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The overdue librarian

John Adams

John Adams

The overdue librarian


Susan Lawrence had heard the teen's lewd remark.

"She sure has got big tits!" one of the teens had whispered to his friends as Susan walked past their table.

Susan found herself more excited than angered by the crude remark she had overheard. As she sat down at her big desk in the front of the large reading room she felt her cunt begin to itch. It seemed to itch more and more lately. She pressed her lush thighs together in an effort to relieve the itching as her eyes nervously scanned the room.

Her job as head librarian of the only library in Weatherly, Ohio brought her into constant contact with many teens. She loved being near the teenage guys. She loved to stare at their firm bodies. But she also felt very uneasy about her uncontrollable desire to be near them. It didn't seem right. It was wicked to desire teens half her age, and she knew it. But she just couldn't help herself.

The day would come when she would make her move. The day would came when she would seduce one of the teens. She had not found relief in masturbation. Her hands couldn't satisfy her hungry cunt. Only, a hard cock could do that. She began to tremble as she looked at all the teens in the room and wondered when it would happen. When would she fuck one of the teens? And who would it be?

Her mind drifted, recalling the one and only time in her life she had fucked. Was it really ten years ago? Ten unfulfilled years since she had felt the sweet hardness of Brad's cock in her hungry snatch. She had believed him when he promised to marry her. She had let him fuck her, expecting it to be only the beginning. But it had been the end. His great professions of love vanished after he had gotten what he wanted from her. He had no further use for her.

The hurt was still with her after ten years. No man had touched her since. Whatever the reasons, she couldn't deny the tingling in her cunt when she thought about fucking them.

As she remembered Brad's wonderful cock and thought about fucking teens she began to feel hotter. She knew the heat enveloping her body couldn't be blamed entirely on the summer weather. It was a familiar heat to Susan. The same hot feeling she experienced when she fantasized about the teens many times before.

"Where's the history section, please?" the teen's voice interrupted her thoughts.

"Oh! Uh… It's over there. In that corner," Susan answered as she pointed out the section to the teen.

Her face had turned bright red when she looked up at the teen. She was afraid her thoughts could be read. She relaxed as she watched the teen walk away, her eyes staring hungrily at his body. She had seen him before in the library. She remembered his handsome face and the way his firm ass pushed out against the tightness of his jeans.

Susan knew that her nipples were hard and she was afraid they could be seen through her bra and blouse. The itching in her cunt had now increased to the point of being unbearable. Her panties were already moist from her juices, and her clit was throbbing. She needed relief.

She had done it before. Several times before her desire had been so intense that she had left the library early. In her own home she would find the privacy necessary to rub her clit and fuck her pussy with her fingers. Her eager eyes looked over the room, searching for her assistant. When she found her an audible sigh escaped from Susan's lips. As quickly as she could she gathered up her purse and walked aver to her assistant.

"Judy. I don't feel very well. Would you mind closing up for me tonight?" Susan said to her young assistant.

"Of course not, Susan. Are you sure it's nothing serious?" Judy asked in a concerned manner.

"No, I… I just need a little rest," Susan lied. "I'll see you tomorrow. Good night."

"Good night, Susan."

When she settled into the driver's seat of her small car Susan was tempted to pull her short dress up over her thighs and touch her hot pussy. She held off, though. Not only was there a chance of being discovered, but she also wanted to be completely undressed. She wanted to be alone in her home so she could touch herself and riot worry about curious eyes.

The short drive to her home seemed to take hours to the horny librarian. When she drove through the iron gates of the Marshall mansion she sighed in relief. Her home was the small guest house next to the huge mansion. She considered herself lucky to be living in such a nice place, next to Mr. Marshall and his son, Mark. The little cottage had proven to be even more charming than the newspaper ad had suggested.

Susan stopped her car in front of the cottage and got out. A scream startled her. Or was it a scream? Actually it sounded more like a squeal. It was a female voice, but an unknown one to Susan. It didn't sound like Carol, the girl who was Mark's half-sister. But it did sound as if it had come from the big house.

Susan's first impulse was to ignore the noise. Her cunt demanded attention. But she felt obligated to at least make sure that everything was in order in the big house. Mr. Marshall had been nice to her and she knew that it must have been very difficult for him to raise his son since Mrs. Marshall had died years before. She wanted to help the man in any way she could.

She heard the sound again. This time she could tell that the sound came from behind the house, where the pool was. Susan walked around to the rear of the house. A tall fence surrounded the pool area. She opened the heavy door of the wooden fence and gasped at the shocking scene before her.

Standing on the diving board of the pool was a very pretty girl. She was naked. Mark, Mr. Marshall's eighteen-year-old son, was in the pool, only his head showing above the water. Susan couldn't tell if he was also naked. Neither of them had noticed Susan.

"Come on, Mark! I took mine off. Now it's your turn," the girl taunted as she brushed her wet, blonde hair from her face.

Mark just grinned at the girl as he splashed in the water.

"Aw come on, chicken! You said nobody would be home for hours. What are you afraid of?" the girl grinned.

"Chicken? I'll show you who's chicken, Kathy Morton!" Mark shouted as he swam to the edge of the pool.

Susan couldn't believe her eyes, or ears. She knew she should leave. This was none of her business. But she couldn't. Something held her there. Her twat was steaming. Her mind was dizzy.

Afraid she might be seen, she stepped inside the gate. She stood close to a tall bush so that her body was partially concealed.

Her eyes followed the teen as he pulled his body up the ladder and out of the pool. She admired his firm muscles which were glistening from the water draining from his body. She had thought of him before. Wondered what his body was like. His blond hair framed his handsome face with dripping strands. She thought he looked much like his father.

"Let's see your cock, Mark!" Kathy smiled at the teen as her hands cupped her large boobs.

A hot flash of anticipation swept over Susan's body. Was he really going to remove his swimming suit? It seemed too much to expect. She couldn't move. Her eyes were fixed on his crotch. A large bulge was apparent.

Mark grinned smugly at the naked girl. With tantalizing slowness he pushed his trunks down his hips. The trunks slid down his strong legs and his dick sprang free.

"Ooooooooh! It's big!" Kathy squealed excitedly as she saw his prick for the first time.

Susan almost said something about Mark's cock also. She caught herself in time. This was too rare an opportunity to risk discovery. Her awe of the cock was complete. She had never seen one, only imagined them as her hands fucked her desperate cunt. Her body trembled from the hot sensations racing over her.

The hot-assed librarian gaped at the beautiful cock. It looked us long and smooth. The red tip was rounded and her tongue licked around her lips as she imagined how it would feel against her lips. She longed to suck it. She was desperate to touch it and squeeze his tight balls. Her weak legs almost collapsed as she thought of all the delicious things she would like to do to his hard prick.

"Fuck me with it, Mark!" Kathy hissed as one of her hands reached down to stroke her pussy.

"You better come down her if you want to get fucked!" Mark laughed at the horny girl as he stood proudly displaying his cock.

"Here I come, baby!" the girl shouted as she dove into the water and swam to the side of the pool.

Susan couldn't believe that they were actually going to screw in front of her. Her body was burning now.

"Lay down on this towel," Mark instructed the girl when she pulled her naked body from the water.

Without hesitation Kathy did as he ordered. Susan admired her body as the girl stretched out on the large towel and looked up at her lover. Kathy's tits were unusually large. Her pink nipples were hardened and pointing straight up. The girl's full thighs were spread in readiness for Mark's body and Susan wondered if the girl could be very comfortable with nothing but a towel between her body and the rough concrete patio.

"Hurry, Mark! Fuck me!" Kathy urged as Mark stood above her, taking his time as his horny eyes examined her beautiful body.

"I like to take my time when I fuck," Mark answered as if he had been a great lover for years.

"Oh stop acting like a big stud and fuck me!" Kathy said impatiently.

Susan was jealous of the girl. Why couldn't she be the one waiting to be fucked by Mark's big cock? She needed it so much. She could show him how good it was to fuck a woman, not some girl who didn't know what she was doing. But then Susan realized that the girl probably had the more experienced cunt.

Mark was also becoming impatient. "Spread those hot legs more, Kathy. I'm gonna fuck you now!" he said, the harsh sound of his voice giving away his desire.

Susan watched with unbelieving eyes as the teen lowered his body into position over the naked girl. She held her breath as she saw him kneel between Kathy's legs and bend over to suck in one of the girl's hard nipples.

"Yesssss! Baby! I can't wait, Mark! Fuck me, baby! Put that hard dick in my pussy, honey! Now!" Kathy cried out as she reached down for his prick.

Susan found it difficult to believe that these two people could be acting so wildly. They both seemed to have fucked before. The hot girl was stroking Mark's big cock rapidly with her hand. She seemed to be desperately trying to pull his thick shaft into her cunt. Mark was letting her do just that. He allowed her to pull and guide his cock to the entrance of her hot pussy.

The horny librarian gaped at the sight. She could almost feel the head of his cock pressing against her own smoldering snatch. She watched with envy as the writhing girl removed her hand from his cock and used both hands to grasp his ass. With Mark pushing and Kathy pulling, it was only a moment before his cock was embedded in her wet, hot cunt.

"Fuck it? Fuck it!" was all that Kathy could gasp before her breath was cut off by his hard poundings.

Susan had hardly been aware of what her hand was doing. So intent had she been in watching the two teenagers that she had not really felt her hand reach down to bunch up her skirt and slip into her juice-soaked panties. Her eyes remained fixed on the fucking pair as she pushed her hand down inside her panties and found her fuck-hole. She shoved three of her fingers into her cunt and somehow managed to rub her swollen clit at the same time. It was exquisite.

She imagined herself taking the place of Kathy. It should be her underneath the muscular teen. It should be her seething twat that he was fucking. But now it was only her own hand. It would have to do for now. Later. Later she would know how good his cock felt. She had to have that cock.

"Give it to me, Mark! Rape me! Harder! Fuck me! Why didn't you do this before? I've wanted you to fuck me for such a long time! God it's good! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" the wild girl babbled as she squirmed under him.

"I've never heard a girl talk so much while she's getting fucked! Shut up!" Mark ordered the delirious girl as he rammed down hard on her body.

Susan couldn't blame the girl for expressing her lust. She had often talked to her phantom lovers in much the same way.

Slipping a slim hand into her blouse, Susan pushed aside her bra and began to squeeze her tit and pinch her nipple. The pinching sent sharp shivers down her body to join the hot sensations gripping her bubbling gash. She knew she must look ridiculous. Her clothing was twisted so that she could reach her sensitive spots. But she didn't care. She had changed from the prim librarian into a wanton whore. She couldn't leave now. She had to watch the couple until they both came. And she had to rub and stroke herself to a delicious orgasm.

The teen's ass was pumping lewdly up and down. The strong muscles in his broad back flexed as he drove deep into the hot snatch of the bucking girl. Susan could tell that the furious pace would soon make the teen explode. She could also see that the girl was very close to coming. Susan realized that her hand could make her came at any time she wished. But for some reason she wanted to wait. She wanted to be a part of the wildly fucking couple as they both exploded. She could wait. She would come with time.

The hot-assed woman didn't have to wait long. "Oh shit! Your crud feels good, Kathy! God! You're so hot and wet, baby! You fuckin' bitch! Christ! I'm going to shoot my load in you!" the lust-crazed teen shouted as he felt the cum boiling up from his tense balls. A sharp, hot flash rendered him motionless for a moment, and then he resumed his rapid pumping as he emptied his nuts into the humping girl's gushing snatch.

The hot spurts of Mark's cum sparked Kathy's cunt to explode.

"Fuck it! My cunt! My pussy! Fuck it, Mark! Harder! Deeper! I'm coming too! I'm coming with you, darling! Ram that big cock in me! Hurt me! Use me! Sweet Jesus! It's so fucking good! Unh! Unh! Oooooooooh fuck!" the wild girl screamed as she thrashed about under his pounding cock.

Susan felt it! She felt the same wonderful come that Kathy was having. She was there with her. She was the one writhing under his body. It was her cunt taking all that hot cum from his balls. Her body trembled and quivered as the hot waves swept over her. Her finger pumped in and out of her waking wet cunt. She was coming with them! She was a pan of the wicked, incredible orgy taking place around the pool. She had to lean back on the fence to keep from falling to the pound as her beautiful come boiled through her body.

It was a long time before any of the three moved. Susan braced her body against the fence as the remaining tremors rippled through her pussy.

She was afraid to move. It would be wise to wait. Perhaps the exhausted couple would return to the pool, giving her a chance to slip away. She waited.

The drained teenagers didn't move for several more minutes. It was obvious that they were dozing. The furious fucking and the hot sun had lulled the teen and girl to sleep, still nakedly entwined.

Reluctant to leave, but seeing her chance, Susan readjusted her clothing and quietly slipped through the door in the fence. Looking around to be sure no one saw her, she hurried across the lawn to her little house.

The tired, sweaty woman closed her door and locked it. She felt safe now. She had witnessed an incredible scene. She had fingered her cunt to the most explosive come it had ever experienced. Now she was alone. She would take a long shower and think about what had happened to her today.

This was an important day in Susan Lawrence's life. A day of pleasure, but most importantly a day of decision. No longer would she be content with fucking herself. From now on she would have to have the real thing. She had just seen what she wanted. She had watched it, big and stiff between Mark's legs.

The beautiful woman walked unsteadily toward her bedroom, making her plans to fuck Mark Marshall.


The loud humming of the lawn mower had awakened Susan earlier than sac had planned.

Looking out of her window she saw Will, the gardener, pushing the mower a few feet from her window. The man had frightened her since the first day she had seen him. She didn't like the hungry look in his eyes when he looked at her. She suspected that he spent more time than necessary working around the guesthouse. She kept her curtains drawn tight for fear of his prying eyes.

Pulling the curtains tighter Susan remembered that she had more pleasant things to think about. She had called Judy at home the night before to say she wouldn't be at the library today. She wanted her day to be free for the delicious plans she had in mind.

Susan looked at the seductive clothing she had chosen to wear today. She picked up the tight torts and studied them for a moment. A smile appeared on her lips as she pictured the expression on Mark's face when he saw her in them. She hoped he would be as interested in her as she was in him.

After slipping the tight shorts up over her hips, she remembered that she had forgotten to put on panties. She decided not to wear any. The less she had to take off when the time came, the better. She decided against a bra, also. She put her blouse on and tied it in a knot at her midriff, exposing the smooth flesh around her waist.

Susan was pleased as she examined herself in the mirror. She looked good, and she knew it. Her long, brown hair added to her seductiveness as it cascaded over her shoulders and framed the lush cleavage of her tits. No one would ever know that she was a librarian.

As she stepped into her clogs she could feel the heat growing in her twat. It wouldn't be long now. She must find him alone. This just had to be her lucky day. She knew his usual routine. If things went well for her he would be taking her regular morning swim at about this time. If she could find him by the pool, alone, then all she had to worry about was getting him to come with her to her house.

Anxiously she walked to her front door and opened it. She didn't step outside, though. She was afraid she would be seen by Sam, the handyman. Why did he have to choose this morning to work on the holes in the drive? Those same defects had been there for weeks and the slothful man had ignored them until today.

Susan looked through the crack in the door and silently cursed the big man. She put him in the same class with Will. She felt uncomfortable around both men. They both stared at her in the same manner. She wished the man would find some reason to return to his tool shed. She was anxious to go find Mark at the pool. But she couldn't leave now. She wouldn't give Sam the pleasure of seeing her so scantily dressed.

Her luck was better than she had hoped. Sam put his shovel back into the wheelbarrow and walked down the drive. Perhaps he was going to find a secluded spot and take a nip from the bottle Susan had seen him hiding in various places. But she wasn't concerned with his reasons far leaving. She quickly slipped out of the doorway and, after a furtive glance around, headed for the gate in the fence by the pool.

Cautiously, she opened the fence gate. If she didn't find Mark there, and alone, she would have to wait for a better opportunity.

Her heart beat faster as she saw the handsome teen swimming in the pool. He was alone. She knew not to hesitate. She might lose her nerve. She walked to the side of the pool and waited for him to swim to the end.

"Mark," she said when he finished the length of the pool.

The startled teen gasped the edge of the pool as he turned to see who was calling him. His mouth dropped open in surprise as he looked at his neighbor.

"Miss Lawrence!" he blurted.

"I didn't mean to startle you, Mark," Susan smiled sweetly.

"Oh you didn't… I… I just didn't…" he stammered as he tried to cover his embarrassment.

"Didn't recognize me?" Susan smiled. The teen didn't answer. He was too busy staring at the barely-dressed woman's astonishing body.

Susan continued. "I suppose you're used to seeing me all dressed up. I am more than a librarian, you know. I'm also a woman."

Susan could see that he was very aware of that. She had chosen well in deciding to wear the revealing blouse and shorts. The desired impact had been made. His eyes told her that.

"I came over to ask a favor of you, Mark," Susan said as she thrust her boobs out even further, "I hate to interrupt your swim, but I need a man's strong hand for this job," she smiled.

"Sure, Miss Lawrence. I'll be glad to help," he offered eagerly before she could even say what she wanted help with.

"I do appreciate this, Mark. It's rather silly. Just a stubborn cap on a coffee jar," she said sweetly, as her hungry eyes studied his half-submerged body.

"No problem," Mark said as he swung his muscular legs over the side of the pool and stood.

Susan stared for a long moment at the teen. She almost forgot to speak as she gazed hornily at the teen she intended to screw.

"I do hate to take you away from your swimming," she lied as he dried his body.

"I don't mind," he grinned. "Let me dry off so I don't track any water through your house."

Susan waited while he toweled his body. She felt the heat and moisture in her cunt. Her nipples were hard. Surely he could see them through the thin blouse. She hoped so.

"Don't worry about a little water. I think you're dry enough now," she mid with a trace of impatience in her voice.

Mark dropped the towel and automatically followed his sexy neighbor.

Susan led the way to her place. A confident smile tugged at her pretty lips as she congratulated herself on the success of her plan so far. She was also pleased to see that no other people seemed to be around to see her with Mark.

Mark was hypnotized by her undulating ass as she walked ahead of him. His cock was twitching as he stared at her swaying hips and long, sleek legs. He still hadn't recovered from the shock of seeing her in such a different way than he was used to. What was probably more shocking than her revealing clothing was the change in her personality. Had he imagined it, or was she really trying to be sexy? Not that she had to try! He glanced down at his trunks and saw the lump his cock made.

"Here, we are. Come in, Mark," Susan said as she opened her door and walked inside.

Mark walked in behind her and closed the door.

Susan turned and looked deeply into his eyes. "Let's go into the kitchen and you can do that favor for me, Mark," she said, knowing that the favor she wanted was different than the one he expected to perform.

The thought struck Mark hard. He was alone now with a beautiful woman. He felt awkward. He knew how to act around girls, but most of them were silly. He wasn't sure how to talk to an older woman. The way Miss Lawrence was dressed didn't make things any easier. He decided to help her with the jar and get out of there as quickly as he could. He stood next to the breakfast table and watched her as she took the coffee from the shelf over the sink.

"See what you can do with this," Susan said as she handed the jar to him.

Mark was sure her fingers had remained longer than necessary against his when she passed the jar to him. His hands were slippery with sweat as he twisted the cap. Stun, it came off easily.

"Now isn't that just like a woman!" Susan laughed as he gave the opened jar back to her. "I guess there are times when a woman can't do anything without a man around," she smiled at the teen.

Mark enjoyed being called a man. He stood a little straighter.

"I'm not in the mood for coffee now, though."

"Would you like to have a beer with me instead, Mark?" she said, noticing that he was having trouble keeping his eyes off her barely-covered tits.

"Er… I'm not supposed to drink it," Mark said.

"I'm sure there are many things you enjoy doing you aren't supposed to do, Mark," she winked, amused at his blush.

Without waiting for him to say anything more, she opened the refrigerator door and brought out two cans of beer.

"I didn't mean to embarrass you, Mark," Susan said as she gave him a can.

"You didn't," he gulped, and tried to look her in the eyes.

"Oh, I think I did," the horny woman teased as she stood very close to him.

The nervous teen could feel the heat of her body as he took a sip of the beer and tried to act casual. He wished she would suggest they sit down, or something. He was very uncomfortable standing so near her.

Susan didn't bother to open her beer. She was hungry, not thirsty. Her cunt was boiling. Her tits ached. She could hardly resist touching him. His body was so strong. She could see the outline of his cock against his bathing suit. She wanted that hard dick!

"Are you uncomfortable being alone with me, Mark?" she said in a husky voice.

"…Naw!" Mark said defensively.

"I think you are, darling," the hot woman said as she stepped even closer to him. "I think you are used to seeing me all dressed up," she said as she placed the can on the table.

Mark was trembling. He didn't like the way she was teasing him. She was having fun with him, and he knew it. She wasn't interested in him. She just wanted to embarrass him and laugh a lot when he left. He put the beer down and began to speak. He wanted to get out of there.

"You've only seen before with a lot of clothes on, Mark," she spoke quickly, not giving him a chance to say a ward. "Why, I don't think you even noticed me before," she said throatily, sounding almost hurt.

"No… I did," Mark said.

She decided it was now or never.

"You didn't realize I had such big titties… did you, Mark?" she boldly said, her hands on her hips and her chest thrust outward for emphasis.

The stunned teen thought he was going to shit in his pants. "Huh?" he asked incredulously, as he stared at the mammoth boobs a few inches from his face.

"They're bigger than Kathy's. Aren't they, darling?" Susan said, smiling at the shocked reaction on his face. "I saw them too, darling. I saw her naked yesterday, and I saw you fuck her," the calculating woman huskily added.

"Oh, shit, Miss Lawrence. You won't…"

"Relax, darling," she said with a soothing voice, "I wouldn't tell your father. You didn't do anything wrong. You were just putting that beautiful cock to good use."

She laughed softly at his nervous movements when the mention of his prick hit his confused brain.

