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Held For Lust

Joseph Addison

Joseph Addison

Held For Lust

Chapter One

"Aww, don't be such a scared cat," Anne called. Becky couldn't make up her mind. The slim, blond thirteen year old shrugged and took another look at the partly opened garage door in the alley. Anne, Becky's ten-year-old cousin stamped her foot in frustration and walked back to where the blond was standing. "Come on! He's nice. He told me to call him Uncle Don. You'll like him. He knows some really fun games."

There was something in the smaller girl's expression that made Becky uneasy, she stared at Anne's dark, almost black eyes as they peered out of her pretty, tanned face and wondered. The ten-year-old grinned at Becky and ran her hand through her short, curly dark hair.

"You've been acting funny ever since last night," Anne teased. "What's the matter? Didn't you know that boys and girls do things like that?"

Becky felt her cheeks burn red as she blushed and she quickly turned away. Without knowing it Anne had put her finger on the problem. Becky closed her blue eyes and not realizing what she was doing, she pressed a slim, graceful hand flat against her belly.

"Don't be so dramatic," the plump little girl said. "I've watched my sister and her boyfriend lots of times. It makes me feel good!" A sharp tremor of excitement spun in Becky's belly and she felt her slender thighs shake as she remembered what they'd seen.

Becky hadn't known what to expect when Anne got her up and showed her how to creep down the stairs and peep into the living room. It had been very late and the rest of the house was silent. At first Becky couldn't see anything, but then, she heard a soft, moaning sound and she allowed Anne to lead her to a point where she could peek, behind a drape in the archway, and see a couple on the couch. Anne's big sister Toni was laying back on the pillows and her boyfriend Jeff was leaning over her. After a few moments Becky noticed that the eighteen-year-old girl's blouse was off and that she was letting the boy suck on her pink, pointed nipples!

It was disgusting! Becky trembled and sat down on a box that stood under a tall shade tree. She should have left right then! Becky knew that things like that were dirty and that nice girls didn't do them or even think about them. She would have left if Jeff hadn't stood up and jerked his pants down. Becky remembered making a soft gasping sound and being shaken roughly by her cousin when her shocked gaze fastened on the tall boy's throbbing erection and the way that be grinned at Toni as he stroked it!

A small dart of moist excitement began to wiggle and twist between the hairless lips of her tight little sex. She was so ashamed! Becky had soiled two pairs of panties by thinking about what she'd seen, the juices had gushed out of her and she'd almost broken down and played with herself, something that she never did!

Toni sat up and put her arms around Jeff, her full, up tilted breasts pressed and flattened against his chest while they kissed. Then, while they were still kissing, Becky saw the older girl's hand drop away from the boy's shoulder and boldly close around his jerking pole!

Anne gave a little giggle when she was Becky's expression and then her own changed and she sat down next to the blond. "Yeah, it was something to see, wasn't it?" Anne patted Becky's hand and whispered to her. "Do you think that it's fun to suck one like that? I know that it must be fun to have a boy put his big thing in you. I can tell that from the way that Toni yells when Jeff does it to her. But do you think you'd like to suck one?"

Another small explosion went off between the slender blonde's hairless thighs when she watched in her mind's eye as Toni let Jeff push her down on her knees as she eagerly sucked and licked at the swollen head of his big, hairy penis! The thought of doing that made her sick, but at the same time it made her get wetter and more itchy!

"I want to find out how it feels," Anne confided. "I don't want to wait until I'm as old as Toni is. I want to find out right away!" Becky turned and stared in awed amazement at her little cousin. Anne was so bold, so why did she get so frightened at the thought?

"I like to watch when Jeff puts his pricker in her," the plump little brunette confided. "Sometimes he gets on her from the rear. They didn't do it that way last night."

Becky shook her head but nothing she could do would chase away the image of Toni and Jeff. She'd watched breathlessly as the pretty teenager lay on her back and spread her thighs. Jeff's big hard-on jerked and swayed as he moved in between her legs. She'd seen it all. From where she watched Becky had seen Toni take her lover's swollen thing and rub it up and down between the hairy lips of her pussy until it was wet-and shiny, then he'd pushed forward and the shocked little girl had seen his big stalk sink into her pretty cousin's pussy in one, steady stroke!!

She was so confused! Becky wished she hadn't seen them last night but that wasn't her only problem. All summer she'd been having that funny wiggling, itchy feeling in her tight, virginal little sex and it seemed to get worse every day! What was happening to her? She'd never felt like this before, what was happening?

"Come on, let's go. You'll have fun, I know you will," Anne whispered. "He's waiting for me now, I don't want him to get mad at me!"

Anne's whisper brought Becky back to reality. Nervously the little girl stared at the open garage door and wondered out loud. "Why do you meet him in the garage? Are you sure that he's a real minister?"

Anne's expression was solemn as she nodded her head. "Yes he is," the pretty ten-year-old assured her cousin. "And we meet in the garage ‘cause he's been working on his car and besides, it's more private."

Looking up again Becky noticed that look in Annie's gray eyes and she felt a small warning chill race up her spine but she didn't know how she should react to it.

"Are you chicken?" Anne demanded as she jumped to her feet. "If you're so seared why don't you run home and hide under the bed?"

Becky was stung! The pretty little blonde's lips pulled into a thin line and her slender body stiffened. "You can't call me chicken, Anne Miller! You don't scare me at all!!"

She was so angry that she couldn't think. Becky's legs began to move and before she realized what she was doing the lovely child was headed straight for the open garage door before her!

"Hello, honey. I was wondering if you were coming to see me today." Becky stopped short in the darkened garage. Her eyes were still dazzled by the bright sunlight and she couldn't see who was speaking.

In the gloom the pretty thirteen-year-old felt her smaller cousin brush by her and heard her answer the unseen speaker.

"I'm sorry, Uncle Don. I had to convince my cousin Becky that it was all right for her to come over with me."

Becky's eyes were beginning to adjust to the dim light and she could see Anne standing in front of a man seated in an. old, overstuffed armchair. That warning chill was still reverberating in the pretty child's head and she was tempted to turn and run! Only the taunt of "chicken" made her grit her even, white teeth and hold her ground.

"I'm glad that you came to see me, Becky," the man said in a deep, friendly voice. The man in the chair lifted his hand and Becky saw the glitter of a glass as it passed to his lips. "Anne was right. She said that you were pretty. You are very pretty!"

She could hear a funny, slurring sound in the large voice and Becky had been around adults long enough to know that he was drinking. The slender little blond wanted to run more than ever, but something new had been added to the situation and she could force herself to ignore it.

He called me pretty!! That made her feel extra nice, Becky's heart began to beat a little faster and she found herself standing straighter. She'd been called pretty before, lots of times, but she never got-tired of hearing it said again! Becky felt the worry and tension melting out of her and she smiled as she inched closer to the shadow man in the chair. He liked me, he thinks that I'm pretty!

Almost as if he could hear what she was thinking and, chose to please her again, the man spoke. This time his voice was even warmer; softer. "Oh yes! You are a lovely little girl, Becky. I'm very pleased that you came to meet me today. Very, very pleased?"

She could see better now and Becky was surprised and a little bit shocked to see Anne confidently hop up on the man's lap and snuggle close to him, her bare thighs gleamed whitely in the dim light as she did.

"My name is Don," the man said, holding out his hand to the pretty child. "Don Harper. Anne calls me Uncle Don, why don't you call me that too?" She couldn't help herself, Becky felt drawn toward Uncle Don as if he was a magnet. The awed child saw a new, seductive kind of interest in the man's dark brown eyes and was strangely attracted to him.

Uncle Don was a handsome-man, his hair was blond and curly and laugh lines crinkled around his eyes, setting off the lean, tanned lines of his-face. The smiling man reminded Becky of a statue of a Greek warrior that she'd seen once in a museum.

Becky hesitated for a second, then meekly placed her slim, delicate hand in the handsome man's and allowed herself to be drawn forward.

"Sit down, honey," Uncle Don murmured to Becky. "We'll have a nice long talk." There was a short stool near his chair and the little girl settled down on it without a word of protest.

Don took another long pull at his drink then hugged Anne closer to him. Becky's eyes were completely adjusted by then and she watched in shocked surprise as Don's hand slipped up under the hem of her little cousin's dress and rubbed against her naked thighs.

"Anne and I have a lot of fun together," the handsome man said in a calm voice. "She isn't sure but she thinks that you'd like to have some fun with us too, is that right?"

The shocked thirteen-year-old didn't answer, she watched in numbed surprise as Don's hand pushed Anne's short, starched skirt high over her waist. Becky could clearly see what the man was doing to her ten-year-old cousin but she couldn't believe it!

Anne sighed contentedly and melted against the man's chest. Mr. Harper's tanned hand moved slowly over the ten-year-old's bared legs, his fingers gently pinching and squeezing her flesh, moving higher with each motion.

"It's all right," the man told Becky. "Just relax and we'll tell you all about the fun that we have together." Mr. Harper spoke calmly, as if nothing unusual was happening. Becky was paralyzed, she made no move to escape but sat very still on her little stool and watched.

Uncle Don's hand was between Anne's thighs and he gently pried them apart until Becky could clearly see the plump outline of her pretty cousins baby sex under her tight fitting cotton panties.

Anne shuddered and wiggled, her panty covered bottom rubbed excitedly on the man's lap. Slowly Mr. Harper's hand climbed until his forefinger pressed hard against the excited child's plump-mound.

Becky heard a sighing moan leak out of Anne's softening lips and she trembled! The blond child's own hairless vulva began to burn and she felt that awful wiggling sensation deep inside of her again.

"Ooooooohhhhh, Uncle Don," Anne murmured happily as she rolled her hips and pressed herself against his finger. "We watched Toni and Jeff do it again last night."

The handsome man smiled and nodded his head but didn't speak. Uncle Don's finger continued stirring and twisting against Anne's panties, his burning eyes never leaving Becky's.

"It makes me feel so hot when I watch them, uncle Don! When are you going to teach me to do that?"

Becky shivered and pressed her slim, hairless thighs together in a futile effort to still the warm, tingling itch that was growing stronger in her tight vagina. The little girl was shocked by her cousin's bold question and was even more shocked by the man's answer!

"Shhhhhhh," Don Harper whispered to Anne. "Don't talk about things like that yet. You'll frighten Becky and she won't want to play our games with us." Mr. Harper smiled at the shocked little blond. He increased the pressure of his finger, forcing Anne's panties ahead of it, wedging the cloth between her little folds until Becky could see her cunny outlined under the, white cloth. "One day I'll teach you, Anne," the big man murmured. A smile creased his handsome face. and he licked his lips as he stared directly into Becky's wide eyes. "I'll teach but until then I still know lots of ways to make both of you feel good, don't I?"

Mr. Harper used his thumb to pull aside the wrinkled; damp looking crotch piece of her cousin's panties and a flush of hot embarrassment washed over Becky when she found herself staring directly into the moist, pink slit of the ten-year-old's hairless pussy!

"Noooooooo," Becky whispered, speaking for the first time since she'd entered the garage. "You shouldn't do that to her! That's nasty and men aren't supposed to do things like that to girls!!" The slender little blond was trembling and her own moist little cunt was throbbing as if Uncle Don was stroking her and not Anne. "Don't touch her there!"

Don Harper didn't seem surprised, the handsome man smiled and shook his head at the same time he began to wiggle his finger and its tip disappeared into the moist, open throat of the little brunette's pussy!

"Calm, down and watch us," the blond man whispered. There was a note of command in his voice. Becky shook her head, but she was so accustomed to obeying adults-that she did what she was told without thinking. "You're wrong, pretty honey. You've been taught a bunch of old fashioned foolishness! Some people don't want anyone to have a good time, they try to make everyone obey the same stupid rules that are making them unhappy!"

It was hard for her to listen, Becky's attention was split between the handsome man's words and the terrible sight of his big finger slipping in and out of Anne's wet slit. The little girl was sighing and licking her pink lips, her hips rolled and twisted and her bare arms hung limp and lifeless at her sides.

Mr. Harper's voice grew stronger and there was a strange, angry sound in its tone. The way that the man was talking reminded the shocked little blond of being in church.

"Oh, I know! I've suffered at the hands of those narrow-minded bigots! I've been harassed, fired! Chased away in the night! I know how mean and evil-minded they can be. Don't you believe them, girl! Don't listen to the people who tell you it's wrong. Learn to enjoy yourself!"

Becky shook herself and crossed her slim arms across her chest as if to hide the tiny buds of her growing breasts from the man's burning gaze. The nervous little girl felt the tension all around her. It was as if they were all alone in the world, just herself the man and her excited cousin.

"Look! Move closer and watch us," Uncle Don commanded Becky. "Come closer and see what I'm doing for Anne. You can see how she likes it. Why shouldn't you have some fun too?"

The excited thirteen year old was so caught up in the moment that she didn't realize that the man was using his free hand to pull her forward on her stool. She was so close that Becky could hear the wet, sticky sounds that Anne's fat little pussy lips made as they clung and rubbed against Uncle Don's thick finger.

"You'd like it too. I know you would," Don whispered in Becky's ear as he drew her so close that he could run the flat of his palm down the curve of her back. "Would you like to slip upon my lap and take Anne's place? Do you want your share of fun too?"

The man's fingers had worked all the way down her back and were gently massaging and squeezing the cheeks of Betsy's trim little ass. The blonde child shivered and made a soft whimpering sound as a fresh wave of excitement spun and danced between her trembling thighs. She could hear a voice inside of her telling her to say no and run, but she ignored it. This was it! This was what she'd really been wanting all summer long!

Just at that moment, Anne began to moan and shiver. Becky could see the tiny muscles around her cousin's naked pussy pulling and tightening and hear the little girl's ragged breathing coming faster and faster! A hot, jolting sensation-throbbed in her own pussy as the blond watched Anne climax!!

"Oooooooo… Uncle Donnnnn… ohhhhhhh! Aaaaiiiieeee!!!" She bounced and shook on the handsome man's lap. Becky trembled and tried to pull away, but Don's strong hand stopped her. He bad almost half of his big finger in the tiny brunette's wet slit and the man made soft, encouraging sounds in her ear while he teased her on and on until Becky thought that Anne would die from the excitement!!

It was all so strange, Becky felt as if she was in a slow motion dream. The pretty little blond felt soft and boneless as things happened around her. Anne was down from Mr. Harper's lap. Becky heard the handsome man telling Anne to slip outside the garage and make sure that no one heard them. When she felt Uncle Don's strong hand lifting her off of the stool Becky knew that she should resist but she just couldn't!!

"Relax. Lay back against me and relax, pretty baby," the handsome man whispered in Becky's ear. "A pretty girl like you, a grown up girl like you should have fun, you deserve it. You need fun." His voice sounded so soft and soothing, Becky felt the tensions inside of her fade and when they did it made the burning sensation between her thighs seem stronger and more demanding than ever.

"You are pretty. I like pretty girls I like to look at them and touch them." Warm hands moved over her body. Becky opened her eyes and watched Uncle Don gently pull her frilly skirt up to her waist.

Becky felt a cool draft of air whisper over her bared thighs and loved the tingle that it left behind. The pretty blonde teenager made a feeble attempt to stop Uncle Don from pulling her dress any higher but it was easy for him to brush, her hand away and bare her to the waist.

"Don't fight me, Becky. It isn't bad, it isn't wrong, like you think. I'll make you feel good. Don't think of anything but how good you feel… " The handsome man's voice was as soft as velvet it caressed the confused child's mind and soothed it at the same time that his warm hand began to press and stroke at the burning flesh of her thighs.

Becky felt her plump little pussy growing hotter by the second. The flower soft folds seemed to swell and pull apart, letting warm drops of lube seep out of her and wet her panties. The slender girl moaned when the last of her resistance faded and she allowed Don to spread her thighs. The buzzing sensation deep in her quivering love groove was unbearable!!!!

"See? I knew you would like this. It only took me one look to pick you out." The lovely little girl made a soft, gasping sound when the handsome man's broad palm cupped her wet little slot and gently squeezed it.

"That's right," Uncle Don whispered to Becky. The trembling blonde heard a harshness growing in his voice but she was too excited and aroused to think about it or what it meant. "I knew! All my life I've been able to pick out sweet babies like you. I can see into girls, honey. I can see bow hot your little cunts are and how easy you are to teach!!"

Don Harper's hand tightened on her mound, his strong fingers pressed the smooth, pink folds of Becky's pussy together, squeezing the love juice out of her and sending it trickling down between the apple firm cheeks of her firm, wiggling ass.

"I've suffered because I can tell," the handsome minister snarled angrily. "The police, people in my church, they've all made me suffer! They are jealous because I can tell which little girls need to have fun and which are dead between their legs! They took my church away! Just because I found a pretty little girl like you!"

Becky's head was rolling from side to side and the steady beat of pleasure and lewd excitement in her belly made it hard for her to think or even have the common sense to be afraid of the excited man.

"Yessss!! That's the way, lover," Don hissed happily to Becky. "Roll your hips and push down on me, use your heels!!" Becky squealed as she did what she was told and was rewarded when she felt her tight panties being deftly stripped away when she levered herself off of Don's lap.

Becky's wide blue eyes opened in time to see her white cotton underwear tossed aside and shivered. The pretty child's heart stopped beating when she followed Uncle Don's hand and watched it as it boldly dropped to her lap and his naughty fingers teased her naked sex.

"Ooooohhhhh… don't!… It's not nice," the slim child protested. Don ignored her and pressed his palm against her mound. His big forefinger hooked into the soft, yielding flesh of the little virgin's pussy folds. "Don't make me… do dirty things! I… auuuuuggghhhh!!"

Don's finger had found the stiff nubbin of the half naked child's clit and her bubbling groan of amazed joy made the man's already rigid cock swell even larger and again against his slacks.

In seconds poor Becky was writhing and bucking on Don Harper's lap. The man's big finger was flashing back and forth over the lubricated tip of her baby clit and the feel of it was driving Becky crazy! As she wiggled and bounced against the handsome man's lap Becky could feel something thick and hard pressing against the naked cheeks of her bottom.

At first Becky thought that the heavy lump beneath her was something in Mr. Harper's pocket then the confused child's mind clicked and she remembered the sight of Jeff's big, hairy cock and squealed in a delicious mixture of fright and sensual excitement.

It's his thing! Ooooo, I can feel it rubbing against me!! "Hunnnngggghhh, you're hurting me," Becky whimpered as Don jammed his finger into the tight unused mouth of her drooling slit. "Don't put it in so far… ohhhh!!"

Suddenly the pain faded away and in its place a lovely, neon bright wave of pleasure filled the wiggling thirteen year old's slim body and she smiled and sighed happily as her whimpers of protest turned into powerful gasps and groans of joy!

It felt so good! Becky wiggled and shook, watching the reddened lips of her smooth pussy kiss and suck at the lovely finger that was making her feel so good.

"Aggghhhh! Do it faster, Uncle Don," Becky begged as she rolled her slim hips and mashed her lube slick ass cheeks against the handsome man's throbbing erection. "Do it faster and faster! I… ohhhh, I can't aaaaiiiieeeee!!!"

Chapter Two

The last, fading ripples of her very first orgasm ever were still sparking and darting along Becky's tingling nerves when the dazed, happy child felt herself being lifted and placed on her unsteady, trembling legs. Uncle Don's fingers were pressing and moving against her back, but it took the slender blond a few moments before she realized that the excited man was undressing her!

As he deftly unbuttoned Becky's dress Don's warm hands caressed and stroked the little girl's shaking belly and the silken flesh of her inner thighs. By the time that the minister pulled her dress over her head and left her naked, except for her long white socks, the pretty child was well on the way to becoming aroused again!

"Agggghhbhh," Becky sighed when Don's warm hand pressed high between her legs and pinched the lips of her slippery little cunt together. "I didn't know that it was like this! I didn't know that it felt soooo good!"

Everything was so nice that Becky made no protest when the handsome man picked her up and placed her on a folded blanket that lay on the work bench that stood beside the chair.

"It's not over yet," Uncle Don hissed urgently "Spread your legs, honey and I'll show you a game that makes Anne squeal like a happy little pig!" His hands guided her and soon the lovely blonde child lay flat on her back, her slender thighs splayed wide, exposing the pink and coral inner tissues of her tight little pussy to the minister's eager eyes.

Becky heard a soft, whirring sound, but ignored it as the handsome man bent over her and began to kiss the smooth, hairless flesh of her belly! The naked little girl shuddered violently when the man's smooth lips began to creep lower and lower and then she gasped with shocked delight when Uncle Don pressed a warm, firm kiss directly against the parted lips of her pussy!

"Oooooohhhh, that's dirty," the delighted little blonde protested in a quavering voice. "You shouldn't put your mouth on me there, I… "

She wasn't given a chance to continue. Don used both of his forefingers to pull apart the moist, clinging folds of the child's sex and boldly pressed his wet, wiggling tongue in between them!!

"Agggghhhh!!" Becky bucked violently. The naked little girl's body stiffened, her stockinged heels dug into the blanket, her neck muscles pulled taut and she lifted herself off of the bench in a bowing, arching the motion that pressed her wet little vulva against his tongue.

Again and then three more times Uncle Don rammed the stiff probe of his slippery tongue into the glove tight mouth of Becky's slick honey pot. Then be pulled back and smiled at Becky while he ran the flat of his thumb back and forth over her saliva covered love bud.

"You liked it! Admit it, be honest with me, little honey. You love the feel of a tongue inside of you!!"

Becky was shocked. The naked girl shivered and wanted to deny what he said, but the strumming motion of his thumb was more than she could fight and the words squirted out of her throat as she began to rock and shake her body under its rhythm. "Admit it, Becky! Tell me that you like to have you little cunt sucked!!"

"Awwwwuuuuhhhh," the shaken child murmured as she trembled under the man's knowing touch. "Yes, yes, Uncle Don! I love it suck it some more!!" Becky reached out, wanting to touch the minister's face, but instead he caught her hand and pressed it down until Becky's outstretched fingers brushed against something hard and warm. Surprised, Becky made no effort to pull her hand away. "Wha… what is that?"

Don was still stroking the little girl's wet pussy while he skillfully avoided answering her. "Grip it, Becky," the minister commanded in a deep voice. "Hold it in your hand and pull on it, like this."

It wasn't until the minister pressed Becky's fingers around a thick, hairless pole and she felt it throb and jerk against her palm that the shocked child realized that she was holding his big cock!

Don Harper had unzipped his pants and now he was sighing happily as he forced Becky to fondle and squeeze his throbbing hard-on. The pretty child's blue eyes popped open and she stared at him in shocked amazement.

"That's nice, honey," Don Harper whispered. "Do you like the feel of it? it makes me feel so good when you run your fingers up and down on it like that." Don took advantage of Becky's confusion and while he taught the pretty child how to jack him off, he pressed his lube slick finger into her tight vaginal canal until its blunt, searching tip found that taut membrane that told him that he had a virgin!

Becky felt Uncle Don's thick organ squirm and twist in her grip. His blood pounded in the swollen-veins that wrapped around the shaft of his adult penis. Becky couldn't see the handsome man's prick, but her sensitive fingers traced over its contours from the mushroom-lipped tip to its hairy base. Using her brief glimpses of Jeff a hard rammer, the child formed a mental image that made her baby clit swell with painful excitement!

"Auuu uuuggghhhhhh," Becky groaned as she formed her thumb and forefinger in a loose circle and frigged her hand up and down the long, hairy spear.

"Nice girls don't do things like this," the naked child complained faintly. "You shouldn't make me do this!!" But she wasn't being forced and Becky knew it! The lovely little girl was eagerly stroking and jerking at Mr. Harper's big dong and when he increased the stroke of his finger as it twisted and pulled inside of her she replied in kind.

"Shhhhh," Uncle Don ordered. "Don't pretend that you don't like it. You love this, I can see that you do. Tell me how nice it feels, Becky. Tell Uncle Don how good it is to have his finger inside of you!"

Before Becky could refuse, the man changed position and began working his tongue in her again Becky gasped and shivered. She felt his slippery probe dive deep in her loosening sheath and then slip out, only to work around and around her tiny love button. The little girl's head rolled from side to side as the waves of pleasure hit her, but then it stopped suddenly when she found herself staring directly at his big penis. It was only inches away from her face!!

Something warm and buttery rose up inside of Becky's tight pussy and the lovely child moaned as she lifted her slim thighs and wrapped them tight around the handsome man's head, trapping his mouth against the drooling slot of her sex while she bucked and scrubbed herself against him. All that time Becky stared in greedy amazement at the dark red crown of the handsome man's prick. She was hypnotized by the way that the small slit in the tip opened and closed, like a mouth.

It was so exciting! Becky shook and rolled her slim, naked body. With her free hand the child pressed against the back of the handsome minister's head. The slim little blonde used her other hand to tug and stroke at the man's passion bloated organ.

Thick, clear drops of juice were squirting out of the minister's cock bead each time that she pulled on it. Becky was fascinated. The drops of fluid trickled down from the glans and wet her slim fingers, making them feel slick and greasy as she serviced his frightening dong.

The naked child stretched and sighed happily. Her hips rolled with a steady beat, helping the handsome minister suck and nibble every inch of her tingling, greedy pussy, Becky continued to stare in fascination at the big cock that she was playing with. The naked thirteen year old watched Don's big, round balls swaying in their hairy sac and groaned as a ripple of pleasure twisted its way up her spine.

