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A trip with mom

John Adams

John Adams

A trip with mom


Lisa Hargrove was excited. In a short while she and her son, Danny, would be leaving for the tour. She was so excited that she was nervous as she tried to select the best dress to wear to the airport. She picked up one, then another dress; unable to make up her mind.

Glancing at the clock, the beautiful blonde mother saw that she had ample time. She relaxed and sat down on the edge of the bed.

Lisa was naked. She had not yet put on her panties and bra since leaving the shower. Her very large, yet firm tits quivered as she leaned over to pick up the panties that had fallen off the bed. The dark brown nipples were stiff.

"Mom!" Danny yelled through the closed door to her bedroom. "Are you going to be ready in time?'' "Yes, darling. How about you?"

"I'm ready now. I think I'll make myself something to eat while I wait for you." His footsteps could be heard moving toward the kitchen.

Lisa smiled as she thought of her boy. Danny was the most handsome sixteen-year-old boy she had ever seen. She was very proud of her tall, blond son. Her cunt itched as she thought of how quickly he had grown into a man.

Lisa then thought that if it weren't for her son she wouldn't be going on the long trip. Danny had won a local contest for speaking in public. Through his victory, Danny had been invited to participate in a national tour to speak in many cities. All expenses would be paid.

Lisa loved traveling, and she would have taken advantage of any offer to travel for free. This chance came at a very good time. She had been more than bored recently, and needed a change of pace.

Her husband, Tom, had even been in favor of the tour, although it meant that his wife and son would be away for two months. Tom couldn't go because of his business, but he was also proud of Danny and was happy that his son had won the chance to make the tour.

Tom came into the bedroom, dripping water from his shower. "Honey! We don't have that much time. Don't you think you had better be getting ready?"

The naked wife looked up at her husband and smiled. His body was in great shape. He looked five years younger than his thirty-eight. The horny wife's eyes stared at her husband's cock, which was big even though it was limp.

"Come here, lover. We have enough time for a quick farewell fuck," she grinned and opened her arms.

Tom smiled. He was concerned about the time, but it wasn't that easy to turn his beautiful wife down. His cock twitched as he looked at Lisa's fantastic tits, and at the thick growth of natural blond hair covering her pussy. No one would ever guess that his lovely wife was thirty-three.

"Sure we have enough time, baby?" He tossed his towel on a chair and walked over to her.

"We have enough, darling." She smiled as she reached out to lift his cock and slip it into her mouth.

"Suck it up good and hard, wife!" Tom groaned as her expert mouth made his prick grow rapidly and he leaned over to run his hands over her smooth back as she sucked on him.

Lisa loved taking his cock like this. She enjoyed sitting on a chair or the bed and letting him stand in front of her while she ate him.

Lisa smiled around the thick cock as she remembered something that would drive her husband wild. She ran her hands around his ass cheeks and probed with her finger to locate his asshole.

"Oh baby!" he groaned when her finger entered his ass. He pushed forward and shoved almost all of his long cock into her eager mouth.

Lisa fucked his ass with her finger as she ate al lof his prick. It didn't take much of her fingerfucking and cocksucking to make her husband shoot his load.

"Here it comes, darling! Take it! Swallow all of my cum, Lisa!" He shoved forward so hard that the tip of his dick rammed into her throat.

Lisa growled around the stuffed cock and contracted the muscles of her throat. She felt the shots of his thick jizz wash down her throat. She swallowed and enjoyed every drop of the thick liquid.

After all of his cum was out Lisa eased back from his cock and licked it clean, purring like a satisfied kitten as she cleaned the cream away from the gleaming tip of his cock. She wasn't satisfied, though. Her cocksucking had made her pussy steam with heat. Juices from her wet cunt were running down her thighs and soaking the cover of the bed.

"Fuck me quick, Tom!" she rasped as she fell back on the bed and opened her legs. "Fuck me in a hurry before that big cock gets limp! Hurry, lover! My pussy needs your prick so bad!"

She held out her arms for her husband's body. He grabbed his cock and leaned over her, guiding the fat head of the long prick into her wet pussy. The still-hard cock had no trouble stuffing her snatch.

"Screw meeee!" she squealed, and didn't care if her son heard what was going on in the bedroom.

As Lisa lifted her legs and wrapped them around Tom's back she wasn't thinking of Tom. She was instead thinking of her handsome son. Although her husband was between her thighs, and it was his cock in her cunt, she was pretending that it was Danny's body and cock.

"Fuck me, Da… " Lisa caught herself in time. "Fuck me, Tom, darling!" she quickly said, trying to cover up her mistake. She had almost said her son's name. It appeared that Tom had been too wrapped up in his fucking to notice.

"Harder, Tom!" she groaned, still thinking of her son. She imagined how his nice big cock would feel in her cunt in place of Tom's. She moaned and felt a special fire in her pussy as she thought of her son's cock. Many times she had stared at Danny and found her mouth watering as she tried to imagine what his cock would taste like in her mouth.

Tom had now reached under her with one hand. He wedged his hand between her thighs and under his fucking cock.

"Do it, darling! Rub my cunt while you fuck me!" she hissed, loving it when he used his fingers to play with her stiff cunt as he screwed her pussy.

She bucked up off the bed when his finger touched her sensitive cunt. She knew that she would have to explode soon. It was her husband's favorite tactic to get her hot by fucking her for awhile and then start playing with her cunt. He knew that it drove her wild.

The bucking wife was completely wild now. She gave back stroke for stroke as her boiling pussy responded to the dick's brutal pounding.

As Lisa still couldn't concentrate on her husband, even though he was the one driving her toward a fantastic blast. As hard as she tried, she couldn't even picture her husband's face when she closed her eyes. Instead, she saw Danny's face. When she dug her nails into Tom's back, it was Danny's back she was scratching.

The steady thoughts of her son were too much for her to handle. She resisted calling out his name as she felt the first strong wave of her blast begin.

"Do it harder, darling! I'm almost there now!" Tom managed to increase the pace of his fucking, his cock driving deeper into Lisa's gripping scalding pussy..

"Now! Nowwwww! More! Deeper! Hurt meee!

My baby! My beautiful baby!" she screamed as she reached the middle of her orgasm. Fortunately she didn't call Danny by name, but she was thinking of him as she groaned, "Sweet darling! My sweet baby! Fuck my pussy! Fuck me with your beautiful cock!"

"I want every inch of your hard prick, baby!" she groaned as she reached the pinnacle of her blast.

From that point it was a sweet, slow slide back down to reality for Lisa Hargrove. She still thought of Danny, and smiled to herself as she gave Tom's cock a final squeeze with her pussy. She was really giving her son's young dick a loving squeeze.

So intent had the hot wife been on coming that she forgot that Tom would have by now been close to another blast. He saw how relaxed she was, and pulled out of her pussy, his stiff, aching cock waving in the air as he crawled up over her big-titted body until the head of his throbbing cock was between her huge tits.

"Squeeze your tits around my cock, Lisa. I want to come fucking your tits!" He held his cock down so that it nestled between the two beautiful jugs. The sight alone was almost enough to make him squirt his cum against his wife's chin.

"Yes, baby!" Lisa grinned, pressing her tits against the fat dick, covering every inch of the shaft, except for the bloated head.

Tom fucked into the smooth channel his wife provided with her hot tits. He groaned as the wonderful friction made his balls churn with his anxious cum. A few more strokes and Lisa would have his thick cum on her chin, and in her face.

"Fuck my tits, lover!" Lisa said, fascinated by the sight of the gleaming, swollen head of his cock, which was poking through the tunnel formed by her fat tits.

"Eat my cum!" Tom shouted as he threw back his head and thrust his cock back and forth rapidly.

"Drown me with it, baby," she laughed. She was wild with joy as she saw and felt the shots of hot cum pelting her face and chin. She opened her mouth wide and twisted her head to catch a thick glob of the delicious liquid. Another shot of jizz hit her in the eye. She lifted her head and let the cum drain along her nose into her hungry mouth.

Tom looked down at Lisa's face after he had blasted his last shot of cum. He grinned when he saw that the lovely woman's face was covered with the sticky stuff. Lisa smiled back and began to wipe off what cum she couldn't reach with her tongue.

"Love the taste of this stuff, honey," she smiled as she licked her fingers clean.

Tom held the tip of his cock over her open mouth and milked another few droplets of cum out for his hungry wife.

"Yum yum," Lisa groaned as she felt the drops hit her tongue.

"That's all," the beautiful wife said as she gave him a mock frown of disappointment.

"Afraid so, you hot little whore," Tom grinned and moved away from her to stand at the side of the bed.

"You better believe it, darling! I'm the hottest whore you'll ever see," Lisa laughed and reached out for his deflating cock.

"Now, now, darling," Tom said as he avoided her hand. "We really do have to hurry now. He looked at the clock on the dresser and whistled when he saw the time. "Damn! I should have never let you talk me into a fuck with so little time left before the flight. I'll have to drive like mad to make it to the airport."

"Relax, Tom. We'll make it in plenty of time." She wanted another shower, but there wasn't time for it. She smiled though as she got up and picked up her panties again. She rather liked the idea of taking the plane with her body still sweaty, and smelling like she had just had a good fuck. She would only wash the dried cum off her face before dressing.

"Mom! Dad! Are you guys about ready? It's getting late," Danny called through the door.

"We'll be out in a minute, Danny!" Tom answered.

Lisa washed her face and began to dress. She was smiling inwardly. She was anticipating all the time she would have Danny to herself. Perhaps not completely to herself, since there would be plenty of people around most of the time, but at least she would not have to worry about her husband getting in the way.

As the pretty woman finished adjusting her dress, she let her mind dwell for one last moment on her boy's cock before she picked up her purse and bag to follow Tom out of the room.

"You don't think we'll miss the plane, do you?" Danny asked when they were in the car. Danny was in the back, and Tom drove, while Lisa sat on the passenger side of the front.

Lisa turned to smile at her son. "No, darling. We have enough time. Your father will get us there before the plane leaves.

Lisa stared at her anxious son for a moment before turning back around. He would be an almost exact image of his father in a few years, yet he had that natural freshness about him that made Lisa want him in a different way than she wanted Tom.

The horny mother had realized that she was thinking about fucking her son for three years now. Since Danny turned sixteen, Lisa had begun to feel the stirrings in her cunt each time she glanced at his crotch.

She couldn't help herself. Something was driving her on. There was no doubt in the beautiful mothers mind that she would some day fuck her own son. She also knew that that day would happen during this trip.

They did make the flight on time, but barely. Lisa felt a little sad and guilty as the plane lifted off and began to leave St. Louis behind. She had second thoughts about leaving her husband alone for so long, and she felt concerned about what he would be doing during that time without her cunt to fuck.

The frowning wife smiled to herself and shook her head. It was absurd that she should be jealous of Tom. He was a very steady guy, and would probably be content to just take care of his business and came home every night to watch television. And even if he did get a little extra pussy during her trip, that would be okay. She intended to sample as much new cock as possible while she was away, including her son's.

She looked next to her and smiled at Danny. He was reading his speech again. It was very important to him, and he wanted to be certain that he knew every word.

Lisa glanced down at his lap and saw the bulge of his cock against his slacks. She smiled and leaned back.

This was going to be a beautiful trip.


The airport in Las Angeles was very hot. Something was wrong with the air conditioning. Lisa wiped at her forehead with a tissue as she waited with Danny for their luggage.

"I think you and your son are going to have a goad time on the speaking tour, Mrs. Hargrove," Mr. Parker said as he stood next to her and watching the baggage belt move bags past them.

"I'm sure we will Mr. Parker," Lisa smiled to the man who had met them at the airport. Parker was to be their organizer for the trip, which would begin with speeches in Los Angeles.

"It's so nice of you to meet us," Lisa continued. "It certainly makes it easier for us, not having to find the hotel and all."

Parker helped Danny lift a bag off the belt as he answered, "It's all part of the tour, Mrs. Hargrove. We of the society consider proper public speaking so important that we want to do every thing we can to encourage young people, such as your son, to participate."

Lisa smiled pleasantly at the man, but she was thinking about the stuffy way he spoke. Parker was a very conservative looking man. His suit was a drab brown, and his hair was unstylishly short. Lisa thought that he might be a decent looking man if he got rid of his old-fashioned glasses and could be more casual.

"Shall we go?" Parker said as he took the last bag and led the way to the exit, and the parking lot.

Lisa was excited as Parker drove them to the hotel in the downtown area of Los Angeles. She was excited but also concerned. She hoped that all the other people involved with the speaking tour weren't as dull as Parker. Perhaps at least a few of the men would be interesting, as well as fuckable.

When they drove up in front of the hotel, Parker said, "Here is your room key, Mrs. Hargrove." H gave another key to Danny. "The rooms are connected. I'll have the bellman bring your luggage up, and if you will forgive me, I must see to other matters. There will be a cocktail party in one hour in Suite 222, on the third floor. I shall see you then."

Lisa was very pleased with the room. It was on a high floor, giving her an excellent view of Los Angeles. She opened the door which connected her room to Danny's.

"Is your room okay, darling?" she asked when she found him unpacking.

"Great!" the boy grinned.

Lisa stared at her son as he leaned over the bag to take some of his clothing out. She stared at the way his firm ass stretched the back of his tight slacks and her cunt began to heat up. She smiled and remembered her promise that before the trip was finished she was going to have her hands on his ass, pulling his cock into her hungry pussy.

"I'm going to change and shower, darling," she said as she went back into her room, leaving the connecting door open.

"Do you think they'll let me drink at the party?" Danny grinned as he poked his head through the door.

"This isn't home, darling," Lisa laughed. "I'm sure they will have soft drinks for you."

Lisa began to undress, not really thinking about the opened door. When she did remember it, she thought about moving closer, so that Danny would see her taking off her clothes. She decided not to.

There was something about the anticipation of fucking her son that made her decide to wait.

She would take it slow and easy. It would be a long trip, and she could afford to wait to fuck her boy. It was delicious to tease herself this way. Her cunt was itching just thinking about it.

When the naked woman walked into the shower she did not think about showering. As soon as she had adjusted the water, she began to rub her cunt. The heat was too much to ignore. The cocktail party could wait, but it probably wouldn't have to anyway. As hot as she was it would take only a few minutes to make her come.

"Fuck me, Danny!" she groaned softly. The thought of her son being so close to her made her nipples burn. The sensitive bud of her cunt was throbbing with excitement. "I want to fuck you, darling! Oh, Danny! Mommy wants to fuck her boy so bad!"

"Give your big cock to suck baby!' she hissed, sure that the running water would cover the sound of her words, and not really caring if it didn't. "I want to lick it, darling! Mommy wants to taste it in her mouth! She wants to suck all your wonderful cum out. She wants to lick your hot balls and squeeze every drop of the cum from them."

She continued to rub her cunt with her finger as she reached up to run her other hand over her wet tits. The firm flesh was hot to her touch. She groaned and pinched the hard nipples of her boobs, groaning again as the sensations blended with those in her mint.

"Mommy wants to fuck! Mommy wants to fuck! Mommy wants to fuck and suck her baby!" Lisa Hargrove chanted and drove herself toward satisfaction.

It took little more. She opened her mouth to scream when the first jolt hit her body. When her mouth opened, the stream of water began to fill it and the scream came out only as a gurgling sound. Lisa closed her mouth and groaned, unable to articulate words as the power of the explosion slammed into her body and mind.

The strain was too much for her body. She slumped against the tile side of the shower and almost slid to the floor as she trembled and enjoyed her blast.

Breathing rapidly, Lisa finally managed to push herself erect again and stand on her feet under the shower. The water washed away the sweat and smells that remained from her fucking with Tom, and from her more recent fingering.

Refreshed again, the beautiful woman was smiling when she stepped from the shower. She had just enough time to dress, put on makeup and let Danny escort her down to the cocktail party.

Lisa was very proud of Danny as the two of them took the elevator down to the party. He was handsome in his new suit, and she knew that he would be the most attractive boy among the other young people on the tour.

Danny was also proud of his mother. She looked lovely in her bright red dress. It was short enough to show some of her lush thighs, and cut low enough to display a lot of her fantastic cleavage. Danny knew that all of the males at the party would be having trouble keeping their eyes off his mother.

Lisa had hardly wondered if her dress was too daring. She didn't care. If the people at the party were like most of the members of the local speaking club, then they would be a dull and stuffy group. It pleased the big-titted, lovely woman that she could shock people who were very inhibited.

All of the others were in the suite when Danny and Lisa arrived. Looking around, Lisa saw that about a dozen young people were there; eight boys and tour girls. Each was a local winner in a speaking contest, and had won the honor of being part of the national speaking tour.

Each young person was with an adult on the trip. Seven mothers and five fathers were in the room.

"Danny and Mrs. Hargrove!" Parker said when he turned from a conversation with a man and saw Danny and Lisa. "I'm pleased that you have joined us."

Lisa let Parker take her arm and lead her into the center of the room. She thought that she detected a slight look of disapproval as he looked at her dress. She smiled.

"Folks! Attention, please!" Parker said loudly. "I want you all to meet Mrs. Hargrove and her son, Danny. They are from St. Louis."