"Of course I saw it, darling! I saw the way Kathy looked when you put it in her pussy, too. She loved it. I can't blame her either. I'll bet that big, hard thing feels good!" Susan rasped, as her cunt quivered at the thought of being filled with his thick cock. "Don't you think my cunt would feel good wrapped around your cock, darling?" she asked without hesitation.

He couldn't speak. It had all happened too suddenly for him to comprehend what was going on. He gaped at the brazen woman who was so boldly speaking to him.

"How about my tits? Wouldn't you like to see them? Wouldn't you like to see my big tits, Mark?" she relentlessly questioned as her hands worked on the blouse.

Mark was having trouble breathing. He stared at her as her fingers rapidly loosened the blouse and slipped it off her gorgeous body.

"Christ!" he finally blurted when her gigantic boobs popped into view.

"Like them, Mark?"

It was a needless question to ask. The teen couldn't imagine a more beautiful sight. Hot flashes moved along his body as he gaped at the half-naked woman. He couldn't think. He was completely under her spell.

"Kiss me!" Susan rasped. It was a command.

Mark had no wish to disobey. His arms seemed to move with their own will as they reached out and drew her hot flesh against his shaking body. His mouth found hers and she answered by thrusting her wet tongue between his lips.

Susan wrapped her arms around his neck and mashed her mouth on his, nibbling at his lips with her teeth. She squirmed the upper half of her body against his naked chest. She was the aggressor. She dug her fingers into the back of his neck as she bruised his lips with her own. She was mad with desire. Her hard nipples scraped across his muscular chest and her big tits were squashed between their bodies.

She sucked on his tongue while she ground her hips into his crotch. She could feel the hardness of his big cock through her shorts and his trunks. She had to free that wonderful dick! Her hot, wet cunt had to have it!

"Oh, baby! You're beautiful!" the hot-assed woman hissed when she finally pushed away from him. "I can't wait a second longer! Fuck me, Mark! Fuck me!" she cried as she reached down to desperately tug at his trunks.

Mark watched in amazement as she pulled the trunks down his body. He was in a daze as he stepped out of them.

Susan squatted on the kitchen floor and looked up at his cock.

"Oooooohhhh, baby! It's so pretty up close!" the gawking woman squealed with delight as she admired his big, stiff cock.

She wanted to suck on it for a while, but her cunt was too hungry. She had waited too many years to have a big cock in her twat. Later she could play with it and lick and suck on it. Now was the time for hot fucking.

Wordlessly she rose and stood in front of the naked, trembling youth. Her eyes locked on his prick she undid the snap of her shorts and slid them down her body. She impatiently kicked them away and stood erect for a long moment. She was proud of her body and wanted to display her down-covered cunt for his astonished eyes to see.

"Let me feel that big thing!" she hissed as her hand reached out and grabbed his jerking prick.

"Unnnnhhhh!" Mark grunted with pleasure as her warm fingers enclosed his hard pole and stroked it.

"Like it, darling?" she rasped as her other hand cupped his tight, hot balls and squeezed them. She felt the hot, sticky tip of his cock as it jabbed against her stomach.

"My cunt wants your cock, Mark! My wet pussy wants to be fucked by that big thing! God I need it! Let's not wait any longer! Let's fuck now! Here! On the kitchen floor! I want you to fuck me like you did Kathy! But fuck me harder! Come on, baby! Let's fuck!" Susan cried.

The awed teen watched the naked woman as she released his dick and sat down on the hard tile floor. He clenched his fists at his sides and stared as she stretched out between the sink and table. His cock lurched violently when she spread her luscious legs and gave him a beautiful view of her hot pussy. His prick lurched again when he saw the pink cunt-lips, flared and glistening with twat-juice.

"Don't just stand there letting ill this hot pussy go to waste, Mark! Get on top of me and fuck me! Hurry up. Ram that fat dick in my match! Do it now!" Susan hissed as she looked up at his lean body.

She desperately reached down and spread her cunt-lips with her fingers, letting him see what waited for him. She wriggled her hot ass around on the slippery floor as she begged with her body for him to screw her.

Mark may have been a little shy, but he wasn't stupid. He wasn't about to pass up a chance like this. He awkwardly put his knees on the floor and crawled up aver her writhing body.

"Yessss! Oh baby! Yes!" Susan hissed as she looked down between her tits at his swaying cock.

She reached up and pinched at her nipples as she waited for him to shove his cock in her.

Mark was scared, excited, and dazed. He had never seen a body like this. He looked at her big boobs and down at her cunt and felt his cock throb and his balls burn. With a dream-like motion he gripped his prick and pointed it at her pussy. He closed his eyes and blindly shoved hoping to get it in.

"Ooooooohhhh! Fuck!" Susan's moan signaled his success.

The teen couldn't believe he was really in her. He lay motionless on her hot body for a moment and enjoyed the wet, gripping feeling of her steaming gash.

"Fuck me! Goddamn it! Don't stop! Move your ass! Hump it hard! Damn you, give it to me! Mark! Oh God! Fuck me now!" Susan desperately shouted as she dug her sharp nails into his ass and shoved up with her hips.

Mark did. He pulled almost out of her cunt and then slammed down hard again. She moaned out her gratitude as she continued to dig her nails into his hard ass and meet the brutal thrusts with her ravenous cunt. Her ass slapped noisily against the tile floor as she lifted off the surface and came back down with each movement.

Mark almost felt seasick. She was tossing him around with surprising ease as she bucked and writhed. His knees hurt as they bounced up and down on the hard floor and he had trouble bracing his hands on the slippery tiles. It seemed incredible that the thrashing slut beneath him was the same quiet librarian he had never really noticed much. He renewed his efforts and tried to keep up with her wild fucking.

It was an impossible job for the teen. He couldn't possibly understand the hunger burning within Susan. Even she couldn't fully comprehend it. It was just there, and she was doing something about it. She was fucking! At last! Her cunt was stuffed with cock. The squishing noises made by the plunging and withdrawal of the thick shaft filled the room. Mark was gasping for breath and Susan was moaning and mewling her pleasure.

"It's good, sooooo good!" Susan moaned as she wrapped her long legs around his ass to take him even deeper into her gushing twat. Her teeth sank into his shoulder. She was no longer human. She was an animal. A bitch! A slut!

She wanted to hear it. "Call me names, Mark!" she gasped into his ear.

"Huh?" the pumping teen grunted.

"Call me names! Tell me I'm a slut! Tell me I'm a whore! Anything! I don't care! I want to hear it!"

"But Miss Lawrence… I…" he stammered, embarrassed and excited by her request.

"This is no time to be polite, Mark! Tell me! Tell me I'm a whore! Please!" the lust-consumed woman begged.

The idea excited him. His cock gave a sharp jerk.

"You're a… whore!" he whispered into her ear as he plunged into her cunt.

"More! Louder!" Susan screamed as her body boiled with his words.

"You're a slut!" the teen said, louder and with more emphasis this time.

He immediately felt her cunt contract. She fucked back harder.

"Yesssss! More!" the humping woman pleaded. His degrading words were heavenly to her ears.

Mark was getting into it. "You fucking bitch! You cunt! You… cocksucking tramp! Whore! Slut! Tramp! Whore! Cocksucker! Bitch!" he chanted as he rammed his big cock into her gripping pussy with each word.

Susan had heard what she wanted to hear. Now she was going to get what she so desperately needed.

"I'm gonna come, Miss Lawrence! I'm going to shoot my load in your pussy!" the humping teen shouted as his nuts burst and shot gob after hot gob of cum from his throbbing cock. He felt as if his body was suspended on his cock. A powerful explosion started in his balls and spread through his pumping dick.

What joy! What wonderful joy! Susan hadn't been prepared for anything so wonderful. She felt the hot own splatter against her cunt-walls. She felt the beginning tremors. She felt the tender rumbles, then the growing hot ripples. Vibrations shook her body. Her pussy contracted on his emptying cock and held on. Her tits burned. Her eyes rolled back in her head. Her cunt boiled over. Her body arched off the floor, supported by her heels and her shoulders.

"At last! Oh God at last! It's happening! It's happening to me!" was all that Susan could get out before the sheer force of her come knocked her speechless.

It was a long time before either of them moved. Susan was the first.

"Roll off me, Mark," she whispered, helping him by shifting to her hip.

"Poor baby. It's all soft," she cooed as she looked at his limp cock while he lay on his back. "I know a delicious way to get it up again, though," she smiled as she lifted the sticky shaft with her hand.

Susan enjoyed the anxious look on his face as her head hovered over his prick. Her hand began to rub her clit as she lowered her mouth to the musky-smelling cock. She tasted their combined juices on the shiny cock-head with her tongue, and then plunged her hot mouth downward. She took in as much as she could.

It seemed the natural thing to do.


It had been two wonderful hours for Susan. Two wonderful hours of fucking and sucking.

She closed the door behind Mark and walked to her bedroom, her naked body still glistening with the sweat from her exertions.

She resisted the impulse to shower as she stared at her body in the mirror. She loved the smells of his cum, her pussy-juice, and other body odors. She brushed the long, tangled hair from her face and smiled. Her hands trailed up and down the front of her body. She cupped her big boobs, and caressed the insides of her thighs.

Her clit still throbbed from many comes. Her finger touched it lightly and then began to rub. If only Mark could have stayed longer. She would never get enough. But there would be other times. Now, she could play with her cunt and enjoy thoughts of the teens she intended to screw.

"Damn!" she cursed at the harsh sound of the doorbell.

She reached for her robe. Then, realizing that it might be Mark again, she smiled and belted the robe loosely around her curves. Her huge tits were left mostly exposed.

Her cunt itched with hope as she walked quickly to the door and opened it.

"What do you want?" the disappointed and irritated woman asked as she clutched the top of her robe around her heaving jugs.

"Thought you might want something fixed," Sam said as he leered at her hastily covered tits.

"I don't need anything repaired today. I'm sure Mr. Marshall has plenty of work for you!" Susan said to the big, rough-looking handyman.

"Oh, I didn't mean anything around the house. I meant something you might want help with… personally," Sam said with a knowing grin.

Susan didn't like the way he was looking at her, or what he was saying.

"I told you I don't need any help!" she said firmly.

"Looked to me like you were getting plenty of help a little while," the handyman chuckled, "Ain't that right, Will?"

Susan took a step backwards as the gardener moved into view.

"What's the meaning of this?" Susan demanded, "Why are you sneaking around my door?" she asked indignantly.

"You better worry about your kitchen window, Miss Lawrence," Will grinned. "Now that's a nice place to sneak around! Sam and me sure did enjoy the show you and the teen put on," he said as he looked at the other man and laughed with him at the shocked woman's reaction.

Susan's body trembled violently. "Get out of here! Both of you, before I call Mr. Marshall's office and have you fired!" she barked, even as her heart beat rapidly and her mind clouded with fear.

"I'm sure Mr. Marshall would be interested in hearing about your afternoon with his teen!" Sam threatened her.

The trapped woman tried to think. There had to be a way out of this horrible situation. They weren't bluffing, and she knew it. If only she had been more careful. Not so anxious. But it was too late for that. She had to deal with things as they now were.

"What do you want?" she asked dejectedly, afraid she knew the answer.

"The price ain't too high, baby," Will, the smaller of the two men smiled confidently. "We just want some of the teen's leftovers. You look hot enough to handle a lot more cock than that teen gave you."

"No! I wouldn't let either of you animals touch me!" she spat contemptuously and tried to slain the door.

"Hold on there, bitch!" Sam said as he leaned his bulk against the door and pushed hard.

Susan was no match for the big man. She fumbled back and almost fell as the two men burst into the room and closed the door behind them.

"Now you can have it nice and easy, or you can have it rough! It's up to you, cunt!" Sam said angrily as he glared at the cowed woman.

"Yeah! You ain't exactly a virgin, baby. Rein! You ought to love two cocks at the same time," Will laughed as be moved closer to the shaking, frightened woman.

Susan couldn't move as the two rapists closed in on her. They were both smiling in sadistic anticipation. The huge man, and the medium sized Will were both going to fuck her. And she was helpless to prevent it. She stood still and waited. Fighting them was foolish.

"Please… don't," was all she could say as the gardener and handyman stood within touching distance.

Susan was mesmerized by Sam's big hairy hand as he reached out to grasp her robe. She clenched her teeth as his rough hand pulled the garment away from her big jugs.

"You ever seen a prettier sight, man?" Sam asked the other man as they both gaped at the huge tits.

"Shit no!" Will answered.

For some strange reason Susan wished she had taken a shower before the men barged in. Her tits were still shiny with her sweat and Mark's saliva.

"You watch me now, Will," Sam said. "I'm gonna show you how to get a woman hot! I'm going to feel her up good. Squeeze those hot titties first. Yeah! I'm going to feel those babies!" he laughed as his big hand grabbed one of her tits.

Susan jumped at the contact. His beefy hand clutched firmly at her quivering breast and his dirty fingernails dug into her tender, white flesh. His nails scraped across her tit, pinching her large brown nipple.

"You're hurting me!" Susan grimaced as his fingers clamped on her nipple.

"Sorry, baby," Sam said sarcastically. "Maybe you like the gentle approach, huh?" he grinned as he released her nipple and gently cupped the warm jug in his hand.

Susan was relieved that he had relented in his painful manipulations. She also became aware of a familiar sensation growing in her body. It had only been a short time since Mark's hands, mouth, and cock had driven her wild, and her hot body hadn't forgotten this. Her hungry body did not discriminate between the smooth hands of the teen and the hard hands of the man. Though she fought against it, her nipples were stiffening again, and the warmth was returning to her pussy.

"Come on, Sam! Give me a chance at that stuff!" the smaller man hoarsely said as he rubbed the growing lump in his khaki pants.

"Shut up! Can't you see I'm getting it warmed-up for you!" Sam snarled at his comrade as he shifted his hand to her other tit.

"Hey! You're right! The bitch is getting hot!" Will smiled gleefully as he stared at the swaying woman, who was obviously fighting a losing battle against her succumbing body.

Her fear of the men was quickly disappearing. Susan closed her eyes and let the man feel her tits. The pleasure was growing. His knowledgeable hand was conquering her. The sensations in her tits raced through her body to join the already smoldering fire in her snatch. Why not let them have her? They had cocks, and cocks were what she needed.

The burning woman was surprised, and disappointed, when his hand left her boobs. "Wha…" she started to say, and then she saw that they were undressing.

Susan watched the two smiling men as they removed their clothing. Her look was one of interest, not fear. She was hot. They had what she needed to fill her cunt. She was in a daze. A dreamy, floating, unrealistic daze. She no longer controlled her mind. Lust did.

Their shirts came off and she waited; waited for the removal of their pants. Her breathing increased and her cunt burned as she watched. Without hesitation she gazed at their crotches. She wanted them to know. To know her need.

A smile formed on her lips as she parted the robe further. The two men stopped their undressing and looked at the changed woman with astonishment as she allowed the robe to fall apart. They stared at the damp hair surrounding her pussy. Her rounded thighs were hotly, dazzlingly exposed.

The intoxicated librarian thrust out her proud tits. Still smiling, she allowed the garment to slide off her arms, crumpling to the floor.

"Come on, men! I'm ready for you!" she hissed as her slim hands cupped her tits in lewd offering.

"Holy shit!" Will gasped as he stared at the now completely cooperating woman. He had never seen such an incredible, cock-throbbing sight.

"Motherfucker!" Sam agreed. He had expected her to come around, but not so soon. And so willingly.

"What's wrong, fellas? You wanted it, now I'm giving it to you. Hurry and fuck me with those big fat dicks!" the sluttish-sounding woman smiled at the stunned men.

Susan was enjoying herself now. She ran her hot hands over the front of her body, cupping the hot flesh of her jugs and then down to tease her drooling twat. She could handle them, and she knew it. If she could handle a teen she could take on two men at once. The more cocks the better for her starved pussy!

"Let's do as the lady says, man!" Will said eagerly to the motionless Sam as he grappled with his belt buckle.

Susan watched the two remove their clothes. Her eyes widened when their thick cocks came into view. Will's came out first. It was long and fat, with a swollen purple head. A heavy pouch containing his balls hung loosely under the base of the veiny shaft. She licked her lips in eagerness as she wondered what it would taste like.

Sam's was an even better treat. His cock was longer and wider than Will's. It looked unwashed, and delicious. She guessed its length at ten inches, and her cunt spasmed in hot anticipation of taking it. It bobbed invitingly out from the big man's hairy body.

Susan surprised even hesitant when she said it. "I want to suck both of you. You first," she said in a throaty voice as she looked at Sam.

"Be my guest, baby," the big man grinned as he placed his hands on his hips and thrust his cock out in readiness for her wet mouth.

In a trance the horny woman knelt in front of the man. Her hungry eyes locked on his big prick. Her tits moved up and down with her heavy breathing. She was so hot that twat-juice was already oozing down her thighs. Her mouth opened. Her tongue came out. The red, swollen head of his big shaft beckoned her tongue. The sticky drops of pre-cum looked delicious. She swiped her tongue out to taste the juice.

She felt weak when the tangy liquid touched her tongue. Weak with desire, with need. She braced her hands on his heavy thighs and lapped greedily at the hot juice, running her tongue delicately wound his prick-head.

"Oh, baby! Do it! Lick it, cunt!" Sam groaned with pleasure when one of her hands gripped his heavy balls.

"Damn! I never would've believed this!" Will said as he stroked his aching cock and watched the lovely woman slavishly mouth the handyman's huge pole.

The men's words stirred Susan to greater action. She wrapped her wet lips around his cock-head. She had to strain to take even the head of his mammoth prick into her mouth, but her greed helped accomplish the difficult feat. She scraped her teeth along the thick shaft as she absorbed it. At the same time her hand squeezed his warm nuts hard. She wanted to give him pain and pleasure at the same time.

"Shit! I'm gonna die just standin' here getting nothing!" Will complained as he stroked his dick and looked enviously at her working mouth, "Put that other hand to use, honey," the gardener said as he stepped close to her and offered his throbbing cock to be stroked.

Susan moaned around Sam's cock and reached out to hold Will's jerking prick. Waves of heat overwhelmed her body as she sucked one cock and stroked another. The two men looked at each other and managed weak smiles of approval as she sucked and pulled on their big cocks.

Susan was hungry, for cam! She wanted to swallow each man's hot jizz in her pretty mouth. She was going to suck Sam until he shot his load into her throat. Then she would switch to Will and eat his beautiful cock until he emptied his hot juice into her waiting mouth. Her tits were aching and her pussy was throbbing as she frenziedly worked on the two big fuck-poles and thought about the wicked picture of herself kneeling before the two rough men.

The sounds of the grunting men and the whorishly sucking and pumping woman filled the small room. Her hand had left Sam's balls and was now rubbing and probing her gushing snatch. Sweat was running down her slim back. The curves of her magnificent body undulated passionately as she serviced the big cocks. The rapid pace she had set in her desperate hunger was driving all of them past the point of control.

"Unnnnnhhhh! Oh boy! This is it! Sweet sucker! You sweet bitch! Suck me! Suck my cock, bitch!" Sam gasped as his balls released his hot cum. The molten shots of juice blasted rapidly into her mouth. He held her head in a tight grip to keep his cock from jerking out of her eagerly accepting mouth. Ramming forward, he stuffed more of the thick prick into her mouth, amazed that she made no protest. He had never seen a woman so hot and horny for cock.

Susan gulped his cum. She wanted more of his big shaft! She wanted to be hurt by the huge thing. She didn't care if he split her hungry mouth open. She wanted it deep in her throat. She didn't care about anything as long as he fed her his cock and his cum.

"Unnnngghh! Mmmmmmggghhh!" the wild woman groaned around the gushing cock as she greedily swallowed the boiling cum and continued to pump on the other man's pulsating dick.

Susan wanted to go on sucking Sam's cock until he emptied all his cum into her mouth. She hadn't counted on Will's prick blasting so soon.

"Jeeceecesus!" Will squealed in a high-pitched voice. "Don't waste it, baby! Swallow mine, too!" the coming man pleaded as her hand squeezed his cum out of his cock.

Hungry for a fresh load she jerked her mouth off Sam's cock and turned her head to plunge her face onto Will's just as his first blast shot.

She took the second load with relish. Tightening her lips around his prick-head she sucked with all the power her mouth could find. Her pussy blazed as the hot spurts slammed against her tongue and the inside of her mouth, and then she realized that her own orgasm was boiling up in her pussy.

One of her hands worked on her hot, wet cunt. The other massaged her tingling clit. Cock in her mouth and hot hands on her twat, she brought herself to a glorious climax. She pinched her clit hard in her fingers. The pain-pleasure was exquisite! The intense trembling began in her cunt and ripped through her clit. It spread out over her naked, hot cocksucking body. It seemed to flash through her legs and out through her toes. It raced up through her tits, and burned through her nipples.

She released the empty cock and leaned back on her heels as it gripped her body with a clenching force. "So beautiful! My God! It's beautiful!" she cried before the ebbing tremors drained her of all strength.

Minutes later, the three people were gasping to regain their breath.

Susan wasn't ready for the orgy to end so soon. It didn't matter that it had been the most rapturous experience of her life. The orgy had only just begun. She had forgiven the men for their initial blackmail. She was grateful to them for showing her that she need have no fear of men. From now on she would be free to fuck them all, men and teens. Cocks and cocks! She wanted them to bend her hot body into any positions that would please them. She needed to be used! She had to be fucked, in every way.

The librarian was an impatient woman. "You guys started this. Now you can finish it," she smiled suggestively as she looked up at the two tired men. "Which one of you can get it up enough to put it in my cunt?" she asked as she looked hungrily at the two limp rods.

Sam looked at Will incredulously. Neither man could yet believe the change in her. Their cocks began to re-stiffen at the invitation.

"Hurry up, damn you!" Susan said as she fingered her still-hungry snatch.

