to resist anymore. The young blonde wife's mind flew back to what had been done to her only hours before, and instead of cringing with shame and humiliation at this additional assault her long trembling legs drew up and she wrapped her thighs around the other woman's head in an effort to bring that beautifully probing tongue deeper into her insatiable little pussy.

The shamelessly aroused blonde didn't see the door to the bedroom open, nor did she see her husband Matt standing there, – nor did she hear Jeff Allan pad softly across. the floor. The two men had been standing there outside in the hall for quite some time now watching the two women. Matt did not want Jane to be aware of his presence but Jeff Allan had no such compunctions. He now announced his arrival with a sharp grunt. He stood at the edge of the bed, his monstrous cock head in obscene readiness in one hand.

Jane felt his other hand touch her forehead, and looked up to gasp, "Jeff!"

"In the flesh, honey… "Jeff leered down at her, jerking his lust-inflated penis back and forth in his hand.

With a fogged vision, Jane gazed up at him and moaned. For the second time that night she wondered why she hadn't anticipated something like this happening to her. But suddenly, it just didn't matter! She coursed her eyes over Jeff s thickly distended cock, held like a red-hot poker in his hand, and swooned with rapture at the deftly licking tongue bringing a wild happiness to her cunt. Let him watch us, she thought. Let him watch everything!

The other viewer of the scene, Matt Lange, was staring in amazement as his wife writhed on the bed with the other woman's tongue licking her cunt. He tried to imagine how Mona's tongue felt in his wife's cunt as it flicked in and out. Fantastic, from the look of Janie. God, she was in a state writhing as the tongue of Mona found its way deep inside her cunt.

Mona pulled herself up from between Jane's legs and crawled on top of the beautiful blonde so that their large melon breasts were crushing each other. Mona ground her upraised buttocks, then thrust them down, rubbing her black-haired pussy against Jane's quivering young cunt exciting the blonde to an almost mindless peak of passion.

"Split those legs, baby," Mona writhed knowledgeably on top of her. "Open them as wide as you can!"

Jane moaned with savage pleasure as Mona continued to rub cunt against heatedly aroused cunt. The two lesbianically crazed women ground against each other in relentless, erotic repetition as Jeff crawled nakedly onto the mattress beside them. He sat down at the head of the bed and brought his hips on a level with their heads, rubbing his long pulsating cock back and forth, just inches from their gasping lips.

"Yesss… Jeff, your prick's good and hard again… let's do it… "Mona grinned at his lust-swollen penis and took it in one hand.

With her other hand on the back of the young blonde wife's head, she forced Jane's mouth toward the visibly throbbing shaft of rigid flesh. Jane trembled as another lewd tingle of desire drove up through her thighs and into her sensuously heaving breasts. She didn't need much urging. Her trembling wet lips parted, taking in the entire blood-engorged head, then closed softly around it.

"Jesus, Janie, I didn't know you liked to do stuff like this," Jeff groaned. "Matt never said you went in for sucking cock."

With the other woman lying on top of her, Jane began sucking harder, wanting to get more of Jeff s penis in her mouth. At the same time, she felt Mona slipping down her body again until the brunette's tongue was again fucking rapturously in and out of her hungry young cunt. Jane responsively drew in her cheeks, holding the base of Jeff s rigidly pulsing cock with one hand while she bent her knees and split her long slender legs as wide as possible for his wife licking up between her thighs.

"Mmmmmm," she moaned around Jeff Allan's lust-thickened hardness.

The nakedly squirming blonde could feel the beginnings of orgasm rushing upon her, but just before it arrived, Mona broke off and crawled on top of Jane again, pressing her warm voluptuous body down against Jane's and supporting herself on her elbows. "My turn," the brunette hissed at her husband. Jane felt Jeff pulling away from her, felt his cock's hot thickness slip from her lewdly ovalled lips and watched as he offered it to Mona's sensual mouth.

Meanwhile, Jane's husband, Matt, watching over by the doorway was nearly going out of his mind. He fantasized his wife's warm soft mouth sucking on his penis as she had never done before. He was too excited by watching and too worried about what would happen if he entered the room to do anything but ogle the lewd spectacle in the bedroom and jerk his aching cock up and down with his own hand.

"Oh, oh… " Jane sighed in excitement as she watched the raven-haired woman's mouth scant inches from her own, hungrily suck on the thick lust engorged penis.

She waited as right over her face, Mona began pulling her ovalled lips back and forth over the long fleshy cock. Unable to resist, Jane began licking and gently biting the lower exposed half of Jeff s glistening wet shaft. The young husband groaned and slipped his eagerly throbbing hardness out of Mona's mouth and back into Jane's setting up a rhythm of moving from one soft warm mouth and then into the next. Back and forth he went, his hips moving gently from one woman to the other, with both Mona and Jane each greedy now to draw her lips hungrily around him. One would suck him while the other would alternately kiss his long thick maleness and then kiss the other young woman's cock-swollen cheeks.

With a guttural sound, Jeff broke free of the two wildly excited women and. crawled around to the foot of the bed. Jane grunted as his additional weight in the center sagged the bed under their feet. Mona's face became blissful and she closed her eyes to moan, "Oh fuck me… fuck me!"

The dark-haired woman rolled over on her back, and a moment later, Jane saw Jeff eagerly fucking into Mona beside her, could see his sperm-laden balls slap down hard against her friend's upturned asscheeks. Mona groaned, lurched sideways, and kissed the young blonde wife deeply on the mouth, her tongue running and squirming deep into Jane's passionately willing throat.

Jeff withdrew his wetly glistening prick and shifted his weight until he was between Jane's legs. She could feel his hot impatient cock slowly parting her saliva-matted pubic hair and pressing against her pulsating cuntal lips. Now it was her turn to be fucked, she thought, almost delirious in her happiness and desire. Mona slipped to the side, giving adequate space to her husband who made one smooth thrust which rammed his long thick cock far up into Jane's warm clasping vaginal depths.

"Good God, what's happening… fuck me.. Jeff, fuck me… I'm going crazy… fuck me!" Jane screamed, cupping her friend's husband's tight-clenched buttocks and pulling him deeper into her cock-hungry pussy while Mona kissed her hotly on the mouth.

Mona's husband fucked both of them, alternating between their nakedly gyrating pussies for what seemed to be a blissful eternity. The orgasm that Jane had been expecting seemed past her now, as if the excitement was so profound that she had been driven to a point beyond climax.

The night seemed to go on forever.

Now it was Jane watching Mona get fucked, staring across at her passion-drenched face as Jeff skewered into the brunette's wildly fucking pussy. And watching all of them was Jane's husband. In the confusion the Allan's had completely forgotten about Matt – and Jane, well, she didn't even know he was there.

And later it was Jane, on an animal impulse, kneeling over Mona's eagerly arching vagina and lowering her head to lick the woman's erect little clitoral bud while Jeff urged her on. She sank her face down into Mona's hungrily writhing cunt and licked and sucked for all she was worth. Behind her nakedly kneeling body, Jeff grabbed the young blonde's swaying ass cheeks and thrust his long thick cock far up into her wetly welcoming cunt again. She felt its searing tip soar up through her spasmodically working vaginal walls until it struck the tip of her cervix. It was all too much!

The thought of behaving in such an animal way, of being so whorish, drove Jane out of her mind with joy… things she had always wanted to do and have done to her… and there was absolutely nothing she wouldn't do. Jeff fucked her from behind, forcing her face down between his wife's widespread thighs, while Mona seized Jane's long, blonde hair and ground her hips up, enveloping Jane's cheeks and neck in a torturous thigh-hugging embrace that buried the woman's tongue to the depths in her wildly undulating cunt.

Jeff began fucking into the kneeling young blonde's tight little pussy with body-jolting thrusts. Suddenly, like a crack of thunder, Jane came! It was abrupt, and after all the time she'd waited, it rocked and convulsed in a pleasure so sweet and intense her body turned to liquid, became limp and, with a long expiring groan, she collapsed… only to be resurrected.

It wasn't over! Jeff was breathing hard, his face contorted as he continued fucking the young blonde wife even harder now that he had made her cum once.

"That's it, do it, Jeff! Fuck Janie… fuck the daylights out of her… she needs it… poor baby!" Mona urged her husband on.

Then both women's voices were chanting, driving him on to new heights of fucking. The ravaged young blonde had become a little more than a sex machine after the night's nonstop orgy, and even though morning light now seeped through the windows to the guest room, she found herself wildly excited again!