It was awfull Becky caught herself staring hungrily at the minister's balls and wishing that they were close enough for her to kiss them the way that she'd seen Toni kiss Jeff's!! Shaken, the child jerked her gaze away and stared at the leaking knob of Don's thick cock. But that was even worse!

"Do you think it's fun to suck one!" The memory of Anne's eager question set off a small explosion in Becky's mind and before she could stop herself she began to imagine what it would be like to slip her pink lips down over the pulpy looking crown of Uncle Don's scary pole and suck on it for him!

Becky's flat belly churned, she hated herself for even thinking about putting that big thing in her mouth, but even her self loathing didn't stop her dirty thoughts from scampering around in her head and adding to the growing excitement that she felt.

He was licking faster! Becky's mouth fell open and the naked little girl shuddered violently each time that Don stabbed deep into her wet cunt with his distended tongue. "Oooool Uncle Don! It's going to happen again! I can feel it! Suck me hard, suck me Aaaaaauuuugggghhhhh!"

Frantically the child bucked and writhed under the lash of the handsome man's tongue. Without realizing what she was doing for him, Becky's small hand tightened around Don's dripping cock and pumped bard at it.

"Unnngggghhhhh," Becky groaned. "It feels soooo good! Push it deeper!" The moaning child was staring at Don's crimson glans at the very second that her tiny fist managed to bring him off! The little mouth opened and a thick jet of white, milky goo shot out, hitting the side of the bench beside her head!

Becky moaned and felt a new wave of orgasms swell inside of her. She wasn't sure why, but each time that the naked little girl saw the stuff shoot out of Mr. Harper's big thing it excited her and made her feel better and better… "Aaaaaaaiiiiieeeeemm"

"Hurry up! Mama's been calling for us," Anne said as she scurried down the alley. Becky tried to hurry but the lovely child's slim thighs were still shaky and she staggered drunkenly. Each step that she took reminded the pretty blonde of what had happened and now that she was calming down the raw, chewed feeling between her thighs made her ashamed of herself!

"Now remember, girls. Toni is in charge! You behave and do what she tells you to do, just the way you do for me." The screen door slammed and Aunt Ida was gone. It was all so sudden, a sick grandmother, a hurried departure and now the only adult in the house was gone and she wouldn't be back for more than a week!!

For a long moment both little girls stared out the door, watching as the cab pulled out of sight. Then Anne giggled and squeezed Becky's hand. "Oh my! Just think of all the fun that we can have now that mama's gone!!"

The pretty little brunette saw the blank look on Becky's face and laughed. Boldly Anne pressed the fiat of her tanned hand against the front of Becky's dress and wiggled her palm against her plump mound. "Don't you understand? Toni isn't going to bother us, she's on the phone right now telling Jeff that he can come over!" A knowing smile crossed Anne's dimpled face. "I'll bet that she and Jeff don't come out of the bedroom all the time that mama's away!!

Suddenly Becky was afraid. The slim little blond broke away from her cousin and darted into the room that she'd been given when she came to stay for the summer. She wants to go back there! She wants to go see Uncle Don again! A little tremor of guilt and excitement stirred in the lovely child's blood and she felt the faint rumbles of sexual desire and lust in her abused little sex.

Against her will, Becky began to think, she remembered how good it felt when the man held her and played with her. She thought of how nice it was when she felt his slick tongue working over her body!

Becky's lips drew into a thin line and she shook her head. The only way to stop thinking about things like that was to think about something else, good things. I won't go back there again, Becky-told herself firmly as she moved to the mirror. That's all! I just won't ever let him come near me again and I won't let Anne talk to me about nasty things like that!

But even as she tried to think about clean, nice things Becky's newly awakened body was fighting her.

The slim child felt the formative buds of her nipples stiffen into little points and felt that delicious wiggling, itching feeling between her thighs grow stronger. She stared at herself in the mirror. Could anyone tell? Could you see it in a girl's, face the way that Mr. Harper said he could see it?

The little girl's inner turmoil grew stronger as she stared at her pretty face in the mirror. Becky saw her wide blue eyes, her firm jaw and fluted, perfectly formed lips. Her lips! Becky shivered when she remembered how much she'd wanted to wrap those lips around Mr. Harper's big penis and suck on it! I should be sick the voice whispered in her head. Thinking about things like that should make me sick!!

Instead of being sick the beautiful child felt her puffy little sex growing hotter and she couldn't help herself, she slipped her hand under her dress and squeezed it between her fingers. She'd been in such a hurry to get away from Uncle Don that she'd left her panties in his garage!

A soothing coat of oily lube seeped out of her stretched little hole and Becky sighed with pleasure as she gently pinched the lips of her pussy together. Feeling herself up was nasty and dirty, but she couldn't help it. The feeling was too good to stop! Uncle Don was right, he could see into her and tell that she was a dirty girl and that she loved things like this!

"Hey. What are you doing in there?" Anne's call from the other side of the closed door startled Becky and the pretty child guiltily jerked her hand away from her wet little nest and dried it on the bedspread. "I'm going back to find Uncle Don. You coming?"

"No! I won't ever go back over there," Becky called out as she hurried to the door and locked it, making sure that Anne couldn't come in. "And you shouldn't go over there either!"

The troubled thirteen year old's voice dropped so that they wouldn't be overheard. "Uncle Don isn't a nice man! He does dirty things and you shouldn't go near him. You're too young for things like that!"

Anne didn't answer at first, but Becky was sure that she could hear her pretty cousin giggle softly. "Don't be so silly," the pretty ten-year-old whispered through the door. "I love the things that he does to me! I like his games and I can't wait to go back there for some more! If you want to come we'll be in the same place."

Becky held out for almost twenty minutes, the slender girl straightened out her room, combed her long blonde hair until it shone and she even tried to read but nothing helped. Every second Becky was reminded of what was happening in the garage down the alley. The teenager felt her new desire nibbling and nipping at her and with each passing minute it was becoming harder to concentrate! Her hairless vulva was wet again and Becky slipped on a fresh pair of panties but that did nothing to still the wriggling excitement that was making her wet in the first place.

At last the child's resolve began to weaken. I could just watch, her little voice whispered. Mr. Harper wouldn't mind if I just stood by the door and watched what he does to Anne. She was trying to fool herself, Becky knew she was but there was still some tattered traces of that prim little girl she'd been when she woke up this morning and that primness refused to allow her to admit, even to herself, that she wanted to go back so that Uncle Don could teach her more of his wonderful gamest I'll watch Becky told herself as she slipped out the door. That's all, just watch.

By the time that she reached the garage door Becky's excitement was burning as hot as a bonfire in her belly. The pretty child didn't stop to look around or take any other precautions before she rapped softly on the weathered wood and pulled the door open just enough for her to slip into the dimly lighted garage.

Becky wasn't sure exactly what she expected to see, but the tableau that struck her eyes when they adjusted to the gloom took her breath away and made her shapely legs shake dangerously under her!

"Hello, honey," Mr. Harper said smiling down at her. "Come closer, at least close enough for you to see." Don was seated in his chair again, his drink by his side and as the handsome man contentedly sipped from a glass, Anne, completely naked, sat on his lap!

The man's pants were open and his big, hairy stalk was between Anne's plump thighs. The ten year-old sat facing away from the man and was intent on rubbing both of her small hands up and down the thick shaft of his cock.

"That's nice," Uncle Don sighed happily, his free hand was rubbing up and down the little brunette's back in a familiar motion. Becky's firm ass cheeks began to glow and tingle when she remembered how the man had teased her like that. A tiny shudder lanced through Becky's tight little love sheath and she inched even closer, eager not to miss a thing.

"That's sooooo nice, Anne! Squeeze it and pull at it. Yes… just like that." Anne's elate gray eyes were sparkling as she stared down at the thick post of flesh that was growing up between her plump, splayed thighs. "Now I'm going to teach you another game, honey," Mr. Harper whispered, his band slipped down and he gently fingered Anne's wet, slick pussy. "I made you feel nice, now it's your turn to help me."

Anne was flushed and she had that funny glittering look in her eyes when Mr. Harper helped her slip off of his lap. "This is something that you told me your sister likes to do so I'm going to teach you to do it too," the handsome man said gently as he pulled Anne around to face him.

The twisting inside of her was too strong to ignore and as she bent forward and watched Becky press her hand under her skirt and inside of her panties and shamelessly began to play with herself.

Don's strong hands pressed down on Anne's shoulders and the naked little girl slipped to her knees before his chair. Becky was sitting to the side and could see every dirty, exciting detail. The handsome man used one hand to hold his thick, hairy cock upright and used the other to cup behind Anne's head and draw the unresisting little girl forward until her pouting lips were almost touching him.

"Do you know what Anne's going to learn?" Don's question caught Becky by surprise. The little blonde flushed with embarrassment and jerked her hand out from under her dress as she shook her head. "I'm going to teach her how to suck cock!" A hard fire burned in Mr. Harper's eyes and his voice grew harsh and loud.

"Every little slut like you two must learn to suck cock. That's what you're here for, you were made to pleasure men!!"

Each dirty word sank into Becky like a spear, the slender child was humiliated. But she couldn't deny it, she was a slut! Uncle Don was right, he could see inside of her and he knew what she was like.

"Now, baby," Don whispered to Anne in a softer voice. "Kiss it, just kiss it first." A violent charge of lewd excitement shook Anne, Becky could see the nerves crawling under her cousin's tanned flesh as she allowed her face to be pressed against the shiny, wet knob of Uncle Don's penis. "Kiss the head first, little lover," the excited man demanded. "That's the way! All around and under the head… aaahhhhhh!"

Becky watched with growing excitement as drops of the juice that leaked out of Don Harper's stalk of flesh smeared against Anne's lips and across her plump cheek. Don moved his rigid cock back and forth, rubbing his huge hard-on against the child's mouth, her cheeks and nose.

Anne wiggled delightedly and crept closer to Don, the little brunette's hands rested on his thighs as she bent her head and obediently pressed wet, sticky kisses against his throbbing, erect cock.

"Now," Don panted. "Lick it! Run your tongue all over it. Get used to the taste, honey." Becky made a soft, moaning sound deep in her throat when Anne did as she was told. The slim little blonde shuddered and her own soft lips parted as she watched Anne's pointed tongue dart out and begin to avidly lick the pulsating cock that Uncle Don held before her face. "All the way down, baby," the handsome minister moaned "All the way to my balls, lick them too! Give my balls a bath, little slut!!"

Don's hand tightened around Anne's neck and pulled her face down until the pretty child's tongue began to swab back and forth from one swollen testicle to the other. Becky could hear Anne's breathing becoming ragged as she gasped for air each time that she could get away from his flesh long enough to gulp a lungful. Becky could also hear the wet, sticky sounds that the naked ten-year-old's tongue made as it worked back and forth over the handsome man's hairy sac.

"Now! Now's the time," Don Harper grated as he jerked Anne's head up until her gasping mouth was pressed tight against the swollen, almost purple head of his throbbing cock. "Suck it, Anne! Just like Toni does, suck my fat cock for me!!"

Becky was so excited that she didn't realize that she was slapping her thighs together while she watched. The pressure would make the puffy, slick folds of her vulva squeeze together and delightfully trap the stiff tip of her burning love bud between them!

Anne made a little, mumbling sound, her mouth fell open giving Becky a brief glimpse of her pink tongue as it settled flat behind her white teeth. Then the minister's fingers tightened in her short dark hair and ha slowly drew the little girl forward, pressing the swollen head of his prick deep into the gleaming circle of her lips.

"Oooooooo," Becky breathed in an awed, shocked voice. "She's sucking it!" Becky had fallen forward and she ended up kneeling beside her cousin on the garage floor. The lovely little blonde's mouth was open in sympathetic reaction as her eyes devoured every dirty move of Anne's mouth!

Anne's cheeks hollowed and Becky could hear a soft, rasping sound in the ten year-old's mouth as she began to suck. Uncle Don guided Anne's head and in seconds he had the naked child's head bobbing up and down on him. Each time that the man pressed down the gasping little brunette was forced to swallow a little more of his thick shaft Becky could see Anne's saliva on Don's big, blue veined cock each time the smaller girl's head lifted and moaned with shock and shame when she caught herself wishing that she could take a turn mouthing and nursing on it!

"I see you, Anne Miller! I can see what you're, doing!!" The strident shout from behind froze the three of-them in place. Before Becky could turn and see who was at the garage door the voice came again. "I'm going to tell on you Anne!! I'm-going to tell on all of you and you'll get in lots of trouble! You told on me and now it's my turn!"

Uncle Don jumped to his feet, pulling his long, stiff prick out of Anne's siphoning lips. The handsome man's face with white with shock. Anne turned at the same time that Becky did and the three of them stared in horror at a grinning little boy who stood pointing a finger at them.

"I'm going to tell your mother, Anne," the boy chanted again, his grin turned into a scowl. "I'm going to tell her right now!" Uncle Don tried to grab the kid but stumbled over Anne and by the time that he recovered his balance the boy was gone and they could hear him running away.

"That's Benny," Anne whimpered. "I told on him at school, he's a nasty little brat!!" Becky saw that Anne was afraid and her own fear began to bubble up in her. He would do it! That dirty little boy would tell on them and then everyone would know what she and Anne had done. Every one would know what kind of girls they were! The idea of being caught was worse than anything that the trembling blonde could imagine!

Becky turned to Don Harper, expecting some guidance, he'd know what to do. But when she saw the numbed look of shock and fear on the handsome man's face the little girl's own fear turned into blind panic!

"No… Ohhhhhh nooooo," Uncle Don was mumbling as he automatically zipped his fly. "Not again! They're not going to catch me again. I couldn't stand it!" The big man grabbed his jacket and checked his pockets as he opened the door to his car.

"Get in," the shaken minister hissed. "Hurry! I've got to have time to think this out!" He didn't wait for them to move. Bending down the frightened man scooped up Anne's clothing and threw it in the back seat of the car. Then Don pushed the naked little girl in after her clothes and dragged Becky by the arm, pushing into the front seat.

"We've got to get away," the man panted as he pushed the garage doors open then drove out, not bothering to close them behind him as he did. "I'm not going to jail because of two little sluts like you! I've got to find a way out of this!! Get down out of sight!!"

Chapter Three

The ride that started in panic was turning into a total nightmare! They hadn't left town three minutes before Don Harper reached under the seat and pulled out a bottle. They'd been driving for hours and the worried man was getting drunker and meaner.

Becky sat huddled in the back seat with Anne, her cousin was napping, exhausted by the happenings of the day. Mr. Harper was still driving, his head was rolling from side to side and be was mumbling to himself. From time to time the frightened thirteen year old thought that she recognized quotes from the bible but she couldn't be sure. Twice she'd begged the man, pleading to be let out the car but the damned ex-minister had refused, calling her dirty names and yelling at both of them.

She was afraid, Becky trembled and hugged Anne closer. Uncle Don was crazy, Becky knew that now and she was sure that he would hurt them if they tried to get away from him!

It was dark, they'd been driving aimlessly for hours. Becky caught herself wishing that she was home and almost started to cry when she thought of her mother and father and her own cozy, safe bedroom. It's no good thinking about going home, the slender child told herself grimly. I'm a dirty slut and I can never go home again. Mama would know right away, she'd know and I couldn't stand that!

Suddenly Mr. Harper sat up straight behind the wheel and snapped his fingers. Becky watched him with wary eyes when he began to laugh and drunkenly nod his head. "Yes! Why not? Good old June! She's got just the place that we need. These little sluts got me into this mess and so I can use them to get me out!!"

Anne stirred in her sleep, disturbed by the sound of the drunken minister's laughter. Becky felt tears welling up in her blue eyes and huddled closer to the smaller girl as a wave of fear and certainty washed over her.

The slender little blonde didn't know how long she'd been sleeping, but when the rocking motion of the car changed she awoke to see the ocean gleaming as the first light of dawn chased away the darkness.

They'd left the freeway and were in a town. Looking out the window of the car Becky saw a series of run down motels, cafes and service stations. For a moment the little girls considered waving to someone and calling for help, but the windows were shut and besides there was no one on the street to call to.

Anne was awake and the pretty little brunette cast a worried, wondering glance at Becky when Uncle Don swung the car off the street and pulled up to a tumble down motel on a dead end street.

"If you know what's good for you," the handsome man mumbled as he stepped out of the car, "you'll stay put. I'll be right back and if I have to chase after you I'll make you wish you were dead!" Don stopped for a moment then gave the girls a twisted smile. "Besides where would you go? If you go home you'll be in trouble. At least with me you can have a good time while I decide what we're going to do."

A little quiver of distaste rippled through Becky's slim body but when she saw the look in Anne's eyes she swallowed the bitter comment she was about to make. The plump little ten-year-old's gray eyes were snapping and she tried to hide the tiny smile that was tweaking at the corners of her mouth.

"You wouldn't do that with him again? After all the trouble that he's got us into?" Becky saw Anne's smile grow broader and shook her head in disbelief. "Well not me! I'm going to find a way to get out of here, I won't do anything with him again!!"

Just at that moment the screen door of the motel office screeched open and both girls looked up. It wasn't Mr. Harper, it was a lady! Hopefully Becky watched as the pretty, dark haired woman stepped out of the office and walked over to the car. The little blonde noticed that the woman was large, her dark hair was cut close, almost like a man's and she had large pointed breasts that wiggled and bounced under her blouse.

"She's coming over here! I'm going to tell her what's happened, she'll get us out of here," Becky whispered excitedly as she pushed free of Anne and sat up. The pretty lady bent down and peered into the car but made no move to open the door. Becky was afraid that Mr. Harper would hear if she yelled through the window so she had to wait, holding her breath!

The brunette looked both girls over with a critical eye then nodded and turned away without saying a word to either of them. The hope that had sprung up in Becky turned to dust and dejectedly the pretty little blonde slumped back in the seat.

"In you go, ladies," Don Harper said with mock politeness as he pushed open the door and ushered the girls into a motel room. Becky felt a funny twisting sensation when she saw the big double bed along the wall of the rental unit, her tensions were made worse when she saw that the handsome man had another bottle of whiskey with him. This one was full! "This will be your home away from home, shuts. We'll stay here until we work up a stake and can get away from here in style!"

There were no large windows in the room and the main source of light was a bright lamp that was burning next to the bed. Becky tried to shut it off, but the switch seemed broken because she couldn't make it go out.

Anne was completely calm, the pretty ten-year-old hopped up on the bed and happily bounced up and down on the soft mattress. Don Harper pushed open another door, exposing the bathroom and shower. The former minister stared at the shower and then at them. Becky felt her belly tightening and quickly looked away from the man.

"I think that the three of us could stand a nice, hot shower," Don said. For the first time since they had run away the man's voice sounded calm and gentle, just the way it had back in the garage. "Come on, little babies, bath time for us."

Anne giggled and hopped to her feet. The pretty ten-year-old wasted no time in slipping out of her dress and panties then, naked, she skipped over to the door and stood beside Don. Becky trembled and tried not to look at them but she could feel the ex-minister's stern eyes boring into her and she couldn't resist the impulse to peek at him.

He was waiting for here Don smiled at Becky and crooked a finger. At first the slim blond was going to refuse. But then she noticed that while he was smiling at her with his lips his eyes were smokey and threatening.

Slowly the lovely little girl got to her feet and as she unbuttoned her wrinkled dress she kicked off her shoes. Next came her panties and knee high socks; then, naked and exposed, she walked over to join them.

The tall blond man turned on the shower, adjusted the temperature then opened the door for them. Anne went first closely followed by Becky. The hot water felt good, it soothed and revived the pretty little blond. For a moment Becky forgot where they were and she giggled when Anne turned on her and made a mock attack with a soapy washcloth.

They were both giggling and playing when the shower door opened and Don Harper stepped in with them. Anne giggled again and darted a shy look at the naked man. Her gray eyes danced as they stared boldly at his long, limp hose of a cock.

Becky trembled and tried to cover her nakedness with a small cloth when Don turned toward her. Without a word the handsome man took the cloth away from Becky and began to wash Anne's wiggling, tanned body.

Becky was embarrassed. She didn't know where to look, but there was something about what was happening that made her reluctant to leave the shower. Don Harper knelt on the tiled shower floor and slowly sensuously caressed Anne's slippery flesh with the soapy washcloth. The pretty child wasn't giggling any longer, the mood in the steamy cabinet had changed.

Anne trembled and licked at her full, pouting lips. The naked child watched as the kneeling man worked the cloth up between her legs, forcing her to spread them. Becky watched the soapy froth running down, Anne's tan thighs and was reminded of the white goo that jetted out of Don's thick organ when she played with it. The memory troubled the slender blond and started that wiggling feeling inside of her again.

Uncle Don was carefully washing the puffy lips of Anne's bare pussy and the-delighted ten-year-old slipped her arms around him and pressed her naked body close to his while he played with her. Then the minister changed hands and ran the soapy cloth up and down the deep crease between Anne's plump buttocks. Anne sighed and whispered something that Becky couldn't hear. Don dropped the cloth and Becky watched excitedly as the man slowly forced a soap covered finger into the wrinkled, puckered rosebud of the little ten-year-old's defenseless anus!!

"Huuuugggghhhh!! Uncle Don… I didn't know that it felt this good!!"

Anne's fingers dug into Don's shoulders while be worked his finger in and out of her rubbery sphincter. The naked brunette grunted again, her toes curled tight as she lifted herself off of the floor and draped herself over the kneeling man's broad shoulder. "Auuuugggghhh! Push it in deeper!"

She hated herself! Becky tried to atop the feeling but it grew worse and worse with each passing second. The naked thirteen year old slipped a wet finger into her bubbling little slot and jiggled it up and down while she watched the man stretch and loosen her cousin's tiny asshole.

"That's enough! You go in and lay down," Don finally said as he pulled his finger free of the tight grip of Anne's bottom. "Think about all the nice things that I can teach you while you wait for us."

Anne had a strange, dreamy look in her eyes as she slipped out of the shower. Becky noticed that the pretty little brunette avoided her gaze as she brushed past.

Becky began to tremble when Don turned to wash her. The naked child had aroused herself to a fever pitch when she fingered herself and now just the touch of the man's hand made her flesh crawl with nasty excitement and desire!

"Don't worry," Don crooned to Becky as he washed her slim legs and her belly. "Don't worry, everything is fine. Just open your pretty legs and let Uncle Don show you." The slender child allowed the mans hand to press her thighs apart, her eyes closed and she grew tense while she waited. After a few moments the surprised little girl realized that the naked man wasn't using, the washcloth, she could feel his soapy fingers creeping higher and higher. By the time that the tips of Don's fingers found Becky's eager little cunt she was shaking so badly that she had to steady herself by leaning against the wall!

"Awwwhhh, poor baby, she's all hot and shaky," Don whispered. "Here, I'll clean her up and take her to bed."

A tiny squeal squeaked out of the shocked child's mouth when she felt the man's wet hair rub against her belly and his strong lips fasten tight over the fluttering folds of her pussy!

"Unnnggghhhh," Becky moaned. "It feels good, Uncle Don. Lick it harder… bhhuuuhhh!!"

Don still ran his soapy hands over her body while he sucked and licked at the naked little blonde's slot. Then his fingers pried apart the firm cheeks of her ass and she remembered what he'd done to Anne.

Becky tried to stop him. She clenched her butt cheeks as tight as she could, but her muscle control was fading with each lovely suck and lick of Uncle Don's tongue. Gradually Don worked his finger between her cheeks until the tip rubbed against the tingling pucker of her anus. Becky moaned and clenched her teeth, ready for a terrible pain. But the soapy finger found her rear opening and glided into her with greasy ease!

She felt like she was melting! Becky shook and would have fallen to the floor if Don's hands hadn't held her upright. From the front the man was working his long tongue in and out of her slot and from the rear his finger was twisting and turning in her rectum, touching Becky where she'd never been touched, setting off explosions of new and frightening pleasures.

Then he stopped!'

Becky whimpered and tried to hold Don's head against her belly, but the ex-minister only laughed and got to his feet. The naked teenager trembled and gnawed at her underlips while her body protested. "I… I wasn't done yet," the lovely blond complained as she tried to press close to the handsome ex-minister. "Don't stop now."

"Shhhhh. In a minute, honey. If you're a very good little girl, I'll take care of you in a minute."

Don Harper was on his feet and in seconds the shaken child saw that his long, white-prick was getting hard!

Don grinned at Becky while he soaped himself. When he came to his swaying, half hard cock he handed her the wash cloth! Becky knew what was expected of her, but she still hesitated. The shaken little girl didn't want to put her hands on him again. She wanted him to suck her off!!

"Wash it! Be a good little baby," the minister ordered. "If you don't, I wont help you. I'll just keep you hot and never let you cum!" Becky wasn't certain that she knew what cum meant but she was sure that Uncle Don would punish her if she didn't do it! With shaking hands the little girl moved to the man and began to wash the stiffening length of his prick.

"Use your hands," Don sighed. "Get your little hands all soapy and use them instead of the cloth."

The naked child did as she was told but when her bare flesh touched the ex-minister's something began to crawl inside of her, the hot excitement that tormented her before was back!

She felt soft and weak, Becky ran both hands up and down Don's cock and the action of her soapy hands was making him totally hard between her palms. The little girl was so excited that she didn't notice that she was being drawn forward until she noticed the tall man's hard-on was rubbing against the tiny curves of her growing breasts! Becky shuddered and tried to pull back but Don had a firm grip on her arm and forced her to stay in place while he rubbed himself against her. The naked blond still held his long shaft and in spite of her shame she continued to run her hands up and down its stiff, hairy length until it was rinsed clean.

