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Swap island

Frank Anvic

Frank Anvic

Swap island


Pete Lonsdale stood on the flying bridge of his trim boat, the Sea Stud, and watched the darkening sky in the Gulf of California. He pushed his captain's cap back from his forehead and turned away from the wheel to look at the after deck below. His wife, Bunny, a startling blue-eyed blonde, sat on the railing talking to Darlene Baker, a fragile beautiful brunette sitting in a deck chair next to her husband, Jim, Pete's accountant.

Both women wore bathing suits, Bunny a two-piece bikini which showed off her figure to advantage, and Darlene a one-piecer with enough holes cut in it to make Pete want to crawl inside it and pull her body out and ravish it. Pete had to use a lot of willpower to keep from getting a hard-on looking at his accountant's wife right then.

The two girls, Olive Baker, 16, and Cathy Lonsdale, 15, were in the cabin, out of his sight, playing cards, he knew. Olive looked a lot like her mother, except that her hair was long and light brown where her mother's was short and raven dark. Looking at Darlene, now, from his high perch, Pete realized how much he wanted to make love to her.

She was deeply tanned and the bold wine-red bathing suit she wore was tight around her hips. Pete imagined that he could see the outlines of her pussy, the swollen ridges of her mons where the suit was tightest, at her crotch. He could see her pubic hairs because she had a luxuriant growth, that in the tight "nude look" suit she wore, overflowed, stuck out from underneath in provocative abundance.

Darlene was only thirty-two and she looked nineteen. Her breasts were still firm and shaped, her tummy flat. Her legs were shapely, emphasized by slender ankles and well-proportioned calves. For her size, five foot four, Darlene was a finely wrought package of sexiness. Pete looked down at her and thought how good it was going to be when he took that body of hers. Jim, her husband, was already half-bagged on Tecate beer and was spineless enough not to object when Pete asked him to exchange his Darlene for sex with Bunny.

"Ask hell," he thought. "I'll just order him,"

Pete knew his employee wouldn't object even if he asked him to dive over the side of the specially-built Chris Craft and swim back to San Felipe. If Pete told him to do this, Jim would, without serious question. Jim was a damned good accountant but that was the very reason he was no damned good as a red-blooded human being. Jim lived in a world of figures and didn't know shit about anything else. Pete chuckled to himself.

Jim Baker was going to get a good education on this trip. Pete licked his lips and shouted down to the group below. "Hey, how 'bout a beer up here?"

"I'll get it," Darlene said, "let me," and got up from her deck chair.

Bunny shaded her eyes and looked up at her husband. His blond hair, like hers, was bleached even blonder by the hours in the sun. Bunny took pride in her husband's charm and enjoyed seeing it demonstrated by the alacrity with which Darlene leaped up to bring a beer to Pete. She watched Darlene climb the "ladder" to the flying bridge and thought that Jim's wife had a good ass. This didn't make Bunny jealous because she knew that she herself was every bit as much a woman as Darlene.

Bunny and Pete had begun swapping sex partners long enough ago so that she knew what sex meant to Pete and to herself. It was a groovy thing and the way she felt about it was "whatever turns you on-enjoy!" She and her husband had been members of an exclusive private club in Riverside County, California, for over a year now and during that time they both had participated in a great many "groovy" scenes. In a way, she reflected, those scenes had helped to save their floundering marriage. They had gotten bored with each other and when Pete had found out about the swap club, their lives together had changed. Pete was younger than she was and it had been hard to hold on to him until they had loosened the restrictions within their own marriage.

She knew that Pete wanted to ball Darlene and she was confident that he would "firm it up," as he would say, today. In fact, she was looking forward to having sex with Jim Baker, who was shy and milquetoastish and tended to get drunk too easily. Bunny thought that it would be nice to turn a guy like Jim on with her charms. Like seducing a young boy or a priest. She smiled to herself as she thought about it and then, inspired to flirtatious action, she arose from her perch on the side of the boat and went to sit in Darlene's chair next to Jim.

"How do you like it out here in the Gulf of California, Jim?" she asked him.

"Oh, I'm so grateful to you and Mr. Lonsdale for inviting us down here," he said. "I-we, that is, have never been to Mexico before."

"Pete likes you, Jim," Bunny told him. "He also likes Darlene."

"Yes, I know," he said, looking up to the flying bridge where Pete and Darlene were laughing over something one of them had said. "I'm glad they get along so well together. Your husband is a very fascinating and dynamic man, Mrs. Lonsdale."

"Now, Jim, I've told you to call me Bunny. We're not formal out here."

"Of course, Bunny." Jim knew he had been drinking too much beer and he was trying not to show it. His rs were starting to slur and he had trouble holding his eyes in focus for very long.

Bunny reached over and patted the back of Jim's hand.

"Bring me a beer, Olive," she told her daughter. "I'll have one with you, Jim," she smiled.

On the flying bridge, Pete was using all of his masculine power on Darlene, fully confident of himself. He wore shorts and no shirt, low-cut canvas deck shoes and his captain's cap set on the back of his head. He was very tanned and there was hair on his chest. He looked, Darlene thought, like a blond Adonis framed against the sky.

"We're a long ways out, Darlene," Pete was telling her. "I don't even know if we can make it back to San Felipe until after dark."

"I wouldn't mind that," she said. "I'll bet it's beautiful out here at night."

"It is," he said. "Beautiful and romantic."

"Ummmm. Sounds like a delight," she cooed.

"Want to try and steer this baby?" he asked her.

"Oh, Pete, I'd love to! May I?"

"Sure. Step up here. I'll show you how." Darlene stepped in front of him to the wheel and grabbed two of the spokes.

"No, honey," Pete said, "let me show you." He stepped close behind her and put his arms around her, his hands on hers. "Put your right hand here on this high spoke and your left down here. Keep the compass setting right there at 240."

"Oh, this is fun," she said.

Pete moved closer until his chest was touching Darlene's back and his crotch pressing against her buttocks. She felt the contact and moved her body almost imperceptibly. Her posterior pushed backwards and encouraged, Pete crushed his genitals in the cleavage of Darlene's rear. He leaned over and kissed her behind the ear.

"Be careful, Jim and Bunny may be watching," she whispered.

"So? They can't see anything, but even if they did…" his voice trailed off.

"You're very close, you know," she said. "And I like it."

"I thought you would. We're going to have a lot of fun on this long weekend, Darlene."

"Fun-fun or just plain old fun?"

"Fun-fun," he said, pushing harder on Darlene's rear. He was getting hard and he smiled to himself.

"Do I feel what I think I feel?" she asked.

"Partly," he laughed.

She turned and looked up at him, her mouth slack, her eyes glistening.

"Pete, you'd better be careful. You don't know me. I get attached to such things."

"Good," he grinned. "I think everything's going to be firmed up in a little while."

"How do you mean that?"

"Several ways, honey. Just leave it to old Pete. The captain's king, isn't he?"

"I hope so," she laughed.

"You better believe it."

Darlene turned around again to watch the compass and Pete slid his hands off her arms and to her waist. Then he moved his hands upwards until they touched both breasts. He cupped them in his palms and kissed Darlene behind the ear. She shivered in his embrace and he pushed his half hard penis harder against the crack of her ass.

"Pete, you don't know what you're doing to me." she breathed.

"Oh yes I do," he said softly in her ear.

"Can they see?"

"I doubt it. Bunny's talking to Jim and she knows what I'm up to."

"She does'?" Darlene was incredulous.

"Sure. We talked it over. She knows I want you.”


"And everything will work out. She'll take Jim."

"Oh wow," said Darlene, "you mean we're going to change off, me and you, Bunny and Jim? I don't know what to say… I've heard of such things."

"Well, such things are about to happen. Relax, will you?" He kneaded her breasts in his palms and Darlene wiggled her ass against his hardening cock.

"Well, you're making me all hot and bothered," she said.

"Good," he said. "Just remember that tonight back at the motel." They were all staying at the El Cortez in San Felipe in three cabins, the way Pete had planned it. The two girls in one, Jim and Darlene in another and he and Bunny next door to them.

"I will," she said, "but seriously, you'd better stop that or I'll turn around and make you do it to me right now."

Pete laughed and took his hands away from her breasts.

"Whew!" he said, "you're some woman, Darlene. I'm about to rip my pants all to hell!"

Darlene laughed and their mingled laughter floated down below to Bunny and Jim.

"What're you two doing up there?" Jim asked, his speech slurring even more.

"Steering the ship!" Darlene answered.

"Well, steer a good course," he said and Pete and Darlene laughed again.

"We sure as hell will!" Pete shouted down.

He looked at the sky again and suddenly his face clouded up.

In front of the low elephantine clouds hung low in the afternoon sky. As Pete watched they seemed to dip lower and move closer. He looked around on all sides and saw that some of the sky was clear but very little of it. The sun, he knew, would soon be blocked from view.

"Looks sure as hell like a storm," he muttered more to himself than to Darlene.

"Does it?" she asked dumbly.

"Let's go below and turn on the ship-to-shore radio," he said.

Darlene nodded and he set the throttles. Darlene went down the ladder first and Pete followed then went into the cabin, past the two girls playing cards. Darlene stayed on deck with her husband and Bunny.

Pete turned on the Hallicrafter and it crackled into life.

"What's up, Pete?" Bunny called to him.

"Take a look at that goddamned sky!" he yelled. Pete heard the sputtering voices in Spanish talking back and forth. He identified them as part of the fishing fleet out of San Felipe. He listened and his face grew lined with concern. He looked down at his dials. They had been making good time out to the gulf and if he hadn't been paying all that attention to Darlene they wouldn't be this far out. He pulled back on the throttles and spun the wheel. The Reibowitz sank back on its haunches and arced in a wide starboard turn.

"Oh, are we going back so soon?" Darlene asked.

"Yeah," Pete said, tersely. "Storm warnings are up all along the gulf and on the other side of Baja."

Bunny left her seat and came in the cabin where Pete stood looking out at the water. The sea suddenly turned angry, whitecaps appeared, and they could feel the waves pounding against the turning hull.

"Bad?" she asked her husband.

"Bad enough. We'll be feeling wind in a minute or two. Look at those whitecaps. The Mexicans at San Felipe sounded scared as hell."

"Can we make it back to the El Cortez?" she asked.

"Hell, I don't know. It's a long way from here. It would take full speed steaming to make it back after dark."

"I'll make some sandwiches," Bunny said.

"Swell," said Pete. "I'm glad we stocked up the Stud for a long haul, just in case."


"Because I know damn well we're not going to make it back to San Felipe." He was listening to the radio talk in Spanish. "The Mexicans are saying that the storm has already hit them and is moving out our way. We've had it."

"What can we do?"

Pete looked at her and at the compass. He opened the box with the maps and charts and dug out several rolled-up ones.

"Hold the wheel steady on this course," he told his wife. He unfurled the papers and scanned them. "There, by God," he said after a moment.

"What is it, Pete?"

"There's an island near us that I remembered from before. A few Mexicans used to live there, then left. We used to stop there and hunt sea ducks after the war. Sonofabitch!"

He took the wheel from his wife and changed course. Fifteen minutes later the storm struck them with full fury and the six of them huddled in the cabin soaked to the skin. The Sea Stud tossed and floundered as it made its way laboriously to the island where Pete hoped they would be able to take shelter. Jim Baker was drunk enough so that he didn't realize the seriousness of the situation. Darlene hung on to Pete and looked at him every once in awhile. Bunny watched after Jim and the two girls were below in the sleeping quarters telling each other scary stories.

Darlene took reassurance from Pete, whose eyes showed no fear. On the contrary, she thought, they showed what she had seen on the flying bridge a half an hour before – a lustful shine that proclaimed that he wanted her and meant to have her.

In a while, Pete thought he could just make out the darker outlines of the island in the storm. He gave Darlene's hand a squeeze and gave her that look again.


Bunny's body writhed in total abandonment to the ecstasy that coursed through her veins. She felt the hot shaft of the slender man driving into her cunt and the fat boy's finger in her asshole nearly touching the slender man's cock. The third man was sucking her breasts with murderous expertise. And all the while she was screaming to them, "Just don't stop, you fuckers, don't stop! I'm coming all over the place!"

The darkly lit room was lined from wall to wall with small white sheeted mattresses and while Bunny was taking on her trio of lovers, Pete lay on another mattress with Jean, one of the Casa de Eros' hostesses, his cock exploring her vagina from lips to the womb tip. It was early in the evening and these were the only people in the "bedroom," although in the other rooms of the Casa de Eros other such scenes were taking place.

The slender man whose name was Harry told the fat man, Dale, to lift up on Bunny's ass so he could go deeper. He had a long cock and it sliced expertly into Bunny's spread lips touching her clitoris as it banged on, in and out, in measured rhythm. Dale had his finger buried in Bunny's asshole deep enough so that he could feel Harry's cock going in her pussy. The third man, Willie, kept sucking at her breast, while she jacked him off slowly, with one hand.

"Fuck me, Harry," Bunny said. "You're touching everything with that big cock of yours."

"You got a real good pussy, Bunny," he told her, arching his lank frame over her. In the silence of their corner of the room the sucking sound of his penis pulling in and out contrasted with the slapping of Pete's flesh against Jean's.

Jean had her legs up and pulled back so that her pussy was perpendicular to the mattress. Pete was hunched up on his knees so that his cock buried itself to the scrotum with every movement forward. He had Jean's head against the wall and the hot warmth of her pussy was spilling out between the lips. She still had on the flimsy shell dress of silk that she wore around the club. It was up over her breasts now and her cunt was moving in counterthrusts to Pete's jabbing cock. Her cunt was always ready for any of the members. She never wore panties and she always wore a mini-dress that members were allowed to lift when they wished, for inspection or for fondling.

The Casa de Eros was what it said it was and Pete and Bunny were almost charter members. They had joined shortly after it had begun operations in Reche Canyon, near Colton in Riverside County. The Casa de Eros was legally set up for swinging couples, but allowed singles in too. If you were married, your wife had to become a member or sign a release. Pete knew that a lot of members were married but lied about their status so their wives wouldn't object. At any rate, married or single, it was a sweet and well-thought-out set-up.

Pete first heard of the Casa de Eros from a chick he had been balling, Sally Marcus, who worked at a Redondo Beach club he often visited. One night after he had made love to her in the motel and was about to go back home, Sally said she had something to ask him.

"Your wife like to swing?" she asked.

"I don't know," he said honestly. "Why?" "Because if she does, I know a groovy club that you might dig."

"Well, what about it?" he asked.

"I can't tell you now. I'm a member and each member is sworn to secrecy up to a point. I can tell you about it but not where it is or who's connected with it."

"All right. Tell me what you can."

"Well, a lot of well-known studs belong to it. Professional golfers, movie stars, writers, and so on. All swingers. It's a swap club but you can do anything you want, really."

"Go on," he said.

"Well, if you're married, like you, you have to bring your wife along. Even if she doesn't want to swing she has to sign a paper."

"How come?"

"So she can't cause you any shit."

"She might join. I don't know. We have been speaking but little else. She used to be sexy but lately I haven't been able to make it with her."

"See?" Sally said, sitting on the edge of the motel bed, pulling back on her stockings. "The interest has gone out of your life. A little swinging will fix it back up. There are a lot of groovy couples up there. Interested?"

"You bet your sweet ass I'm interested. What do I have to do?"

"Bring your wife and I'll meet you at a place and we'll talk to one of the owners. You fill out a card and pay the fee and then we all go up to the place."

"Sounds like a spy thriller." Sally laughed.

"They're careful. Look, Pete-it's all legal. You don't have to do anything. They have a sauna, a pool, a television lounge. It's open twenty-four hours a day. You ask a person if they want to swing, if they do, fine, if not, you're not allowed to touch them. That's the kind of club it is."

"Okay. When can we try it?"

"Anytime. This week. There'll be a membership meeting on Wednesday. If you dig it you can do your thing and be a member. What you do is strip before all the members and then they take a Polaroid shot of you in the nude and put it in the files. That's so you can't come back and cause them any shit."

"Where'll we meet?" he asked her.

"I'll meet you Wednesday night at the Bluffs. It's a restaurant in Colton, just off the freeway. One of the owners'll come down and talk to you and your wife."

So the pact had been made. Bunny agreed to go along. It hadn't been hard to convince her.

Sally was waiting for them at the Bluffs and they went in to the bar side and ordered drinks. Soon a tall man, it was Harry, came by and sat down with them.

"Sally tell you the score?" he asked.

"Some of it," Pete admitted.

"Well, you give me thirty dollars for yourself and five bucks for your wife and those are your dues. If you don't join though, we refund your money and no questions asked. No hard feelings."

"What happens when we join?"

"Well, you have the run of the club. Sally told you what we have. We have a system of buying drinks that's all legal so we can serve twenty-four hours a day. You buy a coupon book from the office for fifteen bucks. They're good at the bar. Actually you're buying the glass, not the drinks. It's legal."

"Okay," Pete said.

"The money first," Harry said.

Pete counted it out, feeling like he was making a clandestine buy of heroin.

"Now fill out these cards," Harry said, handing them to Bunny and Pete.

On one side of the cards was a blank for personal information: name, address, phone number, business affiliation; the other side had a number of categories listed with blanks for check marks by each one:


"We never let these cards go out of our sight," Harry told them. "Fill them out here and then we'll go up to the place."

When they had finished, Harry took them outside to the parking lot. They drove up Reche Canyon until they came to a gate with a guard at it.

"See. It's private," he told them. "The guard has a two-way radio and is in constant contact with the house. We can't be raided."

When they got up to the top of the hill they could see the lights of San Bernardino in the distance. They went into the office and Harry took their pictures with the Polaroid.

"Part of the system," he told them. "We take your picture in here and in the nude after your initiation. Care for a drink?"

Bunny and Pete ordered drinks. Harry took them around the club and introduced them to everyone who was there. He showed them the "bedroom," after they had seen the recreation room and lounge.

"You can have any kind of sex in here," he explained, "but you have to respect the rights of the others in here. In other words you can't just bang anybody you see over in the corner. If you're invited in here, fine, otherwise stay out. We have an orgy room for group sex."

He took them down the hall and into an ante-room. Beyond this was another room, dimly lit with purple light.

"This is the orgy room," he said. "If you come here there's no holds barred. Anyone can have anyone any way they want. See the sign." He indicated a sign that read: "ORGY ROOM: PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK."

Bunny giggled. Pete raised his eyebrows.

Next they went to the club room where there was a bar and tables, a large movie screen, and a small stage.

"Here you can dance, bring your own films to show or see those that others bring. The bar is always open. You'll be initiated here tonight if you still want to."

"What do you think, Bunny?" Pete asked his wife.

"I'm game," she said.

"Okay, fine," Harry said and took them back to the office where he gave them each a card that said Casa de Eros on it with the 24-hour phone number.

At the initiation, there were two other couples who were also joining the club. The procedure was for the female to stand on the small stage, alone, and pick out different members of the audience, males, who would then come up and remove an item of clothing. The men did the same thing, picking out females to remove an item of clothing. It was a simple and fun affair with much applause and good-natured laughter. As soon as one of the new members was nude, Jean, the hostess that night, came up and photographed that person.

The first night Bunny was taking on Harry, Dale and Willie while Pete was balling Jean in another part of the "bedroom." It was this first night that awakened Bunny to the potentials of her own body and that made her view sex in a different light. She found that she was having too much fun to mind that Pete was balling Jean or even her discovery that he had been balling Sally for a long time.

Harry started to breathe more rapidly and as he increased his pumping motion, he spurted his sperm inside Bunny's pussy as orgasm overtook him.

"Let me have it all, Harry," Bunny said,, surprised at her own brazenness. But her vagina was twitching with desire and she felt that she could take on the entire membership of the club that evening.

Harry pumped and spurted his last until his cock went limp and then climbed off. In a twinkling, Dale was around in front and poking at her pussy with his extended cock. Harry lay alongside, panting.

"I want to watch it go in," he told Dale and Bunny. Willie still sucked away on her breasts.

"You watch," Dale puffed and moved the head of his cock to her cunt lips. He was on his knees, his heavy belly hanging down almost to the mattress. Bunny was in a half-sitting position leaning back on her extended arms, up thrusting her pussy so that Dale's cock could reach it.

"Put that cock in me, Dale!" she pleaded, making it easy for him.

The cock moved forward and down and Harry watched it spread her moist cunt lips apart and slide inside.

"You'll feel this cock inside you a long time after I've gone," Dale told her.

"Well, I sure feel it now," Bunny giggled and Dale slid it in to the hilt. She moved her hips then and the sucking sound began again as Dale's dry cock slithered in the hot dampness of Bunny's throbbing, pulsing cunt.

She lay back and Dale kept rocking atop her, Willie placed his own cock in Bunny's hand again and she jacked him off until sperm shot all over her hand. He moaned and fell aside to rest as Dale fucked away and Harry looked on, his eyes shining in the dim light of the "bedroom."