Dawn announced itself with a growl from Jeff, as though the sun rising on the California coast had coaxed the young blonde man into demonical release. He roared and held Jane so tight she felt she couldn't breathe. Then she felt his hot gushing sperm splurge deep into her hungrily milking cunt.

Still it wasn't over!

It was Jeff who now lay watching as Mona licked Jane's lust-ravished cum filled pussy. It was Jeff who said, "Do it… Mona, eat it… suck it… suck her cunt!"

They became wilder and wilder. None of them cared what they did, and half the time Jane couldn't tell who was doing what to whom. Moreover… she didn't care. She felt no shame, only an all consuming lust. No longer did they have to tell or even urge her on to suck Jeff s cock or lick Mona's cunt… all that was left was her own imagination to find new, more lewdly forbidden things to do to each other.

Finally… she found herself kneeling erect on the center of the bed. Jeff was hunched up behind her, his ramrod cock pressed hard against her smooth fleshed buttocks. His hands reached around from behind and cupped her obscenely dangling breasts while Mona, kneeling in front of her, was licking and sucking her hardened nipples like a child savoring two delicious ice cream treat's. Jeff s hotly throbbing cock probed at the tight puckered ring of Jane's anus, but didn't enter. He pressed his rubbery cock-head at the tiny anal mouth, pushing back and forth ever so slightly while Mona reached under to saw her fingers in and out of Jane's sperm-drenched cunt. With a feeling of disappointment he realized the orgy had momentarily taken its toll; his prick was still hard enough to fuck a passion-drenched cunt, but not hard enough to push through Jane's tight little anal ring.

"Later, baby, later!" he promised her and himself

Jane was relaxing, enjoying everything. Never, not even in the Leyton's apartment with Bob and Larry, when she had cum, had she experienced such an all-consuming, lascivious passion. Her eyes were closed and tiny moans of delight escaped her trembling lips Bright sunlight poured through the guest room, issuing in another day, new beginnings that were heralded by the naked perspiring figures on the bed who groaned as they approached a state of utter, sensual collapse. And another figure, Matt Lange, picked himself up from the hall floor of the Allan's apartment and surreptitiously went back to his own empty apartment.



Jane didn't wake up the next day until the early afternoon. She was alone in the Allan's apartment when she awoke and was thankful for this small mercy. Matt, too had gone to work by the time she arrived at her own apartment. She was still exhausted but strangely stimulated from the debauched evening she had spent, first with Larry Leyton and then Bob Weston in one bed, followed by the orgy with Mona and Jeff Allan.

Her only worry now was facing Matt. Jane had no idea that Matt had crouched in the hallway of the Allan's apartment and watched as the three of them had lowered all the barriers of Jane's sexual inhibitions gradually getting to a place where Jane needed no help from the Allan's. Her sex-starved imagination went to work overtime.

She went over several stories that she could make up because she was expecting that he would hold an inquisition when he got home from work. She was wandering around the apartment in a panic when the telephone rang.

"Hi, Janie… it's Nancy."

Jane's heart sank. Was Nancy going to accuse her? Oh, God, how horrible, I could just die, she thought. How am I ever going to face seeing any of my neighbors again.

"Hi, Nancy," she said cautiously.

"You feeling okay today? What I'm calling for is to tell you that you left a gold bracelet over here last night.

"Oh, thank you very much, Nancy," she said relief flooding all over her.

"I understand you had a pretty wild night last night… welcome to the club!"

"You're not angry or anything, Nancy?" she asked hesitantly.

"Good God, no… I went off with our family doctor last night… I was serious when I told you yesterday that we do this all the time… I'm glad you got into it… maybe we can have a four-way one night with you and Matt..

"Frankly, Nancy, Matt doesn't know anything about it… he was home in bed while I was whoring around… I have no idea what I'm going to tell him. what if he wants a divorce????"

"Don't be so melodramatic… what makes you think he was home guarding the home fires anyway?"

"Well… where else would he be?"

"Janie… I'm not going to tell tales out of school but don't let him get self-righteous on you… or I'll tell you a thing or two..

"What are you talking about?"

"Listen, I'm sure at sometime, Matt is going to tell you exactly what occurred last night… it's none of my business… I just don't want you to worry or have any guilt feelings about what you did last night… I hope it was a satisfying experience for you

"It certainly was that… satisfying I mean…1 never knew anything could be so wonderful… oh, God… but how am I going to face Matt?

"I don't think… as I said before… that that's going to be any problem at all… just cool it… don't go making any dramatic confessions or anything like that… just let it come up naturally… he's not in any position to make accusations."

"Okay, Nancy, whatever you say, thanks for calling… I'm going to try and get myself together before he gets home from work… see you later, bye.."

Matt Lange's mind kept drifting back to last night with every spare moment at work. Mona. Allan had been just what the doctor ordered for Matt. There was an incredible, bursting energy to the woman plus an honest quality that told him she was only interested in having fun… sharing her bed for some casual sex… and nothing more.

Walking over to pick up some canvas for the sail he was working on, his mind raced over the events of the previous evening. One of his work mates asked for a tool and he passed it to him without looking up. He recalled how the exotic dark-haired Mona had seized his cock in her tiny little hand when she had pulled him into the swimming pool. And later in the Allan's bed in their apartment she had again held his cock tight and then drawn it to her lips, and sucked, and sucked until he thought he'd orgasm like a fire-hose into her pretty heart-shaped face. But he didn't… Christ, his old problem with Jane of getting so goddamn hot and bothered that he'd cum before he'd even begun to get his partner aroused seemed to have vanished… cured, either by the magically sucking sexy Mona, or by something mysterious within himself

Finally, she slid her sexy little body up on top of him; and had placed her dark haired pussy mound over his hotly swelling cock, rubbing the outer cuntal flanges against the underside of his pulsating prick. Then she'd lifted only slightly, and he'd felt his cock-head slipping in, furrowing through her wetly clasping pussy walls that drew around him with delectable warmth.

It had gone on and on, the miraculously purgative fucking drifting far into the night… until Jeff came upstairs from the party and joined them. The two men had taken turns with Mona until they were both spent and they'd all dozed off only to be woken up by an insistent knocking on the door which turned out to be a very disheveled Jane.

He had kept quiet and stayed in the Allan's room but then when Mona hadn't returned for some time he had crept down to the spare room where he heard muffled voices through the partially open door. His eyes had nearly popped out of their sockets at what he had seen.

Mona Allan was tongue-fucking his wife and Janie was loving it, writhing around like a woman possessed and then they had reversed positions. Jeff tried to imagine how another woman's tongue would feel snaking intimately through his wife's cunt. Of course, Mona was so experienced she could sexually excite a turnip. He and Jane had never indulged in any oral sex of any kind. She had been repelled by it, she said. He'd have to talk to her about that. She certainly didn't look too repelled by sucking insanely on his friend Jeff s big thick prick, either.

Last night, was some sort of a milestone for both of them, he thought. The only problem is how is it all going to come together. I don't know just how to approach this situation, he thought. I don't want her to feel embarrassed and yet I don't want to pretend last night never happened so that we go back to our same routine.

With Mona, all my anxieties were released and I was able to function…1 want Janie to know this and not be threatened in any way by Mona.

Maybe it would be a good idea to call and invite his wife out for dinner. a real date… sure… that's what he'd do.

He walked over from his work bench and dialed his home number. "Hello."

"Hi, Janie, it's Matt… listen I thought we might go to Lorenzo's in Sausalito for dinner… how does that sound to you?"

"Oh, Matt… it sounds just super, are you going to work late tonight?"

"No… I'll be through about 6:00 p.m. so I'll call and make reservations for 7:30 p.m… that okay with you?"

"Fine… I'll be ready… see you soon!"



The dinner at the Italian restaurant had gone very well. They had sipped their drinks and looked out over the bay at the moonlight shining on the still black water. No reference to the previous night had been made but it hung in the air with a pregnant urgency but both Jane and Matt continued to make polite small talk carefully avoiding any personal reference whatsoever.

They had a couple of cognacs after dinner and then Matt paid the bill and it was time to leave. All the way home in the car both were silent and then they were in the garage and on the way up in the elevator.

"Want some coffee, Matt?" Jane asked.

"No I'm just about coffeed out, today, thanks," he said standing very close to her. The close proximity of the deliciously wafting feminine odors of his young sun-dress clad wife were beginning to get to him.

