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Wild young wife

John Adams

John Adams

Wild young wife


"Yes, I'll give Mr. Brenner the message. I'm sure he will return your call very soon. Thank you for calling Brenner Products."

Lynn Walker placed the phone receiver back into the cradle. She smiled as she filled in the date and time on the message slip. She had reason to smile, for she had done well in her first month on the job.

"Package for Mr. Thorsen."

Lynn heard the muffled voice through the glass. She reached up and pushed the glass partition aside. A young man was standing in the reception area. He held a small package out to her and grinned smugly. "Well, lady. Do you want it?"

Lynn stared at the long-haired youth for a moment. She saw his eyes drop to admire her big tits. She smiled, and straightened her shoulders. The front of her sweater bulged.

"Who's it for?" she said, reaching for the package.

"I told you, Mr. Thorsen," the young man said. He pushed his hands into the pockets of his jeans and waited for her to sign the receipt. He continued to stare at the pretty receptionist. He admired her long, brown hair, and wondered what her jugs looked like without the blouse over them.

Lynn handed him the receipt. She was enjoying the reaction she was getting from him.

"I'm supposed to pick up a big envelope," he said. "It's for the Quickie Messenger Service."

Lynn turned in her chair to look on the credenza behind her desk. She saw the envelope. She got up from her seat and reached for it, causing her short skirt to ride up.

"I knew it!" the messenger said when she leaned over to pick up the envelope.

"Knew what?" Lynn asked.

"That your legs would look as good as the rest of you," he grinned broadly.

"Thank you," Lynn said. "Now, do you mind if I get back to work?" She smiled at the young man and started to slide the glass back.

"My name is Mike! I'll be back in again to see you!" the aggressive messenger shouted through the glass.

Lynn laughed and sat down at her desk as he left. She squeezed her lush thighs together. The hungry ache in her cunt was still there. Glancing at the clock, she saw the five minutes remained before the day would end. Her stiff clit began to throb as she thought of her plans for after work.

Her husband, Brad, had not been the least suspicious when she phoned that she would be late tonight. She had expected that reaction from him. Stopping for a drink with one of the girls in the office was as good an excuse as any. He had no way of knowing what she really had planned. Lynn smiled to herself while she drummed her pencil on the desk. Brad would croak if he knew the truth.

Too nervous to wait any longer, the pretty brunette jumped up from her seat and grabbed her purse. She didn't even bother to tell anyone she was leaving. She rushed out of the office toward the elevators, her big tits bouncing around under her sweater.

"Hold it, please!" she shouted when she saw the door about to close on the elevator.

"You just made it!" the balding, middle-aged man in the elevator smiled as Lynn slipped through the closing doors. He stared hungrily at the big-titted young woman, and thought about the old fat wife he was going home to.

Lynn smiled at the man as she breathed heavily.

She knew he was gaping at her. The stiff nipples of her braless tits were clearly outlined under her thin sweater.

"Good night!" Lynn smiled as the doors opened at the main floor of the building. She deliberately let her tit press against the man's arm as they left the elevator. She laughed to herself as she thought that it must be the biggest thrill the man had had for a long time.

The early-spring air was refreshing when she left the building from the Thirty-fourth Street exit. New York was a big, crowded place, but the excited wife hardly noticed the people rushing home. She quickly walked the three blocks to the Dorsley Hotel.

The Dorsley Lounge was just off the main lobby of the big, sophisticated hotel. Lynn walked into the lobby. She smiled at the double-take she got from the doorman. Pausing next to the entrance of the bar, she smoothed her sweater down. Her heart pounding with excitement, she walked slowly into the dark, smoky lounge.

Jason was sitting at a small table in the corner. He stood and motioned her over. She almost floated across the floor, aware of the turning heads as she passed.

"I wasn't sure that you would come," the handsome salesman smiled. He took her hand and guided her into the seat next to him. He held her hand tightly as he waved to the waitress.

"I said I would come, didn't I?" Lynn smiled at the attractive man. He looked younger than his thirty-six years. His collar-length blond hair and thick beard made the big difference in his appearance and his actual age.

"What are you drinking?" Jason asked when the young waitress arrived.

Lynn felt his knee against her leg as she spoke. "I'll have a gin and tonic."

"Make that two," Jason smiled to the girl.

Lynn pressed her leg harder against his knee. Her cunt was glowing with heat. She had been instantly attracted to the handsome salesman her first day in the office. He had been the first one at the company to make her feel welcomed. Though they had flirted often, this was the first time they had actually seen each other out of the office.

The girl brought the drinks. "Here's to a good time!" Jason toasted.

Lynn clinked her glass against his. "And to a lot of good fucking!" she boldly toasted. She giggled when Jason almost choked on his drink.

He recovered his composure after a long swallow. "I wasn't expecting you to say that," he smiled, his cock twitching inside his briefs.

"Why play games?" Lynn shrugged. "You did get a room for us?"

"Uh… yeah… I just thought…"

Lynn slipped her hand wider the table and found his crotch. She squeezed the stiffening length of his big cock.

"Listen, Jason. I'm so horny I can't wait for a lot of talk and games. I want to fuck! Now, why don't we finish these drinks and go up to the room?"

Jason had been around. He prided himself on his ability to read women. He realized that he had read Lynn in a different way than she really was. The rather quiet, sweet receptionist around the office was now an aggressive, horny woman. He gulped his drink and watched her empty her glass, her warm hand still on his cock.

"Okay, let's go!" Lynn smiled. "My panties are wet and squishy. I can't wait to get them off!"

Jason needed to hear no more. He tossed a five on the table and led the anxious woman from the bar. He could almost feel the heat flowing from her as they walked across the lobby toward the elevators.

They were alone in the elevator as it carried them to the seventeenth floor. Lynn wrapped her arms around his neck and shoved her hips hard against him. She felt his cock growing harder and longer as she rubbed against his body. His tongue shot into her wet mouth, and she sucked hungrily on it.

"Come on!" Jason gasped when they reached the floor. He held her hand and pulled her down the hall to the room. His hand trembled as he tried to open the door with the key.

Lynn giggled when they were finally in the room and the door was slammed behind them. She had to push him away as he tried to grab her again.

"Get those clothes off, lover! I want to be fucked! I want that hard cock in my cunt! I want it as deep and hard as you can give it to me!"

The man yanked his coat off. He pulled his tie away from his shirt. He fumbled with his shirt-buttons as he watched the smiling woman pull her sweater over her head.

"Damn!" the appreciative man gasped when she tossed the sweater onto the floor. He had never seen a firmer, juicier pair of tits!

Lynn's pussy was on fire! She kicked her shoes away. She wriggled out of the skirt. The front of her panties was soaked by her gushing cunt-juice. She slipped the wet panties over her hips and let them slide down her quivering legs. The man moaned when he saw her wet, glistening cunt-hairs.

"Hurry, lover!" Lynn said as she stretched out on the large bed. She didn't bother to pull the coven back. Her hot body was desperate to be fucked! She pulled her long legs up until her feet were flat on the bed. Her thighs opened to let him see the pink, wet lips of her greedy gash. The moaning woman squeezed her hot boobs and squinned her ass around on the bed as she waited for the man to finish undressing.

"Shit, Lynn!" Jason groaned when he finally finished. "I never knew you were such a hot bitch!" He stared at the wild wife as she squeezed her jugs and opened her legs further.

"Don't talk!" Lynn hissed. "We can talk later! Get over here and fuck me!"

Jason practically jumped onto the bed. He had hardly touched the mattress before she grabbed him. Her long nails dug into his bare shoulders. She desperately pulled his body between her hot legs. Her gaping cunt sought the swollen tip of his thrusting dick.

"Put it in! Put it in!" she screamed deliriously.

He reached between their bodies and clutched at his aching cock. She pulled her legs back until her thighs were squashing her heaving boobs. Her fingers pulled at his ass. Jason aimed his hugh prick at her wet hole and plunged.

"Yessss!" Lynn screamed. She immediately let her body go wild. Her ass shoved up from the bed. Her pussy absorbed every wonderful inch of his thick shaft. She could feel every hot sensation as his cock stretched her tight cunt, and his heavy balls slapped against her upturned ass-cheeks.

"Ram me! Ram me, Jason!" the crazed wife shouted. She locked her ankles around his neck and rocked, her doubled-up body under the pounding man. She had never been so wonderfully stuffed with cock!

Jason tried to give her all she could possibly take. His ass lifted and he slammed down. He fucked her hard. Harder than he had ever fucked a woman, and he had fucked many. But as hard as he fucked her wet, deep twat, she wanted it harder.

"More! Deeper! Harder!" Lynn chanted at her humping lover. She wanted to make up for all the years of gentle fucking in one night! She wanted Jason to give her what her husband never had. Instead of her defenseless position, she was very agile as she fucked back. The hard-fucking man began to wonder if he could last and bring the wild woman to a climax befor he collapsed.

Jason needn't have worried. The hunger in the woman was so intense that her boiling cunt was ready to explode. A few more hard, deep strokes would do it. Lynn's steaming-hot pussy began to contract, spasmodically signalling her blast.

"Faster! Faster! I'm coming! I feel it! Give me that cock! Fuck deeper!" she screamed as the power of the sensations grew. Her clit throbbed! The muscles in her straining neck stood out. In the middle of it all she felt her lover shout and groan as his cum blasted.

"Give me that curn! I'm on fire! Oh, God! I'm on fire! More! More! More!" The fire burned through her body. A searing grip of sensations enveloped her. "Again! Again!" she moaned while the multiple come smothered her senses.

"Baby! Baby!" Lynn cooed as the come began to lose intensity. Fading tremors made her shudder as the exhausted man stopped pumping and dropped his sweaty weight onto her. She squeezed her tender fuck-hole around his buried prick.

"Wow!" Jason gasped when she unwrapped her legs from his neck and gave him a chance to breath. "I knew that underneath that cool exterior was a real woman… but I had no idea bow hot you were!"

Lynn stretched her cramped legs out and laughed softly, "I've only started. Before the night is over I'm going to drain every drop of cum from your balls, lover."

Jason pushed himself off her hot flesh and fell to her side. She moaned at the loss of his softening cock. He reached for her wet snatch. His finger slipped in, and he began to slowly finger-fuck her. She reached over and wrapped her fingers around his cunt-juice-coated prick.

"I guess you're not getting enough at home," Jason said, his thumb lightly rubbing her sensitive clit. "Are things going badly with, you and Brad?" Lynn was silent for a moment before she spoke. "Let's just say that I need more than one man to take care of this," she said, pointing at her pussy.

"If I had known you were so horny, I would've done something about it the first day you came to work," Jason grinned.

Lynn was gradually pumping his cock back to stiffness. "I don't think I was ready then. This is the first job I've had since my marriage to Brad, and I needed this month to see that there is more to life than being a housewife."

Jason increased the pace of his finger-fucking. "I hope I'll be able to help you see that you are a lot more than a housewife."

"I expect you to," Lynn smiled. She accentuated her statement by squeezing his cock harder. Jason groaned when she pushed his hand away from her wet cunt and climbed on top of him.

"What do you have in mind now, Mrs. Walker?" the man asked as she straddled his body and poised her dripping twat over his jutting dick.

Lynn teased her pussy-lips along the tip of his bobbing prick for a while before she answered. "I had intended to sit on your cock… but… I've changed my mind."

Jason had a big grin on his bearded face as he watched the lovely woman back down his body. She soon had her head bent over his cock. Her stiff nipples brushed his thighs as she let her hungry mouth slowly lower to his hard shaft.

"Yeah!" Jason groaned when her tongue touched his blood-filled cock-head.

Lynn felt deliciously wicked as she licked her own twatjuice from his throbbing cock. Her cunt flashed with heat when she tasted the sticky fluid. His prick was still oozing leftover cum, and she happily absorbed it with her hungry tongue.

"Come on, Lynn!" Jason pleaded impatiently. "Suck my cock in! Stop teasing me!" He tried to shove his aching rod into her mouth, but she giggled and moved her head to the side. She smiled and licked down his thick cock, driving him mad with her teasing tongue. His balls were waiting, and she kissed and sucked the hairy nut.

"Shit, Lynn!" the frustrated man moaned as one of his sensitive balls disappeared into her greedy mouth.

Lynn decided that he was excited enough. Her wet lips nibbled up his cock until she was against the swollen tip. She opened her mouth and closed her lips over his red prick-head.

"Godddd!" he cried out. "Suck it, baby! Suck it good!"

The excited wife didn't have to be told what to do with the tasty cock. She tightened her lips on the hard pole, and used her tongue to make him moan with pleasure. The hot cock was disappearing into her sucking mouth. Jason tried to watch her sucking action, but he had to give it up as the pleasure became unbearable. He dropped his head back to the pillow and let her suck, his face grimacing with the wonderful job she was doing on him.

Lynn was thoroughly enjoying herself. Her hand felt between her trembling legs for her buzzing clit.

She moaned around Jason's big prick when she pinched her clit between her fingers. The only thing lacking was another big cock in her hot pussy. She contented herself with sucking on the one in her mouth while she manipulated her stinging clit.

"Damn, woman!" Jason groaned. "At least turn around so I can do the same for you!" He grabbed at her arms, trying to pull her around so her wet cunt would be within reach of his mouth.

Lynn released his hard cock. "Sounds delicious!" She did as he asked. Soon, her magnificent body was in a sixty-nine position over his. She wasted no time in getting back to her cocksucking.

"Mmmmm!" the hot wife moaned around his stiff prick when she felt his tongue fuck across her aching clit. Her mouth plunged down on his swollen rod until his cock-head pushed against the entrance of her throat. Her hand grabbed his balls and squeezed firmly as he slavishly ate her hungry snatch.

Jason groaned at the exquisite pleasure of her hot sucking. He reached up to pull at her plump ass-cheeks. Her drooling twat was closer to his lips. He nibbled, kissed, and sucked at the hot, tangy slit. Her resulting moans of pleasure gently vibrated his enveloped prick.

Lynn thought of all the times she had wanted Brad to eat her like this. She had been right about Jason; he was an expert in all the forms of sex. Her greedy mouth began to furiously pump his wonderful cock. She let his big dick-head pop into her throat. At the same time she felt his lips close over her burning clit.

It didn't take much time for Lynn to feel another delicious explosion building. Her clit thrilled to the man's relentless sucking. Her nipples burned. Her clit gushed hot, thick twat-juice. The hot juice matted Jason's beard. The sweet, burning sensations filled her cunt, and then, for a long moment she was numb.

Suddenly, the blast ripped through her pussy. "Unh! GGGGGHHH!" Lynn moaned, the groans forcing their way out around his huge cock. "Wuuuuuhhh! Ahhhh!"

She heard Jason's muffled groans as he cried out his eruption. His first sound was quickly followed by a hot spurt of jizz, shooting into her gulping throat. She face fucked his spewing prick like a maniac, her cunt and clit boiling and burning.

"Mmmmm!" the quivering wife moaned. She sucked the big cock dry. Her hungry mouth wouldn't relinquish the hard pole of hot flesh. Jason finally had to shove her off him. He gasped for breath after almost being smothered by her wet cunt.

"You're wild, woman!" he said as his head rested on her trembling thigh.

Lynn sat up and grinned down at him triumphantly, proud of her ability to exhaust the man. "How about another round, lover?"

Jason laughed and gently pushed her away. He stood and reached down to pull her up. "Let's take a shower together. I'd better get you home before your husband wonders what has happned to his lovrely wife."

Lynn giggled and playfully slapped him on the ass as she followed him into the bathroom. She knew that it was going to be a very long shower.


"Mmmmm!" Brad Walker groaned as his wife's wet lips closed over his swollen cock-head. He watched her while she knelt between his hairy legs and hungrily sucked his big shaft.

Lynn shifted forward on the bed, her knees sinking into the soft mattress. The morning stiffness began to ease out of her thighs as she rocked back and forth. She braced her hands on her husband's knees and drove her mouth down for a few more inches of his stiff prick.

"What a way to wake up!" the writhing husband grunted. He cupped her hanging tits in his hands and forgot for a moment that he would be late for work.

Lynn giggled to herself and enjoyed her husband's reaction to her sucking. She had awakened horny, determined to start the morning off with a good fuck. The night before, with Jason, had only made her want more cock.

"Baby!" Brad moaned when her throat took in the head of his thrusting dick. "Suck it, honey!"

He squeezed her jugs painfully and hunched his ass up from the bed. His thick cock crammed her mouth and throat until she couldn't breathe, but she didn't care.

This was just what Lynn wanted from her husband. She wanted him to take her, and use her. Her mouth hungered to be fucked by his hard cock. She couldn't remember all the nights she had waited for him to stuff her cunt. She silently cursed him for making her look elsewhere for prick.

Brad watched her pretty face as it lifted and pushed down on his cock. Her tangled hair fell around his hips. Her small mouth was stretched tremendously by the thickness of his huge rod. His nuts burned with a huge load of cum. It wouldn't be long before his lovely wife would be gulping the hot stuff down her throat.

Lynn's hot cunt was already dripping twat-juice. She sucked faster, wanting him to come so she could sit on his cock and feed her hungry pussy. The throbbing prick signaled that it would soon erupt.

"Darling!" Brad gasped when the first strong ripple raced through his balls. "Suck it, babe! Suck harder! I'm… I'm… coming."

Lynn was ecstatic! She took his blasting jizz, her constricting throat taking every shot until he emptied his swollew balls. She gladly gave him pleasure, knowing that she was going to get her own release when he finished.

Lynn was hot and ready to fuck when her husband pushed her mouth away from his cock. She was ready to scramble over him and sit on his prick. She wanted to fuck while his dick was still hard; it wouldn't take long for her to come.

"No more, darling," Brad said as he pushed her away and started to get up. "I'm late for work. We'll have to finish this when I get home."

Lynn couldn't believe that he would be so uncaring.

"You bastard!" she hissed as she sprawled on the bed and watched him get up. "You're not going to leave me like this?"

Brad didn't seem to take her seriously. "Honey! I'll be home in a few more hours. Surely you can wait that long to be fucked."

Lynn was so enraged that she couldn't speak. She glared at her husband's naked back as he walked into the bathroom. Her hot body was shaking with a combination of need and fury. During the time that Brad was in the shower she remained in the bed, thinking of how she could make herself come after he left.

After Brad came out of the shower Lynn refused to open her eyes. She pretended to be asleep, not wanting to talk to him. During the few minutes it took him to dress she waited, wanting him to hurry and leave her alone.

"Honey?" Brad whispered when he was ready to leave. "I've got to get to the offices."

Lynn didn't open her eyes. She heard him leave the room. Only when the front door opened and closed did she stir.

Surprisingly, Lynn was smiling when she finally got up from the bed. Her mind was full of exciting plans. She knew that the first thing to do was to call the office and report sick. After doing this she went into the bathroom to freshen up, her naked body tingling as she thought of the entire day she would have to herself.

It wasn't long before the young wife was dressed and out of her apartment. As she walked through the lobby to the street she checked herself in the big wall-mirrors. She liked what she saw. The tight brown sweater and short beige skirt seemed to be the perfect clothing for the mood she was m.

She didn't see Bill, the doorman, as she left the building. She was a little disappointed; it would have been nice to see his reaction.

Turning at the corner, Lynn headed for Fifty-ninth Street. She knew where she was going. The adult theater showed continuous porn films, and Lynn had always wanted to go there by herself. One of the girls in the offlce had been recently. She had described in vivid detail one of the loops which showed three men fucking one woman.

Lynn didn't take long to reach the theater. She paid her money and walked into the small lobby.

As she climbed the stairs to the balcony her eyes slowly became accustomed to the dim light.

When she reached the balcony her eyes immediately went to the big screen. The first thing she saw was a close-up of a huge cock, buried in a widely-stretched pink cunt. She forced her eyes from the screen and searched for a seat.

The theater wasn't very crowded this early in the morning. The few patrons were all men, well-dressed and all obviously businessmen taking time off from work. Lynn spotted an empty row of seats in the center of the balcony and slowly made her way down the aisle.

She was aware of the eyes on her as she walked to her seat. Not many women came here alone, and it thrilled her to be the center of so much attention.

Sitting down in the padded seat Lynn felt very hot. The screen was filled with wild fucking-action. She leaned back and stared at the humping couple. Her thighs automatically pressed together as she felt the heat growing in her wet cunt. Cunt-juice was already oozing out of her hungry gash. Wearing no panties had been a good idea.

Lynn vaguely heard the background music playing as the couple fucked. The man had the woman on her hands and knees. He was behind her, his long dick pumping her pussy with deep, powerful strokes.

The camera moved to the front of the woman. Her face reflected the ecstasy she must be feeling.

Her big tits hung down nd swayed with each brutal thrust of the man's hard cock. Lynn could see that the woman's joy was genuine. A strong feeling of envy came over the young wife as she watched the woman on the screen. Lynn wanted to take her place. She could almost feel that big prick in her own greedy cunt.

Lynn didn't really think about what she was doing. She wriggled around in her seat, making her short skirt bunch up around her hips. Her hand slipped between her hot thighs.

"Unnnnhhh!" she moaned aloud when her fingers found her wet cunt. Her pleasure was intense as she fingered herself and stared at the fucking couple. She forgot about the men around her. Her mind was filled by the filmed fucking, and by the pleasure she was giving herself.

The couple shifted position. The man pulled out of the woman's cunt and pushed her over on her back. Lynn's clit throbbed when she saw his big hard prick. The huge rod swayed and jerked under his body as he prepared to plunge down into the woman's waiting snatch.