The other people gathered around Lisa and Danny to introduce themselves. Lisa noted that they were mostly a very friendly group, especially the men. She was aware of more than one man staring openly at her body. A couple of the women were a little distant. Lisa wasn't very concerned about that. She was used to women often being jealous of her.

Checking out the group of boys and girls, Lisa saw that they were all within a year of Danny's age, and were also a nice looking group. None of them were as handsome as her Danny, she noticed smugly.

Lisa soon found herself with a drink in her hand and talking to the other adults in the room, two or three at a time. She immediately took a liking to one of the mothers at the party. The woman's name was Mara.

"That's a funny story, Mara," Lisa said after the woman had told about the contest in her town, which resulted in Mara's son, Jeff, winning a spot on the national tour.

"And you should have seen how pissed this other mother was when her son didn't win," Man laughed. "She stomped out of the auditorium pulling her boy by the hand. I just laughed and gave her the finger behind her back!"

Lisa could appreciate the story. She had run into more than one ambitious mother during the many speeches Danny was required to give to win the contest.

"Where did you say you were from, Lisa?" Mara asked.

"St. Louis," Lisa smiled; She liked the fact that Mara was earthy, and was easy to talk to. The other women at the party seemed to be nice, but Lisa had decided that Mara would be her favorite.

Mara and Lisa were standing alone now, near the table where the sandwiches were. Mara looked around to be sure no one else would hear and then said to Lisa, "I had one of the best fucks of my life in St. Louis. It was when I was about fifteen. I went to St. Louis to visit a girl who had moved there and this girl had met a boy and was going with him. Well, to make a long story shorter, this girl and I fucked the shit out of the boy. The girl's parents were away for the night and we had the house to ourselves. What a great night!"

Lisa grinned. "I know the feeling."

Mara liked to talk, and Lisa enjoyed listening to the attractive woman. Mara was about Lisa's height, and perhaps a year or two older. The woman had thick black hair, and wore it long. Her tits were big, almost as big as Lisa's. Mara also wore a daring dress to the party; cut much like Lisa's, but dark blue.

"That's a nice looking boy you have, Lisa,"

Man smiled as she looked across the room at Danny.

Lisa turned her head and saw that Danny was busy talking to a pretty girl. "Yes, I know. He looks a lot like his father."

"Yummmmm," Mara licked her lips. "It's a good thing for you I'm not your neighbor. You'd have to share both father and son with me."

Lisa laughed at the blunt statement. She was not at all offended by it. Mara was the type of person who could say such a thing and make it a compliment.

"Where's your son, Mara. I must have been introduced to him, but it's hard to remember all those names and new faces."

Mara stretched her neck and looked around, frowning. "I wonder if the little bastard is out somewhere pumping his cock into one of the girls. He's the horniest boy I've ever seen."

Lisa by now was used to the woman's bold manner of speaking, and wasn't surprised by Mara's description of her son. All the talk of fucking was making her clit wetter, though.

"There he is!" Mara said when she saw Jeff talking to one of the other mothers. "He's not out with one of the girls, but it looks like he's trying to put the make on that woman. He prefers older women anyway."

Lisa felt her clit quiver. She sensed that Mara was not joking about Jeff's preference for older women. Jeff was an attractive boy; tall and strong looking. He had dark hair like his mother. Lisa wondered what his cock looked like.

"You should have seen the size of his cock," Mara grinned as she finished a story about a man she had fucked not long before leaving on the trip. "I had thought that I was only going to get my car fixed that day, but I had no idea how good this man would be with fixing hungry cunts, too."

Lisa joined Mara in a long laugh. Lisa had told the other woman about several of her own fucking and sucking experiences. The more they talked, Lisa got the idea that Mara had fucked Jeff; although Mara had not actually confirmed it. Lisa wanted to ask the question, but had waited; knowing that the frank speaking woman would tell sooner or later.

Getting very horny from all the talk, Lisa thought of Danny. She looked around to find him. He wasn't any place that she could see. "I wonder where Danny is?" she frowned.

"Probably fucking that big-titted little blonde I saw him talking to," Mara said, and winked. "That pretty girl looked like she wanted to eat your son alive!"

Jealousy flared in Lisa. She looked harder for Danny. Then, she relaxed. She had no right to be jealous of the blonde girl, even if the girl wasn't in the room either. Danny could be simply talking to the girl outside, or taking a walk. Just because both were not in the room didn't mean they were somewhere fucking.

Lisa stopped worrying about her son and turned back to listen to Mara as the woman began to tell of another man she had fucked.

"You kiss good!" Sharon said as she withdrew her tongue from Danny's mouth and stepped back from the boy.

Danny reached for Sharon again. She giggled and spun away from him. His hand brushed one of her big tits as he missed grabbing her. He followed the laughing girl as she ran around to the other side of the bed. Still laughing, she jumped onto the bed and crawled to the other side.

"Aw! Come on, Sharon! Don't play games. Stand still!" the exasperated boy said. His cock was hard and aching. He knew that Sharon was horny also. He only hoped that she wasn't a tease. He had gotten hot from kissing her, and the cum in his nuts needed to be released. He hoped that he wouldn't end up jerking off into the sink.

"It's fun to play games, Danny!" Sharon grinned. "It makes me more excited that way. I like to make it hard for a boy to catch me. That way, when we start fucking we're both that much more excited."

When Danny was naked Sharon still hadn't made a move to take off her clothes. Danny's big cock stood out in front of his body.

Sharon lost her teasing smile when she saw the boy's ready prick. She stared at the long, thick dick for several seconds and then began to pull her dress over her head. Danny grinned now.

"Man, what a great body you have, Sharon!" Danny blurted and immediately wished that he had kept his mouth closed. Sharon smiled, as if she had heard a hundred boys say that about her big-titted body. She probably had.

"I've got enough to take care of that thing," she grinned, her voice husky as she still stared at his hard cock.

Danny stroked his cock slowly as he waited for her to remove her white bra and panties. Her big tits threatened to pop the snap of her bra before she could release the snap.

"Oh baby… " Danny groaned when her tits popped into sight.

Sharon's panties barely covered her cunt. She eased the silky things down over her hips. She did it slowly, enjoying the agonized look on Danny's face.

"Fuck!" Danny groaned when she had the panties off. He had never seen a prettier pussy, and he had seen quite a few cunts in his few years. Danny's tongue licked around his lips as l's wondered what the girl's cunt would taste like. He enjoyed eating pussy almost as much as he liked fucking a pussy. Not many of the bays he knew really liked eating cunt, but he had become an expert at it.

He walked around the bed. Sharon's eyes followed him but she made no attempt to get away. She waited for him.

Danny gently pushed her down onto the bed so that she was on her back with her legs hanging off, and her feet touching the floor. He pushed her legs apart and began to kiss the insides of her thighs, working his way up toward her cunt.

"Oh yes, Danny! Eat my wet pussy!" Sharon hissed and relaxed her upper body on the bed. She cupped her hands around her hot tits and played with her nipples as Danny inched his lips closer and closer to her hungry gash.

Danny felt his cock twitch as he kissed and licked along Sharon's silky flesh. He could smell the strong scent of her oozing pussy. His tongue worked faster as he heard her moan and open her thighs more for him. He smiled. Every girl he knew loved to be eaten.

"Suck my cunt, Danny!" Sharon cried impatiently as he began to lick around the curly hairs that covered her cunt.

Danny took his time. He wanted to tease her a little. It was fun to get a girl so hot that she would start to beg to be sucked and fucked. He continued to lick and kiss her, not quite touching her cunt with his lips and tongue.

"Please, Danny…" Sharon whispered and pinched her nipples hard.

Danny suddenly drove his tongue into her cunt. He pushed the tongue into her slick hole as far as it would go.

"Ahhhhhh! My Goddddd!" Sharon screamed with a combination of joy and surprise. Her ass lifted off the bed and her hands left her tits to tangle in Danny's hair, Danny quickly shifted his mouth to her cunt and started to suck on the stiff bud of flesh. He then put one of his fingers into Sharon's boiling cunt.

"Fuck my pussy with your finger and suck on my cunt!" Sharon demanded, her hands pushing his head harder so that his face was trapped between her thighs.

Danny didn't have to be gentle with this girl. She was so hot that he could do anything he wanted to her. He shoved his finger hard into her squeezing snatch and bit and sucked on her cunt.

Suddenly, Sharon lifted her ass off the bed. She let out a shrill scream. Her body quivered from her head to her toes. Danny kept his lips clamped around her cunt. He rammed his finger into her pussy one last time and left it there.

"Do it to meeeee!" the blasting girl shouted. "Eat meeee!"

Danny heard her start to shout something else, but she was unable to. The driving force of her explosion knocked the breath out of her. She could only open her mouth and gasp for air as the fire burned through her pussy.

Danny sucked hard, making Sharon come several times. His cock was aching violently, yet he waited patiently for the girl to finish coming. He knew how he was going to release the pressure building in his swollen balls.

After several minutes of screams and moans, Sharon's body settled and she released her hold on Danny's head. He pulled away from between her thighs; his face smeared with the sticky juices from her pussy. Without moving her limp body, he crawled up over her.

"Open your mouth, bitch!" he said when he was over her face. His hard cock was above her lips.

Sharon opened her eyes and looked up at the underside of his fat dick. She smiled when his bloated balls brushed her chin.

"Put that big cock in my mouth, Danny!" she hissed and parted her lips, her hand reaching up and around to cup his nuts at the same time.

He shoved the head of his cock into her wet mouth.

"Ummmppphhhh!" the eager girl gurgled when his cock hit the entrance to her throat. She pushed her head upward and met the push, allowing his cock to plow into her narrow throat.

"You tight bitch!" Danny groaned when he felt the incredible squeezing pressure around the tip of his prick.

Sharon was good at sucking cock. She knew how to deep-throat a thick dick, and showed no signs of wanting him to pull his cock back any. Each time he pushed forward, she met him, squeezing his prick hard again.

Sharon moaned around the cock and reached around Danny to pull on his ass. She loved being a hot little whore and sucking and fucking cocks. The moment she had seen Danny at the party she had known that before the night was over she would be sucking the cream out of his cock.

"Shit!" Danny shouted when Sharon's fingers probed between the sweaty cheeks of his ass. The girl was trying to locate his asshole; trying to shove a finger in to make him come faster.

Sharon pushed harder with her finger until she found his small, wrinkled shithole. Her finger pushed into the hole, making Danny growl with the sensation and ram his cock further into her hungry throat.

'Fucking cunt! Cocksucking whore!" Danny cried when her finger went into his asshole. The sensations were so strong that his balls immediately boiled, and began to shoot his cum through his swollen cock.

Sharon took the hot load of jizz with great pleasure. She shoved her finger into his ass as far as she could and swallowed desperately. He was crushing her tits painfully, but she didn't care as long as he continued to fill her throat full of wonderful cum.

Danny had never experienced such an explosive, and long lasting blast. His balls shot so much cum into her throat that he was afraid the boiling nuts would be damaged from the effort. It seemed that eternity had passed before he was sure that his balls were empty and he fell forward over Sharon 's head; his cock pulling from her throat.

Sharon twisted her head around so that she could clean his cock with her tongue. She didn't want to miss any of the cum. Although her throat ached from the brutal fucking of the cock, she didn't mind.

"Wow!" Danny gasped when he had to push the pretty girl's head away from his sensitive prick. "You don't know when to stop, do you?"

"Oh, baby!" Sharon moaned. "I want to have that big cock in my cunt now, Danny!"

Without waiting for him to agree, the hot-assed girl reached down and grabbed his prick. Wildly, she sat up over his hips and slipped her wet pussy down over his cock.

"You fucking bitch!" Danny groaned and reached up to grab her hanging jugs as she started to buck up and down on his long cock.

The wild, frantic fucking didn't last long. The hot girl on Danny's cock only pumped him for about a dozen strokes before she started to scream, "Fuck my pussy! I'm coming! My pussy is on fire! Coming! COMING!"

Although Danny had come recently, the rapid movements of the girl's tight pussy drove him to another explosion. He held her tits hard as he shouted, "Take it, Sharon! Take all of my cum!"

A few minutes later, it was a tired, but happy young couple who dressed to return to the party.


Lisa was bored by the long round of speeches. She squirmed in her seat as she waited for the last boy to finish his talk. She had quickly lost interest after hearing Danny's speech.

Mara sat next to her. The two women had spent most of the morning whispering and trying not to giggle. Only when Danny and Jeff gave their speeches did the two mothers remain quiet.

"This kid is really dull," Man whispered into Lisa's ear as the last boy neared the end of his talk.

"But he's sort of cute. I just hope he is more exciting in bed than he is up there. I've got a feeling this is going to be a long trip."

Lisa looked at her new friend. Mara seemed to be planning to fuck most of the boys on the trip and at least two of the fathers. Lisa doubted that she had ever met a woman as horny as Mara; except perhaps herself.

A dull ache in Lisa's head reminded her of the many drinks she had had the night before at the cocktail party. She wasn't sure what time she had said good night to Mara and the others. She did remember that Danny had acted a little strange, and she caught him smiling once during the ride up in the elevator. He had been gone from the party for a long time, and so had that pretty blonde girl.

"Looks like your boy has himself a girl," Mara said as she nodded toward where Danny was sitting.

Lisa looked and saw that Danny was sitting next to the same blonde girl. The mother frowned. There was no doubt about it. She was jealous. She feared that the pretty little cunt would spend too much time with Danny during the tour. It could wreck Lisa's own plans of fucking her son before the trip was finished.

So deep in thought was she that Lisa didn't even notice when the last speech ended. She looked up at the speaker's platform when she heard Mr. Parker's serious voice.

"Thank you all, young people," Parker said with his usual stuffy manner. "We hope that our audience has enjoyed our round of speeches. That concludes our program."

The large crowd of people who had come to the hotel ballroom began to slowly leave. Lisa and Mara walked out into the hallway and waited for their sons to come out.

Lisa's stomach demanded attention, and her head still ached. "I'm going to have lunch with Danny, Mara. Would you like to join us?"

"No thanks, darling. My head is killing me. I think I'll go up to my room for a nap. We have that bus trip down to San Diego this afternoon, and I hate to ride on a bus. I want to be as rested as possible."

"Okay then, Mara. I'll see you later on the bus," Lisa said.

Lisa looked for Danny. She was not pleased when she saw that Danny was walking beside the blonde girl.

Neither Danny or the girl seemed to notice Lisa s frown as they walked up to her. "Mom," Danny grinned. "This is Sharon. I don't think you got to meet her last night."

"No I didn't darling. She was too busy with you to have time to meet people." Lisa didn't really intend the words to come out so harshly, and she immediately held out her hand and smiled at the girl, "I'm glad to meet you, Sharon."

"I'm glad to meet you, too, Mrs. Hargrove. Danny talks a lot about you."

The girl had managed to charm Lisa enough that the mother relaxed and attempted to be more friendly. "I was about to have lunch, Sharon. Would you like to eat with us?"

Danny spoke, "Mom. Sharon and me are going to go for a walk to see some of the city. Is it okay if I skip lunch today? We'll pick up a snack somewhere."

The jealousy flared again in Lisa. She couldn't help the feeling. In spite of her anger, Lisa smiled and agreed. "Sure, darling. You two have a nice time, and don't forget to be back in time for the bus.''

She stood in the hallway for a minute and imagined what Danny and Sharon would be doing during the long trip. She could picture Danny's hard cock fucking into Sharon's wet, tight cunt.

"Mrs. Hargrove?"

Lisa was so deep in thought that she jumped a little when she saw Jeff beside her. "Oh, Jeff I didn't see you."

The boy smiled, displaying a perfect set of white teeth, Lisa immediately relaxed, charmed by the handsome youth.

"Did you see my mother, Mrs. Hargrove. We were going to have lunch."

"She must have forgotten about it, Jeff. Her head was bothering her and she went up to her room to rest." Lisa thought that Jeff had very sexy eyes. She felt a slight twinge in her cunt as she looked at the boy.

"Oh, well that's okay. I can always eat alone." Lisa took his arm. "Oh no you won't. Danny isn't going to eat lunch with me and I could use some company. How about it?"

"Sure, Mrs. Hargrove."

They had lunch in the hotel coffee shop. Lisa found that Jeff was a very bright boy. She also noticed that she was getting horny. Her nipples were stiff and she was sure that Jeff could tell that through the thin material of her dress and bra.

After lunch they took the elevator up to the rooms. As they entered the elevator Lisa decided to make a suggestion.

"I've still got some packing to do for the trip down to San Diego, Jeff. Why don't you come up to my room and keep me company while I pack. It will be nice to have someone to chat with."

"Sure, Mrs. Hargrove," the boy answered.

"Come on in, darling," Lisa said as she opened the door of her room. Her voice was husky, and a warmth was starting to grow in her pussy. She wasn't sure how long she could wait before pulling off Jeff's clothes and grabbing his cock.

She started to take her clothing out of the dresser drawers and fill her bag. "Have a seat on the bed, darling," she smiled as she picked up a pair of her panties, and let them fall to the floor. She had let the silky garment slip on purpose. "Would you mind handing me those panties, darling," she smiled, her voice deliberately seductive.

Jeff seemed to tremble slightly as he picked up the small panties. He held them out to her and gulped when her hand touched his.