"Come on," he said meaningfully, "let's go to bed."

Wordlessly Jane followed as Matt led her across the room to their bed. She felt shy and awkward, and a little unsure. After the events of last evening she didn't know what to say to him. She lay back on the bed, conscious of her young husband's gaze as he bent over her prone body. She found it difficult to look him in the eye because of the unspoken questions she could read there.

He continued to study her fragile features, the pert pose that always amused him, her full soft lips… the golden complexion. His eyes swept down from her face to her shoulders, where the thin straps of Jane's powder blue nightgown slipped down on either side, revealing a wide expanse of flesh down to the deep shadowy indentation between her full breasts. Beneath the thin cotton fabric of her gown, he could make out the complete outline of her body, from the full brown tips of her breasts, about the size of half dollars, to the splendid curve of her hips and thighs. Once more he thought how perfect her body was. Never had he seen a woman more beautiful than she! Mona was fabulous but nothing compared to the golden beauty of his own wife. He reproached himself mentally for not performing well in bed… for his selfishness… while he continued to stare at the lovely body of his wife. He realized that she was blushing and becoming self-conscious during his long silence but he decided he would explore every crevice of her body. Kneeling beside her, he slipped his hands beneath her nightgown, letting his fingers slide upward along the silken surface of her gently rounded belly, until he reached the round orbs of her firm white breasts. He clutched onto them, marveling at the feel of her large silken breasts in his hands while a mental image of Mona Allan sucking on these same breasts flared up in front of his mind's eye. he continued to massage them, feeling their softness in his hands and twiddling the thick rubber-like nipples until they became hard and stiff

"Oh!" Beneath him, Jane squirmed and wriggled under him. His lips came down to meet hers, and once more, she savored the wonderful taste of his mouth. His lips were hard and then, and yet, he seemed to make them do incredible things when he kissed her. His tongue snaked forward, parting her full red lips, meeting her own tongue inside and moving wetly within the confines of her mouth.

Still his hands continued their steady kneading at her quiveringly taut breasts, and the combination of sensations made Jane arch her back upward. Matt pressed down on her with his hard torso, finally removing his hands, to replace them with the hardness of his chest. He slipped his hands behind her back and pressed her down into the mattress.

"Oh, Matt," she said into his mouth… "Why can't it always be like this?"

"Look, Janie… I think a lot of things have changed for us… maybe neither of us can verbalize them at the present moment… but it's going to happen soon.

His lips were running over her face, trailing wet lines of saliva across her cheeks, sliding back to her ear, down her neck and across her throat, while she whimpered helpless, becoming caught up in a devastating wave of desire. He seemed to be all over her at once, and she found it difficult to breath. Her dress was crumpled softly around her waist, as she felt his weight lift up from her. and even though her eyes were closed, she could tell that he was pulling off his pants. A violent thrill ran through her, as his hands returned to her. She lay there before him, partially exposed, her long shapely legs slightly parted. His hands went around her back and pulled on the long zipper that held the back of her gown together and then pulled the powder blue garment over her head. She was left with only a tiny pair of black bikini briefs which he quickly whisked off her legs.

"You're beautiful, Janie… "he said softly.

She could feel a tightness in her loins the tenseness of anticipation. Oh please… please make it all right this time… make him satisfy me… oh God. I couldn't stand it after last night if it was the same old thing.

It seemed that her thighs were trembling slightly, as a certain dampness expanded from the hair fringe of the vee between her legs. Matt's fingers were traveling upward on her knee now, and she bit hard on her lower lip, as she realized that any second he would be nearing the downy nestling pussy that she harbored tightly between her thighs. Nervously, she groaned and pushed the full roundness of her buttocks hard into the mattress, awaiting the moment when his fingers would reach her moistening vaginal slit.

Oh, God, she thought… it's got to be good… since her sexual awakening last night she had greater expectations and now she could feel the effects of his foreplay making her feel weak and soft inside. She felt the vulnerable area of her blonde pussy quivering as he smoothed along the skin of her upper thighs. He was toooooo slow!!!!

She began to moan and tremble all over with excitement. He was almost there! Suddenly his thick fingers brushed the mound of her pussy, and she thought she would melt into the bed.

"Ooooooohhhhhhhh," Jane sighed and let the acute sensations of pleasure roll over her… and as Matt's lips nibbled once more at her and she felt his weight crushing down on her breasts again, she parted her trembling legs ever so slightly and at the same moment, Matt's middle finger slipped into the soft hair-fringed folds and crevices of her openly throbbing pussy. Matt grunted into her mouth as he felt how wet she was, and let the tip of his finger slide slowly along his young wife's wide open inner ridges within the shallow nakedness of her baby tight pussy. The short fleecy curls tickled his invading fingers as he parted them with slow strokes, creating a burning friction within Jane's moistly seeping cunt that made her cry out with pleasure.

"You're so nice and wet," he growled into her ear, as he continued to let his thick middle finger plow among the soft pulsing folds of her openly presented pussy. A sweet pleasure expanded within Jane's softly responding pussy as she felt the obscene thrill of his finger, exploring the secret depths of her tight cunt.

"Ooooohhhhhh, Matt… Ohhhh, "she crooned.

She reached up for him, and crushed him down tight to her, running her hands all over his back, eagerly exploring him as though she had never felt his naked body before. She could feel his big hard cock resting against her softly spread thighs, and now as she separated her legs, it pressed into the narrow hairline slit of her welcoming pussy.

Jane lifted herself up a bit, so that her husband's thick throbbing penis gained even greater contact with the wet sensitivity of her inner flesh. She fell back with a little groan as it pulsed gently, the full length of it pressed and sandwiched between her moist, waiting cuntal lips.

Matt let his hands circle under his wife's alternating tensing and relaxing body. "Christ, she feels good!" he thought. He was never disappointed by her wonderful body techniques, and he felt himself letting loose, drifting into the fantasy of fucking Mona Allan the night before.

"Matt… ohhh… yes… " she groaned, squirming her loins up against his enlarged lust hardened penis so that he would know how much she wanted him. She pushed her hips firmly against his, writhing the flatness of her belly so close to his that Matt thought surely it must be hurting her. Her fingernails were skimming along his back as he pushed his hands far down, cupping the full loaves of her creamy white buttocks in his palms. He could feel his big thick cock twitching in the narrow furrow of her seeping cunt, as he felt the cushiony mounds of her nether cheeks, cool and soft in his hands. Pulling slightly on either side, he spread her buttock cheeks wide, moving their fullness so that the entire area of her excited, hairline cunt was opened up and flattened still closer against him. He thought he heard Jane growl a little as he started a slow up and down movement, letting the hardness of his engorged prick move up and down in the temptingly widespread split, feeling the moisture seeping moment by moment from the highly aroused channel of the tautly clenching vagina. The sound made him think of the evening before when Mona had lapped furiously at his wife's cunt.

Beneath him, Jane's buttocks were beginning a desperate rotation up against his loins, and her mouth encouraged his to deeper and longer kisses. She had become a little fox now who snaked her legs out wide on either side of his body, locking her high calves with surprising strength up against the back of his thighs, forcing him down further on her.

"Fuck me, Matt… why don't you fuck me?"

Jane moaned into his mouth Jesus, he didn't need a second invitation! He could not hold back another second. Groaning above her, he reached down between their closely pressed bodies and grabbed hold of the pulsing hardness of his cock feeling her pulling herself up so that she could guide the thick rock hard cudgel between the separated lips of her lust-filled cunt. The soft hair of her pulsing vagina parted widely as the blood-filled head pushed slowly forward, grazing up and down against her tormented straining pussy.

"Now! she urged, and Matt flicked his hips forward with a hard thrust that he hoped would spear her satisfactorily on his lust bloated cock. He drove it into her with a flesh splitting lunge that made her cry out beneath him. The warm sheath of her willingly open cunt slipped wetly over his naked sensitive cock, and he heard her moan again as her tightly clasping vaginal muscles closed around him. He let his long thick cock slide up into the full depths of his wife's straining belly, feeling the walls of her cunt warm and tight giving way around his advancing prick, letting the length of his stiff cock ease into the wetness of her welcoming inner passage.

Oh, thank Christ, he thought… it's going to be a good fuck!