Lynn wanted desperately to be where the woman was. She wanted to be under the man, spreading her legs for him, opening her hot cunt for his wonderful cock.

"Mnimmm!" she groaned again when her fingers pinched her aching clit.

The man began to pound the woman again. His ass lifted and drove. The woman's mouth opened in a silent scream of delight as she wrapped her long legs around the man's back. Lynn slid down in the seat so she had better access to her boiling twat.

Lynn was so involved with the movie, and with her fingering, that she didn't notice the movement to her right. She was startled when she looked up and saw a man moving down the row of seats where she was sitting. He was almost upon her before she realized what was happening.

"May I sit here?"

Lynn heard the man's question, but it didn't fully register in her dazed mind. Her hand stopped working; she knew that her skirt still barely hid her pussy from his view. She stared up at him.

The flickering light from the screen revealed that the man was young and attractive. He was dressed in a dark business suit. His dark hair appeared to be perfectly in place.

"Is this seat taken?" he asked as Lynn gazed at him uncertainly.

"No," the puzzled wife said with a barely audible voice.

Lynn wasn't certain what to do or say when he sat next to her. Her hand was still under her skirt, but she let it rest against her wet cunt. Her eyes went back to the screen and she waited for him to say something.

Several minutes went by and the man still didn't speak. She could hear his breathing over the music. She wanted to turn to him; the silence was awkward. After a few more minutes she had almost worked up the courage to speak when his arm slowly lifted to rest on the back of her seat. She held her breath and waited for his touch.

When his touch came it was tentative. He lightly cupped his hand around her shoulder, gradually increasing the pressure and moving his hand down toward her tit.

The excited wife felt her cunt respond immediately. The anticipation of where his hand was headed made her nipples harden further. The thrill of being touched by a total stranger was breathtaking. Her hand pressed against her pussy.

Lynn ran her tongue around her lips and stared at the movie. The man was really pumping the woman's cunt. The camera had moved in for a close-up rear-view. It was an open shot of the big prick as it fucked. The man's heavy balls could be seen slapping the woman's ass with each thrust he made. Cunt-juice was running from the flowing cunt into the woman's spread ass-crack.

The man next to Lynn still didn't say anything. He moved his hand down over her tit very slowly. Lynn held her breath and fixed her eyes on the screen. She could hear his heavy, loud breathing. It seemed to take forever before his fingers finally brushed over her nipple.

"Mmmmmm!" Lynn softly moaned when the warm sensation raced from her nipple to her cunt.

The stranger leaned over and put his lips very close to her ear. "Is it okay if I touch you like this?"

Lynn almost laughed at his question. It seemed rather silly considering that she hadn't made any objection.

"Touch all you want," she whispered in a hoarse voice.

He kept his mouth next to her ear as he squeezed her big, hot jug. She could feel his warm breath on her neck. Her finger probed her wet cunt again as she let him feel her and turn her on with his noisy breathing.

The hot wife thrilled to the dreamy unreality of what was happening to her. Letting a stranger touch her while she fingered her cunt was the most exciting experiance of her life. The heat in her body swept away any normal inhibitions. Her clit vibrated when she rubbed it. Her cunt flowed with thick twat-juice.

His hand reached down to pull up her blouse.

Lynn gasped when he touched the flesh of her stomach. She pushed her finger deeper into her wet pussy.

"Ooooohhhh!" she groaned when he felt her naked boob.

"You've got nice tits, baby," the man whispered when his hand closed over her aching jug.

"Thank you," Lynn hissed, her face twisting into a pleased grin.

Lynn wanted to feel his cock in her hand. She wanted to stroke his dick while she watched the big fucking prick in the movie. Keeping one hand on her cunt, she moved her other hand over the arm of the seat.

"Yeah, honey!" the man groaned when her fingers brushed his thigh and slowly teased toward his crotch. "Take it out, baby! Take it out and play with it!"

The horny wife found the hardness of his cock and softly rubbed her palm over it. She could feel the heat of his shaft through his pants.

"Get it out, honey!" the man moaned.

His zipper was very easy to pull down. Lynn felt her cunt twitch when she heard the exciting sound of the zipper sliding down. She had to turn and look down at his crotch. She wanted to see his cock when she freed it from his trousers.

"Yeah, baby!" he hissed when her warm hand touched his prick through his briefs.

His cock was big. It responded to her hand by twitching violently and throbbing. She moaned softly when she squeezed his hardness.

"Squeeze my tit harder!" she pleaded.

He did. His fingers closed around her jug until she groaned from the pain. It was a sweet pain, though. The sharp sensation made little needlepoints of pleasure run through her hot body.

Her hand still feeling her wet pussy, Lynn struggled to get his dick out of his shorts. She couldn't believe how much of it protruded from his pants when she finally pulled it up and out. It must have been nine inches long.

"Shit, woman!" he gasped when she wrapped her slim fingers around it and began to slowly pump it.

Lynn loved the hot, smooth feel of his hard shaft. But feeling it wasn't enough. She needed the taste of it in her hungry mouth. She wasn't sure how she was going to manage it, but she had to have that big thing between her lips.

It was awkward at first. The arm of the seat was in the way, but she was determined. By twisting her body around toward him, she was able to position her head over his lap. He shifted his hands so that he could reach under her and play with her tits.

She stared at the beautiful prick for a while. Even in the flickering light of the theater, she could see the stiff rod. The swollen head gleamed with moisture. The veiny cock looked delicious.

The man moaned with anticipation when her pretty face began to lower toward the tip of his jerking prick. His hands pulled her sweater up over her hot boobs. He squeezed them even harder than before.

Lynn took her hand away from her cunt. She wanted to concentrate on the cocksucking she was about to perform.

Not really caring if anyone else in the theater could see, she reached with her tongue for the head of his cock. The taste was intoxicating. His pre-cum was the most wonderful thing she had ever tasted. Her tongue cleaned all the precious liquid off with a few delirious swipes.

"Taste it, baby!" the man groaned, and hunched his ass up to shove his dick at her mouth. He still couldn't believe that he could be so lucky as to find a doll like her in the grubby theater.

Moaning her appreciation for the way he was feeling her tits, Lynn went back for more of his hard cock.

The head was huge. She began by kissing it, working her way up to taking it into her mouth. Her impatient hunger soon took over and she had to suck the thick pole in.

"Godddd!" he groaned when her wet lips stretched wide to suck in the head of his aching dick.

Lynn moaned an incoherent answer around his cock.

The excitement of sucking the cock of a stranger was making the young wife's cunt boil. Added to that was the thrill of doing it in a public place. The danger of being discovered was another reason her body was so hot.

"Take it all!" he pleaded when her greedy mouth sucked in more of his jutting shaft.

Lynn wanted it all. She wanted to shove her face down until the head of his tasty cock popped into her throat. After she sucked his cum out she wanted him to eat her, or finger-fuck her, or anything!

Too cock-hungry to suck slowly, Lynn began to move her mouth rapidly up and down his dick. She made noisy, wet smacking sounds as she happily fucked her face with the big pole.

The man's hands tightened on her jugs. He began to gasp for breath as his nuts burned and prepared to erupt. Lynn sensed that he was about to come, and she worked harder to make him fill her mouth with hat jizz.

"Oh, baby!" he rasped. "You sweet bitch! You're gonna get it! You're gonna get all of my cum!"

The crazed wife wanted it all! Her timing was perfect. She slammed her face down until his cock-head was buried in her hungry throat. At the exact moment that his cock entered her throat, his balls exploded.

Lynn could actually feel the first hot spurt of cum that blasted into her crammed throat. His hand found the back of her head and pushed down hard. With her throat full, and her nose smashed against his pants, she could hardly breath. It didn't matter to her, though.

The sucking wife experienced a total, submissive joy as she accepted his rapid bursts of cum. The discomfort of being crushed against his lap was minor compared to the ecstasy of taking his hot load.

Lynn wanted to be certain that she had every drop of cum before releasing his cock. She moaned and cooed around the empty prick for a long time before letting it slide from her throat and mouth.

"Wow, baby! You are good. You're really good!" the gasping man said as he let his head fall back against the seat.

Lynn smiled proudly. She then remembered the fire in her unsatisfied cunt. Wordlessly, she reclined in her seat. Reaching across, she took his hand and placed it on her thigh.

"Play with my pussy," she whispered with a hoarse voice. She helped him by tugging her skirt up so that her naked cunt was exposed to his hand.

The man went to work immediately. He wasted no time with teasing. His thick middle finger slipped into her juicy pussy, and began to pump with strong, deep motions.

"Yesss!" she hissed as she squirmed her hot ass around in time with his finger-thrusts.

While he probed her cunt, Lynn opened her eyes and watched the movie. Her clit throbbed at she stared at the man and woman on the screen. The man was licking the woman's gleaming snatch.

"Ooooohhh!" Lynn moaned in response to the hot sight. She grabbed at her lover's hand and forced it higher.

"Rub my clit!" she ordered.

He traced his finger up between her wet cunt-lips until he found her sensitive clit.

"Yes! There!" the wild wife gasped. "Rub it good! Make me come!"

His other hand went around her neck and reached down to grab one of her aching boobs.

"Oh, please! More! More!" Lynn pleaded. "Feel my tits! Rub my clit! I love it! I love it!"

The man knew how to use the proper rhythm. His hand on her tit seemed to move in perfect coordination with the one on her clit. The intense excitement was building to the point of explosion as the young wife gazed at the screen.

"Mmmmm! Do it! Feel me! Feel my body, lover! I know I'm going to come soon! It feels so good! Keep feeling me like that! I'm almost there! Just a little more!" Lynn hissed and moaned as her blast neared.

The man on the screen sucked in the woman's stiff clit. At the same moment Lynn came.

"God! Yes! Now! I'm there! Fuck! Oh, Lord! It's so beautiful! Rub it harder!"

The exploding-wife bucked her hot ass up from the seat and moaned ecstatically. Her eyes remained open and fixed on the screen. She could almost feel the man's lips on her clit as her come enveloped her writhing body.

Her lover pinched her nipples firmly, adding to the burning, throbbing sensations gripping her cunt. Her orgasm was long and drawn-out.

"It's good! It's so wonderful!" she moaned over and over as the climax continued until it eventually began to ease in intensity.

Lynn slowly relaxed. Her trembling body eased back into the seat. Her eyes closed. She was vaguely aware of his hands moving away from her tit and cunt. She heard a soft rustling sound, and what sounded like a zipper being pulled up. After this, she drifted into a dreamy state of sleep.

She didn't know how long she had dozed. She awoke suddenly. The man was gone. The film had ended and the screen was white. Lynn smiled and adjusted her clothing. She had to steady herself when she stood. Her cunt quivered as she thought of the sweet unreality of what had just happened to her.

Smiling contentedly, the young wife walked toward the exit, hardly aware of the curious eyes as she passed.


Lynn was happy to be finished with the letter. She pulled it from the typewriter and placed it on the corner of her desk. Mr. Blake could sign it in the morning.

It was almost time to leave for the day. Her impatience was heightened by the persistent hunger in her cunt. Her burning nipples had been hard throughout the day. Had it really happened just the day before? She still did not believe it.

Everytime she thought about the man in the theater her entire body trembled. It was better that she didn't know who he was. It was exciting to have sucked the cock of a stranger. That she would never see him again added a wild, wicked thrill to her thoughts.

"See you in the morning, Lynn!"

Lynn was startled by the voice. She looked up and saw Mr. Davis leaving for the day.

"Good night, sir," she muttered. Moving quickly, she left the office. She didn't want to work a minute more than she had to. Jason would be waiting for her. His big cock was waiting for her cunt and mouth.

She left the crowded elevator and rushed for the street. She grabbed a cab and gave the driver Jason's address. During the ride uptown, she relaxed and thought about fucking Jason in his apartment.

Another man shared the apartment with Jason. He would be out tonight, and Jason had suggested she come over. She was pleased that they didn't have to fuck in a hotel.

The ride was a long one. Traffic was very heavy. Lynn was so hot that she was certain her cunt-juice would soak through her slacks. She couldn't wait to take off the blouse and blazer she wore. Her ass squirmed on the seat as she looked anxiously out of the window.

Finally, the cab arrived at Jason's building. Lynn tossed money to the driver. She didn't wait for her change. She was too horny to worry about a generous tip.

The doorman quickly opened the door for her. She returned his smile and walked into the elevator.

When Jason opened the door to his apartment she threw herself into his arms.

"Wow!" he gasped when she finally pulled her wet tongue from his mouth. "You almost knocked me down!"

Lynn laughed and walked past him to the sofa. She immediately began to shed her clothing.

Jason closed the door and stared at his eager lover as she undressed. He shook his head in amazement while she rapidly revealed her big-titted body. He began to tear at his shirt and slacks when she was down to her panties.

"Come here, lover!" Lynn hissed. "I want you to take these off!"

Jason quickly obeyed. He knelt before the hot wife and looked up at her lovely face. He could smell the musky scent of her wet cunt through the thin panties.

"I'm going to take them off, Lynn," he whispered as his fingers pulled down on her waistband, "and then I'm going to eat your pussy!"

"Yesss!" the turned-on wife hoarsely whispered. She helped him by lifting her feet as he slid the wet panties down and off. Her hands cupped her aching jugs, and she bit her lip as she waited to feel his mouth on her cunt.

"What a pretty pussy," Jason said with an awed whisper.

"Eat it, darling!" Lynn groaned. Her legs spread apart in a wider stance. She put her hands behind his head to pull his mouth toward her itching snatch.

"Ahhhh, baby!" she gasped when his tongue snaked out to touch her quivering cunt-lips. Her fingers gripped his head. She forced his mouth against her slit.

Jason refused to be forced, though. He wanted to control things. He wanted to slowly work the pretty wife into a frenzy. It was an exciting turn-on to see her turn into a raving slut. His tongue was slow and deliberate as it teased around her boiling gash.

"My clit! Suck on it, Jason!" Lynn pleaded. She didn't think she needed any buildup. Her body was ready to be loved. Her cunt would explode with just a little sucking on her clit.

Jason still took his time. He enjoyed hearing her beg him to hurry. His mouth opened to suck on her twat-lips. His tongue slithered along the wet length of the crevice between the throbbing lips.

"Damn, Jason!" Lynn hissed. "This is no time to tease me! I need to be sucked! Fuck! I want your mouth on my clit! Now!" She tried to pull his mouth up by lifting on the back of his head.

Jason smiled to himself and let her have her way. His lips closed over her stiff clit.

"EEEEHHH!" Lynn shrieked deliriously when her clit disappeared into his mouth. Her knees almost buckled. Her head rolled on her shoulders as she experienced the hot pleasure she had begged for.

Jason rhythmically sucked her clit in, and then released it. He grabbed her hot ass-cheeks. His fingers gripped the firm flesh and made her gasp again with pleasure.

Lynn was too hot to keep from coming. A day of thinking about the stranger had been enough to make her cunt boil. A few firm sucking-motions of Jason's mouth was all she needed.

Her hands returned to her tits when the blast hit her cunt. "Good! Now! Suck that clit, Jason! Suck it off!" she screamed while her fingers pinched her nipples. "My cunt is coming, lover! Make it good for me! Suck harder! Do it hard! I'm coming, darling! Suck it! Suck it! Suuuu… My God! Suuuucccckkkk!"

Jason sucked in her clit and held it for the entire time she was coming. His lips clamped hard on the stiff bud. His hard cock jerked wildly between his thighs as he listened to her screams of joy.

"Suck! Suck! Suck!" Lynn groaned over and over. The sensations kept coming. The throbbings went on for a long time.

"Easy, baby," Jason whispered as he gently let her fall back onto the sofa. He could see her hips still moving forward to search for his mouth.

"I've got something else for you, baby," he said, pushing her shaking legs apart. He moved up over her tit braced his hands on the sofa and looked down at her sweaty body. His bobbing prick was poised above her cunt.

"Oh, please!" Lynn moaned when she looked down and saw the huge rod. "Put it in me, Jason!"

Her ass lifted ftom the sofa as she pushed her twat up for his dick. Her feet pressed against the floor.

Jason drove into her snatch on the first try. His long cock plunged completely into her lubricated pussy.

"Deeper! Oh, darling! Deeper!" Lynn cried.

He pulled back and rammed into her. With his feet on the floor he was able to add extra power to his plunges. The stuffed wife grunted and moaned with pain and pleasure with each hard drive.

"Give it to me!" she screamed, grabbing his ass. The sharp click of the door opening made the fucking wife freeze. She strained to look past Jason's body. A silent scream formed in her throat when she saw a man standing in the open doorway.

Jason hadn't heard the door open, but he felt her body stiffen. When he looked down he saw the look of horror on her face. He jerked his head around, and saw his roommate, Mel.

"Shit, man!" he shouted, shoving himself away from Lynn. Somehow, he managed to stand. His gleaming prick stood out from his body. He glared at the surprised Mel.

Mel's mouth was open. He had forgotten about his roommate's plans. He hadn't expected to be home early. His feet wouldn't move, and he didn't know what to do. His eyes were locked on the naked, big-titted body of the woman on the sofa.

"I… I'm sorry, Jason… I didn't know… I just forgot…" he stammered, his eyes staring at Lynn's wet cunt.

"So get the fuck out of here!" Jason yelled, his face flushed with anger and embarrassment.

"No!" Lynn finally spoke. Both men stared at her.

"Don't make him leave, Jason! Let him stay. I want you both to fuck me!" she hissed, her cunt blazing at the thought of taking on two cocks.

Jason didn't believe his ears. He looked at Mel. Mel couldn't take his eyes from Lynn. He had heard her words, but he couldn't believe it could be this easy. He should have left immediately, but she was asking him to stay.

Lynn was without shame. She wanted Mel. He was almost as handsome as Jason. His dark hair and tanned face made him attractive in a different way than Jason. She had often thought of fucking two men, and she didn't intend to miss this opportunity.

"I want him, Jason!" she said, the firmness of her tone leaving no doubt about her seriousness. "Either I get both of you, or I'm leaving."

Jason was confused. He knew she meant it. He felt foolish standing there naked in front of his roommate. His mouth moved, but he couldn't make any words come out.

Lynn wasn't waiting for his approval. She wanted to see Mel naked. Her horny eyes were already glued to his crotch. She smiled when she saw the bulge beneath his slacks.

"Hurry, Mel!" she hissed, her hand reaching down to caress her hungry cunt. "You know you want this pussy, honey. Get out of those clothes, and bring your cock over here. While Jason is making up his mind, we can be fucking!"

Mel glanced at Jason for a moment. He didn't hesitate for long, though. It didn't really matter what Jason thought. The hot bitch wanted to be fucked, and he was going to do it, with or without Jason.

"Yes, lover!" Lynn moaned when Mel began to pull his clothing off. "Hurry! Get naked! I want your dick in my cunt!"

It didn't take long for Mel to obey her command. He threw his briefs aside and let his hard prick spring free.

"Beautiful!" Lynn rasped when she saw his stiff cock. It wasn't as long as Jason's, but appeared to be just as thick.

Lynn scrambled from the sofa. She got down on her knees on the carpet. Her hungry eyes never left Mel's jerking shaft. She wanted to begin by sucking on that fat cock.

"Bring it over here, lover!" she smiled, her wet tongue circling her lips.

Jason was mesmerized by her performance. He felt his cock throb when he watched Mel walk over to the horny, kneeling woman. A feeling of being left out was rapidly creeping over his body as he watched his friend about to get his cock sucked by Lynn.

Mel stopped in front of Lynn. She smiled up at him for a moment. Then, her small hand reached up to hold his bobbing cock steady.

"Unnnhhh!" Mel groaned when her slim fingers wrapped around his prick, and pulled it downward.

Lynn smiled at his exclamation of pleasure. She wanted to please him. He wanted to please both men. Her eyes shifted to Jason's face. She smiled at him, as if to reassure him that his turn was coming. Her cunt was itching and burning as she turned back to stare at the swollen head of Mel's hot dick.

"It looks delicious!" she hissed. "I want to suck it until it shoots all of your hot cum into my mouth!"

Mel placed his hands on his hips and waited for her wet lips to touch his cock. "Suck it, baby!" he moaned.

Lynn wanted to tease him first. She used her other hand to lightly cup his balls.

"God, woman!" Mel gasped. He was afraid that if she didn't suck him soon he would come all over her pretty face.

Lynn had a smile of whorish pleasure on her face as she played with his cock and nuts. The heat in her cunt was building as she looked over at Jason and saw that he was slowly stroking his dick. She wasn't surprised that it hadn't taken him long to be turned on.

Her hungry mouth finally opened to suck in the blood-filled head of Mel's rod.

"Shit, yes!" Mel moaned.

The smooth texture of his cock-head thrilled Lynn. She squeezed firmly on his hanging balls, and sucked harder on his dick. Her little tongue swirled around and probed the small hole at the tip.

Jason moved closer. He had forgotten any jealousy he might have at first experienced. He now felt a part of the wildly exciting scene. His fascination with the uninhibited wife was growing. Watching Mel's cock disappear into her lovely face was making Jason's prick grow even harder.

"Mmmmm!" the wild wife moaned around the tasty pole. Her mouth impatiently began to push forward for more.

Jason wanted her to do something to his aching cock. He moved to her side, so that his swaying cock was almost touching her head.

Out of the corner of her eye Lynn saw Jason move closer. She reached out and found his jutting prick. Her hot mouth continued to suck hungrily on Mel's thick rod.

"Yeah, baby!" Jason gasped when her hand pulled on his dick. He looked at Mel, whose eyes were closed as he enjoyed the wetness of Lynn's sucking mouth.