Jean and Pete had changed their positions and were oblivious to Bunny's orgy. Jean sat on Pete's face as he sucked her pussy, poking his tongue in and out like an anteater. She had his swollen cock in her mouth and when he pushed upward, the shaft of it curved into her throat as though on rollers. He had her legs spread wide so that the pinkness of her pussy was visible when he pulled her lips apart. His tongue tickled the tip of her long clitoris when he pulled downward on her rounded buttocks and she would gasp each time he struck home in this way.

"Boy, that feels good, Pete," she breathed between sucks.

"This is good pussy, kid," he told her.

They kept at it for some time and then switched again. Pete got over her legs and sank his shaft all the way inside her with one thrust. He thought Jean was going to turn inside out with ecstasy when he did this.

"Wowie!" she gasped, "you hit the button on that shot, lover."

"Well, let's get it off together," he told her and he jammed his cock in to the hilt as Jean doubled up her legs so that he could touch everything she wanted touched.

He pumped and pulled on her ass until he felt himself going over the top. Jean moaned as orgasm after orgasm spasmed her body, jerking it convulsively as though his cock were wired to a 220 volt outlet.

"Damn," she moaned, "you did all the right things. I haven't come like that since a buck nigger raped me in back of a Florida tavern two years ago."

"It was good, Jean," he told her, panting and gushing his last at the depths of her womanhood. And in the corner, Dale almost smothered Bunny with his bulk. He kept it up until her screams of delight filled the room. As soon as he had come, Harry was back on her, with hardly a stroke lost.

Bunny came and came and the last man to ball her that first night was Pete who took her dog fashion while she sucked on the long cock of Harry.

She thought about that night often and was thinking of it again as the Sea Stud flopped in deep troughs toward the deserted island. She thought of it, because in the excitement of the storm she found she had unzipped Jim Baker's trousers and was inside them with her hand, fondling his limp penis. She caught herself up abruptly and looked at him. He was tipsy from drink and yet she knew that he knew what was happening.

"Surprise," he lisped.

"Surprise, Jim," she said and gave his cock a squeeze as they both looked out the rain spattered window at the dark hulk of the island looming up a hundred yards away.


Pete pulled both throttles back all the way and rammed the gears into reverse. When the thump! came he throttled up to back up the boat before it shot up on the beach. He hadn't seen the island getting that near because of the lashing to the wind and water on the windshield of the Sea Stud.

"Brace yourselves!" he shouted.

Too late. He felt the grinding sound of the hull on rock and sand. The wheel spun madly out of his hands and the boat lurched onto the beach as a wave crashed over the decks leaving them awash.

"Shit!" he exclaimed. He grabbed the looped line next to the wheel and put it over a spoke as he shut down the twin Chryslers and turned off the ignition. Then he went forward and threw over the anchor.

"We've got to make it off here," he said when he had come back. "This is about the most dangerous place in the world right now. Come on, we'll see if we can find those deserted cabins. They weren't very far off the beach as I recall."

The girls came up from below, their faces white with concern.

"Jim," Pete ordered, "you jump over the side first and I'll steady the women as they come over. Come on now, hustle."

Jim lurched astern as the boat rocked on its precarious perch but he managed to get over the side. Pete helped Bunny over first since he thought she might be of some help to Jim if he couldn't handle it quick enough. Next went Darlene and then Olive and finally Cathy. Pete looked at his boat with regret and leaped over the side and sank into soft wet sand.

"Come on," he shouted above the.raging storm, "we'll find the cabins then I'll come back for supplies. Get off the beach before we get blown off!"

The wind sounded like a keening chorus of banshees as they leaned into it and made their way up the beach toward the trees. Behind them the boat screeched as it rolled over rocks and slid back and forth on sand.

The six fugitives stumbled through rain-soaked underbrush and finally came into a clearing where several adobe huts loomed in a circle amid the darkness of the storm.

"Whew," Pete whistled, "Found 'em. Now, let's get into one and see if we can ride out this blow." There was no door in the first one they entered, but it was mostly dry inside.

"Clear out the rubble while I get some stuff we'll need from the boat." Pete ordered. "Cathy, you and Olive find yourself a dry adobe and clean it out. This one is too small for the six of us. Bunny, give Jim a hand on this one. I'll take Darlene with me to help unload the boat."

Darlene couldn't see his eyes in the darkness, but she knew how they looked. She liked the way he took command and knew that her husband wouldn't question any orders that Pete gave to any of them. She felt Bunny's reassuring pat on her arm and knew that it was all right for her to go with Pete back to the boat.

"`Come on, Darlene," he said, taking her hand, "let's head back out into the weather."

The two teenaged girls left the adobe and ran laughing to find themselves a shelter of their own. Pete and Darlene ran back across the clearing and down to the beach. Pete jumped aboard the Sea Stud first and then pulled her up over the side.

When she stood up straight, Pete took her into his arms.

There was something wild and savage about the way he held her and kissed her, his tongue opening her mouth like a burglar's pry. his loins pressing against hers while the rain stung their bodies in a million wind-stabbed pinpricks.

Darlene responded to his urgency and held him tight against her, feeling, in her cunt, a hot twinge as though his cock were already rifling the lock. Again, she wondered at her own brazenness and yet she knew that the fires that were now being lighted had been there all the time, dormant, just below the surface that her husband had glided over so perfunctorily.

"Pete!" Darlene exclaimed, breaking the kiss. "Not now! Not here!"

"What better place?"

"But they'll be waiting for us!" Pete took her hand and pulled her inside the deck cabin, out of the driving rain.

"There's time, Darlene," he husked.

She licked her wet lips and looked up at the blond Adonis. Desire flooded her body and again, she felt the twitching in her cunt that told her she wanted this man to fill her. She wanted him and wanted him bad.

"Yes, God, yes," she answered. "I don't care. Take me. Pete, take me!"

He led her below to the bunks and closed the cabin door.

"Get out of your clothes," he told her, stripping his trunks off as he spoke.

And she came to him, naked, her body glistening with the wetness from the rain. He crawled into a lower bunk with her as the boat tossed in its shallow mooring by the beach. The occasional lightning lit their gleaming bodies and furred them with phosphorus as they lay facing each other, close and touching loin to loin.

Pete took a breast in his hand and kneaded the nipple between his thumb and forefinger. Darlene reacted instantly as the kernel of her breast hardened like a fallen acorn. Her body moved against his as though it were electrified. Banked fires of desire flamed out as deep within her she felt the love juices flow in preparation for his cock's entrance into her vagina. Pete bent his head to her nipple and took it between his teeth, urging his tongue against the tiny nodule and sucking it to a point like ice cream in a cone.

"Pete, oh Pete, this is too much," Darlene breathed. "I never dreamed I could have you."

"Touch me," he whispered and her hand went to his cock and found it. She caressed its growing stalk of flesh and pressed its tip against the lips of her cunt.

"Oh, you're so big," she murmured.

"Do you want me?" he asked without needing to ask.

"I can almost feel you inside me now. Yes, Pete, yes," she breathed. "I want you. More than anything in the world."

She pulled her hand up under the mushroom head of his cock and felt the strong blood course through its greatness. She rubbed her thumb over the seeping hole of it and oiled the warhead while her own pussy lubricated itself with the warnings of her passion. Pete moved his head to her other breast and she arched her back to bring the breast within easy range of his mouth. His hand moved to her pussy and cupped it in an Italian handshake as though to feel its weight and dimensions.

"You have a nice soft pussy, Darlene," he told her.

"It wants your cock inside it," she replied.

He extended his middle finger and parted her pussy-lips and rubbed the lubricated inner labia up and down bringing a gasp to Darlene's lips. Then he pushed his finger on inside and found the sleeping clitoris floating in a sea of precoital fluid. He thrummed it with his fingertip as though it were a guitar string and Darlene gasped, her pussy pulsing like a frightened sea anemone.

"You're touching it, Pete. Like it's never been touched before. It feels so good I think I'm going to pass out."

"It'll feel better."

"Yes, oh yes, God."

"You're ready, Darlene. I would take more time but there's time for more later. I'm going to take you now. I'm going to fuck you."

"Yes, Pete, yes," she moaned. "Fuck me. Fuck me now."

"Move your legs apart and lie flat on your back. This fucking bunk is so small."


"That's good," he said, moving over her like a hunter stalking close game.

His spear poised above her rhythmically pulsating pussy. He looked down at her fine nakedness as lightning jammed silver through the portholes and spilled mercury all over her body. He saw the slightly up thrust swamp of her womanhood and her spread legs holding it in, tenderly as though it were a rare treasure seen only on rare nights in strange places. He felt a twinge of electricity in the head of his cock and dipped it down to the lips like a divining rod seeking the liquid under the earth.

He touched her pussy and she jerked convulsively.

"Oh, Pete, God!"

She did not have to guide him in. He found the opening with his warhead and forced his cock through as though it were a wand waving through thin veils. He filled her pussy with his bigness and she skewered herself on it with an unexpected enthusiasm. He let the head linger a moment where the clit stood like a rigid sentinel guarding the cavern and she rubbed her buttocks on the bunk so that his male hood twanged it like a Jew's harp tolling deep under the sea.

"My God, Pete, I'm coming like crazy."


"I mean, snap snap snap. Every time you touch my clit I go off."

"Let it go. Keep it on there," he said, holding himself over her like a guillotine blade poised to fall.

"I am, Pete, I am. It just keeps coming. I keep gushing."

She gasped as she moved her ass in a circular motion impaling herself on his shaft with blind delight tearing at her senses like senseless piranha.

Then Pete pushed in with his cock as full force. He thought Darlene would turn inside out with the ecstasy of it.

She sagged as though he had delivered a blow to her solar plexus. And then she arched like a tarpon on the end of a tightened down line as it breaks from the sea. Pete let her have all of it, sank it clear to womb tip and kept it there as she ground her hips as though the mortar were moving under the pestle. Her fingernails clawed his back and he didn't feel them rake furrows of blood in their angry path.

He pulled his cock back and then sank it again jamming its upper flatness against her clit. Darlene's legs flew up spontaneously and she could feel his cock enter her womb like a battering ram.

"You fucker, Pete," she gasped, "you're fucking me like I've never been fucked before!"

He almost laughed to himself. He had hardly moved. But it made no difference. Darlene had been hungry for him and they were together now.

He felt his own juices rising almost to the point of explosion and he let the affection-starved woman have her head. He exulted in the sure way his cock filled her and moved through the depths of her, bringing forth bright eruptions of flame every time he touched her clit.

She became so soaked from his presence that he began to lose feeling in the head of his cock. It was difficult to stay atop her with the boat rolling as it was. But he was caught up in Darlene's own ecstatic gyrations and the animality of the whole scene. He was glad to take her in this way. It was the best feeling he had had since they had left home and crossed the border at Mexicali.

"Oh, this is too much!" she moaned, her legs high, her slit open in a wide stretch.

"I'm going to come myself in a minute," he told her.

"Oh, Pete, please do. Please come. I want your juices inside me. I want all of you inside me." She moved her hips to emphasize her excitement and he pumped atop her, his shaft rising and falling with well-oiled smoothness.

Pete moved his knees closer to Darlene's arms and sank his shaft deeper into her pussy. He heard her sigh with pleasure as he put force into his strokes. He felt himself being caught up in the tingling shudders that lead to orgasm. He held her very close to him as he drove on, his cock reaming her pussy with full-bore intensity, and then he felt his body go helpless as his sperm shot through the tube in fiery orgasm. He buried his shaft deep in her and held it there as it burst loose its milky flood like a broken fountain.

"Oh, Pete, you're wonderful. You were right there. I can feel your cum in me. Give it all to me. Every drop of it."

"Oh, baby," breathed Pete, "that was good. That was good pussy."

"I'm so happy you liked me."

"It was good, Darlene."

"I've never been so happy. God, you were big in me!" She could feel his limp cock ejecting even as she spoke. Soon it slithered free of her clasping vagina and tumbled upon her mat like some drowned sea-creature.

"It's all over, sweet," he said.

"Yes," she admitted, sadly. "But we will again, won't we?"

He looked at her strongly for a long moment. "Yes, Darlene. We will again. This was only a preliminary bout."

"Ummm. I'm glad. We better get back, huh?"

"Yes, I know."

He climbed off the bunk and searched through the locker for dry clothes. Darlene opened her suitcase which was under the bunk. She dressed in slacks and jersey shell and put on her wet boat shoes, fluffed her dark hair.

"Set?" he asked, when he was dressed in slacks and pullover turtleneck.

"Set," she said.

"Good. We'll carry slickers and lanterns, some groceries and utensils back to the adobe."

"We'll have to make several trips, won't we?"

"Yes," he grinned.

"Good," she laughed wickedly.

When they ventured back out into the storm carrying their load of supplies, Darlene could still imagine the bigness of his cock inside her.

She wanted him again and hoped he'd be ready to take her when they returned to the boat for more supplies.

The storm seemed to take in its breath as they plodded up the beach. It seemed that it was gathering strength for the next phase of its destructive mission upon the earth and the things that rode on the sea.


After the girls had gone and Pete and Darlene had left to go back to the boat, Bunny and Jim looked at each other for a moment in the awkward silence.

"Well," he said, "I suppose we had best clean up this cabin."

"If you want," she said.

"Well, isn't that what Pete asked us to do?"

"Yes. They won't be back for awhile." She gave him a long look.

Jim-coughed self-consciously.

He looked down at his open fly and remembered. He looked up at Bunny and smiled sheepishly.

"Why did you do what you did?" he asked.

"What's that?"

"On the boat. You know."

"Oh, that? I just felt like it. I wanted to see if you would get excited."

"But… right out in the open like that. Weren't you afraid of your husband?"

"Pete? Hardly, Jim. He had his hands full at the time. And his mind was on a lot of other things."

"Yes, I suppose so. I-I don't know what to say, Mrs. Lonsdale. I-I've never had anyone do anything like that to me before."

"No, I suppose not," she smiled. "Zip up your fly, Jim. And call me Bunny. Let's get some of this clutter cleaned up and then we can talk. Okay?"

"Okay, Mrs.,- uh, Bunny," he said, and zipped up his fly.

The dirt floor of the adobe was littered with rusted tin cans, old newspapers, El Mexicano, dirty cloths, an old mattress that rats had used for nesting, fish hooks and line, some yellowed magazines and assorted utensils that were broken and useless. Bunny made piles of the rubble and Jim carried them out into the storm and threw them twenty yards from the adobe. Soon the clay shack began to look as barren as when it was first built. Bunny's clothes had almost dried when they were finished. She sighed and sat on a wooden barrel that she had not thrown out, a nail keg that was still intact.

"That was work," Jim said. "I wish they'd get back."

"They'll be back soon," Bunny said.

"I hope they bring some beer. I'm thirsty." Bunny thought that he was probably still drunk.

"Do you swing, Jim?" she asked, delighting in her sudden cruelty.

"I-I don't know what you mean," he said honestly.

"Never mind."

She looked at him. He was a slender man who looked almost consumptive, with a sunken chest and frail hands and arms. He was almost handsome with his dark hair and brown eyes, but back of them she saw little backbone, little character. Still, she was attracted to him because he was a square. If he had been more aggressive they wouldn't be wasting all this time while Pete was balling Darlene. She was sure of that. She knew her husband too well and knew that he had made good time before the storm hit. Well, that was all right. She had Jim to coach and from the looks of it, it was going to take some doing. Yet the business of the open fly had opened up a hell of a lot of ground. She chuckled to herself thinking about it.

"What're you thinking about?" Jim asked her.

"You," she said,


"Yes, I was just thinking how cute and innocent you are, Jim."

"I don't understand."

"Have you ever balled anybody in your life besides Darlene?"

"I'm sorry, Mrs.-I mean, Bunny, I don't quite get your point."

"Have you ever been unfaithfu1 to your wife?"

"Of course not. We grew up together. But I'm surprised you would ask such a question."

"Don't let it throw you."

"I guess you and Mr. Lonsdale lead a-a different sort of life than we do, Mrs., ah, Bunny."

"Yes Jim, I suppose we do," she sighed.

"Darlene and I grew up together, went to the same schools, the same church. Both liked the same things. She would never, ah, and I would never. I mean we're just not that way. I don't mean that you and Mr. Lonsdale are, but I mean you both seem a lot more worldly than we." He was still a little tipsy, she could tell. His words were slightly slurred by the effects of the beer.

"Don't you ever feel as though you're missing something, Jim?"

"Why no-no, I don't think so. We have a very full life, Darlene and I."

"Really? It looks quite sheltered from here. But I'm not knocking it, Jim baby. Except that I think it's time you started living. Really living. Grooving."

"I don't think we ought to be talking this way with your husband gone, Bunny."

"Gone or here, what's the difference? Come here, Jim," she ordered.

Jim hesitated a second or two, then came and stood in front of Bunny, who was sitting, legs apart, on the keg.

"Here, Jim, give me your hand." He gingerly held out his hand.

Bunny took it and placed it on her breast. She felt it tremble as she took a deep breath. Her breast rose with the breathing and filled his shaking hand. Bunny looked up into Jim's eyes and saw only darkness. She wished she could see them but it was too dark in the adobe.

"Why are you doing this?" he asked, finally.

"Because I don't want you to be afraid of me." she said. "I want you to touch me, Jim."

He tried to take his hand away from her breast. She held on to it and began to rub it in a circular motion.

"Do you know," she told him, "how good that feels to me? I can feel your hand clear down between my legs."

"Good lord," he mumbled. "This is unbelievable."

"You'll believe it, Jim." She stood up, still holding his hand clasped to her breast. She put her body next to his so that they were touching. He was trembling all over, whether from the cold or the nearness of her she didn't know. She kept kneading his hand on her breast. With her other hand she grabbed his and put it between her legs.

"Oh lord," he said. "Mrs. Lonsdale, you're making me do this." His voice shook as though he spoke while running on a treadmill.

"Yes, Jim, I am. But I want you to enjoy it. Do you know that your hand on me gives me a hell of a thrill?"

"No. I mean yes. I don't know. I don't want to do this."

"How do you feel, Jim?"

"My legs-my legs feel like they're made of rubber. I don't feel so good."

She pulled his hand hard against her pussy. She could feel his palms go sweaty as he contacted the warmth of her nest. She ground her pubes against his hand and held his other hand right against her breast. "That's good, Jim. It feels very good," she said softly in the darkness of the adobe.

Crashes of lightning lit the two as they stood there like some half-lit tableau. It was very quiet in the cabin but they could hear the rain driving against the thick walls and spattering above them on the roof.

"Oh lord, I can't believe this," he whispered more to himself then to Bunny.

She moved his hand to her leg and the hem of her shorts. She hunched herself down slightly and pushed his hand inside. The shorts were loose on her leg and his hand went underneath the cloth.

He didn't try to elude her grasp although he could have easily slipped away now that her hand had less control over his. Bunny smiled to herself in the darkness.

"Put your hand inside," she whispered. "Find me. Find my pussy."

Jim felt dizzy and his legs went weak.

"Please," she moaned. "Do this for me, Jim. Please."

She felt his hand move slightly closer toward her nest. It was one of the eeriest feelings she had ever experienced.

"Please. Touch me, Jim."

His hand moved closer until it touched the curly wire hairs on the outer edges of her pussy.

"Closer," she urged.

Jim's breathing was very heavy and it filled the quiet room with its painful sound. He moved his hand still closer until his palm was scratchy with the nest of pubic hairs. Bunny had moved him around so that he could put his hand in as far as she wanted it without causing him to feel any more awkward than he already did.

"Touch it," she said.

Jim took in a deep breath. His hand hovered over her pussy lips for a long moment and then moved gently toward her pussy until it was touching the flesh.

Bunny let out a long sigh. "That feels good, Jim. Are you all right?"

"I-I don't know what to say. This is something I never would have thought I would do. I'm glad I'm a little drunk."

Bunny smiled and patted his hand underneath her shorts. "I want you to put your finger inside me." she said.

"I-this is wrong, Mrs. Lonsdale, wrong!" he blurted his voice trembling.

"Look, Jim, you've gone this far. We're not doing anything wrong. I just want to feel your finger inside me. Now take your hand away. That's it. Now stand to one side of me. No, wait. I'll pull my shorts and panties down. Don't worry now, dammit."

She unbuttoned her shorts and unzipped them in the back and let them drop to the floor. She dropped her panties to her knees. Jim could see her dark patch and her legs fairly clearly and he shook his head in bewilderment.

"Now, Jim. Touch me again."

She took his hand when he hesitated and put it on her pussy again.

"Put your finger inside me." She squatted slightly and spread her legs as his finger groped for the hole.

"There. That's it." she said. "Put it in deep." His finger slid past her lips and into her slot. He felt her body shudder and his own knees weaken like young trees being climbed by a heavy animal.

Their twin breathings became very audible in the adobe shell. Like the whispers of lovers under summer trees or the rustle of sheets in clandestine bedrooms. Like the deep sighings of large animals mating in spring forests. Like the sounds a house makes when it has been empty a long time and a listener comes in and hears its memories moving.