"Bend your head, baby," the man demanded. Becky didn't want to do it, but he had a firm grip on the back of her neck and forced her to do what she was told. The pretty thirteen year old watched helplessly as the thick, red tip of her captor's organ came closer then she moaned when it rubbed against her chin and her lower lip. "Kiss it! You know that's what I want you to do! Kiss my prick, pretty baby and I'll be nice-to you."

She was shaking. Becky felt her tummy twist inside of her. The naked child's lips trembled as they mashed up against the flanged head of the tall man's cock and kissed it!

"Over here, honey. Right here," Don whispered soothingly as he led Becky to the bed. "I'll take care of you while you take care of me." The little blond shivered when the man whipped away the towel she was wrapped in and lifted her up on the bed.

Becky felt the handsome man's cock brush against her naked body as he lifted her and the memory of kissing it and rubbing it against her face haunted her.

He's going to make me suck it, Becky whimpered to herself. He's going to make me put it in my mouth and suck on it!

The naked man knelt on the bed beside her and the thirteen year old's attention was so centered on his swaying erection that she didn't notice that Anne was there, watching everything that she did.

Slowly, without being told what to do, Becky lifted a hand and gripped Uncle Don's massive cock. The handsome man grunted and watched as the embarrassed little girl stroked his dong. Then, while she was still playing with his heavy meat the big man worked a finger in between Becky's naked thighs and began to tease the stiff bud of her swollen clitoris.

"Oooooohhhhh, please," Becky whimpered softly as she spread her slender thighs as far apart as she could. "Suck me again, Uncle Don! Put your tongue in me, it feels so much nicer than your finger!"

The tall minister didn't do it, instead he lay down beside the shaken child, pulling his finger out of her as he did. Before Becky could protest Don rolled on his side and caught her around the waist with both hands.

Even Anne gasped with surprise when Mr. Harper lifted Becky off of the bed and turned her until her head was facing the foot of the bed. "This is a good way, honey," the handsome man groaned. "You'll like it this way."

As he spoke to her Don lowered the surprised little girl until she was forced to spread her thighs so that his head could fit in between them. Becky whimpered and worriedly chewed on her lip as she settled down on Don's stiff tongue and felt it glide into her wet and ready little cunt!

"Ohhhh my!" The words squirted out of Becky when the naked child felt Don Harper's long tongue wiggle and press its way into her tight, unused love nest. All her shame and all her fears were boiled away-when the handsome man's lips closed over the whole of her slick, hairless sex and sucked at it until the little girl thought she would scream!!

The blond child squirmed and trembled, her cream and pin flesh burned with a rosy blush as the big man sucked and nibbled at the slick inner tissues of her untried sex. Each time that Uncle Don forced his thick, muscular tongue into her Becky would moan and shake with lewd pleasure.

Don pressed his hand against the back of Becky's head, the lovely little teenager knew what he wanted and knew that-she shouldn't do it! Becky didn't want to kiss his prick again but as the naked child watched Uncle Don's swollen cock come closer his fat tongue was wiggling and twisting in her bubbling cunt, sapping her strength, leaving her gasping and powerless to resist his demands.

The shaken thirteen year old felt a hand shove against the back of her head. Her muscles had gone slack, her resolve never to let Don excite her again was long forgotten and it seemed to Becky that she had no choice but to obey the handsome man.

Slowly, as if she was melting the naked girl allowed the pressure of the ex-minister's hand to force her face down on his body. The slim little blond was shocked when she realized how good Don's flesh felt against her own. The handsome man's curly chest hairs tickled Becky's small, budding breasts and scratched delightfully against the swollen points of her hard and painfully sensitive nipples.

While her head was being forced closer and closer to the thick, dripping knob of Uncle Don's big cock a frightening excitement began to boil high in Becky's trim frame. The pretty child sighed and mumbled excitedly to herself as the minister's wicked tongue flicked and wiggled in her. The lovely pleasure sensations added to the changes that were taking place. With each wonderful movement of his tongue the naked child's fascination with the thick, flanged cockhead before him grew.

At first Becky tried to deny the awful, mouth watering impulse that was growing in her, but the pressure of the lust and excitement stabbing at her was much to strong to be denied! Becky's small hand crept forward until her slender fingers curled tight around the throbbing shaft of Don's big cock and the feel of his meat throbbing against her palm made the awakening little girl's puffy sex drip and dribble love juice against his lapping tongue!

Becky shivered and wiggled as Don's long saliva, slick tongue slithered in and out of her loosening vaginal sheath. The tip of the handsome ministers muscular probe pressed hard against her yielding hymen, stretching and softening it at the same time that it drove her wild!!

Becky groaned and pressed her heated body against Don's. The lovely child stared in frozen fascination at the big cock as her face was pressed closer and closer to it. The naked thirteen year old remembered how excited she had become when Uncle Don rubbed his wet, soapy prick against her face in the shower and couldn't make herself resist even when her full, pink lips were forced against it for the second time.

"Suck," the handsome man commanded in a determined voice. "Suck! Don't pretend with me, honey!" The big minister moaned with excited frustration as he tried to force Becky's fluted lips to accept the purplish, head of his cock.

"Don't tell me that you don't want to suck my cock, child! I saw you when Anne sucked it and I could tell that you wanted a taste so bad that you couldn't stand it!"

Her pretty face was tight against the excited man's thick prick. Becky would see every pulsating vein, his hairy, bloated balls and trembled when the smooth flesh of hi glans rubbed against her cheek. It was so easy for Becky to surrender that she was ashamed.

At first all the dazed child did was plant moist, lip clinging kisses against the shaft and silky crown of Uncle Don's swollen spear. The blond man had stopped whispering to her. His wonderful tongue was corkscrewing in and out of her again and the delighted child whimpered with unbelievable pleasure as she rolled and shook her hips, helping the tongue to dig deeper and deeper into the hidden mystery of her baby cunt.

Becky was so shaken that she'd forgotten Anne but the excited little blond was rudely reminded of her cousin's presence when the naked ten-year-old wiggled close on the bed and brushed the older girl's hand away from the thick post of Don's prick, replacing it with her own pudgy hand.

"Go on! Suck it," the excited little brunette urged. "I liked doing it! It's fun to suck on it," Anne urged. "I'll help, I'll hold it still so that you can suck on it!"

Softly, like the petals of a flower opening, Becky's pink lips softened and parted. The little girl's cousin worked her fingers up and down the stiff shaft of the man's big cock while her lips opened and allowed the swollen head to press into the moist darkness of her innocent mouth.

A bone deep shudder jolted its way through Becky's silky body. The naked little girl wiggled and jerked her wet cunt against the man's tongue at the same time that the velvet smooth head of his massive cock slipped past her lips and glided across her saliva slick tongue. Becky made a strange, moaning sound deep in her throat when she realized that the handsome man had done it to her! The excited little girl could taste the salt and yeast flavor of Don's big prick and a primitive, instinctual reaction set in.

The lovely little girl's hands crept down until they could grip the underside of the handsome minister's muscular thighs. Her fingers tightened and pulled him even closer as her lips pursed tight around his cock shaft and she began to apply a loving, caressing suction.

"Aunnnnngggghhhh, that's right, baby," Don Harper moaned, his words muffled by the slick folds of the thirteen year old's tight little pussy. "Suck it, suck it harder!!"

Anne pressed close. Becky could feel her cousin's naked thigh rubbing and kissing against her own as she bucked and wriggled her bottom against Uncle Don's fat tongue. The naked ten-year-old's fist worked rapidly up and down the thick shaft of the man's big cock while the blond teenager busily suckled and nursed at its fat knob.

Becky's mind was whizzing and whirling around in her head and she found it hard to think. But, deep inside of her the lovely girl-child knew that this was the answer! Becky realized that the dirty, nasty things that she'd been doing were the answer, they were the remedy for the terrible itching, twisting hungers that had been tormenting her!

The handsome man began to shake and buck under her. Becky felt the pressure of the hand at the back of her neck again and followed its lead. Slowly at first then faster and faster the-squirming little girl worked her lips up and down over the gleaming head of Don's big prick. Her head bobbed like a puppet's, the pulpy glans and at least two inches of thick, throbbing shaft would slip past Becky's dripping lips and cram into her small mouth. The delightful wiggling of the man's big tongue was still driving her on. She'd ceased to think, her entire focus was on the pleasure that washed back and forth over her swollen little love knot and the taste and feel of the bard prick that was violating her small mouth.

"Annnnnnuuuuuggggghhhhh," the shapely little blonde groaned around the slick tube of Don Harper's man sized cock. "Ummm, duing ut agun!!!… Aaaaaiiiiieeeeee!!!!" Her pleasure gushed up inside of her and Becky abandoned herself to the sensations that were trying to send her spinning away. The naked little girl wiggled and shook, her hairless little cunt pulled tight around the man's probing tongue while her mouth nipped and pulled on the thick pole of his prick. Becky's tongue waggled back and forth over the sensitive head of the monster at the same time that her silky cheeks were pulled flat against the shaft by the suction that she was applying.

Anne was still excitedly working her hand up and down the unsucked shaft of the man's big prick, her knuckles brushing lightly against Becky's nose as the older girl moaned, mumbled and suckled at its swollen head.

"Unnnngggghhhh," Don Harper groaned when he pulled his tongue out of Becky's wet little slit. "Here it comes… drink it down, you little pig!"

The head of the handsome man's thick intruder seemed to explode against Becky's tongue and the excited little girl felt a warm gush of fluid fill her mouth and clog her slender throat!

Suddenly, her head clearing a little, Becky remembered the white stuff that had spurted and jetted out of Uncle Don's red cock head and realized that he'd shot it all in her mouth this time!!

But, instead of being sick the lovely child shuddered happily and tried to suck harder on the flat, spade shaped head of her captor's cock! She loved the taste that was flooding her tongue, wrapping itself around her teeth and she wanted more, all that she could swallow!!

"Oggghhhhhh! Yesses," the man hissed, his hands stroking at the back of the child's bobbing head. "Yesss, suck it dry! All of it, honey, suck my balls dry for me!!!"

Chapter Four

Becky paused-at the bathroom door and watched as Don Harper pulled Anne close to him and stroked the pretty little girl's naked body. Don's fingers slipped down over Anne's tanned bath until they could grip and pet the fat globes of her saucy bottom. They were kissing and as she watched their lips press and work against each other. Becky shuddered. Uncle Don had taught both of them to open their mouths and suck on his tongue when be kissed them and the memory of his wiggling tongue working against her own shook the naked teenager to the core!

Becky saw Anne shiver and jerk to one aide. The reason was obvious. The handsome ex-minister was pushing his finger deep into the ten-year-old's naked pussy, trying to arouse the small child another time.

A sick, trembling feeling crept into the thirteen year old's belly when her blue eyes fastened on Don's long, limp cock. The big man had cum so many times that he couldn't make it get hard anymore and the memory of the nasty things that she and Anne had done to make him cum shocked her!

Hurriedly, Becky turned away and closed the bathroom door. The pretty little blonde stood very still in the middle of the room and shut her eyes tight. Becky was fighting for self control, struggling to keep herself together when what she really wanted to do was dissolve into a flood of tears and hopeless despair!

This was the first time that she'd been completely alone since their panicked flight from home. Becky tried to put her jumbled thoughts into some sort of order but she couldn't do it! Bits and pieces of the horrible day that she'd spent with Don and Anne flashed and danced in the confused child's mind but none of her thoughts would come together, she couldn't think dearly enough to form a plan of escape.

Becky heard the muted sounds of giggling in the other room and she knew that Anne was still enjoying herself. Suddenly a warmth grew up between the startled blonde's thighs and she flushed with shame when she recognized the lewd, dirty images and impulses that washed through her mind when she tried to imagine what Mr. Harper was doing to Anne. The wiggley feeling was alive again and each time that she felt it, it was stronger and more demanding than before!!

Becky caught sight of herself in the mirror and flushed an even darker shade of pink. The naked little girl could see a crusted line of dried cum running down from the corner of her mouth, under her chin and ending-on her slender throat. She remembered when it had happened, Becky whimpered softly to herself and unconsciously rubbed the flat of her palms against her budding breasts when she remembered how the handsome man had bucked and groaned when the hot burst of his cum shot out of the tip of his cock and filled her small mouth to overflowing! The slender child felt a slight gagging reaction when she remembered excitedly sucking and pulling on her tormentor's big staff while she tried to swallow all of his heavy cream and failed, letting a trickle of it drop out of the corner of her tightly pursed lips and run-down over her face.

The little girl's flesh crawled with tension and repressed-excitement as she scrubbed at the dried evidence of her shame then used the same warm, damp cloth to work up and down between her slim thighs. Becky wanted to wash away all the cum, all the dried love juice that soiled her pink and cream flesh but even as she did she knew that she could never wash away the stain that was spreading inside of her! As Becky ran the soothing washcloth over her slim hairless body she found herself thinking about Uncle Don's thick, spouting cock again. She was ashamed but when the awakening desire grew stronger she gave up and smiled to herself. I did like, it the flushed little girl admitted to herself defiantly. I know that I shouldn't like something dirty like that, but it feels so nice when it slips in and out of my mouth. Especially when he puts his fingers in me when I do it!!

It was disgusting, but Becky realized that it made her feel warm and protected when she did those things for Uncle Don. When she sucked and nursed on his throbbing erection it made her feel… loved!!

Becky frowned at herself in the mirror. Uncle Don was right. She was a slut! He was right when he said that she was born this way. Every time that he touched her she caught on fire and no matter how much he sucked or finger fucked her she never got enough of it!!

When she tried to pee the pretty thirteen year old's abused sex stung and burned. Becky whimpered as the sting bit into her and she'd just pressed her fingers against herself when the door opened and Don walked in!

The handsome minister grinned at the embarrassed little girl while she hurriedly wiped herself dry and hopped off of the stool. Becky tried to leave the room, but Don barred the way with his arm.

"Stay here, honey," the big man said as he took Becky by the arm and led her back to the toilet. "It's time for another lesson."

The little girl shivered and, against her will, stared intently at Don's thick, half hard cock as it dangled between his muscular legs.

Don saw the direction of Becky's glance and laughed. "You're perfect! You have all the instinct of a natural whore, honey!" Before she could pull away from him, the ex-minister caught Becky by the arm and forced-her to put her hand on him. "Aim it into the bowl, Becky," Don said in a calm voice. "Make sure that it all goes in the bowl or I'll make you lick it up."

The shocked little girl felt Uncle Don's flaccid cock jerk against her slim fingers-then he began to urinate! Becky couldn't believe what was happening.

She stared at the yellow stream in fascination and couldn't believe what the evil man was making her do!

Becky should feel the hot stream jetting out of Uncle Don's fat, floppy prick and she was terribly aware of a new sort of excitement that began to bubble inside of her. Stray drops of the man's hot urine sprayed over the trembling child's fingers and instead of repulsing her, the slick, wet feel excited her, tearing down another preconceived fear that she held.

The stream of piss slowed and more and more of it drizzled down over the embarrassed little girl's hand. Before Becky could jerk her hand away, the handsome man's fingers tightened painfully around her slender neck "Shake it, honey! Squeeze my cock and shake the last drops away."

The little blonde didn't want to obey, but she wasn't given a choice. Reluctantly the naked child did as she was told. As she shook the big man's long, limp prick, its softened bead flopped and slapped against Becky's wrist, sending a spray of still warm plea spattering across her swelling baby tits and dripping down over the flat plane of her belly.

"You'll learn, honey," uncle Don said. "You'll learn whether you want to or not!" Becky didn't dare answer, the minister's eyes were gleaming with that frightening light again and his voice demanded, commanded in her ears, stripping her of the will to resist him.

The tall, blond man ran the water in the basin and stared at Becky as the lovely child meekly washed his long hose of a cock. Becky took special care when she washed her captor's heavy balls. Instinctively the pretty little girl rolled his testicles in her palm, cupping and warming them while she gently and lovingly washed them clean.

When they came back into the main room, Becky was shocked by Anne's appearance. The naked little ten-year-old was asleep, but her smooth thighs were spread wide! Anne's short cut dark hair was plastered against her sweaty, smiling face. The shocking part was that her cousin had fallen asleep with two small fingers buried deep in the hairless folds of her pussy!!

A warming, rippling sensation came to life between Becky's slim thighs. Her raw little love knot stiffened and began to throb again and fresh droplets of slick love juice began to seep out of her. Don moved behind Becky, his big hands rested lightly on her bare shoulders, the shriveled head of his soft cock rubbed against the naked child's spine.

"She loves to play with herself," Don said in Becky's ear. "Your innocent little cousin is a born whore too!

No matter how many times I make her cum she tries for just one more." Uncle Don's hands slipped down from Becky's shoulders while he spoke. The big man's fingers found the faint swellings of the slim little blonde's breasts and began to massage them.

"I'm going to teach you to need this too, Becky." The minister's voice was purring dirty things to her and the child trembled. "You're going to love cock so much that if you don't get any for a day you'll come around on your knees, begging for it. You'll take it any way you can get it!!"

The slim thirteen year old wiggled uncomfortably. She tired not to respond but it was hard! Uncle Don's hands felt wonderful as they squeezed and caressed her baby tits and while his dirty words were echoing in her ears his long cock began to stiffen and worm its way up her spine!

"Get on the bed, baby," Don sighed. The big man held Becky in place for a few seconds, long enough for him to squirm against her, working his fattening erection against her one more time. Then Becky was free and the man helped her to crawl on the bed and lay down next to her sleeping cousin.

For a terribly long moment the naked blonde girl lay huddled on the bed. She stared deep into the handsome man's eyes, then the slender teenager's smooth thighs pressed close and she drew them up in front of her. At the same time, Becky's arms crossed over the burning, bruised swells of her little breasts in a futile effort to hide her nakedness from his burning gaze.

Don Harper stood motionless by the bed and when Becky's nerve failed her completely her eyes fell away from his and fastened on his thick, vein-wreathed hard-on!!

Becky was amazed at herself. Even Uncle Don seemed surprised when she reacted to the tension filled moment. The lovely little girl's arms unfolded and a trembling hand crept away from her body. It was as if her hand and arm had a life of their own! Becky watched in shock as her slim fingers wrapped around the thick post of the man's cock and began to lovingly stroke it. She was thrilled by the feel of his stiff pubic hairs against her flesh.

"Ohhhhhh, yessss," Don sighed as be lay flat on his back and watched as Becky played with his stiffening poker. "You're doing fine! I knew you would learn to want what I have for you, it's in your blood!!"

Becky knew that it was wrong but she just didn't care! Something inside of her was pushing the pretty thirteen year old on. The naked child pressed close against Uncle Don's hairy thigh, rubbing and grinding her tingling body against his.

It was so exciting, Becky was aware of the awful changes that were taking place inside of her but there was no stopping her now! The pretty child watched her fist as it stroked up and down her tormentor's thick, jerking cock, dragging its loose flesh up and down the gristle stiff shaft. The circumcised man moaned in appreciation and ran a warm hand down her back.

Becky stared at the dark red knob of Don's cock and was stunned when she realized how much she wanted to suck on it again! The little girl was still trying to shake away that terrible impulse when one of Uncle Don's long fingers wormed in between her firm ass cheeks and hooked deep into the moist, sucking pit of her tight cunt!

"Huuuuggghhhh," the naked teenager moaned. Uncle Don was using his finger to pull her forward. Becky shuddered as she allowed the finger to guide her. "Uncle Don, I… ohhhhggghhh!" Words failed her when the smooth, glowing head of the man's throbbing erection rubbed against her throat and under her chin! "I don't want to… ulllllppp… "

The big man had taken-advantage of her open, protesting mouth. Becky's feeble protest was muffled when Don's plum shaped glans slid past her pink lips and soaked itself in her warm saliva!

Don's finger twisted in her baby cunt and moans of pleasure began to bubble up in her throat while the slender child's head bobbed up and down on the thick cock that invaded her small mouth. "Uggghhhh," the delighted child mumbled as she lovingly nursed on the handsome man's powerful erection. "Ut tusts suu guuuudd!!"

Then, as she mumbled and her slick lips rode up and down over the thick shaft of meat the finger inside of Becky's gushing pussy pulled again. Before she knew what was happening the lovely little girl's lips popped free of the cock head and she was crawling up Uncle Don's hairy chest!

Becky lay face down on the naked minister's body, her slim legs were spread wide, hanging down on either side of his lips. Don was still working his long finger in and out of her making the child's warm, sticky love lube gush out of her as the action of the finger forced her to grind and rub her hairless pelvic arch against the hard roundness of his prick as it lay underneath her!

"On your knees, honey!" Uncle Don whispered urgently when he'd worked Becky into a frenzy of excitement. "Get your knees under you and lift up."

The man's wonderful finger pulled free of Becky's silky cunt lips and she moaned with frustrated excitement as she obeyed him. Becky didn't realize what Don Harper intended until the trembling child felt his hand moving between their naked bodies. The slim blonde's entire frame began to shake with a confusing mixture of shock and desire when she felt the thick, flanged head of the ex-minister's cock wedge itself between the tight lips of her-virgin's sex!!

"Ooooooo," Becky protested in a gushing whisper. "Don't… You'll hurt me! Don't put it inside of me, it's too big!" Uncle Don made a soft, soothing sound in the nervous teenager's ear, he used his fingers to spread the fat lips of her peach-smooth pussy while he calmed her.

"Relax, cunt," Don said. The man was moving his hips in slow, easy circles making the head of his spear wiggle and rub against Becky's rock hard clitoris. "I won't hurt you! I promise you'll feel so good that you won't even notice what's happening. You're going to love this!!"

Becky opened her mouth to protest but all that came out was a long, gushing sigh of pleasure! Don's hands were guiding her slim hips, forcing the naked child's plump cunt lips to slither and move around the pulpy cock head that slowly forced its way into the tight throat of her baby vaginal glove.

"Agggghhhhh, perfect!!" Uncle Don's moan of pleasure was echoed by one from Becky. "You're so tight, little lover! Your wet little honey pot feels like a hungry mouth sucking me inside!!"

Becky gasped when all of the fat glans popped into her and her slippery little vulva was stretched wide to make room for the thick shaft that followed. She felt as if the handsome man was forcing her slim little body down on a long, blunt stake!!

"Slowly," Uncle Don panted as he pressed the naked thirteen year old back to meet his cock. "Just relax and let it slide into you." Becky made a muffled grunting sound but didn't resist while her handsome captor edged himself into her a thick, hard quarter of an inch at a time. "Look down there, honey. Watch my cock going into you, watch it all happen!!"

She didn't need to be told, the moaning little girl couldn't take her eyes off of Don Harper's stalk as it filled her. Becky could feel all of his rammer as it spread the silky, ribbed walls of her vagina. The man's staff felt as if it was alive. The moaning child felt its delicious warmth, felt the blood in his veins pulsing through him like a live animal as it tried to creep into her shaking little belly.

"Relax all your muscles, baby," Mr. Harper whispered. The blond man raised his head and licked at Becky's tiny breasts before he went on. "Go limp and get used to the feel of uncle Don's big suck stick inside of you." He licked at her nipples again and Becky squealed as she rubbed herself against his lips and wiggled her impaled little cunt around his cock.

Becky shuddered and groaned, the little girl's slim thighs jerked and flexed as she forced herself back against his cock. She could feel the lube inside of her drooling out of her stretched cunt and could see it dripping down the thick shaft of the man's massive cock. Becky's head hung down and her greedy eyes devoured the sight of her naked pussy as it swallowed more and more of Don's hairy pole. It felt so nice that she began to wiggle faster and instead of having to press her down on his cock the groaning man was forced to restrain her to keep Becky from hurting herself!

"Unnnnnggghhh, that's all," the naked little girl sighed when she felt the slick, mushroom-shaped head of Don's cock butt up against what she thought was the bottom of her glove tight love sheath. "That's all, you can't put anymore of it in me!!"

"Shhhhh, baby," Don whispered as he lifted his hips.

The man's fat stalk twisted and squirmed inside of her and it felt so good that Becky couldn't concentrate on what he was saying to her. "I'm going to pop your soft little cherry!! Then you can take all of me in your tight cunt!"

Don's big hands pressed down against the slim teenager's naked ass, forcing her to alter the angle of her gushing cunt, giving him a clear, easy target. Becky moaned when Don lifted himself again and forced his stiff probe deeper into her. The girl squealed in sudden fear when she felt something inside of her being stretched to the tearing point!

Becky tried to wiggle off of Don Harper's big cock but he wouldn't let her go! "No, honey," Don panted excitedly. "Now's the time! This is your first fuck, relax and enjoy all of it!!"

There was a short-ripping sensation followed by a sharp numbing pain! "Unnnngggghhhhh!! It… hurts!!" The naked child bucked and wiggled in a vain attempt to avoid the deeper penetration of her captor's stretching, loosening rammer. Becky felt as if she was being torn in half!! Then her expression changed and the shocked little girl stopped moving as a terrible thing happened inside of her.

Becky had been about to scream with pain but at that instant the agony left her as suddenly as it came! The amazed thirteen year old gasped, her spine stiffened and her pink toes splayed wide against the sheet as a terrible wave pf pleasure washed over her!

Slowly at first then faster and faster the excited child felt her slim body gliding down on the post sized cock that was filling her until she found it hard to breathe.

"Huuuggghhhhh!! it… It doesn't hurt anymore,"

Becky gasped in an awed voice. "It feels sooo… big!!"