Mel fucked his cock into her mouth. He knew that it wouldn't be long before his jizz emptied into her greedy throat.

The sucking wife wanted his cum to blast soon. She wanted to suck him off, and then turn to suck the thick cum from Jason's prick. She took more of the hot shaft. Her wet mouth shoved forward until the head of his cock pressed against the entrance of her throat.

Mel felt his cock stop at her throat. He wanted to feel the tightness of her throat as it closed around his throbbing cock-head. He shoved his hips forward.

"Mmmmgggghhhh!" Lynn groaned around the big cock when it popped into her throat. She loved it!

"Damn!" Mel shouted. He groaned from the exquisite grip her throat had on his dick. "Oh, baby! Suck! I'm going to come in your mouth!"

Lynn worked furiously on the expanding cock. Her head swiveled on her shoulders as she contracted her throat muscles around the thick rod.

"Auuuunnnhhhh!" she moaned around the hard prick as it blasted her throat with his hot load of fizz.

She took it all. Her hand never ceased pumping Jason's cock, in spite of her intense concentration on Mel's spurting dick.

When she was certain that every drop was drained from Mel's cock, Lynn pulled her mouth away. The empty pole jerked from her throat and waved in the air in front of her face. She smiled and gave it one last affectionate kiss.

Jason moaned when he saw her turn her smiling face toward his swollen cock.

Lynn was ready for another load of hot cum. She didn't waste time with preliminaries. Her open mouth closed over the head of Jason's dick.

"Ahhhh!" he moaned, and reached down to hold her head. "Eat it, Lynn! I need just a little before I come!"

Lynn felt her clit buzz at the sound of his words. She wanted his cum as soon as possible. She wanted to drain him, and then let both men give her the hard fucking her cunt craved.

Her hand cupped his swollen nuts. She shoved her face forward. His big cock crammed her mouth. Once again, a swollen cock-head was shoved into her throat.

"Wow!" Jason gasped when his dick rammed into her throat. "Fantastic, baby! Fantastic!"

Lynn was relentless in her desperate need to make him cum. It wasn't long before his balls erupted.

"Unnnhhh! Goddddd! Suck it! Ahhhh!" the man shouted and moaned when his jizz began to rip from his balls and shoot into her throat.

Lynn accepted it gratefully. Her big jugs bounced around with her wild movements. Deep, moaning sounds came from her throat as she took his blasts.

"Ohhhh, baby!" Jason groaned when he finally had to push her away from his spent cock. "You're the best!"

Lynn smiled up at the staggering man. She was happy that she had pleased the two men, but her wet, hungry snatch was demanding the same.

"Okay, boys!" the hot wife hissed, falling to her back on the carpet. "Who's first?"

The exhausted men gaped at the wild woman. They felt their cocks responding as she spread her legs and gave them a beautiful view of her wet, hungry cunt.

"You got yours, men," Lynn grinned, reaching down to play witit her pussy. "Now, I want mine! One of you had better get your cock in me in a hurry!"

Since Mel had come first, he was almost ready to fuck the horny wife. He stepped over to her, and knelt between her spread thighs.

Lynn looked at the man's hardening cock. She put her fingers around it, and began to pull it down to her hot twat. Mel had no choice but to let her pull them down. The touch of her warm hand was enough to make his prick very hard.

She rubbed the tip of his thick cock against her gash. Mel braced himself over her, and she moaned as she guided his cock to the wet opening of her pussy.

"Fuck me!" she moaned, her control disappearing as her desire swept through her mind.

Mel slammed down into her tight, wet cunt. His heavy balls slapped against her upturned ass as she lifted her legs in the air.

"Fill me!" Lynn cried. "Fill me with cock!"

The humping wife's long legs waved in the air. Her hands grabbed at his ass, pulling him deeper into her steaming curd. She grunted with pleasure with each hard, deep stroke. The intense heat of her cunt seemed to race over her body, burning her nipples, and pushing her close to an orgasm.

"I can't… hold out!" Mel warned her when his balls began to twitch and signal his blast.

"Don't try to!" Lynn shouted, her own explosion only seconds away. "Let it go, lover! Give me your cum!"

Mel groaned loudly when his jizz boiled from his balls. His strokes increased in strength as he sought to enjoy the sensations fully.

The hard pounding was just what Lynn wanted. The friction on her clit made her explode violently.

"Fuck! Ohhhh! I'm coming! Ahhhh! Hard! Cock! More! I'm coming!" the writhing wife screamed while flashes of heat set her body on fire. Her nails dug into his ass, and she met his every stroke. She was almost at the point of being insane.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" she chanted. Her babblings went on past her climax. She didn't know at what point it ended. It seemed to go on and on.

"Don't leave me," she pleaded when Mel heavy body moved away from her. She desperately tried to hold onto his arms to prevent him from moving.

"It's okay, baby," she heard Jason's soothing voice whisper. "I'll take his place."

"Yesss!" she moaned when Jason's body came over her. She clutched his hard prick. "Fuck me again, Jason! I want it again!"

Jason helped her put his dick at the entrance to her juicy cunt.

"Unnnnnhhhh," she groaned when his cock sank into her. "Fuck me! Fuck my pussy!"

It didn't take Jason and Lynn long to come again. Their groaning, fucking sounds rifled the room as they worked hard for another explosion. Mel stood back and watched the action, his cock hardening again.

"Oh, I'll never get enough of that!" Lynn rasped after her cunt ceased quivering. "I could fuck you two a dozen more times!"

Jason laughed and pushed his sweaty body off the beautiful woman. His deflating cock left a trail of cum and twat juice across her thigh when it slipped from her cunt.

"Looks like Mel is ready for another round," he smiled, noticing his friend's jutting prick.

Mel smiled and walked over to the hot, naked woman.

Lynn wanted to try a different position. She moved to her hands and knees on the floor. Her hot ass waved in the air, waiting for Mel to grab it and shove his cock into her cunt.

Mel liked the new position. He knelt behind the pretty wife, and aimed his hard dick at her wet snatch. His shaft easily penetrated her hot hole.

"Oh, shit! That's so good!" Lynn yelled. Her hanging boobs swayqd underneath her body as she fucked back on his dick.

Lynn looked back between her tits at his balls as they jiggled from his deep thrusts. "Just think," she said between gasps for breath, "a few hours ago you were just a name Jason mentioned, Mel. Now, you're fucking me with that big cock!"

She was talking more to herself than to the man fucking her. For the second time in two days she had fucked a stranger. The thought of what a whore she was becoming made her nipples sting, and her clit burn.

Jason was ready again. He moved in front of the fucking woman. His long cock was inches in front of her face. To make it easier for her, he sat on the floor and stretched his legs out on each side of her. His hard prick waved in the air, waiting for her to suck it in.

Lynn looked down and saw the beautiful dick. She smiled with pleasure and lowered her greedy mouth to suck.

"Suck and fuck, baby!" Jason encouraged her when the head of his cock was captured by her eager mouth.

Lynn did as he suggested. Her wild mouth went down for a few more inches of cock while her ravenous pussy fucked back for more cock. Her hot body took the double-fucking, and wanted more.

"Godddd!" Mel suddenly groaned. His hands were brutally clutching her hips while his cock emptied his cum into her cunt.

"Me, too!" Jason yelled. "Me, too, man!" His cock spurted his load down her throat.

With two cocks in her, Lynn's come was extremely powerful. She bucked back and forth. Her strangled moans mixed with the ecstatic groans of the coming men.

"I think I've had enough," Jason whispered homely after he fell back on the carpet. His satisfied prick waved between his legs.

"I can't fuck another stroke!" Mel gasped, falling away from Lynn, and crumbling on the floor at her side.

Lynn could have fucked again, but she knew the men were through for the night. She sat on her ass on the floor, and smiled at her two exhausted lovers.

"Since you two are of no use to me, I may as well go home," the naked wife chuckled, standing to gather her scattered clothing.

The men watched her dress. It seemed a shame to see that delicious body being covered.

"Thank you both for a very lovely evening," Lynn smiled when she was dressed. She gave each man a wet kiss, along with an affectionate squeeze of their limp cocks.

She walked to the door and opened it. Turning, she smiled at them, her cunt itching from the fucking they had just given her. "We'll have to do this again," she grinned, and closed the door behind her.


Lynn hated the weekends. Brad seemed to want to do nothing but watch television. If he was in a really swinging mood, he might take her out, to eat.

The frustrated wife threw the magazine onto the cocktail table. She stared at her husband for a moment. He was completely absorbed in another basketball game. Shaking her head, she got up to go to the kitchen.

She didn't really want another cup of coffee. It was just a nervous habit she had developed. In the middle of reaching for the jar she stopped. The small kitchen seemed to be closing in on her. The claustrophobic feeling made a chill run through her body.

She had to get out of the apartment! Anywhere would do.

The first thing that came into her mind was the laundry. It wasn't exactly a thrilling way to pass the time. But, it was better than sitting still.

"I'm going down to the laundry room!" she yelled to Brad.

He only grunted as she walked to the bath room to get the dirty laundry.

Lynn felt a little better when she closed the apartment door behind her. She placed the laundry bag on the hallway floor, and pressed the elevator button. When the elevator arrived, she stepped in and pushed the button for the basement.

The slow dropping of the elevator caused a sinking sensation in her stomach. It also made her cunt quiver. She smiled to herself. Everything seemed to remind her of sex. The past week had been the most fuck-filled of her life. She had fucked three men in the past few days, not counting Brad.

She suddenly experienced that same wild thrill again, when she remembered that two of the men had been strangers. Her hand moved to the crotch of her jeans, and pressed against her itching pussy.

The sudden opening of the elevator door startled her. Quickly picking up the bag, she started to leave the elevator.

"Hey! What's the rush?"

Lynn literally bounced off the other woman. Her face turned red with embarrassment.

"Uh… I'm sorry… I thought this was the basement," she stuttered, making room for the other woman to enter the elevator.

The dark-haired woman chuckled as the elevator door closed. "As far as I know I don't live in the basement. We still have a few floors to go."

Lynn laughed with her. She immediately liked the other woman.

"I see you're going to the laundry room, too," she smiled, noticing the woman's laundry bag.

"Exciting way to spend a Saturday, isn't it?" the woman smiled, extending her hand. "My name's Sheila."

Lynn marveled at how firm, yet gentle, the woman's hand was. "I'm Lynn," she said, just as the door opened into the basement.

"Last stop!" Sheila cheerily announced.

Lynn followed Sheila to the laundry room. She admired the other woman's firm ass. Sheila appeared to be in her late thirties, but her ass-cheeks showed no sign of sag. Her ass moved sensuously under her tight jeans.

"Well, this is it! Paradise!" Sheila laughed.

"A great place to get away from the husband," Lynn smirked, dumping her laundry on the counter.

"You, too?" Sheila smiled.

"Is that what you're doing down here?" Lynn asked, feeling an instant comradeship with the pretty woman.

Sheila leaned against a washer. "Not today, honey. Doug, my husband, is away on a business trip. I was just bored, but I have come down here before to keep from climbing the walls when he ignores me."

"I know the feeling," Lynn sighed as she separated the white clothing from the colored.

"Hey!" Sheila blurted. "What are we doing here, anyway? Let's go up to my place. We can have some wine, and talk about how badly our husbands treat us."

Lynn immediately liked the idea. She glanced at the dirty laundry. It didn't take long for her to decide that it could wait.

"It's a deal!" she smiled, gathering up the clothing. Sheila picked up her bag, and helped Lynn get the clothes back into the bag.

Lynn was impressed by Sheila's apartment. It was obvious that a lot of time and money had gone into decorating it.

"Nice," she said as she looked around the living room.

"Thanks. Have a seat." Sheila waved toward the sofa. "I'll get us some wine."

Sheila returned with two glasses and a big bottle of white wine. When she leaned over to fill Lynn's glass, her big tits seemed about to spill from her yellow blouse.

Sheila noticed that Lynn's eyes were staring at her breasts. "I just hate to wear a bra, don't you?" she giggled.

Lynn laughed and glanced down at her own braless boobs. Her stiff nipples were clearly outlined against her red blouse.

Sheila joined Lynn on the sofa. She picked up her glass and offered a toast. "Here's to getting laid!"

"I'li drink to that!" Lynn laughed, tilting her glass for a big swallow.

"How's your old man in the sack?" Sheila asked, in the same way someone might ask what time of day it was.

Lynn smiled and shrugged. "I guess he's okay… when he gets around to it," she said, finding it easy to be so open with her new friend.

"Sounds like my Doug," Sheila grinned. "But… a woman can still find other ways to make her cunt happy."

How well Lynn knew that. She was tempted to tell Sheila about her experiences of the past week.

"There are a lot of men around who would like to fuck this," she said, pointing at her twat. "And, of course, there's always my trusty rubber cock."

"Huh?" Lynn asked.

Sheila smiled broadly. "My rubber cock. I keep it bidden in my bedroom. It's almost as good as the real thing when I get to feeling horny."

"Could I see it?" Lynn asked.

"Follow me to the bedroom," Sheila smiled, as if she had been expecting Lynn to ask the question.

The young wife was intrigued. She followed the older woman to her bedroom. It was as plush as the living room. Though the room was large, it seemed to be almost filled by the huge bed.

Sheila opened the dresser drawer. She reached underneath some clothing, and brought out the fake cock.

"Isn't it a beauty!" she proudly said, holding it out for Lynn to see.

Lynn was amazed by the cock. It was incredibly lifelike. It was flesh-colored, and reminded her of Jason's big prick.

"Wow! It looks like a real cock!" she said, her fingers touching the thick head of the rubbcr shaft. "It almost feels like a real cock!"

"You should feel it in your cunt, honey," Sheila smiled. "You'd swear that a man was fucking you when you fuck yourself with this."

Lynn didn't say anything. She took the dick from Sheila. She carefully examined it. Her pussy was growing warmer as she held the big cock. She wished that she was alone, so she could try it out.

Sheila seemed to read her thoughts. "Would you like to see how it feels in your pussy, darling?" she asked softly, a trace of excitement in her voice.

Lynn wanted to do it, but she hesitated. She wasn't use to undressing in front of other women. If a man had asked the question, she would have immediately fucked him, and the rubber cock.

"I'll show you what to do with it, darling," Sheila said.

Lynn was speechless. The beautiful woman began to take her clothing off. She smiles at Lynn as she removed her blouse.

She noticed Lynn's discomfort. "Don't worry, honey. This will be between us. It's just us girls, having some innocent fun."

Lynn was amazed at the firmness of the woman's large tits. The pointed nipples were colored a deep maroon. The dark-colored asshole were very large.

Sheila proudly pushed her chest out. She smiled at the younger woman.

Lynn felt the heat in her cunt increasing. She found herself strangely attracted to the woman. A strong impulse gripped her. She wanted to reach out and touch the beautiful tits.

Sheila had an idea what the young wife was thinking. She was tempted to ask Lynn if she wanted to feel her tits, but she decided that could come later.

"Let me get these things of," Sheila said, tugging at the zipper of her jeans, "and I can show you how nice it is to fuck that cock."

Sheila's lower body was as firm and lovely as her upper half. Her long legs were perfectly formed. Lynn was certain that the woman must do a lot of exercising.

The smiling woman pushed her panties down her legs.

"I just hate clothing!" she announced when she was naked.

Lynn stared at Sheila's crotch. The woman's cunt was surrounded by a thick patch of black hair.

"I'll need that," Sheila giggled, taking the cock from Lynn's hand. "You watch me, darling. After I finish, you can try it."

Lynn watched Sheila sit on the edge of the bed. The uninhibited woman stretched her legs out, her heels on the floor. Her thighs opened wide, exposing her glistening twat-lips.

"If you put it in just right," Sheila huskily said, "it really feels wonderful."

She began to demonstrate. She placed the tip of the fake cock between her cunt-lips. The thick rubber head was soon coated with a gleaming layer of twat-juice. The naked woman was slowly running it up and down between her spread pussy-lips.

Lynn felt hot. She was tempted to take her clothes off. She stood before the other woman, and felt her body tremble. Her cunt-juice was already soaking the front of her panties.

Sheila smiled up at Lynn. She continued to tease the cock between her cunt-lips. She knew that Lynn was rapidly turning on.

"When you get it nice and wet, it slips right into your cunt," she whispered, taking the cock at the end and pushing the head into her snatch. "Mmmmm! It feels so good!" she cooed.

Lynn gaped at the woman. She watched the rubber prick slowly sink into Sheila's wet pussy. Sheila's eyes were closed, and she was breathing heavily.

"You have to try this, Lynn," Sheila said, her voice almost a moan. "Watch it, darling. Watch it going in and out of my pussy. See how it stretches my cunt. Look how deep I can shove it into me."

Lynn was looking. She was enjoying herself, but she felt left out.

"Sheila?" she asked softly. "DO you want me to hold it for you?"

Sheila hadn't expected her to come around so quickly. She wasn't complaining, though. She took her hand away from the cock, leaving the rubber pole embedded in her wet twat.

"Go ahead, darling. Fuck me with it," she smiled at Lynn. She took a pillow and leaned back against it. Her cunt trembled while she waited for the younger woman to kneel between her legs.

Lynn felt very natural about what she was going to do. She liked Sheila, and she wanted to please her. She sensed that Sheila would always be her friend.

"Ahhh, yesss!" Sheila hissed when Lynn's hand touched the end of the cock. "Now, baby! Fuck me with it! Do it slow at first, then harder!"

Lynn pulled the dick almost out of Sheila's hot cunt. She slowly pushed it back, enjoying the other woman's delighted moans. It was fascinating to watch the thick cock as it spread the woman's pink twat-lips.

"Good, baby! That's the way I like it!" Sheila groaned. Her ass lifted from the bed as she fucked back at the cock. Her big jugs jiggled from her movements.

Lynn stared at Sheila's stiff clit. It was a large clit. The young woman felt her own clit buzzing at the sexy sight. She was tempted to touch the firm bud.

"Do you want me to rub your clit, too, Sheila?" she asked, knowing what the answer would be.

"Yes, darling! Touch it!"

Lynn put her finger on the sensitive clit.

"Ooooohhh, baby!" Sheila moaned. Her ass bucked up. She knew that her explosion was near.

Lynn rubbed Sheila's clit, and fucked her cunt. The big cock was smoothly sliding into the woman's hot twat. Being a woman, Lynn knew just how to work on the clit and pussy at the same time.

"Soon, Lynn!" Sheila moaned. "Not much longer! I know I'm going to come soon!"

"Yes, Sheila! I want you to come! I'm going to make you come, darling! I'm going to fuck you with this cock, and rub your clit until you come!"

Sheila's orgasm was nearer than either woman had thought.

"God! Darling! Lynn! It's here, honey! Fuck it! Rub it! Nowwwww! I'm coming! I'm coming!"

The dark-haired woman went wild. Lynn had trouble keeping the cock in her exploding cunt. Sheila tossed around on the bed. Her hand reached down and grabbed Lynn's hand. She forced Lynn to shove the thick cock even further into her blazing pussy.

Lynn was very excited by her friend's blast. She fucked the woman hard with the big rod. She rubbed her clit hard.

"You… You've gotta try it, Lynn!" Sheila gasped as her sensations dwindled. "You must let me do it to you."

Lynn was on her feet before Sheila finished speaking. She tore at her clothing. She couldn't get the jeans and blouse off fast enough.

"Hurry, darling!" Sheila hissed, taking the cock from her cunt.

Lynn took the panties off. She sat on the bed, next to Sheila.

"Stretch out, darling," Sheila smiled. "I want you to be comfortable. I'm going to please you the way you pleased me."

The brown-haired woman quickly did as Sheila said. She lay on her back in the center of the big bed. Her legs opened in anticipation of the things Sheila was going to do her her.

The smiling older woman knelt between Lynn legs. She stared at Lynn's cunt. She wanted to kiss the pink twat, but held back, waiting until the young woman was really hot.

"I'm going to fuck that pretty pussy, baby!" Sheila whispered.

"Don't make me wait!" Lynn pleaded. "I can't wait for it! I need it! Please… Sheila! Please do it to me! Fuck me with it!"

Sheila guided the cock to Lynn's cunt. She pushed the rubber shaft into the moaning woman.

"I love it, Sheila! It feels like a man's cock, only harder," Lynn cried, her hips pushng upward to take the prick.

Sheila pumped Lynn's hot cunt. She fucked the young wife hard.

"Rub my clit, Sheila!" Lynn gasped.

"No, darling," Sheila whispered. "I'm going to do something better than that."

"Huh?" Lynn asked, staring curiously at the other woman's smiling face.

"I'm going to suck your clit, baby!" Sheila hissed.

Lynn was mesmerized as the woman bent her, head down. She moaned loudly when Sheila's tongue touched her stinging clit. Sheila still fucked her cunt with the cock, never missing a stroke while she twisted her head around to reach Lynn's clit.

"Please, Sheila… Let me… Let me eat you, too," Lynn gasped, reaching down to touch Sheila's head.

"Yes, darling!" Sheila rasped, lifting and twisting her body around until her cunt was over Lynn's face.

Lynn had her first close look at another woman's cunt. She stared up at the wet twat. The hot gash was oozing pussy-juice. Lynn hesitated, amazed that she was about to eat her first cunt.

"Ahhhhh!" she cried out when Sheila lowered her head to suck her clit in. Her hesitation ended at that moment. She pulled at Sheila's hot ass, bringing the woman's steaming cunt down to her lips.