Bunny put her hand on Jim's crotch. She felt his cock curled up hard like the knob on a Scotsman's knurled cane and she slid her own hand up inside his shorts and grabbed the bone of it. She uncurled it and felt a spasm shake Jim's body.

"Finger fuck me, Jim," she said quietly. He knew what to do.

He moved his finger in and out of her pussy as she stripped his cock with her hand, making it grow large and virile.

"Does this feel good to you, Jim?" she asked after a few moments.

"I would be lying if I said it didn't. Lord, Bunny, what if they should come back?" he moaned.

"They'd probably laugh their asses off," she grinned and squeezed his cock hard.

Jim let out a breath. She could feel him coming close to orgasm. She herself was wet through and through with the probings of his supple finger inside her pussy.

She pulled his cock out of his shorts, sideways. Then she jacked it very quickly, moving her hand up and down its length in swift strokes, squeezing the uncircumcised head very hard as her fist passed it. She could sense his knees buckling and the sperm starting to rise in his stalk like sap in an April tree.

Quickly she moved her head down to his shorts and held the head of his cock up to her mouth. Just as she swallowed his foreskin she felt the hot juices spurt into her throat. Above her, incongruously, she could hear him sobbing, sobbing like a lost child.


Olive Baker gave Cathy Lonsdale a pinch on the ass and laughed. They had their cabin almost cleared and were delighted with it. They already felt as if they owned it all themselves.

"Let's go back to the boat ourselves and get the air mattresses," Cathy said. "My dad has a whole bunch of them. Or sleeping bags. And candles. Oh, Olive, we're gonna have a ball!"

"Groovy. Let's go!"

They ran like dark gazelles through the clearing, their feet spanging up little spouts of water where they touched ground. They slithered through the mud and their giggles hung like holiday ribbons in the air, full of girlish ringlets and colors.

They saw the boat rocking gently on its half-perch by the beach and came on to it from the bow. They were walking by a porthole when lightning struck like a rifle shot. Cathy gasped as she looked in the window and saw the naked back of her father and the face of Olive's mother, slack-mouthed and rapturous.

"What's the matter?" Olive asked when she heard Cathy's gasp.

"Don't look in there!" she whispered in a too large stage voice full of mock fear.

"What's wrong?"

"Shh! They'll hear us!" Cathy begged.

Olive looked at Cathy as though she were a half-wit. Puzzled, she herself looked in the window and could see nothing. She turned to her companion.

"Is someone in there?"

"Yes," Cathy whispered, pulling on Olive's hand. "Let's get out of here!"

"No! Not until I find out what's going on."

"Please. It's Daddy."

"So, what's he doing?"


Olive looked at Cathy suspiciously. "If it's nothing what're you so scared about?"

Olive peered in the porthole again just as the night sky lit up with several bolts of lightning. Her eyes bulged out of their sockets as she saw what Cathy had seen. She turned away from the porthole. She knew what was happening. She had seen the bare back of Pete Lonsdale and the demented look on her own mother's face. She knew that her mother and Cathy's father were having intercourse. It left her breathless and she wanted to see more.

But fear took over and she grabbed Cathy's hand. "Let's get away from here until they leave," she whispered.

"Okay," said Cathy, glad to have a leader whom she could follow.

The two teenaged girls tiptoed stealthily across the sand until they found a clump of underbrush where they could squat unseen. Neither of them realized that they were witnessing the final moments of their parent's lovemaking until several minutes later they saw the two of them make their way off the boat loaded with supplies. The two girls shivered with a combination of feelings and when they had caught their breaths, went to the deserted boat.

"It's spooky," said Cathy, after they were aboard.

"Don't talk that way," whispered Olive.

The boat shook in the wind and the rain and its noises made the girls apprehensive.

"Let's get what you said we'd need, Cathy, and get back."

"Okay," said Cathy, "let's get some candles and those air mattresses. Here, I know where they are." The girls gathered the things they wanted in their adobe and left the boat. It rattled like a skeleton at its moorings and groaned like a ghost ship inhabited by the footfalls of dead pirates as they left it with their prizes loaded on their young backs. The wind drove the rain into their cheeks like needles and yet they laughed as they trudged toward their adobe as wet as drenched sparrows in a sudden spring rain.

Back at their own deserted adobe shack the two girls made it ready for themselves. They boarded up the open windows with wood they found and lit their candles for light. They made their beds and when it was cozy they looked at each other with pride illuminating their faces.

"It's going to be fun," said Olive.

"It is already," said Cathy.

They had their beds together in one corner of the room and they felt safe as the storm raged outside. They felt safe from the outside but their thoughts were inside them and they worried over them like a pup wolf with the dead hide of a killed prey. They had seen the two people in the boat making love and they were in awe of what they had seen. They had heard about love and they had thought about it. But they had not seen their own parents making love and especially they had not seen their parents making love outside of marriage.

They thought about it and they watched the two candles they had lit. They watched the candles cast shadows around the bare but cozy room and they both thought of the two people on the boat making love. The two strangers making love. The two naked people making love. Adam and Eve. They thought about these things and they thought about all those strange images they had seen in the boat on the beach in the storm.

Sometime later, the girls were startled to see Bunny Lonsdale come in their door. She carried a bundle and a flashlight.

"Oh, you girls look so settled already," she said. "I brought you some supper." She opened the bundle and revealed several tins and two cans of Coke.

"There's some beef jerky here and some surplus C-rations if you want candy," she told them. "Will you two be all right?"

"Yes, Mom," said Cathy.

"Good. Sleep tight. If you need anything just holler."

“Good night, Mom," said Cathy.

“Good night, Mrs. Lonsdale."

"Good night, Olive. Good night, Cathy."

And the two girls were left alone with their welcome treasure.

"I was hungry, weren't you?" asked Cathy.

"I'll say. Mmmmm. Let's see what goodies your mom brought us."

The two girls shared a dry supper of beef jerky, chocolate and Coke, chatting lightly about their adventurous predicament. Both agreed that it was more fun than they had had in a long time. Each of them avoided saying anything about what they had seen in the boat. But Cathy had barely been able to talk to her mother when she had brought the food and now she sat with Olive feeling sorry for her mother and wondering if her father were really bad or just a victim of Olive's mother.

Full and happy, although beset with unnamable apprehensions and half-formed erotic images, the two girls lay on their air mattresses and tried to go to sleep. Cathy stared up at the ceiling for a long time while Olive watched her in the candle's fading glow. Soon the candle sputtered out and the adobe was plunged into stygian darkness.

"Are you asleep, Cathy?" Olive whispered.

"No. Are you?"

"Not yet."

And the two girls were si1ent with their thoughts and with the storm-filled night.

In the dream she was riding a large white stallion over heathery grey hills in the twilight. She could feel his muscles working as they pounded over the earth, the two of them, Cathy and her white horse, as free as the wind. In the twilight of her dream world the land was all hers stretching out into faint cerulean horizons and she felt the hooves of her mount strike flint from the rocks as she galloped on and on into the peculiar darkness that was coming on. The throbbing of the horse under her was strangely exciting as she rode on and she felt a bubbling in her stomach that was like a nameless fear.

Suddenly the horse sailed over a deep gully and in her dream the horse turned black. When it landed she felt the shock of her body hitting the bare back of the horse and again that sexual excitement that had been building up as she rode. Her pubes were being rubbed by the rocking of the romping horse. The heat from her pussy spread through her loins and to her straddling legs and in the pit of her stomach the sexual excitement boiled like a demon's cauldron.

She could feel the corded tendons of the dark stallion as the two of them raced as one over the shifting landscape of the dream. She felt the ground change beneath the horse's hooves as they began to climb a steep slope. Above, she saw sheer agate cliffs, monolithic spires stretching out of sight in bulging dark clouds. She felt her breath come in short gasps as the horse raced headlong up the steep cliff toward the dizzy dream heights. And still the excitement in her loins increased, spreading past her stomach to her breasts which began to grow large like soft pulsing melons.

Cathy could feel herself floating upward atop the dark stallion, her body heated up with strange fires, her lungs gasping for breath, her stomach tight with fear and desire.

The dreamland changed, then, as she and the horse bounded over a sheer precipice. Ahead lay a green glade in a forest. She felt the black horse grow smaller between her legs until it disappeared just as she reached the grassy meadow in the midst of tall and stately trees. She tumbled head over heels and came to rest on her back looking up at blue sky marbled with strips of white cloud. The leaves danced patterns on her tanned face and nearby, shadows, shot with sun, played like shapeless animals in the benevolent underbrush. She felt at peace with the world of the dream.

And then she was naked and there was darkness. Her breasts were very large and pink like the noses of rabbits with a strange wax-like quality that made them seem almost translucent. Her pussy was large and bushy like a lion's mane – and when she spread her legs she felt a stab of desire just past the large thick lips. She lay there for a long time, her body pulsing and aching with desire and then she heard the hoof beats.

As she lay in the glade with her legs apart and her pussy open and throbbing for relief, the black stallion returned, his gigantic cock hanging between his legs and aimed for her open twat. She saw him rear up over her and fall back down over her and then she felt the searing thrust of his huge cock opening her pussy with one mighty thrust and the hot juices of her pussy poured out of her, covering her thick bushy hair, her legs, and the green ground of the dream.

She could feel her lips moving and hear the unfamiliar words coming out of her mouth.

"Fuck me, you big black-cocked horse, fuck me!" And she could almost see the words forming in the air as the stallion mounted her and fucked her with stab after stab of his enormous black cock.

She rolled in tormented ecstasy as the stallion reared and struck with his dark lance deep in her gushing pussy. The hot juices boiled out of her with every fierce prod of his angry cock.

"Oh, fuck me, horsy, fuck me!" she moaned in her dream and the stallion rose above her again and again, opening her pussy each time like a raw wound with his flaming prong.

And then, again, the dream changed.

As though a translucent veil had passed over her ravaged body on the sward. She moaned and gasped for breath. Her pussy diminished to a normal size and turned into a grey mewing kitten alive between her legs, hungry for milk. Her breasts shrank to normal size, their nipples taut and expectant as baby birds' beaks stretching upward out of a nest.

The horse, the black stallion, was gone.

In his place a man straddling her, naked and virile, his veins standing out like black cords in black granite. Between his legs a map of Africa and dangling down his dark cock, long and sinuous like a python dipped in tar. His chest was wide and strong and his neck thick as a Miura bull's. His teeth were white and smiling with a natural lust and his eyes were red and elusive as though banked fires glowed in his head. He stood over her and she knew who he was. She had seen him before in her dreams. She knew him and she. waited for him to take her body and ravage it as he had so many times before.

She spread her legs and opened her cunt like a flower to receive him.

The Negro of her dreams took his long limp cock in his hands and pointed it at her.

It became a lance of darkest granite with the tip of it like a budding rose.

"Fuck me, black man lover," she said in her dream and he dropped his bulk to her body.

She felt his hot black body all over her. She exulted in his black skin covering her like a blanket. She felt his cock open her pussy and plunge inside her with a blazing swelling motion that took her breath and her voice away.

She felt her body succumb to the Negro's cock delving deep inside her and his black body all over hers as though trying to merge forever into it. She felt his cock probe her innards like a molten sword and the gushing answer her pussy gave him spilled all over them both.

She pulled at him and tore at him. He rose above her and his cock grew longer and thicker. Each time he came down on her it almost split her in two with the ferocity of its thrust. She found her body moving against his, slapping against it with an audible swack! swack! of flesh.

"Fuck me, you black bastard, fuck me," her dream voice moaned as her hips ground on his cock and her body buckled like a tortured animal in its death throes.

She felt the wetness and the hotness.

She moaned and delighted in the black man's fucking her. She opened her pussy wider and wider as his cock got bigger and bigger.

The dream went on and the dream ended.

With a start, she awoke in the dark, frightened, her body soaked with sweat. Panic rose in her throat as she felt real flesh against hers.

Her eyes widened and her throat constricted with fear.

She felt a body against hers and dampness between her legs. She struggled to sit up and groped blindly to see who her attacker was. She felt soft flesh and withdrew in terror.

"Oh my God," she managed to croak.

"Shhhh! Cathy," she heard a voice say. "It's me. Olive. Shhh! I won't hurt you. Be quiet."

Cathy almost fainted with' relief. She let out a sigh and breathed deeply as she composed herself. So it was only a dream and this was Olive with her.

But then she felt the hand on her breast and a moment later another one groping between her legs.

Her mouth opened and her body began to shudder.


Pete Lonsdale finished stocking the main cabin with supplies from the boat, as the two women made it habitable. Besides food, bedding and blankets, he brought a.22 rifle, his.38 pistol, portable short wave and marine radio, Coleman stove and heater, candles, hatchet, flare gun and flares, beer, whiskey, and colas. He made the last two trips to the boat by himself because he was hungry and wanted no distractions while he unloaded.

Jim began on the beer almost as soon as Pete had brought it. When the women had finished making up the one room adobe it looked homey enough for any camper. Bunny had put up barricades in the windows so that a great deal of the rain was kept out. With the candles lit and a Coleman heater going, the adobe became warm with the presence of people, of life.

"Soup's on," said Bunny after she had finished preparing a simple meal of hot dogs cut up into little ovals mixed with hash brown potatoes and a side dish of pork and beans. Pete handed each of them Boy Scout utensils and cracked open a beer for himself and Jim. The two women washed their food down with Cokes, and for a while there was no special tension in the adobe.

Afterwards, when they all sat around smoking, Pete brought it up.

"Well, I notice we have pretty tight sleeping quarters here," he said.


"Not a bad arrangement for some people," Pete said.

Jim coughed but did not say anything.

"It's cozy," said Bunny, giving her husband a look.

"Yes, I'll say," said Darlene, not looking at her husband.

"That's my point," said Pete. "It's cozy and we're all together so we might as well make this just one big bed. We'll keep warmer that way and what the hell, we're all adults."

Jim looked up from his beer then. "I-I don't think I like that idea," he ventured.

"Oh, Jim," Darlene said. "Don't be so-so square."

There. It was out in the open.

"I don't know what you mean, Darlene. It's just-just not healthy-that's all."

"Bullshit!" roared Pete.

"Jim, we're all together here. One family. Right?" said Bunny. "Relax. You might even enjoy it."

Pete gave his wife a grateful glance. Jim looked pasty-faced and glum.

"Well, as long as we just sleep, I guess it's all right."

Pete, Darlene and Bunny all gave each other looks.

Jim coughed again self-consciously and sipped long on his beer. Pete puffed at his pipe and looked thoughtfully into its smoke.

Here were three people, he thought, willing to ball and one square in the group. The problem, as he saw it, was to convince that one outsider to go along with the group. He decided, after a moment, to plunge right in. This was the way he made all his moves and it had made him a rich man. He was decisive when decisions needed to be made and he saw no difference in this situation than many others he had faced when the stakes were different.

"Jim," Pete said, "I want to lay it on the line. Okay? We're all big kids here and while you've been swilling your goddamned beer and sitting all uptight with your own ball of wax, things've been happening. I mean it's like nineteen hundred and seventy one, things are different. People are freer nowadays. They don't swallow the bullshit they were raised with and they want to get with it. Be modern. Now I think you gotta realize that something's been going on here and you've been out of it. Right?"

"I-I guess so," Jim stuttered.

"You're damn right," Pete said. "Now, to put it bluntly, the rest of us here like a little variety in life. I know you like Bunny and she likes you. I dig your wife, Darlene, and she digs me, I think. The thing is, what're we gonna do about it? Hell, here we all are in a very groovy situation and it's time to swing. Get me? I mean, let your hair down, Jim boy, and get with it. I'll make it easy on you. Just close your eyes and let it happen. You don't have to say `yes,' 'no' or `maybe,' baby. We're all together here and we're going to do our thing. Just relax and enjoy yourself. With Bunny."

Jim stared at Pete with a look of utter bewilderment on his face.

"You mean you're asking me to-to make love to your wife?" he stammered.

"Is there something wrong with her?" Pete scowled.

"No-no of course not. But I mean it just isn't-isn't right. And I can't tell my wife to go along with such a thing." He gulped after he said it as six eyes stared at him.

"I said to just close your eyes. You don't have to give permission for anything. It's all taken care of. Now, my advice to you is to crawl in that corner over there and we'll blow out the lanterns and hit the sack. Don't think. Just lie there and let it happen. In the morning you'll feel better."

"Is-is this all right with you, Darlene?" Jim asked his wife, afraid to get an answer.

"Jim," she said kindly, "do what Pete says. Let's not sit around and discuss it. We're marooned out here on this island and, well, I guess the rules are different, that's all."

"Do you love me, Darlene?" Jim asked pathetically.

"Of course I do, honey," she said. She went to him and kissed him. He started to cry and she looked at him with half-pity and half-disgust.

"Go to bed, Jim," Pete ordered. "I'm shutting out the goddamned lights."

Bunny went over to Jim and pushed Darlene away. "Come on, Jim, relax. In the dark everything'll be all right."

Pete turned down the Coleman lantern slowly and the room got dimmer. He looked at the bewildered Jim and winked at Bunny. "Everything's going to be just fine," he said as the lamp went out and the room went dark.

Pete went to the opposite side of the room and began taking off his clothes. In a second, Darlene was beside him, her lips hungrily searching his neck and jaw for his mouth. She found him and they kissed as his shirt was halfway off. They could hear Bunny and Jim whispering on the other side of the room.

Bunny worked fast. She had Jim's fly open and his cock in her hand before he could protest what he knew must be happening with his wife. He felt sick to his stomach and a dark hatred began to form in his mind like a knife being sharpened by unseen hands. Pete Lonsdale was a no-good bastard and his wife, Darlene, well, she was nothing but a dirty whore after all these years of marriage! But Bunny was making him forget these things because her hand on his cock was exciting-the most exciting thing that had happened to him in a long time.

Jim heard her whispering in his ear and he did what she told him to do. He lay back on the sleeping bag and felt her loosening his Bermudas and slipping them down his legs. She took off his shoes in the dark and then he felt her mouth on his cock as it had been before. The memory of her mouth on the head of his prick brought a twinge that was exquisite pain.

He was glad that she was doing it to him in the dark. The dark hid so many things. He did not want to see her face. He did not want to see his cock in her mouth just yet. He did not want Darlene to see him with this look of rapture on his face. And he did not want to see Darlene and Pete across the room, his hands on her, perhaps his cock piercing her labia. Thinking these thoughts, Jim gave himself to Bunny Lonsdale, delighting in the perverse pleasure of his sex with her. He thrust upward with his shaft and felt it strike the back of Bunny's throat. He heard her gag and jammed his cock harder, wondering at his own viciousness.

Bunny raked her teeth lightly back and forth on the skin of his penis and Jim knew it was a warning to him that he should not be so rough with her. He let her suck him then, and she laved his already wet cock with her tongue and lips in long smooth strokes. He felt his fluids gathering momentum for the headlong rush up the tube and his hips moved almost involuntarily as he was swept up in the love rhythm of Bunny's mouth upon his cock.

He took her head and hair in his hands and abandoned himself further to her oral manipulations of his organ. Long buried thoughts of sex came to life in his conscious mind as he thrust his cock deep in her throat. Suddenly she broke the suction and he wondered what had happened.

But Bunny was not through with Jim. She slid over him until her pussy was rubbing against his throbbing wet cock. "Fuck me, now, Jim," she whispered to him.

He lay there, not knowing what she wanted him to do. Her body pressed down on his and he could smell her musk.

Her hand came down and grasped his cock. She put the head of it against the labia of her vagina and forced it past. She lowered her body onto his peg and he felt it sliding home through the hot damp labyrinth of soft flesh.

"Oh, oh!" he gasped, his organ tingling with the electric sensations of his entrance.

"You're a good boy," said Bunny. "You fill me up with that cock of yours, Jim."

He groaned.

He could feel Bunny's pussy alive around his pulsing member. She lifted herself and lowered herself ever so slowly, his joint sliding like a lubricated bolt in a slot. He almost hated himself, he liked it so much. Her pneumatic body rose and fell on his member with exquisite timing. He felt guilty because he knew he had never felt pleasure such as this with his wife, Darlene. He had only made love to her in the accepted "missionary" fashion and he had not been able ever to last long enough to know the fine pain that sex could give.

He was experiencing it now, with Bunny, his boss's wife. He felt a delicious sense of illicitness and gradually the thought of his own wife lying down nearby with Pete began to diminish or rather, to change texture. He knew she was there and that Pete was probably having sex with her, but Bunny sliding his cock in and out of her sucking pussy was too immediate, too demanding of his attention for him to dwell on his former fury with Darlene.

For Bunny's pussy was engulfing his swollen member with an all-consuming suction. She knew how to pace her risings and fallings so that just when he thought he was going to burst inside her with the floods of his own orgasm, she pulled up, her buttocks rising like balloons, and his head would hit cool air and the sap would be lost in the depths of his organ waiting for further stimulation.

And then she herself was wracked with the shudders of pleasure as orgasm gushed through her pussy.

"Oh, Jim, baby, you just made me come," she moaned and ground her pussy down on his groin so that his shaft was sunk to the scrotum.