The boy stared at the hot-assed woman as she began to take off her dress. In no time at all Lisa had the dress over her head. She immediately reached behind her to take off her bra.

Jeff looked down at her panties and saw that they were soaked in the front with the juices from Lisa's wet cunt.

Lisa had the bra off in a second and then slithered her damp panties down her legs. "There!" she said proudly when she kicked her shoes away and stood naked before Jeff.

Jeff breathed hard as he looked at the incredible beauty of the big-titted woman. He unsnapped his slacks and began to pull his zipper down.

"Wait!" Lisa hissed as she stepped closer to him. "First, I want to feel your mouth and hands on my tits! Play with them and suck my nipples before you take off your clothes, darling! Kiss them lover!" she ordered and grabbed the back of his head to force his mouth against her aching tits.

"Yessss! Bite them, harder! Lick them!" she groaned and reached down to rub his crotch.

Jeff liked sucking on her tits, but his cock felt like it was gong to burst if he didn't get it out of his pants. He pulled away from her and quickly pulled his pants down.

"Oh, baby!" Lisa growled when his cock popped out of his shorts. "It's so big, and hard, and long! I want to eat it!"

"Shit, Mrs. Hargrove!" Jeff cried out when her warm fingers wrapped around his swollen dick.

"Sweet cock! Sweet hot dick! You big prick. Im going to suck you so good, big cock!" Lisa grinned as she pumped the prick with her hand. She had actually forgotten about the boy. He wasn't important. The only important thing about him at the moment was the huge cock between his legs.

"Such big balls!" Lisa hissed, her other hand cupping his swollen, hanging nuts.

"Yeah, Mrs. Hargrove! Play with my nuts! Squeeze 'em hard!" He tried to get out of the rest of his clothing as she played with his cock and balls. It was hard to concentrate on undressing, though.

She could feel the throbbing in his balls. She opened her mouth and sucked in one of his balls.

"Wow!" he shouted.

"Yummmm!" the hot-assed mother hummed around the delicious mouthful. She began to devour his balls, making the boy groan from the strange pleasure that was a cross between pain and joy. The hairs around Jeff's crotch tickled her face, and she squeezed harder on his huge dick as she felt it quiver.

"Please, Mrs. Hargrove! Eat me! Suck my cock!"

Unable to resist his plea, Lisa released his balls from her hot mouth and moved her head back to look at his cock.

"Take it all!" he shoved forward and shouted.

"Mmmmmm!" was all Lisa could manage around the huge head. She thrilled to the smooth, hot texture of the head of his long prick. Her tongue tasted the first droplets of juices that oozed from the slit at the center of the head of his cock.

Jeff preferred older women. His mother kidded him about it, but he didn't mind. His mother knew that he had fucked several of the women in their neighborhood. Sometimes he felt that his mother was even jealous.

Jeff felt his cock throb as he thought of his mother. He wanted to fuck his big-titted mother so bad. He couldn't count the times he had emptied his cum into the sink as he thought of fucking her cunt. There were times when he thought that she wanted to fuck him also, but it hadn't happened yet.

Just the thought of having his stiff cock in her cunt made him groan aloud and shove a few more inches into Lisa's mouth, forcing part of the thick prick down the woman's throat.

"Suck meeeee!" he shouted, his hands pushing on the top of Lisa's head. He was shouting at his mother, not Lisa.

Lisa was in a world of her own. She had been having the opposite thoughts of Jeff. It wasn't his cock she was sucking; it was Danny's. She took the cock in her narrow throat, and squeezed his balls firmly, hoping that soon she would be swallowing a load of cum.

"Mrs. Hargrove! Oh, shit! Mrs. Hargrove!" Jeff yelled suddenly and lifted onto his toes and threw his head back as he blasted his cum down her throat.

Lisa went crazy. She was brutal as she squeezed his balls. Her head twisted around wildly as she contracted the muscles in her throat and milked thecum from his dick. – "Ummmmm! Mmmmm!" the stuffed woman moaned around the squirting prick. She pushed forward until her nose was pressed hard against his hairy crotch.

The boy had finished shooting his jizz before Lisa was willing to release his cock. He had to finally push her face away to get her to give up his drained dick.

As soon as the cock was pulled from her throat Lisa jumped up and began to pull at the rest of the boy's clothing. With his help she soon had him naked.

"Fuck me!" she ordered as she fell to the bed and opened her thighs for him.

Jeff did as he was instructed. His ass rammed forward with all the force he had. He knew that the hot woman would take anything he could give her.

"Unnnhhhh!" the excited boy grunted when his cock sank all the way into the hot depths of Lisa's tight pussy. He was amazed how tight her pussy was. He had never been in a tighter cunt; not even cunts belonging to girls his own age.

"Harder! Oh, yes! Hurt my pussy! Hurt meee! Fuck me harder!" Lisa squealed desperately. Her legs were wrapped around the boy's back. She locked her ankles together and wedged her body underneath Jeff so that she could work her ass up and down, meeting every deep thrust of his cock.

"Give it to me, you fucking bastard! Give me your hot cum!" she encouraged and tightened her legs around his fucking body. She ran her hands around his ass and pulled the sweaty cheeks apart as she sought his asshole with her finger. She wanted to finger-fuck his ass to make him come faster.

It worked. Jeff grunted and froze with his cock in her pussy. "Oh shit! I'm gonna squirt it in your cunt!"

"Me tooooo! Come with me! I want your cum while I come with you, Jeff!"

His hanging balls slapped loudly against her as he came with her.

When she had almost finished coming she thought of Danny again. "Fuck me, baby! Fuck me, darling!" she screamed at Jeff, who didn't know she was really talking to her son.

The two exhausted people lay together in a sweaty pile of flesh. Lisa dozed and dreamed of Danny. When her dream turned to thoughts of Sharon, Lisa abruptly opened her eyes.

"Thanks, Mrs. Hargrove. That was great!" Jeff grinned as he moved off her.

Lisa smiled, "I enjoyed it, too, lover. You have a wonderful cock." To emphasize her point, Lisa leaned over and took his cock in her mouth to clean it of his cum and her juices.

That had been Lisa's first intention, but when she felt the softening cock in her mouth she couldn't resist the challenge. She had to see how fast she could get the boy hard again and make him cum again.

"Do you think you can get it up for me again, Jeff?" the grinning woman asked as she lifted her mouth away from his growing prick for a moment.

"Sure," Jeff smiled proudly.

"Mmmmmm," she groaned as she pushed her face down until her nose was buried in the hairs of his crotch.


Lisa hadn't given herself much time to get ready for the trip to San Diego. She had taken longer than expected to suck Jeff's cock again, and fuck him again. By the time she finally allowed the boy to get dressed, Danny was back in his room. Of course Danny hadn't known that Jeff was in his mother's room.

"Ready, Danny?" Lisa asked as she knocked on the door between their rooms. She had quickly dressed and thrown her clothing into the bags.

"Ready!" Danny yelled back. "I'll meet you in the hall."

Lisa waited outside the door. He soon came out with his luggage.

"Did you get a little sleep?" Danny grinned as they walked to the elevator.

Lisa could tell that Danny didn't hear anything when she had rushed Jeff out of the room. "A little. I'm not really looking forward to this bus ride."

"Me either," Danny said and then shuffled nervously as they waited for the elevator to reach their floor. "Mom, would it be okay with you if I don't sit with you on the bus? Sharon asked me to sit with her, and I promised her I would."

It was not okay with Lisa, but she wouldn't say no to her son. She was concerned about the increasing amount of time Danny was spending with Sharon. It seemed now that the pretty little cunt intended to take up all of Danny's time during the trip.

Still, Lisa knew that one sure way to increase her son's interest in the girl would be to frown upon the new relationship. Lisa put on a false smile and gave Danny her approval. "Sure, darling. I'll sit with one of the other mothers or fathers."

When they boarded the bus Lisa looked for Mara and found her sitting with Jeff. When she stopped for a moment at their seat she smiled at Jeff and felt her cunt throb as she remembered how recently she had sucked the boy's tasty cock.

"You don't look like you got much rest this afternoon, Lisa," Mara smiled, and Lisa wondered if Jeff had told his mother what he had done in the afternoon.

Lisa changed the subject quickly. "How about you?"

Mara shrugged. "I managed a couple of hours sleep, but I'm still restless. I need more sleep to calm me down." She winked knowingly at Lisa.

"Hi, Mrs. Hargrove!" Sharon said sweetly as Danny sat down next to her.

Little bitch! Lisa thought, but smiled and moved on toward the rear of the bus. She wasn't in any mood to sit with any of the others now. Most of the group had clustered at the front of the bus and there were plenty of empty seats at the rear.

Lisa chose a seat which was almost at the back of the bus. She put her bags in the rack overhead and settled into the seat, taking out a book that she intended to read on the way.

Lisa ignored the chatter coming from the others and began to read. It was getting dark and she had to turn on the reading light. She tried to get into the book, but couldn't really do it. The book was about a woman who started fucking her husband's best friend. Though it excited Lisa some, she preferred to have the real thing. Why read about fucking when she could be doing it. She put the book down, closed her eyes and thought about Jeff's cock again.

"Pardon me, Mrs. Hargrove."

Lisa was startled out of her thoughts by the man's voice. She looked, up and saw one of the fathers standing over her.

"I'm Mike. I'm Sharon's father. We haven't had a chance to really meet yet, so I thought I'd introduce myself to you.''

Lisa brightened. Sharon's father was handsome, and she was pleased to have someone to talk to. "Yes, I remember seeing you at the party. You can call me Lisa."

He smiled, "I was on the way back to the toilet and I saw you sitting back here by yourself. Are you feeling okay?"

Lisa said, "Sure. I just wasn't in the mood to get into a long conversation with anybody."

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to bother you, Lisa. I'll talk to you later." He started to move away but Lisa reached out to take his hand.

"No. Don't leave, Mike. Sit down and keep me company. I'm in the mood to talk now."

"Sure, if you like." He sat next to her and she immediately felt her cunt quiver as his leg pressed against hers. Ideas began to grow in her mind. They were alone in the back of the bus, and it was now dark. She had always wanted to suck a man's cock on a plane. She would gladly accept a bus as substitute.

Lisa found Mike to be an easy man to talk to. He had a good sense of humor, and soon had her laughing from the many jokes he told her.

Her cunt was getting wetter and she began to squirm in her seat as she got hotter and hotter. She wasn't going to let this chance get by. Her eyes went down to Mike's crotch and she was able to see in the faint light a large bulge under his slacks. Her tits ached, and her nipples burned as they stiffened.

Lisa was getting tired of talking. She would have to make the first move. She leaned closer to Mike, her tit pressing against his arm. When Mike continued to talk instead of kissing her, Lisa leaned closer and kissed him on the mouth.

She didn't wait for him to respond. Her arm came up to wrap around his neck and she pushed her tongue past his lips into his mouth.

Mike answered her bold kiss by driving his tongue into her mouth. Lisa moaned as his hands pulled her body harder against his. She played with his tongue for awhile and, when she became tired of that began to bite his lips.

"Your cock!" the horny woman hissed as she broke the long, hard kiss. "I have to see your cock!"

Mike started to reach for his zipper but she pushed his hand away. She found the zipper instead and pulled it down.

"Wow! You're really hot, aren't you, Lisa?" Mite said as she leaned over him and reached inside his slacks to find his cock.

"You bet your ass, lover!" Lisa growled and moaned with desire when her fingers slipped under his shorts and felt his hard prick. "I want to get it out so I can see it, Mike. I want to feel it in my hands and in my mouth!'' "Sure thing, baby," Mike whispered as he unbuckled his belt to get his slacks down. He wanted her to be able to get to his nuts also.

"Oh yessss!" she rasped when her hand yanked the tip of his cock into view. She licked her tongue around her lips when she saw the swollen tip of his dick. She began to frantically tug at the thick cock, desperate to get all of it out into the open.

"Easy, honey," Mike said as he winced from the pain when her nails dug into his cock. He pushed his slacks down over his lap. Looking up for a moment, he realized that any of the other people on the bus would be sure to see his exposed cock should they walk by on the way to the restroom.

"Hold it a minute, baby," he said as he stood and reached into the rack over the seat. Taking a blanket down he put it in the seat so that it would be handy to cover his lap if anyone started to walk by.

Lisa had had all the delays she could stand. No sooner was Mike's ass on the seat than she dove for his cock.

"Damn! You hot cunt!" the startled man growled when her mouth, devoured most of his cock. He threw his head back and shoved up with his hips, driving what was left of his dick up into the woman's scalding-hot mouth.

The thrill of sucking him in such a public place was enough to drive Lisa mad with desire. She hummed and moaned around the hard, thick shaft as she fucked it wildly with her greedy mouth. She cupped his balls in one hand and gave them a hard squeeze each time she drove her face down to take in his cock.

Mike had never had cocksucking like Lisa was giving to him. He had never known a woman to be so hot and horny to suck dick. He tried to keep his eyes open and look over the seat toward the front of the bus. He could imagine the scandal if someone caught Lisa with his cock in her mouth. He almost laughed when he thought of the reaction Parker would have. The man looked like a real prude anyway.

Lisa had long stopped caring if they were discovered. She was in her own heaven. When she had a big cock in her mouth, nothing else mattered. "Mmmmminm " she moaned around the fat prick as she sucked back up almost to the tip and let her tongue enjoy the feel of the smooth flesh. Driving back down, she swirled her tongue rapidly around the dick, thrilling to the groans Mike made in response.

Mike found it exciting to be sucked on a bus, but was thinking how nice it would be to be completely naked and stretched out on a bed, where the horny woman could really do her thing on his body. He wondered if Lisa was good at licking asses. Nothing turned him on like a woman's flicking tongue against his asshole.

Lisa next performed another of Mike's favorites. She released his cock and lowered her mouth to his balls. Mike had big balls Lisa sucked in one of his wrinkled nuts, released it, and sucked in the other.

"Oh Christ, woman! God, do you know how to use that pretty mouth. Lick and suck my balls, baby! Eat my cock, cunt!" Mike pushed down on her head as she drove him crazy with her eager mouth. He glanced up again and saw no one moving about in the bus. A few conversations could be heard, and he wondered if any of the other people could hear him and Lisa.

Lisa made him forget about that when she returned to her sucking. She slid her lips over the head of his dick again and absorbed all of his cock.

The sucking woman was anxious to make him blast. Her throat was ready to accept his dick. Pushing down hard, she allowed the head of his fat dick to push into-her narrow throat.

"Unh! My Goddddd!" he groaned, trying to keep his voice down, and finding it difficult. His prick felt like it was being squeezed off at the head.

Mike had reached inside Lisa's dress and was squeezing her hot jugs hard. "Mmmmmm," she moaned around the stuffing cock. She too thought of how good it would be to be free of all her clothing and on a big bed where they-could do anything they wanted.

Lisa sensed that the quivering cock was close to cumming. As she worked harder on the thick shaft she thought about the fact that Danny was only a few seats away from her. What would be his reaction if he came back to the restroom and saw Sharon's father and his own mother doing what they were now doing?

The thought made Lisa work harder. She wanted Mike's cum, and she also wanted to come soon herself. She would just have to figure out a way to accomplish that after she finished sucking the man's big cock.

"I'm coming, Lisa!" Mike croaked, trying hard to keep from shouting his pleasure. He shoved up his hips to send every bit of his long cock into her mouth and throat. His balls were pushed hard against her chin.

Lisa swallowed quickly and groaned around the prick. The intense pleasure she felt was almost enough to send her over the edge, but not quite. She would have to wait for awhile to come.

Mike had finished shooting his jizz into the sucking woman's throat when he saw someone standing at the front of the bus. Quickly, he pulled the blanket over his lap and Lisa's head as the shadowy figure moved toward the back.

Lisa had guessed why the blanket had covered her head. She pulled away from the cock and smiled in the darkness. It really didn't matter much to her if someone did see what she was doing. She almost hoped that old Parker himself would be the one to discover her sucking cock in the back of the bus. What a shock that would give the stuff-shirt.

"Damn, Lisa!" Mike groaned softly as the giggling woman licked and teased his cock, causing him to squirm in the seat. He couldn't be sure who the person was coming toward him, but it looked like one of the other parents. When the person passed by the seat Mike pretended to be asleep, hoping that the poor lighting at the rear of the bus would conceal Lisa's body leaning over his.

Whoever it was passed by without noticing what was going on in the seat. When he saw the door of the restroom close, Mike pulled the blanket away from Lisa's head and told her it was okay to sit up. "Hurry up, Lisa, before someone else walks by!"

"Let them, lover," Lisa smiled and leaned her head down again to reach for his cock with her mouth.

"Lisa… " he moaned, reluctant to push her mouth away in spite of the danger of being discovered. "Come on. Sit up, woman! Wait at least until whoever is in the restroom goes back to their seat."

Lisa had to be content with waiting. She sat back up in her seat and watched as Mike pulled his pants up and stuffed his limp cock back inside his shorts.

Her pussy was begging for relief. She already knew how she was going to get that relief.

"Thank God!" the eager woman groaned when the door of the restroom opened. One of the mothers walked back to the front of the bus without even glancing at Mike or Lisa.