"Eat it, lover!" Sheila moaned around Lynn's clit when the young wife kissed her cunt.

Lynn mashed her mouth against Sheila's juicy twat. The thick cunt-juice ran down her chin as she slavishly ate the hot pussy. Her inexperienced tongue quickly learned how to make the other woman cry out with joy. Probing at Sheila's hole, and licking over her clit, Lynn drove the woman wild with pleasure.

Sheila rammed the cock into Lynn's cunt. She let the woman under her have every inch of the rubber shaft. Her mouth sucked hard on Lynn's clit.

Lynn was the first to blast. The fucking, and the sucking, were too much for her. She bucked wildly up at the cock. Her nails dug painfully into Sheila's big ass. Her mouth was too smothered by Sheila's pussy for her to scream. She just let it happen. It was a different explosion, her first with a woman.

Sheila forgot about her own pleasure. She was content to let Lynn come. She wanted the younger woman to thoroughly enjoy her come. Plunging the cock into Lynn's exploding cunt, and sucking on her clit, Sheila brought the crazed woman to several orgasms.

After Lynn had stopped coming, Sheila wanted to see the expression on her face. Gently, she pulled the cock from Lynn's twat. Lifting herself off the drained woman, she turned around to face her.

"That… was… so wonderful!" Lynn gasped, trying to lift her head to look at her woman-lover.

"I'm happy that you enjoyed it, darling. I hope we will make love often," Sheila smiled, affectionately caressing Lynn's tit.

"You didn't come… did you?" Lynn asked, sitting up.

"No, but that's okay," Sheila reassured her.

"No it isn't!" Lynn said. She pushed the woman over on her back. "I won't leave here until you come!" she grinned, moving Sheila's thighs apart.

"You sweet darling!" Sheila moaned when Lynn sucked in her clit. "I'm going to really enjoy you!"

It didn't take long. Soon, Sheila was writhing under Lynn's sweet mouth. She gasped and moaned out her orgasm. Lynn sucked firmly, determined to make her friend come again.

Sheila came again. Her hands grasped Lynn's head, desperately holding on as she exploded.

"Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful!" Sheila said, savoring the last rumbles of her eruption.

Lynn pulled her mouth away from Sheila's pussy. She proudly looked at the beautiful new friend she had made.

"I would suggest that we do it again," Sheila said, "but I'm afraid your husband is going to wonder why a little laundry takes so long."

They both giggled.

"I suppose you're right," Lynn said, standing to gather her clothes. "I'd better get back up there."

Sheila didn't bother to dress. She was looking forward to a long nap.

"I think that when I get there, I'll make him fuck me," Lynn grinned when she had finished dressing.

"Don't you ever get enough?" Sheila chuckled. "I think I'm becoming a nympho," Lynn smiled, the idea an exciting one.

"Just close the door on your way out, darling," Sheila said. "You're welcome here, any time."

"I'll remember that!" Lynn said, waving to her naked friend and walking to the front door.

On her way back to her apartment, Lynn made up her mind. Brad was going to fuck her! The rubber cock had been good, but nothing could take the place of a man's cock.

"Brad!" she shouted when she stepped into her living room and didn't see him.

"What took you so long?" her husband asked as he came out of the bedroom with only a towel wrapped around him. His hair was still damp from the shower.

"Never mind that!" Lynn said, dropping the bag of dirty laundry on the floor. She began to take her clothes off. She was pleased that he wasn't wearing anything. It meant that he could fuck her that much sooner.

"What are you doing?" Brad demanded, his hand still holding the towel around his waist.

"I'm taking off my clothes so that you can fuck me!" Lynn practically hissed.

"What?" Brad asked incredulously.

Lynn was naked before she bothered to answer him.

"You're going to put that big cock to good use!" she said. "I want it, and I want it now!"

She didn't give her husband a chance to argue the matter. She crossed the room, and ripped the towel out of his hands. Before he could protest, she dropped to her knees in front of him. Her hand grabbed his limp prick and held it out for her mouth to suck.

Brad was completely surprised by his wife's quick movements. He could only moan at the hot wetness of her mouth when she sucked his dick in.

"God! What's come over you, Lynn?" he gasped, trying to find the will to push her head away.

Lynn continued to suck. She could feel the long cock expanding in her hungry mouth. In a short time he would be hard enough to fuck her. She sucked more of the stiffening dick in. Her hand grabbed his nuts.

"Awwwww!" Brad groaned. He no longer thought of pushing her away. Her sucking felt too good.

Lynn worked on his cock until it was hard. She then let it slip from her lips. Her cunt was crying out to be stuffed with a big hard prick.

"You're ready, Brad!" she announced, stretching out on her back on the soft carpet. "Now, lover! Fuck me!"

Brad knew that he was ready. He wanted to satisfy the hungry ache in his stiff cock. He got down on his knees, and crawled over his wife's squirming body.

"Put it in! Put it in!" Lynn shouted impatiently as he reached down to guide his shaft.

"So you want to be fucked!" Brad spat. "Well, baby. I'm going to fuck you! If you want to be treated like a whore, then that's how I'm going to treat you!"

"Yesss!" Lynn moaned. That was exactly what she wanted. She reached up to pull at his shoulders, trying to pull him down into her.

Brad put the tip of his thick cock between her wet twat-lips. He shoved as hard as he could.

"Fuuuuccckkkk!" Lynn screamed deliriously. The brutal plunge was pure ecstasy to her. Her cock-hungry pussy could take anything he could give her. She bucked her hot ass up to take more. The harder Brad plunged, the more she wanted.

Brad was determined to subdue his aggressive wife. He pumped her boiling cunt furiously. He drove his cock into her until his balls hurt from slapping against her ass. But nothing he did could make her stop screaming for more. He wondered if he was married to a masochist.

Lynn was experiencing wonderful sensations. It was an exciting contrast to the gentleness she had felt earlier with Sheila. The other woman had warmed her up for the hard pounding she was not getting.

"Harder! Damn you! Fuck harder! You can fuck harder than that!" Lynn screamed at her husband. "I want it harder!" She grabbed his pumping ass and held on.

Brad tried to fuck her harder, but he was already giving it everything he had. Fortunately for Lynn, it was enough to make her come.

"Fuuuccckkk meeee!" she cried when she felt it happening. "Harder! Deeper! I'm coming! Hurt meee! Hard! You big fucker! Ram that big cock in my cunt! Harderrrrr! Arrrgghhhh!"

Brad was certain that his heart was going to stop. He didn't see how he would be able to keep up with his wild, thrashing wife. Somehow, he managed to keep fucking while she rode out her come.

The fucking husband's cum shot from his cock in huge spurts. "Gggggghhhh! Unnnnhhh!" was all that he was able to groan as his dick blasted.

"Give it to me! Give it to me!" Lynn pleaded when she felt the thick jizz hit her cunt-walls. She was still riding the crest of her multiple come.

The wild wife scratched his ass with her nails in her mindless attempt to draw out every bit of pleasure he was giving her. Her cunt shoved up against him long after she had stopped coming.

Brad relaxed on top of her. She held him tightly. Her lips gently nibbled on his ear. She could never remember being so contented.

It was the happiest moment of her maniage.


Brad Walker straightened his desk up. He arranged everything the same way he always did. It was a ritual for him. At the end of each working day, he made sure that his desk would be ready for his work the following morning.

"Damn!" the irritated man cursed, throwing a pencil against the wall of his office. It had suddenly occurred to him that his entire life was a routine. He had a compulsion to do everything precisely. His life seemed to be nothing but a relentless drive for success. He allowed little time for pleasure.

His cock twitched when he thought about the wild fuck with Lynn the past weekend. He almost felt guilty about experiencing so much pleasure.

Leaning back in his chair, Brad forgot about going home for the day. He thought for a long time. He thought about his marriage. He wondered if he was the right man for Lynn. She seemed so adventurous, always wanted to do things. He was a stay-at-home type, and he doubted that he would ever change.

"Aren't you going home, Mr. Walker?"

Brad jerked his head up. Mary, one of the young secretaries in his company, was standing at his door.

"I think I'll stay for a while, Mary," he smiled, his eyes lingering on the pretty blonde's big boobs.

"You work too hard, Mr. Walker," Mary said, stepping into the office. "You should take it easy. A man as young as you should be enjoying life."

Brad was almost amused that a twenty-year-old gril was giving him advice. He knew that she was sincere, though. He thought that she had shown particular interest in him in the past, but he passed it off as a mild crush. He did have to admit that she was a very sexy young woman.

"I appreciate your concern, Mary," he smiled, "but I assure you that I am enjoying my life."

Mary moved closer to his desk. He could see the points of her nipples under her sweater.

"Well…" she said, fuckering her lips in an attempt to appear seductive, "…you certainly don't act like a man who is enjoying himself."

She had succeeded in hurting his pride. He knew that he didn't have to defend his way of living, but he was uncomfortable with how close she had come to the truth.

"Why don't I look as if I'm enjoying myself, Mary?" he asked, trying to be nonchalant.

Mary gave him a sweet smile. "You just don't look like a man who… who gets laid much," she said, her blue eyes looking into his for a reaction.

Brad wasn't prepared for her answer. He squirmed uncomfortably in his chair. His balls tingled. Was the pretty, big-titted girl really coming on to him?

Mary smiled at his flustered reaction. "I guess you think I'm too honest, Mr. Walker… but I've been wanting to fuck you since the first day I saw you. I knew that you would never ask me… so I'm telling you how I feel."

Brad gulped down the lump in his throat. "Mary… I… uh…"

"I know men aren't used to women making the first move, but I like to fuck, and you look like a good fuck to me," the bold girl said, her big jugs pushing out against her sweater as she leaned over the desk.

Brad stared at her tits. He was red in the face, and beginning to get excited. His cock was growing inside his pants.

"Uh… Please lower your voice, Mary. Someone else might hear you," he whispered, glancing at the door.

"Don't worry, Mr. Walker," the girl smiled smugly. "I already checked, and everybody else went home."

"You mean you… you knew we're here alone, and you just decided to walk into my office and proposition me!" Brad asked.

"Don't use such an old-fashioned word, Mr. Walker. I simply am horny… and, since I didn't have any plans for tonight… and you were so handy… well…" she shrugged and smiled.

"You're a lovely young woman, Mary," Brad began uncomfortably, "but… but…"

"But what?" Mary smirked. "Come on Mr. Walker! You know you want to put your cock in me. I've seen the way you look at my ass when I bend over to look in the files. And I've seen you staring at my tits when I hand [missing text]. I admit that you have a nice body, Mary…"

Mary was irritated by his light compliment. "Nice! It's better than just nice!" she shot back. "I'll show you what you've been missing!"

Before Brad could speak, Mary began to pull her sweater over her head.

"Wait till you see my tits!" she rasped, throwing the sweater away, and reaching behind her back to release her bra.

Brad didn't say anything. He didn't try very hard to stop the wild girl.

Mary quickly undid the pink bra. Her big boobs sprang free. Brad held his breath. The white mounds were gorgeous. The cherry nipples were stiff. He felt an impulse to suck them into his mouth.

Mary didn't stop there. "I've got a cunt, too, Mr. Walker! I want you to see it!"

The girl walked around to his side of the desk so he could watch her take the skirt off. She smiled at him as she pushed the skirt down over her hips.

Brad was astonished. She stepped out of the skirt and stood a few feet away. She now wore only panties and a pair of high heels.

Mary smiled with pride, and she had reason to be proud of her body. Her hands went up to teasingly cup her big jugs as she enjoyed his reaction.

Brad knew he was going to fuck her. He waited as she stopped squeezing her tits, and removed her pink panties.

"I think I'll leave these on," Mary grinned, looking down at her shoes. "I realiy enjoy fucking with just my high heels on."

Brad slowly got up. He didn't speak. He began to take his suit off.

"Let me help you, Mr. Walker," Mary cooed, her small hands undoing his tie while he shrugged out of his coat.

Brad looked down at her magnificent breasts. He had to feel the pretty tits.

"Mmmmmm! That feels nice," the naked girl moaned when one of his strong hands squeezed her tit.

Brad didn't want to release the hot jug, but he wanted to get out of his clothes. He reluctantly took his hand away from her boob, and fumbled with his belt.

"Let me do that for you, darling," Mary smiled. She pushed his hand away and unbuckled his belt.

The excited man finished taking off the tie she had loosened. By the time he tossed it aside, Mary was pulling his slacks down his legs.

"Mmmmm! Looks like you've got a big one!" she said, staring at the large bulge under his shorts.

Brad gritted his teeth when she knelt before him. He knew what she intended to do.

Mary pulled his briefs down to his knees. His hard cock almost hit her face when it popped out.

"Wow!" Mary gasped, obviously delighted with his size. "I'll bet that thing can really stuff a pussy!"

Brad looked down at the pretty blonde. He resisted an impulse to grab her head and shove his prick down her throat.

Mary was enjoying herself. She stared at the huge, jerking cock for a while. Finally, her hand reached up to hold it.

"Ahhhh!" the grimacing man groaned.

"It's so big… and hard," Mary whispered. "It's going to taste so good in my mouth, Mr. Walker," she rasped, gently pumping it while she brought the swollen tip close to her lips.

Mary kissed his prick-head. She moaned when her lips touched the hot flesh. Her mouth opened.

"Damn!" Brad grunted when his cock-tip was sucked into the young woman's wet mouth. He wondered why he hadn't let her do this to him a long time ago. His hips pushed out, trying to cram his dick into her face.

Mary hegan to hum with joy. She loved cocksucking! She thought of all the times she had fingered her clit and pictured Mr. Walker's cock in her mouth. Her hand went around him to pull at his ass. She wanted all of his thick dick in her mouth.

Brad put his hands on each side of the girl's head. He fucked into her mouth. His swollen balls churned with a thick load of cum.

Mary could have gone on sucking his prick until he shot his load. She found it difficult to let the delicious rod go. But her greedy cunt was demanding to be fucked. The thought of such a thick, long cock in her snatch was driving the sucking girl wild.

"Don't stop!" Brad pleaded when she let his aching shaft slip from her lips. He looked down at the hot girl, his eyes begging her to suck him off.

"I can't wait, Mr. Walker!" Mary hissed. She made him lift his feet while she took his shoes off. "Take your shirt off, darling. I'm going to get these pants off, and then we're going to fuck!"

Brad didn't protest. He took the shirt off, ripping one of the buttons away in his haste. While he was doing that, Mary was helping him out of his pants and socks.

Mary stood and looked around her for a good place to fuck him. She smiled when she looked at the desk. Without asking him, she swept everything off the desk, and onto the floor. She wanted to sit on the edge of the big desk and let him fuck her.

Brad didn't care that she had cleared his desk. He stumbled out of his briefs, and waited for the hot girl to position herself on the desk.

Mary sat on the edge of the desk and leaned back until her back was flat against the hard surface. Her long legs dangled over the edge. She looked up at the man and smiled. She was hot and ready to be screwed.

Brad stepped between the waiting girl's legs. He held his swaying prick in his hand. Moving forward a few inches, he put the head of the long rod between the moaning secretary's wet cunt-lips.

"Arrrrggggghhhb! Fuck it, man! Shove that beauty in my cunt!" Mary screamed with glee when she felt the full length of his cock slam into her. Her ass bucked up from the hard desk, and her legs went straight out into the air. She moaned with pleasure when he grabbed her writhing hips to give himself leverage.

The fucking man rammed her cunt hard. He knew that in her wild state she couldn't be hurt, even by his huge cock. He watched her big jugs bounce with each deep thrust he gave her. He felt his nuts slap against her upturned ass-cheeks.

Mary fucked back. She reached out to grab his arms. The screaming girl held on. She closed her ankles around his sides. Her hot, thrashing body was locked around his.

"Is it good, baby?" Brad asked, his pride needing to hear her tell him what a good fucking her pussy was getting.

"Yesssss! Oh, yes! You're fucking my cunt soooooo hard, Mr. Walker!" she squealed.

Brad was amused that she was still calling him by his last name. It was exciting to think that yesterday this hot bitch was just another secretary in this office. Now, she was fucking his cock.

"Fuck it, Mr. Walker! Fuck it hard! I'm going to come! I'm going to come on your desk, sir! Oh, shit! Fuck! Yesssss! I'm coming! Oooohhhhh!" the bouncing secretary screamed. Her body climbed up his cock. She dug her sharp nails into his arms.

Brad joined her. "Bitch! You hot bitch!" he shouted. His nuts tensed, and then blasted his cum into her boiling twat.

The man and the secretary shouted at each other. Each encouraged the other to come. Brad brutally shoved his spurting dick into her exploding cunt. She groaned and gasped. Her body lifted completely off the desk, supported by the strong man.

His knees weakening from the strain, Brad slowly fell across the desk. He gasped for breath as his face pressed against her shoulder.

"That… was the best ever, Mr. Walker," Mary said, her voice a choked whisper. She ran her hands over his back, and affectionately squeezed her cunt-walls around his drained prick.

Brad knew that he had never enjoyed a fuck so much, even with his wife. Whatever happened, he knew that he was going to be fucking Mary a lot.

"I'm going to have to add a new skill to the ones listed on your application, Mary," Brad smiled as he pushed himself to his feet.

Mary giggled. She looked longingly at his limp cock as it hung between his legs.

"I don't live very far away. Mr. Walker… if you'd like to go to my place. We could finish what we started."

She got up and reached down to hold his wet cock.

Brad pulled her to him. He shoved his tongue into her mouth. His cock began to grow again as she mashed her hot tits against his hairy chest.

"Let's go!" he smiled when he finally broke the kiss. He knew that he should call Lynn with some excuse, but he decided against it. He felt adventurous, and didn't want to be practical.

The couple dressed in a hurry and left the office. They were both anxious to get undressed again and finish their fucking.

Lynn had grown tired of waiting for Brad to come home. She had left his dinner on the stove to get cold. Now she was standing on the corner in front of her apartnient building. She was irritated with her husband. Frantically, she waved her arm in the air trying to flag a taxi.

She lowered her arm when a cab halted in front of her. She didn't know where she was going, but she hopped into the back seat anyway.

"Where to, Miss?" the driver smiled as he turned to face her.

Lynn noticed that he was ruggedly handsome. He had thick, dark hair, and seemed to be about thirty-five.

"I'm not sure… yet," she muttered. "Just drive for a while and I'll let you know."

"It's your money," the driver shrugged. He headed up First Avenue.

The frustrated wife couldn't think of any place she really wanted to go. She relaxed in the seat and watched the city sweep by the window.

"Have a fight with your husband?" the driver asked, looking back at her through the rearview mirror.

Lynn smiled at his astuteness. "Is it that obvious?"

"I see it all the time," he grinned. "I couldn't count all the times same pretty young woman got into my cab, and asked me to ride around for a while."

"You must meet a lot of interesting people in this business," Lynn said. She found herself liking the friendly taxi driver.

The man chuckled. "Oh… I guess I do. But mostly I enjoy meeting women. That's the best part of my job."

The young wife felt her cunt twitch. She squeezed her thighs together. A good hard fucking was what she needed. She looked across the seat at the driver. Her mind raced as she wondered how she was going to suggest what she was thinking.

"I guess you might say I drive a mobile bedroom," the man chuckled.

Lynn's nipples burned. She pictured herself getting fucked in the back seat of the taxi. Her cunt warmed at the delicious thought.

"It's a pretty crowded city," she said. "How do you ever find a place private enough for that?" Her cunt itched as she waited for his answer.

The driver looked at her through the mirror. His eyes met her open gaze. He smiled knowingly.

"There are places if you know where to look for them," he grinned, waiting for her to come right out and say it.

"Sounds exciting," Lynn smiled. "Why don't you show me one of your hidden spots."

"I'll show you my favorite," the driver said. He turned into another street.

Lynn was hot! Her breathing grew heavier. Her clit quivered. She was going to fuck another stranger, and she was going to do it in the back of a car.

Before she realized it the cab was approaching the bridge on Fifty-ninth Street. The driver drove around the approach and toward the darkened side street next to it.

"Didn't I tell you this place was private?" he grinned as he pulled into a dark space under the huge supports of the bridge.

Lynn looked around her. He was right. The only way anyone could see into the cab was if they walked right up and looked into the window. To passers-by it would look like an empty taxi.

The horny wife smiled at the driver. She wasn't in the mood to delay her fucking any longer. She wanted his cock in her!

"How are you going to fuck me if you stay up there?" she teased, her hands already removing her clothes.

"You're a hot one, aren't you?" the pleased man said as he pulled at his shirt.

Lynn was out of her blouse and jacket in a moment. She took off her shoes, and removed her jeans.

"I'm burning up, lover!" she hissed as she shoved her panties don her legs. "Bring that cock back here. I can't wait long for it!" She demonstrated this by sliding down in the seat and grabbing her wet cunt.

"Shit!" the man said. He thought it would take him forever to get out of his pants and shoes. By the time he climbed over the seat to join her his cock was hard.

"Easy, lover!" Lynn said when he almost fell onto her in his haste to join her in the back. "Turn around so I can suck your cock. I'm in the mood for a little sixty-nine before we fuck."

The man twisted around as she stretched out on the seat. They were soon in the correct position. His long prick and heavy balls were hanging over Lynn's face. He was looking down at her hot, wet twat.

Lynn reached up to pull his hard cock down to her eager mouth. The cramped seat made it difficult to maneuver, but it also added to the excitement. She had always wanted to screw in the back of a car.

"Oh, baby! Your pussy smells so good!" the driver whispered as he lowered his mouth to eat the juicy hole.