"Mmmmmm," Jim groaned, afraid to say anything, afraid Darlene would hear him. Afraid Pete would know that he was deriving intense pleasure from Pete's wife.

Bunny started swaying her buttocks and grinding down on Jim's swollen cock.

She ground and ground and he felt the sap rising in his stalk.

"Fuck me good, Jim baby," Bunny moaned, her eyes flared and glazed.

"Unh, unh," he groaned, knowing that he was going to shoot her full of his gism.

He felt himself going up the flume like a rocket burst. He reached out and pulled on Bunny's hips so that he could shove his organ all the way up inside of her.

"That's the way, Jim baby," Bunny moaned, "stick that cock of yours all the way up in me."

She ground down and he pulled her onto him. And then he shuddered as though struck by a lightening bolt. She held his cock up inside her as his sperm spurted into her womb. The tip of his member was very tender as the last of his seed percolated from its spigot. He could make out Bunny's savage shape above him as she stared down at his helpless form. He went limp inside her and soon tumbled from her grasp. He could almost feel her smile at him in the dark.

Bunny got off of his groin and lay beside him, taking his organ in her hand and stretching it taut in her fingers. "That was good, Jim baby," she breathed in his ear.

The hackles rose on his neck. "Ummm," he said, and reached over and put his hand on her breast. His mind was reeling with what had happened and with something else. He tried not to listen, but it was of no use. He heard. He heard them both. Darlene and Pete. She sounded like a stuck animal. He could almost see Pete parting her labia with his cock. He knew that's what was happening with his wife across the room. My boss is fucking my wife, he thought and almost giggled out loud.

It was all too unreal to him. This couldn't be happening. Could it? It could not.

But it was.

He listened to Darlene's groans and grunts.

He heard Pete's flesh slapping against hers. He couldn't look in their direction. He was afraid he would see Pete fucking her and that would be it. He was afraid he would go mad if he looked upon such a sight. He squeezed Bunny's breast, more for comfort than for pleasure.

"I'm afraid," he whispered to Bunny when he could stand the animal sounds of copulation no more.

"Of what?"

"I don't know. Of what is happening. To me and to Darlene."

"Relax, Jim," she soothed. "It's not so bad. You enjoyed me, didn't you?"

"Yes," he admitted. "I-it's just that I can't stand to think of what's-of what Pete is doing with Darlene."

"Jim. Don't let it throw you. It means nothing. It's just sex."

"Just sex," he,whispered. "What happened to-to love?"

"Nothing. It just became broader, that's all. You'll see. I love Pete, don't you know that?"

"I-I don't know what to think. I-how can you do this with me, then?"

"Because I wanted your body. I wanted you to make love to me. Variety."

He started to laugh, but checked himself. He felt woozy from the beer and the draining of his vitality. "Bunny," he said, instead, "I'm still afraid. This is not natural. Not natural at all."

"Sure it is, Jim," she said, patting his member reassuringly. "It's the most natural thing in the world."

She leaned over and kissed him then, and Jim closed his eyes tight, trying to shut out the other sounds in the room.

'Yet he distinctly heard Darlene say to Pete: "Oh, Pete, give me that hot cock of yours."

And the room swam around in his head, a dark pool, unlit by the shattering flashes of lightning that perforated the storm still raging outside the adobe. Jim shook his head, but he could still see in his imagination the blond nakedness of Pete rising above his stricken wife, cleaving her with his malehood, sharing all the secrets he had shared in those damp depths between those clasping eager legs…


Cathy almost swooned when Olive put her hand between her legs. The touch of her was like a plunging elevator ride down to the pits of Hades. Her stomach trembled as though electrified.

"Olive," she whispered. "What are you doing?"

"Shh. Be still, Cath. Something good."

"Wh-what if somebody comes?"

"Shh. Let me do this, Cathy."

Olive's hand rubbed at Cathy's sex and Olive came closer to her companion. She was nude and Cathy could feel her young breast resting on her shoulder. The touch was strangely exciting to her and in the dark she could picture Olive without her clothes on. She was fully awake now and fear mingled with desire as Olive's hand rubbed her labia with a gentle back and forth motion.

"What are you doing to me?" Cathy asked.

"Making you feel good. You'll see."

In the dark of the adobe it all seemed like part of her dream. Olive still rubbed at her private parts and her other hand had now crept to one of her breasts and was pressing on it while moving in circles as though scribing a mandala in the darkness.

"You shouldn't be afraid," said Olive. "No one has to know about this."

"Have you ever done this before?" asked Cathy.

"With myself," she admitted, "and once before with another girl. This girl taught me about it, really."

"Do girls do this?" Cathy asked.

"It feels good, doesn't it?"


"Then girls do it, I guess," said Olive, her voice husky.

Olive's hand kept rubbing and Cathy began to relax. Her legs spread slightly and this encouraged the older girl.

"It does feel good," murmured Cathy, her dream coming back to her as she lay there.

"I told you it would."

Cathy felt the warmness in her loins spreading throughout her body.

In a moment, Olive's finger was parting Cathy's lips. The seeping slit opened to Olive's finger as easily as butter melting from a hot knife. The wetness of her cunt excited Olive so that her own juices began to flow in her loins. She moved her finger inside her girl friend's pussy and probed around the soft, multifolded flesh. It yielded to her and its hot wetness increased. Cathy spread her legs wider involuntarily. Olive's finger accidentally struck the emerging bud of Cathy's clitoris and the younger girl jerked as though she had been jabbed with a cattleman's hotshot.

"Wow!" Cathy exclaimed.

"Did I touch it?" Olive whispered.

"Boy, you sure touched something."

"Then that was it. That's the love button."

"The love button?"

"It's a thing inside you that when you touch it feels better than anything in the world."

"I believe it," sighed Cathy.

"Hold still. I'll find it again."

Olive moved her finger around inside Cathy's pussy in a circular motion trying to find the elusive clitoris. She pushed on the tough membrane of the hymen and smiled in the dark. She had guessed that Cathy was a virgin and this proved it. Her finger slid across the point of the clitoris and Cathy jumped again as though electrified.

Olive kept her finger in the same spot and rubbed back and forth. She felt the tuberous organ grow hard and eager at her digital manipulation. Cathy's pussy filled with precoital juices and Olive felt desire clawing at her own loins as her finger moved at the clit faster and faster.

"That's heavy," Cathy sighed, her hips moving in a coital motion.

"I'm hip," said Olive.

"Man, that's better than good. It's the grooviest feeling in the world."

"Didn't I tell you?"

Olive pushed on the "love button" harder and harder, delighting in the response from Cathy. She scrooched herself closer to the girl, the musk from her own loins reaching Cathy's nostrils and adding to her delight. The panting of the two girls as they sought and found pleasure with each other was the only sound in the adobe as the rain tore down through the black night outside.

Cathy writhed with pleasure as Olive's finger thrummed her clitoris. Her hips moved up and down with energetic thrusts and the wetness of her pussy seeped through her lips into the stiff wiry pubic hairs. Never had she experienced such pleasure, such a total thrill as now sang through her young virginal body. Her legs tingled with delicious excitement, while her mind raced with thoughts that blinded her with ecstasy. Her breasts seemed to be growing as she lay there with Olive's finger prodding her clitoris; the nipples hardened like dried kernels of corn, but seemed attached to every pleasure nerve in her flesh.

"Do it to me, Cathy," Olive said, "just like I'm doing it to you."

"I don't know how."

"Bull. Just put your finger inside me. Be careful of your nails."

"O-okay," breathed Cathy.

She put her hand down between Olive's legs and the sudden feel of the wiry hairs caused her to withdraw her hand momentarily. She had not expected she would ever be doing anything like this. But she moved her hand back to Olive's crotch and felt the wetness of the girl's hairs. Somehow, this excited her and she felt a twinge in her pussy. She put her hand deeper between Olive's legs and finally felt the soft flesh of her labia.

"Go on, Cathy, put your finger inside my pussy."

When she heard the word, Cathy gasped. The sound of it was vaguely exciting and she found herself doing what Olive ordered.

Cathy put her finger on the lips and opened them slightly. The slick inner lining of the labia again brought a twinge to her own pussy. She rubbed her finger up and down the length of Olive's slit and when she pushed her finger went through the hole. Olive rose up on her knees so that Cathy's finger penetrated deeper.

"Good God," breathed Olive. "That's the grooviest!"

Cathy was silent, her mind hurtling at breakneck speed.

She moved her finger as Olive was moving hers inside her own pussy. They picked up a rhythm and Cathy lay back, her eyes closed while she rubbed Olive's throbbing clit. Olive moaned and writhed as she moved her pussy back and forth over Cathy's impaling finger. She felt the hot juices increase their flow inside her soaked cunt. She could make out the outlines of Cathy beneath her, the spread legs, the small firm breasts, her neck and face in deep shadow.

The double manipulation seemed to bind the two girls together in molten ecstasy. Olive's cunt dripped as her soaked insides filled up. Cathy pushed her hips upward to force Olive's finger to a stronger pushing on her clitoris. Hurt and pleasure were intermingled. Cathy felt as though she wanted Olive to put her whole hand inside her cunt, to fill her up with a big pleasure. She couldn't get enough of that thrumming finger on her clit. Her breasts ached and cried out for suckling. Her insides churned with primitive desire and she wanted to scream at the top of her voice how good it was, how terribly good it was. The dream had become a reality to a certain extent and she could imagine how it would be to have a man, a forbidden man, dark and large-cocked, on top of her, his steel-hard organ swelling inside her cunt as it drove against the vibrating clit.

Olive moaned aloud as orgasm shot through her cunt like a fiery river.

"Oh man oh man oh man," she sobbed, "you got me going, Cath. Fuck oh fuck oh fuck but I'm coming all over, Jesus God am I fucking coming in my cunt! That's got to be it, baby. I'm gushing come all over your f-u-c-k-i-n-g finger! Can you feel it baby?"

Olive's words brought a rush of excitement to Cathy's pussy. She felt it clamp over her finger and the same ecstasy came over her. She pushed upwards with her hips and felt the finger touch off a stabbing electric current that shook her loins with sapping pleasure. She knew that she was having an orgasm just like Olive. She tried to hold it back, to analyze its force and effect but she was helpless before its onrush of rapturous searing.

"Oh-Olive, oh, oh, oh," she gasped. "I'm-it's happening to me too!"

"Let it. Oh Christ Cath, it's going again. Jesus I'm coming again. Oh fuck, what a fucking good feeling that is!"

"Me oh, it's the best feeling I've ever-ever had," Cathy panted. She felt Olive's finger jab deeper and the pain mingled inextricably with the pleasure. She brought her legs together quickly and then parted them again as though applauding. Her whole body seemed to be dancing on the end of Olive's finger. Wave after wave of purest pleasure coursed through her wriggling body and she wanted to scream to the whole world that she was happy happy happy.

Olive nearly passed out with the ecstasy that her third and fourth orgasms brought. She felt her pussy filled up and overflow with the gushing juices of sex. She impaled herself further on her companion's finger and thrust her cunt against it as though hurling a door against a battering ram.

Finally, Olive could stand it no longer. She withdrew her finger from Cathy's cunt and threw herself on top of the girl and sought her lips in the dark.

"Kiss me, Cath, Kiss me," she moaned.

Cathy's finger fell free of Olive's pussy and she embraced the older girl, her mouth eagerly waiting for the meeting.

Olive found Cathy's mouth and their naked bodies joined together. Olive's tongue darted inside Cathy's mouth and the hot insides steamed with the passion of both of them. Olive's kiss was wet and juicy and as she lay atop Cathy's naked body she ground her pussy against the younger girl's as though trying to penetrate her with her clitoris.

Cathy felt the solid bones of Olive's box pressing against her own pussy and she thrust upward so that their pussies met. Olive rubbed hard against Cathy's pussy while her tongue darted in and out of Cathy's mouth. The two girls rubbed in countermotions, their labia opening so that the juicy inner linings met in ecstatic tribadism. Olive's clitoris strained to push through her pussy lips and encounter a like member, but was too small to reach. Still, the vigorousness of their rubbing together transmitted the feeling of coitus to each of them and their kissing became more heated, their tongues exchanged jabs that brought the saliva to their mouths just as their pussies became soaked with the oils of love.

Cathy, locked again in a waking dream world, translated Olive's pressures on her body into erotic images of a dark man mounting her. Olive, her eyes glazed, the aggressor, rubbed until her slit was wide open, the juices flowing from her gash like wild honey. By rubbing a certain way she found that the clitoris could be reached by transmission through the active muscles. As Cathy lay beneath her, quietly enjoying the erotic pleasure of tribadism, Olive shuddered as multiple orgasms shook her body.

Their panting filled the adobe with animal sounds.

"Olive, I'm getting tired," Cathy said, after awhile.

Olive stopped rubbing Cathy's pussy with her own. She blinked her eyes in the dark.

"Tired?" she asked rhetorically.

"S-sort of."

"Oh well, I'm not finished yet. I want to show you something even better."

"Better?" Cathy asked. She didn't know how anything could be better. Never in her life had she dreamed that her body could give her such pleasure. With Olive, this night, she had felt things she hadn't known existed and how Olive was offering the impossible.

"Yes" breathed Olive, taking her body off of Cathy's. "Just relax and spread your legs. Don't be surprised at what you feel. Just remember it'll be me."

"I-I won't," Cathy agreed. But she was puzzled. She heard Olive moving nearby but couldn't see her well except when distant flashes of lightning threw her into relief.

Olive turned around next to Cathy and then straddled the girl in the opposite direction so that her face was above Cathy's cunt and her own cunt was high in the air over Cathy's face. She spread Cathy's legs wider and dipped her face down to the soaked pussy between her friend's legs.

Olive put her hands on Cathy's labia and spread them as she dipped her face down to the satiny insides of Cathy's cunt. She had her tongue extended as her other girl friend had taught her and she could smell the heady musk of Cathy's dank cunt the closer she got. Cathy waited for the mysterious new experience with bated breath. She did not have long to wait.

Olive's tongue glided over the soft insides of Cathy's labia and the younger girl almost buckled with the ecstasy the new sensation brought to her. Olive buried her face in the damp swamp.of Cathy's pussy, her tongue pushing past the lips and into the pink folds of smooth flesh. She found Cathy's throbbing clit quite easily and when the rough tip of her tongue made contact, Cathy's body gave a spasmodic jerk.

"Wow!" she exclaimed in a heavy whisper.

Olive was silent. And busy.

The older girl's tongue set up a furious rhythmic twanging of Cathy's clit bringing fresh floods of fluid gushing through her already well-soaked cunt. She spread the lips even wider and took the swollen clit in her mouth and sucked it as her tongue thrummed the tip to a frenzy of ecstatic pleasure that was almost unbearable to Cathy.

Caught up in the sheer delight of her act of cunnilingus, Olive buried her face even deeper in Cathy's crotch. Her tongue laved the creamy insides of Cathy's cunt and tripped the clit-trigger as fast as she could work. Her reward was the rich mush of Cathy's sex in her nostrils, the feel of her thighs pressing against her face and Cathy's own rhythmic movements which had begun to build as Cathy found delight in her friend's sexual stimuli.

"Oh Olive, you don't know how good that feels!" she exclaimed. She knew that Olive's own pussy was up in the air not very far away from her. Somehow, she wanted to do the same thing to Olive that was being done to her. She wanted to explore the older girl's pussy and see what mysteries it contained.

Olive lifted her head out of Cathy's steeping crotch for a moment.

"I'm going to drop my pussy down, Cath," she said. "You do it to me while I'm doing it to you. It'll be wild!"

"O-okay," Cathy gulped as Olive went down on her once again, her tongue finding the flame-hot clit easily.

Cathy felt smothered at first, as Olive's dripping wet cunt dropped over her face. She could still feel Olive's fingers spreading her own gash apart, so she did the same, extending her tongue as she did so.

She could smell Olive's sex and it excited her. She breathed in the musk.

She spread her friend's pussy-lips and put her tongue to the raw pink flesh. Olive bucked with excitement as the tongue touched the mucous membrane.

"Jesus!" Olive exclaimed.

Encouraged, Cathy pushed her nose into the top of the gash and urged her tongue deeper in the dank tunnel of flesh.

It was, as Olive had said, even better. She could feel Olive's tongue inside her, touching the love button and bringing her to orgasm over and over. And, now, here she was, doing the same thing as though she had been doing it all her life. She exulted in the yielding feel of Olive's pussy flesh and when her mouth found the clit and sucked it to a willowy hardness, her own juices gushed through her already soaked caverns.

She pulled on Olive's buttocks bringing the girl's pussy even more over her face. Her tongue found deeper territory to explore. She sucked on Olive's clit and tongued it just as her friend was doing to her. She could feel Olive coming. She felt the love honey pour into the love chamber like a newly opened spring. Her own vagina seemed to be opening like a giant flower, hoping that Olive's tongue would swell and fill her.

Cathy lost all thought of where and who she was. Sex was all-important to her now. The storm seemed like a distant army in skirmish over a far hill. With her were the plump thighs of Olive and the deep soft pink flesh that she plied with her tongue. In her mind was the wild electricity of sex that was being drummed from her cunt by Olive's expert tongue. It was like a dream come true, but more bizarre in its reality than any dream she had ever had.

Gone was the image of the dark man mounting her.

Instead, there was only Olive with her young, breasts hanging loose as her face found a nesting place in her thighs. There was Olive with her woman's body and her experienced tongue. There were the memories of her finger and her rubbing, cunt to cunt in a smothering love. There was the heady musk of sex in her nostrils and the dripping pussy covering her own face.

And there was the incredible tingling electric sensation of her clit being tongued while orgasm after orgasm shook her body like a restless volcano.

Sex had come to Cathy all of a sudden and she seemed surprised that it was so good and so needed. She exulted in it and she wondered at it. She knew only one thing. She wanted it all the time and as much of it as she could get. With Olive as the catalyst, Cathy had discovered a deep need in herself that would take a long time to satisfy.

As the storm crashed around the adobe the two girls fought a battle of their own, one of extreme excitement that enclosed them in its fury like the black, cloudy night filled with electric danger.


In the dark, Darlene felt the huge proportions of Pete as he mounted her.

She lay there with her pussy open and pulsing like some flaring sea anemone waiting for its prey. She felt the bigness of his cock touch her cunt lips, then slide past like a battering ram testing the strength of its target.

She felt desire flood through her like molten lava as his cock slid home and filled her. The head of his swollen member twanged her clitoris and she felt herself gush with a jolting preliminary orgasm.

"Jesus," she breathed, and Pete pushed his cock up into her womb.

Darlene could hear her husband whispering to Bunny on the other side of the room as Pete's wife sucked on his cock.

The pleasure with Pete was heightened for Darlene because she knew that her own husband was having sex with Pete's wife. She didn't know why this should be so, she only knew that thoughts of her own husband with Bunny were erotic and added greatly to her pleasure with Pete.

Pete was better this time, she thought. She had more time to enjoy him, to exult in the fact that she was actually taking that big cock of his inside her. Its hot smoothness had slid into her love tunnel as easily as a hand into a gauntlet. Her wetness helped, she knew. She was soaked. But still, the bigness of him was something to marvel at. She had seen that bulge in his pants and now, to have it filling up her cunt, well, she was more than satisfied.

To prove it, she drew her legs up so that Pete could penetrate her slit more deeply. He almost laughed aloud when he felt her legs go up. He buried his cock in her and was rewarded with a gasp of pleasure.

"Jesus, that feels good, Pete," she whispered to him.

He answered by shoving his cock further into her womb. This thrust tore the breath away from Darlene's throat. In her mind she could picture that swollen mushroom head of his filling the entire lower portion of her body. She pushed upward with her hips and felt his balls bang silently against her asshole. She reached out and found them with her hand. She gave them a gentle squeeze as Pete shoved his cock hard against her and held it jammed up in her as far as he could.

"Does that feel good?" she asked him.

"Yes, Darlene," he answered. Her hand kneaded his sack while her hips ground in a circular motion. Still holding himself in her, he ground his own hips in response and this brought a gasp to Darlene's lips.

"Man, you know how to fuck a girl," she breathed.

"I should," he said. "I've had enough experience."

"It shows, too."

Pete withdrew his cock almost all the way, then drove it home with the force of a pile driver and Darlene gasped with pleasure. Her hands drifted around to Pete's back and began to rake the skin gently in rhythm with his to and fro movements. His cock made a sucking sound as it slid in and out of her soaked slit and she tightened her hold on him. Her pubic hairs dripped with the fluids of their lovemaking and she could feel his balls swack against her buttocks as he drove his cock home again and again.

The first real orgasm happened when Pete was in mid-thrust. The head of his joint struck her clitoris just right and she contracted her pussy for an instant. The trigger having been pulled, orgasm shuddered through her body with spasmodic electricity. Her fingernails dug into Pete's back.

"Oh my, Pete," she moaned. "You hit the magic button. I'm coming all over the place!"

"Good," he breathed, increasing his pace.