"Now, darling. It's your turn to eat me." Lisa squirmed in the seat as she pulled her dress up around her hips. She wriggled her panties down. It wasn't the greatest position to have her cunt eaten, but it would have to do.

"Put your head between my legs and eat my cunt, Mike!" she rasped and spread her legs as far apart as she could get them in the cramped area.

Mike put his face between her hot thighs and quickly pressed his lips against her wet pussy. It was just enough room to get his mouth on her cunt.

"Lick my cunt, Mike!" Lisa hissed, Mike thought a bit too loud. "Use that tongue on my pussy, man! Get it in there, baby! Stick that wet tongue in my cunt! Find my cunt with your mouth, Mike! Suck it hard! Make me come good, Mike!"

Mike pushed further down with his face. He liked the scent of her stimulated cunt. His face was quickly smeared with the thick juices. The curly hairs around her cunt tickled his nose as he nudged his tongue further into her hot snatch.

"It's so good, this way! I like it! Eat my pussy! I love it! Eat me good now, baby, and when we get to a hotel I'll let you fuck my cunt good with that big cock. I won't be satisfied with just sucking it, lover! I won't be happy until I get that fat dick in my pussy. Just a little more, Mike! Only a little more, baby. I'm so close! Yesssss! Suck my clit! Suck my cunt! That's it! I'm coming! I'm coming!"

Mike licked her cunt clean after she had finished blasting. When he finally lifted his head from between her thighs he was smiling and licking juices away from his lips.

Lisa was too relaxed to worry about adjusting her panties and dress. Mike had to help her. After a few minutes she leaned her head on Mike's shoulder and dozed the rest of the way to San Diego, dreaming once again of Danny's cock.


Lisa was pleased with the hotel in San Diego, or a better description would be motel. She was on the second floor, and Danny's room was next to hers. A walkway ran in front of the rooms. The rooms weren't connecting this time, but she saw an advantage in that. When she brought Jeff or anybody else to her room to fuck, Danny wouldn't be as likely to hear anything.

The sweaty woman entered her room and just left her luggage on the floor. The first thing she did was head for the shower. Her body was sticky after sucking Mike's cock on the bus and being eaten by him.

Although she had come only a couple of hours before, Lisa again felt her cunt itch as she stood under the strong hot spray of the shower. She thought of the feel of Mike's mouth on her cunt, and lowered her hand to rub the stiff bud.

Lisa had dried her body and was thinking of Danny when she heard the knock on the door. She smiled. It was Mike! He had decided to check again to see if she was in the mood to fuck. She would give him a fucking he wouldn't forget.

She wrapped her large towel around her body, just in case it wasn't Mike, and opened the door.

"Mr. Parker… " she said, disappointed as she drew the towel closer around her body. Her legs were showing, and so was the top part of her big tits.

Parker looked uncomfortable standing outside the door of the room. He looked up and down Lisa's body, his eyes staying for a moment at the cleavage of her tits.

"I regret that I must disturb you at this late hour, Mrs. Hargrove, but I did feel that what I have to say was important. May I… uh… come in?"

Lisa was surprised and puzzled by his visit. She couldn't imagine what Parker wanted to talk about that was so important it couldn't wait until morning. "Come in, Mr. Parker," she said, stepping aside for him to enter.

Parker was still dressed in a conservative brown suit. He looked at the chair next to Lisa's bed and hesitated.

"Why don't you have a seat, Mr. Parker," Lisa smiled as she motioned to the chair.

"Thank you," Parker said, looking a little relieved to sit instead of standing awkwardly.

Lisa could feel her nipples harden, and her cunt begin to get wet. "What can I do for you, Mr. Parker?" She made the question sound like it could have a double-meaning.

"Uh…" Parker began, averting his glance from her legs and trying to look into her eyes. "I came here to speak to you about what happened on the bus tonight, Mrs. Hargrove. It is not easy for me to confront you with this, but I must be sure that certain standards are kept on our speaking tours. We cannot have two of the parents uh. cavorting in the back of the bus! It gives a bad example to the young people."

After her initial surprise, Lisa was angry. Who did this fool think he was? She was an adult, and she would do whatever she wanted to! She would suck Mike's cock in the street if she wanted to.

Having still not heard a denial from Lisa, Parker shifted in his chair and stared at her, trying to look stern. "Well, Mrs. Hargrove? Do you deny that something disgusting happened between you and that gentleman in the back of the bus tonight?"

Lisa's smile grew. "You asshole!" she said, and stood. "You have the fucking nerve to lecture me about how to act!"

"But, Mrs. Hargrove…" Parker began. He looked up at the beautiful woman and felt his cock twitch when he saw that she held the towel with only one hand now. Part of the towel had fallen away from her left tit. He could almost see the nipple.

"You close your mouth, Parker!" Lisa growled as she dropped the smile. "It's my turn to talk now. I'm going to tell you what someone should have told you a long time ago. You're a prude, Parker! You're a wimp! If you were half a man you would be too busy fucking to worry about what other people are doing!"

Lisa let the towel drop to the floor. She grinned and pushed her tits out. "What do you think these are for? Don't you think they can be used for something other than giving milk to babies, Parker?"

Parker opened his mouth, but no words came out. He gulped and his throat rippled as he swallowed. Never had he seen such a beautiful and confusing sight.

Lisa stepped closer to the sitting man. She was almost on top of him. He looked up and directly at her hanging tits. His cock moved in his slacks.

Lisa laughed. "Go ahead, Parker. You know you want to taste my tits. Go on, baby. Live a little. Stick your tongue out and lick my boobs."

Parker wanted to. He gulped and looked up at the beautiful woman.

"Yes, baby," Lisa whispered, her excitement obvious in her throaty voice. "You can have them. You can have all of me tonight, Parker. Just think about it, darling. I'm giving myself to you. You can suck my tits all you want. You can eat my pussy. I'll suck your cock until you shoot your cum into my mouth. You can fuck my pussy, or even my ass if you want to."

That was all Parker could take. He opened his mouth and clamped his lips over a firm nipple.

"Good God! Suck my tits!" she squealed, the sharp sensations caused by his mouth going down to make her clit quiver. She put her hands on his shoulders for support. "Bite my nipples too, lover!"

Parker moaned and licked and sucked wildly at the fantastic hanging jugs. He was having himself a real feast. Completely forgotten was his former set of rules for his conduct. Nothing had ever made him so excited. His hard dick threatened to rip open his slacks.

"Yessss…" Parker moaned and grabbed both of her tits in his hands as he covered them with a coating of saliva from his tongue.

The total change in the man was driving Lisa mad. She felt much like she was seducing an innocent teenage boy. Her patience was gone now. Her cunt was begging for Parker's cock.

"Baby… Just a minute, darling," she hissed as she straightened and pulled her tits away from his mouth. "Enough of that for now. Get undressed and then I'll show you how good this whore sucks cock."

Parker grinned and stood to get his clothes off. He was really getting into it now. His cock ached to be free.

"Let me help you, Parker." She tugged at his coat while he unbuckled his belt.

"I'm going to make you so happy, Parker!" she hissed as she worked on the buttons of his shirt. He dropped his slacks around his ankles and bent down to take his shoes off. Lisa hooked her fingers in his shorts and pulled them down.

"Good God!" the stunned woman said when he turned around and faced her after he was naked.

"I had no idea you were so huge!" she said as she stared at his big prick "It must be twelve inches long, and so thick! Parker! How could you be such a prude with that cock? Didn't you know what you were keeping from the women of the world?"

Parker was glad that she was stunned by his cock. He had fucked few women, mostly hookers, and he felt guilty about that. He remembered one young whore who would not take his cock in her cunt. She claimed her pussy was too tight for such a huge dick.

Parker was catching on. "Suck it!" he ordered, trying to sound rough.

"Yes, master," Lisa smiled, looking too hard at his gigantic cock to really care about his new courage.

The hot-assed woman fell to her knees in front of Parker and immediately took the fat dick in her band.

"Shit! Suck it, whore!" Parker groaned. He stood with his hands on his hips and looked down at the beautiful naked woman.

"Why, Mr. Parker!" Lisa grinned up at him. "What kind of language is that from a gentleman?"

"Stop talking and suck my cock, Mrs. Hargrove!" he growled through clenched teeth. ''Please…"

"Yes sir," she grinned and obeyed.

"Oh, woman! Your mouth! It's so hot on my cock! Eat my cock, Mrs. Hargrove!"

Parker's voice was now loud. Lisa wondered how thick the walls of the hotel rooms were. Could Danny hear what was going on?

"Take more of it, Mrs. Hargrove! Take all of it!"

"Unnnnnhhh! Muuuumnlmm!" she groaned inherently as she twisted her head around and pushed forward, desperately attempting to absorb every inch of his wonderful cock, even if it meant ripping her throat to do it.

When the head of his prick popped into the woman's tight throat there was at first pain. In spite of the pain, Lisa pushed forward for more; the pain sending sharp thrills of masochistic pleasure down to her cunt and cut.

"So tight! I can't believe what you're doing to my cock, Mrs. Hargrove!" Parker moaned, his politeness in calling her Mrs. Hargrove sounding strange to him. He couldn't remember her first name. He gave up trying to remember it when the squeezing pressure of her throat made him groan with pleasure.

Her cunt was burning with sensations. Somewhere there had to be a connection between the nerves in her throat, and the nerves in her cunt and clit. She had not yet met another woman who could come just by sucking a cock.

Parker noticed the change in the sucking woman. He sensed what was happening to her. It was more than he could understand, but he was too close to his own blast to think much about Lisa. He gritted his teeth and began to shout at the beautiful woman on her knees before him.

"You hot bitch! You cocksucking tramp! You're sucking my cock off! You're sucking it out by the roots! You're going to suck my cum out! Suck, cunt! Suck, whore! Suck, slut! Take all of my cum! Take it all!"

Lisa's pussy exploded at about the same time the first shot of Parker's jizz blasted into her throat. She gripped his balls until he cried out from the pain. Her cunt gushed juices and blasted with such force that she almost blacked out. The huge cock in her mouth and throat seemed to make her come again each time it squirted a gob of cum into her throat.

Lisa squeezed her thighs together and drew her head back as she felt the cock drain of all its jizz. She kept fucking the big prick into her mouth even after she had allowed the thick shaft to slip from her throat.

"Thank you, Mrs. Hargrove! Oh thank you so much!

"I… I used to be rather embarrassed by the size of my penis…"

"Cock," Lisa corrected as she nibbled on his ear.

"Cock," he said firmly and smiled. "Yes. I like cock better." He put his hands on her big, firm ass and pulled her closer against him.

"Yes, Lisa. I want you to teach me how to be a stud."

"Yes, darling! I'll teach you everything, and we'll start with eating pussy. Before I'm through with you you're going to be an expert on eating wet cunts, Parker!"

She let go of his neck and backed away until her 'legs touched the edge of the bed. "Come and eat me, Parker." She smiled as she lay back on the bed. She opened her legs and let them hang over the edge of the bed; her favorite position to have her cunt eaten.

She reached down and pulled the pink lips of her pussy apart. "See how pretty my pussy is, Parker. Look at it! Don't you want to taste my juices? Don't you want to smell my twat, Parker? You'll love the taste and smell of my pussy, lover!"

Parker knelt between her thighs. He stared for a long moment n her lovely cunt.

"Woweeeee, baby!" she screamed when his tongue touched her cit. "You're learning fast, Parker! Keep rubbing that big tongue right there, darling!"

Parker was a fast learner. He learned how to use his finger to fuck her while he sucked on her clit, and used his teeth to bite her softly. He soon had Lisa close to another blast.

"Lick my ass!" Lisa squealed when he pushed her legs up and ran his tongue into the crack of her hot, squirming ass.

Parker stuck his tongue into her asshole and licked her out good before returning his attention to her cut and cunt. His finger pumped in and out of her wet hole again, and he sucked as hard as he could on her throbbing cunt.

"You beautiful lover!" Lisa. shouted when she felt the first wave of her orgasm. "You're the best, Parker! You're the best cuntsucker I ever had". She pushed his face harder against her pussy as she came again and again.

It may have been true that Parker was the best or it may not have been. With the wonderful feeling she was now experiencing, she would have said anything to anybody. It didn't matter to Parker. He chose to believe the hot woman.

"Come. Come. Come!" Lisa chanted to herself as she lost count of the number of her explosions.

When she had finished Parker lifted his head from her cunt and looked down at the woman. She was so beautiful, even in such an exhausted condition. He looked down at his finger, which was still slowly fucking her wet, squishy pussy. Parker knew what he wanted to put in her tight cunt after he took his finger out.

"Oooooo…" Lisa moaned when she felt his finger pulled from her sensitive pussy. She opened her eyes and looked up at Parker.

"Oh, Parker…" she gasped when she saw that he was standing over her. His cock was stiff again, and she saw that it was even larger than the first time. She looked up at his face and he smiled.

"Yes, Lisa. I'm going to give it to you. I'm going to put my cock in your cunt and fuck you with it. I'm going to fuck your tight cunt with my big hard cock until I shoot all my cum into you. Is that what you want, Lisa?"

Lisa was unable to speak. Her eyes stared at his long, thick prick. She only nodded her head, desperately wanting to be stuffed with his gigantic dick.

"Get ready for it, baby!" Parker growled as he leaned forward, resting his hands on the bed and leaving his feet on the floor. This way he would be able to really support his body for a maximum force each time he slammed his cock into her.

Lisa spread her legs and hunched up her ass so that her cunt was pointed up at his cock.

Parker checked to see that the fat head of his dick was pointed at the opening of her pussy. Then, he shoved hard into her. He didn't miss.

Lisa opened her mouth to scream when his huge dick slammed all the way into her cunt. She felt his balls slap against her ass. The first screams did not come out of her mouth.

She found her voice when Parker pulled back and thrust into her again. Fortunately, her cunt was lubricated so that the thick cock slid in with no trouble. That did not take away from the tremendous impact the stuffing had on Lisa. Parker's cock felt as huge as it looked.

"Yes! Yes! Yes! So fucking big! It's even better than I thought it would be!"

It didn't take long for either of them, for Lisa was hot all the time. The size of Parker's cock only helped to speed her blast along.

Parker's cock was quickly being pumped to a powerful blast by the woman's hot, tight cunt.

"Now!" Lisa shouted and blasted wildly. Her body was jarred hard as Parker increased the depth of his plunges.

Parker came right behind her. "Take my big cock, you little whore!"

Lisa could not know that he was really talking to the whore who had refused him years before because of the size of his cock.

It was very late before Parker left Lisa's room. She didn't let him leave until she had squatted over him and rode his huge prick to another fantastic explosion.

To say that Parker was a changed man when he left Lisa Hargrove's room would be a bit of an understatement.


Another round of speeches had just been completed. Lisa and Mara walked out of the ballroom of the downtown San Diego hotel where the speeches had been held.

"Brother!" Mara said as she yawned and leaned against the wall outside the ballroom. "I am so glad that we don't have to move on to the next city until tomorrow. That gives us a night off, and Parker hasn't planned any activities for us. We could have our own party. How does that sound to you, Lisa?"

"Great!" Lisa smiled, fighting off a yawn herself. She had not yet recovered from the fucking and sucking Parker had given her the night before. Her pussy felt like it had been stretched a little, but she didn't mind. A tingle began in her cunt as she thought of Parker's huge prick.

Parker walked out of the ballroom and stopped to talk to them. "I hope you ladies will enjoy your free evening. We will leave for Phoenix at noon tomorrow.

Mara spoke up. "Don't worry about us, Mr. Parker. We'll find some way to entertain ourselves tonight. Why don't you join us later. I'm throwing a little party in my room back at the motel."

"Thank you, but no. I have agreed to provide a little uh… extra help to one of the young people who needs to work on her speech delivery." Lisa didn't have to guess what type of help the girl would be getting from Parker "See you later then, Mr. Parker," Mara smiled, and Lisa had the feeling that Mara was also wondering about the type of instruction Parker intended to give the girl.

Lisa and Mara shared a taxi back to their motel. When they reached the motel Mara said, "Come on up to my room and let's talk, Lisa. I have a bottle there, and something else that's even better. We could talk while we plan our little party."

"Sure, Mara. I'll get a bucket of ice from the machine and meet you there."

When Lisa got up to Mara's room she knocked on the door.

"Come in, darling! It's open!" Mara called from inside the room. Lisa turned the knob and stepped into the room.

"Oh.." she said in surprise when she entered the motel room. Mara was naked.

Mara grinned and said, "Did I startle you, darling? Surely you aren't embarrassed because I took my clothing off, are you?"

"No, of course not, Mara. I just didn't expect to see you naked." Lisa put the bucket of ice on the dresser and sat down on Mara's bed.

"Here you are, baby," Mara grinned and gave Lisa a strong vodka and tonic.

Mara sat next to Lisa on the bed. She took a big swallow of the drink. "I feel uncomfortable sitting here in the nude with a woman with all her clothes on, darling. Either you are going to get undressed, or I am going to have to put something on. And you know damn well I don't intend to get dressed again!"

Lisa giggled and handed her drink to Mara. She stood. "To hell with these clothes anyway. What's the good of getting high if you're going to be all cramped up in a lot of clothes!"