"Uuuuuuunnnnngggggggggggg!" she groaned out beneath him, her whole body becoming rigid as his big cock reached the farthest point of her glaring vaginal passage, his full testicles slapping hard into the widespread crevice of the outspread cheeks of her upturned buttocks. She twisted a little to the side, and he thrust again, harder this time, to strike that high spot once more… the sensitive tip of her willing cunt. She jumped again, and let loose a low howl of animal lust and then lay still a second, as though she had been impaled by a deadly instrument.

Matt felt the flush of his entry sweep over him in a wave of joy. How good it felt to fuck her cunt this way… he knew that he would be able to satisfy his wife this time… he was not cumming yet… he was in control of his hotly throbbing body…

Jane lay happily stunned by the enormous pleasure her husband's driving cock had given her, just by the way he was dipping it in and out, she felt confident for the first time in ages; that he was going to take her over the peak to her climax. She moaned a little and felt him flick the head of his prick inside her, creating another swell of pleasure inside her that brought another low groan from between her clenched teeth.

"Open up, more… spread your cunt wider!" he cried, his eyes glazed with lust.

Matt ground his pelvis further down into Jane's squirming flesh, as she lunged upward to meet him, working her loins so that his tautly plunging cock sunk to the hilt inside her hungrily clasping cunt. She began to moan ceaselessly, her beautiful tapered legs scissoring in and out as her mouth gaped open wide and her head began to flail from side to side on the big bed.

"Oh Matt… I love it… it's sooooo… gooooood… oh yes…"

Matt reached beneath his wife's jiggling white buttocks. He drove his lust swollen cock rhythmically into the slippery depths of her warmly receiving cunt, listening to the wet noises that expanded into the room about them. Stretching the crevice of her tender buttocks as wide as possible without missing a stroke, he slid the tip of his middle finger inside, searching for the puckered entrance of her anus. Finding it, he ran his finger around the tight little rim, lubricating it with the moisture from her drenched pussy that ran down into the widespread crack with each of his powerful thrusts into her. He pushed hard against it, and felt the tight elastic ring give with each little stroke. Then suddenly it gave way, and his finger slid forward into the dry interior, feeling the tightness of Jane's nether sphincter close vigorously around it. His finger slid forward to the first joint with a small popping sound, and Jane nearly leaped two inches off the bed with the startling sensation.

"Matt… my God… I've never had anything in there… " she cried.

Matt answered with another thrust and a flick forward of his hips that sent the two contradictory sensations speeding through Jane's nervous system. Discomfort and pleasure mixed and she found herself grinding her buttocks back to meet his thrusting finger. It had sunk in so deep now that the palm of his hand was flat against her buttocks, and Matt could feel his big pulsing cock growing and expanding inside her tight pussy, made still tighter by the pressure of his finger inside the clinging wall of Jane's rectum. He thought he would burst apart any second from the intense pleasure he was getting as his ramming prick continued its lustful journey and his finger jiggled mercilessly upward inside her tightly constricted anus. His testicles were slapping heavily against her exposed behind, and he knew it would not be much longer before she came. He began long smooth strokes inside her, timing them to the motion of his finger that was rammed high inside her warm brown asshole.

She was riding along with him, giving as good as she was getting, answering his every motion as they neared completion. She cooed and gurgled beneath him, lost in the fire that was consuming them both, receiving his fucking with delight and returning his thrusts by upthrusts of her own, until they were bouncing insanely on the bed in a crazed frenzy.

"Oooooogggggg… fuck it… shove it in… harder, harder… fuck my cunt… fuck my ass… " she shrieked.

Her eyes were rolling back in their sockets as her face became an almost unrecognizable mask of lust, her upraised crotch received Matt's buffeting loins with relish, begging for the hard jolts that sent her into another world of ecstasy. Her legs were jackknifed back tight against her large nippled breasts, so that he had the complete benefit of her widespread cunt and her skewered anal passage.

"Oh… do it to me… fuck me… fuck me… " she cried again, forgetting about the neighbors in the building.

"I'm cuuuuummmmmiiiinnngg!" she screamed suddenly. Matt coughed, spurred on by his wife's approaching orgasm.

"I'm cuuuuummmmmiiiinnngg tooo!" he shouted.

Below, she was mumbling incoherently as he felt his sperm racing forward along the length of his tormented cock. His hammering cock was being besieged by a million pinpoints of pleasure, and it was building higher and higher into a stormy explosion. Their two bodies panted together and bucked upward in a final series of spasms that made them a mass of arms and legs, wet clinging mouths and streaming orifices, around it. Jane had been blasted into a wonderful world by her husband's powerful fucking, and her orgasm was setting her mind to spinning, her frazzled nerve endings to twitching as over and over again she was wracked with delicious sensations that emanated from her wetly throbbing cunt. She hooked her heels onto Matt's still bucking back until both of them came to a shivering halt. After a few seconds as if by prearranged signal, they both collapsed on the bed, Matt's cock lying still high up inside Jane's still trembling pussy;

Matt's panting mouth lay near her ear, and he continued to finger her clitoris. Jane began to cum again… Jesus… she thought… what happened to him just overnight… it's amazing!


She smiled to herself and squeezed her cuntal muscles slightly, feeling a wonderful renewal of her orgasm.

"What a hot little cunt you are tonight, Janie," Matt murmured into his trembling wife's ear.

Janie smiled as he rolled a little to the side and she felt his cock slipping wetly out of her satiated, tingling cunt.

"Good night, darling," she said, thinking to herself that tomorrow would be time enough. to discuss the previous evening.



Sunday morning was crystal clear, with a blue cloudless sky and a warm sun beating down. Jane woke at eight with the light. She was in the kitchen, watching the coffee percolate, when she heard the phone ring.

"Hi, Janie, it's Mona… Jeff and I and Nancy and Larry are all going to go to their cabin in Inverness for the day. Why don't you and Matt join us… we're going to leave in about an hour… can you get it together by then?"

"Well… I… don't know?

Jeff s still sleeping… and I don't know if I should wake him," she said, feeling her face turn crimson at the thought of confronting all her neighbors for the first time since their debauched night a couple of evenings previous. Just then, Matt stumbled out of the bed still half-asleep.

"Who's that?" he asked, sleepily.

"It's Mona… she wants us to go to Inverness to their cabin for the day with Nancy and Larry and her and Jeff" "Great… let's go," he said, peering out the window at the beautiful blue sky.

"We have to be ready in an hour," she said, hoping to dampen his enthusiasm somewhat.

"We only have to get dressed and shower… we can make it."

"Okay Mona,".. she said back into the phone, "we'll come and knock on your door when we're ready."

"Fine… I can't wait, Janie," Mona said sincerely.

"Why don't you get into the shower while I finish the coffee," Matt said.

"Okay… I'm just going to have a quick one," she replied.

She got into the shower and felt the crimson flushing all over her body as she realized the moment of truth was fast approaching. All her neighbors… all her neighbors that she had fucked – together!

Matt sat down at the kitchen table thinking about the phone call. That Mona, she was really something! I bet she called on the spur of the moment like this so Janie wouldn't have time to think about it and change her mind. He could feel his dormant penis rise a little as he wondered what delights Mona had in mind for the day in the cabin in the woods. He smiled and touched himself, saying to himself, bet you're going to get a lot of exercise today!

"I'm finished," Jane called from the bathroom.

"Okay, be right there," Matt said as he gulped his coffee.

He showered and shaved quickly and walked into the kitchen where Jane was sitting nervously sipping her coffee.

"Cheer up, baby… it's going to be a great day… you're not going to a firing squad," he said cheerfully.

She got quietly up from the table and they walked out of the apartment and waited for the elevator to take them downstairs.

They rang the bell and Jeff answered the door. Jane took a quick look at the other people in the apartment. Larry and Nancy and Mona were sitting together on the sofa. They looked friendly enough and Jane began to feel more at ease.

"Hi, Jane… how are you?" Mona inquired.

"Oh, fine… just fine."

"Well you guys, let's go," Jeff said, picking up some extra blankets.

They all went down and piled into Allan's station wagon. Jeff got behind the wheel. The three men were talking about sailing they'd done around the bay area. Mona's head had dropped to Jeff s shoulder. "Maybe this was all Mona's idea," Jean commented, "but she doesn't seem too keen on it now."

Everyone laughed at the way Mona, breathing softly against her husband's shoulder, was already into a deep slumber. There was nothing to do but to make the best of the day.