"Jam it to me, Pete, jam it to me," she moaned. She didn't give a damn if her husband heard her or not. For all she knew Bunny was getting fucked as royally as she. She would have laughed at that if Pete's throbbing hot rod wasn't driving her nearly out of her mind. She marveled at his staying power and his size. She could feel every solid pulsing inch of his fire-hot cock jamming into her and she felt as though she wanted to swallow his entire body with her twitching cunt.

It was fire and gushing wetness.

Pete was good, she knew. Damned good. Better than any man she had ever had inside her.

And she had had a few, unknown to Jim.

The milkman, for one. The insurance collector. The paper boy once a month. One of the neighbor men. She didn't think she was a nymphomaniac, but Jim had never been able to satisfy her. She had hated to keep her extracurricular sexual activities from him all these years, but she knew that Jim was a hopeless square about such things. Jim, she often told her girl friends, was a man who thought Playboy was a dirty magazine. She could hardly believe what was happening now in the adobe, but she was glad. She was glad that she could get fucked by a man who loved sex and that her husband would know about it.

She wished Jim could see it all in living color. Maybe that would make him into the man she had thought he was when she married him. Maybe Bunny would do it. But another thought crossed her mind. What if Jim did become a stud? Would that make her satisfied? She told herself that she honestly didn't know. It would be hard to pass up good opportunities like this one with Pete even if her husband were an accomplished lover. The thoughts passed by very quickly and she concentrated on Pete's cannon inside her priming itself for a big explosion.

She wondered, though, why sex with the big man was so much more satisfying now that it was more or less out in the open. Knowing that Jim knew made this act the best of all. She almost gloated as Pete's cock slid in and out of her lubricated hole. Listening to the slap of his flesh against hers and the sucking sound his cock made, she hoped that Jim heard every decibel and that he understood what it meant. She didn't mean to be cruel, she told herself, but Jim had been such a wishy-washy sonofabitch in their marriage. Now, maybe he would learn all at once what she hadn't been able to tell him: that she was a passionate woman who needed an aggressive man mounting her in the love bed.

And gad, but Pete was something!

That big cock of his was driving her crazy again, pounding away all her thoughts. His size filled her as she had never been filled before. She could feel every swollen inch of him touching all the folds of flesh in her cavern of sex! Despite herself she let out the groans that he drove from her with the force of his pummeling cock.

"Oh, Pete, that's so damned good, baby! So damned good!"

She pulled her legs back and up so that his cock sank even deeper inside her. Now his flesh was pounding against her pussy lips with a force that flattened them out. She didn't care. He was putting the boots to her and her clit was throbbing like a struck tuning fork. She could almost picture that huge flaring pile driver head of his pushing through her soft flesh clear to the womb. She could feel her womb opening and taking the head of his cock in like a torpedo going into the firing chamber. She was dizzy from the unexpected pleasure of his onslaught. This, too, surprised her.

Pete knew he had her going. He could feel the excitement in her. When she threw her legs back and up he had driven his cock in with all the force of a rail spike being hit with a sledgehammer. The smack of flesh on flesh had been as pleasant as the feel of her opening up as he sank clear to her womb. He liked an uninhibited woman like Darlene. She made him feel as masculine as he pictured himself. Her pleasure was his pleasure. It wasn't necessary to ask a woman like Darlene how she liked it; it was obvious. The woman was almost delirious with pleasure. Her fingernails on his back were very nearly lethal and that panting that came from beneath him was pure animal!

Yes, Darlene was good, and he drove into her to show her how much he appreciated her enthusiasm.

To Pete, sex was as expected in life as air. In fact, since he and Bunny had joined the swap club he never gave it a second thought. If he saw a woman he wanted, he balled her, and it was hard for him to recall when he had last been turned down. Darlene was another in a line of conquests and his pleasure with her was heightened because her husband was an employee. With him nearby and balling his own wife it almost made them a single, albeit incestuous, family. He liked that. He liked screwing another man's wife before his eyes, even if that man was, in turn, screwing his own wife. He had laughed about this once with Bunny, telling her the well-known advertising slogan for a chewing gum brand: "Double your pleasure, double your fun." They both had laughed over that one.

But this conquest was special to him. It proved what he had already begun to suspect. Each person had a sexual hang-up and once a way was found to expose it then it became manageable, usable. He had found it. Bunny had found it. He had no doubt that Darlene had found it. But Jim, no. He was sure of that. This might do it for him, though. Bunny might bring the man around. Pete was developing the theory that he and his wife could, under the right circumstances, take the most inhibited married couple, the most endomorphic, and bring them out, sexually.

He had, in fact, planned this whole trip to test his theory. He had told Bunny that of all his employees, Jim seemed the most square, the most inhibited sexually. They had met Darlene, however, and both agreed that she was a different breed of animal. She exuded sex whereas Jim was sexually stilted, or appeared to be. Pete had tested him out with a few choice erotic jokes and Baker's reaction had been decidedly negative, almost, he thought, to the point of prudishness. To Pete, in the seventies, in the twentieth century, this was tantamount to being an imbecile.

So the trip to San Felipe and out to the gulf where the storm had overtaken them. And something else, too. Sexual awareness. Pete could feel it. Darlene had been good back in the boat, tender like a seduced woman ought to be. But here in the bareness and the primitive conditions of the adobe cabin she was a marvelous fucking machine. She was pure sensuality and flagrant animal. Her pulsing pussy was as hot as any he had encountered. She sucked him inside her as though she wouldn't spew him out until she had drained the last vestige of milky seed from his limp cock. He liked that. He liked a woman who liked to fuck and did it without any bullshit attached.

"You're a good woman, Darlene," he told her as he drove his cock further up into her womb.

"Hey, man, you're the one to talk! You've got it all!" She was genuinely enthusiastic.

Darlene was proud that he said what he did, though. To show her gratitude she did a thing with her box that made Pete's eyes open wide.

Darlene had practiced it a long time. It was a thing she had seen go-go dancers do. And strippers. She tightened the muscles in her pussy by expanding and contracting them. She did it now and Pete could feel the increased pressure on his cock as it shot in and out of her vagina.

"Hey, that feels good," he said. "You're a doll, Darlene."

"Thanks, Pete. You're pretty terrific yourself."

"Where'd you ever learn a trick like that?"

"I'll never tell," she laughed.

"I'll bet," he grinned, in the dark.

"Don't stop." Darlene, pleased, made her pussy squeeze his cock like a handshake. She was glad she had spent the time in front of her mirror at home, practicing it. Jim hadn't appreciated it at all the first time she sprung it on him. He had been horrified, in fact. He had wondered what she was doing and to save herself from humiliation she had said that she had merely had a spasm.

"Well, I, hope you don't have any more," he had said sternly.

So she had let it drop. Except with extracurricular lovers. And now, with Pete.

She kept it up and she obtained a kind of rhythm that matched Pete's sliding trombone of a penis. As the head of his cock reached the entrance of her pussy, she did her contraction and her muscles squeezed the head of his projectile in a most delightful way. It became a secret sexual game with them. Pete found he could last a long time with this going on, and Darlene kept getting wetter and wetter as orgasm soaked her insides like a sweating flower.

It was getting to Pete. The rhythm and the squeezing were doing their work on his joint. He could feel the head of his knob swelling every time it passed those marvelously trained muscles of hers. It was a teasing yet wholly satisfying way to fuck and he wondered how a man like Jim could be so stupid not to recognize what a treasure he had in Darlene. It was enough to make him wonder if Jim had any balls.

Bunny would be finding out about that, he mused. As indeed she was, on the other side of the room.

Darlene dripped with sweat. Her body was like leather that had been soaped down, slick and smooth as glass. Pete held her close as he felt the seed rising from his scrotum and bubbling at the plunging root that cleaved Darlene. Her squeezing muscle missed the head of his cock every other stroke, but that didn't matter anymore. He knew what he had and he exulted in it.

Darlene, too, had found something. She had found appreciation. Hell, Pete didn't have to say anything. She could tell it by the way he held her. His sweat-soaked body lay on hers with a weight that made her loins writhe. His big cock driving into her told her more than his words. She squeezed him with her pussy because she wanted to, because now it was natural and womanly to do so.

And nature took care of them both. Nature and their own sexual feelings for each other.

Darlene gasped as her orgasms came closer and closer together. Hot floods coursed through her pussy, soaking over the throbbing cock that filled her. She clawed at Pete's back, gently but markedly. Her legs bobbed back and forth, up in the air, but of their own volition. Her head tossed from side to side as his cock burned into her, and her mouth fell open, s1ackened by the awesome beauty that inundated her. It was not only the majestic feel of his thick manhood inside of her but the incredible flush that it brought to every cell in her body. A thousand suns, miniscule and mighty, seemed to be born in each millimeter of her flesh. Currents coursed through her that she had never known before, and lightnings danced along the feather edges of unseen nerves.

Darlene came and came and Pete knew it.

His back looked like a highway map and it seemed to him that Darlene was trying to leap right into his body. She pulled at him as her pussy rose to impale itself further on his pounding prick.

Pete could feel himself responding and exulted in it. He knew that he was a man who had stayed beyond the point that any other man could have stayed. Darlene was magnificent and she made a man want to spill his seed just by a touch on the balls. The fact that he had brought her to the point of senseless ecstasy was a credit, he felt, to his own prowess as a lover. But he gave credit, also, to Darlene, who made it interesting with her squeeze play that delighted him with its surprise.

But Pete was beyond musing about Darlene's charms.

Orgasm, oncoming, took control of him just as a bombardier takes over the plane's control from the pilot when the target is in sight.

Their orgasms fused in the night-dark of the adobe. Pete felt his cock swell with the bursting milk and he let himself relax as his seed shot through his organ and spat potential life up into Darlene's womb. It was like death and life all wrapped up together.

It was ecstasy and pain. Delight and sadness. Like a white-hot shadow. Now there. Now gone. Heat from the sun as dark as unfired coal.

The far-off jingling of bells. The close blare of hot trumpets.

Her cunt contracted like a vast valley and a rumbling volcanic mountain.

His cock fought off its own death with a spurting attempt to deliver life like so many white milky bullets.

Stars exploding in their minds. Burst galaxies crumbling in space, slow motion milk-splashes in a black bowl.

They clutched each other like falling fearful climbers as they were swept down by the hot current of their sexual climaxes.

Swift rivers become kaleidoscopes by the dancing shimmering moon. Waters shot through with hot bright lightning. Electricity gone wild in the pink inside flesh of themselves.

Panting lions racing across sere fields after prey, the smell of death hot in their flaring black nostrils. The female, waiting over the red open neck of her kill, her sweat spreading her musk in the African air.

This was it, and it was so fleeting, so ephemeral. No one could catch it. Not Darlene. Not Pete.

But they had had it. And they had created it. They had lived it. With their fierce coupling they had caused all the bright brief wild things to happen to both of them.

It was unexplainable.

Like how wine happens, with care and genius. Or a flower growing up overnight.

Or somewhere in a dead time ago, a star bursting.

"Jesus!" Pete swore, when his excitement had drained off and become limp like his malehood.

"You!" exclaimed Darlene in a grateful sigh. Their double pantings were heard for several moments by Bunny and Jim as they, too, had respite from their sexual energies.

Lovers all, they seemed to be setting up battle lines for future skirmishes. Jealousies moved through the room like reeking bacon although it was night, not morning.

Bunny's ears had been tuned to the lovemaking even though she had been interested in Jim. She had never been jealous before in such situations, but she knew her husband. She had never seen him drive himself so much with her and that gave her pause. If Jim had not been there, she thought, not unguiltily (for she thought herself a liberal), she might have gone over and pulled her husband off of the attractive Darlene. Sex was sex, but she had the idea that Pete was not so blasй as he pretended. And Darlene, she now knew, was an animal.

A very talented animal.

Bunny stored her thoughts away as she fell upon the almost virginal body of Jim.

Despite their mutual excitement, Darlene and Pete fell fast asleep as the storm abated.


The morning broke bleak and lifeless over the island. It looked like the last day on earth, before the Lonsdales and the Bakers stirred.

The sky was still low and thick with grey storm clouds, but the rain had stopped momentarily, as though the clouds were taking a breather, gaining new strength for a later onslaught on the sea and the whipped land.

In the adobe of the two girls, Olive was dead asleep. But Cathy lay awake, her mind reeling with sensual thoughts that lingered from the night. Her whole body ached deliciously from the experience, yet was not sated. Like any virgin upon discovering sex, she was totally committed to it now. Her body demanded it, her soul cried out for it. She wanted Olive's hands on her again, her finger and her tongue plying her once more in the blessed dark.

She looked over at the sleeping Olive and wondered if she would still be the same towards her now. Cathy put her hands down between her own legs and rubbed. It felt good, better than nothing, but not as good as Olive. She spread her legs slightly in the confinement of the sleeping bag and her slit opened like an envelope. She put her finger inside the vulva and slowly, her mind filling up with sensuality, she began to stroke her clitoris in measured masturbation.

In the other adobe, the couples were sleeping in the same arrangement of the night before. Bunny and Jim were on one side; Jim, on his back, his mouth open, Bunny sprawled across him, her head in his crotch, naked, with only a thin blanket over her body. Pete and Darlene were sleeping on their sides, Darlene facing away from Pete, he embracing her, his limp cock nestled in the cleavage of her buttocks.

It had been a hard, but pleasurable, night for the four of them.

The first one who stirred was Pete.

He shook the sleep from his blond head and took stock of his surroundings. He could smell the sex-musk of Darlene, and, feeling her nakedness, the broad smooth expanse of her back, the plump flesh of her buttocks, his organ became tumescent. He slid it between her legs and there it grew harder, its mass of stretched skin and blood like a battering ram wholly created out of the imagination.

He felt Darlene stir at this sexual intrusion and smiled to himself.

The sex of the night before had drugged her, though, and she did not awaken at first. He moved closer to her and with his left hand steered his shaft to the swollen portals of her pussy. When he felt the soft mound of her vulva, he plied her lips apart and gently slid the warhead of his cock into the juicy insides of her cavern.

At first he could not sink his shaft all the way inside her. But he slid a third of it into the ever-moistening tunnel and felt an immediate satisfaction. He was glad that she was so wet, possibly because so much of his sperm was left inside her from the night before. Or, he thought, she could be one of these women who was always ready for sex. In the dimness of the adobe he could see his wife and Jim over Darlene's shoulder. They were still asleep.

Although his position was awkward, Pete moved his now-slick cock in and out of Darlene's slot throughout the third of its length. The clamp of her pussy on the head gave him a throbbing pleasure. In a few moments the rubbing of his head against Darlene's clitoris brought her to her senses.

"Good lord," she breathed.

"Good morning," he whispered into her ear.

"What a way to wake up," she sighed.

Pete shoved his cock hard against her clit. Darlene moved her ass to take more of him inside her. She reached back and put her hand around that dry part of his cock that wasn't sunk inside her.

"I want all of that," she cooed. She moved slightly so that she could accommodate more of his eager meat. Pete obliged her.

Feeling her open to him he pushed his ponderous prick up into her honey-soaked cunt. He was rewarded with a spasmodic tightening of her vulva that brought the blood rushing to the head of his cock. His body gave a jerk of pleasure as he rammed home. He was by now slightly raised up on his hips and Darlene was presenting herself in a three-quarters hunch. He put his hands over her breast and clasped them for leverage.

Darlene, in turn, pushed her butt backwards so that he could bury his shaft in her clear to the scrotum.

"How's that?" he asked. "Is that enough of me?"

"Oooh, Pete, it's good! Enough, I don't know."

"Well, it better be," he joked, "because that's all I have."

She pushed backwards and his rail split her open as it wedged itself in her gaping cunt even further.

"Unh!" she groaned in delight.

Pete carried through the initiative he had been given and thrust his slickened stump even deeper into her hole. Darlene wriggled delightedly on the end of his pole and together they began a give-and-take rhythm that brought exquisite pleasure to both of them.

In the heat of their passion for each other, Darlene rolled over more on her tummy and drew Pete on top of her back. As she up-thrust her rounded buttocks she presented her twat to him in such a way that deep penetration was easy and glorious.

He fucked her dog-fashion for several moments and soon her groans told him that she was moving quickly towards orgasm.

He pulled on her bare legs drawing her hot squirming cunt over his thrusting cock and with each jamming smash of his instrument he throbbed against her clit. Darlene gasped with delight each time he thrummed her clit and in several blinding engulfments she reached staggering climaxes, each one bigger than the one before.

"Oh, oh, oh, Pete, sweetie, you did it. Lord, you're fucking me like a big hot dog!"

Pete stabbed her viciously with his finely waxed spear.

Darlene gushed and gushed like a broken water main.

Pete held himself in as he felt his own wild seed rush to the head of his furiously pulsing prick. His body tingled all over as orgasm burst inside him like a Roman candle. He spurted his milky seeds up in her womb as her pussy contracted pleasurably.

He spurted and spurted until the last of his milk was gone. Darlene moved her body and his limp organ was ejected.

"Good morning again," she said, turning over on her back to look up at him.

"I like it in the morning," he smiled.

"You like it all the time," she rebutted.

"Unh hunh," he breathed. "Especially with you. Now stay quiet. I'm going to get up and see what our situation looks like."

He patted Darlene affectionately on the top of her head. She nodded to him as he got up and dressed quickly in dry clothes brought from the Sea Stud. He took a.22 rifle out of its case, a Belgian Browning that broke down into two pieces. He stuffed a box of shells in his windbreaker and, glancing once more at his wife and Jim, strode over to Darlene and whispered in her ear. "Make some coffee after while. Okay?"

"Okay," she said, throwing him a kiss.

Pete gave her a wink and went outside into a calm grey world of uneasy dawn.

Smashed yucca and drifted sand showed him that the storm had been as wild as any he had seen in these waters. He noted the low black clouds above the pines and the silence of the morning. He knew it would only be a short while before the wind and rain began again.

He was surprised to see that his boat seemed to be all right. It was beaten badly about the fibreglass hull, but seemed to be seaworthy still. After inspecting the Sea Stud, Pete walked back to the clearing and looked in on the girls.

Cathy had fallen back to sleep and had her arms under her head. Olive, in the sleeping bag next to her, had half-tumbled out of her cocoon. Her naked breasts and shoulders were visible to Pete, standing there silently.

He felt a tightening of his scrotum.

How old was Olive? he thought. Fifteen? Sixteen? Old enough. He could see the shape of her young body in the sleeping bag. Damn. Wouldn't that be nice, though? He left the adobe before he lost control of himself and his reason. But he filed his thoughts about the young Olive Baker for future reference or need.

He could smell the rich aroma of the coffee before he got back to his own adobe.

He was blunt as he put down his rifle and joined the threesome huddled before the Sterno stove and the bubbling coffee pot.

"This is just a lull. That damned storm's going to hit here again with about ten times the force it had before. I thought we might try to make it back to San Felipe, but after looking at the weather I'm convinced it would be risky-if not downright dangerous."

He squatted before the trio and took a proffered cup of coffee from Bunny. He looked at her with a twinkle in his eye. Then he looked over the rim of his steaming cup at Jim Baker. His eyes were cold and unfriendly and Jim's looked sad and uncertain. Good, Pete thought. It would not do to get into an argument with him now. But he had the feeling that dark things were brewing in Jim's mind. He shook it off and looked at Darlene. She gave a shrug as if to say that nothing had been said about last night and she didn't know how her husband felt.

Pete blew on his coffee and took a sip.

"So we're stuck here awhile?" Bunny asked him.

"It looks like it. Another day or two. Maybe more. These storms are unpredictable out here. The short ones do a lot of damage but the long ones keep you buttoned down."

"Well, let's make the best of it," said Darlene.

"Yeah, you'd like that, wouldn't you?" Jim asked sarcastically.

Pete gave him a sharp look of reproof, but kept silent.

Darlene saw the look and bit her lip to keep herself from replying with an equally sarcastic remark.

Bunny smiled and spoke, "Is anyone hungry? Maybe someone had better check on the girls while I cook a big breakfast for everyone. Spam and dried potatoes or something."

Darlene's face brightened. Jim looked glum as he looked down into his coffee cup.

"I looked in on them," Pete explained. "They're still fast asleep. But cook up some breakfast. It'll make everyone feel better." He looked again at Jim and this time Jim looked up and knew that he was being scolded.

"Yes-yes," Jim said, "that might be good. For all of us to eat." He sure looks miserable, Pete thought and smiled to himself. The trouble with Jim was he didn't know how to live.

Darlene got up while Bunny busied herself cooking breakfast. "I'll get the girls ready and bring them over," she announced.

Darlene left the adobe and Bunny and Jim were left with Pete. Pete lit a cigarette and drank his coffee. Bunny bustled around and lit the big Coleman stove. Jim turned on the portable radio. XETRA news came in strong and the three of them listened to the announcer drone on.

"Leave it there, Jim," Pete said. "That's a good strong station out of Tijuana. Has the news twenty-four hours a day."

"Okay," Jim said, glad at this civility from his boss. It helped relieve a lot of the tension that perhaps only he felt.