"That's the girl!" Mara encouraged as Lisa started to undress.

"Hurry, darling!" Mara said, the desire obvious in her voice as she stared at Lisa's exposed thighs. She felt her cunt twitch as she looked at the blonde's lush flesh. She was too eager to touch Lisa's body to wait until the lovely woman undressed herself.

"Let me help, Lisa," she said. She tugged at the dress and pulled it over Lisa's head. "You're so beautiful, darling," she smiled and reached around to Lisa's back to release the bra,

"My God!" Mara gasped when the bra fell away from Lisa's magnificent jugs. "They're so beautiful, darling!"

"Thank you, and I like your tits, too," Lisa smiled, and pushed her panties down her body;

Mara shook her head. "My legs may be good, but my boobs aren't as big and firm as yours, honey.

"Look at those stiff nipples!" Mara grinned and pinched the nipple of Lisa's left tit.

"Oooooooooo! That feels fantastic, Mara!" Lisa said as she felt the sensation race from her nipple down to her cunt.

Mara smiled. She knew now that Lisa would be receptive to what she had planned. "If you think that feels good, Lisa, wait till you feel this!"

Mara leaned forward and clamped her hot lips around Lisa's nipple.

"Oh, Mara! Suck my tit, darling!" Lisa squealed as she grabbed the back of Mara's head and pulled the woman's mouth hard against her sensitive tit.

"Yes, darling," Mara said as she mumbled the words around Lisa's delicious nipple. "I can't wait to taste your pretty pussy, Lisa!" Mara hissed, dropping to her knees in front of the other woman.

"Eat my cunt, Mara!" Lisa shouted and put her hands behind Mara's head.

Mara drove her tongue past the pink, wet lips of Lisa's delicious cunt. She licked upwards until she felt the firm bud of the woman's cit.

"Eeeeeee! Mmmmmmmm! Eat meeeee!" Lisa screamed down at the eating woman.

Man soon found it too difficult to get at Lisa's hot cunt. She would have to get the other woman to the bed. Mara wanted Lisa to spread her legs wide, and open the lips of her hot pussy.

"Don't stop…" Lisa pleaded when Mara stood.

"For just a minute, darling," Mara smiled. "Get down on your back on the bed. I want to give your beautiful cunt the kind of eating it deserves."

Lisa was eager to do as Mara suggested. She giggled with delight as she crawled up onto the bed and turned over on her back. She looked up at Mara and grinned. "Hurry, Mara. My pussy is so wet and hot! I need your mouth down there so much!"

"I'll take care of your tight cunt, Lisa," Mars rasped as she crawled up on the bed and spread Lisa's long legs far apart.

"'Oh, fuck!" Lisa moaned when her cunt was invaded by Mara's finger. "Finger-fuck me, Mara! Fuck my pussy good!"

"You asked for it, baby," Mara grinned and dropped her mouth to Lisa's cunt. She immediately sucked Lisa's aching cunt into her mouth.

"Suck that cunt, Mara! Make me come with your mouth on my cunt!"

Mara couldn't believe what was happening. Lisa was so hot that she was coming. It had taken only a few strokes of the finger and the touch of lips on the woman's cunt to make her explode.

"Come for me, Lisa! Come for Mara!" The dark-haired woman bit Lisa's clit firmly and plunged her finger hard into Lisa's quivering pussy.

"Make me come again, Mara! Make me come again with your wonderful mouth, darling!" Lisa screamed as yet another eruption shook her body.

"Yesssss!" Lisa groaned when Mara's tongue drove into her cunt again. She reached up and pulled at Mara's big ass.

Mara lowered hr dripping pussy down so that Lisa could reach it with her mouth. She sucked hard on Lisa's cunt when the hungry blonde shoved a wet tongue into her cunt.

The women made a lot of noise as they ate each other wildly. Lisa pushed a finger into Mara's ass, and Mara reached under Lisa to do the same.

"Wow! You have a delicious pussy, Mara!"

Lisa grinned when Mara lifted away from her.

Mara sat next to Lisa, facing the woman. She looked down at Lisa's beautiful face and smiled. Lisa's face was smeared with Mara's gleaming juices.

"Let me clean that stuff off your face, darling," Mara grinned and licked her own juices off Lisa's face.

The women talked for a few minutes, and had another drink. They were in a mellow mood now.

"What about our party?" Lisa asked as she sat up.

Man stood and looked around for her dress and shoes. "We'll still have it. All we need is some booze, and food. I can go across the street and get the booze, and you can go over to that grocery store down the block and get some stuff for sandwiches, and some potato chips."

"Who are we going to invite, Mara?" Lisa got up and picked up her dress.

"We'll think about that after we get the stuff for the party. We don't want any dull people here, so we'll have to decide which of the people on the tour will be any fun."

Lisa dressed to go to the store. As she put on her dress, she wondered what the party would be like. She remembered Mike, and wondered if she would get the chance to get him alone and get his cock into her cunt.

She also thought of Danny, and her jealousy flared as she wondered if he was with Sharon at that moment.


Danny Hargrove was with Sharon as Mara and Lisa finished sucking each other. He wasn't fucking Sharon, though. That was why the boy was frowning.

"Come on, Sharon," Danny said impatiently. Sharon smiled at Danny and said, "Relax, Danny. We can't leave Jeff all alone."

Danny only frowned again. He and Sharon and Jeff were sitting on a bench in a park across the street from the motel. The three of them had been there since returning from the speeches. Danny was pissed because he had intended to get Sharon up to his room so that he could fuck her again. Sharon had insisted on inviting Jeff to sit for awhile in the park with them. Danny was certain that the big-titted girl was flirting with Jeff.

Sharon stood and took Danny's hand. She reached down and also took Jeff's hand. "I have a good idea, boys. Why don't we all go up to my room."

"Sounds good to me!" Jeff grinned as he stood.

Danny wasn't thrilled by Sharon's suggestion at all. How was he going to get to fuck the pretty girl if Jeff was in the room with them. But, he knew that he would only get Sharon mad by arguing, so he stood and walked with them back to Sharon's room.

Danny walked a little behind Sharon. His cock grew in his pants as he watched the action of her hot ass inside her tight jeans. He hoped that Jeff would get the hint and not stay too long.

"Have a seat on the bed, boys," Sharon said after they were in her room.

Sharon put her arms around Danny's neck and kissed him. Danny sucked her tongue into his mouth. He forgot about Jeff being so close to them. His cock jumped in his pants and his balls ached with a load of cum. Sharon took his hand and pressed it against one of her tits. He felt the heat of her fat boob through her thin blouse.

Sharon was excited as she moaned into Danny's mouth and pushed her tits against his hand. She had planned the situation carefully. It was no accident that both of the boys were in the room with her. She had noticed that Danny was not pleased that Jeff was hanging around. She had noticed it, but she didn't care. Her cunt was hungry, and she wanted more than one cock to fill it.

The big-titted young girl loved nothing better than sucking on a hard dick while she fucked another hard dick. Before the two boys left her room she intended to suck and fuck them both.

"Yes, Danny! Feel my tits!" she hissed as she pulled away from the boy. She looked down at his lap. "Your cock is getting big, Danny. I want to see it!'' "Shit!" Danny gasped when Sharon's slim fingers pushed his shorts aside and wrapped around his aching cock. He closed his eyes and didn't even think of Jeff as the excited girl began to tug his cock out of his pants.

"Look at that!" Sharon gasped when she pulled his cock into view. "It's so big and red. I want to suck it, Danny! I want to taste your cock!"

"Suck it, Sharon!" the gasping boy shouted.

"Let me get my pants off…" he hissed and worked to get his pants down without disturbing Sharon's wonderful sucking. He was able to do it after struggling some.

When Danny's pants were down around his ankles Sharon opened her eyes and looked at his big balls. She lifted her mouth off his cock and sucked in one of the hairy nuts.

Sharon sucked Danny's other ball for awhile before she returned to eating his fat cock. She remembered Jeff and wished that there was some way she could get him into the act. But, she was reluctant to stop sucking Danny's cock, even for a moment. She felt that Danny no longer would mind if Jeff fucked her too.

Jeff didn't need to be asked to join. He didn't care what Danny thought. He knew she wanted to fuck him too, and he was going to give the hot assed little blonde everything she wanted.

Danny had his eyes closed and his head thrown back as Sharon devoured his prick. He opened his eyes when he felt Jeff's weight on the bed. He saw Jeff as the other boy moved next to Sharon and reached under her to grab one of her big jugs.

"Ummmmm!" Sharon groaned as she felt the hand on her tit. At first she thought it was Danny's hand, and then she felt Jeff's body press against her body. Her sucking increased as she realized that both boys were now using her body.

Danny grinned at Jeff. He was getting excited at the idea of them both fucking Sharon. When Jeff began to take off Sharon's clothes, Danny helped him.

Sharon had to release Danny's cock from her mouth as the two boys helped her undress. With a flash the three people were naked.

Sharon stood between the two boys and told them exactly what she expected of them. "Jeff. I want you on your knees on the bed so you can fuck my pussy from behind. Danny, I want you to lie down on the bed so I can suck your cock while Jeff fucks me."

The two boys jumped to the bed and waited for her to get between them.

She looked at each of them; her eyes lingering long on their big, hard pricks. Her tits ached, and her cunt was desperately hungry for cock.

"Hurry, Sharon!" Danny pleaded, his cock aching to be in her hot mouth again.

"Yes, lovers," Sharon smiled and crawled up between the two waiting young cocks. She dropped her face to Danny's cock and waited for Jeff to stuff her pussy with his cock.

Jeff had never seen such a beautiful ass. He looked down at the waving ass and felt his cock jerk wildly.

"Go on and put it in her, man!" Danny said as he smiled at the other boy.

Jeff grinned back and took his cock in his hand as he guided the long prick toward Sharon's hot ass.

"Shit!" Jeff said as he fumbled around, trying to get his prick into her cunt.

"Mmmmmmm!" Sharon moaned around Danny's cock as she tried to squirm her pussy back onto Jeff's cock. When he still couldn't get his cock in she reached back, under her body and found his hot dick.

"Motherfucker, she's hot!" Jeff shouted when she placed the tip of his cock between her cunt lips. He wasn't even in her yet, and he could feel the great heat coming from her boiling pussy. With a deep groan he shoved his thick dick into her tight snatch.

"Unnnnhhhh! Mmmnim!" Sharon moaned and groaned when she felt the impact of Jeff's deep thrust. She shoved back on the hot cock and shoved her face down all the way on Danny's delicious shaft.

Jeff grabbed her hips and pulled back. He slammed into the tight pussy harder. He pulled back and fucked hard again.

Danny looked over at Jeff. He watched Sharon's hot ass as it wriggled in front of the other boy. The sight of that, and the terrific sucking pressure on his cock was all he needed to blast his jizz into Sharon's throat.

"Sharon! It's coming out of my dick! I'm squirting my cum in your mouth!"

Jeff hadn't been stroking Sharon's pussy long, but he was also ready to explode. Hearing Danny coming, and seeing how Sharon was accepting the cum, was enough to make Jeff blast just after Danny shot off.

"In your cunt, Sharon! In your cunt!" was all Jeff could shout as his nuts tensed and his cum boiled into her gripping twat. His balls slapped loudly against Sharon's sweaty ass as he plunged rapidly into her cunt. He clutched at her hips and threw back his head to shout again as another shot of jizz splashed into the girl's body.

"Come, Sharon!" Danny gasped as the last spurt of his cum was sucked from his cock.

Sharon was very close to joining the boys in their wild pleasure. She was close, but not quite there. She took the last of Danny's cum and then pulled her mouth off his hard, drained cock.

"Fuck me, Jeff! Hurt my pussy! Come good, baby! Screw my cunt!"

Danny reached under her swaying tits and between her thighs. He searched for and found the stiff bud of her clit. Jeff's cock brushed against his hand as he rubbed the sensitive cunt.

"Yes, Danny! Play with my clit while Jeff fucks me! You're going to make me come! I'm coming!"

The wild girl almost bucked off Jeff's cock before she finished coming. Danny rubbed her clit hard and kissed her as she came and came.

After coming the three teenagers sprawled on the bed to rest. Then there was a knock at the door.

"Sharon!" It was Mara' s voice.

"Yeah?" Sharon answered, wondering what she would do if the woman wanted to come in.

Mara didn't want to come in. She yelled through the door, "We're having a party in my room. Bring your father along in about an hour."

Sharon looked at the two boys and smiled with relief. "Sure. We'll be there."

"Oh!" Mara said. "If you see Jeff and Danny, tell them to be there too.

"Okay!" Sharon yelled. She listened and heard the sound of Mara's feet moving away from the door.

The girl looked at the two naked boys and giggled. Not only had she seen the boys, she had seen all of them.


While Lisa and Mara were busy eating each other, and while Sharon, Danny, and Jeff were fucking, Parker was busy himself with an exciting activity.

Parker was in his room with Karen Saunders. Karen was one of the girls on the tour.

"I really am glad you offered to help me work on my speech today, Mr. Parker," Karen smiled sweetly as she shuffled the papers in her hand.

Parker smiled back at the tall, slim girl. He intended to do more than help Karen with her speech before she left his room. Though the girl was slim, she had a big set of tits, and Parker's cock ached when he looked at her long legs and thought of how they would feel wrapped around his body.

"I enjoy helping young people, Karen. After all, it's my job.'' "Well, anyway, Mr. Parker, I appreciate your help. I just can't seem to get this speech right. I get the feeling I'll never be a good speaker."

Karen frowned and brushed her long brown hair back over her shoulder. "I try, Mr. Parker, but I have a lot of trouble thinking of all those things at the same time. It's hard to remember to breathe at the right time, and say the words firmly and remember to stand the right way.

Parker touched her shoulder. "I know sweetheart, but you have to keep practicing until you get it right." He looked at her big chest and had an idea how he could get the pretty girl around to the subject he really wanted to talk about.

"First, Karen. Let's work on your breathing. A girl as healthy as you shouldn't have any trouble with her breathing. You certainly have a healthy body." He looked down at her big tits again. His cock throbbed as he looked lower at her legs. The tall girl wore a very short dress, exposing most of her sleek legs.

Karen noticed how hungrily Parker was looking at her body. She smiled a little and pushed out her tits more. Karen was gad that her body turned Parker on. She liked to turn older men on. Her pussy loved to take a big older cock and fuck it long and hard.

Karen smiled at him, ''I'll do anything you say, Mr. Parker. You just let me know what pleases you."

"Uh… yes…" Parker was shaken by the girl's obvious flirtation. This was going to be easier than he had thought.

He stepped round behind Karen. "Now, Karen. I want you to breathe in as deeply as you can. Put my hands on your…uh… stomach and that way I can tell if you are breathing properly." He placed his hands flat on her stomach. His cock jerked in his slacks as he felt the warmth of her body.

"Okay, Mr. Parker," Karen whispered, her voice husky with excitement. She pushed her ass back so that Parker's cock was pressed against her body. Even through their clothing, she could tell that the man had a big cock.

Karen breathed in. Parker kept his hands on her stomach and pressed his cheek against the side of her head. "That's not bad, Karen. Can you exhale and breathe in one more time for me?"

"Sure." Karen let her breath out and repeated the intake as Parker had requested.

"Your breathing seems to be excellent, Karen. I can't see why you would have a problem with it."

"Maybe it would be easier to find out if you moved your hands higher, Mr. Parker. Like this."

With a swift motion Karen took his hands and moved them up to her hot tits.

"Oh, sweet girl. I'm going to do so much to you. I'm going to squeeze these hot tits, and I'm going to suck on your nipples a long time, and…"

"Please, Mr. Parker…" she begged as she turned and faced him. "Please don't make me wait. Take off my dress and play with my tits."

Parker hadn't expected the girl to be so hot. Parker reached behind her and released the catch of the bra. She pulled it away from her magnificent boobs.

Karen smiled at the man as he took off his clothes. She took off her panties and stood before him as she waited for him.

"Mr. Parker!" she gasped when he took his shorts off. His huge cock sprang free and waved in the air. The girl stared at his gigantic cock and thought that she could come just by looking at the beautiful prick. Her pussy grew hotter by the second.

"Can I suck your cock, Mr. Parker?" she whispered.

Parker grinned and stroked the long dick for a moment as he enjoyed her reaction. "Yes, Karen but I want to suck on those hot titties for a while before I let you do what you want to my cock."

He leaned forward and took a firm nipple between his lips.

"I have to feel your dick, Mr. Parker!" Karen said, reaching down for his cock. "Oh, Mr. Parker! It's so big I can hardly get my fingers around it. It's so long. What do your balls feel like?"

Karen answered her own question by releasing his cock and reaching lower for his big hanging nuts.

"Ahhhhh!" he moaned when she grabbed his balls.

"Yeah, you little hot cunt! Eat this big cock!" the horny man ordered as he watched her reach for his prick to put it in her young mouth.

Karen had never had such a big cock in her mouth, and the seemingly innocent girl had sucked a lot of cocks since her first one only three years before. "Mmmmmm!" she hummed as she took the fat head into her mouth.

Parker put his hands on his hips and watched his cock slide into her small mouth. The sight of the thick cock as it stretched her mouth wide was incredible.