The lovely little girl moaned when she pressed back again and helped Don cram the last, thick inch of his prick into her stretched and leaking little cunt.

Don Harper's crisp pubic hairs brushed lightly against Becky's unprotected anal ring and the tickling sensation prodded the gasping little girl on, making her shake and wriggle as she worked her bleeding, frothing little cunt mouth around the stiff cock that filled it to overflowing!!

"Work you little slut!! Work for my cum!" Don's voice sounded harsh and demanding as he thrust up from the bed and began to work his long, slime covered prick in and out of Becky's newly opened vagina.

Becky moaned and shook as she responded. The naked little girl felt every hair, every swollen vein of the monster that had invaded her slender body. It was awful and lovely at the same time. Each time that she moved the pretty child gasped with pleasure as the horn hard base of Don's fat stalk rubbed against her stiff, distended love bud and the powerful charges of pleasure that exploded in her juicy cunt shattered the last barrier of "niceness" that remained inside of her.

"Ohhhhhhh my," Becky gasped softly. The naked teenager melted, her slim body pressed against Don's. All her thigh muscles stiffened and began to force her button up and down on the stiff rammer that was opening her empty, unused love glove. "Faster," Becky squealed as she rubbed the firm little cones of her tits against the man's hairy chest. "Do it faster, it makes me feel sooooo nice!!"

Don responded by roughly thrusting himself upward, his lovely little victim groaned and shook as the full length of his blood swollen cock pulled back untill just the flanged head was still socketed in her.

"Work harder, make it so good that you'll never forget how good it was!" Don's fingers tightened around her waist and roughly pulled the squealing teenager down until he was in her to the balls! "Aggghhhhhh, darling," the handsome man groaned in appreciation. "You're perfect! You have the tightest cunt in the world! Fuck it around me, cummmm, baby darling, cum as hard as you can!!"

Something vital had snapped inside of her, Becky could feel its loss. The naked little blond shivered and tried to stop herself but the new feelings of lust and need that flooded, her were too strong and she felt her old values shriveling and burning away as she rubbed herself against the man.

A new flood of excitement darted and danced along the shocked little girl's nerves. Becky's flesh seemed to pull tight over her bones as she forced herself up and down on Don's thick cock. The lovely blond saw neon colored flashes against the lids of her closed eyes and knew! Nothing could be this wonderful if it was wrong!

He's right, it's what I wanted, what I need!!!

All of the resistance flowed out of Becky's trim little frame as she levered herself up and down over the handsome man's big prick. She shuddered and groaned as the delicious waves of pleasure spun away from her hard little clit and filled her entire body until she thought that she would have to scream to release the pressure!!

"Do it," the big man panted at her. Don's fingers pulled and spread Becky's firm ass cheeks, forcing the child's soft cunt to pull tight around his slippery fuck-stick. "Fuck! That's what you were born to do, slut! Fuck until you think that you're going to diet!"

Uncle Don began to pinch and slap at the Jell-o firm globes of her bottom and each time that he slapped at her the terrible sting reminded Becky of the way that her mother used to spank her and a terrific feeling of joy and completeness filled her. The naked child wiggled and shook, her tight pussy clung and kissed against the man's fat cock as it worked in and out of her.

"Hard," Becky moaned breathlessly. "Do it hard and fast, please, Uncle Don, I need it so much!!"

She didn't recognize herself! In the back of the excited child's mind her moral values were still trying to make her stop, everything that her mother had hammered into her was still in place but it was overlayed by the delicious wonder of her excitement and her growing hunger!!

"Don't let boys look under your skirt. Don't let boys touch you on your private places, only dirty little girls do thizgs like that!!" She remembered what her mother told her but now that she understood what sex was about the shaken child was able to see what a terrible liar her damn mother was!

Becky recalled those moans and sighs that she heard her mother make late at night. The lovely little blond groaned too, her slim body shook and she waggled her trim bottom against the minister's surging, throbbing cock.

Mama lied to me! Becky told herself angrily. She does it with daddy all the time and then turns around and tells me lies about how nasty it is!

A new and delicious pressure was building inside of her and the excited girl worked even harder on the rigid post that had entered her. Becky's stretched little cunt was still burning and stinging as Don's fat cock continued to saw in and out of it. But the pain was nothing to the lovely little blond when she compared it to the long, fluid waves of pleasure that were spreading out from the glowing tip of her love bud.

The hard gristle of Uncle Don's wedge shaped prick pressed firmly against Becky's baby cut each time that he shoved it into her. Becky groaned and shuddered when the handsome man filled her flat little belly with his heavy meat, the glistening walls of her cunt clung to Don's swollen, corded shaft as it pulled back until nothing but the thick cork of its crown stayed socketed in her.

"Huuuugggghhhh, it feels goood," Becky mumbled over and over as she worked herself on her captor's cock. "Do it harder! Put it all inside of me!" In a frenzy of excitement Becky reached behind her and tried to use her slim fingers to help the minister cram even more of his thrilling pole into her. The surprised thirteen year old found that the man was already in her-to the balls! She had taken all of him in her slick, elastic pussy!

Becky's searching finger tips found the sac that held Don's heavy balls and she boldly cupped them while she jogged and bounced up and down on him. The handsome man groaned and shuddered. Becky was amazed to feel his testicles pull up tight against the shaft and then gasped with pleasure when he pulled her tight against his belly and sent thick, boiling jets of cum into her stuffed little nest!

"Aggghhhh, here it is, honey," Don panted as he bucked and shook under her. Becky moaned and wiggled as the lovely, slick goo of her captor's cum greased her and helped his fat cock smoothly piston in and out of her. "Take it all, slut! Make that tight little cunt suck it dry!!"

"Oooooo… aaaannnngggg," Becky groaned, the cum was seeping out of her and had oiled the stiff nib of her love knot and the delighted child's eyes popped wide and a smile wreathed her lovely face as her own hard-won climax exploded inside of her. "Aaaaaaaiiiiieeee… do it!" Becky panted. "Do it to me again!! Please, Uncle Don, don't stop. Do it to me again and again… aaaaaagggghhhhhh!!!"

Chapter Five

Anne's mocking giggle burned in Becky's ear.

Embarrassed, the slim captive clenched the large towel that she wore tighter and pressed her ear against the motel door. Don Harper had been gone for what seemed like hours.

Becky couldn't decide which was worse, being alone with her cousin and her questions or having him here, touching and tormenting her again.

"Come on, Becky," Anne coaxed. "What's the use of listening? Uncle Don took our clothes with him. We couldn't run away naked, even if we were sure that there wasn't someone out there."

She was right and Becky knew it, but she didn't want to turn away from the door, if she did she would have to talk to Anne. She would have to answer all those nasty questions the ten-year-old had been peppering her with since Don left them alone.

"What was it like? I could tell that you liked it but what did it feel like when he put it in you?" Becky shuddered and pressed her hands over her ears so that she wouldn't have to listen anymore.

A warm hand caught her by the elbow and Becky allowed herself to be led back to the rumpled bed. Moving like a sleep walker the shaken teenager lay on her back, she felt the bed sag beside her and then Anne's smooth thighs brushed against her knee.

"Please, Becky, tell me," Anne implored. "I'm dying to know. I have to know what it feels like to be fucked!!"

Despite all that had happened to her Anne's use of that nasty word shocked Becky. She opened her wide blue eyes and darted a disapproving glance at her cousin.

Anne hadn't bothered to cover herself with a towel and the sight of her small cousin's nakedness disturbed Becky for some reason. Anne giggled again and lay flat on her back beside an embarrassed Becky. The pretty little brunette smiled dreamily and ran her palms along the smooth flesh of her inner thighs, moving from her dimpled knees almost to the plump, pink-tan folds of her hairless nest.

"Ummmmmm! You should have made me wake up before you started," Anne complained in a lazy voice. "When I woke up he already had his big suck-stick all the way in your' Becky felt herself blush and wanted to cry! It was bad enough for her to do what she did with Don Harper, but knowing that Anne had watched them made it worse!

The naked ten-year-old sighed and lifted her legs, spreading them wide as she did. Anne's dark eyes were closed and an impish smile tugged at the corners of her mouth. The little girl's pointed tongue darted out and wet her lips, making them gleam as she rolled her head from side to side.

"It was fun to watch, even better than with my sister! I could see and hear everything. It made me feel so funny inside that I couldn't stop doing this."

A violent shudder worked through Becky as the startled girl watched Anne press a small index finger into her tight slit and jiggle it up and down. Anne sighed again and arched her back slightly. "I made myself cum three times while I watched. It was great!"

A terrible, nasty thing was happening inside of her. Becky watched in sick amazement as her pretty cousin boldly masturbated in front of her and as she did her own bruised, stretched little love pot began to grow hot and puffy under her loosened towel.

"You shouldn't do that, especially not when I'm… watching," Becky stammered. "It's dirty, Anne and you know you shouldn't do it."

Anne grinned at her and gave Becky a sly glance. The naked little imp spread her thighs even wider and continued to work her finger up and down the coral and pink flesh of her inner pussy folds.

"Don't be such a nicy-nice girl," Anne giggled. "You and I both know that it's fun! There's nothing wrong with fun."

Anne's naked thigh rubbed and vibrated against her own and Becky didn't know what to do. The embarrassed girl licked her suddenly dry lips and shut her eyes tight so that she wouldn't have to see Anne's wet, slippery finger and the nasty thing it was doing in her tight pussy.

"Well? What else is there to do? We can't go out. There isn't even a television in here and I'm bored!" Anne had jumped to her feet and was pacing around the room. The pretty little brunette picked up a pillow that had been tossed on the dressing table that stood by the door and Becky's eyes opened wide with sudden excitement.

"A phone! Look at it, Anne, a phone!"

Becky jumped to her feet and scurried to the table. "We could call Toni and tell her what's happened. Here's the address of the motel on these matches. She could come get us!"

Anne frowned at her and for a moment Becky thought that she would protest. Then the smaller girl made a petulant face and stepped aside so that Becky could pick up the phone.

"Hello… is this the operator?… Please, I want the operator. I have to make a call!… What?… Who is this?" The look of anticipation drained away from her and Becky looked glum as she nodded. "All right, ma'm. No, I won't try to call out any more…

She couldn't bring herself to speak to Anne or even to look at her. Becky's sense of hoplessness was so overpowering that it almost crushed her. The pretty blond walked back to the bed and sat on the edge before she could bring herself to answer the question in Anne's eyes.

"It was the lady in the motel office. She said that we couldn't make any calls and she said she'd tell Uncle Don if we tried again." Becky shook her head in disbelief. "She won't help us! She knows what's happening, but she won't help us get away!"

For the first time since they'd run from the garage Anne looked worried but the expression was only fleeting and she shrugged and continued to prowl around the limited space of the motel room.

Becky still hadn't recovered from the shock she felt when they both heard footsteps outside the motel door and then saw the handle turn as a key was inserted in the lock.

Anne darted back to the bed and stood beside Becky as the door swung open and the dark haired lady from the motel office stepped into the room. The woman paused after she'd shut the door and stared at both of them. Becky felt her flesh tingle with warning and bugged her towel even tighter.

"You girls must be hungry," the brunette said. She had a low, throaty voice and while she spoke to the both of them her dark eyes never left Becky. "You shouldn't worry. Everything's going to be just fine. All you have to do is be good little girls and do what you're told. You're going to have a lot of fun here, if you behave."

The handsome woman crossed from the door and stopped beside them, she brushed the tousled hair back from Anne's face and smiled, then she turned her attention to Becky. "You're such a pretty little thing, you're going to make so many friends here that you won't be able to count them all! My name is June, this is my place. Do you think that you'll like it here?"

June didn't wait for an answer, instead she crossed to the dressing table and picked up the phone. "This is June… yes, all right. Bring the little one's clothes down here. I don't care what he said! They have to eat! Bring her clothes right now!"

June turned and smiled at Becky, the handsome woman ran a hand through her close cropped dark hair, then used both hands to tuck in her blouse, its tightness highlighted the size and conical shape of her large breasts.

"We'll take you out to eat, one at a time. That way one of you can stay here with me and keep me company while the other is gone." A strange smile flirted across June's strong face for a second. "That's a good plan, isn't it, darlings?"

Becky's hopes fell again. If they couldn't go together there wouldn't be a chance for them to jump out of the car and run away. She knew that she couldn't leave Anne behind.

Heavy footsteps sounded outside the door and it swung open. Becky shivered and tried to pull her towel higher, Anne made a squeaking sound and picked up a towel to cover her naked body as the largest, meanest looking man they'd ever seen stomped into the room!

June laughed at the girls' response. "Don't worry, this is Doe. He works for me. He won't bother you, will you, big man?"

The man called Doc darted a shy glance at both of the little girls and grinned sheepishly.

It only took Becky a few moments to see that the big man wasn't very, bright. The way that he shambled as he walked and the dull, slow look in his eyes betrayed him.

"Here, honey," June said. She tossed Anne her rumpled clothes. "Put these on and go with Doc. You can have anything you want to eat, just behave yourself."

Anne took the clothes into the bathroom to dress. June turned to the big man and her voice grew firm, almost harsh. "Now listen to me, Doe. You take her to a drive-in. Don't let her out of the car for a second, do you understand me?" The big man nodded and waited passively. "And remember, don't you dare lay a finger on her! That little cunt is worth a bundle just the way she is, don't mess with her or I'll have your ass!!"

Doe flushed and looked embarrassed, he glanced at Becky but said nothing. The bathroom door opened and Anne stepped out, fully dressed. "Come on, little girl," the ugly man rumbled in a hoarse, deep voice.

"Let's go get you something to eat."

Becky sat very still on the edge of the bed and stared at the closed motel door. She could hear a car start up and then pull away. The pretty teenager had almost forgotten that June was still in the room, but her attention was drawn back to the attractive woman when she moved to the bed and sat next to her.

"Don't worry, honey," June said in a softer, more pleasing voice. "Nothing will happen to that little girl and when they come back it will be your turn to eat." As she spoke the handsome brunette ran a hand down over Becky's long blond hair and then let the tips of her fingers drift across her slender shoulders. Becky felt another warning chill but was too cowed to avoid the woman's touch.

"I know what Don did to you, baby," June whispered as she moved closer to Becky. "He's built so big, did he hurt you, here?" Before Becky could protect herself the brunette had slipped a hand under her towel and was touching the shocked little girl's pussy!

Becky winced when June's finger pressed in between her hairless folds and touched her sore clit. "Awwww, he did hurt you," the motel owner whispered gently. "I know, honey. It hurts the first few times but then it's wonderful!" Becky shivered and tried to close her thighs and force June's hand out from between her legs but when she saw the look on the woman's face her nerve faltered and then failed her completely.

June's eyes were sparkling with excitement, a faint smile teased on her lips and she seemed to be breathing a little faster. Becky noticed the increased rise and fall of the brunette's heavy breasts.

"I can make the sting go away," June whispered as she gently withdrew her hand and tugged at the fold of Becky's towel. "I brought something that will make you feel as good as new, maybe even better."

Becky couldn't resist, the slender little girl saw something in the pretty woman's eyes that sent a warning chill straight into the pit of her flat belly and made her loosened vagina pull in a sympathetic spasm.

"What… what are you going to do?" Becky stammered in a breathy whisper. "What do you want?" June just smiled at her and pressed both hands against Becky's shoulders. The nervous little girl couldn't resist and was gently pushed backward until she lay flat on the bed, her slim legs hooked at the edge of the mattress, her dangling feet almost touching the floor.

Her towel had been pulled away and Becky lay naked to the handsome woman's dark prying eyes. Becky could almost feel June's intense gaze as it slithered down from her stricken face, over the sharpening darts of her tiny breasts, past her fluttering belly and then lingered lovingly on her puffy, swelling vulva. Becky had never felt so naked and exposed in her life!

As she slipped to her knees, June took a small tube out of a pocket in her skirt. Nasty, dirty thoughts were darting around in her brain, Becky knew that there were women who made love to women but even so she couldn't bring herself to believe what was happening.

June bent her head for a moment and planted her warm lips against the swell of Becky's thighs. The teenage girl jumped and made a small, whimpering sound but she made no effort to pull away. "Poor little virgin pussy," the woman murmured as she gently pried the slender child's thighs apart. "You are so little and so young. Did Don's big cock hurt you?"

June uncapped the tube and squeezed it, spreading a small blob of colorless ointment on her finger. "He should have been gentle with you! Shouldn't he? Men can be cruel sometimes. Men can hurt you, even when they don't intend to. Only women know how much it can hurt and how good it is when the hurt goes away."

June's throaty voice was so tender that it reminded Becky of a kiss. The naked little girl watched in breath-less horror as the woman parted and lifted her hairless thighs and let them hang over her soft shoulders. Becky was completely exposed, the puffy folds of her sex had parted and she could feel the heat of the brunette's dark eyes as they pried deep into the moist mystery of her abused little cunt.

"June can make you feel good again," the motel owner sighed as she moved forward and gently inserted her lube anointed finger between the folds of Becky's abused little cunt. The naked girl sighed and then trembled as a soft, spreading warmth began to work through her as the woman expertly coated her raw membranes with the soothing ointment. "June can make a pretty little girl like you hop and moan all day long!"

She felt boneless and incapable of movement. Becky clenched her teeth in an effort to stiffle the groan of pleasure that was fighting to escape her throat. The little girl could feel the woman's body heat against her sensitive thighs and trembled as a knowing finger moved in and explored her small, moistening split.

Becky was ashamed of herself. No matter what she tried, the slender blond couldn't ignore the lovely pleasure sensations that were broadcasting out from her slick love bud. Becky heard a soft, rustling sound. At first she ignored the sound and concentrated on the growing hunger that she felt in her belly. Then June's blouse rubbed lightly against her thighs and she raised her head just in time to see the woman toss the blouse aside and reach behind her back to unhook her straining bra!

"Look at me, baby," the woman whispered. "Watch June while she gets ready to make you feel nice." She couldn't refuse, Becky's will to resist had died under the steady, rotating motion of the woman's finger and as she gasped and began to wiggle she opened her eyes and stared in sick fascination at the attractive brunette as she pulled her loosened bra away and bared her big, heavy breasts to her view!

June smiled, she used her free hand to stroke and cup her pointed, amber-colored breasts. The woman's eyes were glued to hers and Becky moaned in soft, feeble protest while she watched the motel owner's red tipped fingers pull and twist at her dark, almost black nipples until they stood out like firm spear points.

"Do you like them? Most of the girls that I know love my titties," the woman whispered as she pressed deeper between Becky's slim thighs. "They like to touch them and suck on them then rub their faces between them!!"

June was exciting herself as she tried to arouse Becky. The slim teenager was shaken to the core. Her blue eyes grew smokey and heavy lidded as she watched the woman run her fingers back and forth over the firm, fleshy swells of her breasts. Becky found herself fascinated by the flawless flesh of the woman's hanging globes, she could see a faint tracery of blue veins that worked through them and realized with a sickening jolt that she would like to kiss them too. She would love to press the brunette's thickened nipples into her mouth and suck on them!!

"Please," Becky whispered. "Please. I'm afraid. Don't… don't make me do anything… please… " it seemed as if the woman was waiting for her to say it. June's face softened and she leaned forward. As she spoke the trembling little girl could feel the warm puffs of her breath against the moist lips of her parting little pussy.

"Nooooooo, little baby," the handsome woman murmured as she pressed her full, red painted lips against Becky's dribbling little cunt. "I won't make you do anything that you don't want to do. I want you to love me, not do what I ask because I'll hurt you if you don't. That's a man's way of taking a girl." Becky was trembling with a strange, unspoken desire as she watched June inch closer and closer until her full, pouting under lip brushed lightly against her lubricated vulva. "You don't have to do a thing that you don't want to do. Just lay still and let me take away that nasty hurt in your sweet little cuntlet!"

Becky knew! But even knowing what the half nude brunette intended to do couldn't spark her to life. She couldn't roll away. Becky couldn't bring herself to evade June's face as it pressed deep between her thighs and a long, knowing tongue lashed out and found the swollen and ready knob of her pulsating love bud!!

"Owwwwuuuugggghhhh," the shocked child gasped as she arched her back and lifted her cunt free of June's talented tongue. "Don't… Ooooooo, don't do that to meeeee!!" It was wonderful!! The handsome woman's soft hands cupped both of Becky's firm little ass cheeks and lifted, forcing the bubbling oval of her cunt up against her strong, twisting tongue.

"Unnngggghhhh, Miss June!! Ohhbhh; that feels nice!!" Becky's hands pressed against the back of the woman's bobbing head. June had set up a steady rhythm, her rigid tongue rammed in and out of the little girl's wet cunt. June's curled tongue tip flicked and snapped at her burning cut each time that it passed Becky's clit.

The naked child's heels hammered and slapped against the kneeling woman's back. Her small fingers dug into June's hair to the scalp as she tried to force the delicious whipping motion of the tongue deeper into her box.

"Suck it… Ooooohhhh, I don't care if it is dirty! Suck it harder, Miss June. Suck it… aaaaggggiiiieeee!!" She felt as if she was dying! Becky gasped and shivered, her slender, ivory-white body jerked and rolled as she ground her bubbling cunt against the woman's talented tongue. "I'm… cummminnngggg!! Suck it hard… hard!!"

She couldn't stand June's cunt lapping! Becky shook. Her slender body bounced and rolled on the rumpled and stained sheets of the motel bed while the older woman glued her firm lips against the throbbing, palpitating lips of her hairless little cunt and sucked until Becky thought that she would be turned inside out!! "Annnnnnggghhhhkh… you're making me… Oooooooo, I shouldn't do it again," Becky squealed as she tossed and slammed her body against June's face. "I'm… I'm going to cummmmmmmmm!!"

"Shhhhh, honey," June whispered as she gently pulled Becky up to a sitting position. The lovely little girl was still shivering and trembling as her third orgasm faded away.

Becky felt Miss June's soft, scented flesh rubbing against her own and whimpered with pleasure and gratitude. She was meek and obedient as she waited for the whispering and sighing woman to hurriedly strip away her full skirt and then, naked, sit down next to her.

The slim little teenager shivered with pleasure as the older, woman's strong fingers closed around her long, swan like neck and pushed her head down until her full, moist lips were pressed firmly against a rubbery, stiff nipple.

"It's all right," the naked brunette whispered in Becky's ear with a sigh. "Suck my titties! Make me feel good, darling. I took care of you, now it's your turn." She was so happy, so contented that Becky only gave a passing thought to the fact that she shouldn't do this for a lady. The pretty little blonde's lips softened and parted. The rubbery nipple popped into her small mouth and she made soft, baby noises while she happily nursed on it.

"Push, baby, push hard!" Becky heard Miss Ruth's husky voice, but it seemed to be coming from far away. The naked child felt her head being pressed down until her small nose was firmly embedded in the woman's thick bush of pubic hairs.

Becky felt the lips of Miss Ruth's adult cunt spread under the pressure of her distended tongue and shuddered when she found that she could taste the yeasty, salty tang of the mature woman's cunt.

"Suck, pretty baby," the brunette pleaded. Becky lay face down on Miss June's naked body. Her own leaking little box lunch lay spread across the excited motel owner's tongue while she was being coaxed and pressured to kiss and suck her hairy cunt.

Nothing is wrong a voice whispered in Becky's ear. Nothing that feels good and makes someone else feel good is wrong! Something in the back of her mind told Becky that that was wrong, but the excited little girl forgot as quickly as she remembered when the excited woman beneath her rammed her educated tongue deep into the soft mouth of her happy little cuntlet and wiggled it so perfectly!

Becky's muscles failed her, the moaning, gasping little girl's body turned to butter as she pressed her face between June's full, meaty thighs and avidly began to lick and suck on her stiff, finger long clit.

"Aggghhhhh! Baby! Suck it, darling. Eat my pussy now!!!" it was a perfect blending, wet tongues flashed in and out of open cunts, sighs and delighted moans filled the air as the two females satisfied their dark, hidden animal desires!!

Chapter Six

"Ummmmm, that's lovely, darling," June purred as she patted the back of Becky's head. "Work your tongue back and forth, just the way that I taught you."

Becky shivered, the naked little girl was on her knees before the older woman's chair. June leaned back and hooked one smooth thigh over the arm and smiled as she pressed the child's face tight against the thick, hair-fringed lips of her pussy.

"Just a few more sessions, honey." The woman sighed happily as she gently rolled her hips, making her cunt squirm against Becky's outstretched tongue.

"Just a few more sessions and you will drive any lady in the world crazy!!" June ran her hands down over the crouching little girl's back then began to moan softly and roll her head from side to side while her excitement grew hotter and hotter.

Becky's full lips brushed against the wet, slippery folds of the brunette's cunt while her agile little tongue squirmed, in and out of the oozing throat of her love sheath in a quick, corkscrewing motion. The pretty teenager was in a daze and the only thing she knew for certain was that she was enjoying herself! She'd been with Miss June for almost two hours, her slim body was still tingling and quivering with after shocks of the lovely cums that the pretty lady had given her and she knew that the only way that she could repay her was to suck and nibble at her receptive cunt again and again!

Becky supported her weight by putting her elbows on the seat cushion of the chair. She supported her wobbly head by pressing her forehead against June's shaking belly. The little girl mumbled and pressed forward, her pink tongue eagerly lapped up the bubbling juices that were squirting out of the naked woman's cunt at the same time that she rubbed the sensitive, swollen buds of her nipples against the chair leg. Miss June was so nice, so loving, she just had to make her feel good!