Outside, they could hear the wind building up again and the room was noticeably darker. Bunny gave Pete a smile and a wink. He knew what she meant. She had scored with Jim and that made things about perfect. Good lord, Jim must have a set of morals that were as strict as his double entry bookkeeping system. Accountants! They were useful but they had limited vision. Darlene was a nice piece and she was married to a wet blanket. Pete would have laughed except that he had found this was the normal thing instead of the odd ball one. The most incongruous people seemed to mate up and try to make a go of marriage. Even he and Bunny had been pretty different. Or thought they had. Until they had joined the swap club. Maybe they weren't so different after all. Maybe Jim and Darlene were more alike than they knew…

His thoughts were interrupted by the XETRA news announcer's voice speaking about the storm situation. He pricked up his ears.

"…left the Ensenada area early yesterday morning," the announcer was saying, "and winds of 150 knots caused the storm warning flags to be hoisted from La Paz to Newport Beach in California. Late yesterday afternoon the storm ripped across Baja California bringing death and destruction to populated areas. Guadalupe and Valle de Trinidad suffered heavy casualties as did the fishing town of San Felipe located on the Gulf of California. A group of United States citizens were reported missing in the storm. Peter Lonsdale of California, on a fishing trip with his family and others not identified, was reported lost somewhere in the gulf. Authorities have not been able to conduct a search because of the storm conditions still prevailing over much of Baja and the coast of Mexico. The weatherman predicts more strong winds and the tropical storm is expected to last for several more hours. In other news…"

"They-they think we're dead," said Jim, a look of surprise on his face.

"Missing, Jim," Pete said, not without kindness.

"Heavens? What must our friends think? Our folks? Oh, I hope my mother doesn't have heart failure when she hears that news."

"That news is from Tijuana, Jim," Pete explained. "The L.A. stations probably won't even mention us. Relax. Your mother'll be okay." Before Jim could reply, Darlene came back with the two girls. The rain had already started up again and the wind was rising in pitch.

"Golly, it's cozy in here," said Olive, shaking out her hair. She wore a light parka that didn't hide her considerable breastworks, and shorts that revealed her fine young legs.

"Yeah, really groovy and all," echoed Cathy, who was dressed in a sweatshirt of her father's and a pair of jeans cut off above the knees.

Again, Pete felt that tightening in his scrotum, as he looked at Olive Baker. Right now he didn't care if the storm lasted for a week. He wanted to part those legs of Olive's and put his log between them until the come ran down them like a river of milk.


The breakfast and radio broadcasts about their predicament seemed to bring everyone in the adobe together for awhile. At least the tensions were not apparent after they had all eaten together and cleaned up afterwards. Late in the morning, the girls went back to their cabin while Pete, Jim, Bunny, and Darlene played cards and drank tepid beer. The more Pete drank, the more difficult it became for him to concentrate on the gin rummy game. He kept thinking of Jim's daughter, Olive.

Later, when everyone in the foursome was fairly drunk, Pete got up, swaying slightly. "I'm going to check out the boat," he announced.

"Good," said Bunny. "I'm beat. Think I'll take a nap." She gave him a look that told him to stay close to her.

"Me too," said Darlene. "I'm shot."

Pete grumphed and picked up a fresh bottle of beer and opened it. He drank a swallow and lurched out of the adobe. Jim watched him with undisguised hatred and Bunny made note of this. Darlene went over to her side of the adobe, too drunk to care about anything, and curled up in a sleeping bag.

Pete knew what he was going to do. But he was not so drunk that he wasn't wary. He wondered how he would separate Olive from his daughter. That would be the difficult part.

He wanted the girl so much now that he couldn't bear the thought that he might not be able to have her. But something inside him rose up, a feeling of confidence, a surge of self-assurance, and Pete knew that he would not fail in his mission. His manhood was hard in his trousers as he walked to the girls' adobe.

His eyes lit up when he walked in the open door. There would be no problem. No problem at all. Cathy, his daughter, was asleep, and as he looked at Olive, he put his finger over his lips in a gesture of silence.

He motioned for Olive to follow him outside. The girl got up, still wearing the sweatshirt and shorts and deck shoes. When they were a safe distance away from the adobe, Pete spoke to the daughter of his accountant.

"Let her sleep, Olive. You want to come with me. I-I want to check the boat out."

"Sure, Mr. Lonsdale," Olive said eagerly. The sight of Cathy sleeping had made her feel frustrated. She had wanted to crawl in the sleeping bag with Cathy, but had known how that would have looked if anyone had come by-and Mr. Lonsdale had. Curious, she followed him, her heart beating slightly faster than normal. She wondered why he wanted her to go along. She shrugged. Perhaps he had come to get both girls but had decided to let his daughter sleep. It was as good an explanation as any.

Pete sobered somewhat on the stroll to the Sea Stud. Watching that bouncing ass of Olive's was enough to make him sort out his thoughts of what he was going to do. He wondered why the more ass he got the more he wanted. But he had always been that way. When he fucked a woman he wanted her again and again. And after leaving that woman's presence he was horny to fuck another one. "The more you get, the more you want," summed it up for Pete. And walking to the boat with Olive made the truism more pertinent than it ever had been.

Olive exuded sensuality. Pete had noticed it before but circumstances had prevented him from pursuing her further. She was like many young girls who blossom early and by the time they're in their early teens, they're openly inviting older men to fuck them… He could picture those plump baby fat thighs of hers just waiting for his big cock to slither over them into her young cunt. Peter got a hard-on just thinking about what he'd like to do to Olive what he now fully intended doing to her.

For her part, Olive was not completely unaware of the effect she was having on Pete. He had telegraphed something to her back in the adobe when he had put his finger over his lips to make sure she didn't wake Cathy. She didn't know the extent of Pete's desires for her, not yet anyway, but she did know that her female charms had hit a responsive chord in the older man. Just knowing this gave her a feeling of extreme self-confidence. She was curious about why they were going to the boat, however. And although she knew that Pete admired her body, she didn't dream that he would go any further with her, much as she might enjoy this. It just never entered her mind. Like many young girls she underestimated the aspirations of some men, the boldness of experienced, mature lovers. Certainly she underestimated Pete Lonsdale. At first, but not for long.

At the Sea Stud, Pete helped Olive aboard. No sooner had his feet hit the deck than the storm hit again, the rain slashing at their bodies like ice picks flung by a wind of at least 50 knots. Blackness descended as the brunt of the storm enveloped the Sea Stud and its two solitary occupants.

"Quick! Inside the cabin!" Pete ordered, guiding Olive across the slippery rain-washed decks.

She needed no urging, and, dripping wet, she half-tumbled into the shelter of the cabin. The Sea Stud rocked on its sandy perch as the tide rose. lifting it up on a smoother plateau of sea.

"From the looks of it this time, we'll be here quite awhile," Pete told Olive. His eyes glistened in the darkness of the cabin. "Let's go below or we'll be wetter'n a couple of hens."

Olive laughed, enjoying the excitement. Below, Pete turned on a low intensity lamp and the bunks seemed to invite them both to the coziness of slumber. The rain drummed against the decks and the hull as the wind howled and Pete looked at the crumpled bunk where he had fucked Olive's mother the day before. It reeked with the musk of love and he could think of no more appropriate place to take Olive.

He went to the liquor cabinet, unlocked it and selected a bottle of Jack Daniels. "How about something to warm you up, Olive?" he asked. "Later we can have some coffee."

"Sure-I-I guess so, Mr. Lonsdale," she said.

"Call me Pete," he husked, twisting the top off the fresh fifth of Daniels.

Olive laughed low and shook her wet hair out so that it would dry. She sat on a lower bunk and Pete looked down at her plump legs sticking out from under the sweatshirt. For sixteen years old she was built like a brick shithouse, he mused. He poured her a stiff double shot and handed it to her.

"Just sip it, Olive," he said, "It'll warm your bones. I'll get you some water to wash it down. But if you sip it, it won't burn."

He poured himself a double shot and got a glass of water for Olive from the nearby tap.

She sipped the whiskey and smiled up at Pete. "It tastes good. And it does make me warm."


Pete sat down on the bunk next to her. He clinked his glass against hers in a toast and they both sipped their whiskey. The warmth seemed to clear Pete's mind and he wasn't nearly as drunk as he had been when he was drinking the beer. Olive's eyes moistened from the whiskey but she seemed able to handle it all right. Pete was very close to her and she realized then that they could do anything they wanted to-that they were stranded and safe from the others in their party.

Somehow it gave her a feeling of excited anticipation.

Here she was, drinking whiskey with a good looking man while a storm was raging. Her tummy filled with the wings of a hundred fluttering butterflies and she smiled coyly at Pete Lonsdale.

"Drink your whiskey. There's more," he husked.

"I've never been drunk before," she said.

"No time like the present," he said, putting a hand on her leg.

His touch seemed to burn through her flesh. She felt a tingle in her loins, deeper, as his hand stayed there, and in her pussy. Her heart leaped up into her throat, but she didn't say anything. She didn't want to say anything. She wanted whatever was to happen, to happen. She wanted him to leave his hand there on her leg. Or move it up, slowly, to where her warm pussy pulsed as though in memory of its sexual excitement with Cathy of the night before.

Olive had never had a grown man before. She was certain that Pete was going to fuck her. The thought of it made her clitoris harden and unconsciously she spread her legs slightly. Pete looked at her, then, getting the message.

"You're a pretty girl, Olive," he told her.

"Thank you-Pete," she said, sipping her whiskey.

"Do you have any boyfriends?" he asked.

"No-not really," she admitted.

"Have you ever had sex with a boy?"

"Yes, sort of," she said.

"Did you like it?"

"Unh huh," she nodded.

Pete's hand moved up her leg, slowly as she had wanted it to. His fingers touched her shorts.

He felt her jerk as though an electric shock had jolted her.

"All right?" he asked.

"Yes," she sighed. "When you touched me there-it-it surprised me." That wasn't what she meant, but that's all she could think of. Her head was spinning with excitement.

"Did it feel good?"

"Unh huh."

Emboldened by her attitude and her remarks, Pete pushed his hand against her pussy lips. She clamped her legs over his hand with the delight this brought to her and Pete rubbed through the cloth, his own trousers stretching with the fullness of his hardening cock.

Pete didn't put his hand inside her shorts at first. He wanted to bring her up to a point of hot desire slowly. He nodded to her to drink more of her whiskey as he drank his. He kept one hand in her crotch, hot against her pussy, though, and he could feel the warmth increasing there.

"Do you want me?" he asked her.

"I-I don't know. I-1 guess so," she faltered.

"You know what I'm going to do to you?"

"Yes-I-I think so."

His hand pushed against her pussy. "What?" he asked.

"You're going to-to…"

"Go on," he urged, "say it."

"Make love to me?"

"You can say it better than that."

"F-fuck me?"

"Yes, Olive," he said huskily, "I'm going to fuck you. I want to fuck you."

"I know," she said, and sipped the last of her whiskey. Pete leaned over and took her face in his hands. He brought her lips around to his and gave her a hot kiss. She responded as he had dared not hope, and he slithered his tongue into her mouth.

He took his hand away from her crotch and found a soft breast. He squeezed it as he kissed her and felt her body writhe under his touch.

The body that responded to his touches was not a girl's, but a woman's. Olive's breasts rose as she struggled for breath. She pushed her breasts up and forward, threw her head back as Pete's hands brought pleasure to her whole body. Pete took one of her hands and put it on his own lap. His hard cock struggled to break free of the cloth. Olive felt the iron contours of his rod and gave a squeeze. Delighted, Pete rubbed her breast harder and kissed her with a rising passion.

"Jesus, Olive," he breathed, "you're a woman already." He put his hand back down between her legs. Her pussy wetness had seeped through her shorts and the feel of the dampness brought new excitement to him.

"You're ready quick," he whispered.

"Yes-yes, I am," she managed. Her breath was short and her head was spinning with the giddiness of his attack. Her loins ached for the fullness of his cock and she moved her hips involuntarily in a coital motion.

"Let's move onto the bunk," he said, gently pushing her under the upper bunk. She moved over and he slid alongside her.

"Turn over," he said, and Olive twisted over on her stomach. Pete bent over her buttocks and unbuttoned her shorts, then zipped them down. Olive turned back over and Pete pulled her shorts down past her knees and over her canvas boat shoes. A pair of pink panties remained and Pete looked down at them. Olive put her hands on the elastic and began to tug them off, too.

"No, don't. Not yet," he said. "It'll be better this way."

He took her in his arms, then, and kissed her, before arising slightly to remove his own clothing, all except his own undershorts. Then he lay down beside her again and pulled her young breasts against his chest and put his mouth on hers. He kissed her slowly and softly at first, then as passion overtook him, crushed her lips against his. His tongue, a violent finger in her mouth, jabbed and probed. He felt Olive pulse against him, her nakedness bringing a thrill to him that caused his considerable erection to harden.

Olive was gasping for breath when he broke from the kiss. "Ooooh," she said.

"Like it, Olive?"

"I-I love it," she breathed.

Pete looked at her a long moment. Then his hand went to her pink panties and pressed against the mound beneath the nylon. Olive shuddered and he winked at her.

"Put your hand on my cock, Olive," he rasped. Obediently, Olive timorously put her hand on the bulge in Pete's undershorts. She almost let out a sigh as her hand touched the big throbbing member that was curled up like a doughnut inside his shorts. She had never felt anything so big and so exciting.

"Like that?" he asked.

"Yes. My God, it's so big!"

"Hey, you're a doll, Olive," he laughed. "I'll have to put you on my private payroll, you keep complimenting me like that."

"I mean it," she said. "It's-so alive and big."

She petted his cock with her hand as though it were a small furry animal.

"How would you like that big cock inside of,you?" he asked.

Olive gave his member a squeeze and smiled at him. "I-I'd like that very much, Mr. Lonsdale."

"It's Pete, now, honey."

"Pete," she agreed. "Pete for peter."

Pete laughed.

Olive squeezed his cock again and moved her thighs as though to tell him that she wished he would make the coital connection.

Pete put his hand to her panties again. They were soaked at the crotch where her little tight hole had leaked hungry sex fluids. He pushed against the wetness of her mound and was rewarded with an involuntary shudder. He slipped his finger, then, inside her panties and found flesh bristling with curly pubic hairs. Olive's mouth slacked open as his fingers touched her cunt and brought an electric sensation to her loins.

He pushed his finger inside. Her hole was tight and he had to fumble around a moment or two before he achieved a modicum of penetration. But once inside her pussy, he slid further inside with no trouble because Olive was as wet as the inside of a rain barrel after a spring cloudburst. He moved his finger back and forth and Olive moaned with pleasure. Her back arched and her hips pushed up as though trying to impale herself on his entire arm.

"Ooooh," she cooed, "but that feels so groovy, Pete."

"Glad you like it," he said. "It's only the beginning. Wait'll I open up that hole of yours with my cock."

"Man, I can hardly wait," she said.

But Pete made her wait. He played with her young clit for several moments and felt her body shudder again and again as orgasms shook her.

Later, he pulled her panties down and put his mouth in her nest. Olive wrapped her legs around Pete's neck in pure joy and thrust her pussy upward. That's when Pete shoved his tongue inside her juice-laden cunt and drove Olive clear out of her teenage mind.

"Damn, man," she breathed, while his tongue was making orgasm-wracking contact with her clit, "but you sure know how to do it!"

Pete's cock seeped fluid from its pinhole and throbbed with full hardness, as he lay with his head between Olive's legs, tonguing her pussy to a pulsing madness.

He wanted her, bad, then, oh how he wanted her!


The beach disappeared under the hull of the Sea Stud as seven and eight foot waves boiled up out of the storm-smashed sea.

But Olive and Pete didn't care.

She had kicked her legs upward and pulled Pete's head forward so that his tongue was into her well-lubricated vulva. His tongue thrust up the moist passageway like a ravenous lizard, ravishing her up-thrust crotch with wild abandon.

The softness of her thigh flesh yielded to his hands as he forced her legs wider apart. He could not see her face but she was moaning like some stricken animal the more his tongue plied her honeyed slit. Her short gasps began a rhythm of their own as he flicked in and out of her tight hole with his lapping tongue. He could tell that she was filling up inside with the juices brought on by repeated orgasms.

"Oh, oh, oh!" she sobbed.

Pete buried his head in her fresh young crotch and pulled on her up-flung legs.

"Oh, my good God," she exclaimed in a soft faraway voice. "Oh, man, Pete, you're driving me crazy, man, God!"

Pete didn't let up, but pushed harder into the squirming cushion of her cunt as she returned the push with her wet swollen pussy. The fires inside her burned deep and the tips of her nipples ached as though they had been hardened by firebrands. Pete's tongue thrilled her, alternately sending shudders throughout. her body, then paralyzing her with electric excitement.

She grabbed the back of Pete's head, running her hands through his blond hair for a moment, then grasping a handhold and pulling on his head. His head seemed to fill her splayed hot wet crevice while his tongue jabbed in the tunnel like a serpent's warning tongue. Pete was relentless in his tonguing. The more Olive writhed and orgasmed, the more he licked those pink folds of flesh that made up her sex.

In a violent orgasm that wracked Olive's body with waves of delicious current, she clamped her legs around Pete's head. His hands reached up, then, and found her melon breasts and squeezed them. Olive responded with arched back that brought her vulva up-thrusting even more into Pete's face and mouth and tongue.

And all the while, Olive was moaning with deep pleasure. Her soft, hair-nested crevice widened under the love attack. Never had she experienced such pleasure, even with Pete's daughter, Cathy. Even with the woman who had first plied her pussy with such an educated tongue. Pete, his head between her legs, his face buried in her cunt, was like an animal at supper, lapping, licking, gently biting, driving her beyond any pleasure she had ever known. She sobbed with the exquisite thrill of his oral lovemaking, wanting to scream out to the world what fiery pleasures she was having, wanting to absorb Pete inside her so that he could suck her runt until it was dry and fully sated.

"Pete, man, you're doing it all. That's where it's at, baby," she moaned, not really knowing what she was saying, but having the need to express herself. When, occasionally, his rough-edged tongue touched the bud that was her clitoris, her knees came together in a clap and the soft inner flesh of her legs enclosed his head in a pleasurable embrace. The more Pete gave her the more she wanted. After the night of lovemaking with Cathy, she was surprised that she had so much more loving in her. But she did and Pete was making her gush inside like a foaming fountain.

Pete thought of the girl he was cunnilinguistically coupling. The very age of her thrilled him. To know that he was with a sixteen-year-old girl and that he could take her any way he wanted to was a tremendous boost to his ego. The fact that he had fucked her mother only a short time before added to his pleasure. His rock hard penis jabbed at midair as he held on tight to Olive's breasts and ate her cunt as though it were a bowl of soup and he a starving man. Her smell was young, her flesh yielding. Every buck of her body was testimony to his own technique and he reveled in the reaction from the young girl.

He was serious, now, and sober as a chief justice. That squirming pink twat of hers seemed full of endless delights. He could touch her clitoris and suck on it with his mouth. Every time he did, Olive nearly smothered him the way she clapped her knees together and clamped her legs around his head.

The cabin light, dim though it was, gave enough illumination so that, when he looked up from her crotch, Pete could see the pristine fineness of her body. Her breasts were full and firm, looking, from his vantage point, like lush melons. Sweat made them glisten in the cabin light and below them her belly mounded soft, like a gentle rolling hill seen from afar.

Pete thought to himself how lucky he was to have this young girl. Whether she was a virgin or not didn't matter to him. The fact that she was obviously inexperienced was enough. At her age, he mused, she could hardly qualify as an old hand at sex. It was this very gap in their ages that thrilled him as he lay between her legs, his head nestled to her crotch, his tongue piercing her inflamed slit.

The storm seemed only a background tableau to the two lovers on the bunk. Olive lay back her head twisting from side to side as Pete delved into her foaming passageway with his tongue. She could feel his nose nuzzling her vulva and the heaviness of his face pressing on her crotch while his tongue performed blinding electronic miracles. She pushed her pussy forward so that his face buried itself in her mobile nest. She felt her wetness seeping out of her slit and onto her pubic hairs, to her inner thighs. Throughout it all she moaned and gasped, her orgasms soaking her insides like the storm raging over the land and the sea.

"Pete, oh Pete," she moaned, "you great man you!"

She squeezed his head with her hands for emphasis, and Pete gave her a final lashing with his tongue, causing her body to buck with the pleasure it brought. Then he slid up over her body and smothered her with his weight.

"Oh my, Pete, but that was so good," she said, when his face was close to hers.

He kissed her as his swaying cock bounced against her pussy, its bullet head seeping bitter clear fluid.

"I'm glad you liked it, Olive," he said. "I hope you like what's coming next."

"Oh, I will, I will," she said, her eyes wide, looking up at him in the dim light.

She put her arms around him and held him close to her, his body crushing her full breasts, filling them with pleasure.

Pete brought his butt up in the air and his cock hovered over her raw slit like a poised battering ram. He kissed her once more, then rose up on his stiffened arms and looked down at her young face. Then he lowered his shaft while she looked into his eyes and felt it touch the already violated flesh of her pussy.