Sam had stroked his cock to help it harden. "I'm ready for you, honey! Turn that hot ass around and let me see it! I'm gonna fuck that pretty pussy from behind!" he said gruffly as he waited for her to change position.

Susan readily obeyed. She loved the thought of getting fucked doggie-style. Her body quickly moved onto all fours. She lowered her shoulders until her boobs touched the carpet. Her ass came up into the air in a wicked invitation to be mounted.

"Please hurry," Susan begged as she reached under her tits to touch her hungry cunt.

"What a hot bitch!" Will said as he gaped at the beautiful woman, begging to be fucked. He was ready to stick his prick into her sweet body also, but he knew better than to interfere with the larger man. He had to content himself with watching as Sam dropped to his knees behind the rounded ass of the pretty woman.

Sam stared for a moment at the sexy sight beneath his eyes. She was so beautiful. It didn't seem right for a rough man like him to touch such a beautiful creature. He was in awe of his good fortune. The deep need he had ignited in her was now fully surfaced. He knew she wanted his cock. But he could only look at her beauty and stroke his cock.

"Please… hurry," Susan pleaded with a weak voice as she waited for the cock she so desperately needed.

Her words snapped the big man out of his thoughts. Placing his huge hands on her hips he held her quivering rear steady as he aimed his thick cock.

"Aaaaaaahhhhh! Oh God! Yessssss!" Susan screamed when he stuffed her gaping, wet pussy with his big fuck-pole. "Big man, fuck me! Rape me hard, big man! I want that fat thing raping my pussy! Hard! Fuck me forever! Just don't ever stop fucking me!"

Susan's stretched hole miraculously accepted his huge dick without pain. In the place of pain she felt wonderfully stuffed. Completely crammed with cock! Her body moved wildly as she met his every ramming stroke. Her ass moved back in a gorgeous motion as her cunt absorbed the hot hardness she so deliriously craved.

"Bust it open! Hurt it!" she masochistically cried as he drove hard into her seething cunt.

Suddenly Will knew he had to get in on the wild action, and he knew a great way to join the fucking couple.

"Hey Sam! You gotta let me have some of that too," he said, his fear of the big man replaced by his need to fuck the hot-assed woman.

"Wait your fuckin' turn, man… or put it in her mouth!" Sam said, irritated at the interruption.

"I had her mouth, man!" Will argued. "I want her ass!"

Susan was so delirious from Sam's pounding that she didn't even hear Will's suggestion.

Sam liked the idea. He immediately thought of a way that they both could fuck her at the same time.

"No! Don't pull out!" Susan cried when Sam's huge prick slipped from her cunt.

"Don't worry, honey," Sam chuckled as he laid down beside her. "We got a nice surprise for you. You're gonna love it. Now be a good girl and stick that hot pussy back on my cock."

Not understanding his change in position, but too eager to fuck to care, Susan climbed over his legs and placed her dripping pussy above his dick. She whimpered as she took his rod in her hand and aimed it upward at her twat. Her wet gash slid down on his shaft and she began to quickly drive up and down. Her big tits bounced wildly around as she happily rode his wonderful pole.

"It's all yours, Will," Sam grunted as he reached up to play with her boobs.

Will didn't have to be told what to do. Ass-fucking was his favorite way. He knelt behind the unsuspecting woman. He admired her firm ass for a moment and then placed a shaky hand on her back.

"Huh?" Susan exclaimed as Will pushed her down on Sam's chest.

Twisting her head around she saw Will, his cock positioned behind her ass. "No… I… I've never done that before!" she gasped, unable to slow down her cunt movements in spite of her alarm.

Will only smiled while he rubbed his fingers around underneath her shit-hole. He coated his fingers with her juice. Then he stroked his cock, lubricating it in preparation for her tight opening. His sticky fingers then teased her tiny ass-hole. By doing this he also wet the opening. He was now ready to put his cock into her ass.

"Baby, I'm gonna enjoy fucking your tight ass!" Will grinned as he placed the head of his shaft against the opening of her rear end.

"Unnnnnhhhh! Oh! Easy… please!" Susan moaned when he began to push. The joy of Sam's cock was keeping her from feeling the complete pain of Will's entry. Also the sluttish need to experience new ways of fucking helped to ease the pain.

"Owwwwww!" she yelped when the impatient Will drove deep into her ass.

"God! You're tight, bitch!" Will moaned as her ass squeezed around his prick. He was too concerned with his own pleasure to think of her pain. He pulled back and drove again, hurting her tender ass, but less and less with each stroke.

Susan felt the pain flow away. Her burning ass was itching. The two cocks were moving against each other through the thin flesh separating them. The double movement had at first been awkward, but now the two motions were blending together. The friction of the cock in her ass was easing rapidly, and the resulting sensations were adding new feelings of wantonness to Susan's mind.

"I didn't know! Ooooooohhhh! It's starting to feet good! Oh, Will! Your cock in my ass… It's itching and burning, but it's good! I'm stuffed! Oh God! I'm filled with cocks! It's so beautiful!" the cock-filled woman screamed as the feelings grew in her.

Susan made strange sounds as she worked her cunt and ass on the two cocks. Every hole in her had now experienced a cock. She felt complete. She was now a complete whore. All the taboos were now stripped away from her mind and body. Her devotion to sex was full. The beautiful woman writhed wildly as she screwed down and back on the hard dicks. Her long hair flew around her head without control. She wanted another cock to suck on, and promised herself that one day soon she would take three cocks simultaneously.

"Come on men! Give 'em to me! Give me those big hot cocks. Fuck me hard! Oh please! Fuck my ass! Screw my pussy! Do it hard! Ram those big things in me! Give me every hard inch! I'll never get enough of it! You can fuck me anytime you want to! I'll never say no! You can put your big rods in my pussy anytime you want! Oh Jesus! Fuck me!" The crazed woman screamed encouragement to her hard-driving fuckers.

The horny woman's words were too much for the men. Neither had ever thought they would fuck such a beautiful, classy woman. The excitement of actually having their cocks in her was overwhelming to the two crude men. Will could feel his cum threatening to blast. Sam could only remain still and let her slide up and down on his prick. She was pumping his hot cum up from his balls. He gasped as his nuts began to blow.

"Damn, Will! This bitch is gonna make me shoot my nuts off!" Sam shouted to the other man as the pressure in his balls reached the breaking point.

"Me too, man! Me too!" was all that Will could gasp as his balls tensed in readiness to spurt his load into her tight ass-hole.

Susan heard the men. She wanted them to come! She wanted their hot, thick stuff blasting into her ass and cunt. She was a wild fucking-machine now. Her pussy slammed down to suck up Sam's huge cock while her ass shoved back to grip the hard dick pounding into her shit-hole. She wanted to make both men come together. She forgot about her own impending orgasm for the moment and concentrated on making the men come.

"Blast me, men! Give it to me! Shoot your hot cum in me! Fill my ass! Fill my pussy!" she cried, and she didn't have, to wait.

The double shot of cum hit her holes. Sam's load creamed into her cunt. Will's hot jizz washed out of his cock into her ass-hole. Susan threw back her head and screamed her happiness. Her naked body twisted and plunged and lifted as she sought to extract every drop of the warm liquid. She loved the men's loud groans of pleasure. She reveled in each spurt. She was sure she could feel every shot.

The next sensation that hit Susan's body was exquisite. Magnificent rumblings gushed through her cunt and ripped past the hard cock in her ass. She tried to speak, but only weird groaning sounds came from her mouth. Her blasting climax took complete control of her being. Her body became motionless, seemingly supported only by the two hard, erupting cocks in her two holes. The muscles of her lower body spumed in wild involuntary response to the commands of her powerful come.

"Eeeeeeggggghhhhh! Unnnnhhh!" was the final crazed combination of animal sounds that burst from her throat when the last bolt shook her.

From that point it was a gradual floating down for the fucked woman. Her cunt and ass were numb. Her body felt light. The euphoria lasted for a long time. Realization of her sluttish position on the men's softening cocks began to seep back into her. With it came no shame, just a warm grateful feeling toward her two lovers. She tested their cocks with slight motions again. She knew it would take no time to get them hard again, but it seemed a bettor idea to end the fucking at this point. She wanted to be alone and just think about what had happened to her today, and anticipate all the other days ahead.

Lifting up and forward, Susan slowly slid her snatch and ass-hole off the cocks. "Oooooohhhh! That was nice. I hope you fellas will return again soon, but right now I'm going to have to rest. I'm all fucked out," she smiled as she rose and stepped over Sam's exhausted body.

The men looked up at the lovely, naked woman they had just screwed with smiles of admiration. They both had to admit that fucking had never been so good.

"Is it really okay if we come back again, Miss Lawrence?" Sam asked, somehow awed by the woman he had just treated with so little respect.

"Are you kidding?" Susan smiled. "I intend to see a lot more of that monster!" she said as she looked down at his big fuck-pole.

"And yours too, Will," she smiled, not wanting the gardener to feel left out.

Susan had to piss badly. She went to the bathroom and by the time she returned the men were dressed.

"You men give me a couple of days to recuperate, and then drop by for another visit," she said with a smile as she opened the door for them.

"We'll be here!" Sam grinned as she closed the door behind them.

Susan's body felt hot and sticky. She decided on a long hot bath to wash the sweat and love-juices away. And what a like place the tub would be to rub her clit and come again while she remembered the fantastic cock-ride she had just enjoyed.


As she pulled her car to a stop Susan was pleased that the day was over. She was anxious to get out of the car and into her house. The long day at the library had been filled with thoughts of her orgy with Sam and Will. She had not really wanted to return to work, but she didn't think it wise to leave the library to Judy for too long. Now that she was home she couldn't wait to get inside and ease the gnawing torment in her pussy.

Looking around her as she left the car she found no sight of Will or Sam. She had thought her cunt could wait at least two days for another fucking but now she wished she had asked them to come back today.

The car horn startled her and she turned to see who it was.

She was surprised to see Mr. Marshall easing his green Mercedes to a halt next to her car. She rarely saw her wealthy landlord. As he stepped from his car and came toward her she felt a little uneasy.

"Miss Lawrence!" the tall, handsome man smiled as he stopped in front of her. "I'm glad I caught you before you went in. You know we don't see much of each other for a couple of neighbors. You've been staying in the guesthouse far quite some time now and I haven't even had you over for dinner. I'm afraid you must think me some sort of snob."

Susan had never realized how handsome he was. He looked very distinguished in his expensive blue suit. It was well-tailored and accentuated his trim, firm body. She wondered if he was just being polite, or if he really was offering her an invitation to his home.

"Oh no! I never thought that!" she blurted nervously. "I know your business keeps you very busy."

"Too busy," he frowned and his face looked tired and sad. "But not too busy to enjoy the company of a pretty woman!" He smiled at her with obvious admiration.

"Thank you," Susan blushed, feeling rather self-conscious.

"I meant that about dinner. As a matter of fact, why not tonight?" he said as his face brightened even more.

"Oh… I don't know if I can," she said. She wasn't sure she could handle dinner with the man the day after she had fucked his son.

"Of course you can! It will be perfect, Carol and Mark have gone to a double-feature, and I'm sure the cook can prepare a pleasant meal for us. You wouldn't want me to eat alone, would you?" he said with an imploring expression on his face.

Susan didn't feel she could say no. "All right, Mr. Marshall. You win," she laughed.

"Good. But drop that Mr. Marshall stuff. From now on my name is Carl, and yours is Susan."

"AU right, Carl."

"Now let's go over to my big old empty house and have a drink while the cook prepares dinner!" the dark-haired man said, offering his arm.

Taking his arm, Susan felt a little thrill go through her body. As they walked to his door she couldn't quite tell what the feeling was. It seemed part sexual, and part something else.

She had never been in the large home before. She was stunned by the huge entrance foyer. A long staircase wound up toward the top floor and gave the house a storybook look.

"The library is over here," he said, leading the way in. "I'll tell the cook about dinner and be right back."

Susan looked around the room as she waited for him to return. The worn seemed to reflect the man's masculinity. Books covered the walls, and comfortable leather furniture was everywhere. She was wondering what it would be like to live in such a house when he returned.

"Dinner will be ready shortly, Susan. How about a drink while we wait?"

"Thank you… Carl. Gin and tonic for me, please," she said, feeling more relaxed with the attractive man.

When he had fixed the drinks they sat on a large leather sofa. Susan felt warm, and her cunt tingled when his thigh brushed her leg. Her stomach was empty and the drink had a strong impact on her senses.

"You're such a lovely woman, Susan, and yet I've never seen you going out on a date." Carl Marshall seemed puzzled as he spoke. "I guess I'm getting a little nosy. I'm sorry. It's none of my business," he said as he gulped on his drink and turned his face away, as if embarrassed.

"No! I don't mind," Susan reassured him. She found him very attractive, and she hoped he was leading up to making a pass.

He put his drink down on the table in front of him. Susan leaned toward him. She knew what he was thinking. She wanted him to know she wanted it too. She put her drink down and waited.

"Susan…" he whispered hoarsely.

His arms went around her, and his mouth mashed hard on her tender lips.

Her cunt was hot! Her nipples hardened at the first contact of his body. She needed him so much. Her tongue shot into his mouth to meet his. Her moans blended with his sounds of passion. She let him crush her breasts against his chest as she clutched at his shoulders with her fingers. She was desperate to be loved by him. Something about his kiss was different from any she had ever had. It was more than just wild lust. It was a need to be loved and possessed.

She had difficulty breaking the kiss. "Carl! Please love me! Screw me! Now!" she rasped as she stared into his passion-glazed eyes.

"Oh, Susan! Baby! I want you so much!" was all the horny man could say as he tried to pull her back against him.

"Yes, darling! Let's get undressed. Hurry!" she hissed as she rose to take off her summer dress.

He hadn't expected her to be so ready, but he wasn't complaining. He got up and began to tear at his suit. After taking off his coat and tie he remembered the door and crossed the room quickly to close it.

Susan finished undressing long before he did. When her panties came off she stood for a moment and let him admire her lush body.

"God! You're beautiful!" Carl gasped as he gaped at her huge tits and inviting pussy-mound.

"Don't talk, Carl!" she said, "Get undressed. I want to see your cock!" she said without shame.

He quickly did as she said.

"What a beautiful prick!" Susan said when his big stiff dick was revealed to her horny eyes. "Hurry, Carl! I want you to fuck me hard! Put that big rod in me, darling!" she moaned as she stared at his thick fuck-pole.

The eager woman eased her naked body onto the sofa. Her long legs spread in invitation. She threw one leg on the back of the sofa, and let the other leg rest on the floor. His mouth dropped open in wonder as she displayed her wet, pink gash for his eyes.

"Don't make me wait, Carl! It's all yours, lover. This hot pussy is all yours. Hurry, honey! Get on top of me to fuck me! God! Don't make me wait any longer! I'm burning up!" she moaned as her hands went up to squeeze her heaving tits.

Carl moved to her, his long cock swaying and jutting. He knelt between her legs on the sofa. He wanted to reach for her. He wanted to hold her and kiss her tits, but he was too impatient. She had made it plain what she wanted, and now he was just as eager to sink his dick into her wet cunt.

Susan looked on with awe as he held his rod still and leaned into her widespread cunt-lips.

"Yessssss!" she screamed when his hard meat sank into her. "Drive it deep, lover! Fuck that cunt! Big cock! Oh, sweet lover-man! Hump me hard! Fuck me! Fuck me! Mr. Marshall! Carl! Darling! Shove it in me!" she mindlessly screamed each time he plunged into her.

His lips came down on her boobs. She cried out with pain-pleasure when his teeth clamped hard on her nipples. Her ass lifted off the sofa to meet him each time he slammed down into her receptive snatch. Her legs lifted into the air and met over his ass. Her ankles locked as she sought to pull his humping cock deeper into her bottomless pussy.

"Susan! I never dreamed you felt like this!" Carl gasped in amazement as he tried to keep up with the woman's wild movements.

"Don't talk! Just fuck me!" she moaned.

Her complete abandonment spurred him on. He was used to women who were more reserved in bed. Never had a woman reacted with such wildness to his fucking. He decided at that moment that he was in love with her. He wanted to give her the best fucking she had ever experienced.

"Carl! That's it, darling! Fuck me hard! Harder! Screw me! Pump it deep! Hurt me! Give me more! Don't stop! Deep, darling! Hard and deep!" she encouraged him when she felt him begin to pump into her hungry snatch at a faster pace.

Legs locked behind his ass, and nails digging into his shoulders, she let him ride her like a cheap whore. Her most passionate moments were when she thought of herself as a complete slut. A tramp to be used. A bitch who would do anything to fuck and suck a cock.

Her pussy flashed with heat when she remembered that just the day before she had screwed Carl's son. The forbidden act of fucking a father and son made her moan and writhe with pleasure. She imagined fucking Carl while she sucked on Mark's delicious cock. Her hands pulled Carl's head down to meet her mouth. She sucked in his tongue and pretended it was Mark's hot cock.

"Oh God!" Carl groaned. "I can't hold it, baby! I'm going to come!" he gasped as his hot jizz blasted from his cock.

"Yes! Come on, baby! Give it to me! Give me your hot stuff!" Susan shouted when he shot.

"UNNNgghhhh! Shit! Goddddddd!" Carl groaned as his balls erupted and emptied their contents into her greedy, gulping cunt. His body shook and he cursed himself for not holding it longer. He felt like an inexperienced teen.

Susan wasn't quite ready to come, but she wasn't worried. She wanted to please him. The thought of sucking his cock up hard again made her smile as she milked his spurting prick with her tight pussy.

"I'm sorry, Susan," Carl whispered after he stopped shooting and lay cradled on her hot, sweaty body. "I guess it was just too exciting for me."

"Don't worry, lover. You'll be ready to go again in no time," she smiled as she kissed him. "Sit up."

He obeyed. Susan scrambled off the sofa and knelt on the floor between his legs.

"Woman! You never cease to amaze me," he moaned when her warm, wet lips closed over the head of his cock.

The confident woman worked diligently. Her hungry mouth sucked up and down the length of his hot prick. In a very short time she had worked the thick shaft back to a hot hardness. Her tongue tasted their mixed juices and her cunt burned in anticipation.

"Now it's my turn, lover," she smiled up at him when she sat back from her work.

Carl smiled at her as she turned and crouched on her hands and knees. Her round, hat ass waved temptingly before him as she knelt, waiting to be mounted.

"Get down here on the floor and fuck me, Carl!" she hissed as she looked back over her shoulder at him.

"Here I come, woman!" the man smiled as he dropped onto his knees behind her and grabbed her by the hips.

He placed his dick against the opening of her twat and rammed.

"Wooooowwwwww!" she howled with glee. "Beautiful, baby! Just beautiful," she shouted happily as his renewed hardness slashed into her primed pussy.

It didn't take long. Her cunt had already been stimulated close to the blasting point, and now his brutal rammings were driving her over the edge.

"Oh, baby! I feel it coming! I can feel it, Carl!" she began to moan at the first sensations.

"Yea, Susan! Came on, honey! Enjoy it!" he said while he plunged harder into her hole.

"Carl! It's happening! My God! It's wonderful! It's fantastic! Fuck me! Make me come! Shit! Ooooooohhhhh! I feel it! WAWWWHHH! FUUUCCCK!" she screamed deliriously while her body shook and her tits bounced around under her.

She vaguely heard him shout, and then she felt his second load shoot into her. The hot gobs splashed around in her hole, adding sparks to her violent explosion. Her head flew around in circles like a wild woman, and her ass shoved back hard to take as many thrusts as she could get before her orgasm finished. The blast was both mellow and wild at the same time. Carl Marshall had totally possessed her body.

He had to hold firmly to her hips as she bucked and writhed out her come. She groaned and shouted, too crazed to care if the cook or anyone else heard. Her eyes rolled back in her head and her teeth bit painfully into her lower lip. His cock rubbed deliciously across the inside of her clit. His fat nuts slapped noisily against her thighs. He had added a new dimension to her orgasm, and she couldn't quite decide what it was. The warmth which flowed through her cunt was unlike any she had ever known.

He continued to slide into her seething pussy for a long time, though the strongest part of her climax had passed. She was content to allow him to stroke her. She knew that she could remain in the same position forever, enjoying the sweet afterglow.

The sound of a car coming up the drive interrupted her thoughts.

"Damn!" Carl cursed. "Who the hell could that be?"

He eased his cock from her cunt with a wet sound.

"Christ!" he said as he pushed the curtain aside to look out the window. "It's Carol and Mark! Quick! Get dressed!"

The startled Susan jumped up and frantically searched for her clothing. They both dressed with amazing speed. The teen and his half-sister had fortunately not entered the house from the front. Perhaps they had stopped to talk to the cook, who would have also mentioned that a guest was staying for dinner. Their curiosity would bring them to the library soon.

"I didn't mean to be so abrupt, Susan," Carl said as he pulled on his coat.

"It's all right, Carl," she tried to smile, though she resented the harsh interruption of such a beautiful moment. "Do I look presentable?" she asked trying to fix her long hair with her fingers.

"Good enough to eat," he smiled when he took her in his arms and kissed her.

"You'd better not get me started again," she laughed in warning as her cunt flared from his contact. "Now let me do something with this tangled mess," she said, picking up her purse and searching for a comb.

Her hair was almost combed when the knock came.

"Dad?" Mark's voice came through the door.

"Come in, Mark!" Susan tensed at the thought of seeing Mark again. How was she going to handle the situation now that she had fucked both Mark and Carl?

"I've invited Miss Lawrence to have dinner with us tonight, Mark," Carl Marshall smiled as his surprised son came into the room.

Susan saw that Mark's eyes had trouble meeting her own. His embarrassment was understandable. He wouldn't want his father to suspect what had happened between them.

Carol Parker followed Mark into the room. Susan had no trouble defining the look in the pretty half-sister' eyes. Jealousy was written all over the blonde's face. It was obvious that the half-sister had ideas of her own about her step-father.