"Yessss! Eat me, man!" Lynn squealed when his tongue parted her cunt-lips. She sucked in the thick head of his hot cock at the same time.

The sucking wife was going wild with exciting sensations. Her ass squirmed round on the rough seat. Her hands pulled at his hips. She let him shove his fat cock dawn into her mouth. She could take anything. She was a real whore!

He was good at eating cunt. His lips nibbled on her steaming snatch. His tongue fucked down into her juicy pussy. Working his hands under her hot ass, he searched with his finger for her little asshole.

Lynn felt what he was doing. She pulled his cock out of her mouth.

"Yes, lover! Put your finger in my ass!" she shouted before she resumed her ravenous sucking.

He shoved his finger into her shit-hole. She loved it. Her wild ass bucked up at the finger. Her clit and cunt were on fire. She pulled him down until his cock popped into her throat.

The sucking taxi driver had fucked many women in his cab, but never one so wild. He felt his nuts boil with cum. She was pulling his fizz out.

"Suck it, baby!" he shouted, lifting his mouth away from her wet cunt for an instant.

Lynn knew he was about to blast. She contracted her throat muscles around his prickhead.

He unloaded his cum into her throat. He didn't stop eating long enough to cry out. He just let it shoot down her throat.

Lynn needed his cum. It wai the prize she needed to prove herself a good whore. She made moaning sounds around his cock while be came.

The taxi driver knew that she was close. He expertly stimulated her clit and cunt until she exploded. He didn't let up as his groans filled the cab. His mouth sucked in her clit, pulling hard on it.

The delirious wife was coming. She experienced a very intense explosion in the back of the taxi.

Her body burned and quivered. She climaxed many times.

"You ought to turn pro, baby," the driwr said after he stopped eating her satisfied match. He got up from her trembling body and turned to sit on the edge of the seat.

Lynn giggled between gasps for breath. She already missed his cock in her mouth. "Thanks for the compliment," she smiled up at the naked man.

"I really mean it! You would make a fortune with that mouth of yours," he said, his cock twitching with the memory of her tight throat.

Lynn found the idea of taking money for sucking cocks an exciting one. She thought that sometime she might give it a try. It would be an interesting experiment. She laughed when she realized that it might become habit-forming.

"What's so funny?" the man asked the laughing, naked woman.

"I was just thinking how much I love fucking. I enjoy it so much that it never occurred to me that I could charge for it," the young wife grinned.

The man laughed with her. "Hey!" he said, running his hand up her thigh. "I still haven't tried out that hot pussy of yours."

"You're going to now, lover," Lynn smiled. She took his hand to pull him over her.

The cramped seat provided little room for the hot woman to spread her legs open. She wanted to be fucked, though. Swinging one leg up to rest on the back of the seat, and letting the other fall to the floor, she gave him an open path to her hungry cunt.

"Fuck me!" she moaned when he was over her.

He didn't have to guide his hard cock with his hand. Her cunt was so wet and open that his prick easily poked into the lubricated hole.

"Fuck me hard! Fuck me hard!" Lynn shouted. She could feel that he wasn't as big as Brad, but he was big enough for what she wanted.

The taxi driver pumped hard. He had never felt a cunt as hot as the one he was in now. His cum began to boil in his nuts again.

Lynn thrashed around under him. She banged her head against the side of the cab as she furiously fucked back at him. She didn't feel any pain, though. All of her senses were concentrated in her stuffed pussy. She bucked so wildly that she almost threw the man off onto the floor.

"Give it to me!" she screamed when her come was almost on her. "Give me that cock! Fuck my pussy! Fuck my cunt! I don't know who you are… and I don't care… as long as you give me that big cock! I'm going to come! I… I… I'm coming! I'm coming!"

The taxi driver held on. As she fucked under him he felt his jizz stream from his pumping prick.

"Fuck it, cunt! Fuck that hot pussy on my cock!" he shouted as his cum raced through his cock and into her gulping twat.

Lynn came again, sparked by the knowledge that she was getting his hot cum. She bit his shoulder. She tasted his blood, and it drove her to another come to know that she had become such an animal.

The hot-assed wife vaguely heard the sounds of the city as she drifted down from her orgasm. Cars honked their horns and buses roared by. She was reminded of the reality of where she was by the heavy weight of the man on top of her.

"You can take me home, sir," she said, as if she had just stepped into his cab.

The man got up from her. He touched the bite on his shoulder. "You really go wild, don't you?" he smiled. He seemed to be proud of his painful souvenir.

Lynn laughed as he climbed back to the front to get into his clothes. She managed to find her things and put them on. Then, she sat back and enjoyed her ride home.


Brad still wasn't home when Lynn arrived back at the apartment. She began to get worried. Soon, her worry turned to anger. She was certain that her handsome husband was out with another woman.

The angry wife suddenly began to laugh. She wasn't able to control it. She felt ridiculous. What right did she have to be jealous after what she had just done in the back of the cab.

Still laughing to herself, Lynn undressed. She needed a hot shower after all that sweaty fucking.

The water felt wonderful. She soaped her tender tits. The sensitive nipples couldn't help but harden under her touch. She felt that familiar heat growing in her cunt.

"Lynn. You're a slut!" she laughed aloud as her hand moved down her flat stomach to touch her pussy.

The hot hole was still gooey with the taxi driver's cum. Lynn suddenly realized that she had never learned what the man's name was. He had dropped her off at the corner and she had paid him. It had been as simple as that.

Her life seemed to be filled with nameless men. At least her fucking-life was filled with strange men.

As her finger slowly probed her cunt, the wet wife wondered where her husband was. She had an image of him between another woman's legs. Surprisingly, the image didn't make her jealous. She even felt her cunt throb at the thought of Brad fucking another cunt.

Lynn squeezed one of her tits. She pinched her clit between her fingers as she examined her feelings toward Brad and another woman. The joker would really be on her if he was having an affair. Maybe that was why he fucked her so rarely.

She threw back her head and let the water spray against her face. The sharp sensations created by the water made her jugs ache. She rubbed her clit faster. The image of Brad fucking another woman wouldn't go away. Lynn tried to concentrate on other things. She tried to think of the man she had just fucked, but she couldn't seem to do it.

No matter what she thought about, the image of Brad with another woman kept entering her mind.

She tried to think about the man in the theater. Her mouth could almost taste his hot cock. It was no use. She could still see Brad's big cock as it fucked into another cunt.

The masturbating wife decided to relax and let her mind think what it wanted to. The first thing that came back into her mind was Brad, with a woman on her knees before him. The woman's mouth was stuffed with Brad's thick prick. Lynn almost moaned from the intense excitement the image generated in her mind. Her nipples burned. Her cunt seemed to gush twat-juice.

Lynn had to admit that the idea of Brad fucking someone else turned her on. She wondered where he was. Was his cock in another mouth? Was some woman on her hands and knees before him? Was he ramming his cock into her wet, hot snatch?

The excitement was too much for her. She stood on her toes as her come approached. The water pounded down on her trembling body.

"Oh, yessss!" she cried when it hit. "Yesssss! I want to come! Ooooohhhhh!"

Unable to stand, the coming woman fell back against the wall of the shower. She moaned and gasped as the explosion racked her body. All through the powerful blast she could see her husband's cock as it fucked a wet cunt.

She must have fainted somewhere during her come. She came back to her senses and found herself sitting on the floor of the shower. She thought she remembered her back sliding down the wet wall.

The drained wife remained on the floor of the shower for a long time. She let the water soothe her mind back to reality.

Her legs were weak as she stood and turned off the hot water. She felt freshened by the cool air when she stepped from the shower.

A sound which sounded faintly like the doorbell made her stop and listen.

The second time she heard it she knew that it was the doorbell. Quickly wrapping a towel around her wet hair, she grabbed a robe and ran to the door.

"Damn, honey!" Sheila said when Lynn opened the door. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to get you out of the shower."

Lynn was happy to see her new friend.

"Don't be silly, Sheila!" she smiled. "Come in. I was finished with my shower. I just have to put same clothes on."

Sheila stepped into the apartment. She looked at Lynn's big tits, and at the way the wet nipples showed under the thin robe. "Maybe I should have come a little earlier," she pinned, "and then you would have really have a good reason to take a shower!"

Lynn giggled and thought of taking her robe off. Her cunt warmed when she remembered the way Sheila had eaten it. Since Brad could walk in at any moment, she knew it wasn't a wise idea.

"Would you like a drink?" Lynn asked.

"That's why I'm here to see you, darling," Sheila smiled. "I wanted to know if you would like to come down to my place far a drink. I also wanted you to meet Doug."

Lynn wasn't very comfortable about meeting the woman's husband. "Uh… are you sure you want me to meet him… I mean after…"

Sheila laughed and touched Lynn's shoulder. "My Doug is very moden about those things. You don't have to worry about him. He'll probably want a piece of you himself."

Lynn was curious about Sheila's husband. She found herself wondering what he was like. It might be a very interesting experience to be together with the couple.

"Just give me a moment to put something on, Sheila," Lynn said as she hurried to her bedroom.

The young wife chose something which would show off her luscious body. She pulled tight jeans over her hips and put on a thin blouse. She tied the blouse at the midriff. A bra didn't seem necessary.

"Wow!" Sheila grinned when the younger woman came back to the living room. "You're going to really knock my old man out with that outfit!"

Lynn laughed and opened the door.

"You're sure he doesn't mind what happened between us, Sheila?" Lynn asked again when they were at Sheila's door. She was feeling a little nervous about Doug's reaction to her.

Sheila put the key in the lock. "Didn't I tell you that Doug understands me? He would never try to tell me who I should eat, whether it's a man or a woman. You'll love him, darling."

"Doug!" the woman shouted when she led Lynn into the apartment. "I'm back, darling! Come on out and meet my new friend!"

A very large, handsome man walked into the living room.

"Hi!" he grinned, his eyes devouring Lynn's body. "I'm Doug."

Lynn accepted his big hand. She felt dwarfed by his bulk. Her cunt quivered when he held her small, soft hand in his big, strong one.

Sheila took her husband's other arm and squeezed it lovingly. "I've got myself a gorgeous big hunk of a man, haven't I, Lynn?" There was no jealousy in the woman's words. She was very proud of her husband.

Lynn let him hold her hand for a long time. She felt a long, hot thrill race through her body as he touched her. She hoped that she would soon bc fucking him. Her cunt twitched when she imagined how large his cock must be.

"Let me fix you girls a drink," Doug smiled. He let Lynn have her hand back.

"I'll have a gin and tonic!" Lynn yelled to him as he went to the kitchen. She had finally found her voice.

Sheila and Lynn sat on the sofa while they waited for Doug to return.

"I see that you like my husband," Sheila whispered to her younger friend.

Lynn knew that she could be honest with the woman. "I'll bet you really enjoy fucking him," she whispered back to the older woman.

Sheila winked. "Maybe I'll let you see for yourself, darling."

"Drinks for two beautiful ladies!" Doug said as he came back to the room carrying a tray with drinks on it.

Lynn gulped her drink. She didn't really need it to get high, though. The nearness of the big man was already making her feel light.

Sheila moved over so that her husband could sit between her and Lynn. She didn't mind at all when Doug's hip pressed firmly against Lynn's thigh.

"Sheila tells me that the two of you have become very good friends," Doug smiled at Lynn. He stared deeply into her eyes for a long moment. It was clear that his wife had told him everything.

"You have a beautiful wife, Doug," Lynn replied. She looked across him at Sheila and smiled.

Doug turned to his wife. "Why don't you sit on the other side of Lynn, darling. Let's really make her feel welcome in our home."

"Great idea, honey!" Sheila said, getting up and moving to the other side of Lynn.

Lynn was beginning to get hot. She felt the big man on her right, and his beautiful wife on her left. She knew what the couple had in mind, and she loved the idea.

"Didn't I tell you she had a fabulous body, Doug?" Sheila said.

"Well…" the husband shrugged. "I haven't seen as much of it as you have, darling." He stared at Lynn's firm tits. He could see the stiff nipples through the thin blouse.

"Let's show him what he's missing, Lynn," Sheila grinned.

Lynn put her drink on the table. She didn't protest when Sheila reached for the buttons of her blouse.

"Don't just sit there, Doug!" Sheila said to her watching husband. "Help me out with this."

Doug reached for the knot in Lynn's blouse. While Sheila undid the top buttons, he worked the knot loose.

"Christ!" he gasped when the blouse opened and fell away from Lynn's nipples. "These are real beauties."

"Just wait till you feel them, darling," Sheila grinned. She helped Lynn shrug out of the blouse.

Doug's cock throbbed inside his slacks. He moved one of his big hands up to cup one of Lynn's hot tits.

"Ooooohhh!" she moaned when the strong hand closed over her aching jug. "That feels good, Doug! Feel the other one with your other hand!"

He did. The young wife pushed her tits out to meet his hands. She was burning with desire! She put her hand on his thigh and groped for his crotch.

"That's it, baby!" Doug groaned when her little hand rubbed at his stiff cock through his trousers. "Take it out, Lynn!"

Lynn wanted to. She twisted around so that she could work on his zipper. It only took her a moment to pull the zipper down. She reached inside his slacks for the big cock.

Sheila put her hands around Lynn and squeezed the horny young woman's boabs.

"Yes, Sheila!" Lynn hissed. "Feel my tits while I suck your husband's cock!"

"Yes, darling," Sheila whispered. "We're going to let you love both of us… and then we're going to both suck and fuck you."

Lynn searched for Doug's prick. She worked it out of his briefs. The huge rod burned her hand when she pulled it out. She couldn't wait to help him out of his belt and pants. She had to get that hard pole in her mouth!

The hot-assed woman moved her face closer to his crotch. She moaned as Sheila squeezed her hot tits hard. The long, thick cock was tipped by a red, swollen dick-head. A coating qf pre-cum made the cock-tip gleam invitingly. Lynn touched it with her tongue.

"Oh, sweet woman!" Doug groaned when her wet tongue lapped at his prick. "Look at this, Sheila! You should see this sweet face over my cock."

"I see it, darling," Sheila said. She wanted her husband to enjoy her new friend. She wanted to share Lynn with Doug.

The groaning man let his head fall back against the back of the sofa. He gave the hot woman what she wanted. His hips shoved up to ram his huge shaft into her greedy mouth.

Sheila wanted to watch the sucking action. She stood and moved around to watch her husband being eaten. The sight made her cunt wetter. Her tits ached when she saw how mudh Doug's cock stretched Lynn's small mouth.

Doug wanted to let the young wife get at his balls. He pushed her hair out of the way so he could loosen his belt. When he had the belt open he had to make Lynn release his cock while he shoved his slacks and briefs over his hips?

"No… please…" Lynn pleaded when he pushed her head away from his delicious dick. "I want to suck it… I'm not finished sucking!"

"In a minute, baby," Doug whispered as he pushed everything down his legs. "I want you to hold my balls while you suck my cock."

"Yessss!" Lynn moaned, at the suggestion. "Hurry, Doug! Let me have those big balls in my hand!"

Doug got his clothing down far enough. He gabbed the pretty woman's head and shoved his jutting cock at her hungry mouth.

"Suck it again, baby!" he groaned when his cock-head popped back into her wet mouth.

Lynn forced her head down. She was certain that she could never take the huge prick into her tiny throat, but she was going to try.

"Wow! Oh, baby!" Doug shouted when his cock-tip pushed against the entrance to her tight throat. "Take it, baby! Open that throat, Lynn, and let my cock in!"

Lynn wanted a little more lime to let her mouth became accustomed to his thickness before she deep-throated him. She backed off a few inches and reached between his hairy legs for his swollen balls.

"Motherfucker!" Doug shouted when her fingers wrapped around his nut-sac. "Squeeze 'em, baby. Squeeze my balls hard while you suck my dick!"

Lynn couldn't believe how big his balls felt. She kneaded her fingers around the huge nuts. Her clit stung when she thought of the amount of hot cum those gigantic nuts must manufacture. She went back down to try to work his cock into her throat.

Sheila couldn't stand to have her clothes on any longer. She rapidly undressed while she watched her friend suck her husband's big sock. She was quickly down to her panties. The tiny garment was wet from her flowing cunt-juice.

Doug looked up and saw that his wife was naked. "Get her jeans off, Sheila!" he ordered.

Sheila sat back down on her sofa. She reached around Lynn to work on her jeans. She unsnapped and unzipped the tight jeans without making Lynn release Doug's prick.

Lynn lifted herself from the sofa to help Sheila with the jeans. She refused to let the wonderful cock slip from her mouth.

Sheila got the jeans off. Shen then tugged at Lynn's bikini panties. The little panties were slipped from the sucking woman's hot body.

Sheila stared at Lynn's hot ass. The older woman ran her tongue around her lips as she stared at the lovely ass-cheeks. She wanted to eat Lynn while Lynn sucked Doug's cock.

"Mmmmm!" Lynn groaned around Doug's prick when she felt Sheila's wet tongue on her ass. She decided that this was the time to deep-throat Doug.

"Goddddd!" the man cried out when Lynn took his cock into her throat. The narrow throat squeezed his dick until it was almost painful. He pushed the back of her head down. He didn't want her to let his prick out of her throat.

He didn't have to hold the woman's head down.

She loved having his cock in her throat. The discomfort was minute compared to the ecstasy she was experiencing. She gripped his nuts harder. Her mind craved his load of jizz.

Sheila turned over on her back on the sofa. She worked her head between Lynn's legs. She pushed the sucking woman's legs apart until her head was under her dripping cunt.

"Gggggnnnnhhhh!" Lynn moaned when Sheila's tongue entered her wet pussy. She squeezed harder on Doug's balls and contracted her throat muscles on his stuffing cock.

Sheila pulled at Lynn's hot ass. She mashed her mouth against the woman's sweet, tangy snatch. Her lips pulled Lynn's stiff clit in.

The tightness of Lynn's throat was too much for Doug. He had to release the cum in his balls.

"Suck it, Lynn! Take it all, baby! Unnnnhbhh! Yeah! Nowwwwww!" he shouted loudly when his cum spurted down her throat. He raised his ass off the sofa and pushed her head down against his crotch as the liquid fire burned through his cock.

Sheila's sucking mouth brought Lynn to an explosion as Doug's jizz was shooting from his balls.

"Wunnnnhhhh!" Lynn screamed incoherently as the spasms gripped her body. Her clit was being sucked with just the right amount of pressure by Sheila. She came more times than she could couflt.

"Suck her good, Sheila!" Doug said as his cum stopped shooting. He reached over to hold her squirming ass. His finger slipped between her ass-cheeks and probed her wet cunt while Sheila still sucked on her clit.

Sheila eased Lynn don from the orgasm. She gradually slowed the sucking rhythm until Lynn stopped moving.

"That's enough, baby," Doug whispered after the three of them had remained still for several minutes.

He gently pushed Lynn's head off his cock. She looked up at him and smiled when his big dick slid from her aching mouth. She rested her head on his thigh and played with his balls.

"I can see that you two are going to get along just fine," Sheila said when she had pulled her head from between Lynn's thighs.

"I'd say that the three of us are going to have some nice times together," Doug smiled as he stroked Lynn's long hair.

Lynn contentedly fondled his balls and kissed his limp cock. The long prick began to grow again. As it grew, Lynn could feel the heat in her cunt increasing. She knew that she wouldn't be happy until she had the huge cock in her cunt.

"Doesn't my husband have a beautiful cock, Lynn?" Sheila asked proudly. She brought her head down to kiss the other side of the thick pole.

"I love it!" Lynn answered. She lightly traced her lips down to the base of his cock. Sheila did the same and their lips met. The two women kissed. Lynn moaned around Sheila's tongue. She reached over to feel Sheila's big tits.

"I have a wonderful idea, Lynn!" Sheila said when she pulled her tongue out of Lynn's mouth. "Let's eat him together, and then he can fuck your cunt while you eat me."

"That's just what I was thinking, Sheila!" Lynn said. "Let's hurry and get him real hard! I can't stand it much longer. My cunt is starving!"

The two women devoured his stiffening prick. Lynn started at the head. She tongued the sticky tip while Sheila teased Doug's balls. They soon had the man moaning with pleasure.

"Christ!" Doug groaned. "Will you two stop playing around… and suck my cock!" He grabbed their heads, trying to force one of them to open their mouth for his prick.

The woman giggled when he tried to make them suck him. They wanted to drive him wild, and they were doing a good job of it. He was getting tired of their teasing.

"Enough of this!" he finally said as he pushed them away. "You two! Follow me into the bedroom!" He got up and finished taking his clothes off. He then went to the bedroom.

Sheila and Lynn were smiling with anticipation when they followed him.

Doug was standing by the bed when they walked in. His long prick was swaying in front of his body. "Lynn, get on the bed on your hands and knees. Sheila, you sit on your ass in front of Lynn so that she can reach your cunt with her mouth."

The women happily obeyed. Lynn dimbed onto the center of the big bed. She waved her hot ass in the air. She waited for the big man to grab her hips and shove his thick cock into her greedy cunt.

Sheila sat on the bed in front of Lynn's face. The dark-haired woman stretched her legs out. She hunched her ass down until her snatch was under Lynn's mouth.

They were ready for Doug.

Doug got on the bed behind Lynn. He stopped for a moment to gaze at the luscious beauty of her hot ass. He ran his big hands all over her swaying ass-cheeks, enjoying the smoothness of her warm skin.

"Fuck me, Doug!" Lynn leaded impatiently. She waved her ass at him. She was burning with need.

Doug held her ass still by grasping her hips. He leaned forward over her until the head of his long, thick cock was between her thighs.