"Huuuuunnnnggggghhhh," the naked woman moaned as she began to work her pelvis up and down against Becky's tongue. "You're going to be a gold mine for us, honey, and you'll love every minute of it!!"

Becky's face was pressed so close that while her tongue worked in and out of the motel owner's vagina, her uptilted nose rubbed back and forth over her rock hard clit!

"Annnnhhhhh," June moaned, her eyes closed and her naked body began to vibrate as she climaxed.

"Aaaaiiiieeee! Suck it… ooooo, baby, suck poor June's pussy!!"

The lube that was frothing out around her small tongue smeared across Becky's cheeks and face, the excited little girl felt her own tingling little box drip as she pressed her face even deeper between the woman's thighs and tried to suck her dry.

"All right, baby," June was saying as she gently washed the dazed thirteen year old's smeared face.

"Let's get you cleaned up and dressed. Doc is here and he'll take you out to eat."

The frothing, boiling excitement had died away inside of her and when Becky's opening eyes caught sight of the naked woman in front of her she felt confused and terribly ashamed of what they'd done!

Becky tried not to look at the handsome woman as she struggled into her clothes. She couldn't help but peek at her from time to time. The slender blonde felt a sick wiggle in her tummy when she caught sight of June's thick, dark pubic curls. She'd rinsed out her mouth three times, but she was certain that she could still taste the salty juice bubbling out of her there. The teenaged blonde shook her bead. She'd done it. No matter how often she tried to tell herself that it bad been a dream, she bad to admit that she'd sucked the motel owner's pussy, that she kissed and sucked her large, conical breasts and rubbed her naked body against her time and time again! She'd let the pretty motel owner make love to her and teach her dirty things that she'd never dreamed that she would ever do!

"There! You look pretty now," the dark-haired woman said as she put her arms around Becky and pulled her close. The little girl felt the smooth planes of the woman's big breasts brushing against her burning cheeks and was uncomfortable. "Don and I have such lovely plans for you, honey," June murmured. "Just you wait and see."

Just then the door sung open and Anne skipped into the room, followed by Doe, the handyman! The pretty little ten-year-old looked as if she was about to speak, but when she saw June she stopped and stared in surprise.

June seemed unconcerned. The naked woman glanced at Anne, then at the large man who stood in the doorway. "You took long enough! Now take this one. Remember, Doc, if you bother her or let her get away you'll be sorry!"

She had no choice. Becky tossed a warning look at her little cousin and meekly followed Doc out of the room and into the parking lot. Just before the door closed she saw June moving toward Anne with a knowing smile on her handsome face.

"Don't cause me no trouble," Doc grunted as he opened the car door for Becky and helped her slip into the front seat. "I don't want no troubles. I want… " The man lost his train of thought and frowned then dully repeated himself. "Just don't cause me no trouble, that's all."

As the big man drove Becky stared out the window. The little girl saw other people on the street. She could see them talking, laughing, shopping. But this time the slender little blonde made no effort to attract their attention. She felt foreign, as if she was from some other world and that there was no possibility of contact between them.

Who could I tell. Who would I dare tell about the things that I've done? Putting her thoughts into words hurt Becky even more. The pretty little girl felt her shame rise up inside of her and she knew that she could never tell anyone about the terrible things that she was doing and wanted to do again!

At the drive-in, Becky was allowed to order any thing that she wanted and to her shame the blonde teenager's healthy body overrode her emotional depression and made it plain that she was hungry.

It wasn't until she'd wolfed down two hamburgers and was making inroads on a third that Becky became aware of the strange, sidelong looks that Doc was throwing her way. At first the little girl was frightened, the man was so big and so scary looking that the thought of trying to defend herself against him made her knees weak. But then, as the minutes passed, Becky's nerve grew stronger.

"What are you looking at? What's the matter?" For a few moments the big man appeared to be confused. Then he gathered his thoughts and shrugged as he leaned back in his seat.

"I wasn't lookin' at nothin'," the ugly handyman rumbled. "I was just thinking… you're such a pretty little girl. That guy Don shouldn't do those things to you."

Becky's cheeks flamed a violent red and she quickly took a long drink of soda in order to hide her awful shame. Then, suddenly, Becky's feelings of shame and humiliation burned away. The pretty child's face grew strained and bloodless as she turned on the big man.

"What do you mean? How do you know what Uncle Don did to me?"

Doe's bloodshot eyes popped open and his mouth soundlessly opened and closed several times. The big man nervously licked his meaty lips and reached to turn on the car ignition, but Becky stopped him by putting a hand on Doe's muscular arm. The pretty little blonde's tone was still urgent but softer as she tried again.

"Please, Mr. Doe. My cousin and I need help. We're in awful trouble! Please tell me, how did you know… about what happened?"

Doe hesitated, but Becky could see that he was relaxing. He even managed to flash a brief, hesitant smile in her direction before his guilty eyes slid away and fixed themselves on his fingers as they twisted around and around each other.

"Uhhh… Miss June has some… special stuff in that room of yours," the ugly man mumbled in a voice so low that the pretty little blonde had to lean close to hear. "She's got some microphones and… two TV cameras." Fine beads of sweat popped out on the big man's forehead. "Don't tell her that it was me that told ya? She sits up there in her rooms and can watch and hear everything that you say and do in there."

Becky felt as if the ugly man had struck her in the belly! The shocked little girl stared at Dec in openmouthed horror, it felt like her heart had stopped beating!

Doe's voice went so low that it was almost a whisper, he looked ashamed as he went on. "Miss June has a machine that put it all on tape. I… well, I was watchin'… most of the time."

Stunned, the slim little girl stared at the ugly man and the thought that he'd seen the filthy things that Don Harper did to her made her stomach churn with sick horror! Becky was about to dissolve into hopeless despair when Doc uneasily shifted position on the car seat. What she saw shocked Becky, but it also planted the seed of a plan in her brain!

The big handyman sat behind the wheel of the car and when he shifted position his movement pulled his rough gray work pants tight across his groin, clearly outlining a huge erection growing under the fabric!!

For the first time since Don Harper had taken them away, Becky felt that she had some small control over what was happening. Some inborn female sense told the pretty girl that she had some power over the events that had swept Anne and herself into the mess that they were in. Dec got excited thinking about her. If she could get him aroused she might get him to help!

The little girl forced her hands to stop shaking and refused to let herself think about what she was going to do. "What could you see on the television, Mr. Dcc? What did you see Uncle Don do to me?"

The ugly man's dull eyes flickered with surprise and even in the dark-interior of the car Becky could see that he was blushing!" I… we could see when he made both you kids take turns… sucking his… uhhh… cock," Doc stammered in an embarrassed whisper. "He ain't, no preacher! No preacher I ever heard about would make a couple of pretty little kids like you two put his cock in their mouths!!"

He was getting angry and Becky was afraid that the big man would forget what they were talking about. The slim little girl edged closer to the handyman, when she timidly put her small hand on his muscular, hairy arm ‘be instantly began to calm down.

"What else did you see, Doe?" Becky almost giggled when she saw the effect her question had on the big man. Doc made a muffled, groaning sound and his already stiff penis jumped inside of his pants and strained against the strong fabric of his fly.

"We saw him… break your cherry," Dec mumbled.

"I could see bin prick slipping in and out of you and I could hear you yelling… " He tried to go •on but couldn't seem to find the right words.

A funny, trembling sensation was working its way through Becky. The little girl was surprised when she realized that the feeling was excitement and not fear! Becky found herself boldly eyeing the huge bulge in the ugly man's pants and was shocked with herself when she began to wonder if Doe's fat looking suckstick was as big as Uncle Don's?

A delicious wiggling sensation was tormenting the firm little bud of Becky's abused sex, making it swell and press against the tight folds of her puffy vulva. She had to admit she was enjoying herself.

"I… I was afraid," Becky whispered in a meek voice as she inched even closer to Doe. "I liked some of the things that Uncle Don taught me to do but I don't like to be scared, or hurt." Becky felt a flush of shame hit her. She wasn't lying! Firmly the pretty child pushed aside every thought but one and allowed her newly born inner impulses to guide her. "Do you like to do things like that with girls, Mr. Doe?"

Slowly the handyman's dull expression changed to one of nervous amazement. Doc licked his meaty lips and glanced around to make sure that no one was near enough to the car to hear them. "What the hell are you talkin' about, little girl! You heard June! You aren't supposed to ask a guy like me questions like that! It ain't right!"

He was scowling at her, but Becky noticed that the bulging tent in Doe's pants was still there! "Don't get mad," Becky whispered softly. "I just wanted to know if you ever get to put this in any girls." Her heart was hammering against her ribs but Becky forced herself to talk. This ugly, frightening man might be her only hope.

Doe gasped and stiffened on the seat. The big man's eyes slowly dropped and he shook his head in dumb confusion as he watched the pretty little girl's fingers creep across the outline of his hard-on, pinching and squeezing it through his trousers.

"It feels big," Becky sighed in a shaking voice. The tips of the child's fingers traced the length of the startled man's rigid cock and the messages that they sent back to her whirling brain made her tremble! "Ooooo, Mr. Doe! it feels a lot bigger than Uncle Don's thing! Do you put yours inside of girls too?"

"Hey, honey, don't do that," Doc protested in a weak voice. But Becky ignored him. She worked her small hand up and down the outline of his pole until he was moaning and slowly shaking his head from side to side.

"Ogggghhbhh, noooo," the big man groaned. "I never get to do anything like that!" The handyman's voice dropped to a hoarse whisper and he sounded dejected and frustrated when he answered Becky's question. "No! Miss June wouldn't let me do that. Sometimes ladies tome to the motel and she sends me in to see them if they ask. But I scare a lot of them and they don't come back."

Becky heard the thick edge of sadness in the big man's-voice and for a moment her natural instincts came forward and she felt sorry for him. Then the little girl remembered that Doc was helping keep Anne and herself locked up in that motel! Doc was helping Don and June turn them into something that frightened her whenever she thought about it and Becky coldly decided to use him no matter what it cost!

"You don't scare me now," Becky whispered in a coy voice. As she whispered the little blond expertly rubbing her palm against the hard shaft of the dull witted handyman's throbbing erection, making him squirm. "Would you be our friend, Mr. Doe? Anne and I need a friend." Before Doc could refuse Becky pressed closer to him, letting her bare thigh rub against his hand.

"You don't scare Anne, either. If you would help us, Mr. Doe, Anne and I would be soooo nice to you, we'd make you feel good all the time." Becky's small fingers had drawn upward until they were working around the thick head of the sighing man's erection. The trembling child could feel a wet spot where Doe's slick love lube was seeping through his trousers.

A warm, lovely feeling spread through her. The little girl's breasts seemed to swell and grow larger. Her tiny nipples rubbed against her blouse. Becky stopped trembling at the same moment that she stopped pretending to be excited and admitted to herself that she was! "Your pants are getting wet Mr. Doe," the pretty child whispered as she rubbed at the bulging outline of his flanged cock knob. "Take it out, I want to see it!"

"Ohhhhhh, little girl!" Doc groaned with frustration and shook his massive, shaggy head. He tried to push Becky's hand away from his crotch but she had a firm, clinging grip on him. "I can't do that! You're just a kid! Besides, Miss June said that…

Becky cut Doc off before he could finish. The slender teenager squeezed the big man's swollen glans again and whispered. "She won't know. I won't tell Miss June, I promise. Take it out so that I can see it, Mr. Doe!"

The excited little girl felt warm drops of her own love lube squirt out of her tight pussy and wet her tight panties and she shuddered with true excitement as she watched the ungainly man unhook his belt then hesitantly, almost shyly unzip his straining fly.

Becky's pretty head snapped back in shock, her blue eyes grew wide with amazement when Doc took his hand away from his open trousers and the huge white stalk of his gnarled cock snapped forward! The handyman wasn't wearing any underwear. Nothing hindered Becky's greedy eyes as they followed the long, gleaming line of the big man's powerful, arched cock.

It was dark in the drive-in's parking lot but the faint glow of nearby street lights seemed to gather around the gleaming flesh of the ugly man's jerking, twitching hard-on, making it gleam like polished ivory!

A long involuntary sigh leaked out of the pretty little girl's parted lips as she stared at Doe's awesome machine. Fingers trembling, belly twisting, she wrapped her slim fingers around the middle of his shaft and gave it a firm, testing squeeze!

"Ooooooohhhhh, pretty little girl!" Doc moaned.

Becky's talented fingers had begun to work up and down his gristle and steel shaft. "Don't tell anybody! Miss June will get me if she finds out!!"

There was still a lucid corner in Becky's fever shaken brain. The lovely girl felt as if she'd been split.

Part of her trembled and shook as her fingers told her how hard, how thick and how hot the ugly man's naked cock was. The second part of her was sick with revulsion and shock.

Ohhhhh, God! What would mama say if she knew what I'm doing? The other part of her wanted' to stop, wanted to jump out of the car and run as fast as she could! I can't! I can't leave Anne with them. If I get away they'll take her away someplace and we'd never find her! It was awful! Becky didn't know which way to turn!

"I won't tell Miss June," Becky whispered. The slender child refused to let herself think about anything but escape and what it would cost her to do it. "I promise, Mr. Doe. You deserve some fun too. Why shouldn't you get the same things that Miss June and Uncle Don get?"

She could feel him weakening. Becky pressed closer to the ugly man and when she felt his broad palm press against the back of her neck she made no effort to resist as her head was pushed down until she was bending over his lap and his bowed, throbbing cock!

"I'll be nice to you now," Becky whispered as she stared at the huge, swollen head of the big man's gnarled, wart-covered prick. "If you help us we'll both be nice to you!"

It's dirty! Don‘t do it!! That last, sane part of her was still trying to stop her and for a few seconds Becky hesitated. Forget Anne! Forget everything and run away!!

But Becky still knew right from wrong and she knew that she couldn't rescue Anne without help, that sane part of her rebelled and wanted her to run. The lovely little girl was torn, part wanted to run and the other half, the strong half wanted to stay. When Becky stared at the pulpy head of the man's prick it made up her mind, the slick membranes of her tight little pussy grew hot and slick with lewd anticipation.

She couldn't fight any longer, the slender teenager let the man press her head. down until it was below the steering wheel. Doc pulled a lever on the car seat and pushed it back, giving Becky enough room to nuzzle and kiss his throbbing cock when her lips were pressed against it.

"I'm… I'm too big to fuck you, little girl," the man panted as his hand stroked her long, blond hair. "But you can suck it! I saw you suck that phoney preacher so you can suck me too!!"

The melting, eager desire inside of her bubbled up and washed over the last corner of resistance. Becky moaned softly and pressed her nubile body against the handyman's muscular thigh while her slippery tongue began to work its way up from her clenching fist to the bloated, purple knob of his thrilling hard-on.

Becky's smooth lips parted, then formed an oval. The little girl's mouth was already watering when the satin-smooth crown of Doe's cock forced its way past her moist lips and glided over her saliva slick tongue.

The head of the cock butted against the roof of her mouth and Becky's oral cavity was filled with the yeasty taste of the man's stalk. Her lips stretched tight around the head and Becky was shocked that it was so big, that she bad to strain to hold all of it in her, mouth!

The excited child's tongue darted forward and began to swirl and slip around the underside of the big man's knob and she felt a thrill of satisfaction when she heard him moan and felt the glans swell even larger when she began to apply a gentle, steady suction to it.

Slowly at first then faster and faster, Becky's head bobbed over the groaning handyman's thick spear of flesh. All of the conf used little girl's doubts and hesitation had been burned away by the warm, comforting feel of Doe's spongy glans moving against her tongue.

Becky's slim body lay soft and relaxed on the ear seat, she refused to think of anything but how good the fat knob of the man's machine tasted and how thrilling it was to feel his thick cock slipping in and out of her ovaled lips, its crisp, curly hairs tickling her pert nose and chin as she ate him.

"You're so little, so pretty," Doc sighed. "You shouldn't do stuff like this, I… agggghhbbhh!" The big man's hand pressed down on the top of Becky's head as his weak protests faded. The weight of Doe's hand on her head forced the excited child to swallow an extra inch of his pulsating rod into her already overstuffed oral cavity.

The slick head of the ugly man's big dong pressed hard against the back of Becky's throat, the trembling child made a small coughing sound, but made no attempt to pull away. The feel of the surging, squirming cock as it tried to snake its way down her throat excited rather than sickened her!

"Suck harder! Please, pretty little girl, suck as hard as you can!!" The big man was moaning softly and moving on the car seat making his gnarled post of meat squirm and move against Becky's pointed, wiggling tongue. A lovely warm feeling swam between the plump lips of her glowing cunt and the excited teenager found that if she pressed down hard she could force the corner of the car seat between her lubricated pussy lips and work its firm edge against her panty protected clit!!

Becky's muscles pulled, her firm ass cheeks clenched tight as she undulated her arched pelvis against the seat and pleased herself while she busily suckled and nursed on the swollen head of the handyman's big cock.

Becky's jaws were aching so she pulled her mouth away from Doe's jerking staff and began to lick and kiss it from the head down to his fat, hanging balls. The big man gasped and stiffened as the pretty child's flicking tongue worked its way under his dangling orbs. Becky ‘felt Doc begin to tremble and knew from her short but intense experience that the man would cum, soon! Now was the time, she should ask him now while he wasn't thinking clearly or concentrating.

"Please, Doe," Becky whispered, her voice muffled by the moist, well licked flesh of the handyman's balls. "Please help us! You know that it's wrong. You shouldn't help Uncle Don or Miss June hurt us. Help us get away from them!!"

He didn't answer. She'd waited too long! Becky squealed when Doe's strong fingers gripped her long hair and forced her mouth back to the gleaming head of his cock. The big man grunted and shook, Becky's lips were still inches away from his pulsating erection when the first jets of his hot, white cum spurted out and splashed on her face and wet her blond hair!!

"Annnnngggghhhh, suck… damn! Don't talk, suck it little girl!!!" He was wasting his breath, Becky was already forcing her cum smeared lips down over the flanged crown of his cock, her cheeks were drawing flat as she began to suck, pulling the slippery flow out of him and down her eager throat.

"It tasted so good! Becky forgot everything but the delicious feel of the man's hot cum as it slipped down her working throat and filled her belly. The excited little girl began to tremble. She was still wiggling and thrusting herself against the rounded edge of the car seat and the pressure was bringing her boiling desire to a head.

"Auuuugggghhhhh, U'mdung it!!" The lovely, electric thrill of her climax flooded her making every second seem like a golden hour. "Aaaaaaieee!! Ut fulls suuuuu guuuuuuddd!!"

He was dry, no more of the big man's thick cream was shooting up from his balls and his cock head was beginning to wilt under the lash of Becky's darting tongue. The trembling, sighing little girl pulled her lips away from Doe's big stem and began to lick at it, making sure that she caught every stray drop of his tasty sperm and as she did she whispered to him.

"Help us, Mr. Doe. If you help us I'll let you do it! I'll let you put your big old cock in me! Help us and you can fuck me, Mr. Doe. You can fuck me all you want!!"

Chapter Seven

Becky listlessly picked at her sandwich then dropped it back into the paper bag that it had come in. For a moment a sharp dart of worry pricked the pretty little blond, making her heart race. First their breakfast and now their lunch had been brought in. Had Miss June found out what happened when she was with Doe? Had the big handyman confessed?

Abruptly the slim thirteen year old shrugged her worry away. What was the difference why they hadn't been taken out to eat? They were sluts and what happened to them didn't matter!

Becky turned away from the dressing table where she'd been eating and looked at Anne. The plump little ten-year-old lay on the bed, leafing through a comic book that June had given her. The adults had taken their clothes away again and as usual Anne was naked. I wonder? Becky asked herself. I wonder if Miss June… did it to Anne too? Before she could stop herself the pretty blond began to remember. Dirty, obscene thoughts danced and wavered in her mind. Becky imagined that she could feel the rough, wicked rasp of the dark haired woman's tongue as it slathered up and down the drooling slit between her thighs and moaned softly to herself. That small, wiggling worm of excitement was still in her and when the distraught child remembered the taste and feel of the woman's slick and ready sex it began to squirm!

Memories of June's smooth shoulders rubbing against the backs of her thighs tormented Becky. The pretty teenager recalled how warm and excited she had felt when the handsome woman with the short hair had held her on her lap and held her sharp tit up against her mouth and urged her to suck on it. "Be my baby, Becky! Goon, honey girl Suck mama's big titties and make her feet good."

Her flesh was crawling at the nape of her neck and the little girl felt her own formative breasts swell and grow hard, her sharp nipples standing hard and burning as her obscene thoughts and memories whipped at her.

With a start Becky realized that she'd been staring at her cousin's plump, down covered little cunt while she thought about Miss June! The slender blond quickly looked away but she must have made a startled sound because Anne put down her comic book and stared at her.

"What's the matter? You've been acting weird all morning!" The plump, little brunette smiled and sat up, folding her legs in a yoga position. The worm between Becky's thighs began to crawl deep in her moist, puffing vagina and the confused girl realized that the position of the ten-year-old's legs had forced the lips of her pussy apart and Becky could see the delicate pink membranes of her inner folds. "Are you still worried about running away? Well, I'm not worried, I'm having fun!"

Becky was shocked by Anne's bold words. She hopped off of her chair and ran to the pretty little girl, shaking her head at each step. "Don't you understand? Can't you see what they're trying to do to us?" The slim little blond?was so shaken that she didn't notice that she'd lost her towel when she sat next to Anne. "We can't stay here! We're in worse trouble here than we ever could be at home!"

Anne's pert smile faded and for a second, the little brunette looked frightened and forlorn. But then her lips pulled into a stubborn line and it was her turn to shake her head. "Don't worry! June won't let anything happen to us, she promised me!!"

The pretty little brunette's dark gray eyes changed expression and Becky felt an answering tingle of lewd excitement when she saw her cousin's expression get dreamy and a dimpled smile turned up the corners of her mouth.

Then a twisting sensation grew in Becky's belly when she realized that they were both thinking about the same thing! She could tell that it had happened, she could see it in Anne's eyes. Ripples of obscene excitement crawled along Becky's nerve endings and she couldn't force herself to be silent. "Last night… when Doc took me away, did Miss June…? mean did she do things to you?"

A faint flush crept across the pretty ten-year-old's tanned cheeks but her voice was still strong and defiant when she answered. "So?… Don't look at me like that, Becky!!" Suddenly Anne giggled and leaned close to her cousin, so close that her pouting lips brushed against her bare shoulder. "Don't pretend! Miss June told me bow much you liked the games that she taught you last night!"

The smaller girl's voice dropped to an excited hiss, its tone set off small sparks deep in Becky's already moistening cunt. "Miss June was nice to me. I never knew that girls could do things with each other like that." Anne was so excited that she put a warm little hand on Becky's soft thigh. "She told me that you sucked her too! I liked hearing about it!"

The naked teenager tried not to listen, she tried to blot out the sound and meaning of Anne's excited words but they crawled into her ears just the same. "She said its all right for girls to play with each other like that, especially when there aren't any boys around."

Anne was close to her, the naked little girl's flesh rubbed against Becky's and a horrible, unthinkable impulse began to nibble at her.

"Did… did you suck Miss June's pussy?" Becky couldn't bring herself to meet her cousin's eyes and spoke with her face averted. "Did you? Did you do it to her too?"

Anne made a funny, sighing sound before her warm breath followed her words into Becky's ear. "Uh huh!

We had lots of fun, we did everything!" Anne's hand slid from her trembling cousin's thighs and the tips of her fingers lightly pressed against the swell of her adolescent mound. "Miss June told me that I should help you. She said that you were still shook up and that ft would calm you down if I… did it with you."

"Ooooooohhh, nooo!! We can't do that," Becky squealed. "We can't, not with each other!"

But even as she protested the naked thirteen year old's slim, milk white thighs began to part, making it easier for Anne to worm a small finger into the slick, receptive mouth of her tight vagina.

In seconds, Becky's will to resist had been burned and blown away. She slumped against Anne and her slim hips began to revolve in the slow, obscene motions that were as old as time. The aroused teenager watched as her hand moved of its own volition and didn't stop until it had hooked a forefinger between the lips of her baby cousin's juicy little cunt!

"Nnnnnggghhhh, that's nice," Anne sighed. "It makes me extra wet when you do it for me!!" The pleased ten-year-old pressed closer and strummed her lubricated finger back and forth over Becky's hard, distended love bud. "I've been thinking about doing this with you since last night! I almost tried to finger you when you were still asleep this morning!"

Both little girls sighed and fell backward. First Anne rolled over on her side, then Becky answered by moving to face her. The excited cousins lay close, their naked bellies rubbing, their parted, lifted thighs kissing as they eagerly abandoned themselves to delicious mutual masturbation!

"I could suck your pussy too," Anne breathed. They were so close that their lips brushed in a shy kiss as she whispered. "I'll suck it if you'll suck mine. Do you want to do it?"

Becky moaned excitedly and pressed even closer to her lovely little partner's silk smooth flesh. Anne sighed in heated response when the rejected blond forced the tip of her wiggling finger into the tightly pursed opening of her baby love sheath. "Do you want me to put my tongue in you, Becky?"

"Awwwhhh, it's dirty, dirty," Becky mumbled as she rolled over on her back and spread her slim but beautifully shaped thighs wide in invitation. "Don't tell! Don't tell anyone ever!!" The naked blond shuddered when the excited little brunette switched positions and swung a leg over her head, giving her a clear view of her little, juice-coated cunt.