Parker wanted her to suck him off, but he couldn't wait to get his huge prick into her tight young pussy. As good as it felt to have his cock in tier hot mouth, he knew that it would feel even better to fuck her cunt.

After allowing her a little while to eat his cock he pushed her face away.

"I want to suck it!" Karen protested, reaching for the swollen cock again with her mouth.

"Later, girl! First, I'm going to stretch that tight pussy with this big cock!"

Parker got down on the floor with her and pushed her over on her back. He roughly spread her long legs and crawled between them.

"Now, you little bitch! Now you are going to get the hardest fucking you've ever had!"

Parker had lost all concern with being gentle with the young girl. He was going to use her body, with no feelings for her.

"Damn! It's so big! I don't know if I can take it!" Karen said as she stared at the huge cock he held in his hand.' "You'll take it, girl! You'll take every inch of this cock even if it rips a hole in your pussy!"

Parker found the opening of her pussy and rammed his cock in.

"Motherfucker!" she screamed when she was stuffed with the big cock. She threw her long legs into the air and grabbed his driving ass.

Karen felt some discomfort at first, but only a little. Even greater a feeling was the wonderful thrill of being stuffed by such a huge prick.

"Take this, little bitch! Take this big dick!" Parker growled at her as he lifted his body up to slam down again.

"I want it all as hard as you can fuck, Mr.


"I'm fucking as hard as I can now, girl!" he answered, somewhat disappointed that she wasn't begging him to fuck her easier. He wanted to hurt her. He wanted to fuck her harder than she had ever had it before.

"Harder, Mr. Parker! Ohhhhhhh! My pussy is burning up, Mr. Parker! My cunt is about to come!" she squealed and scraped at the skin of his ass with her nails.

Parker felt her pussy quiver when she started coming. At the same time he felt his cock jerk inside her cunt and his balls erupt. His cum started blasting into her exploding snatch.

"I'm going to fill your cunt up, bitch!" he shouted and slammed down into her harder than ever. "My cum is going to drown you, Karen!"

"Do it, Mr. Parker! Fill my pussy up with your cum! Drown me with your cum!"

There was a lot of noisy shouting and moaning from the man and girl before they finished coming. After Parker's cock was drained he found new energy to keep pumping Karen's hot hole so that she came again.

After a short rest, Karen knew that Parker still didn't have the energy needed to give her another hard fucking. She solved this problem by deciding to do most of the work herself.

"Get off me, Mr. Parker," she shoved up at the man's heavy, sweaty body as she spoke.

Parker rolled away from the hot girl and lay panting next to her. He watched the big-titted girl sit up and look down at his cock,

"Don't let your dick get soft yet, Mr. Parker, the hungry girl smiled. "I don't want to have to wait for it to get hard again."

"Then you'd better hurry if you intend to keep it hard, Karen," he smiled as he looked down at his gleaming cock.

"Don't you worry about that, Mr. Parker. If there's one thing I know how to do it's how to keep cocks hard. You'd be surprised how many times a cock can get up if it gets the right attention."

Parker didn't doubt that the horny girl knew what she was talking about, or what she was doing. He watched her move over between his legs. She stared down at his cock for a moment before taking the softening dick in her small hand.

"Unnnhhh!" he moaned when her fingers made contact with his cock.

"Does that feel good?" Karen asked, stroking his cock slowly.

''Yes.." he gasped.

She grinned at him and used her other hand to play with his nuts. In a very short time she had the cock starting to grow hard again.

"It's getting so big again, Mr. Parker. I'll bet it would really get bigger if I kissed it a little."

Parker lifted his head and looked down at the swollen tip of his prick. He then looked up at Karen's mouth.

"Yes, Karen. Kiss it, now!"

"Yes, Mr. Parker. I'll kiss it for you and then I'll put it n my mouth so I can suck it good. And if you want I can turn around so you can eat my pussy while I suck your cock. Would you like that, Mr. Parker?"

"Yes, Karen. Yes, baby, I'd like that very much."

Karen bent her head and kissed the tip of his dick. "Oooooo… Mr. Parker! You have such a good-tasting cock. I never tasted a cock that tastes as good as yours.

"Take it in your mouth, Karen!" he urged, shoving his hips up so that his cock pushed against her lips.

She looked at him, smiled and said, "Sure, Mr. Parker." She opened her mouth and took in the first few inches of his big prick.

"Sweet girl!" Parker shouted. "My sweet Karen! Suck Mr. Parker's big cock, honey! Suck it with your pretty mouth!"

Karen turned around so that their bodies were in a sixty-nine position. "Eat my hot pussy now, Mr. Parker! I love it when a man bites my cit hard and sticks his tongue into my pussy!"

She went back to eating his cock, waiting for him to pull her pussy down to his mouth.

Parker groaned when her mouth closed over his cock again. He looked up at the dripping young cunt that was right over his face. A hot drop of the juice from her cunt fell onto his cheek. He smelled the pungent scent of her cunt and stuck out his tongue as he pulled on her hips to get the pussy close enough to eat.

"Ummmmm!" Karen moaned around his cock when his tongue shot past the throbbing lips of her cunt and entered her wet hole.

Parker was not any more gentle eating the girls cunt than he had been fucking it. He ravished the tight pussy with his tongue the way he had with his cock. He bit the lips of her twat firmly, enjoying her response when she scraped her teeth along his cock as she fucked her pretty face with it.

His face was covered now with a thick coating of her juices. The juices ran into his eyes and his nose. He swallowed much of the hot juices. He was amazed at how much of the tasty juice the girl's hot pussy produced, Karen took allof his dick into her mouth and throat. She wasn't sure she could do it, but with some pushing she was able to get the fat head of his dick into her throat. She stopped pumping her face up and down on his cock now and simply worked the muscles of her throat around his cock. If the squeezing pressure of the tight throat didn't make the cock shoot its load of jizz, then nothing would.

"Unnnnnhhhhh! Oh, girl!" Parker groaned up into her squishy cunt when he felt his cock slip into her narrow throat. His balls gave a violent quiver and began to blast cum into the sucking girl's throat. He locked his lips on her cunt and sucked as hard as he could.

"Mumnunmm!" the girl groaned as her clit felt like it would be sucked off. She came with Parker.

Parker grinned at Karen after she had finished the job of draining his cock. She was now sitting on the floor next to his legs. He licked her juices from around his mouth and said, "I don't think even you can get that thing hard for a long time, Karen."

Parker was talking about his limp cock. Karen looked down at it and lowered her head to within a few inches of his balls.

"Looks like I'll have to just prove you wrong again, Mr. Parker," the horny girl smiled and kissed his balls.

Parker closed his eyes as he felt his cock throb and begin to get hard again.


The party was going well. The motel room was full of bodies.

"I think your idea of having a party was great, Mara!" Mike said as he stared at the big-titted woman's cleavage.

"Thanks, Mike," Mara smiled, wondering when she would get the chance to get Sharon's father alone during the night. Lisa had told Mara about sucking Mike's cock on the bus, and now Mara was eager to taste the man's hard prick.

Lisa was standing near the door of Mara's room. She looked over and saw Mike sitting next to Mara on the bed. Lisa wasn't at all jealous. She wanted Mara to sample Mike's cock..

"Can I have another drink?" Danny asked as he stood beside his mother.

Lisa smiled at her son. "How many have you had so far, darling?" she teased.

"Only two," Danny said, knowing that he was telling a lie and knowing that his mother knew it too.

"Okay, but only one more, Danny," Lisa said with a motherly tone in her voice.

Lisa smiled as she watched her son move to the bar that Mara had arranged on the desk of the motel room. Danny poured himself a straight whiskey.

Lisa watched as Danny turned around to talk to Jeff and Sharon. The three of them had been late for the party, and seemed to have become very good friends since the trip started.

Several of the other parents had come to the party, as well as a few of the kids on the tour. Lisa wasn't that thrilled about the presence of some of the parents. Except for Mike, Sharon, and herself, she considered most of the parents to be a little stiff in their attitudes toward their kids.

Lisa hoped that the dull people at the party would leave early. She and Mara had bought the liquor and other supplies for the party, and she didn't want to provide free drinks and food to people who didn't know how to have a good time.

Mara got up from the bed to check the ice buckets. She frowned and walked over to Lisa. "Looks like we're about out of ice, Lisa. I'll go down to the first floor machine and get another bucket."

"Don't bother, Mara. I'll send Danny down." Lisa motioned to her son, who came over.

"Go down to the office and ask for some ice buckets, Danny, and then bring the ice back to the party."

"Okay," Danny said. "I'll get Sharon to go with me." He started to turn around to get Sharon but Lisa put her hand on his arm to stop him. "Wait, Danny. I'll go with you. Let Sharon enjoy herself."

Lisa had decided that Danny was spending enough time with Sharon. The mother wanted to use every chance she got to be with her son.

On the way down the stairs to the office Lisa said, "You like Sharon a lot, don't you, Danny?" She was fishing for an answer to how close the girl was to her son.

"Yeah…I guess so…''

Lisa persisted. "You guess so? You mean to tell me you're spending all this time with the girl and you don't even know for certain if you like her?"

"Mom, you know how it is. I'm not a little boy like I used to be. I notice girls now. It's just a natural thing to do at my age."

Lisa was a little hurt by Danny's abrupt tone. "Do you think I treat you too much like a little boy, Danny?"

Danny seemed reluctant to answer.

"Go on, Danny. You can be honest with me. I won't get mad, I promise."

"Well… yeah, I guess so. I mean, you still think I'm your little boy, and I'm almost a man now."

"Is that why you like Sharon, darling. Because she treats you like a man?" Lisa asked the question as a challenge to see if her son would tell her the truth. She knew that the boy was fucking Sharon.

Danny smiled slightly. "Yeah, she treats me like a man, I guess."

Lisa Hargrove had decided that tonight was the night her son was going to learn about fucking from a real woman, and that woman was going to be his mother.

"Come on, Danny," she said as she led him up the stairs toward her room. "Forget about the ice and the party. We're going to have our own party in my room."

"Mom? The ice for the party," Danny said, not knowing what she was going to do.

"They'll send someone else for ice, darling. We have more important things to worry about.

The boy was speechless as his mother led him to her room. He clutched the ice buckets in his hand and tried to figure out what had caused the sudden change in her.

Lisa opened the door of her room and pulled her son inside. "Give me those things," she said as she yanked the plastic buckets from his hand.

Lisa put the buckets on the dresser and turned to face her son. She stood with her hands on her hips. Her big jugs moved up and down as she breathed deeply and stared at Danny. She was wearing her short, low-cut blue dress.

Lisa's nipples burned and her cunt was getting very wet as she looked at her son.

"Danny," she said finally, after making the boy wait a long time. "It's about time I taught you things that only a mother can teach her son. It's time you knew about the pleasure a woman's body can give a man."

Danny gaped at his smiling mother. He heard her, and yet he didn't hear her. "Mom… you mean you want to…"

"Yes, darling! Mommy wants to fuck her boy. She wants to take your big cock in her pussy and fuck you until you give her all your cum. Then she wants to suck your cock off! Does that sound good to you, darling?"

It certainly did sound good to the trembling boy. He thought about such a thing happening many times since he was old enough to notice what a big-titted, hot-assed body his beautiful mother had. He looked at her for a long moment and then reached down to unbuckle his belt. His hands moved almost without him willing them to. Danny was young and not terribly experienced, but he wasn't an idiot. He wasn't going to pass up a body like his mother's.

Lisa grinned at the boy as he dropped his pants and stood on one foot to remove his shoes and socks. She began to take her own clothing off. There had never been any doubt in her mind that Danny would want to fuck her too.

"Mommy has waited so long to fuck her baby!" Lisa hissed at her son as she stood before him dressed only in her bra and panties. She took off the bra. "See what I have for you, Danny. Mommy has a set of big titties for her baby to suck on."

Danny now had his shoes and pants off. He stood and stared at the magnificent set of huge tits that belonged to his mother. His cock ached with a hungry pain as he looked at the fantastic tits. "No…" was all the choked up boy could get out of his dry throat.

Lisa hooked her thumbs in the band of her panties and paused for a moment before taking off the only piece of clothing that prevented her from being naked.

"Oh, Danny… "she whispered and trembled as she looked at the large bulge of his cock beneath his shorts. "Get naked for me, lover! Mommy wants to see her little boy's cock!"

He took off his shirt and quickly pushed his shorts down.

"Danny! My beautiful boy!" she growled when his big prick was exposed. She nodded her head up and down as she saw the swollen cock bob up and down in front of her eyes.

"Mom! Do you like it!?" the horny boy asked, feeling very inadequate standing in front of the beautiful woman. She didn't seem like his mother to him now. She seemed instead like a strange exotic woman who had just picked him up and brought him to her motel room for a fuck.

"Like it! Oh sweet baby, I love your cock. From now on I'm going to use your cock to give my body so much pleasure. Do you want me to use your cock, Danny?"

"Yeah… " he gulped, staring at her panties, and hoping that she would go ahead and take the final bit of cloth away from her cunt.

Lisa saw where his eyes were staring and smiled at him. "You're going to see my pussy now, Danny." Lisa enjoyed the slow teasing way she was leading up to fucking her son. She had imagined that when she finally fucked Danny she would have simply grabbed his cock and put it in her hungry cunt. There was a different feeling about it now that the time for fucking him had actually come. She was happy to take it easy, and build her excitement as well as Danny's.

"Please… let me see your pussy," he whispered, his voice barely audible.

"My pussy is so hot for your big dick, baby. My cunt is so horny to eat your cock!"

Lisa swiftly took the panties off.

"Like it, Danny?" she grinned, her hands on her hips and her legs spread so that he got a good look at her cunt.

"I want to feel your pussy…" he whispered as he walked over to her. He reached down and cupped his hand over her steaming gash.

"Yessssss, baby! Mommy loves your hand on her cunt!"

Lisa reached down and grabbed his cock. They stood close together and felt each other for a long time, thrilling to discover a new relationship that would change their lives forever.

As Lisa slowly stroked his long, hard dick she asked, "Have you ever jerked off while you thought of fucking me, darling?"

Danny thought she was reading his mind. He remembered nights when he had shot his cum onto the sheets and into the bathroom sink while thinking of fucking his mother.

He slipped a finger between the lips of her pussy and said, "Yeah, lots of times." He felt his confidence grow as she pulled on his cock.

"Oh, sweet baby!" she said and tightened her grip on his prick. "Mommy has fingered her pussy while she thought about fucking you too."

"You have?" he asked, his finger pushing further up into her wet cunt.

"I couldn't count the times I've put my finger in my cunt and fucked myself with it while I thought about you and wished your cock was in my cunt instead of my finger."

"Do you want to put my cock in now and see how it feels?" Danny asked.

Lisa grinned and didn't answer him. Her answer was to move away from him and get onto the bed. She turned over on her back and spread her long, hot legs for her son.

"Now, sweetheart. Now is the time I am going to get to feel your big cock for the first time." She wriggled her ass and pushed her cunt up in invitation to her boy. "But not the last time," she added as she thought of the beautiful years ahead and all the fucking and sucking he was going to give her.

"You're so beautiful," Danny said and climbed onto the bed. He hovered over her hot-assed body for a moment before sucking one of her hard nipples into his mouth.

"You horny little bastard!" Lisa squealed and cupped her other tit for him to suck. She was wild now as he slavishly licked and sucked her giant tits. She reached down and grabbed his cock, using the hard prick to try to pull his body between her legs.

Danny was enjoying eating her huge jugs too much to worry about getting his dick into her. He had never sucked on such a pair of tits; not even the big jugs belonging to Linda Morse.

The excited boy thought of Linda Morse for a moment and decided that when the trip was over he was going to call his classmate up and get a hot welcome home fuck from the hot-assed cheerleader "Fuck me, Danny! Mommy wants to be fucked by her son! Don't make me wait any longer honey. Mommy has waited so many years to fuck her boy!'' "I'll fuck you now!" Danny growled and let her put the head of his dick against the opening of her pussy.

Lisa threw her legs up into the air, clutched at his firm ass, and told him just what to do to her.

"F'uck me like a whore, Danny! Mommy wants her son to fuck her like a fucking whore!"

The boy drove down into her cunt with all the strength he had.

"Motherfucker!" the stuffed mother screamed when she felt the long, thick cock sink into her hot hole. "You motherfucking little son of a bitch! You horny bastard! You big cock! Fuck meeeeeee! Mommy wants all of her baby's big dick!"

The incredible heat that was wrapped around his cock was like nothing Danny had ever experienced. His ass stung from the sharp points of her scratching nails. His heavy balls were crushed against her sweaty ass each time he plunged down into her steaming snatch.

"Fuck meeeee! I want to fuck my son! My son is my big hard fucker! He fucks me better than any man can! My Danny can fuck my hot pussy any time he wants to fuck it! He can eat my wet cunt whenever he wants to!"

Danny pumped away on his mother's cunt. The boy was driven by the exquisite squeezing pressure of her tight twat and the wildly exciting words she chanted mindlessly into his ear.

"Hump back! Hump back!" was all he could think to say. He didn't need to encourage his wild mother.