As Carl escorted her to the dining room Susan hoped the intimacy between them wasn't obvious, but she sensed that Carol suspected something.


The kiss was long and deep. Susan finally pushed Carl away with a gentle shove. "Hey! Didn't I tell you not to get me started again," she teased. "I have to get some sleep, you know."

"We could always go inside and take up where we left off," he smiled, and tried to kiss her again.

"Someone might see us out here, Carl. I really do have to go in now," Susan said, though she hated to end the night.

"Well, I guess there's always tomorrow," he said resignedly.

"And the day after," she winked. "Good night, Carl."

"Night, Susan," he said as she stepped inside.

Susan closed the door behind her and sighed. It had been an unexpectedly wonderful day. Dinner had been pleasant. Even the dagger-looks Carol had given her across the table had not spoiled things. Mark had been nervous but showed no sign of suspicion about what had happened in the library with his father.

As she undressed in the bedroom Susan tried to sort out her feelings for Carl Marshall. It had been more than just fucking with him. Feelings had surfaced that she hadn't felt since the night Brad had fucked her. It made her nervous and thrilled at the same time. Could she be falling in love with the handsome, wealthy man?

She didn't have time to consider the question. A sharp knock at her door stopped her thoughts. Sam? Will? Carl? Who could it be at such a late hour?

"Carol?" she was surprised to find the half-sister at her door.

"May I come in, Miss Lawrence?" Carol Parker said in a controlled voice.

"Of course," Susan answered, puzzled at her presence.

"I'm sorry to disturb you," the half-sister said, her eyes looking at the thin robe Susan had thrown on.

"Don't worry about that. Is there some problem?" the curious librarian asked.

Carol's lip trembled as she spoke. "Frankly, there is a problem… and it's a serious problem to me."

Susan was sure she knew what the half-sister was about to say. "As long as you're here you may as well tell me what it is," she tried to keep the irritation out of her voice.

"Miss Lawrence. I will come to the point, I have lived with the Marshall's for several years now, and I have gown quite fond of Mark… and Carl was not used to these confrontations, but I believe a person should get for what they want…"

Susan broke into her speech. "Miss Parker. I know what you're getting at, and I don't intend to be intimidated by you or anyone else. My relationship with Carl is my business! Now, if you have nothing else to say…"

Susan wasn't prepared for the burst of tears as the frustrated half-sister broke down.

"You don't understand, Miss Lawrence!" Carol Parker sobbed while her body shook.

Susan felt sorry for the woman. "I didn't mean to be abrupt… Carol. I can see mat you're in love with Carl. I'm not sure how I feel about him, yet. Tonight was the first real contact I've had with him. Don't you think it's a little early for you to worry about me?"

"I saw the way he looked at you!" Carol sobbed. "He never looked at me like that!" she said resentfully as she brushed tears from her cheek.

Susan was about to speak when the half-sister began to sway. It appeared that she was about to faint.

"Are you all right, Carol?" she asked as she took her arm to steady her.

"I… I don't know… I feel faint…" the half-sister said groggily.

The librarian acted swiftly. "We'd better get you into the bedroom. You need to lie down for a while."

Susan supported Carol by holding her arms around her as they walked to the bedroom. With some difficulty she guided the half-sister to the bed and helped her onto it.

"I'm sorry…" Carol mumbled as Susan adjusted the pillow under her head.

"Never mind that," Susan answered with concern. "You need some air," she said as she unbuttoned Carol's white blouse until her bra came into view.

Pausing for a moment, Susan stared at the woman's reclining form. Her ample tits were pushing out from the top of the lacy bra. Susan admired her lush cleavage. She looked down her body and noticed that the half-sister had long, well-formed legs, only half-covered by her short blue skirt.

"Ohhhhh!" the lovely woman moaned. "My head is splitting. I… I didn't mean to cause you so much trouble…" she mumbled as she tried to sit up.

"No, you don't!" Susan soothed as she gently pushed her back down. "You're in no shape to move now. Let me rub your temples for a while. It will ease your pain."

As she massaged Carol's head Susan began to feel a strange empathy for the half-sister. She knew that terrible feeling of rejection. She had experienced that horrible feeling of loving and not having it returned.

"Men!" Susan said with bitterness.

"Huh?" Carol asked weakly.

Susan hadn't realized that she had spoken aloud. "Oh, nothing… uh… just relax, darling," she smiled at the pretty blonde while she ran her hands softly across her face.

The emotions building in Susan were confusing to her. The intimate closeness of the woman was having a strong effect on her senses. Her hands were moving with a will of their own as they massaged her face and then moved down to her neck.

"I think you need more air," the librarian whispered as her fingers worked on the buttons of Carol's blouse.

Not knowing why she was doing it, but somehow sure it was the right thing to do, Susan opened Carol's blouse and pulled it from her skirt.

"Huh?" Carol moaned in a dazed voice as Susan lifted her shoulders to pull the blouse away.

"Relax, Carol," Susan whispered. "You can't feel comfortable with all these clothes on. Let me help you relax, darling," she said, as her hands went to Carol's skirt and worked on it.

Susan removed the dazed woman's skirt and shoes. She paused and examined the attractive woman's half-naked body. Though she was sure Carol was a few years older, Susan could see that the woman's body was just as firm and curvaceous as her own. Her white panties barely covered her hips. Her splendid thighs and calves were well-tanned from the summer sun. The flat stomach led up to the woman's straining boobs, which seemed to be begging to be released from their confinement.

With loving tenderness Susan lowered her head and lightly brushed her lips across Carol's.

"Mmmmmmm! Carl…" the blonde moaned dreamily. Her arms moved upward to pull Susan closer.

The heat in Susan's pussy urged her onward. This was no time to question what she was doing. They both needed love. They both needed to love each other. Her warm lips touched Carol's again, this time with more pressure. Her tongue moved out and slipped between Carol's lips, meeting no resistance. The sweetness of Carol's mouth was so different from anything she had ever tasted. It was totally different from the rough firmness of a man's mouth.

Her robe had worked open and Susan gasped into the other woman's mouth when her naked tit brushed against a big bra-covered boob. She wanted to touch Carol's naked jugs!

Susan stood. She yanked the robe from her body and was naked. Looking down at the drowsy woman she felt her cunt blaze and her nipples stiffen with desire. She couldn't wait. Bending over Carol, she slipped her hands around her back and struggled with the clasp of the woman's bra. It came off in her hands. She pulled it from Carol's large boobs and her pussy burned at the sight.

Carol began to realize that she wasn't dreaming. "I… I feel so… hot… Susan. What's happening…" she moaned as her eyes struggled to open.

"It's all right, darling," Susan whispered. "I need you so much. I want to kiss you, Carol. We need each other. Let me love you, darling," the horny librarian said as saw lowered her warm body onto the bed next to the half-sister.

Her mouth went directly for one of Carol's reddish nipples.

"Ooooohhhhh, Susan! What are you doing to me?" Carol gasped at the wet contact of Susan's lips on her sensitive nipple.

Susan didn't answer. She almost swooned at the feel of another woman's tit in her mouth. Her cunt itched and her body quivered with her passion. Sucking in Carol's nipple, she placed a hand on the woman's other jug and squeezed.

"Your mouth… your hand… Susan! No! We can't… I've never… It's not right…" the half-sister moaned, even as her hand came up to rest on Susan's shoulder.

Carol was too dazed to fully comprehend what was happening to her. She did know that it felt good. Her fantasies had sometimes included women, but the reality was something she wasn't prepared for. Still, she couldn't find the will to push the beautiful woman from her tits. It felt so good!

Susan was pleased that Carol didn't resist. She was determined to enjoy the big-titted woman's gorgeous body. Her mouth sucked in more tit. Her fingers kneaded the other boob and pinched at the nipple. Moans of confused pleasure came from Carol's mouth as Susan sucked and squeezed.

Her own throbbing clit reminded Susan that Carol had one too. The smooth flesh of the woman's stomach burned her searching fingers as she trailed them downward. Lifting the waistband of her panties she felt the curly hairs surrounding Carol's pussy. Excitement increased in the hot librarian as she groped for Carol's clit.

"Aaaaaahhhhh! No! Not there! You mustn't! Ooooohhh! Nooooooo!" the turned-on half-sister protested without much conviction when Susan's hot fingers caressed her throbbing, tiny clit.

The moisture was increasing in Carol's warm snatch. Susan played with the woman's hardening clit while she kept up the sucking pressure on her tit. She loved the mewling sounds her manipulations were forcing from her woman-lover's lips.

"Susan! I can't help myself!" Carol cried when her hips began to lift off the bed, and writhe with uncontrollable pleasure.

"Yes, darling! I understand," Susan smiled when she lifted her head from Carol's jiggling tits and looked into the gasping woman's passion-twisted face.

A strong need to give the other woman pleasure swept over Susan. It wasn't enough to touch her and kiss her huge boobs. She wanted to give the lovely half-sister the ultimate pleasure one woman could give another.

"Please… touch me…" Carol moaned with dismay when Susan's fingers left her pulsating clit.

"I'm going to do more than that, darling," Susan rasped as she moved her body down on the bed. "Much more, sweet darling. Much more!" she soothed while she tugged the desperate woman's panties down her legs.

The sweet, musky odor of Carol's twat drifted up to meet Susan's nostrils. Tossing the panties aside, the intoxicated librarian gazed hungrily at the blonde pussy-mound. She had learned how to suck cock, and now she was going to eat her first cunt!

Gently, Susan spread the woman's legs. Her greedy eyes saw the delicate pink lips, of Carol's pussy. The little clit stood erect, waiting for her lips to suck it in. It seemed to demand her first attention. Susan reached out for it with her wet tongue.

"My God! Susan! Nobody has ever! Aaaagggghhh! It's… it's so… gooooooodddd! Please. Awwwwwww!" Carol squealed when her sensitive clit was sucked in by Susan's hot lips. Her entire body spasmed in answer to the librarian's tender nibbling. She lifted her head and strained to look down her body at the other woman's face buried in her steaming twat.

Susan's cunt-hunger possessed her mind. Her mouth worked wetly around Carol's swollen clit. She drew in the hard bud eagerly. Her own clit ached in response. Instinct told her what to do. It was easy; she did to Carol just what she would want done to her.

The desire to taste more of the moaning woman's hot gash urged Susan downward. Sucking and licking she slowly let her mouth eat along Carol's pussy-lips. Her tongue slithered into the woman's tangy hole. She drove it deep. The wonderful tongue-fucking she was giving to Carol caused her own pussy to boil and quiver. The sticky juices she sucked out of the wet hole tasted delicious. Her mouth explored the blonde's hot slit with relish.

Susan's yearning cunt craved a mouth on it – a wet woman's mouth.

Carol's hips continued to push upward when Susan lifted her lips away.

"Now you can eat me too, darling!" Susan hissed as she scrambled into the suitable position.

The sixty-nine position placed Susan's hungry wet pussy over Carol's startled face.

"I don't know how," Carol groaned with frustration as she stared at the inviting snatch inches above her face. "I don't know what to do, Susan! Please help me!"

"Just do what I do, darling," Susan said hoarsely as she demonstrated the first step by licking Carol's clit.

"Ooooooohhhhhh!" Carol moaned. Her hands reached up to grasp Susan's ass. She pulled downward, bringing the hot librarian's seething cunt closer and closer to her mouth. Susan's gushing snatch was dripping. Carol felt the warm drops of twat-juice fall on her face. Wanting to return the intense pleasure, the wanton half-sister flicked at Susan's clit.

"Oh yessssss! That's it, baby! Eat me, darling!" the grateful librarian shouted.

"Ummmmmmm!" Carol answered as she ran her tongue around Susan's throbbing clit. Her inexperienced moth was quickly learning the art of pussy-eating. Her mouth made little slurping sounds as she drew in the pussy-juice flowing from the woman's drooling gash.

Susan rammed her tongue into Carol's pussy. She felt the other woman reciprocate. Her ass moved around in little circles as she sought to screw herself on Carol's hot tongue. Her nose and face were smeared with Carol's juices as she shot her tongue into the woman's cunt.

"Eat me, darling! Eat my hot pussy!" Susan mumbled into Carol's burning hole.

Carol was too lost in her eating to hear. Susan felt her cunt being drawn into the woman's ravenous mouth. It was obvious that Susan had awakened a deep need in the sucking half-sister. There was no timidity in the way the blonde was eating her now. Her mouth was hungrily sucking, licking, biting at Susan's receptive twat.

The wild eating was almost becoming a contest between the two beautiful women. Each seemed to be trying to please the other the most. Susan clutched at Carol's ass, pulling her wet cunt up to meet her mouth. Carol mashed her mouth against the librarian's twat, digging her nails deep into the brunette's firm buttocks.

Susan wanted to give Carol a special pleasure. She spread the woman's ass-cheeks and searched with her tongue for her tiny ass-hole.

"Aiiiiiyyyyyeeee!" Carol screamed with delight when Susan's tongue probed her sensitive shit-hole. The taste of Carol's ass was not repulsive to Susan. It was delicious. She brought further screams of pleasure from the half-sister as she pushed her tongue as far as it would go into the tight opening.

Intense pressure was building in both women. Each was racing toward a glorious explosion.

Susan shouted with joy when Carol's teeth nibbled on her stinging clit. "Oh yes! That's it! I'm getting so close to it!"

Susan's word's encouraged the wild half-sister to suck harder on the little bud. The mad desire to give pleasure to the librarian overwhelmed Carol. Her cunt-eating increased with a steady tantalizing rhythm. The determined tongue ran along Susan's cunt-lips, and teased back to her clit. The wet lips firmly clamped on the grinding woman's swollen clit.

"Oh Carol! I feel it! I feel it, darling!" Susan cried out when the beginnings of her blast gripped her clit. "Suck my clit! Eat me! Bite me! Unnnnnhhhhh! Ooooooh! Yesssss! Nowwwwwww!" the delirious librarian screamed and moaned when it hit. The smoldering fire burned in her cunt. It stung her vibrating clit mercilessly. She pound her cunt down into Carol's face, not caring that she was almost smothering the sucking woman.

In the middle of Susan's climax Carol began to feel the same beautiful sensations. "Mmmmggghhhhh!" she moaned around Susan's hot clit.

Even in her own crazed state Susan could tell that Carol was about to come. She sucked in Carol's clit with her hot mouth and rolled her tongue around it. Carol bucked her hips so wildly that the librarian almost fell off the blasting half-sister. The muffled moans and groans of the other woman sent Susan's body to another, even more powerful climax.

Sucking at each other's cunts, and clutching at each other's bodies, the wanton lovers came again and again. The wild sounds and sucking slowly changed to gentle cooings and tender kissing. Delirious passion had evolved into warm affection between the librarian and half-sister.

After a long time Susan shifted her position so that their drained, sweaty bodies were face to face. Carol returned her kisses with thrusts of her wet tongue. They remained in this position for awhile, kissing and caressing each other's sensitive boobs, Carol was the first to speak. "I had no idea this would happen when I came over to talk to you," she whispered.

"Any regrets?" Susan asked with a smile while she stroked the pretty blonde's tit.

"None, it was the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me. I never thought it could be so beautiful with another woman," Carol said as she smoothed her fingers along Susan's thigh.

"I've had little experience with sex," Carol said apologetically. "I guess you've been with a lot of men."

Susan laughed. "No. I haven't fucked much… until recently," she said, remembering the past three days.

The thoughts of those fuck-filled days stimulated a cunt-burning idea in Susan's mind.

"Carol? Have you ever been fucked by two men at the same time?" she asked while her clit twitched.

The sudden, bold question caught Carol by surprise. "No… never," she whispered the answer.

Susan smiled as her mind worked. "Have you ever thought about it?"

Carol had enjoyed that fantasy before. The image of two hard cocks flashed through her mind.

"Sure. Why?"

"I've never taken two days off in the same week before," Susan said thoughtfully, "but I think there are better ways to spend tomorrow than at the library." She smiled as she made up her horny mind.

"What are you talking about?" Carol asked, her curiosity aroused.

Susan kissed her affectionately. "You just come over tomorrow morning at ten, darling. I'll have a wonderful surprise prepared for you," she smiled at the confused woman.

"What surprise?" Carol giggled.

"You'll see, darling. You'll see," the grinning librarian teased.

"I don't like waiting for surprises," Carol smiled as she looked around for her panties. "It had better be worth it."

"It will be, darling," Susan assured her.


Susan stood next to the bed and watched Sam's big cock sink into Carol's hot cunt. She smiled with satisfaction as another inch of Will's juicy prick disappeared into the woman's mouth.

Carol had been shocked when she entered Susan's bedroom and found Will and Sam waiting. But her shock had rapidly changed to awe as she gaped at the two big, naked cocks. It had taken her little time to decide that Susan's wicked surprise was a wonderful one. With Susan's help she had quickly joined the other three people in their nakedness.

"Fuck her good, fellas!" Susan cheered the men while she watched them stuff her friend with their long dicks. "Fuck her mouth, Will! Screw her hot pussy, Sam!" she shouted as her fingers rubbed her itching clit.

"Betcha never thought you'd get your prick in this one, did you, Sam?" Will grinned across Carol's back at the hard-humping Sam.

"Fuck no!" Sam grunted between his long strokes. "But who's complaining, buddy?" he laughed, driving deep into the sandwiched woman's boiling snatch.

"How's her pussy feel?" will asked while she sucked in another stuffing portion of his throbbing shaft.

"Fantastic! She's tight and wet! I'll let you try it out later. I want to see how good she sucks with that pretty mouth! If she eats half as good as Susan be satisfied!" the big man gasped, looking over at the masturbating woman and winking.

The crude compliment pleased the finger-fucking librarian. Her initial desire to join the three on the bed was held back by a strong voyeuristic need to watch and play with her pussy. Playing the part of cheerleader excited the hot-used woman.

"Suck hard on that big cock, Carol! Fuck back on Sam's prick, honey! Enjoy it, darling! Suck that hot cum out and swallow it! You'll love it, baby! It's sooooo delicious!" Susan shouted to her cock-stuffed friend.

Then intense excitement rendered Susan speechless for a moment. Her wild desire dogged her throat. Her hand worked furiously at her dripping twat. The burning woman's tits craved attention. She used her other hand to squeeze the aching mounds.

"Let her have it, men!" she screamed when she once again found her voice. "Give her those big cocks! Hard!" she shouted wildly.

Susan knew how it felt to be fucked by the men's huge cocks. She wanted Carol to get all the pleasure from the gardener and handyman that she had received. Her joy for Carol was totally unselfish. There would be plenty of cocks for her to fuck later. Now was the time to watch her friend getting her pussy and mouth stuffed.

The exquisite scene was pushing the horny librarian toward a savage eruption.

"Fuck her! Fuck me! Fuck us!" Susan cried when her hot cunt began to vibrate. "Harder! Deeper! Make me come! I'm getting soooo close! I feel my cunt burning! Godddddd! I'm going to come! Oh, Carol! Darling! I'm going to come! Fuck!" she wailed and clutched at her pussy and jugs.

Carol managed to pull her mouth off Will's dick long enough to shout, "I hear you, Susan! Enjoy it, darling!"

Carol's gasping words were cut off as the gardener's thick cock plunged again into her hungry mouth.

The explosive climax was a completely different sensation to Susan. New emotions raced through her. New feelings of ravenous greed enveloped her mind. Her pinched clit burned her fingers. The blasting woman swayed and trembled on her feet while she rode out the turbulent explosion.

Through the daze of her subsiding orgasm Susan heard the sounds of the three fucking and sucking people.

"Shit! Suck it, bitch! Ahhhhhhh! Unnnnnggghhh!" Will groaned when the first gob of his jizz shot from his hot prick.

With blurred vision Susan saw Carol gulp his thick cum as Susan smiled in remembrance of the taste of his hot stuff.

"Wooooowwwww! Amrrrgggghhhh!" Sam groaned and shouted when his balls blasted. His fat cock drove hard into Carol's tight pussy. Each spurt of hot cum brought grunts of mindless pleasure from the big man.

Carol was too busy sucking the jizz from Will's cock to express her joy when her cunt exploded. But Susan could easily see the effect the strong explosion was having on the half-sister. Susan watched the woman buck back to devour the shooting dick in her quivering cunt. She smiled with shared joy at the way the half-sister arched her body in wild movements of ecstasy. The prim half-sister thrashed about between the two cocks with all the depraved movements of a street whore.

Susan watched the three people gradually collapse into a sweaty, tangled heap. Her own knees wore weary, and about to buckle. With tired steps she stumbled to the bed and dropped next to the other three.

"Susan…" Carol tried to gasp as she reached out for her friend.

"I know, darting," Susan smiled as she held the lowly woman's hand. Susan understood all the emotions the exhausted blonde was experiencing at the moment. She knew the beautiful warmth of coming down from a double-fuck. She knew the wonderful taste of cum around her lips, and the wet, sticky feeling of another load in her wet cunt.

The eager librarian nudged Sam over on the bed.

With depraved smile on her pretty face she searched with her hot mouth for the other woman's juicy pussy.

"Oooooooohhhhh!" Carol moaned at the sensitive touch of the warm tongue.

The mixture of cum and twat-juice was delicious to Susan. She licked around the edges of Carol's wet snatch. Her tongue absorbed all the love-juices she could find.

Susan moaned her approval when she felt Carol's wet tongue reciprocating.

The two men grinned at each other while they watched the women bury their faces in each other's wet twats. A show provided by two hot cunts was just what they were in the mood for.

Reluctant as she was to give up the delicious cunt, Susan wanted to put another idea into action.

"I know how we can all get it on at the same time!" she smiled proudly when she lifted her head.

"Then let's do it!" Sam grinned. He had already learned that the woman had some great suggestions about how to fuck.

Susan giggled like a little girl with a new toy. "Okay! First, Will has to lay on his back. Carol, move over to make room for Will."

Carol eagerly obeyed.