Matt's eyes had caught her own, and there was no trace of accusation, only a peaceful look, the memory of their evening last night. He'd apparently not been told about her spending the night with Larry Leyton or the Allan's, she thought! She breathed a sigh of relief… maybe it was going to be all right, after all.

A cozy, familial mood pervaded the group. No one seemed to be concerned about anything but having a good time, taking a day off and after her trauma Jane was ready for it too!

Jane could tell they were getting ready to stop for coffee from the way Jeff kept an eye out for likely looking restaurants as they began passing small roadside cafes. They pulled up to a small cafe called Jack's along the side of the road. There were more people around than Jane had expected, for the early hour.

Jane pulled herself out of the crowded car and stretched her muscles as soon as Larry Leyton had piled out on her side behind her. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see Matt waking up Mona Allan, and had to smile at the brunette's surprised expression. Mona looked dismayed, at first, to find herself in the middle of nowhere, but she came to quickly and walked around to Jane's side of the car.

"How was the ride?" she yawned to Jane, sounding more like her old self "Damn it, I slept through all the scenery."

Jane was still trying to get the cramps out of her long legs. "Great, but I could sure use a cup of coffee. I thought I might fall asleep myself"

Larry Leyton grabbed Jane around the waist. "How about a beer instead? It's past noon, after all."

Jane didn't protest and the group of six headed up the wooden steps and into the large bar that housed the roadside restaurant.

Jan sat between Mona and Jeff, across from Larry Leyton, who frequently cast friendly, knowing glances over her. She caught him taking in her youthful figure as she took off her jacket, and momentarily, she wondered if the outing wasn't as innocent as she'd been assuming. But it was just a passing thought.

She herself took a look at him as he got up to go to the bar for beers.

"Here we go. And are they cold!" he said, coming from the bar with six bottles. Behind him, Matt struggled with the glasses.

Jane missed her morning coffee, but it was fun to have beer for a change. She also got a kick out of having Larry open her beer and light cigarettes for her, knowing as she did that Matt couldn't help but notice. Meanwhile, all the men were halfway through their third round when she had just finished off her first.

"I don't know about you guys," Jeff Allen said, "but I'm anxious to get back on the road and to the cabin. Why don't we pick up some more beer and food in a grocery store, then we can really relax when we get to the cabin."

"That's fine with me," Mona said. "But let me and Jane go to the store, and the rest of you can get something at the liquor store. I can't drink this stuff," she pushed the glass away in distaste.

"Okay," Matt finished off his beer. "But meet us back at the car in the parking lot."

They crossed the street to the grocery, and Mona's eyes flashed in an amused way. "Isn't Nancy sweet? I can hardly wait to see what happens to her as the evening progresses.

"What do you mean by that?" Jane shuddered at the new, salacious tone in Mona's voice. "I'm not getting involved in something… wild. If there's something like that involved you can just count me out!"

Mona's only answer was a wink as they went into the store. Jane stood on the side, feeling uneasy and suspicious as Jane ordered cold cuts and beer, and flirted with the owner. She wasn't so concerned about Matt now as what would happen at the party.

Jane let the subject slip from her mind as the group made their way to the car, then were back on Highway 1 leading toward the cabin.

It was a short distance up the road from the store and Jane's watch read two o'clock in the afternoon when they arrived. It was a small modernistic chalet, A-frame, all glass and jutting eaves and sun decks, located on the side of a mountain in a beautiful woodland setting. When they'd piled out of the car, Jane looked toward the woods, and couldn't see any other houses in either direction.

Larry said, "Here, you women take the groceries inside. Here's the key. We'll bring the other stuff and lock up the car. Be along in a few minutes."

Jane and Mona took off, each carrying a brown grocery bag. Trailing behind was Nancy Leyton, who looked as if she felt a little useless. Finally Mona gave her, the key; she ran ahead, clearing the branches off the deck-like porch. She had opened the door and turned the lights on by the time Mona and Jane entered.

"It's really great," Jane. said, tripping ahead of everyone to lead the way to the kitchen.

"Super," Mona agreed, and dropping her bag on the kitchen table, went back to the living room to get a better look. From the inside, the living room appeared to be three stories. Two of the outer walls were plate glass doors opening onto the snuck, and a stone fireplace ran all the way up to the ceiling directly in the middle of the room. In her enthusiasm, Nancy was walking around and around the fireplace that was open on all four sides. Jane stared up on the beamed ceiling. The only other room besides the kitchen. and bath was what looked to a bedroom on the balcony that ran all the way across one end.

"Mona," Jane called to the kitchen, "this place is great. Do you and Jeff come up here very often?"

Mona slammed cupboard doors and grinned mysteriously. "Sometimes. Didn't I tell you that you'd love it?"

"Let's go for a little hike in the woods," Larry suggested. "We can pick up some firewood and come back and light the fireplace."

Dutifully they all marched around picking up twigs and bigger pieces of wood to start a fire.

"We can light the fire and strip off in front of it," Jeff said..

From the flurry of snickers and lewd comments that followed, Jane didn't know whether to take his remark seriously or not.

They all walked back into the cabin. "I hope you didn't forget matches," Mona teased from where she sat on the apron of the fireplace.

Larry pulled her gently away from the apron. "I've not only got matches, Mona, I've got something better." He took a can of charcoal lighter from a bureau and set it on the stone mantle. Then he and the other two men began arranging the wood in a pile. "Okay, everybody, stand back. When this goes off, you don't want to be too close to it!"

He poured the charcoal lighter over the piled wood, soaking it and moved a lit match under the pile. A brilliant orange fire roared up immediately, licking out over the apron so that everyone jumped further back in surprise.

"It's magnificent," Nancy cried, impressed. "This will be about our first fire of the summer."

"Why don't you get the drinks, Mona," Jeff said, "and I'll get the food started."

The late afternoon lunch was a modest affair, with beer and wine and trays of food arranged on the floor by the fireplace.:

But for the most part, no one ate much just nibbled on the food to sustain them while they were drinking. By the time Matt picked up the half-eaten trays it was five o'clock. The group of six had settled comfortably on the rug and pillows in front of the fire. It was warm and cozy by the crackling flames.

"How about some more drinks?" Jeff suggested.

"Sure," Jane said boldly, even though she was already feeling a strong effect from the two she'd had, probably from not eating much that day. Jeff went around and poured everyone more wine and they all sat back and sipped contentedly. All were beginning to loosen up from the wine.

"God, I'm getting hot," Mona said suddenly. "I don't know about you guys but I'm going to take my slacks off"

Jane looked at her in disbelief, but Mona was doing exactly what she'd said. She unzipped the pants, removing them from one leg, then the other, and stood there in her T-shirt and black bikini panties. Her long tapered legs stood out pinkly molded in the warm glow of the fire, and Jane blushed with embarrassment as the evening began to remind her of Mona's strip at the pool party. The dark-haired woman turned and bent over to pick up the corduroy slacks from the floor and the full rounded moons off her buttocks came into view. The panties slipped teasingly into the crevice of her buttocks from the position, and they remained there as she straightened up to take the slacks to a chair by the fire.

"Come on, Jane and Nancy, you're not going to leave me alone!" she said, her lushly ripened ass-cheek giggling slightly as she moved back to the fire and sat down on the rug. "Not me," Jane flushed. "I'm the shy type."

"Hey, I've got it," Jeff Allen said; "why don't we all take off our clothes and lie in front of the fireplace."

There was a moment of dead silence as the others looked at him in amazement. "Take off our clothes? Are you crazy?" Mat said. "You want this to developed into an orgy?"

"Sounds great to me," said Larry Leyton, already unbuttoning his shirt. "Come on, you guys."

"Yeah, then Janie won't need to feel shy," Jeff joked and slipped out of his pants.

Jane watched incredulously as all around, people stood up and took off their clothes. Every one of the men, Matt included, were stripping down to their underwear. He probably didn't want to feel left out, she reasoned. The three men had hung their clothes by the fire and resumed their positions on the rug, wearing only their jockey shorts.

"This is funny. You people are crazy!" Nancy giggled, slipping out of her slacks. She was wearing pink stretch panties that barely covered the small, almost boyish contours of her buttocks. Taking a look down over her firm full thighs and delicately formed calves, she laughed again at her own nakedness and tossed her slacks over a chair.

Jane was left alone. And never had she felt quite so alone as she did then, sitting there by the fire in her slacks, a blouse and a sweater, in a room full of practically naked people. Well, there was nothing else to do, she reasoned, and began undoing her slacks, pulling them down her long slender legs and off her feet. Her young buttocks jouncing resiliently, she walked across the room and deposited them on a chair like the others had.