"I'll hump you better than you've ever been humped, Danny!" she cried out and wrapped her long, hot legs around his back. He found himself pulled down onto her hot flesh by the strong gripping action of her legs. She pushed the heels of her feet against his ass and used the leverage to shove her greedy pussy up for more of his young cock.

"Mom! I'm gonna come in you!" he suddenly shouted as his balls jerked and his dick throbbed to signal that a hot load of jizz was going to fill his mother's cunt.

Lisa was speechless for a moment. She was hit by the reality of what was about to happen to her.

Her little boy was about to shoot his cum into her cunt!

"Yessssss! Danny! I want your cum! Mommy wants to take her baby's hot cum! Come in me! Came in me! Come in meeee!"

"Screw you! Fuck you, whore! My mother is a whore! My mother is a cocksucking slut! She's a big-titted cunt! I'm fucking my mother's pussy! My cum is shooting in my mother's hot cunt!" He cursed and screamed at her as blast after hard blast ripped through his balls, sending a torrent of thick jizz into Lisa's hungry pussy.

"Mommy is coming with you! Mommy is coming with her baby!" She pulled him down with her legs and arms until he was no longer able to move on top of her. She had his body firmly clamped to hers. His cock was buried deep in her milking twat. The long hard prick gushed its final load of cum.

She held him like that for a long time after they had finished coming together. Lisa knew that, no matter how many times she fucked Danny in the future, there would never be a moment as special as the moment she was now experiencing. The first time was something she wanted to dwell upon and keep firmly in her mind.

"My wonderful boy," the happy, proud mother said as she squeezed her cunt around his limp cock and patted his sweaty back. "Mommy is never going to give her baby a chance to get horny again. I am going to drain your balls of their delicious cum as fast as it can be made."

"Mom," he whispered as he put his hand between their hot bodies to play with her fat tit "I loveyou."

She squeezed his cock again with her tight pussy. "I love you too, Danny."

"Is there anything else you want me to do to you now?" Danny asked as he pinched her nipple.

Lisa had an excellent idea. "Yes, darling. Mommy wants her baby to eat her wet pussy."

"Okay," he grinned and got up off her. He started to go down on her, but she held his head away from her hot cunt.

"Not that way, darling. I want to sit on your face. I want to squat over your handsome face and let you eat me like that. Would you like to do that darling? Would you like to fuck my pussy with your tongue and suck on my cunt?"

Danny answered by getting on his back and waiting for her to sit over his face. "Come on," he whispered as he stared at her oozing cunt.

"Yes, honey. Mommy is going to have her cunt eaten by her baby boy." She trembled as she crawled over him and squatted over his face.

"It smells good," Danny groaned and stuck his tongue out to touch the pink lips of her cunt.

"My wonderful baby boy!" she squealed when his tongue touched the quivering lips of her pussy. She grabbed her tits, arched her back and threw back her head. "Eat me, Danny! Mommy wants her cunt eaten!"

Lisa reached down with her hand between his face and her pussy. She touched his face gently and then found her cunt with her finger. "Mommy is going to rub her cit while her baby fucks her pussy with his tongue," the hot mother groaned, feeling the steady sliding of his tongue into her wet cunt.

Danny drove his tongue up into her drooling cunt until his jaw ached. He reached around her hot body to grab her asscheeks and pull on them as he tongue-fucked her. His finger sought his mother's shithole.

"Yessssss, Danny!" she screamed with delight when she felt the boy's finger probe the tiny, wrinkled opening of her asshole. "Shove it in my ass!"

The squirming woman pushed her body down to meet his fucking tongue. At the same time she squirmed her hot ass down to accept his finger.

Danny felt the tight, squeezing pressure on his finger in her tight asshole. Her gripping twat was squeezing his tongue almost as hard.

The eating boy gulped down her juices as her pussy grew hotter and wetter. His balls twitched and he reached down his other hand to stroke his aching cock as the long, thick shaft grew with excitement. He knew that as soon as he finished eating his mother's cunt, he would be ready again to fuck her with his stiff prick.

"Not too much longer, Danny! Do that much longer and you're going to make me come! Mommy is getting so hot she's about to burn up! Oh, baby! Mommy didn't know her boy was such a terrific pussy eater!''

Lisa took her finger away from her cunt and started playing with her big jugs again. The stiff, burning nipples of her fat tits told her that her blast was very close. She had learned through experience that the burning in her nipples was never wrong. She got herself ready for an explosive blast.

Danny felt his mother's finger pull away from her clit. He took his tongue out of her hot hole and wrapped his lips around her throbbing cunt. The eager boy sucked hard.

"That's the thing to do, baby! Mommy's boy knows just what to do to my cunt! You are doing the right thing to me, Danny! I'm going to come! Mommy is going to come on her baby's face!"

Danny wanted to give his mother the very best she had ever had. She screamed again and came as he drove his finger deeper into her asshole and sucked even harder on her cunt. He pumped his hard dick at the same time. A few more strokes and he would shoot another load of his hot jizz out of his cock.

"Suck my cunt!" she squealed and came another time. "My tits are burning! My asshole is on fire! I'm coming, Danny! Mommy is coming!"

Her baby was sucking her pussy off! She had been eaten this way by many men, but nothing before or after could compare to being eaten by her own son.

Danny was almost being smothered by his mother's wet, mashing pussy as she squirmed the mushy cunt down against his mouth and nose.

"Ummmm! Mmmmmmm!" the boy shouted up into her cunt, his words muffled and incoherent.

His mother didn't understand what he was shouting about. Even if she had been able to tell what he said, she was too busy enjoying the fading fires of her explosion to pay attention to him Lisa knew why her son had shouted when she felt the splat of something hot and wet against her back. Danny had been pumping his prick as he ate her. His cock was now shooting its cum out.

"Oh, darling! Come, Danny! Shoot that wet stuff out of your big dick, baby! Mommy wants to see her boy's hot cum!" the excited mother shouted and came again herself when she felt another shot of his cum hit her back.

Danny's cock finished shooting cum. He let the drained prick slip from his hand. He felt some of his cum run down his mother's back and drop onto his chest.

Lisa enjoyed the aftermath of her first fucking and sucking with Danny. The reality had been even better than the long fantasy. She felt no regrets at all. "Did you like it, darling?" she asked, afraid that he might feel guilty about fucking and eating her.

Danny looked up at his beautiful, naked mother. He stared at her big tits and smiled. "I really liked it. I hope we can do it a lot…if it's okay with you."

Lisa grinned broadly, "Okay? Are you kidding, darling? Mommy wants you to fuck her pussy anytime you feel like it. From now on you don't ever have to go one day without using this beautiful thing!"

Danny reached up to squeeze one of her hanging tits. He smiled when she moaned and tightened her grip on his cock.

"Do you want to get it hard for me again?" he asked when he felt his prick throb.

Lisa released his cock and stood. She smiled down at him and said, "We'll have many times for that, darling. I think we'd better get back to the party for now. Are you ready to get dressed?"

The boy reluctantly got up, looking at her delicious tits as he stood. "I guess I can wait till after the party."

"Yes, baby, after the party I'll let you fuck me again."


Mara had wondered what had happened to Lisa and Danny when the two didn't return from getting ice. She wasn't too pleased about it; not because of the ice, but because Lisa was interesting to be with. Most of the others at the party were so boring Mara didn't even want to talk to them. The only one she was really that interested in was Mike.

Man looked impatiently over at Sharon's father. The handsome man had been involved in a long conversation with two of the other parents.

Mara wanted to get him alone, for some talking, and if she was lucky, something even better.

Mara smiled to herself when she saw the other two parents say goodnight to Mike and head for the door. Mike was now alone. Mara quickly walked over to him.

"Wow!" she smiled at Mike. "The three of you must have had a very interesting conversation."

Mike smiled back and sipped his drink. "Not much of a conversation, really. I was hoping you would come on over and rescue me earlier."

Mara frowned. "What? You mean to tell me I was over there wishing those two jerks would leave and you were wishing the same thing?"

"Looks that way, Mara. Those two were serious about this tour. They kept talking about how talented their kids were, and how they had given the best speeches. I didn't come to this party to hear that crap. I came here because I wanted to have a good time."

Mara rolled her eyes and said, "Now he tells me."

They both laughed. Mara felt her nipples ache as she looked at the attractive man. She had made up her mind to fuck him before the night was finished. "I'm going to make certain you have a good time at my party, Mike. First, I'll get you another drink.''

They talked while Mara made the drink and Mara could tell that he was going to be a good fuck. She had always been able to tell that about the many men she had fucked. Her cunt began to get hot as she anticipated the feel of his big dick in her pussy.

As they talked Mara saw that Mike couldn't keep his eyes off her tits. She grew tired of the talk in a hurry. There was no point in wasting time talking. He wanted her. She wanted him.

Mara pressed her hot body close to him so that her big tit was against his arm. "Let's go some place where we can be alone, Mike. Is your room okay?"

Mike looked pleased, but a little taken off his guard. "What about your party, Mara? Aren't you going to have to hang around to play hostess?"

Mara looked around the room. She smiled at Mike and said, "No thank you, Mike. I've had enough of these fools. I'm sure they will be able to find their way back to their rooms when they're ready."

He smiled and took her arm after he put his drink down. "Let's go to my room then."

When they were in Mike's room he said, "I'm sorry I don't have anything to offer to drink, Mart I wasn't really expecting to have any guests tonight."

Man laughed and stepped close to him. "I didn't come here to drink, lover. I came here to get fucked!" She reached down and grabbed the front of his slacks. "Ooooooo! It's really a big one, isn't it Mike?"

"Take it out and you'll really see how big it is Mara," Mike grinned, his voice strained, as her hand gripped his cock and balls tightly.

"Anything you say, Mike," Mara smiled and unzipped his pants. She tugged his cock out of his slacks and shorts. "Yummy," she grinned when she saw the growing prick. I see that it needs a little help to get it hard all the way."

"Well then, help it, baby!" Mike growled as she slowly stroked the big dick.

She took his belt and slacks and pulled them down around his ankles. She then yanked his shorts down. She fell to her knees in the classic position of a cocksucker and took his hardening cock into her hungry mouth. "Mmmmmm!"

"Wow, baby! You have the hottest mouth I've ever felt on my dick," he whispered, having trouble speaking, so great was his excitement as she worked his long prick into an aching hardness. She was really quite a cocksucking expert. Mara loved to suck big cocks. She worked her greedy mouth along his delicious cock until the burning shaft was rock-hard.

"Tighter, Mara! Suck it with your lips tighter on it!" He thought of the way Lisa had sucked his cock on the bus. As good as Mara was, he thought that Lisa was a better sucker of cocks; but only by a small margin.

Mara strangely enough thought of Lisa at almost the same moment. She was wondering how it would be to suck and fuck Mike with Lisa. Her imagination ran wild as she pictured in her mind all the things she and Lisa could do to the man. She moaned around his cock as she pictured him eating Lisa's pussy.

"Eat my cock, Mara!" He gripped the back of her head and forced her to take even more of his cock.

Maya took allof his dick. She had had it happen to her before when she sucked cock. Some men wanted to see just how far they could go with her. She knew that a lot of men thought that she would beg them to stop at a certain point, but she had never begged a man to stop. She was proud that she could take all that a man could give her.

The wildly sucking woman wanted suddenly to show the man that she would do anything to please him. She wanted to be known as the biggest whore that ever lived.

"Hey!" Mike groaned when she let his cock slip from her mouth. "What's happening, Mara? I was going to come with just a little more sucking, baby…"

She stood and took her dress off so fast that she ripped it a little. She wasn't wearing a bra, and her shoes and panties came off in a flash. She turned, got down on her hands and knees on the floor, and looked back over her shoulder at the man.

"Fuck me in the ass, Mike!" she hissed and dropped her head to the floor as she waited for him to obey her. She didn't feel that it was necessary to say more. She knew that his excitement, and the sight of her big, hot ass would be all the encouragement the man would need.

Mike got out of his clothes in a big hurry. It had been a long time since he had fucked a woman in the ass. That woman had been very reluctant about it. He had had to spend a long time convincing her that it wouldn't hurt so much. The horny man wasn't going to pass up an opportunity like the one Mara was giving him. She was begging to get it in her big ass.

"Don't waste any time, lover! Fuck my ass with your big cock!" She shouted back to him when she felt him kneel over her back.

Mike found her asshole and rammed forward. The hard gripping pressure of her tight ass made him cry out with a mixture of pain and pleasure as his cock sank all the way into her shithole.

"Godddddd!" the masochistic pleasure almost made Mara black out. The very moment she thought she would pass out she gritted her teeth and felt the pain change into a blazing pleasure. "Harder! Fuck my tight ass harder!"

He groaned as he pulled back to fuck into her again. Her ass was so tight it felt like she was pulling the skin off his prick. He was certain that his cock would be very sore after he finished fucking her.

She reached back under her body to rub her cunt as he plunged back into her ass. After a few rapid strokes of his cock, she grabbed his heavy, hanging balls. She pulled on them so hard he cried out with pain.

"Take it easy, woman! You're pulling my nuts off!" He rammed even harder into her when she squeezed his sensitive balls.

"If I can take your big dick in my ass, then you can stand a little pulling on your balls!" Mara answered. She pulled on his nuts again.

''If… that's how you want it, woman… that's how you're gonna get it!" he shouted and tried to hurt her with his powerful plunges. He held her sweaty hips firmly in his hands and slammed into her; sparing none of his strength in an effort to make her scream with pain.

"Ha! Ha! Ha!" she laughed as he strained to hurt her. "Forget it if you think I can't take it all, you big fucking bastard! The man hasn't been born who can make me beg for mercy! I'll take all the fucking you can give me! I'll take on a hundred men and wear them out!"

"You horny bitch! Scream, you fucking cunt! I want to hear you scream when I fuck your ass!" he growled, feeling pain himself when she squeezed his balls harder. His cock was throbbing violently now. He wouldn't be able to hold out much longer. He silently pleaded with his balls to hold back their huge load of cum. Desperately, he wanted to make Mara came before he did. His own pleasure was forgotten as he plowed into her ass. He had to make her come before he did!

"Come, Mike! Fill my ass up with your cum!" Mara groaned.

"I can't wait, bitch! You won't let me wait! Come with me, cunt! You cocksucking bitch! Come with me!" he moaned and shouted when his balls told him his jizz was about to flow into her shithole.

"Not yet, bastard! I'm not going to come until your balls are empty!" she screamed back at him. Just as she said it, she felt the first shot of his boiling cum hit the walls of her asshole.

"Yeah, man! Shoot it good! You blasting bastard! I want it all!"

Mike forgot about holding back now. The pleasure was so intense that he could think of nothing else but it. He drove hard into her asshole and stayed there, letting his cock drain his cum out.

When Mara was sure he had finished coming, she reached back underneath her ass and pulled his cock out. With amazing ease she put his cock into her wet cunt.

"Now, bastard! Now I'm ready to come! I want you to do the same thing to my cunt that you just did to my ass. I want you to fuck my cunt as hard as you can!" She helped him get into it by shoving back to fuck his drained prick.

Mike groaned again at the wet hotness of her cunt and started fucking again. His prick wasn't as hard as it had been, but it was hard enough to still give the wild woman a good fucking. He began to get into it and reached under the bucking woman to grab her huge, swaying jugs in his hands. She screamed her joy when he squeezed her tits.

"Hurt them you bastard! Rip my tits off my body and fuck my tight pussy!" she shouted and fucked back faster to take his thick dick.

Mike was surprised that his cock was staying hard so long. Not only was the long cock staying hard, it was beginning to throb again with new excitement.

The hot woman didn't need much from the fucking man to make her come. She rose up on her knees and screamed as the first orgasm hit her body. "Eeeeeeee! Motherfucker! Fuck meeee! My pussy is coming! Fuck my cunt!"

Mike came just as she was about to complete her blast. He humped the hot bitch hard for the second time and filled up another hole in her hot body.

Then he let her relax.


Lisa was a very happy woman as she closed the door of her room behind her. She smiled at Danny and took his hand as they walked along the balcony that ran in front of the motel rooms.

"Maybe we should have just stayed in my room and forgotten about the party," the smiling mother said to her son.

"It's not too late," Danny grinned. He stopped and looked back toward the room.

Lisa laughed and pulled him forward. "I was just kidding darling. We will have plenty of time for fucking later. Mara is probably pretty irritated with me right now. Not only did I not return with the ice, I also didn't stay to help her out with the guests.'' "It's not that big a deal is it?" Danny asked.

"Not really, darling. It's just that I like Mara a lot, and I don't want her to think I'd run out on her.'' "I'm sure she got along okay without you," Danny said as they neared the stairs that led down to the ground floor.

Lisa was about to say something when she heard a strange sound come from one of the rooms. She looked at the door they were in front of and saw the number.

"This is Mara's room," she said as she stopped in front of the door. "I'm sure I heard something coming from her room."

"What was it?" Danny asked.

Before Lisa could answer, they heard the sound again.


"It sounds like somebody is hurt!" Danny said as he stared at the door.

Lisa knew better. She smiled at Danny and pressed her ear against the door to listen. She knew that the sound wasn't one of pain. She recognized the sound as a moan of pure pleasure. Lisa felt her cunt throb.

Mara was getting fucked.

"I wonder who she's fucking?" Lisa whispered to her son.