"Now," Susan said with anticipation. "Carol, sit over Will's face."

"Huh?" Carol asked.

"I'll demonstrate. Then you try it," Susan said as she moved up to straddle Will's body. In a moment the horny woman was sitting over the man's face, her body easing down to give his mouth access to her cunt.

"Lick me, silly!" she squealed when Will's tongue shot up to lick her clit. "Save it for Carol," she laughed as she moved down his body to kneel between his legs.

"I see how it's done!" Carol said with glee as she copied Susan's position over Will's face.

"There!" Susan said as the two women faced each other at apposite ends of Will's body.

"Hey! What about me?" Sam asked, afraid he was about to be left out of the orgy position.

"I've already thought of you, big man," Susan said with a wink. "You stand next to Will's body, so that your cock is between my mouth, and Carol's mouth."

"I think I get it now," Sam grinned as he stood between the two women. His long prick was already hard and ready. It jutted out from his body about a foot from each woman's face.

"Oooohh! I almost forgot about myself!" Susan said as she moved over Will's cock. She reached down and guided the hard shaft to her twat. With a squeal of delight she pushed her cunt down and sucked the thick dick in. "Now, Carol. Lean over, and we'll both eat Sam's cock while Will eats you and fucks me," she smiled at her friend while she moved up and down on Will's prick.

"Sounds delicious!" Carol said with relish.

"Ahhhhh! Yeah!" Sam groaned when the two tongues touched each side of his dick. "Eat it, ladies!" he moaned while he rested a hand on their shoulders to keep his balance on the soft bed.

The twin suckers needed no urging. Carol smiled at Susan across his prick. Susan smiled back. The two women were cooperating in an exquisite task. Their tongues lapped at his huge cock. Their saliva coated the thick shaft with a gleaming layer. Their lips kissed along its length.

"Hey, Will!" Sam shouted to the gardener. "You should see what these two cunts are doing to my cock!" the big man proudly informed the man under Carol's pussy.

Will was too busy eating Carol's tasty snatch to pay any attention to the man's bragging. His long tongue was fucking up into the woman's pussy with smooth, rapid strokes.

The women's tongues met at the tip of Sam's prick. They forgot about his cock for a moment and kissed each other deeply.

The impatient Sam shoved his hips forward and made their lips part. He grabbed each woman by the hair and held their heads close together. Twisting his body, he shoved his huge cock into Carol's open mouth. He pumped her mouth for a while, and then pulled out to fuck Susan's mouth. The two women greedily sought his prick. Each was trying to outdo the other as they vied for his big hard shaft.

Susan was working her wet, hot cunt up and down on Will's hot prick. She felt him suddenly begin to buck his hips up with desperate movements. He was coming.

His hot spurts were igniting the sucking librarian's cunt. She slammed her wet snatch down to soak up his jizz. In her crazed state of desire she shoved against Carol's shoulder, dislodging the woman from Sam's cock. She had to have the fat dick in her mouth while she came.

Carol was at first angry when the delicious dick was snatched from her eager lips. But when she heard Susan's muffled moans, she smiled with shared pleasure as she watched the cock-riding woman blast. The gardener's expert mouth was starting her explosion, too.

"Oh! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" the half-sister shouted while her clit burned between Will's sucking lips. "Yeah, baby! Eat my pussy! Wooooooo! Ahhhhhh! Lover! Lover! Lick it!" she screamed as she squished her juicy twat down on his face. Her big boobs bounced around in the air as she threw her arms up in abandoned pleasure.

Susan heard the noise of Carol's eruption. Her own pussy was exploding time after time. She took an incredible amount of Sam's long, thick cock into her hungry mouth. Her hot gash was creamed full with Will's cum. The thick stuff squeezed out around Will's cock, and ran down the crevice of his ass.

Though her own come was long and powerful, Susan wasn't able to suck Sam's cum out of his prick. She tried hard for a while, and then reluctantly backed her mouth off his pulsating cock.

She looked at Carol in exasperation. "I'm going to need your help with this stubborn cock. It looks like we'll have to jerk him off," the tired librarian said, while she pulled on his hot meat.

The long dick could easily accommodate two hands. Susan moved her hand down his prick until her fingers brushed his swollen balls. Carol gleefully grabbed the front part of his hot cock. In a moment the two women were pumping on his huge dick in unison. The moans and groans coming from the big man let them know they were doing a good job.

"Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Stroke it, girls!" he gasped as they increased the speed of their pumping.

Susan used her other hand to squeeze his balls.

The wild women smiled at each other as they worked on him. They wanted his shooting cum. They wanted to see it spurting through the air.

They wanted to share the wet prize.

"Oh boy! Yeah! This is it, cunts! Pump it! Pump it harder! Unnnngggghhhh!" Sam cried when his hot nuts shot.

"Come, you big fucker!" Susan shouted when the first wad shot from the cock and went completely across the bed to land on the floor.

"Get some of that stuff, Carol!" Susan shouted to the other woman.

Carol quickly placed her open mouth at the end of the blasting prick.

"Yessss!" Susan hissed when she saw a thick gob of cum shoot, into the woman's mouth. The next spurt was going to be hers.

The hungry woman pulled Sam's cock away from Carol's mouth, and toward hers. She was just in time. A thick shot of hot jizz creamed her mouth. She groaned with delight while she swallowed the delicious liquid.

Having each had a taste, the two women leaned back and watched the rest of his cum shoot out of his cock. Spurt after hot spurt shot from his dick. All of the powerful shots landed on the floor. When his cock ceased blasting, the greedy women joined in tonguing the final oozing drops from his empty dick.

The exhausted Sam let his knees buckle, and dropped down on the bed. With some effort he sat on the edge of the bed and tried to catch his breath.

"Any more good ideas, Susan?" Carol asked the other woman as she moved from over Will's face.

Susan returned the smile. She watched the pretty half-sister sit on the bed next to Will's head. Her first idea was to dive between the woman's legs and bury her face in her wet cunt. But this initial idea was quickly replaced by another one. For this she would need the cooperation of Will and Sam again. She didn't think they would have any objections to her horny proposal.

"Yes, darling! I do have another idea. This will be something new for you, but I think you'll love it once you get the feel of it," Susan smiled with anticipation at the attractive half-sister.

"What do you mean, Susan?" Carol asked suspiciously.

"I'm talking about ass-fucking," Susan answered without hesitation as she eased off Will's cock and stood on the floor.

"I don't know," Carol whispered as she shook her head. "I hear that that hurts a lot."

"It does at first. But it's worth it after your ass gets used to the feel of a big, hard cock!" Susan assured her friend, while she remembered how good Will's cock had felt in her tight ass-hole. "I'll show you how it's done. The first thing we have to do is get you lubricated, and loosened up. That way it will hurt less."

Susan leaned over Will's body and put her mouth on Carol's wet cunt.

"Ahhhhh!" Carol hissed at the wet contact of Susan's tongue. She looked down as the librarian licked at her pussy. Her hips began to automatically move around when Susan flicked across her clit. Then Susan demonstrated the real purpose for her action. She ran her coated tongue down to Carol's tiny shit-hole.

"Eeeeeeeeee!" Carol squealed when the sticky tongue probed her small hole. She felt Susan's tongue push into the opening. She knew the dark-haired woman was doing a good job of preparing her virgin ass-hole for a cock. The idea was looking better and better to Carol.

"I think you're ready now," Susan smiled with horny satisfaction as she lifted her head from Carol's wet ass-hole.

"You want me to fuck her in the ass, Susan?" Sam asked, his prick standing ready for action.

"You might be too big for her first time, Sam," the librarian said. "Let's let her start with Will. My ass should be able to handle your big cock without much pain. Carol should feel better watching us demonstrate how it's done," she smiled as she dropped to her knees and offered her ass to the big man.

Susan was going to enjoy showing Carol how to take a cock in the ass. She reached back to spread her cheeks. With a wanton smile on her lips she looked at the intrigued woman on the bed.

Sam wasted no time getting to the gorgeous librarian. He joined her on the floor. His bulk made Susan look smaller and more fragile than she really was. With a horny grin on his rough face, he pointed his huge prick at her tiny shit-hole. The head of his dick pressed against the small opening.

"Push hard, Sam!" Susan shouted. She forgot about her role as teacher for the moment. She was just eager to have the wonderful cock stuffed into her as.

Sam pushed hard. His thick cock popped through the stretched opening, and slammed deep into her ass.

Susan caught the sharp cry of pain before it burst from her throat. Her ass felt split apart, but she didn't want Carol to hear her cry out.

"Fuck my ass, Sam! Split it, man! Ram that big cock hard in my ass!" she screamed.

Carol watched the big cock plunge into Susan's tight shit-hole. She was awed by the sight. She also had to admit that she was beginning to feel envious. As huge as Sam's cock was, it didn't seem to be hurting Susan. The crammed woman was pushing back to meet the big rod with obvious joy.

Carol decided that she was ready to try it. "Will. I'm ready," she said as she shifted her lush body to her hands and knees on the bed.

Will had been intently watching Sam screw Susan's ass. But when he looked at the hot half-sister he quickly forgot about the fucking couple. In a moment he was poised behind Carol. His hard dick in his hand, he probed at her ass-hole. With surprising gentleness he tried to ease his cock-head into the tight hole.

But Carol didn't want gentleness anymore. "Hurry, Will! Stick it in my ass! Hurry! Don't worry about me! Just fuck my ass!" she cried with impatience.

Her sudden change pleased Will. He loved to ass-fuck a woman with hard, brutal strokes.

"Arrrrggghhhhh!" Carol groaned from the burning pain that screamed through her body when he drove his cock into her ass. She had been hot and ready, but she had expected less pain. Her confused mind tried to hold on while the hard cock pulled back and plunged again.

"Oh! Owwwwwww! Oh! Oh! Oh!" she moaned and grunted as she tried to get used to his cock.

It took awhile, but the intense pain began to ease. Replacing it was a mixture of itching, burning, and tingling. Gradually replacing this was a growing warmth in her ass. This warmth grew into a pleasure unlike any the half-sister had ever known.

"Ahhhhhhh! Wooooooo!" Carol moaned softly as the sensations changed. Her ass-hole was accepting the cock with greater ease each time Will humped into her. There was less and less friction. She even began to move back to meet his drives.

"Good! It's good!" she smiled with discovery while she looked back over her shoulder at Will.

Will answered her with an extra push of his hips. "Like it, baby?" he asked proudly.

"Oh, yesssss!" Carol cooed. "But do it harder! Fuck my ass faster!" she begged, now that the pain had disappeared.

Susan heard Carol's words through her own moanings of pleasure. She opened her eyes and looked up at the bed. A broad smile of admiration spread across her face when she saw the woman's positive reaction to Will's prick in her ass. She saw the pretty woman, kneeling like a dog, and smiling with glee at her ass-fucker. Her banging jugs bounced around under her body. Her long, blonde hair was tangled all around her head.

Knowing that she must present much the same picture to Carol stimulated Susan's desire even more. Her hot tits ached from her exertions. Her plump ass shoved back to greedily absorb Sam's big cock. She didn't think anymore about her friend. She concentrated on that huge, hot fuck-pole in her tight shit-hole.

"Fuck my ass, big man!" Susan yelled when the tiny hole began to blaze with powerful sensations. "Give it to me! Harder and harder, Sam! Hurt me more! Rip my butt open! Stick it deeper in my ass! Goddamn you! Break it open! Bust it! Hit it harder! Haaaarrrrrdddddeeeerrrr!" The boiling-over Susan screamed while her ass and cunt exploded into a million parts of incredible sensations. She felt as if her hands and feet lifted off the floor with the power of her explosion. It seemed to her that her body was suspended in the air, skewered on his long cock.

Sometime during Susan's noisy eruption Sam blasted his cum into her milking ass. His groans of pleasure were lost in her loud babblings.

Carol had watched the librarian come. The crammed half-sister enjoyed the view while she allowed Will to do all the pumping. Now, after seeing Susan's blast subside, Carol took over the pace of her own ass-fucking. She was determined to make even more noise than the wanton Susan had.

"Yeah! That's the way, Will! Pump it hard, baby! Do it to my ass hard! Screw me with that cock! Hurt me! Hard! I need it harder! I love it! I love your cock in my ass!" she cried out to her fucker while she drove her ass back to meet his prick.

Will couldn't keep up with the crazed woman. His balls unloaded his cum into her squeezing, pumping ass. He drove into her with rapid, brutal thrusts as his cock shot its load.

For the first time in her life Carol felt a hot, load of cum hit her ass-hole. She also felt the first orgasm she had ever experienced with a cock in her ass.

"Nowwwwwwwww! Eeeeeeee! God! Yes! My God! Help meeeee!" she wailed as the fantastic tremors burned her ass. She was a demon as she bucked back and forth on the bed. Her beautiful body lifted and bounced with her wild movements. "Unh! Unh! OoW! Ooh! Ummmmm!" she gasped and moaned while she experienced the ravishing blast.

The four exhausted people shared a tong period of silent rest. But it wouldn't be long before the two whorish women would have other fucking ideas to occupy the day with.


Susan didn't need to call in sick today. Today was Saturday. She half-opened her sleepy eyes and looked at the clock. It was too early in the morning to get up. With a smile of laziness she snuggled into her pillow and closed her eyes for more rest.

Without doubt, this had been the most eventful week in the librarian's life. Four different cocks had screwed her. And most amazing of all, she had eaten another woman's cunt. She had no regrets. She was just tired.

The orgy of the day before had gone on and on. Carol had proved her match when it came to fucking and sucking cocks. The bond of friendship between the two women was strong. And now there seemed to be no longer any signs of friction regarding Carl Marshall.

The thought of Carl made Susan frown. Somehow, she almost felt guilty when she thought of him. It was almost as if she had cheated on him by fucking the others. She couldn't quite shake the feeling. Was she in love with Carl? She sat up in bed and pondered the question. Her emotions were mixed and confusing to her.

The knock on her door sounded much louder than it really was.

Susan scrambled from the rumpled bed and searched for a robe to wrap her nude body in. Rubbing sleep from her eyes she went to the door.

Carl stood grinning at her when she opened it. He was dressed only in swimming trunks.

"Well?" the handsome man smiled. "Are we going to take a swim, or not?"

"Huh?" Susan mumbled, trying to remember if she had made a forgotten promise. "When did you ask me?"

"Just now, silly!" he laughed. "Come on! Early in the morning is the best time to take a dip!"

"What? I'm sleepy! I'm in no shape to play in a pool!" Susan answered, though she did find his mood made him more attractive.

"Best thing to wake you up!" Carl said, not giving up. "Grab your bikini, and jet's go!"

Susan looked at him for a moment, and then her face broke into a broad smile. "All right, Mr. Marshall!" she said with mock irritation. "You win. Do you mind if I brush my teeth, and find a bikini that fits. I haven't been swimming in a long time," she laughed, feeling like a girl going on her first date. It was an exciting feeling.

"Why don't I help you look for your bikini," he said with a smile, and a playful wink.

"Oh no you don't!" Susan answered with a gentle shove against his chest. "We might never get to the pool!"

"That's the idea."

"You wait here for me. I'm sure I'll manage by myself," she smiled as she left him and went to prepare for the pool.

It didn't take her long to reappear at the door.

"Wow!" Carl said appreciatively when he saw her bikini-clad figure. "I don't even know why you bothered to put that blue thing on. You might as well be naked. Which gives me an idea," he said as he reached playfully for her tiny bikini top.

"Stop that, silly!" Susan squealed while she pushed his hand away. "What if someone saw us?" she said, looking around.

"Not likely. Carol and Mark are both away, and the help has the day off. We're all alone," he smiled. It was evident by his tone that he didn't mind the privacy at all.

"Oh! I get it!" Susan laughed as she pulled the door closed behind her. "Just what kind of swim did you have in mind, you sly devil?"

"Why ma'm!" he answered with a bow, and a deep southern accent. "Are you suggesting that my intentions are anything but honorable?"

"You've already proven what your intentions are, my dear sir," she laughed, remembering the delicious way he had fucked her.

As they walked to the pool Susan felt her pussy heat up. She had already decided that Carl Marshall was a very sexy man. And now, she found the thought of him screwing her in the pool extremely stimulating. It reminded her of the day she had discovered his son at the pool with the horny girl.

"It's so lovely here," the beautiful woman said when they were at the pool. "It must be something to be so rich."

"Actually, I feel much richer when I am with you, Susan," he said, reaching to squeeze her hand.

Susan blushed, and felt that guilty feeling again. "Thank you for such a nice compliment, Carl," she smiled. "Now what about that swim?"

"All we have to do is dive in!" he grinned as he walked to the diving board. "I want to see if that bikini stays on when you hit the water!" he laughed as he stepped up on the board.

"Who says your trunks will stay on?" Susan teased back, the thought of seeing his big cock again making her pussy warm.

"Might not," he shrugged, and then made a graceful dive into the blue water.

Feeling self-conscious, Susan mounted the board and followed him. When she pushed her body up from the water she was surprised to find that, he had disappeared under the water.

"Eeeek!" she screamed when she felt his hand grab her ass under the water. "You rat!" she laughed at him when he surfaced, his face grinning.

"Couldn't resist it!" he laughed.

"How would you like it if I tried something like that?" she asked in mock indignation as she treaded the warm water.

"Love it!" he said with a challenge in his voice.

"So you think I'm bluffing, huh?"

"Are you, Miss Lawrence?" he said as he splashed water in her pretty lice.

Susan was enjoying the game. With a sudden splash, she dove beneath the surface. Through the clear water she saw his lower body. With surprising agility she grabbed at his trunks and tugged. Her lungs felt as if they were going to bunt, but she held on until she had pulled his suit all the way down his legs. She had a quick glance at his erect cock before she was forced to surface.

"You bitch!" he laughed when she popped up. "It's not fair! I'm bare-assed, and you've still got those two bits of cloth on!"

The giggling woman avoided his lunge. "You'll have to catch me first!" she yelled, swimming away from him.

Accepting her challenge, Carl swam after her. He caught her just before she reached the end of the pool. His fingers hooked at the catch of her bikini top. The thin cloth ripped easily.

"Eeeeeeeeeeee!" Susan squealed when the top fell from her big tits. "Bastard!" she laughed as she rolled over on her back and splashed at him.

Carl stared at her big, floating boobs. His cock lurched in the water. God! She was beautiful! His eager hand reached out and closed around one of the huge, firm tits.

"Ooooohhh!" the excited librarian moaned when his rough hand gripped her wet jug. "You're not finished yet!" she teased as she splashed past him toward the side of the big pool.

"Bitch!" he shouted at her naked back. With rapid strokes her overtook her again. Grabbing her first by the waist, he slid his hands down her wet body until he came to the last piece of covering on her sumptuous body. The determined man slid the tiny garment down her legs. In spite of her kicking he was able to get them off.

"Look what I've got!" he shouted as he held the trophy in the air.

Susan pulled her long, wet hair from in front of her face. "Is that all you wanted?" she said with a sexy smile as she paddled the water.

In answer to her seductive question, Carl dove under water. He clutched at her squirming hips and saw her submerged pussy before his face. He drove his mouth at her snatch. His mouth closed over her cunt. His tongue found her clit and mashed against it.

Above the water Susan cried out with joy at the watery pussy-eating. Her hands went under the water and clutched at his head. Forgetting that he had to breath, she held his mouth hard against her burning cunt. It took her awhile to realize that he was desperately trying to push up out of the water. She released his head.

"Wow!" Carl said as he gasped for air. "I thought you were going to drown me down there!"

"I'm sorry. I got carried away," Susan said, her pussy still throbbing and hungry.

Carl's aching cock reminded him of his hunger for her wet, naked body. "I can't eat you for long under the water, but I know something else I can do to you," he smiled. "Let's swim over to the shallow part. I'll need some leverage for what I'm going to do to you," he grinned suggestively as he squeezed one of her bobbing tits.

"Ummmmmm! That sounds nice!" Susan cooed. Her hand disappeared under the water.

"Oooohhh, baby!" Carl groaned with pleasure when her hand found his jutting cock.

"I'd say you're ready to fuck," the horny librarian teased while she pumped his cock a few strokes.

"Too ready to wait another second!" he moaned. "Come on!" he shouted pulling his dick from her grasp and swimming for the other end of the pool.

Susan was right behind him. He stood on the bottom of the pool. The water came up to his navel. When she reached him he pulled her wet body into his arms, and drove his tongue into her sweet mouth.

Susan forgot about the possibility of being seen by someone. Her hot flesh rubbed wetly against his as they held each other. She could feel his submerged dick pressing hard against her stomach. Even under the water she could feel the burning heat of the big cock.

Carl broke the kiss, gasping with desire. "Oh, baby!" he moaned and dipped his mouth to suck at her bouncing jugs. "What you do to me, woman! Your body is so beautiful! Your big tits are so delicious," he rasped at the moaning woman while he sucked hard on her stiff nipples. "Your pussy is so hot!" he gasped and grabbed at her wet snatch. "Ahhhhhhh! God, yes! Carl! Darling! Your hand and mouth feel so wonderful on my breasts and cunt! It's so different! Ooooohhhh! I've never had my pussy touched under water before!" she gasped and moaned while she wriggled her twat against his hand.

"Have you ever fucked underwater before, baby?" he asked, working his thick finger up into her cunt.

"Ohhh, noooo! Never!" Susan answered, the idea sending hot flashed through her squirming pussy.

"Well, you're going to now, baby!" he groaned.

"Yesssss! Fuck me! Please fuck me here! Fuck me in your pool, darling! Ohhhh! It's turning me on! Don't make me wait any longer, darling! Fuck me! Now!" she begged and groaned.

Susan grabbed his cock. She tried desperately to pull it to her boiling snatch.

"Easy, baby. Easy," Carl soothed. "We'll get it in. Let me help," he said as he pulled on her ass, and guided his hips into place. "Now, honey. Now! Put my cock in your cunt!" He was about to lose control also as he felt his swollen prick-head touch her hot cunt-lips.