Olive gasped as the head of his cock touched tender flesh.

Pete pushed s1ight1y and his organ pried through the outer folds of her cunt, seeking the dark dampness within. He sucked on her nipples, until both were hard as ball bearings, and kept up his gentle knocking on her door with his ram horn. Olive's eyes were smoky with lust as she felt the head of his cock bouncing against her mound of Venus, sliding along her slit and banging against her tight but lubricated hole. She had been worked to a fever pitch by his tongue and was now laid underneath him like a virgin sacrifice, waiting for him to tear through flesh to the very heart of her. The fleshy outer flanges of her cunt lips spread for him as his cock battered gently away. The dainty bud of her clitoris waited just beyond, throbbing with his every near thrust.

He teased her. His cock flicked flirtingly at the quivering little nub of raw ready nerves at the top of her slit. Olive's body shuddered spasmodically as billions of electronic messages shot through her pussy. She looked down at her crotch and saw clearly his thick fat cock protruding like a cudgel from his crotch. She watched as it paused momentarily over her own pulsing vagina and when he dipped it down and touched her, she mewed like a kitten.

"Man, that's good," she moaned.


"Everything, Pete. You, your big cock. Everything."

That's when Pete rammed his cock inside her. His cockhead found the small hole and shot in as though on roller bearings. No trouble. But Olive nearly fainted from the exquisite thrill it gave her.

"You touched everything," she gasped.

His cock had sucked itself into her and filled her pussy with its throbbing presence. Olive jerked again as Pete rotated his cock around inside, teasing the, soaked sensitive walls until she gasped and panted, mewing a moan of surrender to the rapacious p1undering her cunt was undergoing. Olive squirmed like a skewered eel as pleasure made her nearly mindless. The rigid hugeness of his cock turned her into a quivering mass of desire, her every orifice crying out for him to fill it up. Olive began to rotate her own pussy in countermotion to Pete's grinding and the two looked like serpents on a hot stove in their writhing.

"Ooooh!" Olive screamed, "Ooooh, baby, you're doing it. Wow, man, that's too much!"

Her cunt muscles were like rubber, clasping and unclasping Pete's cock as it soared in and out like a sewing machine needle. Her tight pussy pulled on Pete's cock as though it were trying to suck it up into her womb. The pleasure this gave him was intense and he had to use all of his willpower to keep from splashing his sperm up in her with every thrust.

"It feels good to me, too, Olive," he told her.

"Oh, man, you don't know. You don't know," she moaned, pulling on his buttocks with both hands. "Man, I never had feelings like this. Never!"

"It's that good, eh?"

"Man, you know it!"

Each time he stroked the flaring bud of her tiny clitoris, Olive pulled on his buttocks and moaned with pleasure. Her insides kept gushing as though Pete had tapped some endless spring. The weight of the man and the driving huge cock of him was by far the most exciting thing that had ever happened to her. He seemed to ignite every pore of her body with each thrust of that slickened cock, turning her into a being that was totally loved. She had enjoyed herself with Cathy, but it was only a lark compared to this. This was the real thing. This was where it was at. All of it. Pete was like a girl's dream come true-an incestuous dream of coupling with the father.

And she compared Pete to her father, almost subliminally. For she had thought of how it would be to fuck her own father. In her private thoughts sometimes. Nothing she would ever discuss with anyone or admit to herself out loud. Yet it was true. After her first brushes with sex, and her first experiences she had imagined how it would be to sleep like a lover with her father. And now it was happening to her-almost. She had had sex with Cathy and now with Cathy's father. It was a delicious connection. When she closed her eyes real tight she could picture her own father atop her, driving his hard cock into her, wetting her pussy with the residue of love, pressing his weight on her body…

"Oooooh, man," she moaned again. "Give it to me, daddy," she exclaimed, despite herself.

Pete thrilled to her last utterance.

"Oh, daddy, oh daddy," Olive moaned over and over. It had sounded good to her too and she kept saying it. "Give it to me, daddy, give it all to me."

"Yes, Olive, yes!" Pete whispered hoarsely.

"Oh dear God, give me that big cock of yours, daddy."

It was almost out in the open. Both of them knew what was happening. Latent desires had flared to the surface in their lovemaking. Pete's desire for his own daughter was satisfied by proxy as was Olive's lust for her own father. Now they slammed their bodies at each other with renewed fervor as these long buried wishes rose to the surface of their brains. Pete drove his cock between Olive's legs with a picture of Cathy in his mind, his own daughter!

Olive made her body into a cradle of lust to receive her own father's thrusting cock, her father's face dancing before her mind's eye. In the dark of the cabin, in the midst of the raging storm outside, they were father and daughter committing incest. They were happy and they transmitted this happiness to each other through the coupling of their bodies.

Pete became more tender with Olive and the sex with her took on new meaning. Olive kept moaning over and over, "My daddy, my sweet daddy, give me more of your cock," and when Pete did so, Olive gushed with mind-blowing orgasm.

To save himself, Pete pulled his cock from her slavering slit and gave it some air. Then he would put the head of it against her sweating crevice and tease her with it. Olive hunched her cunt up to meet him, trying to screw him inside her, back inside her where she thrilled to his filling organ. He tantalized her in this way and she quivered up against his cock, sometimes taking the head just inside the lips and trying to suck the rest of him in. He began describing circles around her steeping slit, teasing her, and she moaned and threw her hips from side to side trying to capture that sausage of pleasure.

It became a pleasant game for both of them. "Oh, daddy, how you tease me," she laughed, still consumed with desire for his cock to invade her, she scrooched her buttocks around on the bunk trying to ensnare him. There was nothing in the world like the feeling she had now. She felt totally loved and she was enjoying sex without fear of any discovery or consequences-physical or mental.

"You're very sweet, Olive," he said to her during this game. "You're my baby."

"Oh, man, you know I dig you."

He looked down at her loins, then; the way she sucked her belly in made her cunt into a rising promontory. He watched his cock as it slid in the slit and reveled in this picture. Olive looked down too, because Pete was high over her as though at the rise of a pushup and when she saw and felt his huge cock slither into her she came for the hundredth time. She reached down and put her hand around his cock. As it slipped in and out of her she squeezed it.

"That's good, Olive," he told her. "I'm going to come now."

"I want it inside me," she breathed.

"No. You'll get knocked up."

"I don't care. I want it inside me, man."

"You're crazy," he laughed.

"Please," she begged.

"Hey, don't think I wouldn't want to. But it would foul things up, kid."

Olive thrust herself up, then, burying his cock in her soaked pussy. Her eyes blazed with determination.

"Jesus," Pete muttered.

"Oh fuck me, daddy, fuck me," she said, her hips bouncing up and down on the bunk.

"Olive-don't," he protested.

But he was caught up in her passion. Despite himself, he increased the rhythm of his fucking, sinking his cock deep deep inside the teenager. Olive held him tightly in her arms, her hands pressing and pulling on his buttocks as though to shove him deeper inside her.

Pete thought of what might happen if Olive became pregnant and tried to free himself even as the hot sperm threatened to burst from its chalice of flesh.

"No, Olive, no," he said. "I can't do it to you."

"Give it to me, daddy, give it to me. Keep fucking me and give me all your come."

And he wanted to, he wanted to. Never in his life had he felt as he did now. He knew what he should do, now, before he had shot his sperm up into her womb. He knew what he should do, but he kept fucking her, caught up in the pleasure her young body gave him.

Then he knew he had to get out.

He tried to pull his cock out of her sheath, but she held him in.

"Now!" she whispered.

"Goddamn! "

And it was too late.

He felt the sperm gush from the head of his cock and mingle with her juices.

"Oh, thank you, daddy, thank you," Olive kept moaning. "Oh, God, thank you."


Jim hardly knew what was happening to him. It was unbelievable. And yet it was happening. He felt his blood run chill.

"Just relax, Jim," his wife said.

"That's right, Jim. relax," said Bunny Lonsdale in throaty tones.


His whole body was like a stretched rubber band. A spring coiled to the limit of its endurance. What did they mean relax? What were they doing to him?

Darlene nearly smothered him with her breasts and was holding him down, flat on his back, by the shoulders. Below, where he couldn't see her, Bunny was doing something to his shorts. He could feel it! She was unsnapping the top button! She was pulling the zipper down! Good lord, could this be happening to him?

It was happening to him.

Darlene was stark naked, her body thrown across his chest, her breasts hanging down into his face. God, he must have dozed off. He could hear the storm all over again. It sounded worse now than it had the day before. Every once in a while he could see out and determined that they were still in the adobe. Where was Pete? Lord, what the devil was all this?

He felt his shorts being pulled down and he instinctively cringed. That had to be Bunny doing that to him, he knew. And he thought that she, also, was naked. What the hell…? He must have slept, but for how long? He had no way of knowing. But what a way to wake up. He tried to hold his feet down when Bunny got the shorts that far, but she hoisted his legs up and off they came, Next, she tugged on his underwear.

Jim cringed. Darlene laughed and Bunny echoed her.

Jim was puzzled. Just the two of them. And him. Pete was gone. That's right. He remembered now. Pete had gone somewhere after breakfast. If only I hadn't kept drinking beer, Jim thought. And then I must have fallen asleep. But Bunny and Darlene doing this to me! They must be drunk or something. They had to be drunk!

Jim's mind reeled with all the possibilities of his situation. The adobe was dark and the rain was steady and hard. He tried to raise up enough to see Bunny, but Darlene was too strong for him in his weakened condition. Too much beer. But that didn't explain why his wife and his boss's wife had ganged up on him like this. He felt his undershorts go off the same way as had his Bermudas and knew that he was now as naked as a dawn sprite.

"What're you doing?" he mumbled to Darlene.

"Having fun," she giggled.

"Yes, Jim," piped in Bunny, "we're gonna have some fun. The three of us."

"I-I don't understand," he muttered.

Darlene laughed and jiggled her tits in Jim's face. He snorted and tried to squirm away.

"Don't, please," he said.

"Are you embarrassed, Jim?" mocked Darlene. He knew that he was, but didn't answer.

"Well, Bunny and I are going to see that you learn how to live a little. No embarrassment, baby. Come on, Jim, now loosen up."

His pulse pounded in his temples and he felt faint. He knew that Bunny was looking at his nakedness and despite himself he felt an erection beginning to form. He tried to think it down.

"Oh, how cute," said Bunny.

Good lord, were they both drunk or.., crazy? He didn't know.

"What?" asked Darlene.

"Our shy friend's beginning to wake up all over.”

"You mean he's getting his pecker up," said Darlene.

Bunny laughed. "Yep. He sure is. Look."

Jim squirmed as he felt both pairs of eyes fixed on his pubic area. Were they teasing him? Well, it wasn't fair.

"This isn't fair," he said aloud.

"All's fair in love and war," said Darlene. She was slightly tipsy, he decided. He tried to look at her face. Her eyes would tell him. But it was too dark in the adobe to see that clearly. He felt a fingernail brush against the head of his cock.

"Fair, schmair," said Bunny, as she proscribed a circle on the head of Jim's dick. "Look, Dar, it's struggling to get up out of bed."

The two women laughed. Jim felt humiliated. "Cute little jigger," said Darlene.

"It looks like a bald little old blind man," said Bunny, giving Jim's cock a slight pinch with two fingers. Jim winced, although it did not hurt. The tweak she gave him had sent a shot of electricity straight up to his asshole and it surprised him.

"Is it alive?" asked Darlene.

"Barely," said Bunny. "I think it needs artificial respiration."

"Blow on it," said Darlene, breaking into an uncontrollable giggle.

"Blow on it!" shrieked Bunny. "Did you hear that, Jim? Your wife told me to blow on it! Wowwie! I was going to suck on it. But blow on it!"

She put her lips down and blew a jet of air on the hole at the tip of his cock. Jim again tried to squirm away.

"Okay, you girls have had your fun. Now let me up," he demanded.

"It's starting to breathe," said Bunny. She was slurring some of her words slightly. Jim was sure now that both women were stone drunk. This was all too fantastic to believe. He was bewildered, and he thought if he got up he could get his bearings and recapture some of his lost dignity. But Darlene and Bunny were having too much fun to let such a thing happen. They had planned this and weren't about to be cheated out of their entertainment.

They had begun to talk about it after breakfast. Jim had felt self-conscious after Pete left. He felt strange sitting there with the two women, so he had lain back and dozed off. This gave Bunny and Darlene a chance to compare notes and to chat about their husbands. Jim hadn't heard a word If he had he would've known what the women were up to now.

"How did you like Jim?" Darlene had asked Bunny.

"Shy, but nice," said Bunny. "He needs educating."

"I think you're right. He's always been on the square side. This is probably the best thing that ever happened to him."

"Only he doesn't know it," said Bunny.

Darlene laughed quietly. "Oh, you're so right, Bunny."

"Maybe we should make sure he knows what's going on," said Bunny, her eyes twinkling.

"What do you mean?"

"Turn him on. Way on!"

Darlene looked down at her sleeping husband. "You mean gang up on him?"

"Yes. Gang bang him. You and I," said Bunny.

"Wow! I never thought I'd get to participate in group sex on my own husband."

"Well, do you want to, Darlene?"

Darlene licked her tongue over her lips. "Are you kidding? It sounds like a ball!"

Bunny reached down then and put her hand in side Jim's shorts, feeling his cock. She fondled it while Darlene watched and felt her insides flood with a hot dampness. She hurried getting out of her clothes.

Jim felt his cock rise up in stiffened arousal despite his wish to keep it down. Bunny's eyes were glazed with desire as she bent her head again.

This time she took the head of Jim's cock in her mouth and gently sucked on it. Jim shook the cobwebs loose from his brain as best he could. He was no longer able to deceive himself about what was happening to him. Bunny's mouth was shooting hot shocks of electricity through his now-risen cock, her nakedness perspiring with animal desire, her wet mouth full of heat. She massaged it with her tongue to its fullest size and hardness.

"How do you like that, Jim?" Darlene husked.

"Mmmmm, God, I can't lie," Jim moaned.

"You damn well like it, don't you?" Darlene insisted, her eyes glazing.

"Yes, oh yes, dammit!" he exclaimed in frustration.

Darlene watched Bunny's mouth in fascination. It was distended out of shape, full of Jim's now enormous cock. As it slid up and down on the slick pole, shots of desire peppered Darlene's pussy. She found her own hand going down between her legs. She didn't care if either Jim or Bunny saw her masturbate. She needed it too damned much. Seeing Jim's cock being laved like that by Bunny was driving her up the wall with lust. So her hand found her wiry pubic hairs and parted them. She found her pussylips and plied them wide, entering her own hot pussy with the tip of her finger.

At about that time, Bunny shifted her body. Jim was groaning louder now with the animal sounds of pleasure as Bunny copped his throbbing joint. Bunny's ass swung out over Jim's chest, straddling it in such a way that Darlene could look right at her slit. It was too much for her. She reached up with her other hand then, falling back on her own haunches, and stuck her finger, inside Bunny's bun.

"Ooooh, that was an unexpected surprise!" exclaimed Mrs. Lonsdale.

"Good?" asked Darlene.

"You betcha. Keep it up, honey."

Darlene needed no urging. She couldn't see Bunny's mouth on her husband's prick anymore, but she could see Bunny's upended ass and her own finger fucking it and that made her even hotter than before. She could see the honey seeping from Bunny's cunt, slow and milky. The flesh seemed to be independent of the rest of her body. When her fingertip touched Bunny's clit, Bunny would ram her ass backwards like freight cars coupling.

Darlene was still fingering herself with a slow deftness that brought her pleasure enough. But she was more fascinated by Bunny's reactions. She enjoyed watching a cunt at work. She became so absorbed in this work that she forgot her own masturbation and focused all of her attention on the slit hanging in midair in front of her. She tried her finger inside it from all different directions. She withdrew her finger and cupped the cunt, feeling its softness, its pliancy.

She made her hand into a fist and gently banged it against Bunny's pussylips. She stuck two fingers into Bunny's twat, then three, then four, and finally, with just a small amount of effort she parted the cunt lips and stuck all five fingers through the streaming damp slot.

"What're you doing back there, Darlene?" muttered Bunny, her mouth full of saliva and the seepings from Jim's cock.

"Just messing around," Darlene giggled. She was happy and high.

"You mean fucking around," Bunny laughed. "Well, fuck ahead, girl."

"I sure will," said Darlene. "Jim? You enjoying that blow job?"

"Ooooh," Jim moaned, afraid to answer his wife.

"You bet he is," affirmed Bunny. "And I'm going to suck him dry."

"Leave some for me," said Darlene.

"Oh," groaned Jim. "Oh. Oh."

Bunny went down on him again, swallowing his entire joint as though it were a popsicle.

Jim Baker shuddered with pleasure and gave out another moan. "Oh!"

Darlene tickled Bunny's clitoris with two fingers. She watched, fascinated, as Bunny's buttocks began jiggling with the rhythm of her stroking. Her ass seemed to bounce in the air like a faded rubber ball split in two. Darlene couldn't get over it. It was like sticking her fingers into a fleshy well surrounded by streaming moss. The cunt lips seemed to open of themselves as she finger-fucked them with increasing variety.

But this wasn't enough for Darlene.

"I'm going to make a train," she said giddily.

"What's that?" asked Bunny.

"Just never mind. Get over Jim like he was going to eat your pussy," she ordered.

Bunny shifted her body again and she had her pussy over Jim's face.

"Good," said Darlene. "Now hold it right there for a minute."

Darlene went behind Bunny's extended ass and put her arms around Bunny's leg dog-fashion. Then she scrooched herself up so that she could put her tongue into Bunny's cunt. She shot her tongue inside Bunny's cunt.

"Oooooew!" squealed Bunny, delighted.

Then she got the idea. "You've made a train," she told Darlene.

Darlene's tits hung down in Jim's face. "That's right, Bunny, I've made a fucking train. Now go ahead and suck my husband off and I'll eat your pussy."

"Oooooh," said Jim, as Bunny went down on him once again.

Darlene connected with Bunny's pussy and tongued a jolt of electricity into her clitoris. "Mmmmmmmm," said Darlene, nudging upward with her nose, her tongue stabbing deep.

"Mmmmmmmm," murmured the cocksucking Bunny nearly choking to death on Jim's knob.

"Mmmmmmmm," mmmm'd Jim thrusting upward with his joint, his eyes closed, but feeling his wife's tits dangling nearby.

And several things happened all at once to bring them all together in a mutual pact of enjoyment.

Darlene gushed like a schoolgirl feeling a cock inside her cunt for the first time as orgasm burst inside her.

Bunny came as Darlene's finger twanged particularly hard against her raw throbbing clitoris. And Jim shot his milky wad into Bunny's mouth, his sperm stalactiting off the roof of her mouth and dripping down into her open throat. The moans were all intermingled and sounded like the mewings of ravished virgin kittens.

It felt good to each of them, all coming at once like that. It made them feel like a team. A fucking team.


Olive didn't care about what had happened. She didn't care if she had ten babies all at once. All she knew was that she wanted this big man, Pete, to fuck her again with that marvelous huge cock of his. She wanted to feel his bigness swelling and throbbing inside her; feel it jam hard against her clit until she went mad and then, yes, have it all again-the hot sperm smashing against the walls of her womb. She was near fainting from the pleasure of that first fuck of his and she felt, with pleasure, the quickly cooling sperm inside her, could picture it soaking the inside of her cunt like slowly solidifying candle wax.

"Man, but that was a groove," she whispered to Pete Lonsdale.

"I'm glad you liked it, Olive," he said, catching his breath. His organ was limp as, he lay beside her, but he knew he was a good enough man to get it up again once a short period of time was past.

"It was the best thing I've ever had happen to me," she said warmly.

Pete took her in his arms, then, and kissed her. "That's saying quite a lot," he said.

"You did quite a lot," she replied. She could still feel his cock inside her. It was as though every fiber of her cunt still retained the exquisite memory of his hugeness ravishing her. It was a good feeling, like warm summers in the San Bernardino mountains when she was a young girl running barefooted through the grassy Holcomb Valley near Big Bear Lake. It was like good evenings at home when her father was in a good mood, smiling at her.

Always it got back to her father. She knew now that she had probably wanted him for a long time. Pete had made that clear with his attentions and his intense lovemaking. Made it certain in her own mind that Pete was the welcome substitute for her own father. Now that she knew it, she wanted Pete all the more. It made it possible for her to live in the best of two worlds. This, she thought to herself, was, in truth, eating your cake and having it, too.

Feeling this warm happy glow all over her body, Olive reached over and took Pete's cock in her hand. The limp flesh made her feel tender toward him. A few moments before, that same mass of muscles, sinew, and nerves had been swollen within her like a rubber jackhammer and now it was soft like warmed gun from a gum tree. She kneaded the sated flesh of his cock between her fingers, tumbling his sleeping flesh in rapid movement.

"Your hand feels good there," he said in the dark of the cabin.