"Huh?" Danny frowned, still not understanding what was going on.

Lisa took her ear away from the door and looked both ways to be sure no one was coming. "Danny, Mara is fucking a man in her room. Listen."

Danny let his mother push him against the door. He too was excited as he pressed his head against the door and listened. "Mom!" he said as his mouth dropped open. "I think I just heard her say Mike's name!"

Lisa pushed Danny away from the door and listened herself. There was no mistake. Mara was begging Mike to fuck her harder!

At first Lisa was somewhat jealous. She quickly put that emotion out of her head and replaced it with a better feeling. On the other side of the door was a man she had sucked, and also a woman she had eaten. The horny mother looked at her son and quickly decided what she was going to do.

"Since Mara isn't at the party either, Danny, we may as well have our own party in her room. I'm sure she won't mind having a little orgy."

Danny's first impulse was to run when his mother knocked on Mara's door. He couldn't make his feet move. He thought of Mara's big tits, and of watching his mother fuck Mike.

Lisa knocked firmly on Mara's door and waited.

She heard nothing. The fucking had suddenly stopped: She smiled when she heard Mike and Mara whispering. She knew that they were wondering if they should answer the knock.

Lisa decided to let them know that she wouldn't simply go away if they refused to answer. "Mara! I know what you're in there, and I know Mike is with you. I'm not going away, so you'd better open the door!" She lowered her voice a little as she said, "I'm not going to let you keep Mike's cock to yourself, darling."

"Damn!" Lisa heard Mike curse, but she heard a very different reaction from Mara.

"Okay, Lisa. You win!" Mara shouted and giggled.

Lisa smiled at Danny. She really had a surprise for Mara when the woman opened the door.

"Come in… "Mara said when she opened the door. She was naked. Her big jugs gleamed with sweat. Lisa looked past her and saw Mike sprawled naked on the bed. Mara's smile faded when she saw Danny. "Lisa! You didn't tell me Danny was with you!"

"Relax, darling. Danny and I just finished fucking. I thought you might like to try him out… that is if you're not too busy with Mike." Lisa grinned and looked past Mara at Mike.

Mara quickly lost her stunned look, She grinned at Danny and took his hand. "Come inside, Danny. Mara is going to show you a few things your mother forgot to teach you." The naked, big-titted woman pulled the boy into the room.

Lisa followed and closed the door behind her.

"Just come on over here to the bed, Danny. Mike. Move your ass over. Danny and I are going to have us some hot fucking!"

"Hey! What the fuck is going on here?" Mike said as he sat up on the edge of the bed. His long cock swayed between his hairy thighs.

Lisa walked over to the man. She reached down and grabbed his jerking dick. "Don't worry, Mike. I'm going to take care of this thing." She pulled on his dick and he answered by moaning and falling back to the bed.

Lisa knelt between his legs and started to work on his hard dick. She pumped her pretty face up and down on the thick shaft.

"Suck him good, Lisa!" Mara laughed and helped Danny out of his clothes. She soon had the boy naked. She grinned when she saw what a big, hard prick the boy had.

"First, I'll show you how I suck balls, Danny," Mara said, pulling Danny down onto the bed next to Mike. She put the naked boy on his back so that she could reach his cock and balls. "I love to suck on a nice, heavy set of young nuts," Mara moaned and immediately sucked in one of Danny's balls. The hot-assed woman wished that she had Jeff's balls in her mouth.

Lisa released Mike's cock to stand and take off her clothes. She then squatted over the man's cock and reached down to guide the swollen shaft to her oozing cunt.

"Ride his cock good, Lisa!" Mara laughed when she looked up and saw her friend sitting over Mike's hips. "Fuck that big dick until he squirts his cum into your cunt!"

"Don't worry, Mara!" Lisa growled as she snapped her pussy down to engulf allof Mike's prick. "I'll give him a fucking he'll never forget." She fucked up and down on his cock, leaning back and squeezing her jugs as she fucked.

"That looks good!" Mara grinned and sat up. She copied Lisa's position over Danny's throbbing prick. "I love to ride young cocks!" the wild woman hissed, putting Danny's cock into her cunt! She leaned forward and rested her hands on the boy's chest as she fucked down on his dick.

Danny groaned at the wonderful, hot tightness of the woman's milking pussy. He reached up and squeezed her huge, hanging jugs hard. "Look, Mom! She's fucking me! Mara's fucking my dick!"

"Fuck my baby, Mara! Fuck my boy's cock hard! I want you to empty his big dick, Mara!" Lisa rasped as she looked over and saw what her beautiful friend was doing to her son. "Fuck her back, Danny! Fuck your cock up into Mara's pussy!"

Mike was amazed at what was happening. Just a few minutes before he had been fucking Mara. Now, he had to blink his eyes to be certain he was seeing what he thought he was seeing. There was no doubt about the reality of the tight cunt that rode his swollen cock. He reached up to grab Lisa's big tits, pushing her hands away.

Lisa felt her pussy tingle. She looked over at her son's face. She moaned when she saw the twisted expression on Danny's face. Her boy was about to come also. She was going to see her son come. She was going to see her friend fuck the cum out of her boy's cock.

"Shoot that cum, Danny! Mommy wants her baby to cream Mara's pussy! Squirt your jizz in her cunt, darling! Mommy wants her baby to empty his big cock into Mara's cunt!"

Danny heard his mother shouting to him. He blasted into Mara's cunt. "Fuck me, Mara! I'm coming in you!" the boy screamed and pulled down roughly on her bouncing tits.

"Come with him, Mara!" Lisa shouted, increasing the pace of her own fucking of Mike's cock.

"I am! I am, Lisa! I'm coming with him! Oh, Lisa, I'm coming with your boy!" The hot-assed woman almost lifted her cunt off his squirting cock as she went wild and rode out her intense explosion.

"Shit, woman! I'm coming too!" Mike suddenly said. He shoved up his hips and shot a blast of jizz up into Lisa's fucking pussy.

"Woweeeee!" Lisa squealed with delight. All she had to do now was come herself. She was the only one of the four who wasn't coming. Just a little more and she would join them.

The pounding her pussy was taking drove her over the top. "Wait! Me tooooo! Me tooooo!" she screamed and thought her pussy was going to be split by the man's driving cock.

After coming Mara fell away from Danny's cock. She fell into Lisa, who had just finished coming on Mike's dick, The two women embraced. Lisa kissed Mara, driving her tongue into the other woman's mouth.

"Your boy sure knows how to use that cock of his, Lisa," Mara smiled as she got off Danny and reached down to touch his limp cock.

"I know. I just found that out tonight," Lisa grinned. She took Mike's cock in her hand and began to slowly pump the soft prick.

Mara looked puzzled. "What! I thought you had been fucking Danny for a long time."

"I should have been, but like a fool I kept putting it off. Tonight was the first time."

"Was it good. I mean was it good as you thought it was going to be?" Mara asked.

"It was wonderful, Mara. I have wondered for years what it would feel like to get Danny's cock in my cunt, and now my only regret is that I waited so long."

Mara frowned as she thought about something.

"I want to fuck Jeff, Lisa, but I've never got around to asking him."

Lisa had a terrific idea. Her cunt twitched when she thought of the idea. "Mara. Let's bring Jeff in here. Believe me the sooner you start fucking your son, the better. Don't wait another night. Now is the time to do it!"

Mara released Danny's cock and sat up straight. She grinned at Lisa and said, "You're right, Lisa! I'm going to do it! I'm not going in wait any longer.

Lisa took Danny's hand and pulled him up. "Danny. Go find Jeff and tell him his mother wants to see him right away. Where do you think he is, Mara?"

"The last time I saw him he was with Sharon. You better check with their rooms first, Danny."

Mike sat up. "He's with Sharon?" The father looked worried. "What if he brings Sharon with him?"

Lisa pushed the man back onto his back and stroked his cock again. "So what, Mike? Have you ever fucked your little girl?"

"No, of course not."

"Don't you want to Mike?" She squeezed his cock tighter as she asked the question.

"Well… I guess so, but…" ''But my ass!'' Lisa said. ''It's about time Sharon had her little pussy fucked by her father's big cock. Danny, get your clothes on and find Jeff, and Sharon. Bring them both here in a hurry."

"Yes, ma'm," Danny grinned and got up to dress.

"Hell, don't I have anything to say about this?" Mike asked the two big-titted, smiling women.

"You'll have plenty to say when you feel your little girl's tight pussy wrapped around your hard cock. In the time while we wait for Danny to bring her here you'll have to take care of us, right, Mara?"

Mara grinned at her friend, "Right, Lisa." She moved over Mike's head and squatted over his face. "Eat my hot pussy, Mike!"

Lisa took his cock into her wet mouth. When she heard Danny leave the room she felt a special thrill in her cunt. It was going to be exciting to watch Mike fuck his girl and Mara fuck her boy.

Lisa had worked Mike's cock back to its full hardness when she heard Danny return. She didn't turn around then. She wanted to give Jeff and Sharon a moment to take in the wild scene on the bed. Then she realized that Danny might not have been able to find the other two kids. She let Mike's cock slip from her mouth and turned around.

"See," Danny said to Jeff and Sharon as the boy and girl gasped at the three naked adults on the bed. "You wouldn't believe me. Do you believe me now?"

Lisa smiled when she saw the three young people. She got off the bed and walked over to them.

"Close the door, and come to the bed, Danny. Come with me, kids," she said as she took Jeff's hand and then Sharon's.

Lisa led Jeff and Sharon to the bed. The boy and girl were too stunned to protest.

"Daddy?" Sharon said, her face showing her confusion as she looked down at her naked father.

Mara had gotten off Mike's face. Her pussy dripped juices from her cunt, and she could barely control her wild excitement as she watched Sharon's reaction. "Come here, girl," Mara said as she pulled Sharon down to the bed.

Sharon fell forward onto the bed. Mara pushed the girls' head over Mike's jerking cock. "Take a good look at it, Sharon. Daddy's cock is big and hard and ready for his little girl. Wouldn't you like to suck his cock, Sharon?"

Man grinned and waited for the girl to answer. Sharon stared at her father's big dick and gulped. She couldn't make her mouth say any words.

"Yes she would like to suck my cock, wouldn't you, Sharon?" Mike answered for her, reaching down to stroke his aching dick in front of Sharon's pretty face.

"Yes. I want to suck it. Daddy? Can I suck it for you? Please let me suck your dick?" the horny girl whispered as she stared at the swollen cock.

"Go ahead and eat my cock, baby. Daddy wants to feel his little girl's sweet mouth on his prick!" Mike hissed, the excitement making him lose control.

"Suck his cock, Sharon!" Lisa ordered. She lost all patience with the girl. Her cunt throbbed with desire, and she wanted to see Mike's big dick in his daughter's mouth.

"Suck it, you little bitch!" Mara joined in. She put her hand on the back of Sharon's head and pushed the girl's mouth down toward Mike's cock.

"My sweet girl!" Mike groaned when Sharon's lips parted and his cock was shoved into her young mouth!

Sharon took most of her father's thick cock into her mouth. It was the best tasting cock she had ever eaten, and the horny young girl had managed to suck quite a few of the boys she went to school with. She moaned and wished someone would help her out of her clothes and either eat her wet cunt, or shove a cock into it.

Mara and Lisa had already thought about that. The two women grinned at each other and began to help Sharon out of her jeans and shoes. Danny and Jeff stopped watching the girl suck her father's cock long enough to help also.

"What a pretty little pussy!" Lisa said when Sharon's cunt was exposed. The sucking girl now wore only her blouse.

"Which one of us is going to suck it first, Lisa?" Mara asked as she looked at the other hungry woman.

"I am, darling," Lisa smiled and reached out to shove her finger into Sharon's wet cunt. The girl's hot ass was up in the air. She was on her hands and knees as she ate her father's cock.

"Oh, damn!" Mara frowned. "I wanted to taste that young pussy!"

Lisa fucked her finger deeper into Sharon's cunt and said, "Haven't you forgotten something, Mara? Wasn't the idea to get Jeff in here so you could fuck him?"

Mara brightened as she remembered her son. "Yes, I know now what I'm going to do."

Mara turned to Jeff and said, "Get over here, Jeff! I want you naked in a hurry. Don't give me any problems, boy. Momma is going to show you things none of those young girls in school have learned yet."

Jeff did just as his mother instructed. He soon was standing in front of his big-titted, hot-assed mother. His long dick jerked up and down in front of his naked body.

Mara swung her legs off the bed and reached out for her son's big cock She used the hard prick as a handle to pull Jeff's body closer to the bed. "I've been waiting so long to touch this thing, baby," she said, her hand holding his dick the way one would hold a fine piece of expensive China.

Jeff was aggressive with his mother. He too had wondered what it would be like to fuck her. He reached down and cupped one of her huge, firm jugs. His hand felt the heat of the big tit.

"Ooooooo, my sweet little boy. Momma wants you to do it all to her hot body. Momma wants you to squeeze her hot tits… and to play with her cunt and to stick your big cock into her mouth!"

Jeff pulled her head forward toward his jutting dick.

Mara smiled and opened her mouth wide as the tip of his swollen cock parted her wet lips.

"More! Mummmmmm! MORE!" the crazed woman groaned around the purple, swollen head of her boy's cock. His hard meat was the sweetest she had ever tasted. She had to reach down to shove her fingers into her cunt in an effort to help ease the itch in the hot, wet hole.

Lisa looked over at Jeff and Mara. "Suck his dick until he gives you all that sweet cum, Mara!" the grinning woman shouted as she drove her finger into Sharon's tight pussy.

"Mom… " Danny gasped.

Lisa looked over at her boy. He was standing next to the bed. He was naked and had his hard cock in his hand.

"Oh, Danny! Do I ever have a hot place for you to stick that beautiful dick! Don't use your hand on it, baby, not when I've got this wet pussy you can put it in!"

Lisa lifted her body on her hands and knees. She was directly behind Sharon. Her face was rightt behind the girl's pretty ass. Lisa stuck her tongue out and lapped at Sharon's dripping cunt, and waited for Danny to get his cock into her own horny pussy.

"Umphl Arrggghhb! Oh, shit! You are such a horny little bastard, Danny! You sure know how to use that big cock! Mommy is so proud of her boy! Mommy is so proud of the way her boy fucks!"

"I'm gonna split your tight pussy open, you fucking whore!" Danny groaned at his mother and rammed into her cunt until his balls slapped hard against her upturned ass. He didn't think of the woman bending under his body now as his mother. He thought of her as nothing but a hot-assed, cock hungry slut. He didn't want to think of her as his mother now. It was exciting to think of her as some older whore he had picked up on the street and paid ten dollars to fuck.

"Yes, Danny! Call me a whore! Mommy wants to be your big-titted whore! Mommy wants to be your cock-sucking slut! I want to be your whore! I want to be your whore!"

Danny's furious pounding and her own wild words were making the insane woman blast. Before she realized it her pussy exploded.

"Fuck me, baby! Oh, Danny! Mommy is coming! Mommy is coming!"

She drove her tongue into Sharon's twat and showed back her ass to take all of Denny's cock. The wanton mother buried her face between Sharon's asscheeks and blasted, and blasted again.

"Mom!" Danny squealed. "Me too! I'm coming with you! You fucking slut! Take my cum! Take my dick in your cunt! Take my cum!"

Lisa came one more time when she felt his hot jizz blast into her tight snatch.

After coming, Lisa backed away from Sharon's cunt and ass. She looked around and smiled when she saw that Jeff was now on the bed with Mara. Mara was on her back. Her long legs were spread wide, and she waved them in the air as her son fucked hard down into her pussy. Lisa couldn't resist the impulse to reach over and pat Jeff on the ass as the boy drove down into his mother's cunt.

"Mmmmmm… "Lisa moaned when she felt Danny's softening cock slip from her squishy cunt. She got up and walked over to a chair that was near the door. Sitting down on the chair, the happy woman watched Sharon suck Mike's cock.

Lisa looked next to the father and daughter and saw that Jeff was still pumping hard into his mother's hungry cunt.

"Come here and eat my pussy, Danny!" Lisa ordered as she opened her legs and, stretched them out in front of her. She slid down in the chair so that Danny would have no trouble kneeling before her on the floor to eat her pussy.

Danny knelt between his mother's thighs and then immediately began to lick and suck her wet cunt.

"Suck my cunt, baby! Mommy loves it when her boy sucks her clit!"

Lisa looked up as she heard Mike shout that he was coming. She watched Sharon go wild in an effort to suck and swallow all of her father's hot cum. A minute later, Lisa saw Sharon pull her mouth away from Mike's drained cock.

"I want to fuck it now, Daddy!" Sharon said as she sat on her father's prick and began to ride the hard shaft with her tight young pussy.

"Yes, Danny! Tongue-fuck my pussy, baby!" Lisa hissed and reached down to hold her son's head.

She was going to come again soon. She watched as Mara grabbed Jeff's ass and screamed out her own explosion.

Lisa looked down at her handsome son and smiled as he drove her pussy so close to another blast. The trip was only a few days old. How much fucking and sucking would she enjoy before it was over?

"It's just beginning! Oh, baby, it's just beginning!" The hot-assed, big-titted mother groaned as the blast hit her.