Susan lifted to her toes. She spread her legs and hunched her hips forward. It wasn't easy, but nothing could stop her from getting his hard cock into her greedy, wet pussy. The head of his dick felt strange, and rubbery, as she fitted it into the opening of her twat. The intense excitement of it all was making her hand tremble violently. It wasn't working the way she wanted it to. She couldn't quite get his cock into her.

Carl solved the problem. She felt his strong hands grasp her ass-cheeks. His strength lifted her, and pulled her body forward. She was being supported by his hands, and the buoyancy of the water. With amazing case, she felt her body sliding onto his hard cock.

"Carrrlllll! Godddddd! Oh, darling! Oh! Oh! Oh! Ah! Ah! Unh! Ooohhh!" she cried and grunted with wild, animal babblings while she clutched at his arms, and tried not to slide off his cock.

The water churned around their bodies while the gasping woman rode his stiff prick. The extra support of the water made it easier for Carl to pull her back and forth on his cock. She gripped his neck and dug her nails into the back of his head. Her head fell back, and she felt the heat of the morning sun on her wet face.

"Fuck me! Fuck meeeee!" the stuffed woman cried as she slithered her pussy down on his hot cock.

She floated on his dick. The sensations were unlike any she had ever known. There was an unreal quality about the feeling in the lower half of her body. The two parts seemed to be separated. Her jiggling boobs were being baked by the hot sun. But the heat in her hips and legs was being generated by her burning snatch.

He pounded her hard. His thick cock slammed up into her soaked pussy. His hands held her firm ass, and his hips bucked forward to meet her pussy. The incredible beauty of the woman straddling his body was exciting him toward a wild blast.

He pulled her harder against him when he felt his nuts burst. "Susan! Shit, baby! I'm gonna shoot my cum in your cunt!" he gasped when the first spurts ripped from his balls.

"Yesssss!" the bouncing librarian shouted when she felt his cum attack her cunt.

Susan wanted to come with him. "Lover! Fuck my wet cunt! Squirt your cum in my pussy! Make me come in the water! I want to come in the water! Fuck me!" she screamed with wild lust, and screwed her cunt rapidly against his spitting cock.

The extra stimulation of water against her clit made her explode powerfully. "Wahhhhhhh! Aiyyeeeee! Loverrrrrr!" she wailed with joy when her clit flashed with an intensity she had never known.

The wild woman let go of his neck. She mindlessly leaned back against the water. Her arms flailed the surface, sending water far into the air. Her long legs kicked furiously. Her head went under for a moment. Carl managed to hold onto her ass, and pulled her back up.

Almost choking, but not really caring, she squeezed hard on his prick. She wanted to savor every flash, every hot sensation of her beautiful come. She knew that this would be one of the memorable moments in her life. The moaning, splashing woman wanted to enjoy it to the fullest.

For a long time after her explosion had passed Susan floated on the water, and let Carl gently pump into her numb pussy. She looked up at him and smiled affectionately.

She wrapped her ankles around his waist and softly paddled the water.

"You are a very good lover, Mr. Marshall," she smiled. "It was exquisite!"

"Same here, Miss Lawrence. You know, this could get to be habit-forming," he said with a final deep thrust. Then he gently lifted her up to his chest.

The long, tender kiss was a wonderful ending to a wonderful fuck. Susan's arms wrapped around his neck again. She wanted the kiss to go on forever. But the sound of a car made them stop.

"Seems like we're always being interrupted," Carl said with a frown. "Stay here. I'll retrieve our suits."

It took him little time to locate the scattered bikini. With a couple of dives he was able to bring his trunks, and her two pieces up from the bottom. Standing in the shallow end of the pool it was easy to dress in a hurry.

They just made it.

"Hi, Miss Lawrence!" Mark said as he stepped through the sliding glass doors onto the patio. "I see that my father finally got you to try out the pool."

Susan felt uneasy talking to the teen in front of his father, but she didn't betray her feelings. "Yes, Mark. It's very lovely here," she smiled, remembering how she had sucked the teen's hard cock.

Carl was obviously very proud of his son.

"Are you staying for lunch, Miss Lawrence?" Mark asked as he tried to keep his eyes off her barely concealed tits.

"Of course she is!" Carl said as he looked at her hopefully.

Susan wasn't sure she could handle being together with the two of them. She decided not to press her luck.

"I appreciate the invitation, but I really can't. I've got some important things to do today," she lied.

"Surely they aren't that important," Carl persisted.

"I'm afraid they are. I'd better leave now. I'd like to thank you for a wonderful morning, Mr. Marshall," she said formally as she climbed the ladder out of the pool.

Carl followed her out of the pool, puzzled at her sudden change. "I wish you would change your mind, Susan," he said while she dried her face with a towel.

"Some other time, Carl. Thank you again. I enjoyed the swim. Goodbye, Mark."

The father and son watched her walk away. Each was remembering the hot feel of her wiggling ass in his hands. Each was remembering the way she moaned and screamed when he fucked her tight pussy.

Susan was confused and frustrated as she walked back to her house. She had that guilty feeling again. How would it all work out? How could it possibly work out happily. She had fucked a man, and his son. And now she was falling in love with the man. What was she going to do?

When she came to her door Susan hesitated. She was too depressed to go inside the lonely house. She wanted to get away from everything. She turned and looked at her little car. Impulsively the nervous woman wanted to take a drive. She didn't want to take the time to dress. She just wanted to get out on the mad so that she could think. She drove down the drive and headed for an old highway she was familiar with. At other moody times she had chosen the highway for driving.

When she came to the old highway she kept the car at a steady sixty miles an hour. She switched on some soothing music and began to think about her predicament.


The wind whipped Susan's wet hair around, and made her wet bikini feel cool against her skin. She felt more relaxed now. Yet, she still couldn't shake her worried feeling.

If things weren't so complicated it wouldn't be so troublesome. It would probably add to her excitement. Many women must have a fantasy of fucking a father and son. She had to admit that both experiences had been wonderful. But she hadn't counted on being in love with Carl Marshall.

She was well out of the city now. The country air smelled fresh and clean. At another time it would have been exhilarating. Susan watched the green hills roll by. She felt her mind begin to ease. She let her thoughts drift back to the wild fucking in the pool.

She thought of Carl's big cock. Her cunt warmed when she remembered how he rammed it with his hot prick. She thought of Mark's dick. Sam and Will flashed through her mind. Her ass squirmed on the wet towel. She was getting horny again.

She smiled. "Whore!" she said to herself.

The word certainly fit her now. Regardless of her love for Carl, she knew on one cock would ever be enough for her ravenous pussy. It would take many hard pricks to keep her greedy cunt satisfied.

Something far ahead caught Susan's eye. It was on the right side of the road. At first she couldn't make it out. Then, as she came closer, she saw that it was a group of teens. There were four of them, thumbs up. Her cunt instantly heated up.

She slowed as she went by them. They wore the usual teenage uniform-jeans and tight T-shirts. Not sure what she was doing, but knowing she must do it, she pulled to the side of the road and looked back. The teens were running toward her car.

As they came nearer, Susan wondered how her small car would hold them all. And she also wondered why she was doing this. Her nipples burned, and her body was getting very hot.

One teen reached her car a little before the others. "Gee thanks! We…" The blond-haired youth was cut off in mid-sentence by the shock of seeing a beautiful woman dressed only in a bikini. His mouth gaped.

The other three teens ran up to the car. They all hesitated for a moment, uncertain about getting in. They, too, were unprepared for the luscious sight.

Susan took charge. "Well, guys! Don't you want a ride?" she smiled as she pushed out her almost-naked boobs for their gawking view.

"Uh… Yeah! Sure!" the bland teen answered with a gulp. "You guys get in the back. I'll take the front," he said, opening the door and sliding his slim body in next to Susan.

As she drove Susan became more and more excited. The cute teens were generating delicious fantasies in her horny mind. She wished she had them all back at her house. Four hard cocks! The though made her pussy flow with heat and wet twat-juice.

"Where are you guys headed?" Susan asked the handsome teen next to her.

"Just up the road a few miles," he answered shyly.

Susan found his shyness stimulating. She enjoyed taking a shy teen, and turning him into a hard-driving fucker. Perhaps that was part of what it was about with her. There was a challenge to fucking teens, and seeing their reaction to a mature woman.

A few miles ahead? She would have to act soon if she was serious about screwing the four teens. She ruled out taking them back to her place. They might be seen.

Then Susan saw what she was looking for. A narrow dirt road was just ahead. Without hesitation the hungry woman swerved the car off the highway, and onto the county road.

The sudden motion caused the teen to slide across the seat. He couldn't help himself as his body pressed against hers. The contact of his firm body made Susan's pussy flash with desire.

"Hey! Where are you going? This isn't the way!" the teen said as he quickly moved back to the door and stared at her in confusion. "This old road doesn't go anywhere. It winds up in a dead end behind Palmer's Rock. There's nothing there!"

"It sounds just like the place I want!" Susan smiled as she drove the car down the bumpy road.

The teen looked back at his friends. They too were wondering where this strange, beautiful woman was taking them. They weren't really afraid of her. They just couldn't figure her out.

Susan saw it. The monolith the teen had called Palmer's Rock was just ahead. As she followed the rough road around it, she saw that there was no place to go. The road ended in a bushy area littered with beer cans and bottles.

Susan stopped the car and looked around. This place provided the perfect concealment far her horny plans.

"Please!" the blond teen almost whimpered.

"Don't worry, darling," Susan smiled. "You needn't worry about my telling your parents you were here. And who said anything about climbing that silly old rock. I have something for you that'll be a lot more fun," she sweetly smiled, her cunt burning with hunger as she looked down at his crotch.

The four teens were speechless. The voluptuous woman was both intriguing, and perplexing.

Susan didn't have the patience to waste any time. She got out of the car. She waked the few feet to the side of the huge rock. At its base was a large area of dried leaves. Susan smiled as she thought of being screwed in such a natural setting. It brought out a wild animal passion in the hungry woman.

Susan turned and faced the car. The four teens were gawking at her as they looked out of the windows. She stood straight. Her tits were pushed out against the tiny top for emphasis. Her long, beautiful legs were spread in invitation.

"Come on, guys! Get out of the car, and join me!" she smiled seductively.

The teens looked at each other, not sure what to do, or which one of them was going to do it first.

"What's the matter, guys?" the wanton librarian teased. "Surely you're not afraid of a woman."

The three in the back looked at the blond teen for some sort of answer to their puzzlement. He appeared to be the unofficial leader of the group. He just looked back at them and shrugged helplessly.

Susan was too hot to be subtle any longer. "I don't know how you guys are going to fuck me if you're in the car, and I'm out here," she said, her body burning as she made her intentions clear.

Seeing the shock on their faces was part of Susan's enjoyment. She decided to shock theft even more.

"Holy shit! Look at that, Joe!" one of the teens in the back blurted to the teen in the front.

Joe had seen it for himself. His cock lurched when he saw it. The gorgeous woman had reached behind her, and released the bikini-top.

The four teens stared at the woman's big, beautiful tits. They all had to be wondering if they were dreaming. It didn't seem possible that it could be happening. It didn't just happen like this! Being picked up by a beautiful woman in a bikini had been surprise enough. But here she was asking them to gang-bang her. The teens were held motionless by the incredible sight of her huge, naked boobs.

Susan shook her head with exasperation. "I guess it takes a lot to show you teens that I wean business," she said, her thumbs hooking in the tiny piece of cloth hiding her hot, wet snatch.

The stunned teens watched the brazen woman slip the bottom of her bikini off her unbelievable body. None could believe it as she stood to face them. The rest of her body was as perfect as her tits. None of the teens had ever seen a real pussy in the daylight. The inexperienced teens considered themselves lucky to be able to touch a girl's pussy quickly in the dark.

Susan's naked, hungry body was eager for a cock.

"Which one of you wants me to suck his cock first?" the bold woman asked, her mouth opened provocatively while she ran her wet tongue around her lips.

Joe then demonstrated why he was the leader of the group of teens. "Shit, man! Ain't no way I'm going to pass something like this up! I'll be kicking myself for the rest of my life!"

Susan smiled with delight when she saw Joe get out of the car. She had expected and hoped he would be the first.

"Hurry, and get those pants off, darling!" she biased as he walked toward her. "I want to see your cock!"

Joe stood a few feet in front of her. He awkwardly struggled with his tight, sweaty clothing. Susan locked her eyes on his crotch. She couldn't wait to see that his prick looked like.

"Ooooohhh, baby! Yeah!" Susan moaned when his shorts came off. She looked at the slim, naked teen and felt her cunt spasm deliciously. His cock was long and hard. It waved in the air with readiness. The handsome youth blushed as she gazed at him, but his hard cock demonstrated his true feelings.

Susan dropped to her knees on the mat of soft leaves. "Came here, darling," she moaned, her eyes never leaving his cock.

Joe walked slowly to her. He stopped when his cock was just a few inches in front of her pretty face.

Susan caught her breath when she got a close look at the shaft. It was topped by a bright-cock knob. Very few veins appeared under the surface of its length. The fresh, unmarked purity of the teenaged cock added to its attractiveness for the depraved woman. She looked with hunger at his swollen cum-filled balls. She wanted their contents in her belly.

Glancing toward the car, Susan was thrilled to see that the other teens were getting out for a better view. She was excited about putting on a whorish show for them. It made her pussy burn. It had her hot to show them how well she could suck a cock. It made her even hotter to know that she would soon be sucking and fucking all their cocks.

The teen groaned when her hand wrapped around his hard cock. For a moment he thought he might shoot his nuts all over her big tits. Then his initial excitement settled into a warm tingling as she played with his aching dick.

Susan cupped his balls, and kneaded them tenderly. She waited until the other teens were standing around her before she decided to put her mouth on the hard prick.

Pulling the swollen head of his cock down to a level with her lips, Susan shot out her tongue.

"Ahhhhhhhh!" Joe groaned at the sensitive touch.

Hungry, Susan licked his prick-head. She tasted the first signs of his cum. The gooey stuff was delicious. Her hand held the cock while she licked it.

Her tongue went under the long dick as she licked down to his nuts. She ran her tongue around his hairy balls. She sucked in one, then the other. The groaning teen had to rest his hands on her shoulders. The hot sensations were too much for his mind to absorb.

Susan heard a zipper being pulled down. She smiled. Then another was pulled down. She was pleased that the other reluctant teens had decided to free their dicks.

Susan nibbled back along his cock until she came to the head. Now was the time her favorite part of cocksucking began. She opened her mouth and took the head of his prick in.

"Shiiiittttt!" the teen groaned as his cock slid into the woman's greedy mouth. He automatically hunched his hips forward.

Susan then lost all patience. Her insane greed took over. She pushed her mouth down hard. The entire length of the teen's dick disappeared. Her nose was pressed tight against his hairy crotch. The sensitive head of his cock had slipped into her throat.

"Christ!" one of the other teens gasped.

Susan heard, and felt proud of her job on the hard cock. She pulled back and repeated her plunge. She began to rape her own mouth with the wonderful teen-cock. It wouldn't take long for the teen to shoot his load at this rate.

The intensity of her sucking was driving the teen mad with pleasure. He had no control over his nuts as they boiled and blasted. A long cry of anguish burst from his mouth when his cum exploded.

"Awwwwwwwww! Fuck lady! Suck meeee!" he cried and shouted. He slammed his cock down her throat, and emptied his balls.

Susan gripped his ass with her fingers. She pulled hard on his ass. She pushed her face forward as far as she could. She moaned around his prick. She felt the hot jizz spit into her throat. She could feel it as it washed down her throat, headed for her belly.

Suddenly the sucking woman felt something wet and hot splatter across her arm, and onto her bouncing jugs. She also heard one of the teens shout with joy. Her cunt flashed with pleasure. She wished there were a thousand teens around her to jerk-off on her body. She wanted to bathe in their hot cum.

The crazed woman made sure the teen had emptied every drop of his cum before she gave up his tasty cock.

"That was delicious!" she smiled up at the swaying teen when she pulled her mouth off his spent prick. "Hmmmm! It looks as if one of you got a little excited!" she laughed when she looked down and saw the gleaming patches of cum on her tits. "I wouldn't want any of it to go to waste."

The teens all watched the wanton woman lift her tits, and bend her head to lick up the cum. She cleaned it all off her boobs, she looked up at them with a satisfied smile.

Susan looked around her. The other three teens had dropped their jeans around their ankles. Two of them still had stiff pricks. The teens had been stroking them while they watched her sucking off their friend. It was obvious that the third teen had been the one to shoot his jizz across her boobs. His cock was already drooping. A thin line of cum hung from the tip.

"Don't worry, darling," Susan smiled at him. "In a little while we'll have that beauty up again. In the meantime I think it would be nice to take care of your two friends," she said as she looked at the two teens whose balls were still full of juice.

The teens looked back at her with awkward smiles. They felt silly with their pants down, and their dicks sticking out into the air.

"Take off the rest of your clothes, teens," Susan said huskily. "I want you both naked when you fuck me!"

The teens were too horny to hesitate. They hurriedly took their clothes off.

Susan remembered something. "I don't even know your names!"

The teen she had sucked spoke. "Uh, my name is Joe. That's Tommy," he said, pointing to the teen who had shot on her tits, "and that's Chuck, and Paul."

"Oh, well," Susan shrugged while she looked around her at the four, "I probably won't remember your names anyway, but I'm sure I'll remember your cocks."

Her hungry pussy was in a hurry. She leaned forward, and supported the front part of her body on her hands. Her big ass stuck up in the air.

"Chuck. Stand in front of me. Paul. Get behind my ass. I'll suck you, Chuck, while Paul fucks my pussy from behind," she said, while her cunt itched with desire.

Chuck did as he was told. Susan looked up at the dark-haired teen. He was the shortest of the four. But his dick was big and hard. She admired his muscular chest. Paul fell to his knees behind her.

Susan looked over her shoulder. "Go on, Paul. Stick your cock in my cunt."

The shaking teen tried. He didn't have the experience to locate her wet hole.

"Let me help you, darling," the understanding woman said. Her hand reach back under her body and gripped his hot cock. She placed the tight head at the entrance of her steaming gash. "Now, Paul. Push, baby."

He did. Susan cried out with joy when his hard cock split her pussy. "Yessss! Oh, darling! You're learning so fast!"

Paul was learning fast. He pulled back and shoved again. He looked up at his friends and grinned. He would have something to brag about later. He was the first one to put his dick in her cunt.

Susan let the eager teen do the pumping for a while while she paid attention to Chuck's cock. She didn't waste time on preliminaries. She simply pulled his bobbing prick down, and sucked it into her mouth.

"Unnnnnhhhhh!" the teen moaned when the gorgeous woman mouthed his sensitive cock.

Susan went wild. She bucked for the hard, hot cock in her pussy. She sucked in the prick in front of her on the forward lunge. Her body lifted, and bounced with her movements. The feel of the leaves on her knees, and the wind whistling around the big rock turned her on. It was an extra thrill to have someone watching while she serviced two cocks.

The two watching teens found their deflated cocks quickly rising again. They were soon hard and the teens pumped them and watched the woman fucking and sucking Paul and Chuck.

Susan didn't care that her one hand was straining to support the front of her body. She pulled at Chuck's ass as she gulped in his cock.

Joe decided that watching the action just wasn't enough. The teen stopped his stroking for a moment, and moved around to Susan's side. His eyes were on those big, swinging jugs. He had wanted to feel the fat mounds since the first moment he had seen them.

"Mmmmmmm!" Susan hummed around Chuck's cock. Joe's sweaty hand had reached under her, and was squeezing her big tits.

"Hey, Tommy!" Joe yelled to the teen who was still beating-off. "You oughta feel these things! Her tits feel fantastic!" he grinned, while he looked across her back at his friend and pinched at her stiff nipples.

Tommy stepped toward her. His cock still clutched in his hand, he reached down to cup a big jug.

"Ahhhh! Yesssss!" Susan approved when her mouth pulled off Chuck's cock. Then she plunged her mouth back onto the tasty dick, and enjoyed the two hands on her burning tits.

The sensations coming from her mouth, her cunt, and her boobs were exquisite. While she fucked and sucked she took an inventory of what she had already done to the teens. She had eaten Joe, and now she was sucking Chuck, and fucking Paul. The count only added up to three teens. Then she remembered Tommy.

Releasing Chuck's ass, the depraved woman reached out to her right. Her hand bumped against Tommy's hip. She searched for his cock. Her hand closed over his. She pushed the teen's hand away from his hard dick. Wrapping her hot hand around his cock, she began to jerk him off.

That left only Joe without being worked on by some part of her body. But the teen had already had his cock sucked, Susan looked forward to the hot feel of his cum across her bare back.

Sucking, fucking, jerking, she worked fiendishly on the three cocks. The moans she brought from the three inexperienced youths were music to her ears. She promised herself to enjoy many more outdoor fuckings in the future.

Paul battered her wet cunt. Chuck held her behind her head, and shoved his hot dick down her greedy throat. Tommy stood with his hands on his slim hips, and let the wild woman pump his prick. Joe leaned back and watched it all as he jerked on his throbbing dick.

The mingled sweat, fresh country air, and sounds of the wind ruffling the leaves added immensely to Susan's wild excitement. She would always be a whore. Always screwing cocks, anywhere she found them.

She knew the inexperienced teens wouldn't be able to hold back their blasts for long. The excitement of their good fortune would be too much for their minds. She tried to guess which one would come first. The thought of emptying four pricks was deliciously stimulating. She didn't really care as long as they all gave her their hot cum.

The first teen to blast was not one of the three she was working so diligently on. The hot, wet sensation on her back told her that Joe had jerked-off on her.

"Jeeesssuuussss!" Joe gasped when his dick shot thick gobs of cum across her lovely back.