She was just lowering herself back on the rug when Mona began pulling her T-shirt over her head. "Why stop now?" Mona's voice came muffled from under the T-shirt. "I'm going to get comfortable."

Right," Larry Leyton said. "You got to take off as much as the boys have."

Then, Mona had extricated herself from the sweater and was reaching behind her to undo her black lace brassiere. The snaps gave and the silky black straps slipped down her white shoulders, releasing her large, firmly set breasts. They bounced and swayed provocatively together as she raised to her knees and tossed her clothing over her head onto the sofa.

Nancy, giggling wildly, was doing the same. Her blue sweater and pink brassiere were off in seconds, leaving her slender young body entirely naked except for her pink panties. Kneeling, she settled back against her feet, her breasts small and rounded, but in perfect proportion to her tautly curving buttocks and lithe, delicate body.

Jane hesitated, remembering the display she had put on at the pool party and what had happened later! But she forced the thoughts out of her mind and stripped quickly from her outer clothing and lacy white brassiere, feeling a sensation of freedom and lewdly exciting abandon surging through her. Her proudly swelling breasts jiggled and danced as she moved, and she could feel people watching her, avidly eyeing the large melony orbs of her breasts that stood up, even without her brassiere, their pink nipples poking out in the warm air.

Then Jeff Allan was lurching playfully toward his wife, trying to pull off the sheer black bikini panties that barely covered her loins. She squirmed backward across the floor on her buttocks, giggling hilariously while he tried to break through her flailing hands to the tight elastic waistband that was cut low across her hips. Suddenly, he leaned back, grabbed her feet in a surprise move that jerked her, laughing, flat on her back. Before she could recover, he was over her splayed-out form, tearing the flimsy cloth down her kicking legs and off her ankles, and waving the panties triumphantly in the air.

Later, Jane couldn't remember exactly how it had all happened, except that Mona's flimsy panties had looked like a flag charging everyone to action. She vaguely remembered catching a glimpse of Jeff s long thick hardness straining against his jockey shorts, but discounted it. Then Mona was playfully lurching after Jeff jockey shorts, and when Mona had fallen back she caught a glimpse of his long white penis standing out stiffly in full erection from his naked loins. It looked big as a tree trunk as it stood out from his hairy pelvis, rock-hard and waving menacingly.

Jane realized she was gaping and tore her eyes away. Turning, she saw Larry Leyton coming after her. For some reason, the situation struck Jane as incredibly funny, and she was laughing all the while she struggled across the rug on her stomach with him pulling her panties down from her hips and finally stripping them off her long legs. She looked up to see Mona going after Matt, and Jeff after Nancy. The small Nancy shrieked as she clung to a chair, still giggling, and Allan jerked off the last vestiges of her modesty in shreds.

The room became a whirlpool of laughter and movement for an indeterminate amount of time until, simultaneously, everyone seemed to collapse on the rug exhausted.

"Now we're all naked," Jeff s voice boomed out.

Gasping for breath, Jane lay her cheek against the soft rug and tried to still the waves of laughter that kept surging through her from the liquor she had consumed. She could feel Larry Leyton edging closer and closer to her as she lay on her side, facing the crackling fireplace. The warmth of the leaping flames soon joined with the warm, inner glow of the booze, and Jane felt herself drifting off, though not to sleep. Instead, it was soft and cozy and she felt very active, though she wasn't really moving. She wouldn't have been aware of her nakedness, but for the pleasure it brought her, the heat of the fireplace glowing over her tanned thighs and white buttocks, penetrating deep inside her… relaxing her… soothing her.

Larry Leyton was behind her now, not quite touching her, but only inches away, his tall body shaped to hers like two spoons fitted together. She opened her eyes, fighting off sleep, wanting to stay in the same mental state she was so enjoying now. In the process, her eyes caught on Jeff, a few feet from the flames. He was lying next to Nancy, stroking his hands over her trimly rounded buttocks as she lay on her side. Jeff s body was behind the small woman, but Jane had no trouble seeing him, since he was so much larger than the small Mrs. Leyton. As they lay facing Jane, the bright orange flames lighted them well, and she saw Nancy resisting Jeff s attentions, though not with any great effort. Jane thought she should look away but she couldn't… she felt almost hypnotized by the salacious spectacle, and she was too curious.

As she lay on her side, Nancy covered her budding breasts with her hands, trying to protect them from Allan's fingers moving over her nakedly curving hips and steadily upward. His fingers dug under her covering palms to grasp her round, high set breasts, and simultaneously the rest of his enormous nude body pressed up closer from behind against the young woman's ripely curvaceous form.

Jane trembled involuntarily as she felt Larry Leyton's hand stroking a delicate line, back and forth, over the side of her naked thigh and flaring hip. At the same time, he eased up behind her until his body was pressed flat against her own. She felt an unmistakable hardness against her buttocks… it seemed to jerk and grow larger against her tingling ass-cheeks as his hand continued to stroke gently, methodically, over her hip. She twisted slightly, and the long stiffness slipped into the fleshy crevice between her buttocks, where it swelled to even bigger proportions. She started to wiggle forward but couldn't, the fireplace was too close. Instead, she opted for pretending not to notice, hoping that no one else would either.

Just as she was going to look for her husband, the scene between Jeff Allan and Nancy Leyton caught her eye. Jeff had rolled the slightly built woman over face-down on the rug and was crawling up between her trembling legs from behind as she lay on her stomach. His large hands were spreading her white resilient asscheeks apart, and suddenly he lowered his head to lick his tongue between the shadowy crevice of her buttocks!

Jane gasped as she saw her neighbor's husband obscenely use his tongue between Mrs. Leyton's nakedly quivering ass-cheeks, his huge cock poling downward as he bent forward, rubbing against the carpet. Nancy tried to squirm away, but it was useless.

Momentarily, he released her buttocks and moved his hands under her slender waist to jerk her up to her knees, positioning the soft moons of her ass directly in front of his visibly throbbing penis. Jane watched in amazement as he leaned down to her upraised buttocks again, using his tongue to wet the split between the two fleshy globes. What is he doing? What's going on? Jane wondered in an alcoholic haze. More than anything Jane was hypnotized by Jeff s long thick cock. Whether or not it was the effects of the liquor, she couldn't tell, but it seemed enormous… bigger than she remembered from that night he had eagerly fucked both her and Mona. And now, as he licked at and wet the violently trembling anal crevice of Nancy Leyton, he was massaging his impatient hardness in his free hand to even more monstrous proportions. Jane felt that what she was watching wasn't somehow real, and although the woman struggled, Jane felt no call to help her. Instead, she watched totally engrossed as Jeff released his throbbing pole of flesh from his hand and began to rub it squarely between the woman's wildly shaking buttocks.

What's he going to do? Why is he in back of her?

Jane was so enraptured by the salacious scene occurring in front of her that she didn't notice Larry's hand moving from her hips, down over her own buttocks, and in between her full firm upper thighs. Suddenly, noticing, she jerked, but it was too late; his hand was already inserted between her thighs from behind, his fingers lightly grazing over her sparse blonde pussy hair. Before he had been nudging against her from behind, but now Jane bolted at the thought that others would see the lewd things he was trying to do to her. She pulled a pillow down on the rug in front of her naked abdomen, and clamped her thighs tightly together. But her moment of distraction merely provided him the opening he needed, and by the time she had rearranged herself his hand was deep up between her legs, steadily fingering her surprisingly wet cuntal lips from behind.

Jane felt an indescribable shudder of excitement race through her sensually awakening body as his hand caressed the warm wet flesh up between her inner thighs. She reached behind herself to pull his hand away by the wrist but the strong grip he had on her couldn't be broken, no matter how hard she tugged. Her eyes flashed around the room for Matt, wanting to discover if he had noticed, and she got the shock of her life!

All thought of Larry's hand gently massaging her defenseless vaginal furrow faded before the image of Mona Allen and Jane's own husband. The voluptuous brunette had crawled over Matt's naked body and was straddling him, her face poised directly over his long white cock which reared straight up out of his abdomen like a small flagpole. Mona reached down for his fully erect prick and guided it to her wetly opened mouth. Jane held her breath as she saw the huge bulbous head of her husband's cock make contact with Mona's eagerly parted lips. The dark-haired woman moved the thick fleshy shaft around and around in front of her beautiful face for a moment, breathing softly against its lust-swollen rod, and then with a deep hungry sigh, enveloped her warm wet mouth around the mushroom shaped tip.