"I want to get ready again," she sighed, giving his cock a gentle squeeze.

"You mean hard."

"Yes. Hard. Hard as a rock."

"There is a way," he said tentatively. "To what?"

"To get it hard in a hurry."

"How?" she asked.

"Maybe you won't want to do it."

"Maybe I will."

He reached his hand over to her thighs and found her pussy. He pushed on it gently as though to define its boundaries.

"Yes," he said, "maybe you will."

"Just tell me what you want me to do," she said.

"Suck me."

The storm hurried the winds along and spat the rain against the Sea Stud as though in punctuation to their almost whispered dialogue.

"I will," she said, and turned her body like a growing vine next to him.

"You're a doll," he murmured.

"Mmmmm," she smiled, and found his latent cock with her lips.

They brushed across the wad of flesh like a warm whisper and Pete took her young head in his arms. "You're such a sweet girl, Olive," he said. "To do this."

"I want to," she said. "You make me very happy."

He gave her head a squeeze, too overcome to reply. Her lips brushed against his limp cock again and he waited for her to arouse him.

Olive thought to herself that it was unlike her affair with Cathy. With Pete, all the lovemaking parts were on the outside. She kissed his limp rod and then extended her tongue and licked it. It wasn't that much different, after all, she decided. The smell of his love musk made her giddy again. She decided, then, to be bold.

She took his cock into her mouth and swathed it in her saliva. She felt it stir like an awakening serpent.

Gradually she became less self-conscious with herself. This was not anything totally new, after all. It was merely sex in another form. But the newness was still a "thing" with her. Even more exciting, though, because it was with Pete Lonsdale. Her father's boss. Her father's substitute.

She felt a sense of power with his cock in her mouth. She could bite it off and he would be less of a man than he was. She almost shuddered at the horrible thought of such a thing. Still-it was there. It had flesh and blood in it. But she felt even more powerful knowing that she could work a magic with it. Transform it. Turn it from a limp useless pisser into a giant throbbing cock that could fill her cunt with its massiveness. This was what she wanted. This was the best thought of all.

Her lips suckled him like a piglet at its mother's teat. She took the head of his cock between them and tasted it as though it were a mushroom fresh picked from a forest glade. Her face buried itself in the hollow of his thighs. She could feel the growth of his organ, like a stalk of meat suddenly finding life.

"That feels good, Olive."

She was silent, absorbed in her love work.

His cock began to uncoil, become rigid. The muscles filled with blood from the veins and soon she could taste the lemony seepings from his tiny slit-hole in the tip end of his prick.

Pete pushed upward, his cudgel disappearing in Olive's mouth. He could feel the back of her throat and the touch of it brought the blood rushing to the head of his instrument. Her pulling mouth brought intense pleasure to his whole body, but especially to his organ, now laved to a slick harness, curved like some thick sickle of flesh. Her mouth tightened around his cock and he pushed in and out slowly, letting the warm feeling flow through him. As her lips sucked on his reddening organ, she swabbed the head of it with her coarse tongue, describing a circular movement as she did so.

She was surprised at herself. She was surprised that she could take so much of that long hard prick into her mouth. She felt that she could swallow its full length and pull it into her belly, attack her womb from a different direction. But she nearly gagged several times when she took too much of him. She did not let Pete know this, though. She blinked back the tears that came and continued her sucking. The salt-lemon taste of his discharge brought a thrill to her. She sucked at this and savored it on the tip of her tongue. The more she sucked the stuff away, the more seeped back out, it seemed. She liked it too when Pete upthrust his hips and drove his shaft against the back of her throat. She knew she was sucking him good

and the feeling made her clit tremble inside her soaked pussy like some rung belltongue at the bottom of the sea.

She reached down tenderly and cupped his hairy balls in her hand. She began to gently massage the slack flesh of his sack as her mouth went up and down over his smooth wet prick. She kneaded his nuts in her hand and then moved her fingers underneath his nuts in her hand and then moved her fingers underneath his scrotum. She felt his body respond to this new touching and encouraged, she let her finger wander further underneath him. She found the narrow passageway from his sack to his anus and her fingernail probed the tight hole that lay like a puckered crater between the nates.

"Ummmmm," Pete moaned, and thrust upward with his hips.

Olive tightened her lips and took almost all of his flare-red prick into her throat. Her finger probed still further and when Pete's ass came down, she slid her finger inside his asshole. She found that she could control his movements by asserting pressure at this point and make his loins rise and fall as she wished. It became a delightful novelty to her. She fingered him as though she were working on a woman's pussy and slid her finger in and out of his asshole. Pete squirmed and wriggled on her finger like a goosed young girl and every time he moved, Olive took more of his cock into her sucking mouth.

"You're an artist," he told her. "You are already an expert at lovemaking in your teens, Olive. There are damn few grown women who know how to make a man this happy."

Olive gurgled with delight, his cudgel buried halfway down her throat. She tried to thank him but she would not release his throbbing cock from her suckling grip on it.

Pete reached up and ran his fingers through her hair. He gave the back of her neck a gentle squeeze as if to say, "That's all right. Don't stop. Just keep sucking me."

Olive got the silent message and although her jaw was tired from the constant use of the muscles, she renewed her oral lovemaking.

Nor did she neglect her anal probing. The combined effort produced a rapport between the two that was even stronger than before. Olive's body began to perspire as she found new strength. Her mouth became more rubbery as she swished her saliva over his prick and sucked it in and out. Her tongue lapped up his juices as fast as they came while her finger went deeper and deeper into his now distended asshole.

Pete took her hand in his hands and wrenched it as he felt his sperm ready to explode. "I-I'm coming, sweet," he whispered.

Olive gurgled and shot her finger deeper into his ass. She sucked harder on him. As she felt his cock grow even larger she bobbed her head up and down on his joint in quicker rhythm. She now took his prick very deep into her throat, tongued the tip of it more vigorously and sucked at it with more suction.

"That's it, Olive. I'm almost there."

Her head moved faster up and down. His cock disappeared like a freight train going into a tunnel, and like on a crazy film, reversing the action -in and out, in and out.

He could not last under such conditions. And he didn't.

He moaned as his hot seed shot up the tube and splashed against the back of Olive's throat. "Jesus," he groaned.

Olive gurgled as his cock spat milkets all over the inside of her mouth.

The taste, like that of almonds, gave Olive a deep satisfaction. She gladly took all he had in him and sucked him for more.

The head of Pete's cock became extremely sensitive and he winced when Olive's lips touched the tender part. Exhausted and satisfied, he lay back and pulled Olive close to him. She turned, her mouth full of his sperm, and lay beside him. She swallowed as much of his come as she could, then kissed him. Their tongues intertangled as they explored each other's mouth.

"That was good, Olive," he whispered when they broke.

"Thank you, Pete," she said. "It was a new experience for me."

"I'm sure it was. I hope it won't be the last."

"Me too," she chuckled. Then, "Pete…?"


"I-I want you inside me. Will you be able to? "

He laughed and put his hand on her damp nest reassuringly. "Sure. Anytime. In a minute or two."

"That soon? I want you very much."

"Keep your fingers crossed."

"But not my legs."

"No," he smiled, "not your legs."

She reached over and took his limp organ in her hands then, and played with it vigorously so as to arouse it.

True to his promise, it was not long before Pete was again ready. His stout prick became born to the edge of rocket explosion. The rhythm they had set up was self-protecting, however. Each time he would feel like it might be over for them, he would reach the top of a swell, crest it outside in the cooling air and when his passion had partially subsided, he'd plunge down into the pulsing squeezing depths of her pussy again.

"Olive, dearest," he whispered, "this is the best ever. The best I've ever had."

"Mmmmm," Cathy murmured.

"You're really caught up in it, aren't you?" he asked, wondering why she didn't speak.

"Unh huh," Cathy gasped.

Her heart was pounding with the exquisite thrill of his words. He had told her that she was the best. The best! Better even than her mother! She had never expected anything like this! Not that she was competing, she told herself, but she was younger. She was prettier. And her father had said that this was the best he had ever had. She wanted to shout out in the dark of the cabin that she was his daughter. She wanted to scream, "Fuck me, fuck me, daddy!" and then hold his cock inside her until it spilled over with fresh hot seed.

She successfully stifled her wild impulses, however, and kept up the new rhythmic fuck-time they had found. But it nearly broke her heart that she couldn't tell her father how much she loved him, right now, as he lay on her soft body stroking her cunt with his huge swollen cock.

Pete was too caught up with his own good feelings to realize that he was mounting his own daughter. He had felt this way while balling Olive anyway and the last image he had was of Olive's face. Otherwise he might have understood that this was not Olive beneath him, but Cathy, his daughter.

He found his thoughts intermingling. Part of them concerned Cathy, part concerned Olive. He tried to envision the young pussy he was pronging. He exulted in the way it held his cock firmly, yet seemed to be enlarging as if to pull him deeper into its warming depths.

Once or twice, his cock brought a stab of pain to Cathy's pussy. Rather than resent it, however, she enjoyed it. She almost gave a cry of pain once when he rammed forward to jab painfully against the blunt, solid end of her cervix. She flung her legs wide to alleviate the hurt, her toes curling and digging into the mattress.

Pete's hands slipped down under the rounded melons of her buttocks, raising them while at the same time he strained his cock into her with all the power of his hips and thighs that he could muster.

Cathy moaned incoherently with the delicious pleasure this brought to her. She wound her warm and smooth young legs around his hips as he thrust ever deeper into her cunt. The smooth, velvet folds of her soaked vagina held him, squeezing tightly around his rigid shaft, until she could feel every inch of tight skin on his stiff and pulsing prick. She surrendered totally to the lure of flesh, their separate organs now fused into a single instrument of madness and pleasure. She reveled in the titanic feelings of lust her father brought to her loins. She screwed her grinding buttocks up tight against his pelvis until she could feel the tantalizing tightness of his balls pressed hard into the wet, wide-stretched crevice just below her throbbing vagina. The soft, hair-covered skin danced teasingly against the sensitive outer rings of her tiny naked anus, sending hot shivers of lusty delight pouring through her butterfly-fluttering nerve ends.

She no longer cared what she said or did. Her father's cock inside her was too much. It released passions in her that she didn't know she possessed. She didn't care about tomorrow or the next day or the next year. Only now was important. Only now was real. Now was her father skewering her eager body on his cunt-greased lance, pounding it into her as she bucked like a madwoman beneath him.

She gave herself up to the driving sex of her father without serious thought of any consequences here, now or ever. There was nothing else in the entire universe for Cathy except this: the pure electricity of her father's cock driving into her love tunnel; the sheer ecstasy of his cock prodding her cunt to a flaring eagerness. It seemed to her that her red hole opened up and became a cauldron of lust made only to receive that fatness and hardness that was his bucking cock. There was nothing for her but that deep dark hole of flesh and lust, of belly smacking against belly, crotch grinding against crotch, organ meeting organ.

And finally, she could contain her silence no longer. So intense was her passion that she couldn't help herself, couldn't stay the explosion that had been fomenting beneath the surface of her lusty expression of body.

"Oh, my God, fuck me hard, daddy, fuck me hard, give it to meeee!" she shrieked.

Orgasm began to overtake her and her body became something animal and possessed. She was no longer rational or human as she twisted and contorted her body, spreading her legs wide apart and then pulling them up to her shoulders, bending them at the knees, spurring him on like some wild centaur with the heels of her feet digging into his tense and driving buttocks.

"Give me all your fuck, daddy!" she screamed into the silence of the cabin darkness.

Then the flashes of light, the bright rainbows, the exploding Roman candles, the cascading aurora borealis as the shudder of orgasm electrified her body and paralyzed her brain.

The glory of it all was that her father increased his pumping and held her tightly in his arms as his own orgasm turned him into a dancing marionette.

"Oh, Cathy, Jesus, is it you?"

"Yes, oh yes, daddy," she moaned, "it's me."

"I can't believe it," he gasped, holding her tightly to him.

His sperm splashed against the walls of her cervix and he felt the contractions of his daughter's pussy.

"Give it all to me," Cathy whispered into her father's ear.

Pete closed his eyes and shot the last of his milk into her. He didn't trust himself to speak for a long moment.

Then he opened his eyes slowly and reached for the bunk lamp switch. He clicked it on and the dim light lit up the features of his daughter, Cathy.

Pete gulped. The air seemed to leave his lungs of its own volition. "Oh, Christ," he muttered finally.

Cathy began to weep.

"Don't cry," he husked. "You'll just make it more complicated."

She looked up at him, her eyes large and wet, like a hurt spaniel's.

"Are you mad, daddy?" she asked in a tiny voice.

Pete shuddered. ".`Stunned would be a better word," he said. "This is hardly real. It's-it's like something out of a dream."

"I-I couldn't help myself," she said.

"But-then you know about Olive," he offered.


"And you did this?"

"Yes," she said in a soft, almost inaudible, voice.


"Because-because I wanted you," she said, breaking into sobs again.

Pete lay beside her and held her in his arms. She was his daughter, not his lover, once again. "Damn-I have to think," he said, more to himself than to her.

Cathy was silent, her heart pounding like a muffled savage drum.

It was quiet in the cabin for a long while. Finally, Pete reached up and turned out the lamp, plunging the cabin into darkness again.

"Well, we can't tell anyone about this," he said, after what seemed like an eternity to Cathy.

"No. I know," she said.

"Especially not your mother."

"No. Especially not her."




“Was-was it good to you?"

"Goddamn, Cathy. Why did you have to ask me that? Goddamn."

"I-I'm sorry."

"Yes. Yes it was good. The best I ever had."

He took her in his arms again. Tears of relief flooded down Cathy's cheeks as she felt his warm chest enclosing her in the womb of the bunk.

Then she felt his mouth on her breasts. They hardened like roasted kernels of corn. Her pussy twitched like an animal's sniffing out nourishment.

His hand found her matted hairs, his come drying in them like paste. His finger went gently inside her eager cunt.

She reached down and found his limp cock, took it, and began to massage it tenderly.

"I want you again, Cathy," he breathed. "One more time."

"Oh, thank you, daddy," she sighed, squeezing his stiffening organ in her hand.

It grew hard very quickly. She was afraid to ask him if this would be the last time they made love together. She didn't want it to end, ever.

In a moment, his organ was a rigid stalk once more, its hole seeping precoital fluid. She tried to pull it over to her pussy to replace his hand.

Pete mounted his daughter and she guided his cock to the front where her sex bubbled like a magic spring. He penetrated her very slowly, enjoying every exquisite second of the coupling. He felt his daughter's body shudder as he touched the tiny bud of her clitoris, heard her gasp as he sank his shaft clear to the scrotum.

"Oh, daddy," she breathed. "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me."

Pete had to fight hard to keep from shooting his wad into her right then.

She rocked with her legs going up and down and their fucking began again, the sweeter this time because both of them knew what they were doing to each other. Pete said over and over to himself that it was the best sex he had ever had.

Cathy held her father close to her and kept his cock buried in her pussy as deep as it would go. They never knew what time the storm ceased to exist. They had their own dreams coming to life, filling their minds with iridescent colors and gilded shooting stars.


The storm whimpered to its death like a puppy kicked across a deserted street.

It was still overcast outside, but a strange calm settled over the island and its inhabitants slept in their various places until a grey dawn greeted the sober ones. Olive sat up and looked at the empty sleeping bag next to her, her brow wrinkled in thought. Bunny untangled herself from Jim's and Darlene's legs and got dressed slowly from habit. Darlene blinked and rubbed her eyes, feeling her head gingerly. Jim grunted and lay like a stone, his eyes open, trying to discern his surroundings. Pete and his hawk-breasted daughter lay asleep in the bunk, unaware that they would be missed before breakfast.

Bunny became suspicious after talking to Olive. A cold fear gripped her as she searched the other abandoned adobes and finding nothing, began walking towards the Sea Stud.

There was a calm to the sea that belied the fury of the days before. The tide was coming in and the Stud rocked gently as water began to find its hull. Bunny's heart set up such a pounding that she thought it surely would break through her chest. Her throat constricted and went dry as though she had tried to swallow a mouthful of dust. She didn't want to confirm what was in her mind. She didn't want to see what she was walking across the barren bleak beach to see.

Pete heard the footsteps first. He shook sleep from his eyes and listened; on guard.

The cabin door opened and he saw Bunny's legs descending the ladder. It was too late to do anything. He lay there naked as sin. He looked to see his daughter next to him. His mouth opened in surprise, his jaw hung slack.

Cathy wasn't there!

He let out an audible sigh of relief just as his wife came fully into view.

"Well, my fine cock," exclaimed Bunny, "just what in hell are you doing here naked as a jaybird?"

Pete laughed. "I-I must have dozed off," he said, quickly glancing around the cabin to see if his daughter were indeed gone. She was.

"Yeah, but who was here with you?" Bunny asked suspiciously.

"Hey, why the third degree?"

Bunny looked around the cabin suspiciously, her nose wrinkling as if to sniff out the spoor of her husband's visitor.

"Because I couldn't find you or Cathy anywhere this morning," she said.

"Oh." Pete let out a long sigh.

"So? Was Cathy here with you?" She was almost in tears.

Pete looked' at her a long time. "The storm's over," he said, noticing how calm it was and quiet.

"You didn't answer my question."

"Do you want me to answer it?" His voice was soft.

Bunny broke into sobs then.

Pete got off the bunk and went to her. He took her in his arms. Her body shook with the force of her sobbing. Pete held her tightly and gradually her sobs subsided. He kissed her on the cheek and she looked up at him.

"Oh, Pete, let's go home," she said.

"Yes, Bunny. Let's go home."

He dressed and they left the boat after he made sure the anchor was secure.

"We'll have to get moving. That tide's coming in pretty strong."

"Good, This crummy island is too damned primitive," said Bunny.

"Yes," agreed Pete. "It's very primitive."

Cathy had awakened and was horrified to see that it was almost dawn. She had managed to get out of the bunk without awakening her father, dress, and go back to the clearing. From a clump of bushes she had seen her mother searching for her. She had waited until she saw her mother go towards the boat, then dashed to the adobe where Olive was.

"Boy, are you in trouble!" Olive told her.

"Why?" Cathy asked innocently.

"Your old lady was looking all over for you."

"So? She'll find me when the time comes."

"I know what you did," said Olive ominously.

"You do?"

"Yes. I guess there's nothing I can say. I wish I could do it with my father. Did-did he get mad?"

"No," said Cathy. "He didn't get mad."

"Man, that's wild!"

"Let's not talk about it."

"Okay. You're right. We each have our own memories, I guess," said Olive looking wistfully out the window.

"Yes, Olive, that's right. We each have our own thing." Cathy felt a twinge in her cunt just thinking about it.

Jim and Darlene were dressed and drinking coffee by the time that Bunny and Pete arrived back at the adobe. They seemed to be looking at each other with different eyes. Pete thought they looked like a couple of people in love-for the first time.

"Well, you ready to go back?" Pete said to them.

"Anytime you are," said Jim cheerily.

"You bet," agreed Darlene.

"Well, give us a shot of coffee and we'll get loaded right away. The boat's fine and the sea's calm."

They all laughed and Darlene gave Pete a wink. He winked back.

The Sea Stud was loaded by ten o'clock and the hull leaks repaired by eleven. At half past, the island began to diminish in size as the boat and the six people pulled away from it. Each of them stood looking at the island, wrapped in his own thoughts. Soon, it disappeared over the horizon and they met with blue sky and water heading back to San Felipe. Pete stood on the flying bridge alone until Bunny came up and put her arm inside of his.

"Hi there," she said.

"Ahoy, sweetheart."



"There's something I want to say to you."

"Go ahead, Bun, but be careful you don't dredge up something better left undredged."

"I know. No, I won't. It's about us, though, you and me and Cathy."

"Okay," he said.

"Well, I've been thinking. She's a young girl and looks up to you. I don't know what happened, but I've noticed she looks at you differently today. And I remember you always talked about incest."

"Yes, I said it was natural in all of the animal kingdom. As a form of training and emulation. Man has formed some pretty strange taboos about it."

"Right. Well, I think you may be right. I know I don't have the awful feeling about it that I thought I'd have. Is that good?"

Pete turned to look at her. He gave her a kiss. "You're damned right that's good," he grinned

"Hey you two up there!" shouted Darlene from below. "What's going on?"

"None of your business," said Bunny good naturedly.

Darlene made her thumb and forefinger into an “0."

Then she turned to her husband. "Jim, those two taught both of us a hell of a lot."

He pulled her to him, his arm around her waist.

"I know," he said. "I'm grateful."

"You want to go downstairs?" she teased.

"You mean below. Hell yes!" His face was beaming.

Cathy and Olive watched Darlene and Jim go down in the cabin. "I bet I know what they're going to do," said Olive.

"Yes, and don't you wish you were down there with them," said Cathy.

"Boy, you sure got wise in a hurry."

"Yes," sighed Cathy, "I sure did, didn't 1?"

The Sea Stud made its way slowly over the gentle waves, unhurried, like something sure of itself and older, wiser, like the masked sea it rode.