Susan heard him, and felt her pussy blaze in response. The sheer depravity of allowing a teen to jerk off on her body was extremely exciting. The formerly prim librarian loved the feel of the hot stuff on her flesh. It seemed to signify her complete descent into the world of whores and sluts.

Susan, in spite of her own intense excitement, held her own explosion off. She wanted to be sure all the teens came before she allowed her body its pleasure. It was necessary for her maximum enjoyment. She had to feel all their loads of hot cum, both in and on her hungry body.

Her actions increased. Her pussy slammed back and squeezed. Her hand squeezed tighter, and pumped harder on the hot dick she was stroking.

With ravenous greed, she sucked on the cock fucking her beautiful face.

Her efforts were soon rewarded with another blast of cum.

"Oh, lady!" Paul shouted when his nuts burned and filled her hungry snatch with a huge load of his jizz. "I'm comin' in your pussy!"

Susan pulled her lips off Chuck's cock long enough to shout, "Yes, baby! Come in me!"

She almost came with him. It was difficult to contain her own explosion with his hot cum washing around in her primed pussy. With expert control, she stifled her hot blast. She gripped his gushing prick with her cunt walls and plunged her face against Chuck's crotch with renewed fervor.

Chuck was no match for her devouring mouth and throat.

"Suck me!" he screamed.

It was now Susan's turn to come. Or so she thought for a moment. Then she remembered the hot dick in her hand.

She didn't have long to worry about it. She felt the prick swell, and then she felt that familiar wetness on her back. The teen's screams of pleasure came to her ears at just the moment her cunt flashed.

The hard dick in her throat prevented her from crying out, but all the teens could easily see what was happening to the crazed woman. Her entire body shook with involuntary spasms. Her fingers gripped the cock in her hand painfully. Her ass bucked wildly to get Paul's cock. The teens watched with awe as she came over and over again. None would ever forget the wild movements of insane joy.

Susan raced from one wild orgasm to another. They went on, and on. Her cunt exploded powerfully. Her clit burned and throbbed. Her body experienced wave after fantastic wave of exquisite sensations. She prayed that it would never end.

It took a very long time for it to end. There was really no definite end to the beautiful climax. She felt the explosions lessen, until they became warm ripples of pleasure. With pride, and gratitude, she looked around her at her four wonderful teen-lovers.

"Thank you, guys," the still-trembling woman smiled as she gasped for breath.

But Susan wasn't finished with them yet.

The teens watched as the woman, glistening with sweat and cum, lay back on her ass. Their horny eyes saw her smile and open her legs. She relaxed on the carpet of leaves and spread her lush thighs to expose her wet, gleaming pussy.

"Now it's time to gang-bang, guys!" Susan smiled up at the four astonished teens.

The youths looked at each other, as if trying to see which one of them could get it up again.

"Hurry guys!" Susan groaned with impatience while she on her fingers along her wet slit. "I know you all still have plenty of juice in those big cocks!"

Joe was surprised to find that Susan was right.

His prick was already rising again. The sight of the naked woman was getting him hot. He looked down and watched his dick rise.

"Gang-bang! Gang-bang! Gang-bang!" Susan chanted the phrase over and over. She loved the depraved sound of it. She had, already done about everything a woman could do to the teens. But now she wanted to spread her legs, and let them all line up to fuck her. She would take them on one after the other, the way she had heard some of the whores in her high school had done it.

Joe walked over to her. He was pumping his cock. Susan smiled with delight when she saw it stiffen.

"Fuck me first, Joe! Fuck me first, and then let all your friends fuck me!" she hissed when he crawled up between her spread thighs.

Joe couldn't resist a quick swipe at her tits with his wet mouth as he leaned over her hot body. Then he felt under him for his hard cock. The wet, hot pussy sucked in his big prick. He had never felt anything so hot and tight.

"Fuck me, Joe!" Susan screamed while she pulled his firm ass toward her in a desperate effort to get more of his wonderful dick.

"Line up, guys!" the insane woman shouted to the others. "Line up for some hot pussy! Get those cocks ready to fuck me! I want one of you on top of me as soon as Joe squirts his cum in my cunt!" she cried like a whore, while she lifted her ass off the ground to take his hard-driving cock.

The open-mouthed teens did as she said. They all had stiff and ready dicks now. They pushed and shoved each other as they tried to be the next in line to crawl up between her legs.

Joe didn't last long on the thrashing, bucking woman. Her hard-working cunt ate his cock voraciously. She came with him. It was a sharp, fast blast. Her juices mixed with his spurting cum. Her legs locked around his back.

The eager woman didn't give the exhausted teen a moment to rest. No sooner had he emptied his cum into her cunt than she pushed him away, making room for her next fucker.

"Who's next?" she screamed as her ass squirmed on the leaves. "Hurry! One of you hurry and fuck my pussy!" the hot and wild librarian shouted, her hands squeezing her big, aching tits.

Another body quickly replaced Joe; another hard cock. She didn't know who it was. She didn't care. She did know that a hard cock was pumping into her hungry, hot pussy. That was all that mattered.

The gang-bang continued for a long time. Each time a cock emptied, another replaced it. The number of times she came was impossible to count. The teens took several turns, and found it impossible to wear out the hungry woman.

Darkness was beginning to cover the countryside before the teens were finally worn out. It was obvious that Susan could still fuck for hours, but none of the teens could find the strength for another stroke.

Susan looked up at the ring of exhausted teens and smiled happily. She touched her tender pussy, and wet her fingers with an abundance of cum. She breathed in the fresh air and sighed with contentment.

She had never felt better in her life.


Susan leaned against the wall of her shower, and let the hot water stream down her body. The tired but happy woman smiled to herself. What a day it had been! First, the wild fuck in the pool with Carl, then the delicious gang-bang with the four teens in the country.

Susan wondered for a moment if she should have made another date with the teens. But then she felt a special thrill when she realized she would probably never see them again.

With long caressing stokes, Susan soaped her body. She loved the feel of the slippery film on her tits. Proudly, she cupped the big, firm boobs. She giggled when she remembered the stunned look on the teens' faces when she first took off her bikini top.

It had only been a short while since she had been gang-banged. But the horny librarian was getting hot spin. The shower was a favorite place to masturbate. Her brown nipples tingled under the hot jets of water. The cum from her wild day was still oozing out of her pussy, mixing with the water as it ran down her thighs.

Sliding her hand down her slippery stomach, Susan began to play with her pussy.

"Ummmmmm!" she moaned, while her fingers pinched her itching clit.

Spreading her legs more, she opened her cunt wider to let the hot water wash around the pink lips. Using both of her hands she spread the sensitive cunt-lips open.

"Ooooohhh, yes!" she moaned as the water ran across her clit and washed more of the teens' cum from her hot snatch.

She thought of Carl. She would have to let him fuck her in the shower. Soon!

There was no need for her to rub her clit. It was enough to lean back against the tiles, and let the steaming water to the job for her.

She wished a man could be in the shower with her. A man kneeling on the floor of the shower. She would let him eat her pussy while the water massaged her clit. She would held his head tight against her hungry cunt, and let the hot water splatter down on her aching tits.

"Ahhhhhh! Please… eat me!" Susan moaned to her imagined lover.

She began to move her ass in little circles against the shower wall. Her pussy boiled. Her clit stung with exquisite sensations. The steamy shower stall echoed with her groans of pleasures. The sharp jets of water bit into her tits, making her stiff nipples burn and itch.

Carol flashed through Susan's mind. She remembered how well the beautiful half-sister had eaten her pussy.

"Oh, yes! Eat me, Carol!" the enraptured librarian hissed.

Susan let her mind replace the man at her cunt with Carol. Carol would know just what to do to her cunt. Carol would understand how she wanted her twat eaten.

"Oh, Carol! Where are you? Why don't you come eat me!" Susan groaned with frustration.

She would have preferred that her friend eat her cunt, but the water was not a bad substitute. The sensations grew. Her ass squirmed more against the wall. The wonderful glow spread over her wet nakedness.

"So gooooddddd!" Susan cooed as the steadily increasing throbbings built within her body.

"Eat me, Carol! Suck my clit, baby! Please, Carol! Please make me come. I'm soooo close, darling! I'm almost there! The heat! Oh, Carol! The heat in my body! I'm so hot, darling! Yes! Yes! Yes! Carol! Ah… Ahhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhh! Fuckkkkkkk! Suck… Suck meeeeee!" Susan chanted and screamed while her orgasm smoldered from a warm glow to a cunt-gripping eruption.

Susan let the water beat on her exploding clit. She let is massage her clit for a long time, until the sensitive bud could stand no more.

As her blast subsided Susan became conscious of the stifling heat inside the shower. She found it difficult to breathe. Opening the shower door, she gulped in the cool air. Her legs were weak. Her body was drained of all strength. She barely found the energy to turn the water off.

Susan leisurely toweled her ripe body dry. She affectionately dried her thighs, and dabbed the towel around her pussy. Her clit began to tinge again when the towel brushed across it. The woman laughed to herself as she wondered what it would take to keep her satisfied.

After blowing her long hair dry, Susan brushed it while she studied her body in the mirror. She knew that she was a very fortunate woman. She possessed a voracious appetite for sex. And nature had given her the body to attract all those cocks she would need to feed it. She couldn't help but be proud as she looked at her big, solid tits. Her large brown nipples capped the huge boobs perfectly.

Susan had no weight problem. She was one of those lucky women who could eat anything she wanted, and always keep her tiny waist. She smiled at the reflection of her flared hips, and long legs. Her pussy seemed to have just the right amount of light brown hair around it.

The pleased woman decided that her body had many good years of beauty left.

Susan felt restless as she walked into her bedroom. She had no plans for the evening. It was much too early to go to bed. She was in no mood for reading. Glancing at the blank television screen, she decided that would be a boring way to pass the time.

Then she remembered that she had a new friend.

A friend who lived only a few feet away. Carol had given her the number to the private phone in her room, and Susan's hand trembled with anticipation as she looked for the scrap of paper.

The phone rang three times. Then Carol answered.

"Hi!" Susan said after Carol said hello. "This is Susan. How would you like to come over and keep me company?"

"I'm so glad you called!" Carol said cheerfully. "I was just trying to think of something to do."

"I'm sure we can find something to do together," Susan giggled into the phone as her clit throbbed.

"I'll be right over!" Carol said excitedly. When Susan put down the phone she felt a shiver of anticipation pass through her body. She could already feel Carol's sweet mouth on her cunt. She could feel her friend's big tits in her hands. The anxious librarian licked her lips as she thought at her mouth on Carol's tangy pussy.

She sat down on her sofa and spread her legs. While she looked anxiously at the door she played with her pussy. It thrilled her to know that soon Carol's hands would be on her greedy cunt.

It didn't take long for Carol to knock on the door. Susan eagerly went to the door and opened it.

"Wow!" Carol exclaimed when she saw that Susan was naked. "You look as if you didn't want to waste any time!"

"I just wanted to be ready for you, darling," Susan said suggestively. "Why don't you get out of your skirt and blouse, and join me."

"That's just what I intend to do!" Carol smiled.

"What's that?" Susan asked when Carol dropped a small box on the sofa.

"A surprise for you," Carol grinned mischievously.

"What kind of surprise?" the puzzled brunette asked.

"One you're going to love, darling!" Carol laughed as she removed her blouse.

Susan forgot about the box for a moment. Carol had not bothered to put on a bra. Susan's cunt quivered when she saw the blonde's big jugs.

Carol smiled at her reaction, and removed her skirt.

In her haste Carol had not bothered to wear any panties either. A lump formed in Susan's throat as she stared at the naked half-sister. She stepped closer to Carol, and wrapped her arms around her warm flesh.

The two women held each other tightly. Their tongues met. Their big tits mashed against each other. They kissed for a long time.

Carol was the first to break the hot kiss. "Ummmm! I don't think I can wait to show you my surprise," she smiled.

Susan watched her walk to the sofa and pick up the little box.

"Sit down, darling," Carol ordered huskily.

Susan obeyed. Her cunt tingled deliciously with hot anticipation as she wondered what Carol was going to do to her.

"Open your legs, darling," the half-sister said in a soothing voice.

Susan leaned back and opened her lush thighs.

She was very hat as she waited to see what was in the box.

"This is something I've had for a long time," Carol said, opening the box. "It's given me a lot of pleasure. Now, we can both enjoy it."

Susan gaped at the vibrator that Carol pulled from the box. It was white plastic, and long and slim. Once, Susan had thought about buying one herself.

"Just relax, darling, and let me use it on your pussy and clit," Carol said as she clicked the vibrator on.

The steady buzzing sound filled the room. Susan watched as Carol moved the vibrator close to her cunt.

"Hmmmm," Susan hummed when the tingling instrument touched her thigh. "It feels nice."

"Yes, darling. But wait until I rub your clit with it. It'll drive you crazy. And you're going to love it when I fuck your cunt with it!" Carol hissed while she moved the vibrator along Susan's thigh, closer and closer to her pussy.

Carol teased the vibrator around Susan's cunt. She moved it in circles, almost, but not quite touching Susan's throbbing clit.

The horny librarian hunched her hips off the sofa, trying to work her clit under the tormenting vibrator.

"Please… Carol… Please touch my clit with it!" Susan pleaded desperately, the vibrator driving her insane with desire.

"Soon, darling. Soon," Carol whispered. "I want to touch you one more place first," she said, lifting the vibrator up to touch Susan's stiff nipples.

"Eeeeeee! That feels so wonderful!" Susan squealed as the vibrator sent ripples through her nipples, into her boobs, and down to meet her clit.

Trailing the vibrator down Susan's stomach, Carol paused just above her cunt. Then she touched the tip of the plastic cock to Susan's aching clit.

"Wowwwwww! Oh, God! It's fantastic, Carol!" Susan shouted with pleasure as the vibrator sent rapid tremors through her clit.

"I know, darling," Carol smiled happily at her friend.

The new sensation was exquisite. Susan felt the waves of pleasure race through her body, starting on her vibrating clit, and shivering down to her toes, and then up to her head.

"I don't want you to come yet, darling," Carol said to the moaning librarian. "I'll put it back on your clit in a minute, but first I want to fuck your cunt with it."

"Oh yes! Put it in my pussy, Carol! Fuck me with that hard vibrator!" Susan cried when she felt the tip of the buzzing vibrator slip between her cunt-lips.

Carol moved the end of the plastic shaft up and down Susan's wet pussy-lips. She made sure the plastic was coated with the librarian's sticky cunt-juice.

"Please, Carol!" Susan groaned in frustration as she moved her cunt forward. She was trying to capture the buzzing, tormenting vibrator.

Carol wasn't quite ready to slide it into Susan's hungry twat. She wanted to make the hot woman even hotter.

"Ohhhhh! What are you doing? My ass-hole! Oh, baby! You're driving me insane with that thing on my ass-hole! I'm tingling all over!" Susan squealed with delight when Carol placed the tip of the vibrator against her tiny shit-hole.

Carol smiled as she though how nice it would be to have two vibrators, one to fuck Susan's snatch, and another to put in her tight ass.

The teasing instrument moved back up to Susan's hot pussy. Carol inserted it very slowly into Susan's gash.

"Yesssss! Deeper, darling!" Susan begged.

Carol smiled and pushed more of the vibrator into the wet hole.

"It's so wonderful, Carol!" Susan cried out as the vibrating plastic sank in her cunt. The intense tremors went through her clit. They made her cunt spasm with delight. The waves of ripples ate through the inside of her pussy, and moved up her stomach. Her nipples burned with pleasure.

Carol pulled the vibrator almost out of Susan's wet cunt. Then she began to shove it back in. She pulled it out again, then shoved again. She fucked the hot woman with the long vibrator.

"That's it, darling! Fuck my pussy with it! It's so different, Carol! It's like a cock, but so different! I love it! I've never felt anything like it, darling! It's making my pussy quiver! It's making my clit burn! Fuck me with it!" Susan mindlessly screamed, her ass lifting.

Carol was hot, too! She was being turned-on by the response of her friend to her manipulations. Watching Susan squirm on the vibrator was wildly exciting. Her body needed relief also.

"Ummmmm!" Carol moaned as she found her itching clit and massaged it. She rubbed at her little clit while she fucked Susan with the vibrator. Her own pussy was boiling over with twat-juice. She drove the vibrator deeper into Susan's cunt, and rubbed and pinched at her own blazing clit.

Susan had a delicious idea. "Carol? Can you suck on my clit while you fuck my pussy?" she asked as she bucked up to meet the vibrator.

Carol didn't bother to answer. She leaned over her friend's cunt, and placed her ups just above the vibrator.

"Ahhhhhh! Yes! Suck my clit! Fuck my pussy!" Susan shouted when Carol's lips sucked in her hot clit.

The dual sensations were incredible. The vibrator was like a hard cock as it pumped her pussy. But it also added those wonderful vibrations to her cunt-walls, and made her entire body quiver. The wet mouth on her clit was exquisite. Her big tits bounced around on her chest. Her ass squirmed on the sofa. Her hands went down to hold Carol's sucking mouth tight against her clit.

Suddenly, Susan felt and heard Carol moaning around her clit. Susan's pussy flashed with fire when she realized that Carol was coming.

Carol sucked hard on Susan's clit. She rammed, the hard vibrator deeper into Susan's pussy. She became a wild woman as she felt her clit explode. She rubbed it furiously as she sucked Susan. She wanted Susan to come with her.

The beautiful librarian felt Carol's teeth clamp on her clit at the exact moment she came. Susan's pussy blasted with powerful explosions. Her clit seemed to be coming off in Carol's mouth. The gripping explosion knocked her speechless. She could only hold on, and let her body be carried to one beautiful eruption after another.

Carol finished first. She leaned back and pumped the vibrator into Susan as the brunette continued to buck and writhe with her blasts.

Carol watched Susan slowly come back to earth. The wild bucking ceased. Soft moaning sounds came from Susan's mouth as she lay back and let Carol case the vibrator in and out of her tender match.

When Carol finally pulled the gleaming vibrator from her pussy Susan raised her head and smiled at her friend. "I know just what I'm going to add to my shopping list," she said, trying to catch her breath.

Carol laughed. "Yes, it is a nice way to get off once in a while. But nothing beats a real cock."

"I know what you mean," Susan agreed, her cunt still tingling from her climax. "I wish we had a nice big hard one here right now."

Carol eagerly asked, "Got any idea where we could round one up in a hurry?"

Susan immediately though of Carl. Then she realized that it might cause a problem. Both of them were in love with the same man. The thought of fucking him with Carol was making her hot, but she wasn't sure how it would appeal to the pretty half-sister. Still, the situation was bound to come up soon. She decided that now was a good a time as any to suggest it.

"There's a big cock next door, if you're willing to share it," Susan said, hoping Carol would have no objections.

"Mark?" Carol asked.

"No," Susan answered. "I… I was talking about Carl."

In spite of her reservations, Carol felt her pussy warm at the suggestion. Susan was pleasantly surprised when the smiling half-sister said, "I guess that would be the best way to solve our problem."

"You mean you wouldn't feel funny seeing me fuck Carl?" Susan asked.

"Not as long as I get to fuck him, too," Carol smiled, her hand stroking Susan's thigh.

"Well, what are we waiting for?" Susan said, her weak legs shaking as she stood, and her body warming at the anticipation of the threesome.

The two horny women dressed in a hurry. Susan went to her bedroom and found a wrap-around skirt. She put this on over her naked hips. She choose a simple cotton blouse, not bothering to wear a bra.

The two women left Susan's little house. They were giggling like schoolgirls as they crossed the lawn to the big house. They couldn't wait to see the expression on Carl's face when he saw what they had for him.

"Shhhhhh!" Carol said when she opened the front door with her key. "I think we can sneak upstairs without anyone seeing us. Carl's room is at the end of the hall," she whispered as they started to climb the stairs.

They found it difficult to keep from giggling as they tiptoed down the hall. Susan felt her warm pussy twitch with excitement when Carol turned the doorknob.


Carl Marshall heard the door open. But he wasn't prepared for the surprise that greeted him when he looked up from his book.

"Susan! Carol! What are you two doing here?" he exclaimed when he saw the two beautiful, grinning women.

Susan looked at Carol. "Should we tell him, or just show him, darling?"

"I'm too horny to waste time with a lot of words," the smiling half-sister replied. "I think he'll catch on once we start to work on him," she said as she walked toward the big bed.

"I'm sure he will," Susan giggled.

"What's going on? What are you two doing?" Carl asked incredulously.

"Let's give him a hint, darling," Susan smiled at the other woman as her hand began to undo the buttons of her blouse.

Carol began to undress with Susan. Both women ignored the astonished man's words.

Carl wondered if he had fallen asleep. He must be having a fantastic dream. Two beautiful women, one his step daughter, and the other his tenant were taking their clothes off in front of him.

Susan and Carol bared their big tits at the same time.

"Christ!" Carl gasped when he saw the four huge boobs. "What's gotten into you women?"

He almost choked as he looked up at the beautiful sets of tits. Though he had seen Susan's before, it didn't lessen the impact of seeing them under these circumstances. He gawked at her big, stiff brown nipples. He looked at Carol's equally luscious boobs. Her reddish nipples were also pointing out at him. In spite of his shock he felt his cock throb.

"Like our tits, darling?" Susan teased.

The lump in Carl's throat wouldn't allow him to speak. He just stared at the big jugs, and gulped.

"Let's let him see our cunts!" Carl giggled as her hand reached for the tie of her skirt.

Susan was thinking the same thing. Her pussy burned as she loosened the skirt, and let it fall from her naked hips. She looked at Carol, and smiled when she saw that the pretty half-sister had also removed her skirt.

Carl was sweating. He stared at Susan's cunt. He couldn't believe that she had just dropped her skirt, and exposed her pussy. His prick gave another strong twitch as he looked at the curly brown hairs covering her snatch. He looked at Carol's cunt. She was a natural blonde.