Matt's hotly throbbing cock sliding up into the warm suction created by Jeff s wife's mouth made a lewd wet sound as it entered. Mona lowered her head down on the rigid rod of flesh, all the way until Jane could see nothing but a small white bit at the base protruding from the stretched pink lips surrounding it. Mona began a slow up and down movement with her cheeks convulsing and expanding as she worked her way back up Matt's cock until just the tip of his rock-hard penis was left inside her warmly enclosing mouth. Then, with a loud sucking noise each time she made the movement, she dropped her face back down on him, impaling her mouth completely with each long smooth stroke.

Jane felt she should reach out and tear them apart, but even in her drunken state she knew she had no right… she had done it… and he could do what he wanted!

She was distracted by Larry pulling her naked back closer against him. His exploring fingers pulled from the tingling wet flesh up between her legs, and wound now over her waist to stroke her tautly smooth abdomen, warm from the fire. His hand felt cool and soothing as it caressed her heated belly, and Jane closed her eyes, letting the lascivious physical pleasure he was bringing her blot the image of Mona sucking on her husband's lustfully aroused cock.

She shivered with involuntary sensual delight as Larry's hand brazenly explored her flat belly and thighs, then returned to the silky, moist mound of her warmly palpitating cunt. She shuddered again as his fingertips brushed teasingly over the wispy hair before seeking out her passion-swollen pussy lips. Slowly, his finger eased up into the warm slippery wetness of her narrow cuntal slit. Breathtaking charges of wanton pleasure raced upward through her moistening vagina and into the tips of her suddenly hardening nipples.

Jane felt she should stop the man but there was no longer any real reason to resist. As she basked in the warmth of the fire, there was no denying that she enjoyed it!

His fingers massaged the rapidly lubricating folds of her vaginal flesh, finding her tiny clitoris and rubbing it gently as her whole body shivered with an ungovernable spasm of delight. Simultaneously, his other hand began to rub the full straining mounds of her breasts, squeezing their firm resilience between his fingers, then drumming his fingertips over the spiked-out nipples. Jane sighed in undeniable pleasure… feeling her hotly throbbing cunt beginning to hunger for something more substantial than a finger. The young blonde wife didn't resist as he pulled her over on her back, shoving her long slender legs nearly double back up against her sensually naked body, forcing her knees against her chest.

"Agggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she gasped from his sudden movement. For the first time she saw the rigid column of flesh that was his cock… the stiff hardness that had been pressing against her naked buttocks stood out long and white and gleamed like a sword from his loins. She shivered in a wild excitement as he climbed to his knees over her, poising the desire-lengthened penis less than an inch from her eagerly pulsating cunt. Oh god, she thought, I mustn't let him penetrate me, again! I can't. No matter what Matt does with Mona. I just can't let Larry fuck me like this in public. Larry gaped down at her naked form beneath him for a few moments and felt a surging power as he once again saw her youthful curves quivering with a combination of confusion and lewd anticipation.

A gasp from across the room caught their attention, and they both turned for a moment to see Larry's wife and Jeff Allen. Jeff had lowered himself over Nancy's bent back. Pressing his hips forward, he was directing his massively swollen penis straight up into the kneeling young wife's rectum.

The fragilely built woman tried to crawl out from under his larger weight, but it was useless. Holding her hips, he continued pressuring forward until – with a startled cry from Nancy – the unrelenting staff popped suddenly through the tight restricting ring of pink flesh in their struggles, they had moved close enough now that Jane could see everything… see the tiny stretching anus suddenly slip over and clasp the tip of Jeff s lust-engorged cock like a straining red rubber band. He grinned above her like a sex-crazed madman and shoved his hips down even harder, sinking his stiffly throbbing length halfway to the hilt up inside her clasping rectum. Nancy forked her the sound was muffled by her face gasping into the soft rug beneath them.

Her small girlish buttocks jerked and twisted beneath him, trying to throw the big naked man off, but her struggles only impaled him deeper. With each buck of her lithe young body his huge cock skewered into her tightly puckering little rectum another inch until finally..

"Aaaaauuuugggghhhhh," she gasped out her last strength as Jeff s impatiently hardened penis slipped unimpeded into the warm rubbery depths of her rectum to the hilt. She jerked for a moment and then lay still to ease the discomfort of his burgeoning cock embedded totally in her rectum. It was useless for her to resist more now as each movement of her painfully skewered backside only served to widen and stretch her invaded anal cavity to greater and more exciting dimensions.

"Oooooohhhhh… fuck… what a tight little asshole," Jeff s mutter could be heard all the way across the room.

Then he clenched his teeth together and began making long rapid strokes into her, bringing groans from Nancy each time he thrust forward. At the same time, his hands ran wildly over her adolescent-like breasts and buttocks, pulling and pinching at the young flesh as Nancy moaned beneath him.

Jane's eyes raced from the unbelievable sight to search out her husband and Mona.

Mona had moved up Matt's muscular legs and she was now squatted with her thighs parted over his deeply embedded penis. They were in a lewd fucking position with the full-breasted brunette sitting on Matt's virilely upthrusting penis as he lay on his back. The shapely brunette had wrapped her hands in Matt's thick sandy hair and her arms were strained tight as she plunged her splitting cunt down with all her female strength onto his rigid shaft of male flesh. Her nakedly rotating hips began a teasing grind up and down over his undulating groin as he flexed his hips and drove his lust-thickened hardness deep up into her hungrily swallowing pussy. The wild-eyed brunette was a quivering mass of obscene desire as she writhed and twisted like a slow-moving belly dancer around Jane's husband's upward probing cock.

Jane stared hard, the erotic fluttering sensations in her belly growing even more intense. She had never imagined what it would be like watching two people fucking, especially her own husband. Instead of making her jealous, it increased the light-fingered erotic quivering up between her thighs. Even when she closed her eyes, the vision of her husband's aroused penis skewering into Mona's wetly glistening vagina burned thrillingly through her mind. She couldn't help being magnetized by the licentious picture, no matter how hard she tried not to be. Under the influence of the alcohol, the moist sucking sounds of their lewd fucking drifted across to her ears and was magnified a thousand times.

"Nnnnnnnnnnggggggghhhhhh," Jane opened her mouth as if to speak again, but was caught short as Larry Leyton's eager hardness, jerking responsively from the obscene sights around them, sank to the hilt with one smooth movement up into her own wetly throbbing cunt.

"Aaaaaahhhhhhh!" The sudden entry caught her by surprise. Larry began fucking into her immediately and she gasped with desire, squirming from side to side with his deep lunges. "Oh… no… no… no.

But Larry, equally turned on by the other naked couples doing obscene things all around them, wouldn't be stopped. He tightened the muscles of his pumping buttocks and thrust deep into her tight little cunt with even more powerful strokes. Jane flailed and kicked as he impaled her hopelessly on his thick pistoning shaft, sinking so far up into her belly that none of his long rigid cock was visible above the quivering hair-lined pussy hole between her legs. He rammed his hard fleshy shaft into her with ever increasing force, pushing the warm wet clasping walls of her wet young vagina out in rippling waves before his plunging cock.

It didn't take long for Jane's cries of "no… no… "to become pleas for more, as his deep cock-thrusts fanned the flames of desire searing up inside her. She opened her thighs a little wider, her hips grinding up off the rug beneath her in a slow rhythmic motion as his wonderfully thick penis slipped wetly in and out of her tight sucking cunt. Her undulating little belly rocked eagerly upward to meet each new fucking stroke, and her wetly devouring pussy swallowed every inch of his virile cock-staff as it pounded deep up inside her belly.

Her young neighbor kept up the pace, churning his lust-inflated penis deep up in the young wife's wildly rotating cunt, not caring how far it went. This was totally new to the alcohol-dazed Jane… he was reaching where no penis had ever reached before.

The delicious flames of passion in Jane's cock-filled vagina quickly consumed her nakedly tossing young body as again and again he skewered into her! She was rapidly losing control. All thought of anything but his hot stalk of flesh spearing so thrillingly up into her helpless cunt disappeared with each hard, deep stroke.

Her nakedly churning buttocks began to grind in vicious little circles of wantonness as the young neighbor fucked into her ravenous pussy, his huge cock digging deeper and deeper until its hardness was straining the tight, soft walls of her cunt.