Lynn was desperate. She reached under her horny body and found his huge prick. With a big smile of delight on her face she put the swollen tip of his cock between her wet pussy-lips.

"Shove it in, big man! Hump it deep! I want you to fuck me hard!" the hot wife begged.

Doug rammed. His big pole pushed her twat-lips aside and buried itself in Lynn's juicy, tight cunt.

"Beautiful! Oh, God that's so exquisite! Sheila! Your husband's cock is in my cunt! I've never been so stuffed in my life!" Lynn groaned and shouted as her hole became accustomed to the bulk of Doug's prick.

"I know the feeling, darling," Sheila smiled as she watched the expression on her friend's face.

Sheila was content to just watch her husband fuck Lynn for a while. She wanted to enjoy Lynn's reaction to Doug's big cock. Then, after Doug really got her hot, Sheila would let Lynn eat her clint.

"Yess!" Lynn moaned when Doug pulled back to plunge again. "Deeper! Split my pussy open, lover! Let those big balls slap my ass! Fuck me while your wife watches us."

There was a special excitement in being watched that Lynn couldn't quite understand. She wasted little time in trying to understand it, though. She wanted to enjoy the sensations it caused in her crammed cunt. Opening her eyes, she looked at Sheila and smiled.

Doug pumped her deep and hard. He loved to fuck another cunt while his wife watched. There was something extra about Lynn, too. The contrast to his wife was one of the things that was making his balls burn. Sheila's cunt was great, but it wasn't as tight as the one he was in. He let out along groan of pleasure as Lynn's pussy gripped his hot dick.

Lynn looked down at Sheila's wet cunt. She wanted to taste the tangy hole. Lowering her head, she kissed the pink gash.

"Ooooobhhh, baby!" Sheila cooed at the wonderful touch of Lynn's lips. "Lick it, darling! Lick my pussy while my husband fuck you!"

Lynn soon adjusted to the awkwardness of trying to keep her mouth on the cunt while Doug's cock was pounding her. She held her mouth against the wet slit and let the rocking motions of her body do the work.

"That's it, darling!" Sheila moaned when Lynn's tongue fucked into her cunt. "Tongue-fuck my pussy, girl! Eat me!"

The dark-haired woman grabbed Lynn's head. She let the fucking woman eat and suck her. Body tingled when Lynn's nose rubbed across her clit.

Lynn loved the taste of a pussy while she had a cock in her cunt. She fucked back at Doug's hard prick, her cunt making wet, squishy sounds as it took the big dick, and then let it out.

"Uuuuuhhhh!" Lynn groaned when Doug reached under her to touch her clit. "Feel my clit, lover! That's so heavenly! Fuck me harder while you touch my clit with your finger!"

Doug grinned at her response. He slammed his hips forward, putting more power behind his thrusts. His finger remained on her sensitive clit while he fucked. He used his other hand to reach under her body for her tits. Finding one of the hanging jugs, he squeezed it hard.

Lynn was going wild from his fucking and feeling of her body. She felt as if every inch of her hot body was being touched. The sensations combined to sting her tits and make her cunt boil. Her little clit was itching and burning, with pleasure.

Sheila couldn't wait for either of them. She pushed her cunt up into Lynn's face.

"Eat it, baby! I'm coming! God! Eat my cunt! Suck it all in, Lynn! Oooohhhh! Yessss! I'm coming! COMING!" the exploding woman cried out, her body screaming with pleasure. She held Lynn's head in a strong grip as her clit and cunt erupted with joy.

Lynn mashed her mouth against Sheila's wet cunt. She felt her own blast coming on, sparked by the sudden come of her friend.

"More!" Lynn shouted, her voice muffled by the hot, mushy cunt. "I want more! I want to come, too!"

Sheila was coming down from her orgasm. She heard Lynn's pleading and wanted her friend to come. The older woman backed her ass away from Lynn's head.

"Come, darling!" Sheila encouraged her friend. She crawled around so that she could sit next to the fucking woman. Her hand reached under Lynn to play with her hanging, bouncing tits.

"Let it happen, Lynn!" Sheila moaned. "Let my husband get you off! Let his cock make you come, baby! Fuck back, baby! Fuck back! Fuck that wet pussy back on his big hard prick! Enjoy it, honey! Come! Come!"

Lynn went wild. She bit her lip and fucked back hard. The pressure that was building in her cunt was about to make her lose consciousness. Her mind seemed to leave her body. She could vividly see herself being fucked. She could see Doug's thick cock as it drove into her cunt.

"He's making me come, Sheila! My cunt… is… coming! It's wonderful! Yes! Fuck meeeee! Doug! Fuck me hard! Fuck me good! Fuck me forever! Forever! I don't want to ever stop fucking! Come with me! Give me your cum!"

"Here it is, baby!" Doug groaned when his jizz left his balls. He couldn't speak after that. He drove into her with one final, deep plunge. His hands locked her hot hips in a motionless grip. His cock was in her squeezing pussy as far it could possibly be.

"I feel it!" Lynn screamed. She could actually feel the powerful spurts of hot cum as they hit the walls of her blazing pussy.

She seemed to have a new explosion each time one of his cum-shots hit her. She flung her head from side-to-side. Her long hair whipped the air. She gripped the embedded cock with all the strength she could find in her cunt.

Sheila watched her husband and her friend come. She continued to caress Lynn's jugs. Her other hand reached between Lynn's legs to grab Doug's balls.

After a while Doug started to pull his deflating cock from Lynn's juicy cunt. He was certain that he had given her enough time to come down from her intense blast.

"Don't put it out yet, Doug," Sheila whispered. She put her hand on his ass and pushed him back into Lynn's wet cunt.

Sheila knew how wonderful a cock could feel in a woman's cunt, even after coming. She wanted Lynn to have plenty of time to savor Doug's big prick.

Lynn squeezed his softening cock for a long time. Though she had stopped coming, she still enjoyed the warm, wet sensations in her stuffed hole.

"I can't find words to describe how wonderful that was, you two," she whispered. Very slowly, she eased her tender cunt off Doug's cock. She curled up on the bed and waited for her trembling legs to relax.

"We have a lot of things we're going to show you, darling," Sheila smiled. She rubbed Lynn's ass and massaged her legs.

Doug squatted next to the women.

"If you're ever feeling horny, honey," he said as he rubbed Lynn's sweaty back, "you just come down to see us. We'll be happy to take care of your itch."

Lynn got up and hugged Sheila. She kissed the pretty woman and squeezed her tits. She then turned to Doug. Sucking his tongue into her mouth, she reached for his limp cock.

"Ill be coming down a lot," she grinned, "but for now I have to go. My husband should be home."

When Lynn got back to her apartment she was surprised to find that Brad still wasn't home. She wondered why she wasn't worried. It was unusual for him to be out so late without at least phoning her, but she seemed to sense that he was okay.

The tired woman took off her clothing and crawled into bed. Her hand covered her wet cunt. She let her mind go, and slowly drifted. Before she slept she saw images of Brad fucking another woman.


Lynn wasn't in one of her better moods. She looked at the clock in her small reception area. She frowned as she wondered why she even bothered worrying about the time. Though it was almost time to go home, she wasn't crazy about having another argument with Brad.

She had been so exhausted that she didn't even know what time her husband came home the night before. When the alarm went off he was snoring beside her.

She had become angry when he evaded her inquiries about his activities the night before. He muttered something about stopping for a drink with one of the guys in the office. One drink led to another and he forgot about the time.

Lynn didn't believe him, but there was little time to find out the truth before going to work.

The troubled wife couldn't quite understand her anger and jealousy. She certainly had no reason to be angry with Brad after what she had done. Regardless, she couldn't shake the feeling that something was seriously wrong with her marriage.

"Hello, beautiful! I've got another package for you," the male voice interrupted her thoughts.

Lynn looked up. It was Mike, the messenger boy.

"Hi, Mike!" she smiled sweetly. She liked Mike for some reason. He was cute. His longish hair and casual way of dressing was an interesting contrast to all the men she saw in business suits.

She took the package and signed the slip.

"Thanks, Mike," she said as she gave him the slip.

"You'r welcome, beautiful!"

Lynn almost laughed at his awkward attempt to be flirtatious. She did have to admit, though, that he was an attractive young man.

"You wanna come to a party tonight, Lynn?" Mike blurted suddenly. His expression became serious as he waited for her to answer.

Lynn almost automatically said no. She didn't quite get the words out, though. She thought a moment before she answered.

"I… I guess you think my crowd would be a little young for you, huh?" Mike said as he shuffled his feet.

"No, Mike," Lynn smiled. "I think it would be very interesting to be around a younger crowd for a change."

"You mean it… I mean, you really want to come?" the beaming boy asked.

"I mean it!" Lynn said. She had quickly decided that it might be just the thing to cheer her up. She would go to Mike's party without telling Brad. It would serve him right for not calling her the night before.

"Hey! That's really cool, Lynn! I gotta go check in at work now, but I'll give you the address and you can meet me there!"

"Let's have it!" Lynn grinned. She was excited as she wrote down the address of the party.

"See you later, doll!" Mike happily called out as he left the office.

Lynn tucked the piece of paper in her purse and anxiously looked at the clock. She wouldn't have long to wait.

During the cab ride down to the party Lynn wondered if she should have called Brad.

"Fuck him!" she said aloud.

"What was that, lady?" the driver asked. "Oh… It was nothing," Lynn said, trying to keep from giggling.

The building was in the Village. Lynn got out of the cab and gave the driver his money.

She looked at the old building for a while before going in. She was a little uneasy about the place. It wasn't in the best neighborhood.

"Well, girl, you wanted adventure," she said.

She walked through the old doors at the entrance and looked at the name board. The apartment was on the third floor, and she would have to walk up.

By the time she reached the apartment she was out of breath. The noise of the party could be heard clearly through the door. She gave hermeif a moment to catch her breath bcfore she pressed the buzzer.

"Welcome, stranger!" a very young and pretty girl said when the door opened. "Come in and enjoy yourself!"

Lynn stared for a moment at the fresh beauty of the girl. The dark-haired girl was wearing a Mexican peasant blouse that left her shoulders bare. Her long skirt was one of the old-fashioned kind that seemed to be popular with so many young girls. Lynn stared at the girl's large tits, and noticed that they were braless.

"Hey! Are you coming in?" the girl asked as Lynn hesitated.

"Sure," Lynn said as she stepped into the room. She looked around at the other people there. About a dozen people were at the party. They were all young. The oldest appear to be about nineteen. They were evenly divided between boys and girls.

"I'm Alicia!" the pretty girl grinned as she stuck out her hand.

"Lynn is my name. Mike invited me," the young wife said as she held Alicia's hand. She felt her body tingle at the touch of the lovely girl.

"Mike's a cool guy," Alicia smiled, speaking louder to make herself heard over the rock music. "He's got one of the biggest, hardest cocks I've ever had in my cunt."

Lynn had to smile at the girl's remark. She also felt her cunt warm. She had wondered about the size of Mike's prick. "Mike's in the kitchen checking the booze and rolling a joint. I'll introduce you to the others while he's busy."

Lynn felt somewhat out of place. She felt very straight around the younger, hipper crowd. But she was also excited about meeting them.

Alicia made the introductions quickly. Lynn tried to remember the names, but it was hopeless. The kids were all nice enough, the boys especially as they eyed her big jugs. Lynn wished that she had had time to go home and change. Her neat skirt and sweater were out of place.

"Hey!" Mike yelled when he came out of the kitchen. "You made it!"

He came over to Lynn and hugged her. She felt the hard bulge of his cock as he pressed his hips against hers.

"Now we can really get the party rolling!" Mike said as he released Lynn, but still kept an arm around her waist.

"Larry!" Mike shouted to a tall, skinny boy. "I want my friend, Lynn, to feel good! Bring us a joint! You ever smoke, baby?" Mike grinned as his arm moved up her back until his hand was almost cupping her tit.

"Sure," Lynn smiled.

She had tried it before, but it had never been very effective on her. Perhaps it was because it had been with some stuffy friends of Brad's. She felt that now might be just the time to enjoy it.

Mike lit the joint and took a long drag. "You're going to love this stuff, beautiful!" he grinned as he passed it to her.

Lynn took the thin joint. She put the end between her lips and sucked it. Though she wanted to cough when the strong smoke filled her lungs, she held off. She didn't want to appear to be too square.

"Let's sit," Mike said. He took her hand and led her to a low couch.

Lynn sat next to him on the couch. She relaxed as her body sank into the soft cushions. Her mind was easing into a sweet feeling of well-being. She felt warm. Mike's thigh was pressed tightly against hers. It felt good.

"Are you feeling it, yet?" Mike asked after she took another drag of the joint.

Lynn thought that she was. "I feel lighter," she said, the sound of her voice sounding dreamy to her.

"That's good!" Mike smiled. He put his arm around her shoulder and pulled her close. "Before this party is over, we are going to have a real blast!"

After a few more drags, Lynn knew that she was stoned. She felt wonderful and free. She felt the heat in her cunt growing. Her hand reached over to rest on Mike's thigh. Her eyes wandered around the room.

The kids were sprawled everywhere. Almost all of them were kissing and touching each other. Young couples were on the floor and chairs.

Mike's hand cupped her tit through her blouse. She moaned and turned to him. His tongue drove into her mouth while she closed her hand over his crotch. She was burning up!

Lynn didn't care about the other people around her, or what they would think. She had to fuck Mike!

"Mike!" she gasped when she broke away from his mouth. "Take me into the bedroom! I have to fuck you!"

Mike grinned at her. "Relax, baby. Just take a look around you. We don't need to worry about privacy. They won't pay any attention to us."

Lynn looked around the room again. She was shocked and excited to see that several of the kids had taken off part of their clothes. Three of the girls already had their tops off, and each had a boy sucking on their tits.

"This is a love-party, baby," Mike said as his hand slipped under the bottom of her sweater. "All sorts of good things are going to happen before the night is over."

Lynn moaned as his hand touched her stomach and pushed her sweater up a few inches. She saw Alicia sitting on the floor with a boy sucking on her nipples. Lynn ran her tongue around her lips as she stared at the girl's big, beautiful boobs. She wondered if the evening would end with a wild orgy.

"You've got too much on that fantastic body, baby," Mike said.

He pushed her sweater up and over her aching tits.

"Yessss!" Lynn groaned when his rough hands grabbed her firm jugs. "DO it, Mike! I want you to feel them like the boys are doing to the other girls. I want to have a party, Mike! I want to have a real fucking party!"

"Yeah, baby," Mike whispered as he pushed her body down on the couch. He was soon on top of her, his crotch pushing hard against hers. She helped him pull the sweater over her head.

"Suck 'em, lover!" Lynn mooned when his mouth caine down on her hot tits. "Yes, Mike! Use your tongue like that! Yeah, baby! Bite them with your teeth! Get me hotter, stud! Get me so hot I'll be on fire, boy!"

Mike was surprised that the older woman was such a hot bitch when she was turned on. He was getting so hot himself that he had trouble trying to get his pants off.

"Let me help!" Lynn hissed.

She reached down between them and unsnapped his tight jeans. He lifted a little while she tugged his zipper down. Her hand immediately pushed his shorts out of the way.

"Yes! Alicia was right, Mike! You do have a big, hard cock! I'm going to love it in my cunt!"

Mike was going berserk! He grabbed at her again. "Not yet!" Lynn rasped. "Let's get naked! I don't want anything between that beautiful cock and my pussy!"

"Yeah, baby!" Mike croaked as he struggled out of his shirt. He managed that and then kicked his shoes off.

Lynn stood up to take her short skirt off. She watched the other people in the room while she undressed. Mike had been right. Not a one of the kids was paying any attention to her. They were all too busy getting it on.

Lynn paused for a moment after she took her panties off. She was staring at Alicia. The beautiful girl was on her back on the floor. A boy was on top of her.

"Ahhhh!" Lynn moaned when she saw the boy lift his naked body so that Alicia could grab his big cock.

Lynn could almost feel the hard cock in her own hand. She watched Alicia guide the boy to her cunt.

"Fuck her!" Lynn said without realizing it when the boy drove his dick into Alicia's wet pussy.

"Hey!" Mike said. "You want to watch or fuck?"

Lynn turned to him. He was on his back on the couch. She looked at his naked body, and felt her clit burn with sensations. She had to sit on his cock!

"Come on down here, baby!" Mike said as he held his arms out to her.

Lynn got on the couch over his swaying shaft. She straddled his hips and reached down for his hard fuck-pole.

"Cock! Oh, you beautiful cock!" she hissed when her fingers wrapped around the thick rod. "I'm going to ride you until you squirt all that beautiful cum in my cunt, cock!"

The wild wife was talking more to Mike's big prick than she was to him. She pulled on the hot dick for a while, wanting it to be as hard as possible before putting it into her hungry, wet cunt.

"Put it in!" Mike groaned impatiently. He pulled at her hips and grimaced from the pleasure of her stroking.

"Now!" Lynn hissed as she lowered her dripping slit to take his cock. "I'm going to fuck it!"

She did. Her wet cunt absorbed his dick. Her hot body slid don on the stiff pole until every inch of it was in her.

"Fuck me!" she screamed as she began to ride him.

Mike grabbed her hips and helped to lift her up for each hard plunge downward.

"Mike! I love it in me! I love the hardness of yohr big cock. It's ripping my cunt apart! I can feel it all the way to my throat! Shove up, baby! Shove your hips up at my cunt! I want it hard!"

Mike looked up at the riding woman. He felt his nuts burn when he saw the expression of pure joy on her face. Her big jugs were bouncing around wildly as she lifted her cunt, and shoved it down.

"Way to go, Lynn!" someone said near Lynn's head.

Lynn looked around her and saw Alicia. The naked girl was standing next to the couch. Looking across the room, Lynn saw that the boy Alicia had been fucking was still on the floor. His limp cock indicated that he had already come.

"Didn't I tell you Mike had a wonderful cock?" the big-titted girl smiled.

Lynn could only stare at the girl's naked body. She couldn't take her eyes off Alicia's delicious looking boobs. The cherry-tipped jugs were almost begging to be sucked.

"You want to play with my boobies while you fuck his cock?" Alicia grinned, seeming to read the woman's horny mind.

"Yesss!" Lynn groaned, her hips still pushing down for Mike's hot shaft.

"That's cool," Alicia said casually.

She stepped closer to the couch. Her firm tits were almost touching Lynn's head.

Lynn reached out with her mouth for the stiff, red nipples.

"Yeah, Lynn!" Alicia moaned. "Kiss my tits, baby!"

Lynn went wild! She licked and kissed the young girl's breasts. It was surprisingly easy to keep her fucking rhythm going on Mike's cock while she ate the tasty tits.

"Goood!" Alicia cooed, reaching around Lynn's head to hold her mouth against her hot tits.

Mike had to release his cum. He was staring at the two women while his cock throbbed inside Lynn's gripping, wet snatch. Watching Lynn kissing Alicia's jugs was too much for him to stand.

"Fuck it! You hot cunt! Lynn! I'm coming! Shit! Arrrrgggghhh!" the boy cried. He pulled down on her hips until she couldn't move her hot ass. His jizz flowed up into her tight cunt.

Lynn pulled her mouth away from Alicia's tits.

She desperately tried to move on his emptying prick. She wasn't ready for him to come. It was just too soon!

"Wait!" she cried out. She looked up at Alicia for help.

"I'll just have to finish what he started," Alicia shrugged.

The young girl took Lynn's trembling shoulders and pushed her off Mike's drained cock. Lynn fell back against the couch. She moaned at the loss of the wonderful dick.

"Get out of the way, Mike!" Alicia ordered.

Mike scrambled from the couch. He stood next to it and cursed himself for not holding off.

Alicia quickly helped the older woman recline on the soft couch. She then got on the couch between Lynn's legs.

"I'm going to suck your clit until you come, baby!" the uninhibited girl smiled at Lynn. Her head lowered her reach the hot wife's hungry twat.

"Eat me, Alicia!" Lynn begged. She grabbed the girl's head.

Alicia was a good cunt-licker. She soon had Lynn screaming and moaning with delight. The quivering wife quickly forgot about Mike's cock. She thrashed around as her pussy blazed with pleasure. Her nipples were on fire, and her firm clit was ripped by sensations.

"Hey, you guys!" one of the boys shouted when he saw the two females on the couch. "Dig this action!"

Lynn heard him. She looked around the room and was shocked to see that everyone was watching. Those who hadn't finished fucking stopped and began to gather around her. She was too hot to completely comprehend what was going on.

"Look at that Alicia eat cunt!" one of the girls gasped as she stared at the sucking girl.

"Yeah!" a boy agreed. "And look at the way the other one is loving it!"

Lynn looked around her at the crowd of boys and girls. She began to feel even more excited that she was the one they were watching. Her cunt flamed as she experienced the pleasure of being watched.

"They're looking at us, Alicia!" she moaned to the girl between her hot thighs. "Your friends are watching you suck my clit!"

"Wow! She really is turned on!" a boy said as he watched the woman's big jugs jiggle with her movements. He stared at her mouth and wondered how his cock would feel in it.

Lynn looked at the cocks around her. She watched them as they grew. The girls around her were all naked like the boys. Everyone was entranced by the two females on the couch.

"Give me a cock!" Lynn pleaded as she stared at the people in the room. "Somebody! Please put a cock in my hand or my mouth!"

"Shit!" a boy said. "I'm gonna let her have mine!"

He pushed people out of the way as he tried to get to Lynn.

"No!" another boy shouted. "I'm gonna get in on this!"