Becky helped her cousin, her soft hands guided her and prodded her until Anne lay face down on her slender body and had pressed her full lips against her wet, glistening pussy lips! Then Becky's hands crept down from Anne's hips until she could sink her fingers into the fat, firm cheeks of the chubby girl's ass cheeks and pry them apart to expose the pink and tan split that nestled between her trembling thighs.

Nothing was holding her back now! No small protesting voice inside of her was trying to make Becky stop. All that the shaken little blond wanted was a taste of the clear, warm drops of juice that she saw drooling from Anne's hairless little nest!

Becky pulled her head up from the bed, she used her grip on the squirming ten-year-old's meaty buttocks to support her weight white she lovingly pressed the tip of her extended tongue between the velvety lips of her clean, fragrant love box. Anne squealed, her hips churned in happy response when her cousin's pointed probe found the tiny rose bud of her cut and wiggled hard against it!

"Oooooo!! Becky! Aggghhhh!!" Anne's fingers roughly pulled the lips of Becky's slot apart and she began to flick her tongue up and down the full length of her bubbling cunt slit. "Ulllmmmm!!"

Suddenly both of the excited children froze in mid-motion, they heard footsteps on the walk outside and then beard a scratching, rasping sound as someone fumbled with a key in the lock.

Becky and Anne barely had enough time to untangle themselves and jump to their feet before the door opened and Uncle Don walked in, with two strangers following behind!!

Becky was still trembling with unsatisfied desire and arousal as she snatched up her towel and held it in front-of her. A middle aged man and woman came into the room and stared at them, the man was sweating as he hurriedly shut the door behind them.

"There you are! I told you that they were choice, didn't I? They're worth every cent that I'm asking and you know it!" Don Harper waved a hand at Becky and Anne then lurched across the room and heavily sat down. Becky could see that he'd been drinking again and wanted to cry!

Anne had found, a towel too and wiggled in behind Becky as she wrapped it around her-perfect little body.

The older girl could feel her cousin's trembling and realized that she would have to swallow her own fear and despair and be the brave one.

But before Becky could say a word the lady stepped closer and ran an appraising eye over her before she spoke. There was something about the way that the short, plump redhead smiled at her that made the last of her self-respect die inside of her. Becky stared at the lady and wilted.

"Hello, dears," the lady said. The woman smiled again and ran a hand through her short, frizzy red hair. "My name is Harriet." Gesturing over her shoulder she went on. "That's my husband, George."

"For Christ's sake! Don't tell them our names!!" The man at the door was sweating as he protested.? This is crazy! We could get in a horrible mess doing a thing like this! Let's get the hell out of here!!"

The man wore glasses and as he talked and gestured his movements made his lenses flash and glint as they magnified his eyes. Becky was shocked when she realized that she wanted to laugh. He reminded her of a meek and frightened little rabbit!

"Be quiet, George!" The lady's voice had an edge to it as she snapped at the man at the door. "This is our vacation! This is the one time in a year that we can get away from our stuffy town and our stuffy, stuffy friends and do something exciting for a change!" The plump lady's voice snapped like a whip and the man at the door wilted before their eyes.

The short, smiling woman had moved so close to them that Becky could smell her musky perfume, she was still smiling when her pudgy hand reached out and lightly stroked the pretty blonde's cheek. "We won't get into any trouble, George. Not with two loving little girls like this." Her eyes bored into Becky's and the slim teenager shuddered at the message that s-he read in their cold, green depths.

"You'd like a party, wouldn't you, girls?" Harriet smiled at Becky as she put her purse down and ran a hand over the embarrassed little girl's naked shoulders. "Wouldn't you like to have some fun with us?"

Reaching behind Becky the plump housewife caught Anne by the arm and gently but firmly pulled her forward. "Oooooohhhh, you're perfect! Just wait until George calms down, he'll love you!"

Without turning away from them the redhead called over her shoulder. "Give the man his money, George. We want to be alone." The middle-aged woman winked at Becky and pressed the heel of her palm against the pretty little blonde's growing breast.

Don Harper grinned and lurched to his feet while the man reluctantly signed several traveler's checks then strode over to Becky and pulled her aside. "Listen to me, slut! You do anything that they want! You and that other little cunt got me into trouble and you're going to pay me back! Do what they ask and enjoy yourself or I'll come back in here and make you so sorry that you wouldn't believe it!" Without another word the handsome ex-minister winked at Harriet and staggered out the door.

"Lock the door, George," Harriet purred as she ran a hand down Becky's back until she could cup her firm, trim little bottom. "You can talk to the little one while Becky and I get acquainted." Harriet smiled at Becky but the smile didn't hide the glitter in her cold eyes. "Your name is Becky, isn't it?… Yes, I thought so."

Meekly Becky allowed herself to be led into the bathroom, the slim little girl felt sick and dead inside but she didn't dare refuse, she'd seen that insane look in Uncle Don's eyes before and the thought of having him mad at her terrified her!

The redheaded lady was still an smiling when she sat down on the stool and pulled at Becky's arm until the nervous little girl stood directly in front of her. "Did that man lie to us, darling? Are we the first strangers that he's brought to visit you-?"

Becky nodded, her eyes never leaving the middle aged woman's face. Harriet smiled and slipped an arm around the slender teenager's waist, drawing her even closer. She used her free hand to slowly peel away the towel that hid her smooth, hairless body from view.

"Fm glad that we're the first to be with you, honey. George and I live a long way from here and we only have this one time a year to do the things that we want to do. If someone in our town knew the things that we like we would be in trouble!"

Becky's towel dropped to the floor and Harriet's eyes gleamed as she hungrily stared at her. "Let me touch you," the excited housewife murmured and she ran the flat of her palm down over Becky's stomach and gently squeezed the still puffy and swollen lips of her baby cunt. "Ohhhhh, that's nice," Harriet whispered, licking her lips again and again. "I've always liked girls, the younger the better, but I never dared touch one at home! I have to wait until we come to a place like this to do it."

There was a ragged, hurried sound to the housewife's words and Becky could see that she was breathing while her hands crept over her body touching, squeezing, invading every fold and crevice of her pussy. The slender little thirteen year old made a soft, mewing sound when the middle-aged woman parted the lips of her pussy and brushed the tip of her finger lightly over her still stiff love bud. Becky was ashamed, but the syrupy pleasure that the woman's expert caress gave her triggered something deep inside of her and she sighed aloud as she inched forward and let the eager redhead kiss her on the mouth.

It was nice. The pretty blond shivered and shyly arched her back, lifting her pelvis so that Harriet could work even more of her finger into her sticky love slot. The little girl could feel the housewife tremble as her free hand worked in between the bouncy cheeks of her bottom and stabbed a finger against her puckered anus!

Harriet's tongue twined and slipped around her own, Becky moaned and melted a little more, she slipped her anus around the redhead's shoulders to support herself when her knees turned rubbery and weak.

"Awwwhhhh, you like it, don't you? He told me that you like ladies, but I wasn't sure, until now," the housewife whispered when their kiss ended. Becky wanted to say something but the woman had managed to force her finger deep into the delighted child's tiny asshole and the combined pleasure coming from the double penetration left her out of breath and speechless.

"Oooooo, look at your poor little tits," Harriet murmured as she bent her head. "They're all swollen and scratched. Has someone been chewing on them, lover? Has someone hurt them for you?"

Becky gasped and pulled up until she stood on her tiptoes. The lovely thirteen year old's lips opened until her pink lips, formed a perfect oval of amazement!

Looking down the lovely child could see the woman's heavily lip-sticked mouth open until she could suck the whole of her firm, apricot-sized breast into her mouth and pull on it. Her lips left orange-red smears on Becky's creamy little tits as she moved from one stiff nipple to the other, lashing at. them with her tongue while she sucked.

At the-same time, the panting housewife worked her fingers in and out of the soft, clinging openings in Becky's bottom. The naked child groaned and danced, responding to each new sensation. Becky felt like a puppet as Harriet expertly plucked and pulled at her strings.

She had been drawn forward, pushing the tourist's dress up her thighs as she moved in between them. Becky could feel the housewife's bare legs rubbing against her own and the pressure of her firm, plump breasts against her belly made her remember how nice it was when a lady made love to her.

"Do you like it, honey?" Harriet panted, pulling her lips away from the wet circles of Becky's budding breasts long enough to speak. "Doesn't it feel good when I-play with you like this? A lady taught me to like this when I was even younger than you are. I never told anyone, I never let anyone know how good it was! You like it too, don't you? You can't wait until I suck your slick little snatch, I can tell!!"

Becky moaned when Harriet pulled her finger out of her tight, sucking anal opening. But the finger in her dribbling pussy stayed where it was and the pleasure she still felt was so good that she couldn't bring herself to complain. The woman reached behind herself and unzipped her dress then peeled it down over her shoulders, exposing her well filled, straining bra.

"Ooooohhhhh, honey," the woman panted as she unsnapped the band of her bra. "Feel me! Don't make me do all the work!!"

Blushing furiously, Becky let her hands creep under the woman's loosened bra and cupped the hot, firm flesh of her large breasts. The lady moaned and shivered when the little girl, acting on impulse, worked her slim thumbs back and forth over her thick, finger-sized nipples until they stood out stiff and long.

"I can't wait any longer, honey," Harriet moaned as she stood up. Becky groaned when the housewife's finger was pulled out of her. But when she opened her mouth to protest a thick, rubbery nipple brushed against her lips.

Eagerly, pressing her slim body against the redhead, the teenager fastened her mouth to one dark brown nipple and began to noisily suckle at it, pressing her pretty-face against the woman's sweaty flesh as she did.

Harriet had tossed aside her bra and was quickly slipping out of her brightly colored tourist dress. Becky sighed happily when their flesh met. At last the plump housewife was, naked, Becky could feel Harriet's thick bush of pubic hair rubbing against her belly-and was terribly tempted to sink to her knees and kiss it!

But Harriet had other ideas. The trembling woman hurriedly-opened-the door and pushed Becky back into the main room. "On the bed, lover! I want you on the bed!"

Becky crawled up on the rumpled sheets, but Harriet wouldn't let her lay down. Bewildered, the little girl watched as the naked redhead flopped on her back and. then began to pull at her.

"On my face! Come on pretty baby, sit on my face! It's been a year, a whole year since I've had a taste and I want to do it right!"

A chill of dirty excitement was making the poor little child's awakened sex burn and itch, drops of love lube were squirting out of her as she obediently did as she was-told and slipped astride the prone woman's body.

As she inched forward, Becky felt one of Harriet's big breasts rub in between her splayed thighs, a thick nipple dragged along the line-of her parted pussy lips and the naked little girl squealed with shocked pleasure.

Harriet held her in. place for a few delicious moments. The woman's ice-green eyes never left her face while she forced Becky to squirm and wiggle on her breast forcing, the finger-thick nipple to scrub against her stiff love bud! "Aagghhhh," the naked blond whimpered as a small but electric orgasm rippled through her. "Oooooohhhhh!!!"

That wasn't the end of it. Instead of fading Becky's hot, itching excitement grew stronger with each passing second. Becky smiled and abandoned herself in rubbing her smooth flesh against the woman. She wanted to make herself cum again!!

"Now! Sit on my face, baby," the redhead whispered, writhing under Becky, slapping her meaty thighs together. "Hurry! Let me suck you!!"

Becky might not have obeyed. She wanted to stay where she was and rub herself against Harriet's breast, but the woman forced a hand between her buttocks again and jabbed a plump finger deep into the child's loosened asshole! Becky squealed and then moaned as she jerked forward, pressing the hairless mouth of her cunt firmly against Harriet's red smeared lips!

She stiffened, Becky's wide blue eyes popped open and her slender body arched high over the woman's face. The excited housewife's tongue was thick and blunt and it felt just like Uncle Don's fat rammer as it forced aside the slick walls of her baby pussy and entered her!

Becky shook and rocked her hips, working the clean, hairless line of her smooth cunt against the ‘woman's nose and her working chin. As she licked and lapped at her, Harriet also managed to suck and the delighted adolescent groaned in appreciation as she felt her juices being siphoned away.

The redhead h-ad pulled her finger out of Becky's tight little rectal opening and was using both hands to pull the naked girl down tight against her mouth. Liquid, sucking sounds filled the air and the middle-aged housewife made obscene snuffling sounds as she gasped for breath against Becky's tingling, lipstick smeared mound.

Becky shuddered and shook her head from side to side. The slim blond uttered a long, moaning sound and was, shocked when she heard another sigh answer it! For the first time since they'd fallen on the bed the teenager remembered her little cousin. What was that man doing to Anne?

Frantically Becky's eyes darted around the well lighted room and at first she couldn't find the ten year old then her gaze focused on the floor beside the bed and the sight that met her made something twist and wiggle deep inside of her!

The man named George was laying on the floor.

George still had his clothing on, only his slacks were undone and lay crumpled at his ankles. Anne was crouching beside the man and he was working a finger in and out of her tight little pussy while the pretty little brunette was busily sucking on his long, slim cock!!

Just as Becky focused on the mismatched couple, Anne made a coughing sound and began to buck. The little girl was trying to pull her mouth away from George's long snake because he was shooting his cum in her mouth!!

"Uh eun't drunk ut ull," Anne moaned as the man forced her head up and down on his jerking, pulsating cock. Becky could see the white cum spitting out of Anne's mouth and run down the full length of the man's cock. "Yu're chuking mhhhh… Aaaaaaggggbhh… aaaaaiiiieeee!!"

She came, the cum drooling down over her chin, spraying across the groaning man's belly. Anne squealed and squirmed as her delicious pleasure hit her on the dirty motel room floor!

"Annnnggggbhhh," Becky moaned. "Don't choke her. Ohhhhh!!" Her worry about Anne's welfare vanished. Becky's slim thighs flexed hard and she jerked and twisted on Harriet's cock thick tongue as her own orgasm spun her and shook her until she thought that she was dying! "Aaaaaiiiieeeefl"

Chapter Eight

"Auuuuggghhhhh, it hurts!" Her moan of pain hurt Becky's raw throat but she couldn't stop. The lovely little girl lay on her back, her slim thighs were splayed wide and as the naked tourist mounted her he was pushing them back until her bent knees were almost touching her shoulders! Becky groaned again and tried to wiggle free but she was too late. The fluted, bell shaped head-of George's long, stiff prick was already well inside-the tight throat of her slick love sheath.

"Oooooo, it's too longggggg!!" The naked child shook her head in disbelief and watched as the man pushed forward and the stretched lips of her pussy rolled aside as inch after inch of the cock filled her again. Becky bit her lower lip and stiffled another moan when she felt the man's long snake pushing her open as it slithered into her. In spite of the pain and her fatigue the child loved the feel of his stiff gristle between her legs!

Becky's reddened bottom had been lifted off the bed while her legs were forced back but now that the middle aged tourist had crammed all of his spear into her he released them and the child gasped when her buttocks thudded down, leaving her with the delicious feeling that she was dangling from the firm bar of his long cock!

"God, but you're tight," George moaned as he moved inside of her. Becky sighed and wiggled her bottom a little. "You love it, don't you." No matter how hard I fuck you, you love it!"

A faint, secret smile lifted the corners of Becky's lips when she felt the head of George's prick fill her gushing cunt and bathe itself in the thick slime that he'd shot into her the first two times.

"I wish we could take you home with us," the man panted as he thrust and rammed ‘himself at Becky's delicate body. "I know some men, some important business leaders who'd love to meet a hot little cunt like you!"

The man's belly slapped against hers and the excited little girl shivered with extra excitement every time that his hairy ball sac bounced against her exposed little anus.

It was so nice! Becky wiggled and rolled her hips as the man worked his long, stiff probe in and out of her. She loved the feel of the man's tool as it squirmed and stroked in the tight grip of her gushing little honey pot and the firm, insistent pressure of the base of his cock against her throbbing love knot made her gasp!!

It was dark out. They'd spent the afternoon and part of the evening with the tourist couple. Becky moaned and shivered, her slim arms wrapped around the panting man's neck as she thought of the dirty, exciting things that George and Harriet had done to them in that time.

The little blond-grunted and bucked her naked pussy up to meet the long spear that was popping in and out of her when she remembered how she'd howled and squealed when Harriet bad licked her from head to toe and how excited and envious she'd been when the middle aged housewife had rubbed herself to a snorting, moaning climax against Anne's sweaty little body.

She had tried to feel some shame. She really had. But each time that her mind would rebel one of the adults would do something to her that ignited the flames in her belly-again and she would forget!

"Is it good? Is it good, little baby?" Harriet's whisper caught Becky's attention and as she rocked and shook under the woman's husband she turned her head and watched as the naked redhead played with Anne.

Harriet-had thrown a blanket on the floor and she had Anne down on her hands and knees. Becky shivered and moaned as she watched her little cousin waggle her firm bottom and heard her gasping as the woman began to lick her way up Anne's chubby thighs.

Harriet was kneeling behind the little girl and as she worked her tongue back and forth over the ten year old's olive tan flesh she was using the index finger of her free hand-to spread and soften her tiny anal ring.

"Yessssss, it's good! I know that you like it," Harriet moaned as she kissed and licked, her way up Anne's thighs. "Relax, darling," the excited woman panted.

"Let your muscles go soft and I'll give you a thrill that you never thought of!"

Becky moaned as she watched. George's lubricated prick was gliding in and out of her, exciting her slim body while the obscene act that she was watching excited her mind!

Harriet was sweating, her white body gleamed in the lamp light, her fat breasts jiggled and swayed as she worked her way up until her flat tongue was working back and forth over the smooth globes of Anne's plump ass cheeks, leaving them wet and shiny with her saliva.

Anne whimpered and wiggled, the little girl shook her hips and pressed back, eager to accept whatever Harriet had for her.

At last the excited woman paused and straightened up a little. Harriet used both hands to pry apart the meaty cheeks of Anne's trembling bottom then pressed her face in between them!!

"Oooooo, that's nasty!" The words squirted out of Becky as she watched in horrified amazement as the lady ran the blunt, cock like tip of her wet tongue around and around the puckered, pink flesh of the gasping little brunette's asshole! Becky moaned and shivered, her own tight little rear passage puckered tightly as she watched.

Anne's bead hung down and Becky could see that her eyes were closed. The ten-year-old was smiling as she repeatedly licked her full lips. Harriet mumbled and sighed as she licked then sucked at the firm flesh that protected the little girl's rectal passage.

"Does that look good to you, baby? Does it make you all hot and ready?" George was whispering to her.

Becky tore her eyes away from the terrible sight before her and looked into his small, myopic eyes.

"Hasn't that drunken pimp of yours taught you to take it in the ass yet?"

Becky's eyes widened and sharp flashes of fear mingled with the pleasure that was washing over her.

The slender blond shook her head and tried not to listen to the filth that the middle aged tourist was pouring into her unwilling ears.

"Just think about it, honey! Think about having a nice hard cock fill your ass. Just think about it!" Becky felt a convulsion deep in her bowels and gasped. The naked-thirteen year old's hips began to move faster.

She groaned with pleasure as she worked her pussy around George's cock with a flurry of excited thrusts.

"Annnngggghhhh, it… It feels nice!"

Anne's sigh of pleasure was so faint that Becky basely beard it. The naked blond girl turned her head and shuddered with ‘excited surprise. Harriet was forcing the slick head of her stiff tongue in and out of the loosened-ring of Anne's lubricated anus and with each stroke the little brunette would gasp and thrust herself backward helping the woman penetrate her rubbery, saliva slick opening.

Harriet was making muffled, mumbling sounds as she pressed her sweaty face tight against Anne's jiggling buttocks. Becky could see the muscles in the housewife's jaw working and when she imagined her thick, tongue fucking and squirming in her cousin's tight anus, a flood of confused desire exploded inside of her!!

"Ooooo!!'Push it deep. Agggghhhhh," Becky moaned to the man that rode her. "Don't talk tome about that! Put it deep in me… agggghhhh!" The slender child closed her eyes and then arched up off of the bed, only her head and the base of her twisting spine still rested on the twisted sheets. Becky's slim thighs extended, her toes splayed wide then curled into a mint as her delicious climax burned and shook inside of her! "Annnngggg… aaaaaiiiiieeeee!!"

"Turn her over. Hurry, George, turn her over on belly!" Becky heard Harriet whispering and urging as the last haze of pleasure faded from her. Two pairs of hands were lifting her and rolling her until she lay face down on the musty smelling sheets of the bed.

The dazed little girl felt the last tingles of her beautiful cum rippling in her blood as she turned her head and looked over her shoulder in bewilderment. The man was kneeling behind her and the naked child's eyes widened when she saw that his long cock was still hard and standing! Harriet was beside her and the excited housewife's eyes were gleaming as she began to whisper instructions.

"Get up on your knees, darling. That's right, get up on your hands and knees." The middle aged woman's soft hands were helping as Becky wearily obeyed.

Harriet's-full breasts rubbed against Becky's shoulder while one of her hands crept under her belly and a finger dipped into the froth that was dripping from the lovely girl's stretched cunt.

Becky felt the woman's finger stir against her raw clit and winced. It was too soon! They had to let her rest! But, before the naked little blond could protest, the finger withdrew.

Becky was about to sigh with relief when she felt the middle aged tourist's finger touch her again. This time the finger pressed hard against the tight pucker of her anus!

"Ohhh, nooooo," Becky whimpered. The naked teenager would have wiggled away but Harriet blocked her on one side and George from the rear, she was trapped! "Noooooo, don't do anything more to me!"

"Shhhhhhhh," Harriet crooned in the nervous child's ear. This will be something that you'll never forget!" As she spoke the naked woman pressed her lubricated finger-against the center of Becky's asshole and used her free hand to massage the child's tense neck and shoulders.

"Relax, darling, don't worry. I won't let George hurt you. I promise you'll love it!" Against her will Becky felt herself softening and surrendering. The woman's full breasts were rubbing against her and she watched as their stiff nipples were dragged back and forth over her flesh. She felt warm and loved. Despite the fear that was still tingling in her belly she liked being the center of attention and she loved being touched!

The finger pressed again in Becky's tight anal ring weakened. It was strange, the pressure of the finger felt good, not bad. Becky's slim thighs were trembling when her hips began to move in slow, hesitant circles.

Harriet bent and kissed Becky's shoulders while she forced her finger forward. The slippery mixture of George's amen and her own vaginal juices made a perfect lubricant. Becky gasped and the motion of her trim bottom increased as the tip of the housewife's finger oozed put the weakened barrier of her sphincter and popped into the heat and darkness of her ass!

"Relax," Harriet cooed. "Go soft and loose, it won't hurt if you're loose!" The naked woman hooked her finger and then gently began to tug at Becky's rubbery sphincter, stretching it. The little girl moaned and shivered as a new, frightening kind of pleasure made itself known. "Ohhhhhh, you're sOOOoo tight, darling," Harriet moaned as she pressed closer to Becky and twirled her finger in the child's softening anal passage.

"I'll help you. I'll take care of it."

She didn't want to watch, but Becky couldn't help herself, the pretty-child's eyes were drawn back over her shoulder. Harriet moved back until she knelt beside her husband. The plump woman flashed George a smile and gave his stiff prick a long, firm stroke at the same time that she slowly bent forward, her thick tongue pointed straight at Becky's anus!!

The slim blond groaned and closed her eyes tight but she didn't have to see to know what was happening!

The child felt a warm, wet thing lapping at the crack between her firm ass cheeks and groaned. Then fingers spread her buttocks and that warm probe forced its way into the very center of her rear passage and slipped past the loosened seal of her asshole!

"Awwwwuuuuggghbbh!" Becky's runt of shocked amazement filled the tense sir of the room. The pretty blonde's head lifted and-her mouth-fell open so that sigh after strangled sigh could escape her dry throat.

It was disgusting and wonderful at the same time, Becky gasped and whimpered as the woman's thick tongue swirled and twisted in the tight throat of her virginal rectum. The tongue inside of her felt like a live thing as it forced-the child's tight rear passage open. As she gasped and shook, Becky became aware of another rhythmic motion beside her. The excited-little girl turned her head and looked. When her eyes focused on the cause of the motion she shook her head in total disbelief!!

Harriet was still probing Becky's slippery little asshole with her tongue but while she did she was ramming a distended finger in and out of her own wet, sticky cunt!

A strong charge of new, overpowering desire boiled up inside of Becky, the naked child grunted and waggled her bottom, making the tongue in her ass slither an-d wiggle: She was ready, no matter what they wanted-to do to her. Becky was ready and eager!!

Harriet could feel the change in the trembling child's reactions and slowly pulled back, drawing her tongue out of her ass in a slow, tantalizing motion.

Becky grunted in protest and tried to push backward to recapture the delicious feel of the tongue.

"Now, George," the redhead whispered urgently. "She wants it now!!"

George's hands gripped Becky at the waist and pulled the girl back. The naked thirteen year old felt the dripping head of the man's prick slip between her cheeks and rub up and down the saliva wet crease.

Harriet moved closer to Becky's head and held it while her husband stretched the excited child's buttocks as-jar apart as be could then pushed!

"Ruuuugghhhh!! It's too big!" Becky couldn't believe it! The naked little girl felt the fat knob of George's prick find the center of her puckered opening and gasped as it slipped over the lube and saliva that coated it and wedged itself halfway into her!

"Don't!" the child whimpered. "Don't. It's too big, it will hurt!"

But the excited couple ignored her. A belly deep grunt spit out of Becky's open mouth when the flanged head of the man's cock snapped past her sphincter muscle and dipped itself in the moist, clinging warmth of her anal canal! "Nnnnnngggghhhhi!"