"Oh, shit! What are you women doing to me! I can't even think straight!" Carl groaned at the two naked women as he shook his head.

"We're not asking you to think, darling!" Susan laughed at the uncomfortable man. "We just want you to fuck!" she hissed, the crude word causing her cunt to heat up.

"Hey!" Carol broke in. "It's not fair! We let him see our cunts, and he's still got his cock all covered up!"

"We'll just have to do something about that!" Susan giggled.

Carl wasn't sure which hand to stop tint. Both of the women were leaning over the bed, and reaching for his crotch. His decision was too late.

"Ummmmmmm! It's getting hard, Carol!" Susan squealed with delight when her hand slipped inside his pajamas. Her hand closed around Carl's growing cock.

Carol's hand had also slipped through the opening of his pajamas. "Wow! His balls are so hot, and big!" she gasped with pleasure while her hand cupped the hairy nuts.

"Damn!" Carl gasped as their warm hands played with his cock and balls. "You two are unbelievable!"

Susan smiled lovingly at the groaning man. She had expected him to come around after the initial shock they had given him. His hands remained at his sides as he let them feel his prick and balls.

Carl looked at Carol. He couldn't get over the wild expression of joy on her face as she cupped his balls. Never would he have the thought the prudish step daughter was capable of being so wanton.

He closed his eyes and tried to calm his spinning head and comprehend what was happening to him.

Susan unsnapped his pajama bottoms. She pulled his hardening prick out. Carol helped her tug the bottoms from his body. Carl lifted his hips without protest to help them. The two horny women worked on the buttons of his top. They made him sit up while they took it off.

"There!" Carol said. "Now we're all naked!"

"And ready to fuck and suck!" Susan added, her hot eyes locked on Carl's big prick.

"What should we do to him first, Susan?" Carol asked as she licked her tongue around her hungry lips.

"We'll both eat him!" Susan rasped, her pussy blazing out of control as she looked at his cock.

Carl looked from one wild woman to the other as they sat on each side of the bed. He stared with astonishment as the two leaned over his cock. He couldn't believe his eyes when the women kissed, their lovely faces inches away from his throbbing dick.

Carol and Susan broke the tender kiss. They smiled at each other, and turned their attention to the big cock under their faces.

Carl bucked his hips up from the bed when the two wet tongues touched his prick. He looked down at the gorgeous faces on each side of his dick. The long shaft was sticking straight up in the air, waving around between the two licking mouths. The tortured man groaned with confused pleasure while the women ran their hot tongues up and down his cock.

Susan was burning up. Her pussy was pulsating with wild rhythms. No longer was there feeling of guilt connected with Carl. She knew the man would be willing to spend many more hours fucking with the two of them. Any man would be a fool not to take advantage of what they were offering him.

"Do you like what we're doing to your cock, Carl?" Susan rasped as she kissed the swollen head.

"Unnnnnhhh! Yes! You women are something else!" Carl groaned, looking down at the sucking women as he propped his body up on his elbows for a better view.

"All right, Carol," Susan grinned at her friend. "Let's give him the works!"

Carol winked back at Susan. There was no need for an explanation. She knew what to do.

"Ahhhhhh!" Carl moaned when one of his swollen balls disappeared into Carol's hungry mouth. "Goddddddd!" he groaned when Susan plunged her hot mouth down over his thick cock.

Susan was delirious with joy. She loved giving her man pleasure. She loved sharing him with her friend. Her hot body flashed with desire as she pumped her face up and down on his tasty prick. Her face brushed against Carol's as she shoved her mouth down until her nose touched his wiry crotch hairs.

Carol tired of her ball-sucking quickly. She was hungry for cock in her mouth. Gently, she nudged Susan off the big prick. Taking her place at his balls, Susan let Carol do the cocksucking for a while.

The wanton women switched around on his balls and cock several times. They drove the groaning man mad with pleasure.

Susan finally lifted her face from his crotch. She moved up over his chest, and mashed her wet mouth against his. He pulled her against him she met her tongue with his. Her tits were hot on his chest. Her hard nipples dug into his muscular flesh.

Susan pushed away from him, gasping. "I'm too hot to wait any longer, Carol! Do you want to sit on his face, or his cock?"

Carol pulled her mouth off the hard cock. "I want to ride this big thing, darling! You let him eat you out while I sit on it," the hot half-sister rasped, her cunt begging to be stuffed.

"You're gonna love that big thing in your pussy, baby," Susan smiled at her friend, just before she turned her back on her and straddled Carl's head.

The horny librarian eased her dripping cunt don.

"Oooooh lick it, Carl!" she squealed when she felt his long, wet tongue shoot into her hot gash. She squirmed her ass around, fucking her match down on his tongue. Her big jugs quivered from her writhing.

As she gasped her pleasure, Susan looked back over her shoulder. She saw Carol poised above Carl's jutting cock. Susan was hypnotized by the beautiful mane. The half-sister reached down between her thighs, and pointed the long cock at her twat.

"Fuuuccckkk meeeeeeee!" Carol wailed when she drove her cunt down onto the thick cock. The brazen woman leaned back. She rested her hands on his legs as she rode the beautiful prick. Susan watched the woman's slippery cunt slide up and down. She thrilled with memories as she watched her friend absorb the hard shaft.

Turning back around, Susan left Carol to her wild pleasure. She allowed her lover to eat her pussy. His tongue felt delicious.

"Yesssss!" Susan cried when Carl's hands reached up to squeeze her huge boobs. "Play with my tits, Carl! Eat my hat pussy, and play with my tits, darling!" the crazed woman screamed.

His tongue slipped from her cunt. He immediately sought her burning clit.

"Aiiiyyyeeeee! Lick my clit, honey! Suck on my clit! Suck it hard!" Susan cried. Her clit blazed as he ate it with his lips, and teeth. Her cunt-juice was smeared over his face. It ran so freely that it oozed down his neck, and wet the bed.

"Oh, Carl! Suck my clit in! Suck it hard!" Susan suddenly shouted as the beginning tremors of her explosion grew in her cunt.

Carl heard her, and sucked hard on her itching clit. His strong fingers pinched her nipples, sending exquisite sensations of pain-pleasure through her hot flesh.

"Now! Now! Now! You're sucking my clit so good! I feel it all over my body! Suck meeeee! Eat meeee! Suck my pussy, lover! Ah! Ah! Oooooohhh! Eeeeeeee! Suck it! Suck it! Suck it!" Susan screamed with abandonment while she screwed her snatch down on his mouth.

Her hands grabbed Carl's ears. She held onto them, not caring about the pain she must be causing the man. She wouldn't even have known if she smothered him, so enthralling was her orgasm.

The final ripples of her eruption were fading from Susan's clit, and curd. She would have stayed in her wonderful position longer. But she could tell by the sounds coming from Carol that the fucking half-sister was about to come. Wanting to see it, Susan scrambled off Carl's face. She turned her body to face Carol. Her huge jugs dangled in Carl's face as she watched the riding half-sister explode.

"Fuck that cock up in me, Carl! Fuck up into my pussy hard! I love riding your big dick! It's driving me out of my mind! I can't stand it! I'm going to come! Susan! Carl! I'm going to come! Unh! Unh! Unh! Ah! Ah! Ooohh! Help meeeeee!" Carol chanted wildly while she bucked on his hard prick.

Susan knew the wonderful feel of Carl's hard cock in her own cunt. She knew the delicious pleasure that Carol was experiencing.

Carl sucked in one of Susan's hanging nipples.

"Oooohhh, yes, darling! Suck my tit while I watch Carol come! Suck it, baby!" Susan shouted happily, leaning down further to let Carl take more of her jug in his mouth.

Carol rode Carl's big, hard prick furiously. Her blast seemed to go on for hours. The mad plunging actions made her body shiver with sensations.

Carl lifted his ass off the bed when his nuts suddenly erupted with torrents of scalding jizz.

"You beautiful cunts!" the shooting man shouted as the cum burned through his cock. "My cock! Oh shit! Fuck it, Carol!" he gasped around Susan's tit.

The action was too much for Susan. She grabbed at her cunt. She listened to the man and woman coming while she rubbed at her clit. Her insatiable snatch blazed again. This time it was a steady, mellow glowing. The smoldering fire burned to a peak, and then slowly glided down. She was eased into a blissful contentment.

When Susan once again became aware of the other two people on the bed, she felt a deep love for both of them. Carol had fallen forward next to Carl. Susan turned around and put her head on Carl's broad chest. The two women smiled at each other across his body, and their hands met.

"Now, do you see how silly it is to fight over a man, when we both can have him?" Susan asked Carol as they snuggled against Carl's warm body.

"Hey, you two conniving cunts!" Carl teased when he wrapped the naked women in his arms. "Sounds like you two horny girls had everything all figured out. Did it ever occur to you that I might have something to say about this?" he said with a big grin as he squeezed a big tit in each hand.

Susan lifted his limp cock from his belly. "I didn't notice any objections when we were sucking and fucking this big thing, did you, Carol?"

"Not a one," Carol laughed, her hand kneading his hanging balls.

"Okay! Okay!" Carl laughed. "You ladies win! I have to admit that it's overwhelming to have two gorgeous bodies working on me at the same time. It's just that it all happened so suddenly."

"Well, you know now, lover," Carol giggled, her hand squeezing hard on his balls. "You've ignored me long enough. I'm expecting you to make up for it by giving me that big cock of yours anytime I want it!" she said boldly, dipping her finger down to tease his ass-hole.

"And me too, Mr. Marshall!" Susan scolded the naked man as they worked his prick back to stiffness.

Carl groaned with pleasure. The horny women were obviously not going to give him any rest.

"It's really amazing," he said, shaking his head and looking from one beautiful body to the other. "I never would have believed that you two quiet, respectable ladies would turn out to be such a pair of whores."

"What would you rather have in your bed?" Susan smiled, rubbing her tit on his chest. "Would you rather two nice ladies, or two wild whores?"

"That's a dumb question, woman!" he laughed, pulling her mouth against his, and thrusting his tongue between her eager lips.

Carol joined them in the kiss. The women swapped tongues with him. They were already horny for more of his cock.

Susan suddenly pulled back. She made a bold decision. She had decided that everything should be out in the open. No longer could she avoid the fact that she had fucked both Carl and his son. If Carl wouldn't understand at a moment like this, then he probably never would.

She took a deep breath as the man and woman looked at her. "Carl. There's something I want you to know before we go any further. Carol's already aware of this, but I wouldn't want to deceive you any longer."

"Why so suddenly serious, baby?" Carl asked with a puzzled frown on his handsome face.

"It doesn't have to be serious, darling," Susan said, her eyes pleading for understanding. "It all depends on your attitude. I can handle it if you can."

"What the hell are you talking about?" Carl asked in confusion.

Susan shrugged. "Well, I might as well just say it Carl. Before I fucked you, I… I… Oh, shit! I asked Mark to came to my place and I fucked him!" she blurted it out before she lost her nerve.

"What?" Carl gasped in shock. "You mean… you and Mark? God? How many surprises am I going to get in one night?" There was no anger in his voice, just pure shock.

Carol wanted to help Susan out. "Don't be so surprised, Carl. I wouldn't mind fucking Mark myself. He's a very handsome young man. You should be happy that your son is getting his experience from an older woman. Would you prefer that he fumble around in the back seat of a car with a girl who knows nothing about fucking?" the pretty half-sister stated emphatically, her fingers still manipulating his balls.

Carl lovingly touched Susan on the cheek. "I didn't mean that there was anything wrong with it, Susan. It's just that it is a surprise. At first, I guess I was jealous, but now I can see that Carol is right. How can I expect my son to be any different than me? After all, we both have the same needs. I… I'm sure I can handle it. It's a strange feeling, and I have to admit, a little exciting to know that we both fucked you," the man said, his prick throbbing in Susan's hand as he pictured her fucking his son.

"I'm so happy that you understand, darling!" Susan smiled, kissing him affectionately, and giving his cock a firm squeeze.

Carol had an exciting thought. "Now that everything's all right, let's invite Mark to join us!" she boldly suggested, her pussy warming as she thought about sucking the teen's dick into her mouth.

"Huh?" Carl asked.

Susan was delighted with the suggestion. She wanted her fantasy of being fucked by the father and son at the same time to come true. Her cunt burned at the thought.

"Yes, Carl! Let's do it!" the eager librarian pleaded.

Carl thought a moment. His cock ached at the thought. It was definitely exciting to think of sharing his two lovers with his son. He really couldn't think of a good reason not to go along with the two eager women.

Carl smiled. "Well, if you don't screw him while I'm looking, you're just going to do it behind my back. So I may as well watch."

The women giggled excitedly as Carl stood, and went to the bedroom door. They looked at each other with anticipation when he opened the door, and called down the hall to his son. Their hungry cunts tingled with desire when they heard Mark answer.

Carl pushed the door shut, and turned to face them. His big cock jutted out from his body. "He's on his way," the smiling father said, envying his son a little. Mark was in for the most wonderful surprise of his life.

Carl stood back from the door when the knock came from his son. "Come on in, Mark."

Mark opened the door, and walked in. His mouth opened in disbelief. He gaped at the naked women on his father's bed. He looked at his naked father. He marveled at the size of the man's hard cock.

"Don't be nervous, Mark," Carl said softly. "Susan has already told me about what happened between you, and I want you to know that I approve," he smiled as he placed a reassuring hand on the teen's trembling shoulder.

"She did? Uh… You do?" Mark said, looking from his father to the two beautiful, naked women on the bed.

Susan got up from the bed and walked over to the nervous teen. Her big tits jiggled deliciously. "It's all right, darling," she smiled, squeezing the teen's hand. "Your father understands. He wants you to enjoy fucking. You and I can fuck whenever we want, and Carol wants to fuck you too."

Mark looked at his half-sister. He felt his dick twitch in his pajamas. Carol's tits were as big as Susan's. He felt the heat of the naked librarian as she pressed her boobs against his shoulder.

"Let's get on the bed, darling," Susan cooed as she led the stumbling teen across the room.

Carol jumped off the bed. She helped Susan quickly take Mark's pajamas off.

"What a beautiful cock!" Carol squealed when she saw the teen's stiffening prick. "I'm going to suck that pretty thing!" she hissed, falling to her knees in front of Mark.

"Suck him good, Carol!" Susan encouraged as Carol sucked the groaning teen's dick with her greedy mouth.

Carl smiled proudly as he moved closer. He was pleased to see the expression of pleasure on Mark's face as his wanton half-sister ate him. The teen had to grab the sucking woman's head to keep from losing his balance.

Susan took one of Mark's hands, and placed it on her aching clit. She leaned close to the teen, and whispered in his ear as he squeezed her huge boob. "Feel my tits, Mark! Fuck Carol's mouth, and feel my big tits, darling!" the turned-on librarian hissed into the moaning teen's ear.

Carol abruptly pulled her mouth off Mark's cock. "I want to watch Mark and Carl fuck you, Susan!" she rasped.

"What about you, darling?" Susan asked.

"I'll fuck Mark later!" Carol hissed as she stood. "Hurry, Susan! Carl! Fuck Susan while she sucks Mark!"

Susan was eager to be fucked by her father-and-son lovers. "Yes, darlings! Hurry!" the hot woman moaned, getting down on the floor on her hands and knees.

Carl was very excited about it. "Son!" he said to Mark as he stepped behind Susan's ass. "Get in front of her. Let her suck your cock while I fuck her!" he said as he dropped to his knees on the thick carpet.

Mark quickly obeyed his father. The teen stepped in front of Susan's lovely face. He saw the crazed woman grab his aching cock. He groaned as she pulled the hard prick into her hungry mouth. He saw his father smiling at him across her back, and he returned the smile.

Carl watched his son being sucked for a moment. Then he grabbed Susan's trembling hips. Without any hesitation he aimed the head of his hard cock at her snatch, and drove deep.

"Mmmmmmmmm! Unnnnnhhhhh!" Susan moaned around Mark's hard cock. Her pussy burned with desire. Her mind was spinning with pleasure. The son's cock in her mouth, and the father's prick in her cunt were combining to drive her insane with joy. She slurped in Mark's dick. She slammed her wet cunt back to take Carl's ramming cock.

Carol sat on the edge of the bed and watched. She loved these people. She was a part of their family. The four of them would always be close. They would fuck and suck with each other. They would spend so many nights and days in bed together. She felt her cunt sting with desire as she watched Susan taking the two cocks.

Carl looked over at Carol, and smiled. He was already anticipating screwing the beautiful blonde. With a groan of joy he rammed his burning dick hard into Susan's receptive pussy.

Susan devoured Mark's cock. Her throat opened to accept his swollen prick-head. She thought of the four teens she had fucked and sucked. There would be more times for wild gang-bangs. More times for whorish episodes such as her orgy with Will and Sam. But her feeling for Mark, Carl, and Carol was special. Nothing would ever take the place of the love she felt for the three people.

Carl couldn't stand much more of the wet, hot pumping. His balls were swelling with tension. Susan was squeezing his cock tightly in her voracious cunt. He leaned over her sweaty back, and reached under her to grab her hot, swinging jugs. Holding onto the huge boobs, the excited man plunged harder into her burning pussy.

Susan was ecstatic. Her teen-lover, and her man-lover were pounding her wonderfully between their big cocks. Feeling Carl's prick expand, she knew he was about ready to come. She let Mark's thick cock slip from her lips for a moment as she shouted encouragement to his father.

"Fuck me, Carl! Cum in me, darling! Let your big cock explode! Shoot your hot cum in my pussy, honey! I love you, darling! I want your cum! Fuck it, baby! Fuck my pussy! Do it harder!" the excited woman yelled, looking back over her shoulder and shoving her hungry twat back to force his cum out of his prick.

Carl saw Susan pull Mark's cock back into her wet, greedy mouth. At that moment his cum shot from his balls.

"Susan! Darling! I'm coming! Fuck! Grrrrrrhhhh! Unnnnnnnhhhhh!" the man groaned while his cum blazed out through his cock. His body tensed, and shivered as he blasted her sucking snatch with huge amounts of his thick cum.

As he came, Susan felt the familiar heat building in her body. The hot spurts of his cum boiled into her cunt. His rapid pumping was taking her knees off the floor. With ravenous hunger she shoved her face forward. The head of the teen's prick slammed into her throat.

The two men were driving the wild woman to an incredible climax. Her beautiful body was racked by powerful vibrations. Her tits burned in Carl's hands. Her clit quivered. Bolt after fantastic bolt of lightning struck her stuffed cunt. Unable to speak, with Mark's cock in her throat, she called out to them in her mind. She begged them to go on fucking her face and cunt forever.

But Carl had just so much strength. The two women had almost worn him out earlier. And now he was completely drained of cum. He continued to fuck into Susan's twat until he was sure her blast was finished. Then, he eased his prick out of her wet snatch. Rising on shaky legs, the exhausted man stumbled to the bed and sat down next to Carol.

"Just look at Susan sucking Mark! Isn't it beautiful, Carl?" Carol said excitedly as she rested her hand on Carl's thigh.

Carl watched his son being sucked. He was very proud of his teen. Susan was slavishly trying to suck the cum out of Mark's plunging cock. Carl put his arm around Carol, and squeezed her tit as he watched.

Susan could see out of the corner of her eye that they were watching. She loved being watched. Her hand grabbed Mark's balls. She wanted to squeeze his cum out. She had to have the delicious stuff pouring down her throat.

Mark rose up on his toes. "Dad! Oh shit! She's gonna make me come! Suck it, Miss Lawrence! Aaaaaagggghhhhh!" the squirting teen shouted and groaned. Her painful grip on his balls added to the intensity of his explosion. His hips shoved forward brutally. The spurting cock shot thick gobs of cum down her throat.

Susan squeezed hard on his nuts. She loved the hot sensation of his cum as it streamed down her throat. One of her wildest fantasies had come true. She had really fucked and sucked the cum from the father and son.

Susan sucked on his cock until it began to soften. She gently pulled her mouth off, licking hungrily around his swollen cock-head. Looking up at Mark, she smiled lovingly. The grateful teen looked down, and thought about how beautiful the uninhibited woman was.

"Bravo!" Susan heard Carol shout from the bed.

Susan looked up to see the smiling half-sister pumping her hand on Carl's hardening cock.

"It's your turn, darling," Susan grinned at Carol as she stood, and walked to the bed to sit next to Carl.

Carol released Carl's prick. The smiling, horny blonde moved from the bed to the floor. She stretched out on her back, and looked up at Mark. "Get down here, darling, and fuck me!" she ordered, spreading her lush thighs?

Mark joined her on the floor. The eager half-sister pulled the teen on top of her. She pushed his head against her big jugs, and made him suck on them. Reaching between their bodies, she jerked on his cock. His prick was soon hard, and ready.

Carl and Susan watched the woman guide the teen into her pussy. They both felt their own excitement stir as they saw Mark sink into Carol's stretched snatch. Susan stroked Carl's growing cock. He played with her tits. They watched the bucking half-sister wrap her arms and legs around the teen's body. They smiled at each other as they watched his ass lift and plunge, over and over, his hanging balls slapping against Carol's hot ass.

"You should be very proud of your son, Carl," Susan said as she watched the fucking teen.

"We should be proud of him, darling!" Carl smiled as he affectionately kissed her.

"Are you saying that you want me to be a part of your family, Mr. Marshall?" Susan grinned, squeezing firmly on his big cock.

"I want us all to be a family, Susan. Carol, you Mark, and myself. After all, how much closer could a family be than we are," Carl said, slipping a finger into her wet gash.

"Ooooohhh, yes, darling! It's going to be so wonderful!" Susan thrilled to his words, and his thick finger.

"And I think we should start by moving you into the house with us," Carl said. "We'll rent out the guest house to someone else. There's an empty room next to mine. I want you handy whenever I'm ready to fuck!" he said happily, and then asked, "Well, what do you think about my suggestion?"

"This is what I think!" Susan giggled as she plunged her mouth over his big cock.