Alicia heard the arguing. She knew that someone had to take charge before chaos resulted.

"Hold it, you guys!" she said as she lifted her face from Lynn's tasty cunt. "Let's get together on this! Help me get her off the couch, and then we can all get around her."

"Great idea!" someone said as the kids reached down for the woman.

Lynn saw the hands reaching for her. She felt them lifting her arms and legs. Her hot body was carried to the center of the room and placed on the carpet.

"Yesss!" the dazed woman hissed when the young bodies surrounded her. "Everybody! Touch me! I want you all to touch me!"

Alicia was back at her cunt. Another girl was over her tits, sucking on her stinging nipples. A boy knelt beside her. She reached for his stiff dick.

"Here's my cock, lady!" another boy shouted as he knelt on the other side of her.

"Yes!" Lynn moaned as she turned to grab it. "Give it to me!"

The kids all tried to touch her. When they couldn't all reach her, they took turns. Her hands were filled with hard cocks. Each girl had a turn at sucking on her tits.

The young people were turned on to pleasing the ecstatic woman. They were happy to give her so much pleasure.

"Give us a turn, Alicia!" a girl said as she tugged at the eating girl's arm.

"Oh, okay!" Alicia said reluctantly as she backed away from Lynn's delicious cunt.

A pretty blonde girl knelt between Lynn's trembling thighs. Lynn pushed her hot ass up from the floor, offering her greedy pussy to the new girl.

"Suck meeee!" the big-titted wife screamed when the girl's tongue licked at her twat-lips.

During this time Lynn was frantically pulling on the cocks in her hands. She was also writhing as the other girls sucked on her boobs. Being the center of the wild orgy was incredibly exciting.

Another girl took a turn at sucking Lynn's wet cunt. Then another followed. The furious pace was driving the covered woman to an explosive climax.

"Keep on sucking me! Keep on kissing my tits! I want you all to make me come! Give me your cocks! Let me jerk you all off! Use my body! Touch it! Suck it! Fuck it!" Lynn screamed deliriously as her eruption neared.

The kids knew that she was about to come. They wanted to all be touching her when it happened. Desperately, they tried to crowd around her. Cocks were shoved into her greedy hands! Mouths were clamped on her hungry cunt. More mouths covered her aching tits with saliva.

"I'm going to come! My beautiful lovers! You're going to make me come! So beautiful! Let it last forever! Oh, God! Let them touch my body forever!" she babbled as the first stages of her come swept over her.

"Come! Come! Come!" a chorus of voices shouted to her.

It was impossible to tell when her come started. It flawed from dreamy sensations to powerful bolts of pleasure. The coming woman bucked up from the floor. Her hands held the two cocks as if they were handles. The sounds she made were animalistic. Pleasure racked her hot body at every point she was being touched.

"Look at her!" a boy said in amazement as he gaped at the twisting, moaning woman.

The boys and girls held onto the wild woman while she rode out her long orgasm. The girl between Lynn's legs sucked hard on her buzzing clit.

"I think it's over," Mike whispered to Alicia as Lynn's movements began to subside. He watched her body slowly ease back onto the carpet. She seemed to be in a blissful stupor.

The first thing Lynn sensed when she came back to reality was the hardness of the cocks in her hands.

"Thank… Thank you… all," she whispered weakly as she looked up at the young bodies around her.

The boys and girls smiled at her.

Lynn turned to the cock in her left hand. She propped herself up on her elbow and sucked in the swollen head of the long prick.

"Unnnnhhhh!" the boy groaned when his dick went into her wet, hot mouth.

"Wow!" Alicia laughed when she saw Lynn's hungry mouth devour the cock. "She never stops!"

"We'll see how much she can take!" a boy said as he dropped to his knees on the floor. His jutting cock was not very long, but it was extremely thick.

"Help me turn her over," the boy said to those around him.

Eager hands took Lynn's legs and shoulders to turn her on her stomach. She protested when the delicious cock slipped from her mouth, but not for long. The moaning wife knew what was going to happen to her. She quickly got up on all fours.

"Look at that ass!" a boy said as he reached down to touch the smooth skin of the woman's hot ass-cheeks.

"Look at the way those big tits hang down!" a boy said as he knelt to reach under her.

"Yessss, my lovers!" Lynn groaned when the boy's hands touched her aching boobs. "Give me those cocks, boys!"

The girls knew that they should step back and let the boys take care of the crazed woman. They all watched excitedly as the boys surrounded the wild woman, offering her their young, stiff pricks to suck and touch and fuck.

Lynn soon had the cock back in her mouth that she had been sucking on. She gulped in the sweet, hot meat and waved her ass in the air for another one.

"I got her cunt!" a boy shouted as he dropped to his knees behind her ass.

"Put it in!" Lynn begged. "Put that cock in my cunt before I go crazy!" She then returned to her ravenous sucking.

"Mmmmmggghhh!" she moaned around the cock in her mouth as thb boy behind her popped his thick dick into her squishy pussy. She loved being in the middle of a cock-sandwich!

"Wait a minute!" Mike shouted as the two boys fucked her cunt and face. "We can work things out better than this, you guys! One of us should be under her so she can fuck his cock in her cunt. Another can get behind her and ass-fuck her while someone else fucks her mouth."

"Are you sure she can take it in the ass, Mike?" Alicia asked, remembering how long it had taken her to get used to the pain of ass-fucking.

"She's so hot she could take a horse in her ass!" Mike grinned as he pulled at the shoulder of the boy behind Lynn.

"Hey!" the boy in Lynn's pussy protested. "What's going on?" He refused to stop pumping the woman's hot, wet hole.

"Just pull out, stupid!" Mike ordered. "You can get under her on your back. You'll be back in that wet cunt in a minute."

The boy reluctantly did as Mike said. He groaned as his hard cock withdrew from her gripping twat.

"Now!" Mike said, his voice choked with excitement. "Crawl under her on your back and stick your prick up in her cunt."

"Shit! How am I going to do that?" the boy grumbled as he sat on the floor and tried to wedge his body under the sucking woman.

It took some doing, but the horny boy managed to work his legs under Lynn. He inched his ass between her hot thighs, and soon was on his back under her.

"Put it in!" Lynn screamed desperately as she took her mouth off the cock.

The nervous boy tried to hold his prick in the right position to slide up into her drooling snatch.

He couldn't quite get it in.

"Let me help!" a tall, slim blonde said as she knelt behind Lynn's ass.

The girl reached between Lynn's thighs and took the boy's cock. She put the head between the womans pink twat-lips.

"Now! Shove up!" the blonde shouted to the boy.

"Ahhhh!" Lynn's delighted groan signalled that he had succeeded. She pushed her pussy down to meet his awkward shove. The result was wonderful. Her body quivered with pleasure.

"I get her ass!" a short, stocky boy said as he stroked his long, thin cock.

"Wait a minute!" Mike yelled. "I'm the one who thought of this idea… and I'm the one who's going to fuck that tight ass!"

He pushed the short boy out of the way and dropped to his knees behind Lynn. He straddled the legs of the boy under Lynn, and prepared to fuck her tiny shit-hole.

"First," Mike said, as if he was about to give the other boys a lesson in ass-fucking, "you have to loosen her asshole a little. You take some cunt-juice and put it on your finger."

The other boys watched with rapt attention as Mike gathered some thick twat-juice from around the cock in Lynn's stuffed cunt.

"You take your finger and put it in her ass first, work it in and out," Mike continued as he demonstrated. "And put more pussy-stuff on your cock."

"Will you get on with it!" an impatient girl said as Mike lubricated his big cock with some cunt-juice.

Mike took his finger out of Lynn's ass. He hunched forward until his cock-head was pressing against the wrinkled opening of her shit-hole. He lost his interest in talking about it quickly. He could think of nothing but how wonderful that tight ass was going to feel when he was in it.

"Arrrrggggghhh!" Lynn moaned when Mike began to push against her ass-opening. She felt some pain, but that didn't matter. What mattered was that every hole in her hot, starving body was going to be filled with cock!

Mike pushed harder. His cock-head popped into her ass! Then, the rest of his long, thick pole followed easily. He grimaced and moaned at the exquisite tightness of her hot ass.

"Guuuuunnnhhh!" Lynn wailed with strange, mixed feelings of pain and ecstasy. She fucked back, trying to coordinate her movements on the hard pricks in her mouth, cunt and ass. The joy was building, while the pain in her ass was being swept away.

"She… loves it!" Mike grunted as he pulled back to ram again. "Didn't… I… tell you?" He knew that she would go crazy when he ass-fucked her. He knew that nothing could turn off a bitch as hot as this one.

Everyone in the room was enthralled. They gasped as they watched the stuffed woman manipulate the three cocks. It soon became obvious that she was in control of the fucking and sucking.

Lynn was loving every stroke of it. She couldn't feel the hot pain in her ass. She moaned with joy as the two cocks in her ass and cunt rubbed against each other through her thin cunt wall. The cock in her mouth plunged into her throat, and she accepted it easily.

"Look at her suck and fuck!" someone said.

"I wish I could take cocks like that!" a girl said, watching Lynn fuck up and down and back.

The wild wife was too much for the three boys. They were losing control of their burning balls. The boy whose cock was in Lynn's throat was the first to shoot his cum.

"Suck it, lady!" he shouted when his nuts tensed and began to erupt. "Suck it out! Holy shit! I'm coming down your throat!"

"Mmmmmmgggghhh!" Lynn groaned when she heard and felt the boy coming. She squeezed her throat around his cock.

"Me, too!" the boy whose prick was in her cunt screamed when his balls began to empty. "Fuckin' cunt! Take it, bitch!"

Lynn wanted it. She wasn't certain that she would come before the two boys finished, but she didn't care. It was enough to be used as a depository for their hot jizz. She wanted to be filled with it! She needed to be used.

Then she remembered the cock in her ass. Mike still hadn't come, but it was obvious that he would soon let his balls go. The hot tightness was more than he could bare.

The frantic, big-titted woman devoted all her energy to making Mike shoot his jizz in her ass. At the same time, she felt her explosion coming.

"Fuck! Damn! Christ!" Mike shouted when he knew that he was about to come. "It's squeezing my prick off! It's so fuckin' tight! I'm gonna give it to her! Shiiitttt!" he cried out, and pumped her ass furiously.

"Wuuunnnhhh!" Lynn moaned. She fucked back to help him pump his jizz out while her searing blast burned her asshole. The hard cock pounded her coming body without mercy. The vibrations of the triple-fucking made her body jerk and writher.

"I've never seen anything like this!" a girl said as her hand reached down to stroke the cock of the boy who stood next to her.

Several of the kids nodded their heads in agreement as they touched themselves, or someone next to them.

Mike kept pumping after his cum stopped flowing. He remembered that he had failed to make Lynn come earlier, and he wanted to be certain that she thoroughly enjoyed it this time.

Lynn was. The explosions followed one another in fierce, rapid succession. The three rods were squeezed hard by the woman as she sought to wring out every bit of pleasure from them.

The cock in her mouth came out as the gasping boy in front of her fell back on the carpet. This allowed Lynn to express her feelings to the people around her.

"I've never been fucked so well!" she moaned, the sensations still charging through her, though not as intensely as before. "I love it! All those wonderful, cocks in me at the same time! Thank you all… so much! I love you all!"

Mike pulled out of her hot ass as the other people gathered around the grateful woman. They all touched and kissed her affectionately. She had given them an experience they would never forget.

The party continued after that. Lynn ate cunts or sucked cocks. She joined different combinations of boys and girls. She sometimes sat back and watched other couples and groups.

Before the party was over, and it was time for her to go home, she had done everything with the boys and girls that she could think of.

She kissed them all good night when she left.


"Harder, Jason! Do it harder!" Lynn screamed as she pulled at his pumping ass. "Fuck me so hard I can't even think!"

The fucking woman didn't want to have to think. The last thing she wanted to do was think about what had happened in the morning. She tried to fight off the feeling of sadness by fucking it out on Jason's big cock. His big bed squeaked loudly from the wild fucking that was taking place on top of it.

Lynn was still dazed from what Brad had told her while she was preparing to go to work. After her fantastic night of fucking and sucking at Mike's party, she had gone home to find Brad sleeping. She was so tired she went to sleep without waking him.

Then, in the morning, he had given her the big shock. He was leaving her for a secretary in his office. He had been with her the past two nights, and had accepted her invitation to move in.

"Deeper! Deeper!" the dazed wife shouted at Jason as she tried to understand what had happened to her marriage.

Lynn had been pretty calm at the time of Brad's announcement. She had said that she understood, and wished him the best. They had promised to remain friends. She had even said that she would like to meet Mary.

"Give me that big cock, lover!" Lynn moaned. She wrapped her long legs around Jason's back.

Lynn wondered why she wanted to meet the woman who was taking her man from her. And why tonight? What would she say to Mary?

"More, Jason! I'm going to come soon! I'm going to come, darling!"

She pulled Jason against her tits. The only thing that got her through the day was knowing that she would see him tonight. She needed a friend. Maybe Jason was more than that to her, but it would take time to know for sure.

"Fuck meeeeee! I'm coming! Harder! Make me come! Make me come!" she screwed when the force of her blast grabbed her steaming pussy.

The need in her intensified her come. She was wild with the desire to be held, and fucked. The powerful orgasm was one of the most satisfying she had ever known.

Jason emptied his balls. He fucked her deep. He knew that she needed special treatment tonight, and he gave it to her, drawing out her explosion, draining her of her frustrations.

"You don't know how much I needed that," Lynn said after a long time of holding him close to her.

"Any time," Jason whispered, kissing her deeply.

"Do you know what time it is?" the sweaty woman asked.

Jason pushed himself away from her and got up from the bed. "It's about an hour before you're supposed to meet Brad and Mary at your place."

Lynn sat up on the bed. Her big jugs were dripping with sweat from her hot fucking.

"I'd better get dressed," she said. She picked up her panties from the floor.

"Are… are you sure it's such a good idea to meet this woman, baby?" Jason asked, the concern apparent on his handsome face.

Lynn reached for her blouse. "I have to do it. I'm not certain why… I just have to."

"If you need me… I'll be here," Jason said as she buttoned the blouse.

"I'll remember that, darling," Lynn smiled.

Lynn was apprehensive when she opened the door of her apartment. She was relieved to find that Brad and Mary hadn't yet arrived.

She knew what she shouldn't care what the woman thought of her appearance, but Lynn decided to shower and change before they came. She found that the warm water eased her nervousness.

The naked woman was just finishing drying her body when she heard the key in the door.

"Damn!" she cursed Brad's punctuality as she took the shower cap off. She quickly brushed her long hair out and put on her robe.

"I'm sorry I wasn't ready," Lynn said when she walked into the living room and saw Brad and the pretty blonde.

"That's okay," Brad smiled nervously. "This is Mary, Lynn."

"I'm happy to meet you, Mary," Lynn smiled as she held out her hand to the younger woman. Lynn almost laughed when she realized how ridiculous her greeting must have sounded.

"Same here," Mary grinned, surprised that Brad's wife was so nice to her.

"Have a seat, and I'll get us some wine," Lynn said, turning to go into the kitchen.

When Lynn came back with the wine and glasses, she deliberately leaned far over in front of Mary. She wanted her rival to know what a great pair of tits Brad was losing.

"Brad said you were beautiful… and I see he was telling the truth," Mary smiled as she looked at Lynn's tits. The braless beauties were almost spilling out of the loose robe.

"Thanks," Lynn said, appreciating that Mary was sincerely trying to be nice. "Brad was right about you, too."

"Oh?" Mary said.

"Yes," Lynn smiled as she filled her own glass and sat on the sofa. Brad was between them. "He said that you were attractive… and had a great body."

Mary laughed, warming to the other woman. "I think that all men think of is fucking!" she boldly said.

Lynn laughed with her. "Brad seemed to have more important things on his mind while he was with me."

"You're kidding!" Mary said incredulously. "You expect me to believe he didn't suck on those big things all the time?"

Mary obviously was talking about Lynn's luscious boobs.

Lynn liked Mary's direct manner of talking. She also felt like rubbing it in on Brad. Maybe the wine helped, or perhaps it was just the odd feeling of being so close to Brad's new woman. Whatever the reason, Lynn put her glass down and pulled the front of her robe apart.

"Wow!" Mary gasped when she saw Lynn's exposed tits. The gaping blonde was impressed by the big, firm jugs.

"Lynn!" Brad said, amazed by his wife's sudden move. "Have you lost your mind?"

"Don't be so stuffy, darling!" Lynn grinned. She enjoyed the shocked expression on his face.

"Yeah, Brad!" Mary said as she came to Lynn's defense. "What's wrong with that? I've seen women's tits before… though not many as gorgeous as Lynn's."

Lynn didn't care at this point what she did. She decided to see just how liberal Mary was.

"Oh, come on, Mary! I'm sure that your tits are just as nice as mine."

"I don't think so, Lynn," Mary said, though she was proud of her own boobs.

"I can't believe that, darling," Lynn said as she stood. "Of course… I couldn't know for certain unless I saw them for myself."

Mary was surprised, but not really shocked by the other woman's obvious challenge. The pretty blonde had been around. She had even sucked a few cunts, and felt no qualms about undressing in front of another woman. In fact, the idea excited her. She decided to accept Lynn's challenge.

Lynn was pleased whem Mary put her glass down and got up. Brad was speechless. He couldn't understand what the two women were trying to prove.

Mary was wearing a blue blouse, and dark-blue slacks. She began to unbutton the blouse.

"I think this has gone far enough!" Brad protested as Mary started to pull the unbuttoned blouse from her slacks.

"Shut up, Brad!" Mary ordered. "You'd better get used to the fact that I do whatever I please!"

Lypn was amused at Brad's defeated expression. She liked Mary's independence.

Mary took the blouse off. She smiled proudly as she reached behind her back to release her white bra. Her big tits were bulging out at the top of the bra.

Lynn sucked in her breath when she saw Mary's pretty boobs. She wanted to kiss the stiff, reddish nipples.

Mary looked at Lynn's stomach. The loosened robe was barely held together by the cloth belt. A light tug would reveal the woman's cunt, along with her exposed tits.

"Now that we've compared tits," Mary smiled. "How about showing off our cunts?"

Lynn smiled and answered Mary by pulling at the belt at her waist.

The robe separated. Lynn's tits and cunt were completely exposed.

Mary didn't say anything. She just stared at the other woman's cunt-mound. Without saying what she intended to do, Mary began to take off all her clothing. She didn't know how the game was going to end, but she knew how she wanted it to end.

Lynn felt the same way. She ignored Brad as she watched Mary take off her things. The heat in her pussy was growing as she saw the woman's slacks come off. Mary was wearing a tiny pair of bikini panties. Lynn almost moaned when she saw the blonde cunt-hairs peeking out around the crotch of the panties.

Mary was naked. She stood still and looked into Lynn's eyes. There was no doubt about the message there. The women completely forgot about the man they had just been fighting over.

Lynn pulled the robe off her shoulders. It fell to the floor.

Mary walked over to Lynn. She reached out to feel one of Lynn's firm tits.

"Ooooooooohhh, darling!" Lynn moaned at the warm touch. "Touch them… and kiss them!"

Mary pinched one of the firm nipples for a moment before bending her head to suck the stiff point into her hungry mouth.

"Ahhhhhhhhh!" Lynn groaned and grabbed the back of Mary's head, forcing her mouth against the stinging tit.

Mary let Lynn guide her head from one sweet jug to the other. She loved the sound of Lynn's delighted moans.

Mary straightened her head. She put her arms around Lynn's shoulders and kissed her.

Lynn sucked in Mary's wet tongue. The two women embraced. Their big breasts mashed together.

Brad was stunned. He just sat in silence and looked at the two women holding and kissing each other. His emotions were mixed as he watched them. Part of his mind was shocked, and another part was excited by the scene. His balls itched, and his cock was stiffening.

"Ohhhhhh, darling!" Lynn hissed when she broke away from the hot blonde. "Let's go into the bedroom! I want you!"

"Yessss!" Mary said as Lynn took her hand to lead her.

Brad got up and followed the women. He wasn't going to miss this.

"Come to me, lover!" Lynn rasped when she stretched out on the bed. She was on her back, waiting for Mary to get on top of her yearning body.

Brad stood next to the bed and watched Mary climb over Lynn. He was really getting turned on at the sight of the two beautiful, naked bodies together.

"Yessss! That's it!" Lynn groaned when Mary was on top of her.

The two women kissed. Their hot, big-titted bodies squirmed together, as if they were trying to get inside each other. Lynn's hands grabbed Mary's big ass-cheeks. Their wet cunts ground together.

Mary began to slide down Lynn's writhing body. She kissed the moaning woman's quivering tits, sucking in the nipples.

"Lick 'em, Mary! Lick my tits! Love me, darling! Love meeeeee!"

Mary went lower. She stuck her tongue in Lynn's little navel. The older woman went wild. She tossed her head around on the pillow, moaning with pleasure.

"I'm going to eat you, Lynn!" Mary said with a passion-choked voice.

"Please…" Lynn moaned, her hands reaching down to push Mary's head lower.

Mary licked around the outline of Lynn's wispy cunt-hairs. She teased the gasping woman with light touches of her tucking tongue. She pushed Lynn's trembling legs up and apart to get at the woman's hot, wet snatch.

"Eat it!" Lynn squealed when the blonde's wonderful mouth touched the sensitive pussy-lips.

Mary pushed her tongue into Lynn's pink, wet cunt.

"Waaaaahhhhhh! God! I love it!" Lynn screamed, her ass lifting off the bed, and her big tits quivering from her delirious movements.