Becky could hear George-panting as he slowly pulled her backward. The bed beside her was bouncing and the groaning little girl didn't have to look to know that Harriet was still shamelessly masturbating while she watched Becky being sodomized!

The little girl's mouth was open and as the long, thick spear of flesh invaded her tight rectum, her pink tongue began to protrude as if there wasn't enough room inside of her slender body for both. Slowly the thicker shoulders of George's cock forced into her, rolling back the slack mouth of Becky's anus. The naked child shuddered violently as she felt the tourist's tool invade her, felt its head pushing things aside in her, making room in her hot, slithering bowels for itself.

"Oggghhhh, it's good," George moaned. "Harriet, you don't know! You'll never know!!" He had more than half of his long, white stalk buried in the terribly stretched asshole and the sweating man groaned with delicious pleasure as Becky's healthy muscles clamped down on him and squeezed.

"Unnnggghhhh," Becky grunted as she was forced back on the cock. "It's so long. I can't take all of it!" The slender child groaned as the pain of the penetration and the terrible stretching numbed her, beat her down. George was still inching his long hose into her but she already felt so full of cock that she half expected to feel it tear something inside of her and the head to come popping out of her gaping mouth!

"Shhbhhh, darling," Harriet whispered in Becky's ear. "Don't make so much noise, someone might hear us. We can't let anyone know, we can't let anyone catch George with his cock in your little ass!!" The naked woman was panting and out Of the corner of-her eye Becky could see her wet finger darting in and out of the slack lips of her hairy pussy. Frothy love lube was drooling out of the redhead's cunt and dribbling down the insides of her thighs. "Here, darling," Harriet pleaded. "Suck on this so that you won't make so much noise!"

The naked tourist pressed against Becky's cheek and the surprised teenager found herself suckling on a thick, stiff nipple while the long, punishing prick went into her to the balls!!

George didn't move for a moment, the man sighed happily and rested, letting his cock soak in the wet of Becky's belly, letting the gasping little girl's body become accustomed to the invader that throbbed and jerked inside of her in a place where no cock should ever go!

Mindlessly, Becky sucked and pulled at the redheaded woman's fat breast. She worked her small tongue around and around the nipple while she rubbed her cheeks against its smooth, silky flesh. A terrible thing was happening in her ass, a thing that amazed and terrified her! %e bright, burning pain was still there, but deep in the pain, like a drop-of gold, the child could feel a thick, slow moving pleasure begin to circulate.

The pleasure started at the sensitive ring of her violated sphincter then swirled deep into her bowels as they kissed and pressed against the long cock.

"He's fucking you in the ass, Becky," Harriet hissed excitedly in the confused little girl's ear. "Oooooo, I wish that I had a prick! I wish that I could know what it's like to have-your-tight ass squeezing and pulling on me like that!!"

George's fingers tightened in the soft flesh of Becky's waist and he held the moaning teenager motionless as he began to withdraw. Becky grunted, her fingers curled into fists-and pulled at the sheets, her toes splayed into claws as they scrabbled against the bed in. a vain effort to get leverage and evade the pain that she felt as the big cock slowly backed off till only its flanged head remained in the slick grip of her anus.

Then, without a moment's pause. George shoved again and sent the well lubricated length of his impossibly long prick back into Becky's unprotected ass! The power of the thrust made the child's white buttocks ripple and shake like jelly!

"Owwwwww," the naked little girl moaned, her lips popping free of Harriet's swollen nipple. "You're tearing me!!"

But be wouldn't stop. Becky could hear George panting and breathing heavily through his open mouth.

She couldn't get away, couldn't protect herself from the rapid, sawing thrusts that sent the man's nine inch dong sliding up inside of her belly until only his hairy balls hung and bounced outside of her. "Annnnngggbh… don't… Oooooogggghbhh!!"

The pain was gone! The slender blond gasped and shook each time that her small asshole was filled with cock. The tingling ring of her tight anus slipped and writhed around the firm base of the probe and her slick inner muscles alternately tightened and slackened around the length of the shaft, milking and sucking on it as it fucked in and out.

"Oooooo," Becky gasped in a raw, strained voice. "Harder, push it in hard!" The small girl couldn't recognize her own voice. Only the feel of her vibrating vocal chords convinced her that she was speaking. "Do it harder and faster!!"

Beside her Becky could hear Harriet squealing and gasping as she had a climax. The trembling little girl felt something warm and wet dropping on her-hand and when she looked she saw that the woman's love juice bad squirted out of her and was spattering on the bed.

"Aggghhhh, shake your ass, pretty girl," George gasped as he sent a powerful thrust of his prick into her to the hilt. "Shake it and squeeze it for me!!"

Becky moaned and shook her head from side to aide as she obeyed. The naked girl loved the feel of the long stake as it ripped and bored inside of her and when she rolled her hips and bucked back to meet the cock it sent chills of-delight up and down her spinet!

"Ohhhhh… huUuugggghhhffl" George's long, shuddering groan of pleasure filled Becky's ears. The writhing bucking teenager could feel his cock jerk and swell inside of her then gasped when a hot, soothing gush of cum spurted out of it and filled her stuffed anal canal! "I'm cunmminingggggggg," the man snorted. He held himself very still and let the excited child wiggle and twist on his prick while his heavy balls emptied into her slithering bowels!

Becky moaned when she felt the warm, slippery cum coat George's cock. When she moved it glided in her, it felt like a polished-steel piston as she jerked and thrust her ravaged asshole back and forth on it. As she pulled forward she would sigh then the sigh would turn into a gasp as she rammed back until the man's hairy thighs stopped her. The naked little girls eyes were glazed, she stared sightlessly ahead of her and she was panting as she milked up ail the cum that George had.

At last! At last the struggling, writhing teenager felt her own delight bubble up inside of her. "Oggggghhhhh… I… huuuuugggghhhh!!" Her tight little cunt was pulsating and long, ragged jolts of pleasure stabbed at Becky's brain when her hard won climax released her. "Aaaaaaiiiiieeccc!!"

Becky lay where George and Harriet left her. The naked child was still trembling and shaking as the frightening echoes of her anal orgasm still thundered and echoed in her.

The little girl was exhausted. Thick strings of cooling cum seeped out of her loosened anus, but she was so tired that she couldn't lift her hand to wipe them away. Becky heard the rustle of clothing but had no interest in seeing what was happening.

"Hurry up, for god's sake! Let's get out of here!"

Harriet's voice sounded harsh and nervous. "We must have been drunk! Do you know what they would do to us if they found out what we did to these children? Let's leave, George, before something goes wrong!!"

Becky heard the door slam and breathed easier, they were gone! They wouldn't do anything more to her, she could finally sleep!

Becky heard the sound of soft breathing beside her and realized that Anne had crawled upon the bed and was laying cuddled against her hip. The thirteen year old groggily lifted her head and stared at her cousin, she saw a dribble of dried corn on the pretty child's face and saw red, smeared up prints moving down from her tiny nipples to the plump swell of her hairless honey pot.

Becky tried to move, she wanted to roll over and pull Anne to her, she needed the warmth of another person but when she tried to move her raw little anus burned and her corn filled pussy stung! Wearily the ravaged child closed her eyes again and slept and as she slept, she smiled.

Chapter Nine

A hairy leg brushed against her and Becky was awake in an instant! The naked teenager's heart was hammering beneath her ribs as she sat up-in bed and wildly looked around. It took a few moments for her panic to subside, but when it did, Becky saw that it was Uncle Don's leg.

Sometime during the night the handsome ex-minister had crawled in between Becky and Anne. The slender blond saw an empty bottle on the dressing table and heard Don's heavy breathing, then she relaxed. The big man would sleep along time, he wouldn't bother them this early.

When she slipped from the bed Becky's she felt weak and shaky. The pretty child winced when she took her first step and the soreness that she felt were reminders of the time that they had spent with those mean, selfish tourists!

Becky hobbled to the bathroom door and turned to make sure that Don was still asleep. Becky saw that Anne had cuddled up in the crook of the big man's arm and as she slept her small fist was wrapped tightly around the shaft of his long, limp cock.

A surprised look spread over Becky's face when she sensed a tiny ripple of excitement bubble to life between her thighs. Hurriedly the slender child turned away and darted into the bathroom.

Feeling sore and dirty, Becky turned on the shower then stepped under it. The shower water was hot and it stung her flesh but Becky smiled and stretched under it's heavy massage. Her muscles relaxed and as she twisted and turned under the spray she grinned to herself.

Something felt different, Becky wasn't certain what it was. It wasn't until the beautiful little girl ran a soapy hand down over her belly and began to wash away that man's dried cum that she began to understand! She felt good! In fact, Becky couldn't keep from humming softly as she washed herself, she felt wonderful!!

When Becky carefully parted the lips of her plump little cunt and rinsed her tender inner membranes she felt a stronger ripple of pleasure and paused for a second to twiddle her soft little clitoris. Then she stopped and a frown creased the smooth flesh of her brow. She didn't feel ashamed!

Becky tried again, the girl deliberately forced herself to think about yesterday, forced herself to remember the taste of George's long, slippery cock and the feel of it as it worked in and out of her pussy and even her tight asshole! Then the disturbed teenager turned off the shower and stepped out. Thinking about the dirty, obscene things that she'd done with the man's wife didn't work either. She felt great!

Absently Becky picked up a towel and began to dry her slender frame and as she did she became aware of a warm feeling of well being that filled her to overflowing. She felt good, her awakened body seemed to sing when she touched it and there was no feeling of shame or self loathing, she felt… why, she felt happy!

Wrapping the damp towel around her, Becky tiptoed back into the main room and sat at the dressing table. She didn't want to wake Anne or Uncle Don until she had a chance to think and sort out this new development.

No sooner than she was seated the pretty blonde's eyes caught sight of a rough pile of papers on the edge of the table. Becky would have ignored the pile and gone back to her thoughts but she saw the top one and realized that it was a photograph.

Slowly-the little girl pulled the pile to her and picked up the first picture. Becky felt her body begin to glow with an inner fire while her clear blue eyes took in every detail of the incredible thing that she held. The shot was taken from above, as if someone was standing on a ladder along the wall. Becky could see the bed bathed in a pool of bright light and understood why they had never been able to turn off the lamp. But on the bed the amazed child could see herself!

The slender blonde's hand was shaking so badly that she had to lay the photo down in order to see it clearly.

Uncle Don lay flat on the bed and he was smiling as he cradled his head with an arm crooked under it, the big man's other hand was pressing on the top of her head, Becky saw herself in a frozen instant when her small mouth was crammed with the handsome ex-minister's huge, gleaming cock!

The trembling inside of her died and in its place the slim little girl felt a slow, spreading flame of excitement. Moving deliberately she pulled each photograph from the pile and studied it intently. Becky's smooth flesh felt prickly and goose flesh popped out on her arms as she absorbed every foul detail of the shots.

The slender girl's brain swam with images of erect cocks and gasping mouths, she saw herself screaming and moaning, she saw herself smiling and stretching as she kissed, sucked, stroked, fucked and played with Uncle Don and with Miss June.

Some of the shots were taken waist high in the room. Turning, the pretty teenager could see a hole near the ceiling and guessed that the second position was behind that small mirror by the bathroom door.

There were two sets of photos. The second set was mostly of Anne, and Becky found herself smiling and sighing as she watched her pretty little cousin as she performed for their captors. Then, when she looked at the last five or six shots, Becky-felt a fine dew of perspiration pop out on her upper lip. These were shots of the two of them!!

Becky's plump pussy began to itch and grow moist when she stared at their images as they kissed and rubbed against each other. More than the other photos these aroused her! The flame that had been smouldering in her burst to life and Becky wished that Anne was awake so that she could share them with her!

Becky was so intent on the pictures before her that she didn't hear the bed or the faint thud of Don Harper's bare feet on the rug until he was right behind her.

"Well?" The handsome man said as he took the photographs away from Becky and stared at them himself. "You don't look too surprised. Did you know about the cameras?"

Becky had recovered her composure and knew that she couldn't tell on Doe. She needed the big man too much to get him in any trouble. The slender girl turned her head away and refused to answer.

"You're really smart," Don mumbled as he fumbled with a wrinkled pack of cigarettes and pulled out a crooked butt. The handsome man yawned and absently scratched his balls as he lit the cigarette. Becky watched Don's long, soft penis waggle between his thighs and felt the flame inside of her burn even higher.

As he puffed on the cigarette Don thumbed through the pile of shots until he found the one that he was looking for. The handsome man grinned down at Becky as he placed it on the table in front of her.

"This is my favorite. I think I'll have it blown up and keep it!" At first Becky refused to look but then she surrendered to the hot, throbbing between her slim thighs and stared down at the glossy photograph.

A single drop of warm love lube squirted out of the slender blonde's compressed pussy lips while her greedy eyes devoured every detail. Becky saw herself from the rear, she was kneeling astride Don's muscular body and standing tall and hard between her splayed thighs was his big cock, caught at the moment that its swollen crown was disappearing between the shiny lips of her stretched cunt!

A small sigh popped out of Becky's parted lips, she could almost feel the big man's hard-on slipping into her again! Don grinned again and ground out his cigarette.

"Now you understand, honey," Uncle Don said in a lazy voice.

Looking up Becky saw that the sleep was gone from his eyes and trembled as he gently pulled her up from the chair and sat down in her place.

"I was right, wasn't I? I told you that I can tell, just by looking at a girl like you."

Don's fingers plucked at the towel and as it fell from around Becky he tossed it to one side. "The pictures turn you on, honey. I can see it in your eyes! Come up here, on my lap, and we'll do something about it."

She had no will to resist, Becky didn't even think about trying to avoid what she saw coming. The slim little teenager smiled at the minister and let him pull her forward until she was forced to spread her legs and slip astride his lap until she sat facing him.

Uncle Don's floppy cock rubbed against Becky's belly, the man had pulled it up and had placed it between them, forcing the child to press her heated flesh against it when he pulled her close.

"Those idiots who ran me away from my church should see this!" That scary light was burning in Uncle Don's eyes again and Becky didn't dare breathe. "They called me a liar! They laughed at me when I told them that I could see into the souls of little girls like you and had to help!"

All the time that he mumbled to himself, Don Harper used a free hand to rummage in one of the dressing table drawers then he grunted with satisfaction and pulled out another full bottle of whiskey.

Becky sat very still, not even daring to breathe while the handsome man broke the seal then took a long, gulping drink of the amber liquid. "Agghh! That's better," Don sighed. "That's much better!"

As suddenly as it came the handsome man's evil ranting ceased. Don's eyes twinkled as he tightened his grip around Becky's waist with one hand while he put the open bottle against her lips with the other.

Becky tried to pull away and turn her head but the handsome minister wouldn't let her do it. "Take a drink, Becky. Just a little drink, it will calm you down."

The slender girl didn't want to do it, but she'd learned never to refuse Uncle Don so she opened her pink lips and allowed him to pour a big mouthful of the burning fluid down her throat! Becky coughed and gasped for air, Uncle Don laughed at her as tears came to her eyes and she shuddered uncontrollably. "Don't worry, slut! There'll come a time when you can toss of a slug like that without blinking."

She felt so strange! Becky felt the warmth of the whiskey spreading out inside of her and in just a few moments she was floating, light headed and happy On a whiskey cloud!

Uncle Don put the bottle down on the table and turned all of his attention back to her, pleasing Becky. "I watched yesterday, if you haven't guessed there are cameras in this room." He said it so matter of factly that all Becky could do was nod as he pulled her closer and began to stroke the firm globes of her trim buttocks. "June and I watched those two pigs snort and slobber over you. Wait until they see the pictures!"

Excitement was sparkling and dancing in Becky's veins and the confused little girl didn't know if it came from the whiskey or the knowledge that the handsome man had watched every obscene thing that she had done.

Becky felt a twitching movement against her belly, the pretty child slipped her small hand between their bodies and giggled when she felt Don's cock stiffening and swelling against her fingers.

"Ahhhhhhh," Uncle Don sighed when Becky began to squeeze his growing hard-on and rub the swelling glans against her silky belly. "Did it feel good when that dude shoved his cock up your ass? I'd love to fuck you that way. But I'm too big, I'd rip you open."

Becky's head was spinning and she found it hard to focus her eyes but the minister's sly whispered question was clear in her mind and in answer she began to wiggle against him. As she pressed against Don, Becky felt a sudden throbbing in her still sensitive anal passage.

"Ah ha! I thought that you dug it," Don said, his smile turning into a leer. Becky felt herself blushing, but that didn't stop her as she worked her slender fingers up and down the handsome man's growing slab of meat.

"Before I'm done with you you'll be the best little whore in the world! And between you and that crazy little cunt on the bed I'll have money to burn!!" As he spoke Don's fat dong lept and jerked against Becky's palm and the delicious wiggling response that the slender girl felt deep in her moist and ready cunt blotted out the chill of fear that his words set off in her.

Don opened the bottle again and forced Becky to take another sip. The lovely child swallowed the whiskey and shuddered again. "Don' wan' any… more," Becky gasped when she was able to breathe again. It was hard for her to pronounce the words, it was hard for her to do anything but pump her small fist up and down Uncle Don's lovely, hard prick!

"Give me a kiss, little cuntlet," the handsome man breathed. Becky railed forward and pressed her moist lips against his and whimpered softly when Don's whiskey tasting tongue flicked against her own.

While he sucked the air from her lungs and flicked the tip of his tongue against Becky's, Don worked a hand under the trembling teenager's bottom until he could press the tip of a forefinger into her parted slit.

He spread his legs slightly, forcing Becky's apart, leaving her wet, sticky cunt exposed to his touch.

Becky moaned and sucked hard on Uncle Don's tongue when she felt his finger invade the rear section of her hairless meat pie. The befuddled blond continued to frig her hand up and down his prick, she was sitting so close to Uncle Don's gnarled cock that the drops of lube that were oozing from it were being smeared against her belly and drooling down until they dripped over her parted pussy lips.

There were no words needed, Becky saw the look in the man's blazing eyes and whimpered when his strong hands clasped around her slim waist and lifted. The naked blond kept a firm grip on his throbbing cock when Uncle Don lifted her. Once she was positioned close against the handsome man's hairy chest Becky aimed tbe mushroom shaped head of his dong between her slim legs and sighed with delight as he slowly lowered her onto it.

The head of Uncle Don's pulsating cock felt greasy and slick as it nuzzled against the pouting mouth of Becky's still tight and elastic cunt. The naked child sighed heavily and released his fat stalk just before the head squeezed into her. They both groaned as the hairy pillar stretched the naked blonde's sex and slid into her until she wanted to scream!!

It was in all the way! Becky was breathless. Her lovely head wobbled on her shoulders and she would have fallen off of Don's lap if he hadn't held her securely in place. The slender child wiggled happily against the thick, wedge shaped base of her adult lover's massive hard-on, her silky thighs lifted until she resembled a drunken jockey as she jogged up and shook herself on the post that was standing tall in her belly!

Don moaned with pleasure and pulled Becky forward scratching the wiggling teenager's small breasts with his wiry chest hairs. "Tell me it feels good, cunt! Tell your loving Uncle Don how it feels to have his big prick in you to the balls!"

She wasn't going to do it so Becky was surprised when she heard her voice whispering and babbling while the handsome minister fucked his big dong in and out of her tight, clipping cuntlet. "Nnnnnnnggggbhhh, yessss! it feels so nice, Uncle Don! It's so big and so hard! I want you to keep on doing it, I don't ever want to stop fucking!"

Becky was rewarded. Every word that blurted out of her earned her an extra firming of the handsome man's already hard stalk. "More, tell me more," Don demanded. Becky was willing, but before she could think of what to say he slapped hard at her defenseless ass cheeks! "I said tell me more! Tell me what you like!!"

The big man's broad palm slapped her against her bottom again and Becky yelped and jumped as she wiggled and twisted her agitated movements made the cock that was trying to split her in half corkscrew even deeper in her.

"Everything," Becky squealed. "I like everything. I like to suck your big suck stick. I like to suck your balls. Please, Uncle Don, don't spank me, I love everything that you teach me!"

But he was past hearing. The naked man was making funny grunting sounds as he used both hands to spank Becky. The naked child groaned and shook as the stinging pain blended with the pleasure that she felt and formed a solid, bubbling bail of sensation that confused her spinning senses.

"Ooooooo, don't," Becky moaned. "I'll be good, I'll do anything, don't hurt me!!" Becky's tight little cunt spasmed and she gasped as the warring emotions burst loose in her and she began to claw at Uncle Don's shoulders and make non stop groaning sounds!

Don shuddered and the steady rain of blows landing against Becky's red, love sheath brought the groaning man off with a blast!

"Huuuuggghhhh," Don groaned as he jerked hard on Becky's shoulders and forced the lovely girl to slam her bubbling cunt hard against the root of his big prick. The handsome ex-minister sighed and shuddered when his bloated balls exploded and began to spit a thick, frothing cupful of his slippery cum into Becky's thirsty, sucking pussy.

"Annnnngggghhhhh," Becky squealed as her own neon flashing rocket burst of an orgasm flooded her. "Aaaaaaiiiieeeeee, Uncle Don!!"

Becky lay slumped against the tall man's heaving chest. They were both fighting for air and trying to clear their heads as their mutual climaxes slowly faded away. The dazed girl's head spun drunkenly and when she felt a pair of small hands moving lightly over her bruised buttocks she smiled.

Uncle Don chuckled as he lifted Becky off of his wilted, half hard prick and let her drop to her knees beside his chair. "Hello, glutton," the handsome man said in a laughing voice. "Did we wake you up? Well, come and get your breakfast."

Becky moaned and shook her head. But she was too tired and dizzy to stop her cousin. Anne was smiling up at Uncle Don as she dropped to her knees in front of his chair. The dimpled ten-year-old reached out and slipped her fingers around the naked man's flaccid prick. Becky could see drops of Uncle Don's white cum soil Anne's hand as she lifted his prick until she could stuff its slime coated head past her lips and into her mouth.

Don Harper grunted contentedly and leaned back in his chair. The handsome man's head lolled back on his shoulders and he smiled. Anne's tousled head began to move, her plump cheeks sucked flat against her high cheek bones and rasping, gulping sounds filled the air around\them as she busied herself with the lovely job of sucking Uncle Don's spent cock clean.

Slowly Becky pulled herself up from the floor and knelt beside Anne, the beautiful thirteen year old knew right from wrong, but she couldn't stop. Becky pressed in between Don's splayed thighs and meekly, lovingly began to suckle at his hairy balls. Uncle Don had been so nice, he'd shown her what she was and what she wanted and now it was her job to make him happy and help him!!

"Don't be a piggy," Don said to Anne. "Share with poor little Becky, let Becky-have a mouthful of her own pussy juice, she'll love it." Annie made a muffled sound of protest but she didn't fight when Don pushed her back and fed the slick head of his softening rod to the eager blonde.

They had been so close that Anne's lips brushed against Becky's, the brief contact left a thin strand of cum swaying and shaking between them until it parted and fell across Becky's smooth shoulders but the naked child was so busy cramming all of her new pimp's limp wick in her mouth that she didn't notice.

"That's good, hold it like that." Becky obediently froze in place until she heard the camera's shutter click then she relaxed. The lovely child lay on the bed with her thighs spread and lifted. Anne lay with her pretty face pressed against Becky's wet, frothy nest.

The ten-year-old didn't stop when the picture was taken, she went on and on, running her pink tongue over Becky's burning love bud.

"These will be great," Don Harper muttered as he paused long enough to take a long pull at his whiskey bottle. "Picture sets like this sell like crazy, we'll make a bundle!!"

The naked man moved around the bed, snapping pictures and telling them how to pose. "Ummm, that's nice. Rub your cunts together. Yeah!!" Becky shivered and nibble at her lips as she and her lovely cousin kissed and strained against each other. They weren't really posing for dirty pictures, they were making love to each other!!

Uncle Don laughed while he changed film. He held up a sealed roll and grinned at them. "Think of it! Think about some poor, uptight bastard staring at your pictures and jacking himself off! Can't you imagine it? He's groaning and moaning then he cums! His shit spurts all over your picture, all over you, on your face, in your mouth. Just think of being covered with it from head to toe!!"

Both of the girls sighed and pressed closer. Don had rubbed them down with oil so that their naked flesh would gleam. When they hugged their flesh slipped and slithered against each other. It was so exciting!!

"Now look up," Don ordered. Becky was on her knees before him and the naked child obeyed, staring up into the cold lens of Uncle Don's unblinking camera. Becky was sucking hard on the minister's flaccid, hairy cock. She didn't care how many pictures he took of her doing it just so long as she could feel it twitching and growing against her coated tongue.

"OK, Becky," the big man said in a slurred, tired sounding voice. "It's already set, all you have to do is push that lever when I say the word."

It wasn't fair! The slim little girl felt angry and betrayed. She'd made him hard again and now he was giving his rigid cock to Anne!!

Becky stamped a bare foot on the floor and jealously watched her naked cousin climb astride Uncle Don's belly and lift herself over the big cock that he held in his hand. Becky's own honey pot wiggled and tightened, making some of the minister's gooey cum drool out as she watched the plump ten-year-old slowly lower herself until the cock head forced its way past her naked, gleaming folds.

"Easy, Anne. Go nice add slow," the big man pleaded. Anne was gasping with delight and trying to sit down hard on his fat dong. "Wait, I can't put it all the way in! Soon, little glutton, soon I'll let someone fuck you but this is just a picture!!"