"Mnmmmmmmmmm… wonderfullllll," she groaned out.

Jane's all consuming lust now raged out of control. She spiraled her tight little cunt up on his long rampaging penis, swallowing its cunt-skewering thickness as it slithered easily now between her wetly clasping vaginal walls to bring surge after surge of forbidden pleasure reverberating throughout her entire being.

"Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!" A shrill scream of pleasure from Larry's wife tore through the room.

Turning her head, Jane saw that the kneeling young wife's moans had changed into wails of ecstasy. She obviously was in the throes of a lewd self-realization that she actually liked Jeff Allen's cock sodomizing her tiny anal channel. Her hips moved eagerly backward to meet the thrust of Allan's cramming his lust-hardened pole up into her rectum. Her naked young body undulated under the man, and her girlishly small buttocks moved in tight abandoned circles that signified intense enjoyment.

"Nnnnnnnggggghhhhh," she chanted on beneath his long powerful thrust into her straining little anus. Jeff became wilder and wilder in response, and he moaned as he rammed into her so hard that the small woman collapsed under the weight of him.

Nancy screamed again… a cry of near exaltation!

"Oh, Jesus… don't stop… aaaarrrrrggggghhhhhh!" she moaned over and over. She was going out of her head with wanton desire. Her delicately curving body began convulsing and jerking out a mind-blowing orgasm that Jane thought would never stop. At the same time Jeff was reaching his own wild peak, and he plunged forward to embed his spasmodically jerking penis deep into her milking little asshole. He tottered onto her and then, dragging the nakedly trembling young wife of his neighbor with him, they both collapsed in an exhausted heap on the rug.

Jane was going out of her mind.

She had seen what happened and now she wanted a cock thrusting up inside her anal passage too!

Larry was so distracted by the spectacle of his wife and his neighbor that Jane had no difficulty sliding up from under him. Once his hotly throbbing penis was dislodged from her clasping wet pussy, she rolled quickly over onto her knees, upraising her naked buttocks in lewd invitation.

"Larry… let's do it, too… just like Nancy and Jeff… Fuck me in the ass!"

The young neighbor didn't need any encouragement. He took one look at the young blonde wife's eagerly quivering ass-cheeks and placed his thick cock-head against her tight little anus which was puckering in anticipation.

He thrust forward with all his strength.

"No… no… "Jane groaned. He was shocking her… she didn't think it was going to be this uncomfortable.

Larry continued to hammer his long thick cock inch by inch up into her puckering anus.

Finally, Larry, leaning over her back, reached around her waist and down between her wildly trembling legs to fondle her passion-drenched pussy lips and clitoris, and the change from discomfort to pleasure was almost immediate. A lewd feeling surged through the kneeling young wife as she felt the warmly pulsing penis buried far up in her rectum bring her strange unexpected pleasure.

Oh yes… oh yes… that's what I needed, she thought as he began fucking in and out of her tightly stretched anal opening…Oh yes.. oh yes.. oh Jesus

But Leyton wasn't used to the wild pleasure of sodomizing a woman, and within seconds, the excitement had caused his hot load of sperm to begin aching for freedom. With a loud groan, he couldn't hold back any longer. Again and again he rammed his madly throbbing cock deep up inside her hot little rectum, excited sweat pouring off his chest onto her passionately shuddering back in small streams. Jane's face was twisted now with the delirium of her approaching orgasm as every backward lunge she made sent the heavily swelling tip of Larry's thick penis deeper and deeper up into her hot clasping rectum.

"Arrrgggghhhh… Larry… please fuck me in the ass… stick it in my asshole."

Her lewd entreaties were simply too much for him, and Larry knew he could hold back the flood no longer. With one final agonizing lunge his balls flexed and then exploded in a rapid-fire blast of hot spurting semen that flooded her rectum and overflowed Out from around his deeply embedded shaft. He lunged down so hard that she groaned under him as he strained to keep every inch of his wildly ejaculating penis deep up inside her warm buttery rectum.

"No… Larry… don't stop… keep fucking me.. I'm almost there.." Jane begged but her neighbor's penis was already growing soft and slipping uselessly from her tightly clasping rectum. She reached behind and grabbed the deflating shaft with both hands, trying to hold it in, but it was useless!

"Please… you can't leave me like this." Her head whirled dizzily around and around, and finally her face fell to the rug. She sensed the others in the room gaping in wonderment at her as she kneeled nakedly on the rug, her rounded ass-cheeks still lifted shamelessly in the air, sob after sob shaking her aroused young body.

"Too much for you, huh, Larry?" laughed a male voice. "I'll finish it for you." A body moved behind her, strong hands were pulling her nakedly quivering buttocks backward, forcing her fleshy ass-cheeks apart, and then she felt a pair of masculine thighs press up against her own. Something hard and hot and pulsating rubbed against her clenching little anus, and she looked back to see her husband, Matt, kneeling behind her. "Don't worry about it… I'll finish you off."

Jane turned back around as Matt positioned himself more securely behind her buttocks, her back bent and her face still pressed into the rug. She opened her mouth as if to speak again, but was caught short as her husband's excitedly throbbing penis suddenly sank its full length into her cum-drenched rectal channel.

But this time it didn't hurt, even though Matt arched his hips back as far as he could, and then rammed his long thick cock right up to his pelvis with another body-jolting thrust. Jane groaned in a wild sexual delirium as she felt its hardness deep in her stomach. Then he began to fuck into her with a deliberately slow rhythm that whipped the ever-growing flames of insatiable desire into a raging inferno. Every plunging thrust, rippling like steel through her rapturously clinging rectal walls, brought her closer and closer to a new and higher peak of ecstatic pleasure which she had never experienced before.

Suddenly she reached behind them both, her sharp nails biting like fish hooks into his ass-cheeks, holding him pressed firmly against her wantonly undulating buttocks. With each downward thrust of his hips, she pulled with all her strength, driving his long sodomizing shaft as far as it would go up into her no longer virginal rectum.

"Oh… Matt… nothing has ever felt… so wonderful… "she moaned, flailing her head to and fro like a madwoman.

Jane knew she was nearing her climax. She could tell by the lewd, rippling sensations intensifying within her desire tautened little belly.

And suddenly she was there!

"Oh, Jesus… fuck me, Matt…fuck my ass… " she screamed, caught up in its helpless joy, her arms flailing the air helplessly at her side. "Fuck my ass."

Her husband stepped up his wildly pounding rhythm, fucking as hard as he could up into her milking anal channel, tunneling faster and faster through the warm velvety walls that rippled against his exploding cock. Sweat was pouring off his back as he shoved his long throbbing penis into her again and again and again! He felt his orgasm nearing, but this time he knew he could hold it in abeyance until he made his wife cum. Then a grin flashed over his sweat-streaked face as he felt the first tremors within her belly.

"Aaaaaauuuuuggggghhhhhhh." With her little remaining strength, Jane lifted Matt's weight on her back and raised her head to scream. "Matt… I'm cunmmmmmiiinnnggg… aaaaauuugggghhhh!"

Matt's arms reached under her tapering waist and held her buttocks completely off the ground as he fucked up into her tight convulsing rectal passage with every ounce of energy he could summon, rocking his loins back and forth with a savage motion as he buried his wildly ejaculating penis in her asshole. One more deeply plunging lunge… then another, and finally his white hot eruption splattered deep up inside her, flooding her with its powerfully jetting spurts of sperm. Through a mindless haze of pleasure, Jane could feel everything, a hot flood of cum that filled her insides to bursting, mingling with Larry's semen already pumped there a few minutes before… and the jab… a rapture… which was so sweet and powerful that it shorted out all her senses and she felt herself falling… and falling into a warm oblivion.



Jane didn't know how long she and Matt lay exhausted in front of the licking fireplace before the figures in the room began to move again. One by one they seemed to be taking turns to use the shower, and someone turned on the radio. She looked up to see Larry Leyton pouring another drink. He offered some to Mona but she waved him away, wagging her head sleepily.

Jane closed her eyes, Matt was dozing against her naked back, and she wanted to enjoy this moment to the fullest because it might be the last. God knows what her husband would think of her now!

"You've certainly changed," he whispered unexpectedly.

"So have you," she replied.

"Come on, you guys," Mona was saying, "didn't I tell you that a swap was like a shot in the arm?"

Jane and Matt smiled at each other wordlessly, knowing she was right.