Mary tongue-fucked her new lover. She slavishly raped Lynn's delicious cunt with her tongue. Never had a wet pussy tasted so good to the wild blonde.

"Put it in! Deeper! Stick your tongue deeper in my pussy, Mary! Fuck it… and then suck my clit! Make me come with your mouth, darling!"

Lynn felt the woman strive harder to please. She felt the hot tongue sink deeper into her hungry twat. Her clit burned! Her cunt flowed with excited juices. She wanted it to go on, and on, and on!

"It's time I joined you two!" the women heard Brad say. They had forgotten that he was in the room with them.

Lynn opened her eyes and saw that her husband was naked.

"No… Brad! Let her suck my clit! Let Mary make me come!" the turned-on wife groaned. She didn't want anything to stop Mary from sucking.

"I don't give a damn!" Brad spat. "She can suck your cunt while I fuck hers!"

Lynn didn't have to worry. Brad got on the bed behind Mary. He lifted Mary's hips so that she had her plump ass in the air. Mary felt his hands on her. She moaned with excitement when she realized what he was going to do. She had done this before, and she loved to suck cunt while she was being fucked.

Brad guided his jutting cock under Mary's waving ass-cheeks. He was pleased to find that her cunt was dripping with hot juices. His cock slid in easily.

"Mmmmmmmm!" Mary moaned into Lynn's wet snatch. She immediately fucked back on the hard prick. Her mouth didn't miss a lick on Lynn's pussy.

"Fuck her, Brad!" Lynn shouted. She was seeing her wild fantasy come true. Brad was actually fucking another cunt, right before her eyes.

Brad pumped the wet cunt hard. His pounding thrusts drove Mary's mouth against Lynn's twat. His big, hanging nuts slapped against Mary's hot ass.

"Give it to her, darling! Fuck her good!" Lynn screamed at her humping husband.

Mary shifted her mouth to Lynn's stiff clit. She sucked on the sensitive bud.

"Yesssss! Suck my clit! I'm going to come soon! I want to come while Brad's cock is in you, Mary!"

Mary heard her plea. The eating blonde shoved her cunt back on the thick pole. She sucked as hard as she could on Lynn's clit.

"Fuck and suck!" Lynn moaned, her hands holding Mary's head tightly. "Fuck and suck, darlings! Fuck that cunt, Brad! Eat my pussy, Mary! I'm coming! Oh, God! I'm coming! I'm losing my mind! Suck meeeeeee I'm coming!"

"Ggggggghhhh!" Mary groaned around Lynn's hot clit. "Unnnnnhhhh!"

The two women came together. Lynn writhed under Mary's wonderful mouth. Mary squeezed her pussy-walls around Brad's cock.

"I'm coming, too!" Brad yelled when his jizz shot from his balls. He rammed into Mary's wet cunt, holding her hips in a powerful grip.

The man and women shouted and screamed at each other while they blasted. It was a short, powerful come for each of them. The force of their explosions was too intense to last for long.

Brad fell away from Mary. Lynn pulled the sweaty woman up over her body. The women kissed each other for a long time, both happy that a close friendship had come out of their meeting.

"I don't think I'll ever understand women," Brad said, shaking his head as he watched the women hold each other.

"Come on, Brad!" Lynn grinned as she squeezed Mary's ass. "Isn't this the best thing that could have happened?"

"Yes, darling," Mary said, getting off Lynn and reaching over to hug Brad. "Lynn understands, and now we can all be friends!"

Brad had to admit that things had worked out well. He cupped his hand around Mary's hot tit, and reached over to squeeze one of Lynn's warm mounds.

"You see, Brad," Lynn giggled, her hand reaching over to hold his limp cock. "You're not losing a woman, you're just gaining another."

The man and women laughed together.

Brad's prick began to grow in Lynn's hand.

"Before you guys have to leave," Lynn grinned as her hand stroked his dick, "I'd like to have a cock-feast with Mary."

"Great idea, Lynn!" Mary said as she lowered her lips to the head of Brad's stiffening rod.

Brad happily fell back on the bed and let the two hungry women devour his cock. Lynn licked his balls, while Mary sucked on his dick-head. The cock-greedy women shared the delicious pole of hot meat.

They quickly drove the groaning man wild. They took turns sucking his cock and balls. Another load of thick, hot jizz was soon boiling in his nuts.

"Suck it, girls!" he shouted when the cum started to shoot. He lifted his ass from the bed.

Lynn grabbed his balls while Mary sucked the first spurt of cum out. Mary took one shot of the thick liquid, and quickly pulled her mouth away.

Lynn missed the second spurt. It shot through the air and landed on the bed. She closed her lips over his red cock-head in time to get the third spurt, though.

Mary had her hungry mouth back on his rod in time to get the fourth gob. Lynn let Mary have what was left. The smiling wife squeezed Brad's balls, and watched the sucking blonde gulp down the remains of his cum.

"Wow!" Brad groaned when the women sat up and smiled proudly at him. "I'm going to have to let you do that again!" He smiled at the two naked women as they licked his white cum from around their lips.

"You promised to take me to a late dinner, Brad!" Mary said. She got up to pull him to his feet. "Do you want to join us, Lynn?"

"Some other time," Lynn smiled. "I'm going to call a friend of mine, and see what he's doing."

Lynn waited for them to dress. She walked them to the door and kissed them goodbye.

She then called Sheila, and received an immediate invitation to come down. She called Jason and asked him to meet her at Doug and Sheila's.


"Fuck her, Doug!" Sheila shouted as her husband's ass lifted to pull his cock out for another deep plunge.

Lynn scraped her nails across Doug's broad back. She moaned loudly as he drove into her wet cunt. Her eyes met Sheila's as she looked over Doug's shoulder.

"That's my man!" Sheila hissed, her hand reaching under his ass to grab his heavy balls. "Fuck that hot cunt!"

Lynn had intended to wait for Jason before the fucking started, but Doug and Sheila had other ideas.

Now, as she shoved her pussy up at Doug's thick cock, she was glad that she hadn't waited. When Jason arrived, he would just have to strip and join the fun.

"Fuck!" Sheila said as she reached under her body to rub her aching clit. "I wish your friend would hurry! I need a big cock in my cunt!"

At almost that exact moment, the doorbell rang. Sheila got off the bed. "You two just keep fucking. I'll get the door, and if that isn't him I'm going to rape whoever it is!"

Lynn had no desire to stop fucking Doug's hard prick. She increased her humping when she realized that Jason was going to walk into the room and find her with another cock in her pussy.

Sheila was holding Jason's hand when she led him into the bedroom. Her big tits bounced beautifully as she smiled and led him to the bed.

"Take off… your… clothes, Jason… and join the party…" Lynn gasped, her legs locked around Doug's ass as she tried to pull his cock deeper into her twat.

"Let me help you, lover!" Sheila smiled, unbuttoning Jason's shirt. She brushed her hot tits against his arm as she worked on the shirt. She couldn't wait to get him naked, and sit on his cock.

Jason had been prepared for an interesting meeting with Lynn's friends. She had told him that there would be a lot of fucking tonight, but he hadn't expected to walk in on it. "You've got a big one!" Sheila said when she pulled his zipper down and saw the bulge in his shorts. "I know just what to do with that monster!"

Jason stepped out of his shoes and helped the hot woman get his pants off.

"Ummmmmmm!" Sheila hummed as she knelt in front of the man. She pulled his briefs down.

"That thing needs to be sucked!" the dark haired woman rasped as she threw his shorts aside.

"Ummmmhhhhh!" Jason moaned when the wild woman grabbed his swaying fuck-pole. He held her head as she stuck her tongue out to lick his cock-tip.

Lynn monaed when she looked over and saw Sheila kneeling in front of Jason. She watched the pretty, big-titted woman suck in his long cock.

Jason shoved his hot dick into the woman's mouth. It was extremely exciting to watch Lynn fuck while someone sucked his cock.

"Suck it, Sheila! Suck that… big… cock, darling!" the fucking woman shouted, between the grunts caused by Doug's thrusting shaft.

Lynn wanted to watch more of Sheila's sucking, but the excitement was just too much for her. The fire was blazing in her stuffed cunt. Her come was about to sweep over her.

"Fuck meeeeeee! Shove it in, Doug! My cunt is so full! It's so hot! I'm coming, Doug! I'm coming."

Lynn closed her eyes and let it happen to her. It was long and sweet. She locked her ankles around Doug's back. Her flaming pussy climbed his long cock.

Doug couldn't quite make it. He drove his prick into her squeezing cunt in a desperate effort to come with her, but he wasn't ready.

"Did you come, Doug?" Lynn groaned as her pussy stopped blasting. She pulled at his ass, and shoved her twat up at him, trying to make his dick pop.

When she saw how difficult, it was for the man to come, Lynn decided to try a different method.

"Let me up, lover," she whisperedin his ear.

Doug got off her.

"Stand on the floor next to Jason," Lynn smiled.

Doug got off the bed and walked over to stand next to the man his wife was noisily sucking. Doug's aching cock bobbed up and down in front of his body. It glistened with a coating of juices from Lynn's pussy.

Lynn could feel the heat of Sheila's body as she knelt next to her. The younger woman looked up at Doug's waiting cock. She didn't see any reason to waste time. Doug was as ready as he would ever be. She pulled the head of his prick down, and sucked it into her hungry mouth.

"Goddddd!" Doug moaned. He imitated Jason, and grabbed the back of Lynn's head.

The women seemed to be racing in their attempts to suck off the men. They worked furiously on the two hard dicks. Both men were groaning with pleasure.

"Suck it, woman!" Jason shouted when he came. His cock popped into Sheila's throat, and his jizz flowed into the tight channel.

"Take it, Lynn!" Doug moaned. He pulled her head toward him until his dick-head crammed into her throat. The greedy woman gulped his cum.

The women drained the men completely. They sucked the cocks until Doug and Jason were pleading with them to stop. Their sensitive pricks were empty.

Lynn released Doug's pole when Sheila pulled away from Jason's cock. The hot women turned to each other, and embraced. Doug and Jason walked over to the bed and sat down. They were too drained to do anything but watch the entwined women.

Lynn pushed Sheila over on her back on the floor. She quickly went down on the older woman. The men watched as Sheila trapped Lynn's head between her thighs.

Sheila wanted to give Lynn pleasure. She pulled at the other woman's arms. Lynn understood and turned her body around. The big-titted women began to devour each other. Sucking sounds filled the room.

"Eeeeeehhh!" Sheila screamed, her voice muffled by Lynn's mushy pussy.

"Awwwwwwhh!" Lynn moaned, her lips clamped on Sheila's clit.

Lynn pushed her finger into Sheila's hot ass as she erupted with a cunt-wrenching blast. Sheila did the same.

Jason and Doug watched. Their cocks were beginning to grow again.

"We'rey a couple of lucky guys, Jason," Doug said as he watched his wife and Lynn come. "We've got a pair of special women."

Jason nodded in agreement, though he wasn't certain that Lynn was his woman. He wanted Lynn. He had been happy when she told him over the phone that Brad had found another woman. He watched Lynn as her body slowly settled after her blast. What did she think of him?

"I'd say that was a good way to start a long night!" Lynn said when she finally pulled her head from between the other woman's thighs.

"Look at our two studs!" Sheila grinned. "Looks like they're ready for more!"

Lynn looked over at the men. She laughed when she saw that their pricks were stiff. Her eyes stayed on Jason's big cock for a long time.

Lynn made a decision at that moment. She knew what she wanted. She would fuck many men, but she needed one man who understood her. She was certain that that man was Jason.

"Sheila?" Lynn said as she turned to her friend. "Do you think you and Doug could leave us alone for a while? I want to talk to Jason."

Sheila was very perceptive. "I understand, darling," she said as she squeezed Lynn's hand. "Doug. Let's go into the kitchen for a while. I want you to fix me one of your famous tropical-drinks!"

"What?" Doug groaned, not understanding.

"Come, darling," Sheila smiled patiently as she rose to take her husband's hand. "I'll tell you all about it in the kitchen."

Sheila led Doug out and closed the door behind them.

"They're great people!" Jason said.

"Yes, they are," Lynn smiled as she got up and sat on the bed next to Jason.

"Sorry to hear about you and Brad," Jason said as he put his arm around Lynn's shoulders.

"Why be sorry?" Lynn shrugged. "It just means that we'll be able to spend a lot more time together." She reached down to hold his hard cock.

"Mmmmmmm!" Jason groaned when her fingers wrapped around his throbbing dick. He reached for her tits.

"Would you like to move in with me, Jason?" Lynn asked as she nibbled on his lips.

"Do you mean it, Lynn?"

"Yes. I mean it… but you have to understand that I need more than one man. I have to fuck anyone I want to… and I can't be with a man who wants to know where I am every second. I might pick up a man at any time. My cunt has gone too long without cocks!"

Jason thought about it before he answered her. "I can handle it… if you allow me the same freedom."

"It's a deal!" Lynn grinned as she held out her hand.

They shook on it.

Lynn kissed him for a long time. She was very happy about the new arrangement.

"Should we invite Doug and Sheila in?" Jason asked. He was anxious to stick his cock in Sheila's cunt.

"Let's join them in the kitchen," Lynn smiled. She wanted to tell her friends about her new roommate.

"Hey!" Doug smiled when the naked couple walked out of the bedroom. "How about a drink?"

Jason and Lynn accepted his offer. They found that the strong, fruity drinks were delicious. Sheila took Jason's hand and led him over to the sofa.

The beautiful woman stretched out on her back on the big sofa. She opened her long legs, and showed Jason her wet, hungry pussy.

"I've tasted your big cock, lover," Sheila smiled while her hands cupped her big jugs, "and now, I want to see how it feels in my cunt! Fuck me, Jason!"

Jason got on the sofa between the big-titted woman's legs. She reached up to pull at his shoulders. Her tongue thrust into his mouth. She reached between their bodies to guide his hard cock to her wet cunt.

Lynn and Doug watched. They absentmindedly sipped their drinks as they watched Jason's big prick sink all the way into Sheila's open twat.

"Yes! You big stud! Hump me, baby! Ram that big rod into my cunt!" Sheila screamed with joy when the man began to pump her pussy.

Jason was a good match for the wild woman. He met every shove of her pussy with a ramming drive of his cock. His mouth sucked in the tip of one of her hot tits, driving her mad with pleasure.

"Fuck me! I'm coming!" Sheila suddenly cried. Her fingers pulled at his ass. One of the fingers found his shit-hole, and probed it.

"Oh… Shit… You hot cunt!" Jason grunted when her finger pushed into his tight ass. She had provided the spark he needed to come. His big balls churned with a hot load of thick jizz.

"Here it comes, baby!" Jason shouted when the cum started shooting.

"Fill my cunt! Fill my cunt, stud! Fill it up with cum!" Sheila pleaded.

The wildly-humping couple gasped and groaned out their comes. Sheila and Doug became excited as they watched Jason pound Sheila's hot pussy, while his jizz flowed into the juicy hole.

"Don't you think my wife knows how to fuck, my friend?" Doug grinned at Jason aftpr the two had settled onto the sofa. Doug was proud of his horny wife. He was never jealous of her when she fucked other men.

"No… complaints…" Jason breathed.

Sheila pulled her finger from Jason's ass. "You can bring Jason over as often as you want, darling," the gasping woman smiled at Lynn.

"And you can come upstairs to fuck him any time you want, Sheila," Lynn said.

Sheila's pretty face beamed with delight. "Are you telling me that Jason is moving in with you?" The horny wife loved the idea of another stud being so handy.

"That's right!" Lynn grinnpd. "Of course, I want the same privileges with Doug that I'm giving you with Jason."

Jason pushed himself away from Sheila's warm body. He sat on the sofa at her feet.

"I feel like a piece of property that someone is trading!" he laughed.

"Don't knock it, Jason!" Doug said as he put his arm around Lynn and squeezed her big tit. "We're never going to get bored with fucking these two!"

Lynn had a delicious idea at that moment. She was going to introduce her older friends to her younger friends.

"Let's have a party!" she said.

"I thought that was what we were already having," Sheila said with a puzzled look.

"I mean a party with lots of people!" Lynn said. "I met a great group of kids the other night! I'm sure I could call and get, some of them to come over."

"How old are they?" Doug asked, his balls itching with excitement. He loved young stuff, and he hadn't had a piece in a long time.

"I guess the girls are about eighteen, and maybe nineteen… and the boys are eighteen or nineteen."

"Call 'em up!" Doug grinned.

"Yeah!" Sheila agreed. "I could use a few boy-studs for my pussy!"

Lynn called Mike. He was glad to hear from her, and promised to get as many of the kids as he could for the party.

"It won't be long!" Lynn grinned as she put the phone down.

"While we're waiting," Doug said. "I could use that sweet mouth on my cock."

Lynn laughed and dropped to her knees in front of the horny man. She knew that the time before the kids arrived would go quickly while she was sucking and fucking.

She was right. She was on her hands and knees, and Doug was fucking her from behind when Mike and his friends came.

"Come in, darlings!" Sheila greeted them.

The kids were excited when they saw that the four older people were naked.

Lynn lifted her hand for a quick wave to Mike and Alicia and the other kids. She was delighted to see that Mike and Alicia had brought two more boys and two more girls; enough for a fabulous fucking-party.

"Take off your clothes, and join the party!" Sheila smiled, her hot cunt throbbing at the thought of seeing all the boy-cocks.

The boys and girls eagerly undressed. The floor of the living room was soon littered with jeans and blouses and shirts.

The sight of all those naked bodies was all that was needed to make Lynn come.

"Fuck meeeee! I'm coming!" the hot-assed woman squealed as the roomful of naked people watched.

Doug blasted her cunt with another load of cum. "Bravo!" Sheila yelled as she clamped her hands for the performance.

Everyone laughed and clapped with Sheila. Lynn and Doug fell apart and bowed their heads with feigned modesty.

"Now that we've had our show… I could go for one of these!" Sheila pinned, her hand grabbing Mike's long cock.

Sheila found a spot on the carpet and pulled Mike down on top of her. She squealed happily when the boy's hard shaft split her cunt-lips.

Alicia had been staring at Jason. She walked over to the handsome man and pushed him back on the sofa. Jason grinned with pleasure when the pretty, big-titted girl sat over him and eased her pussy down on his dick.

Lynn wasn't recovered from her come with Doug but the other two boys were too horny to wait. They were over her naked body before she realized what was happening. Though they had taken her by surprise, she quickly took charge of the action.

"You!" she said to the taller boy. "Put that cock in my mouth!"

The smiling boy stepped in front of her and waited while she got on her hands and knees. He held his long cock in his hand.

"And you, darling," Lynn said to the shorter boy behind her. "Fuck my cunt!"

She turned back to the cock in front of her. The boy guided the hard pole to her eager mouth.

"Ummmm!" Lynn moaned with joy when the swollen dick-head popped into her mouth. She raised her ass when she felt the other boy fumble with his cock. He couldn't find the opening of her hot pussy.

"Mmmmm," Lynn moaned impatiently. She reached under her body and placed the tip of the hard rod between her throbbing twat-lips.

"Wunnnnhhh!" the stuffed woman moaned when his hot cock drove into her wet cunt. She was deliciously crammed between the fucking boy-cocks.

The two remaining girls were already working on Doug. The delighted man was on his back. A slim blonde was sitting on his face. A plump brunette rode his cock. A lot of noisy fucking and sucking was going on in the room. A few people came quickly, their shouts of joy mingling with the moans of those who were not ready.

Lynn didn't need much time to fuck and suck off her two young studs. She rocked back and forth on her hands and knees as she drained their cocks and enjoyed another hot blast in her hungry pussy.

After resting on the floor for a few minutes, Lynn looked around to see what was happening. She saw that Sheila was still fucking Mike, this time with his big cock in her tight ass. The expression on Sheila's face left no doubt that she loved it!

Jason had Alicia on her hands and knees in front of him. His hands held her squirming hips as his thick dick pounded her pussy from behind.

Doug was gasping for breath. The two exhausted girls were sprawled on the floor around him.

Lynn smiled and crawled across the floor to the girls.

"Are you girls ready for a little cunt-licking?" Lynn grinned. She reached down to squeeze the fat tits of the plump brunette.

"Mmmmm!" the girl moaned, her hand reaching up to grab Lynn's hanging tits.

"I'll eat your pussy… and you can suck hers at the same time!" the slim girl grinned at Lynn. She pushed Lynn over on her ass, and went down between the hot-assed woman's thighs.

Lynn moaned and pulled the other girl over her face.

The smothered woman dug her nails into the girl's big ass, and pushed her hot tongue up into the girl's juicy cunt. She licked and sucked deliriously on the gushing twat.

It didn't take long. Soon, the three females were a mass of moaning, exploding flesh. They came at almost the same time.

Lynn held the brunette for a long time after her quivering body finished coming. She felt the other girl against her back.

The happy woman finally looked up from between the sweaty bodies of her young lovers. She saw that Alicia was sittng over Jason's face. He was sitting on the sofa with the moaning girl's body braced against the back of the sofa.

Lynn looked at his cock. She decided that it needed a wet mouth around it.

"Unnnnhhhh!" Jason moaned into Alicia's snatch when Lynn's hot mouth sucked on his cock.

Lynn was kneeling between his legs. She fucked her greedy mouth up and down on his hard prick.

A strong pair of hands grabbed her hips. She felt a thick cock slide into her wet cunt. The sucking woman didn't look around. She didn't know who the cock belonged to.

She didn't care.