But Anne didn't want to wait! The pretty child shook and wiggled in Uncle Don's fumbling grip in seconds she had almost two Inches of his bloated machine buried in her wet split.

"Ohhhh, god but you're tight," Don moaned. "Don't wiggle like that, you'll make me cum!! Becky was shivering with repressed excitement, the slim teenager felt her own cunt grow hot and wet while she watched Don's jerking hard-on squirm in the mouth of her baby cousin's box!

"Sooooo goooood! I didn't know how good it is!!!" Anne's voice sounded different, she wasn't giggling or teasing, she was becoming a woman before Becky's startled eyes! Becky sighed and rubbed her empty cunt against the corner of the bed while she waited for Don's command.

The drunken ex-minister gasped and had to strain to keep from thrusting up from the bed and filling the squealing ten-year-old's virgin slot. "Oggghhhhh!! Snap the picture, Becky," Don panted. "Snap it now!!"

Uncle Don gasped then began to shake, Becky pushed the lever the way that he's showed her. As the camera snapped Becky saw thick rivulets of the ex-minister's creamy cum gush out of Anne's stretched cunt and run down over his hairy pole and wet his balls.

"Ogggbhhh, I can feel it!!" Anne's gasp of amazed pleasure exploded in the musky air of the motel room. "Aggghhhb… Becky!… Ohhh please, help me… aaaaaiiiieeee!!!"

A thick mixture of fresh love juice and cum was already dripping from Becky's tight little snatch, she dropped the camera and scrambled up on the bed behind her little cousin's squirming body. The excited teenager fell flat on her belly and forced her head beneath them brunette's trembling ass then began to lap at Uncle Don's yeasty semen. Once she'd cleaned his pulsating cock she turned her face up and began to suck Anne's stretched cunt, getting her breakfast from the source!!

Chapter Ten

Becky watched Miss June fuss with Anne's new dress and tried her best not to allow her worries creep in and destroy her again.

"You'll drive them wild," June said, kneeling and adjusted the hem of the short, short dress. Anne's dark hair had been carefully brushed and she did look nice as she slowly turned in front of the woman. The dress was so short that it exposed the full length of the child's plump legs and framed the lacy fringes of her new, see through panties.

"All you have to do is look good and-do what you're told, honey." Miss June smiled up at Anne for a moment then her smile faded and she ran her hand up the inside of the child's thigh until her fingers could squeeze the fat lips of her pussy through her panties. "Look pretty, baby and let anyone do what they want to you. Don will be there and he'll make sure that you behave yourself!!"

Abruptly June got to her feet and led Anne to the door. Anne stopped and looked back over her shoulder at Becky. The older girl saw the look in her little cousin's eyes and knew that she was afraid. June jerked at Anne's arm and the child only had time to flash Becky a trembling smile before she was pushed outside.

June saw the look on Becky's lovely face and winked at her. "Don't worry, doll baby. I have a really exciting job for-you tonight. Wait a while, kid. Your turn is coming."

The motel door thudded shut and Becky angrily shook her head, trying to stop the tears that were forming in the corners of her-blue eyes.

"Your turn is coming." The woman's words rumbled in Becky's mouth and she felt sick. I don't want a turn! I want to go home!!! A bitter little smile flashed across the slim blonde's lovely face. How can I go home? I'm not the same as I was. How could I go back and pretend to be mama and daddy's little girl after what I know about myself?

The tears were welling up in her eyes again and when she allowed herself to think about home they rolled down her smooth cheeks. Were they worried about her? Had Toni told them that she and Anne were missing?

Suddenly Becky jumped to her feet and angrily rubbed her tears away. She might not be able to go back but she had to get Anne away from Uncle Don and Miss June! They're making us baby whoras Becky told herself angrily. They don't care about us, no matter what they say all they want is the money we can make for them!!

Becky stamped into the bathroom and washed her tears away. The slim teenager stopped in mid motion and allowed the wash cloth to slip from her fingers. Becky stared at her image in the mirror and flushed.

Miss June had given her a baby doll nightie to wear. At the time Becky had been glad to have anything to wear beside the towel but now that she looked closely at it she was embarrassed!

The slim blonde realized that her new nightie was so sheer that anyone who looked at her could see through it! She could clearly see her small, pink nipples and when she stepped back a few more feet Becky could make out the slick, halrless lips of her mound. She didn't look this naked, naked!

Becky heard the door open in the main room and leaned against the door. "Come in here, darling," June said. "Let me have a look at you."

Hesitantly, Becky obeyed, she didn't like to be so close to June, things always happened when she did.

"You look good in this," June said in a warm, throaty voice "The blue makes your hair even blonder than it is." The woman winked at Becky when she ran the tips of her fingers across the childs nipples, pretending to finger the material.

Miss June's expression hardened, she tossed a long a raincoat at the surprised little girl. "Wear this. You're going to work, the nightie will do once you're there." The handsome woman stepped to the door and waited impatiently while Becky struggled into the coat then joined her.

Doe parked the car on a secluded side street. It was dark but Becky was able to see enough to know that they were in a wealthy neighborhood. Miss June hustled Becky from the car and led her toward a large home.

"Hear me, honey," the woman said as they hurried down the driveway and headed for the rear of the house. "These people are top dollar clients! They're having a hell of a ball in there an you're here to help. Get in there and make yourself available! Do you hear me?"

Becky nodded, she was forced to trot to keep up with the big woman and couldn't spare the breath to answer.

June paused at the back door then rapped on it. The lights were dim on the other side of the door and all that Becky was aware of was a heavy pall of acrid smoke and whiskey fumes.

A warm pair of hands peeled the raincoat from Becky without ceremony then the bewildered blonde heard another woman's voice.

"God, June! When you said she was a baby you weren't kidding!!" The unseen woman moved closer and Becky didn't have to see her to know that she was completely naked.

"Hello, honey," the lady said. Becky felt a familiar thrill between her slim legs when a hand slipped under her nightie tip and cupped one of her small breasts.

"Turn around, let me get a look at you."

A warm flood of excitement heated Becky's blood when she moved and found herself looking into the eyes of the most beautiful woman she'd ever seen! My name is Sylvia," the woman said. "Your name is Becky, isn't it? All that Becky could do was nod as she stared at Sylvia. The woman had long brown hair that framed a lovely, oval face. Sylvia was small and rounded, she had full, hard nippled breasts and as she looked at the lovely woman Becky realized that she had shaved her firm, swelling pussy!

Sylvia nodded and smiled. "She's lovely, June. I'm sure she's going to be the high spot of the evening." Sylvia turned her attention back to Becky and the slim child began to melt under her knowing smile.

Sylvia's fingers found the ties that held Becky's top open and pulled. "I feel you're a bit over dressed, darling. Slip out of this and you and I will go meet some nice people."

Becky smiled shyly as the lovely woman stripped her naked. June was gone and for the moment they were alone. The small brunette helped Becky slip free of the top and waited while the trembling child jerked down her bottoms and stepped out of them.

Sylvia's expression changed, her fingers locked hard around the startled child's wrist and pulled her close. Becky could smell the whiskey on the woman's breath and began to worry.

The fingers around her arm tightened and Becky had no choice but to yield to the pressure and slip to her knees! The naked child felt her own hairless pussy begin to drip as she found herself staring at the woman's shaved vulva. No words were spoken, the aroused child felt herself melting and it seemed the most natural thing in the world for her to wrap her slim arms around the woman's spread thighs and press a long, lingering kiss on her hostess' gleaming, shaved cunt!

"Aggghhhh," Sylvia moaned once Becky had submissively worked her tongue into the clinging grip of her vagina. "I wish I could spend the night with you, darling, but that would be selfish."

Sylvia pulled Becky up on her feet and smiled while she dried her full lips with the back of her hand. "Come with me, dear and for heaven's sakes smile! You're going to be a smash!"

The lovely woman led Becky from the kitchen and into her living room. In seconds the shocked child's eyes were so busy that she forgot to be embarrassed.

Everywhere she looked Becky saw naked people! They were young and old, she saw men taking groaning women on the floor, on the sofa and even standing up!! The slender teenager felt her new born desire flame to life as her eyes were filled with the sight of so many big, hard cocks and she felt no shame when she realized that she wanted them all!

"This is Jim, darling. Jim's a wonderful guy and he's been waiting all night for someone like you." Becky was hardly aware of Sylvia, the slender blonde was looking up at the man's face and when their eyes met the rest of the party seemed to fade away.

"Go away, Sylvia," Jim said, not looking away from Becky. "Come with me, honey." Becky's knees were wobbly and Jim was forced to help her pick her way through the bodies. As she brushed against the tall, handsome man Becky wished he wasn't wearing his tight jock strap, she wanted to see!

The man half led, half pulled Becky out of the crowded room and down a hallway. Jim smiled at her when he opened a door and led the child into a darkened bedroom.

They weren't alone! Becky was startled when she saw an old, gray-haired lady laying entwined with a young man. Becky's tummy did flip flops when she saw the big cock riding in and out of the lady's open slot. Her own tight pussy grew unbearably hot when she heard the wet, sucking sounds the groaning woman's gorged box made as it swallowed his hard cock.

"Never mind them," Jim said as he led Becky to the other side of the large bed. "They won't even know we're here."

Becky sighed when the big, good looking man sat on the edge of the bed and pulled her up on his lap. Jim's hands felt good as they explored her slim body and the small blonde turned her face to him, mutely asking for a kiss when one of his big fingers wedged into her slippery, sucking honey pot!!

"You're already wet," Jim purred. "Do you want it, honey? You need to be fucked right now?" As an answer the excited child reachod behind her back and wiggled her small hand under the heavy elastic band of Jim's straining jock strap.

Becky's slim fingers closed around the surprised man's long cock and squeezed it hard! She was pleased when she heard his grunt of pleasure and felt it jump and swell in response.

"I want to do it," the trembling little girl sighed. Becky rolled her firm bottom and helped Jim finger-fuck her! "I'm ready, now!!"

The tall, dark haired man's eyes were snapping with excitement as he put Becky on her feet long enough to strip away his full jock. Then Jim fell back on the bed, carrying Becky with him.

Eagerly Becky squirmed around until she was crouching over Jim's long, hard prick. They both held his throbbing cock upright so that she could force her slim body down on it.

"Ooooogggghhhhhh!!" Jim's groan of pleasure excited her, Becky made a tiny whimpering sound and pushed again. The fat, silky head of the handsome man's probe found the elastic throat of the child's wet love-sheath and forced its way-in. "Tight… Aggghhh, so tight," Jim sighed as his strong fingers caught Becky around the waist and slowly began to pull her down on his big hard-on.

Becky was sitting straight her blue eyes closed and she gasped as she felt the-man's big dong slide into her in one long stroke! The delighted little girl loved the feel of the man's hard rammer as it stretched and opened her wide!

"Fuck me," Jim demanded, his strong hands worked Becky up and down on his rampant prick. "Fuck me, baby girl. Fuck me as hard as you can!"

She felt her-own warm juices drip around the slick peg that had corked her tight cunt and a blind, unreasoning lust took the naked child over. Becky groaned and sighed softly as she pumped her slippery pussy up and down on the cock. She felt her bard love knot burn as it was scrubbed against the base of the man's cock and gasped.

"Look! Ooooo, Jake, look. She's just a baby!!" Becky heard the voice and knew that it was the gray-haired lady talking. The excited child didn't stop her lewd dance on Jim's big prick. She felt no shame while she worked in and out of her hairless pussy for an audience.

"Yeah, just a baby," a man's voice croaked. The bed sagged and the groaning, gasping girl saw that the other man was kneeling beside her. "If she's a baby-I think we should give her something to suck on!"

Becky whimpered and shook her head when she saw the young man's long, limp prick in his hand. She didn't want to do it but the bubbling excitement she felt had her and she couldn't refuse.

The old woman helped drag her down, Becky was still impaled on Jim's big poker and he was sending long, spine jolting strokes into her while the other couple forced her head down until her lips were rubbing against the slime coated cock head.

Becky moaned, the old woman's fingers dug into her jaw muscles and forced her small mouth open. The pretty child shuddered when the other man's prick slipped over her lips and filled her mouth. Becky could taste the cum and the tang of the old lady's cunt juice on the half hard cock and she loved all of it!

Lovingly the excited little girl sucked and pulled on one long cock while she rode up and down on another. Becky squealed and gasped each time that her joy welled up in her and she knew that she would cum soon, if she worked hard enough for it!

It excited her, Becky loved the sensation of two pricks moving in and out of her mouth and her pussy at the same time. Added to that the pretty child shuddered and wiggled as the old woman rubbed against her and whispered in her ear.

"Yessss, baby girl. Suck it nice! Make it hard for me again!" The old woman's hands were all over her body making Becky shake and moan. Her slim frame glowed with pleasure and the slim child eagerly humped her spine so the woman could run, a finger under her and press at over her throbbing, swollen love bud.

Becky trembled and made contented gurgling sounds, she was riding up and down on one prick while she suckled and nursed on a second.

"Ummmmrnppppbhhh," Becky mumbled. "Ut fulls nuce!!" Beneath her the child could feel Jim's belly shake while he pumped his powerful prick into her. The naked blonde's vagina clipped and pressed against the fat cock, gently pulling on it.

"Yeah! Do it, kid! Make it good," Jim sighed. The tall man lunged up under her, lifting Becky from the bed, his long spoke thrusting into her yielding belly to the balls! "Aggggghhhhhhf!"

Becky yelped and was jerked so high that the second man's limp prick was jerked free of her lips. The slippery snake left a glistening path of semen over Becky's chin but she ignored it.

"Unnnnggghhhh, Jim! Again! Give it to me again!!" The dazed girl felt the man's slick cum gushing in her pussy and howled as the cock and the old woman's finger made her cum!! "Aaaaiiieeeeeel"

"Roil over, honey. Roll over, it's my turn now!!" Becky was bewildered, hands turned her over and she saw a skinny man kneeling on the bed before her. The naked child stared in shock as the man roughly jerked her slim thighs apart and fell on her, his short, stubby cock pointed at her cunt!

The child gasped as the thin man's prick skidded over the cum that Jim had filled her with and plopped into her gushing pussy in one lunge! Becky's slim body jerked, a happy gurgle gushed out of her as she wrapped her slim legs and arms across the small man's heaving back and fought to help him fuck her wiggling ass off!

"I love baby whores like you," the man gasped. He strained and lunged against Becky, making the delighted child groan as his dong slipped and skidded in another man's hot cum. "I love baby cunts!!"

Becky felt sick and dazed, the naked child sat back on her pink heels and shakily wiped a dribble of cum from her lips. The slim blonde was so disoriented that she couldn't remember what the owner of the well sucked cock looked like.

She had to stop! Becky shuddered as she lurched to her feet. She had to think, this couldn't go on! But before she could move a woman slipped an arm over her shaking shoulders.

"In here, darling," the woman murmured. "You and I have a date."

Chapter Eleven

A hand reached out to grab her but Becky pulled away and lurched down the deserted hallway. The slim child shuddered and shook her bead in a vain effort to clear it. She felt as if she was caught in a bad dream, a nightmare that she couldn't shake.

Becky saw a half opened door and peered in but she didn't enter, there were people in there people who were terrible things to each other! Backing away, Becky closed the door and continued on.

At last the pretty child found a bathroom and darted in, locking the door behind her. She didn't turn on the lights, she didn't want to see herself in the mirror. Every inch of her slender body ached, Becky didn't know what time it was but she could tell you how many men had taken her and how many women had slobbered and drooled over her!

We've got to leave I don't care who knows about me anymore, Becky told herself. I've got to find Anne and we have to leave! But how could they do it? Becky felt lost and hopeless, no one would help them. No one cared what happened to a pair of baby whores!!

At that moment Becky heard a scuffling sound behind her and realized that there was a second door to the bathroom. The pretty child only had a few seconds to squeeze into a tall storage cabinet before the door opened and two people slipped in.

"Shut the door tight, darling," A woman's voice whispered. "Then turn on %he lights, I want to watch this!!"

Becky pressed her eye against a crack in the door and watched in sick amazement as the light snapped on and she saw an attractive naked woman and a much younger man standing there.

The young man moved to the woman and tried to put his arms around her but she shook her head. "Make sure that both doors are locked, dear," she said with a grin. "Even in this fun group they would be shocked if someone stumbled across a son fucking his loving mother!"

Becky shivered and wished that she was dead! She didn't dare conic out now! If they didn't get mad at her they would insist on her staying with them and the idea of sharing herself with mother and son made her tummy twist and turn inside of her!

The lady was pretty, she had long, dyed blonde hair and a carefully-made up face. But the light in the room was to harsh and Becky could see the wrinkles on the woman's lace, wrinkles that she was trying to hide.

When he turned around the sight of the boy's big, smooth looking prick made the little worm in Becky's pussy squirm and despite her self loathing and the awful things she'd already done she aught herself wondering bow it would feel as it slipped into her!

"Come to. mama," the blonde whispered, holding out her arms. "Your father is busy with some little cunt that Sylvia hired for the evening, he won't look for us for awhile!"

The handsome boy moved close to his mother and smiled when she put one plump arm around his shoulders and used her free bejeweled hand to frig up and down the round, stiff length of his erection.

"Ummmmmm, I've been wanting this for days! I hope your daddy takes another one of his long business trips. Mama needs her baby boy's cock every day!!"

Becky began to shake and she had to press a knuckle against her teeth to keep from moaning out loud as she watched the boy dip his head and allow his trembling mother to feed him on of her soft looking, pear shaped breasts At the same time that she worked her hand up and down his jerking shaft of flesh.

"Oooooooo, yesssssssss," the boy's mother groaned. "I love it! I don't care what anyone says! No one has a cock like yours darling. No one makes me feel sooooOOOO nice!!"

As she whispered and sighed the lady sank to her knees and began to lick the throbbing length of her son's big cock, working from his balls to the crown and back again. The boy stool very still and watched Becky didn't understand the strange expression on his handsome face.

Apparently satisfied that she'd wet every stiff inch of her son's big speer the older woman turned and bent over, draping herself over the edge of the tub. Becky saw the woman's exposed jelly soft ass and the furry lips of her pouting cunt as she bent over.

"Hurry, don't waste any of it," the lady demanded, her voice sounded hollow as it echoed in the tub. "Hurry, baby. Give mama what she wants!!!"

Becky's sharp fingernails dug into the soft wood of the cabinet and she shivered as she watched the incestous couple melt together. The handsome boy dropped to his knees and spread the cheeks of his mother's ass with one hand while he guided the red knob of his cock with the other.

The girl in the cabinet moaned to herself and her trim bottom began to shake as she watched the son slowly penetrate his mother's brown, wrinkled anus with one steady lunge!!

"Aaaarrrrrggggghh," the woman grunted. The blonde's thighs stiffened and she lifted herself while the gleaming length of her son's prick stuffed itself into her. "It's as big as a telephone pole! You make me feel hollow inside when you pull out!"

The boy didn't speak, didn't change expression as he gripped his mother by the hips and slammed himself at her. Each lunge shock Becky and made the naked child's own tight anus burn! The lady groaned and cried as she worked her fat ass in rapid, demanding circles. She was trying to milk her good looking son's cock, trying to make him corn in her ass!

"Aggggghhhhhbhhhhhh… I'm… I'm cummmmminnnnnggggg… aaaaaiiiieeeee!!" The naked woman screamed and shook, Becky could tell that her son was cumming too because thick ropes of his semen were spurting out around his prick!

"The rest of it," the naked woman begged. Becky was surprised that she didn't get up once her son had pulled his long, punishing cock free of her bruised asshole. "Do it, darling, you know what I want, the rest!"

Becky was bewildered but something deep at the back of her, head warned her to turn away but she couldn't do it!

"Please, Danny. Finish it, give mama what she needs!!" The boy called Danny didn't change expression as he stood tall over his crouching mother and held his limp, sperm coated-cock in his hand.

For a moment Becky decided that nothing was going to happen then she saw the boy's buttocks clench and the long tube of his prick twitch as he began to piss!!

"Auuuuuggggghhhhhhh!… Hunnnnnggggg," the naked woman gasped and moaned as she let her son piss on her. Becky shuddered and bit hard on her lips to keep from making a sound as she watched. Little yellow streams ran down the blonde's fleshy back and disappeared between her reddened buttocks. Other streams ran over her spine and shoulder blades only to flow away into her tousled hair "Ooooooo, you dirty boy," the woman panted "You dirty boy, you shouldn't do this to your mama!"

As she moaned and squealed the older woman turned around and crawled into the tub, she lay face up and opened her mouth wide to catch the last hot spurts of her son's piss. "More, just a little more, darling," the blond pleaded, rubbing urine on her breasts and belly. "Just one more spurt!"

They'd been gone a long time before Becky could get the will to creep out of the cabinet. The little girl shook her head again and again and stared at the drops of love juice that were still dripping from her hairless slot. What was happening to her? She'd almost cum when she saw what the son did to his mother. How could she be excited by that?

A strong, unreasoning fear welled up in her and Becky jerked open one of the bathroom doors, she had to get away, no matter what happened!

Just as she got to the back door it swung open and Doc strode in with Anne! The terrified teenager saw how shaken and exhausted her poor cousin was and wanted to be sick!

"They called me and told me to bring her over here," Doc rumbled as he stared at Becky with angry little eyes. "That bastard Don said he didn't care if they killed her, just bring her all the same!!!"

Becky was about to speak but, wisely held her tongue, she'd never seen Doc like this! The big man looked around him and he reminded Becky of an enraged bull looking for a fight.

Becky heard footsteps behind her and whirled to see Uncle Don and Miss June staggering toward them!

The little girl would have run if the ugly handyman hadn't stopped her, he put a hand on her arm and had just enough time to give her a warning shake of the head before Miss June's strident voice grated in their ears.

"What the hell kept you Doc? Get Anne stripped and shoo both of them back in there. This is going to be a big night for us!" The attractive motel owner had and arm around Uncle Don and she was giggling at them while she worked her hand up and over his stiffening cock. "What are you waiting for? Get out of here we want to be alone!!"

The big handyman grunted and took something out of his pocket as he advanced on the startled couple. Doc didn't say a word until he got close enough to whisper to them. Becky saw Miss June's eyebrows shoot high on her face and she started to say something angry but Doc stopped her by clumsily cuffing her on the side of the head!!

Uncle Don looked terrified and made no effort to protect Miss June. Doc paused long enough to look back at Becky and yell at her.

"Get dressed, little girl. Anne has your stuff." Then Doc turned back to the couple and said something quietly. Miss June snorted and tried to refuse again but all it earned her was another slap on the ear!

The motel owner looked frightened as she turned and bent over the kitchen counter. Doc handed Uncle Don a tube of something and mumbled at him. Don Harper's face grew white and he shook his head violently but it didn't stop Doc. The ugly handyman just stepped back a pace and delivered a thundering kick against the ex-minister's naked backside!

She couldn't help it, Becky was dressing as she watched and when she saw Don jump and heard him groan as he began to laugh!! Doc said something else and when Don hesitated he kicked him again, the impact made his long cock jump like a fishing pole!!

The ex-minister was crying as he squirted something out of the tube and smeared it on his hard-on. Then, with a sorrowful look, he moved in behind Miss June and shoved his familiar dong deep into her pussy!!

"Come on, out the door," Doc grunted as he returned to them. "We gotta long trip ahead of us!"

"They shoulda been nice to you," Doc rumbled, shaking his head as he drove. "They had no call to hurt you, you were being good!" Becky didn't know what to say, she stared out the window and the and the knowledge that they were going home frightened her as much as it excited her.

"Here, take this stuff, they don't deserve to have it," Doc said and tossed a thick folder on Becky's lap. The startled little girl opened the folder and saw that all the pictures and the tapes that had been made were there!!

"What's going to happen when… when they come after us? Won't you get in trouble, Doc?" Becky's voice trembled as she asked the question that had bothered her since they left. "Why did they let us go so easily?"

Doe giggled! Becky stared at him in open mouthed amazement as the big man made a high, girlish sound and happily pounded on the steering wheel until the, girl thought it would break.

"They ain't comin'! At least not yet! I made that phoney preacher rub wonder glue on his cock! That stuff will stick to anything, even Miss June!" Becky stared at him and then, when she thought she'd forgotten how she smiled and then began to roll back and forth on the seat as she roared with delighted laughter!!

"Damn! I'm glad that I found you," Toni said. "Mama just called, she's coming home tomorrow and we have to clean the place up!!" Anne's sister was so busy talking that she didn't notice the dumbfounded looks on Becky's or Anne's faces.

"Look, I'll make a deal," Toni said. "I'll give each of you a ten dollar bill if you won't tell mama that I've been gone for the past few days, deal?" When the smaller girls hesitated Toni pleaded with them. "Come on! Why get me in trouble? Jeff and I had a nice time, why does mama have to know that I've been gone?"

Toni hurried out of the room and each girl held a crisp new bill in her fist. "She didn't even know that we we-re gone," Anne whispered in an awed voice.

"Nobody knows!"

"Take this and give it to that sneaky little kid. What's his name? Benny! Tell him to keep his mouth shut and he can have it," Becky ordered as she hurried out the door "I'll be back in a while!"

Doc was still sitting in the car where they left him. He smiled at her as Becky slipped in beside him. "It's all right, no problems," the little girl whispered.

"Drive down the alley, there's a garage we can park in." While she spoke Becky's hands were opening the big man's trousers and playing with his powerful cock "I owe you something and this is a debt I'm going to love paying off!!"